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1991 Volume 8 Number 3 Dusty Times Magazine

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¥olulllC I· Munll)et J · MIich 1991 $1.50 Covering the world of competition in t_he dirt

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915 S. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Ml 48103 Presents the (313) 665-0358 Fax1 (313) 668-8886 GREAT NORTHERN CHALLENGE MAY 1 O - 12, 1991 Fairgrounds Ionia, Michigan S.O.D.A./S.T.O.R.E. Championship Points Series Premier Short Course Off-Road Racing -Watch for further details in the next issue of Dusty Times. _

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Volume 8 -Number 3 •>.: ._. , ' ... ',. ., Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Associate Dominy Smith Editorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation Winnie. Essenberg Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Judi Gooch Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Ron Kiel Rod Koch Jan Flick Mazzenga Cam McRae Bob Rule David Ryskamp Barb & Marilyn Schultz Judy Smith 3-D Photography · Trackside Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAPSHOT March 1991 THI OfflCIAL VOICI OF CALJFORNM. RALLY SERIES PROFESSIONAL ■ AMERICAN ■ CANADIAN Off-ROAD \l_ · RACING -.f! ---"' -4'.~ ~ ~4~ Subscription Rates: _ . $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material · will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301, (818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without writt~n permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid . at Agoura, CA 91301. . POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, . 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 9130L CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. OF THE MONTH ••• I I I I I I I I In This· Issue ••• FEATURES Page FRT Dunaway Dash ................................ 12 SNORE Awards Banquet ........................... 17 Off Road Wars - Battle #2 .. · ........................ 18 SNORE Showboat 250 ............................. 20 MTEG Stadium Racing at Anaheim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 La Rana New Years 200 ............................ 28 Sand Drags at Glen Helen OHV Park ................. 31 New South Wales Australian Championship ........... 32 SODA Awards Banquet ............................ 34 Pioneer Paris-Dakar Rally Report .................... 38 DEPARTMENTS Soap box by John Host .............................. 4 Trail Notes ........................... ; ............ 4 Side Tracks by Judy Smith ........................... 6 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Farewell to a Friend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Pit T earn Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Demographics_ ..................................... 42 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 ON THE COVER • Our cover this month features regular desert racers out havirig some fun early in January and along the way winning races, Scott Flamson and Jerry Penhall challenged the usually dominant Bob Richey at the La Rana New Years 200 near Barstow, CA and won overall by mere seconds in the Jimco, despite losing third gear and having a flat tire. On New Year's Eve Mark McMillin brought his wide bodied Porsche powered Chenowth single seater i:o the FR T Dunaway Dash to test some new components in the real world. The entire McMillin clan watched as Mark went lap after lap with absolutely no trouble to win the big entry race overall in the sandy surfaces near El Centro, CA. Color Photography by Trackside Photos Inc. and C&C Race Photos. I\~ ·~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 ye~r - $15.00 □ 2 years - $25.00 D 3 years -. $35.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified ad up iu 45 words. _ (Form on inside back page) es ogan is "It pays to race with SNORE" and it pays in more ways than just cash payback. When a couple ofladies mentioned to SNORE officials at a recent race, that there were no handy nearby portable potties near their location at the start/ finish line, it wasn't much later when Denny Selleck appeared towing one of the structures with his quad and parked it right behind where the girls were sitting, making race notes. Now _that's service! Photo by John Calvin. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, Sx7 or Bx 10 will. be considered. Name-------,---------------------Address -----------City State----------------Zip _______ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian:: 1 year $20.00 U.S. • Overseas subscription rates quoted on request}' Dusty nines March 1991 Page 3 I I I I I

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Soap Box ••• By John Host contingency row, we do know that some can and some can't. If you were at Parker you might have noticed the local vendors who set up their stands selling shirts and just about everything else in the empty dirt lot just behind the first block of contingency row, so apparently if you live in Parker you can't sell things on the SCORE blocked off streets; but in Ensenada last November the local folks moved in with shirts, pins, all manner of items bearing the words Baja woo, and sold them all day. We 'know because our little stand was surrounded by them. It does seem that if there is an official ban, it ought to apply to everyone on contingency row, regardless of how much, if any, money they have pledged for the contingency fund. That's a personal opinion, and we would like to hear yours. (ed.) After six months of work I was almost ready to see a dream come true. A small dream, granted, but my dream. My line of off road T -Shirts, christened Desert T'z, was ready for the public. Ads were run in Dusty Times and I anxiously waited for more exposure at the Parker 400 race late in January. Contingency was pledged by my company for all SCORE/HORA races·. Everything was coming together beautifully! Then, "The Letter" came. A quick note from Sue Smuskiewicz at HORA saying that my conting-ency pledge had been accepted, BUT. But what? HORA felt that my T-Shirts would "conflict with souvenir sales at their events". I was banned from contingency row! What a nightmare, and never in my wildest dreams did I expect this! Now, wait a minute. Sue's letter also said HORA would "allow only their official event logoed apparel to be on sale at the races". Interesting. What about Trick Racing Fuel, Sports Gas, K.C. HiLites, Jim Conner Racing, Rancho Suspension, the Mears Gang, and BFGoodrich? And the rest of the companies on contingency row with T -Shirts? Those hats and shirts are not "official event logoed apparel." Jeez - I feel like Charlie Brown! And, what about SCORE and Parker? What was their decision on this issue? I faxed them that very question and received a response on January 23rd, just two days before the Parker contingency day! SCORE was basically following HDRA's lead. They said I could set up on contingency row, but I couldn't sell T-shirts! Now that doesn't make sense! It was time to unpack the truck and break out the guns. I am now asking all SCORE/ HORA members and contingency sponsors for help. You are my guns. Send Danny and Sal a note in support of Desert T'z. A little competition shouldn't be defined as "a conflict". I have form letters at my office for those who haven't time to write a letter. Call me at (714) 582-0930 and I'll send you one. Let me say in closing that I love . the sport of off road racing. I started this business because of this love. I feel that my designs are helping support and promote the sport, and I hope my fellow off roaders will support me. I hope to see you at the Mint, whoops, it is now the Nissan 400. While this publication has no official opinion on the problem of some folks being allowed to sell shirts, hats, jackets, racing apparel, pins, jacket patches, etc. on Volunteers are invited to climb on their "Soap Box" and fill this space with their thoughts about what is good and what is not so good about the state of the sport. Your words, short of being libelous, will be printed. So send along your praise or damnation on your Soap Box topic to Dusty Times, 533 r Derry Ave., Suite o, ~goura, CA 91301. Subscribe to DUSTY -TIMES See Form Page 3 .091 HEAVY DUTY DIFFERENTIAL Tired of replacing com-plete CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available .as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated aircraft quality 300M Alloy steel and feature' casP hardened ball grooves. · NEW FOR '89 ! Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity. Pre-cision machined· for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! CV BOOT HOLDERS Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. Larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 C11'$. . TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available. 114-441-1212 McKENZIE'S ,~8~,~~rs 2366 ORANGETHORPE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 INVITED Page 4 March 1991 ·1,ail Notes .•. THE A WARDS BANQUET SEASON was finally over in mid-Jan~ary in the west, and we also have word of a gala pre-Christmas party to reward the Bonneville Off Road Racers, and they had a good crowd and a fun time. The serious awards for points winners went to 5-1600 drivers Rod Sorenson and · Jim Magill who won the overall points crown. In second spot was Barry Merriam, Class l 0, followed by 1-1600 driver Gary Brennan in third spot. The Sportsman points champion was Bob Flinn and Sue Sorenson won the Powder Puff honors. The Hard Luck Race Team trophy went to Jeff Robinson and Jed Worley. The Most Improved Driver was Barry Merriam and Robert Idle was named Course Worker of 1990. The Dell Heninger Sportsman of the Year was · voted on by the racers and went to Elbert and Scott Emley, and El bet also won the Grand Prize, a set of Yokohama Tires from Yokohama Motor Sports. Also compliments of Yokohama Motor Sports, jackets were awarded to the champs and volunteer staff and BORE thanks Scott and Chris at Yokohama for their backing. In the Humorous awards category, George Cain was the best dressed racer, Gary Brennan, the empty gas tank, and Mike Baker, tire conservationist. Sponsors awards went to Steve Hoellein of Felt Auto of Ogden, Utah, with many thanks to many others. BORE President Jim Baker has a new phone number in Ogden, as he has sold his business and is retiring. Check the Happenings column for the phone number and the 1991 BORE race schedule. THE SCORE PARKER 400 will be covered in complete detail next month as only Judy Smith can do it, digging out war stories to enhance the results. Meanwhile, in case you missed the ESPN Speedweek coverage a while after the race, the winners are now official after a long Competition Review Board session at Parker. Jim Smith won overall in Class 1/ 2, with Dennis Rogers riding along, and it was some time before the next finishers arrived. Willie Melancon drove his single seat Mirage to the Class 1-2-1600 victory and 11th overall. Former champion biker Dan Smith joined the Ford/Goodrich Rough Riders team this season and he drove the 1989 and 1990 Class 3 dominating Bronco to the victory. Steve Kelley had a slow start but his new Chevy held together to win Class 4. After seeing Hartinut and Wolfram Klawitter on Friday, it was no surprise to see them win Class 5, and Tom Neth won the battle in Class 5-1600. Another member of the Rough Rider team,John Swift drove a new Ford Explorer to victory in Class 6, an_d Manny Esquerra,-another Rough Rider this year in the Ranger, won Class 7 in his home town. Spencer Low got his Nissan into the victory in Class 7S while Jerry McDonald put the Chevy S-10 home first in Class 7 4x4. In Class 8 Scott McMillin smoked them all in his privateer Ford and also finished third overall .. Class 9 honors went to Roy and Wade Prince in a Chenowth, and Ray Croll and Mike Julson won Class 10 in their Jimco. Travis Howard was victorious in Class 11 and Frank and Steve Bristing won the Chenowth Mini Mag honors. Larry Roessler scored fast time among the motorcycle classes. While the entry was down, the competition was fierce, so watch for the complete story in the April issue of Dusty Times. STEVE KASSANYI, who has been SCORE's Race Director and Chief Official since 1985, announced his resignation from SCORE International early last January. Steve has established his own Motorsports Public Relations firm, called Kassanyi Motorsports, which will be based in Cathedral City, CA. Jim Conner, of Lake Havasu City, AZ, assumed some of the Race Director duties for the recent Parker 400 at Parker, AZ and the race ran smoothly this year with the other honchos doing double duty also. Kassanyi will be assisting IDRA Managing Director George Thompson in seveal areas of the organization. Thompson stated "Steve has over 15 years of esperience in Management and Promotion in Off Road Racing and will be a valuable asset to the Public Relations field and a welcome addition to our staff at IDRA." Steve will assist EDRA as a contributing editor to the IDRA Newsletter and will participate as a member of the Safety Committee. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: Just when we thought the field of off road racing publications was reaching a reasonable size for the market, with the demise last year of Off Road America, we now find two local southwestern magazine sized monthlies have blossomed out of the kitchen table. In Southern California the La Rana Express has two issues in circulation, and apparently the American Desert Racing Association has declared a local Phoenix monthly called Motorsports Press its Official News Voice. With a definite shrinking availability of advertising dollars, it does seem an odd time in which to launch a new racing publication, but they may know something we don't know. CLASS 1 / 2 TRUCKS: While factories are scrambling to get their feet wet in Class 1/ 2 racing with a truck bodied race car, a couple of privateers are also going to chase Ivan Stewart's Toyota in the few desert events he will compete in this year. It seems odd that Bill Church's latest Chevy bodied creation sporting a 350 V-8 engine was the only Class 1/2 style truck that finished at Parker; but then the Church family has a reputation for building strong race cars and being prepared to race before they come to the track. Sometimes the factory rigs are brought out for PR purposes, before the testing cycle is complete·. Danny 'Letner also is using a Chevy S-10 body on his new Class 2 rig designed by Tom Hoke. Mike Smith did all the fabrication, .ind this machine is powered by a fuel injected 2.6 liter Chevy V-6 and is equipped with an automatic transmission. Lerner started out strong at Parker, but did not cover a lap, nor did the factory Jeep driven by Jack Johnson, or Walker Evans in his Class8 Dodge. The factory Nissan did not show up at Parker. So, the truck invasion in Class l / 2 appears to be down the road a ways, but remember it took Ivan Stewart and the PPI crew a couple of years to get the Toyota dialed in to perform ·as it did in 1990. By the way, we were chastised late last year for calling Stewart's race car a funny truck. We meant it was as high dollar, if not more so than the funny cars in drag racing, the stars of most quarter mile shows. So the 1/2 vehicles will be referred to primar.ily as race cars in the future. INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORT PROMOTIONS has a full schedule this month of shows and swap meets, handy if you happen to live in Orange County, CA. On Friday March 8 and Saturday March 9, the Orange County Fairgrounds hosts a pair of specialty swap meets. Friday night is the Budweiser Motorcycle swap meet with over 200 vendors with new and used bike parts and -accessories and "ready to restore" motorcycles. It will fill a 40,000 square foot building at the fairgrounds. Harley Davidson enthusiasts will find an extensive assortment of pins, memorabilia and street leathers. On Saturday night Building 10 houses the Budweiser Volkswagen, Porsche and Off Road Swap Meet. This swap meet is known for its considerable selection of hard to find parts, and both new and used parts and accessories will be on sale. Some fully restored vehicles ready to drive away will also be offered. The admission price per night is a mere $5.00 and parking is free at the fairgrounds, and that is a bargain in the entertainment market today. i;.-Dusty Times

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LA RANA DESERT RACING Presents the 2nd Annual "Spangler 150" in Ridgecrest, California * Friday May 3rd - Registration, Vehicle Tech, 3:00-10:00 p.m. and Contingency at the Kerr McGee Center . * Saturday May 4th_ - Race Day at Charlie's Place 9:00a.m. * Sunday May 5th -Awards Presentation 10:00 a.m. Carriage Inn (714) 924-2226 . . .

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Side Tracks ••• By Judy Smith All of us have become more aware of the need to recycle household items like newspapers, plastic bottles and aluminum cans in order to help preserve not only the space needed for landfill dumps, but the energy needed to make new paper, plastics and aluminum. And if we give the matter some serious thought, it becomes apparent that we need to consider what we're doing to our future when we simply trash worn out tires, dead batteries and used oil from the family vehicle or the race car. Batteries and oil come under the heading of "hazardous waste'', and must be disposed of properly, in ways that won't pollute our gound water, or create more toxic fumes in our atmosphere. Car batteries contain sulfuric acid and lead, both nasty to the human system, and are actually fairly easy to dispose of properly, though you wouldn't think so from the number of old batteries you see stored in people's garages. In southern California all you have to do is to take them to a K-Mart, where you'_ll receive $2 for each battery you recycle. K-Mart then passes them along to a professional recycler, where their components are separated, the lead is melted down and reincarnated, usually as another battery. _ Americans throw away enough used motor oil every year to fill 120 super tankers. Oil is also nasty stuff, and, although it kills weeds, don't be tempted to use it as an herbicide, because it'll slowly filter down through your soil into the local ground water. The practice of tossing it out into the nearby dirt alley to ''control dust", should be stopped also, for the same reason. Oil recyclers say that motor oil never wears out, it can be re-refined over and over, and, cleaned of all the gooey dirt and bits of metal, it will be just as good as new. It's fairly easy to rid your premises of the stuff, but you'll need to give it a little thought. First of all, find some kind of leak proof container with a screw on lid for storing your used oil, and then, when it's full, or maybe, when several of them are full, simply take it to your handy dandy oil recycler, which in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties, is Chief Auto Parts. Not just any Chief Auto Parts however, but it's simple to find out which one offers the service in your neighborhood. Just call 800-553-2962. That's the magic number for getting the _address and/ or phone number of a wide variety of recyclers, throughout the state of California. Chief, by the way, will take up to five gallons of used oil, for free. Americans throw out more than 250 million tires every year. And those tires, which can be recycled into a component for asphalt paving, or carpet padding, pipe insulation or wire, or can be retreaded, are also simple to dispose of. The list of places that take old tires is long, but a few of them are; in Orange County, Pete's Road Service, Inc., at 714-991-4592; in Barstow, SELF Enterprises, at 619-256-6334; and in Canoga Park, at 21339 Saticoy, Apollo Tire Co., at 818-348-6142. Or you can call that 800 number I mentioned earlier, and they'll help find someone close to your garage. If you have a vehicle with a radiator, you may on occasion have a need to drain it, or you may have a container with some anti-freeze left over. While it's hazardous to the envi:nronment, it's also likely to be dangerous in a particularly sneaky way. Pets are attracted to its sweet taste, and may drink from .puddles of the stuff, and if they do, they will die. The recycling information folks said that anti-freeze should be taken to radiator shops for recycling. If you can't locate a shop in your area to take it, you can call the Los Angeles Coum i Hazardous Material Hot Line, at 213-699-7411, extension 1622, and they'll help you find a way to dispose of it safely. The folks at that Hazardous When Peter Piper . Picked A Parker Pumper Helmet, Page 6 How Many Drivers Wanted The Helmet That Peter Piper Picked? Helmet includes Nomex Skirt • More Nose Room • Lighter • Seals Better Against Dust • 30% More Vision • Also Available - Full Line of Simpson Products • Bell Helmets • Glass Shields • .Drinkers • Kool Pac's • Pumper Motors • 4'-8' Hoses • 1985 Snell Approved Helmets We Also Convert Helmets! We Ship UPS -P-~-~-kt_:r_ri_:u.:...' ~-a-~_7; __ ~-;-~_;_:_.ts-~--~3-=-01 __ :..:.e s_).(·--/--1 i4..:.!n):....e~:.:;:.:;=-~--'-, s.::.0~--e6=-s..:..·--==Vi=;~=>A=::=""' __ ., Fax (714) 923-3118 March 1991 Material Hotline will also be able to explain to you just exactly what things from the shelves in your garage are classified as hazardous and which aren't. What about that tank full of parts_ cleaner, or carburetor cleaner? Don't, whatever you do, don't throw it into the weeds between your house and the garage, and don't toss it down the storm drain on the corner. Call the information number, and find the proper place and way to get rid of the ugly stuff. There are a few other phone numbers, if the ones listed above haven't solved your problems. In California you can call the Department of Conservation, Division of Recycling, in Sacra-mento, at 916-323-3743, or, for your nearest recycling center, try, 800-332-SA VE. In Nevada it's the office of Community Service, Energy Extension Services, in Carson City, at 702-687-4908. In Arizona you should talk to the Department of Environmental Quality, Waste Planning Section, in Phoenix, at 602-257-2372. There's a national phone number also, at the EPA Office of Solid Waste, 401 M St. S.W., Wash-ington, D.C. 20460; 202-475-9860. They · have a hotline for ordering brochures also, at 800-424-9346. If you'd like to have more information on the reasons for recycling, and the way to go about it, there's a very handy little book ( source for most of the phone numbers· listed above) called "Recycler's Handbook", put together by the Earth Works Group, and available at Walden Books for 4.95. Think or your children and grandchildren. Recycling is a way to ensure breathable air and drinkable water for them. and for their children. MOVING? Send Your 014 and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. more ••• TRAIL NOTES THE NORTHEAST TRUCK SHOW is on the other end of the country and happens on March 15, 16, and 17. It is all indoors in the 90,000 square foot Rockland Community College Field House near Suffern, New York. On and off road trucks and vans plus accessories are featured and monster trucks will be there too. This is not only a show, but there is also competition for a wide variety of vehicles in the show for first in myriad classes. Also on tap is radio controlled carpet track racing on both a road course and oval track. Get full information by calling (914) 343-2772. THE PIKES PEAK AUTO HILL CLIMB organization has just announced that Chevrolet has doubled the purse for the 1991 event on July 4 out of Colorado Springs, CO. They will provide $10,000.00 per division winner utilizing Chevrolet power in the upcoming event. Chevy also announced they will continue to provide one dollar for every one foot of altitude to the summit of Pikes Peat (14,110 feet) for a new overall course record set by a Chevrolet powered race car. The previous record is held by Ari Vatanen driving a Peugeot 405 in a timeof 10:48:34 in the 1988 event. 1991 will mark Chevrolet's fourth year of involvement in the event and its third year as a major title sponsor. ROBBY GORDON, who started in his father's Class 1/2 Chenowth at the Parker 400 did a lot better a week later at Daytona. Gordon had trouble on the first lap but did a hot second round, then vanished without finishing at·Parker. In 1990 The 24 ~ours of Daytona marked the first pavement success for the rising young star, and he and his teammates, Mark Martin ofNASCAR fame and Wally DallenbachJr. with an assist from Dorsey Schroeder won the GTO Division at the 1991 24 Hours of Daytona and finished fourth overall behind a pair of Porsche 962s and a Group C Nissan. Quite a feat for a Ford Mustang, and they also gave car owner Jack Roush his seventh consecutive GTO victory in this event, and our man Gordon his second. Congratulations Robby. PRISM DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT in northern California is profecting their designs will take some of the mystery and the high cost out of building an unlimited race truck for either desert racing or stadium bashing._ Owner Ken Sypolt is offering an unlimited rolling chassis for under $5,000.00 and all you need to supply is your choice of engine and tranny. Other than that the only variables are seat, steering and-petal position, since each truck is built in the same jig. This just may be an idea whose time has come as desert Class 1/2 open wheel racers now need big power like Porsche and big transmissions to harness the power, often the hign dollar Hewland trans, so an unlimited truck would cost about the same. For all the details on the rolling chassis, don't call us but call (916) 344-7443, and check for more information in the Prism ad in this issue. HDRA NISSAN 400 UPDATE - Preparations are moving swiftly for the race coming soon the first of March. On contingency row, downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street, the activity will run from 7 a.m._ until 5 p.m. on March 1, and it should be quite a busy day in the 200 spaces occupied by manufacturers and other event related displays. Pre-race activities will center around the Union Plaza Hotel at number 1 Main Street, the end of contingency row. Along with acting as pre-race headquarters the Union Plaza Hotel will host two event media conferences during race week at the famous Center Stage Restaurant. Additionally the Hotel will host driver registration, the contingency sponsor meeting/ reception, and also host the pre-race Media Center. The Golden Nugget Hotel will be the site of the exclusive HORA Nissan 400 VIP reception the evening before the race, and the Gold Coast Hotel will host the post race "Survivor's Brunch" and the awards presentation on Sunday, March 3. The Las Vegas International Speedway, two miles north of the main gate entrance to Nellis Air Force Base on Las Vegas Boulevard _ North, will again be the start and finish line area and the race will start at 8 a.m. March 2. Held just nine days after the SCORE Parker 400, the drawing for starting numbers produced a healthy 166 cars, and a lot of folks have yet to unpack from Parker. Look us up on contingency row and we hope Dusty Times can get a small spot near the front of the line, so we don't have too far to walk to all the functions. gr, Dusty Times

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1991 Happenings ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 274-0010 March 10, 1991 Gila Bend 250 Gila Bend, AZ April 27, 1991 SMOR 250 San Manuel, AZ July 6-7, 1991 High Country ( tentative date August 31, 1991 Snowflake Buggy Bash Aripine, AZ October 12, 1991 Carrera de Rocky Point 250 Sonora, Mexico December 7, 1991 Sonoyta to Rocky Point Sonora, Mexico. ARMSTRONG OFF ROAD JAMBOREES Four Wheel Drive Excursions P.O. Box 1154 Arcata, CA 95221 (707) 822-8508 April 5-7, 1991 Kern River Jamboree Kernville/Lake Isabella, CA May 10-12, 1991 Redwood Coast Jamboree Fort Bragg to Eureka/ Arcata, CA June 14-16, 1991 Ghost Town Adventure South Lake Tahoe, CA/Stateline, NV BADGERLAND VW CLUB,INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 ( 414) 688-5509 (All events located in Chilton, WI at the Fairgrounds Racing Facility) • IS eeiri . ' ____ in ... CENTER LINE RACING WHEELS THE STRONGEST OFF-ROAD WHEEL MONEY CAN BUY! FAT Performance has in stock the largest inventory of 5-lug Wv CENTER LINE wheels in the country. Whether you need wheels with polished or satin finish, FAT has them in all popular styles. Need them in a hurry? FAT can ship the same day as ordered ... and with the best price in the industry. FAT can also supply your CENTER LINES with · Champion bead locks. Buying a set of CENTER LINES can be exceedingly easy with FAT Performance. We do all the legwork. Call for current pricing. Quantity discounts are also available. FAT IS YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR VW, PORSCHE AND TOYOTA OFF-ROAD ENGINES AND PARTS. FAT Racing Ports Bilstein Shocks Sway-A-Woy Permo-Cool S&S Headers WeberCorbs IPF Lights JoMor Products Page 8 Wright Place Tri-Mil Exhaust GemGeors BeordSeots Simpson Safety Super-Tropp Yokohama Tires Petro-Tech 2000 PERFORMANCE For your FAT Performance catalog, send $5 to Dept. CW, 1558 No. Cose St., Orange, CA 92667. Or coll (714) 637-2889. FAX(714) 637-7352 BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O . Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 Golden Crown of Baja Desert Series (cars) March 15-17, 1991 Gran Carrera de Mexicali Mexicali, BC, Mexico May 17-19, 1991 Gran Carrera de Tecate (SC) T ecate, BC, Mexico July 26-28, 1991 Gran Carrere de Ensenada Ensenada, BC, Mexico September 20-22, 1991 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, BC, Mexico SUDS SHORT COURSE SERIES ( all events at Santa Veronica OHV Park Tecate, BC, Mexico) , March 9-10, 1991 May 25-26, 1991 July 13-14, 1991 October 19-20, 1991 BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker · P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. April 27, 1991 Desert Cactus 200 Delle, Utah June 1, 1991 Wendover Express (tentative) Wendover USA July 6, 1991 Jackpot 200 Jackpot, NV August 17, 1991 Twilite Race Delle, Utah September 28, 1991 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R. 3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada K0K-lH0 (613)457-1102/Fax(613)475-3250 1991 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI54520 (715) 478-2115/(715) 478-2688 June 22-23, 1991 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI August 31 -September 2, 1991 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Mike Gibeault 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 March 15-17, 1991 Prescott Rallysprint Prescott, AZ April 19-21, 1991 Rim of the World Lancaster, CA July 12-14, 1991 Prescott Hillclimb Prescott, AZ September 21-22, 1991 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 March 1991 more ••• T.RAIL NOTES MSD IGNITION has posted $14,400.00 in contingency awards for the 1991 HORA/SCORE Desert Series. This is MSD's second year as a contingency sponsor for HORA/SCORE and they have stepped up their involvement in the series by increasing their postings to $1,800.00 per event. At each of the eight desert races MSD has posted $200.00 to be paid each eligible winner in Class 1/2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 7, Class 7S, Class 7 4x4, Class 8 and Class 10. To be eligible for MSD's contingency award, the winner must be using an MSD 5, 6 or 7 Series Ignition Control and must display MSD Contingency decals on both sides of the vehicle for the entire event. For more information on MSD's off road contingency program, contact MSD at 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, Texas 79936 or call (915) 857-5200. THE NISSAN 400 is the spring biggie for desert racers and spectators, who crowd Las Vegas for the race and jam Fremont street during the contingency row activity on Friday, March 1 this year. Along with the regulars setting up shop on Fremont Street will be a number of others rarely seen elsewhere. One stand in particular we would like anyone going there to search out will probably be next to Mastercraft. Rich Minga and friends will be there and would like to tell you about the Trust Fund for Peri Combe, whose husband Buzz died suddenly in an accident at the Parker 400. Peri and the two little girls might be there also, and Minga will be happy to collect any on the spot donations to the fund. If you don't plan on going to Vegas, ym.1 can mail your contribution to the San Diego County Credit Union, Attn: Charlene Bavencoff, 165 East Park Ave., El Cajon, CA 92020, or call her at (619) 453-2112 for more information. THE IDRA introduced their Driver Orientation Program at the recent SCORE Parker 400. The new Driver Orientation Program, a joint venture organized by the IDRA with cooperation from SCORE/HORA, was introduced to a gathering of over 80 racers after the Driver's meeting on Friday night. The program, which grew out ofIDRA Safety meetings held during the past two years, is designed to acquaint new racers to the SCORE/HORA series with some of the basic safety procedures out on the race course. According to IDRA Managing Director George Thompson: "We've been working on this program for some time now and being the first race of the year Parker seemed like the ideal place to introduce it. For now, we are asking all drivers who have competed in less than three SCORE/HORA races during the past year to attend the meeting. I had no idea how many people would show up at Parker. I am glad we had a P.A. system. The program is run by a group of veteran racers who each cover various subjects and encourage questions from the drivers." The D.O.P. committee consists of the following men: Dave Ashley, Wayne Cook, Rod Hall, Reese King, Rich Richardson, George Thompson and Frank Vessels. (By our count only five of the above are active drivers-ed. )"After a few meetings," said Thompson, "we should have a professional presentation worked out and then we can start to get other veteran racers involved, as we do in the CRB. For a first time out, this was a tremendous success and the racers seemed to enjoy the opportunity to talk about course safety." It would be interesting to know what subjects were discussed at Parker, and if the motorcycle riders were included in the program. THE CORRECTED SODA RACE SCHEDULE is printed in the 'Happenings' column and be sure to correct your pull out calendar from the January issue. It starts early this year with the Great Northern Challenge at the Ionia, Michigan Fairgrounds, on May 11 and 12. If you plan on attending be sure and pack your rain gear, as it can get wet out that early in the spring in southern Michigan. This event will be covered by ESPN as a full feature, so you can also see it all on TV. So watch your local channel listings for the day and time, usually a couple of weeks after the event happens. Other than taking most of August off, SODA has a race almost every two weeks through September 15 · in Michigan and Wisconsin, and a few more of them will also have the glory of ESPN TV feature coverage. THE CORONA 200 is being held on the same May 10-12 weekend, far from the midwest in La Paz, Baja California de! Sur, Mexico. Regular readers know that La Paz is the finish line for the every three year Baja 1000 run from Ensenada to La Paz. The off road folks in La Paz have been putting on short events for some time now, and they are going for a full scale professional 400km desert race with a $10,000.00 U.S. dollars guaranteed purse in Classes Challenger and 1-2-1600, and the rest of the clases have a 100 percent payback of the entry fee, with a total purse of $20,000.00. A number of pre-race and post race activities are planned and most involve parties complete with food and beer, on the house. The entry fee is $500.00 plus insurance. The sign up and tech inspection will be done "on the Malecon Beach Front" in town, May 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the race starts on May 11 at 8 a.m. The start/finish line is at the local race track. The awards ceremony and Mexican party will be at the Palmira Hotel May 12 at 2 p.m. It sure sounds like a fun time in the tropical climate way down south, and worth the long tow to La Paz. For hotel reservations and more information contact these San Diego phone numbers, (619) 691-9171, Race Ready Products, Bob Hummel, or (619) 425-1639, Don Hatz Racing Engines. CALIFORNIA OFF ROAD JAMBOREE -Inter-Shows Motorsports Promotions premiers a brand new, custom vehicle show at Anaheim Stadium Exhibition Center and Concourse on Sunday; March 17. Following in the tradition of the popular California Volkswagen and Truck Jamboree events, the Budweiser California Off Road Jamboree will feature exotic custom off road cars, trucks, motorcycles, off road racers of all descriptions, a manufacturers' new off road vehicles and products expo. Additionally there will be vendor booths selling unique accessories, parts and off road novelty items. The Seminar Series will offer off road driving and racing instruction from professional racers like Ivan "lronman" Stewart and other pros. These drivers will also demonstrate driving techniques on a special parking lot test course. A 4x4 project truck will be customized throughout the day as spectators watch and learn how to install trick add-ons, and the end result, a customized Isuzu will be given away in a sweepstak~s drawing. A wide range of off road interests will be included in the vendor booths, including camping equipment, all terrain vehicles, recreational vehicles and other outdoor sporting goods. Concept trucks from major manufacturers will be unveiled at the Jamboree, so you can see models just off the drawing board, or maybe prototype trucks of 1992 offerings. Huge t...:hibits from major manufacturers will display what is for sale today as well. No Jamboree is complete without a California Girl Bikini Contest and this one will select Miss Off Road Jamboree. For more information on this wild sounding event, complete with several bands playing different types of music, check the advertisement in this issue or call (714) 364-1745 anytime. The message is recorded. Dusty Times

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Baja 5,,,7, "' oft~ 1991 IHDRA i .·• -,,i%'

