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1992 Volume 9 Number 2 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 9 - Number 2 - February 1992 $1.50 ISSN 8750-1732 Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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~V~tUJ--March 12-15 "Publicity Pre-Run" -February 29 Feel the excitement in the Air with the second race of the HDRA USA Cup series. Technical inspection and Contingency will take place on Fremont Street March 13. (If you've never seen Tech Inspection on Fremont Street you haven't experienced life.) The race course is the infamous north course including the "Rock Garden". This year we've included a "Publicity Pre-Run" so everyone including the family and pit crews can see the course beforehand. (If you like to have fun then you won't miss the "Publicity Pre-Run") If there's one race you'll participate in this year, it'll be the NISSAN 400. For more Information and entry forms contact: 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada 89124 (702) 361-5404 FAX (702) 361-5037

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Volume 9 - Number 2 February 1992 In This Issue ••• CAIJFORNiA RALLY SERIES "FEATURES Page Salute to the Desert Champions by Jean Calvin . . . . . . . . . 10 E.ditor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate E.ditor Richard K. Schwalm E.ditorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation 0.0sbome Contributors John Ames Jim Baker Darla Crown C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Leonard Day Don Dayton Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Rod Koch Matt Marcher Jan Flick Mazzenga Michael Ross Bob Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Darrell Smith Daryl Smith Judy Smith 3-D Photography T rackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAP911OT ornoAII IIACIIII UIOIIT Subscription Rates: $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: _DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732,· is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301, (818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without ·written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301, POSTMASTER: Send address change to _Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. OF THE MONTH ••• I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Mickey Thompson Ent. Group Awards Banquet ........ 22 Washington Rallies by Paula Gibeault ................. 24 La Rana High Desert 250 by Jean Calvin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Texas Challenge Championships by Tommy Bowling .... 31 WRC Rally of Spain by Martin Holmes ............... 32 Glen Helen Season Finale by Elaine Jones .............. -34 GRR Haunted Hills Classic by Daryl Drake . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 FORDA at Lakeland by Wayne Simmons ............. 38 Pre-Running Baja in Style by Jim Ober ................ 40 Isuzu Rodeo Report by John Calvin .................. 41 HORA/SCORE Awards Banquet by Jean Calvin ....... 42 Mazda MPV Wagon Report by John Calvin ............ 45 WRC Lombard RAC Rally by Martin Holmes . . . . . . . . . 46 Australia's Milbrodale Classic by Darryl Smith ......... 48 DEPARTMENTS Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Pony Express ..................................... 50 Pit T earn Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 California Rally Series Report ....................... 51 Good Stuff Directory .............................. 52 Classified Ads .. · ........................... -. . . . . . . . . 58 Index to Advertisers ................ · ............... 59 ON THE COVER - Ou~ traditional February cover features the desert series HDRA/SCORE overall Points champion and the Heavy Metal and Mini Metal winners. The Overall championship came down to the wire at the SCORE Baja 1000 and the winner was young Doug Fortin who won five events in Class 10 and finished one in third place in his well prepared Chenowth, a true championship season. Larry Ragland ov·erwhelmed the other Heavy Metal contenders winning five events in Class 8, a couple of them overall in cars, and beating the bikes at San Felipe as well. He never finished below fourth in the very reliable Chevrolet pickup, and also took the Toyota True Grit award for the season's fastest average speed. Chuck Johnson and John Johnson took the Mini Metal title in their 7X Ford Ranger, winning three events in class, including the last two, and they finished well in most of the other races. Our congratulations to all three overall points champions in their categories, and especially to Doug Fortin Jr. who bested the heavily sponsored teams driving solo in every single race. Color Photography by Trackside Photos, Inc. I\~ tJY DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $15.00 □ ~ears - . $25.00 D 3 years - $35.00 CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS -NEW SALES TAX!!!!!!!! Add: $1.25, 1 year, $2.00, 2 years, $2.75 - 3 years Take advantage of your subscription bonus .... Free one time classified ad up iu 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name----------------------------·t .~ ...... 'f&. •. ;,v.; ,# MS ...... "I've told you a hundred times: if we are going to run against the utility trucks in Class 6, we need more wheelbase!!" That might be a proper caption for this snap of a Porsche 914 that obviously went a little too far off the road while playing around a pit area. Joe Stokes caught this shot at a recent desert race, but gave us no report on the damage done to the car and how it got out, although there looks to be plenty of help in the background. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each · month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. ff you wish the photo • returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, SxT or Bx 10 will be considered. I I I I I I I .l Address -------------------------City State _________________ Zip ________ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., $uite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 {Canadi~n - 1 year $20.00 U.S.• Overseas subscription rates quoted on requeSt) I I I I ., I I I I I I I I I I DustyTlma February 1992 Page 3

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1991 Happenings ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 . (602) 274-00.10 AMSA Jim Webb P.O. Box 26084 Fresno, CA 93726 . (209) 439-2 114 AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 47 Teenan St. Ferny Hills, Q 4055, Australia 011-18-07-851-0444 March 29, 1992 Inglewood Queensland May 10, 1992 Griffith New South Wales June 7, 1992 Sea Lake Victoria July 19, 1992 Kempsey New South Wale& September 20, 1992 Waikerie South Australia BADGERLAND VW CLUB,INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 (414) 688-5509 ( All L't1L'nts locatl.'d in Chilton, WI lit thL' W in'ttd)(l~o County ExJ>o C<.'nler) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 Golden Crown of Baja Desert Series (cars) February 7-9, 1992 Gran Carrera de San Felipe San Felipe, BC, Mexico March 27-29, 1992 Gran Carrera de Mexicali Mexicali, BC, Mexico May 22-24, 1992 Gran Carrera de Tecate Tecate, BC, Mexico August 2i-23, 1992 Gran Carrera de Ensenada Ensenada, BC, Mexico September 25-2 7, 1992 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, BC, Mexico Special Event July 23-26, 1992 . The Mint 400 Invitational Las Vegas, NV January 15, 1993 Year End Awards BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. April 11,1992 Wendover Express 200 Wendover, USA May 16, 1992 · Desert Cactus 250 Aragonite, Utah July 4, 1992 Jackpot 200 Jackpot, NV August 29, 1992 Twilite Special Wendover, USA October 31, 1992 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R. 3 . Brighton, Ontario, Canada K0K-1 HO (613)475-1102/ Fax{613)475-3250 flt:,.,., ·The Off-Roader's Choice· • E-Z UP"' INSTANT SHELTERS. P Imagine setting up a • ~-free-standing shelter in 01161"~'-.,~~ less than 60 seconds! Page 4 · NO missing parts NO center poles NO. ropes NO hassle • 5 sizes • 24 colors • Custom Graphics Instant Pit Shetter . La Rca,a Contingency Sponsor E-Z UP Authorized Dealer CASTEX RENTALS, INC. 1044 N. Cole Ave.· L s Angeles, CA 90035 CALL: 213 • 462 • 1468 1991 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES ' P.O. Box 101 , Crandon, WIS4520 (715) 478-2222 June 20-21, 1992 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI September 5-6, 1992 True Value World's Championship Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI BUMP Bob Utgard Motorsports Promotions 42263 50th St. West #108 Quartz Hill, CA 93536 (805) 256-8520 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES· Gary Luke, Director 13675 Spring Valley Road Morgan Hill, CA 95037 (408) 779-3589 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 February 15, 1 992 Glen Helen Rallycrosses Glen Helen OHV Park San Bernardino, CA April 25, 1992 Prescott Forest.Rally Prescott, AZ May 15-16, 1992 Rim of the World Lancaster, CA October 24, 1992 Gorman Ridge Rally Gorman, CA CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O . Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 958 I 4 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 9385 Florence Ave. Apopka, FL 32703 ( 407) 291-121s 1c305 r 823-4487 February 9, 1992 Ice Buster Nationals Lakeland, FL March 28, 1992 Tallahassee, FL FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, ·#2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 February 15, 1992 King of the Desert Lake Superstition, CA April 4, 1992 Buzz Bomb 150 Plaster City East, CA May9-10, 1992 Rock Around the Clock 24 Hour Enduro for Cars, Trucks, Buggies. Plaster City West, CA August 1, 1992 Superstition 250 Lake Superstition, CA October 3, 1992 Plaster City Blast Plaster City East, CA December 31, 1992 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA (All t:t'L'lltS in th<.' El c ... mro, CA £IT<!(!) February 1992 GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 2339 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714)880-1733 GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 ( 404) 253-1033 March 15, 1992 SO Miles April 26, 1992 SO Miles in Heats May 24, 1992 150 Miles {Day only) June i8, 1992 SO Miles July 26, 1992 100 Miles August 23, 1992 SO Miles in Heats September 2 7, 1992 100 Miles October 24, 1992 Rules Meeting October 25, 1992 SO Miles November 28, 1992 Thanksgiving 250 December 5, 1992 Awards Banquet (All L'Wnls at Viemw, GA)· GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (313) 665-0358/(313) 996-9193 GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Keith Koesters 4605 N. 130th Circle Omaha, NE 68164 ( 402) 496-0846 (All i:t•1..'ltlS at Timh<!r Ridge Ranch) GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Bertram Productions, Inc. 15073 Hwy 119, Rt. 4 Golden, CO 80403 GRR Golden Rule Racmg P.O. Box 40211 Phoenix, AZ 85067 ( 602) 263-5329 February 15, 1992 Wickenburg, AZ March 28, 1992 Tonapah, AZ May 9, 1992 Salome, AZ October 3, 1992 TBA November 7, 1992 Wickenburg, AZ HDRA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 . HDRA U.S.A. CUP March 12-15, 1992 Nissan 400 Las Vegas, NV May 15-17, 1992 Nevada 500 Pahrump, NV July 4-5, 1992 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA August 14-16, 1992 Color Country Runoffs · Brian Head, Utah September 18-20, 1992 Willow Springs Raceway Rosamond, CA October 9-11, 1992 Gold Coast 300 Las Vegas, NV HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Lyle Hogue, President Box 12 Bowman, ND 58623 . (701) 523-3420 April 4, 1992 Badlands Baja Wall, SD May 3, 1992 Bowman Off Road Challenge Bowman, ND June 1992 Capital City Stadium Pierre, SD August 1992 Gumbo Buttes Baja Pierre, SD September 1992 Deadwood Off Road Gran Prix Deadwood, SD October 1 7, 1992 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O . Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 (All L'l'L'ltlS Sla~l.'d Cit tit<.' duh grounds in Clevl.'s, Ohio) INTER-SHOWS, MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (714) 364-0515 February 21, 1992 Motorcycle Swap Meet Fairplex L.A. County Fair Pomona, CA March 13, 1992 Motorcycle Swap Meet Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA March 14, 1992 VW / Porsche Off Road Swap Meet Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA March 15, 1992 California Off Road Jamboree Anaheim Stadium Exhibit Center Anaheim, CA March 21-22, 1992 Splash Water Sport Show Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA May 15, 1992 Motorcycle Swap Meet Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA May 17, 1992 VW Spring Jamboree Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA June 7, 1992 Salsa Custom Car Show & Family Fiesta Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA July 10, 1992 Motorcycle Swap Meet Fairplex L.A. County Fair Pomona, CA July 31, 1992 Motorcycle Swap Meet & Bike Show . Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA August 2, 1992 California Truck Jamboree Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA August 23, 1992 California Volkswagen Jamboree Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA Dusty Times

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The Florida Off Road Drivers Association Presents The 22nd Annual FLORIDA 400 6 Hour Off Road Race ~TrHlE ~E~ST OF TrHlE E~STae SATURDAY, MARCH 28TH ,- 1992 CROWDER PITS, TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA TROPHIES, MONEY, & CONTINGENC·IES!! 80% PAYBACK ON ENTRY iFEES 100% PAYBACK ON OVERALL POT RACE HEADQUARTERS - HOLIDAY INN PARKWAY Friday, March 27 Saturday, March 28 Sunday, March 29 1302 APALACHEE PARKWAY, HIGHWAY 27 (904) 877-3141 - 4 PM - 7 PM Registration and Tech at Track 8 AM - 9 AM Registration and Tech at Track 9:15 AM Drivers Meeting 10 AM - 4 PM or 400 Miles 8:30 AM Awards at Race Headquarters ENTRY FEES: CHALLENGER CLASS - $110 1600 CLASS - $135 CLASS 1 & 10 - $160 TRUCK CLASSES - $185 OVERALL POT: ALL CLASSES -$25 MEMBERSHIP FEES: ALL CLASSES - $35 (Good For One Full Season) FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL THE F.O.R.D.A. HOTLINE (407) 291-1215 or (305) 823-4487 FAX ( 407) 295-0258 OR WRITE: ,,. F.O.R.D.A. 9385 FLORENCE AVENUE APOPKA, FLORIDA 32703

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October 2, 1992 December 12, 1992 September 12, 1992 April 25, 1992 August 23, 1992 Motorcycle Swap Meet Awards Banquet, Clarion Hotel Twilite 125 Night Race Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Nipigon, Ontario, Canada Orange County Fairgrounds Ontario, CA Notrees, TX Las Vegas, NV Costa Mesa, CA October 24, 1992 June 20, 1992 September 13, 1992 Johnson, VT October 3, 1992 · MICHIGAN OFF ROAD 150 Miler Memorial Coliseum VW / Porsche Off Road Swap Meet CHAMPIONSHIPS Notrees, TX Los Angeles, CA September 26, 1992 Orange County Fairgrounds M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. November 7, 1992 Orange, MA Costa Mesa, CA 15529 Jones Road Awards NATIONAL MUD RACING September 27, 1992 December 4, 1992 _ Grand Ledge, MI 48837 ASSOCIATION Barre, MA Motorcycle Swap Meet (517)627-6200 MICKEY THOMPSON'S 11842 Jason Court October-4, 1992 Orange County Fairgrounds Madera, CA 93638 Costa Mesa, CA OFF ROAD (209) 486--4590 I (209) 266-5558 NMRA Super Series CHAMPIONSHIP Johnson, VT December 5, 1992 MICHIGAN SPORT GRAND PRIX March TBA 1992 VW / Porsche Off Road Swap Meet BUGGY ASSOCIATION Mickey Thompson Motor Sports of America Orange County Fairgrounds Keneth Coleman Entertainment Group Kearney, NE OFF ROAD JAMBOREES Costa Mesa, CA 742 E. Roosevelt Road P.O. Box 25168 Four Wheel Drive Excursions Ashley, MI 48806 Anaheim, CA 92825 April 26, 1992 P.O. Box 1154 (517) 838--4483 (714) 938--4100 Johnson, VT Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 822--8508 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER (All cwnts ar February 22, 1992 May 10, 1992 4WDCLUB Mt. Pleasant S/1ccclway) Jack Murphy Stadium Orange, MA May 8-10, 1992 Randy Chamberlin Redwood Coast Jamboree 835 Wawn Road San Diego, CA May 16-17, 1992 Fort Bragg to Eureka/ Arcata, CA Kamloops, B.C. V2B-6N3 March 21, 1992 NMRA Super Series MIDWEST OFF ROAD RACING Seattle Kingdome Johnson, VT June 19-21, 1992 Tommy Bowling Ghost Town Adventure '92 19019 W . CR 128 Seattle WA June 20, 1992 South Lake Tahoe/Stateline, CA LA RANA DESERT RACING Odessa, TX 79765 April 4, 1992 Goldendale, WA 22769 Chambray Dr. (915) 561-5222 Texas Stadium June 21, 1992 September 18-20, 1992 Kern River Jamboree Moreno Valley, CA 92387 "The Texas Challenge Irving, TX Merrillville, IN Lake Isabella / Kernville, CA (714) 924-2226 Off Road Points Series" May 2, 1992 June 21, 1992 Febrµary 21-23, I 992 ( All cwnts at Notrccs, TX) Sun Devil Stadium Johnson, VT OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS Presidential 250 February 15, 1992 Tempe, AZ July 4, 1992 OF EL PASO Barstow, Ca 125 Miler July 18, 1992 Bascom, OH Don Honeberg May 15-17, 1992 March 28, 1992 Memorial Coliseum July 10, 1992 13180 Round Dance Spangler 150 Caprock 125 Los Angeles, CA Bloomsburg, PA El Paso, TX 79936 Ridgecrest, CA Notrees, TX September TBA, 1992 (915) 751-70571(915) 855-9767 June 19-21, 1992 Mile High Stadium July 18-19, 1992 Lucerne Valley Jam 250 May 2, 1992 Denver, CO Nipigon, Ontario, Canada ONTARIO OFF ROAD 150 Miler Lucerne Valley, CA Notrees, TX October TBA, 1992 July 19, 1992 RACERS ASSOCIATION August 28-30, 1992 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Johnson, VT R.R.4 June 13, 1992 Bancroft, Ontario, Canada K0L-lC0 Johnson Valley 150 Jackrabbit 150 Night Race Las Vegas, NV July 25, 1992 (613) 332--4363 Lucerne Valley, CA Notrees, TX November TBA, 1992 Barre, MA October 23-25, 1992 July 11, 1992 Oakland Stadium July 31 or August 7, 1992 OUTLAW MINI STOCK California 200 125 Miler Night Race Oakland, CA Keene, NH RACING ASSOCIATION Ridgecrest, CA Notrees, TX MTEG CAMEL SUPERCROSS August 16, 1992 P.O . Box 204 November 20-22, 1992 August 7-9, 1992 February 8, 1992 Johnson, VT Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 High Desert 300 Rock 'N Roll 250 Jack Murphy Stadium August 23, 1992 (213) 375-45701(213) 719-7036 Lucerne Valley, CA Notrees, TX San Diego, CA Merrillville, IN OFF ROAD EQUIPMENT SHOW BOSCH BOSCH LIGHTS PLATINUM Page 6 • Off Road Equipment & Accessories • Displays • Custom Off-Road Truck Show • Sales Booths • Bikini Contest • Truck Jam • Free Seminars • Radio Control Cars • Off-Road Truck Rodeo • New Vehicle Expo • Live Music OFF-ROAD CELEBRITY SEMINARS Watch top Off-Road drivers compete in a timed, skill course and off-road driving seminar. 1,-_Tl=I:? • §liOW§ MO-r OC?SVOC?T VVOMOTIO~§ l~C,. P .O . Box 2910. Mission Viejo. CA 92690 Office: Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm 714-364-0515 INDOOR EXHIBITOR & VENDOR MOVE-IN SATURDAY OUTDOOR MOVE-IN SUNDAY 6:30-9:00 AM Times strictly enforced. 24-HOUR HOTLINE ~ I • 714-364-1745 ~m1~~• •M!fa •"''•i?t·l·l•tm3 ,,,__ February 1992 fll ffiartiuez Auto BodJj &: Pt11°/ft Dusty Times

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PIKES PEAK December 4-6, 1992 February 8-9, 1992 September 5-6, 1992 Rain Dace P.O. Box 6962 Maine Forest Rally Bottom Dollar ·True Value World's Championship March 28-29, 1992 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 Rumford, Maine Las Vegas, NV Brush Run 101 April 25-26, 1992 (719) 685-4400 March 28-29, 1992 Crandon, WI Hollister SVRA Twilight 200 September 19-20, 1992 Spring Special Long Course SAREEA AL JAMEL SCORE Las Vegas, NV Midwest Points Championship Hollister, CA 4WD'CLUB Score International May 23-24, 1992 Oshkosh, WI May 23-25, 1992 P.O. Box 526 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Caliente/Pioche 250 Yerington 400 Indio, CA 92202 Westlake Village, CA 91362 Caliente, NV TEXAS OFF ROAD Yerington, NV (818) 889-9216 July 25-26, 1992 GRAND PRIX June 20-21, 1992 January 24-26, 1992 Midnight Special Short Course Racing Virginia City Classic 200 S.C.A.T. INC. Parker 400 Las Vegas, NV - Texas Style Virginia City, NV Michael R. King Parker AZ Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger July 26, 1992 P.O. Box 277 April 24-26, 1992 September 18-20, 1992 Mike Bernardo Morrisonville, NY 12962 SNORE250 1606 Lancelot Circle Summer Si::ler (518) 561-3208/ (518) 236-7897 San Felipe 250 Jean, NV Grand Prairie, TX 75050 Prairie City Short Course San Felipe, BC, Mexico (214) 855-2232 Sacramento, CA December 5-6, 1992 June 5-7, 1992 Eldorado Valley 250 ( All ewncs ac September 5-7, 1992 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Baja 500 Las Vegas, NV StL'/)he1will!!, Ti!xas S/)L'edway) Yerington 250 Sports Car Club of America Ensenada, BC, Mexico Yerington, NV P.O. Box 3278 November 12-15, 1992 October 16-17, 1992 Englewood, CO 80 I 12 Baja 1000 SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD TORA VORRA Bend 300 (303) 779-6622 Ensenada, BC, Mexico · DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Truck Racing Association Bend, OR February 1, 1992 Terry Wolfe Ray Carney, Director Big Bend Bash 7839 W . North Avenue 7 Prutell Drive T er lingua, TX SCORE CANADA Wauwatosa, WI 53213 Apalchin, NY 13732 WESTERN OFF ROAD 390 Chemin Du Lac (414) 453-SODA/(414) 257-0422 (607) 625-5676 RACING ASSOCIATION April 25, 1992 Lery, Quebec, 19125 - 87 A Ave. Prescott Forest Rally J6N 1A3, Canada . May 23-24, 1992 Surrey, British Columbia, Prescott, AZ (514) 692-6171 UORRA Lake Geneva Memorial Day 100 United Off Road Racing Association V3R 5X7, Canada May 15-16, 1992 Lake Geneva, WI Dave Urbanowic.:, President (604) 576-6256 Rim of the World SCORE SHOW 589 Amwell Road Lancaster, CA Mickey Thompson June6-7, 1992 Neshanic, NJ 08853 June 5-7, 1992 Miller High Life Off Road Race (908) 369-6550 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS Entertainment Group Antigo, WI 2939 E. Grovers Susquehannock Trail Ed Stotereau ( Races at Colonial Phoenix, AZ 85032 Wellsboro, PA P.O. Box 25148 June 20-21, 1992 Valley Ri!sorts in PA) (602) 971-3730 Date TBA Anaheim, CA 92825 Spring Run 101 Sunriser Rally (714) 938-4155 Crandon, WI ( All ewnts ac Thraslierlwul, Chillicothe, OH May 1-3, 1992 July 4-5, 1992 VENTURA RACEWAY 1 17th At•e. & Glendale in Phoenix, AZ) Aug~st 28-30, 1992 Road America Business Office Elkhart Lake, WI 2810 W . Wooley Road FIA WORLD RALLY Ojibwe Rally S.C.T.A. Oxnard, CA 93035 Bemidji, MN Southern California July 18-19, 1992 (805) 656-1122 CHAMPIONSHIP October 2-4, 1992 Timing· Association UP Off Road 100 Gold Rush Rally Jack Kolan Bark River, MI (619) 292-4444 August 1-2, 1992 VORRA ATTENTION Westcliffe, CO Valley Off Road Racing Association RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS October 23-25, 1992 Fox Riverfest Challenge 1833 Los Robles Blvd. List vo11r comin,~ et•cncs in DUSTY Press On Regardless SNORE Depere, WI Sacramento, CA 95838 TIMES [rec! Send vom H)()2 schdulc as Escanaba, MI Southern Nevada Off August 15-16, 1992 (916) 925-1702 soon as Jmssihlc for listing in this c·olumn. Road Enthusiasts Rancho Suspension March 21-22, 1992 Mail vottr race or rnllv .~d1ed11lc to: November 6-8, 1992 P.O. Box 4394 Great Northern Challenge DUSTY TIMES. 5331 D~rrv Aw •. S11itc· Coachman Stages Las Vegas, NV 89106 Ionia, MI Prairie City Long Course 0 . A.~OIIT(I, CA ()130 1 . Olympia WA (702) 452-4522 Sacramento, CA The oil engineered for your truck's engine Page 8 Shell TRUCK GUARD™ Light Truck Motor Oil ·1s· the oil made especially for pickups, 4-wheel drives, mini-vans, and recreational vehicles. Its special formula-tion and exclusive additives help keep high-revving, hotter-running truck engines clean and cool. TRUCK GUARD's API SG/CE rating exceeds all engine requirements. For the kind of protection your truck deserves, choose TRUCK GUARD. ~ OIL COMPANY, INC. 4870 E. Cartier Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89115 (702) 643-9200 February 1992 ® Shell Orange Line Oil Company 404 E. Commercial St. Pomona, California 91767 (714) 623-0533 Dusty Times

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BARSTOW, CA FEBRUARY 21 - 23, 1992 La Rana Desert Racing Promotions 22769 CHAMBRAY DRIVE, MORENO VALLEY, CA 92557 (714) 924-2226

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A s A L u T E To The 1991 Desert Series Champions By Jean Calvin Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. SCIIE INTERNATIONAi: Championship Off-Road Racing HIGH DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION The seventh year of the combined HORA/SCORE Desert Racing Series weathered the recession with entry, especially in the USA, down a bit more from the slide in 1990. The combined Class l / 2 continued to have strong entry as did 10 and 1-2-1600 in most races, but a few classes were consistent at less than half a dozen entries. Class 6 mutated into a complete truck class, Ford, Jeep and Chevy ·models mostly, and sedans became a memory, as did Class 14. So the entry was pared down to 15 classes for four wheeled vehicles in 1991 . Competition for the entry grew considerably during the year, primarily hurting HORA numbers and even with a small entry HORA produced a short course race at Willow Springs in September, the hottest month of the year there. Still the series had eight good events in Ari:ona, Nevada, Mexico and California, as both HORA and SCORE continued to deal with the restricted course corridors, the tortoise affair, and the always rising costs of putting on desert races. Happily the bigger vehicle and tire manufact-urers continued to supply lots of money in contingency funds and support teams for this big league of desert racing, and more and better television coverage en-hanced the image of the sport. Unhappily the bloom went off the rose by the end of the season, when HORA and SCORE split, each with their own series in 1992, taking what appears to be a step backward for the sport. Maybe it was a seven year itch. The SCORE Parker 400 started the season late in January with the course again being entirely in Arizona, now with three laps of a 114 mile route starting and. finishing at the Blue Water Marina, used in the 1970s for the start/ finish of this event. A sedate pre-run drive around the course was allowed for entrants on Thursday. The c-ar and truck entry shrank again, just 214 starters compared to 285 in 1990. Page 10 ~ ; ._. CLASS 10 & OVERALL -1650 CC SINGLE OR TWO'SEAT-DOUG FORTIN JR. Doug Fortin Jr. finished six of the eight races in his Chenowth powered by an air cooled VW engine, supported mainly by family and friends. Doug started with a third at Parker, then won the Nissan 400, the Baja 500, the Fireworks 250, the tough Nevada 500, and finished the year with a fine win at the Baja 1000. Some of his victories were by only a couple of minutes, and Doug drove every mile alone, going solo even in the Baja 1000. The college student was Rookie of the Year in 1988 then driving a 1-2-1600 Chenowth, and with the move to Class 10 he often finished in the top ten overall this past season. Capping off his overall points victory by a narrow margin, Doug was voted Driver of the Year in 1991 by his peers. But it was a quality entry of 38 in recovered for fourth and David Class 1 / 2 even with defending Bryan finished fifth. champ Ivan Stewart spectating, Class 4 had five starters and out watching his two sons race. Rod Hall led the first lap in his old Bud Feldkamp in Jerry Penhall's Dodge, followed by Steve Kelley, Porsche powered Raceco led the Chevy and Timmy and Randy first lap followed by Jim Smith Pruett, Ford. Kelley took the lead and Mark McMillin, both in on lap 2, as the others had Chenowth/Porsches. Many of troubles but kept moving. the exotic new Class l / 2 trucks Despite recurring steering trouble were soon down and out. After SteveKelleywonClass4,theonly two laps Smith took the lead, finisher. Rod Hall did two laps for Feldkamp broke an axle, and second place. Robby Gordon who had brake Class 7 was nearly a one truck troubles, moved the family race as Roger Mears lost the Chenowth into second. McMillin Nissan's motor on lap 1 and held third, fol lowed by Troy Manny Esquerra built a good lead Herbst and Bob Richey. On lap 3 in the Ford. Kim Mohr was a long Gordonhadahriefleadthenlost second, followed by Racin the trans. Jim Smith had no Gardner, Ford, and Scott Douglas troubles and won the race overall, in a 7S Comanche. Esquerra held his first big win. Mark McMillin an easy lead on lap 2, but Douglas was second 0 1 A and in class, cranked out a fast lap to move followed home by Bob Richey, into second. Manny Esquerra Troy Herbst and Corky McMil-took his tenth Parker400 victory, Jin /Brian Ewalt, all Porsche the lone class finisher. Scott powered. Douglas was awarded second with Class 8 saw Larry Ragland put the fastest two lap time. his fancy Chevy in the lead with Many of the 35 starting Class Scott McMillin's Ford close l0carshadtroubleearlywithsix behind, followed by Dave out on the first lap and seven Shoppe, Ford and Brian Stewart, missing on the middle round. So Dodge. Ragland turned race fast' Joel Whitted led lap 1 in his lap on the second lap to take the Toyota Jimco, but Cam Thieriot overall lead, Scott McMillin was was within seconds in his but eight minutes back, followed Chenowth, followed by Ed and by Shoppe, Stewart and Rob_ Levi Beard, Chaparral/Toyota, MacCachren, Ford. On lap3 near Jim Zupanovich, ToyotaJMR and the finish Ragland's truck caught Jim Pierce, VW Funco. Whitted fire. Scott McMillin won, Stewart still led after two laps, but Jim took second, Shoppe third, Pierce and Jim Kirk were up to MacCachren went out with second ahead of Thieriot while engine trouble, while Ragland Ra)'CrolJ/MikeJu~son fixed their February 1991 problems and ran tourth ahead of Richard Binder. Whitted 's brother Kyle took the last lap and a broken spindle lost him about ten places. Mike Julson fought through the heavy dust with no clutch in Croll's car to win the class and take eighth 0 / A . Pierce/Kirk were second, fol-lowed by Doug Fortin Jr., who had serious problems. Mike and Jim Zupanovich took fourth followed by Jeff Quinn/Kurt P£eiffer. Wolfram and Hartmut Kla-witter led the dozen Class 5 Bugs from the start to the finish, although they had to work for it. Lyn Mocaby ran second on lap 1 followed by Gene Norman, then Dave Parsons and Lisa Dickerson. John Cooley, in Norman's Bug was just seconds behind the Klawitters on lap 2, and Dicker-son's co-driver Scott Cameron was up to third. Gene Norman and John Cooley held second to the flag and Dave Parsons and Art Peterson were third, followed to the finish by Lisa Dickerson /Scott Cameron and Bill Hernquist/ Mike Lund. Class 1-2-1600 had 37 cars off the line and Scott Reams in Willie Melancon's Mirage led the first lap with Rob Tolleson in Jim Sumners' Mirage very close. Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis ran third followed by Tom Burns, Miraco, and another Stewart son, Craig. Reams led lap 2 with class fast lap, Burns moved up to second despite hitting a tree, and Tolleson/Sumners dropped time with mechanical woes. Stewart was fourth and David Marini /Rod Goodsell fifth, all in tight formation. Melancon tipped the Mirage on its side on the last lap, but still took the class win and placed 11th overall. Larry Martin soloed into second followed by Tom Burns, also alone. Then came Gary Sewell Jr. /Dan Keller in a new Lothringer and Mike McClune/Jack Millerd. Of the five starters in Class 7 4x4 Jerry McDonald led the first lap in the Chevy S-10. Bud and Russ Sebelius was second in a Jeep Comanche followed by Dave and Paul Simon, Ford Ranger. McDonald had a big lead over Simon who had a long pit stop after two laps. Sebelius was third and the others vanished. Jerry McDonald and Jeff Lewis got stuck in the sand on lap 3 but took the win in class. The Simons finished second and with two laps done the Sebelius Jeep was third. Spencer Low in his 4 cylinder Nissan recorded fast lap for Class 7S on lap 1 just ahead of John Johnson and Chuck Johnson, Ford. In third was Willie Valdez, then came Gabriel Najanjo and Brad Waibel, all in Rangers. Low continued to lead through lap 2 with a good cushion on now second running Jerry Whelchel, Toyota, while Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen had their Toyota up to third. Spencer Low had a smooth run to the victory, followed in by Jerry Whel-Dusy Times

Page 11

chel /Dan Reynolds, who had Early in March HORA present-Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen ed the Nissan 400. The route was just a minute behind. David the same 100 miles of rocks, silt Lillie/ Nick Frank, Ford, were the and pole line roads, no pre-fourth and final finisher. running was allowed, and no pits Seven wasn't a lucky number were allowed inside the Las Vegas for Class 6 as only two finished. Speedrome, but the moto cross John Swift led the first lap in a course was again used for new Ford Explorer over Mike spectator enjoyment, but pit folks Lesle, Jeep Comanche. Danny had to pay to get in. There were Ashcraft was next in his old several reasons why the entry Bronco II followed by Parker's dropped below 200 starters for Mick Newton and Larry Tunnell the first time in 20 years, but 195 in a real sedan, a Chevy Nova. I took the green flag for the four Swift led lap 2, Ashcraft moved lap, 405 mile journey, which 105 ahead of Lesle, and Steve and would finish. We think moving Robert Ball ran fourth in a GMC. from May to March into lousy John Swift had scant problems weather is reason for the lower winning Class 6 in his debut on entry coupled with no pre-the Rough Riders team. Danny running at all, the general decline Ashcraft and Dave Mason were in the series entry, and the second, and Lesle was third with economy, plus the lack of hoopla two laps done. 'on which the Mint 400 people did Dan Smith made his debut in such a good job. the Rough Riders Class 3 Bronco Class l / 2 started 34 cars, but it and led the first lap by seconds was no contest, Ivan Stewart over Dale White/Gene Perry, recorded the four fastest laps of Chevy Blazer and Curt LeDuc, the race, runningwithouttrouble, Jeep Cherokee. They held and won his third Nissan 400 position on lap 2, and Dan Smith overall in a row. On lap 1 Ed and went on to victory in quite a Tim Herbst ran second ahead of debut. Dale White was second the Tom Bradleys, father and son, and Curt LeDuc third, as three of Corky McMillin, then Bob Rich-the four starters finished. ey. Midway Brian Collins was a Tom and Bob Neth led the first minute ahead of the Herbst lap in Class 5-1600 by seconds brothers, and Corky McMillin over Lee Patten and Doug plus Richey were very close. On West/Gary Cogbill, and next lap 3 the Herbsts were back in were the Cooks, Wayne, Alan second ahead of Collins who and Darryl. Neth led lap 2 by over stalled in the infield puddles, a minute over West/ Cogbill, the Jimmy Smith was fourth and Cooks were thitd ahead of-Mike Frank Snook/ Eric Arras ran fifth. Kalicki/ Steve Spiker and it was By the last lap the course was anyone's race. On the final lap drying from earlier in the week Bob Neth bobbled some, but he rains and dust became obvious in got the checkered flag first for the some spots. It didn't bother Ivan, class victory for himself and and it was 27 minutes before Ed brother Tom. Wayne, Alan and and Tim Herbst claimed second in Darryl Cook climbed up to class in a Chenowth/Porsche. second while Kalicki drove on a Third was the Snook/ Arras flat to third, and Patten recovered Raceco, Jimmy Smith got fourth for fourth followed in by Tom and Gary Hymes and Les Larson and Roger Lake. Nine of the 15 fifth m a Raceco/ Porsche, as no starters finished. other fancy truck finished well. Only five Mini Mags started Chris Robinson led the first lap and just one finished. Early leader in Class 8 in the Ragland Chevy. Ryk Reynolds had just five Brian Stewart was close in the seconds on Steve and Frank Dodge followed by three Daves, Bristing, who were just ahead of Shoppe, Ford, Westhem, GMC Scott Steinberger. The Bristings and Bryan, Ford. Midway moved into the lead on the lap 2 Robinson built his lead, Stewart and stayed there to finish three was close, then came Shoppe, laps. The others faded and Scott Bryan and Rob MacCachren, Steinberger got in two laps for Ford. Robinson had third lap second. trouble, Stewart took the lead, Merely 13 Class 9s started and Frank Vessels, in Shoppe's Ford, four finished. Season champs held third and the last lap race was Rich Richardson/Doug Perrault on. Brian Stewart joined dad Ivan led lap 1 in theJimco, followed by on the podium with the Class 8 Ray and Russ Miller, Steve and win, third 0 / A followed in by Rick Poole, Billy Kem and Roy Ragland, who drove the last few Prince. After two laps Richardson miles for points with a broken still led over Prince and Josh shoulder, then came Shoppe/ Rider, followed by the Pooles, Vessels, MacCachren and Bryan. Kem and the Millers. Doug Doug Fortin Jr. took the early Perrault had electrical trouble on lead in the 27 car Class 10 field the last lap; Roy and Wade over Ray Croll, Larry Job, Jeff Prince/Josh Rider passed in the Quinn and Rick and Randy dark and they won Class 9 . Wilson. Fortin increased his lead Richardson/Perraultweresecond, midway over Croll, Job, Jerry Billy Kem / Pat Smith third, and Penhall and Tom Schilling. After Ray and Russ Miller fourth and three rounds Fortin led by 16 the last finisher. minutes. Scott Flamson/Jerry Class 11 had to do only two Penhall were third, followed by laps, and three of the five starters Mike Julson/ Ray Croll and Tom did just that. Alfonso Lacarra led Schilling/John Marking. But the first lap over Travis Howard Fortin had down time on the last who had troubles; Saul Zambrano lap and Flamson was ahead on and Howard Anderson ran time. The pair came in together second. On the last lap Lacarra 's and the officials did their math co-driver Eduardo Mayoral had a quickly. Doug Fortin Jr. won by flat, Zambrano got into the lead, about two minutes, Scott for a while, then got stuck. Travis Flamson IJ erry Penha 11 were Howard/ Brian Kelley went past second, Schilling/ Marking third, to win the class by 14 minutes followed by John Hays, then over Lac a r ra /Ma yora 1, and Kevin Ohnstad/ Steve Bradford. Zambrano/ Anderson were just Ten Class 5 Bugs started the five minutes back in third. long trek, led by Brad Per-Dusty Times -··-~,} CLASS 8 & HEAVY METAL - STANDARD PICKUP 2WD - LARRY RAGLAND Larry Ragland had a spectacular year in the full size Chevrolet pickup out of Nelson and Nelson. Larry won the Class 8 points by 40, and the Heavy Metal honors by a similar margin of points. Larry took fourth at Parker and second at the Nissan 400, and made history at the San Felipe 250 by not only winning the race overall and in Class 8, but his time was so fast that he beat the fastest of the motorcycles. Larry was first at the Baja 500, third at the Fireworks 250, but won the last three series races, the Nevada 500, the Gold Coast 300 and the Baja 1000, nearly always in the top five overall. son/Tony Kujala, then Dave land,Dickerson/Cameronand SoTimmyPruettandJerryBundy Baeskens/Gary Bat~s, Hartmut Doug Dawson and Mike Bowman won Class 4. Hall/ Hall salvaged and ~olfram Klawitter, LeRoy a couple of hours behind. second, Shea/ Pike third a couple Van Kirk and Bob Utgard/ George The six Class 4s had a tough hours back, as was Steve Kelley in Seeley. Person/ Kujala set class day. Timmy Pruett/Jerry Bundy fourth. fast lap with a good lead midway. just led Rod Hall, still in the old In Class 1-2-1600 25 started TheKlawittersweresecondahead Dodge, followed by Steve Kelley but only 12 finished. Rob of John Cooley/Gene Norman and Matt Pike/ Pat Shea on lap 1. Tolleson led the herd in Willie and Bill Hernquist/ Mike Lund. Bundy held the lead on lap 2 with Melancon 's Mirage on lap 1 by The Klawitter brothers still led on Kelley next. With trouble, Hall mere seconds. Larry Martin was lap 3, now closely followed by was third, Pike/ Shea fourth in a just seconds ahead of Tom and Rick Rowland in Van Kirk's Bug. Dodge. Bundy had a big lead on Tim Burns, Miraco, and tightly Norman was next with Scott lap 3 over Chad Hall, now in his followed by Gary Sewell/Dan Cameron astern in Lisa Dicker-dad's truck, Shea/Pike were Keller, than Jamie Wells/Chris son's car. Despite pit stops third, ahead of Kelley's Chevy Tool. This herd ran close. Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter having steering trouble. Mike Midway Martin led Tom Burns; won Class 5, followed home by Schwellinger/ Bill Holmes were Tolleson was third ahead of Keith Norman/ Cooley, Van Kirk/Row-fourth in a Ford, but didn't finish. 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followed by Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen, Toyota, and Bill Bunch/ John Kearney, Ford. Chuck Johnson took over the lead on lap 3, Valdez held third with a long pie stop, Vinje/Hansen were next with Bunch and Kearney now running strong. At the flag Johnson and Johnson won class honors. Willie Valdez was second about a half hour back, followed by Bunch/ Kearney, Vinje/Han-sen, who broke a spindle on the last lap, and William and Michael Wofford, Ford, all finishers. Gene Perry who had last lap trouble, and Saeed Al Hajri pressed on after repairs to finish fourth after LeDuc was DQ'd for working on his rig by the side of the course. Mike Lesle led the first lap in Class 6 in a Jeep Cherokee, and even with down time he led every lap to win the class, as five of the six starters finished. On hp 1 Don Adams/ Larry Olsen, Jeep Cher-okee, ran second ahead of Danny Ashcraft, still in the Bronco II, and John Swift, whose Ford Explorer already had down time. Midway Swift was only a few minutes behind Lesle, who had some pit time; next came Adams/Olsen, Ashcraft, and Brian Coats/Steve Russell, Camara. They held position on lap 3 and Mike Lesle went on co cake the victory in the Jeep, with John Swift 40 minutes back in the Ford. Danny Ashcraft/Dave Mason arrived third, followed by Adams/Olsen, then Coats/ Russell. CLASS TS & MINI METAL - STOCK MINI-MIDI 2WD PICKUP - CHUCK JOHNSON Class 3 fielded eight rigs, and Mike Lund got his Nissan out in front by over four minutes on lap 1. Dan Smith had his Bronco next followed by the Bronco of Middle East Rally Star Saeed Al Hajri, who started late but was making good time ahead of Dale White, Chevy Blazer. Midway Lund had a 45 minute lead over Dan Smith. Curt LeDuc had moved his Jeep Cherokee into third, Smith was fourth and Al Hajri was having major repairs, finding chis desert rougher than his native Qatar terrain. Lund still had his good lead over Smith and White after three laps and LeDuc was fourth. Mike Lund, with Bryant Hibbs riding in the Pathfinder, went on co the Class 3 victory. Dan Smith held second over Dale White and A quintet of Mini Mags bravely started, just two finished. Charlie Townsley set class fast lap on lap 1 a few minutes ahead of Larry Plank and then Scott Steinberger, Ryk Reynolds and Steve and Frank Bristing. Townsley led Plank midway, Steinberger broke Chuck Johnson and co-driver John Johnson started out without a finish at Parker but came back to win the Nissan 400 in the Spirit prepped Ford Ranger. They were third at both the San Felipe 250 and the Baja 500, moved up to second at the Nevada 500. They finished the season with a pair of solid victories at the Gold Coast 300 and the tough Baja 1000. Chuck Johnson comes from 11/inios to race the desert and John Johnson is a long time racer from the San Diego area. i;r and Jason Linder. But after 300 miles Burns had turned class fast lap and was leading Melancon and Mike Spina, in for Underwood, Linker's co-driver Paul Mischel and Danny Porter/Mark Ruddis. Tom and Tim Burns added the Nissan 400 to a long string of victories, winning by 19 minutes, at 11th overall. Second was Mike Spina/Keith Underwood, also from Vegas. Melancon/Tolleson were DQ'd as Tolleson ran a checkpoint twice. Danny Port-er/Mark Ruddis were third followed by Jason Linker / Paul Mischel and Gary Sewell. Only two showed up in Class 7 4x4, a new low. Jerry McDonald and Jeff Lewis led all day in the Chevy S-10. Having troubles, Paul and Dave Simon. did finish for second place points in the Ford Ranger. Seven started in Class 7, but Manny Esquerra led all day for the win in his Ford. Scott Douglas ran second in a Jeep Comanche, with the Rangers of Racin Gardner and Kim Mohr behind him. Midway Esquerra had a 40 minute lead and won by 30 minutes over Scott Douglas. After a transmission change Roger Mears and Roger Jr., Nissan, took third. Racin Gardner/Wade Conway were fourth, and Kim and Alex Mohr fifth. The early leader in Class 7S was Terry Brown / Bill O'Brien, Ford, just ahead of the Jerry Whel-chel /Dan Reynolds Toyota, David Lillie/Nick Frank and Willie_ Valdez(Rick Jo~nson, · West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PRICE $695.00 GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1002 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 12 both in Fords. Halfway, Valdez took the lead, with John Johnson in Chuck Johnson's Ford second, CLASS 1/2-UNLIMITED SINGLE & TWO.SEAT-JIM SMITH Jim Smith started the season right by winning the Parker 400 first in class and first overall in cars. Driving the Porsche powered two seat Chenowth he was fourth at the Nissan 400 third at the San Felipe 250, then sank to a 17th place finish at the Baja 500. Back on form he was second at the Fireworks 250, ninth at the Nevada 500, and back to fourth at the Gold Coast 300. Smith had a tight run for the title, just beating his Valley Performance Teammates Troy Herbst by six pomts and Ed & Tim Herbst by 14 points in this most competitive class on the desert. CLASS 1-2-1600 -1600 CC RESTRICTED ENGINE - TOM BURNS Tom Burns loves to race, starting the season at Parker with a third in the older Miraco, getting a new Mirage for the Nissan 400, and he won the big class there. A new boy in Mexico T_om manage<! seventh at the San Felipe 250 and _came back to win the Baja 500. He also won the long dusty Nevada 500 with brother Tim dnvmg relief, but Tom '!sually dnves a_lon_e. He finished the year with a new sponsor and a fifth place at the Baja 500. In between Tom ran the ent,re SNORE Sertes m the same car, and he won that series overall on points, and won the SCORE-HORA class by 19 points. February 1992 Dusty Times

