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1990 Volume 7 Number 6 Dusty Times Magazine

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voau. 1 -Number , - June 1990 $1.50 ISSN 8750-1731 Coveri'ng the world of competition in the dirt.

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GOODYEAR GLEB RADIALS PLAY HARDBAil, IN ASTBODOME. Walker Evans' Jeep Cherokee on its way to victory in Houston. Tires: Goodyear Wrangler AT Radials. When the Goodyear Team Wrangler drivers visited baseball's most famous indoor stadium, they weren't prepared to play any games. They were, however, ready to play hardball. On March 31st, they did exactly that, capturing five firsts in the Mickey Thompson Gran Prix. Right off the bat, Walker Evans and his big Jeep Cherokee took the checkered flag in the first round of heat races. What followed was a down and dirty display of Wrangler endurance, as Tommy "Tomahawk" Croft, Sean Finley and Jerry Whelchel all won their heats. Then Evans came in as the closer, taking the Grand National Sport Truck Main Event. Those are some major league wins for Wrangler Radials. And another reason we say: "The best tires in the world have Goodyear written all over them~' Remember: Tread lightly. If you drive off-road, stay on existing paths. Don't forge any new ones. America is a beauti-ful country. Let's keep it that way. THE BEST TIRES IN THE WORLD HAVE GOODYEAR WRITTEN ALL OVER THEM. •

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- -Volume 7 -Number 6 ' :, >: -... . • ~ ... , ~ ... ...., ' . .~ ~ .. Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Associate .. Winnie Essen~_erg Editorial Assistant Sherry Elderd Controller john Calvin Circulation Jerry Lawless Traffic J.oh_n !-!award Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Judi Gooch Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Rod Koch Jan Flick Mazzenga Cam McRae David Ryskamp Judy Smith 1-D Photography T rackside Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesettin.g & Production ~ichelle's Typesetting Services June 1990 · In This Issue ••• Subscription Rates: IHI ontCIAL VOICE Of CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES PROFESSIONAL • AMERICAN • CANADIAN Off-R(!!D Jl_ RACING~ --"",,✓.~£t:> -~~ $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Un,,olicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes ·no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732 is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 De~ry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301,(818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permis-sion from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks .notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., . .Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. YO, BARNEYH!-you RASCALH 'BEEN SHORfCOURSIN' AGAIN I EH ??! I I I I FEATURES Page \ SCORE San Felipe 250 ................................... 12 :RedSands150 ....................... : .................. 21 MTEG Stadium Racing in Houston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 . Spring Racing in Georgia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 FRT Buzz Bomb 150 ..................................... 26 : Badlands Baja 90 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 . CRS/ SCCA Indio Pro Rally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 SNORE Bottom Dollar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Millican Valley 300 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Marlboro WRC Safari Rally ....... ....................... 38 Short Course Racing at Glen Helen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 SCCA Sunriser 400 Pro Rally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Class 10 at Ventura Raceway .............................. 43 Gran Carrera de Mexicali . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 DEPARTMENTS Cartoon by David Ryskamp ............................ .... 3 Soap Box by Don Dayton .................................. 4 Trail Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Happenings ............................. .............. ... 6 Side Tracks by Judy Smith ........ -....... . .............. .. 10 Tech Tips by Bill Savage .................................. 42 San Felipe Competition Review Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Pony Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 The Losers by Judy Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Pit Team Reports - Checkers ........... -................... 46 Toyota True Grit Points .................................. 46 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 ON THE COVER -The very quick Las Vegas driving combo of Brian Collins and Jack Johnson drove the Valley Performance built two seat · Chenowth at a blistering pace all around the dusty loop, but thi::y were also first on the road without dust ofter just a few miles. They took first overall car honors by a mere 35 seconds, and that's close after all those · miles. Mike Schwellinger switched brands and class this year, and he drove alone to the victory on the San Felipe 250 in Class 4. He won by over an hour in the Ford F-150 4x4 over a slim but potent field, and he really likes his new racer. Color Photography by Trackside Photo Enterprises. A~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! D 1 year - $15.00 □ ~ears -$i5.00 D 3 _years ·- $35.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name----------------------------Address __________ _ City DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of -something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. ff you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope: Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered. State---------'--------Zip---------Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian - 1 year $20.00 U.S. • Overseas subscription rates quoted on request) I I I I I I I I I Dusty Times June 1990 Page 3

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Soap Box ••• - - - 4 • mighty hunter from L.A. proudly displaying his trophies. A couple of mounted heads of vicious, snarling tortoises hanging over the fireplace. by Don Dayton There doesn't seem to be a whole lot that can be done about a drought, although there was a proposal to set up sprinklers and irrigate the desert. Nobody seems to know what to do about the disease except dither, twitter and throw rhetoric at it. Let's get one thing straight right from'the start. The desert tortoise is about as endangered as the house mouse. According to Department oflnterior, Fish and Wildlife Service, document number 50-CFR part 1 7 En-dangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Desert Tortoise Proposed Rule, there are approx-imately 100,000 desert tortoises being kept as pets. They also estimate there are up to three million in the wild in Nevada, Utah and California. Guesstimates put the number in Mexico at double that. Those figures do not add up to "endangered". According to Fish and Feathers the rationale for listing the turtles as endangered is the alarming number of deaths in some test plots located in southern C:; Reportedly there are nine of these plots. Three of them have shown a death rate exceeding SO percent, three have stayed about even and they won't tell us about the other three. The reasons given for the deaths, in order of seriousness are: Raven predation. This is by far the biggest problem. F& W estimates the raven population in part of SoCal has increased by over 1500 percent and each and every raven can eat a whole herd of baby tortoises. The Bureau of Land Management planned to reduce the raven population, but was prevented from doing so by a lawsuit from the Humane Society of the United States. The next most serious problem is vandalism. In one of the test plots over 28 percent of the tortoises had been shot. Third on the list of problems is more than three years of drought. Even desert plants need a little water and there hasn't been much. If the plants the turtles need for food don't grow, it stands to reason that there will be less turtles. Then comes the famous tortoise disease. Although the disease has been common in domestic tortoises for at least twenty years, it has only recently appeared in the wild. Nobody seems to have paid much attention to the malady until a reason was needed for an endangered listing. Despite the long history of the famous infirmity, the experts haven't decided if it's just a bad cold or a form of herpes. According to the figures given in the above listed Official U .S. Government Document these four problems would seem to account for approximately 95 percent of the tortoise mortality. The remaining five percent were said to be caused by ranching, mining, urban expansion, live-stock grazing and various forms of off-road vehicle recreation. Conclusion? Rampant con-fusion. Nothing can be done about the raven problem because of lawsuits by environmental groups. Makes you wonder which side they're on. Vandalism is already illegal, although stupidity isn't. Can't you just picture the That leaves only the remaining five percent (5%) of the problem, but coincidentally the things that make up that last small percentage are right at the top of the environmental twinkies hit list. Is anyone surprised to see the U.S. Flush the Wildlife Service ignore 95 percent ( their own figures) of the causes of tortoises endanger-ment while flailing wildly at the smallest parts of the problem? As everyone anticipated, the second the "Endangered" order was signed, USFWM started beating hell out of the livestock grazers, hammering on the miners, harassing the developers and doing their damndest to eliminate all forms of off-road racing. Is any of this going to help the desert tortoise? Not by the tiniest detectable amount, but you can bet ol Sarah Klub and the Clones are six kinds of ecstatic. Don Dayton is a long time member and officer of SNORE Ltd. in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a complete outdoorsman who has roamed the southern Nevada desert for many, many years. He has been involved in many, many conservation and wildlife projects as well. We thought his view of the desert tortoise scene deserved national publication. IS IN THE WINNER'S CIRCLE AGAIN!!! Page 4 Congratulations to all the Winner's of the San Felipe 250 ESPECIALLY: . FIRST in Class 4: FIRST in Class 6: FIRST in Class 12: SECOND in Class 6: Mike Schwellinger Steve Kramer Larry Schwacofer Sid Spradling Scott Steinberger Dale Jordan Randy Jordan SPORTS RACING had 25% of First Place Winners in Class SPORTS RACING had over 75& Finishers in all Classes WE SINCERELY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT SEE YOU AT THE BAJA 500 June 1990 Trail Notes ••• It's June and races are bustin' out all over. In fact in May in southern California there was a race a weekend, starting with the Mickey Thompson Gran Prix on the 5th at the Rose Bowl, then the following weekend SCORE International held their inaugural short course race at Phoenix International Raceway, the same date as the 24 hour record breaking FRT 24 hour race at Plaster City. The following weekend La Rana held an event near Ridgecrest, CA, and then a whole slew of Memorial Day weekend events were held around the area, followed by the early June running of the SCORE Baja Internacional. Add in some unseasonal 100 degree weather in early May in southern California and it was an exhausting start for most to the summer season of off road racing. SCORE had some bad luck just prior to their Phoenix race in that the Phoenix professional basketball team won the semi final series. And two games of the final series for the national championship were held in Phoenix the same weekend as the SCORE short course races, which probably could siphon off some of the expected spectator count at the race. AROUND THE WORLD IN 60 DAYS. The event is called the "Voyages Jules Verne's London to Peking Motor Challenge." The route of the 1990 event is expected to approximate the 1907 route of Prince Borghese, mechanic Ettore Gui.:ardi and journalist Luigi Barzini. The adventurous trio drove an Itala roadster from Paris to Peking in 44 days on the first such trip. Organizers expected 110 entrants on the 60 day venture across Europe, through the Soviet Union and on to C::hina. It all started on April 7, and it is not a race, officials said. The only prize given for arriving first at the final destination will be the satisfaction of having driven the distance. One entry from the United States is a pair of AM Hummers, best known as the U.S. military's all purpose vehicles. Rolling on Goodyear Wrangler MT radial tires, the Hummers are being driven by Henry Hodges Sr. and his associates from the Nevada Automotive Test Center at Carson City, Nevada. They started from London's famous Marble Arch on the 8,000·mile driving odyssey. THE ESSO SOUTH AMERICAN MARATHON RAID. The rally raid type of event is growing more popular in South Am~rica, and on April 14 the Esso sponsored raid got started from Lima, Peru. The event will run over really tough terrain, looping through South America and finishing back in Lima. Over 100 entrants in a variety of classes including motorcycles, automobiles, light trucks, heavy trucks and an open class made up the field. The route covers 15,000 kilometers and takes 22 days, ending on May 5. General Tire Motorsports is sponsoring three Nissan 4 WD pickup trucks . equipped with General's.Grabber line of high performance radial light truck· tires. Throughout the event the Brassa T earn will use the entire Grabber line depending upon the terrain. · Piloting the Nissans for the Brassa team are Javier D. Sacio from La Jolla, CA, Henry Bradley from Miami, FL, and Malcolm Smith from Riverside, CA. Sacio, an accomplished businessman at the young age of 24, is no newcomer to racing. He is a regular contestant and champion in vintage and historic car races, and he claimed the Trans-Amazon Rally Raid championship in 1988, his first year in the event. Bradley, a native of Peru, has participated in races world wide, and is currently the Peruvian National champion. Malcolm Smith needs no introduction to most readers, a many time six day trials gold medalist, a many time off road race winner in both single seat and two seat cars and aboard a motorcycle. He has won most events at least once, many back to back in the years he teamed with Bud Feldkamp in the mighty blue Funco. MITSUBISHI MOTOR SALES OF AMERICA has quite a contingency program going in 1990 in all forms of motorsport including SCOREIHDRA off road racing. You don't have to win your class to win some Mitsubishi money either. The highest placing Mitsubishi in each class of each series is eligible for cash awards of up to $ 1000.00. To be eligible competitors must race a Mitsubishi Motor Sales distributed vehicle, display the supplied Mitsubishi decals on each front fender and complete the registration requirements before entering the event. For more information and registration forms contact Dave Wolin, Motorsports Consultant, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, P.O. Box 7489, Riverside, CA 92513 or call (714) 789-0617. RUSSIAN OFF ROAD RACING. Firefighter and veteran off road racer Bob Utgard left May 9, 1990 for Moscow, with a final destination of Riga on the Soviet Baltic-Coast to team with Soviet National Champion Alexi Grigoriev for some off road racing Russian style. This brings full cycle a 1986 effort to bring the Soviet National Rally Team drivers over here to participate in major off road desert races. In 1988 the Soviets came here to drive in the Baja 1000 in Mexico and again in 1989 to race the Mint 400 in Las Vegas, NV. Utgard 's one man Team/USSR goodwill exchange program was originally financed with his own savings until a number of U.S. companies took notice of his successes and provided financial support. "The importance of these exchanges", states Utgard, "are all that much more important now with the recent dramatic changes in Russia and Eastern Europe. While in the Soviet Union accepting the hospitality of his counterparts, Utgard will extend an invitation to the Russian team to return to the United States on August 10-12 of this year to race in HDRA's Desert Championships at Willow Springs International Raceway near Rosamond, CA. Utgard is especially interested in the Russian drivers accepting this invitation as he is the co-promoter of this event and is planning a special VIP treatment at the race for his Soviet friends. MTEG STADIUM RACERS have had a busy month racing at Tempe, Arizona and Pasadena's Rose Bowl just a couple weeks apart. We'll have a full report on both events in the next issue. At Tempe Danny Thompson won the Sport Truck main in his Chevy, and Mitch Mustard won the Super 1600 main event in his # 1 Chenowth. Larry Noel started his march toward the UltraStock championship with a main event victory driving a Volkswagen bodied race car. At the Rose Bowl over 45,000 fans turned out in the middle of an unseasonal heat wave to watch the full program of stadium racing. And Ivan Stewart kept his points lead by winning the Sport Truck main event. Bob Gordon won the Super 1600 main in his Chenowth, but Mitch Mustard was right on his bumper in second and retained the points lead. Larry Noel took advantage of a last lap mishap to win the UltraStock main event in his VW car. Dusty Times

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More Fun In The Desert Sun · From July 6-8 • Barstow, C&lifornia 3RDMINUAL September 7-9 • Pahrump, Nevada F O UR T-H A ·N N U A L October 12-14 • Las Vegas

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1990 HAPPENINGS ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 May 27, 1990 Bike/ ATV / Odyssey/ Mini Bike and Mini ATV June 2, 1990 Buggy IT ruck 6th Annual Hi Country 250 Snowflake/Taylor, AZ June 16-17, 1990 Conservation Project Wildlife/ Reparian restoration Camp Wood Prescott, AZ BADGERLAND VW CLUB, INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 (414) 688-5509 (All events located in Chilton, WI at the Fairgrounds Racing Facility) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 July 27-29, 1990 Gran Carrera de Ensenada Ensenada, BC, Mexico October 26-28, 1990 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, BC, Mexico THE BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-2313 June 23, 1990 Wendover Express Aragonite Valley July 21, 1990 Desert Cactus 250 Aragonite Valley August 25, 1990 Twilite 200 Delle, UT October 6, 1990 Bonneville Challenge Wendover USA 1990 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI54520 (715) 478-2115 I (715) 478-2688 June 23-24, 1990 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI September 1-2, 1990 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Jim Jackobsen 42706 51st Street West Quartz Hill, CA 93536 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 WRIGHT PLACE~. COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on· Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit f9r adjustments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road , racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 6 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 July 29, 1990 Pikes Peak Auto Hillclimb Colorado Springs, CO CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 171 7 Marker Road Polk City, FL 33868 (813) 984-1923 (305) 823-4487 FUD PUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 August 4, 1990 Superstition 250 VII Ancient Dry Lake Bed Plaster City, CA September 29, 1990 Plaster City Blast IV Plaster City, CA December 3 1, 1990 Dunaway Dash IV Plaster City, CA GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 2937 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714) 880-1733 June 17, 1990 Off Road Challenge August 5, 1990 Off Road Challenge November 18, 1990 Off Road Challenge GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 ( 404) 253-1033 May 27, 1990 · Vienna, Ga June 24, 1990 Vienna, Ga July 22, 1990 Vienna, Ga August 19, 1990 Vienna, Ga September 23, 1990 Vienna, Ga October 28, 1990 Vienna, Ga November 24, 1990 Vienna, Ga GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (313) 665-0358/(313) 996-9193 June 1990 GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION K.C. Huggins 2233 N. 140th Avenue Omaha, NE 68164 ( 402) 496-94 31 May 27, 1990 Castana, IA June 16, 1990 Castana, IA July 7, 1990 Castana, IA July 28, 1990 Castana, IA August 19, 1990 Castana, IA September 9, 1990 Castana, IA September 30, 1990 - Castana, IA (All events at Timber Ridge Ranch) GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Ron Kiel 12840 Dexter St. Thornton, CO 80241 (303) 452-4013 June 10, 1990 Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO July 7-8, 1990 Coors Off Road Grand Prix Central City, CO July 14-15, 1990 A Taste of Pueblo Colorado State Fairgrounds Pueblo, CO August 8, 1990 Opening Night Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO August 11, 1990 Cheyenne County Fairgrounds St. Francis, KS September 1-2, 1990 Central City Gran Prix Central City, CO September 16, 1990 Adams County Fairgrounds Denver, CO October 14, 1990 Colorado State Fairgrounds Pueblo, CO HORA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 July 6-8, 1990 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA August 10-12, 1990 Desert Championships Willow Springs Raceway Rosamond, CA September 7-9, 1990 · Nevada 500 Pahrump, NV October 12-13, 1990 Gold Coast 300 Las Vegas, NV December 1, 1990 OffRoadsman Awards Banquet Las Vegas, NV HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Pat Roberts 878 Main St. Deadwood, SD 57732 (605) 578-1654 June 24, 1990 Pierre Stadium Pierre, SD August 18, 1990 Gumbo Bures Pierre, SD September 15, 1990 Deadwood Off Road Grand Prix Deadwood, SD October 20, 1990 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 (All events staged at the duh J!rOtmds in Cb,es. Ohio) KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB Randy Chamberlin 835 Wawn Road Kamloops, B.C. V2B-6N3 September 8-9, 1990 Twilight 400 Kamloops, B.C., Canada LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chambray Dr. Moreno Valley, CA 92387 (714) 924-2226 July 13-15, 1990 Lucerne Valley Jam 200 Lucerne Valley, CA August 24-26, 1990 California 400 Lucerne Valley, CA October 5-7, 1 990 Mini Baja 150 Ridgecrest, CA November 16-18, 1990 High Desert 150 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15, 1990 T.B.A. Awards Banquet MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION Keneth Coleman 742 E. Roosevelt Road Ashley, MI 48806 ( 51 7) 838-4483 (All events at Mt. Pleasant Speedway) MIDWEST OFF ROAD BAJA SERIES Rick Vasquez 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 594-8266 All Desert Races June 23-24, 1990 Albuquerque, NM August 4-5, 1990 Belen, NM September 23-24, 1990 Albuquerque, NM October (TBA), 1990 Deming, NM November, 3-4, 1990 El Paso, TX ----------- ~ Dusty Times

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I] LEGAL RIGHTS DEFENDERS ■ l-800-THE-LAW2 FOR WORK ANO CAR ACCIDENTS AMA SANCTIONED Welcomes ___ _,,SUPERCROSS MP LE PE \ _...::! _ --~ ... -11'1'1;1'!- -;J · ' ~~~·- - - . ' I r:; ., ,J .,,; 1. • I ., ' ~ ~ ~ . ~ . ~ ' . ' ' t-' ~ )" ~j ;) ·\ . t.N l$ •• ' "~~ ' ' ' •• ' ' ¼:if>,.. ,~:.;:~--~ .~:~ ~ . ].'IIJ .· . -~ -~J;ji/!11 =============== ~~-,~~-:~ -~ << -EX LD ''Nobody flies this high .•. without a parachute& oxygen"! • SUPER CHALLENGE . ~ ... ......... • WHO'LL BE #1 250 PRO? * Free Motorsport Expo ' • Matiasevich • Bayle • Stanton e, Ward • Bradshaw • Cooper * Camel Pavilion · EAST VS. WEST 125 CAMEL SHOOTOUT' * Truck & Car Show * Coors Extra Gold Celebrity Stage* featuring "ZAP'' in Concert & Coors Extra Gold Poster Girls • Kiedrowski • Tichenor Plus all your favorites Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki ~ -------------.i( Produced by [I~ i i§!:!:J1)1----------TICKETS AVAILABLE AT HONDA Come ridR ivith us. T><·1EJ IIGKG RIGHT FROM THE STARl

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MIDWEST OFF ROAD RACING Tommy Bowling 9801 E. Highway 80 Odessa, TX 79765 (915) 561-5222 June 9, 1990 Odessa, TX August 11, 1990 Odessa, TX (All events at Notrees, TX) October 12-13, 1990 Millican 400 Bend, OR PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 July 29. 1990 Pikes Peak Auto Hillclimb Colorado Springs, CO SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O. Box 526 Indio, CA 92202 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 938-4100 July 14, 1990 Los Angeles Coliseum Los Angeles, CA P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 September?, 1990 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO September?, 1990 Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV (Sc/1.:dul.: is t.:ntativc!) ONT ARIO ASSOCIATION OF OFF ROAD RACERS Barry Wannamaker P.O. Box 688 Bancroft, Ontario, KOL lCO, Canada (613) 332-38111(613) 332-1610 ONTARIO OFF ROAD Ken Jackson - Dick Gillap R.R. #2 Tiverton, Ontario, Canada N0G 2T0 (519) 368-7874 OUTLAW MINI STOCK RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 204 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 (213) 375-4570 (213) 719-7036 PAC OFF ROAD RACING P.O . Box 323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 June 16-17, 1990 Kamloops 400 KM Kamloops, B.C. Canada SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 June 1-3, 1990 Susqrehannock Trails Rally Wellsboro, PA June 21-24, 1990 Mt. Washington Hillclimb Gorham, NH July 29, 1990 Pikes Peak Hillclimb Colorado Springs, CO August 17-19, 1990 Duryea Hillclimb Reading, PA August 24-27, 1990 Ojibwe Rally Grand Rapids, MN October 25-28, 1990 Press On Regardless Rally Escanaba, Ml November 9-12, 1990 Ma.:da Coachman Stages Rally Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 June 8-10, 1990 Baja Internacional Ensenada, BC, Mexico November 8-11, 1990 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico FATToyota Power. After two years of dyno and racing development, FAT Performance announces the availability ofToyota off-road racing engines. Including Unlimited 3.0 V6, 16-valve 1600cc Class l O (short course and desert), Classes 7, 7S and 7-4x4. Call today for more information. FATTOYOTA WINNERS Jim Greenway-Closs 2 3.0 V6 1989 Milestone Award Winner Watkins-Aronson-Class 1016-valve 1988Riverslde lst,Nevada5001st 1989 Parker 400, Rreworl<s 2EO 1st 1989 SCORE/HORA POINTS CHAMPIONS McBrlde/Sourapas-Class2(FAT911) Klawitter Bros.-Class 5 (FAT Type IV) Page 8 PERFORMANCE FOR YOUR FAT PERFOl'lMANCE CATALOG. SEND $5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE, DEPT. OTT, 1558 N. CASE.ORANGE CA 92667. OR CALL (714) 637-2889. December 1, 1989 OffRoadsman Awards Banquet Las Vegas, NV SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 SCORE SHOW Edgell Expositions P.O. Box 19531 Irvine, CA 92713 (714) 250-8060 June 29-July 1, _1990 Anaheim, CA ,, SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 June 2, 1990 Caliente 250 Caliente, NV July 28-29 • KC HiLites Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV September 21-23, 1990 SNORE250 Las Vegas, NV October 27-28, 1990 Yokohama Challenge Las Vegas, NV December 1, 1990 Showboat Race Las Vegas, NV SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: Tom Schwartzburg 2620 West Washington West Bend, WI53095 ( 414) 334-3858 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 257-94221(414) 542-3821 May 26-27, 1990 Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI June 9-10, 1990 Antigo Kiwanis Off Road Race Antigo, WI June 23-24, 1990 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI • FAT Racing Parts • Centerline Wheels • Bilstein Shocks • Sway-A-Way • Penna-Cool • S&S Headers • Weber Carbs • Bosch Lights • JaMar Products • Wright Place • Tri-Mil Exhaust • GemGears • Beard Seats • Simpson Safety • Super-Trapp • Yokohama Tires •1Petro-Tech 2000 . • Many more .. : June 1990 July 7-8, 1990 Fox Riverfest Challenge De Pere, WI July 21-22, 1990 U.P. Off Road 100 Bark River, MI August 18-19, 1990 No. American Off Road Racing Festival Ionia, MI September 1-2, 1990 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI September 15-16, 1990 Badgerland Short Course Sprints Oshkosh, WI TEXAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing - Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214) 855-2232 June 1, 1990 Boyd, TX July 6, 1990 Boyd, TX August 3, 1990 Boyd, TX September 7, 1990 Boyd, TX October 5, 1990 Boyd, TX TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 May 28, 1990 Skyline Speedway Cortland, NY June 16, 1990 Patomac Speedway La Plata, MD June 17, 1990 Georgetown Speedway Georgetown, Del. July 21, 1990 Skyline Speedway Courtland, NY UORRA United Off Road Racing Association P.O. Box 211 Dunellen, NJ 08812 (201) 752-0299 (201) 359-2745 (All races at Trailways Speedway, Hanover, PA) VENTURA RACEWAY Business Office 2810 W . Wooley Road Oxnard, CA 93035 (805) 656-1122 June 9, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies July 14, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies August 4, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies September 8, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies October 6, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies October 2 7, 1990 Motocross -7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies November 1 7, 1990 Motocross -7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies ( all race dates suhject to change without notice) VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 . (916) 925-1702 May 26-27, 1990 Yerington VORRA 400 Yerington, NV June 29-30, 1990 Virginia City 200 Virginia City, NV July 29, 1990 Prairie City OHV Park Short Course Sacramento, CA September 1-2, 1990 VORRA/ Fernley 250 Fernley, NV October 28, 1990 Championship Race Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento, CA WHEEL TO WHEEL,INC. P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL !CO (613)332-1766 (613) 332-4128 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 -87A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP June 2-7, 1990 Acropolis Rally Greece June 29-July 4, 1990 Rally of New Zealand July 23-29, 1990 Rally of Argentina August 22-27, 1990 Rally of 1000 Lakes Finland September 13-1 7, 1990 Rally of Australia October 7-13, 1990 Sanremo Rally of Italy October 27-November 2, 1990 Ivory Coast Rally November 25-29, 1990 RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS Lise yottr coming events in DUSTY TIMES {re.:! S..:nd your 1990 schedule as soon as /Jossi/Jl.: for listinJ.! in tit is column. Mail your rac.: or rnlly schedule co: DUSTY TIMES. 5331 Derry Ave .. Suire 0, AJ.!OIITCI, CA 91301. Dusty Times

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La Rana Desert Racing IF YOU WANT TO BRING THE FAMILY FUN BACK INTO YOUR DESERT RACING, WITHOUT THE PRESSURES AND HIGH COST, THEN COME RACE WITH US, IN "LUCERNE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA" THE FUN BEGINS ON FRI. JULY 13, 1990 WITH REGISTRATION, CONTINGENCY AND T5CH INSPECTION AT RACE HEAD-QUARTERS: LUCERNE VALLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 32750 OLD WOMAN SPRINGS ROAD SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, JULY 13th, 1990 3:00 P.M. -10: P.M. . Driver registration, vehicle tech. inspection and contingency at The Lucerne Valley Chamber of Commerce, 32750 Old Woman Springs Road. 9:00 P.M. Drivers Meeting at The Lucerne Valley Chamber of Commerce, 32750 Old Woman Springs Road. Saturday, JULY 14th, 1990 Race Day and Awards "ALL CLASSES WELCOME" 6:00 A.M. - Vehicle line-up at StarVFinish. 7:00 A.M. - Race starts Promptly! Class Order: Time Limit Approx. 5:00 P.M. 1, 2, 10 1, 2/1600 5, 7, 8, 4 mini mag, 5/1600 14, 7S, 3, 9, 7 4x4 6, 11, Stone Stock Truck, Odyssey "All vehicles have 9 hours from the time they leave the start to complete the race. Odyssey Class w/11 do one lap, Class 11 and Stone Stock w/11 do 2 laps. All others will do 4 laps Posting of unofficial results at race headquarters immediately after the race. Protest time follows for 1 hour, with a fee of $100.00. 7:30 P.M. -Awards presentation at The Sundowner Ranch "SEE YOU THERE"/// , . , 1990 Race Dates July 13-14 LUCERNE VALLEY JAM 200 Lucerne Valley, CA August 24-26 MINI BAJA 400 Lucerne Valley, CA October 5-7 CALIFORNIA 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 16-18 HIGH DESERT 250 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15 AWARDS BANQUET T.B.A. Lucerne Valley Jam 200 ENTRY FEES: Classes 1-14 ............... $225.00 Odyssey Class . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 Points Fund .................. 20.00 Land Use Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.00 Late Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75.00 INSURANCE: Classes 1-14 ............... $110.00 Odyssey Class . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.00 MANDITORY ENTRY DEPOSIT: Classes 1-14 ............... $170.00 Odyssey Class ................ 50.00 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chambray Drive Moreno Valley, CA 92387 Phone: 714-924-2226 714-253-2254 BALANCE OF ENTRY PAID AT REGISTRATION MUST BE PAID IN CASH NO PERSONAL OR COMPANY CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JULY 2, 1990 For Entry Forms or Race Information, Call LA RANA DESERT RACING PROMOTIONS 22769 Chambray Drive Moreno Valley, CA (714) 924-2226

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Side, Tracks ••• By Judy Smith The SCORE Baja Internacional is one of SCORE's oldest events, and this year's will be the 17th production of the popular spring time race. the first one came in 1974, when Mickey Thompson moved into the Mexican race business after NORRA, the original promoting organization of both the Baja 500 and the Mexican 1000, left the scene. Thompson simply carried on the scheduling originally set up by NORRA, and, in fact, used the same course, wherever possible. For the 197 4 event the course started right in that wash that runs down into town, and crosses the street just adjacent to the beautiful Convention Center. In those days the Convention Center was still abandoned, the wash was fairly fragrant, and it went straight up into the hills. Up there above town the course skirted the edges of some farmers' fields, went through a watermelon patch, along the side of a sunflower patch, and then hit the pavement for a while. From there it turned onto the dirt at the Pepsi Stand (Piedras Gordas), where it picked up what used to be the end of the old road from San Felipe to Ensenada. Racers then went through Ojos Negros, up to El Reyo, down through the Piney Woods, and eventually, in to Trinidad. At that point they turned west, down the old, old road that ended up alongside the grape vines, and dumped out onto Highway 1. (That had been a John Johnson short cut in the early days when selection of route was up to the driver.) From there it went out to the beach, which is all old stuff by now, down to Camalu, then eastward from there on what was a brand new trail, reportedly bulldozed into the hillsides by M.T. himself, to avoid irritating the cattle ranchers in the area. Then the trail headed up the road toward Mike's Sky Ranch, but at a point about seven miles before the ranch the road branched to the right, and that part of the course included a hill that was so long, and suddenly steep at the top, that SCORE had to post a 4x4 with a winch up there during the race. Mike's old airstrip, which was still in use at the time, was up off this road, which then hairpinned back down onto his road, and curved westward into the camp grounds. There was a mandatory one hour "down time" at Mike's, during which time it was permitted to work on the. race cars. Then the route traveled out the "back" way from Mike's, down to Highway 3 , which was not yet completely paved. It paralleled the new roadbed for the highway back to Independencia, went a little past, and turned up into the woods at Pino Solo. Up in the hills it picked up the outward bound course, and followed it back to the finish. That business of running back on the outward bound trail through the woods had made pre-running that part of the course into a scary business. It was so difficult to see around those big trees on that twisty trail, and there were several close calls, involving pre-runners finishing up while others were just heading out. • It rained on race day, and was cold and wet up in the hills, and particularly in the El Reyo area, but when the rain stopped the big fluffy clouds against the blue sky made marvelous backdrops for the race photos. The winners that year included a lot of names that are familiar to race fans today. Class 1 was won by Bob Ferro, who soloed his Sandmaster car to the checkered flag in 8 hours 12 minutes and 10 seconds. Class 2 was taken by the team of Bill Hrynko and Ivan Stewart, Class 3 went to Rod Hall and Jim Fricker, Class 4 was won by Bill Rush and Danny Shields, and Class 5 went to John Modica, and Carl Scholl. They had a neat system which involved Scholl doing the steering, while Modica did all the shifting. I drove in Class 5 that year, in a Volkswagen "Thing", owned by Drino Miller. When I got to El Reyo, which was Checkpoint 1, I shifted into first gear, something went "snap", and it never moved under its own power again. I sat out the race in the rain. When Dusty Times publisher, Jean Calvin, got to that point in her Class 9 car, she needed a distributor or some such, and we were able to cannibalize it from the Thing to send her on her way again. Class 6, which was more or less what Class 11 is now, was won by Dave Beverly, and the new mini-truck class, Class 7, still for stock trucks at that time, went to Mario Alesi, and his dad, Peter Alesi, Sr. Walker Evans won Class 8, Gary Dewitt and Bob Rodine took Class 9, which was then for 1200cc single seat buggies, and Andy DeVercelly and Jerry Conway won Class 10, which was for two seat 1200cc buggies. The overall winners were Mitch Mays and A.C. Bakken, on a Class 22 bike, in 8:07:21. The race was marred by a terrible accident, when Parn~lli Jones, who was then driving his Big Oly Bronco, with Bill Stroppe in the passenger seat, came over a little rise on the fast road out of Ojos Negros, just before the course turns right over the cow catcher, and hit two recreational bikers who were traveling backwards on the course. One of the bikers was killed, and both P.J and Stroppe were burned when the biker's fuel tank split, and the fuel ignited and blew into the cab with them. The bikers, who were Americans down in Baja on a vacation, had been warned by other Americans, there to watch the race, that it was unwise to travel backwards on the race route, but had chosen to ignore the warnings. In those days the starting order had been deter-mined by the luck of the draw, and P .J. was one of the last cars to start, even though he was probably the fastest vehicle moving on the course at that point. It was a grim chore for the new promoter to have to deal with, and very tough for P .J. and Stroppe. There was also a flap involving Ferro, the Class 1 winner, who had become lost in the Pine Forest and had somehow, on his way out, found his way on to the inward bound course between Pino Solo and the woods, and had come in to the checkpoint from the wrong direction. The crew there reported the incident after the race, and there was a hearing, but it was ultimately decided that he hadn't done himself any favors wandering around in the woods, and no penalties were assessed. It had been very easy to become lost in the woods that year, because it wasn't well marked, and there were, besides, old markers from a fairly recent BRA (Baja Racing Association) event, which served to confuse the drivers also. Some other familiar racers, who didn't happen to win that year, also showed up on the entry list. There was the team of Bud Feldkamp and Malcolm Smith, in Class 1, along with John Johnson, and Rick Mears and his dad, Bill, and there was also Roger Mears teamed with his dad, who must have figured that one of them would break. Scoop Vessels was entered in Class 8 , and Dave Kreisler ran in Class 9, Jeff MacPherson drove Class 7, and Don Adams ran Class 3, while Henry Arras drove in Class 5. And in Class 1 we note the team of Bob W eggeland and Salvatore Anthony Fish. Wonder how they did? Subscribe to DUSTY TIMES See Form Page 3 WINNER -Class 7 HDRA Nissan 400, Las Vegas ROGER MEARS Bakersfield, CA Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Leaded Racing Gas No more playing "octane roulette." These myster-ious numbers are only as good as the results they earn for you. Whether you race 50 laps, 1000 miles or 24 hours, UNOCAL 76 leaded and unleaded racing gasolines are proven winners, designed to maximize horsepower under high RPM conditions. As a result, UNOCAL 76 racing gasolines have fueled more winners in the past 35 years than any other gasoline. With these credentials, shouldn't UNOCAL 76 racing gasoline be your choice? Try it! GAS AVAILABILITY: BAKERSFIELD Roger Mears Tire Company - (805) 831-8610 BRAWLEY Seabolt Oil Company - (619) 344-3761 LONG BEACH M.O. Dion & Sons, Inc. - (213) 432-3946 MONTCLAIR George Follmer Racing, Inc. - (714) 625-4881 NEWPORT BEACH WINNER -Superlite Main Event Off-Road Championship Gran Prix, San Diego HOLGEIR OKSNEVAD Durand, IL Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Leaded Racing Gas CONTINGENCY PROGRAM ■ BAJA INTERNACIONAL ■ MOTORCYCLE/A1V CLASSES - 20 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 1 O gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second WINN -ATV Main Event Off-Road Championship Gran Prix, Seattle DEREK HAMILTON Laguna Niguel, CA Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Leaded Racing Gas CLASSES 1, 2, 1/2-1600, 3/14, 4, 5, 5-1600, 6, 7, 7 4x4, 7S, 8, 10 55 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 30 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third CLASSES 11, Mini-Mag 40 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 25 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas lo Second 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third C.O. THOMPSON PETROLEUM 605 N. ANAHEIM BLVD., ORANGE, CA 92668; (714) 634-4214 Page 10 June 1990 Beacon Bay Enterprises - (714) 833-0660 ORANGE C.O. Thompson Petroleum, Inc. - (714) 634-4214 PARKER,AZ Parker Oil Company - (602) 669-2617 PASADENA Lee's Unocal - (818) 441-3392 PASADENA Western Air - (818) 405-9701 POMONA R&W Petroleum - (714) 629-2559 RIVERSIDE Campbell Oil Company-(714) 686-1676 SAN DIEGO Apollo Oil Company-(619) 280-6884 STOCKTON Valley Performance Center-(209) 943-7637 TAFT Brown & Reich Petroleum - (805) 765-5457 VICTORVILLE Victorville Oil Company - (619) 245-4191 VUMA,AZ Seller Petroleum - (602) 783-8876 Dusty Times