Page 10

COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association l 71 7 Marker Road Polk City, FL 33868 (813) 984-1923 (305) 823-4487 March 23, 1991 (all events at Lakeland Speedway) FUD PUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 April 20, 1991 Buzz Bomb 150 Plaster City East, CA August 3, 1991 Superstition 250 VIII Lake Superstition, CA September 28, 1991 Plaster City Blast 200 Plaster City East, CA December 31, 1991 Dunaway Dash 150 Plaster City West, CA (All events in the El Centro, CA area) GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 2339 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714) 880-1733 April 20-21, 1991 Off Road Challenge June 15-16, 1991 Off Road Challenge November 16-17, 1991 Off Road Challenge GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 ( 404) 253-1033 March 17, 1991 50 mile Vienna, GA April 28, 1991 50 mile Vienna, GA May 26, 1991 150 Night Miles Vienna, GA June 23, 1991 50mile Vienna, GA July 28, 1991 100 mile Vienna, GA August 25, 1991 50 mile Vienna, GA September 22, 1991 50mile Vienna, GA October 26-27, 1991 Rules Meeting & 50 mile Vienna, GA November 20, 1991 250 mile Vienna, GA December 7, 1991 Awards Banquet The Final Flag For A Friend It is always difficult to ·say goodbye forever to a friend, and more difficult when the person is young, full of life and gone in an instant. This was what happened to Buzz Combe at the recent SCORE Parker 400. We first met Buzz when he was helping Nelson Salerno launch HPS Oil in contingency row many years back, and then he developed an abiding interest in off road racing. That interest led him to a good position with Bilstein Corp. of America, where he honed his skills at shock engineering, helping develop the product for both racing and fun time off roading. We were told that Buzz Was scheduled to move ahead into the exciting world of NASCAR shock absorber engineering in the near future. It was off road racing and a common participation in contingency row activities that brought Peri Miller and Buzz Combe together, Buzz working for Bilstein and Peri for her family owned company Mastercraft. The pair were married a few years ago, and seemed to enjoy the hectic life of business and off road racing that doesn't provide many days off at home. For many years he was the rider in the Class 2 car driven by Mike Lund in desert racing. So it was only natural that when Sherman Balch asked Mike Lund to drive his Class 3 Nissan Pathfinder at the Parker race, that Buzz started in the passenger seat. Unfortun-ately the team didn't get far, not quite to Swansea, before disaster struck in the form of a giant hole Page 10 hidden in the dust, and a huge rock that jolted the truck so hard the frame was moved back six inches. The brunt of the entire accident hit the passenger side of the vehicle, and apparently Buzz was killed instantly, which is the way to go if your number is up. Details,are sketchy as Lund was in shock, and probably still is, but the next race cars along summoned help immediately via radio and helped contact the medics at the nearest checkpoint. Buzz Combe was an effervescent kind of guy, always looked about 21 years old, and actually was in his mid-thirties, and he always helped anybody he could. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his wife Peri and their two little girls, Tyler, 3, and Devon, just nine months old. They were all at the Parker race at the time of the accident, and it must have been a sad trip back to their home near San Diego. A Trust Fund for Peri Combe was established almost immed-iately, to help with the big task of educating the girls and paying for the new home the Combes bought recently. Many in the industry contributed to the fund before the memorial services were held, and if any one reading this sorrowful tale would like to contribute, make the check payable to Trust Fund for Peri Combe. Send it to the San Diego County Credit Union, Attn: Charlene Bavencoff, 165 East Park Ave., El Cajon, CA 92020. Via con Dios Buzz. GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, Ml 48103 (313) 665-0358/ (313) 996-9193 GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION K.C. Huggins 2233 N. 140th Avenue Omaha, NE 68164 ( 402) 496-94 31 ( All events at Timber Ridge Ranch) GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Ron Kiel 12840 Dexter St. Thornton, CO 80241 (303) 452-4013 May 19, 1991 Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO June 15, 1991 Ad:nns County Fairgrounds Denver, CO July 14, 1991 Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO August 7, 1991 Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO September 7, 1991 Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO October 6, 1991 Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO (All GWPS dates are tentative) GRR Golden Rule Racing P.O. Box 4011 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 263-5329 March 23, 1991 Saddle Sore 150 September 28, 1991 Forked Tongue 400 October 26, 1991 Haunted Hills Classic HORA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 March 1-3, 1991 Nissan 400 Las Vegas, NV July 5-7, 1991 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA August 9-11, 1991 Nevada 500 Las Vegas, NV September 6-8, 1991 Willow Springs Raceway Rosamond, CA October 11-13, 1991 Gold Coast 300 Las Vegas, NV HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Pat Roberts 878 Main St. Deadwood, SD 57732 (605) 578-1654 April 6, 1991 Badlands 100 Wall,SD May 18, 1991 Bowman, ND June 22, 1991 Pierre Baja Pierre, SD August 17, 1991 Gumbo Buttes Baja Pierre, SD September 21, 1991 Deadwood Off Road Grand Prix Deadwood, SD March 1991 October 19, 1991 Last Chance Baja Wall,SD (All above dates for HPORRA are tentative) IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves, Ohio) KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB Randy Chamberlin 835 W awn Road Kamloops, B.C. V2B-6N3 May 12, 1991 Middle Distance Enduro Kamloops, BC, Canada May 26, 1991 Short Course Event Kamloops, BC, Canada June 23, 1991 Kamloops 400 km Kamloops, BC, Canada September 15, 1991 Short Course Event Kamloops, BC, Canada September 29, 1991 Middle Distance Enduro Kamloops, BC, Canada LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chambray Dr. Moreno Valley, CA 92387 (714) 924-2226 May 3-5, 1991 Spangler 150 Ridgecrest, CA June 21-23, 1991 Lucerne Valley 200 Johnson Valley, CA August 23-25, 1991 Mini Baja 400 Johnson Valley, CA October 4-6, 1991 Californla 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 22-24, 1991 High Desert 250 ( double points) Lucerne Valley, CA MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, MI 48837 (517) 627-6200 June 22. 1991 Brooklyn, Ml July 7, 1991 Big Rapids, MI July 22, 1991 Gladwin, MI July 28, 1991 Mason, MI August 1, 1991 Sandusky, MI August 20, 1991 Kalamazoo, Ml August 22, 1991 Ludington, MI August 31, 1991 Oneekama, MI MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION Keneth Coleman 742 E. Roosevelt Road Ashley, MI 48806 ( 51 7) 838-4483 (All events at Mt. Pleasant Speedway) MIDWEST OFF ROAD BAJA SERIES Rick Vasquez 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 594-8266 All Desert Races MIDWEST OFF ROAD RACING Tommy Bowling 9801 E. Highway 80 Odessa, TX 79765 (915) 561-5222 "The Texas Challenge Off Road Points Series" (All events at Notrees, TX) April 6, 1991 May 11, 1991 June 8, 1991 July 13, 1991 Jack Rabbit 150 Night Race August 9-11, 1991 2nd Annual Rock 'N' Roll 250 September 14, 1991 October 26, 1991 November 1991 Awards Banquet MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 938-4100 March 23, 1991 Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA April 13, 1991 Sun Devil Stadium Phoenix, AZ April 27, 1991 Kingdome Seattle, WA May 18, 1991 Texas Stadium Dallas, TX July 20, 1991 Los Angeles Coliseum Los Angeles, CA September 1991 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO September 1991 Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV October 1991 Candlestick Park San Francisco, CA CAMEL SUPERCROSS SERIES March 16, 1991 Sun Devil Stadium Phoenix, AZ May 4, 1991 Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV June 22, 1991 Los Angeles Coliseum Los Angeles, CA ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION R.R. 4 Bancroft, Ontario, Canada K0L-lC0 (613) 332-4363 OUTLAW MINI STOCK RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 204 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 (213) 375-4570/ (213) 719-7036 PAC OFF ROAD RACING P.O. Box 323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 July 4, 1991 Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Colorado Springs, CO SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O. Box 526 Indio, CA 92202 Dusy Times

Page 11

S.C.A.T. INC. SCORE CANADA S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: August 30-September 1, 1991 April 21,1991 Michael R. King 390 Chemin Du Lac Tom Schwartz burg Brush Run 101 Hollister Hills SVRA Park P.O. Box 277 Lery, Quebec, 2620 West Washington Crandon, WI Hollister; CA Morrisonville, NY 12962 J6N 1A3, Canada West Bend, WI 53095 (715) 478-2222 (518) 561-3208/ (518) 236-7897 (514) 692-6_171 (414) 334-3858 May 25-26, 1991 September 14-15, 1991 YeringtonNORRA 400 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Midwest Points Championships Yerington, NV Sports Car Club of America SUPERIOR OFF ROAD P.O. Box 3278 SCORE SHOW DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Oskosh, WI June 22-23, 1991 Englewood, CO 80112 Mickey Thompson Terry Wolfe Terry & Bev Friday Virginia City 200 (303) 779-6622 Entertainment Group 7839 W. North Avenue ( 414) 688-5509 or 688-5511 Virginia City, NV P.O. Box 25168 Wauwatosa, WI 53213 April 19-21, 1991 Anaheim, CA 92825 (414) 271-3575/ (414) 257-0422 TEXAS OFF ROAD. July 28, 1991 Rim of the World Rally (714) 938-4100 Prairie City SVRA Park Lancaster, CA May 3-5, 1991 Tiadaughton Rally Williamsport, PA May 31-June 2, 1991 Susquehanock Trails Wellsboro, PA August 25-27, 1991 Ojibwe Rally Grand Rapids, MN October 25-27, 1991 Press On Regardless Escanaba, MI November ?, 1991 Mazda Coachman Stages Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 April 5-7, 1991 San Felipe 250 San Felipe, BC, Mexico June 7-9, 1991 Baja Internacional Ensenada, BC, Mexico November 7-10, 1991 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico December 7, 1991 OffRoadsman Awards Banquet Las Angeles, CA ' .. May 3-5, 1991 Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Jack Kolan (619) 292-4444 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 March 23-24, 1991 Twilite 200 Las Vegas, NV May 18-19, 1991 Caliente 250 Caliente, NV July 27-28, 1991 Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV September 27-29, 1991 SNORE 250 . Jean;NV December 6-8, 1991 Showboat 250 Las Vegas, NV · SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES ·DESERJ_R_flCING MOTOR SPORTS May 11-12, 1991 Great Northern Challenge Ionia, MI Bob & Carolyn Moon (313) 665-0358 May 26-27, 1991 Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI Terry & Karen Wolfe (414) 257-0422 or 271-3575 Tom & Ruth Schwartzburg (414) 993-4416 John & Phyllis De Young (708) 857-7101 ~ June 8-9, 1991 Antigo Kiwanis Off Road Race Antigo, WI Joe Servi (715) 623-5015 Tom Schuh (715) 623-7875 June 22-23, 1991 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI (715) 478-2222 July 6-7, 1991 Fox Riverfest Challenge Depere, WI Dick Shinnick (414) 468-8042 Lee Ellis ( 414) 469-1120 July 20-21, 1991 U.P. Off Road 100 Bark River, MI Dave & Joyce Vandermissen (906) 466-7494 GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing Sacramento, CA - Texas Style August 31-September 1, 1991 Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Yerington/VORRA 250 Mike Bernardo Yerington, NV 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 October 20, 1991 (214) 855-2232 Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA TORA WESTERN OFF ROAD Truck Racing Association RACING ASSOCIATION Ray Carney, Director 19125 -87A Ave. 7 Prutell Drive Surrey, British Columbia, Apalchin, NY 13732 V3S 5X7, Canada (607) 625-5676 (604) 576-6256 UORRA WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS United Off Road Racing Association 2939 E. Grovers P.O. Box 211 Phoenix, AZ 85032 Dunellen, NJ 08812 (602) 971-3730 (201) 752-0299/ (201) 359-2745 (All races at Trailways Speedway, March 2-3, 1991 Hanover, PA) April 6-7, 1991 May 4-5, 1991 -VENTURA RACEWAY (All events ~t Canyon Raceway) Business Office 2810 W. Wooley Road FIA WORLD RALLY Oxnard, CA 93035 CHAMPIONSHIP (805) 656-1122 VORRA ATTENTION Valley Off Road Racing Association RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS 1833 Los Robles Blvd. - List your coming events in DUSTY Sacramento, CA 95838 TIMES free! Send your 1991 schedule as (916) 925-1702 soon as possible for listing in this column. March 17, 1991 Mail your race or. rally schedule to: Prairie City SVRA Park DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite Sacramento, CA 0, Agoura, CA 913or. .A) ✓~--B) DESERI RACING C) DESERI RflCING MOTOR SPORTS M·OTOR SPORTS DESERI RACING D) MOTOR.PORTS E) SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! GET YOUR OFFROADER DRESSED .RIGHT WITH DESERT T'z 1991 T-SHIRT DESIGNS • 100% Cotton Beefy-T's with pocket (Full color graphics on white, sizes Med., Lg. & X-Lg) • Classic coyote embroidered poplin hats (Red, blue, black & silver-gray) Dusty nmcs ORDER NOW FOR FAST SHIPPING. (Team designs available upon request) March 1991 ,; DESERI RACING Fl MOTOR.PORTS DESERTTz ORDER FORM: SHIRTS: SIS.00 EACH HATS: s12.oo EACH -• PRICE INCLUDES U.P.S SHIPPING • PERSONAL CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS -QTY ~mE SIZE/CAP llOR l'ltll :E SUBTOT,A,L SALES TAX TOT,A,L 16fAL NO COD'S NAME --------------CA RESIDENTS ADD 6'/,% TAX .-'.DDRESS -------------CITY _____ STATE __ z,p ___ _ SEND ORDERS TO: DESERT rz 27324 CAMINO CA"ISTRANO #172-175. LAGUNA NiGUEL 0.. 92677 Page 11 I -

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FRT DUNAWAY DASH McMillin Ends Season With Overall Win· By Judy Smith Photos: C&C Race Photos Mark McMillin had a totally trouble free race in his Porsche powered Chenowth, and not only won the Unlimited Class, the only one that_ finished, he also won the race overall by a good margin. Mark McMillin capped a long holiday weekend campout in the Plaster City Off Highway Vehicle Area with the overall victory in the FRT's New Year's Eve Dunaway Dash. McMillin, more accustomed to running the long Baja type events, put his Porsche powered Chenowth out in front early in the afternoon, and sprinted to the finish in three hours 17 minutes and 28 seconds. Based on the eastern edge of the OHV area, the course was 26.4 miles long, and there were six laps. The terrain was described as · very rough by the racers, and also very dusty, though a breeze in the later laps helped to clear things up. Otis Fudpucker, the head of the FRT, provided two races for the,.• entertainment of the off roaders celebrating New Year's in the desert. The first, which started at seven a.m., was for motorcycles and A TVs, and was over by about 11 a.m. The cars and trucks were the second event of the double header, and they got to run· on a slightly more chewed up course, and for some it meant a lap or two of night time racing. Between the end of the first event and the start of the second, Fud had his drivers' meeting, to explain the rules of the game. He described the course briefly, announced that all checks were rolling checks, stated that it was cause for disqualification to drive to the outside of the pink course boundary markers, and suggested that no one drive over the big orange markers used to pinpoint the location of especially bad holes and ditches. Immediately after the drivers' meeting the racers self staged their cars with the aid of a long line of staked paper plates, each with a car · number on it. The start went off right on time, at 12 noon, and cars left the line every 15 seconds. In the Unlimited class McMillin jumped to the front right away, and Ron Wilkinson, in his Type IV powered single seat Chaparral ran second, followed by Ryan Thomas, in his two seat 2300cc VW powered Chenowth. McMil-lin, whose first lap was the quick one for the class, at 31.33, continued to press very hard, and, with the others following in the same order, had built his lead to 18 minutes by the end of the third lap. Wilkinson broke permanently on the fourth lap, and as McMillin continued his untroubled day, Thomas' co-driver, Dick Con-stantine, now moved into second place, while Cecil and Jeff Wright, who have put a Buick V 6 motor in their single seat "Wright-Jumper", instead of their old Mazda, ran third, although a long way down with fuel problems. There was one other entry in the class that had excited the interest .. Roaring over the sandy desert Ben Abatti drove his Class 8 Ford alone, and it brought him luck as he had no down time and won Class 8 by a full lap, and was the only class finisher. ~ Chris Minor pushed his Chevrolet hard in Class 8 action, and ran close to the leader until the last miles, but he still took second place. of the other competitors, and that was the new Mazda powered MECO single seater of Mike and Morley Williams. Unfortunately, Mike endoed it just off the start line, and, while he recuperated from a bump on the head, his dad, Morley, took over the driving, but didn't get all the way around, the VW bus transmission giving up· the ghost before the lap was completed. At the end of the fourth lap McMillin made his only stop, to take on eight·gallons of fuel, just in case. He continued to run at a steady pace, and his lead continued to build. At the end of lap five he had an hour on Constantine and Thomas, and Thomas got back in for the sixth lap. The Wrights were still third, another hour down. McMillin took his win, declaring that it was a . "beautiful, fun race course", and, for him, '.'not very dusty." TI10mas and Constantine finished second, followed in by the Wrights, happy to get a finish with their new motor in spite of the flooding and stalling problems they'd had. In Class 8, Scott McMillin was the first truck off the line, in his Ford, and then broke an axle before getting very far into the first lap. So, while the McMillin pits thrashed, the lead fell to Chris Minor, in his Chevy, who had the class fast lap at 33.23. In second it Bill Hammack and Tim Sines had a good day and a '°l:lose race in their Jimco-Rabbit, kicked up some dust along the trail, outlasted the early leaders and . won Class 10 by less than two minutes. Glen Elliott and John Knudsen started out second, led Class 10 for three laps, but the hot pace did them in and they failed to finish lap 5. Mike Davis and Victor Calderon sta_rted out second in Class 1-2-1600 in the brand new Jimco, were on the winner's bumper and took second by 37 seconds. Tom Schilling and Bill Reams ran in the front five all day, finished fourth in Class 1-2-1600, a half second out of third place in the Jimco. Page 11 March 1991 Dusty Times

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Smitty and Norm Schmidt came out of a short retirement to stay close to the Class 5 leaders, but had ignition trouble on the last lap but still finished second. Usually the 1990 Class 5 champion Whitted family of Brawley are tough to beat, but this time sons Kyle and Joel broke for good on the first lap. Larry Plank raced in a Mini Mag for the first time, ran third early in the fray and moved up on the leader and took second only ten minutes back. was Ben Abatti, in a Ford, out for just his second race as a truck driver. Karl Counce, in a. Chevy, ran third. Minor lost about 20 minutes in the pits at the end of the first lap, and Abatti took over the lead, with Minor now second, and Counce still in third place. Minor pushed hard on the third lap too, but some mechanical gremlin· kept delaying him, and Abatti had a seven minute lead on Counce at the end of lap three, with Minor another 11 minutes back. Abatti's day continued to go smoothly, and he continued to lead, having no mechanical troubles at all. Minor moved back up to second place, with Craig Corda, who'd been high centered earlier in the day, moving his Ford into third place, as Counce lost 50 minutes somehow, and then broke for good on the fifth lap. At the end of that fifth lap it was still Abatti in the lead, with Minor now 11 minutes back, and Corda still holding on to third place. Abatti sailed through his sixth lap with no problems, to take the win, but behind him there was nothing but trouble. Corda broke a header, and became a dnf, while Minor struggled valiantly on, getting to within a mile or so of the finish line, but unable to make it power itself that necessary last mile to the checkered flag. So Abatti was the only one with six laps done, Minor's five laps gave him second place, while Corda, also with five laps, was third. In Class 10 the first lap leader was another new· car in its first outing; the Toyota powered two seat Jimco of John Marking. And John ran a remarkable lap, covering the ground exactly two seconds faster than McMillin had, at 31 :31, to record the fast lap of the day. In second, behind him it was Glen Elliott and John Knudsen, in their one seat VW MECO, and then Brian McDon-nell ran third in his VW Raceco single seater. Reuben Wood, who drives a Ford Escort powered Beard one seater, was fourth. On the second lap Marking's transmission gave up and he was out of the race. as Elliott and Knudsen moved into the lead. McDonnell was now second, and Wood moved up to third, struggling a bit with a leaky oil cooler that blew oil all over the spark plugs and caused the motor to miss. Tim Sines, in a Rabbit powered. one seat J imco ran fourth. And McDonnell's brother, Tim, who often leads this class, was trying to make up for time lost with a broken tie rod end on his Raceco single seater. At the end of lap three it was still Elliott and Knudsen, and they now had a lead of 10 minutes on McDonnell. Sines moved into third, while Jim and Karl Sherman, in a Toyota powered ff·~ f ·"""'tf!l· "' Coy Brigman ran alone in his ORBS in Class 1-2-1600, started out in fifth, and moved steadily through the ranks to take the lead on the fourth lap, and went on to victory in the big class, and was second overall. In Class 5 Mike Lund started in Bill Hernquist's convertible, took the lead and held it; Bill took over for the second half and the pair went on to win the class by 19 minutes. Dusty Times J imco, ran fourth. Elliott and fourth it was Schilling, 59 seconds Knudsen built their lead to 13 later, and Marini was now fifth, minutes by the end of lap four, 23 seconds back. and at this point it was Wood, Only Schilling changed drivers, who was having to stop for oil as i:he rest were being "Iron Men" every lap, in second place. Sines for the day, and Brigman held had put his co-driver, Bill firm out in front. Davis was now Hammack, into the car, and he 37 seconds behind him, Teuscher was now in third place, while was another 11 seconds back, and McDonnell had also hopped out, then it was Marini in fourth, while to let his co-driver, Peter Oliver, Schilling's co-driver, Bill Reams, get in for the second half of the was way back in fift , nine race, and they now ran fourth. . seconds later. The pace proved too tough for Brigman, who said his day Elliott and Knudsen's car, and "went great", continued his they didn't finish their fifth lap, steady pace right to the checkered moving Wood up into the lead, flag, and took the win. Davis got a with just 57 seconds on Ham-, .. mack, who was now second. · Oliver held on to third, while Stephen Hendricks and Mike Herrick, who'd been struggling with a clogged up fuel line, came up to fourth. Wood lost just a hair too much 1 time adding oil on the last lap, and Hammack got ahead of him to 1 take the win. Wood was second · only a minute and 38 seconds later. In third it was McDonnell and Oliver, followed in by their teammates, Hendricks and Herrick, in fourth. No one else managed to do six laps. In Class 1-2-1600, a fierce· battle was shaping up, and the lead was in the hands of Todd Teuscher, in a Chenowth two seater, who had only 49 seconds on second place Mike Davis, in a brand new J imco one seater, at the end of lap one. In third it was Jim and Michael Abatti, two seat Raceco, just eight seconds later, and followed by David Marini, in a two seat. Chenowth, 58 seconds behind them. Fifth, but only one minute and 46 seconds behind the lead ~ar, was Coy Brigman, in a single seat ORBS. This is the system run by most off road race winners bit excited perhaps, and rolled his car, and then needed help from spectators to get right side up again. He finished second, only 37 seconds behind the winner. In third it was Teuscher, who was only fractions of a second ahead of Reams and Schilling, and then Marini was fifth, about 16 seconds behind them. These drivers all reported that the course was very dusty, and very rough. In Class 5 the first lap lead went to Mike Lund, in Bill Hernquist's convertible, and he was closely chased by c;r TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME Things shifted for the second lap, but stayed just as close, as Marini recorded the class fast lap, at 35:23, and moved to the front. But he was now only 16 seconds in front of Teuscher, who was second. In third it was Davis, two seconds later, and he was followed by Tom Schilling, in a single seat Jimco, one minute and 34 seconds later, with Brigman 24 seconds behind him. DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS Teuscher was back in front for the third lap, with Marini now second, 32 seconds behind him, and Brigman up to third, another six seconds back. Davis dropped to fourth, 42 seconds back, and Schilling ran fifth 19 seconds later. The competition was very intense, but they were having a blast. All but one of the cars that started in this class were still running, and several were close behind the lead five, ready to move in if someone faltered. Brigman had the lead at the end of the fourth lap, but it was still tight, and Teuscher was only 18 seconds behind him, with Davis four seconds off his lmmper. In '.::!I! March 1991 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 13 I f

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r;.-. "Smitty" Schmidt, in the nine year old family car. In third it was B.J. Bates, racing a Baja Bug for the first time (he's a Class 9 driver, usually), and then Brent Grizzle and Brett Discoll were fourth. Kyle and Joel Whitted, usually a top team in this class, broke on the first lap. Lund continued to lead through the second lap, with Schmidt hot on his bumper, and Grizzle and Driscoll moved into third, as Bates muddled along, missing second gear, and stuck in third for part of the lap. They finished the third lap in the same order, and then, on lap four, with Hernquist taking over for Lund, the team had built a lead of only three minutes and 32 seconds over Schmidt. B.J.'s dad, Gary, had taken over the driving, and he drove carefully, ·wondering when the rest of his gears would break, but was back in third place as Driscoll and Grizzle lost 15 minutes. Hernquist held his lead, and now the Schmidts changed drivers, putting brother Norm in for the last two laps. It seems that Norm had been given stub axles for Christmas, and that was what had brought the Schmidts out for the race. The Schmidts were still second, but now about 20 minutes back, after the car had mysteriously died at one point. The Bates team was still third, and Grizzle and Driscoll joined the ranks of the non finishers. Hernquist and Lund took the win, finishing just 15 minutes in front of the Schmidts, who had a smooth last lap. And the Bates team was third, seven minutes behind them. There was a group of Mini Mags racing on New Year's Eve, and, in order to get a more forward start position than the one merited by their previous exception. At the end of the fir;t finishes in FR T events, they lap the homebuilt chain driven entered, as a group, in Class 100. Suzuki powered single seater of About all that did was to move David Slade had the lead, but Dan them from behind the Class 9 cars Lewis was less than a minute to just in front of the Class 9 cars, behind him in his 1835cc but it made them happy. Since Sandhawk two seater. In third, 19 this wasn't a points race it didn't seconds later, it was Vic Pizzino, matter that they ran as Class 100. in an 1835cc Hi Jumper two And, in fact, the Townsley team, seater, followed by Richard Rudy and Charlie, broke the Mini Green in his two seat Frazco, Mag rules about maintaining the propelled by 2180ccs, and only a cars all alike, by experimenting .minute and 35 seconds later. with extra rear shocks for this Pizzino moved into the lead on race. lap two, but he had only 54 And it was the Townsley car in seconds on Lewis who was still front at the end of lap one, with second. Slade had ·dropped to the class fast lap, at 36: 17, but less third, another 58 seconds later, than a minute ahead of Frank and while Green continued to run in Steve Bristing, who ran second. fourth place. On the third lap Larry Plank, who was racing in a Slade was.back in stride, and he Mini Mag for the first time, was ticked off the fast lap for the third. By the end of the second lap group, at 40:15, and moved back it was the Bristings in front, with into the lead. Pizzino was now the Townsleys second and Plank . second, a minute and three third. And at the end of lap three, seconds back, followed by Lewis, it was the Bristings in the lead, and a minute and 35 seconds later, Plank second while the Townsleys and Green was still fourth. · and 29 seconds, over second place Cox and Pizzino. Green was third, and none of the others managed to finish. Class 9 was once again the biggest class running, with 25 cars starting. And Tom Watson put his single seat Chenowth right into the lead, with the class fast lap of 42:27. Larry Kern, in a one seat Rayco, ran second, followed by Jack Millerd in his single seat West, in third. Fourth place belonged to Andy Blue in Pancho Bio's single seat Tubular Design chassis, while Larry Cossio had his two seat . Chaparral in fifth place. , By the end of the second lap, as Watson continued to lead, Blue had moved up to second place, only a minute and five seconds back. In third it was still Millerd, while Cossio held fourth, and now Paul Huffman, in a single seat LaPlant, ran fifth. It was close at the front of the pack, and almost the entire starting field was still running, so if anyone erred, there was a long line of cars waiting to move in front of him. At the end of lap three Blue moved into the lead, but he had only 15 seconds on Watson who fell back with mechanical woes. At the end of the fourth lap That put Bob and Scott Stein- they were still running in the same berger in third place, 23 minutes order, with Slade continuing to behind Plank. hold only a narrow lead of 54 The Bristings continued to seconds, and second place lead, with Plank running steady in . belonged to Don Cox, Pizzino's second place, as the Townsleys co-driver.Lewishungontothird, broke altogether, and the a minute and 26 seconds later, Steinbergers held ·on to third and Green was fourth. Ronnie Gibson and Clarence· Hoskins had their Ford Ranger out front in Class 7 on the first lap, dropped to second by seconds midway, but came back on the second half to take the class victory by 14 minutes. place, although suffering through This four laps was a long run a long sixth lap. So it was Bristing, for Slade, who's campaigning a Plank and Steinberger at the finish very non-conventional vehicle, line, with Kirk McDaniel, who'd and usually looks fast and fades lost about an hour and 20 minutes early. This time he looked as if he on lap one, finishing fourth. might get a finish, but the fifth lap Class 100, which is for the · proved to be his undoing, and he older race cars ( one or two never came around again. Lewis seaters, 105 inch wheelbase moved into the lead as Cox lost " maximum, and a maximum of his clutch and slowed a bit, to 2400ccs), is growing steadily, as second, only two minutes and 29 more and more folks take the old seconds off the lead pace. Green buggies down off the jack stands. was third. And that's how it went The racing in this class is usually to the finish line, with Lewis very close, and this time was no taking the win by three. minutes Frank and Steve Bristing took the lead in the Mini Mag battle on the second lap; the close competition eventually faded and they won the class by ten minutes. ~...«M :~~ ii i~•.m'-'·-~:;_~ Vic Pizzino and Don Cox had a good day in the Class 100 Hi Jumper, led lap 2, then dropped to second, only three plus minutes behind the winner. • David Slade led the first cIa·ss 100 lap in his homebuilt, Suzuki powered single seater, led for four laps, then went out of the race for good. Young Jim Richardson drove his father's Class 9 Jimco while the SCORE-HORA champ did pit duty, and Jim finished fourth, with the lights gone. Hector and Oscar Ledezma drove a family built racer in Challenger action and they stayed close to the front, eventually finishing fifth in class. Danny Ledezma got a great start and the lead in Class 5-1600, later lost a c.v. and a lot of time, but did salvage a third place finish. Page 14 Tim Zeigenbein drives a Funco in Challenger competition, and he came up through the pack at the Dunaway Dash to finish sixth in the big class. Richie Valencia and Roy Garcia took the Class 7 lead on the third lap, but their Toyota slowed by 20 minutes in the dark and they were second. March 1991 Josh Kerr and Dave Acosta are always tough competitors in Class 5-1600, ran fourth at midpoint, then finished a strong second in class. Lloyd Riggins put a Che ngiria in his Toyota and stayed close to the leaders all de. 0ut was third in Class 7 with five of six laps done. Dusty Times

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for the first time since he hurt his shoulder in a roll over, so it was a disappointment for all. Class 9 was the biggest class at 25 strong, and had several different leaders, but as darkness fell Larry Cossio and Steve Fenton took over first place and won the big class in the Chaparral. Dale and Bob Snaith ran well for the second time out in their 5-1600, and late in the race they moved up the charts and surprised even themselves by taking the lead on the last lap and winning the race. Danny Ledezma continued to lead, chased by Goodrich, and now with Jim and Jason Beeson in third place, in their "Red Dog". Kerr and Acosta moved up to fourth spot, and Holmes and El Wardani were fifth. The other Ledezma team didn't make it through their second lap. On the next lap Goodrich moved to the front, as Ledezma lost a few minutes and dropped to second place. Holmes and El Wardani had climbed to third, followed by Kerr and Acosta, and now Bob andDale ~ was right there in second place. Millerd was still third, only two minutes later, followed by Cossio, and then Huffman, in fifth. But the next thing we saw of both Blue and Millerd, they were on the ends of tow ropes. And, at the end of the fourth lap the lead was in the hands of Watson's co-driver, Jeff Bennett. He now had a little over two minutes on Cossio's co-driver, Steve Fenton. Huffman had put Shane Reed in the driver's seat, and Reed was now third, followed by Steve R eynolds, in Jack Hettinger's Funco single seater, in fourth place. Running fifth it was Jim Richardson, racing for only the second time, in his father's single seat Jimco. Dad, Rich Richardson, SCORE/HDRA's reigning Class 9 champ, was doing unaccustomed duty as pit crew. The ranks were thinning out, and it was getting dark. Bennett had a flat tire and lost about six minutes, and Fenton moved into the lead. Bennett still held second, and Reed ran third, with Richardson, who was watching his only light wobble loosely on the mount, in fourth place. In fifth it was now Hector and Oscar Ledezma, in their Ledezma single seater. Reynolds, who found himself down to only low gear, conferred with Hettinger and then decided to go for the last lap, since the team needed to finish in order to secure their season points position. So he headed out into the dark with one gear and a lot of optimism. Fenton held his steady pace, to take the win, while Bennett stormed hard, but couldn't quite catch up, finishing second, only 58 seconds behind him. In third place it was Huffman and Reed, who'd never managed to finish an FRT race before this. Then Richardson, whose light had quietly fallen off unnoticed, stumbled through his last lap really in the dark, to finish fourth, followed in by the Ledezma tcnm. Reynolds tossed a few fan belts, but did finally finish his low gear run, in seventh place. Another member of the Ledezma team, Danny, got things off to a good start in Class 5-1600, by taking the first lap lead, with the class fast lap of 43:44. He had Brian Goodrich behind him in second, and then more Ledezmas, Mario, Jr. and Mario, Sr., in third place. In fourth place it was John Holmes and Ramsey El Wardani, and then Josh Kerr and Dave Acosta ran fifth. One of off road's founding families, the DeVercelleys, had an entry, with Andy, Jr. driving and uncle Chuck riding, and they lost their trans on the first lap, and didn't get to have much fun at all. Andy, Sr. had been scheduled to drive Dusty Times ,---1. •' I• HoatCluba ~ .-· C A. L I F .. 0./R N I A r JAMBQ ·11t1a !. RE .. E .!!Ell!l CUSTOM OFF-ROAD SHOW LIMITED TO 200 ENTRIES REGISTER NOW! OFF ROAD EQUIPMENT SHOW • Off Road Equipment & Accessories• Displays • Custom Off-Road Show • Sales Booths • Bikini Contest • Truck Jam • Free Seminars • Truck, Camping & Motorcycle Off Road Sales • New Vehicle Expo • Live Music • RVs ADULTS $8 UNDER12 FREE MARCH 17, 1991 SUN. 10arn-5prn OFF-ROAD CELEBRITY SEMINARS ANAHEIM STADIUM EXHIBIT CENTER & CONCOURSE BOSCH LIGHTS BOSCH PLATINUM l~Tl:~•SliOWS MOTOC?SJ:>01:?T i:>C?OMOTIOflliilS l"'-C. P.O. Box 2910, Mission Viejo, CA 92690 Office: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm 714-364-0515 INDOOR EXHIBITOR & VENDOR MOVE-IN FRIDAY & SATURDAY OUTDOOR MOVE-IN SUNDAY 6:30-9:00 AM Times strictly enforced. 24-HOUR HOTLINE 714-364-17 45 IIMl!il!S March 1991 liiiiipetfonnance plus .. f/llf I AUTOMOTIVE <lNIElfS Page 15

