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1993 Volume 10 Number 10 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 10 - Number 10 - October 1993 Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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Volume 1 O -Number 1 O Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation 0. Osborne Contributors Jim Baker Darla Crown C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Don Dayton Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Matt Marcher Bob Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Darryl Smith Judy Smith 3-D Photography Trackside Photo Inc. Wi:er Photos Art Director Larry E. Worsham SNAPSHOT October 1993 aoanrr.r.a orncw, • ucr1111 auon Subscription Rates: lllrifSeries,f~Racing19 $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class ' Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send address change to D1tSty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. OF THE MONTH ••• These girls are smiling while the front of their car has executed a perfect split position, The place was Antigo, W isconsin at the SODA race last June, the car is a Class 11 driven in the ladies race by Jennifer Baily. They were asking "Who is gonna' tell Calvin Bailey what we did?" Photo by Greg·g W itte DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies"or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8xlffwill be considered. Dusty Tlma October 1993 In This Issue ••• FEATURES Page SCORE Gold Coast 300 by Judy Smith ..................... 12 SODA Antigo Kiwanis by Barb & Marilyn Schultz .......... . 20 London-Sydney Rally by Martin Holmes .................... 25 BORE Wendover Express by Jim Baker ..................... 26 Pikes Peak Hill Climb by Mearl Holbrook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 SNORE Midnight Special by Don Dayton ................... 30 MTEG Glen Helen II by Carol Clark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Sweetheart's Kiss by Fud ................................. 37 Prescott Forest Rally by John Elkin ......................... 38 Wandering Star Rally by Dave Thomas ..................... 41 WRC Rally Argentina by Martin Holmes ................... 42 VORRA Virginia City 200 by Tammy Wise ................. 44 Victor Elks Hill Climb by Mearl Holbrook .................. 46 Bad Dogs Racing by Barry Don Callaway .................... 47 Nissan Pathfinder by John Calvin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Bridgestone International by Darryl Smith ................... 50 DEPARTMENTS Competition Review Board by Reese King .................... 4 Trail Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 IDRA Corner by George Thompson ............ : . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Good Stuff Directory .................................... 52 Checkers Report by the Big Wahzoo ....................... 57 FAIR News by Dave Massingham .......................... 57 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 ON THE COVER - This month we feature a couple of Las Vegans who did some serious winning in the July and August heat. At the Gold Coast 300 Pat Dean drove Michael Gaughan's state of the art Class 2 Porsche/Chenowth to a resounding win in Class 112, and he was second overall, missing the top spot by just one minute. Photo by Moses Jursz of Trackside Photo Inc. Brendan Gaughan got this Chenowth with a VW Class 10 motor for his 16th birthday, and this year he and fellow 17 year old J.C. Dean, Pat's younger brother, have been leading their class on points in the SNORE Series. Late in July, they won the SNORE Midnight Special overall with Gaughan doing most of the driving due to Dean's wrist, injured at Barstow. All three drivers are second generation off road racers. Photo by Ed Filijan of Trackside Photo Inc. to S~7odatf DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $15.00 D ·I years -$15.00 D 3 years -$35.00 Takeadvantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name ______________________ _ Address ____________________ _ City ____________________ _ State ___________ Zip-----------Send check or money order to: DUSTY _TIMES 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004 ( Canadian - 1 year $20.00 U.S. • Overseas subscription rates on request) Page 3

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Compc!Jtion byReeseKingRcvicw Board The Competition Review Board for the 1993 Soutar Motors/Budweiser SCORE Fireworks 250 met at 7:00 p.m. race day at ]Ts Opry Hall & Saloon in downtown Barstow. Tom Mattingly was the Board Administrator from the CORE pit team, Board members includ-ed Bob Gordon Class l /2, Walker Evans Class 1 / 2, Gregg Symonds Class 10, Jack Johnson, Class 7, Bill Wick of SCORE Officials Assoc., SCORE Presid-ent Danny Cau and Reese King CRB Marshal. With seven cases to be heard before the 9:00 p.m. awards ceremony, time was of the essence, especially when Cau informed me the band would begin playing at 8:00 p.m. When the band began tuning up, time became unimportant, normal conversation was near impossible and my tape recording of the meeting was unintelligible. No doubt SCORE's intent was to provide a convenient location for the CRB and it was. However, to ask this Board to make difficult decisions in difficult surround-ings removes the professionalism and dignity that they require and deserve. Communication Breakdown -In what will probably go down as the most controversial case ever, entry 108, Simon and Simon, was protested by SCORE officials for failure to stop at checkpoint 1. As soon as this truck crossed the finish line representatives from Ford Rough Riders and BFGood-rich were inquiring what would happen,if the protest was upheld. I told Madeline Bullman of the Rough Riders team that a precedent had been established at the Parker 400 of a one position penalty for this violation. There four competitors including factory drivers Walker Evans and Mike Lesle were penalized one position for not stopping at checkpoints and a fifth competi-tor was disqualified for racing through a checkpoint. When the meeting was called to order I informed the Board that most of the cases before us would be for failure to stop at check-points and the finish line, and reminded them of the Parker decisions. Walker Evans and· Rough Rider Jack Johnson were excluded from this case. SCORE checkpoint captain Bob Kruger appeared before the Board and related a simple and straight-forward account of the incident. The Ford entered the checkpoint, slowed but did not come to a stop ,. and the green light was never activated. In Kruger's own words, "It was a rolling California stop." Paul Simon, driver of record, and Dave Simon, driver at the time of the alleged violation, were called before the Board and related the following account. "We came into check 1 and were anticipating coming to a dead stop. The green light was down low, right around the corner at the stop sign and we couldn't see the green light. I looked over at the officials under the tent and got a motion to proceed. So that's why we did." Dave went on to state that he later returned to the checkpoint and asked the officials if they had signaled him to continue. The first two he talked with replied, "No, they had not." A third stated he had waved to him. Doesn't this sound confus-ing? Even with the signal lamp and a long pole stop sign system, apparently visibility, sign and lamp placement are not always ideal. The bottom line was Dave Simon did not stop at checkpoint 1. As deliberations began, the Board members were very concerned with the information that Simon had been "waved on" by an official. Eventually they dismissed this defense and agreed that regardless of whether he was signaled or not, he did not stop. The protest against Sim.on & Simon was upheld, but big problems surfaced during the penalty phase of the hearing. The voting members in this case Gordon, Mattingly and Symonds supported two distinct argu-ments. First, that the penalties levied at Parker were too severe, and second that the current Board should not be compelled to abide by decisions and/ or penalties (310) 598-2731 WEddLE ENGiNEERiNG Exclusive distributor of l..Dck-Righf"'VW Locking Differentials The ultimate on- and off-road traction for VWs PERFORMANCE Billet Racing Diffs for Swingaxle, IRS, and 091 Bus TRANSAXLE Billet Aluminum Sidecovers and Axle Tube Flanges P RODUCTS Hard to Find New and Used Parts Wholesale/Retail. Dealer Inquiries Welcome Top Quality, Lowest Prices P.O. Box 15466 Long Beach, C'A 90815 Page 4 handed down by previous Boards. One man went so far as to say, "If we have to use penalties estab-lished by previous Boards, then why even discuss the present case. You're not giving us a choice." This same member, who felt placing Simon down a position was too severe ( he had won Class 1 ), later stated that any entry who fails to stop at a checkpoint should be black flagged and removed from the race. Appar-ently, this guy feels it is fair to penalize without a trial, but to assign a consistent penalty is too severe! Despite pleas for consist-ency from SCORE President Danny Cau and myself this Board issued Paul Simon a letter of reprimand for failure to-stop at checkpoint 1. (Of course in />reuious etients Danny Cau has ouer ruled the CRB and disqualified a car without a trial. ed. ) Not stopping at checkpoints and the finish line was apparently the violation of choice, as five other entries were protested by SCORE Officials. Because of the similarity of these cases and the fact that only two of the five attended the meeting. I will combine them into one column, #1012 Ryan Thomas and #803 Harvey Risien Jr. were issued letters of reprimand for failure to stop at the finish line. Both drivers stated that they were not aware that a stop was necessary. #1021 Steven Miller was issued a letter of reprimand for failure to stop at the finish line. Miller was unable to attend the meeting due to an emergency. Because he communicated this to Danny Cau, no action was taken for failure to appear. #1027 Nick Baldwin received a 15 minute penalty for accelerating across the finish line and a letter of reprimand for failure to appear. #1096 Frank Orosco received a 15 minute penalty for not stopping at the finish line and checkpoint 10 and a letter of reprimand for failure to appear. It was a simple matter. Class full stock racer Marc Stein #899, filed a protest of abusive nerfing against Class 1 entry #110, a Porsche powered buggy driven by Carl Renezeder. Stein failed to appear in support of his case and the matter was dismissed. (It is hard to visualize a Class 1 buggy absuviely nerfing a 4500 pound full size truck, so that may be the reason Stein dropped the pro-test.) After a productive meeting with SCORE Officials Associa-tion (SOA) President Bill Wick, we decided that beginning at the Gold Coast 300 SCORE and lDRA personnel will be moni-toring checkpoints to ensure that all entries are being treated in the same manner. At this race a new checkpoint operating procedure began, with only one person at a time authorized to wear the orange reflectorized vest -the only person authorized to give direction to competitors, and every car was to stop at the checks. It is for the safety of the workers that both factory ·or privateer drivers should be forced to stop by penalties if common sense is not enough. They also devised a new penalty schedule, · included in the driver packet at the Gold Coast race. ( there were some holes in it at the Gold Coast, but it is a good start). Get your copy from SCORE International or the IDRA. October 1993 Trail Notes ••• THE ULTRA WHEEL SHORT COURSE RACES at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in Lancaster, CA produced a good entry in a variety of classes for the night racing on Friday and the daylight events on Saturday. The format called for a heat race and a main event each day. On Friday Don Archibald won the Heat and the Main in Stadium UltraLites, Gary Gall won both events in Stadium Class 10 as did Steve Bishop in 1-2-1600, George Seeley in Class 5 and Greg George in 5-1600. Jim Zupanovich won the Desert Class 10 heat but Don McCarthy won the main. Rory Chenowth won the Mini Mag heat and Frank Bristing took the main. Mike Lesle won both events in his desert Class 3 Jeep, and Russ Jones did the same in mini trucks. The big desert trucks put on a door banging race, with the heat going to Jim Smith, the event title sponsor, and the main to Steve Kelley. These were night races. In the daylight on Saturday Archibald won the UltraLite heat but John Sarna took the main. Bill Goshen won the Stadium Class 10 heat and Gary Gall took the main. Zupanovich won the Desert Class 10 heat and McCarthy took the main. George Seeley repeated, winning both Class 5 events, as did Steve Bishop in 1-2-1600, Mike Lesle in Class 3, Rory Chenowth in Mini Mags and Russ Jones i-n Class 7. Greg George took the 5-1600 heat, but Mario Panagiotopoulus won the main. The big trucks put on a great race with Steve Kelley, Jeep and Jim Smith, Ford, leaning on each other all the way with Frank Vessels just astern. Smith won the heat and Kelley won the main. Look for this BUMP promotion to grow into something really significant next year. MTEG STADIUM RACING NEWS._ On August 30 Cheyrolet Motor Division announced that young off road sensationJimmieJohnson will join the Nelson & Nelson Racing team as second driver and teammate to Rick Johnson ( no relation) in the new '94 S-Series Chevrolet trucks in Las Vegas, September 11, during round seven of the nine stop series. Just 17 years old Californian Jimmie Johnson said he is lucky to be on the successful Nelson & Nelson team, and he was really looking forward to it especially to working with former motocross champion Rick Johnson. Like Rick, Jimmie started racing on a motorcycle. At age ten Jimmie placed fifth at the Las Vegas World Mini Motorcycle championships. In 1991 he parked the bike and began stadium off road racing in the Superlite class. As the youngest driver ever to compete in the series the 15 year old won four events his first year and was named "Rookie of the Year". In 1992 he took the Superlite Championship. "The timing for introducing a second Chevy into stadium racing is perfect", said Jon Nelson. "While Rick is vying for the Grand National Sport Truck championship, Jimmie can use the three remaining events of the season to get up to speed. Then, in '94, our goal is to bring home the Manufacturer's Cup for Chevrolet. Now that we have two trucks on the track that will be possible." TEXACO/HA VOLINE RACING MOVES TO OFF ROAD. They are using the hot deserts of North America as proving grounds for the new Havoline Synthetic Motor Oil. The oil company announced the new motor oil sponsorship of the BFGoodrich/ Ford Rough Riders Off Road program this year for SCORE International and MTEG Stadium events. John Howell, Manager of Racing for Texaco's Advertising and Sales Promotion Department said "We have chosen the Rough Riders to illustrate Havoline's new synthetic oil product in action off road, in the dust, dirt, the high tech engines and heat, the actual environment that Havoline Synthetic Motor Oil was developed to handle. Texaco/ Havoline Racing has a winning history with the late Davey Allison in NASCAR and with Mario Andretti and Nigel Mansell in Indy car, all campaigning in Fords. We feel we have the same winning combination with the Rough Riders, eight Ford trucks in mostly desert classes but a pair in stadium racing too." THE FINAL FLAG - A pair of pioneers from the early days of desert off road racing died this year, and we just recently learned the sad news. Bill Howard, from Phoenix, AZ, raced a Class 8 truck for many years and was instrumental in helping Walt Lott and HDRA put on short course races in the Phoenix area at both PIR and Firebird Raceway. Bill died in late spring of complications from a stomach problem. May he rest in peace and our condolences go to his family and friends. No sooner had we learned of the above then we heard that Charlie Mefford died suddenly in August. His Jeep dealership in Tulare helped the CJ drivers of the early years in off road racing a good deal, and he was the major sponsor of many time champion in Class 3, J.M. Bragg. Charlie sold the dealership a few years back, but kept the parts department, which he sold recently. Charlie was 69 years young and we again offer condolences to the family and friends of a great supporter of off road racing in the desert, especially in the 1970s. ADRA CINDER MOUNTAIN EARLY REPORT - Buckeye's Jim Pierce took the overall and a whopping $3,700 Pro cash purse in the tight, dusty and hot course near Flagstaff, AZ. The race was held entirely on a continuously shifting pea gravel volcanic surface located in the shadow of the San Francisco Peaks. "JP" then handed a $1,000 'kick-back' check to race prepper Larry Foddrill, the teenage son of Danny, the self proclaimed King of Arms. The two seat pre-runner was in the middle of the pack and moved up as Steve Melton { in the old Fortin Class 10 chassis) blew a motor. Shannon Schulz lost a clutch in the ex-Finney/ Foddrill Porsche Chaparral. Leader Daniel Hyde in the ex-Schulz Farmco 10 rolled it, but did win Class 10, while final lap leader Robert Gayton took a tour through the pines and pulled out his coil wire, sending him back to second and costing him his third straight ADRA win. Wayne Greene could do no wrong in the Limited Pro class as once again he came home the winner in his venerable DRT chassis'd 2-1600. "Over nine hundred'bucks! It's well over two grand that we've won this year alone here in ADRA!" The Beer Belly Racing Teams' Rodney Hayes was a close second in the Parker Auto Parts Challenger. Tony Pierce had a rough day in his 2-1600. He got stuck, rolled it, then broke a torsion dog-ear. Rich "Stretch" Severson won the Pro 418 class in the Tom Buck Auto Jeep Honcho over a seven car field, and was fifth overall to boot. We'll have a full report and photos next month. RUMORS ABOUND in the off road silly season, and one that seems valid is that Dodge will withdraw its Dakota trucks from the MTEG Stadium Series, this news coming on the heels of signing on champion motorcycle star Jeff Ward who recently replaced Brian Stewart in the Walker Evans stadium team. Seems odd, but maybe they have something new that will debut next January at Anaheim Stadium. LATE FLASH Robby Gordon finished second overall in Mid-Ohio September 12th and on September 11th the Toyota Team swept the MTEG Sport Truck Cf ass at Las Vegas winning both heats and Ivan Stewart won the Main Event making it a clean sweep for Toyota. Full report next month. Dusty Times

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1993-1994 _Hapfl!nings ••• Barry Don Callaway A.D.R.A. Americm. Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34087 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 October 30, 1993 BLM Conservation Project November 6-7, 1993 Desert race Buggy IT rue k / Motorcycle/ A TV (Location TBA) December 4, 1993 17th Annual Sonoyta to Rocky Point Sonora, Mexico AMSA Jim Webb P.O. Box 26084 Fresno, CA 93726 (209) 439-2114 AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 47 Teenan St. Ferny Hills, Q. 4055, Australia 0l 1-18-07-851-0444 November 7, 1993 Puckapunyal Victoria AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFFROAD Class 10 cars only Serge Lambert 65 Rue de Valcourt Blain ville, Quebec, Canada K7B IHI (514) 434-5792 BAD DOG'S OFF ROAD SHOWDOWN Callaway Fun Inc. 3825 No. Main Cleburne, TX 7_6031 (817) 645-0003/(817) 641-9985 Gene Peugh (817) 790-8268 nights Racing the 3rd Sunday of each month March thru October BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 Golden Crown of Baja Desert Series (cars) December 10-12, 1993 Mint 400 Desert Challenge 400 Miles Las Vegas, NV BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK-I HO (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 1993 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, Wl54520 (715) 478-2222 BUMP (805) 948-6060 43943 Sierra Hwy., Suite G Lancaster, CA 93534 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Lynnette Allison, CRS Director 2001 Oakland Hills Drive Corona, CA 9 I 720 (909) 736-1442 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 October 23-24, 1993 Gorman Ridge (3) Gorman, CA December 4-5, 1993 East of Indio ( 3) Indio, CA CENTRAL OREGON DESERT RACING Terry Silbaugh 20515 Whitehaven Circle Bend, OR 97702 October 16, 1993 Whiskey Springs 300 Central Oregon CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CMC Continental Motosport Club Sand Drags P.O. Box 830 Adelanto, CA 9230 I (619) 246-7262 October 30, 1993 Sunrise Valley Raet:way Night Event Adelanto, CA November 20, 1993 Sunrise Valley Raceway Night Event Adelanto, CA December 4, 1993 Sunrise Valley Raceway Night Event Adelanto, CA COLORADO HILL October 1993 CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholt:, President (719)531-3642 W 1(719)687-9827 H P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 September 25-26, 1993 Buffalo Peaks Auto Hill Climb Buena Vista, CO COLORADO OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS Bertram Productions Inc. 15073 Hwy 119 Route 114 Golden, CO 80403 (303) 936-5960 October 2, 1993 Island Grove Park Greeley, CO CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-36491(214) 641-2090 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 2750 Cozumel Drive 111116 Melbourne, FL 32935 ( 407) 254-5167 October 10, I 993 Sharpes, FL November 14, 1993 Lakeland, FL January 9, 1994 Lakeland, FL February 13, 1994 Naples, FL March 26, 1994 Florida 400 Talahassee, FL FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, 112 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES September 25, 1993 Plaster City Blast Plaster City East, CA October 30, 1993 Squeaky Springs Gran National Lake Superstition, CA December 31, 1993 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA February 5, 1994 Awards Banquet (Location TBA) February 12, 1 994 King of the Desert · El Centro, CA April 23, 1994 Bu:: Bomb 150 El Centro, CA May 14-15, 1994 24 Hours Le Fud El Centro, CA June 25, 1994 Plaster City Blast El Centro, CA August 27, 1994 Superstition 250 El Centro, CA October 29, 1994 Squeaky Springs Gran National El Centro, CA December 31, 1994 Dunaway Dash El Centro, CA ATV, BIKE& DESERT SUPERLITE SCHEDULE October 10, 1993 4th Annual Mudhen II Plaster City West, CA November 21, 1993 Notorious Dawg 3 Hour Team Race 1-8 & Dunaway Road, CA December 5, 1993 Rudolph's Revenge plus T earn Race Lake Superstition, CA January 16, 1994 Barking Spider El Centro, CA February 19, 1994 D-38 Awards Banquet (Location TBA) February 2 7, 1994 Coyote Wash Bath El Centro, CA March 13, 1994 Team Race El Centro, CA March 27, 1994 Attack Kamaki:e El Centro, CA May 8, 1994 Sweetheart's Kiss El Centro, CA July 3, 1994 Tankslappers Gran Prix El Centro, CA July 23, 1994 Mr. Patterson's Wild Ride El Centro, CA August 6, 1994 Night Team Race El Centro, CA September 18, 1994 Desert Sprint El Centro, CA October 9, 1994 Mudhen II El Centro. CA November 20, 1994 Notorious Dawg El Centro, CA December 5, 1993 Ru,lolph 's Revenge rlus T earn Race Lake Superstition, CA GLEN HELEN OHV PA~ P.O. Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 (714) 880-1733 GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 ( 404) 253-1033 September 26, 1993 Vienna, GA October 24, 1993 Vienna, GA November 2 7, 1993 Thanksgiving 250 Vienna, GA (All aients at Vienna, GA) GREAT PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION GPORRA Mike Johnson, President 13621 Pierce St. Omaha, NE68144-l 122 ( 402) 333-0517 Eve. (all races at Wesl:fair Fair Grounds, Council Bluffs, Iowa on a ¾ mile course similar to the MTEG tracks, and run under class regulations from SODA) GRR Golden Rule Racing P.O. Box 40211 Phot:nix, AZ 85067 (602) 263-5329 ROD HALL INVITATIONAL 5445 Equity Ave. Reno, NV 89502 (702) 856-3100 April 29-May 1, 1994 Reno/ Pyramid 300 Reno, NV HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Harvey Wald (605) 224-6678 days (605) 224-5534 evenings IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All aients staged at the club grounds in Cleties, Ohio) INTER-SHOWS · MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O . Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (714) 364-0515 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB P.O. Box465 Kamloops, BC, Canada V2C-5L2 Bob (604) 374-7175 days Randy (604) 579-9621 eves Keith (604) 828-1795 anytime September 19, 1993 Kamloops 400 km Kamloops, BC Canada October 3, 1993 Lacdubois A TV Area Kamloops, BC Canada October 16, 1993 213 mile Short Course Lilooet Motorsport Park Kamloops, BC Canada ( All aients start 7 miles NW of Kami.oops) Dusty nmcs

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LA RANA DESERT RACING P.O. Box 3699 Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546 (800) 700-5737 October 22-24, 1993 California 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 18-20, 1993 High Desert 300 Lucerne Valley, CA MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, MI 48837 (517)627-6200 MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD STADIUM SERIES Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 938-4100 October 9, 1993 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO November 6, 1993 Candlestick Park San Francisco, CA November 20, 1993 Awards Banquet TBA MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION David Cronin, President. MAORA 2590 Mullanphy Florissant, MO 63031 (618) 765-2199 October 9, 1993 One day race program All events at Okaw Valley Campground Shelbyville, IL (Additional track dates may be added) NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION 11842 Jason Court Madera, CA 93638 (209) 486-45901(209) 266-5558 October 3, 1993 Johnson, VT Drive Away A Winner At Fiesta Ford! OFF ROAD ADVENTURES Four Wheel Qrive Excursions P.O. Box 1154 Arcata, CA 95521 ( 707) 822-8508 OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Joey Vasques 13180 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (913) 855-8899 October 2-3, 1993 Albuquerque, NM November 6-7, 1993 El Paso, Texas ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Jeff Sargent 1480 Lakeridge Rd. N Ajax, Ontario, Canada (416)427-4782 PIKES PEAK P.O . Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-32081(518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 ( 303) 779-6622 October 1-3, 1993 Gold Rush Divisional Westcliffe, CO October 22-24, 1993 Press On Regardless* Houghton, MI December 3-5, 1993 Maine Forest Rally* Rumford, ME * Part of the North American Rally Cham~ionshi~ SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818)889-9216 Headquarters for the most profile trucks in off-road racing history. The Ranger and F-1 50 have proven time and time again that "Ford Tough" is much more than an advertising slogan. Pure and simple ... if you want to be a winner, get a tough Ford truck from the winners at Fiesta Ford. Page 8 November 12-14, 1993 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, MX November 19, 1993 Off Roadsman and Awards Banquet Gold Coast Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV SCORE SHOW · Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25148 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 938-4155 S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Elice Simonis Tucker 22048 Vivienda Ave. Grand Terrace, CA 92324 (714) 783-8293 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 September 17-19, 1993 SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV October 29-31, 1993 Double Trouble Las Vegas, NV December 3-5, 1993 Eldorado Valley 250 Las Vegas, NV SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 453-SODA/ (414) 257-0422 October 1-3, 1993 Blackhawk Farms South Beloit, IL SWORDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 October 1993 Mike Parker WESTERN OFF ROAD (915) 337-3437 RACING ASSOCIATION October 16, 1993 Ron (Rocky) Weinstein, President Swords ISO Box 246 - 106 - 1656 Martin Dr. All races held at Notrees, TX White Rock, B.C. V4A 6E7 (604) 582-3338 25 miles west of Odessa, TX WORRA, P.O. Box 3241 TORA Sumas, WA 98295 Truck Racing Association October 3, 1993 Ray Carney, Director Interior Enduro 7 Prutell Drive Kamloops, BC Canada Apalchin, NY 13732 October 16, 1993 (607) 625-5676 Lillooct Short Course Season Finale - Lights Mandatory TOYS FOR TOTS Lillooet, BC Canada Off Road Poker Run (619) 252-1197/(702) 897-7769 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS November 6-7, 1993 2939 E. Grovers Off Road Poker Run Phoenix, AZ 85032 Slash X Cafe (602)971-3730 Barstow, CA (All events at Thrasher/and, UORRA II 7th Ave. & Glendale in Phoenix, AZ) United Off Road Racing Association WISCONSIN Dave Urbanowicc, President OFF ROAD FESTIVAL 589 Amwell Road Terry or Bev Friday Neshanic, NJ 08853 5913 So. U.S. Hwy 45 (908) 369-6550 Oskosh, WI 54901 September 25-26, 1993 (414) 688-5509 October 16-17, 1993 September 18-19, 1993 (all events at Owego Motor Sports Park, Wisconsin Off Road Festival W inebago Co. Expo. Centre Rte. 434, Owebo, NY) Oshkosh, WI VENTURA RACEWAY FIA WORLD RALLY Business Offio: CHAMPIONSHIP 2810 W. Wooley Road Oxnard, CA 93030 October 10-14, 1993 (805) 656-1122 Rally de Italia Sanremo, Italy October 16, 1993 November 1-4, 1993 Motocross/Stadium Off Road cars Rally of Spain November 20, 1993 Carnlunya, Spain Motocross/Stadium Off Road cars November 21-25, 1993 VORRA RAC Rally Valley Off Road Racing Association Nottingham, England 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 October 16-17, 1993 VORRA/ All Pro Auto Parts Off Road Championship Race Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS List '.:/OUT coming events in DUSTY TIMES free! Send your 1993/94 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-44o8. Fiesta Ford Racing Darren York -Driver Doug York - Co-Driver Ed Frisk - Crew Chief 1993 Record to date: Parker 400 - First Nevada 400 - Second ·Baia 500 - First Fireworks 250 - First . Gold Coast 300 - First Baja 1 000 - November Indio, CA 92201 (619) 347-1234

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~ LIGHT. It 111eSil~rsut e Sanctioned By: mrlt Series of Off-Rood Racing e BFGOODRICH BFGaadricli ~ OCT2 &3 __ r""f(_, WEEKEND TICKETS $15.00 SUNDAY TICKETS $10.00 GATES OPEN AT 8:00 A.M. - RACES AT 10:00 A.M. FREE-CHILDREN 12 YEARS OLD AND UNDER-FREE For Additional Event Information Please Call: 815-389-2000 OFFICIAL SERIES SPONSORS CHEVROLET OPTIMA c::;:; CHEVROLET WODW ;t,:iJ ROCKTON, IL NORTH~ . 213 · 81 WIS. Take 1·90 from Madison to Exit 3 Rockton Ad. West on Rockton Rd. (Union SL) 5 Miles to Prairie Rd., North 1 Mile to Track. Take 1-43 Southwest from Milwaukee to 1-90 South to Exit 3 Rockton Rd. West on Rockton Rd. (Union St.) 5 Miles to Prairie Rd., North 1 Mile to Track. Take 1-90 North from Chicago to Exit 1 Hwy. 75. West on 75 to Hwy. 51-251 South to Rockton Rd. Exit. West on Rockton Rd. (Union St.) 4 Miles to Prairie Rd. North 1 Mile to Track. Located West of 1-90 Between South ·eeloit and Rockton, Illinois 815-389-2000

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THE IDRA CORNER A Frank Discussion On The Competition Review Board By George R. Tlwmpsori In 1987, the IDRA assumed responsibility for the operation of the Competition Review Board. We took on this thankless job as a service to the racing community because there was considerable controversy revolving around the way the penalties were assessed, particularly in the case of HORA President, Walt Lott's "closed door" decisions. I liked old Walt and I'm not going to waste a lot of time questioning his procedures, but the fact is that someone needed to bring some credibility to the process of assigning penalties and the IDRA was successful in doing that, after some early blunders. I acted as CRB Marshal for the IDRA until this year when I stepped down after appointing Reese King to this post. Reese had been Vice President of the Score Officials Association and agreed to resign that post to become an officer in the IDRA and assume the duties as CRB Marshal. By 1989 the operation of the CRB had become standardized and the IDRA produced a booklet for the operation of this system called The Format and Guidelines for the Operation of the Com-petition Review Board. Like any system, the CRB has occiasionally required certain adjustments to keep it viable as a system, in response to the constantly changing state of the sport. We made such a change in 1990, when we .switched from time penalties to position penalties. During the past six years there have always been those, who were critical of the CRB, although none have ever come forward with a better way to operate the system. One of the most common complaints has been the lack of standardized penalties for infractions brought before the board. I have always been opposed to "standardized penal-ties" because the nature of these infractions are seldom black & white. We are not racing at Daytona or Indy where condi-tions beyond the weather are constant and each second of the race is recorded by cameras and witnessed by hundreds of thousands of spectators. We are competing in an environment which changes at regular intervals throughout the year and the sanctioning body must react to those changes in order to put on a race. As a result of this, checkpoints and road crossings may not always be identical from race to race or from checkpoint to checkpoint within the same race. Variables such as these make it necessary to consider each case on it's individual circumstances before determining guilt or innocence. Prior to the recent Fireworks 250, previous CRB's pursued a schedule of penalties based on precedent from previous review boards. This information was provided to them by the CRB Marshal and generally, board members seemed comfortable with assigning a penalty which had some basis in CRB history. Such was the justification used by the Parker 400 CRB when they penalized Walker Evans, Mike Lesle, Marlo Panagiotopolous Jamar Super Shifte Make missed shifts a thing of the past! Fortin CV Cages Polished & Strong! Available in both: 930 and 934.5 Thing Drums Straight from Germany. The real thing! 103 Press Lane #4 * Chula Vista, CA 9191 0 Phone: (619)691-9171 * FAX: (619)691-0803 Page 10 O(tober 1993 and Duke Perrin one ( 1) position for rolling through a checkpoint. Not much was said by Mario or Duke about the penalty, however Walker and Mike seemed to take issue with the severity of the decision. Right or wrong, they were forced to accept the decision because there were ample precedents which made the penalty credible and standard. Whether or not it was fair remains another issue altogether. The fact that this exact penalty had been levied by at least three other boards, in seven different cases made the penalty seem almost compelling to the mem-bers of this board who had no interest in challenging these earlier precedents. Enter the members of the Fireworks 250 CRB. Faced with very similar cases involving Dave Simon and several others, this board felt no obligation to apply the penalty established by pre-cedent. Apparently the members of this board felt that the penalties levied at Parker were too severe and decided to break with precedent and issued Simon and the rest letters of reprimand for this infraction. Under the Format & Guidelines, they were com-pletely within their rights to do this. Could the fact that Dave Simon was the un-official Class One winner have been a factor in this decision? I don't know! In the fifty or so boards where I have been the CRB Marshal, I have noticed a reluctance on the part of the board members to penalize a class winner. Walker and Simon are locked in a points battle. Thus far this year both have been found guilty of the same offense and yet ... only Walker has had to give up points for the violation. One wonders if the members of the Fireworks 250 CRB took this into consideration when they decided to re-define what's fair. The fact that this decision will cause future board's considerable difficulty in dealing with the question of checkpoint violations would be an understatement. In terms of the credibility of the CRB, this was a disastrous decision. I am not questioning the right of the board to consider the fairness of a penalty or to break with preced-ent but I do question the wisdom of doing so in the middle of the season. The time to have done this was at Parker, before four other competitors paid the price. As the IDRA Managing Direc-tor, it is my responsibility to come up with solutions whenever I see a weakness in the system we have designed. Although I have always been an opponent of standardized penalties, I am forced to consider this course as the lesser of two evils so here is what everyone can expect effective with the Gold Coast 300. At the present time there are two procedures carried out by the CRB in hearing any case. The first procedure is to listen to the cases, evaluate the testimony of all witnesses and make a deter-mination of guilt or innocence. This having been done, the board enters the penalty phase which ends in a determination of exactly what penalty to levy on the guilty racer. Events have led me to the conclusion that a standardization for penalties must be developed, wherever possible and applied without regard to finishing position or the cost of your racing program. The CRB will make the determination regarding guilt or innocence after which the Race Director will apply the appro-priate penalty as determined by the schedule of penalties. There is no argument, no controversy, no sniveling ... that's simply the way it is and everyone knows the deal going in! The following schedule of penalties has been determined by examining majority past preced-ents and meeting with SCORE Officials with our recommend-ations regarding what previous boards have considered fair. Areas for standardization now include: 1. Failure to Appear at the CRB after you have been protested! This penalty will now carry an automatic Letter of Reprimand. _2. Rolling through a Check-point without endangering CP workers safety! One ( 1) position. 3. Rolling or speeding through a checkpoint, endan-gering CP workers safety! Automatic disqualification. 4. Traveling backwards on the race course-Race or sup-port vehicle! See Reckless Driving. 5. Major and Minor Abusive Nerfing! Minor Nerfing -One ( 1) Position. Major Nerfing -See Reckless Driving. 6. Abusive conduct toward a race officials! Automatic Disqualification. 7. Intentional Short-cours-ing! Automatic Disqualification. 8. Various Illegal Pitting infractions! Illegal stationary pit -One ( 1) position. Pitting in a restricted area -Automatic Disqualification 9. Reckless Driving or en-dangerment • support crews and race vehicles! Automatic Disqualification. 10. Speeding in a restricted area! First 25 M.P.H. over posted speed -One (1) position. Over 25 M .P.H. over posted speed - See Reckless Driving. 11. Any combination of two safety related infractions at one event! Automatic Disqualification. Certain flagrant violations will also carry the possibility of suspension and will be imposed at the discretion of the Race Director and the CRB Marshal. This will relieve the burden of assigning penalties from the shoulders of the CRB while at the same time affording all racers the opportunity to a fair hearing. Once again I will remind everyone that any and all protests must be filed at least one ( 1) hour prior to the meeting of the CRB. If this criteria is not met the case will be dismissed and stricken from the record! These penalties may seem severe, but in reality represent the standard set by precedent in previous cases spanning the past 6 years of CRB records! Many of you may be happy to note that they are black & white. Now that we all know exactly what the penalties will be, the only question remaining is whether you are guilty or innocent! Dusy Times

