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1990 Volume 7 Number 3 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 7 - Number 3 - March 1990 Covering the ~rid of competition in the dirt.

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On our fifth day of pre-runn°fug· for the Baja 1000 we got an early start, so early in fact, that as we topped each rocky hill the sun blinded us, making us wonder if we'd hit that part at that time of the day during the race. The views from the plateau tops were breathtaking, and the road, while rocky, wasn't bad, so it was an easy·, and enjoyable morning. The .foliage was extra green in this part of Baja, and it grew out of every possible nook and cranny of the rocky landscape, softening the sharp edges, and reminiscent of some cliffs I'd seen somewhere in Hawaii. Every now and then we'd pass a little rancho, but for the most part, we were alone in the gorgeous countryside. About l 5 miles into the day we passed through beautiful San Jose de Comondu, nestled in a lush green valley, with the remains of a mission dating back to 1737, and jotted it down as a place to stop and look around in, on some more leisurely trip. Gradually the road dropped to lower elevations, until, roughly 40 miles along the way, we hit the junction with the road in from Loreto, and then came into another lovely little town, San Javier. There's a mission in San Javier also, and this time we allowed ourselves about three minutes to stop on the main street and take a couple of snap shots, and I also hung out the passenger window, snapping as we went right past it, fairly dismayed to think the race would come virtually smack-dab up to its front steps, and then run along its wall. What if someone goofed and ran into it, damaging it somehow? How would you feel to think you took .out part of a national monument that had been sitting there looking lovely since 1758? From that point on the road ran down a long, wide valley, which · was criss-crosst·d with a rocky river bed many times. Thert· wasn't any water, but there were plenty of rocks, and now the ranchos became more frequent, and there was also occasional traffic. The course wandered on, widening out onto a graded road for a while, and then turned left, and south, and ran around and along side some cultivated fields, on its way to the point where it crossed Highway 1. It wasn't particularly interesting in through here, and it could have been anywhere in Baja where there was By Judy Smith farming. There was one silt bed, and as we plowed through it we discovered, with horror, that our blower wouldn't work, and we couldn't pressurize the inside of the car to keep the silt out. We closed the windows anyway, hut some of the nasty stuff leaked in. After the course crossed the highway it got interesting for a while, because it was hard to find the markers, and the markers didn't follow the little map-hook that SCORE had provided. In fact, once or twice there were either/or markings on the course that weren't indicated on the map, and we never knew if we were on the "either" or the "or", and our mileage, which had been tallying well with the hook, were now · becoming confused. It wasn't a serious problem for us, but we'd hoped to be able to give the map-book to our co-drivers with some helpful notations. No· such luck for this part of the course. We wandered past the fields, and through a ·cactus forest, and finally decided it was lunchtime, at the least attractive lunch spot we'd seen. We parked right where the trail came up on a graded road, in a place where the road builders of Baja had destroyed all the vegetation for a block on either side of the road bed. But there were no gnats. And we weren't there long,. because we had no time to dally over lunch. We did take time to figure out that the fuse for the blower had fallen out, and when we replaced it, the blower was functional again. After the end of the graded road it became more scenic again, and wandered off into more cactus, small ranchos, and one tiny town. And then we had our flat tire. We'd been through some dumps, one of which SCORE had identified as "nasty" in their map book, and sure enough, when we checked the flat, we found a nail. It was a pleasant place to stop for a few moments, and we were joined by Jim Fishback, on a bike and his dad and friend in a buggy, who had been ahead of us the day before, hut spent the night in Loreto, and fell behind. They were waiting for George Erl, who was also on a hike, and had been in front of the ·buggy, and had wandered astray somewhere around the aforementioned dump. They weren't worried about him, George has a lot of Baja miles under his belt, hut they didn't want him to fall too far behind. We installed our spare, tied the flat up on the rack in its place, had a quick slug of apple juice, said goodbye to the Fishback group and went on. In another 27 miles or so we were at the highway crossing at K 128, and there we found the Fishback/Ed chase crew, who informed us that there were no services here, except for Rosita's restaurant. If we wanted gas and tire repairs we'd have to go down the highway, Well, we wanted both, but especially fuel, because our gas gauge had ceased to operate back at that lunch stop, and we were not too sure how much fuel we had left. We had to head south on the pavement for 28 kilometers (about 18 miles) to find a gas station, and when we got there we discovered that his tire repair man had Sundays off. The weather had turned hot and muggy, and fat rain clouds hovered overhead, while off in the southern distance we could see that it was raining. We ran through one shower on the way hack to the course, but it didn't do more than mess up the windshield. At K128 we turned into the dirt again, following a graded road with minimal course markings. So minimal, in fact, that I prevailed upon John to turn around, and go hack to the beginning, sure that we must have missed a turn off. But, I was wrong, and he gleefully pointed that out to me, as we repeated about nine miles of fairly dull graded road. Once we turned off that graded road there was no confusion about where the course went - just follow the silt beds! In here there was a silt bed that ran through some trees, so that you couldn't just go wide to get to the hard ground. We had to just plow through wherever we were, always hoping there was nothing sharp under the silt waiting -to grab one of our tires. At least the blower worked, and we could breathe clean air while we wallowed through. After a few miles of recurring silt, the road settled down into a predictable oceanside trail. It wound around a hit, came close to the beach at some points, and occasionally ran up on a mesa, giving a nice view of the Pacific. It was great fun, in fact, and if it hadn't been for the silt patches on the way in, it would have been a real pleasure to drive. It was beginning to be fairly late in the afternoon, and now we had to start looking for a camp-ground. The problem was that there seemed to he lots of people in this area, relatively speaking, and the beaches, while lovely, had FAT Toyota Power. • FAT Racing Parts • Centerline Wheels • Bilstein Shocks • Sway-A-Way After two years of dyno and racing development, FAT Performance announces the availability ofloyota off-road racing engines. Including Unlimited 3.0 V6, 16-valve ·MCOcc Class 1 O (short course and desert), Classes 7, 7S and 7-4x4. Call today for more information. FATTOYOTA WINNERS Jim Greenway-Class 2 3.0 V6 1989 Milestone Award Winner Watkins-Aronson-Class 1016-vatve 1988 Riverside 1st, Nevada 500 1st 1989 Parker 400, Fireworks 250 1st 1989 SCORE/HPRA POINTS CHAMPIONS McBrlde/Sourapas-Class2(FAT911) Klawitter Bros.-Class 5 (FAT Type IV) Page 4 PERFORMAICE FOR YOUR FAT PERFORMANCE CATALOG. ~NO $5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE, DEPT. OTT, 1558 N. CASE. ORANGE CA 92667. OR CALL (714) 637-2889. • Penna-Cool • S&S Headers • Weber Carbs • Bosch Lights . • JaMar Products • Wright Place • Tri-Mil Exhaust • GemGeors • Beard Seats • Simpson Safety • Super-Trapp • Yokohama lires •1 Petr~Tech 2000" • Ma!'ly more .. : March 1990 no sanitary acilities rea , 6ig Monday morning, and I did have hushes), and no firewood. to be at work on Wednesday Finally, just as we had almost morning. We cut the pre-run despaired of finding a camp site short by about 70 miles, and with wood to burn, we came to a headed for home. · little point which sheltered a tiny When we got back to the gas cove. And we could see driftwood station, after driving about 64 on the beach. So we drove over to · kilometers northward, we found near the beach, parked about the the tire man just getting to work, palisade, and climbed down onto so we had him fix the tire, so we'd the sand to scavenge. It was easy, have a spare. He worked hard, ample driftwood was piled at the demounting and remounting the high-tide line, and it was dry tire, and then charged us a whole enough that we knew it'd burn. $2. U.S. We added a big tip, and Butitwashot,sticky,work,and went on our way. The car we were soon sweaty and covered continued to miss, and it got· with sand, because there was a lot worse and worse, until, as we of climbing up and down the went through Ciudad Consti-embankment, to get the wood tucion we thought we were in from the beach to the campsite. serious trouble. Then we had to We had our lawn chairs out, take a little detour, off the and, after piling up the wood, we pavement, and the jouncing in the settled in for a breather, our t-dirt seemed to set it to rights -shirts stuck to our backs, and again, the miss went away, and we sand in our shoes and socks. It figured there must have been dirt was really hot, and muggy, and the in a line or filter. ocean looked cool and inviting. We stopped at a liquor store But we're really not great justpastlnsurgentes,notfarfrom swimmers, and tend to like our the K6 road crossing, to buy ice ocean at a secure distance. Still, and soda, and when we started up we were pretty grimy after the again the car went about an eighth long day, and a quick dip would of a mile and quit. So, we pulled do a lot toward cooling us off. to the side of the road, took out Then, as we sat there trying to the passenger seat, got out the make up our minds, we saw a tools and spare parts, and John critter, an unidentifiable took off the month-old fuel pump swimming object, which had been and installed our spare, as six or brought in by a wave. And the eight curious vultures flew in lazy thing flipped itself around and circles overhead. I figured they crawled, or swam, back into the were out of luck, because there deeper water, and out of sight. It was the liquor store right there, looked to be a fairly big critter, also "Danny's Bar", a mechanic, and we decided that we didn't and if all else failed, a junkyard. want to share our bathwater with But we didn't need any of them, any such creature, and we'd have because, with the new fuel pump to stay sticky and sandy. installed it ran like clockwork. We watched the brilliant sunset The on! y problem was that when over the ocean, took a half a roll John put the bag of spare parts of snap shots, ate our bagels and back in under the passenger seat, canned beans, and settled in. This he didn't arrange things the way time we slept on the ground, they had been, and my seat now because it was too hot to climb felt as if I were sitting on a rock, a inside the car, and the ground was lumpy rock. soft, and the ocean breezes would , From that point on the day was keep away flying bugs. We uneventful. We bought gas at wondered what might climb out every Pemex station we came to, of some little holes in the ground, and kept careful track of our but decided to chance it. The mileage, since the gas gauge was clouds had dissolved with the completely disabled. We made it sunset, and the stars were bright to Guerrero Negro just after dark, and glorious, which always makes checked into our favorite $16.-a-me want to lie on my back so lean· night motel, took a quick shower, see them if I happen to wake up. and walked down to the Malar-. Nothing cfimbed out of the rimo Restaurant for dinner. A little holes during the night, and tall, cool drink, and some lobster there wasn't even any damp fog to and scallops hit the spot, and we make us clammy, sowegotagood turned in early knowing we had a night's sleep. In the morning we long drive ahead of us. still had enough wood so we could We were up early, and after a toast our bagels, and I could make quick, but not terribly appetizing coffee, and then we were headed breakfast of fruit cocktail and south again, through a giant bagels, left Guerrero Negro at cactus forest. 7:30. By 12:40 p.m. we were at But we had a decision to make. Camalu, where we took a real Should we try for La Paz? Or lunch break, and drove out to the should we turn around and head beach to enjoy it, away from the north, toward the border, and my little banditos who hang around job. We still had no spare, and no in the gas station asking for gas gauge, and now the car had stickers. developed the ominous habit of By 3:40 p.m. we had reached not wanting to run once we Ensenada, and at 5 o'clock we -turnedifoffforafewmoments. were at the border. And, And it had developed a little miss. incredibly, by 5:04 p.m., we had John worried that something crossed the border! Obviously, if major might be going wrong. He you don't want to wait in long also remembered, from the '86 lines to cross back into the U.S., 1000, when he drove the second the time to do it is at 5 o'clock on half, a nasty, rocky part of the · a Tuesday afternoon. course right before the finish, and W e stopped iri Carlsbad to he really didn't want to try to do have dinner, and still made it what without a spare tire. home to Venice by 8 p.m., in So, when we spotted a trail that · plenty of time for a good night's led eastward from the course, sleep, so I could be at work on toward where we assumed the time on Wednesday morning. highway to be, we took it, We had even better luck in the disheartened that we wouldn't see race -we made it all the way to La La Paz on this trip, but it was Paz in our 5-1600. Dusty Times

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The Losers By Judy Smith U joints, balljoints, and shocks. He had to change a radiator also. In fact, he had such a bad time that his first lap took five hours and seven minutes. Then he did a four 1 and a half hour second lap, and then he lost his transmission. WHY AREN'T YOU??? The year got off to a good start at the truncated Parker race, with a fairly healthy 4 7% finish ratio. This year, without the California side, l.ife was a little less complex for most racers, and there were some hazards, like the omni-present C alifornia Highway Patrol, that were not missed. But, with the added 30 miles or so that SCORE tacked on to give the race the proper stature, there were hazards aplenty, and lots o_f Losers. Some of them developed early in the day, as was the case with the team of Gary Mecham and Michael Jackson, who found themselves out of the race before they'd gone eight miles. Their two-seater rolled in the big wash, and tore off one of the rear wheels at the hub. At least they were in a good place to watch the rest of the race go by. Gregg Symonds, who had his new truck ready to go, or so he thought, was out before he'd gone more than a couple of miles, because the water pump was apparently incompatible with his radiator or something, and was blowing water out the overflow, even before it got hot. Gregg decided he didn't want to chance cooking his nice new motor, so he pulled out. Another new car, the 5-1600 of Rick Pew_ and Allen Bowen, lost its motor about 12 miles into the race. Brett Spielman and John Kaiser were out on the first lap also, when their unlimited car first broke the front end, and then had its c.v. bolts shear. Bill Church was given a nudge on a fast road, and that caused him to roll over, which broke the flange on the inboard side of the trans, and put him out of the race. Brian Church, Bill's son, was driving in an open class car also. He rolled on the first lap and broke two shocks, and then, on lap two, stuffed the nose of the car into a whoopy, and went end over end, breaking the front end. Steve Reibel rolled his Class 10 car on the first lap, but what put him out was that the snap ring on _ the axle broke, and the axle kept pulling out. He never finished lap two. Mike and Tim McDonnell got one full lap in, but on the second lap the brake caliper came off, and it got wedged in a back wheel, doing all kinds of damage. Brian Collins lost his brakes on the first lap when the master cylinder gave up the wash. Then on the second lap he had a flat, and then the alternator light came on. He stopped to have someone check on that, and it took him a half hour to get started again. He went on, then stopped to talk to the Herbsts, and they spotted an oil line that had come off the breather for the sump tank, and they fixed that. Collins went on with his alternator light still on, but, as he thought, malfunction-ing. Only, he'd lost a belt, and fried his motor. The Herbst brothers, Tim and Ed also in Class 1 ( the new combined one and two seat unlimited class), ran into something and broke their front end , and were out on the second lap. Wayne Cook d rove Ross Dusty Times Craft's 5-1600 car, and was not fond of his rack and pinion steering. He got about 40 miles · into the lap and broke an axle, but got that replaced and went on. But then , almost halfway into his second lap one of the rocker studs pulled out of the head, so they had to park. Tom and Steve Martin had a new Pontiac motor in their two seater, and they were really happy with it. But it wasn't their day. Tom was following someone up a wash, and he pulled out to the side to see if there was room to pass. And there wasn't. He hit a rock that measured "about four feet square", and moved a front wheel back about 18 inches. Fred Ronn had two good laps in Bill Poe's Class 10 car, and, in fact, he had the class lead. But then Poe lost a c.v., which was only a minor problem, since he had spares stashed everywhere for this race, and the crew has had so much experience changing them that they can do it in a hurry. But when the throw out bearing seized and ruined the clutch that was the end of their day. Not usually found in this column, Robby Gordon was out on the second lap. It seems he broke a sector shaft on lap one, in the rocky area not far before the end of the lap. His crew had to walk in to help him, and they lost about 20 minutes. Then Robby decided to go "gather them in", as he put it, and he pushed the truck as hard as it would go. But it would only go for another 30 miles at that rate, and the engine gave out. W e'd like to congratulate Robby, who left Parker and went to Daytona, where he drove a Ford with Calvin Fish and Lyn St. James, and they won their class, and finished 5th overall, in the prestigious 24 Hour event. Another unusual Loser was Frank Vessels, who had a really rotten day. He had problems with Debbie Bunch drove her Class 7 Chevy for the first time when she took it to staging. She was getting along pretty well, until she got to a turn about 25 miles into the course, took it too fast, and rolled the truck over. She says she dented every piece of sheet metal on the truck. It landed on its roof, and, while Debbie was unhurt, she was also unable to get it back on its wheels. There were quite a few people around trying to help, and finally , Chris and Jack Bonnie, who were driving in Class · 7S stopped to help also, and their extra bodies were just what they needed to get her going again. She finished her lap, and then her husband, Billy, got in, and on lap two a hub backed off and they lost a spindle, and had no spare. Rich M inga had the Class 5 lead on the first lap, but then the snap ring blew off the front spindle on the second lap. Then the crankshaft pulley bolt came out of the bottom pulley (which, strangely, happened to him at last year's Parker race also), and he lost a bit of time fixing it. Rich thought he could catch up, but got five miles up the wash when the c.v. bolts came out. They were all bent and twisted. It took a long time to repair the damage, what with having to file the axle splines clean and all, and when they got going again and got to the next checkpoint, it was closed. Scott Steinberger endoed his Mini Mag and tore up the front end on lap two, and Gary Hymes did a lap in his two-seater, but had lost third gear. He decided to put co-driver, Steve Holladay, in while it was still running, and, of course, Steve lost the trans-mission. Russ Jones, who drives in Class 7, got one whole lap in Arizona finished this time, his first in three attempts. But when h e was Part No. 26000 Features Athletic Inner-Sole Available in Red, _White, Blue, Black Sizes 5-13 (Mens) Another World Class Product from -SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS Charlotte Motor Speedway ,A DUSTY TIMES DEALER!!! SELL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PRESENT TO YOUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS U.P.S. EVERY MONTH TO YOUR DOOR YOU PAY NO SHIPPING CHARGES GET ALL THE RACE AND RALLY NEWS FROM THE TOP OFF ROAD JOURNALISTS Contact DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Avenue, Suite O Aso.ura, ~ 913Q.1 -(818) 889-5600 AffENTION DESERT RACERS DUSlY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HDRA desert races and other selected events. Check it out on contingency row - Two different classes each event. halfway around his second lap the idler arm on the steering broke, just as he got to a right turn. The -truck made a sudden left turn, hit the embankment, tore off the · front wheel, and tipped over on its side. Not only did Russ have no radio communication, but he ·had to act as a traffic director, to· keep oncoming traffic from running into his truck. Several people stopped and said they'd tell his pit where he was, and Russ figured he'd be rescued soon, because he knew his dad and brother were only about 10 miles ORDER TODAY!! away, at the midway pit. But he_ waited, and waited. He sent messages in again, and finally got word out on the radio, and he knew they'd be there soon. But it was 9:30 before his brother got the word, and it was 10 p.m. before he was rescued. Apparently, no one told anyone, because everyone assumed that they must already know. Or something. At any rate, it was a long day for Russ, and they had to go back out on Sunday morning to rescue the truck. See you next month. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ;-- - - • Clip and mail to Race Center nearest you.- - - - 1 SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS please send me__pairs of I "FAST TRACKERS" in size Color____ I Name ______________ _ Address _____________ _ City ______________ _ State __________ .Zip ___ _ 22630 S. Normandie Ave. Torrance, CA 90502 (213) 320-7231 5725 Hwy. 29 N Harrisburg, NC 28075 (704) 455-3711 I have enclosed payment ot $ ______ _ Charge to my _ Visa _ MasterCharge I L Card No. ______ Expiration date ___ ..J ---------------March 1990 Page 5

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1990 HAPPENINGS ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 BADGERLAND VW CLUB,INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lie Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 (414)688-5509 (All events located in Chilton, Wl at the Fairgrounds Racing Facility) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 March 23-25, 1990 Gran Carrera de Mexicali Mexicali, BC, Mexico May 25-27, 1990 Gran Carrera de T ecate Tecate, BC, Mexico July 27-29, 1990 Gran Carrera de Ensenada Ensenada, BC, Mexico October 26-28, 1990 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, BC, Mexico BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS · Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801)627-2313 May 19, 1990 The Jackpot Jackpot, NV June 23, 1990 Wendover Express Aragonite Valley July 21, 1990 Desert Cactus 250 Aragonite Valley August 25, 1990 Twilite 200 Delle, UT October 6, 1990 Bonneville Challenge Wendover USA 1988 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon,Wl54520 (715) 478-2115 I (715) 478-2688 June 23-24, 1990 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI September 1-2, 1990 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Lon Peterson 14550 Dos Palmas Victorville, CA 92392 (619) 241-4707 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COLORAIXJ HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 .091 HEAVY DUTY DIFFERENTIAL Tired of replacing com-plete CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated aircraft quality 300M Alloy steel and feature case hardened ball grooves. NEW FOR '89 ! Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity. Pre-cision machined for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! CV BOOT HOLDERS Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. Larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 CV's. TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available. 114-441-1212 McKENZIE'S ,~8~,~~:s 2366 ORANGETHORPE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806·INVITED FOXSHOX NEAL YOKOHAMA HEWLAND TRI-MIL REDLINE Oil Page 6 March 1990 Trail_ Notes ••• THE HORA HAS A LATE FLASH ON THE MARCH RACE -While the race course through your favorite rocks and silt beds remains intact for the event, the Friday activities have been moved uptown. It seems a variety of unions are on strike against Binion's Horseshoe Club, and the strike may spread among the downtown casinos. So HORA is on the move and have already got·everything handled. Vegas authorities fear there may be riots and other forms of violence associated with the strike so the Friday activity has been moved south. Working on the same time schedule Registration will be in the Landmark Hotel, and contingency row and tech inspection will all happen in the spacious parking lot of the Convention Center. On Sunday racers and their crews will enjoy one of the famous awards brunch parties at Mike Gaughan's Gold Coast Hotel. So there is even more good things than ever on tap for participants in the Nissan 400 the first of March. *** THE SCORE PARKER 400 happened despite a wild variety of rumors about it not happening. Sure, the California loop is gone, probably forever, but the new portions of the course are every bit as challenging. On balance the new course, pit area arrangement, and the traditional tech, registration and impound areas all went together well. Due to our rather short staff this winter we will run the full Parker story and photos in the April issue. Just in case you haven't heard, here is a brief rundown on who came away the big winners. Ivan Stewart came from well back in the starting order to not only win Class 1 in the fancy Toyota, but Ivan won the race overall after a race long battle with Troy Herbst in his Chenowth/ Porsche. Other Class winners include: Mike and Morley Williams, Meco, Class 1-1600; Dave Ashley, Class 3114; Rod Hall/Jim Fricker, Class 4; Marty Hart, Class 5; Darren Hardesty/ Kreston Pons, Class 5-1600; Scott Douglas, Jeep Cherokee, Class 6; Larry Ragland, Chevy, Class 7; Spencer Low, Nissan, Class 7S; Paul Simon, Ford, Class 7 4x4; Chris Minor, GMC, Class 8; John Elliot, Meco, Class 9; Mike and Jim Zupanovich, Class 10; Saul Zambrano and John Howard, Class 11; Bud Harris, Mini-Mag. Watch for our in depth coverage and lots of photos next month. *** CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER FOR OFF ROAD RACING'S YOUNG DRIVER Robby Gordon, who had to leave the MTEG Banquet early last year in order to get to Florida for some sports car testing, and did a whale of a job in the IMSA 24 hours of Daytona. Robby made his sports car racing debut teamed with Calvin Fish and Finland's Bob Leppalenen in a Mercury Cougar XR 7. The team drove the Cougar to the victory in the GTO class and they finished a great fifth overall. Gordon drove 12 of the 24 hours and it was the first time Gordon had driven a race on pavement. *** A.T.E. MOTORSPORTS SERVICE, announces a new program recently designed for racers who do not belong to a pit support club or who just want extra support. They will have two full service pits to start with and will expand as time goes on. They will be pitting the SCORE, HORA, and La Rana races. Equipment drop off will be the night before the race and pick up the Sunday morning after the race. Pit fees will be $125.00 if you pre-register or $150.00 on race day. A.T.E. Motorsports is looking for a few good people to join their team. You will be paid $50.00 per race. They are completely equipped with radios, maps, welders, generators, some pit tires and dump cans. You can depend on their years of experience!!! Contact Dave and Carol Clark (619) 240-3186. Bill Dahly Pit Manager. Call now -Time is short! *** THE PIT TEAM CONTEST, that was part of the pre~race activity before the Mint 400 last year was again scheduled for Fremont St. this round. However, many factors, including the move to the Convention Center for the pre-race activity, has encouraged the promoters to move the pit team contest to the August running of the HORA Desert Championships at Willow Springs Raceway. While Rosamond, CA is not the glamour spot that Fremont Street is, the Raceway offers real grandstands and an audience that are true enthusiasts. We applaud the move and think the 1990 pit team contest will be a big success. Dusty Times