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r;.,. Snaith were fifth, as the Beesons lost about 50 minutes. They finished the fourth lap with Holmes and El Wardani in the lead, and Kerr and Acosta a minute and 24 seconds behind them in second place. The Snaiths .were third, with Goodrich's co-driver, Charlie Watters, fourth, and Scott Plunkett and Todd McAllaster ran fifth, struggling with a front shock mount that kept breaking. Ledezma lost about 50 minutes with a broken c.v. and fell way back. Holmes and El Wardani had only a minute and 15 seconds on Kerr and Acosta at the end of lap five, and not far behind them it was the Snaiths, then, after about 40 minutes, Ledezma, and the Beesons, who had had a long third lap. Goodrich and Watters lost a steering u joint and fell out. This race had a surprise ending, and when the checkered flag waved for the first 5-1600, it wasn't either of the hard running leaders, but the Snaith brothers, getting a victory in the second time out for their car. They were surprised also, and allowed as how they had seen a couple of 5-1600s parked out on the course, but it was dark, and it had been hard to know who they were. After a wait of 18 minutes the team of Kerr and Acosta came in, happy they still held second place after figuring their fuel needs incorrectly for their new air cleaner. They'd run out and had to beg some from a chase truck. About 25 minutes later Danny Ledezma made it in, also having run out of gas, in third place, and he was followed by the Beesons, in fourth. Holmes and El Wardani, who'd driven such a beautiful race, lost a full hour on that last lap, out in the hanging dust, and straggled back in fifth place, the last car to finish six laps. Class 7, which includes both two wheel drive and four wheel drive small trucks, was the last class to take the green flag. Ronnie Gibson and Clarence Hoskins had their Ford Ranger in front at the end of the first lap, with a minute and 4 7 seconds on Lloyd Riggins, who has put a Chevy into what used to be a Toyota. In third it was Richie Valencia and Roy Garcia in a Toyota, followed by Rudy Ludeke and Nick Crouch in a Mazda. Gibson and Hoskins led through the second lap, but · Valencia and Garcia moved into second place, only 18 seconds behind them. Riggins was third, and Ludeke and Crouch ran fourth. At the end of the third lap it was Valencia and Garcia in the lead, now with 36 seconds on Hoskins and Gibson, while Riggins, and the Ludeke/Crouch team ran third and fourth. Valencia and Garcia had got the feel of things, and cranked out the fast lap for the class on lap four, to get a firm grip on the lead, with 14 minutes on Gibson and Hoskins, who'd had some mechanical problem, but still held second place. Ludeke and Crouch had moved up to third, 22 minutes behind them, while Riggins ran fourth, 1 7 seconds later. Valencia and Garcia ran another good lap, to hold their lead, and Gibson and Hoskins ran a slightly better one, to close up a bit, but were still 11 minutes behind them in second. Ludeke and Crouch came along 34 minutes later in third place, followed by Riggins, 11 minutes behind them, and by now, no one else was running. It was fully dark now, and when the dust cleared a bit it was Gibson and Hoskins taking the checkered flag first, as Valencia and Garcia lost 20 minutes, and fell back to second, after having led for three laps. Both the Ludeke/Crouch team and Riggins ended their race at the end of lap five, giving them third and fourth respectively. As the full moon rose over the desert, a slight breeze came up to clear away the dust, and Fud folded up his checkered flag to signify the end of the race. It was clear and cold and beautiful, and just exactly the right kind of weather for standing around a campfire to celebrate New Year's Eve. The weekend closed the next morning with the tasty and rejuvenating FR T buffet breakfast, which included fresh fruit, hard cooked eggs, doughnuts, coffee, orange juice and Bloody Marys, all on the FRT. lt's a nice tradition which draws the racers and their families into a friendly group for an hour or so before the 1 presentation of the awards, and gives everyone a chance to exchange stories, and get to know one another a little better. The FRT 1990 season finished up on that cheerful note, already looking forward to their first event in 1991, the King of the Desert race, on February 16, in the same general area, between El Centro and Borrego Springs, north of Highway 8. FRT DUNAWAY DASH RESULTS - December 31, 1990 Car# Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehide CLASS 112 • Unlimited Sjngfe or Two seat· 5 start· 3 finish Time 135 1 Mark McMillin (solo) Chenowth Porsche• 3:17:28 102 2 Ryan Thomas/Dick Constantine Chenowth 4:24:45 100 3 Jeff & Cecil Wright Hi Jumper 5:42:16 CLASS 10 · s;ngfe & Twg seat 1650 ccs • a start· 4 Uoish 1000 1 Bill Hammack/Tim Sines RabbiVJimco 3:47:47 1015 2 Reuben Wodd (Solo) Ford Beard 3:49:25 1004 3 Brian McDonnell/Peter Oliver VW Raceco 4:03:27 1006 4 Stephen Hendricks/Mike Herrick Unknown 4:48:03 CLASS a· full s;ze 2 & 4WD Trucks -Z start - l finish 804 1 Ben Abani (solo) Ford 4:19:22 803 2 Chris Minor (5 laps) Chevy 3:46:41 CLASS 1-2-1500 · Single & Two Seat 1600 cc· 12 start· 9 finish 1600 1 Coy Brigman (solo) ORBS 3:38:29 1601 2 Mike Davis Victor Calderon Jimco 3:39:06 1605 3 Todd Teuscher (solo) Chenowth 3:41:07.05 1608 4 Tom Schilling/Bill Reams Jimco 3:41:07.38 1610 5 DavidMarini(solo) Chenowth 3:41:23 CLASS 5 · Unlimited Baia Bug · 5 start · 3 finish 549 1 Bill Hernquist Baja Bug 3:48:47 501 2 Norm Schmidt & Smitty Baja Bug 4:08:02 548 3 B.J. & C:.ary Bates Baja Bug 4:15:17 CLASS J 00 · Single & Two Seat Short WB · Jo start· 3 finish 4 1 Dan Lewis/Bill Foster Sandhawk 4:22:41 3 2 Vic Pizzino/Don Cox Hi Jumper 4:26:10 8 3 Richard Green Frazco 4:43:10 CLASS Mini Mag • Chenowth Special • 5 start· 4 finish 1201 1 Frank & Steve Bristing 1298 2 Larry Plank 1200 3 Scon & Bob Steinberger 1299 4 Kirk McDaniel CLASS 9 · Single & Two Seat restricted· 25 start · 9 finish 914 I Larry Cossio/Steve Fenton 900 2 Jeff BennetVTom Watson 906 3 Shane Reed/Paul Huffman 917 4 Jim Richardson (solo) 916 5 Hector & Oscar Ledezma CLASS 5-l 600 · 1600 cc Baja Bug · 16 start· 5 finish 553 1 Bob & Dale Snaith 559 2 Josh Kerr/Dave Acosta 558 3 Danny Ledezma (solo) 554 4 Jim & Jason Beeson 599 5 John Holmes/Ramsay El Wardani CLASS Z · Lillie Trucks 2WQ & 4WQ · Z start· 2 finish 703 1 Ronnie Gibson/Clarence Hoskins 799 2 Richie Valencia/Roy Garcia • Denotes overall winner 98 starters -43 finishers - 43% finish rate 26.4 mile course - 6 laps for an official finish Mini Mag Mini Mag Mini Mag Mini Mag Chaparral Chenowth LaPlant Jimco Ledezma Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Ford Toyota 3:57:36 4:07:55 5:14:01 5:24:26 4:34:48 4:35:46 4:40:48 4:59:06 5:12:31 4:53:16 5:11:14 5:35:15 5:41:11 5:43:14 4:59:12 . 5:13:38 sEcoNo RACE oF THE Budweiser /Bud light 1991 sER1Es CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY APRIL 20, 1991 Page 16 FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM • AMA DISTRICT 38 0 0 0 0 Sponsored by: LOCATION: Race Ready Products, The Wright Place & Schilling Corp. PLASTER CITY EAST 25 MILE LAPS 6 LAP RACE INFO: (619) 427-5759 March 1991 Dusty Times

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The SNORE Annual Awa,ds Banquet ~ \ ~ Our SNORE contributor, text and photos, Race Ruts editor, and genuine nice guy, Don Dayton, won the prestigeous Jimmy Schaffer Memorial award as the off roader of the year, and it was presented by Denny Selleck. Barry Slatter, left, and Tim Crain tied exactly on year and points for third overall, and Tim Crain won the Class 9 championship while Barry Slatter not only took the 5-1600 title, he was also named Driver of the Year by SNORE. Melvin Tom, left, was named Rookie of the Year, and he won the Class 10 points championship, and was tenth overall on points. Turbo Lamke, right, took the 1990 Class 7S championship on points. w " '<~ ., '·,,.. \ SN OR E's hard working secretary Pam Slatter was presented with the coveted Sportsman of the Year award, presented here by Denny Selleck at the awards Banquet last December. _____ _ ~ ,/,;--Pat Dean, son of Valley Performance chief Butch Dean, picks up awards from Denny Selleck, perhaps for teammate Bryan Pennington, who raced in two different classes and finished second overall on points, winning a cool $2,000 and a free race entry in 1991. Dusty Times 1 Tom Burns.. won the overall points and Class 1-2-1600, earning $4,000.00 cash and free entry into all the 1991 SNORE races, for the overall honors; he pulled out the overall points title by winning the Showboat 250 in class. Joe Jackson, a faithful 5-1600 competitor, placed second in the class points competition and Joe was also ninth overall on the season's points. A NEW CONCEPT IN OFF-ROAD RACING ''NEW'' CLASS 2 FUNNY TRUCKS Race Ready With Your Engine & Transmission March 1991 Photos: Don Dayton .!$«%:lliiw Tommy Bradley won the Unlimited Class Championship, and he and his dad, also Tom, run the SNORE series and the SCORE/HORA desert races as well. The SNORE Awards Banquet is held at the former Jeep Posse Hall, and the club does its own catering. Jerry Magnuson is the chief cook for this and many other Club functions throughout the year, and also works the races. Tired of paying $50,000 to $60,000 for a "Dune Buggy?" Prism Design & Development now offers a better & more marketable way to go racing! -1991 Full Size Tube Chassis "Funny Trucks." • Simplified Maintenance - No more Expensive Tranny Bills. No more Greasy C.V. Joints. • Precision - All our trucks are jig-built to ensure that they will be identical -what this means is that replacement parts are readily available & we can supply you with an exact copy that will install on your truck with no modifications. • Complete Rolling Chassis -including sus-pension, shocks, seats, belts, gauges, wiring, plumbing (oil, water, brakes), radiator, coolers, fuel cell, tires, wheels & body panels. Chassis: Chromoly tubing - No Stock Frame Suspension: Front -Twin I-Beam with 22" Travel Coil Spring -Double Shock. Rear -Cone 9" Full Floater with 22" Travel Coil Spring -Double Shock. Wheelbase: 120" Body: Ford/ Chevy Front Fenders, Hood, Bed-sides, Cab Corners, Top, Doors-Fiberglass ~ Engine-Transmission Combo Available. Inrroductory Prices Starting at $49,500 916-344-7443 5816 Roseville Road #14 Sacramento, CA 95842 Page 17

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Shadows were long at the start of the Amateur Open Off Road final. Dan Foddrill, center, took the win with Mike Hathcox, right, second. Jeff Hustin catches a little air at Canyon Raceway en route to the Baja Bug main event win, and he also won one of the pair of heat races. John Chafey came from behind and used every inch of his suspension to win the hotly contested Amateur Buggy finale in Division #1. Neil Affinito blasted to the Ultralight victory, leading flag to flag in the main event and taking over midway in the first heat race too. Richard Anderson won the first Baja Bug heat, but dropped to second in the main, and was second in the second heat after a rollover. Don Kott, #37, flies past Bill Barkdoll and he led much of the Pro main event, but broke down just before taking the white flag. OFF ROAD WARS: BAffLE #I Austin Awesome at Canyon By Daryl Drake ,. ··4 • ~ f 1) "'.,»tti,">~'i ;i First turn action was wild throughout the day. Here the Pros dice it out, and Brad Campbell (#81 on the left) would earn third place. CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. S'AN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL (619) 279-2509 HELMET $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 A FRESH AIR HELMET AND BLOWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNED F'OH OFF' ROAD USE AT A REASONABLE PP ICE BUILT AND BACKED BY BELL HELMETS L[GHT WE[GHT-REDUCES NECK STRAIN Page 18 COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSEMBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONE F ULL YEAR -SNELL SASS AP!'ROVED Photos: 3-D Photography Bob Austin drove his DirTrix Desert 10 for all it was worth to take the Pro Open Off Road race in Battle #2 of Whiplash Motorsports "OffRoad Wars" at Canyon Raceway in Phoenix. "I feel real good, "said Austin after his win. "I had a lot of fun out there today. Good run with Kalt, the old desert car can still do it1 The heats went good. The main was the tough one -that's where the money is -but it turned out good in the end. I'd like to thank all my family and friends for helping." Held in early December, Battle #2 featured a new course in Canyon's oval. Starting outside Turn Four, the route then took the racers down the m ain straightaway and over two jumps. Then it was into the infield with a rough hairpin and up over another jump. Next another 180° turn put the racers through a series of stutter bumps. Here the March 1991 course differed for some classes. The Baja Bugs, Road Warriors, and Amateur Buggies had another 180°, this time to the left onto the back stretch while all the rest continued straight up and over a flyaway jump and then leapt out of the oval. A sweeping left then brought them back onto the oval in Turn Two over an off camber jump. Here, where the courses rejoined, were some high speed jumps leading into Turns Three and Four, both punctuated with jumps. A fine turnout of race cars saw 4 7 entries on hand, including five Ultralights. Once again, two heats and a final were held for each class, with ample practice beforehand. And practice was a real kick from the stands. The track was very wet, and buggies were everywhere, coming over the grandstand jumps backwards, etc. But no major damage resulted. Cecil Hogan tried out his sub-$300 Road Warrior Torino (already nicknamed "The Pumpkin"). And while the old bomb took the jumps fairly well, carb troubles sidelined him. In the first Ultralight heat, Bob Kirkwood grabbed the lead and held it 'til lap three when Neil Affinito took over. Rick Geiser was third, Kelly Harold fourth and Ron Powell DNF'd. The first round of Amateur Buggy competition saw John Chafey out front of Pat Meenan, Alan Will, Ricky Smith, Todd Tay \or, A.J. Bien, Mory Lashier and Chris Coleman. Meenan took over the lead on lap three and Coleman had moved into sixth. Chafey regained the lead on lap five of six and held it to the finish with Smith second, Taylor third, Will fourth and Coleman fifth. Division #2 of Amateur Buggies first heat was led wire-to-wire by Zack McKinley. Randy Smay had almost passed him on lap three but broke an axle. Matt Biancani was second, Dave Taylor third, and Dalton McCombs was fourth. Keith Randel DNF'd with a broken CV. Next on track were the Baja Bugs, four strong. Jeff Hustin led lap one with Richard Anderson second, Eric Bazinaw third and Chris Lindsey fourth. Anderson took the lead on lap two and won Heat #1. Next were the Amateur Open Off Road cars. In Division #1 Tony Pierce led lap one with Greg Oswskey second, Dwight Smith third, Rod Shugg fourth, and John Stuart fifth. Oswskey took over the lead on lap two and won the heat. Division #2 was led by Mike Williams until he was DQ'd for passing a red flag after Bruce Mills flipped. Mike Hathcox went on to win the heat, ahead of Nels Dutton and Troy Churchman. The Stadium 1650 and Pro Open Off Road classes were combined for the purse. Tom Murray dominated division #1 's first heat until his tranny let go on lap five of eight. Bob Austin took Bob Austin puts his Dir Trix through its paces in a hairpin turn, and Bob drove his desert Class 10 to the Pro Open victory in both the main event and the second heat for combined Class 1 /2 and 10. Dusty Times

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/'-/r.i' ;-?//, ¾v • td, The Amateur Buggies look like a blast from the past, and Zack McKinley had the victory in hand until he lost a wheel on the fifth lap. Ross Whitmoyer leans the big Mazda-Chaparral around a bend in the Open Pro action, and he finished third in the hectic main event. T.R. Stump, Dan Spencer and Wayne Greene, in Open Pro class, piled up off the start, and it took a skip loader and a deft track crew to untangle the mess. over and was followed at the checkered by Wayne Green, Bill Barkdoll, Ross Whitmoyer and Emmett Warren. Dan Spencer won Division #2 's first heat after passing Don Kalt and the rest DNF'd. In the Ultralights' second bout, with the starts inverted, Kirkwood again took the lead, but Affinito was out front on lap two. Geiser was third and Powell DNF'd again. . Zack McKinley, John Chafey, and Dave Taylor survived the second heat of Division #1 Amateur Buggies, in that order, with four others not finishing. Alan Will led Division #2 ahead of Dyer, Randel and Taylor among others off the start, but McCombs took the heat followed by Bien, Coleman, Will and Dyer. Heat #2 for the Baja's was a parade first and last, but for the middle where Anderson rolled and then regained second: Hustin, Anderson, Lindsey, Bazinaw. Heat #2 of Division # 1 Amateur Off Road saw Dan F,oddrill take the win, with Hathcox second, Pierce third and Dutton fourth. And Division# 2 Amateur Off Road saw Williams win ahead of Shugg, Mills, Churchman and Stuart. Then the Pro's got their second shot at the track. A pile up off the start saw Spencer sandwiched between Greene and Stump, all three stuck together like a Chinese puzzle. A skiploader and a deft track crew soon untangled the mess. On the restart ... Austin got out front with Greene second and Whitmoyer third throughout. Kalt was fourth at the flag, Barkdoll fifth. Now came the final events. Affinito led flag-to-flag for the Ultralight win, with Kirkwood second, and Geiser. third. Thirteen cars lined up for the nine lap Amateur Buggies final. Zack McKinley led Meenan, Bien, Taylor and McCombs on lap one. From the back, Chafey was charging hard and by lap five had taken over fifth, just as McKinley lost his left rear wheel and the race was stopped to clear the track. In single file order they restarted with McCombs in the lead followed by Meenan, Taylor, Chafey and Lashier. Chafey put the hammer down and soon was on McCombs' tail. The latter missed a shift on the last lap and Chafey edged by for the win. Taylor held third, Bien fourth and Will fifth among seven finishers. The Baja Bug final belonged to Hustin with Anderson the only other finisher; Lindsay stopped by engine troubles and Bazinaw blowing a tranny. "We ran real well today," said Hustin. "Thanks to our sponsors, Best Auto Parts in Tucson. It's good to see the Bajas coming back out again. And special thanks to our Dusty Times engine and tranny man, John Lively." In the Amateur Open Off Road final, it was Dan Foddrill flag-to-flag in a big Raceco, Hathcox held second until a lap six spin, when Dutton took over with Shug third. Then he was out and Churchman grabbed third. At the flag, Hathcox was back in second, Dutton1:hirddespite rolling, Mills fourth, Churchman fifth and Pierce sixth. Last up was the 12 lap Open Pro race, pitting the desert cars head to head with the short coursers. Austin shot out front on . lap one with Greene, Whitmoyer, , Kalt, Warren, Brad Campbell, approach to the white ·flag and Barkdoll and Spencer giving Austin caught him to lead the chase. Kalt quickly moved into final lap for the win, the trophy second and in three laps made up and $550. Whitmoyer took three seconds to pass Austin. second, Campbell third, Warren Whitmoyer maintained third, fourth and Spencer fifth. Campbell was fourth and Barkdpll Battle #3 is slated to kick off the fifth at the end of eight laps. new year January 7, 1991. Watch Kalt broke something on t~e for the story in Dusty Times . GERMAN AUTO /YOUR OFF-ROAD HEADQUARTERS11 DIEST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment 4-point Sand Rail Seat Belt . Race Belts $69.95 2'-5 point S74.95 3"-5 point .... .•..•.... from S99.95 TYPE 4-PORSCHE-STYLE FAN SHROUD Utilizes type 1 alternator custom alter-nator mount included . . . . . . . . S299.00 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700lb S79.95 200mm reinforced maximum 2300, 2500, 2700, or 3000Ib $99.96 "GERMAN AUTO" COM-PETITION PRESSURE PLATES 200mm200Ib S49.95 215mm Porsche 914 . . . . . . . . S114.95 CLUTCH DISCS FOR 200MM AND 215MM Cushlocks . ............ . . S36.95 4 puc ferramic . . . . . . . . . ~44.95 4 puc ferramic with spring hub . . S54.95 213-868-9393 CNC CUTTING BRAKES Upright or lay down styles available single or dual handles . . .... $89.95 I CNC RACE CAR PEDAL AS-SEMBLES Brake pedal with dual master cylinder and balance bar (specify disc of drum brakes) .......... from S199.95 Clutch pedal with slave . . . S104.95 Swing pedal or floor mount pedals available. SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS *Polished finish* *Bolt together replaceable halves• • available in 15" and 16" .... from S99.95 SACO IRS BUS SUPER DIFF 100'lb machined form billet. Uses 091 series parts. Fits all years . . . . . . . . . . . . S424.55 SACO transmission drive flange. 100'lb machined from billet. Fits 930 CV joints Ceachl . . . . . . . . . . . . . S55.95 SACO "No LEAK" 4 bolt polished valve covers fits 1. 7, 1.8 , and 1.0T 4 engines. (pair) S44.95 POLY FUEL JUGS 5 Gallon ... Square Design ... Screw On Cap S17.95 Anti-Vortex Fuel Funnel 11 Gallon . . 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THE SNORE SHOWBOAT ISO Tommy Bradley Wins Overall at the Season Finale By Jean Calvin & Don Dayton Photos: Don Dayton and Trackside Photos Inc. . &' , .. ,, ,:::.,. ,. +.--,,t•...,.., The first turn Challenger traffic jam shows Monty Smith trying to catch Steve Burke, left who is passing Gene Griepentrog at this point. The class ran close toge°ther for two of the four laps required in Class 9. The SNORE Showboat 250 HORA-SCORE Awards Banquet desert before getting their fancy annually winds up the season of attheGoldCoastHotel&Casino clothes on and going to the Las Vegas racing, on the first just off the glittery strip. This year banquet. The lucrative overall weekend in December. This year, it did attract a few folks going to points title was up for grabs, as twice before, the December 1 the banquet who towed their race depending on who did what at this date was the same day as the cars along to have a go at the event among several drivers also . .. ,#,• ,(.,,. : - • ·;, ?{"-Ji . !,~•~ Lil£~ , . . . 'l ' .. . " ~ -'"'~" r;lt-i~:~~-~, , b~,jfs .-,:~ .. t:~ 1.:f )1_,._~.-.. _..,,l,i_t,. Tommy Bradley, in his Unlimited Class Raceco, took the overall lead on the second of five laps and won the race overall and turned out'td be the only_ finisher in Class 1 /2/5. The race activity· began on the Friday evening with tech and contingency set up in the parking lot of the sponsoring Showboat Hotel and Casino, and it was a cold afternoon that worked into an even colder evening as the sun set. SNORE prudently put the registration activity inside the hotel in an unused banquet room, but the winter weather didn't seem to discourage folks. There was a good amount of contingency donors in the parking lot and plenty of racers going through with their cars in the early hours of the schedule. Saturday morning the sky was clear and the sun came out over the Nelson Hills in the Eldorado Valley, near Boulder City, the site 'f:• ~~"'~~ of the start/ finish line by an old motocross course. The race route was about 54 miles around, u·tilizing mostly roads used for the . back side of the Mint 400 a few years back. It was more rough than smooth and five laps were required for an official finish for most classes, except 9, 5-1600 and mini trucks. Promptly at 9 :00 a.m. the Class 1, 2 and 5 cars, grouped together for prize money, were ready to leave the start line. The Nelson & Nelson Chevrolet Class 8 truck sensibly seeded first away with number 100, had Larry Ragland at the wheel. Ragland will drive the new truck in Class 8 in the HORA-SCORE 1991 desert series, and this seemed to the Rob MacCachren got in a couple of laps in his 1-1600 before handing over to Pat Dean. Rob had a press conference to attend and Dean finished third. Dan Araujo and Dave Ramirez flew their Mirage fast enough to stay close to the leaders, and they finished a tight fourth, fifth overall, in Class 1-2-1600. Larry Trimble and family flew the tidy Class 1-2-1600 racer neatly and they did well in the rocks, fifth in the class and a keen sixth overall. The Wait Is Over!!! Now there is a GENUINE 8740 chromoly cylinder head stud kit for the Type 1 engine. No more settling for a second rate head stud kit that leads to blown heads & burnt pistons. The new RACEWARE Aerospace Quality head stud kit is available tor all dual-port style Type 1 and water-cooled VW engines. These kits include 190,000 PSI tensile strength studs, thick hardened, ground, chromoly washers, & Aircraft style 12 point nuts with a special anti-friction coating. RACEWARE studs are THE choice for stock or full bore racing engines, including Turbo applica-tions. Oon't take a chance on imitations .. . o -... INSIST ON GENUINE 8740 CHROMOLY RACEWARE FASTENERS! RTE-1003 RTE-1004 RTE-1001 RTE-1002 RTE-2001 RTE-4001 10mm Type 1 Head Stud Kit 8 mm Type 1 Head Stud Kit 16V Golf/Scirocco Head Stud Kit 8V Rabbit/Golf/Scirocco Head Stud Kit Rabbit/Golf/Scirocco Main Bearing Cap Stud Kit 1.8L GTI/Golf 220,000 PSI Rod Bolt Set 24 Hour Order Line $169.95 159.95 119.95 119.95 109.95 99.95 Daily UPS Shipping 1 -800-359-9000 Dealer Inquiries Invited C.O.D. MC VISA Race-Tech Engineering 11320 Brydan Dr. #222, Taylor, Ml 48180 RACERS: Inquire about our '91 contingency program. Page 20 . " . ~· '*:th¾%• . , Larry Ragland, out doing real world testing in the Class 8 Chevy, turned fast lap of the race, 57.32, but had troubles later and only did three laps. Turbo Lam be, with Hank Garlich riding along, finished second in his Jeep, about six minutes behind teammate Lesle, but he won Class 7S points in 1990. March 1991 Kevin McGil/ivray and Don Angel led Class 10 for almost five laps, but lost their engine almost in sight of the checkered flag, and took second anyhow. #":., ,_.,,.-.."' 1 ·,~ .t V ., . . { "" . . ' . . .. ~-~ . . ,~ -~ ·' .. " ( .. ~fi-.... "'<·~ -___ ·' -~. 111 ,,-__ ._..~ •• .ilfi:L . ~"- . Paul Kline catches a little air on a good stretch of trail on his way to second in Class 1-2-1600, and a swift third overall at the Showboat 250. Dusty Times

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·<-•>,;:~-,, ::. ,"",w. \...,. ..,,,~~ Joe Jackson and Pat Galliher stayed within seconds of the 5-Bryan Pennington brought his Challenger car out of retirement Tim Crain and Thomas Mueller stayed with the leader until the 1600 leader all the way, Galliher doing class fast lap on the last and turned class fast lap as well as leading the.last two laps, and last lap in Challenger action, but they still placed second and round; but they were second by just over a minute. won the 12 car class by 21 minutes, quite a margin for Class 9. won the points title. -----------------------bu ii de rs a good time tog iv e L, arr y JimTempleandDougFraizerhad a 1:08:28, remarkable time minute hand behind came Rob some real world test time in the a 2:22 first lap, bagging flats on considering the louder and louder MacCachren, Larry Trimble and brandnewtruck.Despitethelong both front wheels at the same noises coming from the Type 4 Regan Gubler, with only 28 time SNORE ban on pre-running,· time, and eventually came past the engine, and he not only won the seconds separating this trio. Paul second time around, turning class fast lap at 1:04:39, but he still trailed the flying Pat Dean by a minute. Wilson slid to third with a 1: 10:56, but soon parked for the day with a duff engine. Dean also went no farther, as an internal argument in his transmission became terminal when the ring refused to communicate with the pinion. (Pat then took over MacCachren's ride so Rob could go home and get gussied up for the HORA i;r . the Nevada rocks and ditches on pits with rear tires on all four class, but won overall at 5:24:50 Williams and Jeff Trimble turned course were familiar to most, and corners. Jim claimed it worked so total time. Jim Temple was good first lap times, but they had Larry Ragland really got things well he is going to leave it like that. awarded second with four laps all their fun early and didn't make, going, booming off into the hills The second round lap times completed, and Ragland's three it around again. Bekki and Ken and turning a 57:32 minute first were more even among the three laps were good for third among Freeman didn't even get that far. lap, naturally the fast lap for the left running. Tommy Bradley, still the five starters in class. A miss-connected oil filter fried race. For 1991 the American with a rough sounding engine, was There were five starters in Class their motor right off the start, and Thunder Chevrolets are sporting first around at 1:03:35, and took 10 as well, but the competition they didn't even get dirty. a purple and white paint scheme, the lead as Ragland's Chevy was tighter. The team of Kevin Burns, who won all the autumn which sure makes them easy to developed a terrible thirst and.ran McGillivray and Don Angel were races in the area, got serious the spot on the desert. Ragland was out of gas. He lost 35 minutes first around at 1:05:54, followed having such a good time you waiting for fuel. Meanwhile Jim by Joseph Vinci/Mike Herrick at could see him grinning through Temple got healed and turned a 1:07:20 and James Pierce and Jim the face shield as he thundered by 1 :07: 18 lap time, and despite his Kirk right in their dust at 1 :07 :51. the pits. awful first lap he was running John Gaughan was next with a Tommy Bradley, with Jeff third. good 1:19:27, but never came Dunham co-driving, was next On the third lap the Chevy had around again, reported to have around in class at 59.33, but his more problems, reportedly more rolled the car somewhere on lap 2. Type 4 engine was popping and fuel woes as well as a broken tie Melvin and Michael Tom had snapping and· sure didn't sound rod. Ragland caf(le around in some troubles but did a 1:30:28. like it would go the distance. The 2: 19:59 and pitted and they On lap 2 Vinci did a 1:05:21, course was hard on the unlimited decided to put the truck on the moving to within a minute of cars, and one of the favorites Troy trailer and call it a day, since they M cG i II iv ray, who scored a Herbst was out with' a blown had lost too much time to try for a 1 :06:53. The Tom car moved into engine before completing a lap. victory. third with a 1:15:51, while the TheClass5carofMikeJakobson On the fourth round Bradley Pierce/Kirk entry had big and Ron Jurkovac did a decent kept up his pace with a 1:05 and troubles and a 2:01:27 lap and 1:20 first l;ip, but on the next Temple didn't gain any ground were not seen again. round they lost the motor to oil posting a 1:13:56. The fifth and starvation. The two seat team of final lap saw Tommy _Br~~ley turn McGillivray I Angel turned up the wick on lap 3 and stretched the lead over Vinci with class fast lap at 1:02:10. Tom did a 1:05:21 and gained three minutes on second running Vinci/Herrick. Before starting lap 4 there were fuel stops and driver changes for many, and McGillivray and Angel still managed to pull out another 28 seconds ahead of Vinci/Her-rick. Melvin Tom had·a 2:35 lap, with terminal problems that put him on the trailer, but his time was still good enough for third place. On the last lap the Vinci/ Her-rick car had some serious down ./',,., J; ,t. • ...,_ • -"" ,-, 1'-'-'Y.. i,,... , ut.. .-!::: /;.✓ .:• •-• -· ·"' time and an over two hour lap. At ( ~r--~ ~\::~ :~~~,::?1~ , w ~~GiiIT:rat~maenJhA~;:l,~e c~~ Jim Temple and Doug Fraizer lost over an hour on lap 1, came back strong for decided to weld itself into a one three more, failed to finish the fifth, but the Raceco was still second in Class 1/2/5. piece lump, not far from the Joseph Vinci and Mike Herrick ran second in Class 10 for three laps, but their brand new Mirage ·brought them to the finish line the class winners, despite serious down time on the last lap. Dusty Times checkered flag. So despite their troubles Joseph Vinci and Mike Herrick finished lap 5 in the brand new Mirage and won Class 10 at 6:55:42, good for eighth overall. Californians McGillivray and Angel were second with four laps done, and Melvin Tom, from Utah, was third with four laps done, including a 2:35:08 fourth lap. The biggest class, at 16 starters, was 1~2-1600, and they had a fiercely competitive race. Despite th e tight running, half of the 1600s were still running strong after five laps. The first lap parade was led by Pat Dean at 1:06:47, closely followed by Darren _Wilson, 1:07:13, Tom Burns, 1 :08:49, and Kenny Freeman, 1 :09: 15. Just a few sweeps of the March 1991 TIRE - WHEEL PACKAGES Armstrong - Centerline - Yokohama 2 700 X 15 Hiway or Traction 2 33 X 1050 X 15 or 11 X 15 2 15 X 4 Centerline 2 15 X 6 Centerline 4 Heavy Duty Race Tubes $839.95 Includes mounting CHALLENGER TIRE - WHEEL PACKAGES 2 700 X 15 Hiway or Traction 2 33 X 1050 X 15 4 Heavy Duty Race Tubes 4 15 X 5 STD and REV Custom/Commercial 30 X 9.50 X 15 Radial Armstrong Available ARMSTRD111~ Yokohama $524.95 Includes mounting 700 X 15 Hlway 700 X 15 Traction 1100 X 15 Desert Dog 30 X 950 X 15 Radial NORSEMAN $74.00 $74.00 $93.00 >YYOKOHAMA $103.00 G 78 -15 H 78 - 15 L 78 - 15 Call For Prices 15 X 3 1/2 Bubble 15 X 4 $126.00 $130.00 $134.00 $136.00 $137.00 $140.00 $138.00 $150.00 15 X 5 15 X 6 15 X 7 15 X 8 16 X 4 16 X 6 700 X 15 Hiway 4.755 700 X 15 Traction 4.720 750 X 16 Traction 4.720 33 X 1050 X 15 Ill 4.829 35 X 1150 X 16 Ill 4.829 $74.00 $74.00 $81.00 $93.00 $120.00 dF custom a commel'Clal ...... 15 X 5 15 X 6 15 X 7 15 X 8 STD or REV Heavy Duty Race Tubes $36.00 $37.00 $38.00 $39.00 $25.00 ADY 103 Press Lane, Suite • # 4 • Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 691-9171 • (619) 691-9174 • FAX (619) 691-0803 Page 11