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SCORE GOLD COAST 300 Larry Ragland Takes Overall Win Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Larry Ragland broke back into the first overall position in the Gold Coast 300, recording fast lap of the race on the second loop, 1 :25:49, to take the Class 8 and overall lead, his only problem a late last lap flat, and he won the class and the overall by just over a minute. Larry Ragland squeezed his Chevy truck into the overall win at SCORE's August Gold Coast 300 by a margin of a minute and 4 seconds over Pat Dean in his Porsche powered Chenowth buggy. The race, headquartered at Michael Gaughan's Gold Coast Hotel, enjoyed some typical Las Vegas weather, beginning on Friday with a fierce windstorm that threatened to blow the contingency donors out of the Gold Coast parking lot. That was followed almost immediately by a thunderstorm that was a real gully washer. It was received with good spirits, the feeling being that the rain falling on the race course would help to hold down the dust for the drivers the next day. There was a small chance of rain for Saturday, but it didn't materialize, and temperatures hovered in the low three digits, with the humidity at about 90%. And when the green flag flew, it was as if it had never rained. The SCORE folks had the watering truck busily spraying access roads and start/ finish area to keep the dust down, and the racers were glad for a stiff breeze to blow the dust off the track on the first lap. The course was identical to last year's, a long amoeba shape running along the east side of Highway 15, its northernmost point being up near where the community of Sloan used to be, and then south almost to the state line. It was a good mix, including rocks and silt, mountain passes and some high speed roads. There had been no open pre-running, but a guided tour, called the "Publicity Run" had been held a week or so before the race. The course was 77 miles long, with three laps required of most classes, and a nine hour time limit for all. The Stock Mini, Stock Full Pat Dean drove alone in the two seat Chenowth Porsche, besting all the big V-8 trucks in Class 1, taking the class win and second overall for the race sponsor, winning by just 1 ½ minutes. Ivan Stewart was first on the road most of the distance, but his quick pace wasn't quite quick enough and he was second in Class 1 in the swift Toyota. and Class 11 cars would be of worn out axles, because the required to run only two laps. measurements had been incorrect There were 105 starters, a drop for the new set. One of those old from last year's 115. axles broke before he completed The first group to get the flag the lap. And, with Baldwin was the unlimited cars, with Jason sidelined after a hard bump from Baldwin, in his Porsche powered the rear damaged his motor, it was Chenowth at the front of the Ivan Stewart and his Toyota in pack. But it wasn't long before front on the road. But the fourth Paul Simon, in his big Ford, took car to come around, after starting over at the front, his truck 13th, was Steve Kelley, in the running in top form, but Jeep,andhehadrecordedthefast unknown to him, sporting a pair lap for the class, at 1:28:12, and had put his ungainly looking steed into the lead. Brian Collins was second in his Porsche Chenowth, just 13 seconds later, and Pat Dean, in Mike Gaughan's Porsche -Chenowth, ran third, another 30 seconds back. Then Stewart was fourth and Frank Arciero, in Bob Gordon's Type IV Chenowth, ran fifth, two minutes and 41 seconds in back of Kelley. The 1-2-1600s had only ten starters but a good battle. Danny Porter and Mark Rudd is took the early lead with fast lap at 1 :49:02, had to stop twice for fuel but pulled out the class win with almost 17 minutes in hand. In Class 3 Curt LeDuc took an immediate lead in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and with co-driver Mike Leste they built the lead to 12½ minutes at the flag and finished a smart tenth overall. On the second lap Kelley lost a balljoint, and Dean moved into the lead. Stewart was second, just 10 seconds behind him ( although still actually first on the road), with Collins, the only driver who's won this race overall two times, in third place now. Kelley had fallen to fourth, and Doug Fortin, Jr., in his Chevy, was fifth. He'd had a flat on lap one, Doug Fortin Jr. finally got a good result with his Class 1 Chevy truck, as he drove right into third in class and also finished a fast fourth overall. Page 12 Steve Kelley is getting his fancy Class 1 Jeep dialed in and went well in the class, had some shock reservoir trouble but was fourth in class, fifth 0 /A. October 1993 David Bryan continued his great runs in Class B in the privateer Ford, and this event he got his 22nd finish in the truck, second in class, 17th 0 /A. Dusty nmes

Page 13

iJitllff."' ~ ,4: t'''"-'/ ~-Brian Stewart herded the big Dodge truck around the rugged desert course with some delays along the way, but he finished third in Class 8, earning points. Kevin Davis went alone in his Lothringer, rolled on the first lap but made back a good bit of the time lost to finish second in Class 1-2-1600. Mike Julson was another who rolled on the first lap, got spectator help to right the Jimco, and with co-driver Bob Lofton they finished third in Class 1-2-1600. · In Class 10, which was next off -In Class 4 Dave Ashley moved his Ford out front from the flag, got fast lap for _ the line, the first lap leader was Darren Ebberts in the two seat Raceco that used to be Ray Croll's race car, has been his pre runner, and is now the race car for his son Steve. Ebberts had two minutes and 38 seconds on Rich Fersch, in a Mirage that used to be a 1600 car. Randy Wilson ran third, 33, seconds later in his Toyota powered A-armed Raceco, and Dave Richardson ran fourth in a Chenowth, followed by Jimmie Johnson, in Tom Schilling's Jimco. Says Johnson, "I have a big learning curve to do out here in the desert. It's hard to keep myself calmed down." Johnson is a newcomer to desert racing, but a veteran stadium racer, at age 17. the class, and said he had to slow a bit with overheating but he still won Class 4 by over half an hour, Wilson moved into the lead on the second lap, fueling as he hopped out and put his brother, Rick, in for the second half. They had just over two minutes on Fersch, and his co-driver, Brian Parkhouse. In third it was now Steve Croll, age 17, driving only his second race, and followed by Richardson, who'd had a flat, nine minutes later. Johnson gave up the wheel to Schilling, and they were still in fifth place. Among those struggling behind the lead and was trying to figure out why his truck was down on power. It was still a very close fight, with only three minutes and 28 seconds separating first and fifth place. Stewart, whose battle plan is usually to run a steady pace early in the day, and then push at the end if he needs to, pushed all right, and had the fastest third lap for the class, but it was only 10 seconds quicker than Dean's, and it wasn't enough to catch him. Dean had a flawless day, and enjoyed giving the sponsor of the race, Gold Coast owner Gaughan, a win in the car with his name on it also. Stewart was only a minute and 36 seconds behind Dean. In third it was Fortin, about 11 minutes later, followed in by Kelley, who says he's still getting used to the Jeep, and finding it very different from his previous Class 8 ride. He'd lost some shock reservoirs on the rear on his last lap. And Bob Richey and Tom Baker, in their Porsche Raceco, slid into fifth place, with no brakes. The Class 8 trucks took the start next, and by the time they got to Pit F, about 68 miles into the race, Rob MacCachren, who'd started fifth in his Ford, was in front of the pack. He held the lead at the end of the loop, with over two minutes on Ragland, who was second, after having to cap off a rear brake line when a caliper went out. Frank Vessels had his Ford in third place and David Bryan, in a Ford, was fourth. On the second lap MacCachren lost a torque converter, and Ragland recorded the fast lap of the race, at 1:25:49, to secure his lead. He now had 35 minutes on Bryan, who was second, while most of the others had mechanical woes. MacCachren was third, another 24 minutes back, and Vessels lost an hour somehow, but was still in front of Brian S_tewart, _ Dodge, who'd looked Dusty nmcs • good partway into· lap one, and then lost an hour. Ragland's truck continued to run well, and except for a flat about 20 miles before the finish, he had no problems. Bryan, who has now run 24 races in his truck, with 22 finishes, was second, with Stewart in third 20 minutes later. Vessels was fourth, and Mac-Cachren finished fifth, dragging his rear leaf springs. He was also last. Scott Douglas took an immediate lead in Class 7, and the Ford Ranger just goes on winning. His competition faded midway with mechanical woes and Scott brought Herzog Racing another big victory, eighth.overall. J.C. Dean and Brendan Gaughan with Gaughan doing most of the driving due to Dean's injured wrist, overcame a variety of problems, including getting snared bya fence, to finish second in Class 7 in the Dodge Dakota. October 1993 five, was Ray Croll, Steve's dad, in fourth place. Schilling and teamed with Tom Rhodes in a Johnson, after a last lap flat, were Jimco, and playing catchup after a fifth. troublesome steering problem. In Class 3 Curt LeDuc had his The third lap was mostly Jeep Grand Cherokee in the lead uneventful, except that Wilson with the class fast lap, at 1:36:13, recorded the class fast lap, at and was three minutes in front of 1 :38:57, and brought the big car Dan Smith, in his Ford. Dale in for the win. Parkhouse and White ran third in his Blazer. Fersch were second about five On the second lap LeDuc and minutes later, and then came co-driver Mike Lesle built their Croll and Ebberts, with Richard-lead to 1 1 minutes, enjoying their . son and co-driver Steve S_ourapas new 37" ttE DSX~ FEATURES A Scientific Blend Of Premium Suspended Fluoropolymer Particles Lower Friction Coefficient Universal Viscosity Permanently Bonds In The Metal Pores NO HYDROCARBONS ~ OIL ADDITIVE DESERT STORM FORMULA BENEFITS Improves Gas Mileage From 2-4 Miles Per Gallon Wear Reduction; Faster Reaction Cooler Runninmg; More Power Compatible With All Conventional Petroleum Oils And Greases Does Not Change Tolerances Of Bearings, Rings Or Pistons Safe To Ship, Store And Hanc'le OR CHLOROFLUORCARBONS ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE FT/LBS FT/LBS TESTS OF STEEL BEARINGS UNDER LOAD SEIZURE SEIZURE FT/LBS WITHOUT AQQIIl~E ~Eli!.!BE Qll. ~ DSXEXTRA 170 KENDALL GT-1 35 FRICTION WEDGE 130 VALVOLINE RF SOW 30 JUSTICE BROS 120 VALVOLINE RF 40W 45 BG 100 VALVOLINE PREM 5W30 25 TUFOIL 65 SHELLATF 12 ALEMITESW 35 MOBIL 1 15W-50 12 SLICK50 30 MOBIL 1 l0W-30 12 STPXEP2 20 UNOCAL RACING OIL 40 STP 10 UNOCAL GRDOL 30W 35 PENNZOIL GT 20W-50 38 QI!:!EB QS~ PBQD!.!QT~ MTRCRFT GLD l0W-40 27 MTRCRFT RAC 20W-50 38 GEAR OIL ADDITIVE FHS 4 CYCLE RACING 14 HYDRAULIC FLUID ADDTVE VALVOLINE GEAR BOW 70 GREASE ADDITIVE UNOCAL GEAR 90W 45 SPRAY LUBRICANT MOBIL 1 GEAR 68 FOR MORE INFORMA TlON CO/'IITACT Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 WITH ~ 75 80 90 65 35 55 55 90 70 74 70 76 48 120 105 115 Page 13

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Barry Slatter built his Ford Ranger himself from the ground up, and he charged around home ground to third in Class 7, five minutes behind Gaughan. Jeff Lewis catches a little air in his Class 7S Chevy S-10, had a flat on the last lap, but got it changed fast and went on to second Billy Bunch and Ron Lister reported no serious problems with their newly painted Ford Ranger, and charged the soft desert trails into third in Class 7S. ~ tires, and having no flats. Smith did have some flats, which he said he'd "asked for", and he also broke a tie-rod, a new experience for him, which he called "scary as hell!" White maintained a good pace, and was still third. LeDuc and Lesle took the win by 12 and a half minutes, with Smith, now without his power steering, in second place. White got about half way around the third lap, but couldn't get to the finish. In Class 7 Scott Douglas put his Ford into the lead by recording by 8 minutes. the class fast lap, a swift 1:34:39, fence for a little while. which had him two minutes and Douglas had a flat on the six seconds in front of Jack-second lap, but by then he had Johnson in another Ford. But almost an hour on Gaughan, Johnson was having a hard time who'd lost a starter, and ran steering through the start/finish second. In third now it was Barry chicanes, and fluids ran out of the Slatter and Eric Shenberger, in a front of his truck waterfall Ford, another 45 minutes down. fashion. It seems his water pump Douglas went on to get the win, had blown up, taking out his finishing eighth overall, and over power steering with it, and the two hours ahead of Gaughan, crank pulley. His crew wanted to whose day had gone from bad to repair the mess and send him on, worse. Slatter and Shenberger, but there was no spare for the also with long laps, because of a pulley. Behind him Brendan serious overheating problem, Gaughan ran third, in a Dodge were third, only five minutes Dakota, but got himself stuck in a .. behind him. The Class 6 Ford of John Swift had the lead all day, suffering briefly from a lost alternator, but an on board spare made it a quick fix. Darren Skilton and Larry Noel were second in their Jeep. Swift took the win, finishing 12th in the overall standings, with Skilton and Noel an hour behind him in second place. In Class 4 Dave Ashley moved to the front, his Ford about eight minutes up on Alan Shapiro and Randy Salmont, in another Ford, while Jerry McDonald, in his Chevy, was frustratedly trying to dig out of the silt, where he'd become stuck after coming up on Class 7S is a mixed bag of two and four wheel drive mini trucks, but one keeps winning, the Fiesta Ford of Darren and Doug York. They had to work for this win as two trucks to the rear were close enough to strike. ·----------------~---· 1• E~r-..URO •• Centerline Wheels l .... ..II.I' I I 11 Exhaust Systems R Al .--,1,.,.TG 11 Transmissions J--.. '-.1 l '11111111 I I I GearSets I : RearEnds Garage Sale : I Brakes I The Ford Explorer of John Swift finally had a problem, and they changed the alternator, using an on board spare. No matter, Swift and Dino won Class 6 by over an hour and finished 12th overall. a stopped buggy unexpected! y. He Salmont. McDonald, who'd gone lost a full hour in the digging out on to have a brake caliper catch and repairing process. fire, which necessitated a hub Meanwhile, Ashley had the fast change, and running with only lap for the group, at 1 :44:37, and one rear brake from then on, also put himself 11 minutes in front of had some flats, but managed a Shapiro and Salmont, with third place, an hour and a half McDonald holding down the rear. later. Ashley, who said the truck ran In Class 5, George Seeley had a little hot, and he'd had to back the class fast lap, at 1:51:43, and out of it a bit, had an otherwise was in the lead at the end of lap perfect day, and took the win, a one, even after changing a flat, by half hour in front of Shapiro and _ 29 seconds. Neal Grabowski ran second, and in third it was Tony Kujala, who had an ignition problem. Lisa Dickerson and Scott Cameron ran fourth. Seeley continued to lead through the second lap, and now he had almost exactly two minutes, and it was still the Grabowski car in second, with Mike at the wheel after a mid lap change. Kujala had handed over to Greg Diehl, but he was struggling with no power steering, and not liking it, and they were about 13 minutes down. Dicker-son and Cameron were still fourth. I Master Cylinders Saturday I I I I off-Road Lights September 18th, 1993 I In Class 5-1600 the Cook brothers made it obvious they were back on form, the lead on lap 1 with class fast lap by Darryl, who handed over to Wayne midway in the three lapper and they won the class by a good 16 minutes. Seeley lost his motor on the third lap, after leading halfway around, and while he tried to find a way to weld magnesium, Kujala, who was back into Diehl's car, took over the lead. The Gra-bowskis had a bad condenser, and it kept blowing their coil, ruining five of them before they found the culprit. Kujala and Diehl went on to take the win, with the Grabowskis in second plate and Dickerson and Cameron third about two hours later. Seeley never did get his cracked case welded, and didn't get to finish, a real disappointment after such a good beginning. I 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. I I Oil Coolers I I Shock Absorbers 15year accumulation I I I I Alternators of off-road racing parts I I I I Starters J or: . I I Springs Ford trucks, 4x4, I = Weber Carburetors F-series, and Ranger = I Air Cleaners I I 375 South "G" Street I I Radiators San Bernardino, CA I : And Tons More! (909) 381-4088 : ·--------------------· Page 14 Running mid-pack for two laps with no power steering Greg Diehl and Tony Kujala finally got fixed and took over the lead in Class 5 midway in the last lap and they held it to the checkered flag. October 1993 The 1-2-1600s were the next group to take to the road, and the lead belonged to Mark Ruddis, with the fast lap for the class, at 1 :49:02, in his Suspensions Unlimited car. He was three minutes and 54 seconds -in front ofKeavin and Gary Ande.rson, in their Abrtrickracer Coyote who Dusty Times

Page 15

,".:': dih -- . Neal and Mike Grabowski had just enough electrical trouble with their Class 5 car to slow their pace: they ran second almost all the way and at the flag. Warren Messick and Joel Stankavich drove the Raceco that won two championships last year, recovered from a first lap rollover to take 2nd in Class 9. Darnen and Wilfiam Jeffries plow through a silt bed on course in their Jimco, had first lap mechanical woes, but got fixed and finished third in Class 9. borrowed a star wrench from a handy spectator, and got moving again, in time to save his lead, and his win. Lewis, who'd been trying hard to catch him, also had a flat, and finished about eight minutes back in second place. Bunch and Lister were third, while Mike Schwellinger and Jon Snyder moved up to fourth in their Ford, when Vinje and Hansen broke a pitman arm and a shock. Class 9 came up with nine starters, and six finished. Rick 8. Johnson ran just behind the leaders for two laps, had no poblems, not even a flat tire and he won Class 9 in a solo drive by nearly half an hour. In Class 5-1600, the Cook brothers were back on form, and Darryl had their car in front, with the class fast lap, at 2:01: 16. Ross Craft and Mike Kalicki had joined forces for this race, and with Craft at the wheel, were in second place, only a minute and 10 seconds back, after changing a flat. Jim McGill and Mark Miller ran third, with Tim Lawrence in fourth, and then Guillermo Quintero and Francisco Ortiz in fifth place. Michael and Kevin James, who'd rolled and seriously damaged their car at Barstow, had it looking all new again for this race, for a while anyway. They rolled it over again, finished one lap, and were heard from no more. were second. In third it was Mike Julson, in a Jimco, who'd rolled over and landed on his lid, needing spectator help to get back on his wheels. In fourth it was Don Lampus, Sr. and Jr., in their Jimco, while Rod Muller and Mike Halliday were fifth in their Chenowth. The class was spread a little further apart than is customary for this group, with eight minutes separating the first and fifth cars. Midway through the second lap Danny Porter took over from Ruddis, and, while they were running well, they had no battery, so had their pumper helmet motor turned off, along with the radio. And they were glad it wasn't a nighttime race. The Lampus car had moved up to second place, and Muller and Halliday were now third, with Julson in fourth and Kevin Davis, who'd also rolled on the first lap, and now had power steering in his Lothringer, in fifth place. Porter and Ruddis, who'd been late to staging and hadn't stopped to top off before the start, had to fuel twice, but otherwise had no stops, and except for the dead battery, ran well. They took the win, finishing a full 17 minutes in front of Davis, who had to fix his throttle cable three times on the last lap. In third it was Julson and his co-driver, Bob Lofton, the car owner, who'd had oil all over the clutch, and Muller and Halliday were fourth, followed in by Josh Baldwin, in a Chenowth, in fifth. The two wheel and four wheel drive mini trucks, Class 7S, ran next, and Darren York got his Ford out in front right away, with the class fast lap at 1:47:38. He had five minutes on Billy Bunch and Ron Lister in their Ford at the end of the first lap, and they were just three minutes in front of Jeff Lewis, in a Chevy, who'd lost some time stopping to help pull Jerry McDonald out of the silt. Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen ran fourth in their Toyota. Dusty nmcs York, who'd slowed a bit because of high oil temperature on the first lap, was now worried about low oil pressure, so he kept stopping to add more. He continued to lead, and at the end of lap two had almost eight minutes on Lewis, who was having a smooth day. Bunch and Lister were third, and Vinje and Hansen were still fourth. On the third lap York had a flat and his breaker bar broke, so he Darryl Cook, after enjoying a good race with Craft, handed the car to Wayne for the second half, Rick and Randy Wilson are having a good year in the Class 10 Raceco with Toyota power and A arm front end. After the mid-race driver change they had the Class 10 lead, fast lap in 1 :38:57 on the last round and won Classes 10 and finished 11th overall. Young Steve Croll and young Darren Ebberts drove Ray Croll's refurbished pre-runner very well and 17 year old Steve brought it home third in Class 10, well ahead of Dad Ray Croll running in the same class. October 1993 and they had a lead of 13 minutes at the end of the second lap. McGill and Miller were in second, with the Lawrence car, Steve now at the wheel, in third, and Craft and Kalicki in fourth. Vince Alcouloumre and Patrick Friel ran fifth in the surfboard car. Wayne continued to have a clean race, and, holding true to a family superstition which says they can't ever win three in a row, but if they break twice in a row, they win the third one, the Cooks took the win. Craft and Kalicki moved back up to finish second, 16 minutes later, and followed in by the Lawrence family, who'd lost their points and dropped about 10 minutes off their pace. In fourth it was Alcouloumre and Friel, while Mario Panagio-topolous and Robby Rozhon, who'd had a first lap of over four hours, got to finish fifth, but were eight ll@r' lfyou~e got a license to fly ••• We~e got approved landing gear! CUSTOM \J\IHEE•S I 2350 Edison Way • Garden Grove, CA 92641 800/'321-4456 Page 15

Page 16

. ,-;:: ,f;;J· Brian Parkhouse and Rich Fersch stayed close in the Mirage in Class 10. in a car that started life as a 1600, and they charged on to seccnd in Class 10. Defending overall SCORE points champions Steve Sourapas and Dave Richardson are not having a good year, but they got the Chenowth in 4th in Class 10. Ross Craft and Mike Kalicki joined forces in Class 5-1600 this race started out running second, dropped back, but placed second at the checkers. ~ · minutes overtime, and (, /tici,11 n,,n-finishers. The ( lass 9 folks got the flag next, and in this group it was Ron and Bill Brady, in a Chenowthl -Baja Concepts car out in front, with the class fast lap, at 2:03:28. They had two and a half minutes on Jim Richardson, in a Jimco, who was second, and he was a minute and 20 seconds in front of Rick Johnson, in his Johnson/ -Fortune chassis. In fourth it was Warren Messick, in a Raceco, recovering after he put his car on its side at mile 60, then found that his battery was dead, and he had to have it jumped to get started when the Ford lost its motor four again. Pancho Bio and Sergio miles out of the start, he became a Gutierrez had their Tubular Class 9 driver again. Darnen and Designs car in fifth place. William Jeffries, in a Jimco, had Richardson moved up into the driven the first lap with a stuck lead on the second lap, with just vacuum advance, and had been under three minutes on Johnson, able to use only second gear, but whose six year old car was having were running better now, and no problems. The Bradys had moved up to fifth place. dropped to third, and Messick Richardson, who let his dad, and his co-driver, Joel Stanka-Rich, drive the last lap, had to vich, were now fourth. Stanka-weld up the rear suspension, and vich, who'd started the race in his lost a lot of time, while Johnson Class 7S Ford truck, was actually had no trouble, not even flats, and disappointed to be able to drive in got another win. Stankavich and the buggy. He'd been hoping to Messick finished second, about a get finishes in two classes, but . half hour later, and the Jeffries SCORE Gold Coast 300 RESULTS-August 6-81993 I Poe Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Time O/A brothers were third, 12 minutes behind them. In fourth it was the Richardsons, while Bio and Gutierrez, who were down to on! y second and fourth gears, finished fifth. But a penalty for failing to stop at a check point dropped the Richardsons one position, and moved Bio and Gutierrez into fourth place. 115 1 105 2 116 3 113 4 114 5 1609 1 1604 2 1610 3 1605 4 1601 5 300 1 303 2 301 3 401 1 402 2 400 3 502 1 503 2 504 3 552 1 553 2 599 3 555 4 600 1 619 2 700 1 703 2 719 3 n6 1 n4 2 no 3 n1 4 758 5 806 1 801 2 802 3 803 4 800 5 999 1 998 2 903 3 900 4 996 5 1010 1 1014 2 1008 3 1000 4 1009 5 1199 1 1198 2 760 899 1 860 2 Claaa 1/2-Unllmited alngle & two aeat - 22 atart - 10 finish Pat Dean Ivan Stewart Chenowth Porsche Toyota Doug Fortin Jr. Chevrolet S-1 o Steve Kelley Joop Grand Cherokee Bob Richey/Tom Baker Raceco Porsche Claas 1/2-1600 - 1600cc Restricted Engine - 10 start -8 finish Danny Porter/Mark Ruddis Suspensions Unltd. Kevin Davis Lothringer Mike Julson/Bob Lofton Jimco Rod Muller/Mike Halliday Chenowth Joshua Baldwin Chenowth Claas 3-Short WB 4x4 - 4 atart - 2 finiah Mike Lesia/Curt LeDuc Dan Smith Dale WMe/Michelle Susich Claaa 4-Long we 4x4 - 3 ■tart - 3 finlah Jeep Grand Cherokee Ford Bronco Chevy Blazer Dave Ashley Ford F-150 Alan Shapiro.iRandy Salmont Ford F-150 Jerry McDonald/Barry Beacham Chevrolet K-1500 Claaa 5 - Unlimited Baja Bug - 4 •tart - 3 finiah Greg Diehl/Tony Kujala Baja Bug Neal & Mike Grabowski Baja Bug Lisa Dickerson/Scott Cameron Baja Bug Claaa 5-1600 -1600cc Baja Bug -10 atart -4 finish Wayne & Darryl Cook Baja Bug Ross Cralt/M ike Kalicki Baja Bug Steve & Tim Lawrence Baja Bug Vince Alcouloumre/Patrick Friel Baja Surf Bug Claas 6 - Production Sedan - 2 ■tart - 2 finish John Swift Ford Explorer Darren Skilton/Larry Noel Joop Cherokee Claaa 7 - Unlimited Mini Pickup - 4 ■tart - 3 finish Scott Douglas Ford Ranger J.C. Dean/Brendan Gaughan Dodge Dakota Barry Slatter/Eric Shenberger Ford Ranger Claaa 7S - Stock Mini Pickup - 7 atart - 5 finish Darren & Doug York Ford Ranger Jell Lewis/John Chapman Chevy S-10 W.D. Bunch/Ron Lister Ford Ranger Mike Schwelllnger/Jon Snyder Ford Ranger Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen Toyota Claaa 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup - 7 atart - 5 finish Larry Ragland/Brady Stiles Chevrolet David Bryan/Bill Loper Ford F-150 Brian Stewart/Jell Geisler Dodge D-150 Frank Vessels/Mark Bunderson Ford F-150. Rob MacCachren/Mike Schoffstall Ford F-150 Claaa 9 - Reatricted Buggy - 9 atart - 6 finiah Rick B. Johnson Johnson/Fortune Warren Messick/Joel Stankavich Raceco Daman & WIiiiam Jelfries Jimco Pancho Bio/Sergio Gutierrez Tubular Designs Rich & Jim Richardson Jimco Claaa 10 - Unlimited 1650cc - 14 atart - 9 finish Rici) & Randy Wilson Raceco Toyota Brian Parkhouse/Rich Fersch Mirage Steve CrolVDarren Ebberts Raceco vw Steve Sourapas/Dave Richardson Chenowth VW Tom Schilling/Jimmie Johnson Jimco VW Claaa 11 - Stock VW aedan - 2 start - 2 finish (this class was required to complete only one lap) Peter Rosenstein/Duane Morimoto VW Beetle Eric Solorzano/Hector Rodriguez VW Beetle Claaa Mini Stock - Stock Mini Trucka - 5 start - 1 finish (this class was only required to complete two laps) Scott Sells/Daren Klopp Toyota SR 5 Claaa Stock Full - Stock Pickup Trucks - 2 start. 2 finish (this class was only required to complete two laps) Marc Stein/David Sykes Ford F-150 Gordon DiCarlo/Don Krause Ford F-150 Starters, cars 105 · finishers, cars 67 • • Penalized one position/Safety infraction Fast Time - Cars/Trucks - Larry Ragland -Class 8 Chevrolet PU. 4:26:41 Race Distance - 231.3 miles • Time Allowance - 9 hours Page 16 4:27:45 4:29:21 4:40:40 4:43:56 4:44:02 5:42:28 5:59:24 6:03:26 6:23:20 6:32:38 5:01 :25 2 3 4 5 6 23 30 32 37 40 10 5:14:08 14 3:48:01 (2Iaps) 5:17:56 5:49:47 7:27:09 6:16:51 6:22:16 8:13:51 6:24:30 6:40:46 6:46:20 7:19:47 5:07:16 6:12:33 4:51:55 7:42:00 7:47:28 5:33:41 5:41 :02 5:55:31 7:13:13 7:53:13 4:26:41 5:30:02 5:50:58 5:55:25 6:18:09 6:33:26 7:01:16 7:13:27 7:53:38 7:28:06 5:03:06 5:08:18 5:23:11 5:37:48 5:40:39 3:13:38 6:56:11 5:41:38 6:04:30 8:32:03 15 26 49 34 36 57 38 42 43 48 12 33 8 51 52 19 22 29 45 54 1 \7 27 28 35 41 44 46 50 55• 11 13 16 20 21 In Class 11 there were only two cars, and they were required to run only two laps. But, since there had been only one entry at the time of the driver's meeting, SCORE officials had announced that it would be required to run only one lap. If more cars showed up, they would run two. And, an additional car did show up for late sign-in and tech at the crack of dawn, and got it all done in time to start the race. So it looked like a two-lapper. Except that for unknown reasons, Danny Cau, SCORE's president, decided that they should run only one lap, and asked the staging crew to give the drivers that message. So at the end of the one lap, Peter Rosenstein and Duane Morimoto were it, since their only competition, the team of Eric Solorzano and Hector Rodriguez, who'd come up from Tijuana, were busy in their pit replacing or repairing a transmission. They did manage to finish also, about three hours later. In the Stock Full class the first lap leader was David Sykes, in a Ford, recording a nice 2:44:29, and way out in front of Gordon DiCarlo, who'd obviously had some mechanical woes with his Ford. Sykes shared the driving with Marc Stein, and the team had only one flat and one broken shock, and a little time stuck in the silt, and took their first win. DiCarlo had a good second lap, and managed to finish, almost two and a half hours behind. In the Stock Mini field it was Mike Yarman in front, in his Toyota, with a time of 2:26:11, and just 14 minutes up on Scott Sells and Darren Klopp in another Toyota. But Yarman broke on the second lap, and Sells and Klopp moved up to the lead, and took the win. Michael Martin and Rick Hughes, in still another Toyota, October 1993 Peter Rosenstein and Duane Morimoto are the class of Class 11 this year and they won by over three hours at the Gold Coast 300, a tough run for them with all the silt. Marc Stein and David Sykes ran their Ford F-150 in Stock Full Size class had a flat and lost a shock but were really thrilled with their first off road racing class win .. finished second, about three and a half hours later, and none of the others managed to make two laps. The Competition Review Board had only one case to discuss, and it resulted in no action being taken: so all the results stood. This had been another short day, with all the racing over by dinnertime, and everyone heading back to las Vegas to test their luck at the tables. SCORE now comes to the culmination of the year, the Baja 1000, this year a loop race beginning and ending on the eastern side of the peninsula, in Mexicali. Old time racers will remember some long ago events headquartered in that hospitable town. The city has changed a bit since then, adding several glossy new hotels with adjacent restaur-ants and shopping areas. It should be a nice change to visit Mexicali for the November 11th through 13th event. ~ Scott Sells has done a lot of winning in Stock Mini Trucks in other venues, but the Nevada silt didn't slow his Toyota and he won the class with Darren Klopp riding shotgun for two laps at 5:41:38. Dusty nmes

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Earn KC Contingency Dollars for Running Off Road Racing's Winningest Lights! --. SCORE Racing Series -._J 6-> $250 Available in Each 4 Wheel Class Winners are determined by the KC ''SHOT IN THE DARK"random drawing consisting of KC equipped finishers at each race. You just might win, even if you don't win your class. All class finishers have an equal chance. GOLD COAST 3000 Class 1 - James Baldwin Class 7 4x4 - Darren York Class 10 - Steve Sourapas Stock Mini -Scott Sells $50 to Each KC Equipped Class Winner These special racer only lighting packages are available exclusively through Jim Conner Racing. Products can be ordered directly from Jim Conner Racing or purchased from Jim at all SCORE events. Jim Conner Racing also offers the racer FREE replacement of burned out bulbs and repair parts. *SCORE approved rear collision light (required safety equipment on all four wheel classes) (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers ........... ~ (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights #2 $152.00 (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* #5 $92.00 (2) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights #3 t14~ nn (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* (4) Stone Guards .... .._. .. ~(4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* #6 $66.00 (2) Vinyl Light Covers Any of the above lighting packages will qualify you for KC's contingency program. Listed prices are available to competitors only. Don't miss out on any races, pre-order today for delivery at the next SCORE race. For more information on KC's 1993 Contingency Program, contact: Jim Conner• P.O. Box 1129 • Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405 • 1-602/855-0912 • Fax 1-602-453-9641

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Bob Richey and Tom Baker had a good day in what may be the last outing for the Raceco/Porsche. They had some brake trouble but were fifth in Class 1. Rod Muller and Mike Halliday started out fifth in their 1-2-1600 Chenowth and moved steadily forward to finish fourth in the class. Darren Skilton and Larry Noel whippeq through the soft trails in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and arrived second in Class 6. Vince Alcouloumre and Pat;ick Friel, who couldn't catch the winning wave in the SurfBug, but they took fourth in Class 5-1600. It took Eric Solorzano and Hector Rodriguez seven hours to make a lap with a lot of pit time, but they did and finished second in Class 11. Page 18 Frank Vessels had no major troubles this race is the slick Class 8 Ford and he slid it right into a smart fourth in Class 8 at the Gold Coast 300. Alan Shapiro and Randy Salmont had a good day in the ex Schwellinger Ford, had no serious troubles and took second in Class 4. Mike Schwellinger and Jon Snyder do a desert wheelie in the Ford Ranger that they kept together anyhow and finished fourth in Class 7S. Pancho Bio and Sergio Gutierrez got a new paint job on the Tubular Design car, and they finished fifth in Class 9 on the clock. Michael Martin and Rick Hughes kept their Stock Mini truck Toyota going to finish second in the class that had five starters. October 1993 Dan Smith had serious steering problems with the usually reliable Bronco, and he ended up second, just about 13 minutes out of the win. ~ ~•· ,i__, Lisa Dickerson and Scott Cameron had a good race going in Class 5, had a few serious delays and finished third in Class 5. Flying flat and level the Steve and Tim Lawrence Baja Bug stayed with the leaders all the way to finish third in Class 5-1600. Class 10 had tight dicing, and Tom Schilling and Jimmie Johnson ran well; they brought the sano Jimco home fifth after a last lap flat. Often a winner in the bone stock full size truck class, Gordon DiCarlo had a long first lap but came back to finish second in the Ford. Dusty nmes

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Th• Antigo IGwanis Off Road Challenge By Barb & Marilyn Schultz Photos: Greg Witi'e & Jeanne Brown j Dan Baudoux, center, got the lead on the second lap of the opening race for Class 11 D, with Cory Friday, left pressing hard, and the herd still close. Baudoux won the race with Friday right on his tail pipe in close action. For the weekend ofJune 12 and The track itself was obviously and every turtle to high ground 13, SODA racers and fans headed designed by Dave and Craig Gray. and safety. Well, they thought for Wisconsin's Northwoods and It was a racer's track with enough they had all of the little critters beautiful Antigo, Wisconsin, and stretches to allow for high speed, moved. Seems they set the not just to see how the local jumps with challenge that did not outflow valve to send X amount potato crop was doing either! destroy machinery and had good of water out of the area and left Antigo was the host city for the approaches,arhythmsectionthat for lunch. When the crew 7th Annual Antigo Kiwanis Off actually had rhythm, corners that returned to the pumping site they Road Challenge. The title sponsor varied in degree and adequate were perplexed as to why more for this Race Event was Chevro, room to pass without going off water hadn't been removed. let, the Official Truck of the the track. Nice work Dave and Upon examip.ation they found a SODA Series. This event is most Craig! turtle with it's head stuck tight in popular with drivers and spectat, By way of environmental the outflow hose! The rascal was ors alike. The morning of interest, it's nice to know that as still alive but sported a neck a Saturday, June 12, the covered the track crew pumped out the good six inches long! All grandstands were full before pre, excess water in a natural drainage concerned parties may now relax, run was over! area on the track they moved each justice prevailed and the turtles are all fine. In recognition of this incident, that section of the track is now referred to as Turtle Creek. On to the racing, Class 11 D took the first green flag under blue skies and with excellent racing weather. Rod "Old Guy" Attig came around the first lap in the lead but caught a course marking barrel and lost position that he never really quite made up. This was the advantage Dan Baudoux needed to pull ahead in what appeared to be a comfort, able lead. Don't know how he does it, but the incredible Cory Friday came from mid,pack, went around Attig, around Rich W oulf and began to put some steady pressure on Baudoux. Time ran Mike Brue has worked hard at winning a Class 5-1600 title, and this is his year out for Friday and Baudoux took right now, as he went wire to wire at Antigo to score a close victory. home the checkered flag but Class 6 produces tight racing in SODA; here Fay Statezny just leads Al Fannin both in near identical Chevel/es, Statezny won, Fannin placed second, and they race like this at every event. Friday made one heck of a run for it and placed second. Rich W oulf and Keith Berrard wound up doing some heads up driving for third position, Berrard taking advantage of a wide corner turn by W oulf and capturing third place. W oulf took home a nice fourth place. John Huven did an excellent job of maneuvering his machine from way back in the pack to fifth place. While not in the top running, Heath Schooley brought his machine around slowly but surely on three wheels and Rick Rayford finished the race with a distinctly flat left front tire. Class 6 had a very nice turn out with some very nice racing! As a matter of human interest, track photographer Gregg Witte usually is behind the wheel of his Class 6 Ford Mustang. However Gregg was dealing with a dislocated shoulder so his co, driver, World Famous Off Road Racing Announcer Terry Friday took the wheel and drove just like a World Famous Off Road Racer!!! More on "World" and "Famous" later. The entire race was a shoot out between Crandon's Fay Statezny and Argonne's Al Fannin with "Crazy Man" Bekavac, Tim Kamm and Bill "The Survivor" Graboski also on board for some heavy duty racing. While Statezny went in for the win, it was not without Fannin leading a lap, giving the lead up and pushing Statezny around the track. Fannin pulled out a very nice second. Tim Kamm, Bill Graboski and Terry Friday were at one point in a knock down drag out fight for third. Friday broke down, Kamm had to pit and Bekavac hung in there for the third place position. Graboski placed fourth and despite the pit stop Kamm pulled in fifth. Randy Zimonick, Gary Gottschalk and Jay Martens all had early mechanical blues and were off the track before the halt way mark. Mike Brue was out to show the crowd how it's done in the Class 5,1600 race and drove to a flag to flag win. Nice work, Mike! Some nice racing action took place between Greg Smith in Joe Epper's machine and Bill Bowles. Bowles was right on Smith's bumper each lap just waiting for Smith to make a mistake and make the position pass. Smith made no mistakes. Bowles would come around and up to Smith's door to read the sponsor's names but wasn't able to make a full pass stick. Smith took second place, Bowles placed third by an eyelash. Terry Wolfe went by on lap one with audible motor troubles, pitted and then drove the fastest time posted in this race trying to catch up. Time was against him but the show was dyn,o,mite! Class 9 / 10 green flagged on the one mile track and posted some super fast times in a superb race. Given average lap times and going for average speed, those buggies were flying around at approxim, ately 65 mph! Art Schmitt III, · with a tremendous challenge by Jeff St. Peter, went on a flag to flag run for the win. St. Peter, at most points, was turning an identical speed so the two stayed nose to tail for most of the race. Schmitt gained a little more speed toward the end leaving St. Peter with a battle for second position with Jeff Probst. Probst gained steadily on the two leaders from the start, made a terrific try for a pass, last lap on an infield corner but couldn't make the move stick. Probst settled for third. Todd Attig with a smoking motor finished in fourth, Trent Hanson in fifth and Tom Schwartzburg in sixth. Randy Eller and Chris Haenlein tangled on the first lap and by lap two both were out of the running. Bryan Bernloehr and Dan Baudoux both pulled off the track a third of the way through. Fourteen trucks began the Al Fannin tried in vain to catch his pal who was leading Class 6, but he fell short by half a car length at the checkered flag in his Chevelle. Track Announcer Terry Friday does a little high flying in Gregg Witte's Class 6 Ford Mustang, but he went out with mechanical trouble about midway. Jeff St. Peter got his racer muddy in the early going in Class 9/10, but he kept it going to finish second in the race, and next day he was also second in the Unlimited Championship. Page 10 October 1993 Dusty Timcs