Page 7

July 29, 1990 FUDPUCKER GLEN HELEN OHV PARK November 24, 1990 GREAT WESTERN Pikes Peak Auto Hillclimb RACING TEAM P.O. Box 2937 V_ienna, Ga POINTS SERIES, INC. Colorado Springs, CO 250 Kennedy, #2 San Bernardino, CA 92406 Ron Kiel Chula Vista, CA 92011 (714) 880-1733 12840 Dexter St. (619) 427-5759 Thornton, CO 80241 CORVA April 1, 1990 GREAT LAKES (303) 452-4013 April 7, 1990 Off Road Challenge FOUR WHEEL 1601 10th St. Buzz Bomb 150 DRIVE ASSOCIATION Sacramento, CA 95814 El Centro, CA June 17, 1990 Bob Moon May 20, 1990 (800) 237-5436 Off Road Challenge 915 So. Zeeb Road Budweiser Baja May 12-13, 1990 August 5, 1990 Ann Arbor, MI 48103 VDR Berthoud, CO 24 Hour Off Road Endurance Race (313) 665-03581(313) 996-9193 FORDA Plaster City, CA Off Road Challenge Aorida Off Roaders November 18, 1990 July 15, 1990 Drivers' Association August 4, 1990 Off Road Challenge Colorado State Fairgrounds 1717 Marker Road Superstition 250 Vil GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD Pueblo, CO Polk City, FL 33868 Ancient Dry Lake Bed RACING ASSOCIATION (813) 984-1923 Plaster City, CA K.C. Huggins August 8, 1990 (305) 823-4487 GORRA 2233 N. 140th Avenue Sekember 29, 1990 Georgia Off Road Omaha, NE 68164 Adams County Fair March 24, 1990 (402) 496-9431 Adams Cty, CO Florida400 P ter City Blast IV Racing Association Crowder Pits Plaster City, CA Box 11093 Station -A May 6, 1990 Tallahassee, FL Atlanta, GA 30310 Castana, IA August 11, 1990 December 31, 1990 ( 404) 927-6432 County Fair April 15, 1990 Dunaway Dash IV March 11, 1990 May 27, 1990 St. Francis, KS Lakeland, FL Plaster City, CA Vienna, Ga Castana, IA June 16, 1990 September 2, 1990 April 22, 1990 Castana, IA Central City Gran Prix Vienna, Ga Central City, CO Coming Next Month ... May 27, 1990 July 7, 1990 Vienna, Ga Castana, IA June 17, 1990 July 28, 1990 HDRA SCORE Parker 400 Vienna, Ga Castana, IA High Desert Racing Association Paris--Dakar Finale July 22, 1990 August 19, 1990 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Castana, IA Las Vegas, NV 89124 Vienna, Ga (702) 361-5404 MTEG San Diego August 19, 1990 September 9, 1990 March 1-4, 1990 Vienna, Ga Castana, IA Mint400 September 23, 1990 September 30, 1990 Las Vegas, NV Castana, IA ... plus all the regular features Vienna, Ga July 6-8, 1990 (All events at Timber Ridge Ranch) Fireworks 250 October 28, 1990 Barstow, CA ~ Vienna, Ga No more playing "octane roulette." These mysterious numbers are only as good as the results they earn for you. Whether you race 50 laps, 1000 miles or 24 hours, UNOCAL 76 leaded and unleaded racing gasolines are proven winners, designed to maximize horsepower under high RPM conditions. As a result, UNOCAL 76 racing gasolines have fueled more winners in the past 35 years than any other gasoline. With these credentials, shouldn't UNOCAL 76 racing gasoline be your choice? Give it a try! CONGRATULATIONS ROGER MEARS! 1989 HORA/SCORE Class 7 Champion Vehicle: Bridgestone/Budweiser Nissan Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Leaded Racing Gas 1989 wins: Baja 1000, Baja 500, Nevada 500, Gold Coast 300 1990 PARKER 400: 3rd place Class 7 CONTINGENCY PROGRAM HDRA Nissan 400 CLASSES: 1, 1/2-1600, 3/14, 4. 5, 6-1600, 6, 7, 7 4x4, 7S, 8, 10 55 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 30 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third CLASSES: 9, 11, Mini-Mag 40 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 25 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third CONGRATULATIONS PARKER 400 WINNERS! WINNER -Class 1/2-1600 Mike and Morley Williams Orange, California Vehicle: MEGO Single-seater Average Speed: 49.57 mph Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Leaded Racing Gas C.O. THOMPSON PETROLEUM 3RD PLACE -Class 1/2-1600 Willy Higman/Chris Patton Newport Beach, California Vehicle: Chenowth Two-seater Gas: Unocal 76 Leaded Racing Gas 505 N. ANAHEIM BLVD., ORANGE, CA 92668; (714) 634-4214 Dusty Times March 1990 GAS AVAILABILITY: Apollo Oil Co. 6220 Falnnount Ave. San Diego, CA (619) 280-6884 8AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas 76 Unleaded Racing Gas George Follmer Racing Inc. 10325 Central Ave. Montclair, CA (714) 625-4881 7:30AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas Sellers Petroleum 505 Gila St. Yuma, AZ. (602) 783-8876 7AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas Seabolt Oil Co. 243 E. Highway 78 Brawley, CA (619) 344--3761 7AM-5PM, Mon.-Sat. 76 Leaded Racing Gas C.O. Thompson Petro. 505 N. Anaheim Blvd. Orange, CA (714) 634-4214 8AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 L:eaded Racing Gas 76 Unleaded Racing Gas Campbell OIi Co. 301 0 11th Street Riverside, CA (714) 686-1676 8AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas 76 Unleaded Racing Gas Victorville Oil Co. 16640'D'St. Victorville, CA (619) 24~4191 8AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas Western Air 2260 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA (818) 405-9701 7:30AM-4:30PM, Mon.-Frl. 76 Leaded Racing Gas 76 Unleaded Racing Gas Page 7

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August 10-12, 1990 Desert Championships Willow Springs Raceway Rosamond, CA September 7-9, 1990 Nevada 500 Pahrump, NV October 12-13, 1990 Gold Coast 300 Las Vegas, NV (Datt!s mhjt!ct to clumgt!) HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Tom Freeman 3503 Hall St. Rapid City, SD 57702 (605) 342-0331 March 31, 1990 Badlands Baja 100 Wall, SD June 10, 1990 Pierre Stadium Pierre, SD ltWfd'dttffdlH lRCBOTTL HALON FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM August 18, 1990 Gumbo Bures Pierre, SD September 15, 1990 Deadwood Off Road Grand Prix Deadwood, SD October 20, 1990 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All t!Wnts su1ged at th<! duh grounds in Clews, Ohio) LA RANA DESERT RACING P.O. Box 33 Glendora, CA 91740 (818) 963-96091(714) 924-2226 March 2-4, 1990 St. Patricks 250 Barstow, CA May 18-20, 1990 Spangler 150 Ridgecrest, CA ADY (619) 691-9171 ON BOARD FIRE SYSTEMS 5.5 lb.Mechanical Systems (RC500) $ 255.00 11 lb. Mechanical Systems (RC1100) $ 305.00 '9liim CHALLENGER f'RONT -OIL COOL EMULSION $170.00 REAR -OIL COOL EMULSION $195.00 8" 10·· 12'' EMULSION SHOCKS $125.00 REMOTE RESERVOIRS $Ul5.00 12 pt. 3/8 CV BOLTS 2'" OR 21/4'" $1.t0 ea. HOURS GERMAN THING & TYPE Ill REAR DRUMS $119.95 $89.95 M-F 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. SAT. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. (619) 691-9171 103 Press Lane Suite 4 Chula Vista, CA 92010 Page 8 July 13-15, 1990 Lucerne Valley Jam 200 Lucerne Valley, CA August 24-26, 1990 California 400 Lucerne Valley, CA October 5-7, 1990 Mini Baja 150 Ridgecrest, CA November 16-18, 1990 High Desert 150 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15, 1990 T.B.A. Awards Banquet MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION Keneth Coleman 742 E. Roosevelt Road Ashley, Ml 48806 ( 51 7) 838-4483 (All events at Mt. Pleasant Speedway) MIDWEST OFF ROAD BAJA SERIES Rick Vasquez 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 594-8266 All Desert Races March 24-25, 1990 El Paso, TX April 21-22, 1990 Beien, NM June 23-24, 1990 Albuquerque, NM August 4-5, 1990 Belen, NM September 23-24, 1990 Albuquerque, NM October (TBA), 1990 Deming,NM November, 3-4, 1990 El Paso, TX MIDWEST SAND DRAGS Tommy Bowling 9801 E. Highway 80 Odessa, TX 79765 (915) 561-5222 April 7, 1990 Odessa, TX June 9, 1990 Odessa, TX August 11, 1990 Odessa, TX (All events at Notrees, TX) MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 938-4100 February 24, 1990 Jack Murphy Stadium San Diego, CA March 10. 1990 Kingdome Seattle, WA March?, 1990 Sun Devil Stadium Phoenix, Al. March 1990 April 21, 1990 Super Bowl New Orleans, LA May 5, 1990 Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA July 14, 1990 Los Angeles Coliseum Los Angeles, CA September ? , 1990 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO September ? , 1990 Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV (Schedule is cenwtive) ONT ARIO ASSOCIATION OF OFF ROAD RACERS Barry Wannamaker P.O. Box688 Bancroft, Ontario, KOL lCO, Canada (613) 332-3811 /(613) 332-1610 ONTARIO OFF ROAD Ken Jackson - Dick Gillap R.R. #2 Tiverton, Ontario, Canada N0G 2TO (519) 368-7874 OUTLAW MINI STOCK RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 204 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 (213) 375-4570 (213) 719-7036 PAC OFF ROAD RACING P.O. Box323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 March 9-10, 1990 Millican 250 Bend,OR April 20-21, 1990 Horn Rapids 300 Richland, WA June 9-10, 1990 Kamloops 400 KM Kamloops, B.C. Canada October 12-13, 1990 Millican 400 Bend.OR PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 July 29. 1990 Pikes Peak Auto Hillclimb Colorado Springs, CO SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O. Box 526 Indio, CA 92202 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/ (518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 March 2-4, 1990 Chattahoochee Forest Rally Atlanta, GA March JO-April 1, 1990 Sunriser Forest Rally Chillicothee, OH April 12-22, 1990 One Lap of America Long Beach, CA April 21-23, 1990 Chimmney Rock Hillclimb Ashville, NC April 27-28, 1990 Rim of the World Rally Lancaster, CA May 11-13, 1990 Tiadaughton Williamsport, PA June 8-10, 1990 Susqrehannock Trails Rally Wellsboro, PA June 21-24, 1990 Mt. Washington Hillclimb Gorham, NH July 29, 1990 Pikes Peak Hillclimb Colorado Springs, CO August 17-19, 1990 Duryea Hillclimb Reading, PA August 24-27, 1990 Ojibwe Rally Grand Rapids, MN October 25-28, 1990 Press On Regardless Rally Escanaba, MI November 9-12, 1990 Mazda Coachman Stages Rally Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 April 20-22, 1990 San Felipe 250 San Felipe, BC, Mexico June 8-10, 1990 Baja Internacional Ensenada, BC, Mexico November 8-11, 1990 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico December 1, 1989 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Los Angeles, CA (Dates subject to change) SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 SCORE SHOW Edgell Expositions P.O. Box 19531 Irvine, CA 92713 (714) 250-8060 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 April 7, 1990 Perlux Twilight 200 Las Vegas, NV Dusty Times

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June 2, 1990 Caliente 250 Caliente, NV July 28-29 KC HiLites Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV September 21-23, 1990 SNORE250 Las Vegas, NV October 27-28, 1990 Yokohama Challenge Las Vegas, NV December 1, 1990 Showboat Race Las Vegas, NV SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: Tom Schwart.burg 2620 West Washington WestBend,WI53095 (414) 334-3858 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W . North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 257-0422 May 26-27, 1990 Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI June 9-10, 1990 Antigo Kiwanis Off Road Race Antigo, WI June 23-24, 1990 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI July 7-8, 1990 Fox Riverfest Challenge De Pere, WI July 21-22, 1990 U .P. Off Road 100 Bark River, MI August 18-19, 1990 No. American Off Road Racing Festival · Ionia, MI September 1-2, 1990 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI September 15-16, 1990 Badgerland Short Course Sprints Oshkosh, WI TEXAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing -Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214) 855-2232 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association P.O . Box 211 Dunellen, NJ 08812 (201) 752-0299 (201) 359-2745 (All races at Trailways Speedway, Hanover, PA) VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 Dusty Times March 18, 1990 Prairie City OHV Park Long Course Sacramento, CA April 29, 1990 Prairie City OHV Park Short Course Sacramento, CA · May 26-27, 1990 Yerington VORRA 400 Yerington, NV June 29-30, 1990 Virginia City 200 Virginia City, NV July 29, 1990 Prairie City OHV Park Short Course Sa<;ramento, CA September 1-2, 1990 VORRA250 Northern Nevada October 28, 1990 Championship Race Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento, CA WHEEL TO WHEEL,INC. P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL IC0 (613) 332-1766 (613) 332-4128 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 - 87 A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada { 604) 5 76-6256 · FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP March 6-11 Rally of Portugal April 12-16, 1990 Safari Rally Nariobi, Kenya May 4-10, 1990 Tour of Corsica June 2-7, 1990 Acropolis Rally Greece June 29-July 4, 1990 Rally of New Zealand July 23-29, 1990 Rally of Argentina August 22-2 7, 1990 Rally of 1000 Lalces Finland September 13-17, 1990 Rally of Australia October 7-13, 1990 Sanremo Rally of Italy October 27-November 2, 1990 Ivory Coast Rally November 25-29, 1990 RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS List yom coming 1.'\l(.'1\ts in DUSTY TIM ES free! Send yottr 1990 schedule as soon CIS />0ssihle for listing in this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: 'DUSTY TIMES, .5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA ono1. But Bill Holmes didn't stop at grandmother's house on his way to the Championship. For years KC HILITES has been the dominant lighting force for most of off-road racing's champions. Now we're blazing new trails with Bill Holmes and his potent Ford pickup in the fast paced sport of SCCA Pro Rally. Every event on the SCCA circuit features night time stages and there's no such thing as pre-running. Precise navigation at high speeds can mean the difference between the glory of victory or sitting in the bottom of a ditch. That's why Bill Holmes relied on the lighting power of KC HILITES to blast through the black of nigbt on his road to the 1989.SCCA PRO Rally Open Class Championship. Congratulations Bill and thanks for taking us along. 1Qef:o.eA/weAt~® Avenida De Luces • Williams, Arizona• 602/635-2607 March 1990 Page-9

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FRI DUNAWAY DASH Ill McMillin Wins Fud's Finale in a Truck By Judy Smith Photos: Tracksidt! Photo Entt!rf,rist!s/ C&C Rae<! Photos Brothers Neal and Michael Grabowski had a good day and won the tough Class 5 race by just under three minutes. The finale of the FR T year was the rousing big New Year's Eve Dunaway Dash, which welcomed a record 106 starters to Fud's bailiwick near Plaster city in the low desert. Continuing what has become a trend in the SCORE/HORA series, Scott McMillin debuted his redesigned Class 8 Ford pickup and ran away with the overall honors in his first Fud race. The course, just barely long enough to allow all 106 entries to start before the fir-st car came around again, was 25 miles long, and it was a six lap event. With one car taking the green flag every 15 seconds, it was busy out on the trail -on the first lap, and dusty. There was a slight breeze, nice for the spectators, hut not quite stiff enough to keep the course clear. So it was hard to see, and, while the racers agreed that the course was well marked, most also said that the dust made it hard to find the markers from time to time. Most also described the course as rough, but fun, and like a Las Vegas race, even to the deep silt beds that developed by the end of the day. Fud, who is the C.E.O. of the FRT, tried a new layout in the pit area this time. He has always allowed pits on only one side of the course, which creates a long, but considerably safer, pit row. This time he marked a pit road and a race course, which ran contiguously in front of the length of the 2.2 mile long pit row. If a racer planned to make a pit stop he was to take the lane to the right, and was supposed to drive at a controlled speed, to his pit, and then out again. If he was not going to stop in his pit he was to take the road to the left, which was a slightly shorter way around the curve, and where he could drive at race speeds without being a threat to unwary spectators in the pits. Fud announced the setup of the pit road at the mandatory drivers' meeting, but, as could have been predicted, not everyone made the meeting, and some confusion arose about the pit road during the race. Page 10 A couple of drivers knew nothing at all about that left lane, and raced through pit row at speed, which caused Fud to have to flag them down and hold them for a few seconds while he explained the two lane system to them. Having been stopped for the explanation was deemed penalty enough, and no further action was taken, since the drivers went the correct way from then on. In general, the two-lane pit row concept seemed to work, although Fud is already planning ways to change and improve it for the next event. The balance of the course held no surprises for the racers, being well marked, with the big orange placards at the danger spots, and even the outer perimeters of the trail marked, so no one had any excuses for straying into parts of the desert that were off limits. There were promises that anyone found off-course would be disqualified and probably fined $50 by the BLM. In all there were six checks, none of which required the drivers to stop. . This race, like most of Fud's events, got a relatively late start, at noon, because a motorcycle and A TV race had started early in the morning, and wouldn't be finished until about 11 or so. The racers staged themselves, and for this event the big trucks were the fourth group to leave. McMillin, who had hoped to have his truck ready for t_he Baja 1000, but hadn't got it finished in time, seemed to have it in prime condition for this race, and completed his first lap in the lead, about six minutes in front of Perry McNeil, who was in another Ford. In third place it was Jody Mason and Jeremy Sp'irkoff, in still another Ford, while Karl Counce and James Woodruff, in the lone Chevy and having some major problem, ran fourth, about three hours later. Jerry Whelchel and Roger Rolfe, who were in still another Ford, couldn't manage to finish even one lao. . McMillin hit his stride on the next lap, and even with the slower traffic he was now catching, he ran a very speedy lap of29:45, quick time for the class, and the second fastest lap of the day for the race, to put himself in .front by 14 minutes. And he already had the overall lead by just under two minutes. From that point on there was no stopping him, though a couple of the Class 10 drivers gave it the old college try, and he simply charged around the course, having a grand time, and displaying the family talent for handling fast cars. McNeil, who put his brother Reece in to try his hand at racing for the first time, maintained second place, and Mason continued to run third, while Counce and Woodruff could complete only two laps. McMillin stopped only once, to take on fuel, and to let his older brother, Mark, hop in for the last Scott Webster and Rodney Woolf lost their roof, but kept the rest of the car together to take second in Class 1/2-1600. March 1990 ~_;.'{ ~ Scott McMillin switched from buggies to Class 8 trucks and got an overall win in his Ford's first outing. two laps, to see what it was like. Mark later reported that it was rougher than a two-seat buggy, and that he thought -he hoped -that his Porsche powered two-seater would have been just a little bit faster in the rough stuff. Scott completed the six laps in three hours and five minutes, the first vehicle to get the checkered flag, taking the overall win by eight minutes, and happy with the performance of the new truck. The McNeil brothers were second, and Mason and Spirkoff, who completed only three laps, were third. Class 10 had been the first group to start, and Craig Dillon, in a single seat ORC, was first to go. He had one dust-free lap and took advantage of it to rip off the fast lap of the day, at 29:19, and took the lead, with almost four minutes on Mike Williams who was second in his single seat MECO. Williams had had to stop to replace a coil wire. In third it was Paul Nolte and Tom Higgins, in a two-seat Funco, and then Reuben Wood, in a Beard single seater, ran fourth. Dillon ran into traffic about a half-mile into the second lap, and slowed considerably, though he maintained his lead. Williams closed up to just a little over two ~ minutes back, and Nolte and Higgins were still third, followed now by Tim Sines and Bill · Hammack, in a single seat Jimco, in fourth . . On the third lap a plug wire came off, and Dillon stopped about five times to get it reattached. He finished the lap on three cylinders, and Williams was in the lead, by about a minute and 22 seconds. It was still Nolte and . Higgins followed by Sines and Hammack in third and fourth place. Williams continued to lead, but Dillon was running well again, his plug wire firmly reattached, until his transmission started to act up. They finished the lap in first and second, but Dillon had lost eight minutes, and now lost a whole lap in the pit as his crew made repairs. Sines and Hammack had moved up to third place, followed by Wood in fourth. Williams was having a good day, with no major problems, and continued to build his lead through the fifth lap, as Dillon, still troubled, was a distant second, and Wood, in third, was closing up on him. Sines and Hammack were out for the day when their seat broke loose from the chassis. On the last lap Williams saw Jim and Jon Hurley survived a lost wheel and an electrical fire to win the Class 7 race. Hal and Kevin Graves pushed their handsome Jimco hard to take second place in the Class 9 race. · Dusty Times

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, right off the start, in fourth. David Marini ran fifth in his Chenowth one seater. Clarence Hoskins and Ronnie Gibson led Class 7 for a while, but mechanical troubles dropped them to second place. Reuben Wood traveled all the way from Buckeye, Arizona to solo his Beard chassis to second place in Class 10. Marking set a very steady pace, held his lead, and had five minutes on Webster and Woolf at the end of lap four, as Basore was steady in third, and now Marini and Castillo were tied, in fourth place. Through the fifth lap Marking continued his steady march, and now he had a seven minute lead on Webster and Woolf. Basore, whose air cleaners were clogging up with silt, was a bit off the pace, but held third, while Castillo moved into fourth place, and Marini dropped to fifth, after losing about four minutes. Marking continued to run smoothly, and finished his race in three hours and 20 minutes, to take the class win, and third overall. Webster and Woolf were second, nine minutes back, followed in'by Basore, who'd had more r;w-any hopes for an overall victory roar past him in a cloud of dust as he and some spectators fixed his flat. He didn't lose enough time to lose his Class 10 win, however, and he was the second car to finish, a healthy 43 minutes up on second place Wood. Dillon was third, 12 minutes later and Dan Lewis and Curt Thompson, in a two-seat Sandhawk, finished fourth, over an hour back. Sewell continued to lead, but still had less than a minute at the end of lap two, and now it was Marking in second place, and Basore third, followed by Webster and Woolf, who'd lost their roof, and then Morley The 1-2/1600s started next, and another car out for its first race looked mighty good, as Gary W Sewell took the lead, recording the fast lap for the class, in his new two-seat Lothringer, at 31 :57. But Williams (Mike's dad) and Jon Kennedy, Jr., in a two-seat MECO, in fifth place. Sewell lost about 10 minutes on the next lap and Marking moved into the lead, having some trouble back-shifting from third, ···"-·>< he was being pushed hard, and James Tucker, in a two-seat Raceco was less than a minute back in second, followed by John Marking, in his one-seat Jimco, and then Kevin Basore in another Jimco, this a two-seater, and then Scott Webster and Rodney Woolf in a single seat ORBS. Tom Wood had his Pinto powered car in the early lead in the unlimited class, but couldn't quite manage a finish and unable to find first, but otherwise in good shape. He had four minutes now on Webster and Woolf who ran second, and then it was Basore third, and Doug Castillo, in a two-seat Hi Jumper, after losing a plug wire Craig Dillon ran the fast lap for the day, at 29:19, but had plug wire and trans problems, and dropped to third in Class 10. sEcoNo RACE oF THE Budweiser /Bud light 1990 sER1Es AMA SATURDAY APRIL 7, 1990 BIKES START AT 7:00 A.M. 30 MILE LOOP Dusty Times FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM • AMA DISTRICT 38 0 0 0 0 Sponsored by: Race Ready Products, The Wright Place & Schilling Corp. LOCATION: EL CENTRO, CALIF. • BUGGIES: NOON INFO: (619) 427-5759 March 1990 Page 11

