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1993 Volume 10 Number 5 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 10 • Number 5 · May 1993 $1.50 ISSN 8750-17n -Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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HERE~ ONE 'l'HAI' 'l'HIUVES. ToYOl'A'S V6-PoNERED 'IRuc:K WINS THE NEVADA 400 ... AGAIN. That famous stretch of land east of Las Vegas where they run the SCORE Nevada 400 is one of the most hos~le pieces of real estate in the world. Nothing but scorched sand, jagged-edged rocks and razor-sharp cactus as far as the eye can see. And we own it. Because for the fifth straight year, we won the Unlimited Class tirle. Four of those years, including this one, we won the Overall tirle, too. This time, Ivan "lronman" Stewart drove his awesome Toyota Truck across the finish line more than six minutes ahead of his nearest 'FECHNOI.OGY ON A FAST 'FRACK © 1993 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. competitor: What happened to all those big V8s, anyway? Oh well, just goes to prove that it takes more than a big engine to survive in the desert. Much less thrive. ''I love what you do for me!' @TOYOTA

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Volume 10 -Number 5 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation 0 . Osborne Contributors Jim Baker Darla Crown C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Don Dayton Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Matt Marcher Bob Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Darryl Smith Judy Smith 3-D Photography Trackside Photo Inc. Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typography & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAPSHOT May1993 Subscription Rates: llln!Sriscfqfaladlb:ing19 $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailir:ig office. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. OF THE MONTH ••• "I told my wife a thousand times, if we move too far out of the city, commuting to work is going to be hell!" Race Action Photos caught this shot of a biker complete with boots, gloves, helmet and business suit and tie just outside the Speedrome at the 1976 Mint 400. No doubt he was on a rescue mission, or maybe just going to lunch or even to work. It does show that you could ride/ drive on any trail in the area back in what appears to have been the golden years of desert racing. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies"or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered. Dusty Times May 1993 In This Issue ••• FEATURES Page SCORE Nevada 400 by Judy Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 MTEG Stadium Racing at San Diego by Homer Eubanks ...... 24 San Diego SuperCross by Homer Eubanks .................. 29 Trans Dominican Rally by Ken Walters . ..................... 30 La· Rana Presidential 250 by Carol 'Scoop' Clark ............. 32 Gran Carrera de San Felipe ............................... 37 FRT King of the Desert by Judy Smith ...................... 38 Ice Racing Mid-Season Review by Gail Dorn ....... .......... 43 WRC Swedish Rally by Martin Holmes ..................... 44 ADRA Gila Bend 200 by Tony Tellier ...................... 46 Fixing Up an Old Truck by Homer Eubanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 High Plains Off Road Racing Review by Harvey Wald ......... 50 SODA Awards & Convention by Barb & Marilyn Schult.: ..... 51 Nissan Quest Road Test by John Calvin ..................... 54 DEPARTMENTS IDRA Corner by George Thompson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Trail Notes .............................................. 4 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Bonneville Off Road Racing Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 California Rally Series by Lynnette Allison .................. 55 FAIR Notes by Dave Massingham .......................... 55 Desert Race Support by Craig Lane ....................... . 55 Good Stuff Directory .................................... 56 Checkers Column by the Big Wah.:oo ...................... 61 Pit Team Register ........................................ 61 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Index to Advertisers ..................................... 63 ON THE COVER-Wayne, Alan and Darryl Cook won the Nevada 400 in Class 5-1600 again this year. They seem to have the secrets to making a restricted Baja Bug live on the rough and rock filled course that is just as nasty as it was during Mint400 days. The brothers started out running third in the 15 car class, then moved in to tht:: lead midway, as each took a turn at the wheel. Despite the stops for driver changes these former class champions won the class by 40 minutes. Congrats to them for heating the tough Nevada desert once again. David Bryan has been racing off road since he was old enough to legally drive, and went Jeeping with his family before that. While he has won before, the Nevada 400 was his 100th off road race, a special occasion with his entire family on hand to cheer him on in the privateer Ford. This was Bryan's first win in Class 8, and he could hardly believe it himself when he was first to the finish line despite a flock of factory backed trucks in the class. Hearty congratulations to David Bryan. Color Photography by Trackside Photos Inc. to. S~70MU! 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The IDRA Corner By George R. Thompson Class 3 & 6 Update -For Savage, head of SCORE Tech. those of you who have been This date should allow plenty of following the ongoing saga of the time for anyone to contact their on-again, off-again rumored Driver Rep. with any rules input consolidation of Classes 3 & 6, it they might have and should give appears that no action will be · SCORE ample time to consider taken until next year. After these suggestions before sending talkingwithBill(Savage)Ilearned the 94-95 rule book to the that the momentum for this printer. NOW is the time to be proposed move, which was thinking about this stuff, NOT heavily backed by one major next November, so Be Advised! factory team and heavily opposed Will the Real Big Wah.zoo by another, "appears to have gone Please Stand Up - I recently away". Last month, IDRA sent a received an irate phone call from a letter to SCORE in opposition to club president, demanding to this consolidation on the grounds know the identity of the fabled Big that SCORE had not given prior 1 • W ahtoo, whose column appears notification to all the Class monthly in the pit support section members. I have discussed this of Dusty Times. Apparently, matter with all members of both something the Wahzoo had classes and find that there would written offended this guy and he not be any substantial opposition wanted to speak directly to the to such a consolidation if it were person who had penned the to take place at Parker '94 and if offensive commentary. Over the some maximum wheelbase limita- years, the Big Wahzoo and I have tion were imposed. Whatever the had an agreement that I would act rules for these classes, all class as a mail drop for him in an effort members will need to know what to maintain an open line of therulesarewellinadvanceofthe communication between the '94 season. The IDRA has readers of this controversial instructed the Class 3 & 6 Driver column and the Wahzoo, so I get • Reps to study this proposed calls like this from time to time. I consolidation and determine how told this guy that I would be to structure the rules to make it happy to present his demands to fair for everyone in both classes. the W ahzoo but would not These recommendations will be divulge his identity. If you have forwarded to SCORE Tech, for any comment which you would evaluation. like to direct to the W ahzoo, you IDRA has added new Driver can reach him by writing to him Reps for Stock-Mini and Stock-care of the IDRA. One other Heavy classes, which we think are thing; I am not the W ahzoo. going to be very popular once the CRB Protested -Although I rulesareironedout. The new reps no longer have any direct are: Stock-Heavy, Gordon involvement with the SCORE DiCarlo(909) 338-6215 (Days); Competition Review Board, it is Stock-Mini, Danny Clay (801) still administered J,y the IDRA 628-6320 (Eves). We also want and Reese King represents our to make a correction regarding interests as CRB Marshal. At the Class 3 Rep Dale White's phone Parker 400, I was acting as a number. In the last issue it consultant to the board in an appeared as (702) 295~2880. effort to make certain that the This is incorrect! It is actually change-over at the CRB Marshal · (702) 295-2888. Please note this position between myself and on your Driver Rep list. Our Reese was as seamless as possible. apologies to Dale who tell's me Among the first cases the board that the 2880 number is actually heard were the various checkpoint his lx>sses extension ... Bummer! violations . against five different 1993 Drivers Rep. Rules racers (Ref: CRB Report, Dusty Meeting-The IDRA has called a Times, Page 43, April '93 issue). rules meeting for May 28th down One of these competitors was not in Northern San Diego County. happy with his penalty and The purpose of this meeting will accused the board of being be to present all proposed rule inconsistent in the way they levy changes from all classes to Bill penalties. Having run this board CUSTOM AUTOMOTIVE & :=G H~~g:~E ,.:-.,~ · .. ,..-~ ~V,m.5:n.itlt ...... -•· AWARD WINNING QUALITY PRODUCTS ~ (602)778-2433 ASI# 359251 625 N. 3rd. Street #2 • Prescott, Arizona 86301 tor the past 6 years, I took this complaint seriously and decided to look into the history of CRB penalties regarding failure to come to a complete stop at a checkpoint. Given the fact that this entry admitted guilt in this matter, the only question before the Parker CRB was exactly what penalty to assign in this case. To determine that, the board referred to the Format & Guidelines for the Competition Review Board which is the "operators manual" for the board. I wrote this little 8 page booklet 4 years ago, after seeking input from many members of the off road racing community and part of the document is dedicated to the "Guidelines for the Standardization of Pe1uilties in the CRB". Running a checkpoint, at whatever speed, has always been considered a safety infraction and all safety infractions are consid-ered "Major Infractions". According to the guidelines "A major infraction is a serious violation and carries with it (At a minimum) the loss of one (or more) position(s)"'. Having established the boards right to levy a position penalty in this case, let's look at the history of the CRB in other cases. At the 1990 Parker 400, Scott McMillin was assessed a Major Infraction for running a checkpoint and penalized 2 positions. In the same year, at the Nissan 400, Robby Gordon skidded through a checkpoint and a Major Infraction was levied by the board. Unfor-tunately for Robby he also got involved in another Safety Infraction, later on in the race, and was disqualified for his combination of 2 safety related infractions in one race. At the Fireworks 250, Bob Richey was disqualified when he ran the same checkpoint on 2 separate occa-sions. At the 1991 Nissan 400, three competitors received a 1 position penalty for rolling through checkpoints and one competitor, Willie Melancon, was disqualified when his co-driver failed to stop twice at the same checkpoint. At this year's Parker 400, 4 entries received position penalties for rolling through checkpoints and a motorcycle was disqualified for blasting through a checkpoint, under hard acceleration. Given the range of penalties allowed for Major Infractions, which is a minimum of 1 position to Disqualification, and the history of previous CRB rulings in such cases, I can see no grounds for the charge of inconsistent penalties for safety infractions such as running a checkpoint. Some racers have argued, in the past, for the need to make all penalties black & white. These are usually the guys we see most often. There are as many different circumstances for checkpoint violations as there are cases, so it is simply impossible to deal with all these cases with one penalty. I can guarantee one thing; that if all such cases wen; to be handled by disqualifying the protested entry, there would be a storm of protest against this system which would be considerably louder than this guy's complaint. Copies of the 1993 Format & Guidelines can be obtained by simply calling or writing the IDRA. There is no charge. One thing is for sure, if you don't run a checkpoint, you won't have to worry about it. May 1993 ·Traif Notes ••• LATE FLASH FROM VORRA-The season opener at the Prairie City short course drew a heavy entry, and Ken Ruff won the most cash by· winning Class 1-2-1600 which held 14 cars for the two heat meet. Jason Paul won Class 2, Dana Van Noort took Class 10, Don and Chris German were tops in Class 4 and Robert Milner won Class 9. Troy Robinson and Ryan O'Callaghan won Vet Class and Patrick Timmons won Novice Sportsman. Pro Odyssey & Pilot Class went to Michael Daws while Eric Gonberg won the Novice Odyssey and Pilot honors. THE MTEG RESULTS from the race at Seattle's Kingdone, are familiar names out front in some classes, and not so familiar in other groups. After two mud races in a row the drivers enjoyed being inside, under the dome with the climate controlled by human beings for round 3 in the stadium series. This year some series regulars were missing, probably electing not to make the long tow north in the ongoing monsoons on the west coast. Roger Mears won the truck main event with Rob MacCachren and Roger Mears Jr. behind him. Tommy Croft again won the Sport Utility main ahead of Chris Neil and Tim Lewis. Gary Gall took top spot in Super 1600 action, followed by Marty Hart and Kevin Smith. Jimmie Johnson was back on form winning the Superlite main event over teammate Greg George, and S.!an Finley. Mike Olmsted led Niclas Granlund and Charles Shepherd to the 4 Wheel A TV victory and Kyle Lewis topped Jim Holley and Larry Linkogle in Ultracross action. One third of the way through the season the points race is hot and heavy. Rod Millen, Toyota, leads the Sport Truck drivers by five points over Rick Johnson, Chevy and Rob MacCachren, Ford, is third. Jerry Whelchel has a three point lead over Gary Gall in super 1600 points and Jimmy Nichols is a long third. The bikes are close too as Shaun Kalos leads by 26 points over Jim Holley, and Larry Brooks is back another eight points, all three on Yamahas. Charles Shepherd has a nine point lead over Gary Denton, who has Doug Eichner just five points behind him in 4 Wheel ATVs. Tommy Croft has a commanding 15 point lead in Sport Utility class over Tim Lewis, T.J. Clark and Chris Neil, all three a point apart. Greg George, Briggsbuilt, has quite a lead of 27 over Sean Finley and Frank Chavez, both in Triple EEE cars in Superlite points, and there is still two thirds of this sea·son to go, with a few weeks off for a summer break. THE SNORE TWILIGHT 200 had a good entry of 50 cars, coming right on the heels of the Nevada 400. The Twilight course near Henderson seems to draw the big Class 8 trucks out to do some real world testing. In 1991 it was Larry Ragland in his Chevy, last year it was the Ford of Rob MacCachren, and this past March the visitor was Frank Vessels in his Ford. Each year the truck would run a couple of laps, and then retire, having learned what they wanted to know apparently. The Twilight had no finishers in Class 1, as both Vessels and Dale White, Class 3 Blazer, retired after one lap. Darren Wilson and Keith Underwood won overall and Class 10 by just over 4½ minutes over J.C. Dean and Brendan Gaughan. It was even closer in Class 1-2-1600 as Ken Freeman Jr. won, third overall at that, by a mere minute and change over Bekki Freeman whose dad Ken Sr. co-drove the last couple of five laps. This was a Mini Mag points race and Mike Thur law and Rick Ellison won by nearly an hour over four others. Bill Holbrook won Class 9, the biggest bunch at 16 starters, by about eight minutes over Dave Petrillo. Bruce Fraley also won by over an hour, in Class 5-1600. Barry Slatter won Class 7S in a Ford in fast time. There were no finishers in Class 4, but Bill Dickton won going further than the others. SNORE has a Sportsman Class this year and Jay and Jim Shain won handily over Howard Dunn and Floyd Simmers. We'll have a full report on this race and the MTEG Seattle bash next month. SODA ON THE GRID -While it seems the snow must still be on the ground as we write this, May is the month that SODA starts racing, and they have a ten event schedule (see calendar section in this issue) that keeps them busy every two weeks into October, Leading off the Series will be the Road America race on May 15 and 16 at Elkhart Lake, WI and itis followed in two weeks by the Memorial Day 100 at Lake Geneva, WI, both locales within shouting distance of Mitwaukee and not far from Chicago either. They both have good spectator facilities also, so it is time to think about getting out in the dirt in the upper midwest. MORE NEWS FROM MTEG - The Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group has added a new date to complete the nine race stadium off road season. The stadium stormers will visit Salt Lake City, Utah on June 26, and present their racing show at Rice Stadium. Late in March came the unexpected news that MTEG was restructuring to offset the current national economic crunch, and they eliminated three key positions from the full time operational staff at that time. The positions eliminated include that of Operations Manager and Marketing Manager, and most directly affecting the competitors that of Competition Director Jerry Stansbury, who has been lining up the race cars after mishaps and giving the green light to start heats for six years, among his other duties. He will be missed, as will the others. COLORADO OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS - Just at press time we received the schedule for this series, too late to make the calendar. The dates are May 29, June 13, July 11, August 8, August 29, September 12 and October 2. The first and last events are at Island Grove Park in Greeley, CO and the other five are at 1-76 Speedway in Ft. Morgan, CO. For full information call (303) 936-5960. BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING has announced a date change for their season opening race in 1993 at Wendover USA. It has moved from May I to May 8, because of conflicting land use schedules in the area. So, be sure to change your calendar or get involved in a bicycle event. OFF ROAD SPECTATORS and pit crews got some exciting side shows at two late winter desert races in the southwest. At the FRT King of the Desert the racers saw nearly day long practice by the Navy aerobatic Blue Angels team, who work out of the El Centro Navy Air Station, just next door to the FRT Superstition Series courses. More eyes were skyward half the time than watching the progress of the race. It was a shorter show a month later at the SCORE Nevada 400, as the Air Force's Thunderbirds took to the sky to practice their thrilling show manuevers right off the end of main pit row, which is only a few miles north of Nellis Air Force Base, home ground for thl' aerobatic team, who at one time had six planes wing tip to wing tip thrilling the spectators. This is one side benefit to the off road racers that is not possible anywhere else in the winter months. ~ Dusty nmcs

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-Hell for Drivers... -·--:<-···-.--·-.......... . Heaven for Fans · .. . · . ......... . $:_-:~~-:-::.:-::> .. ··--------:-.-::-_-:-._:. \.J0oi□ ~ a@ i ~~ ''-;}fh1t&.'"' ---:-\fo,,_ . ' . ' The Country's Finest Road Racing Circuit is Getting Down and Dirty ■ When the world's premier rood racing facility decided to build a Championship Off-Rood Course, we did it right. So right in fact, SODA hos scheduled its 1993 season opener on our 1.1 mile torture chamber. . ■ 22 classes of truck and buggy competition with more than 200 entries expected. Don't miss the action of America's fastest-growing motorsports form. ■ At Rood America, you 'II enjoy a panoramic view of the action, plus the best food in all of sport including char-broiled brats and fresh corn-on-the-cob. Better yet, there's no vehicle charge for admission. Adult Admission-S10.00 ~@/A\[Q) ~~~O©/A\ ® Elkhart Lake, WI Road America is located midway between Milwaukee and Green Bay on Wisconsin Hwy. 67.and County J-one hour from Milwaukee, 2½ hours from Chicago and 4½ hours from Minneapolis. ~ Sheboygan Fond~:-,; (iZ}Amwko Milwaukee ILLINOIS Chicago

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1993 Happenings ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34087 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 April 24, 1993 15th Annual Penasco La Playa 200 Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico May 29, 1993 16th Annual Snowflake Buggy Bash Cool Country Snowflake, AZ June 26-27, 1993 Annual Forest Service Conservation Project July 31, 1993 Cinder Mountain 100 Flagstaff, AZ October 9, 1993 Young Classic Cherry Creek, AZ October 30, 1993 BLM Conservation Project December 4, 1993 17th Annual Sonoyta to Rocky Point Sonora, Mexico AMSA Jim Webb P.O. Box 26084 Fresno, CA 93726 (209) 439-2114 AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 4 7 T eenan St. Ferny Hills, Q. 4055, Australia 011-18-07-851-0444 April 11, 1993 Toowoornba Queensland May 30, 1993 Griffith New South Wales July 25, 1993 Kernpsey New South Wales September 12, 1993 Mount Gambier South Australia November 7, 1993 Puckapunyal Victoria AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFFROAD Class 10 cars only Serge Lambert 65 Rue de Valcourt Blainville, Quebec, Canada K7B lHl (514) 434-5792 BAD DOG'S OFF ROAD SHOWDOWN Callaway Fun Inc. 3825 N. Main , Cleburne, TX 7603 I Barry Callaway (817) 645-0003 /641-9985 Gene Peugh ( 81 7) 790-8268 Short Course Racing Texas Sty I.:: ( Racin.~ rite! 3nl Surnla:v of c!<tdt monr!t Marclt elm, Ocro/,l·r) BADGERLAND VW CLUB,INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WIS4901 ( 414) 688-5509 ( All events located in Chilton, WI at t/ie Winnebago Omnty Expo Center) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 Golden Crown of Baja Desert Series (cars) April 29-May 2, 1993 Mint 400 Short Course Stadium Championships May 14-16, 1993 Gran Carrera de Tecate 250 Tecate, BC, MX June 25-2 7, 1993 Gran Carrera de Mexicali Night Race Mexicali, BC, MX July 23-25, 1993 Gran Carrera de Ensenada Ensenada, BC, MX September 24-26, 1993 Gran Carrera de Carnpeones San Felipe, BC, MX Page 6 December 10-12, 1993 Mint 400 Desert Challenge 400 Miles Las Vegas, NV BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. May 8, 1993 Wendover Express Wendover USA July 3, 1993 Jackpot 200 Jackpot, NV August 21, 1993 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada K0K-lH0 (613) 475-1102/ Fax (613) 475-3250 199-3 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon,WIS4520 (715) 478-2222 June 25-27, 1993 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI September 3-5, 1993 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI BUMP Bob Utgard Motorsports Promotions 42263.S0th St. West #108 Quartz Hill, CA 93536 (805) 256-8520 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Lynnette Allison, CRS Director 200 l Oakland Hills Drive Corona, CA 91720 (909) 736-1442 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 May 14-16, 1993 Rim of the World (2,3) Palmdale, CA July 30-August 1, 1993 Prescott Forest Rally Pre§fOtt, AZ September 18-19, 1993 Treeline (3) Palmdale, CA October 23-24, 1993 Gorman Ridge (3) Gorman, CA December 4-5, 1993 East of Indio (3) Indio, CA CENTRAL OREGON DESERT RACING Terry Silbaugh 20515 Whitehaven Circle Bend, OR 97702 April 24, 1993 Bear Butte 200 & Millican 300 combined Brothers, Oregon October 16, 1993 Whiskey Springs 300 Central Oregon CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O . Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION ·P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Torn Allen · (800) 662-36491(214) 641-2090 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 2750 Cozumel Drive# 1116 Melbourne, FL 32935 ( 407) 254-5167 April 18, 1993 Lakeland, FL May 16, 1993 Naples, FL June 13, 1993 Lakeland, FL July 11, 1993 Sharpes, FL August 8, 1993 Lakeland, FL September 5, 1993 Tallahassee, FL October 10, 1993 Sharpes, FL November 14, 1993 Lakeland, FL January 9, 1994 Lakeland, FL February 13, 1994 Naples, FL March 26, 1994 Florida 400 T alahassee, FL FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES August 7, 1993 Superstition 250 Lake Superstition, CA September 25, 1993 Plaster City Blast Plaster City East, CA October 30, 1993 Squeaky Springs Gran National Lake Superstition, CA December 31, 1993 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA ATV, BIKE& DESERT SUPERLITE SCHEDULE April 28, 1993 Attack Kamikaze Desert Gran Prix & Team Race Lake Superstition, CA May 9, 1993 Sweethearts Kiss Lake Superstition, CA May 15-16, 1993 24 Hours of Le Fud Plaster City West, CA June 13, 1993 Carlsbad Gran Prix & Team Race June 19, 1993 Mr. Patterson's Wild Ride Plaster City West, CA August 21, 1993 Otter Z Night Team Race Plaster City West, CA September 5, 1993 Desert Sprint Plaster City East, CA October 10, 1993 4th Annual Mudhen II Plaster City West, CA November 21, 1993 Notorious Dawg 3 Hour T earn Race I-8 & Dunaway Road, CA December 5, 1993 Rudolph's Revenge plus Team Race Lake Superstition, CA GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O . Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 (714) 880-1733 April 25, 1993 MTEG Off Road Races June 27, 1993 MTEG Off Road Races August 22, 1993 MTEG Off Road Races Co11rses for stadi11m and desert cars Call MTEG for complete information GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 ( 404) 253-1033 April 25°, 1993 Vienna, GA May 23, 1993 Vienna, GA June 27, 1993 Vienna, GA May 1993 more ••• TRAIL NOTES THE SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES opens April 23-25 with the Wild West Rally out of Olympia, WA. Here is your chance to run full bore over the same trails that the European hot dogs did some years back when the Olympus Rally was on the World Championship schedule. This year a bevy of new cars and trucks will enhance the scene, plus there is an influx of new competitors. Much of the action is centered in that hotbed of U.S. rallying, Burlington, Vermont. There John Buffum 's Libra Racing is building a fresh from England new Cosworth Escort Ford for Carl Merrill from Maine. Carl led several rallies last year, but troubles kept him out of a victory. The Escort is a Group A car in Europe, but Merrill and co-driver Jon Wickens will run as an Open class car in the U.S. Subaru Pro Rally Championship. Top rookie Henry Joy bought all of Merrill's 92 Mitsubishi equipment and will run a Buffum prepared Eclipse in the '93 series with co-driver Jimmy Brandt. And, natch, also in Buffum 's shop is the trusty Audi Quattro that reigning overall champion Paul Choiniere will start the season with while awaiting the arrival of a new Audi S-2, a 20 valve turbo which is a Group A car but Paul will run it in Open Class. Down the street at Vermont Sports Car, Lance Smith is hard at work building a new car, an ex-Dave Wolin Mitsubishi Eclipse road racer, to replace Dick Corley's "tired" 92 mount. Smith is taking over all preparation work for the shuttered shop of 1992 Production GT champion Tim O'Neil, whose plans for '93 are still up in the air. On the left coast Sube Sports is hard at work revamping the '92 Subaru Legacy, and is in negotiation with a current competitor to prepare the '90 Legacy in Group A as a second car for a two car team. Inland a bit in Riverside, Team Mitsubishi motorsports guru Dave Wolin, besides having a 48 foot semi full of parts coming to the Subaru Pro Rally Championship events, will be preparing several cars. Former national divisional champion and overall winner at the Rim of the World in 1992 Lon Peterson will drive a Production GT Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, while divisional competitor Tony Shumaker will graduate to a Production class Mitsubishi Eclipse. Up north, Gary Gooch, '92 Rally Truck champion has his Toyota pickup for sale and has purchased a Mitsubishi truck for he and Judi to compete in this year. The '92 truck class runner-up Roger Hull has forsaken the Jeep pickup for a Mitsubishi. Of course Mitsubishi has posted $2,000 per event for the winner of the truck class, quite an incentive. Along with several other teams running part time, Rhys Millen, son of Rod and a good respectable finisher in the first couple of PRO Rallies he ran in '92 will have dad's Mazda MX-6 to run in selected events. Finally the Prescott Forest Rally early in April was moved to July 30-August 1, due to washed out roads in the rain swept southwest. The 46th annual Press On Regardless PRO Rally will move back to Houghton, Michigan this year in October, and the Capitol Forest Stages in Washington planned in November, has been canceled for 1993 making an eight event series sanctioned by the SCCA and sponsored by Subaru of America. And there is also a rumor that Michelin is also thinking of getting more heavily involved in the series. After the Wild West Rally comes California's only National Rally, the Rim of the World on May 14 and 15 out of Palmdale famous for its exceptional hill top stages, and great promotion done by organi:ers, Paula and Mike Gibeault. Although the California Rally Series has good events all year long, this is southern Californians only chance to see the stars of the Pro circuit in action, on the fire roads of the Angeles National Forest. AUTO RACEPAGES is the Ultimate Racing Sourcebook, not just a hollow claim from the publisher. We got the 1992 edition about a year ago and have used it often. No matter what phase of competiton you are researching, what company you might be looking for, you can bet they are in RacePages. Race teams, engine builders, fabricators, speedshop owners, all manner of racing professionals worldwide use Racepages, and keep it by their phone. this 488 page annual source book is top notch. A neat spiral binding allows it to lay flat on your shop desk. Handy tabbed dividers make it easy to flip through the four main sections, Products, Service Shops, Race Tracks and Reference. The 5,700 racing businesses listed in RacePages are fully indexed and cross referenced by company name and type of product or service provided. It is constantly checked for accuracy of the listings, and frankly it is easy to use. The book begins with a complete Reference section to help you find phone numbers and contracts for racing associations and organi:ations, publications, driving schools, trade schools, trade shows, race car teams, and much more you haven't even thought about. The Race Products section contains over 300 product categories and lists products made by over 1500 manufacturers. The best feature is that each product listing indicates whether that product is made for Stock, Drag, Sports, Formula, Open Wheel, Off Road or Mud racing. You think of it, and the listing is in Race Pages. This sounds like a commercial, not usually part of Trail Notes, but find out for yourself, by contacting RacePages, P.O. Box 8127 La Jolla, CA or call them at (619) 459-2304. HOW ABOUT ROBBY GORDON doing a number at the Australian Indy Car race at Surfers Paradise. Off road has another stellar graduate in the making with Robby, who is driving the whole series this year in the Loia-Ford-Cosworth of A J Foyt. We figured Robby would do well so long as the car held together, but we never figured he would qualify fourth, mind his manners so well on the race track, and run second overall at one point and try for a pass on the leader, reigning World Champion Nigel Mansell. At the finish Robby was a strong third and even the biased veteran Indy car TV reporter had to admit that Robby certainly looked good and was doing a good job on the track. Next in the series is the street course at Long Beach and the one mile oval at Phoenix, which will be a different traffic experience for the young charger before heading off to the famous and formidable 2 ½ mile oval at Indianapolis. 2-IN-1 ALCAN RALLY -Rallymaster Jerry Hines has announced that in 1993 there will be two different Akan rallies, but both will be part of the same two week summer trek revolving around Labor Day. The first half of the double rally will run from Seattle to Anchorage during the week before Labor Day. The route to Alaska has been expanded with more diversions and scenery and Time-Speed-Distance regularity sections filling the week. The second half of the rally starts in Anchorage, and competitors from that "first half" have the option of driving their cars back down the road again accompanying the competitors and staff of the Akan Vintage Rally. Or, if pressed for time, the cars can be shipped back to Seattle by air or less exotic methods. After the summertime double rally, the Akan will return to the obligatory biennial winter adventure in February of 1994. To get the full information of the rallies contact Jerry Hines, Akan 5000 Rally, 15 Central Way #300, Kirkland, WA 98033 or try calling (206) 823-6347. Dusty nmcs

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Winner's Circle ..._.__.d~Ollb-nlll Jidwdt••oo-dltolrlnq,_ ..._.~-tit~- ~ --~dloll~ln o...ana..1a-1n .. ,• .., .. -1d'l~o1«-1 .... 9CCIM:~-----.... --~...... ..,..__,,,_ ___ .....,. ~-..... -0.-,,-. --.·rdadSo,-. ............. llalbtQJt..,....~on...., nn,g.._.........., .. ,,~_. lhodt __________ .... .. _ _,...lftd,_,_ ___ llt,odc 800RE- flN8Dull'M.iinmdlg-,._. ....... , _____ o.. The W/f111e1S /nsistoo Bi/stein/ ...,_,.... __ .,._.,. __ _ CIIIITol ANIOOl'537-10l5 .s ---°"-----. ----°"""r;,...., - a----Winner's Circle ~-I 1>-:0 . W> DnonlllllSlnDIMI 25th Baja 1000 Ill-Road Race CirM'1QaFOfdF150~1Nd! lllooll .. .,._1.hcu'lln52 ........ ~_...._...,.~lflOCII d_._ .... lo_....,._.._ -----~-olPIUl.-.1 1000-•pstolh ..... <llaAcll.9> O..SimontoornF,.,.._,CAw,;,n~ ,.,._...., .... ....... .aaghl ..... ____ , _ ___,_..,.,_.hi:_,, SOOAE-.1000. ~ .. ..._..,In.._._ ·--25111--MftnOol .. ~ ~~-W.MI....__ i.,gre_a,....,_...,..MI_ W-,,-ll'ldtw." ,,m1...._ar .. 9-,,.,._.,,.1nw.iti:o. The l!Wnnets Insist oo Bi/stein! fm' ..... -..... -1111,.,._-c.aTolANI0(W3'MOM ~ --=--°"~-. ----!llop,u....,,. - -I Winner's Circle ~ -I e::) · ~ RodlVllan ... lOY8111'11:111 Clplll'lhdlnOIHIDalSll'IBI • Aod ...... pac,ld-~ n.-~...-.------..plDrlb,caltudalon811111nlhDdalln ........,.._.o.,p1o._.,,_....,p,9-..,.,_~ThamplonOII-Aoaa~ s--lbt~~lnc.11 ,.,....... .,.,-i111a---........o.,pto, .... _b.-ol .. ..,._ln_ ~-m.-,1n--10~1n ---...~--1111--drMr'a ----~fl-OrandNllonll&p:,,lll\lcll Mlllln<Dllinullilllur(lll'lllltd_... -._.._.......,_,"llvmwl. olwhqmorwdf---ltWI.-., ,....,,ldd9dlwo_..,.lo.....,, Ollwlhod!.--·-The Winnets Insist on Bi/stein! ,.,_.,... __ ,__., __ _ ClllllblFt"NIOOl1537•tOll!5 ~ ..,..CICWG'IAlla!O,- . ----- . _____ CA_,,. -CT-•-.,. --s ~~.,,_., ...... ·•-ol20 ~"'--~-_....., )'N'llolNlll(lllidClll-fOad,.,,., ~a..,41n~.......... .......tlllllda,_parbfflld ... tar ..... 1n, ................. o-pi9, .. ---~-Mdllnld_....., .. -.r'llldl--------~•bfll"l .. lsll; °"'-'II•,._,,~ ..... """-----· a--...... Mdllnld~lhe -------o,1glrllll~ htdrw-lDWWI0..4ln balh9CORll!and lltllldlab .. 0.....,#ldOMC_,,.wllh t«JRA.oll'~l'Dll--.wnq,_ optlurlllGll'fDlll:llllll:lll'llkln..-., 1he Winnets Insist on Bi/stein! ,__.,.__,.. .. _,,,,.. __ CelTolftalOQl'53MOl5 119 -~-·- . ----. ---llo-C,,-....,._Cl_ ---The Official Shock Absorbers or INTERNATIONAL Winner's Circle ~-~ ,1-:v ---· ~ SWIIIFardbdOrer= SCIIIE IJ!I-Road Chll lw:lt-..._~_,......, ~~Ol'IBlllllnlllCldlll, _IO_.....,.,.da..d.Cllllomla So,wt_, ... ,,, ....... Oll-<Gm-NI ....,,_.,_,_a.., .... d,MIWa .,__,.,.._ ..........,t-sfadlfx..-.......... .,,_,....,....,lltllldla..,_,,,. _"""...,..,....,_...,.,... .__"'_a.., ...... ~-.. ----...,_, ......... <I00,.8-500alll8-1000• ~diurrilg_,.OC,.,.klndd.,__. ....... 8COAECIIMl,ctwrJ,ian. The Winneis Insist oo Bilstein! ,. ...... -..... -a1,.,.. __ CelTo1FtNIOQ'5JMOl5 119 _ _,,_ . ..,_... ----. _____ c,,.,... _,.,,...er_ . ---Winner's Circle ~-~ '* :G·---~ MacCachrlll's Ford ~ Tak8s SCIIIE OIi-Road Class 8 Af'oodf1,0~~..,__, ._.lo!8COAE,_-<Gm,..._ .,_..and..._..t,,fFll,b~d ....c..n.,,.,..,,._..,,...,...,.. l.a\illgll,,M(-Olallo!,_1_ ap111d.._ADl,glt...,_ ___ _.,,, $00AIE_....,,_Ol.fload Fa,,:i-~----• ~---lftl#-dattltart. n.w-frlMlll....c..n.,...,._ .....,ltiocb,_....,~ -c,111:#1 .... IKI0 .. .....,_1000 ... lo! .. bt411aa,d~--lw--_.__,..,__,..o..,,a,.,.. --~ald.~-----.~ ...... otlh■ ...... a,dO,,,,.-C, .. ~..,_,.-~ ... Food...._. 1he Winner.. Insist on Bi/stein! Ca11To1Ff'N8CO'!S37·1095 ~ ...,.._,,"°"°'------. ------c,,--Cl-_,_ ---Winner's Circle ~ -1 em--·· ~ Dldle OIi-Road Idea For Mka l88l8's Jaap III lllsb■I awr,pian■Jllp■ln--OII-...... .__■nd_...,,...iow., ,.. __ IJIOCM9dt,,f ... La■--Nod. ............. llld<GIUMl<:a---~ "Th■-~---■---a--■ ...... .,__,ga~ .......... ln~ ... -o.ntay ~........ ■ndp■IDl'IWICl."La■-.-d." ......... ~lnC-311Wp!OILalDn-..... ~---------.... .-... ........ La■-,.,_,. .,.._~d-..n.,_..• ~lnbl:#l .. 8COAE-HDRA ,_ .. ..,_ • ----"'--~1119-_OIi ____ .,...., ..... c-~-t:iw-"'-._.,. ... ~.....-.. 1he Winnets Insist on Bi/stein! .... _,....-..... -a1,.. __ c.llTolFtNIDQS37-HJIS ~ ...... --. ..... - . ----- . ----...-,:,.-,21 -Cl-•-----Winner's Circle -~-I 4 m ---~ Jaap Ch8l'okaes Ona-1\vo In Sid.In Ill-Road llb'llStockl ~lbmllJOial_i...y_ .. _ ...... _______ _ ....._ .. tanl!lledl_d.. P"""'klul,..._r,,.-._.,_,.OII ....,.~c»-AomOl'IIIPIWI-...... ._... ..... ,....vlc:lcwyill .. __ ...,. ... __ "' __ ---Clip~ ...,... .... a-i.-. ""Ullnt......, ___ _ 0..,.....-... La■----..Qafl ... ~ .... -~Cid. ~ ... ----~---a..-_____... ....... ~ ... _ ..... 1"Sll'lfmdloo•IIIM--._... .. ,_,...,.,_■IIOdla. • 1he WimetS Insist on Bi/stein! CalTolFtNIDQ1537-1Dl5 ~ -.:=CDfll'CIMlQIO,.-i::.....,. ; ' --::.::-u..... -==-~ The Winners Insist on Bi/stein! For complete information or the name of your nearest dealer: Call Toll Free 800/537-1085 BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA SALES WEST 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7723 SALES EAST Wallingford, CT 06942 203/265-2854 800/7 45-4636

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MOTORSPORTS CHAMPIONSHIPS October 1993 TBA ONTARIO OFF ROAD July 25, 1993 PROMOTIONS, INC. M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. Candlestick Park RACERS ASSOCIATION Vienna, GA P.O. Box 2910 15529 Jones Road San Francisco, CA JeffSar;rient August 22, 1993 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 Grand Ledt, Ml 48837 November 20, 1993 1480 Lakeri ge Rd. N Vienna, GA (714) 364-0515 (517) 27-6200 Awards Banquet Ajax, Ontario, Canada September 26, 1993 June 19-20, 1993 TBA (416) 427-4782 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER Vienna, GA 4WDCLUB Off Road Nationals & Swap Meet CAMEL SUPERCROSS SERIES PIKES PEAK October 24, 1993 P.O. Box465 Mason, Ml May 15, 1993 P.O. Box 6962 Vienna, GA Kamloops, BC, Canada V2C-5L2 June 25, 1993 Rose Bowl Colorado Springs, CO 80934 November 27, 1993 Bob (604) 374-7175 days Yale Summer Festival Pasadena, CA (719) 685-4400 Thanksgiving 250 Randy (604) 579-9621 eves Yale, Ml June 12, 1993 S.C.A.T. INC. Vienna, GA Keith (604) 828-1795 anytime July 24, 1993 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Michael R. King (All events at Vienna, GA) April 18, 1993 Fowlerville, Ml Las Vs;as, NV P.O . Box277 GREAT LAKES 3 hour, 6 mile enduro July 25, 1993 NATIONAL MUD RACING Morrisonville, NY 12962 Lacdubois ATV Area Caro, Ml (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 FOUR WHEEL Kamloops, BC Canada ASSOCIATION DRIVE ASSOCIATION July 29, 1993 11842 Jason Court SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Bob Moon July 11, 1993 Holland, Ml Madera, CA 93638 Sports Car Club of America 915 So. Zeeb Road Short Course August 1, 1993 (209) 486-4590/(209) 266-5558 . P.O. Box 3278 Ann Arbor, Ml 48103 Mudbog Motorsport Facility Mason, Ml April 25, 1993 Englewood, CO 80112 (313) 665-0358/ (313) 996-9193 Kamloops, BC Canada August 5, 1993 Johnson, VT (303) 779-6622 GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD September 19, 1993 Sandusky, Ml May 15-16, 1993 April 23-25, 1993 RACING ASSOCIATION Kamloops 400 km Johnson, VT Wild West Pro Rally Kamloops, BC Canada -August 10, 1993 Olympia, WA Keith Koesters Mt. Pleasant, Ml June 27, 1993 4605 N. 130th Circle October 3, 1993 May 14-16, 1993 Omaha, NE 68164 Lacdubois A TV Area August 24, 1993 Johnson, VT Rim of the World ( 402) 496-0846 Kamloops, BC Canada Kalamazoo, Ml August 22, 1993 Palmdale, CA ( All short courst races and held at October 16, 1993 MICHIGAN SPORT Johnson, VT June 4-6, 1993 WestFair in Council Bluffs, Iowa) 213 mile Short Course BUGGY ASSOCIATION September 12, 1993 Susquehannock Trail* GREAT WESTERN Lilooet Motorsport Park Keneth Coleman Johnson, VT Wellsboro, PA POINTS SERIES, INC. Kamloops, BC Canada 742 E. Roosevelt Road October 3, 1993 July 30-August 1, 1993 Bertram Productions, Inc. ( All eucnts stare 7 miles NW of Kamloot?_s) Ashley, Ml 48806 Johnson, VT Prescott Forest Rally 15073 Hwy 119, Rt. 4 LA RANA DESERT RACING ( 51 7) 838-4483 Prescott, AZ Golden, CO 80403 OFF ROAD ADVENTURES 22769 Chambray Dr. MICKEY THOMPSON'S Four Wheel Drive Excursions August 27-29, 1993 Colorado Off Road Championships Moreno Valley, CA 92387 OFFROAD P.O. Box 1154 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally* ( 303) 936-5960 (909) 924-2226 STADIUM SERIES Arcata, CA 95521 Bimidji, MN May 29, 1993 April 30-May 2, 1993 Mickey Thompson (707) 822-8508 October 1-3, 1993 Island Grove, CO Spangler 200 Entertainment Group April 23-25, 1993 Gold Rush Divisional P.O. Box 25168 Westcliffe, CO GRR Ridgecrest, CA Anaheim, CA 92825 Big Bear Adventure Golden Rule Racing June 18-20, 1993 (714) 938-4100 Big Bear Lake, CA October 22-24, 1993 P.O. Box 40211 Lucerne Valley 250 May 1, 1993 May 14-16, 19.93 Press On Regardless* Phoenix, AZ 85067 Lucerne Valley, CA Redwood Coast Jamboree Houghton, Ml (602) 263-5329 Sun Devil Stadium Fort Bragg to Eureka/ Arcata, CA December 3-5, 1993 July 24, 1993 Tempe, AZ HIGH PLAINS OFF Womans Only Race Mays, 1993 June 18-20, 1993 Maine Forest Rally* ROAD RACING Barstow, CA Rose Bowl Ghost Town Adventure '93 Rumford, ME ASSOCIATION August 27-29, 1993 Pasadena, CA South Lake Tahoe, CA/ Stateline, NV *Part of the North American Harvey Wald Johnson Valley 200 June 26, 1993 September 17-19, 1993 Rally Chamt?_ionship (605) 224-6678 days Lucerne Valley CA Rice Stadium Kern River Jamboree SCORE ( 605) 224-5534 evenings October 22-24, 1993 Salt Lake City, Utah Kernville/ Lake Isabella, CA Score International IOK FOUR WHEELERS California 200 September 1993 TBA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 P.O. Box36 Ridgecrest, CA Mile High Stadium OF EL PASO Westlake Village, CA 91362 Cleves, Ohio 45002 November 18-20, 1993 Denver, CO Joey Vasquez (818) 889-9216 (All events staged at the club grounds High Desert 300 October 1993 TBA 13180 Round Dance April 16-18, 1993 in Cleves, Ohio) Lucerne Valley, CA Sam Boyd Silver Bowl El Paso, TX 79936 San Felipe 250 Las Vegas, NV (915) 855-97671(915) 855-9767 San Felipe, BC, MX I@" -COAST 1-800-634-6755 Las \eg·as, Nevada -Page 8 May 1993 Dusty Times

