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1990 Volume 7 Number 7 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 7 • Number 7 - July 1990 $1.SO ISSN 8750-1731. ---Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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Volume 7 -Humber 7 July 1990 In This Issue ••• Editor-Publisher lean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Ass<>Ciate Winnie Essenberg Editorial Assistant Sherry Elderd Controller John Calvin Circulation Jerry Lawless Traffic John Howard Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl_ J:?. prake Homer Eubanks • beb Freimuth Judi Gooch . Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Rnrl Koch )an Flick Manenga Cam McRae David R,vskamp Judy Smith 3-D Photography T rackside Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAPSHOT Subscription Rates: ,IHI onlCIAL VOICI Of CAUFOR/'IIA RALLY SERIES PROFESSIONAL • AMERICAN • CANADIAN Off-R~D )l_ RACING~ --~/.~~ ~~~ $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes ·no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing . DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301,(818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permis-sion from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for <;:hange of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and S!!nd to DUSTY TI-MES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. OF THE MO.NTH ••• FEATURD Page The Arizona Score . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 SCOREOffRoad World Championship-Phoenix ............ 12 FRT.Rock Around the Clock Record Run .................. 20 MTEG Stadium Racing at Sun Devil Stadium - Phoenix . . . . . . . 26 Rim of the World SCCA Pro Rally ........................ 32 La Rana Racing at Ridgecrest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 SNORE Daylight Race at Beatty ........................... 42 WRC Tour de Corse Rally ................................ 44 GWPS Colorado Championship Racing ..................... 46 The Florida 400 at Tallahassee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 Australian Off Road Racing Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 VORRA at_ Prairie City Off Road Park ..................... 50 DEPARTMENTS Side Trac~ by Judy Smith ................... , ............. 4 Trail Notes ......•...•... , .....•......................... 4 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . 6 Mark Widdecombe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . 8 Pit Team Reports .....................••...•............. 35 Good Stuff Directory ..•........ : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Classified Ads . • . . • . . . . . . . . . • • • . . . . • . . . . . . . . . • • . . . . . . . . . 58 Index to Advertisers ....... : .......... _. .................. 59 ON THE COVER• A pair of real champions l!re featured this July. James Tucker and ·co-drivers Larry Wyatt and Scott Webster drove around the clock twice non-stop to establish a 24 hour world record for off road racing-vehicles sanctioned and certified by the S.C_.T.A. The place was Plaster City, CA last May 13. 24 cars and trucks started the FRT trek but this Brawley based 1600 team beat them all by a couple of laps. Robby Gordon kept up his blistering pace at the SCORE Phoenix Short Course race, winning Class 8 on Saturday and Sunday and the Heavy Metal overall in the Venable Ford, and winning Stadium Class 10 on both days as well in a borrowed Chenowth. Just to cap off the first half of the year, Robby drove the desert Ford to first overall and in Class 8 at the Baja Internacional. Color Photography by Carlos Avina, C & C Photos and Trackside Photo Enterprises. f\~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ ~ year - $15.00 □ ~ca~ ..:.. $15.00 D 3_ycars - $35.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form _on inside back page) Name--------------------------I Protest! Get the Competition Review Board. You promised the course would be well marked and the check points would be open late for the 2 hp class. Besides, by the shadows it's. only 12 o'clock. · DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. U you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope:-Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered. Address ------------------------City ----'------------------------State _________________ Zip ________ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian - 1 year $20.00 U.S.• Overseas subscription .rates quoted on requestr I I I I I I I I I I, I I I I I I I I I I ... I I I I· .. I . I I I I I I I· Dusty Timcs July 1990 Page 3

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.Side Tracks ••• By Judy Smith Back in October when we pre-there was no time to flag 'em ran the Baja 1000, we had a nearly down and ask if they had a spare trouble free run for the two quart of oil. Finally, after John thousand or so miles, which had ascertained that the motor included some of the roughest hadn't seized, butthatatleastone, parts of Baja. Sooo, when we and-probably two pistons were came to decide which vehicle to damaged, he decided it had cooled take to Phoenix for SCORE's first enough to try it. And it started. PIR short course event, we voted But, oh my!, it sounded terrible. for the VW pre-runner. It's not We limped along, at a much air conditioned, but it's thrifty, slower pace than the prevailing and the big flat space in back speed on that hunk of freeway, where the seat used to be lets us. and so, to keep from being run carry all our necessary gear, and over, we stayed mostly on the then some. But this trip didn't shoulder. Still, it was necessary to turn out so well. get out on the road now and then, First of all, while the poor baby but that was hard to do because satdefenselessincontingencyrow the two seats in the back blocked a big wind blew up and dumped most of the view throught the rear Chenowth's sign on it and put a mirror. John did a lot of big starburst of cracks in the muttering, while I mostly held my windshield, on the passenger side. breath, as those giant trucks That meant that I wouldn't be barreled past. able to see things too clearly from After about an hour we came to then on, but we really had needed our first sign of civilization, a a new windshield anyway, ever truck stop· which boasted a since we'd taken a rock on the restaurant. We pulled in to buy driver's side on some earlier trip. oil, three quarts of it, at $2. a On Friday, after contingency, quart, and then we went in to eat, we'd taken delivery from Beards thinking we might not get another oftwonewseatsforourClass 11 chance. We shouldn't have car which we'd just started to put bothered. John had a turkey together. We figured that with special that included a slab of careful planning we could fit them reconstituted turkey heated on a in back, with the ice chest and all, dirty grill so it tasted like ham, a and by putting just one of our pile of canned peas, and lumpy bags on the roof rack, along with instant mashed potatoes. I had the EZ Up sunshade, we'd have it salad, which featured brown handled. spotted lettuce, and not much So, on Sunday, after the racing else. But the coffee was good. was all done, that's how we were The car gobbled up a quart of situated, when we left the oil, and restarted, so we headed racetrackataboutsixthirty. We for the border, watching the stopped for gas and a quart of oil, odometer carefully, so we'd know and then got on the freeway. John how far we'd gone and when it was driving, and I was working on was time to stop for an infusion of the race results, trying to use the oil. We had to add some every 30 last of the daylight to figure out to 50 miles, and the little VW did who had had fast laps, and who us proud by restarting every time. had led what lap, during the races. We got to the outskirts of Indio It's a long uphill climb out of about midnight, gassed up and Phoenix, and we were astounded bought more oil, and I used the at the number of trucks on the ladies room. To my horror, when road. Big, fast trucks. I flushed the toilet it kept filling Suddenly, at about 7:30, I and filling, the way it does in a smelled oil, so I asked John if he'd nightmare, and, finally, it spilled some when he filled the overflowed. I made it to the door motor. He said, "no", but then in and out into the parking lot the next breath he said something before the flood, and cowardly, unprintable about the oil light sneaked off into the night. We coming on, as he switched the headed out into a terrible ignition off and coasted to the headwind, which didn't help our shoulder. It was just past sunset, top speed any'. . we were 78 miles from the When we got to the neighbor-California border, there was no hood of Beaumont I had dozed civilization in sight, and we had no off, and a sudden and frightening spare oil with us. We stood · clunk, clunk, woke me up. I came aroundforabout20minutes,and to with my heart thudding, in that time only two race teams thinking we had broken a rod. But went by, both going so fast that a more unemotional assessment Whether you're on a chase crew, a racer or a 4WD enthusiast, the Rod Hall off-road driving school can help you be your. best! But be ready. .. the road isn't smooth! Page 4 CALL FOR COURSES AND DATES AHi MOTORSPORTS 340 WESTERN ROAD #1 RENO, NEVADA 89506 702/786-9922 of the noise determined that it was some new problem, unrelated to the motor. It came and went oddly, apparently more involved with a rear wheel. The next time we stopped on the freeway to add oil we were just opposite where the Turn Six grandstands used to be, at Riverside Raceway. It was foggy and drizzling, and in my weary state I fancied I could hear the ghostly sound of race motors off in the distance. We checked all the c.v. boots for leakage, and they were clean and dry and whole, but there was a mysterious ring of grease around the drum on the right rear. wheel that we couldn't understand. We decided it was most likely that a c.v. was about to give up. Happy thought! We went op slowly, the clunk coming and going for no apparent reason, and when we reached the outskirts of Pomona at about 3 a.m., we realized that if our luck held, the c.v. would give up as we passed throught the Skid Row portion of Los Angeles at about 4 a.m. That thought nearly para-lyzed me, so we stopped and got a motel room. In the morning we fired the car up just as if there weren't any evil symptoms, and drove it to Russ Welch's salvage yard, the closest friendly place to where we were, where we figured we'd change the c. v. ( we had a spare with us, but had to borrow his tools). The car never made a clunk all the way to his yard. Once there we put it up on a jack and rotated first one wheel and then the other. No clunk. We pushed and pulled, we poked and twisted, we slid under and peered into, and we couldn't find what was wrong. And it never clunked. Finally, we added some more oil, put it down off the jack and drove home, and it never clunked once the rest of the way. We have subsequently repaired the motor, and replaced the c. v .s, which were worn, but didn't look as if they would have clunked, and have taken the transmission out and are awaiting word. We figure it must have been the trans-mission, because it wasn't anything in the c.v.s. The worst part of it is that we missed a good pre-run trip, ( which I had figured would make at least two Sidetracks columns), because the car wasn't running. We had planned to go with Sal Fish and Steve Kassanyi to re-mark the Baja 500 course, and then to tell you all about it. The plan is now to accompany them on a trip to mark the 1000 course. That should be a good trip, but it's a long way off. AffENTION DESERT RACERS DUSTY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HDRA desert races. Check it out on contingency row - -Two different classes each event. July 1990 ·trail Notes ••• HDRA BARSTOW •LATE NEWS: Racers will see a new course and new spots for tech and registration at the upcoming HDRA Fireworks 250. HDRA President Danny Cau told us the start/ finish line will be off the Sidewinder Road exit from 1-15, and that registration, technical and contingency inspection will happen at the new mall at the Lenwood exit from 1-15, from 9 to 5 on Friday, July 6. It will be nostalgic for old timers because the race start/ finish line for years was right where the mall is now. The drivers' meeting will be in the Barstow College Auditorium at 7 :00 p.m. Friday and the driver or his rep MUST be there on penalty of disqualification. It will be an all daylight race starting at seven in the morning on Saturday, and the awards presentation will be Sunday morning at Rosita's in Barstow. DESERT ALERT • In the hue and cry over the desert tortoise· in recent months, some off roaders have probably forgotten that we must keep pressure on our representatives in Washington to vote against S 11 and H.R. 780, the · Senate and the House versions of the so called California Desert Protection Act. Alan Cranston is still in there pitching to make the bulk of the desert protected wilderness areas, national parks and so forth, all banning motorized vehicles from the vast acreage in southern and central California. Don't feel that your letters to your elected representatives are not important because they are. The most recent newsletter from the California Desert Coalition put forth another ploy used by the Sierra Club type groups to great advantage to influence legislators and poll takers. They are urging all of their activists to bombard the "Letters to the Editor" sections of every newspaper in California in an attempt to influence Senator Pete Wilson to support the California Desert Protection Act. As a bludgeoning agent the writers are to use the fact that the desert tortoise has recently been listed by the Fish and Wildlife Service as a "threatened species", thereby "proving" that the desert is not being adequately protected. Enthusiasts should respond to any such letters that appear in your local · newspapers. Point out that Senator Wilson long ago declined to support the bill because it was an attempt to protect the desert from the people of California rather than for the people of California! Point out that it is an exclusionary scheme that would reserve the pleasures of the desert only for the able-bodied at the expense of the elderly, the disabled and the very young. Point out that the desert is currently being protected under the provisions of the California Desert Plan of 1980 as implemented under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976. There is much more in the May Desert News Letter. While we are not pushing any special lobbying group, this one seems to have solid information. If you would like to read the rest of this article, call the California Desert Coalition at (714) 684-6509 for full information and a copy. SEEN AT THE RIM - It is amazing the number of people that come from all over the country to spectate and generally hang out at a SCCA National Pro · Rally. The serious competitors, of course, come from as far away from California as Vermont, and as close to Lancaster as Palmdale. In the mid 1980s we attended several Pro Rallies in the mid western heartland of the activity, but then interest waned in the sport around the country. Now the Pro Rally movement seems to have gained strength in the last couple of years, due, we think, in part to the monumental efforts of the current National Steward John Buffum. Buffum, of course, has competed all over the world and also won the National Championship more times than you can count on your hands. When he retired from the series, he took on the task of putting the Pro Rally Series back on track, and he has. More and varied publications are covering the sport now, necessary to attract sponsors. The Rim of the World attracted none other than the Los Angeles Times Senior Motorsport reporter Shav Glick, who hadn't been to a rally in over a decade; the Times gave the event a full page. We also enjoyed chatting with Su Kemper, covering for the slick and glossy motorsports books both here and abroad, and many time rally champion from Michigan, Gene Henderson, who with Ralph Beckman won the Akan 5000 Rally last February in a Subaru. Hopefully the momentum seen at the Rim will continue to bring out more rally cars and more sponsors. THE BRUSH RUN 101 two race series will again have a major sponsor in General Tire. The two races are scheduled for June 23-24 and September 1-2 on the super short course track at Crandon, Wisconsin. Once again a highlight of both weekends will be the General Tire Heavy Metal Championship race, revised last year to include both ZWD and 4WD classes, with heavy contingency money for top positions from General Tire. Generat also provides contingency money for the full range of 16 classes of competition at the Crandon races, and include a spectator oriented tire roll as part of the festivities. Of course, the other tire companies are there with contingency money as well, and both the Spring Run and the Brush Run 101 will be televised by ESPN again this year. If you can't make it to northern Wisconsin for one of these events, soak up the color and competition on the tube. THE A.D.R.A. IS BACK IN BUSINESS. As most Arizona racers know, the Phoenix based ADRA fell on evil times late last year, and nearly went under, unable to host a year end banquet or pay the points winners with cash and trophies. But Phil and Phyllis Auemheimer tightened their belts and organized a fund raising event in early spring at the Vulture Gold Mine near W ickenberg. There Jim Kirk won Pro 10 and Pro Division 1,Jerry Finney/Danny Foddrill won Class 1 / 2 and were· second overall followed by Ed Beard/Dunc Brown, Class 10, and Frank Turben won Pro 8. Craig Bell and Walt Laycock took Pro 4 honors, and Ron Dalke won the Challenger Class. Odyssey Open Expert honors went to Tony P.ope. Steven Melton won Sportsman Class 10 and Randy Miller/Bruce Mills took the 1600 class. The Challenger title went to Donald and Tom Struttmann, and Shaun Darr got the Dinosaur title. Don Yuen won the Beginner Unlimited title, and Beginner Limited went to Richard Pyle and Tim McKenzie. Their first points series race was scheduled for June 2nd, but we got word that it had been rescheduled to July 7, unfortunately, after our June issue was in circulation. The race for trucks and buggies at Snowflake, AZ is one of the best in the ADRA Series, held in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. At this race the winners from the 1989 Sonoyta to Rocky Point race will be paid their prize money, and at the next event, Phil says the 1989 points winners will be paid. Meanwhile ADRA and SNORE, of Las Vegas, are exploring the idea of combining for an event in the summer. It could be a dandy, maybe at Bullhead City?? Looking at the lights of Laughlin, NV. (more TRAIL NOTES on page 10) Dusty Times

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1 Master 1 I MECHANIC 1 Hand and Power Tools 1 ESPN Filming Race DllliJlilllG ~ ... ~ VALVOLIIE PE:MDAs B€DLIN€R ·world Championshi.p Brush Rt1n 101 Aug_uet 31, Sept. let & 2nd $35t000 Added Drivers Purse West Coast vs Mid West "One Of The Top 10 Off Road Action Events/n Tlte Country"· A REAL OFF ROAD SHOOT OUT CONTA-CT Brush Run 101 P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI.54520 715-4 78-2222 Barn Dance Camping Drink Food · Hot tnps August 31st (For Cash & Prizes) Clnee Racing September let & 2nd G.O.B.'s Races September 2nd Rnce Starts _Dnily At 9:00 AM

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1990 HAPPENINGS ••• A.D.R.A. -American Desert Racing Association P.O . Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 July 7, 1990 High Country 250 Snowflake, AZ September 1, 1990 Snowflake Buggy Bash Snowflake, AZ October 6, 1990 Penasco Twilight 250 November 10, 1990 Sonoyta to Rocky Point 250 December 8, 1990 Annual Awards Banquet Phoenix, AZ BADGER.LAND VW CLUB,INC. Terry Friday BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-2313 July 21, 1990 Desert Cactus 250 Wendover, U.S.A. August 25, 1990 Twilite 200 Delle, UT October 6, 1990 Bonneville Challenge Wendover USA 1990 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI 54520 (715) 478-2115 / (715) 478-2688 June 23-24, 1990 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI July 29, 1990 Pikes Peak Auto Hillclimb Colorado Springs, CO CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Aorida Off Roaders Drivers' A&'sociation 1717 Marker Road Polk City, FL 33868 (813) 984-1923 (305) 823-4487 July 8, 1990 August 12, 1990 September 2, 1990 October 14, 1990 November 11, 1990 January 13, 1991 February 10, 1991 March 23, 1991 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 ( 414) 688-5509 September 1·2, 1990 Brush Run 101 (All events at Lakeland Sped.say) (All events located in Crandon, WI Chilton, WI at the CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Fairgrounds Racing Facility) Jim Jackobsen BAJA PROMOTIONS, 42706 51st Street West Quartz Hill, CA 93536 LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O . Box 8938 July 28• 1990 Calabasas, CA 91302 Glen Helen Rallysprint (818) 340-5750 San Bernardino, CA July 27-29, 1990 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY Gran Carrera de Ensenada RACING ASSOCIATION Ensenada, BC, Mexico C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 September 21-23, 1990 Fair Haven, VT 05743 Gran Carrera de Campeones (802) 265-8618 San Felipe, BC, Mexico October 6, 1990 COWRADO HILL Ensenada Gran Prix CLIMB ASSOCIATION FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 August 4, 1990 Superstition 250 VII Ancient Dry Lake Bed Plaster City, CA September 29, 1990 Plaster City Blast IV Plaster City, CA December 31, 1990 Dunaway .Dash IV Plaster City, CA Ensenada, BC, Mexico P.O. Box 9735 --~;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::=--C=o:::l::o:_:ra::d.::_o.:S.!:','.....:C0=..:::809~3~2:.._ __ -::-::-::-::-::-::-::--_-_-_- _- _-_-_-_-~---Page 6 12.4 unpaved miles I 154 turns of white knuckle excitement 011: the Pikes Peak Highway -.__..-1 CHEVROLET fflj~~ AUTO H/1.LCI.IMB Colorado Springs/Pueblo & Southern Colorado Chevy Dealers Practice: July 24-25-26 (5:30 -9:30 am) Qualifying: July 27 (6:00 -10:00 am) Chevrolet Race to the Clouds July 29 (10:00am) General Admission Includes all practice and Qualifying days $20 Ouernight Race Parking (additional) $10 Pit/Paddock Admission (additional) $5 For Information write: Pikes Peak Auto HIii Climb Office 135 Manitou Avenue Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829 Phone (719) 685-4400 Fax (719) 685-5885 While In the Springs area see and visit: Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Museum U.S. Olympic Training Center U.S. Air Force Acal:iemy Garden of the Gods and other unique attractions Including a special CHICAGO concert at the Academy and Mom Unser's Chile Supper 'THERE'S AIORE COLORADO IN COLORADO SPRINGS" For additional informatior,i call 1-800-SSVISIT July 1990 GLEN HELEN ORV PARK P.O. Box 2937 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714)880-1733 August 5, 1990 Off Road Challenge November 18, 1990 Off Road Challenge GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 (404) 253-1033 July 22, 1990 Vienna, Ga August 19, 1990 Vienna, Ga September 23, 1990 Vienna,Ga October 28, 1990 Vienna,Ga November 24, 1990 Vienna, Ga GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, Ml 48103 (313) 665-0358/(313) 996-9193 GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION K.C. Huggins 2233 N. 140th Avenue Omaha, NE 68164 (402) 496-9431 July 7, 1990 Castana, IA July 28, 1990 Castana, IA August 19, 1990 Castana, IA September 9, 1990 Castana, IA September 30, 1990 Castana, IA (All events at Timber Ridge Ranch) GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Ron Kiel 12840 Dexter St. Thornton, CO 80241 (303) 452-4013 July 7-8, 1990 Coors Off Road Grand' Prix Central City, CO July 14-15, 1990 A Taste of Pueblo Colorado State Fairgrounds Pueblo, CO August 8, 1990 Opening Night Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO August 11, 1990 Cheyenne County Fairgrounds St. Francis, KS September 1-2, 1990 Central City Gran Prix Central City, CO September 16, 1990 Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO October 14, 1990 Colorado State Fairgrounds Pueblo, CO HORA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404_ July 6-8, 1990 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA August 10-12, 1990 Desert Championships Willow Springs Raceway Rosamond, CA September 7•9, 1990 Nevada 500 Pahrump,NV October 12-13, 1990 Gold Coast 300 Las Vegas, NV December 1, 1990 OffRoadsman Awards Banquet Las Vegas NV HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Pat Roberts 878 Main St. Deadwood, SD 57732 (605) 578-1654 August 18, 1990 Gumbo Butes Pierre, SD September 15; 1990 Deadwood Off Road Grand Prix Deadwood, SD October 20, 1990 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All events st.aged at the club grounds in Cleves, Ohio) KAMLOOPSBRONCOBUSTER 4WDCLUB Randy Chamberlin 835 Wawn Road Kamloops, B.C. V2B-6N3 September 8-9, 1990 Twilight 400 Kamloops, B.C., Canada LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chambray Dr. Moreno Valley, CA 92387 (714) 924-2226 July 13-15, 1990 Lucerne Valley Jam 200 Lucerne Valley, CA August 24-26, 1990 California 400 Lucerne Valley, CA October 5-7, 1990 Mini Baja 150 Ridgecrest, CA November 16-18, 1990 High Desert 150 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15, 1990 T.B.A. Awards Banquet MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15519 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 (517) 627-5200 July 4, 1990 Ludington, MI July 21, 1990 Hastings, Ml July 27, 1990 Holland, MI July 29, 1990 Mason, Ml IJPllr" Dusty Times

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IF YOU WANT TO BRING THE FAMILY FUN BACK INTO YOUR DESERT RACING, WITHOUT THE PRESSURES AND H.IGH COST, THEN COME RACE WITH US, IN "LUCERNE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA" THE FUN BEGINS ON FRI. JULY 13, 1990 WITH REGISTRATION, CONTINGENCY AND TECH INSPECTION AT RACE HEAD-QUARTERS: LUCERNE VALLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 32750 OLD WOMAN SPRINGS ROAD SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, JULY 13th, 1990 3:00 P.M. -10: P.M. Driver registration, vehicle tech. inspection and contingency at The Lucerne Valley Chamber of Commerce, 32750 Old Woman Springs Road. 9:00P.M. Drivers Meeting at The Lucerne Valley Chamber of Commerce, 32750 Old Woman Springs Road. Saturday, JULY 14th, 1_990 Race Day and Awards "ALL CLASSES WELCOME" 6:00 A.M. - Vehicle line-up at StarVFinish. · 7:00 A.M. - Race starts Promptly! Class Order. Time Limit Approx. 5:00 P.M. 1, 2, 10 1, 2/1600 5, 7, 8, 4 mini mag, 5/1600 14, 7S, 3, 9, 7 4x4 6, 11, Stone Stock Truck, Odyssey "All vehicles have 9 hours from the time they leave the start to completr the race. Odyssey Class will do one lap, Class 11 and Stone Stock will do 2 laps. All others will do 4 laps Posting of unofficial results at race headquarters immediately after-the race. Protest time follows for 1 hour, with a fee of $100.00. 7:30 P.M. - Awards presentation at The Sundowner Ranch "SEE YOU THERE"/// 1990 Race Dates . July 13-14 LUCERNE VALLEY JAM 200 Lucerne Valley, CA August 24-26 MINI BAJA 400 Lucerne Valley, CA October 5-7 CALIFORNIA 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 16-18 HIGH DESERT 250 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15 AWARDS BANQUET T.8.A. Lucerne Valley Jam 200 ENTRY FEES: Classes 1-14 ............... $225.00 Odyssey Class . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 Points Fund ........ :.. .. .. .. . 20.00 Land Use Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.00 Late Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75.00 · INSURANCE: Classes 1-14 ............... $110.00 Odyssey Class ............... 45.00 MANDITORY ENTRY DEPOSIT: Classes 1-14 ............... $170.00 Odyssey Class ................ 50'.00 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chambray Drive Moreno Valley, CA 92387 Phone: 714-924-2226 714-253-2254 BALANCE OF ENTRY PAID AT REGISTRATION MUST BE PAID IN CASH NO PERSONAL OR COMPANY CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JULY 2, 1990 For Entry Forms or Race Information, Call LA RANA DESERT RACING PROMOTIONS 22769 Chambray Drive Moreno Valley, CA (714) 924-2226

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August 14, 1990 Adrian, MI MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION Keneth Coleman 742 E. Roosevelt Road Ashley, Ml 48806 (517) 838-4483 (All events at Mt. Pleasant Speedway) MIDWEST OFF ROAD BAJA SERIES Rick Vasquez 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 594-8266 All Desert Races August4-5, 1990 Belen, NM September 23-24, 1990 Albuquerque, NM October (TBA), 1990 Deming,NM November, 3-4, 1990 El Paso, TX MIDWEST OFF ROAD RACING Tommy Bowling 9801 E. Highway 80 Odessa, TX 79765 (915) 561-5222 July 29, 1990 Sand Drags Odessa, TX August 11, 1990 Off Road Race Odessa, TX August 26, 1990 Sand Drags Odessa, TX September 23, 1990 Sand Drags Odessa, TX Octobr 28, 1990 Sand Drags Odessa, TX (All events at Notrees, TX) MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFFROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, C.A. 92825 (714) 938-4100 July 14, 1990 Los Angeles Coliseum Los Angeles, CA September?, 1990 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO September?, 1990 Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV (Schedule is tentative) ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF OFF ROAD RACERS Barry Wannamaker P.O. Box688 Bancroft, Ontario, KOL lCO, Canada (613) 332-3811 /(613) 332-1610 ONTARIO OFF ROAD Ken Jackson - Dick Gillap R.R. #2 Tiverton, Ontario, Canada N0G 2TO (519) 368-7874 OUTLAW MINI STOCK RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box204 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 (213) 375-4570 (213) 719-7036 · PAC OFF ROAD RACING P.O. Box323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 October 12-13, 1990 Millican 400 Bend,OR PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 July 29. 1990 Pikes Peak Auto Hillclimb Colorado Springs, CO OBITUARY Marc Widdicombe Marc Widdicombe, a long time off road racer, and member of Chapala Dusters, died suddenly . in May. Widdicombe, who was the owner of four McDonald's restaurants in Orange County, had raced for years in Classes 5-1600 and 1-2-1600, and had also been extremely active in his community. He devoted many hours to fund raising for the Ronald McDonald House at Childrens Hospital of Orange County, and some years ago he'd found a way to combine his racing and his fund raising. At the Fourth of July race in Barstow, the Chapala Dusters always had a pit near the Slash X, and Widdicombe decided that they should make the best of both . worlds, so he helped them create a mini-McDonald's.on pit row, selling burgers and cold drinks to , Page 8 thirsty pre-runners the day qefore the race, and all comers on race day. The Chapala Dusters provided the manpower for the effort, and through the years, as folks came to look for the McDonald's on the race track, they were able to donate several thousands of dollars to Widdi-combe's favorite charity, Ronald McDonald House. · Widdicombe, who was only 39 years old at the time of his death, apparently died of a heart attack in his home, where he was found by his family, seated in a chair, a , soft drink and a copy of Off Road Magazine at his side. Marc, who was nicknamed "The Burger Man" by his racing friends, will be missed by all off roaders, and particularly the Dusters. He leaves · his mother, Aimee Widdicombe, his sisters, Roberta and Patti, and a cousin Douglas Thorne. SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O. Box526 _Indio, CA 92202 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 July 29, 1990 Pikes Peak Hillclimb Colorado Springs, CO August 17-19, 1990 Duryea Hillclimb Reading, PA August 24-27, 1990 Ojibwe Rally Grand Rapids, MN October 25-28, 1990 Press On Regardless Rally Escanaba, MI November 9-12, 1990 Mazda Coachman Stages Rally Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 November 8-11, 1990 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico December 1, 1989 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Las Vegas, NV SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, • J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 SCORE SHOW Edgell Expositi~ns P.O. Box 19531 Irvine, CA 92713 (714) 250-8060 June 29-July 1, 1990 Los Angeles Convention Center Los Angeles, CA S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Jack Kolan (619)292-4444 July 15, 1990 August 19-25, 1990 Bonneville September 9, 1990 October 14, 1990 November 11, 1990 _ SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 July 28-29 Yokohama 200 Desert Race Las Vegas, NV Speedway July 1990 September 28-30, 1990 SNORE 250 Desert Race Jean, NV October 27-28, 1990 KC HiLites Midnight Special Desert Race Nelson Hils, NV December 1, 1990 Showboat 250 Desert Race Las Vegas, NV SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: Tom Schwartzburg 2620 West Washington WestBend,WI53095 (414) 334-3858 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W . North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 257-9422/ (414) 542-3821 July 7-8, 1990 Fox Riverfest Challenge De Pere, WI July 21-22, 1990 U.P. Off Road 100 Bark River, MI August 18-19, 1990 No. American Off Road Racing Festival Ionia, MI September 1-2, 1990 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI September 15-16, 1990 Badgerland Short Course Sprints Oshkosh, WI TExAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing - Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214)855-2232 July 6, 1990 Boyd, TX August 3, 1990 Boyd, TX · September 7, 1990 Boyd, TX October 5, 1990 Boyd, TX TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 July 21, 1990 Skyline Speedway Courtland, NY UORRA United Off Road Racing Association P.O. Box211 Dunellen, NJ 08812 (201) 752-0299 (201) 359-2745 (All races at Trailways Speedway, Hanover, PA) VENTURA RACEWAY Business Office 2810 W. Wooley Road Oxnard, CA 93035 (805) 656-1122 July 14, 1990 Motocross • 7 :00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies August 4, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies September .8, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies October 6, 1990 Motocross -7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies October 2 7, 1990 Motocross - 7 :00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies November 1 7, 1990 Motocross --~:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies ( all race dates subject to change without notice) VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 June 29-30, 1990 Virginia City 200 Virginia City, NV July 29, 1990 Prairie City OHV Park Short Course Sacramento, CA September 1-2, 1990 VORRA/ Fernley 250 Fernley, NV October 28, 1990 Championship Race Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento, CA WHEEL TO WHEEL,INC. P.O . Box 688, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL ICO (613)332-1766 (613) 332-4128 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 - 87 A Ave. Surrey, B'ritish Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP June 29-July 4, 1990 Rally of New Zealand July 23-29, 19~0 Rally of Argentina August 22-27, 1990 Rally of 1000 Lakes Finland September 13-17, 1990 Rally of Australia October 7-13, 1990 Sanremo Rally of Italy October 27-November 2, 1990 Ivory Coast Rally November 25-29, 1990 RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free! Send your 1990 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 533 r Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 913oz. Dusty Times

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SNOW SHOE VOLUNTEER FIRE .COMPANY PRESENTS CHAMPIONSHIP High Flying -Hard Core OFF ROAD RACING Score·Rules Prevail Heavy Metal Stadium Class I Short Course 1 -2, 1600cc & Class 10 Entry Fee $100.00 - minimum 200% pay back in Off Road Racing & NMRA SANCTIONED SIDE by SIDE MUD RACING LABOR QAY WEEKEND SEPT 1st & 2nd -SNOW SHOE, PA. Advance Tickets $10.00 -Children under 12 -FREE TICKETS: Snow Shoe Volunteer Fire Company (After 3:00 pm) * (814) 387-6834 -PA or Larry Sester, Chairperson (814) 387-4055 - PA OFF ROAD ENTRY: Dick Bower (209 ) 266-3208 -CA MUD RACING ENTRY: NMRA, Joann (209) 266-5558 -CA