Page 12

.. :, George and Glenn Goss shared the driving in their Fugitive, to take the win and the unlimited class. i;r air-cleaner problems, just 42 seconds later. In fourth it was Castillo, and in fifth, playing catch-up all day after a lap one endo, was Tom Schilling in his two-seatJimco. Marini was sixth. The biggest group out for the race was the Challengers, or Class 9, as they're known, with 32 entries. And, in the lead at the end of the first lap it was Jack Hettinger and Steve Reynolds, in a one-seat Funco, followed, in 37 seconds by Tom Watson who'd had a broken throttle-cable, in a wide one-seat ORBS, and then Dave Rogers in a single seat Bunderson, one second behind him. In a tie for fifth it was Wayne Ritayik and Kevin Pratt in a two-seat MECO, and Mike Davis in a one-seat ORBS. Jack Millerd, in a single seat West, ran sixth. The sixth place car was within three minutes of the lead car, and it was anybody's guess who'd bein front on the next lap. It wasn't Hettinger and Perry McNeil gave his brother. Reece, who 'd never driven, a chance at the wheel of the Class 8 Ford, and the team took home a second place. West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL ouR· PRICE $695.00 GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE-Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 D·EA(ER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 1i N""""--moved up to within 29 seconds. The Ledezmas were now third, five and a half minutes later, followed by Gutierrez and Robledo in fourth, Holmes, whose suspension was bottoming, in fifth, and Ken and Duane Basore in sixth place. Frank Bristing and Robert Ballard bounced their Chenowth Mini-Mag back up Mace's co-driver, Kevin Davis, took over on the next lap, and moved the car into the lead, as the Beesons fell to second, a minute and 16 seconds back. Holmes was third, Gutierrez and Robledo fourth, but lost an hour With a broken spring plate, the Ledezmas fifth and the Basores were solid in sixth place. On the fifth lap Davis lost fourth gear, and the Beesons popped back up into the lead, a to second place after early mechanical problems. Reynolds, who reportedly endoed as they headed out on their second lap, and never showed up again. Davis, who ran the fast lap for the class on lap two, at 39:05, took over the lead, with 37 seconds on Ritayik and Pratt, who were now second. Watson moved to third a minute later, and in fourth it was now Hector and Danny Ledezma, in their broad-beamed Ledezma chassis one-seater. Michael Stroh and Jeffrey Wilson ran fifth in a two-seat Chenowth, while Mike Pfankuch and Bill Fiscus, in another two-seat Chenowth were sixth. They'd spread out a bit, but there were still only seven minutes between first and sixth place. Davis, who usually shares the driving chores with Victor Calderon, was soloing this trip because Calderon had come down with the stomach flu. He continued to lead, and now had six minutes on Watson, who moved up to second as Ritayik and Pratt failed to come around again. Hal and Kevin Graves now put their one-seat Jimco into third, with Stroh and Wilson just 16 seconds behind them, in fourth. Larry Kern and Robert Gillingham, in a single seat Rayco out for its first race, moved into fifth place, and just two seconds later it was Pancho Bio in his Tubular Design single-seater. The Ledezmas were now busy replacing a broken transmission. Davis hung onto his lead, and he had 10 minutes on the Graves team at the end of lap four, with Jeff Bennett, who'd taken over for Watson, running third, a bit over a minute later. In fourth place it was now Andy Blue, who took over for Bio, and fifth was Kern and Gillingham, followed by John Jones and Bob McLaughlin in their two-seat Jones Rail. Davis, who said he had only "10 pounds of oil pressure" all day, was being very careful, and did a lot of first and second gear running, and his lead had stretched to 11 minutes at the end of the fifth lap. The Graves car ran second, with Bennett, who-was having clutch trouble, third, two minutes later. Blue was still fourth, and Kern and Gillingham were fifth, followed by Jones and McLaughlin in sixth. Davis, who hadn't even had a flat, but had badly blistered his hands, brought the car in first for the win, the team's first victory, six minutes up on the Graves, who were delighted with their best finish so far. In third it was Bennett and Watson, and then Blue and Bio followed, after a long last lap, in fourth. Kern and Gillingham ran out of gas on lap March 1990 six, but held their fifth place, minute and 27 minutes in front of followed across the line less than him. Holmes was still third, and two minutes later by Stroh and the Ledezmas had moved back up Wilson. to fourth, as Charlie Watters and The 5-1600s were a good sized Brian Goodrich, who'd lost a group for this race also, and wheel cylinder on the first lap, Robert Lofton led the pack of and were having float troubles, them at the end of the first lap, came up to fifth place. Larry Jones with about 25. seconds on Tom and Steve Lakin were now sixth, Mace. David Hendrickson ran buttheyhadatoughfightontheir third, 25 seconds later, and he was hands as Steve and Robert followed by Jim and Jason Meierdiercks and also Lofton's Beeson,onlyninesecondsbehind co-driver, Jim Ashley were less him. In fifth place, two minutes than a half minute behind them, later, was John Holmes. and running strong. Things were still fairly close at Davis didn't miss fourth gear the end of lap two, but now the too much, but he did miss his Beesons had the lead, with 33 shifter when it broke off. He had seconds on Mace, who was 10 to finish with a pair of vise-grips seconds in front of Lofton, who substituting for the shifter knob, now ran third. In fourth it was but lost very little time, and held Mario and Elias Ledezma, who'd on to his win, the first for the been working with their radio and team. Holmes, although briefly had therefore signed up late, lost on the last lap, moved up to missed staging and had to start finish second, Watters and dead last ( which meant one class Goodrich were third, the Ledez-back, behind the mini-trucks). mas fourth, and Ashley, the Robert Gutierrez and Rodrigo driver's side badly crumpled after Robledo were now fifth, and a third-lap endo, finished fifth. . Hendrickson dropped to sixth Lakin and Jones held on to their and then never came around sixth place. again. In Class 5 the brother team of The Beesons continued to lead Joel and Kyle Whitted, took the through the third lap, but Mace, early lead, and recorded the fast who must have done everything lap for the class, with a lap time of right on that lap, recorded the fast 34:50 in their new car. In second time f9r the class, at 38:55, and it was Greg Sanden and Larry .,.,.., _________ ......,_,......,. ....... ,v= .. ,., ........ .q John Marking soloed his Jimco single seater to the 1/2-1600 class win and third place in the overall standings. ~ · · , I'.-, • C;i,/,;, .,.{~·m ,;;;: ·;,:4, , ~~:i-:-J The team of Ed Pauley and Jon landiorio fought a close fight all day and finished second in Class 5 by just three minutes. Dusty Times

Page 13

McCallum, who'd had their usual pre-race luck and had blown two motors and a transmission, and were now running with a back-up 1914cc motor. In third it was Ed Pauley, with 1776ccs, a minute and a half behind them. Neal and Michael Gr~bowski ran fourth, their 11 year old car sporting a 2180cc motor. Sixteen year old Joel was at the wheel of the Whitted car, which boasts2276ccs, and continued to lead, but had only 44 seconds on McCallum and Sanden. Pauley held on to third, and the Grabowskis continued in fourth. At the end of lap three Joel had a minute and 45 seconds on the McCallum/Sanden car, which was spending a fair amount of time in the pits. Through lap four the Whitteds continued to lead, and now Kyle, who hadn't driven in a race before, was at the wheel. The · Grabowskis had a really quick lap and zipped up to second place, bumping McCallum and Sanden to third, and Pauley's co-driver, Jon Iandiorio, another novice driver, and handicapped with a missing second gear, to fourth place. But disaster struck the Whit-teds. A c.v. joint broke, they changed it, traveled another six miles, and the spare broke also. So they were out. The Grabowskis held the lead at the end oflap five, with Iandiorio, who caught on fast, in second place, followed by McCallum and Sanden in third and Felipe Fonseca now fourth. On rhe last lap, as they came up the last big hill, the Grabowski car got stuck, and the co-driver had to get out and push. But they didn't lose enough time to lose their lead, and took the win. Iandiorio finished just under three minutes behind them in second place, and McCallum and Sanden, actually the second car to finish, took third place with an elapsed time just two-tenths of a second longer. None of the others made it to the finish line. The mini-trucks had a good race also, and started the day with Clarence Hoskins and Ronnie Gibson in the lead in their Ranger, followed by Lloyd Riggins and Jeff Potts in their Toyota, and then Jim and Jon Hurley, who'd had a front wheel fall off, in third place, in another Ranger. Hoskins and Gibson continued to lead, taking fast lap honors for the class with a swift 39:49 on lap two, and now followed by Roy Garcia and Richie Valencia, in a Toyora, as Riggins and Potts disappeared from the scene. The Hurleys moved into the lead on the third lap as Hoskins and Gibson lost an hour and fell to third place. Garcia and Valencia were still second, about 10 minutes out of the lead. Things were going well for the Hurleys now and they continued to lead, while Garcia and Valencia lost an hour and a half and then dropped out. That put Hoskins and Gibson back in second place, but 28 minutes down. No one else was running. At rhe end of the fifth lap the Hurleys had 26 minutes on Hoskins, and stopped in their pit for a routine once-over, and to . their horror, the alternator gauge burned up, and they had a major electrical fire in the cab. While they were rewiring the ignition the Hoskins/Gibson truck went by, Dusty Times ~ ,_ A dusty haze obscured the course most of the day, but Mike Davis, in an ORBS, sure-footed his way through it to a Class 9 victory. and it was a brand new race. Gibson, and pass them, to take The Hurleys charged out into the win by only three minutes and the desert in hot pursuit, and 52 seconds. managed to catch Hoskins and Four of the new little Chenowth ., X,: ·-'~v ,;;.<hi ntit.£ .. John Holmes powers his 5-1600 through the soft sand as he ticks off another consistent lap on his way to second place. Mini-Mag cars showed up for this event, and they were led by Charles Townsley and James Harris at the end of the first lap, with Kirk McDaniel running second, two and a half minutes later, followed by Scott Stein-berger and i;r FUEL SAFE THE #1 NAME IN RACING FUEL CELLS DRY BREAK VALVE Legal for NASCAR, USAC, IMSA, SCCA and SCORE. Mounts in variuos locations, this valve makes refueling safe and easy. It automatically closes when male probe is withdrawn to prevent any fuel spillage. Flows at a rate of 2 gallons per second. DBF300 -Female receptacle DBM200 · Male probe DESCR/MINATOR VALVES The ultimate in fuel venting. This valve offers fuel shut-off when refueling and eliminates the need for a catch can. Also offers positive shut-off in case of a rollover. DV100 -1 in. DV175 · 1 3/4 in. Approved by: FIA, NASCAR, HORA, IMSA NHRA, SCCA, SCORE, DIRT, & ACT PROCELL RACING BLADDERS Pro Cell Racing Bladders come equipped with Super Tough Rubber Bladder, Full Foam Baffling, 3/8' Pick-up and Vent Fittings (1/2' optional), Internal Fuel Strainers, 3' Standard Plate w/Rollover Valve and a 5 Year Warranty. Optional Accessories: 2 1/4' or 3' Remote Plates w/Rollover Valves and Aluminum Containers. "Let us know what you want. We can do it!" CIRCLE TRACK FUEL CELLS Circle Track Fuel Cells come equipped with High Impact Polyethelene Cell, Full Foam Baffling, one 1/2' Pick-up, one 3/8' vent fitting, 3" Raised Filler Neck with large Bail 1--landle Cap and a 3 Year Warranty. Optional Accessories: 2 1/4' or 3' Remote Plate with rollover valves and Steel or Aluminum Containers. 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Page 14

[Ir Dale Cardone, in third, a minute and 22 seconds later, and then Frank Bristing and Robert Ballard, 23 seconds behind them. On the second lap Townsley and Harris had class fast lap, at 35:08, and continued their lead, with McDaniel second, still, almost four minutes back, and Steinberger and Cardone third, but missing a front shock, which wreaks havoc with the suspension of a Mini-Mag. Bristing and Ballard lost an hour with some problem, but finally made it around. At the end of the third lap Townsley and Harris continued to lead, but their car was sounding peculiar, and McDaniel, who calls his car the "Meanie Mag", was now 11 minutes back. Steinberger and Cardone had lost time in the pits repairing that suspension, but still held third place, and Bristing and Ballard were fourth, a ways back. At the end oflap four McDaniel had the lead, and Townsley and Harris had dropped to second, after losing about 37 minutes. Steinberger and Cardone were still third, 21 minutes later, and Bristing and Ballard, running well again, were within 22 minutes of them, in fourth. · McDaniel led through lap five, with 45 minutes on Steinberger and Cardone, who, in turn, now had only 18 minutes on third place Bristing and Ballard, as Townsley and Harris lost a couple of hours. The fates played dirty with the Meanie Mag, and McDaniel couldn't make it around that last time. So Steinberger and Cardone took the win, followed in 18 minutes later by Bristing and Ballard in second place.Townsley and Harris ran out of time for the sixth lap also. In Class 100, which is for short wheel base cars, either one-or two-seat, with fairly liberal motor and suspension parameters, the lead was in the hands of Vic Pizzino and Don Cox, in a Hi Jumper two-seater after lap one. A little off-road ballet demonstrates the hard driving style of Mike Williams, MECO, Class 10 winner, and second overall. Making their Hi-Jumper look light-footed, Don Cox and Vic Pizzino skim the ground on the way to second in Class 100. They had a full minute on Dwayne Whitney and Kevin Thompson in a two-seat Chen-owth, and they had about 4 7 seconds on third place Dave and Randy Collier in their single seat Funco. This was a hard fought race, and Pizzino and Cox had only a little over two minutes after the second lap, with Rick Green, in a Frazco now second, and Mike Hart, in a Funco, less then a minute behind him. Whitney and Thompson were 30 seconds later, in fourth. The lead went to Green on the third lap, but Pizzino and Cox were only six seconds behind him, and Whitney and Thompson were only a minute and a half behind them, in third. Hart was fourth now, less then two minutes , later. Green really got moving on , the fourth lap, and recorded the class fastlap at 39: 17, building his lead to just over two minutes. Whitney and Thompson had moved to second place, while Pizzino and Cox, losing about two minutes, fell to third. Hart was still fourth, but then he never came around again. By the end of the fifth lap Green had built his lead to two and a half minutes, and Pizzino and Cox, back in stride, were second again. Whitney and Thompson lost about 10 minutes and fell to third, while the Colliers were fourth. Green continued to have a good day, and took the win in four 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling, desig~ to ;;;~i~ siock ap;;~·r~-ance a!"d allow 34" tall tires. S~OR~/HDRA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Remn.,rced hood to stop d1stort1on at speed. Racers Price Available. Dimple Die Sets now In stock - ½ 11 - 111 - 1 ½ 11 - 211 CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division 39067 Orchard St Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing Cherry Valley, CA 92223 8403 Vicki Road Curt Leduc, Owner Rockford, IL 61108 (714) 845-8820 (815) 332-9681 Pag~ 14 March 1990 Rick Green charged to the front in the close Class 100 race, in his Frazco, and stayed there 'ti/ the finish to get the win. A little dust couldn't faze the Whitted brothers, Joel and Kyle, as they led Class 5 for many laps. But broken c.v.s put them out. hours and seven minutes, with Pizzino and Cox, whose ice chest had fallen off, taking the fan belt and oil breather with it, finishing second, 11 minutes later, and the Colliers third, 15 minutes further back. None of the others were able to finish. Class 1, or the Unlimited class, which is open to one and two-seat unlimited cars, usually has a small entry at Fud's races, and this time was no exception. The Homemade single seater of Tom Wood had a decisive lead for several laps over the two-seat Fugitive of Glenn and George Goss, but then disappeared from the records. The Gosses shared the driving equally, each doing two laps before they lost a c. v., but they got the win on the basis of the most laps finished. With the race over before dinner time, Fud's racers and pit crews, as. well as check point people, were free to celebrate the end of the '80s and the start of the . '90s around their campfires and in their snug motorhomes. The new decade was begun on the following morning with a tasty brunch before the awards presentation, and then an early start towards home. Fud's plans for the new season include a five race series, one of which, in May, is scheduled to be a 24 hour event. Kirk McDaniel led the Chenowth Mini-Mags for a while, but fell by the wayside on the last lap. Gary Sewell took fast lap in the 1 /2-1600s, at 31 :57, and also led for a while, but mechanical woes stopped his new Lothringer. Dusty Times

Page 15

SODA Awards Banquet T <?xt & Photos: D<?/1 Fr<?imuth Outstanding service awards for extra work in 1989 were. presented to (from the left) Gill Schirm, Karen Schirm, Don Popple, Bev Friday, Dick Shinnick and (not pictured) Mel Freimuth. It's billed as the Midwest event Seefeldt. Elected to the Board of presentation of awards. Jeff of the year, the grand finale of the Directors were: Greg Geralch, Cummings of BFGoodrich 1989 racing season ... it was the Dave Vandermissen, Sr., Dick welcomes everyone and served as Annual Superior Off-Road Shinnick, Terry Friday, Don the emcee for the evening. Jeff Drivers Association Banquet Poppie with Bill Schirm serving as introduced SODA President extravaganzawhichwasagainheld alternate. Terry Wolfe who extended at the elegant Radisson Inn in Odd numbered classes elected special thank yous to the Green Bay, Wis., January 19-21, their representatives with Class 1 personnel who donated their time 1990. going to Art Schmit, III, alterna- by representing SODA on the Friday night's festivities were · tive Dave Vandermissen, Sr.,; Tech Committee, Registration kicked off with a hospitality Class 7S-TomHockers, alternate Committee, SODA Newsletter, room, equipped with free beer, Terry Friday; Class 13 -Tom MORRA Rules Committee, soda, hors d'oeuvres, and lots of Jensen, alternate John Schultz; SODA Executive Board, the bench racing, catching up with Womens Unlimited Buggy-Ruth officers and Terry and Karen. friends and scoping out what the Schwartzburg; Class 3 -Jerry Prevost for all their help in competition is up to for the Zaugg, alternate Greg Swiston; organizing this year's banquet. coming year, topped off with Class 9 - Kevin Probst, alternate Thank yous were also extended to videos of the 1989 racing season. Todd Attig; Class 5-1600 -Ron the promoters of the Endurance Saturday was beckoned in, not Karlman; Class 11 (single and Series and the Short Course only by a few big heads (left overs double) Mark Steinhardt, alter- Series as well as the sponsors of of the night before), but meetings nate Darrin Parsons; Class 1-the End of the Year Points Fund. for various committees, Board of 1600 John Greaves; Womens General Tire, BFGoodrich, Directors and the General Limited Buggy - Bev Friday, Yokohama and Pirelli Armstrong Membership meeti_ng. The alternate Paula Parsons; Womens tire companies were also ack-election of officers and class Heavy Metal -Gail Brand, nowledgedfortheircontributions representatives also took place alternate Lori Nowakowski. with results as follows: President -The cocktail hour precluded Terry Wolfe, Vice President - the scrumptuous buffet banquet Tom Schwartzburg, Secretary - dinner which made way for the Karen Wolfe, Treasurer - Mike reason everyone had gathered the It is always hard to choose a real rookie each year, but this round SODA chose young Cory Friday who was a real rookie in 1989. Dusty Times The Upper Peninsula Stump Jumpers, who do the flagging and course qontrol at most SODA races present-ed their Driver Of The Year award to Terry Friday. March 1990 during the 1989 series. The first awards of the evening were presented to several individuals who have over the years donated their time and talents to SODA. Outstanding Service Awards were presented to: Mel Freimuth, Dick Shinnick, Karen Schirm, Bill Schirm, Bev Friday and Don Poppie. The Rookie of the Year Award went to Class 11 d_river Cory Friday. Driver of the Year awards were presented to brothers Tom and Dave Hackers with Sports• man of the Year being awarded to Greg Smith. A very special award presented by Bev Friday and Paula Parsons along with a few helpers was presented to Greg Gerlach, the Surfer Buggy Maytag Award, a repayment from the women buggy drivers for Greg's somewhat jabbing humor aimed at the buggy drivers and especially the women buggy drivers during a recent fall ' board meeting. Greg took the whole thing quite well, but then again, he's the one that always said buggy drivers were "villains". The U.P. Stump Jumpers presented their annual Sportsman of the Year· award with the recipient being Terry Friday. Class winners and runners-up were presented with rewards for their efforts with approximately $28,000 being rewarded for participation in the 10 race Short Course Series. Tire represent-atives also presented awards to the Class Champions that had run on their particular tire. The promoters of the Endur-ance Series presented their payback of$10,104.00 to the top drivers who had participated in the four race Endurance Series. Kevin Nauman of General Tire, Jack Houser, Yokohama; Bob Bogdanoff, Pirelli-Armstrong and Jack Cummings of BFG each took The Sportsman Of The Year honors went to Greg Smith, a well deserved award. a moment to express their f eefings for the past season and presented their contingency programs for the 1990 season. With the conclusion of the awards, tables were pushed aside to make way for an evening of fun-filled . (oot stomping music and comraderie. The weekend festivities con-cluded Sunday with the Board of Representatives meeting, then the saying of good-byes for a few more months, to go home and start preparing for the· 1990 season, which is right around the . corner! "lmt,roved manufacturing technology allows us to offer our New System U power steering·assembJy at an economical price. This complete lightweight system consists of all new components and includes a properly pressured steel pump, brackets, pulley, belt, valve, ram, fluid tank and necessary hardware for easy installation. Compare our price and quality with other · mat1ufacturers' systems. You ,,. can rely on our System II to steer you right-Bob Gordon, Doug Fortin, Spencer Low and the M"Millins do! Call or write today fur additional information. Unique Metal Products 8745 Magnolia Santee, California 92071 619/449-9690 Page 15