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. . f i TOYO-TA .. ·· r=iii~~tiso .· MAY 8 -PASADENA ROSE BOWL Practice / Qualifying 12:00 -4:00 pm Pits Open to Public 12:00 -4:00 pm Motorsports Expo & Custom Truck Show 12:00 -5:00 pm Gates Open 4:30 pm Meet the Racers at the FREE Autograph Session ·opening Ceremonies Racing Starts 5:00 -6:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:30 pm Information (714) 938-4100 Tickets Available at 77CK5'~~ MU81Cfl'LU8/fl091Ne0Ne•MAYITOWeR (213) 480-3232 • (714) 740-2000 (805) 583-8700 • (619) 278-TIXS Proudly Sponsored By --------------------[ ~~~ YAMAHA Ill R4fl!ilf! Am.e..ri.Ga.n f"'"' .,J~HEVRDLEI R.G-CJ--!':9 Bud .. •~e1·ser ~mWh-e~ .vw~ MTEG ~ Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168, Anaheim, CA 92825 GOOD;f'iEAR

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June 4-6, 1993 SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD September 11, 1993 September 4-6, 1993 Season Finale - Lights Mandatory Baja 500 DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Nightmare 150 Y erington/VORRA 250 Lillooet, BC Canada Ensenada, BC, MX Terry Wolfe October 16, 1993 Yerington, NV WI-IlPLASH MOTORSPORTS July 2-4, 1993 7839 W. North Avenue Swords 150 October 16-17; 1993 2939 E. Grovers Wauwatosa, WI 53213 All races held at Notrees, TX VORRA/ All Pro Auto Parts Phoenix, AZ 85032 Fireworks 250 (414) 453-SODA/(414) 257-0422 Off Road Championship Race (602)971-3730 Barstow, CA May 14-16, 1993 25 miles west of Odessa, TX Prairie City SVRA Park ( All events at Thrasherilmd, August 6-8, 1993 Road America Off Road Race TEXAS OFF ROAD Sacramento, CA 117th Ave. & Glendale in Phoenix, AZ) Gold Coast 300 Elkhart Lake, WI GRAND PRIX WESTERN OFF ROAD FIA WORLD RALLY Las Vegas, NV May 28-30, 1993 Short Course Racing RACING ASSOCIATION Cl-IAMPIONSHIP October 1-3, 1993 - Texas Style Ron (Rocky) Weinstein, President Memorial Day 100 Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger April 8-13, 1993 Lake Havasu 300 Lake Geneva, WI Mike Bernardo Box 246 - 106 - 1656 Martin Dr. Safari Rally Lake Havasu City, AZ White Rock, B.C. V4A 6E7 (tentative) June 11-13, 1993 1606 Lancelot Circle ( 604) 582-3338 Nairobi, Kenya Kiwanis Off Road Race Grand Prairie, TX 75050 WORRA, P.O. Box 3241 May 1-5, 1993 November 12-14, 1993 Antigo, WI (214) 855-2232 Sumas, WA 98295 Tour de Corse Baja 1000 June 25-27, 1993 · ( All events at Stet?_henville, TX St?_eedwai) April 18, 1993 Ajaccio, Corsica Ensenada, BC, MX Spring Run 101 TORA Interior Enduro May 29-June 3, 1993 SCORESHOW . Crandon, WI Truck Racing Association Kamloops, BC Canada Acropolis Rally Mickey Thompson July 9-11, 1993 Ray Carney, Director May 8, 1993 Lagonissi, Greece Entertainment Group 7 Prutell Drive Tom Lewis Fox Riverfest Challenge Apalchin, NY 13732 Hannegan Short Course June 18-23, 1993 P.O. Box 25148 Luxemburg, WI (607) 625-5676 Bellingham, WA Ivory Coast Rally Anaheim, CA 92825 July 23-25, 1993 UORRA May 22, 1993 f.bidjan, Ivory Coast (714)938-4155 UP Off Road 100 United Off Road Racing Association Hannegan Short Course July 14-17, 1993 April 23-25, 1993 Bark River, MI Dave Urbanowicz, President Bellingham, WA Rally Argentina Anaheim Convention Center August 20-22, 1993 589 Amwell Road June 12, 1993 Buenos Aires, Argentina Anaheim, CA Great Nortliern Challenge Neshanic, NJ 08853 Hannegan Short Course August 4-8, 1993 S.C.T.A. Lake Odessa, MI (908) 369-6550 Bellingham, WA New Zealand Rally Southern California SeFttember 3-5, 1993 (Races at Colonial Valley Resorts in PA) June 19, 1993 Auckland, New Zealand Timing Association True Va ue World Championships VENTURA RACEWAY Hannegan Short Course August 25-29, 1993 Elice Simonis Tucker Brush Run 101 Business Office Bellingham, WA 1000 Lakes Rally 22048 Vivienda Ave. Crandon, WI 2810 W. Wooley Road July 11, 1993 Jyvaskyla, Finland Grand Terrace, CA 92324 September 17-19, 1993 Oxnard, CA 93030 Interior Short Course September 18-20, 1993 (714) 783-8293 Wisconsin Off Road Festival (805) 656-1122 Kamloops, BC Canada Rally Australia SNORE Oshkosh, WI VORRA July 31, 1993 Perth, Australia Southern Nevada Off October 1-3, 1993 Valley Off Road Racing Association Hannegan Short Course October 10-14, 1993 Road Enthusiasts Blackhawk Farms 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Bellingham, WA Rally de Italia P.O. Box 4394 South Beloit, IL Sacramento, CA 95838 Sanremo, Italy Las Vegas, NV 89106 (916) 925-1702 August 14, 1993 November 1-4, 1993 (702) 452-4522 SWORDS April 17-18, 1993 Hannegan Short Course May 14-16, 1993 South West Off Road Racing Bellingham, WA Rally of Spain The Spring Special Catalunya, Spain Caliente 250 Desert Series Prairie City SVRA Park August 28, 1993 Caliente, NV 4209 So. CR 1300 Sacramento, CA Hannegan Short Course November 21-25, 1993 July 24-25, 1993 Odessa, TX 79765 May 29-31, 1993 Bellingham, WA RAC Rally Mike Parker Nottingham, England Midnight Special (915) 337-3437 Yerington/VORRA 400 September 19, 1993 Las Vegas, NV Yerington, NV Interior Long Course ATTENTION September 17-19, 1993 May 1, 1993 Kamloops, BC Canada RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS SNORE 250 Jackrabbit 150 June 18-20, 1993 October 3, 1993 Lise :vour L·omini: ewnts in DUSTY Las Vegas, NV Virginia City 200 TIMES"fred SL>rul your 1993 schedule as June 12, 1993 Virginia City, NV Interior Enduro soon as /mssihle for listing in this L·olumn. December 3-5, 1993 Twilite 150 July30-31, August 1, 1993 Kamloops, BC Canada Mail vour rnL·e or rallv schedule to: Eldorado Valley 250 August 6-8, 1993 Fallon 250 at Night October 16, 1993 DUSTY TIMES. 207.5.1 Marilla St., Las Vegas, NV 4th Annual Rock N' Roll 250 Fallon, NV Lillooet Short Course Chatsu-orth, CA 91311-4408. ..r.,~-•J -_,-.,._--~~~~----~-o_F_F_R_o_A_o_c_o_M_P_o_N_E_N_T_s_~ .,., ,,.... v-NEW PRODUCTS IN DEVELOPMENT • MADE BETTER IN THE U.S.A. DJ TRANSAXLES 10623 Blackfoot Road Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-3930 LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING 825 N. Glendora Avenue Covina, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 OFFROAD BUGGY SUPPLY 2525 E. 16th Street Yuma, AZ. 85365 (602) 783-4i265 Would Like to Congratulate ' COOK'N* AN & DARRYL COOK -1st Place Finish -1600 ~DA40 HOTLINE AUTOMOTIVE 6951 ldlewylde Circle Melbourne, FL 32904 (407) 724-1270 o To: • 1993 NEVADA 400 1993 NEVADA 400 DENUNZIO RACING PRODUCTS P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 (805) 683-1211 AXLES• LINK PINS• LINK PIN BUSHINGS• LINK PIN SHIMS• SPRING PLATES• PREDRILLED CV BOLTS• TIE RODS WE'RE NOT JUST THE NEW GUYS ANYMORE ! ! ! ... Page 10 May 1993 Dusy Times

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OFF-ROAD NATIONALS &SWAP MEET June 19-20 Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason Ml Mason is 12 miles south of Lansing Ml * ALL FEATURE WINNERS RECEIVE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY * FEATURE Unlimited Buggy Class 10 Buggy Limited Buggy Class 11 Buggy Heavy Metal Truck Mini Metal Quad ATV Quad ATV Quad ATV Quad ATV Odyssey Odyssey .Pilot Pilot Bombers Swimsuit Contest ClASS 1,2,9,(10, Water Cooled) 1650cc VW Air Cooled (2 seat) 5,6,7 (5-1600, 1-1600, 2-1600)' 11s, lld 3,4,8, 13 7s 0-250A 0-500A 0-500 0-200 2cy & 0-350 4cy 350ss 350mod 400ss 400 mod (s-p) Demo Derby Car ENTRY $100 $100 $100 $50 $100 $100 $100 $ioo $35 $35 $35 $50 $35 $50 $50 1ST PLACE PURSE $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $2,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 Trophys Trophys Standard Payback $500 Standard Payback $500 $500 $125 Feature payback.: Winner will receive guaranteed purse listed above, second place down will receive 80% of entry fees per standard SODA payout chart, except AMA trophy classes which will receive 1 trophy per 3 entrys in feature race. All Competitors will race in two heats. Lineup for Feature Race will be determined by finishing position in Heat Races .. No additional fee to en~er feature race. All money will be paid in feature races. First and second place finishers in buggy features can move up to the next feature. •ATV riders enter either money or trophy classes. For Pre-Registration or Swap Meet Form Call (517) 627-6200 MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS -Sat-Sun June19-20 10:00am OFF ROAD NAllONALS & SWAP MEET Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason Ml Fri June 25 7:00 pm Yale Summer Festival, Yale, Ml Sat July 24 7:00 pm Fowlerville, Ml (FAIR) Sun July 25 4:00 pm Caro, Ml (FAIR) Thur July 29 7:00 pm Holland, Ml (FAIR) Sun Aug 1 4:00 pm Mason, Ml (FAIR) Thur Aug5 7:30 pm Sandusky, Ml (FAIR) Tue Aug10 7:30 pm Mt. Pleasant, Ml (FAIR) Tue Aug24 7:00 pm Kalamazoo, Ml (FAIR)

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SCORE ULTRA WHEEL NEVADA 400 Ivan Stewart Makes It Five In A Row Ivan Stewart had a flawless day in the Toyota, led almost from the start, and he covered the four 98 mile laps in record time, 7 hours 43 minutes for his fourth overall and fifth class victory on this course. He stopped every lap for fuel, a precaution, and still broke his own record on time. His Toyota truck performing happily, into one block, while a flawlessly, Ivan Stewart made couple of blocks had almost no four quick laps around the north race supporters for the racers to Las Vegas course to cover the 392 talk to. miles in 7 hours 43 minutes and 59 seconds, for the overall victory in SCORE's March 12th Ultra Wheel Nevada 400. Stewart has racked up an im-pressive record in Las Vegas, winning four times in a row, and all but last year's were overall wins. In '92 he lost that title to Larry Ragland by four minutes and 43 seconds, but redeemed himself nicely this year, beating his last year's time by a minute and three seconds, on a course that measured about four miles longer. The event, which some persist in calling "The Mint", though it hasn't had that title for years, was but a shadow of its former self, although the entry was up slightly from last year, with a total of 165 starting vehicles. This was the first of the previously HORA races to be run under the SCORE banner, and on the whole there were few differences. SCORE, as did the HORA for the last few years, charged the contingency donors for their spaces on Fremont Street. But the spaces were a tight 12 feet wide, not enough for a double shade-cover, or even a mini-van to park along the curb. As a result, most of the conting-ency folk were squeezed, none too Contingency and tech inspec-tion were over by about 4:30, and would have been over even sooner, but the Las Vegas police had decided to regulate the flow of cars, and sent them through about six at a time, with big gaps in between. Conjecture was that the police knew they'd earn more overtime if the street had to stay closed longer. Once through with all the formalities, the racers were free to store their cars overnight wherever they liked, and were obliged to get to the staging area in the morning on their own. They do that very well, and there weren't any major glitches during the start process in the morning. The start/ finish area was the same as in '92, alongside the highway, within sight of the Speedrome, center of so much off road history, but no longer used for this event in any way. Instead, there is a long, narrow pit row set up along highway 93, and about a half mile east of that, on top of a small knoll, is the start line. Racers are flagged off into a bumpy downhill which makes a rough right turn onto a narrow, difficult trail. It's set up this way so that the spectators can sit in a designated spectator area below the start/ finish hill and watch the action. And they seem to enjoy it. One aspect of the start was reminiscent of a Baja start area, with peop_le crowding ever closer to the course, apparently never considering that a wheel might sail off, or steering might fail, or a balljoint might break, causing a car to veer into the crowds. But it went off without incident. The course was rough, but a number of the competitors had gone around it the day before on the official guided "pre-run", so they had an idea of what to expect. And for those who couldn't pre-run, the course included many miles that had been raced many times before. The late winter rains had hit the Las Vegas area, and, in fact, had caused that pre-run to be postponed due to deep water in some of the washes, butthat meant that as the cars dug grooves in the trail the soil was damp, and dust was not a major factor for most of the day. Of course, with only 165 cars scattered around 98 miles, there wasn't the heavy traffic that used to happen with upwards of 400 vehicles. The Unlimited cars were first to start and they were flagged off at 45 second intervals, which gives them a chance to move along a bit before theY. get into the dust of the previous car. The first one It was a buggy day in Class 1 as Bob Richey and Tom Baker got their Raceco Porsche around the course, third in class and a keen third overall too. off the line was the two seat Porsche powered Raceco of Butch Brickell and Bob Griffiths, who were feeling a little nervous about being out front, especially since right behind them was Stewart, in the very fast Toyota. But Ivan passed them politely, and as they became involved in their prob-lems, he enjoyed a dust free and traffic free first lap. And when he got back to the start/ finish area, Stewart had made it around in 1:53:55, and had the lead. There was a gap of about four minutes while spectators tried to guess who'd show up next, and it was Walker Evans, in his Unlimited class Dodge truck, and he ·was being hard pressed by Robby Gordon in his Ford truck, who was actually second, only two minutes and 15 seconds behind Stewart. Evans who'd already had a flat, was third, 50 seconds later on elapsed time, and in fourth it was Frank Arciero, Jr., in the two seat Type IV powered Chenowth of Bob Gordon (Robby's dad). He was a minute and 50 seconds behind Evans, and Jerry Penhall, in Danny Lerner's Chevy powered truck, was fifth, another three and a half minutes back. When Stewart dropped over the hill just after the start line, and ran down into the narrow valley, he was surprised to find himself caught up to the very slow truck classes. But he'd finished his first lap just six minutes after the last of the starters left the line, so he was in traffic early on his second lap. Nevertheless, he maintained a quick pace, and his one flat was close enough to a pit that he didn't have to get out and fix it himself, so he came around again still in the lead, and still first on the road. Behind him, Evans had blistered the trail, recording a great lap time of 1:51:48, and moving up to second place, just seven seconds behind Ivan's time. Arciero was third now, as Robby Gordon dropped several positions with a brake problem. Things were already thinning out, and Bob Richey, whose Porsche Raceco boasted a new automatic trans-mission, had moved up to fourth, but was 19 minutes behind Arciero. Then came Ron Brant, in a Raceco, just 23 seconds behind him. Stewart, who was fueling every _ lap, continued to be first on the road, and was really having an uneventful day. He later said he'd bumped a couple of guys harder than he wanted to, trying to let them know he was behind them and wanted by, and he also spent some time trying to catch his son, Brian, who was racing in Class 8, and not having a very good day. Ivan's crew told him that Brian had left a pit just before he did, so Ivan determined to catch, and pass, him. He kept looking for him, but just couldn't see him, so he pressed harder, trying to catch Class 8 had a surprise winner in privateer David Bryan as he outlasted the hot shoes, had a trouble free run for a change and drove in the Class 8 winner which even he found hard to believe. It was David's 100th off road race. ' Class 1_0 had a big 28 car entry, but the early leaders faded midway, and the that truck. Meanwhile, Brian, defending class champions Steve Sourapas and Dave Richardson took the knowing his dad was back there, . lead on lap 3, and their Chenowth ended up winning the class, 7th overall. .. pushed hard to stay in front of Page 12 May 1993 Dusty Times

Page 13

Larry Ragland had to stop for a new transmission in his Class 8 cfievy, then another, but the fourth one held together and he took second in Class 8. Rob MacCachren led the first two laps in Class 8, set class fast lap in the Ford, but on the third lap he lost first one, then another torque converter, but he kept plugging along to take third in Class 8. Brian Stewart had electrical woes, then got a new trans and driveshaft, and had front end trouble near the end, but he finished the Dodge fourth in Class 8. him, and eventually, had some problems and pulled off for repairs. Ivan didn't see him parked, and kept trying to catch him, and he later said, "It pissed me off, to tell the truth!", grinning at Brian as he related the story. Brian was delighted to have outfoxed his dad, even if it was involuntary. And Stewart finished his third lap with another good time, and eight minutes and 31 seconds in front of Bob Gordon, who'd taken over for Arciero. In third now it was Robby Gordon, who'd recorded the fast lap of the day, a tremendous 1:50:23, but was still almost 14 minutes behind his dad. In fourth it was Brant's co-driver, Tom Koch, who was sporting eyeglasses for the first time, and was delighted by how well he could see. And Tom Baker, Richey's co-driver, ran fifth, just a little over three minutes later. Ivan finished at about 3:46 p.m., and it was almost 20 Dusty .Tlma minutes before the second place car came in. But they weren't close enough to bump him out of his win, and he had another overall victory. Arciero and Gordon, envious of Stewart's speedy pit stops, were second, just six minutes and 21 seconds behind him on elapsed time. ln third it was Richey and Baker, a half hour later, followed in by Penhall, and the truck owner, Danny Letner, who'd had two flats, and limped in with a sick motor the last mile and a half. Koch, whose glasses hadn't prevented a couple of flats, dropped two positions on the last lap, but got there in time for a fifth place for himself and Brant. Robby Gordon became a dnf, reportedly due to transmission failure, while Evans replaced his transmission and power steering and finished an uncheerful 12th. Brickell and Griffiths, who'd started in front, were 13th, finishing on three wheels and no brakes. The Class 8 trucks were next to start, and they enjoyed the 45 second separation also. But they didn't have as much fun as they'd have liked. At the end of the first lap the lead belonged to Rob MacCachren, in his Ford, and he had just five minutes and four seconds on Dave Bryan, also in a Ford. In third it was Frank Vessels, in his Ford, a minute and five seconds later, and then Larry Ragland was fourth, but he'd come in with just second gear in his Chevy, and had already had a new transmission installed. He was 25 minutes behind Vessels now, but had been in front of the pack for most of the lap. On the second lap MacCachren ran the fast time for the class, at· 1:56:02, and built his lead to 16 minutes, and it was Vessels in second place. Bryan was third, two minutes later, and Brian Stewart was fourth after a first lap electrical fire and a transmission and driveshaft change. Ragland was fifth, and he was about two A.RE I\Dllfrll 111\111;11 May 1993 hours off the lead pace now, and Stewart's crew radioed to him on his fourth transmission. It that he was in second, and he left seems that the first replacement the pits in hot pursuit of Bryan. transmission had lasted about 22 But as he began to slow for the miles, and then blown, so he'd -start/finish check something called his crew out to replace it. broke in the underpinnings of his And the third transmission had front end, and it took some worked for only a couple of skillful handling to keep from hundred feet, but by then his crew slewing into the cars parked in the had repaired the transmission infield. Stewart glumly pulled off he'd started with (something to the side to assess the damage, about a cotter key), so they and minutes later Ragland went reinstalled it, and it was working past, now in second place, and just fine. definitely after Bryan. On the third lap the gremlins Bryan, who was racing in his got to MacCachren also, and 100th race, got to within 41 miles Vessels moved into the lead, with of the finish and broke a trailing about 10 minutes on Bryan. arm bolt, but managed to get to a Stewart was third now, about an pit, where some of Mike Lesle's hour and 17 minutes later, and people helped him make repairs. Ragland was fourth, five minutes He then went on, with no more behind him, while MacCachren troubles, to take the win, his first ran fifth, after losing two torque since switching to Class 8. converters in 100 yards, about Meanwhile, Ragland's crew kept another 45 minutes back. No one him apprised of the situation on else was running. the radio, and he decided it was Vessels was parked at the side not wise to try to catch Bryan, and of the road early in his fourth lap, he'd better settle for the second and Bryan went into the lead. place ~ Be it our race team, sales team, or service team . . .. at Fiesta Ford we're all driven by excellence. We race what we sell and sell what we race, so we know what it takes to keep your vehicle in top form. Not only will you get the best parts and service available anywhere, but Fiesta Ford will give racers special discounts on parts and major fleet pricing incentives on cars and trucks. Fiesta Ford . . . your off-road racing connection. ~ ~ N•ME 83-407 HWY 111, IN0/0, CA 92201 (619) 347-1234 Pagc13

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Keeping the winner honest all the way was former motocross I John Hays and Tony Modica had a variety of proble~s. but kept star Ricky Johnson, who set class fast lap and finished second, fixing things on the Raceco and kept on moving quickly enough just 6 minutes back in Class 10 and eighth overall. to place third in Class 10. Jerry Leighton ran second for a time in the Class 10 Raceco, and late in the race a stop to fix a sagging torsion housing saw him finish fourth. - ------------ ---------~ finish, which he did, coming Raceco, and they were three and a had 10 minutes, and it was Jerry in about 23 minutes behind halfminutesuponMikeLund, in Leighton, in a Raceco LRPI in Bryan. MacCachren, who'd a Chenowth. In third, a minute second, as Lund lost his motor. broken a front I-beam on the last and 41 seconds later, it was Jon Parkhouse was third, 12 seconds lap, was third, finishing three and Brian Tanklage, in a Suspen-later, and Richardson ran fourth, hours after the winning time, and sions Unlimited car, a move up now only 15 seconds behind was followed in by Stewart, from Class 1-2-1600. Then it was Parkhouse. Ray Croll and Tom another 19 minutes later, after Brian Parkhouse, in his Mirage, Rhodes were fifth in their new repairs to that front end damage. just a minute and 35 • seconds Jimco. There was a big pack in full Vessels never made it in. later, but he was obviously having hunt behind the leaders, and all Class 10, which started the year some trouble shifting, and four within easy reach of the lead. with 30 cars at Parker, had 28 seconds in back of him it was Romans and Hibbs had entries at Las Vegas, and there Dave Richardson in Steve scrubbed off a little speed, but were lots of potential winners. At Sourapas's Chenowth, in fifth still· led through lap three, and the end of the first lap the lead place. now Sourapas had taken over the belonged to the team of Rick On the second lap it was still driving, and decided to get on it a ~omans and Greg Hibbs, in a Romans and Hibbs, and now they bit, and was in second, only 31 · · - · · ·· · · - · - - · seconds behind them. Leighton was third, about five minutes later, and Ricky Johnson, the motorcycle ace, was fourth in his Jimco, after having a couple of flats, and some brake problems, while Dave Bufe and Jerry Higman, in a Neth, had moved up Tony Kujala took the lead from the flag in Class 5, ran class fast lap on the second lap, and was running with the 10 cars, had 47 minutes in hand when he handed over to Greg Diehl for the last lap and they won by over an hour and were sixth overall! DESERT LOCK OUTER Tire Located Off Inner Ring Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength * At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing • All parts are available separately *In stock -Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 13" MIDGET 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HAVE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 0" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 (20~) ~75-51 ~ Page 14 Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax to fifth. . Romans and Hibbs lost their motor on the last lap, and Sourapas moved to the front, and with no mechanical troubles, drove a steady pace to the finish, and the win for himself and Richardson. It was Sourapas's third time in victory circle in Las Vegas, the other two being in '85 and '87. Johnson, apparently deciding it was time to charge, recorded the class fast lap at 2:02:32, and moved up to second place, only six minutes behind the winners. John Hays and Tony Modica, in a Raceco, had a series of problems, including a broken shock, tossed belts, and closed points, but managed to come up to finish in third place. Leighton dropped to fourth when his torsion housing tried to come unattached from the Jack Johnson was truly on form in the Ford Ranger, had a few problems but built a huge lead in Class 7, lost more time later, but kept it together to win the class and finish 13th overall. Dave Ashley got in three good laps in the Class 4 Ford, broke a spindle on the last lap in the rock garden and lost an hour, but had such a big lead that he still won the class by well over two hours. May 1993 chassis. He found some willing repairmen in a Walker Evans pit, and they glued him back together in time for a fourth place, while Higman and Bufe came in for a fifth. Class 5 was next to get the green flag and at the end of lap one the lead belonged to Tony Kujula, in Greg Diehl's car, the same one that won at this event last year. He had about five and a half minutes on Mike Jakobson and Ron Jurkovac, in their convertible, and they were just a minute and 22 seconds in front of Lisa Dickerson and Scott Cameron. Neal Grabowski was in fourth place, another two minutes back. On the second lap Kujala ticked off the class fast lap, at 2:05:44, enjoying the new big transmission in the car, and charging up through the Class 10 traffic with no problems. Dickerson and Cameron were second now, 19 minutes later, followed by Grabowski, who later said, "My foot never hooked up with my brain or my body." He'd also lost second gear. Jakobson and Jurkovac were another 20 mintues back, with power steering trouble. Kujala was having nothing but fun, and ran another steady lap to hold his lead, which amounted to 4 7 minutes at the end oflap three, and spectators were beginning to ask why that Bug was up ahead of all those Class 10 cars. Grabowski had had a couple of flats, and a broken rear shock by now, but he was second, while Dickerson and Cameron were third, only a little over a minute behind them. In fourth it was George Seeley, who'd had shock trouble and some flats. And his co-driver, Mike Yarman, had somehow swallowed a bug that had got inside his helmet, and shortly after that experienced difficulty breathing, so George had to stop and let him out. Jakobson and J urkovac were broken and out of it. Dusty Times

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Neal and Mike Grabowski lost second gear early, broke a shock, had two flat tires, but still ran quick enough to place second in Class 5, the same as they did last year. Teenagers Brendan Gaughan and J.C. Dean had to have a Defending points champ Scott Douglas switched to a Ford transmission change midway, J.C. had trouble with·mud in his Ranger this year, lost a piston on the last lap, but still managed eyes on the last lap, but the pair drove the Dodge to third in to take second in Class 7. . Class 7. Kujala got out and Diehl got in to have some fun too, and brought it around to the finish. They'd decided that with their new Fortin transmission they wouldn't have to baby the car, so they'd just charged hard all day, and the end result was the repeat win, and a sixth overall for Kujala and Diehl. Grabowski, feeling battered and tired, was second, a little over an hour later, and Seeley, two and a half hours later, was third. The Class 7 trucks started next, and most of them had major problems on the first lap. But not Jack Johnson, in the Ford that Parnelli Jones drove last year. He roared around with a time of 1:58:50, to take a big lead, and put himself into fourth place in the overall standings. Behind him Scott Douglas, in another Ford, was second, but 37 minutes back, and Racin Gardner was third, 45 minutes later. Brendan Gaughan was in the pits having a transmis-sion changed in his Dakota, and he was fourth, another 45 minutes down. Johnson's second lap was not a repeat of the first, but he still led, by almost a half hour over Douglas, after having some trailing arm bushing problems. In third now it was Gaughan, while Gardner dropped out. The other two trucks, John Gable's Ford and Barry Slatter and Bob Brough 's Ford were running a very tight race, within 45 seconds of each other, but two hours and 45 minutes behing Gaughan. Johnson continued to lead, but he was having recurring problems, and Douglas was up to within six minutes of him at the end of the third lap. J.C. Dean had taken over for Gaughan, and was now in third place, about two hours down. Gable was fourth, three hours later, and Slatter and Brough were almost 14 hours into the race, and fourth. His luck held, and Johnson brought the truck around for his win, while Douglas lost a piston, and after stopping to get some friendly pit people to reroute the breather hose so oil wasn't being sprayed directly into his face, he continued on, adding an estimated 50 quarts of oil on the last part of the lap, to get to the finish line in · second place. Dean ran into a puddle and smeared up his visor, so he flipped it up, exposing his eyes to the dust, and drove the last few miles nearly blind. He said, "We hit mountains!" But he and Gaughan finished third. Gable was a distant fourth, corning in just three minutes and 57 seconds before the cut off time of 16 hours. In Class 4 the first lap lead, and quick time for the class, belonged to David Ashley, in a Ford, at 2:04:57. He had just a minute and DustyTima one second onJe.rry McDonald in his Chevy. In third it was ex-boat racer, Alan Shapiro, in a Ford, while Mike Coleman, in another Ford, was fourth, and had already lost a pushrod. Ashley put together another DEIST SEAT BEL TS The greatest name In driver safety equipment. 4-polnt ssnd rail seat belt . . $7 4.95 RACE BELTS 2"·5polntmount ....•.... $79.95 3"·5polntmount . . .... . . . $99.95 SIDE COVERS IRS .. , ........ . ......... $54.95 Swing axle ............... $54.95 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# ............ $79.95 200mm·up to3000# . . . . . ... $99.95 GERMAN AUTO RACING PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400# .. from $54.95 PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cush/ocks ............... $39.95 4puc ferramlc ............ $44.95 4 puc ferramic with spring hub ..... . ........ ................ $54.95 good lap, while Shapiro parked for steering box repairs, and McDonald replaced a ring and pinion. He and Coleman were now tied for third place, an hour and 10 minutes behind Ashley. The third lap was another good one for Ashley and he held onto his lead, while McDonald was dealing with a broken shock that had taken a brake line out also. He was now two hours and 25 minutes down, and Shapiro's co-driver, Randy Salrnont, was third and running strong. Coleman, whose truck was running worse and worse, pulled the valve cover and re-adjusted his rocker arms so it would run better, but had essentially run out ~f time. ~ GERMAN AUTO SACO MAGNUM RACK BIiiet housing, 1 ½ • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops ..•..........•.... $395.00 SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930or T-4 cages ........ ea $44.95 930or T-4or T-2f/snges .es $15.95 Trick boots/specify) ... . ea $15.95 930 CV star ................... call "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS B'travel-stockwldth .... $199.95 B'trsvel-wldenedbesm .$219.95 10• travel-stock width .... $224.95 10• travel·wldened beam . $244.95 TRI MIL EXHAUST T-11'1, ' chrome ......... $ 98.95 T-11'1,'raw ............ $ 65.95 T-115/B"chrome ....... . $105.95 T-115/8" raw ........... $ 72.95 T-4chrome .•..•........ $189.95 T-4raw ...... .......... . $154.95 GERMAN AUTO HATS .... $4.95 GERMAN AUTO T-SHIRTS ... ... ........ $8.50 S/Jflc/fy M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fils T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator, Includes alternator stand . $299.95 MAGNUM SPINDLES MK I ..•..•........... •• $489.95 MK II ........ .......... $589.95 I _,. -~ I PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throttle With black pedal ....... . $164,95 With chrome pedal ....... $184.95 With hydraullc throttle ... $259.95 Replacement slave ...... $ 44.95 SACO RACK AND PINION The toughest svallsb/e anywhere, alloy gears, full contact housing, hard anodized. 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Alan Shapiro, driving his second off road race, and Randy Salmont, fixed a broken steering box, and the team split the driving to finish second in Class 4. Darren Skilton and Larry Noel had myriad problems with their Mike Lesle and Curt LeDuc had mysterious brake caliper Jeep Cherokee, but they kept getting it fixed and the reward was breakage in the Jeep Cherokee, but they were second in Class a long second in Class 6. -3_,:...3_7_m_i_n_ut_e_s_in_a_rr_e_ar_s_. --------~-----Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis kept the leaders in sight all day in their Suspensions Unlimited 1-2-1600 and they finished a strong second in class. Ensenada racers Rogerio and Rodrigo Ampudia moved the Neth Darren and Doug York didn't have a good day with their Ford, into contention on the second half, getting used to the rocks, losing leaf springs and having other delays, but they took and they finished third by just about a minute. ! second in Class 7S/7 4x4. In Class 6 it was a real cruise for John Swift in the Ford Explorer, as he built a huge lead, had no trouble, never got out of the truck and won by six hours and placed ninth overall as well. ~ His third lap took six hours. Ashley got to the end of the rock garden on his last lap, and jammed into a ditch and broke a spindle. It took an hour to get it fixed, but he'd had such a good lead that no one caught him. Ashley continued to the check-ered flag and the win, with Shapiro and Salmont finishing second. McDonald, meanwhile, while running down a fast road, had a track rod let go. The truck went sideways, slid off the road, gathering up a fence, and then got into the soft dirt, and rolled over. He lost another couple of hours with repairs, but still managed to get his finish, and third place. In Class 6 John Swift drove his Ford Explorer to the win in the two car class, experiencing no problems at all, and never getting out of the truck. Swift's fast lap was 2:09: 14, and he finished ninth overall. The team of Darren Skilton and Larry Noel drove their Jeep Cherokee to second, finishing all four laps, but struggling with some mechanical problems on the way. In Class 3, the first lap lead went to Dan Smith, in a Bronco, and he had the class fast lap, at 2:04:27. He had 30 minutes on GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES . . ... THIS IS A GOOD THING! MERLIN 120 PORTABLE ARC WELDER POWERFUL .. 100 amps AC (max) COMPACT .................... 6" x 9" x 8' LIGHT WEIGHT ............ Only 28 lbs. $329.00 + tax/shipping Page 16 CALL 1-800-76-MERLIN =-----~===c=---------------waiting for someone to make a mistake. Julson handed the car over to its owner, Bob Lofton, and he held onto their lead, but now Porter's co-driver, Mark Ruddis, had moved back up to second, 11 minutes down because Porter had lost a clutch cable. In third jt was McCool, and Davis ran fourth. His problems included broken front shocks, a flat, a long stretch with no power steering, and he'd had to stop to take a "boulder" out of his pants. Lampus had given the wheel to his dad, Don, Sr., and dad had erred, and rolled over down at the base of the start/finish hill, momentarily Dan Smith took the early lead in Class 3 in the potent Ford Bronco, and 1·amming the course. The lost a although he had a couple of flats along the way, he had no other trouble en . . d h A y d . routetowinningClass3andtaking14th overall. POS itton, a n t e mpu ta ------'---------=----------------- ' brothers, Rogerio and Rodrigo, in Curt LeDuc in a Jeep Cherokee, Kevin Davis ran fifth in his a Neth, moved into fifth, three who was having trouble with Lothringer, 14 seconds later. First seconds behind Davis. calipers breaking when they were and fifth places were separated by On the fourth lap Lofton broke hit by rocks. In third it was Kirk three minutes and 55 seconds. a throttle cable, and was driving Kovel, also in a Bronco, but this On the second lap Mike)ulson, with his kill switch, when he one considerably older than who'd lost a power steering belt spotted Julson standing by the Smith's and Dale White ran on lap one, ran hard and moved side of the course, up near the fourth in his Blazer. into the lead, in a Jimco. He had Valley of Fire Road. Julson made On the second lap Smith had about four and a half minutes on a quick repair, and Lofton carried 46 minutes on LeDuc, who had Billy McCool, in a Mirage, who on to the finish, and the win, their more brake caliper trouble, but was now second. In third it was second in the SCORE series. still ran second. Kovel was third the Tanklage car, and Rod Muller Rudd is lost third gear about still, and White was fourth, but and Mike Holliday, in a Chen-halfway through the last lap, but completed the lap with his front owth, were fourth, while Don still managed a very good time, end collapsed. Lampus, Jr., in a Jimco, was fifth. and he and Porter took second, Smith, whose only troubles all It was practically a whole new cast about eight minutes later. In third day were a couple of flats, of characters, but the others were it was the Ampudias, who'd had a continued to run at a smooth still there, in the background, lot of ~ pace, while Mike Lesle took over for LeDuc and held second. Kovel was towed in, and didn't complete another lap, nor did White. Smith went on to win, making it two for this year so far. Lesle and DeDuc were second, 37 minutes later, and no one else finished. The 1-2-1600 cars were the next to start and at the end of the lap the first place car was the Mirage of Tom Burns and Louis Silvas, who had recorded the fast lap for the class, at 2: 10:54. They were eight seconds in front of Jim Joyce and Drew Keys in a Raceco, who were a minute and 20 seconds in front of Danny Porter, in a Suspensions Unlimited car. In fourth it was the team of Brian and Jon Tanklage, in another Suspensions Unlimited car, and May 1993 -r ~-~-~ ·-~--,ss ..................... The 1-2-1600s ran a tight race in the early laps, five just three minutes apart, but on lap 2, Mike Julson charged into the lead in the car he shared with Bob Lofton and they held the lead to win by six minutes in the Jimco and finish 11th overall. Dusty Times

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20th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500 TECATEBEER Drawing Date:. May 5, 1993 Race Weekend: June 4-6, 1993 TOY · TA KCHitiT&.s THE OFFICIAL TRUCK OF SCORE INTERNATIONAL BFGaadricH ------------nres The Official of SCORE International • ,,, The Official Off-Road Driving light of SCORE International CUSTOM WHEELS Photo by Traclcside The world's most beautiful trails beckon off-road racers in the 19th annual SCORE Baja 500. The traditional June race is the third event in the four-race SCORE International Deserl Chf!,mpionship Series. Once again it will be a single loop race which will starl and.finish in Ensenada. In between will be the most challenging series of elevation and terrain changes that make Baja the toughest off-road racing venue in the world and so rewarding that a finishing pin is a badge of honor. The Baja California Deparlment of Tourism has assured·SCORE that every courlesy will be extended to the visiting racers, as is the custom. • For further information, contact: SCORE INTERNATIONAL Los Angeles Office 31125 Via Colinas -Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 Phone: 818-889-9'216 FAX: 818-706-8833 Las Vegas Office 12997 Las Vegas mvd South Las Vegas, NV 89124 Phone: 702-361-5404 FAX: 702-361-5037 ------------~Set;~~------------@ TOYOTA §C-QiLiTe~ X ~ ~-lS BFGoadricfj