Page 13

shocks, the others held position, finished second with only first and they all got that far. Plank gt:ar left in his Beetle. moved into the lead on lap 3 and SCORE's San Felipe 250 took drove alone to the checkered flag. the series points hunters to sunny Scott Steinberger, driving with a eastern Baja California in April broken exhaust, was second, and the course criss crossed itself Charlie T owpsley got in three laps as it had in 1990, making pit ---w- i'tn Jim Harns co-dnvmg for . access very easy. Pre-running was third place. open for a couple of weeks, and Thel65-1600shadacloserun 172 entries in 14 car classes in the early going. Tim Lawrence started, down some from the 220 led the first lap over Jack Ramsey starters in 1990, but still healthy in Rich Fersch's Bug. Steve and for this race. The bikes and ATVs Joe Grier, Dave Anckner/John left at dawn and the cars followed Holmes, and Alan Cook followed around 8:30. all under a five minute blanket. The 28 Class l / 2 chargers were Halfway, Ramsay had about two led away by Danny Foddrill in minutes lead over Wayne Cook, Jerry Finney's Porsche Chaparral, . now at the helm, and Kreston with a ton ot heavy hitters to the Pons was next followed by rear. Foddrill held first on the Lawrence and Chris Klick/Gary road, Jack Johnson lost a piston Brennan from Idah0. Darryl early and Corky McMillin got lost Cook got the family Bug into the in the heavy dust. A good many lead followed by Pons on lap 3. had early troubles, and Foddrill Steve Lawrence took over from was still in front at the halfway his son and ran third ahead of point. Meanwhile there were Rich Fersch and Robert Knight/ more mechanical' failures, Rod Greg Krogh. Wayne got back in Gardner's Chenowth caught fire. the Cook Bug for the final lap and Foddrill lost his transmission on drove in a winner amid great the dry lake, leaving the battle to celebration. Less than two Walker Evans, Jimmy Smith and minutes back Kreston Pons/Dar-Glenn Harris in Porsche Chen-ren Hardesty claimed second. owths, and Eric Arras was With no lights the Lawrences catching up in Frank Snook's were third, lighted home by Rich Raceco and so was Corky Fersch who stayed just behind McMillin. Walker Evans was the them. Then Klick and Brennan · first one to finish in his Class 1 celebrated a finish in fifth spot. Dodge, the winner and third Class9started20carsandafter overall.. Snook/ Arras were one lap Joel Stankavich led by second, Jimmy Smith third, three seconds over Ray Miller. followed by Glenn Harris/ Bren-Three minutes later it was Roy clan Gaughan and Corky McMil-Prince /Josh Rider, then came !in/ Brian Ewalt. Only 11 1 / 2 cars Mike Dixon and Bruce Man-finished the race. gold/Tim Gavett. Miller led The 12 Class8 trucks lost some midway with Dixon's co-driver favorites early, but there was an To·m Mattingly just astern, epic ·battle between Larry followed by Prince, Stankavich Ragland, Chevy, and Rob and Pancho Bio. Russ Miller took MacCachre n , Ford. Having over on lap 3 ahead of Mattingly trouble, Dave Shoppe /Frank in-for Stankavich, Mike Currier Vessels ran third while Dave and Prince/Rider. Miller had Westhem/Randy Salmont had trouble on the last lap and was mechanical and other troubles as fourth at the flag . Mike Dixon/ did David Bryan. Other than Tom Mattingly led to the finish, losing a shock and almost running followed in 15 m inutes by out of gas, Larry Ragland had no Stankavich /Currier. Roy and delays and stayed out front to not Wade Prince and Josh Rider were only win Class 8 and overall, but third, and Paul Huffman/Shane he beat the fastest bike time, a Reed were fifth. remarkable feat in a two ton Last away facing two rugged truck. Rob MacCachren, who laps, six started in Class 11 but also beat the bike time, was just only two finished.Travis Howard three minutes back, second in led the first lap, but didn't finish. class and overall. Well over an Saul Zambrano and Howard hour later Dave Shoppe/Frank Anderson ran second then, but · Vessels, Ford were third, then ended up winning the class. Two came Westhem/Salmont, GMC, hours back Martin Gariba and David Br an, Ford as on! .... ,1::-· ._, _ Al"' CLASS 3 -SHORT WHEELBASE 4X4 -CURT LEDUC Curt LeDuc won his first desert championship in the Mike Lesle team Jeep Cherokee, and Curt won five races en route to the points title, and finished all eight as well. Curt started with a third at the Parker 400, finished well but had a problem at the Nissan 400, then won the San Felipe 250, and was fourth in the Baja 500. LeDuc then went for gold and took four straight wins in the last four races, the Fireworks 250, the Nevada 500, the Gold Coast 300 and the Baja 1000. Curt also raced a few lesser known events during the season and also built some fine racing cars himself. He won the title by 25 points. CLASS 4 - LONG WHEELBASE 4X4 - DAVID ASHLEY Last year David Ashley won the Heavy Metal honors as well as Class 3, and moved to Class 4 with good success in 1991. Ashley had new truck troubles and didn't finish the first two races at Parker or Las Vegas. But it all got sorted out by the Enduro Racing team and Dave won the San Felipe 250 in the Ford. He took fourth at the Baja 500, then won three in a row, the Fireworks 250, the Nevada 500 and the Gold Coast 300. Dave dropped to second at the season ending Baja 1000, having a great year winning a title in a brand new truck. five finished. plus Tom Schilling in hot pursuit, The 16 Class 10 starters had a · as were a few others. DeNault still rough race. Doug Fortin had an led through the double pit but he enginefire,otherswentoutearly later broke a spark plug. and only five finished. Tom and Watkins/Sourapas had wiring Bob DeNault led the pack with burn up, and Schilling plowed Cr~igWatkinsandSteveSourapas into a tree, but they were still · ~""'-""'' · ,_ ·• dicing. Schilling won by under five minutes, eighth 0 / A in the Jimco/Toyota and OeNaults got the Mirage in second. About 17 minutes back Craig Watkins/ Steve Sourapas were third, 2.5 hours .ahead of John Kelly/Don Weiser who struggled all day and were only nine minutes ahead of fifth placing Javier Cevallos/ Vin-cente Serrano. entry of 24 and 20 finished. But most had troubles on course. Tom Burns soon lost a battery, but Willie Melancon, Mirage, had no trouble out front with no dust, followed closely by Larry Martin. Craig Deardorf, Cameron Steele, John Marking and more, and Burns caught up to the group. Melancon continued to run trouble free in his solo drive and didn't even have a flat on his way to victory. Mike McClune/Joe Valentine moved into second, seven minutes back at the flag; followed in just 21 seconds by John Marking/Scott Reams who ·had Cameron Steele a minute behind. Craig Deardorf was fifth, only another two minutes behind in a very tight race. CLASS 5 -UNLIMITED BAJA BUG -HARTMUT & WOLFRAM KLAWITTER Only eight started in C lass 5 and Scott Cameron/ Lisa Dicker-son had the new Bug in early lead, followed c_losely by Hartmut Klawitter. After an hour Doug Dawson/ Mark Bowman passed, then Greg Vaughan/ Val Dodd. Lisa took over driving midway in the race., Wolfram took over for Hartmut, and this was the race. Dickerson got to the finish first just 4.5 minutes ahead of the Klaw1tters, ninth 0 / A. Third, hours back, Mic h ael Jakob -sen/Ron Je r h kovak, Lazar o Cardenas/John Grimes were n·ext. Greg Vaughan / Val Dodd got fifth and final finish. Class 6 had seven starters but John Swift, Ford Explorer was the only finisher and the winner. Mike Lesle led to Borrego and beyond in his Jeep followed by Steve ·and-Bob Ball, GMC and Swift who had shock problems. Lesle was involved in a pit accident with Simon and Simon, which put his truck out, and Swift struggled on with his problems, . slow but moving fast enough to get the finish and the victory. Former points champions the Klawitter brothers did it again in 1991; they had bad luck at the last two races of the year, but they had already earned enough points to give them the title by a 28 point margin. They started with a victory at the Parker 400, and won again at the Nissan 400. They took second in class at both the San Felipe 250 and the Baja 500, and third at the Fireworks 250. Their last victory of the year was on the long haul Nevada 500. They drive one of the cleanest and best prepared Class 5 cars to ever tackle desert racing. Dusty Times February 1991 Class 1-2-1600 had a good O f the four starters in Class 3 all but Mike Lund, who blew an engine, tr Page 13

Page 14

i;r finished. Curt LeDuc had a flawless day, drove a sedate pace for him and his Jeep Cherokee won over Dan Smith's· Ford Bronco by 28 minutes. Dale White/Terry Wilde were third in a Chevy Blazer. Class 7 started six and half of them finished. Manny Esquerra had early e·ngine trouble with the Ford, Scott Douglas had carbure-tor woes and Roger Mears was welding brake calipers. Mears soon got the Nissan going, had no more problems and took the victory, 28 minutes ahead of Esquerra, and Scott Douglas was 20 minutes down in third in the Jeep. Only three showed in Class 7 4x4 and they all finished. Paul Simon got his Ford up front early, while Jerry McDonald's Chevy had overheating and other troubles. Darren York also had problems, Simon was involved in a pit accident, which cost a lot of time. The winner was the Ford of Darren and Doug York, 20 minutes ahead of Paul and Dave Simon, and· Jerry McDonald made it home 17 minutes later. The dozen Class 7S trucks ran hard. The early leader on the road was Terry Brown/ Bill O'Brien. Chuck Johnson/John Johnson and Willie Valdez, Fords, were charging as was Spencer Low, Nissan and Jerry Whelchel, Toyota. Spencer Low, in his old truck, led at mile 87, but soon lost the rear end. Jerry Whelchel had a good run· going with no down time with the Toyota. At the flag, Brown and O'Brien, Ford, got there first, but Whelchel came in close enough to beat them on time and take the win by 53 seconds. Johnson and Johnson were three minutes back in third followed in by Spencer Low, then Willie Valde.:. Down to four starters Class 4 had a 100 percent finish rate as all had troubles but kept moving. Steve Kelley, Chevy, had the early lead over David Ashley, Rod Hall was back a bit and so was Timmy Pruett. Kelley lost the lead with a long stop to weld things, over three hours. Dave Ashley had one stop for a battery, then got stuck, but he still finished first, followed in 25 minutes by Tim Pruett in another Ford, and still later ·by Rod Hall's Dodge and finally Steve Kelley. There were 19 5-1600s and 11 finished, but it was a two horse race early on. Darryl Cook and Tom Neth had a visual dice going, while others were moving well but had unscheduled stops. Wayne Cook took over the lead and gained a little ground on Neth, but Neth caught back up in truck traffic. The Cooks, Wayne, Alan and Darryl finished first on the road but Tom Neth edged them by two minutes for the victory. Rich Fersch was third, 18 minutes later, followed by Mario Jr. and Danny Ledezma, and Steve and Tim Lawrence, all in the same hour. The five Mini Mags saw early leader Frank Bristing lose his whole front suspension, while Larry Plank had a good day winning the class by over an hour. Running well, Scott Steinberger lost his motor. Frank and Steve Bristirig patched their way into a second place finish. Class 9 had 14 of the 1 7 starters finish, an exceptional effort, and most had suspension troubles. Midway Arturo and Armando Tiznado led, trailed closely by Rich Richardson /Doug Perrault, both in Jimcos. Kevin Conlin was looking good in an aged Sand-winder and the Ledezmas were back from down time with the front pack. Richardson and Perrault raced hard to win by just under two minutes over the Tiznados. Conlin was just another two minutes back in third, followed by Billy Kem/Pat Smith; ORBS and Joel Stankavich/Mike Currier, Raceco. before the race. There was the ceremonial start in Ensenada for the 188 cars, down from 220 in 1990, and then they rallied to Ojos Negros for the restart and the timed finish was there too. The weather was sunny and nice: There were many potential winners in the 30 car Class l / 2 field, several were out in the first miles. Nothing bothered Ivan Stewart's march back and forth across the peninsula a·s he led at every point we could see and won overall again in the Toyota by 23 minutes. Giving chase early were Danny Letner/Ron Brant, Jerry Penhall/Bud Feldkamp, Bob Gordon, John Thul/ Albert McMullin and more. Danny Letner and Ron, Brant got their Raceco Porsche in second in class and 0 / A and Frank Arciero Jr. drove Bob Gordon's Chen-owthlV6 Chevy in third by four minutes after a wheel exploded and took out the brakes. Bud Feldkamp got Penhall's Race-co/ Porsche in fourth, just four minutes ahead of John Thul's Chaparral/Toyota, and 18 finished in the class. In Class 8 Rob MacCachren led in his Ford, pushed hard by tarry Ragland, Chevy, Scott McMillin, Ford, and Brian Stewart, Dodge. Out of Mike's, Ra land missed a Seven started in Class 11 and· five finished. The three leaders all had some down time, but moving out quickly was Martin Gari-bay/ Erick Del Peral who won by ten minutes over Alfonso Lacarra/Jose Pimentel. Erny Martine.:/Roselio Rivera were another 23 minutes back followed "' in hours by James Pierce/ Bill •• Bryant and Saul Zambrano/How-ard Anderson. June means the SCORE Baja 500 and while most of the 490 mile route was familiar, there was turn, blocked the course and had to be helped back off the cliff by buggy teams waiting to get past. This· act put Rob MacCachren back in the lead, with Stewart, Ragland and Dave Wes them/ Randy Salmont, GMC running close. Then Rob had bad brake . trouble, Ragland got the lead back and won Class 8 eight minutes ahead of Scott McMillin/Ron Stacy. MacCachren took third followed by Dave Westhem/ Randy Salmont and Robin Tulleners/Mark Cochran, Ford. The 19 Class 10 cars ran in a tight group early in the race led by Doug Fortin Jr. Soon damage reports were heard, Fortin held his lead midway, now challenged by Greg Hibbs/ Dave Richardson, Jimco and John Marking/Tom Schilling. Fortin had no trouble with his Chenowth, and ran to victory and eighth 0 / A. In Hibbs car Richardson finished on a flat because he had no spare but got second 42 minutes later, just two minutes up on John Kelley /Don Weiser, Raceco. Dan Blain and Lou Peralta were fourth, followed in by Jim Pierce and Jim Kirk, Raceco. With four rigs in Class 4 they all finished. Steve Kelley led in the morning over Rod Hall, Dodge. Tim Pruett and Dave Ashley ... . collided early in the race and both Fords were stuck in the silt. Kelley led until. he lost the transfer case and had a long stop. Hall kept· going, had gear trouble, but won by a half hour over Steve Kelley, Chevy. Tim Pruett/Jerry Bundy were a long third, followed by David Ashley. Among the nine Class 5 Bugs, Hartmut Klawitter took the early lead but Val Dodd was chasing hard, as were Lisa Dicker-son/Scott Cameron. Klawitter got stuck in a ditch, and Dodd and co-driver Greg Vaughan got the lead. Dickerson eventually lost her clutch and was out, as were four others. Dodd/Vaughan got the win by 14 minutes over Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter. Carlos Vela got things fixed and took third while Bill Hern-quist/ Michael Lund were three hours back in fourth. 24 started in Class 1-2-1600, 17 finished the tough course. Early, Tom Burns just led Rodrigo Ampudia, Jamie Wells/ Chris Tool, Gary Sewell/Dan Keller, Craig Stewart, Mirage and Bob Neth. Bums held his lead, Sewell/ Keller moved to second and several others were close while Ampudia had steering trouble. Tom Burns drove on trouble free in the Mirage to win a new road cut beyond Ojos Negros which was really not open for pre-running until the day CLASS 5-1600-1600 CC BAJA BUG - WAYNE, ALAN AND DARRYL COOK THE "ACCURATE" TUBING NOTCHER The three Cook brothers share the driving equally on most events in their tidy Baja Bug, and they maintain it themselves with help from friends. Th~ Cooks started with a second place at the Parker 400, moved up to win the big Nissan 400. were back to se_cond at the San Felipe 250, but won again at the Baja 500. They wertrsecond at the Fireworks 250, but came back to win the long Nevada 500,. and the double points. In contention for the overall points championship after their victory at the Gold Coast 300, the Cook brothers failed to finish, going out just a few miles from the finish of the Baja 1000. They won class honors by over 50 points. 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Swift was second at the Nissan 400, back to first at both the San Felipe 250 and the Ba1a 500. John was second at the Fireworks 250 and third atthe Nevada 500, but he finished the series with a llourish in winning the Gold Coast 300 and the Baja 1000. It is rare for a new vehicle to be so successful fresh out of the box. but the Swift Motorspo~ts Fo'd Explorer never finished worse than third in Class 6 and finished all eight races February 1992 Dusty Times

Page 15

( Herbsts. Evans turned fast lap for the race on lap 3, followed by Mike and Morley Williams, Troy Herbst then Jim Smith. Walker cruised on to win the class and overall by 26 minutes. Jim Smith . was second 0 / A followed in 11 seconds by Troy Herbst. Aaron Hawley was fourth, followed in by Jim and Jason Baldwin, all driving Chenowth Porsches. With just nine on the line Class 8 had another Dodge out front as Brian Stewart led lap 1 by seconds .,, over Larry Ragland, Chevy, who had Michael Schuringa, Ford, a few minutes back. Stewart turned class fast lap and led midway with Ragland just 17 seconds astern. Dave Westhem/Randy Salmont on lap 3 and Fortin now led over Leighton, who didn't-finish lap 4. Ward held third over Mike Zupanovich and Rick Romans. Fortin kept the gas on and won Class 10 by about seven minutes . J.D. Ward had more trouble but held onto second, three minutes ahead of Rick Romans. Mike and Jim Zupanovich got fourth, Tom Schilling/John Marking fifth. CLASS 7 - UNLIMITED MINI-MIDI PICKUP - ROGER MEARS were third and Schuringa fourth with Dave Bryan fifth. The order remained the same on lap 3 except Brant Shoppe was fourth now and Ragland had trouble. Brian Stewart won Class 8 at fourth 0 1 A . The Westhem/Salmont GMC were second a half hour back, followed by Ragland, then a crumpled bodied Shoppe and Dave Bryan, both in Fords. Down to eight starters, Class 5 had Lyn Mocaby and Dave Bonner set fast class lap on the first for the lead. Neal Grabowski ran second, followed by Doug Dawson/Mark Bowman, George Seeley and Lisa Dickerson who had electrical trouble. Grabowski took over the lead midway. On a flat Mocaby held second, LeRoy Van Kirk, third, Dickerson and Seeley followed. Mike Grabowski took the· helm on lap 3, Scott Cameron moved Dickerson's car to second, Van Kirk and Rowland were well back with the Klawitters and Seeley. Grabowski's new car failed on the last lap and Scott Cameron drove Lisa Dickerson's car to victory despite some last lap gymnastics. Grabowskis salvaged second, Klawitters third, Seeley fourth and Mocaby/Bonner were the fifth and final finisher. Roger Mears had a slow start and a dnf at the Parker 400, but he took third at the Nissan 400 in his Nissan Hardbody. Mears got on form in the spring and won the San Felipe 250, the Baja 500, the Fireworks 250 and the Nevada 500. Roger took third at the Gold Coast 300, his worst finish all year, and finished his Nissan desert program with a victory at the Baja 1000. Roger won the points title by 14 points. by 18 minutes, ninth 0 / A. Cameron Steele/ Dave Hendrick-son, Raceco, finished second, followed in 12 minutes by Jim Fishback Sr./ Sam Castro whose Neth was just two minutes up on Mike McClune/Joe Valentine, who had ten minutes on Gary Sewell/Dan Keller. Only three of the eight Class 6 starters finished, and the-race was between John Swift and Danny Ashcraft, both in Ford Explorers, nine seconds apart at El Alamo, followed by Mike Lesle and Arne and Patrik Gunnarsson in a Saab 96. Later Swift held a four minute lead on Ashcraft, and Don Adams had moved into fourth. Then Ashcraft led briefly, but John Swift won the race seven minutes ahead of Danny Ashcraft. Mike Lesle was third, his Jeep Cherokee the final finisher. Dan Smith led the four Class 3 rigs from flag to flag, having a perfect day in the Ford Bronco. Curt LeDuc ran second early on, but later Dale White had his Chevy Bla:er in second, and that is where he finished over an hour behind the Bronco. Mike Lund put Roger Mears Jr. in the Nissan after a bi:arre accident, and it placed third while LeDuc had various woes with his Jeep Cherokee but did finish fourth. All five Class 7 starters ran well with Roger Mears leading Scott Douglas and Manny Esquerra in the first legs. Mears increased his lead, led all the way and won in the Nissan by 23 minutes over Manny Esquerra, Ford. Douglas ran well in the older Jeep and took third and Racin Gardner/Wade Conway were hours back, but fourth in the Ford. Early leaders in Class 7 4x4, Jerry McDonald/Jeff Lewis had brake trouble, but all four starters had down time for a variety of woes. At the checkered it was Jerry McDonald and Jeff Lewis winning in the Chevy S-10, followed in 27 minutes by Darren and Doug York, Ford. Paul and Dave Simon were the third and final finishers in their Ford. The 12 starters in Class 7S had a good race. Jerry Wheichel was the first leader, followed by Spencer Low, Willie Valde:, ChuckJohnson/JohnJohnson, Terry Brown/Bill Q'Brien. Spencer Low, with a ne'w V6 in the Nissan led next butthe others were still close, an1d later Whelchel's Toyota vanished. Dusty Times Spencer Low took the win, followed in: ten minutes by Willie Valdez/ Gil Divine, Chuck and John Johnson, Terry Brown/ Bill O'Brien, all in Fords. Malcolm Vinje drove the whole distance, fixed alternators and was fifth in a Toyota. Wayne, Alan and Darryl Cook were early leaders in the 20 Bug 5-1600 field, but there were half a dozen tough teams close behind them, many suffering damage as the day went on. But the Cooks hffd only a broken shock and a wobbly rear wheel to slow them on the way t<;> the victory. Mario and Oscar Ledezma were second 25 minutes back. Ron Keizer / Randy Himer /Scott Heron were a long third, and less than a minute ahead of Mike Kalicki/Gary Hoagley who had just three minutes on Chuck Guy/Gary Cogbill. This class provides real tight racing! Five Mini Mags started and three finished and Larry Plank had the lead at Highway 1, followed by Scott Steinberg-er /Rory Chenowth and Steve and Frank Bristing. With many miles to go they finished.tin that order with Pla.nks an hour up on Steinberger /Chenowth, who had nearly three hours on the Bristings as three of the turnkey cars finished. Hector and Danny Lede:ma had the early Class 9 lead, followed by Rich Richard-son/Doug Perrault and several more were close in the 23 car class. Many had trouble including the leaders. At our next spot, Richardson's car led, followed by Pancho Bio/ Sergio Gutierre: and Alex and Jose Melero. Then the leader had down time, and Bio/Gutierre: got ahead and took the win by over eight minutes. Richardson/Perrault ·got second. in the Jimco a half hour ahead of George Erl/Gary Colbert, T-Mag. The Ledezmas were next followed by Ray and Russ Miller. The nine Class 11 Beetles ran a shorter race, but the nasty course saw only three finish. Winner Martin Garibay had almost no problems, was the first finisher, half an hour ahead of Ivan Stewart. Hector Sarabia Jr, his father and family were a couple hours back in second, and James Pierce and Dan Gaynor pushed the time allowance for third. HORA 's Fireworks 250 started 162 cars for four laps of a 61 mile course on tam1tiar tralls with a return to_ the one day schedule for the July twinight event. As always Class 1 / 2 led the field and Walker Evans took the lead in the Dodge truck, with both Eric Arras/Frank Snook and Ed and Tim Herbst less than ·two minutes back. Evans led all four laps, but only by seconds midway as Brian Collins/ Pat Dean were just 33 seconds back followed in seconds by Matt McBride, then the Class 10 was the biggest with27 cars at Barstow. Local driver J.D. Ward led lap 1 by ten seconds over Jerry Leighton, and three others were in the same minute! Ward nailed class fast lap and led midway by two minutes over Leighton. Doug Fortin Jr. was close in third, with the Jimcos of Tom Schilling and Steve Sourapas close. Ward had many problems In Class 7 Roger Mears led lap 1 and his Nissan led all the way to victory, fifth O / A . Manny Esquerra ran second, Scott Douglas, third and fourth was Wayne Waters at half distance. Esquerra 's [!;II"' · When Peter Piper Picked A Parker Pumper Helmet, How Many Drivers Wanted The Helmet That Peter Piper Picked? Helmet includes Nomex Skirt • More Nose Room • Lighter • Seals Better Against Dust• 30% More Vision• Also Available - Full Line of Simpson Products • Bell Helmets • Glass Shields • Drinkers • Kool Pac's • Pumper Motors • 4'-8' Hoses • 1985 Snell Approved Helmets We Also Convert Helmets! We Ship UPS Fax (714) 923-3118 Parker Pumper Helmets 2318 S. Vineyard, Ste B Ontario, Calif. 91761• Phone (714) 923-7016 February 1992 VISA • Page 15

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CLASS 7 4X4 - STOCK 4WD"MINI-MIDI PICKUP - PAUL SIMON Paul and David Simon scored their fourth consecutive victory on points in mini truck action in the SCORE-HORA series. They won 7 4x4 honors last year as well, and shared the driving in their Ford Ranger prepped in their own shop. The brothers started out with a string of seconds at the Parker 400, the Nissan 400 and the San Felipe 250. They dropped to third at the Baja 500, their worst class finish of the year. The Simons got in gear for the second half winning the Fireworks 250, the Nevada 500, the Gold Coast 300 and the Baja 1000. They had a close battle in the small class for the title, taking the honor by just eight points. (;Ir _ Ford expired on lap 3, putting Scott Douglas, Jeep Coma·nche into a long second, even after a trans swap on the last lap. Russ Jones got his crippled Ford in third, followed by Waters, then Racin Gardner, all in Fords. · Just 22 cars started in Class 1-2-1600. Mike McClune led by one second over Willie Melancon on lap 1 with Ga·ry Sewell/Dar . Keller 15 seconds back and Scot1 Webster in seven seconds. Fifd. running Terry Jeffers was still in the same minute. Whew! McClune got class fast lap next round and had 57 seconds lead on Webster, 21 seconds ahead of Sewell, while Melancon was in the next minute followed by Larry Martin. On lap 3 Cameron Steele took the lead from McClune by 21 seconds, Brian Parkhouse was third, Webster's co-driver Coy Brigman was fourth and Martin held fifth. Cameron Steele, Raceco took the win, his first in this class, seven minutes up on Parkhouse and Dave Massingham, Mirage.· McClune broke on the last lap and Melancon had endoed earlier. Webster/Brigman were third, Martin was fourth, and Robby Gordon-drove Mark Manley's sick engined Chenowth home fifth. Mike Lund led Dan Smith by four minutes on lap 1 in Class 3, Curt LeDuc was close and Dale White's Chevy was fourth. Lund led the five rig class midway, LeDuc was second under a minute back followed by Smith and White. Lund led into lap 3 but a disastrous flat let-both LeDuc and Smith past, LeDuc setting class fast lap as well. Curt LeDuc kept the power on the Jeep Comanche and won Class 3, eighth 0 1 A. Dan Smith was 23 minutes back in the Ford Bronco, followed by . Mike Lund, Nissan and an hour later Dale White and Gene Perry were fourth. In Class 6 Evan Evans led with BLOW - OUT SUMMER SPECIAL CENTERLINE WHEEL PACKAGE 2 EA 15X6 REARS (OFFSET OR STD) 2 EA 1 ~X3 FRONTS (BUBBLE OR STD) 2 EA YOKOHAMA SUPER DIGGER Ill 33-10.50 2 EA YOKOHAMA 700-15 $ 799_95 2 EA FRONT TUBES 2 EA REAR TUBES We'll match any Centerline advertised price Come see us during upcoming Las Vegas races OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK MON - FRI 8am to 6pm SAT 9am to 5 pm ALSO; .Compare Our Prices On; 930 c.v.'s Cibie Lights SAW Products Simpson Tri-Mil Wright Place ~0 ·';:...,§> ~ ~ class fast lap in a Blazer, and Mike Lesle and John Swift followed. Halfway Evans had problems, Mike Lesle put his Jeep in the lead with Swift pitting the Ford every lap but in second and that is the way they finished. Evan Evans was third on time but DQ'd, moving Leo Brown and Bob Ball's Jimmy to third spot. Only three Class 4 rigs finished the first lap led by Dave Ashley. Rod Hall and Steve Kelley followed along. Ashley's Ford set class fast lap on lap 4 and finished . for the win 43 minutes ahead of Rod and Chad Hall, Dodge. Steve Kelley, Chevy, was a distant third. Class 7 4x4 hit an all time low with three starters. Dave and Paul Simon had their problems in practice, and their Ford ran fine as they led from flag to flag for the win. Jerry McDonald and Jeff Lewis stayed close early on, but finished an hour later in the Chevy S-10. Class 7S fielded nine trucks. Terry Brown set fast lap on the first in his Ford, only 12 seconds up on Billy Bunch. Spencer Low was third, then Malcolm Vinje, and Gabriel and Joseph Naranjo fifth. Bunch took the lead from Brown on lap 2, Vinje's co-driver Mark Hansen was third, Low fourth with troubles and Naranjo fifth. John Kearney took over frorp Bunch holding the lead over Hansen and Bill O'Brien on lap 3. Low, tired from on course repairs, handed over toJohn Ray, who held fourth over the Naranjos. Billy Bunch/John Kea-rney, Ford, won, Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen, Toyota were second, Brown/O'Brien, Ford, third, Low and Ray fourth in the Nissan and the Naranjos' Ford fifth. Three of the seven Mini Mags finished. Charlie Townsley had class fast lap on the first, three minutes up on Scott Steinberger and then Frank and Steve Bristing. Townsley broke, Larry Plank led midway over Stein-berger, and led through lap 3. Townsley and co-driver Jim Harris got fixed and were now second. At the finish Larry Plank , made it four wins in a row, 43 minutes ahead of Charlie Towns-ley/Jim Harris. In 15 minutes Steinberger soloed fo third, and was the last class finisher. In Class 5-1600 Tom Neth set quick_ class time to lead the first lap by two minutes over Mike Kalicki and Gary Hougley, followed by Joe Grier who had the Cook brothers two seconds behind him. Kalicki got the lead midway as Neth stopped to fix his seat belt. Cook was third, followed by Grier, then Allen Bowen/Rick Pew. On lap 3 ·wayne Cook took over the lead from Neth, Steve Grier was now third, and Dave and BHI Gasper fourth. Cook ran out of gas on the last lap and a tired Tom Neth, who soloed the race, won the 14 car class. The Cook brothers were second, Joe and Steve Grier, third. Vince Alcouloumre and Mike Molina were fourth fol-. lowed by David and Bill Gasper. Class 9 also held 14 cars, and it was young Tony Cassetta in a mid-engined Sandwinder who got class fast lap and the first lap lead by three minutes over Rich Richardson and others were very close. Midway Richardson led, followed by Pancho Bio/ Sergio Gutierrez, George Erl and Gary Colbert and Cassetta, who didn't go much farther. Doug Perrault took over the leading car, had mechanical troubles but held the lead by 12 minutes over Colbert on lap 3. The two leader;, were both patching things by the side of the road on the final lap, and Sergio Gutierrez went by to win Class 9 in Pancho Bio's car, their first HORA victory. Joel Stanka-vich /Mike Currier were 11 minutes back for second, followed in 15 minutes by Richard-son/ Perrault,· 14 minutes up on Erl /Colbert tied with Robert McDonald on time for fourth place. Five appeared in Class 11 required to cover three laps and four did the job. Martin Garibay got class fast lap on the first, held the early lead over Alfonso Lacarra, followed by Travis and Earle Howard who live nearby but had been lost. Garibay led through lap 2 ahead of Lacarra and the Howards. Jim Pierce and Dan Gaynor moved to fourth. Garibay had alternator trouble on the last lap and Travis Howard ran his best lap for the win. Garibay was second, with Lacarra and Jose Pimental third, four minutes later while Pierce and Gaynor beat the 11 hour time allowance to finish 22 minutes shy of the cut-off time. The HDRA Nevada 500 .covered roughly the same trails as in 1990 with the start out in•the desert and the finish in Pahrump. The entry dropped again from 1990 159 to 111 starting cars for the hot weather point to point race in August. Still, 21 took the green in Class l / 2 but most of the fancy trucks didn't get very far at all. Walker Evans in his Dodge and Ivan Stewart, Toyota, put on an epic battle for 90 percent of the 514 mile course, running nose to tail most of the way. Staying close were Glenn Harris, Stuart Chase, Tim and Ed Herbst, Troy Herbst and more in open wheelers. At the northern top of the course the two leaders were still in close contact although Evans led most of the time and had the clean air. Both Herbst cars were in the hunt, as were the Martin Brothers, Chase and Bob Richey. Just 63 miles from pay dirt Walker parked with a broken transmis-sion. Ivan Stewart· sailed into Pahrump in the Toyota repeating his 1990 overall victory, but it was close as he was only 21 seconds up on Class 8 winner Larry Ragland. Arriving almost together Troy Herbst was second in class in the single seater, his brothers Ed and Tim were third in a two seater and both are Chenowth Porsches. Frank Snook/ Eric Arras s"urvived to put the VW Raceco home fourth followed by the Raceco/ Porsche of Stuart Chase/Scott Urquhart. Danny Lerner's new Chevy truck Call Now - Mention This Ad 3054 S VALLEY VIEW LAS VEGAS NV 89102 -~°-' -~~--CLASS 9 - RESTRICTED BUGGY -RICH RICHARDSON -e:i~ 702-871-4911 702-871-5604 Page 16 Rich Richardson and long time co-driver Doug Perrault were three-peat champions in Challenger class, as they won the title in 1989 and 1990 as well as 1991. They do their own prep on the tidy Jimco, and they started with a second place at the Parker 400, but the only race they failed to finish was the Nissan 400. They won the San Felipe 250, took second at the Baja 500 and third at the Fireworks 250. They made a late season charge to the championship and won the Nevada 500, the Gold Coast 300 and the Baja 1000. They secured their third consecutive title by just 19 points. February 1992 Dusty Times

Page 17

was sixth. Class 8 started ten trucks, and Larry Ragland had his Chevy out front all the way, ninth on the road at Beatty. Rob MacCachren, Ford, and Brian Stewart, Dodge, followed as did Randy Salmont/ Dave W esthem. The pace contin-ued on the northern loop, but heading back MacCachren had to change a trans and Brian Stewart had a disastrous flat, the tire wrapped around the brake. Ragland made a charge to get the overall, just missed it but won Class 8, second 01 A by 21 seconds and finished on shredded tires from the effort. Brian Stewart was second in class, third 01 A 25 minutes back followed later by Rob MacCachren in · third, then much later by David Bryan, Ford and Harvey Risien. The dozen Class 1 Os had troubles all the way, but Doug Fortin Jr. lived with brake woes, building a good lead over Tom and Bob DeNault, Bill Poe and Rick Romans by the northern loop. Fortin had throttle spring trouble too, and most of this class got caught in the rain, running in two feet of water on the last leg. Fortin carried on solo to win Class 10 in the Chenowth by 50 minutes over Tom and Bob DeNault. Bill Poe drove all the way to third place, followed much later by Rick Romans/Barry Cavanagh and Jim McKenzie/ Timothy McNulty. · Class 5 had eight start, and four got all the way around. Hartmut Klawitter had the early lead over LeRoy VanKirk but several had long early pit stops. Klawitter gave the car to brother Wolfram in the lead, their only problem a leaky trans. George Seeley, now second, kept adding engine oil, and some had to run through flash floods. The Klawitters won the race by only two minutes over George Seeley IT y Goode, over an hour ahead of Greg Vaughan/ Val Dodd who had two hours on Lisa Dickerson/Scott Cameron who had a laundry list of problems. Manny Esquerra led the five Class 7 trucks in his Ford, up with Class 5 as early as Beatty. Roger Mears' Nissan had some wheel problem but solved it, and gave chase. Scott Douglas ran third in the Jeep. Russ Jones was next making extra pit stops. Eventually Esquerra lost the motor, and Mears charged into the lead which he kept to the checkered flag. Douglas lost a trans, and already late, Jones had more problems with his Ford. Mears ran through deep water to make the finish line, but was over two hours ahead of second place Scott Douglas, who had four hours on Russ Jones, the last vehicle in. Only eight showed in Class 1-2-1600 but seven finished. Tom Burns led on time at Beatty, behind Cameron Steele and Craig Deardorf on the road. Burns had throttle linkage problems for down time, Deardorf lost his exhaust, Steele had alternator problems, and Craig Stewart took over driving for Mark Manly. Heading home Burns had a flat . changed for him by the RCR pit and he caught Deardorf in the floods and passed him in the water. Brian Parkhouse handed over to Dave Massingham, a flat their only problem other than the water that caught the entire class. Tom Burns won another 1-2-1600 title in a hard solo drive with Dusty Times Craig Stewart, Ivan's youngest, a11d Mark Manley only a minute back in the race to Pahrump. Brian Parkhouse and Dave Massingham were third, five minutes later, followed in 18 minutes by Craig Deardorf / Elias Marana who had Danny Port-er I M ark Ruddis only eight minutes behind them. Six showed in Class 4 and they all finished! Dave Ashley led in his Ford all the way winning by 24 minutes, tenth 0 1 A. Mike Schwellinger and Bill Hol.mes had their Ford in second, having a good dice with Steve Kelley, Chevy, and finished second. After various stops Kelley was third, followed in by Pat Shea/Matt Pike, Dodge. Rod Hall said he couldn't keep up in his old Dodge but finished fifth an hour later. Curt LeDuc had a perfect day in his Class 3 Jeep Cherokee and had some close racing with Dan Smith, Ford Bronco, and Mike Lund, Nissan Pathfinder. Dale White tore the Chevy's front end up early and ran late all the way. LeDuc stayed in his car all day and won Class 3 by 39 minutes. Mike Lund had been close midway, and finished second, and Dan Smith had rear end woes late in the race and was fourth, an hour back and Dale White/Gene Perry made it a 100 percent finish ratio. Five started and finished in Class 6 with Evan Evans taking an early lead, but he then had problems, as did John Swift. Mike Lesle then led, but had to add water often, figuring he had a blown head gasket in the Jeep Cherokee. They all had consider-able down time, but all kept moving. Lesle and Danny Ashcraft had a visual race on the last leg, but Lesle took the victory with Ashcraft 11 minutes behind followed by Swift, both in Fords. Don Adams/ Larry Olsen were a long fourth in their Jeep, and Evans' Blazer was more hours behind. Class 7 4x4 started and finished the same three rigs. Paul and Dave Simon survived brake and steering problems to keep their Ford out front all the way. Jerry McDonald had longer stops and was second in the Chevy S-10 an hour back, and Darren and Doug York were third. Among the six 7S trucks the early dice was between Jerry Whelchel and Spencer Low. Later, Low with no problems with the Nissan took a clear lead with ChuckJohnsonandJohnJohnson chasing in the Ford. Low didn't even turn on his lights en route to victory winning by 14 minutes over Johnson and Johnson. Terry Brown/ Bill O'Brien got their Ford in third, ahead of Jerry Whelchel/Dan Reyn,olds, Toy-ota, who were ahead of Willie Valdez/Gil Divine, Ford and Malcolm Vinje's Toyota. Larry Plank led the three Mini Mags through Check 7, but at the finish line Scott Steinberger and Rory Chenowth won the class by 15 minutes. The Larr:y Planks were second, the last class finisher. There were nine in Class 5-1600 and seven finished. The Cook brothers led at Beatty with a pack close behind; they led up north chased by Robert Knight and Greg Krogh. Ryan Harbottle lost his brakes, rolled and carried on. They all had troubles heading south, but Wayne, Darryl and Alan Cook won the race by 20 minutes over Robert Knight/ Greg Krogh. Idaho's i;s-: HORA/SCORE America's Foremost Off-Road Racing Series 1991 FINAL SERIES POINT STANDINGS (List includes all racers who qualified for the 4. Joseph Grier point titles under the rules of the HORA/ 5. Steve Lawrence SCORE Desert Series. Total Racers - 621. Total Qualifiers - 106. DRIVERS POINTS Class 6 (16 Racers) 1. John Swift FOUR-WHEEL VEHICLES 2. Mike Lesle Class 1/2 (72 Racers) 3. Danny Ashcraft 1. Jim Smith 212 4. Don Adams 2. Troy Herbst 206 5. Evan Evans 3. Ed Herbst 198 4. Frank Snook 193 5. Walker Evans 180 Class 7 (13 Racers) 6. Stuart Chase 163 1. Roger Mears 2. Manny Esquerra 7. Danny Letner 161 3. Scott Douglas 8. Bob Richey 142 4. Racin Gardner 9. John J Thul 137 10. Glenn W Harris 110 Class 7S (18 Racers) 11. Jack Johnson 96 1. ChuckJohnson 2. Spencer Low Class-1/2-1600 (70 Racers) 3. Willie Valdez 1. Tom Bums 224 4. C. Terry Brown 2. Cameron Steele 195 5. Billy Bunch 3. Brian Parkhouse 181 6. Malcolm Vinje 4. Mike McClune 175 7. Jerry Whelchel 5. Gary M Sewell,Jr. 157 6. Danny Porter 152 Class 7-4x4 (9 Racers) 7. Craig J Deardorff 115 1. Paul Simon Class 3 (13 Racers) 2. Jerry McDonald 3. Darren York 1. Curt LeDuc 159 2. MikeLund 135 3. DanSmith 131 Class 8 (24 Racers) 1. Larry Ragland 4. Dale White 117 2. Brian Stewart Class 4 (10 Racers) 3. David Bryan 4. David A Westhem 1. David Ashley 153 5. Rob MacCachren 2. Steve Kelley 134 6. Robin Tulleners 3. Rod Hall 118 4. Timmy L Pruett 99 Class 9 (51 Racers) 1. Rich Richardson Class 5 (23 Racers) 2. Pancho Bio 1. Hartmut Klawitter 163 3. Roy Prince 2. Lisa Dickerson 135 4. Patrick Henesey 3. George Seeley,Jr. 116 4. Lyn Mocaby 64 Class 10 (61 Racers) 5. Doug Dawson 52 1. Doug Fortin,Jr. 2. Tom DeNault Class 5-1600 (47 Racers) 3. Jim Pierce 1. Wayne Cook-207 4. John Kelly 2. Rich Fersch 155 5. Rick Romans · 3. Vince Alcouloumre 120 6. MarkFry February 1991 112 96 Class 11 (17 Racers) 1. Martin Garibay 2. James L Pierce 172 Class Mini-Mag (10 Racers) 159 1. Scott Steinberger 115 2. Larry A Plank 80 57 3. Frank Bristing MOTORCYCLES Class 20 (9 Racers) 164 1. Craig Smith 150 124 2. John Braasch, Jr. 88 Class 21 (41 Racers) 1. Scott Morris 2. Johnny Campbell 177 3. Darren Sanford 156 4. Robert Smith 143 5. Arturo Lizarraga 139 6. Troy Pearce 120 7. Beto Verber 119 Class 22 (37 Racers) 109 1. Larry Roeseler 2. Garth Sweetland 3. Danny Hamel 152 4. David Konarska 144 Class 30 (28 Racers) 99 1. David W Rees 2. David Callaway 3. Richard Salter 199 4. Kenny Parry 158 Class 40 (14 Racers) 125 1. Richard Jackson 123 2. Mike Harper 118 3. Chris Haines 80 4. Rick Shirey Class 50 (7 Racers) 1. Al Guzman 214 195 ATV's 173 Class 24 (22 Racers) 83 1. GregRow 2. DerekNye 3. Jeff Courts 249 4. Mitch Tevlin 149 5. Rob Parsons 137 Class 25 (9 Racers) 136 1. Mike McGee 134 2. MikeRoll 98 3. Dean Sundahl 135 73 147 146 87 94 80 135 112 111 55 47 38 28 135 133 103 69 122 98 82 53 93 92 75 61 65 116 86 80 64 43 91 85 62 Page 17

