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1992 Volume 9 Number 1 Dusty Times Magazine

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Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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OFF ROAD COMING TO YOUR TOWN ... The titans of ON Road battle for stadiam supremacy with hard hitlino action that NEVER LETS UP. MICKEY THOMPSON It " It --- ----------•-------._.---------------._ .. _ ---------·----"•-CHAMPIONSHIP FEB.22, 1992 JACK MURPHY STADIUM Giant Motorsports Expo 1 :OOpm • Truck Show • Live Band · • Manufacture's Midway NEW nMES ... Autograph Session 5:30pm Event Begins 6:30pm RACING BEGINS AT 7:00PM SPORSORED FOfl CHAFITV nv llos Ano.eles &imes f3213dl1ti!:u SA'OM BAMDt1' PfRFORMA"!CE PRODUCTS llACIIIG .. ~:,"YOKOHAMA Q✓ . K' l"ET MUSIC PWSMAY COIIJANY/l'OWER (21 .... ftfl • 014)740-2000 (NS)SIJ..1711 • (619)271-TIIS ·--. • 11011111n [[ ] General Event lnlormatlon (714)254-3000 • For Grnp lnlonnlllon (~0)432-7147 I~ ii §(cj Mickey Thompson Entenalnment Group P.O. Box 25168, Anaheim, CA 92825

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Volume 9 -Number 1 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation 0. Osborne Contributors John Ames Jim Baker Darla Crown C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography _ Leonard Day Don Dayton Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Rod Koch Matt Marcher Jan Flick Mazzenga Michael Ross Bob Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Darrell Smith Daryl Smith Judy Smith 3-D Photography Trackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services January 1991 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Subscription Rates: $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY 1JMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may_be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301, (818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both· old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. In This Issue ••• FEATURES Page SCORE Baja 1000 hy Judy Smith ............. . ...... 12 MTEG Stadium Racing in Las V l·gas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 FORDA at Lakeland Raceway ....................... 27 SCCA Press On Regardless Pro Rally .......... ,. ...... 28 Toyota Land Cruiser Report hy John Calvin . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Millican Valley 400 hy Lc:n Day ...................... 34 ADRA Snowflake Buggy Bash hy Tony Tellier · ......... 35 WRC Sanremo Rally of Italy hy Martin Holmes ........ 36 Off Road Racing at El Paso, TX ...................... 38 VORRA Prairie City Finale hy Daryl Smith ........... 40 ORR Desert Tour Round 4 ......................... 43 MTEG Finale in Oakland hy Homer Euhanks .......... 44 _Waikerje Australian Championship hy Darryl Smith .... 48 WRC Ivory Coast Rally hy Martin Holmes ............ 50 ADRA Penasco 250 hy Tony Tellier . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 DEPARTMENTS Soap Box hy Leonard Day ................ ~ .......... 4 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 SODA Column . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 CRB Report hy George Thompson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 California Rally Series Report ....................... 29 The Losers hy Judy Smith ......... ................. . 32 World Rally News hy Martin Holmes ................. 37 Checkers Column . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Good Stuff Directory ........... .. ............... .. 52 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 ON THE COVER-Rich Richardson, Doug Pl'rrault and Shanl' Rl'l'd comhinl'd in thl' wdl prl'ppl·,l_limco to win Clnss 9 at the Raja I 000, in a come hack from problems clriw on thl· tough coursl', and the victory also insured that Rich and Doug would Wl'ar the SCORE/HORA -points championship crown for thl· third year in a row, and once again they won't have to change the numhl·r plate at all next Sl·ason . Curt LeDuc had a second h.ilf Sl.'ason winning streak, taking thl· Class 1 victory in the Inst four SCORE HORA ,ksert series ewnrs in his trusty Mike Leslc Jeep. Curt out ran the other Cl.iss· 3 entries hy two hours, had no hig trouhk·s on his w.iy to thl' win, finishing a gn·at eleventh over.ill in thl' rugged Raja I 000. Our congratul.itions to hoth desert ch.impions. Color Photography hy Tracksidl' Photos, Inc. B t Wishes Very. es f l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I\~ _., DUSTY TIMES to All for a Joy u ncl Successful a · 1992• Season in Dusty nma I I I I I I I I THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $15.00 □ I years - $15.00 D 3 years - $35.00 CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS -NEW SALES TAX!!!!!!!! Add: $1.25 - 1 year, $2.00 - 2 years, $2. 75 - 3 years Take advantage of your subscription bonus •.• Free one time classified ad up iv 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name--------------------------Address ------------·------------City ---------------'------------State _________________ Zip ________ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 _Derrv Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian• 1 year $20.00 U.S.• Overseas subscription rates quoted on request) January 1991 Pagc3 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

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SOAPBOX An Open Off Road Racers B:, Leonard Da:,, Presidcm, PAC Racin,~ There comes a time when one needs to hang up his guns and step aside. This decision, to dishand PROFESSIONAL AMERICAN I CANADIAN OFF ROAD RAC-ING, INC., known to most as P.A.C. Racing, headquartered in Seahurst, Washington, has not heen an easy one, hut a very necessary one. Participant support has heen falling steadily for the past few years with no end in sight. Sgt. Terry Silhaugh, Sgt. Jero~e Delvin, the B.L.M., Prineville, Oregon office and the many private land owners throughout Washington and Oregon over whose land we have traveled. Many thanks also to the many very dedicated racers who have heen the hest (har-none), who have conducted themselves so professionally and estahlished an eleven year record of perfect races with no accidents or injuries. Thanks also to the sponsorships of Yokohama Tires and Trick Racing Gas: we thank you for sticking with us no matter how small we got. We have appreciated your support so much. And we deeply appreciate the support of Jean and John Calvin who have published our stories and pictures in Dusty Times so that all could enjoy the best off road coverage anywhere. This may mean the end of PAC Racing Promotions hut certainly· not the end of Leona rd Day Racing.My cars will pop up in the desert at any time. Thanks for eleven years of good memories, good races and good friendships. The word is that off road dcsc:rt racing will c·ontinac: in.the: nortlm•c:st, Ina most!:, iii Orc:gon. A t1cry uctiw grout> hcadc:d hy Tc:rr:, Silha11gli is c11rrc:ntly •working on a />rogram using nc:w t1enuc:s (or the: d..:scrt ct•cnts, so don't sd( -your rcicc car l111itc :,ct. ( 2d.) · Volunteers are invited to climb on their "Soap 'Box" and fill this space . with their thoughts about what is good and what is not so good about the state of the sport. Your words, short of being libelous, will be printed. So send along your praise or damnation on your Soap Box topic to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite o, Ap-oura, CA 91301. Puhlic thanks are in order for those who did support our program either from the start, eleven years ago, or just casually. Your efforts were (and are), deeply appreciated. To name everyone would take a lot of space and I would prohahly forget some. But these following people need to know their efforts made for a lot of lasting memories: My wife. Carlene, and my six kids, especially Catherine and her hubby Ed, and Rena and her huhhy Ken. The list includes Harvey and Everett Otterstrom, Phil and Barb Phillips, John Holland, Don Downen and kids, AffENTION DESERT RACERS DUSlY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HORA desert races. Check it out on contingency row - Two different classes each event. =~T ,, - - -~ -7. , ":-, \J A Winning Tradition In Off-Road Racing Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers were first introduced to the American market in off-road racing in the late 1960's. Over the past 20 years, more off-road races have been won on Bilstein than any other shock absorbers. Today, with their proven record of performance, Bilsteins continue to be the choice of ser:ious off-roaders who run to win. . e1t1 Hg, AK1310 AK 1320 AK 1330 New Applications Dimension• Valving 12t1s.clRIIS2D E1J,£Qgll, B11l,lQS2mR, 3/4-shaft 36.02 X 20.86 150/50 15. 15 inch travel 314• shaft 33.00 X 19.48 170/60 13.5 inch travel 314• shaft 27.00 X 16.88 255/100 10.11 inch travel coil over Now Available - Repair and Revalvlng Services. Page 4 Contact: Motorsports Department BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 • 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog send $2.50 January 199i 1991 Happenings ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 274-0010 AMSA Jim Webb P.O. Box 26084 Fresno, CA 93726 (209) 439-2114 AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 4 7 T eenan St. Ferny Hills, Q 4055, Australia 0l l-18-07-851-0444 March 29, 1992 l~glcwood QuetJnsland May 10, 1992 Griffith New South Wales June 7, 1992 Sea Lake Victoria July 19, 1992 Kempsey New South Wales September 20, 1992 Waikerie South Australia BADGERLAND VW CLUB, INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 ( 414) 688-5509 (All events located in Chilton, WI be the Winne/}(!gO County Ex/>o CentL'r) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 Golden Crown of Baja Desert Series (cars) February 7-9, 1992 Gran Carrera de San Felipe San Felipe, BC, Mexico March 27-29, 1992 Gran Carrera de Mexicali Mexicali, BC, Mexico May 22-24, 1992 Gran Carrera de T ecate T ecate; BC, Mexico August 21-23, 1992 Gran Carrera de Ensenada Ensenada, BC, Mexico September 25-27, 1992 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, BC, Mexico Special Event July 23-26, 1992 The Mint 400 Invitational ~as Vegas, NV January 15, 1993 Year End Awards BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R. 3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada K0K-1 HO (613)475-l 102/Fax(613)475-3250 1991 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI54520 (715) 478-2222 June 20-21, 1992 Spring Run 10 I Crandon, WI September 5-6, 1992 True Value World's Championship Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI BUMP Bob Utgard Motorsports Promotions 42263 50th St. West /:/108 Quart: Hill, CA 93536 (805) 256-8520 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Gary Luke, Director 13675 Spring Valley Road Morgan Hill, CA 95037 (408) 779-3589 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 January 11, 1992 Annual Awards Banquet Covina, CA February 15, 1992 Glen Helen Rallycrosses Glen Helen OHV Park San Bernardino, CA April 25, 1992 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ May 15-16, 1992 Rim of the World Lancaster, CA October 24, 1992 Gorman Ridge Rally Gorman, CA CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.]. Richards P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 9385 Florence Ave. Apopka, FL 32703 (407) 291-1215/(305)823-4487 February 9, 1992 Ice Buster Nationals L1kdand, FL March, 1992 Tallahassee, FL Lr Dusty Times

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Total Entry Fee -All Year Including Insurance, etc . . · $225 per Entry Payback Classes 1/2-1600, 5-1600, & 9 For more information contact HDRA at (702) 361-5404 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• -.IL 1992 HORA U.S.A. RouNd 1 ! I ·: January 10-12,1992

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FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 December 31, 1991 Dunaway Dash 1 SO Plaster City West, CA February 15, 1992 King of the Desert Lake Superstition, CA April 4, 1992 Bu:: Bomh 150 Plaster City East, CA May 9-10, 1992 Rock Around the Clock 24 Hour Enduro for Cars, Trucks, Buggies. Plaster City West, CA August 1, 1992 Superstition 250 Lake Superstition, CA October 3, 1992 Plaster City Blast Plaster City East, CA December 31, 1992 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA ( All c•wm, in tlic• El C'c~l!ro. CA tlTc'tl) GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 2339 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714) 880-1733 GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 (404) 253-1033 March 15, 1992 SO Miles April 26, 1992 SO Miles in Heats Sanctioned by: When the snow blows, where ya gonna go? ICE BUSTERS! May 24, 1992 150 Miles (Day only) June 28, 1992 SO Miles July 26, 1992 100 Miles August 23, 1992 SO Miles in Heats September 27, 1992 100 Miles October 24, 1992 Rules Meeting October 25, 1992 50 Miles November 28, 1992 Thanksgiving 250 December 5, 1992 Awards Banquet ( All et1c.'Tlts at Vi(.'!111£1, GA) GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Boh Moon 91 S So. Zech Road Ann Arhor, MI 48103 (313) 665-03581(3 I 3) 996-9193 GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Keith Koesters 4605 N. 130th Circle Omaha, NE 68164 ( 402 ) 496-0846 ( All L't'c~1ts lll Timhl'r Ri,l,~c· Ranc/i) GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Bertram Productions, Inc. 15073 Hwy 119, Rt. 4 Golden, CO 80403 GRR Golden Rule Racing P.O. Box 40211 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 263-5329 January 11, 1992 Buckeye Blast _Buckeye, AZ February 15, 1992 Wickenhurg, AZ March 28, i 992 Tonapah, AZ May 9, 1992 Salome, AZ October 3, 1992 TBA . November 7, 1992 Wickenhurg, AZ HORA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 HORA U.S.A. CUP January I 0-11, 1992 · Southern Cal 250 Lucerne Valley, CA March 12-15, 1992 Nissan 400 Las V cgas, NV May 15-17, 1992 Nevada 500 Pahrump, NV July 4-5, 1992 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA August 14-16, 1992 Color Country Runoffs Brian Head, Utah September 18-20, 1992 Willow Springs Raceway Rosamond, CA October 9-.11, 1992 Gold Coast 300 L1s Vegas, NV HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Lyle Hogue, President Box 12 Bowman, ND 58623 (701) 523-3420 April 4, 1992 Badlands Baja Wall, SD May 3, 1992 Bowman Off Road Challenge Bowman, ND June 1992 Capital City Stadium Pierre, SD August 1992 Gumbo Buttes Baja Pierre, SD September 1992 Deadwood Off Road Gran Prix Deadwood, SD October l 7, 1992 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 (A/I c'H.'11!.< .<ltl.~l'" ,11 the c/11/1 .~rounds in Clew.,. Ohio) KAM LOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WD'CLUB Randy Chamherlin 835 Wawn Road Kamloops, R.C. V2B-6N3 LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chamhray Dr. Moreno Valley, CA 92387 (714). 924-2226 January 3-5, 1992 New Years 200 Barstow, CA February 21-23, 1992 Presidential 250 Barstow, Ca May 15-17, 1992 Spangler I SO Ridgecrest, CA June 19-21, 1992 Lucerne Valley Jam 250 Lucerne Valley, CA August 28-30, 1992 Johnson Valley 150 Lucerne Valley, CA October 23-25, 1992 California 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 20-22, 1992 High Desert 300 Lucerne Valley, CA December 12, 1992 Awards Banquet, Clarion Hotel . Ontario, CA MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M .T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, MI 48837 (517) 627-6200 MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION Keneth Coleman · 742 E. Roosevelt Road Ashley, MI 48806 ( 5 I 7) 838-4483 ( A/1 ewms at Mt. Pleasam S/>l'edm1:,-) Southern style off-road racing presents the Off-Road Invades Speedweeks ICEBOSTERS OFF-ROAD NATIONALS SUNDAY, FEB. 9, 1992 in the heart of Florida at IAKEIAND INTERSTATE SPEEDWAY LAKELAND, FL -In February of each year the eyes of the Racing World tum to Florida. From the 24 Hours of Daytma to the Daytooa S00 in the span of time known as "SPEEDWEEKS" Rorida's population swells with Rac-ers, Race Fans, Manufacturers and Corporate Sponsors added to the hundreds of thousands of Winter visitors already here. Race organiurs from the U.S., Canada and Florida pack the Short Tracks and Stadiums to showcase their own brand of racing. Now it's time for the lc:ebusters Off-RoadNalimals, the most exciting form of racing ever. RAIN OR SHINE Gate Opens at 9 a.m. Racing Starts at 12:30 p.m. Stadium Style heat races plus separate "RACES OF CHAMPIONS" for Trucks and Buggies on a high speed one mile track ~~ AuroCRAFT @[I](/(i)[l[W@li)[l&j ffJfl@oU!JUrJ@ll~ SPRIN_T.CCIS-C.U/L./J WORKS an.T_~ ~¥~1¥w~ MUT<>RSPORTS ~y I OFF-ROAD CIASSES P~YBACK $100 1 & 2 Unlimited $75 1-2 1600 (without restrictor plates, 1300 & 1350 lbs.) $50 Challenger (Stock component type 1 rail buggie, stock cam single port) $100 Truck & 4x4 (Classes-3, 4, 7s, 8, 14.etc.) $10 Novice Baja Bombers (5 entries to make a class -olllers wUI be combined with handicapped starts.) O0[SSA. TUAS $1,000 to Win (min. 50 cars) Good Ole Boys Enduro (Pure Stock American Made V-8s) $50 entry -100% payback - 40% to win Winners will be inspected 'Pre,-~ ht, "1H4~ &~/ WE WANf TO INCLUDE YOU IN THE RACE PROGRAM AND ADVERTISEMENfS! Please send a letter of intent to compete including name of driver, owner, sponsors, type of car, awards won and photos to: Tom Williams, 1696 Marker Road, Polk City, R. 33868. Must be' received by Jan. 27, 1992. Page 6 January 199~ Lakeland Interstate Speedway Located 1/2 mile north of 1-4 at exit 20 on State Road 33 For information contact Tom (813) 984-2936 or Don (813) 984-3266. To reserve your car number call F.O.R.D.A. at (407) 291-1215. OLD POLK QTY ROAD LAKELAND INTERSTAT SPEEDWAY S.R. 33 :::s:>'" EXIT 20 Dusty Times

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SODA Racing Series Announces Changes MIDWEST OFF ROAD RACING Tommy Bowling 19019 W. CR 128 , Odessa, TX 79765 (915) 561-5222 "The Texas Challenge July 11, 1992 125 Miler Night Race Notrees, TX August 7-9, 1992 Rock 'N Roll 250 Notrees, TX B:v Barb aiid Maril:m Schultz The year 1992 has dawned, and major changes are in motion in the world of off-road racing. To mark the new year, the general membership, racers and officers of the Superior Off-Road Drivers Association (SODA) have announed the ncu• SODA. The acronym SODA now stands for the Short-Course' Off-Road Drivers Associati~n. SODA is proud to announce its new name, and a host of other exciting changes as well. The new name is matched by a new logo, featuring the by-line "W arid Series of Off-Road Racing". The logo depicts the explosion of a truck and buggy off the edge of the world, which relates to SODA's development from a local or regional racing series to an in terna tiona 11 y-acclaimed series offering the very best in off-road racing competi-tion. The new logo will appear on all vehicles racing the 1992 SODA circuit, and will also be positioned on the upper chest of the racing suits of all SODA-sanctioned drivers. Now in its 10th year, SODA maintains a larger membership base than any off-road racing organi:ation in the ~arid, including drivers and racing enthusiasts from all over the United States and Canada. Our new logo presents the North American Continent, the world, as a standard by which to judge the level of competition present at all SODA-sanctioned race events. Drivers compete from coast to coast, from the deep south to the far north, encompassing a wide variety of states as well as several Canadian provinces . . "SODA has grown beyond our expectations", said Terry Wolfe, president of the Association. "And the prospects for the l 990's look even better. The sport is continuing to grow -driver entries have more than doubled in the past few years, sponsors are becoming more involved, the media is tuning in, and the fans are turning out." Road America, considered one of the country's premier motor-sports racing facilities, has been added this year as the ninth race of the SODA circuit. Jim Haynes, president of Road America, made the announcement in November. "We're very excited about being part of the SODA series", Haynes said. "We think that Road America's off-road course will become a driver's favorite". The Road America race will be the fourth stop on a circuit that includes the True Value World Championship Off-Road Race and the Spring Run in Crandon, as well as races in Lake Geneva, WI, Antigo, WI, Bark River, MI, DePere, WI, Ionia, MI, and Oshkosh, WI. The 1992 races are scheduled from May 23 -September 20. ESPN coverage is planned for at least six of the nine SODA series races this year, in contrast to just three telecasts last year. An aggressive advertising and media relations campaign has also been planned, and will be implemented in the spring. The Short-Course Off-Road Drivers Association sanctions nineteen classes of competition, including Heavy Metal, Buggy and Women's classes. SOOA offers drivers in all classes an equal share of class monies to be won. Drivers are paid back 100% of their entry fee on an established percentage scale. In addition, drivers race for contingency monies and guaran-teed purses from a host of contingency sponsors. SODA's Year-End Points Fund, which is funded as a race event percentage payback based on the number of entries in each class, has been significantly enhanced in 1992 by sponsorship revenues as well. The days of racing for one's own money are gone and buried. You need not, as a racer, be backed by large factory or corporate funds to qualify for SODA payback and pay-out. To better service SODA Series sponsors, the Association has Off Road Points Series" ( All ewnrs w Notrees, TX) January 18, 1992 Tune Up/Big Bend Qualifier Notrees, TX February 1, 1992 Big Bend, TX February 15, 1992 125 Miler (Alternative date) March 28, 1992 Caprock 125 Notrecs, TX May 2, 1992 150 Miler Notrees, TX June 13, 1992 Jackrahhit 150 Night Race Notrees. TX retained the firm Strategic Marketing Consultants-USA, Inc., a national marketing firm based out of Milwaukee, Wiscon-sin. SMC specializes in sponsor-ship programmi~g. but will be assisting SODA in the areas of advertising and media relations as well. SMC is also helping to coor~inate productio"n of the SODA Series souvenir program, the new pocket-sized SODA Rule Book, and an impressive line of SODA merchandise including T-shirts, caps, and other wearables. As a SODA member, you can purchase SODA wearables at very reasonable prices. As part of the 1992 membership program, members will receive two decals and a new SODA patch. Members will_ also be entitled to special September 12, 1992 Twilite 125 Night Race Notrces, TX October 1 7, 1992 150 Miler Notrees, TX November 7, 1992 Awards MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 918-41()0 r;.,-discounts on various merchandise items during the course of the year. Of all the changes, perhaps most encouraging is the newly vitali:ed spirit of cooperation evident within the SODA ranks. SODA promoters stand ready to help and accommodate the racers; SODA racers stand ready to work with the promoters; and the Association has itself geared up to better service both racers and promoters. The stage is set for a great year of off-road racing! Are YOU ready? Are YOU ready to be a part of the explosion of the new SODA on the world of· motorsports? The Short-Course Off-Road Drivers Association welcomes you to become part of the action and excitement. GROWTH The Superior Off-Road Drivers Association (SODA) was founded in 1981 and has since grown to become the largest organization of its kind in the l)nited States. In the past five years alone, entries for SODA-sanctioned events have •:::::::,:::;::::: 'ffi9!i!W§tAPXW9f~ than 300%. And fan interest has also been on the rise, as new ·{t(J!:!ili!,,,:t?r,:anefi~®.t¢¢.&tqijj:j~p~i.J1cross the board last year. \t:::::::::. ,):,,,,,:::::,,,,,,,,,J:tJt,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,:,=,<:=tfl!JJ/ ... · .. · .. · .. · .. · .. ·.G ... ·.·.·.·.,.· ... ·R ... ·.·.•.·.·E.. AT RA Cl NG =:::•.:: ..... ❖• ••❖:❖:•;•::;:::;:::;:;: ::::;:;:::::: •• ••.•, :❖:❖:❖•• • • • • • . . . • • ·-·-·.•-•:: • • =,1~w illl1il~~ltl•i-~f~~ l\aid Serif5 of Q/f-Bood~r ~;,Mk> lli!!!1Meme1usm111111!Btr,0N 1992 SCHEDULE OF SODA-SANCTIONED RACES ' FoR MORE INFORMATION, cAU. (414) 453-SODA. OR WRITE TO SODA • 7839 WE~ Nolmf AVENUE • WAUWATOSA, WiscoNSIN 53213. Dusty Times January 1991 Page 7

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HAPPENINGS ... MTEG (contim,cd) January 18, 1992 Anaheim, Stadium Anaheim, CA February 22, 1992 Jack Murphy Stadium San Diego, CA March 21, 1992 Seattle Kingdome Seattle WA April 4, 1992 Texas Stadium Irving, TX May 2, 1992 Sun Devil Stadium Tempe, AZ July 18, 1992 Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, CA September TBA, 1992 Mile High S~adium Denver, CO October TBA, 1992 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV November TBA, 1992 Oakland Stadium Oakland, CA MTEG CAMEL SUPERCROSS January 25, 1992 Anaheim Stadium Anaheim, CA February 8, 1992 Jack Murphy Stadium San Diego, CA April 25, 1992 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV June 20, 1992 Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, CA NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION 11842 Jason Court Madera, CA 93638 (209) 486-4590 / (209) 266-5558 January 9-10, 1992 Motor Sports of America Salem, VA March TBA 1992 Motor Sports of America Kearney, NE April 26, 1992 Johnson, VT May 10, 1992 Orange, MA May 16-17, 1992 NMRA Super Series Johnson, VT June 20, 1992 Goldendale, WA June 21, 1992 Merrillville, IN June 21; 1992 Johnson, VT July 4, 1992 Bascom, OH July 10, 1992 Bloomsburg, PA July 18-19, 1992 Nipigon, Ontario, Canada July 19, 1992 Johnson, VT July 25, 1992 Barre, MA July 31 or August 7, 1992 Keene, NH August 16, l 992 . Johnson, VT August 23, 1992 Merrillville, IN August 23, 1992 Nipigon, Ontario, Canada Septemberl3, 1992 Johnson, VT September 26, 1992 Orange, MA September 2 7, 1992 Barre, MA October 4, 1992 NMRA Super Series Johnson, VT OFF ROAD JAMBOREES Four Wheel Drive Excursions P.O. Box 1154 Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 822-8508 West Coast Distributor fOff HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PRICE $695.00 GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1!1>2 . McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 8 ·• May 8-10, J:992 ·Redwood Coast Jamboree Fort Bragg to Eureka/ Arcata, CA June 19-21, 1992 Ghost Town Adventure '92 South Lake Tahoe/Stateline, CA September 18-20, 1992 Kern River Jamboree L'lke lsabella/ Kernville, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Don Honeberg 13180 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 751-70571(915) 855-9767 ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION R.R. 4 Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL-1 CO (613) 332-4363 OUTLAW MINI STOCK RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 204 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 (213) 375-45701(213) 719-7036 Jun·e 5,7, 1992 Baja 500 Ensenada, BC, Mexico November.12-15, 1992 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 SCORE SHOW Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group Ed Stotereau P.O. Box 25148 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 938-4155 May 1-3, 1992 S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Jack Kolan (6 I 9) 292-4444 TEXAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing - Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214) 855-2232 ( All L't'l1l!S lll S!L'/>hl,H'ilk Texas s,, ... d11·av) TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association Dave l,Jrbanowic:, President 589 Amwell Road Neshanic, NJ 08853 (908) 369-6550 ( Race's ac Coloni<il Vaill'~ Rl'sorcs in PA) ----------------------------VENTURA RACEWAY Business Office -PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O. Box 526 Indio, CA 92202 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-32081(518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 February 1, 1992 Big Bend Bash T erlingua, TX April 25, 1992 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ May 15-16, 1992 Rim of the World Lancaster, CA June 6, 1992 Susquehannock Trail Wellsboro, PA August 22, 1992 Ojibwe Rally Bemidji, MN October 3, 1992 Gold Rush Rally Westcliffe, CO October 24, 1992 Press On Regardless Escanaba, Ml November 7-8, 1992 Coachman Stages Olympia WA December 5, 1992 Maine Forest Rally Rumford, Maine SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 January 24-26, 1992 Parker 400 Parker AZ April 24-26, I 992 San Felipe 250 San Felipe, BC, Mexico January 1991 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 L'ls Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 February 8-9, 1992 Bottom Dollar Las Vegas, NV March 28-29, 1992 Twilight 200 Las Vegas, NV May 23-24, 1992 Caliente/ Pioche 250 Caliente, NV July 25-26, 1992 Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV September 18-20, 1992 SNORE 250 Jean, NV December 5-6, 1992 Eldorado Valley 250 Las Vegas, NV SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 271 -35751(414) 257-0422 May 23-24, 1992 Lake Geneva Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI June 6-7, 1992 Miller High Life Off Road Race Antigo, WI June 20-21, 1992 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI July 4-5, 1992 Road America Elkhart Lake, WI July 18-19, 1992 UP Off Road 100 Bark River, MI August 1-2, 1992 Fox Riverfest Challenge Depere, WI August 15-16, 1992 Rancho Suspension Great Northern Challenge Ionia, MI September 5-6, 1992 True Value World's Championship Brush Run IO I Crandon, WI September 19-20, 1992 Midwest Points Championship Oshkosh, WI 2810 W. Wooley Road Oxnard, CA 93035 (805) 656-1122 VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 March 21-22, 1992 Prairie City Long Course Sacramento, CA R<tin D<ttl' March 28-29, I 992 April 25-26, 1992 Hollister SVRA Spring Special long Course Hollister, CA May 23-25, 1992 Yerington 400 Yerington, NV June 20-21, 1992 Virginia City Classic 200 Virginia City, NV July 26, 1992 Summer Si::ler Prairie City Short Course Sacramento, CA September 5-7, 1992 · Yerington 2 50 Yerington, NV October 16-1 7, 1992 VORRA Bend 300 Bend, OR --------------WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 -87A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3R SX7, Canada (604) 576-6256 --------------WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2939 E. Grovers Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 971-3730 ( A II l't'c'nl., <ti Thra,hl'rlw1d . 1171/t Aw. & Gll'nd<tll' in Phol'nix. AZ) FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS Use ~mir cmnin,t; l't'l'nts in DUSTY TIMES frl'l'1 Sl'nd vour IQQ:Z sc·hl'dull' as soon as J>ossihil' for liscin,t; in chis column. _ M<til wnir r<1cl' or wllv schl'dull' co: DUSTY Tl M F.S, ~ l l r D~'ITI Aw .. Suitl' 0. A,1;ourn, CA t)l:l~I. · Dusty Times

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···04 /',l' BARSTOW, CA FEBRUARY 21 - 23, 1992 La Rana Desert Racing Promotions 22769 CHAMBRAY DRIVE, MORENO VALLEY, CA 92557 {714) 924-2226

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, The fact is, we did the best anyone could in these events .. ~winning all three championships for 1991. In the Mickey Thompson Off-Road·Gran Prix, Mike Lesle'sJeep Cherokee grabbed the Manufac-turers Championship in the Ul~rastoc~ Class. In the SCCA World Challenge, the Archer brothers' Eagle Talon race team became the first ever to win.all three series championships in the Super Production Class, three years in a row. And finally, Curt Le Due's Jeep Cherokee dominated <;::lass 3 in the }iDRA/SCORE Desert Racing Series and wrapped up the championship, winning the last four races. -As for next year's racing season? Well, all we _,. g1 can promise is that we'll do the best we can. Again. Advantage: Jee!} and Ea e l!!l!!l!!!!I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Corporation. Buckle up for safety.

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First Place-Mickey Thompson Off-Road Gran Prix First Place-SCCA World Challenge Super Production Class First Place-Class 3 HDRA/SCORE Desert Racing Series. •

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SCORE INTERNATIONAL BAJA 1000 Overall Goes To Larry Ragland Ry Judy Smith Photos: Tracksid.: Photos, Inc. kit"/- · ";,. ,_<• r,:t!Y .Si"""' ,H$• _.,,,. .._ Ed and Tim Herbst survived a head on collision with a lost racer in the early miles. a few other troubles but brought the Chenowth in first in Class 112 by nine minutes and second overall. Larry Ragland won the Baja 1000'overall for the first time in the Chevrolet truck. winning the Class B title as well. and he had a small power steering problem. changed tires often. but in general had a smooth day. in front of most buggies in the first 100 miles. the gulf side of the peninsula, the course went north to Cohabu:o, and then headed south until it crossed Highway 3 at Borrego. Then the racers would drive south across Diablo Dry Lake, pick up the fast graded road down towards Matomi Wash, plow through the silt, and then eastward through the heautiful, hut sometimes deadly wash, almost to the old San Felipe to Puertecitos road. Then the trail headed northward, hack to San Felipe, through the dump, across Zoo Road, up past Three Poles, and then eastward, through Borrego again, which meant the pi ts there got to service the racers twice. From Borrego the second time they headed northwest, through Matias Wash, across Highway 3 again, and slipped behind the town of San Matias, to catch up with the road to Mike's Sky Ranch. The course traveled through Mike's, and beyond, to the narrow little turn off down across the river and into Simp-· son's Ranch. Then there were miles of windy mountain roads, gradually sliding down into the outskirts of Valle Trinidad. The trail didn't quite go into town, but turned westward at the big tanks, out through the ol,d, old road, Larry Ragland put his Chevy truck through its paces at SCORE's Novemher Baja 1000, and walked away with all thl· marhles at what turned out to he one of the toughest events of the season. The team of L~rry Roeselcr. Ted Hunnicutt and Marty Smith, on a Kawasaki, turned in a time of 13:35:25:4, to win the ahsolute overall, while Ragland 's time of 16:3 7 :35: I hested all the cars and trucks. The major part of the course was old stuff, familiar to Baja racers, and had heen open for pre-running since mid Octoher. Rut SCORE had swung a deal which would allow the race to start in Ensenada again. instead of having to have a ceremonial start with a restart in Ojos Negros, and the 50 Jerry Penhall and Bud Feldkamp were contenders in Baja. but Jerry had to drive inost of the way. and the team still nailed second in Class 1 /2 and third overall in the Raceco/Porsche. $; ~ to 60 miles of this new section were not open for pre-running, and, in fact, no one was sure where the course was going to go. From Ojos Negros the course would travel south to Tres Hermanos, and then eastward to the Alamo Road, whe~e it crossed the highway to Catarina, and then he,aded over to Nuevo Junction and the Summit. Once down on • w. The absolute overall fast time of the event went to the Team Green Kawasaki of Larry Roese/er, Ted Hunnicutt and Marty Smith, and it was one of the many times Roese/er has won the Baja endurance test. ~.}'_ . ___ ,.. .... ~ .. , ... · --y ~J past the vineyards, crossm g Highway I at Santa lsa_hel, and heading over to the Paci tic sands. It ran northward along the shore, then climhed up and in, to Santo Toma , up a short stretch of pavement to Uruapan, and then eastward to Tres Hermanos. From there it headed back to the edge of Ojos, where it picked up the same course that had heen used for the start, finishing in Ensenada. The course was a long one for a loop race, at 736 miles, and pre-runners had reported that it was a rough one also. The Summit and the road out of Mike's were particularly difficult, with hig rocks, uncushioned hy any dirt. Actually, to be precise, the Summit itself, n o easy proposition, is not so difficult as a narrow hill a few miles before it, which always snags a handful of entrants. The washes heading into Cohahuzo and then south again were reported to be really deep, soft sand this year, and the northward trail out of San Felipe is gradually becoming very choppy and bumpy, because it's being used a lot for racing, by other promoters as we! I as SCORE. On race day there was a small change made at Ojo on the way out, where the cars were sent down the highway for about three miles, and then turned into the dirt, avoiding the road that leads past T res Herma nos. There was a lot of conversation about where the start would be, on contingency day, and many folks were conjecturing that it would be a ceremonial start after all, because they hadn't been a hie to spot the new way out of i:own. SCORE announced that it would begin in a basehall field southeast of town, and head up a ravine, but then later said that plans had changed and the precise location of the start would be announced at the drivers' meeting. Ensenada officials, it seems, had had second thoughts ahout traffic control, Robby Gordon, who started. and Frank Arciero had a hefty lead overall until Gordon lost time on Mike's road. but they got the Chenowth/Chevy into third in Class 1 /2, fourth 0 /A at the finish. Walker Evans had the Class 1/2 lead when he tipped the big Dodge on its side but he gathered it up and flew home fourth in class and sixth overall. Perry McNeil had electrical troubles with the Ford from time to time. but he moved up the ranks in the night and took second ,n Class 8. almost two hours back. Page 12 January 1992 Dusty Times

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Dan Blain and Russ Welch had to replace a c. v. had a few more stops. but Russ drove the· Mirage home second in Class 10 despite more troubles late in the race. Dave Ashley got past the early stuck racers nicely, led Class 4 until he lost the steering box, but recovered to place second in cJass in the Ford. George Seeley. Jr. sta"yed close to the leaders for a time, got the lead, then later got high centered, but finished second in Class 5 . once again. \J' -;_ A ~) Steve Kelley and Ben Metcalf stayed with the leader in the early going in the Class 4 Chevrolet. had mystery type engine troubles. but stayed with the program to win the class and finish tenth overall. and wanted it done difforently. They had the SCORE officials frantic as they tried to set up a new location, taking into consideration the needs of the racers, the officials, the spectators, and the media, particularly the TV folks, who like a source of light at the finish line. SCORE said it would all be made clear at the drivers' meeting, and the result of that was the most cr owded drivers ' meeting they'd ever had. In fact, it was so c r owde d tha t folks couldn't hear, and Sal Fish , S COR E's p resident, had t o announce a second meeting, directly following the first, for those who couldn't get in or couldn't hear. The second meeting was a full house also. And the location of the start and finish turned out to be at the nor_theast corner of Ensenada, on a quiet little street which led into the hills. The distance from there to the known course, at Ojos . Negros, was 65 miles, and it was said to be so narrow and tight that if someone stalled it could jam up the race. Fish announced that one hill was tough and steep, and said he'd have a four wheel drive vehicle with a tow strap on 1t to help racers:_ It was also stated that --~ " ~ t'J•.., ~ --------no chase vehicles were to go in there, because of the risk that they'd jam things up for following cars. The trail included a couple of narrow, steep hills, both downhill on the way out, a soft wash, a water crossing,.and some very deep shrubbery. It headed northeast, to to u c h o n the Ensenada/Tecate highway, and then turned southeast, to the intersection with the known course. T he time limit for the race was extended from 24 hours to 26 hours, because of the degree of difficulty of the new section. The race vehicles were all going to be flagged off the line at one minute intervals, with the bikes and A TVs going at 6 a.m., and the cars and trucks starting at 9:30 a.m . But in practice, the bikes and ATVs got off the line at about 6:20, and the first car didn't actually start until 10. Since the cars had been asked to stage at about 8 a.m., it meant a long time standing around in the middle of nowhere, particularly for the later starters, and a couple of hospitable Mexicans offered up the use of their bathrooms for the uncom-fortable, nervous racers. There were -165 car and truck entrants for this race, dow~ from Doug Fortin Jr. had a lot of friends watching out for him along the trail and the young college student needed help occasionally. but drove all the way in the Chenowth to win Class 10. take fifth overall and the overall points championship. i>u$ty nmcs last year's 188. The first class to leave the line was the unlimited cars, Class l / 2, and the first car, thanks to the luck of the draw, was Robby Gordon's V6 Chevy powered Chenowth. Gordon's pavement commitments were over for the season, so he was in Baja to have some fun in his dad's car. His co-driver was Frank Arciero, Jr., and Bob Gordon, Robby's dad, had signed on, meaning to do a small bit of the race, if his recently injured back wasn't bothering him. There was a host of tough competition in this class, including Walker Evans in his Dodge, Mike and Bill Church in their Chevy truck, Jack Johnson in his Jeep, Troy Herbst paired with Glenn Harris in a Porsche Chenowth, Ivan Stewart in his Toyota, Ed and Tim Herbst in a Porsche Chenowth, Bud Feld-kamp and Jerry Penhall in a Porsche Raceco, and Jimmie Smith, class points leader to this race, in his Porsche Chcnowth. But Smith's transmission gave way right at the start, so he was a spectator early. Gordon threaded his way through the hazards of the first 60 miles, briefly lost, but holding his first on the road position, and arrived at El Alamo, 105 miles into the race: about 10 minutes in front of Mark McMillin, in his Porsche Chenowth. McMillin hadn't had too much trouble with . the new stretch, and he'd used his radio to lead his dad, Corky, who was in the family's new double A arm Chenowth, through the maze in good time, so he was right. behind Mark. But behind them some drivers were in serious trouble. Frank Snook had his Raceco buried, Stewart's Toyota was stuck, Mike Williams was lost in his MECO, and collided with Tim Herbst as he tried to find his way hack to the course. Herbst then got too close behind Scott McMillin, in his Ford Class 8 truck, and when McMillin had . to hack down a hill, he backed onto Herbst's front end. That · took a while to unstick. Bob Richey had his Porsche Raceco to Alamo in pretty good time, and Jim and Jason Baldwin, in a Porsche Chenowth looked good too. Jack Johnson got his Jeep, looking fast and healthy past that point, and his time was about eight minutes better· than Gordon's. And, surprising everyone, Frank Vessels arrived in good time in the Nis~an truck, showing its promise, too late, since the word was out that Nissan was not going to be supporting it in '92. Williams arrived in a timely fashion, and Evans was just behind him in the truck, while the Herbsts, who'd started 39 minutes behind January 19ft Gordon, were now exactly an hour behind, or only 21 minutes down on elapsed time. Not bad, considering their activity filled morning. Actually, at that point, Johnson was leading, Vessels was second, and Williams ran third, with Penhall, Evans and Gordon virtually tied for sixth. But that early in the Baja 1000, it's almost meaningless to figure positions. Gordon continued to enjoy his nearly dust free run, but some of the others started to have problems. Mark McMillin lost a spindle nut, and had to use a spare link-pin nut he was carrying to put things back together, while Corky flattened two tires on one side of the car, and then, trying to get to a pit, sideswiped a tree and tore up a rear A arm. He was finished. Stewart had had a flat before Ojos, and, unable to get it off himself, had driven on it to the pit. Then, miles down the road, his jack came loose from its mount and, flipping around, tore up a c.v. hoot, and allowed dirt and sand to get into the c.v. So Ivan's crew packed it in. i;r DESERT LOCK OUTER 3.000 WIDE OUTER FOR SUPER STRENGT 8 -1.125 HOLES TO REDUCE DIRT BUILD-UP. Standard Lock Outer Tire Located Off Inner Ring Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength • At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing • AJI parts are available separately *In stock - Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" 13" 8"-10" UNLIMITED MIDGET MODIFIED MIDGET SPORT TRUCK MINI STOCK QUAD RACER BAJA BUG MODIFIED MIDGET ATV WE HAVE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, _ fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 O" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ....... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. 1671 N. Brawley · Fresno; CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 Calif. Res. Add 6% Sales Tax Page 13