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Malcolm Vinje, and substitute co-driver Jim Gilchrist, had Mike Schwellinger had his first ride in the new 7S Ranger, with Jim McGill, Tom Mace and Mark Miller had a full crew for their suspension and engine troubles, but they brought the Toyota in Gary Hulsey co-driving, missed his former horsepower, but 5-1600, ran second midway in the race, and despite a few pit a good third in Class 7S/7 4x4. _f1_·n_is_h_ed_fo_u_rt_h_i_n_c_la_s_s.______________ s_t_o:._ps_fin_,_.sh_e_d_s_e_c_o_n_d_in_cl_a_ss_. __________ _ ~ trouble with their power place Malcolm Vinje ina Toyota. three wins at The Mint, ('77, '85 Vinje, who didn't have Mark first attempt at this class. steering, and then Davis took In third it was Billy Bunch and and '86) to his credit, into the Hansen's services as co-driver this Johnson got back in for the last fourth, as McCool didn't manage Manny Esquerra, in a Ford, while truck for the third lap. J.M., time because of a family emerg-lap, and he and Bragg took the to finish. The Lamp us family Darren York, still another Ford, who'd had on! y 10 minutes ency, put Jim Gilchrist in to drive win, while York came in second, came back up to finish in fifth ran fourth, afterlosing a couple of practice in the truck, discovered the third lap, and he brought it getting his first finish on this place, only 43 minutes behind the leaf springs. Johnson continued to that the Ranger was a little tippy, around still in third. They were course. In third it was Vinje and winning car. Altogether, there lead through the second lap, and and set it on its side. But there having some trouble getting the Gilchrist, and Schwellinger and were 10 finishers in this tough nowhewas34minutesinfrontof were helpful people nearby, and motor to run right, it needed Hulsey were fourth. The fast lap class. York, who'd had a good lap. In he was soon on his way again, and work on the jetting, and had also for this group was recorded on the In the combined two wheel third it was Vinje, and Bunch and held onto the lead, though the had a saggy suspension when a last lap by Jeff Lewis, in a Chevy, drive and four wheel drive mini Esquerra were fourth now, after driveshaftwasbent,andhadtobe torsionadjusterjamnutloosened. who'd torn up an axle and a truckclass,thefirstlapleaderwas losingoveranhour. replaced. York, who'd lost In fourth now it was Mike transfercaseonthefirstlap,and Chuck Johnson in his Ford, and Johnson put his co-driver,J.M. another spring, was still second, Schwellinger and Gary Hulsey, in had about four hours of down he had 17 mmutes on second • Bragg, a veteran desert racer, with now nearly a full hour back. And a Ford. This was Schwellinger's time. He'd never been able to • IS e . ' n . ' ~~ITT ... CENTER LINE --RACING WHEELS THE STRONGEST OFF-ROAD WHEEL MONEY CAN BUY! FAT Performance has in stock the largest inventory of 5-lug WI CENTER LINE wheels in the country. Whether you need wheels with polished or satin finish, FAT has them in all popular styles. Need them in a hurry? FAT can ship the same day as ordered ... and with the best price in the industry. FAT can also supply your CENTER LINES with Champion bead locks. Buying a set of CENTER LINES can be exceedingly easy with FAT Performance. We do all the legwork. Coll for current pricing. Quantity discounts are also available. FAT IS YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR VW, PORSCHE AND TOYOTA OFF-ROAD ENGINES AND PARTS. FAT Racing Parts Bilstein Shocks Sway-A-Way Perma-Cool S&SHeaders WeberCorbs IPF Lights JaMar Products Page 18 Wright Place Tri-Mil Exhaust Gem Gears Beard Seats Simpson Safety Super-Tropp Yokohama Tires Petr~-T ech 2000 For your FAT Pertonnance catolOg. send $5 to Dept. GW, 1558 No. Case St., orange, CA 92667. Orcall (714) 637..2889. FAX (714) 637-7352 1 Chuck Johnson brought his older Ford Ranger back to the desert and with J.M. Bragg co-driving, and despite a slight roll to the side, they came home first in Class 7S/7 4x4, winning by a full hour. / Class 9 started only 11 cars but they had a good race. The early leader broke on lap 3, and Rick Paquette and Brad Maurer got the break they needed to win I the Class 9 honors. May 1993 catch up, but he sure tried, with a time of 2:24:44, in the dark. The 5-1600s ran next, and this group was led on the first lap by Rick St. John and Steve Miskie-wicz who had about six minutes on Jim McGill, who was second in his VW Lothringer. In third it was Alan Cook, who'd been held up for a few minutes about a quarter mile after the start when Ross Craft, who'd .started just in front of him, broke a stub axle and slid to a stop. Cook had been so close to him that he couldn't maneuver around, and several cars got past, while he waited for a chance to get himself free. In fourth at the end of the lap was James Michael, and John Holmes and Scot Jones ran fifth, a second later. Alan Cook hopped out of the car and let his brother, Wayne take a lap, and W ayne pushed hard, recorded the class fast lap, at 2:30:23, and took over the lead. McGill had put Tom Mace in for their second lap, and they were now second, about three minutes later, while Steve and Tim Lawrence moved up to third, about 25 minutes back. In fourth it was St. John and Miszkiewicz, who'd blown a turn and been stuck, while Vince Alcouloumre r'an fifth now in his V-Mar Su rfbug. John Holmes was reported by officials to have lost the tips of two fingers somehow, and his car was retired from the race. The third Cook brother, Daryl, drove the third lap, and he continued to lead, now with 20 minutes on Mace, who had some electrical trouble. In third it was the Lawrences, and St. John and Miszkiewicz ran fourth, followed by Alcouloumre, who'd changed a c.v. Wayne Cook got back in for the last lap, and, although he had a flat, stayed in front and the team took the win. They were 40 minutes ahead of McGill, Mace and Mark Miller, who drove the final lap and a half, and had dealt with a battery that fell apart, along with a cracked steering box. Alcouloumre, who broke a clutch pedal in the rock garden, had used up his own passengers, and had to take along Ross Craft's passenger for the last lap. This class requires two people in the car at all times. . Alcouloumre ~ Dusty Timcs

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• I Earn KC Contingency Dollar$ for Running Off Road Racing's Winningest lights! --. SCORE Racing Series -_, 6-> $250 Available in Each 4 Wheel Class Winners are determined by the KC "SHOT IN THE DARK" random drawing consisting of KC equipped finishers at each race. You just might win, even if you don't win your class. All class finishers have an equal chance. KC 11SHOT IN THE DARK WINNERS NEVADA400 Class 1 -Jim Smith Class 7-4X4 - Darren York Class 5-1600-Wayne Cook Class 9 -Rick Johnson Stock Mini - Danny Clay FRT, La Rana, Vorra, Baja Promotions & Soda Series - _, $50 to Each KC Equipped Class Winner --. 6-> These special racer only lighting packages are available exclusively through Jim Conner Racing. Products can be ordered directly from Jim Conner Racing or purchased from Jim at all SCORE events. Jim Conner Racing also offers the racer FREE replacement of burned out bulbs and repair parts. *SCORE approved rear collision light (required safety equipment on all four wheel classes) (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights #1 t1"a nn (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* (4) Stone Guards ... _... .. ._(4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights (4) Stone Guards · (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights #2 $152.00 (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* #5 $92.00 (2) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights #3 $143.00 (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 1 DD Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision light* #6 $66.00 (2) Vinyl Light Covers Any of the above lighting packages will qualify you for KC's contingency program. Listed prices are available to competitors only. Don't miss out on any races, pre-order today for delivery at the next SCORE race. For more information on KC's 1993 Contingency Program, contact: Jim Conner• P.O. Box 1129 • Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405 • 1-602/855-0912 • Fax 1-602-453-9641

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Vince Alcou/oumre and Mike Molina in the V-Mar Surfbug 5-1600, changed a c. v. on course, and still got the tidy Bug home for third in Class 5-1600. Rick Johnson. of Barstow, was the second driver of that name _to place second and he did it in Class 9 with Dewey LaMora co-driving, moving to second late in the race. Darnen and Willie Jefferies had their troubles with the Class 9 Jimco, but they kept fixing and driving and they finished third in Class 9 action. ~ took third place, , 23-minutes left to cut-off time. and was followed in by Guillermo The Class 9 cars are con-Quintero and Francisco Ortiz, spicuous by their absence at these one of the Mexican entries in this events, apparently feeling they're race. If fifth place it was St. John a little rich for their budgets. and Miszkiewicz, who lost about There were only nine entries here, three hours on their last lap. Lynn and four of them broke on the Lucas, from Albuquerque, first lap. At the end of the lap it finished sixth, and last, with only was Mike Dixon, a Las Vegas SCORE ULTRA WHEELS NEVADA 400 - Results MARCH 11-13, 1993 • Pas. DrlVlll'/Co-Orlver Vehicle Time 0/A Class 1/2 -Unlimited Single & Two Seat -35 start -14 finish 102 1 "'-1 Stewart (solo) Toyota 7:43:59 1 117 2 Bob Gordon/Frank Arciero Jr. ChenowthNW 7:50:20 2 130 3 Bob Richey/Tom Baker Raceco/Porsche 8:21:31 3 118 4 Danny Latner/Jerry Penhall Chevy S..10 8:28:55 4 120 5 Ron BranVTom Koch Ra<;eco 8:31:32 5 aa.. 1-2-1600 -1600cc Restricted Engine -23 start-to finish 1617 1 Mike Julson/Bob Lofton Jimco 9:04:18 11 1604 2 Danny Porter/Mark Ruddis Susp. Untld. 9:12:16 15 1619 3 Rogerio & Rodrigo Ampudia Neth 9:25:21 17 1699 4 Kevin Davis /Dan Keller Lothringer 9:26:17 18 1605 5 Don Lampus Sr. & Jr. Jimco 9:47:00 26 aa.. 3 -Short WB 4X4 - 4 start - 2 finish 348 Dan Smith/Dave Ashley Ford Bronco 9:08:06 14 300 2 Mike Lesle/Curt LeDuc Jeep Cherokee 9:45:14 25 Class 4 -Long we 4x4 - 6 start - 4 finish 449 1 Dave Ashley/Dan Smith Ford F-150 9:41:39 24 403 2 Alan Shapiro/Randy Salmon! Ford F-150 12:08:59 50 400 3 Jerry McDonald Chevrolet K-1500 13:03:15 57 402 4 Rod HaJVJim Fricker DodgeW-250 14:31:37 65 a.. 5-Unlimited Baja Bug• 7 start - 4 finish 501 1 Tony Kujala/Greg Diehl Baja Bug 8:36:05 6 502 2 Neal & Mike Grabowski Baja Bug 9:40:45 23 503 3 George Seeley Jr/Mike Yarman Baja Bug 12:11:33 51 506 4 .me Copening/Garth Ankeny Baja Bug 14:43:44 66 Class 5-1600 -1600cc Baja Bug -15 start - 6 finish 559 1 Wayne, Darryl & Alan Cook Baja Bug 10:53:21 35 552 2 .lm McGill/Tom Mace/Mark Miller Baja Bug 11:33:20 45 599 3 Vince Alcouloumre/Mike Molina Baja Bug 12:37:36 54 557 4 Guillermo Quintero/Francisco Ortiz Baja Bug 14:18:39 62 553 5 Rick St John/Steve Miszki_ewicz Baja Bug 14:21:21 63 Class 6 - Production Sedan - 2 start - 2 finish 600 1 John SwifVDino Pugeda Ford Explorer 8:55:15 9 649 2 Darren Skilton/Larry Noel Jeep Cherokee 15:02:36 67 ~ 7 -Unlimited Mini-Midi Pickup - 7 start - 4 finish 701 1 Jack Johnson/Jack Murphy Ford Ranger 9:07:16 13 700 2 Scott Douglas /Jeff Howe Ford Ranger 9:30:42 19 705 3 Brendan Gaughan/J.C. Dean Dodge Dakota 11:46:20 47 704 4 John Gable/Ron Kantowski Ford Ranger 15:56:07 69 Class 7S • Stock Mini-Midi Pickup· 1 O start - 6 finish 758 1 ChuckJohnsontJ.M. Bragg Ford Ranger 10:27:38 33 722 2 Darren & Doug York Ford Ranger 11:31:53 43 756 3 Malcolm Vinje/Jim Gilchrist Toyota 11 :52:49 49 725 4 Mike Schwellinger/Gary Hulsey Ford Ranger 13:23:59 58 720 5 Bily Bunch/Manny Esquerra Ford Ranger 14:09:42 61 Class 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup - 8 start - 4 finish 801 1 David Bryan/Bill Loper Ford F-150 9:33:28 21 803 2 Larry Ragland/Ivan Scoppettone Chevrolet PU 9:56:42 28 800 3 Rob MacCachren/Mike Schoffstall Ford F-150 12:36:24 53 804 4 Brian Stewart DodgeD-150 12:55:54 56 Class 9 • Restricted Buggy -11 start - 3 finish 998 1 Rick Paquette/Brad Maurer T-Mag 11:36:56 46 996 2 Rick Johnson/Dewey LaMora Hi Jumper 12:42:58 ·55 995 3 Darnen & Willie Jefferies Jimco 14:07:41 60 Class 10 · Unlimhed 1650cc • 28 start -10 finish 1000 1 Stew Sourapas/Oave Richardson Chenowth 8:48:22 7 1012 2 Ricky Johnson (solo) Jimco 8:54:36 8 1025 3 John Hays/Tony Modica Raceco 9:36:07 22 1010 4 Jerry Leighton RacecoLRPI 9:47:10 27 1004 5 Dave Buie/Jerry Higman Neth 10:14:05 30 Class U -Stock VW Sedan - 1 start - O finish (2 laps) 1199 1 Peter Rosenstein/Duane Morimoto VWBeetle NIT Class Stock Mini Truck -5 start - 4 finish (2 laps) 777 1 Michael Martin Toyota 6:56:06 760 2 Scott Sells/Darren Klopp Toyota 7:08:46 762 3 Larry Carpenter/Randy Bass Toyota 7:41:51 789 4 Danny Clay/Steve Vaughan Toyota 9:43:18 Class Stock Full Size PU - 3 start - 2 finish (2 laps) 869 1 Gordon DiCarlo/Jeff Yocum Ford F-150 9:52:01 899 2 Marc Stein/David Sykes Ford F-150 10:57:57 165 Starters -75 Finishers - Finish ratio -45.5% -nme Allowance -16 hours Race Distance -392 miles -Four laps, 98 mile course Fast Lap of the Day - #107 Robby Gordon - 1 :50:23 Page IO resident, in front, in his VW Werks car, with the fast lap for the class, at 2:37:34. He was a little over two minutes in front of Brad Maurer, another Las Vegas resident, in a T-Mag. In third it was the team of Rick Johnson and Dewey LaMora, followed by Don Garbis and Scott Weers. Dixon continued to lead, and at the end of lap two he had four minutes and a few seconds on . Maurer, who was 19 minutes up ,.,,n Johnson and LaMora. David Callaway and John Holmes, in a T-Mag ran fourth as Garbis and Weers dropped out. Dixon led most of the way through the third lap, but lost his left front wheel and tire, and about an hour and 15 minutes. Maurer gave up his seat to Rick Paquette, and he lost a fan belt, and about 10 minutes, but moved ut' into the lead. Johnson and LaMora were second now, 5 minutes later, and Dixon had dropped to third, but never got The full size Stone Stock class hasn't really caught on in SCORE events, and Gordon DiCarlo and Jeff Yocum kept on winning the slim class in good lap times in the tidy Ford F-150. Michael Martin topped the five car field of Toyotas in the Stone Stock Mini truck class, but only by about 12 minutes, as the top three in this bunch ran close on time for their two laps. his fourth lap done. In fourth it was now Darnen and Willie Jeffries, in a Jimco. Paquette decided to cool it, knowing that Dixon was in serious trouble, and to save the car and assure a finish. And his strategy worked, giving him and Maurer the win, a little over an hour in front of second place Johnson and LaMora. In third it was the Jeffries, and none of the others made it in. There was only one Class 11 entry, the team of Peter Rosen-stein and Duane Morimoto, who were seen broken down at about mile 20, and then never complet-ed even one lap. They were required to complete two for a finish. In the Stock Full class, for stock full si:e trucks, the first lap leader was Marc Stein, in a Ford, with a fast lap for this group at 4:31 :33. Jeff Yocum, in another Ford, changed a rear end, and came around in second place, while Kenneth Parr, in a Chevy, didn't get his first lap done. On the second lap Stein lost a couple of hours, and Gordon DiCarlo, Yocum's co-driver, moved along at a good clip, even though he had no shocks the last 50 miles, to take the win. Stein came in an hour later for second place. In the Stock Mini class, the first lap lead belonged to Michael Martin, in a Toyota, who replaced a driveshaft, but still had a two minute lead at the end of the first lap. Danny Clay and Steve Vaughan, in another Toyota ran second, followed by Scott Sells, in still another Toyota, who was just three minutes further back. He was having trouble with coils, and his truck occasionally quit, and then needed to sit for a few minutes before restarting. Larry Carpenter and Randy Bass, in still another Toyota, ran fourth, about eight minutes further back. Any one of them could win. But Martin recorded the fast lap for the class on the final lap, at 3: 19:31, and earned himself the win. He was just 12 minutes in front of Sells, who came in second. And Carpenter and Bass were third, with Clay and Vaughan, after losing about two and a half hours, a late fourth place. The next morning there were only two drivers ticketed for appearances before the Competi-tion Review Board, and no action was taken on either complaint. The awards and brunch were held in the Gold Coast, thanks to the hospitality of Michael Gaughan, and the first SCORE Ultra Wheel Nevada 400 went into the record books. . . The next SCORE event is the Scott Sells, who finished second, leads a parade of Stone Stock mini trucks I non-points race the San F ·lip down the trail that was wide enough for safe passing, but these entries all 250 on April 16 17 d l 8 . e have the same amount of power so they follow each other. S 'F 1· B . c' 1.r an_ ~ . an e 1pe, aJa a uorma. """' May 1993 Dusty Times

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Class 1 /2 was the biggest at 35 starters, an.d Jerry Penhall, who Ron Brant and Tom Koch drove the big Raceco two seater to started, co-drove with Danny Letner in the Chevy to a hard fifth in Class 1 /2 despite a couple of flats on the last lap in the fought fourth and 4th O/A. dark. Kevin Davis ran in the leading dust cloud all the way in Class 1-2-1600, dropped back a bit late in the game, but finished fourth in the Lothringer. The Don Lampus team, Sr. and Jr. moved steadily up the Class 1-2-1600 list as others fell out, and they finished a fine fifth of 23 starters in a Jimco. George Seeley Jr. and Mike Yarman had some flats and also Joe Copening and Garth Ankeny came from Oregon to tackle shock troubles, but they carried on after hours down time to end the rough Nevada desert, turned consistent lap times and ended up third in Class 5. up fourth in Class 5. Rick St. John and Steve Miszkiewicz ran with the leaders in Class 5-1600, but lost about three hours on the last lap and finished fifth in class. ---------- ---------------1992 SNORE overall champion Mike Dixon led Class 9 for 2½ laps, lost time on lap 3, and he disappeared completely on lap 4, credited with fourth. Steve Myers and Paul Hamilton ran steady laps in their Class 10 Marc Stein and David Sykes ran their Ford F-150 in Stock Full Raceco, and they kept it together very well to finish sixth in the Size truck class and they were second, exactly an hour behind big 28 car class. the class winner. Pagcn May 1993 Carl Renezeder and Jim Sizelove drove one of the Baldwin team cars in Class 1 /2, had a few problems en route but finished sixth in class. After long stops to replace a ring & pinion, then brakes, Jerry McDonald stayed with the program in the Chevy and climbed back to third in Class 4. Guillermo Quintero and Francisco Ortiz found some silt on course, but that was the least of their problems, but ttre boys from Ensenada were fourth in Class 5-1600. Dave Bute and Jerry Higman started strong in the Class 10 Neth, had big troubles on the second half, but nailed down fifth in class at the flag. Larry Carpenter and Randy Bass ran close to the leader in the stock mini truck class all the way, but late trouble dropped them to third in class. Dusty nmcs

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MICKEY THOMPSOM STADIUM OFF ROAD RACING Stewart wins the battle blit Millen leads the war after San Diego The muddy course and rain provided even more door banging than usual. Here Ivan Stewart, left, leans on Roger Mears Jr. around a turn. Rain again was a factor for the Mickey Thompson Stadium Off Road Racing series. Round one held a month earlier in Anaheim was a real "Mud Bowl". It was late afternoon before the rain paused for round two of the series held at San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium. Occasional cloud bursts elimin-ated practice and qualifying as the track sat dormant under plastic. But rain or shine over 34,000 devoted stadium fans came to watch. Three consecutive days of rain was too much for the protective plastic. At race time, track workers using heavy equipment hurried to skim the goo off the top of the track. It allowed the event to get underway but the track changed so often throughout the evening the heavy equipment had to be brought out for corrections periodically. The Sport Truck main event went off without a hitch; if you were Ivan Stewart. Stewart shared the front row with Roger Mears. Walker Evans sat inside row two with Rob MacCachren but when the green flag flew it was Ivan Stewart that powered the Toyota out front. Brian Stewart got his Dodge stuck in mud at turn two and had to sit out the race. Ivan Stewart flew his Toyota right into a repeat truck main event victory in front of his home town crowd, making it two years in a row for Ivan and his Toyota. He also finished third in the second heat for more points. With Ivan Stewart out front in either of the Sport Truck heats. the Toyota the action turned to The first heat race was the first Roger Mears and MacCachreh. test to see if their wet setup was But before MacCachren could be going to work. With no qualify-a serious threat he tagged a barrier ing, the grid positions were based and allowed Rick Johnson to get on point standings from Anaheim. around. Ivan Stewart was long Due to the inverted starting gone with five seconds separating order both the Mears' Nissans sat himself and Mears. Johnson tried on row one. The second row was everything to catch Mears, and made up of opposing family was able to pull within a couple of members I van Stewart, Toyota, seconds from him, but if if's and and Brian Stewart, Dodge. The hut's were nickels we would all be family affair ended in the third rich. row as Danny Thompson and Stewart appeared to be cruising Walker Evans sat side by side. to an easy victory when on the last Rivals Rick Johnson and current lap Walker Evans, who had been champ Rod Millen were on the hung up on MacCachren's rear fourth row ahead of Rob bumper, got loose and was MacCachren, who came into the backing up as Stewart made his event as points leader. Evan Evans way around the track. Stewart was sat at the back of the pack. able to swerve and Evans just The track had a rather long caught his door but Stewart drove outside option to it, at first most on to victory. Roger Mears was everyone took this line as the second ahead of Johnson-. inside option was tighter and had Stewart's teammate Rod Millen two muddy 180 degree turns. finished fourth ahead of Roger With the wet track the outside MearsJr. appeared to offer the least Things didn't go so easy in resistance. Track workers would have to come back several times throughout the night in an attempt to make these two options equal. Ricky Johnson used the course option to great advantage and got into the lead on it in the Chevy, was second in Heat 2 and third in the Main but he won the first heat. Rod Millen lost a few body pieces from the Toyota but that didn't keep him from winning Heat 2, taking second in heat 1 and fourth in the main event. Roger Mears took the outside option and came into the intersection leading. Brian Stewart had taken the twisty inside option and lined up second. Ivan Stewart had his Toyota hung on a hydro barrier and was at the back of the pack before getting going. Danny Thompson brought his Venable Ford up behind Brian's Dodge. Roger Mears held the lead for four laps. Everyone followed Mears around the track except Johnson who, after working through the traffic to second, tried the inside option and came out leading Mears. Johnson held on for the win with Rod Millen a close second. Roger Mears held the third spot and Rob MacCach-ren was fourth ahead of Brian Stewart. Driving one of two cars left in.the Utility class, T.J. Clark worked into fourth in the heat then came out strong in the Volkswagen to win the main event, feeling comfortable in the muddy.going. Page 14 Tommy Croft started out strong in the Sport Utility heat leading from flag to flag, and looked just as strong leading the main until he got stuck in the mud and did not finish. May 1993 The second heat was a restart nightmare. I believe there were six restarts throughout the heat. Roger Mears Jr. stalled the Nissan in turn two and Brian Stewart collided with him (blocking the track) and caused the first restart. On the restart Ivan Stewart grabbed the lead but before things could heat up Walker Evans rolled his Dodge. When they got underway again Ivan Stewart again pulled out front and Rick Johnson grabbed second, but back in the pack Danny Thomp-son had the Ford tipped over causing another restart. On what was lap four Brian Stewart rolled at the finish line (blocking the Dusty Times

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Tim Lewis drives a Jeep in Utility class this year, and he has adapted to it well, taking second in the main event and second int he single heat race. Bill Goshen seems to be trying to park in Eric Arras' engine, but Bill survived this act to take second in 1600 heat 2 and 5th in the main event. Marty Hart, slogging through the muck and mire, displays how nasty the race conditions were. He placed fourth in 1600 heat 1 and sixth in the feature. track) so another single file restart occurred. Danny Thompson rolled again and brought out another restart. Ivan Stewart got hooked up on the next time out and appeared to be pulling away when he caught the rut at the corner before the finish line and rolled the Toyota. When they did get to racing " Marty Coyne took the lead midway in the 1600 main event, after a second in again Rod Millen was able to get out front and hold on for the win. Rick Johnson put his Chevrolet across second and third went to Ivan Stewart. Johnson later said, "We lost a cylinder three laps into the race so I was happy to finish, let alone end up in second." When Stewart rolled he was put to the back of the pack arid had moved to third in three laps of racing. Rob MacCachren was fourth and Roger Mears fifth. his heat race. Marty drove the Chenowth to the feature victory, another home Jimmy Nichols, foreground, is just staving ahead of Marty Coyne en route to town win in San Diego. winning his 1600 heat race, and Nichols was fourth in the main event. Rod Millen may not have had the best night in San Diego but his two race consistency has him leading the series points 112 over Rick Johnson's 111. Rob Mac, Cachren trails in third with 87. The Sport Utility heat belonged to current points champ Tommy Croft. Croft left the starting line in his Jeep and never had to look " back. Had he looked over his shoulder he would have seen Tim Lewis. Third went to Christopher Neil and fourth was newcomer T.J. Clark. The main event appeared to be a repeat of the heat race. Croft jumped out front and held the position for four laps then got stuck in the muck as he went inside a stalled vehicle. This allowed T.J. Clark to take over the G_ary G~II m~,ved through traffic to win the second 1600 heat race, and then event. Clark drove on to his first . diced with Jimmy Nichols and took second in the hectic main event action. series victory in the VW. Clark event Tim Lewis is the points got hung on a barrier and started appeared confident during a leader. Christopher Neil has last. Whelchel got lucky as Ed pre,race press luncheon by saying earned second and third is T. J. Herbst rolled on the first lap he had spent several hours Clark. creating a restart. preparing for rain in the skid car Rick Reynolds appeared to Once underway Nichols grab, at Bondurants driving school take the early lead in heat one of bed the lead. Except for a close where he is an instructor. Tim Super 1600 action. But Jimmy encounter with Marty Coyne on Lewis crossed over second ahead Nichols was able to cut him off at the fifth lap he was never of Larry Noel and Brian Collins the pass to grab the top position. threatened. Coyne held on for was fourth. After the San Diego Current champ Jerry Whelchel second and Whelchel had a hard drive into third. The second heat appeared to belong to Eric Arras. Arras pulled out front and was aided by a multi car pile up early on which spread out the pack. Then Arras got his Chenowth sideways on the sixth lap opening the door of opportun, ity. Gary Gall inherited the win and Bill Goshen moved into the second spot. Kevin Smith, the Anaheim winner, managed third and Wes Banks was fifth ahead of Arras. The Super 1600 main was again to be a hometown victory. Jimmy Nichols grabbed the early lead with Marty Coyne on his tail. A roll over on the second lap caused a restart which allowed the pack to close in on Nichols. Nichols was able to keep Coyne enough for Coyne to slip by. Before Nichols could get back up to power Gary Gall had taken the second place position and third was Jerry Whelchel. That's how they finished with Nichols fourth. The current reigning champ Jerry Whelchel has 76 points tallied to lead the Super 1600 war. Second place is Jimmy Nichols with 66 points and Kevin Smith has 65 points. In the UltraCross action Ray Crumb rode his Kawasaki to the main event victory over local favorite Larry Brooks. Craig Canoy was third. The first heat race was won by Scott Myers and Jim Holley trailed in second. The second moto went to Shaun Kalas on his T earn Noleen Yamaha and Craig Canoy crossed over in front of Larry Brooks which gave Yamaha a clean sweep of the ------event. Larry Brooks is currently leading the UltraCross series with 119 and Shaun Kalas has 110. Third place is Jim Holley with 85 points. SuperLite racing brought out some good action in the first heat race. Scott Klaers won his first stadium victory but had to work for it. Klaers overshot a corner early on and Don Archibald was able to lead the event for five laps until he lost power. Alex Briones took over the lead but lost traction and spun shortly after taking the lead giving the lead back to Klaers. Scott Klaers was followed by Sean Finley. Third went to J.C. Dean and Briones managed to recover for fourth. Fifth was Fred Shepherd. The second heat favored Clint Mears. Mears took the new M~rage off~ 'PIKE'S SERVICE CENTER ·BAKER, CALIFORNIA CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS .... THANKS! Mobil. Denny's. SERVICE REST AU RAl'IT Greg George had a nearly perfect racing evening despite the weather, as he won his heat race in the Superlite Briggsbuilt and came up through the tight pack to take the lead and win the main event too. at bay for three laps but lapped traffic held Nichols. up just long , . OPEN 24 HOURS EVERYDAY-YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT Dusty Times May 1993 Page 15

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The truck races were a survival exercise for many and Rob MacCachren kept his Ford in one piece to place fourth in both heat races. A winner at Anaheim, Kevin Smith had to settle for third in heat 2 in the Super 1600 Mirage and seventh in the 18 car main event. Aaron Hawley kept his Chenowth rolling despite not having much forward vision as Jerry Whelchel passes him. He was fifth in the first 1600 heat. Shannon Millen plowed through the mud to seventh in her heat race and a fine fifth in the main in her Briggsbuilt Superlite. Alex Briones drove his Briggsbuilt Superlite to fourth in the first heat and placed.seventh in the hectic main event. PagcH Brian Collins flies nicely before his tidy Porsche got muddy and Chris Neil kept his Nissan Pathfinder together to place third in he took fourth in the Utility main and sixth in the heat race. the heat race, but he fell to sixth in the muddy main event. Wes Banks comes south from Modesto, CA to stadium race, and he put his Chenowth home fourth in his heat and eighth in the main. Eric Arras, here dicing with Troy Herbst, nailed down fifth in his heat race, but had troubles in the wild main event action. Marty Hart, center gets squeezed by Jerry Whelchel, left, while Joe Price kept his Superlite Triple E clean in the early heat race, Steve Kukla tries to climb into Whelchel's engine bay in typical · and he carried on to finish fourth in the busy main event. 1600 action. Clint Mears, who looks a lot like dad Rick, got his Mirage Superlite into fourth in heat 2, but fell back to 12th in the main. Larry Noel got a slow start in his Utility class Jeep, fifth in the heat race, but he rose to finish third in the main event. May 1993 Jerry Whelchel didn't have the best of nights with his new paint scheme, but he was third in both the Super 1600 first heat and the main. Roger Mears, Nissan, mixes it up with Brian Stewart, Dodge on his way to second in the main and third in the first heat. Dustyflmcs

Page 27

~ the line and held the lead for five laps until lapped traffic slowed him and allowed Greg George to slip by. Mears fell back to fourth place as Jimmie Johnson took second and Frank Chavez sneaked into third. Former motocross star Jeff Ward took fifth. Ward was filling in for an absent Mercedes Gonzales. In the main event Sean Finley, still fresh from his Anaheim win, took the lead. Current champ Jimmie Johnson trailed in second but was able to close in on several occasions. By the third lap Greg George had pulled into third to increase the pressure on Finley . Johnson pulled alongside on the fifth lap but Finley held. Then at the end of a long straight Johnson out powered Finley, only to roll over, and hold up Finley which allowed Greg George to inherit the lead. Out front Greg George tried to -through the pack and received a put distance between himself and penalty flag for his effort. Sitting Scott Klaers but Klaers was able in the penalty box for five seconds to make a decent race of it even dropped him from second to though he had to settle for ninth. Kory Ellis came across second. Third went to Frank second and third went to Doug Chavez and Joe Price was fourth Eichner. Mike Olmsted led the ahead of Shannon Millen. Greg second heat for four laps until George has the lead in· Super Lite Charles Shepherd found a way action with 94 points with Sean around. Olmsted held second and Finley in second with 70. Scott third went to Chris Berger. Klaers is third with 57. Charles Shepherd has the Kory Ellis was able to take his 4,wheel A TV lead with 71 points. first ever 4,Wheel ATV main Doug Eichner has 69, with third after taking the position from place Gary Denton with 60 veteran Mike Olmsted on the points. second lap. Charles Shepherd also A highlight to each MTEG took advantage of Olmsted and event is when the Pee Wee riders . slipped into the second spot. charge onto the track. It may bean Olmsted was able to hold third. exhibition event, but or those Gary Denton came home fourth kids competing, it is all out and Mark Ehrhardt was fifth. competition. Rain or shine, Gary Denton took off early in Dustin Good, Ryan Beat, Lynsey the first 4,Wheel ATV heat. Tilton, Jonathon Rose, Tyson Donny Banks came charging Talkington, Chad George, Scott Klaers drove his Briggsbuilt to victory in the first Superlite heat race and came back to place a strong second in the wild main event action. Anthony Bruscella, Mathew four to seven yearsold,challenged Clark, Steve Ross, Ricky Eaton, and conquered, not only the Ricky Oliver, Daniel Taft, and track, but the heart of the fans as Kevin Fedderson, all ranging from well. I I Dust, silt, mud, there's always something coming at you. It's all you can do to finish in one piece. II No other motor sport abuses a vehicle like Baja racing. The defending champion in Superlites, Jimmie Johnson ran well on the soggy course, but he had to settle for second in As a top driver and mechanic, Darren York heat 2 in the Briggsbuilt. knows that winning off-road takes more than driving skill, physical endurance, and a knowl-edge of every inch of his truck. It means using the best products, the best lubricants. So it's surprise that Valvoline motor oil is the # I choice of Baja I 000 mechanics like Darren. What's more, they also choose Valvoline for their own cars. And with good reason. All our high-performance motor oils are designed to perform and pr~ tect under extreme stress-resisting all the heat, told, pressure and dirt your engine can throw at it Take it from Darren. You can't win off-J. c. Dean, a rookie this year in a brand new Mirage Superlite, road without the right oil paving the way. PEOPLE WHO KNOW USE VALVOLINE® was third in his heat race, a good finish for the 17 year old Las Vegan. VAI.VOUNE INC. A SUBSIDIARY OF AsHlAND OtL, INC. !: l.EXINGTDN, KY 40509 ©1992 Dusty Times May 1993 Page 27

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SPRING RUN 101 JUNE 26-27, 1993 . 7 //al HARDWARE BRUSH RUN 101 SEPT. 4-5, 1993 WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACE® Crandon, Wisconsin R OVER $130,000 PURSE CRANDON, WISCONSIN ONE MILE WEST OF CRANDON ON HIGHWAY 8 RACING STARTS DAILY AT 9:00 A.M. OVER 1000 ENTRANTS IN 1992 BARN DANCE CONTACT BRUSH RUN 101 . P.O. BOX 101 CRANDON, WI 54520 · PHONE: 715-478-2222 FAX: 715-478-5815 (!) l'ibrld Series of OffRoad RClCUlll

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By Homer Eubanks Rookie McCrath Wins Third Supercross Photos: T rackside Photo Inc. Round five of the AMA/ Camel Supercross at San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium made it three in a row for Rookie Jeremy McCrath. McCrath had finished ninth in the second 250 heat after colliding with Kawasaki's Mike Kiedrow, sky. In his semi McCrath pulled his Honda out front for the win and a transfer spot to the main. Kiedrowski had finished second to McCrath in the semi and also had to settle for the number two spot in the main. The hardest ride of the night was put on by Mike Kiedrowsky in the main event. He got off the line in sixth and went eight laps before moving up to third behind Jeff Stanton. Stanton dropped the Honda on the 11th lap and Kiedrowsky settled into second, but time ran out as McCrath had over five seconds lead. Stanton was able to remount and cross over third. Brian Swink came out strong in the first 250 heat race, not only winning, but also turning the fastest of the two heat wins, which qualified him for the Coors Silver Bullet bonus which was up to $5,000 for the fastest heat winner who comes back and wins the main. Swink missed out on the Coors money by placing fifth in the main event. Damon Bradshaw fell in the first heat race and finished 15th. Bradshaw returned strong in the semi with a wire to wire win. Bradshaw was suffering from a cold that later cooled his main event performance. He was eleventh off the line and by the finish had worked his way to sixth. Homeboy Michael Craig rode his Kawasaki to a win in the second heat race; his first win in this his first full year in Supercross. Craig was allowed to run away with the event when teammate Mike Kiedrowsky and McCrath tangled and held up the pack on the second lap. But Craig had to win the event twice! A mixup with the flags made Craig think the race was over when the white flag came out. He had come to a complete stop before being informed another lap was needed and this allowed Jeff Stanton, Honda, to close in. Stanton had to settle for second as Craig held the throttle on. Craig later said, "I saw a flag and thought it was the checkered. When I realized my mistake I felt like an idiot. But the win felt good." Erik Kehoe was able to get into the main by winning the last chance qualifier. Kehoe had finished in eighth place in both the heat and semi and ended the night 13th in the main. Frenchman Mickael Pichon brought home the gold in the 125 main event. Pichon had finished second in his heat but got a good start in the main and a pile up behind him put him way out in front of the pack. Jimmy Gaddis placed second behind the Frenchman in the main but the roles were reversed in their heat race. Current points leader Phil Lawrence finished third in the main after winning the first heat. The next Camel Supercross event is May 15 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA and finishes the season on June 12 at the Silver Bowl in Las Vegas, NV. Dusty Times This sequence was shot at the MTEG Stadium race in San Diego during the Ultracross event, and is apparently a common type of tangle in stadium motocross style events. At least nobody got hurt in this jam up, except maybe a couple of the bikes. May 1993 Page ff