Page 18

DP Chris Klick and Gary Brennan took third 28 minutes later, happy to finish well. Ryan Harbottle and first time driver Jim McGill were fourth, just nine more minutes down followed in by Rich Fersch · and Allen Bowen, 25 minutes later. have been declared the points winner. None of the Sportsman entries in two classes finished either. Only seven Class 9 cars started the long tough route and five finished, quite a feat. It was soon a three·way dice between the Rich Richardson /Doug Perrault Jimco, Pancho Bio and Roy Prince/Josh Rider, who holed the oil filter and stopped often for more oil. Richardson and Perrault had a great day in the heat with not even a flat, taking the win by 50 minutes. Going solo, Pancho Bio arrived second, merely 35 seconds up on Roy Prince/Josh Rider in a tight duel. Patrick and Helen Henesey were an hour back followed by Joel Stankavich and Mike Currier who had to stop and change a transmission in the afternoon. The HORA Gold Coast 300 south of Las Vegas continued the downward trend in entry, just 130 compared to 206 in 1990, mostly points hunters. It was familiar ground for the three 71 miles laps out of Jean, and Class 1 / 2 started 25 cars. This day Jack Johnson's Jeep Cherokee had no problems at all, he started first and Jack led the herd through dust, silt and rocks to win overall by 25 minutes. (After one lap Ed Herbst and Brian Collins were virtually tied on time for second in class, followed by Walker Evans, Dodge, and Gary Hymes. On the next lap Herbst was just three minutes back, Hymes followed, as did Troy Herbst and Bob Richey, as Collins lost a trans. Ed Herbst changed a cv on the last lap but held second in class, 26 minutes behind Johnson, third 0 / A, followed in·three minutes by Gary Hymes, then in three more minutes by Jim Smith, and Troy Herbst was fifth, all four using Porsche power, for fourth, fifth and eighth overall. CLASS 11 -STOCK VOLKSWAGEN TYPE I SEDAN -MARTIN GARIBAY Class 11 ran a shorter route, but with a much shorter time allowance so neither of the two starters finished. Martin Garibay had the lead way up north, so may TIRE - WHEEL PACKAGES Armstrong - Centerline - Yokohama 2 700 X 15 Hiway or Traction 2 33 X 1050 X 15 or 11 X 15 2 15 X 4 Centerline 2 15 X 6 Centerline 4 Heavy Duty Race Tubes $839.95 Includes mounting CHALLENGER TIRE - WHEEL PACKAGES 2 700 X 15 Hiway or Traction 2 33 X 1050 X 15 4 Heavy Duty Race Tubes 4 15 X 5 STD and REV Custom/Commercial 30 X 9.50 X 15 Radial Armstrong Available ARMSTROl_\l~ Yokohama $524.95 Includes mounting 700 X 15 Hlway 700 X 15 Traction 1100 X 15 Desert Dog 30 X 950 X 15 Radial NORSEMAN $74.00 $74.00 $93.00 $103.00 >Y'rOKOHAMA G 78 - 15 H 78 - 15 L 78 - 15 Call For Prices 700 X 15 Hlway 700 X 15 Traction 750 X 16 Traction 33 X 1050 X 15 Ill 35 X 1150 X 16 Ill 4.755 4.720 4.720 4.829 4.829 $74.00 $74.00 $81.00 $93.00 $120.00 -\P ~ 15 X 3 1/2 Bubble $126.00 lier a.tom a COIIUnel'Clal ...... 15 X 4 $130.00 15 X 5 , $134.00 15 X 6 $136.00 15 X 7 $137.00 15 X 8 . $140.00 16 X 4 $138.00 16 X 6 $150.00 15 X 5 15 X 6 15·x 1 15 X 8 STD or REV Heavy Duty Race Tubes $36.00 $37.00 $38.00 $39.00 $25.00 EADY 103 Press Lane, Suite # 4 • Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 691-9171 • (619) 691-9174 • FAX (619) 691-0803 Page 18 Martin Garibay journeyed north to run the entire series, failing to start only at the Parker 400. Martin, who maintains the race car with help from friends, was second at the Nissan 400, and won both the San Felipe 250·and the Baja 500. He was second at the Fireworks 250, then won the Nevada 500, and the Gold Coast 300 although he didn't finish the entire route in either race, nor did he finish the Baja 1000. Garibay won his title by a big margin of 62 points. As expected Larry Ragland led the Class 8 herd on lap 1, his Chevy three minutes up on Rob MacCachren's Ford. Dave West-hem/Randy Salmont were next, ahead of David Bryan and Brian Stewart's Dodge was having roadside repairs. Next round Ragland increased his lead to 23 minutes over Wes them /Salmont, GMC, MacCachren had an accident that eventually led to his disqualification. Ragland kept up his incredible pace and won Class 8 by two hours at second 0 / A, while Westhem/Salmont inher-ited second 22 minutes ahead of Brian Stewart. Dave Bryan, Ford was a close fourth, followed in an hour by J.R. Boughton and Ben Emerson. Class 10 started 16 cars; Doug Fortin had a 43 second lead on Cam Thieriot/ Greg Lewin on lap 1 with Rick Romans a minute back, followed in six seconds by Greg Hibbs, then Mike Williams 38 seconds further down in a tight dice. Fortin upped the pace on lap 2 to lead by four minutes with class fast lap, Thieriot led Hibbs by two seconds and the others . followed close. Doug Fortin blew his motor on the last lap and Class 10 went to Cam Thieriot/ Greg Lewin, Chenowth, seventh 0 / A. A minute back Greg Hibbs/ Dave Richardson, Jimco, were second, ninth John Hays, Raceco and Mike and Morley Williams, Meco, all five under a sixteen minute blanket in the most competitive class on the desert. A half dozen Class 5 Bugs started but just three finished. Rick Rowland did class fast lap off the line, three minutes ahead of Doug Dawson, followed by Neal Grabowski, George Seeley, Lisa Dickerson, who had rolled, and Hartmut Klawitter. The class spread out on lap 2, Rowland now led Grabowski by 20 minutes. Dickerson and co-driver Scott Cameron were less than a minute · back in third and the Klawitters were fifth. Dawson was down and Rowland was out on lap 3. Grabowski took the lead to win Class 5. Seeley finished second, 45 minutes back, and Dickerson and Cameron were third another 11 minutes behind. Roger Mears started out fast in the six truck Class 7 field with class fast lap on the first go. Scott Douglas, Jeep, ran second, with Manny Esquerra, Ford 58 seconds behind him. The other February 1992 three only did one lap. Douglas took the second lap lead, Esquerra a minute behind, and Mears lost his power steering. Douglas led into the last lap but lost the horsepower battle to Manny Esquerra who won by less than two minutes. Roger Mears was third, the Nissan about 38 minutes behind. Steve Kelley led the first Class 4 lap in his Chevy, four minutes up on Dave Ashley, Ford. Mike Schwellinger ran fourth, Tim Pruett was next, both in Fords, and Rod Hall was fifth in the old Dodge. Ashley got class fast lap and the lead on lap 2 with 18 minutes on Schwellinger, who had Hall and Pruett astern while Kelley was in his pits. Ashley had no major trouble, and won Class 4 at a quick sixth 0 1 A. Hall was second, over an hour down, followed in by Schwellinger then Kelley. Bill Dickton, Dodge was fifth and last in the class. Only ten appeared in Class 1-2-1600. Favorite Tom Burns was down and out soon, being rear ended in a couple of miles. Danny Porter led lap 1 in a Suspensions Unlimited car followed closely by Gary Sewell, Lothringer, Brian Parkhouse, Mirage, and Tim Burns, Miraco. Despite problems Sewell took the lead on lap 2, six minutes ahead of Parkhouse and Burns was third, Porter down to fourth and Andy Stix, who started late, was fifth in another Lothringer. Sewefl stayed out front all the way to pay dirt, Tim Burns moved into second and Brian Parkhouse/ Dave Massing-ham survived a hit by a truck to place third, only two minutes behind Burns. Andy Stixi George Fishback were 12 more minutes down in fourth followed by Jon and Brian Tanklage, well back on time. Evan Evans led the seven Class· 6 cars on lap 1, but vanished on lap 2. Early Danny Ashcraft ran second followed by Mike Lesle and John Swift. Swift took over the lead after trouble on lap 2, and held it to win in the Ford· Explorer. Lesle also had problems, but took second 13 minutes later in the Jeep Cherokee. Don Adams/ Larry Olson were third in their Jeep Cherokee, the final Class 6 car to finish. With five in Class 3, four finished. Dan Smith got class fast lap in the Bronco on the first lap, followed in 11 minutes by Mike Lund, Nissan. Third was Curt LeDuc, Jeep Cherokee, followed by Dale White, Blazer. Smith had serious troubles, and LeDuc took the lap 2 lead 21 minutes up on Lund; Smith and White followed. Curt LeDuc fought the du'st to win Class 3, his third in a row. Lund held second 32 minutes back followed by Dale White/ Gene Perry and Dan Smith salvaged fourth. In the five truck Class 7 4x4 Paul and Dave Simon got class fast lap, and despite changing springs and a flat they led all day to win in the Ford Ranger. Jerry McDonald ran second early, but had to change a trans. Meanwhile Jeff Lewis, testing McDonald's new Chevy was second after two laps and he finished second 42 minutes back. Darren and Doug York survived ignition woes to take third; McDonald was fourth. Driving solo this race Chuck Johnson led the first 7S class lap by a couple of minutes over Spencer Low. Terry Brown and Bill O'Brien were third in the seven rig field. Johnson's Ford led on through lap 2, Law's Nissan staying close, Brown stayed in fourth followed by Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen, Toyota, and Willie Valdez. Chuck Johnson finished without power steering but won Class 7S. Spencer Low was only 52 seconds behind at the flag. Billy Bunch/John Kearney were third in another Ford, followed by Vinje/Hansen and Brown/O'Brien. Ten started in Class 5-1600, and Wayne Cook led early with Class fast lap by two minutes over Gary Cogbill, just 35 second in front of Dave Gasper, and Steve Lawrence and Joe Grier were past in just a couple minutes. Cook led lap 2 with no problems, Gasper held a close second, Cogbill moved to third and Jack Ramsey, filling in for Rich Fersch, was fourth. The Cooks had another great day and won the class by over three minutes. Rich Fersch/ Jack Ramsey/Tom Burns were second 13 minutes ahead of Doug West/ Gary Cogbill. David and Bill Gasper got third with a bad trans, followed closely by Chris Klick/ Gary Brennan. Only nine Challengers started and three were out early. Rich Richardson led the first lap by three minutes on Joel Stanka-vich / Mike Currier who were just five seconds IJlr' Dusty Times

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CHUCKJOHNSONANDJOHNNYJOHNSON Class 7S and Mini Metal Champions FORD RANGER PAUL AND DAVE SIMON Class 7 4x4 Champions FOfi[, RANGER ;';~; l~;.~ • ; -• .: ~ . -··:-\t :-! --· HARTMUT AND WOLFRAM KLAWITTER BAJA BUG Class 5 Champions WAYNE, ALAN AND DARRYL COOK Class 5-1600 Champions BAJA BUG LARRY RAGLAND Class 8 and Heavy Metal Champion JOHN SWIFT Class 6 Champion DAVE ASHLEY Class 4 Champion MARTIN GARIBAY Class 11 Champion CHEVROLET FORD EXPLORER FORD F-150 VOLKSWAGEN BFGoodrich T/A Tires

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!;r faster than Pancho Bio. The team of Richard-son / Perrault increased the lead with class fast lap on the second go, now Stankavich and Currier were second, ahead of Bio and Sergio Gutierrez. Roy Prince lost his oil, and motor. Perrault drove Richardson's Jimco to victory by 12 minutes over Bio/ Gutierrez who then filed the first engine claim on the winner in the history of Class 9. Richardson had planned to rebuild anyhow before the 1000, so it wasn't any big hardship as he pocketed the $800 claiming fee, and handed over the short block. Stankavich and Currier were another 12 minutes back in third, the last class finisher. Of the six Mini Mags only t'wo finished. Scott Steinberger and Rory Chenowth led the first lap over Larry Plank and won the class. Yoshi Ogasawara and his two co-drivers finished nearly two hours later. None of the three Class 1 ls finished although Martin Garibay was only about 20 miles from the checkers when a stout rear end hit destroyed his engine and he probahly got the most points. line but Ed and Tim Herbst were next and took the class win on elapsed time, second 0 / A. Penhall/Feldkamp were second in class, third 0 1 A nine minutes behind, while Arciero brought the Gordon car home third in class, 17 minutes later, fourth 0 1 A. Walker Evans finished the Dodge fourth in class followed in by Troy Herbst/Glenn Harris, Chenowth / Porsche. Larry Ragland started first in Class 8, and he kept the Chevy out front from flag to flag, mixing it up with the Unlimited cars. Early on Brian Stewart and Scott McMillin were close, but Ragland was seventh on the road at Borrego, about two minutes behind Gordon for the lead, a few minutes ahead of Stewart, McMillin and Perry McNeil. Larry said he got stuck a few times, had some minor glitches but on the Pacific side he was first on the road. He had trouble with mud hills on the last stretch but finished the Chevy first ov~rall on time, and won Class 8 easily. Perry McNeil and Rody Amaya claimed second in class in a Ford, and David Bryan was third in: another Ford, as only three of the 13 starter in Class 8 finished the course. There were 13 in Class 10 too, and four finished. Out front from the flag was Doug Fortin Jr. At El Alamo Gary Johnson/John Hagle ran second. Tom and Bob DeNault looked good as did Steve Sourapas, whose new car soon expired, and Bill Poe/Mike Zupanovich ran up front too. Fortin was the first 10 car to Borrego, followed close! y by DeNault,Johnson/Hagle, Poe / Zupanovich and Dan Blain/Russ Welch. Most of them had troubles on the road including Fortin, who had a lot of help from friends along the way. Some who got close to the finish couldn't get · through the last 60 miles, but Doug Fortin Jr., with a little help made it just fine to win the class and the championship. Fifth O / A and secure, the overall points champion drove alone in his Chenowth. Dan Blain/Russ Welch were four hours back in second in a Mirage. Don McCar-thy/Mike Henshaw and Jim Pierce/Jim Kirk finished even later. The finale of the SCORE/ HORA Series, the SCORE Baja 1000 had severe problems with the first 60 miles of the course, which could not be pre-run; 165 cars started, down some from the 188 in 1990, but some points titles had already been decided. A healthy 26 started in Class l / 2 and many of them, including Baja master Ivan Stewart either got stuck in the mud not far from the start or got lost on the new course. Robby Gordon in his dad's Chenowth led the herd by a goodly amount heading onto familiar ground. In 100 miles he held ten minutes on Mark McMillin on the road, but Jack Johnson appeared to be leading on time, and Frank Vessels was next in the new Nissan on its last desert race, but neither finished. First on the road, dust free, Gordon held a 25 minute lead on the road at the 238 mile mark but with pit stops it was hard to figure who was where on time.Trying to pass a Quad going up to Mike's, Robby bagged a rock and spent a lot of time getting the front end welded at the Sky Ranch. Walker Evans was now first on the road but the Dodge tipped onto its side going down the mountain and he lost time. Meanwhile Ed and Tim Herbst plus Jerry Penhall/Bud Feldkamp seemed in good shape, followed by Mark McMillin, Chad Hall in the former Class 4 Dodge. Frank Arciero Jr. took over from Gordon heading west, Bob was running chase, and others had serious troubles. Arciero was first across the finish With seven on the line Class 4 cross countried through the stuck trucks and Dave Ashley led through the first section followed in a few minutes by Steve Kelley. Ashley had big trouble on the Gulf side and Kelley, still troubled, took the lead, while Rod Hall struggled with his new Dodge, which broke for good at about 150 miles. After a long day Steve Kelley won Class 4 in the Chevy and was tenth 0 / A. Dave 1992 OFF-ROAD RACING CALENDAR The new 1992 Off-Road Racing Calendar with race dates and locations listed is now available for ordering. Cale'ldars are S6.00ea +$2.00 shipping & handling. Page to Mail personal check or money order payable to: M & M Enterprises 53/8 Don Pio Drive Woodland Hills, C4. 91364 CLASS MINI MAG -SCOTT STEINBERGER This restricted one make class has close racing. Scott started out with a dnf at the Parker 400, then took second at the Nissan 400, failed to finish the San Felipe 250, but was third at the Fireworks 250. Scott Steinberger and co-driver Rory Chenowth came on strong for the last three races, winning them all, first on the tough Nevada 500, the Gold Coast 300, and they were the only class finisher at the Baja 1000. Ashley, Ford, was over two hours then the I-beam broke on the back, followed by the Fords of Ford and he was done. Todd Kano/Drew Hardin and DanSmithhadtheearlyClass3 Canadians Bob Nyeste/Rick lead in the Ford, followed by Thomson. Mike Lund and Curt LeDuc,Jeep. Class 5 was down to eight, but and some of the seven were stuck they were running tight at El in the mud. Just past El Alamo Alamo led by Hartmut and Dan Smith rolled and broke the Wolfram Klawitter, and George Ford beyond repair. LeDuc and Seeley, tied on time and Pete Alesi Lund had a visual race at Borrego, in a new car. The Klawitters broke but Curt stopped only for fuel on on the Summit and Seeley went to a near perfect race and won the the front, stayed there for many class at 11th 0 / A. Lund, with miles, but got high centered past Roger Mears Jr. driving relief, had Mike's and Alesi passed. Peter steering troubles, but still got the Alesi /Bruce Hoover had scant Nissan Pathfinder home second, problems, except a going away two hours back, followed in just gearbox on the last 20 miles, but two minutes by Dale and Kay Alesi won the class by almost White in the Chevrolet Blazer. three hours. High centered again, In Class 7 Roger Mears led George Seeley carried on to take Scott Douglas by 14 minutes and second, the last finisher in class. Manny Esqueras was an hour Class 1-2-1600 held 20 starters down at El Alamo. Mears had a and 13 finished. Jim Fishback Jr. half hour lead into Borrego, and led early with Brian Parkhouse, Racin Gardner/Wade Conway Jim Fishback Sr., Tom Burns and were third in a Ford. Roger put a few more in the lead group. At Roger Mears Jr. in for the final Borrego, Fishback Jr. was first on stretch, he got stuck in a hole, but the road handing over to Graff brought the Nissan home for the Moore for the Loop. Cameron victory. Manny and Tudy Joe Steele was close, and soon took Esquerra were nearly two hours the lead, the Ampudia brothers back in their final race in the Ford. were coming back from down Gardner and Conway were third, time and Burns was catching a lot the last finisher of the eight of flats. None seemed trouble free starters, nearly four hours further on the 736 mile course. Fishback down in their Ford Ranger. Jr. and Cameron Steele had quite Paul and Dave Simon led the a duel but Fishback got through five Class 7 4x4s early on with the last hazards neatly taking the Jerry McDonald/Jeff Lewis win and seventh 0/ A. The 1990 second, Darren York. third, but class winners Rodrigo and York's Ford hit a rock and was Rogerio Ampudia were second, out. The second time through also driving a Neth, about 1.5 Borrego the Simons stopped for a hours back, followed in three new trans and McDonald pitted minutes by Cameron Steele, for a transfer case and left first, Raceco, whose co-driver Rich then had steering troubles. The Minga lost an hour on the last leg Simons won in the Ford Ranger, in the mud hills. Fishback well over two hours up on Sr./ Sa.m Castro, Neth, were just McDonald's Chevy S-10, the last six minutes back in fourth, to finish. followed by Tom and Tim Bums, Several of the ten Class 7S Mirage and Brian Parkhouse·/ starters got stuck on the first leg, Dave Massingham. and Willie Valdez emerged the Only two of the eight Class 6 leader in his Ford, but at El Alamo starters made the course. John the pack was close behind. Swift took the early lead in his Spencer Low had shock trouble, Ford Explorer and apparently Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen stayed there all day, taking the win lost an axle and the engine, and and a fine ninth 0 / A. During the· Valdez led into the Borrego Loop. day he was chased by Mike Lesle, But Chuck Johnson took over Evan Evans and Danny Ashcraft, from John Johnson and passed not far back at Borrego. Lesle had Willie stuck in Matomi Wash, electrical woes with the Jeep and Chuck kept his Ford out Cherokee, but struggled on to front to the checkered flag. It was take second in class, over two and his fifth win on the 1000, John's a half hours back. Ashcraft stayed 14th. Willie Valdez/Gil Divine tight but he had torque converter were second, 48 minutes later, problems close to the finish line, followed in t\v minutes bv Terry February 1992 Brown/ Bill O 'Brien and Billy Bunch /John Kearney in Fords. Ikuo Hanawa/Hiroyuki Hagai were fifth and last in a Jeep. Of the 19 in Class 5-1600 the early lead went to John Holmes, three minutes up on both Darryl Cook and Bill Rodriguez. In close were Ron Lister/ Michael Lund. Cook broke a cv on the summit and Holmes built a good lead, by the second time through Borrego when his brother Jeff drove to Trinidad still leading. Ramsay El Wardani took over for the final run, rolled on the coast and still held the lead. The Cooks hadn't yet caught up and other con-tenders were stuck in the sand or the mud. The Cooks caught up by the last check and passed, then Wayne lost another cv, so the Holmes brothers and El W ardani took the win, over two hours ahead of Guillermo Quintero/ Francisco Ortiz. Alonso Acosta/ Marcos Popoff were another half hour back, followed in a half hour by Rich Fersch/Don Hat: and Mike Abbott finished fifth and last. The 17 Class 9 cars were led away by Pancho Bio about five minutes ahead of Rich Richard-son, and five more minutes back was a real close pack. Bio and Sergio Gutierre: continued to lead, but Richardson and co-drivers Shane Reed and Doug Perrault were pressing. Bio stopped to work on his car at Trinidad and Perrault took the lead and brought the J imco home for the team's first Baja 1000 win. Bio/ Gutierrez were second about half an hour down, followed in an hour by Ray and Wade Prince/ Josh Rider. Gregg Hawks/Carroll Oitson were fourth and Daniel Mora/Sergio Fernandez were fifth. Six Challengers finished the race. Only three Mini Mags started. Larry Plank was out early, but Scott Steinberger, Dane Car-done /Rory Chenowth teamed up for the win in over 23 hours, the first ever finish for a Mini Mag on the Baja 1000. Just four started in Class 11 and Erny Martine: and Rogelio rivera were the only finisher in 23: 16, a very long 421 miles. So ended the seventh and final combined SCORE/HORA desert series competition, with the season starting again in January of 1992. Dusty Times

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Being chosen SCORE/HORA Person Of The Year has been one of the greatest highlights of niy life. I · "Would like to dedicate this honor to all the people W"ho have shared DlY joy and sorroW". Your friendship Dleans · everything. A W"ise ntan once said, ''If you W"ant to knoW" your net "Worth, count your: friends." I "Would like to thank all of you for the "Wealth of love and kindness you have • g.ven nie. Sincerely, Peri CoDlbe

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......... Collene Campbell was presented with the Mickey and Trudy Thompson Golden Heart Award by her nephew Danny Thomp-son in the emotional finals to the gala evening. Another honor for the Walker Evans team came when Randy Anderson, left, was selected as Mechanic of the Year, keeping. the Dodges together to win the championship. Chrysler Corp. took a pair of these huge trophies home, accepted by Walter Voss taking both the UltraStock Manufacturers Cup with .Jeep and the highly coveted Manufacturers Challenge Cup with Dodge. · Photos: Tracksid<! Photos, Inc. The Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group Awards Banquet in the six classes had been decided earlier in the month at the final . race event in Oakland, CA, as had the Manufacturer Awards. But the surprises of the evening would be the naming of the Mechanic of the Year, the Rookie of the Year and the recipient of the prestigious Mickey & Trudy Thomps9n Golden Heart Award. Jr. was the big winner in Super 1600 class in his Chenowth, and he received a nice check from BFGoodrich. Larry Noel defended his UltraStock Championship in the last instant at Oakland in his VW sedan, and Larry also got a nice check from BFGoodrich. The stars of the MTEG shows are generally conceded to be the Grand National Truck class drivers, and Walker Evans scored the championship points for himself, Dodge and Goodyear, upsetting what has been Toyota's bailiwick for many seasons. Walker's acceptance was enliv-ened with a demonstration by Danny Thompson of the MTEG starter and his dance with the starting flags. Walker .Evans brought his whole team to the banquet to help celebrate his Grand National Truck Championship in the Dodge, and they had more to celebrate before the night was over. The Mickey Thompson Enter-tainment Group started the awards banquet season late last November with their annual gala at the Red Lion Inn in Costa Mesa, CA. As is their custom, BFGoodrich hosted the cocktail hour with plenty of generous 'libations and enough party snacks to make a full meal, everything from real shrimp to dandy cheese goodies, and lots of hot food as well. After a full hour and a halfof social time, the group, many clad in formal wear, went into the ballroom for the dinner. · ESPN producer Marty Reid was the Master of Ceremonies along with the opening comments by MTEG's Bob Russo, and then the awards began. The champions The champions lined up to receive their trophies and the handsome checks from vehicle manufacturers and tire companies 'in most classes. Mike Craig again took home the number one plate · in UltraCross bike competition, and Greg George was the run-a-way winner in Superlite action driving a Briggsbuilt. Mark Ehrhardt took the honors in the 4 Wheel ATV class. Frank Arciero . _,/ Moving along to the Manufact-. For several years the banque has been prece ed by a fancy coctail party with super goodies to munch on, hosted this year again by off roading's good friends at BFGoodrich Tires. Just 17 years old Jimmy Johnson "'was s·e,ected as Rookie of the Year, well deserved as he won heat races and a main event in his Briggsbuilt SuperLitP.. Frank Arciero Jr. will carry the #1 plate in Super 'Larry Noel ·accepts the U/lraStock first place 1600 action next year, winning a very tight trophy, winning it on the last lap of the last race points battle in this most competitive class. of the season in his Volkswagen at Oakland. Mark Ehrhardt won the ·4 Wheel honors this year aboard a Honda and he had th_e lead going into the last race, but went on to win it as well as others. Greg George dominated the SuperLite competition in 1991 in his Nature's Recipe Briggsbuilt, and took the title easily. In fact the whole team was hard to beat. Page 22 February 1992 Dusty Times

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Mike Craig was the big winner in Ultracross competition aboard a Team Green bike, and Kawasaki also won the class Manufacturers Cup. MTEG President Bill Marcel presented Dan Goodyear won the giant Grand National Tire Newsome of BFGoodrich with the award for Manufacturer trophy shown here, and also won earning the most points in the Super 1600 the tire honors in UltraStock competition, both class; where BFG swept the top three spots on items accepted by Goodyear's "Little Joe". points. Mark Johnson accepted the giant Manufact-urers UltraCross Cup on behalf of Kawasaki, and Team Green did dominate the stadium action the entire season. urer Awards, among the tire companies involved in the series, Goodyear took the Grand National Sport Truck trophy and Goodyear returned to the podium to accept the trophy for the UltraStock class, Most of the top Super 1600 drivers run on BFGoodrich tires so they won the manufacturers trophy for that class. Jeep, who have more vehicles running in UltraStock class than any other brand, received the UltraStock Cup, and Kawasaki took· home the Ultra-Cross Cup, as many top riders favor Team Green. But perhaps the most sought after of all such honors is the Manufacturers Challenge Cup, won by Toyota for the last eight years, in fact since the honor was inaugurated. In 1991, with a very strong effort by Walker Evans ·and Glenn Harris for Walker's Dodge team, Dodge Division of Chrysler took the Manufacturers Challenge Cup, and this was decided in another last ditch race at Oakland. These awards are decided by a year long accumula-tion of points from each event, counting qualifying, heat races and the main events. Moving right along into the final part of the award ceremonies, Randy Anderson of the Walker Evans T earn was named Mechanic of the Year, amid thunderous applause from certain sections of the room. Evans also runs a full program of two trucks in the desert series, which keeps the whole shop very busy. Just as deserving was the Rookie of the Year title that went to 16 year old Jimmie Johnson, who started the season before his 16th birthday. Jimmie made a most professional and gracious acceptance speech and mentioned his good fortune in being on the Nature's Recipe Briggsbuilt team who dominated the Superlite competition the entire season. The most prestigious award of all is the Mickey & Trudy Thompson Golden Heart Award commemorating the founders of MTEG who sadly were murdered at their home a few years ago. It was quite an emotional moment when Mickey's sister Collene Thompson Campbell was pre-sented the award for 1991. Collene has never let up in her relentless efforts to bring the murderer(s) to justice, and this honor rendered her almost speechless, as the ovation thundered. throughout the room. With many tables well decorat-ed with trophies, the closing social hour began as Mickey's Cantina opened and the bench racing began. Many earns Dusty Times discussed plans for the 1-992 starts very soon, on January 18 at season, some deals may even have the Aneel Stadium in Anaheim, been finalized, and the season CA. We'll be there to see who is drivi'ng what for which team and report on the opening charge for points by various teams. The sold out banquet was deemed another success for the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group. cus10M wt1eelS tu I ates Congra . Performance Team Valley . 1ST ~;'~ith . . TrUe Grit Award And Winner• . . ZNDinClaSS nc,y Herbst 9RD in Class st ~ Ed & Tilll Herb February 1992 Page 23

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HINGTON TRIPLE HEADER Coachman Stagcs PRO Rally · SCCA Subaru Championship National Dryad Quest and P~rter Creek Crossing Divisionals By Paula Gibeault Paul Choiniere and Scott Weinheimer won their first event this season, in the fast Audi Quattro, tightening up the battle for overall Open Class points with just one event left in the .1991 season on Paul's home ground in Maine. Gorgeous Northern forests, slippery, wet roads, and fiercely competitive rally teams provided a terrific weekend of racing at thl' Coachman Stages PRO Rally on Novemher 9-10 in Olympia. Washington. The 7th round of the 1991 Subaru Championship saw P:rnl Choiniere and Scott W1:inheiml·r in the winnl'r'scirdl' at last. Some of thl' h·st hattl1·s took pl:Kl', hmn·wr, within thL· divisional ranks, during thl' n,·o evl'nts prl·senteJ hy thl' Martin Way Auto Dealers. Hushan,I ,lriwr Mih· and I tackkJ this pair, returning to thl· Washington woods afrt:r a hiatus of man1· y1:·ars. The rally started with a dass11 Pare Fermt.' and·timed start at the South Sourid Center and ran just four stages SaturJa1· afrl·rnoon, enough for a .coefficient two divisional and a nice introduction to the terrain and compl'tition. One wonders, and so did wt· afrl·r several stages, just how thosl' darn Northwest drivers go so fast on such slippen· ro:hls. Tht· Capitol Forest nt•ar Olvmpia ran i'L' n-r1· unforgiving. with hi!.!hly-crownl·,1 roads and a surfacl' that offrrs marhky gravel <;r \·arious slickne.sses of day. Yd thL· h.:st Washington driwrs attack thl'm with ab an 1..I on an J · r r o ,! u ,· 1· astounding stagl' tinll's, t'frt·:-1 in olJ rl'ar whl'd ,lrivL: cars. PL·SJ'itl' four \\-hL'L'I Jrivl' in our Sui'aru RX. Wl' soon foun,1 1,ur,;t•h t·s propl·rly humhled h1· local teams. With plenty of ri1lly ahead of u._, Wl' decidl'd to find out what magic kl'pt thl·se Northl'rnl'rs on thL· road! The national teams imme~liatdy got down to harding in earnest, of courst.'. With two evl'nts remain-ing, only the Group A title haJ heen s1:·ttleJ and th1· ovl'rall driver's championship was still undecided. We imagined that points kadl'rs Bruno Kreihich and .k·ff Reckl'r were pra11ing for Chad Pi Marco and Paul ChoinkrL· to go down fighting L·ach other as they had on the previous l'Wnt. Chad. with Group A SL'Wn up. moved his Suharu Legacy t1, Open Class. lnterestingk oth1·rs did the same, leaving Group A with no contenders. It was obvious after the first stage, which Chad won hy two seconds over Paul's Audi Quattro, that tht•y both would h· driving all-out. Paul has had a rough season plagued hy mechanical woes, while Chad has just gone faster and faster. With nothing to lose, Paul pressed on to win thl' next two stages and gain the lead by 13 seconds, only to slide off the road on stage #4 and drop to nearly a minute hehind tht· Suharu. Bruno, in his incn.:,lihly Page 24 consistent fashion, settkd his Audi into third place, when· hl' never hudgl'd for the rL'St of the event. Rl·hinJ the 20 national teams Wt'rl' thosL· of us ri.mning for just divisional points on Saturday's Drya,I QUt·st PRO Rally. The line up ofcars at the A TCs lookl'd like a car lot of vintagl· rally vehicles ( I H of the 32 rnr field were pre-I l) SO! ) . W l' had our f.i rs t inrroduction to \Vonder Driver <:~rant Whiting and quickly tiguretl out why event organi:er Ray Pamitio foregm·s thl· Lldights 11f personally managing rall1• progrl'SS to co-driw for this man. Thrashing his little '77 Dodge Colt to three wins in four stag1:·s. Grant ohviousl y was top magician in the crowd and would giVl' us some insight into Northern driving skills -if we could only Hgure out his tricks. Thae was plenty of. tough competition from hoth local ,!rivers anti national tl·ams, as we had expl'cte,I. Canadians Tim Rl·ndle 'Art Mad-'.en:ie finished the first ,:rage fiw seconds hehin,I l ;rant in tht·ir Fkro, th1·n lost four an,l a half m.inutcs on stagl' f!2 and in spite of a ,-;tagt· win after that l-ould n<H finish hl'ttl'f than mi,lpack. ~imilarll'. a prohlem on .~tal!l' # I for thl' Saah 99 of locals ~am Bryan Mark Simons gave a low first-,la,· finish in spite of hla:ing timl'S on th,· nl'xt thrL·e St·ctions. · In fact. with a. li:w exceptions, thL-re sel'mnl to hl' a lot of scrapping for position throughout the field, and plenty of mistakes plaguing thl· teams. Thl· faint dri::le of morning had turnl'd to occasional light showas. so the muddy roa,ls \\'t'l'l' ).!l' tt i ng trickier. \X,'l' soon got thl· hahit of announcing our car's numher to the radio crews, as ever1•thing hdow the windows was a solid ,lirt hrown! A few ralll'ists who avoi.led trouhk wer~ lohn Christen-SL'n Rod Chelgrl'n. last year's winnl·rs, in thL·ir ~fa:,la RX-7, who eventually finished seconL!, W .G. Giles Rohl·rt Pil·rce in their VW GT!, who came in third, and Orl'l!On ,lriwr Rick 81:·son, who hr~ught his Ma:,la 323 in fourth with frt·shly rl'cruited co-driver Don Ciihson. We werl' very impreSSL·,1 with Dave White's performance in a rented 323; Dave finished fifth in thl' first event he has run as a driver since '83! ( This is known as the Doug Shepherd Phenomenon; he claimed his toplevel co-drivers· helped, but we suspected plenty of innate talent). We had no prohlems ( excust·s) hut were reasonahly happy with seventh, although we were still mystified hy the David Copper-fields ahead of us. A close inspection of Grant's cat revealed no afterhurner; nor did our legs stick to his tires when we hrushed against them. Perhaps a set of narrower, hrand-new Michl'lins would help us, plus thl· henefit of the copious notes I was taking on the fly so I L-ould play pacenoter the nl'xt day. We swapped tires and set out to find out how the national teams had forl'd . WL' Jiscovernl that Chad DiMarco and Erick Hauge were sitting in first but a rear brake pad on stage #3. They then found some rocks ( using the whole road, huh!) which cracked the rotor an,I pinched an exhaust pipe almost dosed. An amhitious plan was made using a 323 rotor as rl'placement to have SOME-THING on the car ht.fore Pare Ferme, while a Suharu rotor was flown up from L.A. Guy I ightandJimmy Brandt in their l ;Mc Sonoma had cruised to a min11tl'-plus lead over fellow Rall ytnll'k l ~lass contenders Gary and ludi Gooch, who said they hadn't recovered from a long trip to thl· ev('nt. In Production Class, thl' cxpl'cted hattll' ha,! ,!evdoped hetween W.G. Gik·s and fellow VW GT! rallyists Cal Landao/ Eric Marcus, who ht·ld a 21 sn·ond lead. We discowred the closest hattle in the rally was in ProdtKtion GT, wherL·, incred-ihly. only FIVE sei.-onds separated thl' top thrc..·t· cars. Jim and James \Vilson hdd the prl'carious lead in that class, in their Mitsuhishi Galant VR-4. Wt· spottL-J the familiar looking Millen service van, and found thl' crl'w had come up to SL'rVicl' for two vay intl·resting teams, hoth from Kingston, Jamaica. Lea1..I driver Peter Moodil', a succl'ssful road racer and rallvist, hought Millen's '88 Group A 32J GTX. He was here to prumotl' his nL"w rally series in _I am a i ca an ,I to attract top Aml'rican tl'ams to a prototype l'Vent Decemher 6-8. He has alrea,I\' lurl'd several teams away from thl' Maint· Forl'st Rally, final national event, thl' saml' weekend. In srite ofa minor turho prohlem fpr a ._tagl' an,I a half. Peter, who a,lmittl'd "It's quite a car!" shmn·,1 himsl'lf to he quite a ,lri\·L'r an,! was sitting solidly in fourth owrall Satur1..lay night. His i:eammatL·, Davi,! Summerhell, Jr., came as a sort of rally. foreign exchange student. His father, as t1·am manager, has put him through training in various motorsports. Lucky guy! David and cu-,lriver RL"m'e McDaniel Wl'rl' ru.nning a hrand-new Hyun,!ai ( \'t'S, a Hyundai) Excel huilt hy Millen Racing, and finished tl•nth on Saturday's Divisional. ThL"re was no partying that night as the rL"start was at 7 :30 AM. By the next morning the ,lri::le sel'mt·d to he lighter. and in fact ewntually stoppl·d for good. Sunda\''s racing promised nine stages as tht· Porter Cr1:-ek ( :rossing Divisional. a coeficient thrl'l' l'Vent, and the finale of the national. As the action hl'gan, so did the prohlems for some teams. We ll'arned that Chad DiMarco's replacement rotor fell off on the first stage of the Jay, taking the caliper with it and putting a hole in the chassis. Tht· thought of running those roads at speed with February 1992 oniy three brakes boggled our minds, and we wondered how he would manage. At the divisional level, Tim Bendle actually managed to pull past Grant Whiting with a win on stagl' µz, only to DNF hefore the next stage with ignition prohlems. It looked like only W.G. Giles could give the Colt a serious challL"nge on this ewnt. After two forest stages, Wl' trekked hack to the Capitol Auto Mall in Olympia for a 0.8 mik pave.I stagl' aroun,1 the car dealerships. With thl' damp pavl'ment, it wasl'aS\' to sliLk, an,! reassuring to know little ruhhl'r was hdng left hl'hind! A few drivl'rs ohhgingl11 put on a show: several spun out or nvt·rshot corners, and Peter Moo,lil''s hood fll'w up, losing him 1 5 secon,ls. Thq· say that a pt;rson actually practices while he's slL'l'ping, the sport or activity he's tr11ing to pafrct, and returns to it thl' nl'xt day with improv1.·,I performan«·. l don't know if this is what happened to Mike, or whether new tires and ,i hit of pique over hdng .heatl'n hy Colts gaVL' his driving a new prL·l'ision and Vl·rve. I ,lo know that now hL· \\'as ket·ping the Suharu l'Xactly wlll'rl' he wantt·d it on thl' road, ditch hookinl! whl'rl' it Sl'l'ml'd safl' an,! nl'Vl'r sli,ling off the crown into thL· rocks. This, of coursl', must hL· thL· St·crd of ,!riving dwsL· narrow roa,ls wdl: ahsolutL·ly perfi..·1.·t ,ar control. Th1.·rL· simply isn't a lot of margin for l'rror! Fl'l'ling a hit lik1· magidans oursdvL"s, we were heginning to enjoy thL· competition an,I work our way up through thL· pack. The pack hegan to thin a hit as wdl. As Wl' roundl'd one cornL·r Wl' spottl'd John ( '.hrist1·nst·n 's Ma:,la, wdl off thL· roa,I an,I an ohvious DNF. Davi,l Summer-hell's gl·nrhox gaVL' out on stage µ9_ Erik Thompson an,! Rl'n Rradley, running with only nm· rL"ar shock. rolled the Volvo hut werl' ahlr to continul' - l·autiously -and Ji,! t·wntually finish. Rid, Reson di,ln't makl' it to thl' la,;t stage, a11,I we latet learnnl his transaxle ha,! SL'i:l',1-on thl' transit. A ,kla\' hl'forl' th1· 1wxr to tlw last stag1· gaVL' us timl' to fin,! out ho\\' thl' national hattlt-s Wt·r1· going. l-;u •i Light sn·mnl tn havl' Rallytruck St-Wn up. lim Wilson, still learning to hand IL" thl' (,alant, had tangled with rocks Sl'Vl'ral timl's an,! sufti:red four flats, thus losing thL· leaJ in Production l ~T. David WhitL' now led thl' class, hut Mikl' Grieh and Roh Martin in anuthl'r rl'nted .32.3 \\'L'l'L' trying hard to catch up, as the points · standings in that dass Wl'rl' extreme! y doSl'. Up front, Chad DiMarL·o ha,! hL't."n fighting to h ·ep his It-ad while Paul in thL· Au,li mowd rell'ntkssly doser. AftL·r running stag1.•s w:, and P6 with no rt·ar hrakes. ( ~had had tril·d adjnsting the hrah· hias forward, only to havt· th1· front hrah·s lock up. l-ll' finall1· ha,! got it so that onl)' thL· left rL·ar would lock up, although this ma,k right handns VL·r1· trick\'. Paul had finally pass1·,I him on st,ige /!8 and was driving a smart rally, staying ahead of th1· pack hut not taking chancl's. An1..I in spite of losing his pO\\'l'r stet·ring (!) Peter MoodiL-was sta\'ing tight on Rruno's tail. anJ , ·VL'n won two stagl's! Hrake prohll'ms ha'-l also ,lroppl'J W.G. Giles out of the Production Class lead, which he had wrested away from Cal Landau on stage /!6. These two guys fight the most incredihle ,luL·ls, n·gularly ht:ating the "fastl'r" Production GT cars and dnishing in the top of the fil.'IJ . Imagine how they wotild do in four whl'el drive! W.G. had haJ to drive stagl's /ll) and f! 1 () with just the l'mergenq' hrake, which ah;o slowl'd his attack on Grant Whiting's lead in the ,livisional. However Grant had suddenly developed problems of his own ,luring the delay. Thl· tuel pumps had stoppL",I working, and ,kspite lots o( a,lvicl· from a largl' ~'ea nut gallery, he lost t·ight minutes hd.ore bypassing the faulty wiring and g1·tting hack on thl' road. No amount of magic could make up that ~wnalty, alas! By the last stage, we were starting at thl' front of the divisional pack, an,1 wondl·red i( we werL· just m·xt in line for misfortune. Surl' enough, halfway through that long stagl' Mike rl'al'hl·d for third and got grinding metal. At last tht· "pacl'nott·s," whiL-h had hdpnl us rnrw some tim1.· off of l'ac·h stagl' we rl·-ran, really canw into their own. Mike knl'W which corm-rs hl' 1:oukl fly through in fourth and which rl'quin·d son'll' rl'al scramhling as h1.· nursl',I thl· Gtr down to Sl'Cond ~:l'ar. W1· madl' it to thl' l'nd, only a s1·crnhl slowl'r than our first tinw. and l'as1·,l thl' car hack to l )l\'mpia with grcat rdief. To our ddight, WL' had finished thir,I in thl· divisional. Grl·g and Lynnl' Lund, who had heen visited hy the Rrake Gremlin the ,la1· hdorL', hat! run drnn and hard all day in their Ma:da 323 a n d f i n i s h L' d set-o n J , e i g h t h · owrall in the national. Had W.G. · l ;i ks h·pt ahead of us! Indeed he ha,!. darn him, winning the ,livisional hy over two minutL•s! Wl' were pleased that lanice l\1mitio, a new rall\'ist anti ~ife of Ra I', had won ( :lass 3 in hl'r Datsun 510. In. fifth and sixth owrall in the national Wl're thl' Production ( ~lass arch-rivals. l :al Landau and W .G. C,ill's. Cal had held W.G. off. hard\', winning thL· class hy just I 3 Sl'con,ls! Cuy Light had tah·n Rall11truck ( :lass, two-plus minutl'S ahL·a,I of the Gt,ochl's. Production GT had hl'l'n won hy I >avid Whitl' as Wl' l'Xpl'Ctl'd, hit there was a twist: Mike Grieb had protested the dropping of transit pl·naltil's on l'Xactlv the stagl' whl're David had t':tkl'n quitL' a fL-w. With points so close in that ,·lass, Mih· d1osl' to appL·al thL· dl'l°ision wlwn hl' lost thl' protest ( tht.· final ,l1·cision was not availahle at rr,·ss time}. Paul Cho111:,·n· had won his first l'Vent thi,., ,, ,on, anLI hl' and co-driver Scott Weinheimer were very happy fellows at the Doo Wop Dinl'r awards ,linnl'r. The final Suharu Championship national in Maine would hl' the d,·,·i.lin~ ,·vl·nt for just ahout all thL· dassl's, which is as it shoukl he for a SL'ril's. For our part, we were very impn·ssed hy the friendly and 1·xpl'ril'ncL·d timing crews and the many nicl' touches to the event, such as outstanding (and num-erous!) videos of the day's action at the awards. We headed south th rough the bright fall-colored countryside feeling satisfied that we \I learned a lot without getting our ,loors hlown off. .. although Cl'rtainly loosl'nl'd a hit hy a lot of takntetl ,lrivas. Dusty Times