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The Arizona SCORE By Daryl Drake Arizona was well represented on the track if not at the track at the inaugural SCORE Off Road World Championship at Phoenix International Raceway. More than a third of the entrants hailed from The Copper State, and provided a good · portion of the action. In Saturday's "qualifiers", most kept it rightside-up, and Brad Person shined in the Diehl Baja, winning Class 5 by finishing Heat #1 less than a minute off ex-Arizonan Larry Noel's Overall and Stadium 1 winning time. In · Heat #2, Tucson's John Herder, after a bad start on his A TV, ran down and passed Don Turk for the win. Ron Dalke probably won the "Farthest Flying Challenger Challenge" in Heat #3, but his over enthusiastic driving style ended up costing him a two position penalty. Still, Ron's always fun to watch, and of the seven Arizona based Class 9s he was quickest. Tony Pierce and Kelly Reedy had their flame jobbed Chenowth on its lid in practice but were still tops among the 2-1600s, edging out Don Weiser and Jeff Wester by nearly a minute. Wester, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, was all smiles anyway, as always. Weiser said, "We're just here to have a good time and we are." Hometown hero Larry Ragland had no competition in Class 7 and sailed in with a 32 second lead in the Mini Metal heat. And only one pickup racer tried his luck against the big guns in Class 8, Tucson's Mike Doherty. Mike's new truck suffered from overheating and suspension woes and was on the trailer early. There's been little short course racing in Arizona since the demise of A.O.R.R.A. a few seasons past and it showed, with the Arizona entries among the also_ rans in Stadium 10. Doc Ingram was quickest at an ominous 13th among the five "Zonie" entries. And in Saturday's final heat for Classes 3, 4 and 6, John Randall ran a clean second o·verall and in Class 4 while John Dyck was third. Rich Severson and Rick Pewe bounced the Flamingo Racing CJ-7 off the wall but luckily only damaged the Jeep. From the racers' viewpoint, most liked the course and thought it was a blast to be at PIR. Carl Perez, third in the Class 1 /2 heat, summed it up: "A good track and fast-maybe a little too fast and a little too flat. But lots of fun!" Everyone had been holding back a little, not wanting to break big on Saturday. Some racers even sat out Saturday's racing. Everyone wished the pits would have been inside the big oval, and commented that the "working pit" idea was a big hassle. Otherwise, the logistics worked out fairly well and race teams had easy access to the grandstands. The weather was fairly cool both days by Phoenix standards, but by race time Sunday things were heating up. Everybody was hot to go and a restart in the first race didn't help. And then a series of scorin11: Page 10 errors saw three racers "win" Desert Class 10. Ed Beard was declared .the winner -after almost everyone had left. Which wasn't that bad considering he had to be pushed at the start. "I wasn't even going to race, then on Friday said 'what the heck!'. And today, after the restart, the car was running hot so I shut if off'til they got everything restaged. Then it wouldn't restart and they had to push me to get going. From then on it was fun. I caught 'em on the fourth lap. I can see how guys can get excited about this kind of racing, but this scoring foul up reminds me why I got out of sprint car racing!" laughed Ed. Al McMullen, who'd broken in practice Saturday and ran his first fast lap racing, had been the second racer to be announced as class winner -but was finally declared to be second, 9110th of a second quicker than Saturday winner Tony Kujala. Pete Sohren had passed Brad Person for the Class 5 lead on lap one, but on lap four, on the fastest stretch, his red-white-and-blue Baja got sideways. He flipped a reported six to ten times, came down hard on a concrete retaining wall, then burst into flames. Pete's reaction: "Did anybody get that on video?!" Sohren spent a night at St. Joseph's Hospital for observation, then was released with only a few bruises. A strong testament to the safety of a well built rollcage! A week later he was recovered enough to go jet skiing, and had already begun to rebuild the car. Brad Person was glad to see Pete was okay -and happy to win. "I had throttle trouble and Pete had me, but ... otherwise we ran well and our new Generals hooked up great. We liked 'em so much we put 'em on the 10 car as well. The race was rough, fun, a blast and nervewracking, but all in all, we did okay. • 'The big difference between Riverside and PIR is that there were a lot more corners at Riverside and a lot more California competitors -but the caliber of competition, the top guns, are still here. This is probably the first year I kept 'it on all four wheels (at a SCORE World Championship) -but maybe I've learned something!" Carl Perez and Steve McCann, battling for fourth, tangled in the pavement hairpin on lap six and got stuck together for the duration. McCann took the inside line and slid out into Perez' line then was swept up. In race #2 for 9s and Mini Mags Larry Dimmett and Dave Ander-son blasted off the start leading the Challenger rush, but then went out just as fast. Ron Dalke kept his homemade racer flying clean and picked up a third in Class 9, while John Lee and Keith Randel had a good time racing for fourth and fifth. Vic Evans, who's been an Unlimited champ, doesn't seem to have a lot of luck in his Challenger. First he tangled with a Mini Mag on the front. stretch, then flipped in the same spot on lap five. Ouch! The 1600cc Limited ranks were tough on the Arizonans, with onlv Tom Lake taking a trophy position with a third in 5-1600 for race #3. The Mini Metal challenge saw Larry Ragland leap to a big margin only· to pit for a flat on lap seven with a 49 second lead. The stop cost over a minute and Chevrolet the Mini Metal Overall. This reporter still doesn't understand why Ragland bothered to pit. Earlier, Mesa's Dan Randall became the first of the clan to get upside down, doing so nicely in the mogul section. In the big Stadium 10 finale, "Tucson Terror" Don Kolt was tops among the Arizonans but could only manage a sixth, which was still far better than Doc Ingram's luck. Doc found out just how deep the water hazard was on the start and chugged down the front straight well behind the field. His motor died as he came to the top of the finish line jump and he coasted down the other side. The yellow flags came out, but Doug Fortin, Jr. was out of control on the slick mud and hit Ingram's car hard. The leaders made it past but Paul Simon, running in 11th, made it a three car pileup, nearly hitting some course workers and bringing out the red flag. Tom Prewett, a PIR fire crew member, injured his leg jumping clear of the crash. Luckily, there were no major injuries, but most observers thought the race should have been red flagged when Fortin hit Ingram. · The Heavy Metal finale saw John Randall catch Jack Flannery and pass him only to be repassed on lap six. Then John tried to take all the grandstand jumps in one leap and did a big endo over the last one, to top brother Dan's turnover. Severson and Pewe got the CJ back together to earn second in Class 3, but this will probably be Severson's last race. "This Jeep is definitely not built for short course!" he laughed. And John Dyck had another one of "those" weekends when his steering gave out on lap three and Randall T-boned him. But it was a good, clean weekend of racing, and as Class lO's Tony Kujala said, "I'm glad it was here in Phoenix - a lot closer than Riverside! I hope SCORE is back here next year and that the people come out for some more great racing!" IF SAL ASKED ME, I'D SAY ... • Don't try a stadium race in Phoenix between May 1st and October 1st. • SCORE did a great job putting on the event smoothly. • Move the pits into the oval. The racers will be happier and it'll look better to the fans and TV. • The racers really liked the course. • But bring it back in front of the grandstands again ala River-side. The back stretch is too far from the stands. • The facilities and setting at PiR are a tremendous improvement over Riverside. • But a little too much water on the track made it slipperier than you-know-what. • Who would have ever thought the Phoenix Suns would be in playoffs against the Lakers that weekend? • Why did you schedule this event just three weeks after San Felipe and the MTEG event at Sun Devil Stadium? July 1990 morc ••• TRAIL NOTES THE MOTORSPORTS HALL OFF AME, held its second annual induction ceremony and banquet last June 13 in Detroit. What makes the 1990 ceremony newsworthy here is that Mickey Thompson was among this year's distinguished inductees. Mickey is in good company, as the others inducted were Mario Andretti, Jim Clark, Glenn Curtis, Mark Donohue, Gar Wood, Bill France, Sr., Shirley Muldowney and Kenny Roberts. No doubt Thompson was recognized more for his drag racing and land speed record accomplishments than for off road racing, but he did win overall at the Baja 1000 and, without his enthusiasm and backing, there no doubt would not be any stadium racing today. BONDURANT SCHOOL MOVES TO PHOENIX. Beginning July 1, the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving will operate all its courses at its new facility located at Phoenix based Firebird International Raceway. Originally at long defunct Orange County Raceway, the school has operated successfully for 17 years at Sears Point International Raceway, Sonoma, CA, "Due to negotiation conflicts, we were unable to renew our lease", said school owner Bob Bondurant. Bondurant designed a 1.6 mile road course at Firebird, located at Chandler, about 15 minutes south ofSkyharbor Airport, specifically for teaching advanced driving skills. The new track can be used alone or combined with Firebird's existing track to make a 2.6 mile circuit. The same courses that are so successful at the Sears Point location will be taught at Firebird, and the school will operate seven days a week. CAMEL TROPHY TEAM-If automotive skill and first hand knowledge of Land Rovers have anything to do with winning the 1990 Camel Trophy in the Soviet Union this summer, the U.S. team is a sure bet to capture the crown in the tough 4 WD driving competition. Lea Magee, a Carmel, CA auto mechanic owns more than a dozen Land Rovers. Fred Monsees is a Land Rover restoration expert from Wareham, Mass. They represent the USA as the 16 countries compete in the 11th running of the Camel Trophy, the first internationally recognized motoring competition ever held in the Soviet Union. Since being named to the U.S. team in March, Monsees and Magee have spent every spare minute working on their physical conditioning and honing their driving skills in preparation for the grueling 1000 mile trek from Bratsk to Irkutsk in Soviet Siberia. The pair spent three days in the Nevada desert simulating many of the 15 special driving tasks that will determine the Camel Trophy winner. In addition to the USA, countries in Camel Trophy "Siberia U.S.S.R." are the host Soviet Union, West Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain, the Canary Islands, Japan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, Austria and Greece. While the competition began June 6, earlier, the 34 Land Rovers that will be used by the teams and support personnel were transported from England to the Soviet Union via two giant Antonov 124 airplanes. It was the first time in history that Antonovs bearing the familiar red star of the Soviet Air Force had landed on British soil. MIDWEST SAND DRAGS. The 1990 Midwest Racing Series started off on a cold note, literally, as race day temperatures got no higher than 37 degrees, near Odessa, Texas last March. But die hard race fans were willing to brave the cold and sometimes misty conditions. After a two hour delay to replace some defective computer equipment, the time trials got underway about one o'clock. The track was in excellent condition as was proved later as Ronald Vierus set a new track record at 3.25 seconds. The weather was cold, but the racing was hot, as competitors went for the guaranteed purse of over $1300. At the end it was Ronald Vierus defeatingJerry Cannon in Bracket 1. Wesley Lay edged out Jim Curry in Bracket 2. In Pro/ A TV Cycle it was James Jones who won out over Troy Pehl. Third place finishers in the same classes were Roger Weaver, Phil Campbell, and Clay Carroll. In Stock ATV Cycle Shay Harrison was the winner, and in Junior ATV Cycle Mason Wright won over Ty Harrison. Also worth note was James Jones with a low ET of 5.02 seconds in Pro ATV Cycle. The new track announcer Robert (Woody) Woods did an excellent job of keeping us abreast of what was going on and added a little humor trying to keep us warm. The weather should prove better through the spring and early summer events. Hopefully the normal warm sunshine common to West Texas will be there at the next Sand Drags on June 24 and July 29. THE SCORE OFF ROAD EQUIPMENT SHOW,June 29 -July 1, has moved from its original home at the Anaheim Convention Center to Los Angeles. In fact the 1990 show will be at the Los Angeles Convention Center where the freeways meet downtown. The show will feature new trucks, buggies, motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft, the works, and a lot more including the popular radio control car championsh1.p races. The move to downtown Los Angeles should bring a whole new audience out to view the exhibits and take part in the various activities. PORSCHE CUP RULES CHANGES-For the first time in six years North American Porsche race drivers have the opportunity to contest for the worldwide Porsche Cup Championship recognizing the World's top non-factory Porsche competitors. After five successful seasons competing for the exclusive Porsche Cup North American title, the drivers now have the chance to battle the world's best Porsche racers. Mark McMillin is one off road racer who qualified for the North American Porsche Cup awards, and the trip to Germany to accept them. Now Porsche powered off roaders will have to compete with sundry more series drivers all over the world for that opportunity. If you are interested in this unique contest, contact Bob Carlson at Porsche Cars North America, 100 W. Liberty St., Reno, NV 89501. BAJA PROMOTIONS has announced more date changes to alleviate any conflict with the SCORE races in Baja California. Earlier this year the Tecate Gran Prix was moved up to June 16, to avoid conflict with the new show dates for the SCORE Show. Because SCORE wished to have four weeks of pre-running available for Baja 1000 racers, the Gran Carrera de Campeones at San Felipe has been moved from October to September 21-23. This in turn moves the Ensenada Gran Prix from September 15 to October 6. Call ( 818) 992-635 5 for complete details. TOYOTA ONE LAP OF AMERICA-While we have not seen complete results of this odd competition, we do know that our former rally editor Tom Grimshaw was once again in the winning car, a Toyota All-Trac, in company with Dick Corley and Angelo Pizzagalli in the 22 day enduro contest. With such a lack.of follow-up, you wonder if Toyota gets its money's worth out of their sponsorship of the One Lap of America. (more TRAIL NOTES on page 56) Dusty Times

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TOYOTA Technology On A Fast Track • Winning isn't pretty. It takes courage and guts. And years of hard work under severe conditions. With all that against you, you'd better get yourself a Toyota. Toyota trucks have won the SCORE World Champi-onship four times. They won the Baja 500 twice. They hold seven consecutive Manufacturer's Cup Challenges and five Driver's titles in the MTEG Stadium Series. Not to mention the first overall win by a truck in the 22-year history of the Mint 400. That's why Ivan Stewart drives a Toyota. And that's why after umpteen miles of hellfire, gravel, thorns and dust, we almost caught him smiling. The Ironman knows that nobody can get by on looks alone. And that's why nobody can get by 'fhe Ironman. <!:) 1990 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. il "/ love what you dnjor me." Light bar docs not provide crash procection. Get More From Life ... Buck.le Up!

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SCORE on-ROAD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP AT PIR Robby Gordon Star of Inaugural Event It was Robby Gordon weekend, as the young star entered four races and won them all, topping it with the Heavy Metal crown driving the desert bred Jim Venable Class 8 Ford F-150 to another victory. The first annual Off Road NBA playoffs, with. the Phoenix though the promoters had World Championship at Phoenix, Suns facing the L.A. Lakers on advertised heavily on local radio SCORE's replacement for the both days of the weelcend, and at and TV for the two weeks before defunct Riverside event, had an ; the same time as the races. It· the event. Of course, the Phoenix uphill battle in the struggle to would seem that Phoenix is a . citizens may have already spent attract spectators. Having picked ' town of basketball fans. their entertainment dollars on the the weekend of Mother's Day for They certainly did not flock to MTEG stadium races, which had the race, SCORE then found the PIR in any great numbers to taken place just three weekends themselves smack up against the watch the off road races, even earlier, on April 21st, at nearby Tempe. They missed a pretty good . show. The entry was a bit thin for a two day spectacle, with 117 cars, but SCORE surmounted that problem by combining classes to keep the track as full of cars as possible. They then ran "heats" ·on Saturday, which earned the winners a little cash, and the chance to pick their start positions on Sunday. Phoenix International Raceway is a handsome facility, far outshining the ramshackle Riverside environment in clean-liness, and generally new and shiny looking. But it's not very · exciting in terms of geography. Ed Beard is famous for his seats and as a top Arizona driver, and he won The compound encloses a big Desert Class 10 eventually Sunday in the high flying Chaparral. paved oval, a mile, which surrounds a flat, dirt area sporting a series of open, but roofed garages, a small press building, and some fenced areas for VIPS. Landscaping consists of about eight saguaro cacti, jutting up out of the dirt. SCORE marked off a course that followed the outline of the pavement, running inside the turn ori the west end, then on the pavement for the grandstand straight, which had been covered with plastic and then piled about 18 inches deep with dirt. At the east end of the straight there were two quick hairpins, on pavement, which led to a short section of esses, lumpy ones, and then a Larry Noel entered four events and won three of them. Here he flies his rightturn onto the pavement, and Chenowth to the Stadium Class 1 victory in the Saturday heat race. then off again, into the dirt that Page 12 July 1990 ~-...... ·, t<~ ?;;f4--,.._ ,..,.!;;x:@?' "' -'<¥ .V,:' :!:·-·, "" .,.,..,,-..,-. .. -.-, ,. --~ ..... ~ :->Z. ~~-~ ... ,-,;,;-,,,. . .;;,,,~,;,;;,,-.,4,t.:s., .... "@.~»;.:;::$· --~ rad Person was one of several Phoenix racers doing well as he won Class 5 handily in both the heat race and the feature race on Sunday . . Tony Kujula drove his long SCORE/HORA style desert car in the Desert Class 10 action at P.I.R. and won the class on the Saturday. ran along the inside of the back hadn't been budgeted by many straight. Down at the west end the companies. The race also bore the course turned right, inside the stigma of having been postponed perimeter of the pavement, and from 1989 to 1990, so there had ran up against a big water hole, been some uncertainty about . which presented the racers with whether it really would come off. three ways to go: left, right, or In contrast to the recent San through the water. Then they had Felipe 250, where 99 contingency a sharp right, and they were back donors were listed in the on the front stretch. It was about a program, at Phoenix there were mile in length, and was visible in only 35. It's easy to understand its entirety from the seats up near why the light companies stayed the tops of the grandstands, away,andsomeoftheothersmay except for the waterhole, which have been put off by the fact that was obscured by motorhomes SCORE doubled the minimum parked in the infield in front of it. posting from $50 to $100 for this The schedule for the weekend one, making the payoffs poten-had registration, contingency and tially much stiffer for th'e smaller tech inspection on Friday, but no companies. Fuel companies practice until Saturday and coming from out of Arizona Sunday mornings. There were to would have had to pay a $.19 a be nine races on Saturday, with. gallon tax on their load, and that the program starting at 1 p.m., probably turned them off. while Sunday's schedule was a bit Some of off road's biggest stars lighter, with only six events, also stayed home also, including most starting at 1 p.m. of the stadium track racers, and Contingency row was notable many of the desert troops. The for the number of companies desert racers who didn't show lacking. Apparently, since the cited the expense, the proximity race wasn't one of the points of the Baja 500, the potential for events, and hadn't been on the badly damaging a car in a closed original contingency contract, it course event, and the fact tha_t it Dusty Times

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Arizona racer Pete Sohren had a dandy lead in Class 5 until he got caught out in a tricky section, rolled and banged his head hard. Billy Beck, from San Antonio, TX, shown at a MTEG race, at Phoenix flew the Berrien Laser to first in the Stadium Class 1 on Sunday. David Simon flew the Class 7 4x4 Ford Ranger in the same attitude as his brother did, and David won the class in the Saturday heat race. John Greaves came from Wisconsin to do well in the sunshine, taking his Taylor chassis to victory both days in Stadium 1-2-1600 class. that included Desert 1, Class 5, Stadium 1 and Desert 10 cars, for a total of 19 cars on the track. It was fun to watch, but the average spectator surely never realized that there were four individual races, very hotly fought, going on. This heat was scheduled to run eight laps, but it was the first race of the weekend, and things being new to everyone and all, they let it go to nine laps, which didn't hurt a thing. In the desert unlimited class, here called "Desert 1 ", the four wheel drive Mazda pickup of Greg George had the lead right from the green flag, with Jim Smith, in his short since Dave Bonner had been towed off after practice, and didn't make it back in time for the start, the lead belonged to Rich Minga in his Porsche Bug for a lap, but then he got tangled in traffic and Brad Person, in a VW DT ~5, another Phoenix based racer, took over the lead. Minga tried desperately to catch back up, but he found himself in a lot of traffic, and having to struggle to pass. Twice, he was forced to the right side of the grandstand moguls, a 3 .5 liter Porsche powered Chenowth in hot pursuit. As it turned out, George's biggest worry was whether the truck could last the distance, since it hadn't had a finish yet this year. 1 He gradually pulled out a big lead, '1 his years of stadium racing ( experience coming in very handy, and recorded his fastest lap, at 1:25:5, on lap four. George completed his nine laps in 12:27:2, for an average mph of 40 .4 7, to take the desert Class 1 win, with Smith in second, at 12:40:07. This Is the system run by most off road race winners In the Stadium 1 Class, which ., started at the back of the pack, there was more action, because they were forced to pass up through the traffic. Jerry Whel~ chel, in his Chenowth, had the lead right away, and his duel was with Larry Noel, in another Chenowth, who ran very close behind him. They worked up to the front of the pack until no one was in front of them but George, ' · and then they found themselves Contingency Row was not crowded but most folks there were quite enthusias- lapping some of the slower traffic, tic about the new event at P.I.R. Photo by Judy Smith. so they never got a clear shot at wasn't a points event. Stadium· Phoenix, with highs in the .low : the track. Whelchel recorded his racers who stayed home noted 90s. The wind helped to cool the fast lap, the quick time for this ' that it hadn't been included in spectators, and those in the lcnow, event, at 1:22:3, on his fifth lap. theircalendarfortheyear,andso, who came early and sat in the But on the seventh lap he hadn't been budgeted. shade of the press box and media flattened his left rear tire, and The weather was warm and tower, were very comfortable. " when it came off the rim, he windy, but actually cooler than Saturday's racing was started pulled over and parked. It seams nasty set of four and two bumps, which was high speed stuff on the left, but treacherous on the right. Minga managed to pass slower cars by timing his leaps very carefully for two laps, but when he tried it a third time it didn't work. He flew too far, hit the second set of bumps, launched his car, turned over in the air, bounced on his nose, flipped over again, and landed on his wheels. But Rich wasn't going anywhere. He'd hit his i;r TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME average for that ~me of the year in off by a combination of classes that the PIR officials had been ' · · · adamant that no one was to drive on their nice smooth pavement unless they had all four tires on their car. They dido 't want any big gouges taken out of their asphalt. Noel was by then the only Stadium Class 1 car left, so he got DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 1 the win. The Desert Class 10 cars were a small group, and Tony Kujala; one of the local boys, led all the way, while Ed Beard, also a local , entry, in a Chaparral, floundered along behind him with the wrong tires. Beard got his act together well enough on the seventh lap to record the quick lap, at 1:27:9, , but he couldn't catch Kujala, who went on to take the win, with Desert racer Doug Fortin, Jr., won the Desert 1~2-1600 title on Saturday, but Beard second. he was involved in a multiple car pile up on Sunday. In Class 5, which was one car , Dusty Times July 1990 · 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234•9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 13

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1;t face on the steering wheel, breaking his nose, and severely cutting his upper lip, as well as hurting his back. Person went on to take the Class 5 win, while Minga headed for the hospital and some timely first aid. He was back at the track the nrxt day, to spectate, but was not feeling too chipper, and a week later learned that he had a possible herniated disk, and faced a long recovery period. After a motorcycle and A TV heat the cars were back, with a combined Class 9 and Mini-Mag grouping. The 12 Class 9s started first, with the seven Mini-Mags taking the flag about five seconds later. This was tough on the Mini-Mags, which were faster, as they found themselves in mortal danger as they tried to sneak past the clumsier Challengers. Rory Chenowth had the early lead in the Mini-Mags, but Charles (Rudy) Townsley was right behind him, and Frank Bristing was up there too, as was Charlie Townsley. As they came around on the second lap they were well into the pack of Class 9 cars, and when it came to negotiating the twin hairpin turns it was brutal to watch. The flailing Class 9 cars battered the lightweight Minis Although he was second on Saturday Mike Sandoval got the win on Sunday in Desert Class 1-2-1600 driving hard in his sleek MEGO. 1fl4 u tfue ~ 4H4 into the walls, and into each other, but somehow they made it through. Chenowth still led, and now the elder Townsley was firmly in second place as Bristing lost a few seconds and could never make them up. Charlie Townsley lost a whole lap and fell way back, and Scott Steinberger rolled his Mini, and lost his front suspension. On the third lap Rudy put on a burst of speed and recorded the class fast lap, at 1:21:0, and took the lead, but Chenowth came back around him next lap, and then stayed there to the checkered flag. Townsley finished second, and Bristing was third. The Class 9s had a see-saw battle in the meantime, with Ray MacClain, in his Ghoster, Ron Dalke, in a Home Made chassis, Rich Richardson in his Jimco, and Jack Millerd, in his West Chassis vying for the lead. McClain led for a while, then Richardson took over, McClain fell to second, and Millerd moved to third. On lap 5 it was Millerd's turn, and now Richardson was second, and McClain was third. On the sixth lap Millerd recorded the fast lap, at 1:37 :5, and moved into the lead permanently. McClain finished second. Dalke had finished third, but on a late lap he'd been bumped outside the haybales, and, rather than cut back onto the track, had moved along outside them for a bit, gaining a position ~ NIR. ST/Cl<ER? • COMPETITIVE PRICING • UNBEATABLE C3UALITY EXCELLENT SERVICE LOUIE UNSER RAC/Iv llv/J!S BOB R-~!:-~ TOYOTA ii™ RACING DEYELOPMENT .l!,1(4. ■ •••• RADIOS FOtl RACING \~ hmConner~ R.L.H.-ENTERPRISE unlclen-R'!~'f6s LESLIE'S DRIVEUNE SERVICE HDRA MASTERCRAFT ~~~~~!:~ /BlMI WRIGHT PLACE! DAVE SHOPPE W1\ t)/~~~ • Ii-Tl/ F"f' DH«lltT .TIil ~ ~ til1.i,,,.i': ~!?l!!l t':..~ SHERMAN BALCH !Ar#e-r.7 \ CHENOWTH . RACING )., !_:_-·-- · ! - , CENTERFDRCE Mike Lesle Racing OVER ss,000.00 CONTINGENCY POSTED AT EVERY SCORE/H.D.R.A. EVENT Race Car Lettering • Racing Nurnbers • Custom Decals • Silk Screening • Die Cutting • Signs • Magnetic Signs • Banners • Window Lettering 1B0B5 Redondo Circle • Huntington Beach, CA 92B4B 714/B43-0444 • FAX 714/843-0143 Page 14 July 1990 Jerry Whelchel and Sage Council entered a variety of classes, and Jerry cruised to the Class 5-1600 victory in this handsome Baja Bug. in the doing. That cost him two faster than the 1600s, and Noel's positions, thanks to the Rough fast lap was a 1:29:5, only Driving Committee, at the end of 4/l0ths of a second faster than the race. the fast lap for the desert 1600s. Another mixed group came Noel led all the way for the win, next, with 1-2-1600 Stadium I with Lewis second, four seconds cars, as seen at Glen Helen for behind him. example, and 1-2-1600 desert In the 5-1600s, David Hen-cars, UltraStock cars,. and 5-drickson was first off the line, and 1600s. They were started in four led for the first lap, but then Jerry groups, a total of23 cars, with the Whelchel, who'd hopped out of desert 1600s taking off first. Mike his Stadium racer and into a Bug, Williams rolled his MECO in the caught him to lead for the rest of first turn, and never could make I the way. Hendrickson, who had a up the lost ground, while Doug passenger in his car, as opposed to Fortin, Jr. put his Chenowth into Whelchel, who had an empty the lead. Competition was hot, passenger seat, could catch him, and close beh!nd him were Gary but just couldn't get past him. Sewell, Jr., in a Lothringerj Hendrickson put on a burst of Michael Sandoval, Jr., in a speed on lap eight to record the MECO; and Danny Porter, in a class fast lap of 1:31:3, but it Suspensions Unlimited car. wasn't enough. Whelchel got the When the dust had settled, Fortin win. had the win, with Sandoval In the Stadium 1600s, the lead second and Porter third, but still belonged to Johnny Greaves, of all very close on time. Wisconsin, in a Taylor chassis. In the UltraStockers, it was Greaves, who'd never raced out of Larry Noel, back for a second go- the midwest before, put on an round, in his Scirocco, and astounding show, passing at least leading Tim Lewis, in his Porsche one vehicle each lap, and steadily bodied car. Surprisingly, these moving to the front of the pack. stadium racers didn't look anv He recorded the fast lap for the Former Arizonan Larry Noel flies past the 5-1600 of Walt Baranick with ease. Noel won the UltraStock class both Saturday and Sunday. ... ~ The big battle among Mini Mags was here, but Rory Chenowth, left, beat Rudy Townsley to the checkered flag in both days of competition. Dusty Times

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Ray McLain nailed down his long sought Class 9 victory in his keen creation, the smgle seat Ghoster. He won the feature race on Sunday.· Larry Ragland revived his desert Class 7 Chevy, and the Phoenix resident had no trouble winning the claS$ on Saturday and Sunday. class at 1:27:6. Randy Bishop After the final motorcycle and followed in his Bishop Racing A TV event, which was a real Chassis, and finished second, 11 rouser, the mini trucks took to seconds later. the track. There were just eight of _ them, representing three classes, right away, and just kept on and they were all fl;igged off at moving. Dave Simon, in second, once. Larry Ragland had his thrilled the crowd by putting his desert Class 7 Chevy out in front four wheel drive Ford nearly on Paul Simon flew high in his Ford Ranger, delighting the crowd and he won the Mini Metal title overall and Class 7S in both day's races. Jerry McDonald got his Chevy S-10 truly muddy on the wet track, but he kept it together to win Class 7 4x4 in the main event on Sunday. its front bumper every time he flew the front jumps, and his brother Paul, in the two wheel drive Ford, ran third, and first in his class. And that's how they finished. The next event was for the Class 8 trucks only, and there were just seven of the big machines, which meant they had lots of room to play in. For the most part ~he event belonged to Robby Gordon in his Ford and Walker Evans in his Dodge. Frank Vessels did try hard in his Chevy, but his front end wasn't set up as well as he'd like, and he lost ground in the turns every time. But Gordon, driving, to quote announcer Larry Huffman, "like a young Charlie Manson!", fairly flew through the turns, and dazzled the spectators with his panache. Gordon took the win and Evans was second, and they had lapped all the others except Vessels. Next came the Stadium Class 10 cars, 20 of them, and they put on a good show. Gordon had zipped out of his truck, and into his Chenowth in the staging line, and at the green flag he jumped to the front in this event also. You have to believe that knowing the track was a help, since the first four cars off the start line were Gordon, then Paul Simon, in a Chenowth, then Greg George, another Cheno~th, and then Billy Beck, in a Berrien Laser, and all four had raced earlier in the day. George moved into second, following Gordon, with Simon and Beck in third and fourth, and they ran that way through the third lap when li;r THIRo RACE oF THE Budweiser/Bud Light 1990 sERIEs AMA CHAMPIONSHIP FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM • AMA DISTRICT 38 SUPERSTITION 250 VII LOCATION: SATURDAY AUGUST 4, 1990 Race Ready Products, The Wright Place & Schilling Corp. Sponsored by: WEST OF EL CENTRO, CALIF. BIKES START AT 6:00 A.M • BUGGIES: 6:00 P.M. 60 MILE LOOP Drawing July 21st at Smitty's Cycle Center INFO: (619) 427-5759 Dusty Times July 1990 Page 15

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Jerry Whelchel drove in several classes, won 1n some, and put his Sage Council Chenowth home second in Stadium Class 10 on Saturday. Greg George makes a pass in midair in his Sage Council Chenowth, and he drove on to place second in the Stadium Class 10 action Sunday. John Randall came out of active driving retirement with his Class 4 Jeep Honcho and put on a great show but rolled on Sunday's last lap. ~ George lost his . another driver who'd raced earlier in the day, was moving his Chenowth up through the pack after a slow start. Also moving up transm1ss10n. Gordon began to pull out a long lead, Simon fell back, and Jerry Whelchel,· Not content with winning it all in big trucks, Robby Gordon hopped into a Chenowth and easily won Stadium Class 10 honors on both days. ~ Wisconsin based Jack Flannery, left, won Class.4 on both days in a Ford; here Jack attempts the pass on Roger Rolfe's Class 8 Ford. EMPLOYMENT/ON PROFESSIONAL RACE TEAM SKILLS NEEDED: • Fabrication • Machining • Welding • Pr~ision Assembly EMPLOYEE BENEFITS INCLUDE: Page 16 • Paid Vacation and Holidays • Full Major Medical • Paid Sick Leave • Paid Travel Expenses -Reply: Mr. WIiiiam G. Church Church Engineering, Inc. 2501 Alton Avenue Irvine, ca 92714 (714) 660-8600 through the pack, and looking very skillful, was Mitch Mustard, in his Chenowth, who'd somehow fallen into the water hole, stalled the car, and sat there for three laps before he realized it would run. Then he decided to go ahead and have some fun. Gordon got the win, Whelchel, after some push and shove wi~ Beck, took second place, and Beck was third. The closing event of the day looked like an afterthought. It was a combination of Classes 3, 4, and 6, with only seven vehicles on the track. Rod Hall and his Dodge turned up missing, after a change they'd made to the underpinnings proved tough on axles. Jack Aannery had brought his Ford out from Wisconsin, and he put it into the lead right away. John Randall, out of retirement for this event, had his Jeep in second place, but couldn't catch Jack. In Class 3 Sherman Balch had his Nissan Pathfinder running, and had enough horsepower to put himself sideways every time he put his foot in the throttle. Dale Jordan ran his-Chevy El Camino in Class 6, all by his lonesome, and found it challenging just to stay out of the way of others. Aannery took the win, Randall was second, and Balch was third, and first in Class 3. The day's program was over about 10 minutes to six, and, as was ever the case at Riverside, the pit crews rolled up their sleeves and got to work, getting things · ready for Sunday. Sunday dawned warmer, and not as breezy, so it was getting hot as the first event, for the Stadium 1, Desert 1, Desert 10 and Class 5 combination lined up in staging. They were in four rows, with the Stadium 1 s first, then back through the Ss, and meant to start at intervals of a few seconds. But when the green flag dropped a couple of anxious drivers in the Desert ls jumped the gun, so there had to be a re-start. On the second start it happened again, but this time the officials let it be. In the Stadium class it was Billy Beck, then Jerry Whelchel, and Larry Noel. Whelchel caught Beck, and passed him, then stalled in the second hairpin tum on the seventh lap, and Beck went back into the lead, and Noel, never far back, moved up to take second place. Beck and Whelchel had the same fast lap, at 1:18:5, four second_s faster than Saturday's quick time, and their average mph was almost three miles per hour quicker. In the Desert class there was an addition; the Chevy powered single seat Chenowth driven by Don Adams,-who is usually found at the wheel of a four wheel drive July 1990 Jeep. Greg George jumped to the In Class 10, Ed Beard's car fore in this class again, in his overheated while he waited for Mazda truck, and Adams ran the second start, and so, when the second, followed by Jim Smith flag finally waved for his group, he with his Porsche power. They wasn't running, and had to have a threaded their way through push. Albert McMullen, in a traffic, but there was no passing Foddrill, moved into the lead, within the class, and that's how followed by Tony Kujala, then they finished; George, Adams and Mark Fry in an ORE, and then Smith. It's kind of ironic that -Beard. when Don Adams decided to go They went 'round and 'round, buggy racing, it was a four wheel all except Beard covered with drive vehicle that beat him. mud and hard to identify, with InClassS LynMocabyhadgot Beard gradually moving up his automatic transmissioned car through the pack. At the end of back together, and, after some the race, because they'd all been serious repair work on the front lapped by Beck in the winning end, Rich Minga's Porsche Bug Stadium car, the checkered flag was back, but Don Robertson was fell with no warning white flag, at the wheel instead of the injured and, not only did they not know Minga. Brad Person led off the where they finished, the scoring line,butbytheendofthefirstlap team wasn't any too certain Pete Sohren, in a Dirtrix car, had either. SCORE officials had to do taken over the lead. Robertson a video replay of the race at the never completed a full lap, as end of the day, and make a new Minga's car lost a torsion bar on lap chart from that. And the the back straight. winner was declared to be Ed Sohren led for three laps, but Beard, although no one seemed to then he hit a bump, lost control feel entirely certain of it. and did a horrendous endo on the McMullen was second and Kujala back stretch. He was given first was third. aid, and taken to the hospital, The Mini-Mags were teamed where they kept him overnight for with the Class 9 cars again, for the observation, but released him second event, but this time they with a slight concussion the next started in front, and didn't have to day. In the meantime Person took run the gauntlet of the Chal-over the lead, and there was no lengers. Charlie Townsley got the one left to challenge seriously. He hole shot, with Dan Weaver right got the win, and Bonner was on his tail, then Rory Chenowth, second, a minute behind him. and, in fourth, Rudy Townsley, ,r .,. ,,._ Sherman Balch dominated the Class 3 competition in his new Nissan Pathfinder, and he easily won the class on both Saturday and Sunday. Dale Jordan pretty much had Class 6 to himself, but he kept moving in the Chevy El Camino to finish both races first in Class 6. Dusty Times

