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1992 Volume 9 Number 3 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 9 • Number 3 - March 19ft $1.50 ISSN 8750-173! Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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HDRA ~~ ~2 February 28: Drawing and Cocktail Party Gold Coast Hotel & Casino February 29: "Publicity Pre-Run" Infamous North Course March 13: Tech Inspection & Manufacturers Row Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas March 14: Race Starts 8:00 A.M. March 15: Infamous North Course Awards Presentation and Brunch Gold Coast Hotel For more Information and entry forms contact: H 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada 89124 (702) 361-5404 FAX (702) 361-5037

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· Volume 9 - Number 3 March 1992 In This Issue ••• E.ditor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate E.ditor Richard K. Schwalm E.ditorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation 0. Osborne Contributors John Ames Jim Baker Darla Crown C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Leonard Day Don Dayton Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Rod Koch Matt Marcher Jan Flick Mazzenga Michael Ross Bob Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Darrell Smith Daryl Smith Judy Smith 3-D Photography T rackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAPSHOT aoamYILLS Offll0AD IIM:11111 IIDOaT Subscription Rates: $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301, (818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without writt~n permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new -address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. OF THE MONTH ••• I I I I I I I I I FEATURES Page HDRA American Custom Racing Wheels 250 by Judy Smith 10 SNORE El Dorado 250 by Jean Calvin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Michigan Off Road Championships Awards ................. 21 ADRA Sonoyta to Rocky Point by Tony Tellier .............. 22 FRT Dunaway Dash by Judy Smith ..................... • ... 24 1991 V.O.R.R.A. Awards by Darrell Smith ................. 28 CRS Gorman Ridge Rallic~ by John Elkin .................. . 30 GRR Gila Monster 150 by Daryl Drake ..................... 32 La Rana New Y cars 200 by Jean Calvin ..................... 34 Paris le Cap by Martin Holmes ............................ 38 Race of Champions by Martin Holmes ...................... 4 I Subaru SCCA Championship Maine Forest Rally ............. 42 DEPARTMENIS Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Trail Notes .............................................. 15 Compt·tition Review Board Report hy George Thompson . . . . . . . . 17 Pit T cam Reports - Checkers .............................. . 43 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 ON THE COVER -We feature a pair of winners in huggy classes this month. On top is Danny Porter, who has heen very dose many times, and he drove the new Suspensions Unlimited, La Victoria race car to the· Class 1-2-1600 victory at the HORA American Custom Wheels 250 and he finished a very quick eighth overall in the Restricted Engine race car. Color Photography hy Trackside Photos, Inc. It was a good month for white cars as Gregg Hihhs drove alone in his Toyota powered Jimco at the FRT Dunaway Dash last New Years Eve to victory in Class 10, and Hihhs went so fast that he won the race overall hy a couple of minutes also. Color Photography hy C & C Race Photos. Congratulations to hoth winners as the desert season gets started in the southwest. /\~ ~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $15.00 □ ~ears -$i5.00 D 3_years - $35.00 CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS -NEW SALES TAX!!!!!!!! Add: $1.25 - 1 year, $2.00 - 2 years, $2.75 - 3 years Take advantage of your subscription bonus •.• Free one time classified ad up iu 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name---------------------------Bill Cook was trying out his new cactus-powered, steam engined Jimco at the Gila Monster 150. Here Co-driver Doug McDermid deals with the sticky business of an on course refill. Note how thououghly he has picked the nearhy Cholla, just behind him. Daryl Drake sent in this shot, and we are not sure which of the GRR photographers grabbed this picture, hut a check for$ 10.00 is on the way as soon as we find out. DUSTY TIMES will feature picture~ of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. ff you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or Bx 10 will be considere9. Address ------------------------City State ________________ Zip _______ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian - I year $20.00 U.S. • Overseas subscription rates quoted on request) Dusty Times March 1992 Page 3 I I I I I I I I I I I

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A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 274-0010 April 12, 1992 Gila Bend 250 Gila Bend, AZ May 24, 1992 Prescott Mountain 100 Prescott, AZ July 18-19, 1992 Family Campout-Trail Ride Cinder Mountain Flagstaff, AZ September 5-6, 1992 Snowflake Buggy Bash Aripine, AZ December 5, 1992 Sonoyta to Rocky Point Sonora, Mexico AMSA Jim Webb P.O. Box 26084 Fresno, CA 93726 (209)439-2114 AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 47 Teenan St. Ferny Hills, Q. 4055, Australia 01 l-18-07-851-0444 March 29, 1992 Inglewood Queensland May 10, 1992 Griffith New South Wales June 7, 1992 Sea Lake Victoria July 19, 1992 Kempsey New South Wales September 20, 1992 Waikerie South Australia --;July-4,----19-92 Jackpot 200 Jackpot, NV -----------<~1\.MPLA-IN-Vi\ttEY--GLEN HELEN-OHV PARK BADGERLAND VW CLUB, INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 ( 414) 688-5509 ( All <.!H:111s locatd in Chi/to!\. WI ht th.: August 29, 1992 Twilite Special Delle, Utah October 31 , 1992 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R. 3 W inh:/,a.~o Ccnmr:v Ex/>o C:nti:r) Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK-I HO -----------(613)475-1102/Fax(613)475-3250 BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calahasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 Golden Crown of Baja Desert Series (cars) March 27-29, 1992 Gran Carrera de Mexicali Mexicali, BC, Mexico May 22-24, 1992 Gran Carrera de T ecate Tecate, BC, Mexico August 21-23, 1992 Gran Carrera de Ensenada Ensenada, BC, Mexico September 25-27, 1992 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, BC, Mexico Special Event July 23-26, 1992 The Mint 400 Invitational Las Vegas, NV January 15, 1993 Year End Awards BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. April 11, 1992 Wend over Express 200 Wendover, USA May 16, 1992 Desert Cactus 250 Aragonite, Utah 1991 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, Wl54520 (715) 478-2222 June 20-21, 1992 ·Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI September 5-6, 1992 • True Value World's Championship Brush Run IOI Crandon, WI BUMP Bob Utgard Motorsports Promotions 42263 50th St. West #108 Quart: Hill, CA 93536 (805) 256-8520 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Gary Luke, Director 13675 Spring Valley Road Morgan Hill , CA 95037 (408) 779-3589 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 April 25, 1992 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, A?-May 15-16, 1992 Rim of the World Lancnster, CA October 24, 1992 Gorman Ridge Rally Gormnn, CA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 2339 C.J. Richards San Bernardino, CA 92406 P.O. Box332 (714)880-1733 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COLORADO HILL · ' CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Floridn Off Roaders Drivers' Associntion 9385 Florence Ave. Apopb, FL 32703 (407) 291-12151(305) 823-4487 March 28, 1992 · Tnllahassc·e, FL ·----------·····--FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 KL·nnedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619)427-5759 April 4, 1992 Flu:: Bomh 150 Plaster City East, CA May 9-10, 1992 Rock Around the Clock 24 Hour Enduro for Cars, Trucks, Buggies. Plaster City West, CA August 1, 1992 Superstition 250 Lake Superstition, CA October 3, 1992 · Plaster City Blast Plaster City East, CA December 3 I, 1992 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA ( All c't'c1m in the' El ( 'L'nrro. CA <1rc·t1) --------------GORRA Georgin Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 303 l 0 ( 404) 253-1033 March 15, 1992 50Miles April 26, 1992 50 Miles in Heats May 24, 1992 150 Miles (Day only) June 28, 1992 50 Mill's July 26, 1992 100 Miles August 23, 1992 50 Miles in Heats September 27, 1992 100 Miles October 24, 1992 Rules Meeting October 25, 1992 50 Miles November 28, 1992 Thanksgiving 250 December 5, 1992 Awnrds Flanquet ( All c't'c'll!< lit Vic'llllll, GA) GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arhor, Ml 48103 (313) 665-03581(313) 996-9193 -----------------------GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Kc·1th Kocsrers 4605 N. I 30th Circle Omaha, NE 68164 f 402) 496-0l:l46 I .3,/1 etc nr · ,er Tnn/,L·r R1</.~c· Ranch) --------r;r The oil engineered for your truck's engine Page 4 Shell TRUCK GUARD™ Light Truck Motor Oil is the oil made especially for pickups, 4-wheel drives, mini-vans, and recreational vehicles. Its special formula-tion and exclusive additives help keep high-revving, hotter-running truck engines clean and cool. TRUCK GUARD's API SG / CE rating exceeds all engine requirements. For the kind of protection your truck deserves, choose TRUCK GUARD. !i:l OIL COMPANY, INC. 4870 E. Cartier Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89115 (702) 643-9200 March 1992 ® Shell Orange Line Oil Company 404 E. Commercial St. Pomona, California 91767 (714) 623-0533 Dusty Times

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GREAT WESTERN HIGH PLAINS OFF March 14, 1992 October 3, 1992 June 19-21, 1992 . POINTS SERIES, INC. ROAD RACING VW / Porsche Off Road Swap Meet VW / Porsche Off Road Swap Meet Lucerne Valley Jam 250 Bertram Productions, Inc. ASSOCIATION Orange County Fairgrounds Orange County Fairgrounds Lucerne Valley, CA 15073 Hwy 119, Rt. 4 Lyle Hogue, President Costa Mesa, CA Costa Mesa, CA August 28-30, 1992 Golden, CO 80403 Box 12 March 15, 1992 December 4, 1992 Johnson Valley 150 Bowman, ND 58623 California Off Road Jamboree Motorcycle Swap Meet Lucerne Valley, CA (701) 523-3420 Anaheim Stadium Exhibit Center Orange County Fairgrounds October 23-25, 1992 GRR Anaheim, CA Costa Mesa, CA California 200 Golden Rule Racing P.O. Box 40211 April 4, 1992 March 21-22, 1992 December 5, 1992 Ridgecrest, CA Phoenix, AZ 85067 Badlands Baja Splash Water Sport Show VW / Porsche Off Road Swap Meet November 20-22, 1992 (602) 263-5329 Wall;SD Orange County Fairgrounds Orange County Fairgrounds High Desert 300 April 4, 1992 May 3, 1992 Costa Mesa, CA Costa Mesa, CA Lucerne Valley, CA Bowman Off Road Challenge December 12, 1992 Tonapah, AZ May 9, 1992 Bowman, ND May 15, 1992 Awards Banquet, Clarion Hotel Salome, AZ June 1992 Motorcycle Swap Meet KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER Ontario, CA Capital City Stadium Orange County Fairgrounds 4WDCLUB October 3, 1992 Pierre, SD Costa Mesa, CA Randy Chamberlin TBA August 1992 May 17, 1992 835 Wawn Road MICHIGAN OFF ROAD November 7, 1992 Gumbo Buttes Baja VW Spring Jamboree Kamloops, B.C. V2B-6N3 CHAMPIONSHIPS Wickenburg, AZ · Pierre, SD Orange County Fairgrounds Don (604) 372-9501 days M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. September 1992 Costa Mesa, CA Randy (604) 579-9621 eves 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, MI 48837 HORA Deadwood Off Road Gran Prix June 7, 1992 May 10, 1992 (517) 627-6200 High Desert Racing Association Deadwood, SD Salsa Custom Car Show Three Hour Enduro July 25, 1992 ]2q97 Las Vegas Blvd., South October 1 7, 1 992 & Family Fiesta June 28, 1992 Fowlerville, MI Las Vegas, NV 89124 Last Chance Baja Orange County Fairgrounds Long Distance Race (702) 361-5404 Wall, SD Costa Mesa, CA July 12, 1992 August 2, 1992 HORA U.S.A. CUP July 10, 1992 Short Course Race Ingham County Fair Motorcycle Swap Meet Mason, MI March 12-15, 1992 Fairplex L.A. County Fair September 2 7, 1992 August 6, 1992 Nissan 400 IOK FOUR WHEELERS Pomona, CA Enduro Race Saniilac County Fair 'Las Vegas, NV P.O. Box 36 July 31, 1992 October 11 , 1992 Sandusky, MI May 15-17, 1992' Cleves, Ohio 45002 Short Course Race ( All l't'l'll[S SW.~l'd ll[ Motorcycle Swap Meet . August 11, 1992 Nevada 500 tlil' c/11/, .~rounds in & Bike Show (combined with WORRA) Huro(l Community Fair Pahrump, NV Clt•t'L'S, 0/iio) Orange County Fairgrounds ( all l't'l'ncs scare 7 mill's Bad Axe, MI July4-5, J992 Costa Mesa, CA norr/i«·l'st of Kamloo/1s) August 14, 1992 Fireworks 250 August 2, 1992 Mt. Pleasant, MI Barstow, CA California Truck Jamboree August 25, 1992 August 14-16, 1992 INTER-SHOWS. Orange County Fairgrounds LA RANA DESERT RACING Kalama:oo Fairgrounds Color Country Runoffs MOTORSPORTS Costa Mesa, CA .., 22769 Chambray Dr. Kalama:oo, MI PROMOTIONS, INC. Brian Head, Utah P.O. Box 2910 August 23, 1992 Moreno Valley, CA 92387 September 18-20, 1992 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 California Volkswagen Jamboree ( 714) 924-2226 Willow Springs Raceway ( 714) 364-05 I 5 Orange County Fairgrounds February 21-23, 1992 MICHIGAN SPORT Rosamond, CA Costa Mesa, CA Presidential 250 BUGGY ASSOCIATION October 9-1 l, 1992 March 13, 1992 October 2, 1992 Barstow, ta Keneth Coleman Gold Coast 300 Motorcycle Swap Meet Motorcycle Swap Meet May 15-17, 1992 742 E. Roosevelt-Road Ashley, MI 48806 Las Vegas, NV Orange County Fairgrounds Orange County Fairgrounds Spangler 150 (517) 838-4483 - -------·-----------Costa Mesa, CA Costa Mt:sa, CA Ridgecrt:st, CA B ■ 0 ■ R E ■ PRESENTS THE WENDOVER EXPRESS "200" AP L 11 ' 1992 REGISTRATION & TECH FRIDAY, APRIL 10 5-9 PM SCORE/HD RA RULES APPLY BE SURE YOU'RE LEGAL LOCATED 11/2 MILES NW OF EXIT 4 OFF 1-80 EAST WENDOVER, USA SPECIAL BONUS - $500.00 TO CLASS 5/1600 WINNER COMPLIMENTS OF: TEMPLES MASCHINE-SAL T LAKE CITY FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION RACE STARTS SATURDAY, APRIL 11 10AM NEW FOR B.O.R.E. IN '92 REAR FACING AMBER SAFETY LIGHT - MANDATORY i;r BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS P.O. BOX 1583 OGDEN, UT 8402 801-627-2673 '92 SCHEDULE -APRIL 11 - MAY 16 - JULY 4 -AUGUST 29 - OCTOBER 31 Page 6 March 1992 Dusty Times

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MIDWEST OFF ROAD RACING Tommy Bowling 19019 W. CR 128 Odessa, TX 79765 (915)561-5222 "The Texas Challenge Off Road Points Series" ( All t'VL'nts £H Notrt'L'S, TX) March 28, 1992 Caprock 125 Notrees, TX May 2, 1992 150 Miler Notrees, TX June 13, 1992 Jackrahbit 150 Night Race Notrees, TX' July 11, 1992 125 Miler Night Race Notrees, TX August 7-9, l 992 Rock 'N Roll 250 Notn:es, TX September 12, 1992 Twilite 125 Night Race Notrees, TX October 24, 1992 150 Miler Notrees, TX November 7, 1992 Awards MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714)938-4100 March21,1992 Seattle Kingdome Seattle, WA April 4, 1992 Texas Stadium Irving, TX May 2, 1992 Sun Devil Stadium Tempe, AZ July 18, 1992 Memorial Coliseum Los Angdt•s, CA Sepk!Jlher TBA, 1992 Mik High Stadium Denver, CO October TBA, 1992 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV November TBA,.1992 Oakland Stadium Oakland, CA MTEG CAMEL SUPERCROSS April 25, 1992 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV June 20, 1992 Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, CA NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION 11842 Jason Court Madera, CA 93638 (209) 486-4590 I (209) 266-5558 March TBA 1992 Motor Sports of America Kearney, NE April 26, 1992 Johnson, VT May 10, 1992 Orange, MA May 16-17, 1992 NMRA Super Series Johnson, VT June 20, 1992 Goldendale, WA June 21, 1992 Merrillville, IN June 21, 1992 Johnson, VT July 4, 1992 Bascom, OH July 10, 1992 Bloomsburg, PA July 18-19, 1992 Nipigon, Ontario, Canada July l 9, 1992 Johnson, VT July 25, 1992 Barre, MA July 3 l or August 7, l 992 Keene, NH August 16, 1992 Johnson, VT August 23, 1992 Merrillville, IN August 23, 1992 Nipigon, Ontario, Canada September 13, 1992 Johnson, VT September 26, 1992 Orange, MA September 2 7, I 992 Barre, MA ·The Off-Roader's Choice· Page 8 • E-Z UP"' INSTANT SHELTERS Imagine setting up a free-standing shelter in less than 60 secondsl NO missing parts NO center poles NO ropes NO hassle • 5 sizes • 24 colors • Custom Graphics Instant Pit Shetter La Rcaia Contingency Sponsor E-Z UP Authorized Dealer CASTEX RENTALS, INC. 1044 N. Cole Ave. Los Angeles. CA 90035 CALL: 213 • 462 • 1468 October 4, 1992 NMRA Super Series Johnson, VT OFF ROAD JAMBOREES Four Wheel Drive Excursions P.O. Box 1154 Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 822-8508 May8-10, 1992 Redwood Coast Jamboree Fort Bragg to Eureka/ Arcata, CA June 19-21, 1992 Ghost Town Adventure '92 South Lake Tahoe/Stateline, CA September 18-20, 1992 Kern River Jamboree Lake Isahella / Kernville, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Don Honeberg 13 I 80 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 751-70571(9 I 5) 855-9767 ONT ARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION R.R. 4 Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL-I CO (613)332-4363 PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 , S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 56 I -32081(518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Cluh of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 801 12 (303) 779-6622 April 25, 1992 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ May 15-16, 1992 Rim of the World Lancaster, CA June 5-7, 1992 Susquehannock Trail Wellsboro, PA Date TBA Sunriser Rally Chillicothe, OH August 28-30, 1992 Ojihwe Rally Bemidji, MN October 2-4, l 992 Gold Rush Rally Westcliffe, CO October 23-25, 1992 Press On Regardless Escanaha, Ml November 6-8, 1992 Coachman Stages Olympia WA December 4-o, 1992 Maine Forest Rally Rumford, Maine SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 April 24-26, 1992 San Felipe 250 San Felipe, BC, Mexico June 5-7, 1992 Baja 500 Ensenada, BC, Mexico November 12-15, 1992 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico SCORE SHOW Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group Ed Stotereau P.O. Box 25148 March 199i Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 938-4155 May 1-3, 1992 S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Jack Kolan (619) 292-4444 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 March 28-29, 1992 Twilight 200 Las Vegas, NV May 23-24, 1992 Caliente/ Pioche 250 Caliente, NV July 25-26, 1992 Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV September 18-20, 1992 SNORE 250 Jean, NV December 5-o, 1992 Eldorado Valley 250 L'ls Vegas, NV · SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W . North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 ( 414) 453-SODAI( 414) 2?7-0422 May 23-24, 1992 Lake Geneva Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI June6-7, 1992 Mill er High Life Off Road Race Antigo, WI June 20-21, 1992 Spring Run 10 I Crandon, WI July4-5, 1992 Road America Elkhart Lake, WI July 18-19, 1992 UP Off Road 100 Bark River, Ml August 1-2, 1992 Fox Riverfest Challenge Depere, WI August 15-16, 1992 Rancho Suspension Great Northern Challenge Ionia, Ml September 5-o, 1992 True Value World's Championship Brush Run IOI Crandon, WI September 19-20, 1992 Midwest Points Championship Oshkosh, WI TEXAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing - Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214) 855-2232 ( All t'l'L'll!S (I[ St.:/1/iem•ill.:. Tt'xe1s S/>L'.:dm1~J TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association Dave Urhanowic:, President 589 Amwell Road Neshanic, NI 08853 (908) 369.-6550 ( R(lc·,,, ,ll ( 'oloni<1/ V<1llt'~ R.:.,orr, in PA l VENTURA RACEWAY Business Office 2810 W . Wooley Road Oxnard, CA 93035 (805) 656-1122 VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd . Sacramento, CA 95838 (916)925-1702 March 21-22, 1992 Prairie City Long Course Sacramento, CA Re1in Dm.: March 28-29, 1992 April 25-26, 1992 Hollister SVRA Spring Special Long Course Hollister, CA May 23-25, 1992 Yerington 400 Yerington, NV June 20-21, 1992 Virginia City Classic 200 Virginia City, NV July 26, 1992 Summer Si::ler Prairie City Short Course Sacramento, CA September 5-7, 1992 Yerington 250 Yerington, NV October 16-17, 1992 VORRA Bend 300 Bend, OR WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125-87AAve. Surrey, British Columhia. V3R 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2939 E. Grovers Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 971-3730 ( All c't·c·nr, ,If T/1ra,li.:rlwtd. .1 1 ;,r/i Aw. & Glt'ndalt' in P/10t'nix AZ) FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP March 3-8, 1992 Port Wine Rally Estoril, Portugal Man:h 2 7-April 1, l 992 East African Safari Nairobi, Kenya May 2-7, 1992 Tour de Corse Ajaccio, Corsica June 2-7, 1992 Acropolis Rally Lagonissi, Greece June 25-28, 1992 New Zealand Rally Auckland, New Zealand July 20-26, 1992 Argentina Rally Buenos Aires, Argentina August 25-31, 1992 1000 Lakes Rally Jyvaskyla, Finland September 18-22, 1992 Rally Australia Perth, Australia October 11-16, 1992 Rally d'ltalia Sanremo, Italy October 27-November 2, 1992 Ivory Coast Rally Abidjan, Ivory Coast November9-12, 1992 Rally of Spain Catalunya, Spain Nm·ember 22-26, 1992 RAC Rally Harrogate, England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS Lise 'IOIIT c·oming c't'c'nt< in DUSTY TIM Es· (r.:t'! St'nd '/01/T l l.)l.):l ,d1c·drilc· ,1, ,0011 ,1, />o«ihlc· (or li,tin.~ in chis c·olrmm. M,Iif wn1r rc1c·c· or ru/h-,c·/i.:d11fc-Co: DUSTY TIMES. 'i,l_l l n~-rrv Aw .. S11iCl' 0 A .~()IIT(/ ('A ()l _{(,l. Dusty Times

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JOIN THE FIESTA UMP Unique Metal Products FO LLO w THE s UN r-----ROADM--~STER BY P.C.I. TO THE SCORE BF Goodrich TOYOTA San Felipe 250 ------nw THE OFACIAL TRUCK OF SCOREINTERNATIONAL April 24-26, 1992 The Official nre of SCORE Internati.onal -Photo by Traclcside lSM!!JJ:.1!!.1:r-~ Drawing Date: March 27, 1992 Autolite The race course will start and finish at the San Felipe arches and consist of one 250 mile loop. For further information contact: SCORE International - 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908, Westlake Village, CA 91362 Telephone# (818) 889-9216 FAX# (818) 706-8833 ~nnflo~ltP<mOFFROAD ~UU~'cJMANUFACTURING /(CHilfTt.s d CUSTOM WHEELS

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HDRA AMERICAN RACING CUSTOM WHEELS 250 Larry Ragland's Still Winning By Judy Smith Photos: Track.side Photo Inc. :::-, :::w.:i:,:::,»;,: .. /:• Larry Ragland, who tuned up for this event by running the La Rana race on this course last November, keeps winning overall in his Class B Chevrolet, and Larry did it again at the January HORA race in the Johnson Valley. The first event of the new buildings were handy for unload-HDRA U .S.A. Cup, the inaugural ing the race cars. But, convenient American Racing Custom Wheels as that was, the racers were 40 250, wasn't exactly a monster miles from the main pit area, and success. The race had been the test section that had been set nothing but a rumor, a chimera, aside for a few hours on Friday. until December 7th when the Still, many racers felt that HDRA and SCORE made the Barstow had been welcoming news of their split official. At that them with open arms for some 20 time the 1992 HDRA calendar years, and a little payback appeared with the new event couldn't hurt. leading off the year on January The course was 104.66 miles 11th. Obviously, considering the long, with the start/finish area on timeittakestoscopeoutacourse Camp Rock Road, east of and get permits and insurance, the Lucerne Valley. The start area was event had been in the HDRA's exactly that used by SCORE for plans for many months, but it their last event in Lucerne, and hadn't been included in the has also been used often by La schedules of many racers. Rana Desert Racing. Pre-running Many were already committed hadn't been allowed, but anyone to starting their year in Parker, who'd raced a La Rana race last and some were scheduled a finite year had seen quite a bit of the number of events, and found they course. It was a two lap race, couldn't stretch the budget to starting at 8 a.m., except for Class include a new one. Some simply 11 and the new stock truck couldn't get their cars ready any classes, which would start at noon earlier. and the end result was a and run only one lap. starting lineup of just 65 cars. The unlimited cars, Class l /2, The race was headquartered in were first off the line, their low Barstow,withthecourseabout40 entry made even lower by some miles to the south, in Lucerne no shows. The highly touted Class Valley. Contingency day was, as 1 Ford truck of Robby and Bob usual, on Friday, and the HDRA Gordon, which had been there to had convinced the city of Barstow test, didn't make it to the lineup, to close a long block on Main and the entire Valley Performance Street, in the old section of town, team from Las Vegas, didn't get to serve as Contingency Row. A there, because they ran out of nearly vacant new office building time to prep the cars. There were in the block was pressed into only six lined up for the green flag, service for registration, and the with Bob Richey, in his Porsche parkin lots in back of the Raceco, first in_ line. He charged out into the desert hotly chased by Gary Hymes in another Porsche Raceco, then Wayne Morgan in his Type IV powered Mirage, Aaron Hawley in a Porsche Chenowth, Steve Holla-day in a Porsche Moulton, and Tom Burns in his Toyota powered Mirage. Burns had just bought his car that week, and was driving it for the first time in the race. Richey led through that first lap, but Hymes was only 30 seconds behind him in second place. Holladay ran third, and Morgan was fourth. Last to come around was Hawley, who'd lost some time when a rear wheel collapsed, and then had finished the lap on a front flat. Burns didn't make it around. He got about a quarter of a lap under his belt, and was moving along at a good clip, getting accustomed to all that horse-power, when Ragland caught up to him. He honked. Ragland thought Burns ought to move over to let him by, and Burns thought Ragland ought to go out around him. There was almost no dust, since the course had been well rained on a few days before. Finally, Ragland closed up to give Burns a nudge, but just as he did there was a dip in the road, Burns went down, Ragland came forward and tapped him, and sent Tom's distributor cap flying. Tom immediately pulled off After breaking a wheel on the first lap Las Vegan Aaron Hawley posted his first victory in ten years of racing with HORA, and he had no other trouble in winning Class 1 /2, second overall in the Chenowth/Porsche. course, and Ragland ~ent by. The entire incident was recorded by the in-car camera in the cab of Ragland's truck . Burns got the distributor back together and went on, but broke a front trailing arm at mile 78, and was finished. Richey took on fuel and headed out, but Hymes sat in the pit, having discovered that he had a broken upper front trailing arm, and no spare. Holladay went on, but never came around again, nor did Morgan. Richey got 10 miles into his second lap and broke a front trailing arm. It took him 45 minutes to get things back together, and in the meantime things were looking up for Hawley, who had no more trouble. Hawley, a Las Vegas driver, who'd never raced in Lucerne Valley before, found the course fast, except that the rough was "really rough". He had a clean second lap, and took the win, followed in by Richey some 46 minutes later. None of the others made it back. There were only three Class 8 trucks entered, Larry Ragland and his Chevy, Steve Kelley in his new ride, Dave Westhem's GMC truck, and Frank Turben in his Chevy. Ragland had not only the Class 8 lead, but the overall at the end of the first lap, with the fast time of 1 :50:33 .9 . Kelley was second, and Turben, who'd gotten off to a slow start when a breather cover fell off at the start and he'd had to head for his pit, was third. Ragland pitted for fuel and four new tires, which took just a minute and 14 seconds, and then was back on his way. He had only Richey in front of him by then, and when Richey broke, he took over the first on the road position. It didn't matter much in any case, because the course was nice and damp, with little dust, and there was hardly any traffic with so few cars on such a long course. Kelly chased hard, getting accustomed to the GMC which he was driving for the first time. He was learning that he'd like to make a few suspension changes, but was still making good time, and pleased with the way things were going, until, just 20 miles from the finish the ring and pinion went away. Ragland got his fourth win in a row, his second consecutive overall, and said it was "really fun!" He said he had zero dust, "It was like a water truck had been out there." Kelley got his truck fixed and Class 10 had a strong entry and Barstow's J.O. Ward was unbeatable on his home turf. He had some minor problems on the second lap, but kept ahead of the other nine in class to win by 20 minutes. and place fifth overall. Bob Richey was first around on lap 1 in the Raceco/Porsche, but maior woes slowed him on the second round, but he was second in Class 1 /2 action. Rick and Randy Wilson had a couple of flats on the Raceco, a little trouble shifting late in the race. but they carried on to place second in Class 10. Gary Weyhrich broke his lug wrench on a first lap flat. but he drove on in the Toyota powered Raceco to third in Class 10. 15th overall. Page 10 March 199i Dusy Times

Page 11

Bouncing across a road crossing Ray Croll had serious down time between laps with the Toyota powered Jimco, but went on to fourth in Class 10, 16th overall. Neal and Mike Grabowski led the first lap in Class 5, had pesky electrical problems, lost some gears, but carried on right into second in class, 7th overall. Billy Bunch, the only 7S entry, was out early when the timing belt in his Ford Ranger shredded, more than co-driver John Johnson could field fix. Lisa Dickerson and Scott Cameron had big time power steering trouble, but after falling off a mountain, they stayed on the path on lap 2 and took the Class 5 victory, sixth overall, just seven minuts ahead of second place. came in two hours later for second, while Turben limped in with no bearings on his driveshaft and the rear end about to give up, another hour later. Class 10 was next to start, and J.D. Ward took the lead in his VW powered Brut. Ward's car looks a bit odd, because he runs 7.50-16 tires, usually considered fronts, on the rear. In second behind him was Ray Croll, in a Toyota Jimco, two minutes back, but he was in his pit for 24 minutes while his crew tried to figure out why they couldn't make his fan work. Gregg Symonds was third in his Toyota Raceco, and Mark Fry ran fourth in a VW Raceco. Ward continued to run a steady pace, having some trouble with slippery pedals as power steering fluid leaked all over things in the cab. Pushing hard behind him was Randy Wilson, whose brother, Rodney Hall and Jim Fricker were all alon·e in Class 4 a,:,d they had a bit more new car problems. but they got in both laps for the official finish. . ·--.--~"".-:-/2 ,.•· t , , r'• . ,.,.. ~ - - . . -~,L; ~ ~ .t , ,. "" " /, ,,_ .•_,,, ;r,p,·· '; ., r/:"' ,. • . ·"···•·· ~-J1llfl!, . Three started in Class 6 and the fight was between Danny Ashcraft and Curt LeDuc from flag to flag. Ashcraft ended up winning the battle in his keen Ford Explorer, and he finished a smart third overall. • Dusty Times There were only three in Class 7, but two finished. Wayne Lee and Marc Cartwright had alternator trouble early, but picked up the lead late in lap 2 and went on to win the mini truck class purse in the GMC Sonoma. Rick, had had two flats on the first lap. Wilson was having a little trouble shifting into third and fourth gear, but was gaining on Ward. When they got into the rocks he went by, but then he had a rear flat, and Ward hustled on down the road to take the win. Wilson fixed his flat and took second, 20 minutes later. In third it was Gary Weyhrich, in a Toyota Raceco, who'd had a flat on lap one, and broken his lug wrench. Croll, who continued to have trouble with that pesky fan, finished fourth, and Symonds, who'd been stuck on a sand hill when the car quit and wouldn't restart, was fifth. In Class 5 Neal Grabowski had his car in the lead, in spite of the fact that i;r A Winning Tradition In Off-Road Racing Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers were first introduced to the .------New Applications------American market in off-road racing in Part No. Description Dimensions Ext,ICon, Valving Reb./Comp, the late 1960's. Over the past 20 AK1310 314-shaft 150150 ff d h 36.02 X 20.86 years, more o -roa races ave been 1 s.1 s inch travel won on Bilstein than any other shock absorbers. AK 1320 3/4" shaft 13.5 inch travel Today, with their proven record of performance, Bilsteins continue to be AK 1330 the choice of serious off-readers who run to win. 3/4" shaft 10.11 inch travel coil over 33.00 X 19.48 170/60 27.00 X 16.88 255/100 Now Available - Repair and Revalving Services. Ma~ch 1992 Contact: Motorsports Department BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 • 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog send $2.50 Page 11 •