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COAST 1-800-63"4-6755 La~ Vegas, Nevada· BUDWEISER/BUD LIGHT RACE 1 AT? THE 1992 SUPER~TTTTON CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES FEBRUARY 15, 1992 LOCATION: Lake Superstition BLM Open Recreation area, 15 miles west of El Centro • 5 times around a 30-mile loop • Stadium type infield track • Great spectator viewing • Spectators free • Overnight camping • SDCSC Sanctioned • BLM approved • Fun, green stickers and spark arrestors mandatory • LESAR First Aid Service FflT D/STfl/CT 38 AND THE EL CENTflO OUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT WORKING TOGETHER SO EVERYONE MAY ENJOY OUR PUOL/C LANDS .. SPONSORED BY • RACE READY PRODUCTS • THE WRIGHT PLACE • CYCLE PARTS WEST • GOLDLINE TRUCKING • AlVS • Bikes • Dez Superlites Start at 7:00 a.m. • Buggies • Cars • Trucks Start at Noon Prerunning encouraged ~NFO (619) 427-5759

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LA RANA DESERT RACING . Bob Richey Wins The High Desert 150 Overall Photos: Tracksid~ Photos Inc. Bob Richey finished his championship year in La Rana Racing by winning the High Desert 250 overall taking the Class 2 points title also, driving the well prepped Raceco to a close victory. Usually November provides and contingency donors alike pleasant autumn weather in dove into their rigs for more southern California's high desert clothing. regions. But on Novernber ·22, Off road folks are hardy conringency day for.the La Rana though, and they all survived to High Desert 250 in Lucerne appear at the start line in the Valley it was crisp in the Johnson Valley OHV area early afternoon when the festivities Saturday morning, and then the commenced, and there had been sun again warmed things. up to• high wind conditions acros~ the bearable. There is no recession in area. La Rana's contingency and La Rana Racing as 131 drivers tech inspections usually run from · . took the green flag just after nine 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the in the morning, charging off every Friday, and Lucerne was no 15 seconds into the rocks and exception. The exception was that silty roads separated by occasional when the sun dipped behind the nice off road trails. The course mountains the temperature was 61.5 miles long. The dropped like a rock while racers Odysseys covered just one lap, Classes 11 and 1500 took two laps, with all other classes required to cover four laps, and 75 finished, a 57 .25 percent ratio, a bit higher than usual. No doubt the winds helped visibility on this usually very dusty course. Class l / 2 was first away with heavy rivalry expected between Bob Richey and Keith Jackson, each aiming for the class championship in their Racecos. Richey was two seconds faster than Jackson, but Gary Hymes was a minute faster than both in his Raceco, with Jim Stiles also faster in his Raceco, just 23 seconds behind Hymes on lap 1. A couple more minutes back .. ---------------------------. came Mike Stickle then Scott UNDER THE BED TRIPLE SHOCK KIT 18" of wheel travel available, using 9" shocks. Fits almost any model pickup, Blazer, etc. Unlike stock shocks, these are on a very progressive ratio for better handling. Shock kit welds between frame rails and 2 shock brackets weld on the rear end housing. This kit allows wheel travel without the shocks sticking .through the bed and ruining cargo area. Note: tail pipe must be relocated for Installation. FOR MORE INFO, WRITE OR CALL JOHN JOHNSON RACING PRODUCTS 619-443-5833 13525 LOS COCHES ROAD EAST EL CAJON, CA 92021 Page H Flamson, almost tied on time, and Wayne Morgan trailed the bunch by eight minutes. Stiles vanished on lap 2, both Stickle and Hymes dropped over a half hour in time, Morgan held steady in fourth as did Flamson in third. Midway Richey led Jackson by 37 seconds in an exciting duel. Jackson dropped about two minutes to Richey on lap 3 with a flat, and droppedanother two on the last lap with another flat. Richey stopped only for gas and with Mike Butrick riding in the bright blue two seater, Bob Richey won the class, the race .overall and. the Class Champion-ship in the Series. Young Keith Jackson with Gordon Zahrecky doing co-driving duties, was 4½ minutes back, and the Castex team was quick to congratulate Bob Richey on his victories saying they just weren't quite quick enough to catch him. How nice to see such good sportsmanship among the top teams. Scott Flamson, who started, and Richard Spangler, who finished, slowed some with a single flat tire, hut were a strong third in class, 29 minutes hack, followed in by Wayne Morgan and Dave Hart-man. Both Gary Hymes and Mike Stickle vanished on the last lap. Class 10 started a husky 18 cars, far too many to try to figure out who led what lap as half the field had winning potential. After February ·1992 Class 10 had several fighting for the lead all the way, some failed, but the Adzima of Tony Modica and WMren Messick had only one flat all day, no other trouble and won the 18 car class by nine minutes; fourth overall. The 28 class 1-2-1600 cars sorted out some midway, with Gary Sewell/Dan Detter out front in the Lothringer, but it was close all day; Still the team won the class by about 1.6 minutes and finished sixth overall too. Class 5 had several leaders, but at the checkered flag it was Jack Burry and Dave Parsons home first, and with Bob Gustafson on the team they had no down time at all in the Parsons prepped Baja Bug . being away for a time Bob Scott Withers.who had been contendmg returned to the sport with some for the lead. So now there were quick laps. It was Bob Miller with eight running. the fast first lap at 1: 16:57 in a After early troubles Rick and Raceco, and a pair, Tony Modica, Randy Wilson turned two quick and Gary ·w eyhrich were in the final laps to move up the ladder to 1 : 18s and Mike Withe rs was finish fourth just three min11tes within seconds, as was Tom behind third placing Bob Miller, Koch/ Rex Keeling, Raceco. who lost his early lead when a Midway Bob Scott was second wheel flew off, and he also had in his ORC by three tenths of a two flats. Burl Beveridge and mph over Koch and Keeling, and Mike Abbott were fifth, followed Modica was a few yards back. by Michael and Robert Harman, Retiring on the third round were then David Black and Tim Scal:o David Atwood/Hal Hibbard, and Paul LaPorte/Raymond Mark and Mike Fry, Lloyd Mejia, the last four lap Class 10 Painter, and Gary Weyhrich who finisher. Up front the battle raged had a good lead at the halfway to the checkered flag and it was point, and Koch/Keeling with Tony Modica and Warren engine woes as well as Mike Messick who won in the Adzima Keith Jackson kept the leader in sight almost all day, had two flats and was second in Class 2 and overall in the Raceco by merely 4½ minutes ET. Dusty Times

Page 27

car, besting Bob Scott's ORC by nine minutes and the pair were fourth and fifth overall, so swift was their race. Modica had one flat and Scott ran out of gas on the dry lake, as deep silt uses a lot of gasoline. Class 1-2-1600 had a whopping 28 cars off the line but four, including potential contenders Larry Martin and Greg Akins were among the missing on the first lap. Other favorites that only made it halfway around or less were Terry Jeffers, Danny Porter, Steve McMullin, and Jesse Rodrigue:, but 18 did see the checkered flag. There were plenty of probable winners left in the field though and it appears that Gary Sewell and Dan Keller had the lead midway in the race in the same Lothringer with which they won the class at the Gold Coast High attrition took out some contenders in Class 5-1600, but Joe and Steve Grier and Guy LePointe motored on, got stuck and lost en route, but still won Class 5-1600 and had no mechanical trouble. It was a tight dice for the lead in Class 6 until the last lap, and then Brian Coats and Neville Sharpe put the Chevy Camara out front for good, their V-8 sounds keeping the crowds happy. 300. Very close though were The La Rana computer print out When the checkered flag race to the flag. Sewell and Keller Scott Webster and Randy doesn't list cumulative time or dropped it was Gary Sewell and drove three of the four laps Anderson from Brawley in the class position lap hy lap as most Dan Keller who won Class 1-2-without power steering, knowing ORBS and a half do:en more do, so in a big class the math gets 1600 hy about 1.6 minutes over if they stopped for a helt they teams were the ball park. to he too much for this writer. Webster and Anderson in a tight would lose gr Bob Scott ran well in his ORC moving into second in Class 10 midway; he kept the second place to the flag and also came in a fine fifth overall. Bob Miller had the early Class 10 lead in his Rac(Jco, then lost a wheel, had two flats, got mended and drove to third in the tight running class. Scott Webster and Randy Anderson had the ORBS in contention from the start, and the Brawley team had no troubles, split the driving to take second in Class 1-2-1600 and seventh 0 /A. Dusty Times r---------------------------..... --------------. Nothing kicks up four-wheel drive fun more than the ultimate off-road machine -Jeep Wrangler. • 2.5 litre 123 horsepower four-cylinder multi-point fuel-injected engine standard. • Power-assisted front disc brakes. · • 5-speed overdrive floor-mounted stick shi • Highest resale value in its class for last five years.* US A Coo)_ Ott,c:,,.1 Spon._u, l'J'l'2 u S Qtymp1c r._.,.m FIRST TIME BUYER PROGRAM AVAILABLE. • 4.0 litre - most powerful 6 cylinder in its class. DON-A-VEE carries MOPAR Performance parts & accessories Finally a race shoe tough enough for the desert -THE HOT SHOE Lightweight Design Quality Construction Competition Proven Comfortable & Durable Can be worn everyday High Performance Exhaust Now available for all Cherokees, Comanches and Eagle Talons. Smog legal horsepower. arts: 7AM-7PM M-F, Saturday 9AM-1PM (310) 867--4258 DON-A-VEE JEEP EAGLE 17308 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower, California 90706, (310) 867-7256 • (800) 366-5337 "Based on Kelly Blue Book, May/June 1991. ""MSRP excluding title, taxes. destination charges, and options. tSee limited warranties, restrictions, and details at dealer. Excludes normal maintenance, adIustments, and wear 11ems. Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Co.-poration. Buckle up for safety. February 1992 Page 27

Page 28

Rob Myerly took third in Class 1-2-1600 in the Hensley by merely five minutes, and ninth overall, and Rob drove all the way and had no problems. Chuck Dodson and Joe Trimino ran tight in Class 5, lost the hood but were second in the race, good enough to bring them the class series championship. Ryan Harbottle and Jim McGill had a good time on their first La Rana race, led until they ran out of gas, but took second in Class Art and Mike Becker plow a little dust in the Toyota and they were alone in Class 7 after the first lap, but ran three rounds for the class victory and the points. Ir the race, so they toughed it out. The Brawley boys split the driving evenly with Scott doing the first two laps and Randy the second two. It was the veteran FR T racers first time out with La Rana, and they said they had no troubles, just the usual 1-2-1600 gridlock. Rob Myerly was just another five minutes back in third with co-drivers Billy Wick and Peter Brown. Rob said he diced it out off and on with Sewell, and the only thing that slowed him down was stopping to change riders too often as he had no car troubles at all. Ed Pendley and Billy McCool were fourth-in their Funco Hustler, followed by Brian and Scott Steele in a JMR, then Jim Joyce and Andy Poff in a Raceco. Brad Inch got a finish in his Acme Roket, seventh in class, and he was followed by Louis Silvas and Dan Fogle in a Mirage. Class 5 fielded eight starters, but Doug Dawson vanished on the first lap. Doug Wager, who was injured at Ridgecrest, had a {I DE rJ,_ytg1Q)] OFF-ROAD RACING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES for tree· catalog phone 4½ hour second lap and went no farther, and the Mike Jakob-sen /Ron J urkovac Bug also vanished on the third lap after setting class fast lap of 1 :27:02 on - the second round. Jack Burry and Dave Parsons led the first lap on time by two minutes over Peter Swift and Mike Jameson. Conrad Dia: was another minute back followed in three more minutes by Chuck Dodson, while Jeff Renick and Darryl Gibson were running a good hour behind. Midway Jakobsen had the lead, · but was seen no more, and second at that time was Jack Burry followed closely on time by Chuck Dodson, then Peter Swift, and Dia: was staying close too. Not much changed in position on lap 3, and it was another race to the finish line. Jack Burry and Dave Parsons with Bob Gustafson won the last lap dash and Class 5. They had no trouble and Burry remarked that Dave Parsons had prepped the car to win and it did. They had no trouble with the Bug. Chuck Dodson, Stuart Falconer and Joe Trimino were 11 minutes back in second, good enough to nail down the class champion-ship. They had just one flat and two driver changes. Peter Swift and Mike Jameson were just another eight minutes back in third;. They figured they lost at least one position with two flat tires in a silt hed. Conrad Dia: and 5-1600 anyway. Jerry Whelchel looks downright sedate here in his 7S Toyota, and with Dan Butler riding shotgun, they stopped only for gas on their way to the class win and a pre-run for the next race at Lucerne. Fernando Herrera got their Bug in fourth, just six more minutes back, followed in an hour, 20 minutes by Jeff Renick, Darryl Gibson and company who must have had too painful a story to tell. There were 13 Class 5-1600 Bugs that started but the course proveJ too much for over half of them, and neither Dennis McKen:ie or Brent Humphrey made a lap. Dave Shively did the quickest first lap at 1 :38:03, hut it was his only lap. Marc DeShane was only a couple minutes back but seen no more, and Mike Dixon used almost three hours for his first lap and retired. Rich Fersch/Mark Valters did the next fastest first lap at 1 :38:33, but a half dozen were within a very few minutes of their Bug. Midway it was even tighter as Fersch and Bruce Landfield were tied on total time with Fersch having the ad-vantage by mere seconds. But the Land field Bug vanished on lap 3. On the third la·p Fersch whipped off a fast lap, 1 :36:05, but it proved to be too much for the Downey Race Haus Bug, and it didn't finish the last lap. Now four of the remaining six that finished were running under a six minute blanket so this race was far from over. At the flag the winner by about five minutes was Joseph and Steve Grier and Guy LaPointe. Guy apparently rode the whole race, as Steve did the first three laps, and dad Joe took the last round. They had been stuck once, got lost once, said the dust was bad, but they had no mechanical trouble and no flats, and a good time too. Ryan Harbottle and Jim McGill competed for their first time with La Rana and took second place, and were so thrilled with the organization that they plan to run the whole '92 season, On lap 3 they broke a throttle return spring, and ran out of gas on the dry lake, which dropped them out of the lead. Some 25 minutes back Greg Burgin and company came in third, having trouble with cv boots all day, and on lap 4, when the alternator light came on with the headlights. Greg plans to retire the eight year old car. Dave Hendrickson and Cameron Steele -had only one good lap time all day, but they finished fourth, followed by Walter Sleppy/ Randy Jones and Rich Hayes/ Dick D'Amato. Class 6 and Class 3 combined with four starters and three finishers as John Devito covered two laps in good time, but that was it for the Chevy. It was a close race for the three for two laps, and midway the Jeep Cherokee of Eric Heiden and Clive Skilton had the lead, having set class fast lap of 1 :40:40 on lap 2. But with a 25 minute lead starti_ng lap 3, _Heiden ran out of gas and got stuck in the silt twice, and dropped to second, and he also broke a rear radius arm on the last lap. Out front at the checkered flag it was Brian Coats and Neville Sharpe in the sleek C hevy Camaro, beating Heiden by 23 minutes for class honors. Another 23 minutes back came the orange Jeep CJ of Mike Duncan and Jim Brandt, doing very well despite losing a coil, getting a rock in the alternator, losing fan belts, and they stopped to help Tony Modica get loose when Tony was stuck in the silt. Real nice guys! There were two in Class 700 and Kim Mohr's Ford didn't make a lap. Mike Becker started in the family Toyota, turned it over to dad Art for a couple laps, and they · won the class after three rough laps. The Class 725 had three starters, led flag to flag by the Toyota of Jerry Whelchel and Dan Butler, whose only slow lap was the last when they stopped for gas. They had no troubles. Billy Bunch got class fast lap on the second round of 1:29:33, but his Ford vanished into the silt on lap 3. Kenneth Parr got in one three hour lap in his Ford. It was really getting cold when the mini trucks were finishing, but of the two in Class 751 only Jay and Donnie King covered four laps, and actually led on time all the way in the Toyota. Alberto Tejera got in three well matched on time laps, but did not do the four required in his Toyota. The o nly vehicle in the Unlimited truck class was the big Ford started by Debbie Bunch. With Beny Canella driving relief on the rugged run, they covered all four laps, for the win. With only four starters Class 8 drew a lot of attention because Larry Ragland had his SCORE-HORA Heavy Metal desert points winning Chevy out for some real world testing. Ragland was also giving rides to some folks in this fun race. Needless to say Larry did a 1: 13:38 first lap, over an hour faster than the other Class 8s. In fact, Dick Sugden didn't make a (805) 683-1211 Jay and Donnie King were the only Class 7 4x4 vehicle that covered the required four laps, and they actually led the class all day in the trusty Toyota. Matt Towery and Clarke Watson went farther fas ter than any of the four starters in Class 8, their two laps covered good for the class title. ·Page 28 February 1992 Dusty Times

Page 29

Greg Burgin and Chris Bowman, right, slide past Rich Hayes/Dick D'Amato on their way to third in Class 5-1600, and Dave Girdner and Tom Craig, foreground, placed second in Class 9 in the Funco, and here are passing Dan-Mustoe who James Clements and Mike Brown turned consistent lap times in the home built Clemco got into third place in Class 9, just five minutes out of second spot. Hayes was sixth in the same class. · didn't finish in his Class 9. · lap in his Ford, and Gail Gould only did one round in over six hours in his GMC, good for third place. Meanwhile Ragland departed the scene after crossing the finish line just once, appar-ently the team learning what they nt.'cded to, and mayhe getting a little pre-run in for the HORA race coming in January. Mean-while Matt Towery and Clarke Watson turned two decent laps in their Ford, and took the win with · two laps covered in 5: 11 :06. A hefty 21 startcJ in Class 9 but the Lucerne course took its toll early. Dan Richardson, Joe Sparkman, Craig Bernal didn't do a lap and Dan Mustoe, Gary Tachell, Kim Peterson and David Rogers only covered one lap before retiring. Checking the results it looks like Ron Brady led the first lap hy a couple of minutes over Michael Rix and Sandy Parker. Again this class was too hig and too close running for us to get a good fix on who was leading even at the half way point, where it could have heen one of a half do:en entries. That's how close they were running, some all in the same dusty cloud. A couple more strong contenders failed hefore the checkered flag. Gary Nobbe got two quick laps before parking the Jimco, and Robert MacDon(lld got through three faps in serious contention for the lead hut failed to finish. Midway it appears that Sandy Parker had the lead when he handed the Chenohrut over to Tom Moessner, hut the Dave Girdner/Tom Craig Funco was closing in, especially on the third lap. But it was Tom Moessner who drove Sandy Parker's car under the checkered flag first,. winning the hig class hy ten minutes. Sandy said they had a perfect day, no trouhle at all, and he credited that to the Parker Brothers race prep. Sandy credited Tom Moessner with quick laps to hring the car in the winner. Dave Girdner got serond place saying that his son-in-law Tom Craig got out of a 1600 that he started and jumped right into Sandy Parker and Tom Moessner emerged from the ten car Class 9 dust cloud midway in the race, Sandy handed over to Tom in the lead, but it was tight as the team won the big class by ten minutes. the Funco to turn a very fast 1 :35 suspension and electrical trouhle, lap on the third, and secure ran most of the way without second place for the team. Dave brakes, hut said it was fun said they got lost twice and hroke anyhow. Stephen Wellington and one shock for troubles, and the Mark Bell survived a five hour engine was going sour at the flag. second lap to finish. Making it an all Barstow finish, We don't really understand the defending points champ Jim stock truck classes, hut Scott Sells Clements and co-driver Mike did the required two laps over a Brown turned most consistent lap minute faster than Sho Ota, :ind times and :ipped into third in Curtis Lamh was hack another Class 9, another five minutes seven minutes in the all Toyota hack. Class 1500. Sells said he had no Showing how tight this contest prohlems at all, and Ota hrokc a was, Jim Richardson and Shane shock. Kreg Donahoe took fourth Reed, out in Rich Richardson's an hour hack with a finish, and Scott Sells had a tight fight for his win in Class 15, his Toyota coming in just ·over a minute faster than the next Toyota, and he reported no troubles at all in his two required laps. Brady Helm was fifth, with one was in the ranks an,! it covered all lap done. In Class I 550 Gordon four laps for the class honors. Di Carlo and Jeff Yocum won in a With just one lap required Ton)' Ford, ahout 17 minutes up on Benda was the first finishn in his Mike and Chris Coleman, Chevy. Honda O~-lyssey. Just five minutes Neither truck had any troubles. hehind Donald Kleinhen: \\'as James Hall and company had second in a Sclsta,1, an,1 ArtGihhs plenty of trouble with their Ford was third in a Honda, anothl'r ti:n Bronco, hut finished only another minutes hack. seven minutes hack, followed in · This ract: wrapped up thl' La over an hour hy Ramon Maramha Rana season, a most succL·ssful fourth in a Dodge and Michael one, and it starts all OVl'r again on Yarman, Chevy, as all five _lanuar)' 4 at Barstow, and WL' finished four laps. · expect even more growth in the Just one Class 14, thl' Chevy of coming yL·ar for this high desert Michael Rauch from Pennsylvania race group. r;r class points winner for the third year in a row in the SCORE-HORA series, finished just one minute behind Clements for fourth in J ass 9 in the Jimco. Nine minutes hack in fifth was Bill Hibler, Jimco, followed in five minutes hy the Raceco of Helen and Patrick Henesey. So it went all the way through the top ten who were scarcely more than a few minutes apart, and 12 fin ished. DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN A HONDA. There were four starters in Class 11 hut neither the Michael Duenas or the Tom ·Preston Beetles made a lap. However, the other two were only three seconds apart finishing the first of two laps and the race was on. Larry Adams and Steve Muni: who had that slim lead increased it on the second round, adding only two minutes to their lap time and they won easily. Adams said he had *The same Innovative engin-eering that goes Into Honda automobiles and motorcycles goes Into every piece of Honda Power Equipment. *Convenient, easy-to-use controls. *Full line of construction products available at your local Honda Power Equipment dealer. JUST ARR I UED II!! I *Bring In this ad for additional savings. DIESEL GENERATOR 12KW 3 CYLINDER -LIQUJD COOLED RUA ILRBLE NOW 11111 ..... Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 EAST 3RD ST LOS ANGELES. CA 90063 (213) 264-3936 (213) 264-5858 - ~ , or optimum performarico and safety, we recommend you read the 01•mers manual before Gordon OiCarlo and Jeff Yocum won the full size Stone Stock truck class in the Ford, and they reported no problems en route and won by about" 17 minutes. operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of generators to house power requires transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. c 1988 American Honda Motor co. Inc. Dusty Times February 1992 Page 29

Page 30

Rick and Randy Wilson stand the Raceco on its nose on the rutted trail on their way to fourth place in Class 10, only three minutes out of third. Dave Hendrickson and Cameron Steele teamed up to race in Class 5-1600 and had many troubles, but still finished fourth in the 13 Bug 5-1600 ranks. Larry Ragland came out to test some new Chevy goodies in Class 8, have a look at the Lucerne course and did a quick lap and then retired in second. Debbie Bunch tried driving the big Class 8 truck, and with Beny Canela co-driving the Ford, it finished all four laps for the Class 150 victory. Michael Rauch came from Pennsylvania to race his Chevy/Jeep, and the only Class 14 on hand covered all four laps in good time for the winning honors. · Page 30 Ed Pendley and Billy McCool had a good run in the rebuilt Funco, tenth overall, fourth in 1-2-1600 and just one minute away from third place. Eric Heiden and Clive Skilton slog through the soft stuff in the Jeep Cherokee and the team had -class fast lap and placed second in Class 6. Jim Richardson and Shane Reed took the SCORE/HORA Class 9 champion Jim co out ·,or a fun ride and the team were fourth by just a single minute. Brian and Scott Steele fly high over the lumps in their JMR racer, on the way to fifth in Class 1-2-1600 and a fine eleventh overall in the race. Billy Bunch made a strong start with class fast lap in 7S, but that was his last lap also, but attrition was high and his Ford placed second. Bill and Mark Hibler, pursued by a Jeep- here, carried on through all four laps in the Jimco and took fifth in Class 9, just nine minutes 01't. Larry Adams and Steve Muniz had a slim three second first lap The Odyssey style Class 44 cars cover just one lap, and Tony lead, but won Class 11 easily after two laps, in fact by about Benda, Honda, won the sprint dash to the flag by about five three hours. minutes in a tight race. -------=--------------------Sho Ota had a good run in his Stone Stock Toyota, finishing second in the class and he was only a heartbreaking minute behind the winner at the flag. February 1992 Mike and Chris Coleman had no troubles with their Stone Stock Chevrolet, covered both laps smoothly and finished 17 minutes behind-the winner. Dusty Times

Page 31

Myron Mills has won his share in pro ranks, but he tired on ttie closing laps in his Pro 3 car and finished second overall this time, first in Pro 3. Cecil Robertson and Scottie DeArmond shared driving duties in the Pro 2 car, started first and stayed close up front, finishing third in the race and in championship points. Clifford Walker with driving help in the Chenowth from David Maness, took third on time, but a penalty dropped them to fourth in the race and in points too. . -Frank Schneider won his second race of the season in Sportsman Class in the Sprint Sport, and had another fairly uneventful time during the race. Phil Campbell tried hard in the Amateur Class, caught some rocks in the bodiless buggy, but stayed on the gas to take second in the growing class. THE TEXAS CHALLENGE SERIES FINALE Jim Maness Wins the Race And The Points Title. Jim Maness led the early laps, dropped to second on corrected time, kept the pressure on. set race fast lap to win the rac~ and the championship by a slim four points. The eighth and tinal round of the Texas Challenge O(f Road Points Series was held in October. At stake was the 1991 Overall Points Championship. Once again the weather around Odessa was beautiful with temperatures into the 80s and a good season ending entry was on hand to try the course at Notrees, Texas. The Amateur class entries again ran over a shortened version of the bigger course and last month's winner, Danny Whitehead of Andrews, TX was once again the winner over Phil Campbell of Kermit. Whitehead outlasted the other competitors by completing seven laps in just over 26 minutes. Bob Bowling was third. This. class looks to be a popular one and should grow during the 1992 season. The Pro and Sportsman entries would be racing over an eight mile course of this final race of 1991 with Pro 1 & 2 doing 19 laps for a total of 152 miles and Pro 3 running 18 laps and 144 miles. The Sportsman would run 16 laps for a total distance of 128 miles. When the numbers were drawn for starting position,' the lucky number 1 went to Cecil Robert-Dusty Times son's Pro 2 entry. L:o-,lri\·c·r Scottie DeArmond started the race in what would probably be the last race for the car. Rumor has it that the CHR Machine sponsored car will he totally revamped for the 1992 season. Jim Maness drew the #2 spot in his Pro 2 entry. This race would decide the overall points champ-. ion and Maness had a good shot at the title. Gene Peugh of Cle-bourne, TX left the line next in his Pro 3 Chenowth, running a desert race for the first time. Next away was Barry Callaway also from Alvarado in his Pro 3 Fuoco. These two entries had been competing in a Texas short course series this year and both had decided to try their luck at desert racing. Following Callaway was points leader James Martin in his Permian Supply sponsored Funco running in Pro 2. Martin had also indicated he would be doing a major revamp on his car for 1992 and was hoping to get it through one more race with no major problems. Clifford Walker started next in· his Chenowth sponsored by Randy's Liquor and was looking to move up in the point standings. Myron Mills of Roanoke, TX was entered in Pro 3 in his 1600, hoping to keep his winning streak alive. In three previous races at Notrees, he had won each time and was going for #4. Mills has been the most consistent of all racers who have run at Notrees over the last two years, and has finished each race he has entered within the .time limit with no problems. Next away was Frank Schneid-er's Sprint Sport entered in Sportsman 7. Schneider won the overall tit!~ a couple of races back and was prepared to do it again. John Mapp in his Sportsman 2 entry was last oft the line and was looking to make it two in a row after winning last month's race. On the first lap Maness passed De Armond to take the lead on the road and was the first car back to the start/ finish with a lap time of 11 :25. The second car through was De Armond who was almost a minute behind. The rest of the cars came through in starting order, with the next four cars separated by only 18 secons. On lap 2 Peugh 's car lost the engine and he retired. The rest of the field came through in the same order with just five minutes from the first car to the last. On lap 3 Callaway's Funco lost its fan belt, hut he was unaware of the problem and proceeded to cook his engine until it was well done. At the end of four laps Maness was still leading on the road, but Mills, in Pro 3, was in the lead on corrected time. This put Maness in second and Robertson in third. Martin was holding fourth followed by Walker who was experiencing brake problems and had to stop on the fourth and fifth laps to bleed the brakes. Mills' lead over Maness was about 7 .5 minutes, while DeArmond was another six minutes hack. Martin had a long third lap and was about February 1992 16 minutes down -from the leader Mills, but was making up time having recorded the fast lap of the race so far at 11 :24 on lap 4. On lap 6 Maness develop~·d an oil cooler leak and was forced to pit for repairs. This allowed Mills to increase his lead to about J 2 minutes and DcArmond moved to within 1 :30 of Maness. Martin also had problems on the sixth lap and had to make a pit stop. Martin came out of the pits and set the fast lap for the race on lap 7 at 11: 14. Maness' pit crew replaced the oil cooler on his Sprint Roadrunner and he was able to get ~.:, • • • • . • R • hack on course without losing second p lace. Walker )Vas running consistent 12.5 minute laps and was trailing Mills by 29 minutes in fifth place. Afo:r lap 9 Martin had closed to within 19 minutes of the leader Mills, trailing third place DeArmonJ by just two minutes. Maness was leading DeArmond hy almost nine minutes in second place and trailt·d Mills by 9.5 minute . DcArmo·nd recorded three long laps on 9, IO and 11, as did Martin on 10 and 11, which allowed Mills and Maness to open ( 1.:mu11111L'd on f>d_t!,1..' 3 {) DESERT LOCK OUTER 3.000 WIDE OUTER FOR SUPER STRENGT 8 • 1.125 HOLES TO REDUCE DIRT BUILD-UP._..i...;._r, Standard Lock Outer hread ire Located ff Inner Ring Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength * At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing · * All parts are available separately *In stock_- Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 8"-1 O" 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 13" MIDGET MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 0" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax Page 31

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1991 RALLY OF SPAIN Armi-n Schwarz Wins The Rally Costa Brava-Catalunya time was short for all, especially for late comer Aghini. In the World Driver's Title chase, if Carlos won the rally he woufd win the Title for a second year, no matter what happens on the RAC. Gustavo Trelles' national championship chances paled when Lancia ::;pain pulled out at the ser-ies. But it was clear that Abarth had spared no effort in preparing the Uruguayan 's car. It was the first time that T relies really felt he had a car in which he could fairly chal-lenge the best in the world. A short run around St. Hilario and Gerona should have encom-passed a short mixed surface superspecial and six stages on asphalt for Etape 1. But in the end stage 4 was canceled because so many spectators were thronging the road. St. Hilario was like a magnet for Spanish. enthusiasts; the end of stage 2 and 3 and the start of 4 were all on roads that joined at this mountain town. Many commented they hadn't 1' " seen ths number of people since /!."~min Schwarz and Arne Hertz dust some of the beautiful Spanish scenery in the old days of Sintra in Portugal. the Toyota Celica GT-Four; they survived some hazards on the road to win Delecour made best time on the overalf, Schwarz taking his first World Championship victory and the first for a superspecial, but Sch war: took _G_e_r_m_a_n_d_r_iv_e_r_in_s,_·x_y_e_a_rs_. ____________ -,--,----- . charge when the rally reached the Armin Schwar: became the first and they combined the expertise mountain roads. Carlos· took his German driver to win a World from the old Costa Brava and Cata- time consolidating his position. Championship Rally since the days lunya Rallies, both major road Delecour proved himself by. mak-. of Walter Rohr!. After defending events in northeast Spain to good ing best times on stages 5 and 6, World Champion Carlos Sain: effect. The rally format was after losing about 1.5 minutes on-had abandoned with electrical roughly 50150 asphalt/ gravel, the stage 3 with a stuck turbo waste-trouble, Toyota's number two asphalt stages in the hills behind gate. Bardolet was only marginally drove faultlessly for three days, the rally base at Lloret de Mar slower, learning for the first time then succumbed momentarily to being familiar-to local enthusiasts, how to use a seven speed gearbox the pressure when he tippet the car but few drivers remembered rally- in anger. At the end of the day he on its roof on the final morning. ingonthegtavelstagesusedonthe was third, one second behind Schwar:'s win was a wonderful third day. These were held around Sain::, while the big surprise in consolation for the man who has · Solsona, an area opened up for fourth place was Agnhini, leading devoted his work to the Sain:: cause easy access with the recent comp le- T relies. this year. Championship cha!-tion of a motorway from Barcel-Kankkunen was off the pace, lenger Juha Kankkunen drove a ona to n_earby Manresa. . and on stage 3 he ran 16 km on a poor event, completely off the Although local Spanish drivers flat but lost no time! This was the pace for the first two days on knew most of the event well, most first time an ATS insert had actu-asphalt, but recovering on the of the World Championship driv- ally performed under compe~ition grayel sections on the remaining ers came to the event completely in a racing tire, and the lack ot time two days to finish second, and he new. In the top entries only Sain:, loss was a revelation for Michelin. took the lead in the Drivers' series guest works Ford driver Bardolet Still the masses of people were the· with one event to go. Apart from and Trelles, Lancia could claim to talk of the day. Schwar: said "I inadequate measures to cater for know the stages, though Sain: said, could hardly see my way through the great numbers of spectators "We still had to practice like mad. spectators as we got to St. Hilario." who had never witnessed World Eight times over the asphalt and O pinio n s diffe r ed w h e n t h e class rallying before, the latest five over the gravel. " Originally all downhill stage 4 was canceled. In dd. · t th W Id Ch p1·0 thre•' dr1·vers able to win the Driv- d a man o e or am n-~ Group N Fords dominate . ship Series went wdl. ers' Title were entered, bµt Didier Menem struggled through two Th C t 1 C t B Auriol ha, d to return to France on e a a unya-os a rava stages with no power steering,· attracted considerable interest, not hearing that his father had sud-while Capdevila had a fuel pump the least because of the high profile ·denly died. This meant that only problem. Minna Sillankorva, hav-. h t t t ands Sa1·n-_ and Kankkunen were left in h image t a mo or spor comm, ing scored tenth best time on t e in Iberia these days. The organi:ing the Title race, and Andrea Aghini SuperSpecial in her Lancia, then club is the same as that for the wasco-optedatthelastmomentto withdrew, now having all the Spanish Grand Prix at Montmelo, replace Auriol for Lancia. Training_ points needed for the 1991 Ladies Cup. She said she was happy to be the first World Rally Champion from Finland for four years. . CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279•2509 HELMET $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 A FRESH AIR HELMET ANO BLOWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNEOF'OR OI F ROAD USE AT A RF.ASONABLF PRICE BUILT AND BACKED DY DELL HELMETS LIGHT WEICHT-REDUCES NECK S'I'RAIN Page 32 COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSEMBl,Y ARE GUARANTJ<:EO FOR QNF, FULi, YEAR SNELL SA85 APPROVED Etape 2 was a day of truths. 63 cars were due to tackle the run ·Monday morning b1.g Carlos Sainz discovered his moment of reality when his Toyota would not start in pare ferme. He and co-driver Luis Moya pushed the stricken machine over the control line and mechan-ichs from TIE changed everything they could think C?t. TTE had no idea, hy the end ot the rail y, what had failed, and someone said "It often happens in Spain." Later that day it happened to Moratal. "In T enerife there is one sta·ge where some cars always have to retire with unexplained electrical faults!" Was there an evil Spanish eye? Truth two came trom Delecour. Motivated by his turbo failure the February 1992 With the Group N Championship already decided, drivers Fernando Capdevila and Alfredo Rodriques wori Group Nin their Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4. day before he set off with a ven-geance. Best time on every stage until the first stage after the after-noon rest halt at Berga was a good way of showing that Ford could only ignore his talent at their peril. This was the man whose punish-ment for irregular behavior was to have missed this event,· and who on! y · had his ban lifted when teammate Alex Fiorio was sacked for an even greater irregularity. Aghinj was continuing to prove himself in the car intended for Auria!, lying as high as · second before the Fords got past. This was only his second rally in a 4WD car and he was ahead of local expert Trelles, who was still intrigued at the professionalism of the works rally teams. Tire warmers, helicop-ter service, ouvreurs checking the road, quite a new world for the man from Montevideo. Ford progressively got in gear. With Delecour up from eighth the day before to second and Bardolet . gradually sorting out the suspen-sion and his unfamiliarity with the works Cosworth, he was now third. Behind them were a string of Lancias down to ninth place. Kankkunen was sixth, while Recalde, on his first ever rally with a Group A car on asphalt, was not . far behind the works car though Puras caught and passed him into eighth place. Moratal dropped from tenth to 20th when the car inexplicably stopped for eight minutes but carried on. Menem continued to lead Group N despite a puncture. It was interesting how slow the Lancia.s were without their top asphalt men, and none had yet made a fastest time. The asphalt rallying was now ended and · Kankkunen was four minutes behind the leader. One wondered how much he could claw back on the gravel. Despite a spin, Aghini finished the day in fourth place, highest placed of the Lancias. Schwar: held his breath starting Etape 3 as he turned on the ignition key of his Toyota in pare ferme. The engine turned over for at least ten heart stopping seconds before there was a slight cough, then another, and finally the car burst into a relieving roar. There was a long two hour run to the first stage down the autopista, and for Trelles there was drama. He had just paid his toll fee when the engine stalled and he found the car was blocked in neutral. He radioed for help and commented afterwards, "It was like the movies. In six minutes the first van arrived, in another four minutes the team helicopter and two vans arrived with Lancia bosses Petronio and Roberti. Help came from all directions!" The gearbox was changed in a layby by the autopista and he rushed off to the first stage just in time. Kankkunen won four of the first five gravel stages and started to. work his way up the field. His style was impressive. On stage 23 some spectator tape was wrapped around his radio aerial when he spun early on, and the car rushed on down the stage looking like some mechanical bandit. Then, right below a chasing TV helicop-ter, he took two huge short cuts across fields, each time saving around one hundred meters, rejoining the track further on. He made best time by 11 seconds! There was dust everywhere; pre-viously immaculate cars were sud-denly immersed in the white powder. Bardolet's hope of prov-ing himself against teammate Dele-cour was on hold. He spun on the first stage, and lost a minute, later saying he had both gearbox and brake troubles. The Finn was enjoying himself and made six fastest times during the day. Canaries driv_er Luis Mon-:on rolled but continued with little damage. Moratal's kadett retired when the suspension pulled out of the chassis on stage 23. It was now a different rally, new people in charge. Aghini was feeling his inexperience on gravel and his lack of training in Spain badly. By the lunch halt in Solsona he was down to sixth while Trelles was up to fourth behind Schwar:, Delecour and Kankkunen, whose charge was apparent. Only the German in the lead seemed immune from danger, so long as he could deep the Celica in one piece. Solsona entered the spirit of the event, declared a school ''!?\~? t ,., ,, _; ... " I;.;; Sweeping through a wooded gravel area, Carina Boronat and Silvia Figuera/a kept the Volkswagen Golf G Ti on the trail for a good 13th place finish and they took the coveted Ladies Prize. Dusty Times

