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1993 Volume 10 Number 4 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 10 - Number 4 • April 1993 $1.50 ISSN 8750-1731 Covering the world of competition in the dirt ·

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Volume 10 -Humber 4 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation 0 . Osborne Contributors Jim Baker Darla Crown C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Don Dayton Daryl D. Drake Horner Eubanks Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Matt ·Marcher Bob Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Darryl Smith Judy Smith 3-D Photography Trackside Photo Inc. · Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typography & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAPSHOT April 1993 ~ Subscription Rates: 1lrif S!riestfgJa,adRacing,. $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. OF THE MONTH ••• 1 .:1111 . Some younger readers may not instantly recognize this dynamic duo who drove Dodge Rarnchargers on the grueling East African Safari Rally over Easter weekend in 1981. They are, of course, Malcolm Smith, left and Rodney Hall, both former overall winners of the Baja 1000, and they finished nose to tail, with Malcolm first in class and Rodney seconds behind in the trucks that were really too big for many of the rally roads. They did well overall also on the several day long rally. Even more too big were the pit trucks that Bill Stroppe took to Kenya, long wheelbase crew cab Dodge one tons, that for sure they couldn't park anywhere but their own service yard in Nairobi. It was quite an adventut'e, corning in just under the wire before Chrysler fell into financial difficulties. Photo by Jean Calvin. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies"or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered. 'Dusty Timcs · April 1993 In This Issue ••• FEA1URES Page SCORE Parker 400 by Jean Calvin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 SCORE Parker 400 Motorcycles by Fud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 The Biggest Class at Parker was the BLM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 FORDA End of the rear Race by W ayne Simmons ............. 22 MTEG Stadium Racing at Anaheim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 MTEG Supercross at Anaheim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Paris-Dakar Rally Raid by Mattin Holmes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 VORRA All Pro Season Finale by Matt Marcher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 SNORE Bottom Dollar by Jean Calvin & Don Dayton . . . . . . . . . . 36 WRC Monte Carlo Rally by Martin Holmes ................... 40 BFGoodrich Off Road Seminar by George Thompson . . . . . . . . . . . 42 GMC Suburban 4x4 by John Calvin . ........................ 44 CRS Fenceline Rallysprint by John Elkin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 FRT Barking Spider by Fud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 FRT Dunaway Dash Motorcycles ........ ....... ........... .. 48 DEPARTMENIS IDRA Corner by George Thompson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 ~p~~:·:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i Competition Review Board Report by Reese King . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Pony Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Pit T earn Register . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 FAIR Report by Dave Massingharn ...... . ...... ............. 50 Checkers Column by The Big Wahzoo ....................... 51 Chapala Dusters Report by Helen Henesy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Nevada 400 Hot Scoop by Tony Tellier ........... . .......... 57 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 ON THE COVER - Bob Lofton and Mike Julson split the driving chores on the 1-1600 Jirnco painted with spots to resemble a Holstein cow, thus known as the cow cow car. Lofton's family business is cattle feeding in the Imperial Valley. The pair had two quick laps, but Bob got stuck in the mud for a time on the final round, but they still won the class by the slim margin of a minute 49 seconds in the close running 1600 bunch. The lronrnan is back and Ivan Stewart brqught the Toyota home the Class 1 and overall winner at Parker, bloodied but unbowed. His race was not without a few problems, like running out of gas and electrical hangups, but it didn't really show on the lap times. He arrived with a blood covered nose, hit by a rock on the final leg thrown by his own tires, but he won the race over tough competition with a 2 minute, 27 second lead over second overall. Color Photography by Trackside Photo Inc. to S~7~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! D 1 year - $15.00 □ ·2 years - $25.00 D 3 years -$35.00 Takeadvantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on in side back page) Name ______________________ _ Address ____________________ _ City Stace ___________ Zip-----------Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 9 1311-4408, (8 18) 882-0004 ( Canadian - 1 year $20.00 U.S.• Overseas subscription rates on request) Page 3 I I I I I I I

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The IDRA Comer By George R. Thompson un-insured! Lesle in to speak on behalf of the In an effort to help the members of these classes, since Richardson family obtain the Mike had a vehicle competing in necessary health care for Jim, the both Class 3 and Class 6. The IDRA has established the Jim result of that meeting was the Richardson Assistance Fund and recommendation that these SCORE · Competition Review we are urging everyone in the classes not be combined for 1993-Board. Reese King, former vice sport to contribute whatever you 94 but that members of both president of the SCORE Officials can to this worth-while cause. classes would be informed of the Assoc., officially became the Your check for this fully tax possibility of a pending consoli-IDRA CRB Marshal at the recent deductible contribution should dation in 1995. The thinking was Parker 400 and did an excellent bemadeouttotheJimRichardson that this would give everyone job in his new capacity. I sat in on • Assistance Fund and mailed to: ample time to build their cars with the meeting as a consultant to the . IDRA, 343-D South Montezuma the new rules in mind while Board, providing them with St., #19, Prescott, AZ 86303." allowingtwoyearstogetthemost historical data and generally The Driver Rep.System. We out of their present vehicles. At making certain that the transition have been working on the driver this point I thought this matter-was a smooth one for all rep. system for 1993 and finally was settled. Apparently this was concerned. Reese will be carrying re~dy to announce the represent-not to be the case!! on with the CRB Report and his at1ves for the current year. Somewhere along the line, reports will be submitted to the Actually, we had the system someone decided that the whole Dusty Times for publication. I . working pretty well until late '91, problem could be settled by will be focusing on some of the whenSCORE&HDRAsplitinto simplyallowing4-WDvehiclesto other IDRA business, such as two separate organizations. compete in Class 6, and leave keeping up with the Driver Rep. Obviously, this required that we Class 3 alone. Of course, such a system and attending various wait for several races into '92 in rule would effectively trash Class meetings. However, I will be at order to see who was racing 3 anyway and would make it most of the races and will be where, and then come up with completely legal to enter a 133" happy to provide CRB advice to driver Reps. for both series'. wheelbase Big Block powered 4-anyone who finds themselves Finally, I had assembled all the WD Suburban in Class 6. Now facing a protest. I can usually be reps. by late summer when the that's heavy metal! found in the area of the finish line rumors started to flow about a Apparently SCORE liked the late in the race so look for me if new combined series, which idea and was prepared to you have any sort of problem. turned out to be a buyout of implement the new rule beginning Jim Richardson Assistance HDRA by SCORE. with the Parker 400 when it Fund. Just prior to the Parker The 1993 Driver Reps. for the became apparent that, in the 400, we learned that Rich SCORE Championship Desert midst of all this wheeling and Richardson's son Jim, suffered Series are below. This list will ·dealing, SCORE/HDRA had some serious burn injuries. At the become official by the Nevada failed to notify the Class 6 Parker 400 IDRA circulated the 400. We need only to poll one competitors about this rule following, fund-raiser letter, open wheel class and will update change. Since the only entries which I will include here for those everyone in the next issue. In the· currently running in Class 6 are of you we may have missed. meantime, if you have any thefactorybackedentriesofFord "Everyone knows Rich Rich-problems or input, seek out your and Jeep and since both Ford and ardson, 3 time winner of the Class class rep. and let him know what's Jeep were a ware of this rule 9 points Championship, Class 9 on your mind. change, SCORE apparently Driver Representative and Classes3&6.ltseemsthatthe assumed that these factory teams dedicated off road racer. His son wings of controversy are never had been notified. According to Jimmy has been an important still and these two classes came to John Swift, owner-driver of the memberofRich'sraceeffortsince the front at the Parker 400. Last Rough Rider Class 6 Ford the beginning as well as helping year there was some interest, Explorer, Swift Motorsports had Rich in the family's sign business. generated by SCORE, to combine received no notification of this About a week ago Jimmy these two classes. This interest impending rule change from any sustained major burns to both his actually surfaced in the manu-source and he argued that it was hands when he fell into a raging facturers meeting at the 1991 SCORE's responsibility to campfire while on holiday in the Gold Coast 300 and later IDRA provide adequate notification of Anza Borego area. Although he polled the classes to see if there any rule change directly to the was quickly pulled free of the was any support for this combina-driver of record! SCORE Officials flames, virtually all of the flesh tion from the class members. had some difficulty dismissing the was burned· off his hands and it Naturally we had to wait until logic of Swift's argument and has become apparentthat he will aftertheNissan400todothisdue declared that the rules would require daily medical care for to circumstances surrounding the remain the same in '93 as they had months, followed by numerous, separation of SCORE & HDRA. been in '92 for Class 6. That is skin graft operations. . Once I had polled the classes, it how we went to the starting line at Although it is not clear just became quite obvious that there Parker and at least one manufact-how much this treatment will was no interest whatsoever in urer was not happy. cost, estimates begin at well over combining the classes and I The casual observer might have $50,000 before Jim cari'even pick presented the results of this poll thought that this issue was settled up a wrench. The good news is to the manufacturers and to Bill until next year and that is the way that Jim is young and in otherwise Savage of SCORE/HDRA Tech it appeared until a few days ago, good health. The Bad News is at the San Felipe 250 manufactur-when SCORE began studying the that he was completely ers meeting. I also invited Mike idea of combining Classes 3 & 6 ---------------------------· again. While there may be some The 1993 Driver Reps. for the SCORE Championship Desert Series Frank Vea,els Chief Driver Rep. (619) 723-1414 Ivan Stewart Cl.u, I.fl Production (619) 445-8798 David Krei!ller Cl.u, I.fl Open Wheel (714) 535-4438 Rich Femch CJ.. l.fl-1600 (310) 862-1671 Dale White ClaM3 (702) 295-2880 DaveAabley 0-4 (714) 381-4088 Dave Panons ClaM5 (619) 365-7188 Wayne Cook Cl.u,5-1600 (805) 947-4727 John Swift Claas6 (805) 986-2!S80 RU88Jooes Cl.u,7 (805) 968-1067 Makolm Vmje Clam 7-S (619) 292-0485 Dave Westhem Cl.u,8 (310) 343-9744 Rich Richanl8on Cl.u,9 (714)496~9 RandyWilaoo .Clam 10 (310) 634-7993 Saul Zambrano Clam II (818) 896-1141 Page 4 justification for allowing 4-WD in Class 6, since all the manufact-urers accepted this change at the Nevada 500 meeting (Dodge & Ford included), the combining of Classes 3 & 6 was voted down by all the drivers and the manufact-urers at the San Felipe 250 last year. Even as I approach the deadline for this article, this issue has not been settled. One thing is clear, the fate of Classes 3 & 6 has been thrown into the political arena and the final outcome, which is to be determined before the 1993 Nevada 400, will send a message to the drivers in every production class about how the "new" SCORE is going to run the business of desert racing. If you have a problem, some sort of gripe or just want to call and talk about the meaning of it all, call: IDRA, (602) 776-8528, 9-5 (mountain time). April 1993 Trail Notes ••• SNOW IN THE DESERT? -On February 27 two events in the high desert were snowed upon, with Joshua trees wearing white caps and mesquite bushes looking like parts of a snowman. It has happened in past years but not very often. The extremely wet weather in the southwest last winter saw the Nevada 400 Publicity Run flat canceled by the BLM. It seems some of the normally dry washes on course were filled with fast moving water flowing down from the foothills, and the BLM officers felt it was going to get worse instead of better, up to flash flood stage. But the drawing party hosted by the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino the night before was a big success, and 139 names were in the hopper. On the same day the La Rana Presidential 250 outside of Barstow had rain on the Friday contingency program, and during the race, and it was also snowing on the higher elevation sections of the course. But the race went on to its conclusion with no flash flood danger. The overall winner, second time this year, was the Class 10 Chenowth of Kevin McGillivray and Don Angel. We'll have a full report next month. MTEG AT SAN DIEGO-It was also wet at the February 20 stadium race at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. There were showers all day, so there was no practice or qualifying. The rain stopped before the racing started and the course was quite decent as the evening wore on. But the drivers started their first heat having never been around the course, not even a parade lap, which in such tight quarters could have produced some wreckage, but the drivers were careful. Ivan Stewart repeated his 1992 main event truck win in front of the home town crowd in the Toyota, and another local, Marty Coyne, won the 1600 main event in his Chenowth. T.J. Clark won the Sport Utility main in a Volkswagen which is the car that Larry Noel won his championship with a couple years back. Greg George won the Superlite main in the Nature's Recipe Briggsbuilt, Kory Ellis took the 4 Wheel A TV honors on a JP, and Ray Crumb won the Ultra Cross feature aboard a Kawasaki. We'll have full details with photos in the next issue on this race. VORRA POINTS CHAMPIONS -At last we have an official list of the 1992 VORRA points champions. Larry Deaton took Class 2 honors and overall in the Pro classes, 70 points ahead of Sam Berri. Second overall Pro and Class 1-2-1600 winner was Larry Folsom, 39 points ahead of Dennis Dugan. Raymond Fisher, at third overall Pro, won Class 4 by a lesser margin, 21 points ahead of Jeff O'Callaghan who beat Jeff Eachus by just five points. Scott Stewart won the Odyssey honors by 19 points over Mike Vandeburgh. The McLean/Milner team won Class 9 by 26 points over Paul Taylor. In Sportsman-Veteran class Glen McAdon amassed a lot of points, 572 in the Creasy Racing entry. The Haas Brothers were only three points behind. The Mack/Mack team earned the most points of any class in winning Sportsman-Novice class, 578. Peter Marks was 23 points back in second place. The race for the 1993 VORRA points money starts on March 20-21 at Prairie City OHV Park near Sacramento, CA. NINTH BILSTEIN MADONNA AWARD TO TOYOTA - The Bilstein Madonna Award was presented to Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. for winning the Manufacturer's Cup Challenge Championship in the MTEG stadium racing series. The Bilstein Madonna is a limited edition cast sculpture presented annually to professional racing teams who have won major championships running on Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers. On hand to accept the award from Reinhard Schomburg, president of Bilstein Corporation of America was Les Unger, Motorsports Manager for Toyota, and Cal Wells whose Precision Preparation, Inc. owns and maintains the Toyota off road racing trucks. The occasion marked the ninth time in the last ten years that Toyota trucks took home the Madonna Award for success in the MTEG off road stadium series. F.A.I.R. NEEDS HELP-On Friday February 26, on the way to support · the La Rana q1.ce in Barstow, our FAIR Van died. It appears it will take a · complete motor and transmission rebuild. This pitside landmark is a 1973 International with a 392 CID VB engine. Now is the time for all racers that have been assisted with parts and labor from the FAIR team whose pits are all over most every desert race course, to come to the rescue and help with money, parts, labor, whatever you can provide. Any donations or assistance should be directed to "FAIR" and mailed to Dave Massingham (Race Director) 16269 Placid Dr., Whittier, CA 90604. Days (714) 634-2307, nights (714) 879-7697 or (310) 943-1916. SODA 1992 CLASS CHAMPIONS were crowned at the annual banquet last winter, and there were some double class winners. Art Schmitt II won both Class 1 and Class 2, Jim Wiggins won both Class 1-1600 and 2-1600, and Geoff Dorr won both Class 4 and Class 14. Herb Rosborough took Class 3 and Class 5-1600 went to Bill Bowles. Greg Bekavak captured Class 6, and Arizonan Spencer Low won Class 7S. Class 8 went to Scott Taylor while Jeff Probst took Class 9 and Lee Wuesthoff took Class 10. Class 11 S belonged to Rod Attig, Class 11 D went to Glen Matthews, . while Lowell DeGreef conquered Class 13. Paula St. Peter won the · Women's Unlimited Buggy honors, Karen Christiansen did the same in the Limited category, and Gail Brand won the Wo'men's Heavy Metal. A full report of the convention and additional banquet honors will be in the next • issue. SPONSORS MOVING EAST - Ultra Wheel Corp of California is the tide sponsor of the Memorial Day 100 Off Road race for 1993. The · custom wheel manufacturer is sponsoring the event, one of the oldest and most prestigious races in the SODA series, held at Lake Geneva, WI on May 29-30 this year. Lake Geneva is just up the road from Chicago and just down the road from Milwaukee. Race promoter Kevin Dawson of Lake Geneva Raceway announced that Marty Reid Productions, in conjuction with ESPN will film and telecast the two day race with a . tentative air date of Sunday June 6th, check local listings. The race was first run in 1974 in Edgerton, WI and moved to Lake Geneva Raceway in 1975. Such desert drivers as Rod Hall, Walker Evans and Don Adams have come to the midwest to race this challenging course. It is the home track to such drivers as Kevin and Jeff Probst, Baja winner Chuck Johnson, Scott Taylor and Geoff Dorr and a regular part of Pikes Peak winner Jack Flannery's racing circuit. For details contact the Raceway, Rt. 3, Box 895, Bloomfield · Road 53147 in Lake Geneva or call (414) 248-8566. ( more TRAIL NOI"ES on page 6) Dusty Times

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Winner's ircle Winner's Circle ~ -I ~~~ Dveral SCIIIE OII-Rolll 1118 To Steve Solralm ~--~ .. IICl'lg-~•Pllflld-D,wimin(I.. ~ •• ._.. ...... dwl'lllOnln o...1-a...10-1n111o11111i12 _ .. ___.. ..... oll-ftllldr-=lng 9ClOAEINTBW',TIOfW.olf-r-=lng ...... ~...... ...,.___,,,__,..,.,..,......,.. ~----~--lhl;lo;b,"no:-1~ ..... ,_~ ...:lbug!JIIIW&'llng~on...., ""'llil......,.~ta,13,._.d llhoc:k ........ ~--11:u .. ..-r-=1na---'-'•llhoc:k SCOAE_ln .. ~rd.d'IQlholbAn." 11+1!(111...01000-0.W'II\O... The Winne,s Insist on Bi/stein! """~ ____ .,, __ _ CIIITolffNII0'53MOIS ~ -----0,-. ----. --~co-...==--~ Winner's Circle ~l'.H-0~ DnonnlDnonYtll 25111 11$1 1000 INI-Rolll Race ~1FGdF150pid,14)hdl •---~lllWU'S-52,.._ ~ ........ ga~llhoc:k ... _._r-=lngto ....... b.lr9>_ ..,__._._btcct._oll'alllf'ld 1000-•~d--~lbv, o..s-r--..r.awooi.,e4..,,,oll-foad ,...,_....., r-=1ng-. ..... _.,. ..... ____ ,_ ...,._,,,_..,~ ... -, SCOl'E9'iil!OOO, .-.....:1._t.a,g__,ln~·-l-lha25111_.,..llnqd,_dw-.,.._...,_..,,.....,......,._ 11rvr41_.,, __ ,,..."""_ .... --.... ....... The Winne,s Insist on Bi/stein! ,.._...,_ __ .. _.,,.. __ CIIITolFrwlOOl537•10l5 ~ .....-.-..... 0,.--.., -- -- . -----C:.0--Cl'-' ---Winner's Circle ~,-om ~ Ro11-..aa111Y01a1'111:111 Clpbn Slldln Oft-Roal Sll'ils Aod .... pa:1911 ..... ~ n.~-------...,...ibTD,olawebon ..... lhocbh -.-041_, .. .,..,_,,~ .. ,.~~OI-AoldBwl ~~..,__,,,,_,__,re,.. _....._ ____ _.......(:up .. ...,_,bl'd._eigtll_ln.. b,o,111_...,ln __ Kl,-.h ....... di ............... ~ .. ..... ,-111.,.0.-,..,..Spo,!ltuct< ...... ~lla~!.:ood -~_,.-,.,_,_.. d ...... -~--...,. ~mo., ____ ..,, .... ar,odi ........ -·-The Winne,s Insist on Bi/stein! ,......,._ ________ _ s Winner's Circle ~-1--~·:fil * Jerry McOonal's Chevy 'D'UCk Takes IUI DII-Rolll 1111es Soulan~:,.,,McODNld ,nbclltl--■.~~■-d20 ~U■t.picta4)ndl~ ,,_.d...,... .. ..._.NIC:i'tl-WN,gC-4h_ .. ..._.Nal'ljl .....,_,___ _ _.,.,.,,,.._. ... -,n1anr,qon .... .-p,-. ...,.,.. .. ,..,...~/IWlllcn.., --~ -.. .... .....,._ .. ~ .. bec:11 Orlwing■'r.,,~Y-_,_.,._,_. a--pld,up.Mc:Oonlldt.:.r-. .............. orlglr,■I ...... he~»-Cl■■■4111~SCOAE-llubJorllQ-.yROMCINCb-. ~ol-flllllra:q..,_wnq_ ~oll-19IOMJ"'WI...-. The Winne,s Insist on Bi/stein! The Official Shock Absorbers ol INTERNATIONAL Winner's Circle ~-oo • m-----~ SWltftl'dEJQllnr= SCIIIE ~-flolll a&. _.,....,..,....__,,_.. ~......._Olll ...... lhclclat,, -ID,loM9-ad0-,..,,Cllla,'9 .. _. ... ol .. ...,_Clll-ftlall_he -M--0..·--~• ........ -. ~ba.iFOld~IIO'Wllngon -,,_...,.,,.~ ..... .,_,,,. .... ~ _.,.,...,. __ _.........._ ... ...,..,;tloi--0..1----• ....,,,__,-a-11~,__,, .. ,,.,... ... 500--1000-... ., ....... .,,._ ..... .,..._. ,...,.,...,SCOM-.~ The 111,';Jnets Insist on Bilstei1! ..., _____ .. ____ _ CIIITolffNIOl)SJMotS 1119 _.,.a.., .......... _.. -----. -----C,o--Cl'-_,,. --Winne: 's Circle ~-w ,om --~ MlcCadnn'I F1l'II ~ Tallll SCIIIE INI-Rold Qlss 8 AIFOldflliO...-C,~wltl---._._,IOCIAE ............ ....---ti,Al:,ll~d ~,_..._ .. ....,....,.. L.-...... H\l,_C-.,h ... ,_ apa,td--~,.._..,._ • ....,. SCOAE_...,.~ ,__,.~_... ....... ~ .......... ..... n.•-111u1111~ ....... 11,odo■ .... ~~ ,..billtl ..... -......... ,000 ................. 91.cb .. r'llltcl'6-_.,..,.___,■II --~■-ld.1-,-~ ■---Aodiltd .. ._.■11111),t,,.,d .. ..,...._ .. __.. .. ,_wdl.. The Wme,s Insist on Bilstei1! ,_ ___ ......., ___ .. __ _ CIIITolf'fNIOOil53'7-1a5 1119 ----J'OIO,~ ----------.... c.... -C'T-. ----Winner's Circle ~-! ¢::} ---~ Dmaa INI-Rlad 111111 Ftr Mke LIIIIB'I - • 11111111n ~In--...... ..,.. .. ___ ....,...,... ......... _p,vdl!Cl■iilti, ... a... _...._ ....,.._,_.'ludlOt.-dOIJ■■pO,..., -n._.._,_ ...... ,._ 0....._,..on....,.--..,..,._ ... .._,..._.....,, ........... -~-i...~-........ ~ .. c..Jlll:lr~ .... J■■p'l-■--,y _____ ..... ....,....._......,~---■d• on--~d...,.,___to ~lnballl-lOCIAEMIIHDM ,_.,_.._ • ...,. ... _.._._...,__n...._ .._.,_..... ___ on--■ln ... c..Cfl■lllpOl-bl'_ ........ ..., .. .,..,.____, The 111,';Jnets Insist on Bi/stein! ,. ___ .......... _ .. ,.._._.. CllllblANICDS37-10ll5 ~ --o,.-.,.:,. ------. ____ ...,c._ -.-n-. ---Winner's Circle ~ JIIIICllll'llklll O.llMI .. S.. INI-Rlad lllrlSIDdll c.aan...ltlfNaJ'0..8'1dla,yMDIIII __ ,._..,,._.__.,__ ~--~---.. .,.....,.... _ _,,....,....,,, ..-,.~DMINIIO,.,,Mt_. -■l■IN~.-,.,._....,,,_, .. _ .... ...,. .... _."'--. ..... ,...,....,.,.._(:up........., -.utpp■d,Ja■p~ ,.... .......... -~ ..... 0,W,.Jor ... a...A■m11,Cllllfl .111 ................ _....,C)al. _..,.,.....,_..,.Nadnt__ "Ow.-P.....-i~--... _.__,S■n,........ID ...... ._,.,_._,_....,on,-lll'lodca.• The Wif1f161S Insist on Bi/stein! r.--■-w..,r.,,•■---,..--CIIITolFf'NIOl)S37-10IIS ~ ---0,...-.cA -----. ---===--Ct,--==:-~ The Winners Insist on Bi/stein! For complete information or the name of your nearest dealer: Call Toll Free 800/537-1085 BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA SALES WEST 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7123 SALES EAST Wallingford, CT 06942 203/265-2854 800n 45-4636

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1993 Happenings ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34087 . Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 March 20, 1993 Desert Race - All Classes Wickenburg, AZ April 24, 1993 15th Annual Penasco La Playa 200 Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico May 29, 1993 16th Annual Snowflake Buggy Bash Cool Country Snowflake, AZ June 26-27, 1993 Annual Forest Service Conservation Project July 31, 1993 Cinder Mountain 100 • Flagstaff, AZ October 9, 1993 Young Classic Cherry Creek, AZ October 30, 1993 BLM Conservation Project December 4, 1993 17th Annual Sonoyta to Rocky Point Sonora, Mexico AMSA Jim Webb P.O. Box 26084 Fresno, CA 93726 (209) 439-2114 AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 47 Teenan St. Ferny Hills, Q 4055, Australia 01 l-18-07-851--0444 April 11, 1993 Toowoomba Queensland May 30, 1993 Griffith New South Wales July 25, 1993 Kempsey New South Wales September 12, 1993 Mount Gambier South Australia November 7, 1993 Puckapunyal Victoria AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFFROAD Class 10 cars only Serge Lambert 65 Rue de Valcourt Blainville, Quebec, Canada K7B IHI (514) 434-5792 BAD DOG'S OFF ROAD SHOWDOWN Barry Callaway (8 17) 645-0003 days (8 17) 641-9985 nights Gene Peugh (81 7) 783-8268 nights 33825 No. Main Cleburne, TX Racing th<! third Sunday of <!£1.t:h month /,<!ginning in Mcm·h BADGERLAND VW CLUB,INC. Terry f:riday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI54901 ( 414) 688-5509 ( All L't'L'Jlts !ornt<!d in Chilton, WI ' at th<! Winll<!Mgo C',01111ry Exf>0 G.'Tttc'T) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 Golden Crown of Baja Desert Series (cars) March 26-28, 1993 Gran Carrera de San Luis Rio Colorado Puerto Penasco Sonora, MX April 29-May 2, 1993 Mint 400 Short Course Stadium Championships May 14-16, 1993 Gran Carrera de Tecate 250 Tecate, BC, MX June 25-27, 1993 Gran Carrera de Mexicali Night Race Mexicali, BC, MX Page 6 July 23-25, 1993 Gran Carrera de Ensenada Ensenada, BC, MX September 24-26, 1993 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, BC, MX December 10-12, 1993 Mint 400 Desert Challenge 400 Miles Las Vegas, NV BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O .R.E. May 1, 1993 Wendover Express Wendover USA July 3, 1993 Jackpot 200 Jackpot, NV August 21, 1993 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R. 3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada K0K-lH0 (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 1993 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O . Box 101 Crandon,WI54520 (715) 478-2222 June 25-27, 1993 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI September 3-5, 1993 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI BUMP Bob Utgard Motorsports Promotions 42263 50th St. West #108 Quart: Hill, CA 93536 (805) 256-8520 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Lynnette Allison, CRS Director 2001 Oakland Hills Drive Corona, CA 91720 (909) 736-1442 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 May 14-16, 1993 Rim of the World(2,3) Palmdale, CA July 30-August 1, 1993 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ September 18-19, 1993 T reeline ( 3) Palmdale, CA October 23-24, 1993 Gorman Ridge (3) Gorman, CA December 4-5, 1993 East of Indio (3) Indio, CA CENTRAL OREGON DESERT RACING Terry Silbaugh 20515 Whitehaven Circle Bend, OR 97702 April 24, 1993 Snow Date 300 Brothers, Oregon October 16, 1993 Whiskey Springs 300 Central Oregon CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-36491(214) 641-2090 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 9385 Florence Ave. Apopka, FL 32703 ( 407) 291-1215/(305) 823-4487 March 27, 1993 Tallahassee, FL FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES April 3, 1993 Buzz Bomb 150 Plaster City East, CA August 7, 1993 Superstition 250 Lake Superstition, CA September 25, 1993 Plaster City Blast Plaster City East, CA October 30, 1993 Squeaky Springs Gran National Lake Superstition, CA December 31, 1993 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA ATV, BIKE & DESERT SUPERLITE SCHEDULE _March 21, 1993 March Madness Plaster City West, Ca April 28, 1993 Attack Kamikaze Desert Gran Prix & Team Race Lake Superstition, CA May 9, 1993 Sweethearts Kiss Lake Superstition, CA May 15-16, 1993 24 Hours of Le Fud Plaster City West, CA June 13, 1.993 Carlsbad Gran Prix & Team Race June 19, 1993 Mr. Patterson's Wild Ride Plaster City West, CA August 21, 1993 Otter Z Niglit T earn Race Plaster City West, CA September 5, 1993 Desert Sprint Plaster City East, CA October 10, 1993 4th Annual Mudhen II Plaster City West, CA November 21, 1993 Notorious Dawg 3 Hour Team Race I-8 & Dunaway Road, CA December 5, 1993 Rudolph's Revenge plus Team Race Lake Superstition, CA GLEN H~LEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 (714) 880-1733 April 25, 1993 MTEG Off Road Races June 27, 1993 MTEG Off Road Races August 22, 1993 MTEG Off Road Races C',011rS<!S for stadium and d<!SL'Tt cars C'..all MTEG for L·omf,l<!t<! infomwtion GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 ( 404) 253-1033 March 27, 1993 Florida 400 Tallahassee, FL April 25, 1993 Vienna, GA May 23, 1993 Vienna, GA June 27, 1993 Vienna, GA July 25, 1993 Vienna, GA August 22, 1993 Vienna, GA September 26, 1993 Vienna, GA October 24, 1993 Vienna, GA ~ April 1993 more Trail Notes ••• MORE DESERT SNOW ....:.... Scheduled for March 6, the Millican 300 near Bend, Oregon was also canceled, this one well ahead of time. The snow was so deep in the course area that the 4x4s of the course layout crew could not get through. Looking at the long range weather forecast, Central Oregon Desert Racing organizer Terry Silbaugh has combined the Millican 300 and the April 3 Beat Butte 200 into one event that will happen on April 24 at Brothers, Oregon. Hopefully by then the deserts will have returned to their normal dry conditions, and the temperature will be shirt sleeve weather also. PETRO TECH CONTINGENCY -Petro Tech USA, Inc announced its unique 1993 contingency program for the Petro Tech 2000 line of dry film lubricants. Allan Martinelli, president of Petro Tech stated "We are pleased to offer a substantial contingency program in off road racing with a unique program in that prize dollars will benefit not only the racer who uses our product, but his engine builder as well. Contracts for the contingency program have been extended to La Rana Desert Racing, SCORE Desert Championship and Baja Promotions series. The 50-50 payout will go to the driver of record and his engine builder in all the above series events, with proof of product purchase and a decal display on the race car. Petrn Tech reps will be on Contingency row at each event in the three desert racing series. THE FINAL FLAG -SODA racer Joe Plummer fought cancer for over a 1 year but he passed away last February 4, suffering from a strain ofleukemia , that resisted treatment. The family had plans to send Joe, his Amy and his 'father Gary Plummer to the Busch Clash Race at Daytona, flying to Florida on February 5, where he would have been given the VIP treatment and would have met the drivers, but it was not to be. A Joe Plummer Fund account has been established, so that all who wish to help the family meet the huge expenses of the past year, may send a contribution to The Joe Plummer Fund Account, First Midwest Bank, NA, 1000 Lakehurst Road, Waukegan, IL 60085. Joe is survived by his Amy, son Zachary, brother Steve and parents Gar-y and Betty Plummer. We add out condolences to the Schultz families also; Joe was a nephew of out SODA correspondents Barbara and Marilyn Schultz and raced in Class 11. OFF ROAD RACE TV COVERAGE -We had a plaintive note from Baja Jim asking us to print the dates and channel of the SCORE races on TV in Dusty Times. It would be most helpful to all racers and fans, he said. Well we would like to be able to print these dates, times and networks too, but usually by the time we find out, the date would have come and gone by the time the next issue printed. Besides, even when they tell you a date and you tune in, you could find golf, tennis, whatever in place of the race. We suspect it has something to do with how much high dollar advertising they are able to sell for a given event, no matter what the sport. While motorsports is a major sport everywhere else in the world, in this country stick and ball sports, often playing to empty stadiums, are the hot TV item. Just keep watching your daily listings, as we have found off road desert and stadium races on very late at night and tape them to watch when we are more awake. Good hunting through the pages of your focal TV listings. IMPORTANT LATE, LATE FLASH-There has been a location and date change for the MTEG May races, but they are still in the Los Angeles area. The Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group and Rose Bowl officials came to an agreement earlier this week, pending the approval of the Pasadena City Council, that would move the previously scheduled Stadium Off Road Racing event at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to the nearby Rose Bowl in Pasadena on May 8 , two weeks earlie1 than the original Coliseum date. The venue change to the Rose Bowl was necessary because of an on-going construction project at the the Coliseum. "We had originally thought we could hold our events around the construction, but over the past few weeks, that proved to be impossible," said Ric Miller, Vice President of Operations. "We are fortunate that we were able to move to the Rose Bowl. The management there has been more than helpful in moving some of their dates around in order to accommodate us." The_ Rose Bowl hosted the MTEG Stadium Off Road Racing series from 1986 through 1991. "We are excited about going back to the Rose Bowl,'' Miller said. "The Pasadena race has always been one of the most exciting stadium events. These are some of the most dedicated fans in the country." The series will make stops in Seattle's Kingdome on March 20 and at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, AZ on May 1 before heading to Pasadena for the May 8 Rose Bowl. But the Supercross will retain its original May 15 date. The extensive renovation project at the Coliseum includes the addition of state of the art luxury suites, primarily for football games, but the winter's heavy rains and flooding have delayed any type of construction in the Los Angeles area for weeks, so the Supercross moved to the Rose Bowl too. MTEG President Gary Campbell said "We feel that the Rose Bowl is an ideal location for us. The stadium has undergone multi-million dollar renovations in their suite and press box areas since 1990, which gives us another opportunity to produce a first class event in the greater Los Angeles market." Two stadium car races on successive weekends is going to be tough on the competing teams to say nothing of round the clock work for MTEG, but the Rose Bowl is worth it. RED ALERT - THE DESERT PROTECTION BILL IS BACK. Apparently one of our new California Senators Dianne Feinstein has picked up the torch on this bill from Alan Cranston. She plans to introduce legislation that would preserve SEVEN MILLION ACRES of the California desert into wilderness type areas and curtail mining, cattle ranching and grazing permits, and of course off road vehicle travel of any nature from all out racing to the mildest weekend trail ride. Crans~on's nearly identical bill was bottled up for six years by California Republicans who contend the legislation would cost hundreds of jobs. California's other freshman Senator Barbara Boxer supports Feinstein, so it is sad but true, it might pass both houses this round. We urge every readet to write to his Senator and Congressman or communicate with them in some fashion, your hopes for preserving recreational use of the desert for future generations. If California's deserts are closed to vehicles the impact on Arizona and Nevada open land would be huge, as folks would travel to exercise their motorized steeds, impacting the land by the influx so those deserts would probably be closed soon. Do get your objections headed toward Washington by whatever means. It is later than you think for all who love to roam the desert. (more TRAIL NOTES 011 page 57) Dusty Times

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November 27, 1993 Thanksgiving 250 Vienna, GA (All et'<.'nts at Vienna, GA) GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (313) 665-0358/(313) 996-9193 GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Keith Koesters 4605 N. 130th Circle Omaha, NE 68164 ( 402) 496-0846 ( All short c·ourst rnces mul hdd at WeslFair in Council Bluffs, Iowa) GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Bertram Productions, Inc. 15073 Hwy 119, Rt. 4 Golden, CO 80403 Page 8 Colorado Off Road Championships ( 303) 936-5960 GRR Golden Rule Racing P.O. Box.40211 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 263-5329 HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Harvey Wald (605) 224-6678 days (605) 224-5534 evenings IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 (All e<'L'11ts swgd at the du/, grounds in Clews, Ohio) INTER-SHOWS . MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (714)364-0515 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB Randy Chamberlin 835 Wawn Road Kamloops, B.C. V2B-6N3 Don (604) 372-9501 days Randy (604) 579-9621 eves ( All c:wnts start 7 mil.!s NW of KamlooJ>s) LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chambray Dr. Moreno Valley, CA 92387 (909) 924-2226 April 30-May 2, 1993 Spangler 200 Ridgecrest, CA June 18-20, 1993 Lucerne Valley 250 Lucerne Valley, CA July 24, 1993 Womans Only Race Barstow, CA August 27-29, 1993 Johnson Valley 200 Lucerne Valley CA April 1993 October 22-24, 1993 California 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 18-20, 1993 High Desert 300 Lucerne Valley, CA MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, MI 48837 (517) 627-6200 June 19-20, 1993 Off Road Nationals & Swap Meet Mason, MI June 25, 1993 Yale Summer Festival Yale, MI July 4, 1993 Location TBA July 24, 1993 Fowlerville, MI July 25, 1993 Caro, Ml July 29, 1993 Holland, MI August 1, 1993 Mason, Ml August 5, 1993 Sandusky, MI August 10, 1993 Mt. Pleasant, MI August 25, 1993 Kalamazoo, MI MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION Keneth Coleman 742 E. Roosevelt Road Ashley, MI 48806 (517) 838-4483 MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFFROAD STADIUM SERIES Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714)938-4100 March 20, 1993 Kingdome Seattle, WA May -1, 1993 Sun Devil Stadium Tempe, AZ May 8, 1993 Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA July 3, 1993 Bascom, Ohio (Tc'lttatiw) September 1993 TBA Mile High Stadium Denver, CO October 1993 TBA Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV October 1993 TBA Candlestick Park San Francisco, CA November 20, 1993 Awards Banquet TBA CAMEL SUPERCROSS SERIES May 15, 1993 Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA June 12, 1993 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION 11842 Jason Court Madera, CA 93638 (209) 486-4590/(209) 266-5558 April 25, 1993 Johnson, VT May 15-16, 1993 Johnson, VT June 27, 1993 Johnson, VT August 22, 1993 Johnson, VT September 12, 1993 Johnson, VT October 3, 1993 Johnson, VT OFF ROAD ADVENTURES Four Wheel Drive Excursions P.O. Box 1154 Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 822-8508 April 23-25, 1993 Big Bear Adventure Big Bear Lake, CA May 14-16, 1993 Redwood Coast Jamboree Fort Bragg to Eureka/ Arcata, CA June 18-20, 1993 Ghost Town Adventure '93 South Lake Tahoe, CA/Stateline, NV September 17-19, 1993 Kern River Jamboree Kernville/ Lake Isabella, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Joey Vasque: 13180 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 855-97671(915) 855-9767 ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Jeff Sargent 1480 Lakeridge Rd. N Ajax, Ontario, Canada (416) 427-4782 -----'--'---'-'------,~ Dusty Times