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~ ~ Curt LeDuc led Class 6 off and on in his Jeep Cherokee and he lost the tight dice for victory with a late second lap flat, but he was second and fourth overall. Scott Webster broke the front adjuster on the ORBS early on lap 1, but went on only to lose the clutch 20 miles out, but he finished second in Class 1-2-1600, ninth overall. Brian Parkhouse had throttle cable troubles off the start, finally got it fixed and drove the Mirage to third in Class 1-2-1600, 12th overall. l:r-it doesn't have power steerfng, and had a hole in the distributor cap. That had caused a coil to go bad, and he'd changed coils a couple times already. In second it was Lisa Dickerson and Scott Cameron, also fighting a power steering problem. They'd gone off a mountain and got stuck in a ravine, but were only two and a half minutes behind Grabowski. Mike Jakobson ran third, 42 seconds later, but then spent 42 minutes in his pit, trying to fix his carburetor linkage, and sort out the jetting on his carbs. George Seeley ran fourth after a rear flat and a broken torsion bar. Cameron, who did most of the driving this time, because Dickerson couldn't handle the lack of power steering, stayed out of trouble on the second lap, and they took the win. Mike Grabow-ski took over for his brother on the second lap, and he was reduced to second and third gears only for the last 50 miles, but came in second. Jakobson was third, and Seeley, who ran a long way on a flat on his second lap, was fourth, giving the class a 100% finish rate. Only three Class 7 trucks completed the lap, but Danny Porter had his brand new Suspensions Unlimited car in the lead. Porter was one of the racers who'd competed in the La Rana race on the same course last November. In second it was Kevin Davis in his Lothringer, a minute and a half back, and followed by Scott Webster, who'd broken the front adjusters on his ORBS about 40 miles into the lap. He decided to just tough it out. Cavanagh was fourth, eight seconds later, and Andy Stix had his camouflage Fatts in fifth, 59 seconds behind him. HORA AMERICAN CUSTOM WHEELS 250 Results .January 11, 1992 # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Time otA -Dale White, Chevy, and Mik-e Leste, Jeep battled most of the day with down time for both, but in the end the Blazer won Class 3 by a hefty one and a half hours despite broken fan blades. Porter and his co-driver, Larry Rosevear, decided there was no time for a driver change, so Porter stayed in, and went his trouble free way to the win. Behind him things weren't so easy. Cavanagh came back to the pits on a tow strap, and Davis' crew had to replace an axle and c.v. assembly before letting his co-driver, Gary Sewell, take off into lap two. A little further into the lap they had to tape up the other two c.v. boots. Webster meanwhile, lost his clutch about 20 miles before the finish, but kept up a good pace, and managed a fine second place, only three and a half minutes behind Porter. In third it Class 1/2· Unlimited Single & Two Seat • 5 start • 2 finish 109 1. Aaron Hawley/Tom Elliott Chenowth Porsche 102 2 Bob Richey/Lance Barron Raceco Porsche 104 3 Gary Hymes/Jeff Quinn Raceco Porsche 1610 1 1609 2 1601 3 Class 1-2-1600 • I600cc Restricted Engine •12 start• 10 finish Danny Porter/Larry Rosevear Susp. Unlimited Scott Webster/Randy Anderson Ofl8S Brian Parkhouse/Willie Melancon Mirage 1608 4 Gary Sewell/Kevin Davis Lothringer 1699 5 Terry Jeffers/Bobby Wallace Unknown Class 3 • Short WB 4X4 • 2 start • 2 finish 301 1 Dale White · Chevrolet Blazer 300 2 Mike Lesle/Lany Noel Jeep Cherokee 401 Class 4 • Long WB 4X4 • I start • I finish Rodney HalVJim Fricker Dodge Class 5 • Unlimited Baja Bug • 4 start • 4 finish 507 1 Lisa Dickerson/Scott Cameron Baja Bug 504 2 Neal & Mike Grabowski Baja Bug 503 3 Mike Jakobson/Ron Jurkovac Baja Bug 502 4 George Seeley/Ty Godde Baja Bug Class 5-1600 • 1600cc Baja Bug • 7 start. 5 finish 599 1 David Shively Baja Bug 551 2 Marty Seefried/Mike Frisby Baja Bug 554 3 Ryan Harbottle/Jim McGill Baja Bug 550 4 Wayne & Darryl Cook Baja Bug 555 5 Barrie Thompson/Rick Johnson Baja Bug Class 6 • Production Sedan/Utility. 3 start • 2 finish 604 1 Danny AshcrafVDave Mason Ford Explorer 603 2 Curt LeDuc/Russ Winkler Jeep Cherokee 601 3 Evan Evans/Phil Fareio Chevrolet Blazer 701 1 703 2 702 3 721 800 1 801 2 802 3 Class 7 • Unlimlted Mini-Midi Pickup. 3 start • 2 finish Wayne Lee/Marc Cartwright GMC Sonoma Racin Gardner/Slick Gardner Ford Ranger Russ Jones/Dennis Ahlemeir Ford Ranger Class 7S • Stock Mini-Midi Pickup• 1 start . O finish Billy BunctvJohn Johnson Ford Ranger . Class 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup. 3 start. 3 finish Lany Ragland/Ivan Scoppettone Chevrolet Steve Kelley/Dave Westhem GMC Sierra Frank Turben/Paul Rich Chevrolet Class 9 • Restricted Buggy • 7 start • 5 finish 901 1 Tim Hanna/Jim Richardson Susp. Unlimited 959 2 Joel Stankavich/Warren Messick Raceco 902 3 Charles Ratliff/Tom Malloy Challenger 906 4 Don Weiser/Kelly Suburs T.U.F. Rail 904 5 Gene Griepentrog/Kent Lothringer Lothringer 1005 1 1006 2 1007 3 1002 4 1009 5 Clan 10 • Unlimited 1650cc • 10 start • 6 finish J. 0. Ward/Gary Johnson Brut Biggie Rick & Randy Wilson Raceco Gary & Dick Weyhrich Raceco Ray Croll Jr JSteve Croll Jimco Greg Symonds Raceco Class II • Stock VW Sedan • 1 start • 1 finish (I lap required) 1102 Travis Howard VW Beetle Class Stock Mini Truck• 3 start • 1 finish (I lap required) 751 1 Curtis & Jason Lamb Toyota 4x4 780 2 Scott Sells/Thomas Young Toyota Class Stock Full Size Truck• 2 start. 2 finish (I lap required) 851 1 Gordon DiCarlo/Jeff Yocum Ford 852 2 Kenneth Parr/George Line Chevrolet Starters - 65 Finishers • 46 • Finish ratio • 70 .8% 4:04:42 4:40:03 1:53:23 4:34:01 4:39:42 4:41 :51 4:42:06 4:48:51 5:04:58 6:42:01 5:10:28 4:24:40 4:32:21 5:16:25 5:33:38 5:11:19 5:21:58 5:24:13 6:13:18 7:17:35 4:04:57 4:10:51 NIT 5:1g:o3 5:56:12 NIT NIT 3:43:40 5:59:28 7:21:46 5:14:58 5:16:13 5:27:35 6:20:19 7:35:13 4:20:36 4:41:10 4:52:46 4:59:07 5:53:38 3:07:43 4:25:30 NIT 3:18:33 3:37:17 Race Distance• Two laps, 104.66 miles each. Time Allowance, eight hours Fast Time Overall • Larry Ragland, Class 8 Chevrolet - 3:43:40 Page 1! · I lap 2 showed up, and just one 7S, so the 10 officials lumped them together to run for one purse, though they were to get their own class points. The 7S Ranger of Billy Bunch and John Johnson didn't manage to 8 9 12 get e:ven one lap done, nor did Rus 13 Jones make it around in his Class 14 7 Ford. That left just two; Racin 18 Gardner in another Ford, out in 39 front, followed by Wayne Lee and Marc Cartwright in their 19 GMC Sonoma, who'd lost an alternator, and 30 minutes. Gardner led most of the way 6 7 through the second-lap, but lost 24 his clutch about two miles before 30 the finish line. Lee and Cartwright, 20 with no troubles on their second 26 lap, went by and took the win. 27 Gardner's crew came in and 35 shoved pieces of wood into the 40 clutch for a quick fix to get him to 3 4 the finish line for second place. Rod Hall brought his new Dodge out for this race, and was the only Class4 truck running. He 25 didn't mind much, though, 32 because he's still in need of testing. The truck managed to do both laps, though it did lose power steering belts a couple of times, and something was banging at the finish. 34 Class 6 attracted three entries, 41 but Evan Evans was reported to 21 have hit a big rock and ruined his 23 Chevy's rear end on the first lap. 28 That left Danny Ashcraft, in his 36 Explorer, out front, just exactly a 42 minute ahead of Curt LeDuc in his Cherokee. 5 On the second lap Ashcraft 11 imagined that he had a vibration, 15 and stopped to check what turned 16 out to be nothing. He went on 31 trouble free, for the win, while LeDuc had a flat, and finished second, six minutes later. Class 3 had only two entries, and Dale White put his Bla.:er into the lead on the first lap, chased by Mike Lesle, in his Cherokee, who had steering box troubles. White stayed in front, his only trouble a broken fan blade. He just broke the opposing blade off. to keep it March 199! in balance, and went on to take the win. Lesle, who lost a second steering box, was second, an hour and a half later. The l-2-1600s showed some strength at Lucerne Valley, and this was the class chosen to carry the in-car camera for this race. The winner of the drawing for the honor was Barry Cavanagh, in a MECO, who is from Big Bear, and was practically racing m hts back yard. He ran a good first lap, and was first on the road when he Danny Porter drove the distance in his new Suspensions Unlimited car with a familiar sponsor. and, on familiar ground from La Rana events, Danny led flag to flag to win Class 1-2-1600. the biggest of all classes, and take eighth overall. Dave Shiveley is another who knows his way around the Luce·rne Valley racing areas. and he led lap 1 by less than a minute, had exhaust syste,,1 woes later but kept moving to win Class S· 1_600 by over ten minutes. Dusty Times

Page 13

Gary Sewell and Kevin Davis replaced an axle and a c.v. along the way on the Lothringer, but they finished fourth in Class 1-2-1600 and 13th overall. Marty Seefried was driving his first race in Class 5-1600, and he Ryan Harbottle and Jim McGill had no trouble with their tidy made it a good one, had one flat for trouble and finished second Baja bug this race. and they drove a good pace to third in Class in Class 5-1600. 5-1600, just a few minutes behind second spot. was Brian Parkhouse, who'd lost some time on the first lap because his throttle cable was stretched, and he had only about 80% throttle. With things tightened up he ran a quick lap and took third place, just a bit over two minutes further back. Fourth place went to Davis and Sewell, 15 seconds later, and in fifth it was the team of Bobby Wallace and Terry Jeffers, who made one of the more dramatic finishes of the day, crossing the line with a puddle of oil and bits of barrel on the skid pan, and the wrist pin hanging out of a hole in the case. Jeffers said it happened two miles before the finish. All together, there were 10 finishers out· of the 12 starters. Doesn't it figure that the one with the camera would break down? At least he did a whole lap. In the 5-1600s the lead car at the end of the first loop was David Shively, a La Rana racer, familiar with the territory. He had just 50 seconds on Marty Seefried, who was driving his first race, his only other experience having been a ride with Mike Lund in the Class 3 Nissan. In third it was Darryl Cook, and Jim McGill ran fourth. Shively's exh a us t system gradually vibrated loose and started to fall into pieces, but he kept moving along, and took the win. Wayne Cook, who drove the second lap, tried so hard to catch him that he broke a rocker in his new motor (W ayne built it himself), and stopped for repairs. Seefried meanwhile, had appar-ently paid close atttention to Lund, and with just one rear flat, finished second in his first race. Ryan Hardbottle, who took over for McGill, fought with a quart of oil that got stuck under his clutch pedal, but had no mechanical troubles, and took third place, with the Cooks finishing fourth. Barrie Thompson and Rick. Johnson, who said their rear suspension was too soft, their front too stiff, the throttle stuck and the shifter came apart, were the fifth place car, and the last in the class to finish. In Class 9 the first lap leader was Jim Richardson, son of Rich Richardson, SCORE/HORA Class 9 champion for the last three years. He had a minute and 40 seconds on Warren Messick, in a Raceco. Then it was Helen and Patrick Henessey in their Racec o , followed b y Chuck Ratliff in a homemade chassis, and Don Weiser and Kelly Suburs, all the way up from Tucson, in a T.U .F. Rail. R ichardson handed the car over to Tim Hanna, and with no problems at all the two took the win by the close margin of one minute and 15 seconds. They had a bit ofluck when Joel Stankavich, who'd taken over for Messick, Dusty Times coasted to a stop, and thought third it was Ratliff and his co-Gene Griepentrog and Kent pickups, attracted two entries for he'd run out of gas, since he'd driver, Tom Malloy, who finished Lothringer, in a Lothringer, this race. They were required to decided to gamble and run with with their shocks all done in and who'd had to replace an alternator run only one lap, and their start no fuel stop. It turned out that a no second gear. Weiser and on lap one. None of the others time was at noon, to minimize fuel line had come off, and it was Suburs were fourth, an hour after made it in. contact between them and the rest quickly fixed, but he'd lost the thewinningcar,andanotherhour The new Stock Full class, for of the racers. Gordon DiCarlo lead. They finished second. In behind them was the team of full size, not very modified and Jeff gr, CALIFORNIA JAMBOREE CUSTOM OFF-ROAD & TRUCK SHOW Limited to 200 Entries REGISTER NOW! OFF ROAD EQUIPMENT SHOW • Off Road Equipment & Accessories • Displays • Custom Off-Road Truck Show • Sales Booths • Bikini Contest • Truck Jam • Free Seminars • Radio Control Cars • Off-Road Truck Rodeo • New Vehicle Expo • Live Music ADULTS $8 UNDER12 FREE MARCH 15, 1992 SUN. 1 Oam-5pm OFF-ROAD CELEBRITY SEMINARS Watch top Off-Road drivers compete in a timed, skill course and off-road driving seminar. ~ -----. Q;-,fe ' fll martrnez ~.,._ ~P-EK. ~ liiilil Alfto Botilj&Pt11ift L/J UJ~ ~ ANAHEIM STADIUM EXHIBIT CENTER & CONCOURSE BOSCH LIGHTS BOSCH Pl.ATINUM l~Tl:l:?•SliOWS MOTOl::>Sl)O~T V~OMOTIOPIIIIS IPIIIIC. P .O . Box 2910. Mission Viejo. CA 92690 Office: Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm 714-364-0515 INDOOR EXHIBITOR & VENDOR MOVE-IN SATURDAY OUTDOOR MOVE-IN SUNDAY 6:30-9:00 AM Times strictly enforced. 24-HOUR HOTLINE 714-364-1745 RMD!l March 1992 Page 13

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Joel Stankavich and Warren Messick were close to the lead on lap 1, but gas feed troubles slowed them later and their Raceco finished second in Class 9. Travis Howard was all alone in Class 11, but the teenage veteran in this class covered his required distance in good time to win the class points. Frequent La Rana winner, Gordon DiCarlo won the full size, stock truck honors in his Ford winning by the close margin of just 19 minutes. Tim Hanna and Jim Richardson took the early lead in Class 9, and the team kept the single seater ahead all the way to win Class 9. Could a second generation Richardson Class 9 dynasty be starting? · ~ Yocum, who took turns driving and riding, had a good run in their Ford, their only problem being that their front springs were rubbing on top of the spring housing, and they worried that something might break. But it didn't, and they made it around in three hours and 18 minutes to take the win. They're a pair of La Rana racers, and had to de-modify their truck some to make it legal for the HORA. In second, another La Rana racer, Kenneth Parr, drove his Chevy gingerly for the last several miles, and stopped a couple of times to try to figure out what was making i terrible clanging sound. After the finish line he discovered that it was his big bumper jack, which had come loose from its mount. In the Stock Mini Truck class . only Curtis and Jason Lamb made it all the way around. Their Toyota 4Runner was down on power for about 20 miles, but then they installed an new igniter, and it ran fine. They did their lap in four hours and 25 minutes. Class 11 had two entries for this race, but only one, Travis Howard, showed up at the start line. He was flagged off behind all the stock trucks, and surprised no one by getting back to the finish ahead of all of them, needing only three hours and seven minutes to get around. He said he'd prepped his VW especially well for the race, and 'though his seat back broke, he'd had "more fun than anything!" Travis, who lives just down the road from Lucerne Valley, in Hesperia, is another La Rana racer. A fierce wind had come up at about three o'clock, and by the time the last car rolled through the finish line everyone was glad to get in out of the blowing sand. As first races go, it was a technical success, with no big glitches or problems, but then there had been a couple of SCORE/HORA events on the same hunk of desert a few years ago, so those really served as dress rehearsals. The crowded calendar, more than anything, probably served to keep the entry down, and it's to be hoped that by next year things might be more evenly spaced out so the racers don't have to make so many hard choices. The HORA's second race, the Nissan 400, in Las Vegas, is scheduled for March 12-15, 1992. · Of the three stock mini trucks starting the new HORA class, only the Toyota of Curtis and Jason Lamb survived the rigors of a single lap to win the class honors. shown here starting under Andy Dishong's green flag. ART SCHMITT OFF ROAD RACING 1991 SODA CLASS CHAMPION -CLASSES 1, 2 & 10 1990 SODA CLASS CHAMPION -CLASSES 1 & 2 THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS PIRELLI ARMSTRONG TIRES PENNZOIL PRODUCTS B.C. GERALOMY WEB-CAM RON DAVIS RACING MARSH'S RACING TIRES UNIQUE MET Al PRODUCTS CNC HYDRAULICS COACH & CHASSIS WORKS BOB GOSHEN RACING ENGINES SPONSORSHIP INQUIRIES WELCOME SEE SODA ON ESPN 6 OF 9 RACES TO BE CARRIED FOR 1992 TV AND RADIO COVERAGE BY LOCAL MEDIA Page 14 March 1992 ) 1991 SODA DRIVER OF THE VEAR 1990 SODA DRIVER OF THE VEAR ART SCHMITT OFF ROAD RACING 3520 BUTLER STREET PITTSBURGH, PA 15201 412-687-5093 Dusty Times

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Trail Notes ••• SCORE INTERNATIONAL opml'd thl'ir sl'ason Intl' in January with thl' Parkl'r 400, as always. The weather was truly resort style, warm sunny days, cool evenings and clear skies all weekend. Once again the Blue Watl'r Marina outside the town hosted the start and finish for the cars, and while the route was longer than last year for the three laps, the trails in and out of the marina were the same, and th,· pits at Shea Road werl' the main pits as usual. SCORE turm·d our to he the entry champion of thl' race a weekend January schedule, starting 118 cars and well over 50 hikes, the only car l'ntry in January to hrcak I 00. Tim and Ed Hl'rhst from Las Vl'gas, who have hecn second here more than once, won overall this year in the Porsche powcrl'J Chl'nowth our of Valley Performance. Ir was a tight fight and their winning margin over Jason Baldwin was only two minutes, 32 seconds. Dale and Darren Ehherts won Class 1-2-1600 hy 29 Sl'conds over Jim Fishhack Sr. and Mike Lesle ran away with Class 3 in his JL'cp Cherokee. Mike Schwellingcr was a popular winner in his hig Class 4 Ford hcsting David Ashley's Ford hy 30 minutes. Harrmut and Wolfram Klawitter started the nl'w season in a familiar way hy winning Class 5 hy over 46 minutes, and Brian Goodrich and Charlie Watters triumphl'd hy a hunch in C lass 5-1600. John Swift, Ford, heat Curr LcDuc, JL'l'P hy nearly eight minutl'S in ,lass 6, while Scott Douglas finally got his win in Class 7 with Brendan Gaughan riding in the Jeep Comanche. Jdf Lewis won the comhincd Class 7S 17 4x4 in the Chevy, and Malcolm Vinjc/ Mnrk Hnnscn scored n second, nnd Michael Schuringn won Class 8 hy ninl' minutes over Brinn Stewart, Dodgl'. Billy Kem hl'stcd Pancho Bio in Class 9, while Stl'Vl' Sournpas and Dave Richardson won a tight one hy four I 12 minutl'S over Jim Pierce in Jass I 0. Martin Garihay won Class 11, a good start toward defending his 1991 championship and thl· same was true for Scott Stcinhl'rgl'r in the Mini Mag class. Wl''ll have the in depth report from Judy Smith in the April issue. CHENOWTH RACING has a novl'l approach for its Mini Mags ahout what to do for class points with the SCORE/HORA split"in 1992; In the past Chenowth supported the Mini Mag class pursl' in that series. Now Mini Mags have thl'ir own dl'Sl'rt series, which includes races from FRT, Baja Promotions, and La Rana, as wel l as HORA and SCORE. There arc nine races in all for 1992 and the hcst seven of thl' ninl' will count for your points championship. The idea is to give the class exposure in other Sl'rics, in hopes the entry numhers will grow. It started Fehruary 15-16 at Fud's King of the Dl'Sl'rt race near El Cl'ntro, CA, and it will finish there also at the Dunaway Dash on New Yl'ar's EVL'. THE CALIFORNIA OFF ROAD JAMBOREE AND TRUCK SHOW happens March 15 at Anaheim Stadium. The Inter-Shows Promotion will display a little of everything, Mo nstl'r T rucks, 4x4s. Off Road Racing True ks and 8uggies, Custom Trucks of all types and si:es and all the displays from parts and accessory manufacturers. Along with all that there will he r~dio control racing action, and Sl'l' thl' hikini clad hcautil-s hattling for the ti tle of Miss California Jamhorcl'. It all starts at IO a.m. and closes down nt 5 p.m. Admission is just $8.00 with kids under 12 free. C heck thl· ad in this issue for complete derails. COLORADO OFF ROAD RACING - Bertram Productions of Golden, CO arc now developing their racing schedule, and an· looking at R(K ky Mountain Speedway for many events, and still have options o n Island Grove in Greeley and the Adams County Fairgrounds. Of courSl', they don't really get going thl'rc until thl' snow melts, hut contact Bertram at I 5073 Hwy 119 Rt. #4, Golden, CO 80403 for up to thl· minute information. Oll•RoGd THE MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP's off road show played to over 60,000 people at Anaheim Stadium in mid-January. We had a major feature on the opening salvo in this series planned for this issue, have the story by Homer Eubanks typeset and waiting, but the photos, sent a week before deadline, have been lost in some UPS quagmire, which UPS seem indifferent about investigating. Mind you they only had to travel 40 miles across Los Angeles County. But we will have the whole thing together next month. Meanwhile Rod Millen won everything he could in the Toyota Sport Truck, setting fast qualifying time, winning both heats and the main event, usually by close to half a track length, and he won the main event on two rear flat tires. Quite a performance! In other classes John Gersjes won the first UltraStock heat in a Nissan, Christopher Neil won the second heat also in a Nissan, and Tommy Croft won the main event in his Jeep Cherokee. 1990 Super 1600 champion Mitch Mustard made a strong start winning the first heat, and then the main event in his Chenowth. Marty Coyne won the second 1600 heat. It was a Briggsbuilt evening in SuperLite action as Terry Peterson won the first hl'at, Rennie Awana took the second heat, and Jimmie Johnson nabbed the big points by winning the main event. A highlight of this class was the debut of the third generation of Mears racers as Rick's on Clint and Roger's youngest son Casey, made their debuts in SuperLite racing, with the whole family including Rick, watching their progress. They did OK. In the4 Wheel ATV ranks Greg Stuart won the first heat aboard a Honda, Derek Hamilton took the second heat on a Su:uki and Mark Ehrhardt won the main event on a JP. In the high flying UltraCross Motorcycle racing Mike Craig won heat I on a Kawasaki, Larry Brooks took heat 2 on a Yamaha and Kyle Lewis won the main on a Yamaha. AUSTRALIAN SAFARI RAID -The international event is once again scheduled to storm into the Australian Outback in August. Automation Australia, the Sydney based organi:er, announced plans for the 1992 event recently. The route is stated to be running through the outback using many tracks not previously used. Starting in Sydney on August 8, 1992, contestants will travel across the Australian continent to finish in Darwin on August 16. A prologue will be held over a seven kilometer dirt circuit at a race track close to Sydney and the event will he conducted under the FlSA Raid Sporting Regulations. The Australian Safari runs much like a rally with liaison/special/liaison sections that permit a sporting battle between competitors with only minutes and sometimes seconds between the drivers, in contrast to the Paris Dakar style event, where spaces of many hours are often experienced. Originally the event was to be part of the proposed FISA World Cup or Championship." However, as FISA has now put a hold on the World Cup for Raids, we have decided we won't run the Safari as a Marathon Raid in 1992 hut revert to a Cross Country Raid covering6500 kilometers", said Tom Snooks, Managing Director of Automation Australia. "The 6500 kilometer, nine day event is tough enough and long enough, and helps keep costs down for both organi:er and competitors. Vehicle eligibility for cars will be based on FISA Tl, T2 and T3, hut the big T4 trucks are not allowed as some of the tracks are just too narrow. Motorcycles are included in the entry. Mechanics and ream managers will travel from one overnight stop to the next in air conditioned coaches, working on the vehicles by night, then having rest and sleep by day. American vehicles who do nor qualify to run under FISA regulations have an opportunity to run in the Australian National Division, where almost any road registered auto will he eligihle. T he National Division covers the same route, hut start after the internationals and are mixed with the motorcycles. Get informatio n in the USA by contacting Bryant & Loretta Hihbs at B Bar H Unlimited (619) 468-3609 , or call To m Snookd, Auto mati o n Australia, 011-612-938-5999. Racin9 THE CHAMPIONS 1991 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, NEVADA AND OREGON THE CHALLENGE 1992 CLASS1&2 1STPLACE 2ND PLACE CLASS1Q 1STPLACE 2ND PLACE CLASS 1-2/1600 1STPLACE 2ND PLACE CLASS4 1STPLACE 2ND PLACE CLASS 9 1STPLACE 2ND PLACE SAM BERRI CHUCK & JOHN TAYLOR DALE SMITH ACE BRADFORD KEN RUFF JIM WILLAMAN/ JERRY CANONIC JOSH & CHAD HALL DON GERMAN MIKE BISHOP JACK BONESTEEL SPORTSMAN-VETERAN 1 ST PLACE JEFF O'CALLAGHAN 2ND PLACE CREASY & SONS SPORTSMAN-NOVICE 1STPLACE 2ND PLACE ODYSSEY 1STPLACE 2ND PLACE MIKE LIVERMORE/ GEOFF LOVELESS FLOYD & MIKE HAAS BEN WALD JERRY WALD BFGOODRICH ROSE AUTOMOTIVE RCS CONVERSIONS PRO PIT CALIFORNIA COACH DONSCO FIBERCRAFT, INC SACRAMENTO MOTORSPORTS MARCH29 PRAIRIE CITY SVRA PARK SACRAMENTO, CA APRIL 26 MAY24 JUNE20 JULY 26 OCT17 NOV- TBA THE VALLEY OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION SEASIDE, CA SPARKS.NV CARSON crrv, NV SACRAMENTO, CA BELMONT, CA RENO, NV SACRAMENTO, CA SINCE 1975 YOKOHAMA ARCHER BROS. GEAR PERFORMANCE BLUE MAX RACING LARRY'Z AUTO WORKS C.H.E. ALL PRO AUTO PARTS HOLLISTER HILLS SVRA PARK HOLLISTER, CA YERINGTON 400 YERINGTON, NV VIRGINIA CITY CLASSIC 200 VIRGINIA crrv, NV PRAIRIE crrv SVRA PARK SACRAMENTO, CA YERINGTON 250 YERINGTON, NV BEND300 BEND, OR PRAIRIE crrv SVRA PARK SACRAMENTO, CA HAYWARD, CA RANCHO CORDOVA, CA RANCHO CORDOVA, CA SACRAMENTO, CA SPARKS, NV SACRAMENTO, CA VALLEY OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 1833 LOS ROBLES BLVD. SACRAMENTO, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 Dusty Times March 1992 Page 15

Page 16

May 15-1 'l 9 1992 Have No Pressure Have No Fear LA RANA Racing is Always Near! The #1 Off-Road Racing Circuit Come race in the beautiful Red Mountains of Ridgecrest, CA La Rana Desert Racing Promotions 22769 Chambray Drive, Moreno Valley, CA 92557 (714) 924-2226 ' .

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Competition Review Board Report members contribute a fee of $8000 yearly for the right to input on the Board. This $72,00o· would be divided among the two promoters, earmarked to help cover the costs of timing and scoring, the tech dept., and to sport for all concerned. The short loop format which HORA_ has used for the Fireworks 250 and the Gold Coast 300 has generated many safety headaches in the past. While SCORE has made improve-ments in communications, they continue to struggle in the area of medical support and course marking procedures. course these events take. The problem is, it will be very difficult to share a common rule book without also sharing a common tech dept. since everyone will depend on a consistent interpreta-tion of these rules. The present tech director has been under fire from many sources for years, and his continued tenure with both organizations is doubtful. By George Thom/)son The CRB played to an empty house at Rosita's Restaurant after the HORA American Custom Wheel 250 last January. Craig, Colorado, which was one of Walt's experiments a few years ago, was the last time that there were no protests and therefore no need for a Competition Review Board. Perhaps it was the low entry or the excellent track conditions after a week of rain or maybe it was because HORA laid -out a great race course, or a combination of the above. Whatever the reason there were no protests for the CRB to hear at the inaugural American Custom Wheel 250, so the board was dismissed by the CRB Marshal, without a meetin_g, at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night. Even as events were occurring,_ or failing to occur as the case may be, I decided that I nonetheless have a commitment to supply my readers with some copy after each event. Never let it be said that I turned by back on a forum. So, I decided that it might be interesting to step back and look at the sport, in light of recent events, and discuss what we (IDRA) have on our agenda for the coming year. To put this all into perspective, it might be interesting to review the events of the past months, a look back at 1991. In the greater scheme of things, I suppose this isn't of earth shaking importance, but I am concerned that it is a story that no one has bothered to discuss except in bar rooms and Checker meetings-. As most of you already know, in 1992 SCORE and HORA are once again separate racing organizations operating two different desert series. This "split" of the two seems to have been spear-headed by HORA who felt they were facing an escalating liability within the partnership and also had some hard economic realities to deal with. Apparently HORA wanted to he able to put on more events and generally control their own destiny. Rumors of this "split" started circulating in mid-Sept-ember, continued to gather steam, and came to a head at the year end awards banquet in December. According to "informed sources", I'll call him Dee/) T/m){II, HORA was approached in late 1990 by certain influential members of the sport with an offer of financial support, if they (HORA) would start their own series. Exact details of this offer arc unknown and it appeared HORA had no interest in turning its hack on the combined series at that time and the offer was rejected. But, when rumors of a possible breakup began to circulate last fall, many of these same interests had changed their mind. In October 1991 a group of racers and team owners, repre-senting some of the wealthi·er teams called a meeting with HORA CEO Danny Cau, in an effort to salvage the SCORE/ HORA relationship and maintain the eight race combined series. This meeting apparently included some of the same people who approached HORA less than one Dusty Times year ea~lier proposing a breakup help fund the ongoing search for a of the series. Some financial corporate series sponsor. To date considerations were offered _ Goodrich plans to support all ten which were structured to benefit races, and Ford will cover nine, both promoters; however, it is hoping to win dual champ-unclear what stipulations, if any, ionships. were included in the package. In The IDRA will support both fact, the offer seemed to deterior-series, and both sanctioning ate over time, according to Deep bodies have agreed to share a Throat, until there was no offer at common rule book. Both have all._ So HORA went about agreed to share a common business as usual. ~ technical department at least At the Baja 1000 the streets through the 1992 season. The two were alive with speculation about series will impact our driver the breakup of the series, and at representative system since some some point rumor began to of our reps but not all, will replace fact. In spite of all the compete in both series. This is rumors on the street, there was no important as the driver rep system "Official" word on the subject is the major link between racers and I was content to let events run and the tech dept. and has ·a their own course before making substantial impact on the rule any comment. In mid-November book. Frank Vessels will remain the stage moved to the MTEG- the Chief Driver Rep. and I will manufacturers meeting when continue to monitor these Danny Cau and Sal Fish an-systems for the IDRA. nounced the HORA plan to The IDRA Safety Committee terminate the combined series has put a great deal of effort into and Danny outlined his sched\lle the search· for safe_r racing for the HORA USA Cup senes conditions in the past few years. for 1992. Apparently the nine We have held numerous meetings manufacturers were not pleased with manufactµrers, factory and to hear that the rumors had independent ra0ers and pit substance and asked what it support teams. We will continue would take to salvage the to assist in making this a safer · combined series. Unable to give specifics on the spot both SCORE We would like to move toward a set of minimum safety standards which everyone can agree on-; a plan which sets forth a standard-ized blueprint for safety at races, with all sanctioning bodies, not just SCORE and HORA. Included in the plan would be areas such as course marking standards, checkpoint operation, road crossing procedures, minimum medical requirements based on the number of entries, etc. It may seem like an ambitious concept, but I believe that by working together it is a goal that can be achieved. From a competitors standpoint, a broad base of standardization would make it safer to compete in any desert race, comfortable in the knowl-edge that certain key areas would have continuity. In the face of all these changes, it's easy to overlook the fact that we have a new rule book coming out for 1993194. Ifhoth SCORE and HORA continue to share ·a common rule book, this will be a simpler process. However we need to be prepared for whatever The combining of Classes 7 4x4 and 7S has recently become a reality in spite of the 2 year rule book concept. Another interesting new wrinkle is HORA 's addition of Stock Mini and Stock full size truck classes, which were not visible at SCORE's recent Parker 400. There is a growing question of what to do with Class 1 /2. There are some racers who favor again separating the unlimited class into two groups, one would feature trucks, and the other open-wheel cars and both would be unlimited classes. Any action on this issue must wait until 1993 to be implemented, but racers in these classes need to be polled on this subject before this action takes place,• not after. The driver rep system is most valuable in resolving many questions in the individual classes, and if you would like to see a change, get the idea to the driver rep so all racers can be surveyed to determine what changes, if any, they would like to see in their class. and HORA were asked to prepare a joint proposal which would address the needs of both the sanctioning bodies and outline the cost and benefits to each manufacturer as a result of pursuing such an investment. SCORE and HORA worked together on the proposals, and When Peter Piper Picked A Parker Pumper Helmet, presented them within the week, and the manufacturers agreed to respond by the December meeting. Idon'tknowwhatwas in the proposal, but it is rumored to have been an offer to the manufacturers for an undisclosed amount of money to be paid by each company in return for a three year sponsorship of a combined series. Some or maybe all the company reps rejected the proposal, and the three meetings on December 6 ended with the formal announcement that HORA would go its separate way. At the first meeting-Sal Fish outlined his plans for SCORE events in 1992, basically the same as the prior year, except the Baja 1000 would go all the way to La Paz and racers would be required to start all four races to be eligible for a points championship. Then Danny Cau outlined his plans with charts and schedules for his six race series, and at first seemed reluctant to have a throw-a-way race. However, Danny recognized the inconvenience of the January date being announced on such short notice and agreed that participation in five races would qualify racers for HORA points. The third meeting was for manufacturers only, and the nine members left of the original 15 or so on the council arc Ford, Chevrolet, G.M. Trucks, Chry-sler, Nissan, Toyota, Uni-royal/Goodrich, Goodyear and Yokohama Tires. The immediate problem was that budgets set for the coming year were for eight races, not 10. So at that time.they agreed that each of the nine How Many Drivers Wanted The Helmet That Peter Piper Picked? Helmet includes Nomex Skirt • More Nose Room • Lighter • Seals Better Against Dust• 30% More Vision• Also Available - Full Line of Simpson Products • Bell Helmets • Glass Shields • Drinkers • Kool Pac·s • Pumper Motors • 4'-8' Hoses • 1985 Snell Approved Helmets We Also Convert Helmets! We Ship UPS Fax (714) 923-3118 March 1992 Page 17