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Rodrigo and Rogerio Ampudia moved up steadily in the Class 1-2-1600 Neth. and while they had some troubles. they carried on to second in class. Cameron Steele and Rich Minga dueled with Fishback Jr. for many miles, then got stuck. but the team recovered to b(ing the . Raceco home third in Class 1-2-1600. It was all in the family in Class 1-2-1600 and Jim Fishback Sr. and Sam Castro drove their Neth into fourth in the hotly contested class battles. Pete Alesi Jr. and Bruce Hoover brought a new Jimco built Class 5 car to the 1000. had an early minor trouble. then ran well until the last miles when the gearbox was going away. but they won the class anyhow. Jim Fishback Jr. and co-driver Graff Moore had a clean run. led from the start. then Fishback led again late in the race, got past the last hazards neatly and not only won Class 1-2-1600 but placed seventh overall in the Neth. --------At Borrego, 238 miles into the made many stops to try to get race, Gordon was still first on the their lights fixed, thinking of the road, and he stopped to have a c. v. long night ahead, were now 38 boot changed. He headed out minutes down. Vessels was out toward Diahlo Dry Lake, and it with hroken axles. was 25 minutes hefore the next Down through _Matomi they ~ar, the Baldw!:is, got there, only went, into hanging, thick dust. ti ve minutes ott Gordon's pace on Gordon was s.till in front when he elapsed time. Then the Churches got hack to Borrego, but now his came through in their truck, and lead had expanded to almost an Penhall, who'd broken an axle, hour and a half. He headed up Williams and Evans. Williams. toward Mike's, and on the was second, and Penhall third, on winding road he caught up with a elapsed time. ThP. Herhsts, who'd Quad racer. As he closed in on *The same Innovative engin-eering that goes Into Honda automobiles and motorcycles goes Into every piece of Honda Power Equipment. *Convenient, easy-to-use controls. *Full line of construction products available at your local Honda Power Equipment dealer. *Bring In this ad for additional savings. JUST RRR I UEO II 111 DIESEL GENERATOR 12KW 3 CYLINDER -LIQU,O COOLED him, trying to find a clear spot to pass, the road turned left, the Quad went with it, and Gordon sailed straight off the turn, into a big rock. The impact hroke the front heam on the right side, and it was time consuming to get the car hack onto the road, and up to Mike's where he found help, with a welder. While• he was under repair, which took an hour and a half, Evans charged by, not seeing the wounded car, and hurried down the road, thinking he was in RURILRBLE NOW II Ill Page 14 Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3S32 EAST 3RD ST LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 (213) 264-3936 (213) 264-5858 For optimum performaricc and safety, we recommend you read the owners manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of generators to house power requires transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. c 1988 American Honda t.:1otor co. Inc.• January 1992 hot pursuit of Gordon. He then slid part way off the road, and while trying to get his act together, tippped the big truck over onto its side, and wasted a bunch of time getting going· again. In the meantime the Herbst car, with Ed at the wheel now, was moving right along, and so was Penhall's, with Bud Feldkamp driving, although he was beginning to fee.I a hit queasy. Mark· McMillin was running again, and Troy Herbst and Glenn Harris were running well now that a carburetor problem had been repaired. Chad Hall, driving the old Class 4 Dodge of his father, Rod, which is now illegal for any other class, was up near the front of the pack also, and, as the underdog in that heavy vehicle, had spectators pulling for him all the way around. Car sick Feldkamp threw up from Santo Tomas to Ojos Negros, where he insisted that Penhall get back in for the finish. Now, when a driver is carsick in a buggy with side nets, he has no way to stick his head over the side. The inside of the buggy invariably becomes gooey, and the second driver handles things like the seat belts, very gingerly. Arciero got into Gordon's car at Valle Trinidad, Hob having decided not to chance reinjuring his back, and Ed Herbst had lost reverse gear. Hall tipped onto his side in a hole not far from Valle Trinidad, and had to wait two hours. for help. Arciero was scheduled for a fuel stop at Ojos, but Gordon waved him through, not wanting to take the time, since he was once again first on the road. But there was a fast crowd baying at his heels for the overall victory. He made it through the last 65 miles, his co driver, Dave Forbes, helping him find his way, and they were the first car back to the finish line. But the Herbsts showed up 17 minutes later, aand took the win. Ed had been stuck behind Ragland, who finished just in front of him, but otherwise, had made it through with no serious problems. Penhall, with the advantage o f having started through that section, also found his way back, to finish second, greeting a· grey and sick looking Feldkamp at the finish impound. Gordon and Arciero were third on elapsed time, 26 minutes hl'hind thl' Hl-rhsts. In i'tiurth it \\'as Eva ns, an,! Trtw Hl'rh,r :m,l Gknn Harris were fifth . Herhst had missed a turn, and when he hacked up to correct, he backed his rear wheels off a cliff, so he'd ha"d to get out and push. Mark McMiHin, and co-driver Brian Ewalt were sixth, and Hall was seventh in the Dodge, a fine tinish considering that he hadn't ever driven the truck before, and hadn't pre-run. The Class 8 trucks started behind the unlimited class, and Ragland had number 801 , so he was mixing it up with the buggies from early in the day. He had some problems in the first section, as did Scott McMillin in his Ford, Brian Stewart in his Dodge, and Dave Westhem in his GMC. But, in general, Ragland's day went smoothly. He had about a minute on Stewart at El Alamo, and McMillin was another three minutes back, and the next to come along was David Bryan, in his Ford, who'd started at the back of the pack, instead on his 804 slot, because it had been dis-covered that his yellow safety light wasn't working, and the officials made him fix it, just before he was due to start. Rob MacCachren, who'd got his Ford stuck in ~he new section, had lost about 40 minutes. Ragland, who later descrihed the course as "extreme! y hard", kept moving up through traffic, and hy the time he got to Borrego he was the seventh vehicle on the road, and about two minutes behind Gordon for the lead, and four minutes in front of Stewart. McMillin ran another nine minutes back, and Perry· McNeil, in a Ford, was fourth. He'd had electrical problems, which had blown his transmission cooler fans. Ragland broke a power steering hose, and his crew took the time to change rear tires at each stop, but otherwise he had little down time. He got stuck now and again, but mostly just kept moving forward. At Santo Tomas he was the first vehicle on the road. MacCachren ran late, and was reported out of gas on the course a few miles before Borrego. Stewart's motor· lost a cylinder, but he was continuing, on seven, and Bryan had been caught in an obstacle course set up by the Mexicans, jus t before the Summit. W esthe m broke a Dusty Times

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Mike Leste gave his Jeep Cherokee a real workout in Class 6, and he took second at the flag, one of only two survivors from Mike Lund, with help from Roger Mears Jr., gave the Balch Nissan Pathfinder a good ride on its final outing and finished well, second in Class 3. In what may have been their last ride in this Ford truck, Manny and Tudy Joe Esquerra had plenty of troubles on the trail but they took second in Class 7. the eight who started. ·---------------spindle, and made lengthy repairs, McMillin got stuck in a muddy hog near Erendira, and when he blasted out so soaked was his motor that the truck would never restart. At his last fuel stop, in Ojos Negros, Gordon's car got past Ragland, hut his Class 8 lead was · secure. He had to make three tries at one of the hills in the last section, hut he finally cleared it and came to the finish to take his win, his first in a Baja 1000. He had just a minute and 22 seconds on Herbst, which gave him the overall. It was almost two hours before McNeil came in, he and his co-driver, Rody Amaya, pleased that they'd thought to put mud tires on the truck before heading down into the final stretch. Bryan had been stuck for a couple of hours in the same hog that caught McMillin, and finished a late third, the only other truck to get in. The Class IO cars started next, and Doug Fortin, Jr., who led in Class and overall points standings going into the race, was given a lot o f moral support b y Tom Schilling, Tom and Roh DeNault, and Steve Sourapas, who all rold him rhar if hL· needt:ll heir o r pa rrs. hc wa'i to consider thL'l r ca rs as parts dcpots. As it turned our. Schilling gor almost no distance at all hd.ore rolling his car on rhe Tccatc Highway: When it lnnded thc fucl fillcr neck \\'as hrokcn off, tuL'i spL'WL'L1 out, and the car, and Tom·s passengn,_lim Beesom, werL' in tl1me. Tom, who'd got out right awa1·, got Reesom our quickly also, and neither werL' hurned, although the car was a total loss. Schilling latt'r reportcd that the Mexican police at the scene wanted to arrest him for damaging their highway, hut he told them he was with SCORE, and they let him go. In the meantime the rest of the class motored on, and at El Alamo Gary.Johnson and.John Hagle, in a Bruton, were on the same minute with Fortin, whose Chenowth was running on three cylinders. He made a quick stop, and his crew reattached a loose spark plug wire, and he went out of there in good shape. The DeNaults were running well, ·in their Mirage, at that point, and Sourapas, whose-new Chenowth was 850 pounds lighter than the one he started the season with, also looked good. But Sourapas was out not far down the road when his front stops gave way, and rhel beam bent. Dan Blain had his Mirage near the front of the heap, hut he'd already had a flat, and was visibly upset after seeing Schil-ling's car. Bill Poe ·and! Mike Zupanovich were also in the hunt, in their ORE. 1 Fortin 's car spit out that plug wire again, and he took on a nail Dusty Times andf1attenedatire,huthewasthe innext,andputhisco-driverRuss McMillin's car, stopped and car, was standing by to drive in first Class 10 car to Borrego. Welch, into the car. helped him get going again, and case he needed a break. But Doug DeNault was about six minutes Fortin got past Mike's and then when he got to Uruapan, he was determined to go all the way, hehindhimthere,andthenitwas downtothePacificsideingood lost his power steering. Another and he was feeling strong. Johnson and Hagle, followed by shape, hut his car mysteriously Class lOhuddy, Dave Richardson, Meanwhile, Welch lost a c.v. up Poe and Zupanovich. Bla_in_c_a_m_e __ q_,_u_i t_n_e_a_r_E_r_e_n_d_i_r_a_. _E_w_a_l_t ,_ i _n __ s_:ig-'-n_e_·d_o_n_t_o_t_h_e_d_e_'f_u_n_c_t_S_o_u_r_a_,_pas at Mike's, er _______ _ cus10M wt1eelS . tu I ates congra performance Team Valley . Jim smith . True Grit "w 1ST in Class a, ard And Winner. ZND in c1ass . TrOY Herbst 9RD in c1ass t ;a Ed & Tilll Herbs January 1991 Page 15

Page 16

John Swift led the Class 6 rigs in the Ford Explorer in the early going, others got close. but Swift kept his lead. despite getting stuck in a hole, and he won Class 6 and was ninth overall to boot. Roger Medrs did it right in his last race in the factory Nissan, taking the Class 7 lead early, letting his son in for some distance, and he finished first in Class 7 by almost two hours. tr - -- ~1nl1 -th_a_t_t_o_u_lt:_·d- u'~p- t_h_l_' _M_a_r_k_ M_c_M_ i_ll-in- w- as_ w_a_i-ti_n_g_h_y splinl'S on his axle, so he had to the side of the course to follow horrow a file from a hiker pit and him in, just to he there in case he fix the axle hefore he could needed help. He made it in, to rl·assemhle the car and get moving take his Class 10 win, a fifth again. He was there for hours. Tht· owrall, and the overall season Dl'Naults charged on. points championship. In the When ht· got to Ojos Negro,., meantime, Blain had got hack in Fortin 's crew decided to changl· his car, hut then he felt ill, and put all his plugs just to he on thl· saft· Welch in for the last part, and side. And when he left the pit, Russ hrought the car home for Curt LeDuc started out third in Class 3. but his Jeep gave him no trouble at all and Curt stayed ahead of some close competition to win his fourth Class 3 title in a row, and the class points championship. Paul and Dave Simon took the early lead in the Class 7 4x4 Ford, later did a transmission change, and carried on. made up time on their rivals and won the class honors and the points title. - - - ------------------second place, four hours hehind Fortin. The DeNault car, already missing a couple of gears, hurned up the clutch trying to conquer the silt hill. In third it was Don McCarthy and Craig Schueller, in a Chenowth, who'd welded a torsion housing, and Jim Pierce and Jim Kirk, in a Raceco, finishL·d fourth, last in Class I 0, and dead last overall, at 25: 16:5 1. They must ha\/e had a rough day. Class 4 is really quick these days, and they were next to get the green flag. Dave Ashley managed to find his way past the stuck trucks to get through the first section, and had the Ford in the lead at El Alamo. Steve Kelley, his Chevy's motor cutting out, struggled through that area, choosing to hreak a path through the hrush rather than wait for the huried vehicles in front of him to get themselves unstuck. He was ahout six minutes hehind Ashley at El Alamo. In third it was Boh Nyeste and Rick Thomson, in a propane powered Ford, and Timmy Pruett, his Ford's motor missing, was fourth. EADY Over on the Gulf side of the peninsula, near Cohahu:o, which is ahout as far frorp help as a driver could get, Ashley lost his steering hox. It took a long time to get help to him, and in the meantime, Kelley, in spite of repeated stops to try to cure his motor, went into the lead. Rod Hall, who had dehuted his n·ew Dodge, was finding the tall truck uncomfortahly tippy after its sway har hroke, and then ahout 150 miles into the race h-is transfer case hroke also, and Page 16 WISHES EACH AND EVERY ONE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEWYEAR . IN 1992 January 1992 stopped him. . Kelley stopped to fix an A arm holt a couple· of times, hut he didn't personally have to get out of the truck, and after a long day found himself hack at thl· finish. the winner, and 10th overall. Ashley came along second ahout two hours later, and the team of Nyeste and Thomson, who'd had to change a spring and an axle, finished third. Only one of the others made it in . In C lass 5, the first car to El Alamo was the convertihle o f Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter , hut George Seeley, who came along next in his sedan, was even with them on time. ln third it was Pete Alesi, in a convertihle, who had to pit there to fix a hroken front stop. Lisa Dickerson and Scott Cameron were next on the road, followed close! y by the Grabowski brothers, Neal and Michael. The Klawitters got up to the Summit and broke an output shaft, and began a frantic effort to get a spare and take it up in their pre-runner. While they were -working on their problem, Seeley went hy into the lead, and stayed there through Borrego, and hack through Borrego again. He took an awful chance somewhere before Matomi, and helped pull John Swift's Class 6 Explorer out of a hole, but didn't break anything, and didn't get caught: . Up past Mike's Seeley high centered himself in a rut, and while he struggled to get out, Alesi went hy him. The Klawitters had finally given up the struggle, and were being towed hack to civili:ation. Alesi had no more mechanical troubles, until ahout 20 miles from the finish, when it would pull only first gear, and he had to hold it in gear. He took the win, and Seeley, who'd heen high centered one more time, finished second about three hours later. None of .the others got there. In Class 1-2-1600, the first car to El Alamo was Jim Fishhack,Jr. in a Neth, and close hehind him were Brian Parkhouse, in a Mirage, who had a flat to fix, and Jim Fishback, Sr. in another Neth. Tom Burns, Mirage, who was the Class points leader, and a contender for overall points, was in the lead group also, as were Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis, in their Suspensions Unlimited car. Cameron Steele was looking good in his Raceco, and Mike McClune ran well in his Mathews. There was a big pack of 1600s all running close, and any one of them was a possible leader. By the time they got to Borrego . they'd spaced out some, hut it was still Fishback Jr. in front on the road. His co-d.riwr, Graff Moore took over for the southern loop from Borrego brick up to Borrego. Steele ran right behind him, hut nctunlly leading, hecause of his starting position . He went b y Moore down-at Matomi, and then they begnn a duel which lasted for many miles, passing and repassing one another for the lead. Fishback got hack in his car at Borrego, to run to the finish, ,mLI the lead swnpping continued. Meanwhile, Rodrigo and Rogerio AmpuLlia, recoverL·d from a broken tie •rod end, wen: working ur towards the front of the pack, and Burns was having one flat tire after another. When he had the second one, just hefore getting to Borrego, his friend, Roh MncCachren, another Las Vegas racer, was sitting there out of gas, so he changeJ the tire. Parkhouse had been stuck near Catarina, and then lost on Diahlo, anJ had a flat and a broken lug wrench, hut he was also still coming along. Larry Rosevear, in the Ruddis. Porter car, was driving when a hose clamp that held the seat in hroke. The seat tipped radically, Rosevenr wrenched the wheel. and the car took off through the shruhs and l:mdeLl in a culvert. He was four hours getting it out of there. Fishhack Jr. and Steele contin-ued their, hut Fish hack made it rast thl· last ha:a rds nea ti y, a nLI took the win , finishing a great · seventh overall. T he Ampudias. Dusty Times

Page 17

Jerry McDonald got close in his Class 7 4x4 Chevy S-10, led some middle legs, but broken steering cost him too much time and he finished second in class. Willie Valdez got stuck more than once on the course in his newly refurbished Ford Ranger, and Willie kept moving right into second in Class 7S. Guillermo Quintero and Francisco Ortiz took second in Class 5-1600, only half an hour back. and this made a close finish for this tough Baja 1000. whose business, the popular Papas and Beer, is just a few blocks from the finish line, were second, an hour and 25 minutes later, while the Steeles waited anxiously for word of their co-driver, Rich Minga. He came in third, reporting that he'd heen stuck on the hill, and slid off, losing an hour. His troubles were compounded by the fact that the car had almost no hrakes, and no power steering, and he is enough s h o'rter than S teele that he couldn' t reach the pedals. Fishback Sr. and his co-driver Sam Castro, who'd got lost tryin~ to get into the treacherous tinal 65 miles, then had got stuck a couple of times, were fourth. Burns, whose brother Tim had driven from Borrego to Borrego, so Tom could rest his eyes (he wears contact lenses while racing), also had trouble with the last hill, which had been likened to the hill out of Mike's, or the evil one near the Summit. They finished fifth, and ParkhouSl' and his co-driver, Dave Massingham, who'd heen stuck near Trinidad, and needed three tries to get over the last hill, were sixth. Class 6 was next to go, and.John ~,4"' ;fu Chuck Johnson and John Johnson were stuck in the early morass, but got loose and made up time to take the lead later, and Chuck held onto the lead as they won Class 7 4x4. John's 14th Baja 1000 class victory. Swift had his Explorer in front at El Alamo, with Evan Evans, in his Chevy, about 14 minutes behind him in second. In third it was Mike Lesle in his Jeep, another seven minutes hack, and Danny Ashcraft, in another Explorer, was fourth, five minutes later. Swift's -truck started to foul plugs at Cohahu:o, so his crew changed plugs for him a couple of times, and Lesle had electrical problems which slowed him a little. When they got to Borrego, Swift was still in front, hut now Lesle was second, a half hour down, and Evans was third, 14 minutes later, with Ashcraft about four minutes behind him. Swift stuck himself in a hole · hefore Matomi, but Seeley helped him out of it quickly enough that no one passed him. Lesle's jack came loose up above San Felipe, and tore out his fuel pump and a fuel filter, and fr took him an hour John and Jeff Holmes and Ramsey El Wardani led the 5- 1600 bugs all the way to Trinidad, then Ramsey rolled on the Pacific coast, but held the lead and lost a little more time in the dark but finished first at the checkered flag. and a half to fix it again. And extinguisher. Then his crew got in Ashcraft had been without power to help him repair things, and he steering from the Summit to went on, only to break an I-beam Borrego. and he stopped for good. Swift went on to take the win, In Class 3, the early lead finishing ninth overall. Lesle was helonged to Dan Smith, in his second, over two hours later, and Ford, while Mike Lund had his none of the others made it. Nissan running second, Curt Ashcraft had got close, but his l.eDuc was third in the Jeep and torque converter overheated after Dale White was fourth in his four tries at the big hi_ll, and he Bla:er. Felix Giles and Eric had a fire, which he extinguished Heiden had°reportedly stuck their with his standard hand held Jeep ,i;r The oil engineered for your truck's engine Dusty Times Shell TRUCK GUARD™ Light Truck Motor Oil is the oil made especially for pickups, 4-wheel drives, mini-vans, and recreational vehicles. Its special formula-tion and exclusive additives help keep high-revving, hotter-running truck engines clean and cool. TRUCK GUARD's API SG/CE rating exceeds all engine requirements. For the kind of protection your truck deserves, choose TRUCK GUARD. ~ OIL COMPANY, 4870 E. Cartier Ave. INC. ® Orange Line Oil Company 404 E. Commercial St. Las Vegas, Nevada 89115 (702) 643-9200 January 1991 Shell Pomona, California 91767 (714) 623-0533 Page 17

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Defending points champ Rich Richardson ran second in Class 9 in the early going but with co-drivers Doug Perrault and Shane Reed making back some time lost with shock trouble, the trio won the class· and the points title. Even though Class 11 only raced 421 miles, only one Beetle finished, and it took Erny Martinez and Rogelio Rivera over 23 hours to get to the finish and take a well deserved victory. i;.-irretrievahly in the new section. A .few miles past El Alamo, Smith ran into a hig rock, which rolled him over, and broke some major pieces in the front end. His race was finished. LeDuc had moved into the lead hy Borrego, but Lund, who had a couple of flats, was right on his bumper. LeDuc stopped only for fuel, and had no flats. He never got out of his car, and took it hack to the finish for the win, and 11th overall. Lund, who put Roger Mears Jr. in to drive from Borrego to Borrego, developed a hole in his steering hox near Tres Hermanos. While his crew made repairs, White went hy. But then Lund gave chase and caught and passed White just a few miles hefore the end, to finish second. White was third only 25 seconds later. In Class 7 Roger Mears put the Nissan into the lead by El Alamo, with Scott Douglas in his Jeep, ahout 14 minutes hack in second. In third it was Manny Esquerra, ·The Off-Roader's Choice· Page 18 • E-Z UP"' INSTANT SHELTERS Imagine setting up a free-standing shelter in less than 60 seconds! NO missing parts NO center poles NO ropes NO hassle • 5 sizes • 24 colors • Custom Graphics Instant Pit Shetter la Rana Contingency Sponsor E-Z UP Authorized Dealer CASTEX RENTALS~ INC. 1044 N. Cole Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90035 CALL: 213 • 462 • 1468 lead, and stayed there. Scott Steinberger. Rory Chenowth and Dana Cardone teamed up to become the first and only Chenowth Mini Mag to ever finish a Baja 1000, and the finish won the points title for Steinberger. Johnson and Johnson took the win, which was the 14th for John and the 5th for Chuck, and were 17th overall. Valde:, whose truck had all new stuff in it for this race, was second, after being stuck a couple more times, 48 minutes down. Brown and O'Brien were ·also stuck several times, and ran into some fog on the beach, hut finished third just two minutes later. In fourth it was Billy Bunch and John Kearney, in another Ford, who'd been stuck on the beach. And fifth went to Ikuo Hanawa and Hiroyuki Nagai, both from Japan, who'd rented a Jeep to go race the 1000. They had a very long day, finished second from last, but they could go home and say they "heat the Baja!" well over an hour down. Mears led into Borrego, where Douglas was a half hour down, and Racin Gardner and Wade Conway had moved into third place, another half hour or so back, in their Ford. Mears ran with no brakes from Santo Tomas in to Ojos Negros, and while the pit patched things together he stuffed Roger Jr. into the truck to do the finish stretch. Roger got stuck in a hole and had some trouble with the silt hills, hut he brought the truck back for the win. Esquerra, who'd been having troubles that included knocking his driveline over center, stopping every hundred miles to tighten the wishbone halts and add oil, had also got stuck on Ashcrafr's hill, when he lost his alternator. But he got to the finish line second, although almost two hours down. Gardner a-nd Conway were third, four hours later. No one else got back. In Class 7 4x4 Dave and Paul Simon took the early lead in their Ford, with ahout five minutes on Jerry McDonald, in his new Chevy, who ran second. Darren York was third, in his Ford, hut he hit a hig rock, hrokt· a radius arm and cracked the frame, and his truck wouldn't move any more. Simon and Simon led into Borrego the first time, hut the gap closed during their loop down through Matomi pass. When the two got hack up to Borrego the second time, hoth pulled into the pits, the Simons for a new transmission, and McDonald for a transfer case. McDonald was out of the pit first, and stayed in front, with a lead of ahout 20 minutes. Rut then he hroke a relay rod in his steering, and needed help from his crew to make repairs. He w.1·s ahout one and a half miles out of Mike's at the time, one of the least accessihle parts of the course. The Simons went on to take the win, while McDonald finished two hours and 40 minutes later in second. It was tough for Class 7S to get through the first 65 miles, and several of them were stuck, including Terry Brown and Bill O'Brien in their Ranger, Spencer Low in his Nissan, and John Johnson in his Ranger. But Willie Valde: managed to snake his Ford past the worst of it, and emerged at the other end in front of his class. When they got to El Alamo he still had the lead, but a good si:ed group was not for behind him, including Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen in their Toyota, John Johnson, Low, Brown and O'Brien, and Ernesto Aramhula, in a Mitsubishi. Low began to have trouble with his shocks, and Vinje and Hansen January 1991 lost an axle, and then after repairing it, their motor. ~ut Valde: led on, until just betore Matomi, he got stuck in a hole. Chuck Johnson was driving now, because Johnny, ill with the flu, had decided to get out of the truck a hit early. Chuck went into the In Class 5-1600, the lead at El Alamo belonged to John Holmes, but he had only about three minutes on Darryl Cook, who was tied with Bill Rodrigue: and Jesus Luna for third. In fourth it was Ron Lister and Michael SCORE BAJA 1000 Results - November 7-10, 1991 # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Time Class 1/2 • Unlimited Single & Two Seat - 26 start • 9 finish 140 1 Ed & Tim Herbst Chenowth/Porsche 16:38:57 135 2 Jerry Penhall/Bud Feldkamp Raceco/Porsche 16:47:55 101 3 Frank Arciero Jr /Robby Gordon ChenowthlPorsche 17:04:54 138 4 Walker Evans/John Searle Dodge 0150 17:22:25 127 5 Troy Herbst/Glenn Harris ChenowthlPorsche 17:56:43 Class 1-2-1600 • 1600cc Restricted Engine. 20 start -13 finish 1602 1 Jim Fishback Jr /Graff Moore Neth 17:37:11 1615 2 Rodrigo & Rogerio Ampudia Neth 19:00:44 1619 3 Cameron Steele/Rich Minga Raceco 19:03:58 161 O 4 Jim Fishback Sr /Sam Castro Neth 10:09:17 1604 5 Tom & Tim Burns Mirage 19:23:43 Class 3 • Short WB 4X4 • 7 start - 3 finish 306 1 Curt LeDuc Jeep Cherokee 18:07:55 305 2 Mike Lund/Roger Mears Jr. Nissan Pathfinder 20:05:12 349 3 Dale & Kay White Chevrolet Blazer 20:05:38 Class 4 - Long WB 4X4 • 7 start - 4 finish 406 1 Steve Kelley/Ben Metcalf Chevrolet K-1500 18:06:30 404 2 David Ashley/Dan Smith Ford F150 20:21:06 401 3 Todd Kano/Drew Hardin Ford F150 23:13:53 403 4 Bob Nyeste/Rick Thomson Ford F150 24:18:08 Class 5 • Unlimited Baja Bug • 8 start - 2 finish 548 1 Pete Alesi Jr /Bruce Hoover Baja Bug 21:45:20 506 2 George Seeley Jr /Rosie Strait Baja Bug 24:32:01 Class 5-1600 -1600cc Baja Bug• 19 start - 5 finish 553 1 John&Jeff Holmes/Ramsay El Wardani Baja Bug 20:59:54 560 2 Guillermo Quintero/Francisco Ortiz Baja Bug 22:27:00 565 3 Alonso Acosta/Marcos Popoff Baja Bug 23:02:05 550 4 Rich Fersch/Oon Hatz Baja Bug 23:33:54 554 5 Mike Abbott Baja Bug 20:59:54 Class 6 • Production Sedan - 8 start - 2 finish 602 1 John Swill/Dino Pugeda Ford Explorer 18:04:55 605 2 Mike Lesle/Byron Rexwinkel Jeep Cherokee 20:40:40 Class 7 • Unlimited Mini-Midi Pickup - 5 start • 3 finish 701 1 Roger Mears/Roger Mears Jr. Nissan Hardbody 18:31:25 700 2 Manny & Tudy Joe Esquerra Ford Ranger 20:25:26 705 3 Racin Gardner/Wade Conway Ford Ranger 24:14:47 Class 7S • Stock Mini-Midi Pickup - 10 start - 5 finish 724 1 Chuck Johnson/John Johnson Ford Ranger 19:08:46 721 2 Willie Valdez/Gil Divine Ford Ranger 19:56:52 757 3 Terry Brown/Bill OBrien Ford Ranger 19:58:58 726 4 Billy Bunch/John Kearney Ford Ranger 21:42:52 723 5 lkuo Hanawa/Hiroyuki Hagai Jeep 24:48:52 Class 7 4X4 -Stock Mini-Midi 4X4 • 5 start • 2 finish 760 1 Paul & David Simon Ford Ranger 20:08:23 762 2 Jerry McDonald/Jeff Lewis Chevy S-10 22:49:36 Class 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup • 13 start - 3 finish 801 1 Larry Ragland/Ivan Scoppettone Chevrolet 16:37:35 811 2 Perry McNeil/Rody Amaya Ford F150 18:21:10 804 3 David Bryan/Debbie Keefe Ford F150 22:04:14 Class 9 - Restricted Buggy -17 start • 6 finish 900 1 Rich Richardson/Shane Reed/Doug Perrault Jimco 20:08:55 903 2 Pancho Bio/Sergio Gutierrez Tubular Design 20:39:28 907 3 Roy & Wade Prince/Josh Rider Chenowth 21:35:32 904 4 Gregg Hawks/Carroll Ditson Hawks 22:14:28 911 5 Daniel Mora/Sergio Fernandez Chenowth 23:09:14 Class 10 • Unlimited 1650cc • 13 start - 4 finish 1007 1 Doug Fortin Jr. (solo) Chenowth 17:18:40 1006 2 Dan Blain/Russ Welch Mirage 21:29:26 1010 3 Don McCarthy/Mike Henshaw Chenowth 22:18:28 1012 4 Jim Pierce/Jim Kirk Raceco 25:16:51 Class II • Stock VW Sedan • 4 start - 1 finish 1101 Erny MartineztRogelio Rivera VWBeetle 23:16:09 (Class 11 raced only 421 miles. Class Mini Mag • 3 start - 1 finish 1298 1 Scott Steinberger/Dane Cardone/Rory Chenowth 23:05:16 Starters-cars -165-Finishers-cars - 63 - 38.2% - Time Allowance • 26 hours Race Distance - 736 miles - Fast Time Overall • Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicutt, Class 22 Kawasaki -13:35:25 - 106 bikes start• 61 finish- 57.5% Fast time overall cars - Larry Ragland - Class 8 Chevrolet - 16:37:35 0/A 2 3 4 6 8 7 15 16 18 19 11 23 24 10 27 50 57 36 59 32 43 45 53 58 9 30 14 28 56 17 20 21 . 35 61 25 44 13 39 26 29 34 41 47 5 33 42 62 46 Dusty Times

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Alonso Acosta and Marcos Popoff nailed down third in Class 5- 1600. another half f)our back. as five of the 19 starters in class finished the long race. Pancho Bio and Sergio Gutierrez led the early sections in Class Roy and Wade Prince and Josh Rider ran well i_n the Chenowth, 9. had some down time mid race, but finished only half an hour had to do some welding but kept moving to finish a strong third back in second place. _in_t_h_e_C_la_s_s_9_c_o_m~p_e_t,_.ti_on_. ____________ _ Lund, followed by Guillermo Quintero and Francisco Orti: . They were all still pretty close together, and there were still more coming along. Cook broke a c . v. on the Summit, and while he worked on that, Holmes built a good lead . Rich Fersch , meanwhile, was having trouble with water in his gas, and couldn't figure o ut what the problem was, and Gary Cogbill had lost a c.v. before Alamo. Cook got his repaired, and eventually handed the car off to his brother, Alan, who later gave it to brother number three, Wayne. Holmes got to Borrego the second time in good shape an-d handed the car over to his hrother, Jeff, who then drove to Valle Trinidad, and got there still in the lead. He gave the car to Ramsey El Wardani, to take to the finish. But El Wardani rolled it on the coast, and lost about a half hour. Still, he held his lead, because the Cooks hadn't quite caught up yet, and Alonso Acosta anyone else. only 10 gallons, so he could leave was stuck in the sand, and Class 9 was led by Pancho Bio, the pit in the lead. Then, when he Rodrigue: and Luna were stuck in in his Tubular Designs car, at the got down onto the beach side, he the mud at Erendira. El Alamo check, and he had five got 10 more gallons of fuel from When El Wardani got to the minutes on Rich Richardson, in a one of Ivan Stewart's pits. Uruap an turn off, he didn't Jimco, who was second. Five Perrault held onto his lead and recogni:e it, and lost about 20 m inutes la t e r it was Benny b ro ught the car back for the . more minutes in going past, and Aramburo and Roberto Fajardo, team's first victory in a Baja l 000. coming back. But he held that in a Chenowth. Coming behind Bio, who became ill , lost a little lead. T hen, as they got back to the m wer e R e n e a n d Oscar time looking for a replacement Ojos Negros, he suddenly had the Maldonado in a C h e nowth, driver, but eventually fin ished Cooks on his bumper. He tried to Daniel Mora and Sergio Fernan-second, a half hour later. The hold them off, but they got past, de:, in another Chenowth, Princes and Rider, who'd had to briefly, only to miss a turn. As El Carroll Ditson and Greg Hawks in weld a front heam clamp together Wardani went by, Wayne swung a Hawks, and the team of Wade at Valle Trinidad, had some in a bi'g circle to correct, and heard and Roy Prince and Josh Rider, in trouble getting over the last big bis engine rev as the second c.v. their Chenowth. hill , and were third, an hour later. blew up. El Wardani and the Bio, who had Sergio G utierre: In fourth it was Hawks and Holmes brothers took the win, as a co-driver, continued to lead, Ditson, who'd discovered that and Quintero and Orti: finished but Richardson, and his co-their new car is too heavy. second, an hour and a half!ater. ln drivers, Doug Perrault and Shane In the Chenowth Mini Mag third it was Acosta, who'd been Reed, were not for behind, having class, which had never been able briefly stuck where the Cooks' car made up some of the time lost to finish a Baja l 000 before, there waslaidup.Fersch,andco-driver, with a broken shock before were only three entries, so the Don Hat: finished fourth. Hat: Nuevo Junction. odds didn't look too good this having lost some time when he At Valle Trinidad Bio and his time either. Then Larry Plank, tipped the car over earlier. And crew were working on the car, and always a front runner, had serious Mike Ahhott finished fifth. The when Perrault saw that he cut his trouble in the first stretch, and Cooks dido 't make it, nor did fuel stop short, letting them put in was so late getting through there -----------------that he was uncertain whether he'd be running into closed checks, so he pulled out. But Scott Steinburger, Rory Chen-owth and Dane Cardone teamed to pull off a finish , and the win, in spite of a flat and a pair of broken exhaust pipes. Class 11 got a sho rter course this year, and were not required to run the loop from Borrego to Borrego. Then, when the new section was announced, SCORE moved their finish line out to Ojos Negros, so their total was just 421 miles. Si:ill, it took Erny Martine: and Rogelio Rivera over 23 hours to get there to take their win. They were the only ones to finish. SCORE's Baja 1000 finished the season in grand style, with one of the toughest Baja races in memory. There was nothing left hut the shouting, and the awards, on December 7th, in Las Vegas. 5('ORE's nl·Xt ran· is thl' Parkn 4(1(), schl·,lulnl for January 24-26 in Parkn , Ari:on;1. i;r CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TEAM THAT MADE IT HAPPEN ! Thanks To: Chenowth Racing Products Yokohama Unique Metal Products Bilstein Mastercraft MSD Ignition Special Thanks To The Team: Major Performance CNC Hydraulics Race Ready Products PCI Race Radios Parker Pumper Dino Gotses, Steve Wragg, Greg Weiland, Larry Sterling, Mark Ethridge, Chris Rose, Randy Guensler, Jennifer, Sharon, Marcia and Kelly And, Corky McMillin, Mark McMillin and Brian Ewalt tor all your help !!! Dusty Times January 1991 Doug Fortin, Jr. OVERALL POINTS CHAMPION Oet Your SHIFT Together/ Page 19

Page 20

PREMIER•EDITION Race Action Cards Enterprises is proud to announce the production of the 1991 HDRA-SCORE 250cardlimited edition sets. Each card is superior quality and U.V. coated on both sides to compose a set superior in quality to any set on the market. Racing sets of the Mears Gang and other drivers will be produced in the near future. And watch for the debut of other racing circuits and their l~gendary drivers! Dealer inquiries welcome! ---------------------------------------------Number of sets: __ X $38.50 = Nevada residents add 60 cents = Total= Sorry, no C.O.D.s. All prices include shipping. Ship to: (UPS will not ship to a P.O. Box). Name -------------------------Address -------------------------City _________________ State ___ Zip __ _ Daytime Phone No. ( ) ___________ _ Make checks or money orders payable to: P.O. Box 27083 Las Vegas, NV 8916-1083 (702)647-RACE

Page 21

-~"""'--,,~ - - ~IL,,oilill,li....,,,fflllii!\'l ·:r"'µ ff►t" ,;,, • ;.· = -, Troy Herbst. with Glenn Harris co-driving. had one time-costing Mark McMillin. got through the early nasties in his dad's two mishap with a cliff. but ran smoothly most of the way to finish seater in fine style. later lost a spindle nut and had to make one. fifth in Class 1 /2. but was sixth in Class 112. Dale White with Kay White co-driving. got the Chevy Blazer home third in Class 3. only 26 seconds out of second place after all those miles. Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter led Class 5 to the Summit, but after many tries at repair they gave up the struggle. but still won the points title. Terry Brown and Bill O 'Brien finished off a good year for them in the Ford Ranger by finishing third in the highly competitive Class 75 ranks. Daniel Mora and Sergio Fernandez ·raced their Chenowth into the long shadows, with many hours ahead. but they kept it together to finish fifth in Class 9. Dusty Times Bob Nyste and Rick Thomas came from British Columbia to race the Class 4 Ford and after 24 hours on the trail they finished fourth in class. Rich Fersch and Don Hatz usually team up for the Baja 1000. and they had bad times and good times. but got the Baja Bug to the finish fourth in 5-1600s. - -.;;;_;;;-,;;;-_--;,;;;-----;;;:::::;::::;;;:;::;;;::;;:::;:;,;;:;;;;::::;;;:;= David Bryan and his sister Debbie Keefe started out fast in the Class 8 Ford. and survived most of the usual problems to finish third in class. ...~; &~4&11-Don McCarthy and Mike Henshaw had a good day in their tidy Chenowth and they survived the pitfalls on course to finish third in Class 10 action. January 1991 With help from a generous Barbary Coast sponsor. Tom Burns got his Mirage to the Baja 1000. had a few problems. but was fifth in Class 1-2-1600. Todd Kano and Drew Hardin drove a plain Jane Class 4 PR style Ford. and the team did a good job. finishing third ,n just over 23 hours. Evan Evans doesn't go in for decals. and he had a good run in his Class 6 Chevy Blazer going. but later troubles kept him from finishing the race. Gregg Hawks and out of the past co-driver Carroll Ditson. ran hard all day in the Class 9 contest. and finished fourth out of the 19 class starters. Jim Pierce and Jim Kirk ran the FodFab Raceco hard in Class 10. had some troubles but got them fixed and arrived fourth in Class 10. also last of the finishers. Page 11