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Earn KC Contingency Dollars for Running Off Road Racing's Winningest Lights! --iiit SCORE Racing Series -~ $250 Available in Each 4 Wheel Class Winners are determined by the KC ''SHOT IN THE DARK"random drawing consisting of KC equipped finishers at each race. You just might win, even if you don't win your class. All class finishers have an equal chance. KC "SHOT IN THE DARK WINNERS PARKER400 Class 1/2-1600-Fred Wing Class 7-4X4 - Darren York Class 1 0 - Tom Schilling Class 5 - George Seeley Jr. Class 8 - Larry Ragland Stock Mini - Michael Martin FRT, La Rana, Vorra, Baja Promotions & Soda Series -~ $50 to Each KC Equipped Class Winner ~ These special racer only lighting packages are available exclusively through Jim Conner Racing. Products can be ordered directly from Jim Conner Racing or purchased from Jim at all SCORE events. Jim Conner Racing also offers the racer FREE replacement of burned out bulbs and repair parts. *SCORE approved rear collision light (required safety equipment on all four wheel classes) (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Oaylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights #2 $152.00 (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* #5 $92.00 (2) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights #3 t1A~ nn (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* (4) Stone Guards liiillllllillMii&(4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Oaylighters (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* #6 $66.00 (2) Vinyl Light Covers Any of the above lighting packages will qualify you for KC's contingency program. Listed prices are available to competitors only. Don't miss out on any races, pre-order today for delivery at the next SCORE race. For more information on KC's 1993 Contingency Program, contact: Jim Conner• P.O. Box 1129 • Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405 • 1-602/855-0912 • Fax 1-602-453-9641 ·

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PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (7 19) 685-4400 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-32081(518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 April 23-25, 1993 Wild West Pro Rally Olympia, WA May 14-16, 1993 Rim of the World Palmdale, CA June 4-6, 1993 Susquehannock Trail* Wellsboro, PA July 30-August 1, 1993 , Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ August 27-29, 1993 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally* Bimidji, MN October 1-3, 1993 Gold Rush Divisional Westcliffe, CO October 22-24, 1993 Press On Regardless* Houghton, MI December 3-5, 1993 Maine Forest Rally* Rumford, ME *Part of the North Amc'Tic·,111 Rally Cham/>ionshi/> SCORE Score International 31 I 25 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 March 11-14, 1993 Nevada 400 Las Vegas, NV April 16-18, 1993 San Felipe 250 San Felipe, BC, MX June 4-6, 1993 Baja 500 Ensenada, BC. MX July 2-4, 1993 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA August 6-8, 1993 Gold Coast 300 Las Vegas, NV October 1-3, 1993 Lake Havasu 300 Lake Havasu City, AZ (tenwtiw) November 12-14, 1993 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, MX SCORESHOW . Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group Tom Lewis P.O. Box 25148 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714)938-4155 April 23-25, 1993 Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Elice Simonis Tucker 22048 Vivienda Ave. Grand Terrace, CA 92324 (714) 783-8293 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 March 27-28, 1993 Twilight 200 Las Vegas, NV May 14-16, 1993 Caliente 250 Caliente, NV July 24-25, 1993 Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV September 17-19, 1993 SNORE250 Las Vegas, NV ·December 3-5, 1993 Eldorado Valley 250 Las Vegas, NV SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W . North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 453-SODA/(414) 257-0422 COAST 1-800-634-6755 Page 10 May 14-16, 1993 Road America Off Road Race Elkhart Lake, WI May 28-30, 1993 Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI June 11-13, 1993 Kiwanis Off Road Race Antigo, WI June 25-27, 1993 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI July 9-11, 1993 Fox Riverfest Challenge Luxemburg, WI July 23-25, 1993 UP Off Road 100 Bark River, MI August 20-22, 1993 Great Northern Challenge Lake Odessa, MI September 3-5, 1993 True Value World Championships Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI September 17-19, 1993 Wisconsin Off Road Festival Oshkosh, WI October 1-3, 1993 Blackhawk Farms South Beloit, IL SWORDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 Mike Park~r (915) 337-3437 March 20, 1993 Rattlesnake 150 May 1, 1993 Jackrabbit 150 June 12, 1993 Twilite 150 August 6-8, 1993 4th Annual Rock N' Roll 250 September 11, 1993 Nightmare 150 October 16, 1993 Swords 150 All races hd,l at Notrees. TX 25 miles u•est of O,IL'ssa, TX TEXAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing - Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214) 855-2232 ( All et•c~1ts ar Ste/>hc~wilk TX S/>eedm1y) TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association Dave Urbanowic:, President 589 Amwell Road Neshanic, NJ 08853 (908) 369-6550 (Rac·es Cit Colonial Vallc':I Resorts in PA) VENTURA RACEWAY Business Office 2810 W . Wooley Road Oxnard, CA 93030 (805) 656-1122 VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916)925-1702 March 20-21, 1993 1993 Season Opener Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA April 17-18, 1993 The Spring Special Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA May 29-31, 1993 YeringtonlVORRA 400 Yerington, NV June 18-20, 1993 Virginia City 200 Virginia City, NV July 30-31, August 1, 1993 Fallon 250 at Night Fallon, NV September 4-6, 1993 Yerington/VORRA 250 Yerington, NV October 16-17, 1993 VORRA/ All Pro Auto Parts Off Road Championship Race Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125-87AAve. Surrey, British Columbia, V3R 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2939 E. Grovers Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 971-3730 ( All L't•c~1ts at Thmshc'Tl£md, 117t/1 At'L'. & Glc~ulale in P/toc~tix, AZ) FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP April 8-13, 1993 Safari Rally Nairobi, Kenya May 1-5, 1993 Tour de Corse Ajaccio, Corsica May 29-June 3, 1993 Acropolis Rally Lagonissi, Greece June 18-23, 1993 Ivory Coast Rally Abidjan, Ivory Coast July 14-17, 1993 Rally Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina August 4-8, 1993 New Zealand Rally Auckland, New Zealand August 25-29, 1993 l000 Lakes Rally Jyvaskyla, Finland September 18-20, 1993 Rally Australia Perth, Australia October 10-14, 1993 Rally de Italia Sanremo, Italy November 1-4, 1993 Rally of Spain Catalunya, Spain November 21-25, 1993 RAC Rally Nottingham, England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS your comin.~ L'<'c~1ts in DUSTY TIMES (rt'<.'! Send your 1()().l .sdtL·dulL" as soon <LS />o.ssil,IL" (or lisrin.~ in r/1i.1 L·ol1m111. M<1il your met' or ralh scl1t"d11lt" w: DUSTY TIMES. 207~·1 Marilla Sr .. Clwtm,mli, CA ()1311-4408. Las ~g·as, Nevada· April 1993 Dusy nmes

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SCORE PARKER 400 By Jean Calvin Ivan Stewart Wins Overall By A Couple Of Minutes Photos: Track.side Photos Inc. Ivan Stewart was in top form in the Toyota. Even though he started 35th in his 40 car Class 1, he worked his way to lead on the road, despite running out of gas, and Ivan started the season by winning the race overall and in class. The long heralded melding of gone, but Danny Cau, his former down by an invasion force from the HORA into SCORE Inter- second in command Sue Smusk-the BLM and other governmental national reached fruition with the iewicz and indefatigable race officials with badges. They began 20th running of the. Parker 400 starter Andy Dishong were in handing out tickets midweek and . last January 23. While the two evidence. There may have been keptitupuntilthelastvehiclewas groups had worked together, others from Las Vegas out on the gone from the race course near the especially on this event in checkpoints, hard if not impos-Colorado River resort commun-Arizona, for a number of years, all sible to get to because of a phone ity. But that has been belabored in vestiges of the HORA are now book size list of rules and regs laid columns, and reports are still Starting midway in the Class 8 field Rob MacCachren took the lead on time on the first lap, got the lead on the road on lap 2 and streaked away from the pack and never looked back, his Ford about fifth across the finish line not only winning Class 8, but Rob finished second overall. coming here. It was a different sort of Parker 400 from recent years, although the entry was not bad with 170 cars taking the green flag in 15 classes. But only a total of 29 showed up to contest eight A TV and motorcycle classes, who ran just two laps of a longer course : than the cars had to cover for their three laps of varying distances. Even though the massive displays from a few manufacturers were noticeably absent, there was an excellent turnout on contingency row, and the weather was nice, everyone enjoying the sunshine after the southern California early January deluges. All the registra-' tion, tech and contingency inspection happened on the Friday, and was virtually over before dark. While a larger entry would have been welcome, it was nice to have dinner before most restaurants closed. Also pleasant for some was the fact that the first car did not start the race until 11:00 a.m. Both the car' start and finish line were at the Blue Water Marina right on the river, and the first mile was paved before the route dove into the rock strewn Osborne Wash, and, because of recent rains, the coµrse was rougher than usual in this and many areas. As the Class 1 single and two seat cars, open wheels and trucks lined up for the start, it was obvious that at 40 starters this was the largest class in the race, in fact, in many a moon. The luck of the draw gave Robby, Gordon # 101, first off the line in his Ford powered, truck bodied. race car, and Robby took full advantage of having a dust free lap. Although the Raceco of Stuart Chase was next, third away was Robby's father Bob Gordon in his many times a winner VW powered Chenowth with Cal Wells' dad riding shotgun. Ne,xt came Wendell Smith in the Porsche powered Chenowth in which his brother won the overall SCORE/ HORA points championship, while brother Jim was back at 124 in his fancy Ford truck. There were more brothers in the ranks, three Herbsts, the overall Baja 1000 winning Simons, John and Mike Gaughan Jr., some fathers and sons, Jim and Jason Baldwin in separate Chenowths, Jim and Mark Temple, plus Rick and Tim Scalzo, Mark and Carlton Post, Kim and Brian Mohr. This class bid fair to be a family fight, and along with trying to win, Ivan Stewart had to keep an eye out for son Brian in a Class 8 and son Craig in a 1600. Penhall, Ivan Stewart, Steve Kelley and Troy Herbst all in a clump. On ET Ivan Stewart was already in the lead, a minute and a half ahead of Robby, who had had a flat, we were told. In the next bunch it was Carl Renezeder, Ed and Tim Herbst, last year's overall winners, and the first Class 8, fellow Las Vegan Rob MacCach-ren. And after three more Class 1 rigs, Brian Stewart was the next Class 8 on the road. This was going to be a real horsepower fight for the overall honors in cars. Ivan's six cylinder, against the V-8 trucks and don't forget Bob Gordon's Type 4, third on the road and fourth on time at this point in Class 1 action. The radio was full of tales of broken cars, water holes and treacherous sand hills trapping many on the first lap. Soon it was time to go back to · the finish line to grab a bit of food and be ready for the first finishers. Our thanks to the Checker main pit team for helping us catch car numbers for, while there was no dust, the buggies in particular were covered in mud. On the second lap Robby Gordon had a major disaster using an hour 40 minutes extra time, then had an eight hour plus lap, both with major drive train problems on a course difficult for pit crews to reach a downed race car, and while he crossed the finish line, he was 38 minutes over the 14 hour time allowance. After two rounds Jim Smith, Ford, led Ivan Stewart by a minute 20 seconds, Bob Gordon was about five more minutes back, a minute ahead of Gary Hymes who had three minutes on Pat Dean, both in Porsche powered cars. What a horse race the last lap was going to be, but it was too much for Hymes' Raceco, and Pat Dean's Chenowth had trans trouble, and neither finished the last lap. In fact other than the top three the picture changed drastically on that last and longest lap, over 136 miles. Early in the evening, the crowd gathered at the finish line since the top three were through the last check and close together on the road. First to arrive was Bob Gordon and while he was being interviewed as the winner, Bob wasn't counting his chickens yet, because of his early starting number. On hand to greet him was his family including his brand new baby daughter, just weeks old. Ivan Stewart arrived with a seven minute faster last lap than Gordon, and a bloody nose, as he was hit by a rock in the wash approaching the finish line. Ivan does not use a full coverage helmet. Stewart took the overall car victory and Class 1 despite running out of gas before the first After the first iap Robby Gordon had a long lead on the road followed by Bob Gordon, Gary Hymes, Simon and Sim()n, Jim Sm_ith, Pat Dean,_Jerry . checkpo~nt, and l9sing third gear . . ;, Jimmy Smith had his Ford in the lead on the second lap, but flats and a lack of power steering slowed him to second in Class 1 and overall by 10 minutes. Bob Gordon in the Chenowth VW was first across the finish line, but a leaky oil cooler slowed his last lap and he ended up third in Class 1, 4th overall. Paul and Dave Simon had the common problem of weak brakes and steering woes, but they still arrived fourth in Class 1, and a fine fifth overall at that. Page 11 April 1993 Dustvnma

Page 13

.. , . . ¥;-t":, .. :'.' .: -, «~- > >' The competition was so tight in Class 10 that early leader Mike Alan Shapiro and Mike Schwellinger had a near perfect day in and Jim Zupanovich were third in the Moulton, were close too at , their Ford, and they took second in Class 4, only eight minutes Passing Arizona's famous cactus on the scenic course, Conrad Diaz Jr. and company had steady lap times and ended up taking a fine second in Class 5 .. 16th overall in the race. behind the winner. and having a -faulty alternator. He was covered with mud from following cars in the no wind-shield Toyota. Jim Smith with Bob Blanchard co-driving, whipped his Ford in just about nine minutes behind Stewart, and he was elated with his second place finish, third overall at that. He lost the power steering and had two flats on the last lap, losing the slim lead he had had, running bumper to bumper with Ivan. Also he said something was loose under the truck, but they didn't stop to look at it. Bob Gor:don ended up third, saying he took a rock in the oiI cooler, stopping numerous times on the last lap, for oil, and also was losing a trailing arm bushing on the Chenowth. He thinks he could have handled the Toyota and Ford otherwise, and was less than four minutes behind the Ford. Co-driver Cal Wells Jr. father of the owner of Stewart's Toyota, had boasted to his son that Gordon was going to kick butt with the VW, and he almost did. Paul and Dave Simon slid their big Ford into fourth in Class 1 and fifth overall, Paul having one flat, Dave none, but steering problems and weak brakes. Steve Kelley, with Curt LeDuc co-driving, was happy to finish fifth in his new ride, the Mike Lesle Jeep Cherokee, really a Class 6 unit. He reported no problems other than lack of speed, but said the ride was comfortable en route to sixth overall. Danny Letner with Jerry Penhall, who started in his buggy, doing the anchor man job, saw his Chevy pickup come in sixth in class, a tad down on power and needing some suspen-sion tuning, plus he had a flat and lost a CV boot. Ed and Tim Herbst took seventh in Class 1, reporting an early flat, a broken shift cable, and early in the race when Ed drove, he missed a turn and got stuck in a tree. B;other Troy came by and put Ed in his single seater and helped Tim nurse the two seater home with a bad transmission and no power steering. Troy's entry finished ninth in class, behind Wendell Smith and Lorenzo Diaz. Smith reported only minor problems, DustyTima like a coil wire falling off and brake lines. Ragland had another laughed when he said; "we had too. 4½ hour lap, and Risien's was five much horsepower, not enough i hours, so he quit. About the only driver." Walker Evans finished question left in Class 8 was which tenth ori the clock, but lost a second generation driver was position to the Competition going to win, with the bets Review Board, so Paul Nolte and weighted toward MacCachren. Conrad Monroe, Arizonans, took Rob MacCachren, about the over tenth in their Woods. In all fifth car of any breed to cross the 15 finished in Class 1/2. finish line, bagged a left front flat Merely ten started in Class 8,. in the wa~h coming in and just five were potential winners. rode it home. He gave car prepper While starting midpack, Rob and his faithful co-driver Mike MacCachren had the fastest first Schoffstall full credit for the team lap, just two minutes slower than taking their fifth Class 8 victory in Ivan'swith40buggiesandagaggle a row, plus the entire Venable of trucks starting ahead of his team, and they finished second Venable Ford. He moved up to overall about two minutes out. 13th on the road after one lap, Rob said he lost the brakes on the and here Brian Stewart, Dodge, last lap about 15 miles out and was about 15 minutes back at our thinks that cost him the overall. observation point. Next in class a His only other problem was losing few minutes back was the Harvey water, adding that twice each lap. Risien/ T R Stump Chevy David Bryan got his privateer followed by Parker's own Dan Ford horn~ second in Class .8 Beaver with David Bryan on his about two hours behind, hoping bumper, both about ten minutes the windshield didn't fall in on ahead of Frank Vessels, both in him, and it didn't, while Brian Fords. Two didn't make a lap, and Stewart had a pack of troubles, still under repair was Larry trans, steering and much more, Ragland's Chevy, losing nearly but he stuck with it to take a long two hours on the first lap and third in the Dodge. Last but not Frank Turben did one six hour least Larry Ragland and Ivan plus lap and retired his Chevy. Scoppettoq.e arrived another 1 ½ On the second lap Rob hours back, having changed or MacCachren had a seven minute fixed almost everything on the lead on Brian Stewart, Vessels was Chevy. Larry said trouble started out with sundry woes, then engine before check 1 on lap 1, -as he trouble as was Beaver. David lost a drive line and went Bryan ran third, about half an downhill from there as his chase hour back collecting a big hole in crew broke a driveshaft getting-to the windshield and losing the rear him; just ... There were a couple of different leaders each lap in Class 10; among the 30 starters, some broke, some ran afoul of the rules, and Rick Romans and Greg Hibbs moved the Raceco through the field to win Class 10 at 13th OJA. 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David Ashley had minor problems with his Ford, but took the Class 4 lead on the first lap and kept on charging to top the four car field for another victory and 17th overall. Dan Smith got the early lead of the trio in Class 3 by a few minutes, and he extended it in the Ford Bronco despite running out of gas, and not only won Class 3, he finished seventh overall. q" too many different Zupanovich had the first lap lead pr~blems to talk about, including by a little over a minute. This gang a broken shaft from the trans, but was traveling in a pack with over a he finished fourth for points. dozen under a ten minute blanket. Next away was Class 10, the Four potential winners never second largest bunch at 30 cars, made a lap, and five more cars, all and they ran close on the first lap. quick only made one lap. First around on lap 1 was Larry There was some shuffling in Job, who was later disqualified on Class 10 after two laps. Former pit crew BLM rules. Then came motocross champion Ricky the Jimco of Tom Schilling and Johnson got his new Jimco into a Jimmie Johnson, and theJimco of good lead with class fast lap of Ricky Johnson, both Johnsons 2:22:02, and behind him Tim better known for their winning Allen, Jimco, had a minute on ways in the.MTEG stadium series. Schilling/Johnson, who had just There were a half dozen more 10s 28 seconds on Rick Romans/ in the 2:36 to 2:38 lap time range, Gregg Hibbs, Raceco, and a , but · · _._!!umber of others were uite MADE BETTER IN THE U.S.A. Ill MANUFACTURER OF OFF ROAD COMPONENTS -VW REPLACEMENT PARTS--• Link Pins • Axles (Porsche & VW) • Link Pin Bushl~g• • Racing Spring Plates • Heat Treated Link Pin Shims • Predrllled CV Bolts Call Today for Your FREE Catalog I 'T<eut -'P'l<fJ--~ 21430 WAALEW ROAD, APPLE VALLEY, CA 92307 TEL (619) 240-2266 FAX(619)240-1359 Dealer Inquiries Invited UPS Shipping Dally VISA/MasterCard MON-FRI 8-4 Pacific Time Almost alone in Class 6 John Swift, with Dino Pugeda riding shotgun, did not slow his usual pace at all, got the truck dirty, but not only won the class in the Ford Explorer he finished tenth overall! Leading Mike Lesle by about ! three minutes on lap 1, Dan Smith · put the Ford Bronco up front, while Dale White had his Chevy about 20 minutes back. Lesle, with Larry Noel driving relief, had big trouble on the middle·run, and DanSmith's2:22:11 washotclass lap. The Lesle/Noel Jeep had a major disaster on the last lap and ended up a long third, which · included a one position penalty for a checkpoint violation. Dale White cruised into a SC:!cond, four hours behind the winner Dan Smith, who got real poor gas 'mileage, had some body parts missing but had no real troubles in winning Class 3, seventh . overall. Class 7 had an entry of five, but JC Dean and Brendan Gaughan only got a few miles in their Dodge Dakota before a piston let go. Jack Jqlinson, in the Stroppe Ford got in one 4:44 lap with trans woes and retired. It wasn't a good meet for Las Vegas drivers. Russ Jones didn't go a lap in his Ford either. The:race was between Scott Douglas, whose Ford had a four minute plus first lap lead and Racin Gardner. Ford 1. After two rounds Douglas had increased his , lead considerably, and at the end , Douglas won by:ample time, even ; before Gardner ·got a 'penalty for " '. speeding in the pits. SconDouglas made the switch to a Class 7 Ford in 1993, but he continued on ! Class 5 looked good at nine his wmnmg ways, taking class honors by over half an hour, and he finished : starters, but neither Bob Curry or with a clean and tidy truck. = ; Doug Wager made a lap. The first close. But on lap3 Ricky Johnson ·trouble was spark plug leads and lap leader by two minutes over lost his engine, putting an end to an alternator, both temporarily Mike Jakobson was Neal and his desert racing debut with 11 repaired with a hammer, Illustrat~ Mike Grabowski, Lisa Dickerson SCORE. He had run FR T races . ing the entry loss due to factory was a close third, but on the before to tune up. I domination, in some classes, j second lap she lost the ring and Rick Romans and Greg Hibbs I along with just four in Class 4, I pinion gear and that was the end won the dash for the victory in a there were only two in Class 6, of the race for the HORA Raceco, having been close all day. !and it was no contest as John Champion. Six <;barged on led on Hibbs said Romans gave him a Swift, with Dino Pugeda riding as total time all the, way by Neal and perfect car in which to finish and usual, put the Ford Explorer into ; Mike Grabowski, wh~ claim there his only problem was losing not a husky lead on the first lap, had is one more, as they are triplets. one but two fan belts on the last no troubles, not even a flat, never They enjoyed dicing with lap. They won by a scant 3 looked back and won by hours. Jakobson and Ron Jurkovac for minutes 16 seconds over Ryan Darren Skilton finished in second two laps, then Uiey vanished as Thomas and Mike Lund in a inaJeepCherokee.Class3wasn't did Jeff Renjck and Dave Chenowth. Lund started and ran much better with three starters, Baeskens, running off the pace trouble free, Thomas finished but all three finished. anyhow. The front four had a with no serious troubles. Mike and Jim Zupanovich took third in Class 10, after a long third lap, but we couldn't catch them to find out the reason. Tom Schilling and young Jimmie Johnson were fourth, another 20 minutes back, followed in by defending points champion Steve Sourapas and Dave Richardson. Dave.admitted 'to putting the Chenowth on .its 'head while trying to j,ass, and hooked wheels with Steve Myers, 1 saying the incident was all his , fault. Moving up from Class 9 George Erl was sixth in a Raceco 1 SS; and Carlos lribe gave his 16 i year old son a ride in his Class 10 car and they were seventh. I Making his debut in Class 10 after two years as Class 11 champion !Martin Garibay, said Class 10 is another world; he was plagued with brake trouble:, motor ,mounts, lost fan belts, etc., but ~finished the Chenowth!l3th out of 30, not a bad debut. Only four started in qass 4 and Dave Ashley got class fast lap on the first in his Ford, ; followed closely by Mike Schwellinger with boat racing champion Alan Shapiro taking his first ride in the Ford. Mike did. the first lap, then Alan took the final two, and said he was really exhausted, but so stoked about off road racing he may buy a truck and get serious. Rod Hall and Jim Fricker finished hours 1ater in the Dodge, having , trans t'ro_ubles. _Ashley's only. Aprtl 1993 Neal and Mike Grabowski got a couple minute lead}n Class 5 on the first lap, their competition faded lap by lap, and they led all the way to the victory, 12th overall and they won by over an hour. Of the 26 starters in Class 1-2-1600, half could be a winner, but the Jimco of Mike Julson and Bob Lofton took the lead midway by inches, lost it and had to fight back on the last lap for their victory at 18th overall. Dustyffma

Page 15

good final run, but the checkered flag had Grabowski written all over it. They won by over an hour over Conrad Diaz Jr. Neal and Mike had broken rear-suspension on the last lap, which luckily did not flatten a tire and the common complaint, no power steering for the last half. We lost the other Class 5s as they were wa·ved out of the impound and told to go home, so they did. Conrad Diaz Jr. finished second, 37 minutes up on George Seeley Jr, while Greg Diehl and Tony Kujala survived a more than four hour last lap to finish fourth. Next away was Class 1-2-1600, 26 strong with such potentials as Craig Stewart/Mark Manley not finishing the lap, and both Scott Webster and Brian Tanklage vanished after one round. Kevin Davis, Lothringer, had fast first lap but Mike Julson and Brian Tanklage were tied, two minutes later with Jim Joyce and Drew Keys another minute back. The field stayed tight through the second lap with Mike Julson/ Bob Lofton taking class fast lap at 2:39:56. Davis had ten minutes down time somewhere. At this point, fresh off their La Rana New Years win Jim Joyce and Drew ,Keys had a slim lead of a minute, nine seconds. But on the last lap spectators had moved or removed signs warning of a big water hole about the 47 mile mark near Swansea and Drew flew into the pond. While watching his car sink out of sight he saw another driver fly into the pond onto higher ground, but with Drew's help, he was able to get his car out of the water. (Wonder where all the BLM cops were then?) Early Sunday morning Danny Cau swam out in the pond to the sunken buggy and tied it up with ropes, then back to shore where a pair of trucks hauled the soggy 1600 onto firm ground. Don't know how much was destroyed, but no doubt a lot of the drive train is trash. What a way to treat a recent winner. The last lap for the 1600s saw several cars running just minutes apart. Mike Julson and Bob Lofton won the class by a minute, 59 seconds, but not before Bob got stuck in the same ditch in deep water, finally got out, then stalled the motor, and finally lost the starter motor. He used an extra 20 minutes on that last lap, but they still won the 26 car class in the Jimco. Dennis Hight and Jon Kennedy II kept a good pace for two laps in the Chenowth, slowed a bit on the last lap, were under · two minutes out, a close second. Jason and Erik Linker turned good laps, stayed out of trouble in the Mirage and they placed third, only another three minutes back, followed in 11 minutes by Kevin 1 Davis, and in another 4½ minutes · byRodMullerandMikeHolliday, Chenowth. Usual contender Gary Sewell was slowed to 11th place with torsion bar trouble, Rogerio Ampudia was going well until the third lap when he rolled over five times, losing a couple hours off and on in total repair time but he finished 12th. Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis stayed with the effort, after a 5½ hour first lap to finish 13th out of the 15 cars that did finish in class. The combined 7S and 7 4x4 needs a new name, but even so eight came to race Parker. Unfortunately, like most of the truc;k classes recently, this too was no contest, but it'sJreat for the _winners. Darren an Doug York DustyTima -Darren and Doug York were popular winners in their always tidy Ford Ranger in Class 7S/7 4x4. They took a big lead on the first lap in the eight truck class, maintained th'e pace on the second lap, had no trouble, not even a flat heading for victory. came over the hill from Indio, CA to race their Valvoline Ford Ranger, and they got a leg up on the field on the first lap, which two didn't finish, two more took many hours to complete. And the Yorks had 35 odd minutes on the Ford of Ron Lister and John Johnson after one lap, but it wasn't seen a ain nor was The dozen 5-1600s had a super battle, lots of casualties, and Wayne, Alan and Darryl Cook took the lead about midway in the race, held a quick and consistent pace to win the class by 28 minutes. Sacio,Nissan.MalcolmVinjeand Chevy S-10 fourth. On the Mark Hansen ran diird in the well second lap York and Lewis turned raced Toyota, about 20 minutes nearly identical laps, and after a back, and Jeff Lewis and John· six hour first lap, Billy Bunch set Cha man had the McPherson fast lap -I I Dust, silt, mud, there's always something coming at you. It's all you can do to finish in one piece. II No other motor sport abuses a vehicle like Baja racing. As a top driver and mechanic, J?arren York knows that winning off ~road takes more than driving skill, physical endurance, and a knowf.-edge of every inch of his truck. It means using the best products, the best lubricants. So it's no surprise that Valvoline motor oil is the # I choice of Baja I 000 mechanics like Darren. What's more, they also choose Valvoline for their own cars. And with good reason. All our high~ performance motor oils are designed to perform and pr~ tect under extreme stress-resisting all the heat, cold, pressure and dirt your engine can throw at it Take it from Darren. You can't win off~ road without the right oil paving the way. PEOPLE WHO KNOW USE VALVOLINE® VALYOUNE INC. A SUBslotARY Cl' AsHiANo OIL, INC. = l£XIN6TON. KY 40509 CJ 1992 April 1993 Page 15

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Just two minutes behind the winner in Class 1-2-1600 Dennis Hight and Jon Kennedy II had good lap times and finished a close in second in the Chenowth. Jason and Erik Linker catch some air in their Mirage for the photographer, and they moved forward steadily all race long to finish third in Class 1-2-1600. Jeff Lewis and John Chapman had their troubles with the Chevy S-10 on the first lap, cured them to turn two quick rounds for second in Class 7S/7 4x4. The 11 car field at Parker was a tight running bunch off the line with at least three running nose to tail, but later Rich Richardson and Doug Perrault took a substantial lead to win Class 9 by two minutes. Peter Rosenstein and Duane Morimoto drove the only Class 11 around in good time for their two required laps, around five hours the lap, to secure their c,ass victory and enjoy the lack of pressure. RACING VIDEOS! All 1992 SCORE & HORA races on 60-minute VHS tapes! Only $19.95 per tape plus $5.00 shipping & handling Contact: Arrow Productions 255 Count Fleet Page 16 St. George, UT 84770 801-628-6600 ~ c>f. the race 40 seconds faster than York. Vinje/ Hansen maintained their pace. Darren York slowed on the last lap, with a big cushion and won the class by 34 minutes. They had no flats, no trouble, and had a dandy time all day. Jeff Lewis got the Chevy home second, almost three hours ahead of Billy Bunch. Vinje and Hansen finished third on time, an hour back: of second, but were penalized one position for speeding itj the pits. The dozen 5-1600s lost some contenders early. Steve and Tim Lawrence ~idn't do a lap, while Mike Kaliki got in one 5:45 lap and Vince: Acouolourme did a 4:36;· first ' lap, Marty Seefried/ Dave Shively did a 4:21 lap, and Mario Panagiotopolous did a 3:43, and all three Bugs vanished ' then. Meanwhile John Holmes set fast lap for;the clirss, the only one under three hours at 2:59:21 to lead the fir~t round with the Cook Brothers less than a minute back, followed in a miriute by Ross Craft and J~m Dizney, a name out of the past. About ten minutes back : came Guillermo Quintero Jr. and Francisco Ortiz Jr., followed clpsel y by Lee Hayes and Eddy Martinez, while the Michael James ran a long seventh. Jeff Holrbes kept the lead until he rolled midway in the second lap, which cost them a couple hours and :they went no farther. Wayne, Darryl and Alan Cook took the lead with a 3:03 lap while Craft, St. John and Quintero were all running in the same minute after two l, ps, about 29 minutes behind. James moved into fourth followed by Hayes. Across the line it was1 the second Valvoline car in for, a win as the Cook brothers won the class by nearly half an hour. The y had an excellent day, each driving a lap, Wayl'\e, then Alan, and Darryl drove it iri. Parker was the last SCORE ra,ce they wanted to be able tb say they won, even though they 'won overall in 1975 on a Honda Motorcycle they wanted this one for the Bug as well. Ross Crafr and nm Dizney took a solid second with no serious troubles, followed in over six minutes by Rick St. John and Steve Miskie-wicz, neither reporting any serious trouble. Guillermo Quintero ·and Francisco Ortiz took fourth place home to Ensenada, having some down time on the last lap, and over three hours later Lee Hayes and Eddy Martinez were fifth as the two Michael James, who had a faster' ET, were dropped a position for speeding in the pits. Class 9 fielded only 11 cars at Parker with several new names in the ranks. The Donald Garbis/ Scott Weers car didn't cover a lap, but the other 10 all finished. Steve Poole led the first lap with a 2:58:23 lap,_Billy Kem was next in April 1M3 the ORBS at 3:07:27 with Rick Poole and Mike Faulkner a minute further back. Next came the many time winners Rich Richardson and Doug Perrault in the new Jimco, with Pancho Bio right on their bumper, and Craig Bernal was just three more minutes back. The usual nose to tail Class 9 battle was shaping up. Steve Poole held his lead on the middle lap with a total time of under six hours. Billy Kem was next, 12 minutes back, and Richardson/ Pe~rault moved into third, about six minutes later and nobody else was within 40 minutes of Kem. Craig Bernal ran fourth about six minutes ahead of Pancho Bio, and both had four SCORE PARKER 400 • Results January 22-24, 1993 t Pos. Drlver/Co-Orlver Vehlcl■ Tim■ Clau 1/2-Unllmlted Slngl■ & T-Seat· 40 atart -15 finish 135 1 Ivan Stewart (lolo) · Toyota SR5 6:56:50 124 2 Jim Smilh/8ob Blanchard Ford F-150 7:05:41 103 3 Bob Gordon/Cal Wells .k. Chenowth VW 7:08:37 120 4 Paul and Dave Simon Ford F-150 7:27:56 116 ·5 Steve Kelley/Curt LeDuc Jeep Grand Cherokee 7:31 :54 Clau 1-2-NIOO -NSOOcc Restricted Engine -26 start • 15 finish 1620 1 Mike Julson/Bob Lofton Jimco 1622 2 Dennis Hight/Jon Kennedy II Chenowth 1616 3 Jason & Erik Linker Mirage 1699 4 Kevin Davis (solo) · Lothringer 1607 5 Rod MuHerlMike Holliday Chenowth 349 1 302 2 300 3 449 1 402 2 403 3 Clau 3 • Short WB 4X4 - 3 start - 3 finish Dan Smith Ford Bronco Dale Whil8 Chevy Blazer Mike Le"611..arry Noel Jeep Cherokee Clau 4 -Long WB 4X4 - 4 start - 3 finish Daw Ashley Ford F-150 Alan ShaplrolMike Sc:hwellinger Ford F-150 Rod HalVJim Fricker Dodge W-250 Clau 5 - Unllmlted Baja Bug • t start • 4 finish 504 1 Neal & Mike Grabowski Baja Bug 505 2 Conrad Diaz .k. Baja Bug 502 3 George Seeley Jr /Cain Smead Baja Bug 503 4. Greg DiehVTony Kujala Baja Bug 554 1 557 2 559 3 560 4 569 5 Cla• 5-1600 • 1600cc Baja Bug• 12 start - 8 finish Wayne, Darryl & Alan Cook Baja Bug Ross Craft/Jim Dizney Baja Bug Rick St. John/Steve Miskiewicz Baja Bug Guillermo Quintero/Francisco Ortiz Baja Bug lee F. Hayes/Eddy Martinez Baja Bug Cla• 8 • Production S■dan • 2 start - 2 flnl1h 600 1 John Swift!Dino Pugeda Ford Explorer 649 2 Darren Skilton Jeep Cherokee Cl1N 7 • Unllmlted Mini-Midi Pickup • 5 start • 3 finish 8:35:22 8:37:11 8:40:10 8:51 :16 8:55:41 7:35:58 11:56:00 10:13:29 8:33:20 8:41:42 13:27:32 8:12:42 9:16:48 9:53:44 9:55:55 9:36:54 10:04:36 10:11:00 10:18:13 13:36:13 8:07:35 10:35:39 0/A 1 3 4 5 6 18 19 20 24 28 7 73 54• 17 21 80 12 31 44 46 40 51 52 56 82 10 61 700 1 704 2 701 3 Scott Douglas/Jeff Howe Ford Ranger Jack Johnson Ford Ranger 8:51 :17 25 4:44:37 (I lap) Racin Gardner Ford Ranger 9:33:35 37• Cl•• 7S • Stock Mini-Midi Pickup - 8 start • 4 finish 722 1 Darren & Doug York Ford Ranger 721 2 Jeff Lewis/John Chapman Chevy S-10 720 3 Billy Bunch Ford Ranger 759 4 Malcom Vinje/Mark Hansen Toyota Clau 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup -10 start• 4 finish 800 1 Rob MaoCachren/Mike Schoffstall Ford F-150 803 2 David Bryan Ford F-150 802 3 Brian Stewart Dodge D-150 81 0 4 Larry Ragland/Ivan Scoppettone Chevrolet PU Class I • Rastrlcted Buggy -11 start -10 flnllh 999 1 Rich Richardson/Doug Perrault Jimco 908 2 Billy Kem OR3S 901 3 Steve Poole Jimco 904 4 Dave Callaway/John Holmes T-Mag 909 5 Rick Poole/Mke Faulkner Homemade 1019 1 1013 2 1017 3 1007 4 1000 5 Clau IO• Unllmlted 1650cc • 30 start -16 finish Rick Romans/Greg Hibbs Raoeco Ryan Thomas/Mike Lund Chenowth Mike & Jim Zupanovich Moulton Tom Schilling/Jimmie Johnson Jimco Steve Sourapaa/Oave Richardson , Chenowth Clau II • Stock VW Sedan -1 start - 1 finish (2 laps) 1199 Peter Rosenstein/Duane Morimoto VW Beede Clau Stock Mini Tnick • 7 start - 4 finish (2 taps) 760 1 Scott SeUs/Rick Nunez Toyota SRS 789 2 Danny Clay/Gary Whipple Toyota n1 3 Michael Martin 762 4 Larry Carpenter/Randy Bass Toyota 860 ClaN Stock Full Size Tnick • 2 start • I finish (2 laps) Gordon DiCarlolJeff Yocum Ford F-150 8:48:20 9:22:49 12:16:10 10:25:05· 6:59:17 8:54:35 10:12:48 11:48:35 9:34:14 9:36:26 10:41:48 10:33:50 10:42:02 8:12:49 8:16:05 8:31:40 8:51:30 9:02:14 10:42:03 8:36:44 12:57:25 13:00:03 13:30:32 8:18:01 Starters - 170 Rnishers - 90 - Finish ratio - 53% Time allowance -14 hours Motorcycle starters • 29 • Finishers - 20 • 21 Finish Ratio - 69% Race Distance - 397 .33 miles - Three laps, various lengths, • denotes penalty 23 34 75 58' 2 27 53 72 38 39 62 so· 63 13 14 16 26 29 Dustyflma