Page 16

By Homer Eubanks . -The Mickey Thompson Entt!r-tainment Group started off the new racing season with a bang, January 20 at Anaheim Stadium. And from the record breaking sell out attendance (65,447) and the record setting field of new con-testants it appears the 90's will be very promising for stadium off-road racing fans. A variety of new teams showed up to compete this season. The Grand National Sport Truck class has defending champion Robby Gordon returning, but this year he has traded in his Toyota racing suit for one with Ford sewn on it. Gordon will also campaign a Super 1600 ca-r as well. Also in the Sport Truck class is another Nissan entry driven by last year's Super 1600 Rookie of the Year Roger Mears Jr. Glenn Harris returns for a full season this year in his Mazda driving for General Tire. Jeff Huber found a new home and will be driving for Toyota. The largest field of Ultra-Stocks, totaling 13 entries, will-battle this season. Since its incep-tion in 1985 this class has grown slowly but steadily and this year will run two heats before the main. Most noticeable of the new entries is the two new Jeep Cher-okees. Defending class champion Lloyd Castle is behind the wheel of one while the other is piloted by stadium newcomer Mike Les-lie. Lloyd's son, Brad Castle is wielding a new Toyota Four Runner and is also competing in the Super 1600 class. Super 1600 racers came to the stadium to find the Sage Council Racing Team fielding three cars. All the cars are equipped with new Toyota powerplants. The team has gathered up some of the class' most notable drivers as well. Doug Ingles will pilot one of the cars while seven time Super 1600 main event winner Jerry Whel-chel takes up driving duties in another car.-Greg George returns after a one year absence. George, will pull double duty this season by driving in the Superlite class. Greg George will be driving for Nature's Recipe which also will wield a three car team in the Page 16 Anaheim Stadium SuperLite division. D;fending champion Rennie Awana and former female supercross rider Mercedes Gonzales will round out the team. A whole slew of motorcycle riders will be competing this year. Multi-champion motorcross rider Mickey Dymond makes his debut this year. Defending champ Jim "Hollywood" Holley returns this year as well as standout Tal-lon Vohland and a host of series veterans. Many notable 4-Wheel ATV veterans returned this year but last year's champ Marty Hart called it quits. Frenchman Joel Bontoux is expected to race the entire season, which adds some international flair to the class. The season got underway with a final qualifying heat for the Super I 600 racers. The event replaced what was previously the Trophy Dash among the fastest qualifiers. A total of 7 cars were entered with only two top positions trans-ferring to the heat race. When the checkered flag came out it was Steve Wright and Brian Collins that earned the privilege to race in the heat race. In the first Grand National heat all hell broke loose! The drivers must have been establishing their pecking order for the year and the physical event had to be restarted three times due to roll overs. As the first official green flag of the season came out it was the front row sitter Rob MacCachren Photos: Tracksidl' Photo Enter/Jrisl's that took the lead. After turn one things got crazy. Danny Thomp-son got his Chevrolet up on its side and 20 yards down the track was the Ford of Dan Esslinger on its side, causing a restart. On the restart it was Robby Gordon and Rob MacCachren sharing the front row and the tw_o Nissans shared the second. Jeff Huber, the 1987 class champ, was on the third row with Walker Evans. Ivan Stewart, who had set fastest time, sat at the rear of the pack. · Esslinger had pulled off with rear axle problems. On the restart MacCachren pulled out front with Robby Gordon in hot pursuit. Walker Evans settled into third and fourth was Roger Mears, Jr. Gordon tried to muscle his way into the lead but MacCachren decided to return a little muscle of. his own and held onto the lead. MTEG again designed the track with two options, and Mac-Cachren took the outside of the ' option and stayed in the lead. Roger Mears, Jr. challenged but MacCachren was able to keep the lead and put . some distance between himself and the others. Thompson and one of the Toy-otas tangled, leaving Thompson in the barriers for a few moments and another red flag came out. On the restart it was Mac-Cachren that had lost about 10 truck lengths between himself and second place Robby Gordon. Third place was Thompson Taking vario11s racing lines over the hoops is Frank Arciero Jr. on his way to a record breaking fourteenth main event win in the Mickey Thompson series. March 1990 ~ Playing to a packed house in this year's first event are the Grand National Sport Trucks who always please the roaring crowd with this kind of off the line action. fourth was Roger Mears Sr. only two laps down. MacCachren was still in the lead but had Gordon in hot pur-suit. The other Jeep of Evans rolled and on the following lap the leaders had trouble getting around, causing yet another red flag. On the restart MacCachren was first and Thompson had second place with Gordon grabbing third. Thompson pulled into con-tention for a moment but Mac-Cachren held onto the lead until he again took the long way around the option and took a jump land-ing on his nose. This gave the lead to Thompson with Mears Sr. second and Ivan Stewart third. Stewart and Mears argued over second place going into the back sweeper and the two got hung up. Bumper to bumper. Mears ended up pushing Stewart around two complete 360s. This gave second place to Evans: Jeff Huber was third and Glenn Harris found himself in fourth. Robby Gordon was fifth but was suffering with engine problems. A yellow flag came out and the flagman was motioning for everyone to calm down. The race was riot stopped and Thompson was still i11 the lead with Evans second and Huber had a distant third place. On the fol-lowing lap Evans challenged Thompson and after the tangle found himself pointing the wrong way which allowed Harris to take third. When the checkered flag finally came out it was Danny Thompson who was the first heat race winner of the decade. Jeff Huber managed second place and third went to his former teammate Glenn Harris. Robby Gordon managed to finish fourth and Roger Mears was fifth. In the first UltraStock heat it was Brad Castle and Vince Tjelme-land sharing row one. The second row was made up ofBrian Collins and Terry Anderson. On the start, Elrod took off like a rocket to grab the lead but Lloyd Castle pulled alongside in second place. Brad Castle managed third and Tjelmeland ended up in fourth. Before the first lap was over Brad Castle ended up on his top during the rough section. Lloyd Castle was still out front and Tjelmeland managed to grab second with Jeff Elrod settling into third. · Brad Castle was slow about get-ting going again and Terry Ander-son dropped out on the second lap. The field strung out with Cas-tle in a comfortable lead and second place Tjelmeland was gettng some heat from Elrod. Lloyd Castle showed everyone why he is the defending class . champion by winning the first heat of the season. Vince Tjelme-land held onto second place and third went to Jeff Elrod. Fourth was B.rian Collins. Five cars lined up for the second UltraStock heat and the Corvette of Joey Moore was on the pole. On the outside of row one was Tim Lewis and Larry Noel sat behind him next to movie stuntman Hal Needham. At the start Lewis took the Porsche out front with Moore set-tling into second until tum three and Moore took over. Before the lap ended it was Larry Noel in second, Christopher Neil was third and then Moore. On the fol-lowing lap Noel dropped out. . Tim Lewis by lap three had a comfortable lead with Neil, Moore and Needham trailing. Neil had trouble on turn one and flipped his car over landing in the fence. This changed things around a bit but Lewis was able to take the win. Joey Moore in the Corvette took second place. Being the only other finisher it was Hal Needham taking third place in his first sta-dium off-road event. In the first 4-Wheel ATV heat it was a run away victory for pole-setter Mark Ehrhardt. Second · place went to Derek Hamilton and third was Donavon·Holland. The second 4-Wheel A TV heat Still showing everyone the proper off road style, either in the desert or in the· stadium, is Bakersfield's legendary Roger Mears. Dusty Times

Page 17

Showing the huge crowd how much winning means to these dedicated racers is Larry Noel after his Ultrastock main event victory. looked like Charles Shepherd's race. He was leading throughout the race but had a hard charging Donny Banks moving up on each consecutive lap. As Shepherd entered the next to last turn he slid his Honda sideways and there was Banks to steal the lead. Shep-herd held onto second and the Frenchman Joel Boutoux was third. Next on the agenda was the first Sui:erLite heat race. Ron Pierce grabbed the early lead with Greg George second and Rory Holla-day was third. Pierce had things his way until the fourth lap when he lost his front right wheel and Greg George inherited the lead. By the white flag George had the front straight between himself and second place Holladay. These two finished in that order with third place going to Allen Y arras. Fourth was Ron Schartau and then Don Archibald. As the second Superlite heat came out there were 10 cars. Frank Chavez exited turn one first and never looked back until he had won. Chavez had Rennie Awana challenging throughout the first five laps but Awana had to pull out with mechanical woes. Chuck Parker pulled his Briggs-built into second and held on. Third place went to Edward Moore and fourth was Greg Trachy ahead of Holgeir Oks-nevad. The first Super 1600 heat belonged to Sage Council Racing. Former Anaheim winner Jerry W helchel took over at turn two of the first lap and drove out front until the checkered flag. Follow-ing in second place was his team-mate Greg George. Third place went to Frank Arciero Jr. and fourth was last years champ Mitch M uscard. Bob Gordon managed fifth. Super 1600 heat race two had 14 cars on line, and in turn one it was pole-setterJimmy N ichol~ Dusty Tirnes out front. Nichols was followed by Gary Gall and Tommy Croft. When they came around for lap three Nichols still had the lead but Wes Elrod had worked his way through the pack to second place. Gall was holding onto third but had Brad Castle hot on his tail. By the fourth lap Tommy Croft had missed lapped traffic prob-lems and managed to grab the lead. Robby Gordon followed Croft for second. Elrod fell to third place. Brad Castle had lost a tire and was having to fight off a pack of wolves. Croft was driving a consistant race and was out front running hard but not too far behind was young Gordon. A hard battle for fourth place was between Kevin , Smith and Larry Noel. When the argument was over Noel moved ahead and Smith was. later penal-ized by the Rough Driving Com-mittee (RDC). Tommy Croft and Robby Gor-don had pulled some distance between themselves and third place Elrod. Croft was in control until Gordon held the pedal down through the rough stuff and when he and Croft came around the switch-back a stalled car in the track held up Croft and Gordon took over. Once out front Gordon put the pedal down and put some dis-tance between himself and Croft. Gordon went on to the victory circle and Croft had to settle for second place. Wes Elrod held onto third and fourth wasJimmy Nichols. Larry Noel finished fifth. Five drivers were later set back for rough driving. Besides Smith, Henry Simpson, Don Kalt, Gary Gall and Billy Beck all started the year out being over anxious. In the first UltraCross heat race a total of 20 riders came out to run. Seventeen year old Brian Roth was the youngest rider on the track. But he didn't let his age bother him when the green flag Coming ,;;;;; back in the pack to take the Ultrastock main event honors was high-jumping desert racer Larry Noel. ·came out. Roth jumped out the early leader and was able to hold the lead until lap three. Then Mike Fisher, also riding a Kawa-saki, jumped into the lead. The race appeared to be all Fishers until mid-way the last lap and veteran motorcycle racer Micky Dymond came streaking past with Mike Graig in tow. Micky Dymond held off Mike Graig for the win and Mike Fisher, after leading most of the race ended up in third, making it a sweep for Kawasaki. Mike Young brought his Yamaha around for fourth and early leader Brian Roth finished fifth. A total of 16 riders were entered in the second UltraCross heat race. Chris Young jumped out front early with Kerry Mulli-gan trailing. Third was Jim Holley and Dan Berg was fourth. The front positions didn't change much until just before the white flag. Holley took the lead after the double jump but then at the end of the straight Young retook him, but Holley then again grabbed the lead in the next corner. Holley pulled out five bike lengths and went on the take the win. Young however saw Ryan Hughes blister by for second place. Young held onto third and fourth was Kerry Mulligan. Fifth went to Tallon Vohland. There were 10 Sport Trucks out for the second heat race. On the pole was the Jeep driven by Rob MacCachren and next to him was Roger Mears. When the green flag came out it was the Jeep that grabbed the lead. Mears was fight-ing off Dan Esslinger for second. Ivan Stewart and Roger Mears Jr. battled for fourth but Mears Jr. left the track with transmission problems. Lap two had Mac-Cachren in the lead, Esslinger, then Roger Mears. Lap three and MacCachren had a comfortable lead with Esslinger still running a few truck lengths ahead of Mears. On the following lap the front drivers had stretched themselves out from the pack and things were very calm. Then on the sixth lap things seemed to fall apart. Mac-Cachren lost his lead when he got up on two wheels and Esslinger took over. MacCachren almost looked as if he was doing a ·Joey Chitwood stunt; his Jeep stood up on its two right wheels for the longest time before resting down on the passenger's door. Roger Mears lost a front tire and was limping around the track. And before Esslinger could get com-fortable his right rear tire went down and he got his Ford side-ways, and there was [r More off-road races are won on Bilsteins than any other shock absorber, period. -. . •BORN TO PERFORM'" Bil.STEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog, send $2.50. March 1990 Page 17

Page 18

i;r Ivan Stewart to take advantage of his mis-fortune. Ivan Stewart went on to take the checkered flag and Danny Thompson managed to cross over in second. Third place went to Robby Gordon and Walker Evans was able to capture fourth ahead of Dan Esslinger. The UltraStocks were the first main event contestants. As the 10 cars lined up it was Lloyd Castle on the pole and Tim Lewis shared the front row. Once underway it was Castle grabbing the lead. Lewis followed and then Vince Tjelmeland ahead of Jeff Elrod. Before the lap ended Lewis moved to the front of the pack and Castle was second. Sometimes, no matter how hard anyone tries, there are some races where everything goes wrong. Lewis had the lead bu.: also had Castle right on his bumper on the following lap.Jeff Elrod held onto third and Tjelmeland was fourth. Castle was not content with second place and pulled alongside Lewis in the rough stuff. Castle couldn't get around and then going into turn one tried again and the two slapped bumpers, hut Lewis kept his lead. Castle again stuck his bumper up against Lewis and tried to get around hut ended up in the Hydro harrier. Lewis was then chal-lenged and passed by Tjelmeland. But Tjelmeland got squirrley in the rough and Lewis took over again. Lewis was then battling Jeff Elrod with a bad left rear flat. While Elrod and Lewis pushed around on one another Noel snuck around for the lead. Larry Noel ended up the event winner and second place went to DESERT LOCK OUTER Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength • At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing Jeff Elrod. Third place was early leader Tim Lewis and fourth went to Vincent Tjelmeland. Hal Needham managed to stay out of trouble and finished fifth. The 4-Wheel ATV main event was dominated by Donavan Hol-land. Holland used his front row position to his best advantage and led the entire race. Second place was earned by Charles Shepherd with third place going to Joel Bon-toux. Derek Hamilton was fourth and Andrew Buck took fifth. In the Superlite main event it was Edward Moore that set the pace for the other 18 riders out of turn one first. Moore had Allen Yarros and Frank Chavez in close pursuit but managed to fend off their attempts. However, before the event ended Moore got slowed up by lapped traffic and Ron Pierce was there to steal the number one spot. Pierce went on for the win with Moore ending up second. Third went to Allen Yarros and fourth was Frank Chavez. Fifth place was Holgeir Oksnevad. The Super 1600 main event saw Tommy Croft on the pole and Greg George sharing the front row. Robby Gordon and Jerry Whelchel sat behind them in row two. Coming out of turn one was four cars all fighting for the lead. By turn two Greg George had the advantage. Croft tried to go out-side but ended up fourth. Going info the sec'ond lap they were lined up with Greg George in the lead. Frank Arciero second and third was Mitch Mustard. On the following lap Whelchel had moved into third place, but as he attempted to take a triple jump his Chenowth 's nose dug in and made Providing more four wheel racing action than their small size would suggest are the determined and fearless SuperLite racers like Terry Peterson. the car veer into the hydro barri-ers causing him to flip out of contention. The front three had pulled some breathing room between themselves and the rest of the pack but George had both Arciero and Mustard all over him. Then Arciero managed to hold on iA the rough to take the lead. Mus-tard quickly got into the act and he and George tangled which spun George sideways. When the white flag came out Arciero was h·aving to pick his way through lapped traffic and last year's number one plate holder, Mitch Mustard, was shadowing Arciero in hopes of a blunder. But Mustard had to set-tle for the bridesmaid honors as Arciero headed for the winners circle. The win broke Frank Arciero out of a tie with Glenn Harris as all time MTEG main event winner ( 14 ). Mitch Mustard was a close second place and third went to Marty Coyne. Larry Noel man-aged fourth and fifth was Bob Gordon. Early leader Greg George was sixth. In the UltraCross main event ther were 20 riders starting. Jeremy McGrath was only wor-ried about one of the contestants -Tallon Vohland. McGrath was in the lead the entire race but had V oh land shadowing his every move. This caused McGrath to have to go all out resulting in the front two pulling out a comforta-ble lead. Then on the sixth lap V oh land came off the douple jump wrong and slid his Kawasaki out from under him. That was all McGrath needed to take his first main event win. Lowell Thomson came in second and third was Mike Young. Fourth went to the heat winner Mickey Dymond and Mike Graig was fifth. It was obvious that pole setter Danny Th~mpson had troubles as he came out for the Sport Truck main event. He had white smoke pouring out of his Chevrolet indi-cating a heating problem. Thomp-son didn't let this bother him though as he took the lead with Ivan Stewart in second place. Ivan's new teammate Jeff Huber settled into third and Walker Evans was fourth. As luck would have it, Thomp-son pulled off on the second lap and Stewart inherited the lead. Huber had suffered traffic prob-lems and was now in fifth. Evans and then Roger Mears both got around Huber. -Walker glued his Jeep to Ivan's bumper and waited for his moment. But he forgot about the Iron Mans persistance. Stewart was able to use the clear track and carefully picked his way through the corners. At the halfway point Evans banged into Stewart and lost momentum which allowed Stewart to gain some breathing room. On the next lap Stewart had three lengths ahead of Evans. Huber had moved into third and Glenn Harris was holding onto fourth but Harris had Rob MacCachren on his tail. Ivan Stewart went on for the win with Walker Evans a strong second place. Jeff Huber made it 1 & 3 for Toyota and Glenn Harris brought his General Tire Mazda in fourth. Roger Mears Sr. was fifth. • All parts are available separately *In stock-Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 13" MIDGET 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV French's Longest Mile Rallysprints MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 10" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 : (209) 275-5183 Page 18 Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax B~ DaH.' Tlwnws Nine drivers entered eight cars in the December 2 running of French's Longest Mile event held near Blooming Grove, TX. The tight and twisty 1.2 mile course was entirely on dirt proved to be a challenge for all, hut was more suited to teams with smaller cars. Dave Thomas and Conan Law won both sprints in their Mazda RX-7. Jim Dale in a Mazda RX-3 and Ken Stewart/ Ralph Star in their Chevy S-10 fini~hed second and third in both sprints.Jim Dale turned the quickest stage time of 3:25 in the first sprint and tied the RX-7 team for quickest with a 3:12 in the second sprint. Schrader/ Beach in their Dodge Daytona towed from Memphis only to he slowed by flat tires March 1990 allowing Gibson/Logue in a Datsun 280Z to slip into fourth overall. The Memphis team recovered on the second sprint to claim fourth. The Kirby / Palmer team driving a Chevy Monza fell from fourth overall to eighth when they slid off on the last stage and high centered. Their fifth overall in the second sprint was their best finish ever. Hanke/Seymour in a '69 Chevy Camero managed to finish fifth in the first sprint although they· lost their fender flares. When the roles were reversed and Seymour drove the car, he beat Hanke on the first two stages of the second sprint, then Hanke got it dialed in and finished sixth overall, 14 seconds ahead of Seymour. Event sponsor and property owner Tom French ran quickly on the first sprint but broke a frame mount. Unable to start four of the five stages in the second sprint made him the day's only DNF. A "Yankee Hot Dog" roast followed the event with awards shortly thereafter. Everyone had a good time eating, drinking, swapping lies, and watching a spectacular Texas sunset. Special thanks to the Texas Region Racer Chasers (F&C workers) and the Blooming Grove Volunteer Fire Department. Dusty Times

Page 19

New to the Toyota team, but not new to Grand National Sport Truck racing is Jeff Huber who drove to a heat's second place and finished third in the main. Class U!traStock combines a deser.t buggy chassis with a production car body and the results are a stadium full of off road action. Marty Coyne's third place finish in the UltraStock main event highlighted his race night despite his fine driving style. Stadium racing a four-wheel A TV not only takes muscle, but the highest level of balance and concentration on every corner. · Dusty Times .:,;t . ,if' ~t>~q~ ·_ OY01·, Tim Lewis won his second heat race and led his main for a while to finish in third spot with his Porsche-bodied UltraStock racer. Last year's Super 1600 champion, Mitch Mustard, flew to a fourth place and shadowed the leader for a close second in the main event. March 1990 r . obody but Earl's has Swivel-Seal:rM Nobody! Send $4.00 today for the Earl's full color catalog. ~EARL'S ~ 1'RFORMANCE PRODUCTS e 825 E. Sepulveda• Carson, CA 90745 • 213/830-1620 Page 19

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G.O.R.R.A. 50 ' ¼~ ·"' ~ . -4o' Even the Challenger buggies were getting their. share of southern air as demonstrated by Steve Langley who flies on to take the checkered flag. • . Most off road racers are men, most of our buggy racers are fathers, so how about an off road buggy race on; Father's Day? As in all fifty-mile off road races, the five lap heat is the first run. It's always a good chance to feel out the track and see how the car is going to react. In the Challenger heat only Jim Pate made any major change; moving up from sixth to first. Steve Langley found a huge mud hole on the first lap and watched the rest of the heat from there. The Class 1600s ran flag to flag as Rick Smallwood drove in the heat and brother Mickey drove the feature race (both finished second). Charles Lowery drove Mike Isola 'scar in the Challenger's heat and finished in third spot. In the feature race Steve Langley came from first to first to take the race in a cake walk after an early wheel-to-wheel dice with Jim Pate and Clint Hurst. Hurst finished third luckily with only a ttansmission problem. Pate, in his first race with GORRA, was second after losing all the bolts on the steering wheel and a steering damper so he had to pit for a quick repair. Another newcomer was Rick Breitenbach who did a nice job. Rick was just getting settled when his: !IlOtor spun a bearing putting him out. Rick, Rodney, and Da.rren of the Hooter's crew vowed to return and do better. Kerry Clark drove his car to a fourth place finish, while Mike Isola broke a spindle on the second lap ending his day early. The 1600 main was decided on the start by Herrell, Smallwood, and Rule. Just Rule had a problem, a broken fuel pump ended his day on lap 19. This was the second time in a row that he' had a co-driver. Mickey and Rick Smallwood had their best run in quite a while, and maybe the best since they finished their new car. Good run, everyone. Page IO if ·,,;:-1 · Again, Clint Hurst demonstrates his off road talents, despite the muddy camouflage, until a transmission problem ended his day. Even though off road racing doesn't always go the way you planned, it still is worth the money and effort just for a great photo. Thanks J.D. Mitchell. Not only mud, but water holes kept the racers on their toes and soaked many buggies and their drivers. March 1990 Clint Hurst pulled out all the stops to take a muddy third place finish in the hotly contested Challenger Class. The driver's meeting before a race is always important and everyone involved in the GORRA event was in attendance. · J.D. Mitchell was having a good day in his Challenger buggy until he ran out of room and Sammy Herrell motored on to win the 1-2-1600 Class. Wheel-to-wheel racing happens on the desert and in the good old south ·as shown here by J.D. Mitchell and Mike Isola. Dusty Timcs

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Paris-Tripoli-Dakar 1990 Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Salvador Servia and co-driver Jamie Puig put their British Range Rover through and over the rocky desert course hoping for a well positioned finish. For the second consecutive year teammates Ari Vatanen and Bruno Berglund have put their Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 used it on the Six Hours of Paris off road race. Cowan said it gave poor top end performance, but good torque. The first "half-prologue" was held in muddy conditions close to Orly airport south of Paris. The addition of the two sets of prologue times was done simply to determine the competitors' starting order when they reached the African selec-tives. A big surprise was that pri-vateer Claude Arnoux's home built buggy beat the professional cars, though drying conditions generally favoured the later numbers. Former Fl driver Jacques Lafitte stopped with elec-tronic failure and retired from the event immediately. Another ex-Fl driver was in trou-ble; on the liaison run through France after the Christmas morn-ing start from Paris, Tambay's Lada gave symptoms of engine troubles. He took part however in the second half-prologue that was held at Marseilles in more orthodox conditions, with Warmbergue's 205 Turbo 16 which was faster than his 405 Turbo 16 teammates. Arnoux still led on aggregate times. valve car into a winning position in this annual world class event. ! On their last appearance in the deserts before turning to sports car racing, Peugeot are heading with Ari Vatanen at the helm for their fourth consecutive Paris-Dakar victory. After delays in early stages Mitsubishi are consolidating their efforts, and Andrew Cowan was in fifth place at half distance. Even though they no longer have a power superiority Peugeot's two 405 Turbo 16 and two 205 Turbo 16s mid-engined cars, all sponsored by Camel, are still unmatched in suitability and reliability compared with rival teams from Mitsubishi, Range Rover, and Lada. Whereas Peugeot have happily benefitted from the mid-season rule changes for marathon events, other teams have suffered badly in consequence. Top technical novelties of the year have been the Porsche engined Ladas which these were insufficiently tested beforehand; curiously the engines for the French built Russian cars had to be prepared in America, though the Russians did not know this in advance. Vatanen has been dominant throughout the first half of the event while his first time teammate Bjorn Waldegard is fast learning the skills of racing in· the deserts. Vatanen and co-driver Bruno Berglund have dem-onstrated their extensive desert experience to good effect, show-ing great confidence in making deviations from the official route when likely to give faster conditions. Organizationally there were considerable improvements, par-ticularly with the road book and the policy to make the event tough but more "humane." For the first time the organizers supplied water to competitors, and reduced ~s far as possible driving time at night. There was a more greater feeling of stability, with Gilbert Sabine now un-opposed as head of the organiza-tion TSO. The decision to go to Chad was popular, opening up new routes and reducing some of the monotonous use of pure desert tracks. Going straight to . Libya, crossing Tunisia, de-manded a two rather than a one day boat crossing. Another novelty was a two day marathon section. Between these sections cars were put into Pare Ferme, with none of the usual all-night work by the trucks when they eventually arrived. Many drivers commented that without all-night repair work, support aeroplanes and hoards of journalists every-where, the halt at N'gourti was agreeably just like the very old Paris-Dakar days. The trucks were officially com-peting again, but under FISA's orders only in standard specifica-tions. Only the Perlini vehicles were regarding the event as a competition, rather than service operation. There was no class div-ision at the ten-ton limit this year. PARIS PROLOGUE-Drama came to the 12th Paris-Dakar even before wheels turned in anger, when the two T2 Nissan Terranos of Laffite and Dessoude were rejected by scrutineers and moved into the proto T3 cate-' gory. Another big surprise; Andrew Cowan's Mitsubishi Pajero was fitted with a 16 valves Group A derived engine, enlarged to 2 .2 litres, more powerful than the 2.6 litre eight-valve engines fitted to the other Mitsubishi T3s. Cowan knew nothing about this, though Lartigue had successfully MARSEILLES PROLOGUE -. TRIPOLI TO GHADAMES, LIBYA - Tambay was out with a broken piston arriving at the Tri-. poli service area the night before. "Rules said the engine has to be running at time controls, I started it up and it went bang." It was assumed i;r • COMPETITIVE PRICING • UNBEATABLE OUALITY EXCELLENT SERVICE LOUIE UNSER RAC/lvllv/KIS TOYOTA .. ~ RACING DEVELOPMENT R.L.H: ENTERPRISE unlclenR~~?&; ~ DHIIIT •THL SHERMAN BALCH jA,.-c--/ RACING )., --· __ ,. CENTERFORCE I..ESI..IE•S DRIVEUNE SERVICE HDRA MASTERCRAFT THE WRIGHT PLACE: INDJ,RE] 111,NDUUTIJff-OAOUTNUSIASTS. CHENOWTH .Mike Lesle Racing OVER $5,000.00 CONTINGENCY POSTED AT EVERY SCORE/H.D.R.A. EVENT ' Race Car Lettering • Racing Nurnbers • Custorn . With the desert dunes watching, rally drivers Jean Bouchet and Pierre Daynes race their Nissan Terrano in the T1 Production Class. Dusty Times ' Decals • Silk Screening • Die Cutting • Signs • Magnetic Signs • Banners • Window Lettering 1B065 Redondo Circle • Huntington Beach, CA B2B4B 714/843-0444 • FAX 714/843-0143 March 1990 Page 11

