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1990 Volume 7 Number 1 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 7 - Number 1 • January 1990 $1.15 ISSN 1750-1731 .. Coveri·ng the world of competition in the dirt.

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GOODYEAR TAKES 1ST OVERALL AND THREE For only the third time in the history of off-road racing, first place overall has been won by a pickup truck. The driver was Steve McEachern in a Walker Evans prepared class 8 Dodge. The winning tire, Goodyear Wrangler AI Of course, the class 8 win went to the McEachern/Goodyear effort as well. Goodyear made a strong showing throughout the Gold Coast 300. David Ashley pushed his Ford Bronco to a convincing class 3 win and Brian Stewart won class 6 honors in a Jeep Cherokee. Rob MacCachren took second in class 7S while Goodyear

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CLASS WINS AT GOLD COAST 300 drivers Swift and Sebelius finished second and third respectively in class 7 4x4. Walker Evans was third in class 8. · ~-~~-1e-~1'~'~t;:: Truly a great performance. But then, that's exactly what drivers expect from Goodyear Wranglers. Whether you drive on road, off road or a little of both, Goodyear has an entire family of tough Wrangler radials just waiting to be discovered. ~ GOOD}!:_ l'EAII NOBODY FITS YOU LIKE GOODYEAR.

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Volume 7 - Number 1 January 1990 In This Issue ••• ... ., -·~--~· "~. < ', ' ~,' . , Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Associate Winnie I:ssenberg Editorial Assi~tant Sherry Elderd Controller John Calvin Circulation Jerry Lawless Traffic John Howard Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubank~ Deb Freimuth Tom Grimshaw Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Rod Koch Jan Flick Mazzenga Cam McRae David Ryskamp Judy Smith John Sprovkin 3-D Photography Trackside Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services THE OfflCIAL VOICE Of CALIFORNIA RAUY SERIES PROFESSIONAL • AMERICAN • CANADIAN Off-ROAD \l_ RACING:..,b:-4#'>-,(:,/~{b 4,i?~ Subscription Rates: $12 .00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. · Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301,(818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permis-sion from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. t -Wishes V eir;; }3es a J o;;f ul f\ll fo1 1 . a successf u an . 1990· to FEATURES Pa~e SCORE Presidente Baja 1000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 't WCR Rally Australia .................................... 24 WCR Ivory Coast Rally .................................. 25 Bonneville Off Road Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 7 Sonoyta to Rocky Point -ADRA ..................... ; . . . . 30 Georgia Off Road Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 PAC Millican Valley 400 . ................................ 34 F.O.R.D.A. Short Course Racing .......................... 36 POR SCCA Divisional Runoffs .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . 38 SCCA Press On Regardless Rally .......................... 40 Borderland Baja . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 VORRA Season Finale ................................... 42 Arras Scores at Glen Helen Park . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 DEPARTMENTS Side Tracks by Judy Smith ................................. 6 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Trail Notes .............................................. 8 1990 Race Calendar_ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 The Losers by Judy Smith ................................ 37 California Rally Series , ................................... 40 Pit T earn Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Manufacturers Advisory Board Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Classified ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 ON THE COVER -Rodney Hall and the ever present Jim Fricker had a fast but trouble free race to La Paz in the big Dodge 4x4. They won Class 4 by a goodly margin of time, and had a good time on the route. By contrast, the inset is a shot of Rodney Hall and Larry Minor in one of the famous Bill Stroppe Ford Broncos. The year is 1969 and the dynamic duo from Hemet won the four wheel drive production class. Minor has since gone on to drag racing but Hall keeps right on winning off road, as he did 20 years ago. Color Photography by Jim Ober. Trackside Photo lnc. . I\~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $12.00 □ i years -$i0.00 □ 3 years -$30.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ••. Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) season t1\ Name _________ __,;,_ ________________ _ Address -------------------------HAPPY City State _________________ Zip ________ _ NEWYEAR Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES · 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian ·_ I year $15.00 U.S. • Overseas subscription r.ites quoted on request) I I I I I I I I I Page 4 January 1990 Dusty Times