Page 17

Ross Craft and Jim Dizney were very close after one lap, slowed a tad on the next two with minor stops and took second in the tough 5-1600 action. Billy Kem had his ORBS in the Class 9 lead for a bit, stayed with the front runners all the way, and Billy finished second, just two minutes back. Steve Poole took the early lead, held it until midway in the race in Class 9 in his Jimco, but big trouble on the last lap dropped him to third in class. hour plus last laps. The first Class 9 home was the blue Jimco of Rich Richardson and Doug Perrault with Doug doing the quickest class last lap, and they needed it. Rich said that "this fat old man beat,all those young kids." Early in the race at the Goat Trail the condenser wire broke, and cost them 20 minutes in a trail fix, and they had brake woes, but no other problems. · Billy Kem got his ORBS in two minutes, 12 seconds later in a very close dash to the flag. Steve Poole was nearly an hour back, officially third in his Jimco as the Callaway car, which was eight minutes quicker, was penalized a place for speeding in the pits. Rick Poole . and Mike Faulkner were half a minute behind Steve in fifth and Craig Bernal salvaged sixth in another eight minutes. Peter Rosenstein and Duane Morimoto drove the lone Class 11 round in good time for the two required laps, 10:42:03. Only two started in the Stock Full Size DustyTima There were but two Stone Stock Full Size trucks to do two laps, and it was little surprise to see Gordon DiCarlo and Jeff Yocum take the win in the Ford; the other one didn't finish. · Trucks, and it was no surprise to see Gordon DiCarlo and Jeff Yocum take the win in the Ford F-150 with a quick 8:18:01 total time for their two laps. It also was no surprise to see Scott Sells and Rick Nunez cruise to the Stock Mini Truck win over six other starters. For example, Sells total time for two laps was 8:36:44 compared to second placing Danny Clay and Gary Whipple at 12:57:25, their Toyota dropping over three of those hours on the first lap. Michael Martin was only three . A.RE nn11,r11 111\1 I ,11 April 1993 Another La Rana graduate champion is Scott Sells, who with Rick Nunez co-driving the two laps, got the Toyota around in quick time and won Stock Mini truck honors by over four hours . minutes back in third, followed in half an hour by Larry Carpent-er /Randy Bass also in a Toyota. The awards were held on the balcony over the river at the Blue Water Marina on the sunny Sunday with twice as many people in the place as it was built for, but nearly all having a good time. Many were talking about the Nevada 400 coming up on March 13, and looking forward to running the familiar old rocky, silty course north of Las Vegas where there are no trees for the police people to.hide behind. Be it our race team, sales team, or service team . . . at Fiesta Ford we're all driven by excellence. We race what we sell and sell what we race, so we know what it takes to keep your vehicle in top form. Not only will you get the best parts and service available anywhere, but Fiesta Ford will give racers special . discounts on parts and major fleet pricing incentives on cars and trucks. Fiesta Ford . . . your off-road racing connection. ~ N•M£ 83-407 HWY 111, IN0/0, CA· 92201 (619) 347-1234 Pase 11

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Steve Kelley took over the Jeep Grand Cherokee in Class 1, a nice ride, and with Curt LeDuc co-driving, Kelley finished the Class 6 fifth in Class 1, 6th 0 /A. Danny Letner and Jerry Penhall found the mud early in the race, seemed down on power and needed more suspension but they were sixth in Class 1. ,J ,li Rod Muller and Mike Halliday had good lap times in their George Seeley Jr. and Cain Smead got George's Class 5 around Chenowth, but not quite fast enough, as they finished fifth in the with two good laps, a long third lap, but they finished third in the Class 1-2-1600 action. competitive class. Rick St. John and Steve Miskiewicz had one quick lap, the first one, but they stayed with the leaders to finish third in Class 5-1600 in their Bug. Billy Bunch was stopped for two hours with breakage on lap 1, but got the Ford running again well enough to take an official third in Class 7S/7 4x4. " , .. .. «~ ,;_;~., ·•· kJ;e,, ~ ;;._~, ~ "-:r,: ,, ~ ... 'I; .. , Tom Schilling and Jimmie Johnson were tied for second in Class 10 midway, but they lost an hour on the last lap to unknown woes, and finished fourth. Page 18 -------------------------Guillermo Quintero Jr. and Francisco Ortiz Jr. had two good laps, some problem on the last round, but they finished a close fourth in 5-1600s. ·•· Brian Stewart got into trouble on the third lap, five hours worth, and finished third in Class 8, the Dodge battered outside and internally. ·~ 1992 SCORE overall champs Steve Sourapas and Dave Richardson were off the pace all day in the Class 10 Chenowth, but they did finish fifth in class. April 1993 Kevin Davis didn't have a real smooth day in his Lothringer, but he raced on to finish fourth in Class 1-2-1600, despite a longer last lap time. Greg Diehl and Tony Kujala often win in the fancy Class 5 from Phoenix, but at Parker the last lap dropped them back to a long fourth in the class. Racin Gardner had troubles all three laps, then had more troubles with the rules folks, finishing second in Class 7 on time, but officially third . • ¥ Dave Galloway and John Holmes kept the T-Mag running, a bit off the pace each lap, but they soldiered forward and finished fourth in Class 9 with a penalty. Danny Clay and Gary Whipple came from Utah to race their Stone Stock Mini and their Toyota covered the two laps and they finished a long second in class. Dusty Times

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FOR THE 1st TIME EVER-BOTH STADIUM & DESERT INTHE SAME ARENA!! ~ GLEN HELEN OHV PARKe SAN BERNARDINO, CA RACING DATl;S-• April 25 eJuly 25 • August 22 EACH RACING EVENT OFFERS: 2 DAY ADMISSION TO PITS & GRANDSTANDS ONLY $10 K 3 DIFFERENT RACE TRACKS-1 STADIUM; 2 DESERT Each designed to provide tough, but safe challenges to both MAN & MACHINE! K 24 CLASSES! 1, 1 /2 1600, 3, 4, 5, 5-1600, 6, 7, 7S, 8, 9, 1 0, 11, Stock Mini, Stock Full, 24, 25, Grand National Sport Truck, 4-Wheel ATV, Superlites, Pilots, Sport Utility, and Mini Mags K TROPHIES AWARDED IN ALL CLASSES! K FREE OVERNIGHT CAMPING ON SATURDAY NIGHT! _ ----~---~ - ---~ --~--------- - - - ---- - - - ---- -REGISTER NOW! FREE SATURDAY NIGHT PARKING WITH PRE-ENTRY!! For more information, please fill out the form below and mail to: MTEG, P.O. Box 25168, Anaheim, CA 92825 ATTN: ULTRA CUSTOM WHEELS SPORTSMAN ENTRY or Call Jerry at 714-938-4100 r---------------------------, I Name · I I I : Address ____________ : I I I City State Zip · I I -----------1 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS SATURDAY PITS OPEN Pre Registration SUNDAY PITS OPEN Registration Practice Racing Starts 12:00noon 12:00-5:00pm 7:00am 7:00am 9:00am 1:00pm I I Class designations and SCORE I Phone I safety rules courtesy of INTERNATIONILliiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiipiiiiiij• I I Produced and Sanctioned by I ) L Class o!_Competition J Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group

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Doing a little grandstanding for the cameras, Dan Ashcraft and Dave Donatoni came very close to winning, but pipe troubles dropped them to second overall. Craig Smith and Scott Moms rode their Kawasaki hard enough to finish third overall, another nine minutes back, wn11e winning the 250 class by two minutes. The Vet Class honors and fourth overall went to the team of. Earl Roberts, Dan Wo;tey and Rex Staten riding a Kawasaki KXSOO to the victory. SCORE PARKER 400 ATV & BIKE DMSION Danny Hamel & Larry Roeseler First Overall kn Schlimme/Greg Bringle/Dennis Cox First Overall ATV ByFud For the Team Oreen Kawasaki team it was just like a dream. They were first off the line, out in front the whole race, and fitst at the finish line. Dam).y Hamel and Larry Roeseler split the racing between the top half of the loop and the bottom part, Hamel taking the top half and LR. the bottom part. Their KX500 ran flawlessly all race long anq Danny Hamel coasted to the finish line with nearly an eight minute lead over second place. The runner up team of Honda 4 stroke mounted Dan Ashcraft and Dave Donatoni made an early charge and, depending on whose w.atch you were watching, either had the lead on time or were even when the racers reached Midway for the first time. T earn Green had Hamel with a 30 second lead at that time, while Big Red had Ashcraft even on time. Dave Donatoni lit out with fire in his eyes on the seen t of Roeseler. Ten miles later the flame went out. A chunk of metal blew off the top part of the pipe just where it makes a turn coming out of the block, causing a loss of power and speed, although not too much on speed. Team Honda said they clocked the bike on a radar gun at 106 mph. But when Donatoni stopped at Graham Wells for fuel they almost lost the bike. Fuel accidentally spilled into the open' pipe, a split second later there were flames everywhere, but quick action extinguished the fire . and Dave was on his way. At the main pits on Shea Road Ashcraft stopped to have the pipe replaced. Hcipe for the overall, once barely a flicker, burned bright once again. Then lightning struck twice in the same place. The pipe blew out again soon after Dave Donatoni got on. End of their overall dream, but they were second in Open Class and second overall by about eight minutes. The 250 class actually saw some passing. Defending class champions Craig Smith and Scott Morris drew a lousy start position and had to work their way through traffic to finish first 250 and third overall on a Kawasaki. At the end of the first lap there were three teams only seconds apart. John Braasch in the lead by ten seconds over John Flores with Scott Morris appearing only 15 seconds later. The John Braasch/ Jeff Capt team soon dropped out leaving the racing to Morris/ Smith and Flores/Morton. On the Midway to Midway loop Craig Smith and Tim· Morton were side by side with Smith finally pulling away,' but not AURORA Ez:ia before "Rocket" Rex Staten stole we have the best prices the show. Riding a KX 500 in the 011 the largest rod end Vet Class he split the two riders and bearing selectionl Safety & comfort. NASA and as he disappeared oyer a sand inventory in the U.S. developed to protect dune he kicked both . legs out HIGH-PERFORMANCE astronauts_frol!' fatigue sideways as a "gotcha" salute. BAKER BATTERY caused by v1brat1on, shock Scott Morris was able to maintain [DJ loads and" G" forces., 'the lead Craig Smith had given ~ttos~greatp~tect-him and they finish~d third tionfordnver&equipment. : overall along with winning the LUBRICANTS . . ' NEO SYNTHETIC~• class Second 250 fifth overall Substantial in-, went to Tim Morton ~nd John Holds stronger_charge much crease in per• Flores. Morton _gave Flores afl the' longer and will rec~a~ge formance while ~ '-"..o: credit for their finish. John Flores to 100% even after sitting II red · · · h Id for 30 days in total dis-g~a. Y uc!ng ow 5 came mto t e event co . He was charged state. Unmatched frict10n and high GEAR OJ new to Parl<er, and had no chance vibration resistance. temperatures. to pre,run, yet he was able to set a l;tEARl!S] ~~ '1tlll. f~st pace. Except for a couple of _•x•---. (not a coating) -'!!!II!M. dismounts he had an excellent ~BAKER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS , 2865 Gundry Ave -=" ..... ~ ~ Long Beach. CA 90806 -y~~;,. 310/427-2375 ~ "-~"'!<-,..., Fa, 3~::i 426 5294 = ',,".',__.. DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME Page IO ride. It turned out to be a sweep for T earn Green in the 250 class when Roger Hurd/Craig Hunt, er/Brent Farrell finished third, and Jeff Dickerson and Jason Truby were fourth on another Photos: C&C Race Photos Kawasaki. The Vet Class was won by the defending champions, Earl Roberts, Dan Worley and "Rocket" Rex Staten. Usually Earl Roberts is bursting with stories. This time, he was real mellow as their Kawasaki of Tucson KX500 never missed a· beat all day. The only reason they finished fourth overall instead of third was because they had such a lead on their competition they stopped and changed a tire to make sure thei mad,e it to the finish line with no problems. Second place went to John Ewald and Jim Rowt,r on a Honda. Riding on flat tires has never been one of the favorite things to do on a bike. Today they had two and that forced them out of a serious run at the winners. Third placing Jeff Kaplan/John Silva/Craig Adams also l; a bevy of problems. Th:ey were either crashing or fixing what wasn't wrong until time just ran out. They were happy with an official finish. In the 125 Class it was a battle for finishing second or next to last. Martin Gonzalez broke his Honda after on:e lap' which left him in second, meaning that Don Behling and John Doubrava finished next to last on the Kawasaki. The last time they raced a SCORE event was in 1983. Feeling well rested they decided to try and give it another whirl and walked aw;i,y with the class victory, Bob Van Dyke and Rich Catelli had only themselves to beat in the Senior Class. Soon they will be telling everyone about the time back in 1993 when they went wire .. Larry Roese/er and Danny Hamel showed their championship form on their Kawasaki leading all the way and winning Class 22 and overall by eight minutes. to wire for the Parker 400 win. The Super Se~ior Canardly's were led by Bob Ashcraft and Sterling Varner. They picked on lronman Dick Vick ai;id beat him by nearly an hour. Ben Schlimm¢ and Greg Bringle walked away wf th A TV honors after a come from behind charge. Dennis Cox from Daisy Hi, Torque started for the team, promptly got lost, soon rang his bell when he went over the bars and that left him thinking he was Bill Lanphkr the rest'of the da . From far down, Schlimme and Bringle started making their move. Bringle got close, and on the last section when the going got tough, Ben Schlimme shined on the Doug Roll Honda, and reeled in Mike McGee's Suzuki for the overall and 250 class. win. Mike McGee and Charlie "Lampshade" Lampson, back I on their Suzuki that got stolen· before the Baja 1000, won the Open class. 1992 overall and 250 points champions Jeff and John Courts were the only other A TV finishers. Skimming over the rough stuff the team of Ben Schlimme, Greg Bringle and Dennis Cox came from behind to win first 250 and overall in the A TV division on a Honda. Charlie Lampson and Mike McGee broke up the Team Green ~weep by winning first Open A TV class aboard a Suzuki, having retreived it from EJajlf': Jeff and John Courts rode their Honda to second in 250 class having trouble along the way, and they were the final A TV finisher at that out of four that started. April 1993 Dusty Times

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The Biggest Class of All at Parker was the BLM Photos: Trackside Photo lnc. After verifying that BLM officers had directed Jackson to this road, the BLM Ranger returned to his truck, to get back on patrol, maybe. Parker. He is one of many, many drivers who were ticketed for not going through the water hole while pre-running, many of them in open buggies who would have been soaked to the skin, and miserable for the day in the cold mountan air in those hills. It seems the race course should have been routed around the water hole. After all the BLM had to find a trail in to the place for their two vehicles we were told were there all Thursday and Friday, in order to hand out tickets wholesale, so there must have been tire tracks or a trail there. The trouble is that their action will tend to discourage · racers from returning to western Arizona to race, and that is pre-cisely what the BLM hope to accomplish. By the way, a lot of the Parker race course is desig-Keith Jackson flagged down on Shea Road while trying to get to his main pit . . nated open OHV area all year except for race week. We also access roads. We welcome question the wisdom of requiring comment from the BLM side of a chase truck to run on the race the story as well as those of other course instead of using existing racers. If you read or heard any tales of the BLM invasion force at Parker, we have one rather typical story and photos of the saga of Keith Jackson and his Class l truck. As with many it started on the Friday while he was pre-running by the now famous mudhole. He ran the hole with two wheels in the water and two out of the water and still received a $ 100 citation. So then, with help from Robby Gordon, also pre-running in a 4x4, he pulled Rich Richardson out of the mudhole. Jackson's race was a short run but a long day. It all started with a broken spindle about ten miles into the 1993 Parker 400 race course. "We had no trouble getting permisson from SCORE Officials to retrieve and repair our truck, but getting cooperation from the BLM was, well, a Kodak moment." Chase vehicles were not allowed to run off the course or on some access roads, so they had to run on the very rough course to get to the truck. BLM people were everywhere, both in vehicles and walking the area. It took four hours to get the chase truck in and get the race truck fixed. Then the BLM made them wait for a long time, until all vehicles had. passed. Then the race truck went down course, heading for the pits, and then the BLM escorted Jackson off the race course onto a desig-nated access road where he then proceeded to Shea Road, a paved road. ••At Shea Road I was flagged down by several different BLM agents with further instructions on the do's and don'ts on getting back to the main pit, less than one mile down the road from that point. The BLM officer shown in the pictures stopped me and pro-ceeded to read me the riot act. He wanted my driver's license ( funny thing, I forgot my wallet, getting ready for the race) and then he proceeded to ticket me for 'Going cross country without BLM per-mission.' I explained to him I was out of the race and that I was just told by the BLM to go this way, slowly back to the main pit. I then waited for about 20 minutes while he verified my story with prob-ably every BLM agent on duty that day. Reluctantly he let me go without a single ticket and I finally made it back to the main pit some hours after I broke down. You'd think, with the massive amount of law enforcement present, I was Saddam Hussein trying to drive a tank into Kuwait to do lunch." We thank Keith Jackson for his story of his disappointing day at Dusty nmes --.Jeep AMERICA'S TOP VOLUME DEALER 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 ••~.•-.,,,"$!,_,,,'/~"'v• :-:-..::--ti"',~,.,(fl BUY AMERICAN BELLFLOWER EXIT 91 FREEWAY ------=-1 MILE WEST OF 605 FREEWAY --~ GRAND CHEROKEES 100 14 TO CHOOSE FROM 1 ULTIMATE SPORT UTILITY -30 TO CHOOSE FROM EAGLE VISIONS L.H. SPORTS SEDANS AND THE BIGGEST SELECTION OF USED JEEPS IN CALIFORNIA ~ I Ill s ~ 0 2 ! ('1) FWY. ~ I!! •• ,., ARltSIA avo. 1 ~ DON A-VEE Jeep E•gle l -(310) 867-7256 • (800) 366. JEEP April 1993 Page 11

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The Novices are usually just that and have trouble staying upright. However John Ford came back in later races to finish the day second in class. Another Beetle that turned turtle was that of Ross Quarnoccio who rolled in the second heat, but got running again to finish the day in third place. Steve Harrell ran with the Challenger leaders in the first heat, led the second early on, and was running second in the feature when his engine gave up. F .O.R.D.A. End of the Year Race Formerly called "Bombers" the Novice Bugs raise dust, here led by Danny Jones, Ross & Ross Jr. Quarnoccio, Dean & Joanna Anderson, and Bill and Brian Whatley, who ended up winning for the day. The Florida Off Road Drivers Association, F.O.R.D .A., last race of the year was nothing less than great off road racing action. Once again Lakeland Interstate Speedway was the location of the event. Florida was in the midst of a cold front that had swung down from up north. For over a week temperatures had been down into the low 40s and race day was no exception. It was a brisk morning as drivers started to line the pits. Excitement filled the air as the drivers got a look at the new layout of the track. The track had been set up similar to a Mickey Thompson style course. The usual tight turns, a set of triple jumps in front of the spectators and a split lane to give the drivers a chance to choose their path. The lane was divided by a high wall of dirt and brush so the drivers could not see where the other one was; also the inside lane was rougher than the outside as not to give an advantage over the other. The Novice first heat saw the turn out in Novice class down this race, but the action heated up early. With a wave of the green flag drivers dashed into the first turn, that is all but one. Wayne could co-pilot. the Andersons Simmons sat stalled on the were not fast enough to catch the starting line. He had been having leaders, so they lost more ground trouble with his motor in the pits, each lap. A newcomer to the class, and with help he had it running Danny Jones was bringing up the for the start. It took several laps rear as he learned the tricks of the for him to, restart and join the trade. Kennedy suddenly ran into race. Kevin Kennedy had control, trouble when the steering broke in the lead as drivers battled sending him to the wayside. around the track. Ross Quar-Whatley and Nichols battled into noccio and son were close in the lead with Quarnoccio hot second with Jack Lawrence third. after them. Ford had out Lawrence quickly dropped to the maneuvered Quarnoccio but had rear with burned points. As not been able to close on the drivers established positions on leaders. With one lap to go the track, Quarnoccio felt the Simmons, who had rejoined only pressure from Bill Whatley and a few laps earlier, lost the motor Nick Nichols. Bill had a passenger before he could finish, ending his in his car, his son who was home day early. Whatley took the on leave from the service for the checkered flag first with Nichols a holidays, and Whatley installed a close second, Ford in third. passenger seat so his son could see In the Second Novice heat first hand how his dad spends his Nichols jumped into the lead with weekends. Quarnoccio hot on his tail. Quarnoccio, unable to maintain Lawrence had gotten stuck in the pace soon fell prey to his some loose dirt before completing fellow competitors. John Ford the first lap. Jones stopped to try had battled his way up to the to push Lawrence out and got middle of the pack and was now stuck also, putting both cars out putting pressure on Quarnoccio. of the race at that point. Whatley Dean Anderson had hoped to rolled on the second lap, putting have his wife's car ready for this him down by several laps. Ford race, but didn't make it. He also had moved up to challenge the put in a passenger seat so his wife leaders making it a heated battle until Nichols got an edge putting GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES .. ... THIS IS A GOOD THING! some space on the others. The Andersons got a big break when Quarnoccio rolled ending up on the top. All was O.K. as help soon had the car upright and on its way. As the drivers began to spread out, Ford made his move for the lead. He started to close the gap on Nichols, when he cut a turn too close sending him over onto his side'with just two laps to go. Help quickly got him on his wheels, but it was too late, as Anderson and Quarnoccio passed him headed for the checkered flag. Nichols took an easy win with the Andersons in second and Quar-noccio, third. MERLIN 120 PORTABLE ARC WELDER POWERFUL .. 100 amps AC (max) COMPACT ..... , .............. 6' x 9' x 8' LIGHT WEIGHT ........... , Only 28 lbs. $329 .00 + tax/shipping CALL 1-800-76-MERLIN Page II The Novice Feature saw Jones quickly in the lead coming out of the first turn. Kennedy and . April 1993 Bryan Peterson won the Challenger purse, taking the first heat, a second in the second heat, and he led from wire to wire in the Feature race, nobody able to get close to him then. Whatley led the rest of the pack in pursuit. Jones developed motor trouble in the second lap taking him out of the lead and eventually out of the race. Kennedy was unable to shake the ruthless pursuit of Whatley. Quarnoccio, who had been up in the heat of the action, bent a tie rod, causing him to lose position to Ford. The field again narrowed down when Nichols, while closing the gap on the leaders, hit a large tire marking a turn. The impact broke a tie rod to end his chance for a win. Time was running out as everybody tried to improve their position. The Andersons went into a turn too fast sending their car into a roll and out of any chance to finish well. The pressure was just too much for Kennedy's motor as it let go with only four laps left to go. Whatley who had been unable to capture the lead was now the front runner. It was all over as Bill Whatley took the victory still several car lengths ahead of John Ford, second, and Ross Quar-noccio a close third. In the first Challenger heat Bryan Peterson and Zoomie Hinson battled for the lead right off the start, and the rest of the pack could only follow. After one lap David Morton had moved into third, but rolled the next lap putting him midway back. Scott Campbell and Steve Harrell were wheel to wheel as they closed on the leaders. Starting his day on a bad note was Richard Partridge. His clutch acted up early sending him to the pits in only one lap. By now Peterson had full control of the lead, leaving everyone else in the dust. Drivers made quick decisions on which lane to take. Harrell lost ground to Campbell as another driver lost it in the lane Steve had chosen. Kim Chambers was back after a retirement and holding her own as she moved into fifth. The big battle was for second as Hinson fought desper-ately to hold on to his position. Campbell showed no sign of letting up, as he took over Hinson's spot with three laps left. Lynn Stedman had gained and lost ground the whole race and was now in striking range of Hinson. Once again the lane choice left Stedman trailing in fourth at the flag. Hinson, unable to overtake his opponent, settled for third. Campbell took a hard fought second, with Bryan Peterson going flag to flag for the win. Harrell got the early lead in the second heat as the rest of the drivers battled into the first turn. Sam Pace and Mark Bicker were soon hot on Harrell's bumper as the action heated up. It only took a few laps until Harrell and Pace tangled with each other in a turn, and they both rolled over. When the dust cleared Pace wound up on top of Harrell's rail. Both were O.K. as Pace quickly backed off leaving Harrell to fend for himself. Morton had battled up to challenge the leaders along with Campbell and Peterson. Bicker lost the left rear wheel dropping him out of contention. Stedman again moved into the top five, but was still just out of reach of the leaders. Peterson powered past Campbell but was unable to lose him as both drivers closed the gap on Pace. Time was their worst enemy, with it running out fast. So, it was Sam Pace across the finish line first, with Peterson in second and Campbell a close third. The Challenger feature saw a dash for the first turn as Peterson once again led the madness and mayhem. Hinson, Campbell and Harrell were right behind the leader as they came around. Hinson quickly fell to the wayside with a blown motor. Pace had wasted no time in moving up from the rear to put pressure on Harrell. Partridge was also out early with clutch trouble again. As the battle for the lead heated up, Stedman had fought his way to the middle of the pack. He soon began to lose ground as his motor faded. James Lair was having a bad Dusty Times

Page 23

As in most series, the Challengers run close. Here 930, Zoomie Hinson, who lost his engine in the feature, flies up to pass Don Crews off a jump. Ray Short ran with the leaders in the first 1600 heat, but lost a fan belt before the checkers fell, and didn't figure in the class totals by day's end. The overall Novice winner at Lakeland was Bill Whatley; but this delay on the second heat race cost time and a little sheet metal but nothing more. day, racing only one lap in the first heat, and only able to complete a • fourth of this race. Steven Pounds had made his move up to the front . runners now. By the midway point Campbell had broken a rear shock mount and was slowly losing ground. Harrell took the opportunity to move up but was still being pressured by Pace. It was too much for Harrell's motor, as smoke started to pour out with only a few laps to go. Pounds now had Pace in his sights as both tried desperately to catch the leader. There was not enough time. The checkered flag fell for Bryan Peterson, the winner. Sam Pace took second, with Steven Pounds a length behind for third. Marti Neri and Marty Pounds battled off the line as the first 1600 heat got under way. Ray Short wasted no time putting prl!ssure on his adversaries up front. As the drivers rounded the track Mark Bicker, who started last, was slowly picking off his competition one at a time. The lead changed early when Pounds got the advantage over Neri in the dual lanes. Short was now having It was a battle in all three races, but Marti Neri was equal to it, taking the first 1600 heat win, lost a fan belt in the second but came back in the main to lead flag to flag for the victory. Close 1600 action here is led by Tip Dotson, third, then Marty Pounds, 6th with eventual overall winner for the day Marty Neri back in their dust. to defend his third place against Tip Dotson and Mike Notary as both made their move for the front. Dick Fahlbusch just was not fast enough as he brought up the rear. The action was heating up for third place as Dotson closed in on Short. Dotson • misjudged his move, causing him to roll and· drop out of the competition. Just past halfway Bicker had moved into striking range of the leaders and was closing on Short fast. Short suddenly lost his fan belt forcing him to the pits. The battle for the lead had not let up, as Neri was on Pounds bumper for several laps. This time it was Neri leading as the two drivers came out of the single lanes. Pounds found himself in a real spot. He was losing ground to the leader and being pressured hard by Bicker. With time running out Bicker powered past Pounds, dosing on Neri. It looked like a battle to the wire. Bicker gained on Neri then had bad luck, breaking a stub axle, end of race with a few laps left. The victory went to Marti Neri, with Marty Pounds second and Mike Notary third. Dotson jumped into the lead as the rest followed in heat 2. By the second lap Dotson was in trouble, Bicker, Neri and Pounds were closing fast. Bicker maneuvered past Dotson to take the lead and wasted no time putting ground behind him. Notary had now moved to fifth and was having clutch trouble. Dotson was fending off the attack of Pounds when Neri moved up and passed Pounds. The pace was too much for the Pounds car's transmission, as it let go sending him to the pits. Dusty nmcs The race was headed into the last laps when Neri lost a fan belt to end his shot at the win. So it was Mark Bicker taking the victory, Tip Dotson was second, Mike Notary, third. With some drivers now out for the day, Neri took advantage of the smaller field controlling the Feature lead. Dotson and Fahl-busch trailed in second and third. Fahlbusch was quickly passed by Notary and Bicker on their way to the top. Notary's clutch acted up again, and Bicker got past. Neri had put some distance on the field and never looked back. Dotson when a c.v. joint broke. By now soon found himself holding on the pack was spread out, with no barely as Bicker closed in fast, in change before the checkers. the only position battle now. Neri Marty Neri took the flag to flag was too far out front to catch and win, with Tip Dotson second and Notary's clutch kept him from Mike Notary third, to end being a threat. Bicker never let up, another fine day of off road racing but was soon out of the running action in Florida. ~ P.JA)A ©ifillIE® ~ 1-SI-M-PS_O_N! 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MTEG STADIUM OFF ROAD RACING Johnson was pushed into victory at rain soaked Anaheim opener. By Homer Eubanks Photos: Track.side Photo Inc. ick Johnson started the new season by winning the main event for trucks in the Nelson Nelson Chevrolet, having trouble in the first heat, and taking second in the next one, and held the main event lead to the flag despite serious challenges from the Toyota team. "Slippery when we t" would best describe the Mickey Thompson Stadium Off Road Racing '93 season opener held at Anaheim Stadium. As the song says "It never rains in California" but there is a first for everything. Another first was Rick Johnson who utilized his "mudocross" experience to keep the Nelson & Nelson Chevrolet out front to win the Sport Truck main event. The Sport Utility main was a mud bog but Christopher Neil kept his Pathfinder under control for the win. The Super 1600 main event was a real fiasco. All the cars were covered with mud making scoring the event nearly impos-sible. In fact, the scorers are still reviewing tapes to announce official point standings. The only person able to keep his number plate dry was Kevin Smith and he overcame the horrible track conditions to take the win. The slippery SuperLite main event took on the c h aracter of a demolition-derby. However, Greg George was able to bring his Nature's Recipe Special around for a win. The Skat Trak ATV main was another scorers nightmare. But Donavon Holland was able to stay out of the muck and lead all the way to the checkered. A fresh rain cloud had just dropped its load on the UltraCross main event, and a fresh face for the winners circle emerged. Robert Drew rode his Kawasaki to his first stadium win by leading the event wire to wire. The rain came into Anaheim early so no one expected much of a crowd. But when stadium fans get a chance to watch their favorite event they won't be put off by torrential down pours, thunder or lightning. In fact 57,036 die hard fans shielded · themselves from the rain as they sat through all the excitement of every event. Chris Neil won the muddy, rain washed Sport Utility main event, leading from the pole in his Nissan Pathfinder and the nine car class lost half the field in the miserable track conditions. -y-Kevin Smith gave notice in the first Super 1600 heat that his Mirage was strong as he placed second. In the deep mud of the main event Smith led from the flag and was one of a few 1600s whose number could be seen. A new season brings out many. organization, Brian Turner has changes. First off, the folks at been named Vice President of MTEG' have changed the series Marketing and Communications name. The series will now be replacing Tom Osiecki. Turner called the Mickey Thompson has been working as a consultant Stadium Off Road Racing series. and now will be in charge of Another improvement for '93 changes he recommended con-came in the form of a detailed cerning the overall direction of rules and regulations book. the company's marketing and Competitors should find answers public relations programs. to most of their questions within Five of the six 1992 series this updated book. Within the champions are back this year to defend their title. Rod Millen has his Toyota wearing the number one plate in the Sport Truck class. Tommy Croft has his Jeep prepared to defend the Sport Utility title, and Jerry Whelchel returns in the Super 1600 group. Mark Ehrhardt has prepared for another year long battle in the Skat Trak ATV challenge. The only non-returning champion not defending his title is Mike Craig. Craig has left the series to challenge the Supercross title. After taking third in his Superlite heat race, Greg George proved he was back on form; as half the entry got stuck in the mud, he picked the right lines in the main event and took a convincing victory. It was Rick Mears Appreciation time at intermission as the four time Indy winner remarked that his roots were in off road racing, and here gets a special tribute from another racing great, Parnelli Jones, on the left. Danny Thompson returns this year switching from his Chevrolet to become a Ford Rough Rider. Thompson will team with Rob MacCachren in a pair ofBFGood-rich equipped Ford Rangers. Nye Frank also joins the Ford camp as Stadium Program Manager. Nye Frank, over the past 30 years, has been the guiding force behind many driver's titles and world records. Most recently Nye Frank developed a sleek stadium chassis which featured the first three-speed automatic transmission for 1992 Super 1600 champion Jerry Whelchel. 11 Rob MacCachren looked strong in his Venable Ford, winning the first truck heat, taking the lead in the waning laps, got fourth in the second heat but got stuck in the mud in the main event action, then finished seventh. PagcM Wearing a new paint scheme Roger Mears got a good start, taking second in the first truck heat, then lost a wheel in the next one and that was that. April 1993 In 1992 the Nature's Recipe Super Lite team dominated the class. To h elp keep their dominance alive they have added Shannon Millen, Rod Millen's wife, to their effort. This year Team Mirage, anchored by C.J. and Clint Mears, hopes to bring the Nature's Recipe dominance to an end with their new Mirage chassis. A special tribute was given to Dusty Times

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Mercedes Gonzales took the lead in the first Superlite heat, held it to late in the race when she spun, but she recovered to finish second and was third in the main event. Scott Klaers survived the heavy traffic in his Briggsbuilt, taking fourth in the first Superlite heai, but he failed to finish in the mud bath main. Shannon Millen made a great debut in the Superlite action, driving the Briggsbuilt to fifth in heat 2, and she placed fourth in the main event mud. :,:. ; )@( :-4: .. f,i :-;,,: 1992 points champion Tommy Croft plowed through the mud in his Jeep to win the Sport Utility single heat, he faded into the mud, stuck on course in the main event; maybe they should make this a 4 wheel drive class. Rick Mears at the Anaheim event. Mears may best be known as one of only three four time winners at Indianapolis, or having 29· Indy car wins, with 40 pole position wins, three championships and career earnings of more than 11 million. But Rick's racing roots are deeply embedded in off road racing. In fact he won the first stadium event held by the late Mickey Thompson. Mears said of all the hoopla, "Off road racing helped get me started, and it feels very special to be remembered like this by the Mickey Thompson Group." The Mears Gang was well represented at the Anaheim event as Roger and Roger Mears Jr. brought their Nissans to the Grand National Truck class. As stated, Roger's younger son C.J. and Rick's son Clint brought new Mirages to the SuperLite division. The Mears Gang were not the only family members competing as Walker Evans' son Evan signed up to drive a Jeep Comanche entered by Ken Hodgdon. Evan Evans had been active in desert racing but Anaheim was his first stadium race. In fact, the Grand National field is becoming a real family feud as Brian Stewart, son oflvan, is back again in his Dodge. Track workers tried in vain to keep the track dry by covering it during the day. This eliminated qualifyingso grid positions for heat one were assigned in order of last years overall position. But as a note, unofficial timers said that Rick Johnson had the fastest lap times during the early morning practice. . Racing got underway with the Grand National Sport Trucks. Danny Thompson, due to the inverted starting order, sat on the pole in his new Ford Ranger. Alongside him Brian Stewart in his Dodge. Behind them were eight other anxious Sport Truck drivers. brief lead. At the second turn Johnson made contact with the barrier and ended up last. Brian Stewart held onto the lead with Walker Evans and Rob Mac-Cachren battling for second. While those two fought Rod Millen pulled up in the action. But then Walker Evans got upside down causing a restart. Danny Thompson had the lead on the restart with Rob MacCach-ren on his tail. Both drivers held their position and Roger Mears headed Rick Johnson. With two podium. Second place went to laps remaining MacCachren was teammate Tim Lewis. Third was able to slip inside his teammate, as Jim Smith and in fourth Christ-Thompson maneuvered to lap opher Neil was ahead of T .J. Evan Evans. Shortly after Clark. Johnson made a move inside of Donny Banks jumped first off Roger Mears for third but caught the line and went on to win in the a barrier and rolled the Chevy to first 4-wheel A TV heat. Charlie cause another restart. Shepherd tried to steal the lead on During the restart excitement a last ditch effort but had to settle Mears moved inside Thompson for second. Third went to for second place and Roger Jr. defending champ Mark Ehrhardt. took his dad's lead and put Honda made a clean sweep of Thompson back in fourth place. the top three spots in the second 4-wheel ATV heat. Chris Berger held off a last minute charge by Doug Eichner. Donavon Holland was third. In the first SuperLite heat 13 cars came out to battle. Mercedes Gonzales grabbed the early lead. On the second lap Greg George and Tim Baker tangled while battling for second, and George ended up in fifth after the argument. Gonzales was driving a com-fortable ~ Ford became the official first · ---------------------------. event winner as Rob MacCachren brought his Ranger across first. The Mears Gang trailed in second and third and Danny Thompson was fourth. Brian Stewart crossed over fifth. In the first Sport Utility heat Team Jeep came out as a dominant factor. On the start Tommy Croft pulled out an easy two car lead by the intersection after the two lane option. Going into the third lap Croft had demonstrated his champi6nship style and pulled way ahead of the traffic. Teammate Tim Lewis was able to grab the second spot. Current champion Tommy Croft grabbed the lead at the start and never saw any traffic until they passed him standing on the • IS e . ' n . ' _In ... CENTER LINE --RAC/NB WHEELS THE STRONGEST OFF-ROAD WHEEL MONEY CAN BUY! 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IPF Lights Yokohama Tires GW, 1558 No. case St., Orange, CA 92667. or cal Sean Finley kept his Triple E Superlite clean on his way to winning the first JoMor Products Petro-Tech 2000 (714)637.2889. FAX(714)637-7352 -he_a_t_, b_u_t_h_e_d_ro_p_p_e_d_t_o_se_c_o_n_d_in-th_e_m_a_i_n_e_ve_n_t_in-th_e_h_e_av_y_m_ud-an_d_tr-af-f1-·c _I_L __ __________________________ ,. confusion in the rain. f_ ... Dusty nmcs · April 1993 Page 15