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Gene Griepentrog and Kent Lothringer recovered from an early mishap to drive their Challenger with its unusual body style, into third in class. ' Monty Smith had two good laps but troubles on the last'two, but he kept the Challenger going to fourth and took sixth overall in 1990 points. Don Chase and Bob Stockton ran strong in Class 1-2-1600, · until the last lap, but they fini1;hed right on the seven hour limit with not a second to spare. ~ awards banquet.) The driver change cost over ten minutes at that point. The Cameron Steele team, broke a c.v., had no spare, and only covered two laps before putting it on the trailer. Lap 3 saw Burns solidly in front· followed by Kenny Freeman. Paul Kline was third, Regan Gubler fourth, Larry Trimble, fifth, MacCachren/ Dean sixth, and Billy Bryan in seventh. Burns still led lap 4 sporting a silver tape C.V. boot, followed by Freeman a~d Kline, but Gubler had disappeared into the desert. Dean followed by the Rob MacCach-had moved up to fourth, and Dan ren/Pat Dean car in third at Araujo was fifth, while Trimble 6:13:54. Dan Araujo and Dave had slipped to sixth and Don Ramocinski, Mirage, slipped into Chase had taken over seventh. fourth at 6:21 :33 and Larry TheDanBradley/MarkWhitting-Trimble, with Alisa Trimble ton car also. completed four laps taking her first ride in competi-before retiring, and on the lastlap tion, was fifth at 6:23:24, all Kenny Freeman Jr. vanished and running very tight. Billy Bryan did not finish. · came home sixth, and Don Chase When the checkered flag came and Bob Stockton brought their out the deck had been pretty well car in precisely on the seven hour reshuffled. Tom Burns won the cut off time in seventh place. class by 20 minutes and finished Chase had the steering bracket second overall at 5:43:08 .. Paul . break on the last lap so the K;line was second at 6:03:08 connection between the steering DESERT LOCK OUTER Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 . For light weight and optimum strength • At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing • All parts are available separately *In stock - Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 13" . MIDGET . 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HAVE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued · 811 ........ $69.95 1 0" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: 0 00 (]] 00 CPD C[) 00 0o O 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 . (209) 275-~183 Page 22 Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax wheel and the front wheels was pretty vague towards the end of the lap. The first through sixth ' l-2-1600s were also second through seventh 0 / A. On paper the four car 5-1600 race looks pretty dull. Barry Slatter was the last one off the line · and the first one around on the first lap with a 1:29:35. He then led all the rest of the four laps and won the race. What the times don't show is that Barry had the Joe Jackson and Pat Galliher Bug in his mirror all day, as they did a 1 :30:54 first lap. Kevin and David Streety did a 1:31:33, so three of the four Bugs were in each other's dust. Vince Alcouloumre took 2:07:14 to complete lap 1 for unknown reasons. On lap 2 Slatter and Jackson both did 1:29 laps, Slatter's lead now down to mere seconds. In third it was Vince Alcouloumre/ Mike Molina with a 1 :33 lap while Streety had a disastrous three hour time. In spite of a driver change and a flat on lap 3, Joe Jackson and Pat Galliher were still only a couple of minutes behind Slatter, the Streety Bug did a 1:29:27 but ran out of time to complete the fourth go, and ended up fourth. Slatter turned his best lap of the day, 1:26:47 on the last one,.,,but Pat Galliher really put on the pressure and turned in fast lap for the class at 1 :24:56, almost pushing Barry across the finish line, but Slatter won and Pat and Joe were second, by a minute 23 seconds. Also running out of time on lap 4 Vince Alcouloumre and Mike Molina were third. The truck class makes a real short story. Maybe SNORE should bill this as the race that's too tough for trucks, as none of them made it over the halfway point. Stacey Pike rolled on the first lap, got going again and broke the rear end, and didn't cover a lap. Tom Cornwell broke the rear end on his truck before he finished a lap. Mike Lesle led Turbo Lamke by just over a minute as both Jeeps had a good first lap. On lap 2 Lesle's time was about five minutes faster than Lamke's, who had a flat, but two laps was all they covered. They · March 1991 ', .,.,;,, . ,' ':'•~ \,:•A '0 if_::.,:... ... % .,,/!,,-~~11. ... :v.~ ·r.,i~ •"°!"" ••' ,,.,,,M ~ .. ;,ih, -#-~ - . . .. ~ ;:,_,. ,._.,, ,) Mike Leste runs several SNORE events a year.and usually wins the combined small truck class in the Jeep, and he also won the Class 7 4x4 points in 1990. finished one-two with Lamke front by a couple of minutes at the about six minutes behind on total end of the first lap at 1: 19: 15; Tim time. On lap 3 Turbo sliced the Crain was in second spot, almost cliff in half and Lesle broke a rear tied on time with Bryan Penning-diff. Turbo got in Tom Cornwell's ton, with Bryan just 8 seconds truck and finished the lap with back. Monty Smith was fourth partsdroppingoff, butwasoutof followed by Steve Thompson, time. and nobody else was close. Gary Class 9 turned out to be a real Brewer and Ray Dowd both had battle for the first couple of laps their fun early, as neither one of among most of the dozen starters. them finished the first lap. The Mike Dixon left the line like he second lap saw Max Carter and was late for lunch and was well in Richard Sibelrud join the Tom Burns was on a real winning streak in 1990, and he won Class 1-2-1600 again at the Showboat, and his Raceco was also second overall. Burns won SNORE's lucrative overall points championship. !\<-Barry Slatter, with Darrell Smith co-driving, zipped the 5- 1600 around the tough course in fine style, led all the way in close combat and won the class and was second overall on points. Dusty Times

Page 23

~ -,;s:_ . _.,_,., .• · --:>.~.;:;..,·~ _ ...... .....,._ ... Vince Alcouloumre and Mike Molina always carry a surfboard on their 5-1600, and the Bug plus the chase car are always neat and clean. Kevin and David Streety and Dorothy Klick ran very well on lap 1 and 3, but lap 2 was a disaster, and they ran out of time to get a finish. Kenny Freeman Jr. was within six minutes of the leader after two laps, but his 1-2-1600 slowed a tad and expired on the last lap. spectator ranks. Mike Dixon stretched his lead to nearly four minutes and Pennington got past Crain to take over second. Monty Smith and Steve Thompson held on in fourth and fifth place. Lap 3 was the end of Mike Dixon's charge as he needed a dentist because the teeth had fallen off his ring gear due to getting hit by a faster car. Dale Looney joined him in the pits for good as did Steve Burke, all with only two of the four laps completed. Steve was sharing the driving with Mike Kline and Mike's wife Tracey. Tracey claims she is the only one who didn't break something on the car, although she did get booted off the course and onto a large rock by one of the big cars. She said there was plenty of room to pass, and the jerk was either D.W.H.U.A. or just liked to hit people. Bryan Pennington led the last two laps and went faster every around. His last lap was fast time for the class, at 1: 15:24, and he ended up with a 38 minute cushion on Tim Crain. Tim lost a throttle cable on the last lap and finished the race driving with one hand and running the throttle with the other. Gene Griepentrog ran a steady race and finished third, another 13 minutes down, while Monty Smith nursed a disintegrating car home in fourth. Steve Thompson slipped from third on lap 3 to fifth at the end of four laps due to some serious last lap problems. Don Chase, who finished last overall right on the time limit, said "I don't care what anybody says; if that course is 53 miles long, 35 of it is that rocky damn power line." Joe Jackson said, "The fast parts are real fast, but those rocks are sure rough." Someone else said the rocks weren't really rough anymore. They're still big, but they've been hit so many times, most of them are getting round. Anybody who didn't have fun at the Showboat 250 should probably consider taking up pavement racing. Even racers who broke, and there were a lot of them, seemed to be having nearly as much fun as the winners. For . whatever reason, good humor and smiles pervaded the tech area after the race. After some participants were up to the witching hour Saturday night at the HORA-SCORE awards banquet, nearly everybody appeared midmorning on Sunday at the Showboat Hotel and Casino for the traditional awards brunch. The Showboat cooks trotted out almost everything you might ever think about eating for brunch at this buffet breakfast, and off Dusty Times roaders stoked up before outgoing SNORE President Pat Galliher started the actual awards presen-tations. Almost everyone was on hand to pick up their trophies and checks, which are handsome plaques and generous sums of money. Among the contenders for the SNORE overall points champ-ionship Tom Burns, with his great record in)-2-1600 competition, won the overall points, free entry in all SNORE's 1991 races and four thousand dollars in cold cash for his achievement. Believe it when they say it pays to race with SNORE. The SNORE season opens with the Bottom Dollar race in the Nellis Dunes just north of Nellis Air Force Base, and if you get there around 7 a.m. and sign in early you get a free pancake breakfast at the start/finish line. 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This "Baja" simulator vibrates on three axes and will induce around 7 Gs of force on the ignition control. In just a short period of time, this vibration can simulate the effects that seasons of .. off-road racing will have on the internal components of our ignitions. MSD engineers can then beef up the components that are affected by vibration and build a better ignition that will survive the rigors of off-road racing and win races. It Pays To Win With MSD! For 1991, MSD has posted $14,400 in awards for the HORA/SCORE contingency program. At each of the eight HORA and SCORE events, $1,800 will be distributed among the eligible winners in nine classes. Winners in classes: 1/2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 7S, 7 4X4, 8 and 10 can each claim $200 if they run an MSD 5, 6, or 7 Series Ignition Control and display MSD Con-tingency Decals on both sides of the vehicle throughout the entire event. *Not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled motor vehicles. Send $3.00 for a copy of the MSD Catalog to: MSD Ignition 1490 Henry Brennan Drive El Paso, Texas 79936 Page i3

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By Jean Calvin While a pair of desert events were already in the 1991 record book, the MTEG Stadium Series opened at Angel Stadium in AnaheimonJanuary 19beforean enthusiastic crowd of 54,000, on January 19. While the crowd was down about ten thousand from 1990, there were good reasons, mainly the inception of the war against Iraq just days earlier, the recession, plus late afternoon ~ 22 TOYOTA COMPLETE PERFORMANCE ENGINES Available in 140 to 180 HP Street Versions and 200+ HP Race Versions Send $5.00 for Catalog and Decal Send to: L.C. Engineering 2978 First Street, Unit G La Verne, CA 91750 Some products not legal for sale Of use rn CalW0<nia Page i4 Mears, Rice and Croft '.· Triumph at Anaheim's Season Opener clouds and dri~ile · dropped the temperatures from the day time pleasant shirt sleeve weather, to downright cold, at least cold for southern California. Still it was a good turnout, and the competi-tion was tight in many events, heating up the stadium in some races to fever pitch. Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Happiness is winning the Sport Truck main event in your Nissan if your name is Roger Mears. He also placed second in heat 2 as the truck ran like a champion, and Miss Toyota offers her congratulations at the finish line of the hectic feature race. During the winter break there had been some significant changes in driver assignments, particularly among the truck and UltraStock entries. Rod Millen, many time rally champion and former part time Mazda Grand National truck racer, joined Ivan Stewart on the two truck Toyota team, and Roger Mears Jr. now has a full schedule on his father's Nissan team. Walker Evans Racing has replaced the Jeeps of 1990 with Dodge Dakotas for Walker and Glenn Harris. Rob MacCachren now has a full time job with Venable Racing driving the Rough Rider Ford Ranger in the stadiums as well as the potent Ford in Class 8 in the desert. After years of struggling as a semi privateer Danny Thompson has a two truck Chevy team with desert ace Larry Ragland as driver of the second S-10. Dan Esslinger had a new paint job on his Ford Ranger, that Robby Gordon was supposed to drive at Anaheim, but he arrived too late from Daytona for practice or qualifying so Dan drove the truck. Willie Valdez, Ford, rounded out the truck field. Jeep Cher o kee drivers in UltraStock action included Tommy Croft, Lloyd Castle, Jack Millerd and Jim Smith. John Tommy Croft parked his 1600 and went Jeep racing this year, and he won his heat race in the Cherokee easily and came back to win the high attrition main event by a country mile. March 1991 With extensive backing from Chevrolet this season, Danny Thompson rewarded the sponsors by winning the first heat and taking third in the main event. Gersjes had a Nissan Pathfinder as did Chris Neil, and Brian Stewart and Paul Nissley each drove a Toyota 4 Runner. The utilities sure out numbered the cars at Anaheim. Defending champ Larry Noel was back in his VW as wasJeffE\rod, and Joe Anchondo made his debut in the former Chris Neil VW. Back in Porsches were Brian Collins and Tim Lewis. There were many new cars in 1600 class, mostly Chenowths, and nearly the entire entry had new paint schemes. The Herbst team, Trov, Tim and Ed, and Brian Collins not only had new looking cars, but a brand new tractor trailer rig with a fancy paint job. Fathers Jerry Herbst and Marty Collins laughingly said the young men were spending their inherit-ance now. Fellow Las Vegan Aaron Hawley h ad a slick Chenowth as well. But the spoiler in this class was Marty Hart. The former ATV Champion and current Class 5 champion in the HORA-SCORE desert series ,qualified fastest in the 21 car field in a Chenowth. The afternoon pit action saw the Venable team trying to cure a blown head gasket problem in MacCachren's Ford. T he Sage Council team were changing the automatic trans in Jerry Whelch-.. el's new Chenowth, as the original one had locked up tight in third gear on the way to qualifying. Brian Stewart had the ride in an older W elchel 1600 and Marty Coyne had purchased last year's Sage Council Chenowth. After the traditional autograph session the Grand National Trucks lined up for their first eight lap heat race on the course which had a few new wrinkles and either /or routes to facilitate passing. Danny Thompson got the hole shot off the line with Dan Esslinger and Glenn Harris right on his bumper, followed by the Mears, father, then son, MacCach-ren, Ivan Stewart and Walker Evans. Thompson held his lead while the fight for second was tight between Harris and Mears Sr. while Jr. held fourth, fighting off MacCachren. Midway the order remained the same, but the ranks had closed up some, and Rod Millen retired after he and Esslinger ran into the wall on the final turn of lap 4. Moving toward the final lap the trucks stretched out except that Harris got close to Thompson as they lapped Willie Valdez. Danny Thompson won in the Goodrich Chevy, followed in by Goodyear shod Glenn Harris and Bridgestone's Roger Mears and Roger Jr. The first UltraStock heat held Making the switch from 1600s to UltraLites has been rewarding for Greg George, and at the season opener he won the pole, his heat race and the main event in his Nature's Recipe sponsored Briggsbuilt. Rod Millen climbs out of his Toyota Sport truck after winning the second heat race in his first outing with the Toyota team, and the former rally champion also placed fifth in the feature. Dusty Times

Page 25

Bob Gordon, second in his 1600 heat, led the main from the green flag all the way in tight quarters, until the Rabbit engine lost its crank 100 feet from victory. Marty Coyne had his Chenowth in the thick of the Super 1600 The UltraStock battles included this dice between Larry Noel, action, and he survived the wrecks to place second in his heat VW, leading and Brian Collins, Porsche; both did OK in their and the main event. heat, but not in the main. seven cars and Brian Stewart led off the line with Tommy Croft in hot pursuit, and Croft made the pass on the second lap. Tim· Lewis' Porsche was parked on course and Lloyd Castle was missing a left front wheel, but rejoined the fray two laps down in the five lap race. This heat turned into a parade after the initial banging of fiberglass, and they really stretched out. Tommy Croft had an easy win in the Jeep, and Brian Stewart was comfort-able in second in his Toyota. Jim Smith ended up a long third in his Jeep and the first five cars were all on Goodyear tires. There were only six in the next UltraStock heat but it had a lot of crashing about. Brian Collins led off the line with John Gersjes and Larry Noel fighting for second. On lap 2 Chris Neil hit Collins coming out of an either/or and the Porsche flipped. The yellow flag caused a restart, and Collins made it with the entire engine hood flapping. Collins got sideways and Gersjes got the lead. Coming out of the last turn Gersjes and Neil bumped sending Neil into the side rail and out of the race; Gersjes got to the end of the straight and hit the railing. Only the front two were circulat-ing at race speed so the race was flagged after four laps. Jeff Elrod won the heat in his Bridgestone VW, using his older Rabbit ·-«-...:-. _ ... ·== -----------------------engine, and Larry Noel's VW was engaged in dueling. Following that heat Larry Brooks came out of the second on Goodrich tires. When was a two lap race for Pee Wee traffic jam in turn 1 in the lead, the results were figured Brian bikes with kids from 4 to 8 years • increased his advantage lap by lap Collins was awarded third place. old the riders. Some of the kids , and easily won on a Kawasaki. Next were the 4 Wheel ATVs. were so tiny they looked like they Racing hard were Phil Lawrence, The first heat saw Sean Stubbs might still be in diapers, but whogotsecondbyinchesandJim lead wire to wire, followed home nobody got hurt or even fell off Holley was third. by Donny Banks and Erik Cobb. the bikes. The second Grand National Niclas Granlund also led all the The Ultra Cross motorcycles truck heat was a real clanger. Dan way in heat 2 followed in by were not as spectacular as usual, Esslinger charged into the lead Charles Shephard and Kenneth as the high jumps they usually fly from the flag, but both Larry Delk. were not on the track and some of Ragland and Rod Millen were on The keen Super Lite action the series regulars were racing top of him down the straight, but really got the crowd's attention as elsewhere. But they did some he held the lead. Meanwhile, the tiny cars truly diced it out in close racing anyhow. In the first Roger Mears clipped Rob the best four wheel racing so far in heat Scott Myers shot into the MacCachren midway through the the evening. Greg George ended early lead until he crashed into the either/ or chutes putting the Ford up winning the first 12 car heat barrier off a jump. Right behind on its roof and bringing out the for Goodrich by a goodly margin, him was Mike Craig, last year's yellow flag. MacCachren got right but Frank Chavez had a real tussle champion, and he took over the side up and continued to the to keep second place away from lead and won on a Kawasaki. restart, body panels flapping. third running Gilbert Valdez. In Lowell Thomas, Yamaha, was Esslinger took the lead and held it Heat 2 eleven started, and Sean second, and K yan Carlisle was for several laps; one of the Dodges Finley and Rory Holladay had a third on a Kawasaki. In the second flipped and we think it was Evans real fight for the lead. Mercedes Gonzales ran third until she ~as hit and spun out, dropping from contention. Rennie Awana flattened a tire somewhow, but was still lapping cars. The race went to Finley and Goodyear and Holladay was a solid second, followed by Terry Peterson. TI1e first intermission featured actors in full costume from a middle ages theme restaurant in Anaheim, and stunt men who came complete with horses in full livery to do some jousting and then, falling off the horses, they and Rob MacCachren stopped with broken spark plug wires. Midway it was Esslinger first while Millen and Mears engaged · in a dog fight for second. Larry Ragland held fourth followed by Mears Jr. and Harris. Ivan Stewart was side by side with Mears, and they hit and Ivan went on to challenge Esslinger, now second behind Millen. Stewart got by Esslinger near the end of the white flag lap in a close encounter, and Mears passed them both, while Esslinger dropped back. Rod Millen won his 'first race in a Toyota, followed to the flag by Roger Mears, then Stewart, who was later penalized two positions by the Rough Driving Committee for taking Esslinger out, dropping Ivan to fifth and putting Esslinger up into third place official finish. Lr A Winning Tradition Jeff Elrod has a new paint scheme on his UltraStock VW, but the same faithful Rabbit engine and he won the second heat in the growing class. In Off-Road Racing Tommy Clowers flew away from all the other motorcycles aboard his Team Green Kawasaki, and won the hotly contested UltraCross main event. Dusty Times Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers were first introduced to the .------New Applications------American market in off-road racing in Part No. Pescrlptjon Dimensions Ext./Con. Valving Reb./Comp. the late 1960's. Over the past 20 AK1310 3/4"shaft 36.02 x 20.86 150/50 years, more off-road races have been 15.15 inch travel won on Bilstein than any other shock absorbers. AK 1320 3/4" shaft 13.5 inch travel Today, with their proven record of performance, Bilsteins continue to be AK 1330 the choice of serious off-roaders who run to win. 3/4" shaft 10. 11 inch travel coil over 33.00 X 19.48 170/60 27.00 X 16.88 255/100 Now Available - Repair and Revalving Services. March 1991 Contact: Motorsports Department BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 • 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog send $2.50 Page 25

Page 26

Brian Stewart has both this Toyota and a Chenowth for the stadium series, and he did well in the UltraStock action, taking second in his heat and the main. Chris Neil switched from a VW to this Nissan in U/traStock racing this year, and, despite this mishap, he went on to third place in the main event. Dan Esslinger did a super job in his Ford, holding all the factory guys at bay on course, many times, and here is followed by Walker Evans, Dodge. Larry Noel had his 1600 Chenowth going well, and was third in the first heat, but he lost a wheel midway in the wild main event competition. John Gersjes has a tidy Nissan this year, and the former Odyssey racer drove to a fine fourth in the main event for UltraStock class. Jimmy Smith started out strong in his Jeep Cherokee and finished fourth in the first UltraStock heat, but faded in the traffic messes of the main. The Super 1600 entry was down a bit from previous years, but a competitive bunch started the first heat, 11 strong. They didn't get far as there was a pile up in the first turn, that crunched several including Marty Hart and Marty Coyne, and Ed Herbst flipped. With not one lap done, there was a complete restart. Marty Coyne led off the line, with Frank Arciero, Jr. and Larry Noel in close pursuit, and several others were close in the early going. Coyne and Arciero had a tight run, but Noel dropped back followed by Wes Elrod and Bill Goshen. Midway in the eight lapper Arciero got past Coyne to lead. Noel held third ahead of THE Elrod and they stayed in order for away from the herd. It was quiet a few laps as the field stretched for a few laps, then Mustard got out. At the flag it was Frank side by side with Gordon several Arciero Jr. winning handily over times. Rice was now third and Marty Coyne and Larry Noel, close, while Nichols, Whelchel while Bill Goshen just edged and Smith were having their own Elrod's Mirage for fourth at the war further back. Gordon and flag. The front four were all in Mustard were hard at each other, Goodrich shod Chenowths. and just before the white flag The ten car second Super 1600 Mustard made the pass. So the heatfeaturedacleanstartandBob 1990 points champ Mitch Gordon grabbed the lead from the Mustard, with Gordon on his flag, but had Mitch Mustard, bumper, won his first race of the Kevin Smith, Jimmy Nichols, new season. Mustard's cousin Jerry Whelchel, and Danny Rice Danny Rice was a strong third following in a tight pack. The with Whelchel, Smith and second lap order read Gordon, Nichols still at it in his wake. Mustard, Rice, nose to tail, then There was another intermission Jimmy Nichols, Jerry Whelchel, in which a pair of Honda Pilots and Kevin Smith, also pulling driven by DJs were supposed to do a couple of exhibition racing laps. After some time the two ..,ilots took off, but one flipped ,ight away and the other drove on WRIGHT .sedately, but it did make a nice break to replenish food and drink supplies. It was nearly ten o'clock when the UltraStock main event got under way for seven laps and eleven were on the grid. Tommy Croft shot off i:he line into the lead with Jeff Elrod hot on his bumper. Chris Neil and Joe Anchondo hit at the end of the first lap, and Neil's Nissan ended up on top of Anchondo's VW, formerly a Neil entry. A yellow flag and a restart were called for, while Anchondo retired, but Neil got back in line. On the restart it was Croft, Elrod and Collins off the line, but a lap later Brian Stewart had taken third spot from Collins, and Larry Noel was now in fifth. Tim Lewis flipped his Porsche two turns from the end of the third lap almost going over the wall, bringing out another yellow flag and another restart. This time Elrod almost got past Croft off the line, but it was Croft in the lead on the second turn, and soon Larry Noel took over second spot putting Elrod back to third followed by Lloyd Castle and PLACE~. COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on Fox, Bilstei.n, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit f<?r adjus.tments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 26 Brian Stewart. But then Noel lost a wheel and parked, and Tommy Croft had a full straight-a-way lead. Elrod was taken out of contention by Castle when the -two crashed into the wall along March 1991 the back straight. Only Elrod was able to continue. Tommy Croft won the race by a huge margin in the Goodyear Jeep. Doing well Brian Stewart was second, in the Goodyear Toyota. Chris Neil made a comeback to finish third in his Goodrich Nissan, and John Gersjes was fourth in a Yokohama ' Nissan. The 4 Wheel A TV Main event had 18 of the tiny racers off the line into their usual get offs and traffic jams. Erik Cobb was the early leader followed by Charles Shepherd, but near the end of the third lap these two tangled. Mark Ehrhardt was there to slip past them both and win the race on a Honda. Shepherd was second, also on a Honda and Kenneth Delk snagged third on an A TK. The SuperLites also had 18 on the starting grid for the main event, and this was a good race. Rory Holladay led the first two laps but then Greg George got close and passed to lead and win. Sean Finlay also passed Holladay on the last of seven laps, but Holladay held on in third place · followed by Gilbert Valdez and Terry Peterson. The Super 1600 main event was the closest race for the win of all the entire evening. Bob Gordon snagged the lead at the green flag with teammate frank Arciero Jr. right with him, but it wasn't long before Marty Coyne slid into second, putting Arciero back to third with Mitch Mustard closing in on him. After four of the 12 laps the order was Gordon, Glenn Harris sailed one of the new Dodge Dakotas nicely around the tight course, and he finished second in the first Sport Truck heat at Anaheim. Frank Arciero, leading here, and Mitch Mustard were often side by side in the 1600 main, but their Chenowths were trapped behind Gordon's car and they were third and fourth, each man having won his heat race. Dusty Times

Page 27

Kevin Smith avoided all the wreckage in the Super 1600 main event, and drove the Mirage around it all to place fifth at the checkered flag. Danny Rice was really excited about his surprise victory in the 1600 main event, and here he tries to both wave at the cheering crowd and get his helmet strap undone. Rob MacCachren made his debut on the Ford team at Anaheim, but both traffic and mechanical woes slowed him to fifth in the first heat race. Bill Goshen ran his Chenowth hard in the first Super 1600 heat race, but got caught in traffic jams in the main event, which had plenty of jams. Wes Elrod runs his Mirage mainly with VORRA, but came to Anaheim with the family and managed to stay clean and finish seventh in the 1600 main,. Desert ace Larry Ragland made his debut in stadium truck racing and flew the team Chevrolet in style, taking fourth in the second truck heat. with Arciero, Mustard and Coyne all tied together in a train behind him and Danny Rice ran fifth. Mustard made a couple of tries at passing Arciero, which gave Gordon the opportunity to stretch his lead a tad. Larry Noel crashed into Jerry Whelchel, putting Jerry over the guard rail, high centered and out of the race. Midway it was Gordon, then a gap to Arciero, Mustard and Rice in tight formation, followed at a respectable distance by Coyne. The pressure was on all four front runners lap after lap in a most exciting dice. Then on the last lap on the short chute before the final turn Arciero and Mustard hit trying to avoid Bob Gordon, whose Chenowth had flat quit just before the last turn heading to the checkered flag. While they were backing away from Gordon, Danny Rice safled past to take the surprise victory, and after taking the flag he turned off and immediately jumped out of the car waving his arms at the audience. Marty Coyne, back far enough to avoid the wreck, passed to finish second, and Mitch Mustard salvaged third with Frank Arciero fourth, all Good-rich racers. Kevin Smith was fifth in his Goodyear Mirage, and Jimmy Nichols was sixth, in his Goodyear Chenowth. The motorcycle race competi-tion was over shadowed by the only serious accident of the evening. A rider went down midway in the race, didn't seem to be moving and was attended by medics where he fell until the race was over and the ambulance could get to him. The race itself was less dramatic as Tommy Glowers led from the first lap aboard a Kawasaki, and though challenged, was never headed and he won the race. Jim Holley worked his way through the crowd to be third on lap 4 and took over second, where he finished, when Joe Waddington went down in lap 8. Holley rides a Yamaha. Kyle Lewis was third on another Yamaha. TI1e final race of the meet is the Grand National Truck Main and all 11 made it back, many with fresh body panels. But, it wasn't Dusty Times long before the fiberglass was flying all over the track. It was Ivan Stewart and Roger Mears off the line in a tight side by side dash, but on that first lap Walker Evans bumped and rode Rod Millen close to the wall on the front straight, and Evans not only flipped, his Dodge caught fire. The fire was put out quickly, the Dakota put back on its wheels, and Millen was pulled out of the fence before the restart. Evans was penalized to the back of the pack for causing the incident. The restart lap was nearly completed with Mears taking the hole shot, when Roger Mears Jr. and Ivan Stewart tangled coming out of the either I or lanes. Stewart literally stood the Toyota on its nose and it hung there for many seconds aE if stuck, but he got back to ground after they pulled Mears Jr. and his Nissan out from under the Toyota. Ivan went back for another restart, but Roger Jr. was done for the night. The third time was the charm, and for the third time Roger Mears led off the line, now with Rod Millen, Danny Thompson, Ivan Stewart and Glenn Harris close in pursuit and there were lots of flapping body panels. As the field stabilized it was Mears, Stewart, Thompson, Millen, Harris, Evans, Ragland, Esslinger, MacCachren and Willie Valdez. The order held for a few laps, then MacCachren retired with both doors coming off and. Evans passed both Harris and Millen, but nothing changed up front as the Nissan had a long lead. A happy Roger Mears won the main event for Nissan and Bridgestone, thrilled to start the season on such a positive note. Ivan Stewart held on in second with scant body panels left, and Danny Thompson, also with a near naked trl,\ck, got third, while Walker Evans salvaged fourth in the debut of Dodge Dakotas in stadium racing. Rod Millen was fifth in the second Toyota, and Glenn Harris was sixth in the other Dodge. Still running at the checkered flag were Larry Ragland and Dan Esslinger. MTEG has an ambitious ten race schedule for 1991, with the next one at San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium on February 23; then they head to the Rose Bowl in March before going east for most of the summer season. Factory involvement from Detroit, as well as Japan, is heavier than ever, now in UltraStock competition as well as the long standing commitments to the Grand National Truck class. If you are out of the area of one of the events, watch your TV cable guide for exciting coverage of these races. ,:;,,., •••• . ,.. ,.. . ••• ,,, ... ······---Trailers Our Quality Makes the Difference Models Available: Open Flatbed Trailer Enclosed Bumper Pull-Type Trailers From 16' to 28' Enclosed Gooseneck Trailers From 28' to 48' * Many Equipment Options Available Medium Duty Truck Conversions We tiave the Ability and Experience Necessary to Build Any Trailer to Your Exact Specifications, Custom Designed for Your Individual Needs ... * Write or Call for a Free Brochure Join the Ranks or Our Satlsf ied Customers • Bob Gordon • R.C.R. Plumbing • Hamilton Materials • Herbst Oil Co. • Hagle Lumber • Sherman Balch Competitive Trailers 8832 Ramona Street · Bellflower, CA. 90706 (213) 634-2006 March 1991 Custom Designed Interiors Page !27

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LA RANA NEW YEAR'S 100 Scott Flamson and Jerry Penhall Win By Seconds By Carol Clark Photos: Trackside Photos, Inc. The team of Scott Flamson and Jerry Penhall won a real cliff hanger on time in the Jimc~. taking the Unlimited h~nors and first overall by a slim 22 seconds, after losing third gear on the last lap. The La Rana New Year's 200 at the race progressed, the cars dried Barstow, CA ran just a little bit out the course pretty well, and by behind schedule, but a total of 84 the fourth and fifth laps it was cars got in line, ready to take the almost business as usual. green light. There was a total of92 11,e overall win was a real cliff cars entered in this race, but with hanger for a few minutes, as the no shows and breakage during computer went south during the testing, 84 vehicles were left and race and all the calculations had to ready to roll. The first race of the be done by hand. Frequent year brought out a lot of new faces· winner Bob Richey and the team to La Rana Desert Racing, but it of Jerry Penhall and Scott also brought some very familiar Hamson were sweating it out for a faces as well. It was really nice to while, but Jerry and Scott took seesomeofthefolksl'dmetover the overall and Class 1/2 the six years that I've been combined by about 22 seconds. involved in Off Roading, and Carrie Penhall was a really happy once this sport gets into your camper when I told her the team blood, it's hard to shake. got the win by mere seconds. She With the previous two days gave me one of those bone rain in the desert, the Start/ Finish crushing hugs and said, "now line looked more like a mud bog we're having fun". The old adage than a race course. The first lap of hard work and perseverance was quite interesting, as most paid off, as they knew it would, racers do not wear tear offs as they just didn't know when. Jerry motorcycle racers do, hence their was piloting the Jimco during the shields and pumper helmets were last half of the race and said he had immediately covered with mud, Bob Richey in sight most of the and you can't just wipe the mud time. He had one flat and lost off like you can the dust and silt. third gear in the fourth lap. He Quite a number of racers had to loved the course and had a good remove their shield totally in time chasing and being chased by order to see, only to find their the previous year's class champ-eyes were getting full of rocks and ion. He said it was a great day. mud. Some were really relying Second overall and in Class 1/2 heavily on their co-drivers' ability was our buddy Bob Richey. He to see, to keep them on the race wasn't quite as happy as he course. At the finish line 90 usually is at the finish line, but he' percent of those interviewed said was still pleased. Bob had his they'd take the dust any day. As steering box come loose in the third lap and lost his right side secondary in the second. He had a total of seven minutes down time, which is very unusual for this veteran. He did say it was fun to have somebody to play with. Usually he's one of the first cars off the line and that is the last he sees of the others until his Raceco starts lapping them. I have a feeling that Richey's racing stable is undergoing some changes, and he will have his former race car out instead of his faithful pre-runner for the balance of the La Rana series. Look out Jerry and Scott! Keith Jackson got his Raceco home third in Class 1/2, fourth overall, about 20 minutes back, and he was the last class finisher out of eight starters. His only problems were one flat and people not moving out of the way so he could pass. Maybe next time Keith. Nobody else covered more than three laps. The third overall finisher was Alan Hensley, the Class 10 winner. He drove solo, as he's not quite used to, but liked it. He lost the power steering at the start of lap 4. Needless to say his arms and hands were a little sore at the end of the race. Alan had one flat on the last lap and finished the race with a disposable diaper (stolen from his baby daughter's diaper bag) covering his manifold; it was ic!ng up, so quick thinking by his Alan Hensley drove solo this race, and despite losing the power steering on the last lap, he sailed home the Class 10 winner and third overall in the single seat West. pit crew kept him going. Taking second in Class 10, fifth overall, was Tony Modica, less than eight minutes behind. This was his second time in the car but his very first race in it, and I think he did quite well. He had one flat on his last lap, and said it was a good race, but the course was not as tough as he thought it would be. Bob Miller drove his Raceco to third in Class 10, just two minutes out of second. He said it was muddy and foggy and he was thankful he had a windshield, it really made a difference. He had to stop once to tighten his wiper motor, had two flats and ran on the last one for eight miles before he could get it changed. Of the 12 starters, eight finished, and they were, in order: Jeff Quinn, David Nickell, Lloyd Painter, Jeff Akins and Warren Messick. Class 1-2-1600 saw a repeat of the last race of the 1990 season. Doug Castillo brought in another winner. He's really starting to enjoy this. Doug was dicing it out with Brad Inch during the first two laps, but pulled away finally. It was not a cake walk by any means. He couldn't see because of the mud, so he took off his glasses and hit a Yucca tree. I'm not sure in what order this happened, but it did happen. Co-driver Chris Heryford said "Give me dust any day. The mud was really bad for a while, especially with· no wind-shield." Doug said that without Majors Racing Engines and Mendeola Transmissions, he'd still be in the back of the pack. Rob Myerly was second in Class 1-2-1600, just six minutes down. He and partner Alan Hensley have decided to run two cars this year. They will be taking turns driving them. Rob said there are a lot of people that help them with their racing endeavors and it's about time they got to have some fun too. So the boys will be having some new names as co-drivers in the two seater. Rob liked the course very much, but said there was too much mud, that made it difficu It to see, but he had a great time anyway. The 1990 1-2-1600 class champion Greg Akins brought in third place, just another four minutes back. Greg started this season with a new two seat Bunderson and said the car ran good, it was just under powered, but that will be taken care of by the next race. He lost two motor mounts towards the end of the race. His co-driver and mechanic, Russ Stevens got a little anxious when he turned around and saw the motor bouncing around. He was glad it didn't bounce out. Of the 18 starters in Class 1-2-1600, nine finished. In fourth was Larry Stephey, followed by Greg -Closely pursued here, Doug Castillo had some vision problems along the way, but despite hitting a tree on course he won the big Class 1-2-1600 honors by a good margin, over six minutes. Bob Richey borrowed a car to run the La Rana opener, but the Raceco served him well, and he was second in Class 1 /2 and overall by a couple of yards. !,, Keith Jackson completed the finishers in Class 1-2, in third place in his Raceco and fourth overall, and his only problem was one flat tire. Tony Modica placed second in Class 10 and fifth overall, but he sure found a mud hole early in the game, but was just eight minutes out of first. Page 28 March 1991 Dusty Times