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100% Entry· payback in Semi-Main on Saturday Night Plus Contingency money. You must run ·Saturday to qualify for purse on Sunday. Class Information Great Western Points Series runs the following classes in the Colorado Off-Road Championships: 1/2 1600 2/5 10 Heavy Metal Quads A 250 & Unlimited Quads B 250 & Unlimited Odesseys Other classes will be run if there are sufficient entries. SHORT COURSE STADIUM OFF ROAD RACING COLORADO STATE FAIRGROUNDS PUEBLO, COLORADO SATURDAY & SUNDAY JULY 14-15 1990 '3 eJttltam 1' /(;~ , 'I ffe. Producing Championship Off-Road Racing TJCKef ~ v.l.57"E.R® SELECT GART BROS. • DAVE COOK AND SOUND WAREHOUSE CALL-FOR-TIX (303) 290-TIXS 0 © AMERICA NOW, INC. OENVER 1989 $5000 .guaranteed purse will be paid in Main Events on Sunday Afternoon. Two day·s Short Course Off-Road Racing for. one entry Feel Race Schedule Saturday July 14 Gates open 1 :00 pm Fairgrounds Information The Colorado State Fairgrounds are located within the City of Pueblo:-Follow signs from 1-25 to find the Fairgrounds. The Regal Inn Pueblo Welcomes the Colorado Off Road Championship Series Tech. & Registration 1-4 pm Practice 2:30 - 5:00 pm Opening Ceremonies 6:45 First Race 7 :00 pm Sunday July 15 Gates open 8:00 am Practice 9:30 -11 :30 am Opening Cereminies 12:45 First Race 1 :00 pm On site camping is available with beautiful surroundings and all types of recreation available within minutes. Preferred Rates: $2400 one bed $3200 two beds PUEBLO 960 Hwy. 50 West 719-543-8900 ZIP81008 Advance reservations requested. Not valid with other discounts or coupons. Subject to ava.ilability. For More Information contact: Bertram Productions (303) 936-5960, Ron Kiel (303) 452-4013, Tony Jackson (303) 667-6704

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SCORE TICATE SAN FELIPE ISO Jack Johnson and Brian Collins Team for Overall Win By Judy Smith Photos: Track.side Photo Ent. Brian Collins, who drove half distance, and Jack Johnson were first on the road most of the course, and the swift Las Vegas team brought their Chenowth/Porsche hqme first overall by just over a minute. SCORE's springtime race moved from the Mojave Desert to San Felipe, in Baja California, and a pair of Las Vegas drivers teamed to win it overall. Jack Johnson, in his first race since his association with Nissan dissolved, partnered Brian Collins in a two seater with Porsche power, and the pair ran a flawless race, to take the win at an average speed of 56.10 miles per hour. The event moved from the Southern California desert to Baja partly because SCORE deemed the set up of the Lucerne Valley based course to have been dangerous, and the town too small to handle the crowds. There was also the presence of the endangered desert tortoise in the Johnson Valley area, which would mean that tortoise counts would need to be performed, and careful marking of the course, to avoid burrows, would have been necessary, as HORA had had to do at the recent Nissan 400. None of those problems exist in Baja. San Felipe was at its best, in terms of weather, for this event, with balmy breezes and tempera-tures in the 80s under a few puffy clouds. The motels and camp-grounds didn't do too well, however, and there were many complaints about non-existent rooms and spaces. . The pre-race functions; regis-tration, contingency and tech inspection, were easy to set up, and nicely organized for the race teams, and the fact that it's o.k. to drive the race cars from point to point on the streets of San Felipe made everything relatively easy in Page 12 that respect. There was ·also· no impound after tech inspection, another well liked feature. One major difficulty with the race was that it was scheduled for the same weekend as the MTEG Phoenix short course event, and the Long Beach Gran Prix. The conflict with Long Beach meant that some officials, notably Charlie and Roberta La Velie, who do staging, were unavailable, and the press was also otherwise occupied. There was also a problem for Robby Gordon, who was scheduled to race in the --............ ~ ... --... ·~· ------Robby Gordon was back to his winning ways in the Venable Ford. With co-driver John Herzberger doing the anchor man bit, they won Class 8 and came in fifth overall. »<> -~ -1,; --... ... "}': .,, Brian Stewart has had a great year so far, and he drove the Dodge to third in Class 8 at San Felipe. After three events Stewart is currently leading the Class 8 points standings. June 1990 Ivan Stewart hustled· hard down the trail in the fancy Toyota, and he came close to another victory, taking second overall only 1.5 minutes behind. ft: ~ ,. ~,'v ~·-. _d!..+f,~', Mark'RMniltori"'and Clay Bi~tz k';pt up ~ ·~t p:ce in Class 1/2 in the Raceco/Porsche and were third overall and in class, about three minutes out of the win. :bi'~ ~~ ... ViZ¾?Y ~¾-Danny Leiner, with co-driver Ron Brant riding the distance in the Raceco Porsche, finished a quick fourth overall and in Class 1 /2. IMSA GT event on Saturday finish in San Felipe as soon· as afternoon at Long Beach, as well possible, and then fly to Phoenix. as contracted to race his Ford The San Felipe airport was as busy truck in the San Felipe event. as LAX for one day, as racers and There were at least six racers crews were being whisked in and who planned to run the Phoenix out. Some teams had their own short course event as well as San wings, but some had to charter Felipe, including Ivan Stewart, planes, at considerable expense. · Bob Gordon, Brian Collins, Jerry SCORE set the race up as an Whelchel, Jimmy Smith and early morning enterprise, starting Walker Evans. They planned to the bikers at 5 a.m., at 15 second Scott McMillin has really taken to trucking, and he placed his fancy Ford very well in Mexico, second in the tough Class 8 ranks. David Bryan and his sister Debbie Keefe tried Class 8 racing this year instead of 4x4 action, and they placed the Ford fourth in class. Dusty Times

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interva s, and then crowding the cars in right behind them at 7 a.m. It was felt that the racers who planned to run in two events would be able to finish in time to get to wherever they needed to be in plenty of time. The major problem would be how to rescue a broken down racer from the far reaches of the course. _ Fortunately, this course didn't have too many far reaches_, stretching as it did from San Felipe north to the southern tip of Laguna Sal~da, in a long oval. Then it slid back to the south, to the pavement where it bent a little westward, to Borrego, and crossed Highway 3, then headed eastward, along the highway for a while, before turning south again, down to the area of the Zoo Road. All along the way there were easy access roads for the chase crews. When the drivers reached the southern end of the loop they found themselves turning east-ward again, to pick up the graded Zoo Road, and head toward the nice two rutter that turns north, down onto Diablo Dry Lake, and up to San Matias Pass, an old familiar route for Baja racers. From San Matias the cars headed south once more, in a broad loop, crossed over the eastward swing of the trail, and headed down into San Felipe on the same road they'd used outward bound. It was a total of 228 miles long, .and generally considered fast by those with lots of suspension, and rough by the limited cars. There was a lot of sand, and lots of rocks, some buried in the sand. There was a nine hour limit. Conveniently, the point where the course crossed the highway at Borrego was almost exactly halfway through the race; so it was the logical place to make driver changes, since it was also adjacent to the pavement. Of course, the Unlimited one and two-seat class started first, and in this group, Brian Collins, in his two seat Porsche Chenowth, starting as the fifth car in the class, · found himself out of the dust after about 10 miles, when he had passed the four cars in front of him. From that point on, for the rest of the day, the only. dust the car had to contend with was from bikers that "they caught and passed. It was a definite edge. Collins had about a minute and a half lead at the 3 Poles access road, about 39 miles into the race. Second place belonged to Ivan Stewart, in his Toyota "truck", who was trying to set a conserv-ative, car saving pace, and in third it was the brother team of Ed and Tim Herbst, in another Chenowth powered by a Porsche, a half minute or so behind Stewart. And less than two minutes behind them was Danny Letner, in a Porsche Raceco, with, his co-driver, Ron Brant, riding in the passenger seat. Another minute back.there was a whole gaggle of cars, all on the same minute, including Bill Church in his Chenowth, and his son, Brian, in another Chenowth, Mark Hamil-ton in a Raceco, and Bob Gordbn, who'd already lost third gear, in his Chenowth. , Troy Herbst, in another Chenowth, had already been sidelined with a broken c.v., Jim Greenway, who'd had to rent the Hamilton's pre-runner, a Type IV powered Raceco, when his own Toyota powered Raceco broke a timing gear the day before, had Dusty Times Ray Croll drove his Toyota powered Jimco all the way, had a husky 17 minute lead at Matias, and came home first in Class 10 and tenth overall. become badly stuck when he blew a turn, and Larry Ragland, in his. new Chevy truck, had already lost about seven minutes somehow. They charged up the course, <:;;:w ·s·:it, ···ff.;.··· · ·x-; ' ~ " ~ ,:m ,.,. ... ,, ..•.. passing bikers from time to time, and generally all running well. At Borrego the Collins car was still in front on the road, and Jack Johnson took over the driving, Todd Davis and Kevin Derby had a good run in the Class 10 Chenowth and•. finished third about half an hour back of the winners. Rich Minga had his Class 5 Porsche in a fierce duel, but Jed midway by six minutes despite some engine overheating, and he won Class 5 by nearly ten ; minutes. LeRoy Van Kirk kept his Porsche up front too· most ;1 t'he way, stopped to fix his brakes and regained second place in Class 5 at the finish line. June 1990 giving Collins lots of time to get to Phoenix. Chasing hard behind him now was Stewart, then Hamilton, Letner, Gordon, and the team of Ron Gardner and Bernie Mayer, in the Chenowth with a half-VB Chevy motor. At that point on the course the dust was blowing along the road, but for most of the way,· the breezes kept it clear. Ragland was down with a broken front upper A-arm, and Mark McMillin, driving the Nissan that Jack Johnson used to drive, was havin some trouble adjusting to it, and then lost a torque convertor. , The leaders stayed strong, Johnson finding the course very fast, and by the San Matias pits he had· about three and a half minutes-on Stewart, who was now charging hard, and seriously trying to catch him. Hamilton was third, three minutes later, Letner was fourth, another five minutes back, his motor overheating some, and Gordon was fifth, just six minutes beyond him. Ed and Tim Herbst had blown a c.v. and i.. Gary Weyhrich also drove the race solo in his Toyota powered Chenowth, had no real trouble and placed second in Class 10. This is the system run by most off road race winners TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE o·NLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 13

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From Matias to the finish line was about 40 minutes for the quick cars, and almost everyone who got to Matias made it to the checkered flag. Johnson was all through for the day by about 10 minutes after eleven, but he had to stew for a while, because Stewart finished so close behind him that it needed an official timer to decide who'd beaten whom. Stewart took second, only 35 seconds behind Johnson. He later said he'd waited too long to make his charge, thinking surely Collins and Johnson would have at least some trouble. But they had none at all. In third it was Hamilton, who'd clriven the second half of the race with no power steering, and finished just under .three minutes after Ivan. Letner was fourth, with Brant still riding along, although complain-ing about the quality of the ride. And in fifth place it was Bob Gordon without either third or fifth gears by now. Manny and Tudy Joe Esquerra won the tight fight for top honors in Class 7 in the Ford, despite dropping a cylinder on the dry lake. The next group to start was the Class 8 trucks, and the young man in a hurry, Robby Gordon, had his Ford in the lead as they roared past the 3 Poles road, but he had only a minute and a half on Scott 0 00 00 00 [JJ D CID 00 0o O DESERT LOCK OUTER hread re Located ff Inner Ring Red Anodize Co·nstructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength *At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing * All parts are available separately *In stock - Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" · UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 13" MIDGET 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 10" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: 0 00 (]] 00 ~ D (]) 00 0o O '.1571 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 ; : (209) 275-~183 Page 14 Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax Roger Mears had his Nissan in the Class 7 lead at the halfway point, but rear end problems dropped him to second place at the flag. McMillin, in another Ford truck. In third it was Walker Evans, in his Dodge, two minutes back, chased by his team mate, Brian Stewart, in the other Dodge, only a half minµte off his bumper. And Chris Minor ran fifth, in a Chevy, 30 seconds later. Mel Vaughan had already broken a tie rod in his Ford, and Frank Vessels was beset by what he called, "All kinds of little chicken----problems", in his Chevy. As they reached the half-way point Gordon had increased his lead to about six minutes, and it was still McMillin, who was without second gear and had been stuck in the soft sand at Check 2, chasing in second place. Minor was next on the road, followed closely by Stewart, who'd also been stuck, and then Dave Westhem, in his GMC. Vessels was running well here, and had picked up a few positions, while Evans pulled into his pit where his mechanics discovered that he'd burnt his number six piston. At that point Walker decided to call it quits and head for Phoenix. Dave Shoppe was having some flat tire troubles, and every time he stopped his Ford to change one, he got stuck, losing endless time. Up at Matias Gordon still had the lead, but McMillin was right on his bumper, and within three minutes, and they'd been having a good back and forth duel all day. Stewart ran third, and right behind him came Vessels, up to fourth place now_. In fifth place it was David Bryan, finding his new Ford truck short on horsepower, but long lasting. Gordon led in the homestretch, and he enjoyed the added spice of catching and passing his father, sending his two-seater out into the bushes in the process. But, as they say, what goes around comes around, and Robby then hit something on the right side that broke both his wheels, and let the air out of two tires at once. He June 1990 Paul and Dave Simon had another trouble free run in their Ford Ranger, and the brothers won Class 7 4x4 by a whopping 19 minutes. Tom and Bob DeNault returned to the winning defending 1-2-1600 champions won the 44 car class by about five minutes in a close finish driving their new Chenowth. carries two spares and had them however, and was out of the truck on the car pretty quickly, but his and heading for the plane for dad sailed by while he was Long Beach before McMillin changing them, and came in to the came in for second place, six finish first, still laughing. minutes later. Stewart, who'd Gordon got the Class 8 win been assed b Vessels, later came Running in a tight pack all the way, Willy Higman kept his Chenowth on the path all the way to a fine second in Class 1-2-1600. Jim Fishback, Jr. and Mike Voyles had a good race driving the Chenowth to a close third, a minute out of second in 1-2-1600 ranks. time, finishing a tight fourth in the close 1600 contest. Dusty Times

Page 15

The two Porsches were neck and neck at the 3 Poles road, on the same minute, with Hart four and a half minutes back, and Mocaby another four and a half minutes back. Rudy Cortez and Jorge Rodriguez, in another conventional Bug, were running also, but having some problem, and unable to catch up. Mike Lesle and Jack Ramsay stayed close in the Jeep Comanche until a massive oil leak slowed them with stops, but they got second in Class 7 4x4 by hours anyhow. Halfway through the day Minga had about six minutes, with Van Kirk and Hart, running very close on the road, in second and third·. Carlos Vela and Adrian Melero ran fourth at that time, while Mocaby was fifth, about 23· minutes back. .v.;:,~_ upon him parked half on, half off the course, in a very narrow and precarious place. There really wasn't room for Stewart to get by, and since Vessels had broken some major front end component, he couldn't move himself. Brian tried for about ten minutes to move Vessels out of the way, pulling and pushing to no avail. He finally gave up and scraped by, removing a portion of his bodywork in the doing, and came in to finish third. David Bryan finished fourth, and Larry Minor, Jr. was fifth in his GMC. Class 10 wasn't too big a group for this race, and half of them self destructed. But things were very close for a while, and in the lead bunch it was Jeff Quinn and Kurt Pfeiffer, in their Chenowth, Ray Croll in his Toyota powered Jimco, John Hays in his Raceco, Randy and Rick Wilson in their Raceco, and Gary W eyhrich in a Toyota Raceco, who'd already had a flat. Croll, who drove all the way, moved up to the front of the pack by the halfway point, and Quinn lost a few minutes checking an ominous noise that sounded like a bad c.v., and then handed the car over to Pfeiffer at Borrego. Bill Poe had his JMR up in the lead pack at the halfway point, but 1'1.e was destined to DNF. Struggling with a weak motor and some flats, were last year's class champs, Rick and Randy Wilson, in their Raceco. At Matias, Croll, who was having no problems at all, had a good lead of about 17 minutes. Weyhrich, another solo driver, ran second· and Todd Davis and Kevin Derby ran third in a Chenowth, and John Hays, who'd had to get out of his car three times to fix his sticky throttle cable, was fourth. The Wilsons were still running,, and so was Pfeiffer, but down for a long time, after breaking a c.v. At the finish line it was Croll, who had stopped only for fuel, then W eyhrich, who liked what he called a "rough course", Davis and Derby were third, Hays, who also soloed, was fourth and the Wilsons made it back for fifth. Class 5 had a tough time, and it, too, lost half the entries. Some of them very early. Dave Pick, George Seeley and Bill Hernquist were all out in the early stages of the day. Then it turned into a three way battle between Rich Minga and LeRoy Van Kirk, in their Porsche Bugs, and Marty Hart in his conventional Bug. Lyn Mocaby, who drives a conven-tional Bug with an automatic transmission, ran a steady pace, but couldn't quite stay with the lead pack. Van Kirk, Hart and Minga stayed together, but as the two Porsches battled ahead, Hart had Dusty Times to stop to fix a sticky throttle, losing about five minutes, which he struggled to make up the rest of the day. Van Kirk had brake trouble for the early part of the day, and Minga's gauges told him the engine was overheating, so he ran no faster than he felt he had to. Up at Matias, Minga's lead still held, but Hart had now moved into second place, six minutes later, as Van Kirk, who stopped to have his brakes fixed, ran third, three minutes later. Mocaby was now 30 minutes back, and Cortez and Rodriguez were over two Switching from a CJ to this Ford F-150 brought Mike Schwellinger back to the winner's circle; this year he won Class 4 in Mexico. hours later. than two minutes later, followed As they charged the lastfew fast by Mocaby in a half hour. miles, Hart flattened a tire, and In Class 7, Manny Esquerra, fell back a position. So Minga got who'd been up sick the night his win, and Van Kirk, in a rare before, had his Ford slightly finish, was second, just under ten ahead of Roger Mears in his minutes later. Hart came in less Nissan at the Dir lnnovativeRacingProdbCls GENIBREL SEALED SYSTEM Introducing! R'evolutionary, tough, sealed recombining, vibration proof, racing battery system. A step above the rest. Dump your wimpy imported battery and step up to the GENIBREL SEALED SYSTEM. NO MORE: Fumes, leakage, servicing, corrosion or failures. 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Page 16

problem, another hour back. A big flock of 1-2-1600s showed up for this race, and on the whole they liked it. Out of 44 starters, only 16 failed to get to the finish, and there was some good racing along the way. Both Tom DeNault, in a Chenowth, and the Bill and Scott Reams team, another Chenowth, were sporting new cars for this race, while Jim Fishback, Jr. and Mfke Voyles had newly re-~ worked suspension on Fishback's Chenowth. John Marking and Tom Schilling were paired in their Steve Kelley and Ben Metcalf had to replace a trans in the Chevy early on, but Jimco, with Marking doing the they carried on nicely to take second in Class 4. first half, but Willie Higman in a r;.,.. 39 mile mark, while later. Arambula was third about Chenowth, Craig Deardorff in a Ernesto Arambula in a Mitsubishi, an hour behind him, followed in Raceco, Willie Melancon in his Billy Bunch in a Chevy, Russ by the Bunches, who'd had some ' Mirage and Craig Forrest in a Jones in a Ford and Wayne Lee in another Chevy, ran behind him. · At the halfway point Mears had taken over the lead, but he had only a scant two minutes on Esquerra, who wears a high tech looking dust mask to prevent problems with his asthma. When they reached Matias, Esquerra had lost a cylinder on the dry lake, but had picked up' a half hour on Mears, who'd lost his rear end on the same dry lake. Arambula was another 45 minutes back, and Bunch, or his wife, Debbie, who also drove, was running two minutes later. No one else was still moving forward. Esquerra took the win, with Mears, who thought the course was "fun", second, 34 minutes A surprised and happy Dale White with Lee Mattson co-driving, won Class 3/14 over quite a collection of exotic cars, driving their quite plain looking Chevrolet Blazer. • COMPETITIVE PRICING• UNBEATABLE OUALITY EXCELLENT SERVICE LOUIE UNSER !A(/10 /KG/IFS BOB ~!:-~ TOYOTA ii~ RAICING OEVELOl'MENT R.L.H.-ENTERPRISE unldenR~~T5s l9J!£gl VAVESHOPPE IJ/f~~aay ~ DIE.ART ■nu LESLIE'S DRIVEUNE SERVICE HDRA WRIQ!I SHERMAN BALCH :. e \. . . ;: RACING ),, t~-~ -~'?'/ .._ ~~ ......... 7 CHENOWTH CENTERFDRCE Mike Lesle Racing OVER $5,000.00 CONTINGENCY POSTED AT EVERY SCORE/H.D.R.A. EVENT Race Car Lettering • Racing Numbers • Custom Decals • Silk Screening • Die Cutting • Signs • Magnetic Signs • Banners • Window Lettering 1B0B5 Redondo Circle • Huntington Beach, CA 92B4B 714/843-0444 • FAX 714/843-0143 Page 16 June 1990 · Tom and Bob Neth did a smooth job in the big 5-1600 class, despite close pressure, had a dust free time late in the race as they drove their Baja Bug to the victory. Chenowth planned to solo. They ran in a close pack for the most part, and at the front were DeNault, Higman, Mike Spina going solo in a Bunderson, Scott Martin in a Chenowth, Melancon, and Deardorff. Marking hit a big rock early in the day, which bent the front end, knocked the top off his halon bottle and dumped all the halon fire suppressant into his lap. Madelene Lesle and Curt LeDuc had steering troubles in the exotic Cherokee, but recovered well enough to be second in Class 3/14. ohn Johnson and Chuck Johnson put their Ford Ranger into the Class 7S lead early on the route, and they stayed there with a trouble free run to victory. Despite some torsion bar troubles, Spencer Low kept his Nissan moving fast over the rocks on his way to second place in Class 7S. ==::--:=;;;;;:,,;=======-: Ramon Castro made the switch from Class 11 to 7S this season, and he did very well, driving the Ford Ranger to third in Class 7S. Dusty Times

Page 17

Voyles had a clean run in Fishback's car, Morley Williams lost an alternator belt on his MECO, and Forrest had a flat at mil~ 100 and drove 15 miles on it to a pit. When they got to Matias Pass DeNault had a minute and a half on Spina, who ran second. Then, another minute and a half back it was Higman, having a problem free day, followed by Schilling, who'd taken over for Marking. Fishback was fifth, a half minute later, and then it was Deardorff, a minute and a halfback, who could now feel that somewhere in his frame something was broken, so he had slowed down. Melancon, who'd had a flat and had to change it himself, losing six or seven minutes, was three minutes behind him. Martin broke a c.v., got it repaired, and then rolled his car while trying to play catch-up, and lost a couple of hours. DeNault and Spina ran a close race, having a good duel, until three miles before the finish, when Spina's left rear wheel, tire and drum, took off into the bushes and lefr him parked. DeNault went on to take the win, while Spina hopped out and started looking for that drum. Higman ran trouble free to the end, and finished second. Fishback, who'd thought his pumper type helmet wasn't working right, until he realized he had it set on " low", finished third, Schilling and Marking were fourth, and Deardorff was fifth. Melancon was sixth to finish, only 12 minutes off the winning time, followed by Morley and Mike Williams, and then Forrest in eighth. Spina, who finally found his drum 300 yards from the car on the right side of the course, stuffed it on the axle as is, with no bearings, and jammed a phillips head screwdriver through the cotter pin slot, bent it over to hold things together, and finished 25th. In Class 7 4x4 Gregg Symonds and his Toyota were out early when the mount for a torsion bar snapped, butthe rest of the troops carried on, for a while at least. John Swift's Ford lost a transmis-sion and he had to replace it, and Jerry McDonald's Chevy lost a driveshaft, and he replaced it. Darren York, in another Ford, lost a steering box, an alternator mount and a throttle cable, all of which cost him a couple of hours, while Michael Friel, in Swift's pre-runner Ford, was having one flat after another, all his fault, he said. Up at the front of the pack there was a close race between Paul and David Simon, in their Ford, who were having an uneventful day, which is normal for them, and Mike Lesle and Jack Ramsay, in their Jeep Comanche. When they got to Matias, the Simons had 17 minutes on Ramsay, who was now driving. But Ramsay had a terrible oil leak, and they'd lost time trying to fix it, and now he was having to stop at every checkpoint to add oil. York was third at thar point, but over two hours back, tallowed by Friel, and then Gerardo Novelo and Matthew Tedder, in a Nissan, in fifth. The Simon truck looked neat and tidy as it took the win, and Paul said, "We could go another right now: we don't want to, but we could!" Ramsay and Lesle's truck, on the other hand~ finished Dusty Times Wayne Cook and Ross Craft put on a big push late in the fray and were only 49 Rich Fersch overcame illness before the start to drive his Baja Bug steadily up the seconds back for second in Class 5-1600 at the finish. chart in Class 5-1600 and he finished third. in a cloud of steam and smoke, with oil all over the motor, in second place. Then it was a two hour wait for York, then Friel and Novelo and Tedder. No one else finished. In Class 4 the early leader was "II 0 ... .... ~ -CD.· Q. CD DI . i' ... ::, CD DI i '< o · p. n ~ .. ~ o .. j _ ::x,· c.> C., · c., 0, i ·:. ·•· Rod Hall in his Dodge, but then he lost a front end knuckle, and had to have things welded back together, which took a long time. Steve Kelley, meanwhile, in his Chevrolet, lost a transmission, and replaced it losing a lot of time June 1990 also. Then John Dyck found himselfleading, in his Jeep, and a small part broke. He knew he'd have to keep running hard to stay in front of the factory teams, so he gambled, and pressed on, and lost. His front axle housing broke in half, and he was out of it. Kelley meanwhile, was repaired, but now Mike Schwellinger, in his new Ford truck, was in front, and having no problems. He had· an · hour and seven minutes on Kelley at Matias. And r,.,. · Page 17