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The 1991 Trans-Dominican Adventure Rally ( or ''The Buyer Beware Rally'') By Ken Walters Rob Shirley and Bruce Shaffer direct a local supplied vehicle across one of about 300 river crossings, having already made the crossing in the trusty rental cars. I've participated in off road races and rallys in about a dozen different countries, so I thought I had seen it all. The TRANS, DOMINICANA Rally proved that suckers are born every minute and unfortunately, I'm a repeat offender. The promotional material for this event sounded great! For $3,000 per person a 4x4 vehicle would be supplied along with hotel accommodations for 10 days. The event was to be "modeled after events such as the Camel Trophy and the Trans, Borneo" ( taken from the promo, tional literature). Many of the participants were going to be my friends from the 1988 Trans South America Rally. The rally was even organized by one of my fellow participants from that 1988 rally, a Canadian who now owns a hotel in the Dominican Republic. After many phone calls with my buddies Ron Clyborne of Seattle and Paul Shaver of Kitty Hawk, we each decided to dig up a friend (that had $3,000) and field three teams of two people each. Please keep track of this, that's $18,000 for our three teams. Airfare was a real bargain, from the West Coast it would be only $518 per person, round trip to Puerto Plata, Dominican Repub, lie. Because the Organizer had" assured us that the rally would take place in a "resort setting", some of us even planned to bring our wives or girl friends. ·The Off-Roader's Choice· • E-Z ur INSTANT SHELTERS Imagine setting up a free-standing shelter In less than 60 secondsl NO missing parts NO center poles NO. ropes NO hassle • 5 sizes • 24 colors • Custom Graphics l.nstant Pit Shelter La Rana Contingency Sponsor. SCORE Contingency Sponsor _ E-Z UP Authorized Dealer CASTEX RENTALS~ INC. 1044 N. Cole Ave. Los An_gelesL~A _90038 .' CALL: 213 • 462 • 1468 Page 30 I should have known that things were n-ot exactly as represented, when a few days before we were to leave, the Organizer asked us to bring 72 towels for his hotel and a whole bunch of Toyota parts. Have you ever tried to buy 72 towels on the Friday after Thanksgiving? I turned the towel search over to my partner, Bruce Shaffer and I . found the Toyota parts. Day 1 and the first stop on the adventure was to visit a gas station to fill up the organizers' vehicles. From the left are Ron Clyborne, Seattle, John Rees ( back to camera) Borneo, Bill Jordan, Virginia, Andy Newton and Rob Shirley, both from Cayman Islands. Wonder if they had to buy the T-shirts? The flight was uneventful to the Dominican Republic, except for a minor over weight problem of 180 pounds of towels and car parts. Even customs at the Puerto Plata airport wasn't bad for me with the car parts, a $20 gratuity got me past customs. Bruce Shaffer of Forestville, CA, my teammate, who had the towels in his luggage, found out that smuggling towels was a major problem. It took him and our wives an hour and $100 to get out of the airport. While all this was happening, Rob Shirley and Sue Steere, friends from the Cayman Islands, guarded our other luggage in front of the airport from the largest rats I've ever seen. Welcome to Paradise! Finally, we cleared customs and took a taxi to · the hotel in the middle of a huge rainstorm. Our luggage was transported by the Organizer in an open bed pickup. was a typical scene with three of the organizers' vehicles stuck because of'broken four wheel drive, and usually with smooth unmatched tires. I could go into the abysmal conditions of our rooms at the hotel, but there was sporadic electricity and as La Verne, my wife said, "the only running water was on the floor"! Try drying out your clothes that were soaked from their ride in the pickup in a room with 2 inches of water on the floor and no dresser or tables. When I enquired about the vehicle we had rented, the Organizer pointed to a pil_e of Land Cruiser parts and informed me this was the "vehicle" he was providing Bruce and I as part of our package. The next morning, after some very heated discussions with our wives, we (that means they) decided that paid for or not, we would not stay at a hotel with only occasional running water and electricity. We were fortunate, it turns out that there are some very nice, inexpensive resorts close by and we were able to move to the Sand Castle Resort for about $70 per couple per night. Sometime during this period, I was able to call Ron Clyborne who was still in L.A. and advise him of the problems. Because he had already paid for his airline tickets and had made arrange, ments for the famous Borneo jungle guide, Jon Rees to be his partner, he decided to come anyway. In a few days, Ron and Paul Shaver arrived and we took a closer look at the situation. The vehicles they were given were even worse than my pile of parts. We had to rely on an old trick we learned in off roading, we went to the airport and rented 3 brand new 4x4 Daihatsu utility vehicles. The Organizer agreed to pay for rental vehicles since he hadn't ·May 1993 been able to furnish them for all of those that had paid for them. These would be our "rally vehicles". They even had air conditioning for about $100 per day! We did take the extra Collision Damage Waiver, which supposedly limited our liability to the $700 deductible, this is a good idea if you're probably going to trash a vehicle. We were now ready for the event! As it turned out, the Diahatsus were inc_redibly tough vehicles, too bad they don't sell them in the U.S. anymore. By now ~11 of the participants had arrived and we had the obligatory "Driver/Rider" meeting. There were 7 "Cars" and 3 motorcycles entered. Except for Rob Shirley and Sue Steere, who was able to put together a motorcycle from parts, the other 2 riders were not furnished bikes and had to rent them from the local motorcycle rental outfit. The meeting was conducted by the Rally Master, Satch Carlson of Anchorage. I didn't know it then, but over the next week, I · would find myself frequently at odds with him. Because of his autocratic attitude, Satch was soon known as the "Rally Meister". No matter how screwed up the rally became, Satch continued to insist that nothing was wrong. It seems to me that Satch was born about 50 years too late, his narrow view of things would have made him a real leader in the Third Reich. We were now ready to start, however we had to wait for the Minister ofT ourism, and who the Organizer assured us was very involved in the event. After waiting a few hours, it appeared that probably the Minister did know of the event, since he had the brains not to show up for the start. This didn't seem to bother our Rally Master, who still insisted that we be flagged out of the start line on our exact second, we then turned the corner went 100 yards and stopped, waiting for everybody to catch up. Now we could convoy to the gas station so the Organizer's vehicles could fill up. There was another 1 hour delay when it was discovered that the gas tank on one of the Organizer vehicles had a major leak. We did have at this point a "Route Book" that was supposed to show us where to go and how fast. We made our adjustments for what was now a three hour delay and proceeded. This was the last Route Book furnished by the Organizer. An auspicious start. This is how every morning started. We even had to pay for our own gas! The plan was for us to convoy every day on paved roads for up to three hours, one way, to areas where "Special Stages" would be set up. These Special Stages were usually a TSD for a few miles on a beach or across a mud bog or river. Then we traveled back to the hotel on the paved road. We were .able to see a lot of a very beautiful country. The road travel wasn't so bad for us with nice rented vehicles, but for those poor unfortunates who relied on the Organizer to furnish vehicles, it was a real ordeal. I can't recall one day that there wasn't a major breakdown in one of their vehicles. Because all 4 tires were different sizes, there were a lot of transmission, transfer case, drive shaft and clutch problems. By Day 2 of the rally, Paul Shaver, who had been injured in a hotel room mishap when the wash basin fell off the wall, decided that he and his teammate, Bill Jordan from Virginia had seen enough and left for home. On Day 3, I finally lost my temper over the total disorganiza, tion and called my own Driver/ Dusty Timcs

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Even the paved roads in the Dominican Republic could use a little repair and it sure looks safer here to ford the stream than Another of the many river crossings which often brought out use:....t:....h..::e_:s..::a:::..g:::..g_in..::g_b_r_id.::.g:__e_. -------========= some spectators, even in the remote lush greenery of the open country on the route. Paul Shaver of Kitty Hawk shows off his rented Diahatsu to local residents, and the little 4x4s ran very well throughout the tough going, mostly mud. ¼ ;1,. We Nancy Shaffer makes a few friends on the route. Gum and writing paper was the gift of choice for the kids. Most didn't understand gum and they ate it. Rider meeting. By now there were The author wearing his Winston Cup shirt in front of a broken some very serious concerns over organizer's vehicle is smiling, because he rented a reliable rig at the safety on the highway of the ____ t_h_e_a_ir.:..p_o_rt_. __________________ _ Organizer's vehicles. After much Organizer was responsible for this not exactly SCCA perfect in-third discussion and some sage words one the winners had to share one world countries, there can't be from Rob Shirley, most agreed to trophy and that trophy wasn't hard and fast rules. Go with the continue at least for a while. At even provided by the Organizer, it flow. this meeting the Organizer finally was one previously given out by The low rate of finishers had admitted he was broke and Motocross Club of Santiago at nothing to do with the partici, 1 couldn't pay for the rental cars or their ceremony. pants, most of the entrants had give us a refund for not furnishing Satch did a good job as the finished the 10,000 mile Trans us vehicles. The participants arrogant master of ceremonies South America Rally. The• roughly calculated what we had dressed in a tux no less, even problem was with the total lack of, ~id him and it came out to about though Ken Walters dumped a organization, lack of integrity of: $60,000! There was a rumor that bucket of ice water on his head. the Organizer and lack of money a good part of this money went to As I remember it, Ron Clyborne and vehicles. This is the Organizer rebuilding the hotel's swimming and John Rees were first in Cars, -who called me and asked that I pool. Maybe we shouldn't with Stanley Jones of Woodland send my entry fee early, so he complain about the pool renova, Hills, CA in second and Marvin could purchase good vehicles for tion, since the showers in the Folsom of Florida in third. The our use. rooms usually didn't work, most motorcycle category was won by Some of you may have heard of of the participants used the pool · Tom Young of Portland, with the TRANSAMAZON RALLY asa bath tub! So much fortrusting Rob Shirley and his rider, Sue back in 1988. That was the one old rally buddies. This was too Steere of the Cayman Islands a where Bryant Hibbs of B BAR H much for Noah Espinoza and Jim close second. There was a special and I showed up in Cartegena, Hodges from the L.A. area and award, well deserved, for Andy Columbia only to discover that Jim Petree of North Carolina, and Jennifer Newton also of the the vehicles we shipped were their furnished vehicles broke Caymans for their tenacity. impounded in customs because down every day and were really What have I learned from this the organizer had gone broke. unsafe so they called it quits and adventure? That one was taken over by the rented a car and went touring the The Dominican Republic is a participants, who added a bunch countryside. beautiful, friendly country, with of their own cash and renamed the Bruce and I lasted one more day some very nice places and great event the Trans South American and then, even after assurance yet inexpensive food. I would Rally. Fortunately, we didn't ship from the Organizer that we were definitely go back under different vehicles to the Dominican. Tom in first place, we decided to also circumstances. The hot sauce Young did ship a motorcycle and call it quits and go touring. Even alone was enough to go back for. the last I heard, it was still Louis Loewenstein, the automo, Believe it or not, outside of the impounded because the Organizer rive journalist, took a few days off major cities it is not nearly as wouldn't get it out. in the middle of the event and modern as Baja. BEW ARE! I would think that visited Haiti. There were by now a Never trust someone who this very same Organizer would lot of people that felt Haiti would claims to be putting on a rally try, like the TRANSAMAZON also be a good place to send the unless the event has been people, to stage another event. Organizer and Rally Meister, happening for 3 years atleast. Get Where else can you get about PERMANENTLY! some guarantee from the Organ, sixty grand for screwing friends? I There was a bright spot on Days izer, when he's giving you a special would think they will try it again, 4 and 5. The local Motocross deal for payment "up front", be to other trusting people. The Club of Santiago staged two well very suspicious. If Ron Clyborne names to watch for are Satch organized days of touring and calls with an "opportunity of a Carlson and Michael Ruge, Rally TSD events, proving that a good lifetime", be strong and hang up Master and Organizer, respect, rally can be run in the Dominican on him! Actually, this is a ively. if you know what's happening. At standing joke with Ron, a very Looking back, I realize that this the end of these two days the Club good friend, since we've traveled may be the first time in history had a mini awards ceremony to South America, Borneo, that a hotel stole towels from a where trophies were handed out. Alaska, Guam, and Mexico guest! The Rally Organizer was respons, together, all for an opportunity of .;;:,.~,;.. __________ _ ible for providing the dinner for a life time to get ripped off. Check Out the this ceremony. Yes, he screwed Actually, we've only been ripped that up also, dinner was 3 hours off in South America and the DUSTY TIMES late! Dominican Republic. Special Club Sub Offer The event concluded two days Don't get a Rally Master from later and there was another Alaska to try to put on an event in (818) 881-0004 awards ceremony. Since the Rally a third world country. Things are DustyTima May1993 Andy and Jennifer Newton push Noah Espinosa and Jim Hodges across a "mud bog" while other competitors rush to take pictures of the fun time rally. This Is the system run by most oft road race winners TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME JEEP STRAIGHT 6 "NEW SUMMER SPECIAL CHROME" 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. _90011 1213) 234•9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 31

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LA RANA DESERT RACING PRESIDENTIAL 250 Kevin McGillivray and Don Angel Win Overall Again At Barstow By Carol 'Scoop' Clark Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Kevin McGillivray got their·usually spotless Chenowth muddy at Barstow, but it ran fast as usual, survived power steering trouble and a balky starter to win Class 10 by an hour and win overall for the second time this year. / I have probably said this so. benefit, so come on fellas, if you Nevada 400 in a couple of weeks. much that you are all sick of don't stop and see them, maybe The rest of the classes had six or hearing it, ·but I'm going to say it the next time when you really less starters, hence some classes anyway. Off roaders are a needsomethingthatyouforgotor were combined for money, but different breed of people all broke, they won't be there. not for points. together, and if some of the My husband Dave and I wentto All the pretty paint jobs were "bozos" in Sacramento and the Slash X for one of those "to chocolate colored after the first Washington would come out and . die for" cheeseburgers and fries . lap and the rocks that were. see what goes on in the desert and and then stopped to say howdy to washed up by the winter rains how much fun we have, maybe most of our friends that were made for some pretty tricky they would think twice about tolerating the elements in driving. Evidently there was a closing the desert. I'm s~re most of Contingency Row. Then we made canyon on the course that was them have never been to an off a hasty retreat back to the old made for motorcycles, and the road race. Their idea of the desert Blazer and headed for the barn in cars and trucks were having a very is probably "Bush wood Country Apple Valley, where I knew it was difficult time there. After getting Club" in Palm Springs or some-nice and warm. The rain must throughpartofthetoughcanyon, thing similar. have continued through the night Rodger Schank tried to pass some Friday night it was cold, on Friday, as Stoddard Wells 1600s in this area and bounced drizzling, muddy and very dark at Road was somewhat of a mud bog off some very large rocks and Contingency Row for the La Rana on Saturday morning when we rolled it just a few miles off the Presidential 250. It was held in the headed out to the Start/ Finish start line. When he stopped atthe desert well back of the Slash X line. DRS pit for some welding, I asked Cafe outside of Barstow, CA. But Once again the weather condi-him what had happened and he still they came, the racers, tions did not hinder the enthus-saiditwashisfault,thatheshould vendors and a few looky loos to iasm or the number of entries in not have done what he tried to do see what was going on out in the the race. There were 106 entries in that area and just lost it. His middle of the desert on this and 99 starters, with 42 finishers, co-driver Mike Gardiner was on miserable night. Many of the which I think is tremendous. It his maiden voyage in a 5-1600 racers did go directly to tech seems that the attrition rate is and was really amazed that a car inspection, much to the chagrin of lower when there is no dust. The could take that kind of punish-the vendors. The contingency classeswiththehighestnumberof ment and keep on running. He donors do like to have a chance to entries were 9, with 28 starters was really impressed! They did talk to the racers and sell their and 11 finishers, 5-1600 with 14 manage to complete one lap wares. Mostofthemjustcomefor starters and six finishers, before motor problems put them the hours of Contingency and go 1-2-1600 with 12 starters and two out for the day. home after that, so for a lot of finishers, which is low for that Meanwhile the early starting six them this was kind of an exercise class; usually there are more Unlimited cars were missing Jim in futility to come and be ignored .. 1600s but perhaps they were . Pierce on the first lap, Jim Stiles They are coming for the racer's . saving the cars for the SCORE .. led the group, but his Raceco. Steve Krieger and his riders had no company in Class B, but they raced the Chevy hard anyhow, and came in a quick fifth overall while winning the class. only four minutes behind fourth 0/A. went down with torsion bar seeing, but finished in 5:57:01 failure on lap 2, so Steve Houston· total time. and John Fischer led midway. Craig Dillon brought his Well back Mike Stickle and Larry Lothringer home second in Class J-lendrix ran second, followed by 10, losing some time on the Craig Watkins and John Marking second lap and was exactly an .' in the groove now after the: . hour behind the winners and sixth . steering pinion gear broke on the overall. I missed him in the post first lap, costing about three race area, and it could be that he hours. Houston and Fischer won finished during one of the the class despite a couple of long downpours and chose to hurry laps, at 8: 11 :33 and Watkins and back to his pit area and forego the Marking took second, finishing limelight. More than an hour back lap 4 with a minute and a half left Kevin Ohnstad finished third in on the time allowance. Stickle and Class 10, coming back from a Hendrix were third witp three three hour first lap to three good laps done. ones. Class 10 was second away with Rob Bristol, of car 1001, called eight starters, and home of the a few days after the race to relate overall winning Chenowth of his story. Co-driver Dick Kevin McGillivray and Don D'Amanto started the race, had a Angel. Don started and before the flat about 25 miles out, shortly first lap was out he was second on after check 3 in a bad, narrow goat the road to Jim Stiles with a quick trail area. He said there were rocks l:25.29 lap. Thirty miles into the the size of VWs and 4x4s. After second lap the power steering ram getting to the top of this obstacle mount bent, then broke off, so course he had to do a 180 and they had a few minutes down time come straight down, then they got trying to get that repaired. It was a stuck in the bottle neck through heart stopper after the midway. the canyon and the car died. driver change as the car wouldn't Trying to restart the car, they start. Kevin got it going and said kilted the battery, then the starter he had no more trouble en route went away, and the down time to the overall win, their second dropped them ro last place. Rob this year. He did say it rained so-got in for the second lap and ran hard on the last lap he had trouble. trouble free, but about 40 miles into the third lap the tranny started to go in the goat trail area. He lost first gear when he needed it, got through that and to the canyon when the whole enchilada took a dump. His radio went south too. He was stuck for two hours before his crew came to tow him to the pits, his two laps good for fifth in class. Rob gave me some info on the fourth place Class 10 car driven by Don Bowler and John Miller. Don started and did a good first lap running third out of eight. But at the end of the lap they broke the torsion bar, and evidently splintered it into a million pieces. Craig Dillon got through the rain, snow, and hail to take second in Class 10 in the Lothringer and also place a swift second overall in the race. Kevin Ohnstad came from Madera to try racing on the soggy southern desert, and it never stopped raining or worse all weekend, but Kevin got third in Class 10. 1 Running around the pits to find a spa re torsion bar, they found Greg Parker at the CORE pit who Page 31 May1993 Dusty Times

Page 33

Ed Pauley and Jon landiorio drive another rather plain painted 1-2-1600, but it must make them go faster; they were second in class and fourth 0 /A. Jim McGill and Mark Miller nailed down second in Class 5-1600 in another Bug built by Lothringer and powered by Wik, and they came in ninth overall. Bruce Landfield and Brett Turley were delayed by a roll over on the first lap, but not for long, and they arrived third in Class 5-1600 and 11th 0 /A ,: had one back at his towing service . yard in Barstow. They went to the yard, brought it back and got it on the car. John Miller got in the car and finished nine minutes under the time limit. They all want to give a big THANK YOU to the Parker Brothers for their help; they are really some special folks. The 1-2-1600s are getting faster every race and Bob Stockton and Don Chase brought their Chenowth in a close third overall, and of course they won their class in the 'Bad' car. Second overall and first in Class 5 ( the only Class 5) was the smiling face of Pete Swift, who could barely see at the end of this race because he got his visor so full of mud on the first lap that he had to take it off and got all the mud in his eyes instead. He said he went as fast as he could to get th rough the mess and had to endure some brake failure, but worked around that with a good motor and tranny. He got passed • the car in the lead with a pair of. wear out the car as well as the only once while he was sitting 1:33 laps. Then he turned it over driver. The Ed Pauley and John along side the road getting crud. to Don and into the third lap he Iandiorio team were fourth out of his eyes. As soon as he got busted a front shock, which was overall and second in Class backunderway,hepassedtheguy .. theextentoftheirtroubles. They .1-2-1600. They had one flat on right back. Pete wanted to thank want to thank Adam Wik and the first lap and said they were all the guys who pit and chase for Perry Cohen for the new paint job pelted with hail stones the size of him on this day especially. The and thank Kevin Davis for not marbles. None of the other dozen rain, hail and snow made it more racing, as well as Jeff at McKenzies starters in class finished four laps. difficult than ever to keep track of for his help too. Don said the last· In Class 8 the only starter and Pete, but they did a great job. Pete ten miles of the race it was raining the only finishers were Steve was anxious to get home to his . hail. Everything was coming into Krieger and Tim Clark in a Chevy. wife who is expecting to have their the car and hitting him. But he They said it was a really rough second baby any day now. said it was a neat course, full of course and they had a good race. Third overall and first in water in every hole and surprises They broke the right rear wheel 1-2-1600 was the team of Don all over the course. He took the and tire, literally, the center of the Chase and Bob Stockton. Bob last lap pretty easy because he wheel came off the rest of the took the first two and kept knew t~e rocks were starting to , Brian Logan and Keith Westerfield managed to survive the mud in their 5-1600 built by Lothringer to carry the extra weight to win Class 5-1600 and amazingly enough place seventh overall. . wheel and they lost some of the studs. They fixed things up and finished four laps in good time, 6:54:40. First in Class 5-1600 went to Brian Logan and Keith Wester-field. Brian said this was by far the muddiest race he had ever been in. He had trouble with the pick up tube in his fuel cell before the race and therefore started well°after his class had already taken off. But he managed to catch up with them, and caught 551, Jim McGill, and diced it out with him for: most of the race which made things quite excitin for both of them. He . wanted to thank Adam Wik for the best motor he's ever had and Kent Lothringer for building a car . strong enough to handle the Wik motor. He also thanks Tucker Tire for all their help. Jim McGill · and Mark Miller were second in Class 5-1600, and finished the last 20 miles of the race with no brakes. They too wanted to thank Wik and Lothringer for their great work also, and thank Ranch Muffler too. They said the front end sagged out, but the suspension was great and they had no flats. They had a ball even though it was really,~ ,HI-TECH • SUSPENSION SPECIALISTS • FREE EXPERT CONSUL TING • INSTALLATIONS Raceco winnin Class 2 entry, gr John De Vito was almost alone in his Class 6 Chevy S-10 Blazer, but he ran all/ four laps in good time, got muddy and took home the Class 6 points as well. DustyTimcs I VISA I -iii] OFF ROAD RACING HEADQUARTERS LARGEST INVENTORY IN LAS VEGAS FIITIJlllll8 • IIICll8 IPOITIIIEII • ID FEIi IIEIB •·AERO 8AS TUKI ·• Hl'l'tllD •AIIIOIL •IBTCAIB • llffllFIB .... •BEITOP •BODYLIFTI •Mi--»x • DOESTCII TECH •IIITllll'n •ttidlElln.AIIES • FLOWIIAITER • FUEL ca.1,1 •IIIIILY May1993 Page 33

Page 34

Craig and John Watkins came out of the north, northern California that is, to run the Raceco in southern mud, and they finished a good second in Class 2. Barstow's own James Clements was second in Class 9 in the newest Clemco built by Jim, tenth overall and just a minute and · a half behind the class winner. Sandy Parker and Tom Moessner burned the midnight oil to fix the Chenowth enough to race, and race it they did to third in Class 9, 12th overall. course and he had fun, but it was kinda boring because nothing happened. He just kept going around the course four times and got the checkered flag. These two cars were half an hour ahead of the herd. Taking third in Class 9 wasn't quite as dull for Sandy Parker and Tom Moessner. They blew a tranny while testing so Sandy had to rush back to L.A. to pick up the spare. They were up most of the nightonFridayputtingitin. Tom had a flat on the first lap, the electronic ignition went on the second lap and they lost the brakes on the last lap, so they David Winner and Randy Clarey were also alone in Class 7, but they too did all Dan Cannon and Mike Fetcho got their Ford through all four laps, the only earned third I think. four laps in cruise mode and the Toyota earned the Class 7 points. Class 7S finisher arriving with 48 minutes left on the time allowance. Jim Mobley and Dennis ~ really rough and slippery. he is tired of finishing, he wants to who got his Ford through the car class was young Tony Cassetta Petersen were fourth in Class 9 , Bruce Landfield and Brett Win for a change. Maybe his fourth lap with 48 minutes to and veteran Gary Schnecken-losing third place by 19 seconds Turley came in third in Class lucky race will be Ridgecrest. spare.Danisinhissecondyearof berger.·They had a trouble free because Dennis had to stop and 5-1600 and again Wik motors Mitch Griffin had problems too racing and doing pretty well. No raceinthelatemodelSandwinder, get out of the car to water the and Lothringer frames provided. but got in all four laps for fifth in . finishers in the two truck Class. only a few yeirs old. Their biggest . desert wild life; his Mom would the winner. They rolled it on the class. Jesse Rodriguez finished 750 saw Dean Galloway do two problem was trying to see, Tony be proud of him. After Jim got t--first lap, but five spectators were sixth. laps and take the win. In Class 11 gave it up after three rounds and through thanking Dennis for available to put the Bug back on Class 3 had three starters, two we had only Larry Adams, who put Gary in for the last lap. He ~ing so kind to the desert, he all fours and send them on their Scouts and a Jeep. Going the still wishes he had someone to must have caught the hail storm. thanked R.D. Goodspeed & way. They also want to thank farthest, three laps, was Shad racewith.Hehadaverybadday, Theysaidtherewassomuchmud Sons, Tom Mattingly Racing, some guy named Kenny, who Balch in his Scout based in lost a right rear shock, the skid it was a real task trying to stay on DRS, Apple Valley Communica-rummaged through the back of, northern California. Class 7 had• .plate and air cleaners, but had no· the race course, but they did and·· tions and DJ Transaxles for their his van at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday one entry but David Winner flats. About 15 miles from the won by just a minute, 25 seconds. help. Jim said that he was going to and found an air cleaner that they covered all four laps with a half finish line he had to stop and take They were eighth overall! Jim cut out coupons for Pampers or had needed so desperately and it hour to spare to take the victory. off what was left of the skid plate• Clements, who talks a mile a Depends and give them to Dennis, lasted all four laps. Kenny, you John Devito had 49 minutes left andsaiditwassnowingatcheck5. minute when he gets out of the so he could be better prepared were a life saver. Bob and Jason on the time allowance when he But Larry finished the two laps race car, took second in Class 9 next time. Brian Sallee and Stan Kleber got in four laps in Class , finished the fourth lap for the• required fortheclassingood time· and echoed Tony Cassetta's · Hignett were ten minutes further 5-1600 but not without their Class 6 win. Class 725 had one too. statement about the mud. He said back in fifth, just a minute ahead share of problems. Some pulley out of three finish, Dan Cannon In Class 9 the winner of the 28 he was very cold, butitwasagood of Steve Rey ling and Michael malfunctions in the first lap caused about an hour down time, but they did manage to pull a fourth place out of the mess, so it could have been worse. Bob said . Page 34 Tony Cassetta got the Class 9 troops, 27 others, excited when he drove the Patrick Soffee and Kenneth Shotts spruced up the work truck Mitsubishi for late model Sa,:,dwinder to first in Class 9, going so fast in the muck that the racing in the six car Stone Stock mini truck class, and in their very first race young man finished eighth overall. this pair won the class. Nice going! Mlly1993 Dustyffma

Page 35

Just 18 seconds out of third place in Class 9, Dennis Peterson and James Mobley lost time on the last lap, ard were fourth in Ron Martin #2 and Ronnie Martin flew along in the Class 1500 Brian Owens with Mike Hoskins doing most of the driving in the Toyota, the stock 2WD minis and they placed second in class, very sano Jeep Honcho, had some problems but got second in class in the L.H.F. 1 six minutes behind. Class 1575, stock full size trucks. Daws who had trouble with the i111uffler was falling off as he fouled spark plugs and lost the took the checkered flag. brakes about 30 miles from the qlass 1575 had a good finishing finish and eleven in Class 9 . rate,-100%. John Barajas and Dale completed all four laps. - Jensen got the win, and said it was In Class 15 Patrick Soffe and very rough, lots of mud. They had Kenneth Shotts brought in the a very interesting thing happen. winner. This was Soffe's first race On the first lap they got a front and he decided to make his work and a rear flat on the same side truck, a Mitsubishi, a play truck because they hit the same rock too. They were running with a with both tires, and what a totally stock suspension and said · boulder it was! This race marks it was a lot rougher out there than the one year anniversary for them they anticipated, so next time they in off road racing, so they are now will be better prepared. Ron and veteran drivers in the Chevy. Ronnie Martin came in second Congratulations boys. Second place in Class 15, about six min- place went to Mike Hoskins, who utes back. They had fuel problems drove both laps in the Brian the first couple of miles, some wir-Owens Jeep while Brian is still ing came apart. On the second lap recuperating from back surgery they lost a bolt in the rear spring ·last year: Mike said he broke two but other than that the Toyota was shackles on the first lap and pretty trouble free. Jay Parodi was another on the second lap on the the final truck to get in the two other side. The second one got _ laps in Class 15 for third place. stuck between the header and the In Class 1525 Bill Quitmeyer frame and the header held it from and Fred Espinosa came in first taking out the brakes. He said the once again, but he did have some last 25 miles of the course turned minor down time. He ran out of into a river and it was real slick, gas on the second lap and a good hard to get any traction. David Samaritan gave him gas so he Edelstein was third in a Ford. could get to the finish line, and Something new in the La Rana · that he did. Second in class went series was bikes and quads. Dave to Kaz Yamanaka 15 minutes back and I had been stopping at the in another Toyota. He said the various DRS pits on course, so we course was very tough, lots of did not get back to the finish line rocks and he had to work hard to to tackle the first place finisher. drivethetruck.Hehadoneflaton R . Cole Warren and Steven · lap 1, broke a right rear shock and• · Dingman of Barstow on a Suzuki. John Barajas and Dale Jensen got the win in the full size stock trucks, driving a Chevy despite hitting a rock and flattening both front and rear tires. They won on their first anniverswy in off road racing. Cole Warren and Steven Dingman won the new Quad class in La Rana Racing on a Suzuki. The Barstow team won the class easily, by about 40 minutes margin. Dusty Times William Quitmeyer and Fred Espinosa are frequent winners of the stock mini truck 4x4 class driving their trusty Toyota, and they won again in the muck at Barstow. They did the two laps in 4: 15:37. We did get to see the second place finishers who are co-drivers of record. Jeff Stafford and James Walker were about 41 minutes back on their Suzuki. They started second and passed 14 5-1600 cars before check B at which point they broke a ball joint, and were also down about 30 minutes with electrical problems. Then they lost a tooth on the chain and went the entire last lap with a flat front tire and no skid plate, which fell off. They said these were a great· bunch of guys to race with and they plan on returning. They wanted to thank MMF Racing, Ice Line Water,PaintBallandCORE aboard a Kawasaki, and two for all the help. Rudd Miller others failed to start in Class 25. . finished his two laps much later _. Donald Kleinhenz started in his . Class 44 Selstad · but failed to make a full lap. He was the only . entrant in Class 44. ~ May1993 Page 35

Page 36

Don Bowler and John Miller had a torsion bar disintegrate early, found one in Barstow, got fixed up and finished fourth in Class 10. Mike Schexnyder looks fine in his Bunderson here, early in the race, and he also got in three laps in Class 1-2-1600, good for fourth place. Mitch Griffin and Mark Steeve had their share of on course problems with their Bug too, but they carried on to cover the four laps fifth in Class 5-1600. Steve Rehling and Michael Daws came from northern California in their new Class 9, had troubles but got four laps done for sixth in the class. Rob Stobaugh and David Rittenhouse couldn't lose, the only Class 1 entry. The Ford did two laps only in five hours and retired the class winner. Ray McMillan and Mike Ismail also drove an IH Scout in Class 3, but some disaster happened on the second lap and they were second with one lap done. David Eldridge and Gordon Azeuedo went well for three laps in their Class 725 Toyota, but didn't finish the last lap but were second in class. James Wafker was another entry in the new Class 25 for Quads and he finished about 41 minutes back in second, also riding a Suzuki. David Edelstein and Doug Sunstedt did cover their required two Also lonesome, the only Class 11 in the race, Larry Adams did laps in this new looking old style Ford Bronco and were third in his two laps, had some trouble but got the checkered flag and Class 1575. won the class. Page 36 May1993 Charles Davis and Kevin Goode had a good race going in their Class 1-2-1600 Raceco, but troubles on the last lap put them down to a 3 lap third. Jason and Robert Kleber had plenty of problems, but they kept fixing and going forward, finished all four laps for fourth in Class 5-1600. Brian Sallee and Stan Hignett finished fifth in Class 9, their Chenowth just ten minutes behind the fourth place class finisher. David Kleinhenz again was the only Class 44 modified Odyssey type car, but this race he failed to cover the required distance, but won the points anyhow. Kaz Yamanaka and Shozo ltakura have a lot of fun racing their stock 4x4 Toyota and this team were only 15 minutes back, second and a finisher in the class. Dusty Times

Page 37

Larry Cossio and Andy Blue had their ups and downs and one upside down in the race, led for a time, but troubles dropped them to third 1600 at the flag. Perry McNeil and Shawn Meadows had a good time in the Class Mike and Alejandro Pabloff dive over a typical San Felipe desert 8 Pro truck, and this race they won easily, in fact they were the hump in their Pro Class 5-1600 on their way to a good finish, only class finisher. second in the class. Gran Carrera de San Felipe Rafael Echegollen and Ray Gastelum drove to first overall in their Class 10 car, and of course won Class 10 as well. This team came from Tijuana, also escaping the winter rains and floods. Manuel Villareal and Rodolfo Romero Sr. won in a Toyota over Arturo Honold and Jose Cruz, Chevy S-10 and Rodolfo Gomez and Rafael Vazquez were third, the last finisher of the five that started. In the same class the only Sportsman entry of Gustavo Wong and Guillermo Soltero got in three laps in their Nissan. Manuel and Alberto Covarubbias do a little nose landing in their handsome Pro Class 5-1600, and it ran as good as it looked this round, and the pair won the class which had a 100% finish ratio, and were 16th Overall! In Pro Class 9 Ruben Garcia and Gustavo Pinuelas finished all four laps in their Jimco, while Jorge Vargas got in two rounds in an ORBS and Luis Guevara dido 't do a lap. In Pro Class 11 the only . entry of Ruben and Leonardo Fernandez did two laps for the win, while in the Sportsman Class 11 Victor, Jorge and Hector Tamato did one and a ha I flaps for the win over Francisco Mendoza who didn't get far at all. Those who escaped the rains of winter last February and went to the Gran Carrera San Felipe enjoyed typica_l Sea of Cortez sunshine. This was the first race for cars and bikes in the Baja Promotions 1993 series, unfor-tunately all we have on it, besides some good photos, are the results and a few race notes. At any rate the overall car winner was absolute third overall, and again it was a Class 10 car, this one driven by Rafael Echegollen and Ray Gastelum. It was reported to be an ex Ray Croll vehicle, but despite blasting into the pits the back way the team won overall car honors, and Class 10 the only one there. Jim Travis and Ron League again took the Pro l and 2 class honors home to Ari.ona in the Porsche powered Chaparral, and "' were second overall car despite a couple of flats. Brent Miller and Steve WrightgottheType4, FAT 2.8 liter powered Raceco in third Dusty Times overall car and second in Pro 1 and 2. In Sportsman Class l and 2 Kurt Spiegelberg and Mike McDowell won the class in a Chenowth. In Pro Class 7S and 7 4x4 In Pro Class 1-2-1600 all three finished led by Guadalupe Perez and Alvaro Sanudo in an ORE. Second was Alejandro _Avila and I¼,.,., ···"':~~ ~t ~.-Alejandro Avila and Pepe Rendon, who sometimes race with SCORE in their tidy 1-2-1600 car, apparently had an uneventful day and finished second in class. May1993 Guadalupe Perez and Alvaro Sanudo, here driving in somebody's dust, got their sano ORE around the course to first in Pro Class 1-2-1600, even though the car was still well apart on Friday evening. Pepe Rendon in a Chenowth, followed by Larry Cossio and Andy Blue, who rolled right in front of the main pit. The only Sportsman 1-2-1600 of Randall Persky and Russ Root finished all four laps for a trophy. The single Pro Class 3 and 6 entry was the GMC Jimmy of Ariez and Jorge Romero which finished. In Pro 4, 7 and 8 Perry McNeil and Shawn Meadows won easily, the only finisher, while Gabian and Ruben Gonzalez managed two laps in a Ford Ranger. In Sportsman Class 5 the single entry didn't make the first checkpoint. Three of the four Pro 5-1600s finished led by Manuel and Alberto Covarubbias. Mike and Alejandro Pabloff were second and Gustavo Pinuelas and Arturo Durazo finished third, while the Kanter car did only one and a half laps. Three of the four Sportsman 5-1600s also finished led by Miguel Vildosola and Gusta Casanova. Carlos Davila and Oscar Balderama were second and Samuel Cisneros and Hector Thierry took third, and the other one didn't make the first check. There were a lot of motorcycles and A TVs at the event, and it looks like Bob Surman and Dal Trubey won absolute overall on a Yamaha and Ty Nickie and Jessie Wilson were the first ATV home aboard a Yamaha. We apologize if we left out any top class finishers and we should have more race information next time around at the Baja Promotions series events. Petro Tech treats and bonds to metal, giving you semi-permanent protection that last oil change after oil change. PROTECTION From the time you turn your ignition key on to minutes after you shut your engine off, PetroTech's high-temperature, dry film, teflon moly lubricant is there protecting your engine. RACE AND DYNO PROVEN Extensive testing at Duttweiler Performance showed a 14 horsepower increase (1.98%), with no other modifications or tuning. For More Information: Duttweiler Performance CA (805) 659-3648 Fat Performance CA (714) 637-2889 Brant Marketing CA (619) 377-4551 Scalzo Bros. CA (714) 492-1606 Pantera Specialists CA (714) 250-1797 Aptos Tool Crib CA (408) 688-6626 Highway Napa Auto CA (805) 758-3424 Mojave Auto Parts AZ. (602) 763-4343 Showtime Marine AZ. (602) 680-0004 Custom Services NE (402) 387-2507 Steda Auto Sports FL (305) 785-2131 Souto Pert. Mexico ENS (667) 7-08-07 PETRO Ts~'li P.O.Box7450 ---~~~~ si.,,,..._' Laguna Niguel, CA 92607 --------?li__E!f,"t DRY Fli:;-;;;N~.;;;ATION ~ (800) 628-1300 Page 37

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FRT KING OF THE DESERT nm Allen Takes It All By Judy Smith Photos:C&C Race Photos/ Blake Scott Only three cars survived through two laps in Unlimited class and it was a see saw battle from there, but Mike Hart survived the fastest in his Hi Jumper and won the class by 23 minutes. place.Hernquist had recorded the third, pleased that their new Rose fast lap for the class, and for the transmission had passed with day, at 37:36, but was still about flying colors, and Hernquist and 41 minutes behind the leader. Wild were fourth, followed in Allenwasdrivingaverysteady about 15 minutes later b y race, and continued to lead, but Wolcott and his brother, John, Whitted, who was recording who co-drove. Ron Ryerson, in slightly faster lap times, had the Raceco that used to be a moved to second, as Brinkley and tandem, finished a distant sixth, Christensen fell to third. Steve after breaking a balljoint on the Wolcott, in a Pontiac powered first lap. He'd had to send Jimco, was now fourth, 18 someone to El Centro for minutes later. Maiocco and replacement parts, and finished """ Brooks ·had disappeared. There the day with no brakes, but was Tim Allen, a former stock car racer, made quite a splash at this race, as he led overall most of the distance in his Jimco were five jets now, circling the happy to see the checkered flag. and won Class 10 and overall by a big margin for this group, nine minutes, and he had no delays en route. • race track, at very low altitudes, The Unlimited Class was next TimAllen,whoswitchedfrom theirwayaroundanewtrack,the way around the track, a trio of and stunning the entranced to go, and in this bunch, Jorge stock cars to off road racing, racers found the course in great navy planes roared over the spectators with sudden rolls, Garcia, in a mid engine Porsche showed that he had the right shape, damp enough that dust was horizon, and began to work climbs and dives right over the powered Bunderson, was starting instincts, as he piloted his Jimco' no bother, and the major mud through a repertoire of stunts, start finish area. It was impossible with a severe handicap; no clutch . .(:lass 10 car to the overall victory holes were generally avoidable. including steep climbs, sudden to carry on a conversation, and, in At the end of lap one the lead at the FRT King of the Desert, This year's program is the same dives and ha rre 1 rolls, that truth, what with trying to watch, belonged to Richard Binder, in his firsteventofthe'93series,inmid as in past years, with the FRT competed for the spectators' bothcarsandplanes,mostofthe ORBS, who was pre running, February. making double use of their BLM attention. They stayed around spectators were too busy to talk. having been surprised on arriving Traditionally the KOO isa race permits and course marking time, for much of the rest of the What a glut of sensory input! Fud 15 minutes before start time, to withalittleextra.Itusuallyfeatures byusingtheracecoursetwicein afternoon. claimed to have arranged it findanewracecourse.MikeHart a short course type layout tacked one day. The motorcycles and On the second lap Allen, who specially for his race fans. had his Hi Jumper in second to the end of each lap, requiring ATVs raced in the morning, and could occasionally hear the jets, Allen had absolutely no place, and Garcia ran third in his the drivers to circumnavigate a they no sooner finished than Fud and thought he was hearing a problems, but he had a bit of a jolt Bunderson. Rod Goodsell was series of flying jumps, moguls, held the driver's meeting for the Class 8 truck catching him, on the last lap when Hernquist, a fourth in another ORBS. tight turns and holes, arranged cars and trucks, sent them to continued to lead, and now he had full lap down, caught him and By the end of the second lap within the U-shaped arms of pit staging, and waved their green over four minutes on Brooks, passed him. For a few seconds he there were only three cars left row, so that the pit crews and flag, at noon. who continued to run second. In thought he should give chase, but running, and it was still Binder in spectators can enjoy the fun. But The Class 10 cars were the first third it was still Brinkley and he radioed a query and his crew front, with the class fast lap, at this year Mother Nature played a off the line this time, and when Christensen, and Whitted had quickly set him straight to the fact 39:25, and Hart in second place, dirty trick on Fud, the C.E.O of they'd completed their initial lap moved up to fourth, pushing hard that Hernquist was just playing about three minutes later. Garcia the Fudpucker Racing Team it was Allen in front, a minute and to catch up. Wild, who'd rolled at mind games. He calmed down and was third. (FRT), and the mid winter rains 43 seconds in front of John the end of the first lap, had got went on to the checkered flag, to On the next lap Binder's had filled the dry lake with water. Brooks in his Raceco. In third it out, and his co-driver, Bill take the win, hopping out of the co-driver, John Herzberger, took Not only was there no short was Wayne Brinkley and Butch Hernquist, had taken over, but car looking very unruffled and over,andherolledthecar.Hegot course layout, there was no pit Christensen, 15 seconds later in he'd lost a lap with a broken rack cool, the pants of his driving suit himself uprighted, and then he row, and no racing in that area. their Raceco, and then came Vic and pinion. still displaying their pressed-in managed to flatten both front Fud located his start/finish Wild, in hisJimco.Joel Whitted, OnthethirdlapAllencontinued creases. Allen said his only tires, one at a time, and finished right off the paved road, making who'd started in front, in aJimco, to lead, now with a little over eight difficulty had been a bump on the that lap on the flats, looking very access easy for the pit vehicles and and had been expected to come minutes on Brinkley and Christ-first lap that caused him to bite his hangdog and no longer in front. spectators, and a series of mud around near the front of the pack, ensen, who'd come up to second. tongue. Hart had the lead by .18 minutes, hills compensated to some extent had lost about nine minutes when Morgan Maiocco had taken over In second, and glad to be there, and Garcia was second. But not for the loss of the short course afrontbrakecaliperfro:eup,and for Brooks, and was now third, it was Whitted, who'd been for long. jumps and thrills. Aside from the he had to make repairs. with Whitted, moving very fast, without brakes most of the day. By the end of the fourth lap inconvenience of having to learn. As the race cars flogged their . and closing up, but still in fourth Brinkley and Christensen finished -Hart had about 25 minutes, and Herzberger was back in second as Garcia disappeared, probably after getting into some pre-dicament where a clutch was necessary. Hart, who had got the rolling over out of his system the night before the race, had only one flat, and no troubles on his way to the win. He finished about 22 and a half minutes before Herzberger and Binder, and none of the others made it. Brady Stiles got the Tony Alvarado Ford into the overall lead for a short time, -Joel Whitted had serious brake problems on the first lap, but fought his way and while he still won Class 8, the only finisher, he had serious radiator woes up the ranks in later laps in his Jimco to finish second in Class 10 and overall. that dropped a lot of time. The Class 8 trucks were short on entry this time, but Brady Stiles charged hard in the Tony Alvarado Ford, as always, trying to put himself into the overall lead. And he did it. With a lap time of 37:57, he actually had the overall lead, about 55 seconds ahead of Allen. Behind him, Perry McNeil ran second in his Ford. And that's all the trucks there Page 38 May 1993 DustyTimes