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The start of the Class 7S race got a little wild, but they all survived this early turn lack of direction and continued on to put on a good race for the little truck honors. Jim Bradley had a good run in his Ford Ranger, but he wasn't quite fast enough to keep up with the winner, but he finished the race in a solid second in 7S. Jed Flannery is driving the Parsons truck very well this year, and he just trailed his father Jack into the finish line in the hard fought Class 8 race. Class 7S race and exactly half of them actually finished. Guess attrition is going to continue to take a big bite out of this Class. Team Alligator, with Jimmie Crowder of Tallahassee, Florida, at the wheel, introduced a new C lass 7 S truck and looked awesome for as long as it lasted! W e watched Jeff Kincaid take home the honors in the first two races but this one belonged to Scott Taylor. After Crowder came around lap one in first, Taylor went the rest of the race for first place. Tom Heckers had second place nailed down until he had to leave the track giving way to Jim Bradley. Robert Chasteen worked his way through the pack arid survived for third place. Other finishers included Jim Moskalik, Al Walentowski, Michael Burke and Bill Water-strat. Dave VanDenElzen had his experimental truck out but had to pull off the track half way through the race. VanDenElzen is running his truck on natural gas, an alternative fuel certainly worth watching. The Class 8 trucks took their positions, the crowd got on its feet and the thunder rolled! Attrition again bit the field of finishers in half but the show was nothing short of spectacular! For the first quarter of the race it was a battle between Scott Taylor and Walker Evans with these two racing side by side, door handle to door handle. Holy Disaster, both trucks went off the track. While Evans and Taylor were going at it tooth and nail, Jimmie Crowder was holding down an awesome third place with Jack Flannery and Jed Flannery going door to door, nose to tail for fourth and fifth places. Crowder exited the track with Taylor and Evans and all of a sudden it was Flannery in first and Flannery in second! Jack put on his usual skilled performance for first place with son Jed running a most respectable second. Where was Jamey?? Riding with dad and watching brother Jed make his moves. Looks like we'll have three Flying Flannerys on the track soon! Dave Hackers and Dennis Ferdon put on a top of the line show for third and fourth places, Hackers in third. Chuck Brand finally got to debut his new Class 8 and did so with an excellent run for fifth place. Speaking of debuts, Pete Van De Hey's big Dodge took the track with the amazing Dan Vanden Heuvel at the wheel. What a show!! Vanden Heuvel put the pedal down and gave the truck a new work out! While the truck went down with mechanical blues, Vanden Heuvel put on an excellent show! It was also Mike Renkas' first time out this year, his truck going down with Dusty Times Art Schmitt Ill started the weekend right by winning Class 9/ 10 Saturday morning, had trouble Sunday in Class 1 /2 action, but came back strong to win the Unlimited Challenge event. mechanical blues. Farmer John Konitzer completed the list of finishers. No sooner had the over-filled grandstand sitting spectators settled back into their seats than the Class 4 ·trucks took their places for the green flag. It was back on your feet, jockey for the best viewing spot and off the line the Mighty Fours roared! What a treat to see Greg Gerlach rounding the last corner in first place most effectively closing the door on Jack Flannery, Ken Kincaid, Kevin Probst and a cast of thousands! Gerlach kept that door closed and maintained his first place position until he developed what "World" of "World and Famous Off Road Announcers" terms major clankety-bang-bang woes and pulled off the track. By this time Kincaid was also off and the amazing Jack Flannery was right there to take the lead and run with it to the checkered fla~. ("World" is Terry Friday, "Famous" is Ronn Kreuger) Now Kevin Probst was not back there lallygagging around by any means, the guy had his foot through the floorboard and was reeling Flannery in when his engine gave signs of breaking up. In truth, Probst was flying around the one mile track in one minute, eighteen seconds and that' s movin' pal! Geoff Dorr was by no means playing the slacker either and steadily pulled up on Probst as the Probst engine started automotive ails. With these three racers flying around the track and the rest of this incredible field, there wasn't a dull moment in the race. Probst checkered in second place, Dorr held down third. Bob Bemmels ran a consistent fourth place with Gerald Foster, Chad Hall and John Heidtman round-ing out the finishers. Love to watch those gentlemen of the 2-1600 class, especially when they all get off the start clean and most everyone finishes the race! What a show looked on the track!Jim Wiggins, challenged by Todd Attig, Greg Smith and John Greaves, held the lead for all but three laps, but the three he didn't hold were the last ones. Who did, you say?? Well it was that Greg Smith fella' again! Smith took home the victory, Wiggins placed second. What happened to Attig and Greaves? Attig was doing just real well until his engine put out some major smoke and he had to pull off. Greaves was right there to fill Attig's shoes and presto, the racing gods granted Greaves a flat left rear tire. The flat didn't put Greaves off the track but it did cost him four positions and placed Greaves in fifth. During this time Dan Baudoux snaked his way through the pack and neatly slid into third place. Mark Steinhardt drov_e his way to a nice fourth place finish. Cary Bowles, Gerry Parent and Walt Carlson put on an awesome show further back in the field letting the crowd know that no matter what position you're on, the name of the game is racing to one more position up the rung! The day's racing ended with the rip-snorting, ground pounding Class 13 Road Warriors! This Class took the track fourteen trucks and one '56 Chevy strong. Lowell DeGreef, a most familiar name to Class 13, took a one lap lead; Tom Jensen, another respected Class 13 name, took the lead for two laps and the rest of the race was all Dan Vanden Heuvel's! Watching the suspen-sion work on Vanden Heuvel's truck is like watching off road ballet, purely a work of art! DeGreef is breaking in a brand new truck and held down fourth position until .some major smoke pulled him off the track. Meanwhile another familiar name in Class 13, R.J. Flanagan, worked his way to third place right behind the formidable Tom Jensen, both finishing in that order. So, with October 1993 Jeff Probst took third in Class 9/10 in the winged Laser, but Sunday he won the Class 1/2 battle over Todd Attig and Scott Schwalbe in style. trucks having to pull off, who's in fourth! Brand new to Class 13, Ed Quade, Jr. was in fourth and young Quade drove one hell of a race to get there! Thornton "Ed" Schultz rounded out the top five. Other finishers included Dennis Rowland, Pat Brown and the '56 Chevy of Scott Stelzer. Talk about some real "ouch"; Don Gregoire finally got his brand new truck on the track, went two laps and threw a rod through the oil pan! At any rate and by anyone's count, the racing for Saturday, June 12 was state of the art! Spectators went home knowing they had viewed the best in off road racing. Drivers went back to campsites and pit areas to prepare for Sunday's racing! Class l / 2 took opening honors on Sunday, with the remarkable Art Schmitt Ill in what looked to be a run a way win. Not so, sports fans, Schmitt went off mid-race with what looked to be over heating problems. Enter Jeff Probst who flew his winged machine to a nice first place finish. The battle was on for second, third and fourth places and battle it was! Todd Attig had his hands ~ NEW FOR '93 SIX COLOR GRAPHIC DESIGN ! T-SHIRTS & TANK TOPS-$16 (WH, ASH) 14-16, S, M, L, XL, XXL (ADD $1) Class 1 OFF Road Enterprises P.O. Box 1007 Homeland, CA 92548 909-926-8308 Page 11

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DavR Hr,ckers had a terrific dice with Dennis Ferdon for third place ,n Class 8, and at the flag Hackers won the battle and took third spot. Kevin Probst was flying around the track in his Class 4 GMC and was challenging for the lead when his engine went soft, but he held second place. Geoff Dorr was fighting for second place, but his Ford didn't quite make the pass when time ran out, so the 1992 class champ finished third in Class 4. -------------------~ full of hard charging :-:.cott Schwalbe and Jeff St. Peter. Schwalbe was close enough to Attig to read Attig's helmet the entire race; he made a valiant effort to pass Attig coming into the checkered flag jump and Jeff St. Peter, in this race, posted a missed by half a buggy length. one minute, sixteen second romp Interesting enough, don't always around the track for fast time of look to the leader for fast time the weekend! Nice work Class around any off road track. 1/2! According to our stop watches, One more time there just wasn't a blank spot on the track as Class 1-1600 took the green! No clean start this time around, right off the line there was a seven car tangle that should've put that Greg Smith fella' completely out of the top ten finishers Just wait! Jim Wiggins, John Greaves and Todd Attig escaped the pile up and were off and running in that order. Sorta• seems like the racing gods have a grudge this year against our man Wiggins. He had the lead and a nice run to the checkered flag when it was obvious to all that his motor was just plain running out on him. Best friend Todd Attig moved in to the lead on the white flag lap and went on for the victory. Now, we told you to just wait, so who's in second at the finish line? That Greg Smith fella' -who had hard charged his way through a field of top notch drivers from lap two on! W ith the ailing motor, Wiggins placed third and John Greaves rounded out the top four. Dan Baudoux, Rob Kinner, Bobby Calhoun and John Huss all finished on the lead lap. Scott Taylor was nearly unbeatable in his Ford Ranger with mighty four cylinders, and Scott won the Class 7S race and almost took, with a very close second, the Heavy Metal Challenge, beaten by just one V-8 truck. Jack Flannery was in good form at Antigo, took the Class B win away from son There just ain't no such thing as Jed, as they came through the pack to the front together. Flannery has his a "bad" Class 11 race and the _C_he_v_ro_l_et_s_r-=.ig_h_t o_n_ t_h_e_m_o_n_ey::...._th_is_s_e_a_so_n_. ___________ · Class 1 lS race at Antigo was no · liimMJ!S!J DIRT BAGZ ~ CEIITERUNEWH_E_ELS ____ _, !SIMPSON I ANTI SUB BELT 2' ............................. $23.95 LAP BELT 3' ...................................... $58.95 SHOULDER BELT 3' .......................... $46.80 SHOULDER BELT W/ STERNUM STRAP .... $72.95 'A MUST FOR COMPETITION USE' E-Z UP TENT 10' X 15' ......................................... $499.00 CHENOWTH - ~ CNC HYDRAULIC SINGLE or DUAL HANDLE CUT BRAKES ................... $74.95 SAND RAIL PEDAL PAC_KAGE W/ CHROME THROTTLE PEDAL..$189.00 ADJ. PEDAL MOUNT... ................... $33.95 WORTH DRIVING SUITS 1 LAYER HDRA/SCORE LEGAL W/ RED or BLUE STRIPE .............. $87.95 Graphic Art and Design R<>b MacCachren T-Shirts Available T-Shirt Designs & Vinyl Lettering Available In Store . PHONE (702) 871-4911 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW · OPEN 6 DAVS,'MON-FRI · FAX 702 871-5221 LAS VEGAS NEVADA 89102 8AM-5PM. SAT 9AM-2PM' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• Page II October 1993 · exception. Dan Baudoux had to be happy as he brought out his Class 11 and made a repeat performance of Saturday's racing. Baudoux went close to a flag to flag win. Some really nice racing took place for second, third, fourth and fifth positions, starring John Wiggins, Rod "Old Guy" Attig, Keith Berrard and Larry Bayer. First Attig held down second, then young Wiggins took it over and finished with that spot. Now Attig has third place until the checkered flag lap and back in the toolies Berrard gets around first Bayer and then Attig to fly by in third place. Bayer placed a nice fourth and "Old Guy" had to take home fifth! You take a hard look at Nita Woulf and wonder why a stiff wind doesn't just blow her off her feet and yet this delicate little lady is always in the thick of things! Nita drove an excellent race holding down sixth place until late in the race when Darrin Parsons and Rick Rayford overtook her. With twenty entries, this ain't bad!! Lady and Gentlemen -thanks for some superb racing! The first Championship Race fell to the Unlimited Buggies and a nice job of racing they did! Jeff Probst came off the start in what looked to be a definite run a way when with no warning, no clankety-bang-bang noises, his machine just quit. That's just what Art Schmitt III was looking for and away he went with a determined run for the win. Todd Attig and Jeff St. Peter set an unrelenting pace for each other with Attig in a narrow lead all the way to the white flag lap. St. Peter made a neat pass on corner one to take over second place and held it to the finish. Attig had a very Dusty Times

Page 23

Bob Bemmels was in the Class 4 hunt all day, ran most consistently each lap and was rewarded with fourth place and was third in the championship race. The 1600 racers area always close, as here a foursome led by Todd Attig, then John Huss and finally Greg Smith jockey around for position. Jim Wiggins charges over the soft lumps in hi:, 1600 and Jim was second in 2-1600, third in 1-1600 and third in the Limited Championship race. close third place, Scott Schwalbe driving to a nice fourth. Mark Buttles rounded out the finishing five. The Manufacturer's Heavy Metal Challenge brought out a boat load of more rolling thunder with fifteen entries, understand-ing of course, that this Challenge was not open to Classes 6, 7S or 13, so we're looking at a whole bunch of Class 4 and Class 8 trucks! The flag dropped, the dust flew and we lost both Jack Flannery and Bill Lohf in corner two. Call it a case of too many trucks for a one truck corner; Kevin .Probst, Bill Lohf, Dave Hackers and Jack Flannery all wanted to be there at the same time. Lohf rolled, Probst got by, Hackers got by, Flannery didn't get by. As Lohf came back up on all four wheels he still had the pedal to the metal and the racing gods decreed that Flannery was gonna' get T-boned. Now it's lap two and Probst is in the lead with Walker Evans right on his bumper followed by Geoff Dorr, Kenny Kincaid and a cast of thousands. Lap three, Probst is off the track, Kincaid is off the track and Evans is on his way to commanding first place. The only other truck to finish on the same lap as veteran Walker Evans was Scott Taylor. Back to the action -Dorr drove handily into second place with Taylor on his bumper. Dorr held the door closed but in the process of door closing, Dorr rolled putting him off the track. Bob Bemmels has, by now, driven his way through to a very nice third place, followed closely by Jamey Flannery, Dave Hackers and Jed Flannery. Hey, the start of this race had all three Flying Flannerys in it!! Whoops, Jamey Flannery had to pull off so the order of things at the checkered flag was Evans in first, Taylor in second, Bemmels in third and Jed Flannery had passed Hackers for fourth place! Meanwhile the track patrol had Dorr back on all fours Jack Flannery did a number on the Class 4 field too, again coming from behind to lead the pack, fight off the challengers and win the class despite slowing a tad in the closing laps. Greg Smith had his 1600 racer ready for battle as he won Class 2-1600, was second in 1-1600 and the Limited Championship, and his wife Rhonda won the Ladies Limited Engine championship in the same car. and by crackey, Dorr finished the race. Other finishers included Farmer John Konitzer and Pete VanDeHey. Guess John Greaves had had enough of that Greg Smith fella' doing all of the winning and came to the Limited Challenge ready to rock and roll! In fact, Greaves rocked and no rolled it for a decisive flag to flag win. That Smith fella' and Jim Wiggins put on a dynamite show for position as did Todd Attig, Dan Baudoux and Mark Steinhardt. Smith and W iggins went at it tooth and nail for second with Smith making no mistakes and Wiggins giving it his all to get around. At the finish line Smith took second, Wiggins had third by less than a heartbeat. Attig held down fourth place but did so with heavy challenge from both Baudoux and Steinhardt. Further back there was some red hot racing between Walt Carlson, Cary Bowles, Jon Huss and Mike Notary. And it's back to heavy metal we go with a two wheel drive Heavy MetaJ Championship! Now, we're here to tell ya' that Scott Taylor is nothing short of unbelievable!! This round of Heavy Metal brought~ The Road wa;riors of Class 13 are the crowd's favorite, and Dan Vanden Heuvel has won most of the events lately, including Antigo where he also won the championship race for modified heavy metal. Dusty nma .. .. en cc w 0 c:( C. en w ...J >< c:( .. .. en a: w ti :) ~ C c:( .. .. en C, z cc C. en LL c:( w ...J .. .. en C :) ln ...J w w :::c == .. .. ** TORSION BARS** AXLES** SPRING PLATES** COIL SPRINGS** SWAY·A·WAY MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY OFF ROAD SUSPENSION COMPONENTS FOR OVER 20 YEARS PRESENTS .. .. SWING AXLE AXLES - ALL 3 STOCK LENGTHS 0 ()(_) 0 2 PIECE STUB AXT.ES 6 & 7 LEAF FRONT SPRINGS -FOR SOFTER RATES SEE YOUR LOCAL DEALER TODAY! CALL OR WRITE FOR YOUR FREE CATALOG • • C z " :2 z u, • • 2S z G) :2 z u, • • r-e G') z C ci1 • • 20755 MARILLA ST. I CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA 91311 I 818-700-9712 October 1993 Page 13

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R.J. Flanagan's rig is modern underneath the nostalgic bodywork and he does very well in Class 13, and was, in fact, third in class in Antigo. Tom Jensen is another serious contender in Class 13, and it is a big class usually. Tom worked his way through the herd to finish second in class. Jeff Probst, here leading Art Schmidt, his teammate, won the Class 1 /2 race, but later on Schmitt won the Unlimited Championship event in a tight battle with Jeff St. Peter. The Limited Engine Championship race had some close dicing, but in the end John Greaves whipped his steed into the usually high money paying victory. ~ Taylor out in his Class 7S place followed by Janet Bowles in to go wheel to wheel with Dan second. Barb Schaden was Vanden Heuvel's big block Class definitely in the race until she 13! Amazing!! From the green flag took a mean roll over. Schaden on Taylor stayed on leader barrel rolled about six times Vanden Heuvel's bumper. This before her machine came to a halt included a complete roll over that and by the official results still cost Taylor two positions that he placed third! Amy Haese and made up in two laps! As the two Shari Heady rounded out the trucks came around for the field. Women's Class 11 green checkered flag, Vanden Heuvel flagged with a bit of good news for took the win by a truck length the Attig clan -Announcer Terry putting the crowd on its feet in Friday let everyone in on Teana appreciation for both drivers as (Attig)Rhoads'newsthatshewas well as the show going on behind driving her las,t race for a spell due these guys!! R.J. Flanagan and to a baby on the way! With their Tom Jensen fought it out for third place, Jensen making the position winning pass on the checkered flag lap. Flanagan took fourth. Class 7S driver Tom Hockers flew his truck around the track for a very nice fifth place. Also finishing the race were Robert Chasteen in a 7S, and Jim Silloway in a Class 13. Walker Evans came out of the west to race his Dodge and he won the Heavy Metal Championship for Production rigs after quite a dice with Scott Taylor. Californian Evans commutes to these SODA races. green flag the Women's Class 11 came around for lap one with Sarah Sawall in the lead with Karen Christensen and Dawn Bayer right on her bumper! By lap two Christensen had the lead with Bayer in second, Sawall in third and hard charging Cindy Wiggins in fourth. Mama-to-be Teana Rhoads held down fifth place. Whoa Nellie, another lap around and Bayer had the lead, Wiggins took over third place putting Sawall in fourth. Everyone maintained position until the last lap when, with a tremendous effort, Christensen took the lead back for the win. Bayer placed second, Wiggins third, Sawall fourth and Rhoads had fifth. Also finishing were Tracey Silloway, Shari Huven and Anne Schuster. Schuster deserved a round of applause as she finished after putting her machine on its roof. It happens every time!!! Yep, Class Women's Heavy Metal lined up for the last green flag of the race event but don't think for a flash that the racing action wasn't good! Everyone was in place to watch Shari Parsons and Gail Brand go at it with some top notch driving and it would have been too. However, Brand in a new Class 8 truck took the second corner, caught a rut the wrong way and rolled over. Parsons went on for a nice win. So, who's in second?? Marilyn Schultz of Barb & Marilyn Schultz was in second followed by her niece Robin Schultz. This gets right confusing, Robin is Barb's daughter; Marilyn is her sister-in-law so she roots for both of them! Track photograph-er Jeanne Brown held down fourth place. The only rain of the Race Event began with this class and by lap three the track was as slick as an ice rink. Both Valerie James and Kelly Hammes went down with mechanical problems. At the slick and very rainy finish, Parsons had first, Marilyn Schultz placed second, Robin Schultz placed third and Brown held down. fourth. Ladies, you were awesome! Oh yeah, hope the next race doesn't have one Schultz clanging sheet metal with the other Schultz! The Antigo Kiwanis Race Event was fantastic from flagman Mark Bornemann's first green flag in his white tux to his last checkered flag. Mark is always a treat to watch as he usually gets about as much air at a checkered flag as the race machines do! -~~:;:::,,,.' •%w, :X Women's Racing in SODA has come a long way as evidenced by twenty ladies in buggies who took an impressive parade lap before their differing green flags. In the Unlimited division Paula St. Peter made a very tidy run from flag to flag for the win with Shanann Haenlein placing second. Ruth Schwartzburg placed third. The Limited division featured Rhonda In the Ladies buggy race Paula St. Peter made a flag to flag run to the overall Smith with a nice race to first victory, as the Limited and Class 11 s both had a delayed start on this event. Although Sherri Parsons won the Ladies Heavy Metal in a Chevy, Dusty Times reporters did well, Marilyn Schultz was second and Barb's daughter Robin shown here flying high, was third. Todd Attig got a little mud on his car but it went to second in Class 1 /2 and he later took third in the wild Unlimited Championship event. Page 14 Greg Smith hops through the soggy stuff with Jim Wig.gins just behind him. They finished second and third in the Limited Championship in this order. October 1993 The Unlimited Championship event had some real action as here, from the left, Art Schmitt, Jeff Probst, and Jeff St. Peter all try to corner together. Looks like it's anyones corner here. Dusty Times

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Lombard London-Sydney Marathon Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Francis Tuthill and Anthony Showell had the lead when the rally reached Ankara, Turkey, held the lead by seconds across Asia, then the competition faded in Australia and the team Jn the tidy Porsche 911 won the historic Lombard London-Sydney Marathon. Australians Ian Vaughn and Barry Lake kept the ord Falcon, shown here on a stage at Ypres in Belgium, in contention all the way, and they picked up time on the last legs to finish second overall. British driver Francis Tuthill, center, won the marathon, and is shown here with Colin Short, left and Graham Lorimer with the Antonov air freighter. It must have been quite an adventure as well as a competition. Francis Tuthill and Anthony Showell won the historic Lom-bard London-Sydney Marathon in their Porsche 911, pulling away from their rivals over the longest part of the route, the eight days across Australia. After running incredibly close through Europe and India, they inherited a comfortable lead four days before the end of the 30 day event when their closest rival Graham Lorimer, Ford Escort, fell back. In second place came Australian Ian Vaughan in a Ford Falcon which had contested the 1968 event, while Kenyan rally driver Mike Kirkland, in 20th place when the event reached Australia, finished third in a Peugeot 504, with Roger Clark, Escort, right behind him. 106 crews left London's Chelsea Harbour on Saturday 17 April for· a 10,500 mile drive across the world at the wheel of historic cars. Headed by Andrew Cowan who had twice won this marathon in the past, at the wheel of the actual Hillman Hunter in which he was successful in 1968, the cars tackled a special stage in Kent before crossing to Belgium. Favorite driver was Roger Clark in an 1800cc twin cam Ford Escort, but, as on the original 1968 event in which he had been a convincing early leader, there was speculation that the special stages in Europe would count little Dusty Times compared with those in Australia. From the start till when the cars reached 5ombay there would be 21 special stages totaling a mere 450 km, all except two on asphalt. In the eight days across Australia the cars would face 22 stages totaling 1100 km. Originally there was to have been one air lift, Bombay to Freemantle but sudden cancellation of route permits in Iran meant that cars were also flown from Istanbul to· Delhi. Although one of the most expensive events in history, the entry fee was 12,900 pounds, the entry was fully subscribed, and every one of the finally accepted entries took the start. After two days all the cars were still running, though one, the Datsun 1600 of Michael Cotter rolled on the first stage, and eventual second place driver Ian Vaughan momentarily slid off the road on stage 2 in his Ford Falcon. Cowan was slowed with leaking brake fluid on the first day and Belgium's stages emphasized his lack of power on day two. Leader after the first day in which there was one gravel stage were New Zealanders Graham Lorimer and Gary Smith with a Ford Escort. After two asphalt stages on the second day in Belgium, Terry Hunter and Peter Bowden in a Porsche had moved in front. Roger Clark was clelayed on day 7 when he ran our or rue1 on a stage due to a faulty gauge. In third place was Colin Short, despite damage to his car one evening when being tested by a mechanic. Andy Cowan, now the Mitsubishi Ralliart chief, was struggling with his Hunter. Australian rallyman Ross Dun-kerton was the highest non-European driver, lying fourth in a Ford Falcon. The first retirement came on day 8 when the Oaf 55 of Jan Vermeer overturned. On day 9 Lorimer eased his pace because of poor local fuel. On one stage alone Tuthill pulled up from 43 seconds to only four behind the leader. Dunkerton, having to hold his gear lever in place, was also delayed by Hunter's Porsche which was stuck in third gear, but kept fourth place. It was another British Porsche driver Francis Tuthill who held the lead at the first rest halt at Ankara, Turkey. He had caught up after a puncture on the first stage, and a delay helping a fellow Porsche driver repair a drive axle on the second day. Lorimer was lying second after leading most of the way when Hunter had been delayed off the road on day 4. From Ankara the cars were air-freighted to Delhi in India, where the competitive sections began again. 102 crews reached Ankara but sadly one Australian cod river, Brian Ginger in a Holden Monaro, lost his life in a road accident in Turkey. Another retirement was the Rolls Royce of Tony Wilson which suffered terminal overheating. Tuthill had left Europe with an 11 second lead but after five extremely hot days in India this had shrunk to 8 seconds. Lorimer was second with the British club driver Colin Short third in another Escort. In temperatures of 42 degrees C Terry Hunter suffered serious overheating on his Porsche and Dunkerton had flywheel trouble on his Falcon. Cowan used a familiar world championship trick to cool the engine of his Hunter, spraying water from the washer bottle on the radiator. It was 43 degrees C on the second day and both Dunkerton and Hunter retired. Roger Clark had moved up to 12th place, catching up fast. Tuthill said the worst moment of his trek through India was when an elephant tried to eat his time card. Francis Tuthill continued to lead when the remaining 97 cars were air lifted from Bombay, India to Perth in Western Australia. He reached Bombay with his8 second lead intact, with New Zealander Graham Lori-mer's Escort just behind. So far the stages were virtually all on asphalt surfaces. From Perth till the finish on the other side of Australia, there would be twice as much stage distance, all on gravel. All close behind third place Short on stage times were J. Brittan, Escort; S. Dalgarno, Cortina; N. Wyzenbeek, Porsche 911; Ian Vaughan, Ford Falcon; M. Harvey-, Porsche 911; S. Ashton, Datsun 510, and the Ford Falcon of R. Quill rounded out the top October 1993 ten in Bombay. Tuthill systematically extended his lead over Lorimer when they restarted from Perth, especially when the latter slowed with head gasket trouble. Andrew Cowan was further delayed after an accident which finally dropped him back to 67th, but there was an impressive charge by the Datsun 1600 of Steve Ashton. After three days Ashton had risen from ninth to third, while Lorimer momentarily got ahead of Tuthill when the Porsche punctured, but then the Escort also punctured and fell back with starter motor trouble. On the fourth day Lorimer was still only two minutes behind the leader despite his steering breaking, while Vaughan, seventh at Bombay, was now in fourth although he went off the road at one point. On day 5 in Australia the run over the Flinders Ranges saw Vaughan up to second and Lorimer had fallen back to fourth with a loose oil pipe and electrical trouble. Ashton was back in 11th after an accident, and Roger Clark, who had fallen to 35th in Europe was sixth. Remarkably the event seemed to be getting still tougher. Leader Tuthill lost four minutes after taking a wrong turning; the Lorimer's Ford had a cam belt bearing seize and the similar car of Clark had a wheel bearing collapse. On the penultimate day Clark made his attack, winning three of the four separate stages and pulling up to fourth. With snow on the stages Tuthill spun twice and Laurie Beacham, the Australian Falcon driver who had moved to third, broke a rear axle and fell out of contention. On the last stage before the run to the finish at Sydney, Clark made a mighty attempt to pass Kirkland into third place, but in spite of hitting a rock and bending the steering the Kenyan finished 32 seconds ahead. Lorimer finished fifth. The Lombard Marathon was the longest historic event yet held, and was attractive to a wide variety of vehicles: six different types held the top three places during the event. 86 crews were classified at the finish. CENTER LINE -----------------RACING WHEELS THE STRONGEST OFF-ROAD WHEEL MONEY CAN BUY! FAT Performance has in stock the largest inventory of 5-lug WI CENTER LINE wheels in the country. Whether you need wheels with polished or satin finish, FAT has them in all popular styles. Need them in a hurry? FAT can ship the same day as ordered ... and with the best . price in the industry. FAT can also supply your CENTER LINES with Champion bead locks. Buying a set of CENTER LINES can be exceedingly easy with FAT Performance. We do all the legwork. Call for current pricing. Quantity discounts are also available. FAT IS YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR VW, PORSCHE AND TOYOTA OFF-ROAD ENGINES AND PARTS. FAT Racing Paris Wright Place Bilstein Shocks Tri-Mil Exhaust Sway-A-Way Gem Gears Perma-Cool Beard Seats S&S Headers Simpson Safety Weber Carbs Super-Trapp IPF Lights Yokohama lires JaMar Products Petro-Tech 2000 Fox Shocks PERFORMANCE For your FAT Performance catalog, send S!i ta Dept. CW, 1558 No. Case St .. Orange. CA 92667. Or call (714) 637,2889. FAX (714) 637-7352 Page 15

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BORE Wendover Express 100 Photos: Mike Jenkins Mike Baker was flying high, his only problem a sick radio, and he flew to a great first overall as well as winning Class 1-2-1600 in the quick time of 5:09:29, about two minutes up on the field. When the day is chilly and race "new" mount of Barry Merriam day nearly blown away by mother was a beauty, a tribute to his nature, one has to believe that the meticulous feel for detail. Brett next race date will just have to be North also put in some quality better. However, the drivers were time in re-engineering both ends prettyhappywithagoodbreezeto of his car, damaged when he eliminate dust and didn't endoed last fall. complain about a little cool MikeFlinndrovethefirstClass temperature. We who were 10 car off the line, followed by lookingafterthechoresoftiming, Brett North, Barry Merriam, flagging, checking and of course Andy Clawson and Mike Hickey. pitting for each of the racers were Want some sizzling times? First only too glad to stay close to the lap Mike 37:38, Barry 37:34 with coffee pot and out of the wind. Andy and Mike H. in with 40s. Fortunately as the day wore on it Lap 2 saw Barry with the fast lap did get better, and as in most of the day at 36:30 beating Mike every race good close competition by two seconds for that honor. keeps the blood flowing. Today Unfortunately that race was was no exception with several real ended when a broken trans put close races going on in different Barry out, and.Brett was also out classes. Here is the report. with a broken rear suspension. Class 10 produced some very Andy disappeared after the third familiar cars and some that were lap, also with trans woes. This left quite changed from what we Mike Flinn and Mike Hickey to remembered. The cars of Andy determine a Class 10 winner. A Clawson, Mike Hickey and Mike flat tire on Lap 5 slowed the Flinn Flinn were familiar, but the car, but he still led the Hickey car by several minutes. And, when Mike Hickey lost a new link pin on the last lap, the race was Mike Flinn's for the Class 10 win with an eight lap time of 5:11:49. The 1-1600 class was way too small for such a fun class, and when we hear comments about it not being fast enough, well you should have been there Saturday. A first and a third overall should say something for this class. Gary Brennan was sidelined with his car due to surgery earlier this spring, and several others didn't make it. So Mike Baker and Todd Bingham went out to have some fun, and fun was what they had. A flat on lap 2 gave Todd a handicap to beat, and with steady, almost equal, times he kept in the race just a whisker off the pace until a slight lack of motion lotion on the last lap caused him an unneeded delay. He found out the car will run on just plain old unleaded and he finished in third overall. Mike Flinn drove the only 8 lap survivor in Class 10, therefore he won the class, but he also dueled for the overall, ending up second overall in a time of 5:11:49. One of the races of the day was between the two Mikes, Flinn and Baker. The flat tire on the Flinn car gave the Baker car the lead; after the fifth lap Baker's radio was out and he wasn't sure who was still in the running in Class 10, so he gave the lead back to Mike F. so he wouldn't interfere with a class race. That didn't mean that he was going to let Mike F. run off and so the race was on. For the last three laps there was seldom more than ten seconds between them and usually less than that. Regardless of where they were it seemed they were hooked together and that is just how they finished with Mike Baker winning Class 1-1600 with an eight lap time of 9:09:29, which was also good for a two minute, twenty second lock on the overall win. Every class had some good competition and Class 5-1600 was one of those with real good racing. Leading off the class was the new car of Chris Klick, followed by Scott Butcher, Jim Magill and Craig Holt starting fourth. Unfortunately a shattered CV put Scott on the trailer early, but the other first lap times were a 43:47 for Craig, 44:31 for Chris and Jim had a 45:28. They all got faster with a 42:37, 43:35, 44:41, same order on lap 2. Craig set fast lap for the class on the third with a 42:05, Chris at 42:42 and Jim at 44:57 Chris won lap 4 with a 44: 15 to a 46:3 7 for Jim and Craig at 4 7 flat. New car gremlins got to Chris on the fifth lap costing him nearly two hours and putting the race into the hands of Craig and Jim, both of whom kept the pressure on to the end of eight laps, just 13 minutes apart, with Craig winning in 5:57:38 and Jim at 6 :10:37. Chris reappeared again in lap 6, but was just too far back to get into competition again. It is only fair to say that these guys were very lucky today because they were dangerously close to being taken to school by a co1,1ple of hard headed, long of tooth and amazingly fast racing Pros. The possibility of having to repair Barry's 5-1600 was the only thing that kept Guy and Jim from embarrassing the younger generation. Maybe another day! The enthusiasm in the Mini Metal class was very evident with Cam Peacock's Montana Mus-tang, Joe Nesbitt's Pink Passion, John Peake's Green Hornet and Lynn Potter's beautiful new toy. It was obvious that all of them have been busy preparing for this season, from the nearly complete 'rebuild' of John's '92 mount, to the 'regild' of the Emley, truck now the pride of Lynn Potter. Cam had made some major improvements as had Joe. Unfortunately an early front end failure put Cam on the trailer, damn cheap bolts. And Joe was well into lap 4 when a ditch up and bit him just hard enough to put him out. John was very consistent with most laps at 50-51 minutes with a seven lap winning time of6:04: 12. Lynn was right in there with the fast class lap at 4 7:05, but slight glitches on laps 2 and 6 cost him about ten minutes too much and gave him a finish time of 6: 13: 10. Good Racing Guys! Craig Holt set fast class lap in 5-1600 action at 42:05, and continued on his winning ways, although he had to race for it, winning by just 13 minutes at the flag. The Russ Fullmer Jeep, driven this race by Jeff Neagle, stayed clean and tidy and quick and had a flawless race, finishing the six laps in a winning 4:54:08. Several entries in Heavy Metal would have made it if we had waited a week or two, so we had just three starters at this race. Two were Jeeps and a Bronco made three. All left the line with very throaty V-8 sounds and looked like they were ready for battle. The Wrangler of Jeff Judge Todd Bingham turned equal times with the overall winner until a last lap flat slowed his 1-1600 to a second in class and third overall in the race. Page 26 Mike Hickey was in the Class 10 hunt until a broken link pin put him out on the last lap, but his seven laps were good for second in Class 10. October 1993 Jim Magill had a see saw battle with the winner for the lead in Class 5-1600 and he ended up second in class after eight hard fought laps at Wendover. Dusty Times