Page 22

Competition Review . Board Report Bv Gi:orgi: T/10m/1son Finally we made itall the way to some items were stolen from the the last race of the series, and as timing and scoring team, as they with any Baja 1000 the streets were parked a few miles from the were alive with rumor and c~remonial finish, alone in the speculation. There were questio~s area. Needless to say Danny Cau about whether or not the race was and his team posted the final, but going to come off and additional unofficial results and then made · controversy about the future ofe tracks fast for the border. the_combined SCOREIHDRA The Baja 1000 Competition Senes. But -once again Sal Fish Review Board consisted of Frank made the needed last minute Vessels, Board Administrator; · deals, and the race was on, despite Mike Schwellinger, Class 4 ; the radio newscasts announcing Willie Valdez, Class 7S: Danny that the Baja 1000 was canceled. Ashcraft,Class6'.JavierQuintero, (That latter factor was a help to Class 5-1600; Mark Johnson, racers, keeping the spectator Kawasaki Motor's; Paul Fish, count way down on the course.) SCORE International; Jim The Competition Review Connor, SCORE International; Boa_rd w~s deprived of the GeorgeThornpson,CRBMarshal. services ot the SCORE/HORA The first case was about #306. Timing and Scoring truck so Sometime in the early morning everyone .~ad to depend on the hours at the Tecate Highway very unoH1c1~l results posted in turnoff, Curt·LeDuc allegedly the lobby ot the Villa Marina failed to return to the course and where the CRB met on the top instead continued down the floor. Early Saturday morning highway for some distance before CENTER LINE RACING WHEELS THE STRONGEST OFF-ROAD WHEEL MONEY CAN BUY! FAT Performance has in stock the largest inventory of 5-lug \JIN CENTER LINE wheels in the country. Whether you need wheels with polished or satin finish, FAT has them in all popular styles. Need them in a hurry? FAT can ship the same day as ordered ... and with the best price in the industry. FAT can also supply your CENTER LINES with Champion bead locks. Buying a set of CENTER LINES can be exceedingly easy with FAT Performance. We do all the legwork. Call for current pricing. Quantity discounts · are also available. FAT IS YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR VW, PORSCHE AND TOYOTA OFF-ROAD ENGINES AND PARTS. FAT Racing Parts Bilstein Shocks Sway-A-Way Perma-Cool S&S Headers WeberCarbs IPF Lights JaMar Products Page_!! Wright Place Tri-Mil Exhaust Gem Gears Beard Seats Simpson Safety Super-Trapp Yokohama Tires Petro-Tech 2000 PERFORMANCE For your FAT Perf011Tiance catalog. send $5 to Dept. cw. 1558 No. Case St .. Orange, CA92667. Or coll (714) 637-2889. FAX (714) 637-7352 getting back on the marked course. This information was conveyed to the Board by Fritz Kroyer, a member of Roger Mears' crew who was at the · turnoff waiting for his car when LeDuc came by. The fact that Fritz has been around the sport for a long time, and that Mears Sr. was in another class, seemed to give his testimony some credibility in the eyes of the Board. (Wlult isn't mentioned is that Roger Mears Jr. co-drove the Mike Lund Class 3 Nissan which placed second behind LeDuc in Class 3. ed.) The Board discussed the turnoff among themselves, but none of them had · been at the locatio"n in the dark, as LeDuc had. Apparently about 4:00 a.m. Kroyer was ·positioned at the turnoff, which was clearly marked but not lighted, so Fritz shone his lights on the markings .for oncoming vehicles, and LeDuc was the only one at this time that failed to make the turn off the pavement and back onto the dirt course. It was unclear just how far . down the highway LeDuc drove prior to reentering the course, but the feeling conveyed by Kroyer was that it was a mile or more. He never actually witnessed LeDuc's return to the course. Curt LeDuc was -called to discuss the matter and was quick to point out to the Board that, at the time of the incident, he was leading by three hours. He argued that he had missed seeing the signs which marked a return to the course, and was not attempting to cheat in any way. Shortly after missing the turnoff he had seen course markings in the dirt paralleling the highway. Unfor-tunately-access to the course took some distance to find because of a ditch which separated the highway from the course. In hindsight, he admitted that he probably should have turned around and returned to the turnoff to get back on course, however, he continued to insist that this was an error on his part and not an intentional short cut. The Board believed LeDuc knew of his three hour lead and accepted the probability that he simply had missed the turnoff. However, they also felt that once he discovered that he had gone too far, he should have returned to (in,! tht· turnoff. I ePuc was pt·nali:nl ont· hal( hour for the_ infraction, but easily retained his class victory. As if things weren't already difficult for Curt LeDuc, SCORE Officials at checkpoint 6 accused his entry of passing #640 within 300 feet of that checkpoint in violation of Rule GL-6 which specifically prohibits any vehicle from passing while approaching a checkpoint. Curt recalled the night time incident in some detail and stated that on his approach to check 6 he encountered a Japanese motorcycle rider frozen like a deer on the highway, in his oncoming headlights. The hapless rider, considerably down on time and luck, motioned for LeDuc to pass. Having no desire to create a safety problem, LeDuc pulled wide around the bike and proceeded toward the checkpoint. It was noted by the Administrator, that although the CP official did protest this entry for passing in the area of a checkpoint, _he did not claim that the action was unsafe. There were questions about the proper course of action January 199! to pursue under these conditions. and, unlike over 100 other racers, Clearly it did not seem appro-did not have the checkpoint stub priate for LeDuc to sit behind the for check #11 in their stub can. bike racer while he made up his . The Board members were mind what to do. LeDuc's defense amused when one of the bikers seemed logical and the case was · commented that he had discussed dismissed.. the case with Tech. Director Bill In a very confusing case, entry Savage, and he, Savage, had ·#903, Pancho Bio, was accused by agreed that it was a terrible officials at Ojos Negros check-checkpoint and would stand point 12 of putting an-unregister-behind him. Now Bill is always ed driver in his car, without a welcome at our meetings, but he driving suit. This accusation was wasn't there this time. So, it was supported by entry #907 ( who unanimously decided that there incidentally finished third behind was no intent to cheat when they Bio who was second) who missed the checkpoint. It was also allegedly witnessed the series of determined that they had both (;'.Vents. The alleged driver failedtheirresponsibilitytoknow exchange took place sixty miles the race course and be aware of from the finish and was witnessed the location of each checkpoint. by two checkpoint officials and a They were each penali:ed 15 driver. There was no apparent minutes for this cavalier attitude way to exchange drivers again in toward a rider's responsibi1ity that final 60 mile section ( except and issued letters of reprimand so on the Tecate Highway ed.) and they won't ever use the same old the car crossed the finish line with excuses again. Bio's legal co-driver at the wheel. In other decisions there were One board member, Danny four automatic disqualifications Ashcraft, had encountered #903 handed down by SCORE Of-about 20 miles up the road from ficials. Vehicle #853 was DQ'ed Ojos and was able to positively for a violation of Rule GL-3, identify Bio's co-driver as being towing more than 1 (}{1 of the total with the vehicle, since Danny distanceoftheracecourse.Entry stopped to see if he needed help, #55, #467 and #667 were DQ'ed as he was working on the clutch! for violations of Rule GL-15, Everyone ori the Board was failure to stay to the marked willing to accept as true the course. The Competition Review argument that it was not possible Board for the 24th annual Baja for the race car and a chase vehicle 1000 was adjourned at6:00, after to leave Ojos at the same time and meeting for over 2 ½ hours. be able to meet to change drivers In appreciation, as we come to at any location prior to the finish the end of the 1991 SCORE/ line area. -HORA racing season, I would like The Board interviewed each to thank the many racers who witness present on the scene, have offered to serve on the CRB concerned because of the potential this year. Most notably I want to liability faced by the promoter thank my friend, Frank Vessels when something of this sort for his dedication to the IDRA, occurs. Bio stated that while the the Board, and the sport of off car was in the Ojos pit, his road racing. He is always there to mechanic jumped in the car and act as an alternate, serving made some · adjustments to his whenever circumstances make it troubled clutch. However, his impqssible for someone to mechanic and co-driver Sergio appear. There are many others changed places before continuing who have served and I have listed through the checkpoint. The them all below. At Parker-, Randy complaining official stated that he W ii son, Steve Kelley; Sau 1 witnessed the alleged driver Zambrano, Scott Barton, Ron changeinBio'spitjustpriortothe Gray; the Nissan 400, Bob checkpoint, but admitted that he Riche.y, Brian Stewart, Jerry was busy with other duties and McDonald, John Swift, David could not.state that he actually Jamison, Willie Melancon; San saw the unregistered driver pass Felipe, Rich Richardson, Hartmut through the checkpoint. Origin-Klawitter, Scott Douglas, Dan allythedriverof#907hadstated Smith, Clarence Carter, Al that there was a driver change in Guzman; Baja 500, Michelle Fry, which an unregistered driver Lisa Dickerson, David Westham, ,waring a plaid shirt, I evis and a Wayne Cook, Steve Kelley, ,!own vest ha,I ~ottt-n into an Richard Jackson, Bob Rower: vehicle, and then the driver got Fireworks 250, Mark Milleron, into a truck and sped off to an J.D. Ward, Tom DeNault, Tom unknown destination. But a Neth,StuartChase,SpencerLow, second official stated that the Steve Martin; Nevada 500, Vince person entering the chase truck Acouloumre, Doug Fortin Jr; was wearing Levis and a plaid Rob MacCachren, Jack Johnson, shirt.TheBoardagreedthatthere Darren York; Gold Coast, were just too many inconsistencies Howard Anderson, Glenn Harris, in the case against Pancho Bio; so Rod Hall, Rich Fersch, Jim it was unanimously agreed to McKenzie; Baja 1000, Frank dismiss the case. Vessels, Mike Sc hwellinger, Santo Tomas is a checkpoint Willie Valdez, Danny Ashcraft, which has come under fire in past David Massingham, Javier CRB meetings and this race is no Quintero, Mark Johnson. l also exception. Two motorcycle riders thank HDRA's Danny Cau, Jerry drove right by, on the highway Bender and Ray Potter, and and never did return to the scene SCORE's Sal Fish, Jim Conner, to pass through the checkpoint. and Paul Fish, SCORE/HORA TheBoardheardbothcasesatthe Tech, Bill Savage and Art same time and the riders appeared Savedra, and S.O.A., Bill Wick with an entourage of supporters. and particularly Reese King. Theirdefensewasnotuncommon, AND my wife Sherry, without didn't see it; didn't know there whose understanding I could was one in Santo Tomas: this is never find the time to do this!! See my first time racing the Baja; this you next year ... is my first time q1cing that side of Baja, and on and on ad infinitum! The fact was they missed the checkpoint for whatever reason, Dusty Times

Page 23

COAST 1-800-634-6755 1-800-331-5334 Las Vegas, Nevada· ,._ . . , , • I FIFTH RACE OF THE Budweiser /Bud light 1991 SERIES ~-6~ /~~ E-il~ / I' SANCTIONED 'I ~ ,t /' CHAMPIONSHIP FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM • AMA DISTRICT 38 DUNAWAY.DASH V Drawing Dec. 14th . at RLH Comm, National City TUESDAY · DECEMBER 31, 1931 Sponsored by: . LOCATION: Race Ready Products, The Wright Place & Schilling Corp. PLASTER CITY WEST BIKES START AT 7:00 AM* BUGGIES 12 NOON 25 MILE LOOP INFO: (619) 427-5759.

Page 24

Walker Evans Wins.In The Silver Bowl Walker Evans won the main event delighting his Las Vegas sponsor, Barbary Coast Hotel. and also placed third in the second truck heat in the Dodge, adding many points in his quest for the driver's championship. The class points races were very close going into the Las Vegas event, the penultimate race in the ten round series. Competition in all six classes was expected to he fierce, and it was. The Friday qualifying session saw Walker Evans take fast time in trucks earning a few more points towards his ultimate goal, the driver's championship and the Manufacturer's Cup for his long time sponsor Dodge. The program opened with heat 1 for Grand National trucks. Rod Millen was on the pole with Roger Mears Jr. next door, and Millen took the lead when Mears plowed his Nissan into the side harriers just past the second turn. Millen couldn't relax though as Mears Sr. moved up to challenge for the lead. Millen's Toyota led to half distance, then he apparently clipped the end of a safety barrier in a turn and flipped. Roger Mears took over the lead for Nissan, and after a pause to right the Toyota, Roger kept the lead off the restart. Mears stayed out front to the checkered flag in the six lap heat. The most intense racing was a bump and run sprint hetween Ivan Stewart, Toyota and Walker Evans, Dodge. Stewart finished second ahead of Evans, but was penali:ed one position hy the Rough Driving Committee for humping into Evans at a turn where it appeared the Dodge driver was going to pass. So the official order of finish was Roger Mears Sr., Walker Evans and Ivan Stewart in that order. Glenn Roger Mears moved into the points battle in Las Vegas finishing fourth in the main event in the Nissan. after starting the night by winning the first heat. then having troubles in heat 2. Rod Millen, here battling with Toyota teammate Ivan Stewart. won the second truck h(j!af and he led the race from the first lap and also placed his truck second in the Grand National main event. Page 24 Harris, Dodge, was f~urth followed by Danny Thompson, Chevrolet, Rod Millen, and Greg George, Chevrolet. The comments after the heat were interesting. Roger Mears said his Nissan couldn't have run better and that his son's Nissan sustained a broken steering box when Roger Jr. was forced into the wall, but it would all be fixed for the second heat. Ivan Stewart finished the heat with a flat right front tire, and couldn't make the left hand turns very well, but Ivan said there were no other problems. Rod Millen remarked "The heat was mine to win until I ended up on my si e about midway through. We've had a slight understeer problem all day. Add to that a slippery track and you've got some pretty dicey racing conditions. Still, I'm glad to have at least picked up some points with sixth place. Greg George said he was running fourth when one of the Toyota's spun him on the hack straight. With only three laps to go his main concern then was to finish. Rob MacCachren said his Ford shattered a rear brake rotor while on the grid, so he knew he was going to run the heat without brakes. Then at the restart, the tru_ck wouldn't go into gear, and atter it stalled, it wouldn't start again. Kevin Smith had a perfect evening in the Mirage. winning his Super 1600 heat race, and then taking the main event as well with a flag to flag lead. as he here passes defending points champion Mitch Mustard. Tommy Croft started out placing se·cond in the first UltraStock heat, and he drove the Jeep Cherokee to a hard fought main event victory. taking the lead midway in the action packed race. The pair of UltraStock heats ran back to back, with five utilities and one sedan starting the fir:st heat. The Jeeps dominated most of the race, but Lloyd Castle's Cherokee broke down near the end of lap 4, allowing Toyota's Paul Nissley to slip into third place at the flag. Jim Smith, the Unlimited Class points winner in desert racing, does just as well in the stadiums and he got the victory in his Cherokee, followed home by Tommy Croft in a similar Jeep. Joe Anchondo was fourth in a VW sedan. There were five vehicles in the second Ultra/Stock heat, four of Frank Arciero Jr. nabbed many valuable points by winning the second Super 1600 heat race, and Arciero placed a strong second in the somewhat hectic main event. Jim Smith kept his Jeep Cherokee roaring in the first UltraStock heat race. and he went on to win the heat. and later had troubles in the main event. and was back in the pack. January 1991 them sedans, two Porsches and two VWs. Defending points champion Larry Noel took on the field in his VW Corrado and won the heat, picking up points on Tommy Croft, the current leader. Brad Castle got a good second place finish in his Toyota 4Runner. Las Vegan Brian Collins did a good job in front of his home town crowd putting his Porsche91 l home third, followed hy Jeff Elrod, VW and Tim Lewis, ·'Porsche. · Information on. the 4 Wheel ATV heats is sketchy, hut Doug Eichner won the first round, followed by Greg Stuart and ·Niclas Granlund, all riding Hondas. Derek Hamilton was fourth aboard a Su.:uki. Honda swept the second heat as Charlie Shepherd, the defending points champion, won, followed by Gary Denton, Mark Ehrhardt and St·an Stubbs. In Super Lite action Jimmie Johnson captured his second race of the season, the 16 year old driver taking advantage of his pole position to slip into the lead hy the rop of the hack stretch and never easing off. His Nature's Recipe Pet Food teammate Greg George finished second, both driving Briggsbuilts. Sean Finley whipped his Triple EEE into third, followed home by another Nature's Recipe car Rennie Awana 's Briggsbuilt and Don Archibald in an H & R. In the second Super Lite heat Terry Peterson tried to squee.:e into the lead on the inside of the first turn, but succeeded only in creating a jam up that allowed defending series champion Rory Holladay to take the lead. Marty Hart challenged for two laps, but went out on lap 3 with engine problems. Hart had a lot of company along the sidelines by · race's end, with four other Lites out_of commissio. Rory Holladay Dusty Times

Page 25

won easily in a Briggshuilt, Andrew Buck was second follow-ed hy Rick Marshall and Joe Price all in Triple EEEs. It was a good dehut in Super Lite racing for Buck wh·o had moved up from 4 Wheel ATVs. The first Super 1600 heat held a do:en cars, one of which was the Cht·nowth o f Rohhy Gordon, returning to MTEG stadium racing for the first time after a full year on the IMSA GTO ·circuit and other road racing. However, Rohhy flipped on the second lap and retired. Out front from flag to flag was 20 year old Kevin Smith in his Mirage, ohviously a well developed car I driver com ho atter a full year on the circuit. Defending points champion Mitch Mustard nailed down second, followed hy Danny Rice, Gnry Gnll nnd Marty Coyne, nil in Chenowths. In the second Super 1600 Jerry Whelchel led off the line, and halfway through the first lap, hut he bicycled on the final turn onto the home straight giving the pursuing pack a chance to catch up. That is when Frank ArcieroJr. made the pass into the lead, and Frank had no trouhle holding it all the way to victory. Whelchel salvaged second after the slip up: Jimmy Nichols took third followed by Larry Noel and Bill Goshen, and all in the 11 car fidd were driving Chenowths. The second Grand National Truck heat started with Rod Millen in the lead cutting off pole sitter Roger Mears Jr. and squeezing around on the inside of the same turn where he flipped his Toyota during the first heat. Once in the lead Millen was never seriously challenged and took the victory. Mears Jr. finished second, with his father Roger Mears Sr. in third. However, the Rough Driving Committee penali:ed Menrs Sr. for T-honing Greg George dropping him two positions to fifth place. Walker Ev.ins inherited third place after the penalty. Gt•orge served notice he's serious nhout compl"ting in trucks when he found his Chevr<?let seemingly trapped atop one ot th1.· hydro harriers. He gunned the engine and side hillnl the harrier until h1.· could get hack flat on the track and hack into the race. Ford's Rod MacCachn·n missed the second heat due to the timing hdt jumping off, hut the Las Vegas driver said he would he ready and ahle to compete in th1.· main event. Rod Millen said getting around Mears Jr. early was the key to th1.· win. Mears Jr. said he got forc1.•d into the wall right at the start hy Millen. In order to avoid heing taken out of the race he backed off, and ended up chasing Millen the full heat. M1.·ars Sr. said he ran into G reg George when the Chevy braked hard in front of him and he rnuldn't avoid the hit. George said the Nissan knocked me up into the harrier, hut didn't slow me down. It made me more d1.·termined than ever to catch those guys. Danny Thompson remarked, "The point leaders are driving real rough tonight, the intensity out there is ama:ing." Again there are few notes on the Ultra Cross heats. Kawasaki captured two of the first three places in the first heat, with Larry Brooks edging Mike Craig for the victory. Yamaha's Chad Pederson was third. Yamaha turned the tables on Kawasaki in the second Dusty Times Defending points chamchamp in UltraStocks Larry Noel slipped his VW into the second heat victory, and placed second in the main event. Noel plans to race a Jeep UltraStock in 1992. heat, taking the first two positions, as Kyle Lewis won, and Jim Holley was second. Ray Crumh was third on a Kawasaki. Mike Ulrich gave the crowd something to cheer early in the race: when he took a hender over the _hydro harrier as the rest of the Greg George nailed down his points championship in Las Vegas in the Super Lite as he drove the Briggsbuilt to second in his heat race and carried on to win yet another main event in the tiny race car. pack passed him hy. He was up The UltraStock main event irnmediatdy, jumped hack over started the· last part of the the: harrier and on his hike to program with ten vehicles on the resume racing. line. Tommy i;.,.. GERMAN AUTO ''YOUR OFF-ROAD HEADQUARTERS'' " CNC CUTIING BRAKES =c i::~-:::.::.:"·· ~-"·"'· ..... DIEST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment 4-point Sand Rail Seat Belt . Race Belts 2"-5 point $69.95 S74.95 3"-5 point . from $99.95 TYPE 4-PORSCHE-STYLE FAN SHROUD Utilizes type 1 alternator custom alter-nator mount included . ... $299.00 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 17001b S79.95 200mm reinforced maximum 2300. 2500. 2700. or 30001b . . . S99.96 "GERMAN AUTO" COM-PETITION PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 2001b $49.95 215mm Porsche 914 . . . . . . . S114.95 CLUTCH DISCS FOR 200MM AND 215MM Cushlocks $36.95 4 puc ferramic $44.95 4 puc ferramic with spring hub . . $54.95 213-868-9393 ~ I _,,,,, ~. CNC RACE CAR PEDAL AS-SEMBLES Brake pedal with dual master cylinder and balance bar (specify disc of drum brakes) . . . . . . . . . . . . . from $199.95 Clutch pedal with slave . . $104.95 Swing pedal or floor mount pedals available. SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS *Polished finish• •Bolt together replaceable halves• • avai!able in 1 _5" and 16" . . . from S99.95 SACO IRS BUS SUPER DIFF 1 OO'lb machined form billet. Uses 091 series parts. Fit s all years . . . . . . . . . . . . . $424.55 SACO transmission drive flange. 1 OO'lb machined from billet. Fits 930 CV joints Ceachl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S55.95 SACO "No LEAK" 4 bolt polished valve covers fits 1. 7. 1.8. and 1.0T 4 engines. Cpairl $44.95 POLY FUEL JUGS 5 Gallon ... Square Design ... Screw On Cap Anti-Vortex Fuel Funnel 11 Gallon ... Quick Dump S17.95 $17.95 $49.95 213-863-1504 •.❖. • :{,<;·.· .. \f . , ,::;, <{, SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS AND FLANGES 930 or T. 4 cages leachl ... 930, T.4 & T. 2 boot flanges leach) Trik boots Ceachl . S44.95 $15.95 $15.95 SACO RACK AND PINION SACO rack and pinion features alloy gears full contact housing. and hard anodized for long wear. Standard reek and pinion . . . . . $249.95 Rack and pinion mount . . . . S9.95 Rack and pinion coupler . . . . . . . . S8.95 Rack steering stops S19.95 H.D MAGNUM RACK Billet housings ... 11;,• alloy gear ... thru bolt mounting ... complete with stops· --4 1" CHROMOLYTIE RODS WITH H.D. ENDS 1• ChromolyTie Rods with H.0. Ends (specify Ford or International) set. ......... ...... . S89.95 Quick release steering hub . . . . . $44.95 . -.... _ ..... I._ - -· I • '• ., FAX 213-929-1461 11324 Norwalk Bl. Santa Fe Springs, CA~ 90670 January 1991. SWAYAWAY IRS spring plates $64.95 S/ A spring plates $77.95 4130 Spring plates from S159.95 H.O. torsion bars . . .... . from $ 134 .95 Front V. W. Bug sway bars . $44.95 Rear V. W. Bug sway bars $64.95 Front and rear V. W. sway bar kit S199.95 TRIMIL BOBCAT SYSTEMS 11k " Type 1 raw ..... . 11k "Type 1 chrome .. $59.95 $89.95 1¾"Type 1 raw. . . . . . $69.96 1¾"Type chrome : . $99.95 1¾"Type 4 raw . . . . . . . . • . . . $149.95 1 ¾" Type 4 chrome S'.179.95 Baffle for Bobcat System . $8.95 TRICK REAR TRAILING ARMS 3"x3" ..... Class 1-21600, 51600 pr. 5395.00 pr. S395.00 FRONTTRAILING ARMS Link Pin 4130 Chromoly Stock length 1 ¼"Longer . 2 ¼"Longer . 4" for coil covers . pr.1485.00 pr. S525.00 pr. S525.00 pr. S550.00 WEEKEND WARRIOR LONG TRAVEL BEAMS B" travel stock width beam . . $199.95 B" travel widened beam . . . . . S219.95 1 o• travel stock width beam S224.95 1 O" travel widened beam . . . S244.95 *Catalog $3. Page 25

Page 26

Brad Castle whipped his Toyota 4Runner into second in UltraStock heat 2.-and finished third in the main event. having a good night in Las Vegas racing. Colorado racers Danny Rice, foreground, and Mitch Mustard mix it up in 1600 action. Mustard was second in his heat and third in the main, while Rice got third in his heat. It wasn't the best of nights for Ivan Stewart, but he got points for Toyota with a third in heat 1 and fifth place in the truck main event, here leading eventual winner Walker Evans. Jerry Whelchel ran very well ,n the Chenowth, taking second in his Super 1600 heat race and he went on to a close fourth in the busy main event. Paul Nissley corners hard in his Toyota 4Runner, on his way to a fine third in the first UltraSiock heat race, but faded back in the feature. Brian Collins flew high in his UltraStock Porsche in front of his hometown Las Vegas crowd, and drove to third place in the second class heat. Jimmy Nichols charged hard in the Bo/ink Tim Lewis didn't have good luck in his Chenowth. driving to third in the second 1600 UltraStock heat race. but he came back to heat race and a close fifth in the hectic main· place the Porsche fourth in the main event in Hometown racer Rob MacCachren didn't have any luck in the truck heat races, but he made up for that by placing a very strong third in the main event as he here chases Ivan Stewart with his Ford. Roger Mears Jr., right, mixes it up with Rob MacCachren on a turn, and the younger Mears went on to place a strong second in the second truck heat. event. the Silver Bowl. i;r Croft of San Diego won the race in a Jeep Cherokee, slipping past the leader Larry Noel of Danville, CA on lap 5. Nod was the early leader in his VW sedan. Nod finished second, still m contention for the points title. Rrad Castle settled into third place, hut couldn't advance throughout the race, and he finished in that position in his Toyota 4Runner. His father Lloyd Castle did ·a series of snap rolls Jown the front· straight DE OFF-ROAD RACING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES for free catalog phone (805) 683-1211 Page 26 -----------------Just 16 years old Jimmie Johnson hops past Dustin Coonfield in his Briggsbuilt and Jimmie went on to win the first Super Lite heat over his teammate and he placed a fine fifth in the crowded main event. during the race, hut walked away · and Rory Holladay was third, from his demolished Jeep. followed hy George's teammates Rennie Awana and Jimmie Gary Denton of Chino captured Johnson, all hut Finley driving the ATV Main event on a Honda, Briggshuilts. and he was followed home hy the The Super 1600 main event Hondas of Doug Eichner• had a different look this time, hut Portland, OR, and Greg Stuart, there _was plenty of close in Yucaipa. Derek Hamilton of fighting. Kevin Smith took his Hemet hroke up the Honda first ever main event stadium parade hy taking fourth on his victory, and the young man led Su:uki. the entire race from the green to The S~per Lite Main Event the checkered flag in the Mirage. field held 18 cars, and they always The pole sitter was challenged put on a good show, ans so they closely, first by Frank Arciero, did in Las Vegas. But it was a and then Mitch Mustard. Arciero familiar stor\' as the checkered almost capitali:ed on a Smith flag fr!! first over Greg George, problemwhenKevin'sracecarhad who literall\' wrapped up the a gearbox problem, and Arciero season championship with this caught up, hut Frank got tangled victory. Sean Finley was second in the traffic and let Mustard slip January 1991 Defending points champion in the Super Lite class Rory Holladay had a good run and won the first heat race, and later came back to place third in the feature. through into second. Arciero trailed the front runners for three laps until he was able to slip had< into second at the head of the front straight. When it all sorted out Frank Arciero Jr. was second and Mitch Mustard was third, followed in hy Jerry Whelchel and Jimmy Nichols. The motorcycle main is difficult to follow with the passing point business, hut Mike Craig rode his Kawasaki to victory in the Ultra Cross Main. He was followed in by Kyle Lewis on a Yamaha and Larry Brooks on a Kawasaki, Lowell Thomson and Chad Pederson, Yamaha. After announcing the night's a ttenda nee as a record for MTEG in Las Vegas at 25,641, it was time · for the finale, the Sport Truck Main event. Pole sitter Walker • Evans took off from the green flag into the lead in his Dodge. He survived the wrecks and a restart and led the 12 lap, 11 truck race from start to finish. Evans captured the main event emphat-ically and also widened his lead significantly in the driver's championship points race. Putting up some points for Toyota Rod Millen drove into second place, and Roh MacCach-ren put on a later drive to finish third in his Ford. "I don't like restarts", Evans said. Roger Mears took fourth for Nissan and Ivan Stewart rode a flat tire from mid distance to fifth to stay in the hunt for the driver's title. Dusty Times

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FORDA SNOWBIRD CHALLENGE Crews second and Pounds third. Pounds led the points going into the main with 4, followed by · Crews with 5 and Harvard with 6. Crews was second with Pounds third, and Chambers won a tie with Campbell for third. Carlton Jackson Wins It All At Lakeland Crews, Kim Chambers of Apopka, and Pounds piled up in turn I to bring out the red flag in lap I, while Campbell, Steve Herrel and Sean Wilson of Lakeland pulled to the side and Harvard eased around the track as the sole survivor. Chambers and Crews were able to restart, but Crews fell out in lap 3 and the race was shortened to four laps when Chambers broke a wheel off in lap 3. FORDA rules allow a car to pass the finish line only one time with less than four wheels. Chambers brought the fans to their feet when she took the checkered flag flying off the fourth jump and plowing the track with her lopsided front end. Following Harvard in the points, In the Novice Baja Bombers, Nick Nichols of Clearwater led the first heat flag to flag followed by Simmons and John Ford of Labelle. Tim Caruso won the second heat with Simmons second, taking a strong lead in the points battle and David Williams was third. Nichols dropped to tenth in the second heat and appeared out of the running for the overall victory. But Simmons fell out of the main in lap 8 while Nichols led all the way. With Nichols and Ford posting 12 points each, first place pay back went to Nichols due to his better finish in the tie breaking main event. Simmons was awarded third on the day with Steve Linder of Clearwater fourth and Caruso fifth. By Tom Williams After taking top honors in the three heat Florida Off Road Driver Association Snowbird Challenge stadium style series, Carlton Jackson· of Tallahassee in the Crowder Trucking/Taylor Unlimited Clas racer blasted from the rear -of a ten car field to win the five lap winner takt' all Fisher Buggies Race of Champions at Lakeland Interstate Speedway last November. Jackson shot by Steve Harvard of Auburndale, in a stock type VW Challenger Buggy, at the stripe to lead the last lap for a convincing win. Harvard, · winner and lone survivor of his class got a 26 second head start over the Unlimiteds and a 13 second lead over the I 600 Class. The 1600 Class winner for the day, Ray Short started seventh at the rear of the 1600 qualifiers and jumped to second at the end of the first 518s mile lap, but fell to third when Jackson caught and passed all the I 600s in laps 3 and 4. Short chased Harvard to the checkered flag for third place. Jackson cut his teeth in off road racing here in Florida at tracks in Lakeland, Tallahassee and Cocoa in the 70s, but now travels to the biggest desert and the Mid western and Northeastern short course races with his father-in-law Jimmie Crowder of Tallahassl'e. Crowder is the only driver from cast of the Mississippi to take a first place finish in a major desert event with the victory in the Unlimited Class 2 in the 1988 Mint 400, and he was second overall driving all 400 miles. Wayne Simmons of Tampa pocketed more of his sponsor<; money by winning the Autocrafr Motorsports sponsored five lap winner take all Larry Wolfe Memorial Novice Baja Bomber Challenge. With the fastest nine cars lined up door to door, Simmons grabbed tlie lead going into the first turn and held off Autocrafr Motorsports teammate David Williams of Lakeland in a Bug style dog fight to the checkered flag. Jackson won the first U nlimited heat when Ed Chambers of Apopka flipped out of the lead and fell to fourth heforc track workers got him hack on his wheels. Crowder took second and Chambers got by Bob Bohres of Miami Lakes for third. Jackson shot from last to first in lap 1 of the second heat, but flipped in the last turn of the last lap and fell to fourth while Chambers flew by to take the win. With the car and not the driver earning points, Crowder strapped into Jackson's mount and led all the way to win the longer JO lap main event and take overall honors although tied with Chambers in points six to six. Short led the first I 600 heat all the way, but had to overcome a huge deficit after tangling with Polk City's Sam Pace who dove through the ditch under turn 2 in lap 2 trying to shake off Marty Pounds of Melbourne who was Dusty Times riding on Pace's roof. Track workers rolled Pounds off Pace and Pounds rejoined the race in lap 4, but Pace was down for the count. Bob Broome of Miami led the second heat all the way with Mark Bicker of Inverness taking second followed by Dwayne Hinson of Orlando and Ray Short. · Pounds earned the pole for the last 1600 race with his last place finish and held off Short into lap 7. Then Short passed and pulled away to take top honors for the day and Bicker earned second overall with a fourth. Broome finished third in the last race to round out the top three in the 1600 class. Harvard had a flat in the first lap of the first Challenger heat, but returned to the track in lap 5 to earn fifth place. Steve Pounds of Melhorne got by Don Crews of Tampa in lap 3 to take the win. Scott Campbell of Lakeland advanced to second and Crews settled for third. Harvard led the second heat flag to flag with Contingency to New Heights. !2~ unequaled support of off-road racing is no secret. No other manufacturer backs its privateers to equal this level: SCORE/HORA-A// Classes 1st. $2000.00 2nd. $1000.00 Overall four wheel vehicle $3000.00 bonus. SEASON CHAMPIONS 1st $3000.00 2nd $1500.00 MICKEY lHOMPSON OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS STADIUM 1600- Ultrastock 1st. $1500.00 2nd. $1000.00 Couple this with Smart Racings sup-port of its engine customers: SCORE/HORA-A// Classes 1st. $500.00 Voucher * 2nd. $300.00 Voucher * 3rd. $100.00 Voucher * MICKEY THOMPSON OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS STADIUM 1600- Ultrastock 1st. $500.00 Voucher * 2nd. $300.00 Voucher * 3rd. $100.00 Voucher * * Vouchers redeemable for engine service at Smart Racing Products. You have a combination that's hard to beat. Contact Smart Racing Products for the engine combination that best suits your needs, we are the Toyota Racing Engine Specialists with over five years of factory trained race engine experience. Let us put our knowledge of Toyota multi-valve engines to work for you. January 1991 JOIN OUR GROWING LIST OF COMPETITORS: Kevin Smith - Stadium 1600-Toyota 4AG Paul Nissley - Ultra Stock - Toyota 35G Brian Stewart - Ultra Stock - Toyota -35G Richard Binder - Class 1 0 - Toyota 4AG Jim Pierce - Class 10 - Toyota 4AG Tom Schilling - Class 10 - Toyota 4AG And More! COMPLETE ENGINE AND FABRICATION SERVICE. ENGINES • CYLINDER HEADS DYNO TESTING "DRIVEABLE HORSEPOWER" s, .. .,. Raeing Products 1205 N. Melrose Unit E, Vista, CA 92083 619.941.B269 .. ~ .. ~--.... Page 27

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THE 1991 PRESS ON REGARDLESS SCCA PRO RALLY Chad DiMarco And Erick· Hauge Win In The Michigan Woods· Photos: Rick Corwine Chad Di Marco and Erick Hauge ran a close second in the Subary Legacy until the final stage, when the leader broke, and they zoomed into Baraga the 1991 winner of the tough Press On Regardless, adding more points to their already• Group A title winning points total. The 1991 edition of the Press On Regardless Subaru Pro Rally, sponsored by Citgo Quick Foodmart, was the 43rd running of the classic event. The POR moved to the western end of Michigan's Upper Peninsula this year, with headquarters in Baraga, and 38 cars were ready to take the starting flag. Leading the pack off the line last October was the Dodge Daytona of Doug Shepherd and Pete Gladysz. Shepherd, a former Rallymaster of the POR, could have a "home court advantage" and he is currently leading in the Woodner Cup points, given to the best driver of a two wheel drive vehicle. He was followed away by Chad DiMarco and Erick Hauge in a Subaru Legacy. DiMarco had already taken the Group A na ional title and was then in second place in the overall standings in the series. The Audis were next out of the chute with current Subaru national champion Paul Choiniere starting third and current overall points leader Bruno Kreibich fourth. Kreibich was the hottest driver last October, winning the last two Pro rallies and his winning streak of four included two events in Canada. If Bruno continues on for the champion-ship he wilt be one of the oldest title holders ever in any US motorsport at the age of si,cty something. The initial start of Day 1 was at L'anse at 1800 hours, and Day 2 began at Baraga -at 1100 on Saturday. Of the 21 stages, 16 were scheduled for Friday night, and the five Saturday runs were in the daylight, ending at the Ojibwa Resort at 1812 on Saturday. The total mileage came to 533.51 including 164.24 stage miles. The weather was cloudy, the tempera-ture 39 degrees as the Oldest, Meanest, Longest test in the North American rally circuit began, and there were no non-starters in the field as they headed ' , ' O< PIKE'S SERVICE CENTER I I I BAKER, CALIFORNIA RESTAURANT SERVICE OPEN 24 HOURS EVERY DAV VEAR ROUND to Menge Creek and the first stage. Tire choice would be a key to victory, but at the start most. crews used softer compound and wider tread for maximum traction in the mud and cold temperatures. The first reports were that the entire field had made it through the first two stages. Was it pure luck or had the POR gone soft in its old age? Stage 3 was canceled because of numerous spectators on the route and some ATVs that were alongside the course. The stage turned into a transit after the safety crew determined that the stage could not be cleared. Stage 5 possibly claimed the first car, but all 38 entered the stage. Then Andy Wos rolled his car in the soft sand, but returned to the main time control in L'anse. But Wos was busy looking for a new windshield, but other than that the car seemed to be in fine shape. The DNF file was officially opened in case no windshield was found. The unofficial results through stage 5 showed Doug Shepherd leading Chad DiMarco by 16 seconds, Bruno Kriebich was another 18 seconds back. Steve Nowicki followed closely by Henry Krolikowski was next, then came Tom Ottey, Tom Merrill and Cal Landau, all within two minutes and change of the leader. Paul Choiniere was 14 minutes back having taken that much time in road points coming into the first stage. The turbo needed to be fixed on the Audi so ' "' Guy Light switched to Rallytruck class this season, and has a firm hold on points title, winning once again and taking tenth overall as well in the tidy GMC S-15 Sonoma with Jimmy Brandt navigating. he was late on the transit. The fix must have worked, since Paul had posted the fastest times on stages 4 and 5. At the L'anse MTC after leg one, Carl Merrill spent most of the service stop working on brakes on his Mitsubishi. The Andy Wos/Tim O'Neil Ford Explorer found little luck securing a new windshield. This was their second bad break in two months as the car was built for the Paris-Moscow-Beijing Raid scheduled last September, and that event was scrapped after democracy prevailed in the USSR. The 37 survivors continued into the night intact until stage 7 when Erik Zenz went off the road and didn't make it out of the stage, a dnf. But just after midnight, 36 had passed the stage 8 start. At the MTC after two legs Doug Shepherd stilt led the pack, but the lead was smaller. Unofficially, the top three through stage 9 were Shepherd followed in 15 seconds by Chad DiMarco then, a half minute back, Bruno Kreibich. Paul Choiniere was picking up time. The truck class duel was shaping up as Guy Light, GMC, led Gary Gooch, Toyota by over two minutes. A win by Light could help him wrap up the 1991 title. The traditional POR snowfall was sighted in Watton, a suburb of the MTC in Sidnaw. Sidnaw·•s service was not for the faint of heart, no fuel, no lights, and frozen pens. Earlier Henry and Cindy Krolikowski lost some time, when they slowed to avoid a civilian on stage 5 that turned out to be a scarecrow in a yard. However, they held onto their fifth place position. After the first night 31 of the original 38 starters made it to Pare Ferme. Along with Wos and Zenz the dnfs were Craig Kazmierczak, mechanical, Steve Nowicki and Robert Cutler with broken axles, Dick Corley, off the road, and Steve Gingras, the last four on stage 10. The provisional top ten on the first night were led by ' <.a, Y, ..... _"'< , • .... -~< .t " I'.,, .;:;.~ ~ J; Doug Shepherd. Second was Chad DiMarco, then came Bruno Kreibich, Henry Krolikowski, Cal Landau, Tom Ottey, Carl Merrill, W.G. Giles, Jan Jolles and Paul Choiniere, and Guy Light led the truck class from 17th place. Day 2 began under cloudy skies with a heavy mist after an early morning rain, with 31 cars at the restart. The scores shuffled a bit through stage 17 and 31 were still running. The top four were the same, but Tom Ottey was fifth, followed by Carl Merrill, Jan Jolles, Paul Choiniere, Russ Hughes and Rene Villemure. Barry Latreille was the new Production leader, 14th 0 / A, while Guy Light held his lead. The daylight stages were populated with a good turnout of rally watchers, but the stages all ran as scheduled, and it appeared that all 22 would start on time ... a · perfect record. A winner could not be called going into the final stage, with all 31 second day starters still on the trail. At this point Choiniere had moved up to sixth overall and W.G. Giles had picked up enough time to cancel his road point penalty and moved into first in Production class, 11th overall. Guy Light continued to lead in the truck class, now lying 12th O / A. The final stage saw two leaders fail to finish the run. Overall leader Doug Shepherd had his transmission case break, allowing Chad DiMarco apparently into the victory. W.G. Giles crashed on the final run, handing the apparent win in Production class to Mark Molnar, who had overcome a ten minute deficit himself. Chad DiMarco and Erick Hauge checked into the Baraga MTC at 1812 to win the POR by 3:35 over Bruno Kreibich which tightens the Subaru National championship to a mere five points with two events left to run. Besides the victory DiMarco increased his Group A clinching point total to 80. Bruno Kreibich did take the Open Class title to miss by one point of clinching THE BEST IN THE DESERT FOR OVER 40 YEARS Jim and James Wilson got to the finish in good shape in the Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR-4, and they finished well, second in G. T. Production class. Cal Landau and Eric Marcus zip through the woods in the VW G Tl on their way to a good finish in the POR, third in the close running Production class. PagcU January 1991 Dusty Times