Page 39

Wayne Brinkley and Butch Christensen were in and out of second spot in Class 10 most of the distance but ended up finishing third in class, 7 minutes back. The early Unlimited class leader was the ORBS of Richard Binder and John Herzberger, whose roll over put them back to second place at the finish line. Jorge Garcia ran well in the Porsche powered Bunderson but his ailing clutch put him out of the race somewhere on the fourth lap, but he placed third in Unlimited class anyway. were for this event. Stiles put together another good lap, and held his dual lead, now a little over a minute in front of Allen, and l O minutes ahead of McNeil. But his luck didn't hold, and on the third lap his radiator became packed with dirt, and the motor was overheating. It took about nine minutes to get it cleaned out, and he lost the overall lead, but was still about nine minutes up on McNeil, who was having some major shock troubles, front and rear. Stiles put together another good lap, and was still second overall, and now McNeil, who was driving in his third race in as many weeks, was sidelined by. a combination of problems, mostly caused by not enough time for adequate race prep. Stiles had a flat on his last lap, It was a close race in Class 1-1600 all the way, but at the checkered flag it was Kevin Basore in first place in his Jimco: he stopped only once for fuel and finished third overall as well. and replaced it with his spare. the day. Then the studs on a rear wheel They stayed close through the sheared, and the wheel and tire second lap, with Nolin holding went caroming off the bushes and the lead, and Basore now in out into the desert. He'd used his second, Woodruff third, Wyatt spare, so he and his co-driver had fourth and Calderon fifth. On the to go find the escaping tire and third lap, Nolin, who seems to wheel, and then cannibalize studs have his own little black cloud of from the other wheels to reinstall doom floating over him, was it. They lost 46 minutes in the landed on by Herzberger as they doing. Stiles still took the Class 8 cleared a jump together, but it wm, but dropped way back in the didn't bother him any. What did overall standings. bother him was when the car The one seat 1600 cars were backfired, caught fire, and then next to start, and this close knit quit running. That at least put the bunch had a tight race, with fire out, butthen it took him a full Robert Nolin, in his Nolin lap to figure out his problem. All Special, out in front, by 4 l of that put Basore into the lead, seconds at the end of lap one. with over two minutes on Wyatt. James Woodruff, in a Mirage was Woodruff was third, Calderon second, and Kevin Basore, in a fourth, and Phil Green and Todd Jimco, ran third, another 10 Acosta moved into fifth in their seconds later. In fourth it was Vic Chenowth. Calderon, in another Jimco, and Basore stopped only once, for then Larry Wyatt, in Andy fu~l. and kept moving along Estrada's Jimco, was just 17 smartly, and was just under two seconds behind him. Estrada, minutes in front of Wyatt at the who had an injured back, had end of lap four. Woodruff started and driven just enough disappeared, and Calderon miles to be legal for the points, moved into third, while Green giving Wyatt the car for the rest of , and Acosta were fourth, and now -----The KOO was a designated series race for the Mini Mags, and had some lead changes, but at the flag it was Chris Garrett and Charlie Townsley who won, taking the lead on the third lap of five. DustyTima David Webster came up to fifth in his ORBS. Basore had to keep hustling, but he stayed in front to get the win, finishing just 55 seconds in front of Wyatt, who'd-recorded the class fast time, 40:19, on lap four, in Estrada's car. In third, also with a sore back, was Calderon, and Nolin, after two very quick catch up laps, was fourth. Webster moved into fifth, and Doug Halvin, who'd had to replace a c.v., was sixth, as Green and Acosta lost enough time to make themselves the very last finisher of the whole day. In the two seat 1600s, the first lap leader was Mike Abatti, in a Raceco, and he was a little over four minutes in front of William Pate and George DeWalt, in a Raceco. In th~rd it was Pat Mershon, in a Raceco, fighting a little hesitation in his carburetor. The three drivers held their positions through the second lap, but now Abatti had nearly 10 minutes. And then some sort of mechanical disaster struck, and he lost an hour, and Pate and De Walt, who were racing for only their third time, moved into the lead. Mershon was now second, and in third it was Dave Woodward and Ernie Silva in a car they labeled an ''Obsolete" chassis. They'd already had a broken shock tower. Pate and DeWalt had six minutes at the end of lap four, and their crew had tightened a loose axle nut during their driver change, but nothing else went wrong. Mershon was still second, and Woodward and Silva held third. Abatti was running again, · and had some good lap times, but needed another 10 laps to catch up. And in the same boat, it was Don Meyers, in a Chenowth, who'd had two long laps, and now was making good time, but there wasn't a chance he'd recover either. May1993 William Pate and George DeWaft ran second through two laps in Class 2-1600, moved up to first place then in only their third race, and they brought the Raceco home first in the close running class. Pate and De Walt took the win, him were Chris Garrett, then their first, followed in by Yoshi Ogasawara, and the-team of Mershon in second, and Wood-Mike Thurlow and Rick Ellison. ward and Silva in third. Abatti On the second lap it was still and Meyers, both moving faster McDaniel, and then Garrett, but than the three lead cars for the last now Thurlow and Ellison were two laps, finished fourth and third, and Frank and Steve fifth, to give the class a 100'¾, Bristing moved into fourth place. finish rate. The third lap proved unlucky for The Mini-Mags were next to McDaniel, and he lost an hour, run, and Kirk McDaniel peeled off while Garrett's co-driver, Charlie the fast lap for the group, at Townsley, moved into the lead. 43:43, to take the lead. In back of The IIE West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS . 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Perry McNeil ran well in his Ford for over three laps in Class 8, but too many races too close together put him out then, but he did place second. Andy Estrada and Larry Wyatt, who did most all of the driving, stayed close all day and their Jimco not only finished second in 1-1600 action but fourth overall as well, just a minute behind the class winner. Vic Calderon ran fourth in Class 1-1600 in the .early laps in his Jimco, then moved up to third, where he finished, merely ten minutes behind second spot. Pat Mershon and Cory Sappington moved into second midway Ernie Silva and Dave Woodward call their car "Obsolete" but it in Class 2-1600, and they held the place to the finish, only just. was modern enough to take them to third in Class 2-1600, Despite running out of gas once, Mike Thurlow and Rick Ellison stayed with the program to take second in Mini Mags, only seven minutes behind the winner. over six minutes behind. despite a broken shock tower. ~ Bristings were second, Ogasawara and his co-driver, Hideki Takahashi, were now third, and Thurlow and Ellison, who'd run out of gas, were in fourth place, thanks to Garrett, who told the pits where to find them. ----:;;;---:::;;;;;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;--;;;;;;;;:;;;.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~~~;;;;;;.......;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~=;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;~;::;;;;;;;;:;;;; Townsley broke a pipe on the fourth lap, and had it replaced out at Check 4, yet maintained his lead. He was now just a bit over three minutes in front of Thurlow and Ellison, who bounced back up to second place. The Bristings were third, and Ogasawara and Takahashi ran fourth, with McDaniel about 30 minutes off the lead time, in fifth. Townsley had no further problems, and brought Garrett's car home a winner with Thurlow It was a tight dice on the first Class 100 lap, then leader Dan Lewis and and Ellison just ~even minutes Richard Green lost a c.v. and lost a lap, but they came back in the Sandhawk I ter · d 1 0 to win the class by almost 20 minutes. a m secon pace. gasawara ~ -----------------------------Class 5-1600 was a hard fought battle all day, with a couple of different leaders, but Bob Snaith and Chris Harrold were the first ones to the finish line and won by well over seven minutes. and Takahashi were third, seconds behind them. McDaniel another seven minutes back, and finished fifth, running strong, but the Bristings were fourth, 50. late. Class 100 got the green tlag next, and Dan Lewis put his Sandhawk into the lead, but just 23 seconds in front of Bill Gill and about 23 minutes down, after Chuck Mead in their Funco. In mechanical problems. j, BILSTEIN RACIN~ APPLICATIONS CLASS 1 TO CLASS 11 OUR SHOCK PRICES ARE VERY COMPETITIVE CALL TOLL FREE FOR PRICES & APPLICATION FUNNELS $11.95 11 GAL DUMP CAN WHITE $19.95 RED-YELLOW-ORANGE $20.95 HOT PINK $23.95 $49.95 2 FOR$89.95 P RATCHET wtt11L STU# T COll90 MTCHETIAXU: sTMie T Wfl».AIIIOUMO AXLE ITMn Lt 10 FT. $29.95 RED-BLACK-BLUE ·. 10 FT. $38.95 RED-BLACK-BLUE: 21 IN. $9.95 FCONOMY FUEL CELLS 8 GAL $172.50 • 12GAL $187.50 22 GAL $217.50 f!i_§j F.FU Cl.EAR FUEL HOSE 1" $2.00FT 2" $5.72FT 3" $8.94FT HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL YOUR OFF-ROAD EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES -WE SHIP WORLD WIDE OFF-ROAD USE ONLY third it was Brian Ryba, already . On the second lap Lewis blew a RALLYE500 76109 $28.95 RALL YE 1000 75701 $68.95 RALLYE2000 n411 $81.95 Ill ee~,,. AMBER AVOIDANCE LIGHT TWIN HORN $12.90 , $53.95 . WRIGHT RACK & PINION $309.00 .... 0ooc,o0 WRIGHT COMBOS WITH BEARINGS $599.00 805-683-1211 · TOLL FREE TECHNICAL SALES LINE 800-622-3939 5PTHARNESS $94.38 TOPQUALllY NOMEX III SUIT $243.38 RED-BLACK-BLUE BOTH SFI APPROVED T SUPER SHIFTER $99.00 RED-Bl.ACK-BLUE DUAL M/CYLINDER ~ s1w_::. $13;.~ _ ..... M'CYLINDER & SLAVE Pagc40 May1993 Dustyflmes

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Yoshi Ogasawara and Hideki Takahashi ran third in Mini Mag action off and on all day, and they finished third in ·class, over seven more minutes back. Bill Gill and Chuck Mead led Class 100 until fuel feed problems Brian Ryba had problems with his Class 100 Baja Bug from the developed midway in the battle, but they struggled onward and first lap, but managed to get in four full laps which earned him got the finish and second place. _th_ir_d_p_l_ac_e_i_n_c_la_s_s. ______________ _ c.v., and that put Gill and Mead into the lead, while Ryba struggled with more problems. Lewis lost a lap with his repairs, and was now third. Gill and Mead led through lap three, and now had 24 minutes on Lewis, and his co-driver, Richard Green, who'd recorded the class fast lap at 48: 15. Ryba dropped back to third. Gill and Mead were having some fuel pickup prob-lems, and by the end of the fourth lap, Lewis and Green had closed up a bunch, and were exactly one minute behind them. Ryba fell further back, and did no more full laps. Lewis ·and Green continued to run well, and moved to the front, taking the win by 19 minutes, as Gill and Mead struggled through a long last lap, to take second place. In the 5-1600s, which came next, the first lap lead, and the class fast lap belonged to Bob Snaith, with43:52. He was just 18 seconds in front of Danny Ledezma, who was second. In third it was Brian Goodrich in his Jimco VW, and in fourth it was John Holmes and Ramsey El Wardani in their Mirage VW. Snaith continued to lead, and at the end of lap two he had 43 seconds, while Ledezma continued to run second. They were enjoying a fierce battle, passing and re-passing one another as they fought for the lead. In third it was Goodrich, struggling with a suspension setup that wasn't right. Kris Rolfsson and Tom Gaasch had moved into fourth. Through the third lap the two lead cars stayed close. Snaith stopped to take on fuel, and put his co-driver, Chris Harrold, into the car, and he continued to duel with Ledezma. Then, just before the start/finish area, Ledezma took a tumble, and Harrold finished the lap with a minute and a half lead. Ledezma then stopped to take on oil, and lost a little more time. Goodrich put his co-driver, Charlie Watters into the car, and they·were still third, another 10 minutes back. Rolfsson and Gaasch had dropped out, and Holmes and El W ardani were back to fourth, an hour and 10 minutes behind Goodrich. Harrold continued to charge, having no trouble, holding the lead, with Ledezma running second, now about five minutes back. Danny had put his dad, Hector, in to finish. In third it was Watters and Goodrich, another 11 minutes down, and then Holmes and El Wardani, after more trouble, an hour and 48 minutes out of third. Snaith and Harrold went on to take the win, a fine way to celebrate Harrold's birthday. The Ledezmas were second, seven minutes later, followed in by Dusty Times Watters and Goodrich, 12 Chenowth, but he had only 11 Kern, who had his daughter, minutes further back. El Wardani seconds on Larry Kern, in his Julie, riding with him this time, and Holmes were a distant fourth, Rayco. In third it was Steve Poole, found that the ligh twe igh t and no one else made it in. in a Jimco, followed by Steve passenger was a big help, and he In the Class 9 group, the·lead Reynolds, in a Funco. Kevin movedintotheleadonthesecond belonged to Ray Miller, in his Graves ran fifth in his Jimco. , lap. Miller found the going very I] --Jeep BELLFLOWER EXIT 91 FREEWAY ·-- -~ 1 MILE WEST OF 605 FREEWAY - -=---::;--__ . ....... ~ u uncomfortable when his seat mount broke, and the seat hit bottom, but he held second place. Poole disappeared, and now Reynolds moved into third place, trying~ GRAND 100 3o CHEROKEES L-c:_i'g_:_E, , c:'J}:~ EAGLE VISIONS ULTIMATE SPORT UTILITY L.H. SPORTS SEDANS AND THE BIGGEST SELECTION OF USED JEEPS IN CALIFORNIA ~ ~ ~ g ~ § ! 2 (91) FWY. ; I!! •• !" AIIT[SIA Bl.VD. ! ~ DON A-VEE Jeep hgle l -(310) 867-7256 • (800) 366 -JEEP May1993 Pagc41

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Danny and Hector Ledezma diced for the lead lap after lap, but a third lap tumble dropped time for the father and son team and they were second 5-1600. Charlie Watters and Brian Goodrich had suspension troubles right from the start but they soldiered onward to finish a good third in Class 5-1600. Larry Kern and Mike Pfankuch led Class 9 from the second lap to the final• one, and just missed by a minute in the Rayco and placed second in the class. Jack Hettinger and Steve Reynolds had a good run in the Class Don Sheeham Jr. runs his Jeep CJ in the Little Truck class, had Richie Valencia and Roy Garcia had to replace the Toyota's throttle cable early in the race, caught up then ran out of gas on the last lap and ran out of time for an official finish. 9 Funco with good laps and no apparent troubles, and they throttle cable trouble, but finished all the laps and ended up finished third, another ten minutes back. second in class. ------------------------~ to cool it, spooked by the to the lead. Julie is so short that Reynolds was fourth, and Dave tact that he's had ring and pinion she could barely be seen over the Dietrich and Bob Gillingham, in a trouble in several recent races. In side panel of the car, but she was Jimco, came up to fifth. fourth it was Graves, and Mike enjoying her ride. Miller put Kern's co-driver, Mike Pfank-Cohen had moved his Raceco into Dennis Daniels into the uncom-uch, took over for the second half fifth place. fortable seat, and he held on to of the race, and his passenger was Kern gave his daughter a treat second, now only five minutes his son, Adam, another light-on the third lap, and recorded the I back, with Graves a little over a weight. They continued to lead, classfastlap,at47:27,toholdon, minut~-behind hill) in third. but now Daniels, in a hurry to finish and get out of the broken FRT BUDWEISER KING OF THE DESERT RESULTS - February 13, 1993 Car# Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehide Qasa l:l 600 -lflOOcc Bestrtcttd Slog!• seat • a start -z Uolsb 1604 1 Kevin Basore Jimco - 1605 2 Andy Estrada/Larry Wyatt Jimco 1602 3 Vic Calderon Jimco 1603 4 Robert Nolin Nolin Spec. 1640 5 David Webster ORBS Class 2-1600 -1600 Restricted Two Seat • s start • s tiolsb 1652 1 William Pate/George OeWalt Raceco 1651 2 Pat Mershon/Cory Sappington Raceco 1653 3 Ernie Silva/Dave Woodward "Obsolete" 1650 4 Mike Abatti Raceco 1654 5 Don Meyers Chenowth Class 10 · Vollrolted 1sso cc -9 starters· s Uotsbers 1012 1 Tim Allen 1000 2 Joel Whitted 1004 3 Wayne Brinkley/Butch Christensen 1002 4 Vic Wild/Bill Hemquist 1010 5 Steve Wolcott Class Vollrotted -z start - 2 finish 103 1 Mike Hart Jimco Jimco Raceco Jimco Jimco Time 3:26:07 3:27:02 3:37:29 3:54:42 4:00:46 4:07:43 4:14:19 4:36:28 4:40:30 5:15:54 3:14:59. 3:23:09 3:30:11 3:56:34 4:11 :37 seat, was only a minute and 25 seconds back. Graves was up to . third place, and Jack Hettinger, finished with one rear wheel who'd taken over for Reynolds, trying to turn in reverse, as was fourth, with Dietrich and something went awry in the Gillingham still fifth. transmission. Dietrich and Daniels recorded another good Gillingham were fifth. lap, and moved to the front, to The Little Trucks were the final take the win by just 59 seconds. group to start, and Scott Young in The Pfankuchs and Kerns were a Ford with the 302 c.i. motor, second, followed in by Hettinger started with the class fast lap, at and Reynolds, almost 10 minutes 48:43, in the lead. Mike Henry later. Right behind them it was and Victor Lope.:, in another Kevin and Hal Graves who'd. Ford, ran second, followed by Ryan Wheeler and Todd Rich-ards, in a Chevy. The order stayed the same through the second lap, and now Young had 10 minutes on Henry and Lope.:. He put his co-driver, Mike Smith, in for the third lap, and he held their lead, but Henry and Lope.: had closed up to within 37 seconds. Now Don Sheehan, in a four wheel drive Jeep, was third, after replacing a sticky throttle cable, as Wheeler and Richards had time consuming troubles. Sheehan, who'd been driving mostly with his brakes, since the sticky throttle cable had stuck full on, was much happier now. 104 2 Richard Binder/John Herzberger Class 9 • Chanenger -13 start -a finish 907 1 Ray Miller/Dennis Daniels 900 2 Larry Kern/Mike Pfankuch Hi Jumper ORBS Chenowth Rayco Funco 3:41 :44 4:04:29 4:10:20 4:11:19 4:21:32 4:22:42 4:25:53 In Class 9 the Chenowth of Ray Miller and Dennis Danieis took the first lap lead, then broke the seat mount, but the team carried on, got the lead back on the last lap and won Class 9 by just one minute. Henry and Lope: faded from the scene on the fourth lap, and Smith held the lead, with about 37 minutes on Sheehan, who now was second. Richie Valencia and Roy Garcia, in a Toyota, were now third, another six minutes back, after replacing their throttle cable earlier in the race. 914 3 Jack Hettinger/Steve Reynolds 906 4 Kevin & Hal Graves 901 5 Dave Dietrich/Bob Gillingham Class 100 • Short we Restricted Cars· 3 start • 2 finish 2 1 Dan Lewis/Richard Green 99 2 Bill Gill/Chuck Mead Clan 5:1600 -l60Q cc Pala Bug· a start • 4 flotsb 553 1 Bob Snaith/Chris Harrold 554 2 Danny & Hector Ledezma 556 3 Charlie Watters/Brian Goodrich 559 4 John Holmes/Ramsey El Wardani Class Big Trucks· 2 start • l finish 808 1 Brady Stiles Class Little Trucks -s start • 2 finish 711 1 Scott Young/Mike Smith 701 2 Don Sheehan Jr. Claa:s Nin! Mag · Cbeoowth N!oi Mag -6 start-s Uoiab 1298 1 Chris Garrett/Charlie Townsley 1250 2 Mike Thurlow/Rick Ellison 1201 3 Yoshi Ogasawara/Hideki Takahashi 1202 4 Frank & Steve Bristing 1299 5 Kirk McDaniel • denotes overall winner 67 starters -42 finishers -62.6 % finish rate 33 mile course - 5 laps for an official finish Weather: perfect - damp course with little dust Pagc41 Jimco Jimco Sandhawk Funco Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Ford 4:58:10 5:17:59 3:47:13 3:54:55 4:06:15 4:44:53 4:08:47 Ford Ranger 4:31 :23 Jeep 5:17:10 Mini Mag Mini Mag Mini Mag Mini Mag Mini Mag 4:00:08 4:07:19 4:14:59 4:15:49 4:31:42 Scott Young and Mike Smith run a 302 engine in their Ford Ranger, and set fast lap for Little Trucks on the first go, and despite a driver change and losing third gear, they won the Little Truck class. May1993 Young got back into the driver's seat for the last lap, and lost third gear, so he babied the truck the rest of the way, and made it in. He and Smith took the win, with Sheehan in second, 48 minutes later. Valencia and Garcia, who'd caught up, and thought they might get a second, had a horrendous last lap, which included running out of gas, and couldn't get back until after the cut off time. They earned a third with their four completed laps. The racing was all over at sunset, and the new course was declared a big hit. The next FRT event will be the Bu.:;: Bomb, on April 3rd, back in the Plaster City area. DustyTima

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Weft up in the points hunt is the Honda CRX si in SGT class driven by Scott Kronn and Peter Cunningham, who is an IMSA regular and SCCA PRO ra/lyman. Bill Pate and Herm Johnson class their Volkswagen Golf as "the Desert Storm Special." and the G Tl runs well, often second in SGT class on the ice. The Chevy Cavalier of Lyle Nienow and Bud Erbe kicks up a storm of snow dust cornering hard and spectating these races sure looks like a cold day outside for the hardy folk in Wisconsin and Minnesota. · Ice Racing; The Mid-Season Review • The pack stays close on the pace laps moments before the green flag dropped to start the International Ice Racing Association season opener in Chippewa Falls, WI. the Toyota FX-16 of Menard/ theweightofthesurfacesnowand Menard and the VW GTI of vehicles added the force that Kunferman/lten. turned the cracks into small Mid-season the #24 Mercury Capri convertible of John Kurshinsky and John Menard led the series points and SGT Race Menomonie, WI had geysers. Soon the entire 1.7 mile 16 corners on the short and track began to flood, with two of narrow 1.4 mile track. The the eight corners producing 18 .. Indianhead Four wheelers Club of standing water. class while to their right is the second highest points and ST class leader, the #44 Volkswagen GT/ of Steve and David Beddor. The two teams swapped the points race lead each time in the first four events. who laid out and then plowed the Starting third on the grid, Steve track must have wanted to insure Beddor, an accomplished water Despite the domination by two teams of the top two classes ( SGT and ST), the first four of six showroom stock endurance races in the International Ice Racing Association's (URA) tour have been exciting, thanks to an uncommon rivalry. The John Menard/John Kursh-insky team, driving a Mercury Capri convertible, is currently the tour's points leader in SGT, the class for the most powerful cars. Down one class to the ST cars, the brother team of Steve and David Beddor, driving a Volkswagen GTI is currently the points leader. Rarely are the ST cars in the running for the overall champion-ship, but not this year. Demon-strating that the superb handling of their Volkswagen can mitigate the horsepower advantage enjoyed by the Mercury, the Beddor brothers have proven to be a serious rival to the SGT team of Menard/Kurshinsky for the overall championship. These two teams have swapped the overall points lead back and forth four times in four races. These are showroom stock endurance races of two to three hours. The IIRA classifies competitors into four classes: SGT is for high performance front wheel drive sports cars of current model years (such as the Mercury Capri and VW 16 valve Golf); ST is for older SGT cars (the VW 8 valve GTI and Honda Civic); FS is for front drive mid-performance sports cars (such as the VW Rabbit and Dodge Omni) and RS is for all rear wheel drive sports cars ( such as the Mazda RX-7). Race 1 on January 10 was at Chippewa Falls, WI. Thanks to recent sub-zero weather there were over 20 inches of solid ice on Lake Wissota for racing. In fitting defiance of the weather a convertible won the SGT class and overall. It was a Mercury Capri piloted by Indy car owner John Menard and his co-driver John Kurshinsky. There is a Dusty Times mandatory driver change during competitors with six of the top this race was close. It was more skier, quickly developed a high these two hour endurance races. seven qualifiers turning lap times than close as it became a full speed hydroplaning technique The other surprise came from within one-and-a-half seconds of contact sport. With little room to and was able to overtake the pole brothers Steve and David Beddor one another. But, this is endur-make clean passes, it looked like sitting Mercury Capri convertible who not only dominated the ST ance racing, and the studded tires the famous chariot race in the driven by John Menard in only class in a VW GTI, but they also can quickly shave down at least movie Ben Hur. I do not think a eight laps. In the hour that outran the entire 26 car field six inches of ice on most corners single vehicle left the track followed, Beddor built a comfort-including all but two of the faster leaving some rather nasty if not unscathed. In fact, a few left the able lead as the soggy track began SGT cars, the first place team of brutal ruts. And it was the Beddor track upside down during the to bog down everybody. Moments Menard and Kurshinsky and the brothers, Steve and David, who race. There was not one but two before Steve was to take his second place SGT VW GTI team really shaved up the ice with their red flags to bring all racing to a planned pit stop to refuel and turn of IMSA ·regular Bill Pate and well prepared VW GTI to not halt so the tow trucks could the wheel over to brother David, formerlndydriverHermJohnson. only capture their second unravel some nasty, but injury URA officials stopped the race Cornerl0 of 13 on the 1.6 mile consecutive ST class victory but free accidents. early because the deepening hard water road course provided to also outlast and outrun all the floods made the track un-great entertainment for the many SGT cars to take first place Although the Chevy Spectrum navigable. race fans who braved cold overall. of Dave Markquart and Duane A command performance was temperatures. The studded tires IMSA regular Peter Cunning-Mahden dominated the first half put on by the team of Cary were so effective in gripping ice ham with co-driver Scott Kronn of the race, a well timed and well Kendall and Len Jackson whose that deep ruts formed on the track took first in SGT class and second executed pit st0P juSt after the Mazda RX-7 seemed to skim over during the race; a very deep but overall in the Honda CRX. secood red flag allowed the John all the water to finish second narrowsetdevelopedjustbefore Cunningham, also a Pro Rally Menard1J0hn Kurshinsky team overall ahead of Menard's corner 10. If an unlucky driver person, put his Honda on the to slip their Mercury Capri into Mercury, that was third overall, slipped into them blinded by the pole, and Kronn, who started for the lead, where it stayed until the but first and second went to ST clouds of snow dust, the ruts the team, quickly assumed a checkered flag. Marquart/ class. The Beddors won overall wouldcarrythevictimrightpast commanding lead in the early Mahden were second, followed again in the VW. Equally the corner as the driver frantically laps. David Beddor, who put his by Kroon/Freeman, Honda, both noteworthy and for the first time tried to steer out of them, only to GTI ( ST class) second on SGT cars, Knaack/ Miller, Dodge this season a FS class car made it be deposited into the waiting qualifying times, also started off Colt and Beddor/Beddor in the intothetopfiveoverall. Itwasthe snowbank. The Indianhead Four well, until he lost it into the large VW GTI in ST class. Fiat 128 of John and Jerry Nytes Wheelers Club was kept busy snowbank on the outside of turn Race 4 at Chisago City, MN in fourth, followed in by the plucking competitors both 4 . By the time he got unstuck he suffered an unseasonable heat Kronn/Do:ier Honda CRX si. upright and up wrong from this was fourth, over a minute behind wave that turned the race into a The final two races on this winter snowbank. Kronn. Beddor then began his swimming contest. Warm weather tour were in February at Thunder · Volkswagenappearedtobethe charge.Hemethodicallyclosedinlallowedlakewatertoworkitsway Bay, Ontario and Eau Claire, favorite brand for racing, with on and then overtook the third up small cracks in the ice. Then Wisconsin. Golfs, Rabbits and Sirocco placeVWGTiofBobKunferman C:4CTIU.S R~CiNG models making up about half the jus,t before the midway point field. ST class winner Beddor . when drivers began to make pit , explained why he thinks the VW stops for fuel and the mandatory is so popular. Although many fast driver change. sportscarsareavailable,iceracing. David's brother Steve no RACEA/R HELMETS & ACCESSORIES is brutal on a car so reliability is sooner came out of the pits when paramount. He said the German he found himself in the lead, durabilityoftheVWsmakethem thanks to both the leading reliably fast despite the relentless Kroon/Cunningham Honda and pounding a rutted ice track can the second place Menard / K ursh-dish out. Fourth overall came insky Mercury stuffing themselves Kroon/Cunningham in a Honda into two of the track's many CRX si and Menard/ Burgess in a snowbanks. Cunningham was Toyota FX-16 ST was fifth. eventually able to get his car free Race Two at La Crosse, WI had and quickly began to hunt down a 2.2 mile race track on Lake-Beddor. Even though the gap was Neshonoc. The track was so fast closed during the last 25 laps, that top competitors were able to Beddor was still ahead to take the hit speeds of 100 plus mph and checkered flag, first overall. carry it into turn 1 's sweeper on Nienow/Erbe were third overall . solid ice. On hand were 30 in a Chevy Cavalier followed by May1993 • Built & Backed by Bell Helmets • Light Weight • Lexan Sheild • Snell 90 • Helmet Conversions • Complete Blower Systems for Single or Double Seat Cars • Complete Line of Worth & Pyrotect Safety Products • Cool Boxes • Blowers • 4' -any Length Hose • Free Service & Parts • We Ship UPS $215.00 HELMET ONLY 5153 Bowden Ave.• San Diego• CA• 92117 • (619) 279-2509 Page43

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Mats Jonsson Makes It Two In A Row At The Swedish Rally Text & Photos: Martin Holmes .-;'# Last year's winner Mats Jonsson with Lars Backman navigating the Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD, won again, taking the lead on the last stages and keeping the victory cup in Sweden by just 13 seconds. Nearer each year the Scandin-avian drivers are coming to lose their command over the Swedish Rally, the last stronghold of nationalistic success in the World Championship. This 42nd edition saw visiting drivers in the lead over half of the event's 28 stages, gain fastest times on 19 of these, but in the end last year's winner Mats Jonsson came through again, and the unbeaten record of the Swedes and Finns stayed intact. The first Manufact-urer's Championship Rally in Sweden for five years was thrilling, with the outcome only settled on the very last stage. Every top driver had troubles but recovered from them, even the winner had a flat and survived a head gasket change e'n route. Colin McRae and Didier Auriol were the heroes of the foreign invasion. The weather was the only disappointing factor, the wide-spread absence of snow meaning that the winter tires often punctured, a situation made more acute with the introduction of FISA's new servicing restrictions. Conditions -..vere not quite as drastic as in 1990 when global warming had the event canceled altogether. This year the tempera-ture stayed near zero for long enough for the roads to stay hard, but there was virtually no recent snow· at all. Twenty-five percent of the competitive route was pure gravel, the rest was sheet ice and very dangerous. There were no traditional snow banks beside the tracks to bounce an errant car back on to the course again, only unyielding rocks. Without any wintry conditions the road sections were also dangerous, making the prospect of driving on clear public roads on fully studded tires very daunting for the drivers. FISA 's new cost cutting measures were imposed on organizers in full force for the first time and immediately focused attention on unexpected conse-quences. Of the 28 stages, no-servicing measures meant tires could only be changed 19 times. Up to 40 kimometers of stages had to be tackled on the same set of tires, the same tires which had been prepared as a compromise between the chances of snow and of ice. Drivers made plans to change tires themselves in the no-service road sections. It was important that the front wheels were the best shod, and the new rules said that only one spare tire could be carried. So the drivers would put the spare on the most worn side in the front. The teams reluctantly decided to accept the reduction of servicing opportuni-ties. Michelin had only prepared enough tires for 19 not 28 sets per car. Also control fuels had to be used and the traditional winter additives ( to prevent icing in the fuel lines, less important in recent years because of indoor overnight pares fermes and generarwarmer weather) forbidden. Most of the top drivers used Michelin tires. The monopoly of the French company, who at Monte Carlo did not supply the usual ATS puncture proof inserts, led this time to the supply of only one type of tire and they had not proper! y covered the ~t " threat of such extreme conditions, and again there was no sign of ATS. A Michelin spokesman confessed, "To be honest we have never needed A TS in Sweden before, and we were not prepared for these conditions at all." Things were different this year in a positive way too. It was the first time since 1988 that the Swedish had been a qualifying event for the Manufacturers' Championship. Toyota and Subaru came in full force, Ford sent their B-team Escort drivers 1and Mitsubishi, while their A-team prepared instead for Portugal cunningly calculated their points chances would be !enhanced by entering a team of Group N cars using Galants instead of the new Lancers. And there was a surprise, the Calibra Turbo 4x4 Opel ofStig Blomqvist. The model once tipped as GM's secret championship challenger had recently all but been shelved in favor of the 'Formula 2' Astra preferred by most GM dealer teams. But suddenly the local Swedish dealers found this was a chance to show the car on a World event for the first time. Stig Blomqvist came to the Opel with genuine enthusiasm and enjoying the operation of the hydraulic central differential system. "The handling is very nice". He was less enthusiastic about the Calibra's power. It was exciting to see three new types of car on the event. The others were the Audi Coupe SZ and the Mazda 323 GT-R. There had been hopes also for a Group A CitroenZX 16valveaswell, but as at Monte Carlo, this was not ready in time. Mikael Ericsson was back in action not having competed since the Safari, and aware that his Ford entry was a special chance for his career fortunes to revive. The Audi driver Josef Haider had not seen active competition for 18 months. The weather was almost frightening on the morning of the Etape 1 start. The fog of the previous two days had cleared from Karlstad but instead there was sheet ice everywhere. Even to stand upright on the ground was an achievement and the second fastest rail y in the World series was about to begin! There was an overnight surprise; due to recent changes in FISA's starting order rules, all the top starting places are Kenneth Backlund and Tord Andersson got the Mitsubishi Gala-nt VR-4 to the finish eighth overall and they won Group N and are tied on FIA Cup points, for the Group lead. now to be given to the manufact-6 Mats Jonsson hit the same stone urer nominated drivers plus the that wrecked Lindholm's chances, genuine A drivers. but happily merely punctured The first stage was held as a losing 50 seconds. Subaru had spectator attraction on waste Hannu Mikkola subbing for Ari ground outside Karlstad where Vatanen but his car was giving for days the organizers had been constant trouble. Colin McRae spraying water on the track to was immediately making times ensure there would be fun. No competitive with the leaders but fewer than six drivers tied for the in front of everyone was Auriol same fastest time. Then came the unworried and outwardly confi-proper forests and immediately dent "So far the unpleasant the event ran the first of the patches of ice have been predict-double stages with no servicing able. This evening with tempera-allowed between. At 40 km of tures falling, the stages between combined stage distance, this was . Smedjebacken and Falun are the toughest situation of the going to be really treacherous. whole event. With the second of They are very twisty, full of blind two stages being by far the longer, crests with the chance of sudden it was clear that anyone making a sheet ice on every bend." Words fast time on the first of these of prophesy, but for a different stages did so at peril oflosing their reason. studs on the second. With McRae looked confident, even trepidation the Ford team heard combing his hair to meet the that Malcolm Wilson made fast people at the afternoon halt. "The time on Stage 2. On stage 3 his gearbox gave some problems, Escort had gone off the road and kept jumping out of fourth, but damaged its suspension too much otherwise no trouble." He still to continue. "I mistook two crests made fastest time by five seconds close together and arrived at the on stage 8! The Calibra wasn't second crest quicker than I going so well. There had been expected ... " engine problems, a turbocharger Ford's gloom increased on change after stage 3 and it caused stage 3 when Mikael Ericsson an unexpected loss of power. In reported a misfire. This wasn't a the Mazdas Bjorn Johansson had big problem, but on the road two flats while Hakan Eriksson section to stage 5 the clutch 's found his Timi tires were losing central plate failed, stopping the studs. At the rest halt at car. Two of three team cars gone. Smedjebacken Michelin cars held Then on stage 6 Sebastian sevenofthetopeightplaces.Juha Lindholm, in sixth, went off the Kankkunen said that they had road and bent a track control arm, little trouble, even_on long stages. losing two minutes on the stage, "For sure the tire blocks are then followed another no-service getting very warm and therefore transit so they tied up the soft,buttheyretainthestudsvery suspension themselves, limped well." through the next stage, and were In Group N there was a lot of 17 minutes late on the road. At activity and more gloom for Ford. the rest halt he was down in 23rd Dubai driver Mohammed bin place. Sulayem, on his first appearance Toyota was going well. From on snow retired with gearbox stage 3 till the night halt they had trouble. Alister McRae's Sierra three cars in the top four, but broke a driveshaft. He had a spare their fourth team driver Jansson but did not know how to change was in trouble with bad misfiring it. A mechanic happened to walk and he retired on stage 5. On stage past and was heard to offer advice in the presence of an interested judge of fact, enough for the organizers to consider whether or not this was a breach of the rules. Their agony was ended when they received a report that Alister's service car was in an illegal area and so the younger Scot was ~ excluded. Martin Ericsson in the Group N Audi had two punctures and only one spare on stage 2 and had to drive all of stage 3 on a flat tire; remarkably he lost only eight ' minutes and was able to carry on. Leading the non Scandinavian invasion force, Colin McRae and Derek Ringer ------_ _ _ _ :..~~ • First Group N leader Thomas Radstrom had transmission and other troubles with his importers' Toyota, while favorite Mitsubishi contender Stig-Olav Walfridsson drove 20 kms with a front puncture and lost two minutes. had victory in sight but went off the road on the final stage and were third in . Winding through the tall trees on the near gravel stage Per Svan and Johan the Subaru Legacy 4WD Turbo. Olsson drove the Opel Astra GSi to the Formula 2 victory and tenth overall. Page 44 May1993 Dusty Times