Page 18

r;.,.. the team of Timmy Pruett and Bill Holmes, in Pruett's Ford, were third, 29 minutes later. Then, a distant fourth, came Hall, "pogo-sticking" along with non-functional rear shocks. they'd run out of bolts that were the right size. Hall was fourth, and made it with only 13 minutes to spare. Schwellinger, who soloed, took the win, with Kelley second about an hour and five minutes later. Holmes brought Pruett's truck in third, 19 minutes later,. driving gingerly, because, as he said, there was "an itty-bitty bolt holding the whole rear end in." They'd replaced the bolt so many times Class 3 is a strange combination of vehicles, with some really exotic cars running now. Those include David Ashley's Bronco, and now Sherman Balch's Nissan Pathfinder, and Kreg Dona hoe's Toyota 4Runner. Before the start of the race, the drivers in the conventional Class 3 vehicles tend to peer at the exotics, muttering into their beards about dollars, and.quarter panels, SCORE SAN FELIPE 250 Results -April 21, 1990 # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Class 1/2-Unlimited Single & Two Seat - 30 start -17 finish 105 1 Brian Collins/Jack Johnson Chenowth/Porsche 108 2 Ivan Stewart (solo) Toyota 119 3 Mark Hamilton/Clay Bintz Raceco/Porsche 123 4 Danny Letner/Ron Brant Raceco/Porsche 128 5 Bob Gordon (solo) Chenowth/VW Class 1-2-1600 -I600cc Restricted Engine -44 start-28 finish 1600 1 Tom & Bob DeNault Chenowth 1627 2 Willy & John Higman Chenowth 1610 3 Jim FishbackJr JMike Voyles Chenowth 1611 4 Tom Schilling/John Marking Jimco 1607 5 Craig Deardorf/Kevin Battey . Raceco Class 3/14 -Short we 4X4 -11' start - s finish 304 1 Dale White/Lee Mattson Chevrolet Blazer 305 2 Madelene Lesle/Curt LeDuc Jeep Cherokee 307 3 Rick Seiman/Lee LaGorio Ford Bronco 349 4 Don Adams/Larry Olsen Jeep Wrangler 303 5 Debi Barrett/Jerry Daugherty Jeep CJ 7 Class 4 - Long we 4X4 - 6 start - 4 finish 448 1 Mike Schwellinger/Steve Kramer Ford F-150 401 2 Steve Kelley/Ben Metcalf Chevrolet 449 3 Timmy Lee Pruett/Bill Holmes Ford F-150 402 4 Rodney Hall/Jim Fricker DodgeW-150 Class 5 -Unlimited Baja Bug - 10 start - 5 finish 506 Rich & Steve Min9a Porsche911 504 2 LeRoy & Dan Van Kirk Raceco/Porsche 505 3 Marty & Sharon Hart Baja Bug 549 4 Lyn Mocaby/Dave Bonner Baja Bug 510 5 Audy Cortez/Jorge Rodriguez Baja Bug Class S-1600-I600cc Baja Bug - 20 start -12 finish 556 Tom & Bob Neth Baja Bug 598 2 Wayne Cook/Ross Craft Baja Bug 553 3 Rich Fersch/Harry Dunne Baja Bug 554 4 Steve Taylor/Wayne Lacher Baja Bug 566 5 Roberto Jimenez/Mario Salazar Baja Bug Class 6 - Production Sedan - 8 start - 2 finish 605 1 Larry Schwacofer/Sid Spradling Chevrolet Sedan 601 2 Dale & Randy Jordan Chevy El Camino 718 1 Class 7 -Unlimited Mini-Midi Pickup - 7 start - 4 finish Manny & Tudy Joe Esquerra' Ford Ranger 700 2 Roger Mears/Tony Alvarez Nissan 717 3 Ernesto & Adolfo Arambula Mitsubishi 719 4 Debbie & Billy Bunch . Chevy S-10 Class 7S - Stock Mini-Midi Pickup -15 start - 9 finish 728 1 John Johnson/Chuck Johnson Ford Ranger 722 2 SpencerLow/PaulDeLang Nissan 756 3 Ramon Castro/Enrique Alfaro Ford Ranger 730 4 Ram Gonzalez/Michael Villa Ford Ranger 725 5 Turbo Lamke/Tom Cornwell Jeep Comanche Class 7 4X4 -Stock Mini-Midi 4X4 - 8 start - 5 finish 760 1 Paul & Dave Simon Ford Ranger 766 2 Mike Lesle/Jack Ramsay Jeep Comanche 765 3 Darren & Doug York Ford Ranger 797 4 Michale Friel/Evaristo Aguliar Ford 761 5 Gerardo Novelo/Delfino Alpiza . Nissan Class 8-2WD Standard Pickup -14 start -10 finish 810 1 Robby Gordon /John Herzberger Ford F-150 805 2 Scott McMillin/Ron Stacy Ford F-150 812 3 Brian Stewart/ Jeff Seiber Dodge Ram 150 804 4 David Bryan/Debbie Keefe Ford F-150 802 5 Larry G. Minor/Mike Neff G.c Class 9 - Restricted Buggy - 20 start -12 finish 900 1 Rich Richaedson/Kevin Perrault Jimco 908 2 Armando & Art Tiznado Jimco 903 3 Ray McClain Ghoster 998 4 Billy Kem/Pat Smith ems 997 5 Ron & Bill Brady Chenowth Class 10 -Unlimited 1650cc -17 start -7 finish 1003 1 Ray Croll/Tom Day Sr. Jimco 1009 2 Gary & Dick Weyhrich Raceco 1007 3 Todd Davis/Kevin Derby Chenowth 1017 4 John Hays (solo) Raceco 1000 5 Randy & Rick Wilson Raceco Class II - Stock VW Sedan -4 start -2 fl lsh 1199 1 Saul Zar,1brano/Howard Anderson VW Beet!e 1103 2 _Jack & Tim Zandbergen VWBee~e Class Mini- Mag - 6 start - 2 finish 1204 1 Scott Steinberger (so!o) Mini Mag 1200 2 Charles and Charlie Townsley ~.•·ti Mag Starters - 220 Finishers -124 finish ratio - 56% Race Distance - 228 miles (Class 11-146 miles•) Time Allowance - 9 hours Fast Time Overall - Brian Collins/Jack Johnson - 4:04:23 Motorcycles - Dan Smith - 3:59:04 Page 18 Time 0/A 4:04:23 1 4:04:58 2 4:07:38 3 4:14:54 4 4:22:04 6 · 4:54:24 22 4:59:24 23. 5:00:58 24 5:04:27 26 5:05:54 27 5:53:53 59 5:55:53 62 6:30:39 81 7:03:00 96 8:03:31 116 5:42:29 49 6:47:33 93 7:06:17 98 8:47:03 124 4:41:32 15 4:51:17 19 4:53:05 20 5:27:17 43 8:36:56 122 5:47:38 55 5:48:27 56 6:07:14 65 6:09:11 66 6:16:35 68 6:39:37 85 7:39:02 108 4:53:54 21 5:27:36 44 6:24:59 73 7:43:15 109 6:01:19 63 7:31:22 106 7:38:25 107" 7:51:09 111 7:54:37 112 4:48:44 17 5:07:27 31 7:18:47 103 7:26:11 105 7:4~:20 110 4:16:23 5 4:23:11 7 4:37:09 12 5:17:39 37 5:50:44 57 6:03:29 64 6:24:13 72 6:26:24 74 6:27:20 75 6:27:26 76 4:30:21 10 4:49:36 18 5:06:24 28 5:07:05 30 5:19:16 40 6:40:20 . 6:58:06 . 5:32:36 46 5:43:06 51 fender wells and suspensions. The rules are in transition, and the class is felt not to be equitable right now. Curt LeD·uc and Madelene Lesle, in a new Jeep that falls into the exotic category, -out for the first time, led to Check 2, and then had to replace a steering pump, and lost a half hour. Don Adams, meanwhile, broke a pitman arm, and spent over an hour welding things back together on his Jeep. Rick Sieman and Lee LaGorio, in a Bronco, ran well, but kept losing belts, which was time consuming. And Debi Barrett and Jerry Daugherty, in Barrett's Jeep, blew the front driveline at mile six, then had to rebuild the back half of the transfer case, and were troubled by overheating. Quietly moving along at a steady pace, needing only to tack weld one shackle together, Dale White, in a Chevy Blazer, definitely a conventional type Class 3 car, moved into the lead. At Matias he had 13 minutes on Le Due. Sieman and LaGorio were third, 24 minutes later, and Adams followed along in fourth, with Daugherty" and Barrett, who has not yet recovered full use of her arm after her crash at Parker, in fifth. Ashley, Donahoe, and Balch had all broken by then. White took the win, and the rest followed along in order. In Class 7S, Chuck Johnson and John Johnson put their Ranger into the lead and stayed there a 11 day, with a trouble free run. Behind them there was all kinds of trouble, however, beginning with Rob MacCachren, who lost oil pressure, and then his Jeep's motor quit. Spencer Low was having torsion bar trouble in his Nissan, Ramon Castro broke a rotor and lost his power steering in his Ford, while Willie Valdez and Gil Divine, also in a Ford, exploded a yoke and lost a driveshaft, just for starters. Johnson and Johnson continued to lead, and at Matias Pass they had a good 53 minutes on Terry Brown and Bill O'Brien in their Ford who were second. Darryl White and Bruce Rasmussen, in another Ford, were third, 22 minutes later, followed by Turbo Lamke, in a Jeep, and then Jerry Whelchel and Dan Reynolds in a Toyota. But in this class things shifted around in the short distance from Matias to the finish. Johnson and Johnson, with only one small oil leak to bother their day, took the win, and were the only 7S car in sight for an hour and a half. Brown and O'Brien came to grief when they got stuck in a sand wash, and lost over an hour. Reynolds, who co-drove with Whelchel, had the distinction of being the only car to get as far as Matias that did not then go on to finish, falling out with unknown problems. Low moved up to take second place, an hour and a half later, followed in by Castro, in his first finish in the truck class. Also getting a first finish, the team of Ram Gonzalez and Beny Canela, in a Ford, survived ignition and fuel pump troubles to get fourth place. In Class 5-1600 a couple of top contenders were out early, as Kreston Pons and Darren Hard-esty threw a rod, and Steve Lawrence got his car seriously buried in some sand. Rick Pew broke a stub axle, and David Anckner disappeared for un-· June 1990 known reasons. But Tom Neth motored on smoothly, being chased closely by Wayne Cook, in Ross Craft's car. And Rich Fersch, who'd been throwing up ~ . ~ ..... ""', all morning before the race, felt good once the green flag dropped, and ran steadily, much of the time in first gear, because of all the sand. Tom Minga and Doug West . ~ ~.w~, .~;::~ .. ¥ :~~) Defending points champion Rich Richardson and Kevin Perrault flew over the rough in the Jimco, had a slim lead at Matias and came in to win Class 9 by about 20 minutes. Armando and Art Tiznado get their Jimco past a Baja Bug on their way to a fine second place in the ti ht runnin Class 9 ranks. Ray McClain and company are doing well this year, and Ray drove to third in Class 9 competition in Mexico in the 'Ghoster' racer. i~-· :f ~::::. The course was rough on the Mini Mags, but Scott Steinberger kept moving with scant troubles, except this dust, and won the class. Charles and Charlie Townsley kept their points count high with a second in Mini Mag class. The defending champs went to do it again. Dusty Times

Page 19

discovered they had no brakes, and Wayne Lasher and Steve Taylor,. with a bent rear section that was a left over from the Mint, struggled with about two inches of toe-out in the rear that made their car hard to handle. At Matias, the Neth car, with brother Bob · at the wheel now, had a four minute lead on Craft, who was driving his car, and had had to back out of it a little when it started to ping on the dry lake. Chuck Guy ran third, about 16 minutes later, followed by Taylor, a minute back, and then Fersch, another minute back. Neth, who saw only three other cars on his entire second half, ran dust free and healthy, to the finish line to get the win. Craft put on a big push and came in so close behind him that it needed an official to determine his status, and he was second by just 49 seconds. Guy lost an hour and fell to 10th place, while Fersch moved up to third, as Taylor, his motor pinging some, slowed a little, and finished fourth. Mario Salazar and Roberto Jimenez, who'd had several flats, and finished on a rear flat, were fifth. In the Challenge cars, Class 9, most of the favorites had a'pretty smooth day, and they ran a close race. At Matias the lead was in the hands of Rich Richardson and Doug Perrault, in a Jimco with Perrault driving the second half. They had six minutes on Armando and Arturo Tiznado, and then it was Pat Smith and Billy Kem, in an ORBS, who'd been stuck once, in third. Ed McLean, who was soloing his Jimco ran fourth, followed by Bill Brady, soloing in his Chenowth, and the team of Mike Daghlian and Ray McClain, in a Ghoster, on the same minute, in sixth. . Perrault. whose pit crew wouldn't tell him what position he was in, charged hard to the finish, to learn that he and Richardson had won. The Tiznados, having a good race with Daghlian and McClain, finished with no right rear shock mount, and no fan belt, in second place. Daghlian and McClain, who'd also had fan belt troubles, moved up to finish third, while Smith and Kem were fourth. Brady, whose worst problem had been trouble lights that came on for no reason, was fifth, and McLean, who is 64 years old, decided he was getting too old for this sport, but finished sixth. The Mini-Mags were hard hit by this course, and half of them didn't make it around. Randy Pettit's racer was seen on the trailer, with the rear end missing, and the team of Mark Bowman and Doug Dawson disappeared, as did Kirk McDaniel and Rory Chenowth. But Scott Steinberger kept. moving, along with the Townsleys, both dad, Charles, and son Charlie, and Steve and Frank Bristing were running also. The Bristings had a \:lutch bushing problem at Check 2 and their . crew was late getting there to· make repairs. Then they lost an exhaust collector, which slows a two-stroke down, and they lost hours. Meanwhile, the Townsleys had a failed c.d.i. box, which is another way of saying their ignition quit, and when that happens, the car quits. They had a spare, and didn't lose much time with it. They made their driver change at mile 75, and young Dusty Times -. ··;,_A': ... (~.</-.i.}i~'.../'i Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling outlasted seven others in Class 6 to bring the old '57 Chevy sedan back to the winner's circle. Charlie got in to run to the finish. around and wondered where the While they were changing,· Jordans were. They made it in an Steinberger went by, and he just hour later, for second place. Scott kept on moving smoothly to the Douglas, in the Jeep, whose fuel finish with no problems, to take cell had dropped out, was trying the win. The Townsleys were to make it around, using five second, about 11 minutes later. gallon jugs in place of the cell, and And the Bristings came in third, he got to the finish line, but was about three hours later;, and only past the cut off time. three minutes short of the cut off In Class 11, Saul Zambrano time. This time the two lead cars continued his winning streak, this had faster finish times than the time with co-driver Howard winnersinClasses3,4,5-1600,6, Anderson. The team had a f'~-::~r;/~:i.f,,,_,·,J:1!.X.v&~Z ::---;,";/";d,4'-:\ -~---1-~~ . Dale and Randy Jordan had the lead in Class 6 for a long time, but a course blockage dropped the team to second at the finish. having to take the loop out over Diablo Dry Lake, and instead just dropping down into San Felipe. Zambrano and Anderson took the win, while Zandbergen came in second 18 minutes later. In general, the first annual San Felipe 250 was a success. There were no insoluble problems, the Competition Review Board received only a few complaints, and nearly every contestant reported enjoying the course, whether he thought it fast or There was a nice little extra at the finish line from SCORE's event sponsor, Tecate Beer. Each hot and thirsty driver and co-driver was given a cold can of Tecate to quench his thirst, presented by Heriberto Aguirre, of T ecate Beer. There were big smiles all around. SCORE goes right from this · event to their Phoenix short course, and then, without even a breather, they head into the Baja Internacional, the first weeke~d; in June. 7S and 9. problem with a loose alternator, ••••-----------------------.. Class 6, which had a fairly high which caused the belt to flip over, rough. entry of eight starters, was butoncethatwasfixedtherewere practically wiped out at this race, no more difficulties, except that with all but two vehicles going the sand was horrible. They into the records as DNFs. Larry fought a close duel with Jack Schwacofer, in his Chevy, and Zandbergen, who could pass them Dale and Randy Jordan, in their El in the soft stuff, but they got the Camino, were the sole survivors. lead for good when Zandbergen The J ordans had the lead by about ran out of gas, and his crew used 15 minutes at San Matias and up a half hour getting to him. The were running strong, while team of Gary and Keavin Schwacofer, and co-driver Sid Anderson, meanwhile, had 1 Spradling decided to stop and electrical problems, which took a dump about three gallons of fuel, couple of hours to fix; and when . just to be safe. they tried to go on the checkpoint I The Jordans came to a part on people at the next check told them the course marked either I or, and · the check was closed and they took the road to the left, only to were overtime. It turned out to be discover that a chase vehicle had a glitch of major proportions, as got itself stuck in there, and about far as Class 11 was concerned, but five race cars were stuck behind it meant that the Andersons got him. TheJordans were soon badly no further. SCORE apologized, stuck also. and told them they would apply Meanwhile, Schwacofer, who their entry fee to the Baja 500. tooktheroadtotheright,cameto Class 11 drove a slightly the finish line for the win, looked truncated version of the race, not ·"I>,-:.,,,. _,.' ',.;,;-❖ Jack and Tim Zand bergen kept the p(~"ssure on the leader but a'tter ~hey ~r;;; out of gas they had to settle for second place in Class 11. June 1990 ADY (619) 691-9171 M4'#:1'dttffff1tt lRCBDTTL ALON FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTE ON BOARD FIRE SYSTEMS 5.5 lb.Mechanical Systems (RC500) $ 255.00 '11 lb. Mechanical Systems (RC1100) $ 305.00 CHALLENGER FRONT - OIL COOL EMULSION $170.00 REAR -.OIL COOL EMULSION $195.00 8'' 10" 12'' EMULSION SHOCKS $125.00 REMOTE RESERVOIRS $165.00 12 pt. 3/8 CV BOLTS 2'' OR 2 1/4" $1.10 ea. 0 HOURS GERMAN THING & TYPE Ill REAR DRUMS $119.95 $89.95 M-F 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. SAT. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. (619) 691-9171 103 Press Lane Suite 4 Chula Vista, CA 92010 Page 19

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Bob Gordon had a busy day, running solo to fifth in Class 1 /2 then rushing to Phoenix to compete in the Super 1600 stadium racing. Willie Melancon was another front runner for a time in 1-2-1600, but his Mirage had a flat dropping him to sixth by 30 seconds. Marty and Sharon Hart ran second in Class 5 in a close dice· but a flat a few miles from the finish line dropped them to third in class. Ram Gonzalez and Michael Villa kicked up plenty of dust with their Ford Ranger, and they finished strong, fourth in Class 7S. ''fc~ -Ron and Bill Brady wheel the Chenowth over a good stretch of . track en route to a strong finish in Class 9, fifth by six seconds. Page iO Bill Church drove solo in his Chenowth/Porsche in defense of his points title, and with a few problems he was sixth in Class 1/2. Morley Williams does a bicycle act in his Meco, and though he ran fast at times, he dropped t_o a close seventh in 1600s at the flag. andy and ick Wilson, the defending points champions in Class 10, made a good try but a weak motor held them to fifth at the flag. ~-__ ;,;,.tWff". Roberto Jimenez and Mario Salazar had their troubles along the trail but they kept the Bug moving for fifth in Class 5-1600. Steve Taylor and Wayne Lacher were only two minutes out of third in Class 5-1600, but were fourth at the checkered flag. June 1990 Craig Deardorff and Kevin Battey ran in the lead pack in Class 1-2-1600 most of the race, and they finished a very tight fifth. Rick Sieman and Lee LaGorio had a clean run in the Ford Bronco in Class 3/14 competition and they finished third in the class. arren an oug York lost a steering box in the Ford Ranger, but got fixed and made it home third in Class 7 4x4. Billy Kem and Pat Smith survived a close and hard fought battle in Class 9 to take fourth place in the ORBS in Class 9 action. Mark Anderson gave it the old college try to get around on three wheels and went a good distance before retiring from Class 9 . Dusty Times

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THE FIFTH ANNUAL RED SANDS 150 The Season Starts in Texas By Rick Vasquez Photos: Clint Miller -Stanley Steele hauled his Unlimited race car from Farmington, NM t; El Paso, took the lead in the third lap and took home the overall honors for the race. The fifth annual Red Sands 150, outside of El Paso, Texas, was held on March 24th. The season opening race brought cars from Ari;ona, Texas and New Mexico. The weather was a little on the cool side, making the cars run well. The course was a little rough, taking its -toll on the cars and drivers. But, all in all the drivers were .impressed with the various terrains they were able to cover on the course. First off the line was Stanley Steele in #255 sponsored by S&S Engine and Machine in Farming-ton, NM. He ran third in the first and second laps, then took over the lead in the third lap and took home the overall trophy. John Nault in his Chirco Automotive Center car broke his left rear stub axle in the start of his third lap. The cause, he said, was due to the "nut behind the wheel." Joe Leyva had car problems also. He only completed two laps, having to·be towed in off the race course. Rick Vasquez in the Total Tan Raceco, experienced problems like cracking the rear control arm; however, before that trouble he set fast lap time. The 4x4 Class saw Don Daugherty from La Porte, Te·xas, in his CJ-8 sponsored by Prine Jeep Service, walk away with the victory. He did have broken drive shafts and flat tires that slowed him down some along the way. Carlos Enriquez, from the 4-Wheel Center, blew the rear end out of his Jeep in the first lap. The first driver out of the race in the Open Sportsman Class was Don Lembe, from Rio Rancho, NM. His motor seized on the second lap. Joey Vasquez, in his Funco, took fourth in this class, with fast lap time, but a rear axle breakage in the third lap caused him to drop out. Tom Goudy had fuel problems aft day, and he finally let the car win over him during ·the fourth lap. Tunie Molina, from Las Cruces, NM, suffered a time penalty from officials, which took away his first place finish. It moved Jeff Hustin, in a Baja Bug sponsored by Colucci Fabrication and Hustin Brothers Racing, into the win and he took the first place trophy home to Tucson, AZ. Foddrill Fabrication, Big A Machine Shop and John Red Gate sponsored the 1600 car driven by Ron Colucci and Mile Williams froin Tucson, AZ. They ran fast lap time and took home the win in the 1-2-1600 Class. Following not too far behind was George Gurule from Albuquerque, NM, who took second place. Third spot went to Gilbert Salcido who <lid most of the race with second and fourth gears not co-operating. Tony Vasquez and Port Campbell both dropped out in the first lap, with Tony losing all his oil due to a bad seal and Port with only first gear left working. Port was glad it wasn't just reverse. To all you Tucson readers, we hear Port has a slightly used tranny for sale. The Midwest Off Road Baja Series runs a Beginner class, which draws out a large crowd of future off road racers. All they need is a small taste and a victory for the bug to bite hard. Congratulations guys, you ran a great race with the fewest problems. Ritchie Monroe was the winner, and Dan Wing took second. Third was Don Holmberg followed by Warren Sceiford, Eugene Sawbs, Able Gomez, Roy Reed, Dave Newby, James Augustine and Greg Lindu. We would like to thank all the people who donated their valuable time to this great race. George Gurule, from Albuquerque, NM, drove alone in his 1-2-1600 racer, and made the long tow worth while by placing second in class. Tunie Molina sails over a big ;ump, h Sportsman class, but officials pena driver to second place. · Ritchie Monroe, a local boy from El Paso, won the large Flying nicely here, John Nault, from Tucson, broke a rear Beginner class at the Red Sands, driving an older style stub axle on the third lap and that put him out of the Pro rail type buggy. _u_n_lim_it_ed_a_c_tio_n_. _____________ _ Dustvnma June 1990 ' Texan Don Daugherty drove his Jeep CJ 8 hard enough to break drive shafts and have flats on course, but he still won the Pro 4x4 class. Jeff Hustin, from Tucson, AZ, thought he was second in Open Sportsman in his clean Baia Bug, but later inherited the victory. Ron Colucci and Mike Williams came from Tucson to run fast lap time in Class 1-2-1600, ran trouble free and they won the class handily. N SAHARA I ~ . ~ X ::i 51 I ~ SIRIUS Cj1to--------, 0 ~ ,> ~ ~ ~-~ I> SPRING MTN. ~ VDO -Chenowth -Simpson T riMil - K & N Filters - Bugpack Bilstein - Centerline - Cibie Hewland - Porsche Turbo CVs Beard,.s Seats-Parker-Pumper . Yokohama Tires -Super Trapp Gem Gears - KYB Shocks Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place -Dura Blue Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. NEVADA PHONE ORDER HOUSE 3054 So. Valley View, LasVegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911 • (70?) 871-5604 Page 11

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Larry Noel Wins A Pair In Texas -~ Larry Noel made history in Houston, becoming the first driver to win two main events in the same evening of MTEG racing. Noel drove his Chenowth to first by a whisker in the 1600 main and earlier had won the UltraStock main event. • Round 4 of the now ten race lead off the start, followed by made a bid to pass Croft in the 1990 Mickey Thompson Champ-Roger Mears Sr. But, before one whoop de do section on the last ionship Gran Prix took place in lap was done Walker Evans in the lap, but couldn't quite get by. The the Houston Astrodome the last Jeep Comanche passed Mears for pair crossed the finish line in day of March. Also filling out the second and began challenging tandem with Croft the winner. calendar is the event at Sun Devil Huber for the lead. Thompson Elrod was second and Mike Lesle, Stadium in Tempe, AZ on April moved from last to fourth by the in a second Jeep Cherokee, was 21, the same day as the SCORE fourth lap, and Evans passed third. San Felipe 250. In Houston six Huber for the lead on ·the back Only four UltraStock machines drivers were e·ntered in two stretch on lap 5. Half a lap later made the second heat with Vince classes and Glenn Harris has Ivan Stewart took second from Tjelmeland in the .General Tire replaced Rob MacCachren in the Huber, his Toyota teammate, and Nissan on the pole. Tjelmeland Jeep truck for the rest of the Thompson in the Peak Chevy got was the early leader but lost the season. by Huber with one lap to go. spot to Tim Lewis in his Porsche The program opened with the Walker Evans won the heat for before one lap was completed. first heat for the sport trucks, a Jeep with a three truck length lead Larry Noel, in a VW, sneaked surewaytogetthecrowdexcited. at the flag. Stewart held second, past Tjelmeland as the latter Eighttruckswereonthegridwith followed by Thompson and bobbled on the second lap. Brad Roger Mears, Nissan, and Glenn Huber. Castle, in a Toyota, did a nose Harris, Jeep, on the front row. By Six cars appeared for the first dive, but continued after losing virtue of having the fastest UltraStock heat with Tommy ground to ~he leaders. Noel drew qualifyingtime,DannyThompson Croft on the pole in a Jeep even with Lewis on the last lap started in the back. Next to him Cherokee. Croft also drives in the and after a desperate bid, finished was Rod Millen, Ford, who did S 1600 l J ffEl d vw second to the Porsche by the uper c ass. e ro ' length of a bumper. Tjelmeland not qualify because of broken Corrado was alongside on the was third. suspension from practice. Roger front row. Croft took an There were 14 starters in the Mears Jr. also had suspension immediate lead and put four car first 2-Wheel ATV heat, with damage on his Nissan in practice, lengths on Elrod at the end of the Ken Delk on a Honda on the pole. but made the heat race. first lap. Elrod closed to two Delk got the hole shot but was Jeff Huber put his Toyota in the lengths after three laps. Elrod passed by Donnv Banks half way Page 22 PUT YOUR FUEL IN A SAFE PLACE. This is a Fuel Safe Rac-ing Cell after a rear end collision. The Fuel Safe Bladder survived with only minorscracthes and No Leaks! And the car wentontoWINthe race. Fuel Safe Cells are ap-proved by all major rac-ing associations. And for a good reason. Fuel Safe Racing Cells. A safe place to put your fuel for over 15 years. 5271 Business Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 (BOO) 433-6524 Manufactured by Aircraft Rubber, Inc. June 1990 Larry Noel started his winning evening in Texas by winning the UltraStock main event in his VW bodied racer in a hard fought contest. ~'«:.-... Walker Evans had great results in the Astrodome, winning the first truck heat race in his Jeep and then winning the main event in a close dice to the finish line. through the first lap. Banks is an easy winner, going wire to wire on his Honda. It was another field of 14 in the second heat. Chris Couto, on a Honda, was the early leader. The race quickly developed into a two bike battle when Don Turk moved up to challenge and finally took the lead on lap 4. Turk's Honda is the winner with Couto second. Eleven tiny Superlites were on the grid for the first heat. Pole sitter Joe Price broke a wheel at the start and the lead went to defending class champion Rennie Awana. Allen Yaros held second, followed by Terry Petersen. On lap 4 Petersen flipped end over end and kept going without losing a spot. It was a three way battle for the lead between Awana, Allen Y aros and Frank Chavez·. They finished in that order in the closest last lap of the night, so far. Eight more Superlites started the second heat with current class points leader Rory Holladay on the pole. Holladay was the early leader with Ed Moore on his Jerry Whelchel rears his Chenowth up on its hind wheels as he leaps past Marty Coyne en route to winning the first 1600 heat race. Tommy Croft, a replacement for an injured Castle in the Jeep Cherokee, did the team proud by winning the first UltraStock heat. Dusty Times

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Las Vegan Brian Collins, left, just started in the MTEG series, and here Mitch Mustard, #1, soars past. Mitch went on to win the second 1600 heat race. bumper. By lap 3 Greg George had moved to second and was challenging Holladay for the lead. George took the lead on lap 5 when Holladay half spun, but, before he could go a half lap further George's car sputtered to a stop. Holladay had the lead again, but was involved in another ' altercation and the lead on the last lap went to Sean Finley who went on to win. Mercedes Gonzales, one of two ladies in the class, took second for her best ever finish. . The first 1600 heat had a hectic start. The race was stopped in the first la when Greg George flipped. On the restart the lead went to Jerry Whelchel who passed Marty Coyne on the back straight. Texas driver Billy Beck moved into third and began challenging Coyne on lap 3. Eight of the 14 starters are still running. Whelchel had built a huge lead after five of the eight laps. Beck, while challenging for second, was -penalized with a stop and go penalty that cost him a shot at Coyne for second place. Mean-while Don Kolt got by Coyne for the runnerup. Whelchel won by more than a half lap, Kolt held second, followed by Coyne, Tim Lewis sails his Porsche off a Texas jump in the UltraStock competition, and he sailed on in style to win the second heat race. Newly returned to stadium truck racing Rod Millen drove the new Ford to second in a heat race and a tight second in the main event. same jump; we don't know;; Beck made the double jump. Dusty Times Danny Rice, Bob Gordon and Billy Beck. The second 1600 heat start was a replay of the first. Jimmy Nichols grabbed the lead but the race was stopped when Brad Castle went into the barrier on the sweeper turn. Castle's car was righted and he rejoined the fray for the restart with a broken shock. Nichols again leads from the green, but defending class champion Mitch Mustard was close behind. Mustard took the lead in the hairpin, Nichols held second, being challenged by Robby Gordon. Mustard pulled away from the field after three laps. On lap 4 Gordon was pushing Nichols for second, but Robby's challenge ended when he got on his side on lap five and it took _a lap before he got restarted. Mitch Mustard is an easy winner by ten car lengths. Larry Noel was second, both in Chenowths. Wes Elrod was third in a Mirage. Quotes from the truck drivers before the second heat showed mixed opinions on the track. Danny Thompson said it was really fast, Ivan Stewart thought it was great and Rod Millen was changing suspension settings. Roger Mears thought the track was going to be sticky, so he was changing tires for the slicker surface. There were only 15 starters for the single Ultracross heat that ran seven laps. Dennie Hawthorne on a Kawasaki led from the green. Mike Craig came from last to fourth in just one lap. Cr:aig was third after three laps and went after Lowell Thomson. It's a three way battle between Hawthorne, Thomson and. Craig, and they finished in that order. Hawthorne is the first Texan to win tonight. Roger Mears Jr., Nissan, and Glenn Harris, Jeep were on the front row for the second sport truck heat. Mears· Jr. was the leader after one lap and appeared to be pulling away from Rod· Millen's Ford in second place. Ivan Stewart ran third while Mears Sr. stalls on la 2 on the course. Millen and Stewart both challenge Mears Jr. on lap 4, and it is Stewart who gets the lead. Ivan pulls away and Millen grabs second. Walker Evans also passes Mears Jr. With two laps to go Stewart was unchallenged but a whale of a battle for second had developed between Millen, Thompson and Evans. At the checkered flag Stewart got the . win, but Millen and Thompson cross almost side by side with Millen getting the runner up. Thompson is third followed by Evans, then Mears Jr. and Jeff Huber. There were ten starters in the UltraStock . Ivan Stewart worked hard in the Toyota truck and scored second in the first truck heat and went on to win the second truck heat race. .091 HEAVY DUTY _DIFFERENTIAL Tired of replacing com-plete CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated aircraft quality 300M Alloy steel and feature case hardened ball grooves. NEW FOR '89 ! Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity. Pre-cision machined for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! CV BOOT HOLDERS June 1990 Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. Larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 CV's. TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available.

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~ main event. Vince Tjelmeland in the Nissan Pulsar shares the front row with Tommy Croft, Jeep. Croft smacked the barrier off the start and Tjelme-land led, followed by Larry Noel, VW Corrado. Going for the lead through the whoopee section, Noel bumped Tjelmeland and sent the Nissan on its side. Tjelmeland continued in the race but Noel was the leader with Jeff Elrod second. Elrod was closing until hooking a barrier which slowed him temporarily. Larry Noel won the race, his second -main event win of the season. Elrod held second followed by Croft after Castle lost a wheel 50 yards short of finishing third. The Superlite main event held 18 starters with San Diego winner Holgier Osknevad on the pole. Allen Yaros took the lead on lap 1, followed by Rennie Awana and Frank Chavez. Y aros continued to lead but Sean Finley had moved to third behind Awana. Then Chuck Parker hit Finley and sent him sideways on lap 4. Allen Yaros won the Main in a close finish with Rennie Awana, and Chuck Parker was third. · It was a big field of 18 starters for the seven lap A TV Main Event. Donovan Holland, a 16 year old Honda rider was the leader two laps. Charles Shepherd is second and Donny Banks is third. All three ride Hondas. Shepherd was closing on the leader at the half way mark. Nobody here can remember a Shepherd takes the inside in the stadium race where a driver won hairpin and takes the lead, but main events in two different almost spills. Banks is still third classes on the same night. Danny and closing. With one lap to go Rice t o o k second and Bob Banks had closed but could not Gordon was third, all in pass. Charles Shepherd won with Chenowths. Banks second and Holland took Jim Holley, two time class third. champion, was the early leader, The biggest field of the night, out looking for his first win of the ,. 20 starters, was on the grid for the season in the Ultracross main Super 1600 main event, a 12 lap event. After one lap on his run. Larry Noel, who had already Yamaha Holley had a sizeable lead won the UltraStock main event over Grayson Goodman on a this night, was on the pole. Don Honda. Dennis Hawthorne ran Kolt was alongside. Noel took the third on a Kawasaki. Mike Craig, lead from the green while Mitch Kawasaki, took over second spot Mustard got tangled in a first turn on lap 5 and began closing on pile up but continued. Don Kolt Holley. With two laps to go Craig landed in second followed by passed Holley in mid-air going Wes Elrod and Danny Rice. Kolt · over the double jumps. But closed_the gap on lap 3, but Noel Holley came right back to regain pulled away again. Positions of first place. Craig made one more the top five remained unchanged shot at the finish line jump but Jeff Elrod gets his VW on line with the Tim Lewis Porsche, and Elrod, /!2, finished second UltraStock in a heat race and the main. through five laps. Then a tangle Jim Holley was the winner. Mike on the sweeper took out Kolt and Craig held second, and Lowell Elrod and put Rice in second Thomson was third on board a Stewart's Toyota stalls after driving. With four laps to go, taking the finish line jump, and Millen's Ford is closing in on; the leader is Evans in the Jeep. Thompson's Chevy for second. Jeff Huber was running second With two laps to go Millen place. Texan Billy Beck ran third Suzuki. and Elrod recovered · for fourth The final race of the night, as after eight laps. Rice was closing always, was the Grand National on Noel with four laps to go. Beck Sport Truck main event. There was also closing, but was still a were ten starters facing 12 rough distant third until stalling out on laps and Ivan Stewart and Danny . lap 9. With one lap to go Rice had Thompson were on the front row, caught Noel, pulled alongside, but Toyota against Chevrolet off the could not pass. Finally he got past line. The field is realigned after on the final lap, but, in a thriller Stewart jumps the start. Stewart finish, Noel came back on the then took off with a vengeance final jump to take the victory: It and got a three truck jump on ·washissecondmaineventwinof W·alker Evans at the start. the night, a record for the series. Completing the firstlap, h_owe'1er, with Thompson third. Roger takes second spot from Thomp-Mears trails in his Nissan with son. Walker Evans is the winner Millen's Ford following, Stewart for Jeep. It was his second straight gets restarted but is last: main event victory at the Thompson gets by Huber on lap 4 Astrodome and his second of the and is after Evans, the leader. season. Rod Millen, · Ford, and There is a full straightaway lead Danny Thompson, Che.vy, between first and second. finished nose to tail with Millen Thompson had closed slightly getting the runnerup. Mears Sr . after five laps, but Evans still led. was fourth followed by Stewart. Glenn Harris got a stop. and go With the win, Evans closed the penalty from the Rough Driving points gap slightly over Stewart Committee and Evans got a· for the 1990 GN Sport Truck second stop and go for rough championship. Danny Thompson had a rough time with the Chevy, placing third in the first heat, fourth in the second heat and third in the main event. A Winning Traditi.on In Off-Road Racing Bilstein gas pressure shock New Applications absorbers were first introduced to the Dimensions Valving American market in off-road racing in fl!r! ~2, 12H,c1Rll2D l;g!,IQ2II, B~tz,lQ2mR, the late 1960's. Over the past 20 AK1310 3/4"shaft 36.02 X 20.86 150/50 years, more off-road races have been 15.15~nch travel won on Bilstein than any other shock AK 1320 3/4" shaft 33.00 X 19.48 170/60 absorbers. 13.5 inch travel Today, with their proven record of performance, Bilsteins continue to be AK 1330 3/4" sliaft 27.00 X 16.88 255/100 the choice of serious off-readers who 10.11 inch travel coil over run to win. Now Available -Repair and Revalving Services. Page 24 Contact: Motorsports Department BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 • 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog send $2.50 June 1990 Jimmy Nichols, in the Bo/ink Raceco. gets his nose ahead of bob Gordon's Chenowth, foreground. Gordon was third in the main event. Roger Mears had mixed results in Texas, running strong off and on the Nissan but his best result was a fourth in the truck main. Dusty Times