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Bob Miller ran with a windshield and said it sure helped in the tough weather conditions, and he drove his Raceco to a close third in Class 10. Rob Myerly grabbed second in Class 1-2-1600 in the Myerly/Hensley team's second car, and it can't get much better than a first and a second for a two car team. Greg Akins, the 1990 class champion, unveiled his new 1-2-1600 Bunderson, and survived broken motor mounts to take third in class, four minutes back. Mike Abbott placed second in Class 5-1600 and said his only problem was in the mud, which he said really slowed him down. Walter Sleppy got through the muddy conditions and kept moving down the course to finish third in Class 5-1600, about another half hour back. Danny Hunter drove the first two seater home in Class 9, and he finished well, third in the close running, 16 car Challenger field. Adler, Glen Coulter, Scott Ryan, top finishers were out early, not Class 5 had only four entries Bob Stockton and Richard even coming close to making the and Chuck Dodson brought he had a good time. He likes this series and is going to try to run the entire seven events. He had only minor troubles, which included one flat, and other than that, no complaints. He did want to be sure to thank his co-driver Joe Trevino for his good work and quick reflexes. Workman. Several of the usual five laps required. home first place, the only finisher, • The biggest class was 9, with l6 starters, and we saw another face taking first ~ ""'"""'"' ::;vrrww'?;;'!1N\;jzy1f1;f*1\W;J] although Ed Pauley gave him a run for it for four of the five laps. Chuck said the mud was fun and The Class 5 cars had trouble late in the race, and the on y surv var of the mud and later the dust was Chuck Dodson and co-driver Joe Trevino. Class 5-1600 had a good field of eight starters, and 1990 SCORE/HORA class champion Rich Fersch really enjoyed the event and won the class by a husky 20 minutes, having no problems at all on course. Sandy Parker won the biggest class of all, Challenger, in his tidy Chenowth and he reported no trouble at all, and had a dandy dice with 1990 champion Jim Clements who finished second. Dusty Times • COMPETITIVE PRICING • UNBEATABL.E GUAL.ITY EXCEL.L.ENT SERVICE LOUIE UNSER RAC!lv/lv/KIS BOB R-~!:-~ TOYOTA .. ~ RACING DEVELOPMENT 6'li!£/J .84-fi. ••••• RADIOS FOIi RACING R.L.H; ENTERPRISE unlclenR~~T<3s VAVESHOPPE ~-~~acup 9 DESERT STEEL SHER,:~~Ns,:L;: ~~~~'/ CENTERFORCE LESLIE'S DRIVELINE SERVICE HDRA MASTERCRAFT THE WRIGHT PLACE, [HD~RE] 111,H 0£Sm DH 110.0 UTNtlSlmS CHENOWTH Mike Lesle Racing OVER ss,aaa.aa CONTINGENCY POSTED AT EVERY SCORE/H.D.R.A. EVENT Race Car Lettering • Racing Nurnbers • Custorn Decals • Silk Screening • Die Cutting • Signs • Magnetic Signs • Banners • Window Lettering 1B085 Redondo Circle • Huntington Beach, CA B2B4B 714/843-0444 • FAX 714/843-0143 March 1991 Page 29

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Bruce Mangold and his co-driver got an early mud bath, but they kept the Raceco moving swiftly, winning the tight battle for fourth in Class 9. Lynton Draper brought his Nissan all the way from South Africa to run the spring desert season, and he was a strong second in mini truck action. Mike Duncan took third in the combined small truck and sedan class in his Jeep CJ, and earned the Class 3 points for this event also. Stephen Wellington was back about half an hour, second in Class 11 in what looks like a newly built Beetle, and he was the last class finisher. Ramon and Kathy Maramba basically took it easy in their Class 15 Dodge pickup, saying they basically just wanted to finish, and they were second. Mary Sullivan, who also races short course in her Odyssey, kept it together on the rough course and took second in class with Suzuki power. IJlr' place. It was Sandy Parker in his Chenowth winning by over five minutes. He said he got some new gearing and the tranny worked great. He almost rolled it on the first lap, but regrouped to take off and chase Jim Clements after some cat and mousing. Finally got past and led to the flag, winning by about five minutes. Sandy really wanted to thank Clements for a great job of building his motor. Speaking of Jim Clements, the overall points champion for the 1990 La Rana Series, he didn't really know if he was glad he did such a good job on Sandy's engine. Jim's only problem was water on the spark plugs and that slowed him down enough for Sandy to pass him. He loved the course and didn't mind the course being muddy. Third in Class, 11 minutes further back, was Danny Hunter, but I couldn't find him to talk about his race. With all the pit vehicles and people in the winner's circle, he just disap-.. 1" # v -~~:.~~~~ .. ' ¾o * Turbo Lamke and co-driver Tom Cornwell had a good run in the Jeep Comanche, had a lot of fun, and won the combined mini truck, Class 3 and sedan class by 20 minutes. peared. Maybe I should get one of those big styrofoam cowboy hats· with PRESS placards hanging all over it, so ifl can't find the racers, they can find me. I don't know how those hats hold up in the wind though! A total of ten finished in Class 9, with fourth going to Bruce Mangold, followed YOU CAN'T FINISH THE RACE IF YOUR NUTS FALL OFF You can prevent this with the Nut SAFTBLOK Available from Racer's Tool & Supply. Easily drills safety wire holes in nuts and bolts. Heat treated nickel plated steel for long life. 9" safety wire plier $41.50 1 lb .032 stainless safety wire $9.00 NUT SAFTBLOK $21.80 + Shipping Call or write for our FREE CATALOG of fabricating tools RACERS TOOL & SUPPLY 4290 Bells Ferry Rd. * Suite 10634 * Kennesaw* GA* 30144 l'--~ l c 404 > 924-4543 ~ ~ 24 Hours a Dav i Days a Week ll!!!iiiiilll Page 30 in by Chuck Ratliff, Dennis Peterson, Dave Girdner, Michael Rix, Robert Van Lingen and Scott Hood. They were spread out more than two hours from the winner. Class 7 saw a real first timer. His name is Lynton Draper and he came to us from South Africa. He shipped his 1985 Nissan over to the States about three months ago and left South Africa himself on December 31st, and almost beat the truck here. He got to celebrate New Year's Eve three times, as the plane landed at various places during his voyage; boy did he have fun. Lynton came to race the first three SCORE/HORA 1991 races, and heard about the La Rana series and decided to give it a shot. He was really impressed with the course, the terrain ( very fast compared to what he's used to) and had a ball. All the people were so friendly and accommo-dating, he just couldn't get over it. His co-driver was Michael Katzmark, 70 years old, and doesn't look a day over Sd, and has been involved in our sport for ten years and hopes to do it another ten. Some of the hand signals Michael gave to Lynton were backwards to what Lyn ton is accustomed to, so speeding up and slowing down were kind of hairy until they got this little problem sorted out. Their Nissan· finished second in class. Lynton and his family are staying with Rick Scalzo in San Clemente for March 1991 Teenager Travis Howard won again in Class 11, despite breaking a spring plate, and the 1990 La Rana class champion is also running the SCORE-HORA Series and doing well there too. The Stone Stock Class attracts a variety of vehicles, and this time Bob took top honors in his Chevy pickup, winning by about 41 minutes. the three months they will be quarter panels back for the race here, and are really having a great truck; they sort of fe II off time. He says he needs his rear somewhere out on the course. He Among the four dyssey starters Art ibbs ran the quickest lap in the onda and won the class by nearly an hour, starting the year off right. Dusty Times

Page 31

won't have time to send for them from home for the next race; they would never get here on time. In the combined mini truck, sedan and Class 3 group, as mentioned, Draper was second; Turbo Lamke won by 20 minutes in the Jeep. Turbo and his co-driver Tom Cornwell were quite surprised at the stiff competition he ran into and really had fun playing ~ith Lynton. I think Turbo ran over Lynton's rear fenders, and said he'll help look for them. Turbo was really impressed with the organization of the race; he too plans to run the whole series if he can. Turbo is a good competitor and it's nice to see a familiar face at a new series. Mike Duncan was third in his Jeep, another 20 minutes down, followed by Gary Keller, Rambler, and Jay King, Toyota. Only one failed to finish. Rich Fersch took first place in Class 5-1600 and said the whole event was fantastic. He is the 1990 SCORE/HORA champion for 5-1600 and loved this event. He wants to bring his co-drivers, Harry Dunne and David Allan back for more of this kind of fun. If he can swing it, he'll try for the whole series too. Mike Abbott, an-other familiar face, took second place 20 minutes back. He had no problems what-so-ever, and his only complaint was that the mud slowed him down. Walt Sleppy was back nearly half an hour in third, but he gcit lost in the crowd or didn't stick around to chat. I'll get him next time. Fred Heacock was another seven minutes back, the last finisher of the eight starters and we haven't seen Fred Heacock for many a moon. In Class 11 Travis Howard did it again. Even though he had 25 minutes down time with a broken spring plate, he still managed to bring home first place. I think he's getting to ·like this. Steve Wellington was back about half an hour, buttook second and was the last three lap finisher out of the four that started in the class. First in Stone Stock Class went to Bob Ryan, Chevy, who also disappeared, winning by 41 minutes. Of the five starters in Class 1500, four covered the three laps required. Ramon and Kathy Maramba took second, saying they had a lot of fun and basically _took it easy in the Dodge. They just wanted to finish. They did say that after the first lap a lot of rocks surfaced and they were dodging them all day. They had trouble keeping the hood fastened down, but when they found out they got second they were on Cloud 9. Curtis Lamb, Toyota, was a long third, closely followed home by Brady Helm. Class 44 had four starters, and Art Gibbs came in first in his Honda. Mary Sullivan was second with Suzuki power, and Donald Kleinhenz was a long third in his Odyssey. The lone disqualification was Gary Gressett in Class 9. Gary ran the start/finish checkpoint because of an ardent effort to catch the guy in front of him. He ·just got tunnel vision and blew it. He says he'll do better next time. It's back to Barstow on February 22-24 for La Rana's Presidential 250, over by the time you read this, then in May the series moves north to Ridgecrest, CA onto knobby bike trails, a good, tough course. DustyTirnes Watanabe Fastest at USA Sand Drags Radiator /DM Cleaning/ Natural Light Racing/Moron Bros. Racing Team and Orangatane Racing. By Elaine Jones There was a definite nip in the air last October as the USA Sand Association season wound down · to an end. It still didn't keep the crowd from coming.out and also enjoying the BBQ put on by Murphy's Irish Pub. With one more race to go some of the brackets are getting very intense while some competitors look to have a lock .on their division. Pro 1-3 looks to be one of those that is wide open with Robert Watanabe the Painter's Assistant from Guadalupe taking his new car to the win light in the bracket that you have to turn a 3.59 just to qualify for. His time was a 3.451 for a speed of 94. 73 mph. Richard Ends/Sahu Watanabe/Chance Auto and Perry's Auto Supply help his effort. Bill LeFever in "Whoo Yaa" a 427 Chevy Buggy sponsored by The Dunmast-ers/Doo Dah Racing and Toyo Optics Photographic Accessories was runner-up with a time of 3A 17 for 90.63 mph losing on reaction time. The Irvine based salesman was the '85-86 Sport Bracket Champ and the '86 Pro Chatnp. With a dial in of 3.60 Jim Owensby came pretty close in win.ning Pro 4 with a time of 3.733 for 84.98 mph. The self-employed competitor from Rialto was in "Show Time" a 350 Chevy Jeep sponsored by Jim's Custom Muffler /Danny O's Tire Service and Custom Engine Service. Bob Shugart, president of NSCA found the trip to his liking as he was a tick behind with a time of 3. 729 for a speed of 87.46 losing on reaction time. He was driving "Brain Damage" a 327 Chevy with a Rodeck engine sponsored by '76 Unocal. Todd Groves in "Groves & Co." took full advantage of Rick Gutierrez's foul to take the win in Pro 5 whose dial in time was 3.90. The 396Chevy Buggy went down the lane in 4.387 for a time of 48.85 mph. Virgil Groves is the owner in this family affair. Gutierrez was driving a 454 Chevy sponsored by Gutierrez Construction. Jim Schmardebeck took his hand built from scratch 350 Jeep named "White Lightning" to the light in 4.298 for 75.25 mph and the win in Pro 6. Jim sponsors the car himself and is affiliated with Marage Injector Molding.Co. The dial in for this bracket is 4.20 so he cut it real close. Rick Thomas a new face to winners circle is from Hesperia and was driving "After Four Play" a 427 Jeep sponsored by Dan's Performance Center in Hesperia. His time was 4.376 for 73.~7 mph. No stranger to winning and he did it again was Jim Gustafson in Pro 7. The dial in was 4.50 and Jim in "Mean Green Machine #1" a 2016 VW Buggy turned a 4.618 for a speed of 57.54. The Norco resident is sponsored b,y Ad-vanced Water Conditioning. Cal Bradley had the bridesmaids honors as the engineer from Fountain Valley in "Maniac" a 327 Chevy sponsored by Maniac Racing/JD Crain Ent/ California Hud and Safety First. His time was 4. 737 for 65.40 mph but lost on reaction time. David Cox has a firm hold on Pro 8 as this should be about his fourth win in a row for the bracket with the 4.89 dial in. David from Moreno Valley was aboard "Rattler" a 500cc Suzuki Quad and he turned a 4.863 for 60.08 mph. Dave Newman, the cabinet maker from San Dimas, did give him a bit of help taking the "A-Team", a 193 '31 Ford with a 350 engine, to the light too fast and broke out with a time of 4. 730 for 63.96 mph. Dave sponsors the car himself as does David. Only four dialed in to Pro 9 at 5.10 and it was Paul Amato a • lineman with Pacific Bell that was king of the mountain. He took "Sno Problem" an 1835 VW Buggy to the end of the lane in 5.394 for a speed of 57.32 mph. Orange Engine Rebuilding help his effort. Jerry Talley in "Tally Ho" a 400 small block was a tick behind and is sponsored by Webber Transmissions and Campbell Oil. It was another small group that dialed in at 5.40 to qualify for Pro 10 and it came down to Jim Rosa, owner of Tole Village in Chino in "350 Something" and Laurie Linsmeier, an Operating Engineer from San Bernardino, in a 225 Jeep sponsored by Carol Brown. Construction and Don Brown Racing Facilities. The nod went to Rosa with a time of 5.679 for 43.20 mph. Linsmeier went a tad too fast and was rewarded with a breakout. It was close as she turned a 5.394 and we are talking thousandths here. A breakout again decided the win in Pro 11 and this time it was Russ Cornish who dialed in at 5. 70 that took the win. The operating engineer from 1000 Palms in "Against Her Will", a 2000cc Pinto Buggy sponsored by Backyard Buddies Racing, turned a 5:932 for 52.69 mph while John Burton, an Auto Technician from Santa Barbara in his unusual -4 cylinder 183 Mercruiser Chevy Funny Jeep called "The Hard Way", turned a 5.660 for 42.67 mph. Too fast for a 5.70 dial in. He is sponsored by Low Buck Racing Team. . It was the vet meets the new kid on the block in Pro 12 with a dial in of 6:00 and experience did tell the story as David Den Hartog, a truck driver from Chino, got to the light first on his 350 Yamaha Quad. His time for the run was 6.215 for 35.15 mph. The Curling Iron of Upland and Greg Den Hartog and Sons Trucking are his sponsors. Roger Le Poidevin, an A.C. Technician from Azusa, on his Suzuki Quad actually went faster with a time of 6.257 for 48.64 mph qut lost on reaction time. His sponsors are Brain Fade Racing and Turn Key Systems. · As usual the Sport Brackets were full up and they did their racing while the sun was still shining. Twenty-eight vehicles dialed in to Sport I and the fouls and breakouts took their toll right down to the final two. It was Mike Bolton, the welder from O ntario, who has captured the crowds fancy with his co-pilot, Rangy the Orangutan. It must bring him luck as the win was his with a time of 4.606 and 68.91 mph. Jim Schmardebeck looking to take it all for the second time went too fast and all he had was a breakout for his trouble. Bolton is sponsored by O&R 4 Wheel Drive/H& W Welding/Chino It was twenty-three vehicles that made the call for Sport 2 and it came down to Jim Hammond, a Carpenter from Diamond Bar on a 500cc Quad, versus Roger Palermo, a truck driver from Chino in "Jeep Thrills", a 401 . CJ5. The nod went to Palermo with a time of 5.584 and 57.87 mph. Hammond turned a 5.673 for 54.15 mph. Roger LePoidevin was on a Rocky Mountain high as he took the win in Sport 3. This is the first time we have seen him at a USA Sand Drag but you can be sure it will not be his last. His winning time was 6.108 for 52.32 mph. David Den Hartog went too fast and had a break out for his effort. These two met again in the Pro Bracket and the story was reversed. It was a double breakout for the Pee Wees as both Ed Neal Jr., a student on an 80cc Yamaha Quad sponsored by Ed Neal Trucking, and Keith Stevenson, a student from Claremont, also on a Suzuki Quad sponsored by FDS MFG. Co. went too fast. This is a big no, no in the Pee Wee Division as it is safety first. The least of the worst tipped the tables in Keith's favor and he took the win. The Junior Di~ision was also decided when Chris Horris, a 12 year old student from Blooming-ton in "Kristies Pieces", an Odyssey sponsored by O&R 4 Wheel Drive/H&R Weld-ing/Sentry Silkscreening with thanks to Don and Carol_ Brown, went to fast and was credited with a breakout giving the win to Michelle Kotasek. The 12 year old student from Flinn Springs was on a 350cc Yamaha and is sponsored by Eddie Seorge/ Scribbs A TC and Mom and Dad. DON'T SETnE FOR LESS THAN A HONDA. ~he same Innovative engin-eering that goes Into Honda automobiles and motorcycles goes Into every piece of Honda Power Equipment. *Convenient, easy-to-use controls. *Full llne of construction proc;lucts available at your local Honda Power Equipment dealer. *Bring In this ad for additional savings. @ Kawaguchi Hon<:Ja Corp. 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 (213) 264-3936 (213) 264-5858 · · For optimum performal"'co and safety, we recommend you read the owners manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of generators to house power requires transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. consult a qualified electrician. c 1988 American Honda Motor co. Inc. March 1991 Page 31

Page 32

NEW SOUTH WALES OFF ROAD LONG COURSE CHAMPIONSHIP McMillan's Mountain Classic Text & Photos: Darryl Smith ,~ --.,.~ ~~ -~rt Doug McMillan overcame a star studded field to place high in all the events and he not only won Class 1 with Lindsay Everleigh co-driving the Hunter, he won the race Gverall in 2:20:32. New South Wales has its State Long Course title determined over just one race meeting. This year it attracted the cream of Australia's drivers. However, Moree's Doug McMillan over-came a star studded field to drive away the victor of the Ultimate Suspension, Milbrodale Mountain Classic. The event was the NSW Off Road Long Course Champ-ionship and the course is situated 25 km south of Singleton in the heart of the Hunter Valley. It was the fourth year the race has been held and was a credit to the dedication of the Hunter Valley Off Road Racing Association. Racing takes place over two days, with each vehicle competing in three short heats, then one long heat. As usual a prologue sorted the field into order. Bridgestone's Neville Boyes led the prologue times in his Class 2 Hunter. Those following were Neil Morrison, Bruce Watman, Barry Johnson, Doug McMillan, Bob Mowbray, Terry Rose and Doug Adams. As there was no seeding there were some drivers with problems finding themselves further down the field. Last year's winner Bill· Croft was one, as gear box problem s slowed him. Race organizer Ian Hedley had electrical misfires in the Bronco, while another local, Geoff Beckett, had dutch failure. · In past years various Touring Car drivers have driven at Milbrodale. This year Kevin Waldock, fresh from an eighth at Bathurst, returned to drive Jan Hedley' s Ford Fl00 again. Kevin's weekend started badly when he launched off one of the . humps down the back straight and slammed into a tree. It was to his credit that the truck was back in running order in time for the first heat that afternoon. Leading the 2WD prologue times was Robert Pagan's Mazda Ute. Grahame Baxter's Patrol led the Production 4x4's while Fabio Zarfati was quickest modified 4x4 in his Pajero. · The racing at Milbrodale is very spectacular, mainly due to the fact• that the cars are started four-wide at once, then thirty seconds later another four take off until four groups are gone; that is the first heat. Barry Johnson's V6 Chev won the start and was never headed. Doug McMillan clocked second fastest time for the first round. Following him were Neil Morrison, then Neville Boyes and Cliff Alderton at equal fourth, Doug Adams, then another equal pair of Bill Croft and Bruce Watman. Action in round one included Lucky Mattiussi rolling his big Scout, and wheels being torn off by Howard Ford and -~-;-Jeffro Bryant in the Corvette. Tony Schafer's immaculate Hunter sadly refused to perform, and it had just been fitted with an ex-Longhurst Sierra motor. The field regrouped into order for the second round to be held on the Sunday morning. Barry Johnson was once again first home in the first heat, but the pace was quicker in the second group. Overall fastest N_eville Boyes was followed by Bill Croft. Then came Johnson, McMillan, Alderton and Bob Mowbray, pushing hard in Class 3. Neil Morrison dnf'ed having clouted a tree. Boyes meanwhile set about fixing a brake line, which had lost him rear brakes. · Round 3 was another race around the short loops. Now Johnson got the upper hand over Croft, with McMillan coming in third quickest. Mowbray was · next, then Bill Buchanan, looking like he had shaken off his bad luck of.this year. Further down, Glen Alderton did a roll over in his :f11/1t,t,1--7 Bill Buchanan and Andrew Meade drove their 1600cc two seater veryquickly also and won Class 2 in the Hunter and took third overall, merely another 19 seconds behind. · ~ Bob and Jeanette Mowbray did an incredible job in the Class 3 two seat Hunter, winning the 1200cc class by 27 seconds and placing second overall, just 47 seconds behind the winner. Class 2. Then there was a long break in the action. The field regrouped for the fourth round, which was the real test; five laps of a 21 km course, which went out to the back of the hills where it could get very rough. The order after the short rounds read: Johnson, Croft, McMillan, Watman, first Class 3, Mowbray, Buchanan, first Class 2, Adams,-Rose, Hill, Boyes, D' Ambros and Brechbuhl, driving the Michael Brooker car, rounding out the top dozen. The eight Bajas were led by Dean Mavin, then Stephen McDougall going into the long heat. In Class 5 if was indeed Waldock in the battered Fl00 leading over Grahame Smith in the Galant and Rod Kilby, Mazda Ute. Peter Wilson led Class 6 over Bryan Morrow, and Grahame Baxter was way out front in Class 7 over Whitbread, MacDonald, and Muldoon. In the modified 4x4 Class 8, Fabio Zarfati's Pajero led over Glenn Norley, who swapped seats with Ian Cotton for this race in the turbo L200. George Kirkman's VB Patrol was third over Barry Finney, having a great day in the Jeep. All surviving cars lined up to be all sent off in the Final, once again in groups of four. Johnson sank the boot in and grabbed the lead, with Croft close behind. But before long Croft's wretched luck of 1990 struck m~ e again with a blown cliff. Johnson came back into view with the Helicopter in hot pursuit, but just as he crossed the line a link pin broke, ending any chances of a win. McMillan then led on the road although it appeared Mowbray was making up ground further back. Despite constant watering, the track started to get very dusty as the leaders began to lap the slower back markers. Terry Rose, who was one of the leaders, rolled, and due to a b-1,1ckled rim fouling on the brake, could not continue. Geoff Beckett, a Class 3 pace-setter, pitted for oil, and was also running without rear brakes. Doug Adams was coming a close second in Class 2 when he made a rare mistake and hit a tree, bending a front wheel back. Neville Boyes had also clipped a tree, and ·along with broken gearbox mounts, called it a day. His Bridgestone teammate, Zarfati, pitted with two flat tires, giving the Class 8 lead to Norley, who was soon out after an oil cooler copped a rock. Kevin Waldock was leading Class 5 until the auto started playing up. A quick stop saw the oil topped up, complete with a small fire, but before long his race was over. Neil Morrison was one of the favorites to take out this event, but his bad luck continued as a rear pivot bolt broke. · There was no bad luck for Doug Mc_Millan as he still led on • Bruce and Glenn Watman drove their BRB two seater to second in Class 3 1200cc class and fourth overall, just eigth seconds out of third overall . Fabio Zarfati, with Margaret Vince co-driving the Mitsubishi Pajero, won modified 4x4 honors in the Prologue, went on from there to consistent top placings and won Class 8 in the finale taking 16th overall. The Production 4x4 Class 7 had some mechanical mishaps in the ranks, but Graham Baxter and David Coulton won the long race in their Nissan Patrol. Class 5 combines 2WD Sedans and 2WD Pickups and Ron Kilby , and Mark Knight drove the rotary powered Mazda pickup to the victory and 23rd overall. Page 31 March 1991 Dusty Times

Page 33

Stephen McDougall and Mark Wilson won the B~fa Bug Class 4 by less than four minutes and went the distance to place 25th overall as well. -~""'""""'~oo❖ ... ~m/'i§~iMfil:<.\m ., Graham Smith an.d Cathy Marzol were second in Class 5's mixed big of cars and trucks, merely seven seconds away from first in the Mitsubishi Ga/ant. Barry Johnson used Chevy V-6 power to take first in the first two heats, and led the final until a broken link pin put him totally out of action. ·, .-..,. .. »·• lilf,/"· ,<, Barry Finney and Shane Russell had a good run in the Jeep CJ5, and they were second in Modified 4x4s when the checkered flag dropped on the final. ·• i:!lr•0• ~;ai......-~ . . '" . • ~ • (~hnc, . Geoff Beckett and Tony Dunn drove another fast 1200cc two seater and took fourth in Class 3 and 11th overall about 15 minutes down on total time. The tidy front four starting the final long course run were, left to right, Barry Johnson, Bill Croft, Doug McMillan and Bruce Walman. Two did well in the race. the road and received the checkered flag. But, before very long Mowbray came in, as did Buchanan, then Watman. The winner could be any of these four, but the crowd still gathered in anticipation at the presentation trackside. It was indeed Doug McMillan and Lindsay Everleigh, in the Mazda turbo Class 1 Hunter, who were crowned the NSW Long Course Champions. Bob and Jeanette Mowbray came in only 40 seconds behind, even though they were quickest over the long loops; they obviously won the Class 3 trophy as well. A mere 20 seconds in arrears was Bill Buchanan, winning Class 2 as well, while less then ten seconds behind him was the second Class 3 of Bruce and Glenn Watman. There was just over a minute separating the top four overall! Coming home fifth outright and second in Class 2 was truly a Ultimate Mllbrodale Mountain Classic - Australia # Pos. 155 1 183 2 149 3 162 4 12235 216 1 209 2 282 3 269 4 2280 5 325 1 301 2 354 3 315 4 339 5 403 1 425 2 429 3 444 4 469 5 590 1 572 2 516 3 553 4 502 5 678 1 669 2 601 3 606 4 666 5 731 1 707 2 743 3 705 4 804 1 811 2 827 3 818 4 819 5 Results -October 28, 1990 Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Time Class I • Unlimited Two Seat Doug McMillan/Lindsay Everleigh Hunter Craig Brechbuhl/Ray Galvin Rivmasta Len Barron/John Jackson Cobra Eric SyrjanentAndy Baker Scorpion Roly Dixon/Oavid Wardrop Trekka Class 2 • 1600cc Two Seat Bill Buchanan/Andrew Meade Hunter Frank D'Ambros/Deborah Kenna Hunter Robert Graham/Jason Graham Hornet Dick AllporvPaul Allport Buggy Neil Duck/Sandra Duck Buggy Class 3 • 1200cc Two Seat Bob Mowbray/Jeanette Mowbray Hunter Bruce Watman/Glenn Watman BRB Stewart Latter/David Worboys Rivmasta Geoff Beckett/Tony Dunn Buggy Scott Adams/Philip Bates Rivmasta Class 4 • Baja Bug Stephen McDougalVMark Wilsor: Baja Bug Dean Mavin/Oavid Burns Baja Bug Craig Baker/Robyn Baker Baja Bug Jeff Cripps/Leone Cripps Baja Bug Gary Sherwood/Wayne Ney Baja Bug Class 5 • 2WD Sedans & Pickups Rod Kilby/Mark Knight Mazda Pickup Grahame Smith/Cathy Marzol Mitsubishi Galan! David Horn/Craig Seigers Mitsubishi Lancer Alan Latimore/Malene Latimore Volvo Kevin Waldock Ford F100 Class 6 • Restricted Two Seat Challenger Bryan Morrow/Peter King Challenger Peter Wilson Antionette Wilson Cobra Keith Whisker/Oavid Wilson BRB Ian Whisker/Mark Whisker Scorpion Mike Donaldson/Vince Evans Hornet Class 7 - Production 4x4 Grahame Baxter/Oavid Coulton Nissan Patrol Eric Whitbread/Steve Blair Mitsubishi Ute David MacDonald/Kate Knight Diahatsu Feroza John Muldoon/Tom Burton Land Cruiser Class 8 • Modified 4x4 Fabio Zarfati/Margaret Vince Mitsubishi Pajero Barry Finney/Shane Russell Jeep CJ 5 Wayne Ryan/Oavid Ryan Land Cruiser Ken Smith/Tom Orcher Holden Rodeo Mick Howard/Clyde Blanch Mitsubishi Ute Class 9 • Unlimited Single Seat • No Entry 0/A 2:20:32 2:31:12 2:41:24 2:45:26 2:51:45 2:21:38 2:29:36 2:29:48 2:32:51 2:33:37 2:21:10 . 2:21:46 2:34:42 2:35:50 2:36:46 2:51:25 2:55:04 121aps 121aps 10laps 2:49:55 2:50:02 3:02:06 131aps 12 laps 3:08:10 3:09:36 3:16:31 Slaps 31aps 2:48:48 3:05:46 3:15:11 9 laps 2:46:37 2:52:48 2:57:52 3:11:24 131aps Starters 107 • Finishers (14 laps) 43 • 40% Fastest Prologue: Neville Boyes #203 Fastest Long Heat: Bob Mowbray #325 - Fastest Short Heat: Bill Croft #1110 Dusty Times I 7 14 15 28 3 5 6 8 9 2 4 10 11 13 25 30 50 57 63 23 24 33 49 55 38 40 43 89 97 19 36 42 77 16 29 31 . 41 48 remarkable drive for Frank D' Ambros and Deb Kenna. It was only Frank's third race and he has something else to his credit besides having the most colorful car now! While on Class 2, the next places were taken out by Robert Graham, Dick Allport and Neil Duck. Behind McMillan in Class 1 the order was Craig Brechbuhl, Len .Barron and Eric Syrjanen, who was having his first ever off road race. Behind the Mowbrays and Watmans in Class 3 was Stewart Latter, tenth outright, then Geoff Beckett, who threw two fan belts that day, then Scott Adams, who had a fuel line problem. The Baja battle tipped in favor of Stephen McDougall, just edging out Dean Mavin. A lap down came Craig Baker, then Jeff Cripps. The 2WD Class 5 race was very close. In the end only seven seconds separated Rod Kilby's little Mazda Ute over PUT YOUR FUEL Grahame Smith's Galant, The different, a second in class, a great pair finished 23rd and 24th drive, especially with no power outright also. David Horn's steering for most of the long Lancer was third, while a lap loops. Wayne Ryan's Land down was the Latimore's Volvo. Cruiser came in third over the Kevin Waldock ended up fifth, Ken Smith Rodeo. Mick Howard's · two laps down, but picked up the L200 was one lap down in fifth. Hard Luck trophy, or should that The Man of the Mountain have gone to Jan Hedley!! award for the fastest long loop Class 6 was another see-saw went to Barry Johnson's Goodyear battle, but when it counted Bryan Class l. The event attracted 107 Morrow was the winner over starters, and only 43 vehicles, 40 · Peter Wilson, then Keith percent completed the 14 laps. Whisker. Grahame Baxter was Some drivers were disappointed driving very carefully over the with the roughness and the dust, rocky sections as he did not have a while others loved the track. As a spare on board, but even so easily spectator l would say the 1990 won Class 7 in his Hankook Ultimate Suspension, Milbrodale Patrol, as well as coming in 19th Mountain Classic was probably outright. Eric Whitbread's L200 the best event I've been to. The was next, over the MacDonald HVORRA did a fantastic job of Feroza. Fabio Zarfati had driven organizing and running the race. his Pajero back in charge of Class Finally, congratulations to the 8 and took that trophy as well as new New South Wales Long 16thoutright.BarryFinney'sJeep Course Champions, Doug is usually seen minus a wheel McMillan and Lindsay Everleigh. somewhere, but this event was Well done .... IN A SAFE PLACE. This,is a Fuel Safe Rac-ing Cell after a rear end .collision. The Fuel Safe wentontoWINthe race. Fuel Safe Cells are ap-proved by all major rac-ing associations. And for a good reason. 5271 Business Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 (800) 433-6524 Bladder survived with only minorscracthes and No Leaks! And the car March 1991 Fuel Safe Racing Cells. A safe place to put your fuel for over 15 years. Manufactured by Aircraft Rubber Inc. Page 33