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Tommi Makinen and Seppa Harjane drove the first Lancia in, Bjorn Johansson and Anders Olsson drove the new Mazda 323 fourth in the Astra Team HF lntegrale, only about three minutes G T-R to fifth spot on its World Championship Rally series debut, Austrians Josef Haider and Klaus Wendel drove the new Aud i Coupe S2 to seventh overall and in Group A, having a couple o f flat tires along the route. back of the lead pack. another five minutes behind. ---------------------===== In Formula 2 Per Svan was in lead changes so much' nothing is ferme, proudly having risen to front. Cemoni O hlsson, who had surprising me any more" He had tenth place, but it was decided he hoped to debut the Citroen ZX 16 no flats but had suffered a broken would not restart, the engine had valve, but started eventually in his sensor wire which affected the overheated and the head gasket old AX Sport, retired with engine computer and cost him about 50 was believed to have failed, which trouble. The midday stages had bhp, but it had been repaired. Blomqvist had reported earlier, been really beautiful, a light Haider's Audi was going well, but he was out. Jonsson's Toyota sea tteri ng of snow covered with just two flats to delay him all gasket had also failed, but with -everything in sight, but later it all day, but the Group N version more advance warning the team disappeared leaving only gravel driven by Martin Ericsson went had changed this before arriving and the eternal ice. First sign of out with a broken gearbox. in Karlstad. problems on the first evening Lindholm retired with engine TherewasanotherMonteCarlo stage was when Mikkola's Subaru trouble on stage 18 in the final spirit about Etape 3 of the lost time with electrical trouble. official Ford entry, while Mikkola Swedish. 131 km of stage to go, Then Auria! was overdue. He had more transmission problems, Auria! was again in fighting form arrived on three wheels having eventually cured when Prodrive only 28 seconds behind the leader lost nearly two minutes and let refitted his original unit. Olofsson in fourth. But things did not work McRae into the lead. He didn't retired his Group N Nissan with out as planned. Starting the car in say how he lost the front wheel. gearbox trouble, and Anders the morning, the oil pump gasket Kytoleyhto fell back with Radstrom, Mitsubishi, second in failed and oil started to leak. He electronic trouble. the Group, went out with the did the first stage, but found the Mikkola had been pleased to same problem. situation was critical, and reach Falun on Etape 2. The From McRae's apparently between there and the next stage transmission had been acting impregnable 102 second lead was another of the no,service unpredictably, and then the after stage 12 he had fallen to areas. In haste, he explained heater had leaked on to the engine fourth. Per Eklund was happy to afterwards, he accepted some oil management unit. The immediate. get to the end of the day. "The from a spectator, later identified cure was to disconnect the heater, I engine overheated with a burst as former winner Anders Kullang, which lowered the temperature water pipe; the computer im, the quantity also later identified for the occupants and reduced mediately programmed for as being no less than eight liters, visibility through the windows. cooling fuel to be injected into the and after adding the oil to the car McRae had the awe inspiring task engine and I got away with it," he set off on the next stage. but the of opening the route on the When the rally reached Karlstad damage had already been done. second day, and on the first stage Kankkunen was leading by five He stopped when the oil pressure of the day he suddenly increased seconds from Jonsson and the top fell to zero, restarted and lost his lead from 17 seconds to a four drivers were separated by three minutes on this stage, and remarkable lm42s when Kank, only 28 seconds! Didier was clear although he continued for a while kunen, Jonsson and Makinen all in his tactics for the last few stages there were more complications. had punctures. Juha said the tire the next day: Attack!", but Juha T he engine was throwing out just rolled off the rim, while was more circumspect. "It is five flames and a fuel breather pipe Jonsson hit a small stone some 7 years since I was here before, so had been damaged, so the car was kmsintothestage.Onthesecond we will see what happens." withdrawn as a result. The stage it went wrong for the Scot. Blom vist put his car in pare organizers issued a notice that the He had a drive shaft break, which in turn damaged the front brakes. He got to the end of the stage on rear wheel drive and rear brakes only, losing two minutes. And because Kankkunen was held up in McRae's snow,dust, suddenly Didier Auria! retook the lead. The Frenchman made fastest time on the day's first three stages, while McRae made best time on stage 15, the longest of the rally and also one of the fastest. After a short spectator stage at a ski center, the Monte Carlo Rally winner led by 25 seconds at the rest halt. Auriol was worried about the wheel that broke when he hadn't hit anything. The local radio broadcast an appeal to the spectator who had the broken wheel to contact the team so they could see it then he would get it autographed and get to keep it. The spectator reported by phone in ten minutes saying that the wheel collapsed before Didier got to the corner, and that there were evil looking cracks emanating out from the stud holes. Then more bad luck struck Auria!, with a flat tire after feeling a slight move, ment. Down to fourth he went and into the lead went Kank, kunen . As they drove on into the even ing, McRae said "I have never known a rally where the .DustyTimcs Swedes Stig Blomqviist and Benny Melander drove the Opel Cali bra T 4x4 on its debut in World Championship events, but they didn't finish, the engine failing after stage 21. 1993 Swedish Rally Results Mats Jonsson/Lars Backman Juha Kankkunen/Juha Piironen Colin McRae/Derek Ringer Tommi Makinen/Seppo Harjanne Bjorn Johansson/Anders Olsson Per Eklund/Johnny Johansson Josef Haider/Klaus Wendel Kenneth Backlund/Tord Andersson Jarmo Kytolehto/Arto Kapanen Per Svan/Johan Olsson s SF (J3 SF s s A s SF s Toyota Celica Turbo Toyota Celica Turbo Subaru Legacy 4WD T Lancia HF lntegrale Mazda 323 GT-R Subaru Legacy 4WD T Audi Coupe S2 A Mitsubishi Galan! VR-4 Mitsubishi Galan! VR-4 Opel Astra GSi 109 starters - 52 finishers - • Group Winners - # Formula 2 Winner No Ladies starters - Winner's average stage speed - 107.34 kph A• 4:49:05 A 4:49:18 A 4:49:33 A 4:52:51 A 4:57:35 A 4:58:35 A 5:05:46 N• 5:07:30 N 5:08:24 A# 5:12:05 World Drivers Championship - Kankkunen 23, Auriol & Jonsson 20, Delecour 15 Manufacturers Championship - Toyota 40, Mitsubishi 23, Ford 17, Subaru 14 Formula 2 Championship -GME 20, Citroen 14, Peugeot & Skoda 11, VW 4 May1993 The no-service rule saw some high priced drivers changing their own tires in restricted areas between stages, and they had to make choices as they were only allowed one spare on board. car had already been excluded for breaking the no,service rule. During this fuss Hannu Mikkola retired with engine failure. Snow was falling in the area and this worked to the disadvantage of the first car on the road, the Toyota of Kankkunen. After two stages Jonsson had passed him, and with one stage to go McRae was in front of him as well. McRae had started the day with a spot of luck; he banged a wheel so hard that it broke, yet despite a flat he only lost about ten seconds. On the last stage the Scotsman went for the victory, but instead of a win he went off the road and hit the front of the car damaging the intercooler. "Unfortunately the power dropped off again, so we had to settle for third. After leading by 102 seconds earlier w~ thought we would be cruising to a win but it wasn't to be!" Juha Kankkunen, on his first Swedish Rally since 1987, was philosoph, ical. "We were beaten by the snow, but we are leading the championship nevertheless, so it can't be all bad." These first three cars were all in the same minute withJuha 13 seconds behind Mats and Colin another 25 seconds back, a real close finish! Josef Haider got the Audi to a creditable seventh place, despite two punctures. Kenneth Backlund won Group N in the Mitsubishi Galant VR,4 at eighth overall, and Per Svan won Formula 2 at tenth overall jn the Opel Astra GSi. About half of the starters finished the rally. Toyota leads the Championship for Manu, facturers and Juha Kankkunen leads the Drivers points battle by . a slim_ ~hree points. TOYOTA RACE ENGINES The finest & fastest Toyota race engines available for class 1, 7-S. 74x4. 15 and SCCA Pro Rally. Complete computer dyno tested Engines are available. as well as in kit form. Send today for our new 38 page catalog which includes Complete Engines with Dyno Charts, Ported Heads, Corrosion Proof Headers, Cams, Stainless Steel Valves, Blowers, Mikuni Garb. Kits, Clutch Kits, Ignition Systems, Flywheels and more. Call today or send $5.00 for complete catalog. Shipping world wide. Contingency program offered. Call: (714) 596-5494 ==--Send to: ~-~ L.C. Engineering ~TDYDTA 2978 First Street, Unit G . La Verne, c.l!; 91750 Some products not legal on pollution controlled vehicles. Page 45

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Shannon Schulz Wins ADRA's Gila Bend 100 Text & Photos: Anthony Tellier: out to change a-flat is a SOB!" We. didn't have one lap without a problem. Flats! (Shakes his head) The @#$#@ shifter needed adjusting to get into second (gear). I tried to split the shifts between first and third but the washes made it pretty 'iffy'. If Bill Herrick had 'a been here, he coulda told me what to do." Four Down: Mike Pere;: and Tom Struttman manages to avoid ADRA 's Hidden Rock on his way to the 1600 Ross Whitmoyer were out victory in the short wheelbase Sandwinder, and Tom also won the $300 bonus rearranging the sediments in what . _fo_r_t_he_li_tt_le_c_la_s_s_e_s. ___________________ _ Overall winner Shannon Schulz was never headed in his Farmco sponsored Class 10 car, and he had a trouble free race, won back his own bonus purse that is posted for all ADRA races this year. was easily the fastest car of the Six Down: Ed Beard had his "butitjustdoesn'tliketogoleft." meeting -their RX7 rotary new ultra-cool A-armed car out The pre-race course sweep noise-maker. But the race is not -· for yet another shake down run. brought up several magnificent necessarily to the swift ... but to "We're getting real close on the Red-tailed Hawks -and a couple the sure. And Mike and Ross sure car set-up -and using these races in a Toyota who were having what had their problems. (And that, for testing really helps." A one might delicately describe as a again, is the crux of winner's steering box ended the test run, "morning delight." "Hey! Heads success: No Problems.) but Mister SuperSeat was still up!"Ther'llberacingcarscoming The 1993 version of ADRA's Gila Bend 200 last February was the initial event in a seven race series that features an escalation clause in the Pro purse. It is a scheme that rewards the racers who enter (and start -be advised) through a system· of bonus payments. The ploy is obvious: race all the events and the purse for the last race will be qi.lite healthy indeed. But wait! The purse was put up by the Buckeye Farmco firm -headed by none other than Shannon Schul;:. Who , just happened to win this inaugural meeting. Sure makes sense: put up the purse; get the tax write-off; win it back; and call it part of the cost of racing. Winner Shannon had a trouble free day over the four lap, 45 mile, mainly sand wash course. Although he had enough course ribbon strewn all over his car to qualify for the Fiesta Bowl Parade. "Look - ( the engine) didn't even weep any oil. Only the antenna got a half-hitch tied in it. And not even that much brush and weeds inside." In fact, Shannon was the 9-nly car who didn't suffer any . problems. And that was the crux Mike: "We came in for a quick SuperSmiling. through here soon - real fast. of the race: Got trouble? Too bad; 1 pit and I asked Danny (Fodrill) The inordinately high winter · too." "Yeah, yeah. Thanks, pal." you lose. how far back JP (Jim Pierce) was. rains manifested itself by Tom Higgins' 3-literNissan V6 One Down: The first car out He said "Minutes behind.' Then luxurious desert growth. The had been liberated from a junk was the "2" car of a dejected Steve here JP flies past me. I think it was trees and desert shrubs invaded · yard's '86 PU with 60K miles ( it Vesterdal at the ten mile point. a _trick," he lau~hed. But Danny the washes that ma~e up most of still _had that yellow cra,ro~ "T s ·ssion _ it's a bus with did do a great Fmagle FodFix on the course -drapmg the route lettermg on the cam cover). Its He:l:nd1gears. But with a'(bus). my shredded CV boot." I didn't withspine-ladenwhipsandclubs, box-stock, except .~or the 600 · _ that's what broke I thmk that duct tape would work to pummel the unwary. There Holley and headers. Tom pulled ~a;~rthreecarsalready" . thatlong-oratall.Thentheygot wasn't a radio antenna left the throttle body fuel injection a · a big ol' rear flat on the third lap un-curled. And the taller cars and the ECU, adding the drag race Tw_o Down: _Steve M_e!ton had and had to motor into the pits were filled with brush. Frank carb and an adapted Delco the first star~mg po~!tlon and flailing away at the desert sands. Turben's Chevrolet had numer-ignition. "I didn't want to get went for the Big Lead. You guys Result? Third overall and second ous witness mar ks over the involved with the extensive wiring have to thank me - I cleaned o~~ in "l" behind New Mexicans Stan windshield giving mute testimony and e lee tron ics-in-the-d i rt most of the shrubbery for you and Zach Steel. to the· encroachment of the I problems (associated with the Har~ charging Steve's "10" w~s FiveDown:StanSteelmadethe healthy mesquites and palo street Fl)." Tom didn't get too startmgtosoundr<?ugh-?utzt long haul from Farmington to verdes. Co-driver Paul Rich far,asheshearedofftherightrear was actually somethmg as simple suffer his share of woes. First a flat wasn't mute, however. "Man, we axle on the old Dir Trix car. "We as thrown belts that side-lined on the first lap then second were cookin'. Then we took this changed it a lot -Woods arms· an him. Of co':1r~e, when belt~ won't thrown belts on the se~ond lap'. real hard unscheduled right right AZ Transaxle bus box; lots' of stay on, Its usually JUSt a "It was weird. We picked up up this bank," he shrugged over things ... you know.' sympt~m of a lar~er more somesurveyor'stapeintheengine hiscourseworker-suppliedMiller Poor Walt's Corner. Walt expen$ive ~robl~m. Like a.~rank pulley and melted it into a big beer. The steering box appeared Baranick had done the prior thrust b~armg gomg away. They blob which pitched the belt. I to be the culprit. " Everything else week's SNORE race -and busted w~:mld~, t stay on for even a have to scrape the stuff out of the looks OK under here," he said, a torsion housing up in the mmute. groove. I was leading JP into the bent over under the fender well - Nevada desert. A few quick passes Three Down: "Buckeye Jim" stadium -on the last lap-and I ran 'J Pierce ( with A TV racer Daniel out'a gas." Pierce sailed on by - a Hyde in his first car ride) had his mile from the finish -but still share of problems -and was heard ended up fourth overall by virtue to bitterly complain that_"Getting j of the start time differential. __ Trackside Photo, Inc. Racing photography since 1970 We cover all La Rana, SCORE/HORA, and Calif. Rally Series events. When you need action photos, call us! Call us for: Calendars• Press Kits• Photo Business Cards• Autograph sheets Pagc46 P .0. Box 91767 Los Angeles, canfornla 90009 (310) 670-6896 May1993 Ed Beard hops his new A-arm Class 10 car through the lush green desert after the winter rains, but Super Seater Ed broke the steering box and was a DNF. Jim Pierce slides a corner in good shape here, but was troubled with flats and shifter woes and more flats and was beaten by Stan Steele for the Class 1 win. Dusty Times

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Steve Melton thought he had the overall win in the sack as he started first, but his car tossed one belt after another so he had to park the Class 10. Walt Baranick kept his Class 10 on the course, co-driver Frank Fleurquin ran third and near the final laps he unfortunately lost a cylinder and was out. Tom Higgins DirTrix had a junk yard three liter Nissan engine, a VB, and went well for a time, but didn't get far before a broken axle put him out. with the wire welder and he was out to do battle at Gila Bend. Make no mistake -no one ever accuses Walt of staying off the gas. No sir - he pitched the car sideways for an out-back Photo Op and promptly spun out-while running a solid third. "We were runnin' strong -and now have this new deal with BFG. And Chen-owth is making a new car -this old one is like glass. It's nine years old now and we're just chasin' cracks ( with the wire welder)." Frank Fleurquin went out for the final two laps and never came back. He dropped a cylinder -prompting the (wise) decision to park it and save what was left. Billy Tsakiris' "10" was side-lined in a wash by over-heat-ing -"I need some water and some oil. And a radio that works." With that extensive "want list" it seemed like he was "Out" by a country mile. But they got him going and he went on to finish three laps and get third place -although it was quite late. Gotta get those points, man. ADRA had a huge neon-pink "Hidden Rock" sign all stoutly put up on stakes before the race. After one lap, the sign was in the trees and the lath was all blasted apart, with intermittent tire tracks th rough the b eer keg-si:ed boulders giving mute testimony The pits hustled to get the 1600 of Tony Pierce and Kelly Reedy ship shape and on its way, but they finished just behind the Struttman mini-buggy. ent?) ... while Pierce's two seater bike riders -they raced the was almost 400 f101mds· bver the following day -complaining two seater limit at a Jenny Craig about how " ... the cars chew up 1740. When a basic Challenger- the course," it's the motorcycles suspended swing axle car can that add all those miserable out-perform a no-troubles Fox braking whoops. The cars just put Shox'd unit, you know the course in nice, deep, steep-walled berms was smooth. that make for Supercross berm (In fact, and in spite of all the shots.) Frank Turben sails out of a hole in his big Class 8 Chevy, running in the Unlimited Class, but he ran off the course when the steering box broke. Pat Mershon and Jay Warren's "We went wide in the walled Raceco almost took out] im Estes, wash and clipped the di.ff. Pow!" the first corner worker -who had The TUF Challenger of Don to be really light of feet to avoid Weiser had a smooth run but the the locked-tire 2-1600's slide two seater just couldn't keep up through the cones. Later, I with Struttman and Pierce. His followed co-driver Cory Sapping-consistent no-hassle laps did give ton for miles as he struggled with him the win over Don Morrow, v two flat tires on the right side . . who had to change a ball joint. to someone's real ro ugh ride through the rocks. In fact, Frank Turben drove right into the mess, • not more than a stone's throw from the Photo station. And to prove his ballistic trajectories were the only way to go, he also ~ eJ.4}_4-©5fil1IE. ~ !SIMPSON! CHENOWTH ~i!:n . " ... hit 1666 (Tom Struttman) rea I good." That added impetus may have been the final edge that Tom needed to come from behind and nip Tony Pierce and Kelly Reedy. The 89-inch Sandwinder of the Struttman Clan was out for the $300 bonus in the "little" classes ( 1600/5-1600/ 9 / l l /7S). The tiny swing-axled, ball-jointed car originally weighed under the 1550-pound limit, necessitating 25-pounds of ballast. "Hey -we've added aluminum wheels; nc:u• Bilsteins; and a rc:al '1600' motor.'' The single-shock-per wheel car had no frills and no extra components nor any spares. Pierce had been radio'd that he held a "four-minute lead" as he started the fourth lap. But that didn't take into account the start time delta. On instructions from his crew, Tom Struttman drove like a madman and collected the win on an elapsed time squeaker. The Struttmobile was fifth overall - it's sort of a cross between a Pilot and a skateboard. They trailered both cars to the local agricultural scales and, yes, the little car was right on the 1550-pound money ( would the detail-intensive Don, Mike, and Tom crew done anything differ-Dustynma TRI-MIL EXHAUST SYSTEMS 'BRAND NEW FOR Cl.flSS 1 or Cl.flSS 10 BUGGIES' ULTRA CUSTOM WHEELS 1 3/8 TYPE 1 RAW ............................. $59.95 1 3/8 TYPE 1 CHROME ...................... $91.00 15 X 3 5 LUG ................................... $75.00 11/2 TYPE 1 RAW ............................. $59.95 15 x 7 5 LUG ................................... $80.00 11/2 TYPE 1 CHROME ...................... $91.00 ~ ,p I ff ff LIGHTS 1 5/8 TYPE 1 RAW ............................. $67.00 ~ 1 518 TYPE 1 CHROME ...................... $97•95 DRIVING LIGHTS PJ:l W/WIRING ... $221.00 KENNEDY CLUTCHES SPOT LIGHT PR WIWIRING $221.00: 200 mm DISC 4-PUCK ...................... $48.00 · DRIVING/SPCT/PENCIL LIGHTS.. $ 88.00 . 200 mm 1700 PRESSURE PLATE ..... $85.0D PARKER PUMPER 200 mm 2500 PRESSURE PLATE ..... $103.95 * EARLY OR LATE STYLES* 11 GALLON DUMP CANS WITH BUILT IN HANDLE TO POUR ... $62.95 SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS ANTI SUB BELT 2' ............................. $23.95 LAP BELT 3' ...................................... $58.95 SHOULDER BELT 3' .......................... $46.80 SHOULDER BELT W/ STERNUM sr RAP .••• $72.95 'A MUST FOR COMPETITION USE' E-Z UP TENT 10' X 15' ......................................... $499.00 SCRIBNER JUGS 5 GALLON JUGS WHITE & BLUE ............................... $18.95 NEON COLORS ............................... $22.95 . FILLER HOSE FOR JUGS (SCREW IN LIO STYLE).$3.95 CHENOWTH CLASS 11 CAGE ........................... $154.95 QUICK RELEASE STEERING HUB ... $32.95 CNC HYDRAULIC SINGLE or DUAL HANDLE CUT BRAKES ................... $74.95 SAND RAIL PEDAL PACKAGE . W/ CHROME THROTTLE PEDAL..$189.00 ADJ. PEDAL MOUNT ...................... $33.95 JAMAR ALL MASTER CYL. 17,19, or 22 DRUM or DISC .... $48.00 ALL REBUILD KITS .................. $12.95 UMP SUPER FILTER UMP SUPER FILTER ................... $159.95 UMP ADAPTER, FITS SOLEX ...... $109.00 WORTH DRIVING SUITS 1 LAYER HORA/SCORE LEGAL W/ RED or BLUE STRIPE .............. $87.95 NEVADA OFFROAD T-SHIRIS 100" C0110N ••If •7.SON. PH# (7021 871-4911 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW OPEN 6 DAYS. MON -FRI FAX# (702) 871-5604 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89102 8am -6pm. SAT 9am -5pm lHIS AD SUPERSEDES ALL OTH~ • MENTION lHIS AD TD REC' JE THESE SALE PRICES May1993 Page 47

Page 48

Performance Package Wakes Up Old Workhorse Text & Photos: Homer Eubanks exhaust systems to fit over 400 street vehicles. A stroll through virtually any type of racing event will reveal the Borla system as well. The company offers XR-1 Turbo-racing type mufflers and applications for RVs and light trucks. Except for the XR-1 Raceline system, all of Borla 's systems are street legal in all states and C.A.R.B. approved. Construction material is top of the line T-304 Stainless Steel. Featured is a hand welded muffler with a straight through design for unrestricted flow. Noise is suppressed by a perforated core that diverts exhaust so the noise cancels itself. Stainless steel packing material protects against burn out. Packing also serves to keep exhaust temperature inside the muffler and reduce driver compartment heat. Borla Performance Industries of Oxnard, CA custom designed a free flowing stainless steel exhaust system for the truck. The stock one barrel carburetor and the original intake and exhaust had to be replaced if more power was wanted in that area. · Performance is a word that triggers the imagination with . varying thoughts. One might describe performance as good, crisp engine response, while performance to someone else may spur the thought of getting extremely good fuel mileage. Then again, to us performance is trying to get the best engine response while also increasing fuel mileage. When the issue of performance came up on our project vehicle it was decided that the six could use more power "at any speed". And the thought of a more efficient operating engine sparked hopes of better overall economy. The intention was to clean up the engine's intake, compression, ignition and exhaust cycles. In other words develop a component package to deliver an efficient power flow. ·Preceding the modifications the engine was running good and recorded decent compression so a major overhaul was not necessary. Reliability was a main concern so engine operating efficiency out-weighed total horsepower per-formance. Whether you need performance for your tow vehicle or race vehicle a total performance package is advised. The compon-ent package decided upon for the GM 292 cid in-line six was better carburetion with a Holley two-barrel, and a new intake manifold by Offenhauser. A K&N unit filters out impurities and increased air intake. For an accurate firing system an MSD, unit and GM HEI ignition replaced the old points and coil. Splitfire plugs were installed to utilize the maximum spark from the MSD system. To remove the exhaust efficient! y Hedman Hedders and a Borla exhaust kit were installed. The most often overlooked performance component is the exhaust system. Stock exhaust systems are notorious for robbing power. Quite often just adding a free flowing exhaust system like Borla 's will show a tremendous gain in performance from stock. A Borla stainless steel exhaust system was chosen to insure horsepower efficiently flowed our exhaust pipe. Borla uses computer controlled m andre l bending equipment so tube diameter remains the same throughout the exhaust, thus preventing restric-tions from interrupting the exhaust flow. Not only is power affected but economy as well. Most of our performance components had been added before the Borla system was put on. The modifica-tions had shown a very noticeable performance increase, but the economy dropped dramatically. Adding the Borla exhaust caused the mileage to jump up nearly a half a mile per gallon. Borla offers stainless steel performance exhaust systems for everything imaginable. Borla 's catalog boasts a range of complete Our system was designed around the two-piece Hedman Hedders. Two 2¼-inch diameter stainless steel tubes route into a single muffler. A single 2½-inch diameter exhaust tube travels down the frame rail and exits just behind the rear wheel. A couple of frame mounted stainless steel hangers support the system. What exits the tail pipe is a mellow, rich sound of power. The type of sound that is music to the ears of any performance loving individual. And its stainless steel construction warrants Borla offering a million mile warranty. Getting power out of the exhaust chambers efficiently is a set of Hedman Hedders. Stock cast iron exhaust headers have been proven time again to restrict the dynamic flow of exhaust gas. Tube type headers like Hedman's have a single function but are important aspects in altering engine torque and horsepower characteristics. Tube design headers reduce pressure behind the exhaust valve to below ambient pressure. This relieves the engine's effort in pumping gases out of the chamber. Finding headers for an in-line six is not an easy task. Only a c_ompany like Hedman, that has been around for a long time, has such an arsenal of systems to choose from. Hedman uses a split exhaust system on the in-line six. Each cylinder has a 1 ½-inch diameter tube carry exhaust gases down to a 2½-inch diameter collector. Installation of the headers was simple. Actually bolting them on and replacing the intake can be accomplished in a couple of hours. However, the split exhaust created another project under the vehicle. A tight fit occurred around the motor mount but a pry bar massaged the tubing into submission. The down side of installation of the headers was that three inches of ground clearance were lost as the collectors dropped below the frame of our truck. Getting the full spark to the fuel/ air mixture in the combus-tion chamber is the duty of Splitfire spark plugs. The forked electrode on these relatively new design plugs are said to improve power and increase economy. Energy Performance, Inc. , markets the v-shaped electrode plug. Splitfire's theory behind the plug's performance is the split electrode acts to increase turbulence in the combustion chamber. Another theory is that regular plugs can actually hide the spark from the incoming air/ fuel mixture, delaying ignition, but the dual electrode eliminates this problem by producing a wider spark. A Multiple-Spark Discharge MSD-6A Pro-street/high per-formance ignition system was utilized to get the best spark possible to the combustion chamber. In place of the stock point/ condenser type trigger we set in a reconditioned GM HEI distributor. The main purpose of an ignition system is to gain total ignition of the fuel/ air mixture in the cylinder. MSD gets total ignition by maximizing spark duration and spark energy. The Holley two barrel carburetor and Offenhauser aluminum intake manifold, The free flowing muffler from Borla deadens the exhaust noise with perfor-made in Los Angeles, increase fuel/air mixture while the Hedman Hedders ated inner core. that come from Culver City, extract exhaust. Page 48 May 1993 MSD has been building per-formance ignition sets for many years. The El Paso, Texas firm has set the standard for multiple spark discharge ignition units. Years of performance research and development has resulted in a dynamic product. When one goes from a worn (and antiquated) point ignition into the hi-tech world of today's electronic ignition systems it is easy to see the drastic performance change. Some of the obvious benefits of the system are easier starts, more power, reduced plug fouling and, because the fuel/air mixture is totally burned, the cylinder is relieved to increase rpm. Before installing the MSD we ran the distributor on a curving machine and compared the spark of the MSD to the old points set up. Our tired points delivered what appeared an adequate spark to the plugs, but once MSD was tested the plugs lit up like a mid-west thunderstorm. Visual proof the system performed better. The kit came ready for easy installation. Complete and easy to follow instructio ns were included for installing the unit to work with points, magnetic trigger or our newly installed GM HEI ignition system. A set of MSD heli-core 8mm ignition wires were added. The helically wound, solid monel conductor offers low resistance to enhance the wire's voltage carrying capabilities. To prevent the solid wire from creating radio noise the monel conductor is helically wound around a glass inner core which also prevents inductive crossfire. Inductive crossfire is a phenomenon that occurs when two solid core spark plug wires are run parallel together, and when one plug wire fires it induces a voltage into the other wire, causing another cylinder to fire prematurely and over time literally destroying an engine. When the decision was made to replace the stock one barrel carb, with a two barrel, a new intake manifold was necessary. Offen-hauser, a name synonymous with performance, came to our aid with a bolt-for-bolt replacement for the stock intake. Not only was the stock manifold butt ugly. it's production casting lacked efficient flow qualities. Offenhauser's racing experience has allowed them to produce one of the finest intake manifold designs available. Manifolds specifically designed for better performance, fewer emissions and improved fuel economy. Offered by Offenhauser are street Dustynmcs

Page 49

. ~~ The points type distributor was thrown away and a reconditioned GM HE/ distributor now triggers the fire from the Splitfire spark plugs. The multiple spark discharge from MSD of El Paso provides plenty of power and helps smooth out the engine performance. A K&N air filter provides clean air to the new power package, completing the awakening of the o_ld warhorse truck. and competition intake manifolds for 4s, 6s and V--8s, from flathead to present engines. Offenhauser's performance intake manifold was installed so each of the manifold runners could deliver a greater volume of fuel/air mixture during the induction period. Stock cast iron manifolds do a minimal job of delivering fuel because casting flaws retard the flow and can allow individual cylinders to go without their proper fuel/air mixture. Offenhauser's manifold, with its smooth cast surfaces, makes sure that when each intake valve opens the required amount of fuel is delivered to each cylinder. Manifold installation was simple. Stock intake/exhaust bolts and spacers were used and everything bolted right in place. Offenhauser offers a lighter replacement over the stock manifold and the aluminum cast manifold adds to the overall look of the engine compartment. When one thinks of carbure-tion, Holley carburetors are usually the first name that comes to mind. Holley has been a leader in the performance carburetion business for decades. Therefore a Holley two-barrel 390cfm carburetor was chosen. Our engine can intake 80cfm per cylinder but maximum power was not the issue, so the 390cfm was deemed adequate for the project. The carburetor is made of all metal parts for durability. Heavy duty gasket material is featured to provide excellent sealing and allow easier removal of the fuel bowl and other hardware. Holley Replacement Parts offers all types of replacement carburetors for virtually every type of vehicle. Some feature quick change fuel bowl kits that allow jetting without removing the fuel bowls. The company also offers Pro-Jection fuel injection systems for big block race applications with 2200 or 4400cfm capa_bilities. And a similar fuel injection system is available for small block V8s that flow 1000 or 1340cfm for competition as well as for some street vehicles. To aid in fuel delivery Holley also offers a full line of high capacity fuel pumps. Carburetor installation was easy. Adding the new carburetor linkage required some minor engineering. But we found all sorts of extra linkage parts in the kit that aided in the installation. With the larger carburetor a K&N· air filter was deemed necessary to insure the carburetor was supplied all the clean air it needed. K&N was chosen because of their many years of off road race proven success at keeping unwanted garbage out of the engine's intake. The company .DustyTirnes has direct replacement elements for most vehicles and was able to install an attractive universal · system on our Holley. K&N offers a lifetime warranty on their washable filters. The new carburetor brought out one of the oldest mistakes a shade tree mechanic can make; condemning a perfectly good carburetor just because it was new. I wasn't satisfied with the power and thought that jetting was the problem. It had a slight flat spot on take off and lacked top end power. Note that I wanted to test each of the products as they were added and hadn't installed the new ignition system at this point. After several attempts at jetting the new carburetor I eliminated the flat spot but was convinced the ignition system was the root of my power problem. And it was. To get back into the ball park with my newly installed carb-uretor I went to Chuck Simon of Simon & Simon, Alpine, CA for help with properly tuning the engine. Simon is the type of guy that should have been named Chuck Carburetor; you know, something denoting his vast experience with carburetion. He has been power tweaking carbure-tors for many years and has me convinced he knows all their limits; and their owners short comings. He was the first to point out that jetting wasn't the original power problem and began re-training me on the finer points of properly tuning the engine. He eventually did rejet after he went through his routine of making sure that every component on the engine was performing properly. This made a noticeable difference in performance, and he then promised more. During his investigation he found the distributor had a lot of slop in the shaft. Meaning the dwell had to be way off. To fix the problem he suggested the addition of a HEI and MSD system. Simon pointed out the engine could then efficiently burn the increased fuel/air mixture now present with the Holley. As he suggested, the system was installed and this addition made more noticeable improvement than any other change. However, this was the last piece of the pu;:;:le and with the experienced Simon directing each of the components, the total performance picture was created. With everything in place and· properly tuned we armed our-selves with a stop watch and calculator and headed out to test the new equipment. For compari-son we dug out our original test runs before any modifications and noted a humbling 19.19 average as our 0-60 mph test. Similar snail-like results backed up our tests when we ran the 40-60 mph passing tests. The best recorded passing simulation time recorded was 12.90 seconds. As far as economy went the stock work horse averaged 14.5 mpg and when in need of a tune up could drop as low as 10 mpg. The performance test was performed at 3,500 feet elevation on predominately flat terrain. A test run of 0-60 mph was used to simulate basic stop and go performance. Next 40-60 mph tests were used to simulate passing performance. For all tests low (granny) gear was not used. Each test segment involved four runs with the best three runs averaged to eliminate human error. Right away a very noticeable "seat of the pants" difference was noted. Throttle response was very May1993 noticeable.· So when we ran our first 0-60 run it was no surprise · that a time of 15.96 seconds was • recorded. Nearly 3.5 seconds faster than stock. But running more tests and averaging the results netted an elapsed time of 15.5 seconds. During the passing test our 40-60 mph elapsed time proved to have even greater results. Our average passing time took only 8.75 seconds to complete. This meant spending an average 4.15 seconds less in the face of opposing traffic. Another whopping discovery was the mpg test. Averaging several runs together resulted in 18.48 mpg. With our best run netting nearly 20 mpg. With an average four miles per gallon better fuel economy the invest-ment in our performance package is a sound investment indeed. Oyerall the performance modifications made this old . warrior a real charger. These are not products simply bolted on and hastily tested, we have lived with these modifications for several months and can't find fault with any of the components tested. As a total performance ' package the results are quicker , acceleration which delivers a : more enjoyable driving exper-ience. And the increased economy means greater distances covered between fuel stops, thus extending our off road excursions. The added power has proven itself many times when crawling over rocks, or when called to towing service. With better power and improved economy our quest for the meaning of performance has been fulfilled. Page 49-

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Thad Briggs, of Gordan, Nebraska, won Class 4 at the Deadwood Gran Prix and scored enough points to finish the season and win the Class 4 ct,ampio_nship. Stuart Dahlin took the hard fought Class 5 championship , winning at Bowman, Deadwood and the Last Chance at Wall, ' Arlen and Sherri Dahlin won the Pierre Long Course race in and placing second in the other races, in what shaped up to be a • their Class s, and they had three second place finishes and a familf feud. . pair of thirds for second on championship points. Andy Wald won the Class 8 championship in his creation that is Chevrolet based. He won at Bowman, Deadwood and Last Chance, and was second at Pierre short course and third at the Gumbo Buttes to earn the points. Nathan Kjerstad from Wall, a former hotbed of off road racing, Monte Tibbets and Jason Bettelyoun flew high enough to win scored three seconds and a third to take second overall points in . the Pierre short course, and place second in Class 8 in the his first year of racing this Jeepish looking Class 8. Deadwood Gran Prix. HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION The 1991 Racing Year in Review By Harvey Waid Harvey Wald flew his single seater to the Class 1 championship in 1992 with a second place at both Bowman and Deadwood events, and good finishes in the other series races. In 1992 it was a hard year for see the cancellation of the four mile track with lots of laps, . HPORRA racing, as the number Badlands 100 because of bad and it is all on natural terrain. of racers was down, but, we still weather and support to put it on, Eight two wheel drive Class 8 had a lot of fun. This year again we . so as of March 1993 the Badlands trucks and one 4x4 ran in Class 8. Simplythe Beg! Fuel Safe's Pro Cell Racing Bladders are designed to meet or exceed the highest performance and safety standards set by all of the major racing associations. Top Racers, like Robbie Gordon, demand the best and so should you. Fuel Safe Racing Cells -The Champions Choice! At your local dealer now! ~ ~ Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. 100 is no more. It also seems that The4x4driven by Al Wacker and 1992 was the last year of the Phil Swaney gave the two wheel Deadwood Off Road Gran Prix, drive trucks a thirty second head which we hate to see go. start. The finish results in Class 8 On a better note, we will see a say first place went to the Al new race this year in Dickenson, Wacker and Phil Swaney 4x4 North Dakota, being put on by team. Nathan Kjerstad was second. Lyle Hogue, our HPORRA Afterahardbattlewithfirstplace president. and an unfortunate end over end, Unfortunately we didn't if~~rkh dAdh~mds ahi:tldT~ndByl Waldd ·· I D . . mis e t 1r w I e 1m ow an supp y usty Times with reports J h B f th Th h I . o n ren were our . e on eac event ast year, so here 1s a II · d f· · Cl b · f · f h . overa wmner an 1rst 1n ass ne review o t e 1992 racmg in 5 1600 A I d Sh · · the Dakotas. - . was _r en an ern Dahlm. Second m class was Stuart The first race in· May was in Bowman, ND. The weather was fair, the track was rough and tight, but more than enough room for some good racing. The winners for the day were in Class 5-1600, first place Stuart Dahlin and Al Wacker, second place Arlen and Sherri Dahlin, and third place Lyle and Windy Hogue. Andy Wald and Mark Adams won Class 8, Nathan K·jerstad was second, and third went to Tim Blow and Kurt Dixon. Dahlin, Lyle Hogue took third and Shawn Wilkenson was fourth. The second race was held in Pierre, SD. Named the Gumbo Buttes, it is the longest race in the ____________ ___. series with total miles of 80 on a 18062 Redondo Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 842-2211 (800) 433-1,524 (Outside CA) SAFETY ... It's what we're all about. The third race, near the end of August, was back in Pierre, SD. This time it was a short course about a half mile long on natural terrain. The day started out cold with light to medium rain. The rain let up at race time so it turned out to be the best track conditions you could ask for. The race format was for two heat races and a main event. In Class 5-1600 first place went to Lyle and Windy Hogue, with Stuart Dahlin in second, followed by Arlen and Sherri Dahlin. The Class 8 winner agc50 May1993 -----------------------was the team of Monte Tibbets and Jason Bettelyoun. In second it was Andy Wald and Mark Adams, Nathan Kjerstad was third and Wes Jobgen took fourth. The fourth race in the series was in September at Deadwood, SD. Known as the Deadwood Off Road Gran Prix, race day saw cloudy skies but the weather stayed nice all day. this race saw more dust this year than any other year, as we had fielded more classes in this race than ih any other year. The track is about one and a half miles long and fast. The results were decided by heats and a main event. In Class 4 Thad Briggs won, Jim Olson was second and Phil Swaney took third. The Cfass 8 win went to Mark Adams and Andy Wald with Monte Tibbets in second and Wes Jobgen in third. Stuart Dahlin won Class 5-1600, followed by Arlen Dahlin in second and Shawn Wilkenson in third. The Class 1 winner was K C Huggins followed by Harvey Wald in second, and Justin Perry in third. In Class 11 Doug Bath won the race followed in second by Mark Perschbacher. The last race of the year at Wall, SD is called Last Chance Baja. The weather was windy with overcast skies. It was the first time in a long time for this race to have a low turn out of racers. The winners were figured by heat races, with both classes running together in the main. The track layout was about two miles long on natural terrain that was mostly flat. First in Class 8 was the Andy Wald and Mark Adams team, Nathan Kjerstad took another second and Monte Tibbets was third. In Class 5-1600 the win went to Stuart Dahlin; Phil Swaney was second, Arlen Dahlin took third and Lyle Hogue was fourth. The 1992 HPORRA top two finishers on points in each class are: Class 1 champion Harvey Wald, Pierre, SD, second, K C Huggins, Omaha, NE. Class 4 champion, Thad Briggs, Gordan, NE. Class 5-1600 champion · Stuart Dahlin, Watertown, SD, second, Arlen Dahlin, Water-town, SD. Class 8 champion Andy Wald, Pierre, SD, second Nathan Kjerstad, Wall, SD. The HPORRA is in a transi-tional stage at this time. In the late 70s and early 80s the race schedule consisted of ten events and aproximately 100 race vehicles participated. With the hard economic times and the retirement of some drivers, the participation level is now way down. We are looking forward to a better 1993 season, and no matter what happens we will have fun racing in the dirt! K.C. Huggins won the Deadwood Gran Prix and scored enough points there (Q take secqnd in Class season standings and the trophy back to Omaha. DustyTima