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Jimmy Nichols fought with Kevin Smith to gain position, but his Chenowth ended up third in his heat race and also third in the muddy main event. Ed Herbst had one of his better nights in a stadium, flying his Chenowth to fourth in his heat and fourth in the main, followed by his brother Troy. As the spectators huddled under umbrellas, Brian Stewart flew his Dodge to fifth in truck heat 1, third in heat 2, but he dropped to sixth in the main. Jimmy Smith, #7 Ford Explorer, had a good night, second in the Sport Utility Main and third in the heat race, coming off a second overall at the Parker desert race the prior weekend. 4>' ........ U,,;* ~--..;iii:l,i,,.....,.;:.,o/. "~~ :"' Larry Noel didn't have his usual good racing day at Anaheim, but he did finish fourth in the Jeep in the muddy Sport Utility main event action. Nature's Recipe team manager Rennie Awana got his Briggsbuilt into second in Superlite heat 2 and he finished a strong sixth in the muddy main event. ~ race then spun giving the lead to Sean Finley with three laps to go. Finley held on to win in his first time out in the Lavelle Racing Triple EEE. Gonzales managed to hold onto second and her teammate Greg George moved into third on the last lap. Fourth went to Scott Kalers and Chris Urquidez crossed over fifth. Lavelle Racing quickly learned to love Anaheim. Frank Chavez, teammate to heat one winner Sean Finley, brought his Lavelle Racing Trip le EEE across for the second SuperLite heat race win. again as four cars piled up in turn Chavez had not driven for a year one. Whelchel appeared to repeat and a half before coming to his advantage on the restart but Anaheim. Gary Gall and he tangled in midair Rennie Awana drove his with Whelchel landing on top. Briggsbuilt across for second The two cars blocked the first ahead of Don Archibald. Fourth option of the two lane track so place finisher was Joe Price and another restart was called. Shannon Millen was fifth. Whelchel sat alone on the front Defending Super 1600 champ row for the restart as Gall was sent Jerry Whelchel sat on the pole of to the back of the pack. Whelchel the first Super 1600 heat race and quickly grabbed the lead but spun when the green flag came out he at the intersection allowing Jimmy quickly pulled out front. But Nichols to pull up and challenge Whelchel would have to restart for the lead. But Whelchel was Wes Banks corners hard, puffing a little smoke from his Chenowth, and he finished a close second in the 1600 heat 2, and was eighth in the main. Underneath that mud is the usually tidy Porsche of Brian Collins, on its way to third in the Sport Utility main, the only sedan left in this class entry. Using hand controls Joe Price still got through the _mud in his Triple E to fourth in his Superlite heat and Price ran a good fifth in the feature. able to hold on then distance himself from Nichols. Once out front and clear of the traffic it was all over as Whelchel moved his Ultra Wheel Nye Frank Special across the finish line. Second place had Nichols fending off Kevin Smith through~ out the event. Just before the white flag came out Smith took the outside option and stole the second spot from Nichols. Nichots fell back several car lengths. On the last lap Smith bicycled his Mirage and Nichols was able to pull up and add some excitement for second. But when it was over Smith was second and Nichols had to settle for third. Fourth was Ed Herbst ahead of Gary Gall. Frank Chevez returned to MTEG racing in style driving his Triple E to the second Superlite heat win, but like half the field he got stuck in the mud in the main event. AWARD WINNING QUALI1Y PRODUCTS (602) 778-2433 ASI# 359251 625 N. 3rd. Street #2 • Prescott, Arizona 86301 Page 16 The second Super 1600 heat was plagued with mishap and mechanical woes. Bob Gordon got the jump on Marty Hart at the green. The front two and Wes Banks were the ony ones not affected by a multi~car pile up in turn one. All involved were able April 1993 Red flags flew twice in the first 1600 heat, but Jerry Whelchel survived a tangle on the second start, had to fight for it, but he won the battle and the heat and was second in the main event. Dusty nmcs

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Don Archibald drove his H & R to third in the second Superlite heat race and he kept it moving in the muck to finish eighth in the main event. Eric Arras flew his Chenowth into fifth in the second Super 1600 heat race and Arras survived the awful track conditions to take sixth in the main. Ryk Reynolds drives a Funco among all the Chenowth in Super 1600 action, and he drove the car to third in the second heat but DNF'd the main event. Tim Herbst does a dandy wheelie off a jump in his Chenowth, before the deluge, and Tim drove to fourth in the Super 1600 second heat. Walker Evans had a tough night of racing in his Dodge Dakota, and his best finish of the evening was third in the truck main event. This shot of Roger Mears Jr. shows the awful conditions for the main event but earlier he was third behind his father in the truck first heat race. to untangle themselves so no restart occurred. But this allowed the front three to pull so far away they were lapping traffic by the third lap. stadium event. Wes Banks got apparent that last year's -feud had found a quicker line around the Brian Stewart a full straight away going again and took second been rekindled. Millen went to outside in lap three and came out behind. Evan Evans held Millen ahead of Rick Reynolds. Fourth the outside of the option and he leading. up and Johnson was able to pull was Tim Herbst and fifth was Eric and Johnson came out side by Millen pulled out a two truck alongside in the rough but time Arras. side, but Johnson held on. Millen lead over Johnson with third place ran out Q-" · Marty Hart found his way around Gordon but before he could get comfortable had to pull off the track. Gordon no more settled into the lead and he too pulled off. Wes Banks became the leader. Banks didn't suffer from mechanical woes but overshot the rough section and tagged the barriers. This allowed Bill Goshen to drive around for the lead. Thunder and Lightning filled . -------------------------------------• the air as the second heat of Grand Goshen was able to keep running and win his first ever National Sport Trucks took the field. Rick Johnson took his pole position to the lead and a four truck pile up in turn one held up the traffic. Current champ Rod · Millen managed to slip his Toyota past the quandary and settled into the second spot. Walker Evans put his Dodge in third ahead of Roger Mears. On the followinf:( lap it was Bill Goshen flies high on his way to his first ever stadium victory, as he led the last few laps, and he came back later to place ninth in the main, a very happy man on the podium. The final heat race for trucks went to 1992 champion Rod Millen in his Toyota after a close and fierce fight with Rick Johnson, and a little fender bending as well. DustyTimcs I · S. 0. D. R. u"~ @~a~~~ @~ 11D-O~ W~e-\~ JEFF ST~ PETER SECOND CONSECUTI UE W@~~~o~ [l□ [Ml □,r~ [p) [;3(W®®W CG~e-\[M][r)□@~ PRULR ST. PETER SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL OUR SPONSORS YOKOHAMA FULLERTON, CA KOHLER GENERATORS SHEBOYGAN, WI TYTON CABLE Tl ES MILWAUKEE, WI JOLLY 6000 SODA RANDOM LAKE, WI F .T.C. RAC I NG PRODUCTS FRAZER, Ml· EARL'S SERUI-SHOP #3 INDIANAPOLIS, IN WESTER ELECTRIC BELGIUM, WI MENOEOLA RACING SANTEE,CA WELD SPECIALTY SUPPLY CO. MILWAUKEE, WI PARADEIS OIL CO. PORT WASHINGTON, WI PATRICK MARKETING INC. MEQUON,WI THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE.OUR SUCCESS POSSIBLE AND ESPECIALLY TO JOEL POULL, OUR CREW CHIEF Page 17

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~ and Millen took the win. Brian Stewart kept his Dodge up front for third and fourth was Rob MacCachren. Ivan Stewart managed fifth. and maneuvered his Natu;e's Recipe vehicle into the winners spot. Second place was heat winner Sean Finley, and the girls were next, Mercedes, third, and Shannon, fourth. Stewart trailed. On the following lap Johnson again led with Stewart this time in second. Shortly after, Johnson got sideways and Stewart managed to grab the lead. Johnson however regained control and quickly got back around. Johnson suddenly had a couple of truck lengths breathing room and the action slowed down for a lap. Just before the white flag came out lapped traffic slowed Johnson up and Ivan Stewart came back into the action with both fists flying. The heated battle continued all the way to the finish line. Johnson had the lead and Stewart made his last ditch effort on the last corner. He got his Toyota nudged into the side of Johnson's Chevy and pushed Johnson over the finish line. Stewart ended up on the barriers and since Johnson had been busy with Stewart he didn't see the checkered so he kept going for another half lap before being stopped. So it is now official, Johnson won the season opener for Chevrolet and gave notice that his Rookie of the Year award for 1992 was no fluke. Ivan Stewart was looked down upon by the Rough Driving Committee and sent back three positions for the roughness with Johnson and an encounter earlier with Danny Thompson. This moved Rod Millen into second and third went to Walker Evans. · Craig Canoy rode his Yamaha to victory in a torrential down pour officially called UltraCross Heat Race one. Canoy jumped. out early and led the entire race. Second place went to Jim Holley. Third place and probably the hardest rider of the event was Larry Brooks. Brooks was doubling jumps and making passes when everyone else appeared to be stuck in a single line. When the second UltraCross heat came out Shaun Kalos followed Ryan Carlisle around until just two laps remained. That's when Kalos made a last ditch effort to steal the win. Carlisle held onto second and third was Jani Sitar. The Super 1600 main event was the worst of all at trying to score. Before one lap had been completed all the vehicles were caked in mud making them almost impossible to identify. However Kevin Smith was easy to distinguish as his number eight was the only number identifiable. This possibly due to the fact he was leading throughout the race. And that his rear number plate is positioned over the engine. Officially he was followed home by Jerry Whelchel, Jimmy Nichols, Ed Herbst and Troy Herbst. Shannon Millen Enters The Stadium Racing Scene A steady rain had turned the track to slime before the Sport Utility vehicle main event. The track had gotten so bad that heat winner Tommy Croft got his Jeep off to one side and sank in mud, unable to finish. Christopher Neil used the pole position to become the early leader. The Jeeps driven by Croft and Larry Noel tried the outside option and found no traction, having to settle for third and fourth. On the fourth lap the order changed drastically as Larry Noel moved past Croft. During the confusion both Jim Smith and Brian Collins found their way around as well. At the checkered only five of the nine starters were moving. Christopher Neil took the win with Jim Smith, Ford, second. Brian Collins crossed over in his Porsche ahead of Larry Noel. The 4-Wheel A TV main was another romp through the mud. The rider that came out looking almost Tide clean, compared to the others, was Donavon Holland who had led from the drop of the gate. Holland was followed by Donny Banks and Doug Eichner was third. The Superlite main event got confusing early. There were cars running over cars and getting stuck in nearly every corner. But Greg George found some traction In the UltraCross main event the mud bath continued but the track seemed to have cleared some after the Super 1600s. Robert Drew mounted his Kawasaki and led wir-e-to-wire for his first main event victory. Larry Brooks had to work his way through the pack but managed to get second. Third went to Scott Myers. The Grand National Sport Truck main event turned out to be a real hair raiser. The lead changed hands several times and was always being threatened. The kind of action that deserves sitting in the rain and waiting on. Roger Mears Jr. and Rick Johnson sat on the front row. The second row had Roger Mears and Brian Stewart. Rod Millen, Rob MacCachren, Danny Thompson, Walker Evans, Ivan Stewart and Evan Evans lined up behind. On the start Roger Mears Jr. ran away from Johnson who couldn't find any traction. Once Mears Jr. committed to turn one he too lost traction and spun the Nissan. This barricaded the turn and by now Johnson had his Chevrolet hooked up, and avoided the traffic jam by taking the outside option. It paid off, and Johnson took the early lead. Ivan Stewart who had started on the fifth row managed to slip into second. Rod Millen nabbed third. On the following lap it was Millen who had moved into the lead and Johnson and Ivan PIKE'S SER-VICE CENTER BAKE.R, CALIFORNIA CELEBRATING . ' 50 YEARS OF SERVICE , TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS .... Mob.·•r·· : .. · I . ~ - •" -...... - . -THANKS! ~y-.J SERVICE RESTAUijANT OPEN 24 HOURS EVERYDAY-YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT Page n By Mearl HoU,rook Just when you thought there were enough members of the Millen family in racing, Steve in IMSA, Rod in Stadium off road as well as rallies, and his son Rhys in rallies, Shannon Millen returned to competition at the MTEG Anaheim Stadium Race in January. Shannon Smith raced motorcycles and ATVs, winning a few; in fact ran with MTEG on an A TV in 1988. After Shannon and Rod Millen were married she_,, began to run rallies, and was the first woman to win a Pro Rally class at the Rim of the World event in 1991. She also has run second twice in her class at the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb. Shannon put her racing career on hold for most of 1992, as she was expecting a baby Millen. Conner William Millen was born June 1, 1992, but with a rare and severe heart disorder known as Ebsteins Anomaly, with the only ' cure being a heart transplant. After an announcement was made to the racing fraternity a donor was located and Conner William underwent a heart transplant on August 7. The baby finally came home from the hospital in November, and at last report was doing very well. Shannon plans to get him a 50cc Pee Wee motor-cycle for his first birthday. Meanwhile Shannon planned to return to competition, and joined the Nature's Recipe Team of Super Lites for the 1993 MTEG Stadium Series. In fact Jeff Bennett, owner, and Rennie Awana, driver/manager of the Nature's Recipe Pet Food team, \ Photo: Don Holhrook built up a new Briggsbuilt to make a five car team. Shannon joins Awana, Jimmy Johnson, Greg George and Mercedes Gonzales making a five car team of hard to beat competitors. In fact she finished fifth in her heat race and fourth in the main event, just behind Mercedes, putting the two girls not far behind winner Greg George at Anaheim last January. US Riders McGrath & Huffman Dominate Anaheim Supercross By Homl.'T Euhanks A multi-nation international Supercross event was held January 23 in Anaheim Stadium. Round three of this year's Supercross series had riders from the U.S., France, Mexico, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and England battling for position before nearly 56,000 exuberant fans. However the U.S. riders proved dominant for the evening as Jeremy McGrath took top honors in the 250 main and sixteen year old Damon Huffman conquered the 125 conflict. Both main event winners were ·_ first time Supercross winners. And both the young riders feelings were summed up best by McGrath's statement, "This is a ' dream come true. I'm going to do · my best to make this happen many more times." Americans dominated the · event by winning all the features · leading up to the main. McGrath had to settle for second place in his 250 heat with Mike Kiedrow-. ski winning. Kiedrowski not only won the first heat but rode his • Kawasaki to fastest heat race winner honors for the evening. April 1993 Guy Cooper pulled his Suzuki out front in the second 250 heat race and a~,peared h, .1ded for il run away victory. But charging through the pack was Suzuki rider Brian Swink. Swink caught up on the last turn and made a last ditch effort at the finish line but Cooper held on with only inches to spare. Cooper up-staged the main event winners and only finished in seventh place. After McGrath took the lead from Jeff Stanton on the second lap the two front runners were merely playing follow the leader. Back in the pack Cooper dazzled the fans with his ballistic riding style. Cooper spent more time in the air than our latest Space Shuttle astro-nauts. His entire lap, (lap after lap) was nothing more than a series of high flying antics. With fan appreciation like this it's no wonder he was also honored as the 1992 Mickey Thompson Excellence Award recipient. Jeff Emig won the first 250 Semi handily after placing fifth in the first heat. Damon Bradshaw previously has had good luck at Anaheim events. He won in 1990 and in '92 but this year's tight Anaheim track kept Bradshaw in eighth place in the second heat race, although he was able to come back and win the second 250 Semi event. But when the checkered came out for the main event Bradshaw crossed over in fifth. Chris Young brought his Suzuki across first in the Last Chance 250 qualifier after finishing 17th in the first heat race. Then he finished 18th in the main. Damon Huffman came into the 125 main event relaxed after transferring directly into the main by placing second to Phil Lawrence in his heat. Lawrence later finishe-1 s<.·cond to Huffman in the 125 main. Lance Smail brought his Honda across first in Heat one of the 125 action but had to battle Grayson Goodman throughout most of the race. Smail finished 10th in the main. Tommy Clowers had placed second in heat two and had to come back to the Last Chance event before winning. Clowers placed fourth in the 125 main. Dusty Times

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-Hell for Drivers ... . _ ....... ·::-.:-:-:":.:·_---.... _.___________ Heaven for Fans ~.-1.1)l:;&",,.. ,,:<{~ ••.· . -, , .. , .. . ··.:·. \J00l10 [m U@ 'Ii ':';LWCE¼'fi''' . ".AA. The Country's Finest Road Racing Circuit is Getting Down and Dirty ■ When the world's premier road racing facility decided to build a Championship Off-Road Course, we did it right. So right in fact, SODA has scheduled its 1993 season opener on our 1.1 mile torture chamber. ■ 22 classes of truck and buggy competition with more than 200 entries expected. Don't miss the action of America's fastest-growing motorsports form. ■ At Road America, you'll enjoy a panoramic view of the action, plus the best food in all of sport including char-broiled brats and fresh corn-on-the-cob. Better yet, there's no vehicle charge for admission. Adult Admission -S10.00 ~(Q)fA\[g) ~[g~O@/A\ ® Elkhart Lake, WI Road America is located midway between Milwaukee and Green Bay on Wisconsin Hwy. 67 and County J-one hour from Milwaukee, 2½ hours from Chicago and 4½ hours from Minneapolis. ~ Sheboygan Fond=.,1 mAIMdca Milwaukee ILLINOIS Chicago

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Bruno Saby Wins Paris-Dakar for Mitsubishi performance of their cars and can then lose an hour and a half the moment the navigation becomes difficult." The 1993 rally was much shorter than before. Pressure from FISA to avoid a Christmas start and to leave a space between · the finish and the start of the Monte Carlo Rally caused disquiet about a return to Cape Town. Troubles in Angola settled that issue. The aerial embargo over Libya, which is due to the affair of the terrorists who allegedly carried out the Lockerbie bombing, prevented a return there, while the persecution of the Touaregs made Niger and Mali unsafe places. All these things virtually defined the route for Sabine! Morocco, South Algeria, Mauritania and Senegal were almost all that were available. The Bruno Saby and Dominique Serieys were in control in Africa, their super trick Mitsubishi Pajero leading all the way in total route this year was 8877 km the desert, having some troubles in the late stages, but taking the win by over an hour. compared with 15,000 km last . Mitsubishi Pajeros dominated Encouraged by the ·success last · en's usual co-driver Bruno year. Paris-Dakar and won their second year in Portugal and Egypt of · Berglund asked to be excused and · · The number of competitors, successive Sahara classic with Jean-Louis Schlesser's buggy, ChristianDelferrierreplacedhim. whose sponsors have been Bruno Saby and Dominique there was greater hope for the There were few mechanical descouraged by the recession and Serieys, leading all the way in four car Bourgoin team plus the novelties this year, although for cigarette advertising restrictions, Africa, winning not only overall various smaller teams using long designers the greatest challenge was greatly reduced. Only about but the T3 group as well. The wheelbase space frame specials. was the longest ever special, 801 25% of the number entered in shortestDakaronrecordwasalso FormerWorldGroupNRally km on January 9, and the 1988 took the start. One big one of the least dramatic, most of Champion Alain Oreille was at consequent need this year to carry disappointment for the organizers the event being settled during the wheel of a Bourgoin team up to 450 liters of fuel on board. was the non-appearance of the dramas on the second special Duc-Z buggy which, along with The Citroens were fitted with Toyota and Nissan teams, stage. There was tension halfway that of team chief Gerald oversize engines, 2040cc instead previouslyfaithfulentrantsinthe when the organizer sought to Bourgoin, has a 2.5 liter diesel of the previous 1.8 liters, T2 and Tl categories, who exclude the top running Citroen engine, while former-Fl driver intended to improve torque and announced they would not for.alleged fuel offenses, but this Philippe Alliot and Jerome bottomendperformance.Bearing compete as Paris-Dakar did not matter was eventually dropped. Riviere have Porsche motors.Jean in mind the extra weight of the count towards the new FISA The car involved was that of Paris- Schlesser's machine had a Renault fuel, Mitsubishi devised a system World Cup for Cross Country Moscow-Peking winner Pierre V6 engine: "The advantage of two of adjusting the shock absorbers rallies. Notall cigarette advertising Lartigue, who went on to seqmd wheel drive is its simplicity." Last whilst on the move. Michelin had was banned. Sch lesser was overall. year's winner Hubert Auriol used the greatest chance of success as sponsored by Gitanes and the This was a down turn Paris- buggies for his transition from they supply both Citroen and Mitsubishi of Jean-Pierre Font-Dakar. A shorter route with fewer motorcycles to cars before Mitsubishi. Schlesser enay by Rothmans, but both competitors than ever and only movingontothebigteams.There BFGoodrich while the Bourgoin teams had to cover up their two top teams contesting the were many driver changes from team have both Michelin (just for stickers until they left French soil. event, Citroen and Mitsubishi. In previous years. Auriol, the only the Prologue) and Goodrich. This cigarette subterfuge was not only one aspect was there greater person to have won the event on While Citroen use 16 inch wheels new to them. On Paris-Beijing, activity than before, with buggies. both two and four wheels, had exclusively, Mitsubishi have the Bruno Saby's car showed Roth-W as the economic climate changed from Mitsubishi to chance to use 18 inch. Michelin mans Racing while in France, just creating a new direction? One of Citroen and was partnered by had reacted to the sand conditions Racing in Germany and only the early legends of Paris-Dakar, Gilles Picard on his four wheel with tires for use on 18 inch as Rothmans in Russia! There are Bernard Marreausaid "Nowadays debut. Another ex-motorcyclist well as 16 inch diameter wheels, many different sponsors for 4x4 cars are common place and Edi Orioli was making his second and has a new sand tire called S 1. Mitsubishi here: Mitsubishi Oils the official teams are uncatchable. appearance in a car, but his first Last year the event allowed the for Saby, Citizen for Kenjiro Two wheel drive offers an Paris-Dakar ·on four wheels. use of GPS (Global Positioning Shinozuka and Nikon for Erwin attractive challenge." This year no Bjorn Waldegard was replaced by System) S:Jtellite navigation for Weber. Citroen, denied the . Jewer than ten were entered. T~f!lQJ,alonen. while Ari_ \[;tt~n~ the first time and this transformed chance of their traditional Camel Complete computerized Engine Oyno testing facility. TOYOTA RACE ENGINES The finest & fastest Toyota race engines available for class 1, 7-S. 74x4, 15 and SCCA Pro Rally. Complete computerdyno tested Engines are available, as well as in kit form. Send today for our new 38 page catalog which includes Complete Engines with . Dyno Charts, Ported Heads, Corrosion Proof Headers, Cams. Stainless Steel Valves, Blowers, Mikuni Garb. Kits, Clutch Kits, Ignition Systems, Flywheels and more. Call today or send $5.00 for complete catalog. Shipping world wide. Contingency program offered. Pagc -30 Call:(714)596-5494 """""'="""'== Send to: ~-~ LC. Engineering ~TOYOTA 2978 First Street, Unit G -La Verne, c/S. 91750 Some products not legal on pollution controlled vehicles.· · the event. Becauseofthelowcost sponsorship, appeared with of the equipment, it was decided bright red cars. this year to make this mandatory. The Prologue was a 3.5 km run The previous difficulty of desert at Chailley, France on January 1. navigation had increasingly It was held on private land owned forced the event into more by Gerard Bourgoin near Troyes inhabited regions. "One dust on the way from the Paris start to storm and we had to cancel a the port town of Sete; the factory , section," explained promoter teams took the top nine places. Gilbert Sabine. The GPS has Only 154 crews had started the allowed us to revert to the original event, with 46 motorcycles, 65 concept of keeping to the vast cars and 43 trucks. It was minus Saharan sandy wastes. This also six degrees in Paris as the cars left promises to make the event safer the start and still cold on the icy as it only passes at high speed stage. The Citroens of Pierre through four villages." Some Lartigue and Ari Vatanen were sections will be defined just by equal first, one second in front of "Way Points" which must be the Mitsubishis of Bruno Saby, programmed into the GPS Erwin Weber and another devices, but others, notably the Citroen of Hubert Auriol. Two of record 800 km track from the Bourgoin protos (Jerome Tamanrasset to the rest halt town Riviere and Bourgoin himself) of Adrar, will be by traditional stopped with gearbox troubles. road book methods. A Dakar For once it wasn't muddy, and the .;talwart Philippe Monet whose main problem was the hardness of main occupation is as a round-the-the ground and the unsuitability world sailor, predicted this extra of the tires. The Citroens used facility gives much greater tires with very soft sidewalls opportunity to select your own which demanded caution. route, as he proved when co-In Morocco on January 5 it was driving with Auriol last year. "It a 295 km route from Outat will empahsize the work of the Oulad el Haj to Bo1:1arfa. This was professional co-drivers. You have the first time the Paris-Dakar had to _keep one eye on the GPS, been to Morocco, although the another on your map. Teams country was no stranger to many. spend a fortune on improving the Lartique, who has won the April 1993 Moroccan Atlas raid three times, was the first car off the line. The stage used narrow tracks which wound up to the top of a 2000 meter pass in the Atlas moun-· tains, which was blocked by snow until the day before and was still covered by black ice. Vatanen had an early puncture but still finished only three minutes behind the winner Saby. Every Citroen except Auriol's punctured and their fast service driver Alain Ambrosino had clutch trouble. Mitsubishi used RMl tires and had no problems. The long 791 km run in Algeria on January 6 took competitors from Beni Ounif to Hassi Fahl, referred to by some as the day of the massacre! This was the second longest stage of the event, the route described by GPS instruc-tions, in which there was tricky navigation, soft sand ( which forced competitors to lower the pressure in their tires) and sharp rocks which cut the sidewalls of the passing tires. Saby was the only driver to reach the end of the stage before nightfall, notwith-standing driving 500 km without a spare tire. By midnight only seven cars had arrived at the finish, by 0800 the next day only 27 vehicles had been accounted for! Lartigue punctured all four of his tires and had to wait for Ambrosino to help. Weber had three flats and also had to wait for replacements to arrive, while Jean-Pierre Fontenay's Mitsubishi was badly delayed with rear axle problems. Vatanen lost seven hours waiting for a spare wheel, and had to drive 30 km with two flat tires to get back to the route because he had taken a long detour. Two of the four car Bourgoin buggy team were out: Alain Oreille when his car jumped and the crew were hurt when it landed, and Alliot when the differential broke. Francesco Perlini 's truck finished sixth overall here. "We had to stop many times to raise and lower the air pressure in the tires. If we were fitted with an automatic system like other trucks, we would have saved an hour" (and finished fourth). A ghastly day for Citroen who believed they had chosen the wrong tires in GR 10s with sidewalls which were too fragile. Using 16 inch wheels they had a total of 19 flats plus a broken gearbox! However Saby, in his Mitsubishi, on 18 inch wheels had no regrets. ''We knew the problems if we used RM ls in the dunes. GRlO was the lesser evil. One third of the entry gave up on the second day, but few retire-ments among the top crews. Former world rally Champion Timo Salonen was forced to give up. His co-driver Fred Gallagher had a back injury ( thought at the time to be serious, but happily not so) and Alain Oreille abandoned after his co-driver Jean Marc Andrie was hurt when they landed heavily crossing a sand dune. Similar problems afflicted Ari Vatanen and his co-driver; they continued in pain, but needed help from a teammate every time they punctured. Ivory Coast Rally winner Kenjiro Shinozuka was delayed by clutch trouble on two consecutive days. European rally champion Erwin Weber was stranded for five hours with flat tires. January 7 held 465 km from El Dusty nmcs

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. Golea to Hassi Bel Gebbour in Algeria but because of the chaos the day before, the competitive section was canceled. The crews were sent along the pre-rally route across to Bordj Omar Driss, with a view to the rally restarting properly the next day. 84 cars and trucks and 18 motorcycles were theoretically still in the event, but even by the next morning there were only 39 cars, 34 trucks, and 15 motorcycles able to restart. The 550 km route from Bordj Omar Driss to In Ecker, Algeria, on January 8 was the first familiar territory for Paris-Dakar regulars. In an area with many fast and parallel tracks Vatanen averaged 150 kph this day despite a puncture. Competitors were given the chance to find their own route between various satellite way points. Citroen lost one of the service trucks when the Peugeot P4 of Gerard Boin overturned. Once again, drivers took a variety of different tracks. It was 801 km from Abalessa to Akabli, Algeria on January 9, and the longest special stage in the history of the event saw the retirement of Timo Salonen. His Citroen landed heavily after a jump injuring the back of co-driver Fred Gallagher, who was flown by helicopter to T amanras-set then onwards to Paris. Auriol fell back a quarter hour with turbocharger problems. Vatanen was second despite a flat and stopping to help at the scene of the Gallagher incident. January 10 was rest day at Adrar, Algeria. The situation was that Mitsubishi had all their vehicles and trucks still running, but one Pajero was badly delayed. Amrane, Mauritania. Making up . he had to wait for Ambrosino to Citroen had lostSalonenandaP4 for lost time Fontenay, now up to arrive. The Ivory Coast driver had fast truck. Saby led by an hour 16th place and despite a flat made to dig the Finn out of the sand and a half over Lartigue. best time, but Shinozuka had oil three times as well! Servia's Shinozuka was another two hours on his clutch and lost nearly an privately run Lada was stuck back in third followed by Auriol, hour, dropping from fourth to several times and Riviere's Servia ina Lada, Weber, Vatanen, sixth, and a similar problem Bourgoin Buggy had transmission and Ambrosino in the fast service slowed Weber. Lartigue had three trouble. Bourgoin himself made truck. Leading the T2 class, 12th flats and had to borrow a spare eighth best time, best time by a overall, was the Japanese driver from Auriol while Vatanen had buggy all event, but the next day Hiroshi Masuoka, Mitsubishi three before even a third of the he was badly delayed. Pajero, while Guy Deladriere's stage was completed; Ambrosino It was 456 km from Atar to Nissan Terrano was one of only gave him a spare. Douela, Mauritania and this was two Tl cars still running, in 19th The overnight rest halt on the last proper stage of the event overall. The two Perlini trucks January 13, after a 522 km run and the Sahara's most dreaded were lying ninth and eleventh from Bir Amrane to Chinquetti, hazards, sandstorms, struck. overall and two of the Bourgoin Mauritania, was at a remote Across some of the highest dunes buggies were out. The best diesel outpost without a proper airstrip of the event Auriol won his was a truck, followed by Alfons so there was no proper service for second consecutive stage. Leader Czerny's Toyota, and Schlesser's the cars. Weber, however, with Saby had a worrying time; the buggy was the best two wheel his car repaired made fastest time. front differential broke and the drive. · This was a very beautiful stage, GPS failed, but he was helped by The second half started with a crossing a barren plateau with the other three Mitsubishi 626 km run from Tsabit to moonscape rocks. All three drivers, all four of them driving Chenachen, Algeria, and it started Citroens were bogged down after together in convoy, all of them with anxiety for Lartigue, taking a wrong turning. Vatanen losingahalfhourwhendisorient-originall y excluded from the and co-driver Christian Delferrier ed at one point. This was the first event for illegally taking fuel at the hurt their backs further after time in 11 days the competitors had seen the sea. Auriol struggled on, his hand swollen after his earlier accident, Weber was suffering from dune sickness. The final leg was 60 km from M'Boro to Lac Rose, Senegal on January 16. This was to be a quiet finish for the cars and trucks with no last minute disaster. Former World Sports car champion Jean-Louis Schlesser drove the event single handed and won the two wheel drive category. One of the most heroic efforts was of Italian Giacomo Vismara, another lone driver, who finished ninth in a Range Rover, despite his service truck retiring early on the event. Behind Saby's winning Mitsubi-shi, the Citroens of Lartigue, then Auriol were next, followed by Shinozuka, Servia's Lada, Am-brosino, Vatanen, Vismara's Range Rover, and Perlini. 54 cars/trucks finished the 1993 Paris-Dakar. wrong place, but eventually crashingintoaholeandcruisedto allowed to continue without the finish of the stage after penalty. T2 leader Masuoka had stopping for 15 minutes rest. changed the gearbox during the Both displaced bones in their rest day, but this seized on the backs. Auriol 's Citroen hit a local start line causing him to retire and vehicle on a narrow track. this was letting the Thai driver Pornsawan the last long stage of the event. Siriwattanakun inherit the T2 The 224 km from Atar to Atar, lead. Va tan en was fastest enjoying Mauritania on January 14 was one an average of 158 kph. Shinozuka, of the trickiest stages of the event, however, broke a new clutch and even though it was the shortest therefore turned down the turbo orthodox one. In violent winds boost to ease the strain on the most competitors had at least one transmission. Lartigue, irritated by flat, spending considerable times his argument, and by difficulty in first or second gear. After overtaking Saby in dust, then ' deliberating during the night halt, punctured twice. Vatanen restarted but drove at an 1993 Paris - Dakar Rally Raid Results On January 12 the 650 km easy pace. He could not change route was from Chenachen to Bir the wheels himself, so each time I. Bruno Saby/Oominique Serieys 2. Pierre Lartigue/Michel Perin 3 Hubert AurioVGilles Picard 4 Erwin Weber/Manfred Hiemer 5 -Kenjiro Shinozuka/l-lenri Magne 6 Salvador Servia/Jaime Puig 7 Alain Ambrosino/Alain Guehennec 8 Ari VanatentChristian Delferrier 9 Giacomo Vissmara (solo) 10 Franceso Perlini 14 Jean-Louis Schlesser (solo) 15 Pornsawan Siriwattanakun/ SuwanarTull 18 Guy Deladriere/Jean-Maris Lurquin Mitsubishi Pajero Citroen ZX CitroenZX Mitsubishi Pajero Mitsubishi Pajero Lada Samara CitroenZX CitroenZX Range Rover Pertini 105 Buggy Mitsubishi Pajero Nissan Terrano 154 total starters - 54 cars/trucks finished - •Denotes class winner T3 24:56:02· T3 26:05:47 T3 28:58:10 T3 31:10:40 T3 31:58:53 T3 33:21:26 T3 36:06:47 T3 38:39:00 T3 40:15:49 T4 41:28:ss· T3 52:49:00 T2 53:34:31· T1 59:14:19• Total distance -88n kilometers - Two stage wins each - Weber, Saby, Vatanen, Fontenay and Auriol. Leaders-Day I-Weber - Day 2 to end - Saby Central Oregon Desert Racing SNOW! SNOW! ENTRYFEES: $390.00 INCL INS &BLMFEES $230.00 PAYBACK SNOW! SNOW! BECAUSE OF FREEZING TEMPERATURES AND LOTS OF THE WlilTE STUFF, CENTRAL OREGON DESERT RACING HAS CANCELED THE MILLICAN 300 I (MARCH 6) AND THE BEAR BUTTE 200 (APRIL 3). THE "SNOW DATE" IS APRIL 24' 1993 AND IT WILL BE A 300 MILE EVENT RUN ON LAST YEARS BRAND NEW COURSE. THE "WHISKEY SPRINGS 400" WILL BE HELD ON OCTOBER 16 IN THE MILLICAN VALLEY. FOR MOTEL RESERVATIONS -CALL SUPER 8 503-388-6888 + $20.00 INTO POINT FUND SPORTSMAN ENTRIES: $150.00 INCL INS & BLM FEES DustyTima FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL 503-388-9886 Aprll 1993 Page 31

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VORRA All Pro Season Championships T ext & Photos: Matt Marcher Sam Berri had a perfect score, winning both Class 2 motos in his big desert car with no troubles, and Diane Cummings drove the car to second place in the Ladies race to cap off the day. The VORRA All Pro Season Championships closed out their 1992 season in style. The final event in the VORRA 1992 race schedule was, as usual, held at the Prairie City SVRA Park in Rancho Cordova, CA. The race, neld last November, was sponsor-ed by ALL PRO Auto Parts who hosted a Halloween party and bar-b-que the previous night which made for a fun evening and a great start to the race event. The race itself was set for one ten lap and one eight lap set of motos to be followed by the infamous ladies race and the Num-Nuts mechanics race promised to be a good one also. With 73 entries set to course that looked the best it ever has, with the track wider than usual, and a light rain over the previous week gave the course a soft firm surface which was as good as it gets at Prairie City. VORRA decided to run the medium length course for this event, which combined with the great track conditions made for one of the fastest short course races in recent years. With this being the last race of the season, you might guess that the points races were all sewn up. But that was not the case, in fact, the points were close enough that every single class leader had to finish well in order to win their class championship. , ""', ..... :il!~:;'.:·1~r~l~,,, In the first Class 2 moto there were nine cars starting, including T earn Verling in their only short course race of the season, and both Jeff and Wes Elrod along with all the other VORRA regulars. Sam Berri was on the pole and went from the green to the checkered flag with no troubles for the win. Current points leader Larry Deaton was second, followed by Wes Elrod and Dana Van Noort. Geoff Van Noort ended up fifth, the final driver to actually finish all ten laps. Class 10, which has been k nown a s VORRA 's most destructive class, made a good showing with only three of the ~-.. :-:N:->:<··· Dana Van Noort had a fourth and a second to take home third place ($162) in Class 2, then took off in Class 10 with a second and a win to win the that class for the day and $405.00. Geoff Van Noort put together a pair of fifth place finishes in his Class 2 racer to take home fourth place for the day, just barely out of the money. nine cars entered failing to complete all ten laps due to mechanical failure. Wes Banks pulled off the first moto win with Dana Van Noort running double duty both in Class 10 and 2 finishing second. Jeff Eachus took third followed by Steve Bradford, driving for Ace who was still recovering from injuries suffered at the Bend 300. Jeff O'Callaghan finished fifth. Tim Riordan came up with his usual finish in the first 1-2-1600 heat, a strong first place, with Sparks, Nevada's very own Larry Folsom finishing just behind in second. Hard challenger Dennis Dugan got the third spot followed by the team of Mort and Havlick aka Team Scream, with Sean Cook picking up the fifth place and Livermore, CA resident Sean Farrell taking sixth. Seventh was Bill Webb who was the first of the remaining drivers in the 11 car field unable to complete all ten laps. He was followed by the Willaman and Canonic team, followed in order by Shane Balch, Humbug Racing and Abreu Racing. Wes Banks had his stadium racer in Class 10, and he won the first heat, was second in the next and second for the day. Brian Campbell won a mechanics race at the end of the day in this car also. Drjving for the injured Ace, Steve Bradford scored a fourth and a third in fine style to take home third in Class 10 and the points championship. There were eight starters in Class 4, their largest short course turnout of the year. This race was probably the most anticipated of the d a y by spectators and promoters alike. Raymond Fisher, who has never been able to finish a Prairie City race in recent history, had to finish both motos to maintain his points lead, while Mike Povey and Don German were only 12 points apart. Don German livened up the race when he decided to increase his chance of winning by paying the Pro entries for his son, Chris, who runs in the Vet class, in order to get another rig in the class roster. Jeff O'Callaghan had a pair of fifth place finishes in Class 10, but it was good for fourth in class, again coming in just out of the money spots. Pagc31 Tyler Mort and Jon Havlick put together a fourth and a third in the two motos to finish second in Class 1-2-1600 for the day and had $297 in profit too. April 1993 Dennis Dugan finished third in the first moto, dropped to fourth in the next one but still finished third in Class 1-2-1600 good for the $198 in cash purse. DustyTimcs