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Cl 3 and Heavy David Ashley, ass Metal Champion. Rob MacCachren, Class 7S a nd Mini Metal Champion. FIVE Off-llMIJ CHAMPIOISHIP nn ES TMBI BY DB-01 SOOIJJUli-auas. 1989 will go down as the Year that GOOdyear \Vrangjers went into the desert and came back with the gold. Three class championships and two individual titles were won by drivers on Goodyear \Vrangjers in the 1989 HRDA!SCORE Desert Series. David Ashley JlOsted an impressive five victories in the grueling eight-race off.road series. This stunning pelfonnance in his full-size Ford Bronco gave him the Class 3 Championship and the Heavy Metal Championship as well. Rob MacCachren emerged as the class act of the smaller pickup truck classes. With a con-vincing combination of SPeed and consistency, MacCachren Piloted his Walker Evans-prepared Jeep Comanche to two victories and three second-place fmishes. His perfonnance eamed him the Class 7S Championship and the Mini Metal Championship. Class 6 champion Evan Evans wrote one of the season's more remarkable stories. Belted

Page 23

into a new Jeep Cherokee, Evans won four of the first five events. Then, he was tragically para-lyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident. He missed two events, but returned for the final race, the Baja 1000, and drove the first leg with hand controls before turning the wheel over to co-driver Brian Stewart. They took the Baja win and the Class 6 Championship. The one thing all of these great performances had in common was the name Goodyear Wrangler. Tough tires for the toughest of terrain. Goodyear makes an entire line of great Wrangler radials for the rigors of both on-and off-road use. So, whether you're out to beat the big guys in the desert, or just beat a path down the highway, there's a tough Goodyear Wrangler radial to fit your needs. GOODEi'EAR NOBODY FITS YOU LIKE GOODYEAR.

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burned. Schlesser had engine trouble and reached Tumu on a tow rope; the team changed engines so he could continue to Dirkou and get home without having to cross Libya again. Wambergue lost his way for three-quarters of an hour but still kept third place while Capdevila lost many hours after being arrested at gun point by the Libyan border soldiers. This winged Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 valved racer is driven by Philippe Wambergue and co-driver Jean Da Silva as they kick up their share of the I Steadying themselves as they speed through a flat section is Miguel Prieto desert dust. and co-driver Manuel Juncosa in their numble Nissan patrol. TUMU TO DIRKOU, NIGER - Shinozuka stopped three times, completely bewildered that his Pajero was no longer having rear differential trouble after all the earlier repairs, each time finding no traces of an oil leak, but Cowan still had trouble. Weber became lost 20 km from the end of the section and landed heavily after a jump, hurting his co-driver's back. Zaniroli almost struggled through with front-drive but then a front driveshaft broke 500 metres from the finish line. The most serious accident of the event so far happened when Pierre Marie Poli was flown unconscious on a life support machine back to France. Doctors suggested the severity of his con-dition was caused by dehydration. World famous road racing driver Jacky lckx with brave Christian -Tatin roar their Porsche-powered Lada through the desert dunes. i:.-that Lada had been towed the 75 km from Tripoli port to the bivouac area. The next day the route made a detour to a control back in Tripole, which competitors found was outside the site ofGhadaffi's home which was bombed during the American conflict. They were given the chance to visit the preserved ruins in neutral time. A relatively short but stoney section gave many competitors, particularly the Michelin users, many punctures including the Peugeots. Vatanen 'nevertheless made best time des-pite a "long time changing a wheel. The stones were as sharp as knives", he explained. Peugeot lost a six-wheel tyre carrying truck with transmission failure, few troubles except that Ratet's Diesel Class contending Toyota and Capdevila's Halt'Up Range Rover both got lost. GHADAMES TO GHAT, LIBYA - A long second day sec-tion following Algerian border southwards. It was here that Mit-subishi first discovered serious transmission troubles and Lada their suspension and driveshaft problems. Ari won after two punctures, driving 500 km with-out a spare. Waldegard learned the tricks of the desert the hard way; he landed heavily over a dune, so took later dunes more carefully and twice got stuck. Oddly the cars were started this section at every one, not half minute intervals, the last competi-tor not leaving Ghadames until after 1400 hours. lckx's Lada also had fuel troubles, and caused many drivers to become bogged down by getting stuck himself on top of a dune. Dessoude lost many hours with water pump failure, Weber was still best T2 car despite twice stopping with a jammed gearbox. There was also some humour when one motor-cyclist finally finished the route after twenty hours in the saddle. He had been lost, arriving hungry and fuel-less at a village. He had unwittingly passed into Algeria. He assumed his race was run, but ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR 16.5 ~OUNDS SIZES-AVAILABLE .. 16 X 27 18X24 19X28 19 X 31 . CURRENTLY USED IN CLASS 2, 8, & NASCAR Page 24 March 1990 the local people took him into Libya again, back to the start of the stage. GHAT TO SEHBA, LIBYA -Next was an easier section through remarkably scenic moun-tains. Former racing driver Henri Pescarola lost time with steering trouble. The once Fl Ferrari driver, now paralysed Clay Regaz-zoni was crouching determinedly behind the wheel of his hand-controlled Mercedes, making sim-ilar times to his teammate Seppi but had trouble getting high revs in the intermediate gears of his automatic transmission. The AMO prepared 6 litre GE cars were, at 330 bhp, the most power-. ful cars in the event. There was drama when a French privateer was stopped on a liaison section at gun point 50 km from Sehba by Libyans who stole their Toyota, presumably in a vain search for hidden alcohol. The organizers paid for their immediate return home. An alcohol free New Year's Eve in "dry" Libya passed with-out further mischief. SEHBA TO TUMU, LIBYA -Here Mitsubishi lost two cars through crashes. Lartigues' Pajero burst into flames when overturn-ing in a patch of sudden soft sand; Fontenay also overturned, restart-ed but then it caught fire and DIRKOU TO N'GOURTI, NIGER -This was the first day of the marathon stage. After delays earlier with getting stuck behind slower cars, then with rear trans-mission trouble, Ambrosino started going very well, making best time and gradually rising up the field. Cowan drowned out his Pajero in a salt water hole in the middle of the T enere desert, the second time he had done this at that place. Dessoude retired his Nissan with clutch failure. Peu-geot lost their fast support driver with head gasket failure. Schlesser turned right and headed straight for Agades and the first available plane home, in which Lartigue and Fontenay were also pas-sengers. That night the cars were unusu-ally locked up in Pare Ferme, to !" ~-<'=%; _;._ . ;-. :❖ ., • --~ Cruising along looking for a fine finish are Jean-Jacques Ratet and co-driver Michel Vantouroux in their Turbo diesel Toyota Land Cruiser. Andrew owan and co-driver Christian De/terrier have a handful of power as they motor through the hilly section in their Mitsubishi Pajero 16 valve machine. Dusty Times

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m ake them experience the -mechanical demands as though the marathon stage was held non-stop. N'GOURTI TO N'DJAMENA, NIGER -This was to be motor sport's first day ever in Chad and for the top drivers it was physi-cally the most demanding of the event up to now. Waldegard said many stretches reminded him of the Safari Rally" ... just like the Chyulu Hills." Capdevila finished the stage with bent suspension, and Halt'Up mechanics threat-ened to refuse to mend the car as th~ driver w~s driving unnecessar-ily hard. Both Mercedes retired at the same place allegedly through accidents. Thomasse's fast sup-port Mitsubishi crashed and retired with the driver suffering a broken wrist. Mitsubishi's miser-ies were increased when W eber, Don't miss the Finale of the Paris-Dakar in next months issue of DUSTY TIMES! leading the T2 class, announced he had to withdraw as doctors ordered that further racing would worsen the condition of his co-driver's back. Zanoroli withdrew because of incurable rear trans-mission problems. N'DJAMENA TO N'GUIGMI, CHAD-NIGER - Verney lost the lead in Tl class to her Nissan teammate Bouchet after delays due to an accident before N'dja-mena, while Toyota driver La Caze disappeared from fourth place. Colsoul's diesel Toyota fell back from eight to eleventh with r: Bjorn Waldqard on Desert Driving M Keeping this event on an international level is Hiroshi Masuoka and co-driver Jean-Pierre Oligo in their Mitsubishi Pajero Class T2 Improved. B:v Martin Holm<!s This year's Paris-Dakar is the first time for Bjorn Waldegard, the first ever world rally champ-ion, to rally a supercar, and after a tentative outing at the Pharoahs in· Egypt in October was only his second rally raid. With his mind fresh from the novelty, Bjorn tells us that at age 46 there are still opportunities for exciting new experiences in life. "Even at my age, you become like a child again when you get into one of these cars. They are built exactly for the job. It doesn't feel very powerful in rally raid form. Remember it is a much heavier car than a Group B was and we carry up to 450 litres of fuel, but the Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 is a brilliant car, very, very nice to drive." What is best about it? "This is like a very big Safari Rally for me, so firstly what you need is a strong car. The 405 · Turbo 16 is not like a world championship rally car, the weight and the height of the car means you cannot compare the handling, for example, but that isn't what you ask for. You want the things which it does offer." ls it strange to drive so far every day without stopping? "I like it very much. The car doesn't seem to change character-istics very much from the start to the finish on these long stages as much as you would expect, des-pite burning up so much fuel. If the car needs attention from the driver, it is because the rear end jumps up a lot, and it jumps up much more when it gets lighter each day." Does this mean that the springing is very hard? "The first day l found it diffi-cult to see properly as the car was vibrating so much, I even had to slow down in places, but I became adjusted to this." Is it difficult to adjust to these high speeds? "In that it is extremely fast, this is a dangerous rally. In the most unexpected places you find a most incredible ditch or something. You have to concentrate on the driving one hundred percent of the time and that is very difficult. You have to keep your left foot hovering over the brakes all the time. Maybe you are braking ninety times more often than you need, but of course it is better to be sure than brake one time too few." Watching Ari Vatanen at the start of the event, do you think he is taking risks or is it just experience of the conditions? "Actually, I think much of that -was due to the efforts of his co-driver Bruno Berglund. Bruno Dusty Times suspension trouble, but still led this class from teammate Ratet. takes Ari places so precisely and Another slow section, temporar-with such confidence, often well ily away from the eternal desert away from the rally route if he and close to the region where the thinks it will be quicker. On one DC-10 crashed last year, was occasion in Libya they made a spoiled for many with difficulties detour to use 10 kms of asphalt in the road book. rather than use a stretch of piste N'GUIGMI TO AGADES, the road book said was rough. NIGER -The final section in the Sometimes I have been running " real" desert was the longest close behind Ari at the same speed competitive section of the event. for a long while, then suddenly Dunes slowed the drivers and few they would disappear far away, reached the end before darkness, just by instances of the special and Shinozuka made the best time -navigation by Bruno." climbing up to seventh, while How hard are you driving these Andrew Cowan passed Servia to cars? become the highest placed non-The real hea; y met~ 'r:~ers are back this year such as Jacques Houssat, De " I suppose over the whole rally .Peugeot. To be continued next Saulieu, and Daniel Bottard in the Perlini F105 4x4 support truck. we will be driving at eighty per- .. m:,:o;.:,n=th=·-----------------------------------~ cent. You qmnot go one hundred percent, but also you must not slow down too much. That eighty . percent is in terms of the capabil-ity of yourself as well as the car." · What were your impressions of the desert when you did the Pha-roahs in the P4 service car? " Frightening. The place is so big.You can't see the end of these big open areas. I am not afraid of the enormity of these places any more, it was a very good idea of our team manager Jean Todt for me to have had that earlier expe-rience. It's just lovely to be out there, now." What strange things happen when you drive through the desert? "The most interesting thing I discover when you are driving in open areas is that I thought I was turning left all the time. I checked the compass and I was going straight. Left, left, left all the time, but it wasn't. It was a very bad feeling, I must say. And even when you can see a car in front of you, you think he is also always turning left. Everything gets very confused, if you don't have a compass in the car you would get lost immediately, and you would just run around in circles." Your co-dri'ller Fenouil has done a lot of desert rallying, how does he help you? " He is forever encouraging me, telling me to keep going onwards, often when I am meeting some-thing which I do not understand. He warned me how dangerous the dunes would be and he was right. I landed badly on the nose once; this scared me a bit so I got stuck on the next two dunes. Those dunes can be enormous. Nobody who hasn't seen one before can't imagine what they are like. They are so frightening." Finally, do you think rally raids will make a good after career for world championship drivers? "Yes, I hope so. I can't think of any other type of driving I would like to try. It is lovely to he driving out there." ,::a'.,.... • ,. » « ,.,, •••• .,_ -• ••• ., ._ Trailers . . 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5.0.D.A♦-Colorama 100 By Dd1 Freimuth Scott Schwalbe races through Wisconsin's forest area in the hot Class 10 action in SODA 's enduro finale event. Keeping up with his winning ways, few others can, was Jack Flannery in his famous Ford truck to win his class and his event. September 30 and October 1 Wisconsin's changing leaves, brought the final race of the Classes 10, 11 and 2-1600 SODA Endurance Race Series, a buggies lined up for their 100 mile 100 mile enduro in Sugar Camp, enduro on the five mile long Wis., appropriately named track. Class 10 started first with Colorama 100. four entries, being led by Under the spectrnm of northern hometown boy Scott Schwalbe Pretending he was on h,s regular route was the UPS boy Brian Farrell and his trusty Class ls truck on another great run. CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279-2509 HELMET COMPLETE SYSTEM $195 $320 A FRESH AIR HELMET AND BLOWl-:R ASSEMBLY DESIGNED FOR OFF ROAD USE AT A REASONABLE PRICE BUILT AND BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LICHT WEIGHT.REDUCES NECK STRAIN COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINE R BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSEMBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONE FULL YEAR SNELL SASS APPROVED Page i6 with Terry Severson, second and Todd Wallace, third. Schwalbe · ran a real short one lap event with Terry Severson quickly moving into the lead, but Severson only completed one more lap and due to dust problems, he decided it was safer in the pits than ·on the track, but Wallace and Connor had a little different idea with Wallace moving up for his chance on the top before turning it over to Connor who brought it on home for the win with Wallace hanging in for second. Class 2~1600 took the green flag after the 10s with Mike Sorensen snapping up the early lead, with Lester North and Peter Karempelis in second and third with Mike Brue pushing his way through the pack from fourth, up to third, second, first, and then back down again with Mike Sorensen again picking up his pace and right back into the lead. When the three hour time limit was up, and the checkered flag was presented, after many laps of jockying positions, it was Sorensen, North and Karempelis back in their starting orders for first, second and third places., with Bryan Frankenberg coming up for fourth. Last to see the green for the buggies were the Class 11 two-sea ters, all 21 of them with Dave W oulf running his typical good race-; running first right from the start. Mark Steinhard, in an attempt to unseat Woulf not only from the lead in the race, but also the points series, ran hard and strong the entire race holding onto second place, but third place with some contenders, starting with Terry Stotzheim then Pat Maloney, onto Glen Matthews, back to Terry, then Steve Hansen, then Gary Plummer, with Plummer deciding to hang on for the next couple laps and to hang onto a third place finish behind the Series Champion W oulf in first, Steinhardt in second, with Jeff Miles and Gary Adelmann pulling in for fourth and fifth. The Heavy Metal were up next with Classes 3, 6, 7, 8, 13 and 14 taking their shot at the three hour event on a track that had been slightly modified due to the dryness of the track. Jack Flannery led his big Ford off the track leaving the rest of his class, along with a class 3 driven by Rob Roberts and a Class 14, piloted by Mike Rauch, in a cloud of dust. March 1990 Class 10 driver Terry Severson got oU~o a great stari'tJUt:·";;;' sometime': happens to everyone, was forced to fade the pack. · ~ ridtf:. t~.:l\ In the Class 1-2-1600 running, Mike Brue had luck going his way until problems forced him to back off his class lead. Roger Lindsay did a good job of battling the conditions by quickly moving into second place with Dennis Ferdon in third, but neither were able to better their positions as Flannery literally ran away with the race and the win. Tom Hockers took his Class 7S off the line for the early lead, but also a short race, as it was only a five lap event for him, but also a lucky break for the U.P. boy Brian Farrell who has really made a mark on this class in 1989. Farrell kept right on pushing, finishing approximately 10 minutes ahead of second place Terry Friday. · Class 13 looked to be the race of another hometown boy as Pat Barney took the early lead. John .. ,111::::-~:~~*~½fflllli:¥ ~ Konitzer ( in an attempt to keep up the family tradition), pushed until he landed in the first place hole with Sheldon Scray starting in second, falling to third and then back up to second place, but couldn't quite squeeze Konitzer out of first ·as the checkers were presented to Konitzer for the win with Scray and Barney coming across for second and third. John Znidorka snapped up the lead for the Class 6 event with Mark Zablocki in second and Clarence Welch in third, until lap six when Zablocki's stocker cashed it in for the season and it was Welch finishing second behind the victor Znidorka. The rest of the evening was left to campfires, reminiscin and w,y:rq:,.t··•:»,· ~-Looking sharp and fast, even without an engine hood, is Sheldon Scray placing a fine second in Class 13. In another type of Class 13 rig is Pat Barney putting Jots of dust behind him on his way to the checkered flag. Dusty Times

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Screaming low and fast through the dust beds is John Schultz as he chases down the Class 13 front runners. An off road race wouldn't be right without the Baja Bugs and Chuck Johnson kept the faith with his quick 5-1600 bug. Robert Sayers put his Class 11 buggy into the third spot for a while, but had to settle for a lesser position at the finish. Third place in Class 11 finally went to Gerry Cote as he kept his buggy running on the right track all the way to the checkered flag. Using bot'1 hands on the steering wheel, with no white knuckles showing, was Class 11 's racer Sean Stangvik. Dusty Times miles before the end of the event. As the end came, it was still Greaves on the top followed by Seefeldt and Boerschinger for second and third. Buggy driver John Greaves ran hard in his race to take the lead position after wearing out the leaders in his class. Chuck Johnson had the opening lead in the Class 5-1600 event with Terry Wolfe intent on getting the lead. Lap two did just that for Wolfe, but on the third lap he fell all the way to third with Scott Miller moving up to second for the next three laps, when Wolfe seemed to recover and. moved back to the second place spot as Miller also went out of the race. First place just wasn't to be in Wolfe's grasp this race however, as a 30 minute lead was mustered by Johnson as he traveled right up to the checkered and took the win. Class 11 winner, Greg Arft, drove a fine race through all the dust and traffic in his nimble single seat buggy. Ten Class 11 single seaters took their shot with Greg Arft keeping up the winning tradition for his teammate Dave Wolfe as they quickly moved to first with Steinhardt again following that 1166 for the next three hours. Robert Sayers ran third for a couple laps, then the musical chairs started again for third place with Sean Stangvik taking his turn, turning it over to Shane Kast, then Gerry Cote, back to Stankvik, then back again to Cote who figured he better hang on as time was running out, and hang on he did, to finish third behind Steinhardt still in second and Arft who took a well deserved first place win. tipping a few with comrades. But Sunday brought another day of racing. After some fun classes, including ATVs and GOBS, it was again time for the buggies to run, this time the l-1600s, 11S and S-1600s. It was Greg Smith onto the track in a whirlpool of dust, but after only one lap, the Minnesota racer pulled into the pits, resigning for the weekend, having already completed his required three of four races to be eligible for the championship. John Greaves however, must have liked the dust as he quickly snapped up the opening and ran hard and strong for the rest of the race. Dave Hameister took the second place spot and pretty well looked to have it made until shortly before the end of the race when the competition got fierce and second place was stolen by Mike Seefeldt, but Hameister found third to be a bit tough to capture also, as Dale Boerschinger came to unseat Hameister only Another year of racing is completed for the SODA racers with congratulations to be extended to those who took the challenge of the Endurance Series, the style of racing, long in length, and long in track, that off-road racing in the midwest is built on. A tradition that should be cherished, not cast aside. 1he Best Way to Communicate to Your Service Crew and Stay Ahead!!! . Visa and MasterCard orders welcome Call Toll Free 800-624-3 704 EPSILO INC. 7756 BALBOA BLVD. VAN NUYS, CA 90046 (800) 624-3704 OR (818) 781-0993 IN CA 6 MONTHS W ARRA TY 30 days unconditional money back guarantee. March 1990 Introducing what used to be a thing only factory teams could afford: FM Transceivers that provide valu-able communication when you need it most!! Two models are available: The portable model and the mobile unit model. _The portable sends its signals with ·up to 5 watts of power and the mobile has a maximum out-put of 30 watts. Both have 6 channel capability and come with 3 channels built-in. The portable comes with external microphone, battery, and charger. Price for the portable is $250. Each battery is $45. The mobile unit transceiver is $250 each and is ideal for car installation. Please add $20 for shipping· and handling to each order. Please allow 2-6 weeks for ddivery. Page 27