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A Special Service Award was presented to Karen Wolfe who works long and hard for SODA, and she got a big hug from Tom Schwartzberg too. Thornton "'Ed" Schultz also received a Special Service Award, as he has put in a lot of hours on the steering committee and board meeting business. Long time head of tech inspection Don Poppie was presented with the Mel Friemuth Lifetime Achievement Award by Deb Freimuth Grier, and it was a most popular choice. 1991SODA Awards Banquet & Convention By Barb & Marilyn Schultz Photos: Gregg Witfe Association. This twelfth Annual Banquet was a celebration of the new Short,Course Off ,Road Drivers Association, the World Series of Off Road Racing! After a delicious buffet style dinner President Wolfe again took the podium for the an, nouncement of Class Champions, and many other awards. Before h d Young Chad Schleuter was named SODA Rookie of the Year and he was most t ese announcements were ma e, deserving: Tom Schwartzburg. SODA Vice President presented the trophy. Marty Reid spoke of the achieve, ments of SODA in 1992 and gave Poppie. We've never seen a for 1993. At this time the entire a picture of what he sees in helmet with the word "DINO, program is incomplete but Sachs expectations for 1993. In 1992 SAUR" printed on the back. It was able to announce that there ESPN, through Marty Reid wastrulyanantique,oneofakind will be marked Classes which, if Enterprises, televised six of helmet. using a Livernois Engine, will , SODA's Off Road Events. These President Wolfe drew SODA receive $2,000 for first place at· various events were shown a total I members names for generous gifts each Race Event and a year encl of fifteen times with viewers from the Penda Corporation, payout for Class Champion or Jeff St. Peter was named Driver of the Year at the SODA Awards Banquet and numbering into the 17 million Chenowth Chassis and BFGood, $25,000. Sounds exciting and we - _he was both hap~y and surprised as President Terry Wolfe smiles his approval._ figure. Reid announced tnat the rich. Tim Albers and Mark are looking forward to the release · ¾t televised Class Races for 1993 Steinhardt took home the Penda of the finalized program! will be Classes 4, 7S, 8 and the awards, Todd Wallace claimed EachSODAmemberreceiveda new combined 9/10 class. Mr. the Chenowth Award and Herb ticket for drawings of prizes from Reid was pleased to announce Rosborough was the recipient of both Behlings Racing and that Chevy is the 1993 Official the BFGoodrich Award. Flanagans Stop and Shop. These TruckofSODAandBFGoodrich Mr. Ed Sachs of Livernois drawings were held through out is the Official Tire of SODA. Engineering announced that the Awards presentations. President Terry Wolfe began "Livernois will be offering a Larry Statemy representing the the Awards Presentations by, contingency program in SODA . Wolfshead ~ thanking those people who have volunteered both their time and efforts to help make SODA all that it is. He then presented , Special Service Awards to Thornton "Ed" Schultz, Jeff Probst and Karen Wolfe. Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells-to accept the l~er C.V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bell to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C.V. Convert Type 11 stub axles and output bell Former desert racer from Arizona Spencer Low was named Sportsman of the Year, and he also won Class 7S points driving his always tidy Nissan. There is a tale of argument between two friends, John De Young and long time SODA Tech Team Honcho, Don Poppie. Keeping it shmt, apparently Mr. De Young wished to race in what Mr. Poppie termed a "dinosaur" helmet. Mr. Poppie refused to let Mr. De Young take the track; thus a classic argument. While Mr. De Young was unable to be at the Awards Presentation, he did send o accept 930 C.V. joints. All axles and bells for Type 11 or Type IV The 1992 SODA Awards Banquet & Convention, held January 15, 16 and 17, opened Friday evening with an exciting Manufacturer's Expo and a fun Hospitality Night. The Hospitality Night was sponsored by BFGood, rich, Yokohama Tire Co, and SODA. The 1992 Convention and Awards Banquet was held at the Paper Valley Hotel and Convention Center in Appleton, Wisconsin. A big "thank you" goes to Mike Sorenson and Paula St. Peter for organizing and hosting this event. Thanks go to Gregg Witte for organizing the Expo. Saturday morning and afternoon were taken up with various meetings and voting for Officers and even numbered Class Representatives. Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m. sharp President Terry Wolfe officially welcomed SODA members to the Awards Banquet. President Wolfe asked for a moment of silence for all to put Dusty Times their thoughts to SODA family members Joe Plummer and Don Poppie. Wolfe also reminded all present that this was the 12th Annual Awards Banquet, for eleven years the organization was the Superior Off Road Drivers . the much maligned helmet to Don $ Dennis Schleuter, center, and Dan Stutzczynsky (from Dearborn) accepted SODA 's Manufacturer's Cup for high points for Ford in the various truck classes. May1993 , C.V.s can be threaded ¾-24 or stock 8mm. All axles and Bells for 930 C. V .scan be hreaded ""-24 _Qr stock 10mm threads. FIT YOUR Off!!OADE~. _ WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS I Only $49.~5-per fl~!IJI• on yo_ur supplied parts. _ ER ··siHtfiftfr -~~~,\~-'""""""'<t~--Stop the up-travel on your s·uspension with this advanced bump stop system. ese Bump Stops come complete with a mounting system, poly-eurethane nd piece. and enough valving to get the job done. ECONOMICALLY PRICED.AT $319.90 per pair. Including the mounting hardware and the GRS bolts SEE YOUR OFF ~AO RACING PARTS SUPPLIER OR CALL US DIRECT. MARVIN SHAW ENGINEERING 101 Broadway P.O. Box845 1-&2-471-3551 vamen. AZ 85.362 Page 51

Page 52

Mike Seefeldt presented the top driver awards and checks, starting with Art Schmitt Ill who won top points in both Class 1 and Class 2 in his Laser. Jim Wiggins won both Class 1-1600 and 2-1600, and he also drives a 7S truck at SODA races. Jim comes from Illinois to comp_ete. Geoff Dorr won top points in Classes 4 and 14 in his Ford . pickup, and he is a privateer, does most of his own work, and does a lot of winning. Class 5-1600 is popular in SODA and this years champion was Bill Bowles who had to work hard in a tough field to gain the needed points. Scott Taylor here is receiving the Ford Motorsports High Points trophy and he also won Most Agressive Driver Ford title and Class B high points. Glen Mathews is a big man for a small Class 11 buggy, but he did a lot of winning last summer and took home the championship in the two seat. class. Gail Brand drives a big truck in the Women's Heavy Metal class, had some close races last year, but she won the championship on points. _Pasc51 Jeff Probst won Class 9 points driving his own design, a Laser, and he also received a SODA Special Service Award for his efforts on the Board too. Rod Attig, whose son also races and often wins, won more often in single seat Class 11 action and Rod is the 1992 class . champion. Karen Christensen had a long wait for her trophy, but she won the points championship in Women's Class 11, often a close race. M,f 1993 · Herb Rosborough won Class 3 honors going away and he also ran his Blazer in Class 4 and Class 14 whenever possible and did well there too. Greg Bekavac won almost every Class 6 race in his Chevy Camara last year, and he unseated some of the usual front runners to take the points title. Lee Wuesthoff had a tough season but ended up winning Class 10 points, a well deserved championship for the Milwaukee auto dealer. Paula St. Peter matched Jeff's trophy take by winning the Women's Limited Buggy championship and hearty · congratulations from Mike Seefeldt. Marty Reid, of ESPN fame, spoke of the success of the six televised 1992 races, and has high expectations for the six SODA events he will film in 1993, some with commercial time already sold. DustyTima

Page 53

Bonneville Off Road Radng Update By]im Baker 1993 has arrived and off roaders are busy making plans for spring. We sure hope you are ready to welcome in another year of fun in the sun and dirt. The extra foot of snow I keep finding in my drive every morning, added to more than a foot from the last storm sends a mixed message to my brain ... graciously pleased for the skiers, happy for the water to shower with next summer, but with an ache somewhere deep inside for another race ... another season of races. 1993 will be the seventh year for you and I and the Bonneville Off Road Racing Enthusiasts to kick up some dust. Are you ready? Last fall was a lot of fun with the awards banquet coming after that last race at Wendover, which was a "major" event to cap the year. The annual awards banquet, · traditionally held in Wendover, was just the greatest. Our points race, not decided until that last race in October, was won by one of the seniors in BORE, Bob Flinn. We liked everything he said, except that he was retiring. Heck Bob, you just got started. We have a feeling he will be around for a long time and probably with a steering wheel in his hands. Craig Holt was second in points after leading most of the season. Both he and third place winner John Peak had conflicting schedules and missed the banquet. We missed you guys, Our congratulations again to the winners and to all of the racers. You showed us some darn good racing. Our annual "Dell Hen, inger" Sportsman of the Year . trophy, which is voted by you racers for the individual you feel earns the title is an honor to present and, I hope, to receive. We had a number of nominees, all of whom are deserving, but the clear winner this year was Bob Flinn. Thanks Bob, from all of us. The coming season is looking good, with some exciting devel, opments that you have been asking for. It looks like we may get our own short course similar to the "Brush Run" you see on ESPN. We are looking at a 2,3 mile circuit with thrills built in, with lower entry fees and greater spectator support, plus it is closer to home. More on this as it develops. At this time we will have the three long desert races as agreed upon at the banquet ( check the calendar section in this issue), plus the shorter events as quickly as we can get them set up. I am fairly confident that some will complain about shortening the desert race schedule, and perhaps some won't like a short course event,-until they.see what we develop. However, the five race season we have been present, ing has put more of a financial burden on some of you than you could handle. Your absence at an event is felt, and when several of you miss an event it is multiplied in many ways ... less competition in classes, lower payback and someone still has to foot the bills. I am hopeful that making the three desert races into major events, with good courses for the Pros, fun time for the Sportsman, and more excitement with the Powder Puff races will make our program better and more afford, able for everyone. I have made every attempt to avoid other association races, knowing that some of you will be hitting some of those events. At this time we have the Wendover Express on May 8, the Jackpot 200 on July 3 at Jackpot, NV and the Bonneville Challenge on August 21, again at Wendover. (This date is tentative). I expect each of these to be 200 mile events unless we can set a course that an extra 50 miles would.not impact too much. I have heard very little from BORE members by February since the banquet. It would be somewhat comforting to hear more of you are getting the old car ready or finishing a new one. I'd like to know your opinions about the ideas noted above or about the 1993 season. With all you very bright people in BORE there must be some excellent suggestions to benefit all of us. I've been told pointedly that there wouldn't be a BORE if the racers didn't support it, and that is pure truth. While I am not actively racing, I too am supporting BORE with the efforts I put into the program. I'm not much different than any other promoter. Not hearing from the racers is the stuff ulcers are make of. Therefore I'd like to hear from you with a note or a call to let me know your plans for the coming season. Frankly it's important. I understand that everyone is busy and hard at work, but if you plan to race and have fun in the desert, Joining Rinaldo was Jack Cum, mings to present Team T I A driver Geoff Dorr with an exquisite oil painting of Dorr's race truck. BFGoodrich commis, sioned this painting in honor of Dorr taking Class Championships in a brand new Ford/BFG race truck. Ford Motorsports presented Scott Taylor with their Award for The Most Aggressive Driver.' In turn, SODA awarded it's Manu, facturers High Points Award to Ford Motorsports! On behalf of the 1992 Board of Directors Tom Schwartzburg presented Karen and Terry Wolfe with Official SODA jackets for their untiring efforts in all phases of the Association business. President Wolfe, Vice President Tom Schwartzburg and Treasurer Mike Seefeldt presented 154 checks to SODA drivers in all classes, the checks totaled $25,000. As the Class Champions had been posted since the final Points Race, the three key SODA Awards were presented next. The Sportsperson Of The Year Award was given to Spencer Low.Jeff St. Peter was presented with The Driver Of The Year Award. The Rookie Of The Year Award went to Chad Schleuter. Congratula, tions to all! ~ Sportsman Club and Brush Run 101 took the podium next. Larry announced that in 1992 the two races sponsored by the Club had an incredible 911 entries. He also announced the names of the two series World Championship Ring winners and extended his congratulations to ------ -- ' - ' ~~=;:=---~ ---Whether you're on a chase crew, a racer or a 4WD enthusiast, the .Rod Hall off-road driving school can help you be your best! But be ready. .. the road isn't smooth! DustyTimcs all of the winners. Jerry Rinaldo of BFGoodrich took the microphone next to announce the winners of T earn T I A's Awards. Rinaldo com, mented that he was pleased with the 1992 Race Season and was looking forward to the most . exciting season yet in 1993. Call For Courses and Dates Great Basin COnsultlng 2738 Chavez Dr. Reno, NV 88502 '(702) 825-8830 This year is the first year that SODA has presented a Lifetime Achievement Award. This Award has been named the Mel Freimuth Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of long time SODA member Mel Freimuth. It will not necessarily be presented every year. This Award is to recognize those persons who have spent a lifetime of hours, blood, sweat and tears in service to SODA and its members. Deb Freimuth Geier, daughter of the late Mel Freimuth, came forward to make the Award presentation. Deb gave this most distinguished Award to SODA's Tech Director Don May 1993 . let me know. It's up to you, how . newsletter and some of the much do you want to race? publicity. For 1993 we are again Now here is some of what I've keeping the dues at $35.00 per heard. The Emley Toyota is now member. Husband/wife teams LynnPottersandElbertandScott are $60.00. I will enter a are doing a new one. Cam Peacock subscription to Dusty Times for is planning on all races this an additional $5.00. Unfortun, season, from Missoula with his ately we can no longer cover all Nissan. Dave Blakley acquired a the subscription cost, but I will Class 8 pickup to challenge the share the cost with you. Incident, Larry Olson and Tony Sorenson ally we have a committed trucks and probably Russ Fullmer photographer to take pictures we and Brent Stephenson in their 4x4 can submit with our articles to units. I've heard some talk of Dusty Times. He says as he gets Challenger cars because it's such a good enough he might even make competitive class. He said he was enlargements available to you, if retiring, but we might see Bob you perform up to "exciting" Flinn back in his car if it isn't sold. standards! What is Barry going to be driving? There have been some criti, Why don't one of you guys cisms on our lack of articles in wanting to move up look into the Dusty Times. If you read Dusty Steve Siddoway car which is one Times you have to be aware of the of the most competitive 1,1600 pictures chowing those being cars in the area and reasonably written about. Many of you have priced. I wonder if any of you are individuals in your group taking trying to create excitement from pictures, but rarely do I get to see the "play,car" set. Everybody them until much too late to get knows someone with a buggy, published. I have received many Baja, Jeep or truck and you know good snaps of our races, and for we will work with them any way those of us who know each racer possible to get them to the start they are fun to see. But the ones line in the Sportsman Class. you see printed are usually action Several racers with 'bone yards' close up shots. That is what we offered their help and/ or parts to need, and I have confidence that get the Sportsman over the hump. some of you take that quality of It is also time for all member, pictures. We just need to get ships to be renewed for 1993. together. Jean Calvin gets every Anyone racing, co,driving, riding newsletter, she knows what we are shotgun, powder puffing or old doing, who is winning, she just timing must be a member of can't see us! BORE. I have been advised by the You know what is coming, and insurance carrier that pit crews what BORE needs from you. I should be members also. I'm not know that you are getting ready · sure on that one; what do you for May 8, so let us get started on a think? I certainly would welcome great year. Talk us up, promote anyone as a member, associate our races. You benefit when any member or simply a supporter. class grows, especially your own The dues are the funding for the £:lass. _ Poppie. Vice President Tom Schwartz, burg called the 1992 Board of Directors members to the stage. In honor of their continuous service to SODA, the Board presented Terry and Karen Wolfe each with an Official SODA jacket. President Wolfe then invited those present to enjoy the sounds of The Sundance Showtime Band and to take advantage of the various refreshments. The band and the refreshments were provided by BFGoodrich, Ford Truck, PR Fiberglass, SODA and Yokohama Tire. WRIGHT DROP SPINDLE 3" MORE GROUND CLEARANCE ~ ~' PLACE~. CV JOINTS RACK & PINION STEERING UNITS 1. REGULAR 2. SAND BUGGY 3. MINI 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 TEL: (619) 561-4810 FAX: (619) 561-7960 Page 53 ~

Page 54

.... Desert Center. CA was a fuel stop for the driver and passengers but the thrifty Quest cruised easily on to our final destination before fueling was required. Seen from the rear, the Quest is low to the ground, rounded everywhere and has lots of glass for visibility and a mammoth The head on view denotes the low profile of the Quest and the overall slippery look. keeping wind resistance down to a minimum. rear cargo door. Nissan Quest • Your Search Is Over Text & Photos: John Calvin .. The 1993 Nissan Quest is long, low and racy, all the things you really want in an all 'round mini van. As you can see. wind resistance is practically nil. Nissan has a new vehicle, the control and just below that are the 1993 Quest and it seems to be the controls for the headlights and the perfect merger between a mini van instrument lamp dimmer switch and a car. We were lucky enough and immediately below that is the to have a Quest for a while last electric mirror control. The right month and boy, were we impress-instrument pod contains the ed. Available only in two wheel controls for the rear washer/ drive, nontheless the Quest is wiper, rear window defogger, the possibly the mini van you have hazard light switch and the power beenlookingfor,newlooks,good E-AT switch. Centrally located performance, great handling and a on the dashboard are two heat/ air definite eye catcher by the conditioningventsandjustbelow populace at large. We shuttled them is the heat/ air conditioning over to the Parker 400 and while controls. Further down, still in the contingency row about centered is the AM/FM Cassette every third person came over to Stereo Audio System with four inspect the new Quest. It is speakers and a trick ~ntenna beautiful, as you can see in the system. Additional air condition-photos and it was a pleasure to ing was provided in the rear of the drive. Quest, a completely separate unit · The engine is a transverse with controls mounted just mounted V6 single overhead cam, behind the drivers seat. You can fuel injected unit, 3 liters in size, make it cold enough to have your with 151 horsepower, 174 ownldidarodraceinthere. pounds of torque, lots of power Speaking of seats, the front and delivers over 23 miles per bucket seats are wonderfully gallon on the road. The transmis-comfortable, even for prolonged sion is automatic, an electronically periods with adj us table backs, con trolled four speed with .. natch, so you are guaranteed to. overdrive and as smooth as silk. )l The front wheel drive system is hooked to the ground by General Radial All Season ST P205/ 75R15 M&S which afford you great traction in wet or dry. Stopping power is by power assisted front disc/rear drum brakes, with ABS optional. find the exact posture that is comfortable for you. The large sliding door on the right side of the Quest allows entry into the spacious rear section. The Quest has a very comfortable center mounted bench seat, also with adjustable back and further back the third seat, also a bench type seat, is complete with adjustable back and comfort. Now we get tricky; the center seat removes in a second by flicking a latch or two and it's out the door into safe storage. The rear bench seat, however, does not come out. It is on a regular seat track ( teflon coated) that allows you to slide the rear seat into a myriad of positions throughout the rear of the Quest. The track runs all the way up to the rear of the front bucket seats so you can slide the seat that far forward. Both the center and the rear seats, when the back portion is folded forward and down become a table top, very handy for entertaining the kids on those long trips. Fold the . The instrument cluster is functional, legible and easy to see, night or day. Left of center is the tachometer, right is the speed-ometer with resettable odometer and further right is the fuel gauge and temperature gauge. Along the bottom of the cluster are all the warning lights. Located on the upper left side of the cluster is the on/ off switch for the cruise With the center seat removed and the rear seat all the way forward, there is plenty of room for cargo. Note the rear seat tracks on which the seat slides easily. Page 54 May1993 The instrument panel is well laid out. small pods on either side have all the controls easily within the drivers reach. center seat back down, put the kinder in the rear seat and they have a full sized table in front of them, easy to help keep them busy. Anyway, with the center seat out and the rear seat all the way forward there is a lot of cargo room in the Quest. Being that the Quest is nicely carpeted you might put some sort of covering over said broadl09m before doing any heavy dirty cargo loading. About·llScubic feet of stowage space is available so the Quest is quite versatile. Also we found that the Quest is capable of carrying quite a bit of weight in the cargo area with absolute ease, in fact, the Quest, when properly equipped, has a towing capacity of 3500 pounds, so the Quest could easily be your get away for the· weekend or for the long vacation vehicle. We tried it for three or four days and had plenty of room for anything and eveything you need with you for an extended trip. Electric window controls are nicely located on the arm rest portion of the drivers door and while the on/ off switch for the cruise control's located in the left instrument pod the cruise cntrol switches for resume, set and cancel are located in the center portion of the steering wheel, nice and handy. Halogen headlights, front cornering lights and. automatic seat belts are all part of the Nissan Quest safety package along with steel side door guard · beams, roof enforcement, five mile an hour bumpers and a fuel tank located forward of the rear axle. Safety is obviously in mind. And, with all this safety built in, there is also tremendous good looks built in too! The Nissan Quest is terribly good looking, the model we tested came in an aquamarine color, fully carpeted inside, alloy wheels, lots of tinted glass, a low profile luggage rack on top and smooth flowing lines all around. Truly an eyecatching vehicle. Performance is great, the Quest leaps all over the road, using all 150 horsepower and the auto-matic overdrive transmission to give you precision control and excellent handling, wet or dry. A twenty gallon gas tank and a highway cruising average near 25 miles per gallon gives you a very comfortable cruising range of near 500 miles, ~nd you can cruise effortlessly at speeds well above the posted limit. Our overall evaluation; we loved the Quest, it is truly a car/mini-van with all the good features of both. The $19,000.00 price tag is completely in line with today's pricing and we found the Quest to be well worth the money. Try one on for size, I'm sure you'll love it too! u · The transverse mounted V6 delivers 151 horsepower. lots of torque. has a 9 to 1 compression ratio and is fuel injected. a tidy package for sure. Dusty Times

Page 55

California Rally Series Report By Lynnette Allison, Director The Rim of the World National/Divisional Rally May 14-16 opens 1993 as our first SCCA/CRS full stage event of the season and the second event in the Subaru Pro Rally Champion-ship series. Rally teams from worldwide destinations are expected to participate in one of the West's best rally events. Prior to that there were three CRS Rallysprint events at Glen Helen OHV Park, the first date rain~d out twice and the latest one happening on April 10. Expected at Rim are three private Japanese teams featuring a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4, a Mazda 323 and a Nissan Pulsar, and the future bodes well for these teams' active participation in other West coast events. Ex-National Pro Rally Toyota competitors Richie and Howard Wantanabe, owners of HMR Racing in Torrance, are coordinating and smoothing the way for these Japanese teams. Contact them at (310) 320-1970 for the latest information. Paul Choiniere will have a new '90 CS Audi Turbo Coupe, no longer pushing and pulling his older ubiquitous Quattro over the stages this year. Canadian Carl Merrill will drive an English 4 WD Ford Escort built to Europ-ean/English specs, a customer car, to the Rim. Rumors fly that a Mexico City team is on its way with Rim the first of its national rally events this year. Jeff Zwart is bringing a Porsche Carrera 4WD, almost a one of a kind car now, and he is teamed with inter-national favorite co-driver Tony Sircombe. This diversity in rally vehicles and the contrast in experience levels within these competition teams will surely affect Rim's overall mystique. It will be a challenging event, again. Entry fees range from $ 150 to $700 depending on number of events, types of events and date entry is received for the Rim of the World. The sooner the cheaper. Call Mike or Paula Gibeault at (619) 375-8704 for information and entry forms. The National SCCA Competi-tor License Riquirements are, in addition to any membership application and/ or renewal, a complete medical physical and authorization is also required on alternate years, based on your year of birth. For example, renewal for anyone born in an odd number.year is due this year, 1993, and due next year for those with an even numbered birth year. Contact the SCCA National office in Colorado at (303) 779-6622 for the correct forms and additional info. Rally Club Meetings, the last Thursday evening each month, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. started March 25, and then on April 29. They are at the Irvine office of N.E.T. courtesy of rallyist Gary English, (Not Acapulco's in D iamond Bar.) Gary runs his computer network business there by day. Exit the 405 onto McArthur Blvd. North, left on Main, left on McDurmott, just past the Red Hill signal, . then left after the second speed bump into the parking area; 18200 West Dusty Times McDurmott, Suite A, lrvfo.e;CA. . Dusters, saw that FAIR will help ContactGaryat(714)833-1433. anyone, just ask us! Fred was a Italian dinner from a nearby cafe. DNF on lap 2 with a broken trans. Guest speaker on safety items, Pat Soffe and Ken Shots, Class driving suits, helmets, and 1500foundusFridaynighttoask possibly a check out of some for pit support. Naturally we driving seats now available. offered a one time pit support on Mark the Memorial Day the house, if they agreed to come weekend for a picnic or barbecue to our next meeting. They ended in San Jose for a gathering of rally up not using FAIR and won their teams, groupies, and associates in class, not bad for a first time out. the San Jose and Bay areas. Hope we see them at a meeting to Sunday afternoon 2:00 p.m. to ? sign them up. on May 30 is a Rally meeting and Thanks to all the pit crews, I social time and some bench appreciate your help. The main racing, and possible discussion on pit was a gas with the Omboli bringing new events or the return crew; they are still looking for of events in that area. SoCal Elmer. Pit A was a collection of members may organize caravans Jesse Rodriguez's best pit team. departing Friday evening or Thanks for being there. Pit B was Saturday morning. Contact Rui Jeff Sherrill's crew and his honor Brasil in San Jose at ( 408) Pete Dutton our team Prez. Seems 280-5005 or fax ( 408) 280-1024 Pete was doing a little P.R. work for details on location. on his boss, our V.P. Charlie Meeting of the CRS Board of Nieto was there to keep track of Governors! Those on the BOG Pete and his boss. Pit C was Jesse mark Saturday, June 26, 10:30 - Rodriguez's dad, the famous off 4:30 for our next meeting. road race car driver from Competitors, workers, and Argentina Pepe Rodriguez and associates, any items, ideas, lots of help. Thanks for the questions, or issues you wish to second pit. Pit D was Newman submit for consideration should and Larmar's gang, Jim Brown be written legibly and sent to and Dave Edelstein's dad Ralph. Lynette Allison, CRS Director, It was Ralph's first time to a pit 2001 Oakland Hills Drive, and he did great. Thanks for Corona, CA 91720. Please no staying to the end. Pit E was telephone calls. If clarification on Harold Curry of the Chapa la your idea is needed, you will be Dusters and his son-in-law. contacted. Harold forgot the chairs, had to TheCRSRuleBookshavebeen stand alJ day, but didn't seem to mailed to members.· All current mind. Thanks to Jeff Randall for members received their 1993 rule I keeping me company and letting books. If you did not receive one, / me go motorcycle riding Sunday. your membership has most likely What a great day to ride. expired. Contact Nancy Peterson I almost forgot to mention our for a ,membership form at (619) lone entry in Class Motor Home 241-4707 or fax(6 19 )245-5056. Single Seat of Rick Pew. Seems The fee is $30.00 annually or Rick got off the line O K going to associate membership, which also Pit E or B or ? All we he-ard on the includes a rule book is $ 15.00. radio was "Motor Home stuck Rule books will be mailed or pick between Pit A and B!" Jeff and I one up at your next rally meeting loaded up to see what was going or event. on. It seems Rick was following Harold Curry, who was driving his new Toyota 4WD pickup to FAIR NEWS Pit E, Rick in the Class 1 Motor Home. Harold decided to do a By Daw Massin~ham little off roading and Rick followed, the rest is history. After W elcome to our new members an hour of digging, Harold Nicks recently voted in. They are Jeff and family of Parker Pumper also Renick, Gary Bancroft, Darnen heard the plea for help and Jefferies, W illie Jefferies, Joe showed up. Harold in his trusty Jensen , Ste ve Romo, Pepe 4WD Bronco had no problems Rodriguez, Jesse Rodriguez. Great pulling Rick about a half mile to see so many new members with back to a road. Next time Rick, fresh ideas. Thanks for joining. bring the Class 5-1600. The results are in from the La Our weekend started with Rana Presidential 250 on Feb-1 problems early. Our old van ruary 27 out of Barstow at the j decided to drop a valve and Slash X Cafe. Frank Omboli and destroy the motor. Jim Enders Jim Enders, 5-1600, finished 20 and crew did a hell of a job taking seconds too late after breaking care of business by renting a truck two axles, a tough way to DNF. and still showing up at the race Jeff Sherrill and Dave Bolles were with the equipment. A big thanks leading the 5-1600s by lap 2, but to Mike Bu tricks of RCR broken torsion adjusters put Plumbing for arranging for the them out, even after all their truck to be towed back to RCR's efforts Friday night to get the car yard. Thanks to all who helped get to run. Hey Jeff, what do you call the FAIR equipment to the race your car when you are happy with and bring it all back. That's what it? Jesse Rodriguez finished sixth "team" means! in 5-1600s after having his share Saturday after the race we met of electrical problems and at RCR to return the equipment running out o f gas. Chris andprepareitfortheNevada400. Newman and Charlie LaMar tried While most of us were working again in the mud in their 5-1600, on the equipment, FrankOmboli, but DNF'ed with a broken trans Jim Enders, Joe Jensen and Brian only four miles from the finish. Barkhoff pulled the motor and Dave Edelstein, Class 1575 Full trans out for closer inspection. It Size Stock, showed up with his looked terminal. More about this new 1971 fine looking Ford later in this article. Bronco. His class ran two laps and The Nevada 400 saw only 166 Dave finished in third. Dave did entries and nine were FAIR real good since it was his first race, members. Danny Letner and Jerry had two flats and no radio to call Penhall finished fourth in Class 1, for help. Way to go Dave! Fred way to go Grandpa! RCR Bob Mohr, Class 9 from the Chapa la Richey and Tom Baker were third May1993 . with a brand new motor and automatic tranny. Looks like Bob and Tom might turn their luck around. Jim and Mark Temple DNF'd with front suspension problems. Brian Parkhouse went out with rear suspension ills. Dick and Gary W eyhrich were parked with a broken trans, what's next Mr. Weyhrich? Steve Myers, see Steve, I remembered how to spell your name, were fifth with trans problems, but finished. Jeff Renick was a DNF having many problems. They tried all day to keep it going but no dice. Greg Davis and Harry Dunne DNF'd with tranny problems a few miles off the start line. No prep required for the next race, huh guys? Darnen Jefferies, brothers Willie and Casey finished a fine third in Class 9 . Great race especially when Darnen drove or rode almost the entire way; he doesn't trust his younger brothers. Way to go Team Jefferies! A special thanks to all the pit crews who took the equipment to Vegas, since the old van was down. Also thanks to Steve and Aaron Hawley of Classic Plumb-ing in Las Vegas who took a full pit for FAIR, even though they were not racing. That's true dedication to FAIR. We owe you two another one, thanks again. After each race I ask the racers to fill out a form telling what happened at the race and any thanks they want to say. Only got one back for the Nevada 400, from Jeff Renick, Class 5 . His team wants to thank Gary Porter for the rack and pinion that was loaned to them. His co-driver Dave Baeskins who started, lost the power steering, the alternator belt, had one flat and broke a front coil, all in one lap, then handed it to Jeff who manhandled his car until time ran out. What a fun day in the dezz! More on the FAIR van. The motor and trans need a complete rebuild job. Big thanks to Charlie Lamar of Lamar Automotive in Fulleton who tore it down and Wayne Morgan of Q uality Truck and Auto in Norwalk who will do the rebuild. Looks like $3,000 to $4,000 for both. So, FAIR needs help! Anyone who has been serviced b y FAIR, wishing to make a donation, please make it out to FAIR and send to: Dave Massingham, 16268 Placid, Whittier, CA 90604. We need help from all current and past members. Please help put the FAIR van back on the road again. Last but not least, I would like to ask Sal and Danny for an answer on the split of Class l / 2 buggy I trucks, by June so all can make plans for next year. Till next time, sit down, hold on and wait for the Green Flag to drop. Desert Race Support Barstow in February didn't offer too much of an improvement over the January race weather wise, but at least it was a little warmer for the La Rana Presi-dential 250. Ed Castro moved the Friday night Tech and Conting-ency inspection from the mall at Len wood over to that fast straight . away area behind the-infamous Slash X Cafe, which seemed to work out good. 106 entered and 99 left the start/finish line Saturday morning under threat-ening skies. Class 9 and Class 5-1600 again each had a good number of entries. DRS only had one car in the 5-1600-class and it just wasn't their day. The Shank brothers, Rodger and Ryan worked on the car to the wee hours of the morning only to suffer a roll over in the first ten miles. They got the car on its wheels, got it checked out at the DRS pit at Hodge Road and got back in the race. On their second lap they made a driver change at their pit where Rodger climbed out and brother Ryan got in, only to make about a mile when their engine decided to head for the border, ending their day early. DRS had two cars running in . the large, 28 car Class 9 with Danny Richardson having handl-ing problems, slowing him down from his usually fast pace. Danny hung in and still managed a seventh place. The R.E. Good-speed sponsored car of Dennis Peterson and Jim Mobley chased the leaders all day turning consistent times all four laps, but just fell minutes short taking a fourth in Class 9 out of the eleven that finished. In Class 1-2-1600 it was a different story as three out of the four DRS entries came in first, second and third. Don Stockton and Bob Chase came out and ran fast and steady all four laps to bring home a well deserved firJt place, third overall. Morley Davis was right on their heels, but suffered a blown trans on his last lap dropping him to third in class, and also allowing the Hot Lips Racing car of Ed Pauley and Jon Iandorio past for second in class and fourth overall. These three cars put on a great race, as you could set your watch by them for the first three laps. DRS had one other entry in the 1600 class, Mike Schexnyder, who, in his very first desert race with only a couple of hours in the car, stayed right in the hunt until a rock damaged his rear suspension causing him to retire after his third lap. But he loves desert racing and can' t wait 'till Ridgecrest. It was a great day for the DRS cars, and congratulations to all the class winners and the clubs they represent. See you al in Ridgecrest. AffENTION PIT TEAMS Send us your tales of triumph and troubles and they will be featured on these pages. Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 Page 55

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY CA, NV, AZ, OR, WA ~ Antifreeze ..2.'?!"' Environmental ~ Service Corporation WASTE ANTIFREEZE, USED OIL FILTER, WASTE AIR FILTER REMOVAL Jeff Cepielik Marketing Manager Southern California 16117 Montoya Street• Irwindale, CA 91702 (818) 334-1835 • FAX: (818) 334-7715 PARTS - SERVICE 1100 CUSTER ROAD TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 1-800-356-6586 419-476-3711 Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages John Ehmke '10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 619-583-6529 BY APPOINTMENT O~LY 'RACE CAR SALES • CUSTOM FABRICATION • RACE CAR PREP . 6630' MacAR1!:!UR DR., SUITE B • LEMON GROVE, CA 92045. FABRICATION & REPAllr CUSTOM ROLL CAGES ~OAO RACE PREP FLAME cun1NG MI.G. IMI.DING TUBE BENDING DISTRIBUTOR FOR: BILSTUN SHOCKS HELLA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE TOMMINGA 741 ROSAllE WAY, EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92019 • 61~S-S764, ~ . , HELMET~/.FILTERED AIR SYSTEMS .· Featuring Aral & Bell Helmet~ .· ·eoR McKenzles (714) 650-4566 (714) 441-1212' . . -~ SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOL BAGS• HARNESS PADS ALL SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD Bonneville "Red" Bonneville "106" F & L Racing Fuels 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 Turbo Blue Racing Fuels VP Racing Fuels Methanol 13~'3 Uetbttafe RClciluj F~ For Those With the Need for Speed SHAWN MEADOWS 619 463 6244 619 462 2926 FAX 752 Lapresa Ave. Spring Valley, CA 91977 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merelv$/25 .. 00 per month. e·RANDWOOD CARS Custom Vehicle Shifter for mid-engines and other appllcatlons 602-437-3107 CAGLE - -SMART Fuel_ Regulator Lowers fuel pressure at part-throttle, to 1.5psl at Idle. Cleans up richness at the Power Jll1ll MIieage lower end, tune for more po-r. Models for all carburstors. $57.45 delivered U.S. Box 2536 Rolllng Hille, CA 9027:4 310-3n-1so1 Curt LeDuc 39067 Orchard St Cherry Valley. CA 92223 (714) 845-8820 Cal res +7.75% tax Our Specially Race Trucks Pre-Runners 84-89 Ranger Fiberglass Dimple Dies Jim May (805) 482-0103 1957 So. Lewis Rd. Camarillo, Ca. 93010 BILL & DIANNE THOMPSON ====CARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY (714) 969-6820 P.O. BOX 5221 • BUENA PARK, CA 90622 943 Vernon Way El Qajon., CA 92020 619-449-2991 FAX 619-449-7103 CHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifif JtACING PRODVCTS, INC. Ch.eek the Record; The Winners Choice; #1 in Racing and Recreational Chassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-710G (602) 747-7059 PO Box sn1s • Tuceon, AZ 85732-n1s [CNC] CNc,··lnc. 1221 West'Morena 8b,d. San Diego, CA'921t0 (619) 27,S-1663 Mcmutacturers of Brake and Clutch.Pedal.Assy Master Cylinder_ Slave Cylinders Cuttt'tig and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedalr ancf'all 6f our accessories. S•~ ~3.00 for_ Catalog

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-•PRO" 111112 CHAMPIONS FRT BUDWEISER/BUD LIGKT SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES SPONSORED BY: RACE READY PRODUCTS. CYCLE PARTS WEST CUIREMONT EQUIPMENT RENTALS, SEPULVEDA BUILDING MATERIALS 4jys AND IIOJQRCycLEs •SPORTSMAN• ATV DAVID NEWLAND STEVE MAMER DEWEY BELEW CRAIG SMITH JASON CORFMAN PHIL MEANS JOHN BIU<EY MIKE HARPER OPEN WC 250 M,IC 125 WC VETM/C RON WILSON JAMES HENDERSON VON MEDEARIS Bill. MCNEER SENIORINC SUPER SENIOR WC VINTAGE WC CLASS3MIC SMOKING JOE STIDMAN DICK BIRD TRACY RAYBON DAN JARREU. DESERT SUPERUJES STEVE FENTON OPEN(HIGH POINTS) RUSS TIJRNER 360 JOHN SHULTZ CLASS 77 ART GIBBS PILOT I\JOOIES cys AND TRUCKS MIKE PFANKUCH CLASS 9 TOOO TEUSCHER(HIGH POINTS) CLASS 1·1600 JIMABAm CLASS 2-1600 CRAZ'f LARRY MCCAU.UM UNLIMITED CLASS JOEL WHITTED CLASS 10 VANCE ALLEN CLASS 5 KEVIN THOMPSON CLASS 100 ED OROZCO CLASS !>-1600 BENNY ABAm JR CLASS 8 ROY GARCIA CLASS 7 RORY CHENOWTH MINI MAG CLASS 61M27•5769 • 260 KENNEDY INT 6 · CHULA VISTA CA 91911 FAX &19-127-5759 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE. Fuel Safe's Racing Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the highest performance and safety standards set by all major racing associations. Call arlllllafar e For,-local your FREE cepy of tlle EL fNI Safe Dealer call 1992 feel Safe eata1111_ !/AdlwC'ifs 1-(800) 433-1524 I Aircraft Rubber Mfg., Inc. 5271 Business-Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897·2858 Create a Winning Image GRAPHICS & APPAREL • VINYL NUMBERS & LETTERS • CREW UNIFORMS • TRAILER GRAPHICS • T-SHIRTS, HATS, & JACKETS • DECALS • CUSTOM LOGOS CALL TOLL FREE 1 (800) 878-4401 riiiiSiii.iiiE ··················-······· APPAREL & GRAPHICS VI•• & Maatercard Accepted (619) 444-4411 1582 Wagner Dr. El Cajon, CA 92020 Nffls-,, ... ,., Rebuild Rod Ends• Heim Joint Specialist (714) 979-6631 11~1 Aiver Ckde. Unit "H"', Founaaln Yallay, CL 92701 ~ Silver ~anopyKits Reflects heat Easy Set-Up (800)788-3969 ~iF Engine Rebuilding. Buggy Repairs ----:8ug Pack, CNC. Moore , . . -~ -........ :-Dune Buggies; HO.USE o.f BUGGIES 10308 Mission Gorge Road Santee CA 92071 Mitchell Wheels 619-448-4180 SAW Performance-H NT PERFORMANCE 11330 • A Sunco Dr. Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 (916) 638 - 4388 ~':=!= ::::a:,~~~:~o[ZJ ~--"'"""'""' "'' BRAKE AND CLUTCH ASSY PEl?FORAIANCE PROC(JCTS MASTER CY!, I NDERS SI.AVE CYLINDERS TURNING & STAGING BRAKES SHli'T.ERS AVAILABLE AT FINER SPECIALTY SHOPS DEALER JNQURIES WELCOME ~:.::~~~R;;.~ ~ PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 909-245-6050 FAX 909-245-6052 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner" WL-&'L-.Y.'■'li. Joe Giffin , Desert, Short Course & Street VW Racing Transmissions 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim. California 92806 (714) 632-1240 JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES FOX SHOCK SERVICE PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREPARATION (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SUITE R SANTEE, CA 92071 MIKE JULSON JOHN COOLEY a,,m ~~5$ ~Mt!'S ~~C/..V~ CUSTOM FABRICATION 138 SANTA FELICIA DRIVE GOLETA.CA 805-968· 1067 iCAt:E" CJ4~ t' .P;£E",e'v,v,.y~ 711:Alt-£;/:?S tf C#A~ 7Jet/e/lt'!: ~EP ,'" ll'""A.B..E"/CA7'7av' ,rvli!'BO 9/..v/l: ~A~HE'" :KENNEDY ENGINEERED PRO.DUCTS 38830 17th Street _East Palmdale, CA 9355·0 (805) 272-1147 Send $2.-00 for our catalog ".The experts In Engine Adapters to Transaxles" Rotary, Toyota, Rabbit, V-6's, Porsche and more to VW, Porsche (901 & 915) and Hewland. -tAANUFACTURF.RS OF THE FAMOUS KENNEDY CLUTCHES, Perlormance 1on.1R Engines' . cornp0ter ., , . · Single & oual Headers ~ C"'ioder Heads . Cusu>I" .,. KUSTER OFF-ROAD RACING SHOCKS • 3" DIAMETER, 8" TO 18" STROKE • 2" DIAMETER, 6" TO 14" STROKE • AIR JACKS • BALL JOINTS KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2900 E. 29th STREET, P.O. BOX 7038 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA USA 90805 TELEPHONE (310) 595-0661 POWER E STEERING THOMAS E, LEE LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETON STREET SUN VALLEY. CA 91352 (818) 768-0371 A full line of Power Steering gears, pumps and accessories for any type of racing. · Magnaflux and Zyglo facilities 11vailable. • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering EABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICATION 825 N. GLENDORA AVE. COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER Assembly· Macln Work· Paris Engine Dyno Facllty SCORE 1992 ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR 10722 Kenney Street, Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Fax (619) 562-9079 "OFFROAD JS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax(714)444-1622