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~-.. ,• -•. Bruno Kreibich and Jeff Becker won the Open Class. second overall. in the Audi Quattro and came within one point of nailing down their series title in the class. Doug Shepherd and Pete Gladysz came within one stage of Henry and Cindy Krolikowski had the Dodge Shadow near the winning the rally, but a broken transmission case put paid to front all the way and they drove it to third in Open Class and a their efforts in the Dodge Daytona on the final stage. great fourth overall in the Michigan woods. that championship. Russ Hughes and John McArthur took their first GT event title of 1991, seventh 0 1 A in a Mazda 323 California Rally Series Report B:,, Jolin Elkin & Paula Gi/J.,,m/1 With Gorman Ridge and the 1991 rally season behind us, the CRS now looks forward to its annual Awards Banquet. This year the Embassy Suites Hotel in Covina will host the festivities on January 11, 1992. Doors will open at 7:00 p.m. with dinner served at 7:30. An open cash bar will be available, so come thirsty as there is a minimum we have to meet. The evening will include our full slate of awards, Cap'n Crunch, Zimmerman Award and the Gala) Souki Cup along with a special guest speaker, all this for $19.00 each person. Several of the local CRS members have offered spare rooms in their homes for out of town ralliests. If you are comin_g from Arizona or Northern California call me at (818)353-9427, evenings. Also if you have a special presentation or a skit you would like to perform then, please let me know ahead of time to keep the schedule running smoothly. Plans are proceeding nicely for the first 1992 event: once again the SunUp and SunDown Rally-sprints will he at Glen Helen OHV Park in San Bernardino. The date is February 15, featuring two co-efficient 1 events. Entries will he mailed hefore the Awards Banquet. The BoG is still looking for volunteers to step forward to take the reins and become the Director of the BoG. Anyone interested in this can contact myself or Mike and/or Paula Gibeault (619) 375-8704. Please keep in mind being the Director is very prestigious, it looks good on resumes and it ups your stature in life! Be hold, take a chance, and help your rally series. Speaking of the Giheaults, word has it that Rim will use the same Friday night and all day Saturday format this year. There is also rumblings of new roads being obtained for Friday night. Contrary to rumor, the night stages from Gorman Ridge will not be part of Rim. Also, remember that if you plan to run the National portion, no school is required for your license, just a finish at a co-efficient 3 event, but start on your license early as they are not available at the event 1ike the divisional licenses are. Make it a point to read the press release regarding our new contingency donor, Michelin, that follows. Thanks in large part to Stock Class Chairman Sam Dusty Times GTX. Mark Molnar/George tenth 0 / A. Series leader Bruno Kreibich and their Audi up to third 0 / A Bittner, VW GTI, won Produc-So Chad DiMarco and Erick Jeff Becker were second in the second in Open Class. Of the 38 tion Class, and Guy Light/Jimmy Hauge won the grueling 533 mile Audi Quattro. Paul Choiniere starters 29 finished the rally, a Brandt, GMC, won in trucks, POR Rally in the Subaru Legacy. and Scott Weinheimer hauled good record for the POR. Moore there is $3,000 available for teams using Michelin Tires. The sole west coast distributor of Michelin rally tires is Chad DiMarco, Sube Sports, and he awaits your call. The 1992 schedule is shaping up with Glen Helen and Rim, May 15-16, set. Mike Blore, Harris Done and Paul Barrows will bring Gorman Ridge back in the same calendar slot, October 24. The Prescott Forest Rally is now scheduled for April 25. Other rallies in the works is an early year event in Williams, AZ, with Jeff Hendricks trying to pull every-thing together. We may see the Indio roads back on the schedule before year's end, along with the possibility of new events in northern California. Stay tuned. Some exciting news as we go to press. The Prescott Forest Rally has been accepted as a Divisional event that counts -for 60'}{, national points! This means that, just like big Bend Bash, competi-tors trying to win their class in the national level Suharu Champion-ship can run this event and earn points worth 60% of those at a full national event. They will not be counted in the divisional level results, however, unless they have entered the divisional rally as well. In order to encourage the East Coast folks to come out, the event had been moved to April 25, 1992, so that teams can leave their cars out west to run the Rim of the World a month later. (Any'onc want to volunteer to bahy sit Carl Merrill's new Eclipse?!) If you have ever thought of trying to run the riational series, this will he the year to do it, with Big Bend Bash, wes"t Texas, Prescott, Arizona, Rim, southern California, Gold Rush, Colorado, and Coachman Stages, Washington, all within a 24 hour drive. Congratulations to o rgani:ers Roh Cherry, Jeff Hendricks and Roger Hull for putting on a real quality rally. They'll appreciate any help you can give for the '92 event as it now .is coming up fast! More great news. Thanks to Michelin Tire's newly announced contingency program for the 1992 California Rally Series you may win a hundred dollars cash at each CRS event! Michelin has increased its cash payout to Pro Rally by 40% with generous awards at national events to each class and Seeds SA, SB and 6. However, the California Rally series was chosen as a divisional level" experiment" for further c_ash awards. If enough tires arc bought during the year by CRS teams, the program could be renewed in subsequent years. This is the largest contingency program has ever been offered the CRS, and since the money must be paid out, some interesting provisions have been made. Here is how it works. For the 1992 season,Jan.-Dec., Michelin's contingency program for CRS competitors requires use of Michelin tires and running of two car decals. At each CRS rally Michelin will pay$100cash to the three highest placing Michelin equipped competitors, regardless of finishing position or class. If fewer than three Michelin equipped teams finish an event, the remaining cash awards will go to the qualified dnf(s) who completed the most stage mileage. For rally crosses and other co-efficient 1 events the Michelin awards will be based on the combined points for the total weekend's activities using the CRS points tabulation method. The program is based on a nine event season. If there are. fewer events, the remaining money will be awarded in $100 increments by a drawing from those competi-tors who competed on Michelins. Each rally you run on Michelins will create another opportunity to win some year end money, as his/her name will be added to the pot each time. The drawing and awards will take place at the CRS awards banquet. Michelin rally tires are available in three compounds, with M4 (soft) the most popular.·Si:es are 13, 14, and 15 inch but only a limited number of 13 inch tires are available. Some sizes have wider and/ or taller versions as well. Our local distributor is Sube Sports in Huntington Beach. If you would like to be eligible, call Chad at Sube now as he will be placing his order immediately. He will not be carrying large amounts of stock during the year, and ordering later means at least a l 0 week wait. His number is ( 7 l 4) 847-4363. Through her travel agency Lynette Allison is putting together rally tours in England, with driving schools included. If you did not receive a flyer at Gorman, contact Roger or Lynette. See you at the banquet. 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I Uni Filter Inc. Two Stage Air Filters & Filter Wraps 1630 S. Sinclair Street Anaheim, CA 92806 {714) 939-6300 TRI-MIL Competition Proven Exhaust Systems Bobcat, Bobtail Wholesale Only 2740 Compton Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90011 (213) 234-9014 Sway-A-Way Don't Be Left in the Dust SAW Performance, Inc. 7840 BurnetAve. Van Nuys, CA 91405 (818) 988-5510 Sprint Chassis Works Odessa, Texas Congratulations · Jim Maness 1991 Texas Challenge Overall Points Champion GET SERIOUS ABOUT WINNING CALL USAT 1-800-695-6616 S.N.O.R.E., Ltd. SNORE, Where it Pays to Race P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 R.L.H. Communications Race Radio Systems The Champions Choice Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay 337 W. 35th St. Suite F National City, CA 92050 (619) 585-9995 Racer X Hotline . Latest off Rood racing results Trivia -Products 24 hours a day -$2.00 per minute 1-900-535-9292 Ext. 889 Race Ready Products Competition Proven High Performance VW Equipment · Specializing in the Off Road Market 103 Press Lane, Suite 4 Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 691-9171 Parker Pumper Helmet Co. It's Almost Like Cheating 2318 S Vineyard Suite B Ontario, CA 91761 (714) 923-7016 United American Racing Terri Garman 2541 Second Street La Verne, CA 91750 (714) 593-2490 (Phone or FAX) V.O.R.R.A. Northern California & Nevada Off Rood Racing Series 1633 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 {916) 925-1702 . Woods Wheel Works Off Rood Products Front/Rear Trailing Arms Spindles -Custom Wheels · Suspension Specialists Jack Woods 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ 85017 (602) 242-0077 FUEJ Price le: for L Off F A Spear Roac Rams€ C1_1ll Toll Fr• -1991 DUSTY TIMES OFF ROAD COMPETITION C I 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 12 13 14 0 0 u New Years 200 -Barstow, CA -D * * Southern Cal 250 -Lucern ◊ Buckeye Blast -Buckeye, AZ -D January 1--------'----+---,--l---J.--...L.--+-----t---+------L---.L----L---+---+----+-* · * Big Bend Bash -Terlingua TX + + + Gran Carrera de San Felipe, MX - D February ~ Big Bend, TX -D O Lakeland, FL -SC I + + Bottom Dollar -Las Vegas, NV -D * * March 0 (DATE TBA) Tallahassee, FL -SC April ffi Buzz Bomb 150 -El Centro, CA - D @ Texas Stadium -Irving, TX -SC * Badlands 100 -Wall, SD ~ D I @ Sun Devil Stadium -Tempe, AZ -SC 1 ~ ffi Rock Around the Clock -El Centro, CA - D May June I * Bowman· Jff Road Challenge -Bowman,. ND - D -~ 150 Miles -Notrees, TX - 0 ◊ Salome, AZ -D I I 0 0 Baja lnternaciilnale -Ensenada MX - D * ♦ ♦ Antigo Kiwanis Race -Antigo, WI -SC * Susquehannock Trails -Wellsboro, PA * {DATE TBA) Capital City Stadium -Pierre, SD - D I I · * Fireworks 250 -Barstow, CA - D ~ Jack Rabbit 15( July ♦ Road America -Elkhart (ake, WI -SC "r 125 Miles Night Race -Notrees, TX -I I ♦ ♦ Fox Riverfest Challenge -Depere, WI ·· SC ffi Superstition 250 -El Centro, CA -D !!f Rock 'N' Roll 250, Notrees TX -D August I I I * {DATE TBA) GumbO'Buttes Baja -Pierre, SD -D I I I I * •• * {DATE TBA) Deadwood Grand Prix -Deadwood, SD -SC SeptembP.r I I I I I + ♦ * Brush Run 101 -Crandon, WI -SC I I + + Yerington/VORRA 250 -Yerington, NV -D r1 ~ Twilight 125 Night Race -@ (DATE TBA) Mile-High Stadium -Denver CO -SC * ~ Gn!o Rush -Westclifle, CO * Gold Coast 300 -Las Ve as. NV -D. <'TBA-0 I I October ffi Plaster City Blast 200 -El Centro, CA - D @ (DATE TBA) Silver Bowl -Las Vegas. iv -SC I I I Mazda Coachman Stages -Olympia WA * * I ·1 ◊ Wickenburg, AZ - D N ovemher ~ Awards Banquet @ (DATE TBA)· Oakland Stadium -Oakland, CA -SC I ,; 0 0 C 0 I-----;;;;,_:._ * ·1 * Maine Forest -Rumford, Maine O Awards Banquet -Ontario, December McKenzie's Performance Products . Off Rood is Our Business 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave Anaheim, CA 92806 (714)441-1212/Fax(714)444-1622 ❖ Awards Banquet I ... I + I + Etdrado 250 i Las Vegasf NV - D Lee Leighton Racing Engines Short Course & Desert Engines VW -'Toyota -Rabbit 3961 Alamo St. Riverside, CA 92501 (714) 682-3816 LA RANA Desert Racing Promotions Race Lo Rona Desert Series RACING CAN BE FUN!!!!! (714) 924-2226 KUSTE: Racin External D11n 3" Diamete Camp/et, Computer Suspe1 2900 E. 29th S Long Be, (213) 595-0661

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Fudpucker Racing Team, 250 Kennedy, #2, Chula Vista, CA u MidWest Off Road Racing, 19019 W CR 128, Odessa, TX 79765. 1' 92011 -1619) 427-5759 "I" 1915) 561-5222 * Glen Helen OHV Park, P.O. Box 2339, San Bernardino, CA 92400 II\ Off Road CharnpionshiJl. Gran Prix, MTEG, P.O. ~ox 26168, · (714) 800-1733 'O' Anaheim, CA 92825 -(114) 938-4100 O IMule Racing, P.O. Box 40211, Phoenix, Al. 85007 -100'2) * SCCA Pro Rally Series, PO. Box 3278, Englewood, co 00112. (llJ) m-6622 . :AL EN DAR + Baja Promotions, Ud., S.A., P.O. Box W38, Calabasas, CA 91302 _._ GORRA, Box 11093 S1ation A. Atlanta, GA 30310 -(404) r.. SCORE International, 31125 Via Colinas, m, Westlake Village, ·(818) 340-5750 -.-253-11l33 v CA 91362 -1818) 1189-9216 ..w., Brush Run Points Series, P.O Box 101, Crandan WI~ (715) * H.O.R.A., 12997 So. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89124 -(702) ..,, SNORE LTD, P.O. Box 4394, Las Vegas, NV 89100 -(702) -------~--_.:._---------,---~""";.;...._4;,;,,;;78-.,;;;;2222;;;;;.,_ __ --,--__ -____ ;__;36.:..:.1·.:..:.5404:.;__....,.... __ -r--__ -:--__ , '!!' 452-4522 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 e Valley, CA -D @ Anaheim Stadium -Anaheim, CA -SC 0 C () Parker 400, Parker, AZ - D ~ Tune Up/Big Bend Qualifier -Notrees, TX - D • Glen Helen Rallycrosses, San Bernardino. CA 1-'B KinQ of the Desert -El Centro, CA -D ◊ Wickenburg,'AZ -D I ~ 125 Miles (Alternate Date) -D 0 @ Jack Murphy tadium -San Diego, CA -SC O O Presidential 250 -Barstow, CA -D Gran Carrera de Mexicali, MX -D •I~ •1-+ I * Nissan 400 -Las Vegas, NV - D ❖ 50 miles -Vienna GA -SC ~ Kingdome -Seattle, WA• SC I I I ◊ Tonapah, AZ -D + + Prairie City SVRA Park -Sacramentq, CA -SC ~ C rock 125 -Notrees, TX -D * Prescott Forest -Prescott, AZ Twilight 200 -Las Vegas, NV - D + • I • Prescott Forest Rally, Prescott, AZ - , - -0 0 0 San Felipe 250 -San Felipe, MX - D ❖ 50 miles in Heats-Vienna, GA -SC I + Hollister Hills SVRA Park, -Hollister, CA -SC I $ • Rim of the World Rally, Lancaster, CA * * I * Nevada 500 -Pahrump, NV -D * * Rim of the World -Lancaster, CA I 0 0 O Spangler 150 -Ridgecrest, CA - D + + Gran Carrera de-T ecate, MX -D · ♦ Memori•al Day 100 -Lake Geneva, WI -SC ❖ 150 dav miles -Vienna GA -SC I . ♦ + Caliente/Pioche 250 -Caliente. NV - D + + + Yerin ton/VDRRA 400 -Yerin ton NV -D J Night Race -~otrees. TX - D * ♦ * .,. Spring Run 101 -Crandon. WI -SC ❖ 50 miles -Vienna, GA -LA Coliseum.· Los Angeles, CA -SC ,.!'. ) ♦ o -~c O Lucerne Valley Jam 250 -Lucerne Valley, CA - D + Virginia City Classic 200 -Virginia City, NV -D Mint 400 Invitational, Las Vegas, NV -SC + ♦ UP 100 -Bark River, Ml - SC + -r· ❖ 100 miles -Vienna, GA -SC + Midnight Special -Las Vegas, NV -D + Prairie City SVRA Park ~ Sacramento, CA -SC * Color Country Runoffs -Brian Head, UT -D + + · + Gran Carrera de tnsenada, MX - D ♦ GT North<!i Ch~lenge i Ionia Ml -SC * * OjiW/e ~II~ :~:(~,;~v~1~~¥ -~,;:, Valley, CA -D J 0 Willow Springs, Rosamond. CA -SC * * * Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, MX -D + Notrees, TX - D ♦ ♦ Midwest Points Championships -Oshkosh. WI -SC + + ♦ + + SNORE 250 -Las Vegas, NV - D ❖ 100 miles -Vienna, GA -SC * Last Chance Baja -Wall, SD - D ~ 150 Miles -Notrees, TX -D + VORRA Bend 300 -Bend, OR -D 0 Baja 11XXl -Ensenada, MX - D 0 0 CA R Off Road House of Buggies g Shocks 1pening Adjustment Sand Buggies/Dune Buggies r, 8" to 18" Stroke Engine Rebuilding/Buggy Repairs ely Rebuildab/e 1sion Design Assistance treet P.O. Box 7038 10439 Prospect Ave., Ste. A ach, CA 90806 Santee, CA 92071 l/Fax(213) 426-7897 (619} 448-4180 • Gorman Ridge Rallys, Gorman, CA * * Press on Regardless -Escanaba, Ml ❖ Rules Meeting I ❖ 50 miles -Vienna GA -SC 0 O O California 200 -Ridgecrest, CA - D 0 Hi h Desert 300 -Lucerne Valley, CA - D ❖ 250 miles -Vienna, GA -SC Dunaway Dash 150 -El Centro, CA ~ D ~ Don Hatz FRT Racing Engines Superstition Series VW Racing Engines Have Fun in the Sun Great Desert Racing 105 Press Lane Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 425-1639 (619} 427-5759 ♦ SODA/STORE, Terry Wolfe, 7839 West North Ave., WatioYatosa, W1 53213 -(414) 271-3575, (414) 257-0422 &. VORRA, 1833 Los Robles Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95838 -(916) "P ~17!Tl Chenowth Racing Products The Winners Choice in Race Car Chassis & Accessories Manufacturer of the Year '88, '89, '90, '91 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619} 449-7100 DJ Transaxles Performance Transmissions 10623 Blackfoot Road Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619} 240-3930 DRS Desert Race Support Get Involved Help us pit or let us pit your car P.O. Box 1822 Apple Valley, CA 92307 E-Z UP (CASTEX) Free Standing Rugged Steel & Nylon Shelters That Set Up In Seconds · Various Sizes & Colors CASTEX (213} 462-1468 FAT Performance Off Road Racing E11gines-E} Transaxles, Parts & Accessories, Centerline Wheels Engine Builder of the Year 1990, 1991 1558 No. Case St. Orange, CA 92667 (714) 637-2889 Fortin Transaxles Get Your Shift Together 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jainul, CA 92035 (619} 669-4727 Fox Racin2 Shox The 7 Things One Should Consider When Setting Up One's Off Road Vehicle in ·92 #1 - 1991 HDRAISCORE Desert Series # J -1991 MTEG Stadium Scrics #1 - 1991 Lo Rono Uesert Series #1 -1Y91 A .D. R.A . Desert Serws #l - 199 1 SNO RE Desert St!rfos #1 - IY91 5.0 .D.A.iS.T.0.R.E. s.,rics # 1 -1991 V.O.R.R.A. Series Fox Factory, Inc. A Racing Suspension Oevelopement Corp. 3641 Charter Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95136 408 269-9200

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The Losers ••• Bv }11cl:,, Snwh The Baja 1000, often a relatively easy event, was a toughie this year. Out of 165 starters only 62 managed to finish, and some of them went right down to the wire getting it done. But at least there were finishers in every class this time. O ne of the earliest Losers was Richard Young, who was delayed getting there, and had to go through late tech on race morning. He got everything done, was ready to get into staging, and someone noticed that he didn't have a spark arrestor. That was the end of Richard's race right there. Another early Loser was Jimmie Smith, who was in serious contention for the overall points with his Class 112 car. As he moved along in staging he reali:ed that he couldn't get his transmis-sion out of first gear. He tried and tried, hut nothing worked, and finally, it was his turn to take the green flag. He started out, and, as a last ditch effort to jar the transmission loose, he tried to put it into reverse. And that was the end of his race. Transmissions were the cause of death for several other Class 1 / 2 cars, like Jim Greenway, who developed a hole in his, and Jacques DeRoquancourt, who lost reverse and one of his forward gears. And John Thul and Alhert McMullen, who got their car past Borrego, with some minor hrake and power steering trouhle, and then -lost first gear hefore the Zoo Road. Boh Richey, who has no luck at all in this· series, found himself stuffed in a ditch, then ran out of gas, and later lost his transmission. -Axles were more the prohlem for some, including Frank Vessels, who got to go further in this race than he's done all year, in his very high tech, and not yet completely developed Nissan. First he had some steering problems, hut then over on the far side, near Tres Po:os, he hroke two axles. Mark Hansen and Malcolm Vinje, in their Toyota 7S truck, broke a brake line early, before Ojos, but fixed it and got all the way over to within 15 miles of Cohahu:o and hroke an axle. It took Mark about three hours to get in to the truck and fix the axle, and Malcolm took off again, determined to get to the finish line, hecause they'd finished all their other races this year. But before he'd gone any_distance at all the motor went away. Mike and Bill Church, in their Class 112 .truck, broke a wheel ahout six miles into the race, and had a couple of flat tires, but kept moving along at a good rate, even though they'd hent a driveshaft. But at San Felipe, for no reason they could figure out, they lost their motor. Corky McMillin tried his hand at driving the new double-A-arm car they've heen building this year, and was doing very well, running near the front _of the pack, when he hit something on the left side of the car and flattened both his front and rear . tire. He kept going, trying to get to a pit with some spares, but the car was, understandably, difficult to steer in that condition,-and it slewed around and hit a tree, wiping out the rear A-arm on the side that didn't have a flat. Steve Fossett, from Chicago, who rented a car from Raceco for this race, drove all the way. Well, almost all the way. He got nearly to the finish, and the car stalled, and he discovered that somewhere along the line his starter had been fried. In the old, old bike class, for riders 50 years of age and older, the team of Skip Kawell, Dick Vick and John Watkins should have done real well. But when THE WRIGHT DROP SPINDLE 3" MORE.GROUND CLEARANCE ~ ~~ PLACE~. CV JOINTS RACK & PINION STEERING UNITS -1. REGULAR 2. SAND BUGGY 3. MINI 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 TEL: (619) 561-4810 FAX: (619) 561-7960 Page 31 Watkins, who was leading at the time, was south of Cohabu:o, at the mini summit, he endoed, and dislocated his shoulder. A spectator helicopter, reportedly not affiliated with the race, landed and picked him up and took him to the pits at Borrego. Then the helicopter took Kawell back to the motorcycle and let him off. Kawell watched the 'copter leave, and then hiked over to his bike, only to discover that it had a missing gas line, and he was out of husiness. The helicopter was out of sight by then, so Kawell started a long, long walk, in the dark, to the next pit. Luckily, a chase truck happened along and gave him a lift back into Borrego. In Class 10 the first to go was Tom Schilling, who got to the part of the course that parallels the Tecate Highway, and endoed. His car then landed on the pavement, barrel-rolled, and ended up passenger side down and on fire. Tom was out of the car very quickly, and he helped his passenger, Jim Beeson, whose fire suit had been aflame, get out also. Both were unhurt, but the car was destroyed. The capper came when the Mexican highway patrol investigating the accident thought that mayhe they ought to arrest Tom for damaging the highway. He managed to convince them that he was with SCORE, and they decided not to press the matter. Also in Class 10, Steve Sourapas had a new car, very lightweight, out for its first race. Something in the geometry of the front end didn't work right, and the front down stops broke, which bent the front beam. And the DeNault brothers, who ran second in class most of the day, . lost a couple of gears, and then, practically at the end of the race, lost their clutch trying to get up one of the very last hills. In Class 8 Scott McMillin survived the first trip through the new and very rough section from the start line to Ojos Negros, and was running well midway through the race. But when he got to Erendira he got stuck in what has been variously called," the mud", the "hole" and the "slime bog". he couldn't get loose, ·and finally decided to try to just hlast out of there with hor-sepower. The mud flew everywhere, thrown by his tires, and just drowned the motor. He worked on it for two hours, and never could get the truck to run again. Some say the source of that mud was the local sewers. And some others said that McMillin's truck smelled terrible the next day. Also in Class 8, Dave Westhem got stuck in the start section, so he ran late, and then broke a front spindle, and had to make lengthy repairs. He eventually got to the finish line, but was too late to get a finish. In Class 5-1600 the Cook brothers, Alan, Wayne and Darryl, were leading in class points, and potential overall points winners, if everything went right. But everything didn't. Alan was the first driver, and he had a hroken c.v. just before the top of the Summit. He had lots of help fixing the c.v. from Eric Klawitter, who was waiting for help for his dad's Class 5 car. From there to Borrego Alan had no more problems, but he'd decided to take it kind of easy. Darryl got in to do the next stretch. January 1991 Down at the southern end of the course Darryl got temporarily lost in the silt, along with Eric Arras, and, in fact, they ran into each other. Then, finally through Matomi Wash, they headed north, but before they got to San Felipe a plug wire fell off. They reattached it. Then it fell off again. Close examination discovered a broken part, so they put a new insulator on, and had no more trouble with that. But at mile 355, before they got back to Borrego, the steering locked, and they could turn only left. They had to go in circles, or even back, in order to get where they wanted to go. It seemed the pinion was missing some teeth. They had a spare, but lost 20 minutes installing it when they finally got to the_pit at Borrego. Then they went up and past Mike's, and brought the car down to Valle Trinidad and gave it to Wayne in ·fourth place, up from dead last, where they'd been when they left Borrego. Wayne had a good clean run, the course was wet from the fog, so there was no dust, and they began to move up. Then they got to the mud at Erendira. There were others stuck there at the time, some trucks included. Wayne got stuck, but managed to "wiggle" out, then ended up in a hole, slid down into the sewage, but kept moving, mostly sideways, and finally slithered out. The car was covered with sewage, and they had to clean even the inside of the windshield so they could see to go on. They used their course map to clean up. They left one other 5-16 stuck in the mud, and now they were second. The sun came up as they went through the hills into Santo Tomas, and they were pretty excited ahout being in such good shape, but they were thirsty, because their water hottle was empty, so they planned to stop for water at Ojos Negros. When they got to their pit they were just 30 f seconds hehind the lead car in the class, and Darryl radioed to them not to take the time to stop. So, thirsty, but enthusiastic, they chased on. They ran really hot, trying to take over the lead, and at one point put two wheels over the edge of a cliff, which made Wayne think that maybe second place would do. Then traffic slowed the lead car, and Cook got by somehow, but it wasn't t(, last. He missed a turn because the arrows were down ( floating in the water, actually), made a sharp turn to correct, heard a dank, and the second c.v. exploded. They were 40 miles from the finish . Wayne changed the c.v., lying on the ground on their jackets, in the mud. Slimy mud. When he got the c.v. fixed he discovered that when the cage exploded the engine had revved so high it had broken the valve keepers. So he radioed to his crew (Darryl ·and Alan) to come in to help him. He told every car that went by to pass the message along, and he sent stuck But still Darryl wasn't sure where he was, and at first tried to find him three miles in from the finish. Finally, he drove Wayne's truck up to Ojos Negros and turned onto the · course, bringing along a spare motor. Their only choice was to change the motor in the race car and drive it out. In the meantime Wayne got to help other racers who. got stuck in the same neighhorhooJ, and he got to know Tom DeNault and Bill Holmes, hoth of whom were there semi permanently. He said other people gave them food, water, and candy .. And, to quote Wayne, "We had a blast!" When the repairs were done they turned around and traveled the 19 miles hack to Ojos and then tame in on the pavement. They got hack to Ensenada while the awards were being held on Saturday night, hut the Cooks decided to go have dinner. Tom Schilling did an endo in the dirt, lan·ded on the Tecate Highway, and the good news was that both Tom and co-driver Jim Beeson escaped without injury, but the bad news was that they had to watch the beautiful Class 10 Jimco burn to the ground. Dusty Times

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. ·~ • -...@ ·"' The Toyota Land Cruiser is a good looking vehicle and 1s strong The Land Crwser, shown here wa1t1ng for yet another off road The instrument panel is neat and tidy and everything is well within normal line of vision and within easy reach of the driver. as the proverbial horse. It was made for the out back and mud and snow do not severely hamper its roadability. adventure will carry you and six others to those remote lakes and streams you see on your backwoods map. Toyota Land Yacht, I Mean Land Cruiser T .:xl and Photos: John Calvin There is a cargo space aplenty when the seats are put into their cargo mode. When seats are erect they seat seven people in good comfort. on the odometer and there was Speaking of flats, we didn't not a squeak or a rattle to be have any, and if we did, there is a heard. A fine tribute to any full size spare located beneath the vehicle. vehicle. Also, this Land Cruiser The Land Cruiser handled well was equipped with a 5000 pound on the highway. We do exceed the tow rating so your race car and/or speed limit every now and then, boat, or travel trailer could easily Equally at home off the road or waiting to transport family to market or soccer game, the Land Cruiser is a handsome beast, capable of going almost anywhere. but the Land Cruiser was quite come along for the ride. Overall 1. stable, even during a severe cross impressions of the Land Cruiser; wind out in the desert. Off the good! We enjoyed the comfort, road, the stability did not go excellent on/off road handling, away. The Land Cruiser felt good decent fuel economy and the The Toyota Land Cruiser really lives up to its name, it is built to cruise over the land in absolute style and comfort, with seating for seven, eight if you push it and you cruise along in absolute quiet, the silence being broken only by the noise of the radio. We were lucky enough to have the Land Cruiser for a good long over the highway road test, with just enough off roading thrown in to make the test an all around version. This Land Cruiser was equipped with the famous 4 liter in-line 6 cylinder engine, coupled to a 4 speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, all of this coupled to full time 4 wheel drive and, believe me, it makes quite a package. All this is hooked to the ground by 31x10150 R15 Bridgestone Desert Duelers and they, in turn, are mounted on super heavy duty 4 spoke alloy wheels. Front and rear coil spring suspension and stabilizer bars both front and rear complete a most comfortable but firm riding package. Power steering is part of the deal and large front disc brakes give you an added feeling of security. This Land Cruiser came in Metallic Beige, an almost invisible color in the desert, but very pleasing to the eye. Fender flares keep most of the dust, mud and water from besmirching the doors and are quite effective in the dirt. With front bucket seats, a three passenger rear seat and additional seating for three more in the rear rear, you can almost carry the entire baseball team to and from the game. The forward console has the gear selector lever next to the high-neutral-low selector to further activate the 4 wheel drive capabilities. Another console is Dusty Times situated between the front buckets with lots of storage space therein. Cloth seats all around and full carpeting enhance the looks and comfort of the Land Cruiser. There are massive heaters, front and rear, air · conditioning, natch, cruise control, intermittant wipers both front and rear, tilt steering wheel, the premium sound system with cassette/CD player, AM IFM with all the goodies and nine, count 'em folks, nine speakers for your listening pleasure. Also, there were electrically controlled outside mirrors, power sunroof, rear window defroster, digital clock, power windows and door locks and just about every other extra known to man, or woman for that matter. The instrument panel is well planned, everything in easy view and within easy reach without extending one's self. The speed-ometer and tachometer are easy to read and fall directly in your line of sight while driving. The speedometer has a resettable trip meter as well as an odometer. To the left of the tachometer is the oil pressure gauge, just above the water temperature gauge. To the right of the speedometer is the battery condition gauge and below that is the fuel gauge which is also equipped with a low fuel warning light. Speaking of fuel, the Land Cruiser holds 25 gallon.s of the stuff, and, according to our figures, we averaged economy on and off the road in the low 14's and about 16.5 mpg on the road. In actuality we were not trying to economize and I'm sure these figures could be improved with a little lighter right foot than I have, but, you are assured a minimum cruising range of 350 miles and almost anyone is ready for a stop by then. on the power line roads as well as secure feeling of Toyota's top of Driving impressions are good. You are sitting quite high, a distinct advantage on our California roads because you need all the visibility you can get, and the outside mirrors are of a good size and, they are vibration free! In fact, I must mention that this vehicle had over 12,000 miles on the trails. We pussy-footed the line full time· 4 wheel drive through the rocky areas but we Land Cruiser. We had fun and moved right along whenever were impressed by the positive possible and we felt very feel of the vehicle as we put it comfortable and secure. There is a through its paces. It is a good bit of body roll from side to side looking and functional vehicle, but it was heavily accentuated by always ready for the highway or the rolling of the trails, never the dirt. being flat for more than a few feet. Try one on, it just may fit you! ~ ~~~~~ MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM DESERT T'z 1 would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped Desert T'z survive through its first year in business. The Off-Road Community is full of great people and I consider these folks Good Friends! Bill Korbus Jon Nelson Larry Ragland Terri Garman Ivan Scopp~ttone Jim Cecil Gary Watson John &.. Jean Calvin Lee&.. Mac Darryl Smith ALSO: Nelson &.. Nelson Racing Team Rancho Racing Dave Westhem Racing Pacific Sportprint Cactus Racing Carrera Photography G.M.B. Racing Cook Brothers Racing Parker Pumper Get a Grip Racing Team r!,.D.R.A./SCORE; Fudpucker Racing, Baja Promotions, La Rana Desert Racing, V.O.R.R.A. If I've forgotten anyone, you know who you are! Again, thanks to all. See you next Race Season John Host Desertrz Motorsports Designs January 1992 Page 33

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I -YOKOHAMA/TRICK/PAC MILLICAN VALLEY 400 Snookie Johnson Sneeks Past Scahill For Overall Honors Or. ··snookie·· Johnson of Vancouver. WA smoked the Pro Buggy ranks. passed all the Pro 4x4s and survived a very close contest for the lead to not only win Pro Buggy honors. but win overall as well. --------------·------·· .. ··-··--------------------------------Choking dust in large quanti-ties was all Snookie could see following the big Chevy truck of the Scahill Racing T earn for 400 miles (A doctor named "Snookie?" C'mon, would you even take your dog to see a Doc named "Snookie?"). There must be a good story behind that one! Anyway only forty seconds was the difference between Doc Johnson and Tom Scahill for the overall honors. Scahill had won overall for the last two times out, giving his class the first start honors. The last four years have been virtually rain free in the high desert area of central/ eastern Oregon, making compe_titive events, both motorcycle and car racing, very difficult with blinding dust. The only good thing is the wind that is predominant in this area most of the time. The Millican Valley 400 saw a good wind from start to finish, but still dust made things tough when passing or following for any distance. The area has some new race course possibilities that the B.L.M. and PA C's Terry Silbaugh have been working on to eliminate impacting one area too much. This race was scheduled on a new 60 mile course, but the studies couldn't be completed soon enough so• the old course was again put to the test. Some areas broke up into silt pretty bad, and the rocky areas seemed to get worse as the loose dust/dirt was moved away exposing bigger and bigger rocks. But all in all it was a great race, run smoothly and safely and even had a few new faces competing, which was good to see. Twenty-five entries took the green flag and only nine finished the ten laps required. Five Pro 4x4s were first off with the Bronco of Phil Dean from Portland, Oregon getting the honors and the clean air. Gordon Scott, from Tigard, OR followed a minute later in his CJ-7. Gary Holland and family from Spar-wood, British Columbia was third off the line in a Dodge 4x4 pickup. Master chef Diana Prine, from Spana way, WA, had her stretched Jeep cooking and in hot pursuit just a minute later. The Scahill Chevy 4x4 pickup from San Rafael, CA, was last off in class. Tom usually likes to start last, but this time he wanted to be in the draw, so he drew last start anyway. At the end of the first lap it was Gordon Scott followed by Dean and then Scahill. Prine stopped to check the tranny, discovering' it was blowing juice all over the underside and smoking a bit. Holland had troubles in the form of two flats on the first lap, and his was the first 4x4 to exit the race, with a blown CV joint and transfer case problems taking him out on lap 3. Dean finished six laps but pulled out with a broken frame and no bushings in the front strut arms. Diana pushed hard, but couldn't catch up after the trans problem. Her dad was pleased as could be for they finally finished a race without blowing a motor. The last four races were not good, so he built this motor himself and by golly it worked to the end! Gordon Scott had his problems on Thursday and Friday by losing drive shafts and U joints, three or four. Wouldn't you know it, on lap 6 the same problem popped up again, plus Scott lost a front hub. They still finished all ten laps and placed a good second. Tom Scahill continued on having no problems. They changed drivers and took on Tom Scahill and his team had won the last two races overall. but this round the Chevy 4x4 had no troubles along the way to second overall. 40 seconds back. and of course won the Pro 4x4 class. fuel midway, stopping just long enough to stay physically in front of Dr. Snookie, and they finished first in 4x4 class and second overall. Five Pro Buggies made up the next class off the line with Dr. Johnson, from Vancouver, WA leading the pack. The Class 10 driven by Tim Gellatly from Everett, WA was next off followed by the Hi Jumper owned by Leonard Day and driven by A.J. Kielian from Mattawa, WA. Then Gene Griepentrog, who towed all the way from Walnut, CA, left the line in a Class 9 car, followed by Lloyd Kruse of Eugene, OR in a two seater. Gellatly's 1600 entry had troubles starting on Friday afternoon, burning a hole in the #3 cylinder. Some calls were made to Silbaugh 'screw, and they brought several heads out from Bend. Really down to earth repairs were made through the night. They took the green flag only to lose the engine before covering the first lap. Kielian took the overall lead and posted fast lap on lap 1, but just a mile into the second lap the ring and pinion let go. A quick tow back to the main pit and some dandy wrenching by the crew got another transaxle installed and the car got underway only to have the trans go sour again only five miles out. Enough of that and back in the trailer for the day. Kruse had problems with the coil over suspension early on and the lower control arm finally let go on lap 5. That left Griepentrog to do battle with Johnson, but he was down on horses and had to settle for second place. Meanwhile Johnson and Scahill battled it out for the overall ti tie which Snookie Johnson managed to get by only 40 seconds. The Sportsman Buggy Class had seven cars and Joe Chainey of Eatonville, WA was first ofr followed by Gresham, Oregon's one and only Dave Brown, who hasn't raced for five years. Next off was the old Brown pre-run Bug driven by the father and son team of Bill and Billy Ballester from Eugene, OR. They were followed by another father and son team, Chris and Perry Warren of Bend, OR. Ken Dare of Loraine, OR took off next in his historic single seater followed by still another family affair, the Silbaughs of Bend and Rainier, OR, in their trusty two seater. Last away was Audie Brook from Tacoma, WA, driving his brand new Class 5 Bug in his first off road race. Chainey came to the race alone and was only going to go a lap or two because of a bad back, but found t_he help of Kielian and John Johnston to his liking, recruiting them after Kielian tore up two transmissions ending that team's hopes and dreams for the day. The Silbaughs fried another motor; their day ended without finishing a lap. But they had two cars running i11 this race, so they had plenty to do. The Warrens had trouble on lap 2, burning a hole in one head, but made a good effort to replace it and continue on, only to have terminal engine problems on lap 4. Audi Brook's first ever race was plagued with engine overheating problems. He spent lots of time in the pits before finding a plugged oil filter, but still finished fifth. Dave Brown used this race to shake down his new Class 5, breaking in a new engine late Friday night and getting no pre-run time. He still placed fourth after a layoff of five years. It was Californian Gene Griepentrog combined a family reunion type trip with the Millican race. ran in the Pro Class in his Class 9 Lothringer. and ended up second in the entire class with his limited mods race car. Joe Chainey with good help from A.J. Kielian and John Johnston had a good run even with the extra pit stops. and the group won the Sportsman Buggy -good to see Dave back. The Ballesters, bent on having fun, ran their old Bug to a fine third place, having only a shock problem along the way. The battle between the Chainey and Dare cars was heating up to good proportions. Dare changed drivers and took on fuel once. Chainey got out after three laps and inserted John Johnston behind the wheel. John had never driven before but did a really good job, besting Chainey's times. Johnston got out after three laps and Kielian took over for the remainder of the race. Dare had a two plus minute lead at the white flag, but Kielian was turned loose and asked to pick up the pace. He finished some ten minutes ahead of Dare for the first place prize, and the transmission still worked trophy by a full ten minutes. • ------------------------------------------------~~--Pagc34 January 1991 Dusty Times