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FORD TRUCKS DOMINATE THE BAJA. _AND-1989. Overall aad Class 8 Winner: FORD F-150. Class 7 4x4 Winner: FORD RANGER STX. The 1989 HDRNSCORE off-road racing season ended the way it began: with Ford trucks dominating the winner's circle. At the season-ending Baja 1000, Robby Gordon, ChuckJohnson, David Ashley and John Swift took their race-prepared Ford trucks to victory in La Paz, Mexico. The "grand slam" gave Ford a total of 23 class victories in 1989. Which is more than twice as many victories as Nissan. And more than three times as many victories as Chevy or Jeep. In fact, no other make of truck has Class 3 Winner: FORD BRONCO. Class 7S Winner: FORD RANGER STX. been to the winner's circle at every event in 1989. Only Ford. No other make· of truck has won five of the six truck classes. Only Ford. No other make of truck has outrun the unlimited Baja buggies and taken the overall victory. Only the Ford F-150 of Robby Gordon. Three times. And while other truck makers may like to talk about toughness, at Ford, we prefer to prove it. So if you' re looking for a tough truck, see your Ford Dealer. Because in real world competition, Ford trucks didn't just win. They domi-nated. All year long. RACING INID THE FUTURE. .· Ad No. D-6343-9 - VER. A Ad Description: Baja 1000 Page-B&W Client: Ford Division Art Director: Todd Ruthven Writer: Rick Pesta Photographer: Bob Harmeyer Art Studio: McNamara Typesetter: Willens+ Michigan Engraver: Willens+ Michigan W + M-62464 TS-4 JWT-3 11-28-89 Job No. 194209 Prod.: Motorsports • DETROIT •

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.Side Tracks ••• On our second day of pre-running for the Baja 1000, we folded up camp, 10 miles up course from Santa Maria, early in the morning, while we toasted a bagel on the embers oflast night's fire. By Judy Smith A pair of really early risers, Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter, charged past us, all buckled and Parker-pumpered into one of their race cars. They were moving along at a good clip and were out of sight in instants, never to be seen again. rock. We had an untroubled, but not very speedy drive, ano once more succumbed to reminiscing when we reached the top and the Arenoso turnoff. In the beginning, the course, which was then the old highway, went through Arenoso, which was a ranch house and a corral, and in the 1972 Baja 500 I ran over a turkey right there. The poor critter gave one last "gobble", as he slid under my single seater. I still feel guilty ;❖ •• .,,. 1?' ' ~ .. #' it • • L. -... .,. .: .. ~, John Howard, Jeff Lewis, Judy and Jerry McDonald and Steve Bounds (from left) enjoy the balmy Bay of L.A. evening on the motel patio after a day of pre-running. We took off in a more leisurely fashion, always remembering the time we hit a pointy rock up here and holed a rear tire. Some of this section of the course is getting really rough, rocky and slow, but there was a length of freshly graded road coiling through a couple of canyons, that was pure · pleasure to drive on. Eventually we came into the Boojum trees, which always makes us feel we're really down into the depths of Baja. Some of them were blossoming this time thanks to the October rains, and the valley was exceptionally green and lovely while the road was, as ever, alternately sandy and roug~ about it. · Between us, John and I have memories for every one of the little ranches along the old road. We· recall being stuck, lost, or broken. Or buying beer, finding parts, or meeting new friends. One of the two times I saw a rattlesnake in Baja (in 18 years) was near the Arenoso turnoff on a Memorial Day pre-run. -This time we motored alo-;;_g smoothly, although John was still grumbling about the too-low front end. We hit Santa Inez, always a favorite stopping point, in time for a late lunch, and after a quick meal of tacos and beans, John decided to fix the front end. That used up about an hour, and I occupied myself by maki~g friends with a