Page 27

suffered overheating problems, and after a disappointing first lap retired rather than ruin a good motor. The Russ Fullmer Jeep piloted by Jeff Neagle set out to maintain its winning ways and appeared to be running a flawless race, slowing only a bit on the last lap. The Bronco of Kerry Stephenson was very close in only its second race, looking very smooth. The extra wheel travel they found had a cost. It seems the 'remanufactured' I beams were not quite up to the task with one failing on lap 6. The idea is fine and they tell me the next generation will be stronger. The finish time for the Neagle Jeep for six laps was 4:54:08, after the lap 5 lead of barely eight minutes over the Bronco. Then there were the Chal-lengers. Four were expected, three arrived and started. Glenn Cain in his conversion to 9, a true 9 of Dave Morse, and a major conversion, from two buggies converted to one pre-runner, which was then converted to a Smooth was the way John Peake did it. Salt Lake City's happiest racing enthusiast was extra happy winning the Mini Metal honors in the four truck class, which is growing in the wilds of Utah. nine by the brothers Smith, Vernon slowed his pace on the Vernon and Phillip. Lap 1 had third. Brother Phillip jumped in Vernon leading Dave by 12 for the last three laps, but only seconds but Glenn was having needed lap 5 to be considered the some suspension woes and didn't winner, when repairs on Dave's leave the pits, Lap 2 provided car could hold no longer. Dave with experience in the fine Aside from the fact that these ar! ofrepairing ball joints Vernon guys had a good time, what was rolled on. Once repaired Dave ran proved? For one thing Dave found consistent on lap 3 and 4, while out that he can go a great deal Brothers Vernon and Phillip Smith surprised everyone by winning Class 9 in their former pre-runner, converted to the proper specs of the class, and here they are taking the checkered flag. further in the buggy than he did in the truck ... and with gusto. It also proved that if you have a desire and an extremely limited budget you can convert almost any buggy into a Nine car and even win. We figured the Smith brothers have less than $500 invested, but they did have a lot of help from fellow racers with spare parts, like a seat from Todd, a front end from Les, and trans fix from Jay Stuart, some shocks and other goodies from our stash ... plus some long hours by themselves as well as Mike and myself. But we proved a point, that it can be done, and if you think you can't afford to go racing just think Challenger. Presto, you can have one too. Kerry Stephenson stayed close to the leader in the Sano Bronco Lynn Potter of Salt Lake City made his statement when he Dave Morse speeds across what looks like a moonscape near Wendover on his way, after fixing a ball joint on course, to second in Class 9. on its second race but a broken I beam on the final lap put the moved to Mini Metal and at this first race of the season he was Ford second in class. second, only nine minutes back. DJ TRANSAXLES LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING OFFROAD BUGGY SUPPLY 10623 Blackfoot Road 825 N. Glendora Avenue 2525 E. 16th Street Apple Valley, CA 92308 Covina, CA 91723 Yuma, AZ 85365 (619) 240-3930 (818) 915-2212 (602) 783-6265 D.G.RACING FEX PERFORMANCE JIMCO RACING PRODUCTS 708 W. Mill, Unit M 1098 Stockton Avenue 10965 Hartley Road, Suite R San Bernardino, CA 9241 0 San Jose, CA 95110 Santee, CA 92071 (909) 885-5226 (408) 295-0707 (619) 562-1743 CONGRATULATIONS SCORE-GOLD COAST300 CLASSS-1600 1 sT -Wayne, Alan & Darryl Cook CLASS 1/2-1600 2N° -Kevin Davis CLASS9 1 s T -Rick Johnson 3Ro -Damon Jefferies LARANA-LUCERNE VALLEY JAM250 CLASS200 3Ro -John Holmes LARANA-JOHNSON VALLEY200 CLASSS00 1sT -Dave Baeskens & Gary Bates CLASS550 1 sT -Jason & Bob Kleber 2No -Brad Clausen & Matt Miller 3Ro -Mitch Griffin CLASS900 3Ro -James Clements FUDPUCKER-SUPERSTITION250 UNLIMITED CLASS 2Nc -Dave Brown & Kurt Spiegelberg DENUNZIO RACING PRODUCTS HOTLINE AUTOMOTIVE P.O. Box 6057 6951 ldlewylde Circle Santa Barbara, CA 93111 Melbourne, FL 32904 (805) 683-1211 (407) 724-1270 J. PENHALL FABRICATIONS T.U.F. OFFROAD 1660 Babcock, Bldg. B 3255 E. Columbia Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Tucson, AZ 85714 (714) 650-3035 (602) 294-3511 AXLES• LINK PINS• LINK PIN BUSHINGS• SHIMS • SPRING PLATES• PREDRILLED CV SOL TS • TIE RODS • WHEEL STUDS• ROD END ADAPTORS Dusty Times October 1993 Page 17

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PIKES PEAK AUTO HILL CLIMB Paul Dallcnbach Breaks All The Records Photos Don Holbrook The Mears Gang hit Pikes Peak with Magnum Force. From the left, Rick was the Grand Marshall and pace car driver, brother Roger, dad Bill, and Roger Jr. were driving Dodge trucks in the Showroom stock class. And the winner of the class was "'Papa" Bill Mears. How about that? The three days of practice for the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb enjoyed clear, sunny weather, unusual for this event. The media attention focused on the Mears Gang with their Dodge pickups in the Showroom Stock Truck class. Roger Mears Sr. was fastest by over a minute in practice. His son Roger Jr. was second and the man that started it all, Bill Mears, was third fastest behind his son and grandson. Even brother Rick Mears was on hand to help out. Things sorted out after three days of practice, with the weather still sunny and bright. Robby Unser had quick time in Open Wheels, Leonard Vahsholtz was quickest in Stock Cars, and Rod Millen was fast in Open class. If these names sound familiar they should as they are all former winners. Records fell all over the place on Qualifying Day for the 71st running of the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb, sponsored this year by Chevrolet. The first record to go on the 5 .5 mile qualifying course was the weather. Never in the history of the Race to the Clouds had there been four days in a row of clear weather on Pikes Peak. Robby Unser had his sights set on the overall record of 4:31 :05 set by Ari Vatanen driving a special rally Peugeot in 1988. Unser's time was a 4:30:45 in the American made Speedway Motors/ -Chevrolet. Unser was excitingly proud that his record breaking car was built and engineered with "good ole" American mechanics HI-TECH • SUSPENSION SPECIALISTS • FREE EXPERT CONSUL TING • INSTALLATIONS I VISA I - [iii] OFF ROAD RACING HEADQUARTERS LARGEST INVENTORY IN LAS VEGAS •IG-M • DOl'ITCB TECH •IIITllllft •tUDElln.AIIES -J • n.onASTEB • FUEL ca.1,1 •IBIIILY Page 18 October 1993 Leonard Vahsholtz slides a corner in style en route to winning the Stock Car Division driving a 1990 Ford Probe to a new record in 11 :47:28. The Show Room Stock Truck Division was an all Mears show, and Bill Mears won the class in his Dodge, beating his son Roger and grandson Roger Jr. and Bill set a New Classification Record at 15:17:40. and ingenuity. Unser also set a new Open Wheel record at the same time. Leonard Vahsholtz set a new Stock Car record with a 5:16:64 in his 1990 Ford Probe, Clive Smith made a new mark in the Super Trucks with a 5: 13:00 in a 1994 S-10 4WD Chevrolet. The Pikes Peak Open Record went by the wayside when Rod Millen put his 1993 Hyundai Elantra up the hill in 4:59:61. John Norris smashed the High Performance Showroom Stock number in a 1993 Mitsubishi at 5:33:61. Roger Mears Sr. took a 1993 Dodge Ram T 300 to a new time in the Showroom Stock Truck r0\9Jf1 ffitl-~ class with a 6:26:95. A new class called Unlimited had two entries and the qualifying record went to Nobuhiro Tajima, from Tokyo, in a 1993 Suzuki at 4:54:30. The weather changed for race day, July 4, and was best described as Four Seasons, S~mmer, Winter, Spring and Fall, with sun, rain, snow, fog and a wind chill factor at 20 degrees on the 14,110 foot summit. It didn't matter to 26 year old Paul Dallenbach, the youngest son of Indy Car Chief Steward Wally Dallenbach. In the Open Wheel Division Dallenbach drove Dan League's Davis built Chevrolet to Father and son in the Millen clan enjoy a moment, but neither won their class. Dad Rod, right, was second in the Pikes Peak Open Class in a Hyundai Elantra and son Rhys was third in High Performance Showroom Stock in a Toyota Celica. Wait till next year. Paul Dallenbach, here going through tech inspection, smashed the records with a 10:43:63 run in the Chevrolet powered open wheel race car built by Davis and owned by Dan League. Dusty Times

Page 29

John Norris was the winner in the Showroom Stock Car division driving a 1993 Mitsubishi to a new record in a time of 12:34:58. The only double winner this year Leonard Vahsholtz won the Super Truck Division in a 1992 Ford F-150, again with a new It's a long walk back on the 12 mile run, as Open wheel contender David Donner looks sadly at the expired motive power in his race car as help arrives to clear the course. a time of 10:43:63 breaking a record of 10:44:22 set by Japanese driver Nobuhiro Tajima just a few minutes before and shattering the long standing record set by Ari Vatanen of 10:47:22 set in 1988. Paul got $10,000 for winning the Open Wheel Division plus $14,110 for setting a new overall record using a Chevrolet powered car. Dallen-bach lives in Basalt, CO, so he kept the money in his home state. The Vahsholtz name from Woodland Park, CO was firmly planted on the hill when Leonard Vahsholtz set a new record in the · Super Truck Division with a time of 11:47:22 in his 1992 F-150 Ford Pickup. Vahsholtz heli-coptered back to the starting line and drove his Ford Probe to the top in 11:47:28, breaking his old record set in 1986 of 12:15:49, making it his seventh win. It is interesting that he set almost identical times in the truck and the Probe. Vahsholtz, all pumped up by his victories, was the first to greet· his son Clint when he set a new record· in the Pro Open Motorcycle class of 12:29:28 over the old redord of 12:54:00. Leader of the Mears Gang, 64 year old Bill Mears showed his son Roger and Grandson Roger Jr., the way to the top with a 15: 1 7: 40, a new Classification Record in the Showroom Stock Truck Class. All three Mears drove Dodge Dakotas with Roger Jr. second in the propane fuel unit and his dad Roger third. Nobu-hiro Tajima, driving the Suzuki, had about 30 minutes of glory when he broke Vatanen's overall r.:cord in the Unlimited class, but it was all gone with Dallenbach's record run except he won the class ~nd holds the class record. The Pikes Peak Open Class saw Rod Millen's record of 12:43:73, set in 1989, shattered when Akira Kameyama of Sano City, Japan drove his Nissan to a time of 11.:42:95. British born John Norris, now of Los Angeles, broke the old record of 13:04:96 fo the Showroom Stock Class in a 1993 Mitsubishi with a time of 12:34:58. Paul Dallenbach said, "When I heard on the radio that both Robby Unser and David Donner had mechanical failure, I thought I might have a chance of winning. When Gary Lee Kanawyer, second fastest qualifier, crashed· into the rock just 100 feet from the finish, I knew I had won the Open Wheel, but breaking the Overall Record shocked me almost speechless. I was charging hard and almost lost it in the third turn. I told myself to back off a little." Even though the Upright Sprint Cars had to run with the faster Open Wheel Cars, all five finished the race. Butch Hardman of Golden, CO, driving his Dusty nmcs record of 11 :47:22. • Golden Auto Parts Hardman Chevy was quick in the Sprint Car and was fifth overall in the division. Hardman broke a record of 11 :54:80 set in 1968 by Bobby Unser in the front engine Sprint car with a time of 11:48:08. Malcolm Brazier, a 63 year old from Colorado Springs came out of retirement and with no practice made the 12.4 mile 156 turn route to the top in 14:50:70. It was complete agreement by all the drivers that they just didn't get that much better all of a sudden. It was the Calcium Chloride that was spread on the road that stabilized the base, reducing the dust and making a smoother surface. The Calcium Chloride was used on the lower half of the road last year, and the Pikes Peak Highway people decided it had reduced the dust and made a smoother and harder surface, reducing maintenance costs considerably. Calcium Chloride, used by dirt track operators for more than 30 years for the same purpose, had been suggested to the Hill Climb Association before. GERMAN AUTO DEIST SEAT BEL TS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. 4-point sand rail seat belt .. $7 4.95 RACE BELTS 2"-5pointmount ........ . $79.95 3" -5pointmount ..... __ . . $99.95 SIDE COVERS IRS ......... __ ..... ..... $54.95 Swing axle .. ............. $54.95 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# ............ $79.95 200mm-up 10 3000# ........ $99.95 GERMAN AUTO RACING PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400# .. from $54.95 PERFORMANCE. CLUTCH DISC Cush/ocks ............... $39.95 4puc /erramic ............ $44.95 4 puc /erramlc with spring hub ..... . ........................ $54.95 SACO MAGNUM RACK Billet housing, 1 ½ • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops .... : ... ......... . $395.00 SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES -930orT-4cages ........ ea $44.95 930orT-4orT-2flanges .ea$15.95 Trickboots(speci/y) .... ea $15.95 930 CV star ................... call "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS B' travel-stock width .... $199.95 B"travel-wldenedbeam .$219.95 10• travel-stock width .... $224.95 10• travel-widened beam .$244.95 TRI MIL EXHAUST T-1/½"chrome ......... $ 98.95 T-1 l½"raw ............ $ 65.95 T-115/8" chrome ........ $105.95 T-115/8" raw ........... $ 72.95 T-4chrome ............. $189.95 T-4raw .................. $154.95 GERMAN AUTO HATS .... $4.95 GERMAN AUTO T-SHIRTS .............. $8.50 specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator, includes alternator stand . $299.95 MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ .......... ........ . $489.95 MK/I .................. $589.95 PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throttle With black pedal ........ $164.95 With chrome pedal ....... $184. 95 With hydraulic throttle . . . $259.95 Replacement slave . .... . $ 44.95 SACO RACK AND PINION The toughest available anywhere, alloy gears, full contact housing, hard anodized. Standard rack and pinion . $269.95 Mount plate ............ $ 9.95 Coupler ................ $ 8.95 Rack steering stops ...... $ 19.95 VALVE COVERS T-4 "no leak" style fits 1.7, 1.8, and2.0 ............... pr. $44.95 SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS Polished finish, bolt together rears lite spindle mounts too from $99.95 FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link pin ............ 4130 Chromoly Stock length ......... pr. $449.00 1¼ • longer .......... pr. $474.00 2'1, • longer ......... . pr. $499.00 4• longer·coil over style pr. $549.00 CHROMOL Y TIE RODS 1 • chromoly tie rods wlends. (specify Ford or International) set ... ... ............. ........ $89.95 SACO REAR TRAILING ARMS 3• X 3" .... , ... ..... ... $435.QQ 1-21600, 5-1600 .......... $415.00 CATALOG ............. US$4.00 OVERSEAS $10.00 11324 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 310-863-1123 FAX 310-929-1461 October 1993 Page 19

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TEENS TOP THE SNORE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL J.C. Dean And Brendan Gaughan Win Overall By Don Dayt.on -Notes by Jean Calvin Photos: Don Dayton Despite a glitch right off the start, Brendan Gaughan had no more mechanical problems stopped often for a drink of water, put J.C. Dean in the Chenowth VW for the last miles, and the teen team took their first overall victory, while the Barbary Coast team cheered. One thing you can always bet on at the SNORE Midnight Special, it won't be dull! From sign in and tech at the Lonesome Dove Steak House in Henderson, NV on Friday night to the awards breakfast back at the Lonesome Dove, the only slow time was about noon on Saturday. That was when the course clean up was scheduled but the ever loving U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decreed that a clean-up was the same as a pre-run and a pre-run lap is the same as a race lap. Therefore, since SNORE is allowed a maximum of five laps in the rocky foothill area off U.S. 95 southwest of Henderson, which is replete with old mine type junk heaps numerous trails to the mines, and most trails are nearly solid rock impervious to the passage of a race car, the race would have to be reduced to four laps and we coufdn 't do it anyway because "press runs" are forbidden in that area in July. If that doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense, welcome to Bureau-. cracy 101. Nonetheless most of the regulars plus some new faces signed in July 23, ready to face the hazards of the dark without a look of any kind at the race course, but the map was better than most with mile markers and pit locations clearly marked along with access roads noted too. The rocks on this course are well known in the sport of desert racing and may have scared some drivers away as just 39 cars took the green flag Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. First away was a combined class of 1, 5, 10 and 4. The Baja Bug of Brad Thomas and Damon Wildmon led off followed by another Bug driven by Clay Flippin and family: PIKE'S SERVICE c ·ENTER ·BAKER, CALIFO~NIA CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS .... THANKS! Mobil. SERVICE ~e~,t} RESTAURAr,rr The pair of Class 10s were led by Brendan Gaughan, then came Mike Larson followed by Bill Dickton's Class 4 Dodge. What a mixed group it was! Leading the pack was the pair of 18 year olds in the Chenowth that J.C. Dean really wrecked less than three weeks earlier at the Fireworks 250, when he also broke his wrist badly. Brendan Gaughan planned to run the race to a mile or so short of the finish line and then put] .C. in to steer it to triumph, since he was the driver of record this year and the boys are in the SNORE points hunt. No sooner did Brendan get the car in top gear then it filled with smoke and the lights went out. The Barbary Coast crew's Eddie Webb quickly traced the trouble to a pinched wire and had the car back under way with only about five minutes of down time. Gaughan charged off into the night on the course where the team made its actual debut just two years earlier, going faster each lap and setting fast lap for the race on lap 4 at 47:58. He lost a few minutes on lap 5 as he stopped while the team put J.C. in the car, got it in a gear and sent him off for a mile or so to the finish line. The It was another 'almost' for Ken Freeman Jr. While he won Class 1-2-1600 by a half hour, he also rolled the car and missed winning overall by a slim 21 seconds, and that's close, and he was second overall. Class 9 held 16 cars and it was a real close race for half of them. 1992 points champ overall Mike Dixon emerged with class fast lap on the first round, kept up the pace and won the big class by over three minutes. Mike Larson & John Phegley had troubles on each of the first three laps in · their Class 10, got in a good fourth lap, but did not finish. They were second in The Combined Unlimited Class anyhow. overall victory was quite a thrill troubles, second in Class 10. Brad for the teens as well as the whole Thomas and Damon Wildmon Barbary Coast team. got in two quick laps, then a long Mike Larson & John Phegley one and retired. They had a flat on pressed on to cover four of the lap 3, had a spare but no tools, five laps after a variety of and the only way to get to them with a vehicle was down the course, heavily frowned on. So his intrepid crew put the tools in a back pack and rode a mountain bicycle to get to them, but the time loss was great. Lynn Dickton and Billie Looney ran the first lap in the Class 4, wanting to get their turn before the guys broke the truck. The girls finished the lap in fine style, builder Bill Dickton got in and broke the trans before mile 4 on the second lap. The Flippins got a good start, but soon new car glitches set in and they got in just one long lap, fifth in class. OPEN 24 HOURS EVERY DAY-YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT The second bunch away were the nine 1-2-1600s, and they had a real close race going. The first four cars to hit the line at the end of the first lap were 1600s, almost Brad Thomas and Damon Wildman had a sharp looking Class 4 Bug, and they together, and this was not a dust run in Unlimited class, but in this dark race they only did three laps. free course by any means. Kevin Page 30 October 1993 Dusty TI mes.

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-Kevin Colan zips past one of the numerous course and mile Bekki and Ken Freeman Sr. had electrical troubles that stopped the car on the last lap, but with a new battery they salvaged a third in 1-2-1600. Billy Bryan and Les Carter did manage to get lost and scale a mountain, but they came back with strong laps to finish fourth in Class 1-2-1600. markers, that make it hard to get lost, on his way to a best finish for him, second 1-2-1600. Colan was in first just eight seconds ahead of Regan and Tory Gubler, who had Bekki and Ken Freeman Sr., 15 seconds astern with Ken driving, and they were just ten seconds ahead of Ken Freeman Jr., who had already rolled, but did little damage. On the second lap Kenny Jr. set class fast lap at 50 flat and took the lead away from Colan, whose contact lenses kept falling out. Ken Freeman Sr. (Bekki drove only the last lap this race letting her dad have all the fun in the dark) was ahead on the track but behind his son on time, running a strong second: Regan Gubler rolled on lap 2 then turned the wrinkled racer over to Tory who got in one good lap before he too tried the inversion trick, doing too much damage to continue so they parked after three laps and were fifth in class. The status quo pretty much remained the same until the last lap. Kenny Jr. was first under the flag with riders Kerry Freeman and Kevin Mallette, and missed the overall honors by 21 seconds. Kenny reported no problems after the first lap roll, except that he did scratch his new red paint job, and said the course was very dusty. Ken Sr. had turned the car back to his daughter Bekki for the last lar,, but the alternator went south ,, hile the car was going north. She got within sight of the finish before the battery went belly up, and they had to get another battery so she could go the mile or so to the checkered flag. Meanwhile Kevin Colan went by to claim second place. Ken and Bekki settled for third only a minute and a half back, losing 20 minutes to the battery episode. The only other finisher was Billy Bryan/ Les Carter who drove most consistent mid 50s lap times, even with a siqe trip to the top of the mountain, after missing a turn. The other dnfs in 1600 class besides the Gublers were Mark Davidge/Stan Schenk, two laps, Dan Bradley, one lap and Danny Anderson/Larry Job, no lap completed although they started and got to mile 3. Class 9 fielded 16 cars and nine of them finished the rugged race, just four laps required of them. Mike Kline didn't make a lap with engine troubles, and Todd and Terry Vandawalker got in one long lap before parking while Brian Fieger took. almost four hours to get two laps in before retiring.Jason and Bill Avery were only a couple miles away from the checkers when Jason rolled about four times, end of race after almost four laps. Jeff Cepielik and Steve Meierdiericks also did three consistent laps before vanishing DustyTimes into the night. Jim Sumpter and Glenn Dickton were also mem-bers of the "Missed it by that much" club, going well until near the end of the last lap when they had a severe shortage of electrics. They did get it running but got to the finish line over the time limit. A surprise dnf was Bill Holbrook, . but he is still the overall points leader. He had gearbox troubles on lap 2, then the clutch went after lap 3, so he put it on the trailer. Meanwhile up front Mike Dixon was back on form', setting class fast lap on the first round, a 54:47, then did a 55, a 57 and finished with a 56 to win Class 9 at~ BUMPERS THE PERFECT ACCESSORY TO MAKE YOUR VEHICLE STAND OUT FROM THE REST! ALI"' BUMPERS ARE: • Fabricated in 3" dia. heavy steel tubing • Direct bolt-on - no modifications • All hardware included-easy installation • Protects vehicle while enhancing looks • 3 year warranty on workmanship - 90 days on finish • Recommended by USA #1 Jeep Volume Sales Dealer! Retail Chrome Front ............ $219.95 Chrome Rear· .....•......... 249.95 Chrome Side .............. 169.95 Black Front* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 159.95 Black Rear* ............... 179.95 Black Side* ................ 119.95 PLUS SHIPPING & HANDLING (Bumpers also available for Cherokee) * also available in white Octobcr1993 .. Your One Stop Jeep Shop! .. 17308 Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower, CA 90706 1-800-59-PARTS Page 31

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Ralph Chadwick and Bryan Pennington were only 3½ minutes back in second in a Class 9 they claim they built almost entirely of "back yard junk". Gene Griepentrog and Kent Lothringer had trouble with their lights and slowed a bit, but fini~hed a fine third in the big field of Class 9 cars. Jeff Carr ran solo in the race and his first two laps were quick, but some problems slowed him on the final two and he ended up fourth in Class 9. Tom and Ann Sturgis had a fine run in Class 9, losing a little time on the second lap, but they speeded up to arrive a good fifth in the big class. Jim O'Donnell was another driver doing the solo bit in this race, and while his laps were all over the hour, he got them done to Kevin and David Streety had a good run in the dark, no real troubles and consistent lap times brought them to the finish second in Class 5-1600. place sixth in Class 9. ~ 3:44:31. Dixon, the 1992 overall points champ, has had bad luck all season until this race. He had his pumper hose come adrift, and admitted to driving the VW Werks car over the same cliff twice, but the Kirk Hadley trans absorbed it all and Mike won by 3~ l /2 minutes. Not far behind were Ralph Chadwick and Bryan Pennington who finished the BYJ Special {Back Yard Junk) the day of the race. It worked well even though Ralph and Bryan took turns rolling it and still took a close second, although the brakes were gone and the trans going. Third place went to the 1992 Midnight Special Class 9 winners Gene Griepentrog and Kent Lothringer driving a Lothringer, of course. Gene said he really didn't have enough lights, and it slowed him on the last two laps. Kent said there were two flashlights in the car, just in case the electrics died on Gene. Jeff Carr had two quick laps then slowed a tad on the final two, coming home two minutes out of third place. He said his left front brake kept locking up making the car go straight on right turns, and the lights were pointed every direction except down the race course. He must have been having fun though, because after finishing fourth,• he and his brother Cliff went out and cleaned the course picking up all the ribbons and arrows. What a neat thing to do to help the club! · CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN BYPASS VALVE KITS! Thousands Of Race Winning Miles Went Into The Testing And Development Of These Kits. They Feature Large 9/16" Bores, Externally Adjustable, 4130 Steel Bodys, Internal Check Valves And Lightweight Aluminum Valve And Jam Nut. Available As A Kit With Full Instructions For Only $74.00 Each. We Can Also Custom Install Them To Your Ex-isting Kuster, Bilstein Or Bunderson Shocks. Also Available In Stock; Solid Brass Pistons For Kuster Shocks. Installing These Kits On Your Shocks Can ~top Harshness, Kicking, Hard Bottoming And Packing. · Call To Order Or For More Information. California Pre-Fun Pagc3i 39067 ORCHARD STREET CHERRY VALLEY, CA 92223 909-845-8820 October 1993 Points leader Bruce Fraley was lame from knee surgery, SQ his stand-by co-driver Rob MacCachren drove all but the last few miles when they stuffed Bruce in to finish, and he got his points·and the 5-1600 victory. Tom and Ann Sturgis and Bob Turner took a strong fifth in the new car Tom designed and built himself, needing only a short stop to replace the alternator belt and second gear went south. Jim O'Donnell finally had some good luck with an almost trouble free race and was one minute behind Sturgis in sixth place in the Lothringer. Dave Petrillo VW W erks entry was seventh in Class 9, the first time this year he hasn't been second. He lost a ball joint on the last lap and finished on three wheels, but it was also the first time he had finished ahead of Holbrook. Scott Pierce and Bill Cockrell had four laps over the hour, but still finished eighth.Joel Davis, Bill Cobb and Harry Dunne went the distance at a sedate pace also to finis~ ninth, The Sportsman Buggy class is growing, this round with five starters and the team of Bill Keena, Pat Tighe, and Mike Spina had a good run, good times and won the class. _Dustynmcs

Page 33

Ed Dunn had many co-drivers, Michael Lee Tucker, Jamie Egan Sr. and Fred Carstensen and between them all they took second in Sportsman Buggies. It was another crowd as Jack Bassett signed on Steve Ogle, Tommy Bradley Jr., Wilf Bassett and John Bassett, and they finished third in Sportsman Buggy class. Only two showed up in Sportsman Truck Class and Barry Slatter, with Dennis Thorn riding along, ran away and hid on his way to the victory in his well prepared Ford Ranger. the last Class 9 four lap finisher. The 5-1600 ranks were down to two from last year when nine cars started the race. The close proximity to the Gold Coast 300's new date in early August had cut into the usual strong entry for the Midnight Special. All year when his schedule permitted Rob MacCachren has been: the second driver on Bruce Fraley's Bug, and usually got in a lap. He likes to race and this time, since Fraley had recent knee surgery, Rob was going the distance to just short of the finish line when Bruce would get it and take it the required distance to get the points. The day before the race MacCachren was fussing over the car like it was his own, ana it is an immaculate 5-1600 built by Fraley in the Barbary Coast shop where he maintains their cars. Rob started off quick and got quicker, setting fast lap of the race at 54:22 on the last lap even with the stop for the driver change and had no troubles. Their four lap time was more than a minute faster than that of the Class 9 winner. Maybe this team have scared others away from the class. Bruce is second 0 1 A on points. But Kevin and David Streety gave it the old college try, had very consistent and quick laps in finishing second. The Sportsman Buggy class continues to get more competi-tive. Five cars started and four were still running well at the checkered flag. The Sportsman classes also had just four laps to cover. The wire to wfre winners who started with a pair of 59 minute laps, then slowed, a tad, were Bill Keena, Pat Tighe and Mike Spina. Spina is a former 1-2-1600 champion who has gone dwarf car racing. The car says Pre-runner on the side and lists Keith Underwood as the sponsor. Runner up honors went to Ed Dunn and Michael Lee Tucker and others. They had no serious troubles, ran good lap times and were 13 minutes back at the flag. Jack Bassett and family, Steve Ogle and Tommy Bradley Jr. were third with an hour time loss on the first lap but set fast lap for the class at 58:20 on lap 3, then did a 59: 19 on lap 4 to take third. The Jay and Jim Shain and Darwin Parsons team saw Jay have a head-on with a mountain on lap 3, but they got the car back together, and let the 'old man' drive it in for a fourth pla~e finish. Jack Clinken-beard and Michael Snedeker only got about five miles done on the first lap when a lower i:ontrol arm broke, the end of the race for them. The final class starting were the pair of Sportsman Trucks. The just completed Honky Tonk Racing truck of T any Leonard and Steve Westlund got in one good lap before the Midnight Moat Monsters ate their machine and spoiled their fun. Barry Slatter and Dennis Thorn went the distance in quick time to take the class victory in their Coolex Ford Ranger. It was still dark, but well into Sunday morning when we left the track to get a few hours sleep before driving back to Henderson and the Lonesome Dove for the Awards breakfast scheduled for 10:00 a .m . At that time the results, lap by lap, were already done, printed and available to anyone who wanted a copy and on the back side of the same paper the up to date through the Midnight Special points were also listed in great detail. It seems strange that other promoters can't seem to manage results as well, but maybe they don't have Sunday morning access to a copy machine. Of course Las Vegas is a 7 day a week 24 hours a day town for most any function c;me might desire. SNORE has a generous pay-back schedule, around 60 percent of the entry fee, and a rotating $500 class winner bonus. This race the class was 1-2-1600, so Kenny Freeman Jr. not only got the winners purse, he got $500 extra for winning the class. The upcoming SNORE 250 on September 1 7 -19 is sponsbred by the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino with the usual extras provided by genial host Michael Gaughan including the awards breakfast. It not only has the $500 SNORE Regen and Tory Gubler in Class 1-2-1600 were doing well but Regen rolled the car on lap 2 and Tory on lap 4. Although they didn't finish the race they ended up with a fifth place in class. DustyTimes bonus, this time for the Heavy Metal Class, but has a$ lOOO cash bonus to first overall and that should bring some fancy buggies, even a truck or two, out of the woodwork. The course is similar the proposed SCORE Lake to the Gold Coast 300, but starts Havasu October event. Be there in the Sloan Gravel Pit area closer and perhaps bring home some to Las Vegas. A big entry is 'real' money from an off road expected with the cancellation of race. to-one. Our patented self adjusting. deflective disc valving system · - · continuous suspen-sion control in the rough yet maintaim a comfortable ride on the street Truck and sport utility vehicle drivers demand moie shock perfonnance and Bilstein provides . . . • Highest gas pressure for fade-free long life • 98% efficiency <Ner 100,CXX) miles • Largest piston 'NOl1<ing area (1.81" diameter) • Limited lifetime waranty These are the same high quality Bilstein shocks that normally oost up to $119.00 each. Pct. now and save! •umited time offer on selected applications .. 11B -OHOCt< ---Contact the Distributors listed below or your nearest Bilstein dealer: CANADA CONNECTICUT NORTH CAROLINA Performance Assist Accessories Lid. William Sander Rowells, Inc. CALGARY, AB -403/279-2807 BEACON FALLS -800/227-9763 CHARLOTTE -704/333-5213 CALIFORNIA GEORGIA Autosport Gallery APS -800/423-3623 Specialty Parts W~rehouse RALEIGH -919/872-2002 ANAHEIM-714/630-1144 LIBURN - 404/978-2801 NEW JERSEY McKenzies Performance Products HAWAII Euro Tire ANAHEIM - 714/441-1212 Zubehor Hawaii, Inc. FAIRFIELD-800/631-0080 Auto Service & Performance HONOLULU -808/836-1980 Woodlawn Auto and RV Service . MOUNTAIN VIEW-415/969-1050 LINDEN-908/862-3695 Fairway Sport and Performance ILLINOIS OREGON PLACENTIA - 714/528-4670 Precision Frame ipd ASI -800/683-2890 HIGHLAND PARK -708/432-0082 PORTLAND -800/444-6486 SAN DIEGO -619/584-2890 INDIANA TEXAS Downey Off-Road MFG. Power Brake and Spring Pro Am Parts and Accessories SANTA FE SPRINGS - 310/949-9494 SOUTH BEND -800/282-1044 HOUSTON -800/847-5712 Performance Products LOUISIANA VERMONT Toyota Specialist Brinson Rovers North - Rover Specialist VAN NUYS -800/553-2840 HARAHAN - 504/733-7326 WESTFORD -802/879-0032 October 1993 Page 33

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MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP Glen Helen Fun Race II By Carol 'Scoop' Clark Phot.os: Trackside Phot.o Inc./Dave Clark Bill Goshen had close to a perfect day, in fact it couldn't have been a better result. Driving his Super 1600 stadium car he won both stadium motos and both desert course motos in class and overall. This event was most iQteresting idea here. There is the normal the people that did turn out, put for this ·novice reporter. I know . "stadium" type course here as on a terrific show and it looked and understand Desert Off Road well as the longer "desert" course. like they were having a ball. It isn't Racing very well, I guess I should So participants can run one or the too often that some of these guys considering how long I've been other or both if they so choose. and gals get to actually put on a involved in it in some manner. With this track located where it show, this is definitely the time to ut this Stadium/Desert stuff is a is, it would almost be sinful not to show your stuff. little confusing to me. utilize it for this type of event. In the Sportsman Super 1600 In talking with Tony Gardea, he Even if it is hot, there are lots of class there were two entries, told me that the MTEG group trees to sit under and get out of Roger Stein and Bill Goshen for thought this would be a good way the elements, refreshment stands . the stadium course segment. for people to come and bring their to take care of your food and There were 5 vehicles on the toys and have fun for a pretty drink wants and needs, as well as a course, which were combined reasonable fee. The guys that souvenier stand to get your racing classes of the Super 1600s, a 112-normall y race the Mickey T'Shirts. Camping and picniking 1600 driven by Larry Watson, a Thompson series could get in are also available, so I ask you, 900 driven by Warren Messick some practice and seat time in what more could you ask for??? and a Sport Utility truck, driven their vehicles and the guys that Racing began about 1 :00 PM by Linda Rae Lewis. just want to come out and play on Sunday after all the classes got I only got to talk to the overall and have a fun day with family in a little practice time. The turn winners of each heat race, so Bill and friends, can do that. So I out in each class was not too good Goshen wa~ the one to take the think they have got a very winning and that is really too bad because win in the stadium as well as the Paul Borio was third in the first heat but won the second five car heat in 1-1600 class on the desert course, and took the class trophy with the win. desert portions of the events. Bill is one of the regular MTEG racers that wanted to get out and have some fun and get in some practice. He says he's been doing this for about 8 years now and loves every minute of it. He is the 43 year old Grandfather of 2 and his wife thinks he's nuts or going through his second childhood, but she stands by him and helps if she can. Bill says this closed course kind of racing is·a little more intense, but the adrenalin starts pumping when you have the wheel to wheel type of racing going on and it just makes it a good test of driving ability and vehicle prep and it is a ball... The other 4 drivers mentioned above, took the wins also, as they /--vc··,f,:1.;/·· Former desert racing champion Larry Watson won both stadium motos in the 1-1600 Mirage, but oddly enough was fifth in the pair of desert course motos, perhaps with car troubles. Bob and John Beyer bested th'ree other Stock Mini trucks on the desert course and won the first heat, then took second in the final but got the class win on points scoring. were the only ones in their classes, but they all want the rest of the guys to bring their toys and come out and give them some competi-tion. In the desert portion of this class's race, Bill Goshen was the only entrant and, of course, the winner in the Super 1600 class, but there were 5 racers in the 112-1600 class, Glenn Neese, Kyle Vestermark, Larry Watson and the Borio brothers, Steve and Paul. Paul Borio pulled off the win in this segment. I was pleasantly surprised to run into some familiar faces in the pit ·area, they were the "James Gang Racing Team". James Hall and his Father James Hall used to run a 69 Bronco in the desert series a while back, but after putting a bazillion miles on the old girl, they decided to retire her, before she fell apart on them. She had been a real work horse in her day and they did not want to take a chance on destroying their old friend, so they cleaned her up real good and park her proudly in James M's shop. They have built a new race truck with the help of Ecology Auto Wrecking, Rancho Suspension and other sponsors to be named later, because I blew it and did not write them down. The truck had about 15 minutes on it when James ran the first heat of the day for the combined classes of Stock Full Size, which was the James Gang Ford truck, Stock Mini, which consisted of Glen Cohen and Tim Serviss in #1500, Bobby and John Beyer in #1511, Jerry Beall Jr. and Ron Eaton in # 11, Dan Groff and Annie Drake in #761 and the Class 6 entry of Paul Strong and Scott Knutson in #650 which was a somewhat modified American Motors Pacer I believe. The show these guys put on was pretty impressive and brought out a lot of cheers from the spectators; they were having fun racing and it showed. James Michael Hall took the win in his class as he was the class, Bob Beyer won in the Stock Mini class and Paul Strong took first in Class 6. In the 5-1600 class there were only two racers, Kathy Fay in #595 and Mario Bustamanto in #559. Mario took the win, but Kathy gave him a run for his money and really made him work for it. · Roger Lord, an old off road racer from the desert, entered his Class 1 car in hopes of luring some of his buddies out to have fun. Roger says he has been out of off roading for over 2 years, but Warren Messick was all alone in stadium Class 9 and charging the bumps and jumps on the stadium course with a swing axle car deserves a winning trophy. Linda Rae Lewis borrowed her husband Tim's stadium racing Jeep and ran the Sport Utility class, taking the victory home to Cathedral City, CA. Paul Strong and Scott Kalutson revived a former desert racing AMC Pacer, added a wild body, and ran in Class 6 desert course, the only one and a winner. Page 34 October 1993 DustyTimes