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Charlie's dad. Charlie led for the first complete lap, but now Chenowth was only 7110th of a second behind him. Weaver dropped to fourth, and Rudy Townsley moved up to third place. Chenowth took over the lead on the second lap, and on the third lap Charlie fell to third as his dad went by him into second place. The three leaders then fairly flew around the course, with just fractions of seconds separating them, until the last lap, when Charlie disappeared. Chenowth got the win, with the elder Townsley second, and holder of the fast lap for the class at 1 :25: 1. Weaver finished in third place, and Frank Bristing moved up to fourth. Larry Dimmett had his T-Mag first around the corner from the start area, with Jack Millerd right on his bumper in a West, but by the time they'd completed a whole lap it was Rich Richardson, in a Jimco, in front, followed by Kevin Davis in a Lothringer, then Millerd, and Ray McClain in his Ghoster. There was a lot of very · close racing in Class 9, as they tended to stay in a clump. Millerd was out on the fourth lap when he broke a shock and the car yawed so severely that his head snapped and his helmet became impaled on a stud that was part of his jack mount for desert races. Millerd wasn't hurt, but has decided to move the mount. Richardson continued to lead through the sixth lap, with Davis behind him, but then McClain, who'd been working hard at getting past, made it, and took over second place. On the next lap Richardson got into trouble in the hairpins, and ended up on his head, as the rest of the entry went on by. McClain kept a firm grip on his lead, and got the win, with Davis second, and Ron Dalke, in his Home Made chassis,• in third. Dalke had recorded the quick lap for this group, at 1:39:2. The next event was the combination of Stadium 1-2-1600, Desert 1-2-1600, Ultra-Stock and 5-1600, lined up to start in that order. Once again, the battle in Class 5-1600 was between Jerry Whelchel and Dave Hendrickson. This time Whelchel had a passenger, as did Hendrick-son. Hendrickson had the bit in his teeth for a short while, but Whelchel crowded°past and took the lead on the first long lap, and then led all the way to the finish. He never got to ease off, because Hendrickson stayed close behind him all the way, and took second place. Tom Lake, more accust• omed to desert racing, finished third. The UltraStock cars looked a little quicker this time, and Larry Noel took the lead in his Scirocco, with Jimmy Smith second in his "Cherokee", and Tim Lewis third in the Porsche. On the third lap Noel's entire body took off for parts unknown, leaving him sitting in the tube frame, and giving the audience a clear view of a buggy's construction. He took a lot more mud in his face without any body panels to deflect it, but just kept wiping his goggles, and stayed out front to get the win. Smith faded on the fourth lap and Lewis held second place. In the Desert 1600s, Michael Sandoval, Jr., had his MECO out front, with Mike Williams, in Dusty Times another MECO, second, and Doug Fortin, Jr., in a Chenowth, third. They ran that way for five laps, and then on lap six, Williams bobbled, and Fortin passed him . to move into second place. Sandoval ran a smooth race, and had built a long lead, and the others just were not going to catch him. He got the win, with Fortin second and Williams third. In the Stadium 1600s, John Greaves, Saturday's winner, pulled his Taylor chassis out front and kept it there, gradually building a long lead, and basically untroubled by challengers. He stayed out of trouble, lapped the slower cars neatly, and took the win. Andy Anderson followed right along behind him in second, · and Rick Boyer, in a Fuoco, was third. Next on the program was the combined mini truck event, once again a slim entry, with eight trucks this time, representing the three classes. This time Dave Simon jumped to the lead in his four wheel drive Ford, with Larry Ragland following in his Class 7 Chevrolet. In third it was Jerry McDonald, in a four wheel drive Chevy, and then Paul Simon, in a two wheel drive Ford. Dave Simon was entertaining the . troops with his nose heavy jumps again, and speculation was that Ragland had decided to make a better show of it, and was holding back, so there'd be some racing at the end of the event for the spectators. That theory seemed to be correct on lap six when he suddenly began to gain on Simon. Simon tried to hold him off, and was doing a good job, but somehow, when he came to the water hole, he went into it instead of around it, and stalled his truck. Ragland now led, but he had a right rear flat, and pulled off course on the back straight, where he had a crewman with a spare, to change it. That put Paul Simon into the lead, in his 7S truck, and although Ragland came back out quickly, he didn't have enough time left to catch up. So Paul Simon won the event overall, taking the Class 7S win along with it. McDonald, who'd been right in there all the way, was the Class 7 4x4 winner, and second overall, and Ragland,· who was third overall, took the Class 7 victory. The spectators loved it, especially the tire The Stadium Class 10 cars were next, and these fellows always put on a good show. There were 19 of them, and the course had been highly watered. They were in a tight pack as they started through the first tum, which encompassed the water hole, and, inevitably, some went into the water. Robby Gordon led, in his Chenowth, GERMAN AUTO with about eight cars close behind him, and then a few sputtering folks, who'd been wet, including Doc Ingram, in a Chaparral, which was barely running and then coasted to a stop, on the right side near the low wall, about three car lengths past the last jump. The yellow flag came out, and several cars got past him safely, but then along came Doug Fortin, Jr., in his Chenowth, a tad further to the right than some, and when he saw Ingram he applied his brakes, but in the very wet mud they had little effect, and he flew off the jump at an angle, and landed squarely in Ingram's engine, bounced up, and landed partly on, and partly off the Doc's car. Ingram, who'd been trying to restart his car, was knocked out by the impact, but came to very quickly and decided that it was now time to exit the car, which he did with all haste. Course workers hurried overi;r ✓~OUR OFF-ROAD HEADQUARTERS'' DIEST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment 4-point Sanq Rail Seat Belt . . . S69.95 Race Belts 2"-5 point S74.95 3"-5 point .... . . , ..... from S99.95 TYPE 4-PORSCHE• STYLE FAN SHROUD I Utilizes type 1 alternator custom altel" · nator mount included . . . . . . . . S299.00 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700lb . . . . . . . . . . . . S79.95 200mm reinforced maximum 2300, 2500, 2700, or 3000lb . . . . . . . S99.96 "GERMAN AUTO" COM-PETITION PRESSURE PLATis 200mm 200lb . . . . . . . . . . . . . S49.95 215mm Porsche 914 .. CLUTCH DISCS FOR 200MM AND 215MM S114.95 Cushlocks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S36.95 4 puc ferramic ...... . $44.95 4 puc ferramic with spring hub . . S54.95 213-868-9393 CNC CUTTING BRAKES Upright or lay down styles available single or dual handles . . . . . . . . . S69.95 CNC RACE CAR PEDAL AS-SEMBLES Brake pedal with dual master cylinder and balance .bar (specify disc of drum brakes) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . from S199.95 Clutch pedal with slave . . . . . . . S104.95 Swing pedal or floor mount pedals available. SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS *Polished finish* •Bolt together replaceable halves• • available in 15" and 16" .... from S99.95 SACO IRS BUS SUPER DIFF. 100'lb machined form billet. Uses 091 series parts. Fits all years . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5424.55 SACO transmission drive flange. 1DO'lb machined from billet. Fits 930 CV joints Ceachl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $55.95 SACO "No LEAK" 4 bolt pol_ished valve covers fits 1.7, 1.8, and 1.0T4engines. Cpairl . . . . . 544.95 POLY FUEL JUGS 5 Gallon ... Square Design . . Screw On Cap $17.95 Anti-Vortex Fuel Funnel . . . . . . $17 .95 _11 Gallon ... Quick Dump . . . . . 549.95 213-863-1504 SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS AND FLANGES 930 or T. 4 cages Ceachl .. $44.95 930, T.4 & T. 2 boot flanges Ceachl S15.95 Trik boots Ceachl ... , . • • . . . . . S15.95 SACO RACK AND PINION SACO rack end pinion features alloy gears · full contact housing, and hard anodized for long wear. Standard rack and pinion . . . . S249.95 Rack and pinion mount ....... ·. . S9.95 Rack and pinion coupler . S8.95 Rack steering stops . . . $19.95 H.D MAGNUM RACK Billet housings ... 11;.,• alloy gear ... thru bolt mounting ... complete with stops --4 1" CHROMOLYTIE RODS WITH H.D. ENDS 1• ChromolyTie Rods with H.0 . Ends (specify Ford or lnternationall set .... $89.95 Quick release steering hub . . . $44.95 ·o~:e :oea~ .jeOr ono mooe1 wre,, or<:1erirg · rcnono':e · 'tect to :tack or hand ·o,ce: :ubject to change w th0<.,t noc;ce ylfA ord "1'WEOCAPO QC ,I. no :::.oo. · Jorrie ·cem/ ·n th~' 0d o--e 'or off 1000. u/e on~ ·,.. c..:.·'c·r,<:, FAX 213-929-1461 11324 Norwalk Bl. 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S525.00 4" for coil covers . . . . . pr. $550.00 WEEKEND WARRIOR LONG TRAVEL BEAMS a• travel stock width beam . . . . $199.95 a• travel widened beam $219.95 10• travel stock width beam . . . $224.95 1 O" travel widened beam . . . . . . $244.915 *Catalog $3. Page 17

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~~ Rich Minga did a double endo on Saturday, seriously damaging the Class 5 Porsche when it flipped over in the air, bounced off the nose to flip · again and finally landed on the wheels. The action was right in front of the grandstands in the tricky moguls. IJIP"',to the scene to help Fortin. Meanwhile, more cars were continuing to go by, as the leaders completed the first full lap, and Paul Simon, who was running fifth, hit. the bump at about the same angle Fortin had, and duplicated his error, landing nose down, on Ingram's trailing arm, and then rolling up ar,d over, coming to. rest parked on Fortin' s car, where Fortin was still in the cockpit. The red flag now came out. Course workers had seen Simon coming and had scattered, so none were hit, but one fellow, a regular member of PIR's fire crew, Tom Prewett, had badly hurt his leg in his jump over the wall. While the medics attended Prewett, Ingram helped the other two drivers out of their cars, which were leaking fuel, and they soon waved to the crowd to show that they were all unhurt. Once Prewett was taken off to. the hospital in the ambulance, the wreckage was cleared; the cars were restaged, Paul Simon included, and the race was restarted. There were only 14 cars on the restart, and all went smoothly, with Gordon once again taking the lead. Danny Rice ran second for a while in his Chenowth with Greg George third in his Chen-owth, and then Jerry Whelchel, another Chenowth, in fourth. By lap two George was second, and pushing hard, but Gordon had got a good long lead. George had the fast lap for the race, at 1:16:5, but that was a hard pace to maintain. On the fourth lap he nearly came to grief, as his front popped up so high on the last grandstand jump that his left front tire settled down on the top of the wall, rolling along headed straight for the flagman's tower. While the flagman pondered whether to jump or not, George twitched . himself off the wall and back ·onto the ground, and he gave the wall a wider berth on subsequent laps. N SAHARA VDO -Chenowth - Simpson ~· ~ (,IJ X ::i >' ~ SIRIUS ~ ..... -------tci :j ~ ~ 0:l SPRING MTN. ~ T riMil - K & N Filters - Bugpack Bilstein - Centerline - Cibie Hewland -Porsche Turbo CVs Beard's Seats- Parker Pumper Yokohama Tires -Super Trapp Gem Gears - KYB Shocks Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place - Dura Blue Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. NEVADA PHONE ORDER HOUSE 3054 So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911 • (702) 871-5604 Page 18 Gordon was having a flawless race, and continued to lengthen his lead. By the sixth lap they were lapping slower cars, and Whelchel was a little closer to Rice, trying for that third spot. He managed to slide by somehow on the last lap, and the finish order was Gordon, George, Whelchel and Rice. The last event of the day was the Heavy Metal Race, with an extra $1000 for the winner, posted by Mr. and Mrs. George Hayakawa, of SCORE Interna-tional of Japan. This time the Class Bs were combined with classes 3, 4 and 6, for a total of 12 vehicles on the track. But not for long. As they hit the water hole, Mike Schwellinger's Ford got squeezed into it, and drowned out, which left him parked for the balance, with a good seat for watching the race. Walker Evans was said to have made some adjustments to his Dodge for this race, and Vessels had also done some work on his Chevy, so excitement was high, , especially with announcer Larry Huffman alluding to the so called "feud" between Robby Gordon and Evans in the stadium trucks. At the start Evans got the jump, with Jack Flannery, in his Class 4 Ford right behind him, and then Gordon in the Class 8 Ford, and Vessels right with him in his Chevy. Gordon and Vessels were soon by Fl;mnery, who doesn't have their suspension, and chasing Evans, who'd obviously done a lot of work on the truck overnight. As they finished the second lap Walker was still leading, and vibrating the aluminum grand-stands as he roared past, but Gordon moved a little closer through the hairpins. Then, in the short esses after the hairpins, Walker suddenly slowed, veered sideways, and Gordon, coming at full tilt, slid into him and shoved him to one side, waving an apology as he went by. It turned out that Evans had lost his steering altogether, and the big duel was over. Gordon went on to take the win, Vessels finished . second, and Roger Rolfe, in a Ford, was third, a lap down. July 1990 Rich Minga suffered facial cuts and bruises and a broken nose in his double flip, and later, at home, discovered he also had back injuries that will keep him out of off road action for some time. Photo by Judy Smith. The best race of this bunch was in Class 4, between Flannery, John Randall in his Jeep, and John Dyck, another Jeep, who were vying for third place overall, and really going at it. Dyck's steering box locked up on lap three however, and stuffed him into the wall, leaving the race to Flannery and Randall. Randall passed Flannery in the hairpins on lap four, but then Jack got him back midway through the lap. Randall took over ttgain on the fifth lap, and then Flannery developed a right rear flat. But it wasn't entirely out of air, so he kept coming, much to Randall's dismay, and on the seventh lap he went by him again. On the white flag lap, while trying to regain the lead, Randall got himself hooked up on the grandstand wall, past the flagman's tower, slid along, hit a bump, and rolled his truck over. He came to a stop parked belly up, and still hooked on the wall. Flannery went on to get the win, just barely making it to the finish before his tire shredded, which would have called for a black flag to preserve the pavement.-Sherman Balch won the Class 3 race in his Nissan, and finished fifth overall, while Dale Jordan ran a defensive race, staying out of the way, to·get his li:me Class 6 Chevy back to thtcheckered flag. And so, the firs annual PIR Off Road World C ampionship event was over. Ojil the whole, the racing was entertaining to watch, but the prograr1 moved too slowly, with long dry spells between events, while they cleared off broken vehicles and rewatered the already too wet track. SCORE and PIR have some rethinking to do if they plan more of these events, and word is that it is at least a three year deal. One hopes particularly that they'll put the pits in some place where it won't be a 10 minute hike from the pit to the grandstands to watch your car race. If it was anyone's weekend, it was Robby Gordon's. He entered two classes, four events and won them all handily. And his high powered driving style really electrified the spectators, espec-ially his heart stopping approach to the hairpin turns in his truck . Definitely furi to watch. Dusty Times

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THE BUDWEISER/BUD UGHT ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK James Tucker Wins the World Endurance Off Road Championship By Jean Calvin Photos: C&G Race Photos/Track.side Photo Enterprises/John Calvin . . , ~ m Fud, who stayed on post for the 24 hours, waves the checkered flag over the Raceco of James Tucker, Larry Wyatt and Scott Webster. They did 56 laps, over 851 miles, in 24 hours and won overall by three laps despite some early Saturday front end breakage. The Rock Around the Clock 24 Hour World Endurance Off Road Championship was a dream that Fud and his FRT crew have had for some time. A year ago they ran a 24 hour event for a world record with bikes and quads, and it was a successful venture with the top two separated by just seconds after 24 hours of racing. Well, the folks who drive race cars and trucks clamored for a similar event, so Fud went to work to put it all together. In fact he worked on the project between his other races for the entire. year. Many folks phoned for entry information as early as last winter, and as the May race date drew near, the interest increased. However, there was a date conflict with the SCORE World Champ-ionships at Phoenix, and Mothers' Day, for starters, and the fact that many FRT regular racers pooled their resources and formed six driver teams or more in one car. As a result the entry closed at 25 and 24 actually ~tarte4 the long West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PRICE $_695.00 GEARS .. . AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 D·EALER INQUIRIES INVITED Pag 20 trek around the clock. , The timing was done by the regular FR T team and observed by Jack Dolan of the S.C.T.A. who sanctioned the records that would be established. Dolan put a limit of 20 miles on the course and it turned out to be just 15.2 miles long. The track was made up of a road once used by horses pulling stage coaches, which was a fun wash. Another road was used by mules pulling wagons carrying gypsum to nearby Plaster City, and the third stretch was a road used by crews to construct a power line. It ~tarted out to be a fairly fast course, but as day turned into night the ruts got deeper, as did the silt beds, and the rocks got bigger also. The driver's meeting started promptly at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 12. Fud gave a complete description of the course, the various markings, and the penalties for not obeying rules such as no passing before a checkpoint. Where the no passing area starts a "No Pass Check Ahead" sign was displayed. However, the checks are not stop checks and there were two on course plus home at the start/ finish line. The big discussion at the meeting was about the rule "five hours of down time and you are out." Down time was defined as time spent when the vehicle is not moving, such as changing drivers, tires, adding gas, etc. There was no limit on the amount of drivers pe.r car, and one could change anything except the frame. The starting order was Class 1-2-1600, 100, 9, 5-1600 and 8. The drivers staged themselves in orderly fashion and all was in readiness when Fud appeared with the green flag. The timers counted down and the green flag flew over the 1-1600 Chenowth of David and Dave Fessenden, Bill Dell and Mike Hart. We will list all the known drivers on each entry off the start, and, for the July 1990 Making it 1-2 for local teams J.A. Ashley, Robert Lofton, Robert Whitted, Carl Haynes and Bobby Plunkett did 54 laps for second in Class 1-2-1600 and overall and they also won Class 5-1600. Nobody had more fun than the Bob Hummel ten driver team and despite using four distributors, and having other troubles they stayed in the game to finish the Funco-Jimco third overall and in Class 1-2-1600. sake of brevity, we will refer to the entry elsewhere by the name of the Driver of Record. Next to leave was the J .A. Ashley team in a Raceco. Co-drivers Robert Lofton, Bobby Plunkett, Robert Whitted and Carl Haynes were also slated to drive the #550 5-1600 Bug. A most interesting entry was the Funco, rebuilt by Jimco, of Dave Kinworthy and Bob Hummel of Race Ready Products. They put out the word that for $ 100 a driver could have two hours, maybe more, in this race car. They got 12 takers, and ten actually showed up to drive including Kevin Basore and Steve Drop. We don't have more names, but-every time we went by the pit they all seemed happy and they did finish third overall. Next came the 1600 Raceco of Don Chase and Bob Stockton, followed by the Funco of Don Hicks, Dwayne Eccles, Jack Diaz, and Matt Phillips, and the last starter in Class 1-2-1600 was the Raceco of James Tucker, Larry Wyatt and Scott Webster. Reports from the first check was that all six were running in the same dust cloud. The seven Challengers left next led by the Chenowth of Larry and Madelein Kern and Jeff Bennett. The team of Gary Brewer, Mitchell Franta and Sammy Walker were next off the line, and Just seconds out of third place the team of Dave and David Fessenden, Mike Hart and Bill Dell overcame time lost from a complete transmission change to finish 50 laps, fourth overall and in class. They rolled the Bug in the night but J.A. Ashley, Robert Whitted, Robert Lofton and the crew finished a remarkable fifth overall and got the Class 5-1600 world record covering 42 laps, 636 miles in 24 hours. Dusty Times

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Wayne Ritayik, Kevin and Ken Pratt and Mike Dupont had their problems early, then ran almost trouble free to cover 41 laps in 24 hours, winning Class 9 and establishing a world record. Larry and Madelein Kern, Jeff Bonner and company finished eighth overall and second in Class 9. They completed 34 laps and were part of the group that waited out the time until 7 a.m. Sunday. it went fast with one car gone every 15 seconds. Then it was the MECO of Wayne Ritayik, Kevin and Ken Pratt and Mike Dupont, followed by the Jimco of Bea and Billy Hoskins, Jeff Hartsuyker, Carolin Seesing and Jack Sobel-man. The team of Gary Gressett, George and Chad Erl and Dave lstance was fifth in class off the line followed by Gene Szufuar-cknski, Lance LaFrancis, John Eads and Louis Herman, and the Chenowth of Mike Pfankuch. Mixed in with the Class 9s off the line were the pair of Class 100 cars led by the Sandhawk of Dale Arney, Donna Hingtgen, Mike Ward and Barbara Pierce. Starting a bit late was the Hi Jumper of Bill Hammack, Dan Lewis, Andy Blue, Randall Persky, Dennis Green, and Steve Daubs. First away of the 5-1600 Bugs was the Ashley team listed above, followed by the team of Rick St. John and Steve Miszkiawicz. Next it was the Andy DeVercellys, father and son, with Tom Schilling, Chuck De Vercelly and Peter Brown co-driving. Mike Davis, Vic Calderon, Brett Driscoll and Carl Haynes were next followed by the Bud Light team of Jack Hettinger, Steve Reynolds, Donald Kerr and Jim Hodge. The final two starters were the two trucks that came to try for 24 hours. Neither made it but both went a goodly distance. Craig Corda, Robert Wagner and Walter Brinnon started in their ..... ' ·~ Looking tidy here Rick St. John, Steve Miszkiawicz and company covere la s also ood for tenth cverall and fourth in 5-1600s. • The Class 100 cars had a lot of down time, but the Sandhawk of Dale Arney, Donna Hingtgen and Barbara Pierce avoided penalties, did 32 laps in 24:04, and they won the class record and placed eleventh overall. Dusty Times Jack Hettinger, Steve Reynolds, Donald Kerr and Jim Hodge finished 34 laps for second in Class 5-1600, with some serious pit stops along the way. It's always nice when the race sponsor does well. Class 8 351 Ford, which sounded Fessenden another minute back. good. Bill and Victor Davis put Ashley was another two minutes their Datsun 2000 in Class 8, down,andHickshaddroppedout having revived this truck just for of the pack by six minutes. These the 24 hour run. guys were still having their sprint Lap times for the 1600s were race, but Hummell dropped estimated to be in the 20 to 25 \ another 30 minutes with distribu-minute range and sure enough tor troubles. Fessenden was around in 20 . For the next two laps the Chase minutes, still first on the road but car led Tucker and Fessenden on followed in a minute by Chase, the road, but all three were in the Ashley and Tucker, while Don same minute, with, on time, Hicks was only another minute Ashley a minute behind. After back. These guys were behaving five laps the five 1-2-1600 cars more like sprinters than enduro had lapped the entire field and settled into a steady pace with the leaders running an average of 22 minutes the lap. On time Tucker had about a minute lead on Chase, and the pit folk wondered how long they could keep up this pace. After ten laps the Tucker car, from nearby Brawley, apparently liked the course and terrain and was running trouble free. The lead was now over nine minutes on Ashley, who in turn had five minutes on Fessenden. Hicks had some down time and was another half hour back, and Chase too had a long tenth lap and was another 17 minutes down followed in another half hour by the Hummell car who had a couple of inexper-ienced drivers in for their $100, worth oflaps early, and had more distributor trouble too. On lap 15 Tucker broke the front end on the Raceco, but he was in sight of Checkpoint 2. The bikers manning the check hauled the car in, fired up their welder the car back on the road, and the car lost about an hour and 26 minutes in the exercise. It was now about two in the afternoon. Fessenden had the lead followed in a minute by Ashley. Hummell and Chase ~ racers. Down on the course with -------------distributor trouble was Kin-worthy, stopped with the Hoskins Challenger. They both got a field fix and eventually finished the first lap, in fact the race. So all six made it one lap. Next lap Fessenden was still first on the road but right on his bumper came both Chase and Tucker, with Ashley a couple of minutes back followed in three minutes by Hicks. The Hummell Funco lost a full hour to the class on this lap with electrical and other problems. On lap 3 of an estimated 50-60, Don Chase was first on the road followed by Tucker a minute back, and Brent Driscoll, Carl Haynes, Vic Calderon and Mike Davis had a good time. They finished 32 laps, third in Class 5-1600 and ninth overall. PARKER PUMPER HELMET CO. 714-923-7016 1985 SNELL APPROVED HELMETS WE HAVE IN STOCK A COMPLETE LINE OF SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS, ON DISPLAY AND AVAILABLE AT LOW RACE NET PRICES! Each helmet has shield and skirt included. 8· ..... o~e; e>' \'" i..,e\l '\";. e 0 rr-r::,'b ~\l .. lll>~ ~~ ~._e ~' . .,.\0 ~~ ~~e ~ ~~\\e,~~"1 ~ tl.0c, ~e ~ v'l-t,'' ~.. ~~· o, O ~o~~ ,,,~"'o O~ACH HAS RACHET SHIELD -MORE NOSE ROOM MUCH LIGHTER - SEALS BETTER AGAINST DUST ALSO AVAILABLE FULL LINE OF SIMPSON PRODUCTS -BELL HELMETS - GLASS SHIELDS - DRINKERS KOOL PAC'S - PUMPER MOTORS - 4'-8' HOSES We Convert Customer's Helmets -"IT'S ALMOST LIKE CHEATING" ..... PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 2318 South Vineyard, Ste B, Ontario, CA 91761 714/923-7016 5FWY July 1990 Page 11

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~ were over an hour back, as was Hicks. By lap 25, nearly 11 hours into the race as the daylight was going away at six p.m. Tucker was back in the lead and others stopped for various things including driver changes and fuel and repairs. Fessenden was busy changing a transmission that broke on lap 18, having borrowed a fresh one from Bob Stockton. At this point 18 cars were still running, a remarkable display of endurance by all four classes in the competition. The 14th and last official finisher at 29 taps was the Class 100 Hi Jumper of Bill We lost total track of most cars in the night, but some went missing. Hicks vanished on lap 35 and could not get fixed and Don· Chase and crew, after a series of woes, retired on lap 38. By lap 45 the pattern was set with Tucker Gary Brewer, Mitchell Franta and Sammy Walker ran strong most of the way, Hammack, Dan Lewis, Andy Blue, Dennis Green, Steve Daubs and Randy had some trouble, but finished 30 laps, fourth in Class 9. P.ersky, here passing Gary Gresett's Challenger, right. leading Ashley, Hummel and timesstayedhot.Tobeafinishe-r CAthatcamebackfromearlyand lap leader was the Sandhawk of Fessenden by more than a lap. As the car had to cross the finish line serious trouble to have no more Dale Arney, six minutes up on the the clock wound down the la after"the 24 hours ran out, but not problems, not even a flat tire. Hi Jumper of Bill Hammack. They before. Consequently, from 6:30 Second overall and in 1600 swapped the lead every other lap a.m. Sunday morning on, quite a class was the team of J .A. Ashley, or so, and since they had started group. of cars parked about a Robert Lofton, Carl Haynes, out of order it was hard to tell quarter mile before but insight of Bobby Plunkett and Robert who had the lead. After five laps, the finish line, knowing they were Whitted. They covered 54 laps at the clocks showed Arney with a too weary to make another hot 34.2 mph, and also drove the 5-40 minute lead over Hammack lap. 1600 car to victory. It was tight who lostthat time on the fifth lap. The exception was the winning for third and fourth overall and in After ten laps Arney's lead Raceco, which flashed past to 1600 class. The ten driver team of increased to over an hour as the start another lap with just 33 Bob Hummell just squeaked.out Hi Jumper continued to have minutes left on its clock. third by seconds over the down time, the co-drivers saying However, James Tucker, Larry Fessendens and friends, both cars that they had but two usable Wyatt and Scott Webster made it covering 50 laps. gears. The gap remained the same back just in time to win the 1600 The pair of Class 100 cars after ten laps. After 20 laps Arney class and overall by three laps, and averaged ten minutes more a lap had an hour, 12 minute lead . . Bill and Bea Hoskins, Jeff Hartsuyker and Jack Sobe/man put their Jimco their record is 851.2 miles, 56 then the 1600s, surprising in Then Hammack began having across the finish line third in Class 9 and twelfth overall. . laps at 35.47 mph. Congratula- - some ways, but they both wanted well over an hour laps, but --,-ff;-1-,-,-,-l-i-~-i-~-1-,-1-,-,-1-,-l_:_i=-~=-,_:_~=-,=-l~~=-,=-,=-,-=,=-l:.:~-=l=-M=-~-~=-l-~-~-,-.-.-,-~-;-,-1-1-..., to f~ ish and !hf:y : .i! ~: ~e first --~~~~-to _½eep rolling enoug; .091 HEAVY DUTY DIFFERENTIAL Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity. Pre-cision machined for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! CV BOOT HOLDERS Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. Larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 Cl/s. Tired of replacing com-plete CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated aircraft quality 300M Alloy steel and feature case hardened ball grooves. NEW FOR '89 ! TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available. ,14-441-1212 McKENZIE'S l~~~,~~:s 2366 0RANGETHORPE, ANAHEIM, CA 92801i· INVITED July 1990 ··"';,r""-" 41', .. , _ _, :.1 -1 ,-~:~f' •ii,, a,,_.. ..... -m. ~ , ~~-, ·N Andy Devercelly and son Andy, Tom Schilling, Chuck DeVercelly, and Peter • Brown were looking good in Class 5-1600 until lap 35 when the trans went out and sticky bolts kept them from installing the fresh trans they had. ' Craig Corda, Robert Wagner and Walter Bfinnon had the Ford roaring for 17 laps, then a broken axle and other woes put them on the ,trailer. Dusty Times