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The 1990 SODA Awards Banquet Barb & Marilyn Schultz Photos: Jeff Eissing ; Art Schmitt not only won Class 1 and Class 2 points in his Berrien Laser, he also was awarded Driver of the Year honors, presented by Tom Schwartzburg. Art should also get the long haul award for towing to the midwest from Pennsylvania. The lavish Oshkosh Hilton,' Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was the place for SODA Members to be January 18, 19 and 20. The Event? the 1990 SODA Awards Banquet complete with something for everyone! Sometimes, without their race suits, it can be hard to detect just who is who! After a lovely Hospitality Night on Friday evening.January 18, 1991, sponsored by Armstrong and Yokohama Tire Companies, numerous Board and Business Meetings, the evening of Saturday, January 19, 1991 arrived. President Terry Wolfe opened the evening's festivities by requesting a moment of silence for our men and women serving in The Persian Gulf with Operation Desert Storm. After a delicious dinner, President Wolfe went on to announce the Officers for 1991. They are: President - Terry Wolfe; Vice President -Tom Schwartz burg; Secretary -Gail Brand; Treasurer -Mike Seefeldt. Don Poppie was appointed as Tech Director. The Members of the Board of Directors for 1991 are: Greg Gerlach, Dick Shinnick, Terry Friday, Bill Schirm, Don Poppie and Jeff Probst. Terry Friday, representing the Badgerland VW Club, asked for and was given the floor in order to present Terry and Karen Wolfe a Sincere Appreciation Plaque. Certainly these two charming and · hard working people deserve to be acknowledged for all they have done for SODA. President Wolfe again took the floor for SODA's Appreciation Plaques awarded to Lana Gerlach, Kevin Dawson, Greg "Surfer Buggy" Gerlach, and Barb Schultz. The next award presented was for The Rookie of the Year, whoops, ROOKIES of the Year, as there were two candidates. The Committee simply could not decide between, so both Jim VanDenElzen and Michelle Friday were awarded trophies. The trophy for Driver of the Year was awarded to Art Schmitt III and Ron Karlman was presented ·with the Sportsman of the Year trophy. Congratulations to all! President Wolfe and all members of SODA wish to extend their CONG RA TULA-TIONS to the following SODA Points and Class Champions! Class Champs Art Schmitt III, Classes 1 & 2. Art Schmitt III closed up the 1990 SODA Points Champion-ship in both Classes 1 & 2 driving N SAHAHA _.,_ ________ :t s .... LU X ;:) > ~ , SIRIUS ~1--------tci ..J ~ ~ i co > SPRING MTN." ~ VDO -Chenowth -Simpson TriMil - K & N Filters -Bugpack Bilstein - Centerline - Cibie Hewland -Porsche Turbo CVs Beard;s Seats-Parker-Pumper Yokohama Tires -Super Trapp Gem Gears - KYB Shocks Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place -Duta Blue Page 34 Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. NEVADA PHONE ORDER HOUSE 3054 So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911 • (702) 871-5604 his Berrien Laser, 1650cc, Number 902 buggy. Art's race machines are prepped by those mechanical artists at Probst Off Road Racing. Art races the SODA Series all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; leaving at home his wife Susan, teq year old Stacey and six year old A.J. Art owns and operates Bestwick Auto & Truck Service in Pittsburgh. Art's interest in off road began when he was 18 years old and attended his first off road event.· At age 20, Art was racing through a Club at events that included hill climbs, cross country and drag racing. He describes his "perfect" Off Road race course as a track that has a tight layout that requires a lot of driving ability combined with long stretches where he can run his race vehicle flat out! That first checkered flag? Art took his in his first year of racing leaving the professional drivers asking, "WHO'S THAT????". Bet they know now! Has that first time feeling of taking the checkered flag changed for Art? No, he'll tell you. It still feels great but you learn to keep the excitement within yourself. Art's fondest memory is taking his first Championship in 1987 and being flocked by kids looking for his autograph: Other sports?? It takes an honest man to say he partici-pates in holding down the couch in his living room! Art's 1990 sponsors included Armstrong Tire, Web Cam, Bob Goshen Racing Engines and Pennzoil. They can be as proud of Art Schmitt III as SODA is, as he won two Class Championships! Bill Schirm, Class 3. Bill "Fuzzy" Schirm is not only the 1990 SODA Cl.ass Champion in Class 3, he's a person who's in a class by himself! Bill and his wife Karen are "class" members of SODA, donating their time and effort to America's Premiere Short Course Off Road Racing -Series. Bill and Karen reside in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, where he is employed as a Project Engineer and Construction Inspection. Bill to.ok the Class 3 Championship in his Number 345, 1979 Jeep Scrambler powered by an AMC 401 V8 Engine. "Finally! That was easier than I thought!", were Bill's thoughts at taking his first checkered flag. However, taking the checkered March 1991 Ron Kar/man, a long time 5-1600 driver and often winner, was presented with the Sportsman_ of the Year honor at the banquet. flag now becomes harder every is proof of the theory; his most race as everyone is out to knock memorable racing experience was you off the top of the mountain! the 1987 Brush Run 101 Heavy Bill cites Crandon, Wisconsin's, Metal Championship. His big Brush Run 101 Off Road Race Class 8 stalled at the line and the Track as his idea of a perfect drop of the green flag giving the track! He does so as he has had crowd the opportunity to watch numerous successes at that track. Jack hard charge to a first place In fact, he will always remember finishonaflattire!Jumpin'Jack's winning his first World's ideal Off Road track is the Championship in 1987 at the World's Championship Brush Brush Run 101 track. Run 101 track right in his home If he isn't racing, Bill enjoys town of Crandon, Wisconsin. watching football. As an active Jack enjoys watching a good sport outside of racing, Bill enjoys game of football but gets off the hunting. Bill's 1990 sponsors couch and on his feet to go were B.F. Goodrich Tire Comp-hunting for darn near anything. any, Rancho Suspensions, He is a member of the Wolf's Trailhawk Treestands and Head Sportsmen's Club. Jack's Carburetor Specialists. They join 1990 sponsors were Ford SODA in congratulating Class 3 Motorsports, Pirelli, Armstrong Champion Bill Schirm. Tire, K&N Filters, Bell Helmets, Jack Flannery, Class 4. Whether · you call him "Wolf'', "Jumpin' Jack" or "Flannery Racing", Jack Flannery is'a Champion - any way you want to define the word. Jack took the SODA Class 4 Champ-ionship in his Ford F-150 powered by a 351 Windsor, Number 435. Jack, his wife Connie, and sons Jed and Jamey call Crandon, Wisconsin, home. Jack, when not racing, works as a heavy equipment operator in the logging industry. Jack began racing with a fast car on the street at age sixteen, and began his outstanding career in Off Road racing for the challenge involved. His first checkered flag made him feel "fabulous"! And the checkered flag feeling just gets more exciting every time; as Jack puts it, "It's not over until the fat lady sings!". Jack's driving record Budweiser and_ Merit Gear. Congratulations Jack Flannery on winning SODA's Class 4 Championship. Allen Fannin, Class 6. SODA's Class 6 Points Champion, Al Fannin, his wife Jeannie, son Jeffrey and daughter Amanda live in Argonne, Wisconsin. You'd better believe that when Al fires up his Number 604, 1974 Chevrolet Chevelle with that big 350 powerhouse under the hood, th e neighbors KNOW h e' s working on his Off Road vehicle! Al is employed as a journeyman plumber. Al began his racing career in the Good Ole Boys Class in 1980 at Brush Run 101 's track in Crandon, Wisconsin, - a hop, skip and a jump away from Al's own backyard. Ask Al, he's an honest man; a_H he wanted to do There were two Rookies of the year for 1990, and Michele Friday and Jim VanDenE/zen won the honors presented by VP Tom Schwartzburg. Greg Smith, who hails from Minnesota, won the Class 1-1600 points title and the trophy and check were presented by Mike Seefeldt, who did most of the points presentations. Dusty Times

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, ~ ~ . was to try Off Road racing and became addicted! Al's thoughts at taking his first checkered flag could be summed up as, "At last! All the work has finally paid off!". It's time, according to Al, to hang up the race suit when the thrill of taking a checkered flag diminishes. The World's Champion Brush Run track is Al's favorite track, he describes it · as very challenging but not terribly hard on (racing) equipment. Al well remembers his first ride with Brad Mihalko in Brad's Class 13. Al sums up Off Road racing this way: "My favorite part of Off Road racing is the people you meet. I don't think any other sport could have a more helpful crowd of people. It's like a family. Each racer helps the other, even if they are competing in the same Class." W ell said. A relative newcomer to off road racing, John Greaves won the 2-1600 points championship, but his big thrill in 1990 was winning the Score Phoenix short course race, his first venture west. J Bill Schirm is a tong time Class 3 Jeep competitor and drove his latest CJ rig to the 1990 class championship and a bunch of individual wins. For Al there isn't anything else to watch except racing. However, if you are going to go out there and do something other than racing, Al enjoys hunting! Al's 1990 sponsors were Armstrong Tire, Wickham Plumbing and Heating, Jack May's Body Shop and Argonne Lumber. No doubt about it -Al's a Champ! Tom Hockers, Class 7S. Greenleaf, Wisconsin, is home for SODA Class 7S Points Champion Tom Hockers. When · Tom trailers his Number 700, 1990 Ford Ranger with a Gilson chassis, a 2300cc engine and yells, "Let's go racing!", he means business! Tom's livelihood as a cabinet maker, custom built, keeps him busy; but he reserves space to be one of America's Premiere Short Course Off Road Race Series' outstanding drivers. Tom began racing in 1985 at Crandon, Wisconsin. He had been a member of an Off Road T earn & Crew and decided that he wanted a part of the action behind the wheel. Tom, if he could build his own track, would design it fast and wide with well built jumps so he could enjoy that airborne feeling! Race fans will long remember with Tom his exper-ience at Oshkosh, Wisconsin's, 1990 Midwest Points Champion-ships. Tom and his machine cleared the notorious table top jump completely lap after lap after lap. Tom's first checkered flag left him feeling excited and with a great feeling of accomplishment. The feeling at taking further checkered flags is not the same for Tom as each race and each track is a little different; the competition can sometimes be fierce and other times not quite as demanding. Tom is a diverse sort of person. Get him away from work and out of his race truck and he enjoys water skiing. He mellows out by watching freestyle and aerial snow skiing. 1990's Race Season saw Tom sponsored by General Tire, The Swan Club, Clem's Corner and Automotive Supply. SODA salutes Class 7S Champion, Tom Hockers! Dave Hockers, Class 8. DePere, Wisconsin, is home for SODA's Off Road Racing Series' Class 8 Points Champion Dave Hockers. Dave and his wife Rose have two sons to keep them busy. Dave drove his way to the Class 8 Championship in a 1990 Ford F-150 truck beefed up with a 351 cubic inch Windsor motor. Dave's interest in Off Road racing began in 1976 watching friend Pete DeBaukler race at Brush Run 101 in Crandon, Wisconsin. The next year he and buddy Mike Zelton built their first Off Road machine, a Class 13. 1978 saw the duo in Class 8 racing their first race at The Lake Geneva Memorial Day 100 Off Road Event. They broke down then. But Dave has come a long Allen Fannin had a year tong struggle to secure the Class 6 points title, but at season's end Fannin got the trophy from VP Mike Seefeldt. Class 7S is growing fast in SODA racing, and Tom Hackers had to run hard to secure the 1990 points championship, but he did, driving a Ford Ranger. Dusty Times way since then. Dave loves the feeling of speed and seeing how far you can fly over the jumps. Dave's reaction at his first checkered flag was, "Finally!". Now each checkered flag has a special excitement as it takes a lot of work to keep the race truck going and in top condition. The effort put into keeping the truck in top form makes each win distinctive. The "perfect" track would have to be Crandon, Wisconsin's World's Champion Track for Dave. His racing memories include his race at Bark River in 1987. The crowd was convinced that Dave was in first place because of the incredible racing show Dave put on. When the dust settled, it was Dave in fifth place and the crowd certain that he had first! Dave knew the whole race what spot he was in. Must have been one heck of a catch up race! Jack Flannery has won at least one class every year on points in his Fords and this year it was the Class 4 championship. For 1991 Flannery is making a surprising switch to Chevrolet trucks for Classes 4 and 8. Series' Class 10 Champion, is at challenge every aspect of car and home in New Lennox, Illinois. driver. It would have a fast Jeff is one busy man as he is straight with some fast turns employed by the family business, combined with some very rough Probst Off Road Racing, Inc., for sections to test the car's suspen-which he not only races full bore sion, something like the last years but is also their body and fender of Riverside, California's track. repair technician. Jeff has an eight He also has no trouble with his year old son Jonathon. Jeff is favorite race memory either! It engaged to Melanie Madon. Race had to be winning in the Montreal fans look for Jeff's Number 099, Stadium in 1985. As Jeff says, _ Berrien Laser, 1650cc, Yolks-"Although there have been many wagen Rabbit powered buggy for memorable racing moments, all kinds of racing excitement. winning in front of 58,000 people Jeff followed in his racing in a closed stadium sends father's footsteps, first in something through you." Motocross and then in 1974 he When he has spare time, Jeff began Off Road racing. Jeff's first likes to watch an NFL football race was the Cobra 300 in 1974; game. He also enjoys going to the he placed third. He took that first alleys to bowl a game or two. Jeff Dave enjoys watching racing, _ racing and more racing. However, in the off season, Dave does a lot of snowmobiling. Dave's 1990 sponsors were Ray's General Tire, General Tire Motorsports, LE.I. General Contractors, Tim Halbrook Home Contractors, Automotive Supply and Zelton Auto Body. They join SODA in congratulating Dave Hockers, Class 8 Points Champion. Lee Wuesthoff, Class 9. Lee Wuesthoff, SODA's Class 9 Points Champion, hails from Mequon, Wisconsin. Lee's Number 909 Chenowth Magnum has taken him to many first place finishes and is recognized by spectators and racers alike as a man and machine to be respected. Lee is employed by Concours Motors in Customer Relations and Fixed Operations. · win at seventeen years of age and is sponsored by Armstrong Tire, says it was so long ago he can't Bilstein Shocks, CNC Pedals, remember the details of how it Summers Brothers Drive Train felt.Jeff feels that each checkered Components, Marsh Racing flag gives a unique feeling so that Wheels, NGK Spark Plugs, Web not one feels quite the same as the Cam and Berrien Buggy. Lee cites his introduction into Off Roading as the 1978 Brush Run 101. At that time he was riding a 125cc motorcycle and has moved up, up and away ever since. His first checkered flag left him feeling an absolute sense of accomplishment. Each new checkered flag still feels the same for Lee. If he could hand pick the perfect track it would be the World's Champion Brush Run 101 track with more "rough stuff". His favorite racing memory? Lee definitely pin points his 1982 win at The Brush Run ' 101 in Class 9 driving a 1-1600 machine! That would be hard to forget! Lee doesn't list any particular sport he enjoys watching. He does appreciate the time to do a little hunting. Lee's 1990 sponsors were Concours Motors, Yoko-hama Tire and Castro! Motor Oil. Congratulations Class 9 SODA Champion Lee Wuesthoff! Jeff Probst, Class 1 O. Jeff Probst, SODA Off Road Racing March 1991 other. Jeff has no question about what a "perfect" Off Road track should have. That track should Dave Woulf, Classes 11 & 11S. Withst~mding many chal-lengers, Dave [r' PIKE'S SERVICE CENTER BAKER, CALIFORNIA DENNY'S ~e~~ RESTAURANT OPEN 24 HOURS SHELL ® SERVICE EVERY DAY YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT FOR OVER 40 YEARS Page 35

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.,.i;-.,.:t-Dave Hackers drove a new Ford F-150 to the Class 8 championship last season, and he has won a lot of races since he started in 1978. Lee Wuesthoff drove his Chenowth Magnum to the Class 9 championship with many wins last season, and Lee also does ice racing in the winter months. Jeff Probst has won a lot of races since he started off roading as a teenager, and between prepping cars he managed to win the Class 10 title in 1990. Dave '(>/ou/f is a devoted Class 11 racer, and he drives his car in both single seat and two seat classes, and he won the points in both 11 S and 11 D. ~ W oulf drove his way to a dual Class 11 and Class l lS 1990 SODA Points Champ-ionship in his B.C. Engineering chassied, 1585cc buggy. Number 1166 saw plenty of hot racing action during the eight race season. Dave and his wife Jody have a one dog family, a Doberman named Damien. This trio lives in Menasha, Wisconsin, where Dave is a printer by trade. Dave began racing at the 1981 Hodag 50 in a 2-1600 machine, and proceeded to take buggy racing seriously! Dave feels that no track is "perfect" but likes a track with a challenge. He looks for a track that is a driver's track. He remembers his first checkered flag as the ultimate high. Taking additional first place finishes basically still feels the same, according to Dave, although after a bad race the end can be a relief! Dave will never forget being first in Class and first overall at the 1988 Colorama. Any race fan who was there remembers that double achievement also. Al-though there is no thrill for Dave like auto racing, he does do a little fly fishing. If the fish aren't biting, he gets out his mountain bike and takes off. Wonder if Dave mountain bikes like he races? Dave's 1990 sponsors include BF Goodrich Tire and his wife Jody. Congratulations Double Class Champion Dave Woulf! Lowell DeGreef, Class 13. SODA's members and race fans all think of one person when the song "Sha-Boom" hits the radio. That one person is Lowell DeGreef, 1990 Class 13 SODA Champion. Lowell is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and has two sons, Randy and Jeff. Lowell owns both Lothario's and Sba-Boom 's discos. Green Bay is also home for Lowell's brother Gary, an important part of both the Sha-Boom Team and the Ford chassied, 454 cubic inch Chevy powered, Number 1350 Sha-Boom race machine! Lowell extends his special thanks to his brother Gary, "who's my partner and built the car and maintains it. He deserves two-thirds of the credit. He's a wonderful brother and friend and one hell of a mechanic.'' Lowell caught Off Road Fever driving the 1986 Good Ole Boys Class at Crandon, Wisconsin. After a shot at the GOB Class, Lowell and brother Gary built Class 13's Sha-Boom. Taking the checkered flag has never changed for Lowell; each time it's a tremendous high. In fact, it's the kind of high that keeps Lowell up for hours after the race is over! Lowell, and most likely Gary too, will never forget 1990's Brush Run 101. The powerful Class 13 blew its 454 Chevy engine on Friday leaving the Sha-Boom Team no choice but to load up and head back to Green Bay. Over night a 350 cubic inch 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! . .c· ~~~Cl~,\e~ Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling, design to retain stock appear-ance and allow 34" tall tires. SCORE/HORA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Reinforced hood to stop distortion at ~peed. Racers Price Available. Dimple Die Sets now In stock - ½" - 1" - 1 ½" -2" CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN .39067 Orchard St. Cherry Valley, CA 92223 ' Curt Leduc, Owner Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing 8403 Vicki Road . Rockford, IL 61108 Chevy engine was installed, the car was hauled back to Crandon, Wisconsin and was in tenth position at the starting line. With less than usual power, Lowell powered to first place. Lowell will also remember taking SODA's Class 13 Championship two years in a row. Lowell is self-sponsored. Congratulations Lowell DeGreef and Sha-Boom's T earn! Lowell relaxes in front of the television watching a football game. He plays racquet ball and lifts weights for recreation outside of racing. Geoff Dorr, Class 14. Geoff Dorr races the SODA Circuit out of Rockford, Illinois, where he is at home with his wife Ginny and son Mitchell. Geoff works as a Construction Administrator. Geoff's Number 417 Jeep Pickup with the big401 cubic inch engine under the hood is a familiar sight to race fans everywhere. Geoff began Off Road racing in 1965. At that time he was racing motorcycle enduros and has graduated to be one of the top names in Midwest Off Road racing. Geoff's first checkered flag left him thinking, "WOW!!! I did it, I like it, let's do some more!" Geoff's racing record speaks louder than words, he and his machine are outstanding. After many racing victories, the fun is still there but now the money has become important also. Let Geoff design his own track and he'd make it a "driver's track". That track would be challenging, one that would give a good race with many turns and jumps. 1985 and 1986 were definitely memory years for Geoff. He won Class 3 at Riverside, California, both years. Kudos to Geoff Dorr on his Class 14 SODA Points Championship win! Geoff's 1990 sponsors were BFGoodrich -Team TIA, Art Carr, Marden Distributors and Cam Two. Greg Smith, Class 1-1600. SODA'sClass 1-1600Champion, Greg Smith, lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota, with his wife Rhonda and children Sean, Spencer and Staci. Greg owns Smith Motor Import Supply Company. Greg has carved out a name for himself in his 1600cc Number 792, Taylor chassied buggy as an aggressive, competitive and courteous driver. · Greg goes back to 1978 for the beginning of his Off Roading experience when he was working for Dune Buggy Supply and Co-Driving with Mike McKay. When he got behind the wheel of his own machine and took that first win he describes it as "unbeliev-able" and "outrageous"! Even better, Greg still gets that same outrageous feeling each time he takes another checkered flag. Greg must spend a great deal of his racing season feeling "outrageous"! Defining his idea of a "perfect" race track is hard for Greg but he relates that the tracks at Crandon, Wisconsin, Bark River, Michigan and Antigo, Wisconsin, come awfully close. Crandon's track holds memories for Greg as he took W arid Championships in 1988, 1989 and 1990. A large part of that enjoyment is due to his wife Rhonda also winning Championships in her Class. Greg enjoys watching a good football game or a golf match. He plays racquet ball and does some snowmobiling. This guy is into darn near everything! Greg's 1990 sponsors were General Tire, Ross Wheel, Dune Buggy Supply, Justice Brothers Auto Chemicals and Hooker Headers. SODA joins Greg's sponsors in saying Congratula-tions Class 1-1600 Champion! John Greaves, Class 2-1600. Whether you call him John, Scooter or Airborne, John Greaves is a Champion kind of guy! John lives in DePere, Wisconsin, with his wife Kathy and two dogs (Clyde & Wilbur), who act like kids! Just wait John and Kathy, dogs are easy. John works at assembling and installing windows and doors. John drove his way to the SODA Class 2-1600 Championship in his Number 637, Taylor chassied, 1600cc engined buggy. Any race fan who watched John maneuver his motorcycle from the top of one camel-back jump to another { fc:, 4 (714) 845~8820 (815) 332-9681 Lowell DeGreef likes running in Class 13 with his quite different looking Chevy powered rig, and Lowell won the 1990 Class 13 points championship. Page 36 March 1991 Dusty Times

Page 37

at Brush Run 101 will never forget it! John left professional Motocross in 1987 with a tough decision to go OffRoading buggy style. John remembers his first race: Lake Geneva, with almost everyone lapping him. John has come a 1-o-n-g way! John's first checkered flag left him light-headed and close to collapse with excitement. John sums up the thrill of victory, "I was lucky enough to take it ( checkered flag) a bunch of times this year but every time still feels like the first time." Winning the World Championship in Phoenix, Arizona, put John in shock for a week! He was also very pleased with a come from behind win in the Limited Championship at Crandon, Wisconsin. John gives Bark River, Mich-igan, the thumbs up as close to a perfect track. He likes the different types of terrain and he enjoys this track when it gets rough." Airborne" Greaves enjoys watching football and shoots a mean game of pool. John's 1990 sponsors were Ray's General Tire, Ron Micke and Stock Lumber. John wishes to extend special thanks to Lee Ellis and his family at Ray's General Tire, " ... my success in 1990wouldn't have been possible without him." Congratulations to John Greaves, Class 2-1600 SODA Points Champion! Terry Wolfe, Class 5-1600. The bright yellow paint on a Volkswagen Sedan, highlighted with the lightning bolt, running a 1600cc engine and numbered 579 can only be Class 5-1600 SODA Points Champion Terry Wolfe. Terry is married to Karen Wolfe, the two (known as Boris and Natasha to a select few), have devoted much time and effort to SODA. Terry has a son Randy, and a daughter Kerri. He is an Independent Insurance Agent. Terry made his debut in Off Road racing in 1983 when he partnered with his brother in a 5-1600 machine at Fountain City, Wisconsin. Once Terry put together his own machine that first checkered flag was hard to believe, thrilling and tiring. The thrill is still there because of the high caliber of the drivers in SODA''s Class 5-1600 and what it means to pull out a win over this quality of competition. Terry's "perfect" track was the one designed by Brush Run 101 for the 1988 World's Champion-ship Race. Nothing tops his racing memories like the win he took at the Lake Geneva Memorial Day 100 in 1987. Terry was driving a brand new car and had had no sleep the night before the race. Terry enjoys watching all sports. Aside from racing, Terry enjoys bowling. Terry is self-sponsored. He races on Arm-I Geoff Dorr has always been a Jeep man, switched from CJs to pickups and drove his modified Honcho this past year to the Class 14 championship. There are so many ladies driving Class 11 cars that they have their own class. Paula Parsons won a lot of races and took the Women's Limited Buggy title. strong tires. SODA salutes Class Rhonda Smith Women's 5-1600 Points Champion Terry Buggy Women's Buggy Point's Wolfe. Champion Rhonda Smith des-Paula Parsons, Women's Class 11. Women's Class 11 Points Champion Paula Parsons must have been born with "mud in her blood"! When she hits the track in her Number 1199, Friday chassied, 1600cc powered buggy the competition had best be ready. It doesn't make any difference whether you call her PP, Paula or Blondie, this secretary knows how to Off Road race. She and her husband Darrin live in North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Paula and Darrin had their first Off Roaa experience at Crandon, Wisconsin, in 1987. Darrin hooked his first ride and the dynamic duo were done in with Off Road fever. They purchased their own buggy then. As Paula would tell you, "It's fun and it's exciting!" Taking that first checkered flag was overwhelming and exciting for Paula and each subsequent checkered flag feels just as thrilling. 1987 was a good year for Paula, she had her own buggy and took her first checkered flag that same year in Antigo, Wisconsin. Seems Paula just can't leave racing alone. She enjoys watching NASCAR racing. If that isn't enough, the "off" season finds Paula snowmobile racing. Paula's 1990 sponsors were Ziebart of Fond du Lac, Friday's Off Road Center and Ray's General Tire. Congratulations Paula Parsons, Women's Class 11 SODA Points Champion! cribes herself as a wife, mother and race car driver, and she is very good at all of these roles! Rhonda took the 1990 Women's Buggy Championship in a Taylor chassied, 1600 cc engined buggy numbered 792. Sound familiar? Her husband Greg took his Class Championship in the same machine. Rhonda and Greg have three children, Sean, Spencer and Staci. They make their home in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Rhonda quite literally married into Off Road racing. After her wedding in 1981, the new bride and the groom were on their way to an Off Road Event at Cedar Lake Speedway, Somerset, Wisconsin. At taking her first victory, Rhonda felt a sense of accomplishment and, "Hey, I want to do that again!". As a matter of fact, after each win Rhonda is ready to go out there and drive another race, right away! Rhonda looks at the idea of a "perfect" race track in a different way. She describes it as a place with friends, fans and beautiful weather. No one should be without this combination! Rhonda's lasting racing memory is when she and her husband both won World Championship Titles, each in their own Class, in the same year. Sport watching? For Rhonda it's a tie between football and watching her children participate in their own sports events. When it comes to her own sports action, the off season finds Rhonda doing some downhill skiing! Rhonda was sponsored in 1990 by General Tire, Ross Wheel Service, Dune Buggy Supply, Justice Brothers Auto Chemicals and Hooker Headers. Rhonda Smith, SODA's Women's Buggy Class Champion -the lady is a Champ! Elected to another term as President of SODA, Class 5-1600 champion Terry Wolfe didn't stop moving long enough to get his picture taken at the awards, but we do have this shot of Terry and his Bug at the track. Nancy Vanden Heuvell, Women's Heavy Metal. With a field of very serious competitors, Nancy Vanden Heuvell took the SODA Women's Heavy Metal Championship in her Ford F-150, with a 350 cubic inch engine Dusty Times March 1991 Rhonda Smith is the quickest of lady drivers, and, driving the family 1600, she easily won the Women's Unlimited Buggy title in 1990. Nancy Vanden Heuve/1 drove a big Ford F-150 pickup in the Women's Heavy Metal action in 1990, and she drove it right into the class championship. under the hood of her Class 13 race machine. Nancy and her husband Dan have two children, Dan and Mike. They live in Appleton, Wisconsin. Nancy's first checkered flag at DePere in 1989 filled her with disbelief! Taking further wins made Nancy feel better than her first win as there are now more competitors in her Class. That word "chicken" fired up Nancy into Off Road racing, particularly when it came from friends. She 1 sure isn't "chicken" but her first race was also her most embarrass-ing race! We go back to Antigo, Wisconsin, 1989. Nancy was driving a friend's race vehicle and, finding the throttle stuck wide open and the brakes gone, she didn't know how to stop. Nancy wound up taking a portion of Antigo's white fence home with her. She also remembers her flip and roll over at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the Midwest Points Championship Race Event. Nancy, you've come a long way! Nancy enjoys watching pro-fessional football and is an active hiker and snowmobile enthusiast. Nancy wishes to thank her husband Dan for his support and endless hours of work on thei.t: race truck for without his help, she would would be unable to race at all. 1990 sponsors for Nancy were Klusendorf Chiropractic, Bat-teries Unlimited, Appleton Auto Wrecking and Flanagan's Stop & Shop. Congratulations to Nancy Vanden Heuvell, SODA's Off Road Racing Series' Women's Heavy Metal Champion! West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE OUR PRICE $695.00 Per Set 2 Ratio's Available Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 D·EALER INDUIRIES INVITED Page 37

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FIRST REPORT Pioneer Paris• Tripoli• Dakar Rally Raid Text & Photos: Martin Holmes With three teams standing an of 'roughing it' in the desert. Baja eq1;1al chance of success, this was Aragon, in rally raid terms, was a quite the most interesting Paris-one-off sprint, and the Pharaohs Dakar for some time. A lot of had been largely spent sleeping in hopes were with Mitsubishi, their hotels. / ... en forced po I icy of constant On top of this there was visible development overcoming the tension in the Citroen team unexpected FISA decision two between Ari Vatanen and Jacky years .a~o not to abandon T3 cars Ickx, who has, in reality, more as ongmally promised. Citroen experience of Paris-Dakar. were the team with little to gain Whereas Ickx was at ease with and everything to lose, though the himself, it was Vatanen who was smal.l budget L_ada team had showing his nerves. Nobody acquired a growmg respect for talked much about this stress their improved reliability over the which had been fermenting sine~ past year. While Mitsubishi set the coin tossing experience in about their work with quite the 1989, but one sensed the Finn had biggest team of the event, a lot of no trust in his teammate at all. curious and often critical eyes Also on the Citroen team were were on Citroen. Although their Bjorn Waldegard and Alain engineering had been inherited Ambrosino, while Mitsubishi had from Peugeot, their on-event eleven cars entered in various inexperience was obvious to all. categories. Their rally-raid chief Of the 60 members of the team, Ulrich Brehmer said this is the only three had any real experience first time PSA Citroen will have ,---;----:-----------------==:;..--'Bl~GER IS aETTER .. . Upgrade t.he_ C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-r~nner, IRS BaJa Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type 11 or Type IV or 930 C.V. joints. . . Convert Type 11 stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C. v. Joints. All axles and bells for Type 11 or Type IV C.V.s can be threaded 3/a-24 or stock 8mm. All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be threaded' 3/a-24 or stock 10mm threads. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND JIELLS Drily $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW ENG. SHIPPED BY UPS Page 38 P.O. BOX 845 • 101 BROADWAY YARNELL, AZ 85362 (602) 427:-3551 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED , to push their cars from start to finish. Land Rover team Halt'Up boss Pascal Vigneron wondered how Vatanen would react to lckx, the only person who has ever pushed Ari before. He also mused whether at the end of the event the Citroens and Mitsubishis would eliminate each other and leave the Lada plodding on to victory. The live axle Land Rovers are out of the top frame, so far off pace that they are now involved in T2 competition, which means the engine kept to Group A level of modification and the bodywork must look like normal. New is the cantilever suspension. Rover's competition in T2 was Mitsubishi and Nissan's Terranos. In Tl Toyota were the most serious with both new version Land Cruisers and old version Four Runners with Nissan Terranos as their opposition. Nissan Spain produced their vintage looking Patrols, solid cars with strong 315 bhp engines. The traditional Paris-Dakar specials were abund-ant as usual. Even World Group C Champion Jean-Louis Sch lesser had boldly appeared with a two wheel drive buggy. The terrible old British built Metro 6R4 was there again, and it broke its transmission on the start line of the Prologue and never got to Africa. The Japanese motorcycle racer Katayama had a Terrano clothed with a Pulsar body, and interesting, once a year cars, lovingly built by amateurs, were everywhere. The event itself was externally similar to before but with many important changes in objectives. Navigation in the sandy desert was to be one special theme of the year. Not only did FISA's instruction to lop two or three days off the event force the organizers into straight line routes, but there were to be four two day marathon sections where cars were locked away, rally style, into pare fermes overnight. It meant that open pare all night servicing was limited to ten nights March 1991 Hubert Auria/ won this event riding a bike a few years back, and this round he and Philippe Monet were with the leaders driving the Lada Samara. ;~i';k ~ Jean Bouchet and Jean-Luc Leran drove the Nissan Terrano right into the lead in Group Tl, and at last report they were still leading the class. rather than the 16 or I 7 as before. By this ploy organizer Gilbert Sabine also successfully elimi-nated a huge amount of the non-competitive asphalt surface liaison sections. The traditional prologue on French soil this year was held on gravel at Clermont Ferrand on December 30, rather than in the mud near Paris. Ari Vatanen showed his true spirit by making best time, seven seconds faster than Paris-Dakar novice Kenneth Eriksson, Pajero. Patrick Tambay created the fun for the crowds this year, tipping his Lada on its roof when part of his jacking system became detached inside the car 'and fell on the pedals. "It wasn't serious to the car, only cosmetic damage", said the former Formula I driver, or serious to his time, still 11th fastest. The times only counted for the re-start order on the first desert section in Libya. For Tambay it was a good omen, for twice Ari Vatanen had done a mischief on the Prologue -and won! The spectators swarmed over the barriers to watch the action, but happily the speeds were slow over the mickey-mouse course. Clay Regazzoni never got there, the head gasket on his Mercedes having failed just outside Paris. So, in T3 Vatanen's Citroen beat I. !t. Eriksson's Mitsubishi, with Ladas sixth and eighth. In T2 Erwin Weber's Mitsubishi beat Servia's Range Rover by a second. In Tl De Lavergne's private Range Rover beat, by one second, Ratet's Toyota that was equal with Gaviot's Nissan. The scene was set for the start of the real action in Africa, four days later. There was a busy evening New Year's Day as the work of unloading all the competing bikes, cars, trucks and officials' vehicles at Tripoli was carried out in preparation for the first. section, January 2, 3 and 4 from Tripoli to Ghadames then to Ghat. It was a short night for many before the easy 594 km main road drive up to Ghadames, which the leading crews covered in some four and a half hours over empty but well kept roads. The action started on Thursday, 3 January with the first half of the first marathon. At Ghadames British driver Dick Partridge tried to repair the gearbox of his Isuzu Trooper, found it was beyond his efforts, and reassembled it without second gear. Finnish rallycross driver Matti Alamaki got to Ghat after a lucky moment. He had run out of fuel going to ldri; when waiting for fuel he noticed the front differential had come loose and lost its oil. If he [¾1 ~--¾";,.. . Jean-Jac~ues Ratet and Michel Vantouroux who compete0in a Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel Turbo were running well in Tl midway in the long rally raid. Dusty Times