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THE SNORE ELDORADO VALLEY i50 Pat Dean Wins-A Close One In Rough Co~ntry P/wtm: Tradc,idL· P/wrm, Inc. Pat Dean. with Roger Stade riding along in the Chenowth. ran close through three laps. took over the lead on lap 4 and squeezed out the overall and Unlimited Class victory by mere inches. a couple of minutes at the flag. For seven years SNORE has held their December race on the same day as the SCORE-HORA Series awards in Las Vegas, and the event usually attracts a few· coming from .ifar to the banquet, who just happen to tow the race car with them. For several years the event had been sponsored by the Showboat Hotel and it ran out of the Las Vegas Speedrome on trails often used for the Nissan, nee Mint 400. However, a short course race scheduled late in November out of that area, using the Showboat Hotel as head-quarters, encouraged SNORE to move their event to the Eldorado Valley, just down the road from Boulder City, south of Hender-son, which ironically uses the part of the course once used for the Mint 400 called the BLM's Revenge. The course is just a couple of miles from the Railroad Pass Casi~o. handy for out of towners [I oE ~!l~1QJ] OFF-ROAD RACING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES &JiJ for fr~ catalog phone (805) 683-1211 Page 18 for rooms and food, and the Hotel provided space in their well lit parking lot for tech; and inside quarters for race registration. The late afternoon into evening tech and contingency parade attracted a number of contingency donors, grateful for the lack of wind that made the cool December weather much more bearable for everyone concerned. Many casino patrons wandered through the line also, curious about the odd looking race cars and also looking for souvenirs. Bright and early in really chilly weather the troops gathered at the start/finish line by an old motocross course. off Highway 95. The drivers meeting was at 7:00 a.m. with the race start at 8:00 a.m., so that everyone would have time to get back to town and cleaned up for the banquet. Pat and Rose Galliher's food wagon did a land office business on breakfast Burritos and coffee in between activities as the drawing for starting positions was barely over when the drivers staged themselves in orderly fashion. There was a stated seven hour time limit on the event. Classes l /2, 1-2-1600, and IO faced five . laps of the 49 ·mile route, while Classes 5-1600, 9 and mini trucks had to cover four laps. All three mini truck drivers doubted they would get in four laps, but most thought three would be reasonable. Class l / 2 was first away with a few regulars and a load of heavy hitters. First away promptly at 8:00 was Jody Barker and Larry Thomas, but they didn't cover a lap. Tommy Bradley Jr., who had won every SNORE race to date this -year, was next off in his two seater, followed directly by his Dad, Tom Sr. Jim McKen:ie took off with the Valley Performance team following, first Brian Collins, then Tro\; Herbst, then Pat Dean and the roar of Porsche power echoed in the canyon. And next was the big new Ch1ss 4 Dodge of Rod Hall /Jim Fricker out to do some real world testing after teething troubles in Baja with the ri-g. Last away in Unlimited class was the Class 5 of Charles M. David and company, but they never finished the lap either. Troy Herbst was first around with fast first lap of jus't over an hour flat. Bradley Sr. was next making a quick pit stop, then Pat Dean flew by followed by Tommy Tommy Bradley Jr. had a first lap flat. but set fast time of the day on the second round and finished second in Unlimited and overall in a photo finish. March 199i Bryan Pennington ran a tight second for three laps in Class 1-2-1600. but took a two minute lead on lap 4 and carried on in a tight race to win the class and finish third overall in the Chenowth. · · Bradley, who had stopped to change a flat. Brian Collins had to change a CV joint just a few miles off the start, but carried on. Jim McKen:ie had a 2J/2 hour lap and was not seen again.-Rod Hall arrived before Collins, with suspension problems and headed for his pits. Behind Troy Herbst on ET came Dean, Bradley Sr. and Jr. as they charged into the second lap. After two laps Troy Herbst, whose brothers were not compet-ing this time; had over two minutes lead on Pat Dean who, in turn, was a minute ahead of Bradley Jr. Collins, who had both Mike Smig and Brent Bell as co-drivers, whipped off a 59:01 St·cond lap on the comeback trail, hut Tommy Bradley had nailed fast lap of the race at 57:51 on the lap. Rod Hall finally got through the second lap, hut retired with a 4:32 two lap time, a Dodge broken down front end, and broken torsion bars in the rear. Rod and Jim said they learned what they came to learn. Hall's chase crew headed by son Chad covered more miles than the race truck probably, making several field fix trips. The middle lap was just about the race in Unlimited Class. Troy Herbst was stopped more than once by electrical failure in the single seat Chenowth,. and dropped a lot of time getting to his pits,· that were already full of white cars out of the Valley Performance and Michael Gaughan racing teams. A large amount of experts were in these pits, including Jimmy Smith, who had to leave early to get ready for the banquet or he would have raced his class points winning Valley Performance two seater. It took a lot of time to get the Herbst car running, and meanwhile Troy was not to be found. Rob MacCachren, standing there all suited up, said I'll take it out, and did for lap 4, hut he had to leave for a Ford command pnformance in town in mid-afternoon. Meanwhile Brian Collins had broken the same CV on lap 3, but the field fix the first time had pounded the cap on so badly that they couldn't get the axle out, so he had parked, and then did lap 5 in Troy's car, raving about how easy the single seater handled compared to his two seater. This three way combo finished fourth in class·, only 15 minutes out of the money. Things like this arc what make racing with SNORE so much fun. Up front Tommy Bradley led Pat Dean by a minute 24 seconds after thrn: laps, Bradley Sr. being hack about 15 minutes. Tommy made a quick pit stop on lap 4 to fix a steering shaft problem, and Dean finished the lap on three wheels. Tommy was two minutes down starting the last lap, but Pat had troubles too. Then Tommy had a flat, but got a quick tire change on course, an:d as the cars came out of the canyon heading for the finish line Dean led, hut Brad Icy Jr. was on I y a car length or . so behind. They finished in that order with Bradley right on Dean's hum per. Pat Dean won his first overall victory and it was only his second finish in an unlimited car. Tommy Bradley had a flat on the last lap and was 2.5 minutes back in second in class and overall, his dream of winning every series race in 1991 shattered by two flat tires and steering woes. Tom Bradley Sr. was a strong third about 33 minutes hack followed in hy the Troy Herbst car. Only three Class 10 cars were in the ranks and it wasn't a tight contest. In fact, Mark Whittin~-ton turned class fast lap on the first round at 1:05:12, ran third overall for half the race, led ~·very Mark Wittington set fast lap for Class 1 O on the first go. never looked back and never stopped with trouble and went on to win the class by 17 minutes and take fourth overall. Dusty Times

Page 19

Regan and Tory Gubler led the eventual winner in Class 1-2-1600 for half distance, had no trouble at all with the Mirage and were second in class and fifth overall at the finish. Brendan Gaughan and J.C. Dean had a world class navigator in Rob MacCachren and the teenagers finished second in Class 10 despite losing second gear. Tom Bradley Sr. was ahead of his son on the first lap. slowed a bit on the later laps with pit stops but took third in Unlimited Class, sixth overall. Troy Herbst, with a little help from his friends, got electrical troubles cured in time to put the Chenowth into fourth' in Unlimited class, eighth.O/A. Bekki Freeman took over from her dad Ken midway in the Class 1-2-1600 action survived power steering woes and finished a fine third in this tight class. Herman Salaz and Ron Cloud had their trouble on the first lap. but came back with four good laps to finish fourth in the hectic 1-2-1600 battles. lap to victory, and also took fourth overall among the five lap classes. Mark had absolutely no troubles and his slowest lap was 1 :09:42. A keen way to. race. Brendan Gaughan had a men-tor I co-driver in the right seat, Rob MacCachren, for the first three laps, and Rob had never before ridden in a race. After three laps Gaughan handed over to co-driver J.C. Dean and Brendan got in the right seat, hoth teenagers completing their first year in competition. They lost second gear and Brendan had to hold the C henowth in gear most of the last lap while J.C. drove it home to a strong second, only 17 and overall championship on minutes behind the experienced points and also was the SCORE~ Whittington who never stopped HORA class champion as well, so at all. Melvin and Donald Tom he had to get clean for the evening had troubles on the first lap, then too. Kenny Freeman whipped off twofastlapsandmoretroubleon a first lap 1:07:53, about 16 the fourth and ran out of time to seconds faster than Regan Gubler start the fifth round. who was just 48 seconds faster Class 1-2-1600 had eight than Bryan Pennington. Ken starters, all strong runners with Freeman Sr. did a 1:11:57 John Gaughan pulling the first off followed in a minute by John the line starting spot, followed by Gaughan. The others dropped ~egan Gu?ler and the herd. Fast time on the lap but came back tirst lap ot 1 :07:38 went to Tom strong. Burns in the Mirage, but his Baja After two rounds Kenny weary steed broke a trailing arm Freeman had a 51 second lead on on lap 2 and that was that. Burns Regan Gubler, who was just eight had already locked up the class seconds up on l:3ryan Pennington. Freeman Sr. was fourth, just three minutes up on John Gaughan and the others were still running. Again the middle lap was the kicker. But Freeman Jr. still led Gubler by seconds, Pennington · was still a minute down and the others held position. After a slow start the Billy Bryan/ Lex Carter car was doing some good laps, but ran out of time to start the last lap. John Gaughan found a large rock he couldn't get over and wrecked the front beam on his car and he was out. Ken Freeman did a quick 1: 10 lap then turned the car over to his daughter Bekki in fourth place, comfortably ahead of Herman Sala: and Ron Cloud. Kenny Freeman l~d after four laps by 40 seconds over Bryan Pennington, who had two minutes on Regan Gubler, and the order seemed to be set. But the younger Freeman broke a link pin and trailing arm on the last lap, losing the race in what had been an exciting and visual three way battle. So it came down to Pennington and Gubler on the last lap, and Bryan Pennington, another Valley Perfo rma nee driver, whipped off race fast lap for the class at 1 :05:38, and Bryan took the victory in his single seater by about five minutes over Regan and Tony Guhler. Bryan's main problem all day was that the power r;r HOWE ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR 16.5 POUNDS SIZES· AVAILABLE Jeff Robinson. Craig Holt and Kyle Jeffery came from the north. Salt Lake City. to race the rocks. and set fast Class 5-1600 lap, turned consistent times and won the class by 20 minutes. 16 X 27 18X24 19X28 19 X 31 A former champion Mike Dixon ran alone. set fast lap for Class 9 on the second of four laps. followed that with a pair of quick rounds to win the class by a good margin, over seven minutes. Dusty Times CURRENTLY USED IN CLASS 2, 8, & NASCAR 'J?liff&B!Tifil¥NIW&i:at~i&%%¼1:@VfilK:®1tlitf!®:®1mI@JiW1®1Nl%tW~,l, if H NEW owNERs NEw PRooucTs tm rti 1-Tl~fH -~ lW FROM RACE TO PLAY ..Al»'<----Di>Lr'"'(~ nt ttl~I~ If ttAlt auALrrY AccEssoR1Es . 1 ~ ffi{ YOU DEMAND' ~~lil!!ll!i!9!!111J.18t,,-F-...: __.'-._ ~li1\,·m···w~·=•===';?······''i.•.•.•.•=····'··=~==•;.,,.,,, A~~~~ ~~r~~~.~~a~:uF~L~ER, :, ~--~ ( personalized FUEL SAFE, HELLA, KC, K&N, ,.,_.~,,.-· ,' ""' service ! MASTERCRAFT, DOUG THORLEY AND MORE! .... ,... b,,J'.'!'.L.::J !Ill LAS VEGAS 702 . \c -~' ::· sas? s VALL-v VIEW 362 2089 Fu1::LcELLs sAFETYrnu1P · , c: .. FIBFRGLASS FENDERS OFF SPRING MTN. RD. OPEN MON-SAT March 1992 Page 19

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The surfboard was intact in this shot, but went away later; still Vince Alcouloumre, Tim Tolle and Mike Molina took second in the Class 5-1600 wars. Reid Ferguson, with Darryl Eve and Tom Sanders, had a good run, third in Class 5-1600, only three minutes out of second in the limited but fun Baja Bug bunch. Steve Eversmeyer and Jim Wischmeyer had four very consistent lap times. and the team placed third in Class 9, a heartbreaking 23 seconds out of second. Todd Olcott. Tim Thackston and Kevin Lowell ended up winning the $525 first place purse in Class 7 even though they only completed two laps in the time limit. Rod Hall and Jim Fricker looked strong on the first lap in the big Dodge 4x4, but terminal trouble on lap 3 put them out of the Unlimited class race. It must have seemed like the old days for the Rod Hall crew. pitting out in the open, and working on the ground. Despite a big effort the suspension fix didn't work. Tim Crain and Dean Richner moved up from fourth in Class 9, got faster each lap and the team not only placed second in Class 9 they won the Class 9 points for 1991 and placed second overall. THE WRIGHT DROP SPINDLE 3" MORE GROUND CLEARANCE ~ ~~ PLACE~. CV JOINTS RACK & PINION STEERING UNITS 1. REGULAR 2. SAND BUGGY 3. MINI 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 TEL: (619) 561-4810 FAX: (619) 561-7960 Page IO i;r steering kept coming and going. Gubler reported no trouble at all with the Mirage. Bekki Freeman, who also had power steering problems tossing belts, had enough supply to finish third in the hard fought class, followed in just over three minutes by Herman Sala: and Ron Cloud, the last five lap finisher. A lucky seven started in Class 9 led off the line by Jason Romans, who did not cover a lap. Roger Bright was next away, then it was Mike Dixon, Gene Griepentrog, Steve Eversmeyer, John Wells, and Tim Crain. After one lap Griepentrog, Dixon and Evers-meyer arrived all in the same minute, with Crain just behind. On time G riepentrog had the lead by 26 seconds over Eversmeyer, Dixon was another six seconds back, and Crain trailed by another two minutes. Wells and Bright were about ten minutes behind this hunch. The pace quickened on the second of the four laps, and Mike Dixon whipped off fast class lap at 1:15:43 to take over the lead by four minutes from Griepentrog who had Eversmeyer just 19 seconds behind and Crain was now trailing hy just over a minute. The team of Gene Griepentrog and Kent Lothringer vanished on the third lap, and we don't know why: five were still running, hut the h,1ttle was between the top three. With one lap to go Mike Dixon held the lead, now hy six minutes over Eversmeyer and Crain was another minute down. On the last lap Mike Dixon and Tim Crain literally tied on lap time at I: 17, hut Dixon was first on the road somewhat out of the dust, and he was first to arrive and won the class by seven odd minutes on total time. Mike said he had one flat on the first lap and changed a coil on lap 3, and he thanked Pat Dean and Tommy Bradley for passing him without hitting in their fierce battle. Steve Eversmeyer and Jim Wischmeyer arrived just inches ahead of Tim Crain and Dean Richner. But Crain had the faster last lap time hy over a minute, so Crain and Richner took second place by just March 1991 23 seconds. Tim said he ran the fun. It's always fun when you win, last lap with the oil light on hut Jeff, and take home $735 for first had no trouble and ignored the place! light. Steve Eversmeyer and Jim Vince Alcouloumre, Tim Tolle Wischmeyer said their only and tvtike Molina claimed second problem was losing second gear in class about 20 minutes hack, on the last lap, a gear that the had one flat, right in their pit, and Challengers badly need on this other than losing the surf hoard rough course. They were tight in had no other trouble. Reid third and the last class four lap Ferguson, Daryl Eve and Tom finisher. John Wells and Russ Sanders were just three minutes Brooks ran a steady pace into hack in third, having run a lap fourth, one lap down, and Roger without a skid plate, and they Bright recovered from an over finished on a flat tire. The Carter three hour second lap driving car ran out of time to start lap 4, without a left front wheel to finish hut earned the fourth place fifth with three laps done. trophy anyhow. Six in Class 5-1600 tackled the The final class was 7, with only tough route led off the line hy three starters out, hoping to claim Patrick Carter. Barry Slat-the $1,000 bonus put up up hy ter/ Monty Smith were next, then Yokohama and Joe Rossi Tires. tlame Reid Ferguson, Vince Sincenoneofthethreegotinthe Alcouloumre, Kevin Streety and required laps, the bonus rolled Jeff Robinson from up north in over to the next race. The first lap Utah. Barry Slatter was first <:,iw a good battle between Steve around with the fastest lap at G~le/Jack Basset and Stacey Pike 1: 19:53, Alcouloumre was a with riders Larry Ballard and minute hack, 29 seconds ahead Dennis Thorn. Ogle did the class of Robinson who had an even fast lap on the first round at minute on Ferguson and Streety. I :36:24, hut Stacey Pike was o nly Carter was about ten minutes tl·n minutes slower. However, further down. This was a four lap neither truck ever covered the class and the second lap took out second lap. So, after two three some contenders. Streety vanish-hour plus laps, a total time of ed into the hills, while Slatter did 6: I 3:39, Todd Olcott and riders a 4:28 lap and said just about Tim Thackston and Kevin Lowell everything that could break did. called it a day and did win $525 But midway it was a tight race. for the effort. Robinson led by merely three After a gala night at the Gold minutes having turned class fast Coast, some of the folks gathered lap at I : 17:20. Alcouloumre, for SNORE's Awards brunch in hnving lost his roof top surtbonrd the same room Sunday morning. was running second, hut only The Gold Coast has hosted the about eight minutes up on hestofalltheawardshrunchesfor Ferguson. Despite an over two SNORE in 1991 and the buffet hour lap Patrick Carter/Steven breakfast offerings are the widest and Scott Waller carried on in variety imaginable, all on the fourth. house. With SNORE's rotating Jeff Robinson, on unfamiliar $500 bonus in Clnss 112 this rnce, groundatthat,whippedoffa 1:18 Pat Dean took home $1,445 for third lap to consolidnte his lead, his five hour drive. Mark now holding 17 minutes on Wittington got $538 in the three Alcouloumre, who was merely rnr Class 10, Bryan Pennington five minutes up on Ferguson. won $875 as the 1600 class paid With the quickest fourth lap Jeff through third place as did Class Robinson, Craig Holt and Kyle l / 2 and 9. With a reduced entry Jeffery won Class 5-1600 and fee in Class 9 Mike Dixon won took the pri:es hack to Salt Lake $310. City. Robinson said he had no SNORE racing starts again troubles at all, checked out the Fehruary 7-9 with the Mahoney's course on the first lap, then got Silver Nugget Bottom Dollar 200 serious, and said it was rough hut in the Nellis Dunes, close to town. Dusty nmes

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The 1991 Michigan Off Road Championships Awards ,vUCHfGAN OFF-''"V)l'\O • .. Cf"!AM: l'ttt-JIPS /~:-~ Ken Middleton, shown here ,n action, won the Heavy Metal honors for the season driving his Jeep out of Holly, Ml. the Pro category was Pat Rogers competitor who entered all eight from Ionia, MI. Rich Kile trom events, regardless of their Taylor, Ml was third in end of the finishing position. The champions pose with their hard won trophies. with Mike Brunton. the series promoter standing in the rear. From the left. Keith Bischoff. Dan Baudoux, Steve Thompson, Tim Lemons, Ken Middleton, Mickey Ballance, team owner, year points. The semi-pro quad Persons who wish to be ATV series title went to Keith included on the mailing list or Bischoff of Ottawa Lake, Ml. obtain a rule book and more Second place was Mark Robbins information are encouraged to from Hart, Ml. Pat Groulx from contact the Michigan Off Road and Steve Borek. 216oo(cl 7) . h Mt.Morris,Mlfinishedthird. Championshipsat(517)627-- ass racer to wm t e . - · d b 6 seri s S d I T This points series prove to e 200 or write M.T.B. Enterprises, e · econ Pace was im 1 · h h A 15529Jones Road, Grand Ledge, Lemons, also in a Class 7 car. $ve5r0y pbopu ar wit t _ed racers. h Th. d 1 M k w·1k· f onus was pa1 to eac Ml 48837. 1r p ace was ar I ms o -,----------------------------. Midland, Ml. The Unlimited class winner was Tim Lemons in his Rahbit powered Class 9 huggy. Second place was Dan Baudoux, also in a Rabbit powered Class 9 Mirage. Third place was Mark Wilkins in his air cooled VW. • IS . ' n Tim Lemons. of Warren. Ml. won the Limited Class points and also the Unlimited Class honors. and is shown here with his 2-1600 Berrien race car. The Heavy Metal series title went to Ken Middleton of Holly, MI in his Jeep. In second place was Ric Tichbourne of London, Ontario, Canada. Third place went to Dean Whitaker in his Chevy truck, sponsored by 4-Wheel Diversified in Toledo, OH. . ' The Michigan Off Road· Championships recently held their awards hanquct for the 1991 racing season and presented-over ten thousand dollars in awards for the season points standings. This popular sprint series features trucks, buggies and q uad ATVs <?n short course tracks at county foirs. The events arc 21/., to three hours long and average 24 races per event. All competitors race in heat races to determine their starting position for the feature races. First and second place finishers are allowed to move up to the next feature; unlike some other series there is no additional charge to enter the feature event where the payout is supplied hy the promoter. Sponsors for the 1991 race series were Mountain Dew, General Tire, FTC Racing Gears, RJS Safety Equipment, VP Race Fuel, Mini Performance, Fresh Air Systems, Outt:rwcars, and Mickey Ballance. Class 11 was the largest class for new vehicles this year. Steve Thompson of Charlotte, MI finished in first place for the second year in a row in his huggy sponsored by Boh Green. From C1dillac, MI, Mark Walker was second. Third place went to Herman Barnum from Vassar, MI. The Rookie of the Year honors went to Mike Cherry of Grand Rapids, MI. Mike operates his Class 2 Mirage entirely with hand controls. The Limited Class feature points series was very close all season. Tim Lemons of Warren, MI finished first in a Berrien 2-l 600 (Class 7) with a Mini Performance engine. Second place was Dan Baudoux from Dusty Times Hemlock, MI in a Mirage chassis from Dan's Off Road. Third place went to Dennis Aiken of Villa Rica, GA Class IO is restricted to 1650cc air cooled VW engines only in this s · . The winner in this class .. The Pro Quad A TV series is a very competitive TT race on the short dirt tracks built at each facility. Steve Borek of Hudson, MI won the first place trophy and money on a Honda prepared and owned hyMichy B.,lbn~ RI Dan Baudoux won the Class 10 title for 1650cc air cooled VW engines only, and he also placed second in the Unlimited Class points race. Steve Thompson of Charlotte Ml won Class 11 honors for the second year in a row in this very competitive. large entry. restricted buggy class. March 1992 ~~ITT ... CEN.JER l-lNE RACING WHEELS THE STRONGEST OFF-ROAD WHEEL MONEY CAN BUYI FAT Performance has in stock the largest inventory of 5-lug VW CENTER LINE wheels in the country. Whether you need wheels with polished or satin finish, FAT has them in all popular styles. Need them in a hurry? FAT can ship the same day as ordered ... and with the best price in the industry. FAT can also supply your CENTER LINES with Champion bead locks. Buying a set of CENTER LINES can be exceedingly easy with FAT Performance. We do all the legwork. Call for current pricing. Quantity discounts are also available. FAT IS YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR VW, PORSCHE AND TOYOTA OFF-ROAD ENGINES AND PARTS. FAT Racing Parts Bilstein Shocks Sway-A-Way Perma-Cool S&SHeaders WeberCarbs IPF Lights JaMar Products Wright Place Tri-Mil Exhaust Gem Gears Beard Seats Simpson Safety Super-Tropp Yokohama Tires Petro-Tech 2000 PERFORMANCE For your FAT Perlormonce colalog, send $5to Dept. cw, 1558 No. Case SI., OIOnge, CA92667. Or coll (714) 637-2889. FAX (714) 637-7352 Page 21

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I I , I ADRA SONOYTA TO ROCKY POINT Ed Beard Wins The Season Finale In Mexico Text & Photos: Tony Tellier -~. ~ Bill Krug and Bob Sanders had a too close encounter with some Chol/a bushes tossing some into the car. but despite the painful result they went on - --«to-win Class 1-2-1600 and place seventh overall. ~:;.,,t#· -~{>. '%' .. ~ Ed Beard started out strong, had flats. engine trouble, and other woes, but his Toyota powered single seater kept running and Ed not only won Class 10 he won the point to point race overall. Ed Beard came out of semi-mile course. flywheel was coming off." He was retirement, or was it semi-Rocky Point is a-fast run from glad ADRA has rolling checks. hibernation, to blast the field at the Ari:ona-Mexican border to After his one fuel stop he kept the ADRA Rocky Point run. No the fishing town of Puerto looking over his shoulder for the matter, Beard was anything but Penasco, a town of 15,000 people others, as only Steele was ahead rustyasheputdownastrongfield that is popular with Ari:ona physically, but with Ed's back of Class 1 and 2 cars, including college kids. The first section is a row start he was within striking Stan Steele, Mr. Ma:da Bob forty mile loop around a granite distanceontime.Hefinishcdwith Gayton,andSteveMeltondriving mountain, rocks and cross bothreartiresflatandabcercan an old "Ed" chassis. drainage. After a series of violent si:ed hole through the bellhousing The final event in the American early winter storms flushed the where some clutch parts hlew out. Desert Racing Association's six small stuff out of the cracks, the An ama:ing Class IO win and a race series has always been bed rock was well exposed last first overall finish. Ed said, Sonoyta to Rocky Point. Usually December 7. The basic race tactic "When it's your day, well surely promoter Phil Auernhiemer's is to make it safely through the it is your day!" races are a multi-loop scenario, rocks and then blast through the Class IO had some heavy hitters requiring support no more washes,dunes,androadsthatlead forcompetition.SteveMelton complicated than having a to the Sea of Corte: finish line. wascomingoff astrongwinatthe stationary pit at the Start/ Finish Jetting rich enough for the sea recent ORR race and Shannon line. The Run to the Beach can be level atmosphere is the only Schul: was gettng the ex-Jim a challenge for race teams who criterion for tuners. Sea level and Pierce car on track. Erik Jones was have little experience in Race sand can be real trouble. on tap with an odd-looking, but Chase. Although several access Beard's Toyota powered single very effective T.U .F. car. Having a points are easy highway crossings, seater ran fast on the way to the decent run, Erik was to be second a couple of pit sites provide sea, averaging well over 48 mph. in Class IO and third overall. inexperienced crews the enviable He started fourth in Class 10 and Melton had troubles. "Beard blew chance to get world class stuck in had ten more Unlimiteds in front by me even before I had spark the soft sand that is the last two-of that. Usually the winner never plug wire_ problems, a recurring thirds of the relatively short 125 has a good story. In this case it was problem, as the wires came off Pit Protection from Sun and Showers Add your team or sponsor's name above your car in an instant with a KD Kanopy We can print most logos and names. Call for cost. Original steel or new aluminum Kanopy frame sets up in seconds. Our tough. waterproof polyester cloth top is available in ma'¥ colors. Each Kanopy comes with a heavy vil"o/f carry bag. Factory Direct Prices 10' x 10' Start at S439. 10' x 20' Start at $779. -i.lC. ~ ama:ing that he finished let alone twice more and finally he ran win overall. "If luck is with you, from check 2 to 5 on three why hurry? If luck is against you, cylinders where the crew crimped why hurry?" was Ed's thought and duct taped the lead on. He after the race. He had a flat early, then ran strong to the finish. With but with his liners he wasn't sure no flats he was fourth in class, when it happened. Then his sixth overall, behind Jim Taggart engine started to run cruddy. and second in points behind Walt "Like it had some dirt in a jet or Baranick, who had a huge cushion out of gas. I could only carry from the start. second gear in the sand. Finally at Walt was hot for his new BFG the Well Road it cleaned out." "Rambos" but didn't get to Which was a good thing as his . exercise them fully. He toasted his clutch had gone south, but not as engine in the soft stuff and was on far south as the finish line. Ed had the trailer before dark. Another "lots of bad vibrations, banging DNF was Billy Tsakiris who had and clanking, and I thought the suspension problems, dropping . ~, 'W-11':' ~ I ;, While the Challenger entry came mostly from Tucson, Larry Dimmett proved to be the quickest from the city, winning the Challenger race by a slim 90 seconds over Larry Weiser. lots of time. Near the highway with only seven more miles to go, the night was black and they hadn't brought lights, and a flashlight didn't get them to the finish line. A pair of New Mexico cars made the long tow to Old Mexico and showed the Ari:ona Class 1 boys how it should be done. Stanley Steel!! drove his FobFab VW to a smooth Pro I win, second overall. Steele immediate! y gobbled up front starter and KC Lights sponsored Doc Ingram, whose engine was off song. Running dust free, Steele did have shifter problems in just 18 miles, with only 3rd and 4th gear usable. "I had to back off in the cross-gra in, and that's where the Murray car passed me. The mountain loop was ofo:n only onl! car wide, with big rocks, sharp edged ruts and wait-a-minute bushes. So I played a waiting game until after the rock loop and Murray bll!w a turn and broke a tic rod. Stanley was the first car at the checkered in his first run in the old Larry Noel 2234cc car. I do my own engines, and I'm going to SCORE and HORA truck racing in 1992 with Harvey Reisling." Robert Gayton was still recovering from his back injury, but had a tight girdle and was ready for the Mexican desert. He had few hassles and played a conserv:itivc game for him, saved his back and the RX 7 powered single seater, slowing for the had holes. He played bumper cars with Ed Beard for a time, then got a flat, later lost a belt, and then cooled it to the finish for second in Class l and fifth overall and he clinched the Championship. He said his back felt OK. A separate Pro 1-2-1600 race featured a PIAA Lights $ 1000 bonus to the winner. ADRA scheduled their start after all other cars, the idea being that one, other racers would not interfere, and two, lights would be necessary late in the racl!. Interest ran high, so much so that several Challenger cars made the one time move up to "1600" Tucson's Ron Dalke was convinced when BFG sponsored Walt Baranick made up the differl!nce in entry fee. ADRA's Class 9 fee is substantially lower than other Pro classes. The winner's purse would also include thl! standard ADRA pay-back and contingency awards in addition to the PIAA "Grand"; it would he a big pay day for the winner. _........-KD Kanopye........_ 5758 i..dmar St. Arvada, CO 80002 1·800-432-4435 The beach sure looks like deep sand from the rooster tail thrown by Tom Murray, but he got through and was fourth in Unlimited class, 11th 0 /A. Bill Cook had some problems on the course, but he kept his race car together enough to finish seventh in Class 1 and 16th overall in the race. The Struttmann and Strutt-mann Challenger came out for the win. Tom is a serious and well prepared competitor who keeps a detailed log of suspension settings, tuning data, ambient temperature, humidity pressure-altitude, jetting and ignition timing. These variables play a part in successfully extracting top performance from a limited class car. He calculates race lap time differentials to determine differ-ences in performance between actual/potential competitors. Always thinking, he should try SCORE Class 9, Parker is just up the road. Tony Pierce drew the front Page ii March 199i Dusty Times