Page 23

Don Chase and Bob Stockton ran up front most of their 37 laps, but went out on the 38th round. Apparently with non-repairable damage. to avoiq ~he. fh,e hour down time Larry and Madelein Kern and Jeff rule. ' · Bennett, who did 34 laps in In all the Hammack Hi Jumper 24.05, for eighth overall. Another completed 29 laps at an average team coming back from first lap speed of 24.06 mph, but it on course down time, Bea and crossed the finish line under Billy Hoskins, Jeff Hartsuyker power at six minutes after seven to be the 14th and last official finisher. Dale Arney and company had their troubles also, but not enough to keep them from completing 32 laps in 24 hours and four minutes. They covered 486.4 miles to establish the Class 100 record, and the-.,· were eleventh overall in their class winning drive. The seven Challengers took off in a pack and stayed well together on the first lap except for Billy Hoskins who was down on course for 15 minutes. Larry Kern started first, but Wayne Ritayik finished the first lap first on the road with Gary Brewer close behind, followed in a minute by the rest of the field. Hoskins came along 45 minutes later, sounding healthy. The lead pack swapped first place back and forth until lap 5 when Brewer held about ten minutes over the field . The Challengers really got mixed up with the 5-1600s, and the lead pack stayed close together and on time. Finishing lap 3 for example, all in the same minute, were Brewer and Ritayik and then a few ticks later Gary Gressett, Larry Kern and Mike Pfankuch. By lap 10 Ritayik was leading by 24 minutes over Pfankuch. Larry Kern was another eight minutes back, and three more were well back while Gary Gressett retired on lap 10. The 20 lap leader was Pfankuch with 11 minutes on Ritayik and the other four were spread by hours led by Larry Kern, another 43 minutes back, followed in hours by Billy Hoskins, Gary Brewer and Lance LaFrancis, and lap 20 was the last one completed by LaFrancis. At 30 laps Ritayik had a stout lead of about four hours. Pfankuch ran second with about 40 minutes on Kern while Hoskins and Brewer trailed by over an hour. But by lap 36 it was determined that the Pfankuch team had used five hours and 16 minutes down time on that lap and that was the end of their race at 547 official miles. So four of the original seven struggled on through the night. Wayne Ritayik, Kevin a:1d Ken Pratt and Mike Dupont, had only minor troubles the rest of the distance and they parked and waited out the finishing time, covering 623.2 miles for a record of24.04 hours. They also did 41 laps bringing them in sixth overall and our congratulations go to them for such a fine effort. Placing second in class was the team of Dusty Times . . > :,. < . .. •. ::, a: Ill . ' C . ···.:·· :. ........ - . E' n .. a, • 'ti 0 Q, , . C ~ ., ; ., < !!?. ii tr . i' Q, ~-.. !l , -0 3 ~ (11 Ut . Don Hicks, Dwayne Eccles, Jack Diaz and Matt Phillips had a good race in the Funco for 34 laps, then they vanished from the charts. and Jack Sobelman finished with 31 laps to their credit in 24 hours, and were 12th overall. With 30 laps done in 24 .04 hours Gary Brewer, Mitchell Franta, and Sammy Walker claimed fourth in :•.·; ·. ·. July 1990 Class 9 and 13th overall. Five strong 5-1600 Bugs started the long trek, and they ran in tight formation the first lap with the Bob Lofton team starting first and finishin~ the lap first, a minute ahead of Rick St. John who had Andy Devercelly tight on his tail pipe. Another minute back came Mike Davis just two minutes ahead of Jack Hettinger. These guys were sprinting like the 1600 buggies were. At the five lap mark DeVercelly had the lead seven minutes up on Lofton. Rick St. John was 14 more minutes down, followed in a similar gap by Mike Davis and Jack Hettinger. With ten laps done Lofton led DeVercelly by six minutes, and while all were running, nobody else was close. At 15 laps Lofton was 11 minutes ahead of DeVer-celly and the other three had fallen further behind. The two horse race for the lead continued and by lap 20 DeVercelly had closed to within eight minutes of the leading Lofton and all the Bugs were running, albeit a bit slower (;9"' Page 13

Page 24

Mike Pfankuch and his crew ran well for quite a distance in Class 9, but trouble on lap 37 saw them use more than their five hours down time and they were time barred, 14 minutes over the limit. ,-,;w~ ~ Gary Gressett, George and Chad Erl and Dave /stance had the dubious honor of being first out of the race, doing just nine laps. Lance LaFrancis and his group from San Diego had a fairly short race also, and retired from Class 9 after covering just 20 laps. ~ than the leaders. By late afternoon the Lofton Bug, which was newly built and on its first outing, broke a stub axle, and was reduced to three brakes for the rest of the run. Earlier a front adjuster had broken and they ran the 24 hours without one. And, at 30 laps the De Vercellys had broken a torsion bar and lost a ton of time. Lofton was back in the lead by two hours over DeVercelly. Jack Hettinger was another hour back, followed at a respectable distance by Mike Davis and Rick St. John. Late in the night troubles began to strike all the Bugs. The Lofton/Whitted group rolled their Bug, lost time and gave the lead to the De Vercellys. The Rick St. John crew had enough trouble to go more laps down and there was a lot of patch work happening around 4 a.m. in the pits that were still active. Then the DeVercellys had trans trouble after 34 laps, got to the main pit, had another trans, but due to some pesky back bolts that wouldn't come out, Andy gave up the job ·after an hour of wrestling with the bolt, unable to GENIBREL SEALED SYSTEM Introducing! Revolutionary, tough, sealed recombining, vibration-proof, racing battery system. A step above the rest. Dump your wimpy imported battery and step up to the GENIBREL SEALED SYSTEM. NO MORE: Fumes, leakage, servicing, corrosion or failures. Batteries can be installed in ANY position (even upside down) and location, facilitates weight distribution. RECOMBINES FUMES: Completely sealed system reduces the danger of explosion, eliminates corrosion and premature failure. Extends battery life 4 to 6 times over flooded lead acid units. VIBRATION PROOF: Plates are held in epoxy at the base, eliminates plate· short outs. Felt separators keep plates from vibrating, eliminjltes lead shedding. EXTENDED LIFE: GENIBREL SEALED SYSTEM uses felt separators to keep lead on the plates, eliminating lead shedding, providing for a greater number of cycles over conventional units. OUTSTANDING CHARGE RETENTION: Our Sealed System keeps on winning after others have quit sparking. A Sealed System of equal or-lower weight finish races others DNF. The steady discharge rate ensures a high/end output. NO SPECIAL CHARGER: Super heavy duty and sealed design allows use of any good charger. Save money! 4 SIZES, U.S. MADE: Big cars no longer need two small expensive batteries, from 30 to 80 amp. hours. 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Also available WAFFLED FOIL Complete line of heat barriers: WRAP to improve appearance and protect tape: Blankets, foll, fire sleeve and FOIL WRAP 8 sheet pack $79.99 4 sheet pack $39.99 aluminum tape. THERMOPOWER TAPE 100' X 1/8" $79.99 50' X 1/8" $44.99 Genibrel INNOVATIVE RACING PRODUCTS Page 24 Information: (213) 403-3364 Orders only: (800) 736-3770 17422 Studebaker Road. Cerritos. Ca 90701 r-;,;A, 1111w i ...... J --' C.O.0 . July 1990 l 16 Gauge, can be welded on. Not spot welded. No rebuilding, no packing and made in the U.S.A. Gases expand in 1st and create low pressure in 2nd chamber and outlet. remove the broken trans and install the new one. The car was running a strong second on that lap. Dawn came and of the 18 running at dusk Saturday night, 14 were still circulating on the track. The only Bug running strong was the Lofton car with Robert Whitted Sr. at the wheel to drive to the finish. Regular readers might recall that Whitted won Class 5-1600 at Parker for three consecutive years. As the time ran out Whitted stopped for a short time short of the finish line and finished in 24.02 hours, with the class win and sixth overall, a record of 638.49 miles. The local entry Ashley combine did well winning Class 5-1600 and taking second in 1-2-1600 with Bob Whitted, Jr. at the wheel for that finish. The two trucks were the last to leave the start line, and, surprising many pit watchers, the Datsun 2000 of Bill Davis came around five minutes ahead of the V -8 Ford of Craig Corda. With five laps done Davis held the lead, having enter'ed his truck in Class 8 to make a contest. He was about seven minutes up on the Corda Ford now. While both had a little slower laps going after ten rounds Corda had a 30 minute lead. Davis had lost 40 minutes on lap 9 and had to have a little welding done. By lap 14 the race seemed pretty much weighted toward V-8 power. Corda led by 42 minutes, even though Davis had a faster lap time. Then on lap 15 the Corda Ford broke an axle, costing an hour and a half. It didn't matter because halfway through the next lap the front transfer case seal let go, and the replacement axle tore up the rear end. So Corda ended his race on the end of a tow rope before 5 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile the Davis Datsun kept circulating with good lap times after a three hour lap on number 26. They had brc;,ken a U-joint around 5:20 p.m., went to El Centro, bought parts, and got back in the race. However they had more breakage, more welding, and finally retired after 24 laps, the last few being really slow, so they were about out of down time anyhow. The curtain rang down on the first 24 hour off road race in over a decade for cars with 14 official finishers. Winners and losers alike were still enthusiastic about the concept, planning ahead for next spring, and all the talk at the awards was upbeat, even though the faces showed fatigue. They will all be back no doubt, and bring a bunch of their friends as well. It sure is a different kind of off road racing, but it is quite a test of a complete team effort. Dusty Times

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100% Entry payback in Semi-Main on Saturday Night Plus Contingency money. You must run Saturday to qualify for purse on Sunday. Class Information Great Western Points Series runs the following classes in the Colorado Off-Road Championships: 1/2 1600 2/5 10 Heavy Metal Quads A 250 & Unlimited Quads B 250 & Unlimited Odesseys Other classes will be run if there are sufficient entries. SHORT COURSE STADIUM OFF ROAD RACING COLORADO STATE FAIRGROUNDS PUEBLO, COLORADO ENTRY FEES Heavy Metal ........ $110.00 SATURDAY & SUNDAY JULY 14-15 1990 Classes 2, 5 & 10 . . . . 110.00 Class 1.2-1600 . ~ . . . . 60,00 Producing Championship Off-Road Racing T,CKef ~.5'TE.R® SELECT GART BROS. • DAVE COOK AND SOUND WAREHOUSE CAU-FOR-TII (303) 290-TIIS Race Schedule Saturday July 14 Gates open l :00 pm Tech. & Registration 1-4 pm Practice 2:30 - 5:00 pm Opening Ceremonies 6:45 First Race 7:00 pm Sunday July 15 Gates open 8:00 am Practice 9:30-11:30 am Opening Cereminies 12:45 First Race l :00 pm 0 © AMERICA NOW. INC. DENVER 1989 Fairgrounds Information The Colorado State Fairgrounds are located within the City of Pueblo. Follow signs from l-25to find the Fairgrounds. On site camping is available with beautiful surroundings and all types of recreqtion available within minutes. Quad "A's" . & Odyssey . . . . . . . . 45.00 Quad "B's" . . . . . . . . . 25.00 - $5000 guaranteed purse will be paid in Main Events on Sunday Afternoon. Two day's Short Course Off-Road Racing for one entry Fee! The Regal Inn Pueblo Welcomes the Colorado Off Road Championship Series Preferred Rates: s24oo one bed s32oo two beds PUf:BLO ~--960Hwy.50West 719-543-8900 ZIP81008 Advance reservations requested. Not valid with other discounts or coupons. Subject to availability. For More Information contact: Bertram Productions (303) 936-5960, Ron Kiel (303) 452-4013, Tony Jackson (303) 667-6704 ! 1 l i j < ·l i ' I I

Page 26

Jlicle 1'/Jo111 'IOll'I _r._-,-4"""1:-1"7r;--, Phoenix Sun Devil Stadium By Homer Eubanks Photos: T rackside Photo Ent. Danny Thompson kept his Chevy S-10 together in Arizona, and it did not fail him. He not only won the hectic truck main event, leading most of the way, he placed second and fourth in the two heat races. Round five of the MTEG Off Road Championship Gran Prix signaled the half way point in this racing season. The event was held in Phoenix at the University of Arizona's Sun Devil Stadium. Also happening on April 21 was SCORE's San Felipe 250 desert race, causing this date to be remembered by many off road racers as the day of competition, confusion and traveling. This meant qualifying in Phoenix and returning to Baja and then traveling back to Phoenix, all within 72 hours. But hey, off road racers are tough and besides the thrill of two pay checks can stretch one to their limits. Going into the Phoenix event Ivan Stewart led Walker Evans by only 28 points. However in the Manufacturers Cup tally, Team Toyota had a convincing lead of 423 to Team Jeep's 314. Walker Evans, team manager of Jeep, in an attempt to close the gap had hired former Mazda pilot Glenn Harris to drive the team's second Jeep. Harris replaced Rob MacCachren in the stadium truck but· MacCachren will remain as the team's desert driver. After five completed races Ivan Stewart still leads the points battle with 296. Danny Thompson (257) won the Phoenix main event allowing him to edge Walker Evans (248) out of second place. And an outstand-ing performance from Toyota's Jeff Huber put Toyota up 54 3 to Jeep's 387 in the Manufacturers Cup war. Toyota has also done their share to boost Yokohama's points standings in the Tire Manufacturers Cup tally. Going into Phoenix the Super 1600 contest had a close battle for individual points between Bob Gordon's 137 and last year's overall winner Mitch Mustard at 132. With a certain amount of luck Mitch Mustard was able to jump out front after Phoenix with 178 over Bob Gordon's 158. In the UltraStock class Larry Noel (208) has retained his edge over second place Jeff Elrod (190). With Noel's victories he has pushed Volkswagen to 427 points in the UltraStock Manu-facturers Cup challenge. Jeep trails with 278. Jeff Elrod started out charging in his UltraStock VW, taking second in the first heat; then he came on strong in the main event, and won by a considerable margin. Page 26 July 1990 Jeff Huber made his strongest showing to date since joining the Toyota team. Jeff won both heat races, adding lots of.points for the chase for the 1990 title. SuperLite action has Allen Yaros leading the points battle with 147 to Rory Holladay's 139. Charles Shepherd is dominating the 4-Wheel ATV division with 222 points. His closest competi-tion comes from Donny Banks with 184. Mike Craig has the edge over Jim Holley in the UltraCross class with 280 to 258 separating the two. The football field of Sun Devil Stadium limited the actual race track size, making it difficult to pass, but the MTEG organization still offered one sweeper which gave the drivers a two option corner to enhance passing. The layout consisted of entering the stadium from the north. Once flagged off they then went down a long straight before turning back left and then were slowed a bit by a small jump. After this a sharp left hander set the drivers up for a rough studder section. The rough section brought them back to the north end of the field. A right hand switchback brought them mid-field to where they turned left and had two options for the left hand sweeper. The sweeper's outside option let them hang it all out over a smooth surface while the inside option had four small jumps to even out the shorter distance. To get the evening started the Grand National Sport Trucks took the field for heat one. Sitting on the pole was Toyota's new team member Jeff Huber. Along-side Huber was his old teammate Glenn Harris. Harris, now in a Jeep was making his second start for that team. Second row consisted of Roger Mears Sr. in his Nissan and Rod Millen in a Ford. The third row pitted the number one and two points leaders together. Ivan Stewart, Toyota, sat inside, with Walker Evans outside in his Jeep. By virtue of an inverted starting order Danny Thompson, the evening's fastest qualifier, had his Chevrolet on the last row. On -the start Huber took the lead after Harris lost his challenge. Harris was then spun around in turn four by another ex-teammate, Millen, and fell back to third. Stewart settled into fourth while Evans, Mears and Thompson trailed in that order. By the third lap Huber had managed to use the open track to get some real estate between himself and second place Millen. Mears got the Nissan into trouble and rolled catching fire and caused the race to be stopped. During the confusion Millen pulled over with mechanical woes and fell from second to sixth, while Ivan was able to get into second before the yellow came out. On the restart both the T oyotas were out front but Harris muscled his way into second for a few moments until Stewart returned the shoving match and retook second before the lap ended. Harris then fell to fifth and battled with Thompson. When the white flag came out seven trucks were running but Evans, Mears and Millen were all limping around at a slow pace. The T oyotas were stretched out with Huber in the lead and teammate Stewart trailing. All the action was between Harris and Thompson as the two fought fiercely over third. When the checkered came out the T oyotas took the win but Harris earned third. Thompson was fourth and Rod Millen finished fifth. The second race of the evening brought out the first UltraStock heat contenders. Once action began it was Larry Noel that grabbed the lead while Jeff Elrod pushed the Porsche of Brian Collins out of second place. Chris Neil, Paul Nissley and Jim Smith followed. By the third lap Noel had pulled a very comfortable lead over Elrod. Chris Neil however was still within striking distance of second place, with a good three way battle for fourth Formerly a Phoenix resident, Larry Noel flew his VW UltraStock to first place in the first heat, but a stop in the penalty box dropped him to third in the main event. Dusty Times

Page 27

Brad Castle showed off his new Toyota 4 Runner style UltraStock, and he won the first heat in the class, but faded back in the main. going on between Nissley, Collins and Smith. Larry Noel was never headed and brought his VW around for the win. Jeff Elrod managed second and Chris Neil won out for third place. Paul Nissley took fourth. Only five cars lined up for the second UltraStock heat. Brad Castle used his front row starting position to grab the early lead. Tim Lewis put his Porsche in second place with Tommy Croft hot on his tail. By the third lap· Castle had decided he wanted to win and put some real estate between himself and the . pack battling for second. Mike Lesle snuck up on Croft and took his third place position and while Croft was trying to shake off his disappointment he let Vince Tjelmeland around as well. Tjelmeland stalked Lesle for a couple of laps and put his Nissan into second place, but on the following lap Lesle retook the position. At the end of the event it was · Brad Castle running away with the heat. Mike Lesle earned himself second place and third went to Vince Tjelmeland. Donny Banks grabbed the hole shot during the first heat of 4-Wheel A TVs and never looked back. Banks did receive a little pressure later on in the heat from Don Turk but Banks held on to win. Turk was second and points leader Charles Shepherd finished third out of 16 riders. A total of 15 riders made up the second 4~ Wheel A TV event. Off the line it was Derek Hamilton riding a Suzuki out first. Mike Olmstead brought his Honda up into contention but was not able to get around. Then on the third lap Donavon Holland brought his Honda through the pack to grab the lead from Hamilton. Instead of concentrating on regaining his lead Hamilton was busy fighting off Chris Couto the rest of the race. Donavon Holland went on to take a comfortable win. The racing action was for second place as Chris Couto edged out early leader Derek Hamilton at the finish line for second place. Twelve SuperLite's took the track in the first SuperLite heat. On the pole was defending champ Rennie Awana. Awana, who has not won a main event this year, was able to get his Nature's Recipe sponsored car off to a good start and grab the early lead. But before Awana could get settled into the position, young Duston Coonfield ( 17) drove his Briggsbuilt into the lead. Coonfield soon knew how it felt to be dominated as Greg George drove the Nature's Recipe special into the lead. Once out front the experienced George went on to the checkered flag. Coonfield held onto second place and Rennie Awana was third. In the second SuperLite heat Allen Yaros sat on the pole with Terry Peterson sharing. the front row. On row two was Rory Holladay and Kevin Snoddy. Once underway Yaros, while leading, got sideways causing the front runners to bunch up in turn two. This allowed Chuck Parker to sneak by for the lead. However, Yaros was able to free himself early from the trouble and took the inside option of the sweeper and exited in the lead. For the next three laps the lead position was fought over by Yaros, Parker and Terry Peterson. Parker and Yaros got too close and tangled, allowing Peterson to grab the lead. The two got going but then felt heat .from fourth place· Ron Pierce. Pierce caught the two off guard and took the second place spot near the end of the event. However, Pierce suffered mechanical woes on the last corner and dropped out, officially frnishing in 10th place. Terry Peterson was the winner. Allen Yaros captured second place and third went to Chuck Parker. Jimmy Nichols had his Raceco flying to second in the first Super 1600 heat race, but he won the hotly contested bash in the post race penalty phase. Dusty Times 1989 points champ Mitch Mustard took_ the current points lead in 1600 action by winning the first heat in his Chenowth and coming back to win the wild and woolly mam event. · Super 1600 action began with 15 cars lining up. Frank Arciero Jr. was on the pole with defending champ Mitch Mustard alongside. Marty Coyne was inside of row two and Greg George alongside him. The third row was Tommy Croft and Wes Elrod. On the start Arciero grabbed the early lead while Coyne put his Chenowth in second until the switchback. Mitch Mustard ran up on Coyne's tail, slowing both of them down and allowing traffic to get by. Going into lap two it was Arciero, Greg George, Coyne and Mustard. On the third lap Arciero had pulled away and left the battling for second place. At this point it was between Marty Coyne and Mitch Mustard. Arciero seemed . to be running away with the event until he came upon lapped traffic that had gotten sideways on the back straight and Mustard was able!Jr A Winning Tradition In Off-Road Racing Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers were first introduced to the American market in off-road racing in ·the fate 1960's. Over the past 20 years, more off-road races have been won on Bilstein than any other shock absorbers. Today, with their proven record of performance, Bilsteins continue to be the choice of serious off-readers who run to win. Part No, AK1310 AK 1320 AK 1330 New Applications Dimensions Valving Description Ext,tcon, Reb./Comp. 3/4"shaft 36.02 X 20.86 150/50· 15. 15 inch travel 3/4" shaft 33.00 X 19.48 170/60 13.5 inch travel 3/4" shaft 27.00 X 16.88 255/100 10."11 inch travel coil over Now Available - Repair and Revalving Services. July 1_990 Contact: Motorsports Department BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 • 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog send $2.50 Page 27

Page 28

Sage Council driver Jerry Whelchel had a busy day, but he managed to put the Chenowth home third in both his heat race and the main. Traffic was hard on Ivan Stewart's Toyota bodywork, but the lronman took a strong second in the truck Heat 1 and the main Roger Mears had his Nissan charging most of the night, but his event. best finish position was a fourth in the destructive main event. IJr to sneak around for the lead. Mitch Mustard won the event weaving his way through the stalled cars around the track. Six cars were strewn around the course causing problems at every turn. Frank Arciero was able to get back up to speed and regain control of second place. Third went to Marty Coyne and fourth was Wes Elrod. The second Super 1600 event was full of action and confusion. Danny Rice and Jimmy Nichols shared the front row while the second row consisted of Brad Castle and Jerry Whelchel. Danny Rice jumped ·out front and Castle settled in behind him. Jerry Whelchel moved his Sage Council Chenowth inside for third but had to contenti with Castle and Jimmy Nichols for the position. By the third lap Rice still had the lead but had a hard charging Brad Castle to contend with. Danny Rice fell out on lap four and Castle was to inherit the lead. Although enjoying the lead, Castle could feel heat from DESERT LOCK OUTER 10.000 HOLE FOR EASY ACCESS TO LUG BOLTS 3.000 WIDE OUTER FOR SUPER STRENGT 8 -1.125 HOLES TO REDUCE DIRT BUILD-UP. Tire Located Off Inner Ring Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength • At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing • All parts are available separately *In stock - Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 13" MIDGET 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 0" ........ $84.95 13"/15" .•.... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 (209) 275-~183 Page n Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax second place Whelchel. Nichols Once underway Mears easily was third and Billy Beck had grabbed the lead but had Ivan fourth. Stewart move from row three into Jerry Whelchel tried to take the second place. But Stewart had lead from Castle but found Millen fighting him for position. himself sideways on the track. During the first turn shuffle Having trouble catching reverse, Millen overshot a jump and nose Whelchel found himself in fourth dived the Ford. Stewart, following place before getting going. It was Millen, was able to get the Toyota this infraction that cost Castle the stopped but Millen 's Ford came win and an eventual disqualifica-down on the front of Stewart's tion. Castle went on to be the hood. Meanwhile, Danny Thomp-a ppa rent winner with Jimmy son had momentum going and Nichols crossing over second and rammed into the rear of Stewart's third was Billy Beck. However, Toyota, causing Stewart to lose when the official results came out his fiberglass bed. All three kept Brad Castle, who had been on going and Stewart went to the probation, was dropped three inside of the option which proved positions for intentionally to be a good move as he passed running into Whelchel. Then Millen and gained some room to later, another result came out that boot. · Castle had been disqualified for On the following lap Mears the evening and would receive no pulled off and the two T oyotas points. took over, with Thompson, Therefore, the heat two winner Millen, Harris, and Evans trailing. was Jimmy Nichols in a Raceco. Once the Toyotas were out Second place went to Billy Beck. front the race turned into a follow Early leader Jerry Whelchel was the leader event as every racer had awarded third place honors and at least 10 lengths between his fourth went to Bob Gordon. . closest competitor. Harris was In the first UltraCross heat race running in fourth with a right 14 riders lined up to watch Chris front flat. This allowed Evans to Young get off the line first. Scott get third place. Ivan Stewart began Myers settled into second place smoking badly and had to pull off. and the two Suzuki riders were And then the Toyota spit out having an interesting race. But flames under the hood. Stewart while the two front runners were was running with an in-car camera busy stealing the show Mike Craig which showed those in attendance came charging through the pack what an onboard fire looked like and began challenging for the lead - close up. on lap three. Once in the battle For the second time in the Craig pressured Young on several evening Jeff Huber took home occasions, and appeared to be in first place honors. Danny control more than once, but when Thompson had move~ into it was all over Young held on for second when Stewart dropped the win. Mike Craig was a close out and third went to Walker second and third was won by Evans. The other Jeep driven by Lowell Thomson. Glenn Harris was fourth. UltraCross racing continued The UltraStocks were the first with heat two which had John to compete in the evening's main Greenway take his Honda into the events. A total of 10 cars lined up lead. Then, after two laps of to battle. Mike Lesle and Jeff racing, local boy Jimmy Button Elrod shared the front row while stole the lead. Button was not Chris Neil and Larry Noel made allowed an easy time of it as he up row two. was immediately challenged by On the start the usual elbowing Jim Holley. These two really put was taking place when Mike Lesle on a show for the remainder of the was spun aroundj sending him up heat. At the end it was Holley on -the barrier and do.sing the buttoning up the local favorite's bid for fame. door to traffic, and causing a restart of the race. After restarting Jeff Elrod took the lead again with Larry Noel in a very close second and then Noel grabbed the lead going into the right hand switchback. Larry Noel was assessed a penalty and had to stop in the penalty box and this gave Elrod the lead and Noel was sixth before getting going again. On the fourth lap Elrod was running with five car lengths lead and a battle for second raged between Neil and Tim Lewis; Larry Noel was determined and grabbed third just before the white flag. But Noel was to run out of time and had to settle for third place. The event was won by Jeff Elrod and Christopher Neil was second, both' in VWs. Tim Lewis managed fourth behind Noel. Eighteen cars were entered in the SuperLite main event which would last seven laps. Greg George had the pole position with Terry Peterson alongside. Neither of these .two have won a main event this year, this being Greg George's first season and Peter-son's last win being the Rose Bowl in '89. The second row had Duston Coonfield and Allen Yaros ( who had just won the previous event in Houston) alongside. On the start Greg George took the Nature's Recipe Pet Food special way out front leaving the remaining 17 drivers to fight for the second spot. George seemed to be having a flawless race when on the fourth lap his Briggsbuilt failed, leaving him in the middle of the track. Terry Peterson was running in second and inherited the lead. Allen Yaros was third and went to second. A battle for third raged between Rory Holladay and Holgeir Oksnevad. Holladay took third on the last lap but at the finish line it was Oksnevad that crossed first. Terry Peterson enjoyed· his first main event win of the season and second went to Allen Yaros. In the second Sport Truck heat Roger Mears sat on the pole with Glenn Harris alongside. Rod Millen, Walker Evans, Ivan Stewart, Jeff Huber and Danny Thompson lined up behind. When the event went green Harris jumped out front and put the hammer down to gain some breathing room. However, while exiting the end zone sweeper, the Jeep's Goodyears got too much traction and Harris rolled, causing ·a restart. Because Harris rolled the officials positioned him at the back of the pack, leaving Mears all alone on the front row. Frank Arciero, Jr. had his Chenowth in contention in both his Super 1600 heat race and the wild main event. He was second in both races. July 1990 Dusty Times

Page 29

A pioneer in UltraStock racing, Christopher Neil flew his Cor-rado VW bodied racer to second in the main event and third in heat 1. Bob Gordon, fresh from San Felipe desert racing, drove to fourth in Heat 2 and sixth in the main in a very" long day of competition. Tim Lewis displays a nice level flight mode with his UltraStock Porsche 911 as he flew around the course to fourth in the main event. Walker Evans jumped out of his desert Dodge and into the stadium Jeep to take third in the second heat and fifth in the truck main. Former bike champion Marty Coyne does well in his Super 1600 and he took third in heat 1 and fifth in the main event in the Chenowth. Mike Lesle also flew from San Felipe to put the Jeep second in the second truck heat and nose dive his way to fifth in the main event. 4-Wheel ATV action had 18 starters racing for seven laps. Charles Shepherd just came from Houston victorious and was able to get out as the early leader. Don Turk who is no stranger to the winner's circle in this event was able to take second place and set his sights on Shepherd. However, his sights were all he was able to put on Shepherd. Charles Shepherd went on for his second straight win. Don Turk was second, and third went to Donavon Holland. Mark Ehrhardt managed fourth. The Super 1600 r:t1ain event was scheduled for 12 laps and had 18 cars entered. Last year's number one plate holder Mitch Mustard sat on the pole with Jimmy Nichols alongside. Mustard had Frank Arciero lined up behind him. Arciero presently has the honor of being the all-time main event winner overall, which he earned during the opening round in Anaheim. Billy Beck and Marty Coyne shared row two, while Jerry Whelchel and Wes Elrod sat on row three. With the likes of these six racers eye balling turn one the crowd was assured of plenty of action. Mitch Mustard used his inside line to gain the lead. Nichols fell in behind and Arciero was hot on Nichols' tail. Then Nichols bobbled in a corner and Arciero politely ~ , WINNER -Grand National Sport Truck Off-Road Championship Gran Prix, Phoenix, AZ DANNY THOMPSON Huntington Beach, CA Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Racing Gas WINNER: Class 5 San Felipe 250, Mexico RICH MINGA Lemon Grove, CA Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Racing Gas No more playing "octane roulette." These myster-ious numbers are only as good as the results they earn for you. Whether you race 50 laps, 1000 miles or 24 hours, UNOCAL 76 leaded and unleaded· racing gasolines are proven winners, designed to maximize horsepower under high RPM conditions. As a result, UNOCAL 76 racing gasolines have fueled more winners in the past 35 years than any other gasoline. With these credentials, shouldn't UNOCAL 76 racing gasoline be your choice? Try it! WINNER: Class 1/2-1600 SCORE Off-Road World Championship, Phoenix, AZ MIKE SANDOVAL, JR. Huntington Beach, CA Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Racing Gas CONTINGENCY PROGRAM CLASSES 1/2. 1/2-1600, 3/14, 4, 5, 5-1600. 6, 7 4x4. 7S. 8, 10 40 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner HORA FIREWORKS 250 20 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second e 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third 6. ANNIVERSARY SALE PRICE CLASSES 11, Mini-Mag $ 2 7 S 30 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner all 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second • per g Ofl 1 0 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third C.O. THOMPSON PETROLEUM 505 N. ANAHEIM BLVD., ORANGE, CA 92668; (714) 634-4214 Dusty Times July 1990 GAS AVAILABILITY: BAKERSFIELD Roger Mears Tire Company-(805) 833-6179 BRAWLEY Seabolt Oil Company -(619) 344-3761 MONTCLAIR George Follmer Racing, Inc. -(714) 625-4881 NEWPORT BEACH Beacon Bay Enterprises -(714) 833-0660 ORANGE C.O. Thompson Petroleum, Inc. -(714) 634-4214 PARKER,AZ Parker Oil Company-(602) 66~2617 PASADENA Lee's Unocal -(818) 441-3392 PASADENA Western Air -(818) 405-9701 POMONA R&W Petroleum -(714) 62~2559 RIVERSIDE Campbell Oil Company -(714) 686-1676 SAN DIEGO Apollo Oil Company-(619) 280-6884 STOCKTON Valley Performance Center - (209) 943-7637 TAFT Brown & Reich Petroleum - (805) 765-5457 VICTORVILLE Victorville Oil Company - (619) 245-4191 VUMA,AZ Seller Petroleum - (602) 783-8876 Page 29

Page 30

Driving in two stadium classes in Phoenix, Larry Noel pushed the sleek Chenowth to fifth in 1600 heat 1 and seventh in the main event. Just ahead of Bob Gordon here, Billy Beck drove the Berrien Laser to second in 1600 heat 2 and eighth in the wild main event. Doug Bath earned a slightly rumpled nose on his Toyota in the UltraStock battles, but got fourth in heat 2 and fifth in the main. New to the Jeep stadium team, Glenn Harris drove to third in the first truck heat, and finished fourth in the evening's final race. Former desert racer Kevin Smith flew his new Mirage to a fine fifth in the second Super 1600 heat race, but fell back in the main. Paul Nissley drives another of the new Toyota 4 Runner style UltraStock racers, and he placed his fourth in the first heat race. er drove past. While behind Coyne and Whelchel. Nichols was regaining his On lap four Mustard was composure he found himself aLso running with a comfortable lead . . . ... . with Arciero al~o running comfortably. However, a hard fought battle raged for third Trailers Our Quality Makes the Difference Models Available: Open Flatbed Trailer Enclosed Bumper Pull-Type Trailers From 16' to 28' Enclosed Gooseneck Trailers From 28' to 48' * Many Equipment Options Available Medium Duty Truck Conversions We Have the Ability and Experience Necessar}' to Build Any Trailer to Your Exact Specifications, Custom Designed for Your Individual Needs ... * Write or Call for a Free Brochure Join the Ranks or Our Satisfied Customers • Bob Gordon • R.C.R. Plumbing • Hamilton Materials • Herbst Oil Co. • Hagle Lumber • Sherman Balch Competitive Trailers 8832 Ramona Street Bellflower, CA. 90706 (213) 634-2006 Page 30 Custom Designed Interiors July 1990 between Coyne and Whelchel. Jerry Whelchel went inside during the rough section and moved past Coyne for third place just at the half way point. At the white flag Mustard had nearly a half lap lead on second place Butch Arciero. And that's how they finished. Third place went to Jerry Whelchel and Wes Elrod was fourth ahead of Marty Coyne. First off the line in the UltraCross main event was Brian Manley on his Kawasaki. Craig Davis lined up second and had a determined Mike Craig challeng-ing him. Another rider that earns mention is Jim Holley. Holly had a mid-pack start and had shuffled into fifth. Manley was to remain in control most of the race. However, Manley later on was receiving pressure from Mike Craig. As the two were in the rough section Manley lost grip of his handle bars and went down. Craig was so close, and in the air, he had no time to correct and when he landed his arm caught the handle bar of Manley's riderless motorcycle. This brought Craig down and Jim Holley who was running a close third place drove around for the lead. Jim Holley won the event with Brian Manley regaining control and finishing second. Third went to Chris Young. MAIN EVENT: The Grand National Sport Truck main event had seven trucks competing. Danny Thomp-son, whose last main event win was in '86 at the Pomona fairgrounds, sat on the pole and Jeff Huber, who had won both heats this evening, sat across from him. Second row was the current points leader Ivan Stewart on the inside with Walker Evans next to him. Harris was on the third row with Rod Millen. Mears sat on the fourth and last row. The green flag came out and Thompson showed the Toyota of Huber who had the most horse-power. Huber slipped into second but then cut too close inside on the right hand switchback and put all four wheels up into the Arizona sky, causing a restart. Jeff Huber was sent to the rear of the pack and this left Thompson all alone on the front row. Danny Thompson had little trouble taking the lead on the restart and Ivan Stewart pushed inside to challenge for the lead. But Thompson flexed his muscles to keep his position. Stewart was pushed out of seco_nd by Rod Millen and this appeared to give Thompson a clear shot at the checkered. Walker Evans grabbed second during the confusion and Millen was third. Glenn Harris and Huber tangled for fourth with Roger Mears having no way around. . By lap four Danny Thompson was out front but had a hard charging Evans wanting his position. Millen was in third but down by 10 car lengths. Another 10 lengths back was Stewart. Then came a battle for fifth between Huber and Mears. Harris was dragging up the rear. At the half way point Evans had moved up and was all over Thompson. While these two argued Millen was able to sneak up into the battle. On the following lap Evans was able to out power Thompson on the back sweeper and took the lead. Shortly after Millen dropped out. Walker Evans was able to quickly put a little breathing room between himself and Thompson. Stewart was way back in third and a raging battle was on between Mears and Huber. Walker Evans stalled on the track and Thompson, with only two laps to go, took over the lead and went on for the win. Walker Evans got the Jeep going again but wasn't able to get back in the real action. Ivan Stewart ended up second. And where there is one Toyota another will soon follow; this time Jeff Huber was in it for third. Huber had fought so hard during the event the only body panel left was the hood. Roger Mears finished fourth and Walker Evans was fifth. Dusty Times