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holiday, sent cars through ancient roads in the town, and discharged muskets as the cars set off for the four afternoon stages. In the afternoon Capdevila struggled on, still second in Group N with various woes. Bar-dolet was getting frustrated, say-ing it was almost impossible to get the hang of the car. Schwar: was calm, "Kankkunen has only taken 37 seconds off us all day, so we are very pleased." It had been six t years since a German driver had >Ii won a World Championship Looking laid back at a service area, Juha Kankkunen is cool most of the time, Rally, the final day might just be and he cooled it in Spain in the early stages, came back strong and took something very memorable, but second in the rally and first in driver points standings. things were far from over for the front at Lloret de Mar. The job comfortable drive from there to surviving crews. took i·ust 7 m,·nutes, 53 seconds.1 h t·· · h b 33 h t e mis , ut on stage c came Sch war: had an exciting day on Armin arrived without penalty to to an uphill first gear hairpin. The Etape 4. The rumors about a bad start the first stages, but was rear wheels slid on the gravel and gearbox were true, and the team penali:ed 30 seconds for not the car tipfed onto its roof. His changed the unit immediately being able to drive over the start 52 year ok co-driver Arne Hert: after leaving the start on the sea-ramp. Still he should have had a stayed inside the car, pushing the Results -1991 Rally of Spain Results car back with my legs through the window, he said. The young Schwar: was out in a flash and found a spectator; these two pushed the Toyota on to its wheels: altogether the rally lead-ers only lost a minute. With two stages left to go, Kankkunen was equal with Delecour and on his way to 15 important Champion-ship points. Trelles retired on the second stage with clutch failure. Capdevila lost nine minutes with gearbox trouble, hut he was still ahead of new Spanish asphalt champion Ponce in his 4WD BMW 325 iX. Armin Schwarz/Arne Hertz DIS Toyota Celica GT-Four A• 6:44:42 Juha Kankkunen/Juha Piironen SF Lancia Delta lntegrale A 6:46:15 Francois Delecour/Daniel Grataloup F Ford Sierra Cosworth A 6:46:20 Jose-Maria Bardolet/A. Rodriguez E Ford Sierra Cosworth A 6:50:22 Andrea Aghini/Sauro Farnocchia I Lancia Delta lntegrale A 6:51:44 Jorge Recalde/Marfin Christie RA Lancia Delta lntegrale A 7:03:42 Luis Monzon/Alex Romani E Lancia Delta lntegrale A 7:09:08 Fernando Capdevila/A Rodriguez E Ford Sierra Cosworth N• 7:37:51 Joaquim CasasayasiM. Dalmases E Peugeot 309 GTI A 7:50:24 Jose-Maria Ponce/J.C. Deniz E BMW325iX N 7:50:33 Carina Boronat/Silvia Figuerola (13) E VWGolfGTI .. A 8:14:42 • Group winners • •• Ladies Cup 76 start - 33 finish Winner's average stage speed - 82.42 kph Drivers points - Kankkunen 138, Sainz 131, Auriol 101, Biasion 69, Schwarz 55 Group N - De Mevius 46 • 1991 FIA Production Car Cup Winner T . , ~ ', .... Young Armin Schwarz confers with Toyota Team Europe President Ove Andersson at a rest halt on the route and the advice must have been good because Schwarz went on to win the rally, · More problems up front. Puras their 16 inch wheels, and in retro-overturned, as he had head gasket spect wished they had used them trouble and was "distracted for a for the full gravel part of the moment looking at the tempera-event. So Armin Schwar: was the ture gauge." He retired in stage 32 overall winner in the Toyota, hav-with engine failure. Bardolet had ing no problems at all until the more trouble, losing turbo pres-final day. There was enormous sure which cost a minute, while applause at the finish when he said Mencm lost a wheel after hitting a he had only come to the rally in tree, his co-driver tinishing the the hope ot helping Carlos get his stage sitting on the hack of the car. title. It quite endeared him to the He lost 11 minutes on the stage local fans. and five at the ricxt control, hut With the Group N title decided was still three minutes in front of earlier in the year for De Mevius, Ponce. Then on the next stage he and Sillankorva securing the did much the same.again and this Ladies Championship in Spain, time fell to third in Group. the only driver's title left to con-On the final stage Kankkunen test at the RAC Rally is the Group pressed on to make his second A and Overall honors. Presently place secure and spun in the pro-Kankkunen leads Sain: hy seven cess, unaware that Delecour had points and nobody else has a cased off and consequently had mathematical chance even if thrown away his chance ofheing neither driver shows up 1n second! The Fords went better on England. ~lilit~>, .....,,.~ !·,.., ,· ...,;-> , - ; ' The Juhas, Kankkunen and Piironen bided their time, got in top gear on the gravel and brought the Lancia Delta lntegrale in second overall with good points for Kankkunen in his championship quest. Francois De,lecour and Daniel Grataloup won several stages in Jose-Maria Ponce and Jose-Gatos Deniz placed their BMW 3'25 the Ford Sierra Cosworth, ran second for a time and eventually iX, here dusting some spectators, second in Group N and tenth TEXAS Challenge r from 1,a.~s ,, 1 up a hig lead on· the rest of ~he cars. The interval between Mills and Maness was now about 5.5 minutes with third place DeAr-mond more than 20 minutes off the pace. Walker had taken over fourth place from Martin hy ten minutes at this point. Cecil Robertson took over the driving duties from DeArmond in his entry on the 11th lap and Mills pitted for the first time for gas on his 11th lap. David Maness replaced Walker in the Chenowth on lap 12. At this point in the race everyone that was still running appeared to have no major problems for the next several laps. On his 16th lap Maness passed Mills and needed only to make up another 2:30 to take over first place. Maness was leading Robertson by almost two laps and Martin and Walker were almost three laps down. Everyone expected Maness to take over first on his 17th lap but he pitted after lap 1 7 to check the steering on the car. It was quickly determined that the power steering belt was gone, a new one was installed and Maness was back on course having lost only a little over a minute on the stop. Mills was obviously slowing down by about 30 seconds a lap now, and Maness officially took over first place on his 18th lap. Needing only to finish one more DustyTimes finished third, less than two minutes out. overall in a fine drive in their home country rally. lap Maness had a lead of 5:30 going into the white flag lap. Martin's Funco had pitted at this time and the steering box had broken so he was out for good. Robertson was still third, but Walker was closing the gap and was only four minutes behind in fourth. Jim Maness got the EZ signal from his pit crew as he started his last lap and slowed to a finai'lap . time of 12:56 to win this final race of the year and also claim his third victory of the season. Myron Mills finished in second place, just 7:36 behind Maness. Mills stated after the race that he had gotten tired towards the end of the race, and after Maness had gone hy he slowed down so as not to hurt the car or himself. David Maness, driving Cliff~rd Walk-er's Chenowth, was very consist-ent over the final seven laps for his team, with lap times not varying over 30 seconds, and he finished in third place. Cecil Robertson ended the race with two long laps and finished fourth with James Martin officially finishing fifth. Frank Schneider bested John Mapp for the Sportsman race victory. After the race a ten minute penalty was assessed against Walker's car for running throuih a fence on lap 10, which dropped Walker to fourth and moved Robertson to third. By winning the final race ot the season, and with James Martin finishing fifth, Jim Maness garnered enough points to move past Martin to capture the 1991 Texas Challenge Overall Points Championship. James Martin finished second, just four points hack, with Cecil Robertson another four points behind in third. With the end of this race also came the end of the 1991 race season, nut the drivers arc already talking ahout the 1992 season opener in February near Big Bend National Park. The 1991 season awards hanquet was at the Coors' Hospitality Room near Midland International Airport. Highlights of the evening were the top ten points awards, the announcement of the 1992 schedule, some minor rules changes and lots of bench racing! The · 1991 season was a good . one for the Texas Challenge and with the increase in entries for the final two races, the 1992 series should he a humdinger. For all those who have competedJor all the sponsors, for all those who have helped through the year, for all the spectators who came out and supported the racers, and especially Dusty Times for their great maga:ine coverage, we at Midwest Racing would like to say a great hig THANKS! We hope to see all of you hack again next season. February 1992 CAGLE Fuel Controls Small & Big Carburetors End Load-up Problems More Top-end Power No carburetor can do this. The Fuel Control lowers fuel pressure when an engine is not making power. As pressure is lowered the needle-valve closes sooner, and the fuel bowl level (ie the float) is lowered. The air/fuel mixture is adjusted from over-rich back to normal. It's automatic, the feedback signal is the change in engine vacuum. Fast adjustment, fast response Ease up on the throttle, and the carburetor is adjusted. Nail it for instant power. Use a bigger needle-valve, bigger jets, and a higher float setting for more top-end power without the usual low-end flooding. Available from: Improve Acceleration End Airborne Flooding Racing Benefits Ends engine load-up in the bumps and whoop-de-doos. Cleaner acceleration out of corners and bumps. Better driveability. Much better mileage. Approved for all SCORE/HORA vehicle classes. Intake manifold may be modified in accordance with SCORE/HORA rules. Field Reports-Mileage Racers report 25-50% better mileage. Support pickups 20-25%, sedans and small cars 15-20%, Class A motorhomes 10-15%. Your results may vary; full refund for 90 days from purchase. Field Reports-Emissions It cures a major problem in passing emissions tests, for street vehicles. Cepek, Race Ready, Harvey's ,./eep, German Auto, McKenzie's, Northwest Offroad, Sierra Performance, Thompson's, S & S Machine, Dirty Parts. Also available from: Inglese Induction, Mikuni Carburetors, Clifford Performance, The Carburetor Shop-Ontario, The Carburetor Shop-Costa Mesa, AEM Advanced Engine Management, TWM Induction, Pierce Manifolds, Turbo City, Carburetor Research, Jackson Racing. Box 2536 Rolling Hills CA 90274 Service and Questions 800/327-7501 Page 33

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Jimmy Nichols Wins Class 1 O Never Sees Checkered at Glen Helen Jimmy Nichols drove the Bo/ink Chenowth to victory in the first heat, and he got the hole shot in the Class 10 main event, and had no trouble winning, even though he was short one lap at the checkered. The final race of the M illcr l )ff Road Series at Glen Ht·len last N o v e m h e r s a w i ts s h a rt· o f problems starting with a track that needed major modifications before practice was finished. The jumps on the front straight a way were recur after some serious crashes occurrt·d. Thankfully no one was badly hurt hut some equipment saw some major ~ damage. In the first heat of Class 1 () it was Gary Gall in the Chenowth Rev Power/ Mancha Realtor/ Rad-iator Man/Gary's AutomotivL' sponsored car with thL' holeshot. Unfortunately he was sidelined with mechanical problems hl'fore one lap was completed. Taking over in the lead position was Jimmy Nichols in the Bolink RC Cars/Goodyear /Valvoline Chl'n-owth. His tour of duty as the front runner was also short lived as onL' lap later Tommy Bradley, all the way from Las Vegas, put his Alenco Aluminum/Yokohama Tires/Bradco Rabbit in thL' kad and never looked back. Eddie Lynch in the Raceco toughL·,1 it out for third and finished \\'ith both rear tires flat. BrucL' Ellingwood in the RacL' EngineL'r-ing/ Kasch Graphics-S& W Rac-ing/Quarter Scale Pro,lucts coul,I do no more than three laps hdon· he had to head for the pits. In the second heat it wa'S Nichols all the way with the only order change coming on the first lap when Gary Gall got around Tommy Bradley for second place. They finished in that order. The main was truly one of attrition. Again Nichols got the ··holeshot and it really madL' no difference since Bradley and Gall wne only ahle to go two laps hefore Bradley hroh and Gall rolled getting his hells rung prl'tty good at the bottom of Animnl Leap. Even Nichols fell one lap short of the checkered hut it wns still enough for thL· victory. The Mini Mags had their share of prohlems. Two of thL' three came from a for piece off ns Ro nnd Kuki Alvare: call Saipnn in the Marianas Pncific hon1L'. In the first heat Kuk i got out in front in the Continentnl Air; Mike and Snipan "E" Tours Chenowth. Kirk McDaniel in the Pacific Off Road, All T L"mp Control ChL·n-owth Fabrication car was second and three laps later when Kuki rolled he took over the lead. Bo made the start but never complet-ed a lap. In the second heat Bo came back with a vengence and went start to finish in the lead followed by McDaniel and Kuki. The Main was a wild one. Off the line Bo and McDaniel tangled and no restart flag came out so Kuki was one lap up on them before they even got started. Bo was the first one to get aimed in the right direction so ge got the second with McDaniel third. ThL' SupL'r Lites WL·re the higgest class of thL· day with dL'wn of the little critters on han,I. In the first heat Greg GeorgL' in the Nature's RecipeiBF(, Gills Pipes, Fox/Shoei 'Maxima/ AXO/HRD Powerhloc, Mid Cities Honda Briggshuilt held school as he went wirL· to wirL'. loL' Price in the J .D. Price Co. Rice Honda/Goodyear 'CT Racing Triple "E" car got off Sl'Cond hut went heads up with _limmie Johnson, another mL'mher of thL' Nature's Recipe team who took the plan· spot on thv SL·cond lap. Price h·pt nippin~• ;1! his n·,1r fender an,1 it finally paid off on the white flag lap and lw took advantagL· ofa lapped car to regain his spot. _lohnson got :apped hy teammate Rennie Awana and L'Vl'n lost third. In thv second hL·at with a reverse line up it was still George out on top with Johnson second and Mercedes Gon:aks, yet -anothvr Natun·'s RL·c ipt: team nwmhL-r in third. Two laps in saw her sidclinl'd and Awana movl'd into thl' spot. On thL· white flag lap Johnson found tht: mistake he was looking for anll was ahle to gt·t' around Georgl· and pick up the win. George was second and Awana thir,I. ThL· Main Event saw George with the pole, Johnson on the outsidv and Awana insiLk on thL' SLTOntl row. Pricl· was on the outside in the SL'COnd row. GL"orge vxploded off thl' lim· with Price St·nmd and John S:1rna in .the MTW Equi1~nwnt Miragl' Rac-ing MMF Racing Bridge-stonL' K & N ShoL·i Trench Shoring H&R Fah car thircl. Back in traffic were Awana, Gon:ales an,l _lohnson. By the L'nd of two, John~on and Awana ha,! moved ·intu third an,! fourth rt:spl-ctively and one lap latn all hell broke loosl' when CL'orgl' went out with mL"chanical problems and John-son, Awana and Sarna all got by PriCl'. Even though it was a new cast of players the fireworks wt:re for from owr. Oh thl' last lap Awana put the slickest little mow on Johnson and came a{vay with all the marhles. Johnson did hold on to the sec.ond and Sarna rounded out the fie!,! with third. Rick Boyer had trouble in the first 1-2-1600 heat, came back to go wire to wire to win the second heat, and placed a strong second in the main event. The Side cars are a real crowd pleaser at Glen Helen, running exhibition races. Here Mike Burns/Chrys Char-binneau just lead another one over a good jump at Glen Helen. Page 34 February 1992 Bo and Kuki Alvarez, from Saipan, did great in Mini Mag action, Kuki won the first heat, Bo took the second, and Kuki won the main event going away. The Super Lites were the biggest class at Glen Helen; Renie Awana took third in both heats, picked off his teammates one by one in the main and won the race. Tht:rL' were only four hardy souls in the 5-16()() Class. Rathl'r unusual since they h,wt· so fl'w places to run on a closed course. In the first heat the team of Walt Mathews and Dave Littlefield in tht· A' Door Comp/ Small Car Connection :'Pacific Paint ,:Good-year Tire/ Larry Hays Fah VW Rtw went out on top and thl'y Wl'rl' never seriously challengnl. The only otht·r team to go the ,listance wen• lnl' Giffin and Norman Bader. with· tht; third place team of Greg Sullivan and Eric Loesch in the Sullivan Machine Products Alan Wirl' VW down one lap in third. The second heat was an instant rt:play of the first only this time Sullivan and Lm·sch madL' all the laps. Winnns Matht:ws an,J Littlefield got a littk cra:y and started waving signs at the spectators starting with "Potty Stop" and ending with "Too Late". The Main again was the Mathews/Littlefield show with Giffin / Bader picking up the place spot and Sullivan and Loesch the show. Jim Rotundo was the only Challenger so he had an easy day in tlw Rotundo Racing/ American Cahint:tlT.C. 's Old V -Duh Homt· Inch & Co/Midnight Auto Wrecking Hi Jumper VW. Ht· Won!! It was another small field in the 1-2-1600 class hat all the front runners were on hand fighting for thl' title of µJ. Again the rough track took its toll. Randy Jones in the Overhl'ad Door/RHJ Tool-Bahe Jones Engines VW only made a half a lap hcfore he Waft Mathews went wire to wire to win the first 5-1600 heat, won the next heat as well with ease, and, with co-driver Dave Littlefield having fun with signs, Waft won the main event as well. It was close in the sma/11-2-1600 field as Steve Bishop took a close second in the first heat, and was again second in the next heat but he ran from the pole to the checkers first in the main event. Dusty Times

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Tommy Bradley comes down from Las Vegas to race Glen Jimmie Johnson looked strong in Super Lites, won the second Helen, won the first Class 10 heat by a good margin, but had heat and was second in the feature as well as taking second on Trans builder Joe Giffin got some real world testing in his 5-1600 and was second in the first heat, stayed in second for the next heat and the main event. troubles the rest of the day. · the day, a team sweep. --'-'-------'---------------was gone and Rick Boyer in the Racing Honda and Mike Cometti Cometti was going to t11rn the Funco didn't fair much better as on the O'Neal /Scott/Power-tahles on Cohh hut tlw fickle he Jropped off Animal Leap and ha r /Graydon/ PEP/ ) P Rae-finger of fate stepped in and Cohh not only lost distance hut lost ing/John Burr Honda diced it out got him on the l_ast lap to lock in sonwthing in the car and headed for second with the nod going to the outside first spot along side for the pits. Boh Mathews in the Cohh in a fairly close finish. winner Stuart. It was follow the Douhle DRacinglToyo Op-Inthesecoridheatitlookedlike leader in the Main as Comt:tti followed Cohh, who in turn followed Stuart. It was a nice tidy race with nohody making any waves. They tell us there will he a new group of people running this show next season. They referred to them as professionals which is too had because they haJ professionals and let them go and the show has heen on a steady decline ever since. Let's hope the new group can hring the off road program back to where it was. tics, Fat VW was out for a Sunday ·Drive it seemed hut Steve Bishop in the JG Transwerks,'Bishop Off Road Ran: T earn VW make it more like rush hour on an L.A. Frl'l'way. Royer lived up to that /:1 I plate in the second heat as he went wire to wire. Bishop followed him home with Jom·s taking advantage of Mathews demise after three to get th1..· show spot. SMART RACING PRODUCTS Bishop took full advantage of tht· pole in the main as well as all the ra::le da::le moves and after jumping out into the lead he was ahk to hold off all comers. Nothing could hudge him and evt·r1·one else seemed just as detl'rmined as nohody changed plan·.~. It was Bishop, Royer, Matht·ws and Jones at the· checkt-red. St·ven tl'ams decided to hattlc for the win in the Side Car Division. At least one new team was on hand and I Jo helieve this was thdr first attempt at this form of racing. One thing for sure, Hruce Antk-rson and Rrt·nt Blount on the Straight Line Racing Honda lived up to their sponsor as straight was fine hut turning mused an instant roll over. In the first heat, veterans John and Victor Palfrq,man on the Cycle Products West, Oak Icy I Kai GuardNMCIKTM let Don Harte and Pat Holmes on the Breez Bros Racing/Dick Allen Yamaha Wasp lead for the first two laps hefore passing them. Harte and Holmt•s wert· still not out of the woods as one lap later Jeff Anders and Paul Stt·mson dropped them to tht· third whl're tl,ey finished. In tht· second heat Anders and Stemson did hreak on top the Palfreymans made short work of taking over the lead and Harte and Holmt·s kept tht· hattle for second alive hy finishing third. It was almost an instant replay of the first heat as Harte and. Holmes took the point for two laps in the Main and the Palfreymans-took over. This time · Anders and Stemson had prob-lems at the start and were two laps down hefore they could get going. This made Dave Terrell and Brady Budd on the KTM very happy as they had a solid lock on the third. They let Greg Stuart in the ATV Invitational hold Class as the MMF/JP Racing/Max-ima/K&NlSkatTrak Honda was so far out in front he could have stopped and had coffee and still won. In the first heat Eric Cohh on the BV Performance/Skat Trak /K&N /PEPIShoei /Boh's k ra:y Brush /Carrera Photog-raphy /Sunstar / AXO /Tsu-haki /Graphics to Go/ Gator~IJP Dusty Times WOULD LIKE To CONGRATULATE KEVIN SMITH ON HIS FIRST SUPER 1600 MAIN EVENT WIN! LAS VEGAS, NEVADA THE SMITH RACING CASTROL MIRAGE IS·ON THE CHARGE WITH HEAT RACE WINS IN THREE OF THE LAST THREE EVENTS IN 191 AND ONE MAIN EVENT VICTORY! CONGRATULATIONS, FRANK, BRIAN, KEVIN 8c THE REST OF THE CREW! BRIAN STEWART AND PAUL NISSLEY RACING ON BRIANS FIRST MTEG MAIN EVE·NT WIN. OAKLAND,CA CONGRATULATIONS TO BRIAN, PAUL, KENNY AND THE . ENTIRE KELMARK .TEAM. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF OUR COMPETITORS ON A FINE SEASON. 5it Products LOOK FOR SMART RACING To COME 1205N Melrose•Un1tE ON EVEN STRONGER IN 192... 6~itg~~~~~~g February 1992 Page 35

Page 36

John Ronnerud and Bruce Wittig shared driving the Class 5 Bug, and they not only won the Haunted Hills race in class, they won the points. title for the 1991 series in Class 5. With only one other Class 9 on hand, Tom and Mike Struttmann had no troubles en route to winning the class at the race; and Jim Borel and Nels Dutton played musical chairs with the crew, but brought the Chenowth home with the 1-2-1600 title for the race and the 1991 season. winning the season points championship as well. GRR FINALE FOR 1991 Steve Melton Takes The Haunted Hills Classic R:,i Dmryl Drnk'-' u·i1h Noi'-'~ hy A111/10ny T i:llii:T "" Steve Melton explodes through a wash on his way to the overall and Class 10 victories in the VW powered Beards. Melton, who drives alone, also finished in a tie for third in class points for the year. For the final race of GRR's preparation would play important inaugural series, Desert Tour '91 roles, oftimes heating money. returned to the desert south of Steve Melton, one of GRR 's Wickenhurg, Ari:ona and the youngest drivers in one of GRR 's Vulture Gold Mine for the oldestcars,madethecombination Hnunted Hills Classic. Five work as he took the Charlie's thous:md people once lived there, Auto Repnir/Ed's Repair Serv-where Henry Wickenhurg dis-ice /Beard'sSuperSeatslMelton covered n honnn:a, only to die Farms YW Beards to the Overall penniless, a victim of his own .ind Class 10 wins with a time of excesses. Now only two folks live 3:38:28 for five laps over the among the collection of wenthered tough route, edging out some of buildings, old machinery .ind a the competition hy the reliability tree that once served as n factor. "It went grent todny!" · centerpiece in eighteen Ari;;ona · grinned Melton. "I had a flat on "Necktie" parties. But, in late the third lap and some guys on the October 1991 racers from three course gave me a tire and other Southwest states turned out to do than that, no problem. It's really hattle over a 27.6 mile course of rough, I followed Jim Allison for old mining trnils, sand washes and about a lap and a half, finally power lines. Course director Bill caught up to him and got around. Graham had laid out the toughest I liked the course, but it was a GRR circuit yet, with lots of off rough mother." camber hillsides, crossgrain Class IOwasfirstoff,promptly ditches too numerous to numher starting at a leisurely 11 :30, with and rocks. Once again skill and Classes I, 1-2-1600, 5 and 9 Whether you're on a chase crew, a racer or a 4WD enthusiast, the Rod Hall off-road driving school can help you be your best! But be ready .. the road isn't smooth! Page 36 CALL FOR COURSES ANO OATES GREAT BA.':>IN CONSULTING 2738 CHAVEZ DFllVE RENO, NEVADA89502 702·825·8830 Phows: Cmol Knu/1/1/ Andwny Tdlil.'r giving chase. Steve Cheuvront was first away and kept out front on the road throughout the first lap, only to have hisRabhit engine go sour as he hegan the second lap. But Melton, starting sixth, turned quick lap . of the day, a 41:40 to move into the lead. Jim Pierce had his hig Raceco just four seconds back, Al McMullen was third, and Reuben Wood had his new Meco in fourth, just one second ahead of Cheuvront. Lap 2 saw Melton stay in front while Wood moved into second, Jim Allison took over third, Tracy Springman slid into fourth and Shannon Schult: was fifth. Both Cheuvront and McMullen were on the trailer with engine troubles, while Pierce was out of oil after flipping just before Check 3. Wood led lap 3, Melton lost six minutes to a flat and Springman also lost time to a flat and a lengthy pit stop and driver change to Theresa McQuown, hut she still held fifth as she headed out. Lap 4 dished up a lot of trouble for Wood when he suffered a flat tire, hrake trouhles and a dead alternator, which put him out.Jim Allison was now second as Melton regained the lead, Schult~ had third and McQuown was done after a beam bending encounter with a tree. And so it went to the finish with Melton 10:20 ahead of Allison, and Schult;; another I :31 behind. But Allison's second was good enough to earn him the Class IO points championship and the Overall points chase by just three points over Class 1 driver Tom Murray. "It was a perfect course for a I 0 car, with more suspension than we have," said Allison. "But it was much better than our last time here. The car is still in one piece! I think the course actually got smoother as the race went on." His co-driver and daughter Jamie disagreed. "Too long" and ''Too rough" were the first two of her Top Ten Reasons not to ride in a Wickenburg race again. Class I points leader Greg Holman couldn't make the race, so the class title was up for grabs. First away, Porsche pilot Jerry Finney soon caught a couple of 10 cars but then stuffed the hig Chaparral and flipped, injuring his lower back in the impact. Tom Murray, starting third, held the lead by 39 seconds over Rohcrt Gayton. Ron Brown was third, three minutes back, Nick Von-February 1992 Tom Murray and Brent Mann led flag to flag taking the Class 1 win at second overall and Murray won the class points title and was only three points out of the overall-season championship. douris was fourth with Scott Stinson fifth. Stanley Steele was out with front end woes. On lap 2 Gayton closed the gap by one second, hut Murray would lead wire to wire. V ondouris was now third, Bill Cook fourth and moving again after a first lap tangle with the stricken Class 10 car of John Raitter. Stinson still held fifth and Brown was down with a broken transmission. Mu-rray went on trouble free, hut Gayton lost ten minutes on the third lap. However, positions remained unchanged. On lap 5 Murray lost a front shock and slowed, but Gayton had a rock wedge his throttle open and he stuffed his car in a ditch and turned over, hurting his back and retiring from the race to end up in the same hospital room as Finney with a similar hack problem. Murray cruised the Computer Task Group/Woods Off Road Products/BFGoodrich VW Woods Vulcan into the finish with a time of 3:46:24 for second overall, the class win and the class points championship. "One of the roughest courses we've been on, but it was one of the most fun too," commented Murray. "It challenged you everywhere. It had some fast spots that you could go ahead and work. You had .to be on your toes all the time, hut it was fun. I'd like to thank all my sponsors, and my year long pit crew Brent and Roger Mann, Ric Sanders, Tracy Springman, Theresa McQuown, Bill Graham and especially Jack Woods for putting up with me all year." In at second, not quite 23 minutes hack, Vondouris turned i'n his best run of the year in the tandem. Bill Cook was third, 2 I minutes later, after losing more time to an injector problem. Stinson was fourth after a bit and Paul Nolte and Conrad Monroe finally coaxed a finish out of their Pontiac powered Woods, over-coming a major overheating problem early on. The 1-2-1600 team of Jim Borel and Nels Dutton always has at least one race a year where "everybody" gets in the car, and with no competition, this was it for '91. With at least one driver /passenger change each lap, the seat belts got the biggest workout. And the VW-Chen-owth sailed on smoothly to finish ninth overall with a time of 4:46:24 for the Class Jim Allison with daughter Jamie Allison riding shotgun drove to second in Class 10 and third overall, just squeaking out the overall points championship on GRR's first racing season. Dusty Times

Page 37

Bob Austin gave it a shot in the ex-Wittig Baja, here sliding past some beautiful Saguaro cactus, a tradmark in Arizona, but he failed to finish. Nick Vondouris had his best run of the year to take second in Class 1 with Troy Lindhorst co-driving the tandem two seater over the rocky terrain. Al McMullen was charging hard in Class 10 in the early going, with Kevin McMullen riding along, but the engine let go on lap 2, putting him on the trailer. Championship. Class 5 had a strong showing with six starters. Mike Free was first off in his white sedan, but Bruce Wittig, at the wheel of John Ronnerrud's Bug was quickest with a 50:23. Bob Austin was second, two minutes behind with Sam Carlise a close third. Lee Finke was fourth, Free fifth, and Milt Moore had his steering box · pack it in. Free moved into second with the class hot lap, a 48:26 on lap 2, while Wittig turned the car over to Ronnerud still with the lead after Carlise sustained a hit from Bill Cook. Austin failed to appear and Finke went out with a broken shock mount. Ronnerrud was in the lead by eight minutes over Free on lap 3, Carlise had made repairs and was running strong again in third. Austin finally finished lap 2 but then retired. Lap 4 saw Free blow his motor and Carlise lost a rear trailing arm. So Ronnerud went on alone to bring the Woods Wheel Works/Tune & Lube/ Angela's Custom Upholstery /People's Car Shop VW sedan _in at sixth overall with a time of 4: 14:57 for the Class 5 championship. "We had one flat and one cv joint problems," reported Ronnerud, "and there's 'Go tchas' out there chat will get you! Thanks go out to Jack Woods, Tom Murray, Bruce Wittig and Mike Brietkreit:, 12, who prepped the car. He did a fantastic job, it made it!" Last off were the C lass 9 Challengers. The Team Strutt-m ann entry moved into a 90 second lead on the first lap over Vic Evans. Evans then broke a spindle on the next circuit and the Struttmanns cruised on to finish eighth overall at 4:34:57 in the Fischer Engineering/ Ari:ona Transaxle Exchange/ Fox Shox/ Yokohama VW-Chenowth, beating out Evans for the class championship. Once again attrition was high, but so was everyone's spirits. GRR was graced by another beautiful race day complete with a colorful sunset. The winners picked up their checks and the losers picked up the pieces. Finney and Gayton were released from a Phoenix Hospital at the same time, both expected to recover completely, but will be wearing back brace~ for a while. GRR wishes to thank shirt sponsor Whi~eline Racing, landowner Larry Beale;the BLM, Fly-N-Hi, Wickenburg's Gold Shirt Gang-and all the volunteers all year long that made the series a reality. Their help let GRR accomplish what it set out to do: produce fun, inexpensive racing, The 1992 schedule is in the Happenings but check with .GRR on the location of the first race, as it may be changed. Dusty Times The fi11al point standings show Jim Allison with the overall championship for 1991 and the Class 10 title with 185 points over Reuben Wood 1 72, Steve Melton 143, Vicki Allison and Steve Cheuvront 143 and Jim Pierce 111 in Class 10. Tom Murray was tops in Class 1 at 182, Bill Cook was second at 169, Greg Holman had 144, Ron Brown 126 with Scott Stinson and Ryan May fifth at90.John Ronnerud won Class5 at 154, followed by Bo Curry 58, Mike Free 53, Sam Carlise 40 and Lee Finke 37. Milt Moore won Class 5-1600 at ·36 over Ron points.JimBorelandNelsDutton Gardner 30.Joel Schildkraut won took Class 1-2-1600 honors with Class 7 with 30 points. Tony 137 points over Tony Pierce 48 Harbeck and Jimmy Wood tied in and Bob Burns 18. Class 8 at 112. With 112 points Finally GRR thanks Dusty Tom Struttmann took Class 9 Times for all the support. In turn over Vic Evans at 84. Larry we congratulate the fledgling race Weiser won Class 11 with 30 grouponasuccessfulfirstseason. GERMAN AUTO /'YOUR OFF-ROAD HEADQUARTERS'' DIEST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment 4-point Sand Rail Seat Belt . Race Belts 2"-5 point S69.915 S74.95 3"-5 point ..... from S99.95 TYPE 4-PORSCHE-STYLE FAN SHROUD Utilizes type 1 alternator custom alter--nator mount included S299.00 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700Ib .. S79.95 200mm reinforced maximum 2300, 2500. 2700. or 3000lb . . S99.9Ei "GERMAN AUTO" COM-PETITION PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 200Ib . . . . . . . . . . . . . $49.95 215mm Porsche 914 . . . . . . . . S114.95 CLUTCH DISCS FOR 200MM AND 215MM Cushlocks 4 puc ferramic 4 puc ferramic with spring hub S3&.95 544.95 S54.95 213-868-9393 CNC CUTTING BRAKES Upright or lay down styles available single or dual handles ..... . $69.915 CNC RACE CAR PEDAL AS-SEMBLES Brake·pedal with dual master cylinder and balance bar [specify disc of drum brakes) . . . . . . . . . . . from S199.95 Clutch pedal with slave . S104.95 Swing pedal or floor mount pedals available. SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS •Polished finish* *Bolt together replaceable halves• • available in 15" and 16" .... from S99.95 SACO IRS BUS SUPER DIFF 100% machined for m billet. Uses 091 series parts. Fits all years 5424.55 SACO transmission drive flange. 1 OO'lb machined from billet. Fits 930 CV joints [each) . . . . . . . . . . . S55.95 SACO "'No LEAK" 4 bolt polished valve covers fits 1. 7. 1.8, and 1.0T 4 engines. [pair) ..... . 544.95 POLY FUEL JUGS 5 Gallon ... Square Oesign ... Screw On Cap . . . . . . . . . . . . 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F.O.R.D.A. At Lakeland Speedway T <!XI & Photos: Waynl' Simmons Carlton Jackson won the first Class 1-2 heat, rolled out of the second heat, but he won the mam event taking the overall win for the day and he also won the winner take all Showdown in the Chenowth. • IS ee . ' n . ' _In ... CENTER LINE ----.... ~--------------RACING WHEELS THE STRONGEST OFF-ROAD WHEEL MONEY CAN BUY! FAT Performance hos in stock the largest inventory of 5-lug WI CENTER LINE wheels in the country. Whether you need wheels with polished or satin finish, FAT has them in all popular styles. Need them in a hurry? FAT can ship the same day as ordered ... and with the best price in the industry. FAT can also supply your CENTER LINES with Champion bead locks. Buying a set of CENTER LINES can be exceedingly easy with FAT Performance. We do all the legwork. Call for current pricing. Quantity discounts are also available. FAT IS YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR VW, PORSCHE AND TOYOTA OFF-ROAD ENGINES AND PARTS. FAT Racing Parts Bilstein Shocks Sway-A-Woy Penna-Cool S&S Headers WeberCarbs IPF Lights JaMar Products Page 38 Wright Place Tri-Mil Exhaust Gem Gears Beard Seats Simpson Safety Super-Tropp Yokohama Tires Petro-Tech 2000 PERFORMANCE For your FAT Perf011T10nce catalog, send $5 to Dept. CW, 1558 No. Case SI., Orange, CA 92667. Or coll (714) 637-2889. FAX (714) 637-7352 While the rest of the nation slips into the icy grip of winter, Florida was basking in clear sky and warm sunshine. Where else better than Lakeland, Florida to watch off road racing, and what better club to watch than F.O .R.D.A. the "Florida Off Road Driver Association". Lakeland Interstate Speedway, located close to central Florida, usually runs stock cars on an asphalt oval, hut has hosted numerous other kinds of motor-sports in the past. Today it was host to short course off road racing. The track, laid out inside of the old 5 18 mile oval, allows good viewing hy spectators, and a challenging group of jumps and turns for the drivers. Although the track had heen laid out a week in adv:mce the lack of rain made for a dry track. The cheduled water truck had foiled to show up by race time, so drivers were gearing up for a dusty race. Luckily a slight bree:e kept the dust off the fans. Four classes of racers, Novice Bomber, Challenger, 1600's, Class I and IO were on tap to thrill the fans. Today's race consisted of two heats and a feature for each class. Also a special sponsored showdown race for all the classes was scheduled for the grand finale. The Novice Showdown, sponsored hy Auto Craft Motorsports of Lakeland, took the top three out of each race for a straight line start, five la"p race for first and second place. Fisher Buggies of Tampa put up the pri:e for the rails. All the rails run the five lap showdown, winner take all, with:} timed start for each class. NOVICE: Thirteen cars rolled to the starting line as anticipation filled the air, for the first heat race of the day. As the green flag fell everybody headed into the first turn. Terri Wilson and Nick Nichols were the. first out of the turn avoiding the mass confusion as the rest of the pack took their chances. Dan Morrow started his day off badly when his wheel fell off in the first turn. Nichols quickly took the lead leaving Wilson to fend off the attack of challenging d_rivers. Wayne Simmons and Steve Linder soon overtook Wilson but was unahle February 1992 In Class 1 / 10 action Mike Siklovsky and Jackie Griner tangled in the first turn in the first heat. Siklovsky later retired with engine t~ouble but Griner went on to finish third in class for the day. David Eggleston flew his tidy Challenger into the class victory, placing third in the first heat, winning the second heat and he easily won the feature for the day's points win. · to pi.It pressure on Nichols. The field of drivers soon spread out as John Ford and Rick Partridge maneuvered their way into the top five. Wilson started having transmission trouble making her a lapped car. With two laps to go Ford made his move on Linder, moving himself into third. Time ran out leaving Ford in third, Simmons second and Nichols an unchallenged first. • To give every driver a chance for the lead all the starts are inverted. The flagman checked the line up one last time, then dropped the green on the second heat. Wayne Simmon pulled off one of those rare starting line maneuvers going from the last row to fourth place, headed into the first turn. Tim Caruso led the pack out of the turn with Dean Anderson in close pur uit. Once again Dan Morrow had trouble in the first lap when the coil shorted out. The carburetor on Ander-son's car started to act up, putting him out of the running. David Williams and Ross Quaknoccio had moved up to close the gap on Simmons. Caruso had put a lot of ground between the rest of the pack, hut was starting to give it up when the transmission mount hroke. Williams and Quaknoccio were riding the _hack bumper of Simmons as the three closed in on Caruso. With three laps to go Nick Nichols rolled right in front of the leaders and lapped traffic. Steve Linder was unahle to avoid Nichols, hitting him in the floor pan. Caruso cut to the inside, as the rest of the group had to go wide. Nichols was o.k. and soon hack on his wheels. Caruso had gained hack lost ground and was able to out run the others for the win. Simmons second and Williams third_ Nichols and Linder took quick control of the lead in the feature. It was not a good day for Morrow, when an oil line broke putting him out of the race without completing a lapthewholeday. A real battle was shaping up for third as Ford, Anderson, Sim-mons, and Williams pushed each other around the track. Anderson was unable to stay in the race after the gas cable broke. The two leaders were too far out front to worry about the others. The real race was between Ford, Simmons, and Williams. No one was able to out maneuver the other as the laps started to run out. Ford made that one mistake, going too wide in a turn letting Simmons by. As the three hunched up again Williams' throttle cable broke sending him to the wayside. Two laps to go anJ trash clogged Simmons' fuel line ending his chance to finish. Caruso was the next closest car hut had no time to challenge Ford. Nichols come in first, Linder second, and Ford third. In Challengers Steve Harrell and Shawn Wilson jumped into the lead as the pack rounded the first turn. Wilson was not able to fend off the attack of Don Crews as they headed in to i:he last turn. Harrell lost the lead and his transmission, ending his day early. Steve Pounds had come up from last place to second in just two laps, wasting no time in over taking Crews for the lead by the third lap. Crews clipped another huggy caµsing him to roll, ending up in last place. Wilson had second place until a tie rod broke, sending him in to the infield. Pounds was way out front as Scott Campbell and David Eggleston battled for second. It was all over as Pounds crossed the finish line unchallenged for first, Campbell was second, and Eggleston third. After a little bumping and hanging in the first turn of the second heat Eggleston had the lead with Crews, and Wilson in close pursuit. Wilson passed Crews in the second lap and quickly challenged Eggleston. The lead see-sawed for the next few laps as the two battled it out. Wilson pushed it hard over a jump, breaking another tie rod, causing him to roll in the next turn. Campbell had broken a c.v. joint and was watching the race from the sidelines. Kim Chambers had gotten off to a bad start with a broken shock tower, and was Dusty Times

Page 39

Shawn Wilson had his Baja Bug in the thick of the Challenger Steve Harrell looks in good shape here, and was leading the first action, but broken tie rods took him out of each heat while heat when the transmission failed putting him out of Challenger Buddy Lancaster and Troy Dittmer have a good dice going here in 1600 race action, both going out with mechanical woes after doing well in the heat races. running second and out of the money finish spot. action for good. ------------------------trailing Steve Pounds as they the race. The other drivers had closed on Crews. Time ran out spread out around the track as the giving the win to Egglesto n , three leaders headed into the second to C rews, and third to closing laps. The crowd was on Pounds. their feet as Pounds lost the lead After a tangle up in the first to Short. For the second time turn that put several of the drivers Short had taken the win, Pounds a out, the red flag was brought out very close second, and Broom was for a restart for the Challenger also a close third. · feature. Only three buggies were Class l and 10 was action from left for the restart. Crews took the the word go when Jackie Griner lead with Eggleston, and Cham-and Mike Siklovsky tangled in the hers trailing. Crews soon ran into first turn, resulting in a restart. trouble, -dropping out after two Things were smoother the second laps. Chambers started to close on time round, but Siklovsky had Eggleston until she broke the developed motor trouble ending spindle off ·the front end. his day after one lap. Carlton Eggleston won easily with .Jackson led the pack off the line, Chambers coming in second. followed closely by Ed Chambers The 1600's were the second and Chip Hansen. It only took largest group as ten drivers rolled Chambers one lap to move into to the starting line. Dust filled the the lead. Chambers and Jackson air as the mad dash for the first quickly put distance between them turn got under way. Ray Short and the rest. Chip Hansen and had the lead as Buddy Lancaster Jimmie Crowder were trying and Marti Neri kept the pressure desperate I y to close the gap. o n. Steve Pounds moved up fast Crowder passed Hansen to slowly with M ark Bi c k e r s in c lose gain on the leaders. As the battle pursuit. Midway in the race Short for the lead see-sawed Chambers had establi shed a comfortable rolled with two laps to go. lead, the others to battle it Chambers had recovered quickly out. Lancaster had fallen off the and moved hack up to third but pace, being replaced hy Neri. It ran out of time. Jackson was first, soon turned into a three way Crowder, secon·d and Chambers confrontation as Neri, Pounds, third. and ·Bickers went bumper to Hansen jumped into the lead hum per. In the excitement eri off the line in the second heat, hut rolled with just two.laps to go. It Jackson got the upper hand in the was over quickly as Short took first turn taking over the lead. the win, Pounds was second, and a Crowder had broken a trailing "just not fast enough", Bickers arm and was now a spectator. took third. Griner and Cham hers were wheel In the second 1600 seat the red to ~vheel with Ha.nsL·n. who soon flag ql!ickly followed the green as gave in to the pressun:. Griner was one ot the drivers stalled, causing no match for Chamhers attack, as several others to tangle, near! y he moved in to put pressure on ending in a pile up. When the _lnckson . As the white flag lap green fell forthesecond time, Bob started, Jackson· rolled giving Broom wasted no time in taking Chnmhers the win with Griner the lead. Zoomie Hinson and Sam second, and Hansen third. Pace were not far behind. Pace With only four buggies left dropped back after the right front running, the Feature was once tire came off the rim. D ick again a battle between .Jackson Fahlbush was dragging his left and C hambers. Hansen and front wheel assembly, a result of Griner were playing "catch up" the earlier mishap . H e soon the rest of the race. G riner's dropped to the wayside, as the mo tor let go putting a ho le in the field began to d windle. Troy case.Chambers hadnotheen nble Dittmer and Mark Bicker closed to o u t power Jackson , giving the gap o n Hinson for a real hattle. .Jackson a flag to flag victory .. Dittmer's machine did not have C hambers was second, a n d all it took to stay up front , Hansen third. relinq uishing h is position to TheNoviceShowdownsawthe Bickers. H inson 's motor had top three out of each race formed started to smoke a little and in a straight line, ready for five Bickers took full advantage of it. laps of all out racing. Wayne As the checkered flag gave the win Simmons got the jump off the line · to Broom, Bickers too)< second with Ross Quaknoccio, and with Hinson third. David Williams closing in. The Feature was a battle royal Quaknoccio broke a tie rod the as Pounds and Short went at it first lap sending him across the from the start. Dittmer tried to infield into on coming traffic, stay with the battle but was bringing our the red flag. With rapidly overtaken by Broom.· As four laps left, and a single file the battle for the lead raged on the restart Simmons again took the fans were distracted momentarily lead. Williams closed in fast when Lancaster rolled his giving Simmons a wheel to wheel machineoffajump. Hecame toa battle to the finish .. Williams stop hack on all four wheels, got passed Simmons on the last lap his huggy restarted and rejoined hut was no t ahle to.hold the lead, Dusty Times Zoomie Hinson got his 1600 in contention in the second heat, but he slowed with engine smoking and didn't fig-ure in the feature race action. Often a winner, Sam Pace lost the front tire off his 1600 racer in the second heat, while running third, and he did not get back up front in the feature race. as Simmons passed him back in the next turn. Simmons took the win with Williams a very close second. All the buggies left running were lined up in their class for their five lap winner take all Showdown race. Each class had been timed, and released at Short in the fourth lap. The rest of separate intervals to allow the best the race was all Jackson, as he chance for everybody. David crossed the finish line several Eggleston lead in his Challenger lengths ahead of anyone else. buggy for three laps as Ray Short Carlton Jackson had taken the closed in with his 1600. Jackson overall win for the day, and also had moved up fro m the rear the showdown, to finish out itfine overtaking both Eggleston and day of off road racing. A Winning Tradition In_ Off-Road· Racing Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers were first introduced to the American market in off-road racing in the late 1960's .. Over the past 20 years, more off-road races have been won on Bilstein than any other shock absorbers. Today, with their proven record of performance, Bilsteins continue to be the choice of serious off-roaders who run to win. ear! f:,IQ, AK1310 AK 1320 AK 1330 New Applications Dimensions Valving l2e~!2cieli2a E111,1s:;211, Be!2,ts:;2m12, 3/4"shaft 36.02 X 2'0.86 150/50 15.15 inch travel 3/4" shaft 33.00 X 19.48 170/60 13.5 inch travel 3/4" shaft 27.00 X 16.88 255/100 10.11 inch travel coil over Now Available - Repair and Revalving Services. February 199!.Z Contact: Motorsports Department BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 • 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog send $2.50 Page 39