Page 23

f, .. .., The team of May/Stinson plow some sand coming checkpoint en route to winning the Sportsman Division, and they placed 12th overall as well. Despite early trouble with spark plug wires, Steve Melton blasted back up the ranks to end up fourth in Class 10 and a keen sixth overall. Sam Carlise drove the only Class 5 that started the trek, and he ran fine until he lost a valve cover gasket, lost the oil, and got towed in to the S/F area. start, his flamed two seat Raceco had a new front end from Tracy at Woods' Wheel Works. This wash ' t just a super race prep addition: it was a very necessary repair after T-boning a concrete culvert under heavy dust at the Baja 1000. Rightse~ter Dave Colvin was advised that ADRA Phil's course marking will be "orders of magnitude more extensive" than at the 1000. If you can get lost at an ADRA race, you can get lost in your home on the way to the bathroom. He was also advised that he should not get too alarmed at the down arrows. ADRA opts for the conservative side. But be aware of orange rectangles: they will he attached to skull-and-crossbones items. Such immobile items as ironwood trees, bottomless ruts, masonry diversion structures, and danger-ous curves. Pit-rce's ·front row start evaporated halfway around the mountain as a pushrod pushed through a lifter body. 75% power doesn't cut it in a "1600". Since no field fix was possible, that was that. Bill Krug took over the lead, and was never headed. Strutt-mann 's Challenger, saddled with swing axles, hall joints, and only four dampers, had to cool it through the rocks and sand whoops near the sea. "We were only 3% off", he engineered, refL·rring to his data log. It was not all chuckles for Bill Krug and Roh Sanders. They over shot a turn and mowed down a stand of Cholla. The Ran:r's Nightmare. He didn't exactly mow it down, he tossed it up and into the car. With his driving suit stapkd to his arms and his gloves hristling with Teddy Bear Cholla bolls, he didn't let up. Boh got out the pliers, always rendy on the grab har, and pulled the spines out on the fly . Cholla Chatter: The "Jumping Cactus" usually hurts more when you pull 'em out. They have tiny over-lapping anti-removal spines on the spines. Plus they nrt· wax coated, which leaves a painful residue. The $2000 cash reward for winning Class 1-2-1600 dulled Bill's and Boh 's post race pain, and they finished seventh overall. The lone Class 5 of Sam Carlise was a change of venue. Sam had previously ridden the race on a KTM (2 wheels, an ATC (3 wheels), and a Banshee ( 4 wheels). Now he wanted to have a cage around him. "It's a lot smoother in a car. I used to dread that mountain loop on a bike. He noted that he saw the Kirk Kontilus four seater charging through the silt and dust. "They looked like they were having fun." Fun indeed. They started dead last with the Novice buggies and finished eighth overall on Dusty nmcs time, winning the Novice class of o'clock." As only a racer can course. The 2.8 liter Type 4 must offer, "That's racin'." propel the FobFah chassis pretty The Challenger race was an all well. Sam's race came to an end Tucson affair with Larry Dimmett when a valve cover gasket edging Larry Weiser by 90 dumped all of the engine's oil. seconds, with Pete Gannon a half "We had togettowed in from the hour back. Weiser found that his 60 mile point. It was seven brake master cylinder was dumping fluid on the starting grid, so off he went. The lack of brakes may have assisted in his rapid trip to the Sea. Weiser did cinch the season's Class 9 championship. The team of May/Stinson won the Sportsman Division, and R.K. Smith won ·GERMAN AUTO Class 5-1600. It was an unusual race in that a large portion of the potential winners had problems. Beard, Melton, Steele, Shannon and injury slowed Gayton. It was the walking wounded even out front, and Bill Krug won the big bucks. /'YOUR OFF-ROAD HEADQUARTERS" " CNC CUTTING BRAKES C Upright or lay down styles available single or dual handles . $69.95 . ~ I . --~----·~· ., ~ ,~_<\.· I DIEST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment 4-point Sand Rail Seat Belt . Race Belts 2"-5 point $69.95 $74.95 3"-5 point ... from $99.95 TYPE 4-PORSCHE-STYLE FAN SHROUD Utilizes type 1 alternator custom alter-nator mount included .... $299.00 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700lb . . $79.95 200mm reinforced maximum 2300, 2500, 2700, or 3000lb $99.96 "GERMAN AUTO" COM-PETITION PRESSURE PLATES 200mm200lb S49.95 215mm Porsche 914 $114.95 CLUTCH DISCS FOR 200MM AND 215MM Cushlocks $36.95 4 puc ferramic S44.95 4 puc ferramic with spring hub $54.95 213-868-9393 CNC RACE CAR PEDAL AS-SEMBLES Brake pedal with dual master cylinder and balance bar !specify disc of drum brakes) . . from S199.95 Clutch pedal with slave . S104.95 Swing pedal or floor mount pedals available, SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS *Polished finish• •Bolt together replaceable halves• • available in 15" and 16" . from $99.95 SACO IRS BUS SUPER DIFF 1 □□'lb m~chined form billet. Uses 091 series parts. Fits all years S424.55 SACO transmission drive flange. 100% machined from billet. Fits 930 CV joints leach) . . . . S55.95 SACO "No LEAK" 4 bolt polished valve covers fits 1.7 , 1.8, and 1.0T4engines. lpairl S44.95 POLY FUEL JUGS 5 Gallon . . . Square Design . .. ScrewOn Cap $17.95 Anti-Vortex Fuel Funnel S17.95 11 Gallon ... Quick Dump $49.95 213-863-1504 ,,. . r,· : •-· , .. '., .. ,-~ : . ·',. , g . SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS AND FLANGES 930 or T.4 cages leach) 930. T.4 & T. 2 boot flanges [each) Trik boots [each) .. $44.95 S15.95 $15.95 SACO RACK AND PINION SACO rack and pinion features alloy gears full contact housing, and hard anodized for long wear. Standard rack and pinion Rack and pinion mount Rack and pinion coupler Rack steering stops .. H.D MAGNUM RACK S249.95 $9.95 $8.95 $19.95 • Billet housings ... 1 ½" alloy gear ... thru bolt mounting . 1" CHROMOLYTIE RODS WITH H.D. ENDS 1" ChromolyTie Rods with H.D. Ends !specify Ford or International) set . Quick release steering hub $89.95 $44.95 FAX 213-929-1461 11324 Norwalk Bl. Santa Fe Springs, CA. 90670 March 1991 SWAYAWAY IRS spring plates $64.95 S/A spring plates S77,95 4130 Spring plates . . . . . . . . . . from $159.95 H. D. torsion bars ....... from S134.95 Front V. W. Bug sway bars . $44.95 Rear V. W. Bug sway bars $64.95 Front and rear V. W. sway bar kit S199.95 TRIMIL BOBCAT SYSTEMS 11/2" Type 1 raw . 1 ½" Type 1 chrome 1%"Type 1 raw . ... 1 %" Type chrome 1'/e"Type 4 raw. 1 %" Type 4 chrome Baffle for Bobcat System . S59.95 $89.95 S69.96 S99.95 S149.95 S179.95 S8.95 TRICK REAR TRAILING ARMS 3"x3". Class 1-21600, 51600 pr. $395.00 pr. $395.00 FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link Pin 4130 Chromoly Stock length 1 ¼" Longer .. . 2 ¼" Longer .. . 4" for coil covers ..... . pr. S485.00 pr. 5525.00 pr. S525.00 pr. S550.00 WEEKEND WARRIOR LONG TRAVEL BEAMS B" travel stock width beam 8" travel widened beam ... 10" travel stock width beam 1 O" travel widened beam . . . S199.95 $219.95 S224.95 S244.95 *Catalog $3. Page 13 I '

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Greg Hibbs. Takes Overall At The FRT Dunaway Dash By Judy Smith Photos: C&C Photos Greg Hibbs drove his slickly painted Jimco with Toyota power to the Class 10 victory and first overall, taking the lead late in the race and he won the honors by a slim two minutes after six laps. · The final race of the 1991 season for the FR T series racers was the 170 mile Dunaway Dash, in the desert just west of Plaster City. The mid-week event (New Year's Eve was on a Tuesday) attracted a field of 71 racers, who were rewarded with glorious sunshine and balmy temperatures. After a couple of weekends of heavy rain, the course was damp and dust free, and even the early morning bike and ATV event hadn't dried it out enough to spoil the fun for the afternoon racers. The course was 28 miles long, and formed a bottom heavy figure eight, with the neck being the underpasses beneath Evan Hewes Highway (old Highway 8), and the bottom loop wandering around in the space between the highway and Interstate 8 . There were five checkpoints, including the one at the start/ finish, and they were all moving checks, so the racers didn't have to stop along the way. It was a six lap race, and it would all be over at 6 p.m. Pre runners had declared i't a fast course, and that seemed borne out at the end of the first lap, when Dusty BUiwell had made it around in 31 minutes and 59 seconds, which was the class fast lap, in his V6 Toyota powered Raceco, taking the lead in the unlimited class. Behind him, surprisingly, it was Kirk McDaniel in his Mini Mag, who'd modified his shock mounts and was, therefore, illegal for the Mini Mag class. Larry McCallum ran third in Jamie Pankrat:'s Baja Bug, and Cecil Wright was fourth in his V6 Buick powered Wright/ Jumper. Burwell didn't make it through his second lap and McDaniel moved into the lead, just 45 seconds in front of McCallum, with Wright about a minute and a half later in third. McDaniel continued to lead through lap three, with McCallum about three minutes back now. Wright made a driver change and put his son, Jeff, into the cockpit, and they continued in third, but now about 10 minutes off the pace. On the fourth lap McDaniel lost about 19 minutes, and that put McCall um 's co-driver, Pankratz, into the lead, with about eight minutes cushion. Wright, with some bent shocks was still third. But then on lap five he lost his ring gear, a Ford nine-inch, which he'd thought was not possible. Pankratz and McCallum sailed on to the finish line steadily to take the win, but McDaniel's Mini Mag broke a crucial suspension part on the last lap. He was credited with second place for his five laps finished. In Class 8, the first one around was Tony Alvarado in his Ford, and he'd recorded-the fast lap for Ben Abatti started his day tossing fan belts off the Ford but got the pulleys · fixed and then moved up lap by lap in Class 8. taking the class lead midway in the fray, and held it to finish the year with a win. Larry Mccallum and Jamie Pankratz ran their Class 5. Baja in the Unlimited Class, moving up from third during the day to win the class handily, by a full lap, unusual in this class. the class at 34:31. Karl Counce was second in his Chevy, Jody Mason and his Ford were third, and Ben Abatti, in another Ford, ran fourth, after tossing a fan belt due to misaligned pulleys. Don Sheehan,Jr. and Jamie Ahrenburg, in a four wheel drive Jeep, who run in this class in order to have company, weren't able to get even that first lap done. On the second lap the lead belonged to Counce as Alvarado did ti 't come around again. And Abatti moved up to second, three minutes later, with Mason in third. Counce had major prob-lems on the third lap, and lost an hour and a half, so Abatti moved into the lead, with Mason in second. And then they ran that way to the finish, with Abatti watching the RPMs carefully, so he wouldn't toss any more fan belts. He finished off his year with a win, and Mason, with only five laps done, was second. Counce was a distant third, with only five laps completed also. The Class 10 cars were the third batch to start, and the two car team of Tim, Mike and Brian McDonnell and Peter Oliver, who'd been tough competition all year, were' missing from this event. But there was plenty of good, close racing. In the lead at the end of lap one, was Ronnie Ryerson, in a bright yellow Rabbit powered, tandem Raceco, who was driving a buggy in a race for the first time. Running second behind him was Jim Pierce, in a Toyota powered Raceco, only 20 seconds off his bumper, and 14 seconds further back it was Dave Richardson, in Steve Sourapas's new, extra lightweight VW powered Chenowth. In fourth it was Greg Hibbs in his Toyota powert;d Jimco, another 10 seconds back, and fifth belonged to the team of Jimmie Johnson and Ryan and Robbie Arciero, Butch's ,sons,-in an old VW powered _Funco, only 25 ~econds behind Hibbs. Johnson and the Arcieros· had 'some very highly skilled pit people on the course for this race, ~hat with Butch, himself,-' and 'Bob Gordqn and } t 1 • ' Ivan Stew;i.rt all helping out. But there wasn't much they could do when th1 boys, broke a steering box. They 'lost an hour and a half with the replacement. Richardson moved into the lead on lap two, but Rye.rson was only 22 seconds behind him, with Pierce nine seconds further back, Kirk McDaniel, in a modified Mini Mag. took the Unlimited class lead-on the second round, but suspension failure put him out of the race on the fast lap. Jody Mason moved up through the Class 8 ranks at a steady pace. and he put the Ford home second in class, even though he only finished five laps. Ronnie Ryerson, in his first buggy ride, put the tandem.Rabbit powered Raceco in the Class 10 lead on lap 1, fell a few seconds back to second, and then took the lead back on lap 5, but dropped to second in class at the flag. Dave Richardson drove Steve Sourapas' new Chenowth, led the race from the second lap, but trouble on the fast lap dropped him to third in Class 10. Page 24 March 1992 · Dusty Times

Page 25

Todd Teuscher ran second in Class 1-2-1600 most of the distance. had no real down time. stopped only for gas and finished a very close second in the Chenowth. Jim Abatti started out fifth ,n his Class 1-2-1600 Raceco. about five minutes back. but he had no apparent trouble and moved into th,rd at the finish line. Steve Bnstmg got his very tidy Mini Mag through three laps of the tough course but he got credit for second in class. and maybe some series points as well. and Hihhs, who thought his car seemed "heavy" because he'd started out with 33 gallons of gas, . ran fourth still, 39 seconds later. They were in a clump, and as they rounded the hairpin turns out on the course, could easily see one another, and keep track of just how close things were. In fifth place, ahout nine minutes back, it was now Dennis Green, in a VW powered Raceco, who'd rolled over and flattened a tire on the first lap. He was working hard at catching up. At the end of lap three Richardson had a minute and one second on Pierce, and Ryerson was just 13 seconds later. Hibbs was still fourth, 57 seconds later, , and Green ran fifth, still about 10 minutes hack. They were at the halfway point in the race now, but only Green put in a new driver, Steve Hendricks. The rest hung on to the steering wheels. Richardson had planned to get out, hut Sourapas had decided that they'd lose too much time, and told him to stay put. At the end of the 'fourth lap Richardson had 59 seconds on Pierce, 'and Ryerson was just 16 seconds' behind him. Hihhs, who didn't even have to stop for gas, still ran fourth, another 25 seconds later, and Hendricks was fifth, hack a little further because of the time used in his driver change. On the fifth lap Richardson's perfect day came t_o an end. He lost a fan belt, and power steering helt, and it took about five minutes for the crew to get him going again. Hihhs, who really put on a hurst of steam on this lap, tangled with Pierce in a turn, and Pierce ended up on his head, and Hihhs e11ded up in the lead. He had recorded the fast lap for the day, at 30:31, and had 53 seconds on Ryerson who was now second. Richardson was third, three minutes and 50 seconds later, and running without power steering. Hendricks was out after hitting something too . fast and rolling over. ·Bill Hammack and Randy Persky, in a Rabbit Jirhco, who'd lost a c.v. on the first lap, were .now in fourth place, but 45 minutes hack, and Rohert Fry had his VW powered Hi]umper in fifth. Hihhs hung on to his lead to take the win, and the overall victory along with it. Ryerson was second, delighted with his new toy, although his brother, Terry, who rode all the way in the back seat, wore a pained expression, and had little to say about his ride. Richardson was a disappointed third, hut Sourapas was delighted with the performance of both the new car and his co-driver. In fourth it was Hammack and Dusty nmes The Andy Estrada/Jeff Bennett team took the 1-2-1600 lead on the first lap then Estrada got class fast lap. put Bennett in midway. and the team won the hard fought class by a minute 20 seconds in the Jimco. Persky, while Fry was fifth, an hour later. The l-2-1600s went off the line next, and at the end of the first lap the lead belonged to Andy Estrada, in a Jimco one seater, who had a minute and 11 seconds on Todd Teuscher, · in his Chenowth single seater. John Woodruff, who usually is found in a 5-1600 car,. was third in a Mirage single seater 10 seconds later, and Scott W ebster and Randy Anderson ran fourth, 33 seconds further back, in their O RBS. In fifth it was Todd Acosta', in Phil Green's Chenowth one seater, on I y one second hehind them. Green was in the-pits, hut had the flu, and wouldr:i 't he driving. On the second lap Estrada recorded the class fast lap, at 31 :33, and huilt his lead to two minutes and 54 seconds.Teuscher held second place, while Webster and Anderson moved up to third, and Acosta was fourth. Woodruff lost his clutch, and then his throttle stuck, and he rolled over, and out. Jim Ahatti, in a two seat Raceco, was now fifth, only about five and a half minutes heh ind the leader. ' Estrada continued to lead through the third lap, although something felt odd about the front end. He had a little over four minutes on ·Teuscher now, and Acosta had moved into third, about three and a half minutes later. Kevin Basore, in a Jimco, who'd rolled on the first lap, was now fourth, and Jim Di:ney and Dave Hendrickson ran fifth in their Chenowth, after a lengthy driver change. Estrada got out and put Jeff Bennett in to finish the race, and Bennett rolled it over on the fourth lap. Fortuitously, Mike Julson, who built the car, was right there, so he rolled it hack on its wheels, with very little loss of time'. He ne1d the· lead, hu·t Teuscher was· only two minutes and six seconds behind him 110w in second. In third it was Ahatti, with Acosta fourth and Basore fifth. On the fifth lap it was still Bennett, T euschcr and Ahatti, hut Basore moved into fourth, scraping past Acosta hy -ahout 12 seconds. This was a tou_gh race all day, because with I 1 starters, only one car, Woodruff's, had gone out, and there was a big pack waiting to I . ~ It was another victory for Baja Bugs in Class 100 as Eric Philpott and Chris Berry, set class fast lap ori the second. raced hard and took the lead when the leader failed, stopped midway for a driver change and won the class. March 199i .This event started the new Mini Mag Series. and the team of Scott Steinberger/Dane Cardone and more took the early lead by 23 seconds. setting fas t class lap, and despite extra driver changes, this team won the class. climb up the bumper of a faltering car. They all pushed very hard all day, but it was still Bennett in front at the checkered flag, even though he'd had to stop three times to rebuckle his lap belt after it came undone. Teuscher, who'd had a clean run, was second, a minute and 20 seconds later. In third it was Abatti, who said, "I made it ... without rolling it! " Acosta was fourth, glad he didn't need another lap, since their new lightweight fron t e n d was apparently too light, and had. developed some ominous cracks. In fifth it was Basore. The Mini Mags started next, but they had a rough day of it. The _ team of _Scott Steinherger, Dane Cardone and Kelly Cochran took tqe lea~f-at the end oflap one, with 23 seconds on Frank Bristing. Their time was the fast lap for this group, at 35:49. Steve Bristing, who'd had a flat, ran third, 20 minutes later . On the second lap it was still Steinberger, Cardone and Cochran, and now they had 18 minutes on Steve Bristing, who ran second, while his brother completed the lap on a tow rope. Bristing then did one more troubled lap, while Steinberger's group played musical drivers, changing pilots often, but staying in the lead. T hey went all the way to take the win, while Steve Bristing got second place with his three completed laps. ·· In Class 100, which came next, the first lap leader was Dwayne Whitney, in a 2400cc Chenowth two seater. He had almost a minute on second place Eric Philpott, in r;r BIGGER IS BETTER I • • . . · Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type 11 or Type IV or 930 C.V. joints. Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C.V. joints. All axles and bells for Type 11 or Type IV C.V.s can be threaded 3/s-24 or stock 8mm. All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be threaded %-24 or stock 10mm threads. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per fla!'ge on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW ENG. P.O. BOX 845 • 101 BROADWAY YARNELL, AZ 85362 (602) 427-3551 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES IN\llT-ED Page 15

Page 26

Dan Lewis. who really promotes Class 100. and Russ Root ran second in the class most of the day. and their Sandhawk finished second. 7 minutes back. Richard Green started out running strong in Class 100. had some down time with a torsion adjuster. but came back strong to place third in the class. Danny and Hector Ledezma got fast Class 9 lap on the first one. held the lead midway. then had to make repairs. and the family team came in second. Tim Ziegenbein ran third from the onset in his Class 9 Funco. Doug Halvin went solo. and led Class 5-1600 from the green flag Charlie Watters had a brand new Bug. and he and Bnan Goodrich changed mid-way ih the race. had no reportable trouble. with the new car and were third in Class 5-1600. had to stop twice for fuel. but was third and delighted with his into the last lap. had no trouble at all and was second in class by first top three finish. 11 seconds. r;r a 2110cc single seat going through the start/finish Green third and Goodbody and Baja Bug. They were running check. It looked like a really good Martin fourth. But Goodbody's virtually side by side as they race was developing, but suddenly car then disappeared for the day. completed the lap. Dan Lewis was an ominous clank-clank could be When Philpott stopped for gas third, a minute and 10 seconds heard, and Whitney pulled into and oil at the end of lap three, his later in his Sandhawk, and his pit with a broken ring gear. co-driver, Chris Berry took over, Richard Green, in a Fra:co, ran Lewis finished the lap in third, and he still had the lead at the end fourth. and Green was fourth, with Mike oflap four. Lewis used a co-driver On the second -lap Whitney Goodbody and Rodney Martin in in his car for the first time, and held his lead, but Philpott an unidentified, but familiar, old, Russ Root, who took over, was recorded the fast lap for the class, single seater, in fifth . still second; less than three at35:35,andwasonly46seconds Philpotthadtheleadattheend minutes back,.and Green was behindhim,andrightbesidehim oflapthree,withLewisinsecond, third, but almost 20 minutes ---------------------------down. Steve Johnson and John FRT DUNAWAY DASH Dodds, in a Chenowth two seater RESULTS -December 31, 1991 featuring 2276ccs, ran fourth, Car#Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Class 1-2-1&00 • 1600cc Restricted• ll start -10 finish 1608 1 Andy Estrada/Jeff Bennett Jimco 1609 2 Todd Teuscher (solo) Chenowth 1610 3 Jim Abatti Raceco 1601 4 Todd Aoo·sta Chenowth 1604 5 Kevin Basore Jimco c1ass 10 • UnHmlted 1sso ccs -e start· s finish 1_112 1 Gregg Hibbs (solo) · Jimco 1006 2 Ronnie Ryerson Raceco 1002 3 Dave Richardson Chenowth 1004 4 Bill Hammack/Randy Persky Jimco 1005 5 Robert Fry Hi Jumper Class 112 Unliroiled & Class s • s start · i finish 115 1 Jamie Pankratz/Larry McCallumr Baja Bug 129 2 Kirk McDaniel (5 laps) Mini Mag Class 9 - Challenger -16 start - 9 finish 906 1 Larry Kern/Mike Pfankuch Rayco 910 2 Danny & Hector Ledezma Ledzma 914 3 Tim Ziegenbein Funco 905 4 Dave Dietrrich/Robert Gillingham Chenowth 903 5 Mike & Ellis Cohen Raceco Class 100 -Short WB One or Two seat - 7 start • 4 finish 3 1 Eric Philpott/Chris Berry Baja Bug 1 2 Dan Lewis/Russell Root Sandhawk 5 '3 Richard Green/Kenny Verkvilen Frazco(2) 7 4 Steve Johnson/John Dodds Chenowth Class s-1600 -1600 cc Baja Bug -11 start· Z finish 557 1 Dale Snaith/Chris Harrold Baja Bug 562 2 Doug Halvin Baja Bug 558 3 Charlie Waners/Brian Goodrich Baja Bug 554 4 Andy & Chuck DeVercelly· Baja Bug 555 5 Steve Miszkiewicz/Rick St. John Baja Bug Class s Big Trucks - s start • l finish 802 1 Ben Abani (solo) Ford 801 2 Jody Mason (5 laps) Ford Class 7 Little Trucks - 5 start• 3 finish 700 •1 Jeff Hoskins/Ronnie Gibson Ford Ranger 799 2 Roy Garcia/Richie Valencia Toyota 711 3 Chris Taylor Ford Class Mini Mag - 3 start • 1 finish 1298 1 Scott Steinberger/Dane Cardone Chenowth 1250 .2 Steve Bristir,g (3 laps) Chenowth •denotes overall winner -71 starters -41 finishers - 57% finish ratio 28 mile course - damp, no dust - 6 laps for an official finish Weather: balmy and sunny Page 26 Time 3:17:46 3:19:06 3:22:31 3:28:53 3:29:06 3:09:36. 3:11:44 3:14:28 4:08:59 5:16:45 3:45:00 3:07:24 4:11:03 4:19:17 4:32:19 4:52:14 4:57:34 3:43:15 3:50:46 4:54:14 5:13:37 4:02:39 4:02:50 4:13:52 4:15:24 4:20:19 3:52:55 4:11:08 4:04:29 4:39:42 5:51:36 4:12:33 2:32:32 and everyone else had broken by now. Berry maintained a steady pace, and went on to take the win, finishing a little over seven minutes up on Lewis and Root, who'd had a late rear flat, and were second. Green, who had to replace a finger in his rear torsion adjuster, was a distant third place, while Johnson and Dodds, who'd hroken a spring plate early in the day, were fourth, and last. The Class 9 cars, or Challeng-ers, as they were originally known, were next to get the green flag, and at the end of the first lap Danny Ll'de:ma had recorded the class fast lap, at 37:14, in his Lede:ma chassis. He had over two minutl'S on second place Barry and T ykl' Rlanchard, in a T Mag. In third it was Larry Kl'rn, who'd already lost his second gear, in a one seat Rayco, while Hal and Kevin Graves ran fourth in their Jimco single seater. In fifth it was Mike Cohen, ·in a two seat Raceco. Lede:ma continued to lead through lap two, although he lost. third gear, with Kern moving up to second place, four and a half minutes hack. In third it was the Graves car, with Cohen now fourth and Tim Ziegenbein, in a Funco one seater was fifth, as the Blanchards lost two hours. Lede:ma was having a good day and continued to lead through lap three with Kern now nearly eight minutes hack in second, and resigned to being unable to catch March 1992 -------------------------him. In third it was Cohen, followed by Ziegenbein in fourth, and now Dave Dietrich was fifth in a Chen/Rayco two seater. The Graves car broke a balljoint. When he puUed into his pit for the driver change at the end of the third lap the crew discovered that Lede:ma had a broken push rod and a bad rear drum. They made the repair's then and there, but it took about 20 minutes. Kern's co-driver, Mike Pfankuch, took over the lead and the Lede:ma car, with Hector, Danny's dad, now at the wheel, . was second, nine minutes latei·, while Ziegenbein was third. Mike Cohen put his dad, Ellis, in for the last three laps, and he now ran fourth, with Dietrich's co-driver, Robert Gillingham, in fifth, and eyeing a blinking oil light nervously. Pfankuch kept his foot buried in the throttle, and although Hector tried, he just couldn't catch up. Ziegenbein was firm in third place, and Cohen and Gillingham stayed put in fourth and fifth. Pfankuch and Kern took the win, pleased to finally get a finish at the New Year's Eve event, while the Lede:mas finished second just eight minutes and 14 seconds later. In third it was Ziegenbein, who'd stopped twice for fuel, and was delighted with his first top three finish. Dietrich and Gillingham moved to fourth place, while the Cohens were fifth. Class 5-1600 took the green flag next, and Doug Halvin led this group at the end of lap one, with jµst 24 seconds on James Woodruff (John's brother), who has been a passenger many times, hut was driving for the first time. In third, nine seconds later, it was Dale Snaith, followed by Charlie Watters, eight seconds back. Fifth place .belonged to William Osborn and John Gaddis, 16 seconds later. Halvin stayed in front, and Woodruff hung on to second place, only one second back now. Watters, whose car was a brand new Jimco, was now third, a little over a minute later, while Snaith ran fourth, 59 seconds behind him. Andy DeVercelly was fifth now, in an eight year old car, handicapped by his own generous si:e, and a king si:ed Uncle Chuck in the passenger seat. They must give .away 120 pounds on the other, more light weight teams. Halvin still had an edgy lead at the end of lap three, with Woodruff now 12 seconds back, and looking very battered after a jarring rollover. Watters was a minute and 59 seconds later in %"'1!ecrmK1tWW Class 9 had the biggest entry at th~ race. had a variety of leaders. all seconds apart. but Larry Kern and Mike Pfankuch stayed close and took over the lead midway and hung on to win the class. Dusty Times

Page 27

Roy Garcia and Richie Valencia kept up the pace in their Class 7 Toyota. but couldn't quite catch the leader. but they were a solid second in class. Chris Taylor and Shawn Musgrave had a very tidy Ford Ranger. had a flat. but kept on rolling and ended up finishing. third in Class 7 out of live. Steve Johnson. John Dodds and motocross champ Rick Johnson. getting a taste of the desert on four wheels. placed the Chenowth fourth in Class 100. Hoskins continued to lead, with Garcia and Valencia second, but now Mike Henry and Victor Lope: put their Ranger into third place, and Richards and Wheeler dropped back, losing 20 minutes. Taylor had a flat, but held fourth place. It was still Hoskins, having a trouble free day, at the end oflap three, and he now had just under five minutes on Garcia and Valencia, and Henry and Lope: were another five minutes back in third, with Taylor fourth. Dale Snaith and Chris Harrold started out third in Class 5-1600. and stopped for gas and a driver change midway. still third. but poured on .the gas on the last lap to finish first by just 11 seconds. Hoskins stopped for gas, and then recorded the fast lap for the class, at 37:48, to get a firm hold on the lead. Valencia and Garcia followed in second, with Henry and Lope: in third and Taylor fourth.· While Hoskins held his lead through lap five, Valencia and Garcia lost about 11 minutes and Lope: and Henry moved into second place. But then they rolled it into crumpled sheet metal on the sixth lap, creating one of the more spectacular diversions of the day, and ending their race prematurely. Hoskins went on to win, and Valencia and Garcia were second, with Taylor taking third place. No one else made it third and then came Snaith, and DeVercelly. And it was time for fuel stops and driver changes. Halvin, who was soloing, stopped only for a splash of gas, and still led at the end oflap four, and it was still the Woodruff car in second, now 49 seconds back, and with John at the wheel, since he'd parked his 1-2-1600 car. Snaith had put Chris Harrold into his car, and he'd moved into third place, while Brian Goodrich took over for Watters and was fourth, as DeVercelly, who stayed at the wheel, held fifth. Halvin continud to lead through lap five, but his crew had spotted cracks in a wheel, radiating out around the lug nuts, and had suggested that he cool it a bit. Harrold was now second, his carburetor flooding a bit, and Goodrich moved to third, with DeV ercelly fourth, and Steve Mis:kiewic: and Rick St. John came up to fifth place. The W oodruffs lost about 15 minutes. Halvin "cooled it" a bit too much, and Harrold and Snaith decided to pour on the gas on the lastlap, and that got them the win. Halvin was second, jus t 11 seconds later. Watters and Goodrich came in third, the De Vercellys were fourth and Mis:kiewic: and St. John, whose in.While the racing was great, car wouldn't pull fourth gear, with a lot of excitement, the most were fifth. · · · f h d k The Class 7 trucks were the last excttmg event O t e ay too · place off the course. A fellow group to get to go, and Jeff who'd forgotten to put his brains Hoskins put his Ranger out front in gear that morning, decided to from the start, with a three minute go for a joyride on the highway in lead on Richie Valencia and Roy a play buggy. A sharp eyed Ranger Garcia in their Toyota. In-third it spotted him and gave chase, was Todd Richards and Ryan intending to ticket him for all Wheeler, in a Chevy· Chris sorts of violations, such as, no Taylor was fourth in his Ford. license, no lights, no windshield, no wipers, .etc. etc. But the buffoon in the buggy didn't like that idea, so he decided he'd run for it, across the desert. That, naturally, incensed the Ranger, who took off right after him. Much of the chase was visible to the race spectators, and they watched open mouthed as the buggy tore mrough brush and moguls, while the pickup truck, basically stock, with a loose spare tire bouncing in the bed, kept pace. Eventually the spare flew out, but, by now the Ranger had radioed for the reserves, and there were two more Rangers in pickups, and they salvaged the tire, and hustled out into the desert to act as backup if needed. Jeff Hoskins and Ronnie Gibson continued on their winning ways in Class 7 taking the early lead in the Ford Ranger. set class fast lap. and this local team led from flag to flag winning by 35 minutes. The yo-yo in the buggy decided that maybe he wasn't going to make -a clean getaway, and decided to hide, apparently. He chose a handy spot, on top of a knoll, right next to the FR T scoring and timing motorhome, in full sight of the spectators and officials. In a matter of moments the Ranger was there, and the buggy driver was handcuffed and on his way to jail. • AffENTION DESERT RACERS DUSTY TIMES has contingency money ·posted at all Score and HORA desert races. Check it out on contingency row -Two different classes each event. Dusty Times March 1992 The consensus was that the All the excitement, including Rangers had done a slick job, and the racing, was over early, just maybe the one should take up off barely at dark, and there was road racing in his spare time. plenty of time to gather everyone There was· no sympathy for the into the camps and motorhom1:s buggy driver who was regarded as to celebrate the N1:w Year. Fud having tarnished the image of all held his traditional brunch an off roaders with his negligent and hour latt:r the next morning, in criminal behavior. In general, it deference to those who might was felt that the Rangers showed have partied too hard. other potential trouble makers The 1992 season kicks off on that they would not be allowed to February 15, with the King of the get away with that .kind of Desert race, a 150 mile event, at behavior in their corner of the Lake Superstition, 15 miles west desert. of El Centro. o [}{] CJJ 00 [JJ D CID 00 00 0 DESERT LOCK OUTER Standard Lock Outer Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength *At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing • All parts are available separately *In stock - Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 13" MIDGET 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! 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THE 1991 VORRAAWARDS BANQUET It Was A Fun Weekend In· Reno· ID G ~= ....... ~.v· Chad and Josh Hall not only won Class 4 on points, the brothers continued the tradition of a 4x4 winning VORRA 's points series overall, which they did in 1991 by merely two points margin. "If it ain't fun, don't do it," said Mike Livermore, the 1991 overall Sportsman Novice Class champ-ion. Livermore's quote set the tone not on) y for the just concluded season, but also for the 17th annual VORRA Awards Banquet· held at the El Dorado Hotel and Casino in Reno, NV on ovember 23, 1991. With another season of racing in the books and cars locked away for the winter, it was time to reminisce about the past season, plan ahead for 1992, and most importantly, reward the drivers for a job well done during the 1991 campaign. The banquet, held that evening· capped a busy day for those associated with VORRA. At the business meeting that morning, VORRA promoters Ed and Jenny. Robinson discussed plans for the upcoming season as· well as rule changes and new events with the drivers. More on that later. Afrer trying their luck in the c·asinos, ·· VORRA drivers were taken on a tour of the Rod Hall Racing complex outside Reno, where drivers got an overview of the operation, talked with a repre-sentative of BFGoodrich and met with off road racing legend Rod Hall. At the hanquet the Robinsons kicked off the festivities thanking VORRA veterans Ace Bradford and Roy Gust among others, for their behind the scenes contribu-tions toward getting VORRA even ts off the ground in 1991 . It was time to pass out the awards with the top ten finishers in Sportsman Novice receiving plaques for their performance. John Lommel, Allen Biggs and Chris German took home plaques for overall tenth; ninth and eighth places. Peter Marks, the team of Tim Mack /Chris Fallin, Sports-man Novice winners at May's Yerington 400, and Ken Wirth went away with seventh, sixth and fifth place plaques. For Mack and Fallin this was to be their last joint award as the duo will go their separate ways racing solo next season . Ron Ernst picked up overall fourth place honors with 373 total points. The team of Vern Nickell and Doug Mack piled up 396 total points over the 1991 slate giving them an overall third place plaque. Floyd and Mike Haas, who surprised VORRA throughout the season with the performance of their Mini Mag nearly' taking the novice title, took home a second place plaque with 427 points. Mike Livermore, who posted a strong finish in the VORRA/ All Pro Parts Season Championship in October to Sam Berri made a strong run for the overall, and won Class 2 on points by nearly 100. here accepting the plaque with Hidie Buckhardt. • t ••. ) Ken Ruff just barely misssed the overall honors, but he won top points in Class 1-2-1600 by nine points, a good lead in this close running class. wrest the novice title from the staff, VORRA volunteers, Haas hrothers, took home the "they're the only ones you can championship plaque with 453 really count on." He thanked Jack total points. Sypolt and the crew at ProPit, as The Sportsman Veterans well as Livermore for "scaring received awards next, and it was O'Callaghan's son Ryan a lot of Sean Cook walking away with the the time." plaque for overall fifth place. Jon Creasy, pilot of the Ghia Cook's 305 points were just Monster car, accepted an award enough to out distance Randy saying, "I want to thank those Miller's 295, hut not enough to who want to thank me." More top fourth place Roh Smith's than likely this included those season total of 308 points. Troy who passed the antiquated Robinson, son of VORRA Volkswagen en route to VORRA promoters Ed and Jenny, took victories. But Creasy, as always, in home overall third place honors, a good spirits, used that to launch fine birthday gift for the Vet Class in to a hilarious accepta nee driver celebrating the special speech. Creasy also announced occasion that night. Sister Tricia that he is retiring the old Ghia. even brought out balloons to VORRA won't be the same choruses of "Happy birthday" without the old Ghia Monster. from the crowd. Jack Bonesteel and Mike Bishop After this, Robinson could accepted awards for second· and only quip, "How about this for first place respectively in Class 9. humiliation." -Glen McAdon, Ben and Jerry Wald took first Creasy and Sons driver,just eked and second place awards· in the out second place over Robinson, Odyssey Class. Josh and Chad edging him by a mere two points, Hall outdistanced both Don 335 to 333. Cagey veteran Jeff German and Wes Banks for first O'Callaghan went home with the place honors in Class 4 with 390 Sportsman Vet championship but points. The Hall brothers total said the real thanks went to was also good for the VORRA others. O'Callaghan thanked his overall title, just two points ahead During the day VORRA drivers were trea ted to a tour of the Rod Hall Racing Shop, In a new location at that, and had a most interesting afternoon. Jim Willaman and Jerry Canonic were a close second on points in 1-2-1600 class, and are here congratulated by VORRA 's Prexy Ed Robinson. Sid Smith accepted the plaque for the Rigsby/Smith team that placed a close third in Class 1-2-1600 points, and fourth overall on points in the series. Dale Smith gets his rewards from Ed Robinson, as they juggle the winner's plaque in Class 10 at the awards banquet last winter in Reno, Nevada. Page n March 1991 Dusty Timcs