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M. T.B. Enterprises Presents The 2nd Annual • OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS *1990 SERIES SCHEDULE* May 27 June 24 July 4 July 21 July 27 July 29 August 14 _1 :OO p.m. 1 :00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 1 :00 p.m._ 7:00 p.m. Cadillac Ithaca Ludington Hastings Holland Mason Adrian Rain or Shins *ALL EVENTS HELD AT COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS* •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 100% ENTRY PAYBACK Plus 5 Feature Races with Additional Guaranteed Purse by Promotor 5 FEATURE RACES: *Class 11 $500 *Limited Buggy $500 *Unlimited Buggy $500 *Heavy Metal $500 *Quads $500 *FEATUREPAYBACK-6PLACES* ·················~········································· 8:30 a.m. for afternoon events 12 ;00 noon for evening events Driver's meeting 1 hour before event ENTRY FEES CLASSES 1, 9 · CLASSES 2. 3, 4, 5. 6, 7, 10, 11, 14 QUAD ATV· REGISTRATION FEE INSURANCE FEE • $50 $20 $10 $10 $15 1 • SINGLE SEAT UNLIMITED 2 • lWO SEAT UNLIMITED BUGGY ' 3 • 4wdSTOCK SHORT we 4•4wd LONGWB S • bAJA-1600cc 6 • SINGLE SEAT 1600~ 7 • lWO SEAT 1600cc 9 • SINGLE SEAT 1050cc 10 • TWO SEAT 1650cc AIR COOLED 11 • STOCK 1600 BUGGY· SPECIAL TIRES REQUIRED 14 • 4WD UNLIMITED 15 • QUADS 2 & 4 STROKE 0•25000 18 • QtJAOS 2 & 4 STROKl: 251oc UP FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL (517) 627-6200 M.T.B. ENTERPRISES, INC. . 15529 Jones R~ Grand Ledge, l\.1I 48837

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;ft;~ PRO RALLY-NATIONAL AND DMSIONAL Rim Of The World By Rod Koch Photos: Rod Koch/Track.side Photo Enterprises/ Lome Irezise Rod Millen and Tony Sircombe showed their world class style as they won every stage on the "Rim" and easily won overall in the Mazda 323. The second annual running of the Rim Of The World as an SCCA National Pro Rally set a record. Each of the eleven stages, run through the mountains of the Angeles National Forest, started exactly on schedule, perhaps a first in Pro Rallying. National Pro Rally Steward John Buffum congratulated Rim organizers Mike and Paula Gibeault and their entire team for putting on such an excellent event with no delays. The Desert Inn in Lancaster, CA again served as headquarters DE UNZIO OFF-ROAD RACING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES .~ ..... d) .. for free catalog phone (805) 683-121 1 Page 32 for the event, including registra-tion, welcoming party and awards banquet. R & E Racing, one of the Rim sponsors, down the street from the Desert Inn, had ample room for tech inspection for the total of 51 teams entered, 19 in the National, and 32 in the Divisional event. The Divisional was set to run the first nine stages and five seed 3 and seed 4 teams chose to enter both rallies. The Divisional was a co-efficient 3 SCCA Southern Pacific Division rally as well as the second event on the California Rally Series 1990 calendar. Antelope Valley Nissan, another Rim sponsor, again hosted the Pare Expose, the Saturday tech inspection for late comers, contingency row and ~rved as the start of the rally. The weather turned warm and dry which meant lots of dust on the stages. A strong wind however, made the ralliests happy as it dispersed most of the dust thrown up by competitors. The first leg of the rally also held the Budweiser Daylight Dash, extra cash for the teams outside the regular awards. The high winds, blowing dust, and temperatures higher than the car speeds made the Budweiser Daylight Dash the most demand-ing section of the 1990 Rim of the World Rally. The unqiue rally within the rally consisted of the first _four daylight stages and resulted in overheated engines and exhausted competitors. Several teams· removed their car hoods just to keep engines cooler, and all ran with their heaters on. The Rim, described as having the "tightest and twistiest rally stages in the USA," didn't slow the top U.S. rally team of Rod Millen and Tony Sircombe. their Mazda 323 GTX, entered in Open class, stormed through the mountains, winning each stage as well as the overall event. Paul Choiniere and Scott Weinheimer in the Audi Quattro, nipped at Millen's heels during the first and second stages, taking second fastest times. A flat tire, then mechanical woes slowed the Audi on stages 3 and 4, allowing Jeff Zwart and Cal Coatsworth in their Mazda 323 GTX to take second overall on stage 3. Tim Jeff Zwart and Cal Coatsworth had a great run in the Mazda 323, and they finished fifth overall and second in the National Open Class. July 1990 CRS Ra/liests Carl Jardeva/1 and Sven Bergva/1 did the home team proud by placing their Saab 99 second in National Open class behind Millen and fourth overall. Tim O'Neil and Martin Headland showed off the potential of their new VW Ra/lye Golf 4WD by winning the National Group A and placing second overall, less than four minutes behind Millen on total time. O'Neil and Martin Headland, in the first and second best times in O'Neil's new VW Golf Rallye each National and Divisional class with supercharger and four wheel during this dinner/ service break. drive, charged hard into the In the National Division, Rod mountain stages to take third Millen and Jeff Zwart made it one-overall in stages 1, 2 and 3, and two for Mazda. Tim O'Neil won second overall behind Millen on Group A, followed by Chad stage 4. DiMarco, Subaru RX. Production The major service break Class honors went to Mark followed the finish of stage 4 at Molnar in a VW GTI, the only the picturesque mountain village entrant. Shannon Millen won of Lake Hughes. These first four Production GT in a Mazda 323, stages, the Budweiser Daylight followed by Gary Luke in a Dash, had prize money of$1200 Shelby GLHS. Gary Gooch won and the cash was handed out to the Rall Truck honors in ::i .. ; ~>'w.=1' ~ Chad DiMarco and Eric Hauge picked up some road points, but still brought the Subaru RX home second in National Group A, third overall. Alan Freed and Jim Kloosterman had no big troubles en route to the National Production GT Class win in the Mazda 323, and they also took a fine sixth overall. Dusty Times

Page 33

Toyota, followed by David Burgess, Isuzu. After the ser:vice break Tim O'Neil showed the rally crowd the Golf Rallye's potential by taking second fastest time on the remaining seven stages, right behind Millen's Mazda. Tim O'Neil and Martin Headland finished second overall and first in Group A. Mechanical problems sidelined Paul Choiniere's Audi after stage 4, and then he ran out of gas on stage 6, ending the Audi challenge. Chad DiMarco and Erick Hauge in the Subaru RX coupe put in a fine drive, fighting overheating CRS regulars Gary Luke and Mark Williams did a tremendous rally in the • woes, but they finished third Shelby GLHS. They won the nine stage.Divisional Rally and finished eighth overall and second in Group A. . _o __ ve .... r=a_ll_in_th_e_N_a_t_io_n_a_l a_n_d_th_ir_d_i_n_th_e_Pr_o_d_u_c_tio_n_G_T_· c_l_as_s_. _____ _ Zwart and Coatsworth continued to take third fastest times on the remaining stages, ·just behind O'Neil and ahead of DiMarco; however, a wrong turn heading toward a time control cost the team four minutes in road penalty points, dropping them to fifth overall and third in Open Class. California Rally Series regulars, Carl Jardevall and Sven Bergvall . in their Saab 99 put on a fantastic driving display, which ultimately placed them in fourth overall and second in Open class. Their Saab was also the best placing two wheel drive car in the event. The Naional GT class was led by Rod Millen's bride, Shannon Gary and Judi Gooch won the Budweiser Daylight Dash in the Toyota, but dropped a few seconds on the final stages to finish second in the National truck contest. Mark Molnar and Jim Brandt kept their Volkswagen Golf GT/ humming throught the night to win the National Production class, the only class finisher at thirteenth overall. · Lon Peterson and Jim Love had troubles all the way with the Arrow and, after doing well in '89, they sank to 11th overall this year, but were fourth in National Open class. Carl Merrill and Jon Wickens ran their Mazda 323 in the National Production GT class to pf ace second in class and seventh overall. Dusty Times Millen and navigator Jean Lindamood in their Mazda 323 GTX, in the early stages, but then· Shannon high centered the Mazda on a stage, and ran out of time after all had gone past. With the girls out, the struggle ensued for the GT win between the four wheel drive Mazda GTXs of Alan Freed/Jim Kloosterman and Carl Merrill and Jon Wickens, plus the two wheel drive Dodge Shelby GLHS of CRS regulars Gary Luke and Mark Williams. Luke and Williams had fast time in the class behind Shannon and Jean on stages 2 and 4, and again had second fast times on stages 5 through 20, just behind Freed and Kloosterman. On the last stage Luke's motor~management computer decided that 2000 rpm was the redline; they sedately motored to the finish, settling for third in GT class and eighth overall behind the two Mazda GTXs. A real battle was developing back in the ranks within the National pickup truck class, which had several lead changes. Roger Hull and Rob Cherry led th~ truck class in their Jeep on the first two stages. A on stage 3 cost them two minutes, allowing the Toyota of Gary and Judi Gooch to take stage 3 and 4 and lead the class going into the main service break. Gooch maintained the lead on stages S and 6. David Burgess, with his father Gary navigati~g, drove the Isuzu pickup fast enough to take stage 7 over both Hull and Gooch. After stage 7 Gooch, Burgess and Hull were within three seconds of each other. The Burgess continued their competitive drive through stage 9 when mechanical problems put them out of the National contention. The differential going away, and they finished the Divisional (stage 9), taking it easy on the drive back to the finish in Lancaster. Roger Hull and Rob Cherry found the night stages much to their liking, and won stages 8 July 1990 Roger Hull and Rob Cherry fought a see saw battle in the Ra/lye Truck Class with two other contenders, but after the final stage their Jeep Comanche won the National honors by a slim margin, 36 seconds. · through 11 over the Gooches to win the rally truck class as well as place ninth overall. The National truck class is expected to grow in 1990, as rumor has it the 6 cylinder engine in small pickups will be allowed to compete. Former SCCA Southern Pacific Divisional Champions Lon Peterson and Jim Love, who surprised the National drivers a year ago when they finished third overall in the '89 Rim, qualified for the hard luck award this year. They blew the motor in the Arrow the day before the rally on the Press stage. A new motor was installed by their team mechanic, Bill Gutzman, and they were back in Lancaster in time to start the rally next morning. On the third stage they broke an axle but finished the stage. Bill Gutzman, in a second hero~c effort, replaced the axle, and the team continued on, determined i;_p ADY (619) 691-9171 I .. ON BOARD FIRE SYSTEMS 5.5 lb.Mechanical Systems (RC500) $ 255.00 11 lb. Mechanical Systems (RC1100) $ 305.00 CHALLENGER f'RONT - OIL COOL EMULSION $170.00 . REAR -OIL COOL EMULSION $195.00 8" 10" 12" EMULSION SHOCKS $125.00 12 pt. 3/8 CV BOLTS 2" OR 2 1/-4" $1.t0 ea. R~MOTE RESERVOIRS $166.00 HOURS M-F 9 a.m. - 6 p:m. SAT. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. GERMAN THING & TYPE Ill REAR DRUMS $119.95 $89.95 . (619) 691-9171 103 Press Lane Suite 4 Chula Vista, CA 92010 Page 33

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J/1 Shannon Millen and Jean Lindamood won the National GT Budweiser Dash for Cash, but later high centered the Mazda 323 out of the rally. Paul Choiniere and Scott Weinheimer had the Audi Quattro close in the National overall but broken front right suspension put them on the trailer before dark. Rod Mi/fen's Mazda 323 is state of the art, even in the cockpit. Check the six speed gear lever and all the navigational equipment. George Daland and Mike Blore put the Mitsubishi Starion home a close second overall and were first Open car, in the Divisional rally. i;p to finish all 11 stages. On stage 11 ·they broke another axle, but pressed on, finishing the stage and the event for an 11th overall and fourth in Open class. · At the Awards presentation the ~"following day, most of the teams felt that "Rim 90" was a super National event. Two such Nationals in southern California each year would be great. Series and event sponsors, are you listening? The Divisional teams of the 1990 Rim of the World started immediately after the National entrants. The CRS team of George Daland and Mike Blore, in the Open Class Mitsubishi Starion Turbo, had a great drive placing eighth overall, with the · National cars on time on stages 2, 3 and 4 right behind Shannon Millen. Daland and Blore pushed even harder after the service break, taking sixth overall consistently cin-stages 5 through 9, right behind theJardevall/ Berg-vall Saab. They would have won the Divisional overall, but a two minute road penalty forced them back to second overall and first in Open class behind Gary Luke and Mark Williams who also won the Divisional in their CRS GT class Dodge, as well as placing well in the National. In the Budweiser Dash for Cash Divisional awards, George Daland won Open Class followed by Ron Wood, VW Scirocco. Harris Done, Mazda RX-7, won the CRS Stock Class and David Burgess was second. Gary Luke took the cash in CRS Stock GT Class followed by Tony Tavares, Toyota Celica All-Trac. Jeff Griffin, the 1989 SCCA Southern Pacific Divisional champ, had his brother Chris as navigator. They finished stage 1 in tenth overall, then high centered on stage 2. The o~e hour. d?wn ''-" N R.L.H. COMMUNICATIONS 1111111111 ~ RACE RADIO SYSTEMS 337 W. 35th STREET, SUITE "F" NATIONAL CITY, CA 92050 (619) 585-9995 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE TOM & BOB DeNAUL T • RICK VASQUEZ PERRY McNEIL REG. PRICE •59900 RACERS SPECIAL 1989 OVERALL H.D.R.A/SCORE 1989 OVERALL MIDWEST RACING 1989 OVERALL GRAN CARRERA Intercom HELMETS WIRED $175.00 HANDHELD RADIOS 10 CHANNELS . $450.00 REVOLVING LIGHTS AND ELECTRONIC SIRENS/HORNS Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay Page 34 time to get un-stuck caused them to be time barred. · Anton Musev and John Paul in Musev's fast CRS Stock Class Datsun 510, which won the class in the first CRS event three weeks earlier, broke the transmission on the first stage, ending a promising effort. Lauchlin and Farina O'Sullivan, the brother and sister team, had entered both the National and Divisional events, then saw their hopes come to an end when their Datsun 610's spindle shattered on stage 4. Former off readers Matt Sweeney and Lucinda Strub spent most of the past year, since the last Rim, reworking their Open class Toyota pickup, installing an· intercooled, turbo, propane motor, only to DNF after stage 4, due to turbo problems and a broken throttle cable. Only 20 Divisional starters managed to finish the tough nine stages, but then only 13 National teams went the distance. Former off road Class 1 champion, Tom Koch decided to try Pro rallying, and with Jay Mathes navigating in a borrowed Datsun 510 they finished a creditable ninth overall in the Divisional, and fourth in Open class. The son and father team of David and Gary Burgess in the Isuzu pickup had good enough time on the nine stages, despite troubles, to finish third overall in the Divisional and first in CRS Stock Class. Harris Done and Lisa Scheer, after almost demolishing their Mazda RX 3 at the CRS La Carrera event three weeks earlier, brought out their Mazda RX 7 and drove it into fourth overall and second in CRS Stock Class, a fine performance. Rui Brasil had a good run in his Mazda GLC Rotary, the loudest car in the event, and finished fifth overall with second in CRS GT Class. Dan Hook, a member of the Rim Organizing Committee, still had time to prep his Toyota Celica and drive it to the sixth overall spot and third in CRS Stock Class. Considerable prize money, awards and contingency were handed out to the top overall and class finishers during the awards presentation at the Desert Inn on Sunday. The So-Pac and CRS teams were again impressive, as several of the regular National teams discovered on those first nine stages. Combining the National and Divisional Pro Rallies gave the Divisional teams the best rally drivers and teams in the nation to compete with. The Divisional and CRS drivers were trying hard, which explained the large numbers of DNFs. But, you can be sure they will all be back next year for another try. This year the out-of-state teams July 1990 experienced a unqiue southern quite a start hearing the twin sonic California happening. As they booms that heralded the return of came down the mountain to the the Space Shuttle to _its landing Lancaster finish control, they got field at Edwards Air Force Base. -~, ~-,,., .....,,,_.;,..,:;.-.,._,,..,,,. David and Gary Burgess were close in the National truck contest, withdrew with mechanical woes, but won the Divisional Stock class in the Isuzu and there took third overall. Harris Done and Lisa Scheer did well in the substitute car, placing the Mazda RX-7 fourth overall and second Stock in the Divisional. Off Road racer Tom Koch and co-driver Jay Mathes finished fourth in Open class and ninth overall in the Divisional in the Datsun 510. arrived twelfth overall and fifth in open in the National. Dusty Times

Page 35

~ OFF-.ROAD RA-Cf-NG 'TEAM 'The Straight Poop From The Big Wahzoo' LA RANA RACE - This, the first car race in an area that gets heavy use by the motorcycles, got mixed reviews from the racers. P00r course markings and wide cars on narrow motorcycle trails that sometimes ran thru rocky canyons were some of the common complaints about this 150 mile race south of Ridgecrest. Strangely this race reportedly had District 37 and AMA representa-tives out video taping in an attempt to keep the area for motorcycle use only. Sadly, but you knew it had to happen, they have finally got us fighting one another over the few desert areas that are still open to run. 1n Class 1 /2 Koch picked up a third place. Although Tom didn't win the first race in his own backyard, he at least beat his old car by a good margin. Brown and Hibbard finished fifth after having engine trouble on the first lap and were not a factor after that. Mark Harman grabbed a third place with a good run in his Class 10 car, while Bill Scott finished in his 5-1600 but was never able to find out how he placed? Good show Checkers! BJ had engine trouble in his Challenger car and did not finish. Koch had an unofficial Checker party at his house in Ridgecrest to 'burn some meat' and a good time was reportedly had by all that stopped by. Speaking· of Koch, there is a rumor going around that Master Bates may be up to no good. Seems he recently took a big life insurance policy out on his wife and then managed to somehow get her into the passenger seat of Tom's Ridge-crest Rocket. Luckily for her, after four thrill packed laps that included a sudden stop that bent the front beam, she was still in one piece but reportedly was over-heard mumbling something about "compared to that ride, child birth was like a walk in the park". Wednesday Nite Goings On -Hey, Clarence is back! After about three weeks in a row of no President, a lot of the members were getting concerned about Clarence's well being, but not Peralta. Lou, obviously plotting some kind of a take over, made a motion to impeach Carter for his absences. This drew absolutely no support from the members present until later in the meeting when our Vice President, remember this is the guy that kissed Sal, disclosed a plan hatched up by the Phelan Connection to move the weekly meetings up to the Palmdale area! This idea was loudly shouted down with a number of the members suggesting that we impeach Howard instead. Robert Sandoval has been stepping on his 'johnson' lately with both feet. First he ran for Club Secretary, claiming he really wanted the job and when elected he quickly resigned after finding out that the job consisted of a little more work than just calling roll. As a follow up, he really added to his popularity among his· fellow Checkers by running Lou's Dusty Times race in Tecate with the 'Baja Pits Racing Team' instead of his own team. He compounded his lapse in judgement when he pulled into a Checker pit and got some welding done and then sniveled when it was suggested that he be charged the standard pit fee. Speaking of poor judgement. There is a rumor going around that one of the other major support clubs recently elected a girl as their new president. Now if something like that doesn't justify the Checkers 'No Women Allowed' rule than nothing does. Right Sugar? Sandoval's resignation did accomplish something - it got an old time Checker sitting up at the front table for the first time. Big John Files was appointed as the Club Secretary for the rest of the year and it is now rumored that he likes it well enough that he is considering a run for president next year. Hey John, ya got my vote, but who's gonna do the maps? · Baja De Lou #3 -The Rancho Santa Veronica Off Road Park & Raceway was jumping recently as 641 entries left the starting line ... Hey, no fooling, I got this info straight from the promoter! The Wahzoo estimated it to be closer to 100 cars but then again what the hell do I know? This 250 mile race saw both John Brooks and Louie Silva grab first places in their respective classes. Brooks also had the honor of once again being the overall winner in his 10 car. Great race guys! Sugar and Wolfe had Chuck's unlimited car in the lead for the first part of the race but problems that only they can explain dropped this off-again on-again dynamic duo back to second in Class 1/2. The Longs put their Baja Bug into fifth place in Class 5/1600. Good race Checkers. Rancho Santa Veronica was as comfortable and as beautiful as ever and a good time was had by all. Good race Lou! The Checkers are a· strange group. If you ever walked in on any given Wednesday night weekly meeting for the first time you would probably think that these guys would rather argue than help each other. Nothing could be farther from the truth. No vehicle on the side of the road with a Checker sticker on it ever gets passed by another Checker without an offer of help, and no Checker is ever left out in the desert! Checkers may fight and argue among themselves but they are still brothers, especially when there's some racing to be done. The Club is always on the lookout for a few good men. So if ya think that you might possibly be Checker material, stop by the Dugout on almost any Wednesday night at about 8 PM and get acquainted. The Dugout is located at 14032 Oxnard Street in Van Nuys. A word' of caution though, ... If ya feel that you need to bring your wife or mom along I suggest that you stay at home; this is a crowd that will pick on the wounded and the weak, both on and off the course. CONEJO OFF ROAD RACING TEAM By Mike Schwellinger The Conejo Off Road Racing Team sure enjoyed the San Felipe 250! Not only did we finish in first place, it was a fun race. We enjoyed starting early when the track was still in good shape and we enjoyed finishing early with no problems except two flat tires. The course covered all kinds of different, pretty terrain and the weather was nice {a little wind might have helped keep the dust off the course). My wife, Gayle, and Jane, the wife of a crew member, went chasing during this race and I've been informed Gayle won't be content to stay in the main pit anymore! We want to compliment SCORE on all the work they did at Borrego. The nice road and good access made setting up easy. Also want to let concerned parties ~now that our team member, George Kreider, who suffered a serious cut on his head when the awning pole fell on it, was stitched up and is doing okay, except he looks funny with that big bald spot! Two weeks before the race, we took the truck, which sports the General Tire colors, out to Barstow for a photo shoot and testing. The steering problem we experienced during the Nissan 400 has been solved and we decided to increase the spring rate. Unfortunately, we rolled the truck during testing. The team spent many midnight hours fixing the damage and, due to their diligence, we were ready for the San Felipe 150. We are pleased with the new truck and believe we are a strong challenge to those who have dominated Class 4 in the past. Our goal is to move up to the leadership position like we did in Class 3 when we first started racing. I tried my hand at something new on May 12 and 13 at the Phoenix World Championship Stadium Race. We had never done any stadium racing before and I really enjoyed it until I hit a mudhole and the distributor got wet. We'll try it again at Willow Springs, and in the meantime, we're looking forward to the Baja 500. .I.R •RACJNG&.PIT SUPPORT ASSOC.• By Rich Fersch Congratulations to Brian and Stacey Parkhouse on the birth of #3, Tess Ann Parkhouse! "Just the facts ma'am" are 8lbs. 1oz. and 21" long. Both mom and the baby are doing just fine and Brian says they will probably be pitting for him by Barstow. Eleven FAIR supported race cars headed south of the border for the San Felipe 250. Only two out of the eleven failed to finish. Rick Pew snapped a stub axle in his 5-1600 and after fixing it found that the checkpoint had closed. Mark Temple lost a motor on the beach run in his wild A-arm Class 112 car. FAIR members flexed some serious muscle in San Felipe and the results speak for themselves. Mark Hamilton flew to 3rd in Class l / 2 and 3rd overall in his Raceco. Danny Letner finished seven minutes behind, 4th in July 1990 Class 1 / 2 and 4th overall. Bob Richey finished 8th in Class l / 2 after breaking a front shock while he was coming up the beach run. Bob and his crew had decided to sleep in on race morning and as a result got kind of a late start chasing. Class 10 once again virtually belonged to FAIR as FAIR members nailed down lst-2nd-4th places. John Hays missing out on 3rd place by just 41 seconds, while Gary W eyhrich scored a second place finish. Ray Croll took home the first place money. Keep it up guys! Scott Steinberger in the PCI sponsored Chenowth Mini-Mag wound up first in class. Crew chief Dr. Bob Steinberger is currently on a safari in Africa so any race stories about how this historical event came to pass were unavailable at press time. We do know however that somehow Scott was able to splice in his race radio's power output directly to the engine. Scott figured that just by keying the mike he picked up about 10 mph crossing Diab lo dry lake! New members Tom Ebberts and Tom Rhodes finished 26th in Class 1-2-1600 after ace pit wrench Pete Dutton waved his magic wand over the car to cure an engine problem. Rich Fersch with Harry Dunne co-riding finished up in 3rd place in Class 5-1600. FAIR had five pits out on the race course, three of which had to be adjusted due to accessibility problems. FAIR has suggested to SCORE that future race course maps have pit access routes and notes dealing with any hazarQS that chase crews or pit crews might encounter along them. The various pit crew captains reported kind of a slow day as far as working on race cars was concerned but the Borrego pit handled a lot of refueling and driver changes. FAIR meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Holiday Inn, corner of Harbor Blvd., and the 91 Freeway in Fullerton. The first meeting in June has been cancelled due to the close proximity of the Baja International. Meetings start at 8:00 sharp. See you there! SCCA Southcm Pacific Division Pro Rally Report By Lynnette Allison DIVISIONAL EVENTS: RIM OF THE WORLD, both national and divisional events, enjoyed good but windy weather the weekend of April 28. Rod Millen joined the competition once again before heading off for the Asia-Pacific rallies. Our divisional teams made a strong showing and gave those out-of-state teams a real challenge. Harris Done brought out a new-to-rallying Mazda. A wise decision after his gate-bashing-and-no-fender spectacular at La Carrera. Great moves by Gary Luke and Mark Williams, Rob Cherry and Roger Hull in their Jeep, and numerous others. Rally movies and team interviews highlighted the promotional efforts, with numer-ous contingency sponsors offering incentives and support. Keeping the event on schedule eventually became a strategic item as the evening proceeded, and RIM ended with the envious accomp-lishment of starting eveything on time. Event organizers Jim Jacobson, Mike, and Paula Gibeault's efforts and their amazing radio control and worker crews provided untold hours of service. Thanks to everyone. LA CARRERA DE INDIO USO RALLYSPRlNTS, April 7, woke up the rally world from their winter hibernation. With our only paved course in many "moons" (dare we mention that word lest certain technical inspectors prepare for a show and no tell?), the road course up to Indian Flats Campground had to be experienced to be believed. The Boocoo Blues Band concert at the awards ceremony was truly unique. Thanks to Roger Allison and Randy Hensley for another saga in the world of rallying. PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE AVAILABLE: Contact Debbie Peterson, our new rally photog-rapher at (818) 577-5769 and check for photo proofs. She has affiliations with a photo shop and is offering special rates for those interested in purchasing photos. She has them from both rally events. Give her a call, tell her your car number, and she can check her files. WHAT IS A CER? Both old and new competitors need reminding about the necessity of completing a Competitor Evalua-tion Report after each event. Organizers are responsible for having and distributing the CER forms, but competitors are responsible for completing and returning them to the SOPAC Steward, either at the event, or mailed. CER's are used in three way . First, they offer you, the competitor a way to directly input your opinion about a rally event. Second, the information is evaluated as a whole so organizers can work to improve the weak spots, solve problems, and enhance the event's strong points. Third, the CER's are used as an indicator of excellence of rally events. Those events with high CER ratings are nominated for consideration as SCCA's National Divisional PRO Rally of the Year. The CER's are required as part of this nomination. So remember to ask for a CER form, or merely jot down four or five items you found most pleasing or most displeasing about the event, and hand the paper to the Steward at the event, or just mail it. RALL YSPRINT ON THE JULY CALENDAR: Mike Blore has set July 28 as the date for a Glen Helen Rallysprint at the Glen Helen Off-Road Vehicle Park near San Bernardino. Contact Mike at (213) 425...0984 for current information or entry information. SCORING CHANGES FOR 1990 YEAR: After several years of complaints, the Divisional ScoriA.g system has changed. Points accumulate with 20 for first overall, 18, 16, 14, etc., to 10, then 9, 8, etc. Each score is multiplied by its co-efficient rating. A co-efficient 3 event would score as 60, 54, 48 for first, second, third, and so on. The old system created a great inequality for competitors as the top teams usually grabbed the first three finishes and others· could never keep up. The new system should keep competition keen and the teams running (continued on page 59) Page 35

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Ll 11111 nnm IACltlG The Spangler 150 By Jean Calvin You can go home again in off road racing gang. We experienced a flashback in atmosphere to the 1970s in May while attending the La Rana Spangler 150 in Ridge~ crest, CA. The La Rana group started organizing desert races in ,§C>Uthern California last year, and for some time their publicity was mainly word of mouth. But they attracted a hard core of "we race for fun" people, a loyal group of hard workers, and each event gained entry, from 20 to 30 at the first few events, to a whopping 90 last May. Also growing from ground zero at the first events is Photos: John Caltlin/Carerra Photography the contingency program, and at Ridgecrest a turnout of around 30 companies showed up on the Friday to display their wares and talk to the racers as they went by, heading for tech inspection. Registration was held in the indoor ( air conditioned) splendor of the fancy Kerr McGee Community Center, while contingency row, tech inspection and an area for unloading race cars was designated in the vast parking lot of the center. At first it seemed the Friday hours of 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. were way too long; but as the ~ntry went past the 50 or 60 expected to 90, all but the last hour saw a steady stream of cars passing by. The line went slow enough for everyone to have a chance to chat with company reps, and fast enough to be pleasant. A goodly percentage of the race cars were older models, made obsolete in part by recent technical advances and rules changes in the major series. We saw some cars we hadn't seen since we raced the old Funco, some we had never seen before, and some late models whose drivers were out to have some fun without the pressures of a major - . , Home town hero in Ridgecrest, Tom Koch had shock and front end woes in his new, long Raceco with a fancy paint job and Maxine Bates riding the distance. Class 2 is sure dominant in the desert these days. A.J. and Mark Martin drove the older Martin Brothers Class 2 car in fine style, and the youngsters finished well, fourth in Class 1 /2. desert event. The race course was southeast of Ridgecrest, around 37 miles long, on some fast and some rough terrain, most with tall bushes, so tall that a number of top drivers as well as novices got lost on the first lap of the no pre~ run route, all on B.L.M. land. Some claimed the course was mainly bike trails, almost too narrow for the big Unlimited cars. There were four on course pit areas and four checkpoints, not always in the same place, and 01:1,ly ~ one·on course spectator area plus the start/ finish. The organizers, Ed and Leslie Castro, were pleasant to everybody throughout the weekend, but firm at the drivers' meeting about the rules of the race. An official finisher had to cover four laps in eight hours or less. I~ fact everyone seemed to be pleasant to each other, and some arch rivals were lending each other parts and labor during the day to get a car back on the road ... just like the old days for sure. Kevin Ohnstad had a great day in the new to him ex Craig Watkins racer, and he kept it moving fast and took a good second in Class 10. ~ , ...... ~~, ,z:,,,.. ""t. , Michael Harman glides smoothly over the desert, made only a routine stop and carried on to finish third in Class 10, just two minutes out. ,.,~~ Jeff Akins led the first lap in Class 10, midway by two minutes, but his battle with Bob Scott ended with an Akins dnf on lap 3. Tom and Steve Martin were within seconds of the winner when a c. v. failed a few miles out, but they took an easy second in Class 2 and overall, the Raceco finishing 17 minutes in arrears. Bob Scott was up front most of the distance with the leaders, and attrition was heavy in Class 10· but Scott had no apparent troubles and won the class by 12 minutes and was probably fifth overall as well. Page 36 July 1990 Dusty Times