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Larry Folsom came from Sparks, Nevada to run at Prairie City, got second in the first 1-2-1600 moto, then dropped to seventh and to fourth for the day. . Don German, who switched to a truck last year for Class 4 racing, '. ended up with a pair of seconds behind his son, not too good for Shad Balch had a good day in the refurbished Scout, taking a third and a fourth in Class 4 competition and was third in class, for the day's points. Unfortunately this idea turned sour when none other than Chris German took first in the moto, just ahead of dad Don; Oops! Shad Balch ended up with third place, while Raymond Fisher drove into fourth. Mike Povey, who announced that this was the last race for the 1 7 year old Bronco, came in fifth. Sixth went to Curt W engeler and seventh to Jim Cope, who only made eight laps due to a flat rear tire. Big John Herman put on a great show, leading the race until he rolled his Honcho right in front of the spectators on the second lap, almost crushing yours truly in the process; so what else is new for photographers. Class 9 had yet another poor showing with only three cars in the class, two being fielded by All Pro, those of Paul Taylor and Justin Steinkamp. The only other car was the ever persistent Ghia Monster 2, which for those who don't '·now is actually made up of the parts from the first Ghia Monster, R.l.P. The only car that was a surprise no show was that of class leader McLean and Milner, but that was to be expected with an 84 point lead and a rumor that they were prepping the car for Baja. Justin Steinkamp ended up winning the moto, GM2 was second perhaps with Forest Creasy up; Taylor only completed one lap. In Sportsman Veteran class ten were on the line, but, as usual, Glen McAdoo in the Creasy Racing car took the checkered flag, with Randy Miller not far behind in second. Chris German, pulling double duty was third in his Jeep, while Jeremy Gordon pulled in fourth, and Grass Valley, CA driver Everett Paul finished fifth. Not one of the remaining five drivers completed ten laps, but of those the top team was Robinson/Q'Callaghan in sixth, followed by Dan Schrader, the Haas Brothers and Brian Holloway and Vern Smith. Peter Marks ran a scorching first in the Novice class moto to beat out twelve other teams and win the race. Pete Cassidy ran hard into second place with Keith Ison taking the third spot. Michael Almeyer, driving the Verling's 103 car in his first race ever, took fourth, followed by Terry Shelton, Gary Steel, and current class leaders Tim and Doug Mack in seventh, all that covered the ten laps. The Odyssey class had the closest points battle with the top three spots separated by only three points each; Scott Stewart with 184, Ben Wald at 181 and Mike Vandeburgh at 178. At the end of the first moto Michael Daws got the win with Stewart in second and Dave McArthur third. Jerry Wald, who has been running DustyTima the points battle. ,_..:._ ____________________ _ Tim Riordan won both Class 1-2-1600 motos in his FEX powered Mirage and he also went home $495 richer for his racing success at Prairie City, and he was expected to win the class. Justin Steinkamp did a number on the low entry Class 9 field, winning both motos while getting the car dirty and he also won $120 in the budget priced entry class, good for gas money. a Mini Mag at the desert races, finished fourth, Vandeburgh came in fifth, followed by Lee Hopkins, then John Hampton in a strong ten car field. By the second set of motos the course, which had started soft, turned to hard pack and allowed for some fast racing. In Class 2 Sam Berri did a repeat of the first moto and won the heat, ending the day first in class and $405.00 richer. Berri finished the season second in class points and tied for fourth overall with 445 points. Dana Van Noort finished the heat in second ending up third for the day, good for $162. Larry Deaton was third in the moto to place second for the day earning $243.00, and he also held on to the class points lead, and won the coveted first overall position on points for 1992. Eric Ver ling was fourth in the moto, taking fifth on the day while Geoff Van Noort finishing fifth in the moto, was fourth for the day. In Class 10 the moto win went to Dana Van Noort which put him first in class at the meet, and he also ended the season fourth on points. Second in the moto went to Wes Banks, ending his . day second in class. Steve Bradford took third in the moto and third for the day which gave the father and son team the class points championship. Turek Zdenek finished fourth in the moto putting him in sixth for the day. Jeff O'Callaghan came in fifth, ending up fourth in class, while Jeff Eachus ended his day with fifth place, after suffering link pin failure and taking seventh in the moto. As usual and as expected Tim Riordan drove his FEX powered Mirage to a second moto victory, to take first in class for the day. Shane Balch suffered a poor ninth place run in the first moto, but came back strong to place second in the final moto, putting him sixth for the day. Mort and Havlick pulled in third in the race giving them second in class at Prairie City and they also finished third in the class points race for the season, and tied Berri for fourth overall. Dennis Dugan finished the moto in fourth, third in class for the day, finishing the season second in class points and third overall. Down a lap at the flag Larry Folsom was seventh in the moto, but fourth for the day, followed in totals for the day by Sean Cook and Shane Balch. Well, can you ever guess who won the.~ · April 1993 Chris German had quite a day, beating his father in both Class 4 motos and winning them both for the day's victory, and later he drove the Jeep to third in the Sportsman Vet class. Glen McAdon started out with a win in Sports Vet class, dropped to fourth in the second moto, but he still won the class for the day in the Creasy Racing machine. Petro Tech treats and bonds to metal, giving you semi-permanent protection that last oil change after oil change. PROTECTION From the time you tum your ignition key on to minutes after you shut your engine off, PetroTech's high-temperature, dry film, teflon moly lubricant is there protecting your engine. RACE AND DYNO PROVEN Extensive testing at Duttweiler Performance showed a 14 horsepower increase (1.98%), with no other modifications or tuning. For More Information: Duttweiler Perfonnance CA (805) 659-3648 Fat Perfonnance CA (714) 637-2889 Brant Marketing Pantera Specialists Showtime Marine CA (619) 3TT-4551 Scalzo Bros. CA (714) 492-1606 CA (714) 250-1797 AZ. (602) 680-0004 Aptos Tool Crib Custom Services CA (408) 688-6626 NE (402) 387-2507 Highway Napa Auto Steda Auto Sports CA (805) 758-3424 FL (305) 785-2131 Mojave Auto Parts Souto Pert. Mexico AZ. (602) 763-4343 ENS (667) 7-08-07 PETRO Ts~TII P.O.Box7450 ___ -=.$~:F:~ ~ Laguna Niguel, CA 92607 DRY Fl~~~~ATION ~ (800) 628-1300 Page 33 .·

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Forest Creasy drove the Ghia Monster II to a pair of second place Jeromy Gordon sports a wild paint job on his Sportsman Vet finishes in Class 9 in what looks like an older, short wheelbase . racer, and he drove it to a fourth and a third in class for second He rumpled the roof with a first lap roll over, but Michael Almeyer came back to take fourth, then won the second moto for second in Novice class. desert chassis. overall on the day. ;;-----:;=---;;11ll';;;;;.,;--;;;;,;;.;;;;,;.;;;;,.,;;;;. ;;;;;:;;;;:;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;;;u;;;;;;; •• ;;;:;;;;;;;;;;. Pete Cassidy looks tidy here on his way to second in the first Sportsman Novice moto, third in the second one and third on points for the day. Lee Hopkins favored the enclosed body style for the OiJdysey race, and he finished with a sixth and a second in the final moto for second overall. Mike Vandeburgh drove a conventional Pilot in the Oddysey event, and he put together a fifth and a third to take home $50 for third overall. l(w' second Class4 moto. Boy 1 hct Don German was surprised when his son Chris took the checkered flag in the second heat with a perfect score for the day, a pair of wins. That's right, Chris German in his first ever Pro race won the sucker, and took home $480.00 besides. Way to go Chris! Don German followed his son in to second in the final moto, putting him second in class, and third at 417 points for the season. Mike Povey came in third in the moto, fourth for the day, finishing the season with 418 points, second, just one point ahead of German. Shad Balch drove to a fourth place finish in the second heat, and ended the day third in Class 4, while Jim Cope took fifth in the heat, ending up sixth in class. Raymond Fisher finished the moto in sixth, fifth for the day. Fisher ended the season as class champion with 439 points, which is, ironically, the same number as his Honcho. His sponsors ought to be proud. Class 9 was the last Pro class to race. Justin Steinkamp won the moto and the race with a perfect score, and took home $120.00 for the effort. Forest Creasy drove the GMII car to second in the moto and finished second overall in the class. Paul Taylor didn't cover a lap. Please, prospective racers out there, this class needs more entry, it needs you badly. Come on and give it a try, you will like it. In the second Sportsman Veteran moto, the Mini Mag of the Haas Brothers crossed the line in the number one spot, giving them fourth for the day with a first moto dnf. The poor finish for Haas caused them to lose their class points lead, finishing the season in second with 569 points. Brian Holloway finished the heat in second, but the ninth place in the first moto due to a flat rear tire put him way back in sixth for the race. Jeremy Gordon ended up third in the moto and took second for the day. Glen McAdoo managed a fourth for the moto which gave him first in class for the day. The win gave the Creasy team enough points to take the season class championship away from the Haas Brothers. The Creasy team ended the season with 572 points, just three points ahead of the Mini Mag. Chris German managed to finish fifth in the moto, giving him third in class for the day. In the Novice Class Michael Almeyer and the Verling car blew the doors off the rest of the field, finishing first in the moto and ending the day second in class. Peter Marks finished the moto in second, ending his day first in CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES • Built & Backed by Bell Helmets • Light Weight • Lexan Sheild • Snell 90 • Helmet Conversions • Complete Blower Systems for Single or Double Seat Cars • Complete Line of Worth & Pyrotect Safety Products • Cool Boxes • Blowers • 4' - any Length Hose • Free Service & Parts • WeShipUPS $215.00 HELMET ONLY class. Unfortunately, Pete's win was not enough to advance him in the points race, as he ended the · season with 555 points, relegating him to second in class. Peter Cassidy finished the moto in third, giving him third for the day,' while the terrible Terry Shelton took the number four spot to finish the day in fifth. Shelton came in third in the season's Novice points race. Fifth in the moto was Keith Iso, who ended up fourth for the day. Sixth in the moto and sixth for the day went to season champs, Tim and Doug Mack, who won the title with 578 points. The final regular moto run was the Odyssey class, with Scott Stewart managing to win the moto and take first for the day. Lee Hopkins, who was sixth in the first moto, was second in this one and took second in class. Mike Vandeburgh finished the moto in third, and picked up third in class, ending his season second in the class points race 19 points behind Stewart, who won the champion-ship with 261 points. Fourth in the moto and the event was Jerry Wald, followed by Dave MacAr-thur who was fifth in both the moto and the event. Next came the infamous ladies race with a large fourteen car field set to race.This race, which often scares the pants off most car owners, did have its share of ohs and ahs, especially when just scant moments after the start Stacy Hoskins, driving the Verling's Class 2 went end over end and then barrel rolled twice, ouch! But all in all, these ladies could really drive. The first car across the line was driven by Lisa Smith. BFGoodrich 's regional rep Diane Cummings drove Sam Berri's big desert car in for second place. Patti Balch drove Shane's 1600 car to third, and Becky Haas, who' rolled the Mini Mag she drove, hammered the last lap and came up with the fourth place finish. Congratulations ladies on one hell of a race. In the mechanics race there were so many entries that 5153 Bowden Ave.• San Diego• CA• 92117 • (619) 279-2509 . VORRA decided to have two . Pagc34 Aprll 1993 The 1993 VORRA ·separate races. The first victory went to Brian Campbell in Wes Bank's Class 10 followed by Donnie White in Geoff Van racing season starts on Noort's Class 2. Then came Michael Petrunt in the Mini Mag March 20-21, 1993 at and Craig Lemon in, Curt . Wengeler's Class 4. The second the Prairie City SVRA race winner was Jonathan Dyer in Dana Van· Noott's Class 10, p k • S CA followed by Eric Waugh in the ar tn acramento, Verling SS, Steve Mark in the Mack's Novice car, and fourth went to Ray Baskett in Scott Stewart's Odys5t:y. So ended the Read all about it in 1992 VORRA racing schedule, DUSTY TIMES but it starts again on March 20-21 at the Prairie City SVRA Park. The Haas brothers came back from eighth in the first moto to win the next one in Sportsman Vets and fourth on the day, then Becky Haas drove to fourth in the Ladies race, and the Mini Mag was fourth with Michael Petrunt up in the mechanics race. Scott Stewart drove his Pilot to a second and a first place in the Odyssey class, winning the class and $125 for his efforts, and it does look like it would be a rough' ride . Du1tyTlmc1

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NO HIDDEN CONDITIONS!!!!! • W@M ARE ELIGIBLE TO WIN!!!!! MINIMUM BONUS $1000.00 PLUS $500.0° FOR EACH RACE YOU'VE ENTERED/STARTED IN ($300.0° FOR LIMITED CLASSES) 1993!!!!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO ENTER EVERY RACE TO WIN THE MINIMUM $1000.00 For Info Contact: ~ FIRST RACE, GILA BEND 200 $1 ooo.00 WINNER IS SHANNON SCHULZ - CLASS 10 DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION 1993 BONUS PROGRAM ADRA INTERNATIONAL SPONSORED BY: FARMCO GUARANTEED UNLIMITED CLASSES $17500.00 LIMITED CLASSES $5250.00 In Addition To Class Purse 1-2/4/517/8/10 1-2/1600 5/1600/7S/9/11 RACE #1 - FEB 20 - GILA BEND $1,000 RACE #2 -~AR 20 - WICKENBURG $1,500 RACE #3 - APRIL 24 - PENASCO $2,000 RA~E #4 - MAY 29 - SNOWFLAKE $2,500 RACE #5 -JULY 31 - FLAGSTAFF $3,000 RACE #6 - OCT 9 - YOUNG $3,500 RACE #7 - DEC 4 - SONOYTA TO ROCKY POINT RULES: $4,000 $17,500 1. TO WIN BONUS BUCKS YOU MUST ENTER & START $300 $450 $600 $750 $900 $1,050 $1,200 $5,250 2. YOU CAN'T WIN LESS THAN $1,000, EVEN IF IT'S YOUR FIRST RACE OF THE SEASON. EACH RACE YOU ENTER ADDS $500 TO THE BONUS YOU CAN WIN!! INTERNATIONAL AMERICAN OHERT ~ ASsOCIATIO!f 1993 CHAMP SERIES OFF ROAD BUGGY/TRUCK/PILOT February 20 March 20 April 24 May29 July 31 October 9 October 30 December 4 2nd Annual Gila Bend 200 Pro - 200 miles Sportsman & Pilots - 100 miles Fun Racer - 50 miles Desert Race Pro/Sportsman/Pilot/ Wickenburg AZ Fun Racer 15th Annual Penasco "La Playa 200" Rocky Point, Mexico 16th Annual Snowflake Buggy Bash Memorial Day Weekend Elevation 6500' - Cool Country Annual Forest Service Conservation Project Working With the Public Land Managers 5th Annual Flagstaff Cinder Mountain 100 3rd Annual Young Classic at Cherry Creek BLM Conservation Project - Working With Public Land Managers 17th Annual Sonoyta to Rocky Point Point-to-point 125 miles ALL RACES ON SATURDAY (BIKE & ATV RACE ON SUNDAY; FOLLOWING DAY) OFF ROAD RACES PROFESSIONAL OFF ROAD RACING FOR FAMILIES

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MAHONEY'S SILVER NUGGET BOTIOM DOLLAR Larry Job Wins The First SNORE Race Of The New Season By Jean Calvin & Don Dayton Photos: Don Dayton ~-, - ~ • ¾ -Larry Job drove extremely consistent lap times, all seven.times, but did have fading brakes and rear suspension on the last round, but he not only won Class 1-2-1600, he also won the race overall. The traditional season opening from Mahoney's Silver Nugget casino out of the chilly evening air event for the Las Vegas based Casino in North Las Vegas, whose on February 5 . The tech inspec-SNORE Club is the Bottom management was pleased with the tion and contingency row also Dollar,justastraditionallyrunon results and sponsored the race happening from 6:00 to 9 :00 bits of the old Mint 400 course again this year. The casino p.m.,hadampleparkinglotspace north of Nellis Air Force Base. donated space for registration so right by the casino door, with Last year good sponsorship came that those folks were inside the plenty of light in every corner. Overall winner of the last 1992 SNORE race, Bekki Freeman had no trouble at all, and with dad Ken doing the anchor man bit, they were fourth overall and third in Class 1-2-1600. There is never a shortage of light around a Las Vegas Casino. Also returning from last year was the casino hot dog and hamburger stand, brought outside to tech row for the occasion, and they did a husky business. The whole program was wrapped up by 10 p.m. with about 50 cars in the entry. It was a bright dry Saturday morning when the entry gathered in the rocks where the Nissan 400 started last year, and this race would start there today. But first was the traditional pancake breakfast on the club served to entrants, workers and pit crews; pancakes, bacon, sausage, coffee and juice lined up buffet style next to the scoring bus. The drivers' meeting was short and to the point. Bill Shapley said the course was 27 miles long, heavily marked, and cars had to stop at each check to be sure their number was read. Class 10, 1-2-1600 and Unlimited class would have to cover seven laps, while the mini trucks, 5-1600s and the 21 Challenger cars on hand were required to cover five laps, so that everyone finishes close to the same time of day within the six hour time allowance. SNORE has a new class this season, Sports-man, with a category for trucks and another for 1600 buggies with some engine and suspension restrictions, a $500 claimer motor and a $75 entry fee plus insurance fees for starters. The race started around 9:00 a.m. and the #111 Baja Bug of Damon Wildman was first away followed by Tim Crain and Ian Regan and Tory Gubler got close, but no cigar, finishing second Darren Wilson and Keith Underwood had fast lap of the day, overall and in Class 1-2-1600 in a very tight dice, only 1 minute 35:36, on lap 2, had serious down time with steering woes, but Rocky Magee had some engine trouble, lost a fuel line, but carried on to finish well, sixth overall and third in the high attrition Class 10. 43 seconds behind the winner. took second in Class 10 and fifth overall anyhow. j, BILSTEIN RACING APPLICATIONS CLASS 1 TO CLASS 11 OUR SHOCK PRICES ARE VERY COMPETITIVE CALL TOLL FREE FOR PRICES & APPLICATION FUNNELS $11.95 t / .. / 11 GAL DUMP CAN 5GALJUGS WHITE $19.95 RED-YELLOW-ORANGE $20.95 HOT PINK $23.95 . $49.95 2 FOR$89.95 . ' ~ RATCHET WHUL ITMI' 2" COll90 MTCHETIAXLR 8TIWJII r Wll»-NIOUND AXU 1111AN 10 FT. $29.95 RED-BLACK-BLUE 10 FT. $38.95 RED-BLACK-BLUE : 21 IN. $9.95 fCONOMY FUEL CELLS. 8 GAL $172.50 12GAL · $187.50 22 GAL $217.50 e~.u 0 CLEAR FUEL HOSE_ ' 1" $2.90FT 2" $5.72FT 3" $8.94FT HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL YOUR OFF-ROAD EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES -WE SHIP WORLD WIDE OFF-ROAD USE ONLY RALLYE500 76109 $28.95 RALL YE 1000 75701 $68.95 RALLYE2000 n411 $81.95 Ill ee~,,, AMBER AVOIDANCE LIGHT TW!N HORN $12.90 $53.95 WRIGHT RACK & PINION $309.00 ~~ WRIGHT COMBOS WITH BEARINGS $599.00 805-683-1211 TOLL FREE TECHNICAL SALES LINE 800-622-3939 Page 36 Aprll 1993 5 PT HARNESS $94.38 ,-TOP QUALITY NOMEX Ill SUIT · $243.38 RED-BLACK-BLUE BOTH SFI APPROVED T SUPER SHIFTER $99.00 RED-BLACK-BLUE DUAL M/CYLINDER ~ $1~ $13;.~ ... ◄ M!CYLINDER & SLA\JE [I DE t'.Yt,glQ]] DustyTimcs

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Rob and Bob Guevara survived an early roll over, didn't hurt the car, and drove to $eventh overall and fourth in Class 1-2-1600, the last finisher of nine starters. · The fastest man on the race course was Mike Spina who did six laps in the 36 minute range, but lost the trans in the 1600 on the seventh and final lap. Ron Dalke and Larry Weiser were part of the Arizona group at the race, and Dalke drove the Baja bodied Class 9 to a close second in the big class. First time racers Frank Baird and Jason Alvarez moved steadily up the charts, moving from sixth on the sixth lap to finish a fine third in Class 9. John Wells heads into the dust on an early lap, and the Kingman, AZ team with Bill Logas and Ken Kelly had a good run and took fourth in Class 9. Milt Moore brought his 5-1600 from Telluride, Colorado to get out of the snow into the desert and drove to a very close second in Class 5-1600. Dent in a new Class 8 Ford. Crain led on time from the flag. W ildmon and Brad Thomas got in two long laps, made it to check 4 on lap 3, out of brakes and with only third gear left, so they parked for the day. Tim Crain charged on with laps in the low 50s on average, covering six laps in Unlimited class, a win for former buggy driver Crain in the truck he built himself. He said he bent tie rods, but had no other trouble. With the usual Unlimited cars home in the garages this race, Class 10 looked good for the overall, but it was not to be. Only seven were on the grid, the others recovering from the Parker race, but at least half of them could take · the win. One potential winner was out before a lap was done. The Chenowth of J.C. Dean and Brendan Gaughan broke the ring & pinion gear somewhere on the first lap. After towing in from Arizona, Walt Baranick and Frank Fleurquin had a first lap Brent Bell was one of many with power steering trouble, but got his fixed in about six minutes, and raced on to victory in Class 10 and he finished third overall as well. Tim Crain parked his buggy and built this Class 8 Ford himself, from the ground up, and Tim won the slim entry Unlimited class by four laps, with Ian Dent riding shotgun. Dusty Times flat, but still had a good 46 minute time. Then their rear torsion came apart on lap 2 and they parked for the day. Meanwhile up front Brent Bell was just 19 seconds ahead of Darren Wilson/Keith Under~ wood on the _first lap, then Underwood turned fast lap for the class, 35:36 on the second to to take the lead. However, on lap 3 Underwood had a bolt shear in the steering, leaving him with a steering wheel not connected to the steering EE When Peter Piper Picked A Parker Pumper Helmet, How Many Drivers Wanted The Helmet That Peter Piper Picked? Helmet includes Nomex Skirt • More Nose Room • Lighter • Seals Better Against Dust • 30% More Vision • Also Available - Full Line of Simpson Products • Bell Helmets • Glass Shields • Drinkers • Kool Pac's • Pumper Motors • 4'-8' Hoses • 1985 Snell Approved Helmets We Also Convert Helmets! We Ship UPS Fax (714) 92~-3118 Parker Pumper Helmets 2318 S. Vineyard, Ste B Ontario, Calif. 91761• Phone (714) 923-7016 Aprll 1993 [ ·v,sA j ., Page 37

Page 38

Todd Olcott and his Toyota were the only mini truck in the entry last February, but he covered three laps, then ran out of time to finish. The Bill Holbrook fan club assembled at the finish line as team members children welcomed their hero, the winner of Class 9, under the flag. Bill Dickton and company didn't have the best of days in the Class 9, but they carried on in the two seater to finish fifth in the tight contest. ~ . box. He missed a high speed turn and shot across the desert in a frightening ride before he could get it stopped. The incident cost the team almost half an hour and the race. Brent Bell pitted to try to cure power steering woes; he had pump fluid leaking all over, so they cut it off; he had no power steering the last four laps, while turning36 and 37 minute laps on the way to the checkered flag. Bell won Class 10 and was third overall at a total timeof4:26:18. With his steering fixed, Darren Wilson took th~ This is the yystem run by most off road race winners helm of his car, did four 36 flat tires, three on the same lap, minute laps in a row, even with a and a front beam that looked like gas stop, to take second in Class it had been playing tag with a herd 10 and fifth overall at 4:38:54. of rockadillos. Mike Larson and Rocky Magee with Mike John Phegley lost nearly an hour Lorenz and Noel Wytil lost a fuel on the first lap, had a good second line first thing, then later reported round, a two hour third lap then a general loss of brakes and two 41 minute laps to claim fifth stalling the engine at checkpoints in Class 10, two laps down. compounded by an engine with It was a battle royal in Class more compression than the 1-2-1600 in a race that saw more starter could turn. They finished broken cars from the rocks than in 4:45:09 for third in Class 10, cars than made it to the finish line. sixth overall. Rick Causey and While he didn't set class fast lap Eddie Brink took fourth in Class or lead the first lap, Larry Job, in 10 with six laps done despite four Danny Anderson's car, dodged TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME the rocks the best of all. Four cars ran within a minute or two of each other all race long, Job averaging 38 minutes the round for the first four, then picked up the pace with a pair of 36s, finished it off with a 3 7: 19 and won the class and the race overall. Job said he had no rear brakes late in the race and the rear suspension sagged, but had no other troubles. The race long leader through six laps with class fast lap at two 36:03 rounds, Mike Spina looked a sure bet for the win and led overall from the first lap even with a flat. But halfway through the seventh and final lap Spina 's transmission failed big time and he was parked at Check 3 , his six laps completed good for fifth in class. Averaging about 37 minute laps Regan and Tory Gubler stopped only for gas, their only error was easing off on the last lap when they saw Spina out of the race. A bad move, as Job was only 13 seconds behind them at the JEEP STRAIGHT 6 white flag, and charged into the lead. The Gublers were a close second only a minute 43 seconds behind and second overall. Bekki and Ken Freeman with Dean Miller and Eddie Chastaine riding shotgun turned consistent 38 minute laps except for midway and the driver change. Bekki did the first half, and was a bit miffed when her father beat her best time, but only by 19 seconds. They had no trouble at all en route to third in 1-2-1600 class and fourth overall. The last 1-2-1600 finisher, another 45 minutes back, was the father and son team of Rob and Bob Guevara. Rob got the start/finish line crowd excited when he rolled right off the start in a fit of youthful exuberance. He apparently damaged the carbure-tor, because the gas kept pumping out the overflow, and they twice ran out of gas. But they placed fourth in class and seventh overall. Dan Bradley and Sam Dunnam had a good race going for four laps, the fourth was a long one though and they were seen no more, placing sixth: Kenny Freeman, Jr. used almost three hours on the first lap, then did . Pagc38 "NEW SUMMER SPECIAL CHROME" 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234•9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED three good rounds and vanished . taking seventh place followed by . Aprll1993 Traffic can get heavy on the early laps in the Nellis Dunes as the Class 9 of Jeff Cepielik is being pursued by Bruce Fraley in his winning 5-1600. Charging down a dune Bill Holbrook, 1992 Rookie of the Year, won the 21 car Class 9, with only bad brakes and one flat to slow his progress for the five laps required of the class. Mark Davidge and Dennis Stevens who did three quick laps before retiring. The final 1600, of Kevin Colan and George Antill, had electrical trouble for Kevin who started, then the trans went south, all on the first lap. The 21 Class 9s started next for their five laps and the first lap saw five cars come by in the same minute. The Tucson team of Ron Dalke and Larry Weiser were first across the line in their Baja bodied racer. One second behind them was Clay Carr and Dave Perry followed in eight seconds by Kent Lothringer, co-driver with Gene Griepentrog. In another 17 seconds Dave Petrillo and Ralph Chadwick hit the line with Bill Holbrook 35 seconds behind them. What a horse race! Dalke held the lead on lap 2, Petrillo moved up to second, and Carr was in third. Lothringer was out with a broken steering box, his crew more anxious to pick up the car than Kent who had walked to Check 2. Damon, William and Casey Jefferies had worked their way up to fourth and Holbrook held fifth despite having to change a flat. The midway lap 3 saw Carr in the lead, Dalke in second, Petrillo third, Holbrook fourth. Jefferies had a long lap and parked for the day. Jim O'Donnell moved to fifth and Jeff Cepielik/Steve Meierdiercks were sixth. Long gone with one lap each were Marvin Sumpter, Jeff Carr and Jason Avery, ignition problems, Mike Dixon the 1992 SNORE overall champion, with the steering box curse and Charles F. David with a 4: 17 lap, and he and Eric Sanchez got fixed and completed a second lap, but over the time limit. Don and Larry Weiser, part of the Arizona cadre, did two good laps before vanishing off the charts. The big change came on lap 4. Carr rolled his car on Omigod Hill, just past check 4, putting him out of the race. Bill Holbrook charged into the lead despite fading brakes the last three laps, and Ron Dalke was second, Petrillo third and O'Donnell lost a little time to a roll over letting Cepielik by into fourth. First time racers Frank Baird and Jason DustyTimcs

Page 39

Max Villalobos and his crew had serious oil cooler problems but they made it to the finish line, the Californians coming in seventh in Class 9. Jack Clinkenbeard Jr. and J. Michael Snedeker were only ,a minute out after two laps, but those were their only laps in the new Sportsman Buggy Class. Eric Shenberger and Jason Romans check out the damage on their Class 9 at the finish; in fact, being eighth in class, they were the last official finisher of all. other mile to put in more oil. At least they did help keep the dust down. Eighth came Eric Shen-berger and Jason Romans who overcame a broken lower shock mount, steering that "broke in half," some ignition problems and finished with several body ,,.. panels waving in the breeze. But they made all the laps and won the Dusty Times Award for last official finisher. Bruce Fraley led all five laps to victory in Class 5-1600, but he didn't have an easy time of it, turned all five laps in 47 plus minutes and won the class by about seven minutes. Only two started in Class 5-1600, but they had a super race a couple minutes apart all five laps, the only class with a 100% finish ratio. Bruce Fraley led from flag to flag, all five laps in the 4 7 minute range with onlv a 42 second spread from his best to his worst lap. Bruce stopped only for gas and said his shocks seemed too stiff, but that the day had been flawless for him. His rider was Guy Clark, president of the Las Vegas Kart Club, Bruce also races karts. Guy said it was a lot of furn, riding with Bruce. In for second, averaging 49 minutes a lap, and also having a trouble free day, were Milt Moore, from Telluride, Colorado and Rob Tanner from Tucson, Arizona. Only seven minutes separated the two Bugs at the checkered flag. Without the Yokohama bonus money this year, the mini metal class has shrunk in size. This race Todd Olcott elected to run his Toyota with the 5-1600s and he was third in the group, two laps down. He had Michael Ryan, the G.M. of the Opera House Casino riding along, and Todd gave him quite an intro to off road racing, putting the truck on its side right off the start. They had steering The new Sportsman buggy class brought out three entries, and it was a good race for a couple of laps, but Pat Tighe, Bill Keena and Noel Wytko were the only survivors and they did five laps in good time. trouble, two flats and finally blew first timers Frank Baird and Jason the rear end. Hope it doesn't Alvarez were third with a totally discourage the sponsor. Alvarez had steadily improved their position and were now sixth, as the survivors headed into the final bout with the rocks. When the checkered flag waved it waved first over Bill Holbrook, last year's Rookie of the Year. His troubles were only one flat and bad brakes the • last three laps, because they forgot to adjust them. Petrillo and Chadwick were second on time, two minutes back, and they tried everything, but could not make the car pass the weight test. It was only Dave's second race, and quite a lesson on restricted class racing. Ron Dalke and Larry Weiser got the Baja Bug in second then, five minutes out with a quick stop for five gallons of gas and no other stops at all. Jeff Cepielik/Steve Meierdiercks were next in, 13 minutes back but they were also unable to make the weight on the scales. Sadly Jim O'Donnell arrived with belly pan dragging, had lost his fire extinguisher and other weights, and would have been fifth, but too much of the car was missing ·and he failed the scale test also. So, 31 minutes back of second, DustyTimcs stock carburetor they had bought The new Sportsman Buggy from Aboco VW that morning, Class got off to a good start, with that Eddie Webb fixed up for three of the econo-cars starting them. the race. Jeremy and Jason Gubler The Kingman crew of John and Lenny James had all their fun Wells, Bill Logas, Ken Kelly were early. A failed CV joint put them fourth another five minutes on the trailer before checkpoint 3 down, and it was John's first race on the firstlap. Jack Clinkenbeard in a year and his first finish in even and Michael Snedeker did two longer. He was real happy to be good 45 plus laps, but half way back. Bill Dickton/Kevin Sar-through· the third lap the backer/ Kevin Steele were fifth, electricals died at check 2. saying their most serious problem Covering all five laps with good was losing a rear tire. Mike Kline times the team of Pat Tighe, Bill and Steve Burke finished sixth, Keena and Noel Wytko took despite breaking a lower trailing home the trophy with a five lap arm, a ball joint and then squarely time a minute faster than that of nailing a large gotcha rock which the 5-1600 winner. Pretty keen wiped out the left front spindle. result for their first race! They had nothing but good things The traditional SNORE Pan-to say about Tommy Bradley and cake Breakfast in the crisp clear his Total Performance Crew for sunshine started the day off quickly getting them back in the right. The program ended at the race. Max Villalobos/Paul Awards Breakfast on Sunday Kells/Doug Edwars/Ray Mc-morning at Mahoney's Silver Clure came from the Downey area Nugget. It attracted a good ( and to take on the SNORE racers and well-fed) crowd and as usual there took home a fine seventh place, was some really high speed bench even with blowing an oil cooler racing. Bill Holbrook took home and having_ to st~p about every __ the $500 SNORE Bonus Bucks April 1993 for his win in Class 9 in addition to the regular class purse, the biggest of the race, and his trophy. SNORE has changed their point system to give consistent winners in the smaller classes a chance at the overall points money, a considerable sum at the end of the year to say nothing of a free entry in every SNORE race the following year. For example, after just one race Bill Holbrook, Class9 leads with 624, Brent Bell, Class 10 has 562, Larry Job, 1-2-1600, has 562 also, Ron Dalke, Class 9, has 539, Frank Baird has 515 and Bruce Fraley has 510. So far it's working. SNORE's next race, the Twilight 200 on March 27 will present a different set of rocks to challenge, near Henderson, and the bonus bucks will go to the winner of th~. 5-1600 class. May 1 Mays Sept. (tba) Oct. (tba) Oct. (tba) . Phoenix Sun Devil Stadium Pasadena Rose Bowl Denver Mile High Stadium Las Vegas Silver Bowl San Francisco Candlestick Park General Information: 1-800-795-7708 lnformatltJn on Travel Package•: 1-800-967-7409 IIMt.WJl ""-"''' Am.e.rLc.a.n fi,00D/rEAR lf5Ej!!EK R..a.d:!!:9 n.. • ...1.-1-BOSCH II/ c.u.w.o ... wa-.a. uuuwc,mer Produc.dby lirl ► .. 1~ii;;;g,;;,;ijiT'Q lf/ckw Thome,on Ent,a,tnment G,pup I!,_ !!,M~ll=•=llii=~-P.O. BOX 25168, ANAHEIM, CA 921125 Page 39