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the bug is starting to get to him again and he thinks this series may be the way to go, with the close to home location, the reasonable entry fees and the great amount of fun to be had. Th is doesn't disrupt-the family's entiie weekend, just one day and still you are home in less than an hour. Jack Zandbergen who was the lone Class 11 entry, naturally won the class but I did not get to talk to him the day of the race, but luckily he called me at home and gave me a brief run down of his off road career. He's raced since 70 or 71 and started in the 5-1600 series, but wasn't able to do much good and after much thought, decided to switch to Class 11, which seemed to be the right move. In 1989 he got second in class in the Baja 1000, Ensenada to LaPaz and got a first at the Mint 400 and has had a great time with this class. He really wishes he could get some more Class 11 drivers to come out to play in'all the different race series, this one is really fun. Jack was a celebrity for a day. At Glen Helen, kids wanted his autograph and pictures of him . , ;, , ,/':Y. . The lone Class 11 entry of Jack and Tim Zandbergen was a crowd favorite, and they raced right along to entertain and earn their trophy for first place. and the car. As has happened in were getting. Jack says he can't ·the past, the fans were cheering race the August race, but will be him on and rooting for the little back for the next race and wants "Herbie" car. Larry the an-to see Travis Howard, Larry nouncer having fun with "Her-Adams and all you other Class 11 bie" too. At one point during the racers get out here and have some race, he had the spectators in the fun. Thanks for the call Jack, I stands doing the "Wave", Jack enjoyed talking with you. and his nephew Tim were really In Class 900, Desert, we had enjoying all the attention they two entrants, Art Velasco in #912 , . .,,.'f;~ IL Dusty Times field reporters Roberta 'Flash' Bunce/ and Carol 'Scoop' Clark interviewed the drivers as they came off the course, those they could flag down at least. and Andrew Lindquist in #921. Art managed to pull off the win in this segment, but he was not the first to finish the race, so he went to the pits without being interviewed. There were other classes in the same heat and just the overall finisher was sent to the press box, so that is the reason I didn't get to see everyone. The Mini Mags always put on a good show and they, as a whole, are a great crowd pleaser. They look like " little" race cars, but they can really get out and boogie. I don't know what their top speed is but it is pretty fast. Kirk McDaniel was the first place finisher out of 5 other racers. He had a ,~ The only stock full size class entry was the James Hall truck on the desert course. but they ran the new rig hard for a test and took home a trophy too. Mario Bustamanto won both motos over Kathy Fay in Desert Class 5-1600, but this class· didn't run the super tight stadium course at Glen Helen. Bill Goshen looks fresh and ready for more, after winning his fourth moto of the day, getting good action with Roger Lord on the Desert course. COAST 1-800-634-6755 1-800-331-5334 Las U!gas, Nevada Dusty Tir_ncs October 1993 Page 35

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At Glen Helen the MTEG front straight by the grandstands is part of both the stadium course and the desert course, so they always come past the spectators. Roger Lord came back after two years off to run his Class 1 car, but his was the only one, but he had fun anyhow and hopes more come out in August. Art Velasco hops over a jump getting the checkered flag for his victory in Desert Class 9. He won both heats in that section of Class 9 action. Quad Pro's, we have Jesse Wozniak, Kory Ellis, Doug Gilham, Steve Beilman, Mike Mierau and Jason Greenhaw. Doug.Gilham took the honors in this event. For the Superlite event we had John Sarna, Scott Klaers, Doug Goodenough, Stacy Fay, Andrew Buck, Brady Stiles and Chris Urquidez. Andrew Buck took the lead on the second turn of the 6 lap race and kept it there. He used to race Quads and decided to try something different, this is his first race in this car and he thinks this will be the way to go from now on. He kind of likes having that cage around him. Jeff Hoskins and company hauled in from Brawley to race his FRT champion Class 7 Ford, and Jeff won both desert heats, overall, for his trophy. Chris Morgan and Todd Sunvold were second in the first moto, but won the second and won top honors in Desert Class 7S driving their newish Toyota. In the Pilot/ Desert event there were 9 entrants, Todd Jespersen, Mike Vandeburgh, Troy Lind-horst, Joe Merciz, Tony Osuch, Clint Wolsey, Mark Grandburg and Neil Affinitto. Troy Lind-horst won this event. ~ little trouble at the beginning, the motor wasn't running right, but then he got the bugs out and took off to first place. Kirk said he had a good day because the others crashed and he cruised. His fellow competitors in this class were Mike Thurman, Yoshi Ogasawara, Steve Bristing and Chris Garrett. The 7 trucks and the 7Ss were combined also and in 7S we had Chris Morgan and Todd Sunvold in #63 and Dean Williams and Brenda Gillette in #734. Chris and Todd took the win here and Jeff Hoskins and Ronnie Gibson his co-driver, were the only Class 7 racers so they did take the win, but they put on one hell of a good show for the fans. Jeff says he has been a Fudpucker racer and thought he'd just try something different for a change, this is his first time at Glen Helen and he and Ronnie are having a great time and plan to be back. In the Quad Pro class there were 7 racers, #20 Steve Beilman, #33 Jesse W ozniak, #36 Mike Mieran, #53 Kory Ellis, #6 Doug Eichner, # 18 Jerry Hozen and #40 Jason Greenhaw. Doug Eichner pulled off the win in this class and I did get about 30 seconds to talk to him. I found out that he is another one of the regular MTEG racers and he is currently first in points in the series. He likes the MTEG series a lot but also does some desert racing once in a while. Next we have the Quad Intermediate and Beginners. They were Dan Powell #37P, Jeff Nolte #34, Tony Costantino #55X and Ken Curtis #133. These were the intermediate fellows and Dan Powell took the win here. In the Beginner class, there were only 2 en tries, Jason Van Groningen # 13 and Michael Nixon #84. Mike pulled off the win here and to me they both looked like profes-sionals and did a great job. The Ultra Light or Pilot Class had a total of 9 racers, Todd Jesperson #66, Tony Osuch #22, Joe Mercier #57, Mike Vande-burgh, Clint Wolsey #7, Troy Lindhurst #71, Neil Affinito #1 and Mark Granberg #698. Todd Jesperson took the win here. The Superlite Odysseys also had a good turnout. Brady Stiles, Scott Klaers, Don Archibald, Andrew Buck, Stacy Fay, Chris Urquidez, Keith Ehlers and John Sarna. Scott Klaers won the event with his skill as well as despera-tion to get in front of everyone so he would not get any more large chunks of mud thrown in his eyes. I believe his tear-offs broke and he had to put face shield up in order to see an.-i ne just got bombarded Scott Klaers, who runs the Stadium Series in Superlites was out getting a little seat time on the stadium course and won over seven other little cars, both heats. with mud. He loves the track here · at Glen Helen, but started racing in Ventura and thinks this is really the way to go. He definitely wanted to thank his sponsor, Natures Recipe for all their help. Next we have the Quad Intermediates and Beginners for .the Desert portion of the race. In the intermediates we have Tony Costantino, Jeff Nolte and Dan Powell. In this event, Tony Costantino took first place. In the Beginners there were Mike Reina, Ken Powell,Jason Von Groninye and Mike Nixon. The latter took the win. In the Desert portion for the By the time this gets to you, my son Eric will have had his first ever official race, thanks to James M. Hall and his Dad James E. Hall. He will be riding in the Ecology Auto Wrecking sponsored truck after some seat time this last Saturday. He says this truck is not like he thought it would be for a Stone Stock Full Size truck, he had a ball and is looking forward to giving me his story after the August 22nd race. See you all there. Despite this spectacular nose dive Andrew Buck, #5, came back to take a first and a second in Desert Superlites and win the class. Brady Stiles avoided the landing and finished second in the class. Five Mini Mags came out to play at Glen Helen, and Kirk McDaniel won the Desert section by winning the first heat and taking third in the second. Troy Lindhorst put together a second and a third in the heats to take the win in Desert class Pilot action over eight other of these popular and less expensive race cars. SuperLite winner Scott Klaers grins as 'Scoop' Clark writes it all down and 'Flash' Bunce/ does the prompting. Scott said it was neat having a no pressure day to go racing for fun. Page 36 October 1993 Dusty Times

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-Earl Roberts flew his way around the course right into the victory in the Vet Class and his experience and skill carried him to second overall too. Jason Corfman turned out to be the class of the 125cc group, making a mid-race charge that not only got him the class win, but a fine third overall. Novice Colby Groom stole the show in quad action, slicing through the.field like a pro and Colby finished a great fifth overall in the entire A TV action. THE SAASTA CHEVRON SWEETHEARTS KISS Craig Smith Takes First Overall On A 150 ByFud Craig Smith swept into the lead on the first lap on his KX 250, and he led the race wire to wire, winning overall handily over the bigger displacement bikes. On Lake Superstition, CA last May it was a traditional Sweet-hearts start with a dead engine, straddling the front tire, followed by a long drag race across Lake Superstition. There were many lines heading towards Check 1. Joey Lane on a KX 250 and Vet racer "Wild Bill McNeer on a CR500 launched their attack straight down the course. Just when it looked like they would be first to Check 1, Craig Smith's KX 250 swept in from the side and was on his way to a wire to wire win. Weakened by the flu, it flt.,.,,, Slttlt. . ~ ·The Off-Roode.r's Choice· • E-Z ur INSTANT SHELTERS Imagine setting up a free-standing shelter in ~~ 01161\U,\. ~ less than 60 secondsl NO missing parts NO center poles NO ropes NO hassle • 5 sizes • 24 colors • Custom Graphics Instant Pit Shelter La Rana Contingency Sponsor SCORE Contingency Sponsor E-Z UP Authorized Dealer CASTEX RENTALS~ INC. 10'44 R Cole Ave. Los An_geles, CA 90038 CALL: 213 • 462 • 1468 DustyTima Photos: C&C Race Photos didn't take long for the other Vets to reel McNeer in. First it was the Earl "of Mexicali" Roberts, followed by Dan Worley, and John Keifer. Joey Lane begrudg-ing! y gave up second to Earl Roberts but was firmly entrench-ed in third until his bike went boom -end of race. The 125 race turned out to be a battle between Jason Corfman and Robert Pra yther. Justin Hollmann had been expected to challenge, however a fouled plug on the start line left him mired deep in the pack. Prayther led the first lap with Corfman only a heartbeat behind. After watching Prayther's line Corfman lit up the desert with a fantastic charge. His momentum carried him all the way to third overall. Sandwiched between him and Prayther was Dan Worley, second Vet. Billy McClintock finished second 250. It was not a good race for the Open bikes unless you were a Vet. Roger Robinson not only won the Open class, he was also the first Amateur. Dewey Belew, coming off an injury was second with Bill Adsit third Open. The Senior Class was won once again by Pat "Flatpan" Flanagan. The defend-ing champion moved through the ranks and won going away. Second and third seniors were decided on the last burst towards the checkered flag. Terry Devore and Tom Nolan had swapped positions all race. Finally on the next to the last lap Terry made his move and put a few riders between himself and Nolan. Coming around the last turn with only a quarter mile drag left Devore looked behind to see how much of a lead he had and to his surprise it was none. Nolan was alongside and on the gas. Terry Devore bounced and bobbled while Tom Nolan scooted to the checkered flag, second Senior and the bragging rights all the way home. Bob Thompson won the Super Senior Class. The' first Novice honor went to Dean Yale on a 250. In the A TV action Ben -Sch-limme and Steve Mamer, both on Honda 250s, were the cream of the crop today with Jimmy Summers from Needles a solid third. Summers was third after one lap and held it until the checkered flag. While there were battles in front and behind him, he was never seriously challenged for third place. However out front it was a different story. Mamer October 1993 and Schlimme always seemed close enough that you could throw a blanket over both of them at any one time. Ben Schlimme sneaked around Mamer on lap 3. Every once in a while Schlimme could put a bike between them, however his lead was not what you could call comfortable. Finally a flai: tire took the wind out of Mamer's charge and Ben Schlimme went on to capture the overall ATV honors finishing seventh overall. Positions four through eight were up for grabs all race. "Qjk" Vic Bruckmann couldn't hold off Mike Cafro who in turn had to hold off a furious charge by Novice Colbey Groom. Cafro moved into fourth by lap 2 while Bruckmann, Martin, McNeer, Todd Dunlavey and Marc Spaeth danced with each other. However, it was the excellent ride of Colbey Groom that stole the show. Starting in the Novice line he weaved his way through the field of expert and amateur racers to finish fifth overall. Martin McNeer's ATV died at home check opening the door through which rode Dunlavey, Sruck-mann and finally Marc Spaeth. Rob Niemla won the Vet Class and Volker Bruckmann won the Senior Class. The DesertLites had quite a race, and Stu Peace was in heaven. This was a Sweetheart of a course for him, fast, flat and his was the first DesertLite. Stu Peace popped into Check 1 seconds in front of Steve Fenton. But by the time they reached Check 2 Stu was stuck all alone in first place. Fenton has a new car and some of the bugs still need to be worked out. Today he had left his can of Raid at home and the race was all Peace's. Paul "Sky" King set sail like there was no tomorrow and there almost wasn't. King found more trees than Bryan Saasta to run into and finally the DesertLite gave up the ghost leaving Paul King to push it to the finish ·line. John Shultz hung around in third place for many laps until his ship ran aground leaving him looking for a rescue party. Meanwhile Bryan Saasta was stopping at all the checks to _ admire the beautiful scenery. He almost stopped once too often as his son James "Hollywood" Saasta rushed by leaving Bryan to hot foot it for home check to win the 360 class by an eyelash. Art Gibbs just kept going and going and going and won the PilotLite class. Ben Schlimme and Steve Mamer had their Honda A TVs in a visual race most of the time, but Schlimme got a bit of a lead on lap 3 and he kept that lead to win overall in the A TV class and was also seventh overall. Stu Peace led the Desert Lite class from the first checkpoint, then by seconds; his competition faded on the fast course and Peace won the Division overall. Page 37

Page 38

SCCA Prescott Forest National Rally By John Elkin Photos: T rackside Phot.o Inc. Despite having to change to a hastily located turbo before the start, and starting late at that, Paul Choiniere and Jeff Becker drove the Audi Coupe S-2 to the front and won overall and the Open Class points. While her baby has lunch, a mother cow watches the rally cars zoom past on a high mountain meadow trail in the Prescott, Arizona area. If you turn the Wayback Machine to April of this year the Prescott Forest Rally was supposed to be round #2 of the Subaru PRO Rally Champion, ship, sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America. However, biblical rains ravaged the southw, est and the stage roads. Organizers Rob Cherry and Jeff Hendricks, both accomplished rallyists, made the smart move to postpone the event until the end of July to give the roads a chance to be graded and manicured. So now return to present day: Prescott is now round four of the championship, the temperature is 25 degrees .h<?t, ter and the roads still showed the effects of the rains. Not all the stages were rough, some were quite pleasant to drive, but others were cut short because of the roughness, or transited, more on that later. Running con, current with the National would be two Divisional rallies. The pre,rally happenings were rather sedate compared to the past couple of events, although there was news abounding through the headquarters at the Sheraton Hotel, located high on a hill overlooking the town of Pres, cott, Arizona. News had broken that Subaru would be leaving us as Todd Bawden and Cal Coatsworth took first in GT and fifth overall in the National Rally, and first overall in the Friday Divisional as well as thfrd overall in the Saturday Divisional in the Mitsubishi Eclipse. ---- -- . - ---------Whether you're on a chase crew, a racer or a 4WD enthusiast, the Rod Hall off-road driving school can help you be your best! But be ready. .. the road isn't smooth! Page 38 Call For Courses and Dates Great Basin consulting 2738 Chavez Dr. Reno, NV 89502 (702) 825-8830 the title sponsor of the series at the end of this year, although Chad DiMarco will still receive help with his Group A efforts. Carl Merrill, who had taken a fly, ing leap off Pikes Peak earlier in the month was still waiting for the Libra Racing guys to pull a humpty dumpty act on his high tech Ford Escort. But parts from England were still on the boat so he rented Bruno Kreibich 's Audi Quattro for this round. Carl expects the Excort to be back for the Ojibwe Rally in August, maybe even painted the way he wants it this time! Kyoichi Takaori enlisted a native Arizona navigator Ken Cassidy and "Tony" drove his Mitsubishi to a sparkling victory in Group A in the Ga/ant and finished fourth overall in the National. News also arose about the Sep, tember Heart of Maine Rally being cancelled due to slow com, ing road permissions; with one less event in the championship this changed some peoples strate, gies to garner points. Jeff Zwart and Tony Sircombe had returned to the States from pacenoting the New Zealand round of the World Rally Championship, just to run this event and then were hopping the next plane back to Kiwiland to finish the job. On Friday afternoon the cars lined up to start the rally from the parking area of the Sheraton. Tonight the teams would traverse four stages and then return and finish the final six on Saturday afternoon and evening. The weather hovered in the 90s as 21 rally crews put on their nomex, filled water bottles and set out to test their cars, their own personal conditioning and their deo, dorants. Just before the start of the Pare Expose one top team, Paul Choi, niere/ Jeff Becker found the Audi Quattro S,2 had a turbo problem, and the Libra team had no spare. · A trip to the local auto dismantler turned up a Audi 5000 turbo, problem was it does not fit the new 20 valve engine. Within a couple of hours the resourceful Libra Racing crew had fashioned and plumbed the mismatched turbo into. the engine bay and crossed their fingers. With the extra time needed the team paid the $100 fine for missing the Pare Expose and were a bit late getting started, taking a 40 second penalty going into the first control. This round of the Subaru Championship would comprise ten total stages spread over two days and a total of 118 stage miles. The road surface varied from very fast with blind crests to some ::® ~ Sam Bryan and Mark Simmons came from Washington state to take the Saab 99 to fourth in Open and seventh overall National, second overall in both of the divisional events and also first in both in 2WD. Open Class. October 1993 extremely tight, twisty and rough surfaces that would have a pro, found effect on the finishing rate. Stage one was a real rough affair, nearly eleven miles long and the first eight miles was a tight, twisty, rock strewn road that took it's toll on tires. It is known as the old railroad grade and has a dubious reputation with divisional competitors who have run Prescott for years. Paul Choiniere/Jeff Becker dis, regarded the rough and tumble conditions and their 40 second deficit and their untried turbo to storm into the lead in the Open Class and overall in the first stages. The Remy sponsored Audi needed some minor turbo adjustments on its way to the overall win and giving the car a perfect record this season (John Buffum won with the car at the season opener in Washington State while Paul was awaiting his wife's delivery of another child.) Choiniere/Becker notched the win by five minutes over the low slung Valvoline Porsche Carrera 4 of Jeff Zwart/Tony Sircombe. The Porsche reported little trou, ble except for ground clearance over the rough roads. Henry Joy/Jimmy Brandt, eas, ily the most improved team from last season notched the third spot in class and overall just 48 seconds in arrears of the Zwart/ Sircombe effort. Joy and Brandt served notice to their abilities by winning the ninth stage of the rally. Fourth in class and seventh overall was the clean Saab of Sam Bryan/Mark Simons from Wash, ington state. Bryan/Simons have been showing their stuff on all the west coast Nationals and one wonders what their future plans are with all this experience they are gaining on the National Trail. Carl Merrill/Jon Wickens over, came a flat tire barrage in the Audi to claim fifth _place points well DustyTimcs

Page 39

W, Commut,1,g from New Zealand. Jeff Zwart and Tony Sircombe placed tlie Porsche 911 Carrera 4 home second overall and second in Open Class in the National. In one of their best ever finishes Henry Joy and Jimmy Brandt mastered the mountains to take third overall and third National Open in the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Chad DiMarco and Eric Hauge drove the Subaru Legacy to second in Group A and eighth overall in the National despite serious front end damage late in the rally. ,/4 W, Cornering hard in desert conditions Vinny Frontinan and Francisco Arruda were second in National GT Class, just 37 seconds out of the class victory. Herding a little cattle along the way Guy Light and David White nailed down second in Rally Trucks, just three seconds behind in the always sano GMC Sonoma. Prescott driver Roger Hui/' with our reporter John Elkin navigating were third in Rally Truck action, having flat tire woes in the National Rally. back in the order. In the Group A ranks the Sub-aru effort from Chad DiMar-co/ Eric Hauge led through the sixth stage and were pushing Choiniere/ Becker very hard for the overall win when on stage seven the Subaru hit a rock, flat-ting a tire and causing brake caliper damage to the right front and the strut. Also some internal engine damage to the bearings caused them to run the remaining two stages at a reduced rate. Still the team netted a second overall Friday night. Getting used to rally-ing American style can sometimes take a "if you can't beat them join them" attitude. Kyoichi "Tony" Takaori took along Arizona native rally navigator Ken Cassidy and the pair took the Mitsubishi Galant into not only the Group A win but a very respectable fourth overall. The Japanese contingent will be back in force at the Ojibwe event. The Production GT class battle was an up and down affair for the rookie team ofT odd Bawden/ Cal Coatsworth and their Norco Mit-subishi, Mitsubishi Eclipse. While the pair did gain the victory in the end it did notlook that way starting the second day when the pair got two flats in the first day's stage. This moved the Antonio Menendez/Juan Goya Tecate Beer Eclipse into the lead, fol-lowed by Vinnie Frontinan/ -Frank Arruda back in the familiar colors of a Toyota this time. In the final three stages Bawden/Coats-worth clawed their way through the stages and narrowly regained the lead for the win. Two notable DNF's changed the complexion of the rally in the first stage. Lon Peterson/ Bill Gutzmann in the Dave Wolin ,Mitsubishi Eclipse figured to be a favorite until that old overheating problem crept back into their lives and melted the engine at the end of stage one. Also out at the end of one was the new team of Rhys Millen/Chris Griffin, debuting a Toyota Celica. The pair found broken coil springs at the end of the stage and decided to park the car. Frontinan/ Arruda, in the meantime had pulled their Toyota DustyTimes up close to Menendez/ Goya go-on the Acura of Peter Cunning-ing into the final stage but suspen-ham/Joe Andreini. The Shumak-sion damage slowed the Mexico ers, more familiar with the entry giving the second place and rougher roads of the southwest the season points lead to Fronti-saved the car and let Cunningham nan. Menendez/Goya held on for soldier on trying to play catch up third in class and the final GT while enduring damage to the finisher. brakes, tires and suspension dur-In the Production ranks, upon ing his long weekend in Arizona. returning to the western half of Cunningham/ Andreini plan on the United States, the battle makingtherestofthenationalsin between Eclipse and Acura con-'93 while the plans of the Shu-tinued. Only this time the out-makers are still up in the air. come was quite different. Tony The trucks came to Prescott and Liz Shumaker in another numbering five, four Mitsubishi's Dave Wolin Mitsubishi are get-and a GMC. Guy Light/David ting the handle on front wheel White started out the rally pulling drive rallying and pulled out a win away ever so slightly on the rough Tony and Liz Shumaker got their first National win in Production Class and also placed second stock in 'both Divisional Rallies driving the Mitsubishi Eclipse to its best finish this year. October 1993 and fast roads, but never that far ahead of Nati0nal rookies Chad Dykes/Pat Hanson in a Mitsubi-shi. The Gooches, Gary and Judi pulled in a close second through the first few stages until a broken leaf spring slowed their pace in the last stage of the night on Friday. Local favorite Roger Hull/John Elkin spent four and a half min-utes of the first stage changing a flat tire and were in fourth just ahead of the rally veteran Ken White/ Adrian Crane. The Gooches used the overnight break to locate a pair of leaf springs and try to move up through the field Saturday. · Going into day two the BF Goodrich GMC Sonoma of Guy Light/David White held a slim 33 second lead over Dykes/Hansen. The Gooches followed over two minutes back while three minutes in arrears of them was the Goo-dyear Mitsubishi-of Hull/ Elkin. Although you would be hard pressed to prove it through his stage times Guy Light fell ill dur-ing the Saturday section to food poisoning, but would perservere. The first stage of Saturday saw Dykes/Hanson driving like pos-sessed men as they pulled nearly the whole 33 seconds on Light/ White. The Gooch Mitsubishi were slowed by a flat and a loose skid plate allowing Hull/Elkin to make up some of the three minutes. Stages six and seven would see the IJ@r' BIGGER IS BETT-ER Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the la!:_1:1er C.V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bell to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C.V. 'Convert Type II stub axles and output bell to accept 930 CV joints. , All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV /c.v.s can be threaded 3/a-24 or stock 8mm. !All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be l threaded ?4 or stocK 10mm threads. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per flanpe on your supplie~ pa~. Stop the up-travel on your suspension with this advanced bump stop system. These Bump Stops come complete with a mounting system, poly~urethane nd piece, and enough valving to get the job done. 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Page 40

Peter Cunningham and Joe Andreini had to settle for second place points in Arizona, slowed by suspension troubles in the handsome Production Acura. Ken White and Adrian Crane were the last National finisher but fifth in Rally Trucks and the Mitsubishi was also fourth in Stock in the Friday Divisional rally. Harris Done and Larry Scott won the CRS Stock Class on Saturday in their Mazda RX-7, and they {l)aced a smart fifth overall as well. I@' Dykes/Hanson Mitsubishi catch up to the GMC and at the turnaround stage after ·seven they were tied. That was all Dykes needed to hear, in stages nine and ten the Mitsubishi manuevered over the smooth roads into a 30 second lead and gave the team their first national class win. Light/White h e ld onto the second spot as Hull/ Elkin over-hauled the Cooper Tire Mitsubi-shi of Gary and Judi Gooch for third spot. Ken White/ Adrian Crane finished making truck class · and Group A the only 100 per-cent finishing ratio classes in Prescott. The Organizers of this event are to be commended for their efforts to bring the Subaru Champion-ship to Arizona. Due to the roughness of the railroad grade section of stages 1, 5, 9 and 10 this section was only used in stages one and five, stages nine and 10 .were cut short when this part of the road was proving a bit too brutal for the cars. No rally is complete without a Datsun 510. Mike Whiteman and Kevin Linville were sixth Open car in the National, fourth overall and second 2WD Open in both the Friday and Saturday Divisional events. road, word filtered down that those in the money. there was a miscommunication With the passage of time and with the blockage workers and the efforts of the forest service the they had left their posts. Com pet-roads are expected to be in better itois voted that the stage should shape next year and all asked said become a transit in light of safety they would return. Also in the event was a deadend piece of road that made up stages seven and eight. The crews would race to the top and wait until the road is cleared before racing back down. This not only also gives you more stages where it may not have been possible before but cuts down on the worker load. Well after all were at the top of the considerations. Organizers Rob Cherry and Jeff Hendricks listen-ed and made it so. Kudos to their safety considerations. Sunday morning dawned just as hot as the other days of the rally when National and Divisional teams gathered back at the She-raton Resort for the awards giv-ing. Beautifully etched silver plates were given as trophies to Straight nt. Aluminum Wheel Straightening Die and Press Straightened "No" Heating or Beating If We Can't Straighten Them There is "No Charge" Fast Service and Daily UPS Our New Address Is 31420 96th Street East Littlerock, CA 93543 805/944-2719 Pagc40 Prescott Forest Rally Divisionals I & II While the National rally raged on ahead, the backbone of PRO Rally, the divisional rally teams, waged their own wars on the dusty roads of central Arizona. On Friday night the first four stages of the National event would count as a Lo-efficient two rally, while on Saturday the remaining five stages would count as a co-efficient three rally. It was sche-duled for six stages but one would be transited for safety reasons. There were pre-rally happen-ings and surprises, Anton Musev returned to our sport in his Sub-aru RX recently purchased from Luis Silva. Tony Chavez shocked many by renting the Arrow of Lon Peterson as Chavez' 510 could not be completed in time. Another returnee, or pair of returnees to the California Rally Series were Heinz Heinrich and Lynette Allison, debuting an ex-DiMarco Subaru RX four door. Twenty-six teams took the green flag from the Sheraton Resort in Prescott to tackle four very chal-lenging stages in the Prescott Forest and Chino Valley. In the four wheel drive open class nine starters made this the biggest showing for the class so far. However only three would finish this first night. Todd Baw-den/ Cal Coatsworth took their Mitsubishi Eclipse and gave quite a driving school as they pulled off the overall and class win. The class win coming six minutes ahead of the Cooper Tire Chev-rolet S-10 of Ken Stewart/Ralph Starr. The Chevy edged the Sub-aru of Anton Musev/Wayne Engen by nearly a minute as Anton and Wayne try to figure out the style needed for four October 1993 B J and Stuart Beal had broken on Friday in the National, made repairs and came back to win the Saturday Divisional overall in the Mazda 323 and were first 4WD Open Class car as well. wheel drive rallying. Among the DNF's was the Heinrich/ Allison Subaru which lost a head gasket. The Gibeault/ Mathes Subaru sucked a lifter through the engine while Peter-son/Gutzmann had a meltdown in the central core of their Eclipse. However it is Mazda PR man Mitch McCullough and HKS's Scott Webb who took a tumble down the mountain side in the Mazda 323GTX which captured everyones attention. Two wheel drive open class was a little light on the entry with just 12 cars, but it was very competi-tive. Usually when a CRS compet-itor takes the trip to Washington to run a rally he or she can count on being lucky to crack the top five, and usually vice versa for them, but just as recently we have been doing better up there, they have now scored a similar victory as Sam Bryan/Mark Simons took their Saab 99 to the class win and second overall. The northern pair edged our own Bill Malik/Roine Anderson in a Volvo by over a minute. 510 Master Mike Whitman/ Kevin Linville brought out the New Mexico based Datsun and placed third, another minute back, the former Prescott resident was hoping for a better placing but one can't be too choosy when running on three and a half cylinders. Techmeister Ron Wood and Kelly Walsh brought the VW home fourth in class after a rash of flats that plagued most the field. An uncharacteristic fifth place was recorded by Dan Hook and John Moore in the aged Toy-ota Celka. The stock class was equally light with only six turning out for the fray. Norberto Gomez/ Jorge Facio definitely have got the Toy, ota sorted out as they stormed into the lead early and held it to the end of the rally, keeping a con-stant fifteen second margin on the Shumakers, Tony and Liz in their Toyo Tire shod Mitsubishi Eclipse. As a rookie it is known that you must finish rallies, com-pile seat time and then you get better. It seems Bob Scott/Chris Smith have found the fruits of that logic as they motored into third by staying out of trouble. Fourth, and the final finisher was Dennis Chizma/Robert Kalb, recent off road racing transplants who are dialing their VW Rabbit · into the rigors of rallying. As the finishers came back to the hotel word started filtering in about the carnage on stage one. Ken Stewart and Ralph Starr win a lot of rallies in the southwest regions, and their Chevy S-10 Blazer was 2nd 4Wo· Open on Friday, 7th overall and 3rd 4WD Open on Saturday, 8th overall in the Divisionals. Dusty Times