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Capital City Stadium Race T l'Xt & Photos: Darla Crown Fender to fender action in the Class 4 event was provided by Pat Roberts and Robbi Smith with Roberts surviving to take the win. The 1st Annual Stadium Baja race was held in Pierre, SD and twenty-two entrants participated in 5 different classes. This is the first stadium race scheduled for the 1989 High Plains Off Road Racing Association calendar year. The number of entrants was low, but the action provided in each class was super high! It was a short rough, rugged course that was set up at the Hughes County Fairgrounds in Pierre the day before the race. Sharp short turns and high banked jumps took its toll on all vehicles. In Class 4, the unlimited 4wd, it was a wild race! The biggest battle was between Pat Roberts and Robbi Smith.Traffic was 'three cars wide in a one-car lane going into the first horseshoe corner in the Class 4 main event. THE Pat Roberts and Robbi Smith, driving a couple of thousand pounds· of straining metal provided a ton of excitement and memory at this Capital City Stadium Baja Race. At the end of a door-to-door stretch dual, Pat Roberts was the winner, after Robbie Smith veered off the course with a broken spindle on the right front wheel causing him to come to a quick halt. The race really began at the first jump when the three top finishers all crossed the first jump side by side and Kevin Neuhauser moved out in the lead around Pat Roberts and Robbi Smith and boxed out the two on the first horseshoe turn. The lead then changed several times with Roberts and Smith racing side by side around most of the course head-to-head WRIGHT PLACE~. COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adju~tments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page n providing plenty of excitement for the spectators. As they raced around the course, each waited for the other to make an error and the battle ended when Robbi Smith broke the right front steering knuckle. When the steering knuckle broke, it caused the tire to come completely off and Robbi swerved to the side of the track, leaving Pat Roberts to easily coast to victory. And to lead the overall points for Class 4 for the High Plains Off Road Racing Association. Kevin Neuhauser in his Chevy powered Ford Bronco, finished second and Robbi Smith claimed third. Class 8, unlimited 2wd water pumpers, was the most popular with 9 entrants. Two heat races were run prior to the main event. In the heat, Butch Kitterman drove the #850 Chevy Blazer with a 350 Chevy engine, and son, Jim Kitterman took over the driving duties to be victorious in the main event. Kitterman held off Monte Tibbits of Pine Ridge, SD. Tibbits has his car figured out for the long course and the short courses. He prefers the short courses, where he can maneuver those sharp corners and high jumps with the help of co-driver and brother, Jason Bettleyoun. Monte Tibbits drives a sharp red step side Ford pickup powered by a 350 Chevy motor. Monte supports his racing habit by working on cars and painting other race cars. Since the last rac!! in Wall, SD in April, Monte prefers the short courses with their high jumps, indicative of the photographs showing him airborne most of the day. Jerry .Edwards is back in the names of winners after having sat out a couple of races. He claimed third place with son Jason as co-driver. Fourth place went to Greg Iveson, as always a strong contender. Fifth place went to a new name to Baja racing, sixteen year old Byron Crown with his Uncle Doug as co-driver. They held their own against the tough competition in the main event, even though it was Byron's first ever off road race. Their Bronco did break a drive shaft in the heat race, but they got it repaired in time for the main. March 1990 Flying high South Dakota style here, is Pat Roberts who held off all comers to come home first to the checkered flag. Robbi Smith kicked up more than his share of good old Dakota dirt until a • right front spindle broke putting him out of the running. During the main there was some and name to Off Road Racing. He body damage, butnothing serious has been in the Air Force for two enough that they won't be ready years and is stationed at Ellsworth for the next race. Air Force Base in South Dakota. In Class 3, the stock street trail, . Roger is from St. Marys, OH and 2wd we saw Roger Siler as the hisco-driver,JeffTaylorisalsoin victor. Roger is also a new face the Air Force from Jamestown, Taking all the Class 3 honors for the day was Roger Siler who kept his rig running through all the rough and tough spots. Coming through the other class battles to win th£ top spot in Class 8 was Jim Kitterman in his eye-catching white and orange rig. Dusty Times

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Landing· second place in the Class 4 action was Kevin Neuhauser from Pierre in his really red racer. Flying over the jumps in another sporty rig is Byron Crown · from Wall, SD who kept the faith to the flag for a fifth place in Class 8. Also running in Class 8, but with a different style racer is Curt Willuweit who had bad luck strike him twice in the same place. After a battle for the lead, Steve Comer, kept his injured buggy in the lead pack long enough to finish in second place. Jeff Schempp made a determined run in his Class 10 buggy throughout the entire event which earned him a fine third Putting on a fine display of off road racing are Byron Crown and Jim Kitterman over another of those hold your breath jumps. position. · Pennsylvania. In Class 7 Mike Cromwell came out on top in his Toyota Corolla. This class is the Stock 2wd Enduro cars and it wasn't a matter of speed in this class that won the race, but a matter of driving slowly and enduring without down. Mike endured the humps, jumps and ruts to claim victory. Andy Wald drives 757, and was second in his Pontiac Catalina. He said it wasn't quite as rough as he thought it Mike Cromwell put his Toyota Corolla through the paces without any problems to win over the other Class 7 racers. Pine Ridge's short course specialist, Monte Tibbits, puts his flying red truck through its paces for a second in Class 8. Dusty Times would be. His car drug bottom a · lot and he could feel the bumper dragging. He said he would see how bad it was beat up when he got it home. The track was not kind to Curt Willuweit in Class 8. Curt Willuweit broke a tie rod end in the heat race and in the main event. In exactly the same spot on the track in both races. On the same corner in the same spot as he came around he landed on the side of the wheel and broke the tie rod end to end the races for his day. Harvey Wald from Pierre, SD had the course figured out and claimed first. Second place went to Steve Comer,# 1024 who came down from ND with Jeff Schempp, 1041 who got third. It. was a close race between Steve and Harvey in the main event. They got tangled as they passed slower traffic. Steve tried to pass Stan Schwellenback and got tangled up with Harvey and broke the front spindle and couldn't steer his car. He was going to hang in there and finish for points, but just couldn't steer the car nor keep it on the track. He said things were going pretty good until that happened. He would have liked to put on a good show. PARKER PUMPER HELMET CO. 714-894-8332 . 1985 SNELL APPROVED HELMETS * STANDARD VOYAGER W/90° HOSE FITTING * DELUXE VOYAGER W/MOLDED AIR INLET Each helmet has shield and skirt included. EACH HAS RACHET SHIELD - MORE NOSE ROOM MUCH LIGHTER - SEALS BETTER AGAINST DUST ALSO AVAILABLE FULL LINE OF SIMPSON PRODUCTS -BELL HELMETS -GLASS SHIELDS -DRINKERS KOOL PAC'S - PUMPER MOTORS - 4'-8' HOSES March 1990 We Convert Customer's Helmets -"IT'S ALMOST LIKE CHEATING" 9371 KRAMER ST. UNIT G WESTMINSTER, CA 92683 714/894-8332 Page 19

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... Eric Arras Wins at Miller Off Road Challenge Series By Elaine Jones Photos: Trackside Photo EnterJ1rises ·G'aing into this final series event with a small overall points lead was Eric Arras, and as the last flag fell at the finish his tally was still in his favor for the title. The water trucks made almost as many laps as the competitors at the final Miller Off Road Event of the season and the wind did its best to see how much landscape could be moved to parts south. Eric Arras of Riverside in the McDonalds/ Armstrong car · clinched the title in Class 10 and won a close battle with 1-2 11600 winner, Steve Bishop for the overall. The point difference was a scant 11 points. In Class 10 action, 17 of California's finest showed up and boy did they put on a show. As usual they still tried to fit six where two should go and in the first heat they had the red flag out twice before they could get down to the business of racing. Robby Gordon, out of his truck for some fun in Class 10, got the jump off the line in the EFG/ Pipeline car but it was short. lived as Arras caught him on the second lap and went on to win the heat. Robby meanwhile, was experiencing some difficulties as he dropped to eleventh and was only able to work his way back to fifth which wasn't too shabby. Three drivers were fighting it out for the two, three spots. Gary Kroese had followed along on Arras' bumper and was there until the white flag came out and then Kent Castle slipped by to snatch it all away leaving Gary with the third. Art Gersjes had been in the hunt but started having trouble on the 4th lap and ended up sixth with Jerry Welchel in for fourth. Heat 2 was a wire to wire romp for Welchel as he played leader to everyone elses follow. Gary Gall locked in for the place money with Jimmy Nichols picking up the show honors. The pole for the Main went to Welchel with Gordon on the outside and Arras on the outside of row three. At the drop of the flag Welchel was gone with Gordon hot on his tail and Arras in third. Withsomanycarson the track it wasn't too hard to spot action anywhere you looked. I N SAHARA ~ ~ LI.J ·x .., > ~ SIRIUS ~-------..... c:::i ::l :j ~ CQ SPRING MTN. \:j VDO -Chenowth - Simpson TriMil - K & N Filters - Bugpack Bilstein - Centerline - Cibie Hewland -Porsche Turbo CVs Beard's !;eats-Parker Pumper Yokohama Tires -Super Trapp Gem Gears - KYB Shocks Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place - Dura Blue Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. NEV ADA PHONE ORDER HOUSE 3054 So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911 • (702) 871-5604 Page 30 Marty Coyne was having his ups and downs moving through traffic and then having traffic move through him. He finished a respectable sixth coming from a 15th starting position. The main belonged to Welchel even though Gordon fought every lap of the way. Arras knowing he had the overall locked up was content to sit in third and play it safe. The 1-211600 was the other hotly contested Class and Steve Bishop who was also in the run off for the overall was out to pick up as many points as possible. Bishop came out swinging in the . first heat going start to finish in the front spot. Rick Boyer was a solid second while Bob Mathews passed Tim Riordan on the first lap to claim the third. It was Andy Anderson who drew the battle lines in the second heat as he did a catch me if you can and nobody could. Mathews again was making his presence felt as he moved up one position for second. Round-ing out the field was another Mathews, Dan. Bishop with the inverted start had the fifth. The Main had Bob Mathews on the pole with Anderson on the outside and the Bishop brothers in the second row. Steve got one super hole shot and put himself in the lead and he was set. Boyer coming from the third row inside was in second with Anderson pressing him in third and Riordan settling in fourth for the ride and waiting for the white flag and then he went on the move picking off Anderson on the white flag lap to come away with the second. The Ultra Stocks ran with the 1-211600 and Vince Tjelmeland split the heats with Tim Lewis in the Porsche. The Main went to Lewis with Chris Neil second and Tjelmeland sidelined with mechanical problems in third. The 511600's. have found a home at Glen Helen and are always a full class and always seem able to find someone crazy enough to ride along with them. In heat 1 Mario Panagiotopoulos and passenger Michelle Fedum ran away from the rest of the field for the win. Everyone seemed to be feeling the track out as they pretty much ran in order of the March 1990 After an aborted first heat charge and a solid sixth place in the main, Giti Gow/and became the Challenge Class champion. way they came by in the first lap. behaved for two laps oefore two Walt Matthews and Eric Barton cars tangled and the red came out. were second with R.E. "Rod" Giti kept the lead one more lap Wright and passenger Bobby before he was sidelined and Valdezwerethird.Inheat2itwas Dennis Chizma took over and Rick Fersch and Pat Todd who held off Bart Hamilton for one lap went wire to wire with Dave before Hamilton zigged when he .Hamrick and partner Harry should have zagged and went Leipold in second and Paul down a lap. Ken Davis picked up Molina and Russ Ludwig third. the slack and the second followed Again it was a race where no one by Norbert Staudt. In· the second seemed willing to make any heat Brian Maginnis led for half sudden moves. On the pole for the race before Jack Millerd came the Main was Rich Fersch with from third and took over and held Dave Hamrick on the outside. it to the checkered. Chizma and The Main turned into a dog fight Maginnis diced for the second for everyone running behind with Chizma taking the nod. The Fersch. Matthews got out second Main was like two races with the coming from the outside of the top four in one group and the second row. He was able to hold second four doing their thing. on ti! the third lap when Tony "P" Maginnis got the hole shot and made a pass and took over the Davis coming from the third row second spot. He held on ti! the · was in second for one lap and then white flag lap and then he over took over the lead and looked like drove and it cost him dearly as he he slowed down once like he was dropped to seventh. Matthews waiting for everyone to catch up reclaimed second and Kyle andracewithhim.Chizmagotthe Jankiewicz and John Holmes in second and Millerd the third. Giti the Arras welding VW had Gowland sixth was good enough enough for the third. Even with for the series win . his had finish Mario still had Thirteen Cross Cars were on enough of a points lead to take the hand for the final race of the series win. 1 season and they tangled pretty The Challenger Class is good.InheatlJoePricelookedto growing as they finally got their have a change in luck as he went own race and didn't have to share out on top. Unfortunately, he was the track with anyone. They also only able to hold on for three laps picked up some habits from Class before Tim Baker took over and 10. In the first heat Giti Gowland Price dropped way back. Rennie went out fast and everyone Awanna who has also been Winning his first heat and dropping to seventh in the main, still netted Mario Panaiotopoula the Class 5-1600 championship for the first time. Dusty Times

Page 31

suffering some bad luck stepped into second. Gilbert Valdez was a solid third. Valdez had a strong second heat as he went wire to wire with no difficulties. Frank Chevez got off second but was unable to hold off John Gersjes and Ron Pierce. He also didn't count on Tim Baker on the last lap passing him to drop him to fifth. Tim Baker used his pole position to get an excellent start which saw him get the edge on the rest of the field and give him an almost easy victory. Second and third were more hotly contested as Chuck Parker got off second but lost it two laps later to Ron Pierce. Parker came fighting hack and · thr:ee laps later foun~ t~e hole he was looking for and the second was his and this time. he gave it up to no one. Valdez poured salt in the wounds as he took over the third on the white flag with Pierce dropping to eighth. Parker with his second sewed up the overall title. There was a new division introduced to the spectators at Glen Helen as the Mini-Mags took to the track. This is hilled as affordable racing in a real race car. One thing they are is very quiet. In the first heat Charles Townsley had the honor of leading the field from start to finish. It looked like everyone was going to follow in order but Dan Weaver got by R:andy Pettit on the white flag lap for the third. Lou Peralta was second. Peralta did them all in in the second heat when he got out first and never looked back. Kirk McDaniel was right there ti! the· bitter end when he made a major . mistake and went from second to last in the bat of an eye. Charles Townsley was more than happy to move into the spot with Scott Steinberger rounding out the field with the third. Peralta went out quick in the Main but couldn't shake Frank Bristing. Bristing was like a dog with a bone and he just wouldn't let go. There was someone else out there just as tenacious as Townsley was · pecking at him and finally found the chink in the armor and not Keeping all the other racers honest was Marty Coyne who charged through the pack from fifteenth to sixth place in the Class 10 main event. only got by Bristing but as the . Peralta did get the second and white flag came out he was in the McDaniel got by Bristing for the lead and held it to the checkered. third. Baja Promotions Awards Ceremony earned by Jorge Sanchez. their kidney belts tight and earned . In the second year of stock the title as champions of the class. racingtheStoneStockMiniClass Vic Carter did his share of was won by Richard Webster and keeping his vehicle in the race and Nick Kozin. Kenneth Pollock was was honored as top co-pilot. B:v HcmlL'r Eu/,anks Awards ceremonies are a great to earn overall Champion of the pbce for racers to take time out cars. Overall Co-Pilot honors from the anguish of competition went to Oscar Ibarra and Eric and enjoy the company of other Fisher (Pro Challenger, Class 9). racers and meet new faces. For In the Overall Stock Baja Bug this reason we headed south on division the champions· were January 13 to Tijuana BC Mexico Armando Rojas and Juan Dom in-to attend theTripleCrownofBaja guez. Overall Stock Baja Bug Desert Series and Grans Prix de Champion was Jorge Sanchez. Baja Motorcycle/ ATV Series Top rider of the ATV class was awards banquet. Angel Garcia. Once in the spacious banquet I In the individual class champ-hall of the Fiesta Americana , ionships it was Brent Miller and . luxury hotel we renewed old Skip Brandt that conquered the acquaintances and quickly made Pro 1&2 driver awards. Bill Ihde new friends. One never knows and Bill Burch were runner ups. who they will he seated with at an Baja Promotions realizes that co-event like this hut its refreshing to pilots earn their keep so they too know the off road crowd has a were honored. Warren Miller was tendency to make everyone named co-pilot of the year in Pro welcome. Sharing a table with us 1&2 class. Bob and Ken Reamer was Mike Thomas of Chenowth earned top honors in the Racing who had come to accept Sportsman 1&2 wars. Top Baja Promotion's Champion Sportsman Co-Pilot honors went Chassis Manufacturer of the year to Mark Laughrey and Dale award. On our left was the Shubert. notable Jim Cecil of Sign Pros out of Anaheim. Mr. Cecil informed us that he recently went through a company name change and many of you know him as Fast Signs of California. The conversation was some-what limited due to the rock-n-roll hand but everyone had agreed that Lou Peralta managed to produce a viable grass roots race venue where everyone could race and enjoy themselves. Besides that he managed to put on a pretty good party as well. Once the awards presentation got underway Trick Racing Fuel was honored with the Manu-facturer's Cup for 1989. And KC Hilites was given honorable mention in this category. Baja Promotions also noted many ocher manufacturers and product suppliers for their contribution throughout the racing season. Baja Pits and Too Much Fun Club both received recognition for their Pit Support throughout 1989. Top honors went to Don Hatz (cars) and Scott Performance (MC) for their engine building abilities. T ransaxle Engineering was awarded as Champion Transmission Builder for the year. Every desert race has individual winners and overall winners so recognition was paid to all. The overall points winners were Sergio Vega and Juan Ortiz for totaling more points then anyone else while competing in the Sportsman Open MC class. Perry McNeil drove in the 4, 7, 8 class Dusty Times Jim Loggins and Chris Arm-strong drove hard in '89 to earn top honors in the Pro 1-2/1600 division, and Larry Martin was the runner up. Rick Frazier was named co-pilot in this class with runner up honors going to Mike Langmack and Shari Cowan. Cal Cotner managed top honors in the competitive Sportsman 1-2 /1600 field by edging out Mario Reynoso and Rafael Echegoliana. Co-pilot for the year was the dazzling duo of John Cook and Sherry Cotner. The champion of the Pro 3 / 6 /7-4x4/l4 division was the team of Lance Martin Jr. and Ed Everett Jr. Second place mention went to Bob T elliard. The co-pilot honors went to Norma Hilton. Homage was paid to Carlos and Alfredo Benaldez for their excellent achievement in the Sportsman 3 l617-4x4-14 battles. · The runner up of this class was the father-son team of Robert Sandoval Sr. and Jr. The Sports-man co-pilot plaque went to Salvador Villavicencio. Besides taking home top honors as Four-Wheel Overall Champion Perry McNeil also enjoyed the Pro 41718 class title. Diego Beltran was named the runner up. Osca'r and Indalecio Hernandez was crowned as Pro Co-pilots for the year. Jose Castillo carried out the Sports-man 41718 driver's champion-ship plaque while Daniel Castillo earned the second spot. The Sportsman Co-pilot for the year was Ahundio Pichardo. consistant enough throughout the After all the motorcycle and Champion honors went to year to earn recognition as top ATV classes were honored the Enrique Ruiz and Fancisco Villa co-driver. evening turned once again to · for their effort in Pro Class 5. Co-The Stone Stock Full Size Class partying. The band played into pilot recognition was paid to is another bone jarring event that the wee hours of the morning and William Leon. Top driver of the demands persistance from its racers everywhere were telling of Sportsman Class 5 went to Al competitors. The team of Tom battle stories to anyone willing to Woerner and the lovely Denise Carter and David Zermeno kept_ listen. Woerner was named top co-pilot. · · There is always a battle in the Pro 511600 division, and this year top honors went to Ernesto Armambula. Guillemo Quintero stayed in the thick of the battle to earn runner up title. Misael Armhula walked out the door sporting a trophy and plaque naming him top Pro Co-pilot for the year. In the Sportsman 511600 battle it was the team of Eric and Guillermo Muller that reign as champions. Dagoberto I Rodriguez received honorable ' mention for his effort. Jorge Muller brought home the gold as top Sportsman 511600 co-pilot. Champion of the Pro 7S class was Fred Espinosa. Co-driver honors of the year went to Gary 1 Kato. In the Sportsman 7S division the team of Marco Novelo, Joe Alvarado and Willie Valdez won top driver honors. In the co-pilot division it was Willie Valdez Jr. and Jose Anzate who came out on top. Daniel Mora was consistant , throughout the year to earn top driving honors in the Pro Challenger Class. Alfredo Armbula was off the pace just a bit but was consistant enough to earn the runner up title. The Pro Challenger co-pilot award went to the team of Oscar Ibarra and Eric Fisher. In any off road event Class 10 is ' one of the hardest fought battles and the drivers really have to earn their awards. Two individuals that paced themselves properly throughout the year were Glenn Wolfe and John Brooks, who earned the title as Champions of Pro Class 10. The runner up was Luis Cunningham. Euardo Chejavier and Jose Marta shared the co-pilot Pro 10 award. In the Sportsman Class 10 division it was Scott and Brad McGuire that took home the huge trophy and plaques naming them class drivers of the year. Louie Silvas managed runner up honors. Ramona Barber was named top co-pilot. Class 11 Sportsman driver honors went to the team of Armando Rojas and Juan Dom-inguez. Martin Grilbay kept his stock VW together throughout the year to finish as runner up. Top co-pilot for the year was March 1990 This is the system run by most off road race winners TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 31

Page 32

La Rana New Years 100 Race By Jim Ober Photos: Trackside Photo Enterprises Mark Barnes put the loud pedal down and left it there to run away with the Class 10 honors and first overall by a long margin. The first race of the La Rana Desert racing season made its debut with a very respectable showing at the New Years 200 race, held on January 3, just south of Barstow. The course, a 45-miles-lap times four, shared many course miles with the familiar HORA Fireworks 250 course. The La Rana folks run all of the Score/HORA classes, plus a couple extra. The Odyssey class, which was dropped this year by Score, and a class called Stone Stock Truck class, should draw a lot of potential racers out there. There were 51 starters that left the line near the Sidewinder Road area, and by the end of the first lap, Mark Barnes in his Class 10 Raceco showed everyone in the pits that he was the man to beat that day. Mark had assumed the overall lead and was to hold onto it until he took the checkered flag. In fact, by the third lap, Barnes had built up a 4 minute lead over the other class lO's, and a three minute lead over all other cars. Veteran Bob Richey in hi.,s Raceco was the eventual Class 2 winner in just under 3½ hours, beating out Aaron Hawley and Keith Stoddley in their two seaters by over 30 minutes. Richey also was second overall. Craig Slater was the winner in Class 1. The Class 9 field was the largest, with 13 starters, and was a very competitive race. Barstow racer Jim Clements won in just 4 hours, 5½ minutes, and beat out second place Dave Girdner by a scant 6 minutes. Brian Magainnis was third, and Duane Smith NEW __gRn -::!IB!is from ===RACNG PRODUCTS Ron Davis Racing Products now has two new sizes of Aluminum Racing Radiators for the serious off-road racer. All of our radi-ators have the latest fin and core design avail-able on the market today. Our high perform-ance radiators offer maximum cooling effici-ency for constant engine temperature and al-lows maximum horsepower output. Light weight and durable, these radiators come in two new sizes -31 ½ inches wide by 19 inches tall, 28½ inches wide by 19 inches tall. "Call today" before the competition does. Don't forget our all aluminum VW Replacement Radiator. We also make brass and copper custom rad-iator. Just call us and tell us what you need! -::!Rn-::!lBvis For more information - call 1-800-842-5160 Arizona - 269-9194 Ask for Ron RACNG PRODUCTS 2905 W. Buckeye Rd., Phoenix, AZ. 85009 TOLL FREE 800•842•5188 ARIZONA-(602) 289-9194 Congratulations MITCH MUSTARD on winning the MTEG Champlonshl Page 31 placed fourth. Clements time gave him an impressive 6th place overall finish. As Mark Barnes was winning overall, second place in Class 10 was won by Rick Lind, 15 minutes back. Alan Hensley and Bob Miller DNF'ed in the four car field. Another healthy class was 112-1600, with eight starters, and four of them finished. Steven McMul-lin and co-driver Warren Messick overtook Doug Castillo on the last lap to win in 4 hours and change. Walt Lewis, second place, was 6 minutes back, and Doug Castillo in a Hi-Jumper was another 8 minutes behind for a solid third place finish. Scott Ryan rounded out the finisher's list in that class. Class 11 had more entrants than some HORA events have in that class, with four stock VW's battling it out. The three that completed the first of four laps were within two minutes of each other at the end of that lap, but Lee Perfect bested second place Steve Wellington by only 45 seconds. Bill Swisher placed a well deserved third place after experiencing some slowing problems with his VW sedan. Stone Stock Trucks class had two racers, but if their reliability in finishing is any indication of things to come, it could be the class of the future. Both trucks went the distance. Dan Groff in : his Toyota 4x4 finished in • March 1990 Veteran off roader Bob Richey in his Raceco proved his speed by winning Class 2 and in the process captured second place overall. Heading up the largest class was Barstow local Jim Clements who kept his Class 9 bu y out in front by a few minutes until the checkered flag. • .··•·~~~?~-Living up to his name and surviving a race-long duel that came down to the last few seconds for the Class 11 victory was Lee Perfect. 6: 11 :55, and Ken Parr in his full awards presentation expresse-d sized Ford was second in 7:27:16. their thanks to La Rana for a job Class 3 had a starter, Mike well done. In fact one racer, Billy Duncan, but he went out on the Bunch, was so pleased that he first lap when he rolled his Jeep. signed over his winnings back to Mike and his co-driver were only La Rana. shook up, but the incident pushed The next La Rana event will be his radiator into the motor and the Presidential 250, February broke the transfer case. 24th back in Barstow. For info, Most of the entrants at the call Ed Castro at (714) 924-2226. Taking the checkered flag and a hearty welcome was Class 7S winner Billy Bunch who enjoyed the event so much that he returned his winnings back at the awards meeting. Dusty Times