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61 ST MONTE CARLO RALLY Didier Auriol Wins in his Toyota Debut Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Cornering hard by a group of his fans, Didier Auria/ won his third Monte Carlo Rally in four years in his debut event with Toyota, taking the lead two stages from the finish and winning by 15 seconds. Didier Auriol won his third scored almost half the special Monte Carlo Rally in the last four stage wins and they led for all years, this time while making his except three of the stages. debut appearance in a Toyota, on However, firstly Miki Biasion and Toyota's first appearance with the then Francois Delecour were new Castrol team. Ford's new overcome by Auriol, who was Escort RS Cosworth however making up for delays and dominated the event; their drivers inexperience with the car in Spectators were everywhere on the weekend stages as Keneth Eriksson gets close en route to fourth in the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, another debut appearance on the event. BIGGER IS BETT-ER Upgrade the C.V.s and .torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bell Ito accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C.V. !Convert Type 11 stub axles and output bell ho accept 930 C.V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV 1c.v.s can be threaded ¾-24 or stock 8mm. All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be threaded · --24_Qr stock 10mm threads. FIT YOUR Of! ROAD ER I . ~ WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.!IS'per fla_~.9• on your supplied parts. ER Stop the up-travel on your suspension with this advanced bump stop system. ~ Bump Stops come complete with a mounting system, poly~rethane nd piece, and enough valving to get the job done. ECONOMICALLY PRICED AT $319.90 per pair. Including the mounting hardware and the GRS bolts SEE YOUR OFF ROAD RACING PARTS SUPPLIER OR CALL US DIRECT. MARVIN SHAW ENGINEEfiiNG 101 Broadway P.O. Box845 l-602-,127-3551 Yomell. AZ 85362 Page40 earlier stages. Auriol said afterwards he had never driven so hard in his life before. "Midway I discovered the secret of driving this car fast, which was to rev it higher and harder than the engineers had said. The handling was immediately improved, and suddenly I was competitive!" But after disasters on the first two stages he was now two minutes, 47 seconds behind the leader Delecour, a long way to catch up. He eventually gained the lead two stages from the finish and won by 15 seconds. This was the driest Monte Carlo Rally in memory and the fastest ever. There was no snow en route and virtually no ice. which made the World Champion Carlos Sainz's accident in the Repsol Jolly_ Club Lancia on stage 12 more ironic. "Our course opener said the corner was merely wet, but when we arrived it was sheet ice", the Spaniard explained. And even more ironic, his teammate Andrea Aghini made the same error and crashed at a place 800 meters further down the same stage. Sainz lo'st an hour, dropped to 76th place, but was able to continue. Aghini whose Lancia was down a five meter ravine could not. This season has a remarkable number of changes in technical rules; cars must be heavier, more reliable, use control fuels, have smaller tires and so forth. Plus the top three '92 drivers all changed teams, Ford and Mitsubishi fielded new cars, the Jolly Club were on their own without Lancia behind them, but had Sainz and Repsol. Toyota lost Repsol, Pirelli, Sainz and Schwarz, but had Castro!, Michelin, Didier Auriol and Juha Kankkunen back again. Mitsubishi had Armin Schwarz and a new Lancer, but Andrea Aghini stayed with Lancia and Michelin. The biggest surprise was the sudden refusal by FISA delegates to accredit TV film crews for the event that were non-ISC/FOCA or host country crews. But the Formula 2 category presented a whole new opportunity for constructors for whom four wheel drive, turbocharged competition was financially unavailable. April 1993 Francois Delecour and Daniel Grataloup almost won, finishing a close second in the debut of the all new Ford Escort RS Cosworth that led most of the rally. As usual competitors started fouling"'t:he bodywork so badly from various European capitals, that this also deflated! hoping that the mild weather Delecour arrived at Aubenas would change in time for the after six stages with an amazing 90 special stages. The rules changes seconds lead. "Our only problem had led to evident redesigns. was when the clutch stuck and Wheels had greater ventilation we had to drive the whole of the because the wheel fans had last stage without it. This cost us effectively been outlawed. Cars aboutl5 seconds", and yet he still were• carrying ballast to comply made best time! His teammate with the new 1200 kg weight Biasion in third place behind minimum. The general trend Aghini was equally excited. "This toward rounder cars led to several Escort is so much better than the new concepts in color schemes. Sierra, especially the handling. Many drivers said they hadn't Our only continuing problem is enough test time. four top teams misfiring". Sainz was fifth were challenging for overall "learning how to drive the victory here with three teams Lancia". aiming at a championship in the There had been several dramas front wheel drive, two liter en route, however. Biasion drove Formula 2 category, Skoda, the 8km with ·a broken driveshaft on Belgian Opel Astra car and the first stage and yet made third Driano's Pioneer team from best time. Auriol reached the end Citroen. Two crews were chal-of the same stage on three wheels lenging seriously for the Ladies after hitting a rock and still was prize, the German Isolde Hold-ninth. Bruno Thiry incurred a half eried and the French girl Christine minute penalty delayed in traffic Driano, the only serious French outside Monte Carlo the day entrant in the F2 class, that the before, but by the second stage French had pressured into being. had already pulled ahead of Jean-Saturday, the first day's stages Pierre Ballet to lead the Formula 2 on the Monte Carlo demonstrated category, while Kenneth Eriksson the remarkable speed of the new was also complaining of misfiring. Ford Escort RS Cosworth, which Both Carlos Sainz and Didier led overall and ,held the top Auriol had spins when their hand position in Group N as well. It brakes inadvertently stuck in the was fitting the only fully familiar 'on' position. On the final stage driver Aghini made fastest time Schwarz went slightly wide after a on the first stage, but gradually hump, touched a rock and Delecour and the others closed up punctured. For the second time as they became more confident today he had to stop and change a with their new mounts and wheel in the middle of.the stage. overcame earlier delays. On Sunday the Ford Escort RS Delecour was driving like he Cosworth cars continued to pull wanted to win, which if he did ahead in the driest Monte Carlo in would achieve two distinctions. living memory. While Francois No rally car except a Lancia had Delecourled all the way today, his ever won on a World Champion-teammate Miki Biasion climbed ship debut appearance, and the 34 ahead of fellow Italian Andrea year old Frenchman had never Aghini into second place on the won a rally in his 12 year career at first stage and Fords held their 1-2 all! Although his speed has so far places since then. been unequaled ( on the fastest Lancias held third and fourth stage he was clocked at 218 kph) places for most of the day, but he was critical of the new rules then both Sainz and Aghini this year. "These narrow tires are suffered disasters in the evening. dangerous, they reduce the First Aghini had to stop to change margin of safety". Nontheless the a flat tire on a stage, then both of clear conditions on every stage led them went off the road on the to several record stage times, final stage of the day. Their despite the recent performance misfortunes gave fresh hope to reducing regulations controlling Toyota. Didier Auriol, struggling fuel and tires; all fuel is supplied to make up for misfortune by FISA. Several of the top yesterday and despite stalling his runners suffered punctures. This engine during a stage today, rose year Michelin supplies all the top to third place; and Kankkunen, teams, but they did not start for whom asphalt stages have testing the new narrower tires never been his forte, was fourth. until October. This meant that The Mitsubishi team had more the ATS puncture proof expand-bad luck when Schwarz, after ing mousse inserts were not climbing back up to eighth, was perfected, and no teams would delayed by a disconnected use them here. The effect was driveshaft on the third stage, then remarkable! Sainz had a flat tire the same problem struck again in on the first stage, Auriol on the the afternoon. second, while Schwarz stopped in The main preoccupation of the the middle of stage 2 to change a drivers however, had been the flat tire, found his spare tire was poor spectator control on the Dustynmes

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~ w.. ,Af..~,c.;~ .. --... An official class this season, Formula 2 victory honors went to Bruno Thiry and Stephane Prevot in a Belgian entered Opel Astra GSi at eighth overall. Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya started out well in their new Lancia ride, but later crashed on an icy patch, then fought back to 14th place for a finish. Passing through an inhabited area en route to the finish, Pavel Sibera and Petr Gross drove the Skoda Favorit 136L to 18th overall, first in their displacement class. stages. Delecour, leading and running first on the road said "I often had to slow down because people were standing so close to the road". At the midday rest halt at St. Jean en Royans, Biasion, Sainz and Delecour met and agreed to tell the organizers of their fears. Later Biasion said it was useless as the organizers did not listen, though later there were strong suggestions the stages would not be held another year over a weekend. Already one local newspaper reporter had died the day before of a heart attack, after being involved when Ballet's Peugeot went off the road. The full story of the Lancia disaster emerged when other crews arrived at Gap. Juha Kankkunen said "the two cars went off the road at similar bridges which had ice on them, 800 meters away from each other I don't know why they crashed there because those places were icy even when we were training!" Co-driver Piironen expounded; "the biggest problem today had been the effect of salt on the road. There has been high humidity so we were worried that when the temperature dropped in the evenings the salt would attract higher amounts of moisture and make the ice worse than expected. It is always difficult to choose· tires for this reason". In Formula 2, leader Bruno Thiry overturned at the end of stage 11 and lost about a half minute driving his car through stage 12 with a smashed windscreen. By Monday the pace of the rally was hotting up; only one of today's five stages was won by a Ford! Two drivers were outstand-ing -Auria! and Sainz. Sainz in the Jolly Club Lancia was eventually allowed to restart this morning despite lying 76th out of the 121 crews still active. "We decided that we needed every available opportunity to learn the car. And as we are still in -the event, just, here we are. He made fastest time on the first two morning stages. Auriol was now charging in the Toyota. "Things came good on stage 11 yesterday. It was the first time I really understood how to drive the Celica properly, revving higher, then the handling gets much better." Today Auria! took 40 seconds off Biasion and 66 seconds off leader Delecour, 26 of them on the first stage alone. Auria! had one near miss, however. Near the end of stage 14 he understeered straight off the road into an orchard, avoided the trees and drove back onto the road! "It was my mistake, I should have been one gear lower at the time". Both Fords were suffering slight misfires, while Delecour reported some brake troubles. Record times were set on most stages. On DustyTirnes stage 14 Sainz was SJ seconds faster than ever before. In Formula 2 Thiry continued to lead, but the suspension was behaving uncertainly now; the car suddenly and without warning lifting on to two wheels on corners, which may have caused his accident. The Mitsubishi of Schwarz had a lot of trouble. His newly modified front driveshafts gave him 4WD for the first two stages, then the rear differential failed, so he struggled through the last three stages in only front wheel drive. Finally he reached Monte Carlo, the first time in two ~ days he was allowed under new ~~<,,. rules to change his transmission ,:,;,. units. Tuesday, the final night of the .. , ~ . rally shaped up into a remarkable ..,_ climax, with Fords lying 1-2, but Isolde Holderied won the Ladies Cup, the Auria! Toyota was only eight leading that category now with Tina seconds behind Biasion and a Thorner and the team drove their mere 71 seconds behind the Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR4 to 12th overall. leader. Delecour said "when we special stage on the final night, had our misfiring trouble I was only to lose the event. Technically very worried about Auriol, but a win was possible, but Ford our car is now working well again. found an obstacle in the way If I do not have mechanical called Auria!. "lalwaysgowellon problems, it is going to be very the final night of Monte Carlo; I difficult for him to beat me!" know these stages perfectly from Biasion mused, "For me the my old days in the French conditions are against me. I do not championship." The man from really like clear tarmac roads. The the north of France thought he two times I won the Monte Carlo had a chance to keep his lead Rally, 1987 and 1989, it was very when Auriol's brakes glazed on snowy on both occasions." the first stage. The Toyota's Auria! was determined to score brakes went spongy, and the his third win in four years. driver eased up going down the "Yesterday I felt that second Turini, but from that moment place, ahead of Biasion, was onwards it was all Auria!. He was probably the best I could achieve, immediately ahead ofBiasion and but now I think we must go all out at one stage to go Auria! had put to win." The Mitsubishi team, the Toyota into the lead. frustrated by transmission The other Toyota driver troubles for both Eriksson and Kannkkunen however lost a place Schwarz, were smarting from afterstoppingonastagetochange another shock. Because Schwarz a tire. The jack broke and this lost was unable, due to a broken rear extra time, but finally the two differential, to allow officials to Juhas were able to undo the wheel weigh his car the previous nuts.AsKankkunenwasaboutto afternoon, the organizers imposed remove the last nut he noticed a penalty of $5,000. But at least they did not have a puncture at all. Schwarz's car was running well The problem was a broken again, though Eriksson had been suspension bolt. This let Eriksson, having trouble with his central Mitsubishi'slong-stopdrivergain differential, disconnecting the fourth place, a remarkable placing front drive sometimes. for a team that decided to launch Ford were very anxious. Twice its new Lancer into the most in the past twelve years their competitive event on the calendar, drivers had been leading the and Schwarz was in sixth at the Monte Carlo before the final finish line. Results - 1993 Rallye Monte Carlo Didier Auriol/Bemard Occelli Francois Delecour/Daniel Grataloup Miki Biasion/Tisiano Siviero Kenneth Eriksson/Staffan Parmander Juha Kankkunen/Juha Piironen Armin Schwarz/Nicky Grist Oliver Burri/Christophe Hofmann Bruno Thiry/Stephane Prevot Christophe Spiliotis/Herve Thibaud Jean-Baptiste & Francis Serpaggi Isolde Holderied/Tina Thorner(12th) Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya (14th) F Toyota Calica Turbo• F Ford Escort RS Cosworth I Ford Escort RS Cosworth s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution SF Toyota Calica Turbo DIGB Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution CH Ford Sierra Cosworth B Opel Astra GSi• (F2) M:: Lancia HF lntegrafe• F Ford Escort RS Cosworth DIS Mitsubishi Galant VR-4# E Lancia HF lntegrale • Group winners-#Ladies Cup winner (12th 0/A) 170 start-106 finish -86 completed route. Winner's average stage speed - 95.33 kph Aprll 1993 GA 6:13:43 A 6:13:58 A 6:16:59 A 6:31:30 A 6:32:43 A 6:39:45 A 6:51:03 A 6:54:08 N 6:56:24 N 6:57:58 N 7:02:44 A 7:09:07 Auriol 's last night progress caused alarm and no little suspicion. Observers from Ford and Mitsubishi all noted that the Toyota gained all its advantage on the first half of the stage, but from then on, the Ford would keep the same speed. Did this mean there was something funny going on? "I just started off every stage absolutely crazy", explained the little bald headed Frenchman. "They were long stages and I absolutely couldn't keep up the speed." His co-driver Bernard Ocelli agreed at the 'crazy' bit. Why was Auriol going so well in the evening and not in the middle of the day? Was Ford's water injection system less effective at night, did Delecour's car suffer·a loss of power which meant the driver had no hope of keeping up the pace, or was something more important even than the cars. Was Monte Carlo once again won not so much by the best car as the best man? Like usual, nobody really knows why the casino wheel stops turning where it does. Delecour finished 15 seconds behind Auriol, Biasion was three minutes back. In fourth Eriksson was well back a minute ahead of Kankkunen and Schwarz gained sixth. Christophe Spiliotis won Group N in a Lancia and Bruno Thiry took Formula 2 in his Opel Astra GSi at eighth overall. Isolde Holderied, Mitsubishi, won the Ladies prize. The Ford Escort RS Cosworth which appeared at Monte Carlo is the result of a five year plan. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was the other all new car at Monte Carlo, and Lancer carries much of the Galant specification, as well the Subaru lmpreza carry Legacy parts. This is the inspection device that Armin Schwarz, with a-broken differential couldn't climb onto, and Mitsubishi was fined $5,000 for this rules infraction, proving that motor sport officials are the same the world over. ·The Off-Roader's Cl')oice· • E-Z ur INSTANT SHELTERS Imagine setting up a free-standing shelter In less than 60 seconclsl NO missing parts NO center poles NO ropes NO hassle • 5 sizes • 24 colors • Custom Graphics l.nstant Pit Shelter La Rona Contingency Sponsor HORR Contingency Sponsor E-Z UP Authorized Dealer CASTEX RENTALS, INC. 1644 N. Cole Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038 . CALL: 213 • 462 • 1468 Page 41 _

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If Fresh from taking second overall at the Parker 400, Jimmy Smith's Class 1 truck was a truck like no other most of the participants had ever seen. The Ford was the main exhibit at this desert gathering. On the desert trail ride people were stationed at every turn so nobody could get lost. This was a slow speed run in bone stock 4 wheel drive rigs. Chad Hall's Dodge was one of a few race vehicles that gave the crowd a thrilling ride over a typical trail that is like those used for race courses in the desert. BFG Presents Off Road Seminar in Arizona By George R. Thompson Photos: SEMA News rich saw this as an opportunity to entertain their SEMA associates, while educating them on the '1 importance of the light truck market, during a l /2 day off road event held at West World, a large outdoor recreational facility located near Scottsdale, Arizona. "''" To accomplish the task of providing an afternoon's instruc-tion and entertainment for about 150 members of the SEMA Organizing Committee BFG brought in Rod and Josh Hall who operate the Rod Hall School of Off Road Performance Driving up in Reno. BFG Marketing man Dick Edwards welcomes the crowd assembled by the familiar tractor-trailer. Leaning against the rig, from the left are Rod Hall, Larry Ragland, Ivan Stewart, Dave Ashley, Bob Bower and Dan Newsome. Certainly they met some of the elite in desert racing. After some hassles with permits and such, the Halls found the West World site and set up several exercises designed to demonstrate off roading to a mostly novice audience. I arrived at West World about an hour before things got underway and found the big BFG tractor/ trailer located in a huge dirt parking area adjacent to the edge of the desert. I was surprised to see Dan Newsome and most of the BFG race support crew hard at work Have you ever wondered what put on by BFG last February for BFGoodrich is up to when they're the SEMA Organizing Committee, not helping us out at the races? which was in town to discuss Well, I recently went "down" to plans for their convention this Scottsdale, at Rod Hall's invita-year, in Las Vegas. tion, to attend an off road seminar . The marketing guys at BFGood-THE WRIGHT DROP SPINDLE 3" MORE GROUND CLEARANCE ~ ~~ PLACEk CV JOINTS RACK & PINION STEERING UNITS 1.REGULAR 2. SAND BUGGY 3. MINI 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 TEL: (619) 561-4810 FAX: (619) 561-7960 gc41 getting things ready for the bus loads of people scheduled to arrive just after noon. Rod and Josh were both cruising around with hand held FM radios talking to course workers located all around us. Dan was hooked up with all kinds of electronic paraphernalia looking much the same as he does in the BFG pit on raceday; like a man about to launch a NASA moon probe. Jimmy Smith sent out the impressive Ultra Wheel Semi complete with his Class One race truck which was on display during the day's events and Chad Hall, Larry Ragland, Ivan Stewart and David Ashley were on hand, complete with drivers suits and race cars. I was just starting to figure out what the program was going to be when someone put a little blue tag on my shirt and suddenly, I became a participant. About that time several bus loads of people arrived all wearing those little convention tags and after some introducto r y speeches from various BFG Officials and the Halls, we were split into 3 groups of about 50 people each and whisked away to the various exercises. The first stop for my group was a trail ride which was about 5 or 6 miles long and spread out over two carefully marked courses in . April 1993 the desert east of West World. We were led to a clearing where there were. 25 or 30 brand new 4-wheel drives waiting for us. There were vehicles of every description, Ford Broncos and Explorers, Toyota 4-Runners, Chevy Blazers and Jeep Grand Cherokees. I seized a Grand Cherokee, since I wanted to see if it performed as well as it looked, and we drove off into the unknown. It was set up as a sort of musical car thing, where every so often we would stop and go to the vehicle behind us, while our passenger would take control of the car we had just left. Since there was an identical Grand Cherokee behind me it became a Jeep sort of event for me. We twisted around a challeng-ing course of winding dirt roads and washes, avoiding the brush and rocks, in typical trail riding fashion (slowly) and the combin-ation of the Grand Cherokee and the BFG Mud T / A's were equal to the task. This exercise was obviously designed to demon-strate how 4-WD consumers use their equipment and it was very effective in that regard while providing us all with considerable entertainment. I wanted to push the Grand Cherokee a bit harder to see what it would do but Josh Halls wife, Becky, who was in the back seat of the vehicle, let me know that no eccentric behavior would be tolerated. After about 30 or 40 minutes we returned to the clearing where we started and everyone was chattering amongst themselves, clearly pleased with the exercise. We went back to the BFG trailer to take on some refresh-ments and await the slalom event which was laid out in 3 courses surrounding the BFG trailer. While many of the participants were milling about the refresh-ment area, it occurred to me what a diverse group of people they were. All of them were represent-a ti v es of companies in the automotive aftermarket industry, to be sure, but the variety of products which they represented were as varied as the SEMA organization, itself. Custom fender flares, wheels, truck bed liners, blowers, body trim and molding, gears, torque converters, engine builders, etc., etc. There was even a guy whose company manufactured hydraulic lift kits to turn mini trucks into mini dump trucks. The slalom exercise was designed to demonstrate the importance of tread pattern in off road terrain. Two identical Ford Explorers were provided, one equipped with BFG Trail T / A tires and the other with BFG Mud T I As. Naturally, the object was to drive around the semi-muddy course, without knocking over the cones, on each type of tire. First off, we drove the course with the less aggressive Trail T / As and I was the first to slide into a cone as I took a corner too fast. Then I got out and stepped into the Explorer with the Mud T / As and was impressed with how much faster I was able to travel over the same terrain. I even avoided hitting any of the "idiot" cones. This turned out to be a very effective product demonstration and it seemed that everyone came away from the exercise with a better understanding of how handling can be effected by tire design. The final demonstration had the participants highly excited about the leading edge of off roading as everyone was treated to a ride, at speed, in the passenger seat of a race car over a 1 mile course which Rod Hall & sons had laid out. On hand for this event were Ivan Stewart, Larry Ragland, Chad Hall and David Ashley who served as our guides on a brief tour of the off road racing experience. Unfortunately, Ashley's truck had swallowed a fan into his radiator early on, but Dave pitched right in by dragging the course at regular intervals with a piece of chain link to keep it in some sort of condition. Watching as everyone waited their turn in the race cars was like standing in line for your first ride on an "E" ticket event at an amusement park. The air was thick with anticipation as each person's turn got closer. As passengers left the race vehicles, the look on their faces told those in line that this one was worth the wait! There were a couple of guys from the Bob Bondurant Racing School who got out of the trucks grinning from ear to ear and another guy, who owned a high performance muffler company, was so excited that he spent most of the time after his ride trying to talk the others into letting him have their turn. And rightfully so ... When my turn came around the driver was Chad Hall at the wheel of his big Dodge W -150 Class One 4-WD truck. I climbed in feeling top-heavy in my street clothes, wearing a full helmet which felt unusually awkward due to the fact it was a size too large. Meanwhile a team of friendly BFG crew guys adjusted the seat belt to accom-modate my middle-aged bulk. Finally welded into the vehicle, I looked at Chad, who I have known for some years, and thought I noticed a little smile beneath his helmet as he dumped the clutch on 700 horsepower of Keith Black built Dodge power. Within 100 yards Chad took a turn and we were staring down a Dustynmcs

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Competition Review Board Report On Saturday night at Parker, at about 11 :45 p.m. George Thomp-son and I went to the Blue Water Marina to check the unofficial results and the CRB postings.You can imagine my surprise when, seven hours before my debut as CRB" Marshal, I was confronted with no less than 22 little green slips, extending the entire length of the results board! I was about to suggest to George that we seriously consider securing our rooms for an additional night, when I realized that most of the posting were actions taken by SCORE and therefore would not be presented to the CRB. After weeding through the sea of green, the breakdown was like this: six were penalties by SCORE for excess speed in designated pit areas. Seven were SCORE DQs for a variety of reasons, more on those later. Seven were valid CRB notices and two were duplications. Secure in the knowledge that the quickly approaching meeting would not be an endurance marathon, we closed the bar and went to our respective rooms. The Parker 400 CRB met Sunday morning, withJ.D. Ward as Board Administrator. Members were Craig Stewart, Class 10, David Ashley, Class 4, Jason Baldwin, Class 1, Malcolm Vinje, Class 7Sl7 4x4, Scott Morris, Class 21, George Thompson, Managing Director IDRA, Danny Cau, SCORE President, Jim Conner, Race Director and Reese King, CRB Marshal. The Board heard five protests by SOA checkpoint captains for failure to come to a complete stop at their respective checkpoints. I was quite dismayed by this, because last year, in both SCORE and HORA races there was not one case of this type submitted to the CRB. With the high quality marking and electric lamp controls that Danny Cau has brought to SCORE races, there should be little question of when to stop and when to proceed. Nevertheless five racers com-mitted this offense at three different locations. Invariably in cases of missing or not stopping at checkpoints the Board's point of view becomes one of, "Hundreds of other racers didn't have a problem with it, why did you?" In By Reese King the four years that I have been involved with the CRB I have yet to hear a reason that the Board considered to be a valid excuse for not stopping at a checkpoint. Mike Lesle, #300 and #122 Walker Evans both stated that they felt checkpoint 3 at Midway was "different than the others." While SCORE and the SOA strive to ensure that checkpoints are uniform, there will always be variables of terrain, etc., which preclude them from being identical. Two other entries, Mario Panagiotopolous, #598 and Duke Perrin, #1029, failed to appear at the CRB. All four entries reportedly 'rolled through' the checkpoint and were penalized one position in unanimous votes. The case of Darren Sanford, #103X was different in that he was observed to accelerate through the checkpoint at race speed. In a unanimous vote the Boa.rd disqualified him. In none of these cases did the Board feel that any of these competitors were attempting to gain an advantage, or were driving recklessly. They simply felt that the violations were intolerable and needed to be dealt with in a serious manner. Veteran Board member J.D . Ward observed, "Even if you are having trouble with the car like brakes, clutch, or steering, there is stil no excuse for not stopping at a checkpoint. If your car is having problems that involve its safe operation, then you should remove it from the race course and fix it." Both SCORE and IDRA support this opinion. In an action filed by the promoter entry #551, Steve Lawrence was protested for improper radio traffic. Race Director Jim Conner related to the Board that the chase/pit crew for Steve was heard on the Weatherman frequency to use profane language. The trans-missions were monitored by both Bob Steinberger and SCORE Communications Supervisor Jim Morton. Mr. Lawrence failed to appear to answer this charge and he was issued a letter o f reprimand by the CRB. This was another easy decision, since profane language broadcast over public air waves is a violation of Federal Communications Com-mission rules. In a written statement to SCORE officials, Steve Myers, #1098 protested #1000 Steve Sourapas for reckless driving. Myers stated that while traveling at top speed on the graded road before Bouse the car, then driven by Dave Richardson, made contact with his car, causing Myers to lose control and roll "four times". The Board ques-tioned Mr. Myers regarding his actions immediately prior to the collision. He stated that he was running in fifth gear at 6000 rpm and was beginning to set up for the last left turn immediately before the Bouse spectator area when Richardson contacted his car and both vehicles crashed. He felt the action was 'unsafe' and that he was 'taken out'. Finally Mr. Myers summed up his case by saying that Richardson "Made a mistake." Neither Sourapas nor Richard-son were· present to give their version of the incident. During the lengthy discussion that followed, almost every Board member recalled being involved in a similar incident at some time in their racing careers. In a unanimous vote it was decided that the incident was, however unfortunate a racing accident caused by two aggressive drivers. The only wrong doing was the failure of the 1992 overall SCORE points champions to appear at the CRB; they were issued a Letter of Reprimand for their inaction. At approximately 9: 10 a.m. Steve Sourapas arrived at the CRB area and apologized for his tardiness. He was informed of the charge levied by Myers and the Board's decision in the matter. George Thompson informed the Board that past precedent was to dismiss a penalty for failure to appear if the entrant arrives while the Board is still in session. Steve credited his use of "nerf bars" in minimizing the damage to his car, and suggested that possibly they should be made mandatory for the class, maybe all open wheel classes. The challenge of having to comply with a 'speed limit' in a racing environment continues to be a problem for drivers going winding road traveling at a speed was in that moment that I was the light truck market in all of its which could best be described as transformed into a madman! forms. death defying. Naturally, as an old Faster! Higher! Open her up and Frankly, I have never attended a buggy racer, I folded my hands let's see what she'll do. Finally we BFGoodrich function that was and tried to act nonchalant even returned to the staging area and I not .a first class affair and this as the big truck hit a mound of extricated myself from the event was no exception. Thanks dirt and became airborne. The vehicle, my heart pounding to dedicated BFG professionals truck pitched at a 30 degree angle through my chest at such a rate like Dick Edwards, Tom Harley, and we seemed on the edge of that I wished I had some nitro-Dan Newsome and the BFG race disaster when I felt the power of glycerine tablets just in case this support crew working in associa-the machine pull us back on line was the moment. I had forgotten tion with Rod and Josh Hall's and under hard acceleration, flew how exciting a big truck can be!! · Great Basin Consulting the entire down a straight-a-way that was a After taking a moment to day was an enjoyable and hammered washboard of dirt and regain my composure and reduce educational experience. rocks clearly showing the abuse of my pulse rate, I paused to reflect So, in the event that you ever the day's activity. onthelessonswhichhadjustbeen! wondered what BFG is doing I could feel tears welling up in learned. As a graphic demonstra-\ when they're not working out on myeyesasthemachineperformed tion of the ruggedness of. the race course,.rest assured that it's high speed ballet along the BFGoodrich products, I was hard I they are constantly working to rocks and ditches and all at once, put to imagine a more effective make others aware of the off road time seemed to become suspended exercise. Obviously, any tire that vehicle market through promo-as the experience began to take on can stand up to such abuse will tions and seminars designed to an almost surrealistic blend of take your family to the store, inform the public as well as the fear and adrenaline rushes. without incident. Ina larger sense, industry about the importance of Suddenly it seemed that I was however, the seminar was the light truck segment and the salivating like a rabid dog and it designed to make people aware of excitement of off road racing. . through a pit area. Without arguing the pros and cons of this policy, I will say that SCORE does allow a fair margin of error before penalizing a competitor for .. violating this rule. Dropped one position in SCORE's official results were #555 Michael James, #701 Racin Gardner, #759 Malcolm Vinje, #805 Frank Vessels, #900 Pancho Bio, #904 Dave Calloway. A total of seven entries were disqualified by SCORE. All of the disqualifications were for actions that directly violate SCORE's land use agreement with the BLM. Entries 3X Masimi Ishii and 6X Ron Griewe were observed by SCORE VP Paul Fish to be racing off the marked race course near the power lines north of check-point 1. The chase vehicles for # 105 Steve McEachern, #724 Ron Lister and #1031 Larry Job were observed by SCORE officials or BLM rangers traveling "Cross Country" to support their racing efforts. Similar in nature but with a slight twist, #807 Randy Merritt was DQ'ed when SCORE officials observed his chase crew towing the race truck backwards on the race course! Although the. CRB has tradition-ally heard cases of backwards on the race course, the actions of this team violated the vehicle recovery policy mandated on SCORE by the BLM. In a most unusual incident the disqualification of Jerry Penhall and Bud Feldkamp, #106, was demanded by BLM rangers. There were several different versions of what transpired on Shea Road that day, but all contain the following scenario. It would appear that while traveling on Shea Road at a high rate of speed, the driver Feldkamp failed to yield to more than one BLM ranger. When finally stopped, instead of attempting to cut his losses, he chose to treat them in a very abusive manner. In all of the .above cases SCORE exercised its right under Rule #03 to penalize or disqualify any entrant for rule violations. While we may not always agree with which cases they send to the Board and which ones they .decide to act on, the IDRA supports SCORE's right to take action when their ability to conduct business is jeopardized. To help clarify what cases the CRB will hear, SCORE will furnish the IDRA an outline of the type of violations that they feel need to be handled internally. This outline will be published in the Nevada 400 CRB Report. If you have any suggestions regard-ing this outline, please feel free to address them to SCORE or IDRA. Some drivers may wonder where Reese King came from. Well, I've been around six years, a volunteer w9rker, vice president of the SOA, and supervised the checkpoints and road crossing with Bill Wick at every SCORE race. I worked my first checkpoint at the 1986 Baja 1000. In 1988 I was invited by Steve Kassanyi and George Thompson to the CRB as a guest. One case before this particular board raised a question regarding checkpoint policies. My input was helpful and George suggested that I attend each meeting to fulfill this need. So I accepted the position of CRB Marshall this year. Away from the sport I'm a commercial vehicle and hazardous material specialist for the California Highway Patrol, but no, I am not a cop. I would like to thank those who made my first CRB meeting run smoothly, the Blue Water Marina folks who came at 5 a.m. Sunda to open up for us, David Ashley and Malcolm Vinje who were drafted onto the board; this happens to David a lot as he shows up to check the results board about the time we are looking for a sub. George and I thank you very much for your continued service to the sport. ·west Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PRICE $695.00 GEARS _ AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 8910'l 702/873-1002 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED _D_u_s_fy_TI_mc __ s ___________________ Ap_ri_l1_99_3 ____________________ P_a=gc_4_3~ -

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FOUR WHEELIM' FORTRESS The 1993 GMC Suburban The middle bench seat folds down and forward and, removed gives you lots of room for storage. _ and a lot easier to wash off. controls with all the accompany-Comfort, now there's a word I ing graphics that illustrate where love and the GMC Suburban the air is being directed. Mounted delivers more comfort than you directly in the center of the dash is can use. Reclining bucket seats in the graphic equalizer, also known front with armrests all around are as tone control for the audio big and comfy; like your favorite system, and, these controls are chair at home. Midships is a bench just a wee bit out of reach for the seat, split 70/30 and we also had a average driver, so best do your third bench seat which is remove- equalizing while stopped. Electric able further back. The center mirrors are another feature, bench seat folds forward and controls are also on the drivers down and gives you lots, and I do door arm rest. The 18 foot overall length of the GMC Suburban and its elegant good looks are evident here as we are poised to head further up into the snow. If you ever want to feel like a .. drive and this was coupled to a . we were going to be in had a bit of king, sitting high up above the rest· 3.73 rear axle. this combination, snow here and there, a little mud of the world in your fortress, then with the heavy duty trailering for flavor and lots of open desert. you must try the 1993 GMC packageattachedgivesasevenand The tires were radial all season, Suburban. Big, agile, comfortable, a quarter ton gross combination not particularly suited for a lot of good looking and with four wheel weight rating. Brakes, as expected, strenuous off road activity but we drive to boot, this is a package are big and heavy duty, front discs did do some trailing over hill and that'shardtobeat.Sportinganew and rear drums with vacuum dale. lxxly in '92 and subsequent model boost and an antilock system that In spite of its size the Suburban years, the GMC Suburban is a operates both in two and four headed in the direction you handsome brute, being two inches wheel drive. Also, lnsta-Trac is pointed it in, the four wheel drive longer in wheelbase and just a here, four wheel drive which is doing exactly what it's supposed smidge shorter overall than the part time but has automatic lock-, to do. The snow wasn't very deep, older model. This "is due to the fact ing front hubs enabling shifting in three to four inches, but even with that the Suburban is now settled or out of four wheel drive at any the semi street tires we were able on the GMC full sized pickup speed. (Do not use four wheel tomoverightalongwithnosensa-body, also making it a bit over drive on dry pavement). tionofslippin'orslidin'. The only three inches lower, a couple of On the highway the GMC noteofcautionlcouldthrowinis · ·nches narrower and the door sill Suburban is fast, agile, comfort-to watch yourself off the road on height from the ground is almost able and quiet. There is almost no some of those deep short dips. The six inches lower, making it a lot wind noise as you cruise along. Suburban has a wheelbase of over easier for us guys who live in senile Accelerating to speed is fairly 131 inches, that's eleven feet and city to get in or out. quick with the big engine and high centering would be embar-The Suburban we tested came shifting up through the gears is assing. So, on those choppy little with the 7 .4 liter, 454 cid elect- effortless in the automatic trans-berms you have to hit them at a ronically fuel injected gasoline mission. We have tested other thirty or forty degree angle and engine (diesel is no longer avail-Suburbans with lots of miles on thenyoucansailrightonover.By ableinCalifomia)whichproduces the road and somewhat fewer the way, we had the opportunity 230 horsepower and 385 pounds miles off the road, but, with this to go play in the mud too but, fun of torque. Transmission is the particular vehicle we had ample as it might be, we decided snow automatic four speed with over-. rtunity to do both as the area . was cleaner, rettier to look at• ... ~, 4 ', ~.1<. ..,~· .. ., ., mean lots of storage space. Every-There is a huge console thing is heavily carpeted and lux-mounted between the front seats, urious to look at and to touch. lots of room inside. There is also Instrumentation is grouped an overhead console with sliding nicely, everything within line of compartments for maps, gloves, sight and all the analog gauges are etc., map or reading lights and legible as well as functional. additional controls for the rear Center stage is a tachometer and heat and air conditioning. Wiper speedometer with resettable controls are locatedothe left stalk odometer and just above them are of the steering column while the fuel, oil pressure, temperature rearwindowwiperanddefrostare and battery condition meters. To located under the instrument the left are the headlight switches, panel. the rear hatch open switch and on The rear access is via lift glass the driver's door, are the electric and tailgate. The glass can be door lock controls and the electric unlocked from the dash or in the window controls. To the right of usual manner, a key in the lock. the instrument cluster is the Directly inside is a full size spare AM/FM audio system. all tire which does not intrude too coupled to a six speaker system much on the cargo space. and comes complete with tape Fuel capacity is 42 gallons and cassette and immediately below even though we were in inclement are the heater and air conditioning • weather conditions most of the time we were able to get about fourteen miles per gallon out of the 7 .4 liter engine. So you are still looking at a nearly 600 mile cruising range, ample for anybody. There is plenty of room for cargo or even you and your sleeping bag in the rear of the Suburban. There is over 8 feet of depth with the center seat folded forward. The 1993 GMC Suburban is lower, narrower and, much prettier than the old .model. This Suburban sits on the full size pickup chassis and four wheel drive is available. Our overall impressions of the GMC Suburban are very good. The vehicle is very handsome, very comfortable, easy to drive on or off the road, is available with every option known to man, has great utility value, lots of towing strength and is a pleasure to drive. It's big and brutal when you want it to be and docile as required. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent behind the wheel and know that you will too! If you're in the market for something large and comfortable and easily able to tow trailers, this is what you've been . searching for. Rear glass lifts up and a full size tailgate drops down for easy loading of cargo. The new body style is certainly good looking from any angle. Page44 Three engines are available 5.7L 190hp, 5.7L 210hp and the massive 7.4L 230hp. Fuel economy ain't too great on the big engine with 4WD' but it's worth having if you're a desert or mountain freak. April 1993 :,.; .«.: Comfort abounds. The GMC Suburban gives you all the comforts of home and then some! Seats adjust in every direction and arm rests put a little more icing on the cake. Dusty Times