puppy and handing tools to John while he swore and muttered and banged knuckles. There was no one to sell us any aviation gas at the ranch, so we headed back out to Ciitavina, where we'd seen a lineup of cars as ·we went past on the way in. The line was nearly gone when we got there, and we found Jerry and Judy McDonald, who'd just fueled up. They told us that some of those people had waited four hours for the "Extra" pump to open. The McDonalds, pre-running with Jeff Lewis and Steve Bounds in a pair of Chevy trucks, asked us where we'd started from, and when we told them Santo Tomas they correctly guessed that we hadn't heard about the course change. And so we learned that half of our first day had been spent pre-running an area that was no longer part of the course. It seems SCORE had made the announcement the day we started , the pre-run. From Santa Inez, the race course headed south for a fairly dull 49 miles on pavement. We occupied ourselves for part of the way trying to figure how to route the race back into the dirt and off the asphalt. It looks fairly hopeless, because, though you can see the old highway paralleling the pavement in many places, the new paved roadbed has just wiped it out in others. We decided to forego the pleasure of the 18 miles of dirt from Crucero to the Bay of L.A. road, since we've both run it many times, and neither planned ...._...._....,.._...,.. ________ ,..... __ ..,... ___________ ---,,_, to drive that part in the race. So More off-road races are won on Bilsteins than any other shock absorber, period. Pase 6 -. •BORN TO PERFORM'" BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a compl_ete catalog, send $2.50. January 1990 we did the rest of the day's itinerary on pavement, of which the last JO miles, right into the town of L.A. Bay, was the course. And we got into L.A. Bay at dusk, at about the same time as the McDonald group, who had taken the dirt road, or at least part of it. Their trucks, nearly stock, are much faster than our VW. It used to be that anyone pre-running in a pickup was going the slow way, and the VWs would toot their nasty little horns and hustle on past them. Besides that, these trucks had air conditioning, and with the windows comfortably rolled up, the pre-runners weren't' getting all dusty. Since it was almost dark we decided it didn't make sense to head out of Bay of L.A. into unknown territory to try to find a campsite. Instead we filled up with gas and headed for the Villa Vita Motel for a quick shower, and then met the McDonald group on the patio for a leisurely supper. Jerry's been racing longer than we have and his partner in the old days was Bruce Lewis, father of Jeff who was with him on this trip. We spent dinner swapping stories, including one old tale about the '72 I 000, when part of the then newly paved highway from El Arco to San Ignacio was the course. It had been finished only days before the race, and virtually no one had pre-run it. So when we got on it during the race, on a moonless night, we didn't realize that it didn't go in to San Ignacio. And in those days the courses were not marked, you simply found your way from checkpoint to checkpoint. And, of course, there were no lights in San Ignacio, and the palm trees effectively blanked out the view of any pit crew fires or generator powered lights -so many drivers, including me, drove right _past it. So ha~ Jerry and _Bruce, who'd gone all the way to Santa Rosalia before they realized what they'd done. And, as I headed down the road beyond San Ignacio, they were coming back up, and being true gentlemen, they flagged me down, told me I was lost, and saved me many hours. We finished dinner and the reminiscing about nine o'clock, and headed back to our rooms, all planning an early start on the next day's pre-run. John and I were feeling pressed, because by now we'd been pre-running for two full days and we'd covered only 400 miles, and we'd cheated to do that. The motel's generator went off about a half hour early, at 9:30, catching us without our flash-lights. But, no matter, we were safe in our rooms. What could we need a flashlight for? Plenty, as it turned out. I woke from a sound sleep with the sensation of something crawling on my arm. A small something, like an ant. I brushed it off and rolled over, trying to forget it, but moments later felt another, and then another. So I got up, carefully shook out my shoes it:1 the dark, before putting them on, and let myself out of the room to go to the car to get the darned flashlight. I remembered how soundly