Page 29

Once again Mike Bishop. at the mike. won Class 9 honors, with heavy driving help from Gordon Tarbell as the team swept the class points early in the game. Jeff O'Callaghan had to work for his winner's plaque in the Sportsman Vet Class where competition is keen, and got a plaque and a nice photo. Mike Livermore, with Geoff Loveless, won the top points in the Sportsman Novice Class, taking the top spot by a 26 point margin at season's end. Ben Wafd out scored brother Jerry Wald to win the points championship in the Odyssey class, and he won by quite a good margin, 52 points. A former overall points winner, Don German had scant luck in 1991 and he ended up second in Class 4 points driving the venerable Jeep. Chuck and John Taylor pulled out a fine second on points in Class 2 and got congratulated for their effort by VORRA President Ed Robinson. Ace Bradford, 62 years young, zipped into second place in the final Class 10 points standings with good finishes all year long in the VORRA series. Brothers Floyd and Mike Haas surprised everyone by racing their tiny Mini Mag to a close second place in the Sportsman Novice light competition. Glen McAdon and Forest Creasy raced the Creasy and Sons car to a fine second place in the Sportsman Vet class, winning the spot by only two points. of 1-2-1600 driver Ken Ruff. Ken Ruff picked up $620 from VORRA for his class title as well as an award. The teams of Willaman/Canonic and Rigs-hy /Smith. went away with second and third place honors re-spectively. Dale Smith's 327 points gave him a first place trophy in Class 10. Meanwhile, 18 points separated the next three recipients. Ace Bradford still racing at 62, turned in a great season capturing second in class with 254 points. Rick Philastre's 244 points gave him third place, while Wes Elrod had 236 points for fourth place honors in Class 10. In Class 2 Sam Berri toa'k home the championship trophy and a check for $450 courtesy of VORRA. His 364 points were nearly 100 points hetter than second place finishers Chuck and John Taylor. Pat and Eric Verling, otherwise known as Team· Verling, took third in class with 239 points, even though they ran only four out of the six races. Strong, consistent running wins races and gets your car into VORRA's top five overall. The Halls and Ken Ruff illustrated that, but it was also evidenced by the performance of the Willa-man/Canonic team and the team of Rigsby/ Smith. Willaman/Can-onic's 379 points earned them a third place tr?phy while only 13 Dusty Times p~ints behind stood Rigsby and drivers. Scheduled for October Smith. It is interesting that three 16-17, the Bend race would fall in of the top five overall, Ruff, amonthalreadyfeaturingMickey Willaman/Canonic and Rigs-Thompson racing and the HDRA bylSmithdriveinClass 1-2-1600. Gold Coast 300. VORRA found Among special awards, Jack a mid-month niche though. SypoltwhoheadsProPit,received. StartiJlg in 1992 only two an honor from BFGoodrich. Too vehicles will be allowed free often unsung for the job they do, access into pit areas; others will be ProPit more than deserved the charged a nominal fee. The award. The Dusty Times staff also reason, Ed said was to avoid a received a plaque recognizing the "free-for-all" in the pit areas. Ed work of photographers Matt also called for an all year rough Marcher, John Ames and writer driving committee. Robinson Darrell Smith. Dusty Times stated with the ever present fire extends its gratitude to VORRA. danger at Sacramento's Prairie Earlier in the day VORRA got City OHV Park, mufflers will be down to the nuts and bolts of · mandatory at all races there. A pit planning the upcoming season. A marshal may he assigned by hot topic on the agenda was the VORRA at all 1992 races as well. possibility of a desert style race of Afrer some heated discussion, 200 to 250 miles in the Bend, OR pro and con, VORRA 'agreed to area. The former promoter had award one additional point for "thrown in the towel" according finishing in front of another car. to Ed Robinson. At the meeting The original deal was to award Ed said, though the situation was three more points for a total of "tentative, we're going togo for it. four. Changes will be made in the We've got to look at it as getting Sportsman classes also. Novice VO R RA' s feet wet," said and Vet cars will go to a two digit Robinson. numbering system effective in Many racers had concerns 1992. These numbers will be about the race for various further distinguished by the reasons. For many drivers, who addition of an 'X' for Novice cars live in central California and and a 'V' for Vet cars. northern Nevada, Bend is an eight There is only a short time before hour drive costing time and VORRA opens the new season money. The Robinsons looked to March 21-22 at Sacramento. allay those fears and by meeting's With an expanded slate ofevents, end had seemed to reach an look for another exciting year in agreement with the concerned 1992. March 1992 .BLOW -OUT SUMMER SPECIAL CENTERLINE WHEEL PACKAGE 2 EA 15X6 REARS (OFFSET OR STD} 2 EA 1 ~X3 FRONTS (BUBBLE OR STD) 2 EA YOKOHAMA SUPERDIGGER 11133-10.50 2 EA YOKOHAMA 700-15 2 EA FRONT TUBES $ 799.95 2 EA REAR TUBES We'll match any Centerline advertised price Come see us during upcoming Las Vegas races OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK MON - FRI 8am to 6pm SAT 9am to 5 pm ALSO; Compare Our Prices On; 930 c.v.'s Cibie Lights SAW Products Simpson Tri-Mil Wright Place ':::..<a Call Now -Mention This Ad ·~~ ~ ~ 3054 S VALLEY VIEW LAS VEGAS NV 89102 702-871-4911 702-871-5604 ·~¢!, ·~~" ~~ Page 29

Page 30

CRS Gorman Ridge Rally By John Elkin Photos: Tracksidc Photos Inc. Carl Jardevall and Denise Clark whip down the Power Line stage en route to the overall victory. They had no troubles with the Saab 99, led both sections in a nearly flag to flag leading performance. The year's final event in the 1991 California Rally Series saw 27 rally teams gather in Gorman, California. Located high overlook-ing the Los Angeles basin this community on top of the grapevine summit has always welcomed competitors over the years. The community was in the middle of cleaning up after the world famous Cristo's Umbrella display as the rally teams pulled into town. The Gorman rally has under-gone many changes over the years. Name changes, organi:er changes and formal changes. This year the _ event seems to have finally found its workable combination. The SCCA sanctioned ·co-efficient three rally hopefully has its final name and organi:er change. Welcome to the tale of the Gorman Ridge Rally, a Mike Blore, Paul Barrows and Harris Done production. These th rce organi:ers are already ,1ccomp-lished competitors, and in what is hecoming the norm in U.S. Rallying, formed a team to better cover the multitude of bases needed to flawlessly present an event for the masses. The 129.90 mile course featured 62.40 competition miles spread over 12 stages. Four roads were used, each run multiple times, the first two roads comprise the eight daylight stages which were run within the confines of the Hungry Valley OHR V . Then after a dinner·break and service hack at rally head-quarters at the Caravan Motel, the final two roads in the Angeles National Forest were run. twice each to complete the course. In this event an idea was horrowed from Canada and implemented here, splitting the rally into two groups to better help both the organi:er's sched-uling, and the rally teams. In the daylight section for the first five stages, the Stock Class and GT class cars comprised Group A, the remaining Open class cars wen.· classified as Group B. While Group B started running the North Boundry stage, the Group A went about running Powerline stage. This is where the help to the less powerful stock and GT cars showed. Powerline is a very tight and twisty, loose surfaced stage with some major elevation changes in its two miles. This road can get torn up and soft after the open class cars run it, giving the remainder of the field a tougher Page 30 time. This year with a clean road to start on, those that would normally enjoy a good road position got to. Powerline is also what is called a 'dead end stage'. At the end of the stage there is no outlet so the cars have to turn around after the finish and wait for the road to he cleared before -allowing the first car to start the opposite direction. For the organi:er this is time consuming and with more cars the potential for a delay is greater. So the two group theory helps the officials here, a smaller group to watch over. While the Group A was busy there, the open class was busy on the North Boundry, a fast winding road with some tight sections in its three miles, this is one of the all time favorite stages in the CRS. After the fifth stages both groups filtered into a regrouping control to put the rally hack together for the final three runs on North Boundry, and into the night stages. The night section was what drew the interest to several teams. The first road run was Liehre Gulch, nearly 11 miles of very tight, twisty and tricky roads· that greatly resemble the, Rim of the World roads. The second road used, stages 11 and 12 was the Ridge Route, a 13 mile long paved section, also a dead end stage. The CRS rarely gets to run a paved stage so few teams passed up the opportunity to tackle this classic event. Being the last event of the year usually puts the strain of trying to win the year end points champ-ionship on teams, hut this year all the top positions were set after the Prescott rally leaving most teams to enjoy the weekend, sans for a couple of teams in the third and fourth places trying to earn end of the year plaques. The weather could not have been better for ri first weekend in November, cool and hree:y in the day, colder at night hut not typically free:ing. Some were disappointed about not getting the opportunity to make the weekend a snow rally. We'll give you an overall class by class description of the action and then a team by team rundown, just like the European publications do. In the Stock GT Class the battle shaped up early with dueling Toyota Celica All T racs stretching out the early-lead. Tony and Carlos Tavares came out not only looking into the class lead but by stage 2 the duo held the overall lead. In close pursuit was Rui Brasil and Frank Nunes staying within three seconds. Gary English and Jose Pauletti led the two wheel drive ranks, fending off early challenges by Norberto Gome: and Jorge Facio. Defending Southern Pacific Division Champ-ion Gary Luke and Farina O'Sullivan succumbed early to fuel pump gremlins. . Tavares and Brasil kept the heat on each other until the seventh stage · w_hen a puncture dropped Tavares down, but not out. Brasil and Nunes were now sitting in second place overall e_yeing the lead, but keeping close tabs on Tavares. The expected onslaught by the Tavares team never materiali:ed though as Brasil and Nunes took the win, but dropped to fourth overall with tire wear troubles. Gary English and Jose Pauletti survived electrical woes to claim third in class. The Stock Class provided close competition throughout the rally . Sam Moore and John Elkin claimed the early lead but soon found themselves overhauled by Dennis Sheean and Larry Scott in Harris Done's Ma:da RX-7 . Sheean had not rallied in some time but must have remembered quickly as he left the Moore and Elkin Plymouth Arrow, Dan Hook and Jim Stout's Toyota Celica, and Jeff and Ev Hendricks Jeep Comanche fightil)g for second place. Following the eight daylight stages Sheean and Scott led Moore and Elkin by 28 seconds. Dan Hook and Jim Stout loomed only five more seconds back with the Hendricks Jeep just seconds more lying in fourth. Dennis and Larry broke the steering just off the start of stage 10 leaving the win open for the three pursuers. Hook and Stout put the Toyota into overdrive pulling into second place behind the Hendricks Jeep afrei: the two dirt stages. Moore and Elkin stayed close to the leaders after electrical and tire trouble struck in the tenth stage. Stage 11 saw the Toyota push into the lead past the Jeep for the final lead change of the rally. Dan Hook took home the win giving his new navigator quite the introduction to PRO Rally. Jeff and Ev Hendricks tried to hold off the Arrow but the Plymouth was more suited to the pavement than the Jeep as Moore retook second March 1991 Rui Brasil and Frank Nunes are sponsored by Wings N Things and drove their new Toyota Celica to first in GT Class, fourth overall and moved into second place in CRS year end standings. spot. Car!Jardevall borrowed Denise Clark to navigate for him and the duo ran away from the masses to take a flag to flag win in the Open Class, only relinquishing the lead once to the Toyota Celica All Trac of Tavares. Jardevall won ten stages on his tear through the CRS ranks as the Saab won it's second Gorman in as many years. Jeff and Chris Griffin moved the Volvo 142 into second spot-through eight stages chasing the Saab tail lights but racing to keep ahead of the Subaru of Mike Gibeault and Jay Mathes. Also in a Subaru was Victor Brasil and J. Tavares looming close to the battle. Going into the final night stages Gibeault and Mathes overhauled the Volvo on the twisty roads overlooking Interstate 5 and stayed there through the end. The brothers Griffin maintained third ahead of the Brasil Subaru and yet another Brasil team, John and Guilherme in a high powered Ma:da GLC. As this is the final event of the year, and our editor said we could write a lengthy report we are going to try a European format of rally report by giving a quick team by team synopsis. We'll report by starting order. CarlJardevall /Denise Clark, the overall winners claimed no troubles on the way to the chec:kered flag. The unsponsored team gives credit to their win to the Michelin Tires. Tony Tavar-es /Carlos Tavares, the second place in Stock GT helped Carlos and Tony to the class points title in 1991 . Tire troubles and a lack of ground clearance attributed to the team's second place. Rui Brasil/Frank Nunes, in only the third event for the Toyota, Rui is sponsored by Wings N Things, and a local Portuguese radio station in the Bay Area of northern California. Rui and Frank won their first class title that helped them move into second place in the year end standings. Jeff and Chris Griffin, after two particularly bad rallies where a failed water pump and a rollover ruined what would have been excellent finishes, Jeff and Chris were happy to finish this one. Sponsored by TRS USA the brothers hope to have a new car soon. Former off road racer Dan Hook gave off road racer Jim Stout a chance to navigate his entry, and they had a trouble free day in the Toyota Celica and won Stock Class and took eighth overall. The father and son team from Prescott, AZ, Jeff and Eu Hendricks drove the Jeep Comanche to third in stock class, tenth overall and won the year end points title in class and overall. Dusty Times

Page 31

Tony Travares and Carlos Tavares nabbed second in Stock GT Class, fifth overall and also took the class points title in CRS for the 1991 season. Sam Moore and John Elkin ran well until electrical and tire trouble slowed their Arrow, but they were second in Stock Class and a fine ninth overall. Gary English and Jose Pauletti went well until the Alfa Romeo had electrical woes on the night stages, but they still took third in Stock GT Class. Joe Vondracek, still new to rallying, recruited Mike Borek to navigate the Charger and the pair finished fourth in the close running Stock Class. Paul Fursho and Paul Skjerven turned some impressive leg times in the Mazda RX-3 on the way to sixth in Open Class in the older but tested rally car. National Divisional 1991 champion Lon Peterson and Jim Love went well with bad brakes on the Arrow, but a broken front spindle later put them out of the rally. Our fearless co-divisional steward, with Jay Mathes navigating, took his best finish in the relatively new Subaru RX, placing second in Open Class and overall. Victor Brasil IJ. Tavares, still in pursuit of more horsepower, the team held onto fourth place and sixth overall in the Subaru RX four door. Mike Gibeault/Jay Mathes; our fearless co-divisional steward seems to be taking a shine to the four wheel drive car, taking his best finish in the car, second place overall and in class. Norberto Gome:/Jorge Facio, the Mitsubishi Starion still needs some bugs worked out, as, while holding third place in class, the 2 .6 liter engine gave up the chase in stage 6. Lon Peterson !Jim Love in the lead car in the B&D Automotive stable, and recently crowned the National Divisional Champions, Lon and Jim were motoring sans brakes in fifth place before the front spindle broke in stage 5. Ron Wood/ Kelly Walsh on stage 7 saw the demise of the VW Specialties Scirocco as a broken axle put our tech inspector on the trailer.John Brasil/Guilherme Brasil, powering the potent Ma:da GLC into fifth in Open Class and seventh overall, the duo were happy with their finish but wanted more paved stages. Gary English/Jose Pauletti; Gary English has been working the bugs out of his Alfa Romeo GTV 4 over the past couple of events. Tthis event, however, started a legend, the legend of the DustyTimcs Stealth Alfa! Gary and Jose were sitting comfortably in third place going into the night stages until the Alfa started to lose the alternator after working their way up to seventh overall. Changing the battery got the Alfa to stage 11 where the duo borrowed the battery out of Harris Done's RX-7. The battery lasted only through stage 11. Starting stage 12 Jose guided Gary by flashlight until they were passed by the Dodge Charger of Joe Vondracek and Mike Borek. Gary closed in behind the Charger and stayed there through the remainder of the stage. It was not until reports came from radio crews that they were passed. by one set of headlights but two cars that the timing crew knew that two cars were coming. Coming to the finish Gary and Jose turned on their now dim lights to warn the timing crew, also surprising Joe and Mike who thought they left the Alfa far upstage. Sam Moore/John Eliin; the second Arrow from B&D Auto-motive was·left to carry on after Peterson and Love broke. Running well until the two dirt stages at night when electrical gremlins reared their head, and a poor tire choice. Thanks in large part to the B&D Service Crew the duo soldiered on with a carburetor held together with :ip ties after the Jeff and Chris Griffin were happy with a third place finish in Open Class and overall in the Volvo 142; the brothers are sponsored by TRS USA. final service. Second place in and Li: Shumaker, the husband stock class and ninth overall was and wife team, garm:red fifth in satisfactory. class in the Capri, sponsored hy Dennis Sheean/Larry Scott High Grade Racing and UNI borrowed the organi:er's car, and Filter. Look for the team to dehut Dennis brought the Independent something different at Prescott. Ma:dalHonda Care Ma:da RX-7 Anton Musev/Gary Dunlau; carb woes felled the usual top place running Mad Bulgarian to last place, sponsored by Allisons Imported Auto Parts and Five Star Travel.Joe Vondracek / Mick Borek: Joe is still new to rail ying but catching on quick taking n fourth in stock class and recruite Mike to navigate when he decideJ not to run his Colt. Dan Topjian/Mark Johnson in the potent Capri came on in final stage to move into seventh place in Open Class. Dan enjoyed the rally with his new navigator. Paul Fursho/ Paul Skjerven had the ex-Michael O'Sullivan Ma:da RX-3 guide the new team to some impressive stage times on the way to a sixth place in Open Class. Gary Luke/Farina O'Sullivan had fuel pump and electrical woes hurt the Dodge Charger right off -the start line. Mercifully the season ended painlessly for the 1990 Southern Pacific Champion who has not had any luck in 1991 . into the stock class lead through stage l I when the tie rod on the passenger side snapped and trailered the pair. However, they would play good samaritan by loaning the Stealth Alfa their battery. Luis Silva /Nelson Sousa in the Subaru RX passed through five stages before retiring with unreported woes. PIKE'S SERVICE CENTER BAKER, CALIFORNIA Dan Hook/Jim Stout: Dan decided to give an off road racer a try at PRO Rally, and won. Dan had a trouble free day leading to his best effort yet. Sponsored hy Big Dans Auto Repair the Toyota Celica is a contender. Jeff and Ev Hendricks, the father/son team, garnered third in stock class and tenth overall in the Willow Creek RESTAURANT Tire Jeep Comanche. Based out of ' SERVICE Prescott, Ari:ona the finish gave Hendricks the year end points title in class, and overall! Marcus Clark /Jose Rodrigue: are still working the bugs out of the Ma:da RX-2. Marcus makes up the third car in the B&D Automotive stables. Loosing the muffler early made for a long day in the rotary engined beast, eighth in class and 16th overall. Tony March 1992 OPEN 24 HOURS EVERY DAY YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT· FOR OVER 40 YEARS Page 31

Page 32

GRR DESERT TOUR '92: ROUND # 1 iggins Hauls At Gila Monster 150 By Daryl Drake Photos hy Carol Knu/Jp/ Brian Smith/ Lorne Trezise J.;_>-·.,:4_ ~M ;¢ . ~-:~ =},j,, -'~ Tom Higgins moved from third to first in Class 10 on the second lap, and he stayed out front in the Toyota powered Chaparrel to not only win Class 10 but he won the race overall by a full 11 minutes. Phoenix firefighter Tom Higgins was hot in early January as he roared to the Overall and Class 10 victories at the "GILA MONSTER 150", opener in the GRR Desert Tour '92 series. Driving the Arizona Transaxle Exchange/Yokohama/Woods' Off Road Products sponsored oyota-Chaparral of Bill Capatch, Higgins turned in a quick time of 2 :50:27 for three laps round the 45 mile circuit southeast of Gila Bend, Arizona. "Everything went real good today", said Higgins. "Hit a lot of trees. Think I cleared the way for everybody on the first lap. ''I'd like to thank Arizona Transaxle Exchange.Jack Woods, Yokohama and my wife Becky. It was a fun course. The sand was tough; it made you work." GRR had originally scheduled the "BUCKEYE BLAST" in Rainbow Valley for the date, but the influence of "El Nino" increased the area's rainfall this winter , and the local rancher decided to put in cattle for the first time in years . BLM's resourceful John Reid resolved the conflict by moving GRR 's permit to the desert outside of Gila Bend, "Fan Belt Capital of the Wold" and gateway to the · Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Bombing Range. Race Headquarters and the Start/Finish line were on the outskirts of town just south of Interstate 8 . A nice breeze kept the dust off the freeway all day. Temperatures were in the high 60's. A desert hardpack road with some good sized ditches led off the start to a nasty three miles of the very soft Sand Tank Wash. A section of fast but whoopy hardpack came next and brought the racers to Checkpoint# 1 and a four mile section of Bender Wash, fast but narrow. Jumping out of another wash, the route picked up an ultra-fast few miles of smooth desert road before THE "ACCURATE" TUBING NOTCHER The "Accurate" Tubing Notcher uses industrial hole saws to cut clean accurate notches in tubing for better, stronger welds. The V-block · clamping system and oilite bushing are tied together by the steel backplate for w perfect alignment every time. Because of its solid construction, chatter is not a problem. If cutting fluid is used, hundreds of notches can be cut by a single hole saw. Cuts tubing 3/4" to 2", O to 45 degrees, steel, chrome moly, or stainless. # D-550 279.95 (hole saws sold separately) Call or write for our FREE CATALOG of fabricating tools RACERS TOOL & SUPPL V 4290 Bells Ferry Rd. • Suite 10634 • Kennesaw • GA • 30144 turning east up a canyon towards a landmark delineated on maps as "Squaw Tits", two rocky peaks jutting a thousand feet above the desert floor. Checkpoint #2 came at the top of a steep climb out of the canyon and marked the halfway point of the route. Winding to the northeast then was a downhill, fast, once graded road with a bit of crossgrain. A half mile from the Interstate, the race turned northwest into another section of Bender Wash, wide, winding and fast for five miles. Coming out of the wash to the south, an old trail with plenty of ditches led uphill and through a narrow pass between a small range of hills. Down the other side, the route followed a gravelly wash to a high speed section of road leading back to lower Bender Wash and finally back to Sand Tank Wash and the Start/ Finish line. Starting time was 11 :30am, with Class 10 leading off again, followed by 1, 5 , 8, 1-2-1600, 9 and 5-1600. A five hour time limit was allowed to complete the 135 mile distance. BillyTsakiris was first off in his V W-Brandwood, but Tom Higgins had caught him and was a few seconds ahead by Check # 1 . Bruce Mills and Randy Miller were out with tranny troubles. Starting fourth, Reuben Wood was running strong and had claimed second on the road by Check #2. At the end of lap one, Wood held a three second lead over Ed Beard. Higgins was third 20 seconds later. Shannon Schulz held fourth another 2 :31 back. Then came the team of Matt Thul and Albert McMullen in fifth, but with no rear brakes. Higgins was quicker on his second lap and moved 41 seconds ahead of Wood. Schulz was now third, but 6: 15 in arrears. Tsakaris took over fourth and ThuJ/McMullr n stayed in fifth despite a long pit stop. Bear d was out o f it somewhere past Check #2, after losing a pulley and all his belts. (404) 924-4543 24 Hours a bay 7 Days a Week Higgins turned in his best _ performance on his last circuit to r Page 32 March 1992 iii=,#.... _,. Stanley Steele cranks through Sand Tank Wash. The New Mexico resident won Class 1 by two laps and was third overall, only a minute behind second O/A driving the VW p·owered Chaparral. Tom Strut/man ran every lap a bit faster than the last to earn the combined Classes 9 and 5-1600 purse and scored a fourth overall finish in the Class 9 Chenowth, a great performance. score a 56: 10, quick lap of the day, a1'1d took the win handily over Schul:, 11 :08 back for second. Thul/McMullen had a good third lap to earn third, with John Raitter fourth and Tsakaris fifth, but over the time limit by 39 seconds after a flat tire, a lost jack and a broken 1st gear made for a nearly three hour final lap. In Class 1, New Mexico's Stanley Steele said he "just cruised the whole way: I had a good lead after the first lap so I just tried to save the car and not break anything." He also thanked his crew and Danny Foddrill. His S&S Engine and Machine/FOO FABI Auto Original VW-Chap-arral turned in a time of 3:02:51 for the class win and third overall. Steele had a 19 minute margin on Ryan May after one lap. May had lost his power steering belt. Then, while playing catch up on lap two, May had the front end come apart just past Check #2 and was down for the count. Robert Wood and his Pinto powered single disappeared after Check #3 on lap one, Bill Cook limped only to Check # 2 with smoking electrics, while Terry Harden 's motorcycle engined racer snapped a gearbox shaft before he left the pits. Not their day! Just two Bajas turned out this time in Class 5.JeffHustin had his Rabbit powered convertible three minutes ahead on the road by Check # 1 over Mike Free, running a small, borrowed motor in his sedan. But Hustin blew his transmission somewhere before Check # 2 while Free slugged along, turning the wheel over to Troy Salisberry for the middle lap. The Mook Engineering bug, running the 1776cc Type 1 out of Salisberry's daily transportation, finished with a time of 4:02: 15 at eighth overall. "We had the throttle cable slip on the first lap and lost some power", said Free. "Not that we had any to start with. I could have used a book to read as I slowly went up that wash." Co-driver Salisberr y added, "We'd like to thank John Ronnerud for the ignition help and I want to thank Mike for letting me drive his car." The lone Class 8 entry of Tony Port Campbell returned to off road racing in great form after a long absence, and Port was the Class 1-2- 1600 winner easily and seventh overall. DustyTimes

Page 33

Cornering hard in the soft stuff in his Dir Trix with Rabbit power. John Raitter earned his first GRR fnish with a fourth in the tight Class 10 action. Mike Free borrowed a buddy's daily driver type 1 motor in order to make the race, then hung in there to earn the Class 5 win with the stocker engine. In Class 5-1600 Ron Gardner went the farthest, over a full lap. and had a fine lap time, and he ended up the class winner in his tidy Baja Bug. The team of Tony Harbeck and Jimmy Wood had fun in their older Ford pickup. They got in over a lap before overheating put them on the trailer early. After a good first lap in the Funco, Tom Hansen suffered a broken steering box on the second round, ending his day, but he was second in Class 1-2-1600. Richard K. Smith got in some good legs, but not a full lap, but he still scored second in Class 5-1600 and kept his Bug looking tidy at this point. Harbeck and Jimmy Wood was next off the line. A couple miles out, the big Ford lost a radiator hose and an hour. Harbeck then ran strong and turned the truck over to Wood for lap two. Wood was having a great time but the truck was running hot in the deep sand. Finally the truck got so hot Wood stopped to cool it down past Check #3, and then found himself at the wrong end of a tow strap attached to Course Director Bill Graham's Chevrolet 4x4. GRR's version of "Mr. Towed's Wild Ride." In 1-2-1600 action, Port Campbell and Tom Hansen were neck-and-neck at Check #1. But Hansen had fallen back a minute by Check #2 and seven by Check #3. This was Campbell's first race in a couple of years after a non-race back injury sidelined him, and he was back at his full bore pace. He had an eight minute margin as lap two began, then went on uncontested as Hansen failed to reach Check # 1 a second time after his ailing steering box packed it in. The T.U.F. Off Road VW-Newton was seventh overall in 3:43:20. "A real fun race!" said Campbell. "Thanks to (co-driver and wife) Mona and everybody. This is my first race back and I really enjoyed it. I think about 135 miles is about as far as I want to go anymore. Who was in that Challenger? He passed me in that wash like I was stopped!" Tom Struttmann was that lone Challenger, and he ran with the 5-1600s for purse. He was running well in the sand and passed Campbell twice, once just after Check # 1 and again in the Sand Tank Wash on the last lap. The Challenger's tire/gearing Shannon Schulz had a good day in his Funco with Rabbit power, and he took second in Class 10 and overall. Here he rounds the far corner of the 45 mile loop. After losing the rear brakes. Matt Thul and Al McMullen came back up the ranks to place third in Class 10 in the Rabbit powered Funco and 5th 0 /A. DustyTimcs combo outperformed the 1-2-1600 in the sand, but the bigger car won out in the rough and got out front again. Still, Struttman.n's Fischer Enginering/ Arizona Transaxle Exchange/Yokohama/ Fox Shox VW-Chenowth ran each lap thirteen seconds faster than the last to finish a strong fourth overall with a time of 3:22:39. "We bent all the wheels," lamented Struttmann. "But we had lots of fun. Our new Fischer Engineering/Don Struttmann motor worked great and it was big fun passing the 1-2-1600s." Another pair of Baj as were last off the line in 5 -1600. Ron Gardner had caught and passed Richard Smith by Check #1 as Smith had broken a throttle cable. ORR had a cable ready to go out with the next two seater, but word came he was rolling again, planning to return to the pits for repairs. Next thing we knew, "Smitty" was going by on the Interstate in his definitely not road legal sedan, looking for a way back to the its. He eventually found an exit and made it back without a ticket. Don't try this at home! Smith had tied his tow strap to the carb, ran it through the back window and then pulled on the strap when he wanted to go. he decided he'd raced enough for the day. Meanwhile Gardner went on for lap two only to go down with fuel supply woes and turn in a DNF as well. But he still took the class win in the Performance Fabrication/JayCo sedan. As the race wound down, Tracy Springman fired up some of his infamous "Pre-Run" chili and those daring enough, or simply uninformed, lined up for a bowl. Off Road Communication's mascot, "Radar, the wonder dog," was offered a bowl but ran off as if shocked. One wag explained, "Radar's no cannibal!" All in all, everybody had a good time despite a finishing ratio below 50% and all the troops were in in time to enjoy another "patented" ORR Arizona Sunset. And despite the last minute March 19ft location change, as well as HDRA's scheduling of its new race on top of ORR 's traditional "pre-Parker" and previously announced date, we had a fine turnout of racers. I, for one, wonder how fellow Arizonan Larry Ragland and his truck would have done against Higgins on this course. Now that would have been a race. A few years ago I interviewed Ragland in these pages and, while still piloting a buggy, he predicted trucks would one day be vying for the overall. But how much of that is how courses evolved, trucks evolved, or maybe it's just Larry? Anyway, ORR invites Ragland to partici-pate in one of our races in '92, as he did with La Rana in '91 . ORR extends its thanks to Phoenix Emergency Medical, Ron Martin and the "Gila Bend CJ's, Greg Foutz, Greg Nelson, Bob Austin, Larry Beale, Mark Stephenson, Daryl and Carol Knupp, Brian Hoyman, Roger Mann, Off Road Communic ,., tions, Jesse Hayes, Jack Woo s, Jim Wibel and Bill and Marilyn Graham. ORR also welcomes new contingency donor, EDDCO of Santee, CA. Next up on ORR Desert Tour '92 is the second annual "Gold Nugget 150," slated for February 15th south of Wickenburg, Arizona. Catch all the action in Dusty Times. West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PRICE $695.oo· GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 891 lY2 7lY2/873-1962 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 9'2800 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED

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LA RANA MEW YEARS 200 Bob Miller Takes the Overall Win in a Class 10 By Jean Calvin - Notes hy Desert Scoo/J Photos: Trackside Photos Inc. Bob Miller had his Raceco in perfect tune, and he took the Class 10 lead on the first lap and held it all the way to victory, and went so fast that he won the race overall by over three minutes. Billy McCool and Ed Pedley,. whose fathers used to race this Funco, have it well updated now and the youngsters were second in Class 1-2-1600 and third overall. The La Rana New Years 200 is now traditionally the first desert event of the new year, but it followed by just four days the FRT New Years Eve bash near El Centro. However, both races had strong support, and La Rana was down by just four cars from the 1991 starting line up. row stayed dry. Race day dawned sunny and beautiful, and the course wasn't nearly as muddy as it was last year. Driver visibility was great, with no mud in the face, and the route was just damp enough that there was scant dust also. A total of 88 cars staged at Sidewinder Road to start the four lap romp over the hard, tough Barstow course and 51 of them would see the checkered flag. With great course conditions, many folks were going too fast for the strength of their equipment. Class 10 started nine cars, but two potential winners were The registration, tech and contingency inspection were set up on Friday, January 3 at the Barstow Outlet Mall, which probably cost some teams a bit of money as the ladies might have visited the huge array of discount shops while waiting for the fellows to get through tech. The weather was cold, bone chilling cold, and while rain and snow fell all around the area, contingency Sandy Parker and Tom Moessner again drove the winning Challenger Class 9 leading most of the distance except for the driver change, and they won by a wide margin of 17 minutes, unusual for this class. Jim Joyce and Drew Keys had a great, trouble free run in their two seater, had no war stories to report and went so fast they not only won Class 1-2-1600, but they placed a close second overall. Gary Bates and son B.J. shared the driving while Maxine Bates and Shirley Scott shared the riding in the winning Class 5 Baja Bug, and even with the crew changes the team placed seventh overall. missing on the first lap, as both Tony Modica and Gary John-son/J.D. Ward failed to come around. After a very fast lap Dan Fisk vanished, and Hal Hibbard made one lap in over four hours and parked. Bob Miller led the first lap by five minutes over Burl Beveridge/Mike Abbott an d Morgan Maiocco. Miller kicked in the afterburner and had a substantial lead midway, the other two about a minute apart, and the charge was on. Craig Dill_on/Jim Tucker had trouble on lap 2, did a quick lap 3, and were seen no more. After second lap woes Paul LaPorte and Raymond Mejia ran a long fourth. Out front from flag to flag was Bob Miller, with over 45 mph average speed. Bob went so quickly, having only a first lap flat for trouble, that he set class fast lap of 1 :05 .42 on the last lap and not only won Class 10, he won the race overall with four laps done in 4:31 :45. He credited his pit crew and prep crew, all volunteers, plus BFG tires for his Raceco's great John Hulsebosch and Gary Seagraves had trouble starting the car at the green flag, but they moved out smartly, had trouble with the steering wheel, but still came in first in Class 5-1600. Danny Porter drove his new Suspensions Unlimited car to third in Class 1-2-1600 and he was fourth overall by 29 seconds. 6 minutes behind the winner. Jeff and Larry Trimble flew over the nicely damp course to fourth in Class 1-2-1600. just another minute back and fifth overall in a very close race. Gary Sewell and Dan Keller execute a slight nose dive in the Lothringer on their way to sixth overall, fifth in Class 1-2-1600 by just four minutes. Page 34 March 1992 Dusty Times