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Gordon Scott had his Jeep in the early lead in Pro 4x4 action. but drive shaft and a front hub failures put them down on time and second ,n class Ken Dare·s older short wheelbase car 1s called 'histonc' but it Lloyd Kruse and company had a f,ne day 1n the Oregon desert 1n was fast enough for him to drive right into second place in the the two seater. had suspension troubles all day but took third ,n Sport!!.1:_~n Buggy class _________ _ __ ___ Pro B'!..F?J!Y Class. and they drove the car to the trailer. Amazing! The Sportsman 4x4 class was the largest of the event, eight cars strong. Terry Silbaugh won the first start position (some say it was the beer provided the night before) but elected to let Genelle Standiford start first. (Some say that was beer related too). Joe Kellogg from Yakima, WA was next in his Mitsubishi pickup. Sam Smith of Clackamas, OR broughtouthisbigDodgeandleft Dennis Smith was the first thedayonlap6.Standifordand next, followed by Dennis Smith casualty on lap 1 with the roll cage Silbaugh got in six laps, also of Central Point, OR in his Chevy and shock mounts breaking from breaking a motor mount along the 4x4 pickup. Lavone Cox of Bend, the frame. Wanting to eliminate way. A quick welding job patched OR was next in his Ranger, then further damage he elected to park it up, but they dropped out on lap Tony Allen from. Brookings, OR and watch. Frazier had a flat, a seven. Tony Allen was having no in a Blazer. Ed Morrison of broken torsion bar and a blown problems when we talked to his Pendleton, OR took two years to radiator hose ruin his day on lap crew, but they disappeared on lap build his 4x4, and left one minute 3. Ed Morrison had new car/carb 7 with no troubles reported. after Allen. Brett Frazier of Berid, problems, and he went out on the Lavone Cox ran a heck of a good OR was last off the line in the third lap also. Sam Smith had race for his first time out in the Sportsman 4x4 class in his 4x4 several body parts fall off and had Ranger, losing time after having a Toy. a flat tire, then dissappeared for flat, then discovering that his spare tire mount had broken off and he had no spare. Cox still finished a good second, just 25 minutes back of first. Joe Kellogg had a seemingly unfixable break to the upper right A-arm and a flat tire but the team make a remarkable recovery to push the Mitsubishi to the class victory, a win that was a long time coming. The firs_t and second place positions were not decided until the very last lap of the rac.e. 14TH ANNUAL ADRA SNOWFLAKE BUGGY BASH into the course and checkpoint personnel prudently avoided being in the way when we thundered in. The new engine ran very well, and we were third overall in the Sportsman class, the only Class 4 running, and we did get to pass Mike Woods/Darryl Heint: in a Class 5. Woods was not having a good day anyway. Then, to add insult to injury, we rudely dusted him; he only completed one lap, and it wasn't man, a few minutes behind Sam Carlise in his pretty Dirtrix Class 5. Another Dirtrix car was second with John Raitter at the wheel, while another Allison won the division overall. Jim's old Hi Jumper was perfectly matched to the relatively smooth course. See, there are races suitable for those old Garage Queens. You don't even have to dust them off; just bring them out "as is." Steve Cheuvront Wins Overall R:-i A.H. Tdli.:r Steve Cheuvront won the 1991 Snowflake Buggy Bash by virtue of super consistent driving. His lap speeds never varied more than I .5 percent as he came from behind to defeat Steve Melton at the finish line. Melton, in his first Pro race, physically held the lead for all seven laps, but Cheuvront took the elapsed time lead during lap 6 and won by slightly less than three minutes on the dock. Melton's last lap was three minutes slower than the winning Class IO Chenowth; a spark plug wire had come adrift, and the 25 percent reduction in power certainly may have affected the outcome. But, make no mistake! Cheuvront was on a roll and driving extremely smoothly and aggressively. He was not to be denied, finishing immediately on Melton's rear bash bar taking the overall and Class IO honors in the Rabbit powered Chenowth, while Melton was second. The race course was littered with disabled cars. One car that had no hassles was the flame beaux 2-1600 of Team Pierce, who sailed on in with a fine third overall and the class win. Tony -rierce and Steve Griffith ran strong for four laps, then turned the car over to Kelly Reedy and Rill Carey. After a 'pre-run' lap, Kelly proceeded to better Pierce's fast lap, running just a hit under 4 7 mph on the seventh and final circuit. All three 1600s finished with Blue Penrod's Raceco taking fifth 0 1 A with Bill Krug right behind, and Krug's car has front arms built around the stock parts! The last entry to cover all seven laps was that of Walt Baranick, who, while having a tough day, still did 'alright' by his reckoning. Walt had come off a class win at the previous ADRA Flagstaff race, where his two boys, Mike and Steve, had also won their ATV classes. Walt likes those first place trophies, and the cash! Not a mile from the start he had throttle cahle problems, quickly remedied, and next he tore off a front brake line. He got a quick pit fix, crimping the brake line off Dusty Times with Visegrips, which were duct taped to the shock upright. Braking was a hit dim, hut he then lost second gear, a real problem on this flat and fast course. Co-driver Frank Fleurquin buckled in on lap 5, and turned some laps at 46 mph, proving "We don't need no steenkin' brakes". A couple of well built and well detailed cars were both unfortun-ately saddled with some technical problems. Robert Gayton 's RX 7 rotary rocket in a FodFab Chaparral has my vote as the correct idea of keeping it simple and light, with no valves to float, and they are light and reliable. On the down side they can be hard on drive train components due to the explosive power delivery in the upper rpm ranges. Gayton 's engine is said to have a power hand spanning from 2700 to 11,200 rpm. These things can he ear-husters, and Gayton said he wears ear plugs when he drives it. By doing his homework Robert has kept the explosive power under check, allowing him to run a lighter and cheaper hus trans, and he does not need secondary rear suspension with the lighter weight. After many problems the exhaust system now is made of .120 wall stainless steel. Still Gayton lost a CV on the first lap, and had trouble locating an inner flange, resulting in a 72 minute first lap. But once under way he turned laps well over 50 mph and won Class 1 and was fourth overall. Paul Nolte's mid-engined aluminum V6 Pontiac powered buggy shows a significant amount of innovation and thought. Using a two-speed Powerslide transmis-sion, "the poor man's Lenco", the mid-engined car features a Halibrand quick change rear end, and looks from the rear like a fugitive from the Bonneville Salt Flats. The wheelbase on the Jack Woods built car is a whopping 127 inches, and the engine nose is right in the driver's back. The unusual geometry would take some getting used to, particularly around sharp corners. Paul_ said this unusual drive train is cheaper and easier to work on than a Porsche Hew land setup, but it has technical teething troubles, this time a gear failure in the quick-change, Maybe next time. A list of Losers includes Shannon Schultz, in Jim Pierce's old Funco, rolled on the first lap doing in the front end. The pair of two seat Chaparrals of the Brown & Brown team and Vandour-is/Lindhorst, the latter a rare tandem, and the also rare Jerry Everett T-bird engined car, suffered race terminating failures. Emmett Warren blew a corner early on, caught a real tough juniper, and tore off a stub axle. After field repair Frank Thomas took over the controls, proceeding to drive as ifhe was racing a closed course event. He lost a lower end engine bearing, and it was trailer time. The usually consistent Strutt-mann Challenger T earn, broke a. rear torsion bar, replaced it and then got in five more laps. Torn was not at the wheel during the failure, hrother Mike Struttmann was, but they won Challenger class anyhow. Only seven cars completed all seven Pro laps, and Gayton won Class I honors at the flag. The Sportsman race was a gaggle of Classes 5, 5-1600, IO and a big Jeep. In order to get the proper feel of this race, I hitched a ride in Rich Severson 's CJ. Rich had a fresh high compression 401 under the hood and Stretch wanted to do a shakedown run prior to racing in the Gran Carrera in San Felipe. The Sportsman class is the way to get real world testing at a low entry fee . I had never ridden in the Jeep, and was surprised - it wasn't that rough! Rich is a smooth driver, but drove hard enough to spring a leak in the tranny cooler. Rich hadn't driven for months; after toasting the engine at the GRR Hassayampa River race, he had to fiscally regroup. He hit one tank trap on the 31 mile loop, and later took down a steel sign post, but dodged tree branches intruding January 1992 listed as an official lap. · The Smith and Wilson 5-1600 drew a nice crowd in the pits, as it had gone onto its top, and more. All corners were gonked and the roll cage tweaked in over the driver's head. This car was shedding bondo, having been over on its lid before; they got 5-1600 honors. Vicki Allison drove Steve Cheuvront's Pro winning Chen-owth Class IO to fourth Sports-It was raining during the Nervous (Novice) race. Theresa McQ, in Tom Murray's Vulcan radioed "I caught up to some-body! Now what do I do?" Tom replied properly, "Well pass or follow". The Chenowth fun buggy/sand rail, sans body, did the best, a decent 37 mph in the steady rain. The Wings got soaked, and real dirty, and won Novice honors. That's racing and that's fun. 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• WRC SANREMO RALLYE D'ITALIA Didier Auriol Wins For Lancia Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Didier Auria/ and Bernard Occelli won overall at Sanremo for the second year in a row, and also brought Lancia the 1991 Constructors· Championship. The French team dominated the rally from start to finish. Lancia has done it again! Didier drive for Lancia, without from the rain. Biasi on slid off at a Auriol's second consecutive win checking carefully to see if there bend and many others slithered at Sanremo has given them their was a place for him in the Italian around. Auriol snatched a one fifth world constructors' title team. While Ford confirmed that second lead over Kankkunen, but running, and finally broke his Delecour's recent public indiscre-nobody suffered too much. What personal run of bad luck this tions had been forgiven, and held was left of Sunday was spent season. Using Michelin's new open a place for him in the '92 trying to rest, ready for the run puncture-proof ATS inserts used team as number two to Biasion, over the asphalt stages that would for the firsttime in asphalt tires as they also announced that the begin at 1900. Minna Sillankorva well as gravel, the Frenchman Frenchman had been omitted voluntarily withdrew, having dominated the event virtually fromtheCatalunyalineup,saying gained one more starting qualifi-throughout. Toyota may have lost they needed the strongest team cation in her quest for the ladies their hopes of the constructors' for Spain! world title. title, but Carlos Sainz, after The rally route itself was the On Etape 2 it was the moment eventually finishing sixth, still object of critical attention from that Kankkunen had been leads the drivers' series. competitors. Once again the long dreading. No lover of asphalt With only three teams, Lancia, drive from Liguria in the west to rallying, let alone on such exacting Toyota and Ford going to Italy, Tuscany and Umbria in the east roads as those in the Ligurian there was a feeling that a lot of cut its way into the schedule, Hills, he clipped a rock and broke things were missing from San-though some five asphalt stages in a steering arm. With the tire remo. But, with little promotional the Ciocco region of North jammed under the wheel arch and opportunities for Japanese teams Tuscany broke up the monotony the skew rim showering the night in Italy, there was no purpose for on the first leg of the rally. sky with sparks, he struggled to the others to come along. Training had been a nightmare, as the end of stage 2 and, retired. There were dramatics leading local drivers caused trouble European champion Piero Liatti up to the start. Fina announced practicing earlier, so the organizers had to stop and change a wheel on they would pull out of rallying at wanted teams to train at night, in the stage. the end of the year after Lancia fog and rain, so they could not do The patriotic crowds cheered said they would only have two top a good job. when the radio announced Auriol drivers in next year's champion-After wee ks of inclement was leading and Lancias held the ship. Then there was the curious weather Etape 1, the superspecial top three places. It had been dry affair of Francois Delecour telling on the Sunday was, surprisingly, on the stage over the mountains, the world he was going to leave run in bright sunlight, but the but when the cars headed down Ford at the end of the year and track had not had time to recover the Autostrada early Monday YOU CAN'T FINISH THE RACE IF YOUR NUTS FALL OFF You can prevent this with the Nut SAFTBLOK Available from Racer's Tool & Supply. Easily drills safety wire holes in nuts and bolts. Heat treated nickel plated steel for long life. 9'' safety wire plier $41.50 1 lb .032 stainless safety wire $9.00 NUT SAFTBLOK $21.80 +· Shipping Call or write for our FR EE CATALOG of fabricating tools RACERS TOOL & SUPPLY morning, the rain and clouds descended. The spectators' ardor was unabated. Such was the traffic congestion that stage 4 was only open for the first 40 cars to pass, while stage 5, 9.76 km asphalt, had to be cancelled altogether. Tire choices were critical on the four remaining stages before the rest halt at II Ciocca. Auriol lost the lead to Biasion on stage 6 with a flat tire, and now only five seconds difference covered them The hills were a/Ive with spectators as Giovanni Manfrinato and Andrea Nicoli flash by in a Ford Sierra Cosworth en route to 13th overall and the victory, well deserved, in Group N. and Sainz. Trelles could not find his service trucks and had to do the three wettest stages on slick tires, falling from 10th to 14th. Delecour was the fastest Ford driver in fifth place. Biasion was in front when the cars headed southwards for the three gravel stages before Arezzo. Biasion had a broken shock and spun twice, losing his lead and Delecour dropped back with a flat behind Schwarz who broke a drive shaft. The race for up-and-coming Italians was hotting up. Leading this bunch was Andrea Aghini, while Liatti had climbed back to 11th, but the first casualty was Deila who rolled and retired. Clearly enjoying the international limelight normally denied him was Cerrato. With Sainz's Toyota pressing Auriol 's Lancia, the Italians weren't getting ready to celebrate a championship victory just yet. Arezzo reverberated to the sound of 60 cars heading off to the first stage of nine for Etape 3 at six a.m. The rain started to fall immediately in the Umbria hills, and hardly let up all day. The tracks became more treacherous than ever, and often ground level fog-like clouds wrapped them-selves around the hills. Auriol was in a class of his own, winning every stage except the first. Biasion was the only driver to match any of his times. Cunico crashed on the first stage, giving his rival Cerrato the international Italian title. Sainz gave chase, still troubled by the neck injury suffered in Australia. Although Delecour had no .serious prob-lems, Wilson and Fiorio had constant mechanical trouble. The organizers ~ere still having nightmares. Two more stages had to he "interrupted", the first when Cunico blocked the track, and later when a spectator had a heart attack, and this was to lead to argument later on. Schwarz got ahead of Cerrato and Biasion inched in front of S~inz, but then the focus centered on the Spaniard. He changed his gearbox after stage 18 and lost one minute penalty, two minutes delay; on the next stage he lost front drive and about three minutes on the stage and more than six minutes at the next time control. The world champion got back to Arezzo on Tuesday evening in tenth place. In Group N Manfrinato pulled further ahead when his Ford rival Bentivogli went off the road. De Mevius was now second, but his Mazda teammate Dionisio had bent his car on a jump the day before too badly to allow him to carry on. 4 7 cars were still in the event. Auriol's times were incredible during the day. On stages 15 and 16 he won by 16 seconds, on stage 19, 32 km long, by a remarkable 29 seconds. All the team Lancia drivers were using identical tires, so Auriol's times were simply driving skills. Delecour was relieved his car had not shared the problems of Ford teammates .. Lancia's hopes of having an impending celebration came closer to reality on Etape 4, as Schwarz, despite his competent protection of Toyota's interests, showed no sign of catching the Lancias. Without Kankkunen, the Lancia Martini mechanics took over responsibility of looking after Aghini, and were clearly impressed by the way the former Peugeot driver, the "Italian" Delecour" was going in his first event with 4WD and the first in the tricky Delta Integrale. The three stages, over by 0930, procee,~ed a long drive back down the Autostrada to Sanremo. This time the weather was different, it was dry! Sainz started his comeback, rising from tenth to eighth. Wilson changed a front differential and fell behind Fiorio; Fords were fifth, ninth and tenth. Gregoire de Mevius won the last three gravel stages in the Group N Mazda, but did not take the class lead. 4290 Bells Ferry Rd. * Suite 10634 * Kennesaw* GA * 30144 ~ (404) 924-4543 ~ c=;;:J 24 Hours a Dav i Days a Week ~ Rally champions do look like normal people. lr:1 a Lancia tent from the left, Italians Miki Biason and Tiziano Siviero pose• with rally winners Bernard Occelli and Didier Auria/ from France. At Sanremo there was a buzz and tensions about the rally. Firstly there were strange things going on with the times of the cars ahead of Sainz. Aghini was penalized 30 seconds for a push past a control, but this was removed. He had driven out on the starter motor, and there was an argument if this constituted a 'motor that was running' and later the penalty was reinstated, 30 seconds less for Sainz to catch up to gain another place? There was an argument about the interruption time on stage 12, originally given as 14m2 ls, Delecour's slowest 'normal time, so Liatti and Aghini had this time. Then it was decided that Delecour, who was simply slow in the.fog, must have had a Page 36 January 1991 Dusty Times

Page 37

Despite this slight mishap former world champion Miki Biasion Francois Delecour and Ann-Chantal Pauwels broke up the Armin Schwarz and Arne Hertz had the Toyota Celica GT-Four third on the stages, but on the last day a perhaps intentional timing error dropped them to eighth at the finish. and Tiziano Siviero continued to finish second in their home Lancia parade by having a good run in the Ford Sierra Cosworth rally in the Lancia Delta Integrate. and finishing fourth overall. ------------------------problem, so these drivers should and Wilson, power steering penalty, putting him behind both be given 13m56s, Cerato's real failure for Wilson and brake Sainz and Liatti. The timing rules time, a neat little 25 second bonus troubles for Wilson and Fiorio. It meant it was impossible to gain from the rally organizers. There was apparent to all that running this penalty through late arrival was a question about Lancia's fire three cars was over stretching the without being excluded, and extinguishers. system! The event livened up after because it was necessary to deal in There were few problems to the final stage when Armin factors of three minutes, Schwarz report for Toyota and Lancia, but Schwarz, lying third, checked into d rapped behind both i: hese Ford continued their sagas. the final control three minutes drivers. He was lucky that Liatti Rroken driveshafrs for Delecour earlier, incurring a nine minute had turbocharger trouble on the 1991 Sanremo Rally Results Didier AurioVBernard Ocelli F Lancia Delta lntegrale• Miki Biasion/Tiziano Siviero . I Lancia Delta lntegrale Dario Cerrato/Giuseppe Cerri I Lancia Delta lntegrale Francois Delecour/Anne Pauwela F Ford Sierra Cosworth Andrea Aghini/Sauro Farnocchia I Lancia Delta lntegrale Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya E Toyota Celica GT-Four Piero Liatti/Luciano Tedeschini I Lancia Delta lntegrale Armin Schwarz/Arne Hertz DIS Toyota Calica GT-Four Alex FioriOILuigi Pirollo I Ford Sierra Cosworth Malcolm Wilson/Nicky Grist CE Ford Sierra Cosworth 6:34:26 6:37:16 6:41:07 6:44:41 6:47:12 6:47:33 6:48:12 6:48:26 6:50:12 6:55:18 Giovanni Manfrinato/A. Nicoli I Ford Sierra Cosworth• 7:21 :46 Luisa Zumelli/Laura Julita I Peugeot 205GTI •• 8:18:50 Gregoire De Mevius/Herve Sauvage B . Mazda 323 4WD 7:36:51 .last stage. So Lancia finished 1-2-3, gaining their fifth consecutive constructors' title, Auria! winning his second victory in Sanremo in succession. Jolly having lost their sponsor for next year finally got their victory they longed for all year and their first world rally win since 1979. The world wondered whether Lancia would continue the season. W ere th~y worried that Kankkunen wanted to go to Ivory Coast and snatch the drivers' championship from Sainz, or that Biasion. wanted to finish his contract with Lancia with at least one more event? In Italy there are things you never know! 87 starters - 40 finishers "Group A & N winners •• Ladies winner Winner's average stage speed - 87.15 kph. Drivers Championship Points- Sainz 131, Kankkunen 123, Auriol 101. Constructors Championship Points - Lancia 168, Toyota 148, Ford 46. Gregoire de Mevius and Herve Sauvage were second in Group N Bruno Thiry and Stephane Prevot drove the Opel Kadett Gsi into in the Mazda 323 G TX, and they nailed down the FISA Group N 12th overall. first in class and they were also the first two wheel championship in Italy. drive finishers. World Rally News By Martin Holmes Sanremo is facing a challenge from Sardinia for World Rally Championship status. For many years the chances of promotion for the well funded Costa Smeralda event, run in Aga Khan territory in the north of the island, has been discounted because of its a II grave I stage content. To strengthen its claim to replace Sar,remo , asphalt stages are to be introduced on the ECR qualifier in 1992. FISA Rallies Commission's Guy Goutard publicly admitted that his promises made in October 1990 to reduce the number of qualifying rounds in the 1992 W arid Series from the present 14 had failed. He said it was now too late to make changes to plans for next year, but emphasized weakly that 14 qualifying events was a 'maxi-mum' and said that 'surely' the number of events would come down in 1993. There were widespread rumors that Lancia has decided their next rally car will be a coupe version of the Dedra, and this could be ready for competition in 1993. Plans for the competition debut of the 'mark 4' version of the Delta at Monte Carlo are going ahead, but will the current version be seen in competition anymore? Jacky Ickx's rally raid co-driver Christian Tarin has died from burns suffered after a horrendous accident on the Pharoahs Rally in Egypt. Ickx's prototype Citroen ZX went end over end, leaving Tarin trapped by his legs inside the car. Suddenly the car burst into flames, and despite being rushed to hospital in France, Tarin died some days later. A professional pilot, 40 year old Tarin became interested in rally Dusty Times raids after acting as personal pilot to Thierry Sabine, the founder of Paris-Dakar, who himselflater died in a helicopter crash. The accident happened in full view of Citroen's new competition chief Jean Todt, who was overseeing the Citroen team in person for the first time since replacing Guy Frequelin. Ivory Coast, please believe us, we try to love you but sometimes you make it hard. The 'enfant terrible' of the World Champion-ship was again held, but devoid of the razzmata:: that used to accompany the arrival of the big teams. However, it still presents those who dare to challenge the country's terrain a unique introduction to African rallying. Over the years the route has become smoother, no longer is this the crazy car wrecking escapade it once was, and it isn't . the same, because the people we used to know are no longer there. Ten years ago we could walk down the corridors of Abidjan's Hotel Ivoire and meet the sport's top stars, who are normally off limits, because they sensed that anyone who made the trip to West Africa to see them in action must be a true enthusiast. Shekhar Mehta, Stig Blomqvist, Hannu Mikkola were all people with whom you could pass time over a cup of coffee. But not now. Today's top rally people ar·e not to be seen anywhere in the town. They just don't come to the rally any more. One of rallying's miracles is that the Ivory Coast has survived so long as a qualifier on the W arid calendar. As a round in the African championship it fits the bill almost perfectly; the only imperfection being the difficulty presented to its regular contenders in getting there. Billy Rautenbach, t Zimbabwe champion and runner-up this year commented, "It is easi_er to send my car to London then Paris and down to Abidjan, rather than freight it across the continent. So I canceled my entry thereby losing the last chance to stop Zambia's Satwant Singh from winning the series." In the 14 years that world championsip rallying has come to the Ivory Coast we have come to learn and like a lot about the place. But all over this year there were false impressions that they were doing well, that they were rich enough to run the show properly. Still air travel in and out of the country had flexible schedules, despite confirmed reservation times. Yamoussoukro is a town where you cannot believe your eyes, looking great on the outside, but services are iffy, rental sometimes repossessed mid stream, and now refused to anyone who has anything to do with the rally. I do not know how long we will be goii:i,g to Ivory Coast as the crowds of spectators who once thronged the rally roads were absent, and the local people who eased our jobs in the past still try hard and I'll miss these people very much. With pressures on the calendar, one fears we won't see much of the place in the future, but a week in West Africa takes your mind off what happens in the rest of the motoring world, such as the sacking of Alex Fiorio and the dismissal of Alain Prost. The real world is a million miles away. FISA has acted in response to claims that some teams are illegally injecting additives to the fuel lines of their team cars by insisting teams fit scrutineering taps where the fuel lines enter the engines, rather than rely on fuel samples being taken from the tank themselves. This will be effective from the start of the 1992 season. CAGLE Fuel Controls Small & Big Carburetors End Load-up Problems More Top-end Power No carburetor can do this. The Fuel Control lowers fuel pressure when an engine is not making power. As pressure is lowered the needle-valve Improve Acceleration End Airborne Flooding Racing Benefits ~ closes sooner, and the fuel bowl level (ie the float) is lowered. The air/fuel mixture is adjusted from over-rich back to normal. it's automatic, the feedback signal is the change in engine vacuum. Ends engine load-up in the bumps and whoop-de-doos. Cleaner acceleration out of corners and bumps. Better driveability. Much better mileage. Approved for all SCORE/HORA vehicle classes. Intake manifold may be modified in accordance with SCORE/HORA rules. Field Reports-Mileage January 1991 Fast adjustment, fast response Ease up on the 'throttle, and the carburetor is adjusted. Nail it for instant power. Use a bigger needle-valve, bigger jets, and a higher float setting for more top-end power-without the usual low-end flooding. Available from: Racers report 25-50% better mileage. Support pickups 20-25%, sedans and small cars 15-20%, Class A motorhomes 10-15%. Your results may vary; full refund for 90 days from purchase. Field Reports-Emissions it cures a major problem in passing emissions tests, for street vehicles. Cepek, Raoe Ready, Harvey's Jeep, German Auto, McKenzie's, Northwest Offroad, Sierra Performance, Thompson's, S & S Machine, Dirty Parts. Also available from: Inglese Induction, Mikuni Carburetors, Clifford Performance, The Carburetor Shop-Ontario, The Carburetor Shop-Costa Mesa, AEM Advanced Engine Management, TWM Induction, Pierce Manifolds, Turbo City, Carburetor Research, Jackson Racing. Box 2536 Rolling Hills CA 90274 Service and Questions 800/327-7501 Page 37

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OFF-ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO First Event A Huge Success At Mountain Shadow Lakes By Don Holmberg/Kathy Reed Photos: Don Sto/J/Jiro/ Dan Williams. The El Paso Times /"; 1 t .«1 Alex Garcia brought his Porsche powered Chenowth from Juarez, Mexico, and swings through a soft turn here on his way to first overall PRO and he won by a good margin of time. Tranquil and serene Mountain Shadow Lakes in Hori.:on City, Texas, erupted October 5th and 6th with its first 150 Mile Desert Race presented by Off-Road Productions of El Paso. Featured were buggies, trucks, Jeeps, and Bajas on Saturday and three and four wheeled A TVs and bikes on Sunday. Entries for both days came from Ari.:ona, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico. Off-Road Productions' staffers and early arrived racers found Friday night cold as strong winds whipped across the lake threaten-ing tents and campers alike. Race day, Saturday morning, was crisp enough so that people were searching for jackets, but by race time, Mother Nature provided 1,1s with beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the high seventi~s. The race course, set up by Joey Vasque.: (Sportsman Open Buggy, Sportsman Quad) and Ed Monte (Beginner 250 Bike) was a terrific combination of desert terrain offering a challenge to both sets of racers. Pro buggies were off the line first with Alex Garcia of Juare.:, Mexico, in his Porsche powered buggy capturing'first overall with consistent thirty-two minute lap times on the twenty-one mile course. James Martin, Odessa, TX, placed second even with a trip to the pits to weld a lower control arm. Joe Leyva, El Paso, soon to celebrate THE BIG SIX-OH, came in third and quite tired after completing the seven laps. Tunie Molina, Las Cruces, New Mexico, broke down with suspension problems, but was-awarded fourth. Some of the day's excitement was the result of fifth place Cecil Robertson's splashy diving ... ! mean, flashy diving. Speculation is that Cecil, who hails from Odessa, TX, got bored and went fishin' when he launched off the last jump into the lake. Cecil wasn't hurt, repaired his ride and was hack racing in less than an hour. His wife says she's gonna trade in his driver's suit for some scuba gear. The next course map will designate that jump as 'Cecil's Hump'. The Pro Sportsman cars had an excellent race with El Paso's Joey Vasquez nabbing first, followed by JeffHustin, Tuscon, AZ, in his GTI powered Baja. Tom Goudy, Alamagordo, NM, drove to a third place finish, followed by Don Holmberg, El Paso, sidelined with a sheared, defective axle. Don's buggy was blocking the course on the rock hill before Check Point# 1 and while pushing it clear, he was yanked off his feet and dragged down the hill until he . jammed his legs under a rear wheel to stop the car. In the 1-2-1600 Class, Larry Salcido, El Paso, drove the Johnny O's Nude Nigh·t Club buggy to first place, followed by Richie· Monroe, El Paso, in the buggy sponsored by Bob Hoy's World Automotive Market. Larry finished the race by unravelling his side net to make a hand held throttle after the cable broke. He didn't have enough material to reach the foot pedal, and he said he really had his hands full. We run beginner classes in our racing schedule because we firmly believe an influx of 'new blood' perpetuates the sport. This belief was proven by Andy Fuller, El Paso, driving a farm implement and terra tired sand buggy owned by his Dad, Cliff, to first place Beginner Buggy. Cliff and Andy, who own several sand rails, are already pJanning a 1600 car. Another one hooked! Second place went to Terry Johnson, followed by Abel Gomez, Brandon Chandler, and Bob Wilkinson. First place Truck/Jeep Class was the Jeep of Woody Woodruff of Fat Boys' Racing, sponsored by The El Paso Jeep Club and Micro Precision of El Paso. Terry Merrill, Truth or Consequences, NM, was second on a wild ride in. his super clean Bronco. Terry landed sideways after considerable air-time and almost lost it; it would have been his first rollover and scared him plenty. Third place, Jim Augustine, El Paso, had ago at 'Cecil's Hump' by standing his Chevy Luv on its nose for several seconds.Jim arrived in the pits to a standing ovation after having a brief, but intense conversation with his Higher Power which righted the truck, shiny side up, no injuries and just a few new tweaks in the sheet metal. The 5 162nd Air Defense Artillery Battalion, 11th ADA Brigade, Fort Bliss, Texas, commanded by L TC George Nelson, provided a Humvee equipped with display stingers. The vehicle, manned by Special-ists Grossman and Watson, was the subject of avid interest by racers and fans alike. We all wanted to see 'em do a couple-o-hot laps, but it was out there on the condition that it was a static display only ... rats! There are always many people to thank for their unselfish donation of time, that without ; them, there would be no event. ,The El Paso Jeep Club did an outstanding job monitoring the checkpoints, directing medical and chase personnel, and con-trolling race traffic. BIG thanks to SGT. David B. Walker, and his wife, Marilyn, and Specialist Robert Baker, Center Military Police Company, Fort Bliss, for their volunteer EMS services. Also to mention are Donald Sparks, Chase Vehicle; Kathy Reed and her bunch, Scoring; and Stan Reed, Pit Boss, Start-Finish Boss, whose moves avoiding racers pumped with adrenalin, and those suffering 'brain-fade' should earn him the envy of The New York Ballet. We thank our sponsors, for without their assistance we'd been hard pressed to bring off road. racing back to the El Paso area: Mountain Shadow Lakes, Casa Nissan, Mr. Yamaha, Misters Hunt, Booth, and Hartley of MATCO Tools, . E-Z Rider Motorcycle Parts & Service, Avila's Mexican Rest-aurant, Johnny O's Nude Night James Martin flies over the last hump in his Class 10 Funco on his way to second overall Pro. Martin recently ·won a race at Notrees, Texas, and is a regular on the Midwest Off Road Racing circuit Joey Vasquez, who helped set up the course. sails high over what is now called Cecil's Hump. Joey placed first in the Pro Sportsman category. The desert course was fairly soft in many areas around Mountain Shadow Lakes, but Jeff Hustin got his G Tl powered Baja Bug home second in Pro Sportsman. Cruising through some S bends Larry Salcido kept hts 1-2-1600 racer in fine shape, and he won the class in the Johnny O's Nude Night Club car. Richie Monroe kicks up a small dust cloud, and despite having ignition trouble on the course, he kept it going to take second place in 1-2-1600 action. Pagc.38 Starting his first ever off road race Andy Fuller takes the Green and did a fine job in the rail and won first place with a finish in Biginner Buggy Class. January 1991 Wood Woodruff taking the starting flag along the lake shore, and his Fat Boy's Racing Jeep won top honors in a combined class of Jeeps and trucks. · Dusty Times

Page 39

Club, PABCO Portable Buildings, Border Yamaha, Motorcycle Express, 4-Wheel Center, and American Automotive & Diesel. We appreciate the news coverage by the two pre-race stories and results story in The Fort Bliss Monitor, and after race coverage by Dan Williams of The El Paso Times. Dan came out on his own time and used his own photo-graphy equipment. He apologized for the lack of depth on Saturday's racing and no coverage on bike day, upon his return to file Saturday's results, he was rushed to a local hospital with severe abdominal pain caused by kidney stones. He is OK ... AND, WE THANK YOU, RACERS AND FANS WHO SUPPORT OFF ROAD RACING!!! ~ : -OFF•ROAB RABING -TEAM - .. , "Tht.> Straight Poop From The Bi[! Wah::oo" BAJA 1000 -Problems are· seemingly becoming the norm rather than the exception at this, the granddaddy of them all, The Baja 1000 race. This race was delayed when Ensenada officials decided at the last moment that the race cars should not race through town as previously planned. SCORE quickly recov-ered by organizing a parade through the city and a restart on the backside of town. Also delaying the start was a Mexican rancher located in the first part of the race course that was singing a familiar song; "I haven't been paid and I ain't unlocking these gates until I am!" After this was also resolved, the race finally got going, but with the last race ·vehicle not leaving the line until after one in the afternoon. both the Weatherman and BARRA were finally allowed to proceed up to the top of the mountain to set up their equip-ment, but only after a significant delay. Sadly it would appear that, contrary to what Sal told us the last time he attended a Checker meeting, SCORE still apparently places radio communications, i.e.-racer's safety, on the same level of importance as that of his dealings with the Mexican ranchers. On the bright side, apparently after working together at this race, the Weatherman and BARRA have reportedly established a good working relationship at long last. Seven Checker cars finall-y started this race and four finished. Frenchie and Russ Welch fixed their Gold Coast steam engine and brought Dan's Class 10 car in for a fine second place finish. Seeley continued on with his string of second place finishes at this race too, as he and Ty Goode had another good race in George's Class 5 car. Hawks and White, two prospectives from the Checkers M.C., grabbed a fourth place in their Challenger car, as Chase and Urquart had a respectable eighth in the open class. Good race guys! Sadly the Cook's DNF'd this race and saw the overall points title go to the Class 10 winner. The Wahzoo would like to take this time, on behalf of all my fellow Checkers, to say congratu; lations guys, ya had one hell of a year. To run well enough to have the overall points lead on two different occasions during the season, while running in one of the sports smaller classes, is quite an accomplishment. The Wahzoo salutes all those Darryls from Palmdale. Greenway also DNF'd when he lost the tranny big time in his Open two seater early in the race. John Becker, the Oklahoma doctor who was awarded comp-limentary Checker pit support for this race because of his display of sportsmanship at the last 1000 when he pulled his 5-1600 car out of the race to attend to that terminally injured Japanese motorcycle racer, got about a third of the distance before he broke his Bug and parked it. Richard Young showed up to race his Open single seater but was not allowed to start because he forgot to install a spark arrester on it. Mumbles, after he got his entry money back, reportedly took a high speed trip to San Felipe anyway, before parking it at beer-thirty to watch the rest of the race. Although the Club did not pick up a win at this 1000, the Another problem that created a lot of controversy was the water hazard unexpectedly encountered by the racers on the in and out · section of the course corning and going from the start/ finish, where no pre-running had been allowed. A widely believed rumor quickly spread that a disgruntled local rancher had purposely diverted irrigation water onto the race course, which quickly created a truly spectacular combination off road mud bog and parking lot. After getting through it in daylight, the racers could look forward to another crack at it near the end of the race, but in the-dark. Confusion and frustration reigned at 'Fish Lake' as leads changed hands and racing often slowed to a stop. Sal, on the other hand, insisted that it was simply run off from an earlier rain storm, and therefore all part of off road racing. 'Checkers thoroughly covered this course with eight outlying pits, Captained by Malacca, Files, Lane, Moore, Hawkins, Loggins, Miller and Crowley. All dispens-One problem that could not be blamed on an act of God was the fact that the Weatherman once again had problems getting up on Mt. Oiablo to operate our Racer's Relay. In a strange twist, a couple of smaller race team radio relays were given permission, but both the Weatherman and the BARRA group were denied access. This was doubly confusing since SCORE has recently been insisting that all of the racer's radios have their special ern-ergenc y medical frequency installed, a freq that's supposed to be monitored by BARRA? Obviously, everybody's not on the same page here. After a while . ing quality trail side service, as usual. Dusty Times CHECKERED FLAG -With . the recent running of the Baja 1000, the Checkered Flag appears again with a list of the Checker members who have established the Checkers past winning tradition at this special race. The following Checkers have victories at the Baja 1000 thru 1987: Al Baker,John Boyer, Carrol Oitson, Mike Gaughan, Ron Graham.Jeff Hibbard x2, Steve Holaday, Steve Kelley x2, David Kreisler, Gary Leupold, Lenny Newman, Mike Patrick, Marty Reider, Terry Smith x2, Jim Sumners xS, Jim Taber and Russ Welch x2. Definitely a winning tradition for our newer members to build on and continue. ELECTIONS -Anyone that failed to make the Club's special election meeting missed what may be remembered as a turning point in the direction that the Checkers take in '92. As one of about five candidates running for Club President, Hibbard got up in front of the Club and rattled on for over 20 minutes about the decline of the Club's attitude. With the members complete attention, Jeff simultaneously berated a lot of the members for their recent lack of Club involvement, while also detailing. a long list of things he promised to do to turn the Club around. Jeff also asked the members to give him the help he needed to fulfill all his campaign promises by also voting for Dunn and Harman. After he finished there was a mixed response, but apparently enough members either liked what they heard or remembered what he had done when he was President before, that Jeff was voted in as the Checkers next Prez. The members also gave Hibbard the help he asked for by also electing Butch Dunn as Vice President and Mike Harman as Club Secretary. In a tight race with one of the Dugout's waitresses, Steve Burack won yet another term as the Club's Treasurer. For the past 17 straight years the ever changing membership has consistently, year after year, had the same opinion on who to let handle the money; "Hey man, give it to the religious guy". This has proved to be sound logic, I mean if ya can't trust a guy that.spends his spare time helping to build a church, then who the hell can ya trust? In a classic example of the fox now guarding the hen house, the Club elected it's first regular Sergeant at Arms in a few years. Next year one of our most often fined members will be · in charge of policing the rest of us, this is in keeping with the tradition of strange, but often effective Checker decisions of the past. David Allen Pick will be our new Sergeant at Arms. The Wahzoo would suggest that those who have abused their 'Pick-Your-Part' privileges in the past should consider keeping a tight lip at the meetings for a while, or at least until Dave burns himself out. The Wahzoo congratulates all our new Club' officers and predicts that in January, after they take over, the Checkers should definitely have some interesting Wednesday night meetings for a while. HORA/SCORE Series -Ap-parently the decision has been made and 1992 will see HORA split from SCORE and put on it's own enlarged points series. Look for their new series to have an additional Barstow race in January, two races at Willow Springs and maybe even a race in Utah later in the year? TROUBLE in MINT CITY -Peralta 's proposed revival of the old Mint 400 Race ran into problems that caused it to be scaled back to something more aptly called the Mint 40, as it became a short course race out at the Speedrorne. Then about 10 days-before the event, the race had· to be called off for lack of entries. Now who was that guy that said, "You can fool some of the people January 1991 some of the time" and so on? Hey Lou, what the hell? I guess that's racing, something you probably know more about than most of us. AW ARDS BANQUET -The Club's Annual Awards Banquet is scheduled for January 17th at the Knollwood Country Club, and as last year, Doctor Checker will reportedly serve as the M.C. Tickets are available at the weekly meetings or call Burack for instructions on how to use our new Checker system called FAX-MONEY. Dinner, open bar and lots of yuks for 30 bucks. Be there or be square? General Thompson, the Grand Kingfish of the IDRA and fellow Checker member recently pleaded with me to make it clear in this column that just because I'm using his post office box, that doesn't mean that HE's the Wahzo9. Ya taking a little abuse, huh Pard? Originally, when I asked for this favor he wanted no part of forwarding my mail, but shortly thereafter I was lucky enough to stumble onto George's secret fascination with poly-urethane and we quickly struck a deal. So if ya write to the Big This is the system run by most off road race winners Wahzoo at Box 1683, Ojai, CA 93024, you can rest assured that I'll get it, or else! right George? And finally, the Wahzoo would like to sincerely wish every Checker member and his immed-iate and legal family a very Merry Christmas and a. Happy New Year, and yeah? that includes you too Sal. Also, since this is the last column of the year, the Wahzoo would like to thank all my brother Checkers who consistently supply me with what seems to be an endless amount of fun things to write about. Plus a special thanks to the 'Lil Wahzoo and all my other spies for their valuable contributions throughout the year, all contributing to the accuracy and good humor that this column always attempts tc present. Remember, this column is written Strictly for fun, along with all the inside information I can.scrape together thrown in for you guys with a weaksuck sense of humor. We're all Checkers! A Few Good Men, Establishing Off Road Excellence In The Desert, and proudly moving into our 20th year. So keep active -it's cheaper than a boat and a lot more fun! TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME JEEP STRAIGHT 6 "NEW SUMMER SPECIAL CHROME" 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 39

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1991 VORRA FINALE AT PRAIRIE CITY They Saved The Best For The Last By Daryl Smith Photos: John Ames/Matt Marcher With a victory m the second Class 1 2 heat Sam Berri wrapped up his season championship. then he came back in the final race to win the Winner- Take-All Dash for Cash that closed out the 1991 VORRA season. __________ ,.__ With class points titles still in doubt and the season riding on one race, 70 drivers gave VORRA race fans the most exciting racing of the season at the VORRA All Pro Auto Parts Sea~on Champ-ionship October 20 at Prairie City OHV Park in Sacramento. The Championship 1991 had all the makings of a memorable event even before the first green flag. T earn Verling, who had taken victories at the Yerington 400 and the Virginia City 200, but had not raced at the Prairie City short course all season, confirmed rumors that they would race the championship, adding to an already high powered field in Class 2. Mike Bishop, preparing to clinch his fourth consecutive Class 9 title at this race was also preparing for his last race in the Challenger class before teaming with Joe Falloon in Class 2 next season. VORRA promoters Ed and Jenny Robinson pulled out some stops themselves scheduling mechanics and women's races as well as a Dash for Cash, bolstering an already busy day of racing. So it was with an air of ~nticipation that the 15 car Sportsman Novice field took to the one mile Prairie City course to start the day's racing. Ron Ernst had pole position and took the early lead, but the focus had to be on Floyd Haas and Mike Liver-more. Haas had problems with his Mini Mag here last September en route to a disastrous outing. Livermore, however, went home with an overall fourth on the day, snatching the overall points lead and setting up the showdown on Championship Day. Haas was more than up to the challenge this day, overtaking Ernst for fin;t and extending his lead over Chris German, who also passed Ernst. By lap 3 Haas had opened a huge lead on German, Ernst and Rick Hodge. Hodge was making moves of his own though, overtaking the slumping Ernst and closing to within a car length of German. Hodge was gjving the 16 year old German a run for his money until a blown right rear tire knocked him out of the heat on lap 5. By lap 6 Haas was well on his way to avenging September'.s disappointment as well as inching closer to Livermore in the points standings. The rear race now was shaping up for second place between German and a rejuvenat-ed Ernst. By the eighth and final lap German held a slim two second lead over the oncoming Ernst. That lead got even slimmer as Ernst closed in on German's bumper halfway through the final lap. As Chris German's father, VORRA veteran Don German, CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279.2509 HELMET $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 looked on alternately cheering and yelling instructions, the · younger German found something extra in dad's old Jeep and managed to hold Ernst off at the finish to take second in the first heat. Haas' first heat win combined with Livermore's disappointing seventh place raised the stakes that much more. Could Liver-more, in the last heat of the last race of the season, coax a stronger performance out of his car and take the title? For Haas, what better way to put September's problems behind him than wresting the novice crown from Livermore on the last day of the season? Rick Hodge took the quick early lead in the second moto, followed by Livermore, Tim Mack, Haas and Chris German. Midway in the eight lap moto Hodge had extended his lead over Livermore, but Haas wasn't done. Haas passed Mack and started his attack on Livermore, who doggedly held off Haas as long as he could. But the Mini Mag was just too much, taking Livermore on the inside a quarter mile from the start/ finish line. Haas was able to hold on after that crucial pass, fighting his way from fourth place in the later laps. But, for Haas it was a case of too little, too late. Even though his two heat sweep assured him of the day's overall honors, it still wasn't enough to loosen Livermore's grip on the top spot in points. Though Livermore's second place in the second heat was only good for an overall fifth, it was still enough for Sportsman Novice honors. On the day Chris German had a strong outing, finishing second overall. Peter Marks' consistently solid driving paid off as he went home with the overall third after finishing fourth in both heats. . Floyd Haas Jr .. runs his Mini Mag 1n Sportsman Novice class. and he swept to victory in both heats. first in class on the day, and he just missed getting the season points championship too. The Sports vet class is very competitive. but Jeff O'Callaghan virtually wrapped up his points title when he won the first heat. and then placed fifth in the next round. · Bishop, meanwhile, paced the tiny three car Challenger group. Cook showed no signs in the early going of the problems that plagued him in the pre-run that morning where he broke a spring plate, placing the day in doubt for the Cook camp. Cook's problems seemed to resurface when, after being caught by Randy Miller and Keith Robb, Steve Bradford and Glen McAdon overtook Cook dropping him to fifth in Sportsman Vet. Miller held the tqp spot but Robb, O'Callaghan and Bradford were not far behind. Then O'Callaghan slipped into third, catching Bradford at the end of lap 2. Miller's lead was as short lived as ·Cook's as Robb caught him halfway through lap 3 and held a slim two second lead. O'Callaghan kept the leaders looking in their rear view mirrors, hugging second place Miller's bumper throughout the third lap and staying within -striking distance. The cagey. O'Callaghan 's persistence paid off. On lap 4 front running Robb blew an engine forcing him out of the heat. In the resulting.scramhle for the lead, O'Callaghan beat out Bradford while Miller dropped to third. O'Callaghan held a slight lead, but Bradford wasn't done by a long shot, staying right on the leader's tail. Just when the lead couldn't get any closer, it did! O'Callaghan, taking his car to the limit all day, found his toughest test on lap 8. With the race on the line on the last lap, he lost a right valve cover. With smoke and oil belching from O'Callaghan's car Bradford moved to within a car length of the leader. A gutsy piece of clutch racing down the stretch was the difference as O'Callaghan guided the disabled car across the finish line just ahead of Bradford. Randy Miller and Glen McAdon finished third and fourth respectively. In Challenger action Mike Bishop seemed on his way to concluding his Class 9 career in style, leading Donovan Skaggs and Paul Taylor in the early going. Skaggs, a friend and protege of Bishop's gave the three time Class 9 champ all he could handle in their two previous meetings at In Sportsman vet action, Jeff • O'Callaghan was looking to wrap ◄ A J<~RESH AIR HELMET AND BLOWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNJm FOR OFF ROAD USE AT A REASONA!ll,E PRICE BUILT AND BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LIGHT WEIGHT-REDUCES NECK STRAIN Page40 COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSEMBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONF. FULL YEAR SNELL SA85 APPROVED up his season points title, while in Class 9 Mike Bishop lined up in his last race as a Challenger driver. In the combined Sportsman Vet/ Class 9 moto, Sean Cook held down the pole in the Vet class, taking the early lead. January 1991 Glen McAdon took the Sportsman· vet honors for the day placing fourth in the first heat and then won the second heat in a fine drive to the victory, in the Greasy & Sons racer. Dusty Times