we'd slept in the car the night before, and wished we'd done it this time. The flashlight showed me that there were ants in the bed. There weren't many, so I brushed them out, and climbed back in. Bu~ I felt permamently crawly, ar,l~ couldn't resist using the flashlight every few moments to see if they'd come back. Then, on one sweep with the light I found a spider on my pillow! I shook him off and squished him, and decided that sleeping was impossible and I'd read by the flashlight for the rest of the night. But my light attracted a gregarious moth with a three-inch wingspan, so I had to give that up. And then I surprised myself by falling hack to sleep and snoozing soundly until just before dawn. I had time for a couple of snapshots of the sunrise, and then we left right away, not even taking time for breakfast (you d9n't want to shower in the morning here, the water's not heated), and noted as we left that the McDonald group was gone already. We drove into the incredibly lovely valley south of Bay of L.A. just as the sun hit the peaks of the mountains to the west. What· a great start for our day. But we would really have to hustle, because now it was Saturday, and we weren't even halfway, and I had to be at work on Wednesday morning. Dusty Times

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RACE INTO THE '90S WITH THE PROMOTERS OF THE FUTURE! BAJA PROMOTIONS Presents ®ufJQ®O~'ir MAGAZINE 0 1W IT 1'111101'9 DUlT, WS'LL con• m TECA'TE ARMSTRDI\I~ THE GOLDEN CROWN OF BAJA Off-Road Desert Series • . • •• • • . . . : < U$ ins. . en et .•.···, .. :", • REG. EfilRY SPTS: $250 (plus ins. & la n e b ;;+ JAN 31 .. • . y ·.· ...... ·•····· .· R . ·~« . . 19901. ;f.: f!i OTHER 1990-EVENTS: D GRAN CAR::RA de MEXICALI March 23-25, 1990 350 Miles - Two (2) Laps Laguna Salada ORV Park D GRAN CARRERA de TECATE May 25-27, 1990 250 Miles - Four (4) Laps Santa Veronica ORP&R * • RACE HEADQUARTERS • * Hotel Las Misioncs1 • • (706) 577-1280 to 84 v CON'11NGEVCY v REGISIRAllON v 'DXB v DRIVER'S M.EEIING D GRAN CARRERA de ENSENADA July 27-29, 1990 D GRAN CARRERA CAMPEONES , 550 Miles - Three (3) Laps Ojos Negros ORV Park October 26-28, 1990 350 Miles - Multi-lap San Felipe ORV Park BAJA PROMOTIONS P.O. BOX 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750/992-6355

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1990 HAPPENINGS ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 BADGERLAND VW CLUB, INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 ( 414) 688-5509 (All events located in Chilton, WI at the Fairgrounds Racing Facility) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 February 9-10, 1990 Gran Carrera de San Felipe San Felipe, BC, Mexico March 23-25, 1990 Gran Carrera de Mexicali Mexicali, BC, Mexico May 25-27, 1990 Gran Carrera de T ecate Tecate, BC, Mexico July 27-29, 1990 Gran Carrera de Ensenada Ensenada, BC, Mexico October 26-28, 1990 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, BC, Mexico_ BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-2313 1988 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI54520 (715) 478-2115 I (715) 478-2688 June 23-24, 1990 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI September 1-2, 1990 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Lon Peterson 14550 Dos Palmas Victorville, CA 92392 (619) 241-4707 January 6, 1990 Awards Banquet Redondo Beach, CA CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 July 29, 1990 Pikes Peak Auto Hillclimb Colorado Springs, CO Page 8 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 1717 Marker Road Polk City, FL 3386R (813) 984-1923/(305) 823-4487 January 14, 1990 Lakeland, FL February 11, 1990 Lakeland, FL March 24, 1990 Florida 400 Crowder Pits Tallahassee, FL April 15, 1990 Lakeland, FL FUDPUCKER RACINGTEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 December 31, 1989 Dunaway Dash III El Centro, CA February 1 7, 1990 King of the Desert El Centro, CA April 7, 1990 Buzz Bomb 150 El Centro, CA May 12-13, 1990 24 Hour Off Road Endurance Race Plaster City, CA August 4, 1990 Superstition 250 VII Ancient Dry Lake Bed Plaster City, CA September 29, 1990 Plaster City Blast IV Plaster City, CA December 31, 1990 Dunaway Dash IV Plaster City, CA GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 2937 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714) 880-1733 February 4, 1990 Off Road Challenge April 1 , 1990 Off Road Challenge June17,1990 Off Road Challenge August 5, 1990 Off Road Challenge November 18, 1990 Off Road Challenge GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 ( 404) 927-6432 March 11, 1990 Vienna, Ga April 22, 1990 Vienna, Ga May 27, 1990 Vienna, Ga June 17, 1990 Vienna, Ga July 22, 1990 Vienna, Ga August 19, 1990 Vienna, Ga September 23, 1990 Vienna, Ga October 28, 1990 Vienna, Ga November 24, 1990 Vienna, Ga GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (313) 665-03581(313) 996-9193 GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Ron Kiel 12840 Dexter St. Thornton, CO 802 41 (303) 452-4013 May 20, 1990 Budweiser Baja VDR Berthoud, CO July 15, 1990 Colorado State Fairgrounds Pueblo, CO August 8, 1990 Adams County Fair Adams Cty, CO August 11, 1990 County Fair St. Francis, KS September 2, 1990 Central City Gran Prix Central City, CO HORA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 March 1-4, 1990 Mint400 Las Vegas, NV July 6-8, 1990 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA August 10-12, 1990 Desert Championships Willow Springs Raceway Rosamond, CA September 7-9, 1990 Nevada 500 Pahrump, NV October 12-13, 1990 Gold Coast 300 Las Vegas, NV (Dares s11/,jecr to chan~e) HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Tom Freeman 3503 Hall St. Rapid City, SD 57702 (605) 342-0331 March 31, 1990 Badlands Baja 100 Wall, SD June 10, 1990 Pierre Stadium Pierre, SD August 18, 1990 Gumbo Butes Pierre, SD September 15, 1990 Deadwood Off Road Grand Prix Deadwood, SD October 20, 1990 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD January 1990 Trail Notes ••• PAR KER PROBLEMS -The rumors became fact about the California side of the Score Parker 400 race course. The headline in the December 12 edition of the Los Angeles Times read "3 Races in Desert Are Banned" The dateline was Riverside, CA and the first few paragraphs said it all. "In a major victory for conservationists, the U.S. Bureau of L1nd Management on Monday announced that it will no longer permit the running of three popular off road races in the California desert. Citing threats to the endangered desert tortoise and the past failure of race sponsors to follow rules designed to reduce the harmful impacts of their events, BLM officials said that the venerable Barstow to Las Vegas motorcycle race and a second amateur competition he tween Johnson Valley and Parker, AZ will not he run again." "'Based on the cumulative environmental impacts of these events over the years, the sponsors continuing problems in managing the events and the emergency listing of the desert tortoise as an endangered species, we feel strongly that further consideration of these races is inappropriate,' BLM California State Director Ed Hastey said in a statement. Hastey added that sponsors of a third annual race, a professional two-state event scheduled Jan. 27, will he barred from using a 105 mile stretch of California territory. That race, which is called the Parker 400 and typically draws more than 400 competitors and tens of thousands of spectators, must be run entirely in Arizona, where the tortoise has not been declared endangered. (Funny, we thought it was a federal mandate-ed.) There was more in the Times, praise for the move from environmentalists from the Wilderness Society on up. Nowhere in the article was there mention of the dangerous barricades erected just before the start of the B to V last year in some tunnels by, the word was, the Friends of the Earth. Luckily the course opening vehicles were moving slow enough to avoid crashing into the barricades, and they were cleared away before the racing bikes arrived on the scene. It must he time for the Phantom Duck of the Desert to assert himself. Closer to most readers interest, however is the California side of the Parker 400 course. The race was unique, being in two states on the same day, and that might he part of its charm. The annual season opener for the SCORE/HDRA Desert Series will happen on schedule, as SCORE officials found to their delight that off road racing is welcome in Arizona. The BLM crew at Lake Havasu have assisted SCORE in finding more miles, about 32 more, to enlarge the Arizona route to nearly 130 miles. There will be limited pre-running the weekend before the race, limited also to 30 mph. The bikes and quads will start early Saturday morning for two laps of the course, and SCORE figures the first cars will be away by noon, and will race for three laps. Get your light sponsors lined up, folks, it will be dark even for the first car class finishers. The BLM has decided that chase vehicles will not be allowed at the Parker 400. There are procedures for retrieval of