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_,_ Howard Gregory was first around among the 1-2-1600s, then dropped some time, did a fast third lap and took the lead for good, winning the usually tight running class by a wild 14 minutes. Ed Pauley led the first lap in Class 5 with a 56:51 , the only one under the hour, he got faster on the second half and won by an hour. · David Ardolino, driving in his second ever race, led the 1-2-1600s midway, but trouble on lap 3 dropped his Jimco to second at the flag. Scott Ryan had a little down time on the third lap, but he came David Stevenson had three very consistent and quick laps, must Promptly at 10:00 a.m. the seven Unlimited cars took off one every 15 seconds led by the Steve Brown Class 1 with Jeff Hibbard at the wheel. Next away was the · Porsche powered Raceco of Bob Richey, followed by the Steve and Tom Martin Raceco with a Pontiac "Iron Duke" four cylinder water pumper in the tail, and A.J. Martin in the Martin Brothers pre-runner. Home town boy Tom Koch was next in his Porsche powered Raceco, and Mike Stickle was a no show at the start line. It was no surprise to see Richey come around first in 52.16, then Martin and Koch, about three minutes back but only four seconds apart, and A.J. was just half a minute behind. Hibbard was down at Check 2 with engine trouble, and the Class 10s were only another minute back. On lap 2 Martin turned a fast lap at 50.29 and was just 9 seconds behind Richey, who remained first on the road, and on total time. Koch was two minutes back and A.J. Martin was still fourth. They all stopped for quick fixes and fuel, and Richey replaced a flat rear tire and a sticking throttle cable. After two hours work, Steve Brown got in his single seater for a lap, but then had more trouble. The Martin Brothers, with the race fast lap of 45 :51, closed the gap to thr~e seconds on the leading Richey on lap 3 and the speeds picked up as the drivers learned the course. Koch was having serious shock troubles and pit stops dropped him co fourth behind A.J. and Mark Martin. Hibbard got back in the Brown car and turned a pair of respectable laps, the problems finally solved, and finished fifth. The race for the overall was so tight it was visual with the Martins clinging to a slim lead on the road. Then not many miles from pay Dusty Times back strong to finish third by four minutes in Class 1-2-1600. have pitted on the third round and finished fourth in Class 1-2-1600. dirt, on the last lap, an axle pulled out, tearing up the cv. Bob Richey sailed past to the class and overall victory with a total time of 3:15:06. The Martins used 15 minutes to get back on the road, but salvaged second at 3:32:20. Tom Koch moved up to third at 3 :39:47, -and his race long passenger Maxine Bates said she enjoyed her E-ticket ride. A.J. Martin and company held fourth at 3:46:06 and Brown/ Hibbard finished all four laps in 5 :5 7: 1 7. Class 10 also came up with seven entries, all starters, but only three finished. Jeff Akins started first in one of the radical Bundersons, followed by Michael . Harman, then Mark Mueller, who didn't cover a lap. Bob Scott was next away, followed by Kevin Ohnstad in the ex Craig Watkins Toyota powered Raceco. Alan Hensley followed in another 'grasshopper' Bunderson, and he failed to finish a lap. Next it was Jim Thomas who made only one long lap. At the end of the first lap Akins was right on Tom Koch's tailpipe, with Bob Scott less than a minute back. It was a two horse race now with these two in the 55 minute lap range and the others running well over an hour. Midway after two rounds, Akins still had two minutes and change on Scott, Harman was running third and Ohnstad was coming back from early troubles. But Akins was not seen again on course. Scott slowed a tad on the final two laps and Ohnstad got faster. But, at the checkered flag it was Bob Sc~tt in for the victory with a total time of 3:48:29. Kevin Ohnstad, in his first time out in his newly acquired car, held second at 4:00:24 while Michael Harman was the third and final finisher in Class 10 at 4:42:37. There were 15 cars on the line in Class 1-2-1600 and ten of them would finish. Howard Gregory was first away followed by Scott Ryan, Greg Akins, Chuck Lennox, Steve McMullin, Mike McCurdy, Eric Millette, Brad Inch, David Stevenson, David Ardoling, Richard Workman, John Miller, Jim Fishback, Jr., Robert Ashcraft and Gary Johnson. Notice there are not too many familiar names, but there was a lot of tight racing. Gregory was first around on lap 1, followed closely by Scott Ryan, David Stevenson, Greg Akins, David Ardolino and Gary Johnson. These cars were nearly in the same minute and for sure in the same cloud of dust. Unfor-tunately, we lost track of this class as they became mixed with the others as the laps wore on and the dust got heavy in spots. Ardolino was leading midway by about two minutes over Akins, Gregory was another minute back,, followed in another minute by Scott Ryan, and these cars were many minutes ahead of the field. Brad Inch and John Miller ho • went missing on the first lap, but Chuck Lennox finished two rounds before· succumbing to the desert. Richard Workman, Sr. covered three laps in decent time before parking, and Gary Johnson also got in three laps, two good ones and Ir LATE NEWS FLASH CD C :c C, ., as :I -. Cl> 0. E Cl> t-3 a: t->-0. Q. :::, U) 0 -:::, < DESERT CACTUS 250 IS MOVING BACK TO YOUR FAVORITE DESERT RACING AREA WENDOVER, USA JULY 21, 1990 Exit 7 on 1-80 East of Wendover TECH - Friday - 5:00 to 9:00 p.m Saturday - 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. Race starts at 10:00 a.m. 250 miles Pro Classes Pro Sport Classes Sportsman , Powder Puff For Entry and Race Information contact: Bonneville Off Road Racing (B.O.R.E.) P.O. Box 158.3, Ogden, Utah 84402 (801 l 627-2311 c:, C'D :::, C'D Al -"a C'D ~ -0 0 :::, -... 2. July 1990 Page 37

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Jim Fishback, Jr. had trouble on lap 1, got it handled and did three good rounds and he came in fifth by five minutes in Class 1-2-1600. Greg Akins ran with the Class 1-2-1600 leaders for three laps, but dropped a half hour on the final round and finished sixth in class. Scott Weir takes the checkered flag after three good laps and big problems on lap 2, but his Baja Bug was second in the Class S action. ":-\ fl/, <"'•:_'"":;_-, . f ,$ ~:~-~~-~-,,_ ... A< ,,.._ • _,_ .A ·• Mike Abbott took the lead midway in the eleven car 5-1600 field, having been just a half minute back on lap 1, and he won the class with consistent times, with ten minutes in hand at the finish line. Thomas Coon and his crew started out fast in the Ford, then had a little down time, but they got in all four laps to win Class 8 honors. Doug Wager ran a close second in Class 5 through three laps, but he vanished from the charts on the last lap, third in the class anyhow. Robin Tulleners did fast lap in Class 8 at 53:26 on lap 2, but an over two hour first lap dropped him to second by just 2 minutes time. Charles Smith was just seconds off the early lead, kept a good pace, and he kept the winner honest placing second in Class 5-1600. r;.-a slow second round. Ardolino, Akins and Ryan slowed on the third lap, no doubt with pit stops, but Gregory turned his fastest lap of the race, 57:42, to take a firm lead heading into the final round. Howard Gregory had no visible trouble in the race, and whipped home the winner in Class 1~2~ 1600 in a total time of 4:07:25. David Ardolino, driving in his second ever race took a fine· second in the Jimco at 4:21:04, with a 57 minute final lap, fastest in the class. Scott Ryan grabbed third at 4:25:55, followed by David Stevenson at 4:27:08, Jim Fishback, Jr. at 4:32:07, in the usual 1600 class tight finish, and Greg Akins who lost over 20 minutes on the lap, at 4:55:20. Class 5 drew five starters and they all covered the first lap led by Ed Pauley who turned a fast lap of 56:51, the only driver under an CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279-2509 HELMET $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 A FRESH AIR HELMET AND BLOWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNFD FOR OFF ROAD USE AT A RF.ASONABLE PRICE BUILT MD BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LIGHT WEIGHT-REDUCES N~CK STRAIN Page 38 COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLCWER MOTOR AND AS..C:,F:MBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONE FULL YEAR SNELL SASS APPROVED hour in time. Eight minutes back came Scott Weir and Doug Wager, in the same minute, and Neal Grabowski was further down as was David Pick. Midway, Pauley had a healthy lead of 17 minutes over Wager, and Weir dropped 30 minutes while Grabowski dropped out. Pick had nearly two hours down time to rebuild the front end, started out on lap 3, but didn't come back. On the second half Ed Pauley · turned a 55 and a 56 minute time and won Class 5 going away with total time of 3:50:40. Turning· two good final laps Doug Weir took second at 4:56:38, and after a 1 :02 third lap Doug Wager vanished into the bushes on the last lap. Class 8 left next with four starters, but neither Billy Bunch or Greg Saavedra were seen again. Thomas Coon was out in front by an hour after the first lap over Robin Tulleners, who apparently used the time to heal all wounds because he turned a 53.26 lap on the second round. Midway, Tulleners had caught up a bunch and was just 16 minutes behind Coon. They both slowed on lap 3, T ulleners using an extra half hour in pit time, and that was the race. Although T ulleners turned a 58 minute last lap, he still finished second at a total time of 5:48:06. Thomas Coon took the victory by Of the four mini trucks that started only the Class 7 4x4 of Mike Mitchell conquered the desert and he won the class honors. July 1990 Dusty Times

Page 39

Allen Bowen had some troubles on the second lap, but not enough to bother his second half performance and he took third in Class 5-1600. George Fishback, Jr. drove the strong Tony the Greek 5-1600 to the first lap class lead, then slowed midway and dropped out on lap 3. Mike Duncan drove the only Class 3 style rig in the race, and he covered all four laps at a decent pace, finishing in 5:30:47. . . Mick Newton was fastest of all in the combined Classes 3/6 group, and he dr0ve the Chevy Nova all four laps to finish in 4:42:23. -~ ... a .fKp1 ~ A ~-M .. _ ~ ~ # ~-~~~--N "..-~;~ ,~ Tom Mattingly had a trouble free race, with two laps under the hour in his Barstow bred Challenger. His other two laps _were only a minute slower and he won the 30 car Class 9 by a whopping 20 minutes. Robert Kleber keeps his Challenger very tidy, and his neatness paid off at Ridgecrest with a close race and a fine second in Class 9. Craig Cooper did his four laps only three minutes different on time, and his consistent performance brought him in third in Class 9. Dick Ford stayed with the front runners most of the race, slowed on the final round and dropped into fourth in Class 9 at the flag. a slim margin of less than two minutes with his total time of 5:46:13. It was an exciting finish for sure. A good field of eleven started out in Class 5-1600, but three of them went out on the first lap. George Fishback, Jr. led the pack on the first lap at 1:02:49, but Mike Abbott was half a minute back and 11 seconds ahead of Charles Smith. Reid Ferguson was another minute down, tightly followed by David Allen, and the others fought on in the dust. Midway, Mike Abbott had the lead on time and on the road; he was about seven minutes ahead of Charles Smith on total time, who was just two minutes ahead of Fishback who vanished on the next lap. Abbott and Smith had near identical lap times on round three , with Abbott leading, Ferguson had a quick lap also, but couldn't make back the more than an hour he lost on the second lap. Nobody was close to the leading pair. Mike Abbott put three minutes on Charles Smith to take the 5-1600 victory at. 4:23:51. Smith kept him honest finishing in 4:33:38. Allen Bowen was third at 5:00:05, followed closely by R ich Hayes, 5:04:52, and Dusty Times David Allen, 5:15:04. Roy Smith and Reid Ferguson finished 20 minutes further back but only 39 seconds apart on time. The combined Class 7 s fielded four trucks, but only one covered all four laps within the eight hour time allowance. Neither Steve Bennett, 7 4x4, or Kevin Thaning, 7, covered a lap, Mike Mitchell led the first lap by about 15 minutes in his 4x4 over the 7S of Nenad Bazin. Then on the second lap, Bazin used three hours 43 minutes to get around, and parked. Mitchell continued to turn competitive lap times and won the combo class in 5:20:39, the only finisher. The single Class 3 Jeep and the pair of Class 6 cars were also run together. Rick Mancha's Class 6 didn't do a lap, but Mick Newton, Chevy Nova led Mike Duncan, Jeep, by 15 minutes on lap 1. Neither entry had any obvious trouble covering the four laps, Duncan taking the 4x4 honors in 5:30:47 and Newton winning Class 6 in 4:42:23. A hefty 30 entries lined up to do battle in Challenger, Class 9 competition, and this was one class we really had trouble keeping track of as they went by in bunches.Well back Ir · PUT YOUR FUEL IN A SAFE PLACE. This is a Fuel Safe Rac-ing Cell after a rear end collision. The Fuel Safe Bladder survived with only minor scracthes and No Leaks! And the car July 1990 wentontoWINthe race. Fuel Safe Cells are ap-proved by all major rac-ing associations. And for a good reason. Fuel Safe Racing Cells. A safe place to put your fuel for over 15 years. 00 5271 Business Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 (800) 433-6524 Manufactured by Aircraft Rubber, Inc. Page 39

Page 40

The tall bushes may have slowed the Beetles down, but don't count them out of any desert race. The Stone Stock class may be catching on. There were four in the race, three finished, and Daniel Travis Howard drove his VW to the victory in Class 11 with a fine two lap time of 2:48:57. ' Groff won the title with his Toyota in a good two lap time of 3:16:16. James Clements is another Barstow racer running his own chassis, this year in Class 9, and he finished a close fifth at Ridgecrest. David Callaway is another second generation racer, and he ran a good race in the desert and finished seventh out of 13 in Class 9. Charles Ortega was doing well in the Challenger battles until the last lap, when he dropped 14 minutes and dropped to ninth at the flag. - -m ~ It was delightful having amenities just a few steps away from the tech and contingency inspection line at the Kerr McGee Com-munity Center, which also hosted registration, inside in the air conditioning. Butch Burch scoots his Volkswagen along the trail at Ridgecrest where he was second in Class 11, only 14 minutes out of the victory. Kenneth Parr stayed close all the way and took second in Stone Stock class in what looked to ·be his daily go to work Chevy truck. THE WRIGHT PLACE~ COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. _You can use them on Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adjustments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 40 r;r in the starting order, Tom Mattingly turned the only first lap under an hour at 59:13 to take the early lead. Tom was one driver who figured towing from Barstow to Ridge-crest was a lot easier than towing from Barstow to Caliente, NV for the SNORE race, and he is one vying for SNORE series points. Mike Colgan was close at a minute flat, followed in 15 seconds by Robert Kleber, and at least five cars were only three or four minutes further back. Five Challengers failed to complete the first lap, and seven more retired somewhere on the second lap. Tall bushes, deep silt pockets and general rough terrain are tough on these limited cars. Midway Mattingly was still in the lead with 1:59:50 total time. Dick Ford was running second at 2:06:48, followed by Robert Kleber at 2:08:43. A half dozen more cars were just eight to ten minutes off the leaders' pace. A total of 16 pushed on through three laps, but on the final round three retired, Jeff Nolke, Jeff Harrison and Michael Rix. Meanwhile, up front, Tom Mattingly turned another 59 minute lap to solidify his lead, and Kleber picked up a head of steam and did a 1:02:57, three minutes faster than the times of those he was fighting for second place on the third lap. Tom Mattingly did not stop July 1990 anytime on the four laps, did a 1:01 :02 on the last lap and scored a dominating victory in Class 9 at 4:00:44. Robert Kleber kept up his pace to move into second at the flag at 4:20:36. The times got closer as Craig Cooper was third at 4:23:50 followed by Dick Ford at 4:29:34, James Clements at 4:32:24, Robert Chaccman at 4:36:02 and David Callaway at 4:36:28. In all, 13 Class 9 cars finished all four laps, Mike Colgan being 13th after a three and a half hour third lap, obviously with serious breakage. A brave pair of Class 11 Beetles started the race and they both finished their two required laps. Travis Howard turned two remarkably consistent lap times, 1:23:22 and 1:25:35 to win the class honors by over an hour at 2:48:57. Butch Burch had all his trouble on the first lap with a 2:22:02 time it appears. But he came back with a 1:45:38 second lap to finish in 4:07:40. The final car class on the starting line was Stone Stock or Class 1500, four trucks strong at Ridgecrest. This class was only required to do two laps also. Kenneth Parr led the first lap with a 1:46:44 followed closely by Ramon Maramba at 1:48:49. Daniel Groff was only another couple minutes back at 1:50:05, tight running for this class. Carey Steiner had lots of trouble and a 3:23:43 first lap. Maramba dropped out on the second lap but the other three went on to see the checkered flag. With a 1 :26: 11 second lap Daniel Groff won the class at 3:16:16. Kenneth Parr was close with a 1:36:18 final lap and total time of 3:23:02, while Carey Steiner finished with a 1:40:23 lap but a total time of 5:04:06. Stone Stock may be a growth class in La Rana Racing, and the drivers did seem to be having a good time. A single Odyssey driven by Larry Bowman showed up to race. He covered one lap in 4:49:14, but the bushes were really too high to have this size vehicle out there along with the big trucks. Hopefully, it won't be too long before both the major and minor league officials learn the real value of separating motorcycle engined classes into their own event, like they do in the FR T races. Sunday morning the computer generated results were posted back in the civilized confines of the Kerr McGee Community Center, and at noon the awards were presented, 23 hours after the winner had received the checkered flag. A little earlier awards ceremony might be better if La Rana wants to attract people from other areas to its events, and we think they will when the word spreads about how much fun, and how like the funtime old days these races are right now in the 1990s. Dusty Times

Page 41

When asked the secret of their success, some of off-road's biggest winners had a stock answer: Armstrong. ©1990 Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corporation. All rights reserved. Tredloc is a registered trademark of Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corporation. Greg George piloted the Armstrong Funco Mazda to its victory at the SCORE OffRoad World Championship in Phoenix. lack Flannery took the Class 4 championship in Phoenix and followed · with three victories (Classes 4, 8 and 14) at La,ke Geneva's Memorial =--------~D~ay 100. Mike Sandoval was a start-to-finish winner in Phoenix, claiming the Class 1-2/ 1600 championship. , Some tire manufacturers create custom tires for off-road competition. But Armstrong doesn't have to. Because our stock tires are built race-tough, thanks to Armstrong's highly aggressive tread designs and technological advances in tire construction, like the Tredloc® belt system. And the Rhino-Tough Armstrong tires that you buy off the shelf are the same tires that have carried so many off-road racers to victory over the last 25 years. So see your Armstrong dealer today. Because whether you're a professional racer or weekend warrior, the stock answer to winning is Armstrong. , . ..,

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SNORE Goes Past Beatty to Race Text & Plwtos: Don Dayton Rob MacCachren led early, then had a bunch of flat tires, but retook the lead when Melvin Tom had trouble on the very last lap, and MacCachren took the Valley Performance Class 10 to the overall and Class 10 victory. Maybe the headline should read "CHALLENGERS FINISH FIRST IN BEA TfY''. The truth is three of the "9" cars had better finish times than Rob MacCach, ren. Tom Mattingly finished in 3:08:56, Rick Nelson in 3:11:20 and Tim Crain in 3:24:45. Well, actually MacCachren 's time of 3:24:48 was for six laps while the Class 9s only had to go five laps, so it probably isn't a legitimate comparison. Sure would have made a dandy headline though. Before the race the word from race steward, Bill Shapely, was ''There is a little silt on some parts of the course." After the race one of the drivers was heard to comment, "The only place on that course that wasn't silt was the highway crossings and they were dusty." Some people had all of their fun early in the race. Aaron Hawley hadn't got much more than wound out in top gear when he encountered one of Shapley's little surprises. This one was called "The Twister." This bump didn'tjustlaunch the car, it added a little backspin to the kicker. Aaron went end over everything more times than really seemed necessary and when the dust semi, settled found his racer twisted into a rather messy ball. The good looking half of the team, Nicole Garside, had a chunk bitten out of her leg by the radio, but they otherwise got out with only bunches of bruises and a lifetime supply of dirty. Meanwhile, back at the race. Gary Waller set quick time for the first lap, with Melvin Tom barely a tick behind in his "Fireworks" Class 10 car. Rob MacCachren was only 13 seconds behind Tom. On the second lap positions were reversed, as MacCachren took the lead and Melvin Tom was still in second. Waller had some prob, lems and dropped back about ten minutes. The third lap was Rob's turn for troubles. An assortment of flat tires dropped his "10" car behind the charging Tom, but still ahead of Gary Waller in the Unlimited car. The story oflaps 3, 4 and 5 is all Melvin Tom. He had some problems on lap 4 and lost seven minutes, but was still able to hold off MacCachren. At the finish of lap 5 Rob had managed to close the gap, but Tom was first across the line by 19 seconds. Lap 6 was "Oh Sh,,,,," (Shucks) time for the Fireworks car. The dust had gotten so thick you couldn't see a sky rocket at arms length. Tom slowed to a near stop, waiting for some visibility to come by. Another car, apparently driving by Braille, came charging through the haze. The inevitable dustup left Tom's 10 car with a trailing arm pointing the wrong way and his chance for a win buried in the silt. Meanwhile, back at the finish line, Rob MacCachren came in first overall and first in Class 10. He was less than 4½ minutes ahead of Gary Waller, who was first in Unlimited and second overall (not counting the Chal, lengers). Due to a short field of cars Class 5 and Class 7 were combined. Bill Shapley figured that because of the difference in speed, the Ss would go six laps while the 7s would do five. This proved to be a good match and for the first three laps the 5 car of Tony Howerton and the 7 truck of Monty Smith were (on handicap) running neck and neck. I Unfortunately, on lap four Monty forgot about the "Twister" and hit it about half past too fast. The resulting launch was report, edly spectacular and he managed to keep the truck mostly upright, but his landing was a little off. He ended up with the left front wheel somewhere near the left rear wheelwell. Emergency repairs consisted of beating the wheel somewhere close to the front of the truck and replacing the collapsed suspension parts with a big rock and some duct tape. He limped into checkpoint one where more permanent repairs were made (bigger rock, more duct tape). Monty set a race record for slow on his last lap, but he brought the Toyota in for a checkered flag. His efforts were good for second place. Tony Howerton ran a flawless race and finished first in class. Stacey Pike had Ford problems. Seems the water wanted to be on the outside of the motor rather than inside, but he managed to ease it around for a third place. Dennis Peterson in the other'' 5 '' car succumbed to first lap woes and disappeared in the desert. · 1 "here isn't a whole lot to report in the 5, 1600 wars. Patrick Carter in the first race in his bullet, pocked Desert Dumper car had electrical woes about three miles from the start. By the time they got that problem solved the battery was dead so his co,driver, Hot,Foot Carter, jogged back to the pits and came back with a new battery. They got the car back in the race, but had more "new car" problems and didn't finish a lap. Kevin Streety had all of his problems on the first lap and again on his last lap, but he ran well enough on laps 2, 3 and 4 to Melvin Tom led the first lap in Class 10, and lap 3, 4 and 5, but got buried in the silt on the last lap and ended up second in class. Aaron Hawley started fast, but then did a giant series of endos, taking him out of Unlimited competition early on the very first lap. inanage a second place finish. Barry Slatter just went out and spent a relatively uneventful day plowing through the dust and ended up with the first place gold. And then there was Class 1,2, 1600. There were three different leaders on the first three laps and that was just at start,finish. There were even more lead changes out on the course. Tom Burns turned his best lap of the day the first time around. David Plum was second across the line and Pat Dean came l,y third, just 40 seconds behind Burns. The next lap positions were reversed. Dean was first, Plum second and Burns had dropped to third. Lap three saw David Plum first across the line, Pat in second and Burns in the three slot. Lap four saw more changes. Burns had problems and faded, Pat Dean got out in front with Plum second and Tom Bradley, Jr., taking over third. Farther back in the pack Bekki Freeman was running strong. She wasn't leading the race, but she was doing the next best thing. She was leading her older brother, Kenny Freeman, Jr. For the first three laps she stayed between thirty seconds and a minute ahead. Then on lap four came "The Fence". You know the one. With two each entered, Class 5 and 7 were combined, and Tony Howerton laid down six very consistent laps to be the only six lap finisher and win the combo purse. = -~ .................. .---Nursing a sick car through the start/finish checkpomt, Pat Galliher failed to slow down enough, and, evidence that the officials play no favontes, SNORE's current President was disqualified. Monty Smith was going well until lap 4 when_ h_e hit the 'Twister' and destroyed the truck's front end; he did f1msh the lap for the Class 7 pomts, second in the combo class. David Plum was another of the many leaders m Class 1-2-1600. · but at the checkered flag Plum had to settle for second place honors. Page 42 July 1990 Dusty Times

Page 43

Kenny Freeman, Jr. ran behind his sister Bekki until she hit a fence on lap 4; then Kenny had no trouble taking third in Class 1-2-1600. Tommy Bradley ran with the Class 1-2-1600 leaders, but dropped some time on lap 3 and finished fourth, one minute behind Freeman. Tom Burns turned his best lap of the day on the first lap, had major problems on lap 5 for 40 minutes and was fifth in 1600 action. Rick Nelson kept the Challenger winner honest all the way, and he finished second, a scant couple of minutes out of the class victory. Tim Crain turned almost identical times for all five laps in the Challenger competition, and his reward was a fine third in the class. Gary Brewer was running with the top finishers in Challenger class until lap 4, when he had serious down time and ended up seventh. Right by the highway crossing. The one with the BLM guy at one end and the Highway Patrolman on the other side. Bekki hit The Fence right across from the Patrol car. Word is, the Patrolman spilled his coffee all over the inside of the car. If you 're going to hit a fence and tear a wheel clear . off your racer, this was the place to do it. Larry Trimble, who was in the white knuckle seat at the time, tried to make repairs, but that was about the end of their race. Bekki said the worst part was when Kenny went by and saw them. He didn't even slow down - he just laughed. Kenny went on to pass Tommy Bradley on the last lap and that's the way they finished. Pat Dean 1st, David Plum 2nd, Kenny Freeman 3rd, Tommy Bradley 4th, and Tom Burns 5th. We already mentioned the winners of Class 9. Here's what we heard about the guys in' the back of the pack. Kevin Davis, who has done so well on the short course races, blew his engine on the dry lake during the first lap. Bobby Ruppert left little pieces of transmission spread all over the track just before check one. Joe Jackson broke a rear hub and rolled the car so many times he got frequent flyer points. Brian Pennington, back in his Challenger after running a 10 in the last few races, cracked a trans case and shucked all the teeth off his ring gear. • Barry Slatter, passing through Checkpoint 1 here, drove the only 5-1600 that didn't have major trouble and he covered five laps in consistent times to win the class honors. Five of the seven 1-2-1600s finished six laps. Pat Dean led off and on in various laps and when it counted, lap 6, and young Pat won the close running class by over four minutes. Dusty Times And the first three Challengers, Tom Mattingly, Rick Nelson and Tim Crain came in 1, 2 and 3 -Overall. John Wells was 4th in class, followed by Steven Burke and Trevor Rowland. If anyone thinks that SNORE isn't serious about enforcing the rules, that we have selective rule enforcement or that we play ''favorites", there was one disqualification at Beatty. The race steward emphasized that there ·would be a 25 mph speed limit on the course approaching the finish line and that everyone would stop at the line on every lap. One driver was having some severe car problems. He left his pit, determined to finish the race even though his car was only running on two cylinders. With a big whip and dire threats, he managed to get the car up to speed. Trouble is he was still in the 25 mph zone and while the car wouldn't go a whole lot faster than that the velocity was enough to wake up the race steward. When the driver didn't stop at the line and just sort of "waved" at the flagman, the R.S. called for a D.Q And that is how an already dismal day for SNORE President, Pat Galliher, deteriorated to the point of ----. Let's just say that next time can't hardly help being better. While we're talking about better, let's mention "best". That describes the reception the racers got from the people of Beatty. If you're going some place to race, you will be hard pressed to find a friendlier welcome than SNORE received from everyone there. The award breakfast at the ( continued on page 4 5) ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR ~=:::=. 16.5 POUNDS SIZES AVAILABLE 16 X27 18 X24 19 X28 CURRENTLY USED IN CLASS 2, 8, & NASC~R • RANCHO SUSPENSION • DOETSCH TECH •MASTERCRAFT• KAYLINE • CIBIE • K & N • JT BODY LIFTS • FUEL SAFE • CLIFFORD~ AUTOFAB • KC HILITES personalized • AIR LIFT -·ORD PERFORMANCE· MIKUNI service ! • 104 OCTANE BOOST• SMITTYBILT • AMSOIL !:Id ·• LAS VEGAS 702 \"' ':<-" 3867S. YALLi:YVIEW 362-2089 ~~~~~~;~o~~~IP OFF SPRING MTN. RD. OPEN MON-SAT July 1990 Page 43

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The 1990 Tour de Corse Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Didier Auria/ and Bernard Occelli had transmission and other troubles with the Lancia Delta lntegrale 16v, but they passed on to win by a scant 36 seconds; it was a hat trick win here for Auria/. Hat Trick man Didier Auriol won this year's Tour de Corse with a lucky _break. His Lancia Delta Integrale 16v had transmis-sion trouble three stages from the finish, on a section where the time schedules gave just sufficient time for repairs to be carried out-without penalty. Toyota driver Carlos Sainz, who fell back to third place after a frightening near-miss on the second day, kept up the pressure on the Frenchman right to the end, and finally was beaten in the closest Tour de Corse in 14 years. French drivers continue to dominate the world rally scene; Auriol extends his lead in the drivers' series, while, by coming second in a Renault dominated Group N scene, the alternative series is being led by Alain Oreille. A last day cambelt problem for Louise Aitken Walker let Italian girl Paola de Martini take the lead in the FIA Ladies' cup. Toyota is still hunting Lancia hard in the make's series, and soon the Italians will start their indivious decisions on which members of their star studded world championship team will be given preferential treatment in the race to the title later in the year. The Tour de Corse is a very European event. Scandinavian drivers for years have talked . themselves out of competing, Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya led the first day in the Toyota Ce/ica GT-Four, had a near miss on stage 7, but came back to finish second. Page 44 while Japanese teams generally prefer to concentrate on loose surfaced events. Toyota, the only Japanese team seriously contend-ing the World series this year were the only ones present, apart from two hardy privateers who came with their Nissans. A specter from the past was the Renault team driver Jean Ragnotti, who said that everything had cha·nged since he first entered this event in 1969. Renault was again seriously tackling the event, but in Group N cars. Toyota seemed to have an air of confidence, and this was perhaps the only time this year we could realistically expect to see victory for a rear drive, normally aspirated car. The only pre-rally controversy surrounded Stage 10; the 48 km section was the longest stage in World rallying since Corsica in 1986. The road was being rebuilt halfway through the section. After much discussion among authorities and organizers, the decision was finally made to cut out the first part of the stage, thus shortening it to 25 km. Sunday's short four stage loop around Ajaccio started the rally and was one of those pleasant occasions when we wondered why rallying ever had to be done the hard way. The sun shone so brightly that it seemed impossible that yesterday had been so wet, though once again the local climate played its tricks. By the second stage drivers were reporting moments of horror, coming round dry corners to be confronted with water all over the road. The TV Superspecial was too short to be meaningful, but Yves Loubet was equal quickest despite claiming to have gone easily at the start. Marc Duez was unhappy, the Dunlops on his Ford having too high a profile and being unstable on the 16n wheels. Stage 2 saw Loubet a second quicker than Carlos Sainz; fastest lady Christine Driano had gear selection trouble, but former BMW driver Bernardini was pullingawayinGroupNwitha 16 valve Lancia Integrale. Several drivers took advantage of FISA's new Group N rule giving freedom of wheel design, choosing wheels through which cooling air can pass more freely. While some teams were struggling on Stage 2 in the wet, drops were falling for earlier cars on Stage 3. Paola de Martini and Umberta Gibellini suffered exhaust leaks and more, but they kept moving to place ninth overall in the Audi 90. Quattro, take the Ladies Cup and Ladies FIA championship points lead. The route has varied scenery, and here Claude Balesi and Jean-Paul Cirindini scoot along the seaside in the Renault 5 GT Turbo they drove to seventh overall and the coveted first in Group N. It was here that Loubet hit a stone Chatriot's BMW, and one for the thrown onto the road by an earlier rest. Duez wanted to be part of the car and the right front tire action but things kept going exploded. He drove 3 km on the wrong for the RAS Sierra. He had rim, losing 26 seconds to Sainz. a flat on Stage 5 to start the day, Saby also had trouble, the power and another flat on Stage 8. Saby steering failed and he was three still had power steering trouble, seconds slower than Lou bet. that got worse the longer the stage Others like Chatriot and Aitken was. Driano fell behind Aitken Walker had mechanical troubles. Walker when she went off the Didier Auriol made best time road·for three minutes, finishing on the final stage of the day on his the stage with the Citroen's rear S43 Michelins. Duez had boiling spoiler flapping wildly; Ragnotti brakes on every stage finishing abandoned before the next stage seventh for the day; he was more with engine woes. than two minutes behind the best • On Stage 7 there was an horrific 2WD car, the BMW of Chatriot. moment for Sainz, who was the Bernardini was out of the hunt, first car on the road. He came with gearbox trouble in the round a fast left corner (flat in Lancia, and he lost on road fifth) to find a farmer's Peugeot penalties. Sixty-two out of 85 205 backing out of an entrance. "I starters were still running. The just don't know how I avoided it, top Group N driver was Albertini or even managed to stay on the inan Alfa 75 Turbo. Out front on road. It was the worst fright I have time here was Sainz, followed by ever had in my life." The incident Auriol, Chatriot, Schwarz and unsettled the Spaniard and he Loubet. gradually fell back behind the The second section was the day Lancias. Loubet was frustrated of Lancia 's revenge. Lou bet set off because he was in his element but · determined, and this in turn could make little or no impact on inspired Auriol to pull out all the Auriol's newly acquired lead. stops. It soon became obvious The stage after the first rest halt there were two rallies going on, at Porto Vecchio, saw the leading one for the top six cars, three drivers face their first rain and Lancias, two Toyotas and tires were changed. Sainz, again suffering the hazard of opening the course, fell further back. Eventually, the organizers decided to shorten Stage 10; it was another dry section, even though the storm clouds were massing around the hills. Duez had turbocharger trouble, and, just before the second halt at Corte, Francois Delecour went missing with engine failure. Louise still headed the Ladies category as Paola struggled with a broken exhaust and an ill co-driver. Francois Chatriot and Michel Perin had problems throughout the rally, but kept the 300hp BMW M3 on track, and scored third overall. There were more wet roads on Stage 12 and Sainz made best time. On the final stage of the day Schwarz had an oil leak and retired. No fewer than four drivers held the Group N lead July 1990 Dusty Times