Page 40

By Jim Ober Pre-Running in Fine Style both ready on race morning, hut · ironically, after all our course reconnai&sance, he hecame stuck in a section of the course that hl· narrow silt section trapped many racers in the silt. Ivan was one of those victims. It's one of those calls to which you have been looking forward with some anticipation, hut really hate to get, sort of like the one I got last November telling me to he on standby for Desert Shield. The only difference this timL· was that this 'mission' wasn't called off. It was I van Stc\\'a rt on thl· phone, inviting me to go on a Raja pre-run. We'd hecn cliscussing this for a couple of years and despite the lack of pre-running in the desert races these Jays, he was set to pre-run and had an empty seat. As an added honus, his stadium Toyota teamm:ite (and rally champion) Rod Milleh would be going along also, to learn :i little more ahout this desert 'stuff'. Like undercover drug officers, we met at :i gas station in S:in Diego at 5:(10 :i.m., anJ he:idcJ for Ensenada, where we met up with his four man support te:im from PPI, the same ch:ips who prep Stewart's winning race car. For our little tour, PP! had two support vehicles, loaded with sp:ire parts and gas, As I told Ivan, this sure beats soloing it in a I 5 year old Baj:i Bug with a.milk crate full of spares. Ivan's first race in Baja was in 1972, so he seemed to relate to th:it. We drove _directly ro Ojos Negros, not knowing where the first 60 miles of the race· course were. It seems th:itSCORE didn't know either, but those details can be found in the race report story, appe:iring earlier in this publication. We bounced :iround on our way to El Alamo, with Iv:in warming up the shocks and giving Rod a hasic Baja Primer about what to look for and what dangers, both natural ancl man-made, can he expected on the course on race day. After a quick snack at Nuevo Junction, we made quick time up to the top of the summit, ,lcspite some wr\' loose and rock\' hills: • Never having ridden in such term in in a two-wheel drive with :i spooler (locked) rear end, I was ama:cd at how well the vehicle handled in this type of terrain. We passed M:inny & Tudy· Esquerra in a very stock looking Forcl Explorer, which looked like it woulcl f-.e s:iying hello to a lot of i~oukkrs that day. We JeciclcJ to take a hreak at the top of the su~mit and enjoy the scenl'r\'. As we pulled off, motorn·,·lc champ (rind eventual overall \\'inner of the race) Larry Ro,·~skr pulkcl up to do the same. The symholism of all of this hit me as l was shooting pictures of this 'summit' ml'L'ting of off road ,1rivcrs - Rol'sslcr, Stewart and .'-'1illen, an FIA s,·eded driwr who won the Pacific Rim series rally championship last season. Stewart & Rrn:sseler compared notes on the race course and other gossip ahout common acquaint-ances. We made it down the gulf side of the summit easily, anJ then proceeded up the long sand wash to Coh:ihu:o Junction, with Roest:ler pulling up to tell us ahout :i couple of alternate routes which he thought were :i tad foster th:m the regular, 'marked' track, Not ,/wrtl'r necess:irily -hut foster, and free of the whoops and ditches. Page 40 We m:ide it to Cohahu:o .Junction quickly, and drove down towards Laguna Salada and its notorious silt beds. At the access road we met our pit crew, and replaced :i rear view mirror that Stewart had knocked off during a brush with :i big tree hranch just down from the summit. Another quick snack, more gas, :ind off to .Borrego. Our next pit stop wris on the access ro:id in from El C:hinero, hut the crew didn't know if they were running ahead· or heh ind us on the course. On the radio, Stewart kept describing the terrain we had passed, :ind they definitely wcren 't hehind us. Thei, kept describing a hill th:it the course climbed and, having shot photos there during two Baja 1 000s in the past years, l told Ivan exactly where they were, He looked a little surprised, hut all doubts dispelled ahout a mile later when the crew came into view. "W"ll", l thought, "at least I contributed something to this expedition today." South of the Rorrcgo road crossing, we really made time -through Diahlo Dry L:ike, and then south to Matomi Wash. On thl' hlit:-fost road south of thl' Zoo road, ·Ivan detected dust, ahout a milt: ahea,I. l found out what makes Ivan the ch:impion that he is -dust, Whenever he sees it ahead of him, he goes after that vehicle, whether auto or hike, with a vengeance until he passes it. We caught and p:issed four motorcyclists on that road, and I know that one of them didn't know we werl' hl'hind him until he looked sidewa\'S and saw us ahout six inchl's nway from his hack tire :it almost Q() mph. And although Wl' soon got into some v,·ry slow and rough terr:iin ( M:itomi Wash), and it was ne:iring sundown, we never saw the cyclists again. lv:in w:is concerned later that night, and hopl'd that nothing had h:id happenl'd to them. . We had our own problems ahout then, when the truck headlights wouldn't work, Luckily, Millen has had a lot of . experience with lights (most U.S. rallies are run at night), and after getting into the fuse hox, Millen fixed a fuse that h:id gotten dirty. We also est:ihlished contact with our pit crew that was disoriented hecaust' of an error in the course map. After a lot of jolting down the old San Ft"lipe-Puertocitos corduroy road, the lights ofSan Felipt' merciful!\' came into view. My hack and ribs h\' this timt: wcrl' screaming for a hrcak and a hed. Upon my slow emergence from thl· hack srnt of the Toyota in the hotel parking lot, Kenney, the tl'am crew L·hie( askl'd how I was cluing. Without thinking, I hlurtt.:d out "Now I know how those crash dummies feel at the end of the day". After almost 300 miles of Baja 'roads', dinner th:it night at Reuhen 's in San Felipe was superh. Shrimp was served in every form -shrimp kehoh, shrimp and steak, and a kilo-weight of steaming shrimp on a plate. The 'shrimp :it Ruehens' was in fact a rallying cry while we were in the desert -something we · nil looked forw:ird to at the end of the day. Needless to s:iy, that night we slept like corpses . At hreaktast the next morning, we had giant shrimp omelettes -served hy our cook at the Castile San Felipe. The night before, the crew mcm hers had put the leftover shrimp on ice and had the cook serve it the next morning, Thinking of it now makes my mouth watt:r. That w:is the definite gastronomical highlight of the trip. Stewart decided that running north from San Felipe to Three Poles to San M:itias P:iss would he unnl'cessary, time-consuming and rough on hoth hody and vehicle, since that stretch is featureless and monotonous, and unmem-orable in every way, Our run up to M(ke's was unewntful hut fast. Rod com-pan·d this road to some of the countless rallies where he has, competed, :ind the inevitable. discussion. arOSL' on how driver pace notes would increase a ,!river's speed. The discussion continued ·over coffee in the ,lining room at Mike's Sky Ranch. Mike's is unique in Baja, :i_s all who havl' heen there will attest. Rut as lvan·said, things seemed a littll' different and lonely since MikL' Ll'on, the owner, died :i couple of years ago. Ivan seemed delighted he could hive us a tour of the place and, although I had been there many times, Rod ha,! not. Mike's office looked the same as always, hut I have to admit, I thought he'd pop up at any minute, wondering who the hell was-in his office. Ivan had to hl' up m·ar Pl:iyas ck Tijuana to drive ( and shake down) the Toyota ( :lass I to Ensenada, so we made time to Valle de Trinidad, with Ro,! now giving us rally-like pace notl's. verbally and how thosl' notL'S would affect hi s driving -;tylc. I van admitted th:it hy n·lying on recollection of the terrain as he does, he figures he races at 80 to 8S•Z, speed, with the othl'r 15 to 20"'(, for a margin of l'rror. Ro,! said th:it that effort could h,· raised to Q0, sometim,·s 95•';, h\' the use of effectivl' ( ancl reliahk) rally pace notes . After :i quick stop at Valk de Trinidad for fuel, Wl' headed west toward the canst in a cloud of dust. Tht' new road, ll'ss than a yea~ old, w:is graded, fost hut twisty. I had a feeling /\.1illt:n was quite in his l'leml'nt hL·rc, discussing with Ivan the finer points of sliding around mountain corners rather quickly, \\'ith Ivan putting these pointers to )..!nod use right on the spot. Then lv:in pn·sentcd a startling fact: He felt that we \\'L·r,· making hetter time in his prL·~runncr on this particular stretch than tht: Cl:iss 1-2 buggies an,! trud:s would do during thl' race hn·auSL' of the lousy han,lling of the met: vehicles, especially thL· ass-lwavy buggies. "They just don't pus·h the race vehicles around corners like this", he shouted in the middle of a left handed 120" turn. "They :ire not ma~k to corner very well", he continued. ( and everyone else) had not been allowed to pre-run. It's all history no.w, hut a After 21 yen rs, most of the Raja I 000's fade together in m y memory. Rut this is one pre-run I won't ever for 'l't. The first pit stop for the intrepid trio in the 4Runner was a meeting and a snack with Stewart's faithful chase crew for a quick snack and some fuel before tackling the summit and the wasteland beyond it, 4 The 'Summit' meeting on the famous high pass on course saw Ivan, left, comparing notes with eventual race winner Larry Roese/er and his riding companions While rally star Rod Millen gets an earful/ of Baja lore. ,, The pre-runners pose early on the route, S-tewart, left, Millen center and reporter Jim Ober, as a chase crew fellow inspects his supplies. Imagine pre-running Baja or anywhere with a bona fide race trained chase crew! ~ The pre-runners did a little of their own work as here Rod Millen pours the gas into the truck at Valle De Trinidad before the course headed west over the hills to the Pacific Ocean beach run. I wish I had timed that leg from Trinid:id to see how right Ivan would he. lv:in made his afternoon appointment near Ensenada. · The race: .the car-and Ivan were At Mike's Sky Ranch Ivan gave his Toyota stadium racing teammate Rod a tour of the Baja landmark, including the wall of plaques and decals that form the major deco; in the cozy bar area. February 1992 DustyTimes

Page 41

An easy to read and very functional instrument cluster only adds to the feeling of comfort as you rocket down the highways. There is a good sized cargo area in the Isuzu Rodeo as shown here and it becomes huge when you fold down the rear seats. Aerodynamically handsome, the Isuzu Rodeo doesn't present a lot of frontal area to the wind. The 3.1 liter V6 is both quiet and powerful. Isuzu 4WD Rodeo Text & Photos: John Calt1in with ease. fourth gives you plenty of power The heating, fresh air and air for the long hills and, upon conditioning controls are located cresting same, shifting up to fifth in the center of the facia, within again gives you lots of speed at easy reach and all functions are low RPM . Fuel economy averaged well marked and do their job well. around 15 in town and went up to W e used the air conditioning 24 on the road. Coupled to the constantly and the interior of the 21.9 gallon fuel tank, this gives Rodeo was cooled quickly and the Rodeo a good cruising range, was cold enough to please even a something we all love out here in penguin. the west where the distances The sound system comes in two traveled are great. parts; an AM / FM stereo with I liked the feel of the steering, cassette player is mounted just the brakes and the shifting up or below a CD player. It seems the down was positive. The Rodeo CD player got preference as it is handled well on and off the road, well located whereas the radio is floated down the h ighway mountedverylowonthcconsole, smoothly, even in a heavy out of normal line of sight, crosswind and was very comfort-partially hidden by the gear shift able to be in. T here was plenty of lever and, very hard to sec. There leg room and all the seats were are the usual controls, pre-set comfortable to sit on and the easy tuning buttons, scan features, fold down rear seats created more functio n application for bass, room than we needed with all the treble, etc., as well as balance luggage for a long trip. ~ · · • · ~ ~~ • ~Jf. ~'.~:~1· Jfffi~: l ~ t~us:/~r:~e:~~n~~r~1~1 anJ~h:~ ~~c~~?isc~~~~:sc~~~~ii~~ The Isuzu Rodeo is a strong and handsome vehicle with lots of horsepower to take you into the outback with com ort. dri·vi·ng posi·ti'on. d ate and very easy on the eyes. The Isu:u Rodeo is a pleasant hunting. The cluster contains a steering wheel is leather wrapped I took the Rodeo off road for The interior is fully carpeted aM looking, nice riding go anywhere tachometer, speedometer with and the tilt of the wheel is quite a few miles and there was no there is no noticeable transmission vehicle and is equally at home on resettable odometer. Battery volt adjustable. There is a good si:ed problem in navigating anywhere heat through the floor. What the streets of Beverly Hills meter and temperature gauge are center console which also works we wanted to go. The b ig more can I say? I drove the Rodeo (Rodeo Drive) or in the vast mounted either side of the tach well asarightsidearmrest.TheS Goodyears were a greathelpinthe for a while, put it through my nothingness of the Mojave desert; and the speedometer is flanked by speed manual transmission lever sand and dirt but they were only a usual tests and it came up roses. and we were in both places and we the fuel gauge and the oil pressure is mounted perfectly for ease of part of the overall package. There It's a good machine, clean and were really right at home. gauge. Turn signal arrows and use and the 4WD lever, mounted was always plenty of power quiet and good to be in. I liked the Our Rodeo was equipped with high beam indicator are located just to the right, is easy to reach although fifth gear did not like a Rodeo, I'm .pretty sure you will a smooooth V-6, 3.1 liter engine above and between the speedo and moves in and out of 4WD heavy upgrade, down shifting to like the Rodeo too! which developed 120 horses and and tach. Below are the usual .---------------•---•----•-•111111111111111111111111•iiiiiiiiiiii,,,iiiiiii,... ___ _ delivered 165 pounds of torque, array of lights, low fuel, seat belts fed by fuel injection and coupled brake system, low oil pressure, to a nice S speed manual etc. as well as the 4WD engaged transmission this 4 door Rodeo is indicator light. capable of taking you anywhere Windshield wipers and head-you want to go. Tires were light controls are push button Goodyear Wrangler AT mud & operated and are located on the snow 31xl0.S0RISLT, mounted right and left side of the on a good looking deep dish alloy instrument cluster respectively. wheel which is just as strong as it Turn signals are stalk operated on is pretty. Good looking and the left side of the steering column functional fender flares keep and cruise control is stalk unwanted grime off the body. mounted on the right side. There Stopping power is delivered is a rear window washerand wiper through power front disc brakes which tucks away nicely on the and drum brakes in the rear tail gate portion just below the lift coupled with an anti-lock device. glass, all of which is nicely We stood on them hard a few protected by the full si:e spare, times and they stopped us mounted on a smooth as glass quickly, without pulling to either swing away carrier. side. The Rodeo is equipped with This particular Rodeo was power windows and power door equipped with automatic locking locks although the rear lift glass is front hubs (boy, do I love them not included and must be locked on rainy/snowy days), a just by key on the tailgate. There is a under 22 gallon fuel tank, tinted rear glass open button located on glass, nice velour front bucket the dash but it works only when seats which were very comfortable the lock on the tail gate is in the on long trips, split back rear seats unlocked mode. There is also a which fold down to create a very sun roof, hand operated which large cargo area and a good sturdy tilts up in the rear and allows a bit cargo net to keep things in place as more air to flow through as well as you rocket down the road or being a swell way to look at the shake things up real good while moon with the sun shade off the road. There are the usual removed. interior lights and a pair of map or Before I forget, just above the reading lights overhead which do rear lift glass is a well hidden but the job admirably. perfectly functional air deflector Instrumentation is functional, which, I can attest, really keeps all easily seen and in the right place to the dust from the rear window as fall into one's line of sight without you cruise across the desert. The DustyTimes NEW FROM DESERT T'z • 100% COTTON BEEFY-T's WITH POCKET f Full color graphics on white. sizes Med. to XX) • SHIRTS Si 5.00 EACH • PRICE INCLUDES UPS SHIPPING • PERSONAL CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS --NO COD'S CA RESIDENTS ADD 7 'A% TAX Fd>ruary 1992 SEND ORDERS TO DESERT T'z 27324 CAMINO CAPISTRANO #172-175 LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA 926 77 • PLEASE INCLUDE NAME & ADDRESS • SHIRT SIZE • DESIGN ORDERED Page 41

Page 42

THE SEVENTH ANNUAL SCORE-HDRA AWARDS Peri Combe Named 1991 Off Roadsman Person Of The Year By Jean Caluin Peri Combe won over Wafker Evans and Walter Voss for the prestigious Off Roadsman Person of the Year, a great honor for a very plucky lady. Jimmy Smith, center with trophy, brought his Valley Performance teammates with him as he took the Cf ass 1 / 2 points trophy, and mates Troy Herbst, second ,n points, and Ed Herbst and brother Tim, left, were third on points. The seventh annual awards banquet for the combined HORA /SCORE Desert Series and the Off Roadsman Awards took place on December 7 1991 1at the Gold Coast Hotel in Las Vegas. It was a gala affair despite ' . ~-the confirmed rumors of the split between HORA and SCORE for the 1992 season, each again running their own series as they had for many years prior to joining forces at the urging of the Manufacturers Advisory Board, Photos: Trnckside Photos, Inc. whose numerous meetings right up to banquet day could not convince the two organization heads to continue with a combined series for the good of the sport. So in a way it was a wake for that seven years of growth in support from various companies, but the sadness didn't show at the packed cocktail hour hosted, as always, by the generous Michael Gaughan in his Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. The party mood carried on as the clean and tidy racers gathered after the cocktail time in the sold out banquet room. The cordiality extended even to the men on the podium, HORA President Danny Cau and SCORE President Sal Fish, and the program went on as if nothing had or was about to change in professional desert racing. Each table held two bottles of wine for the ten seats compliments of Allied Specialty Insurance, Inc. and after an excellent meal, the exception for such banquets hut one that can always be expected at the Gold Coast, it was time to start the extensive awards program. Both Danny Cau and Sal Fish thanked their sponsors and their official teams of worker·s, introduced the ladies who would help with the trophies, Miss Toyota Laurie Jones and Miss HORA Jennifer Savino, and the podium was loaded with various si:e trophies to be presented. This year the program began at the top with Doug Fortin Jr., who won Class 10 honors in a VW powered Chenowth and took the overall points championship as well. Doug, a college student, thanked all the people and sponsors that helped him on the road to the overall title and was a most gracious winner. Next up was Mini Metal Champion Chuck Johnson, whose Spirit prepped Ford Ranger also won Class 7S honors. Chuck's usual co-driver John Johnson was noticeable by his absence, but his rider, Bob Bower, made a long speech of thanks to various people and sponsors. It seemed curious that the Heavy Metal and Class 8 champion Larry Ragland was also ...,.~. fFICI1tL TR ElN NA ~ ~ VHEELS Doug Fortin Jr. had a table full of trophies, winning the overall points championship, the Class 10 title and the young man was voted Driver of the Year, just three years after winning Rookie of the Year honors. among the missing, but Bill Korbus of Nelson and Nelson accepted the honor for Larry, whose company party was the same evening in Phoenix. Both Johnson and Ragland each earned a check for $10,000 from BFGoodrich presented hy Dan Newsome. Larry Roeseler once again earned the overall motorcycle title and Class 22 as well, and Larry was resplendent in a tux, while thanking Kawasaki's Team Green and his other sponsors for their excellent support. He a13o thanked his co-rider Ted Hunni-cutt saying winning in the desert is a team effort, and he and Hunnicutt have won the Baja 1000 four years in a row. The overall ATV champion Greg Row, was the Class 24 winner also, and he simply thanked his sponsors that kept his racing effort going in 1991. The presentations continued for the top drivers in the various classes, starting with Class 1 2. Jimmy Smith earned the most points of the 72 eligible in the class, and saying off road racing is a team effort he brought his Valley Performance teammates with him to the podium, Troy Herbst, second in points and Ed and Tim Herbst third in points, all three driving Porsche powered Chenowth cars. It was quite a feat for Butch Dean to have the top three cars in one of the biggest classes in desert racing come from his shop, but Dean wasn't on the DI , .I&,,,,.$-,, Mechanic of the Year final list: they were all truckers. The Class 1-2-1600 points winner was Tom Burns who made quite a run at the overall as well. He thanked the whole team that got him to 13 races: Tom also won the overall points in the SNORE series. One of his sponsors Eddie Webb also thanked all who helped so much. Cameron Steele took second in 1600 points, followed by Brian Parkhouse. The Class 3 winner Curt LeDuc thanked Walker Evans, Dick Landfield, Mike Lesle and more for getting him started in desert racing, and Jeep for the winning ' truck. LeDuc received a $500 bonus from Goodyear. Second in points Mike Lund made an emotional acceptance speech, thanking his sponsors and especially co-driver Bryant Hibbs. After a strong start Rough Rider Dan Smith was third in Class 3, thanking the whole Enduro crew and Dick Land field for giving him the fine Bronco to drive. Class 4 points winner David Ashley also thanked the whole Enduro crew and Dick Land field, as well as the Rough Rider program for all the support in the desert. Ashley also received a $10,000 check from BFGoodrich for winning a class championship. Second in Class 4 standings Steve Kelley thanked BFG and MacPher-son Chevrolet and the sponsors, and third place Rodney Hall who had competed in the SNORE race earlier in the day, said he had a • Spirkoff, holding the trophy and Miss Toyota, but Chuck won in a Ford. ccept,ng the Heavy Metal trophy and Class 8 honor for Larry Ragland were co-driver Ivan Scoppettone, feft, who later won Mechanic of the Year, and Bill Korbus of Nelson and Nelson. We missed getting a picture of our ace reporter Judy Smith .. Off Roadsman Journalist of the Year, in her party clothes, but Dan Mainzer caught Judy in this shot taken last fall at the Brush Run 101, hard at work making notes on the race. Page 42 February 1992 Dusty Times

Page 43

, .. ••'• ······ _;•,•· '! t\; -----1, "'4:11 Larry Roese/er, right, again was the overall motorcycle points winner, as well as taking Class 22 with co-rider Ted Hunnicutt, left, aboard a Kawasaki. The Class 1-2-1600 points champion Tom Burns came close to Dave Ashley won the Class 3 points fast year, and in 1991 he the overall mid-season too, and he also won the SNORE points drove a brand new Ford to the Class 4 championship and as one series overall again this year. of the Rough Rider team. ---~-]•!::::;~~===~::~~~;::::;;::::;;;;;;;:;;;;:;;---,. ~,~ Repeat points champions were Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter, who had to come from behind this year and build points in Class 5 in the last few events. Wayne Cook, with brothers Alan and Darryl, won their second points title in Class 5-1600 and had some real sponsors for their Class 5-1600 in 1991. Another Rough Rider, John Swift had a very successful year in a brand new Class 6 Ford Explorer and he won fresh out of the box and won the points title in the class. typical race day, taking all day to try for four: laps, but he too thanked Dodge and BFG and his other sponsors for their support. Repeat champions in Class 5 Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter thanked their whole dedicated crew and the sponsors. They received a $1000 check from BFG who swept Class 5, 1-2-3 in points on their tires. Second on points in Class 5, Lisa Dickerson thanked her volunteer crew and her only sponsor BFG. Seems a successful lady driver like Lisa should have decent sponsorship, but apparently not in off road racing. Third in Class 5 George Seeley Jr., decked out in a tux, thanked all the folks who helped him and the Checkers Pit Team. Wayne Cook and his brothers Alan and Daryl also were close to the overall points until Baja, when, like Jimmy Smith, they were a dnf. They won Class 5-1600 by a bunch of points, and Wayne thanked SCORE and HORA for the series, his whole crew, brothers and all sponsors and also received $ 1000 from BFGoodrich and $500 from KC HiLites. Defending champ in S-1600s Rich Fersch was second this year, and thanked Mirage chassis, sponsors, the FAIR pit team and his co-driver Harry Dunn for the support. In third was Vince Alcouloumre, whose Bug wears a surfboard on the roof, and he thanked his dad, Goodyear and other helpers and sponsors. Moving into truck classes John Swift won the Class 6 points in a Ford earning $5000 from BFGoodrich, and John thanked his entire crew, mom and dad, sponsors and the Rough Riders. Second on points in a Jeep Mike Lesle chuckled saying he would thank the sponsors his teammate Curt LeDuc forgot to mention, and also thanked the crew, and Michael Gaughan for his tremen-dous support of off road racing. In third Danny Ashcraft thanked his crew, and his car owners and thanked BFGoodrich for helping a privateer Class 6 Ford Explorer. Roger Mears won the slim in numbers Class 7 title, and he got a little choked up thanking all his sponsors and his deve>ted crew, mentioning that he was not running a desert program for Nissan in 1992. Manny Esquerra took second in Class 7 points in a Rough Rider Ford, and Manny Dusty Times apparently has retired from desert Martin Garibay won Class 11 . racing and was not at the banquet. points by a bunch, traveling to Third in points in the older Jeep, each race from Ensenada, and he ScottDouglaswastheregraciously thanked all, especially his thanking his sponsors, Walker sponsors BFG, Trick Gas and KC and Phyllis Evans and the crew HiLites. James L. Pierce was a that waited it out and supported distant second in class. him all the way. The motorcycle and ATV Second in Class 7S points in a awards were next but we took the Nissan, Spencer Low apparently opportunity to make a pit stop. had his program canceled for '92 The 125cc winner Craig Smith, also and he was not on hand. just 17 years old, was at our table Third in the class points Willie and he did thank Team Green and Valde.: provided a bright spot his family in a very professional with some funny remarks in a fashion. Class 21 went to Scott much thicker than usual accent, Morris, Class 30 to David Rees, then seriously thanked his car Class 40 to Richard Jackson and owner Gil Divine, all the crew and Class SO to Al In the the Ford's sponsors. A TV ranks Class 25 honors went Paul and David Simon won the to Mike McGee. points again in Class 7 4x4, Paul It was time for the Manufact-sa yi ng it was a tough year urerawards,butearlyinthedayat thanking his volunteer crew and a private party each Ford chief mechanic Ed Frisk. He and champion had been presented Dave came from behind midway with $5000, making a good day's in the season to win their fourth wages for a Ford champion on straight class championship in a BFGoodrich tires. At the banque,t Fordminitruck.Simonalsogota Scott Reams of Yokohama $10,000 check from BFGoodrich thanked the open wheel class and this class was another·l-2-3 drivers and BFG's Dan Newsome for BFG. Second in points in the thanked the truckers for good Chevy S-10 Jerry McDonald showings. thanked BFG and GMC Trucks Les Unger of Toyota next and, of course, the MacPherson presented the True Grit awards, team for their efforts. Darren $10,000 split three ways between York took third, thanking BFG the overall fastest average speed and Ford and all sponsors, for the year and Heavy Metal and especially thanking his crew for Mini Metal categories for fastest their efforts. average speed. Jimmy Smith was Brian Stewart was second in the overall winner in his Class 2 Class 8 points in. the Dodge, and Chenowth at 48.86 mph and hethankedchiefmechanicRandy Smith again thanked Valley· Anderson, all the sponsors, and Perfo-rmance saying the team the Walker Evans Team. David effort this past season was Bryan was third in Class 8 in a monumental. Not there, Larry · privateer Ford, and his thanks Ragland won the Heavy Metal went to family, friends, the all category and $3333 in the Class8 volunteer crew and his riders, Chevrolet at an average speed of including his sister who usually 48.83 mph in a close finish. Back starts with him. a little Roger Mears was the Mini Back in the buggy ranks Rich Metal champ in his Nissan at Richardson won his third straight 42.78 mph. Toyota's milestone Class 9 championship with the awards this year went to just seven invaluable help of co-driver Doug drivers who completed every one Perrault. This is truly a team ofthe3,140.66milesofcompeti-effort. This year Rich brought his tion in the eight race series. They eye glasses, and thanked Danny were Larry Ragland, John Swifr, and Sal, and all sponsors, while Dale White, B-rian Parkhouse, Doug gave thanks to the volunteer Paul Simon, Jerry McDonald and help, and thanked Rich for the Steve Kelley. It sounds easy on nifty ride. On points Pancho Bio paper, but that is quite an was second in Class 9 and Roy accomplishment. Prince was third. In Class 10 Tom Max Norris then presented the DeNault was second on points, Vic Van Ella award on behalf of thanking his family for their the Checkers pit team to Bob support and his sponsors, Steinberger, who wasn't there, so especially Mirage for a fine race his son Scott, the Mini Mag car. Jim Pierce took a close third champ accepted the very large in Class 10 point standings. trophy for his dad. February 1992 -The._6--50 Club awards cere- Metal trophies winner with seven monywasopened by Scott Reams. strong trucks running in the of the sponsoring Yokohama Tire Rough Riders program alone. In Co. Concept founder Gregg the Tire Company Challenge Symonds made a nice speech Yokohama won the car class about the program, then intro-honors while BFGoodrich did the duced the 1991 Gold Medal sameinthetruckclasses,thesame winner Frank Snook with a brief results as in 1990 and 1989 years. history of Snook's accomplish-At last it was down to the Off men ts over the years. Snook Roadsman Awards, the evening's thanked many people who helped final presentations, the trophy him along the way, especially his winners decided by a vote of the co-driver Eric Arras and sponsor memberships and contingency Tom Spiel who is responsible for donors. The Driver of the Year the McDonald's signs on the Class was not really a surprise as the 2 car. Snook said Tom was honorwenttoyoungDougFortin quitting the sport, and since he Jr., who only three years ago W" had driven for Spiel for 20 years, Rookie of the Year in his 1-2-he figured it was time for him to 1600 car. Dan Newsome of retire too, and admired his gold BFGoodrich collected the Con-medal for top points in a series tingency Company of the Year exclusive to drivers over SO years trophy making it a matched set of of age. Walker Evans was the three for three years running for Silver Medal winner for 1991, BFG, this year topping Goodyear and Rod Hall took the Bron.:e and Valvoline in the vote. It medal making it a pair for the wasn't much of a surprise either Dodge teai:n of mature drivers. when Kawasaki bested Honda and Harold Nicks presented Danny KTM for Motorcycle Manufact-Cau with the Walt Lott Sports-urer of the Year with Team Green manship trophy for an act above manager Mark Johnson accepting and beyond the call of duty. the trophy on behalf of the entire Recently the Manufacturers Off team. The three finalists in Buggy Roadsman trophies have been Chassis of the Year voting were awarded on points rather than a Chenowth, Mirage and Raceco, vote of the people. This year Ford and it was Mike Thomas of was the Heavy Metal and Mini Chenowth '[Jlr PIKE'S SERVICE CENTER BAKER, CALIFORNIA DENNY'S \.~-.J RESTAURANT OPEN 24 HOURS SERVICE EVERY DAY YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT FOR OVER 40 YEARS Page43

Page 44

¼ .. ,,. Roger Mears wori the Class 7 points title, in his last full year in desert racing, taking the win with success in the Nissan in late in the season events. Dave Simon, left, and brother Paul repeated their class championship in the 7 4x4 Ford, and this Rough Rider team won the title in the final series race. Rich Richardson, right, and Doug Perrault won their third in a row Class 9 points championship in this series, quite a record in such a competitive class. --------------Martin Garibay traveled to the US. races from Ensenada to race his Class 11 and he won several races, was always doing well and won the Class 11 title. Scott Steinberger, center, used to be known as 'Weatherman Jr.', but now he is the 1991 Mini Mag points champion, pulling it out by finishing the Baja 1000. Dan Newsome of BFGoodrich collected a lot of trophies and gave away a lot of money too. BFG won truck tire manufacturer's points, Off Roadsman Contingency Company and Off Roadsman Pit Support Team of the Year. Quite a feat! · 'Although a manytime desert winner on a bike, Dan Smith Gregg Symonds, left, founder of the concept, presented the switched to a Class 3 Ford in 1991 , and he was voted Off Yokohama 6-50 Club Gold Medal to Frank Snook, a Class 2 -----Dianne and Bill Thompson work as a real team at race Roadsman Rookie of the Year by his peers. driver and a real veteran racer. photography, and they won the vote this year as Off Roadsman Photographer of the Year. :-:---:-::--------;;-:::::-;:-;c=-.----:--------,--,--i;.,. accepting another Off The Overall Mechanic of the Year personal Off Roadsman honors. wasintheroomearlier, butitwas backgrounds. Dan Smith, a his youngest son Brendan, who Rough Rider, won the honor and just started racing in 1991 before remarked that "you guys picked a his 16th birthday, who came real rookie this time". The final forward to accept on behalf of his and most prestigious Off Roads-father. Brendan thanked everyone man trophy is Person of the Year who raced for them for doing a with nominees being Peri Combe, good job, and remarked that his Walker Evans and Walter Voss. father loved off road racing, but It was Peri Combe who won the also loved horses, so had gone to title and thanked everyone very the rodeo finals down the street. much for their friendship and The Pit Support T earn of the Year support. Roadsman award, deserved this trophy was between Randy lncontentionforPhotographerof year with the sweep in Class l /2 Anderson, Jeff Geiser, Ivan the Year were Carrera, Sotography andthechassisofchoiceforDoug Scoppettone, John Searle and and Trackside. The winner was Fortin Jr. Russ Wernimont. The winner Carrera accepted by Bi_ll and The Engine Builder of the Year was Ivan Scoppettone who not Diane Thompson who thanked vote narrowed down to finalists only masterminds the building everyone who voted for them. FATPerformance,JohnGarrison, and race prep_of Larry Ragland's The Journalist of the Year Don Hatz and Ron Shaver. The Chevrolet out of Nelson and nominees were Jean Calvin, Judy winner was FAT Performance, Nelson, he also rides with Larry Smith and Jill Bohna, and amid the first buggy engine builder to during the races, and that must be heavy applause Judy Smith went gain the honor since the same a wild ride. forward to pick up her trophy. FATPerformancewonitin 1985. It was winding down to the We congratulate our star race TOYOTA RACE ENGINES Complete computerized Engine Dyno testing facility. The finest & fastest Toyota race engines available for class 1, 7-S. 74x4. 15 and SCCA Pro Rally. Complete computerdyno tested Engines are available. a swell as in kit form. Send today for our new 38 page catalog which includes Complete Engines with Oyno Charts. Ported Heads. Corrosion Proof Headers. Cams. Stainless Steel Valves. Blowers. Mikuni Garb. Kits. Clutch Kits. Ignition Systems. Flywheels and more. Call today or send $5.00 for complete catalog. Shipping world wide. Contingency program offered. Call: (714) 596-5494 Send to: r:tJ_[\([g_::q_~ LC. Engineering reporter on the honor, which Dusty Times writers have won six out of ·the seven times it has existed in this series. The overwhelming favorite among American Racing, Ford, Uniroyal Goodrich, arid Barbary Coast/Gold Coast for the Entry Sponsor of the Year trophy was our host for the evening, Michael Gaughan of the Barbary Coast and Gold Coast Hotels. Michael -OYUTA EOFI·1CJA )RE INT vote came down to Checkers, With that the seventh and final FAIR, Goodyear, and Uni-combined SCORE-HORA Series royal/Goodrich, and Dan New-awards drew the curtain on an era some added another trophy to the in off road racing. Of course, stack on the Goodrich table, there will be the same events this crediting Bob Bower's map coming season, but with no big making as part of the secret of time series probably no $10,000 their success. checks for points winners in Rookie of the Year is always a either series. Still everyone hard choice and it was between seemed up, chatting about the Class 3 Ford driver Dan Smith new season as they repaired to the and Mini Mag driver Larry Plank, tables or the bars downstairs for with motorcycle racing some serious bench racing. 2978 First Street, Unit G La Verne, CA 91750 Some products not legafon pollution controlled vehicles. The overall A TV champion Greg Row had his arms full with the trophy lady, and that trophy as well as the points trophy in Class 24. Curt Leout·won Class 3 honors on points with four straight end of the year wins in a Jeep Cherokee, and he received some bonus money for his triumph. age44 February 1992 Dusty Times

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· The instrument cluster is easy to read and all the ancillary controls are within easy reach of the shortest arms. The wide right side rear door gives Jots of room for passengers or packages. The rear seats fold down to accomodate lots of cargo. The rear door opens high and wide to allow entry for anything too large to fit in the side door, and there is plenty of room for tailgate party supplies. Ruby, You're Like a Mazda Text & Photos: John Otlvin Ruby was the color of the 1992 Mazda MPV 4WD wagon that we received for road test late in November and it certainly was a cranberry color, a holiday color. And, driving this wagon was like a holiday, full of comfort and fun and it created a good satisfying. feeling whenever we were behind the wheel. I have always admired the looks of the Mazda MPV wagon as there is not a square corner anywhere in sight and it also exudes a look of sturdiness. When I took the wheel for the first time I found that my assumptions were· correct, it felt and drove exactly like it looked. This MPV wagon was powered by the potent 3 liter V6, fuel injected of course, and was coupled to a four speed automatic overdrive transmission further linked to Mazda's Multi-Mode 4 WD system and this power package is really great. The V6 delivers 155 horsepower and develops '169 foot pounds of torque. The MPV wagon came equip-ped with rear anti-lock brakes, power assisted steering and brakes, Dunlop SP Sports radials mounted on good looking alloy wheels, and a full size spare tire. Other equipment included electric windows and door locks,· electric mirrors, intermittant wipers, 7 passenger seating, reclining front bucket seats, AM /FM Cassette radio, tilt wheel, dome/map lights, tinted glass and much, much more. We were fortunate enough to have a race to go to during the time we had the MPV wagon so we got a chance to try everything on and off the road and I must admit we did all our testing in absolute comfort. The bucket seats in front -have the usual reclining backs but the contour is such that the seat just fits me perfectly and, after a few hours of driving there was absolutely no feeling of fatigue. DustyTima only comfort. All the seats were upholstered in velour and coupled with the full carpeting it . was as good looking as it was functional. The tilt steering wheel allows you many positions for your particular arm style and also allows you to move the wheel angle for your best view of the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is well laid out and falls easily to the eye. The tachometer is to the left of the speedo with resettable odometer and between the two are all the warning and indicator lights mounted in a vertical manner. Beneath the instruments are the fuel gauge and temperature gauge and between those gauges are the automatic transmission indicators and the four wheel drive engaged light as well as the center differential lock indicator light. Headlights and parking lights are switched on the left steering column stalk as well as the turn signals while the windshield wipers and cruise.control are located on the right side stalk. The rear window wiper control is located in the upper left quadrant of the dashboard and the rear window defroster control is located in the upper right quadrant of the dash. Creature comforts such ::1s fresh air, heat and air conditioning controls are within easy reach, and indiq.tor lights relate which function is in use. There is also a rear air conditioning unit which is engaged when the rear A IC switch is depre$sed on the dashboard. The AM /FM radio with cassette player comes equipped with all the electronic gadgetry you could wish for and with the six speakers included you can surround yourself with sound to any decibel level you can withstand. Other amenities on this Mazda wagon were courtesy lights which remain on for some moments after all doors are closed, and, one The Mazda MPV ' Wagon is a handsome vehicle and is also very versatile with four wheel drive and enough horsepower to take you anywhere you want. to go. of my favorite extras, the moon roof, electric of course with a shade to block out the heat or cold as the case may be. There is also a cup holder located on the left side of the front passenger seat which works quite well, easy to use and conveniently placed. This cranberry colored model · came equipped with Dunlop SP Sport D31J P215165R15 95H M&S tires, mounted on ·some slick looking alloy wheels. On the road the Mazda MPV 4WD Wagon has a good positive feeling as far as road grip and handling are concerned and, there is almost no body lean in corners; a nice feeling that adds to the The 3.0"/iter electronically fuel injected V6 engine develops 155 horsepower and 169 foot pounds of torque. overall comfort of the vehicle. 4 wheel drive on some of these hard surfaced roads gives even more positive feelings so we have to rate the handling and road holding ability high up on the scale. We utilized the center differential lock for some of our off road activities and although we didn't do any serious off roading the Mazda 4WD would easily get you off into the wilds on decent trails. Ground clearance is not phen-omenal so you have to use the old bean before charging off the road. . Braking is positive with large disc brakes up front and rear drums with anti-lock system. Fuel economy is listed at 15 city, 19 highway and we, as usual, never driving for economy averaged just under 18 mpg for the time we had the vehicle. Rear seats #2 and #3 fold down to give you a fairly flat platform for cargo and/or luggage. About 37 cubic feet become available and that can hold a lot of stuff. A full size map case sits directly in front of the passenger front seat, a part of the dash and a sm"' compartment is located centrally beneath the ashtray on the dash. There is also a locking parcel tray beneath the passenger seat. There is much to say on a positive note about the Mazda MPV 4WD wagon and, in all fairness, little in the negative vein. We liked the vehicle, it was comfortable, handled well, had plenty of power on the road and lots more for passing and, above all is pleasantly pretty. Take one for a ride when you're out shopping. See what I mean. Trackside Photo, Inc. Racing photography since 1970 We cover all La Rana, SCORE/HORA, and Calif. Rally Series events. Call us for: An on-the-course view of our race photographers in action Calendars• Press Kits• Photo Business Cards• Autograph sheets February 1992 P .0. Box 91767 Los Angeles, California 90009 (213) 670-6896 Page 45.