broken race cars, but leave the fancy chase trucks at home. The no chase vehicle rule should help us with the eco folk, and it should also be a great equalizer between factory hacked and private teams in the same class. MAZDA AND ROD MILLEN swept the Asia Pacific Rally Series. With a victory in the grueling four day Himalayan Rally held in India in November, Rod Millen, driving a Mazda 323 4WD, captured both the Asia Pacific Rally Series manufacturer's title for Mazda and the driver's title for himself. Millen and co-driver Tony Sircombe drove the treacherous 992 .6 mile course through mountainous terrain at altitudes ranging from 6,500 to 11,000 feet above sea level. Only 39 of the 62 starting vehicles made it to the finish line. Over the five event Asia Pacific Rally Championship, an FIA affair by the way, Millen and Sircombe won one round, placed second in two others, placed fifth once and failed to finish once. This series has gained a great deal of prestige in its short history, and we congratulate Rod and Tony for their. success, and both are transplants from New Zealand to southern California. THE SCORE/HORA BANQUET last month was a sell out in the L.A. Marriott Hotel. The points winners all got their just rewards, and finally the Off Roadsman awards were presented. Evan Evans, who overcame a crippling injury to drive a short distance in the Baja I 000 to clinch his Class 6 championship, was named "Off Roadsman Person of the Year" by his fellow competitors. Robby Gordon was elected "OffRoadsman Driver of the Year" and Scott Reams was elected to the "Off Roadsman Rookie of the Year" honors. Named "Off Roadsman Mechanic of the Year" was Russ Wernimont who prepared Rohhy Gordon's Ford pickup truck and rode with him in the races. The "OffRoadsman Engine Builder of the Year" was Mike Evans of the same team. We will have a full report and photos of the awards party in the next issue. MTEG IN JAPAN - Glenn Harris in a Mazda was the main event winner at Tokyo's Jinju Stadium November 18, an event produced hy a Japanese racing club with the cooperation of the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group which coordinated and officiated the truck portion of the stadium off road race. Harris was one of five Americans from the MTEG Off Road Championship Gran Prix series, and one Canadian, who participated in the program which also included events for buggies and four wheel drive vehicles driven hy local Japanese competitors. The Grand National sport truck competition included an eight lap heat race and a ten lap main event over the srndium course which was designed hy MTEG Competition Director Jerry Stansbury. Harris started on the pole in the heat hut was soon pressured hy the Chevrolet of Danny Thompson who took command on lap 6, when Harris' Mazda was black flagged for exceeding exhaust noi e limitations. Thompson, who started last in the heat and moved to third in just three laps, went on to win the eight lap event. Dan Esslinger in a Ford was second, followed hy Canadian Patrice Mcgrail in a second Mazda, and the Jeep Comanches of Walker Evans and Roh MacCachren. Between races Harris borrowed a muffler from a buggy competitor and started the main event in sixth position. Thompson, starting on the pole, appeared to have the race well in hand. He led the first six laps before the Chevrolet's power steering started going had, and hy lap seven he was forced to park. Harris had passed Mcgrail and Esslinger and was running third, heh ind Evans and MacCachren. Harris charged through on lap nine and sailed on to victory. Evans finished second, followed hy Mcgrail and Esslinger. Neither Thompson or MacCachren were running at the finish. Dusty Times

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1989 e Jeremy Dale, Four Wins, IMSA GTU, Mosport Park, Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Del Mar Kai Showket, Two Wins, IMSA GTU, Portland, Lime Rock Amos Johnson,_Two Wins, IMSA GTU, Mid-Ohio, Road America Ivan Stewart, One Win, Team Toyota, Mickey Thompson Off-Road Championship Grand Prix, Las Vegas Ivan Stewart, Three Wins, SCORE/HORA, Baja 500, Mint 400, Gold Coast 300 Manufacturers Cup, Yokohama Tire, Mickey Thompson Off-Road Championship Grand Prix Robby Gordon, Series Champion, Team Toyota, Four Wins, Mickey Thompson Off-Road Championship Grand Prix, Anaheim, New Orleans, San Diego, L.A. Coliseum Robert Postell, Showroom Stock Class B Champion, Road Atlanta Diane Giddings, Solo II, Super Stock Ladies Champion Susan Hagaman, Solo II, A Stoc_k Ladies Champion