Page 45

Raimund Baumschalger and Ruben Zeltner had their own Aust-rian cheering section, and they took fifth in the tidy VW Golf G Tl 16v. Service vehicles come in all sizes in the big league in Europe. Toyota's TTE fleet includes this odd size fuel tanker truck. Marc Duez and Alain Lopes had brake troubles all the way in the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, and eventually retired with engine woes. through the day. Albertini carried Porta high in the mountains, it on from the day before but had seemed uncanny that five drivers shock absorber trouble; Deriu's. · were nearby fighting tooth and Sierra took over, then Francois nail for second and the lead. The Serpaggi's Cosworth had the lead news from the first stage was that before Claude Balesi put his Chatriot's gearbox had jammed in Renault in front two stages before third. the overnight halt in Alba Serena. The tranquility of La Porta was Were the Lancias going better or the quiet before the storm. Still the Toyotas slower? One rival ·the rain clouds hovered and team manager opined "It's the spasmodically gave forth, though tires. Look at the roads, they are never for the top drivers. But much hotter surface than normal. drama came for Loubet; on the I can tell you Michelin can handle second stage of the day he broke that better than Pirelli." two driveshafts, one front and Why had Auriol and Loubet onerear.Atservicetherewasonly been so dominant? Here Auriol time to change the front. He fell to led Loubet by 21 seconds, Sainz fifth and lost four more minutes was about a minute behind, before the rest halt after crashing followed by Chatriot and Saby. to avoid a truck on the road. Sainz On Section 3 waiting at the stop was now a minute and 11 seconds control outside the church at La behind Auriol and in four stages SNORE (from page 43) STAGECOACH INN was the best feed since the fabled days of the Holiday Casino. Originally SNORE's first course layout out of Beatty was thought to be OK by various government agencies that now control the destiny of off road racing. Beatty, Nevada is far enough north to be well clear of the desert tortoise habitat. It fell under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management in Tonapah, double the distance from Las Vegas that Beatty is, but the BLM people there were most helpful to SNORE. But, late in the game the US · Park Service filed an objection to the original course. It didn't run on Park Service land, but they felt it did run close enough to the Death Valley National Monument that dust from the race might have been visible from the Park. This problem causei:l a two week delay in the race, so a new course could be found that didn't offend the Monument Mounties. The new course was about forty miles north and was thou ht to be w problem free. But, a few days before the race a couple of creosote bushes were found near the course, and Fish and Feathers got into t:he act. It seems they regard any place there is a creosote bush as "potential tortoise habitat". The nearest turtle is at least forty miles south. The course was rerouted around the bushes. But, SNORE's troubles were not over yet. The Nevada Highway Patrol got into the act on the Twilight Race. They figured that having race cars cross the highway after dark would just be too hazardous, so they decided that the Twilight Rae~ would have to finish before dark. Never mind · that long races like the Mint 400 crossed Nevada highways all night long in past years. While SNORE started the race early to accom, modate this edict, it cost them their race sponsor, Per,Lux Lights. Such are the headaches that go with producing a desert race these days, but SNORE's next event near Caliente, NV has no such problems. A dozen Challenger cars started the dusty race, and Tom Mattingly turned very quick times; after five laps his was the first car across the finish line to win the class and have the lowest E. T. of all racers. Dusty Times he had dropped back just one second. Auriol had some misfiring trouble, traced to a faulty electronic sensor, and first Sainz and then Chatriot had some different dry Pirellis to test. Loubet had a new central differential for the afternoon stages, but Duez retired with a blown engine. In Group N . Albertini was keeping up the . pressure, after having early shock trouble and Serpaggi's Cosworth had a water problem with the engine. Loubet's troubles were not over. He had a slipping clutch on the first afternoon stage, and gave up altogether. On Stage 19 Christine Oriana retired with suspension trouble, and Serpaggi was the third top Ford driver to retire with engine problems. But Chatriot was going better and better. On these afternoon stages there were crowds of spectators, but now only four drivers worth watching. Many hearts went out to Raimund Baumschlager, the Austrian VW driver now lying fifth. Austrian spectators held out flags to urge him on. He fought off the Group N cars and changed his gearbox at Calvi to be ready for the final day's attack. Here Auriol · led Sainz by over a minute and Chatriot was over 1.5 minutes further down followed by Saby and Baumschlager. On Section 4 the discussions continued about the retirement of the Corsican hero Yves Loubet. It seemed that a driveshaft just pulled out from the front of the car, but the mechanics could not understand why. The car had no visible evidence of accident damage, so they presumed the transmission was faulty. Later they measured the car finding the accident at Corte had twisted the whole chassis. Sainz meanwhile was fighting fit as the rally left Calvi for the final day of action. Friends in the team said he had already thrown off the nervousness from the Stage 7 near,miss, but things didn't immediately go well. He fitted the wrong tires for the first stage and lost ten seconds to Auriol. Having dropped only three seconds to the Frenchman all Tuesday, the gap between them was now one minute, 17 seconds. Louise came to a stop on the stage when the cambelt failed, and Albertini, lying third in Group N had a puncture and retired when the suspension failed. Just when Auriol looked like being about to cruise home, he had the front differential fail. Chatriot followed the two cars, later noticed the smell and the sight of helicopters scudding the skies, and arriving at Auriol's stricken Lancia at the end of the stage told him everything. The job which normally takes mechanics 40 minutes was achieved in 24; the Frenchman arrived at the next time control three minutes in time. The ·last stage saw some worrying moments for Baum, sch lager, whose VW was stuck in fifth gear. "Luckily it was almost all downhill." Auriol got his hat trick, Renault got a remarkable top five places in Group N and the only person who was at all wistful at the end was Sainz. "You know we are winners, we are alive. We had no right to be here, when we suddenly saw that car on the seventh stage ... " 34th TOUR DE CORSE Results Didier Auriol/Bernard Occelli Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya Francois Chatrlot/Michel Perin Bruno Saby/Daniel Grataloup Raimund Baumschlage/Ruben Zeltner A F E F F Laurent PoggVEdouard Buresi F Claude Balesi/Jean-Paul Cirindini F Alain Oreille/Michel Roissard F .Paola De Martini/Umberta Gibellini I Sylvain Polo/Herve Sauvage F Lancia Delta Integrate A• Toyota Calica GT-Four A BMWM3 A 6:45:16 6:45:52 6:49:05 6:51:12 7:21:26 7:23:30 Lancia Delta lntergrale VW Golf GTI JSV Citroen AX Sport Renault 5 GT T rubo Renault 5 GT Turbo Audi 90 C>.Jattro" Renault 5 GT Turbo A A A N' 7:24:05 N 7:25:37 A 7:31:20 N 7:31:56 'Group winners -"ladies Winners 94 start - 48 finish Winner's average stage speed - 89.17 kph (record) 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styllrig, design to retain stock appear-ance and allow 34" tall tires. SCORE/HORA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Reinforced hood to stop distortion at speed. Racers Price Available. Dimple Die Sets now In stock-½" -1" -1½" -2" CALIFORNIA PRE.;J=UN 39067 Orchard St. Cherry Valley, CA 92223 Curt Leduc, Owner (714) 845:-8820 July 1990 Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing 8403 Vicki Road Rockford, IL 61108 (815) ~~-~81 Page 45

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THE COLORADO on ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS The Budweiser Baja By Ron Kiel Photos: Steve Estes Thad Briggs, Jim Olson and Tim Briscoe ;oar over the Grandstand jump during the first lap of the Heavy Metal heat race. Briscoe ended up the winner as they all rolled at one time during the action. May 20 dawned wai:m and clear in off road racers heaven, Adams County Fairgrounds at Denver, Colorado. The morning practice sessions went very smoothly while racers dialed in their vehi-cles from the asphalt pit areas with a view of the majestic Rocky Mountains. As race time ap-pro~ched, everyon«: seemed to be ready to race on the man made chunk of Baja in front of the grandstands. The grandstands began to fill and after a brief open-ing ceremony, the flag dropped on the first race promptly at 1:00 p.m. The Quad 250 B riders started off the day and after some early shuffling in the pack, last year's Jim Olson heads down the front straight in the Heavy Metal main event, on his way to the checkered flag in front of the grandstands. (;.:::::::::::::==:;:=::.::::..:.==::;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;~:::::;::==~:;;;;;::::;::====::::;::==:::::::; BIGGER IS BETTER Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles· on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C.V. joints. Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C.V. joints. · All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s can be threaded ¾-24 or stock .8mm. · All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be threaded ¾-24 or stock 10mm threads. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND JIELLS Only $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 3242 SABIN BROWN FfOAD P.O. BOX 20646 • WICKENBURG, AZ 85358 (602) 684-5056 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 46 champion, Pam Cook (Ver how), took control of the race and was never questioned. Ken Pavlick took second, and Mark Graber took third. In the Class 10 heat, Ken Bracelin took the early lead with Tom Dunn glued to his tail and for 5½ laps of the 6 lap race they put on a show that kept spectators . on their feet the entire time. Meanwhile Tony Jackson and Chris Strauch were battling for third and fourth. Bryan Decker had trouble at the start and was dead last at the end of the first lap, but he battled his way through the pack and at the checkered flag, it was Tom Dunn in first, Bryan Decker in second, and Tony Jack-son third. The Stadium Odyssey heat was fairly tame after some initial jug-gling for position and Uary Eubank finished first, Allen Dhooge second, and Randy .Minch third. Now the field of action changed to accomodate the newest group of GWPS racers, Unlimited and Super Modified mud baggers. The mud flew and the crowd cheered while the mud hogger trucks showed their stuff in a 24 inch deep .pit that any swamp would have been proud of. When it was over, Steve Peif and his Rude Dog truck had the fastest time of 5 .02, Roger Stowell in the Dirty White Boy truck was second at 7 .19, and Martha Nicholson in Mudd Puppy was third at 7 .39. In the Super Modi-fied class, Gary Hahn was first at 8.05, Jeff Hahn was second at 8.24, and Rod Walker was third at 9.61. Meanwhile, the off road track had been groomed and watered to be ready for the next round of races. The Quad 250 A heat was next and provided some interesting action in that last year's champion was unable to fight off the compe-tition. The heat ended with Noel Rader first, Ron Cornforth second, and Steve Verhow (1989 champ) third. Next came the largest class of the day, the 1-2-1600 cars. They roared off the start line and Chuck Landers and Chad Bertram took the early lead. Through a series of bump and grind position July 1990 Ken Brace/in comes out of the rhythm section, and despite early trouble the long time Colorado racer won the Class 10 main event. Tom Dunn won the Class 10 heat race by inches, and was in close combat for first in the main event, when his race car quit running. changes that left both Landers and Bertram with flat tires on the left rear, the race changed completely . Chad Bertram performed a rollover where he landed on his wheels and continued without even losing a position. There was a tie up in the last turn at the south end of the course that put Mark Perschbacher in the lead. Ron Kiel landed on top of Landers coming out of the rhythm section and rode him piggyback for 75 yards. The heat ended with Mark Perschbacher in first, Richard Brewbaker second, and Chuck Landers third. In the course of the action, Dave Gee and Marty Oase were also in the front of the pack at one time. The thunder of Heavy Metal trucks came roaring down the track next and in the first lap it was Thad Briggs, Jim Olson, and Tim Briscoe that came through the rhythm section neck to neck. Thad Briggs came out with a slight lead and headed into the mogul field where his truck went straight .up into the air, swapped ends, and landed on its nose just in time for (continued on page 48) Rich Brewbaker sails over the grandstand jump well on his way to the main event victory in the fierce Class 1-2-1600 action. Pam Cook shows the boys the way to the checkered flag as she easily won the 250 B heat and went on to also win the main event. Dusty Times

Page 47

""" ....... ., ~ -~:~ --~¼. ~ Mike Hester was really in contention all day in the Class 1 and 10 competition, but lost the power steering in his Chenowth and was second in the big class. Bobby Sheppard ran steady most of the distance, and he drove the last Class 1 to finish the race, a lap down from the ·winner Gaylord. Tom Toia, who used to drive fast buggies, dusted off his Jeep to run the Florida 400, and he finished the race, running strong at the finish line. FLORIDA400 Text & Photos: Wayne Simmons Jeff Golding ran with the l~ader in 1600 class from the green flag, and as attrition took its toll, as it usually does in Crowder's Pits, Golding moved into the lead and he won the big 1600 class handily. Once again off road drivers and their machines converged on Tallahassee, Florida for the event of the year, the FLORIDA 400. Preparation started months in advance, as newsletters and advertisements were sent to drivers all over. It's the people behind the scenes and sponsors like Fisher Buggies, Bosch, Chelsea Milling Company ( makers of Jiffy Mix), WD-40, Bardahl, and many more that help support events like this that we owe many thanks to. · Drivers from Michigan, Geor-gia, Illinois, Indiana, and Canada pulled down with one thought in mind, to challenge "THE BEAST OF THE EAST". Linda Schlamb the Canadian driver returned in · her four wheel drive truck, for a second year. Last year she drove off a cliff midway in the race ending her day early. This time her plan was to just finish the race. Tom Toia, a Florida boy, brought his Jeep out of a four year retirement for the challenge. As for the rest, some will make it, and some will not, but all can say they had challenged the best. This year Jimmie Crowder and crew worked, "THE BEAST" as the track is sometimes referred to, into fine racing shape. Mother Nature had helped by keeping the rains away, but it was a little too dry, causing it to be real dusty in spots on race day. Although the weather was perfect, the day was over shadowed by a dark cloud of tragedy. Shortly after the start of the race a spectator was struck and killed while attempting to cross the track during the race. A grim reminder of the hazards that can exist when man and machine are brought together. A cool breeze and bright sunshine greeted the drivers, with the opening of the pit gates. It was not long until the calm of the early morning was shattered by the sounds of reving motors and loud talk. While drivers and mechanics ready their buggies and selves for the task that lay ahead, soon came the call for a drivers' meeting. After a short explanation of track rules, it was time to race. Marti Neri took the lead for the 1600s, followed closely by the driving team of Sam Pace and Daryl Stedman. As the drivers wound their way around the track, individual battles were taking place for position. J .R. Taylor was the first to feel the wrath of "THE BEAST", with a right rear flat and motor trouble. Once in the pits he called it a day. Midway back Jeff Golding, Steve Pounds and Glen Stevens man-euvered for position. As the battle continued Stevens dropped out ;~ ,:::., .. Bill Gaylord was right up front all the way in Class 1 and 10 action, and as the time ran out he pressured the leader, and slipped past in the last laps to win the class. and was unable to finish the day. Golding was slowly moving up with Dwayne Hinson trailing close behind. The lead had changed hands with Pace out front and increasing his lead with each lap. Neri had rolled but was still in second at this point. Jason Crowder had started out towards the rear and had moved up a good distance when the cam broke, ending any chance of finishing. Pace was now experien-cing motor trouble, dropping out with a hole in one of their heads. Golding was now able to take the lead after passing Neri, who had rolled for the second time. Neri, who figured twice was enough, pitted for a driver change. Jay McKeage took over and re-entered the race with only second and fourth gears. McKeage was down a few positions, but wasted no time in regaining second. Bob Rule and James Hester were closing on the leaders, when Rule lost a wheel. He made it into· the pits, but not before· losing a few gears in the process. The track had taken a heavy toll on the drivers. Dwayne Hinson had to change four flats before falling prey to a broken tranny. Steve Pounds' motor could not handle the · strain. Mike Notary said his car just would not go any more. Sanny Herrell broke a CV joint, and Buddy Lancaster's gas pedal fell off its mount. Lancaster , ,as able to rig it back in place G nd finish the race. In the last laps only six Class 1600s remained on the track, Raymond Short thought he was going to finish his first Florida 400, when his transmission mount broke ending his day short of finishing. It was Golding out distancing his fellow competitors to take first. McKeage had made up ground to come in second place, with Rule third. In Class 1 and 10 luck ran out early for Troy Jenkins, only a half lap into the race his buggie broke. Jimmie Crowder controlled the lead for the first few laps, until his motor stalled. Ed Chambers was right there to take the lead. Chambers was not alone for long as Chip Hansen and Mike Hester were closing in. Jack Haenlein, one of the northern drivers, was rammed hard, causing his motor to stall and not restart. Haenlein had a long walk to the pits, where he watched the rest of the race. As the grueling pace continued, Gene Dittmer who had had a number of things go wrong called it a day before things got worse. "THE BEAST" spared no one as flat tires and burnt motors plagued Dr' ·;; After 1wo years of dyno and racing development, FAT Performance ......... :l! announces the availabiltty of Toyota off-road racing engines. l! Including Unlimited 3.0 V6, 16-valve 1600cc Class 10 (short course . . ........ 1,,.1,,. and desert), Classes 7, 7S and 7-4x4. Call now for more information. FATTOYOTA WINNERS FAT Racing Parts• Centerline Wheels• Bilstein Poker 400/Class 10 S1ocks • Swcry-A-Wcry •Parma-Cool• S&S Headers /tt;:~~tz:-4Wik ~ Chuck Blakney had a tough battle en route to winning the D Class on three wheels, but here he moves to the right of the track to let the Bob Rule 1600 pass. Dusty Times 1st: Jim & Mike Zuponovich • Weber Corbs • Bosch Ugh1s • JaMar Produc1s • 2nd: Rcry Croll. Tom Day Wright Place• Tri-Mil Exhaust• Gem Gears• Beard sa, Felipe 250 Seats• Simpson Safety• SJper-Trapp • Yokohama 1st: Roy Croll. Tom Day Twes • Petro-Tech2000 • Many more. 2nd: Gory&DickWeyrich fittl MTEG San Diego/Super 1600 1st: GregGeorge 1989SCORE-HDRA ~ Milestone Award Winner ._._ ._ JimGreenwcry PERFORMAICE For your FAT Perfoonance Cotaog, send 15 to FAT Perf011TIOnce, Dept. OT, 1558 N. Cose, Orange, CA 92667 or call (714) 637-2889 July 1990 Page 47

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Dr-most of the drivers. Hansen now had the lead with Hester breathing down his neck. Hansen's lead was short lived due to losing a tire. Hester controlled the lead spot with only Ed Chambers and Bill Gaylord able to put the pressure on. With time running out Gaylord eased into the lead while Chambers headed to the pits with a hole in the case of the motor. Hester had lost the power steering, causing him some trouble. Only three cars remained running in the last lap, as Gaylord crossed the finish line for first place, Hester second and Cham-bers third. Bobby Sheppard the last Class 1 was a lap down from Chambers ending up in fourth place. D-CLASS: Chuck Blakney and Jeff Waters led the others into the first few laps of the race. · Mark Amrhein was troubled with motor trouble most of the race, retiring early with a burnt motor. It was not long before the drivers were spread out all over the track. Scott Selig had already broken three shocks, and had lost a lot of ground when he pitted to fix a broken spindle. While trying to gain back lost ground the tranny gave out, making Selig a spectator the rest of the day. Jeff Waters lost his fan belt and was only five laps down from the leader as the race drew to an end. Chuck Blakney and Keith Blakney had battled roost the day for the lead spot. K. Blakney's clutch started m to slip towards the end. In spite of C. Blakney losing an entire wheel, K. Blakney was still unable to catch the leader. Chuck Blakney was first, Keith Blakney second and Jeff Waters third. Both the· heavy metal drivers had a good day, finishing the race in one piece. Linda Schlamb was the first lady in the history of the FLORIDA 400 to drive the entire race. She only had to stop for gas twice, but was glad when it was over. Tom T oia only pitted to dust out the cob webs and was able to finish the race with ease. Congratulations to both drivers, hope to see more of these guys in the future. Once again a page in history was finished as the FLORIDA 400 ended the racing season for the Florida Off Road Drivers Association. Until next time when "THE BEAST OF THE EAST" waits for you, it will be short course racing at Lakeland for FORDA drivers. Canadian Linda Schlamb, who crashed out early last year, came back to run well in 1990 and she kept running right to the checkered flag. I FOR DA 's host for the race Jimmie Crowder didn't do too well in his own back yard this year, and engine troubles dropped him back in the pack, ninth in Class 1-10. Alan Andreoli comes out of the northeast, escaping the cold weather, to race the Florida 400 and he did well last March, taking fifth in Class 1-10. Gary Eubank negotiates the rhythm jumps on his way to winning the Stadium Odyssey heat, and he also drove to victory in the feature. BUDWEISER BAJA (from pagq6) Olson, with nowhere to go, to ram into his under carriage and send him over onto his top. in a spectacular crash that left the crowd breathless. The race was stopped, but both Thad and his co-driver Monte Tibbits were OK with minor cuts and bruises. When the race resumed, Tim Briscoe came out the winner since he was the only truck left in the race. Jim Olson had pushed Briscoe until he rolled his truck ½ lap from the finish line. After a short intermission, the action resumed for the main events. The Quad 250 B race was uneventful again with Pam Cook finishing first, Ken Pavlick second, and Grady Artaz third. Class 10 was another battle between Ken Bracelin and Tom ~-& Dunn until Dunn dropped out in the seventh lap. At the checkered flag, it was Ken Bracelin, Bryan Decker, and Tony Jackson in the 1-2-3 spots· after a series of position changes that kept everyone in suspense until the race was over. The Stadium Odysseys put on a crowd pleasing main event that ended with Gary Eubank, Allen Dhooge, and Randy Minch in the top three spots. The Mud Baggers came back out and had the crowd on their feet again as they roared and slewed through the 150 foot mud pit. When it was all over, Steve Peif, Roger Stowell, and -Martha Nicholson had taken top honors in the Unlimited class and Jeff Hahn, Gary Hahn, and Rod Walker were the top three in Super Modified. Back to the ott road track and the 250 Quad riders put on a slicing and dicing show in which Ron Cornforth took first, Noel Rader was second and Steve Verhow finished third. When the 1-2-1600 cars took· to the track again, it was wall to wall action from the drop of the· flag. In the first turn there was a big tangle up, and after that sorted itself out, and several more position changes had taken place, it was Rich Brewbaker, Ron Kiel, and Mark Perschbacher at the end of lap one. Before the end of the second lap, Ron Kiel lost his left front tire and ran the rest of the race on Centerline rubber. In lap 5, Persch backer broke his throttle cable and dropped out, and Kiel went wide at the soutlu~nd--Of the track which allowed Landers to move into second. Chad Bertram tried everything he could think of to get around Kiel, but when the checkered flag came out it was Rich Brewbaker first, Chuck Landers second, and Ron Kiel third. Heavy Metal put on another crowd pleasing exhibition for the main event, but by the end the only two trucks to finish the race were Jim Olson in first and Kenny Olson driving Tim Briscoe's truck in second. The day's racing was over and it was time to pack up and go home. The spectator crowd had been treated to two and one half hours of nonstop racing action and were making plans to be back for the next installment of the Colorado Off Road Championships. The I Mark Perschbacher maneuvered around a tangle of cars to come up with a heat race win in his first time out racing in Class 1-2-1600. racers were full of comments on to the winners and once again the the excellent track that had been · tree lined lanes and parks of the constructed for them to run on Adams County Regional Parks and were already thinking about Complex reverted to quiet how they could do better at the splendor in the shadow of the next race. The purse was awarded Rocky Mountains. Chad Bertram tries to go through Ron Kiel since he couldn't find a way around. Kiel missing a left front tire in his first race. John Holveck sends the mud flying as he makes his first run throug_h the pit in the new and popular mud bog competition. Steve Peif gets ready to send his high modified Rude Dog Truck into the mud bog, the second run for the crowd pleasing truck. Chuck Landers shows excellent form through the rhythm jumps, and he placed second in the Class 1-2-1600 race, third in the heat. Page 48 July 1990 Dusty Times

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Off Road Racing in Australia By Mick Myeys The original Class 9 and 10 lives in Australia! Their Class 3 is designed for two seat buggies with engines up to 1200cc. ass 1s es1gne or Baja Bugs, but these must be Type 1 Volkswagen underneath anll hard to sedans. Class 5, flying high here, includes two wheel drive Enduro Sedans and also two wheel drive pickups. Dusty Times Photos: Darryl Smith IN~LEwooo "-'MPSEY The Australian Off Road Charnpibnship is a five round ser-ies that began back in 1981, although off road racing had been thriving in Australia for many years before the Championship Series was formed. Nowadays A pair of Class 1 buggies fly over the tundra, and Class 1 is for two seat cars with buggy frames and over 1600cc engines. each round attracts between 120 urday competitors get only one and 180 cars, and many major tire look at the track circuit during companies and other firms are reconnaisance. During the after-involved in the ever increasing noon drivers grid up one at a time sport. to drive over a prologue track, The tracks are very diverse; usually about 10 km long, where some are tight tree-lined, one car they are timed individually. At .width tracks with creeks and gul- the end of the day the times are lies to cross while some are open used to determine the starting desert type races. The total dis-order for racing on the Sunday. tance of most championship The fastest driver starts first, events ranges between 300 and sometimes one at a time, although 500 kilometers in total. All off some events start two or four at a road events take on a similar for- time. mat. The proceedings take part The drivers then complete a only over a weekend. On the Sat-loop of the track which is usually around the 100 kilometer dis-tance. Then, depending on the event, they may be required to take a compulsory pit stop or con-tinue on racing with any pit stops in their own time. Some events use a combination of long and short, half loops to make up the total distance. Class 2 is also for two seat cars with buggy frames and Class 2 engines must be between 1200cc and 1600cc. The five rounds of the Champ-ionship are spread over four states of Australia. Round 1 is in the state of Queensland, based at the sleepy country town of Ingle-wood. Some seven weeks later the Championship moves 2000 kilometers south to the state of Victoria where the competitors race around a large salt lake on the muddy and sandy shores, and amongst the Mallee scrub. Corne (continued on page 57) Need action photos? Call us ! Trac.kside Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commercial & Product Photography July 1990 P .0. Box 91767 Los Angeles, California 90009 (213) 670-6897 Page 49

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VORRA/Coors Light Spring Special Text & Phot.os: Ken Vanderhoof (Focus West) Jeff Elrod flew two back to back Class 2 wins and the overall in his rebodied UltraStock VW, trouncing the competition handily. He zips the VW body off and glues on alloy panels for the Prairie City events. Ace Bradford and Chris Oberg drove the tandem to second in Class 10 and Michael Crouch drove it to third overall in the Sportsman contest. for the lead with two laps remaining and took the first moto first division win. Scott Gerhardt edged out Glen McAdon for the runner-up spot. The second wave was harder to keep track of than the first. It took about two laps for the leaders to get mixed up with the slower of the division one racers. Fred Happich/ Steve Windle and Ron Ernst started side by side on the last row and cut through the competition like a knife. It wasn't long before they were running 1-· 2. Dan Schrader/ Jason McCune outlasted the rest to secure a solid third. Chris German had some front end problems but managed a good fourth. The second moto's inverted start evened things up a bit. This It's Elrod again, and again, and time but a staggered start broke time Happich/Windle had the again at V .O.R.R.A.'s Spring up the scoring. front and took the early lead. That Special Short Course held at The first wave was led by was the place to be because it was Prairie City OHV park. Wes former speedway rider Scott getting rough mid-pack. Cars Elrod thrashed his competition in Gerhardt. V-Mar Racing's Baja began littering the track. The both Class 10 moto's and the Bug had it for a short time but most spectacular O.N.F was Troy "Dash for Cash" while brother went wide in a tum and had to Robinson/Jon Havlick who Jeff took Class 2 for a ride. force his way back into the single endoed their Baja Bug after a The Northern California file traffic jam further back. Glen spring plate and transaxle weather was perfect, the track was McAdon took over second with shattered. Driver and passenger well groomed and the ever Jeff O'Callaghan all over him. checked out ok but the borrowed growing V .O.R.R.A. spectator That trio kept very close motor became a flaming ball after following got their monies worth. throughout the moto. Mike it released itself from the wadded Sam Beri placed third in the first Class 2 moto and a very close second in the next one to finish the day second overall on points. Joe Fa/loon and Don Ward stayed close to the Class 2 leaders all day, close enough to place third on points in the desert Mirage. Happich/ Steve Windle finished Sportsman Class point lead after second in the moto but first two rounds. Randy Miller's 5-1 overall. McCune/ Schrader took tally put him soundly into second home second place honors after overall. Mike Myers drove to 4-2 Jason McCune's second moto scores and finished a fine third. runaway. Michael Crouch wentS-Fourth on the day was Glen 3 for a very good third on the day McAdon who is now tied for using Ace Bradford's tandem. second with Randy Miller for In the other Sportsman division Sportsman points. it was Randy Miller doing the Next up were the staggered leading. He didn't have any time starts of Classes 1-2-1600 and to relax. Mike Myers, Jeff O'Cal-, Class 9. Tim Riordan,, Roger laghan and Glen McAdon all · · Caddell, and Ken Ruff made it a gave it their best and made a real three way sprint in the 1-2-1600 exciting race of it. Jeff O'Cal-class with Riordan in command. laghan's 1-3 score gave him the Mike Bishop was in charge of division's top spot and the theChallengerClassbutitlooked The Sportsman Class has· Myers had a good battle going up Baja. GLM's #2 car with Dan grown into such a beast that for with Randy Miller but those two Schrader and Jason McCune the first time it was divided up started so far back that they wiggled their way through the into two divisions. Both divisions couldn't threaten the lead. pack to take the lead at mid-moto. Turek Zdenek chased Wes Elrod for some time, and his tough drive resulted in occupied the track at the same Jeff_ O 'Calla:g::h:a:.:n..:m::,:a;d:_e ~h:,:is:;;_. ,:b.:,:id:,_.,..:_A:,;-:,;l~R~a~d:_:i:_a t;:.:o~r:..,:sp~o~n:so~re::,:d~ F:,,!r,.::e_:;:d:.,_.;;th:;;;i;rd; p::l::ac::e;;,;::.n::C::l::as::s::1::0:;;t;:o;;r ;;;th::e:;;d;:a::y;:o::n:;p;;;;;o::in;:;::tsr. ::::::::;;::;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;9;.iamTm Jeff O'Callaghan smoked the Sportsman Division 1 motos, and he now has a substantial lead in the overall Sportsman season points chase. Page 50 Fred Happich bagged the Sportsman Division 2 win at this event with a 1-2 score for the day, but he is down overall on season points. July 1990 The Class 9 overall season points leader Donovan Skaggs won both motos at Prairie City in the highly competitive Challenger action. Dusty Times