Page 41

Chr,s German put together a second and a third in Sportsman Novice action for second overall for the day. not bad for the 16 year old Jeep driver. Mike Livermore got the job done for his points championship in Sportsman Novice class with a seventh, a second, and fifth overall in the day's points. Troy Robinson ahd Herb Holloway came back from seventh in the first moto to place second in the final and take third on points in the Sportsm_a_n_V_e_t_ra_c_e_. __________ _ I Donovan Skaggs stayed on the Blue Max bumper all day, and he drove to a pair of seconds in the motos and second on points for the day's Class 9 action. In close Quarters here, Arden Dennington, left, finished third on · Ron Carter went north, had a little navigational trouble, but took the day in Class 1-2-1600, shown here dicing with the the 1 /2 class honors in his Class 10 car and also finished fourth Willaman/Canonic team. ~in.:.....=C:..:la:..:s..:.s_1..:.0_r..:.a_n_ks.:...· _____ ~---------_----------Prairie City and couldn't be counted out. Bishop, on his way to a fourth consecutive title, was able to maintain a slim but comfortable lead over Skaggs after three laps. Though Skaggs hung in with determined racing throughout the first heat, it was much the same story in Class 9. Bishop in front wire to wire for another heat win and class crown. In the second Sportsman Vet/ Class 9 heat, Steve Bradford had the Sportsman pole while Bishop's co-driver Gordon Tarbell spelled the class champion in the Challenger group. Troy Robinson knocked Bradford from the top spot early, grabbing the inside and overtaking Bradford off the green flag. Robinson got a good jump on Bradford, but soon heard footsteps of his own as Glen McAdon made his presence known. McAdon quickly made his move and snatched the lead away from Robinson. Now the new leader was trying to hold off Robinson, Scott Gerhardt and Bradford. By lap 3 Gerhardt started having mechanical problems and dropped off the pace, opening the way for O'Callaghan to slip into third. Gerhardt faded to fourth. Bradford, who fell from pole postiion to fifth by lap 3, called it . In his final appearance in Class 9 Mike Bishop drove to victory in the first heat. Andy Anderson, a Glen Helen veteran. ran wire to wire in front in the first then his desert co-dnver Tarbell won a close one ,n the second heat. a perfect 1-2-1600 heat. and came out of the pack to win the second heat also and post score for the day and another Class 9 Championship. a perfect score and collect the cash on the day. quits as mechanical woes forced Sports Vet title, all O'Callaghan held the two slot. Andy Anderson Tyler Mort in fourth and Ron him out on lap 4. Meanwhile needed was a respectable showing who started in the middle of the Rigsby in fifth. By lap 2 Anderson McAdon stretched his lead over on Championship Day and he pack squeezed his way into first had opened a comfortable lead on Robinson, and while all the came through with the goods early pushing aside the pole man the field, but Mort had moved attention was focused on the first taking an overall second on the Farrell. Dugan led a log jam in into third place, bumping and two, Rob Smith chipped away at day with a 1-5 showing. The team third place, tightly bunched with bogarting (;w-the leaders, landing in third on lap of Robinson /Herb Holloway , 5, in front of both Gerhardt and shrugged off a lackluster seventh O'Callaghan. in the first moto and came in That's how the vets ended up, second place, and took overall with Glen McAdon on top, third for the day. followed by Robinson and Smith. He didn't have as comfortable a For McAdon the victory in the time as his co-driver did in the second heat meant an overall win first heat, but Tarbell was able to on the day for the Creasy and eke out the second heat victory in Sons team. To capture the season Class 9, securing a sweep for Blue Max Racing. Tarbell saw his lead slip away after one lap, but regained it and never looked back. Holding a slim lead over Skaggs and Taylor through most of the race, Tarbell stuck to a game plan of agressive racing and it paid off. The final lap of the heat was a case in point. Skaggs started making his move on lap 7 and by lap 8 had closed the lead to 1 ½ car lengths. W hen Skaggs seemed poised to make a move, Tarbell would seem to anticipate a move and slam the door at the last possible moment. Tarbell played that game with Skaggs throughout the final lap, finally outlasting Skaggs at the finish line for the victory. BIGGER IS BETTER ~~,,::;;;~ ~ Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type ·1 I or Type IV or 930 C.V. joints. Convert Type 11 stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C.V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s can be threaded 3/e-24 or stock 8mm. All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be threaded 3/e-24 or stock 10mm threads. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND IIELLS °"ly $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN -SHAW ENG. Ken Ruff locked up his overall points championship in Class 1-2-1600 with a third and a second in the two motos, and he had to fight hard for those positions in both races at Prairie City. When the 1-2-1600s took to the track, Sean Farrell held down. the pole, while Dennis Dugan, in only his second race of the season, -!,;HIPPED BY UPS P.O. BOX 845 • 101 BROADWAY YARNELL, AZ 85362 (602) 427-3551 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED DustyTima January 1991 Page 41

Page 42

Wes Elrod usually does well at Prairie City, but he slipped to fifth Ace Bradford scored his best finish of the year with the VW ~i!:: ~1;s:c7;~~0, but won the second to move to third overall in Rabbit power, as he raced to a fourth and a second in Class 10 and was second on points. Leaping his Jeep past the spectators defending overall champ Don German took a second in the first moto and first in the second round to win the day's points in Class 4 in the Chevy powered Jeep. With the Class 4 championship already in hand. Chad and Josh Hall still won the first Class 4 heat. but were a dnf on the second, taking second for the day. Mike Povey came from Reno to race his modified 4x4 and he finished third. then second for third overall on the day's points in Class 4. Keith Robb put on his best performance of the year in Clas·s 1 /2. driving to a second and a fifth. which placed him second on points for the meet. Dana Va_nNoort en1oys VORRA racing and this round he parlayed a second and a th,rd in the two motos to first on pomts for the day in Class 10. C..- . his way through the Ruff popped upal~ostu~oti;ed. pack in a ro_ugh and tumble ~ hat prohahly went for other seco~d lap. With second place in front runners in the first heat also. his sights, Mort got over anxi?us The Denningtons and Ruff, quiet and late on lap 2 !ost control of his thrnugh three laps, showed up car, ended up otf the course, and with guns bla:ing on lap 4 . The lost three places, dropping to Denningtons overtook Rigsby fifth. and Dugan for third while Ruff Farrell maintained second place snatched fourth spot away from while Dugan had all he could Rigsby. handle trying to hold off Rigsby The Denni ngtons weren't for third. Dugan was trying to about to settle for third though. hang on to a half car length lead Their next target was second place over Rigsby. Dugan was so Farrell.Bythewhiteflaglap,they worried about Rigsby that Arden had taken Farrell too, Ruff had and Perry Dennington and Ken claimed third place and Dugan --:-RACER X ~----~-_-HOTLINE 1-900-535-9292 Ext. 889 * Latest off-road racing results * Trivia * Products $2.00 Per Minute • 24 Hours A Day Updated Weeldy Page 41 retook fourth slot on the white flag lap after dropping to fifth, holding on against a late charge from Larry Abreau. Andy Anderson coasted wire to wire in a fine, trouble free run to win the first 1-2-1600 heat. Abreau was the pole sitter in the second heat, but it was Ruff in second position who took the early lead. Ruff could take the 1-2-1600 title, so he left nothing to chance. running aggressively in the early going. As the cars were jockeying for position on lap 1, the team of Mort and Jon Havlick was forced off the track and out of second place. Anderson moved into second following that mishap and closed in on Ruff. Anderson shrunk Ruff's lead to a car length on lap 5 . Dennington kept things interesting closing the gap in third place. T he tide turned on lap 6 as A nderson finally ca ught Ruff. Midway in lap 6 A nderson extended his lead over Ruff to five seconds and did no t look back. Anderson, in a come from behind style, held on for the win and the 1-2-1600 sweep. Ruff, Denning-ton and Rigsby rounded out the slate. Anderson's sweep locked up the day's overall honors. But it was Ruff who locked up the season title with his overall second place finish. Arden and Perry Dennington went home with an overall third, the result of a 2-3 day. There always seems to be a wild card in Class 10 to shake things up. At September's Yerington 250 it was Utah's Mel Tom. In October the man was Ron Carter, fresh from his victory at the AMSA Fresno Fair event. Carter, who hails from Culver City in south_ern California made the trip up Interstate 5 in time for the race. Carter also drove in Class 2, and his lightning quick car put both classes on notice, setting the pace in both sets of motos. Carter demonstrated that speed from the outset in the first Class 10 moto, blowing past pole sitter Rick Philastre and opening a huge lead on lap 1. Dana VanNoort and Wes Elrod tried to keep pace in January 1991 second and third. Midway in the heat it was all Carter. Mike Gust, following in third got stuck, on a berm a half mile from the start/ finish on lap 5. Rick Philastre was struggling with a faulty spark plug wire. And even the speedy Dale Smith and Wes Elrod wereri't able to catch Carter. Ron Carter led from start to finish, taking the first heat victory in his first VORRA race of the year. VanNoort finished second, Elrod, third. In the second heat VanNoort had to fight off a strong challenge from Carter to retain the top spot off the pole position. Carter was determined to sweep his first VORRA race through, and by midway on lap 1 he had taken the lead from VanNoort. Carter wasn't the only busy one though. Elrod, who started last in a field of seven , came out of nowhere to take second at the end of one lap. VanNoort fell to third and Smith held fast in fourth. Carter seemed to be sailing along in the second heat, stretching his lead to a more comfortable margin over Elrod on his way to an apparent sweep in Class 10. Then came the final lap and the ditch. The ditch, a five foot deep trench occluded by brush a quarter mile ahead of the start/ finish area, is an infamous Prairie City trouble spot. Carter found out why, disappearing through the brush and into the ditch, putting him out of the second heat. Elrod was then able to complete his journey from last to first, outlasting a late charge from Ace Bradford and Van-Noort. Even though he finished out of the money on the day, Dale Smith clinched the Class 10 season crown. The VanNoort family has grown to like the Prairie City course. -After four years of frustration, Geoff won his first overall in July at the Summer Si.:zler here, taking a Class 2 victory. Now Dana, with a 2-3 day claimed an overall first as his own. Ace Bradford parlayed a 4-2 day into an impressive second place finish. Wes Elrod's first place finish in the second heat assured him of an overall third. And Carter, except for his race ending second heat mishap, would probably have taken overall first, settled for fourth in Class 10. Chad and Josh Hall had all but clinched the Class 4 title at the last race, so the brothers from Reno were relaxed going into action on Championship Day. Facing only two other drivers, VORRA veteran Don German and Mike Povey, the Hall Dodge was able to open a sizable lead that they never relinquished. The Halls, never threatened, took the checkered flag ahead of German and Povey. The second Class 4 heat saw German take the pole and a quick lead over the Halls and Povey. The Dodge made a brief run at the lead on lap 5, but German slammed the door increasing the lead. By lap 6 German seemed poised to win. T h e Halls, though fading q u ickly fro m t he second heat pict u re, were still doggedl y pursuing German's Jeep when a ruptured fuel tank on the final lap put an e nd to their season . Immediately a dangerous scene but it soon turned out to be more smoke than fire. Safety crews were right on the spot and no on.e was injured. After the smoke cleared German came out on top, Povey finished second. Don German's second heat victory gave him the overall win, while the Halls took an overall second and Povey settled for third in his Ford Bronco. In Class 2 action the roster read like a desert race: Larry Deaton, Sam Berri, Frank Gillespie and the surprise entry of Team Verling. Ron Carter, in his Class 10 car, opened the first heat in pole position. Dennis Kordono-wa y, winner of the season opener in Hollister Hills back in April held down the two slot. Carter, as in Class 10, jumped out to an early lead, but he wasn't about to run away and hide. Kordonoway and Verling were hot on Carter's heels, gaining ground on the leader. Verling, running an impressive third early on, did more to prove they belonged on Dusty Times

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Frank Gillespie turned a fifth, then a third place heat finish into third overall on the day in the fast and furious action in Class 1/2. Dennis Kordonowy was up and down the field, but won the first moto, then sank to seventh in the final, but was fourth on points for the day in Class 1 /2. Scott Stewart came from the middle of the pack in the Odyssey class to take second in the first heat, win the second heat and take first of the day on points. the short course, then slipping past Kordonoway into second. Gillespie was able to move to third in the scramble for position, dropping Kordonoway to fourth. With the pace that was being set in the first heat it was hard to blink without missing a position change. The front four were all doing average speeds in the mid 50s while negotiating the tight one mile course. By lap6 Kordonoway had regained second, dropping Gillespie back to fourth. Deaton gained three places in three laps moving into third. Carter, who at one time or another seemed to be fighting off three or four drivers at a time for the lead, saw his lead over Kordonoway dissolve to a mere second with one lap left. As ifKordonoway hadn't enough on his mind trying to catch Carter, Deaton had closed in on Dennis' bumper. With less than a lap left it was anyone's race. Kordonoway finally found an opening and darted past Carter for the lead. If that wasn't enough for the now second place Carter, he then blew a tire dropping him out of second and out of the money. With Carter out of the picture, Kordonoway took first, Keith Robb, second, Deaton, third, and the frustrated Carter was fourth. GeoffVanNoort, winner of the Summer Sider, took the lead from the green flag in the second heat, but Deaton quickly took that away assuming the top spot. Sam Berri uncharacteristically out of the money in the first heat, seemed to want to make up for lost time as well as salt away a class points title, surpassed VanNoort also. Kordonoway came from the back of the pack at the start to gain third. Kordonoway's chances to gain more ground on the leaders was snuffed on lap 3 as he rolled on the front side of the course. Kordonoway was unhurt but fell off the pace. Gillespie moved into third as a result and Berri gained more ground on front running Deaton, who held a narrow lead on Berri going into lap 4, both running at a torrid clip, taking the lap at an unofficial 56 mph. Berri continued to stay with Deaton through lap 5, and finally made his move on lap 6, passing Deaton for the lead. The hard luck bug bit Deaton as he broke an axle halfway through· lap 6, opening the door for Carter to take second. Gillespie took over third. Berri was able to hang on the final two laps for the second heat win, wrapping up the Class 2 points crown. Carter's second place gave him an overall first in his first VORRA Class 2 appearance. Gillespie turned a 5-3 performance into an overall third. GRR DESERT TOUR '91: ROUND 4 The Odysseys ran four lap motos at Prairie City and it was Ben Wald taking the huge early lead. Wald was en route to a season title before the race, and a strong showing here would make it academic. Mike Haas took second and Scott Stewart was third. By lap 2 Wald had started to coast while Stewart and Mike Berghold fought for third. On lap 4 Haas lost control just long enough for Stewart and Berghold to slip by him in second and third. Haas finished fourth. In the second moto it was all Stewart as he opened a large margin from the outset and never looked back. Jerry Waid was able to hold off Ben Wald at the end for second. Stewart picked up the overall win. Ben Waid got an overall second assuring him of the season title. Jerry Wald took third overall honors on the day in Odyssey class. . The day and the season closed with the Dash for Cash. A record 12 car group vied for the $355 winner take all cash prize. Sam Berri got an early lead in his Class 2 over Ron Carter. Randy Miller claimed the three spot. Arden and Perry Dennington slipped past Miller into third. And, after making a great save to keep his car on track midway throught the course, Wes Elrod ran fourth. Steve Melton Wins Overall Congratulations to the overall winner Steve Melton for his fine ~rformance at the Haunted Hills Classic, winning it all as well as his class hy eight minutes, in his Class IO Beard Chassis car with VW power. Taking second overall and the Class I honors was Tom Murray in a Woods, followed in two minutes hy the Class IO Hi _lumper of Jim Allison. Just another minute or so hack was Shannon Schult:, Class 10 VW, followed in hy the Class I of Nick Vondouris, and then the Class 5 Bug of John Ronnerud, sixth overall. Tom Struttmann won Class 9 and placed his Chenowth home eighth overall, followed in hy Jim Borel in another Chenowth who won Class 1-2-1600. It was a tough race on a tough course and only eleven of the twenty-eight actual starters finished the five lap event. On the mend are Jerry Finney and Robert Gayton, who ended up in the same hospital room after their separate accidents. Both men hurt their lower backs in "stuff it" type situations. We wish them both a speedy recovery. We also wish Class l driver Greg Holman well. He crashed a dirt bike while playing in Mexico the Dusty Times week before the race last October. He had held the overall lead in the point.s race then. Special thanks go out to our checkpoint crews, Rudy Warren, Joel Schildkraut and Greg Fout:, tech inspectors Jim Wihel and Jack Woods, computer whi: Roger Mann, Off Road Communi-cations' Paul and Judy Sigmund-son, Daryl and Carol Knupp and all the rest of the volunteer helpers, and last hut not least, Bill and Marilyn Graham. ORR also thanks Whiteline Racing and Larry Beale for the use of the Vulture Mine Property and sponsoring the great T-shirts. Since we sold out at the race, we are going to reorder. To get yours send your name, size and $10 to ORR. We also have a few ORR Desert Tour and Hassayampa Hop shirts for $5 each. BLM had no complaints about any racers, and everything looked good. The pit area stayed pretty clean too: thanks. ORR Desert Tour '92 looks good with six racers set and we plan to keep entry fees the same. But we could use some class reps to bring out more racers. Volunteers? We can always use checkpoint crews. Sign up today. Call (602) 263-5329. ORR is planning a mid-December party and meeting here in Phoenix to honor our. '91 champions, and don't forget the 1992 season opener, the second annual Buckeye Blast is planned for January 11. Prescott's Jim Allison is GRR's first Overall Points Champion! He edged out Tom Murray for the honors by just three points, winning his own Class 10 championship by 13 points. Bill Cook and Greg Holman were second and third behind Murray in Class 1. Reuben Wood and Steve Melton were second and third in Class 20. John Ronnerud ran away with Class 5, followed by Bo Curry and Mike Free. Borel and Dutton took Class 1-2-1600 over Tony Pierce, and Milt Moore bested Ron Gardner in Class 5-1600, while Tom Struttmann beat Vic Evans on points in Class 9. All alone in class Harbeck & Wood get the Class 8 trophy, Joel Schildkraut the same in Class 7 as is Larry Weiser in Class 11. 1992 race dates are January 11, Buckeye: February 15, Wicken-burg: March 28, Tonapah; May 9, Salome; October 3, TBA and November 7 ! Wickenburg. January 1991 After three laps Berri extended his lead over Carter, Elrod and Verling. But by the last lap Berri had run into problems, his car running only on three cylinders. Carter took the opportunity and ran with it, taking first place. But, for Ron Carter lightning struck twice in the form of the ditch that put him out of Class 10 action. Carter overshot a turn and, as in the Class 10 heat, found himself five feet below the track in the ditch. Berri, three cylinders pumping away, regained the lead holding · off Elrod and Verling. Elrod and Verling, both fierce competitors were in a rough and tumble fight for second when, a half mile from the flag, Verling bumped Elrod off the track. Elrod came right back with a shove of his own, going on to take second. Tempers cooled however, as both parties met and shook hands after the incident. So with Sam Berri's win in the Dash for Cash, another VORRA season ends. Watch for the 1991 awards ·banquet report in the next issue. AffENTION ALL PIT TEAMS Send in your tales of triumph and troubles to DUSTY TIMES soon after a race and it will be featured. SEND TO: DUSTY TIMES 5531 Derry Ave., Suite O, Agoura, CA 91301 UNDER THE BED TRIPLE SHOCK KIT 18" of wheel travel availfble, using 9" shocks. Fits almost any model pickup, Blazer, etc. Unlike stock shocks, these are on a very progressive ratio for better handling. Shock kit welds between frame rails and 2 shock brackets weld on the rear end housing. This kit allows wheel travel without the shocks sticking through the bed and ruining cargo area. Note: tall pipe must be relocated for Installation. FOR MORE INFO, WRITE OR CALL JOHN JOHNSON RACING PRODUCTS 619-443-5833 13525 LOS COCHES ROAD EAST EL CAJON, CA 92021 Pagc43

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Walker Evans Wins· and Dodge captures Manufacturers Cup in Last Race By Homer Eubanks Photos: Trackside Photos, Inc. Walker Evans started the evening by winning the first truck heat in the Dodge, got fourth place points in heat 2, and then captured the main event. the championship, and the Manufacturers Cup tor Dodge. The season finale for Mickey tire and manufacturers cups very Thompson's Off-Road Champ-much alive a lot was riding on the ionship Grand Prix was held at the participant's performance at Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, Oakland. CA on November 2. It was here From the driver comments the mat 35,116 fans saw history in track seemed to be of their liking. the making. It couldn't have gone A horsepower track! The basic down better if the event were track configuration was U-written by a movie drama writer. shaped, and offered more than The Grand National Sport Truck one place to pass. A short rough Manufacturers Cup challenge section was laid out just before came down to the final moments turn one. Then a left sent the of the final event. And once the drivers over a good size jump. suspense was over stadium racing When they landed, an immediate had a new king on the throne. left hander sent them over two Team Dodge, made up of Walker successive jumps. A right hand Evans and Glenn Harris, accum-turn introduced yet another ulated the points necessary to rough section. Another right turn topple the Toyota kingdom. offered two options. Both options Toyota has owned the Manufact- were equipped with rhythm urers Cup since its inception in bumps. The two option line, 1983 and were vying for their during practice, proved to be ninth straight championship. advantageous to the outside line, You did not have to be a sobeforeracinggotunderwaythe stadium racing fan to feel the track crew made some adjustment. tension in the air at O akland After the two options, both racers Coliseum before the race. Three met at a tight left hand turn that individual championships, and sent them left into a dog leg and the coveted manufacturers down a back straight with two _hampionships, as well as top tire jumps. The last left hand turn manufacturers honors were to be offered a full throttle shot at the decided at Oakland. W alker finish line jump. Evans had already earned enough Going into the first event of the points to be the individual Grand evening T earn Dodge enjoyed a 12 National Sport Truck champion point lead over Toyota. Toyota for 1992. Greg George had earned had whittled the margin from 19 the SuperLite honors, and Mike , by earning seven points for Craig, aboard a Kawasaki, had qualifying first and second fastest. earned the number one plate in This dramatic battle was the the UltraCross class. But with the closest points spread in series 1992 OFF-ROAD RACING CALENDAR The new 1992 Off-Road Racing Calendar with race dates and locations listed is now available for ordering. Calendars are $6.00ea +$2.00 shipping & handling. Pagc44 Mail personal check or money order payable to: M & M Enterprises 5318 Don Pio Drive Woodland Hills, CA. 91364 history, only equalling the margin that separated Toyota and Mazda back in 1988. With so much at stake, MTEG officials called a special meeting to inform the · Grand National drivers that each race would be closely reviewed by the Rough Driving Committee (RDC), and they were given notice that a decision may be made after the event to penalize a driver for undue roughness during the event. Once racing got underway, the Nissan of Roger Mears Jr. was positioned on the pole and Walker Evans sat outside. Glenn Harris was inside row two in his Dodge with the Ford of Rob MacCachren outside . Roger Mears' Nissan was inside row three and Mears had the event's second fastest qualifier, Ivan Stewart, outside. Fast qualifier Rod Millen shared row four with Ken Hodgdon. Willie Valdez and Joey Moore finished out the starting grid. Missing from the line up was Danny Thompson's Chevrolet. Thompson had bruised his tail bone during practice a week earlier and was unable to compete. In turn one the Nissan got up on two wheels and leaned against Evans, but Evans was able to hold on and took the early lead. Harris was arguing with MacCachren for second and Stewart had slipped into third ahead of Millen. Roger Mears Jr. almost rolled again in turn two. During lap three Stewart was able to get in front of Harris, and MacCachren was applying pressure to Harris in the last turn. At the half way point Evans had about three truck lengths lead while Stewart and MacCachren battled hard for second. Then during the battle Stewart began to smoke and had to pull over with a failed transmission (later reported to be a loose transmission supply line). Evans used the breathing space between himself and MacCachren to finish comfortably in first. January 1991 Brian Stewart had a good night in the UltraStock Toyota. winning the main event, his first in the stadium series. and he was fourth in the single class heat earlier in the program. Marty Hart does double duty in MTEG racing and in his super 1600 Chenowth he not only won the main event in a hard fought race. but he took second in his heat race, after his SuperLite events. Roger Mears brought his Nissan in third and Rod Millen crossed over in 'front of Glenn Harris. With only two races to go Dodge led the manufacturers points with 768 while Toyota trailed 743. Nissan sat in third with 621. The second heat of the evening were the UltraStocks. No inversions are used for this class so fast qualifier Larry Noel sat on the pole in his VW. Noel shared the front row with Brian Collins. Christopher Neil and Jeff Elrod made up row two. The third row was Jim Smith and Tim Lewis. Tommy Croft ·sat on the back row. Croft was leading in the points battle and had a lot of machinery to pass to secure the championship. Noel drifted over on the start, trying to squeeze out Collins, but Collins stood his ground. Back in the battle Tim Lewis got hung on the barriers. Once out front Noel ran away and left the battle between Collins and Neil. These two tangled several times before N eil was able to get some breathing room, but then here came Croft. John Gerjes got sideways in the final turn before the white flag and caused the pack to get strung out. Larry Noel took the victory but had his rival Tommy Croft in second. Third went to Chris-topher Neil and Brian Stewart crossed over fourth ahead of Tim Lewis. The win allowed Noel to gain considerable ground on Tommy Croft. Because of the straight up starting order no passing points were awarded. Noel will now go into the main event with 368 to Croft's 379 points. The third event involved 12 4-Wheel ATVs. The current points leader Mark Ehrhardt was in the line up hoping to increase his margin. On the start it was Derek Hamilton aboard a Suzuki that grabbed the lead. NiclasGranlund settled into second but had Erik Cobb in close pursuit. Cobb must have paid too much attention to Granlund and Ehrhardt slipped by. Ehrhardt then pressur·ed Granlund. But Ehrhardt ran out of time as Hamilton crossed over in first with Granlund second. Erik Cobb finished fourth and Young Jimmie Johnson made a clean sweep in Superlife action. winning the only heat race in his Briggsbuilt, and he came back to beat his teammate tor the main event victory. and he is just 16 years old. Dusty Times

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Rob MacCachren had his Venable Ford in contention in all three runs, with a second in heat 1 and third in heat 2 and third again in th0-wild main event. Roger Mears finished the stadium series with a good third in the first truck heat in his Nissan, but troubles dropped him from contention in later races. Marty_ Hart left, tries to nose ahead of Greg George in this traffic shot of SuperLites, and Hart carried on to second place in the heat race. Larry Noel races both Super 1600 and UltraStock with MTEG, and he won the first UltraStock heat in his final flight in the VW and placed second in the main event. He'll drive a Jeep next season. Keith DiBrino was fifth. The second 4-Wheel A TV heat had 11 riders, and all were on Hondas. Current class champion Charlie Shepherd stole the show early. ·shepherd appeared to have the victory in hand until the sixth lap. But as luck would have it, mechanical woes sent Shepherd back to the pits on the hook. Shepherd had come into the race 34 points down so this DNF didn't help his attempt to repeat his championship status. Second place Doug Eichner moved his Honda into the winner's circle after Shepherd dropped out. Greg Stuart was to take second place, while Craig Teel was third. Fourth went to Lars Burnside Jr. and J. Bryan Sandoval came in fifth. In Super Lite action a total of 11 cars lined up. Among them was Greg George, who had already clinched this class championship. When the racing action began the young Jimmie Johnson grabbed the lead. His teammate, Greg George slipped into second and Marty Hart trailed. Sean Finley positioned himself between Hart and Mercedes Gonzales. Before the first lap ended Greg George was glad he had the championship sewn up because he didn't have a front wheel to continue the race. Johnson was able to put some real estate between himself and Hart. But an intense battle for second raged between Hart and Finley. Another close battle was taking place for third between Gonzales, Rennie Awana, Terry Peterson and Joe Price. The battle for second had cooled by the fourth lap. But then it heated up on the fifth lap when Finley snuck up before th~ two lane option and passed Hart. But Finley didn't have the power going into the back section and Hart came off the jump in second place. At the finish line it was.Jimmie Johnson all alone headed for the winner's circle. Second went to Marty Hart, and third was Sean Finley. Mercedes Gonzales took fourth while Rennie Awana crossed over fifth. One event that was intended as intermission entertainment is the Pee Wee motorcycle racers. This is a group of four to seven year olds that are proving to be the future of off road racing. Once underway the leader took a good spill, the crowd immediately grew tense until, the rider jumped up Mitch Mustard foreground still had a shot at keeping his 1600 points title, and he won his heat and was looking good, but second in the main event in the Chenowth cost him the 1991 title by a.very slim margin. Dusty Times Kevin Smith started out strong in the 1600 Mirage, and he won the first heat race, but troubles dropped him from contention in the main event · competition. place. Hart grabbed third and fourth was Coyne. Mustard had pulled about six car lengths ahead of Nichols and Hart closed and temporarily took second on the third lap, but Nichols was able to get his position back. While Nichols and Hart fought it out Coyne laid back in fourth place waiting for the two to make a mistake. On the fifth lap Hart found his spot at the last turn and pulled into second place, and Coyne began challenging Nichols. While all the attention was on the battle for second and third Mustard was taking the scenic route around the track for a comfortable win. Second place went to Marty Hart. Third was Jimmie Nichols and Marty Coyne was fourth ahead of Gary Gall. and ran back to his cycle in true championship form. This event is not for points so the names of the racers are not reported, but each· deserved the tremendous applause they received. When the little fellows (and misses) were interviewed everyone was as-tounded when one of these miniature racers was quick to thank all his sponsors. Mirage chassis in this class that is dominated by Chenowth. Super 1600 heat two also had seven cars. Current champ, and closest contender to Arciero, Mitch Mustard sat on the pole with Marty Hart alongside. Bill Goshen and Gary Gall made up the second row. Then Jimmy Nichols, Marty Coyne and Aaron Hawley. Coyne had led the points battle early on in the season but was now in third. Mustard had little trouble . powering off into the lead but Nichols closed in for second With Ivan Stewart dropping out of the first heat race, Team Dodge entered the second heat with more confidence. Roger Mears Jr. sat on the pole with Dodge's Glenn Harris lined up outside of row one. Ivan had repaired the transmission and sat inside row two with his worst nightmare, Walker Evans,· alongside. Rob MacCachren and Roger Mears made up row three. Toyota's Rod Millen and Joey Moore were next with Willie Valdez and Ken Hodgdon making up the i;.,. The first set of Super 1600 drivers came out totaling only seven cars. Among the group was fast qualifier Jerry Whelchel who sat on the pole. Whelchel shared the· front row with the BF Goodrich sponsored Chenowth of Ftank Arciero Jr. outside. ...PENCE Arciero came into the event the -= current points leader. His closest competition, Mitch Mustard, was in the other heat race so the two wouldn't meet until the main event. Kevin Smith was inside row two and had Danny Rice alongside. Then it was Larry Noel, Cory Witherill and Wes Elrod rounding out the field. As the green flag came out Whelchel had trouble, and got spun sideways, dropping him back to fifth. Arciero took over with Smith, Noel, Elrod and Whelchel trailing. On the start Rice and Witherhill had tangled in turn one and Witherhill suffered a broken left front wheel. Frank Arciero had three or four lengths between himself and Smith, so the next battle was for third between Whelchel and Noel. But once Whelchel got in third place he quickly put several lengths ·between himself and Noel. The front two hadn't lost, or gained, ground but Whelchel was inching his way toward a battle for second. However, the white flag came out to signify to Whelchel that third was about all he could do. Suddenly, out of nowhere Smith took the outside option and muscled his way into the lead, robbing Arciero of the victory. Kevin Smith drives a January 1991 Specializing in Prep and Building of Off Road Racing Equipment Are you planning to race the new series in the Midwest? Do you want to save the travel time and expense? WE HAVE THE ANSWER ... Make Pence Off Road your ''Midwest Connection'' ► Prep and Maintenance of race vehicle ► Set up of pits at the races ► Storage of vehicle and hauler throughout season FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL Kevin Pence - (217) 692-2837 206 Power, Blue Mound, IL 62513 "SOON WILL BE LOCATED NEAR THE HOME OF THE BRUSH RUN" Page 45

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Larry Noel flies his tidy Chenowth in practice at Oakland and he finished fourth in the first Super 1600 heat race, but had troubles in the feature. Tommy Croft had a good beginning iR the UltraStock Jeep Cherokee, placing second in the first heat, but he came to grief in the wild main event action. Sean Finley races a SuperLite Triple E car. and he is always close, this round taking third in the heat race and another third place in the feature. Chris Neil gets good altitude in his UltraStock Nissan Pathfinder on his way to a pair of third place finishes. in his heat race and in the main event. Former SuperLite champion Rennie Awana is part of the strong Natures Recipe Briggsbuilt team, and he drove his car to fourth in the main event in Oakland. Rod Millen flew his then clean and tidy Toyota into second place in the second truck heat. and he also gained points with a fourth in the first heat. Greg George went to Oakland with the SuperLlte Championship ,n his oocket but he raced hard 111 the Briggsbwlt and took second ,n the main event behind his Natures Recipe teammate. [r IO truck field. Once underway Harris appear-ed ·ro take the lead, hut Stewart was hungry and held the gas on and grahhed the lead; hut no sooner than he had taken over, Stewart rolled entering the inside lane of the two option section. Stewart landed upright hut on top of the harriers and had to he pushed off, causing a restart. On the restart Roger Mears Jr. was on the pole and Harris was alongside. Stewart was moved to the hack of the pack. Evans sat outside the empty spot left vacant hy Stewart. But before the flag could come out it was noticed that Valde: had a flat. For safety reasons Stewart was moved ahead of Valde: for the restart. When they came around for the lap MacCachren was in the lead followed hy Millen and the younger Mears. But Millen and Mears Jr. tangled and Mears was left stranded in the middle of the track, so again the race was stopped. On the second restart it was Ivan Stewart nailed a win 'for Toyota in the second truck heat. and a fine second in the main event. but it wasn't quite enough for him.and Toyota to retain their stadium series crowns. Page46 MacCachren, Millen, Roger Kawasaki out front. Pat Gomm Mears, and Walker Evans making slipped his Honda into second up the top four spots. Ivan and Jim Holley (Yamaha) was Stewart was heh ind Evans, then third ahead of Shawn Wayne on a Harris. Roh MacCachren held Suzuki. The order didn't change onto the lead. Rod Millen and until nearing the end of the heat · Roger Mears led Stewart through · when Gomm dropped his Yamaha on the start. Stewart and Mears allowing Holley to take over the leaned on each other for nearly second place spot. Mike Craig, half a lap and then as Stewart who had already earned enough came around Moore sat in the points to carry the number one track, hut Stewart was ahle to get plate agam next year, won the hy. Evans leaned on Mears to event. Jim Holley was second with regain his position. Rod Millen third going to Shawn Wayne. had worked up a challenge with Treavor Meaghor edged out MacCachren, hut spun out and Duane Benner for fourth. allowed his teammate 'tewart to There were 19 nders in the get second. Millen rel,.!atned second roun,I t>t l'ltraCross control of his Toyota tor third action. K ·le LL"\\ 1~ wasn't wasting then 1t was dost , 1th !::van~. :my time ,~ he •~rar-h,·u the earlv Mears and Harris exchanging lead and rut some space hetween places. While all the contusion himselt an,1 Lowell Thomson. was going on Stewart shot rast tor Lewis was ahle to hold on for a the lead. This meant Stewart had w1re-to-w1re victory ·md Thom-gone from last to first m half the son held second. Third went to race. Scott Myers and fourth was Ray The battle for second became Crumh. Chad Pederson was fifth. intense with Millen crawling all The UltraStock main event over MacCachren. Stewart linedupwithadoordiesituation enjoyed a couple of lengths lead for Larry Noel. He trailed Tommy hut almost got up on two wheels, Croft hy 11 points for the allowing MacCachren to come championship. And hes ides alongside for a good battle. With Croft, Noel had to contend with two laps to go Ken Hodgdon had nine other drivers, hut after the stalled in the middle of the two race was over one of the other option entrance. This caused a lot drivers proved to be an asset to of confusion, hut added to the Noel. excitement as each lap the front Brian Stewart was the early runners had to maneuver around leader in his Toyota. Christopher the stalled Chevrolet. Neil was in second and Tim Lewis Ivan Stewart was ahle to take grabbed third. Croft held the the win with Rod Millen getting fourth spot with Noel trailing. second after the Rough Driving Noel was able to get ahead of Committee ruling against Mac-Croft on the second lap. Then as Cachren when Millen spun out. Croft put on a hard charge to Rob MacCachren was listed third regain ground he tangled with ahead of Walker Evans, Roger Brian Collins. As Croft pulled Mears, and Glenn Harris. With alongside, Collins cut over into Toyota coming back in this Croft's Jeep and Croft ended up second heat race it meant the going over the harriers and battlewouldgodowntothemain landing on his top -out of event as both teams now had 786 contention. points. Yes, a tie. A do or die ~ain The race was stopped and the event to come. restart line up had Stewart first, The first heat UltraCross pro then Neil, Lewis, Noel, Collins, motorcycle riders came onto the Jim Smith, Paul Nissley, Jeff field totaling 20 riders. When the El rod, John Ger j es and Joe green flag came out the current Anchondo. A dejected Croft champ Mike Craig put his walkedtothepits.Ontherestart January 1992 and Neil used each other a punching cushions with Neil ending up the leader. Jim Smith got sideways on the last turn and was helped around hy Collins clipping his front fender. Brian Stewart retook the lead commg out of the hack two lane option hut had Neil come alongside for the battle that had the two leaning on each other around turn one, where tewart won the shovmg match for the lead. Collins was ahle to grah second place \\Ith Noel trading. Rrian Collins held the !.!as on durin!.! the rough secnon gom\! into turn OOL' and stnk thl' 1.:ad from Ste\vart. Stewart then got It hat k \!OIO!.! Into the two lanL' option. (oil ins came up at the end ot the hack straight to challengL', hut Stewart took over agarn. Collins on the last lap clipped the hydro harrier and hroke a tie rod giving him the effect of an out of control shopping cart. Collins was bouncing from barrier to harrier as sheer determination drove•him to the checkered before an appreciative crowd. Larry Noel won the champion-ship hut came in second in· the main to Brian Stewart. This win was Stewart's first UltraStock main event win. Third went to Christopher Neil and fourth was Paul Nissley. Joe Anchondo was fifth. In the 4-Wheel ATV main 18 riders lined up. Mark Ehrhardt came off the green flag to grab the lead and never looked hack until he reached the checkered flag and a season championship. The battle for first heated up by the fourth lap, Ehrhardt was in control hut Derek Hamilton had closed in to within "don't make a mistake" distance of Ehrhardt. However, Ehrhardt could feel the pressure and made the extra effort to pull away again. Then the battle was for second between Hamilton and Niclas Granlund. The two were on the last lap and coming over the back Jump when Gran-lund came off the jump sideways and flipped. Dusty Times