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CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Fenceline Rallysprints I a II . Again it was the four wheel drives who held sway over the fast times and the overall wins. First event winner Todd Bawden suffered a flat tire losing a minute and any chance at the overall, he settled unchanged in the lead position as Harris Done is off to a fine start in trying to wrest away the class championship instead of finishing a bridesmaid again. Done turned fast times most stages except the final run when George Tavares cranked up the Toyota MR 2 and set fast time of the entire rally for the final stage. Unfortunatly George had a time getting unstuck in an earlier stage relegating him to 11th in class <by the end. Norberto Gomez stepped up the pace in his Toyota Corolla to edge Topi by a .scant three seconds. Tony Shumaker got his truck By John Elkin ====================~====-----....:.P.;,;ho~to;,;,.: _;;G;.;;e;;;,<rr;,,:;g~e..;;C:.;la:;,r;.;.:.k for fifth place and three fast stage Chamyions to run Washington times of the six stages. Tony severa months prior. Tavares cranked up the Toyota Sam Moore sums up his weekend at the Fenceline Rallysprint to spectators at Glen Helen Raceway. After installing new seats in his Plymouth Arrow, Sam found h~ put the seat on the fuel pump wires, and after a few bumps they severed m the middle of stage 2. After a quick repair, Sam next broke a tie rod, and only he knows if the part failed before or after he hit a 500 pound course marking tire. It was a month late coming but after a four week rain delay the skies finally cleared, the ground finally dried enough to support the double co,effecient one rallysprints at the Glen Helen Raceway, located five miles north of San Bernardino, California. This was the eighth year in a row the California Rally Series has paid a yearly visit to this fine racing facility. Organizers Marcus Clark and yours truly were stunned to find the morning of the rally that a total of 42 drivers were entered in this year's events. A quick meeting of the minds juggled some scheduling and somehow put together a coherent starting order and at 10:40 a.m., ten minutes late, the first car left the line to traverse the 1.25 mile stage. In each event rallyists would run three stages, then a short service, then three more stages would be run in reverse. Due to the o verwhelming influx of entries the first event had to be cut short one stage, but by the second event enough attrition allowed all six stages to be completed. The stage was an eighteen· turn, all dirt affair · sporting seven hairpin turns. It definitely favored the four wheel drive cars due to the looser than usual surface and the tightness of the stage due to routing the stage through and around the various rain damage still present. Being these were the first events of the year for the 1993 California Rally Series the new class structure was implemented, splitting open class into two wheel drive and four wheel drive classifications, eliminating the GT class and retaining our stock class. The split seemed to be a good idea as Mike Gibeault's intuition proved ~e timing_im~~le, five four wheel drivers snowed, accounting for seven entries as cars at a sprint may have two drivers. In the first rally of the day it was a newcomer from the land of New Zealand ( referred to commonly as Kiwi's in rallying) that took the usual band of drivers by storm. Todd Bawden brought out a beautifully prepared Mitsubishi Eclipse 4WD, set fast time on the ~rst stage and never relinquished 1t. Todd held off the hybrid Toyota FX,16 4WD of Tony Tavares by a mere si~ seconds. DustyTlma John Brasil debuted his new Audi Quattro in third spot among the 4x4s and fifth overall. Newcomers reigned at the Fenceline as Mitch McCullough, a solo II transplant, debuted his Mazda 323GTX in a fine fourth place in class and ninth overall. The two wheel drive open class sprouted 18 entries by the start! Early on in the rally, at the end of the second stage to be exact, the pre,rally favorite, Jeff Griffin, tripped up his Volvo in the final turn and rolled the' car spectacu, larly. ]be car dropping out when an inspection found the rear diff<:_rential !ocJced up. While this class is never expected to be a walkaway Rhys Millen served notice early when• he bested Griffin by five seconds in the first stage, he also never looked -back going to his win in the class except on. stage four when the young Millen snap rolled the Mazda _MX-0 on stage; he landed on hi~ wheels ho,wever and fost only several seconds in the melee. The Pikes Peak victor took the win by 15 seconds. Ron Wood took his VW Specialties/ Screaming Squeegies Scirocco to the second place spot with clean runs. Wood held off the hard charging Matt Sweeney and his propane powered Toyota truck by just 11 seconds. In his return to the PRO Rally scene Rod Koch unmothballed the VW Fastback and proved there is no rust on his driving abilities as he cinched fourth place ahead of another newcomer, Kevin Caf, fery, who purchased the Ray Hocker Honda CRX and debuted very respectfully. The CRS Stock Class held an incredible 14 entries with all the heavy hitters showing. One front runner had already done a spectacular driving achievment. Jeff Hendricks, of Prescott, Arizona, attended a convention in Florida on Friday, hopped a plane that night and met his father Ev, at Phoenix Skyharbor at midnight. They drove six hours and arrived at the event in time to race. Also among the amazing· was a blast from the past, Topi Hynynen. While it has been four years since we have seen Topi behind the wheel he has never been far from the CRS with his TRS/USA rally parts business. Topi elected to run a Toyota Corolla, the same ~1' he lep.t to .th~ Fi~ ish Junior Once the competition got and started a head to head battle under way Harris Done started his for the win with Rui Brasil in an driving clinic to t~e rest of the Audi Quattro. In the end of the field in the Independent Maz, seewawfightTavaresemerged the da/Honda Care RX, 7. Harris victor by a mere four seconds. started out posting a five second Just ten seconds later came lead on Hynynen who was closely newcomer Mitch McCullough followed by the Toyota's of piloting the Mazda 323 into a Norberto Gomez and George solid third overall with 16 Tavares. Done set fast time in all seconds over John Brasil's Audi but two stages in the first event as entry· It is truly difficult to he won convincingly despite a last ':'.~mpletely de~ribe the competi, minute charge by George Tavares. tive spirit among these high tech Topi finished third edging Gomez cars. by seven seconds. Paula Gibeault In the two wheel drive class tooktheold510foradrivewitha Ron Wood held sway in the noticably large FOR SALE sign in Michelin shod VW Scirocco. the window, the advertising Wood turned fast time in five of campaign netted her a fifth place the six stages putting 28 seconds in stock just one second ahead of on second place Matt Sweeney. theToyoTireMitsubishitruckof Sweeney had an eventful first Tony Shumaker. stage when he overcooked a Asthedaytimeeventclosedout corner and sent the Toyota truck several people called in not able to on a wild flip over the side, into a restart event two, among them perfect headstand and back onto Lon Peterson, whose blown it's wheels. Still on the gas Matt engine did garner him the Bomb pointed the aerodynamically Out Award for the weekend. To disadvantaged truck toward the Lon's credit he did stay and help finish losing just ten seconds in work controls. Also on the no the roll. The truck proved hard to return list was Lon's teammate hurt as his co,entrant Lucinda out of the B&D Automotive StrubalsowontheLadiesTrophy stable, Sam Moore. After a failed in the same battered truck. fuel pump was repaired Sam had a Jake Dekovic is another of the · close encounter with an immov, hot new drivers who debuted at able object and smartly vowed to this rally. Using his Mitsubishi return another day after he found Starion Jake took hold of third a tie rod damaged. place in class a full ten seconds A one and a half hour break ahead of Tony Chavez in his separated the two events giving Datsun 510. Interesting to note the organizers a chance to catch that Al Chavez used the same 510 their breath, the track to be· in the rally and finished just one rnani~uraj_ by track building ace second behind his brother for Woody, and -some cars to 6e fifth in class. Rod Koch egged his repaired. VW on with three cylinders to At 4:30 p.m ( on time even!) complete the stages sixth in class. • Fenceline Rallysprint II started. .. The stock class re~ult was · dialed into the course and pulled a fourth in class, just edging Mike Gibeault in the aged but still spry 510. The DNF list was not as long as a typical Glen Helen track can produce, but in the end six cars recorded rQJ.lovers, three attained body damage of varying degrees. One car had a wheel break in stage\ while another had oil pan damage. In all the incidents that happened, including one unlucky competitor who recorded two rollovers for the day, all were unhurt. Obviously the new roll cage rules, coupled with the superb tech inspector we are lucky to have in Ron Wood have made PRO Rally a safe place to race. After the final car finished at about 9:00_p.m. drivers and crew . gathered for the presentation of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded to the first three places in each class. In addition ,Paula Gibeault was honored as the winner of the Ladies Trophy from the first event. With the postponment of the Prescott Forest Rally it puts a real question mark on if there will be another visit to Glen Helen this year. Watch the calendar sections and we will .see you when we do. Next on the CRS schedule will be the Rim of the World, May 14, 16 .in Palmdale, Calfforrua. HOWE ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR 16.5 POUNDS SIZES AVAILABLE .. 16 X 27 18X24 19 X28 19 X31 CURRENTLY USED IN CLASS 2, 8, ·& NASCAR HI-TOCH ttFF. ltttAlt .NEW OWNERS NEW PRODUCTS. FROM RACE TO PLAY QUALITY ACCESSORIES . YOU DEMAND I "STOP IN AND SEE US I • AMSOIL, AUTOFAB, CIBIE, FILLER, personalized FUEL SAFE, HELLA, KC, K~N! service ! MASTERCRAF.T, DOUG THORLEY AND MOREi . Cid --I.UVEGAS702 · :,::-,r~··:.. . 3867 s VALLEY VIEW 362 2089 RJ!::LCEU.S SAFET-YEOUIP • , , • ABF.RGLASS FENDERS OFF SPRING MTN. RD. ' . OPEN MON.UT ' April 1993 Pagc45

Page 46

t I John Keifer took advantage of others with mechanical troubles and flew over the damp terrain to win the Vet Class top honors. Carrying a little extra weight in mud, Robert Prayther got through the puddles and up the mud hills to take home the 125 class victory. Mike Cafro, a mudder from New Jersey, led the A TV division most of the race, but got stopped for a time on the hill, and came in second overall. FIRST OF 16 EVENTS IN THE FRT DISTRIO 38 CHAMPIONSHIP The Diamond.I-Shirt Barking Spider Desert Race ByFud Jim "Preacher" Loh seemed to enjoy the soggy conditions taking the lead before Check 1, dicing with challengers, but he won the race overall and t!Je 250 class points as well. Bill Adsit was the only Open Class rider having a good day, and it was a good one as he coasted to the class victory, looking nice and clean here. Whether you're on a chase crew, a racer or a 4WD enthusiast, the .Rod Hall off-road driving school can help you be your best! But be ready. .. the road isn't smooth! Pagc46 Call For Courses and Dates Great Basil CGnsultlng 2738 Chavez Dr. . Reno, NV 89502 (702) 825-8830 Photos: C&C Race Photos The kick off race of the 16 event FRT District38 championship got the season started on January 1 7 at Plaster City South. Before the race story can begin we must tell you what went on prior to the race. It started raining on Friday afternoon, stopped that night and then started in earnest about 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning. The first practice laps were described as fun. However, when the big washes started flowing, it was a different story. Terry Strauwald crossed a wash, headed south and five miles later came to one that was full. He turned around, but when he came back to the first one it was full. Stranded! He had to leave his bike and wade the river. An unhappy camper sloshed back to camp. While everyone but me was questioning if the race would go off, I kept assuring the racers that the rain would quit, the washes would stop flowing, and by race time it would be a beautiful day. I lead a charmed, if on the ~ cutting edge of life. Sunday morning dawned without a cloud in the sky and by the time the green flag dropped it was 70 degrees. There was water every-where. Instead of dust flying it was water splashing. Jim "Preach-er" Loh loved it. He took the lead before Check 1, diced with Dan Worley, the 1992 Vet champion, and then held off a late charge by· 250 class champion Craig Smith to win the first overall of the year ;ind the 250 class. Mtdway '-'·i::hrough the second lap Dan W orley's bike started cutting out. He thought it was a fouled plug. However, after changing it twice he discovered that mud had entered into the picture, and had clogged up the fuel overflow vent, starving the engine of fuel. By the time he found the trouble, John Kiefer was gone with the Vet Class victory. Only Bill Adsit in the Open class was having a good day. He coasted to the class win. Dewey Belew's day started off bad and went to worse. There was a nasty, slimy, mud infested little hill leading out of a wash that feasted on race machines. Belew was almost to the top when the bike :,pun out, and he toppled over onto Jason Corfman. Together they rolled to the bottom . However, the day was not done for mud ball Belew. On the next lap he was waved around a stuck rider into some quickmud. It took April 1993 The Desert Lites were soon moving blobs of mud, but Mike Maxwell kept his moving the fastest, and Mike won the division and his class overall. The A TVs had a bad time in the mud, but Ben Schlimme used the alternate route around the hill to win the A TV overall title, taking the lead on the last lap. four men, a crowbar, and more landedbuttfirstonhiscar.When than a few choice words to free his the laughing stopped both bike. Dewey did not complete the crawled to the finish. last lap. The A TVs disintegrated into Robert Prayther pounced on thin air, sank in the mud, swam the 125 class like a kid with a new away or check the box that says all toy. His little Buzz Bomb careened of the above. Greg Bringle left the off berms, bounced over puddles start line and never returned. and zoomed home first in class. Steve Mamer turned into a turtle, Jason Corfman survived the Dave Newland nosedived, Jim Belew Ambush to finish second in ''Cigar'' Monsegur became an ash 125 class. The Senior class was which left the racing to Mike having fun. Pat "Flatpan" Cafro and Ben Schlimme. Cafro, Flanagan never even floundered being ;i mudder from New Jersey, on his way to victory. Carlos jumped out in front and held on Kurianski roosted the "Pig until the last lap when, the hill Farmer" cuff while he was that ate Plaster City South, back wallering around in the mud and stabbed Mike Cafro. As he waited won the senior amateur amateur patiently for his turn, Ben class. Sixty plus Bob Thompson Schlimme took the long whimp said he never had so much fun route and came out first overall racingasheplowedintotheSuper ATV. A shocked Mike Cafro Senior Class win. In Class 3 for came in second. three year old bikes, the defending Rick Wessels rode his Yuha champion John Wellnitz won Chapel Hussie to the Vintage again. Class victory. "Devil" LeQnard The likes of the Desert Lites somehow coaxed his dog eating joined Team Weenie for this ancient pig into second, leaving event and weenied out. Mike Alan Leonard slithering all alone "Brown Water" Maxwell said in third on a Honda that only thank you very much as he Henry Ford could appreciate. accepted the first overall points. By the way, it rained as soon as ArtGibbsbouncedaroundinhis the awards were over. The Pilot and emerged in second. Floodpucker Racing Team's next Bryan Saasta was about to attack event is the King of the Desert in the hill when Dawnzie Jones mid-February,anditwasraininga tumbled over backwards and few days before that event also. Dusty Times

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.. , SPRING RUN 101 JUNE 26-27, 1993 7mie Va&ul~ HAR□WARE BRUSH RUN 101 SEPT. 4-5, 1993 WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACE® Crandon, Wisconsin R :df\\f .::::!ilf\J\fl/{ ···•::\f · .. }:.. \ OVER $130,000 PURSE CRANDON, WISCONSIN ONE MILE WEST OF' CRANDON ON HIGHWAY 8 RACING STARTS DAILY AT 9:00 A.M. OVER 1000 ENTRANTS IN 1992 BARN DANCE CONTACT BRUSH RUN 101 P.O. BOX 101 CRANDON, WI 54520 PHONE: 715-478-2222 FAX: 715-478-5815 \librfd Seriesof QfTRoadRacing <!II

Page 48

1 · The Bikers Celebrate New Year's Eve I by Racing the FRT Dunaway Dash VI Switching partners proved lucky for Craig Smith and Earl Roberts as they rode smartly into first overall and took first open Pro honors as well. The Budweiser / Bud Light/Bud Dry FR T Dunaway Dash VI took place at Plaster City West on December 31, 1992. The domin-ant team all season, Craig Smith and Dewey Belew changed partners for the grand finale. Smith rode with Earl Roberts and Belew with Jeff Dickerson. Hollywood could not have ripted it better. First Belew/ ickerson led, then Roberts/ Smith. At times both teams were side by side, and finally with only 18 miles to go the last partner change was made. Belew and Smith would duel to the finish. The 28 .1 mile course was one loop, however, at the ten mile mark it came real close to home check before heading out for the last 18 miles. This not only gave the thousands of spectators a fantastic view·, it allowed the teams to put fresh riders on often. Going out on the final lap Smith led Belew by seconds when the rider change was made. Jeff Dickerson, Belew's partner, picked up the pace and in the final charge to the last rider change put 50 feet on Earl Roberts, Smith's partner; thus setting up the final sprint for the spoils of victory. It was anyone's ball game up until the racers reached power slide Steve Fenton was right on form in his Desertlite Triple EEE and he won the class for the fourth time, out of five events. Photos: C&C Race Photos wash. Smith glided around the corners and pulled out just enough of a lead to seal the victory. Craig Smith and Earl Roberts finished first overall, first Open Pro. Dewey Belew and Jeff Dickerson were second overall, second Open Pro John Flores and Tim Morton finished third Open Pro. Aaron Colvin and Bron Tschumperlin won the Open Sportsman Class. In the 250 class it looked like "Preacher" Loh and Mark Girsch would win until Girsch's bike broke. That opened the door for Ironman Johnny Campbell to coast to victory. The Gag Racing team of Goldsmith and Garcia fought off mechanical problems to capture second. The first 250 Sportsman, Tom Godby was third. The 125 class turned into a battle between veteran Phil Means who teamed with Pat Murphy and Jason Corfman who had Justin Hollmann as a partner. Means and Murphy were riding in the Pro class which gave them a three minute head start over Corfman and Hollman. In the end it was just too much to overcome. Pros Means/Murphy won the 125 class with Corfman/Hollmann finishing second, first overall Sportsman. Von Medearis and Elmo Britt were third. Bill McNeer had been looking for a first overall Vet all season and he got it on New Year's Eve when he and Craig "Horda" Corda ganged up a bunch of novices and buried them. When asked afterward if they were going to claim this easy victory, mouth splitting grins said it all. Tim. "Sandbagger" Belew and John House won the Novice Class in at second Vet while Judd Neves and Bob Johnson barely beat Mike Cuff and John "It's too hot" Attrition was high in the ATV bunch, but riding away from the breakage with no troubles en route were Greg Row and Mike Cafro, first Overall A TV. Coldwell for third. The Senior/Super Seniors were once again dominated by Mike Harper and John Bilkey. Some of the other Seniors have a petition going around asking that Harper and Bilkey be made to ride in the Vet Class. Howard Kelly won the Senior Amateur Class with Dick Bird in at third Senior, first Super Senior. An old Elvis song, Heartbreak Hotel played for the ATVs. Doug Roll was in the points lead up until his bike broke before the green flag dropped. Steve Mamer, next in line saw his hopes go downhill fast when his A TV broke on the first lap and was down a lap before getting going again. This left long shot Greg Bringle in the cat bird's seat. Soon he was running third overall, as in, only two motorcycles were in front of him. The championship looked good as gold. However, to finish first, first you must finish. A broken spindle flushed Bringle's championship down the tubes. Steve Mamer graciously accepted the championship honors. Meanwhile, out in front Mike Cafro/ Greg Row rode their insurmountable lead to first overall A TV and a very healthy paycheck. Ike and Vic Bruckman finished first A TV Sportsman. Robert "Stix" Svatora had been racing an ATV 200 for many years. Today his first ever trophy read first ATV 200. Steve Fenton drove his Triple EEE Green Apple to victory for the fourth time in five events. In his only bad race of the season instead of finishing first overall Desertlite he had to settle for the Open Class win. Andy "Any" Wehe put the pressure on Fenton for half a lap before becoming a dope on a rope, and from then on Fenton had at least a half a lap lead. Bryan Saasta figured the 360 Desertlite win was in the bag. However, when he let his son James drive he broke the car and Russ Turner not only won the 360 Dunaway Dash Class he gained enough points to win the 1992 championship. Pat Stidman, defending Vintage Class Champion rode his old Husky one last time and won the class. Tracey Raybon and "Devil" Leonard ganged up on poor Lyle Markwardt, allowing Tracey to become the 1992 Vintage champion. Russ Turner inherited the Desertlite 360 lead, and he went Pat Stidman, defending Vintage Class Champion rode his · on to keep it together to win the race and take enough old Husky one last time and won the Vintage Class at the points for the 1992 championship Dunaway Dash New Years Eve Bash. ·Dewy Belew and Jeff Dickerson make a fine final charge, but fell short' by a few yards, taking second overall and second Pro easily. Justin Hollmann and Jason Corfman teamed up in the 125cc class, just missed the overall class win, but took first overall Sportsman, second 125. Bill McNeer who has been after a first overall Vet honor all season, got it on New Years Eve when he and Craig Corda won · the class by quite a margin. Pagc48· Aprll 1993 Dusty Times

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Pony Express ••• We raced the La Rana Calif-ornia 200 in Ridgecrest. Thanks for the great coverage and the picture! We ran third until our broken car was flagged off course about six miles from the finish, but we got going again in time to see third and fourth go by. Oh Well, that's racing. Keep up the good work and we'll see you in '93. Jeff Cepielik Covina, Ca a (orovtilO Thank you for the extra copies of Dusty Times and thank you very much for putting our car on the cover of Dusty Times. It was what every off road racer dreams of -no kidding. Thanks again. I am wntmg to you about a discovery I made while down in Baja for the 1000. As I was driving back I noticed many road and hotel signs painted. At first I wasn't sure what these paintings meant. After seeing a few I figured it out. Race Team l.L.B.T. had painted their name all over signs and mountains. Not only had they painted their names, bot also painted their competitors team names and slash marks across them. Just a reminder; we are in a foreign country for this race and these paintings were vandalism on government property. When I looked around to find out whose team this was, I discovered it was the team of Greg Row Racing. Supposedly Greg Row is a profes-sional racer. Obviously these juvenile acts show he or his team most definitely are not. I hope all of his sponsors see this and realize what type of person they are dealing with. To Greg Row, regardless of who on your team did these paintings, you are ulti-mately responsible since a racer is responsible for their pit crew. Also Greg, if you can't deal with competition, maybe you should sit home next race. · April Larson San Diego, CA We ho/)e you haw /Jroof of the re-s/,onsihle /wrty _for the mndalism. lt co11ld haw heen someone trying to discredit Row. We welcome a re-s/,onse from Greg Row and his team. Dusty Times My wife Carol Knupp had a photo chosen for your "Photo of the Month" in an issue you printed last year. At the time it wasn't exactly clear who had. taken this photo, as it was sub-mitted with a group from Daryl Drake. She was very disappointed that she never received recogni-tion for her work, but she is very hesitant about saying anything. If she could be recognized for this, we would be most grateful. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Daryl Knupp Buckeye, AZ Unfort111u1tdy we cannot credit a /)hotova/Jher who does not identifv their /)rints. The first lesson in _free lance /)/10tograJ)hy is to always {>lace your address stam{) lightly on the hack of each /)Tint sulm1itted for fmhlication, so there can he no do11ht aho11t who took the {)icture mu/ u•here to serul the /Jay. Thank you for the contingency check for my finish in La Rana's Class 7S. I just want to say that I enjoy your magazine very much. Keep up the good work. Frank M usica Sunland, CA Robert, Joel, and Kyle Whitted Brawley, CA Tlumks for the comJJliml'nts f dlows, we ap/1reciate your su/)/)ort too. I saw the letter from Bud Feld-kamp in Dusty Times about the BLM at Parker. I suggest he contact our new Secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbit. He is a life-long Arizonan of a pioneer family, has been our governor and has had lots of exposure to the BLM . through family and government matters. I suggest going this high because he is recently from Arizona and probably knows the BLM boss you want to deal with. I think he'll be fair and will respond to your request if you present your case clearly. On the personal opinion side of things, it sounds to me like you were victimized by a bunch of Arizona BLM bureau-crats who like most crats are not used to being held accountable for their actions to the public. Add to that the fact that they all probably felt that you were on "their" land, and probably all had their Sierra Club membership cards in their wallets. There are a bunch of them that use their power to make things tough on racers, miners, ranchers and anyone else who they don't think should be on "their land." I think Bruce will help you out. Go for it! Name withheld by request I Phoenix, AZ Year end awards banquets are always a lot of fun for us here at BFGoodrich. The opportunity to end the year by socializing with our friends in the off road Coming Next Month ••• SCORE Nevada 400 FRT King of the Desert SODA Awards Banquet & Convention MTEG Stadium Racing in San Diego WRC Swedish Rally La Rana Presidential 250 Gran Carrera de San Felipe ... Plus MUCH, MUCH more April 1993 community is a wonderful way to cap off a season. Winning awards is great too! It's flattering to get up and smile and accept the trophies and accolades for a job well done, but in BFG's case it is absolutely ridiculous for one person to get the credit. So many people go into the formula for a successful event for BFG. Because of the scope of our operations there are literally more than a hundred people at any given race by the time you add up pit workers, communications teams, and volunteers from our various teams. And for a race like last year's Baja 1000 ... I don't think I can count that high! Most of the people who make up our crews are volunteers, people who leave early from work and give up weekends with their families and friends to work! Regardless of whether or not you love the sport, that's dedication! Still others are under contract to help, but their sacrifice in terms of time and effort goes way above and beyond the call of duty. The quality of the people and quality of their work is second to none. I have never been more proud to be associateq with a group of individuals in my !ife. But the BFG crews not only make the work happen, they make up our family. To all of those in the family who gave of their time last year to help, in any way at all, we want them to know that their effort was critical to our success. The 1992 season was the best off road racing season ever for us here at BFGoodrich. We are very grateful to be associated with the many teams, companies, media and individuals we were blessed enough to work with during the year. Thanks again to everyone who allowed us to be ·a part of their team in 1992 and to all of those who made our team the one to beat! I wish I knew words big enough or powerful enough to express how much I appreciate them. Dan Newsome Manager T I A Off Road Racing Volunteers are irwited to dimh on their "Soa/) Box" and fill this s/w . .:-e with their tlwughts ahout what is good and what is not so good almut the state of the s/1ort. Your words, short of heing lihdous, u•ill he /)Tint-ed. So, send along your {>raise or damrwtion on your Soa{) Box to{)ic to Dusty Times, 2075 1 Marilla St., Clummmh, CA 91311-4408. Race Ready Products Is a full service warehouse supplylng the Off Road Industry with racing equipment from over one hundred manufacturers. Our goal Is slmple: helplng you bulld winning race cars by offering quallty parts, quick service and competitive prices. 103 Press Lane, No. 4, Chula Vista, Callfornla 91910 (619) 691-9171 UPS Shipping Daily (619) 691-9174 Visa/Mastercard FAX (619) 691-0803 Mon. -Fri. 9-6/Sat. 10-3 Dealer Inquiries Invited Race Ready Products Wishes To Congratulate The 1992 Superstition Series Champions CLASS CHAMPION *************************** Overall & 1-1600 Unlimited 2-1600 5 5-1600 Mini Truck Big Truck 9 10 Mini Mag - Todd Teuscher - Larry McCallum - Jim Abatti - Vance Allen - Ed Orozco - Roy Garcia Jr - Ben Abatti Jr - Mike Pfankuch - Joel Whitted - Rory Chenowth BUILDERS OF THE "C PROGRAM" UNDEFEATED 1-1600 FUNCO RACE CAR Page49_

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~ FAIRNOTES By Dave Massingham FAIR meetings for January and February hav.e been held at Shakey's on Orangethorpe and Harbor Blvd. in Fullerton. Looks like FAIR has found a new home for its meetings. We meet the first and third Wednesday of every month at 8:00 p.m. Anyone interested come on by. FAIR had ten entries and five finishers at the Parker 400. By class they were: 106 Jerry Penhall and Bud Feldkamp. Jerry started, went one lap and gave the car to Bud, who had two flats and exited the race course onto Shea Road to return to the main pits. BLM people stopped him for speeding and driving recklessly on Shea Road, so unfortunately the entry was DQ.ed by the BLM. 110 was Jim and Mark Temple. Jim started and ran trouble free until mile 67, where they lost an oil line and all their oil. It turned out to be a long day for son Mark Temple, who spent all day driving unknown miles and roads to find dear old dad and co-driver Doug Frazier. Better luck next time guys. Good luck in your new venture in Laughlin, NV; FAIR will be proud to say we know the Temples. Bob Richey and Tom Baker in 112 had problems right off the start with their mega buck Fortin tranny again. Tom started and later lost an oil line, and were hit by Walker, Jim Smith and~ real hard hit from Gary Hymes. Cheap shot Gary for a car in trouble. • om retired the car after barely finishing one lap. Rumor has it that Bob's car is over 'at Raceco being fitted with a new automatic. 136 was Danny Letner and Jerry Penhall. That's right, Jerry was entered in two cars. Danny started and had problems with front shocks and the motor not wanting to run up to par. Danny managed to bring it around and gave it to Jerry. Once Jerry was in, old Black Beauty started to run. Think it likes Jerry better? He had a few flats but finished sixth in class and eighth overall. In Class 10 Dick and Gary W eyhrich saw son Gary starting with brother Mark riding shotgun. Seems Gary thinks he can stop flying rocks with the back of his hand and thought he broke it. Gary had to get out after one lap and dear old dad took over. Dick had a very fast second lap, and on the last lap Dick decided to play tag with a tree. Unfortunately it wiped off the right front wheel. Dick is claiming brain fade or old age. They managed to limp back to the main pits on three wheels with son Mark outside as a counter weight. Thanks to main man Larry Ellis, he was able to bolt on a rolling wheel and Dick finished 12th in class. Hey Dick, the BLM wants to talk to you about the damage done to that poor old tree. After all the tree didn't jump out in front of you! In 1024 it was Brian Parkhouse and Willie "Checker" Melancon. Brian showed up in his 28 foot, self contained trailer with the entire family and a brand new Class 10 from Bill Varnes at Mirage, freshly prepped by Rich Fersch of Race Haus in Downey. Brian started and ran into some shock problems at Midway, then retired the car at Graham Wells with rear hub problems. This was the first time in over two years Brian DNFed, one hell of a record Brian! In 1098 Steve Myers and Mike Sullivan, with Steve starting, had a very good first lap going until he and Dave Richardson driving Sourapas' car tangled on the high speed road going into the Bouse area. I guess both cars were traveling side by side at a very high speed and bumped into each other, sending both cars over several times. It took all the duct tape, wire and zip ties to put Steve's car back together to finish ninth in class. Way to go Guys, another successful "FAIR pit stop and go." Jeff Renick and Dave Baeskens drove 549, and Jeff had some problems Friday while on his way to test. He lost a power steering pump. All went well as they were towed back and replaced it. Jeff started with no problems until reaching Midway for his schedul-ed fuel stop. His crew dumped three or four gallons and got a false reading as being full and sent Jeff on his way. About two or three miles into Osborne Wash they ran out of gas. Yours truly in my trusty red Thing went to the rescue with ten gallons of fuel. Jeff got out after one lap and Dave took over with no problems on lap 2. On lap 3 the left rear arm let go, breaking in half. End of the day for Renick and crew. In 907 were Greg Davis and Harry Dunne. Greg drove the first lap and a half with very few problems. At Graham Wells he turned the car over to the "B" team of Harry Dunne and sidekick Ron Honea. That's when all the trouble started! Spun a rear hub, got hit while doing repairs, no one hurt, next the battery died going to Parker battery heaven. They were able to obtain another battery and jumper cables from Rich Fersch at Midway, which Ron carried in his lap. Several times they had to jump start it, and on the last lap, just as they reached the black top before the finish, the spare battery died. Harry used his charming person-ality and woke somebody up and got a jump. They managed to be the last vehicle to finish with ten minutes to spare. Way to go Harry and Ron, no sense in rushing these things. Last but not least Dean Matsuoka and Paul Duffy drove 765, our new FAIR members first race in their very nice looking stone stock red, white and blue Nissan mini truck, with Paul starting behind the wheel. Even after working late Friday night to correct a minor problem with the rear leaf shackles, to satisfy SCORE, Paul only went a few miles. He roasted the clutch and starter due to stock gears in the rear end. The soft sand got to them early. End of Parker report. At the February 3 meeting all paid up members were given a new FAIR handbook. This book Trackside Photo, Inc. Racing photography since 1970 We covei: all La Rana, SCORE/HDRA, and Calif. Rally Series events. When you need action photos, call us! Call us for: Calendars• Press Kits• Photo Business Cards• Autograph sheets Page50 P .0. Box 91767 Los Angeles, callfornla 90009 (310) 670-6896 Ap,1I1993 is a collection of history and information about FAIR. Thanks to new member Jim Enders, of Sir Speedy in Santa Fe Springs for printing them. Anyone having printing requirements, give him a call at (310) 921-3918 or talk to him at the meetings. All who would like a book, pay up your dues or talk to nie about it. Entry in the La Rana Race Feb. 27 in Barstow shows we will have enough to roll the FAIR van. Jim Enders and Frank Omboli will be race managers and drive the van to Barstow and race Frank's 5-1600. Work party is Saturday Feb. 20 at 9 a.mat Jim's Sir Speedy Print on Firestone Blvd. in Santa Fe Springs. Jim will furnish coffee and donuts. Lita Whitehead, wife of Tom Whitehead, famous Class 9 husband and wife team at La Rana races, has volunteered to be our new membership person. She will keep up the membership list, track dues and send out notices when dues are due. Thanks Lita. Harold and Teri Nicks of Parker Pumper fame showed up with their new addition to the family, two month old son Ian. Bet Grandpa Garf is real proud. SCORE, Sal and Danny received a four page letter from IDRA's George Thompson dated December 28, 1992, a follow up on the Class 1 & 2 split. At our meeting Dec. 16 we decided Tom Martin of the famous "Martin Brothers Racing T earn'' was going to put his efforts where it counts not where it hurts. We had a discussion with Sal and Danny at that meeting about the split. It was decided there were too many things happening with the merger, so the split issue was put on the back burner. George recreated all the information from last Feb. and Oct. 1992 polls of the class. We are waiting for an answer from SCORE. I would like to congratulate all the new members. I will have a complete list next time. We are looking for small raffle donations at each meeting, hats, T shirts, cool cups etc. would be good ads for your business. Thanks for your time. AffENTION PIT TEAMS Send us your tales of triumph and troubles and they will be featured on these pages. Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 PIT TEAM REGISIER I Grr' 4£ 'BOYS ~A'DY, MA\./! -1'HfRE's A KLUNKER A·COMtN-f CHAPALA DUSTERS Evan Harbottle, President (909) 676-8625 Matt Hanson, Race Director (714) 951.nss CHECKERS Russ Butow, President 28447 Aldee Park Canyon Country, CA 91351 (805) 251-5970 John Files, Pit Coordinator 22311 Kentlleld Grand Terrace, CA 92324 (714) 945-4159 or 783-4459 C.O.R.E. Kevin McGllllvray, Race Director 33722 Agua Dulce Canyon Road Agua Dulce, CA 91350 (818) 574-4053 F.A.I.~. Dave Masslngham, Race Director 16269 Placid Dr. Whittler, CA 90604 (714) 634-7697-(714) 634-2307 DESERT RACE SUPPORT Carol Clark President 13442 Kiowa Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-3122 I.D.R.A. George Thompson, Director 343-D Montezuma St., #19 Prescott, AZ 86303 (602) n6-85:?8 LOS CAMPEONES Andy Felix, President 1069 So. Santa Fe Vista, CA 92083 (619) 726-0130 MAG7 Bruce Cranmore, Race Director 11244 Horizon Hills Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 440-3737 TIGHT TEN John Lippitt, Race Director 153 Lindell Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 448-5500 (619) 447.795 BAJA EXPRESS RACING TEAM Hayward Mendenhall 15518 Le Floss St Norwalk,CA (213) 864-0893 We welcome all Support Team news artides. Typed and double spaced copy is acceptable. Copy deadlines vary slightly, usually by the tenth of the month to make the next issue. To liat your pit dub here, send the infonnation to DustyTimes. The service is free. Please send us a list of your current pit club contacts, especially those who are not listed here at all. DustyTimcs

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The Straight Poop From The Big Wahzoo face for a few pre,race comments. This serious lapse of judgment not unexpectedly cost him a $5 fine at the post,race meeting. ANNUAL AW ARDS BAN, QUET , About 130 of the Checker faithful gathered at i Thumper's Elks Lodge in Azusa PARKER 400 , With the tohonorthedeedsofsomeofour exception of the usual 4 million own. All the horror stories about various kinds of cops that this location proved to be false descend on the area, the first affair and the Elks turned out to be great of the new bigger SCORE series hosts. These folks can definitely went off without any major pour some drinks and cook some hitches despite the heavy rains good steaks. Another pleasant that had recently drenched surprise was the band. 'Jamming Parker. The Checkers fielded nine with Marty's kid' turned out t be cars with six finishing, two of just that! This Ridgecrest band which won their class. The Cllks had the dance floor full every time had a flawless run to start off the they played. year in the brother's 5,1600 car. First up were the customary Alan, Daryl and Wayne all took a Checker Appreciation Awards to lap on their way to an impressive our out,going Officers, along with 30 minute win over one of their awards going to Mansker and own Brother Checkers. Congratu, Crowley for their keeping of the lations Guys! Garage, and to George Thompson In his first race as a full for his IDRA work. Next up was member, Peter Rosenstein was our own Dr. Checker who first in Class 11 and 3rd in the presented his 17th annual version combined stock category in his of the infamous Doctor Checker green VW. Atta Boy Rosy! Awards. His awards were unique Howard Anderson beat every, as always, and I'm sure one of body but the Cooks in 5,1600 Kassanyi's awards next year will class to earn a fine second place surely depict- a miniature Jeep finish, and Seeley comfortably imbedded in a miniature mud settled into his regular 3rd place hole, which he will of course spot in Class 5. present to a most deserving Kevin Davis, who apparently is member. getting a little sensitive about Two Pitter of the Year awards some recent "cherry pickin' " were given out this year and Gary remarks by his Checker buds, Randal was one of them. Gary clicked off a first lap three shared this top honor with minutes faster than the next another quiet Checker Frank fastest Class 1,2,1600 car to Ayola.BothoftheseCheckersare convince any doubters and lead newer members, with Frank being the 17 car class. Unfortunately, just a prospective member at the he sprung an oil cooler leak first of the year. Congratulations shortly thereafter which slowed guys, our rim,benders couldn't his pace and forced him back into do it without ya! Two Pit Captains a fourth place finish. Bill oftheYearwerealsohonored,and Robertson rolled Holladay's open this years high point Checker was caronthefirstlapandittookover not to be denied. Thumper an hour and a half for him and his McDowell earned over 51 points dad to get it back over on its in '92 and proved to be the most wheels. Hey Billy, what the hell likely Checker you'd see if ya did ya do, roll it into a mine shaft? had'a stopped into a Checker Pit They finally did get it going and last year. Big John Files was a close the team finished 12th in Class runner up with 46, impressive 1/2.SteveKelley,whogotanew when you consider that he ride this year and is not pitting announced his retirement shortly with the Club, was fifth in Class after the first of last year. l / 2 and sixth overall. Good racin' Congratulations to these top two guys! The Club had a good Pit captains, plus Reverend Roy, turnout for the start of the season Vance Scott and Keith Dennis and a good time was had by all, who rounded out the top 5 Pit with the following exceptions: Captains who also earned Club Ken Miller broke on th.~ first lap, jackets this year. Koch blew a motor on the first Our Checker Rookie of the Year lap, and Chase's front suspension this year terrorized the leaders at gave way on the second lap. the La Rana series all year long. RADIO ST AR, Anybody that This embryo Checker had 3 -class has been up to the Parker Race wins and 2 second overalls in his recently has more than likely l,2,1600car, plus the class Points tuned into the local AM radio Championship. Congratulations station during the race to listen to Kevin Davis. the honor of totheir live coverage of all beingnamedCheckerDriverofthe the goings on. This year their Year was bestowed on the father expert color commentator and and son team of Gary and BJ chief interviewer was none Bates. This was a popular choice other than our own Max Norris. of two Checkers that had a great Uncle Max started out the year of off road racing, which broadcast with interviews of consisted of four class wins, 2 selected drivers lined up before second places and the Class 5 La the start of the race. Not Rana Points Championship in surprisingly, all of our Checker 1992. Congratulations Guys! drivers got plenty of air time, To the surprise of few, Jeff including Rosenstein who confi, Hibbard was honored by the Club dently guaranteed a class win for as the Checkers Man of the Year the Checkers. Naturally, Max was for '92. Al though some may kind enough not to mention that question his tact, few could fault PeterwastheonlyClass 11 entry his results. I'm sure most in the race. Then surprisingly, members would agree that this when Uncle Max was well on his has ben one of the Checkers better way to a big Checker atta boy, he years, and the Wahzoo would like unexpectedly stepped on hi_s to add an atta boy and a hearty johnson. It seems Max just seig,heil to our out,going Prez. couldn't resist sticking his CongratulationsJeff,yadidgood! microphone in Tokyo Rosie's The awards ceremonies ended Dusty Times on a humorous note with a number of Special Awards presented. Hibbard awarded an envious Gary Lane his favorite X, rated T ,Shirt, along with a Checkered canned ham going to Rosenstein to recongnize his enduring sense of good humor. Peralta presented his 4th Annual Butt,Head of the Year Award to both BJ and Ta Ta for their big fight in the middle of the Motorized Balloon Joust at the Summer Party. If you remember, these two Butt,Heads tried to duke it out while both were wearing full face helmets. Butch Dunn then presented official Checker Certificates of Upgrade to both Doug Brown and Kevin Davis for their questionable attitudes at the recent Parker Race. And finally, as his last official act, Hibbard awarded the dildo hat to his year long nemesis to keep forever. Peralta graciously accepted and donned his Checker Dickhead of the Year hat. But, showing out from below the big plastic penis now protruding from his forehead, Lou wore a sly grin which would probably indicate that Jeff probably hasn't seen the last of the hat yet! A raffle followed, then the band took over and everybody partied into the AM. ELECTIONS , The secret ballot results of this years election of Club Officers was announced at the Awards Banquet. 1993 will see the Club run by the capable team of Russ Butow and Dennis Crowley. This new Prez and vice, Prez duo promised to carry on the Club's activities in the highest of Checker traditions throughout the year. Vance Scott was also elected as Club Secretary, and oddly enough Burak was once again put in charge of all the money! A big congratulations goes out to all our new Club Officers, and a reminder that the Wahzoo will be watching closely. DUES, If ya haven't paid your '93 dues by now I think you might have already been dropped into that lowly status of non,Checker. PIT FEES, If ya haven't heard, starting this year drivers pit fees are due on/ or before the Wednesday night meeting before the race, or else it's time and a half! GAYS IN THE CHECKERS? Over the years the Club has successfully defeated, and/or been ignored by, the growing feminist movement. But, accord, ing to the latest news, there now appears to be another similar group that might soon be demanding to be accepted. Well, the ol' Wahzoo suggests that the Club should get out front on this issue early by possibly inviting a handsome spokesman from a local gay bar down as our guest speaker some Wednesday night? This would not only be a good hoot, but after we're through quizzin' him, we could feed him to Sugar? But no, seriously now. The Checkers have always been open to any man who can make the grade and carry his load, whatever his color or mind set. I offer the follo~ing current examples: Struyck & Kiski, both ex,Viet Cong; Rosenstein, our token heb; Banks, an African currently operating out of Harbor City; Saul, the Club raghead; Espino, Casillas & Peralta, all suspected illegals; and of course, under miscellaneous, ya gotta count Paul Day and Ferd. Hell, we've even got a couple of members that have admitted to havin' an affair with a farm animal, so it's hard to see any reason why a fag would be a problem. I mean, just so long as he can keep his hands to himself! See ya all next Wednesday ... CHAPALA DUSTERS RACE REVIEW \ By H. Hl..'ni..'S1..'Y The Chapala Dusters made a fine showing at the Parter 400 with 11 cars entered (last year's divided series also had divided our total entries at each race). It's great to have the show of numbers at the upgraded SCORE Series! In Class 1, Morley Williams had the Ma:da flying on the first lap until Swansea where the transmission decided it had had enough. They spent the day exploring until they were able to talk a guy in a Bronco to tow them to Midway. (Arrival way past sundown!) Morley has promised a much stronger transmission/ showing at the Nevada 400. George Erl was out for the first time in his 10 car, bringing in a sixth place finish, while Mark Fry held on for a 10th place finish in his 10 car. The team of Duke Perrin and John Valdez had a tough day in the C lass 10 Meco car, completing the first lap, but not being able to make it around on the second and third. Dennis Hight and co,driver Jon Kennedy II came so close in Class I '2,1600, finishing less than two minutes out of the lead. This was a real close race, as the third place finisher was less than three minutes behind them! Lady Luck ( or should I say Ladies Luck since the passengers were Debbie Hight and Jennifer Hodges) smiled down on them and handed Dennis Hight his best finish ever! Fred Wing had a long day in his 1600 car, starting the day with a rollover at Mile 30, then having to visit the pit crew at Midway for a fresh tire and some oil. He continued on 'ti! the end of the second lap, where he changed yet another tire and a belt, and came THE DESERT PROTECTION BILL IS BACK! Check Out The Up to Date Information In This Month's TRAIL NOTES. April 1993 around to an 8th place finish. ' Danny Porter had a rough first lap of over five hours, but was able to , have good second and third laps to pull out a 13th in class. The 1600 car of Jim Joyce was ahead of the pack on the first and second laps, but their luck ran out on the third lap, when Jim's co, driver went wide on a turn out in the Swansea area. Unfortunately, the car ended up in a pond, with the water deep enough to give the driver just enough time to get out. However, he was not alone, as another car also ended up at the same spot. They were able to get the other car out, but it took a trip back on Sunday to retrieve Jim's 1600 car! In Class 9, Craig Bernal solo'd to a sixth place finish, while Pat and Helen Henesey had one of those days. You know, the kind where you have to replace the hall joints on three separate occasionsr,.-., then haw the torsion bar break about 60 miles from the finish, limping it in for a ninth in Class. Don Garhis had his Class 9 car out to a SCORE race for the first time, but he never even got into the driver's seat. His co,driver Scott Weers had a nasty oil pressure problem at mile 22, maybe it was that hole in the case ... The pit crews were on their toes all day long. I know I saw Mike "Hoss" Cunningham out at Midway looking real, real tired at about 11 :30 p.m., and the stories were still being told at the Main Pits well past Midnight. I also heard Gary Porter was serving up a terrific spaghetti dinner. I guess..._ that was to keep all those folks manning the pit happy. Thanks to all the folks manning the pits until the very last car came in. The Chapala Dusters meet every second Wednesday of the month at the Me,N,Eds Pi::a on Garden Grove Blvd. in Garden Grove at 7:30 pm. This is a fantastic group of people interest, ed in having a great time off road racing. If you are interested in joining the Chapa la Dusters ·as a racer, or just want to find out what it is all about as pit support, call Evan Harbottle (Pres) at (909) 676--8625 or \1att Hansom ( Race Director) at (714) 951, 7755 for more information. I Simplythe Be&! Fuel Safe's Pro Cell Racing Bladders are designed to meet or exceed the highest performance and safety standards set by all of the major racing associations. Top Racers, like Robbie Gordon, demand the best and so should you. Fuel Safe Racing Cells • The Champions Choice! At your local dealer now! e Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. 18062 Redondo Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 842-2211 (800) 433-6524 (Outside CA) SAFETY ... It's what we're all about. Page 51