Page 41

Dennis Chizma and Robert Kalb are rookies driving a Stock Class VW Rabbit, but they drove to fourth in class Friday, and moved up to third on Saturday. Bill Malik and Roine Anderson were third overall and second 2WD Open in the Volvo 240, but dropped to 10th overall and 5th in Open class on Saturday. Ron Wood and Kelly Walsh were fourth 2WD Open on Friday in the VW Scirocco, but they picked up sixth overall and third in 2WD Open on Saturday's run. ,i:,,:=:'h -~~ i/.,. ,.,,........,.,,,_ 'i/ Dan Hook and John Moore didn't have much luck in Arizona, and despite some good stages, they ended up the last Divisional finisher on Saturday. Bob Scott and Chris Smith drove the Toyota Celica to third in Anton Musev and Wayne Engen were third 4WD Open car on Ten cars out of the rally, the rea-sons vary from multiple flat tires to crashes and broken suspen-sions. Indeed the parking lot of · the hotel and the local parts stores would be busy in the morning as some would make repairs and return and others would just return home. Saturday morning dawned to the frantic yells of people trying to fix cars and frequent sounds of wrenches and knuckles being worked over the bodywork of the cars. Twenty-four of the Div-isional teams made it back to the Pare Expose for the two o'clock start time. A refugee from the National competition, B.J. and Stuart Beal had broken the day before in the first stage and while they could not continue racing their Mazda they opted to make the most of the trip from Colorado and rally the Saturday divisional. It proved to be a' good move as the pair gar-nered the win overall and in four wheel drive open in their Mazda 323GTX by over two and a half minutes, and three minutes faster than second place finisher Todd Bawden/Cal Coatsworth, also third overall. Ken Stewart/Ralph Stock Class in the Friday Divisional, but luck went away on Friday in the Subaru RX, but they dropped to fourth 4WD Open Saturday to a DNF. Class on the Saturday run. Starr kept the V-8 powered Chevy S-10 moving all day and put it home third in 4WD class. The Musev/Engen Subaru over-came several small woes to cap-ture fourth in class and was the final finisher in class. The two wheel drive open class again fell to the Washington on-s la ugh t as Bryan/Simons con-tinued to prove that old Saabs are the best Saabs taking a minute and a half victory over the Whitman/ Linville Datsun 510. Ron Wood/ Kelly Walsh were much more on track today with a third place for the VW Scirocco edging Tony Chavez/Jose Soria who ran the Plymouth Arrow of Lon Peter-son. The Chavez/Soria team failed to finish the Friday event because of a broken tie rod end, luckily Toyota tie rods fit and Dan Hook rescued the team. Malik/ Anderson fell to fifth today just ahead of the hastily rebuilt Saab of Carl Jarde-vall/ Andres Karlsson who had to rebuild everything after a crash on Friday in the third stage. The stock class victor from Fri-day, Norberto Gomez/Jorge Facio had terrible luck in the first stage of the day as a flapping flat tire took out the Corolla's fen-derwell and the electrical system, stranding the pair high on a ridge and out of the rally. After a disas-terous day on Friday Harris Done/Larry Scott mounted a fan-tastic come back in the RX7 and ravaged the field by four minutes. Tony and Liz Shumaker played the consistency game and finished second again with the Eclipse. Dennis Chizma/Robert Kalb had a better day and pulled out the third place finish just ahead of Ken White/ Adrian Crane, Mit-subishi truck. Yesterday's third place finishers Bob Scott/Chris Smith took a DNF for the event after a nasty rollover on stage one involving a big rock. Everybody who finished the event deserved something and while there were not trophies for all the finishers we could hand out a few awards here. The Buddy Can You Spare A Spare Award goes to Dan Hook and John Moore who netted six flats total and had to keep changing tires from the front and rear to get the same size tire on the rear so the positraction unit would not end up toasted, all told, eleven tire changes. -------,-----------------The Personal Escort Into· An MTC Award goes to the Honda CRX ofJ ason Preistley /Kevin Caffery who were caught speeding in the final transit Saturday and were followed closely into the hotel by one of the Arizona High-way Patrol. J'o the officers credit he waited for the team to clock in on time before writing a written warning to Jason. The Competitor To Worker Award goes to Paula Gibeault for, after the motor expired on her Subaru, she went out and_ helped run the rally with the organizers. Her navigator, Jay Mathes also gets honorable mention for being responsible for getting several cars back into the rally Saturday with his mechanical prowess. And so it goes ... till next tiriR".; we will see you all at TreeLine. Coming Next Month♦-•• FRT Superstition 250 ADRA Cinder Mountain MTEG at Las Vegas' Silver Bowl SODA Fox Riverfest Challenge MTEG Glen Helen III WRC Rally of 1000 Lakes SCCA Ojibwe Pro Rally BUMP Antelope Valley Fairgrounds ... Plus All the Regular Features Wandering Star Divisional Rally marching bands, Shriners, etc. Failure to parade carried a steep 14 minute road penalty, so everybody showed up. The actual rally began at two in the afternoon up at the guard base. The Waits team had drawn first on the road, but were slowed by massive overheat, and were passed by the Dale/Justus and Thomas/ Logue teams in the first stage. Although it was very dry and dusty, hanging dust was of little concern as a stiff southerly wind was blowing, giving some relief from the 90 plus degree heat and high humidity. The 9 stage rally ended well ahead of schedule, allowing time for a dip in the pool and a meal prior to the awards. The trophies were miniature Eiffel towers filled with crude oil from Paris, France. service after coming in on a bare rim with the exhaust dragging. Their rally came to an end when the transmission decided to spray its oil on the road with only two stages to go. Texans Richard and Juanita Miller retired after three stages with a terminal fuel leak on "Old Blue" the ex Jon Davis Saab 99. The Don Gage Auto Service backed Dodge Daytona driven by Garen Shrader and Steve Scott from the Memphis area was sitting pretty in second place after three stages when the engine decided to quit running and then packed it in. They put on a good show at the finish of stage 2 where they went off the road and into the grass, completing a 360 degree turn after the flying finish, and gathered it all back up before reaching the time car. Fortun-. ately, their in car camera was running! Tom Hanlon did not start in his Saab. By Datie Thomas Five Mazda RX-7s, one Jeep Cherokee, one Toyota Celica, one Dodga Daytona, and one Saab 99 towed to Paris, Texas to compete on the smooth gravel roads of the Camp Maxey National Guard base on the third of July. The coefficient three Divisional Pro Rally was won by Dave Thomas of St. Charles, MO and Rob Logue of Garland, TX in an RX-7 sponsored by Rotary Perform-ance and Uni Filter. They won all but the last stage of the 83 .3 stage mile rally, averaging nearly 60 miles an hour. Arkansawyers Jim Dale and novice co-driver Scott Justus were not quite three minutes back in the "RX-7 Heaven" RX-7. The father ~nd DustyTimes son team from Lawrenceville, GA, Robert and Billy Waits were another four minutes back in another RX-7. These two teams tied for first on the last stage of the rally, with Thomas/Logue "coasting" along on their lead, only two minutes off the pace, despite two blown shocks on the front. West Texans James Cook and defending SW-Div co-driver Champion Doug Otoupal put in their best finish ever at fourth overall in another RX-7, putting Doug in the hunt for a repeat of the Southwest Division co-drivers title. Arthur "Joey" Odero-Jowi and Peter "Ninja" Njenga brought their Toyota Celica home in fifth, not bad for Joey's second rally and Ninjas' first ever. In rounding out the top five, the Texans also won the Novice Class. The only other finisher was the husband and wife team of Karen Burrows and Ken Cassidy from Mesa, AZ, in another Mazda RX-7. It is interesting to note that all of the cars which finished were manu-factured in Japan, in a rally on the Fourth ofJuly weekend. Hmmm. Things got under way at ten in the morning on Saturday with a Fourth of July parade through downtown Paris, a request by the Paris Chamber of Commerce. This was a fairly large parade, with horses (of course in Texas), October 1993 Dick Paddock and Karen Finnerty drove the Jeep Cherokee from Ohio and brought only one spare tire, which was pressed into Page 4t

Page 42

Mahammed Bin Sulayem and Irishman Ronan Morgan won Group N in their Ford Cosworth Escort RS, and the team was sixth overall in the Marlboro car. Gabriel Raies and Jose Maria Volta took Formula 2 honors in a locally built Renault 18 G TX and the Argentine drivers placed Rudi Stohl and Peter Diekmann had a good run in the Audi Coupe S2 and they finished seventh overall in respectable time with no major troubles en route. ninth overall as well. RALLY YPF ARGENTINA 1993 Juha Kankkunen Wins For Toyota Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Juha Kankkunen and Nicky Grist took the lead on the first stage, were never headed on stage times, enjoyed dust free running and won the rally in the Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD by almost two minutes. On only his second appearance at this event, Juha Kankkunen snatched the lead on the very first stage of the Rally Argentina, and took full advantage of dusty conditions to control the event from there onwards. His win enabled Toyota to retake the lead in the World Makes' Champion-ship on their sixth out of ten permitted participations, but Ford still leads the Drivers' Series with Miki Biasion, but now Kankkunen is only three points West Coast Distributor fOff HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PRICE $695.00 GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 7D'l/B73-1 re2 McKenzie Performance Products · ·· 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED gc42 I behind. Toyota teammate Didier Auriol had an unhappy event, suffering gear selection and then clutch troubles. The delays put him back in the dust of his rivals and he never recovered. This was Toyota's 30th win on a World Championship Rally. It was Kankkunen's first rally with codriver Nicky Grist, with whom he was paired only nine days before the event and his first for nearly eight years without his regular partner Juha Piironen. Mohammed Bin Sulayem won the Group N category in front of Portuguese driver Antonio Coutinho in a similar Ford, the first time the Dubai driver has even finished in an Escort. In 'Formula 2' Gabriel Raies dominated the event. Renault withstood the onslaught of the new Fiat cars and for the ninth year running were the best locally produced car at the finish. Christine Driano finished 21st and won her class, but without scoring points towards the Ladies title. This means she has now finished three of the necessary five events to enable her to become Ladies' Champion. Miki Biasion and Tiziano Siviero held up Ford's honor with a strong second place and Biasion has taken the lead by three points in the driver's point championship. Three works teams went to Argentina, Toyota, Ford and I Lancia/ Jolly Club. This was the first World Championship entry from Ford in South America and the first outside Europe since 1987, with Miki Biasion and a similar Group A Escort for Carlos Menem Jr., the President's son entered by Mike Little Prepara-tions. The Lancias were for Carlos Sainz and Gustavo Trelles and Toyota entered two new Celica Turbo 4WDs for Juha Kank-kunen and Didier Auriol. There was a nasty shock for Toyota when Kankkunen 's long time codriver Juha Piironen collapsed in his hotel nine days before the start with a brain hemorrhage. Nicky Grist was enlisted at short notice to take his place. After two operations Piironen, in the same hospital which treated Ari Vatanen after his near fatal 1985 accident, was reported recently to be lucid, his speech just fine, but with some paralysis, which is common. He is reported to be eating and joking as normal with visitors, and should be back in Finland by the time you read this, continuing his recuperation. Argentina was to be the 50th World Championship Rally for Auriol, a landmark for the man who had a record breaking sixth win in the same season last year, but who has not yet been Champion. Jorge Recalde of Argentina did not have a ride going in but ended up driving a Group N Lancia from Top Run Racing. Recalde was the first casualty of rule changes which now stop competitors running Group A cars in training. He had to train in a more stock version of the rally car. There were 70 cars entered in 'Formula 2', a record· no doubt. Locally built Renault 18 GTX cars have been used by the top local drivers for ten years, but now they are challenged by new 2 liter-Fiat Regattas. 13th Rally YPF Argentina Juha Kankkunen/Nicky Grist SF/GB Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD A" 5 :32:31 Mikl Blasion/Tlziano Slviero I Ford Escort RS Cosworth A 5:34:25 Didier Auriol/Bernard Occelll F Toyota Calica Turbo 4WD A 5 :49:29 Gustavo Trelles/Jorge Del Buono U/RA Lancia HF lntegrale A 6 :00:36 Carlos Menem Jnr.Nictor Zucchini RA Ford Escort RS Cosworth A 6 :04:05 Mohammed Bin Sulayem/Ronan Morgan UAE Ford Escort RS Cosworth N" 6 :09:42 Rudi Stohl/Peter Diekmann AID Audi Coupe S2 A 6:21 :53 Antonio Coutinho/Paulo Brandao p Ford Escort RS Cosworth N 6:30:53 Gabriel Raies/Jose Maria Volts RA Renault 18 GTX A• "6:33:01 Jose Ceccheto/Jus to Carrera RA Fiat Regatta 2000 A 6 :43:37 Christine Driano/ Marie C Lallement F Citroen AX Sport (21st) A# 7:34:27 86 starters - 30 finishers - "Group Winner •• F2 winner - # Ladies winner World Championship Points - Toyota 97, Ford 94, Lancia 55, Mitsubishi 47, Subaru 36 WRC Drivers Points - Biasion 66, Kankkunen 63, Delecour 55, Auriol 47, Alen & Sainz 25, McRae 24, Aghlnl 22, Jonsson 20, Eriksson, Schwarz & Trelles 18. Group N Points - Fasslna 26, Coutinho 24, Spiliotis, Backlund, Shamji & Manlrinato 13 FIA Manufacturers Cup (Formula 2) GME 36, Skoda 29, Peugeot 22, Citroen 20. FIA Ladies Cup Points • Driano 15, Holderied 9. October 1993 Christine Driano entered her Citroen, but she faced much more powerful cars, but she wanted basically to finish. In order fo become Ladies Champion she must finish five times in the year and so far out of four starts she had finished only twice. From the Ukraine came something quite unusual; no fewer than five Zaporojhets ("Poor Man's Lada") cars with 1100cc engines, the first time such a model has been run on a World Champion-ship Rally. After a difficult year with the rally based at the northern town of Tucuman, the Rally Argentina was again run in. the popular Cordoba region. To fulfill political obligations the start remained at Tucuman where the scrutineering, start and first special stage were held. But on the second day the action moved south. Cordoba represents the heartland of Argentinian rally sport; entries were even greater this year than in the mid '80s when low production Group N cars were admitted. Most of the top drivers come from that region, the stages have a history that stretches back to the wartime days of city to city road racing, and the gravel has changed little over the years. For tire engineers the wintry conditions presented their own challenge as surface temperatures rise uniquely quickly each morning. 86 cars started Etape 1 but there had been pre-event drama for Austrian driver Stefan Reininger who had his Group N Subaru Legacy crashed by co-driver Kenyan Simon Young. Young discovered that not all cars use headlights at night, and rolled off the road to avoid a head on crash. A few days earlier Reininger found his rally car gone from a street in Cordoba. He reported it stolen to the police who had taken it because it had been badly parked! Two of the cars from the Ukraine were still DustyTirncs

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You saw it here first folks, the Tavria Zaporojhet from the Ukraine made its WC debut, this one of Galeano and Gosling finished, 29th, not quite last. Juha Kankkunen tries out one horsepower, still used by the Gauchos around Cordoba for herding cattle, and it looks like he was having fun this day. Miki Biasion in serious conversation with Ford Team Manager Colin Dobinson, is shielded from the weather by a lovely lady with an umbrella from Mobile. on the boat so their drivers had to borrow cars to drive from Paraguay,-but technical problems kept them from starting. The engine of the Lancia of World Champion Carlos Sainz blew up just as he came to the finish of the opening stage and one more chapter in the Span-iard's dreadful 1993 season was already written. There was no obvious reason, but the mechan-ics thought the problem to be electronically originated. Carlos left Tucuman immediately, but his troubles were still not over. When he reached Buenos Aires he found he had lost his passport and could not leave the country. While the mood among the teams was despondent over the enforced absence of Juha Piironen, Kankkunen did him proud and took the lead with a brand-new codriver! Without the company, friendship and common language of his regular partner Kankkunen had a point to prove. Three hours before dawn after the overnight halt, the remaining cars left Tucuman for the drive down south. U ndeterred that his teamma te Auriol was badly delayed during the day by gearbox troub le, Kankkunen gradually pulled ahead, reaching Cordoba 37 seconds ahead of Biasion. After lying second, three seconds behind the leader, Auriol's troubles started on stage 4 when he could not select third or fourth gear. On stage 5 he heard a big bang and found he had lost fifth as well. .He drove the next three stages in second gear, suffering from the new rule this year that gearboxes can only be changed at the end of the day, which was finished the next morning. Biasion had a day of many little troubles. On stage 3 the car misfired after a water crossing. Next stage he broke a shock and then had to drive stage 5 without a rear anti roll bar. Then on stages 6 and 7 he was hampered by the dust of the troubled Auriol Toyota running in front of him. Jolly Club were struggling. After Sainz's retirement, Trelles had handling problems. He finished the day three minutes in front of the delayed Auriol. 1n Group N early leader Jorge Recalde stopped on stage 7. He had already suffered time loss due to a loose turbocharger pipe, and then had broken gearbox linkage. Finally he retired with rear suspension failure. By now Mohammed Bin Sulayem was well ahead, and for a time even ahead of teammate Menem in the Group A car, who had two driveshaft breakages. At the end of the day the two Mike Little Preparations team drivers were lying equal fifth, with the next five places filled by Bolivian drivers in various Nissan and Subaru cars. Dusty Times Argentine drivers were su-Group N leader Bin Sulayem prem e in the 'Formula 2' said "The competition in our category. On the long stage 3 the category went when Recalde Fiat driver Jorge Bescham made retired yesterday. For us it is so seventh best time overall, 65 important to bring the car to the seconds faster than his nearest finish. We are under absolutely rival, favorite Gabriel Raies, both no pressure from Coutinho of whom later had flat tires but behind us." Coutinho got a two stayed ahead. Welloutoftherace minute penalty for arriving one for Formula 2 honors Christine second early at a control, but his Driano drove conservatively, position was not at risk. Behind aware that it was vital for her just them were six Bolivian drivers, as to finish. on stage 10 their only other The Ford versus Toyota title serious rival retired when stuggle continued on Etape 2. By Reiningen's Subaru caught fire running first car on the road and burned its electrics. Kankkunen took advantage of the In Formula 2 Gabriel Raies was dust free running to increase his still ahead, even though he had lead over Biasion, while Auriol been driving without a clutch, but struck more problems. After the at the end of stage 13 the car came gearbox change the crew arrived to a halt with fuel pump failure. at the start on time, but on the Bescham had engine failure and first stage they soon discovered retired leaving fellow Fiat driver that the clutch was also damaged . Jose Ceccheto second in the This was changed after the first category in front of Juan Pablo stage; they were 15 minutes late at Raies, Gabriel's younger brother. the following time control. Driano was tenth in the category, Trelles was already six minutes leading her class in front of the further back, the best Formula 2 sole remaining Zaporojhet. car over a half hour. Thick dust denied us the The morning talk was of the chance of any competition there dust on stage 10. On this stage might have been on Etape 3. In the alone Kankkunen increased his first part of the day the most lead from 38 seconds to a minute, interesting thing was the accident nine. Spectators said that which befell Ford's competition Kankkunen was the only driver manager Colin Dobinson, who able to drive fast here. Ronan left the road in a supervision car Morgan, Bin Sulayem's codriver, and overturned, happily without said "There was a low mist with injury. Auriol said the dust was absolutely no wind allowing the worse than ever, the only happy dust from previous cars to hang man being Kankkunen. At one motionless in the air. We had to point Biasion voluntarily clock6d drive in first gear in places." into a control a minute late ( 10 Behind the two leaders T relies seconds penalty) hoping it would now had the correct suspension make his driving safer. and was enjoying himself. "Our Gustavo Trelles went off the instructions are to take no risks. road on the penultimate stage, I'm the top running South arriving without a front wheel and American and third behind two of losing a quarter hour, finishing rallying's real geniuses. That is the stage with his codriver sitting fantastic for me!'' Apart from on the rear of the car. He dropped Auriol there were few dramas behind Auriol. It also ended a except for 21 year old Manfred curious saga which had con-Stohl, who had been leading his fronted officials; he had been father in an identical Audi Coupe practicing for this event outside S2. He broke a driveshaft then the permitted time period by had electrical trouble, often entering a national championship stopping and then' restartfng for rally which used the same stages. no reason . ..__,.._ ____ He eventually staggered to the The son of the country, Carlos Menem Jr. and Victor Zucchini were fifth overall in their factory Ford Escort RS Cosworth. October 1993 finish. Another driver to have a news about Piironen, this was a last minute panic was Menem victory that Kankkunen needed, whose Escort broke its turbo- finish-ing nearly two minutes charger on the road section after ahead of Miki Biasion. It not only · the last stage. Earlier the front put Juha in a challenging position spoiler had come off when in the World title race, but also crossing a ford, twice. The gave him a new self confidence .. Argentine police were very For the championship it was an alarmed, and both times brought ideal result, a complete justifi-the missing piece to the MLP cation for Ford's last minute service point. The showman Raies change of mind about entering. finished in style, sliding round For Grist it was a dream results. corners at the superspecial stage Nine days earlier Nicky was still in with one arm waving out of the Britain, never expecting a window. telephone call at all. After the upsetting pre-rally This is the :,ystem run by most off road race winners TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME JEEP STRAIGHT 6 "NEW SUMMER SPECIAL CHROME" 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 43

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VORRA VIRGINIA CITY CLASSIC IOO Don Ger111an Wins Overall In A Jeep While he didn't turn the class fast lap in his Jeep, Don German cleaned the Class 4 field on the rugged trails, had most consistent laps and came home not only winning Class 4, but winning overall. The Virginia City Classic 200, one of the roughest and toughest races in off road racing was held on June 19, 1993. As usual the "' course was a hard one. With all of the weather we had this winter the Ruts were deeper and the Rocks were sharper. There was little doubt in the minds of the Competitors that VC was going to live up to it's reputation, but was it too rough? After a lot of thought, the President of VOR, RA Ed Robinson decided to lower the number of 20 mile laps from 10 to 8. Ed would keep the time limit to finish at 7 hours. This year's race was welcomed by the Delta Saloon. The Virginia City folks were great as they are every year. The field consisted of 62 entrants. The green flag dropped ROD ENDS & BEARINGS TIMKEN IIOROR"ma We have the best prices on the largest rod end and bearing selection' Safety & comfort • NASA inventory in the U.S. developed to protect HIGH-PERFORMANCE astronauts from fatigue BAKER BATTERY caused by vibration, shock [DJ loads and "G" forces. Cut to size. great protect-lion for driver & equipment. NEO SYNTHETIC • LUBRICANTS ~ Holds stronger charge much SubstanJial in-. crease m per· longer and will rec~a~ge fonnance while • eg to 100% even_after sitt1~ greatly reducing OW 5 for 30 days m total dis-fricfo and h. h t d charged state. Unmatched I n 19 vibration resistance. temperatures. [' I NEOSEAL .~.EARl!S Permanent lubrication '11/!!J!!I!M. · -~. (notacoating) ~BAKER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS • 2865 Gundry Ave. -=" .,.. ... .., Long Beach. CA. 90806 -'~~~/ 310/427-2375 ~ '<,,\ .... ,,,· Fax 310426-5294 .-..: '\".',/""' DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME W Pagc44 at high noon on Saturday, with the racers starting two every 30 seconds. The day began with heat and very little wind making the dust a problem. By the end of the race things were cooling down at least as far as the weather was concerned. The big winner of the day was Don German of Petaluma, CA in his Class 4 single seat Jeep. Don's run was a fast 5:21 :39. With only eight minutes of down time, this race was smooth sailing into the first overall spot for VORRA's Iron Man. Second overall went to the 1,1600 team of Smith, Rigsby,Witnack of Yuba City, CA with a blistering time of 5:26:48. Third overall went to Raymond Fisher of Reno, Nevada in his Class 4, Cylinder Head Exchange sponsored Jeep Hon, cho; it took him 5:41 :48 to finish. The first class off the line was Class 2, with five starters and only two finishers making it under the 7 hour time limit. Clayton Scudder and Curtis Clark of Reno, NV in the Precision Plumbing sponsored Scudco and John Smith of Diamond Springs, CA in the Chevy Powered Kong 2 seater were the first two cars to . drag race down the hill. John Smith dropped out on the first lap. Clayton Scudder set the fastest lap of the race with a recorded time of 33:24. Clayton led the class until the fifth lap when he fell victim to a broken steering box mount and was down for two hours. The Scudco was able to come back in to battle but on the eighth lap had a fire in the car and wasn't able to finish within the time limit, coming in 7 :04:31 picking up third in class. All of the Class 2 racers had some type of problem to contend with. Class winner Sam Berri of Arnold, CA in his Tom Martin Logging 2 seat car was down for an hour with front end problems on the first lap but was able to run a klst and furious race the rest of the day, with his times getting faster as the race went on. Sam's finish time was 6:25:05, giving the team their first desert win of the 1993 season. Everett Paul of Grass Valley, California, took second in class with a time of. 6:55:09. Everett had down time on laps 6 and 7 but was able to make repairs and finish strong. Jason Paul of Grass Valley, CA was the last Class 2 off the line and had a good run but on the 5th lap dropped out of the hunt. The second class to take the green flag was Class 10. The -=-· -~,--~ · Sam Berri had trouble with the front end of the usually quick Class 2 race car on lap 1, got fixed and sailed on with great times to win Class 2 by 30 minutes and, his first desert win of the year. October 1993 Sid Smith and Kip Whitnack led the race overall unti! they came to a traffic jam on "the hill". but they had no more troubles and brought the 1-1600 in for the class win and second overall. · mountain was hard on this group of racers. With five starters and NO finishers. Dale Smith of Sparks, NV and Ace Bradford of Seaside, CA were the first two cars off the line in class. Dale Smith had suspension problems all day and finally dropped off on lap number 6. Ace Bradford took second in class but didn't finish the eighth lap. The team of Happich and Windle of Belmont, CA started strong but would run only one lap of the day. Mike Gust of Diamond Springs, CA had a great first lap but would record the longest lap in class on number two with a 3:31:03 time. Mike would make a third lap but disappear on the fourth. Starting last in class must have been good luck to an extent for Randy Leplante of Portland, OR, running a hard race. The team set fast lap in class with a 37: 16 time. Problems on lap five gave them down time of an hour, Randy was able to come back for laps 6 and 7 but was no where to be found on lap 8 . Having gone further than any of his competitors gave him the win in class. Class 1,2,1600 was the largest pro class at this year's Virginia City Classic 200, with 10 cars starting and six finishers. Bill Webb of Reno, NV and Arden Dennington ofT racy, CA were the first cars off the line in class. Bill Webb had a strong run until falling to the mountain on lap 8. Arden Dennington didn't make the first lap. Sid Smith of Yuba City, CA shared the car with Kip Whitnack. The team of Smith, Rigsby,Witnack had an Awe, some day in their single seat car, first by setting fast lap in class with a 36:24 time then taking first in class and second overall. Larry Folsom of Sparks, NV was running strong on his first lap until he endoed his car costing him critical time; he was able to get back into the race but on the sixth lap broke a stub axle and was down. Larry ended up finishing in sixth place with a 6:19:13. Dan Schrader of Sacramento, CA had a strong run until the fourth lap where he set the longest lap in class with a 2:42:51. Larry Zimmerman of Alta, CA took second in 1600 class and fourth overall with a race time of 5:42:40. Abreu Racing of Dublin, CA ran lap number one but that was the end of their day. Keith Robb of Pittsburgh, CA had down time on his first lap and couldn't make it up; he was still able to come in with a fifth in class turning a 6:01:53 race. The final starters in 1,2,1600 were Ken Ruff of Oroville, CA and the Jon Havlick and Tyler Mort team. Ken had a good run even with being off the pace on lap 3. He was able to finish in fourth place in class with a time of 6:03:06. Jon and Tyler ran a consistent pace to pick up third in class and fourth overall running a 6:01 :56 race, Class 4 had eight starters and only four finishers, two of which were in the top five overall. Tom Scahill of San Rafael, CA started beside Mike Povey of Reno, NV. Tom Scahill ran fast lap in class with a 37:43 time. Tom would make lap two but the mountain won on the third round. The longest lap of the day was set by Mike Povey with a 4:50:22 time. His distributor failed, he had to walk 12 miles round trip to make the repair. The only complaint Mike had was that his new boots were killing him. Luckily he has a crew willing to give him the shoes off their feet. Unfortuantely one lap was all Mike made. Raymond Fisher of Sparks, NV ran an even race all day and was able to come home with a second in Class 4 and third overall. Raymond had little down time considering the fact he had power Randy LaPlante came from Portland, OR to race the Virginia City rocks, and they set fast lap for Class 10, lost an hour on lap 5, but came back to go the farthest and fastest and won Class 10. Dusty Times

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Reno's Raymond Fisher and the CHE v eep Honcho ran flawless all day trying for the Class 4 win, but got second in class, 20 minutes behind the winner. Jon Havlick and Tyler Mort ran right on the money in Class 1-2-1600, except for lap 5, but they made the time back to salvage a strong third in Class 1-2-1600, not far off pace. Ryan O'Callaghan and Troy Robinson had a very smooth run in Sportsman Vet racing, slowed a tad on the last lap, but finished well in second place. .. ~--..,;.;.·:.,. Clayton Scudder catches a little air but had a good run: set fast lap of the day, then the steering broke and he took third in the Class 2 action. Jack Mamo towed in from Langly, British Columbia for the race, ran a smooth and steady pace and finished strong in third in Class 4 with no woes. Randy Miller had very steady lap times in sportsman Vet action and he took his tidy racer into third in the big class, less than two minutes behind. Ace Bradford charges past the high altitude pinion pines on course on his way to second in Class 10 despite a big trouble on laps 3 and 4, he also got in seven laps, like LaPlante. Richard Hampton entered a Hum-Vee and had Rod Hall codriving the Hummer, in fact driving it, and the team finished fourth in Class 4, hosed it off and drove the Hummer back to Reno. Doug Freidrichson and Mitch Miguel had some troubles late in the race, but they got in all their laps to take a close third in Sportsman Novice class. cooled my motor as best they not forget the Virginia City these two classes ran six, 20 mile could, but we had a hard time Classic 200, 1993,anytimesoon. laps. Sportsman veteran was 16 getting it under 210 degrees." A The Sportsmen division con-strong at the start with 11 racers true gentleman racer Don had a . sisted of Veteran and Novice, (Continued next page) day to remember. This is the .--------------~-------------, THE WRIGHT Larger Diameter Llnka ·--P-LACE~. The Haas brothers always tidy Mini Mag won the Sportsman Vet title once again, 17 minutes up on their nearest rival at the flag afrer six laps of serious racing in this class. second time Don has won First Overall at this race. Surprise racer Rod Hall codriving with Richard Hampton of Reno, NV in the Hummer All Terrain Vehicle, was there all day taking fourth in class with a clean 6 :51 :39 race. The thing that blew me away was the fact that on the way home I passed the team driving in the Hummer back to the shop. Now that's one hell of a truck. John Herman of Reno, NV ran strong until falling off after the seventh lap. Chris Lumsden of Gabbs, NV wasn't seen after a long first lap. All the pro classes ran hard and many will steering problems. Jack Marna of Langly, British Columbia was by far the winner of the have traveled the farthest to a race award. Jack was able to go home with a third place in class in his Jeep with a time of 6:08:38. The number one racer of the day was by far Don German of Petaluma, CA in the perennial favorite Jeep. Don ran an absolutely perfect race. When I spoke to Don he said "Virginia City has always been a great Jeep course". The only problem experienced by the German T earn was trying to keep the Jeep cooled down on the last laps. As Don put it "I had to help several cars up a hill, when we all got caught on the infamous hill climb. My Jeep got hot and I didn't have time to stop and let her cool down. My team DustyTimcs Hooter Meyer shed a few body parts from his Baja Bug during the race, but it didnt' hurt his performance at all, and he won the sportsman Novice class easily, by nearly an hour. October 1993 Larger Diameter Spindle• ---------Larger Dillmeter "EXTREME" TRAILING ARMS STRONGEST ARMS AVAILABLE Direc:Uy replace• other manufactuiwa trailing arma 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 TEL: (619) 561-4810 FAX: (619) 561-7960

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THE VICTOR ELKS LODGE HILL CLIMB Doug Adams Wins Overall By Mearl Holbrook Photos: Don Holbrook -Doug rode motorcycles, Quads all over the trails and roads around the mountains near the Adams Ranch near Nathrop. Doug took over Don's hill climb Jeep/BFGoodrich, Pennzoil truck last year by running in the Salida, CO Hill Climb and the Buffalo Peaks Hill climb in Buena Vista, CO, running second and first. Young Adams is now the points leader having won Salida and at Victor, CO. Dean Burling and David Schmidt Jr. were second and third in trucks. Doug Adams, who took over his dad Don's Hill Climb Jee,:. pickup last year, heads out on the Victor course on his way to victory in the truck class and the points lead for the season as well. The Open Wheel Class saw Colorado Springs driver David Donner finally shake off the Plague he suffered at the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb, and put his Donner /Dystra Chevrolet up the hill in a time of 1:42:19. Pikes Peak new overall record holder Paul Dallenbach was fighting a brake problem and was second, only four seconds behind and Paul Shaver was third. Like father like son! Doug Adams, just 20 years old, son of the Desert Champion and Hill Climb racer Don Adams of Nathrop, Colorado, won the 2.5 mile Colorado Hill Climb Association/Victor Elks Lodge 367 Hill Climb in the truck class with a time of 2:09:96. Young ale Wil P.O. nsas Phone (913) 788-3219 FAX (913) 788 9682 Adams took a ride when he was 12 years old with his Buffalo Rancher, Desert Off Road and Hill Climb racer dad Don Adams. The senior Adams has many off road race victories and several series championships and was a three time winner in class of the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb. Defending Stock Car Colorado Hill Climb Association Champ-ion and seven time Pikes Peak winner Leonard Vahsholtz of Woodland Park,·co, drove his * CNC machined aluminum and steel construction that looks as good as it works * Easily adjusts in single degree increments to 45 degree angle notches * Notch any round tubing up to 2" OD in less than 30 seconds * Automatic round tube centering and alignment * Uses inexpensive "BIMETAL" hole saws (under $10) * Power vertical with a drill press or horizontal with any 1/2" hand drill Complete RTN 1000 fixture includin a wrench to adjust quadrant angle and easy cutter remova We also offer a steel model RTN 100 with most of the same features All credit cards or COD/UPS orders OK -Freight and all handling charges are included in the lower 48 states WARNINGII Inferior imitations are in the marketplace 11 Buy the fixture with the moneyback guarantee I ngc46 Octobcr1993 Underneath that cap is a head full of red hair, so Doug will be hard to miss if you see a hill climb, but no doubt he'll move on and do other forms of motor racing too in the coming years. At age 20 Doug is as tall as his more famous dad Don Adams, right, but all the Jeep's sponsors have stuck with him apparently, and the Adams family does enjoy the hill climb type of racing. Ford Probe up in 1:56:26. Gay Smith in his Mustang was four seconds behind after an affair with a rock wall in qualifying. Roger Warden was third. Vah-sholtz took the Super Truck honors in a time of 2:00:24. Jim 0 lsen was three seconds behind for the number two spot and Doug Robinson was third. Five time Champ Car season champion Butch Hardman of Golden, CO won the Champ Car class in his Golden Auto Parts Sprint Car in a time of 1:57:98. VIRGINIA CITY Continued finishing. Brian Holloway of Sacramento, CA and Jay Lommel of Sparks, NV were the first two cars off the line in class. Brian Holloway was able to come around and take fourth in class with a time of 4:29:48. Jay Lommel had a difficult race and fell off after the fifth lap. Don Bowler of Lakewood, CA took fifth with a 4:35:38 race. Phil McAdon of Folsom, CA would set fast lap in class on the second lap with a 35: 17 time. Phil would make lap 3 but wasn't seen again. Randy Miller took third in class by running a consistent pace finishing a strong 4: 18:35. The Team of O'Callaghan and Robinson of Sacramento, CA were able to snag second place with no down time, and consist-ent laps running a time of 4: 16:52. First in class went to the always strong Mini Mag from the Haas Brother's racing team of Lodi, CA. They ran beyond fast coming in under four hours with a time of 3:59: 16. Needless to say this was on~ happy team at the end of the race. All. the Sportsman Vets deserve congratulations for being out there. Good job guys. Sportsman Novice was the largest cla~s of the day with 18 starters but the attrition rate was unbelievable, only four cars Jim Brady, then Brett Ream were in his shadow. Brant Ford flew his Sprint Buggy up in 2:02:27. Rick Nicholson was second and Gary Ediger rounded out the third spot. Terry Wark, Kenny Backstrand and Mike Magee were the top three in the Sportsman Class. The road course ran from downtown Victor, Colorado, an old mining town at 10,000 feet up, and went higher to the famous old Molly Murphy Gold Mine at 12,000 feet above sea level. finished the race, within the time limit. First in class went to Hooter Meyer of Carmichael, CA in his Baja Bug. Hooter had a hard day, every time I saw him he was flying and missing more of his car. He was able to keep it together well enough to get a winning time of 4: 16:51. Second was taken by the Ghia Monster II driven by Forest Creasy of Folsom, CA. Down time on lap five didn't stop this team from coming back to run a race· of 5:08:23. Spot number 3 went to the team of Fredrick-son and Miguel running a 5:20:00 day. The last finisher in the time limit was Charlie Ketten of Fallon, NV placing fourth in class with his car starting to break apart; Charlie was able to finish with a 5:46:56 time. This year's Virginia City Classic 200 was grueling. We started the day with 62 starters and ended with only 27 finishers. An unexpected cloud burst reapetl havoc with the last finishers as well as pit personnel. The Pro Pit van sunk in the mud on the top of the mountain, and wasn't able to be removed until the following day. Many racers slid around on their last laps, running a course that changed from silt to slime. The next event to be covered will be a new race. The Fallon 250 at Night, the first night race in 10 years, for the VORRA racers. DustyTimcs