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MIKE MENDEOL. 10722 Kenney St. C-0 Santee, CA 92071 42425 5th St. E. Unit C Lahcaster, CA 93535 (619) 562-9010_ Fax (619) 562-9079 Bill Varnes 805-940-5513 Fax 805-940-5514 .. -~ r 42425 5th St. E. Unit D Lancaster, CA 93535 Racing Product, Pete Alamar 805-940-5515 Fax 805-940-5514 Road. Bussy S11.11pp1y Race Car Chassis Race Car Parts Aluminum bodies 1/2-1600 Motors And Trans Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, Az. 8.5365 (602) 783-6265 • 1(800)231-8156 Fax (602) 783-1253 OFF ROAD CHASSIS lnfl'I;,,,~ BUENA PARK. CALIFORNIA OFF ROAD PREPARATION FOR TRUCKS, VANS. & MINI TRUCKS PRE-RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SUSPENSION COMPLETE AXLE SERVICE. WELDING & FABRICATION Bill Montague Est.1974 (714) 761-9460 (714) 521-2962 _(jj I IIJt1nrtl1l ~I~ RACE VEHICLES & STREET RODS SPECIALIZING IN -~IIUlll'9WON •HANO/tOIWl!OALVMIMJAI WOM' . CUITDM,...,.,.,. (805) 461-1949 (805) 461-1447 ·/Mar'""" RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914 ·s LAURA • I M RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT" HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89041 (702) 372-5335 OFF ROAD DYNAMICS (714) 592-2271 (213) 583-240!; !mfi!J¥Jl£ERVICE, INC. Jr • ..,,. •1,-;1+ 1••1n·,1+ • 1490 HENRY BRENNAN DR., EL PASO, TX 79936 [9"115] 857-5200 NSC WINS BIG AT THE BAJA 1000 "GO WHERE THE PRO'S GO" NSC Motorsports Suspension gives smooth.First Class Finishes To 7 of 7 Classes, As Well As The First 5 To Finish Overall. CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH OF YOU! Class 1 & 1st Overall ..... : •. •simon & Simon Ford F150 2X Class 8 & 2nd Overall ........ •Rob MacCachren Ford F150 2X Class 6 & 4th Overall ........ • John Swift Explorer 2X Class 4 & 5th Overall ........ •David Ashley Ford F150 4X LA VERNE, CALII:'ORNIA FRAMES• RACE PREP CUSTOM MA-CHINING AND FABRICATIQN Dennis Rogers By Appointment Only ~ ~ETAL PROCESSING 59Zl W;lmington Avenue Los Ange/cs. Californ,a 90001 SANOBU\ST Mark Smitl:l GLASS READ FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MAGNETIC PARTICAL Larry.Smith J. ~ENHALL' SIGN PROS CUSTOM LETTERING ...11:l:dl.-·-FABRICATIONS r ,cfJT7 ComputerizecJViny/Lettering f<,4.c.;:::,r,.. ~ \l-A ? __, c. S;.. 1880 Babcock Bldg. ,s Coat& M--. ca 112827 Jerry Penhall I \-~v TIM CECIL 1 L/2_ tS: (714) 650-3035 , 4010 N. Palm Street, #103, Fullerton, California 92635 Lu Fax# (714) 650-4721 1 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 870-9132 Class 3 & 7th Overall ..... A. *Dan Smith Bronco 4X Class7S ................ Brown, O'Brian & Johnson Ranger 2xlr-------------------+·-------.-------------j Class 7 ..•....................... Scott Douglass Dakota 2X §1n~1r.vl T@~:H •Member BFG/Ford •Rough Rider• Off Road Race Team · CUSTOM ELECTRICAL FABRICATION . 1·1 119· LJ NSC _Would Like To Thank. All Seven Class Winners, For Once Again ..._ __ ,,--..., · FUEL INJECTION CONVERSIONS Counllng On ~SC Suspension Systems. You Too Can Have A Winnin · COMPLETE TURN KEY CARS Ride With NSC Custom Computer Designed Leal Springs. . MOBILE SERVICE AVAILABLE ---=======t-aA~===I ~ -'' ~--For More Info, Please Call ~ _ tr" J ":.J ~ ~ .. Telephone: (714)535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 ••~ _-SPORT ~ ~ ~-••-~ ENGINEERING David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 ■ Free Advice & Technical Assistance ■ R&D ■ All Size Jobs Welcome RACERS MACHINING SERVICES "If 'rt><I Can Imagine It, I Can Make It" . SCOTT DOR DICK 909-394~ 1802 2041 E. Gladstone #H Glendora, CA 91740 Fax 714-394-1903 , OFF ROAD METAL FABRICATION 'vw RACE ENGINES SUSPENSION PREP TURN KEY VW CLASS RACE BUGGIES TUBE BENDING SHEET METAL MACHINING FLAME & PL~SMA SHAPE CUTTING 818-994-7475 GREGG HAWKS VAN NUYS, CA CARROLL DITSON -· 1

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LEADED/UNLEADED -Lancaster. CA ................................. (800) 462-9499 Las Vegas. NV ................................. (702) 643-9~QO ; . Van Nuvs, CA. ......................... , ....... (818) 786-818.0 Riverside, CA ................................. (714) 877-0226 San Die~o. CA. ................................ (619) 691-9171 -ALL OTHERINQUJAIESCONTACT SPOflTS RACING P.O. BOX 7835, LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 (714) 363-1236 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS BODY PANELS & HOODS BILL STROPPE MOTORSPORTS, INC. 2330 Cherry Industrial Circle Long Beach, California 90805 (213) 634-2730 Jaime Martinez, SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * FabncatJon * Flame Cutting * Front Ends * Custom Chassis* Race Prep* Custom Lt-Weight Trailers Mlg'r. !)I Blue Flame Producls (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 Suspension Components SAW Performance, Inc. 20755 MARILLA ST. • CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-700-9712 FAX 818-700-0947 NEED A SPONSOR? Prof~ional Racing Resumes $25 High quality computer generated documents for the polished, professional image you need to convey. For information send self addressed stamped envelope to: TTR Enterprises P.O. Box· 2381, El Cajon, CA 92021 TPTAL PERFORMANCE Race Prep. Roll Cages Tube Bumpers TOMMY BRADLEY Tube Bending Nerf Bars .. 1-.-~-.--=■=1(7.~~~Suspensions 702-736-4406 2520 E Sunset Rd #4 Las Vegas, NV 89120 Starlet Corolla Toyota Rally Spares Tel. (818) 765-5542 Fax(818)764-1051 Trackside . Photo, Inc. Jim Ober Topi HynynenfTRS USA 310-670-6897 Commercial Photography P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 Custom made Any style or. size (800)788-3969 -~ c.&b--lfACE THANS BY JEFF FIEillS TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth, CA 913-11 TRANSMISSIONS WEST We Race What We Sell Kevin Plrtle S00/435-041 & 31 ona2-2413 22545 S Normandle Ave., Torrance, CA 90501 TURBO BLUE Rat:lng 011$11//llff 8446 Garfield Ave.• Bell Gardena, Ca. 90201 • (310) 928-2271 Lyn Mocaby Mike Mocaby Gordon Culp . (u@P) 619/449-9690 . UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10223 PROSPECT AVENUE SANTEE CA 92071 CUSTOM SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CLEANER SYsrEMS FULL LINE OF POWER srEERING FOR ALL TYPES OF RACING & RECREATIONAL VEHICLES PRODUCTION SHOP (TABS, BRACKETS, BODIES, ETC.) =<-:...'.,f'~P/1/A'r /IIIIPaMTIHGS'i(GR~.a;* J()GOB t-. •~ 1lJ AACfi MAINIENANCJ'• 817¥.l'IM:~J,HfUIN&* ·. ~v'm MY~"'J1orBe1d1p~I ·•6!0· o Intelligence on anew level. · Introducing the new SMART LEVEL~ A digital inclinometer with up to 0.1° repeatable accuracy. It will zero to any angle and can be re-calibrated. Ideal for chassis building, body fabrication, fixture work or anywhere precise angular measurement is a must (such as wheel camber/caster settings, wing angles, etc.}. Gamber adjusting fixture t available separately for $59.95. '*WATKINS lllllrl/FI 780-Ave. _....,Cllr,CAMOl3 PH~ FAX41we7 .. 106 .· .,, .. -WEB-CAM PERF s·ports winning dfive .professionals befor • Our dedjcatiorfto you on top. Call WE for street • strip an 3 for the compl $7995 ~W~B-CAM ·; -~!?FORMANCE CAMSH~S .. . (714) 369-5144~ John Weddle Chris Weddle Weddle Engineering: Performance Transaxle Products Gear Sets, Super-Diffs, Bearing Retainer Plates Complete Racing Transmissions P.O. Box 15466• Beach, CA 90815 (310) 598-2731

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ADAM WIK 535 E. Central Park Anaheim, CA 92802 (714) 956·WIKS • Computerized Dyno • Flow Bench Facility • Tum Key Racing Engines PUBLIC RELATIONS ANO MARKETING CONSULTANTS EDWIN C. JACOBS Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing ivms • Spincles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels Engines simply protecting some Checker women folk. But the one the W ahzoo liked the best, was that McGeorge had finally convinced Bates that this guy was that loud The Straight Poop mouth non-Checker who was From the Big Wahzoo flying that bogus Checkered Aag PRESIDENTIAL 250 -This 4 at the last La Rana race? As usual lap La Rana Barstow race was not in cases like this, the bar owner one of the Club's better efforts. had the final say on who was at We did have some excitement for fault, and he did finally let Master a while when a newly reinstated Bates stay after he promised to Jim Stiles ran away from the field chill out. until just past the halfway mark Apparently the only Checker when he broke a torsion bar in his injury that was received at this Open two seater. Tom Koch lost a gathering was suffered by Files, motor early in his Class 10 car, as who reportedly took a solo nose did the Bates' team about mid race dive off the bar's front porch on in BJ's Challenger car. Our new his way out, landing beak first. Prez,withDuenasco-driving,also Hey John, if you're gonna had some engine problems in his continue to run with the big dogs, Class 1-2-1600 car which forced you're gonna have to come up themonthetrailerjustbeforethe with a more Checker-like end. Our only Checker finisher departure than that! Traditionally, was the Gene Dillon car with his a Che_cker always exits a road kid driving. They were the second house erect, and nose up! Class 10 car to finish the race, but FUD RACE -In an attempt to werebeattothelinebyaBajaBug redeem himself after that in their combined class, which embarrassing 4th gear check point saw both the 10s and 5 cars racing episode at his last race, Brooks together. Like I said, it was just recently grabbed Maiocco and one of those days. Hey Gene, headed south to race with the consider yourself lucky that it 'Fudsters'. Our boys definitely wasn't Bates in that 5 car that made their presence known down dusted ya, or ya never would have there, as they were hot on the heard the end of it! Despite this heels of another Class 10 car on a embarrrassment, Greg Dillon was final lap that would decide who voted in as a prospective member would take both the class win and at the post-race meeting. the overall. Sadly, John and But talk about no respect, I Morgan saw this Checker-like heard a story about Butow's car effort fall just a little short when a pulling into Pick's pit with Mike failing tranny finally quit for Duenas driving, and finding no good. Hey, good racin' guys! one there? The equipment was THE MINT - aka Mint 400, there, all set up right in front of Nissan 400 or whatever. This Harman's motorhome, but year's race saw a lot less dust due nobody was around. I mean come to a recent storm which even on guys, this is the new Prez's car produced some on course 'lakes'. we're talking about here! Well, 166 cars started this classic, with after sitting there revving the nineofthembeingCheckers. The engine and honkin' his horn for Cooks, who were reportely off what seemed like forever, Mike the pace for the better part of the started to seriously consider race, came on strong late to ramming the motorhome to get produce their second straight win somebodys attention. Meanwhile, of the new series. Congratulations on the other side of the motor-guys, lets see if you can win 'em all home, Pick was busy tuning up his this year! pre-runner engine, while all the George Seeley's 5 car had some rest of the crew was off after unexpected down time when his broken race cars. Luckily, before co-driver swallowed a big bug Duenas actually came to blows while driving and got sick? with Harman's Winneqago, he Reportedly this non-Checker was drove around back and discovered eventually debugged and returned Dave busy pickin 'em and eatin em to the driver's seat with specific as usual. Like I say, it was one of instructions to keep his mouth those races. shut! Oh yeah, George got an-That night after the race, a other third place finish as usual. spontaneous Club gathering took Kevin Davis had some assorted place at the Slash X Bar, with problems in his Class 1-2-1600 Checkers reportedly wall to wall car and finished up with his when things got rollin'. Sometime second fourth place in the new during these festivities some SCORE series. Right behind trouble developed when some guy Kevin was Big John Files in his thought Old Man Bates said newl-2-1600ride,forafinefifth "stand up", when he actually said place finish in this competitive "shut up"! This guy obviously class. More on this later. Tom realized his mistake about half Koch had a firm grip on third way up, when he suffered a placewithhisOpencaratthestart violent reversal in direction. of the last lap, but sadly a couple There were a number of of flats pushed his finishing different versions of about what position back to a fifth place in caused this disturbance, the real Class l /2, although still the fifth one probably being that Gary was , overall car. Steve Kelley was right Dusty Times PRESIDENT SOD STATE MILL ROAD AKRON. OHIO 44319 1216) 644-7774 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, A2. 85017 behind him with a sixth place and crucified and Club bullshitters sixth overall. Congratulations will be promptly exposed (see guys, good racin'!, Files). Other than that, all The Club's non-finishers were Checkers will be given the broad as follows: Rosenstein blew a benefit of the doubt on all issues, tranny on the first lap. LuPort especially those involving finally parked his mini truck on non-Checkers. Non-Checkers of the third lap after some serious course will be totally ignored, repairs on both the front and rear unless an identity is essential to suspensions. And Symonds, who the story, or, when it becomes 1has finally made his first· obvious that somebody is trying concession to old age by installing ~o s~rew us, then their foolish ass an automatic trans in his 10 car, 1s mme! went out of the race early with Some might ask, "just who the electrical problems. hell put you in charge?" Well ... FILES -during this race, the you guys.did! Over the years the Files' 1-2-1600 entry was called Wahzoo has come up for a vote into question after Big John's on a number of occasions and has co-driver reportedly charged out always received near unanimous of an outlying Checker pit while support from the membership to Brooks was still working on the continue to write out Checkers car, dragging him for a bit before column as I do. Anytime that he finally got free. This contro-support disappears, so will the versy continued at the post-race W ahzoo. meeting, but now it had switched Keeping the identity of the Big to whether or not this non--Wahzoo secret is essential for the Checker was really entitled to success of a "tell it like it is" Club pit support. Details were column like this. By remaining vague and witnesses scarce, but nameless, the W ahzoo is able to apparently Kevin Davis was remain totally unpressured and somehow involved in this deal, Jack Woods (602) 242-0077 independent from all the powers to be. The W ahzoo always prints the truth as I know it, but I will promptly print a retraction when I'm wrong. All Checkers are welcome to contribute and/or criticize by calling George Thompson and chew on his ear just like he was the Wahzoo. Believe me, I'll get the message promptly! In closing, the W ahzoo feels obligated to pass on the following juicy rumor without mentioning any names. This Wahzoo has it on good authority that the reason one of our old timers has been scarce of late on Wednesday nights, is that he was recently surprised early one Sunday morning passed out on Hawkins' couch wearing a very attractive sheep's suit. Although lucky that his unexpected visitor was a fellow Checker, some photos were reportedly taken! Hey, cheer up Chuck. Nobody reafly gives a shit ... unless of course you're interested in the price of a poster? since at one point during the heated discussion he volunteered to resign from the Club to resolve the issue. Since Files, the Club's premiere Pit Captain, no longer attends the regular Wednesday night meetings, the whole epfsode was put on hold until the Prez could talk to Big John about this "newly revived" racing career of PIT-TEAM .REGIS I-ER his? THE PITS -After two separate incidents at this race over outlying pit space the Checkers will make a point to no longer pit next to any of the BFG pits if possible. Apparently some of the members of this team mistakenly feel that they now own the whole God damn desert. This is of course ridiculous since everybody knows that the Checkers have always owned it, and still do! The Wahzoo would like to compliment our pitters on their physical restraint and civilized solution to BAJA EXPRESS RACING TEAM Hayward Mendenhall 15518 Le Floss St Norwalk,CA (213) 864-0893 F.A.I.R. Dave Masslngham, Race Director 16269 Placid Dr. Whittler, CA 90604 (714) 634-7697-(714) 634-2307 this problem. I mean, who wants CHAPALA DUSTERS 1.0.R.A. to pit next to a bunch of gas station attendants anyway? SUMMER PAR TY -Our new Prez has wasted no time in starting to plan on repeating the blow out party that the Club staged last summer just outside of Lucerne. Butow quickly took Hibbard up on his offer to repeat as party chairman and July 17th was recently announced as the date for the Checkers '93 Summer Party. Don't miss this orgy of Checker fun. CHECKERS COLUMN -For all our newer members, and also those old timers whose memory may be starting to go, the Wahzoo would like to once again go over the basic rules that I follow every month when writing this column: All Checker-like racing efforts will be properly acknowledged, along with heroic Checker pit action; Checker whiners will be May1993 Evan Harbottle, President (909) 676-8625 Matt Hanson, Race Director (714) 951.nss CHECKERS Russ Butow, President 28447 Aldee Park Canyon Country, CA 91351 (805) 251-5970 John Flies, Pit Coordinator 22311 Kentfleld Grand Terrace, CA 92324 (714) 945-4159 or 783-4459 C.O.R.E. Kevin McGllllvray, Race Director 33722 Agua Dulce Canyon Road Agua Dulce, CA 91350 George Thompson, Director 343 -0 Montezuma St., #19 Prescott, AZ 86303 (602) 776-8528 LOS CAMPEONES Andy Felix, President 1069 So. Santa Fe Vista, CA 92083 (619) 726-0130 MAG7 Bruce Cranmore, Race Director 11244 Horizon Hills Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 440-3737 (818) 574-1053 TIGHT TEN DESERT RACE SUPPORT John Lippitt, Race Director Craig Lane, Race Director 153 Lindell Ave. P.O. Box 1822 El ca)on, CA 92020 Apple Valley, CA 92307 (619) 448-5500 (619)247-0120-(619)247-6258 (619) 447.795 We welcome all Support Team news artides. Typed and double spaced copy is acceptable. Copy deadlines vary slighdy, usually by the tenth of the month to make the next issue. To list your pit club here, send the information to Dusty Times. The service is free. Please send us a list of your current pit club contacts, especially those who are not listed here at all. Page 61

Page 62

Classified ••• For Sale: '83 FUNCO, Class 10, ORE built, D&D Sheetmetal, FAT motor, S&L Transaxle, Wright front end, power steering, 930 c.v. 's, Bilsteins, BFGoodrich, Woods trailing arms. Comes with extra parts & tires. $7,800.00 oho Call (805) 496-1516. ,di;, FOR SALE: Rally Ca;: 1986 Dodge Omni GLH (Turbo). Ready to race. Fresh engine & trans. $5,900.00. Fully equipped w I spare tires, wheels or make offer. Call (313) 479-4100 or (313) 782-0990 or (313) 525-0879. FOR SALE: 1978 Dodge Kari-Van, motor home style, air conditioning, birch cabinets, stove, twin bed folds up, seats 6, captain chairs, bottom tool box enclosed, fridge, excellent tow rig for any race team. Bright red Porsche paint, big smoked windows not installed yet. $9,500.00 offer or trade. Clayton (702) 355-7440 or (702) 747-6431. WANT TO GETAWAY FROM IT ALL? 871,200 square feet of pine trees, approximately 6000 feet up; enjoy a four season climate located in the Tehachapi mountains, behind locked gates. 20 acres of pure isolation. 2 pads ready for your mountain hide-a-way. Overlooks entire Antelope Valley. Easy in and out on graded road. Call Don at (805) 268-1644. :' FOR SALE: FUNCO single seat chassis, complete car, needs some assembly. Neal pedals and steer-ing brake, Sway-A-Way, Wright front end; Beard seat, Dunlop tires,Jackman riMs, bus transaxle, 2010Type I motor. Will sell with motor or without. $3,800.00 total. 7,000 lb 16' trailer' $900.00. Call Jamie (510) 779-1692, Antioch, CA. FORSALE: 1992/66Class5car, now made completely street legal with all paperwork current. Still very off road useable, Giese air suspension, 18" rear, 13.5 front, 2074cc motor, 4 wheel disc, Weddle Eng. trans, 930's, all the best and all very fresh. Must see to appreciate. Over $25,000.00 invested, MUST SELL $10,000.00 oho. Car is well proven off road and has also won several shows and Best Engineered awards. Will consider trades. Call Bob (714) 265-0329. FOR SALE: 2 seat Chenowth Class 9, SCORE legal, Wright rack, Flame-Out, New Bilstein shocks, wheels and Yokohama tires, Sway-A-Way, pumper, aluminum body, fresh close ratio R C Jones transmission. Car finished entire FR T Series without a breakdown. $4,000.00. Call Dave (619) 743-8498. FOR· SALE: Class 8 race truck, race ready. Set up to compete with the big boys. Ran out of money. Approx 16" travel front, 21" rear. Dual Taylor shocks all the way around. Dual oil & tranny coolers, dual batteries, full floating rear end. Summers Brothers 35" axles, B&B motor, 725 dyno horsepower. All 1993 body panels, rear mounted radiator with ultra high output fans. Also, 1980 Chevy 1 ton Dually. 454 fresh motor & tranny. Set up to pull a 28' 5th wheel trailer w/winch. All 3 for $50,000.00. Serious inquiries only please. Ask for Pat ( 414) 733-6689 days, (414) 757~839·. FOR SALE: 1978 Plymouth Sapporo Pro Rally Car. 1989 CRS stock class champion. 1992 consistant top 5 class finisher. No FOR SALE: Class 10 single dnf due to mechanical failure. seater, fabricated and prepped by OR SALE: 2-1600 SAW leaves 2600cc 4 cylinder, 5 speed HISTORY & VINT AGE WANTED: Do you have vintage off road racing cars, trucks, parts, accessories, magazines & merch-andising, etc.? If you do, we are currently locating for restoration and a number of special projects. Call Rich Minga at Baja Concepts (619) 593-6529 or FAX (619) 583-1851 or Loco Lorenzo Pearson at W .C.M. (800) 247-3203 or FAX (310) 325-9735. WANTED: 5-1600, must be 1992 SCORE legal, top quality fabrication only. "Tall Mans Version". Race ready. Must be competitive and reliable. Mon-Fri 8-5 Lorenzo or Scott at (800) 247-3202. WANTED: Have cash - looking for 2 seat Class 9 car. Must be competitive top finishing car. Also, for sale, Class 10 Chaparall, Beard, Summers Brothers, combos. $7,800.00. Call Bob (714) 882-1766 or Chick ( 602) 855-7823. Since Jimmy Lawrence's death in January 1993, his estate must sell his VORRA 1983 Championship off road open wheel car, w /6 new tires, 4 mounted. If interested please call (702) 677-0924 Reno Area. FOR SALE: Class 10 JIMCO 2 seat mid engine car. Smart Racing 4AG Toyota, Fortin 5 speed trans, 35 gal fuel cell, Modine radiator, Taylor seats, Wright, UMP, Sway-A-Way compon.ents, Summers Bros, FAT & rear brakes, BFG, tired Centerline wheels, very competitive car, flawless condition. Make offer oho. Call ( 619) 448-5392 or (619) 441-8936. FOR SALE: Rev-Power Type IV VW motor. 2730cc recently gone through. $6,000.00 or best offer. Call Frank Arciero Jr. (714) 6.32-0134. Penhall Fabrication. Coil-over & 300M, Mirage beam & rear trans/ 4:22 limited slip rear. New suspension,FATRabbit,4wheel arms, Fox, 930's, Wright, Tokicostruts&KYBrearshocks. FOR SALE: 5-1600, must go. discs, fresh engine & trans. Fast, Char-Lyn, combos, Woods, Fully equipped with spare tires, Complete car or parts. Fresh competitive car. Must see! Beard,20galFuelSafe,Yokohamas, wheels, etc. Call Mike (310) motor, shocks, Wright front end $12,000.00.CallMark(714) Centerline,raceready$8,000.00 863-9832 or Rob (310) parts.NewtiresandCenterlines 751-1290 days, (714) 540-4829 oho. Call (407) 459-1373 days. 861-77IO;Askingonly$2,700.00 plus lots more. Will deliver. Call nites. Fl Deliver? oho. ,Frank (801) 278-1555. -r,.--- - - -~-1a111,... _. .--·-= _111111il ..,....-wwwwwww_ www w w-... ............ --.... -w ... -_. . ....,..._.._.._.~--~ -...w w w., I Sell OT swap your extra parts and pieces in I ; . DUSTY TIMES. I II Classified Ad~ertising rate is only $15 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of : black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. II NEW _AND RENEW AL_ SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If II you wish to use.a photo m your free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. I I I --------------------------I I --------------~-----------I I -------------~-----------I I I. I --------------------------I I ------~-------------------I . I I I ---------------------------I I Enclosed is$ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. I I I I Name -----------------------------I Mail to: I Address --------------------Ph DUSTY TIMES II one--------20751 Marilla Street I Chatsworth, CA 91311-440b ·I J City ----~-------------State _____ Zip_______ • Page 61 May 1993 FOR SALE: Fresh Rev-Power Rabbit 1650cc. All gone through, 0 miles. This motor totally complete, even radiator, hoses and fan. $2,800.0 oho. Ken (619) 475-6326. FOR SALE: 5-1600 entire race package. Fresh motor & trans, Fox shocks w/reservoirs, full Combo front end w/ adjusters & rack, adjuster in rear torsion, Sway-A-Way bars & axles, Parker Pumper, PCI Landmaster 100 Watt w/lnterlink. Spare semi complete motor, spare wheels & tires. Many suspension & car spares, fire suit, helmet for Interlink, dump cans. $6,500.00. (.310) 920-1135 days, (.310) 920 2719 nites. FOR SALE: Mirage Unlimited Class 5, only 2 races. Profession-ally prepped & race ready! DRIVET~-N: FEX 2070cc Type I (130hp),JG bus IRS trans (w/FTC gears). FRONT END: 12" wider (15" travel), new Fox Racing Shox (2 Shox per wheei), Wright rack, arms & combo spindles, alum wheels w / BFG Mud/Terrain tires. REAR END: 12" wider, (18" travel), new Fox Racing Shox ( 4 Shox, 1 bump stop per wheel), Woods arms, Sway-A-Way bars & axles, 9.30 c.v. 's Super Boots, alum wheels w /BFG Mud/Terrain tires. PLUS: Power steering (UMP pump), Fuel Safe Cell (22 gal), dual batteries, Beard seats, Diest 5 point harness, VDO gauges & white-grey paint. All chromoly chassis & torsion housing. $12,800.00 complete or $10.500.00 w/ o motor & trans, or trade towards highly competi-tive 1-1600 or I /10. Serious offers only! Call Fox Factory ( Michael Daws)( 408) 269-9200. FOR SALE: 1-1600. Best buy for the buck. West engine, Mendeola trans, UMP, Sway-A-Way, Bilsteins. Comes with dual axle trailer. Must sell fast!!! $7,000.00. Call Steve at (714) 498-5085 nites. Dusty Times

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FO Funco SS 2, HORA/SCORE legal, good track record. For details call Jim (619)449-6114 .or page Mike (619) 533-2218. . FOR SALE: 1962 VW Baja Bug, Cal look, street legal. 1835 dual port motor, fresh heads, dual DeLLortoes, Tri-Mil exhaust, Centerlines, Y okohamas, 1 piece front, 6pt cage, belts , KYB shocks, straight body; very clean. $2,800.00 oho. Also, 12 gal Fuel Safe Pro Cell, steel cage, 2 fill plates, mounting straps. $275.00 oho. (714) 894-4267. FOR SALE: Chenowth 2 seat, Esslinger 2030cc Ford w / 4 FOR SALE: Class 9 1990 MECO Mikuni carbs, alum radiator, JG bus trans, 6H wide Molly front single seat, race ready, best of be I am, Bi stein, Combos, Pumper, everything and very competitive. 93 SCORE 'HORA I I M intercom, 0 c.v. 's, JAMAR, 1 • h eg$a · any CNC, Sway-A-Way, Centerline. extr_as go Wit. car. 6,50~.oo. $6,400.00. Bob (310) 404-3753 !rmlerandrad1os~xtra,ava1lable weekda s (714) 996-6550 1f needed. Cal Vic (805) 832-· ; yk' d 2996 day, (805) 832-3628 ni~e. 1 n_i_te_s_w_e_e_e_n_s_. ------FOR SALE: Chenowth 1-1600, Neth rear arms & beam,. UMP power steering, Wright combos arms & rack, reservoired Bil-steins, Summers axles & stub axles, Parker Pumper, aluminum body, 300M torsion bars. Very competitive car. $7,000.00 oho. Call (801) .566-0741 or (801) 562-9298. FOR SALE: 1986 Bronco 4x4 pre-runner, Autofab 15H front suspension, 911 Currie rear end w/ 3 1 spline .Detroit Locker . 4: lO's, 12 Ranchos, new BFG's on American Racing Wheels. Smog legal fuel injected 302. $8,000.00. Call Pat (714) 644-4460 days or (714) 642-3532 nites. FOR SALE: RA CECO 10 car, air cooled, 1480 lbs. Rear disc brakes, 14 Fox, Hewland bus, $7,500.00 or trade (no race cars). 1985 Competitive 5th wheel 30' 3 axle, AC, awning, 81 height inside, outside lights & plugs. 2 each 48" side doors, work benches, hydraulic tongue jack, 6500 Honda generator. $9,500.00 or trade. Bob Scott (619) 949-1049 or (818) 442-1090. FOR SALE: Major Performance VW 2177cc motor, "0" miles. Engine built for pre-runner and never used. $3,500.00 oho. Call (619) 448-5392 or (619) 441-8936. FOR SALE: Class 104AFToyota motor 1607cc, Carillo rods, 16 valve, VW trans adapter, clutch & pressure plate, S&S exhaust system. Motor is complete & fresh. Motor b u ilt b y FAT Performance. $4,500.00. Call (619) 448-5392 o r (619) 441-8936. DustyTlma FOR SALE: 5-1600 Top quality, fast car. Raced 5 races since 1991. 1st '91 Parker 400. Willing to sell since I lost a finger last week in an accident. Must see in order to be able to explain all the design, parts & thought put into this car. $10,000.00. Serious inquiries only please. (619) 481-0923, John Holmes. FOR SALE: 1986 Berrien Class 2, 2 seat, 2280 Type I, new Raceco trans, Summers discs, Parker Pumper, Centerlines, Race Ready. $8,900.00. Richard (714) 997-1202. FOR SALE: 2 rear tires, 1511 Centerlines with double bead locks each wheel. New Y okoha-mas with new Edwards recaps, new tubes. Sold the race car. $1,200.00 (actual cost). (714) 963-5200 after 3 p.m. or leave message. FOR SALE: 1969 Jeep CJ-5. Former Class 4 racer, Chevy 350, LFI motor, Holley, Hurst, Simpson, 40 gal fuel cell , 8 Mickey Thompson shocks. A great pre-runner or toy for de~ or dunes! Must sell quick! Call (209) 561 -4108. FOR SALE: 2 9 foot 198 4 Southwind motorhome. Sleeps 7, 6.5kw Onan generator, dual A IC, full awnings, microwave, central vacuum, 59k miles (26k on engine & trans). Smog legal headers, carb shop rework and K&N. $19,500.00. Call Bob at (909) 782-0707 work or (909) 247-7575 home. FOR SALE: 1992 Class 8, new front coil-overs, 351 W, Mogi trans, Kuster shocks, best of every-thing. $85,000.00 oho. Call Mike (6 19) 922-5411 day, (619) 922-4173 nite. . ATTENTION BUYERS & SELL-ERS: W e now have over 100 off road race cars, trucks, pre-runners, trailers & Transporters listed for sale. We also have clients looking for specific vehicles. List your vehicles for sale with us, or inquire for a specific vehicle that you require. FOR SALE: 112-1600, new Baja Concepts is a full brokerage motor, bus trans wl close 3-4, service for your off road needs. fresh paint, adjustable torsions, JUST SOME OF OUR CUR-Neal pedals, turn brake, Sway-A-RENT FOR SALE LISTINGS: 1 Way, Wright rack, spindles, Class3,2MiniMags,SClassl/2-arms, Simpson 5 point belts, 11600s, 3 Class 6s, 3 Class 4s, 7 Beard Super Seats, Centerlines, , Class Ss, 5 Class 5-1600s, 1 Stone BFG's, gas shocks. $4,100.~0 Stock. Total of 6 Class 10s, all obo. Must sell ASAP. Phoemx, prices. Fullcomplimentof7 Class AZ (602) 972-6457. 8 trucks. Also, 7 Class 7 and 7 FOR SALE: Enclosed Trailer, 1990 Satchell Ultralight, 18'x6'9H dovetail, drop door, side door, superwinch, interior lights, workbench ~ shelving. Can be towed by smaller vehicle. Electric brakes, custom wheels, tile floor, like new. $4,450.00. (619) 486-3262. 4x4 trucks. 12 street legal pre-runner trucks, all types. Also, 3 pre-runner Bajas & 5 other pre-runners, + 2 four seater pre-runners. 9 Class 2s, 4 Class 1 s, 9 Super 1600s short course & stadium cars. 3 Class 9 Challeng-ers, and many more still being listed daily on our new computer system for faster service. NEW LISTINGS INCLUDE: 3 FISA Rally Raid Trucks, 8 trailers, haulers & transporters. New listings too for 4 l / 2 built projects. EXPORT SER VICES: We also have overseas buyers actively seeking race vehicles and can arrange all export freight =;::-------~~== forwarding and documentation. FOR SALE: 1985 Toyota Coro! a GTS Stock Class rally cat. Saprco seats, Bilstein shocks, Safety Devices cage, Sabelt harnesses, Michelin tires on Panasport wheels, Terratrip computer, fire-out system. All the right equip-ment and in excellent condition. Current log book and ready to race. $5,000.00 oho. Jeff (714) 588-6295. FOR SALE: 5-1600 race car. Wright arm & spindles, fresh bus box w / Hewland, rebuilt Bilsteins w/ reservoirs. Pumper, Flameout. A lot of new parts, spare parts, 16 spare wheels & tires. Car is less motor but comes with most of the good parts for ne w motor. $6,500.00 obo. Call (619) 246-4554. We are committed to finding you just what you are looking for at the right price. Contact us for any consulting you may require. Call Rich Minga or Vince at Baja Concepts (619) 583-6529 or FAX (619) 583-1851. FOR SALE: Class IO Bunderson, Cornutt, new motor & trans. This car has never been raced since ground-up rebuild! Disc brakes, Flame-Out, UMP, Master-craft, spare parts, too many things to list. $15,000.00 or trade. LETS TALK!! (505) 271-9015. FOR SALE: Class 9 buggy, 1992 Chenowth 2 seat frame, Aboco transmission, Valley Performance motor, Fox shocks, new tires, Wright steering, 14 gal Ja: fuel cell, RACE READY. $5,500.Q0. For info call Charlie (707) 437-0 117. BORROW ED from car #551 at Gold Coast. 1 spare tire on offset Centerline. I need it back! Please, you used it, now please return it. Jim (909) 676-4043 or (909) 676-2611. FOR SALE: Race engine, Esslin_ger. head on professionally built Rev Powe r - 4 cylinder engine. $5,995.00 or best. Call Doug (619) 439-9314. FOR SALE: Chenowth class 10 2 seater desert car. Fox shocks, Fire Out system, Parker Pumper, Fuel Cell and more. Older car in excellent condition. Grea,t pre-runner. $5,500.00 oho. Call (805) 528-2791. WANTED: Full size race truck to lease or buy cheaply to use in movie about an off road racer. Needstorun,butdoesnothaveto be race ready. (310) 455-2160. INDEX TO ADVERTIS~ Baker Precision Products . . . . . . . 34 Barbary Coast -Gold Coast Hotels . . . . . . . . . . 8 Bilstein Corp. of America . . . . . . . 7 Brush ltm 101 ........•..... 28 Cactus Racing Products . . . . . . . . 43 Castex Inc .• E-Z-Up . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Cllampion Bead lock Co. . . . . . . . 14 DeNunzio Racing Products . . . • . . 40 Don-A-Vee Jeep-Eagle . • . . . . . . . 41 FAT Performance . . • . . . . . . . . • 18 Fiesta Ford . • . . . • . . . . . . . . . . 13 Fuel Safe . . . • . . . . . . . • . . . . . • 50 German Auto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Grosse Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Rod Hall Driving School . . . . . . . . 53 Hi Tech Off Road . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 KC HiLites . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . 19 La Rana Lucerne Valley Jam . . . . . 23 LC. Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Michigan Off Road Cllampionships . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . 4 7 Parker Pumper Helmets . . . . . . . . 49 Petro Tech USA, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . 37 Pike's Family Restaurant . . . . . . • 25 Race Ready Products • . . . . . . . . . 35 Reid Pro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Road America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 SCORE Baja 500 . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Marvin Shaw Engineering . . . . . . . 51 SNORE Caliente 250 . . . . . . . . . . 21 MTEG Stadium - Rose Bowl . . . . 9 Toyota Motorsports . . . . . Back Cover Toyota Motorsports . • . . . . . . . . . 2 Trackside Photos Inc. . . . . . . . . . . 46 Tri-Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Valley Performance . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Valvoline Oil . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 • Whiskey Row Screen Printing . . . . 4 Wilch Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 FOR SALE: 1-1600, 116"wb, wright front end, combos, arms, rack, Fox with reservoirs, Beard, Neal, Parker Pumper, power steering, Thing drums. Engine, tranny, power steering, front end all built by Valley Performance. Fast, dependable car. $6,000.00. Call for history. (702) 593-1159. FOR SALE: Class 5-1600, street/pre-run/race. Sunroof! Just built, new 1600cc engine, new HD IRS Type I tranny. Sway-A-Way, SACO steering, Diest, Beard, Tri-Mil, 22 gal fuel cell. Everything new, many spares including tires. Must sell $2,900.00. (310) 696-6577. Coming Next Month ••• FOR SALE: '79 Dodge Ram-charger 4x4 Belt 440 & trans. Complete custom work & parts, axles, posi's & drive train. Complete restoration, new BFG's & rims, brakes & winch. Too m uch work & parts to list . Excellent pre-runner or tow vehicle. $23,000.00 invested, will sell for $6,300.00. Call (818) 704-5541. May1993 FRT Buzz Bomb 150 MTEG at Seattle's Kingdome SNORE Twilight 200 WRC Rally of Portugal CRS Fenceline Rallycross Whiplash Racing at Gila Bend •.• Plus all the regular features ... Page 63

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Ir's No SEC .,.,,..,. THE COAi~ rnoN HA S OUR GUTS. When you've dominated truck racing as long as we have, you have to expect a few hard feelings. But that's OK. We'd rather deal with that than give up any of our nine MTEG Stadium Truck Champ-ionships. Or our seven Baja 500 wins. Our five Mint/Nissan 400s. Etc. © 1992 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Besides, we suspect it's really more jealousy than hate. And who can blame them for being jealous? Especially since the engine we use is actually a race-modified version of the 3.0-liter V6 available in our production trucks. So we'll just keep on winning A and if the other guys don't like it, that's fine. We can take it. After all, no guts ... no glory. "I love what you do for me:' ~TOYOTA I