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ICE CHAMPIONSHIP MICHIGAN SPORT P.O. Box 25168 ENDURANCE SERIES BUGGY ASSOCIATION Anaheim, CA 92825 ONTARIO OFF ROAD SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES P.O. Box 14824 Keneth Coleman (714) 938-4100 Ken Jackson - Dick Gillap Sports Car Club of America Minneapolis, MN 55414 742 E. Roosevelt Road R.R. #2 P.O. Box 3278 (612) 639-0801 Ashley, MI 48806 January 20, 1990 Tiverton, Ontario, Englewood, CO 80112 (612)890-8693 (517) 838-4483 Anaheim Stadium Canada N0G 2T0 (303) 779-6622 Anaheim,CA (519) 368-7874 IOK FOUR WHEELERS (All events at March 2-4, 1990 P.O. Box36 February 24, 1990 Chattahoochee Forest Rally Cleves, Ohio 45002 Mt. Pleasant Speedway) Jack Murphy Stadium OUTLAW MINI STOCK Atlanta, GA ( All etients staged at San Diego, CA RACING ASSOCIATION the cltJ, grounds in P.O. Box 204 March 30-April 1, 1990 Cleties, Ohio) MIDWEST OFF ROAD March 10. 1990 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 Sunriser Forest Rally LA RANA DESERT RACING BAJA SERI~ Kingdome (213) 375-4570 Chillicothee, OH Seattle, WA P.O. Box33 Rick Vasquez (213) 719-7036 Glendora, CA 91740 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 April 12-22, 1990 (818) 963-9609/ (714) 924-2226 El Paso, TX 79936 March?, 1990 One Lap of America Sun Devil Stadium PAC OFF ROAD RACING Long Beach, CA January 5-7, 1990 New Years 200 Barstow, CA March 2-4, 1990 St. Patricks 250 Barstow, CA May 18-20, 1990 Spangler 150 Ridgecrest, CA July 13-15, 1990 Lucerne Valley Jam 200 Lucerne Valley, CA August 24-26, 1990 California 400 Lucerne Valley, CA October 5-7, 1990 Mini Baja 150 Ridgecrest, CA November 16-18, 1990 High Desert 150 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15, 1990 T.B.A. Awards Banquet (915) 594-8266 Phoenix, AZ P.O. Box323 All Desert Races Seahurst, Washington 98062 April 21-23, 1990 April 21, 1990 (206) 242-1773 Chimmney Rock Hillclimb March 24-25, 1990 Super Bowl Ashville, NC El Paso, TX New Orleans, LA March 9-10, 1990 Millican 250 April 27-28, 1990 April 21-22, 1990 May 5, 1990 Bend, OR Rim of the World Rally Belen, NM Rose Bowl Lancaster, CA Pasadena, CA April 20-21, 1990 June 23-24, 1990 Horn Rapids 300 May 11-13, 1990 Albuquerque, NM July 14, 1990 Richland, WA Tiadaughton Los Angeles Coliseum Williamsport, PA August4-5, 1990 Los Angeles, CA June 9-10, 1990 Belen, NM Kamloops 400 KM June 8-10, 1990 September ? , 1990 Kamloops, B.C. Canada Susqrehannock Trails Rally September 23-24, 1990 Mile High Stadium Wellsboro, PA Albuquerque, NM Denver, CO October 12-13, 1990 Millican 400 June 21-24, 1990 October (TBA), 1990 September?, 1990 Bend, OR Mt. Washington Hillclimb Deming,NM Silver Bowl Gorham, NH Las Vegas, NV SAREEA AL JAMEL November, 3-4, 1990 (Schedule is tenuirive) July 29, 1990 4WDCLUB El Paso, TX P.O. Box 526 Pikes Peak Hillclimb ONT ARIO ASSOCIATION Indio, CA 92202 Colorado Springs, CO MICKEY THOMPSON'S OF OFF ROAD RACERS August 17-19, 1990 Barry Wannamaker S.C.A.T. INC. OFF ROAD P.O. Box688 Michael R. King Duryea Hillclimb CHAMPIONSHIP Bancroft, Ontario, KOL ICO, P.O. Box 277 Reading, PA GRAND PRIX Canada Morrisonville, NY 12962 Mickey Thompson (613) 332-3811 1(613) 332-1610 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 i.. Entertainment Group RACING GASOLINE As you probably know already, UNOCAL 76 Racing Gasoline is now available for the first time on the West Coast. The "official gas of NASCAR" was introduced back in June of '89, by the western distributor, C.O. Thompson Petroleum, headquartered in Orange, California. No more playing "octane roulette." These mysterious numbers are only as good as the results they earn for you. UNOCAL 76 Racing Gasoline is the most thoroughly researched and refined, and most carefully controlled and transported racing gas available anywhere. No other racing gas has 25-years of research refined into each gallon. You need consistency; UNOCAL 76 Racing Gasoline provides it! CONGRATULATIONS BAJA 1000 WINNERS! 1990 HORA/SCORE CONTINGENCY PROGRAM SCORE Parker 400 WINNER - Class 1/2-1600 Scott and Bill Reams San Diego, California Average Speed-47.00mph WINNER - Class 7 Roger Mears Bakersfield, California Average Speed - 47.60mph MOTORCYCLE/AlV CLASSES - 20 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 10 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second CLASSES 1, 2, 1/2-1600, 3/14, 4, 5, 5-1600, 6, 7, 7 4x4, ?S, 8, 10 55 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 30 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third CLASSES 11, Mini-Mag 40 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 25 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third Winning Gas - Unocal 76 Leaded Racing Gas Winning Gas - Unocal 76 Leaded Racing Gas CONTINGENCY AWARDS ARE CONTINGENT ON PRODUCT USE AND DISPLAY OF UNOCAL 76 RACING GASOLINE DECAUSTlCKER. CONTINGENCIES ARE FROM C.O. THOMPSON PETROLEUM. AVAILABILITY: C.O. Thompson Petro. 