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'\Vild Texans'' Take Top Three Places At Bad Dogs Barry Don Callaway cranks it on and kicks up some Texas dust into this corner on his way to the victory in the hotly contested Sportsman Buggy Class. It was a 1-2-3 sweep in the Sportsman class Sunday July 18th at Bad Dogs Off Road Showdown for the Wild Texans Race Team. Barry Don Callaway, Don West-man and Gene Peugh took the top three positions in the main event with some spectacular driving coming from all three particip-ants. Benny Perry of Pearland fought mechanical and traffic troubles all day to end up in the fourth position over a hard charging Greg Durman of Flower Mound for fifth. Mark Rogers, Hank Newton and Mike Melton ran strong in the heat races but had troubles in the main event and settled for sixth, seventh and eighth places. Chad Smith of Mesquite took the overall win in the Amateur ranks of the ATV 4-Wheeler event, putting his Suzuki in the front and never looking back. Ed DeTavenier, also of Mesquite, followed Smith closely for second over Douglas Bebe of Boling for third. Rick Townsend of Arling-ton chased the top three all day but settled for fourth over Garland's Henry "Crash" Castro, taking fifth, all putting on a great race for the crowd. In the Pro A TV action Chad Harris took the win over a very sore Bobby "Pikes Peak" Parr in second. The Odyssey/Pilot cla~s saw Fort Worth's Tim Silence out front of everyone at the checkered flag for first place over a very fast lady from Burleson, Liz Rash. Liz has really improved over the last few months showing style and speed all the way to the winner's · circle. John Myers of Fort Worth and Tim Lee of Dallas finished third and fourth with Kenneth Gordon of Quinlan rounding out the top five. In the PW-50 class, Chance Berg of Cleburne put his Yamaha in close quarters with overall winner Cody Don Callaway for his best performance of the year. Our hats go off to Chance for an outstanding race. Scott Wenner-strom Jr. of Plano was not to be left out as he was within inches of Berg at the finish line to take third position over Garland's Ben · Sorenson, finishing fourth. All these kids really put on some of the best racing of the day. Jay King of Bruceville pounded the course on his 600 Honda to ftrst overall in the Non-Current The Super Challenger Class of dune buggies stormed the track with Arlington's Jerry Daigle pushing his vehicle to the limit to take top honors over Fort W-orth's John Myers. These two swapped paint and positions all day with some of the closest racing of the day. Charles Wright of Fort Worth powered his way into third over Gainsville's Steve Dutton, rounding out the class for fourth. Leading here. Mike Melton came out of retirement for a day to show that he still has what it takes to go plenty fast. A bad ignition took him out of the running ear-ly in the main event. In the background Don "the Yank" Westman took second in the main with superb driving. BILSTEIN RACING APPLICATIONS 2" RATCHET WHEEL STRAP 2" 0011180 RATCHET/AXLE STMl'S 10 FT. $29.95 RED-BLACK-BLUE motorcycle class over hard charging Mike Hathcock of Cleburne for second. Andy Johnson of Clifton finished third with Waco's John Newman and Princeton's Brian Dotson taking the fourth and fifth trophies home. Up next in the starting line were the Vintage class of motorcycles with David Kirk of Waco zapping the rest of the pack for first overall. Rick Denney, Skip Miller, David Bell, and Don Kraft were in close competition for second through fifth positions in the Amateur Division. Randy Brown took the Vintage Intermediate win over Gary Moore second and Hillsboro's Alan Davis third, all riding hard on the antique equipment. "The Sarge" Bobby Lucas took command in the Vintage Masters division putting his Penton in the winner's circle. Up next were the mud drags. These participants were traveling 160 feet in 12 inches of mud in less than six seconds. That's moving! In Class I Alvarado's David Modlin took the win over Rod Taylor of Irving and Gary Howard of Waco. In Class II Red Oak's Chris Boulet powered through the mud for the first over Red Oak's Johnny Mask. John Pritchett of Plano put his Jeep into third rounding out the class. The Mud Bog event came next, in which drivers had to make it 40 yards through three feet of thick mud. Rod Taylor took the win over Gary Howard in Class I, with Ronald Parks edging out David Modlin for first in Class II. This event was a real crowd pleaser. The "Dash for Cash" muddy event sponsored by McDonalds had all the kids anxiously awaiting the start. Twin brothers Carl and Rex Tillery of Cleburne found the fast lane through the mud in the 8 and under age division for first and second. I couldn't tell them apart before they were covered with mud, mush less after. In the 9-12 age group Michael Trinker and Justin Meredith battled the muck with T rinker taking the win over Meredith. All entries received a free coupon for a burger at McDonalds with first and second earning cash rewards too. Even the adults got into the act with Rod Taylor taking the win. We would like to thank all of our area sponsors for helping out with Cleburne's first off road race track. Thanks to the following sponsors: Zimmerman & Sons Inc., P&P Car Audio, Fun-N-Sun Sports Center, Pendleton's Upholstery, Dan's Used Cars, Dr. Randell Moss, D.C., P.C., Cleburne Motor Inc., I 35 Foreign, Forrest Chevrolet, Wright Lincoln-Mercury Inc., Sun Valley Fiberglass, Cleburne Lawn and Garden, A&A Iron & Metal, ABS Rentals Inc., V-Dub Folks, and Johnson County Electric Cooperative. Bad Dogs is directly behind the Cleburne Auto Auction, and see listing in the Happenings for more info. The Pee Wee 50 class enters the first turn at Bad Dogs as pit folks watch the action. Cody Don Callaway, #18, took the inside line and the overall victory. RALLYE500 76109 $28.95 RALL YE 1000 75701 $68.95 RALL YE 2000 77411 $81.95 5 PT HARNESS $94.38 CLASS 1 TO CLASS 11 OUR SHOCK PRICES ARE VERY COMPETITIVE CALL TOLL FREE FOR PRICES & APPLICATION T WMP•AAOUNO AXLE ST"-'PS 10 FT. $38.95 RED-BLACK-BLUE : 21 IN. $9.95 Ill ee~"' AMBER AVOIDANCE LIGHT lW!N HORN TOP QUALITY NOMEX Ill SUIT $243.38 RED-BLACK-BLUE FUNNELS $11.95 11 GAL DUMP CAN $49.95 2 FOR $89.95 I- . 5GALJUGS WHITE $19.95 RED-YELLOW-ORANGE $20.95 HOT PINK $23.95 "' FCONOMY FUEL CELLS. 8 GAL $172.50 12 GAL $187.50 22 GAL $217.50 32 GAL $255.50 FENDER FILL E!.il • 0 CLEARJ3-IELHOSE 1• $2.90FT 2" $5.72FT 3• $8.94FT --. $12.90 $53.95 BOTH SFI APPROVED T WRIGHT -RACK & PINION $309.00 ..... 0ooe>o0 SUPER SHIFTER $99.00 . WRIGHT COMBOS WITH BEARINGS $599.00 RED-BLACK-BLUE DUAL M/CYUNDER ~ $199~ $13;.~ .. ◄ MICYUNDER & SLAVE HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL YOUR OFF-ROAD 805-683-1211 [I DE ~•uNziQJa71 EQUIPMENT' & SUPPLIES. -WE SHIP WORLD WIDE TOLL FREE TECHNICAL SALES LINE . ~ RACING PROOUC,:S ~ OFF-ROAD USE ONLY 800-622-3939 · · Dusty nmes October 1993 Page 4Z

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~ The 181 cubic inch fuel injection V6 delivers 153 horsepower, lots of torque and runs so smoothly you hardly know it's running. The easy to see, easy to read instruments make driving the Nissan Pathfinder just that much easier. All controls are well within the driver's reach. Rear seats fold down, enhancing the cargo area for any and all types of bulky transport. Every surface is carpeted and a cargo net helps control small packages. 1993 NISSAN PATHFINDER Black Or Green, Where's The Sun? Text & Phot.os: John B. Calvin Black Emerald is the color and it only enhances the good looks of the take-you-anywhere Nissan Pathfinder. I give up; black or green. de-p.::t1dinf: on where tJ1e sun i:-, the 1 !l•>3 ~<iss,m Pathfinder in ."Blad~ Emerald" is ab:;0)11tt!ly fabulous. \Vh..:n the sun is not shini111? on it rhe color is black, deep decp~black: but put a liltle of old Sol on it and lh.:: mo,-! heautifo.l emeraJd green appears and it really is beautiful. I lwd not seen this color before but Simplythe ~! Fuel Safe's Pro Cell Racing Bladders are designed to meet or exceed the highest performance and safety standards set by all of the major racing associations. Top Racers, like Robbie Gordon, demand the best and so should you. Fuel Safe Racing Cells • The Champions Choice! At your local dealer now! Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing. Inc. 18062 Redondo Circle. Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 842-2211 (800) 433-6524 (Outside CA) SAFETY ... It's what we're all about. rage 48 I'll newr forget it. Color, however is not the onlv .;!tribute of the 1993 Nissan Pc.1thfinder. it. is i3 vehicle anyone would be proud and happy to 0\\11, good looking, Cl)mfo1t.:ible, ,tll the crealure comfons you could J~:-ire. plenty of horsepowi;r anJ torque fur your highway and off roi.ld excursions and it sure looked good nestled in our garage for the t~w nights we had the Pathfinder. This Pailifinder was equipped with the 181 cubic inch SE-\"o engin.:: cleliv:::ring 153 horsepow.:r .md 180 foot potmds of torque. :-:utrh. th-: en2ine i.,, fu.;:l iHit.:c-tcd a.nd i's smooth. 111.:: ,lllt()tn,1tic lrcttbmi-ssion \\ith lwen.lrive is smooth too, yon are never ;;;urc whr:n it is chan0.i1!! 2ear:,,. TI1crt: i~ an overdrive $\>,,j1ch on Ul:! gear selector lever and the m·adrive is used almost d.l forms of normal d1i,ing. ·n1cre is also a power shift switch located on the dashh1)ard with the sd.::ct.ion of " . .\uto·· for all nom1.1.J d1fri11g pall ems :ind •·~T" position for the Jon~ uphills, <1t1d Jots of power and quick;;:r shifting. Very h:i.ndy when out in the dirt. r'our wheel drive is also installed on this Pathfinder and ~ith tJ1e automatic hubs and tht: fingertip control located ju~t left of the gear selector on the cenlt!r console ofT roading is really fun. Everything w0rks so smoothly and effortlesslv that it's hJJd to believe wh,11 is l1;1pp,:nin~ mechanicallv. Tracti,111 1s pro\"ided by General Grabber AP >lxl0.50 RI5 LT \ l&S. rnn1111k:d l'll bmtal looking alkiy whc:ds All in all the drive p~1ck;:ige is capabk of Inking you most anywhere you want to go. ~topping power is provided by Power assisted disc hrakes both front and rear and stop you they will! ABS included of course. ·nie instrument cluster is busmesslike and easy to see and read. Ldl of center is the tachometer, 0-8000rpm with the redline at 6000 and a digital clock therein. To right of center is the speedometer, 0-100mph v.-ith a mileage counter cj11d t\l.'o resettable odometers. Lo-cated between the tach and speedo is the fuel gauge and the temp-erature gauge. To the immediate right of the speedo is the gear sel-ect.ion indicator which illuminates to ~how what particular gear you are m. Dircctlv under thc afon:men-tioned gauges are t11e n0rmai bells and whistles for seatbelts not fastened., low oil pressure, low fuel light, battery charge light, etc. Down another level .from left to right are the rear window de.frost timer, the cruise control :,wikh and the hazard switch Down yd another level from left to riE?ht are the always wonderful to have electric out,ide minor cuntrol switch, the dimmer for the instru-ment lights, the rear hatch opener, the rear wiper/washer control and the power/auto switch. TI1ey are all easy to reach hut somewhat difficult to see as t11ey fall directly i11 the line ()f siaht of the steerin1! wheel but their localion would be well known to vou if it was in fact the vehicle you' drove most times. October 1993 With the entire rear wide open to receive packages and other cargo the Pathfinder can carry all the supplies you need for long off road excursions. The steering wheel is ener_gy absorbing and is adjrn,tiible to many positions. TI1e left :,leering column ::-talk opera1es the drivi11g !d1ts Jnd the 111m si!!Tlals and the ciuise i.:ontrnl. The- right stalk operates the wiper:,. with dday of course and wushers are rhere to,1. TI1e center dash holds a couple of 1he heut/air \"ent:, and just bdow are the controls for heat and air, e,,ch particular fonction button illuminates as YOU -.elect various combinations. 'FurtJ1er do\\11 are the cii:rnrette fo!l11er and ;:i:-h trnv and f;elow tliem t11e .-\\1/Fr,.:I stereo system \\•ith tape rleck, foeding eight., count 'em folks, eight speakers and last in line the CD player. Directly m fronl ·of the ,·.::nt:r.illy kx.iki! :li:,r:b:. i::-1h.:: ge;1r s.:lcctor. mom1t.:d ,m th.: Door of ,·ourse and the fom wheel drive :,elector. :,election of anv four wheel fom:t.ion illumirn1te:-'a lamp on the <lash, just a friendly rc;-minder. The center console has a top that opens, expt'sing a handy storage space and the ever-present cup holders. Located just under the overhang of this handy console is the control for best invention known to man, the two position c1dju.stable shock absorbers, sport and touring positions are available and it sure does make a difference in the ride. Also tl1e security/alarm system activation switch is located there too. and, last but not least in this location · are the switches that operate the seat heaters, scout's honor. you can heat the scat so your fa.1U1y won't get chilly on those winter mominas. I think tltat is the ultimate in luxury. Those of \·ou back there in Wisconsin and Michigan., ilie seat heater is definitely a nn.1st! Both front seats have heaters huilt in. Speaking of seats, ours were covered in leather, marvy to the touch and certainly beautiful to look at. Both front buckeL, adjust every way possible :ind also have a built-in lumbar support. l11e rear seats fold fom·ard and down to creak a lame cargo area. fn!l carpctiiig throughout lhe Pathfmdcr is in k.:::t!pi11g \Vith a l:!ue lll'mry vehicle and it i, cerla.inly good looking Reilding!imp )jghts overhead and create lots oflight without any glare to bot11er t11e d1iver. Some of the ameniti..:s 011l~ide induclc a foll si.ze sp:1re on a swing-away cwTicr, a fujj k:ne-111 side step rail. a flip 11pircmm-·a·h1c glass sun roo( fog lights, skid plates to protect the vitals und-:mcath and a ro,_if rark for the excess l11gµage you muy he haulin!!. D1winic tJ1e Pa1hfi11cl.::r i'.'.-a rl.!,1! pieasure. \.Ve did a hit of off n 1i.ldin~ in the desert ,ind found the Pathfindl.!r to be a \·erv agile v~hid.::, able! to go most any-wli°cre we wanted to go and shifting the u·ansmission ,111d tl1e four wheel drive shifter made eve1y 1hing seem quite .::asy. Comfort was apparent ewl)·une in ilie back scats or tl1e front had nothilH! but good to say aboul the tide: the cr::aturc romfo11,; ,md the fedin2 of safetv i11 th..: Pathfinder. ~ \\' e toured the desert for a fow days and were impres:;ed by the h~u1dlirn2 :md th,: sure foOLed fi!cli.J12 ·we got fr~Hn th-! Ge1kral Grabl;ers. \\'.:: 11scd the em.cine ~ith a fairlv h-!.i\·,· foot and ""still \m,ke sevc>11tee11 111ile pc>r 11allun cverytimt: and I know tJiat goes up a bunch when you arc pla),jng off road. Ho"'· did w~ like the Pat11-finder. we loved it! It was ;;ure-footed both on a,1<l off the road, and was a lot of fun off the road. \Ve w~re \·e1-v careful not to scralch thc' paint on thi'- almost new vehicle but we certainly en-io\'ed t:verv mile we drove. - , TI1e Pr1thfinder is capable of tm\ing a 3500 po1md trailer so you could rcallv tow vour Class 10 to the races iI; stvle:and have a great chase ,·chicle' all in one. Tl)' the ;,.;i:,san Pathfinder, you will find it to be a marvelous vehicle. just wuiting for you to get behind the wheel. DustyTimcs

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RACING INC. PRESENTS 1993 GLEN HELEN Q={] £ [lJl@\YiYI~ ~00 Q={] £ l!JJ OOlf SCHEDULE 6:30 am Gates Open 9:00 am Parade Lap 10:00 am Racing Begins ENTRY FEE $100 all classes Starting Position Determined by Postmark CLASS DIVISIONS 1st Division Prize - $2500. 2nd division Prize - $2500. Depending On Pre-Entry OCTOBER 31, 1993 00 MAIL TO: GLEN HELEN OFF ROAD RACE PO BOX 6950 SAN BERNARDINO, CA 92412 RACERS NAME .......................................................... AGE .......... .. ADDRESS ................................................................................. . CITY .................................................... STATE ............. ZIP ......... . CLASS ENTERED ...................................... PHONE # ...................... . ........................................................... I release Glen Helen OHV Park (Glen Helen Speedway), Officers, Employees, Servants, Sponsors, Sanctioners and Co-Sanctloners, Its Parent Bodies, Agents, Employees, Servants, Sponsors, Sanctioners and Co-Sanctioners, From Any Claim, Or Right Of Action Of Any Kind Or Nature, Which Arises Out Of, Or Results From, My Participation In The Race And My Use Of Any And All Related Facilities For Practice Activities. I Also Agree To Indemnify And Hold Harmless Glen Helen OHV Park From All Such Action, As Well As Any Cost, Loss Or Expense, Including Attorneys Fees, In Any Way Related To Or Arising Out Of Those Claims Or Rights Of Action. RACERS SIGNATURE·----------• PARK ADMISSION $10.00 PER PERSON GLEN HELEN OHV LOCATION - 5 MILES NORTH OF SAN BERNARDINO - EXIT 215 FREEWAY AT THE PALM/KENDALL OFF RAMP-GO WEST-FOLLOW SIGNS FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL JOEL SMITH AT 909-880-3090

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., ROUND 3 AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP 1993 Bridgestone International, Kempsey, NSW Text & Photos: Darryl Smith ..... ,. . ~ this year looked worse as the dry conditions produced a dramatic dust problem. There were an unusual number t of damaged cars just after the track reconnaissance. Keith Owers had clipped a tree and split his gearbox, Geoff Beckett damaged a motor and Charlie Albins was run off the road by a 4x4 and had to replace the front end. The prologue was as usual very hotly contested with the dust in mind. Leading the pack was Goodyear's Brett Osborne way in front of the next car, the single Doug McMillan helped Firestone make a grand debut in the off road series. He drove the single seat Raceco Porsche to second in the prologue, took the race lead half way around the first loop, and went on to not only ~,in the single seat Class 9, but first overall as well. seater US import of Doug McMillan, who was part of the debut run for Firestone involve-ment. Les Brown was next driving for Bridgestone in Class 1. Wells, Burrows and Owen followed then the first Class 2, that of Terry This was the 13th year the hills of the Macleay Valley west of Kempsey held what is the toughest off road race on the calendar, the Bridgestone Inter-national. Being round 3 of the . championship the event attracted 131 entries with all classes boasting large fields. The finishing ratio last year was a mere 31 % and Rose. Leading Class 3 was Jason Graham, while Warren Irons led Class 4, Peter Briggs _ Class 5, Michael Eggert Class 6 and Les Siviour Class 7 complete with TV celebrity navigator, Glen Ridge. It was tight in Class 8 with Peter Hadlow edging out Fabio Zarfati both being in Mitsubishis. The King of Kempsey short course Shootout followed and saw Rose win the 1600 race and Wells win the Open heat. The combined Final saw Wells win over Brown, Rose, McMillan and Ziems. The similar event for the Tin Tops saw Hadlow win the 4x4 heat and Irons pip Taylor at the post for the 2WD heat. The Final was a battle between the 4x4's of Zarfati and Hadlow, with the Pajero of Zarfati (now owned by navigator, Geoff Pickering) taking out the event over Hadlow, Irons and Brosnan, who brought his Jeep down from T ownsville some 28 hours away. Race day starts very early and the pits were buzzing long before the sun even got up for the 7 :00 a.m. start. Everyone thought the dust was going to be the major problem, but the first obstacle was the thick fog limiting visibility and causing chaos for those without a windscreen. The first group left and of the four McMillan was last to leave the arena but was first of the pack when they returned around the Terry and Maureen Rose are having a good year ,n the two seat 1600 Hunter Rivmasta, running third after three laps of nine, had minor woes. but came in winning Class 2 and were second overall, with Mazda power. Daren Wells, foreground, won the open wheel King of Kempsey shootout in his Rivmasta. and here followed by Brett Osbourne who was fourth. Wefls went on to win Unlimited two seat class and place third overall. Class 3 is 1200cc cars, but they sure are fast. Kevin and Barry Lee and Scott McNeil took this Hornet not only to the 21 car class victory, but they finished a sparkling seventh overall. ·# .,,,.;..,;,a:..@,~-~-~ Jamie and Russell Robinson had a great run in the Class 1 Rivmasta as they finished second, fourth OJA and only 50 seconds out of the winning time. half way point. Owers left the race with the car not quite safe after the all night rebuild, Barry Johnson also pitted but for a short time while Mark Burrows pulled in as he had already got a flat tire. Reigning single seater champion Trevor Growden was out early with tie rod damage, while David Mendham took off a rear wheel on a tree. Another who worked all night, Peter Prendergast was losing brakes but then a gearbox failure stopped him. Three of the top Class 3s also went out early; Beckett a big rollover, Hartnett a motor, and Williams a turbo shaft, while his Jag-Art teammate Houston parked his Challenger after a list of problems. First out of the 4x4 battle was Brad Zacka who hit an upside down buggy at full speed causing sufficient damage to the Rodeo. Not long after an extremely disturbing incident involved Johnson's Class 1 as it slid off the track and caught fire. No fire extinguisher could control the incident and the car promptly burnt to the ground, with nothing left. It was a shame for the popular driver and disturbing for every-one who drove past, especially Rose whose son was in the car. Up front though it was McMillan setting the pace over Brown, Osbourne, Owen, Rose and Trees in an immaculate Class 9. Bentley broke an axle and set about replacing it at the half way point only to break another soon after. Then Glenn Owen fell out of the lead group with wheel damage, while two more Class 9s went out; Rod Brand clouted a famous square log on the finish line tearing off the rear wheel and Bob Strawbridge ran over something solid buckling and jamming two rims. Missing from the Class 8 4x4 field was Knott with a fuel pump failure in the Navara and the Jeep of Brosnan. Zarfati was stopping often for water and soon handed over to Pickering. After 2 laps the order was McMillan, Brown, Rose, Osbourne, Bennett, Boyes, Trees, Robinson, Wells, and Morrison rounding out the Ten. Burrows was to then pull out the fastest lap of the day trying to catch up, likewise Svenson with almost an identical time caught up but then had alternator problems. Osbourne had rear shock damage slowing him, and similar prob-lems hit Trees, while Buchanan lost front shocks. Bennett then clipped a stump damaging a rear arm while Irons' Baja lost a cliff. After three out of the nine laps it was now Les Brown who was seeking a hat trick of wins leading McMillan then Rose, Boyes, Wells, Robinson, Morrison, Osbourne, Albins and Crisp. Kevin Lee was leading Class 3 with his Firestone car, Nev Taylor the Bajas, Graham Smith had his Mark Burrows and Ross Wafler ran with the leaders in their Class 1 Trekka and they were third in class, fifth overafl and only four minutes out of a win. Andy and Alex Ziems had a delay due to a rollover and a broken link pin, but they fought back, and while behind on time they were second in 1600 class. It couldn't have been much closer as Mark and Daryl Warren took second in Class 3 1200cc in the Southern Cross, only six seconds behind the winner. ~c50 October 1993 Dusty Times

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Nev Taylor and Bob Oxley are devoted Baja Bug racers, had a few problems en route including a flat tire close to the finisH, but they were a strong second. Despite having his seat break down en route, Grahame Baxter and Nigel Burley got around in the Nissan Patrol for second in Class 8, 22nd 0 /A. Mark Bush drives his single seat Hunter Rivmasta in Class 9, and took second after recurring troubles with steering column breakage, and he was 18th OJA. Galant leading Class 5, Trotter the Challenger Class, and Siviour led Manns in Class 7. Class 8 was 1(4, tight with three cars within the % same minute; Hadlow over Baxter and Smith. Bush and Trees followed McMillan in Class 9. Brown led, then vanished as he had a rear shock break, while the Robinson's lost an all-important 2nd gear. Rose pitted and welded up a throttle bracket and inlet chamber while the Ziems boys had a wild triple rollover but continued. Basham lost time with a broken CV while the Baja . of Schmidt broke an output shaft. The tiny but quick Suzuki 4x4 of Chapman finally gave up with cliff failure while Pickering changed a clutch in the Pajero only to lose a wheel later on.Trees gave up with no shocks on the Class 9 while fellow class competitor Howard Ford retired with a bent rear torsion tube. The race to the finish was on with crews now into their short laps. The order was now McMillan, Robinson, Rose, Wells, Morrison, Crisp, Albins, Burrows, Osbourne and the 4x4 battle with Hadlow next just 10 seconds clear of Siviour in 11th place. Baxter's VB Patrol fell back with fuel problems, while soon after the car of Boyes was out of contention for good with the fan through the radiator. During the 6th lap Hadlow went out after a hole appeared in an oil cooler leaving Smith's Rodeo in charge of Class 8 . Promising Class 3 · driver Robert Moore suffered a back inju~y and pulled out after earlier changing steering after a shunt from behind. Leading that class was still Lee but the Warren's were closing in despite clutch problems. Mark Bush from Class 9 had a steering shaft break while Class 8 closed up when Smith pitted for rear hub repairs, but then Baxter pitted also for front bearing attention. Out of Class 9 then went Jim Adness with front shock damage. The lead group then changed with Morrison suffering a broken crown wheel and pinion and Albins having computer failure. ' The order up front was now McMillan, Rose, Wells, Robin-son, Burrows, Crisp, Osbourne, Siviour, Lee, and Boaden making the Ten. As usual there were problems right up to the end. The Robinsons lost 4th gear as well then a rear shock. Then the Crisp's blew a cliff, then Whisker who was doing well in Class 3 had a rear arm break, while Taylor's Baja had a flat tire. Langham's fine run into third in Class 7 was hampered with a broken steering arm on the Ford. The Class 8 Landcruiser of Ryan had a rollover but continued. There was no such bad luck at the very front though as McMillan's fine year DustyTimcs -~ ·~ .-· The Baja Beetles had a rough time at Kempsey, but Steve MacDougall and Mark Wilson got their Fa/ken Tires entry around in good time to win the class and finish 19th overall, as only two Bajas finished. Les Siviour won Class 7 in the prologue and with Peter lseppi and Glen Ridge riding in the Nissan Patrol, Les did it again, won Class 7 with no apparent strain, and finished a wild tenth overall. continued after a 4th and a 2nd Latter was next and not that far this year, he now had a win in the behind either. The trio filled 7th Raceco Porsche powered buggy. to 9th overall. Glenn Hancey and There was also cause for celebra-Ted Potter took minor placings. tion in the Firestone camp with a In the Baja racing it was the maiden victory to their credit. Falken Tyres entry of Steve McMillin had also recorded the McDougall taking the win over fastest short lap on his way to Nev Taylor obviously minus a victory, in what was only the muffler system. Graham Smith second by a single seater. He was a certainly had the little Mitsubishi long 12½ minutes clear of his long sedan cranked up as he not only time traveling companions Terry took out the 2WD Class 5 but and Maureen Rose winning Class placed a high 13th overall. Peter 2 in the Goodyear car with Mazda Briggs was next in class in the 1600 power. Then there was only Holden pickup, while Colin a 10 second gap to Yokohama's Small's Ford utility only complet-Daren Wells winning Class 1 with ed 7 out of the required 9 laps. a turbo Nissan motor. Class ones Likewise Peter Trotter finished followed with the struggling highest of the Challenger buggies Robinson brothers in the Kumho but only fitted in 7 laps in the Tyres car then the Bridgestone allowed time. Les Siviour struck entry of Burrows and the troubleinthelastlapswithaloose Goodyear car of the Osbournes. radiator but he still took out the The tire teams certainly pick the class in his Nissan and was 10th winners, in fact in the top ten only overall too. Behind him came the one was not in a tire team. Behind Isuzu Jackaroo with a trouble free Rose in Class 2 came the Ziems run for Mark Manns, then brothers complete with a broken Langham 's Ford Courier. The linkpinfromtheirrollover.Then two Mitsubishi utilities of came Derrick Kennedy followed Whitbread and Graham took by Phillip Evans. Everyone knew minor places with both on 8 laps. Class 3 was very close and in the The attrition rate in Class 8 4x4 end it was Kevin Lee winning over was high but coming out on top Mark Warren by a mere 6 was the Isuzu Rodeo pickup of seconds. Then Lee ran out of fuel Ken and Laureen Smith taking a driving the 50 yards from the fine 14th overall too. Grahame finish line to the pits! Stewart Baxter was hampered by a October 1993 Class 5 is a mix of 2WD sedans and pickups: this was a tough run for them with only 2 of 15 finishing. Winning top spot was Graham Smith, Cathy Marzol and Peter Avery, the Mitsubishi Ga/ant also taking 13th 0 /A. ;>. ., Ken and Laureen Smith were also repeat winners, in Class 8, and the Holden Rodeo ducked the high attrition rate, kept it together and not only won the class, they also finished 14th overall. collapsed seat but fought on to take 2nd with his Hankook tires Nissan. Third was the early model Nissan of Kirkman, while the Landcruisers of Waters (8 laps) and Ryan (7 laps) followed. Suffering two steering column breakages didn't stop Mark Bush from bringing his Hunter home second in Class 9 behind McMillan. Then back on 6 laps was Jim Adness. It was true that this year's 21 % finishing ratio was worse than last year and indeed secured the Bridgestone Inter-national as the toughest event on the calendar. The next event which promises not to be as gruelling but a challenge just the same is the Yokohama, Blue Lake City 400 at Mount Gambier, South Australia on 11-12 September. Finally let me thank ,. Isuzu-General Motors for their kind generosity again in supplying a Jackaroo 4x4 for the race weekend. Results on Page 59 ,CACTUS-RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES • Built & Backed by Bell Helmets • Light Weight • Lexan Sheild • Snell 90 • Helmet Conversions • Complete Blower Systems for Single or Double Seat Cars • Complete Line of Worth & Pyrotect Safety Products • Cool Boxes • Blowers • 4' -any Length Hose • Free Service & Parts • We Ship UPS $215.00 HELMET ONLY 5153 Bowden Ave.• San Diego• CA• 92117 • (619) 279-2509 Page 51 •

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i~RACINGI ~ ~ GASOLINE ~ LEADED 108 OCTANE I ~ &&Official Gas of NASCARn I ~ CALL FOR YOUR NEAREST DISTRIBUTOR 1-aoo-669-4so4 I DISTRIBUTORSHIPS AVAILABLE COSBY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 MOTORS PORTS DESIGNS .JOHN HOST Ph. (714) 498-7443 1411 Calle Mlrador Truck (714) 349-1168 San Clemente. CA 92672 JOHN VERHAGEN'S IDJTI ........... ES PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS 10623 BLACKFOOT ROAD 619-240-3930 APPLE VALLEY ,CA 92308 RICH FERSCH [?OWNEY 8734 Cleta St. "C" Downey, Calif. 90241 (310) 862-1671 M-F 10-6 SAT9-4 ~ate ~rutit OFF ROAD FABRICATION & DESIGN RACE PREP • FOX SHOCK REBUILDING V.W. REPLACEMENT PARTS & ACCESSORIES LESLIE'S DRIVELINE SERVICE SPICER-INCORPORATED SPICER-<$-(714) 877-6491 o PARTS AND SERVICE ON AUTO, TRUCK, INDUSTRIAL, CN ANO FRONT WHEEL DRIVE UNITS MANUFACTURING BALANCING CUSTOMIZING FAX (714) 877-6203 California Watts 1-800-427-4238 1750 S. Lilac Ave. Continental U.S. Watts HI00-525-0395 Bloomington, CA 92316 24 Hr. Emergency Call Out Svc. (714) 876-3107 P.0 , Ro,,, t090, Colton, CA 92324 Wholesale/ Retail Pickup & Delivery U.P.S. EDDCO Aluminum Wheel Straightening Specialist Aluminum Wheel Straightening Metal Polishing Street, Offroad Circle Track 9435 Wheatlands Ct. Suite J Santee CA 92071 Shop - (619) 258-2575 Pager - 973-0998 Bob Cassetta Don Rountree 909-826-0583 909-2703 408 S. Arrowhead Ave. SAN BERNARDINO, CA 92408 E-zur INSTANT ~ • ~ SHELTERS ~~ ~"Gtllt.\ '> FREE-ST ANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHi::L TEAS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS AUTHORIZED DEALER CASTEX RENTALS 213-462-1468 * Mandrel Tube Bendina * Welding * Flame Cutting * Custom Fabrication FABCOM. 4-SEAT BUGGY FRAMES * Large enough for 4 adults * Will accept tube frame seats (Beards, etc.) * Stock VW Type I IRS components (619)-561-2292 FAX (619)-561-6162 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is :i great traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTAO DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St. Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-882-0004 :.AMotorsport PRE-RUNNER SPECIALIST • BUMPERS • CAGES • SHOCK MOUNTS SEAT MOUNTS • LIFT KITS • LOWERING KITS • DWILLYS AIR MG SUSPENSION • SHOW CARS & DISPLAYS • A1Y FAB WORK EXf'ERT lflSTALLATION & FABRICATION AVAILABLE 4010 N. PALM SfREET. UNIT 103 FULLERTON. CA. 92635 \LLE SAFET DRIVING SUITS SEAT BELTS NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS (714) 870-9422 FN<. (714) 870-9132 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 ~-RACING ffAt Fl/El.:• FUELS & LUBRICANTS CO. BAUCE CONRAD 1537 E. Del Amo Blvd carson, CA 90746 Phone: (310)603-2200 FAX: (310) 603-2257 RE-l~ABLE V.W. PAim 11623 SHELDON ST. SUN VALLEY, CA 913!52 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, California 91935 DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS 768-45!5!5 (619) 669-4727 Doug Fortin ~.,,,,c::,...,.c::::: 11""---J C3 SHOX #1 Racing Shock Absorber in the U.S.A.: FOX RACING SHOX , Oll•Road Cars and Trucks (a dIv1sIon of Fox Factory. Inc ) , Motorcycle & Automotive Roadracing 3641 Charter Park Drive , SnowmobItes San Jose, California 95136 (USA) • Mountain Bikes Fox Fane ..... (408) 269-9200 • Special Appllcat,ons Fox Fax .. , .. (408) 269·9217 A RACING SUSPENSION DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NOW YOU CAN GET THE RACING GEARS THE WINNERS ARE USING FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (313) 294-5858 Fax: (313) 293-0736 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE. Fuel Safe's Racing Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the highest performance and safety standards set by all major racing associations. Call or write for e your FREE copy oflhe UEL SA. f 1992 Fuel Sale Catalog !/JMi#8Cdls Farr-local Fuel Sale Dealer call 1-i800) 433-6524 I Aircraft Rubber Mfg., Inc. 5271 Business Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 1992 CHAMPIONS FRT BUDWEISER/BUD LIGHT SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES SPONSORED BY: RACE READY PRODUCTS, CYCLE PARTS WEST CLAIREMONT EQUIPMENT RENTALS, SEPULVEDA BUILDING MATERIALS "PRO" AJYS AND NQJORCVCLES "SPORTSMAN" STEVE MAMER DEWEY BELEW CRAIG SMITH JASON CORFMAN PHIL MEANS JOHN BILKEY MIKE HARPER ATV OPENM/C 250 MIC 125 MIC • VETMIC SENIOR MIC SUPER SENIOR MIC VINTAGE MIC Cl.ASS 3 MIC DESERT supERUJES DAVID NEWLAND RON WILSON JAMES HENDERSON VON MEDEARIS BILL MCNEER SMOKING JOE STIDMAN DICK BIRD TRACY RA VBON DAN JARRELL STEVE FENTON OPEN(HIGH POINTS) RUSS TURNER 360 JOHN SHULTZ CL.ASS 77 ART GIBBS PILOT BUGGIES CARS AND TRUCKS MIKE PFANKUCH CLASS 9 TODD TEUSCHER(HIGH POINTS) CLASS 1-1600 JIM ABATTI CL.ASS 2-1600 CRAZY LARRY MCCALLUM UNLIMITED Cl.ASS JOEL WHITTED Cl.ASS 10 VANCE ALLEN CL.ASS 5 KEVIN THOMPSON Cl.ASS 100 ED OROZCO CLASS 5-1600 BENNY ABATTI JR CL.ASS 8 ROY GARCIA Cl.ASS 7 RORY CHENOWTH MINI MAG Cl.ASS 61M27-5759-250 KENNEDY UNIT 6-CHULA VISTA CA 91911 FAX 11M27-67&9

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· SC,S RRC I N6 "Public Relations services for the independent racer" ♦ bias ♦ press releases ♦ press kits ♦ 40485 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd.# D-2223 Murrieta CA 92563 tel 909-677-0553 fax 909-677-3323 ~~o (213)583-2404 SANDERS SERVICE, INC. METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PARTICAL FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith Larry Smith Straight • __ ,ne nl ALUMINUM WHEEL STRAIGHTENING 31420 96TH STREET EAST LITTLEROCK, CA 93543 805'944-2719 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS BODY PANELS & HOODS BILL STROPPE MOTORSPORTS, INC. 2330 Cherry Industrial Circle long Beach, California 90805 (213) 634-2730 Jaime Martinez SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabrication * Flame Cutting * Front Ends * Custom Chassis* Race Prep * Custom LI-Weight Trailers Mtg'r of Blue Flame Products (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 Suspension Components SAW Performance, Inc. 20755 MARILLA ST. • CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-700-9712 FAX 8 18-700-0947 Trackside --Photo, Inc. Jim Ober Commercial Photography 310-670-6897 P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 /?ACE ll(ANS BY JEFF f/ELJJ'S TRANSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 818-998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 91311 We Race What We Sell TRANSMISSIONS WEST -~, ~·, / ;0• Kevin Plrtle 800/435-0416 310/782-2413 22545 S Normandle Ave., Torrance, CA 90501 THE ONLY REASON FOR NOT ADVERTISING IN DUSTY TIMES IS BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE BUSINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE Lyn Mocaby TURBO BLUE RaclngOasoDna Mike Mocaby Gordon Culp (UMP] 619/449-9690 -UNIQUE MET AL PRODUCTS 10223 PROSPECT AVENUE SANTEE CA 92071 CUSTOM SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CLEANER SYSTEMS FULL LINE OF POWER STEERING FOR AU TYPES OF RACING & RECREATIONAL VEHICLES PRODUCTION SHOP (TABS, BRACKETS, BODIES, ETC.) MOVING? Don't miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old and New Address to 20751 Marilla St. Chatsworth, CA 91311A408 Allow six weeks for processing. 7N/7S'l<'.C.RAP~ ~OB* V MC; MAIN!eMWC.f• ~f/YAC11-JJ!IFR1Ht;.1c ·..c=_~~~rt MY&v.19''1or Rckllp HIGH-PERFORMANCE SHOT-PEEN/NB Tired of premature breakage of drive axles, torsion bars, spindles and other critical suspension, transaxle and engine parts? Shot-peening could be the solution. But we don1 perform your ordinary, garden-variety shot-peening-we provide aerospace-certified shot peening in accordance with MIL-SPEC #131658 ensuring the highest in quality. That means added assurance when you need it most. While each situation is different, we've seen torsion bars last 5 seasons or more. Duty cycles are commonly increased 7-10 times. • Call, fax or write today for more information regarding our advanced shot-* peening services. We UPS daily for quick turnaround. fl//111/11/~ 780 Second Ave. • Redwood City, CA 94063 Jfhf ,U/11) Ph. (415)367-8098•Fax(415)367-8105 IUUITRIES ;11 Performance Camshafts Automotive • A TV • Motorcycle 1815 Massachusetts Ave Riverside, CA 92507 909/369-5144 Fax 909/369-7266 • From Paris to .k Complete Engines I 5~-,tu1.,t.,1w PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING CONSULTANTS 5DWIN C . JACOBS PRESIDENT 900 STATE MILL ROAD AKRON, OHIO 44319 (216) 644-7774 Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix. N. 85017 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077