Page 25

Spring Radng In Georgia By Bob Rule It was Dust Day - oops - I mean Race Day on April 22. How dusty was it? It was as bad as I've seen. No rain, no wind to move the dust, so it just hung there, and Hung and HUNG. GORRA must find a solution to this problem, because an . entire year of this would be terrible. It mighteven be worse than the mud we had last November. A nice field of cars showed up for both Class 1-2-1600 and Challenger. Mike Notary of Merrit Island, Florida towed up for this race. Mike's kind of taken a liking to the Georgia money. He took home first place· money in Class 10 Thanksgiving, and then took some more this trip. Thanks for coming Mike. As usual we ran two heat races. Chris Williams led the Class 9, Challenger heat flag to flag. Brother Robin W illiams followed Chris across the line a real close second. Steve Langley was third, and Dusty Chitwood was fourth. Next came Clint Hurst, Steve Rule, Daryl Richards and Darrin Stephens. Darrin's day ended on lap 1 when a trailing arm broke. The 1600 heat race was pretty much the same story. Bob Rule started on the pole and led the entire five laps, followed by Lindy Herrell, who lost third gear on the second lap, and Sammy Herrell. James Hester was fourth and Florida's Mike Notary took fifth. Mickey Smallwooci was sixth, followed by James Mitchell, in Tate Thackston'; old car, seventh, and Jack Thompson was eighth although his car quit after three laps with dust in the points. After a brief' intermission for R & R, in this case rest and repair, the field lined up for the 50 mile feature. Rule and Lindy Herrell led the 1600s off the line and Williams and Williams led the Challengers. Only Rick Breiten-bach could not start the feature, as he broke a trailing arm in the Challenger heat race. The 160.0 class led off the line, and Rule was first followed by Herrell, Hester and Herrell. Rule and Herrell ran one-two for ten laps. On lap 11 Lindy's transmis-sion gave up on him. He had lost third gear in the heat race, and now the ring and pinion, so the car slid to a stop ending Lindy's chase _for the checkers. James Hester took over second for three laps. Running on lap : 4 James hit a hay bale in the blinding dust, rolled over and broke a trailing arm in the process. Exit for Hester from the hunt. Sammy Herrell ran second for one lap, then a flat tire put him in the pits. Mike Notarv took over second and ended his day there with a fine second place finish. Bob Rule led all 50 ~ps for the win, and Rule and Notary were both on lap 50 although Notary had lost second gear and couldn't see. Jack Thompson ended up third with 47 laps done, after air filter problems forced a pit stop. Sammy Herrell ended up fourth after breaking about everything he could break, except his body, thank goodness. Mickey Small-wood was fifth, after trouble with the engine stopping and broken Dusfy Times Photos: Keith Williams/Lithia Automotive shocks~ -James Hester took sixth, mount and motor problems and James Mitchell was seventh after a · Darrin Stephens, who didn't flip over, broken front end and start, was credited with eighth. trailing arm, and Lindy Herrell Considering the dust the day · placed eighth. pretty well. Many close The Challengers had good runs . calls were talked about around the throughout the day. They started pits after the race. Only James in the dust and ended in the dust. Hester and James Mitchell went Chris Williams . had everything over. Mitchell got top honors .under control, leading the class, rolling his car three or four times, until clutch problems put him on according to the work crew the trailer for the day. Brother manning the tow vehicle. Robin, who had been second all A special thanks to all spec-the time, took over the lead until tators and racers who observed · lap'42, when Clint.Hurst slipped our safety rules all day. We had under him to take over first place. two trucks on the track, with Greg On the white flag lap Hurst broke and Rip handling the truck duties a link pin and got passed back by all day. Travis handled David Robin who took the checkered Herrell's turn while David stood flag. Clint was second, and both by in case his nephew Sammy cars also did 50 laps, like the needed relief, because of an 1600s. injured eye. In case you didn't Third in Challenger action was hear, the safety rules are: Steve Langley. Fourth and fifth Absolutely NO ONE is allowed were our third generation racers past the pit fence, except drivers (in terms of age and experience). in cars and designated track Dusty Chitwood, 17, was fourth workers. If any crew runs out on and Steve Rule, 20, was fifth. the track, the car will be Rule was slowed by a broken rear disqualified. We cannot have shock, broken link pin, and his anyone running all over the track-pumper didn't work all day. But NOONE! EffectiveattheMay27 both youngsters had good runs, race the payback will be 70% turningin48 laps. Chris Williams insteadof8,0%; the 10% will goto was sixth. Daryl Richards was track preparation and to help seventh with a broken front shock settle the dust problem. ~. • .~:"#,.<««w;,. Sammy Herrell in his swift 1600 says he broke everything he could break. Here he appears to have lost the race track, as did many: Somewhere in this picture is a race car. Drivers had to battle the dust the entire 50 laps. No wind made it truly a Dusty Times race. One of the Lithia Automotive cars missed the ;ame turn as others. In the 50 miles, every driver probably missed the turn at least once. June 1990 Bob Rule led wire to wire in both the 1600 heat race and the 50 lap main event. It doesn't get any better than that, and he credited Goodyear tires with really letting the car hook up. Mike Notary of Merrit Island, Florida, ran strong all day and finished second. He won Class 10 at the 1989 Thanksgiving race. Trying to play catch up in the dust can be trouble. Here Lindy Herrell gets up on two wheels, trying to run down Bob Rule in 1600 action. West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE OUR PRICE $695.00 'Per Set 2 Ratio's Available Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. 1 Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 25

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FRT BUii BOMB 150 Hensley Takes Overall in Close Battle By Jucly Smith Photos: C&CRace Photos /John Howard Alan Hensley, brought his tall, A-armed Bunderson out to an FRT race for the first time, and soloed his way to the overall win. Pushed all the way, Alan Hensley squeaked to the overall win at the April 7th Buzz Bomb 150, the second race of the FRT series. Hensley took over the lead on the fourth lap, and had to fight off a serious challenger to stay in front, finishing just a minute and 49 seconds ahead of the next car. The Buzz Bomb, true to its name, featured six 25 mile laps of really quick running, allowing an average speed of 46.15 mph for Hensley's Class 10 car. The course ran through a lot of sand washes, a couple of dry lake beds, and some fast roads, and, while it .did develop some deep silt on the later laps, was generally consid-ered a really fast track. The weather was warm and windy, and the wind changed direction from minute to minute, driving _the pit crews nuts, but generally keeping the course clear for the racers. As always, the checks were not stop checks, although they each had "no passing zones" on the approach, and a driver who passed another in that area was risking a disqualification. Disqualification was also the penalty for racing on pit row. Fud, FRT's major-domo, had marked two pathways past the long, gently curved, one-sided pit row. The lane closest in to the pits was designated as a non-race lane, and the speed limit was five miles per hour. Racers wishing to pit were to enter at the end, and drive to .. their pit at that safe speed. Once they were ready to leave their pit they were allowed to angle across pit row directly into the race lane, and then they could take off at speed. The early morning motorcycle and ATV race was over at about 10:30, and then Fud held a brief driver's meeting for the car and truck people. After .a quick explanation of the rules and boundaries of the track, the racers lined up in staging, ready for their one-every-IS-seconds start. At the end of the first lap the Class 10 lead belonged to Tim McDonnell, in a Raceco one seater, who had recorded the fast lap of the day, at 29: 19, and had two minutes and 30 seconds on Page 26 the next car. That was Robert Whitted and Carl Haynes, in their Jimco one seater. In third it was' Hensley, in his tall single seat Bunderson, and he was just 20 seconds in front of Craig Dillon in an ORC single seater. McDonnell, who had won the first FRT race of the season, the . King of the Desert, overall, had just over three minutes at the end of lap two, and now it was Hensley in second place, as Dillon got his car stuck in a ditch for a lap. Mike Herrick, in a one seat ORE, rah third, followed by Brian McDonnell, Tim's brother, in another one seat Raceco, that had lost a spark plug right off the start line. Haynes and Whitted were out. McDonnell was having a flawless day, and he continued to lead, working up to six minutes in front at the midway point. · Hensley was still second, followed by Herrick, and then Brian McDonnell, whose lap belt kept coming undone, allowing him to bounce in the seat and hit his head. Tim pulled in to his pit to put his father, Mike, into the driver's seat for the rest of the race, and dad got part way around the lap and hit an embankment, blew the left front tire and stalled the motor. Once the tire was changed, Mike had to push the car to get it going again. And he lost about 10 minutes. Hensley moved into the lead, now just under six minutes in front of second place McDon-nell. Herrick's co-driver, Joe Vinci, kept their car in third place, while Peter Oliver took over for Brian McDonnell, and held onto fourth place. Hensley continued to .lead, having a trouble-free run, and at the end of lap five, McDonnell had gained only about a half minute, and the rest of the pack ran in the same order. Hensley continued to have clear sailing, his only problem being a tossed power steering belt and pulley, which happened as he crossed the finish line. McDonnell really pushed hard that last lap, trying to catch up, but just couldn't quite get it done, and finished second. Vinci, in the meantime, went wide to pass an-other car, hit a bush with a solid core, and rolled himself over. For-tunately he landed on his wheels, and wobbled on in, one rear drum badly bent, for third place. Oliver and Brian McDonnell were fourth, only 20 minutes off the lead pace. In the 1600s, the first lap lead belonged to James Tucker, in a Raceco, and he had the fast lap for the class, at 32:02, and was just .seven seconds in front of James Ashley, in another Raceco single seater. In third place, 53 seconds later, it was Rodney Woolf in his one-seat ORBS, and then Ken Basore ran fourth in his two seat Jimco, followed by Doug Castillo in his Terry Smith built two seat chassis. The fifth place car was only two minutes and 50 seconds in back of the first car. Ashley moved into the lead on the second lap, but he had only one second on Tucker who was second. Woolf still ran third, followed by Basore and Castillo, all still plenty close to one another. And they didn't spread out much on the third lap, though the lead changed ·hands again, and Tucker was in front, 39 seconds up on Ashley. Basore was now third, a little under three minutes back, followed by Scott Webster who took over for Woolf, and then Castillo, who was pleased with the performance of his new car. Ashley handed his car over to his co-driver, Robert Lofton, and they went into the lead as Tucker flattened a tire when he went out to pass another vehicle. He lost 10 minutes. Webster moved into second place, and now Castillo was third, and Kevin Basore, who took over for his brother, ran fourth, followed by Tucker. Lofton was having a good day, and held his lead, with Woolf, who was back at the wheel, in second. Tucker, the fastest 1600 on the course now, as he tried to make up for lost time, moved up into third, followed by Castillo in fourth and Basore, in fifth. On the last lap Lofton nearly came to a bad end, as he hooked a berm and did a gentle roll, landing June 1990 The high flying team of Jeff Bennett and Tom Watson show off the style that won them last year's season championship, and the Class 9 win at the Buzz Bomb. It was really close, but J.A. Ashley and Robert Lofton took the win in Class 1-2-1600 despite a last lap rollover. on his side. Luckily, another racer, Mike Davis, who was driving in the Challenge class, happened along and stopped to help him set the car upright. He preserved his lead, and the win for the team, making it two in a row for the series so far. Woolf, who'd nearly caught up, finished only 13 seconds later, in second place. Tucker was third, followed in by Castillo and the Basore brothers. Both the unlimited cars and the Class 5 Bugs were in short supply for this race, so they elected to run together for the purse money, each, however getting points for their own class. The Baja Bug of w~-.. . == Kyle and Joel Whitted, which is powered by a 22 76cc motor, took the early lead with the class fast lap of 31 :21, and had just under three minutes on the Jeff and Cecil Wright 1300cc Mazda Rotary powered Wright Jumper. In third it was the three man team of John Fargo, Dave Edwards, who was driving in his first race, and Art Eugenio, in another Baja Bug, this one with an 1835cc motor, and a torsion adjuster that was beginning to come unglued. The Whitteds lead was about the same at the end of the second lap, and it was still the Wrights in second place. But atthe end oflap After a hard fought race, Dan Lewis bounced his Sandhawk to victory in Class 100, for short wheel base cars. limited to 2400ccs. Their truck was a little light in the back end due to the missing sheet metal, but Clarence Hoskins and Ronnie Gibson hopped to victory in the Little· Truck class anyway. Dusty Times

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The lead cars were running trouble free, and Reynolds held first, but Watson recorded the class fast lap, a speedy 38:05, to close up on him a bit, still second, but now only 50 seconds back. Ledezma ran steadily in third place, still followed by Bio but Calderon and Davis lost almost a half hour and dropped out of the lead pack. John Jones and Bob McLaughlin, in a "Homemade" two seater, were now fifth. Making it two in a row for the FRT series, Josh Kerr, with co-driver, Dan Bowen, took the wip in Class 5-1600. · As the rear suspension slowly faded, tffe three man team of John Fargo, Art Eugenio and Dave Edwards drove steadily toward th.e Unlimited Class win. There were driver changes all around at the end of the third lap, and now Jeff Bennett, who took over for Watson, put their. car into the lead, with two minutes on Jack Hettinger, who took over for Reynolds. Danny Ledezma replaced his father at the wheel, and held on to third place, while Andy Blue replaced Bio, and ran fourth. Jones and McLaughlin were still fifth. It turned out that three laps was all some of them could manage. And, at the end of lap four the lead still belonged to Lewis, but both Whitney and Green were gone for the day. Hart was now second, and Johnson's co-driver, Mike Douthitt, was up to third place, but still having troubles with those shocks. another one seat ORBS, ran third, less than a minute later, followed oy a pair on the same minute. Pancho Bio, in his Tubular Design chassis, was running neck and neck with Hector Ledezma, in his Ledezma chassis, which is a wide single seater, with the spare tire in the space that would normally hold a passenger. Reynolds built his lead to a minute and 11 seconds at the end of the second lap, with Watson still chasing him in second place. Ledezma was now third, followed by Bio, and then Calderon and Davis in fifth. Bennett was pushing hard, aware that Hettinger was coming, and worried himself a bit by nearly rolling the car, but he kept things together, and held his lead. Ledezma maintained his third place, with Blue fourth, and now Larry Kern, in a one seat Rayco, moved into fifth as Jones and Laughlin lost a few minutes. On the fifth lap Bennett built his lead i;r Craig Corda and his Ford fought a tough battle for four laps, and took the Big Truck win, with no more miles left_ on the engine.· Hart fell out on the next lap, and that left Lewis, who threw a fan belt on that lap, about 40 minutes in front of Douthitt, who was now second. No one else was running. Lewis took it easy on the last lap, and got his win, followed in by Douthitt and Johnson, who'd finally broken a spring plate on the corner that was having the shock troubles, and finished in a very sad state, in second place. No one else made it· in. three, with the Whitteds still in · front, Fargo, Edwards and Eugenio had moved to second, as the Wrights disappeared for the day. Now it was Mike Kline, driving his first race, iri a 3000cc Type IV powered Badenoch 's chassis, recovered from a first lap broken rear trailing arm, in third. brokerra rear shock. They moved along in the same order for the next two laps, with the second place Bug sagging closer and closer to the ground as its adjuster mount twisted. Kirk Kontilis, who'd taken over for Kline, had no troubles, and closed the gap some, but was still running third. At the finish line, when Eugenio finished the saggy Bug first, it was · a great surprise to everyone, including Eugenio. It seems that the Whitteds had lost their transmission about 10 miles from the finish, and that was the end of their day. So Fargo, Edwards and Eugenio got the win, and Kontilis and Kline finished second, about five minutes later. Class 100, for shorter wheel-based cars limited to 2400ccs, enjoyed a fierce battle. At the end of the first lap the lead was held by Steve Johnson, in a 2180cc Chenowth two seater, but he had a flat rear tire. He pulled into his pit, and as his crew made repairs, his lead melted away. The next three cars came in together, with Dan Lewis, in an 1835cc Sand-hawk two seater, second, followed just three seconds later by Dwayne Whitnev, in a 2400cc Chenowth two seater, and then, 15 seconds further back, Rick Green, in a 2110cc, two seat Frazco. At the end of the second lap they came back, still battling almost bumper to bumper, and still in the same order, but now Lewis was first, Green second; and Whitney third, followed about a minute and 50 seconds later by Mi_ke Hart, in a 2180cc two seat Funco, in fourth. Johnson was now fifth, and had , DustyTima It was more of the same through the third lap, and people were beginning to wonder how long the cars would last at that pace. They all made it around again, in the same order, with Lewis just 21 seconds in front of Green, and Green just four seconds in front of Whitney, who'd just recorded the fast lap for the class at 36: 10. Hart was a more distant fourth, and Johnson, still having shock troubles, ran fifth, falling further back. · There was a big group of Challenge class cars, now called Class 9 at FRT races as well as SCORE/HORA events, and at the end of the first lap the lead belonged to Steve Reynolds, in a single seat Funco, with a scant 21 seconds on second place Tom Watson, in a one seat ORBS, last year's class points winner. Vic Calderon and Mike Davis, in Tony Alvarado and Ronnie Ryerson had fast lap for the class in their new Ford, at 40:53, but were forced out with trans troubles on _lap five. JIMCO RACING PRODUCTS ALONG WITH THEIR QUALITY LINE OF RACE CARS AND PRODUCTS NOW OFFERS TOTAL RACE CAR PREPARATION CONGRATULATIONS TO RAY CROLL AND TOM DAY 1 ST PLACE CLASS 10 SAN FELIPE 250 * FOX SHOCK SERVICE * REAR TRAILING ARMS * FRONT BEAMS * TURN KEY RACE CARS * CHASSIS * FRONT & REAR SUSPENSION ·10965 HARTLEY RD SANTEE, CA. 92071 June 1990 (61'9) 562-1743 Page 17

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James Tucker led Class 1-2-1600 in his Raceco, until a flat lost him a few minutes, and dropped him down to third place. · Lloyd Riggins, always a contender in his brightly colored Toyota, jounced his way to a third place finish at the Buzz Bomb 150. Steve Johnson and Mike Douthitt led Class 100 on lap one. but then had a series of shock problems, and managed to salvage a nice second place. i;.,.. to a little over six minutes, anJ it was still Hettinger chasing . him. Ledezma was hot on the tail of the Funco, but he flattened a tire, and ran just a minute back. Blue was fourth still, and Kern held fifth. Bennett continued to have a clean race, and charged hard to the finish line to take the win. Hettinger brought the Funco home second, and Ledezma, who'd lost fourth gear, but didn't mind because they hardly ever use it anyway, was third. Bio and Blue took fourth place, and Kem was fifth. In the Little Truck class, which includes both two and four-wheel drive, vehicles, the first lap lead belonged to a team that was racing a truck for the first time. Mike Henry and Victor Lopez, who have switched from the Challenge class, did it with panache, by buying Scott Douglas' old SCORE/HORA Ford race truck, and they put themselves right into the lead, although it was pretty slim, since Steven Bennett and Michael Dunn were only 16 seconds behind them in their Jeep Comanche. Lloyd Riggins, who drives a Toyota that could be four-wheel-drive, but isn't, was third, and George Bustos and Conrad Rico, in a Nissan, ran fourth. Bustos, a paraplegic, drives his truck with hand controls. Clarence Hoskins, in a CACTUS RACING. RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279-2509 HELMET $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 A FRESH AIR HELMET AND BWWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNED FOR OFF ROAD USE AT A REASONABLE PRICE BUILT AND BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LIGHT WEIGHT-REDUCES NECK STRAIN Page 28 COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CWTH LINER BWWER MOTOR AND ASSEMBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONE FULL YEAR SNELL SA85 APPROVED run a very good first lap, and had passed all the Class 7 trucks, as well as all the Class 8s except Corda, to be the second big truck on the road. Herman Meister and Mike Vogel were third with their 350 Chevy 4WD, and John and Don Currier, with a 355 Chevy small block, ran fourth. Corda's lead was down to 17 seconds at the end of the second lap, and the two big trucks were really entertaining the spectators as they came around together. Meister and Vogel had lost some Lee Patten had the lead in the 5-1600s for a lap. but then had terminal time when they blew their front mechanical problems, and went out on the last lap. end, and were now 18 minutes ----:---'-;;;-;;;;----:;;;;;;----:-=;;;---:-::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;::--;;;;;;;;;;;;---;;;;;;;;;;;::::::;;;:::;:;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;::::::::;;;;;:==-back in third place, with the Steve Reynolds and Jack Hettinger led the Class 9 troops for three laps, but dropped to second place for the finish. A thirty Alan Hensley reaches for a big drink after driving all six laps of the dusty course. Ford, was fifth. Henry and Lopez continued to lead, and they had 11 minutes at the · end of the second lap as Bennett and Dunn lost about 15 minutes, and Hoskins moved up to second place. Riggins was still third, Bennett and Dunn had dropped to fourth place, and Bustos and Rico ran fifth. Henry and Lopez continued to run without trouble, and held their lead, still 11 minutes up on Hoskins, who had lostmostofhis bed, and had to keep his gas tank full to have enough weight in the back so the truck would work properly. Riggins held third place, but now Bustos and Rico moved into fourth as Bennett and Dunn failed to come around again. Henry and Lopez continued to look ·good, ancl now Riggins moved into second place as he ran a quick lap and Hoskins' co-driver, Ronnie Gibson, broke the shifter and had to stop to repair it, dropping to third place. Bustos and Rico were 11 minutes behind them in fourth place. Still moving smoothly, it was Henry and Lopez at the end of the fifth lap, and now Riggins was less than five minutes behind them, while Gibson was on! y 2 7 seconds , later· in third place. Bustos and Rico broke a throttle, and lost about 12 minutes making repairs. managed to catch Henry and Lopez in the last miles of the race, to take first place. Henry and Lopez finally ran out of luck, and they flattened a front tire, and ran the last ten miles that way, but still salvaged second place. Riggins was third 22 minutes later, with Bustos and Rico fourth. None of the others finished. In the Class 8, or Big Truck class, which also includes both two and four-wheel drive vehicles, the lead belonged to Craig Corda, in a Ford, with a 351 Cleveland in it, who had 44 seconds on second place Tony Alvarado and Ronnie Ryerson, in another Ford with a 351 Cleve-land. The Alvarado and Ryerson truck had actually been the last vehicle to start, because they'd had a pre-race problem to fix, and hadn't made staging. So they'd Curriers another 23 minut·es later. On the third lap the Alvarado and Ryerson truck took over the lead, after reeling off the fast lap for the class at 40:53. They had only 32 seconds on Corda, who was still hanging in there in second, and then it was Vogel and Meister, who took turns riding and driving all day, in third, 26 minutes later. The Curriers• disappeared, and now it was Karl Counce and James Woodruff, in a 350 Chevy, who ran fourth. Alvarado and Ryerson now had some transmission trouble, and slowed a lot, putting Corda back into the lead, followed by Meister and Vogel. Alvarado and Ryerson had dropped to third, and Counce and Woodruff were still fourth. It was the last lap for Alvarado and Ryerson, as they decided to park their nice new truck rather than destroy the tranny completely. Corda went on to take the win, finishing with a very sick motor, spewing oil in all directions, but pleased with his second win of the year. Meister and Vogel, who'd also had some flats, were second, nearly an hour later, and none of the others made it to the checkered flag. Jim Beeson started the day in charge of the 5-1600 troops, and he had a very slim 16 seconds on second place John Holmes. Third place, four seconds later, was Gary Seagroves, and then Josh· Kerr ran fourth, 41 seconds behind him. In fifth, only 45 seconds back, it was Lee Patten. Clearly, this was going to be a tough one. Beeson had only 12 seconds at the end of lap two, and it was still Holmes on his bumper. Patten was now third, less than two minutes back, and Kerr held fourth, nine seconds later, followed by Seagroves, a second in back of him. On the third lap as Holmes moved into the lead, Patten ran the fast lap for the class, a 39:41, · to take second place, only 58 seconds later. Beeson was now third, another SO seconds back, and Kerr ran fourth still, just It came down to the last lap; as Gibson decided to go for it, and really built a head of steam in the Ranger. He recorded the fast lap for the class, at 38: 16, and Jeff Bennett, second driver in the winning Class 9 car, flashes a big grin at his waiting crew and family. June 1990 Dusty Times

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under two minutes back, followed by Seagroves. Patten took over the lead on the fourth lap, while Holmes got out of his car and put his co-driver, Ramsey El Wardani, in for the second half of the race, and dropped to second place, 45 seconds back. Kerr's co-driver, Dan Bowen, was now third, about four minutes later, and Seagroves had got out to put John Hulse-bosch in, and he ran fourth. Beeson lost a c. v. and it took him about 26 minutes to get it fixed, dropping him to fifth place. El Wardani moved back into the lead by the end of lap five, and now he had 17 seconds on Patten, while Bowen ran third. Then it was Hulsebosch and Beeson. On the last lap El Wardani thought he'd run out of gas, and he spent some time getting fuel, and getting a push, only to find it still wouldn't run. While they worked on solving the problem, which turned out to be in the fuel pickup, Patten quietly disappeared somewhere, and Bowen took the checkered flag. It was a poignant win for Bowen, who was just about to move to the midwest, and was saying "goodbye" to California desert racing. Hulse-bosch came across the line next, reporting no troubles at all. Hulsebosch had driven in only one other off road race, the previous FR T race t:tis season, and finished second that time too. He's from Europe, where he drove in rallies, but he finds off road more fun. In third it was Beeson, and then El Wardani, with a new fuel pickup, finished fourth, and no one else came in. The race was over early, Ronnie Gibson gives Clarence Hoskins (back to camera), a big hug to celebrate their victory in the Small Truck class. , A slightly bemused Bob Lofton explains how he happ;~ed to roll his 1/2-1600 car on the last lap, and still take the win. because Fud wouldn't let anyone start another lap after 6 p.m., and the stragglers were all accounted for by about six fifteen in the evening. Post race tech had not uncovered any technical flaws, so there were no changes in the finish order, and the mandatory pre-race meeting held by the Challenge drivers, with cars in attendance, had,.as usual, forestalled any post-race complaining. Everything was buttoned up early, so they could all be back out early in the morning, to enjoy Fud's pre-awards brunch. Fresh fruit, coffee and doughnuts help to get the body moving again, and the casual brunch is always a cheerful and sociable hour. The next event on the FRT calendar will be the Superstition 250, on August 4th, in the same general area, near Borrego. FRT BUZZ BOMB 150 RESULTS -APRIL 7, 1990 Car# Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Class 1-2-1600 -f60Qcc Restricted· 13 start~ 9 ffnfsb 1603 1 Jim Ashley/Bob Lofton 1600 2 Scott Webster/Rodney Woolf 1601 3 James Tucker 1604 4 Doug Castillo 1606 5 Kevin & Ken Basore Class 10 • Unllmlted 1650 ecs • 9 starters• 7 finishers 1006"" 1 Alan Hensley 1004 2 Tim & Mike McDonnell 1003 1001 1005 3 4 5 Joe Vinci/Mike Herrick Brian McDonnelVPeter Oliver Craig Dillon Class UnUmlled • 4 start • 2 finish 104 1 Art Eugenio/John Fargo/Dave Edwards 103 2 Kirk Kontilis/Mike Kline Class s · UnUrolled Bala-Bug• No starters Class 9 ·Challenger· 20 start -13 finish 900 1 Jeff Bennett/Tom Watson 906 2 Jack Hettinger/Steve Reynolds 913 3 Danny & Hector Ledezma 909 4 Pancho Bio/Andy Blue 903 5 Larry Kern Class 100 • short wb one or two seat • 7 start • 2 finish 1 5 Dan Lewis 2 2 Steve Johnson/Mike Douthitt Class 5-1600 -1600 cc Baja Bug -7 start• 4 finish 551 1 Josh Kerr/Dan Bowen 597 2 Gary Seagoves/John Hulsebosch 598 3 Jim Beeson 599 4 John Holmes/Ramsey El Wardani Class Big Trucks• 6 start - 2 finish 806 1 Craig Corda 801 2 Herman Meister/Mike Vogel Class Little Trucks • s start :4 finish 702 I Clarenoe Hoskins/Ronnie Gibson 799 2 Mike HenryNictor Lopez 705 3 Lloyd Riggins 704 4 GeorQe Bustos/Conad Rico •• denotes overall winner 74starters - 46 finishers - 62% finish rate 25 mile course - 6 laps for an official finish Weather: warm, variable winds Vehide Raceco am Raceco T. Smith Jimco Bunderson Raceco O.R.E. Raceco ac Baja Bug Badenochs am Funco Lededzma lime 3:23:27 3:23:40 3:26:17 3:28:35 3:30:29 3:15:29 3:17:18 3:24:20 3:35:59 4:02:05 5:19:48 5:24:54 3:53:03 4:03:28 4:05:38 Tubular Des. 4:11 :OS Rayco 4:17:38 Sandhawk 4:12:21 Chenowth 4:45:28 Baja Bug 4:18:16 Baja Bug 4:21:45 Baja Bug 4:5~:01 Baja Bug 4:57:06 Ford 4:22:21 Chevrolet 5:20:49 Ford Ranger 4:46:54 Ford 4:49:37 Toyota 5;11 :25 Nissan 5:42:54 THIRD RACE OF THE Budweiser /Bud Light 1990 SERIES S A N C T I O N E CHAMPIONSHIP /✓~ / \I 'I ~ ./" / FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM • AMA DISTRICT 38 SUPERSTITION 250 VII LOCATION: SATURDAY Sponsoredby:- WEST OF AUGUST 4, 1990 Race Ready Products, The Wright Place & Schilling Corp. EL CENTRO, CALIF. 6s0,KMEISLESTLAOROTPAT 6:00 A.M. BUGGIES: 6:00 P.M. · 1 N FO .. ( 6· 19) 427•5759 Drawing July 21st at Smitty's Cycle Center Dusty Times June 1990 Page !29

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HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING Badlands Baja 90 Text & Photos: Darla Crown third, followed by Kevin Neuhauser and Gary Logan. Class 8, the 2 WD watercooled bunch, was the most hea vii y populated class with 11 entries for the day. There were not, however, 11 cars to finish the day. It seems the first race of the season is the one to try out the car and get all the bugs worked out. The shiny red '57 Chevy of Andy Wald made the parade lap, but was unable to finish the heat race. Troy Ireland, from Murdo, SD, was another early dropout. Action in the Badlands is heavy among the 4x4s. Here Gary Todd. foreground, watches Gary Logan bounce high on the rough terrain . Greg Ivetson and Steve Baker were both present at the race, but neither was able to have a vehicle ready for the race. Jim Kitterman had his Blazer at the race "for sale" . Greg Iverson purchased it before the race, entered Class 8 , jumped in and finished fourth for the day, picking up valuable points. The "Little Badlands" two miles east of Wall, South Dakota, was the site for the Badlands Baja 90 on March 31st. The first race of the 1990 racing season for the High Plains Off Road Racing Association provided a realm of fun and activity. There was excitement, good racing, over 500 spectators, and 24 entries in four different classes. There was warm, sunny weather, temperatures in the mid-. 70s, muddy and dusty racing conditions, end over end roll overs, quick race cars, blown engines, broken drive shafts; fast pit crews, cameras, kids, col-lisions, and four happy winners!! The course was shortened this year to 1.1 miles. Heat races and main events were run. The first race of the day was the heat race for Class 4, 4x4 Unlimited. Gary Logan, from Rapid City; provided the spectators with the first thrill of the day. He drove to the right of the course trying to avoid part of the mud hole that lurked ahead. He came off the end of a small butte and the front end dug into the mud. End over end he flew, landing on all four wheels and coming to an abrupt stop. He and co-driver Jack Atwater were not injured; however, the front end housing on his vehicle was all torn u·p,and it was finished for the day. This mishap left Gary Todd, driving Pat Roberts' Bronco, Al Wacker in a brand new Jeep, Kevin Neuhauser, also sporting a newly built rig, and Thad Briggs in his sharp, blue Jeep to race the rest of the day in Class 4. Kevin Neuhauser had mechanical problems and was unable to start the main event. Kevin had made some changes to his 4WD this season. He tore it down to the bare frame, then ,added about 12 inches to lengthen it out. He was running the same engine, trans-mission and drive line, but said it was definitely "working better" with the added length. He said he "was satisfied with the way it was working" until the torque converter went out. Class 4 and Class 8 ran together in the Main Event, with Thad Briggs, from Gordon, NE, and Gary Todd, from Deadwood, running hard to gain the lead. The muddy corner on the back stretch Page 30 grabbed Gary Todd near the end of the race and tipped over his rig. Al Wacker and racing partner Phil Swaney rushed right in to take over the battle. But the victory in Class 4 and 8 ended up going to Thad Briggs; and second place went to Al Wacker from Rapid City. Gary Todd salvaged Monte Tibbetts, the young driver from Pine Ridge, SD, pick-ed up the 1990 season where he le-ft off the 1989 season: running tough! He moved into the lead and provided the spectators with plenty of great scenery battling for first place with Boyd Kitterman. Arlan Dahlin stopped to fix a pinched fuel line on the front straight, but he still went on to win the crowd pleasing Class 7. Al Wacker and Phil Swaney led Class 4 for a shorttime in the tidy Jeep, but they ended up second in class at the checkered flag. Teenager Byron Crown made his debut driving a newly built hevy powered Ford truck, winning the heat and taking third in the main. June 1990 Thad Briggs came from Gordon, Nebraska to resume his winning ways in the Hf!ORRA series and he again won the Class 4, 4x4 class honors. Boyd had trouble with a broken ball joint on the left front side. He dropped out of the heat race, but was able to find a ball joint to replace the broken one, and was back out in the main to pick up where he left off in the battle with Monte. Another young driver in Class 8, 17 year old Byron Crown, made his debut in a newly built Chevy powered Ford truck, winning his heat race. # ... r4 .-e-L,. -~: 1,t.CU:,._;;...'.::._ Monte Tibbitts won the biggest class, 11 starters, of the day, Class B, after a race long battle for the lead in the heav traffic. Fighting for the Class 10 lead Mark Jarvi ran just ahead of Steve Comer, who did not finish, .and Jarvi went on to win Class 10 honors. Jerry Edwards moved from Class 8 to Class 10. and took to buggy racing very well. They had just bought the car and finished second. Greg Iverson bought this rig just before the race, first drove the Blazer in the heat race, and finished fourth in Class 8 on points. ' Du1ty Times