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Glenn Harris has earned a lot of points for Dodge during the season. and his fourth in the truck main event assured Dodge of the Manufacturers Cup. Marty Coyne has run with the leaders all year m Super 1600 competition and won a few. but his best at Oakland was a fourth in the second heat race. Always spectacular Jerry Whelchel wheelies his Chenowth on his way to third in the first 1600 heat race and he placed fourth in the main event contest. Mercedes Gonzales is the only lady currently running in the MTEG Series. and she does very well. this time out taking fourth in the heat race action. Tim Lewis has been racing a Porsche in UltraStock for some years, and he usually does well, but at thfJ season finale he was fifth in his heat race. Paul Nissley has a flat and level flight in his Toyota 4Runner on his way to fourth place in the ultraStock heavy competition in the main event. Mark Ehrhardt brightened up his championship by winning the main in convincing fashion. Derek Hamilton was second and third went to Doug Eichner. Erik Cobb took fourth and Lars Burnside Jr. brought home fifth place money. The SuperLite championship had already been decided by Greg George but plenty of racing action took place in the main event. A total of 15 cars lined up but Terry Peterson lost power and had to be pushed off before the race got underway. On the start Mercedes Gon:ales got hung up in turn two with Rory Holladay. Sean Finley took over the race with Marty Hart dogging him. Hart suffered mechanically and DNF'd . This brought the early heat winner Jimmie Johnson up into second place. But Johnson was on a roll and rolled right on into the lead. Finley was sitting in .second but felt Awana 's presence. However, Awana may not have been trying to get by Finley as much as he was trying to get his teammate, Greg George, off his tail. This battle for third went on for three laps until George found a clean place to get by. Once in front George found some clean ground ahead and was able to close in on Finley. Finley took one leg of the option and George the other and when they exited it was George in second place. Finley was not through, he kept tl)e pressure on George at every turn. And while these two battled, Johnson was moving ahead headed for the checkered, the 16 year old driver's first main event victory. Greg George was able to hold onto second place, while Sean Finley had to settle for third. Fourth was Rennie Awana and fifth went to John Sama. The final Super 1600 main event for the '91 season only had 14 cars. Frank Arciero Jr. and Mitch Mu_stard had a points championship to decide so the crowd had their eyes on these two. But Marty Hart decided early that he wanted the event win and Dusty Times used his pole position to grab the early lead. Arciero slipped in behind Hart, and Mustard came from the second row to sneak inside for the lead. But Hart retook the lead in lap two, tum two. Hart no sooner got the lead and Mustard retook the lead. But Hart thought that what goes around comes around, and he drove around for the lead again at the start finish line. But then here came Mustard in lap three, turn two, Mustard took over again and this time put a car length between himself and Hart. But ( you guessed it), on the following lap a lapped car held up Mustard and Hart again took over. But this time Hart left the door open for Arciero, who had been trailing the action biding his time. So once things slowed down a bit, Marty Hart had the lead with the two points contenders, Arciero and Mustard, trailing in second and third. Jerry Whelchel had been moving up and was in a close fourth. The front four all had a couple of lengths between themselves at the half way mark. Things appeared calm until lapped traffic slowed up the front runners on the next to last lap. That is when Mustard appeared to come our of nowhere and was able to get around Arciero, but had no time to catch Hart. Marty Hart won the hard fought battle. Mitch Mustard was ahead of his rival Frank Arciero Jr. hut when the -championship points were tallied it was Arciero who won the number one plate, by two points. Jerry Whelchel held onto fourth and Jimmy Nichols was fifth. The motorcycle main event had 20 riders but the event belonged to Kyle Lewis. Lewis rode the Yamaha to victory but had either Scott Myers or Lowell Thomson pressuring throughout the race. But at the checkered it was Mike Craig that crossed over second with Myers third; and Thomson fourth. Randy Moody was fifth. The final show down. Dodge led on poi.nts going into the second heat, but Toyota came back to tie up the manufacturer's points battle in the second heat. So this last race of the year would determine the championship. And Toyota enjoyed the better starting position. Rod Millen sat on the pole with Rob MacCachren sharing the front spot. Roger Mears was on row two with the ·other Toyota outside. Walker Evans was third in line inside, with teammate· Glenn Harris outside. Roger Mears Jr. shared the line up with Joey Moore and Ken Hodgdon sat next to Willie Valde:. Millen grabbed the lead after battling with MacCachren. Stewart was third and then Evans. Harris trailed his teammate but both the Dodges had to get ahead of the Toyotas to win. MacCach-ren tagged the wall before the start/ finish line after an encounter with Stewart. Stewart moved into second place and Evans slipped into third. Rod Millen enjoyed a clean track and put some distance on the pack. All appeared dim for Team Dodge by the fifth lap. Rod Millen had a good lead. Ivan Stewart was in second and the Dodges were back in fourth and fifth. But then Millen pulled his Toyota to the side of the track. A timing belt had let go in the new motor and gave the championship to Dodge. Stewart took over the lead, hut could only hope that his teammate couldgetgoingagain. MacCachren had his troubles with Evans. Evans was dogging him at every corner and finally got by. MacCachren then returned the favor and pressured Evans at every corner, and even got by momentarily. But Evans had seen the Toyota. alongside the track and was pumped. He kept the Dodge wound up and crossed over in second place. However after the race, the roug~ driving committee ruled against Stewart and dropped him one position. This gave Dodge the main event January 1991 Frank Arciero Jr. has been aiming at the Super 1600 championship and he took it home from Oakland, his Chenowth placing second in the first heat and he ran a close third in the main event. win also. Stewart was officially second place and Rob MacCach-ren was third. After Glenn Harris saw Millen sitting alongside the track he knew that just finishing got Dodge the championship, so fourth place probably seemed like the main event win to him. Roger Mears finished fifth. Dodge won the season points battle and became the first team to lifr the coveted Manufacturers Cup from Toyota. Stadium Tidbits. Team Whether you're on a chase crew, a Dodge will be back next year with new Dodge V6 all aluminum engines. Look for ex-Super-crosser Rick Johnson to be driving a Nelson & Nelson built Chevrolet next year. Danny Thompson will also be hack in his Chevrolet. · Team Ford is building another truck. Several stadium drivers have tested for the position but team owner Jim Venable would not disclose who would be driving the truck. CALL FOR COURSES AND DATES racer or a 4WD enthusiast, the Rad Hall off-road driving school can help you GREAT BA.~IN CONSULTING 2738 CHAVEZ Dl~IVE RENO, NEVADA89502 702-825-8830 be your best! But be ready. .. the road isn't smooth! 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AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP • ROUND 5 Stuart Lord Wins At Waikerie B:-i Darryl Smic/1 Photos: Darryl Smith/ Marion Baxter ·.,,:,, Stuart Lord and Steve 'rroth took.the overall lead in their 1600cc Southern Cross two seater in the second of four laps, and surprised the big engine racers by leading all the way to the overall victory on the rough course. The final round of the Aust-ralian Off Road Championship is traditionally the long, fast desert race in South Australia, that is the Waikerie Riverland 400. It is also tradition that a big horsepower buggy wins the race. But, in a year of big surprises, the 1600cc Class 2 buggy of Stuart Lord and Steve Toth had an average speed of 77 mph which was good enough to win overall on the day. Lord had never won a National event before, but then neither had any of the other winners this year. As usual a prologue held over a four mile lap determined the starting order. Peter Glover, with his Porsche power, stopped the clocks with the quickest run of 3: 12. The prologue track was fast with only one Class 2 getting in the top ten. Behind Glover came Brett Osbourne, Mark Burrows, Glen Owen, Peter Walker, Dave Stuchbery, Barry Johnson, Stuart Lord ( Class 2 ), David Leach and Daren Wells. Burrows and Leach had been in Class 2 this year with poor results, so both had opted for turbo motors this race to sort out-for next year. The fastest 1200cc Class 3 buggy was that of Goodyear's Bruce Warman, while as expected, Nev Taylor was the quickest Baja Bug. Mark Manns had power steering troubles but was still fastest 2WD in his Rodeo pickup. Neville Day seems to have the quickest Challenger buggy and proved this by clocking quickest time. Les Siviour was fastest Class 7 production 4x4 in his Nissan Patrol, while the modified 4x4s were led· by Peter Hadlow in a turbo Mitsubishi powered pickup. Finally the single seat Class 9 buggies would be headed by Si Heaslip's VW powered machine. The MR. BUG pit race provid-ed plenty of entertainment for the spectators, then came the TOP GUN shootout which saw the top ten qualifiers sprint over a short lap for some big dollars. Peter Glover once again used the grunt of the Porsche to snatch the pri;:e over Brett Osbourne and Dave Stuchbery. The format on the Sunday was to do two 60 mile laps continuous, then a one hour break, before doing the two laps again. Glover and Osbourne led the 93 car field away and soon everyone except Glover was cursing the thick dust which was everywhere. However, Glover would have to stop to untangle some wire that got caught around.his wheels. This let Osbourne secure fastest first lap. With Porsche power in the Hornet. Peter Clover and Ray Atkins won the prologue, led the first lap of the race. but minor woes dropped time and they had to settle for the Class 1 win and second overall. Mark and Glenn Manns had a great run in the heavy dust. flying the Holden Rodeo neatly. but keeping it together to win Class 5 and also place a fast ninth overall. Stuart Lord was on a charge, moving from eighth to second. Stuchbery was third and Glover fourth after one lap. Big movers further back were Les Siviour's 4x4, up from 44th to 20th, and Mark Manns' pickup, moving from 4 7th to 21st in just one dusty lap. Reigning Challenger champion Louie Binios was not so lucky having blown a motor, whjle Rohert Knott's V6 turbo Path-finder overheated and stopped. Neville Boyes had snapped an accelerator cable and Roly Dixon did as his name suggests and. upended his Class 1 but soon continued. Daren Wells had blown a turbo but was quickly replacing it. 4f14!Jt After two laps it was the Toyota 1600cc car of Lord that now had the command, albeit only 13 seconds to Goodyear teammate Dave Si-uchbery. In third was Glover, then Leach, Garry Turnbull (Class I Rover VB), Charlie Albins, Les Brown, Mark Burrows, Neil Morrison, and Si Heaslip ( first single seater). Other single seaters were not fairing well. Graham Smith slowed with gearbox problems, and Bob Strawbridge had a flat tire, then his air cleaner came off. He found the element and some scrap metal, made it all work and kept racing. Front runner Stuart Bates blew a· diff. Class3 leader Bruce Watman lost oil pressure. Mark Warren took over the Class 3 lead, while Nev Taylor led the Bajas by some 12 minutes. Manns stilt led Class 5 and now had the Chev VB powered Rodeo up to 13th overall. His nearest oppositron, Ian Jackson's VB '64 Holden was back in 44th. Neville Day led the Challengers but had Shaun Goss right with him. Chailie A/bins and Rodja McClelland flew the Trekka nicely and finished a fine second in the 27 car Class 1 and in third overall by 38 seconds time. Nev Taylor and Bob Oxley were the fastest in the small Baja group in Class 4 and they won the class by a big time margin of over 22 minutes. Les Siviour had a flat tire but still held the Class 7 lead. Also in a Patrol, Grahame Baxter had problems with tires also. The 4x4 Bill Buchanan and Andrew Cheers couldn't quite keep up with the overall and 1600 class winner, but they drove to a fine second, eighth overall in the Hunter Rivmasta. Pagc48 Eric Whitbread and Phil Swindale drive a Mitsubishi L200, and · they sailed on to second in Class 7, 22nd overall by just three minutes time. January 19ft Bob Strawbridge sailed his sparkling looking Southern Cr-oss into second in single seat Class 9, and he had a variety of troubles during the race. DustyTimcs

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@"'< Kevin Lee and Scott Foster ran with the leaders in their 1200cc Class 3 Hornet. and they not only were second in class they were 15th overall too. Garry and Karen Turnbull kept their buggy flying in Unlimited Class 1 racing and they were fifth overall. th,rd ,n class. just four minutes out of the lead. Terry and Maureen Rose had a good day in the 1600cc Class 2 Hunter Rivmasta and they finished close, third in class and 11th overall as well. Oft en a winner in Class 7. Les Siviour and our correspondent Darryl Smith won the prologue honors. but dropped to third in the four lap enduro race. Fabio Zarfati and Sandro Beddoni came back from a time costing flat to put the Mitsubishi Pajero home second in Class 8 and a fine 19th overall. John Bloem and Gary Kincaid race a Lada Niva in Modified 4x4 Class 8, and at Waikerie they brought it in a long third in the highly competitive class. 713 body, ex US stadium car in Class 1 ( the tube frame keeps him out of Class 5) finally overcame the • problems in other races and recorded a finish, albeit tenth in class after a flat tire and a tree nudge. Coming in behind Lord in Class 2 placings were Bill Buchanan, 8th overall, Terry Rose, Greg Harris and Andrew Ziems. Les Brown came in sixth, but already had enough points to be the 1991 Australian Off Road Champion. Mick Cowie had a roll and a fire but managed to finish. Paul and Brad Zacka and Wayne Bell won Class 7 for Production 4x4s in the Holden Rodeo. the Australian version of the Chevy S-10. and they also took a good 20th overall. In the Class 3 1200cc battle, Mark Warren was the winner. Bob Mowbray's charge finished when a faulty steering rack saw him end up on his roof. Kevin Lee has been consistent all year and finished second. Warren and Lee modified Class 8 was very close. Ken Smith, turbo Rodeo pickup, was quickest on lap 1, but then Hadlow came back and after two laps led Smith by only seven seconds! Fabio Zarfati's Pajero had a flat tire on lap 1 but was now making up time fast. A dreadful incident had occured to the Class 1 of Bill Croft, who failed to take the last corner, rolling through many trees and logs. T he crew needed urgent medical treatment but a re now well and truly recovered. Stuart Lord was out to extend his lead, and this was helped by the departure of Stuchbery with a broken axle. After three laps Lord had a five m inute lead over Glover, who had a flat tire that lap. A lbins, Turnbul l and Burrows followed. Osbourne had finally left the race after tire and mechanical woes. David Leach was also a spectator having broken a front arm. Reg Owen joined him after his Class 7 Patrol had an electrical fire, while Royce W e ll s blew a motor in his Landcruiser. Les Siviour started to suffer overheating in the Patrol. Into the last lap and Glover was on the limit to peg back Lord, and although he was quicker that lap, Stuart Lord was indeed the winner when the checkered flag fell. It was a great win for the Goodyear car which finished with a 3:20 gap back to Bridgestone's Pete G lover, who would have been relieved to finally finish an Dusty Times event this year and take out Class 1. Charlie Albins came in third in one of his best years, he had won round 2. Then came Si Heaslip in the s ingle seater. Class ls followed, Garry Turnbull with broken gea rbox mounts; Peter Walker in his first drive this year, and Trevor Growden , like Walker a ho m e town d river, rounded out the first five in Class 1. Several Class ls dropped out o n the last lap. Doug McMillan broke a tie rod, Neill Mo rrison got hit hard by W alker and lost a gearbox. Mark Burrows was only four miles from the finish and looking at fourth o verall when a turbo pipe broke. Bob Stansfield, who runs a turbo Nissan Hard-also placed 14th and 15th overall. The Baja class saw only two finishers. Nev Taylor had increased his lead all day to finish 22 minutes clear of Craig Baker. Mark Manns pushed his lsu:u Rodeo all day and won Class 5 finishing ninth outright as well. Minor placings went to Ian Jackson's '64 Holden, Richard Murray, Holden truck, Geoff Barbary, Holden T o rana and Ron Forssman, Escort. As expected Neville Day won the Challenger ch1ss over Shaun Goss, Lyndon Wilson and the all girl crew of Mich e le M artin a n d S ha r yn Daniel. There were dramas in the Class 7 4x4 fight as Les Siviour overheated and lost 13 minutes Peter Had/ow and Bill McKiernan took the Mitsubishi Triton to victory and 17th overall taking the class lead midway in Modified 4x4 Class 8 action. January 1991 and Baxter had tire and shock damage. This let Paul and Brad Zacka bring their Isu:u Rodeo home first in only its second race. Eric Whitbread's Mitsubishi pickup came in second, then Siviour, then Baxter. The modified 4x4 Class 8 saw Ken Smith's Rodeo drop back with fuel injection problems. Peter Had low, who had his mechanic Bill McKiernan on board, came in the winner once again in the Mitsubishi pickup. Fabio Zarfati brought his Pajero into second a head of John Bloem's Lada Niva. Bill Monk-house came fourth in a Su:uki Sidekick, then Smith's Rodeo limped in, now with gearbox problems. There were only two finisher in Single Seat Class 9; Si Heaslip up in fourth overall and Bob Strawbridge hung in there to complete four laps. In all 52 cars completed the 250 mile journey, only 56 percent of the field. Congratulations again to Stuart Lord and Steve Toth for heating the bigger machines and winning the Waikerie Riverland 400, the fifth and final round of the Australian Off Road Champ-ionship series. Waikerie Riverland 400 - Australia Results -September 22, 1 ~91 # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Class I - Unlimited Two Seat• 27 start -13 finish 186 1 Peter Glover/Ray Atkins Hornet 120 2 Charlie Albins/Rodja McClelland Trekka 169 3 Garry & Karen Turnbull Buggy 108 4 Peter Walker/Keith Poole Scorpion 103 5 Trevor & Debra Growden Southern Cross Class 2 -1600cc Two Seat -18 start -10 finish 208 1 Stuart Lord/Steve Toth Southern Cross 216 2 Bill Buchanan/Andrew Cheers Hunter Rivmasta 259 3 Terry & Maureen Rose Hunter Rivmasta 293 4 Greg Harris/Tricia Mortlock Buggy 214 5 Andrew & Alex Ziems Rivmasta Class 3 - 1200cc Two Seat - 11 start - 6 finish 323 1 Mark & Daryl Warren Southern Cross -358 2 Kevin Lee/Scott Foster Hornet 364 3 Benton Tozer/Mike Prisk Southern Cross 331 4 Rex Neville/Scott Modistach Scorpion 303 5 Alan & Colin Nicoll Cobra Class 4 -Baja Bug - 3 start - 2 finish 404 1 Nev Taylor/Bob Oxley Baja Bug 429 2 Craig & Robin Baker Baja Bug 501 1 525 2 547 3 Class 5 - 2WD Sedans & Pickups -12 start - 6 finish Mark & Glenn Manns Holden Rodeo Ian Jackson/Malcolm Smith Holden EH Sedan Richard Murray/Chris Conner Holden Pickup 556 4 Geoff & Jim Barbary Holden Torana 542 5 Ron & Jason Forsman Ford Escort Class 6 - Restricted Two Seat Challenger-5 start - 4 finish 602 1 Neville Day/Jeff Loader Southern Cross 603 2 Shaun Goss/Kevin Barry Scorpion 653 3 Lyndon WilsonNincent Eustace Southern Cross 698 4 Michele Martin/Sharyn Daniel Rivmasta Class 7 - Production 4x4 - 5 start - 4 finish 713 1 Paul & Brad Zacka/Wayne Bell Holden Rodeo 707 2 Eric Whitbread/Phil Swindale Mitsubishi L200 701 3 Les Siviour/Darryl Smith Nissan Patrol Nissan Patrol 731 4 Grahame Baxter/Ross Mason Class 8 - Modified 4x4 - 8 start - 5 finish 801 Peter Hadlow/Bill McKiernan Mitsubishi Triton 802 2 Fabio Zarfati/Sandro Beddoni Mitsubishi Pajero 820 . 3 888 4 803 5 John Bloem/Gary Kincaid Lada Niva Hawk Bill Monkhouse/Mark Ferguson Suzuki Sidekick Ken & Laureen SmittvSteve Renn Holden Rodeo Class 9 - Unlimited Single, Seat - 4 start - 2 finish 901 1 Si Heaslip Scorpion 916 2 Bob Strawbridge Southern Cross Starters, 93 • Finishers, 52 • 56% -Race Distance 400 km - 250 miles Time 0/A 3:18:02 2 3:18:40 3 3:22:28 5 3:25:17 6 3:27:23 7 3:14:40 1 3:28:15 8 3:33:23 11 3:36:04 13 3:39:55 16 3:36:34 14 3:39:26 15 3:52:50 25 3:53:10 26 3:55:19 28 4:02:52 36 4:25:34 45 3:28:?1 9 4:02:36 35 4:06:47 39 4:25:11 44 5:09:36 51 3:51 :36 23 3:59:06 31 4:22:31 43 4:56:54 50 3:44:47 20 3:47:43 22 3:52:25 24 3:57:04 29 3:40:34 17 3:44:18 19 4:02:08 34 4:30:49 46 4:34:04 48 3:22:24 4 4:32:24 47 Page 49 ,,_

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Rudi Stohl and Reinhard Kaufmann slide through a native village en route to third overall honors in the Audi Quattro 90 despite the Austrians having troubles all the way. Adolphe Choteau. from the Canary Islands. and Jean-Pierre Claverie from France combined to finish fifth in Group A and overall in the Toyota Corolla. Hiroshi Nishiyama and Hiraki Sugiura had a good run in the Nissan Pulsar G TI-R until the final day when the transmission gave up close to the finish. THE 1991 IVORY COAST BANDAMA RALLY It Was The First All Japanese World Championship Victory Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Kenjiro Shinozuka is the first Japanese driver to win a world championship rally, getting the job done with British co-driver John Meadows in the evolution Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR-4. leading most of the distance and winning by hours. Kenjiro Shinozuka became the first Japanese driver to win a world championship rally taking the Ivory Coast Bandama Rally, victory with British co-driver John Meadows, also the first Englishman to win such an event for almost six years. The evolution Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 had a faultless run on one of the driest Bandama Rallies on record, but there were no top drivers against who Shinozuka could match his skills. Hopes that the Ivory Coast could play its part in the race to the Drivers' title faded when the chief contenders from Lancia and Toyota failed to enter. Ironically victory in the Group N championship was gained on the third day of the event, by Gregoire de Mevius who did not take part. Zambia's Satwant Singh and Zimbabwe's Billy Rautenbach entered but neither came, so the African series was settled in Singh 's favor for the third time in four years again without the participant present. The odds on favorite was Kenjiro Shinozuka, this time with an evolution Galant VR-4, the only foreign \t--. tY' R.L.H. COMMUNICATIONS RACE RADIO SYSTEMS 337 W. 35t_h STREET, SU_ITE "F" NATIONAL CITY, CA 92050 (619) 585-9995 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE TOM SCHILLING - 1990 OVERALL F.R.T SERIES TOM DeNAULT -1990CLASS 1-2/1600SCORE/HDRA RITAYIK & PRATT-1990 24HR WORLD RECORD CLASS 9 F.R.T. PERRY McNEILL - 1990 CLASS 8 GRAN CARRERA H & R RACING - 1990 CLASS 9 F.R.T. SERIES REG. PRICE '599"' RACERS SPECIAL Intercom WE ACCEPT VISA & MASTERCHARGE HELMETS WIRED $l75.00 HANDHELD RADIOS 50 CHANNELS-$495 REVOLVING LIGHTS & ELECTRONIC SIRENS/HORNS Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay Pagc50 entrant tackling the event with seriousness. The much vaunted Djibi superspecial, a hark back to Bandama rallies of twenty years ago, did not materialize. Instead the super-special was held over a mixture of tracks north of Abidjan where similar sections had been held before. Drivers wondered what the event would be like and the organizers were busy grading some of the roads. The weather was dry and sunny when the 37 cars started Etape I from Abidjan Palais des Sports. It seemed strange that Shinozuka carried number 7, but by the time the cars reached Abengourou he was second on the road and soon after that in front of the field. The day started with the superspecial, neatly regraded the day before, where Rudi Stahl's Audi was fastest, three seconds ahead of Patrick Tauziac, Galant. Third quickest was Manfred Stohl on his second ever rally. Best in Group N was Benoit Antoine with a Peugeot 205GTI but only two seconds slower was Hiroshi Nishiyama with his Pulsar GTI-R. Apart from Tauziac, with a 33 minute servicing delay when the cooling fan needed replace-ment, most cars were arriving without many problems at Abengourou. But, on the run back to Abidjan Patrick Copetti had to abandon with engine trouble, overheating in the Audi. Samir Assef's Cclica GT-Four was seen with smoke pouring out of the exhaust, but they were trying to fix things. T auziac had climbed back to fourth by day's end, passing Nishiyama who was leading Group N now after Antoine's Peugeot had gone off the road. The burly Japanese businessman said "many dust"; being seeded at 39 he had passed 17 cars during the day, having one flat while trying to pass a slower car. The Simon prepared development Clio was going strongly, but Servant had problems, twice losing his alternator belt. The Monday sections started at 0800 for Etape 2, for the first part using the same roads as Sunday, then after Abengourou the routes deviated, going northwards for a mid-afternoon rest halt at Bouake. On that leg Servant had a lot of electrical trouble with the remaining Audi Europa 90 Quattro. Stohl was slowed by a slipping clutch and Tauziac had January 1991 overheating problems as his electric fan automatically switched itself off. Earlier he had a broken water hose and reached the Kregbe control with a tree sprouting out of the front of the car, evidence of an excursion earlier. The two Japanese drivers had no mechani-cal problems, though Nishiyama clocked into one control three minutes early after arriving without first seeing the control board. Doue still had no trouble with his Clio, enjoying himself and finding things seemed easy compared to his work in earlier years as service crew for Oreille, and he was now in sixth place, best 2WD. The day had been mainly overcast but it was carnival time at Bouake, the drivers being reluctantly persuaded to pose with local dancers outside the Hotel Ram. Shinozuka, as befits the honor of being the rally leader, was persuaded by the local warrior chief to wear his personal head apparel. The shorter leg from Bouake to Yamoussoukro saw Shinozuka pull out another 20 minutes on his lead. Tauziac got ahead of Stohl and Mitsubishis were now 1-2. Dionneau did not restart his Celica GT-Four at Bouake. Yamoussoukro may be the country's presidential town, the capital city, but it proved to be a communications non-starter as journalists tried to tell the outside world what was going on. Fortunately, the top rally stars were not there or there could have been trouble in the press room. There were brighter moments, like the sight of property magnate Nishiyama enjoying every moment of his event. Looking like a miniature version of a Sumo wrestler, an impression heightened by the sight of co~driver "Rocky" Sugiura and Nishiyama's osteo-path giving the driver workouts, he said their greatest worry was they might not have enough tires unless the Pulsar was driven carefully for the rest of the rally. Although 19 cars left Y amous-soukro, only nine got to Grand Berebi. Shinozuka led all the way. Servant was running well back, still spending time in service trying to rectify the electrical trouble, and his problems worsened when he touched a brake disc at a service point and burned his hand. But the main news at the Seguela regrouping halt was the end of Bedini's rally with broken shock absorbers and no service crew around for the VW Golf GTI, so he retired. There were some curious troub-les leaving Seguela. Rudi Stohl hit a small wall just on leaving the control, breaking his front suspen-sion and costing him 18 minutes on that section. He came within nine minutes of being time barred. Then Nishiyama did the same and got himself two punctures. Servant had more trouble at Gagnoa; his gearbox was stuck in third and he lost about an hour changing this. Bos was next to go, his Audi had the front suspension splayed outwards and he retired. Then Nishiyama sought to catch up lost time, but two controls before Gagnoa he was seen stopped with his bonnet up. The man whose name, in Japanese, means 'western mountain', was out of the event, but the man whose name back home means 'sign in the bush', was pulling further in front. So far the rally had been completely dry, with just a few muddy patches, and later that night some sea mist. Tauziac had some shock absorber trouble, Doue was nervous when his car started to misfire after a water splash as the rally reached Grand Berebi. Overnight the significance of Nishiyama'sdisappearance became plain; the last driver able to challenge the absent Gregoire de Mevius for the Group N FISA title had gone and the Belgian was the champion by default. Nishiyama had a day which had gone badly altogether. Not only did he have the flat, but the car did not handle well afterwards. A little later he hit something on the other side of the car and the suspension was bent badly enough to allow the drive-shaft to pull out. Oil started Philipe Doue and Laruent Urlique, from France, finished a great sixth 0 /A and won Group Nin the Renault Clio, despite some rear suspension trouble in the later stages of the event. Du1tyTima

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pouring from the transmission as well, and the Japanese businessman finally gave up. There was light rain while the cars spent their 23 hours at the Grand Berebi rest halt, but hardly any during the run back to Dabou. Doue fell back with problems with the rear suspension of the Clio but kept his lead in Group N, while Stohl lost a lot of time, still keeping his place, when the differential blocked and had to be changed. Servant got himself ahead of Choteau who was on his way to finishing his fifth successive Ban-dama in the same car! Kenjiro Shino~uka and John Meadows won by an astounding Sliding down a well dug up road, looking like the desert, the VW Golf G Tl of Bedini and Bonvicini was in Group N contention until major shock absorber failure put them out. The smoke pouring from the tail on the Toyota Cel,ca of Samir Asset at this serivce stop foretold the ultimate retiremen! of the team with engine trouble. two hours and over 38 minutes over fellow Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 team Patrick T auziac and Claude Papin. Rudi Stohl and Reinhard Kaufman were third, followed by the other Audi 90 team of Patrice Servant and Thierry Pansolin, followed by Adolphe Choteau/ Jean-Pierre Claverie in a Toyota ·Corolla, nearly six hours behind the winner. Philippe Doue and L1urent Urlique were sixth overall and won Group N in the Renault Clio. So the 24 year rally career of the Japanese Mitsubishi executive can come to a climax. "I don't want to give up, I feel better than ever", he exclaimed at the post rally press conference. Once again Stohl was rueful about his missed achieve-ment. "I'm not giving up either. Just look at ( 64 year old) Choteau. I have got another 20 years left in me." It may have been lonely down in Ivory Coast, but the aficionados would not have missed it at all. ADRA CARRERA DE ROCKY POINT spectator's truck was able to bump Walt out of the tank trap, with a loss of over ten minutes. Walt estimated he was down thirty horsepower. "Dalke passed me, then I finally got it up to speed. Passed by a C hallenger! Can you believe it!" He later noted that trashed cylinder heads, broken valve springs were at fault in the low HP problem. His scat mounting ears fatigued on lap 4 leaving Walter moving around the car a lot. Co-driver, Frank Fluerquin, came to race so he got in anyway, then threw two belts. But Frank raced a couple of good fast laps, too little, too late, but good for second in Class 10. Walt's gang is gunning for the Point to Rocky Point race for the Class 10 championship. "If we enter, start and make the first check, it doesn't matter what Melton does." powercdJack Woodscardidonly two laps, and that ate up almost four hours. Well, they can't say that they didn't get their money's worth. Robert Gayton Wins Penasco 150 Overall R:v A.H. Tclli<'r When Robert Gayton made the long drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Rocky Point, Old Mexico to race his Rotary Rocket he was hoping that he would be ahlc to atone for his loss at the previous ADRA race at Snowflake where a CV destroyed his run for the win. At Puerto Penasco Gayton 'sonly glitch was a case of rear brake fade. He kept the throttle cable stretched tight on his Ma:da RX-7 engined Fod Fab Chaparral, covering the seven thirty m ile laps in slightly over three and a half hours. His 59 mph average speed was enough to put away Frank Turben 's flared fender pickup by about ten minutes for the overall victory. Gayton made two scheduled fuel stops, running leaded regular with some Red Line two stroke oil added for the rotary's edge seals. He got six mpg. The former Formula Ford racer elected to run a lighter fuel load and made some stops, and the trade off between the greater agility due to lighter weight vs. the time spent during the stops could he considered a tactical victory. With his asphalt training in Formula Ford he knows about heel-toe, trail braking and hitting the apex; he appreciates the advantages of good brakes. The anti-gravel rear brake shieldsdidn 'tcool properly, so they were removed at the first fuel stop. He'll try softer brake pads for the next race. Turben had two laps at over 58 mph and hadly needed that kind of confidence building perform-ance. Frank has had a devastating year: At the Nissan 400 he tore up a center section; at San Felipe it was a rear suspension problem; at Barstow it was an A-frame failure. The Nevada 500 saw a repeat of that crippling problem. Happily engines have not been a factor as Loper's Mike Gray has put together a strong motor. Once Oirtrix's John Dyck and Fod Fab's Danny Fodrill built a quality suspension system, rear and front, it was up to Frank to make the truck perform and survive. the Unlimited buggies to test his racer, and was second. His pit stop kept him out of contention, hut Frank allowed that "that guy is one helluva driver! I was able to run the whoops in top gear, and I could never have done that with the old set up." The long fast course put anyone who was horsepower limited at a serious disadvantage. Steve Melton's Class IO ran strong as usual, but just could not come up with the big numbers on the top end, like the run north into the Well Road area. Usually in contention for the o verall Steve had to settle for a class win and third overall behind Turbcn's Chevy truck. One of the Fast Farm Boys from Buckeye, Steve is sponsored by Beard's Super Seats and drives a Beard car. The Unlimited racers could run fast in spite of the soft sand, or maybe because of it. Once they got up to "planning" speed, they would ski right over the soft stuff. Jack Bailey's Chevy was third in Pro I. In a convincing display of solid race car prep and driving savvy, the Tom and Mike Struttman Challenger made all seven laps, winning the class and placing fourth overall. Their average speed was over 46 mph, finishing 39 seconds ahead of Bill Krug's 1600. This should be an inspira-tion to all those potential Challenger builders. You can go cheap and go fast. But, be advised that Ron Dalke's "Tuf" was within 45 seconds after 180 miles. Dalke's suspension was to prove not to be up to the sandy, whooped out section of the course; the continual pounding tore up the ring and pinion. After trying to pass him, Walt Baronick related, "Ron's green car was hopping around like a frog! He was running fast, but it was hard to tell which way it was going next. Walt had a tough time too, with a transmission problem, finishing a full hour behind Steve Melton, second in Class 10. "I jammed it into second in a sandy turn and I got a big handful of neutral. I ran over the berm and was stuck." A COMING NEXT MONTH ••• Salute to the Desert Champions La Rana High Desert 250 SNORE El Dorado Valley 250 Mazda Coachman Stages SCCA Pro Rally HDRA/SCORE Off Roadsman Awards CRS ISCCA Gorman Ridge Rallies WRC Rally of Spain MTEG Stadium Series Awards ORR Haunted Hills Classic Ventura Raceway Season Finale Australia's Milbrodale Classic The two Everett Construction sponsored cars had a long day. The sanitary tandem of the Vondouris and Lindhorst team had a fast first lap then a painfully slow second round. They took over two hours to do the second thirty miles. Apparently the distributor hold down was not working, and it would give an automatic retard when the engine was winged up. It would seem to run properly in the pits, but hack out on the course? Hard times for sure. They vowed to get their act together for the following rnce. Jerry Everett's V6 T-hird In a major alteration in plans, the Tuf Off Road crew had to leave their Class 10 Raceco at home and trailered their Chal-lenger to Mexico. Shop owner Donny Weiser confirmed rumors that he was "pretty disappointed" in their no-show at the Gold Coast 300. "We cut hack, even if we were second in SCORE/ HORA points." When I told him that the points leader, Doug Fortin, had his Chenowth swallow a valve and DNF'd, well, Donny was not amused. Don's swing-arm car was actually at Penasco for his dad to race, with his mom Ella Weiser riding shotgun. In addition Larry was recovering from a stay in the hospital and they figured a day in the de~ would be good therapy. Larry drove their Challenger to a consistent fifth place finish in the three lap Sportsman race. In a serious attempt to encourage the low to mid buck racer, ADRA will present additional monies for the Point to Point Rocky Point race on Decemher 7, 1991 including a $ 1000 purse for the 1-2-I 600s presented by PIAA lights in addition to the normal payback. It will be a fast, but car friendly race on the Sea of Corte:, over by the time this issue is in distribution. Complete computerized Engine Oyno testing facility. TOYOTA RACE ENGINES The finest & fastest Toyota race engines available for class 1. 7-S. 74x4. 15 and SCCA Pro Rally. Complete computerdyno tested Engines are available. as well as in kit form Send today for our new 38 page catalog which includes Complete Engines with Dyno Charts. Ported Heads. Corrosion Proof Headers. Cams. Stainless Steel Valves. Blowers. Mikuni Garb. Kits. Clutch Kits. Ignition Systems. Flywheels and more. Call today or send S5.00 for complete catalog. Shipping world wide. Contingency program offered. Call: {714) 596-5494 i._-L'!IJ....,~'"'"';'ee:=-:e==;;,=~~;=,-~ Send to: L.C. Engineering Frank had a flat on the final stages. Who knows what sort of land mine he could have hit to cause a flat in all that sand. Limping in put Gayton's buggy out of Frank's reach. Still, he's 'up' about his ride. He ran with ... Plus All the Regular Features 2978 First Street. Unit G La Verne, CA 91750 Some products not legal on pollution controlled vehiclea. Dusty Times .January 1991 Page51

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY Bob •'TIN MAN' Belare•• l7l.4) 878-4849 ByBehrea• METAL SHAPING OFF-ROAD, DRAG RACING AND VINTAGE RACE CAR BODIES 4072 CRESTVIEW DR. LAKE ELSINvRE, CA 92330 CA, NV, AZ., OR, WA ~ Antifreeze .2.e~ Environmental ~I Service Corporation WASTE ANTIFREEZE• USED OIL FILTER REMOVAL Jeff Cepielik Marketing Manager Southern California 16031 E. Arrow Hwy., Unit H • Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 337-3877 NEWEST & FASTEST Racing Wheels Spun aluminum wheel, 6061-T6 bolted replaceable halves CONTINGENCY ON: SCORE, HORA, F\JDPUCKER, GLEN HELEN OHY PARK, BAJA PROMOT10NS, LA RANA DESERT RACNG, SNORE, RACES. . . . • • • . ' .. /' •• ... 111■M}lt\i" A POLLO METAL SPINNING co., INC. 7625 ROSECRANS UNIT 25, PARAMOUNT, CA. 90723 PHONES 213-634-5141 213-634-5705 FAX: 213--408-0368 -■-■·,; FUEL CELLS (800)-526-5330 TOLL FREE ORDER DESK AUTOCRAfT ENGINES PARTS - SERVICE 1100 CUSTER ROAD TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 1-800-356-6586 419-476-3711 ·Performance Products Fiberglass Fenders & Hoods• Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins Pop-up Roof Light Kits • V-6 Kits for Mini Trucks Off-Road Truck Fabrication Product Catalog $3.00 (619) 562-1740 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 619-583-6529 .1 choiceof dou:ieters-, and nd dut,f¼ijility. talog $3.00 ta ~s!r. cts1 Inc . • EimSt. IL60178 895•8141 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY RACE CAR SALES • CUSTOM FABRICATION • RACE CAR PREP 6630 MacARTHUR DR., SUITE B • LEMON GROVE, CA 92045 TOM MINGA FABRICATION & REPAI~ CUSTOM ROLL CAGES OFF-ROAD RACE PREP FLAME CUTTING M.I.G. wtl.DING TUBE BENDING DISTRIBUTOR FOR: BILSTEIN SHOCKS HELLA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE 741 ROSALIE WAY, EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92019 • 619-445-5764 BAKER . HI PERFORMANCE BATTERY TDIIORRO',J/'S BATI'ERY lllRE TODAY! DEEP CYCLE; EPOXY SEALED; GELL-FILLED; VIBRATION RESISTANT; CAN BE STORED 2 YEARS ~ITHOUT RECHARGE; FASTER RECHARGE; UPS SHIPPABLE! DIST. BY DeNUNZIO RACING PROOUCTS 1-800-622-3939 J & L FABRICATION 206-845-061/ PLEASE CALL FOR FREE INFORMATION!!!! HELMETS/FILTERED AIR SYSTEMS Featuring Arai & Bell Helmets BDR McKenzies (714) 650-4566 (714) 441-1212_ SUSPENSION'SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOLBAGS• HARNESSPADS ALL SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''SU.PER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 BONNEUILLE "RED" .$ 3. 75 GRL 112 OCTRNE RRCING FUEL Shawn Meadows RNYTIME Perry McNeil 6 19-463-6244 Spring Ualley , CR 91977 ~ & ~ UE.LME.T FtilNTING SPECIALIZING IN 3-DIMENTIONALISJM , CARTOONING , AND VERY ARTISTIC DESIGNING OF ANY KIND. " ASK ABOUT ...... . 1948 OEL AMO BL. UNIT 0 TORRANCE, CA. 90501 213 -327 -2553 FAX #7B2·111B GRANITE· SMOKE NEON TUDES · BLOBS CRACKLE LACGUER RIVETEO METAL SPLATTER PAINT BROKEN PAINT BLOTTING APPROXIMATELY 10 COATS OF URETHANE CLEAR IS APPLIEO TO EACH HELMET TO ASSURE A MIRROR SMOOTH ANO ROOST RESISTANT FINISH ! I{( HiliTES LIGtTS PARTS RACERS DISCOUNT BVM OFF ROAD RACING ENGINES 10232 "I" AVENUE, #8 • HESPERIA, CA . 9 2345 (619) 947-5772 ~ //~/✓ • ~ (_.,1t7 ftj<-'-J</IU?' PRE-FUN Curt LeDuc 39067 Orchard SL Cherry Valley, CA 92223 (714) 845-8820 Our Specialty Race Trucks Pre-Runners 84-89 Ranger Fiberglass Dimple Dies

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BILL & DIANNE THOMPSON ===CARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY (714) 969-6820 P.O. BOX 5221 • BUENA PARK. CA 90622 d ' . @18@ @~~{;) ©~~iiJANCE PRODUCTS, INC. PER • RAKES. SAFETY EQUlPM:NJu;~i~~ON COM-DRIVE TRAIN CHROMOLY TUBING • PONENTS • RICATION • CUSTOM CHASSIS FAB• AND MORE SEA'IS • FUEL CELLS - !I 1-800-530-9494 GUi!SM!·tfB· 1 (616) 873-36401NFO BOX189 SILVER!,."~!: (616) 873-0218 FAX MEARS,Ml49436 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 920~0 619-449-2991 FAX 619-449-7103 CHENOWTH aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"iiiiEf »ACING PRODVCTS, INC. Check the Record; The Winners Choice; #1 in .Racing and Recreational Chassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 ~ (619) 449-7100 [CNC] CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 275-1663 Manufacturers of Brake and Clutch Pedal Assy Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cutting and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog Competition and Sport S E A T S With the unique energy absorbing rubber suspension. "What a difference." Only the best from Sub~ Sports. SH6e-SP""ff (7141 847-4363 Call_ For Free Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 TRAILING ARMS - $295.00 EXCHANGE 3X3 AND 6X6 - CUSTOM SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE C.V. ADAPTER RINGS - $45.00 PER PAIR TYPE 1 TO TYPE 2-4 TYPE 1 TO 930 TYPE 2 TO 930 COLUMBIA OFF ROAD 32109 NE 86TH STREET CAMAS WA 98607 206-834-4089 OR CELLULAR 206-253-0703 ~Fm~lBlis ---'RACING PRODUCTS CUSTOM RACING RADIATORS All Aluminum Rabbit Replacement Radiators Send for a free catalog 2905 West Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 86099 (602) 269-9194 (800) 842-5166 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new cwtomen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merelv$ 25,.00 per month. DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 DESERT y·z OFFROAD T-SHIRT DESIGNS (714) 582-0930 27324 Camino Capistrano FAX (714) 582-62l7 Unit 172-175 Laguna Niguel. CA 92677 TRUCK (714) 349-1168 D.Ci. Racing RACE CAR PREP • AND FABRICATING -OFFROAO-~ -STREET-. -STRIP-. -SAND-s. ~ -c=---=-. • RACE CHASIS DARRYl GIBSON ROLL CAGES 714 9n-.. _ A334 PRE RUN BUMPERS " """'-. SUSPENSIONS RACER MARKETING • PRESS RELEASES BOOKKEEPING• CONSULTING• TAXES ALAN STEIN [714) 628-1922 [714) 627-5376 FAX 12490 CENTRAL SUITE230B CHINO, CA 91710 JOHN VERHAGEN'$ IDJTi ............ -..... --Es PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS 10623 BLACKFOOT ROAD 619-240-3930 APPLE VALLEY ,CA 92308 TRICK SHOCK Single. Double. • Quad Applicatio . Take-Aparts & Remo_te Reservoir Kits. 10728 Prospect Ave.,"B", Sl!r.te, CA 92071 • (619) 562-8773 DOWNEY 8100 Firestone Blvd. Downey, Calif. 90241 (213) 862-1671 OFF ROAD FABRICATION & DESIGN RACE PREP • FOX SHOCK REBUILDING V.W. REPLACEMENT PARTS & ACCESSORIES LESLIE"S DRIVELIN.4 Inc (714) 877-6491 PARTS AND SERVICE FOR Al/TO. TllUO'.. l>.1lt.'STll!AL, C/V A.'IO PRONT WHUL ORM UNITS c=:--•.------------....,,, _) MANUFACIURL'lG • BAIJ.NCING • CUSTOM!ZING ':I "r.:1 ( ~· 1150 South Lilac Avenue Bloomil\gtl)n, Ca. 92324 Fu (7H) 877-QO:l Ca. W_,. 1-800-427~ U.S. WtlU 1-«X>-52S-0396 24 Hr. Emergency Call Out for Parts &: Service Buy & Sell Used Aluminum Racing Wheels EDDCO Aluminum Wheel Straightening Specialist Aluminum Wheel Straightening Metal Polishing We Buy Damaged Racing Wheels Any Condition ED OROZCO 9435 Wheatland Ct. Santee, CA 92071 Shop · 258-2575 Pager - 492-7343