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!JIN(()fi't1.l}if 1-'L=. F-"ll-<...>F-~lv1AIV<.:: I:= I "F-'1', ~,-.,_I<' f .. "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax(714)444-1622 MIKE MENDEOLA 10722 Kenney St. C-D Santee, CA 92071 42425 5th St. E. Unit C Lahcaster, CA 93535 42425 5th St. E. Unit D Lancaster, CA 93535 (619) 562-9010 Fax (619) 562-9079 Bill Varnes 805-940-5513 Fax 805-940-5514 Racing Product, Pete Alamar 805-940-5515 Fax 805-940-5514 Ro£tcl Bussy Supply Telephone : (714) S3S-4437 (714) S~S-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim,CA 9280S Race Car Chassis Race Car Parts Aluminum bodies 1/2-1600 Motors And Trans Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, Az. 85~65 (602) 783-6265 • 1(800)231-8156 Fax (602) 783-1253 OFF ROAD CHASSIS &~/}'~ BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA Off ROAO PREPARATION FOR TRUCKS, VANS, 8< MINI TRUCKS PRE-RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SUSPENSION COMPLETE AXLE SERVICE • WELDING & FABRICATION Bill Montague Est.1974 (714) 761·9460 (714) 521-2962 _/jj I liJ!tllllilP!l/ lilllllltilnll RACE VEHICLES & STREET RODS SPECIALIZING IN • CHMSls-ausnNS/ON • HANO FORMED ALIIMINUM WORK -CUSTOM HEADERS •flfACEPREP (805) 461-1949 (805) 461-1447 RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914's RICHARD LILL V LAURA LILLY • S.B. ENGINEERING rORKERLY S'!JPE!.! bCJt:l.r NOW IN NEVADA (702) 372-5335 (213)583~240'.+ fmfilJ~iPsERVICE, INC. ~ ~ETAL PROCESSING _59ZI W;Jmington Avenue Los Ange/cs·. Ca/itorn,a 90001 SANOBI.AST Mark Smitt:i GLASS READ FLOURESCENT INSPECTIOI'< MAGNETIC PAATICAL Larry Smith S!!!M~E,~! (;,tP17 Computerized Vinyl Lettering f< 4 C. _ 'r-~ -V ,c.... TIM CECIL 1 C 1~ ~~ s. 4010 N. Palm Street, #103, Fullerton, California 92635 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 870-9132

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LEADED/UNLEADED Lancaster, CA ................................. (800) 462-9499 Las VeQas. NV ................................. (702) 643-9_20.0 Van Nuvs, CA .................................. (818) 786-8180 Riverside, CA ................................. (714) 877-0226 s~~ Diego CA ................................. (61 ~ 691-9~171 ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT SPORTS RACING P.O. BOX 7835, LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 (714) 363-1236 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS BODY PANELS & HOODS · BILL STROPPE MOTORSPORTS, INC. 2330 Cherry Industrial Circle Long Beach, California 90805 (213} 634-2730 Jaime Martinez , SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabrication* Flame Cutting * Front Ends * Custom Chassis* Race Prep* Custom Lt-Weight Trailers Mtg'r of Blue Flame Products (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 Suspension Components SAW Performance, Inc. 20755 MARILLA ST. • CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-700-9712 FAX 818·700-0947 NEED A SPONSOR? Professional Racing Resumes $25 High quality computer generated documents for the polished, professional image you need to convey. For information send self addressed stamped envelope to: TTR Enterprises P.O. Box 2381, El Cajon, CA 92021 TOTAL -PERFORMANCE Race Prep. Roll Cages Tube Bumpers TOMMY BRADLEY Tube Bending Nerf Bars ._\-~~~~::1(7~~~Suspensions 702-736-4406 2520 E Sunset Rd #4 Las Vegas, NV 89120 Starlet Corolla Toyota Rally Spares Tel. (818) 765-5542 Fax (818) 764-1051 Trackside Photo, Inc. Jim Ober Topi Hynynen/TRS USA 310-670-6897 Commercial Photography P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 Custom made Any style or size (800)788-3969 !!~ c.a.b-NACE THANS BY JEFF f/ElllS TRfiNSflXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 91311 TRANSMISSIONS We Race What We Sell WEST •J.· ~ 0~ Kevin Plrtle 800/435-0418 310/782·2413 22545 S Nonnandle Ave., Torrance, CA 90501 TURBO BLUE Racing OasaOntlS 8446 Garfield Ave.• Bell Gardens, Ca. 90201 ., (310) 928-2278 Lyn Mocaby Mike Mocaby Gordon Culp (u'.MP) 619/449-9690 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10223 PROSPECT AVENUE SANTEE CA 92071 CUSTOM SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CLEANER SYSTEMS FUU LINE OF POWER STEERING FOR AU TYPES OF RACING & RECREATIONAL VEHICLES PRODUCTION SHOP (TABS, BRACKETS, BODIES, ETC.) \~-Df~ ANO fUM.\'y • ~~ ~'j.~_A,, I $~/~IS',: ~] VAtftlV .Aw:.ef~-~~M/Cg/0/11 447-4353 ~--1158 NORTH 2ND ST.• EL CAJON, CA 92021 ta! ; V' GREG BOEHM ~ Intelligence on anew level. Introducing the new SMART LEVEL! A digital inclinometer with up to 0.1° repeatable accuracy. It will zero to any angle and can be re-calibrated. Ideal for chassis building, body fabrication, fixture work or anywhere precise' angular measurement is a must (such as wheel camber/caster settings, wing angles, etc.). Camber adjusting fixture t available separately for $59.95. =-$,:WATKINS /IIIITIIFI 710SecondAW. Aodwood Cly, CA-PH 800-383-0IOI FAX41-7-4106 . 'HS• WEB-CAM PERF sports winning drive professionals befor Our dedication to you on top. Call WE for street , strip an $3 for the compl s79ss ~WEB-CAM -~RFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS (714) 369-5144 . . John Weddle Chris Weddle Weddle Engineering: Performance Transaxle Products Gear Sets, Super-Diffs, Bearing Retainer Plates Complete Racing Transmissions P.O. 13ox 15466•Long Beach, CA 90815 (310) 598-2731.

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ADAM WIK 535 E. Central Park Anaheim, CA 92802 (714) 956-WIKS • Computerized Dyno • Flow Bench Facility • Tum Key Racing Engines PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING CONSULTANTS EDWIN C . JACOBS Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels Engines more Trail Notes ••• c,,::S BAJA RELIEF MISSION -The Day Racing-Fiesta Ford off road racing team of Indio, CA, in cooperation with Valvoline Inc, BFGoodrich and SCORE Int. distributed truck loads of food to hundreds of flood ravaged victims of the back country around Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Trucks were loaded with food and other staples funded by Valvoline in preparation of their 7 a.m. departure two days after the Parker 400 in which the team won Class 7S. The food and staples were purchased at Vons Market in Coachella. It was the enthusiasm and hard work of Vons store manager Bob Shigematsu that helped make the trip so successful. A convoy of four off road vehicles and support personnel donated by Fiesta Ford/ Day Racing, headed for the Mexican border where they were met with smiling faces and open arms including the Mayor of Ensenada, Jose Palacio de la Fontaine, other Mexican officials and press. The group departed for various destinations throughout the back country of the upper peninsula where the need for immediate aid was greatest. The convoy was faced with nearly impassable roads, even for their off road vehicles. At times flood waters were so deep the trucks were buried to the top of the wheel wells in water. In many places the roads had been totally washed away and new trails had to be blazed. According to Fiesta Ford owner Mike Burns, the distribution of foods and staples was complete in time for his staff to return home Wednesday evening. "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to give something back to these people who so unselfishly open their homes and hearts to us. Dan Skahill of Valvoline had generously agreed to fund the food expenses. With the support of SCORE CEO Sal Fish our people were ready to supply the vehicles and labor to see that these stricken families receive these much needed supplies." Our thanks to all involved for helping out our back country pals in Baja. . COLORADO OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS -The 1993 racing season is shaping up with a race confirmed at Island Grove on May 29. There is also a tentative date 'at Island Grove in October, not confirmed yet. We are negotiating with CSU and the City of Fort Collins to put on some races in the old Football Stadium that sits in the middle of town. It will be a wonderful facility for races if we can agree on a lease. We have come to an agreement with 1-76 Speedway in Fort Morgan to put on rnces there, but they have not completed their schedule, so our dates are still up in the air. We thank Ted Douglas for getting the foot in the door at 1-76 Speedway. We are also talking with the Fair Board and some of the people who used to be a part of Western Kansas Racing before the club disbanded. There is some interest in a fair race, at St. Francis, and that should finalize in the next few weeks. The Rocky Off Road Association (RORA) is being formed by people who have been a part of our racing for several years. Their purpose is to be more responsive to the needs and wants of Quad and Odyssey racers. RORA will help formulate rules for Quads and Odysseys and work with Bertram Productions to enforce the rules. For information about RORA call Max or Cathy Ornelas, (303) 663-1684 or Brian or Juli Cox at (307) 635-4108. Check with Bertram Productions for the latest on the car rules and the race schedule at 15073 Highway 119 Rt 4, Golden, , CO 80403. The 1993 rule books are ready for most classes. There are some rule changes, mainly in the competition rules. For example this year there will be no Driver/Rider substitutions; the rule book states whoever registers at the race will accumulate points under their own name in 1993. CAMEL TROPHY UPDATE-There were four finalists competing for the USA in the finals in Europe, after tough trials in Grand Junction, CO. The quartet traveled to England in January for training in rigouous off pavement driving techniques, bridge building and winching. In February they went to Italy pitted against teams representing 15 other nations, and out of those international trials came the final two man team that will drive a turbo diesel powered Land Rover Discovery flying the US flag in a 1000 mile adventure around the Malaysian state of Sabah on the island of Borneo next May. Michael Hussey, a geologist from Middelbury, Vermont and Tim Hensley, a plumber from Portland, Oregon will be canying our colors on the 1000 mile enduro. Michael Marsilio of Dallas, Texas and Matt Tanner of Durango, Colorado were named as alternates for the American team. Dusty Times PRESIOENT 900 STATE MILL ROAD AKRON, OHIO 44319 (216) 644-7774 By Tony Tellier Jimm Smith Larry Ragland Ivan Stewart Bob Gordon Rob MacCachren Fortin r Evans Simon and Simon Steve Hallada Bob Richey Brian Collins Lots o' Herbsts Danny Letner Robby Gordon Jason Baldwin Stuart Chase Steve Kelly John Gaughan Swift, John Dave Ashley Steve Sourapas 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix. N. 85017 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077 SCORE International Nevada 400 March 13, 1993 The Hot Scoop Wheel-er Dealer is Ultra-trick and Ultra-fast. H2()-bed man tired of tire problems - needs this one for Jon. Bet a ainst the lronman? No wa . Almost did it at Parker -wh not at L V? On a roll. Local boy could make good -or even better. Can he keep it on the road? Needs to finish! Never count the man in the cowbo hat out. Nevada too technical for 1000 champ? Perhaps. Solid team needs five more m h. Won San Felipe in pre-runner; but no freebies in Ve as. The Big Dogs need to have trouble for Gold Coast champ to automatica/1 win. Light cars an advantage - and they know the area. Terrible Tim, Ed or Troy are this Tout1s Top Ti . Car now too old for "new car blues" excuse. Needs to kee bod parts intact. Certainly fast enough. Could do it - if carries own tools. '92 Cham 's team has three cars too man . Something could develop here - but spends too much time on his lid . New V8 Jee needs fine-tunin . Vegas team would love to Coast - but who wouldn1t? Who woulda ever thought a "6" could be in the To Ten? 4 WD may be too Rough Riding for the Rock Garden. Days of Class "1 O" winning Overall are gone forever. FOR SALE 1 :1 2:1 2:1 2:1 2:1 5:1 5:1 10:1 10:1 15:1 15:1 15:1 20:1 20:1 25:1 50:1 50:1 50:1 50:1 50:1 100:1 FOR SALE: 1988 FORD F250 DUALLY, 4 Wheel Drive, Two Door Extra Cab, Fully Equipped: Electric Windows/Door Locks, AM/FM Cass, Custom Exhaust, Alcoa Aluminium Rims, New BFG Tires, Custom Paint, Bed Liner, Very Low Miles, $16,500.00 OBO cau 909-924-222& 21,000 original miles Aprll 1993 Pagc57 ..J

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: 1990 2 seat Class 10, 1650 Rabbit, Wright coil front end, Summers discs, axles, Woods arms, Fox Shocks. 930 c.v.'s. Also 2000 Pinto engine, 4 Mikuni's & more. Everything in great shape. $6,500.00 firm. Call Jamie in PA (717) 544-3731. FOR SALE: Chenowth Mini Mag, fresh top end, fresh shocks, Aluminum radiator, UMP, 14 tires & wheels, dump cans, 3 radios, many spares. $11,000.00. Dico 20'Box enclosed trailer w/ air, sink, toilet, fridge, shower, water heater, 40 gals water, 40 gal fuel tank, electric brakes. $4,500.00 Call Dave at (310) 540-0996. .. " FOR SALE: 1979 Chevy :class 8 legal pre-runner, 377 cubic inch, Turbo 400, Sandy Cone 9" full floater, Chrisman 4: 11 center section spool, Nelson & Nelson shocks (10), Fiberglas front end, full roll cage plus many extras. Call (909) 824-1000 or (909) 653-9519, ask for Dale. FOR SALE: Full race Nissan Pathfinder, 18n front, 21 n rear wheel travel, 9n full floater, quids change transfer case, turbo 400 trans., fuel injected V6, Kuster shocks. BEST OF EVERY-THING. Over 200k. invested, many spares, $79,000.00. Call (510) 429-9400 days, (510) 794-8456 nites/ weekends. FOR SALE: 1988 NISSAN 4x4 RACE TRUCK. Auto trans, full floater, 4 wheel discs, Fox shocks, many spare parts. $10,000.00. Call (510)429-9400 8 to 5, (510) 794-8456 nite/ weekends. O R SALE: Jeep Scrambler, SODA class 3 multi engi nes, transmissions, transfer cases, axles, body panels, sets of Rancho shocks, Beard seats, radios , wheels. All spare parts & trailer. A real turnkey. 4 time world champion. Serious inquiries only. (608) 781-1957. A : FOR SALE: Chenowth Class 10 car including Wright Steering rack, UMP power steering, Fox shocks, Neal, 4 wheel disc, Summers Bros. spindles, hubs & rear axles. Parker Pumper air . filtration system, Beard seat, Type I VW (Porsche) 1648cc by Lee Leighton. 22 gallon Fuel Safe cell, rear Kernut drive assembly w I outboard 930cv's that achieve a true 15" of rear wheel travel. $10,500.00 (909) 279-9470. i FOR SALE: 1990 Mirage class 10 Toyota 4AF motor, Fox shocks, Wright front end, Summer disc . brakes, power steering, bus trans, Centerlines, rear trailing arm damaged. Must sell! $8,200.00 w/ trailer. $5,200.00 w l o motor obo or trade. ( 415) 365-7789 or (415) 594-0766, ask for Mark. FOR SALE: Class 1 Curnutt, Raceco, Toyota single seater. Complete turnkey car. All the best equipment. Proven winner. Must sell $12,000.00. Call (805) 269-1494 for info. FOR SALE: 1989 U .D. Truck, 1800 G.V.W. Turbo 6 cyl, (6.9) Diesel engine, exhaust brake, low FOR SALE: 35' Chapparel goose miles, 14' custom bed, excellent neck trailer, plumbed and wired. condition. $18,500.00. 1985 3 35 gallon water tank, awnings, axle 44' Competitive trailer. roof mount tire racks. Ex Work bench, 5KW generator, Goodyear support trailer. .air, lights, excellent condition. $5,495.00 So. Calif (909) 381-$11,800 .00. Call ( 510) 4 20-4088 days, ask for Jim Brown. 9400 days or (510) 794-8456 - '--· · nites/ weekends . ...,....-----.--. . -/ ·::.,.~: only 250 miles on complete rebuild, Wright, UMP, powder coat, spare engine & trans, 930's, 400M bars, Fox shocks, Master-craft, 118,,. wb, lots of spares, turnkey, race ready. $6, FOR SALE: Chenowth class 10 2 (510) 783-2342 days WILL seaterdesertcar.Foxshocks,Fire FOR SALE: Rally Car, 1986 FOR SALE: 1978 Dodge Kari- DELIVER! FOR SALE: '91 Chenowth 101 ", Out system, Parker Pumper, Fuel Dodge Omni GLH (Turbo). Van, motor home style, air WANTTOGET AWAY FROM powder coat neon green, alurni-Cell and more. Older car in Ready to race. Fresh engine & conditioning, birch cabinets, IT ALU 871,200 square feet of num front beam, IRS, Neal excellent condition. Great pre-trans. $5,900.00. Fully equipped stove, twin bed folds up, seats 6 , pine trees, approximately 6000 pedals, Leighton trans, 486 Super runner. $7,000.00 obo. Call w/spare tires, wheels or make captain chairs, bottom tool box feet up; enjoy a four season Diff,Turboc.v.'s, fresh 1915.full (805)528-2791. offer. Call (313) 479-4100 or enclosed, fridge, excellent tow rig climate located in the Tehachapi flow heads, roller rockers, 44 FOR SALE: 1991 Ford Class 8, (313) 782-0990 or (313) 525-for any race team. Bright red mountains, behind locked gates. Webers,Tri-Mil,Bilstdns,dirt& builtbyPenceOffroad.351SVO 0879. Porsche paint, big smoked 20 acres of pure isolation. 2 pads paddle tires, with 16' flat hed dry sump, Summer Bros full FOR SALE: Class 5 Major windows not installed yet. ready6or loukr mountain hide-a-trailer w /storage bed. Over floater rear end, Kuster shocks, Performance VW 2l76 engine. $9,500.00offerortrade.Clayton way. veroo s entire Antelope $15,000.00 invested, Glamis dual radiators in rear. Driven by Mendeola trans w /Hewland (702) 355-7440 or (702) 747-Valley. Easy in and out on graded ready.$5,900.00 obo. Call Mike Dave Hockers Off Road Racing. 6431 road. Call Don at (805) 268-(909) 596 1020 s d · '92 · C JI (414) gears, Fox shocks, Beard seats, · 1644_ - · econ m pomts. a _ Wright components, Sway-A-BORROWED from car #551 at ------------WANTED: Co-driver, very 339-0315 De Pere, WI. Way, UMP power steering, Fuel Gold Coast. 1 spare tire on offset WANTED: 5-1600 Baja. Must be competitive, top of the line. FOR SALE: Class 1 short course Safe cell. Car is all new with "O" Centerline. I need it back! Please, 1992 SCORE legal, top quality Single seat Class 9. You need to be race car. Built by Unique Metal miles. Race prepped. $12,500.00 you used it, now please return it. fabrication only. "Tall Mans approx. 6' & not afraid to spend Products 4130 chrome moly oho. Call Tom (619) 448-5392 Jim (909) 676-4043 or (909) Version", race ready. Mon-Fri money. Call for details (619) tubing, 2 .7 liter 914 Porsche or(619)441-8936. 676-2611. 8-5. Lorenzoat(800)247-3202. 329-7668. engine. Dual Weber 481DF -,--------------------------------------------------. .. -ww,· carburetors. 5 speed 00300 I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I Hew land Transaxle. $7,500.00 11 DUSTY TIMES. <40:1) 722-1226· FOR SALE: Toyota Class 10 motor, 16 valve 1607cc engine. I Classified .A.ivertising rate is only $15 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of Carillo roads, VW trans adapter, I black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. clutch & pressure plate, complete I NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If S & S exhaust system. Motor is I you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. complete & fresh. Excellent I condition $5,000.00 obo. (619) 448-5392 or (619) 441-8936. I I I I I I I I I I I I I i_ Enclosed is $ ____ _ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Name Address ----------------------Phone ______ _ City _________ _________ State _____ Zip _______ _ Mail to: . DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla Street Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 Pagc58 April1993 FOR SALE: FUNCO single seat chassis, complete car, needs some assembly. Neal pedals and steer-ing brake, Sway-A-Way, Wright front end; Beard seat, Dunlop I tires,Jackman riMs, bus transaxle, I 2010Typelmotor. Willsellwith I motor or without. $3,800.00 total. 7 ,000 lb 16' trailer I $900.00. Call Jamie (510) I 779-1692, Antioch, CA. I I I I WANTED: Full size race truck to lease or buy cheaply to use in movie about an off road racer. Needs to run, but does not have to be race ready. (310) 455-2160. DustyTimcs

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FOR SALE: Jump into this. "Taylor" •1-2-1600 car and run with the BEST in the midwest. Consistant top 5 SODA series finisher. Sway-A-Way, Neal, Wright, Diest, Summers Brothers, Fox, Earls; K&N, 930's, carbon fiber wheels w/ bead locks, power steering, BFGoodrich tires, plus many spare parts. Race Ready. MUST SELL! $6.000.00 (715) 758-6418 after 4:30 p.m. FOR SALE: 1992/66 ClassS car, now made completely street legal with all paperwork current. Still very off road useable, Giese air suspension, 18" rear, 13.5 front, 2074cc motor, 4 wheel disc, Weddle Eng. trans, 930's, all the best and all very fresh. Must see to appreciate. Over $25,000.00 invested, MUST SELL $10,000.00 oho. Car is well proven off road and has also won several shows and Best Engineered awards. Will consider trades. Call Bob (714) 265-0329. FORSALE: 1992SODAChamp-ionship Class 7S Nissan truck. Won 8 of 10 races, class and overall championships. Driven by Spencer Low. Ready to race. Too many spares to list incl. spare motor & trans. $35,000.00 firm. Phone (602) 855-6660 or FAX (602) 855-8819. ATTENTION RACERS, I QUIT!: Tire carrier; one side holds 33xl0.Sx15 rears & the other holds 7 .S0xlS fronts w/ slide adjusters so when less than full tires won't fall over in rack. Set up for locks. Also 77½" wide adjustble sits well over 55 gal drums. $1 SO .00 oho. Call after 5 p.m. (619) 562-4675. FOR SALE/RENT 1990 RACECO/Toyota 2 .~at Class 10. FAT, V-Mar, Summers Bros, Bilstein, Pumper, Wright, Beard. Best of everything! Spares included. Also, tandem axle trailer. Don't want to buy? Call for rental dates and terms. (707) 544-3737 Jeff. FOR SALE: 2-1600 SAW leaves & 300M, Mirage beam & rear arms, Fox, 930's, Wright, Char-Lyn, combos, Woods, Beard, 20 gal Fuel Safe, Y okohamas, Centerline, race ready $8,000.00 oho. Call (407) 495-1373 days. Fl Deliver? WANTED: 3x3 rear trailing arms, widened beam king pin, extended front trailing arms and other parts for VW pre-runner. (510) 769-0646 Christian, Alameda, CA. Dusty Times FOR SALE: 2 wd Blazer pre-runner, full roll cage, Beard seats, Art Carr, Rancho springs, Doetsch Tech, urethane bushings throughout, American Racing, BFG's, fresh motor, Turbo 400. Best offer over $10,000.00. Also 7S 4x4 Toyota all or parts $1,200.00. Call ( 402) 421-7450 or (402) 397-7967 (leave FOR SALE: '79 Nissan 7S, La Rana Desert Stock, Beard, Mikuni, Rancho Suspension, fresh motor, SSS head, 20 gal fuel cell, extra parts. Must Sell! $3,800.00 oho. (805) 963-2411 day or (805) 963-0961 nites. FOR SALE: Raceco Class 10 SS, Bilstein, Beard, 18 gal cell, Parker Pumper, 091 Hewland, Summers disc brakes, Wright front end. All new, must sell! Fresh motor. $9,800.00 oho. Call (805) 963-2411 dayor(805)963-0961 nites. FOR SALE: Transmission, 5 speed for 1987 Dodge Colt Vista wagon. Slightly noisy 4th gear but runs ok. Call John (818) 882-0004. "l"'tlfl;I FOR SALE: Class l-01600, Hi Jumper, 9S"wb, new Wright rack, fresh & legal 1600, ratioed bus IRS transaxle, Beard seat, Neal cutting brake, new brakes & bearings, fuel cell in can, reinforced spindles, carriers, SAW bushings front & rear, KYB, Doetsch Tech shocks. Includes trailer. $3,500.00 oho. (303) 642-0608. FOR SALE: 2 seat Chenowth Class 9, SCORE legal, Wright rack, Flame-Out, New Bilstein shocks, wheels and Yokohama tires, Sway-A-Way, pumper, aluminum body, fresh close ratio R C Jones transmission. Car finished entire FR T Series without a breakdown. $4,000.00. Call Dave (619) 743-8498. FOR SALE: Class 8 race truck, race ready. Set up to compete with the big boys. Ran out of money. Approx 16" travel front, 21" rear. Dual Taylor shocks all the way around. Dual oil & tranny coolers, dual batteries, full floating rear end. Summers Brothers 35" axles, B&B motor, 725 dyno horsepower. All 1993 body panels, rear mounted radiator with ultra high output fans. Also, 1980 Chevy 1 ton Dually. 454 fresh motor & tranny. Set up to pull a 28' 5th wheel trailer w/winch. All 3 for $50,000.00. Serious inquiries <?nly please. Ask for Pat ( 414) 733-6689 days, ( 414) 757.{;839·. WANTED: Parker Pumper / BDR fresh-air type helmet, size 7½. Latest safety ratings, wired ok, fair price. Call Jeff (714) 751-3222 days, (714) 722-7395 nites. FOR SALE: Fortin transmission, 5.64 final drive ratio, new 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th gears, new dog rings, new reverse slider. $10,000.00 oho. Call Lance (909) 371-5000. FOR SALE: HEWLAND DG300 Henry's cliff, Billit selector fork, new ring & pinion 3.87, 5.54 final drive ratio, Billet side covers (new) Ashcraft torque limiters for 934 c.v. joints. $6.500.00 oho. Call Lance (909) 371-5000. FOR SALE: New DG-300 Transmission Case. Center section only, no bell housing, no gear carrier. $2,200.00 oho. Call Lance (909) 371-5000. FOR SALE: '88 Ford F350 XLT Lariat 4x4 Centurion Crewcab. 460 F.l., AT Phone, alarm, Warner winch, 2-19 gal gas tanks. 1-50 gal tank & much more. $23,500.00 oho. ALSO, '92 cust. built 42' 5th wheel, race car trailer. Work bench, cabinet, custom wheels. $13,500.00 oho. Call Larry Ellis (503) 255-8(553. ass 1, four seat pre-runner. 130"wb, coil-over front, wide beam, Wright rack, power steering. Long travel rear with secondary torsion race trans. New Type IV motor, profession-ally built car. 4 Beard Ultra Seats, 5 point harnesses, air pumper. $15,000.00 with trailer. Call (805) 943-6358. THANK YOU: Rod and Josh Hall for teaching me how to go fast and finish. 2nd place Baja 1000, Class 4. Sincerely, Lance Magin. April 1993 1 FOR SALE: Chenowth 2 seater, Challenger style frame with body. Strong 1600 motor and tranny, Beard seats, new pedal assembly. All new brakes, Diest belts, spares. Started out as a Class 9, unable to finish. Ready for pre-running or just to have fun with. Call (619) 421-0212 after 5 p.m. FOR SALE: '902-1600RACECO, light weight, very competitive. Nothing but the best parts, many spares. Fully prepared to go racing. $8,000.00. (909) 927-5625. FOR SALE: Pancho ia, featured HOTVW ultimate street/ pre-run, 600 miles, new registered, no smog, 2180, bus, SAW, P.S., UMP, Beards, 14" rear, 13"' front, wide front/ rear, long arms, Wright R&P, Bilstein coil-overs, adjusters, Centerlines. Full cage, 20 gal, Simpsons, VDO and much mot'e. $16,000.00. Call Bob (619) 443-4645. WANTED: Class 10 two seater, must be SCORE legal. Must be clean and competitive and later model. No antiques or junk. Call Larry, LA area (909) 599-4859 or leave message. Sto, keep looking in your area. WANTED: 5-1600, must be 1992 SCORE legal, top quality fabrication only. "Tall Mans Version". Race ready. Must be competitive and reliable. Mon-Fri 8-5 Lorenzo or Scott at (800) 247-3202. FOR SALE: 1978 Plymouth Sapporo Pro Rally Car. 1989 CRS stock class champion. 1992 consistant top 5 class finisher. No dnf due to mechanical failure. 2600cc 4 cylinder, 5 speed trans/4:22 limited slip rear. New T okico struts & KYB rear shocks. Fully equipped with spare tires, wheels, etc. Call Mike (310) 863-9832 or Rob (310) 861-7710. Askingonly$2,700.00 oho. WANTED: Have cash - looking for 2 seat Class 9 car. Must be competitive top finishing car. Also, for sale, Class 10 Chaparall, Beard, Summers Brothers, combos. $7,800.00. Call Bob (714) 882-1766 or Chick (602) 855-7823. FOR SALE: Class 10 Bunderson, Curnutt, new motor & trans. This car has never been raced since ground-up rebuild. Disc brakes, Flame-Out, UMP, Master-craft, spare parts, too many things to list. $15,000.00 or trade. Let's talk!!! (SOS) 271-9015. Since Jimmy Lawrence's death in January 1993, his estate must sell his VORRA 1983 Championship off road open-wheel car, w/ 6 new tires, 4 mounted. If interested please call (702) 677-0924 Reno Area. · WANTED: SCORE legal Class 4 4x4 Ford. Must have new or updated equipment. FAX reply to (818) 707-3543. FOR SALE: Class 10 single seater, fabricated and prepped by Penhall Fabrication. Coil-over suspension, FAT Rabbit, 4 wheel discs, fresh engine & trans. Fast, competitive car. Must see! $12,000.00. Call Mark (714) 751-1290 days, (714) 540-4829 nites. HISTORY & VINT AGE WANTED: Do you have vintage off road racing cars, trucks, parts, accessories, magazines & merch-andising, etc.? If you do, we are currently locating for restoration and a number of special projects. Call Rich Minga at Baja Concepts (619) 593-6529 or FAX (610) 583-1851 or Loco Lorenzo Pearson at W.C.M. (800) 247-3203 or FAX (310) 325-9735. ATTENTION BUYERS & SELLERS: 55 cars & trucks available. Short course, desert and pre-runners. Baja Cancepts is a full brokerage service for your off road needs. We have the largest selection of used off road race cars & parts in the world.We are also doing large volumes of EXPORT SALES, providing export documentation & freight forwarding. Also, we have clients wanting to purchase co-drives and/ or rides in upcoming events. Call us if you have seats available. We are commited to finding you just what you are looking for at the right price. Contact us for any consulting you may require. Call Rich Minga or David at Baja, Concepts (619) 583-6529 or FAX (619) 583-1851. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS ADRA International . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Arrow Productions . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Baker Precision Products . . . . . . . 20 Barbary Coast -Gold Coast Hotels . • . . . . . . . . 1 0 Bilstein Corp. of America . . . . . . • 5 Brush Run 101 . . . . . . . . • . . . . . 47 Cactus Racing Products . . . . . . . . 34 Castex Inc .. E-Z-Up . . . . . . . . . . • 41 Central Oregon Off Road Racing . . 31 Champion Bead Lock Co. . . . . . . . 13 DeNunzio Racing Products . . . . • . 36 Don-A-Vee Jeep-Eagle • • . . . . • . . 21 FAT Performance . . . . . . . . . . • . 25 Fiesta Ford . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 7 FRT Buzz Bomb ...... _ . . . . . . . 2 Fuel Safe . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . 51 Grosse Industries • . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Rod Hall Driving School . . . . . . . • 46 Hi Tech Off Road . . . • . . . . . . . . 45 KC Hi Lites . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . 9 La Rana Spangler 200 . . . . . . . . . 11 LC. Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . 23 Parker Pumper Helmets . . . . . . . . 37 Petro Tech USA, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . 33 Pike's Family Restaurant . . . . . . . 28 Race Ready Products . . . . . . . . . . 49 Reid Pro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Road America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Jeff & Paula St. Peter . . . . . . . . . 27 SCORE San Felipe 250 . . Back Cover Marvin Shaw Engineering . . . . . . . 40 SNORE Twilite 200 . . . . . . . . . . 7 MTEG Sportsman at Glen Helen . . 19 MTEG Stadium Off Road Schedule . . . . . . . . . 39 Trackside Photos Inc. . . . . . . . . . . 50 Tri-Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Truck Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Valley Performance . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Valvoline Oil . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • 15 'Mlisky Row Screen Printing .... _ 26 1/Vilch Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • 8 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . 42 Page 59,.

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JOIN THE FIESTA FOLLOW THE SUN TO THE SCORE Hotel Las Misiones BEACH RESORT AND TENNIS COMPLEX ·April 16 -18, 1993 ~ ·-=~-Photo by Traclcside Drawing Date: March 24, 1993 The race course will start and finish at the San Felipe arches and consist of one 250 mile loop. For further information, contact: SCORE International -Las Vegas Office: 12997 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, NV 89124-9521 Phone (702)-361-5404 FAX (702)-361-5037 Los Angeles Office: 31125 Via Col/nas Suite 908 Westlake VIiiage, CA 91362 Phone (818)-889-9216 FAX (81B)-7ousn -------------()/ltd4'S~~~-------------~TOYOTA 4CHi/.iT£~ X ~ ~ BFGoadric/j