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Greg Iverson got the hang of his new vehicle quicklv and showed no mercy. Brad Blow, from Pierre, SD, showec that consist-ency was the wore for the day. And let's not forget that gopd looking blue tnck of Wes Jobgen. Travis Mc0onnell could be another newcomer to keep an eye on. Travis bleV' an engine in the heat race, but you can bet he will be ready for the next race in Pierre. Curt Willuweit jumped right out in there and then he too dropped out witr. mechanical problems. So, when the results were tallied for the Class 8 machines, the victory went to Monte Tibbetts. Boyd Kitterman was second and Byron Crown was third, both drivers home town heroes from Wall. Greg Iverson was fourth followed by Brad Blow and Wes Jobgen. The Class 7 .enduro cars were low on entry with only three there for the race. However, they still seem to be the spectators favorite class, and two valuable new "en tries" for the races, race announcers Jon Bishop and Carey Fries from KSKY in Deadwood. They help to keep the interest fired up with their "anecdotes and intriguing knowledge" about the enduro cars. Ar_lan Dahlin pulled out as the victor in Class 7, even after he made a stop on the front straightaway with a pinched fuel line in the main event. Dave Adams, driving the black Pontiac painted to resemble the BFGodd-rich tractor trailer rig, finished second, and Mike Cromwell, in the neon orange and blue Toyota claimed third. There have been some changes· in the Class 10, unlimited buggies, for the 1990 class. Stuart Dahlin, driving his Bug, is back in action at the High plains Off Road Racing Association events. Steve Corner, from Jamestown, ND, was looking good in his shiny red buggy, until he had major engine problems in the second heat race. Mark Jarvi, from Belle Fourche, SD, is back again also. Mark has put a lot of work and preparation into his ARPM case 2180cc VW buggy. Prior to the race Mark had a good feeling that things were going to go his way for the day. He said, "I've got it dialed in, and I've got the good feeling" . Obviously he knew what he was talking about. He finished first for the day. Mark better keep things dialed in if he plans to keep the lead on newcomer Jerry Edwards. Jerry has been a Class 8 participant in the past and decided to purchase the buggy from Stan Schwellen-bach for his son, Jason. Jerry and Jason had just enough time to change tires, put a number plate on top and go racing. Jerry did a magnificent job of handling the buggy, and with each lap got better and better. He finished ~econd behind Mark Jarvi. Joel Fricke drove down from North Dakota with Lyle Hague's Class 10 car. (We extend our sympathy to Lyle Hogue and his family who were attending the funeral of Lyle's father who had passed away.)Joel did a fine job in the classy looking buggy. Lyle has the bright, neon pink shocks and accessories ·on his white racer. It was easy to spot until after the first lap, when the mud and gumbo of the Badlands took over . . Dusty Times Joel placed third. Stuart Dahlin, and Harvey W a'td, the 1989 from Watertown, SD, finished defending points champion. fourth followed bv Steve Comer The next event for HPORRA will be a short track, stadium race in Pierre, SD. It will be held in conjunction with motorcycle races at the Hughes County Fairground on June 24, which is a date change. Boyd Kitterman is another local racer from Wall, and he flew over the familiar Fighting hard for the Class 4 lead, Gary Todd tipped over in his Bronco and ground to a close second place in the 2WD Class 8 ranks. got some words of advice from officials at trackside. Spring Run 101 June 23rd & 24th $25,000 Added Drivers Purse ----. --. -!11'.fft ,-World Championship Brush Run 101 August 31, Sept. 1st & 2nd $35,000 Added Drivers Purse West Coast vs Mid West ESPN Filming Of Both Races uone Of 'J;he Top 10 Off Road Action Events In The Country" A REAL OFF ROAD SHOOT OUT CONTACT Brush Run 101 P.O. Box 101 Crandon,Wl.54520 715-478-2222 Barn Dance Camping Drink Food June 1990 Hot Laps August 31st (For Cash & Prizes) Class Racing September 1st & 2nd G.O.B.'s Races September 2nd Race Starts Daily At 9:00 AM Page 31

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.La Carrera de Indio Liso By Rod Koch Photos: Bonnie Koch Carl Jardeval and Swen Bergvall sc; red a first, a second, and a 20th overall to win the three stage rally overall and in Open Class despite Overheating. on the Saab on the first uphill stage. Wyatt Earp would have loved summit, only to stop after a this event. The legendary lawman couple of miles 9ue to over-::>nce drove for the Butterfield heating. Lon Peterson and Jim Stage Company in Southern Love in their super fast Arrow, 2alifornia in the late 1860s. · smoked the rest of the field and Wyatt would have still been able set fastest time for the first event to recognize much of the natural and the day at 8 .62 minutes. and unspoiled territory that La Second fastest time of 9 .11 Carrera de Indio Liso (the race of minutes was made by George Indian Flat~) went through. Daland and Mike Blore in Daland's Open Class Mitsubishi Starion turbo riding on mud terrain tires, to the surprise of other competitors. 1989 SCCA Southern Pacific Divisional champion, Jeff Griffin, took his brother Chris along for the ride, setting third best time in the Open Class Volvo at 9 .28 minutes. Fastest GT -class car was the Dodge Shelby turbo driven by Gary Luke and Mark Williams with a 9.50 minute time. Tony Tavares and Carlos Tavares took second fastest GT class time in their new Toyota Celica Turbo-All-Trac with a 9.98 minute run. Their All-Trac was the rally's only 4 wheel drive entrant. Roger Allison and Randy Hensley having put on the East of Indio Pro-Rallys, each year since May 1981, truly outdid them-selves in putting on this fine Rallysprint, which was actually three events in one. Each of the three Rallysprints, ran over a single mountainous, seven mile stage, and each was a separate SCCA coefficient one event. The stage was run twice uphill and once downhill. Roger and Randy' herculean ~£forts, secured the help and 1pproval of the W arner Hot ,prings Ranch and community, as -'lell as the U.S. Forestry. Mr. \lpheus C. Bruton II, General v1anager of Warner Hot Springs vho also owns 2600 acres right >ff Highway 79 ( the old Butter-·ie l d Stage route), opened his ,roperty for use by the rallyists ind indicated interest in having 'uture rally events in the area. ~ollowing Highway.79, 36 miles :ast of Rancho California, a ,icturesque mountain meadow 1mid ageless old California Oaks, :reeted rallyists as the site for ·egistration and technical nspection. Anton Musev and navigator Gary Dunklau, in Anton's Stock class Datsun 510, really surprised the troops, by winning that class with a very quick 9.33 minute time. The second place in Stock class was brother and sister, Lauchlin and Farina O'Sullivan in their Datsun 610 at 9 .55 minutes, also fast enough for 8th overall. The stage ended at the scenic Indian Flats campground, sur-rounded by California Oaks, and spectacular rocky hills. One could have easily believed they were somewhere in Greece, viewing the Acropolis rally. All the cars that started the first event, finished, and after an 80 minute service break, they lined up to take the start of the second event. The seven mile stage in reverse was called the downhill, and the smell of hot brakes at the finish of event #2, proved it. Peterson and Love took the second event overall and in Open class with a fast time of 8.80 minutes. Jardeval and Bergvall solved their overheating prob-lems, and put the Saab in second "i Twenty-one rally cars and ·earns took the starting flag for the :irst rallysprint. This was also the :irst event on · the Calif. Rally 3eries' and SCCA Southern Pacific Divisional Pro-Rally 1990 :alendar. The stage was advertised as being seven miles of90% paved mountain road, narrow tight and twisty, with paved water bars. Some of the competitors decided to try street tread or road racing tires. Most stuck to their more aggressive ·rally, all terrain tires, and were glad they did, as the thin pavement was broken and interspersed with dirt, rocky and sandy sections. Braking hard on pavement, which turns to dirt, then pavement again on a tight curve, provides an interesting experience in fast driving! Paula Gibeault and Jay Mathes stayed up front all day in the turbo Datsun Carl Jardeval and Sven Bergvall in their fast Saab 99 Open .Class car, started first, climbing up the twisty mountain trail to the Page 32 510, and took third overall and in Open class on the points. 11. ,, Tony and Carlos Tavares had the only four wheel drive car in the event and finished the Toyota Ce/ica All Trac second in GT Class. June 1990 . h , George Daland and Mike Blore kept the Mitsubishi Starion rolling taking second on the first and third stages and fourth overall on the second to take second in Open class and overall for the day. overall and Open class with a 8.96 spectators were commenting on minute run. Datsun 510 fans theskillandprecisionoftherally cheered as Anton Musev and drivers. GaryDunklauscreameddownhill During the service break, to take third overall and first in sevt>ral competitors took time to Stock class with a time of 9.11 check out the Warner Springs minutes. Fourth overall and first Glider Airport, ¼ mile from the inGTclasswasLukeandWilliams finish. The sleek Gliders, in the Dodge Shelby with a quick gracefully taking off and landing, 9.20 minute run. Rim of the may have made more than one World organizer Paula Gibeault, rallyist wish for a more comfort-with Jay Mathes navigating, cut a able ride. 9.22 minute time in their Datsun The final event #3, was a repeat 510 turbo, for fifth overall and • of stage # l. J ardeval and Bergvall third in Open. took the Saab from the Highway Lauchlin and Farina O'Sullivan 79 start, to the Indian Flats took the second best Stock class campgrounc;l finish in 8 .89 time with a 9.54 minute run. The minutes for first overall and in second place GT class car was Open. class. Peterson and Love again the Toyota All-Trac of lostacoilwire,andthreeminutes Tony and Carlos Tavares at 9.74 to place way down the finishing minutes. list with a disappointing 11.93 Another 80 minute service minute time. Daland and Blore in break followed the finish of event the Starion, made their best time #2. All but one rally car finished, of the day with a 9.05 minute run and so far, no one had gone off the for the second overall and Open stage or crashed. One forestry class spot. Paula Gibeault and Jay official asked how fast were the Mathes had a 9 .08 minute run for rally cars moving. When told that third fastest and in Open class in Lon Peterson was averaging over their Datsun 510. Datsun 510 50 mph and hitting over 80 mph fans continued to cheer when on one short open stretch, he was Anton Musev and Gary Dunklau impressed, as most people took fourth fastest and first in traveling the stage to the Indian Stock class with an outstanding Flats campground didn't want to drive in 9 .11 minutes. Luke and go faster than 20-25 mph. Most Williams took the fifth overall , ~ "" Gary Luke and Mark Williams won all three events in GT Class, taking the slick Dodge Shelby to fifth overall with a fine drive. Anton Musev and Gary Dunk/au won all three stages in Stock class in the venerable Datsun 510, and they finished a neat fourth overall'! Dusty Times

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,,I = ~i: -~-~~;.,:;>/; .... ,e;,:: Harris Done and Lisa Scheer worked hard to finish the three stages and they ended up second in Stock class in the older Mazda RX 3. . Dan Hook, a former off road racer, drove his Toyota Celica fas t enough to place third in Stock class with solid stage finishes. Lon Peterson and Jim Love won the first two stages outright · in the Arrow, but a loose coil wire cost them minutes in the final run. Jeff and Chris Griffin parlayed a third, seventh and sixth in the Volvo to sixth overall and fourth in the popular Open Class. Lauchlin and Farina O'Sullivan scored a pair of seconds in Stock class in the Datsun 610, but the'y failed to finish the final stage. Rod Koch and Todd Bane cross the finish line in the· VW Fastback, with two sixths and a fifth in the Open class, and ninth overall. spot and a first in GT class with a 9.13 minute run. Sixth best time and second in GT class, once again went to the Toyota All~ Trac of Tony and Carlos Tavares who pulled a quick 9.59 minute time, their best of the day. Harris Done and navigator Lisa Scheer in their Mazda RX3, had a good time of 9.61 minutes, good enough _for second in Stock class and eighth overall. One quarter mile from the finish they hit a steel barrier, shearing off the Mazda's right front fender, but still crossed the finish line under their own power. Dusty Times reporter , Rod Koch and navigator, Todd Bane, driving the oldest car in the events, a 1967 VW Fastback, CLASSES FOR: Open Wheel Racers Trucks - 5-1600s A TVs - Odysseys ·mma BaJmaa «II San Bernardino, CA A FACILllY FOR ALL TYPES OF OFF-ROAD RACING FREE OVERNIGHT PARKING took the ninth overall spot and fifth, in Open class with a 9 .68 minute run. Once again, all cars finished this stage except Lauchlin and Farina O 'Sullivan. Their Datsun broke a tie rod early in the stage and they DNF'd. A. fine outdoor picnic and dinner was h osted by Roger Allison and Randy Hensley and members of the California Rally Series at the Indian Flats campground after the finish of the final event. It was open to all those involved with the rally and an untold number of cheeseburgers and hot dogs disappeared along with favorite beverages. Evening festivities were just beginning, as aft er the picnic, e ve r yone transited back down the stage to that lovely mountain meadow, where 24 awards were handed out along with a drawing, producing some fine prizes. A four piece rock and roll/blues band, Boo Coo Blues, played on into the late evening with lights blazing and speakers blasting. A perfect conclusion to a perfect event. 93.5 .,,,., ------AIW Ir -T.ICKef ~~® MAY COMPANY & MUSIC PLUS (213) 480-3232 • (714) 740,2000 OFF ROAD CHALLENGE SUNDAY, JUNE 17th, 1990 The Third Race In_ The Five Race Series The Finest in Short Course Racing 100% Cash Payback For information contac BRIAN CHURCH (714) 880-1733 P.O. Box 2339 ENTRY FEES: Trucks, Open Wheelers - $200.00 A TVs - $50.00 ADMISSION: $10.00 - Adults $ 5.00 - Children Children under five FREE Odysseys - $100.00 San Bernardino, CA 92406 5-1600s - $100.00 Open Grandstand eating - Come and See All the Action! . . DESERT RACERS! COME OUT AND TRY OUR SUPER TRACK!·. WIDE ENOUGH TO RACE DESERT CARS! Dusty Times June 1990 Page 33

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.. SNORE Bottom Dollar Photos and Notes lry Don Dayton Tom Bradley, Jr., shown during his flight to first place in both heats and, natch, the first in class winnings. The SNORE Bottom Dollar race is the traditional season opener for the Las Vegas desert · racing club and for years has come complete with a complimentary pancake breakfast for all on hand before the morning race start. The 30 odd mile course was usually laid out north of Las Vegas with the start/finish near Apex Highway. But in 1990 the race had to change format drastically ju~t days before race date. Yes, the "protect the desert tortoise" syndrome struck SNORE hard and the club somehow got a short course race together in a few days. Still, it was new ground basically for the club, and the entry fell to half of what had been expected for the desert race. About 30 diehards showed up. The culprit this time was not the Bureau of Land Management, who have always had a good relationship with SNORE folks, and often go with them while putting a new course together, now it is the Federal Dept. offish and Wildlife Service in Reno. SNORE was notified by Mary Jo Elpers of the F & W office in Reno that they could not use the permits for their race. Apparently Fish and Wildlife, also in the Department of Interior, has more power than the BLM, and can override BLM permits at will. At least Mary Jo can. · At any rate, in five days time, SNORE put together about a one mile course just outside the Las Vegas Speedrome, using a lot of volunteer help and equipment. On a sunny spring Saturday morning the short course was in dandy shape thanks to Bill Shapley and a hastily assembled crew of volunteers. Shapley was seen Friday busily adding dirt to the jumps, which had smoothed out a bit more than desired. A small but dedicated group of racers put on a great show, and most of them thought the course was great fun, but not like the desert. The Unlimiteds, Class 5 and Class I O were gridded together; although they weren't actually racing each other you couldn't .tell that from the action on the track. In the first heat Tom Bradley, Jr. jumped into a quick lead with Pat Galliher hot on his heels and Aaron Hawley was trying to chase down Pat. Pat held Page 34 . on to second for the first half of the race, until he suddenly had a transmission full of neutrals. 'He was an instant spectator .. Hawley finished second behind Bradley. In Class 10 Mark Whittington led for seven of the ten laps, but couldn't hold off a hard charging Brian Collins. After passing Whittington Collins set his sights on the Class 2 car of Tommy Bradley, but ran out oflaps before he could close the gap. Meanwhile the Class 5 cars of Bryari Pennington and Joe Brain were not only dicing it out with each other, but were mixing it up with the 10 cars. Unfortunately, Brain's car wasn't up to the strain, arid he dropped out on lap 5. Pennington kept up the pace until a rear suspension glitch slowed him and he limped across the finish line last on the track but first in class. The second heat for this group· was long on action but short on excitement. Aaron Hawley managed only one lap before mechanical woes put him in the parking lot. Tom Bradley, Jr. drove the only surviving Un-limited (Class 1 & 2) car. The finish order, the sum of both heats for· points was Bradley, Jr., Hawley and Galliher. Brian Collins grabbed the lead in Class 10 with a tricky pass on Mark Whittington and Gary Sellinger in the first turn of the first lap and never looked back. Brian spent the rest of the race trying to catch Bradley, but Tommy got to the finish line first. The scoring order for Class 10 was Collins, Whittington, Sellinger, Rob Myerly. Mean-while, Bryan Pennington was limping the only remaining Class 5 around just to get a finish. He said his rear trailing arm was held in with "two quarters, an allen wrench and half a roll of duct tape." Joe Brain was credited with second in Class 5. The trucks and the 5-1600s took to the track together with the two classes mixing it up pretty good for the first couple of laps. Then Don Lindfors got tired of playing around and pushed the go fast button on the Ford Ranger. · The other two trucks didn't see him again until the checkered flag. Monty Smith was breaking in a new co-driver, Wayne Coleman, in his Toyota and showed him how to finish right next to first. Stacy Pike soldiered around for third in a Ford that looked to be trying for a world record in bad handling. The 5-1600s had a dandy little duke-out going with Barry Slatter in front for two laps and Kevin Streety leading the third. But on the fourth lap Barry lost the ring and pinion gear, leaving Streety to motor around and take first place. In the second heat Monty .Smith jumped into an early lead, but in two laps the hard charging Don Lindfors took over. Lindfors held first for three laps before a · spectacular cloud of smoke and a well oiled windshield marked a finish to his day. Monty went on to win and win the points. Lindfors was second overall and Stacy Pike, who could only coax two laps out of his truck, was third. The 5-1600s started out strong. Barry Slatter had borrowed a transmission and put it to good use by leading the first two laps. Kevin Streety took over on lap 3 and led through the sixth, then his rear suspeosion took a dive. He finished the last four laps looking 'i Barry Slatter broke the tranny in the first heat, for the second heat and won the hea/ and the trophy: June 1990 ~--.. .,,,~ -RI •Jr .. --Tom and Tim Burns were second in the first heat, led the second heat all the way which gave them the 1/2-1600 overall win. like a California low rider. Slatter flew on past, winning the heat and the trophy. Streety got second place points. The Challenger cars decided to get things sorted out early. Kevin Davis was first on the first lap and kept it that way for the rest of the heat. Bill Lawson looked good in second spot bt1t only managed three laps before retiring to the pits. Mike Dixon and Tim Crain traded second and third for the rest of the race with Dixon in the runner-up slot at the checker. The best part of the nine car heat was watching Scott and Steve Waller doing their tricycle act. They chucked the left front wheel early, and ran half the race on three wheels. They made up in enthusiasm what they lacked in wheels and pushed hard all the way to the flag. The second heat for Class 9 looked to be a new game with Mike Dixon in front, Mike Kline pushing hard in second, Kevin Davis in third and Tim Crain in fourth spot. Kline only lasted three laps before dropping out with terminal problems. Dixon held the lead until lap 6 when Kevin Davis turned up the heat and motored on past. Davis finished first in the heat which . Mike Spina won the first heat, finished fourth in the second heat for an overall · second in Class 1-2-1600. · Pat Dean lands hard but ran a strong third in both heats and ended up third · overall in Class 1-2-1600. . ~,··:. ~ Monty Smith with Wayne Coleman riding finished second in hea} 1, first in1 heat 2 and won the overall trophy for the class. Dusty Times ·

Page 35

gave him to;:> points for the class with Mike Davis second, Tim Crain third and Giti Gowland in fourth. ' . -)(.:.~.~ ,.. Class 1-2-1600, ten strong, was the action class of the day. Mike Spina led the first heat from green to checker, but the Burns boys, Tom and Tim, made sure he earned every lap. The Burns two seater was beside Spina's single seater more times than behind it. Pat Dean was close behind in third and his mirrors were full of Kenny Freeman. Bekki Freeman held on to fifth for six laps, but then she got it top side down and was out of the heat. The order held to the finish, except that Paul Kline finished fifth. Brian Collins charged to second spot in heat 1, led the second heat wire to wire and won the Class 10 trophy. Bryan Pennington hurt his car in the first heat but finished first and struggled around in the second heat for the first overall in Class 5. The second heat got started in fine fashion when someone tapped Mike Spina and left him parked sideways in the middle of the first turn. Mike had a great view of the entire field charging towards his left side. Fortunately everyone got by without a major incident although Bekki Freeman was so far over on the side, all you could see was car bottom, but she made an impressive save and kept on racing. She worked her way from last on lap 1 to fourth on lap 6 only to be passed by Mike Spina on lap 7. Spina finished fourth and Bekki fifth. Meanwhile, back at the front of the pack, the Burns boys got out in front and stayed in front. Brent Bell, who was a dnf in the first heat ran a strong second with Pat Dean in third. When the moto-cross points were totalled for the . day it was Burns first, Spina second, Dean third and Bell fourth. The second race in the SNORE series also had troubles finding a course. While officials had a course north of Beatty, NV months ago approved for a desert race, the usual 25-30 miles a loop, late breaking problems plagued the Twilight 200 in mid-April. While the town of Beatty Kevin Davis led all the way in heat 1, workedhis w;y up to first in the second heat and was the Class 9 winner. Mike Dixon raced hard for second in the first heat, fin ished second again in the next heat and scored second overall in Class 9. · r . ~ -Tim Crain rar: third in both heats, good for third overall i.n Class 9. Dusty Times welcomed the racers with open arms, the federal folks required SNORE to lay out two more courses before finally approving the route. But ·the final course crossed a highway so the Highway Patrol told SNORE they couldn't cross the highway after dark. Not only did this edict change the character of the event from half · daylight/half dark it also cost SNORE their sponsor, Perlux Lights. Stay tuned for the full story next month on the Twilight race. The good news is that SNORE has no land use problems around Caliente, NV for their May 19 desert race in the area pioneered years ago by the Silver Dust Racing Association . Losing the left front wheel early on didn't dampen Scott and Steve Waller's enthusiasm as they pushed hard all the way. ._._,,,_ __ •• ······---Trailers Our quality Makes the Difference Models Available: Open Flatbed Trailer Enclosed Bumper Pull-Type Trailers From 16' to 28' Enclosed Gooseneck Trailers From 28' to 48' • Many Equipment Options Available Medium Duty Truck Conversions We Have the Ability and Experience Necessary to Build Any Trailer to Your Exact Specifications, Custom Designed for Your Individual Needs ... • Write or Call for a Free Brochure Join the Ranks or Our Satlsf led Customers Bob Gordon • R.C.R. Plumbing • Hamilton Materials • Herbst Oil Co. Hagle Lumber Sherman Balch Competitive Trailers 8832 Ramona Street Bellflower, CA. 90706 (213) 634-2006 June 1990 Custom Designed Interiors Page 35

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PAC OFF ROAD RACING Yokohama/ Trick illican Valley 150 Text & Photos: Leonnrd Day Todd Francis and Brian Johnson took over the lead early on, and, running with a new untried engine, they put the Chenowth home first overall in 5:55:05 for the seven laps. Springtime in the high desert around Millican Valley, Oregon, is really beautiful, but very unpredictable in the weather department. The altitude is around 4400 feet and snow is sometimes a visitor as it was this race last spring. Two inches of snow the Thursday before and a light dusting of about an inch fell during the night before the race. It was just enough to make the Californians wonder what the hell they were doing there. The conditions were excellent except for the temperature, around 20 to 30 degrees. It was just cold Page 36 enough to equire coats and gloves and no dust was seen all through the race making it perfect for the competition. A class of super tough Pro Buggies started off first, right at ten o'clock sharp. Mike Jones in his Class 5 was leading the way. One minute later A.J. Keilian left the line in his Class 2 car. Zdenek Turek racing out of Sacramento, CA left next followed by the newly built single seater driven by its proud owner, Rocky Younger. Russ Simmons ieft next followed by the last race winner, Todd Francis. Keilian passed Jones about the 25 mile mark and was looking for the rest of the race to be in clean air. After another three miles or so the tranny decided to freeze in fourth gear and that put the hobbles on, seemingly forever. The car was driven into the pits, the engine was removed, and another transaxle was installed so as to continue on in the race. It was a pretty good first lap for the rest of the field except for the Younger single seater. All sorts of new car bugaboos hit, all on the first lap, taking Rocky out early. Francis and his co-driver Brian e for 1onswith a r burst pressure than Earl's.Nobody/ iP' June 1990 Bob Rea and A.J. Kielian changed a transmission, then axles, but got in four laps, good enough for second in the Pro buggy category. Johnso,n took over the lead early drive axles. Bob Rea took over the on, pushing just hard enough to driving duties, but it still had cv stay ahead. They had just come. problems and was retired to the back from a race in San Felipe, · trailer after completing four of the Mexico, and had replaced the seven laps. Francis strolled on to engine just the night before with a his second victory in a row brand new one just out of the box. making the good time of 5:55:05 Zedenek Turek battled the· first for the seven lap run. three laps neck and neck with The ever exciting Pro 4x4 class Francis and Simmons; but he was here in the northwest is always a slowed a bit each lap, having to blast to watch and follow. These take on fuel because of the small guys (and gals) always put on one tank he uses on the short tracks. heck of a show with the competi-Flat tires eventually took their tion getting better and better each toll on Turek and he dropped out race. Any one of them could take on lap five. Mike Jones dropped all the marbles on any given day. out on the third lap and Simmons Gordon Scott and his crew have left after four. Kielian's car was co be commended for the effort experiencing cv bearing problems they made to race this event after after the transaxle change, so the racing the _Nissan 400 in Las car was refitted with new cvs and Vegas the week before. Only four Russ Simons got in four good laps in his tidy Baja Bug then dropped out of action with terminal mechanical troubles. Ed Burnap and Kent Bennedetti had a good day, few problems, but they just squ'eaked out the 4x4 victory by just over a minute after seven laps of racing in the Ford Bronco. Looking tame here Gordon Scott came so close, but failed by a minute and had to settle for second spot in the Jeep in Pro 4x4s. Dusty Times

Page 37

Joe Chainey and family, Dianne and Ki, race for fun, but fast, and the family team won top honors overall in the Sportsman category. Don Roemer had the flue and no relief driver, but the Petaluma, · Eric Kosel had tire problems with the Jeep that put him 16 CA driver finished third in Pro 4x4s covering all seven laps as minutes off the Pro 4x4 winning time, but he finished all seven we/( for fourth. · of the nine starters in class finished this race, an attrition rate · higher than usual for the 4x4 class. · Phil Dean had. the jump on everybody, leaving the line first but only completing two laps before dropping out. Scott Livernash lost the tranny on his Mitsubishi pickup on the first lap and he held the distinction of being first to drop out. There were eight 4x4s doing battle through lap 5 with no more than six minutes separating them. Tom Scahill 's rig from San Rafael, CA had the misfortune of broken shackles on all four corners after taking a crossing berm a "little" too fast, ending the day on lap 6. Dianna Prine, from Spanaway, WA, and her co-driver Don Daugherty, from Texas, had mechanical problems also on lap 6 taking them out of the race. Bob Nyeste had a couple of flat tires, then universal joint problems that slowed his pace. His team was short on time and only completed six of the seven laps required. The next four, top spots of first through fourth, saw a real battle at the end. Eric Kosel had tire problems that put him 16 minutes off the winning time, completing seven laps in 6: 16:05. Don Roemer had a minimal crew, having driven from Petaluma, CA. He had no relief driver and had symptoms of the flu all during the race. This slowed him way down but he finished all seven in 6: 12:37 for third place. Just one flat tire and one minute and nine seconds separated Gordon Scott from a win. Scott's second place time for seven laps was 6:01:10. Ed Burnap and crew were really on edge as Kent Bennedetti brought the Bronco home for the win over Scott. Nice job guys and congrats for the good show._ Two Sportsman 4x4s and four buggies made up the last group off the line, and, as always, the competition was really good. Tony Allen had the lead over S.K. Smith Jr. by a little over a minute after the completion of one lap. Then disaster struck Allen and he dropped from the race. Smith managed five good laps. Ron Norman was driving his first race ever in the pre-runner Class 5 car belonging to the Livernash/ Matthews team. Norman com-pleted four laps, but was seen in the really embarrassing position of upside down. He managed to finish fourth. Sheriff Terry Silbaugh and sons, Randy, Roger and Rick, all of circle track fame, have found that finding one's car broken down in the desert takes a little longer than on the dire circles they have been used to racing. A little frame damage and steering problems held them to third Dusty Times place. Earl Fahrney literally kept putting the pieces back together, welded solid, and limped in for a second place finish. The Joe Chainey family has a motto, " we do it just for fun", and it seems to work every race. Just a quiet little 1600cc motor, a well prepped car and a family of dad and the kids having fun took the victory in Sportsman ranks. It was a seemingly easy run through the desert, three driver changes, · before returning to Oregon next Dianne, Ki and Joe, and they still fall. The second race of the series turned seven laps in 6 :02:10. wasatHornRapidsORVPark,in Good show for family fun. Richland, WA, late in April, and The PAC Racing series moves we'll have that report for you in north for the next few events an upcoming issue. SIMPSOll RACE PRODUCTS 6 NEW STANDARD SUIT STYLES AVAILABLE Custom Trim also available \ STYLE A Solid color suit with contrasting 1" trim around sleeves. STYLED* Solid color suit with contrasting collar, eppulets, and a 6" band around chest. · • Extra charge for these styles. NOMEX® SUIT COLORS AVAILABLE Red . Orange White Yellow Black Blue Green Contrasting colors available for styles C, D, E, and F. Same as above. ~r I I I" ' j ; \ STYLES Solid color suit with contrasting piping on collar, eppulets, belt and pockets. \ STYLE E* Two color suit with contrasting eppulets and collar. TRIM COLORS AVAILABLE FOR STYLES A and B Red Orange Black Blue Flourscent Orange Flourscent Green· Gray Green Purple White Yellow Pink \ Solid color suit with 6" contrasting band around chest and arms. STYLE F* Solid color suit with contrasting 6" band around chest. ABOVE SUIT STYLES ARE AVAILABLE IN: Single Layer Suit from Double Layer Quilted $250 to Three Layer Quilted } $500 9 Standard Sizes or Custom Fit SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS • 22630 S. Normandie Ave. • Torrance, CA 90502 Send ~.00 for catalog 213:320-7231 • FAX 213-320-7179 June 1990 Page 37