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Wes Elrod completed the family domination of VORRA short course racing, as he charged two back to back wins in Class 10 competition and also won the show ending, winner take all "Dash For Cash". like the cars had bunjee cords between them. The whole class would stick tightly together for the entire moto. Donavan Skaggs finally pushed by Mike Bishop on lap seven to take the first moto win. Smith/ Roskelley weren't far back in third at the finish. Tim Riordan led the 1 -2-1600's wire to wire in a real fast race. Roger Caddell in a Good-year /Olson Funco was making a challenge until he broke a stub axle. Ken Ruff Construction's, Ken Ruff then took over to finish a healthy second in moto 1. Moto 2 was again a Riordan show as he never even got dirty. Roger Caddell fixed his axle to take command of the runner-up spot but Ken Ruff claimed second overall when the dust settled. The Challenger moto 2 had Taylor racing out front for the majority of time. He was being hounded by first moto rollover Jack Bonesteel, and then Mike Bishop. The overall was eventually bagged by double moto winner Donavan Skaggs. Mike Bishop's fine 2-3 score gave him second for his troubles. Jack Bonesteel rounded out the top three. Tne Odyssey class were next to beat each other up starting with two end over ends on the first lap. Greg Winters kept his nose clean and went from mid pack to first after one lap. Phil Blurton who recently relocated up north put his "Golden Truffle" strongly into second. Michael Daws and Rhonda Tice fought it out for third. The order stayed pretty much single file for the duration but the pace was fast with lots of exciting saves. Second moto action had Eddie Brown doing the leading. This time passing was the name of the game. Michael Daws held second for a short time until he broke. Greg Winters then pressured Roger Caddell, from Canada, was making a good race of the 1-2-1600 contest until a broken spindle halted his plans for the day. Eddie Brown until that order reversed. Meanwhile Rhonda Tice picked off the boys until she found herself securely in third. The overall went to the Odyssey class point leader Greg Winters with his hard fought back to back wins. Eddie Brown came back from a first motb disaster to claim a second in moto 2 and second overall. Third overall went to Rhonda Tice after 4-3 scores. Class 3 and 4 thundered off next. Bud Tickel went wide in turn one resulting in a wild ride. Wes Banks controlled the clean air space and began pulling away. Don German was hampered by front end problems but put his Jeep in second and held it. Brothers Chad and Josh Hall appeared a bit timid in their first short course outing but then they didn't break wheels off either. They maintained a strong third. In moto 2 it was Don German besting his rivals until the front end gave way. Modesto, Cali-fornia's Wes Banks then took over first and repeated his first moto's dominance. Chad and Josh Hall chased Banks around until the end to claim second on the day and stretch not only their class lead but the overall V.O.R.R.A. combined points 'lead as well. Classes 2 and 10 shared the track as well as the spectators attention with their staggered starts. Long course runner-up Joe Falloon/Don Ward took the early lead as the rest of the field carefully picked their way around the freshly watered track. Running in second was GLM's This round at Prairie City Wes Banks stole the Heavy Metal show in his Class 3 rig, with a pair of back to back wins in the 4x4 action. J -~ Chad and Josh Hall each drove a Moto in the big Class 4 Dodge, and they went home with second place 4x4 cash and the overall VORRA points lead for the season so far. No stranger to the winner's circle, Tim Riordan ran away and hid from the field in both Class 1-2-1600 motos, earning valuable points. Larry timmerman /Garen in his debodied Ultrastock taking McCune until they did a "three-the lead away from the Falloon/ sixty" in the slippery hardpan. Ward desert car. Sam Berri was Sam Berri moved up only to be close in third but was not a threat trounced on by Jeff Elrod. to Elrod. Meanwhile, the Class 10 battle In Class 10 Wes Elrod put the was off the line and getting hot. move on Turek Zdenek about Ace Bradford/ Chris Oberg held mid-moto and the rest was the tandem in front of Wes Elrod history. It was an Elrod brothers for a short while only to be schoolofhighperformanceracing surprised by Turek Zdenek who from there. made a double pass. That When round two came up Wes pulled away from the rest of the Elrod had the Class 10 pole and Class 10s and began mixing it up never bothered to look back. with the Class 2s. Turek Zdenek was in second but Back up front it was Jeff Elrod (cootinued on page 57) Long time VORRA racer Mike Bishop fought through a tough Class g field to finish second and third, and second on points for the day. Dan Schrader and Jason McCune scored a third and a win for a great second overall on the day on points in Sportsman Division 2. Randy Miller backed up his poor showing in moto 1 with a dominant moto 2 victory, placing him second 0/A in Sportsman Division 2 points. Dusty Times July 1990 Page 51

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O F F ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR .. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 W D VANS Be PICKUPS & MINI TRUCKS PRE·RuN TRUCKS • CuSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOCKS USED • WELDING 8c FABRICATION Bill Montague (71 4) .761-9460 Established 1974 PL.EASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT J~ ~[3~C-0~(1(1 Fabrication ..J Coll Over Suspension ..J FoxShoxPartsAndServlce ..J Race Car Wiring . ..J Race Car Prep. 1660 Babcock Bldg, B -..J Tum Key Race Cars Costa Mesa, Ca 92.627 . (714) 650-3035 FAMILY RESTAURANT Over 40,Years -The best in the Desert Coffee ~hop -Steak House -Waterin(l Hole Saloon 24 Hour Service Station BAKER, CALIFORNIA PROBST Ofl Road Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 112 1 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX. ILLINOIS 60451 18151 4 85-RACE (72231 FUNCTIONAL AFTER-MARKET PRODUCTS (818) 769-0921 Dean Galloway Larry Winur 714-537-8286 Plli~R A Totally New Concept in Battery Design Race Sltop S11ppliu lJjJ2 Stepltanle Garden Grove. CA 92640 •~the Size & Weight of its Eq11i11alent • Vibration Resistant • Spill Proof Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim,CA 92805 Anaheim Hills Family Dental Center (714) 998-2553 --DAVID Qi\MOCIN~KI. D.D.6. 438 N. Lakeview Ave. Anaheim Hills, Ca. 92807 MOVING? Don't · miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. RACING LUBRICANTS DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE · SERVICE AUTO PARTS Palm Desert 44-800 San Pablo Yucca Valley 56313 29 Palms Hwy Palm Springs 67-390 Ramon Rd. Desert Hot Spr 13-175 Palm Dr. Indio 81-096-A Hwy. 111 Cathedral City 68-887 Hwy. 111 McKenzie's Anaheim Moore Racing San Bernardino OffRoad Supermart Westminster Dirty Parts Culver City Racecrafters Lawndale . Tustin Honda Tustin Bryce's Auto Anaheim (619)346•0694 I (619)365-0813 (619)323-1879 . (619)329-1446 (619)34 7-3379 (619)328-2183 (714)441 -1212 (714 )883-8891 (714)750-2802 (213)390-9086 (213)370-5552 (714 )558-9393 (714)635-1431 RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CO. 3450 Pacheco Blvd. Martinez, CA 94553 TEL (800) 624-7958 ------------------RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914's -(213}583-2404 fmfil ~if SERVICE, INC. m ~ ETAL PROCESSING 5921 W;Jmmgton Avenue Los Ange/es. Ca/lforn,a 90001 SANOBl.AS·r • GLASS READ MAGNETIC PARTICAL FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Srl}ith Larry Smith re '-".t:--. .: _ _ ---S41t ';M«411 .o _. 'C"9'H (!uu,r, • 1533 Truman Street San Fernando, Ca 91340 Phone: (818) 361-1215 (818) 988-5510 1840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 •OUTUNES •NUMBERS • CUSTOM LOGO'S • DROP SHADOWS • SPONSORS LOGO'S • WINDOW BANNERS • CUSTOM LETTERING 'W:;fJi] ~ ~ 'i7©.!J ~ ~ li'@X;l ~ 714 539-5162 NEW LOCA T/ON IN ORANGE COUNTY rSIMPSOM RACE PRODUCTS j 1130 N. KraemerBlvd., 'C' Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 630-8861 LEADED/UNLEADED Anaheim, CA ... . . .... . ........... ....... (714) 528-4492 . Bakersfield, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 Brawley CA .... ......................... (619) 344-2550 · Chino, CA .............................. . (714) 628-7596 El Centro, CA ....•... .... . . . . ......... ... (619) 352-6961 Fullerton, CA ....................•......• (714) 635-5553 Lancaster, CA . . • . • . . . . . • • . . . . . . . . • . . . . . • . (800) 462-9499 Las Vegas, NV . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . (702) 643-9200 Paramount, CA .......................... (213) 531-0192 Phoenix, AZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (602) 278-2693 . Santa Barbara, CA . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 Sao Diego, CA ..... , ........... ..... ..... (619) 691-9171 Riverside, CA .... . ................. ...... (714) 877-0226 · Vi!ntura, CA .... . . ...... . . ..... . _ .... _ . ..... (800} 462-9499 FOR DELIVERIES L.A./ORANGE COUNTY CALL (809) 462-9499 ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT SPORTS RACING P.O. BOX 7835, LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 (714) 363-1236 -----

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-WELDING • FABRICATION ROLL CAGES • TUBE BENDING SNOCK,& SUSPENSNIN SETU~ FLAME CUT GUSSET KITS GAS TANKS JPDRl' ENGINEERING AIR CLEANERS SHEET METAL WORK BEAD BLASTING CUSTOM MACHINING RACE PREP & REPAIR .RACE CAR -PRE RUNNER ::«« FABRICATION RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER 14757 Lull Street Van Nuys, CA 91405 ;·_ TEL: 818-994-7475 ·:.FAX: 818-994-4069 Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA SUSP.ENSIDIS * Welding * Fabrication * Front Ends * Flame Cutting I _I * Custom Chassis * Race Prep * Custom Light-Weight Trailers 1180 Fountain Way, Unit-F, Anaheim, CA 92806 (714) 630-3770 • (714) 630-2681 Mlg'r. of Blue Flame Products SINCE 1933 C. A. TAYLOR (CHUCK) 240 N. OAK sr.-o,;.· ORANGE, CA 92667 (714) 997-1778 _ LUBRICATION FORMQIATEO FOR SEVERE SERVICE JAGG I T.£4A4 Off Road Products and Preparation Downey• Doetsch Tech• Bi/stein• Smittybilt • KC Lites Baker Products• Cal Gold Products• Conner Products• Super Trapp Suspension • Engine • Drive line • Fiberglass • Clutches Tires • Wheels • Safety Equipt • PreRunner Lifts • Installation 670 W. 17th, Unit G-5 Costa Mesa, C A.92627 (714) 631-8244 CAROLYN FRICK Mon-Fri 9-6 Owner Siit 10-2 (714) 861-2606 1118 S. DIAMOND BAA BLVD., DIAMOND BAA, CA 91785 mo~~~~.T.RAIL NOTES Trackside Photo, Inc. i Jim Ober (213) 670-6897 Commercial Photography P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 Ill/CE Tl?ANS BY JEFF flEUlS TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 91311 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is :1 grcnt traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. C0NTAO DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91 301. (818) 889-5600 ......... •.•·~·=:i:I:::t: • g ga • 'li1I! {It:e~f!~~!.~b~~E.l : : : '.::VM :_:_,:.·.·.::. ·:·:- -. CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION . :-:-:-:-:-.-:::::;;::.: ::::·:···-·.·.· 'For_information and a distributor near you, ca!I_.: :-::xi( _. . . . 1-800-444-1449 . --- · · :'0·:::: r UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/449-9690 -------OUR DEALERS-------L.A. AREA McKenzie's (714) 441-1212 Anaheim, CA St. Peters Off Road (414) 285-3218 Port Washington, WI V W ON LY liAnuitttleiJ 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA ·I I VW -RABBIT - BUS· AUDI PARTS NEW & USED REBUILT ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS DUNE BUGGY CHASSIS & PARTS '17C PAINT /IND C0471NGS'.i(ORAP#~* J,(16'08 * : ·~ ro/MCfi MAJNUNANCJ'•S"~hYM?~J,l/1IRIN&* : "~#Jrl MY&m"ljforFickllp~ 06190 0 1 SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 741-6173 Engine & Machine 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 'l'HE WINNERS CHOICE WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by lhe sports winning drivers and engine builders. Jusl ask lhe lop professionals before buying your nexl cam. Our dedication 10 performance and quality keeps you on top . Call WEB-CAM tor your winning cam tor street•. strip and oft-road or send $3 for lhe complete _.._.,.. catalog -.WEB-CAM 1815 Maasachuaetta Ave. ii PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS , Riverside, CA 92503 (714) 369-5144, ·Not i.gaJ ~~ 0t1 pollut,on controlled vehicles DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS 570° RACING BRAKE FLUID DISC BRAKE PADS FRONT VW DISC BRAKE KITS BRAKE PEDALS REAR VW DISC BRAKE KITS CLUTCH PEDALS PROPORTIONING VALVE COMPOSITE MASTER CYLINDERS POWER STEERING 461 Calle San Pablo• Camarillo• CA• 93010 805 • 388 • 1188 I ~~~~ ,✓/-~,{_~ JAPANESE RACING ENGl;rs DEVELOPMENT & DYNO FACILITY PARTS AND TUNING 537 West Main Street JIM WOLF El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0630 ·wooDSWHEELWORKS (6021242-0077 2733 W. Missouri Off Road Products . ing Arms • Spindles Phoenix. AZ. 85017 LATE FLASH FROM BAJA -The SCORE Baja Internacional happened just a few days before press time, but we do have the class winners for you. Class l /2, Ivan Stewart; Class 1-2-1600, Jim Sumners; Class 3, Sherman Balch; Class 4, Rodney Hall; Class 5, Carlos Vela; Class 5-1600, Steve Taylor; Class 6, Arne Gunnarsson; Class 7, Roger Mears; Class 7S, Rob MacCachren; Class 7 4x4, John Swift; Class 8 and 0/ A, Robby Gordon; Class 9, Pancho Bio; Class 10, Ray Croll; Class 11, Saul Zambrano; Class Mini Mag, Charles Townsley. Full report on the race next month. desire is to see how many get well cards he can receive and,. if there are enough, get himself mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records. I told the source of information that I had heard this very same tale some years ago and figured it was some sort of scam, but, there is no money involved so the only people that would benefit would be the get well card manufacturers. But, anyway, no harm done; if you feel up to it, send a get well card to Master Craig Shergold, 36 Shelby Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SNS ILD England. If it's for real I hope he gets a million cards and that causes a recovery. GRAN CARRERA DE TECATE -John Brooks drove solo in his Raceco, the same car that carried Mickey Thompson to victory in the 1982 Baja 1000, to the overall victory on the third race in the five event Baja Promotions Desert Series. Brooks also won Class 10 honors in the race, and the 1989 Baja Promotions Class 10 points champion also collected his fifth straight Pro Class 10 victory in as many starts. This is his first season driving solo, and he finished just ahead of former parmer Glenn Wolfe. FOR REAL? We received a phone call the other day from a very dear friend who is also a very reliable source when it comes to race related activities. It seems that a chat with a prominent local businessman who had just returned from the United Kingdom brought forth the following story. There is a seven year old boy in England who is dying of an inoperable brain tumor. His fervent Page 56 July 1990 Dusty Times

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Off ROAD ·RACING IN AUSTRALIA (from page 49) mid July the prestigious event of the year, the Bridgestone Interna-tional, at Kempsey on the New South Wales coast sees competi-tors battle through the tight forests and hills. The Bridgestone event last year saw Bob Gordon bring his two seater buggy Down Under, but he only ran second. Also Steve Kelley drove his Chevy pickup to first in hi, class, so the event has got International recognition and approval. The Championship then moves to central New. South Wales to the area around the town of Griffith. The championship final, where the Australian and various Class champion's are decided, is the desert race at W aikerie which is by far the fastest event of the year and saw Rod Hall compete in 1985. Now the vehicles that compete in the Championship fall into one of nine classes. Class 1 is for two seater buggy frames with engines over 1600cc. Motors range from turbo fours to Rotarys, Porsches and V-6 engines of various makes. All the frames are made in Austra-lia and seem to be lighter and smaller than the Ame:ican designs. Class 2 is for two seater buggies with engines between 1200cc and 1600cc while Class 3 caters to the buggies with up to 1200cc motors. Class 4 is set aside for the Baja Bug, type 1 Volkswagens. · Class 6 is for two seat Challenger type buggies, and these are restricted to 1600cc VW engines and standard components. Class 8 is for the wild set, modified or unlimited Four wheel drive vehicles, and there are some dandy rigs. Class 5 caters to the two wheel drive sedans and pickups, with restrictions on body modifica-VORRA/COORS LIGHT SPRING SPECIAL tions and retaining the original chassis. Class 6 is for buggies with stock standard VW engines and components known as the Chal-lenger Class. Production four wheel drives fall into Class 7. These can be of any wheelbase, but must be bought from a dealer with only one additional shock per wheel, and strengthening components allowed. Class 8 is for four wheel drives that have been radically modified but must (from page 5 r) Chris Oberg/ Ace Bradford pressured him until the halfway point when that order reversed. ford/Chris Oberg'. Turek Zdenek had problems in moto 2 but managed third overall and now leads the Class 10 points chase by 1 point over David Jefferies. · still resemble the original base vehicle. Class 9 is for the single seat buggies of any capacity. 1990 is the first year that the single · seater has been allowed in the Class 7 includes Ptoduction four standard four wheel drive vehicles. Class 9 is in its first season this year, designed for single seat Unlimited buggies, no holds barred. Championship. All Championship rounds and, in fact, all Australian Off Roading is governed by one organization, The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport, or CAMS, sets down the rules for event direction and the eligibility of vehicles as well as a license system. The winner of each class for the year's Championship gets to have the "0 l" number for the next year while second and third get the "02" and "03". That is the 101. 102, 103, cars are the first, second and third from Class 1 the year before. 1990 looks like being one of the closest fought Championship series for quite some years. This year sees the Y okohanma tire company with a five car team cov-ering most classes. The Bridge-stone organization has a strong six car team, while Goodyear also has six cars running under their banner. Korean tire manufac-turer, Hankook, has four top running competitors with their colors also. Add to these, various two and three car teams plus numerous eager individuals and the 1990 year of Dirt Down Under will be the best yet and Dusty Times will be covering them all with gusto. Mike Long had the Class 2 pole and led that high powered class until Jeff Elrod got tired of watching for an opening and made his move. Sam Berri, likewise, pushed and then disposed of Mike Long. Joe Falloon/Don Ward circulated the track in a solid fourth and that's the way the order stayed. Both Elrod brothers claimed their respective wins with back to back moto firsts and at the same time. That can't happen very often. When "Dash for Cash" time rolls around everyone knows that one of the Elrod brothers will be involved. This time it was Wes. Actually Mike Long looked as though he might take home the purse. He led from the pole all the way to the last turn of the last lap when his knee apparently bumped the kill switch. Wes Elrod never gave up and it paid off with a squeaker. Everybody in Off Road Racing Reads Second in Class 2 was Sam Berri with his fine 3-2 showing. Joe Falloon/Don Ward went 2-4 · for third overall and put themselves in a tie for the class points chase with Sam Berri. Second in Class 10 went to Rose Automotive's Ace Brad-V.O.R.R.A., Coors Light and revamped Prairie City Park have gotten together in 1990 to produce some great races. The excitement can be seen in the faces of the racers and spectators alike. See "Happenings" for the complete V.O.R.R.A. schedule. Ken Ruff raced two good finishes and placed third on the day, but he collected enough points to be the season overall 1-2-1600 leader. Dusty Times DUSTY TIMES Subscribe today Don't miss a single issue July 1990 Page 57

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FOR SALE: Class 8 race truck. '72 Ford. SCORE/HORA ~ .. "'· ' _. •~'"""'""-· LEGAL. 351 Windsor by Mike FOR SALE: 1/2-1600 short Evans. MogiC-Otrans.,9"floater I , course single seat. Proven winner! rear end, Summers B!os. axles, FOR SALE: Class 2 Mirage. Chromoly chassis, aluminum ,14.lO spool, 4 wheel disc ~rakes, I Sawyer Toyota 2380cc engine. body, Neith trailing arms, Fox, 50 gallon fuel cell, rebuildable Mendeola DG 300 Hewland, Bilstein,· Wright, Sway-A-Way, ~ancho shocks, Beard seatS, 125" W /B Chromoly frame, Neal, Super Seat, Simpson, 8 & Simpson belts. $l5,000.00. Call Curnutt rear arms & combo's, . 17 gallon fuel cell, 930 cv's, Dura I (2l~) 429-7239, ask for To_ny. VMPp/s, D&Daluminumbody, Blue stubs, fresh engine and trans. , Deist safety, Beard seats, Center-Race ready. $5,500.00, O.B.O ... ' lines, Yokohama's, and MUCH Call Keith or Hal at (303) 761- MORE! Race ready. Serious 1551 days, or (303) 761-8059 inquiries only! $25,000.00. Call. Casagrande Racing at (805) 272-1305iiii. iiiii====::::::;;;;;:;;..iiiiiiii.;;;;~ FOR SALE: 1979 Ford Courier TRAILERS: One tandem axle, pre-runner. Professionally built. competitive, with large storage Featured in June 1990 Four box and 12 volt power, custom Wheeler Magazine. SCORE/ wheels, extra wide, excellent HORA legal 16-point cage, condition; $2500.00. Also, one 11.5" /12.5" travel, 2300cc BigTex20foottandemaxle,extra motor, Art Carr, Rancho, Beard, wide with storage box and tire Deist, ATL, Hella, Alpine, rack,$1800.00,it's6monthsold. factory air, spares, and MORE! Call (818) 991-4311. Brand new from frame up. Street registered. MUST SELL NOW!!! Best offer. Call Gary Garman at (714) 593-7983, eves. FOR SALE: Sharp copy machine. Model; SharpfaxSF-810. Works, but needs a lot of help. First $25 .00 takes it. You haul. Call Dusty Times at (818) 889-5600. FOR SALE: Class 9 two seater. Needs to be finislied. New front end, engine, transaxle, body, fuel cell, and steering. $2,000.00 O.B.O. 1989 KTM 250, low hours, less engine, $1400.00. 1985 Yamaha 250 ATC, many extras, $1000.00. Call (209) 738-1423. FOR SALE: Brand new IRS Bus Box for limited class race car, with a guarantee not ·to break, $1500.00 plus core, also other transmissions, and complete race engines with a guarantee. Special-izing in VW, and Dodge products. Call Bob Leighton at (714) 357-3394. The National Mud Racing Association is governed by racers for Mud Racers. For more information concerning pro, and sportsman championship Mud Racing nationwide, contact the FOR SALE: Class 9 2 seat T Mag frame, new Fuel Safe cell, new Fox shocks, Yokohama's, Beard seats, West engine. Completely race ready. 1988 SCORE/HORA #2 car, Parker Pumper, $6500.00 O.B.O. Call Chuck for details at (619) 395-1501. FOR SALE: 1988 Chev. crew cab FI 454. All the extras! 150 gallon gas, GM warranty and 1984 26" Pro-Am trailer, 20'x24' awning, like NEW, $26,500.00 for both. For more details, call Don at (415) 455-4369 or (415) 971-6147. ' NMRA. Membership: $50.00, Associate Members: $30.00 per year. NMRA 11842 Jason Court, Madera, CA. 93638, or call (209) 266-5558. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum, Class 1. "A" arm front end, Curnutt shocks, and Hewland DG 300, plus many other extras. Fresh engine and prepped. Ready to win! $18,000.00, or will sell minus engine and trans. Call Paul at (714) 545-0110, days/ FOR SALE: '72 Baja. Streel legal. Built as pre-runner. 200 miles on FOR SALE: Class 7S '84 Mazda. 1776, O miles on Trick trans., 1 Professionally built. Many new PC front end, 8 PT. cage, Beards, THANKS: Special thanks to all parts. 9* full floater, Sandy cone 24 gal. tank, 6 Bilsteins, those who helped make my disc, Wright spindles, Master- · Centerlines, and more, $3000.00. second place finish in Class 9 at craft, Beard, Fuel Safe cell, Call (714) 681-0350, leave the VORRA "Season Opener" FOR SALE: '85 Corolla GTS Y okohamas, Sendels, Rancho, possible - Paul McCain at ORB 16V. Stock class, production and evenings. new paint, new trans., Mikunis, message. Engineering, Blue Max Racing in IT A l~al, $7500.00. '86 Corolla FOR SALE: 5-1600. Has best of KC, Bosch. Everything goes! FOR SALE: New pro built Class RanchoCordova,andeveryoneat GTS open class rally car, everything. Will sell with no· Many spare parts, wheels, tires, 9 front suspension, complete OONSCOinBelmont. THANKS! $7500.00-updependingonH.P., motor.Mustsell!Makeoffer!Call trans., etc. $5000.00 negotiable. drum to drum, $250.00. Call Steve Reyling, Team Reyco trans., etc. Starlet GTS 16V. an (714) 391-4568. Call (206)-822-8514. (805) 821-3515. Desert Racing. ultimate rally car, $10,000.00. . . _ ______ ~ --....-... '84 Renault Turbo II, 350 H.P., r------------------------------:--. -------1. GrBRocket,$45,000.00.Call Sell OT swap your extra parts and piec~ in TopiHynynenat(818)765-5542 ., ,I DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5 .00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. ! NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRII?10NS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5 .00. ,All classified ads must be paid in advance. Enclosed is $ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Name Address ______________________ Phone ______ _ City _________________ _ State _____ Zip ______ _ Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 Page 58 July 1990 FOR.SALE: Complete car, race ready . . Chenowth Magnum Stadium Pro 1600. FAT air cooled motor, 091 with Hewland gears, Neal hydraulics and UMP I. power steering. Best reasonable I •offer. Could include Chaparral trailer with utility box. Wayne I Cruze at (214) 241-0005, leave I message or call (214) 790-3817. I I I I .. _ FOR SALE: Weber carb, 48 IDA, with intake manifold and air cleaner. $150.00. Call (714) 840-3965 leave message - will return all calls. Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: 1971 International Haul truck. 22/26' box, lift gate, side doors, Box trays, 4000 gen, Superwinch. Good c.ondition $4000.00. Call Marvin Shaw ( 602) 684-5056. FOR SALE: 2-1600 car. J.M.R. chassis, 115H wb, Hatz motor, · FOR SALE: '87 2-1600 Raceco, suspension by Mirage, 115H wb, Foltz trans., Hatz motor, Power steering, Wright rack, arms & combos, Beard seats, Fox shocks, Dura Blue torsions, Turbo cv's, Super Boot cages & boots, only raced 7 times. Very competitive car, recently stripped & repainted. $13,700 O.B.O. Call Brian (213) 928-0421 days, (213) 493-5113 Fields trans., Fox shocks, Beard FOR SALE: Class 5/Pre-runner, seat, ~uel Safe ~ell, UMP power 9H wider beam, Woods front & steering, alu~unum body, etc. rear arms, bus trans, 930 c.v.'s, Turn key ca:. Brand new, r~ce Bilsteins, 22 gal cell, pumpers, ready. Call Jim M~mlton Racmg Centerlines, street registered. Products for test dnve (805) 298- New race car on the way _ Must 1212. sell!!! $5000.00 O.B.O. Call eves. FOR SALE: Class 10, single seater, Adzima frame, Curnutt shocks, all coilover, Wright beam, 4"' arms, Wilwood disc, Tailor seat, UMP steer, 24H rear arms, Micro stub, Carr disc, Mendeola trans., Hatz Type 1, Carrillos, Head Flow, Autocraft dry sump. Car & trailer prepped and race ready. $20,000.00. Call Joey (619) 582-2994. FOR SALE: '88 Mazda 7S truck. Built by R & R Engineering & Development. Truck is 6 races old. Easy to maintain. Built with the best! Sandy Cone 9H full floater rear end, Mastercraft, Tilton, UMP, etc. Race ready ' with spares $14,000. Call Nick (619) 443-8012 or Rudy (619) t 698-5507 after 4 pm. FOR SALE: '62 Class 5 pre-runner, 5-1600 style full chassis, wide beam, fresh trans, 12 gal fuel cell, 2180cc SCAT motor, KC's, Centerlines, Sandblasters, Super-diff, Wright, S/W, Beard, street legal. $3500.00 Call Ron (602) 274-6607. -FOR SALE: 87 Raceco, 1/2-1600, Fresh FAT motor, Fox shocks, Wright power steering, Simpson harness, Pace radio w/ intercom, trailer, spare tires, Raceco trans., parts $12,500.00 O.B.O. Call days (714) 961-8420, nights (714) 278-2201. Craig (805) 528-2083. FOR SALE: 1988 Jeep Comanche p/ u 2WD, 2.5 liter, pre-runner, SCORE legal Safari class, T.S.D. Computer, frame mount Roll Bar, KC's, BF Goodrich, Ameri-cans, 4.56 Gears, Rancho Sus, Dual F Shocks, 7K miles window nets, 3H Belts & Harness, Sharp Looker, $7000.00 O.B.O. Call Smitty evenings at ( 503) 698-5695. CLEAN UP YOURAa-clean out your garage. Sell your surplus parts and pieces RIGHT HERE! Classified ads are just $10 .00 each month -$5 .00 more each month for a picture. FOR SALE: STREET LEGAL with current registration. 1987 Chevy pre-runner, fiberglass body, 35H BFG's, Centerlines, 350, Turbo 400 automatic, AM/FM cassette. Very clean. Call Tom (714) 630-1587 evenings & weekends, $11,500 O.B.O. Southern Pacific Rally Report (from page 35) throughout the year. WORKER TRAINING SES-S IONS COMING: Trained workers are not available. We have reached a critical level as organizers search around for people who can handle the confusion at rally events and maintain the scorekeeping that is so important to the event. We need competitors to take an interest in learning how to operate stage controls properly. We need you to show up and take an active part in the running of the event. Sure, it's great to wander around and watch the cars. Sure, it's great to be with your friends and talk about the teams. Sure. . . but who's going to run the stages if there aren't any workers to time and score? Don't just be a "user". Be a participant in a great sport. Know all there is to know, from inside and outside the car. We need your support and help. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Bllsteln Corp. of America . . . . . . . 27 B.O.R.E ........................ 37 Brush Run 101 .... .............. 5 Cactus Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Callfornla Pre-Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Champion Beadlock ............ 28 Church Engineering ... ·.· ....... 16 Competitive Trailers . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 DeNunzlo Racing Products ..... 32 FAT Performance .............. 47 Fudpucker Racing Team ........ 15 Fuel Safe ...................... 39 Genlbrel Innovative Racing Products .. . . . . . . . . . . . 24 . German Auto .................. 17 Great Western Points Serles ..... 25 Rod Hall Enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 High Desert Racing Association . . . . . . . . . Back Cover HI Tech Off Road . .............. 43 KC Hllltes ...................... 23 La Rana Desert Racing . . . . . . . . . . 7 McKenzie Performance Products . . . . . . . . 22 Nevada Off Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Parker Pumper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Pikes Peak Auto Hlllcllmb . . . . . . . . 6 PCI Race Radios ............... 59 Plrelll Armstrong Tire Corp ...... 41 Race Ready Products . . . . . . . . . . . 33 RLH Communications .......... 34 Marvin Shaw Performance Products . . . . . . . . 46 Michigan Off Road Championships .............. 31 SNORE ........................ 19 Snow Shoe Off Road Racing . . . . . 9 Mr. Sticker ..................... 14 Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group . . . . . . . . . . 2 Toyota Motor Sales, Inc. .. ................. 11 Trackslde Photos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Tri Mil Industries ............... 13 Union 76 Gasoline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Valley Performance Hewland .... 20 Wright Place ..... , ............. 40 FOR SALE: Chenowth Race Car 1835cc motor, 091 close ratio gears, Wright rack & pinion, Power steering, Jumbo spindles, Neals pedals & cutting brake, 930 c.v.'s, Master Craft seat & nets, Simpson belts, fuel cell, Center-lines. Will sell $5000.00 less motor & trans. Call Bobby Shepherd (912) 477-5115. FOR SALE: Class 5 or Pre-Run. 12 H wide front and rear, Woods Arms 2½H Longer Front, 6*x3H rear, Gombo Spindles, Wright Rack, l.H. Tie rods, Power steering, Fields Tranny w/ Hew-land Gears, 930 cv., Summers Bros. Axles, Beard Seats, Fuel Safe Cell (30 gal.), 12 Fox Shox, dual batteries, 2076 air cooled, 16H wheels, Girling MST Cycls., New B.F. G. tires, and Paint ( since Photo) Pro Built, Nice car. $10,000.00 (214) 438-5610 or (214) 554-1886. Off Roads Winningest Radios OVER 1324 ON THE COURSE FOR SALE: Two seat Class 9 -Bunderson frame - SACO rack with trailer and spares. $7000.00 Call Steve (619) 367-1939. WANTED: Class 1/2-1600 or 10 rail buggy and a trailer. Must pass SCORE/HORA Technical inspection. Diehard racer also seeks sponsor, equipment & partnership. Would like to be ·racing in a couple of months. Call Brad at (619) 945-3210. WANTED: 1 or 2-1600 SCORE legal with headroom and elbow-room for a 6 footer! Will pay up to $7000.00 depending on quality and quantity. Chromoly required. Photos will be re-quested. Will drive to CA, or NV or meet half way.Trailer & spares desirable. All calls returned. POOR RESPONSE LAST MONTH. LET'S GO OUT THERE! Call (602) 893-9361. WANTED: Want to ride Class 8! Will help with $ and support. Leave message or call late evenings (818) 398-8705. Dusty Times FOR SALE: '78 Chevy Class 8 legal. 383 stroker, turbo 400, 34 gallon fuel cell, 4 wheel disc, Doetsch tech MV 12 take aparts. Dana rear end, 35 spline, 411 pos .. Brand new! Used once as chase truck. $30,000.00 O.B.O. Call Ed at (714) 971-7798. FOR SALE: Class 10 Funco short course frame, beam, arms, sec-ondaries, body, axles, studs, shocks, rear hub disc, fuel cell, shift linkage, tie rods, factory Toyota 2TC. $1,000.00. Call (714) 682-8745. WANTED: 5 / 1600 race car/ pre-runner. Must be class legal, with, or without motor/trans .. Call Larry at (805) 269-5302. Comlink V The Ultimate Racing Intercom 16 CHANNEL ROAD MASTER "A LEGEND" • Helmets wired - $100. (CF) ONLY $53900 July 1990 New! RF Pre Amp $95 30% to 50% more range! 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal HIii, CA 90806 We'n, next door via U.P.S.I (213) 427-8177 Page 59 I '·

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Once in a life time comes an event of this magnitude!!! - ~ -HORA /Jabil. IN ffllll/1111111 PIIIIIlll ~~~~~s hort course racing at its best!! Two big days of racing for all. classes. All HDRA Desert classes plus short course classes 1/2, 1/2-1600, 10, Silhouette Sedans, and Single Seat 4-Wheel ATV's. Desert and short course Motorcycle and 4-Wheel ATV's classes also!! Entry Fees $300 - Desert Classes l/2,3,4,6,7,7S,7-4x4, and 8 Short Course Classes 1/2,10, and Silhouette Sedans $225 - Desert Classes 1/2-1600,5, and 10 Short Course Classes 1/2-1600, Motorcycles, and 4-Wheel ATV's $150 - Desert Classes 5-1600,9,11,Motorcycles,4-Wheel ATV's and Single Seat 4-Wheel ATV's I f' 100% Payback f For more information and entry form contact the High Desert Racing Association (HDRA) at (702) 361-5404. ! •