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14582 GOLOENWEST UNITF FABRICATIONS WESTMINSTER, CA 92683 JOSE LUIS RODRIGUEZ (PEPE) (714) 895-6020 Bob Cassetta Don Houmree _ ~ , . S. Arrowhead Ave. o "SAN BERNARDINO, CA 825-0583 888-2703 TM 92408 FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHEL TEAS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS AUlHORIZED DEALER CASTEX RENTJl,LS 213-462-1468 MANDREL TUBE BENDING · WELDING - FLAME CUTTING-CUSTOA OR PRODUCTKJN FABRICATKJN BUMPERS - FACTORY DIRECT FABCOM TERRY FAIR 619-561-2292 9362 BOND AVENUE EL CAJON CA 92021 \LLE SAFET FAX619-561-6162 DRIVING SUITS ~ SEAT BEL TS' • NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 · ~-RACING _ffja. Fl/El.:• FUELS & LUBRICANTS CO. BRUCE CONRAD 1537 E. Del Amo Blvd Carson, CA 90746 _.....;;;;;.~===---~~~ Phone: (213) 603-2200 FAX: (213) 603-2257 (619) 669,4727 \\ Get Your SffIFI' Together/ FORTI/Y TRA/YSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane ~-A Jamul, Callfomla 92035 -W Doug Fortin sif6x MICHAEL J. DAWS GENERAL MANAGER #1 Racing Shock Absorber in the U.S.: Fox Factory, Inc. -OH-Road Truc"ks and Cars Racing Shock Absorber Division - Molorcycle Roadrac1ng 3641 Cha~cr Park Drive -Automoflve Roadracing San Jose. Calilorn1a 95136 (USA) -Snowmobiles Fox Fone . . . . . (408) 269-9200 -Special Apphcal1ons Fox Fax . (408) 269-9217 A RACING SUSPENSION DEVELO~MENT CORPORATION NOW YOU CAN GEJ THE RACING GfARS THE WINNERS ARE USING /Jn/ij FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (313)294-5858 Fax: (313) 293-0736 1990 CHAMPIONS FRT BUDWEISER/BUD LIGHT SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES SPONSORED BY: THE WRIGHT PlACE, RACE READY PRODUCTS, THE SCHIWNG CORPORATION & CYCLE PARTS WEST ATV'S, DEZ SUPERLITES & BIKES PRO SPORTSMAN Greg Bringle ATV Greg Gibbs Bill Adsit Open MIC Dewey Belew Troy Pearce (High Points) 250 M/C Chuck Selmond Brent Coleman 125 M/C Bob Bell Tom Moen VET M/C Bob Johnson John Bllkey SA MIC Claude Maynard Bob Thompson SUPER SA MIC Himey Means VINTAGE MIC Rick Wessels OPEN DEZ SUPEALITES Stu PeKe 360 DEZ SUPEALITES Marchello Derosa DEZ ST AR Frank Chavez BUGGIES, CARS & TRUCKS Class 1 O Brian McDonnell Class 1 00 Dan Lewis Class 8 Class 5-1600 Mini Mag Kirk McDaniel Class 7 Ronnie Gibson Class 9 Jack Hettinger Craig Corda Josh Kerr Class 1/2-1600 Tom Schilling (High Poin1S) Class 5 Kyle Whitted Unlimited Class Aon Wilkerson Fuel Bladders Quick FIiis. Dump Cans Std. FIiis 5271 Business Dr. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 · (714) 897-2858 SEALED 1,111111 I I I lc::::::::J Batteries built specI Ica y or o road racing. Deep cycle. gel filled, extra cranking, recovery and reseNe. Only -~ sealed battery recommended by MSD Ignition. Ask for Sealed System battery by name. 5h • ..,,oJ.t SH6e-SpPrh 1714) 847-4363 GEORGE CHEVROLET ASK FOR WOODY WORTHY If r GEORGE DO 111 YOUR TRUCK SPECIALIST 17000 LAKEWOOD Bl VD. BELLFLOWER, CA 90706 (213) 925-2500 FAX 925-1498 E)f-f~}!,l,l~JERPRISES ":=.i~'~" ;], ..,.I)~, . -,1. , . A:' BEEPER . : -~-fiJ;.- 381-3148 bl-.-:--.-'. ::<?;;; .''i .. :.v ..... OFFICE PROFESSIONAL POOL SERVICE AND REPAIRS SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL & CUSTOM POOLS 362-4202 LICENSED & INSURED • ACID WASHES• FIL TEAS• HEATERS• MOTORS• ETC. 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE. LAS VEGAS. NEVADA 89103 HIGH GRADE RACING 1267 Buena Vista San Jacinto, CA 92383 (714) 654-0539 • FABRICATION/WELDING • PRE-RUNNER BUMPERS • ROLL CAGES • SUSPENSIONS • MAINTENANCE & PREP Dave Turner Owner/Driver .,. Hffls.,, "'~ Rebuild Rod Ends• Heim Joint Specialist (714) 979-6631 11881 ~ Rlwef CIN:le. Unit "H", ~ VIINJ. CL 92701 Engine Rebuilding Buggy Repairs Bug Pack CNC Moore SCAT HOUSE of BUGGIES 10439 Prospect Ave. Suite A Santee, CA 92071 Mitchell Wheels 619-448-4180 SAW Performance Lee , ~ dlllll!Jillt::I (714) 522-4600 (714) 522-4602 V. W. Service REPAIH. 0 PARTS O SERVICE SEE JADA TO BUY OR SELL USED PARTS JADA REPAIRS ALL BREEDS OF MINI TRUCKS 6291 Manchester Blvd. I Buena Park, CA 90621 . ,°k • \ . - .. MANIIF ACTUHEHS OF, BHAKE ANO CLUTCH AS~Y ·'!Wllfi\1.1Ncf mo1:11,~,~ MASTEn CYI. I NUERS 2RO(:O !)El. 1110 SLAVE CY!.INOEllS TEME("III.A, f".A TllllNI NG ,~ STAI~! NG llHAKES SIii FTEllS (714) B76-206r, FAX (7\4) 676-2166 AVAIL.Alll,E AT l'INETI SPECIALTY SIIOPS OEALEll I NQllll 1 r-:s WELCOME ~ , ~ --r"'Ff1Fi')R\fA.N(;f. PRODUCTS JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' ~~T■■~~lll■I~ I OTI I I I I•~ I Joe (31ffln 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240

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JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES FOX SHOCK SERVICE PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREPARATION (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 a,'5r.oM 19fBe/CA?'iO..V ~,~r-;+~ t;.Oif-r;(, CA. MIKE JULSON JOHN MARKING -.eAt:1= c.1/~ f' P.e1=,ev..v,v.E"e Ple'EP ~ ~ABR/CA-r?a\/ ~tt...E:&::S i c#A~ r~vc~ -r~ 91-t/£° t::,A~N't HONDA .. Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. PROFESSIONAL RACERS DISCOUNT ON ALL GENERATORS ART KAWAGUCHI -3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 FAX PHONE - (213) 264-3936 (213) 264-5858 KENNEDY ENGINEERED PRODUCTS. 38830 17th Street East Palmdale, CA 93550. (805) 272-1147 Send $2.00 for our catalog "The experts in Engine Adapters to Transaxles" Rotary, Toyota, Rabbit, V-6's, Porsche and more to VW, Porsche (901 & 915) and Hewland. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FAMOUS KENNEDY CLUTCHES KUSTER OFF-ROAD RACING SHOCKS • EXTERNAL DAMPENING ADJUSTMENT • 3• DIAMETER, a• TO 18" STROKE .. COMPLETELY REBUILDABLE • COMPUTER SUSPENSION DESIGN ASSISTANCE KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2900 E. 291li STREET P.O. BOX 7038 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA USA 90806 TEI.EPHONE 213-595--0661 FAX 21:M26-7897 • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICATION 825 N. GLENDORA AVE. COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER fillijf Pli'f.JIB l-7E. 1--'IF c...>~"'7A,V<..-:'I::::. I •Fl, >L~l IC~ 1 .. "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax(714)444-1622 MIKE MENDEOLA 10722 Kenney St. C-D Santee. CA 92071 (619) 562-9010 Fax (619) 562-9079 Brackets & Components for Chassis Fabrication Pro-Clamps• Battery Boxes• Radio Mounts Pedal & Shifter Mounts • Skid Plates Aluminum Floor Boards• Scoops & Shrouds Shearing -Punching -Forming Sawing - Tool Grinding - TIG & MIG Welding STEVE WRIGHT 399 E. Harrison Unit D Corona, CA 91720 MOVING? (714) 351-2515 (714) 272-4272 Don't miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. 42425 5th St. E. Unit C Lancaster, CA 93535 42425 5th St. E. Unit D Lancaster, CA 93535 ■ J.M.R. Chassis ■ Tum· Key cars Bill Varnes 805-940-5513 Fax '805-940-5514 Racing Producfi Pete Alamar 805-940-5515 Fax 805-940-5514 ■ Fox shocks parts & service ■ Race Car Prep (80S) 298-1212 26524 Golden Valley Road. #40~. Saugus, CA 91350 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev· Limiters Coils• Heli-Core Wires• Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 857-5200 By Appointment Only (619) 445-9770 AU10S ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CARS TRUCKS NATIONAL SPRING COMPANY, INC. 10229 Prospect Aue. Santee, Californin 92071 A COMPLETE AUlOMOflVE SPRING SERVICE Leaf Springs Custom Made & Repaired Shocks & Coil Springs Sold & Installed Blocks and U-Bolts made to order Off-Road Suspension Urethane Bushings Beeline Alignment and Wheel Balancing MarDR HOMES (619) 449-ARCH .. 4 X 4's OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR .. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 W D VANS & P ICKUPS & MINI TRUCKS PRE·RuN TRUCKS • CusToM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOCKS USED • WELDING Ile FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 761-9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT OFF ROAD DYNAMICS (714) 592-2271 LA VERN~;. CALIFORNIA FRAMES • ·RACE PREP CUSTOM MACHINING AND FABRICATION Dennis Rogers By Appointment Only PENCE OFF-IIOAO Specializing in the Prep and Building of Off Road Racing Equipment CUSTOM FABRICATION OF ◄ Chassis ◄ Roll Cages ◄ Suspension KEVIN PENCE (217) 692-2837 ◄ Welding ◄ Aluminum Work ◄ Lt. Weight Trailers · 206 Power Blue Mound, IL 62513

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.-_;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~~~~~=-~~:.:.~:.-;.---r------------------,------(J;C!J~J©OO OOACJ;OO~~~[!) _g,9~7!~ --,,,,,n._____, ~ [i\{~[l~□~AUa!(D CPA~U~ •OUTLINES •NUMBERS ~~ (p[31x]IX]~{b(1 Fabrication '1660 Babcock Bldg. B Costa Mesa, Ca 92627 ( 714) 650-3035 V Coil Over Suspen~· ··n ✓ FoxShoxPartsAnd . 3rvicr:,: ✓ Race Car Wiring ✓ Race Car Prep. ✓ Tum Key Race Cars Assembly• Machine Work• Parts . . Engine Dyno Facility 10722 Kenney Street, Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Fax (619) 562-9079 PIAA Professional Halogen Lamp Systems Chosen by: Dave Ashley, Rob l\llacCachren. Simon & Simon. Manny Esquerra. John Swift, Chuck Johnson. Dan Smith, Larry Maddox. and Brant Shoppe. SH6i SP"r" 1714) 847-4363 Call For Free Catalog . Get the word out about your business,· big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTOlt Y" and reach new c11&tomen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely$ 25 .00 per month. • Free Advice & Technical Assistance • R&D • All Size Jobs Welcome RACERS MACHINING SERVICES "If You Can Imagine It, I Can Make It" SCOTT DORDICK 11 818-843-4084 724 N. Lake• Burbank, CA 91502 DONT SPILL YOUR GUTS RACEWAREFasteners eliminate · 1 blown head gaskets, oil leaks and bearing failure! Race-Tech Engineering■ 11320 Brydon Drive■ Taylor, Ml 461B0 ■ (313) 946-4477 RACING LUBRICANTS DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE SERVICE AUTO PARTS Palm Desert 44-800 San Pablo Yucca Valley 56313 29 Palms Hy. Palm Springs 67-390 Ramon Rd.· Desert Hot Spr 13-175 Palm Or. 1---------------------+-l Indio 45650 Fa·rgo St. {619)346-0694 (619)365-0813 (619)323-1879 (619)329-1446 (619)347-3379 (619)328-2183 (619)343-0088 (714)441-1212 (714)883-8891 (714)750-2802 (213)390-9086 (213)370-5552 (714)558-9393 (714)635-1431 PROBST Off Road Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES · 1121 !::AST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX ILLINOIS 60451 18151 4135-RAC~ 17223, Larry Winter 714-537-8286 A Totally New Concept in Battery Design Race Shop Supplies 11532 Stephanie Garden Grove, CA. 91640 1soF1\'\ • ½ the Size & Weight · of its Equivalent • Vibration Resistant • Spill Proof Telephone: (714) 5354437 (714) 5~54438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 9athedral City 68-887 Hwy. 111 1000 Palms 72120 Manufacturing McKenzie's Anaheim Moore Racing San Bernardino OffRoad Supermart Westminster Dirty Parts Culver City · Racecrafters Lawndale Tustin Honda Tustin Bryce's Auto Anaheim RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CO. 3450 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez:, CA 94553 TEL (800) 624-7958 RUSS's v.w~ Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs. Buses, Ghias and 914 ·s • CUSTOM LOGO'S • DROP SHADOWS • SPONSORS LOGO'S · WINDOW BANNERS • CUSTOM LETTERING ~ ~ ~ ~ @am ~ ~ ~ 714 539-5162 SMITH FABRICATIONS • Heliarc Welding ,.. ., .. • Tubing Structure , ,._ - · • Sheet Metal '.. · . • Suspension . . ·-Mike Smith • IMSA ·SCORE • HORA • MTEG (818) 309-9899 9237 Lower Azusa Rd, Unit 0 Temple City, CA 91780 S8198 IS THE LAW AND YOU MUST COMPLY Is your business ready for CAL-OSHA? In the 1st 90 days, over 1500 citations were issued @ $2000 per day Our DO IT YOURSELF STEPBYSTE~PROGRAM has a total cost of $210 and includes·: complete program instructions, record keeping system, one year of CAL-OSHA updates and an 800 number for questions Order today and receive next week (310) 820-0198 LEADED/UNL,EADED Anaheim, CA ............................ (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA ......... _. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 Brawley, CA ............................. (619) 344-2550 Chino, CA ...... _. .... ...... ..... .. ...... . (714) 628-7596 El Centro, CA ....... . . . ..............•... (619) 352-6961 Fullerton, CA . ....... . ................... (714) 635-5553 Lancaster, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 Las Vegas, NV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (702) 643-9200 Paramount. CA . ..... : .. ................. (213) 531-0192 Phoenix, AZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (602) 278-2693 Santa Barbara, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 San Diego, CA ........... ................ (619) 691-9171 Riverside, CA ...... . ...... .. ............. (714) 877-0226 Ventura. CA . . ....... : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 FOR DELIVERIES LA/ORANGE COUNTY . CALL (800) 462-9499 ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT SPORTS RACING P.O. BOX 7835, LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 . (714) 363-1236 ~ WORKS ODESSA, TEXAS "GET SERIOUS ABOUT WINNING"' CIUUSAT 1-800-695-6618 •'COOQRA TULA TIONS• JIMMA>ESS -c::: 1991 OAl•tUl.lUlt• "TEXAS OR.1.B16E" OVERALL POINTS CHAMPION

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(213)583-240; fmfil f!}}fffl}PSERVICE, INC. ~ ~ETAL PROCESSING 59,? I Wilm1ogu;m A ,enue Los Angetes. Ca/1forn1a 9000 I Mark SIT" ith GLASS READ FLOURESC ENT INSPECTIOfs MAGNETIC PARTICAL 1_arry Smith ~~ FORD RANGER -~~ FIBERGLASS BODY PANELS & HOODS BILL STROPPE MOTORSPORTS, INC. 2330 Cherry Industrial Circle Long Beach, California 90805 (213) 634-2730 Martinez THE ONL V REASON FOR NOT ADVERTISING IN DUSTY TIMES IS BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE BUSINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Qualify Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA SUSPENSIONS ·UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabrica!lon * Flame Cutting * Front Ends . * Custom Chassis * Race Prep * Custom Lt-Weight Trailers Mtg'r of Blue Flame Producls (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 (805) 646-2903 • Motorsports Mar1ietlng • • Public Aelotlons•-Check out the DUSTY TIMES Special aub Sub. Offer (Almost half prict! for group subscriptions) C.ill (818) 889-5600 or write DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 Trackside Photo, Inc. Jim Ober Commercial Photography (213) 670-6897 P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 /?/ICE Tl(ANS BY JEFF flEU)'S TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unii H Chatsworth, CA 91311 [UMP] UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA. SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 6191449-9690 -----OUR DEALERS-----,--L.A. A9EA Mci<enz1e s •7141441-1212 St Peter;, Off Roac (414) 285-32 8 VW ON LY tumutleAA 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA NEW & USED VW PARTS RACER DISCOUNTS Sponsor 11190 Class II Champion -LA RANA Sponsor 11190 Class II Champion - HORA (619) 244-1199 = =r=-e..P/1/Nr 1WPC0471NGS..:G.RAhl.n;* J;(J//08 * •~ WMd MAINTENANCJ'•f!b/lYN:_.J,ffFRIN~* · (fflf.'#M MYMB" ·6~9• 0 orthern Califor~o~Jxperts HDRA/SCORE-90ints Cliampionsh1pWinners ,,... 1 Engi~ring, abrt¢ation &"'-,.._,_ . · ,,.....,.,. -... preparation~'4_1V,91~1t"' _ J ""~~ Toyota ered car~Sl,/~pens10 . t r · \ &drill axle~-,t,1p• FAT ' I""*. } f:9 rmance prodocts . · & engines. Fox Sho><.sa!<,S-& " , ll/11m11C1 service• We endqrSe ''TREAD 1· ''"' fll/lrJ LIGHTL Y:I" • I N D U S T R I E f, 780 SecoridAve. • Redw96dclfy, CA 94 Ph. (415) 367--0808--F'AX (415) 367-0866 FHE WINNERS CHOICE WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the ;ports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top ,rofessionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps ' you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street•. strip and off-road or send £3 for the complete catalog. · . *II/EB-CAM 1815 Massachusetts Ave. ii PERFORMANCECAMSHAFrs Riverside, CA 92503 (714) 369-5144 • Not legal tor sale ,n CA on polltmon controlled voh,cles ,dJ-. =· Wfv T~AMC SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 741-6173 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 Fr FAUIOATINO ·~!h-'.:tM Turn Key Race Cars Off Road Chassis & Accessories RR 2 Box 399 Hart Ml. 49420 (616) 873-5330 ADAM WIK 1423 N. CENTRAL PARK ANAHEIM, CA 92B02 (714) 772-6300 • In House Oyn.J & Flowbench Facility • Turn Key Engines & Race Cars f NGINES !I DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DIALER Each.month t_en or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is a great traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTAO DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. (818) 889-5600 Off Road Products Front and Rear Traili!"g .Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom \I/heels 2733 W , Missouri Phoenix, Al. 8501 7 Jack Woods 1602) 242-0077

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Classified ••. FOR SALE: Toyota 4AG Class 10 engine. Built by Jim Wolf Racing Engines. This one led the pack at Parker '91. $2,500.00 Call (61_9) 344-0535 days, (619) 344-1328 nites. Ask for Robert Whitted. FORS : unlimited car, 135" WB, brand new 2800cc FAT type 4 200 plus HP, Hewland trans., all top grade equipment. Spare tire sets, parts. Make offer. (714) 898-7551. FOR SALE: Raceco Porsche, 1989 SCORE/HORA Class 2 champion. FAT 3.2 liter, Men-deola DG300, only 4 races in last two years. Overall winner, last race, recent ground-up rebuild w/updates. Huge inventory of quality spares. Meticulously maintained with only the best parts. Must sell! Call Todd (702) 825-1863 mornings or leave message. FOR SALE: Class 5 convertible, FOR SALE: Funco SS I, com-pletely refurbished and ready to race. Legal 1-2/1600 engine, close ratio gears, IR:s, bn~nd new Fox shocks, brand new Yoko-hamas· on Centerlines, Porsche . steering box, all the right stuff. A perfect Class 100 car. Call Jean (818) 889-5600 days. No reasonable offer refused. "' m ,., FOR SALE: Jeep CJ7 . New 650hp 401 . Fresh Art Carr Turbo 400 Bullet transfer case. Ford 9" front & rear Summers spool, axles, spindles, huhs. 12 new Fox shocks wl remotes. Tube chassis, fiberglass body, l..Jniden radio, Parker Pumper, MSD, Master-craft. Many spares. Very fast and proven. Must sell. $11,500.00. Call (209) 545-1171 or (209) 578-4367 Wes. FOR SALE: 1990 Mirage Class -----•-···· ,, 10, FAT Toyota 4AF, 110" wb, FOR SALE: 1984 FuncoStadium Fox Coil-Overs, Wright front Class 10. Ex Scott Gilman car. end, combos, arms & rack. Complete ground up rebuild Summers front & rear discs, 1991. Fresh Rev-Power Rabbit, Sway-A-Way, Woods arms, 930 fresh trans, Fox, CNC, Wright, c.v.'s,Centerlines,Mastercraft, power steering, disc brakes, all power steering, new 12' trailer. new safety equipment. Many $14,950.00 OBO. Call (415) spares. This car is light & very 594-0766 or ( 415) 365-7789. fast. $7,500.00 oho. Call Bill Ask for Mark. ( 619) 465-68 l 6. F __ O_R_ S_A_L_E_:_L_a t-e-_ -m-o---=d-e::-1 -H:-i--FOR SALE: 1981 Trailmobile 45' air-ride electronics trailer: Air ride, aluminum wheels, cabinets & racks. Immaculate condition. Set up for off road racing. $27,500.00 oho. Call (714) 654-3683. J um per. Fuel cell, Centerlines, Flame Out, Neal pedals, full body, Bilsteins, KC lights, Sway-A-Way, Mastercraft seat, Simp-son belts, Parker Pumper. 1600 motor, many spare parts. Raced once. Great Class 9 or prerunner. $3500.00 oho. Call (213) 670-4435. Valley Performance 2280 engine, SIMPLICITY GUARANTEED: fresh Valley Performance bus Hassle-Free off road racing with trans with Hewland gears, complete race ready package! FOR SALE: 1990 Class 8 Ford FOR SALE: Race package, two.~ 1/1600 race cars. 1 1990 TRC ; 1/1600 minimum weight car,; Hatz motor, fully _equipt, all the 1 best parts. Ready to race. 1 1986 : ORC 1/1600 not complete.; Consistent money winner. Lots of · spares in pit boxes. Trans., motor, tires & wheels, rack, p.s., F & R -arms, and much m.ore! All or part. No reasonable offer : refused. (619) 324-1861 or (619) 365..:7188. FOR SALE: Ford Ranger, former SCORE/ HORA & SNORE 7S champion! All the best stuff; fresh Esslinger motor, Summers axles, Bilstein, Beard, American Racing, K & N, Auto Meter, etc. Fiberglass fenders & hood, power steering. Pro built & maintained, fast, light weight and very competitive._Tons of spare parts, tires & wheels. $50,000.00 invested in truck & parts, $17,800 oho or trade for? Call Don at Penhall Fab (714) 650-3035 or (714) 532-2057. FOR SALE: 1987 Dodge Vistt/ Colt 4wd 5 speed tranny. Noisyj fourth gear but runs okay. Make1 offer - you haul. Call John at. Dusty Times (818) 889-5600. ; FOR SALE: 20 acres of pine trees above Tehachapi. Near 6,000' level. 2 pads cut on property, both with magnificent view of entire Antelope valley. 4 season climate. Miles from paved road & civilization. Inside locked gates. Easy access on good graded road. Call Don (805) 268-1644. ·-FOR SALE: Super 160 MTEG Raceco, Rabbit motor by FAT, DJ's bus trans with Hewlands and aluminum Super Diff, SAW, · Wright, Centerlines. Top of the line car. Must sell now! $13,000,00 oho. Also, 35' enclosed Pro-Am trailer, gen, microwave, built-in couch. Giveaway price $5,000.00 oho. Call Mark (619) 946-4839. FOR SALE: Two seater Berrien modified Fox, Bilstein shocks, Centerlines, fuel cells, Beard seats, Summer Bros trans, Porsche 930 c.v. 's, aluminum racing radiator, disc brakes ( 4 ), 1650 air cooled. Race ready, many extras. $8,000.00 must sell oho! Call Paul (717) 354-6739. FOR SALE: Class 10 desert car -Valley Performance built, T ypc I motor, bus trans w/Hewland gears, 116" wb,_ coil-over suspension, 3" stub axles, magnesium hubs, Curnutt shocks, all the good stuff. This single seater is very light, like new. Medical reasons force sale. Ready to race!!! $11,500.00 Call (702) 876-5444 days, (702) 870-2119 eves. Mike Halverson. Bilsteins, disc brakes, secondary Class 8 Ford, unique F350 servi$:=e truck, raced only 6 times. Best of FOR SALE: Bunderson Class 1 torsion set-up, fuel cell, Beard vehicle with trailer. Spares, parts, everything. 428small block Ford 115''. wb, new JG trans, Larry seats, extended aluminum fenders, · tools, equipment, modifications, SVO· parts. Motor has only two Bitcon motor, Curnutt shocks, head lights, tail lights, directional etc, etc. All vehicles rebuilt & short course races on it. Truck race radios, dump cans, pit boxes, signals, windshield wipers, Parker fresh! Prep/Crew services was built by Kevin Pence. Price UMP, Wilwood, AMS, Parker Pumpers, digital speedometer. available. Discounted/75K. Call $48,000.00. Many spare parts Pumper, Wright, lots of extras. Call Bob days (702) 362-6991 Brian (619) 487-7093 or Ron available.CallKevinPence(217) Call for more info. (619) 364-nites (702) 361-1736. (206) 782-8768.. 692-2837. 3319. FOR SALE: SCORE legal 5-,------llliij"•----------------------------------w--------------. 1600, built for desert, raced I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I midwest short course only. : DUSTY TIMES. I Dirtrix chromoly cage, 23 gallon cell, 12"' Fox reservoirs, Beards, I· Centerlines, Wright steering, turn I Classified Advertising rate is only $15 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of I · brakes, spa re hood. Matching I black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. I 1987 20' Pace enclosed trailer, 1 NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If I· torsion axles, new tires, i?ench, I you wish to use a photo in your· free 'ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. I , lights. $9,500.00 for both~ Jim i Pfeffer (815) 434-1867. I _________________________ I I ---~---------------------I I .1 I ________ :____ ____ ---'----------------:--_I I _________________________ I I I I -------------------------I I ___________________________ I I Enclosed is$ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. I I I : Name ----------------------------DUS~! ;;~MES I , I Address ----------------'----------Phone-------5331 Derry Ave., Suite O I f City ---------------------, State _____ Zip______ Agoura, CA 91301 I -• , Pagc·sa January 1991 FOR SALE: 5-1600, Beard seats, Wright rack & spindles, ITS trans, Centerlines, bus c.v.'s, Parker Pumper. Parked and waiting to go racing. $5,600.00 or best offer. Call Dave (619) 593-9007 or (619) 442-5340. FOR SALE: TOYOTA PARTS, 4AG pistons, cams, dual springs, IS-Buckets, ls-Retainers, bronze guides, head tools,-rods, metal clutch disc, _Corolla & Starlet suspension, CR trans, LSD, rear end gears, wheels & tires, headers, body parts, even · complete rally cars. (818) 765-5542 6-lOpm. DustvTlmcs

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FOR SALE: Class 7 -1990 Mitsubishi Dodge D-50. 1 ½ .120 chromolv chassis w/ stock frame. All heliarced. Keith Black 2.8 motor, dual 50mm Mikuni's, 14 new Bilsteins, Henry's ball joints, Summers Bros. 9" Ford chromoly rear end, auto trans. Ex Walker stadium truck. Doors & fenders & bed sides. 35" Yokos w/Pro-grl'ssivc wheels. SCORE/HORA legal. Spares included. Motor costs $15,000.00 but givl' everything for $11,000.00. Less than 200 miles. Call Pete (602) 843-5953. FOR SALE OR TRADE: 1 3-16" Cl'nterline headlock rims with 21 : " offsvt. Will trade for IS" or will sell outright. ( 'all Terry at (303) 232-7852. FOR SALE: 1979 F-100 Custom -PS, PB, AC, TW, AT C6. Hughes TC, 429 competition cam, Edelbrock carb & manifold, Hooker Headers, O.R.D. suspen-sion, RS7000 shocks, 100 watt am/ fm cassette, Viper alarm, Camper kit. Everything new or rebuilt -4000 miles. Excellent hunting off road. David (602) 844-8332 $6,500.00 obo. FOR SALE: Chenowth 2 seater I 968cc Pauter VW, balanced, blue printed, counterweight crank, dual port, Norris cam, ' Zenith, Rapid Cool, stainless braid oil lines, Jackman aluminum stars, 8 Bilsteins. Trailer with gas cans & parts box, many spares, great desert car $3,500.00. ( 619) 562-8473. ,.~,;;, FOR SALE: 1-1600 racc car. !3-cccnt winner, minimum wcight, trcsh engine, 300mm torsion hars, Fox shocks, Ncal, Wright, Supl'r Boot, ere. Racc rl'ady. $7,000.00 Call Bill (702) 329-2039 days, ( 702) 359-8021 l'Vl'S. FOR SALE: Jimco 2-1600, complete Wright front end, UMP power steering, Fox Shox, SAW, Beard seats, CNC pedals, 22 gallon cell , Parker Pumper, Summers Brothers, Superboot, ITS trans (fresh). Motor has one race on it. $13,000.00 obo. Call Kevin (619) 691-9171 days, (619) 267-5008 eves. FOR SALE: Triple "E" Stadium Superlite, less motor. Has new Roberto gearbox, fuel cell, re-valved works shocks, new paint, 13" wheels wl beadlocks, extra wheel & tires, clutches, spindles, belts, tie rods and more. 6000 starter. $3,500.00 Call John (714) 842-7238. FOR SALE: '61 sunroof, 1776 motor, Wright 6" widcr front, new Wright rack & pinion, 3x3 rear IRS bus, Sway-A-Way torsion bars, full roll cagc, fuel cell, I piece front end, Center-lines, Dick Cepek, Chenowth skid plates, Deist harness, Paddy Hopkirk buckets, new interior, Porsche 930 Turbo cv's and axles Russell wiring, Bilsteins. Street~ able & licensed $6,000.00 obo. (619) 265-1267. Dusty Times FOR SALE: Raceco SS, Class 10. 1990 SCORE/HORA points champion. FAT air cooled 126 hp, 091 bus FfC gears, Summers floater rear end, secondary, coil-over front end, new: spindles, arms, UMP Bilstein, SAW, PCI radio equipment, extra parts, tandem trailer $16,500.00. Call ( 3 10) 640-611 9. FOR SALE: Jump into this "Taylor" 1-211600 car and run with the best in the midwest. Consistent top 5 finisher, with the best; Sway-A-Way, Neal, Wright Diest, Summers Brothers, Fox: Earls, power steering, K&N, 2 trannys, 930's, carbon fiber wheels w / beadlocks, BFG tires spare parts. Race ready on th~ trailer. $8,700.00. ( 414) 788-7 I 82 after 4:30pm. WANTED: Type IV 2250cc motor. Also, race radios and good used equipment. Will pa.y fair price. Call Chris (916) 456-4 747 days, (916) 363-5507 eves. FOR SALE: 20' enclosed DICO trailer, tandem axle wlsurge brakes, bench with vise, lights inside and out, storage and tire · rack. Xlnt condition. $4,500.00 obo. Tom (619) 448-5392 or (619) 441-8936. FOR SALE: 2 each 4 A /GT oyota Class 10 engines. Complete, bolt in. one with single carb $7,500.00, one with dual carb $8,500.00. Call Lee (714) 682-3816. FOR SALE: Class 10 1650cc Don Hatz motor (best of everything) and one ( 1) Hewland F.G.B. 5 speed transmission. Prep by•··· Fortin. Call Mike Stapleton (213) 634-7933 between 7am and 5:30pm. FOR SALE: '69 Ford pre-runner, 428 Super Cobra Jet, C-6 trans, 5: 13 locker rear end, new paint, Beard seats, 4 point harness, 8 shocks, spare wheels & tires, good cond. Call John (805) 947-0913. $5,500.00 obo. -~~ .,a, · r:-J FOR SALE: You've seen this one flying high at every race this year, younger brother to Robby Gordons Hay Hauler. Built from the ground up by Nelson and Nelson. This Ford Tough truck is a proven performer, consistent top six finisher. Here is your opportunity to get into racing in a very competitive truck for the low price of $19,500.00. Call for details NOW!!! (714) 240-6151. FOR SALE: Class 8 truck once owned by "Scoop" Vessels. Race ready, good for La Rana races. Built 390 C-6 full floater rear end. Sandy Cone brakes. $12,000.00 obo. Call Racin Gardner (805) 688-4922. FOR SALE: 1988 Ford F-350 4 door crew cab, 7 .3 liter diesel with 5th wheel. $15,500.00. Also, 1988 Toy House 40' 5th wheel tri axle trailer. Currently hauls Class 13 & 8 Heavy Metal. Fully equipped with 16' awning, 12v interior lighting, roof al e, queen size bedroom over 5th wheel, gas stove and oven, fridge w / free;;er, shower, toilet, o / h cabinets in cargo area, diamond plate floor in cargo area, too much to list. $15,000.00 obo. Would prefer to sell as one unit but will separate. Call Chuck/Gail ( 414) 835-4800. FOR SALE: Esslinger 2850cc Ford motor. Fresh Art Carr C4 with 9" converter. Winters gear reduction. Call ( 413) 525-4841 after 6:30pm EST. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Raceco. ·,. ~, 117" wb, Raceco bus, 930 c.v.'s, Dura Blue, Wright rack & combos, JAMAR hydraulics, Sway-A-Way, Power steering, Yokohamas, Beard, Parker Pumper. This car is a great buy at $5,900.00. For more information call Dave at (714) 998-2553 days or (714) 970-1359 nites. FOR SALE: Buy a winner, 1990 Class 5 11600 class champion, third overall in SNORE points series. Ready to race!!! Coolex shock coolers, Wright, Sway-A-Way, Centerlines, Mastetcraft seats, fresh engine, 431 chromoly cage, best of everything. $7,500.00. For more info. call Barry (702) 658-1436. ~ FOR SALt GMC Brigadie~ Car Hauler, 28' body, 3208 CAT, 10 speed, lOmpg, regisrered as RV. Dual A IC, pwr steering, tilt whe~_l, full air ride suspension, custom solid oak interior, color TV, VHS, refrigerator/ free;;er, rest room & shower, microwave, telephone, 6.5 Kobota generator. Too much to list. Call Billy (512) 679-7489, $46,000.00. FOR SALE: Pancho's Class 9 Baja Champion. Race ready with all spare parts. I st-BAJA 500, 1990, 1st-BAJA 1000, 1990, I st-BAJA 500, 1991, 1st-FIREWORKS 250, 1991, 2nd-BAJA 1000, 1991. Second in points with SCORE/HORA, 1991. Won all 5 races with Baja Promotions 1991, Class 9 champion. 1990 Tubular Design single seat with the best of everything. $10,000.00 Call Pancho Bio ( 619) 469-9448 or (619) 262-1626. January 1992 FOR SALE: VW Rabbit motor, 1928cc 's. Rev Power angle port head, fully ported, polished and flowed head. Motor ran in eight races of MTEG Gran Prix Stadium Series. Best of everything in motor built by Lee Leighton. Asking $3,500.00 or best offer. Call between 6-8pm. (619) 323-9722. FOR SALE: Nissan Electramotive V6 aluminum racing block, crank, pan, cams, pulley drives, intake manifolds, 1 head, rocker arms, oil sump pump. An excellent Class 1 or 2 engine, very light. Call Tom (714) 245-1603. FOR SALE: Mike Goodbody's short course 1-2-1600. $3,500.00 Needs race prep: Clark West engine and transaxle. Call ( 619) 944-7496. FOR SALE: Chenowth Mini Mag. Raced 4 times. Completely rebuilt since last race. PCI radios, Parker Pumper, lots of spares: tires, wheels, shocks, etc. Everything needed to go racing·. 18' enclosed DICO trailer. Car & trailer can be seen at Chenowth factory. Reason for selling; I live in Oklahoma, too far from races. Contact Mike Thomas (619) 449-2991. FOR SALE: 2-1600 O.R.E. 114" wh, Wright combo spindles, Wright front trailing arms, power steering, new Beard seats, FM radio, removable windshield unit, new SAW front spring packs, Parker Pumper, 2 spare tire racks, recent update on seat belts, 10" and 12" Fox reservoirs, spare tires and wheels. $10,500.00 or $7,500.00 less engine. Call (805) 736-5342 after 5pm. FOR SALE: 1992 Ford Class 4 Race Team . Very competitive truck. W inner Nevada 500, Nissan 400 2nd overall. '85 Ford F-7Q0, 24' box van setup for racing, '79 Ford F350 4x4 van, Traker '83 FlS0 4x4 chase truck, tons of spares, chase parts, prepped and ready for '92 Parker. Race prep '92 available. $80,000.00 (714) 924-1540 or (714) 325-2447. FOR SALE: '90 Timberwolf 40' fifth wheel trailer. Lounge/ living quarters, shower, micro-wave, 3 way fridge, tv, hot water heater, roof air, 12 volt, 110 volt wiring. 6.SKW generator. Dual axle, 2 each 20'xl0' awnings. Call Wes ( 805) 482-0229 or Glenn (805) 482-8427. WANTED: Front coil-over shocks, rear 14 inch shocks. Call (619) 922-5244, ask for Kirk. FOR SALE: Former Roger Mears Nissan Class 7. Stripped and rebuilt from the ground up. $32,500.00 obo. Call Slick Gardner (805) 688-4922. ATTENTION: Revolutionary performance system, increases RPM and acceleration 10-12'¾,. Increases fuel economy, less tuneups, cleans exhaust and provides complete com bus ti on for life of engine. Guaranteed U.S. patent. For info. send $3.00 (refundable) to: Jeffries & Associates, 1251 27th Street, San Diego, CA 92154 or (619) 423-1074. FOR SALE: FAT Performance· built 1607cc Toyota 16 valve engine, Carrillo rods, trans adapter, clutch/ pressure plate, power steering pump UMP, etc. Excellent condition $6,800.00 obo. Tom (619) 448-5392 or (619) 441-8936. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Barbary Coasl · Gold Coast Hotels 23 Bilstein Corp of America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Cactus Racing Products . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . 40 Cagle Fuel Controls . . . . . . • . . . . . . • . . . . 37 Castex Inc. E-Z-Up . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . 18 Champion Bead Lock Co. . . . • • . . . . . . • . . 1 3 OeNunzio Racing Products . . • • . . . . . . . . . 26 Desert Tl . ... .................... 33 FAT Performance ...........•. • . : . . . . 22 F.0.R.O.A. 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'Course it's not really a fair fight. Because our old man-Ivan "Ironman" Stewart-drives a Toyota Truck. The toughest, nastiest, tail-kickinest truck that ever touched dirt. . But tfey, who ever said truck rac-ing was fair? our • Certainly not the also-rans in last season's SCORE/HORA sanctioned Baja 500, Nevada 500 or Nissan 400 desert races. And sure as heck not the guys who came up short in eight of the last nine Manufacturer's Cup Challenge Championships in TECHIVOLOGY OIV A FAST TRACK © l9IJl 1byola Motor Sales, US.A~ Inc. urs. the MTEG stadium race series. So if you're smart, you'll get your-self a Toyota Truck, too. Because take our word for it ... if you're gonna take sides ... you better take Ivan's. ''I love what you do for me:' ®TOYOTA (