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• ••••• f"!€~i❖ ■ ■7111---■ ■ The Straight Poop From The Big Wahzoo GOLD COAST 300 -On this relatively cool and breezy Vegas morning, four Club entries gave all five Checker pits a thrill with the real possibility of four class winners, going into the last lap. It didn't quite work out that way, but to say the tension in the pits was high would be an under-statement. Rosenstein started it all off by being the first vehicle to get the checkered flag at this race. His one lap sprint to victory was Pete's second class win in a row, as he continued to be SCORE's going away Class 11 points leader. The Cooks followed his lead, by breaking out of their recent roll-over streak with a big 16 minute win in their Class 5-1600 Valvoline Bug. This further padded their Class 5-1600 points lead. Congratulations to Peter, Alan, Daryl and Wayne, winners all! Kevin Davis put his buggy on it's lid on the first lap, but came back with a charge that saw him close up on the leader on the last lap for a fine second place finish in the competitive 1-2-1600 Class. This moved Kevin within just a few points of his class leader, with only one race to go in the '93 SCORE series. But, the Club's only non-finisher put on the most impres-sive run of them all. Seeley, obviously tired of that third place shit, finally put the hammer down in a thrilling, yet truly heart breaking run. George not only turned in the two fastest laps in Class 5, but had a comfortable 11 minute lead when he charged off on his last lap. And then, the engine case cracked and spit out the oil pressure sending unit, forcing him out of the race-.. .Damn! Nevertheless, a cool time was definitely had b y all, with the possible exception of Reverend Roy, who had one of his two trailer tires pass him on the freeway. Once again, Max Norris deserves an Atta Boy at this race for his ability to always get 'just · one more room' for any Checker in need at the always 'sold out' Gold Coast Hotel. A second Atta Boy has to go out to fellow Checker Mike Gaughan and his loyal band of secretaries for their cooperation! Please thank all them lil' darlings for us Mike. CHECKER YEAR BOOK -Speaking of Uncle Max, anyone wishing to put an ad or spec-tacular photo into our up coming Checkers' Year Book, which is celebrating our 20th year of off road racing excellence, should contact Max ASAP. A SERIOUS COMPLAINT -No no, this one's not about the Wahzoo, although I just can't help but stick my nose into this one anyway! It seems that a Mrs. Karlinda Flores claims to have had what amounts to a near death experience down at the recent Baja 500 race, something she blames entirely on one of our Checker pits! In a detailed two page letter, that I received through Thomp-son, Mrs. Flores writes in all seriousness about her and her husband Raul's ordeal, using statements such as: "We literally Dustvnmes begged him for help", "He didn't care about our lives as human beings". And, "Raul and I nearly lost our lives that night!" Now is this serious shit, or what? An intense and immediate Wahzoo investigation quickly discovered that the ogre she was talking about was none other than our own BigJohn Files, along with his two callous cohorts, Gary Bates and Ray Bennet. Now of course, these three highly respected Checkers put a little different spin on the incident than Karlinda did. So, after a careful Wahzoo analysis of all the facts regarding these felonious charges, here's the straight poop: Running way late in a wounded mini race truck, the Flores pulled into Files' pit ·after they realized that their pit support was a no show. After receiving some good advice, which they refused to take, they left. A little later, now in the rain, with ntght falling, and just as our boys were pulling out, the Flores caugh them on the road and asked for some mech-anical help. Well naturally, good ol' Files says OK and back out into the rain our heroes go. After digging out all their stuff to get to the welder, John proceeds to do a major welding job on their suspension, melting his fancy Checker Pit Captain's jacket in the process. While this was going on, a hastily placed generator vibrated down against John's big ice chest and melts the hell out of that too. After the truck was repaired, the Flores were told to drive on ahead on the access road out, with our boys assuring them that they would be coming along behind them if they had any more trouble. . But no, these folks had apparently permanently adopted these helpful Checkers, as the Flores seemed to appear around every corner asking for something else, even though their truck was driveable. Their main complaint was that they were wet, cold and uncomfortable. This honeymoon came to an end when Raul suggested that Bates give him his jacket. Apparently that was the final straw for Gary, who called them a couple of whiners, and insisted they oughta look into bowling. And, at the next opportunity, our boys passed these two ungrateful moochers off to a couple of other unsuspec-ting chase vehicles, and continued on. · Now, a comment if you please: This Wahzoo is amazed at the audacity of these non-Checkers. Here is a husband and wife team who pt1lls into a Checker pit that owes them absolutely nothing. They argue with them, but still use them, and finally abuse them. And then, the passenger takes the time to write us a letter, not of thanks, but actually accusing our guys of trying to kill 'em! Hey Karlinda, if ya happen to be readin' this, the Wahzoo suggests you strictly limit your off road racing' activity to Ivan's video 1 game down at the local arcade. Unless of course, it looks like rain, then I suggest you keep that ass of yours on the couch! But, the real zero here has to be Karlinda 's ·husband, Raul. No self respecting male with any sense, would ever let his wife write such a stupid letter, as evidenced by it's effect: Not unexpectently, upon receiv-ing his copy, Bates reportedly wound the letter up into a nice tight little roll and vowed to properly insert it in ol' Raul the next time their paths cross. Now contrary to this incident, generally any unplanned visit to a Checker pit by a non-Checker racer is a pleasant experience. If they're nice folks and do not present a problem with respect to any of our Checker cars, most Checker pits will gladly give a non-Checker a hand ... and then again some won't! NEW MEMBER -The Wah-zoo would like to welcome Craig Dillon into our Checker Brother-hood. Despite a prevalent feeling that 'one Dillon was way too many', Gene's kid sailed right through the Checkers infamous secret black ball/white ball vote with no problem. Being now, a full and equal Checker member, the Club will expect him to get involved and out shine that old man ,,f his. Welcome aboard Craig! THE CHECKER W JTHER-HOOD -For all you non-Checker eavesdroppers, here's what makes the Checkers different from you and your organization: Neither money nor fame will buy you a membership, every man is a volunteer that EARNS his spot on our roster; Every Checker, be he primarily a racer or pitter, has an equal say in all Club business; The Checkers are a unique family of individuals who will regularly argue and yell at each other, but will immediately join ranks whenever threatened by an outsider; As a male only fraternal-like organization which meets every Wednesday night, we honestly feel that we're better than you are ... and have the record to prove it! Now the ol' Wahzoo's not braggin' nor complaining here, just reportin' the facts! In over 30 years of desert racin', from the original and continuing Checkers MC, and now on through 20 years of Checkers Off Road, the Checkers have always been a significant force to be dealt with. Indeed, if there is a God in off road racing', ya can bet your sweet ass he's a Checker! Our organization is made up of just a few good men, but we're always looking for a few new members to· replace some of our ol' farts who either die or become inactive. So, if you're an individual who wants to be a part of the best organization in off road racing, and is also interested in possibly having the 'God of Desert Racing' on your side, then the Wah zoo suggests you con-sider becoming a 'Checker'. At 8 P.M. every Wednesd:ty night we meet in the Van Nuys Dugout, at 14032 Oxnard Street in Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley, 818-780-9458. You're invited to come on down and get acquaint-ed. But a word of warning: The Checkers are a group of irreverent and blunt talking funsters, who universally worship the 'Golden Naked Idol of Off Road Ex-cellence' (some swear her name is Trixie and she still works in Lathrop Wells, but that's another story). My point here being, I suggest ya leave the wife and kids at home. Note: this men only rule is in effect only at our weekly meetings, since everybody knows that the Checkers always sport some of the finest wives, pit tooties and unmarried daughters to ever strut their stuff across our deserts! AND FINALLY, remember if ya ever want to get in touch with October 1993 the Big Wahzoo, I'm only a phone call away. Contact me through George Thompson, 602-776-8528. Be it an atta boy, an ass ·chewin', or just some juicy or embarrassing story about one of our own, this Wahzoo is all ears. This offer also applies to any non-Checker that has something really important to say. But please, first honestly ask yourself the follow-ing question before ya make that call or write that letter: "Could either Dum/Jshit or Whln<.!r possibly be used to describe me here?" .. . and then act accordingly! FAIR NEWS B:v Dm•c Massin~lwm Fair has been born again! We are back at the Holiday Inn with a new deal; less money and no beer to sell; all drinks are from the bar. The August 4th meeting was the first one back at the Holiday Inn with new officers in charge. They are President, Bob "Weather-man" Steinberger, Vice Presid-ent, Mike "RCR" Butrick, Treasurer, Barbara Butrick, Secretary, Lita Whitehead, Race Director, Dave Massingham, Sgt. at Arms, Bruce Streeper. Wel-come to the new board and thanks to the old board for a fine job. Pete Dutton, Pres., Charlie Nieto, V.P.,JeffRandall, Treas., Mickey Dutton, Sec. Bob Steinberger opened the meeting with a bang. He had a prepared agenda, a list of "things to be done" and a wish list. He passed out a questionnaire on FAIR, asking what direction we want to go. Hope everyone fills it out and returns it to Bob. This is the only way he and FAIR will be successful. Bob has a lot of great ideas and wants to create committees to achieve them. He appointed 20 or 25 members to serve on them. I hope everyone will try their best to help. A new member voted in was Mike Rebolledo. Welcome Mike, I know Mike has been to several meetings and races. I think we just acquired another great FAIR member. The next meeting is August 18th. Sal Fish was scheduled but was unable to attend. We are very happy to have Bob Bowers ofBFG as our guest speaker for this meeting. Bob is planning to have a guest speaker at the second meeting of each month. We started out having 7 or 8 cars signed up for the Gold Coast 300 race and ended up with only four FAIR cars and two Chapala Duster cars at the race. RCR finished fifth in Class 1 and sixth overall. Tom Baker drove the first half, had a flat at mile 36 and spent the rest of his loop catching up. Bob Richey, owner of RCR Plumbing in Riverside, drove his car to the finish. He had front suspension problems, plowing dirt all the way. Maybe with his new automatic transmission and his 3.2 plus liter Porsche motor, the car is going so fast it might be time to revise the front suspen-sion. The Temple Construction car "Old Yeller" was a dnf. Seems Jim had front end problems at mile 59 and dropped out. I also heard about his co-driver being injured while out of the car. Something about him running into the car and cutting his nose? Maybe Jim and Mark Temple will have better luck with their Laughlin venture in Hotels and Casinos. Good luck guys! Now Doug Fraizier can go to work on the company equipment. Brian Parkhouse teamed up with Rich Fersch of Race Haus in Downey. They drove the Fersch 1-2-160.0 in Class 10, Rich bought Brian's old single seat and made it into a Class 10 and they finished second in class. Rich took the first two loops and gave it to Brian only two minutes behind Wilson and Wilson in second place. They finished in the same position; says a lot about the prep job Rich Fersch does. Team Jefferies, Darnen 20 years old and brother Casey 15 years old, did the entire race without a change and had one minor distributor problem at Pit F. Thanks to the Duster crew they got it going. Darnen stopped every lap for fuel, a drink of water and a little TLC for a fine third in Class 9. Way to go guys, we knew you could do it. This is a real family affair with dad at pit F and brother Willie chasing. The Dusters had a winner as Danny Porter finished first in Class 1-2-1600. Way to go Danny. It looks like dear old dad's prep job still works. Just kidding. I know every Tuesday evening is race car prep night for both Danny and Gary. The Anderson's 1-2-1600 was the other Duster car, but I didn't get any detail on it. Hope Pat Henesy in her Duster column has more to offer. Our next race is the La Rana "Johnson Valley 200, August 28th. FAIR will field six or seven cars. More on the Gold Coast: Pete Dutton, son Ryan and Mike Bingham drove the FAIR van to Vegas with only one minor vapor lock poblem, going up the Baker Grade. Thanks to all the racers who passed them up without sto pping!!!! Bill Varnes from Mirage was the only one who stopped to lend a hand. Thanks Uncle Bill, we know who we can count on. Pete got the problem fixed. We need to remember to shut off the fuel line to the Honda Generator. Pit Reports: Main - Pete had extra help, Bob Bezzant, Steve Romo, Garf and Harold Nicks of Parker Pumper. I don't know how much work was done, but I am sure Garf kept Pete awake with a few jokes. Pete, Mike and Ryan were the main dudes. At Pit A RCR I am told had a great pit, thanks. In-the future I will get all pit workers names. Pit C was staffed by Dusters President EviJn Harbottle and Pat Hennesy wno enjoyed the day without lifting a wrench. Sorry, I didn't tell Evan that RCR marked the pits. At Pit D Steve Myers and Paul went to Vegas just to pit! Even after Steve just got married a few weeks ago. Ata Boy Steve, that's true FAIR dedication. Pit E was manned by Harry Dunne and son from Vegas, pitting for Parkhouse and Rich Fersch. I understand Harry needs a bigger truck or trailer to haul tires and equipment to a pit. Pit F saw Harold Curry and Joel Moore from the Dusters take the farthest pit. Team Jefferies were there to assist them from FAIR. Thanks to Wayne Morgan for having the FAIR van distributor rebuilt and to Charlie Lamar for installing it and timing it. The van runs great now!!! Interested in FAIR? We tneet the first and third Wednesday every month at the Holiday Inn on Harbor Blvd. and the 91 Fwy in Fullerton. Page 57

Page 58

Classified ••• FOR SALE: Class 5 chassis, 105 inch, all 4130, TIG welded, 12 wide beam, 5x5 rear arms, adjuster, Bus trans mounts, disL brakes, 930 stubs, SAW axles, body & title $2,500.00. Also, Bus trans 4 .86 Hewland gears $950.00. Call Doug (602) 437-3107. SALE: Bran new 2-1 0 race car, professionally built, never raced. Best components used throughout. Complete list available upon request. With proposed restrictor plate changes for '94, this car could be hard to beat. Ready to test drive today. Spares included.Trailer available. Serious inquiries only please. $25,000.00. Call Jim at Mirage Racing Products (805)940-5515. R SALE: Class 10 Hi Jumper. only 250 miles on .::omplt-r, rebuild. Wright, UMP, pc.m•,I, r coat, srare engine & trans, 93 ·, 400M bars, Fox shocks, Master-craft, 118" wb, lots of soares. turnkey, race ready. $5,500.00 obo (510) 783-2342 days. WILL DELIVER! FOR SALE: Air cooled 10 car. very light & basic. Chromoly frame, .4 disc Summers, Super Boot cage, 300m bars, Fox shocks, new cell, Hewland bus. 1470 lb. This car can win. Only $6,900.00. Call Bob Scott (619) 949-1049 or (818) 442-1090. . FOR SALE: 1973 Baja, great pre-run or daily driver. Full tube frame, 1915cc motor, ported heads, Scat Weber, Pat Hughes trans, Centerlines, 6 wide beam, Beards, too much to list. Call Doug for more info. $5,000.00 obo. Call (602) 437-3107. FOR SALE: Jeep Scrambler, SODA Class 3, fresh 401 motor, 400 Turbo tranny, Quadra-Trac transfer case, Dana 44 in front, full floater 9" in rear, Rancho shocks, National springs. A turnkey car $10,000.00 or part out. Purchased new race vehicle. Call (618) 723-2019 in southern Illinois, ask for Gerald. FOR SALE: '86 Toyota Pickup, new 160hp motor built by LC Engineering. New 10" travel front end -ball joints, bearings, aluminum race hubs, 6 point rollcage, bucket seats, 4 point harness, boxed control arms, Detroit Locker, 4: 11 gears, 4 speed trans. $5,000.00 obo. Call JB at (714) 846-1565. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600 or possible Class 11. Basic chassis and body with some extras. 100" wb. Must sell! $1,800.00 oho. Call Bruce Brannstrom during the day at (708) 475-7059. '-i FOR SALE: Class 1 or 10 single seat ORC. Class 10 overall points chal1!.Pion. Fields 091 Hewland, Type 4 or NEW West "10" · motor, Curnutt, Charlynn, Lee, Fodrill, Wright, Carr, Ultra-BFG, current unlimited points leader. $13,500.00 obo. Also 2 Ford 2 wd and 1 Chevy 4wd stepside pre-run trucks, lk, 2k, and 3,000 obo or everything for $20,000.00. Call Jim Pierce at ( 310) 320-8341 . WANTTOGET AWAY FROM IT ALL? 87 I ,200 square feet of pine trees, approximately 6000 feet up; enjoy a four sea'son climate located in the Tehachapi mountains, behind locked gates. 20 acres of pure isolation. 2 pads ready for your mountain hide-a-way. Overlooks entire Antelope Valley. Easy in and out on graded road. Call Don at (805) 268-1644. FOR SALE: Chassis fixture, custom built to fabricate O.R.E. race buggy chassis. Could be used to build just about anything. $700.00 obo. Call Jim (818) 366-4943 eves. FOR SALE: Toyota Class IO motor, 16 valve 1607cc engine, Carrillo rods, VW trans adapter, clutch & pressure plate, S&S header system, motor is complete and fresh, excellent condition. $4,000.00 obo nr tra,k (or'?' t ·;di (619) 44,-.,_5392 or ((1Jl)) 44 I -l·N 3t,. FOR SALE: MTEG Sport Utility vehicle currently RX7. All new stuff. Fox, Bilstein, Mendeola trans, 13B rotary, Flame-Out. Mirage chassis with Chenowth 5 point rear suspension. Much more! Only 7 laps on car. Financial problems. MUST SELL $7,000.00. Call Bill at(619) 324-1259. FOR SALE: Jeep J-10 setup for pre-running. Disassembled $900.00 Call Brian at (310) 696-0646. FOR SALE: Class 5 chassis, ½ completed. lOH Mirage beam, 2¼ arms, Wright combo, rack.Jamar parts. 3x3 Woods arms, 3m bars, complete brakes, fiberglass front end. Have all receipts. $3000.00 obo. Call (310) 949-9494 work, (310) 929-2874- home. Ask for Brian. FOR SALE: 2 nCaptains ChairH seats from 1992 Ford van. Factory gray fabric. Have 4 bolt base with swivel and reclining back. $300.00 for the pair. Call Jack Corzine (619) 773-5550 (Palm Desert). Leave message and I'll call back. FOR SALE: Class 10 Bunderson, Curnutt, new motor & trans. This car has never been raced since ground-up rebuild! Disc brakes, Flame-Out, UMP, Mast-ercraft, spare parts, too many things to list. $15,000.00 or trade. Call (505) 271-9015. FOR SALE: 1989 Raceco Class 1, owned by Hamilton Materials. Top of the line everything including Porsche 3.5 liter310hp engine with titanium rods and crank and Hewland transmission (won 2 races). Also, Class 1 pre-runner with Type IV engine and Hewland transmission. Class (714) 637-2770. Ask for Mark Hamilton. FOR SALE: Woods Vulcan, 2180 Type I, coil-over front, 300M Sway-A-Way rear bars, 4 shocks each side rear, Type II trans, Hewland gears, too much to list. Call for more info. $15,000.00 wl trailer. Call Mike (702) 623-0510. FOR SALE: Mirage 1-1600, 118" wb desert chassis. 5 seasons old, chromoly, 20 gal fuel cell, rear trailing arms & chromoly front beam. All body panels and wiring harness. Top 5 finisher last 5 years. 2nd place, 3rd o/ a last year. Chassis is straight and ready for your parts. $1,500.00 Duganbuilt Chassis (209) 586-1967 nites. WANTED: Super 1600 for MTEG Series. Must be competi-tive car. Send full details including photos to: 2222 River Run Drive, Suite 138, Mission Valley, CA 92108. Also bids for Super 1600 prep and maintenance for '94 season from experinced shops. Send outline of services to same address. Full time crew inquiries welcomes from exper-ienced MTEG 1600 mechanics. Mail your resume. -r---~--------~-------------------------------~ Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I, DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $15 for 45 words each month, not including natn~, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of . black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If · you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. I I 11 I I I, I l I r I I I I 1· I 1 I I Enclosed is $ ____ _ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. I I Name----------------------------------Address ----------------------,,-----Phone _______ ~ J City ___________________ State ___ _ Zip ___ _ -Pagc58 October 1993 Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla Street Chatsworth, CA 91311-440~ I I I I .. FOR SALE: Race-Air system, 2 helmets ( 1 med, 1 large), big blower motor, hoses, helmet to helmet communication built in. Bought in Jan '93. $475.00 obo. Also, Uniden 350 race radio, bought in Jan '93, used 3 races. Excellent condition, with mag-netic roof mount antenna. $380.00 obo. Call (818) 914-9169. F R SALE: 1992 Suspensions Unlimited 1-1600. Car is a winner! Frame, body panels and skid pans -$1,500.00. Other parts p.egotiable. Call Gary (714) 974-7284. FOR SALE: Williams low buck . hydraulic tubing bender with 1" and 1 ½" shoes -$650.00. Don Hatz 1992 HORA champion 112-1600 engine, rebuilt with zero miles -$2,500.00. Wright stock length front trailing arms one race old $375.00. Sway-A-Way seven leaf front torsions one race old -$150.00. FoxShoxwith reservoirs -$100.00 each. McKenzie Air-Log, like new -$100 .00. Type III rear brake set up one race old -$300.00. Complete brand new German king-pin front brake drums -$50.00 each. CNC single handle steering brake -$25.00. Call Rich Fersch (310) 862-1671 days. FOR SALE: Class 112-1600 Chenowth. Immaculate shape, priced to sell at $8,000.00. Also 30' enclosed trailer, $7,000.00 oho. Call James at (714) 893-2755. FORSALE:5/1600,only4short. course races since new. Fox shocks, Wright steering, Beard seats, FAT, fresh bus, Sway-A-Way, Centerlines, will seat tall people, will separate, $6,500.00 . Also, 1 /1600 chassis or Class 10 bare, $1,000.00. Call Justin (712) 255--4459 evenings. FOR SALE: Class 7 Pre-Runner, 302 VS, C-6 trans, complete tube frame and full cage, Taylor seats, Autometer, Art Carr, Flame-Out, Parker Pumper, BFG's, 9H rear end, 35 spline axles, full spool, 4 wheel disc brakes, power steering, 10 14H front shocks, 3 two-way radios. $12,500.00 oho. Call Scott (619) 449-6800. FOR SALE OR TRADE: 5-1600 race car. Wrightarms&combo's. Fresh bus box w /Hewland, Bilsteins w I reservoirs, pumper, Flame-Out. New motor, spare parts & tires. $7,500.00 or trade for Class 9 car or??? Call (619) 244-0888. Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: Class 511600. Race Ready. 1992 SCORE legal, Wrigh t arms, rack & pinion, Super Seats, 22 gallon Fuel Safe, Bilstein, Centerlines, Pumper, bus tranny with close ratio gears. Fresh motor, heavy duty torsions, axles, c.v. 's, stub axles, brakes. Fresh paint, very clean. $6,000.00 obo. Call (619) 947-3812. FOR SALE/TRADE: Class 9 Challenger. '92 Chenowth 2 seat, new tires, Fox shocks, Wright steering, 14 gallon JAZ fuel cell, Beard seats, ABCO trans. Call (702) 437-0117. FOR SALE: '88 RACECO, '89 VORRA Unlimited champ. Class win '92 Bend 300. 2850cc FAT engine, Mendeola bus trans, Hewland gears, PCI, FOX, IPF, Parker, UMP PIS with ram assist, UMP filter system, Simpson, Summer Bros, Centerlines, BFGoodrich, 20' enclosed trailer, plus extras. $30,000.00. Call (916) 622-4610. WANTED: For 1994 and beyond; Trophy Truck Race Team. Fully qualified mechanics and fabri-cators to support our race effort. Full time positions in an all new 6000 square foot race facility. Full benefits to dedicated professionals. Mail resume to RCR Racing, 4126 Indus Way, Riverside, CA 92503. Written applications only, please! FOR SALE: Pontiac/Chevrolet "Iron Duke" 4 cylinder motor. Pontiac Motorsports cast block w/Super Duty aluminum,. head, 2500cc, complete w lflywheel. side draft carbs, header, pulleys, 220hp on dyno. Must sell now. $8,500.00 Motor is extremely fast, perfect for SODA 7S truck. Currently running in So. Cal. desert truck. Call (619) 464-2351. FOR SALE: '78 Chevy pre-runner. L88 427 big block, complete custom 92 fiberglass front end, three inch wider front A-Arms, Cone ball joints, fourteen inch custom built Rough Country reservoir shocks, Lee steering components, all ends heim joints, fully caged, street legal, new BFG's. $7,500.00 obo. Call (602) 780-4615. FOR SALE: Retiring after 1993. 1991 Wiggins-Berrien 1/2-1600. 3 SODA championships in 2 years! Fastest car in the country! Best of everything. ALSO, 1993 built Ford Ranger 7S, very competitiver, winner of several SODA races and second in the points series. Both come with spare parts. Jim Wiggins, Dixon, IL (815) 288-5655. FOR SALE: Porsche 3 .5 liter engine. 300 genuine horsepower, 290 pounds of torque. Carillo rods, Weber carbs, Web-Cam camshafts, Tri-Mil headers, dual sparkplugs per cylinder heads, 90 amp alternator, optional Tilton carbon dual plate clutch assy wlflywheel. Engine is 100% fresh. Built by Bobby Hart at California Motorsports. Call RCR Racing (909) 371-5000, ext 141. $15,000.00 less clutch. Option on Tilton clutch $2,500.00 obo. WANTED: Co-Driver needed for Stock Full size truck class. Building truck now! Also need pre-runner. Call Paul at (714) 546-5714. Bridgestone International July 24-25, 1993 # Pos Driver/Co-driver Vehicle Time aaaa I - Unlimited Two Seat - 30 start - 6 finish 103 1 Daren Wells/Peter Standerwick Rivmasta 7:16.32 128 2 Russell & Jamie Robinson Rivmasla 7:17.22 101 3 Mark Burrows/Ross Waller Trekka 7-.20.47 116 4 Brett & Mary Jane Osbourne/Stuart Lord Southern Cross 7:28.37 134 5 Michael & Les Boaden Hunter Rivmasla 7:55.29 aaaa Two. 1600 cc Two Seat -22 start - 4 finish 201 1 Terry & Maureen Rose Hunter Rivmasta 7:16.22 214 2 Andy & Alex Ziems Rivmasta 8:01 .42 244 3 Derrick Kennedy/Malcolm Dunnett Stealth Jnr 8:21 .36 217 4 Phillip Evans/David Cooper Rivmasta 8:56.14 Oaaa Ttvee • 1200cc Two Seat - 21 atart • 6 finish 358 1 Kevin Lee/Scott McNeil/Barry Lee Hornel 7:42:09 301 2 Mark & Daryl Warren Soulhern Cross 7:42.15 307 3 Stuart Latter/David Warboys Rivmasta 7:53.01 309 4 Glenn & Brett & Chantelle Hancey BRB buggy 8:34.38 332 5 Ted & David Potter Rivmasta 8:35.01 aaaa Four. Baja Bug. 6 start. 2 finiah 460 1 Stephen McDougalUMark Wilson Baja Bug 8:34.34 402 4 Nev Taylor/Bob Oxley Baja Bug 8:51.04 aaaa Five - 2WD Sedan & Pickup -15 start - 2 flniah 572 1 Graham Smith/Cathy MarzoVP. Avery Mitsubishi Galant 8:13.34 531 2 Peter Briggs/Bill Rosstter/S. Fuller Holden Pickup 8:39.04 Oaaa 6 - Challenger Buggy . 7 start - o finish Osaa Seven - Production 4x4 - 9 start• 3 finish 701 1 Les Siviour/Peter lseppVGlen Ridge Nissan Patrol 7:54.51 704 2 Mark Manns/Allen Cartledge/G.Bodinnar Isuzu Jackaroo 8:26.07 741 3 Chris Langham/Lindsay Henshaw Ford Courier 8:56.12 aaas Eight -Unlimited 4x4 . 11 start - 3 finish 801 1 Ken & Laureen Smtth Holden Rodeo 8:19.01 805 2 Grahame Baxter/Nigel Burley Nissan Patrol 8:38.31 812 3 George & Chris Kirkman Nissan Patrol 8:56.54 aaaa 9. Unlimited Single Seat -10 start - 2 finish • 913 1 Doug McMillan Raceco 7:03.46 902 2 Mark Bush Hunter Rivmasta 8:26.16 Starters 131 - Finishers 28 - Finish ratio 21% Race Distance 480 kilometers (300 miles) King of Kempsey Shootout - #103 -Daren Wells 4.25 minutes Tin Top Shootout - #806 - Fabio Zarfati 4.50 minutes Fastest Prologue - # 116 -Brett Osbourne 3.54 minutes Fastest race long lap - #101 Mark Burrows - 58.39 Fastest short lap -#913 Doug McMillan -35.08 & 1st 0/A (91aps) DustyTimes 0/A 3 4 5 6 11 2 12 15 27 7 8 9 20 21 19 24 13 23 10 17 26 14 22 28 18 FOR SALE: RCR Racing's Class 1-2 Raceco 2 seater. La Rana '91 class champion. Best of every-thing; Type IV engine, Hewland DG300 transmission, Wright, Mastercraft, Bilstein coil over reservoirs, 20" wheel travel, Fuel Safe, Saginaw steering, PCI race radio & intercom, Flame-Out system. Filler harnesses & nets, 930 c.v. 's, Summers floating hubs, Centerline wheels, Yoko-hama tires. Fully prepped & race ready, fresh tranny,· immaculate condition. Full supply of wheels, tires & parts, ready to go racing! $30,000.00 obo. Call RCR Racing (909) 371-5000, ext 141. FOR SALE: RCR Racing's Class 1 Raceco 2 seater. Numerous class wins, top 5 runner, very competitive car. Immaculate preparation for every race. Porsche 3.6 liter engine, 125" wheelbase, auto trans, big Wright, Filler harnesses & nets, Mastercraft seats, YOO instru-ments, Fodrill front arms, Flame-Out system, 21/4" front beam, Bilstein coil-over reservoir shocks, Centerline wheels, BFG tires, PCI race radio & intercom, CNC cylinders, JAMAR pedals, 934 Porsche c.v. 's, Summers full floating hubs, CNC front hubs & brakes, Saginaw steering with UMP ram assist, Paterson dry sump tank, PIAA lights, 4 light bars, full compliment of race spares & parts. Ready to go racing and win Class 1. Call RCR Racing (909) 371-5000, ext. 141. $45,000.00. FOR SALE: '81 Subaru Hatch-'·· back 4x4. Four National rallies, all finishes. Best finish 13th at '92 Coachman. Won appearance award at '92 Coachman. Two spare engines, one spare trans plus misc. spare parts. '93 legal cage. $3,000.00 less some accessories. $1,900.00 with all rally accessor-ies removed. (916) 442-2745. FOR SALE: 1991 Chenowth Magnum, 5th in MTEG '91 season points. Best of everything including Mallory, Centerlines, Fox, Mirage, Weber, BFG's. 148lci Rabbit d yno tuned 157hp. Race ready plus lots of spare parts, wheels, tires and more. Call Bill Rice (303) 321-7373 days, (303) 986-8231 nites. FOR SALE: 1993 SODA Class 9 Unlimited; fresh FAT 1650cc, tube-ported head, Web/Cam Summers front, FTC gears, carborr-fiber wheel wldual bead locks. Tons of good used parts. Complete setup to bolt 21 Sci aluminum V8 in. Must sell! $8,200.00. Also, 34' enclosed 5th wheel trailer. $4,500.00. Call Chad (715) 547-6103. MEGA DEAL: Unfinished Ford Ranger, frame, untouched cab, factory fiberglass, 300M spindles, plus spindle fixture, Cone hubs and rotors, 4 piston calipers, Saginaw steering gear box, 1-beams, Strange center section, Ford 9" housing, 4130 axle housings. Over $15,000.00 invested. I want out! $7,000.00 obo. Call Bill (909) 824-2067. FOR SALE: Class 2 RACECO, l 22"wb, all Fox coil-over. 3.2 liter FAT Porsche. Hewland DG300, UMP, PIS, dual BDR pumpers. 35" rear Yokohamas with new spares. 30 gal Fuel Safe cell. 4 gal built in simp tank, new front CNC large brakes, Summers floater rear. $30,000.00. Call Jerry Penhall (714) 650-3035. WANTED: 1-1600 or 2-1600 chassis, front beam and body panels, Maly or 0.O.M. a must. Late 80's or early 90's preferred. Also need used Centerline wheels & FM radios. Please call (5 I 0) 458-5812. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Autolab . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Baker Precision Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Barbary Coast - Gold Coast Hotels . . . . • . . . 35 Bilstein Corp of Amenca . . . . . . . 33 Blackhawk Farms Off Road Race . . . . . . . . . 9 Cactus Racing Producls . . . . . 51 Cahlorn1a Pre Fun . . . . . . . . 32 Castex Inc .. E-Z-Up . . . . . . . . 37 Centra I Oregon Whiskey Spnngs 200 11 Class I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 OeNunzio Racing Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Don-A-Vee Jeep-Eagle . . . . . 31 Enduro Racing . . . . . . . . . . . • • • . 14 FAT Pertormance ...... .... , • . 25 Fiesta Ford . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 FRT Plaster City Blast . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Fuel Safe . . . . . . . . . . . 48 German Auto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . 29 Glen Helen OHV Park . . . . . . . . . . • • . . . 49 Rod Hall Driving School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 H1 Tech Off Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . 28 KC HilJtes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , I.a Rana Desert Racing . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Parker Pumper . . . . . . . . . . • • . • . . . . . . . 6 Pike· s Family Restaurant . . . • . . . . . . . . . . 30 Race Ready Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I 0 Reid Pro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • • . . . . . . . . 27 SCORE Baja I 000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Back Cover Marvin Shaw Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 SNORE Double Trouble . . . . . . . . . 7 Straight Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Sway-A-Way . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 MTEG - Denver . . . . . • • . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Tracks1de Photos Inc . . . . • . . . . . . 59 Tri-Mil ludustnes . . . . . . • • . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Ultra Wheel . . . . . . . . . • • . . . . . . . . 15 Valley Pertormance . . . . . . . . • • . 42 Weddle Engineering . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . 4 Wilch Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • • . 46 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • • . . . 45 Trackside Photo, Inc. Racing photography since 1970 We cover all La Rana, SCORE and MTEG events. j ¼ -*t.· $?+··'";§ F,:,:,:,ooc.~ For professional quality photos, call us! Call us for: Calendars• Press Kits• Photo Business Cards• Autograph sheets October 1993 P.O. Box 91767 Los Angeles, California 90009 (310) 670-6896 Pagc5

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Presents the Mexicali to Mexicali 7th Race of the SCORE Desert Series For More Information and Entry Forms Contact: SCORE International Las Vegas Office 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89124 . Tele#: (702) 361-5404 Fax #: (702) 361-5037 Los Angeles Office 31125 Via Colinas #908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 Tele #: (818) 889-9216 Fax#: (818) 706-8833 V TOYOTA Yalwllne. THE OFFICIAL TRUCK OF SCORE INTERNATIONAL BFGaadric/i ________ .,;,;.ri,es ~ \NI-EELS RACE COURSE DESCRIPTION Ct) The course will leave Mexicali and travel toward the Laguna Salada. It will then move south on the east side of the laguna and join the San Felipe loop. This loop is approximately 250 miles and it will be run twice. After completing the two San Felipe loops, the course will move north on the west side of the Laguna Salada. It will pass through Cohabuzo Junction and at the top of the laguna will merge with the outbound course and travel back into Mexicali. CO!IIT! D! TIJIISIIO l COHVENCl>N!S DEL!IUNICll'IO DE !llllCA1J Cerro (ohobuzo A THE SAN FELIPE LOOP WILL BE RUN TWICE c~rro ,C:jno 6. u •NICI .... .. ~<f-♦ Punfo 11:ador PM« ,,, .flFAIIOIIEAOf'1V ""' '" , Punta Estrella ,., Punta Diggs V,HCH(JPUNTA • E5rftl,LAl(ACM :, /,-~~CHIA GUflf .. U ,o.AHCO 11 • ,..,aMAlllA JtH'"'''" f.,,.o5A-n,H