Page 35

Burl Beveridge and Mike Abbott had a few unscheduled stops with the Raceco, but they had no major problems on their way to a fine second in Class 10. Morgan Molocco roared back from 50 minutes down time on lap 1 to charge through the Class 10 f(eld to finish third in class in the Raceco. Walter Sleppy and Randy Jones didn't have the right tune on their engine. but they kept it running all day and finished 21 minutes out, second in Class 5-1600. Eric Heiden led Class 6 the first lap, had some trouble, but led the last lap too 1n the Don-A-Vee Jeep Ch.erokee, and he went on to win the class by just over a minute, a slim margin indeed: performance. Staying close all the way Burl Beveridge and Mike Abbott were second in Class 10 and 11th overall at 4:59:49. Burl had fan belt trouble in the first five miles, stopped several times before curing the problem, and handed over midway to Abbott in second place by about a minute. Abbott kept up the pace with a quick lap and a slower lap, and had no trouble finishing. Finishing third at 5:33:06, Morgan Maiocco had his Class 10 Raceco roaring, doing a third lap 1 :06, but his first lap included a good 50 minutes of down time, and the race was too short to recover from that. Taking fourth in Class 10 at 6: 19:03, Paul LaPorte and Raymond Mejia had their disaster on the third lap, which cost over an hour, but they did finish all four laps. Craig Mike Duncan and Jim Brandt had some competition in Class 3 this round, but they pulled off the class victory in the Jeep CJ covering all four laps on the pleasantly dust free course. Rick Sieman and Lee Lagorio got in just three laps in their Ford. but they were the only starting rig in Class 4. so they therefore got the class win and points. Dusty Times Dillon got credit for fifth place. The Unlimited open wheel class was missing its usual pair of front runners as both Bob Richey and Keith Jackson were elsewhere. Only two showed up to contest the class and the winner was Larry Deaton with co-driver Elbert Huffman, who came from Clovis to race. Maybe they thought the desert would be warm in January. Their Jimco lost a left rear wheel and tire that passed them Ori the course, and the rear brake caliper too, so they had no brakes most of the day. Things went well after that until the throttle linkage broke near the finish line, but the VORRA racers finished four laps in 5:06:27, good for 14th 0 / A. Ken Thompson and Mike Shipley finished second, 24th overall in Class l / 2. They led the first two laps, dropped back then broke a stub axle on the last lap and finished in 5:53:25. They had just finished the car before starting this, their second La Rana race and they had fun. There were 22 starters in Class 1-2-1600 and it was a dogfight from the flag. There were at least eight potential winners in the ·crowd.and only four failed on the first lap, another was gone on lap 2 while both Mike McClune and Rick Boyer got in two laps before parking. Don Chase was gone after three rounds, as was Scott Ryan and Larry Martin, but the remaining do~en got in all four laps. Jim Joyce and Drew Keys were the fastest of all, their Raceco averaging 43 .6 mph. They were second overall in 4:35:00, only three minutes back as well as winning Class 1-2-1600. They had no trouble during the race. Only two minutes out of the win Billy McCool and Ed Pedley took a strong second in the Miraged Funco Hustler, the original Orange Crate. Billy reported no problems, just a real tough course. Danny Porter missed second place in Class 1-2~ 1600 by 29 seconds, but he was third in class and fourth overalf with matching lap times except for lap 3, when he had a flat on the Suspensions Unlimited car. The class runs so close that Jeff and Larry Trimble were fourth at 4:38:42 followed by Gary Sewe!J/Dan Keller, 4:42:28, Terry Jeffers/Bobby Wallace, 4:50:18 and Willie Melan-con/Scott Reams, 4:54:39, and it ran a few minutes apart like that all the way through the ranks of the class finishers. The Bates Racing Team, led by Gary, won Class 5 by almost an hour and finished a smart seventh overall. Gary and Maxine Bates and son B.]., plus Shirley Scott got the Baja Bug around with three 1:11 lapsanda 1:14 lapfcir a March 1992 crew change. The team plans to run the La Rana Series all year, so they might be in the overall standings every race. Alex and Jorge Zapata and Brian Cox ran consistently except for lap 3, but were solid in second in Class 5. Jeff Renick and Darryl Gibson got in merely two laps in their Class 5, third in the three car entry. Four started in Class 5-1600 and two were missing midway as Lee Patten had a long first lap a good second round, but was gone, and Brian Logan ran two consist-ent laps and vanished. John Hulsebosch and Gary Seagraves had their troubles getting· the car to start before the rate, got the green and took off with the steering wheel coming off. By the fourth lap they finally had the wheel permanently installed, and said they stayed nice and warm because they ran a windshield. The second ·place honors went to the of Walter Sleppy and i;-,. TIRE - WHEEL PACKAGES Armstrong - Centerline - Yokohama 2 700 X 15 Hiway or Traction 2 33 X 1050 X 15 or 11 X 15 2 15 X 4 Centerline 2 15 X 6 Centerline 4 Heavy Duty Race Tubes $839.95 Includes mounting CHALLENGER TIRE - WHEEL PACKAGES 2 700 X 15 Hiway or Traction 2 33 X 1050 X 15 4 Heavy Duty Race Tubes 4 15 X 5 STD and REV Custom/Commercial 30 X 9.50 X 15 Radial Armstrong Available Yokohama $524.95 Includes mounting 700 X 15 Hlway 700 X 15 Traction 1100 X 15 Desert Dog 30 X 950 X 15 Radial NORSEMAN $74.00 $74.00 $93.00 $103.00 >YVOKOHAMA G 78 -15 H 78 - 15 L 78 -15 Call For Prices 700 X 15 Hlway 700 X 15 Traction 750 X 16 Traction 33 X 1050 X 15 Ill 35 X 1150 X 16 Ill 4.755 $74.00 4.720 $74.00 4.720 $81.00 4.829 $93.00 4.829 $120.00 ~ ~ 15 X 3 1/2 Bubble $126.00 ·lor1 CUStolllA COffllllMdal ...... 15 X 4 $130.00 15 X 5 $134.00 . 15 X 6 $136.00 15 X 5 15 X 7 $137.00 15 X 6 15 X 8 $140.00 15 X 7 16 X 4 $138.00 · 15 X 8 STD or REV 16 X 6 . $150.00 Heavy Duty Race Tubes $36.00 $37.00 $38.00 $39.00 $25.00 ADY 103 Press Lane, Suite # 4 • Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 691-9171 • (619) 691-9174 • FAX (619) 691-0803 Page 35

Page 36

Brian Coats and Neville Sharpe campaign about the only sedan left in Class 6, had a variety of troubles, but finished a close second in the class: Joel Stankavich and Mike Currier had flats and.electrical fires, but pressed on in the Raceco to finish a fine second in Class 9 by just two minutes. Bruce Mangold and Tim Gavett looked to be leading Class 9 for a time, but problems slowed them in the late laps and they were third in their Raceco. Tom Coon kicked up the only dust on course in his Class 8 Ford, and he got in three laps for second in Class 8, after some down time on the route. Dan Cannon and Mike Fetcho and Joe Petralia shared the Ford Ranger, a 7S truck, and they drove to second in the combined mini truck class. Art and Mike Becker and Greg Hoffnung broke a ball joint on the Class 7 Toyota, after a collision, but they got third in the combined class anyhow. Of the five starters in Class 8 only Billy Bunch covered the four laps, and in good time at that. and his Ford was tidy at the finish and the class winner by a full lap. Jay and Dor,nie King were the fastest in the combined Class 7, 7S and 7 4x4 covering all four laps in 6:45.-59 to win the purse driving their 7 4x4 Toyota to the victory. J Page 36 VORRA racer Larry Deaton, with Elbert Huffman Jr. riding in the Jimco, came from northern California to give La Rana racing a try, and ended up winning Class 1 /2 in his two seat Jimco. Brady and Steve Helm rolled on the first lap, lost a lot of time, but still won the Stone Stock mini truck honors in the then battered Toyota, and they won by about one hour at that. · t;r Randy Jones, who said the motor ran sour, but did not quit all through the race. They finished 21 minutes behind the winners. Class 9 had a good field of 1 7 starters, the most popular class in La Rana Racing. Sandy Parker drove the winning car home, as co-driver Tom Moessner had started the race this time.Tom led the first and second laps, with a good margin when he turned the car over to Sandy, who said he caught Jim Clements driving Tom Mattingly's car and played with him for a while. Larry Adams and Mike Rix won Sandy drove to first in Class 9 and Class 11, had some flats, got stuck, etc., but got the two required l:ips 17th overall in the Chen~brut at done for the class victory and series 5:31 :46. Joel Stankav1ch and points. Mike Currier had some electrical -.C~~ss~~i~~de~:~ft~cf~~i~~~~~~~ m Class 9 with steady lap times March 1991 and they finished in 5:48:42. Bruce Mangold and Tim Gavett were third in class at 5:50:41 starting out faster than the winners, maybe leading midway, but slowed for some reason by a few minutes a lap on the second half and dropped back. Dee Jay Owens and Ryan Schank were fourth at 5:55: 10, Dave Girdner and Rick Johnson were fifth at 5:59:56, and Jeff Cepielik and Dennis Dean were sixth at 6:02:10. That is close racing! Other Class 9 finishers Mike Bragg in seventh followed by Dan Richardson/ Randy Westbrook, Craig Bernal/ Lawerance Perry,James Clem-ents/Tom Mattingly and Joel -Mohr/Dennis Whitaker. In Class 6 Eric Heiden drove the Don-A-Vee Jeep Cherokee the entire race, and led only the first lap and the last lap, but won class honors by a minute, eight seconds. He lost 30 minutes in down time to a broken thror~l~ cable, but that was the only big problem. He wanted to thank his sponsors, Don-A-Vee, BFGood-rich, Havoline and Texaco for all the help. Brian Coats was second in the familiar Camaro with Neville Sharpe co-driving, and had one flat, broke an axle off the start, and in the last 35 miles his power steering went out, so he had rider Troy Tackett shift gears for him so he could hang onto the wheel. John Devito's three laps were good for third in Class 6. Class 7 had but one entry, Art and Mike Becker and Greg Hoffnung in a Toyota. They covered two laps before an on course collision and later a broken ball joint put them out of action. The only entry in Class 750 was Jay and Donnie King in their Toyota. They covered all four laps despite breaking the main frame rails in half on the last lap, but they got welded together to get full finishing points. In Class 725 ex-motorcycle racer Dan Cannon gave La Rana a try in his Ford and he ran three good Dusty Times

Page 37

Dan Auer and Tom Degen looking in fine shape here in their Mike Coleman and Chris were second, about half an hour back Toyota, must have had big trouble later, as they were a long in the Chevrolet in full size Stone Stock Truck action, with Tony Benda's Honda Pilot seems to have a very short wheelbase but despite an early and spectacular rollover, he placed second in the Odyssey class. second in Stone Stock Mini truck action. transfer case woes along the way. laps, had electrical and spring onelapinaFord,andJorgeZapata twoflatsonthesecondlapandgot troubles on the last lap, but didn'tdoafulllapininhisChevy. stuckinthesandonce,butMike finished all four rounds for the Rick Sieman and Lee Lagorio pushed the car out quickly and win. Rick Sanders got in just one got in three laps, the only starter they did the two laps in 4: 11 :07. lap for second in class in his Ford. in Class 4 and took the win. Mike Horacio and Arturo Munoz had a Five started in Class 8 but only Duncan and Jim Brandt covered beautiful Beetle when the race Billy Bunch got in four laps for all four laps in the Jeep CJ to win started, but got hit on the course the win, and he thanked Beny Class 3 over Ray MacMillan and completely ruining the bright Canela for an excellent prep job Mike Ismail whose Scout retired orange paint job. After almost six on his Ford. With three laps done after three laps. Larry Adams and hours on the first lap for repairs, Tom Coon was second in his co-driver Mike Rix won Class 11, they went on to a quick second Ford, Steve Krieger did two laps where only two entries started. round to get second in Class 11. in his Chevy, Alan Rapashy did They had a little torsion problem,. Of the four starters in Odyssey N ~ ,._ • Gordon DiCarlo and Jeff Yocum won two weekends in a row in the area, and took Stone Stock truck honors in the Ford F 150 without any big problems, and they gave sponsors a ride in the race. Mary Sullivan got her long sought victory in the Odyssey class, winning by 25 minutes, and she stopped only for gas and to fix a flat, having no real trouble on the course. Illustrating how dust free, for the first time in memory, the Barstow course was last January, check now close these 1600s are, but Danny Porter, just following Jim Joyce has no dust in his face. Dusty Times class Mary Sullivan was first under the checkered flag, winning by 25 minutes in the one lap race. She had one stop with a flat and a gas stop, remarking how good it felt to not have a major problem with her H & R Fab car. Tony Benda got his Honda Pilot in second, after doing a triple barrel roll right off the start, a quarter mile down course. A nearby Checker pit fixed his flat tire, wired and taped the car together and sent him on to finish the lap. In third was Ralph C.:arnetzki about a minute behind Tony, having lost a rear shock, which slowed his pace quite a lot. Over an hour back Donald Kleinhenz finished in his Selstad. In the Stone Stock big truck class Gordon DiCarlo and Jeff Yocum each drove a lap giving sponsors a ride. They had no problems with the Ford, liked the dust free conditions, the lack of mud and big guys running into them. Mike and Chris Coleman got their Chevy home second 34 minutes later suffering from transfer case troubles and leaking fluid badly, but they still had a lot of fun. Kenneth Parr took third almost another hour back in his Chevy. Daniel and Johnny Barela came from New Mexico to race but only made one long lap in their Chevy. Brady and Steve Helm won the Stone Stock mini truck honors in a Toyota which they rolled on the first lap. The big time loss was breaking three idler arms on the second lap, but they still won their division. Toyota owns this class as Dan Auer and Tom Degen got theirs in second, about an hour behind. Yet another hour back was the Toyota of Al Ortlepp who did get in his two laps for third spot in the class while Glenn Cohen did not record a single lap. Again for 1992 La Rana has a seven race schedule similar to 1991, and the series reached a zenith in entry numbers in the latter part of 1991. With the split of the majors into two series, some of the HORA date reorgan-ization of its calendar has landed on top of La Rana events. However La Rana runs only in California's high desert out of either Barstow, Lucerne Valley or March 1992 Ridgecrest, with a built in entry of off roaders in the area. Projecting entry from January numbers is useless, because there was a race a weekend in the southern Calif-ornia region in January, five in all starting on New Years Eve, and then every weekend, with this La Rana race, Jan. 4, followed by HORA in the same area a week later, then the MTEG Stadium race at Anaheim, broke up the desert runs before the Parker 400 on January 25. By the way, none This is the system run by most off road race winners of these events, except Anaheim, had close to the entry they had a year ago, partly because of the economic downturn, but also because of the proliferation of events in the same areas. Hopefully it will all shake out soon, and sanity will return to those who schedule race dates in the southwestern deserts. Next up for La Rana racers is the Presidential 250, out of Barstow on February 22, just after you receive this issue. TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME JEEP STRAIGHT 6 "NEW SUMMER SPECIAL CHROME" 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 37 -

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Hubert Auriol Wins The Paris Le Cap For Mitsubishi T exr & Photos: Marrin Holmes Hubert Auria/, with Philippe Monnet navigating the Mitsubishi Pafero, became the first person to win TSO's winter · marathons both on two wheels and four wheels, having won Paris-Dakar twice on a bike, he scored his third overall victory this year on four wheels. Hubert Auriol became the first competitor to win TSO's mid-winter African marathons both as a motorcyclist and car driver. The two wheel winner in 1981 and _ 983, who crashed within sight of victory in 1987, won the first event that went down to the south rather than the most westerly point of the continent, leading virtually all the way from the start. Auriol, co-driven by lone yachtsman Philippe Monnet, proved the worth of satellite navigation systems (allowed for the first time) and achieved a second victory for front engined Mitsubishis who finished 1-2-3. The much fancied mid-engined Citroens were outclassed, losing considerable time with tire troubles and various technical prob !ems as we II. Toyota won the improved category T2 with the former Peugeot driver· Philippe Wambergue in a Land Cruiser, while Jerome Riviere won the production ''Marathon"Tl category in a Nissan Terrano. Once again the event was flooded by controversy. Three competitors died and there was accusation of tactless indifference to the social and environmental demands of the countries through which the event passed. But once again this marathon provided the biggest sporting event in Africa, bringing together countries that would never otherwise have business with each other. "As soon as we heard the Olympics Committee had accept-ed South Africa back again, I knew it was the right time to change direction for Paris-Dakar", explained Gilbert Sabine, the 69 year old head of TSO. Actually it was a neat move in more than one way, because there was also a play on words available. The Cape is known in France as Le Cap; Cap also means "Heading", "Compass" or "Bearing". South Africa offered more than one new opportunity from a promotional point of view, and was also a special reason why Rothmans came to be the event's part-sponsor, as the parent company of this cigarette giant comes from there. With Total, who guaranteed fuel supplies everywhere en route, the com-mercial side of the event was assured. Rothmans also became involved with support of the Mitsubishi team as well. The sporting side of the event however, took a long time to CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279-2509 HELMET $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 A FRESH AIR HELMET AND BLOWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNED FOR 01-'F ROAD USE AT A REASONABLE PRICE BUILT AND BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LIGHT WEIGHT-REDUCES NECK STRAIN Page 38 COOL. COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSEMBLY ARE flUARANTEED FOR ONE FULL YEAR SNELL SA85 APPROVED organize. At any one time the organizers had three different routes through central Africa in the planning stage, and in the event they used none of them!. The first problem was crossing Zaire, a country with many perfect roads for high speed stages but with difficult climatic conditions which would com-pletely change the basically sandy nature of the event. Then in mid-91 came political problems as well. The final solution was to avoid Zaire altogether and use a boat crossing from Congo to central Angola, this at the same time avoiding North Angola where there was insurrection. There were political implications elsewhere. The Swedish federa-tion, notwithstanding the Olymp-ics Committee approval, felt it was incorrect for their nationals to compete in South Africa. Bruno Berglund, Ari Vatanen's co-driver obtained a Finnish competition licence, but Bjorn Waldegard was finally given an exemption and allowed to compete as a Swede. The whole nature of the event changed because of this new direction. Cars had to be prepared for mud in Central Africa and world championship style gravel stages in Angola, not to mention the usual sandy sections in the Sahara regions. There was also the problem of the International calendar. FISA declared there must be a week between the end of Paris le Cap and the start of Monte Carlo, but nobody was involved. Mitsubishi had decided Kenneth Eriksson had to do Monte Carlo ( there were special 14 day restrictions on training rules to consider as well) and Subaru were not doing Monte Carlo so Vatanen could safely do Paris le Cap, amid suggestions that this might be his final rally raid. "Certainly it is only the thought of going somewhere other than Dakar that has spurred me on". All this meant the event March 1992 Erwin Weber and Manfred Hiemer won the Prologue in a Mitsubishi Pajero, and stayed with the front runners to the finish, taking second overall, just five minutes out of the win. Salvador Servia and Jaime Puig led after two days in the Lada Samara which Servia used to win the national Spanish Raids, but the low budget team had some problems and finished eighth in the event after 20 days. started earlier than ever, Decem-ber 23 from Vincennes near Paris, with the Prologue at Rouen the day before. The event was also longer and more expensive than ever and it showed in the level of entries. Only two teams took the event serious! y, Citroen and Mitsubishi. Some 350 teams (bikes, cars and trucks) entered, almost half of what it had been in the old days. 329 landed in Libya at Misratah before a section to Sirte, which is the future capital of the country. Technically there were few novelties. Two Citroen ZXs were fitted with wide-track suspension first seen on Ickx's tragic Pharaohs car and three the old narrow type. Famous people are less prom-inent on the entry list these days. Two celebrated ocean sailors entered as co-drivers, Philippe Monnet to former bike racer Hubert Auriol and racing driver Paul Belmondo's co-driver Alain Gabay. After retiring from active motorcycling Hubert Auriol had come to Paris-Dakar in a single seat Buggy, then a works Lada, but thistime he was accepted into the Mitsubishi team. He is the only person who has contested all 14 of TSO's midwinter African adventures. After falling out with Mitsubishi management, desert expert Pierre Lartigue became part of the five car Citroen team. Lada was missing, but Spaniard Salvador Servia entered the Samara which he had used in national raid races in 1991, but on a low budget operation with mechanics from Oreca team. Former Formula 1 drivers included Patrick Tambay with a privately run Range Rover and disabled driver Clay Regazzoni in a Mercedes special. Two time Le Mans winner ,Jean-Pierre Jaussaud was at the wheel of a Hino truck. There were noticeably fewer of the way out specials which in the past have characterized the event, but Herve Cote! produced a series of beautifully shaped specials powered by different engines. Famous world champions, apart from Vatanen, included Sports Car title holder Jean-Louis Schlesser, again with a Buggy, this time a single seater. One last minute withdrawal was that of five times motorcycle winner Bruno Berglund shows off the fancy computer that combines route distance and global positioning via satellite in Ari Vatanen's Citroen, and the GPS were allowed in the cars for the first time this year. Dusty Times

Page 39

.4< It's a tough run in a car, but incredible on a motorcycle, but Stephane Peterhansel won the e·vent in bikes on a Yamaha for the second year. Pierre Lartigue has been on nearly every major rally raid, this year on the Citroen team where he and Patrick Destaillats finished seventh overall. The eventual overall winner Hubert Auria/ smiles after winning the first etape in the Mitsubishi Pajero, which gave him a leg up on the competition. · Cyril Neveu, formerly a fierce rival to Auriol, but sponsorship problems meant he could not start in a Nissan f9ur-wheeler. The other main change this year was that satellite navigation systems were allowed for the first time. These had become afford-able to privateers and were now so compact the organi;;ers felt they could not check whether or not they were being used. On December 22 thick mud on the Rauen Prologue course enticed several crews to use tires developed for the central African sections. At Mitsubishi they lowered the suspension of Erwin Weber's car. "It looked like a Group A rally car", the driver said, and the fastest driver was Weber. Marc La Caze, Toyota, was stuck in the stage with a broken clutch and had to start 229th on the first African section. Maurice Chomat at the wheel of a Citroen fast-support Peugeot P4 van was stuck in rear drive after a road accident driving to the circuit. On Day 1, December 26, the 204 km stage went from Misratah to Sirte. Rain made the short opening section tricky. Fontenay was stuck for over two hours with a broken wishbone, Waldegard lost an hour driving on two flat rear tires after a jack broke, Vatanen was stuck on a hump for six minutes and Saby lost his way for 25 minutes. Auriol and Weber proved that using Global Position systems was faster than following the official route. Hubert Auriol won the stage and led the race at this point. Tambay finished the day with a broken gearbox and decided to retire while still close to the Mediter-ranean coast. On Day 2, December 2 7, the . 375 km stage went from Sirte to Sabah 74. The winner was Bjorn Waldegard, the leader was Servia. Waldegard recovered to 11th place, Vatanen lost two hours with broken suspension after hitting a rock." My fault, I forgot how long the event was!" Shino;;uka discovered the danger of following GPS, not the official route when he suddenly discov-ered a huge unmarked drop. A fatal accident came for Schlesser's Land Rover fast service crew, car 243, when they crashed just before the end of the section. Today Weber and Auriol took the official road rather than rely on their GPS apparatus, and lost considerable time to their rivals. On Day 3, December 28, the 546 km stage went from Sa bah 7 4 to Waw El Kbir, won by Vatanen, and the leader was Saby. No route instructions today, just a map and GPS! This was the navigational novelty of the year. Saby took the lead despite driving 7 km on a rim. Auriol lost five minutes after Jerome Riviere and Alain Marion had a fine run in the Nissan HD 16Y Terrano, up with the leaders often and they finished 12th overall and won Group T1. Dusty Times hitting a rock and changing a wheel. Lartigue had rear drive only (front differential casing broken) and fast service car driver Ambrosino stayed with him. Ickx had had navigation trouble for the second day running. Boucher, Nissan Tl, retired '"".ith engine trouble after ingesting sand. The team of Cote! Buggies, including former motorcycle raider Gaston Rahier, retired because they had insufficient service. On Day 4, December 29 the 520 km stage went from Waw El Kbir to T umu, and Auriol won and took the lead. There were major tire problems for Citroen, ten punctures in all, while Mitsubishi, also Michelin users, had none. Saby rolled and lost nearly four hours; Shinomka helped and lost five minutes, then another seven through taking the wrong road. Two flats for Vatanen, two for Waldegard, two for Lartigue, three for Ickx, who also had alternator trouble, and Ambrosino had one. The worst problem was having to drive very carefully when no spare tires were left. Citroen ran 6-7-8-9-overall on a very cold night, minus five degrees! On Day 5, December 30, the 738 km stage led from Tumu to Dirkou. Niger winner and leader was Auriol. By using their GPS navigational systems to best effect, Pajeros were 1-2-3-4-5 on this stage that saw more puncture problems for Vatanen, three, and Lartigue, one. A constant sand , storm slowed drivers. Both Auriol and Shino;;uka had to stop ' · and change fuel pumps. Top Italian privateer Vismara retired his Range Rover with engine trouble. On Day 6, December 31, the 601 km stage went from Dirkou to N'Guigmi. While Weber won the· stage, Auriol held the lead. Day of the big dunes here as cars headed down the eastern border of Niger, along the edge of the T enere. Saby got stuck and had to wait nearly two hours for trucks to rescue him. Belmondo retired his Nissan T2 with front trans-mission trouble. Only seconds separated the battle for T 1 March 1992 Taking tenth overall in a fine drive. Philippe Wambergue and Michel Vantouroux also won T2 category, not so highly modified. in an enclosed Toyota Land Cruiser. between Riviere, Nissan and Sarra;;in, Toyota. Porcar, Spanish Nissan, lost seven hours, La Ca;;e lost 11 hours then retired with engine trouble in his T2 Toyota. On Day 7, January 1 the 425 km stage led from N'Guigmi, Niger to N'Djamena, Chad. This day was cancelled due to fighting in towns along the route. Crews were sent down a-main road north of proposed route on neutrali:ed section. Many crews arrived at N'Djamena very late in the evening; 40 soldiers were sent to escort the convoy of competitors. On Day 8, January 2, the 331 Whether you're on a chase crew, a km leg went from N'Djamena to Sahr. Shino;;uka won the day, but Auriol still led the event. Fontenay retired when nis car burned out, cause not known, possibly because of a leaking fuel tank. His fuel lines were burned through while he was still moving. Servia was delayed for over three hours with a broken rear axle, Saby for nearly four hours because of a fuel feed problem, and Vatanen had another flat. Rega;;;;oni retired when the Mercedes team service trucks failed to arrive at N'Djamena. Suddenly lllr' CALL FOR COURSES ANO DATES racer or a 4WD enthusiast, the Rod Hall off-road driving school can help you GREAT BASIN CONSUL.TING 2738 CHAVEZ o:=uve RENO, NEVADA89502 702-825-8830 be your best! But be ready. .. the road isn't smooth! Page 39

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Maurice Chomat got stuck in two wheel drive with a broken transmission on a Citroen fast-support Peugeot P4 van, but had plenty of help pushing it clear of the roadway. While Nissan is not as active in rally raids as they once were, this wet/ turned out Patrol was driven by Jordi Torra and Francis Selga. Former Formula 1 driver Clay Regazzoni, disabled by an accident at Long Beach, keeps his hand in running the raids: but had to retire down the road with trouble in the Mercedes special. r;.r different types of roads were encountered, narrow fast tracks with sudden bumps. On Day 9, January 3 the 151 km stage went from Sahr to Bouar, and the winner was Vatanen, the leader still Auriol. Citroen boss Frequelin said his team's chances depended on wet weather. Mitsubishi drivers were told to slow down, with three days of short stages to come. There was a growing feeling the rally results were becoming settled. Dusty and narrow roads within high grass made it difficult for drivers to make up lost time. Lartigue and Ambrosino had flats. On Day 10, January 4 the 121 km stage traveled from Bouar to Yaounde, Central Africa. The winner was Vatanen, Auriol still led. Narrow and dusty tracks. in equatorial forests, but it was also fast. Vatanen averaged 127 kph. The Gasto/Rahier/Jean Chatelet VW Cote/ Special sported a familiar Mickey Thompson sticker on the slick body enclosing a buggy style chassis, and there were a few more out of this same shop in the raid. Shino~uka caught up with Weber on overall times and they finished the day second equal!. Leading amateur was Tartarin in an ex-works turbo diesel Toyota, who .• I<, A pair of champions Group C winner Jean-Louis Schlesser, left, and Ari Vatanen. former world rally champion. shiver in the cold French night and no doubt looked forward to north Africa. ·\t-.1N' R.L.H. COMMUNICATIONS llllll'jll RACE RADIO SYSTEMS I" 337 W. 35th STREET, SUITE "F" BJ NATIONAL CITY, CA 92050 □ (619) 585-9995 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE TOM SCHILLING - 1990 OVERALL F.R.T SERIES TOM DeNAULT -1990 CLASS 1-2/1600 SCORE/HORA RITAYIK & PRATT-1990 24HR WORLD RECORD CLASS 9 F.R.T. PERRY McNEILL - 1990 CLASS 8 GRAN CARRERA H & R RACING -1990 CLASS 9 F.R.T. SERIES was lying 15th without service. On Day 11,January'S, the short 77 km stage led from Yaounde to Cameroun, won again by Vatanen and Auriol still led overall. Then Auriol overturned at a blind corner after a crest. After he left, 15 minutes later Servia did the same breaking the suspension. Lartigue also broke his suspen-sion, losing 15 minutes. The weather was still dry. Babier retired his Spanish Nissan because of an accident on a liaison section in which he broke an arm. On Day 12, January 6 it was 570 km from Oyem, Franceville to Gabon. The winner was Pierre Lartigue, and Auriol still led. This was the first time the "Dakar" had gone south of the Equator. Wambergue, long time Group T2 leader, struggled all day without brakes, overturning, but without much damage. Shino~uka had a puncture. On Day 13, January 7, it was 362 km from Franceville to Pointe Noire, Gabon, Congo, and Saby won the day while Auriol maintained his lead. It was a tragic day when top motorcycle raider Gilles Lalay was killed in a head-on accident, on a transit section after a stage, with an official medical vehicle. He was the 29th person to die during these events. 131 cars and trucks were sent by boat in the evening onJanuary8th to avoid the troubled areas in Zaire and North Angola. On Day 14,January 10, the 151 km stag,: went from Lobito, Namibe to Angola, and it was A totally different, more of a buggy style racer was driven by sports car champion Jean-Louis Schlesser, a Due de Bourgogne single seater complete with a familiar Goodrich tire sticker. back on form. Vatanen won the stage and Auriol led the event. The stage wound round mount-ains close to the coast, a cross between Mexico and Morocco, even sometimes like Algeria! Quite different after four days of fast forest tracks, except still little chance to overtake. Waldegard had two rear flats, Lartigue had one. A surprising number of local spectators were out watching on the stage. On Day 15, January 11, Namibe to Ruacana originally was to be two stages, 216 km and 203 km. The second stage was cancelled and the first stopped at 104 km. Vatanen won and Auriol still led overall. Heavy rains made many tracks impassable. More frustration for Citroen as they ran out of time to catch the Mitsu-bishis. One particularly deep water crossing persuaded organ-i~ers to cancel the first section as at the preceding passage control· where cars were, in any case, being timed. Now only two serious stages were left to be run. On Day 16 the run from R uacana to Grootfontein was 263 km, and Servia won the day, but Auriol still led. Lartigue lost an hour and a half with front axle failure and fell from sixth to seventh. Heavy overnight rain caused sand to be wet and heavy. Many cars, including Auriol's, suffered overheating troubles. A road book error caused many competitors to take a wrong turning. The only top driver to find the control the first time was Servia who gained best time. The route went to 1500 meters high. Saby missed a passage control and incurred ten hours penalty, dropping from 12th to 28th. Competitors now had to drive on the left hand side of the road. One motorcyclist forgot and crashed, breaking two legs and an arm. On Day 17, January 13 there were no stages from Grootfontein to Gobabis. Namibia Kalahari desert environmentalists order cancellation of the stage on these two days. It was 34 degrees ( must be centigrade) in the shade. Were Mitsubishi drivers complying with team: orders? "Any of them has the right to win", said their manager Ulrich Brehmer. Mean-while the discontent of Citroen was mounting. They claimed this was not a sporting event, and in reality the competition finished when they left Niger. There were no stages on Day 18, January 14, Gobabis to Keetmanshoop either. The very hot day was time tor competitors to take pictures of the remarkable scenery, but no high speed action at all. On Day 19 the 103 mile stage from Keetmanshoop to Spring-bok was won by Vatanen, but A uriol still led. This was the last competitive section of the event. The heat was greater than ever, up to47 degrees in the shade. It was a fast stage, and Ari Vatanen averaged 144 kph. HELMETS WIRED $375.00 1992 Total Paris le Cap Rally Raid Results On Day 20 there were to he two 6 km stages from Springbok to Capetown. Ecologists had the proposed sections on the sand under Tahle Mountain cancelled, so this was the end. Hubert Auriol proved convincingly the event was no prerogative for out of work world championship drivers. "I think experience of the terrain, particularly in Libya and Niger, where the event was decided, is as important as pure driving skill". For a man who has now won the world's biggest race three times, there must be something to do with skill involved. REG. PRICE 5599"" RACERS SPECIAL Intercom WE ACCEPT VISA & MASTERCHARGE HANDHELD RADIOS 50 CHANNELS-$495 REVOLVING LIGHTS & ELECTRONIC SIRENS/HORNS Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay Page 40 I. Hubert AurioVPhilippe Monnet 2. Erwin Weber/Manfred Hiemer 3. Kenjiro Shinozuka/Henri Magne 4. Bjorn Waldegard/Fred Gallagher 5. Ari Vatanen/Bruno Berglund 6. Jacky lckx/Dominique Lemoyne 7. Pierre Lartigue/Patrick Destaillats 8. Salvador Servia/Jaime Puig 9. Alain Ambrosino/Alain Guehennec 10. Philippe Wambergue/M. Vantouroux 12. Jerome Riviere/Alain Marion 16. Perlini/AlbieroNinante March 1992 Mitsubishi Pajero T3 20:42:30• Mitsubishi Pajero 3 20:47:23 Mitsubishi Pajero · 3 21:01:22 Citroen ZX Rallye 3 22:03:12 Citroen ZX Rallye 3 23:07:39 Citroen ZX Rallye 3 24:51 :16 Citroen ZX Rallye 3 25:31 :42 Lada Samara 3 25:55:24 Citroen ZX Rallye 3 26:19:37 Toyota Landcruiser 2 28:17:08 Nissan Terrano 1 31:32:20 Perlini 105 4 37:12:58 Dusty Times