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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP LOMBARD RAC RALLY Juba Kankkunen Wins The Rally And The Championship Text & Photos: Martin Holmes .., The new World champion Juha Kankku";;en winds his way through the muddy roads, and he and Juha Piironen won the see saw battle for the overall rally victory and the World Championship last November in Britain. The RAC was the big show-down. Carlos Sainz had to beat Juha Kankkunen if he was to retain his World Title. As long as he finished in the top four places, Juha would be Champion if he stayed in front. This he eventually did, after Saim's Toyota had engine troubles on the final evening. Thus Lancia scooped · both the· major Championships this year and the dedicated challenger, Toyota went home with nothing. Kankkunen, who comes from central Finland, became the first rallyman to achieve three World Titles and ·. the legend of the Italian's Lancia development of the old Delta car has gone into one extra chapter. Toyota knew there was no reason for a multiple entry. They built a new car and just sent Sainz. Lancia resurrected some old cars for their team members and attacked the event in force. Mitsubishi, Mazda, Ford and Subaru all attended, but none of them could detract from the title fight. When Sainz arrived at scrutineering the whole building exploded in a cascade of flashguns, everyone jostling for a better view of the reigning champion. FISA's Colin McRae and Derek Ringer were doing well in the Subaru Legacy 4WD Turbo challenging for the lead on £tape 3, but rolled into this ditch; but tots of spectators got him back on the road in 11 minutes. f-:81 G .GER IS BETT.ER Upg.rade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre:r~nner IRS~, Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by lettin°g us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. Convert type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C.V. joints. . . Convert Type 11 stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C.V. Joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s can be threaded 3/a-24 or stock 8mm. All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be threaded %-24 or stock 10mm threads. , FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND JJELLS Drily $49.95 per fla!'li• on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW ENG. P.O. BOX 845 • 101 BROADWAY YARNELL, AZ 85362 SHIPPED BY UPS I (602) 427-:3551 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 46 new President Max Mosley could only stand and wonder what created such an impact when Juha Kankkunen, the championship leader, had a fraction of the media attention. . Subaru seemed strangely buoyant with a three car team. Pr O drive., their British prep Robbie Head and Campbell Roy had a nearly untroubled run in the Ford company had been allowed to Sierra Cosworth 4x4, changed _gearboxes a lot and they placed eleventh develop their own engines and _o_ve_r_al_l_an_d_w_o_n_G_r_o_u_p_N_h_an_d_i_ly_. ______________ _ privately reported they now had Francois Delecour was second. brings about endless traffic con-some 370hp, comparable with This was the day of the gestion. It was a five o'clock re-Toyota and Lancia, and short "Mickey Mouse" stages, stages start from Chester and the first only of Mitsubishi. Alen looked a which catered to large numbers of two stages at Clocaenog were run much happier person, maybe spectators and which were often in the dark. On the third stage even wistful that this would be his held in parks of old British coun-Kankkunen felt the car oversteer last event with the team, and try houses. The second stage was strangely, discovered a loose curious how his fellow Finn all asphalt and as the damp morn-steering bolt and dropped to would fare on his return to ing air dried.out so the time of the third. Colin McRae led for a Subaru. There were several other later drivers got progressively fas-couple of stages, a delight to all farewells. Malcolm Wilson knew ter. Best of all was the Nissan of the British save. the Welsh who it was unlikely he would be given British driver David Llewellin would have preferred a Welsh-foreign championship rallies to who ran at number 22. Not since man to lead. McRae was 16th on drive next year. David Llewellin the Olympus USA 1987 had a the road, no hardship for the and Stig Blomqvist seemed Nissan won a stage on a special harder surface stages, but a bad certain their in tern a tiona l stage world championship rally. disadvantage when he reached the · activities next year would be on , Stage 4 was at Chatsworth longest stage of the day, Hafren, their home events. Makinen was House, home of the Duke and where his tires wore out. At the making his second and last DuchessofDevonshire(uncle lunchhaltatMachynlleththenew appearance with Mazda and and auntofFISA President Max leader was Sainz, but he had his Biasion would leave Lancia after Mosley) .. Both Alen and Auriol own troubles choosing tires. nine long years of good service. punctured, Kankkunen momen-On the first afternoon stage This was the 30th year the tarily got ahead, but one stage . Auriol was storming. At Hafren forests of Britain were playing later Alen was in front again. The he had been 24 seconds faster hosts to the country's biggest aging Finn was happy. "If only we than the next best time, but Sainz rally, but the drivers were less had engines like this earlier in the wasn't worried. So long as he kept than happy. "The stages are now year, we could-hav_e won many Kankkunen behind, his job was far too fast", explained Didier rallies!" His young teammate · achieved. Ford, however, were Auriol. "In some stages they have Colin McRae said there was no dissolving. Wilson broke the had to put chicanes, very tight comparison with the cars used in front differential, spinning vio-chicanes where you must use the the British Championship in lently a couple times before stop-handbrake, to slow you down." It 1991, which he won. ping. Then the team lost their was the second year when all Llewellin's stage win had been second car when Gwyndaf Evans stages were open to pre-rally no fluke. On stage 7 (Weston crashed just one stage before reconnaissance, with two con-Park), where slippery corners reaching his home town at Dinas trolled runs through each stage. caused both Auriol and Alen to Mawddwy where his neighbors With Wales replacing Scotland slide off, Blomqvist made Nis- were out waiting for him. Auriol there was a general shift of san's second scratch of the day, was pulling ahead when he had a emphasis westwards, and many but on stage 8 he lost some .20 flat on stage 18, and on the penul-stages used last year were run in seconds when his car stopped in a timate stage the Frenchman went the opposite direction. It meant water crossing. Kankkunen and off the road. His co-driver Ber-that virtually all the stages had to Alen reached the end of -stage 6 nard Occelli, said "Didier found be freshly noted, so the experience equal in the lead. The Group N some mud we did not know of ,,mexpected hazards discovered battle was between Stig Walfrids-about." Auriol scrambled back to last year were of no value. son, Mitsubishi, and Robbie the road with slight time loss, hut 151 cars left the start line on Head, Ford. Walfridsson, run-went slowly the rest of thi: stage. Etape 1 in Harrogate, which was ning early on the road, had the Sainz was now in the lead again. also the start line of the first stage, advantage of one .daylight stage Kankkunen was slowed on the a short section mostly on asphalt which Head had to tackle at night. next stage when the central differ-around the Harrogate show-Capdevila was stuck in third gear, ential broke, which cost him an ground. Argentine driver Carlos but De Mevius was continuing extra 6 seconds in time control Menem Jr. hit a concrete post without trouble. penalties and dropped him hard, damaging the left rear door On Etape 2 for the first time in · further behind Sainz. Biasion area of his car so badly two years, the rally returned to happily made fastest time on stage director Mike Little refused to let Wales, the land of eternally run-19, but on 21, the last of the day, him carry on, putting Canaries ning water, stages which have an he crashed end over end and driver Capdevila second in the agreeably natural flow to them, retired, the end of his nine year Championship for Group N. and where there are so few little career with Lancia. Markku Alen took the lead and side roads that every big rally While McRae still maintained Happy with the new found horsepower in the Mitsubishi Ga/ant, Kenneth Eriksson and Staff an Parmander stayed with the leaders all the way and finished the Ga/ant VR-4 second overall. February 1992 It was a last ditch battle for Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya to retain the world title, and their Toyota Celica GT-Four led overall several times but engine woes on the final section dropped them to third in the rally. DustyTimes

Page 47

Results -1991 Lombard RAC Rally Juha Kankkunen/Juha Piironen SF Lancia Delta lntegrale A" 5:46:43 Kenneth Eriksson/Staffan Parmander s Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 A 5:49:35 Carlos Sainz/1.uis Moya E Toyota Calica GT-Four A 5:52:43 Timo SalonenNoitto Silander SF Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 A 5:55:34 Ari Vatanen/Bruno.Berglund SF/S Subaru Legacy 4WO T A 5:56:50 Francois Deleoour/Daniel Grataloup F Ford Sierra Cosworth A 6:01:40 Hannu Mikkola/Johnny Johansson SF/S Mazda 323 GTX A 6:02:41 Marc DueztKlaus Wicha BID Toyota Calica GT-Four A 6:08:44 Bruno Saby/J·F Fauchille F Lancia Delta lntegrale A 6:10:42 Louise Aitken-Walker/C.Thorner GB/S Ford Sierra Cosworth A•• 6:23:28 Robbie Head/Campbell Roy GB Ford Sierra Cosworth N• 6:27:00 Didier Auriol/Bernard Occelli F Lancia Delta lntegrale A 6:30:48 151 start • 82 finish • • Group winners • •• Ladies winner Winner's average stage speed • 60.39 mph his pace a minute or so behind the leaders, Alen started_ to fall back. The central differential failed dropping him from sixth to tenth, then the engine went off song. Also unable to get full form was Kenneth Eriksson who had a couple of spins and there was a miss which the computer could not detect but which let Salonen get some faster times. Blomqvist had a broken driveshaft which cost him over a minute, but Llew-ellin stopped altogether with an electrical failure, and it took him a half hour on the stage to rectify this and the Nissan was with-drawn. Mazda were also unhappy as Makinen had a series of prob-lems. He had a flat that he had to change on a stage, then a clutch that would not free, and finally the front differential broke. Dele-cour's was now the last works Ford in action, but he lost a couple of minutes when the fire extinguisher went off and stopped the engine. Sainz had a flat but otherwise was untroubled as he returned to Chester. Head was now leading Group N, Capdevila retired with gearbox failure and Walfridsson was lying second. There had been four different drivers leading the rally in three different cars. It had been quite a day! . Would McRae, now running fourth on the road, start to chal-lenge for the lead on Etape 3? So far as Auriol was concerned, no chance. The Frenchman made he t ttme on the four Lake Dist-rict stages, and the young cots-man rolled into a ditch just after the start of the second stage. It took over 11 minutes to get him rolling again. now tn 16th place. Sain: kept Kankkunen from get-ting too close, but there was dis-quiet in the Toyota camp. The engine water was leaking, mechan-ics could not discover why, and it was very worrying, especially when straight after nightfall the most intensive group of stages, some 75 miles in three and half hours awaited the drivers. Cars that were not perfect woul1 not emerge from the Kielder torest complete. No sooner had Subaru recov-ered from the McRae disap-pointment came another. Markku Alen went off, rolling down an_ embankment and took five min-utes getting back again. "Too fast", he admitted later, "I lost control." Still Auriol was driving faultlessly, Kankkunen a little slower but keeping in touch with Sainz. Ford still had problems. Delecour's car was discharging electricity all the time, possibly due to a faulty master switc_h, and at the rest halt before Kielder he hoped they had rectified this. Blomqvist had to drive the first two stages with a hydraulic fault which affected the ETS transmis-sion system, and Makinen had a puncture which he had to change on a stage. Ari Vatanen was now fifth, "just as I had planned, steady." Salonen was frustrated by an electrical fault which denied him the use of his spotlights. The drivers were quiet and apprehen-sive at Byrness. There was a sense of impending drama in the damp air. Carlos in particular, now happily spared his recent neck pains, still wished the next 24 hours would be over. "I just want to be away from all this for a while, I don't mind where." Eve.ry year the huge forest complex at Kielder breaks the hearts of rally drivers, and 1991 was no different. Third place leav-ing Byrness was Ka_nkkunen, but he . was in a comtortable three minute lead after the five Kidder stages. Auriol and ain: were just two of the broken hearted. Auriol swung round a hairpin left and accelerated away, just two kilometers from the end of stage 32 when the car snatched to the left and sank into a mud hole. Occelli jumped out to give the car a push, and immediately sank up to his chest in muddy water. They were there more than a half hour and fell back to 13th. Sain: was worried about his engine and looking at his temperature gauge, when suddenly he was off the road for a half minute, letting Kankkunen take second place in front of him. The Toyota was damaged and when they reached the service point the head gasket was changed, as the engine had been overheating. They took time to get the car right for the rest of the stages, losing five seconds in service, then 35, so they were running o~ their last possible delay in running order. But all this meant that Eriksson also over-took them. To stay in with a chance of the title Sainz had to finish at all cost. On stage 31 he ran over a rock which smashed the transmission and left them running only in rear wneel drive, and on stage 33 Carlos had a puncture. Few drivers got back to Harro-gate without a harrowing tale to tell of the rain that evening. Sal-onen was up to fourth after a lack-luster drive. "My problem is that I am still unused to the car, and when you are driving badly and have fallen behind you lose your motivation to try ·to pull back up." His teammate Eriksson was second, five minutes in front of Timo and had no trouble. "That was a primeval rain forest. Five kms after we left Kielder it was completely dry with no sign of dampness at all!" Vatanen was now fifth, still in his steady plan mode. He had a steering problem finally solved by changing the rack. Other broken hearts were ever-ywhere. Blomqvist abandoned in the second Nissan when the front right wishbone collapsed without hitting anything. They tried to get mechanics to come but there were too many spectators in the way. Then Alen retired with a fire: it seemed oil from the turbocharger was dripping on to the under-shield and caught a spark. His teammate McRae had a second accident going off the road at the end of a long straight. Makinen was charging up the field but on the final stage of the day, Hams-terley, he hit a tree and retired. In Group N Walfridsson retired with engine failure after crashing at McRae's corner in Gri:edale. Bosch fell to sixth when his gear-box stuck in second, Maslen over-turned his Sierra and de Mevius stopped to change a flat, but they had forgotten the wheel brace. They continued and eventually found one with an ambulance driver! Head was on his fifth gear-box, only two actually broke. Delecour's cavalier driving style had cost him time, 16 seconds penalty, because police stopped him after he overtook their car by crossing a double white line. Ear-lier the remaining Ford had lost all its brakes when a pipe split. Sain: was almost six minutes behind in third place and with only four stages left for the 84 cars still running. The championship was going strongly towards Kankkunen. The Finn was the David Lfewel/1n and Peter Diekmann wo';i the second • Tommi Makinen and Sepo Harjanne had a good run . stage bringing Nissan the,r first stage win since 1987. but going in the Mazda 323 G TX, but flats and hitting a tree they later went out with electrical troubles. late ,n the rally put them out of the event Dusty Times February 1992 freshest of the drivers. "My only problem was hitting a stone and breaking a driveshaft, that was all." He was now left with the need just to cr"uise home and bec·ome the first three time World Rally Champion. · Atter the excitement of the previous night there was little left to happen on the final day's four stagesofEtape 4. Auriol voluntar-ily arrived at the first stage 19 minutes early, nearly a ten minute penalty, so he could run just behind Kankkunen ready to give a helping hand ifhe needed, and the Finn ran faultlessly all day. The day was clear, often sunny. Dele-cour continued to have gearbox trouble and De Mevius started to lose a lot of time with turbo-charger problems. He fell from second to fourth in Group N, but his championship title was already secure. Fords took the top three placings in Group N led by Robbie Head. Mikkola had an engine misfire, but eventually all the top drivers safely reached the finish. Behind Kankkunen came Kenneth Eriksson, Sainz, Timo Salonen, Ari Vatanen and Fran-cois Delecour. "It was one of the toughest ral-This is the system run by most off road race winners lies I've done all year", said new World Champion Juha Kank-kunen, navigated home by Juha Piironen in the Lancia. "It isa pity Carlos cannot share the title. He is a fantastic driver and is only a young guy. I guess he has a lot of titles still left in front of him." What was Kankkunen 's immed-iate plan? "A medium plus celebration tonight." Former top rallyman Ake Andersson won the Rally Britan-nia, the historic event run the first day of the RAC using some of the same stages, in a Porsche 911 : RAC hat trick winner Timo Makinen came third iri a Mini. On a sour. note stolen cars were the talk of the whole event. David Llewellin had his practice Sunny /Pulsar GTI-R taken from outside his hotel in Harrogate, and Ulster driver David Greer found his competition Sierra Cosworth 4x4 stolen outside the hotel. John Handley also had his historic Mini taken as well. What a shame to lose such valuable cars, especially the Mini. Apparently there are no guarded parking lots in Harrogate, probably not needed any other time of the year but during RAC rally week. TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME JEEP STRAIGHT 6 "NEW SUMMER SPECIAL CHROME" ...._----~. 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED . Page 47-

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/" The Milbrodale Mountain Classic in Australia Text & Photos: Darryl Smith '~ ~~-~ Cliff Alderton and his navigator and father Dennis sc·ored their best ever result in the Class 1 Open two seat Trekka, not only winning the class but overall on the race shortened by adverse weather. Although it is not a round of the Australian Championship, the Milhrodale Mountain Classic is a popular race in Australia. It is the one-race Long Course Championship for the state of New South Wales and attracts a fidd equal if not hetter than some National rounds. This year I I 3 crews converged on the area called Milhrodalt:, nestbl ih the hills of the Hunter Valley for thL· annual late Octoher event. The successful format organi:ed Bill Buchanan flew his Hunter Rivmasta into a Class 2 victory, and he went so quickly that his times placed him third overall in the entire field with his 1600 ccs of power in the tail. · THE WRIGHT DROP SPINDLE 3" MORE GROUND . CLEARANCE ~ , ~ . PLACE~. CV JOINTS RACK & PINION STEERING UNITS 1. REGULAR 2. "SAND BUGGY 3. MINI 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 TEL: (619) 561-4810 FAX: (619) 561-7960 Page 48 by the Hunter Valley Off Road Racing Association was to haw the prologue Saturday morning, then a heat in the afternoon which saw 28 cars at a time line up and race out three laps of a five mile track. The field would he regrouped in order for two more short heats on the Sunday, followed hy the survival test, five laps of a 15 mile torture track going right up into the hills. The prologue was held over one lap of the short course and saw the Goodyear Chev V6 Class I of Barry Johnson quickest hy the narrowest of margins. Only one quarter secunJ hd1i11d tht: Ndll Morrison, also in Class I with Datsun power. Third was Nevilk Boyes, the first Class 2, just ahead of Bill Buchanan, also in Class 2. Bruce Warman led tht: l 20Ckc lass 3 fidd; Nev Taylor the Bajas; and Graeme Horn tht: 2WDs in his Mitsuhishi Galant. Andrew Wilson was quickest Challenger: Grahamt: Raxter . in Production 4x4s and Fahio Zarfati in Modified 4x4s. Howard Ford had swapped Datsun powt:r for turho Ma:da in his single seater and was fastest in the prologue. The first heat lined up and from the· front row Morrison led, hut soon after Johnson pushed through and got tht: dust free run to record quickest first heat. Morrison was second with Cliff Alderton, Class I, who started from row 2 third on time. Tht:n came Bill Buchanan, Howard Ford, Terry Rose, Class 2. Brun· Warman, Neville Boyes. Matthew Martin in Class 9. and St:m Perry. Class I rounding out the top ten, Nev Taylor led the Bajas at 27th overall, just one place hack from Class 8 leader Fahio Zarfoti in his 4x4 Mitsuhishi. Eric Whithread got a dust free run and took command of Class 7 in his Mitsuhishi pickup. Graeme Horn was only just quicker than Peter Briggs and thus led Class 5. Early casualties included last year's winner, Doug McMillan with gearbox failure in his Class I, Doug Adams who hroke a CV on the start line in his Class 2. Peter Avery blew a motor in his Class 3 while Rod Kilby lost half his gears in the Ma:da rotary 2WD pickup. Greg Bernard, lost time in his February 1992 Bruce and Glenn Wafman flew high in the prologue, stayed with the leaders in the three heats in the BRB 1200 cc two seater, and they won Class 3 by a good margin and took a remarkable seventh overall. -There were a good dozen in Class 4 for Baja Beetles, a dozen starters, but Nev Taylor and Bob Oxley won every heat for the Class victory and 18th overall, merely 34 seconds ahead of Ron Schmidt's Baja. Graeme and Melissa Horn flew their Mitsibushi Ga/ant out front in Class 5, a mix of 2WD sedans and pickups. and they won the class honors, and took 22nd overall beating nine others in the class. Datsun PS IO with a flat tire. an,! Rohert Pagan ran off the road in ;1 narrow section in his Ma:da pickup and fell hack. The overnight regroup sa\\" Johnson, Morrison, Alderton an,! Buchanan form the front row. Alderton •Jscd all of his Mitsuhishi 2600n: to win thl' heat. Johnson was seLond with no steering, hut on toral time still led overall after two heats. Alderton was second, while Buchanan had pushnl "his Clas~ 2 machint: into thir,l ahead of Morri.,on. Terry Rose ;•nd Neville Royes, hoth Class .:,. were tight for fifth and sixth. Hrucl' Warman still had his littk Patsun I 2(Xkc going strong and \\"as Sl·venth. Ho\\".lrLI Ford The girls kept the Hedweld Class 5 2WD Ford together nicely. and went very fast too, and Jan Hedley and Gee Van Bleit finished second in class in the Ford F 150 and 26th overall. ;.,... . . ~ Howard Ford lands his Hunter Rivmasta nose first on his way to victory in Class 9, the Open single seat group, winning by around five minutes and also placing·a fine sixth overall. Dusty Times

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was eighth, with Geoff Beckett in a Su:uki 1200cc Class 3 in ninth. Roly Dixon rounded out the top ten in his Mitsubishi turbo Class 1. Nev Taylor still led the Bajas although Ron Schmidt's rotary Baja was closing up. Graeme Horn was continuing to lead the 2WD Class 5, while Andrew Wilson led the Chal-lenger Class 6. Grahame Baxter in a Nissan Patrol was quickest Class 7 in heat 2, but Whitbread still led on total time. In the 4x4 Class 8 Zarfati still led, hut coming up fast was Dick Johnson, who is one of Australia's best asphalt Touring Car drivers and was driving the Ian Hedley Ford Bronco. Al-though down to 2WD after snapping a front axle, Johnson was still impressive. Not so quick was Barry Finney who hroke a front wheel off his Jeep. Doug Adams continued to be plagued with bad luck and got a flat tire. Matthew Martin r,rought his single seater home even though it only had three wheels! The third and final short heat saw Alderton once again win the start, and take the heat. Johnson was missing with a ~ea rbox failure, and many others had troubles too. Fahio Zarfati clipped a tree and hroke a steering arm, Geoff Beckett's motor hlew, and Bob Mowbray lost a front wheel as he was clawing up the Class 3 field. Thi: Glenn Norley Mitsubishi pickup is fitted with a Renault V6 motor, hut it was the gi:arhox which failed and stopped them. Doug Adams got another flat tire, as did Graham Smith in the Mitsubishi Galant. The field regrouped again, this time for the long heat into the hills. During the first lap many cars got hogged in the deep dust on the stet'p inclines and soon blocked the track. The race was stopped and it was decided not to restart it, instead call it off with placings heing at the end of heat 3. The situation meant that Cliff Alderton was the winner. Cliff had his father Dennis as navigator, and it was their hest result hy far in the Class I car. Neil Morrison came home second in class and overall with a fine drive, and was only 50 seconds behind Alderton on total time! Third outright was the 1600cc Class 2 of Bi 11 Buchanan, capping off a truly fine year of driving. The Boyes and Rose duel finished in Boyes' favor, taking second in Class 2 and fourth overall. Terry Rose was only six seconds behind Boyes. Howard Ford had a great weekend; first single seater, sixth outright and his Hunter Rivmasta picked up best presented car honors. Bruce Watman had a dreadful Australian Champion-ship this year, but his luck changed at Milbrodale and saw him win Class 3 and finish seventh overall. Roly Dixon came in next, third in Class 1, then the Class 2 cars of Richard Wilton and Frank D'Ambros rounded out the top ten. The racing was so close that in the end only three minutes on total time covered the entire top ten car field!! Behind the Watmans in Class3 camt: Scott Adams and Stewart Latter who raced wheel to wheel all weekend. Nev Taylor added another Baja victory to his list, this time beating Ron Schmidt by 34 seconds. Craig Baker was third. Graeme Horn had led Class 5 2WD every heat and won out over the fast finishing Ford F150 Dusty Times of the girls, Jan Hedley and Cec Van Vleit. Peter Briggs's Holden pickup was a close third over Graham Smith's Galant, then came Robert Pagan's Mazda pickup. Andrew Wilson was another who led his class all. weekend and he beat fe llow Challengers Keith Whisker then Ian Whisker. Grahame Baxter's charge in the Nissan Patrol 4x4 paid off as he had passed Whitbread's Mitsubishi prior to the race stoppage. Dave MacDon-ald's Daihatsu Fero:a finished third in C lass 7. In the Modified 4x4 Class 8, with Zarfati gone, Dick Johnson thundered the No~ally seen on pavement racing a Touring Car, Dick Johnson was impressive in the Class 8 Modified Ford Bronco, had troubles and still won the class and finished a fine 21st overall. Grahame Baxter with correspondent Darryl Smith navigating the Nissan Patrol won Class 7 in the Prologue, carried on in the heat races to finish winning the class by merely eight seconds. Second by a car length in the Prologue, Neil Morrison and Geoff Heather got second in the first heat and stayed with the leaders to place second in Class 1 and overall in the Datsun powered Rivmasta. He we Bronco into the c ass aps which kill off the fiel . This lead to beat Ken Smith in the year 100 cars or 88 percent Isu:u General Motors Holden completed nine laps. The whole Rodeo. Wayne Ryan in a weekend,despitebeingcutshort, Landcruiser just beat Tim was a huge success and a credit to O'Sullivan's Diahatsu for third. the HVORRA and sponsors, Behind Howard Ford in the single Hedweld Engineering for their seat class came Matthew Martin, effort and contribution. Thi: quite happy in his first drive in the Milbrodale Mountain Classic is a car. fine event and congratulations to There were a lot of finishers in C liff and Dennis Alderton for the event. It is normally the long winning it overall. Mllbrodale Mountain Classic - Australia Results - October 20, 1991 # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Time 0/A Class I -Unllmlted Two Seat - 26 start -15 finish 165 1 Cliff & Dennis Alderton Trekka 37:34 1 124 2 Neill Morrison/Geoff Heather Hunter Rivmasta 38:24 2 122 3 Roly Dixon/David Wardrop Trekka 39:36 8 1112 4 Tony Schafer/Stephen Nelson Hunter 41:26 12 162 5 Eric Syrjanen/Anderson Baker Scorpion 42:05 13 Class 2 -I600cc Two Seat - 24 start -14 finish 216 1 Bill Buchanan/Iba Hunter Rivmasta 38:33 3 203 2 Neville Boyes/Collen Roper Hunter Rivmasta 38:57 4 259 3 Terry & Maureen Rose Hunter Rivmasta 39:03 5 299 4 Richard Wilton/Iba Manxco 40:27 9 209 5 Frank D'Ambros/Deborah Kenna Buggy 40:33 10 Class 3 -1200cc Two Seat -21 start -13 finish 302 1 Bruce & Glenn Walman BAB 39:11 7 324 2 Scott & Paul Adams Rivmasta 42:12 14 354 3 Stewart Latter/Iba Rivmasta 42:20 15 348 4 Michael & Les Boaden Rivmasta 44:04 24 312 5 Scott Brown/Tony Burgess Buggy 44:37 32 Class 4 - Baja Bug -12 start -10 finish 404 1 Nev Taylor/Bob Oxley Baja Bug 43:14 18 401 2 Ron Schmidt/Graeme Julius Baja Bug 43:48 23 429 3 Craig & Robyn Baker Baja Bug 44:20 28 425 4 Dean Mavin/Oavid Burns Baja Bug 44:33 30 455 5 David Ford/Bob Whitehead Baja Bug 46:04 44 Class 5 - 2WD Sedans & Pickups -10 start - 8 finish 516 1 Graeme & Melissa Horn Mitsubishi Galant 43:42 22 504 2 Jan Hedley/Cec VanVleit Ford F150 44:08 26 531 3 Peter Briggs/Shane Fuller Holden Pickup 44:26 29 572 4 Graham Smith/Cathy Marzol Mitsubishi Galan! 44:41 33 530 5 Robert Pagen/Kevin Wright Mazda Pickup 45:55 41 Class 6 - Restricted Challenger Buggy - 7 start -4 finish 669 1 Andrew & June Wilson Cobra 46:48 50 609 2 Keith & David Whisker BAB 47:32 55 606 3 Ian & Stephen Whisker Hunter 49:15 6" 636 4 Peter Trotter/Brian Thompson Buggy 53:14 71 Class 7 -Production 4x4 - 4 start - 3 finish 731 1 Grahame Baxter/Darryl Smith Nissan Patrol 44:41 34 707 2 Eric Whitbread/Steve Blair Mitsubishi L200 44:49 35 743 3 Dave MacDonald/Kate Knight Daihatsu Feroza 53:13 70 Class 8 - Modified 4x4 - 7 start - 4 finish 804 1 Dick Johnson/Shane Hastie Ford Bronco 43:37 21 803 2 Ken & Laureen Smith/Steve Renn Isuzu Rodeo 44:36 31 827 3 Wayne & David Ryan Landcruiser 47:35 56 869 4 Tim O'Sullivan/Rob Wilson Daihatsu 47:54 61 Class 9 - Unlimited Single Seat - 2 start - 2 finish 905 1 Howard Ford Hunter Rivmasta 39:07 6 911 2 Matthew Martin BRB 43:15 19 Starters 113 - Finishers 100 -88% - Race Distance (9 laps) 295 miles - 474 km. Fastest Prologue - Barry Johnson - Fastest Race Lap - Barry Johnson, Class 1 Best Presented #905 Howard Ford - Best All Girl Crew - Jan Hedley/Cec Van Vleit Off Road's Winningest Radios OVER 1,698 ON THE RACE COURSE! Comlink V • The Ultimate Racing Intercom Helmets wired $100. (CF) ROADMASTER • NEW! RF Pre Amp $95 30% to 50% more range! 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 "A LEGEND" Only$539 We~=~~;~:.~or (213) 427-8177 February 199i Page 49

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-Pony Express ••• GETTING THE POOP STRAIGHT To the Big W ahzoo: I thoroughly enjoy reading your column. In fact, it's the first thing I read and then the last. Knowing that you always strive to give the straight poop, prompted me to write to you. Your January column unfairly chastises Sal Fish with regards to how he handled the radio communications at the Baja 1000. Sal gave the job of radio communications to Jim Conner, who, together with BARRA, Jim Morton and myself, had a comprehensive plan for the race. BARRA was to do their regular race communications job on the amateur band with their VHF ( very high frequency - like we racers use) and HF (high frequency) equipment. Jim Morton working for SCORE was the SCORE relay using the medical frequency and I, the Weatherman was to do my thing in conjunction with Jim, ie, sharing equipment, communicat-ing face to face and helping each other. The plan worked well. It could have worked better and it BARRA now had to find a place to set up their communications equipment to radio this informa-tion back to SCORE in Ensenada. Whether it was Sal's having given the Federal Police sponsored car a free entry or Lou Peralta having made a few key telephone calls, the outcome is known to all; we were there and did our jobs, no thanks to the two bozos who, by the way, were in our relay location that SCORE had taken the time to do a full rehearsal three weeks before the race. We were relegated to a lower spot down the hill where we were far less effective than we could have been. And, radio interference? Yes, there was radio interference! We got into RLH's radio and he got into ours from 2000 yards away. But, Jim and I didn't interfere with each other from 2 feet away. Have you figured out why? When you use good radios with selective receivers and good clean trans-mitters, you can work together. When you use a cheaply built radio in a heavy radio frequency environment, you should not expect it to work much better than an upside down tortoise. 1 super neat and pun thing that you do! (The above letter is the opinion of The Weatherman and does not represent in any way the opinion of Dusty Times.) Thought we would drop you a few lines to let you know we're still here in Ohio. The Clairton Hiiackers. We are one of the oldest clubs in eastern Ohio. We're still conducting events. Once there were over 70 to 100 buggies at the events. Now there are about 20 to 30. Of the original six clubs that sprang up in eastern Ohio in the 60s and 70s, we're the last. We also compete in Cincinnati at the yearly Bug-In. We do good. I wonder if anyone remembers the names of the six clubs. I know Art Schmidt does, because he was a member. The names were: The Pros, The Brushriders, The Over the Hill Gang, The Outsiders, The Sandseekers, and last but not least, the Clairton Hijackers. Thanks and good buggying. Contact me at 13328 St. RT 47, Richwood, Ohio 43344 if anyone is interested in joining our 52 member club. Dave Amstutz, Secretary 1 • almost didn't work at all! But, not because of Sal Fish! Well W ahzoo, I feel a lot better having vented my spleen! What if the two bozos had succeeded in their scheme? We don't have to worry about the consequences because it didn't completely happen! What about the next time? I will let you and Sal take up the gauntlet from here to make certain that the bozos never become Checkers or have the opportunity to potentially screw up the communications of any race again. Thank you for the surprise $25.00 in contingency money. There is always a silver lining to every cloud. After replacing the torsion bar we broke at mile 5 on the SNORE 250, we were able to go one beautiful, dust free, rain soaked lap. Unfortunately, because of the Grand Prix finishing rules, we couldn't go a second lap. I hope they change the rules. As in the past, SCORE obtained permission to use the Mt. Diablo Observatory property from Mexican Tourism. The permit included, (in alphabetical order), BARRA, RLH, RED X ,relay, SCORE relay and The eatherman relay. U nbe-· knownst to State Tourism or SCORE, both John Lippett and RLH obtained a higher ranking permission from the Mexico City Observatory people. They asked specifically that no other relays, and in particular Bob Steinberger, "The Weatherman" be allowed access, due to radio interference to their respective relays. Now what a surprise to BARRA and Jim Morton when they arrived on Thursday, the day before the race, to get everything set up. They were not allowed access to the observatory grounds! They were told that there would only be relays allowed; Red X relay and RLH. In closing, I want to personally thank the Checkers for me, for the 1991 Vic Van Ella Sportsman award. It has to be one of the best trophies in off road racing. (it's certainly one of the biggest). Your biggest fan, Bob Steinberger · -The Weatherman P .S . If I am visiting your Wednesday Checker meeting and learn your identity when you thank the Checkers for me, I swear I will not reveal it! It's a ''\/\ N' R.L.H. COMMUNICATIONS 1111111111 ~ RACE RADIO SYSTEMS 337 W. 35th STREET, SUITE "F NATIONAL CITY, CA 92050 (619) 585-9995 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE TOM SCHILLING - 1990 OVERALL F.R.T SERIES TOM DeNAULT - 1990 CLASS 1-2/1 600 SCORE/HORA RITAYIK & PRATT - 1990 24HR WORLD RECORD CLASS 9 F.R.T. PERRY McNEILL - 1990 CLASS 8 GRAN CARRERA H & R RACING - 1990 CLASS 9 F.R.T. SERIES REG. PRICE •5ggoo RACERS. SPECIAL Intercom WE ACCEPT VISA & MASTERCHARGE HELMETS WIRED $l75.00 HANDHELD RADIOS 50 CHANNELS-$495 REVOLVING LIGHTS & ELECTRQNIC SIRENS/HORNS Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay Page 50 Reid Ferguson Irvine, CA You are welcome Reid, and thanks for the note. We don't get too many of those lately hut J>ay contingency in five different series. Ed. Words cannot describe the disappointment I experienced as I read the December issue of Dusty Times which covered the Midwest Off Road Points Championships on page 22. Your staff writer, Deb Freimuth-Grier neglected to fully cover all of the races that were held that weekend. One race left out was the Women's Heavy Metal Class Race. This was an exciting season finale, with points positions being decided on this race as well. The winner of this race had her first victory ever. She also did her best driving ever, showing us how much improved she had become. Sheri Parsons turned in the second fastest lap time of the day. If I were she, I cannot imagine the embarrass-ment and lack of respect she must be feeling, from the immense oversight on your part. If the reason was lack of room, perhaps you could have eliminated the pictures from the previous race, Crandon, which had nothing to do with the race in Oshkosh. If the reason was because yor staff writer failed to cover it, I will, in the future offer to cover the Women's Heavy Metal race for your magazine to insure equal coverage for all the racers. We are, after all, racers, not just racer's wives. Nancy Vanden Heuvel Appleton, WI For starters Oshkosh is a long way from Los Angeles, and no doubt the reason the event was missed was .. because of a lack of results at the February 1991 track or anytime later. W e have never received any results from the race organizer in Oshkosh, and it is now January. Dusty Times policy on race coverage is to have one person or one team cover the entire event, and we have that at the majority of the SODA races. By the way, we use the pictures of winning cars that we have on hand or sent to us, not always all the class winners or the right track, Ina here we take what we get from all the SODA organizers and photogs. Ed. The increased problem of excessive "nerfing" seems to have a direct relationship with the development of some Heavy Metal trucks and their ability to obtain some pretty impressive lap times. Class 8 trucks have evolved to the point that they are now serious contenders for the overall victory in any desert race. It seems that hardly a race goes by that someone isn't bringing up a case at the Competition Review Board involving a Class 8 truck and excessive nerfing. Since they are now able to keep up with and in many cases pass the Class 1 vehicles, they now pose a new concern for any slower vehicle. This is quickly becoming almost everybody. A 4000 pound vehicle going well over 100 mph poses a very big problem for anyone in its proximity. This class, above all others, should sincerely consider the damage they can do at these speeds. These drivers have a responsibility to consider seriously the fact that they do very much indeed have other drivers lives in their hands, unless, of course, a victory is worth more than a human life. The case brought up at the 1991 Nevada 500 between Bob Richey and Larry Ragland seemed to miss the point of what is really at stake here. Richey was concerned with the damage done to his Class 2 car and Ragland suggested that the rear cages be built stronger. Good idea, but at 100 mph even 5 inch steel plating won't do much good when a car is knocked off the course at 100 mph doing an endo into hell knows what. The concern should be for each others lives. I can sympathize with Larry, because getting "dogged by a slower vehicle is no fun. I've co-ridden in a Class 4 and I know how irritating it can be when a slower car just doesn't pull over, and you soon feel like nerfing it into the next county. However 90 percent of the drivers do have enough courtesy to pull over when they see us and in most cases the time lost is usually only a matter of seconds when the course is wide enough for them to pull over somewhere. In my opinion the only solution to this problem is for every driver to become more aware · of his responsibility to preserve safety when passing and when being passed. I don'tthink thatthere are many excuses for excessive rear ending of any class vehicle at any speed by any vehicle, not just Class 8. Those found to be abusive should be penalized no matter what class. It just so happens that the Class 8 truck can do more damage to a car than any other class, due to the perform-ance, horsepower and weight of Class 8 trucks. These are only my opinions and are not necessarily those of any other members of our race team. Marty Pollard Conejo Off Road Racing It was impossible not to notice a total of37 entries in Class l/2 at the Baja 1000, yet only 26 racers started! What do you suppose happened to these 11 no shows? Were they sick, was there an emergency? No. They and their crews were highly noticeable at the race. These racers simply choose the best draw of the three, four, five or six entries which they paid $100 for. Just think, if all 26 starters had chosen to pay the $100 fee for just three chances in the draw, the total entries would have been 78 in Class l / 2 . Program buyers would have been looking for 78 record breaking in attendance racers! Following is a suggestion to eliminate CHEA TING in the drawing: Full payment in Class 1 / 2 in order to get in the drawing. ( Other classes do not seem to have this cheating problem. (but they don't have a chance anyhow at starting first on the road with a dust free run ahead.) By demand-ing full payment instead of just a $100 deposit, racers would be discouraged from entering a drawing six times. Compare $4200 entry dollars versus the $600 deposit. These racers have no problem paying $600 deposit for six entries, but $4200, maybe not. I suggest this registration fee would not be refunded, unless the racer did not race at all, and had a real good reason for not starting. Carolyn and Mike Williams Meco Racing Orange, CA W e agree the multiple entries, especially for one team and especially in Class 1/ 2 did seem a little overdone at the Baja woo. You forgot to mention that the $ 1 oo deposit does not go into the prize fund for that class on no shows, lntt to the J>romoter for his time and trouble doing the J)re-race paperwork. While we don't believe it is actual cheating to double enter the drawing in hopes of getting a better number, and we know it has been going on for over 20 years, it still doesn't seem fair for a driver to he able to pick a good number after the drawing. Ed. COMING NEXT MONTH ... SNORE El Dorado 250 CRS Gorman Ridge Rallies FRT Dunaway Dash La Rana New Year's 200 MTEG Stadium Racing in Anaheim SCCA Maine Forest Rally ADRA Sonoyta to Rocky Point 1991 VORRA Awards Banquet ... Plus all the regular.features Dusty Times

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"The Straight Poop From The Big Wahzoo" The Big Wah:oo is on vacation this month, so as his loyal assistant I, the Little Wahzoo, gladly volunteered to fill in for him and write this month's Checker Column. La Rana Race -About eight Checker cars raced this 250 mile race held in the Johnson Valley Off Road Area just outside of Lucerne. Those neat folks at La Rana once again put on an excellent event that everybody involved seemed to enjoy. Rex Keeling and Tom Koch had a great run going until the last lap when they experienced engine problems and did not get to the finish line in Rex's Class 10 car. Mike Harman, our new Club Secretary and La Rana's last year's Class 10 points champion, also had some prob-lems in his Class 10 car and finished off the pace. I'm really sorry Mike, but I never did hear how you finished, position wise. The Club's new President-Elect Jeff Hibbard teamed up with Randy LaCore in Randy's Class 10 buggy, but they had carburetor problems right from the start of the race and only finished 3 laps. Louie Silvas had a good run going in his Class 1-2-1600 car until he rolled it on the last lap. Finally when he was able to get it back on it's wheels and on the road again, he ran out of gas just a few miles from the finish line. Silvas figured that he must have lost just enough gas while he was upside down to end up about a gallon of gas short. That is a tough break Louie, but surely you'll have better luck next time. The Steeles raced their 1-2-1600 car but I never was able to find out how they did, my apologies to Brian and Scott. Russ Butow brought his 1-2-1600 buggy out for the first race in a while with big Steve Brown as his co-driver. Russ and Steve both had a fun race on the way to a 10th place finish. Mike Duenas raced his Class 11 car for its last race and sadly went out on his last lap with engine problems. B.J. Bates drove a non-Checker Challenger car, but did not pit with the Club and I never heard how he did. The Club had a great display of support at this race with five Checker pits, one of them Pit Captained by Greenway, thanks for your support Jim! Although the weather was cold and windy everybody had a fine time, both during and after the race. At the last meeting of the year it was disclosed that at a recent steering committee meeting about 15 members were dropped off the active roster. I think that this was mostly just a procedural matter for most of them and hopefully they'll all be able to straighten things out in the near future and get active again. The Checkers recently voted in Mike Brown as a full member and I would, on behalf of the whole Club, like to say congratulations Mike, and don't let the guy's kidding bother you because it is all in fun. The Club will be facing a wonderful problem next year as the promoters will be offering a number of great off road racing Dusty Times series' to compete in . First, with HDRA's split with SCORE, Danny Cau will be offering his regular excellent races plus an opportunity to travel to Utah for The Color Country Runoffs. SCORE will continue on with its traditional races in '92 with Sal Fish reportedly sending us down to La Paz during the Baja 1000 Race. Keep up the good work Sal! Lou Peralta will also carry on with his ever expanding Baja Promotions series and will hopefully be successful in putting together his Mint 400 Race this year. We'll be pulling for you Lou. Eddie Castro's La Rana race series will reportedly consist of seven races that arc becoming increasingly popular' with our club members, and FUD has scheduled six races in his '92 race series. Races, races, races, what a great year 1992 is shaping up to be. Next month's column will cover all the activities at our Annual Awards Banquet, along with any changes promised by our new Club officers. Hopefully the Big Wah:oo will he back to write all about it, but if not, yours truly, the Little Wahzoo will carry on in his ahscncc. A Happy New Y car and Peace and Hap-piness to all my fellow Checker Members in 1992. California Rally Series/ SCCA So-Pac Division News Bv Pa11la Gihcwdt Well, we survived the Annual Awards Banquet, and it's nice to have so many rallies coming up early in the year! The Sunup and Sundown Rallysprints at Glen Helen O .R.V. Park will he February 15. Call John Elkin for an entry form or to volunteer your help: (818) 353-9427. Remember, as this is a non-spectator event, anyone you invite or who wishes to come watch should register with John or a competitor ( as crew member), ahead of time if possible! In fact, this has got to he every crew member's favorite event for watching rally action. Lest we sound like a broken record, make sure you beg, borrow, or steal a Snell SA-85 or SA-90 helmet for the event. Sell your M-85 to a motorcycle rider for street use, now that the law requires them! Good luck to any local rallyists heading to the Big Bend Bash in Texas February 1. The Prescott Forest Rally April 25-26 promises some new roads plus the old favorites and plenty of hot competition from the National teams that enter to gain 60% points. The "Rim team" wi 11 soon learn if we have permission to use some new roads for the Friday night event (May 15); we're keeping our fingers crossed! Gorman Ridge is tentatively scheduled for October 24. Two other events, one a hands-on rally workshop, are in the planning stages. Mike and I would like to know if any of you would like to join a team ( of 3-4 people) to organi:e future events. This idea, namely, sharing the job, worked so well for the Gorman Ridge Gang that we think it's a great way to put on an event! Don't forget an important incentive: You will not lose ground in the points standings by organi:ing. On the contrary, you will gain winner's points for both the Calitornia Rally ·series and SCCA Divisional Championships. You win your own event! In case you haven't heard the impressive story of our local hoy who made good, Rui Brasil, I thought I'd pass on the details. Rui will be shipping his trusty new Toyota All-Trac Cclica to Portugal for eight events, as one of the drivers for a team sponsored hy a Toyota dealer in Terceira. Rui got the ride with some fine finishes on Portuguese events in '90 and '91, running Renaults. He lined up sponsorship from Air Portugal and Portuguese-Ameri-can Export Lines to transport him and his car to the events, which start with a March 20 rally and hopefully include the 1993 (World Rally Championship) Port Wine Rally! Events will he pacenoted, and he already has a focal co-driver ready and waiting there. Rui, who works from time to time conducting tours for Sun Trips, first made the contact with Air Portugal through that company. Pretty impressive, huh! An interesting note is that the rally car must make a brief trip hack to a U .S. port every six months to avoid heavy duty fees! We wish Rui the best of luck and will certainly miss his excclk-nt driving in Stock GT. He hopes to at least service for his three brothers on some CRS events this year. Well, it's been a while since I've managed to pound out a FAIR column. My chocolate covered grasshopper ranch has been taking so much of my time lately. When it's cold out those little guys get so stiff that they can hardly move, •and when it's real hot, you can just imagine the mess! I'll be trying to type this slowly because I know most of you can't read fast. 1991 was a banner recessionary year for FAIR as the club supported every SCORE/HORA and LA RANA race held in the continental United States and Mexico. FAIR racers came out victorious a grand total of umpteen times during 1991 and took home pri:e money exceeding a buck three eighty five and a half. Scott Steinberger with his PCI race radio sponsored Chenowth Mini Mag won several races in 1991 including the granddaddy of them all, the Baja 1000. This was no mean feat as Scott drove the only Mini Mag to ever finish the Baja 1000 within the time limit. Scott also banked the year end points money winning the Mini Mag class championship hy 1 point over Larry Plank, another FAIR racer. Larry also won several races in the SCORE/ HORA points series in 1991 including the prestigious Nissan 400 en route to the fore mentioned runner up spot in the points race. Rich Fersch in his Downey Race Haus sponsored 5-1600 Baja Bug took home the gold medal in four of the LA RANA races and with his fearless antique co-rider Harry Dunne squeaked out the LA RANA February 1991 series class championship hy 1 point. Rich also finished second in the SCORE/HORA series points in Class 5-1600. Brian Parkhouse, although never winning a race in 1991 ( not his fault, other people kept finishing in front of him), nevertheless finished 3rd in the SCORE/ HORA points series in the Class 1-2-1600 division. Brian was the only buggy driver to finish every mile of evc-ry race, thereby winning one of the much sought after Toyota Milestone Awards. Brian's average speed for the entire series was faster than every other finisher except Larry Ragland and his Class 8 truck. Talk about great driving and fantastic prep! Wow! Bob Richey won his second consecutive unlimited class championship in the LA RANA series in 1991. Bob was a multiple race winner usually taking the overall as well. · Curt Lamb and family were LA RANA Stone Stock Class winners in 1991 and finished in the runner up spot at year end in the points race. Congrats Curt! A fine job in your rookie year! The second part of this month's sermon will be a look hack at 1991 through the eyes of the FAIR Media Team. Category number one: The three best races. #1 the Nissan 400! Las Vegas, perfect weather, no dust, a great technical race course, HORA perfectionism, Gold Coast Hotel hospitality, The Cra:y Horse, mud bog racing Friday morning, pit access maps, a cool main pit layout. #2 The Nevada 500! Fantastic rural Nevada people, utterly fantastic scenery, flash floods-rain-lightning show, a great race course, the swimming pool at Silverpeak, the Rabbit place, the date shake at the Mad Greeks, HORA perfectionism, winning forty dollars worth of nickels in Tonapah. #3 LA RANA High Desert 250! A little hit of everything. Lucerne kind of race course (fun), old fashioned off road racers (the good kind), LA RANA efficiency, perfect weather, steaks on the har-b, the borrowed propane heater ( thanks Pete), the safe and sane and now fair main pit layout. Honorable mention would have to go to The San Felipe 250 (shrimp and margaritas), and the New Years LA RANA race (mystical fog and mist shrouded Barstow hills and 360s in the mud). Category number two: The three toughest races. # l The Baja 1000! The first 60 miles, the last 60 miles, the summit, Matomi wash, the beach, the second six hours of driving, chasing after that, hand built launching ramps, co-drivers with no depth percep-tion ( that ram rut didn't look that deep), the hill, waiting and waiting at the finish. #2 Sec number one. #3 The Nissan 400! The rock garden, the silt beds, the shale rock, that rock ( the one that got both left side tires), changing a trans the night before, the rock under the clutch pedal, the loose nut behind the steering wheel. The opinions expressed in the last two categories may not be the . opinions of FAIR but were democratically voted on by the entire membership of the FAIR Media T earn. Future categories will include the three best guest speakt.:rs, the three best pit club mascots, the three best Pee W ec Herman jokes, a wet t shirt contest and a sensous banana eating demonstration. FAIR meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Holiday Inn in Fullerton. Located at the intersection of the 91 Freeway and Harbor Blvd., the Hotel has been completely renovated and offers luxurious rooms and sumptuous dining. The meetings start at eight o'clock and guests and prospective members arc cordially invited. Joining FAIR is almost as easy. Pay 30 dollars and receive a T-shi rt and a hat, come to 3 meetings and get voted in. To race with FAIR, he a member in good standing, pay a small pit fee, supply two people and four tires and you will be supported by the best pit team out there. Out of state membership can be arranged. FAIR is serious about racing and acts accordingly on race day. All FAIR pits have Weatherman prepared FM radios, welders, generators, tools, and factory trained Porsche mechanics, although with the recession sometimes we have to do without the factory trained Porsche mechanics. Questions about FAIR can be directed to Bob Steinberger at PCI Race Radios in Signal Hill, David Jameson at Mehr Auto Parts in Bell Gardens, or Rich Fersch at The Downey Race Haus in Downey. AffENTION PIT TEAMS Send in your tales of triumph anll troubles to DUSTY TIMES 5'> 31 DL-rry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 ~~~RACERX -~---HOTLINE 1-900-535-9292 Ext. 889 * Latest off-road racing results * Trivia * Products $2.00 Per Minute • 24 Hours A Day Updated Weekly Page 51 -