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Sports Car World Champion in Group C, Jean-Loues Schlesser with Jean Da Silva did quite well after the first day, but lost the service truck and had to retire at Ghat. · Former Formula 1 star Patrick Tambay, with Dominique Lemoyne navigating the Lada, had myriad mechanical woes, got stuck in the sand but carried on after this full service. The big trucks were back this year, and Jacques Ho.uisat wheels his Per/ini 4x4 F105 past a small but interested group of spectators near an oasis. overall lead. Sarrazin's Toyota was up to second in Tl but almost a half hour behind the flying Bouchet. Weber's Mitsubishi mate Masuoka was stuck with a broken gearbox waiting for a repair truck. Schlesser arrived at Ghat but did not restart; he had lost an hour the first day, then was .._ struck down with an electronic -,,/ ,.,. .._# .;. .. '' .... ,;..:~.... -~~ ,, • fault. The service truck went missing and the sports car World Champion left for home. The third full day of rallying, ... ,.,,. h 5 G at -Tumu on January was ~ • • - . /l°}'" . ' ~'!,, Pierre Lartique and Patrick Destaillats, part of the massive Mit-:Ubish·i te"a~. drove a Ralliart Sonauto Pajero with the front runners, and that soft desert floor sure looks familar, like a dry lake bed after a race. quite the hardest so far. The section from Ghat to Tumu was not only the longest of the whole event, but it was, in places, incredibly rough. For one stretch of 30 km or so the cars had to crawl over stones at walking speed. Whereas the motorcycles with their Michelin "bib mousse" tire inserts stormed over the rough stretches, the cars could take no liberties. Vatanen stayed first car on the road for two-thirds of the day before taking a wrong track in a flat plain with thousands of tracks to choose from. It was a surprise when Auriol was the first car to reach the bleak border post that is Tumu. "It really was a nice day of rallying", the Finn said, although the lead had gone to his colleag4e lckx who said, "Actually, I think I had been going too slowly, but at least I didn't have any flats." Ari, on the other hand, had two. Waldegard was astonished at the stones over which he had to drive, and found the fuel consumption was getting so bad, 70 liters per 100 km, worse than four miles per Imperial gallon, that he eased off, until faster stretches restored normal consumption later on. Like at Ghat many crews curiously took wrong turnings near the finish, and one wondered whether, if top crews could do this in the remaining minutes of daylight, how many hours would be lost as crews started arriving after dark. hadn't stopped the car would have been stranded in the middle of the marathon section. Vatanen almost missed it all. At 0755 he awoke with a nagging feeling, he was due to start the stage some 20 km away at 0830! Happily he made it in time, but he had an unsettled day, reaching the midway night halt at Idri in third place, five miputes behind the leader, his teammate lckx. Tambay's Prologue theory took a knock when he lost a front wheel which had not been fastened correctly, and which, with two subsequent punctures, cost him two and a half hours. Lada's fortunes were worsened when Hubert Auriol had clutch trouble. Kenneth Eriksson lost front drive shortly after the start, and he also had two flats, leading to a tactical ploy at the entrance to pare ferme at ldri when trouble free Mitsubishi teammate Pierre Lartigue left a spare wheel casually between the end of the stage and the closed pare. It was so casual that it disappeared before the Swede arrived. Bouchet was running away with the Tl category, his Nissan Terrano nearly 20 minutes in front of the best placed Toyota, third placed Sarrazin:. Toyota had many problems with Vergnaud's car with transmission trouble caused by a broken rubber gaiter, no alternator or power steering, while Bulto's Range Rover had a broken shock and Raymondis had suspension failure and lost a lot of time. It had been unusual enough to see the heavily laden cars, almost two tons what with 3 or 4 spare wheels and 400 liters of fuel, waddling to the start that morning, but the Friday morning saw cars denied overnight servicing hobbling off for the next 500 km of high speed action. Ickx lost his initiative when his Citroen started jumping out of gear and Vatanen swept through to lead on the road and on the rally. Ickx was also perplexed when his car suddenly started going faster; he found his roof mounted spare Dusty Times wheel had flown off the car. Shinozuka and Fontenay got lost and followed each other to the finish at Ghat. Eriksson's Mitsubishi lost its remaining two wheel drive, but fast service driver Thomasse got him going again, and the Ladas had more fun. Auriol stopped in sand and Tamhay pulled him out; then Tambay's starter failed and Auriol tried to push him from behind, but with clutch trouble he couldn't actually stop. After trying to ram his teammate up the back he gave up and a privateer got the Formula 1 star going once more. Riviere lost an hour with alternator trouble, so the Russian cars weren't plodding along quite as well as expected. Formula 3000 driver Paul Belmondo made best time in T2 though Weber kept the Ari Vatanen is a long way from retiring, and especially likes this event, and he was leading as he took this beer break at a rare but welcome rest stop. ·•-Bjorn Waldengard, with Fred Gallagher navigating the Citroen, had a wide variety of problems slowing them but still ran in the top five most of the distance. -~,:qi!':. --6J~.: ,.__,_ > Fred Gallagher, right, and Bruno Berglund compare navigation notes at the start of a marathon day, plotting to keep the Citroens out front. Off Road's Winningest Radios OVER 1,4480 N THE RACE COURSE! ·comlink V • • • • f The Ultimate Racing Intercom Helmets wired $100. (CF) ROADMASTER • NEW!" RF Pre Amp $95 30% to 50% more range! 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 "A LEGEND" Only$S39 we;:~~;~s~~or (213) 427-8177 March 1991 Page 39

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This streamlined creation ran with the big trucks and the Proto Volvo C303 was driven through the desert by ·G. Carlo Arcangioli. There is no doubt that this massive Tatra 4x4 T815sc has a diesel engine as it blows black smoke into the desert. The driver is Karel Loprais. Even defending champions check their own tires, and here Ari Vatanen makes sure his Citroen's Miehe/ins are just right for the section ahead . . ,/,.;,, ~ ,;,:; " ,,; A long time veteran of desert racing, Guy Co/soul, with Alain Lopes co-driving the Mitsubishi PX33, usually goes all the way and finishes well. Matti Alamaki and Harry Harkimo ran well in the Toyota HOBO, and Matti, a Finnish rallycross driver, got to Ghat after running out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Shades of the 1960 glass buggies, this vehicle, driven by Marc Joineau, is called a Proto Buggy 4x2, but there was no report on its progress. All through the night and well after the cars started to leave on Sunday morning, 6 January, on the Tumu-Dirkou leg, the cars and trucks kept rolling into Tumu. Jacky Ickx looked on in dismay. "This will do more to eliminate the privateers than anything, despite Gilbert Sabine's hopes to the contrary. Even if they arrive all right, many of them will lose their trucks". After three days' rallying, the first privateer was some seven hours behind the leaders, and news came of the usual accidents, but just one, a medical doctor with a fractured skull, was flown to Paris. There had been a lot of flat tires on Saturday, and it was announced that the third Lada had been excluded for taking parts to mend a broken engine pulley from a retired competitor, rather than wait for his own service truck to leave pare ferme; against the rules. Shinozuka bent a sump guard and had to stop and repair this as the driveshaft was fouled, his teammate Fontenav was stuck in sand with 2WD after the front differential support failed, while Masuoka had a ten hour penalty after his gearbox trouble. The remaining Ladas were catching up lost time, but Colsoul 's PX33 lost over three hours when it ran out offuel. Weber was still leading T2 but Seppi's Nissan passed Jose Servia to second place, the latter having fuel pump failure three times. Bouchet was now two hours ahead in Tl. It had been a . slow day, an 82kph top average. · TI1e fifth day, January 7, of real rallying saw trouble for many on the run from Dirkou to Gos-sololom. At the start on the vast · open plain at Dirkou that is the edge of the Tenere desert, Jean Bouchet arrived early, ready to consolidate his Tl advantage. Nissan France were one of the few teams not running Michelins; their Dunlops were proving very strong. "Still no punctures so far, last year we had none all event." British privateer Dick Partridge had arrived at the bivouac tired but happy. "Haven't slept for two ''-" Al R.L.H. COMMUNICATIONS 11111111 ~ RACE RADIO SYSTEMS 337 W. 35th S"(RE;ET, SUITE "F" NATIONAL CITY. CA 92050 . (619) 585-9995 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE TOM & BOB DeNAUL T RICK VASQUEZ PERRY McNEIL· REG. PRICE 1599"" RACERS .SPECIAL 1989 OVERALL H.D.R.NSCORE 1989 OVERALL MIDWEST RACING 1989 OVERALL GRAN CARRERA Intercom HELMETS WIRED $175.00 HANDHELD RADIOS 10 CHANNELS $450.00 REVOLVING LIGHTS AND ELECTRONIC SIRENS/HORNS Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay Page 40 nights;" he was able to go on like this for another day. Although Mitsubishis finished the day 1-2, the story was that Citroen lost the challenge of their closest rival Lartigue and arrived at the mid-desert bivouac at Gossololom in the south of Tenere lying 1-2-3 overaU. Although it had been the shortest and probably the easiest day so far there were dunes around the old salt mining oasis at Fachi. Vatenen said the dunes were deceptive. Shinozuka, who made second best time, said some were very dangerous; Mitsubishi driver Fontenay said they caused him to feel sea-sick. Lartigue lost 4½ hours when an oil pipe became detached and his gearbox broke. He got going after his service truck arrived. Tambay had transmission trouble and got stuck, eventually restarted after getting the shovels and sand boards out, but he was worried whether the remaining transmission would last. Waldegard was reported stopped for a while and lckx arrived saying his engine was still overheating. In T2 there were dramas when Weber stopped reportedly with axle trouble. On January 8 the start of the second part of the second marathon ran from Gossololom to Agadez. Citroen's closest rival, Auriol's Lada, was only an hour, 18 minutes behind. It was still quite a race. The 1-2-3 of the yellow cars did not indicate a monopoly, but by that evening the situation was changed drastically. Although Fontenay now had his Mitsubishi in third place he was nearly two hours behind, and psychologically the French constructor could feel much easier. The Japanese suffered a bad blow when · Shinozuka crashed end over end down a dune, the car too badly damaged _to continue and co-driver Henri Magne was evacuated with concussion, which eventually became two big black eyes. Vatanen was quickest on the da¥, "It was made easier because the spare wheel fell off and I could go quicker". Auriol lost three hours when all four front shock March 1991 }his fancy device is called the GPS Navigation system, _to be evaluated for use in rally raids. Wonder how it will do in the dust or in a sudden tumble off a ravine or in the dunes. Normally seen on World Championship rallies, Kenneth Eriksson and co-driver Staffan Parmander adapted well to the desert, and here make a quick tire change on the Mitsubishi Pajero. absorbers broke. Waldegard was struggling with no power steering, and this made it difficult to judge his speed in tricky circumstances. Twice he got stuck, getting rescued by Ambrosino's fast . service car. Ickx's engine was now OK but also explained it was difficult to get the right rhythm over the dunes. "We were following_ Fontenay, letting him discover the nasty surprises, and anyway I have decided not to challenge Ari for the lead. We are waiting for the crazy Finn to crash and let us through." There was no hint of team orders as PSA competition boss was ba~k in Paris, but publicly Ickx was supporting Ari. "Our priorjty is to think of the team, and because of surviving that cam belt failure, it is a miracle still t0-be in the ra~e at all." Mitsubishi weren't licking their wounds just yet, and announced they knew their failure reasons and were going to attack and keep up the pressure. In T2 Seppi's Nissan was over Servia Junior's Range Rover. Although five hours ahead in the Diesel category, the Toyotas were struggling in Tl where Bouchet's Nissan was over two hours in front of Sarrazin. Normally the Paris Dakar switches off at Agadez, but this year one sensed the event still had something to offer. However, at press time we learned Ari V.atanen and Citroen had won overall. Final report next month. (more photos on page 43) Dusty Times

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~ •• OFF-ROAD RA€1NG TEAM-'The Str~ight Poop From The Big Wahzoo' CHECKERS BANQUET -Checking out a new location this year, the Club gathered at the Porter Valley Country Club in Northridge for our Annual Awards Dinner. A good crowd settled in for a steak dinner that was considered excellent when compared to last year's infamous 'Turkey de Bu rack'. Kassanyi served as Master of Ceremonies of the banquet this year, after · boycotting last year's affair, and he obviously took advantage of his absence to make this year's Dr. Checker Awards better than ever. A couple of the highlights were a special coco loco award, that included an appropriate comatose p ho to , that -was p resented to U ncle Max. A nother included some hi-technology as an impres-sive dash mounted gadget was presented to Sugar that sup-posedly when hooked up to Chuck's catheter set-up would recycle any liquid into a 90 proof drinkable mixture. Still another was a special promoters award given to Peralta that took the form of a dart board with Steve's ex-employer's face as the bulls-eye (more on that subject later). These, as with all the other Dr. Checker Awards, were well understood by all the recipients if not by everyone else in attendance. The Appreciation Awards presented to last year's Officers will be repeated next year to a large degree as Clarence Carter, Howard Anderson and Steve Burack were all re-elected for 1991 as President, Vice President and Treasurer respectively. The only change will be the addition of Saul Zambrano as our new Secretary. Congratulations and good luck to our 1991 Club Officers. As he has done in recent years, Peralta once again presented his 'Butt Head of the Year Award'. And as usual he took plenty of time naming all those Checker members that were close runner-ups before he presented both Utgard and Hibbard with his specia I toilet seat awards as 1990s · Checker Butt Heads! Lou ex-plained that the reason for his choice was that these two fools were happily rolling along, racing and pitting and having a lot of fun, until they decided to try their hand at big time race promotions. As an active promoter in the thick of the battle, Lou surely has a very clear picture of the numerous headaches and hassles these once happy-go-lucky Checkers repeat-ed I y encountered during the promotion of their Willow Springs Race. Not surprisingly there was some discussion around the bar that a little jealousy might have been involved in Lou's selection this year, since Bob and Jeff' s first attempt at race promotion far overshadowed anything Peralta has accomplished to date! The Club honored the following Checker members for their accomplishments in 1990: The 'Pitter of the Year' title was awarded to Gary Lane for his significant contribution during the year, along with 'Pit Captain of the Year' awards, not surpris-ingly, going to both Big John Files Dustvnma and Keith Dennis. The 'Rookie of the Year' title went to Mike Harman for his success with his Class 10 car and Saul Zambrano was named 'Driver of the Year' in recognition of his six straight SCORE/HDRA points race victories and the Class 11 Points Championship. Doug Brown was also recognized for his dedicated year of service in maintaining the Clubs pit equipment. The Club's highest award was presented to honor one member's continuous service to the Club over the last 15 years. Our 1990 'Checker Man of the Year' went to Steve Burack who has served as the Club's treasurer for as long as. most of us ~n remember. Congratulations Guys! This was a typical Checker Awards Banquet that went off smoothly with the possible exception of a small insurrection that quickly convinced the management that the bar will not be allowed to close at 11 :30 and, as usual, a good time was had by all! PARKER RACE -Well, Melancon finally got back at the o l' W ahzoo this race. If you remember, Willie was banished from this column a while back after· he mistakenly accused one member of being the W ahzoo and proceeded to threaten him with bodily harm over something written in this column that he considered an insult to his sponsor. But with a 1st place finish in his Class 1-2-1600 car it would be extremely unChecker-like for the W ahzoo not to acknowlegde his imp~essive 17 minute victory over the next car in one of the most competitive classes in the sport. Willie Melancon -1st place in Class 1-2-1600. Congratulations on a great race! It could have even been called a flawless race if it weren't for a couple of 'small' items that were brought to Willie's attention at the post-race Wednesday night meeting. It seems that not only was he caught not running the required blue light on his car during the race, but The Mouth' also committed a major Club.sin by forgetting to thank his Checker buds while accepting his trophy at the awards. Hey Willie, it hasn't been THAT long since you've been to one of those ceremonies, has it? Our other Checker cars finished as follows: The Cook's were on the losing end of a tight battle this time around in Class 5-1600 when a flat tire at the ~ong time dropped them back into second place. Zambrano/ Anderson were third in Class 11 after getting stuck in the silt. Chase/Urquhart were up near the front until they broke an axle on the last lap, fixed it and ended up eighth. Also in Class 1/2, Hymes had his problems and finished 12th. Both· Sumners and Silvas followed Willie to the finish line in 8th and 14th respectively. Our non-finishers included Symonds who broke his front suspension on his Class 10 car on the last lap and Greenw.ay who also only made two laps after breaking .a spindle early and running out of time after fixing it. Sadly, two Checkers were injured at this race but early reports indicated that both of them should recover completely. George Seeley hit a tree on lap 1 while leading.Class 5 and broke his shoulder and some ribs, and. David Kreisler broke an arm and suffered nasty facial cuts in a collision with Koch's car prior to the race. Get well guys and I suggest that ya get your plaster 'checkered' before your first Wednesday night appearance. More details on Checker heroics at Parker next month. . Over the last few years one member, above all others, has probably been subject to more verbal abuse and intense interro-·gation than any other member in the long history of the Club. When Kassanyi joined Score abou_t six years ago it was always assumed by many that Steve was simply on loan and still a true Checker at heart. And when, at a recent meeting, Steve announced that he had ended his long relationship with Score almost all our members expressed a sigh of relief. In the last year or so it had appeared to m any that Dr. Checker had gotten himself into the difficult position of having to represent Score without being let in on all the facts by his employer. This was obvious on a number of occasions when some members p ressing him on one issue or another seemed to have a lot more information on the subjects in question than Steve did. Yet admirably Dr. Checker maintained his dignity throughout it all and the Wahzoo, on behalf of most of our members, would ljke to say "Welcome back Steve, you've been gone too long". Not surprisingly, Kassanyi's split with Score was not all peaches and cream and consequently he will surely be the featured speaker around many a Checker campfire in the near future undoubtedly pressed to give us the straight poop on dozens of past racing incidents that the Club was involved in. Noi: surprisingly my comments in the January issue regarding the problems down at the Baja 1000 not only ruffled a few feathers but also stirred up a lot more interest in the identity of the Wahzoo. One person who has been grilling a number of Checkers about my identity is none other than the head ringmaster over at HORA. Hey Danny you're just wasting your time, most Checkers don't know who the W ahzoo is and those that do would NEVER sell me out - especially to a promoter! During the Parker Race one of the top Class 8 drivers was foolish enough to leave his broken factory truck at one of our outlying pits for safe keeping when his helicopter quickly arrived to airlift him back to town, obviously interested in getting back to his sponsors hospitality tent before all the wine and finger food was gone. Not surprisingly a discussion quickly erupted regarding whether or not is was proper for this non-Checker vehicle to be parked under our supervision in a Checker pit. This dilemma was just as quickly solved when George Thompson produced a fist full of Checker stickers and the truck was thoroughly and properly designated as a 'Temp-orary Checker Vehicle'. The next big race is The Mint, with all the activity moving back downtown again. Lets all hope that the low turnout at Parker is not a sign of things to come with this slow economy. At Parker this was the first time that this Checker can remember when the racers were actually out numbered by the indians! · FINAL NOTE~ Prince recently kicked off his Candy Cane Campaign for a seat on the Los Angeles City Council. Giv'em hell Walter!! CORENOTES By Hilly Smith CORE has a new Board of Directors for 1991 in place led by new President Tom Mattingly. Mark Minasian is Vice President, and Krissy Von is the Treasurer while your correspondent Hilly Smith is the Secretary. Karen Clark is back as Race Director, and Driver Representatives are Joel Stankavich and Toby Carlson. J.D. Ward is Sgt. at Arms and the Entertainment Director is Alisa Trimble. CORE had a few drivers in the Baja 1000. Roy and Wade Prince won second place at the race and were second overall in 1990 series points in the Challenger Class. They wish to thank everyone in CORE for all their help and support this ·year. The Conejo Ford pickup driven by Mike Schwellinger and Bill Holmes finished in second place in Class 4 and Mike ended up third overall for the year in class on points, only five points out of second place. Bill Poe and John Hagle finished third in Class 10 at the Baja 1000, but Poe didn't figure in the points chase this year. Two weeks after the Baja 1000 the La Rana High Desert 150 drew a healthy entry to the Lucerne Valley. CORE had several members competing in the Challeng<;:r Class, which Jim Clements won. Robert Kleber finished fourth in the class even though he rolled, but Terry Jeffers broke, apparently beyond hope of repair. The La Rana races are popular with CORE's extensive membership that lives in the high desert around the Victor Valley and Barstow. At the December meeting seven members had signed on for the La Rana New Year's 200, which makes more than enough to make it a CORE official race for pitting TI1e first of December some CORE members took to the southern Nevada desert to compete in the SNORE Showboat 250. It wasn't a good· day for drivers named Trimble. Jefr I Trimble had an early flat tire, then · his motor seized on the second lap. Larry Trimble had serious electrical problems but still took fifth place. Dan Araujo placed fourth in Class 10 after losing the roof off his race car. Kevin McGillivray and Don Angel started last in Class 10 out of five cars, Donnie drove first, got banged around against the roll cage, then the power steering belt came off and the alternator light came on. He replaced that and went three laps. Kevin drove the last two laps and, with only two miles to go on the last lap, the engine seized. They still took second in class. Need action photos?, Call us ! Trackside Photo, Inc.-Racing photography since 1970 ' . ,. " "'""" ' ' . ·,,c . . . ---~---·-·· Trackside Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commercial & Product Photography , March 1991 P.O. Box 91767 Los Angeles, California 90009 (213) 670-6897 Page 41

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***** H E L P ***** We need your help . Dusty Times has been reporting on all off road activities for over eight years now and we would really like to know more about you than we do now. Would you be kind enough to fill out this demographic study (it only" . takes about two minutes) tear the page out or duplicate it and return to Dusty Times at your earliest convenience. Your anonymity is assured. Thanks for your help. A-PERSONAL 1. Your Age Spouses Age 2. Sex M/F 3. Married Single Divorced 4. Self Employed W-2 Wage Earner 5. Annual Income Spouse Income 6. Own Home Dollar Value Rent 7. How Many Children __ · Ages Sex 8. How Many People In Your Household 9. How Many Read Dusty Times 10. Highest School Grade 12th_ 2 yr College_ 4yrCollege_ 11. Spouse 12th -2 yr College_ · 4 yr College_ B- VEHICLES 1. TOTAL STREET LICENSED VEHICLES OWNED --Cars __ 'Trucks__ Trailers __ Motorhomes __ · Motorcycles__ Quads __ 2. Do You Compete Off Road As A Driver __ Co Driver __ 3. Do You Own An Off Road Race Car__ Pre Runner __ . Motorcycle__ Other __ 4. How Many Times A Year Do You Race __ 5. How Many Times A Year Do You Support Others While They Are Racing __ C-ANNUALEXPENSES 1. Dollars Spent Annually On Race Vehicle __ 2. Race Related Travel & Hotels --3. Tobacco Products --4. Alcoholic Products --D-DEMOGRAPHIC 1 . What State Do You Reside In --2 .. What Is Your ZIP Code --3. What Is Population Of City/Town You Reside In Rural__ 5,000 Up__ 25,000 Up __ 50,000 Up __ 100,000 Up __

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more Pioneer Paris-Dakar Rally Raid ;:=::=~~~----=::::::--: ~ The Nissan Patrol of Juan Porcar Garcia and Molist Tourinan looks clean and tidy as it passes the spectators in the front row seats. ,,.., ~~: * ,,, This 4x4 driven by Claude Arnoux and Jean-Laurent Lapeyre was entered as a Buggy 4x4 Proto, but it truly looks like it was based on a truck. Coming Next Month ••• Jose Maria Servia and Jorge Sabater were one of the Spanish New on the Halt 'Up Range Rovers this year is the cantilever entries in the halt 'Up Range Rover RR400s, and were doing just type front and rear suspension with horizontal shock absorbers. fine midway. ,, ; ;;.,;. > ~ ,,. ilf·_,.)",~-.1 ~-·: ~; r-~ ::!: ~ - -~1~ ... ,;;~ " ~-.. ~.. -r~~~-a~ 7~, ,.~ Still popular with Nissan in Spain is the Patrol, and this one of Hans Babier and Angel Ortiz is a six cylinder, 4.2 liter engined model. Yes a Mercedes 600 TE on the rally raid, this one driven by Maurizio Traglio and Alessandro Pio and the model is called the 600 TE. Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts Present SNORE TWILIGHT 200 HOTEL • CASINO • DESERT RACE MARCH 23· MARCH 24 SIGN-UP & TECH AT GOLD COAST HOTEL RACETOSTARTLATEAFTERNOON BREAKFAST AND AWARDS 10AM AT THE GOLD COAST Dusty Times Call SNORE Hot Line For More Info Gold Coast Hotel is blocking rooms - Call 702-367-7111 for reservations. SNORE Ltd., P.O. Box 4394, Las Vegas, NV ·s9106 SNORE Hot Line - 702-452-4522 March 1991 Page 43

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DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 DESERT r·z OFFROAD T-SHIRT DESIGNS 27324 Camino Capistrano Unit 172-175 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (714) 582-0930 FAX (714) 582-6277 TRUCK (714)349-1168 'DE/GN.r IN LINE/ HI-TECH HAND_LETTERING_& PINSTRIPING . : ~.,d~ &~,, YDE/.ciN./" VINYL LETTERING & GRAPHICS TIM 13AiffEI~ (714) 255-8113 ~✓~.:, 655 No. Berry Street, Suite E, Brea, CA 92621 RACER MARKETING • PRESS RELEASES BOOKKEEPING • CONSULTING • TAXES ALAN STEIN (714) 628-1922 (714) 627-5376 FAX 12490 CENTRAL SUITE2308 CHINO, CA 91710 JOHN VERHAGEN'$ IDJTI ... :.-..... -..... ··1:s PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS 14579 Dos Palmas Rd. (619) 951-0494 Victorville, CA 92392 Feel the Difference! TRICK SHOCKS FOR: Single. Double. Triple, Quad Applications:· Take-Aparts & Remote Reservoir Kits. 10728 Prospect Ave. "B", S~r.h, CA 92071 • (619) 562-8773 DRIVELINE SERVICE SPtCER" ~ INCORPORATED (7p1!t~~Z;l~E1~ 1 AUTO, TRUCK, INDUSTRIAL, CN AND FRONT WHEEL DRIVE UNITS MANUFACTURING BALANCING CUSTOMIZING FAX (714) 877-6203 California Watts 1-800-248-4238 Continental U.S. Watts 1-800-525-0395 24 Hr. Emergency Call Out Svc. (714) 87&.3107 1750 S. Lilac Ave. Bloomington, CA 92316 P.O. Box 1090, CoHon, CA 92324 Buy & Sell Used Aluminum Racing Wheels Aluminum Wheel Straightening Specialist EDDCO Aluminum Wheel Straightening Metal Polishing We Buy Damaged Racing Wheels Any Condition 14582 GOLDENWEST UNIT F WESTMINSTER, CA 92683 ED OROZCO 9435 Wheatland Ct. Santee, CA 92071 Shop · 258-2575 Pager - 492-7343 FABRICATIONS JOSE LUIS RODRIGUEZ (PEPE) (714) 895-6020 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $18.00 per month. Bob Cassetta 825-0583 888-2703 Don Rountree • _ S. Arrowhead Ave. 0 ·sAN BERNARDINO, CA . 92408 FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHEL TEAS . THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS1 VARIOUS SIZES & COLOR$ AUlHORIZED DEALER CASTEX RENTALS -213-462-1468 \LLE SAFET DRIVING SUITS SEAT BEL TS NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 ~ • . RAC/NI 11&'1,FIIEI. 'Ir · · 1 . 213-603-2200 DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS RE-~ASLE V. W. PAffl 11623 SHELDON ST. SUN v;,.1.'LEY, CA 913!52 768-4!5!5!5 (619) 669-4727 ~ Get Your SHIFT Togetherl ~0-J:~--------P ORT l l'Y TRAIYSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, California 920:35 ~ Doug Fortin (408) 377-3422 Custom Shocks Built to Your Vehicle's Specifications FOX RACING SHOX 544 McGlincey lane. Unit 8, Campb11/I, Calif. 95008 NOW YOU CAN GET THE RACING GfARS THE WINNERS ARE USING FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (313) 294-5858 Fax: (313) 293-0736 1990 CHAMPIONS FRT BUDWEISER/BUD LIGHT SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES Spa,.jS()RED BY: 11-iE WRIGHT PLACE, RACE READY PRODUCTS, 11-iE SCHIWNG CORPORATION & CYCLE PARTS WEST ATV'S, DEZ SUPERLITES & BIKES PRO SPORTSMAN Greg Bringle ATV Greg Gibbs Bill Adsit Open MIC Dewey Belew Troy Pearce (High Points) 250 MIC Chuck Salmond Brent Coleman 125 M/C Bob Bell Tom Moen VET MIC Bob Johnson John Bilkey SR MIC Claude Maynard Bob Thompson SUPER SR MIC Himey Means VINTAGE MIC Rick Wessels OPEN DEZ SUPERLITES Stu Peace 360 DEZ SUPERLITES Marchello Derosa DEZ ST AR Frank Chavez BUGGIES, CARS & TRUCKS Class 1 O Brian McDonnell Class 100 Dan Lewis Class 8 Craig Corda Class 5-1600 Josh Kerr Mini Mag Kirk McDaniel Class 7 Ronnie Gibson Class 9 Jack Hettinger Class 1/2-1600 Tom Schilling (High Poin1S) Class 5 Kyle Whitted Unlimited Class Ron Wilkerson ...