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THE SAFARI RALLY IN KENYA Bjorn Waldegard Wins for Toyota Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Bjorn Waldegard and Fred Gallagher had an almost trouble free run in the Toyota Celica G T-4. They won by a huge margin in the wettest Safari since 1977 which Bjorn also won. Bjorn Waldegard bowed out of his 16 year career with Toyota with a magnificent victory on the Marlboro Safari Rally. Alone of those that lasted more than a few days, he was not bogged down despite the wettest Safari since 1977, which he also won. Lancia 's hopes of a hat trick were dashed by mechanical troubles on their special eight valve lntegrale, but the biggest story of all was the success of the new Subaru Legacy. African driver Patrick Njiru not only brought his Legacy to victory in Group N ( the first car ever to finish this event in the category), but Markku Alen held the lead in the early stages . . Waldegard led most of the way, losing it to Miki Biasion for a while, but the Italian was twice blocked in mudholes before he retired. If the amount of water which had fallen in these regions of Kenya meant anything, it seemed inconceivable there could be a rally at all. · Even ten kilometers out of the center of Nairobi, on the Superspecial at the N'Gong race course, 5½ inches of rain fell during one night. It was the same everywhere. A few days of dry followed by another week of constant rainstorms. If it dried out the roads would be deeply rutted, but wet or dry it was due · to be an event very damaging to the cars. Bjorn Waldegard, who won the last really wet Safari said "It isn't like 1977. Then there was just a lot of water lying on the , roads. Now there is far more mud everywhere." Subaru was the focal point of the rally: Markku Alen being given start number one was an extra bonus, though every little water hole would be a worry for number one on the road. The size of the Japanese operation run by Koseki was astounding. The six main Subaru Legacy entries were divided into two teams, the A team consisting of Alen, Mike Kirkland.and 'Possum' Bourne, · while Ian Duncan, Jim Heather-Hayes and Patrick Njiru were run by the AV A ra1ly team. It was a full ten years since Subaru had first made· their mark on the · World Championship Rally scene, winning Group 1 here; the first time any four wheel drive car had scored a success on a World Rally. Markku was well at ease; no more did he show any worries about leaving l\is Italian friends behind. The cars seemed to have few mechanical troubles before the rally, though rri.ost of the drivers had off road excursions, that ·demonstrated the basic strength of the chassis. their official name as entrant, though the importers entered the little March Super Turbo of Lynda Morgan-Hughes. Mitsu-bishi were present in an unobtru-sive way with Kenjiro Shinozuka doing a lot of testing. For once there was some serious variety in Group N. Njiru' works Legacy was the obvious favorite, but he faced Belgian Guy Colsoul's Mitsubishi, which had won the category earlier in the year in Zaire. One of the most serious efforts came from the Swedish privateer Fredrik Skoghag who entered two Group N Suzuki Swifts, complete with natty Vitara service cars. The unpredictable weather is always a factor in the Safari. Nobody seemed to give the Superspecial at N'Gong a chance of being held, except the organizer Mike Doughty. He would not cancel in advance. The way the rain falls in such a localized way means you never know what happens over the nearest hill. The race course was drying out, however, despite some mudholes, and the stage would be run. Lancia h!1d done a lot of pre-event testing. Their new thing was having Alex Fiorio in a full works car for the first time, and the young Italian had borne the brunt of the preparation work. It was novel for Toyota to have a four wheel drive car in action in Africa. Looking like dinosaurs amidst the state of the art opposition were the two Nissan 200 SX cars. Long gone are the days when Nissan put Rain clouds hung in the air as Alen, Biasion, Waldegard and Fiorio set off. Between them they · made the best four times, before more rain began to fall and softened up the more firm stretches of the 2 .1 km course. A spate of late runners then made the next best times as the course first got slower then later on faster again. Some showed sheer ·"f . bravado, and the driving tech-niques were completely varied! All 59 cars completed the course, Markku scoring a legendary debut fastest time for the Legacy by an amazing 14 seconds, at an equally amazing slow speed of just 42.7 kph. In the rally itself this meant nothing, but it gave a lot of fun to everyone there. Waldegard was second, followed by Biasion, Bourne ·and Duncan. The ceremonial start the next day in Nairobi was in glorious sunshine. All the Lancia drivers decided to take it easy early on to see how rough the route would get, but Alen was undaunted. The ease of driving the new Japanese rally car amazed him, but it was . not to last. The Finn soon noticed . the water temperature was rising, and he lost time at a service stop having the radiator cleaned out. Bourne suffered the same, but Duncan staved off the problem by having his auxiliary lights removed. Waldegard was easing his pace, also suffering high temperatures, and he gained an easy lead when he passed Alen, who was stopped beside the road 40 km before the Taita Hills section. Mikael Ericsson, on his first Safari, rose to second place in his Toyota. At this point the event began to fail. The roads away from the Taita region, the furthest south part of the route, had been damaged in recent rains, and so a major re-route was undertaken. Then came news that a truck had driven on the section, got bogged down and held up more than half the competitors. Some drove back out and gave up, others waited around and were given an extra time allowance. An hour behind schedule the rally headed back towards Nairobi. Subaru had lost two cars, Alen and Bourne, Nissan lostJayant Shah's 200 SX with suspension trouble and the lady drivers Super Turbo while the Toyota of Safari newcomer Carlos Sainz was delayed with suspension trouble. Over the Chyulu Hills section· Biasion made his attack jumping from sixth to second. Duncan was thi.rd, fell to fourth and then went missing with engine trouble. In Group N Njiru was ahead, in 12th place, despite having changed a clutch. In second Guy Colsoul had suspension trouble, and third was Yashuhiro Iwase's Toyota Celica GT-Four. Colsoul was amazed at how demanding the rally_ was. "Why, even the worst of the Paris-Dakar is nothing compared with the Safari!". The last 500 km of the leg had been awful. Along much of the rough, straight Pipeline Road there was standing water. The leader Waldegard said "It seemed we were driving along a river for 15 km." Ericsson fell back a bit with a puncture, Biasion held second, Kankkunen was fourth and Heather-Hayes fifth, the first Kenyan and the best Legacy. Fiorio was sixth. The second leg out of Nairobi had some tired teams start. The first car was due to finish the first leg at nine the previous evening. At six in the morning they declared the control officially closed, as three more cars arrived just minutes later. The rally restarted at eight and as cars came off the ramp at two minute intervals, another three arrived back. Colsoul had a little over two hours to rest before restarting. The top two cars had an uneventful Good Friday. Biasion had a flat but got to be first on the road when W aldegard stopped for fuel on a long section. Long time rally driver Frank Tundo, acting as the course opener in a Legacy, had a serious accident when a bus collided with him head on. He was taken to hospital with chest injuries. Ericsson had suspension problems, dropping him from third to sixth leavng Waldegard as Toyota's only answer to the Lancias. Preston went over the time limit when the front suspension collapsed, while Sainz's car suffered overheating, then clutch trouble and loss of brakes. He went off the road into a tree, but amazingly got back to Nairobi that afternoon still in eighth place. Subaru was in more trouble. Kirkland also had overheating, got stuck for 20 · minutes, then lost power for unknown reasons. Heather-Hayes had clutch trouble but they both continued. The weather was still clear on this Nairobi-Embu-Nairobi loop, but even so competitors told of passing many deep mudholes and stranded Marlboro Safari Rally Results 1990 Bjorn Waldegard/Fred Gallagher Juha Kankkunen/Joha Piironen Mikael Ericsson/Claes Billstam Carlos Sainz/l.uis Moya Kenjiro Shinozuka/John Meadows Jim Heather-Hayes/Anton Levitan Rudolph Stohl/Reinhardt Kaufmann Patrick Njiru/Oavid Williamson Ashok Pattni/Bob Khan Steve Anthony/Philip Valentine •Group N winners S/GB SF s E J/GB EAK A EAK EAK EAK Toyota Calica GT-4 Lancia Delta lntegrale Toyota Calica GT-4 Toyota Celica GT-4 Mitsubishi Galan! VR-4 Subaru Legacy 4WD Tur. Aodi Quattro 90 Subaru Legacy 4WD Tur. Daihatsu Charade l.3i Diahatsu Charade l.3i 59 starters 10 finishers 9:39:11 9:17:23 11:26:58 12:58:42 · 15:11:31 15:12:40 17:49:58 1s:04:51· 28:54:51 30:49:30 Kenjiro Shinozuka and John Meadows show a little front end damage on the Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR4. They worked hard to finish fifth overall. Ashok Pattni and Bob Khan slog through the mud en route to a fine, ninth overall finish in the Daihatsu Charade and first in 1300cc class. Rudi Stohl and Reinhardt Kaufmann were the only European team that finished, taking the Audi 90 Quattro to 7th overall and in Group A. · Page 38 June 1990 Dusty Times

Page 39

I Markku Alen and 1/kka Kivimaki led for a time, making a great debut for the Suberu Legacy 4WD Turbo, but overheating put them out later. The little Suzuki service trucks, in /me at the start, overshadow the two Group N Suzuki Swifts entered by privateer Fredrik Skoghag. Bjorn Waldegard concentrates on a countdown at a restart while Fred Gallagher plots the route that took them to the overall victory. trucks en route. At Nairobi Bjorn W aldegard led Biasion by about six minutes, Fiorio was third. The third leg, the long trek north began on Saturday. Eighteen cars were lined up ready to go but Kirkland's car stayed there, left behind with unfixable engine trouble. Heather-Hayes continued despite many troubles during the day, losing hours. The real excitement was at a mudhole just before dawn. Bjorn arrived, found some local people who told him which way to drive out, but the pursuing drivers were less lucky. One problem was that a Lancia mud crew vehicle was stuck in the middle. Eventually it was found possible to assault a bank, drive along the top of this then through a field. Later drivers lost less time as they could see what to do in the daylight. This gave Waldegard a healthy margin over the Lancias, and Mikael started to pull himself back until he had more shock trouble. Fiorio retired, a bad shock for Lancia, with a ticking noise at the Eldoret rest halt, ready to leave for home, and had another shock. "Team Manager Claudio Lombardi told me to stay behind and drive Dario Cerrato's chase car, a_s I had the pacenotes." W aldegard almost wrecked his already weakened clutch getting out of the mud, and sacrificed much of his hard gained lead at Eldoret having the car re-prepared for the night sections to come. Juha Kankkunen suspected he had alternator trouble, and lost an hour in repairs. Heather-Hayes was losing ground to a fast recovering Sainz, not helped when a brake disk broke and wrecked a caliper. Njiru was still going well with his Group N car, leading lwase, and each was hoping to be the first to finish the Safari in a Production car. The surprise was the Daihatsus. Of the four it was the little normaliy aspirated ones which were still going. Jack had retired his turbo car after being stuck at Taita, while Hirabayashi had gone off the road. W aldegard now led Biasion by over half an hour. Ericsson was third, snatching what sleep they could followed by Kankkunen, Heather-on the hotel floor, the rooms all Hayes and Sainz. fully booked by Lancia 's en-The fourth stage was Eldoret to tourage. The Toyota versus Eldoret, and until now there had Lancia fight was getting serious. been little rain. The rain came on This wasn't helped whe·n the this night time loop in the north. organizers issued a bulletin saying Soon the cars were splashing their the restart from Eldoret would be way around the Cherangany Hills in arrival order rather than order and the fun started. Waldegard of classification. Computer broke his left rear driveshaft and breakdown was blamed. With no got stuck on a hill. He was towed risk of dust on the run to Nakuru out of the way but lost towards that day this worked against three quarters of an hour, letting Lancia who had to set off first and Biasion into the lead. Ericsson second on the road. Waldegard also fell back and lost similar time led by 20 minutes over Biasion, with a clutch and gearbox change, Kankkunen was next followed by and things began to turn Lancia's Ericsson, Sainz, and Heather-way. Ericsson then had front Hayes, six hours behind the shock trouble on two occasions. leader. Then came the second ·catas-The haste with which the trophic mudhole. The route was a revised restart order for the fifth yard deep in mud and once again a section was announced in Eldoret Lancia mud crew vehicle was caught everyone off guard. The blocking the route, getting stuck sun was out once more and by the the 'wrong side of the hole'. Juha time the rally crossed the Kerio persisted and eventually got Valley and reached Marigat it was through with the help of about 20 very hot. News soon came that spectators on a rope. Biasion tried Biasion was out with a broken big to circumvent the hole, but gave end bolt, Lancia's second engine up. "We got out the map and failure of the event. The 90 km found another route altogether", asphalt main road section from explained co-driver Tiziano. lten across the valley persuaded Siviero. As they turned around Lancia to fit racing tires, which they passed other competitors gave them more time for servicing. arriving and everyone made their Kankkunen was the final Italian way by the other route, a detour hope, but he gradually settled for of 15 kilometers or so. second. Heather-Hayes continues Then the politics started. his remarkable tale of adventure, Lombardi contacted the chief this time with a turbo oil pipe sporting steward, fellow Italian failure which caused a fire. Erasmus Saliti, to appraise him of Waldegard was checking things the situation. Going into the carefully, particularly when the mudhole the leading Lancia and water temperature rose in the heat. In Nakuruthe officials had a meetiiig to discuss Lancia 's planned protest about the mudhole. There was considerable tension in their camp; a whole plane load of journalists had been brought from Europe to watch, what they imagined to be Lancia's great Safari hat trick. All they could see was another Phoenix going on; broken· engines, a helicopter which landed in the trees, a World Champion getting stuck in the mud. It was not impressive for a company whose home· consumption sponsors their racing. The protest never happened, but many felt Lancia might just become bad losers if Waldegard's winning ways lasted one more day. Going into the sixth section, Nakuri to Nairobi Walde ard .... 41 ' t . ; ,~A,ii»d/;!&ief:~;'.<\. \ l~•, held a 40 minute margin on Kankkunen. Next came Ericsson, Sainz, Shinozuka and Heather-Hayes. Barring untoward incidents Waldegard had the rally in the bag. The first difficult section up to Mau Narok was cancelled after overnight rain, and the only untoward moment was when Anthony's courageous little Charade broke its driveshaft.· Bjorn was gracious in victory, admitting his worst moment was having to be towed three kilometers with the broken driveshaft. "It will be difficult to make it any tougher." The man with the biggest smile was Mike Doughty. His pre-rally wish to be the most hated man in Kenya was probably achieved, but at least Toyota knew that their long and terrible anxieties in the last two ears had not been in vain. Juha Kankkunen and Juha Piironen splash through ;i scenic waterffll1 in 'he Lancia Delta lntegrale. They survived a variety of troubles to place second 0 /A, the only Lancia in the top ten at the finish. ----- · -·-- -----the Toyota had been on equal minute's penalty, afterwards Waldegard pulled out a lead of 34 minutes. Waldegard's co-driver Fred Gallagher was cautious in what he was saying. "We'll only say what we did to avoid the mud 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! when the fuss is over." The Subaru challenge was continuing: Njiru was lying ninth, without serious trouble, Heather-Hayes had more brake trouble. The two Daihatsus were also continuing. The cars were still continuing back to Eldoret five hours after sch_edule, drivers . . -• . '\\~~<>~i"c~ • Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling, design to retain stock appear-ance and allow 34" tall tires. SCORE/HORA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Reinforced hood to stop distortion at speed.-Racers Price Available. Dimple Die Sets now in stock - W' -1" -1½" -2" CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division 39067 Orchard St Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing Cherry Va,'ey, CA 92223 8403 Vicki Road Mikael Ericsson a"ld Claes Billstam head into the wai~rfa/1 :.Vat;tied intently by a crowd from 6 nearby village. Kenyans do love rallies. Curt Leduc, Owner Rockford, IL 61108 (714) 845-8820 (815) 332-9681 Dusty Times June 1990 Page 39

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Dave Hendrickson heads down the awesome steep 'ski' jump at Glen Helen on his way to second in Class 5-1600 when the day was done. Randy Bishop was on form at this race and he drove hard enough to place second in the highly competitive ranks of Class 1-2-1600. Stacy Fay did well in the heat races in her 5-1600 Bug, but she dropped back to third late in the main event on the white flag lap. By Elaine Jones Gary Gall Hot At Miller Off Road Rick Boyer had to work hard for his victory, but he earned top honors in the 1-2-1600 bunch after two heats and a m~e~t · ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR 16.5 POUNDS SIZES· AVAILABLE 16 X 27 18 X24 19 X 28 19 X 31 CURR-ENTLV USED IN CLASS 2, 8, & NASCAR Hl-'l~ECH ttl~I~ l~ttAlt • 2 WD • 4 WD • TRUCK • JEEP• PRERUNNERS • CUSTOM TUBE BENDING • OFF ROAD ACCESSORIES • RANCHO SUSPENSION • DOETSCH TECH •MASTERCRAFT• KAYLINE • CIBIE • K & N · • JT BODY LIFTS • FUEL SAFE • CLIFFORD~ AUTOFAB • KC HILITES personalized • AIR LIFT •ORD PERFORMANCE• MIKUNI service ! • 104 OCTANE BOOST• SMITTYBILT • AMSOIL c:ld ·fll LASVEGAS702. · \,,·u:.~ 3867 s. yALLEY VIEW 362-2089 ru~~~~;~oi~~IP OFF SPRING MTN. RD. . OPEN MON-SAT Pagc.40 June 1990 Glen Helen - April 8, 1990 Mother Nature looked like she was going to do it again as a light rain greeted the competitors Sunday morning. What it did do was make a track with plenty of hookup that was very fast. This led to some very good racing. Gary Gall came up with a hat trick in Class 10 and with the absence of Marty Coyne probably put himself in the points lead. In the first heat Gall may have started on the last row inside but he sure didn't stay there as he took his Mancha Racing/Rev Power/Radi Man/ Mancha Real-tors car to the front before the first lap was complete and that's where he stayed. Art Gersjes in the A .G . Transport/ A&M/ Champ Comp Engines Ford Chenowth had an easy time with second leaving the battle for third. Doug Davenport 'in the Toshiba Car Stereo/NGK/Karcher/ VHT /Goodyear/Cal Bumper Chenowth started in third but lost it to Scott Douglas in the Goodyear/Douglas Brothers Racing VW. When the white flag came out Davenport pulled a slick little pass after the finish and capitalized on Douglas' flat rear tire. Dougla~ did manage to hang on for fourth. With Gall on the outside of the first row for the second heat it was inevitable that he would run away with the race. Dave Anckner driving the Arras Ind/ McDon-alds/ Armstrong/Rev Power/ Shock Tech Magnum VW for injured Eric Arras got off second and held off Art Gersjes until the fourth lap when Art found the line to get around and Anckner settled for. third. Gall had it all his way in the Main. With a pole start he was off like a rocket ship and was never in any danger as he cruised home. Gersjes, who also came up with a hat trick with his three second place finishes, attached himself to Gall and waited for the mistake that never came. Paul Simon who had been having nothing but bad luck all day got a break on the start and was able to capture third. The 1-2-1600 was hotly contested in the heats. Steve Bishop in the Bishop-Off Road Racing/JG Transwerks/G.L. Jackman Tile/Bishop Special VW got the hole shot but it was short lived as one lap later brother Randy in the So. Horizon Contractors/ Bishop Racing put the move on him and not only took the lead but saw brother drop to fourth as Andy Anderson in the Anderson Racing VW and Bob Mathews in the George· Hartman I.0.0.B/ Bill Silberman Construction Spider VW also got by to take over second and third. Anderson and Randy Bishop were running close enough to exchange shorts sizes. In fact Anderson got a little too close and ended up with a rough driving penalty that dropped him three positions. The win went to Randy with Mathews second and Rick Boyer in the Independent Pipe & Tubing VW rounding out the field with third. Boyer came back strong in heat 2 as he went wire to wire for the win with Anderson going clean in second and Steve Bishop a solid third. Boyer had the pole for the main with Mathews on the outside. Randy Bishop was inside second row with brother Steve on the outside. Boyer got off the quickest and Randy used his dratt and went right with him. Mathews was· in third and no matter what anyone did things remained the same ti! the checkered came out. The trip back to Bakersfield was a happy one for Boyer. The 5-1600 keeps growing and with Mario Paniagatopoulos who we all wish a speedy recovery sidelined, the class is up for grabs. Kyle Jankiewicz and Gary Keniston in the Arras Weld-ing/ Shock Tech/ Rev Power VW showed the troops he was going to be the one to beat. It was follow the leader and Jankiewicz was the teacher in the first heat. Walt Matthews and Phillip Houle in the A Door Co/ Small Car Connec-tion/ Larry Hayes Offroad VW was a solid second and Clyde Salverda and Rick Wever in the Pride Collison & Paint River-side/ Air Cooled Connection/ Hammerick Race Prep VW passed Kathy Fay and Leslie Hung in the Engine Machine Service/ Armstrong Tires VW on the first lap and put his claim on third. In the second heat it was David Hendricson and Karen Scott in the Stars and Stripes Racing/ Mis-sion Viejo Home Loans VW who nailed the number one spot from the get go. Chris Redden and Jeff • Loeb in the Tony the Greek/ Browns Auto Works/G&J Aircraft/Mario "P" VW were second for one lap and then Dave Hamrick and Harry Leipold in the Air Cooled Connection/ Hamrick Backhoe VW took over and had their hands full holding off Jankiewicz who came from fifth and nibbled at their rear bumper for five laps. Jankiewicz and Stacy Fay shared the front row for the start of the Main but it was Jankiewicz who got the edge at the drop of the flag and made it to the corner first and never looked back. Fay hung in there ti! the white flag and just couldn't hold offHendricson and had to settle fo~ third. (ccmrinucd cm page 42) Dusty Times

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-~ Doug Shepherd and Joe Andreini have the Dodge Daytona in Noel Lawler and Diane Houseal clear the Yoctangee Park Jump in their Mazda 323. They finished fifth overall and first in GT class. Demitri Andreou and Tom Burgess, shown on Bolster Hollow Stage, took their Audi Quattro to sixth overall and first in Group A ranks. Open class this year; they were second overall, just three minutes off the pace. Sunrise, 400 Forest Rally standpoint. There were sixty, seven starters at the event, the largest field in a couple of years, and forty,six finishers. Paul Choiniere and co,driver Scott Weinheimer had a realtively easy time winning the Sunriser 400 Pro Rally in their open class Audi Quattro. Choiniere's job was made much easier when his won by a seed six team from Chillicothe who had obviously done some practicing. Mike Landrum and co,driver Pat O'Bryant managed to turn exactly the same time on both of the mirror courses, this was also the fastest time on both courses. By Judi Gooch Photos: Jim DePaul • toughest competitors both hit the same telephone pole in the rain drenched first stage. Tim O'Neil and co,driver Martin Headland were able to finish the stage but eventually retired when the supercharger belt broke on their new 4 wheel drive VW Golf. Doug Shepherd and co,driver Joe Andreini lost about two minutes when tney hit the pole, but were able to continue and eventually worked back up to a second place finish in their Dodge Daytona. Paul Choiniere and Scott Weinheimer fly high in the Audi Quattro on the Yoctangee Park Stage, and the young team finished a grand first overall and first in Open class on the Sunriser 400 Forest Rally. Sunriser started this year with a service crew competition on Thursday evening. This consisted of a short autocross course during which the team had to stop and change a tire with the equipment on board the rally car, and then another stop where the service crew had to change all four tires and the spare, and wash the windshield. This competition was The rally started Friday evening with the traditional spectator stage in downtown Y ochtangee Park. The cars were required to be in Park Ferme bv four o'clock. At about five o'clock it started to rain. Since the park stage is all paved except for a five hundred foot section in the back most of the top competitors chose to run street tires. By the time the first car started at six o'clock it had been pouring for half an hour. This stage is run in reverse order, the last seed six car is the first car out. The lower seeds had little trouble with the course and in fact a seed six driver, Terry Thompson had the fastest time on this stage. By the time seed two and three were running the back five hundred foot section had turned into a mud bog and there were numerous incidents. Many cars were lucky and managed to avoid hitting anything but Dan Jankow, A local farmer with a few shots of whiskey under his belt gave some rallyists a difficult time Saturday afternoon. He decided after three or four cars had gone down his quiet little road that he didn't like rally cars on his road. He got his big draft horse out and attempted to block the road with it. When the cars were still inching by he started throwing things at the cars and backing the horse into the·cars. Shannon Millen and co,driver Jean Lindamood had a soda can thrown into their Mazda 323, and Bill Atterbury and co,driver Barbara Frost had a whiskey bottle thrown through the passenger side door window in their vintage class Datsun 510. Fortunately the local sheriff responded very quickly and removed both man and horse from the road. When the rally finished Choiniere in his Audi Quattro was first both overall and in open class. With Shepherd in the Dodge Daytona second both overall and in open class, Jeff Zwart and co,driver Cal Coats, worth moved from GT to open class this year and managed a great third place finish. Group A saw Canadian Demitri Andreou and co,driver Tom Burgess take their first class win in an Audi Quattro. Erik Zenz and co,driver Sean O'Conner were second in their Mazda 323, and Dan Theil and co,driver Curt Shalvoy took third in a Volvo 242. In Production GT Irishman Lawler won in his Mazda 323, and also managed a great fifth place Dusty Times overall. Shannon Millen was fromanorganizationalstandpoint, second also in a Mazda 323, and and more importantly the roads Canadian W ojtek Grabowski and are fun to run from a competitor co,driver Jerzy Dabrowski were • (continued on /1<1~e 42) third in their Toyota Celica All Trac. Production class saw Cal Landau take his second straight class win in his VW GTI. Landau's wife Karen co,drove for this event because regular co, driver Eric Marcus is in New Zealand. W.G. Giles and co, driver Richard Smith were second in another VW. Jeff Field and co, driver A.K. Kaumeheiwa were third in a Dodge Shadow. The truck class saw a close race between Swedish immigrant Tibor Von Denes and co,driver Boyd Smith in an ex,road race Dodge D,50 and John De Seyn and co,driver John McArthur in a Toyota. De Seyn was leading until about the half,way point when he hit a bank and lost about thirty seconds. He tried but never could get the time back. Gary and Judi Gooch finished third in another Toyota pickup. This was the first time one of the ex,race trucks have run, we hope there will be more. In the Vintage class that is run at Sunriser for rally cars over ten · years old, Jan Jolles and co,driver Jim Kloosterman were first in their 1969 Volvo 140. Chris Czyzio and co,driver Dale Jones were second in a 1977 Plymouth Arrow, and Bill Atterbury still managed a third in class in his 1969 Datsun 510 despite the broken window on co,driver Barbara Frost's door. PARKER PUMPER HELMET CO. 714-923-70_16 1985 SNELL APPROVED HELMETS WE HAVE IN STOCK A COMPLETE LINE 0F SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS, ON DISPLAY AND AVAILABLE AT LOW RACE NET PRICES! Each helmet has shield and skirt included. ~-~er~'\ ~o ~~0,,. . ~0 ~~~c.,c.,A,r:, +'1> ,~ b~ 1&~ 1 _i..\0 ~i0 ~ t:.~01 ~" ~ ~~0 ~~ot-f(,~ ~~ ~~ Jt.0' 0 e:,O :(!>" i'?J"'o O~ACH HAS RACHET SHIELD -MORE NOSE ROOM MUCH LIGHTER - SEALS BETTER AGAINST DUST . . ALSO AVAILABLE . . FULL LINE OF SIMPSON PRODUCTS -BELL HELMETS - GLASS SHIELDS -DRINKERS KOOL PAC'S - PUMPER MOTORS - 4'-8' HOSES 'We Convert Customer's Helmets -"IT'S ALMOST LIKE CHEATING" PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 2318 South Vineyard, Ste B, Ontario, CA 91761 The Sunriser 400 was as usuai a well planned and executed rallv , 714/923-7016 SFWY June 1990 Page 41

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MILLER OFF ROAD from />a!(e 40 The Challenger Class was on the light side but they made up for it with some good racing. Kevin Davie in the CLS Landscape Mgmt/Lothringer Engineering VW had a perfect day going with a 1-1-1. Clay Bintz in the J.G. Transwerks/Racoco VW and Jack Millerd in the West Engine Chassis-Suspension-T ransaxle VW traded off second and third with Millerd capturing second in the main. The Super Lites continue to be one of the most closely contested classes of them all. It was a three way go in Heat 1 with Rory SUNRISER 400 from /,a!(C 41 ski and co-driver Pete Gladysz in their Dodge Charger were the first car of three to hit the same telephone pole. Jankowski managed to finish the stage but Holladay in •the Powerblock/ Yokohama /Shoei /K&N /Mik-uni/HRD Briggsblt car off first with Joe Price in the J.D. Price Co. !CT /Rice Honda/Good-year/ EEE Honda in hot pursuit and Gilbert Valdez in the G.D. Valdez Briggsblt Honda an extremely close third. Valdez picked off Price by the second lap and he wasn't finished. It took him a little time but on the white flag lap Valdez made his move and the reward was the number one at the checkered. Holladay was second and Price rounded out the field with third. Price came roaring back in the second heat going wire to wire. Holladay and Valdez battled for second for three laps before attrition sent Valdez to the pits. Holladay had a spin after the finish which was all John Gersjes in the J.G. Motorsports/Worthy Tool/A&G Tractor/H&R Fab-rication Klemm car needed. Gersjes took full advantage of everyone's problems and went from fifth to second in the blink of an eye. Holladay came back for third. Price came up with the pole for the main with Holladay on the outside and Gersjes behind Holladay. Price held the lead for one lap before Holladay took over. It looked like Holladay would have the win in his hip pocket but the fickle finger of fate wasn't able to go any further with Noel Lawler and co-driver Diane a broken axle. Shepherd and Housel had moved from a starting O'Neil were the other two drivers position at the end of seed four to to hit the pole located at the end . second on the road. Lawler found of the muddy section. the foggy rainy conditions made When the Friday night stages him feel right at home and his were complete there were several Mazda 323 handled beautifully. surprises in the results. Irishman Also making an impressive show stepped in and he lost an engine on the white flag lap, leaving the door open for Gersjes who was waiting in the wings. Chuck Parker in the Walnut Auto Works/BY Performance car finished what could have been an also ran day a solid second. Price, after stuffing his car in Holladay's favorite turn got back up for third. Erik Cobb on the BV Perform-an e/K&N/ Shoei/ AXO/Bob's Crazy Brush Honda has served notice he is going to be putting the pressure on the big guns in the 4 Wheel A TV Class. In the first heat Cobb got out in front and would have stayed there if he hadn't been the victim of a flat tire. As it was he held on for all but the last two. Derek Hamilton in the P.E.P./ Belray/ Performance Concrete Cutting/ AXO/Shoei Suzuki came from third, passing Roger Hensley aboard the Klemm Research/ P.E.P./SCR/O'Neal/ Graydon Suzuki to take the win. Cobb did get third. No flats in the second heat and the win went to Cobb with a romp from start to finish. Hamilton again came from third, passing Helsley for second. Hamilton took no chances in the Main as he got on top and stayed there. Cobb was the one who got by Helsley on the first lap to lock into second and give the spectators a good show as he tried to chase down Hamilton. were local driver Mike Dreher more pleasant to run as the rain and co-driver Jerry Bridenbaugh had stopped and the forest roads who started about sixty-third on were in great condition. The their first ever national PRO Rally · morning started with another run and were seventh on the road in in Y ochtangee Park, but this time their Nissan Silvia on Saturday's everyone took it real easy in the restart. mud and there were no more Saturday's stages crashes. ~ -....Cal and Karen Landau charge through the night on Cooper Hollow Stage. Their VW G Ti was twelfth overall and first in Production class. Tibor Von Denes and Boyd Smith won the Sport Truck title in an ex road racer Dodge D-50, arid they arrived 24th overall as well. Sunrise, has a Vintage rally car class, and this win went to Jan Joi/es and Jim Kloosterman, who got eleventh overall in the Volvo 140. 1n the technical inspection business, this is a quiet time of year. Thank goodness for that, because the workload at the shop doesn't get any lighter no matter what time of year it is. The final changes have been made to the 1991-92 SCORE-HORA rule book, all the proofing has been done and the booklet is at the printer. Raging controver-sies have been reduced to an occasional growl and every once in a while a whimper. That's not .to say turmoil won' t erupt tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, but lets all enjoy the peace and quiet while we can. I was trying to reflect on this state of things the other day and figure out what caused the wolves to stop howling so loudly all of a sudden. I still don't know, but I believe one of the contributing factors has been the presence of George Thompson in our sport. George runs the Independent Need action photos? Call us ! Trackside Photo, Inc.-Racing photography since 1970 . . . I ,. . -~ Trackside Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commercial & Product Photography Page 4i P.O. Box 91767 Los Angeles, California 90009 (213) 670-6897 June 1990 Desert Racers Association (IDRA). He is most visible as the IRRA spokesman who has to justify the penalties { or lack of them) handed out after a race for various sporting infractions. When sporting rules are violated either at a SCORE race or a HORA race, George's group made up of knowledgeable but disinterested people, provides a forum; in a quiet setting the pros and cons of each case brought to the attention of race officials can be heard, studied, debated and more often than not resolved. What is not so apparent is what George and the IDRA do to help the racers technically. A year ago he started involving himself with the affairs of the buggy drivers -pardon me, Sal and Danny, the desert race car drivers. With George's encour-agement the desert racing classes elected a representative, Mark McMillin, and through Mark and a schedule of meetings where rules could be discussed openly, they began having more of a voice in the management of their classes. They accomplished the merger of classes 1 and 2, for one major change. W hile there is not universal satisfaction with a combined class, the competitors now have an effective voice in their own affairs, and when they have something to say about the rules, they get my attention. They were having a meeting once a month, but that must have been too often, because they haven't found a good reason to meet lately, so far as I know. What George has done in his self-adopted role as a mediator is to guide the racers into a pattern of discussing their gripes and their worries as individual class groups. What used to happen was that a guy would call me up and express his ang't!r over some rule. Typically, he would say that he represented all the entrants in his class and say that they ( all the drivers) weren't going to stand for it, whatever "it" was. Now, when that happens, George makes up a ballot or a questionnaire and through the class rep actually polls the class to see where its individual members stand on a specific subject. One of the results is the new front suspension rule in Class 1-2-1600. George polled the class and found out that most of the competitors really did want an open philosophy toward front suspension. He's been very helpful in getting a consensus from Classes 5 and 5-1600 on some technical issues as well lately. George is a convenient person to call when the racer's complaint is " I can't get hold of Bill," meaning me. Like everyone else who works for a living, I'm pretty busy and can't be available too often during a business day, usually. But when George calls, he gets my attention. He'll only call when it's something important. As a result, his calls are pretty effective when it comes t o influencing policy in a particular class. So during this quiet time, about all I can say is thanks for the brief recess from the loud discussions of rules, the occasional conflicts over them, the mental gymnastics it takes to come up with a solution to a particularly difficult problem. Some of those thanks I give go to George Thompson and the IDRA. Dusty Times

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A Fun Run at Ventura Raceway Story and Photos by Richard K. Schwalm Announcing to the world that off road racers are an added plus to the current Ventura Raceway program is this parking lot billboard. Almost hidden on the beachside County Fairgrounds of a small California coastal city named Ventura is a full quarter-mile dirt oval which has provided the local area with twelve years of exciting motor racing. Some of those racing activities have been speedway motorcycles, stock cars, tractor pulls, USAC midgets and TQs. But now Ventura Raceway is featuring motocross motorcycles and Class 10 stadium style off road buggies. Talented promoter,Jim Naylor and his hard working staff, have invested many years of effort to present many forms of dirt oval racing and, at the same time, provide a training ground for the racers. His new effort with the motocross bikes and the off road buggies shows promise because of the high off road interest and the declining locales for such events. Plus, all of the "racing facts" are in the off road racer's favor. Easy access, low entry fee, good payback, and most importantly, a track staff that wants to put on a show that is best for the fans, the racers, and the track. This race was the second of ten which will end in November. The buggie field was low, but high in quality. Jim May and his father teamed together again to see how well their Chenowth would do. Off road stadium veteran Ron Carter with his racing family and friends, Randy Rhinehart, Steven Yost, and Richard Litton. Chet. Huffman showed briefly, but disappeared by race time. After a short practice run, an individual two lap qualifying session began the evening's buggie format. Ron Carter was the first on the track with his Chenowth and turned in two hot laps, but later said he had to change the transmission because the gearing was wrong. Next came Randy Rhinehart who looked just as quick even with his left rear tire going flat. Steven Yost w~s driving a remodeled two seat dune buggie and ended up breaking a second tie rod ( the first one broke in practice) after a hard landing off the grandstand jump.Jim May put his Funco through its paces with a careful touch as dad kept his fingers crossed for good luck. ~ ' Reshaping the full quarter-mile dirt oval from Friday night's stock car race into a combination stadium buggie and motocross track is tireless promoter Jim Naylor. Coming from the stable area and staged for qualifying in order are Randy Rhinehart, Jim May, and Ron Carter. Dusty Times And Richard Litton powered his buggie in fine style with the engine sounding a bit thick through the mogols. Steven Yost lined up on the inside pole for the first heat race with Jim May on his right. Behind Yost was Ron Carter with his front wheels already turned out to blast into the lead. Richard Litton was on the outside with Randy Rhinehart behind him. The green flag flew and so did the field. Carter beat the pack into the first turn and Rhinehart followed close behind leaving Litton, Yost, and May to bump their way through. Rhinehart gave chase to Carter the next few laps, but Carter held on to his lead for the rest of the heat. Rhinehart finished second and really flew the last jump at the checkered flag and stalled the engine after a hard landing. After the motocross bikes ran their heats, the second buggie heat was up. But this time the racers had time to make some fine adjustments and the starting grid was different. Rhinehart had the pole position and Carter was on the outside looking to get in. Litton was on the second row pole with May on his right and Yost on his rear bumper. For the second time the starter waved the green, but for the first time Carter didn't get the holeshot. Rhinehart held Carter off jump after jump and lap after lap, all the way to the finish. Carter seemed to gain some ground as they danced over the mogol section, but Rhinehart kept his speed up as he flew over the fast jumps just long enough to regain his advantage. Poor Yost broke yet another tie rod and had to retire for the night. Twelve laps would be run for the main event and it would be the final race of the evening. The crowd consisted maiinly of motocross fans, but all of them stayed to the end to watch the buggies perform. . , May had the pole this t;ime with Litton next to him. Ca'rter was inside second row and Rhinehart on the outside. They took off together, they flew the first jump together, but they didn't take the first turn together. Carter went for the deep inside of May and Rhinehart went outside of Litton. May didn't see Carter and turned into him, their rear tires bumped sending May up and over sideways for two full rolls landing right side up. The crowd went wild with delight as the red flag was waved for a restart. All racers took the same grid positions, except for May who elected to start BEHIND Carter this time. Off they flew again with Carter leading the pack and Rhinehart in hot pursuit. After a few laps the dueling pair continued to put on a fine exhibition of stadium off roading. Pitching their cars through the turns, flying the jumps, and even half spinning out together with out changing positions. Litton and May kept up their share of the race too, but from a distance. All eyes remained glued on the fight for the top spot all the way to the last jump as Carter and June 1990 Steven Yost demonstrated the single wheel landing technique that put him out of the main event with twice broken tie rods. Rhinehart took the checkered flag almost side by side. After the fans were gone, the racers were packing up for home; and where was promoter Jim Naylor? Counting the money? No, he was out on the track in a tractor tearing the track down for the next race. He was having his own Fun Run at Ventura Raceway. Ron Carter continually danced his stadium Chenowth buggy over the mogals faster_ than anv other racer. . Making a blur across the crowded grandstands of enthusiastic fans is Ron Carter flying high over one of the better jumps on the oval portion of the oval track. EMPLOYMENT /ON PROFESSIONAL RACE TEAM SKILLS NEEDED: • Fabrication • Machining • Welding • Precision Assembly EMPLOYEE BENEFITS INCLUDE: • Paid Vacation and Holidays • Full Major Medical • Paid Sick Leave • Paid Travel Expenses Reply: Mr. William G. Church Church Engineering, Inc. 2501 Alton Avenue Irvine, Ca 92714 (714) 660-8600 Page 43 "f