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Curt LeDuc 39067 Orchard St Cherry Valley, CA 92223. (714) 845-8820 Our ·specialty Race Trucks Pr~Runners 84-89 Ranger Fiberglass Dimple Dies BILL & DIANNE THOMPSON ::=CARRERA. PHOTOGRAPHY (714)96!Mi820 P.O. BOX 5221 • BUENA PARK, CA 90622 ~~fl~~~ ~tl~ · ·. s· INC.' , MANCE PRODUCT ' . ·• PERFOR BRAKES • SAFETY EQUlPMt:NT • f&~ION COM-. DRIVE TRAIN & R~UJoLY TUBING • pONENTS • H~SIS.FABRlCATION • CUSTOM ~EL CELLS • A~D MORE SE~ •,-,$•1fli•tl .1-soo-s30.9494 un11a.-(616> 873-3640 INFO BOX189 SILVERµ~~ '.(616) 873-0218 FAX MEARS,Ml49436 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 920~0 . 619-449-2991 FAX 619-449-7103 CHENOWTH -iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFf <ACING PRODVCTS, INC. Check the Record; The Winners Choice; #1 in Racing and Recreational Chassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 [CNC] Manufacturers of CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA.92110 (619) 275-1663 Brake and Clutch Pedal Assy Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cutting and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog Competition and Sport S E A T S With the unique energy absorbing rubber suspension. "What a difference.· Only the best from Sub~ Sports. SH6e-SP"r11F 1714) 847-4363 Call For Free Catalog TRAILING ARMS - $295.00 EXCHANGE 3X3 AND 6X6 • CUSTOM SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE C.V. ADAPTER RINGS - $45.00 PER PAIR TYPE 1 TO TYPE 2-4 TYPE 1 TO 930 TYPE 2 TO 930 COLUMBIA OFF ROAD 32109 NE 86TH STREET CAMAS WA 98607 206-834-4089 OR CELLULAR 206-253--0703 FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS ' (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 934.5-128mm CV JOINTS DIRECT FROM GERMANY NOW IN STOCK ;fr ~ DON'T GET CAUGHT WITH IMIT A TIONSI ,--- -BAKER PRECISION PRODUCT 310•427-2375 OR FAX 310•426-5294 ~n,..,.~n,.. .... _FIJI I _IJQVO ---.'RACING PRODUCTS CUSTOM.RACING RADIATORS All Aluminum Rabbit Replacement Radiators Send for a free catalog 2905 West auckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 85099 (602) 269-9194 (800) 842-5166 DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 DESERT r·z OFFROAD T-SHIRT DESIGNS (714) 582-0930 27324 Camino Capistrano . FAX (714) 582_6277 Unit 172-175 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 TRUCK (714)349-1168 D.ti. Racing RACE CAR PREP • AND FABRICATING -OFFROAD-~ -STREET--STRIP-. -SAND-~ _ ~ - = ~ RACECHASIS ROU.CAGES DARRYL GIBSON PRE RUN BUMPERS 714-882-4334 SUSPENSIONS RACER MARKETING • PRESS RELEASES BOOKKEEPING • CONSULTING • TAXES ALAN STEIN [714] 62B-1922 [714] 627-537 6 FAX 12490 CENTRAL SUITE23□ B. CHINO, CA 91710 JOHN VERHAGEN'S m ......... PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS 10623 BLACKFOOT ROAD 619-240-3930 APPLE VALLEY ,CA 92308 TRICK SHOCKS F R: Single, Double, Triple, Quad Applications. Take-Aparts & Remote Reservoir Kits. 10728 Prospect An. "B", Sl!r.te, CA 92071 • (619) 562-8773 DOWNEY 8100 Firestone Blvd. Downey, Calif. 90241 (213) 862-1671 OFF ROAD FABRICATION I DESIGN RACE PREP • FOX SHOCK REBUILDING Y.W. REPLACEMENT PARTS & ACCESSORIES LESLIES D.RIVELINE; Inc. (714) 877-6491 ~ PARTS AND SERVICE FOR Av"TO, TRUCX, 11."CCST'RIAI. C/V A.'m PRONT WK!l!l ORM UNl?S =''~-------·-~ ...-:17"' _) MANUFACTUli~G • BALANCING • CUSTOMIZING ::;t.~ 1750 South Lilac Avenue Bloomington, Ca. 92324 Fax (114) 877.'2(0 C.. Wll.t< 1-800-l27~ U.S. Walls 1~ 24 Hr. Emergency Call Out for Par!B &: Service Buy & Sell Used Aluminum Racing Wheels EDDCO Aluminum Wheel Straightening Specialist Aluminum Wheel Straightening Metal Polishing We Buy Damaged Racing Wheels Any Condition ED OROZCO 9435 Wheatland Ct. Santee, CA 92071 Shop · 258-2575 Pager • 492-7343

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825-0583 888-2703 S. Arrowhead Ave. • o 'SAN BERNARDINO, CA , 92408 ...... -TM FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHEL TEAS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS!. VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS AUlHORIZED DEALER CASTEX RENT>.LS . 213-462-1468 MANDREL TUBE BENDING -WELDING - FLAME CUTTING-CUSTOM OR PROOUCTIO-l FABRICATION BUMPERS - FACTORY DIRECT FABCOM TERRY FAIR 619-561-2292 9362 BOND AVENUE EL CAJON CA 92021 \LLE SAFET ORIVING SUITS SEAT BELTS' NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNOERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS FAX 619-561-6162 9017 SAN -FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 ~-RA(tN, ... FVEI.:• FUELS & LUBRICANTS CO. BRUCE CONRAD 1537 E. Del Amo Blvd Carson, CA 90746 Phone: (213) 603-2200 FAX: (213) 603-2257 (619) 669-4727 ~ Get Your SIIIPT Together/ ~ ~ \~~------FORT I /Y TRA/YSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane ~ -Jamul, Ca(lfomla 92035 -W Dopg Fortin mox MICHAEL J. DAWS GENERAL MANAGER #1 Racing Shock Absorber in the U.S.: Fox Factory, Inc. -Off-Road Truc'ks and Cars Racing Shock Absorber D1v1S1on - Motorcycle Roadracing 3641 Charter Park Drive -Automolive Roadracing San Jose. Cahforn,a 95136 (USA) -Snowmobiles Fox Fone ...... (408) 269-9200 - Special Apphcat,ons Fox Fax . . .. (408) 269-9217 A RACING SUSPENSION DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NOW YH CAN GOTIE UCINC CEAIS TIE WINNERS ARE ISINC ;>u,f FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. .31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (313) 294-5858 Fax: (313) 293-0736 1990 CHAMPIONS FAT BUDWEISER/BUD LIGHT SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES SPONSORED BY: lHE WRIGHT Pl.ACE, RACE READY PRODUCTS, lHE SCHIWNG CORPORATION & CYCLE PARTS WEST ATV'S, DEZ SUPERUTES & BIKES PRO SPORTSMAN Greg Bringle ATV Greg Gibbs Bill Adsit Open MIC Dewey Belew . Troy Pearce (High Points) 250 M/C Chuck Salmond Brent Coleman 125 MIC Bob Bell Tom Moen VET MIC Bob Johnson John Bilkey SR MIC Claude Maynard Bob Thompson SUPER SR MIC Himey Means Fuel VINTAGE M/C Rick Wessels OPEN DEZ SUPERLITES Stu Peace 360 DEZ SUPERLITES Marchello Derosa DEZ STAR Frank Chavez BUGGIES, CARS & TRUCKS Class 1 O . Brian McDonnell Class 1 00 Dan Lewis Class 8 Class 5-1600 Mini Mag Class 7 Class 9 Kirk McDaniel Ronnie Gibson Jack Hettinger Craig Corda Josh Kerr Class 1/2-1600 Class 5 Unlimited Class Tom Schilling (High Points) Kyle Whitted Ron Wilkerson Bladders Quick uel FIiis Dump Std. Cans FIiis CELLS 5271 Business Dr. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 SEALEO 11111111111,c:::::1 Batteries built spec, 1Cally or o road racing. Deep cycle. gel filled. extra cranking. recovery and reserve. Only sealed battery recommended by MSD Ignition. Ask for Sealed System battery by name. Su6e-Spurff (714J 847-4363 GEORGE CHEVROLET ASK FOR · ,) WOODY WORTHY 5h • .,,ol.. . lET GEORGE DO 11! YOUR TRUCK SPECIALIST 17000 LAKEWOOD BLVD. BELLFLOWER, CA 90706 (213) 925-2500 FAX 925-1498 OFFICE PROFESSIONAL POOL SERVICE AND REPAIRS .~PEG/AL/ZING IN COMMERCIAL & CUSTOM POOLS 362-4202 LICENSED & INSUR ED ·• ACID WASHES • FILTERS • HEATERS• MOTORS• ETC. 3999 GRAP_EFRUiT CIRCLE. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89103 HIGH GRADE RACING 1267.Buena Vista San Jacinto, CA 92383 (714) 654-0539 • FABRICATION/WELDING Dave Turner Owner/Driver • PRE-RUNNER BUMPERS • ROLL CAGES • SUSPENSIONS • MAINTENANCE & PREP --. Hffl~...., Rebuild Rod Ends • Heim Joint Specialist (714) 979-6631 11881 Marlana River Circle. Unit "H", Fountain valley, CL 92708 Engine Rebuilding Buggy Repairs Bug Pack CNC Moore .. ·:" -----~' Dune Buggies SCAT HOUSE of BUGGlES 10439 Prospect Ave. Suite A Santee, CA 92071 Mitchell Wheels 619-448-4180 1 SAW Performance Lee , / u!lflJf!JffJcl (714) 522-4600 (714) 522-4602 V. W. Service REPAilt O PARTS O SERVICE SEE JADA TO BUY OR SELL USED PARTS JADA REPAIRS ALL BREEDS OF MINI TRUCKS 6291 Manchester, Blvd. .8uena Park, C-A,90621 ~ \ • .• MANUFACTUllErtS OF: BRAKE ANO CLUTCH ASSY ::,,er,; IIASTE!l CYLINDERS 280(;0 DF.I, RIO SLAVF. CYLINDERS Tf.MECULA,CA TURNING A STAGING. BRAKES SHI FTEllS (714) 676-2066 fAX (714) 676-2166 AVAtLAIILF. AT FINEil SPECIALTY SHOPS DEAL,Ell I NQUll I f.S WEI.COME ~ .. PERFnRMIINCE PRODUCrs JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner· ~~I•• •T•~ Ir•~ •••••••••••• Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit O Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240

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JtMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES FOX SHOCK SERVICE PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREPARATION (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 Ct/51'"oM 'F,,(Be/CA'170.¥ ~,~1-z+~ t;t7£.l:"1?f, CA. MIKE JULSON JOHN MARKING !!Jl,j{fJ!ltat ~l~l'----,F<..>F-l'VIA,...,,.._-:E l"R1. ~L"LIC. ... 1"" "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 · Fax (714) 444-1622 MIKE MENDEOLA .eACE" CA~(' P.eE""Rt/,V,v£~ ~/£-~S I CKAr;E r,cvc-K!: 10722 Kenney St. C-0 (619) 562-9010_ Fax (619) 562-9079 ?R'tCP ~ ~ABRICA77av' -r~ 1]1,,1..///i= c:rAs;OL.IIV'E" Santee. CA 92071 HONDA .. Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. PROFESSIONAL RACERS DISCOUNT ON ALL GENERATORS ART KAWAGUCHI · 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES. CA 90063 FAX PHONE • (213) 264-3936 (213) 264-5858 KENNEDY ENGINEERED PRODUCTS. 38830 17th Street East Palmdale, CA 93550. (805) 272·1147 Send $2.00 for our catalog "The experts in Engine Adapters to Transaxlesf' Rotary, Toyota, Rabbit, V-6's, Porsche and more to VW, Porsche (901 & 915) and Hewland. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FAMOUS KENNEDY CLUTCHES KUSTER OFF-ROAD RACING SHOCKS • EXTERNAL DAMPENING ADJUSTMENT • 3• DIAMETER. a· TO 1a· STROKE • . COMPLETELY REBUILDABLE • COMPUTER SUSPENSION DESIGN ASSISTANCE KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2900 E. 29TH STREET P.O. BOX 7038 LONG BEACH, CAI.IFORNIA USA 90806 TELEPHONE 213-695--0661 FAA 213-426-7897 • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICATION 825 N. GLENDORA AVE. COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER Brackets & Components for Chassis Fabrication Pro-Clamps • Battery Boxes • Radio Mounts Pedal & Shifter Mounts • Skid Plates Aluminum Floor Boards • Scoops & Shrouds Shearing • Punching -Forming Sowing - Tool Grinding - TIG & MIG Welding STEVE WRIGHT 399 E. Harrison Unit D Corona, CA 91720 (714) 351-2515 (714) 272-4272 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card iri the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merelv$12.5 ;.oo per month. 42425 5th St. E. Unit C Lancaster, CA 93535 42425 5th St. E. Unit D Lancaster, CA 93535 ■ J.MR. Chassis • Turn Key Cars Bill Varnes 805-940-5513 Fax 805-940-5514 Racing Products Pete Alamar 805-940-5515 Fax 805-940-5514 ■ Fox shocks parts & service • Race Car Prep (805) 298-1212 26524 Golden Valley Road. #405. Saugus. CA 91350 YOUR· COMP.LETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils • Heli-Core Wires • Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Dr .• El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 857-5200 CUSTOM FADP.ICATION AND ALUMINUM WOP.K Malcolm Miller By Appointment Only (619) 445-9770 AUWS ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CARS TRUCKS NATIONAL SPRING COMPANY, INC. 10229 Prospect Aue. Santee, Californiri 92071 A COMPLETE AUlOMOTIVE SPRING SERVICE Leaf Springs Cuslort1 Made & Repaired Shocks & Coil Springs Sold & Installed Blocks and U·Bolts made to order Off-Road Suspension Urethane Bushings Beeline Alignment and Wheel Balancing M010R HOMES (619) 449-ARCH 4 X 4's OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR .. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 /le 4 WO VANS & P1CKUPS /le MINI TRUCKS PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOCKS USEO • WELDING /le FABRICATION Bill Montague Established 1974 (714) 761-9460 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT OFF ROAD DYNAMICS (714) 592-2271 LA VERNE. CALIFOR IA FRAMES • RACE PREP CUSTOM MACHINING AND FABRICATION Dennis Rogers By Appointment Only PENeE a,=,= ROAO Specializing in the Prep and Building of Off Road Racing Equipment CUSTOM FABRICATION OF · ◄ Chassis ◄ Roll Cages ◄ Suspension KEVIN PENCE (217) 692-2837 ◄ Welding .◄ Aluminum Work ◄ Lt. Weight Trailers 206 Power Blue Mound, IL62513

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J~ [;)[3~0{]~{1(1 1660 Babcock Bldg. B Costa Mesa. Ca 92627 ( 714) 650-3035 Fabrication v· Coil Over Suspens·,.,n ✓ FoxShoxPartsAnd >3rvice ✓ Race Car Wiring ✓ Race Car Prep. ✓ Tum Key Race Cars ~ Per{o~CING ENGINES Assembly• Machine Work• Parts . Engine Dyna Facility 10722 Kenney Street, Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Fax (619) 562-9079 PIAA Professional Halogen Lamp Systems Chosen by: Dave Ashley. Rob MacCachren. Simon & Simon. Manny Esquerra. -John Swift. Chuck Johnson. Dan Smith. Larry Maddox. and Brant Shoppe. $H6iflpt'rltF 17141 847-4363 Call For Free Catalog Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely$ 25 .00 per month. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES· 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX ILLINOIS 60451 18151 485-RACE 172231 Larry Winter 714-537-8286 A Totally New Concept in Battery Design Race Shop Supplies 11532 Stephanie Garden Grove, CA 91640 • ½ the Size & Weight of its Equivalent • Vibration Resistant * Spill Proof Telephone: (714) 535-4437 . (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim,CA 92805 ctfY~W~ ~ActOO□~~CD ~ (rAIB~□<!!AiJ'(f (D CPA~~ • Free Advice & Technical Assistance • R&D • All Size Jobs Welcome RACERS MACHININGSERVICES "If You Can Imagine It, I Can Make It" SCOTTDORDICK ■ 818-843-4084 724 N. Lake■ Burbank, CA 91502 DON'T 1·:aoo:W46'a:i;~ lf.l~:· RACEWARE Fasteners eliminate I i I I blown head gaskets, oil leaks • and bearing failure! Race-Tech Engineering■ 11320 Brydon Drive■ Taylor, Ml 48180 ■ (313) 946-4477 RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St, Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses. Ghias and 914's '-'"'.t.-. SaH. ?~ ~g,"999 ~ · ~ \ I~ 1533 Truman Street 1 San Fernando. Ca 91340 ~~~ ~Phone(818)361-12i5 §f'(jW if~(;mf --==~w~1~ ~J ~== 12221 DITMORE DR. GARDEN GROVE, CA 92641 (714) 539-5162 JOB SITE SKJNS · BANNERS· WIOOOW lfITERNJ·· CAA LETTERING· ~ SMITH FABRICATIONS • Heliarc Welding . ~ - • IMSA • Sheet Metal '. • HORA , Tubing Structure , - • SCORE • Suspension ·-• MTEG Mike Smith (818) 309-9899 9237 Lower Azusa Rd; Unit 0 Temple City, CA 91780 S8198 IS THE LAW AND YOU MUST COMPLY Is your business ready for CAL-OSHA? in the 1st 90 days, over 1500 citations were issued @ $2000 per day Our DO IT YOURSELF STEPBYSTEPPROGRAM has a total cost of $210 and includes: complete program instructions, record keeping system, . one year of CAL-OSHA updates and an 800 number for questions Order today and receive next week (310) 8~0-0198 Lancaster, CA ............................ (800) 462-9499 Las Vegas, NV . _ ..... · ........... _ .. _. . . . . (702,l 643-9200 Paramount. G~ .......................... (213\ 531-0192 Riverside. CA .................... _ ....... (714) 877-0226 San uIego, CA ................. _ ......... (619) 691-9171 ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONl ACT SPORTS RACING P.O. BOX 7835, LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 (714) 363-1236 ODESSA, TEXAS "OET SERIOUS ABOUT WINN/Na' alLI.USAT •'CONGRA TIA.A TIONS• . 1-800-895-8818 JIM~SS 1991 "TEXAS OR.LEJ16E" OVERALL POINTS CHAMPION (213) 583-240'4 fmfil{f }Jfi}ffsERVICE, /NC. l~!!J.~ETAL PROCESSING 5921 W;J;nington Avenue Los Ange/es. Caltforn,a 9000 / SAl'IPBUIS, Mark Smith GLASS BEAD FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MAGNETIC PARllCAL Larry Smith

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FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS BODY PANELS & HOODS BILL STROPPE MOTORSPORTS, INC. 2330 Cherry Industrial Circle Long Beach, California 90805 (213) 634-2730 Jaime Martinez RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Man·utac.turers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabrication* Flame Cutting * Front Ends * Custom Chassis* Race Prep* Custom Lt-Weight Trailers Mtg'r ot Blue Flame Products (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 • Motorsports Marketing • • Public Aelotions • • TAGS & 5TH WHEELS, 12 FT-48 FT TPO • STATE OF THE ART MATERIALS l..t".:::::Ji~~..._~ ANO DESIGNS 'RS • BEST PRICES ON THE WEST COAST ·~ 8530 FRUITRIDGE ROAD, STE. 22 • SACRAMENTO, CA 95828 (918) 381-0532 (918) 381-2558, FAX Trackside Photo, Inc. Jim Ober . Commercial Photography (213) 670-6897 P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 IMC£ mANS BY JEFF REI.O'S TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth, CA 91311 :li![[]~!11r·1·A1c K ·:1:1:1:1:iI ·.•:-:::/\ .. ·.•···. acing gasoline .·.•.-:-:=t{t) \\:{~:[~~~~~i~f:;: .. ·•:-:,:-~,;,;::❖:i:,:,:,,• .. •:•:•:~~~:~i:t:i:(:1f: ~{~ :):::::::?>:·::.1:~E LEADER IN HIGH PERFORMANCE -:;:::;::tt: ;:f:: :::;::::::::l::::::::::::::::(~-~~o ~~[16~0i1i~s1~~?~.:::::::::l:::::)/j\ -:-:::·:·:::. ·:·: · CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION . <:::::-:-.-:~::f :-· : · · · · For_ information and a distributor near you. call .... -::::~ / · · · 1-soo-444-1449 ·.· · · · ·.-:·x:-TURBO 9-""""'· F Racing OasoDnn 8446 Garfield Ave. • Bell Gardens, Ca. 90201 • (310) 928-2278 Lyn Mocaby Mike Mocaby Gordon Culp (UMP) UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10223 PROSPECT AVENUE SANTEE CA 92071 619/449-9690 ------OUR DEALERS------LA AREA McKenz,es 1714) 441-1212 St Peters Off Roac (414) 285-321 8 THE ONLY REASON FOR NOT ADVERTISING IN DUSTY TIMES IS BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE BUSINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE V W. 0 N LY li.Arrio,1ttli1tA 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA NEW & USED VW PARTS RACER DISCOUNTS Sponsor 1990' Class II Champion • LA RANA Sponsor 1990 Class II Champion • HORA ~k' PAINT /INP Ct1471NGS.c0RAtW.n;* J(JG08 * , •RkJI TO Md MAINUIWWCF• Sf"~IIYAf)~J,1/1M1Nt;.1< ~-#171 MY~''ForFicklJp~ -6~f· o i FHE WINNERS CHOICE WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on top. Call WEB-CAM tor your winning cam tor street , strip and oft-road or send $3 tor the complete. catalog. .WEB-CA/Ill 1815 MasaachuHttl Ave .• PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS ~~:~~::~~!!.:0c~1,o1~•·~~~. (714) 369-5144 SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 741-6173 Engine & Machine 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 WIND RIVER GROUP PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING CONSULTANTS E□WrN C. JACOBS PRESIDENT 900 STAfE MILL ROAD AKqON. OHIO 44319 (216)644-7774 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in· your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customer, . Ir i~ :1 grc·:it traffic builder, and the cost 1s minimal. CONTAO DUSTY TIMES, 5_33 I Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91 301. (818) 889-5600 Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix. AZ. 85017 Jack Woods (602} 242-0077

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Classified ••• ACEC 2 seat unlimited car, 135n WB, brand new 2800cc FAT type 4 200plus HP, Hewlar:id trans., all top grade equipment. Spare rire sets, parts. Make offer. (714) 898-7557~ -FOR SALE: Raceco Porsche, 1989 SCORE/HORA Class 2 champion. FAT 3.2 liter, Men-deola DG300, only 4 races in last two years. Overall winner, last race, recent ground-up rebuild w/updates. Huge inventory of quality spares. Meticulously maintained with only the best parts. Must sell! Call Todd (702) 825-1863 mornings or leave message. $35,000.00. FOR SALE: Fuoco SS I, com-pletely refurbished and ready to race. Legal 1-2/1_600 engine, close ratio gears, IRS, brand new Fox shocks, brand new Yoko-hamas on Centerlines, Porsche steering box, all the right stuff. A perfect Class 100 car. Call Jean (818) 889-5600 days. No reasonable offer refused. FOR SALE: 1990 Mirage Class 10, FAT Toyota 4AF, 110H wb, Fox Coil-Overs, Wright front end, combos, arms & rack. Summers front & rear discs, Sway-A-Way, Woods.arms, 930 c. v. 's, Centerlines, Mastercraft, power steering, new 12' trailer. $14,950.00 OBO. Call (415) · 594-0766 or (415) 365-7789. Ask for Mark. FOR SALE: Cl:tss 10 desert car -Valley Performance built, Type I motor, bus trans w/Hewland gears, 116n wb, coil-over suspension, 3n stub .axles, magnesium hubs, Curnutt shocks, all the good stuff. This single seater is very light, like new. Medical reasons force sale. Ready to race!!! $1 l ,500.00 Call (702) 876-5444 days, (702) 870-2 l l 9 eves. Mike Halverson. . FOR.SALE: ·i987 Dodg~· Vista Colt 4wd 5 speed tranny; Noisy fourt& gear but runs okay,· Make .offer -you haul. . Gall Johq at. Dusty Times (818)-889-5600 FOR SALE: 20' enclosec:rbito·· trailer, tandem axle w / surge brakes, bench with vise, lights inside and out, storage and tire rack. Xlnt condition. $_4,500.00 oho. Tom (619) 448-5392 or (619) 441-8936. FOR SALE: Class 10 1650cc Don Hatz motor (best of everything) and one (1) Hewland F.G.B. 5 speed transmissiQn. Prep by Fortin. Call Mike Stapleton (213) 634-7933 between 7am and 5:30pm. FOR SALE: Late model Hi-Ju.mper. Fuel cell, Centerlines, Flame Out, Neal pedals, full body, Bilsteins, KC lights, Sway-A-Way, Mastercraft seat, Simp-son belts, Parker Pumper. 1600 FOR SALE: Class 5 convertible, motor, many spare parts. Raced -~-""-'"'-=~0 · -Valley Performance 2280 engine, once. Great Class 9 or prerunner. FOR SALE: You've seen this one fresh Valley Performance bus $3500_00 oho. Call (Zl3) 670_ flying high at every race this year, trans with Hewland gears, 4435_ younger brother to Robby Bilsteins, disc brakes, secondary iiiiiiiiiiiiw~="=:i1iiiiii Gordons Hay Hauler. Built from torsion set-up, fuel cell, Beard the ground up by Nelson and seats, extended aluminum fenders, Nelson. This Ford Tough truck is head lights, tail lights, directional a proven performer, consistent signals, windshield wipers, Parker top six finisher. Here is your ,, . --~-. FOR SALE: Buy a winner, 1990 Class 5 11600 class champion, third overall in SNORE points series. Ready to race!!! Coolex shock coolers, Wright, Sway-A-Way, Centerlines, Mastetcraft seats, fresh engine, 431 chromoly cage, best of everything. $7,500.00. For more info. call Barry (702) 658-1436. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Raceco. 11 r wb, Raceco bus, 930 c.v.'s, Dura Blue·, Wright rack & combos, JAMAR hydraulics, Sway-A-Way, Power steering, Yokohamas, Beard, Parker Pumper. This car is a great buy at $5,900.00. For more information call Dave at (714) 998-2553 days or (714) 970-1359 nites. FOR SALE: Mike Go"odbody's short course 1-2-1600. $3,500.00 Needs race prep: Clark West engine and transaxle. Call (619) 944-7496. FOR SALE: 1992 Ford Class 4 Race Team. Very competitive truck. Winner Nevada 500, Nissan 400 2nd overall. '85 Ford F-700, 24' box van setup for racing, '79 Ford F350 4x4 van, Traker '83 F150 4x4 chase truck, tons of spares, chase parts, prepped and ready for '92 Parker. Race prep '92 available. $80,000.00 (714) 924-1540 or (714) 325-2447. WANTED: Front. coil-over shocks, rear 14 inch shocks. Call (619) 922-5244, ask for Kirk. Pumpers, digital speedometer. opportunity to get into racing in a Call Bob days (702) 362-6991 very competitive truck for the low FOR SALE: Corrado - Ultrastock, nites (702) 361-1736. price of$ l 9,5oo.00. Call for built by Mirage chassis. Winner FOR SALE: 20acresofpinetrees·1 FOR SALE: Triple "E" Stadium details NOW!!! (7l4) 240-6l51. ·of 12 MTEG main events. New above Tehachapi. Near 6,000', Superlite, less motor. Has new .FOR SALE: FAT Performance · Fex Rabbit, 2050cc, Okrassa, level. 2 pads cut on property,, Roberto gearbox, fuel cell, re-built 1607cc Toyota 16 valve Carillo, JG Web, Angle port both with magnificent view of; valved works shocks, new paint, engine, Carrillo rods, trans head, fresh JG trans with Henrys, entire Antelope valley. 4 season · · 13n wheels w/beadlocks, extra adapter, clutch/pressure plate, Wright rack with power, Woods climate.Milesfrompavedroad& wheel & tires, clutches, spindles, power steering pump UMP, etc. 2 degree combos, Fox Jamar, civilization. Inside locked gates. belts, tie rods and more. 600D Excellent condition $6,800.00 Flame-Out, with Corrado body Easyaccessongoodgradedroad. starter. $3,-500.00 Call John oho. Tom (619) 448-5392 or molds. $18,500.00 oho. (408) Call Don (805) 268-1644. (714) 842-7238. (619) 441-8936. 926-0522. .,. - - - - -_, - -- - - - ---------------------- - ---~ ___ :;;;;_ ... _ '"ii--~-iiiiii':--'iaa-=-=-=-;;;;;-:-:::r;;_~-::;::::,~ I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I I DUSTY TIMES. I ... ,I I I Classified Advertising rate is only $15 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of f· I black and white photo, or a very sharp colqr print. _ · I I NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If I· I you wish to use a photo in vour free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. I: ATTENTION K-MART SHOP-PERS!!! Blue Light Special - 1990 Chenowth Magnum Super 1600. Toyota powered, prepped and ready to race. MTEG legal. $22,500.00. Call Dan Bentley at (714) 521-2711. FOR SALE: Brand new 1991 unlimited Moulton 2 seater. ARPM 3000cc injected engine, DG300 Hewland 5 speed, Road master, Fodrell, Summers, Fox Shox, pumper, Beard, Sway-A-Way. Certified weight 2340 lbs. Aluminum body, best of everything. Cost $68,000.00 to build. Make offer! Call (818) 704-4311. FOR SALE: 1990 MECO 1-1600. 1990 Nevada 500 winner. Compl-ete car, prepped, new motor. $9,500.00 Less motor, $8,000.00 Must sell. Ask for Mike at (714) 771-2050 or (714) . 997-2248. FOR SALE: Mirage 1-1600. Very competitive car; needs competi-tive driver. Dyna Shop motor & trans, Fox shocks w/reservoirs, Wright p/s, pumper, spare tires & parts. Always. a finisher. Freshly prepped. $8,500.00 Call Steve at (818) 445-5109 days or (818) 445-6310 nites. I FOR SALE: '84 Bronco 4x4. I Rare manual 4 speed with overdrive. Factory A IC. Immac-1 ulate inside. With or without aQy I or all of the following; aluminum I rims, pre-runner bumper, Rod Hall lights, receiver hitch, FM two I way. $9,500.00 to $11,000.00 or I possible trade for F-150 4x4. Call I Ken at (818) 777-9789 days or Enclosed i~ $ (Send check or money order, no cash). I (310) 545-9727. Pleas.e run ad-------times. FOR SALE: 1982 Toyota 7S. Full I cage, Simpson, Fuel Safe cell, I Beard, Y okohamas, BMK racing .. I shocks, 22R, Mikunis, K&N. Name---------------------------------Mail to: I Address ----------------------Phone-------DUSTY TIMES I Engine is strong. Reliable truck, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O needs completion. $3,900.00 oho J City ___,_ ________________ State _____ Zip______ Agoura, CA 9l30l I Call Mike (213) 223-7063 . • ---~--------------=---------------------------...... --------=--~''---"'===""-======="'==-Page 58 February 1992 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: 1987 Class 9 two seat, race ready minus engine. NewTrans,JAMAR, RJS, Beard, Bilstein, Wright, SAW, many spare parts and tires, spare beam, spindle to spindle. Very competi-tive in SCORE/HORA. $3,900.00 Call (714) 244-3942 ask for Dale or Darren. FOR SALE: "BRAND NEW" Hi Jumper off road car. 1776cc engine, 106" wb, plus 6" adjustable torsion bars and much more. Built to last! $16,00.00 invested, asking $10,750.00 oho. Please call for more information. (805) 388-1045. FOR SALE: Beards Class 10. Fresh Type I VW, bus trans, Hewland gears, Beards Super Seat, 930 c.v.'s, Woods arms, UMP air filter, Centerlines and Yokohamas. Very fast and light. Race ready. $6,000.00 Steve (602) 386-3449. . . ....... ~ FOR SALE: Sage Council's 7S Toyota SR5 extra Cab V6 motor, water cooled Fox shocks. Yokohama tires. Lots of extra parts. $35,000.00 oho. Call Lloyd or Jerry ( 714) 831--8000. FOR SALE: 1980 2WD full size Blazer. Would make excellent pre-runner. 305 cid, Turbo 350 trans, A IC, PIS, P IB, tilt, tinted windows, 2 auxiliary gas tanks, 10x50 BFG's + Prime wheels, new interior, excellent condition. Call Rich Roberts for details. $5,500.00 oho (602) 879-6178 days, (602) 581-3910 eves. FOR SALE: (2) 1650cc VW Rabbit stadium short course engines. One used solely as a race engine, the other built as a spare. Both assembled with the best parts available. Engines complete, ready to race. Call for complete details. Smith Racing (818) 579-2135. FOR SALE: Probst-Laser 2 seat short course car. Double A-Arm cantilever front suspension. Coil-over front & rear. Competitive in Midwest classes 1, 2, 9 & 10. Best of everything. Set up for Rabbit or Chevy V-6. Available complete or less engine and/or trans. Probst Racing (815) 485-7223 days or (815) 485--4691 eves. Dusty Times FOR SALE: Class 11 VW. SCORE & street legal, registered and smogged. Transform racing trans, Bernie Bergman engine ( raced twice), Bilstein shocks, spare parts, etc. Race ready, excellent condition, good starter car. Over l0K invested. Sell $3,500.00 Max (213) 455-2160. FOR SALE: '89 Blazer 2WD. Class 6 specs. L + 1 350, Art Carr TH400, 9" floater, 456 spool, H I A discs, 4 Beard seats, 5 points, Halon fire system, Cone ball joints, Ranchos, Glass front end, American Racing, Good-years, KC's, all professionally built. Race or fun. '92 tags. ½ price. $15,000.00 Call Ralph (714) 679-9180. FOR SALE: 1986 Toyota 2WD. Double shocks front & rear, pre-runner · bumpers, off road lights, rebuilt engine, new 31" Y okos, Toyota Racing fiberglass fenders, runs great; new paint job. $5,900.00 Call after 6pm (213) 223-7063. Tandem axle with single axle electric brakes, spare tire, rear ramp and tire rack. $1,395.00 Ellis Cohen at (714) 381--4509. FOR SALE: 5-1600 SCORE/ HORA legal. All the good stuff. Top finisher. Fresh everything. $6,500.00. Partial trade consid-ered. Bilsteins, Wright, Saco, Sway-A-Way, Pumper, Loth-ringer arms, Suspension Unlim-ited front, Beard, Fuel Safe, etc. Call Reid - work (714) 546-9341, home (714) 857--4721. FOR SALE: Class 10 Raceco, single seat, air cooled, coil-over front, secondary suspension in rear. 1990 FRT points champion. Prepped and ready to race Parker. $13,000.00 Also, 24' enclosed Competitive trailer, generator, lights, etc. $9,500.00 Call Mike (213) 694-382 7 days, (213) 694-1328 eves. FOR SALE: 1982 Dodge Ram Charger. 2WD pre-runner or around town. Suspension by Sandy Cone, trans and rear end just gone through. New tires, triple shocks all around. $7,500.00 Call Mike (213) 694-3827 days, (213) 694-1328 eves. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600 short course car. Totally rebuilt. Many new parts. Fox shocks, Center-lines, BFGoodrich, Neal, CNC, Power steering, fresh motor, balanced. Race ready, with trailer. S.O.D.A. certified. $4,500.00 oho. Cal1Jeff(414) 982-3939. -~ FOR SALE: Class 10 1989 Raceco single seat. All coil-over Fox shocks, best of everything. Incredible handling car and very light. Air cooled FAT motor, J&G trans. Just prepped, race ready. 4 starts at FRT races in '91 and 4 1st overall. 1991 Class 10 championship FRT race series. $25,000.00 Call Mike (213) 694-3827 days, (213) 694-1328 eves. FOR SALE: 1990 MECO Class 9. All trick, race ready. Radio, Parker Pumper, 2 helmets, 2 fire suits. $7,000.00 Trailer extra. Call Vic (805) 832-2996 (work), (805) 832-3628 (home). FOR SALE: 1984 Toyota Class 7 4x4. Extra clean, rebuilt and race ready, or can be great pre-runner. Radio and Intercom system. Many extra parts. $3,500.00 oho. Call Vic (805) 832-2996 ( work), (805) 832-3628 (home). FOR SALE: Class 9 T-MAG. Always a front runner and finisher. Winner at Glen Helen. Third in points and tenth overall at SNORE 1989. Fourth in points La Rana, 1990 season. 9th overall at Spangler 150. Prepped, ready to go. Some spares. Can be seen on inside cover of December 1991 Dusty Times. $6,200.00 with trailer and spares. Call Bob (619) 247-1757 after 6pm or Jason at (619) 247--0458. FOR SALE: Class l or 2-1600 Laser frame. The best of every-thing. Bead locks on all 4, many spare parts, trans, block, etc. Trailer included. $6,500.00 obo. Call (715) 4 78-2221 Mon-Fri. 8am-5pm ask for Mike. February 199i FOR SALE: 1990 Friday's Thumper chassis. 1-2-1600 Midwest SODA Series. S.A.W., Neal, Wright, Diest, Foxes, K&N Combos, Beards, BFG's on SACO aluminum wheels, spares, race ready. $8,500.00 obo ( 414) 849-9813 after 7pm. FOR SALE: Pre-runner, 35lcid, 500hp, 4 wheel discs, Winters, B&M trans, 5500 original miles, 18 shocks, Beard seats, dual ignition, Centerlines, Halda Trip-Master, Locker, full cage, 32 gallon cell. Never raced. Pop-up lights, new Michelins. $60,000.00 invested. Sacrifice. Best offer or trade. Truck in Los Angeles. Call (212) 633-1660. --------FOR SALE: 1 or 2 seat Class 10 ORE with Toyota 4AG motor, Field's tranny, torque limiters, Tilton clutch & starter, ods arms with Summers hubs f & r Wright rack, UMP p/ s, beadlocked Centerlines, Fox, SAW, Super-boot, CNC, and plenty of spares. Second in points 1989 SCORE/ HORA. $22,000.00 obo. 20' tandem axle trailer w/surge brakes, 2 tire racks and an 8'x4' box that can carry all pit boxes, spares & dump cans. Trailer can also hold 3 fuel drums. $4,000.00 oho. 2 seat prerunner with 2240cc Type I motor, Field's tranny, Wright rack and combos, Fox, SAW, UMP p/ s, Center-lines, great for Baja. $7,500.00 obo or $30,000.00 for all three with spare tires and wheels or trade. Call (818) 706-2314 anytime. FOR SALE: Desert or short course frame and cage. New single seater, with lots of mounting brackets and cross bracing installed. Sacrifice $700.00 ·Call Brian (916) 731--4435. FOR SALE: 1990Chenowth 1-2-1600. Wright rack, Neal pedals, Beard seat, Sway-A-Way, 930 cv's, Deist, UMP power steering. Fox shocks & Bilstein. Car has one race on it. $8,500.00 oho. Also, 1985 Hi-Jumper pre-runner. No motor. $1,500.00 oho Call Richard (714) 949-4580. FOR SALE: Hi-Jumper 1-2-1600 stadium or desert. Completely refurbished and ready to race. On! y 30 miles on rebuilt motor & trans. S-10 gears, Porsche front end, gearbox, rack & pinion. Centerlines, fuel cell, Sway-A-Way, Mastercraft. $5,500.00obo Call Dan (714) 924-6122. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Barbary Coast · Gold Coast Hotels .......... 25 Bilstein Corp. of America ...... . Cactus Racing Products ....... . Cagle Fuel Controls ...... . ... . Castex Inc .. E-Z-Up .......... . Champion Bead Lock Co. . ..... . Peri Combe .... ... · ........ . 39 32 33 4 31 21 DeNunzio Racing Products . . . . . . 28 Desert rz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Don-A-Vee Jeep Eagle . . . . • . . . . 2 FAT Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 F.O.R.D.A. Florida 400 . . . . . . . . . 5 FRT King of the Desert . . . . . . . . 25 German Auto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 BFGoodrich . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Rod Hall Driving School . . . . . . . . 36 HORA Nissan 400 . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Hot Line -Racer X . . . . . . . . . . . 51 lntershows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 John Johnson Racing Products . . . 26 Kawaguchi Honda Equipment . . . . 29 La Rana Presidential 200 . . . . . . . 9 LC. Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 M & M Enterprises -Calendar . . . 20 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . 16 No Fear Gear . . . . . . . . . Back Cover Parker Pumper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 PCE Race Radios . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Pike's Family Restaurant . . . . . . . 43 Race Ready Products . . . . . . . . . . 18 Racers Tool & Supply . . . . . . . . . 14 Race Ware . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 R.L.H. Communications . . . . . . . . 50 ,, Marvin Shaw Engineering . . . . . . . 46 Shell Truck Guard . . . . . . . . . • . . 8 Smart Racing Products . . . . . . . . . 35 SNORE Bottom Dollar . . . . . . . . . 7 Trackside Photos Inc. . . . . . . . . . . 45 Tri-Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 Ultra Wheel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Valley Performance . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 • Covering the world of competition in the 1dirt ... _ Page 59

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Golf. Hard. Basket. Balls. Tennis. Cricket. Bowling. Sports apparel for tl.ose 'ff'Lo li~e on tl.e edge. EigLt. Wiftle. l~an Stewart: off-road legend.