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Former Wotld Champion and rally raid expert Ari Vatanen looks very sedate driving the Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4. Check out the fans, who came prepared with umbrellas, and packed the grandstands. Former winner of this event Stig Blomqvist sails around in the Peugeot 309 G Tl. and he was eliminated this year in the semi-finals. Didier Auriol is shown winning the second round in the final with the Toyota Celica G T-4, but he eventually lost to his teammate and world champion Juha Kankkunen. RACE OF CHAMPIONS Juha Kankkunen Wins In Madrid To.!xt & Photos: Mmtin Holmt!s The double track, one paved, one gravel, was similar to an autocross. but longer, and the various brands of cars used were relatively stock. a true test for the assembled champions. It was the worst possihle ending etition were pressed into action to a season which had got earlier. This latter competitition progressively worse as it pro-was for drivers adjudged hy gressed for Carlos Sain:. Beaten in journalist to he the hest in their his own home town by the Finn country; the hest three of whom Juha Kankkunen, who had would then he allowed to already snatched, at the finishing compete in Peugeots, Toyotas, line, the 1991 World Title. "It is a Lancias and Fords for the main year we are going to forget", said Race of Champions event. the Spaniard, as he waved one Despite himself overturning a 309 more time to the thousands of while he was practicing, Didier fans who had come to Jarama to Auriol {not yet a champion) got watch him defend their honor. into the main event, along with The Race of Champions was run Armin Schwar: and the winner for the fourth time, the second Bardolet. The already tired 309s time in Spain, and was as slick an did not serve their intended event as ever. To be televised in drivers too well. Fernando 15 countries and still provide a Capdevila had a gear lever come spectacular for on-lookers, once away in his hand and Colin again the course used side hy side McRae had his clutch fail. races on a figure eight course, Twelve drivers took part in the using both asphalt and gravel main event. In the preliminary surfaces, with the drivers taking rounds drivers were divided into turns in different types of cars last three groups. Eight drive rs December. emerged into· the quarter finals. Kankkunen and after a third run off Stig Blomqvist beat Timo Salonen. In the semi-finals Auria! heat Vatanen, each driving Lancias and T oyotas, and Rlomqvist faced Kankkunen. Kankkunen had to slow when he, in turn, found tires knocked into his track, so this run off went into the third race, and the winner of the past two Ran: of Champions was out. In the final Auriol, who had found his way through from the qualifying rounds, met the new World ('.ham pion, thl· t\\'o Lancia I 9')2 teammates facing each othL·r. In the first run off in To\10tas, Kankkunen was quick-est. In the second, with l.ancias, Aurinl was hest, and in thl· third, whl'n thl'y stayed in Landas, there was thl' hest fight of the l'Vt'nt, and Kankkunen won. "No L·xcuses, nothing went wrong, it was just a splendid fight", Auriol said afterwards. Juha Kankkui'll'n was as relax.ed a~ ever. "Well, having Auriol in the final with me showl·d what a good tl·am of drivl'rs Lancia have chosen for the The races were held almost First batch to go were Hannu non-stop over three days. On the Mikkola, Bjorn.Waldegard, Miki Friday there was an invitation Biasion and Schwar:, who was "Press Masters" competition; feeling unwell. This left the main motoring journalists in Madrid at play offs to begin. First shock was that time were invited to race when Auriol beat Sain: in the first Peugeot 205 Rallyes against each run, then in the second Sain: h h h b dr d h nt.·xt"ear!'' ot er,t ecarst ento euse ror stoppe w en some tires, ' the Spanish Masters' competition, knocked by the other car, rolled in which top Spanish rally drivers in front of him. He spun avoiding competed against each other. It them, and asked for a rerun. The was won by Jose-Maria Bardolet, stewards studied the film and the Ford gr;.vel champion of immediately decided he could Spain and works driver for not, following the pre-event Cataluna. So much damage was decisions that disputes would he done to the 205 cars that the 309 decided as if this were a rally. GTI 16 valves, held in reserve for Bardolet was heaten hy Ari the International M~sters comp-Vatanen, Markku Alen hy DustyTirnes For poor old Carlos, however, there Wl're some good moments, like when Princess Elena foolishly let herself he driven round the track hy Sain: at ever increasing speeds, and then to he suhjl'Cted to thl'. usual high speed pirouettes in tlw paddock afterwards. She could hardly stand upright when she got out of the car. And thl·n March 1992 The champions posed in gear suited for the cold. wet day. From the left it is Juha Kankkunen. who won the contest, Carlos Sainz. Didier Auriol. . Shinozuka, Eriksson and Schwarz. Carlos Sainz with some of his fans, hoping to win the event at Jarama on his home turf in Spain, but like the world title, it was taken from him by the same Finnish driver. they gavl' Carlos his Portugal winning car as a little prt'~ent for l'Verything hl' tried to do this yt'a r. Rut, 199 I is fin ishl'd, nL"Xt yl'a r .is the only way to go, starting at Monte Carlo. With Toyota presenting in puhlic for the first time their nl'w car, it is nl'W leaf time for Toyota Team Europe in Cologne. Complete computerized Engine Dyno testing facility. TOYOTA RACE ENGINES The finest & fastest Toyota race engines available for class 1. 7-S. 74x4. 15 and SCCA Pro Rally. Complete computer dyno tested Engines are available. as well as in kit form. Send today for our new 38 page catalog which includes Complete Engmes with Dyno Charts. Ported Heads. Corrosion Proof Headers. Cams. Stainless Steel Valves. Blowers. Mikuni Carb. Kits. Clutch Kits. Ignition Systems. Flywheels and more. Call today or send S_S.00 for complete catalog. Shipping world wide. Contingency program offered. Call: (714) 596-5494 Send to: L.C. Engineering 2978 First Street, Unit G La Verne. CA 91750 Some products not legal on pollution oontrolled vehicles. Page 41

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SCCA SUBARU PRO RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Choiniere .Wins In Maine, DiMarco Takes The Championship By finishing fourth in the Maine Forest Rally, Californians Chad DiMarco and Erick Hauge survived the cold weather and blizzards to place fourth overall in the rally and thereby win the 1991 Sports Car Club of America Subaru Pro Rally Championship, driving a Subaru Legacy 4WD. The Maine Forest Rally out of of two inches to improve traction, Class. A flat tire could still decide RumfordwasthefirsttimeaPRO but more snow was in the the overall winner. Rally was held in New England, forecast. In the battle for the Production and also the first time the final Twenty-nine cars actually GT Championship, Michael and event of the season was held so started at one minute intervals Bob Martin in their Mazda 323 late in the year, December 1991. beginning at 6:00 p.m. and 27 GTX held a slim 36 second lead It was also a rare occasion to have made it through the first stage. over Jim and James Wilson in three different teams in conten-Missing were Mark Stone/Todd their Mitsubishi Galant. Grieb led tionontheeighthandfinalround Walrich, and Antonio Mon-Wilsonbysevenpointsgoinginto in the series. Depending on how teiro/ Brian Burley, but only their the event. Russ Hughes, Mazda, they did in the event the 1991 cars were damaged. Frank and was leading the class, sixth SCCA PRO champion could be Dan Sprong! won the stage in an overall, by two seconds, but was either Chad DiMarco from Audi,followedinaminutebythe out of contention on points. In California, or Bruno Kreibich, Paul Choiniere/Scott W ein-the contest of VW GTis, Mark from New York and the 1990 heimer, Audi, Bruno Kreib-MolnarledBobElliottbyalmost champion Paul Choiniere had an ich/JeffBecker, Audi, followed in two minutes in the Production outside chance if he won and the five minutes-; in another six Class. Molnar had done a 360 othertwodidpoorly.Makingthe minutes it was Chad DiMar-spinatthebaseofahillinfrontof mix even more interesting was co/Erick Hauge, Subaru Legacy. cheering spectators, but lost little that Choiniere 's step-father John Choiniere reported that the first time. Cal Landau had already won Buffum, also from Vermont and a stage was not as slippery as the the points title over W .G. Giles 12 time Pro Rally Champion, press stage, but both he and before this event. organized the rally. · Kreibich lost control of their cars · Thirteen divisional competitors The route ran over the logging several times in the eight minute joined the 25 remaining national roads of the Boise Cascade, Seven plus run. Although Steve Ging- rallyists bringing the total number Islands, and International Papers ras/ Bill Westric;k got through the of cars starting stage 6 to 38 companies in the Rumford area, stage with the crowd, they broke around ten Saturday morning. and contained 120 stage miles in the Mazda's front differential on The rear wheel drive cars were 12 sections in the, two day event. the transit section and withdrew. finding it tough to keep to the Even though snow was expected The 26 cars running all made it course in the packed snow last on the route, the rally would carry through to the start and finish of night, and the additional powder on, unless it turned into a blizzard. stage 3. Kreibich was quickest on on top in the morning promised Besides the battle for the overall stage 2 and Choiniere was fastest to only made things worse. The championship, two of. the five on stage 3. After four stages exception was the Volvo ofJohn class titles had yet to be decided. Choiniere led the Sprongls by Colt/ Karen Cutler, that held the In Open class Bruno Kreibich and over a minute, but they only had course better than the others. Paul Choiniere were close on threesecondsoverKreibichinthe Friday night there were many points. If Bruno won the class he Quattro show; DiMarco followed reports of moose sightings, but had the title no matter where Paul in less than a minute. Chad was luckily for all involved, the moose finished, but if Paul won Open running a steady pace, since he left the roads to the rally teams Class, then he could win the title. only needed to finish sixth or and there were no confrontations. Chad DiMarco had already nailed better to clinch the series At 11 a.m. the rally was down the Group A honors in the championship, but he was finishing stage 6, and was falling a Subaru Legacy for 1991, Cal certainly still in the hunt. What little behind schedule due to poor Landau had done the same in had been thought to be a turbo road conditions on the transits Production Class and Guy Light problem earlier in the day turned and trouble getting support won the Rallytruck category in a out to be the fact that the heavy vehicles to the service areas. GMC. Still up for grabs was the weight oil was not warming up at Three cars failed to finish the GT 1991 title. The contest was the slow transit speeds, thus stage, and stage 7 also claimed between Michael Grieb and Jim creating a smoke screen. victims when three more cars got Wilson. On the fifth and final stage on stuck in the deepening snow, but On Friday before the five night Friday evening, Paul Choiniere once pulled back on course, they stages the area received four was again the quickest by 18 should have continued. Stages 7 inchesofnewsnowon top of the seconds. This stage, however, and 8 took place on the same four to six inches of the white Chad DiMarco had stepped up road, so -SCCA series chief stuff already on the ground. It was the pace and he was second steward John Buffum inspected cold, minus five degrees F at quickest. The top four finished the course for safety reasons night, and tire choice was the big the five evening stages in the before the cars-were released to question for all entries. Most felt following order on cumulative start stage 8 . By 1 :30 p.m. the that after the first few cars in the time: Choiniere, 52:08, Sprong!, snow stopped falling but left six 30pluscarentrycoveredastage, 53:49,Kreibich,53:53,DiMarco, inches of new powder on the the others would face packed 54:32. However, when the official Boise Cascade and Seven Islands down snow and icy surfaces. times were posted later the logging roads. Manycametothepressstageon Mitsubishi Eclipse of Carl The running order at the top Friday to try out tires and the new Merrill/Raymond Cadieux was remained unchanged with Choin-snow conditions. The stages had actually in fourth place ahead of iere leading, followed by Sprong!, been plowed to a uniform depth DiMarco and fourth in Open Kreibich, Merrill and DiMarco. Page 42 March 1992 Paul Choiniere and Scott Weinheimer won the rally in the Audi Quattro, just mJssed the Open class series championship, and had over a three minute edge on the entire field. · Jim Wilson gained a little on took over. the lead for the class Grieb in Production GT class. win. The rally was running about 40 In the divisional rally, consist-minutes late, with the possibility ing of the five Saturday stages, the of canceling or abbreviating some team of Richard Corley and Lance stages. So the rally might traverse Smith brought their Toyota home less than the anticipated 120 in first place, beating Bob Elliott miles. After the first three stages and Terry Epp, VW GTI, by just on Saturday, Bob Elliott/Terry under two minutes. This was an Epp made up nearly 1.5 minutes excellent finish for Corley on the Production Class leaders, through difficult terrain and Mark Molnar/ Yorgi Bittner. The horrendous conditions. two VW GTls were tied after In Production GT Class, Jim eight stages. Both Grieb and Wilson, Michael Grieb and Russ Wilson passed the Friday Hugheshadanexcitingbattlefor Production GT leader Hughes the class win and the year end after eight runs, and Wilson was points title. Wilson won the rally currentlyrunningjust27 seconds in class, but Grieb finished behind Grieb. second, a minute back, and After eight stages the times for Hughes was less than a minute the top 12 were: Choiniere, behind Grieb. Thus Michael 1:40:37; Sprong!, 1 :43:21; Grieb, who started the rally Kreibich, 1:45:24, Merrill, leading the class on points, won 1 :46: 18; Di Marco, 1,:46:30; the Production GT crown by a Grieb, 1 :48: 10; Wilson, 1 :48:58; single point. In Production Class Hughes, 1:49:43; Richard Corley, Cal Landau and W .G. Giles had 1:51:11; Jon Kemp, 1:54:12; already taken first and second Molnar, 1 :56: 16, and Elliott, place respectively in the year end 1 :56: 16. Then at 4:20 p.m., after points chase before the rally, so completion of ten stages, the rally they did not attend this event. The was declared over. The final two Production battle was between stages were cancelled. With stage two other VW GTI veterans, nip 10 running late, snow was falling and tuck all the way. After helping again and darkness was approach-Molnar out of the snowbank, Bob ing rapidly. A two-way transit Elliott/Terry Epp won the class zone on a narrow logging road with Mark Molnar/ Yorgi Bittner would be necessary to complete not quite five minutes behind in the rally, so John Buffum decided second. the safest thing for all would be to Along with class champion-cancel the final two stages. ships, the event decided the At the close of the final stage overall points champion for the competitors were given two hours Subaru SCCA PRO Rally series. to return to MTC in Rumford. The honor went to Chad DiMarco The Canadian team of Frank and and Erick Hauge in a Subaru Dan Sprong! failed to check in Legacy, and they also won Group within the time limit, took an A honors. They were fourth extra two minutes and they got overall in the rally, and dapper two road points which dropped Californian DiMarco said he had them to third overall. The major very little snow experience going significance of the Sprong! in and was glad to have the penalty was that Bruno Kreibich performance and the traction of and Jeff Becker, of Queens, NY, the four wheel drive Legacy to moved into second, giving them deal with the deep snow and ice. enough points to earn the Open The team won three rallies overall Class championship even though en route to the overall title, the Paul Choiniere and Scott Wein-first professional motorsports heimer, Burlington VT, won the championship for Subaru in the rally and class by five minutes in United States. Choiniere was the Audi Quattro sweep of the second overall on points and top three spots. Kreibich was third. Both of the The difficult course conditions Audi teams won two rallies resulting from the adverse during the season. Kreibich and weather conditions and new snow Becker also won the 1991 North claimed numerous cars, including American Rally Cup. more than half of the divisional Unfortunately we were unable entry. Of the 38 starting cars toobtainanyphotosfromvarious Saturday, only 20 reached the contacts we had for this event. It finish. Mark Molnar was leading would have been keen to have the Production class entering the shots of the low slung rally cars finalstage,butinthenearbli::ard struggling through the deep conditions he went far enough off snow ... maybe next year we'll find course to become mired in the photographers at each Pro Rally snow. He would not have finished venue, but the good news is that except his nearest competitor, Subaru is returning as title and the person running second in sponsor of the series in 1992, and the class, Bob Elliott, interrupted that season starts soon in Texas his own run to extricate Molnar and moves in mid-May to from his predicament. Both Lancaster, in sunny.southern con:ipleted the stage and Elliott California. Dusty Times

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"The Straight Poop From The Big Wahzoo" I'M BAAAAAAAACK! And none too soon, after reading last month's column. Now don't get me wrong here, but the Lil' Wahzoo is just too nice a guy for this job, and he ended up sounding like so many of the other backslappers that cover this sport. So let's get back to the straight poop, "The Checker Truth And Nothing But The Checker Truth". LA RANA BARSTOW RACE -From this point on the Wahzoo will stop referring to the Bates as 'Master Bates' & 'Minor Bates', since there now seems to be a question as to who's who. Seems Gary put his kid in his Class 5 car for the first time this race and BJ promptly put the hammer down and cranked off fast lap! BJ, fresh from his big destruction derby win, not only had a great run but also had the chance to strut his stuff for the ol' man. This was because Gary decided to ride in the right seat so he could keep an eye on the kid. Hey Gary, is this sort of a changing of the guard? The Bates', First Place in Class 5 by over 50 minutes and an impressive 7th overall. Congrat-ulations Guys, Great Race! Maiocco soloed this race in Sugar's Class 10 car and had the lead for a while until a steering problem put him down, and back to 3rd place. Good show Morgan. Melancon also had a good run going in his 1-2-1600 car, so good in fact that Willie was reportedly leading the race overall just before the finish when a burnt distributor put him out. Dillon's Class 10 car DNF'ed when they finally ran out of shocks and Duenas DNF'ed in a non-Checker car. HORA LUCERNE RACE -This new race saw about80 racers sign up and tech their cars in Barstow on Friday, with some staying late to attend one of the mandatory driver's meetings, then having to drive down to Lucerne to race on Saturday morning. Hey Danny, speaking on behalf of a lot of us; "that format sucks". Seeley was our best finisher this race with a 4th place in Class 5 . Seems George was running right along, reportedly in his customary 2nd place position, when he broke a rear torsion bar and fell back while replacing it. Symonds welcomed in yet another year with a 5th place finish in Class 10. Greg suffered some 'water in gas' problems, which slowed up a very good run. Holladay had his solo effort cut short, less than 50 miles from the finish line in his open car, when he lost the cv's and axle on one side. Good racin' guys! AW ARDS BANQUET -The Checkers met again this year at the Knollwood Country Club for a typical festive Checker affair. In suits and ties, fancy boots, hair slicked down, clean shirts, etc., etc., and a date or wife on their arms, the Checkers in attendance looked like a completely different bunch. After cocktails, a fine chicken and roast beef dinner followed that must have at least brought Burack back up to even, after that turkey disaster a couple years back. The awards portion began with Kassan yi doing a stand up corned y routine that had most people squirming in their seats and hoping that Steve hadn't quit his day job. But when Dr. Checker finally got into his Checker material all was quickly forgiven. The out-going Club officers all were presented with a Checker Appreciation Award, for their second year of service in most cases. Doug Brown and George Thompson also received apprecia-tion awards for their contribution to the Checker garage and the IDRA respectively. The Checkers then honored both Vance Scott and Gene Dillon as the 'Pitter of the Year'. Interestingly enough, in Checker years, Vance is as old as dirt and Gene is a newer member, yet both of them could be accurately described as 'ol' dudes'. The two 'Pit Captains of the Year' were no surprise, big John Files and the Rev. Roy Moore. Sadly, Files spoke of retiring from his long running position, that being the Checker's premiere pit captain, and kick back a little in '92. Hey John, does that mean that you're just gonna stay home with the wife and kids on the weekends? The team of Bill Robertson and Morgan Maiocco were judged to have made such a significant improvement from their previous lowly positions that they were awarded Checker "Rookie of the Year" awards. This is an important step considering that before they joined this Club they were in that great non-Checker category, which also includes pond scum. On the other end of the scale, three of our older members were jointly honored as "Checker Driver of the Year". The Cook Brothers, Alan, Daryl & Wayne, took Class 5-1600 to new heights in '91, leading the SCORE/HORA overall points battle on two different occasions late in the season. The Club's highest award this year was presented to another Checker that could also be considered as an old timer. A true low-key Checker character if there ever was one, Ray Bennett 'Checker Man of the Year'. The Wahzoo salutes and congratulates you all! Dr. Checker then went on to present his 16th Annual Dr. Checker Awards with the enthusiasm of old. A few special people, who are in the Club or associated with it, were approp-riately honored and/ or recognized in a traditional Checker fashion unique to the Club. The final highlight of the evening was Peralta and his " Butt-head of the Year" award. As in years past, before presenting this seat of honor, Lou detailed all the exploits of those Checker members who he judged to be first runner-ups in this close race. Then Peralta held up the toilet seat and raised the lid to expose the picture of this year's Butt-head. But when the lid was raised, Trackside Photo, Inc. Racing photography since 1970 We cover all La Rana, SCORE/HORA, and Calif. Rally Series events. Call us for: An on-the-course view of our race photographers in action Calendars• Press Kits• Photo Business Cards• Autograph sheets Dusty Times -P .0. Box 91767 Los Angeles, California 90009 (213) 670-6896 March 1992 there was no Butt-head? That is, not until Lou stuck his head in from the rear, and low and behold a Butt-head appeared! When Peralta walked away to his standing ovation, I'm sure he must have been wondering whether the cheer was for his excellent presentation or his choice of the recipient? Hey Lou, they were BOTH great, Atta Boy! With that out of the way, the bar opened again and the music started. And the rest is either history or secret. 1000 UPDATE -The Wahzoo recently got a really nice letter from the W eatherman telling me what a great guy I am, and also stating that I was recently one brick short of a load in the straight poop department. The Weather-man took exception to my attack on Sal regarding the recurring problem of SCORE not making sure that the Weatherman Relay has access up to the top of Mt. Diablo, which once again occurred at this race. He went on to explain that SCORE's Race Coordinator Jim Connor was in charge of radio communications at this 1000 race, and to make a long story short, it appears that Connor, the local tourist officials, BARRA, the Weatherman and those crack troops that guard the entrance to Mt. Diablo Observatory were completely out-foxed by a couple of newcomers who simply got higher permission from some Mexicans with a bigger telescope in Mexico City. Reportedly the Red-X and RLH relay guys showed up on Mt. Diablo early with official papers that said that "they were the one and only 'main radio dudes', and nobody else should be allowed in". The Wahzoo would normally have to be impressed by this Checker-like trickery, if it weren't for the problems that this could have caused for all those racers and pitters that depend on the Weatherman Relay for their communications down in Baja. Later, after Barra and the Weatherman finally did get in operation up on the mountain and sorted it all out, the Weatherman wanted to make it completely clear that Sal Fish was in no way responsible for this latest problem. Well, sorry Mr. Weatherman, but it just don't work that way, and I quote The Wahzoo Rule# 1: "The promoter, even though he may not be directly involved, is inherently responsible for every aspect of his promotion, and he alone is the person that should be bugged when any part of it goes all to hell!" SCORE can solve these recurring problems if they really want to, and both of us know that. But on the other hand, the 01' Wahzoo can recognize and appreciate a smart political move by the Weatherman when he sees one, just as long as it doesn't lead to anything really syrupy. The Weatherman also asked me to pass on to my fellow Checkers the fact that he was sincerely impressed and very appreciative of his being presented with the '91 Vic Van Ella Sportsmanship Award. Stein-berger also stated that since it was so big, he would consider taking it to all the races this year just in case he needed another antenna. Congratulations Bob! Checker high lights of the final SCORE/HORA points standings were The Cooks 1st in Class 5-1600, Seeley 3rd in Class 5, Chase 6th in the open class. Old time Checker Steve Kelley was 2nd in Class 4 . Good year guys! The Wahzoo recently received the Club's first newsletter and it actually appears that there might really be some changes coming this year, such as; a Checker questionnaire, a reorganized Checker Garage, the return of Checker dash plaques, a Club roster and business directory and some big Wednesday night extravagances??? And finally, my 'Missing Checker of the Month'. It is rumored that the reason for Sugar's recent absences at our weekly meetings is that his wife has grounded him! Please Chuck, come on down and show us it ain't so? Talk about a fallen idol! -INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Barbary Coast • Gold Coast Hotels . . . . . . . . 7. Bilstein Corp. of America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I l Bonneville Off Road Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Cactus Racing Products . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . 38 Castex Inc .. E-Z-Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Champion Bead Lock Co. . . . . . . • . . . . . . . 2 7 DeNunzio Racing Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 FAT Perlormance ................... 21 FAT Buzz Bomb 150 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 German Auto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Rod Hall Driving School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 HORA Nissan 400 . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . 2 Hi Tech Off Road . . . • • • • . . . . . • • • • . . . 19 Hot Line · Racer X . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Inter-Shows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • • . . . . 13 K.D. Kanopy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . 22 La Rana • Spangler 250 . . . • • . • . . . . • . . . 16 LC. Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . 41 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . 29 Parker Pumper . . . . . . . . . • • . • . . . . . . . . 17 Pike's Family Restaurant . . . . . • . . . . . . . . 31 Race Ready Products . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . 35 Racers Tool & Supply . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . 32 R.L.H. Communications . . . . . . • . • . . . . . . . 40 SCORE San Felipe 250 . . . . . • . • . . . . . . . 9 Art Schmitt Racing . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . 14 Marvin Shaw Engineering . . . . . . • . . . . . . . 25 Shell Truck Guard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 SNORE Twilight 200 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Toyota Motor Sports . . . . . . . . . . . Back Cover Trackside Photos Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Tri-Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Valley Perlormance . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . 33 V.O.R.R.A. . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . • . . . . 15 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 ~~~RACERX ~:~-=--_-HOTLINE 1-900-535-9292 Ext. 889 * Latest off-road racing results * Trivia * Products $2.00 Per Minute • 24 Hours A Day Updated Weekly Page 43

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BILL & DIANNE THOMPSON E=:ECARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY (714) 969-6820 P.O. BOX 5221 • BUENA PARK, CA 90622 THE QNLYREASONFOR NOT ADYERTTSlNG IN DUSTY TIMES IS: YOU ALREADY HAYE MORE BUSINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 619-449-2991 FAX 619-449-7103 CHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii__.t <ACING PRODVCTS, INC. Check the Record; The Winners Choice; #1 in Racing and Recreational Chassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 [CNC] CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110 (6_19) 275-1663 Manufacturers of Brake and Clutch Pedal Assy Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cutting and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog Competition and Sport S E A T S With the unique energy absorbing rubber suspension.•. "What a difference." Only the best from Sub~ Sports. SH6e-SP'""k 1714) 847-4363 Call For Free Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 TRAILING ARMS - $295.00 EXCHANGE 3X3 AND 6X6 - CUSTOM SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE C.V. ADAPTER RINGS - $45.00 PER PAIR TYPE 1 TO TYPE 2-4 TYPE 1 TO 930 TYPE 2 TO 930 COLUMBIA OFF ROAD 32109 NE 86TH STREET CAMAS WA 98607 206-834-4089 OR CELLULAR 206-253--0703 934.5-128mm CV JOINTS DIRECT FROM GERMANY NOW IN STOCK ✓6~-· ,:a,-.......... DON'T GET CAUGHT WITH IMITATIONS! - ---------------------BAKER PRECISION PRODUCT 310-427·2375 OR FAX 310-426·5294 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new cwtomen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely$ 25 .. 00 per month. ==1m ==nws -==--====-- -== == ---.'RACING PRODUCTS CUSTOM RACING RADIATORS All Aluminum Rabbit Replatement Radiators Send for a free catalog 2905 West Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 86009 (602) 269-9194 (800) 842-5166 DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 DESERT r·z OFFROAD T-SHIRT DESIGNS (714) 582-0930 27324 Camino Capistrano FAX (714) 582_6277 Unit 172-175 Laguna Niguel. CA 92677 TRUCK (714) 349-1168 O.Ci. Racing RACE CAR PREP • AND FABRICATING -OFFROAO---«IT -SIBEET--STRIP-_ -SAND-~ -=-~ ;;::., RACE CHASIS ROU.CAGES OARRY\. GIBSON PAE AUN BUMPERS 714-982-4334 SUSPENSIONS ,~o &USINEss s f<,,~~,f ~-~ .. ~~"'c <$-~ . ,.·~ ~~ I . .. RACER MARKETING • PRESS RELEASES BOOKKEEPING • CONSULTING • TAXES ALAN STEIN {714] 628-1922 {714] 627-5376 FAX 12490 CENTRAL SUITE 230 B CHINO. CA 91710 . JOHN VERHAGEN'S m._ .......... ..... PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS 10623 BLACKFOOT ROAD 619-240-3930 APPLE VALLEY ,CA 92308 Feel the Difference! TRICK SHOCKS F R: Single, Double, Triple, Quad Applications. Take-Aparts & Remote Reservoir Kits. 10728 Prospect Ave. "8", S~r.h. CA 92071 • (619) 562-8773 RICH FERSCH DOWNEY 8734 Cleta SI. "C" Downey, Calif. 90241 (310) 862-1671 M-F 10-6 SAT9-4 ~are ~auil OFF ROAD FABRICATION & DESIGN RACE PREP • FOX SHOCK REBUILDING V.W. REPLACEMENT PARTS & ACCESSORIES LESLIE5 DRIVElJl\TE; Inc (714) 877-6491 ~ PARTS AND SERVICE FOR AL"TO, TllUO:. J>.'Dt."STlllAL. C/V A.'ID noST WHEEL DRIV! L':\"CTS J MAKliFACTI,'RJXG • BAlA.\'ClNG • c:usrom' ;_ I Y,;:: 1750 South Ulac Avenue Bloomlr,gton, Ca. 92324 Fu (714) tn.QQ3 Ca. W_,. HICXM.27-4238 U.S. W8'1S 1,800,5.2S-0395 24 Hr. Emergency Call Out for Parts ck Service Buy & Sell Used Aluminum Racing Wheels EDDCO Aluminum Wheel Straightening Specialist Aluminum Wheel Straighrening Metal Polishing We Buy Damaged Racing Wheels Any Condition ED OROZCO 9435 Wheatland Ct. Santee, CA 92071 Shop • 258-2575 Pager • 492-7343 ..