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Cor:::i:: ~~cw Pony Express ••• B G R Th p Just a few lines to let you know famous quote "Give me liberty or Y eorge · ompson that I feel the "Dusty Times" is give me death". If we are legislated The Competition Review in this case, since they both ·saw one of the best magazines into an urban existance there Board for the inaugural SCORE the name and number on the side published! Keep up ·the great job! won't be as much reason for your San Felipe 250 was convened of the vehicle when Douglas Also, I was wondering if you publication. You can't please all Sunday morning April 22 at 8:00 finally passed them. could put a question in print for of the people all of the time. a.m. at the Hotel La Trucha Douglas admitted to having me. My question is "where have Maybe it is time to take a stand. Vagabunda, near the edge of the contacted some 5-1600 cars in all the off road racers in the Pacific Either you are for us or against us. historic Sea of Cortez. On hand this area, but denied the claims of Northwest gone?" What's a few lousy subscriptions were Joe Lippitt (Tight Ten), abusive _nerfing. Both Cook and I can remember times when lost because you upset the Sierra Dave Ashley, Class 3, Wayne Quintero were questioned in therewerecloseto l00vehiclesat Club,comparedtohowmanyyou Cook, Class 5-1600, Johnny great detail aboutthe incident and the races, every race! Now we are will lose when off road racing Johnson, Class 7S, Willy Higman, they were both absolutely certain lucky to get 30 vehicles. There are ceases to exist? Class 1-2-1600, Michael}. Burke, that this was, indeed, the vehicle the dedicated racers that show up While I hate Senator Cranston Class 30, Dan Newsome, BFGood- which hit them. Cook said that every race, some driving from as with an undying passion, I must rich, Frank Vessels, Alternate, even if these two vehicles were far away as southern California· or respect him because he never George Thompson, CRB Marshal, complete duplicates in every from northern Canada. These waivers from his stand. He does Steve Kassanyi, SCORE Race detail only one of them carries guys are truly dedicated to the not try to please everybody. On Director, Reese King, SCORE Douglas' name and vehicle sport. The ones I can't figure out the other hand I hold Senator Officials Association. number on the side. are the ones that have short tows Wilson with nothing but complete The Board was satisfied to the events and call themselves and total disdain because of his that there was not a case for off road racers. They never show ·ability to shift with the political mistaken identity here, however, up. winds of change. Fence riding theyalsofeltthatDouglas'intent -Between W ashington, Oregon politicians are nothing but had not been to maliciously and western Canada there is close weaklings. I would be interested destroy Quintero's vehicle. to 300 vehicles, and more in to know why a Sierra Clubber Everyone seemed united in the California and Nevada. If off would be interested in Dusty feeling that Douglas had severely roading in the northwest is to Times, other than to keep tabs on misjudged the impact of his continue, these so called part time what we are up to. You have a fine nerfing on the small Baja Bugs. racers better get off their buns and publication, please don't ruin it The same impact on a vehicle of get out there and start racing. by kissing up to the Sierra Club equal weight would probably not I would love to see 20-25 Class the way you did in Soap Box. have had any effect at all, but the 1 or 2 or 5 cars, since I race this Who are the similar organizations. difference in weight and bumper class, 20 or more heavy iron could I need to know who else to watch In what.turned out to be a very fast and clean race there were only three cases brought before the Competition Review Board. One was dismissed due to a lack of evidence and another was dismissed because it quickly became evident that the wrong racer had been accused. The remaining case involved charges of abusive nerfing brought by #552 Javier Quintero against the Class 6 entry of Scott Douglas, #604 who allegedly nerfed Quintero so hard, at mile marker 54, that his co-driver had to retire from the race due to extreme neck pain. In discussing this case with Mr. Quintero it was '1earned that Wayne Cook, another Class 5-1600 entry and a member of the board, had also been nerfed in "an abusive manner" in the same area by Douglas. height between these two classes also be there not to mention all (hate). Philip Campbell is significant and the board felt the other classes that are available. Anaheim, CA that a veteran racer, suc·h as So now that I've vented some Douglas, should have been more steam, I expect to see some of the aware of that and exercised more 'part timers' show up at ~he caution in his apprqach to the October race at Bend, Oregon. smaller vehicles. See the listing for the date under He was given a Letter of PAC Racing. I'd love to see some Reprimand for this error in of the southern boys come up. judgment in the hope that this For sure I'll be there racing in would make him more aware of Class 2. how vulnerable these smaller Scott Douglas was on hand to answer these charges and said that the entire matter was a case of mistaken identity. He claimed that it was not his entry, but another very similar vehicle which was not only responsible for these charges but also rammed him later on and took out his fuel cell. Everyone was aware of the similarity between the two vehicles, however both Quintero and Cook were very specific that it was #604 that did the ramming vehicles are to the larger trucks. While everyone on the board was satisfied that this was the correct decision, · neither Quintero nor Douglas were happy with the decision. Quintero wanted to see a more severe penalty assessed . and Douglas left the meeting room proclaiming his innocence. These cases are almost always no-win situations for the. CRB. The Competition Review Board was adjourned after meeting for just over one hour. -~ N' R.L.H. COMMUNICATIONS 1111111111 ~ RACE RADIO SYSTEMS 337 W. 35th STREET, SUITE "F" NATIONAL CITY, CA 92050 (619) 585-9995 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE TOM & BOB DeNAUL T RICK VASQUEZ PERRY McNEIL REG. PRICE •59900 RACERS SPECIAL 1989 OVERALL H.D.R.A/SCORE 1989 OVERALL MIDWEST RACING 1989 OVERALL GRAN CARRERA Intercom HELMETS WIRED $175.00 HANDHELD RADIOS 10 CHANNELS $450.00 REVOLVING LIGHTS AND ELECTRONIC SIRENS/HORNS Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay Page 44 Dee Pray Renton, WA There are many reasons people quit off road racing, primarily it is money. In depressed times, such as some areas of the northwest is going through, people find a less costly way to have fun on weekends, and often something like a boat the whole family can enjoy as well. The same lack of entry problem exists in many places, both west Texas and Arizona, come to mind. Another problem at races both big and small is the poor payoff money that doesn't balance against the heavy investment in a competitive Class r, 2 , or 5 car. Get a money paying sponsor for your races and watch the entry zoom upward. Hi, my name is Debbi Neil and my husband is Chris Neil who races in the Mickey Thompson Off Road Grand Prix. I am writing to you because I would like to thank you for your continued coverage of our series. As the wife of a race car driver I know first hand how many long hours and complete dedication it takes from everyone involved to put together a competitive race team. It's nice to know that after all of the work and effort that we put into our sport that not only do the fans appreciate us but the press finds us enjoyable and newsworthy as well. Thank you again and please keep up the good work! Deborah A. Neil Cathedral City, CA Thanks for your kind words Debbie. W e appreciate a pat on the back from time to time also. I have just read the May soap Box. Perhaps you remember the June 1990 The above is one of two irate letters that came after the May issue was distributed. We wonder if the letter writers might have confused the Sahara Club with the Sierra Club. The Sahara Club is trying in a small way to combat the efforts of the Sierra Club to close the majority of the East Mojave Desert, and we support the Sahara Club in its goals to keep our off road areas open for fun as well as organized sport. that is why we printed the Soap Box. However, this is still a free country, and if folks who belong to the Sierra Club want to read Dusty Times, for whatever reason, so be it. We know of a dozen well organized and budgeted groups out to help Cranston get his bill passed, so off roaders can't act too soon. If you wish a list of these groups, call CORV A in Sacramento and while you are up, volunteer your help in CORVA's lobbying efforts andotheractivities. 1-800-237-5436: This letter is concerning your article covering the Nissan :400 race, in the May 1990 issue. Me and my husband John, (car 1016) felt that it was very unfair not to put any picture of him in the article and very little was written about him. My husband John placed second in that race and he also soloed it. We don't under-stand why Rex Keeling and Tom Koch, also Class 10, received a picture and something written under it. They rolled their car twice and placed fourth, big deal. Todd Davis placed fifth and got a picture also. Why riot second place. What those guys did was not impressive. What is impres-sive to me is that niy husband is not sponsored by anyone, he is the only one who turns wrenches· on the car, and his pits usually consist of his mom, dad, me and our baby. Sometimes we can find one or two of his friends to go, and we just recently joined FAIR Pit Support because of the need for more pits. John is out in the garage every day after work until at least 11 :00 p.m. and he still manages to finish very well in the big races. We've gotten a second and fourth place so far, and that is great for an unknown. But he doesn't have to remain an unknown if you would put a picture and something positive written about him in the paper. Someone out there might recog-nize him and keep an eye on him. Personally I felt really sad for him when he read the article and found very little about him and no picture. You know half these guys that get their pictures in magazines and have tons of sponsors don't even bother to show up at the awards presentation to pick up their trophies when they do well. We would like to get on the road early also, and we wouldn't mind celebrating, but we take pride in the fact that we've done well on our own, and we were there to pick up our trophies. So please don't forget about us little guys. We are on our way up fast and a picture and article would be real helpful! Diana and John Hays El Segundo, CA We thought we explained the whole thing on the phone. We simply did not get a photo, which was ordered along with 56 others, of your car from -the Nissan 400. When called, the photographer said they couldn't find a shot of your car, so, on deadline, we went to press without it. In fact we have gone to press from time to time without photos of class winners for the same reason, a hard to read number maybe or heavy dust kept the picture hard to find until weeks later when the rush was over. We did not do the article on the race, since we are unable to rush around the finish line and get war stories. Judy Smith does a great job for us at races big and small, and tracking close to 3 oo entries of ten sees some get lost and out of the article. We do have your picture in the June issue from the San Felipe 250, and we don't see a number visible on the side of the car at all. By the way, the reason we print so many photos of a race is to give more of the "little guys" some exposure. DE UNZIO OFF-ROAD RACING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES fljJJ-__ .~., for free catalog phone (805) 683-1211 Dusty Times

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·The Losers By Judy Smith The new San Felipe 250 turned out to be a well liked addition to the SCORE agenda, thanks to beautiful weather and a well designed course. The track ~as rough-fast, and the potential for Losers was high, but it was mitigated by the fact that access roads to the race course were plentiful and generally passable for the average pit vehicle. Perhaps it should have been more difficult, or, more to the point, perhaps a couple of chase teams should have considered the rules that have long been in effect which declare that pit vehicles on or near the race course which endanger entrants, call for disqualification of their race· vehicle. We heard of one pit vehicle traveling backwards on the course, and there was another, on its way to rescue a broken racer, that got stuck in a sand wash and caused as many as five or six racers to have to stop, and thus get stuck behind it. That inept pit person changed the outcome of a couple of races, notably Class 6, where the lead changed, thanks to his untimely goof. Why no one bothered to present a formal protest to the Competition Review Board is anyone's guess. They knew who he was. There was also traffic on the course fairly early in this race, and some limited class drivers reported that biker pits were either fetching their disabled racers, or were on their way back to town and used the course as access in some areas. Not a nice thing to do. Some racers ran into trouble with no help from pesky traffic, as did Jerry Feeney, in the Unlimited class. First he ran into a tree with his 3 .5 litre Porsche powered Chaparral two seater, and tore off his spark plug wires, his lights and mirrors. (Why did he think he'd need lights for this race?) He got that all fixed, and went on, only to run out of gas. It seems they'd forgotten to top off the fuel tank after pre-race testing. Ultimately, the transmission broke, at mile 130, and he was out for good. Michelle Fry, who drives a 1600 car, had slippy clutch troubles, but her chase crew fixed that, and she went on. Then a wheel fell off, and they got that all back together again, and then her car stopped. And no one was able to fix that. Michelle's brother, Mark, drives a Class 10 car, and had Bob Strawbridge, from Australia, as a co-driver. Strawbridge, who pre-ran the whole course, said, "It was very consistent, the rough!''. Unfortunately, he never got his chance to drive. First Fry broke a c.v. on the beach road, which his chase crew helped him fix, then he had a flat before he oat to Chinero, and they fixed th;t also. Then, just before he got to Borrego, which was the half-way point in the race, he ran out of gas. And by the time his crew could get in to refuel him, they'd lost so much time there wasn't much point in going on. So it wasn't a good race for the Fry family. Dave Pick was back in San Felipe early, in time to watch many of the entrants take the green flag. It seems that all the oil ran out of the breather of his Class 5 car. And another Class 5 driver, Bill Hernquist, didn't have any luck either. He blew a big hole in the head of his engine only a mile or two into the race. He really wanted a finish badly, so he took the car· back to town, found a welder, and had the aluminum head welded up. As you might imagine, this took quite a lot of time. Then Bill went out racing again, but he got only as far as the highway crossing before it broke again, this time permanently. And Jim Barbeau, who drives in the Unlimited class, had his car on the back of his chase truck early, victim of a missing tooth on the BECOME A HDRA/SCORE u/ J//'·~~....,J.,J-t-SPQRTSMAN THE CRIPPLED CHILDREN'S SOCIETY Join the prominent drivers, teams and contingency sponsors who elect the Walt Lott Sportsman of the year Mail your check for $100.00 payable to the Crippled Children's Society to Mr. Sticker for forwarding. We did: Dave Ashley, Calif. Casuals, Bill Donahoe, Day Racing, Dico, Walker Evans, Manny Esquerra, Funco, General Tire, Rod Hall, Inland Empire Driveline, Wayne Lee, Mr. Sticker, PC! Race Radios, Timmy Lee.Pruett, Dave Shoppe, Sports Gas, Ivan Stewart, Willie Valdez, Frank Vessels and the "Dusty Times''. Dusty Times ring gear. Grant George, who drives the four wheel drive Mazda truck in the Unlimited class, was back in . town and headed for the family trailer before half of the entry had left staging. He needed some time to figure exactly what happened, but they finally deduced that a snap ring pulled out of the outer c. v. ( they run Porsche turbo-type axles and c.v.s on the back of the truck), and the axle waved around, then jammed into the ground, and tore its inner c.v. all apart. Grant didn't notice the exact moment when that hap-pened, probably just thinking it was a bump in the road, but he did notice that the truck started to handle oddly. He stopped at the first road crossing to talk to his chase crew, and they discovered the problem, and decided that it would be o.k. for him to drive on down the course to the road crossing at Chinero, where he had a pit with a spare axle, and they could install it. But the alignment· bearing in the center of the rubber donut that aligns the front driveshaft broke before he got there. And that let the driveshaft drop out. And when the front driveshaft goes it takes out the wiring and the water lines for the truck. So that was the end of the race for Grant. In Class 5-1600, the new car of Darren Hardesty and Kreston Pons had· some problems with a slipping clutch, and then threw a rod. Rob MacCachren, who drives a 7S truck, had a medley of problems. He broke a distributor gear, he lost his oil pressure, his engine heated up, and then it quit. He was four or five miles before Check 3, at the "little summit", according to his crew, when that happened, so they had to wait for everyone to get past that P?int before they could go in to get him out. It turned into a long, long <;fay for MacCachren. Gary and Keavin Anderson, on the other hand, had too short a day. They drive in Class 11, and they had some electrical problems fairly early in the day. It took them a while, but they fixed it finally, got back in the car and went on. But when they got to the next Checkpoint the check point crew told them they were closed, and that the team was out of the race. The Andersons argued that they had a nine hour limit like everyone else, but on a shorter course, so that the checkpoint crews s_hould have been given times that made allowances for them, but it was no use, the check point people wouldn't let them go on. So they came back in to the finish line area, frustrated and unhappy, to talk to Steve Kassanyi, SCORE's Race Director. After some discussion the SCORE officials conceded the point, that they had erred by setting the shut down time too early for Class 1 ls, but it was too late to help the Andersons. They did, however, tell them that SCORE would apply the entry fee they'd paid for this event, to the Baja 500. John Dyck, who drives in Class 4, found himself leading the race, early in the day, and he was determined to give it his best shot. So, when a small part broke up in the front of his truck, he gambled that things would hold together until the finish. But he lost his gamble, and things went from bad to worse, and finally, the front axle housing broke in half. He was out by Check 3, one of the few inaccessible points on the course, and couldn't get his crew back in to weld it together. So he chained it together, with the help of some Mexican spectators, and limped out by himself. It took him hours to get back to the highway, and by then it was too late to go on . In Class 7 4x4 Jerry McDonald lost a driveshaft early in the race, but was able to replace it quickly and go on. Then he lost a couple of gears in the transmission, and debated replacing the trans, but decided that it was a tolerably short race, and he could probably finish without those gears. But then the bolts that hold the flywheel to the crank broke, and that put a complete stop to the proceedings. Russ Jones, who drives in Class 7, held a steady pace for the first half of the race, and figured he was running in third. Then, when he pulled into the Check at Borrego, he blew every gear but fourth in the transmission. That meant a two hour pit stop to install a new tranny, but he still felt he had time to make it to the finish before the cutoff, so he headed south.He got past 3 Poles and the engine died. The alternator belt had flipped off, and the battery was dead. He had to get a push to get restarted. He went another three or four miles and the belt flipped off again. This time he got a replacement from John Swift, got another push, and took off again. Before he reached Diablo Dry Lake it happened again, then it flipped off while they were crossing the dry lake, and once more up at Check 5. And each time they'd have to get a jump start, or a push to get going again. When they got to Check 5 their crew wasn't there, and they were · so late they decided to come in on the highway. And the alternator belt stayed on all the way to San Felipe. We'll be back next month with Losers from Phoenix. CAI YIU IIEET THE CHAllEIIE! HOSTED BY HORA DESERT CHAMPIONSHIPS & UTGARD/ HIBBARD PROMOTIONS SPONSORED BY PETERSEN'S 4-WHEEL & OFF-ROAD MAGAZINE SATURDAY AUGUST 11, 1990 6:00 P.M. THE SECOND ANNUAL IDRA PIT CREW CHALLENGE PRESENTED BY THE INDEPENDENT DESERT RACERS ASSOCIATION AT WILLOW SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY June 1990 IDRA POST OFFICE BOX 1683 OJAI, CA 93023 805/646-2903 Page 45

Page 46

OFF-RGAD RAGI-NG 'TE;AM -,--'The Straight Poop From The Big Wahwot In real tough times it is com, forting to know that the Checkers will 'handle it' if need be. By this I mean more than just dragging Pick's car out of some arroyo in Baja or waiting up . to the wee hours of the morning for Saul or BJ out on their last lap. After Russ Biswell's recent untimely death, Uncle Max, knowing that Russ had no family in town, followed up with phone calls throughout the Las Vegas area where Russ died and locally to his non, Checker friends to locate a rela, tive who would take care of the funeral arrangements. For a while it appeared that the Checkers would have to take the responsi, bility, until a brother was located in Oregon. Atta Boy Max, it's members like you that make the Club the special organization it is. An election was held for a new Club Secretary. The two candi, dates were Mark Harman and Robert Sandoval. Both of these newer members were subject to an intense interrogation by the members present before the vote was taken. Some of what was learned was that neither one of them could spell 'Checkers' cor, reedy and the Sugar would love to he·ar Sandoval sing 'White Christmas'. The vote was close with Robert Sandoval being elected as our new Club Secre, tary. Congratulations 'Squeaky'! An item in my last column was nearly the cause of violence at a recent meeting when Melancon threatened to punch Hibbard in the nose over what he considered an insult to his sponsor. Willie accused Jeff of being die Big Wah, zoo, which this Wahzoo considers an insult in itself! Seems he took serious offense to my questioning on the reason his spare tire mount broke at the Mint and put him out of the race. I asked last month whether this was the case of too thin a tubing or just a damn poor design? Well apparently his spon, sor had built the spare mount ... oops! During the discussion that followed Melancon disclosed a couple of facts: .00 too thin tub, ing was the real problem with the faulty tire mount and that Willie's skin is even thinner than his tubing. Since the Wahzoo cannot research every part that breaks on every Checker car that races, I have to rely on my fellow members good sense in taking the comments in this column as they are intended , good natured criti, cism among Checkers that is dispensed equally according to performance and personality! So, since Willie does not want any, more attention in this column and I would not like to get socked in the nose if he ever finds out who the Wahzoo really is, I will leave Willie's name out of this column in the future. Sadly, this is a loss for everybody because he does a lot of goofy things that are always fun to write and read about. SAN FELIPE RACE , Saul Zambrano Superstar? this. year's Checker Driver of the Year? Who knows, at the pace Saul's going anything is possible. 'Smiley' has now won three major races in a row with three different co, drivers driving 'Cheap Thrills', Saul's Class 11 car. First there was Jeff Strait, then John Howard and now Howard Anderson. Word is that negotiations are now under way that would give Walter Prince a ride into the winners cir, de in the very near future, that is if the problem of Saul's refusal to put candy canes on the 'Thrills' roof can be resolved. Saul Zam, brano and Howard Anderson , First Place Class 11. Congratula, dons guys, you carried the colors this race! Craft and the Cook's had a close one in Ross' s 5, 1600 car for a good second place finish as a little of the Cook's '89 luck must be rubbing off on Craft this year. Stuart Chase was 10th in Class 1/2 as he showed Urquhart the true meaning of a 'hand held radio' when his radio mount broke and put the FM unit in Scott's lap for part of the loop. Greenway, who is chasing the points title this year, had trouble with his unlimited car just before the race and had to borrow a fel, low competitors pre,runner. None the less he placed 12th in class to stay close in the points race. The following members DFOed, that's 'Done Fell Out' in city talk. Pick lost a motor shortly after the start. Symonds and crew barely made it out of sight before a new trick suspension part broke. "Bad heat treat" explained Gr~. Walter Prince greased his front wheel bearings JUST before the race started and strangely they both came apart JUST after the race began? Frenchie and Casillas also had race ending problems in their respective Class 10 & 1,2, 1600 cars. Sadly there was an ugly scene associated with this race and a Checker Officer was involved. Reports came to the weekly meet, ing following the race that during the celebration of his first place finish Howard Anderson com, mitted an un,Checkerlike act on Sal Fish. Details are still fuzzy at press time but there is a rumor that some locals got it on video Off Roads Winningest Radios OVER 1324 ON THE COURSE Comlink V The Ultimate Racing Intercom 16-CHANNEL ROAD MASTER "A LEGEND" • Helmets wired - $100. (CF) ONLY s53900 New! RF Pre Amp $95 . . 30% to 50% more range! 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 We'n, next door via U.P.S.I (213) 427-8177 June 1990 tape and we will be showing the of hundred dollar fine much more evidence at a Wednesday night than some others. Well the word I meeting in the near future. That is get 'is that George Thompson is of course after all the guests are currently considering an alterna, asked to leave. tive penalty for those who cannot Speaking of strange behavior, · afford to pay the fine , Lou will be debuting his new ultra PERFORMING COMMUNITY modern Motorsports Stadium on SER VICE! It seems George's wife May 26th at Rancho Santa Veron, has been on his case lately about ica just outside of Tecate for his some long neglected yard work Baja De Lou #3 Race. Peralta and spring cleaning out at claims his raceway is set up to Thompsonville near Ojai. So race handle every form of racing, cars, violators may soon be able to look ' motorcycles, horses, Mexican dog forward to having an option if sled races or whatever. This is of you're a little short of cash. Hey course after the local rancher has George, I don't do no stink'n had a chance to get his cattle off windows! the straightaways. On a final note, Vanegas has finally cooled down and forgiven After 2 of the eight races in the Peralta for pitching his Tecate to SCORE/HDRA series, our Ojos Negros horse race at one of members in the top half of their our meetings. It's rumored that class are as follows: Class l /2 , Bob quickly changed his mind Greenway 4th, Chase 5th and about Lou's race when Hawkins Tevon 21st. Class 1,2,1600, mysteriously promoted Bob the Sumners 10th. Class 5 , Bates 3rd, potential winning mount to ride. Pick 5th & Seeley 9th. Class 5, Being an old Texas boy, Vanegas 1600 , Lane 17th. Class 7 4x4 , jumped at the chance to gallop off Symonds 3rd. Class 10, Frenchie into the silt aboard the fastest 1st & Keeling 13th. Class 11 , horse that Cabuzio Junction ever Zambrano 1st. Mini Mag, Lonnie produced! Well Checker Bucka, 8th. roos, that's all for now, see ya at You might have read lately the next race, wherever it may be. about the Competition Review The last I heard was that Bob was Board issuing fines to violators going off at 10 to 1... or was 100 that either miss the CRB meeting to 1? Hey whatever, no problem if or have DNFed the race so a posi, worse comes to worse, the horse tion or time penalty would have knows it's way home! Maybe after no effect on them. Reportedly the race Bob will come down to this has been met with some the Dugout and model his cute resentment by the low budget rac, silk jockey S\,lit... Nahl Not a ers who feel the sting of a couple chancel Toyota True Grit Points Jerry Penhall, of Costa Mesa, CA, continues to lead off road racing's Toyota True Grit Award standings after three events of the eight race SCORE/HDRA desert series. But, previously unranked Robby Gordon has taken over second place in the standings. True Grit is a measure for off readers based on cumulative average speed over each driver's best six races of the season. To win the season championship and a share in $10,000 in prize money, both Penhall and Gordon will have to finish every one of the five remaining races. Only one driver in the top ten has completed all three races to date, Toyota's Ivan Stewart who was overall winner at both the SCORE Parker 400 and the HDRA Nissan 400, but slipped to second by only 35 seconds at the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250. Robby Gordon leads the race for Heavy Metal Division honors, while Rob MacCachren leads the Mini Metal Division. A total of 230 individual driv, ers are still in the running, and of those 36 are still eligible for Toy, eta's milestone awards, given to those few drivers who make it through the season completing every racing mile of all eight events. In True Grit standings, after Penhall and Gordon, Danny Letner is third, followed by Mike Zupanovich, Greg Kishiyama, Bill Church, Ron Gardner, Scott McMillin, Ivan Stewart and Bob Richey. Aft~r Gordon in Heavy Metal Division, it is Greg Kishiyama, Scott McMillin, Mike Schuringa, and Frank Mancha. After Mac, Cachren in Mini Metal ranks it is Paul Simon, John Swift, Manny Esquerra and Gabriel Naranjo. In open wheel standing it is Penhall, Letner, Mike Zupanovich, Bill Church and Ron Gardner. COMING NEXT MONTH SCORE World Championships -Phoenix Stadium Racing at Tempe, AZ FRT 24 Hour Record Run Rim of the World Pro Rally WRC Tour de Corse La Rana -Ridgecrest Stadium Racing at the Rose Bowl The IRA BERK Nissan 300 -Australia ••. plus all the regular features Dusty Times

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Rice & Martin Win Top Car Honors at Mexicali Photos: Lonnie Peralta Willie Valdez and Gil Divine had a good run in the Ford Ranger, and they won Pro Class 3, 6, 7S, 7 4x4 in 2WD. Dusty Times June 1990 Baja Promotions returned to of San Jacinto, CA finished just Mexicali for the second event in three minutes behind the bike in a the Golden Crown of Baja Desert homebuilt single seat Class 1-2-series last March. The two lap, 1600 car. Finishing second in 350 mile route was a completely Sportsman Open MC class and different course from that of last third overall were David Jones year, and presented some unusual and Sergio Vega aboard another and challenging terrain to Kawasaki. Fourth overall and competitors. From the head-second in Pro Class 1-2-1600 quarters in Mexicali the course were Jim Fishback Jr. and Glenn ran on both sides of Laguna Voyles in a Raceco that sounded Salada, now fairly dry again, and it sick at the flag. Rounding out the swallowed a goodly portion of the top five overall and coming in first starting field. in class was the team of Cal The team of Matias Arjons and Cotner and Sam Armenta in a Vito Hale Jr. of Ensenada, rode Sportsman Class 1-2-1600 their Sportsman Open Class Chenowth, who thought the 250cc Kawasaki KX to fast time course was tough, but fun. More overall at 7:39:23 to average 43.3 complete results are elsewhere on mph. Jerry Rice and Larry Martin this page. (more photos on page 53) ' John DeSoto and Cesar Lopez flew over the soft stuff in their single seater en route to first place in Pro Class 10. MEXICALI RESULTS Pro I & 2, Robert Land /James Bunty/Gary Waller/Chenowth, Brent Miller/ Skip Bennett, Chenowlh, Chuck Sugar/Glenn Wolfe Pro Open MC, Chuck & Gene Dempsey, ATK. Sportsman Open MC, Martin Arjons/Vito Hale Jr.Kawasaaki, David Jones/Sergio Vega, Kawasaki, Pro 1-2-1600, Jerry Rice/Larry Martin,• Homebuilt, Jim Fishback Jr /Glenn Voyles, Raceco, Rafael Eche-gegervRay Gastellum. Sportsman 1-2-1600 Cal Cotner/Sam Armenia, Chenowlh, Robert & Joe Duarte. Pro 3,6,7S, 74x4 Willie ValdeztGil Devine, Ford, Fred Esplonosa/Dick Johnson. pro 5-1600, Ernesto & Adolpho Arambula, Greg Burgin/Chris Bowen, Alex & Al Long. Pro 4,7, 8, Perry McNeil, Ford 150, Diego Beltran. Pro 5, Conrad Diaz/Nick Bentivegna. Pro Clll■s ChallengerOanlel Mora/Eric Fisher, Berwyn Jacqmln/Brlan West, Geeorge Erl/Gary Colbert. Pro 10, John DeSoto/Cesar Lopez. Pro Class 11, Martin Garibay, Pepe Aguilar/Armando Rojas. Sportsman I, 2, 5, 10. Bob Reamer/Oale Shubert, Guadalupe & Santos Perez, Sportsman 3,8,7S,74x4,14, Berna LopeztHoraclo Carvajal, Nissan, Elias HanatBenjamln Alcala. Sportsman 5-1600, Challenger, Pl11tro Brassea/ Jose Perez, Miguel Gomez/Gabriel Gallardo. Sportaman Clan 11. Alfonso Laacarra/Jose Marerisa, Javiar Mirola/Serglo Leyva. Stone Stock 4x4, Tom Carter/Dave Zermona, I H Soout. Spor1sman Ltd MC,Pedro A Ihle/German Arias, Kaw-asaki. Sportsman Open ATV, Angel Garcia/Jose Uruarte/ Jorge Fuentes, Honda, Arnoldo Ramirez/Adrian Ojeda/Misael Arambula. 'BIGGER IS BETTER Upgrade the C. V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C. V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. joints. Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C.V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s are threaded 3/8-24. _ All axles and bells tor Type II can be threaded 3/8-24 or stock 8 mm threads. pitch threads. 10 mm - 1. 5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND ,BELLS Only $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 3242 SABIN BROWN ROAD P.O. BOX 20646 • WICKENBURG, AZ 85358 (602) 684-5056 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES.INVHED ,-Page 47