Page 33

B.L.M. Public Meeting ANNOUNCEMENT The Bureau of Land Manage-ment (BLM) has completed a Draft Management Plan for the El Mirage Cooperative Management Area. Development of the Management Area represents a solution to over 15 years of conflict between residents and recreationists (primarily OHV play) in the vicinity of El Mirage dry lake (20 miles northwest of Victorville, CA). Public com~ ments concerning the draft plan will be received by the Bureau of Land Management from March 1 7 through April 30, 1990. Two public meetings are scheduled during the month of march. The first is at 7 P.M. on Gi > ct March 29 at the Honda Rider Education Center, 1301 Via Venita, Colton (Interstate 215 north, exit on Washington St., turn left to Mt. Vernon go 1 mile and turn right on Cooley Dr., go 1 block and turn left on Via Lata which runs into Via Venita. From Interstate 10 east to Mount Vernon, turn left on Mount' WHERE DO YOU RIDE YOUR TOY? Your favorite riding area may soon be closed if the Wilderness passed! INVEST IN THE FUTURE OF OFF ROADING ... BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. r:-:JOIN CORVA~ [1-800-237-5436! CORVA The California Off Road Vehicle Association Inc., is a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the land use rights for off road enthusiasts, and companies in California and the rest of the country. To Join: $20.00. Call '(oil Free 800-237-5436 to charge on Visa and Mastercard or request a membership application. . .....,_ .... __ CALIFORNIA OFF-ROAD VEHICLE ASSOC. INC. 1601 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Vernon Ave. and cross the Santa Ana River, turn left on Cooley Dr. and left again on Via Lata, which runs into Via Venita. c H Street g-------~-10 Fwy. ~ SAN BERNARDINO The second meeting will be held at noon on Saturday, March 31 at the El Mirage Com-munity Center in El Mirage. Take Chamisal Rd. north for ½ mile from El Mirage Road (Chamisal Rd. is located ½ mile west of Murphy's Cafe in El Mirage). Rurn right from Chamisal Rd. onto Community Lane, the community center is 2 blocks down on the left. ..; "' -s 0) COLTON 10 Fwy. East to Mount Vernon South (left turn) to Cooley Drive East (left turn) to Via Lata North (left turn) 215 North, exit on Washington St.. turn left to Mt. Vernon North (right turn) to Cooley Dr. East (right turn) to Via Lata North (left turn). l U) .... C'\J r Via Venita C ..J Cl) -C :, ::c LOMA LINDA North West+East South Rider Education Center by Honda 1301 Via Venita Colton. CA 92324 (714) 824-7080 Dusty Times March 1990 The El Mirage Cooperative Management Area was formally established in 1988 with the signing of an lnteragency Agree-ment among the BLM, the State Department of Parks and Recrea-tion, the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission, and the Counties of Los Angeles and San Bernardino. The BLM is serving as the lead agency and as such has prepared the Draft Management Plan. The Draft Plan states the goals for the management of the project, identifies the issues, and outlines the actions for the development of the project. The Management Area will be managed for multiple uses with recreation the primary use. The area receives approximately 110,000 visitors a year, 85% use OHV's. The El Mirage dry lake area has been used by OHV enthusiasts for over 50 years. Other pursuits include the use of ultra-lights, gyrocopters, hang-gliders, model airplanes, and land yachts. All existing uses will be allowed to continue with the exception of target shooting and hunting. Upon full development the Management Area will encompass a total 24,400 acres consisting of a variety of terrain. The central focus of the area is El Mirage dry lake, approximately 1 mile wide and 5 miles long. In addition, the area includes a variety of canyons, washes, and mountains from the lakebed to Highway 395. Over-night camping will be allowed throughout the area. Planned facilities include a paved entrance road, a perimeter fence, and 5 , primitive restrooms. A comprehensive summary of the Draft. Plan is available by contacting the BLM at the Barstow Resource Area, 150 Coolwater Lane, Barstow CA 92311-. Call (619) 256-3591 for further information. All written comments should be sent to BLM at this same address by the close of the public comment period (Apr~l 30, 1990). Page 33

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1990 Paris-Dakar Mitsubishi Pajero Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Mitsubishi have unexpectedly reverted to their proven turbo-charged T3 cars for the Paris-Dakar challenge this winter. No fewer than six of such cars have been entered as the spearhead of a sixteen vehicle challenge aimed at winning the most prestigous marathon for a second time. Considerable development had already been carried out with the V6 and four cylinder normally aspirated cars (an.example of V6 won the T2 category on this event last winter) as FISA had originally announced that turbocharged T3 cars would no longer be eligible in marathon competition. --Sonauto (French Mitsubishi importers) team manager Ullrich Brehmer: "As soon as the rules for this year were originally _pu~shed we forgot about the old turbocharged cars. We had the choiceof either the 2.85 litre V6 or the Group A four-cylinder engine ( without turbocharger) enlarged to 2.2 litres, and had been entering other marathon events to get compara-tive experience.We were going to use one or the other of these. We were expecting these could be a winning engine. It is attractive not to have to use a turbocharged engine in Paris-Daker; not only would we be spared all the complicated engine accessories, but our turbo engine was also quite old and hea"y". The original rules for this winter's Paris-Dakar allowed the continued use of T3 prototypes so long as they were unturbo-c ha r g e d in addition to Tl (production - like Group N) or T2 ( improved Tl) cars. T2 cars could use turbos if homologated with them as the basic design or if homologated in a Group A car. Which types of cars were Mitsubishi intending to use? "Both. I think a T2 car could have won the rally under these DE UNZIO RACING PRODUCTS proposed rules - maybe not this year, but next year. We still had the 2.6 litre Starion Turbo engine homologated, we could have used that. We would have had about 280bhp, and with a six speed gearbox and independent rear suspension ( which we could fit by the rules) and a lightweight body -we could have won with that". Them JM Balestre made his famous pact with Peugeot and allowed the turbocharged proto-types back again, so Mitsubishi in mid season had to think again! "So we went back to the car we have been using before. We have concentrated on the rear suspen-sion which is now independent, and we changed to motorcycle type high-tech shock absorbers. On all wheels we are using double Ohlins with integrated springs, the setting of which can be controlled from inside the car in motion, so that we can vary the suspension from a full to an empty fuel tank". The most important novelty in the engine department is a new turbocharger. "The old ones gave us a lot of problems". The engine is virtually the same as before. Last year the team suffered problems with the fuel, but that was not mechanical at all. "That was a question of dirty fuel. This year Shell will deliver us everywhere Avgas which comes directly from them". Bridgestone has developed two new types of tyres for this · event. "Previously we had three types of tyre, the same type on the base carcass. Now we have a more solid base for the tyres with stronger sidewall protection, with another kevlar layer. We also have a new sand pattern tyre which we tested recently in Tunisia". Bridgestone has not followed Michelin with a concept of puncture warning apparatus? "Drivers normally like to drive on a punctured tyre as long as they can. here is no point in trying to save a deflating tyre, because even if the tyre could be mended it will puncture again after a while. Such a complicated system will only help save damage the rim". Attention to aerodynamics has now been concentrated under-. neath the car. The cars are now fitted with a continuous under-neath protection. "This raises the top speed of the car by more than 10 kph -now in top gear we can do 222 /225kph. This also has the advantage that a car will not get stuck on the crest of a dune, we • :i:-:: can just slither over it". The edge of the protection has a little lip, like the skirts which were summarily banned from Group B cars in the middle of 1986. Were Mitsubishi working on a Group Effect system? "Not at all. These pieces are to protect stones from damaging the brake calipers, which have suffered before". The cars are a little bit longer and wider than before, they have the same ground clearance as the Peugeots, and effort has been taken to make the new cars lighter. The independent rear suspension means substantial redesign of the rear of the car, which involves another fuel tank, and new lighter hubs are used at the front - which now do not have the old facility for locking or unlocking individually. There is a new compass and new navigation system. "The purpose of the new rear suspension was simply to reduce unsprung weight. The car is accordingly much easier to handle and is faster in cornering. You can drive this car like a rally car, now! We have tested the new car at the new Magny Cours racetrack with slick tyres, and it was only four seconds a lap slower than a 290bhp Porsche 944 Turbo cup car". The recent decision by FISA ( middle November -when Citroen made their announcement to take over Peugeot's marathon development) to extend further the era of the turbocharged T3 OFF-ROAD RACING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES CRS Holds Annual Awards Banquet ~ -~~~~· for free catalog phone (805) 683-1211 By Jim Jacohson This years CRS·awards banquet was held at Charley Brown's Restaurant in Redondo Beach. The food was excellent and in abundance. The establishment, possibly having been forewarned, placed us in a room isolated from the other patrons.We managed to fill it to capacity and required two additional tables be set. Lon Peterson, using crutches as a ploy to avoid conducting the cere-monies, introduced Jim Jacobson as the new incoming director and hobbled back to his table for a relaxing evening on the listening side of the podium. Following a brief oration on CRS goals for the 90's, Jacobson turned the podium over to guest speaker Bill Holmes. Bill's talk was informative and touched on many aspects of racing the ----------------' national circuit with a factory Page 34 sponsor. Bill finished with a question and answer period at which time Topi Hynynen asked a question about which I'm sure many of us had often wondered. To paraphrase Topi's question, "Coming from off road racing with basically an off road truck, and then getting a factory sponsor and being able to set up the new truck any way you wanted, what are the differences between an off road truck and a rally truck?" Great question and all of us at the banquet know the answer. Maybe attendance will be up next year. Characteristic of past CRS banquets have been skits and entertainment by rallyists seeking bright lights, fame and fortune. This year was no different and found the Gibeault/Jacobson team staging a shadow show that depicted a hospital operating team attempting to find the source of ailment on an uncon-scious rally driver. For those of you unfamiliar with a shadow March 1990 show, it works something like this. A sheet is hung between the audience and the actors. The room lights are turned off and a back light turned on to silhouette the actors actions against the sheet. In this manner, the exploratory surgery performed and the items removed from within the patients appeared somewhat real. A few of the escapades included . finding a driving light in the patient's helmet, at which nurse Goodparts concluded that he must have been lightheaded and determining that the patient was going into shock after finding a shock absorber and then further deciding it was a gas shock. But the discovery that brought the house down was when Dr. Dullknife found a crankshaft firmly planted in the patient's padded parts and deduced from its difficult removal and the cars in marathons means there is new reason to develop this model further, but not of course in time for this winter's Paris-Dakar. "We plan to enter the first two rallies (presumably Tunisia and . Atlas) next year with the existing Pajero and a space frame model for comparative tests. Much of the work for this has already been carried out. This will be a test bed for future engine and transmission work as well. For the present time the 45mm restrictor rule applies in marathons (compared with 40mm for rallies and off road events in 1990) but Mitsubishi are happy with any restrictor size in this region. The 45 limit is only fixed for 1990. "We are fortunate because our company is develop-ing Group A engines, but they have not built an engine with a 40mm restrictor, yet". Things are looking good for the massive Mitsubishi team after the recent testing in Tunisia, where many of the drivers found new experiences in working together. "Our whole objective this year is to reach the finish, not think about the competition, and this exercise was very good for this reason as well. The drivers found dunes which they could not cross alone, but they found they could cross them by helping each other. We know we are going to find some quite difficult passages, such as that through Agadem. So we know we already have a uniformity of team sporit". attached tag, that the patient had been shafted, that he had a limited slip rear end and that he was an old off road racer. The tag said "Courtesy BLM." The awards ceremonies are always more than just handing out the CRS points championship plaques. It provides an opportun-ity for any CRS member to say "thanks" by presenting an award to whomever they feel is deserv-ing. This year there seemed to be a more than normal number of grateful members, too many to list in this writing. But a couple cannot escape mention. Chad DiMarco presented the annual Zimmerman Award to Cheryl Love and Nancy Peterson, a perfect choice. Cheryl and Nancy have given unselfishly to the sport and are very deserving of the award. Roger Allison presented an award for Lynette Allison, the SCCA Divisional Steward, who was unable to attend. The special award was to Rod Koch, the CRS/SCCA reporter and pho-tographer. Rod has been doing a tremendous job for a good many years. Thanks all, see you next year. Dusty Times

Page 35

·--• OFF-ROAD RAGING TEAM . , j The Straight Poop From The Big Wahzoo ELECTION RESULTS -Our Club Officers for 1990 are Steve Burack as Treasurer, as usual, Russ Biswell as Secretary, Howard Anderson as Vice President and Clarence Carter as 'The Head Honcho In Charge'! With the election of Clarence and Howard we now find the Club being run by 'The Phelan Connection', let's hope they don't take my previous comment about moving the meetings to some pizza parlor in Palmdale seriously. There was also some questions raised after the vote about whether Biswell would he using his trusty camera to take roll call? Congratulations Guys! AW ARDS BANQUET -Our Annual Awards Dinner was held in a little smaller banquet room at the Knollwood Country Club this year, which actually proved to be a better setting. Dinner although was another story, as Bu rack, who was in charge, took a lot of heat over a menu of turkey and dressing which tasted a lot like it was concocted from last year's holiday leftovers. With an open bar, a good band and most everybody dressed up and on their best behavior, Steve escaped the large amount of verbal abuse he could have expected had it been a regular Wednesday night meeting. Maybe you religious guys do have someone up there looking out for you? Next up were the awards and they too differed a little from years past. • Pit Captain of the Year was Keith Dennis. • Driver of the Year were The Cooks. • Man of the Year was Uncle Max. There were also a number of other awards presented hut sometimes it was a little confusing what they were for. George Thompson did get an award that recognized him as the Checker's Whipping Boy of the Year for his work with the IDRA. Hibbard got aJesseJackson Award which must have been in recognition of his verbal outbursts rather than his skin color. Peralta once again presented his toilet seat award to the Checker Ass of the Year and also in keeping with last year's presentation, he took time to name all the runner-ups who he seriously considered for this honor. Surprisingly this year's winner was none other than John Files. After John reluctantly accepted his award, Hibbard approached the microphone to present an award of his own. Seems Jeff felt so certain that he would he Lou's target this year he brought his own special award just for Lou. Although not selected, he obviously felt he should not let it go to waste, so he presented it to Peralta on John Files' behalf. Lou was given a plaque with a roll of toilet paper mounted to it that was titled the Checker 'Butt wipe of the Year Award'. Peralta accepted it gratefully. All in all it appeared · that a good time was had by all. The Wahzoo would like to Dusty Times con'gratulate all the award winners, both serious and tongue-in-cheek, since in almost every case they earned what they got! As you may recall I recently reported on three old time Checkers who got together to build a new Class 2 car. Well the way the Wahzoo heard it was that Bains, Holiday and Buchaitz actually did get the car together and took it out to Barstow to test it. But it seems that after a few test laps the threads holding this tight knit trio together started to come apart, words were spoken, one of them was left in the desert and the ownership of the new race car is now a matter for their respective lawyers to decide. Hey guys, I thought that kind of thing was only supposed to happen over girlfriends? My 'Missing Checker of the Month' this month is John Slagor. I know you're out there reading this John, because I heard that you took offense to my comment in last month's column about your old out-of-date l/2 1600 car. Slagor proudly claims 14 finishes out of it's last 17 races. Now let's see, you race about 3 times a year, 17 races, 3 into 17, that makes that old dinosaur of yours about6 years old. Hey John, I rest my case! Has anybody taken notice that the Mint 400 Race is no more - it's now 'T.he Nissan 400'. Is this just one more American tradition that has been bought up by the Japanese or did it just die with the sale of the Mint Hotel? Whatever the reason, in this column the race will continue to be called 'The Mint' no matter what the promoter labels it. I mean it just doesn't seem right to say "yea man, I'll see ya at the Nissan", now does it? PARKER RESULTS -18 Checker cars started and 7 finished for a surprisingly low finishers rate on a course that most drivers described as "a freeway". Our only class winner on this high speed course was none other than 'Smiley' ZAM-BRANO in his Class 11 car. Saul and John HOW ARD, who stood in for Jeff Strait this race, put their car across the finish line over 2 hours ahead of the next car for a well deserved win. Great race guys! SUMNERS finished second AGAIN! One way ya might pick up some time Jim, is to give that non-Checker co-driver of yours a compass. The word I got was that he was lost and driving around in circles out at the Midway pit, hut then again that's a non-Checker for ya! PICK, after a midnight engine change on Friday and lots of stops for Checker service on Saturday, still picked up a 3rd place in Class 5. GREENWAY ran a clean race to grab a 4th in Class 2 and fourth overall. FRENCHIE soloed with a few problems and managed a 5th in Class 10. CHASE had shock problems on his first lap but recovered enough to pick up a 9th in Class 2. Melancon blew his engine on the first lap, changed it and went back out and got 24th and some finishing points. Good race Checkers! ... and here's what happened to some of our other Checker cars. SYMONDS' new truck hardly got out of town before the motor let go, and from what I heard Greg also let go at his engine builder. The STEELE's were the second l /2 1600 car on the road on the last lap, only fifty miles from the finish when their rear suspension gave up. PERALTA also had a rough day. At one point he pulled into a Checker pit with 4 flats. That's right 4 of them, 2 flat rears, one flat front and a flat spare. Later in the race Lou pulled the car out of the race after Lonnie had a run in with a check point worker and it appeared that he would be disqualified anyway. HYMES & HOLIDAY lost a tranny. STILES had clutch problems and then got lost in the desert trying to get his car out. CRAFT lost a motor late in the race. MASTER BATES had lots. of trouble and when he finally got sorted out, he didn't have enough time to finish his last lap. The Checkers had the distinc-tion of having one of their members be the first racer to be fined by the Competition Review Board. As of this years Parker Race, the IDRA Review Board started fining racers who have a protest filed against them and either refuse to show up before the Board and/ or have nothing to lose because they either finished out of the money or did not finish at all. Dave Mansker DNFed the race but was protested for unsafe ·driving in a pit area. When he failed to show up at the CRB, the Board fined him $100. Before being allowed to run another Score/HORA race Dave must pay the fine, which will be donated to charity. Hey Dave, look at it this way - except for Zambrano, you are the only Checker to get a first at Parker! CHAPALA DUSTERS Jon Kennedy, President 3117Klllarney Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 641-0155 CHECKERS Clarence Carter, President P.O. Box 187 Phelan, CA 92374 (619) 868-3466 C.O.R.E. Mark Mllleron, President 224 Kruse Monrovia, CA 91016 (818) 303-3415 F.A.I.R. Jeff Randall, President 321 Copa de Oro Brea, CA 92621 (714) 996-1936 DESERT RACE SUPPORT· Carol Clark President 22264 Ottawa, Unit 1 Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-3186) (619) 240-3122 1.0.R.A. George Thompaon, Director P.O. Box 1683 Ojai, CA 93023 (805) 646-2903 LOS CAMPERONES Rick Frlaby, President P.O. Box42I • Escondido, CA 92025 (619) 747-3368 MAG7 Bruce Cranmore, Race Director 11244 Horizon HIiis Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 440-3737 -TIGHTTEN John Lippitt. Race Director 153 Lindell Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 448-5500 (619) 447-795 BAJA EXPRESS RACING TEAM Hayward Mendenhall 15518 Le Flou St. N:>rwalk, CA 90650 (213)864-0893 Because one of our older Checkers, and I do mean old, · picked up a first place finish at, Parker this year, I think he deserves to have his illustrious off road racing career reviewed by the unbiased eye of the Wahzoo. John Howard started running off road races in buggies, you know, big motors, big tires and all that stuff. Next he moved into the Class S unlimited Baja Bugs and charged the desert terrain. In recent years We welcome all Support Team news articles. Typed and double spaced copy is acceptable. Copy deadlines vary slightly, usually by the ter)th of the month to make the next issue. he's moved down into racing junior Bajas, the 5 11600 cars, no offense Cooks'. Now with the running of this race, Howard has completed the complete off road racing evolution in reverse and raced and won in a Class 11 car. Hey John, ya may be headed in the -wrong direction, but you're still winning and that's the goal that keeps most of us running on down the road. Until next month, this is the Big W ahzoo reminding you -IF THE CHECKERS CAN'T FIX IT, IT'S TIME TO PARK IT AND PARTY! Need action photo.s? Call us for proofs! Trackside Photo, Inc.-Racing photography since :1970 Trackside Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commercial & Product Photography "' · March 1990 1507 East Del Amo Blvd. Carson, California 90746 (213).609-1772 .Page 35

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OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR .. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 WO VANS & PICKUPS & MINI TRUCKS PRE·RuN TRUCKS • CusTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOC K S U SED • WELDING & FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 761-9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT ~ OFF ROAD INNOVATIONS BOLT-ON PRE·RUNNER ACCESSORIES LIGHT HOOPS TIRE MOUNTS BED KICKERS (619) 588-2568 CUSTOM FABRICATION 1160 PIONEER WAY, SUITE C, EL CAJON, CA 92020 PROFESSIONAL • AMERICAN • CANADIAN c Off-ROAD \i__ A R~CING-~ ~-·.c, ? _~tP ~ "'··~-~ ~ ? P. 0. BOX 323eSEAHURST, WA 98062 ~~ (;)[3~[}{]fA\(1(1 Fabrication ✓ Coil Over Suspension ✓ FoxShoxPartsAndSeNice ✓ Race Car Wiring 1660 Babcock Bldg. a Costa Mesa, Ca 9262! ✓ Race Car Prep. ✓'Tum Key Race Cars (714) 650-3035 PIKE' FAMILY RESTAURANT 01Jer 401Years -The best in the Desert Coffee. Shop • Steak House -Watering Hole Saloon i24 Ho~r Service Station BAKER, CALIFORNIA Dusty Times PROBST Off Road Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX. ILLINOIS 60451 18151 41:!S·RACE 172231 FUNCTIONAL AFTER-MARKET PRODUCTS Dean Galloway (818) 769-0921 Larry Winter 714-537-8286 Plli~R A Totally New Concept in Battery Design Rae, Slrop SMppliu 1JjJ2 St1pl,ani1 •*the Size & Weig/at of its Equivalent • Vibration R,sistant • Spill Proof _ Gard111 Gro111, CA 92640 Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) S~S-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 Anaheim Hills Family Dental Center (714) 998-2553 ~ - Di\VID Ri\MOCIN6KI. D.D.6. 438 N. Lakeview Ave. Anaheim Hills, Ca. 92807 , Bruce Rasmussen (805) 274-0627 RASMUSSEN ACING Off Road Truck Fabrication Roll Cages, Lift Kits, Pre-Runner Bumpers Specializing In . Ford Rangers March 1990 37607 Vintage Or. Palmdale, Ca. 93550 RACING LUBRICANTS DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE SERVICE AUTO PARTS Palm Desert 44-800 San Pablo Yucca Valley 56313 29 Palms Hwy (619)346-0694 · . (619)365-0813 (619)323-1879 (619)329-1446 (619)347-3379 · (619)328-2183 (714)441-1212 (714)883-8891 (714) 750-2802 (213)390-9086 (213)370-5552 (714)558-9393 (714)635-1431 Palm Springs 67-390 Ramon Rd. Desert Hot Spr 13-175 Palm Dr. Indio 81-096-A Hwy. 111 Cathedral City 68-887 Hwy. 111 McKenzie's Anaheim Moore Racing San Bernardino OffRoad Supermart Westminster Dirty Parts Culver City Racecrafters Lawndale Tustin Honda Tustin Bryce's Auto Anaheim RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL co. I 3450 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez, CA 94553 TEL (800) 624-7958 I RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914 ·s (213) 583-2404 fmiilJ!JJffl}PSERVICE, INC. ldJ2!!J ~ETAL PROCESSING 59Z 1 W;Jmington Avenue Los Ange/es. California 9000 I SANDBLAST Mark Smith (818) 988-5510 GLASS BEAD FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MAGNETIC PARTICAL . Larry Smith 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 Page 39