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825-0583 888-2703 S. Arrowhead Ave. • o • 'SAN BERNARDINO, CA . 92408 TM FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHELTERS . THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS' VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS AUlHORIZED DEALER CASTEX RENT/'.LS - 213-462-1468 NLY REASON FOR NOT ADVERTISING IN DUSTY TIMES IS: YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE BUSINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE \LLE SAFET DRIVING SUITS SEA T BELTS. NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017SANFERNANDOROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 ~, .RA(IN, ffj FUEi.:• FUELS & LUBRICANTS CO. BRUCE CONRAD 1537 E. Del Amo Blvd Carson, CA 90746 Phone: (213) 603-2200 FAX: (213) 603-2257 (619) 669-4727 \\ Oet Your SttlFI' Togetherl ~ ~~~~------PORT l rt TRArtSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane ~-A Jamul, California 92035 -W Doug Fortin MICHAEL J. DAWS GENERAL MANAGER #1 Racing Shock Absorber in the U.S.: Fox Factory, Inc. - OIi-Road Trucl<s and Cars Racing Shock Absorber 01vis1on - Motorcycle Roadracing 3641 Charter Park Drive -Automollve Roadrac1ng San Jose. Cal1lorn1a 95136 (USA) - Snowmobiles Fox Fone (408) 269-9200 - Special Appl1callons Fox Fax (408) 269-9217 A RACING SUSPENSION DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NOW YOU CAN GET THE RACING GEARS THE WINNERS ARE USING FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (313) 294-5858 Fax: (313) 293-0736 1991 CHAMPIONS FRT BUDWEISER BUD LIGHT SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES SPONSORED BY: THE WRIGHT PLACE, RACE READY PRODUCTS AND THE SCHILLING CORPORATION ATVS AND MOTORCYCLES "PRO' DEAN SUNDAHL (HIGH POINTS) ATV DEWEY BELEW OPEN MIC JOEY LANE 250 MIC CRAIG SMITH 125 MIC EARL ROBERTS VET M/C JOHN BILKEY SENIOR MIC BOB THOMPSON SUPER SENIOR MIC DESERT supERUTES STEVE FENTON BRYANSAASTA SARA MORRIS VINTAGE M/C OPEN 360 DEZ STAR QUGGJES CARS ANQJRUCKS LARRY KERN CLASS 9 'SPORTSMAN" MIKESTROMP GARY ROYER CHARLES BUCY BRENT COLEMAN . "ELMO" BRITT JAMES TUCK TED SCOTT SCOTT ANDERSON TODD TEUSCHER CLASS 1/2,1600 JEFF WRIGHT UNLIMITED CLASS TIM MCDONEU (HGH POINTS) CLASS 10 KYLE WHITTED Cl.ASS 5 DWAYNE WHITNEY CLASS 100 DALE SNAITH CLASS !>-1600 BENNY ABATTI JR CLASS 8 JEFF HOSKINS CL.ASS 7 ROBERT STEINBERGER MINI MAG Cl.ASS 619-427-5759 • 250 KENNEDY UNIT 6 . CHULA VISTA CA 91911 Fuel Bladders Quick FIiis Dump Cans Std. FIiis 5271 Business Dr. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 SEALED 111111111111c::::::i STEM Batteries built specI Ica y or off road racing. Deep cycle. gel filled. extra cranking, recovery and reserve. Only sealed battery recommended by MSD Ignition. Ask for Sealed System battery by name. ~ SH6e-Sporh (714) 847-4363 GEORGE CHEVROLET ASK FOR WOODY WORTHY 5hevro'•• LET GEORGE 00 /J' YOUR TRUCK SPECIALIST 17000 LAKEWOOD Bl VD. BELLFLOWER, CA 90706 (213) 925-2500 FAX 925-1498 .fiHll1f.ltTHSJF}NTJ ll:UPRISES . i 1,./·,_ ' . \ ~ r . , 1=.--I[' . '\~f-.. -~, "Y-'"/J t,:,,:--:: I :':-:'.,i~-. •"~~;"'k' ~•l~ . ·\1lf .,t · . :. 'i :Sf-·, --~ .... ,, BEEPER 381-3148 ,.,.__ --___,._ ~ . if.d-. ,,; ,•.,..;:. ...._ OFFICE PROFESSIONAL POOL SERVICE AND REPAIRS SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL & CUSTOM POOLS 362-4202 LICENSED & INSURED • ACID WASHES• FILTERS • HEATERS, MOTORS, ETC 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE. LAS VEGAS. NEVADA 89103 c4I Hffle.,-rr-.., Rebuild Rod Ends • Heim Joint Specialist (714) 979-6631 11881 Man-River Cltde. Unit •H", Foun1a1n I/all.,, CL 92708 Engine Rebuilding Buggy Repairs Bug Pack CNC ,Moore HOUSE of BUGGIES 10439 Prospect Ave. Suite A Santee, CA 92071 Mitchell Wheels 619-448-4180 SAW Performance ELECTRIC BEAD ROLLER SHRINKER/STRETCHER SHEET METAL BRAKES SHOP EQUIPMENT CLECO FASTENERS SIDE GRIP FASTENERS TUBING BENDER PIT CART Vie Irvan Enterprises 80 Lowe Ave. Concord. N.C. 704-788-2554 Zip 28025 ROD ENOS SAFETY WIRE PLIERS BUMPSTEER GAUGE ASSEMBLY Lee , ~ rl/@Jl}fJJt::i ALL ALUM. POP RIVETS DZUS FASTENERS AIR POP RIVET GUN (714) 522-460-0-(714) 522-4602 V. W. Service REPAIH O PA RTS O SER VIC E SEE JADA TO BUY OR SELL USED PARTS JADA REPAIRS ALL BREEDS OF MINI TRUCKS 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 , , .. 'f~ .. Mt\NUFt\CTUICEHS OF: BHt\KE /\NO CLUTCH ASS Y ;•t.1,'FOIW-\NCE monucrs MASTER CY(, I NUERS SJ.AVE CYLINOERS TURNING .~ STAGING llHt\KES Sill j:TEHS AV,\ I LABLE AT l' I NEH SPEC: I t\l,TY Sll<WS 11Et\t,ER I NQUR I r,:s WELCOME 1158 FLINT STREET ~ ELSINORE, CA 92350 .. PERF()R.W/1,N(;E PRODUCTS 714-245-6050 FAX 714-245-6052 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' ~ I ■ I I~ 1111 ~• ~ I•~ LL■ I I I IT■ Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240

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JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES FOX SHOCK SERVICE PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREPARATION (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 OHN ~CMC PlrOOUCTS . OHNSON MIKE JULSON JOHN MARKING$2.00,0,Caflllog CUSTOM RACE CAR PREP FOR WINN ING SUSPENSION SYSllMS PERFORMANCE HICH PERFORMANCE SHOCKS JOHN JOHNSON RACING PRODUCTS 13525 LOS COCHES ROAD EAST DUAL 6 TRIPLE SHOO( SYSTIMS RBBlClASS EL CAJON, CA 92021 619-443-5833 10 Time BAJA 1000 Winner 60• V-6 2.1 MOTOR PARTS ACCl5SOllll5 a-'5rt'M ,=;fBe/CAriC'A/ ~,~r-z+~ t;t'U:-r.,,f, CA. ;eA~ii= c,,i~ ti P.£E,.rcv,v,v£~ -ri!'Att...0,!S I c,¥Ar;F r~ve~ PJ{i'E'P ,r ~ABRICA77av' .,-~ 8t.i/$ ~AS".O.U..VE" KENNEDY ENGINEERED PRODUCTS. 38830 17th Street East Palmdale, CA 93550. (805) 272-114 7 Send $2.00 for our catalog "The experts in Engine Adapters to Transaxles" Rotary, Toyota, Rabbit, V-6's, Porsche and more to VW, Porsche (901 & 915) and Hewland. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FAMOUS KENNEDY CLUTCHES KUSTER OFF-ROAD RACING SHOCKS • EXTERNAL DAMPENING ADJUSTMENT • 3" DIAMETER, 8" TO 18" STROKE • COMPLETELY REBUILDABLE • COMPUTER SUSPENSION DESIGN ASSISTANCE KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2900 E. 29TH STREET P.O. BOX 7038 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA USA 90806 TELEPHONE 213-59!>-0661 FAJ<. 213-'26-7897 • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICATION 825 N. GLENDORA AVE. COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER !iN!M1m "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax (714) 444-1622 MIKE MENDEOLA 10722 Kenney St. C-D Santee. CA 92071 (619) 562-9010. fax (619) 562-9079 Brackets & Components for Chassis Fabrication Pro-Clamps • Battery Boxes • Radio Mounts Pedal & Shifter Mounts • Skid Plates Aluminum Floor Boards • Scoops & Shrouds ~@fr®~ ~®~CT'o@®fromrn Shearing -Punching -Forming Sawing -Tool Grinding - TIG & MIG Welding STEVE WRIGHT 399 E. ~arrlson Unit D Corona, CA 91720 Check out the (714) 351-2515 (714) 272-4272 DUSTY TIMES Special Club Sub Offer (Almost half price for group subscriptions) Call (818) 889-5600 or write DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 42425 5th St. E. Unit C Lancaster, CA 93535 42425 5th St. E. Unit D Lancaster, CA 93535 ■ J.M.R. Chassis • Turn Key Cars Bill Varnes 805-940-5513 Fax 805-940-55 14 Racing Producfg Pete Alamar 805-940-5515 Fax 805-940-5514 ■ Fox shocks parts & service • Race Car Prep . (805) 298-1212 26524 Golden Valley Road. #405. Saugus, CA 91350 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils • Heli-Core Wires·• Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Or., El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 857-5200 By Appointment Only (619) 445-9770 AUTOS ANTIQUE & CLASSIC O\RS TRUCKS NATIONAL SPRING COMPANY, INC. 10229 Prospect Ave. Santee, Californin 92071 A COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SPRING SERVICE Leaf Springs Custom Made & Repaired Shocks & Coil Springs Sold & Installed Blocks and U-Bolts mode to order Off-Road Suspension Urethane Bushings Beeline Alignment and Wheel Balancing MaIOR HOMES (619) 449-ARCH . 4 X 4's -OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR.. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 8c 4 W D VANS 8c PICKUP S 8c MINI TRUCKS PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CuSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOCKS USEO • WELDING 8c FABRICATION Bill Mo~tague Established 1974 (714) 761-9460 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT OFF ROAD DYNAMICS (714) 592-2271 LA VERNE, CALIFORNIA FRAMES• RACE P .REP CUSTOM MACHINING AND FABRICATION Dennis Rogers By Appointment Only PSNCS-01=1= ROAD Specializing in the Prep and Building of Off Road Racing Equipment CUSTOM FABRICATION OF ◄ Chassis ◄ Welding ◄ Roll Cages ◄ Aluminum Work ◄ Suspension ◄ Lt. Weight Trailers KEVIN PENCE (217) 692-2837 206 Power Blue Mound, IL 62513

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J~ ~[31x]D{]~11'11 1660 Babcock Bldg. B Costa Mesa. Ca 92627 (714) 650-3035 Fabrication -J Coil Over Suspens "'n ✓ FoxShoxPartsAnd ,~Nice ✓ Race Car Wiring ✓ Race Car Prep. ✓ Tum Key Race Cars Assembly • Machine Work• Parts Engine Dyno Facility 10722 Kenney Street, Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Fax (619) 562-9079 ......_,_ PIAA ' - -, ,ii'.,>,,... .lflil -,\,~"-Professional Halogen L'lmp Systems Chosen by: Dave Ashley, Rob MacCachren, Simon & S_imon. Manny Esquerra. John Swift. Chuck Johnson. Dan Smith, L'lrry Maddox. and Brant Shoppe. SH6e-Spt1rh" (714) 847-4363 Call For Free Catalog PROBST Off Road Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX ILLIN OIS 6 0 451• 18151 4135 -RACE 172231 Larry Winter 714-537-8286 A Totally New Concept in Battery Design Race Shop Supplies 11532 Stephanie Garden Grove, CA 92640 • ½ the Size & Weight of its Equivalent • Vibration Resistant • Spill Proof Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim,CA 92805 C!:rJJ©"M~ ~A~OO□~~(!) ~ crAlli~□~AiJ[f (!) CPA~~ • Free Advice & Technical Assistance • R&D • All Size Jobs Welcome RACERS MACHINING SERVICES " If You Can Imagine It, I Can Make It" SCOTT DORDICK • 818-843-4084 724 N. Lake• Burbank, CA 91502 2 in for motion 1-800-468-1977 II~= V!fi!!!f!!ll@J RACEWAREFastenenellmlnate blown head gaskets, oil leaks and bearing fallurel Race-Tech Engineering■ 11320 Brydon Drive■ Taylor, Ml 48180 ■ (313) 946-4477 MOVING? Don't miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. , RACING .LUBRICANTS''· L.,,z r DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE"> .. ,i:~i~~!t~!-0 .::_:~~;Jrri·~abk>i•.•·"•.<•••·(~'.~:1}f¼~~~~ij, i\lucoa Valf~y •.. 56313 29 Palms Hy3 (619)3GStba1s'l'.: RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. B_ugs, Buses, Ghias and 914 ·s (Q)nr@M -rrrlJ .;;I I \.:l IV U l.5'0:;;llflJ ---==~~t~t"3 ~ J ~== 12221 DITMORE DR. GARDEN GROVE, CA 92641 (714) 539-5162 JOB SITE SIGNS· BANNERS· WltWN lfITEllt£ · CAA I.ETIER~· GRAPIIXS SMITH FABRICATIONS • Heliarc Welding ,., ,. . • IMSA • Sheet Metal ' ,s • HORA • Tubing Structure , , - . • SCORE • Suspension . . • MTEG Mike Smith (818) 309-9899 9237 Lower Azusa Rd; Unit 0 Temple City, CA 91780 I 21z1:UI = A -LEADED/UNLEADED _ · Lancaster, CA .... ..... : .............. . ... (800) 462-9499 Las Vegas, NV .... _ . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . (70~ 643-9200 Paramount, CA . _. _ .. ... . .......... . ..... (213) 531-0192 ·River;ide, CA · ....... _._ ............... ... (714) 877-0226 San Diego, CA -.. -. . , . . : . : . ........... ..... (619) 691-9171 ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT SPORTS RACING P.O. BOX 7835. LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 (714)363-1236_,_ __ .,...._ ---~ S:RIN!LLJI$> rJfl[[J;J WORKS ODESSA, TEXAS "GET SERIOUS ABOUT WINNING'' 1-800~:~~6618 "CONGRA TlA.A TIONS" JIM MA>ESS 1991 "TEXAS CHFUB16E" OVERALL POINTS CHAMPION (213) 583-240"4 ~s~iPsERVICE, INC. ldJ2YJ ~ETAL PROCESSING S921 Wilmington A venue Los Angeies. California 9000 I SANOBLAS• Mark Smith GLASS BE AD FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MAGNETIC PARllCAL Larry Smith . -· 1120 E. ASH AVE. · :-' MARK D. _WOLTER FULLERTON, CA 90631 (714) 449-9894 OWNER ENGNE AND TRANS REBUILDING~ STOCK AND HI-PERFORMANCE • COMPLETE SERVICE AND REPAIRS • PARTS AND ACCESSORIES FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS BODY PANELS & HOODS BILL STROPPE MOTORSPORTS, INC. 2330 Cherry Industrial Circl~ Long Beach, California 90805 (21 ~) 634-2730 Jaime Martinez

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RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your bu1ine11 card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new cuatomen. Good Stuff. Directory Ads are merely$ 25 .00 per month. SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabrication* Flame Cutting * Front Ends * Custom Chassis* Race Prep* Custom Lt-Weight Trailers Mlg'r ol Blue Flame Producls (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 (805) 646-2903 .. -A. Thom-1 WIB:ft?Jfl'.~JN • Motorsports Marketing • • Public Aelations • 8530 FRUITRIOGE mo.-m. 22 • SACRAMENTO, CA 85828 (918) 381-0532 (918) 381-2558, FAX Trackside Photo, Inc. Jim Ober Commercial Photography (213) 670-6897 P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 l(IICE Tl(ANS BY JEFF REO)S TRfiNSflXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth, CA 91311 TURBO BLUE RaclngOa&ahnn 8446 Garfield Ave. • Bell Gardens, Ca. 90201 • (310) 928-2278 Lyn Mocaby Mike Mocaby Gordon Culp [UMP] UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10223 PROSPECT AVENUE SANTEE CA 92071 619/449-9690 ------OUR-DEALERS------....... , L.A. AREA McKenzie's (714) 441-1212 Anane,m. CA St. Peters Off Road 1414) 285-3218 ?on Wasnmgton. WI THE ONLY REASON FOR NOT ADVERTISING IN DUSTY TIMES IS BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE BUSINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE DENNIS i/YAYNE PORSCHE PARTS -w~ ...••. -.. RE-IICAIU V.W. PAim 11823 SHELDON ST. SUN V~LEY. CA 913152 768-4!5!5!5 ==-=:;t"-=-PJI/Nr /111/D C04TINGS«GRAIYIC5* J,(J//08 * •~ !lJ ~ MAJN!ZNIWCF• ~IYM:-~t,HUIK&l:-~~.l/1 ,e~"FarRck.lJp~ •619• o FHl=WINM WEB-CAM PERFORMANC sports winning drivers and en professionals before buying y Our dedication to performan you on top. Call WEB-CAM f for street•, strip and $3 for the comp! catalog. *WEB-CAM 1815 Massachusetts Av P1:RFORMANCECAMSHAFTS ~o~~:~,1~:,: ~~ !,~,~~~nt,~/ed veh,cles (714) 369-5144 SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 7 41-6173 Engine & Machine 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING CONSULTANTS EDWIN C. JACOBS PRESIDENT S00 STATE MILL ROAD AKRON, OHIO 44319 [216) 644-7774 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is :i grc:it traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 5 331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91 301. (818) 889-5600 ADAM WIK 1423 N. CENTRAL PARK ANAHEIM, CA 92802 (714) 772-6300 • In House Dyn.> & Flowbench Faclllty • Turn Key Engines & Race Cars Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing .Al-ms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels 2733 W . Missouri Phoenix, AZ. 850 I 7 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077

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Classified ••• FOR SALi'·l~f 2 custom buit FOR SALE: Raceco Porsche, sandrails, car show winner Hot 1989 ?CORE/HDR,:'\ Class 2 V.W.'s, best engineered hand champion. FAT 3.2 liter, _Men-built Hi Jumper frame. 2.0 deolaDG300,only4r~cesmlast 911S engine w/Weber carbs, /two years. Overall wmner, l~st Type I swing axle, Mini Wright. race, recent groun?-up rebuild Rack & pinion, aluminum front w/u~dates. Huge m".entory of end, Shaws nitrogen shocks, CB qu~l1tyspar~s. Meticulously discs, Neal pedals & much more. mamtamed with only the best Thisisaoneofakind must see !parts. $35,000.00. Call Todd car. $$$$ invest~d. SeJi /(702) 825-1863 mornings or $7,000.00. Call Pat (408) 497_ jleave message. 7392 days. FOR SALE: '89Super 1600short course Chenowth Magnum. One full season with Mickey Thomp-. son series and only two races on fresh car. Best of everything. Incredibly clean! $20,500.00. Call Scott at (303) 237-5722. FUR ~ALF: HunJerson 1 1160(). CL"ntcrlinL"s, Sway-A-Way. lkar,L Fox shocks, Parker l'urnp,·r, Wright rack & spindk·"· N,·,1 motor by Jerry Law.less. Needs to be put together. $4.500.00 w /rrailn. Also. l-ihL"rtL·ch 2 sear play cir built trans, cloSL' ratio gL·ars, 1600 cc L"nginL·. ~way-A-Way, CL"ntn-l111L"S, BilstL"ins & KYB, turning brakl's.$3,200.00_Jim (805) 265-7338. FOR SALE: Bun erson C ass 10 115" wb, new JG trans, Larry Bitcon motor, Curnutt shocks, race radios, dump cans, pit boxes, UMP, Wilwood, AMS, Parker Pumper, Wright, lots of extras. Call for more info. (619) 364-3319. FOR SALE: Class 10 1989 Raceco single seat. All coil-over Fox shocks, best of everything. Incredible handling car and very light. Air cooled FAT motor, J&G trans. Just prepped, race ready. 4 starts at FRT races in '91 FOR SALE: Class 9 T-MAG. FORSALE:Corrado-Ultrastock, Always a front runner and built by Mirage chassis. Winner· finisher. Winner at Glen Helen. of 12 MTEG main events. New Third in points and tenth overall Fex Rabbit, 2050cc, Okrassa, at SNORE 1989. Fourth in points I Carillo, JG Web, Angle port La Rana, 1990 season. 9th overall head, fresh JG trans with Henrys, at Spangler 150. Prepped, ready Wright rack with power, Woods to go. Some spares. Can be seen 2 degree combos, Fox Jamar, on inside cover of December Flame-Out, with Corrado body 1991 Dusty Times. $6,200.00 molds. $18,500.00 oho. (408) with trailer and spares. Call Bob 926-0522. (619) 247-1757 after 6pm or =-=-=~~--------Jason at (619) 247-0458. FOR SALE: Class 11 VW. SCORE & street legal, registered and smogged. Transform racing trans, Bernie Bergman engine ( raced twice), Bilstein shocks, spare parts, etc. Race ready, excellent condition, good starter car. Over lOK invested. Sell $3,500.00 Max (213) 455-2160. FOR SALE: 1990 MECO Class 9. All trick, race ready. Radio, Parker Pumper, 2 helmets, 2 fire suits. $7,000.00 Trailer extra. Call Vic (805) 832-2996 ( work), (805) 832-3628 (home). ' FOR SALE: Buy a winner, 1990 FOR SALE: Mirage 1-1600. Very competitive car; needs competi-tive driver. Dyna Shop motor & trans, Fox shocks w/ reservoirs, Wright p/ s, pumper,. spare tires & parts. Always a finisher. Freshly prepped. $8,500.00 Call Steve at (818) 445-5109 days or (818) 445-6310 nites. Class 5 11600 class champion, third overall in SNORE points series. Ready to race!!! Coolex shock coolers, Wright, Sway-A-Way, Centerlines, Mastetcraft seats, fresh engine, 431 chromoly cage, best of everything. $7,500.00. For more info. call and 4 ~st o".erall. 1991 Class_ 10 Barry (702) 658-1436. champ1onsh1p FRT race senes. $25,000.00 Call Mike (213) 694-FOR SALE: Probst-Laser 2 seat 3827 days, (213) 694-1328 eves. short course car. Doubl_e A-Ar~ cantilever front suspension. C01l-FOR SALE: Class 1 or 2-1600 over front& rear. Competitive in Laser frame. The best of every- Midwest classes 1, 2, 9 & 10. Best FOR SALE: Desert or short FOR SALE: 6' x 14' open trailer. thing. Bead locks on all 4, many of everything. Set up for Rabbit course frame and cage. New single· Tandem axle with single axle spare parts, trans, block, etc. orChevyV.-6.Availablecomplete seater, with lots of mounting electric brakes, spare tire, rear Trailer included. $6,500.00 obo. or less engine and/or trans. brackets and cross bracing ramp and tire rack. $1,395.00 Call (715) 478-2221 Mon-Fri. Probst Racing (815) 485-7223 installed. Sacrifice $700.00 Call Ellis Cohen at (714) 381-4509. 8am-5pm ask for Mike. days or (815) 485-4691 eves. Brian (916) 731-4435. __ ,. ____ ... _____ ... ilii....., __________ ~-------.... ~_.....--------------...-....... ..,._. Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $15 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. I I ,. I I I: I I I I I I I I I .1 I I I I Enclosed is $ ____ _ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. I I Name Address _______________________ Phone _______ _ .1 City ___________________ State _____ Zip ______ _ Page 50 March 1992 Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 I I I I .... FOR SALE: Beards Class 10. Fresh Type I VW, bus trans, Hewland gears, Beards Super Seat, 930 c.v.'s, Woods arms, UMP air filter, Centerlines and Yokohamas. Very fast and light. Race ready. $6,000.00 Steve (602) 386-3449. FOR SALE: Class 10 desert car -Valley Performance built, Type I motor, bus trans w/Hewland gears, 116" wb, coil-over suspension, 3" stub axles, magnesium hubs, Curnutt shocks, all the good stuff. This single seater is very light, like new. Medical reasons force sale. Ready to race!!! $11,500.00 Call (702) 876-5444 days, (702) 870-2119 eves. Mike Halverson. FOR SALE: Triple "E" Stadium Superlite, less motor. Has new Roberto gearbox, fuel cell, re-valved works shocks, new paint, 13" wheels wl beadlocks, extra wheel & tires, clutches, spindles, belts, tie rods and more. 600D starter. $3,500.00 Call John (714) 842-7238. FOR SALE: 20 acres of pine trees above Tehachapi. Near 6,000' level. 2 pads cut on property, both with magnificent view of entire Antelope valley. 4 season climate. Miles from paved road & civilization. Inside locked gates. Easy access on good graded road. Call Don (805) 268-1644. FOR SALE: 1 or 2 seat Class 10 ORE with Toyota 4AG motor, Field's tranny, torque limiters, Tilton clutch & starter, ods arms with Summers hubs f & r Wright rack, UMP p/s, beadlocked Centerlines, Fox, SAW, Super-boot, CNC, and plenty of spares. Second in points 1989 SCORE/ HDRA. $22,000.00 oho. 20' tandem axle trailer w/surge brakes, 2 tire racks and an 8'x4' box that can carry all pit boxes, spares & dump cans. Trailer can also hold 3 fuel drums. $4,000.00 oho. 2 seat prerunner with 2240cc Type I motor, Field's tranny, Wright rack and combos, Fox, SAW, UMP p/ s, Center-lines, great for Baja. $7,500.00 060 or $30,000.00 for all three with spare tires and wheels or trade. Call (818) 706-2314 anytime. Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: You've seen this one flying high at every race this year, younger brother to Robby Gordons Hay Hauler. Built from the ground up by Nelson and Nelson. This Ford Tough truck is a proven performer, consistent top six finisher. Here is your opportunity to get into racing in a very competitive truck for the low price of $19,500.00. Call for details NOW!!! (714) 240-6151. ATTENTION K-MART SHOP-PERS!!! Blue Light Special -1990 Chenowth Magnum Super 1600. Toyota powered, prepped and ready to race. MTEG legal. $22,500.00. Call Dan Bentley at (714) 521-2711. FOR SALE: 1990 Mirage Class 10, FAT Toyota 4AF, 110" wb, Fox Coil-Overs, Wright front end, combos, arms & rack. Summers front & rear discs, Sway-A-Way, Woods arms, 930 c. v. 's, Centerlines, Mastercraft, power steering, new 12' trailer. $14,950.00 OBO or trade. Call (415) 594-0766 or (415) 365-7789. Ask for Mark. FOR SALE: '89 Blazer 2WD. Class 6 specs. L + 1 350, Art Carr TH400, 9" floater, 456 spool, H I A discs, 4 Beard seats, 5 points, Halon fire system, Cone ball joints, Ranchos, Glass front end, American Racing, Good-years, KC's, all professionally buirt. Race or fun. '92 tags. ½ price. $15,000.00 Call Ralph (714)679-9180. FOR SALE: Q uick and reliahle Raceco unlimited 2 seat. V-6 Toyota, Hewland, Fox coil-over reservoirs, Flame-Out, pumpers, radio, intercom, trailer, spares. Toyota M ii cs tone winner, second in SCORE/HORA points, fresh and ready. Sell whole$30,000.00 or separate motor and trans. Call .I im (213) 686-0052 days or (71 4)971-1206 nites. Dusty Times FOR SALE: Class 10 Raceco, single seat, air cooled, coil-over front, secondary suspension in rear. 1990FRTpointschampion. Prepped and ready to race Parker. $13,000.00 Also, 24' enclosed Competitive trailer, generator, lights, etc. $9,500.00 Call Mike (213) 694-3827 days, (213) 694-1328 eves. FOR SALE: 1982 Dodge Ram Charger . 2WD pre-runner or around town. Suspension by Sandy Cone, trans and rear end just gone through. New tires, triple shocks all around. $7,500.00 Call Mike (213) 694-3827 days, (213) 694-1328 eves. 1--~Hi FOR SALE: 5 11600 . Fresh 1600, tranny, Yokohamas , Wright steering, Wright spindles, Fox, Beard, fuel cell. 5 races, 5 first place finishes. Time to upgrade. 1991 points champion, great car, sell or trade for Challenger or 1-2 11600. Make an offer I can't refuse. (602) 763-7378. FOR SALE: 1-1600. Best of everything. West engine, Men-deola trans, UMP steering, Bilsteins. Race ready. Also, 2 seat Chenowth pre-run car or play car. Both come with Dico tnndem trailer to take home. Must sell all. $13,000.00 takes all . Call (714) 498-5085. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Chenowth. Best of everything. Call Mark (714) 635-5196 days or (714) 491-1215 nites. $10,000.00. '$. ,, FOR SALE: 1990 GM truck Class 4 4x4. _Fiberglass body parts, 400 trans, Dana 60,S Sandy Cone, ATL, Autometer, Neal. Mastercraft, progressive rate torsio n har suspension, 426 aluminum small block, Brodex-heads, Hilhorn fuel injection, dry sump, Vertex, muc h more . $25,000 in motor alone. Will sell for $25,000 complete or less motor for$ 13,000 or trade for ? Call eves Ray ( 414) 367-8757. FOR SALE: Hi Jumper-2 seater. 1776 VW, bus trans, 930 c.v.'s, Dura Blue axles, Fox shocks, Lee power steering, haja hlower, heard seats, 6" wider front end, comhos. $5,000.00 Call (619) 868-4048. FOR SALE: Last try, must sell, Berrien not quite Class 10 car: Best of everything. Possible for Texas Sportsman. No reasonahle offer refused . (817) 283-7474. Anytime after 5 p.m . Will trade for??? ?? FOR SALE: 68 Baja 1600, Rahhit engine, dual 40mm Mikunis, cam, Euro-race distributor, header, 2 fuel tanks w/pumps, IRS, skid plate, Class 11 cage, full roof rack, Diest, Harness', cut & turned KYB's /Koni's, 7 .00xlS tires, Daylighters. Very dependable, licensed . $2,600.00 obo. Call Bob ( 619) 726-0369. FOR SALE: '73 Chevy Class8 or pre-run. Dirt Trix built. $4,500.00 w l o motor or trans. (602) 840-3861. If no answer, leave message. FOR SALE: 1972 Bajn hug. Rehuilt 1600 engine, Centerline wheels, new tires, full roll rnge, new transmission, large fuel tank, extrn parts included. Tri-Mil exhnust, skid plate. Must sell. $1,800.00 oho. Cnll Dnmon (818) 794-7316. FOR SALE: 5-1600 FRT class champion. Wright fro~t end, SAW, Fox Shox, Beard sen ts, 22 gal cell, Pnrker Pumper, Summers Bros. Porsche nxles. $7,500.00 oho. Call Kevin (619) 691-9171 dnys, or Duane (619) 475-1904 eves. FOR SALE: Pre run or family fun: Custom 127" wb 4 seat huggy, roomy & very comfort-nhle; extremely relinhle. Bodies, Neal, Fox, UMP, Long nrms, new 1835, hus, 930's, 22 gnl, Ben rd. This car is we ll built nnd mnintained . Too many goodies to list. With nice custom tnndem trailer. All for $6,500 oho. Cnll (805) 524-1222. FOR SALE: SACRIFICE - 1978 Diplomat 25' motorhome. Rear king hed, micrownve, generator, dun! A C. nwning, 60k, 15k on 440 & trnns. New; tires, shocks & hrakes. All of the comforts of home and plenty of power & genr to tow. ] lose nt $11,000.00 oho. Money is chenp, now is the time . (805) 524-1222. March 1992 FOR SALE: Nelson & Nelson Racing's SCORE/HORA Class 8 champio nship winning Chevy pickup. It's fun, it's rendy nnd it's n winner. Fnr more reasonahly priced thnn our '91 model nnd it comes with enough spares to probably build 2 or 3 more just like it. O nly $60,000 to serious inquiriers only, please. (714) 925-4448. FOR SALE: 1987 40' Competi-tive 5th wheel. 6 .5 Onan generator, AC , storage, large fridge, stovt: w/ oven, micrownve, hedroom upstairs, oak paneling and cnbinets throughout, electiic hrakes, rear fold down door. Excellent condition. Must see $18,500.00 (818) 447-7525. FOR SALE: 1989 Chenowth Magnum Clnss 10 stadium. Best of everything. Rev Power, Mendeola, Simpson, Super Boot, Fox, Centerlint:. Very competi-tive. Set up for the MTEG series, RACE READY! Will trnde, rent or whatever!!! $20,000.00 Brian (213) 866-1746 days. FOR SALE: I 991 Berrien 2-1600. Lite 1560# w/20 gnllons fuel. 091 hus with AMS carrier. Superhoot stub nxles & axlt:s. Fox shox w l coolers. UMP power steering, Benrd Ultrn sents, 300m hars, chromoly pbtes, Wright arms & spindles ( comho). Nothing stock on this rnr. Owner depressed, couldn't nfford Hnt: motor. $12,000.00 . (619) 253-5298. FOR SALE: Class 11 '69VW Fox shocks, DJ Trans, Sway-A-W ay, Trans Fonrm C.V.'s, Fuel Safe cell, plus nil spares. Must sell. $3,500.00 o ho. Call Mike at ( 8 1 H) 564-8977. W ANTED: Sand rail -must he mid engine and A-Arm front end . Whole or apnrt, motor or not. Serious calls only. (209) 538-7029 leave message. FOR SALE: 1984 GMC T opkick car hauler. 30' body. Everything is new or rehuilt. 3208 Turho-charged Cat. Allison automatic. 2 spt:ed rear, pwr strng, air hrnkes, captain seats, 12' livingspnce. Has air, heat, shower, head, sink, water pump, electric converter, microwave, couch hed, OVl-r-cab hed, fridge , carpet. Nl·eds completion. Back 18' is hauler. Large side door, rear ramp door. $4'5 ,000 sl'll or trade for ? Cnll L'VL'S Ra y, (414)367-8757. -- -----FOR SALE: Watkins Aronson Duhhle car trniler. Holds two cars up to I 26" wh and up to a I 2" widt:r heam. 250 cuhic feet of enclosed nnd locknhle storage spacL'. Spare tire, 100 gal fuel tnnk with elL'ctric delivery pump, full lighting, 2500# winch w/ remott: control. 4 wheel mechanical hrakt:s, electric to ngue jnck. Call Craig nt (415) 367-0808. Stored in El Toro, CA. FOR SALE: Berrien Laser, racL"d in MTEG Super 1600 Class. All the hest in pnrts. Rehuilt from ground up. All new hl'arings, nuts nnd holts , was hL"rs, sea ls , hushings, sheet metal, evL"rything! Rendy to rnce, with spares. Must sell -$12,500.00. Call Kent Howerton (512) 621 -2429. FOR SALE: 1991 Ford F-150 C bss 8 . Top tt:n overall per-former, Summt:rs rear floater, Kuster shocks , Lt:t: Mfg. P ' S , Ren rd seats, Parker Pumper, Magi trans, etc. Rnced onl y three timL's. Kishi ynmn BrothL"rs Racing. No trndes. $75,000.00 oho. (3 10 ) 397-6489. FOR SALE: SHOC KS -16 Doetsch Tech Rncing Shocks, I 3 ,, Travd with remott: rest:rvoirs, custom vnlved. $75.00 each or $1,000.00 tnkes them all. Call Steve at(714) 798-5036. FOR SALE: I 975 Ford 24' Clnss C motorhome. 460 L'ngine, 2 AC. microwave, 2 king si:e heds, whitt: with three color hlue striping. Generator, nt:w hattL'ries & tires. $9,500.00. (619) 367-7228. FOR SALE: I 987 jeL'p Cherokee Lnredo, 4 door, 4 .0 engine. Gray & tan . Power everything. Runs great $6,900.00. (619) 367-7228. . FOR SALE: 1987 Dodge Vistl~ Colt 4wd 5 speed tranny. Noisy; fourth gear but runs okay. Make-i offer -you haul. Call John at' Dusty Times (818)'889-5600. : CLEAN UP YOURACT-Sell your surplus parts and pieces Page 51 . , ... •

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'Course it's not really a fair fight. Because our old man-Ivan "Ironman'' Stewart-drives a Toyota Truck. The toughest, nastiest, tail-kickinest truck that ever touched dirt. But hey, who ever said truck rac-ing was fair? our • Certainly not the also-rans in last season's SCORE/HORA sanctioned Baja 500, Nevada 500 or Nissan 400 desert races. And sure as heck not the guys who came up short in eight of the last nine Manufacturer's Cup Challenge Championships in TECHI\IOLC:,GY 01\1 A FAST TRACK © 191)1 1byota Molor Sales, US.A. Inc. urs. the MTEG stadium race series. So if you're smart, you'll get your-self a Toyota Truck, too. Because take our word for it ... if you're gonna take sides ... you better take Ivan's. "/ love what you do fer me:' @TOYOTA