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... Fuel Bladders Quick. Dump Cans 5271 Business Or. FIiis Std. FIiis Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 OFFICE PROFESSIONAL POOL SERVICE AND REPAIRS 362-4202 SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL & CUSTOM POOLS LICENSED & INSURED • ACID WASHES • FIL TEAS • HEATERS, MOTORS, ETC. 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE. LAS VEGAS. NEVADA 89103 RON BRANDT Torrance, CA 213-328-3595 SO-CAL PERFORMANCE Downey, CA 213-862-9122 800-277 -7 409 MANUFACTURED IN CHARLOT,TE, NC ~ OoO Nm Ii I £~ Rod Ends • Rebuild Specia!ist_ (714) 979-663 1 11661 Martens River Circle, Unit "H", Fountain Valley, Ca 92708 Under New Ownership Larry Corbett _HOUSE of BUGGIES . . 9925 Prospect Ave. Santee, CA 92071 • 619-589-6770 MP/i 1VE LINE SERVI THE COMPANY DRIVERS KEEP ONTARIO 4035 GUASTI RD. CORONA ONTARIO, CA 91761 (714) 983-7838 1540 COMMERCE ST. CORONA, CA 91720 (714) 279-8026 Lee (714) 522-4600 (714) 522-4602 dl@mmr::I V. W. Service REPAIR O PARTS O SERVICE 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' ~ I ■ ~• ■ I ■ I I I I ~ ■ ~• U~ •~II I I Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240 JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUl'.1 BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON Race Car And Prerunner Prep and Fabrication Turbo Blue Gasoline Custom Trailers And Chase Trucks RUSS JONES METALWORKS FULL WELDING & FABRICATION SERVICE RUSS JONES (805) 967-2436 867-A SO. KELLOGG GO LET A, CA 93117 Check out the DUSTY TIMES Special Club Sub Offer (Almost half price far group subscriptions) Call {818) 889-5600 or write DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 HONDA Power Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. PROFESSIONAL RACERS DISCOUNT ON ALL GENERATORS ART KAWAGUCHI 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 FAX PHONE· (213) 264-3936 (213) 264-5858 KENNEDY ENGINEERED PRODUCTS 38830 17th Street East Palmdale, CA 93550 (805) 272-1147 Send $2.00 for our catalog "The experts in Engine Adapters to Transaxles" Rotary, Toyota, Rabbit, V-6's, Porsche and more to VW, Porsche (901 & 915) and Hewland. MANUFACTURERS OF THE FAMOUS KENNEDY CLUTCHES KUSTER OFF-ROAD RACING SHOCKS • EXTERNAL DAMPENING ADJUSTMENT • 3" DIAMETER, 8" TO 18" STROKE • COMPLETELY REBUILDABLE • COMPUTER SUSPENSION DESIGN ASSISTANCE KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2900 E. 29TH STREET P.O. BOX 7038 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA USA 90806 TELEPHONE 213-595-0661 FAX 213-426-7897 ·t '\ ,,,.., • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICATION 825 N. GLENDORA AVE. COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER !iill3WJ'UJM PEF?FC:,FllVI.AIVCE P~C>C,L..~C..-:."' 7 1--; "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Qrangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax (714) 444-1622 MIKE MENDEOLA ·rt:.:AN:SMl.tS&ION,iS J.-C0MPON£Nt£ I 0722 Kenrif'y St C-D Santee. CA 9?07' (619) 562-9010 Fax 1619) 562-9079 Brackets & Components for Chassis Fabrication Pro-Clamps• Battery Boxes • Radio Mounts Pedal & Shifter Mounts • Skid Plates Aluminum Floor Boards• Scoops & Shrouds Shearing - Punching -Forming Sawing - Tool Grinding -TIG & MIG Welding STEVE WRIGHT Riverside, Calif. (714) 351-2515 ~\~\ ~ PERFORMANCE .MD r;pGCAL,TG Import Parts & Service Import Machine Shop Import High Performance Parts, Service & Machinery MSD. Mf;:J il.L Jr.1 i■ •1,•u , •• , .. ,. • (419) 476-3300 1100 Custer Rd. At Laskey TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 Wholesale 419-476-3711 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils • Heli-Core Wires • Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 857-5200

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42425 5th St. E. Unit C Lancaster, CA 93535 42425 5th St. E. Unit D Lancaster, CA 93535 Bill Varnes 805-940-5513 Fax 805-940-5514 Pete Alamar 805-940-5515 Fax 805-940-5514 Jim Moulton Racing· ■ Off road racing chassis ■ Fabrication and repair ■ Fox shock parts and service ■ Race Car Prep 26846 Oak Ave., Unit G Canyon Coun~ry. Calif. 91351 (805) 298-1212 AUTOS ANTIQUE & CLASSIC O\RS TRUCKS NATIONAL SPRING COMPANY, I-NC. 10229 Prospect Aue. Santee, Californin 92071 A COMPLETE AUlOMOTIVE SPRING SERVICE Leaf Springs Custom Made & Repaired Shocks & Coil Springs Sold & Installed Blocks and U-Bolts made to order Off-Road Suspension Urethane Bushings Beeline Alignment and Wheel Balancing MOIOR HOMES (619) 449-ARCH 4 X 4's OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DA .. euENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 WO VANS lie PtCKUPS lie MINI TRUCK_S PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM .SUSPENSION No BLOCKS USED • WELDING lie FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 761-9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT OEF,,ROAD :',. ,/ 2,"_ DYNAMICS . '#, ·~ t ;:. ~~ ""."! DENNIS ROGERS j . ' . r' .... RA.CE~ PREP; MACHINI,NG &WELDI~1G 670.ARROW HWY. LAVERNE, CA 91750 (714) 592-2,Z?l ~~ ~[31x]00~(1(1 Fabrication v Coll Over Suspension ✓ FoxShoxPartsAndServlce' ✓ Race Car Wiring . -✓ Race Car Prep 1660 Babcock Bldg.~ ✓ Turn Key Race Cars I Costa Mesa. ca 92627 . --~~::::~:~--------------ACING ENGINES Assembly • Machine Work• Parts Engine Dyno Facility 10722 Kenney Street, Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Fax (619) 562-9079 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is :i grc:it traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. C0NTAO . DUSTY T_IMES, 5 331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91 301. (818) 889-5600 Petro Tech US.A., Inc. ( PEfli'?:=~Clf) =~~"'=" Allan Martind!i Dry Film Lubrication (714) 582-3771 P. 0. Box 7450 72 Seaspray North Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-7450 FAX 714-495-8127" Chassis & Suspension • Design & Fabrication Ken Sypolt 916-344-7443 5816 Roseville Road #14 Sacramento, CA 95842 PROBST Off Road Racing Inc • OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX ILLINOIS 60451 (815> 485-RACE (72231 Larry Winter 714-537-8286 . A Totally New Concept in Battery De.sign Race Shop Supplies 115J2 Stephanie Garden Grove, C..4 92640 * % tlle Size & Weigllt of its Equivalent • Vibration Resistant • Spill Proof Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 RACING TEAM NEWSLETTERS Improve your image, Increase your teams visibility attract new sponsors and impress your current sponsors Complete quarterly newsletter programs, including writing, layout, printing & distribution are as low as $999.00 a year. Call or write today for more information Donald Herndon Sports Marketing Communications Group 714-860-3822 424E N Golden Springs Diamond Bar, CA 91765 Anaheim Hills Family Dental Center (714) 998-2553 Di\VID Qi\MOCIN6KI. D. D.6. 438 N. Lakeview Ave. Anaheim Hills, Ca. 92807 RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CO. 3450 Pacheco Blvd, ,Martinez:, CA 94553 TEL (800) 624-7958

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RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914's r:: '--:t-. SaH ?~ ~'8'3/f'I ~ r-)~ 1533 Truman Street ~ • San Fernando. Ca. 91340 •OUTLINES •NUMBERS Phone: (818) 361-1215 • CUSTOM LOGO'S • DROP SHADOWS · SPONSORS LOGO'S • WINDOW BANNERS • CUSTOM LETTERING ~ ~ ~ -wm @&C'.l ~ 11@;) ~ 714 539-5162 LEADED/UNLEADED Anaheim, CA ......... . . ... ... . . ... : . .... (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 Brawley, CA .......................... ... (619) 344-2550 Chino, CA .... ........ . .................. (714) 628-7596 Unlimited Recreation Affordable prices on Homes and Land and Commercial. Investment Opportunities. Serving the high desert. Craig Lane (619)247-5108 (619)247-0120 res. Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabncallon * Flame Cutting * Front Ends * Custom Chassis * Race Prep* Custom Lt-Weight Trailers Mlg'r ol Blue Flame Products (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 (e) 1 rans works {.§) RACING TRANSMISSIONS P. O. Box_.716 Descanso, CA 92016 (619) 445-0637 FAX(619)445-1395 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/449-9690 -------OUR DEALERS------L.A. AREA McKenzie's (714) 441-1212 Anaheim, CA St. Peters Off Road (414) 285-3218 Port Washington, WI El Centro, CA .................. .......... (619) 352-6961 +----------------------+--------Fullerton, CA ..... ....................... (714) 635-5553 CHUCK TAYLOR vw ON LV aiAnt(Uttluu LancaSter, CA · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · (800) 462-9499. 240 No. Oak Apl G 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA Las Vegas, NV . .......................... (702) 643-9200 Orange, CA92667 Sponsor 1990 Class 11 Champion- La'Rana Paramount, CA .........................• (213) 531-0192 (714) 997-1778 President's Council Sponsor 1990 Ciass 11 3rd place. HORA Phoenix, AZ . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . (602) 278-2693 . Santa Barbara, CA ......................• (800) 462-9499 New & Used VW Parts -Racer Discounts-San Diego, CA ...... · ...... . .............. (619) 691-9171 {619} Riverside, CA ......................... ... (714) 877-0226 ■ SO<mNIElrrmN PBllOUUM COAPOIIAOON Ventura, CA ........... , ................. (800) 462-9499 =~~~~~ 76161-0005 USA TELEX: 758300 FOR DELIVERIES LA/ORANGE COUNTY TEL£PHONE; 1·817·332-2336 FAX 81Hl77-4047 CALL (800) 462-9499 ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT SPORTS RACING P.O. BOX 7835, LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 (714) 363-1236 Dtti-u• h• shp -Roll c11es -l■sn tnileu lu55y fr1■es to co■plete race re••Y ue•icles MAIE10Wll VII H9iiles-trns -■ore lip per •ollutt 15 years ••il•i•t IIINN[RS ie Tex1s-Okta•o■a-N1u Nexico 11 1991 "Texas Cha I I enge" co11ti11ncy spoesoP 11 9881 C. HIIY 88 ll DIESSA, TX 79765 ll PH. 800-725-5222 · ·~~~o l§§J SANDERS SERVICE, INC. METAL PROCESSING (213)583-240 .. 5921 Wilmington Avenue Los Ange/es. Ca/Jforn,a 90001 SAN081J\S• GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PA Al ICAL FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith Larry Smith IAGG1TEAA4 ON Road Products and Preparation Downey• Doetsch Tech• Bi/stein• Smittybilt • KC Lites . Baker Products• Cal Gold Products• Conner Products• Super Trapp Suspension• Engine• Drive line• Fiberglass• Clutches Tires • Wheels • Safety Equip/ • PreRunner Lifts • Installation 670 W .. 17th. Unit G-5 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (714) 631-8244 lillCE THANS BY JEFF RElJJ'S TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 91311 =~~~PNNr /IIIIPC04TING9,,,_G~A1¥1KS* J,(JIJOG i · •~ T0bll'; MAJNUNIWCF•t:a/1'/M)'lf-J~HUING-* , · ~~MY~"ForHek7tt!!'I 06!9" 0; Northern Calif a erts.

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Classified ••• =i,~-FOR SALE: 1987 Dodge Vista Colt 4wd 5 speed tranny. Noisy fourth gear but runs okay. Make offer -you haul. Call John at Dusty Times (818) 889-5600. FOR SALE: Race package, two . 1/1600 race cars. 1 1990 TRC 1/1600 minimum weight car, Hatz motor, fully equipt, all the best parts. Ready to race. 1 1986 ORC 1/1600 not complete. Consistent money winner. Lots of spares in pit boxes.Trans., motor, tires & wheels, rack, p.s., F & R arms, and much more! All or part. No reasonable offer refused. (619) 324-1861 or (619) 365-7188. FOR SALE: Class 5 Baja convert-ible. Curnutt suspension, coil over shocks, torque limiters, outboard c.v. joints, 091 trans, Hewland gears, Fat Type IV, includes 14 spare tires, dump cans, misc. puts and trailer. $18,000.00. Call (602) 669-5249. FOR SALE: 1989 Chevrolet race truck. Driven by Stan Gilbert 1989 season $45,000.00. Call (714) 679-5587. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum Mickey Thompson 1600. New VW water cooled, 155 HP engine, newest Rice/Hew land· trans., UMP power steering, Summers Bros. axles, Simpson 5 pt. belts, Neal hydraulics, Mark Williams brakes, 8 Fox shocks, on board Flame-Out system, new clutch, stainless lines throughout, new wiring & brake lfnes, j completely rebuilt this year. All parts chrome/gold anodized. Won 1990 GWPS Champion-' •. (Ci~~-' ' FOR SALE: Mirage2-1600, 115·,, wb, Fox, Wright, SAW, 910c.v., Superooo, Beard-sea·.,,.--,--tr..--....----strong, Centerline, Thing drums, p.s., complete prep job, new bumper, brakes, rear torsion bars, fresh engine, low race miles. V erv reliable. $8,400.00 possible · trade for street or pre-run truck. Call Joh~ (702) 456--4117. or FOR SALE: 1985 Ford F350. Mike Evans 460 engine, Magi C6 trans., Gear Vendors overdrive, 456 Detroit locker cliff. front and rear, 12,000 lb. Wain winches, Miller Welder and generator, air compressor, full roll cage, Mastercraft seats with 5 point seat belts, fuel cells with 100 gal. capacity, 30 gal. water tank, tire rack, lites, awning, enough spare parts to rebuild truck! Too many options to list! Great reliable service vehicle. Call Brian at (619) 273-1925 or (619) 565-7477. ship. Ready to race! $19,000.00/ DE offer. Call Tom Dunn (303) 762-7555 or (303) 843-9625. Spare~~~!!!!!!..!!:~~~..!!!!!!~~ trans. & parts. FOR SALE: '90 J.M.R. 2-1600, 115" w.b., Chromoly chassis, pro built, Hatz motor fields 091 trans., best parts throughout. Raced one time. Like brand new. Prepped and ready to win in 1991 ! Spares included. Trailer available. Serious inquiries only. Call Jim Moulton Racing Products (805) 298-1212. FOR SALE: Brand new Type 181 VW "Thing" brake drums imported from Germany. Special price each $80.00, pair $160.00, plus shipping. Resalers call for wholesale price. Call (805) 968-3732 or FAX (805) 968-9316. Visa & Mastercard accepted. FOR SALE: New Class 10 (air cooled) gear box: New 091 case, FTC gears, AMS Superdiff., new side & spider gears, chromoly pin nut, 457 ring & pin, 930 drive t flanges & mount reverse lock-!;WWilk•.. ,. . out. All parts new. (714)· 441-FOR SALE: Class 10 Raceco. 1212. Winner of six SCORE, HORA Want to buy the #1 Class 10 car? It's FOR SALE. Mitch Mustard championship Chenowth Mag-num. Best of everything. All trick stuff goes with car. Bob Goshens best engine, VW Rabbit. Be a winner with this car. $28,000.00 Call Mitch days at (303) 423-8204. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Neth/Chen-owth. Fresh motor & tranny. Neth front end, combos, arms, ( front & rear). Fox shocks, UMP power steering, P-CI radio, removable windshield. Best parts throughout. Light! Very competi-tive in the right hands. $12,500.00 obo. Call (213) 4 73-6600, 9-6. FOR SALE: Baja bug, · · 1776cc motor, Zenith carb., full. roll cage, Beard seats, fuel cell, ! OFF-ROAD RACING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Centerlines, 8 Bilsteins, Wright I for free catalog phone FOR SALE: Jean Calvin's original Baja pre runner. 1967 variety. Extra large fuel tank,. Bilsteins, good seats, new tires. 1600 engine breathed on by Jerry Lawless. Make offer. Call (818)889-5600: races. Always a front runner. Coil-over, power, secondary, all the good stuff. $12,000.00 or trade for street truck or car. Also, 125,, pre runner, has potential. $4,000.00 or trade. Call Mark at (619) 252-8485. FOR SALE: 1989 24' Trailboss trailer. Rear & side doors, spare tire, Electric brakes, insulated and paneled, interior lights, 38 gal. fuel ·tank ( with electric pump & hose), fold-down bunk beds, rear exterior casters, steps, dual rear door springs, carpeted interior, tie-downs for cars or bikes, cupboards/closets, AM/ FM Cassette, heavy duty rear door/ ramp, propane tank, heater available. Call Ted at (702) 368-0288, $9,500.00. front end, plus dual 48 IDFs', (805) 683 1211 Webers & accessories. Having.__ ______ • ___ ___, BILL & DIANNE THOMPSON ===CARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY (714) 969-6820 P.O. BOX 5221 • BUENA PARK, CA 90622 · ''rHE WINNERS CHOICE I WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. . I Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street . strip and off-road or send $3 for the complete ----""" catalog. . .WEB-CAM · 1e1s Manachuaetts Ave. • PEl?fORMANCE CAMSHAFTS ' .Rlverslde,C~92503 (714) 369-5144 "Not legal tor sale ,n CA on pollwon_~ontrolled vehicles SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 741-6173 Engine & Machine 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 DustyTima first baby! Must sell. $3,000.00 obo or trade for 4 seater sand rail. Call (916) 577-9214. ALUMINUM METAL SPINNING (213) 928-9838 JOHN A·F·F·O·R·D·A·B·L·E I Custom Machined Parts ' SUND.RY METAL CRAFTS $HORT RUN & PRODUCTION CO. ALUMINUM • STEEL • BRASS • COPPER • StAINLESS 6729 Suva St., Unit C Bell Gardens, CA 90201 DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS 570° RACING BRAKE FLUID DISC BRAKE PADS FRONT VW DISC BRAKE KITS BRAKE PEDALS REAR VW DISC BRAKE KITS CLUTCH PEDALS PROPORTIONING VALVE COMPOSITE MASTER CYLINDERS POWER STEERING 461 Calle San Pablo• Camarillo• CA• 93010 805 • 388 • 1188 DUSTY TIMES BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE · $ 1. 7 5 for a single copy $1.25 each for 5 or more copies Any mix of dates Send check or money order and your UPS. street address to: DUSTYnMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 March 1991 II s • Billet parts• Bushings • Threaded parts & fittings • Welding • And More 724 N. Lake □ Burbank, CA 9-1502 ,,IIPJl Cl■) 141-3727 --~~~ JAPANES;:ACING E~~~Fs DEVELOPMENT & DYNO FACILITY PARTS AND TUNING 537 West Main Street JIM WOLF El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0630 Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels 27 33 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ. 850 I 7 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077 Page 49 i I

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Classificd •• 4. FOR SALE: 1979 Ford CL 9000; 5'ofutilitybed, 108"wdt, 12'flat bed, steel side gates, rear barn doors with hoist, Jake brake; A/C, 11/24.5 rubber, alum front, steel rear, Detroit, 9 speed with Honda generator, welder and compressor. 1976 Dorsey 40' step van, 36" side door, 10' ramp, front 15' full plush living quarters. New825/ 15 tires, fresh · license. $49,500.00. Call Leroy White (805) 822-5478. FOR SALE: 1990 Hansen 24' pull trailer, brand new, never used. Extra heavy frame, 102" wide, 78" tall, oversize bench, aux. battery, roof vent, rein-_ forcement for walk on roof, fuel bottle holders, acc. racks, 36" side door, Bridgestone tires w/ Appli-ance wheels, lower insulation, and more! $8,500.00. Also, 38' Hansen Gooseneck type, fully loaded. Generator, air, diamond, plate floor, lOY x 84", too much to list. Original cost 35K sell 25K 1 year old. Call Pat (408) 637-6850. FOR SALE: Pay for racing while racing! This sharp 1984 Raceco Challenger has 17 finishes and $21,500.00 in winnings. A two time Mint 400 winner and Nevada 500 winner, this car is proven and has everything you need to start winning. $8,100.00. Call for all the details. Dave (714) 998-2553 days or Norm (714) 632-7710, ext. 103 days -(714) 996-063'.7 nites. Wt/03/ff;\~~~ .. ., FOR SALE: Class II Mirage, 125" wb, Chromoly chassis, Sawyer 2388cc, 190 hp Toyota engine, Mendeola Hewland DG-300, Curnutt rear arms & hubs, Cone axles, Wright rack, arms, combos, Fox coil-overs, UMP p/ s, Modine rad, Beard seats, Deist Safety, Auto-Meter, Centerlines. Much more! $28,000.00. Will consider offers minus ·motor & trans. Steve (805) 949-6017/(805) 272-1305. '-~~Jt··~-,z: -~t?" ~) ~--FOR SALE: 1986 Berrien race car, Sway-A-Way suspe_nsion, Bilsteins, Neal pedals, Wright front end, two Class 1-2/1600 engines, one air-cooled stadium motor (1650), two sets panels, aluminum rims and wheels plus spares, proven winner. $10,000.00 Canadian or best offer. Trailer also available, $2,500.00 Canadian. Call Joel. Croft eves. (519) 836-1434, or · days (519) 886-5090 ext. 202. FOR SALE: Hi Jumper, two seater, 1649 VW engine, Bilstein shocks, Jamar hydraulics, Wright steering, Beard seats, Simpson belts & nets. Great pre-runner or . fun car. $2,650.00. Call Shawn days (714) 848-8222, nite 841-6228. . FOR SALE: Triple E Stadium Superlite brand new Bills Pipes motor, Roberto box, Rack & . Pinion steering, fuel cell, Simpson Safety, 13" Beadlocks, lots of spare parts. $9,500.00 turnkey or $8,000.00 less motor. Call John, days at (213) 827-8323, nites (213) 842-7238. FOR SALE: Mazda RX-3. Pro Rally ready. Street ported 13-B, . Positraction, lights, Comptron odometer, many spares. 18 wheels, 6 competition struts, tow bar, 13 finishes in 1990, Fourth C.R.S. open Class. 1974 Puegeot station wagon, Class III hitch, 7 tire roof rack, new suspension . . Both for $5,000.00. Michael !415) 587-3735. FOR SALE: Pre-runner, 2 seat 115" wb, 6" wider front and rear end, Wright spindles; Sway-A-' Way, Fox, Parker Pumper, Centerlines, 1600cc dual port, bus trans. Extra complete short block, 2 bus. trans, tires & Centerlines, many parts. Less seats & belts. $3,000.00. Call eves. (408) 866-0330. FOR SALE: Class 9 Chenowth 2 seater, 1989 chromoly. Only 3 races on car, Beard seats, Wright rack, Fox shocks oil cooled, Baja Blower, Sway-A-Way, fuel cell, spare Fox shocks, 1 set Armstrong tires & wheels, 4 sets Yokohama tires & wheels, rear wing, KC lites, CNC turning brake. Call Dennis days Mon. thru Fri. (805) 584-0215, $6,500.00. FOR SALE: WATKINS RACE VAN 1989 Ford E350 SL. 23k miles, 18" pop top, 460 & C6, all available options, limited slip, Bilsteins, Yo,ohamas, refridger-a tor, tool box drawer and cabinets, 3 batteries, 5 years remaining on 7 year full cover warranty. $21.9k or offer. New truckon order. Call (415) 367-0808. FOR SALE: 1973 Chevy truck, fresh 350, 400 trans, BFG's, Full size spare, inside cage, CB, KC Lights, street prerunner, B&M shifter, '87 body parts, bumpers, AC, power brakes, etc. Very clean. Call evenings (714) 559-0405. .:~::::it'<;i._~;0~ :.:::...,= FOR SALE: 77 Ford 4x4, 16 pt. FOR SALE: Two 1985 440 Jet cage, new 400 w /351 CLV. Skis with Long Run Trailer. One heads, new trans., BFG's, 12 stock & one modified. In Bilsteins, Detroit locker, tailored excellent condition with new seats, K&N, Simpson, UMP. batteries. Vests, gas can, covers Built by Spirit racing. Great chase and other extras included. Only or prerunner. Must sell. $4,300.00o.b.o.Call(602)963-$7,800.00o.b.o. Call Craig (619) 2:_7:_5_2_. _______ _ 357-6917 between 3 & 7 pm. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600, 1990 FOR SALE: Off road Class 1/ 10 Gran Carrera Overall champion. 118" sgl. seat_ race car, chrm. Race ready with all the best Dirtrix chassis, Wright front end equipment. Additional equipment (10" beam, 4" arms, rack), included.NewMajorperformance Woods 1.5" x 6" trailing arms, engine, new Mendeola trans., Sway-A-Way coils & torsion, trailer included. First $10,000.00 Summers d/b, Hewland FOB takes all. (714) 654-4454 days, trans., UMP p/s, Fox shocks, (714) 654-9755 eves. T oyqta 3TC, and much more. FOR SALE: Class 5 or prerun $12,000.00. ($10,500.00 less 1 lY wheelbase, new 1600 motor) Call Brad or Greg ( 602) motor, bus trans. Mastercraft, 2 272-2659 or (602) 938-6496. · fuel cells, Geise shocks, suspen-W ANTED: Partially finished sion 80% complete. Trailer, desert racer, with or without spares, tons of extras. Must sell, motor /transmission. Prefer 2 seat new job, moving. Everything for Class 9, 2-1600or 5-1600. Please $3,500.00 o.b.o. Call Charles no junk, must be competitive (714) 242-3273. when finished. I need a winter "' ----,.------,-project. Call John (619) 451-1415 eves. FOR SALE: 1990 Chenowth Mini Mag, excellent condition, only three short course races. $11,000.00 o.b.o. May trade for MTEG legal Superlight car. Call Mike (818) 961-8086. You,-Ad Here FOY Just $10.00 Per Month ... FOR SALE: 1981 Chevy Class 8 or pre-runner. Strong 406, Art Carr, Mastercraft, Bilstein, Summers Bros, Parker Pumpers or wi1_1dshield. All spares & extra equipmen·t. Ready to race. $18,000.00 oho. Call (619) 922-5411 days, (619) 922-4173 eves. SALE: '87 Class 3 Bronco-351 motor, aluminum heads, Valley trans., 14 Fox shocks, Summers Bros. 40 spline rear, all the good stuff. All new body, fresh engine & trans., many spares. Over $100,000.00 invested. $20,000.00 o.b.o. takes it. Call Rick (818) 363-3418. FOR SALE: 1990 Class 9 two seat Raceco. Best of everything, very competitive car. With trailer and spares $8;200.00. Call Clay {714) 535-4437. r--------~-----------------------------------, I Sell 01' swap your extra parts and pieces in I Self starting engineer seeks "that" break into motorsports ( off-road, rally, road racing ... ). Engineer-ing work desired, can help mechanically. Eleven years design and stress analysis experience. Limited racing experience, but know what it takes. Looking to relocate. Contact Jay Nogan, (215) 948-4150 days, (215) 322-6245 eves. FOR SALE: Unlimited Class 1/2 : DUSTY TIMES. : I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month, not .including name, address and phone number. Add $5 .00 for I' I use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. . . I I NEW AND RENEW ,AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIM:ts - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and I I subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. (All classifit;d ads ;must be paid in advance. . I I --------------------------I .I--------------------------· I . I -------------~-----------I I I I --------~----------------I . I I ~---~-------------------I I ------~-------------------I I Enclosed is$ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. I I 1· I Name ----------------------------------'--Mail to: I I Address ------'-----------------Phone______ DUSTY TIMES 11 I 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O · I Ciry ------'---------,--------State _____ Zip_______ Agoura, CA 91301 I ~ I ' Page 50 March 1991 Race Ready!! Woods chassis, fresh 1835VW, new Hughes transmission, new axles, new tor-sion, new shocks, fuel cell, Porsche steering, Parker Pumper, Centerlines, Y okohamas, this car won 1990 championship. $4,200.00 or trade for formula car. Great deal!!! (602) 978-0675 After 6pm . FOR SALE: 1-1600 Raceco, 115" wb, Wright beam, spindles, combo & rack. Neal, Beard, Foxes, Hew land gears, Center-lines, Parker Pumper, p/s, fire system. Everything fresh and race ready. Professionally built and maintained. $6,500.00. (602) 893-9361. FOR SALE: Mini-Mag, excellent condition, only raced several times last year. Many, many extras. All for only $8,000.00. Call Eric after 5pm. (714) 929-1734 or Red anytime (714) 926-9869. Dusty Times

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- . . . tm ...... ,J • • ·-~ ~ FOR SALE: Class 2 or 10, Race ready, 116" wb Toyot 2 TG/ new Hughes091 tranny, Beard,Jamar, Bilstein, DKR 6x3 arms, K&N, Palmer 4" plus combos, Wright rack, arms, hubs & discs, Centerline, Yokohama, Simpson, Phoenix fuel. $10,000.00 com-plete. $6,500.00 less engine & trans. Must sell, oho. (602) 671-0451. FOR SALE: 1980 Chenowth race car converted to pre runner. 104" wb, IRS, Meyer arms, Center-lines, disc brakes, fuel cell, fresh 1600cc motor, fresh trans, fresh paint, Beard seats, KC lights, 5 way belts, Dico tandem axle trailer. $4,500.00 oho. Call days (714) 524-2240. ·· ''"'' .di FOR SALE: Rally cars & parts. '86 Corolla GTS $7,500.00. '85 GTS body, $2,500.00. Starlet 16-V $10,000.00. Panasport wheels $75-100.00 each. Bridgestone 43R $65.00 each. TRD Corolla, GT4 & Starlet rally suspension, engine & trans., spares in stock. Topi (818) 765-5542 eves. FAX (818) 764-1051. =t:fc~-... ~ --.• , ~----·w· .. ,,., ... -._L~ FOR SALE: 1972 Winnebago, fully self-contained, Omney generator, 26,00Qmiles, excellent condition, $5,000.00. 20' trailer, set up for racing. Yamaha 5000 generator, welders, torches, awn-ing, jacks, tools and more. $9,000.00 or $13,000.00 for both. Will trade, looking for cargo van. Call (619) 247-5831. FOR SALE: 911 Porsche rebuilt engine complete. Trip It throat carburetors. $4,500.00 oho Call (714) 874-4440. FOR SALE: 1990 Ford Bronco 4 wheel drive, LeDuc chassis, S.O.D.A. Series legal Class 4, Dana 60 floater rear end, Dana 44 front end with Henry's cliff, C6 transmission, Art Carr torque converter, shifter and manual shift bodies, with or without engine. Call Jack Heidtman (906) 249-9632. Dusty Times FOR : or pre-runner chase truck. F-100 cab & chassis, cab lowered on frame, frame & suspension powder coated, 350 Chevy motor & Turbo 400 trans, aluminum interior & bed sides, fiberglass fenders & hood, UMP power steering, new 35" BFG's, Mastercraft seats. California smog legal and registered. $5,500.00 Call after 5pm (619) 444-7702. FOR SALE: 40' Trailmobile Air ·Ride car hauler. Full bath w/ shower, 100 gal. fresh water, 60 gal. holding tank, 8 new Goo-d year radial tires, 5000 watt Honda generator, aluminum load-ing ramps & stairs, wired for 110 inside & out. Full lighting inside, work benches with storage, tire racks. $8,000.00 or trade. (714) 825-0583. FOR SALE: Class 8 McPherson Chevrolet built race truck. Liscensed. Race ready. Mike Evans stroker powered, including spare engine. $25,000.00 Call Morley at (619) 323-7282 days, (619) 327-9601 eves & wknds. ,_, .. .,..~,,..,,....~~..# -~ -~ FOR SALE: 1990 Raceco, Fox shocks, power steering, Mendeola trans., best of everything. 2-1600. Raced 5 times. $10,800.00. Call (619) 344-8095 or (619) 344-7830. FOR SALE: One play rail, 2 liter engine, disc brakes. $2,500.00. Also C.V. lubricators $9.95 ea. Type 1 bus & 930. Bob Adams, L&B Machining, ( 714) 582-9015. FOR SALE: Class 10 brand new Mirage. Best of everything -includes Summers Bros axles & brakes, Beard seat, 2 sets of SACO wheels, fully built Leighton transmission, A TL fuel cell, Modine radiator, Momo steering wheel, 930 c.v.'s, Fox shocks. All brand new setup for Rabbit motor. Over $30,000 invested. Asking $22,000 oho. Call Terry (415) 524-7447. EXPERIENCED BAJA DRIVER: 15plus years bikes, buggies, trucks, Baja, Mint, Parker, Barstow, etc. Looking for a chance to drive June 1991 Baja 500. Will share some expenses. Bill Ballester (503) 485-4836. FOR SALE OR TRADE: Street legal replica of Class 7 race truck. Full cage, fiberglass front end, bed mounted radiator, Weld racing wheels, fuel cell, Cerrullo seats. Has won 30 shows, over $30,000.00 invested. $15,750.00 or trade for Class 1, 5, 9 car. Call (415) 443-7373. FOR SALE: Marty Coyne's Super 1600 Chenowth Magnum Super 1600 short course car. Turn key, race ready. Fresh motor & transmission and has all the best equipment. Always a top five finisher in the Mickey Thompson Series. Was ESPN camera car for 1989 & 1990. Spare motor also available. $25,000.00 or maybe trade for ???. Call (619) 698-3727. FOR SALE: A must see Class 9 car. All the best parts. RC Jones trans, Lee Leighton motor, water. cooled rear shocksOne of the best looking cars out there and it's fast. This car loves the rough. Call WILD Racing (619) 352-5044 -leave message. $8,500.00 Let's go racing! FOR SALE: 1983 Int Diesel, 120,000 miles, 9.0 V-8, 184 hp, 5 speed & 2 speed rear end, 5th wheel or tag hitch, competitive box, cabinets, TV, VCR, stereo, refrigerator, air ride seats, new carpet, very clean, lots of chrome, 27,000 GVW. Call John, JMS Motorsports days (213) 327-8323, nites (714) 842-7238. FOR SALE: 1966 911 Porsche 2.0 used engine, running. 3 throat Solex carburetors. $2,500.00 oho. Call (714) 874-4440. •eirr~ -»J::,,,i:.:, ·•:¢': "' FOR SALE: '90½ Chenowth Magnum, raced two times. Built by P.M.S. Super light, best parts on the market today -top of the line. Rev-Power motor, Men-deola trans., Fox, Danny Foddrill front end, must see! One bad boy. $34,000.00 oho. Call Rick (602) 997-2743. March 1991 1-1600 r~7e car, 115" wb, chassis in excellent con-dition. Beard, Neal, Fox Sway-A-W ay, Centerline, Wright, etc. Will sell complete with trailer & spares for $7,500.00 or separate. Call days (702) 329-2039. FOR SALE: 1988 GMC Subur-ban 4WD. GMC didn't make no accesso~ies that ain't on this vehi-cle. 46,005 tender loving miles. Only driven by sweet loving, kind grandmother to the Bingo parlor three times a week. Need the money to start grandchildren's college fund. First $16,500.00 takes it! Call (619) 240-3122. FOR SALE: 1989 SCORE/ HORA Class 1 Points Champion Chenowth. 3.6 Porsche, Hew land Trans., ATL Cell. Will be on dis-play at Nissan 400. Serious inquiries only. Call Mario (714) 532-3415. FOR SALE: Class 10 Raceco, coil-over, power steering, sec-ondary, Hew lands, VW air cooled, very light; 1800 pounds. Six SCORE, HORA wins. Very competitive. $10,000.00. Call (619) 252-8485. AUSTRALIAN READERS: If you would like to receive Dusty Times in your mail box each month, contact: Dusty Times, c/ o Mick Myers, P.O . Box 854, Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4220 or phone B/ H 075-357982. SALE: Willie Va ez Class 7S Ford Ranger. Winner of SCORE Class 7S champion. 2nd of SCORE Class 7S. 2500 Esslin-ger engine, Summers Bros. cliff, Weber Carbs, TS 5 speed trans., Mastercraft seats, KC lights, Ran-cho suspension, etc. Ready to race. $18,000.00 Call (714) 654-3683. WANTED: Summers Bros. 9" full floated new or semi-used with 40 spline axles and discs. Call Craig at (619) 357-6917. FOR SALE: Chenowth 1000 Class 10 single seater. 1989-1990 G.P.O.R.R.A. high point champ-ion. 1 ½ longer front arms, 3x3 rear, Foxes, power steering, Neal, Centerlines, 930's, Durablue, very competitive, will sell with or without motor & transmission. ( 402) 496-9431. CLEAN UP YOURACT-clean out your garage. ~II your surplus parts and pieces RIGHT HERE! Classified ads are just $10.00 each month -$5 .00 more each month for a picture. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Bilstein Corp. of America . . . . . . . 25 Cactus Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 California Pre-Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Champion Beadlock Co. . . . . . . . . 22 Competitive Trailers . . . . . . . . . . . 2 7 Corona 400km Race . . . . . . . . . . . 7 DeNunzio Racing Products . . . . . . 49 Desert Steel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Desert Tz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 FAT Performance -Centerline . . . . . 8 FRT Buu Bomb 150 . . . . . . . . . . 16 Fuel Safe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 German Auto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Great Northern Challenge Race . . . . 2 HORA Nissan 400 . . . . . . Back Cover Inter-Shows Motorsports Promotions . . . . . . 15 Kawaguchi Honda Equipment . . . . 31 La Rana Desert Racing . . . . . . . . . 5 LC. Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 McKenzie Performance Products . . . 4 MSD Ignition Systems . . . . . . . . . 23 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . 34 Parker Pumper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 PCI Race Radios . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Pike's Family Restaurant . . . . . . . 35 Prism Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Race Ready Products . . . . . . . . . . 21 Race Tech Engineering . . . . . . . . . 20 Racers Tool & Supply . . . . . . . . . 30 R.L.H. Communications . . . . . . . . 40 Marvin Shaw Engineering . . . . . . . 38 SCORE San Felipe 250 . . . . . . . . . 9 SNORE Gold Coast Twilite 200 . . . 43 Mr. Sticker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 T rackside Photo Inc. . . . . . . . . . . 41 Tri-Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Valley Performance -Hewland . . . 37 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 ,._, WANTED ENGINEER/ CAR MANAGER FOR FACTORY CLASS 1 TRUCK Only the best need apply for this super job. Extensive (successful) suspension experience required. You will work with the best staff in the sport at our facility in beautiful lake Havasu City, AZ. FAX, write or call me to discuss this opportunity. Jim Russell Desert Steel Racing 1863 Commander lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 602-855-2208 602-855-8099 FAX Page 51 • ,.

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.. Tech Inspection and Contingency like you've never seen it before. Come and experience the glitter, glamour, and lights of fabulous Dow-ntow-n Las Vegas. 7ie ·~ ~M--February ZS to March 3 For more information contact: _._ HORA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada 89124 (702) 361-5404