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MARVIN SHAW ENTERPRISES Manufacturer & Supplier of Arizona Air Ride Shocks Air Cooled Tool Co. Tools Buggy Beautiful Dress-Up Parts for your Sand Buggy DESIGN ■ ENGINEERING ■ SALES 3242 Sabin Brown ~oad 602-684-5056 P.O. Box 20646 Wickenburg, AZ 8S3S8 . . HIGH PERFORMANCE LETTERING Custom Race Lettering & Numbers Sandblast • Banners • Vinyl Lettering • Plexiglass 207 Nashville# C Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714/ 960-7461 NEW LOCATION IN ORANGE COUNTY· 'SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS j 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd., ·c• Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 630-8861 SMALL CAR ENTERPRISES Corky 1001 Arlee Place / Anaheim, California 92805 714/635-3735 stock to high performance • tune-ups brakes &.. suspension • remanufactured engines &.. transmissions fuel injection • welding 8.. chassis fab. hell arc mlg &.. tlg aluminum &.. steel 115 OCTANE RACING GASOLINE Anaheim, CA . ........................... (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA .. .. ..................... . (805) 948-6044 Bullhead City, AZ ........... .............. (602) 758-5480 Chino, CA ......... ...................... (714) 628-7596 Concord, CA ........... . ................. (415) 676-4300 Fullerton. CA .................. ........ . . (714) 635-5553 Hayward, CA ............................ (415) 783-6500 _Lancaster, CA ... . ...... . ............ . .... (805) 948-6044 Las Vegas, NV ........................... (702) 643-9200 Long Beach, CA ......... ................. (213) 432-3946 Oakland, CA ............................. (415) 261-6900 Phoenix, AZ. ............................. (_602) 279-5000 Pleasant Hill, CA ......................... (415) 798-2201 Riverside, CA ............................ (714) 877--0226 _ Salinas, CA ................. ............. (408) 422-9808 Santa Barbara, CA ...... ............. ..... (805) 963-9366 Van Jose, CA .... ..... ................... (408) 294-4513 Van Nuys, CA ............................ (818) 785--0902 Ventura, CA . . . _. .................... . . . . . (805) 65~5~ ' P.O. Box 610, 333 West Broadway, Suite 202 {213} 630-6996 ' Long Beach, Ca_l!lornia 9080Hl610 Nobody Covers Off Road Like DUSTY TIMES SUBSCRIBE TODAY (USE FORM ON PAGE 3) 1988 BUDWEISER/FAT SUPERSTITION SERIES CHAMPIONS CRAIG OILLON · CLASS 10 RANDY ANDERSON· CLASS 1, 2· 1600 CECIL WRIGHT • UNLIMITED CLASS JACK HETTINGER · CHALLENGER HERMAN MEISTER · CLASS 8 JON HURLEY · CLASS 7 GREG SANDEN · CLASS 5 TODD TEUSCHER • CLASS 100 CHUCK McCORMICK · CLASS 6 . KEN BAS-ORE ~ CLASS 5-1600 SINCE 1933 C. A. TAYLOR (CHUCK) 240 N. OAK ST.-G-ORANGE, CA 92667 (714) 997-1778 LUBRICATION FORMQLATE0 FOR SEVERE SERVICE CAROLYN FRICK Mon-Fri 9-6 Owner Sat 10-2 (714) 861·2606 1118S. DIAMOND BAR BLVD., DIAMOND BAR, CA91765 Trackside Photo~ Inc. Commerciai Photography Peter L. Hatch (213) 609-1n2, 1507 E. Del Amo Blvd. • Carson, CA 90746 !?ACE Tl?ANS BY JEFF FIEU)'S TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth, CA 91311 WELDING• FABRICATION ROLL CASES • TUBE BENDING SHDCK\I SUSPENSION SETUts SPORT -5U5P.EN5.,Dl5 ENGINEERING VNI./H/TED ... ir" ........... ·.•·:tt)t ILJ fft? FU,E 2:l Jf::r ~ITS AIR CLEANERS SHEET METAL WORK BEAD BUSTING CUSTOM MACHINING . RACE PREP OEPAIR . -RACE CAR • PRE RUNNER FABRICATION RICHAR'o LILLY LAURA STOUFF_ER :-».-: 14757 Lull Street Van Nuys, CA 91405 TEL: 818-994-7475 FAX: 818-994-4069 Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA Page 40 * Welding * Fabrication * Front Ends * Flame Cutting * Custom Chassis* Race Prep* Custom Light-Weight Trailers 1180 Fountain Way, Unit-F, Anaheim, CA 92806 (714) 630-3770 • (714) 630-2681 Mfg'r. of Blue Flame Products iA.GG I TE4A4-Off Road Products and Preparation Downey• Doetsch Tech• Bi/stein • Smittybilt • KC Lites Baker Products• Cal Gold Products• Conner Products• Super Trapp Suspension • Engine • Drive line • Fiberglass • Clutches Tires • Wheels• Safety Equipt • PreRunner Lifts• Installation 670 W. 17th. Unit G-5 Costa Mesa, C A.92627 (714 ) 631 -8244 March 1990 • II ga • :::::::::}:\:::':~:r; .. · -:-~:~:~:~:~-~:~:•:-... :·: :.:::!:. . :-:-:-:-:-:-:-·•·: THE LEADER IN HlµH PE ANCE -:-:-:-:•;•t· . ::::::-:-:-·:·:::::::::::::::·FUELS, RACE PROVEN IN OVER .·.·.-:::::::::::~:-, ' :::/ :·::::::::::·:·<-:-::::>:•>:10 MILLION MILES OF>:::·:·.::::::::\\:•?::~:1:~ :-:-:::·:·::: : : · CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION . :-:-:-:-:-.-:;;:;;::.: •:·:: · · · · Fo_r_in_formation and a distributor near you, ca!'.:: :)rl~ . . 1-800-444-1449 · · · · · -. :~-:::: uiPJ UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/ 449-9690 Power Steering -Brackets Aluminum Fabrication - Tabs Dusty Times

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LOUIE UNSER Racing Engines 1100 E. Ash Ave. Suite C Fullerton, Ca. 92631 · THS MIINNSRS eH01es WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used-by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street , strip and off-road or send $3 for the complete ·----catalog. DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS 570° RACING BRAKE FLUID DISC BRAKE PADS FRONT VW DISC BRAKE KITS BRAKE PEDALS REAR VW DISC BRAKE KITS CLUTCH PEDALS PROPORTIONING VALVE COMPOSITE MASTER CYLINDERS POWER STEERING Louie Unser (714) 879-8440 WIIIIEB-CA/111 · 111 s MauachuMltl Avt PERFORMANC_e CAMSHAFTS •. :~~!:~!!!!°c!,,..od~on~••• ., {714) 369-5144;-461 Calle San Pablo• Camarillo • CA • 93010 805 • 388 • 1188 VW ON LY iiArtt&tttleiJ 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA VW -RABBIT· BUS -AUDI PARTS NEW & USED REBUILT ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS . DUNE BUGGY CHASSIS & PARTS MOVING? Don't miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. \ , SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (819) 741-8173 --~~~ JAPANEs;:ACING E~~:rs DEVELOPMENT & DYNO FACILITY PARTS AND TUNING PAQOUCtS IY r'-., 537 West Main Street JIM WOLF ~-El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0630 . W00i>SWHEEL WORKS Off Road Products ~~~c.L..PA!Nr twPto4TIN{lf;«~AH/k,'f,* J,(JGO!J' En,gine & Machine : •IVCI !OAAa MA/NllNNK:l•f!OUNMJ*IIHMIN&i : ' ~"11 MYa'i.18 •• Bel:.lJpal .•610• 0 I DUSff TIMES -BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE $1. 75 for a single copy $1.25 each for 5 or more copies Any mix of dates Send check or money order •rul your UPS street address to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 COLLECTOR'S SPECIAL A Full Set-· 12 Issues -of the First Volume of DUSTY TIMES unmarked by mailing labels Early birds will receive the bonus of the Preview issue -:Sept. 01983. NOW AVAILABLE -A Full Set -12 Issues -Volume 2 . . GET YOUR FULL SET WHILE THE SUPPLY LASTS Send just $10.50 for one set or $20.00 for both sets, check or money order to · DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O • Agoura, CA 91301 SHIPPED PRE-PAID VIA U.P.s: Dusty Times 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 2733 W. Missouri Photnix. AZ. 85017 Ott Roads Wlnningest _Radios OVER 1219 ON THE COURSE Comlink V The Ultimate Racing Intercom 16 CHANNEL ROADMASTER "A LEGEND" • Helmets wired - $100. (CF) ONLY s53900 March 1990 New! RF p·re Amp $95 30% to 50% more range! 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 (213) we•,. next door 427 -8177 via U.P.S.I ...

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~ Classified ••• * FOR SALE: Single seat class 9. Super clean, all freshly ~inted. Best of everything. Dirtrix chassis. All mnning gear fresh. Ready to race. $5,000.00 with trailer. Call John at(602) 439-1511, or (602) 934-3444 ext. 48. FOR SALE: '88 Toyota 7s truck! Winner of the '88 Nevada 500. Built by Nelson & Nelson. Mike Evans engine. Truck is fast, reli-able, forgiving, good handling, and easy_ to maintain. All the good stuff, and sp_ares. $23,000.00. Call Mike for .details at (619) 485-9410. FOR SALE: Class 1 O.R.E. w/3.5 liter Por~he motor and Hewland DG-300. The motor is fuel injected, twin plug-twin ingition Porsche racing motor ( approx. 600 miles on motor). The gearbox was prepared by Doug Fortin and has first class parts throughout. UMP PIS, Wright rack, Palmer arms, Summers hubs front and rear, vented rotor rear brakes by Cone, with Corvette calipers, Tilton Pedals, Patterson sump tank, Fox shocks, mil-spec sealed switches, the list goes on ... Car only, complete, ready to race. $37,000.00, or $42,000.00 gets car with spare Hewland (also by Fortin and zero miles on it), spare set of shocks, wheels and tires, dump cans, ets ... No trades. Serious inquiries ONLY. Call FOR SALE; 112-1600 single seat FOR SALE: Berrien 2002, Brush short course. Best of everything. Run 101 Class 2 and 10 points Race ready with Chromoly front champ 1988! All the best, many end, Neal, Beards, Sway-A-Way, new parts. Combo's, Summers Wright, Centerlines, 2 motors,.1- Bros., UMP, etx ... Fresh 2234cc 0 miles, brand new! Lots of spare air cooled. Very competitive. parts. $6,000.00, Call (213) 329-This car ia very well maintained, ;;;;;---:;-;;;;;,;;;;;;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;---:;:=:;::::=:::::--1 6798. and is in excellent condition. 1 FOR SALE: 1985 Cheno with i-$8,000.00, O.B.O. T~ade for? 1600 f h . , also 2 1650cc race engmes, best car, res engme.' Cur~utt . offer' 20H enclosed trailer, i) shocks, many extras, with trailer. $2,500.00. Call days at (715) 'j Also, 1985 Toyota Class 1400 635_7115_ ·' race truck. Many extra parts, new _:..;;;:::;;;;;;;;:;,;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;:;;;::==;;;;::;;;::::;::;;::;;:::::::::;;, ·=-::,;:. FOR SALE: Probst Berrien Laser. 1989 Class 9 champion ( Class 10 Score). All the best! As is, complete, less engine and trans. Competitive anywhere. Call "Probst Racing" at (815) 485-7223 days, or (815) 485-4691 eves. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600 Chenowth Magnum w/Fox shocks, radio, Pumper, Neth arms rear, combo link pin after market front, UMP power steering. Ready to race! $7,900.00. Call Dave Fessenden at (714) 680-0900 days. Mark at (805) 541-2012. · ~~~· FOR SALE: 1-2-1600 Hart chassis, Don Hatz motor, Neth front & rear suspension, UMP power steering, Fox shocks. Race _ read_y! $12,000.00 O.B.O.- Call -Joe Flinn at (714) 676-8084 .. _ ev~:h~ti~f fr;~; ~n~~ c~~b~~: I w:'.. w rack and pm1on, power steering, '' " . Neal peaals, Sway-A-Way FOR SALE: Raceco. 110 inch, Centerlines, Leighton trans., fuel Wright front end, fuel cell, racing cell. Race ready with "T" trailer! seats, 2.7 litre Porsche 911 and extra parts! $4000.00! Cal motor, fuel injected, 220 H.P., Steve at (708) 506-9711. large 915 type Porsche transmis-sion. Perfect pre-run car. " $14,000.00.CallClintAase,days at (714) 956-2419, or evenings ------, and weekends at (714) 639-3308. ~ FOR SALE: 1957 Chevrolet off-"'-li road sedan race car. Race ready, with many spare parts. also 1955 Chevrolet station wagon pre-I runner. 1977 Dodge Kary Van FOR SALE: '87 Woods Class 2. with 44_0, A.C.,_ P.S.,_ and a 118 W / B Ch 1 f custom ttlt car earner. W 111 sell as , romo y rame, k 't, . 1 · b d 2½ f t pac age, or seperate. ;:,enous a ummum o y, arms ron, . . . 1 L A 1 ½x3 rear' 2110 engine, Hew land Sin qh u Ir' efsf o n4 ly9.97 Tahr r y . S d·ff 930 , d' c waco er, ornton gears, uper 1 ., cv s, ,~cs Ave. Hemet CA 92344. rear, Pumper, Super Seats, radio, __ , ___ , -------WANTED: Mid West off road champion wants to try the-challenge of the desert. 10 + years experience, 7 class champion-ships ( 1989 Class 1 ). Would like to team up to run selected desert events. Equipment, sponsor, and financial resource. 1vailable. Call for references, Lee Wuesthoff, Milwaukee, WI, days at ( 414) 228-1400, eves at (414) 963-9195. and I.C., 1000 mi. on car, 300 on FOR SALE: 5-1600. Has best of engine, 150ontrans.$10,000.00, everything. Will sell with no O.B.O., with trailer. Call Mike at motor. Must sell! Make offer! Call (602) 820-5617. (714) 391-4568. Curnutt shocks. Package deal, $10,000.00 Call Ray at (714) 929-2765, or Stevs at (805) 481-0670. FOR ·sALE: 5-1600 SCORE/ HORA legal. Has been used as pre-runner. Bus trans., type 4 C.V., rack and pinion steering, fuel cell, and more. Call (714) 626-0047 or (818) 332-0153, leave message. FOR SALE: Class 9 single seat Raceco. Race ready, everything new! Fat motor, Fox Shox, Yokohama, Simpson, Master-craft, too much to list. Very very stong, best of everything, a lot of spare parts, plus trailer. All for $7,500.00, FIRM! Call Dave at (818) 286-2518. THANKS: To La Rana Desert Racing for putting on an excellent race! Also, thanks to our crew, and sponsors; Rennsport Inter-national, ORB Engineering, and Bugformance! We had a great second place finish in Class 11. We appreciate all your HELP! T.G.F.C. Racing. FOR SALE: Class 8 1986 Ford. Summers, Art Carr, BFG, 351 W, C-6, lots of extras! $8,000.00 · with tandem trailer. Call (715) 478-3023. r~---~------~-----~~----~-------~-----~----~~. Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I .I I DUSTY TIMES. I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 fqr 45 words each month; not including name, ~ddress and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. · NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPjl'IONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word,Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5 .00. 1All classified ads must be paid in advance. Enclosed is $ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Name---------------------------------Address ______________________ Phone ______ _ City _________________ _ State _____ Zip ______ _ Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 ' Page 4i March 1990 FOR SALE: Watkins Aronson 2 seat Raceco pre-runner. A new car is on order. This car comes complete, except engine, trans-mission, fuel cell, and seats. It features 118"' wheel base, Simpson safety, coil over F.E., CNC, Bosch, Bilsteins, Center-lines, and Y okohamas. This is the happiest 2 seat car in the desert today! $6,000.00. Call Greg at (714) 637-2889, or Craig at (415) 367-0808. FOR SALE: Porsche 911 pre-runner/ rally car. Slope nose, full cage, Wright Place front end, P.S., Bilsteins, fuel cell, Mendeola trans., etc ... Featured in Hot VW's 12 /89. Street legal, super clean, and reliable. $17,500.00 O.B.O. Call Bob Butler at (619) 588-0642. FOR SALE: Reynard F2000 84188 up dates. Complete ground up rebuilt 9189. This car is all new! New Ivey engine, MK9, Fire system. 2 SCCA races: 10.89, 9189, both first place! Will trade clean Class 8 truck, or? Call Pat at (714) 685-9369. FOR SALE: '74 Luv truck. Runs excellent, Needs completion (dated equipment, fuel cell, and seat belts). Good starter for 7S. 9 inch 4RD rear end stick shift, spare trans, and cyl. head. Asking $5,000.00, O.B.O. Come look! Call Steve after 6 p.m. at (818) 957-1178. DRIVER OR CO-DRIVER: EXPERIENCED DIE-HARD RACER SEEKS POSITION FOR 1990 SEASON! IN ANY CLASS! OUTGOING, WILLING, AND DEVOTED. CALL (619) 941-1497. Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: Class 10 stadium Raceco Chromolly frame ( 1322 lbs.wet), Wright front end, Wright 1 ¼ trailing arms, Wright 2 degree combo's, power steering, Beard seat, Mirage spring plates, Raceco trailing arms, Cor-vette/ Porsche rear disc brakes, 930 C /V's, Dura Blue stub axles, Bus trans with Gem gears 1st-4th 4:86-1 R&P (all fresh) 1650cc F.E.X. Rabbit, side draft Webber, (all fresh), Centerline wheels wwith Champion bead locks, FOX shocks. Car is ready, and very competitive! $8,000.00 Call Don at (415) 455-4369 or (415) 971-6147. FOR SALE: 1985 Jeep Scrambler race truck, Class 3114, SCORE/ HDRA. Fully prepped for Mint 400. Fresh Louis Unser 500 hp 401 V-8 engine, turbo 400, A/ T trans., Dana 60 spool. Proven winner, 1st place 1986 Barstow 250, many 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Lots of spares. Tow vehicle/ trailer, and race truck, $20,000.00 Will separate pack-age. Call Les, or Eric at (714) 632-5330, or (714) 630-1211. Your Ad Here For Just $10.00 Per Month. FOR SALE: Off Road Jacks. 2 ton hydraulic floor jack, with pneumatic tires, 4 .10 x 4 front x 6 rear. Lifting height 25". $225.00, or 5 or more $200.00 each. Tire racks for pick-up trucks, $95.00. Call S&S Motorsport at (619) 244-0930. PROFESSIONAL OFF-ROAD RACE TEAM: Mechanic, and fabricator needed. Only qualified, and skilled persons with a serious commitment need apply. Send resume, and salary requirements to: Team MacPherson Motor-sports, P.O. Box 16457, Irvine, CA, ATTN: Jerry McDonald. FOR SALE: Art Schmitt's Berrien Laser Class 1 and 9 short course car! Best of all equipment. Competitive, and dependable. Less motor and trans. Call Art days at ( 412) 687-5093, or eves at (412) 321-3527 in PGH., PA. Dusty Times . , I FOR SALE: 1988 International. Best of everything!!! Only 10,000 miles. Fully loaded, inside and out. Has 35' canopy with full lighting. Everything must go! New semi on the way! Over $73,000.00 invested. First $50,000.00 takes, O.B.O. Call (714) 840-3030. I FOR SALE: 1989 1-1600 Pete McCowen's '89 Meco. Complete car with the best of everything. Driver moving classes. Fresh motor, and trans. MUST SEE! $14,000.00. Call Mike at Meco, (714) 771-5757. FOR SALE: Roller crank, (Porsche) 82mm stroker. New Stillen case. $1,000.00, O.B.O. Call weekdays after 6 p.m., weekends anytime at (619) 395-5173. For Sale: Class 7S, '84 Mazda. 1 New Super Beard seats, 9" full floater, Sandy Cone disc, Rancho 7000; 6 front, 4 rear, dual batteries, 6 new Sendels, 5 new Y okohamas, new Fuel Safe cell, new paint, extra parts, trans, wheels, tires! $6,000.00 with engine, $5,000.00 without. Call (206) 822-8514. FOR SALE: Douglas Brothers Class 7S Ford Ranger. Best of everything. Professionally main-tained by Ted Kendall. If you follow Class 7S, you know this truck is fast, reliable, and has many wins! Race ready. $35,000.00. Many spare parts available: engine, trans, rear end, etc. Please call Scott at ( 619) 461-5100, or (619) 443-6573, or (619) 589-0671. Well established custom metal fabrication shop looking for mature employees, with exper-ience in aluminum fabrication, and welding, tube fitting, and race car assembly and alterations. Must have experience with custom cars, race cars. Shop located in San Diego East County. Please send resumes to: M.U.M.P., P.O. Box 452. Alpine, CA 92001. FOR SALE: 8 Doetch-Tech Take-Apart racing shocks. 2 non Take-Apart. 10 total. $550.00 O.B.O. Only used 1 time. 19" collapsed -32" extended. Call (619) 344-6491. FOR SALE: Chenowth 1000-desertl short course. Adjustable wide beam, 3x3 rear arms, drum front, rear disc, cherry 1650 pro engine, Watkins 1600Sportsman. Both engines complete, from clutch, to carb. Spare tires, wheels, and misc. parts. Trailer with tire rack. Ready to race. Photo furnished upon request. $5,000.00 Call (214) 240-5628, or (214) 771-3966 after 6 p.m. ENJOY. DUSTY TIMES AFTER THE RACE READ ALL THE NITTY, GRITTY DETAILS EACH MONTH ONLY $12 .00 A YEAR OR TWO YEARS FOR $20.00 Send Check or Money Order to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Bilstein Corp. of America ... . . ....... . . . . 17 KC Hilites .............................. 9 Cactus Racing ............... . . . ...... . 26 McKenzie Performance Products ......... 6 California Pre-Fun . ................... . . 14 Mr. Sticker .... . . . . . . ................ ... 21 Champion Bead Lock ................... 18 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Competitive Trailers ......... . . ........ . 25 Parker Pumper ........ . ................ 29 Ron Davis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 PCI Race Radios ....................... 41 DeNunzio Racing Products ........... . . 34 Race Ready Products . . . ................. 8 Earls .................................. 19 Marvin Shaw Performance Products ..... 43 Epsilon ................................ 27 Simpson Race Products ................. 5 FAT Performance ...................... . 4 Trackside Photo Enterprises ............ 35 FORDA . . ........ ....................... 2 Tri Mil Industries ....................... 31 Fuel Safe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Unique Metal Products ................. 15 FRT Buzz Bomb 150 .................... 11 Uni Cal ..............•.................. 7 Goodyear Tire Co .................... 22-23 Valley Performance - Hewland .......... 12 HORA Nissan 400 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Back Cover Wright Place ..................... ~ ..... 28 Hi-Tech ................................ 24 CLEAN UP ·voURACT-clean out your garage. Sell your surplus parts and pie(es RIGHT HERE! Classified ads are just $10.00 each month-$5 .00 more each month for a picture. March 1990 .-..l--...,...,---------------------8 I G GER IS aETTER - . Upgrade the C. V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner. IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C. V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. joints. · Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C.V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C. V.s are threaded 3/8-24. All axles and bells for Type II can be threade_d 3/8-24 or stock 8 mm threads. pitch threads. 10 mm - 1.5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 3242 SABIN BROWN FfOAD. . P.O. BOX 20646 • WICKENBURG, AZ 85358 (602) 684-5056 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 43

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NISSAN 400 2nd Event of the 1990 HORA/SCORE Series On Saturday, March 3, 1990, Everyone will have an Opportunity to see the Infamous ROCK GARDEN! On March 4, only a few will be able to say they CONQUERED IT! If racing across 400 miles of the world's toughest terrain intrigues you, then we'll see you in Las Vegas on March 3. --'~ CONTACT H.D.R.A. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: HORA§J:§~94 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 891 24