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.,. Bob •"ON MAN" Behrens (.714) 878-4849 By Behrens METAL SHAPING OFF-ROAD, DRAG RACING AND VINTAGE RACE CAR BODIES 4072 CRESTVIEW DR. LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 ·.-,) C,~ Apple Pie Rccing . 'Bd tfoi/lit'44 (702 I 362-9416 'K.fl. -;;,~· a.le.a.;iJJ s41t.<Uf -;;,(U(,£ (702 I 363-2245 · ALL TERRAIN ENTERPRISES MOTOR SPORT PRODUCTS ~~~'i"' Compet,t,on Tires ~JJ-Offroad & Motorcycle Products 22264 Ottawa, Unit 1 Apple Valley, CA 92308 WANTED (619) 240-3186 Home Videos of Baja Racing ... We want to use your videos of off-road action In a professional video production. The best Off-Road fans go where the action is ... and that is the tape we want to use! DO you HAYE YIPEO Of,,. ATTIG WRIST BUSTER • Built with the racer in mind • Used by drivers in all froms of racing • Strengthen your wrist and forearm muscle • Keep your stamina to the last lap • Enhance your grip • So portable it can be used while traveling to the race ATTIG RACING 610 Nachusa Avenue, Dixon, Illinois 61021 815-288-3461 AUTOCRA E PARTS - SERVICE ,. Manufacturing Facllltles La Habra, California 1100 CUSTER ROAD 1-80C/-356-6S86 TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 Ohio 1-800-356-1546 Performance Products Fiberglass Fenders & Hoods• Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins Pop-up Roof Light Kits • V-6 Kits for Mini Trucks Off-Road Truck Fabrication Product Catalog $3.00 (619) 562-1740 10996 N. vyoodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 619-583-6529 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOL BAGS• HARNESS PADS ALL SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 BRAZEAU VIDEO 34462 Via Gomez Capistrano Beach California 92624 Mark M. Brazeau 714/493-2160 CHENOWTH iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~• 'ACING PRODlJCTS, INC. Check the Record; The Winners-Choice; #1 in Racing and Recreational Chassis and Accessories. -ENDOS -HOOP DE DOO'S -ROLLOVERS 943 Vernon Way R tt' . d f RACE CAR SALES • CUSTOM FABRICATION • RACE CAR PREP acers ge mg in an out o ditches, holes, 6630 MacARTHUR oR., su1TE B • LEMON GRovE. cA 9204s El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-71 oo creeks. Crazy pit stops, emergency repairs. 11-------'----------,;...._----1~------------_;;-..,;;-;;..=.:....;· ,;;,.;,....;.---1 OR. .. Pre-Run video showing how you got buried that deep and how you go out! Find out how you will share In the profits of this production If your video Is used. Page 48 Call Rick: (619) 292-5140 ~!EST Of ~AJA l?rr@~lUIC~i©l11lS FUEL CELLS FABRICATION & REPAIR CUSTOM ROLL CAGES I OFF-R~ RACE PREP FlAME CUTTING .. DISTRIBUTOR FOR: M.I.G. ~NG TUBE BENDING BILSTEIN SHOCKS HELLA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE TOM MINGA 943 Vernon Way 741 ROSALIE WAY, EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92019 • 61'M45-S764 El Cajon, CA 92020 Helmets And (714) 650-4566 1660 Babcock, Bldg. #8 Costa Mesa,. CA 92627-_ June 1990 [CNC] CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 275-1663 619-449-2991 FAX 619-449-7103 Manufacturers of Brake and Clutch Pedal Assy Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cutting and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog Dusty Times

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FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • (805) 239-2663 Templeton, CA 93465 ~Rxl-£Davis ---.'RACING PRODUCTS - , CUSTOM RACING RADIATORS All Aluminum Rabbit Replacement Radiators Send for a free catalog 2905 West Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 269-'9194 (800) 842-5166 DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 ~,....,.,..DESERT,....,.,...., FABRICATORS New & Used VW Parts OFF Road Acc. Larry McCallum 619/355-1858 297 S. Imperial Ave. Imperial, CA 92251 DE/.CN.r IN LINE/" HI-TECH HAND LETTERING & PINSTRIPING TIM 13AlffEE (714) 255-8113 ~ 70E/ICiN/ VINYL LETTERING & GRAPHICS ~/ 655 No. Berry Street, Suite E, Brea, CA 92621 PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS (818) 391-3033 1533 TRUMAN ST. JOHN VERHAGEN SAN FERNANDO, CA 91340 Dusty Times TRICK SHOCKS FOR: Single, Double, Triple, Quad Applications. T ake-Aparts & Remote Reservoir Kits. 10728 Prospect Ave. "B", Santee, CA 92071 • (6191 562-8773 "serving the industry since 1976" ' _te,~Cte-~ REPAIRING • BALANCING • CUSTOMIZING DRIVELINE SERVICE THERE IS A DIFFERENCE PARTS AND SERVICE ON C/V AND FRONT WHEEL DRIVE UNITS (714) 824-1561 416 E. Valley Blvd., Colton, CA 92324 SCORE & HORA CON-TING ENCY SPONSORS 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 14582 GOLDENWEST UNIT F FABRICATIONS JOSE LUIS RODRIGUEZ (PEPE) (714) 895-6020 WESTMINSTER, CA 92683 Bob Cassetta 825-0583 888-2703 Don Rountree . . . S. Arrowhead Ave. o . 'SAN BERNARDINO, CA . 92408 FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHEL TEAS ' THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS' VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS · (714) 981-9666 963 SEABOARD COURT, UPLAND, CA 91786 213-603-2200 June 1990 Send for our catalOQ! The most comprehensive catalog of race-proven Off Road parts ever. From the people who have put more Off Road drivers in the Winner's Circle than anyone else. Call. write. carrier pigeon, anything. But do it now. Or you'll be at the back of the pack. FAT Racing Parts11ta· · Cente~ine Wheels Bllstein Shocks JaMar Products Sway-A-Way Wright Place Perma-Cool I Tri-Mil Exhaust S&S Headers , .............. ~ Gem Gears Weber Carbs Beard Seats !PF Lights PERFORMANCE ... many more FOR YOUR CATALOG. SEND S5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE. 1558 N. CASE ST .. ORANGE. CA 92667. OR CALL (714) 637-2889 f\LLE SAFET DRIVING SUITS SEAT BELTS NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS REW8L£ V.W. PAm 11623 SHELDON ST. SUN VALLEY. CA 91352 768-45!5!5 ==---(619) 669-4727 1 Ciet Your sn,rr Together/ r'ORTI/Y TRA/YSAXLES :5006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul California 92035 ~ Doug Fortin (408) 377-3422 Custom Shocks Built to Your Vehicle's Specifications R>X RACING SHOX 544 McGlincey lane, Unit 8, Campbell, Calif. 95008 1989 A TV/BIKE/ODYSSEY CHAMPIONS - FRT SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES PRO SPORTSMAN DAVID ROYS OPEN BIKE DEWEY BELEW ROB NOLIN 250 BIKE SCOTT PHILLIPS CRAIG SMITH 125 BIKE DEVIL LEONARD TOM MOEN VET BIKE MARK McNUL TY MIKE HARPER SR. BIKE TOM NOLAN HIMEY MEANS SUPER SR. BIKE GREG BRINGLE ATV ROB NIEMELA ODYSSEY RAMBO VISKOE Page 49

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Fuel Bladders Quick FIiis; Dump Cans 5271 Business Dr. Std. · FIiis Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 GARMA ABRICATIO ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GARMAN (714) 620-1242 Call us far an appointment POMONA, CA 91766 OFFICE 362-4202 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE. LAS VEGAS. NEVADA 89103 HOUSE of BUGGIES 9925 Prospect Ave. Santee, CA 92071 • 619-589-6770 . ·. ~Nm. TYT E~ . Rod Ends • Rebuild Specialist. (714) 979-6631 11661 Martens River Circle, Unit "H", Fountain Valley, Ca 92708 MPi 1VE LINE SERVI THE COMPANY DRIVERS KEEP ONTARIO 4035 GUASTI RD. ONTARIO, CA 91761 (714) 983-7838 Page 50 CORONA 1540 COMMERCE ST. CORONA, CA 91720 (714) 279-8026 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' ~ I ~111101-11~ I L~LLI L'7~~ I•-Joe Giffin "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 832-1240_ Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax(714)444-1622 Lee -(114) 522-46tfl11 (714) 522-4602 . dl@@md V. W. Service REPAIR O PARTS O SERVICE 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-17 43 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 WALKER EVANS ( RACING SHOCKS . .ii1'~ ~ MICKEY THOMPSON GRAND PRIX MOJAVE MINT • EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE • 3" DIAMETER • 8"·14" COIL OVERS • COMPUTER SUSPENSION DESIGN ASSISTANCE KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS', ; LONGBEACH,CA. 2135950661 JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON • CUSTOM CHASSIS . • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICATION 825 N. GLENDORA AVE. COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER June 1990 MENDEOLA RACING Volkswagen -Porsche -Hewland Off-Road & Stadiui:n Racing Transmissions Parts & Service -~~ 10722 Kenney St., Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-9010 FAX: (619) 562-9079 V\\~\ ~ PERFORMANCE HIJ ~P~'I'G lmpo,t Parts & Service Import Machine Shop Import High Performance Parts, Service & Machinery (419) 476-3300 1H>O'Custer Rd. At Laskey 'TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 ~ ~19-476--3711 , 5\S : C t-1 fl. S Custom Built to Your Needs by v.:..:.ENTERPRISES Bill Varnes Mike Brow 37925 Sixth St. East, Unit 107 Palmgalf!,__g_l\ 93550 ___ _ Jiin Moulton Radng' _ ■ Off road racing chassis ■ Fabricatipn and repair ■ Fox shock parts and service ■ Race Car Prep 26846 Oak Ave., Unit G Canyon Country, Calif. 91351 (805) 298-1212 YOUR COMPLETE· IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils• Hell-Core Wires• Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Or., El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 85?.'-5200 Dusty Times

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. , MOVING? Don't · miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. AUTOS ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CARS TRUCKS NATIONAL SPRING COMPANY, INC. 10229 Prospect Ave. Santee, Californin 92071 A COMPLETE AU10MOTIVE SJ>RING SERVICE Leaf Springs Custom Made & Repaired Shocks & Coil Springs Sold & Installed Blocks and U-Bolts made to order Off-Road Suspension Urethane Bushings Beeline Alignment and Wheel Balancing MOTOR HOMES (619) 449-ARCH 4 X 4's OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR .. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 WO VANS & PICKUPS & MINI TRUCKS PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOCKS USED • WELDING & FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 761-9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT ,J~ (P[3~1X)~_l1l1:: Fabrication ../ Coil Over Suspension : ../ FoxShoxPartsAndService ../ Race Car Wiring ../ Race Car Prep. 1660 Babcock Bldg. B Costa Mesa, Ca 92627 " Tum Key Race Cars · <11,r 6so-303s .._ ----------PIKE' FAMILY RESTAURANT 011er 40 ... Years -The best in the Desert Coffee Shop -Steak House -Watering Hole Saloon 24 Hour Service Station BAKER. CALIFORNIA Check out the DUSTY TIMES Special Club Sub Offer (Almost half price for group subscriptions) Call (818) 889-5600 or write DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 PROBST Off Road Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX. ILLINOlS 604°51 (815} 4t3S·RACE (7223} r sMAN · j ~' ' -z. Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~S-4438 I ~~ ... ~ :z, David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 9280S Anaheim Hills Family Dental Center (714) 998-2553 ~--DAVID Qi\MOCIN6Kl. D. D.6. 438 N. Lakeview Ave. Anaheim Hills, Ca. 92807 Bruce Rasmussen (805) 274-0627 RASMUSSEN ACING Off Road Truck Fabrication Roll Cages, Lift Kits, Pre-Runner Bumpers Specializing In Ford Rangers 37607 Vintage Dr. Palmdale, Ca. 93550 · RACING LUBRICANTS DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE SERVICE AUTO PARTS Palm Desert · 44-800 San Pablo · Yucca Valley 56313 29 Palms Hwy . Palm Springs 67-390 Ramon Rd. t---=-----------:---------+----........ ------,--...-~---...._-+ ;Desert Hot Spr 13-175 Palm Dr. . 'fndio 81-096-A Hwy. 111 . (619)346-0694 (619)365-0813 (619)323-1879 (619)329-1446 (619)347-3379 (619)328-2183 (714)441-1212 ··. &WELDI~ '-~· (714) 59~-~71 PROFESSIONAL ■ AMERICAN ■ CANADIAN o . Off-ROAD · \l_ A R~CING,-.7 ~-·:/0~ ~ -::, P. 0. BOX 323eSEAHURST, WA 980~ (206) 242-1773 Dusty Times FUNCTIONAL AFTER-MARKET PRODUCTS Dean Galloway LJN\l_~f! Qff ROAl? (818) 769-0921 Larry Winter 714-537-8286 Plll;;61R ..4 Totally New Concept in · Battery Design "Rae, Sl,op S1q1pllu 11$32 Stepl,oni, ., Garden Gro•e. C4 92640 •%the Size cl Weight of its Eqr,i•aknt . • Yibrotio,i Re•utallt • Spill Proo/ June 1990 . Cathedral City 68-887 Hwy. 111 McKenzie's Anaheim Moore Racing San Bernardino . OffRoad Supennart Westminster · Dirty Parts Culver City Racecrafters Lawndale Tustin Honda Tustin Bryce's Auto Anah•sim (714)883~8891 (714)750-2802 . (213)390-9086 . (213)370-5552 : · (714 )558-9393 (714)635-1431' · RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CO. 3450 Pacheco Blvd. Martinez, CA 94553 TEL (800) 624-7958 RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914's -, Page 51

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(213) 583-2404 fmiilf ldiPSERVICE, INC. . m ~ETAL PROCESSING 59ZI W;Jmington Avenue Los Ange/es. Calttom,a 9000 I SA/11081.AST Mark SITlith GLASS BEAD FLOURESCE NT INSPECTION MAGNETIC PARTICAL Lar_ry Smith WELDING • FABRICATION ROLL CAGES • TUBE BENDING SHOCK, & SUSPENSION SETUPS FLAME CUT GUSSET KITS GAS TANKS AIR CLEANERS SHEET METAL WORK BEAD BLASTING CUSTOM MACHINING RACE PREP & REPAIR -RACE CAR · PRE RUNNER FABRICATION 7SPOHr ENGINEERING »:« 14757 lull Street Van Nuys, CA 91405 TEL: 818-994-7475 FAX: 818-994-4069 LEADED/UNLEADED Anaheim, CA . . ..................... ..... (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 Brawley, CA : . . . . ................ . . .... . . (619) 344-2550 Chino, CA .............................. . (714) 628-7596 ENGIJ'\"ES BY LEON PATTON UCl•IIDIII R.V. • n.llT Engine Testing, Development, and Rebuilding. (714) 927-6816 HEMET, CA. SUSPENSIDIIS * Welding * Fabrication * Front Ends * Flame Cutting * Custom Chassis * Race Prep * Custom Light-Weight Trailers 1180 Fountain Way, Unit-F, Anaheim, CA 92806 (714) 630-3770 • (714) 630-2681 Mfg'r. of Blue Flame Products 1 ______________ .;.._ _____ .., El Centro, CA ...... .......... ........... . (619) 352-6961 +.--------------------...,. (818) 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 MARVIN SHAW ENTERPRISES Manufacturer & Supplier of Arizona Air Ride Shocks Air Cooled Tool Co. Tools Buggy Beautiful Dress-Up Parts for your Sand Buggy DESIGN ■ ENGINEERING ■ SALES 3242 Sabin Brown Road P.O. Box 20646 602-684-5056 Wickenburg, AZ 85358 •OUTLINES ·NUMBERS • CUSTOM LOGO'S • DROP SHADOWS • SPONSORS LOGO'S • WINDOW BANNERS • CUSTOM LETTERING WJ'ftl ~ ~ 'v@X!) @.0£:) ~ (;@(;) ~ 714 539-5162 NEW LOCATION IN ORANGE COUNTY rSIMPSOll 1 ~ RACE PRODUCTS j Page 52 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd., ·c· Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 630-8861 Fullerton, CA .................... . . . ..... (714) 635-5553 · Lancaster, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 Las Vegas, NV ............ : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (702) 643-9200 Paramount, CA ............ . . ......... ... (213) 531-0192 · Phoenix, AZ .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (602) 278-2693 Santa Barbara, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 San Diego, CA . . . . , ....... . . . ............ (619) 691-9171 Riverside, CA . . ....... . . ................. (714) 877-0226 Ventura, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (800) 462-9499 FOR DELIVERIES LA/ORANGE COUNTY CALL (800) 462-9499 ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT SPORTS RACING P.O. BOX 7835, LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 (714) 363-1236 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY"· and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $1 S,00 per month. RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA 1989 BUDWEISER/FAT SUPERSTITION SERIES CHAMPIONS Class 9 -Jeff Bennett Class 1i 2-1soo -Scott Webster Unlimited -Jeff Wright Class 10 - Bill Hammack Class 5 - Greg Sanden Class 100 -Jeffrey Schwaia Class 5-1600 - J.A. Ashley Class 8 - Perry McNeil Class 7 -Jon Hurley Mini Mag -Scott Steinburger June 1990 SINCE 1933 C. A. TAYLOR (CHUCK) 240 N. OAK sr.-o-:.· ORANGE, CA 92667 (714) 997-17?8 LUBR.ICATION FORMQLATEO FOR SEVERE SERVICE JAGG I TEA/14 Off Road Products and Preparation Downey• Doetsch Tech • Bi/stein• Smittybilt • KC Lites Baker Products• Cal Gold Products• Conner Products• Super Trapp Suspension • Engine • Drive line• Fiberglass• Clutches Tires• Wheels• Safety Equipt • PreRunner Lifts• Installation 670 W. 17th, Unit G-5 Costa Mesa, C A92627 (714) 631-8244 CAROLYN FRICK Mon-Fri 9-6 Owner ■IJI S;il 10-2 (714) 861-2606 1118 S. DIAMOND BAR BLVD., DIAMOND BAR, CA 91785 Trackside Photo, Inc. Jim Ober Commercial Photography (213) 670-6897 P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 Dusty Times

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IMC£ TT(ANS BY JEFF REL/J'S TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 91311 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/449-9690 -------OUR DEALERS------L.A. AREA McKenzie's (714) 441-1212 Anaheim, CA St. Peters Off Road (414) 285-3218 Port Washington, WI V W ON LY tli.Arruittt!eJt.A 1701 1 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA VW -RABBIT -BUS -AUDI PARTS NEW & USED REBUILT ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS DUNE BUGGY CHASSIS & PARTS MEXICALI ~c PA!Nr /INPCM71N6's'l(cRAPh¥a;*J1Jt7os * •~ TO MC; MAIN.leMWCJ'• St~/IY,W'lt--J,JfflRIN&* , '~ff-Pffl MY0v1B''1orRck.11ptl!f 06~2· o DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER , Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is :i grc:it traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91 301. (818) 889-5600 SPl;CIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 741-6173 Engine & Machine 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 f'HE WINNERS CHOICE WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAM SHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our ded1cat1on to performance and quality keeps you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street·. strip and off-road or se,.n .. d'..---1! $3 for the complete -catalog. ~ WE~VE GO ~THE WINNINGF!-E! ~G USTOM ~13 0:'.0,\;fiM JACKETS • SWEATSHIRTS • FANNY PACKS BY DESIGN SCREENPRINTING VAN NUYS, CA. ( BIB) 908-1503 DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS 570° RACING BRAKE FLUID DISC BRAKE PADS FRONT VW DISC BRAKE KITS BRAKE PEDALS REAR VW DISC BRAKE KITS CLUTCH PEDALS PROPORTIONING VALVE COMPOSITE MASTER CYLINDERS POWER STEERING 461 Calle San Pablo • Camarillo • CA • 93010 805 • 388 • 1188 PARTS AND TUNING 537 West Main Street JIM WOLF El Cajon. CA 92020 (619) 442-0630 WOODS WHEEL WORKS Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Speclallsts • Custom Wheels .WEB-CAM . f60212•2-oon 1815 Massachusetts Ave P!:RFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS 2733 w. Missouri ~!1~~.~~~=:n:~~!l~?c~i,~lod,olucles (714) 369-5144, Phoenix, AZ. 85017 (additional JJhotns on page 55) Daniel Mora and Eric Fisher kept their buggy together all the Conrad Diaz and Nick Bentivegna picked their way carefully Cal Cotner and Sam Armenta were fifth overall car in their way, and they took top honors in Pro Challenger class. through the rocks, and went on to win Pro Class 5. Chenowth and they won the Sportsman Class 1-2-1600 honors. Dusty Times June 1990 Page 53

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Classified •.. ·, . . -"':.. -_ : ·.-.·--~: ..... ,: --. ·-.. _. .. ' .. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Raceco. 11 r WB, all the 'GOOD STUFF'. Fox, Wright rack, combos, new style arms, power steering, Centerline, Hew land. Very competitive; MONEY FINISHER! Race ready. Fresh e·ngine/trans., and chassis prep., $13,000.00. Call John at (714) 923-1558. '"' FOR SALE: 1/2-1600 short course single seat. Proven winner! Chromoly chassis, aluminum body, Neith trailing arms, Fox, Bilstein; Wright, Sway-A-Way, Neal, Super Seat, Simpson, 8 & 17 gallon fuel cell, 930 cv's, Dura Blue stubs, fresh engine and trans. Race ready. $5,500.00, O.B.O ... Call Keith or Hal at (303) 761-1551 days, oi: (303) 761-8059 ~ FOR SALE: Live your dream! Class 1-2-1600. Bitcon engine . and trans., Bilstein shocks w/reservoirs, Centerlines and Y okohamas, 19 gal. Fuel Safe, Simpson belts, much more. Very fresh!! Must Sell! $5,000.00 O.B.O. Call (619) 228-2916 AWH. FOR SALE: Class 2, 114n with fresh 2180. Wright, Mastercraft, Baja blower, Jamar, ATL cell, Centerline, Yokohama, Super-boot, Sway-A-Way, and Bilstein. Readv to race! $6500 .00, including spares. Call Dave at (916) 621-0022. FOR SALE: '86 Raceco Class 2, Porsche 2.8 6-cylinder, new Headland trans., spare parts. Race ready. Best of everything, professionally !l'aintain~d, Ultra Wheel. (714) 897-8077. $25,000.00 take all. FOR SALE: Single seat class 9. Super clean, all freshly painted. Best of everything. Dirtrix chassis. All running gear fresh. ~eady_ t~ race. $5,000.00 with trailer. Call John at (602) 439-1511, or (602) 934-3444 ext. 48. FOR SALE: A PROVEN WINNER! Class 1-2-1600 Single Seat '86 ORC, Hatz motor, Mendeola Trans, all current updates - FAST AND LIGHT RACE READY. $10,500.00. Some extras. Call Bill or Scott Reams for details at (619) 270-0900. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum, Class 1. "A" arm front end, Curnutt shocks, and Hewland DG 300, plus many other extras. Fresh engine and prepped. ~eady to win! $18,000.00, or will sell minus engine and trans. Call Paul at (714) 545-0110, days/ FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum Stadium Pro 1600. FAT air cooled motor, 091 with Hewland gears, Neal hydraulics, UMP power steering. Complete car race ready! Also Chaparral trailer with utility box and "85" Ford F250 big block, with 33K miles. $17,500.00 O .B.R.O. for car, or · $30,000.00 for all. Call Wayne Cruze at (214) 241-0005, leave message, or call (214) 790-3817. FOR SALE: 5-1600. Wright combo's & arms, Fuel Safe, Simpson, Saco rack, 1 H tie rods, I.H. ends, S.A.W., Beard seats, Centerlines, Yokohama's, Fox reservoir shocks, K. & N., close ,~:=;;;;;;;:;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;:;;;:;;. ratio bus. Never wrecked, never rolled. Turn key! $4595.00. Call Bob at 801-825-4336. FOR SALE: Class 3-14 Blazer. Jerry Daugherty's winning Blazer :::-,-,-~:-=:=== and many spare parts. Also his FOR SALE: Class 8 race truck. Semi used for off-road support '72 Ford. SCORE/HORA for 5 years. Call for details. Great LEGAL. 351 Windsor by Mike FOR SALE: Class 10 short course single seater. Taylor built frame. The 1988 G.O.R.R.A. points champion! 6/6 rear trailing arms 1 ½ longer -than stock front trailing arms. Wright rack and pinion, Neal pedals, and cutting brake, 20 gal. fuel cell, 930 CV's, 25H axles, bus stub axles, close ratio gears, Centerline wheels, Oberg filter, 1650cc air cooled with 64/90.5. Very competitive! $5500.00. Will sell minus engine. Call John, or Casey at (901) 925-4254, "Tennessee". FOR SALE: Berrien 1000 built for TX Sportsman class. 10" Wright front end, 12n rear Dura-Blue axles; trans. available, Fox shocks, aluminum body, Center-lines, 20' trailer with box (extra). Will deliver! Call Ben Brown at (214 )438-5610 eves., or call Bob at (817) 283-7474. short course truck. (702) 658-Evans.MogiC-6trans.,9nfloater FOR SALE: Class 2 Mirage. 2998. rear end, Summers Bros. axles, Sawyer Toyota 2380cc engine. FOR SALE: Class 1-2-1600 4.10 spool, 4 wheel disc brakes, Mendeola DG 300 Hewland, Raceco. FOX shocks with 50 gallon fuel cell, rebuildable 125n W / 8 Chromoly frame, reservoirs, Wright front end, Rancho shocks, Beard seats, Curnutt rear arms & combo's, combo's. Raced only one time. Simpson belts. $15,000.00. Call VMPp/s,D&Daluminumbody, Call Vance for details at (818) (213) 429-7239, ask for Tony. Deist safety, Beard seats, Center-962-0221, days. WANTED: 1 or 2-1600 SCORE . lines, Yokohama's, and MUCH FOR SALE: 5-1600. Very legal with headroom, and MORE! Race ready. Serious competitivecar!Readytoracethe elbowroom for a 6 footer! Will inquiries only! $25,000.00. Call FOR SALE: Brand new type 181 August Fud Pucker night race. payupto$7000.00dependingon Casagrande Racing at (805) 272-VW "Thing" brake drums Has everything needed to be a quality and quantity. Chromoly _13_0_5_. _________ _ imported from West Germany! WINNER in the 90's. Car is required. Photos will be re-FOR SALE: Mirage 2 /1600. FORSALE:5-1600.Hasbestof Specialpriceeach,$85.00,ortwo currently stored in San Diego, quested. Will drive to CA., or d d h ll $ 1 h II Loa e wit a competitive parts. everything. Will sell with no for 160.00, Puss ipping. Ca CA. Will sell less engine and NV.,ormeethalfway. Trailer and FOX, Sway-A-Way, Wright, motor. Must sell! Make offer! Call Mohr Racing at (805) 968-9316 · trans .. $8500.00. Cal1(412)475-spares desirable. All calls. Dura-Blue 930 etc Super clean (714)391-4568. or968-3732.Visa&MasterCard. 3320 Bowen&SonRacing. . returned.Cal1(602)893-9361. d th' l t'd t .. 'l F 11 . ' :.:..:.:::..::=..:......:=...!...:...:...:::..~;...:....;:.,,__ own to e as e a, . u y race r-------------------------------------------.:1-~. ready. Full line of spare parts, I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in tires'. and trailer also available. I DUSTY TIMES Possible trade for pre-run truck. • $11,000.00. Call (702) 456-1 4117 (eves/ weekends). I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5 .00 for FOR SALE: 351 Windsor long I use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. block. Ported, polished, and I NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and balanced. Big portheads, 160 and I subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in {•our free ad, enclose $5.00. All classified ads must be paid in advance. 194 stainless valves, chrome cam, Chromoly studs, guide plates, I ----------------------------------------------push rods, and rod bolts, roller I -----------------------------------------------rockers 11 to 1 T.R.W. pistons. I Never run. $1650.00 O.B.O. Starter pre-runner '66 FlO0 with I ----------------------'--------------------title, $250.00 O.B.O. Call (602) I --------------------------------------------753-4259, leave message "Macs". I FOR SALE: '86 Jeep Comanche I -----------------------------------------7S long bed. F.I. 4 cyl., 5 speed, I ---------------------------------------------Dana 44 w/4.88s, 2 piece I driveshaft, Rancho, Fuel Sale, Enclosed is$ ____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Simpson, Beard, BFG's. Looks I I and drives like new! Street legal, · I Name ---------------------------------Mail to: I: smog legal for easy D.M.V. Many I I hours and $ invested. My loss, Phone DUSTY TIMES I your gain! $9500.00 FIRM. Call I Address--------------------------5331 DerryAve.,SuiteO , (714) 645-2853, or (714) 549--1 City __________________ State _____ Zip_______ Agoura, CA 91301 I , 5288. Ask for Dino. I I , Page 54 June 1990 Dusty Times

Page 55

FOR SALE: '72 Baja. Streel legal. FOR SALE: Class 5/ pre-runner. Built as pre-runner. 200 miles on New 9" wider beam, Wright front 1776, 0 miles on Trick trans., 1 and rear arms, Bus trans. 930's J;>C front end, 8 PT. cage, Beards, CV, Bilstei n, 2 2 ga 1. ce 11, 24 gal. tank, 6 Bilsteins, Pumpers, Centerlines, street Centerlines,andmore,$3000.00. · $6129 30 OB O C 11 register, . , . . . a Call (714) 681-0350, leave Craigat(805)528-2083. FOR SALE: Class 7S '84 Mazda. Professionally built. Many new parts. 9" full floater, Sandy cone disc, Wright spindles, Master-craft, Beard, Fuel Safe cell, Yokohamas, Sendels, Rancho, new paint, new trans., Mikunis, KC, Bosch. Everything goes! Many spare parts, wheels, tires, trans., etc. $5000.00 negotiable. Call (206).822-8514. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum. Stadium frame, body, seat, fuel cell, many suspension parts, etc. Must sell all, or part. B.O. takes it! Call (714) 685-9369. JOB OPPORTUNITY: MIKE LESLE RACING is now accept-ing applications for Full Time mechanics with some fabrication and welding experience. This is a factory Jeep Racing Team that expects professionalism from employees at all times. This is a salary job with race expenses paid. Ask for Don Fair, Corona, CA. (714) 272-9088. FOR SALE: 5-1600. Has best of everything! MUST SELL!! Make· offer. Call (714) 391-4568. FOR SALE: 1969 BAJA BUG pre-runner. Street legal, 4" lift kit, Centerlines with mounted spare, Bilstein, dual shocked rear, Sway-A-Way, bus tranny, 2180cc, Zenith carb, CID ignition, large valve heads, Beard seats, Filler belts, auxiliary fuel tank with electric switch valve. Full cage tied into front beam, rear torsion tube, and horns.Wright spindles, JT arms, Porsche steering box. $5800.00. Call John at (714) 923-1558. Please leave message if you get the "machine"! WANTED: Amateur video shots of Off-Road racing. We want good action shots of off-road racing to use in professional video production. You will share in profits! Call Rick at (619) 292-5140. BEST OF BAJA Produc-tions, San Diego. FOR SALE: Sharp copy machine. Model; SharpfaxSF-810. Works, but needs a lot of help. First $25.00 takes it. You haul. Call Dusty Times at (818) 889-5600. Dusty Times FOR SALE: 1979 Ford Courier pre-runner. Professionally built. Featored in June 1990 Four Wheele~ Magazine. SCORE/ HORA legal 16-point cage, 11.5" /12.5" travel, 2300cc motor, Art Carr, Rancho, Beard, Deist, ATL, Hella, Alpine, factory air, spares, and MORE! Brand new from frame up. Street registered. MUST SELL NOW!!! Best offer. Call Gary Garman at (714) 593-7983, eves. FOR SALE: 1988 Jeep Com-anche P/U, 2WD, 2.5 liter pre-runner. SCORE legal Safari class, T.S.D. computer, frame mount, roll bar, KC's, BF Goodrich, Americans, 4.56 gears, Rancho suspensior:i, dual F shocks, 7K miles, window nets, 3" belts and harness. Deliver west coast? Sharp looker,. $8000.00 O.B.O. Call Smitty evenings at (503) 658-5695. FOR SALE: O.R.E .. 2-1600 115 W.B. car. Brand new. Fabrication by Jim Moulton, built with best of everything. Will sell as roller or rum key. For more information call Jim at (805) 298-1212, days. ATTENTION SERIOUS 2-1600 drivers: I have brand new 1990 125" W.B. Bunderson 2 seat race car for sale! This car has the best of everything, and it is ALL NEW! Car also has adjustable rear shocks from inside drivers area. This car has not even been painted or decaled. Call Gary Johnson at (805) 529-1005. Asking $20,000.00 O.B.O. CLEAN UP YOURACT-clean out your garage. Sell your surplus parts and pieces RIGHT HERE! Classified ads are just $IO .00 each month -$5 .00 more each month for a picture. Pietro Brassea and friends sail by a downed Bug on the way to the win in combined Sportsman 5-1600 and Challenger. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Bilstein Corp. of America ..... .. 24 Brush Run 101 ................. 31 Cactus Racing ................. 28 California Pre-Fun .............. 39 Champion Beadlock . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Church Engineering ............ 43 Competitive Trailers . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 DeNunzio Racing Products ... .. 44 Earls Performance ............ .. 36 FAT Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Fudpucker Racing Team ........ 29 Fuel Safe ..................... . 22 Genlbrel Innovative Racing Products ............. 15 Glen Helen ..................... 33 Goodyear Tire & Rubber . . . . . . . . 2 Great Western Points Series . . . . . 11 High Desert Racing Association . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Hi Tech Off Road ..........•.... 40 IDRA Pit Team Contest ......... 45 JIMCO Racing Products ........ 27 KC Hilites ... ................... 17 La Rana Desert Racing . . . . . . . . . 9 Walt Lott Sportsman .... • ........ 45 McKenzie Performance Products ........ 23 Nevada Off Road ............... 21 Parker Pumper ................. 41 PCI Race Radios ............... 46 Race Ready Products ........... 19 RLH Communications .......... 44 Marvin Shaw Performance Products ........ 47 Simpson Race Products ...... .. 37 Sports Racing Gasoline . . . . . . . . . 4 Mr. Sticker ................. .... 16 Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group . . . . . . . . . 7 Toyota Motor Sales, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . Back Cover Trackslde Photos . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . 42 Tri Mil Industries ............... 13 Union 76 Gasoline ............. 10 Valley Performance Hewland .... 25 Wright Place ............ : . . . . . . 6 ENJOY DUSTY TIMES AFTER THE -RACE READ ALL THE NITTV, GRITTY DETAILS EACH MONTH ONLY $15.00 A YEAR OR TWO YEARS FOR $25.00 Send Check or ~Jloney Order to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 June 1990 Page 55

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,. ,, r' TOYOTA Technology On A Fast Track Winning isn't pretty. It talces courage and guts. And years of hard work under severe conditions. . With all that against you, you'd better get yourself a Toyota. Toyota trucks have won the SCORE World Champi-onship four times. They won the Baja 500 twice. Tqey hold seven consecutive Manufacturer's Cup Challenges and five Driver's titles in the MTEG Stadium Series. Not to mention the first overall win by a truck in the 22-year history of the Mint 400. That's why Ivan Stewart drives a Toyota. And that's why after umpteen miles of hellfire, gravel, thorns and dust, we almost caught him smiling. The Ironman knows that nobody can get by on looks alone. And that's why nobody can get by The Ironman. © 1990 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S. A., Inc. OTA "I love what you do.for me." Light bar does not proYide crash protection. Get More From Life ... Buckle Up!