505 N. Anaheim Blvd. Orange, CA (714) 634-4214 8AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas 76 Unleaded Racing Gas Apollo Oil Co. 6220 Fairmount Ave. San Diego, CA (619) 280-6884 8AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas 76 Unleaded Racing Gas Western Air 2260 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA (818) 405-9701 7:30AM-4:30PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas 76 Unleaded Racing Gas George Follmer Racing Inc. Campbell Oil Co. 10325 Central Ave. 301 O 11th Street Montclair, CA (714) 625-4881 7:30AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas Riverside, CA (714) 686-1676 8AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas 76 Unleaded Racing Gas Sellers Petroleum 505 Gila St. Yuma, AZ. (602) 783-8876 7AM-5PM, Mon.-Fri. 76 Leaded Racing Gas UNOCAL 76 RACING GASOLINE SUB-DISTRIBUTORSHIPS AVAILABLE. CALL LANE EVANS -(714) 634-4214; CA (800) 624-7073 C.O. THOMPSON PETROLEUM 505 N. ANAHEIM BLVD., ORANGE, CA 92668; (714) 634-4214 Page 10 January 1990 Dusty Times

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Extra David Schnoerr, Solo II, _B Stock Champion Stacy.Lynd, Solo II, C Stock Ladies Champion Ken Hurd, Solo II, C Stock Champion Mary Rice, Solo II, F Stock Ladies Champion Jane Vinton, Solo II, H Stock Ladies Champion Akkana Peck, Solo II, D Street Prepared Ladies Champion Bill Condrashoff, Solo II, D Street Prepared Champion Hiro Matsushita, Pacific Champio~, Three Wins, Toyota Atlantic Championship, Long Beach, Westwood, Seattle Jocko Cunningham, Atlantic Champion, Three Wins, Toyota Atlantic_ Championship, Mid-Ohio, Mosport Park, Watkins Glen During the 1989 racing season, gaskets blew, suspension.s buckled, and transmissions jammed, but Yokohama tires hung. in there. And from coast to coast, on road and off, Yokohama teams and drivers aced their courses. ~YVOKOHAMA © 1989 Yokohama Tire Corporation, P.O. Box 4550. 601 S.Pcocla Ave .• Fullerton, CA 92631

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August 24-27, 1990 Ojihwe Rally Grand Rapids, MN October 25-28, 1990 Press On Regardless Rally Escanaba, MI November9-12, 1990 Mazda Coachman Stages Rally Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 January 26-28, 1990 Parker 400 Parker, AZ April 13-15, 1990 Great Mojave 250 Lucerne Valley, CA June 8-10, 1990 Baja Internacional Ensenada, BC, Mexico November 8-11, 1990 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico December 1, 1990 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 February 10, 1990 McBride's Bottom Dollar Las Vegas, NV April 7, 1990 Perlux Twilight 200 Las Vegas, NV June 2, 1990 Caliente 250 Caliente, NY July 28-29 KC Hilites Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV September 21-23, 1990 SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV October 27-28, 1990 Yokohama Challenge Las Vegas, NV December 1, 1990 Showboat Race Las Vegas, NV May 26-27, 1990 Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI June 9-10, 1990 Antigo Kiwanis Off Road Race · Antigo, WI June 23-24, 1990 Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI July 7-8, 1990 Fox Riverfest Challenge De Pere, WI July 21-22, 1990 U.P. Off Road 100 Bark River, MI August 18-19, 1990 No. American Off Road Racing Festival Ionia, MI September 1-2, 1990 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI September 15-16, 1990 Badgerland Short Course Sprints Oshkosh, WI VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 March 18, 1990 Prairie City OHV Park Long Course Sacramento, CA April 29, 1990 Prairie City OHV Park Short Course Sacramento, CA May 26-27, 1990 Yerington VORRA 400 Yerington, NV · June 24, 1990 Virginia City 200 Virginia City, NV July 29, 1990 Prairie City OHV Park Short Course Sacramento, CA September 1-2, 1990 VORRA250 Northern Nevada FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP January 19-26, 1990 Monte Carlo February 9-11, 1990 Swedish Rally March 6-11 Rally of Portugal April 12-16, 1990 Safari Rally Nariobi, Kenya May 4-10, 1990 Tour of Corsica June 2-7, 1990 Acropolis Rally Greece June 29-July 4, 1990 Rally of New Zealand July 23-29, 1990 Rally of Argentina August 22-2 7, 1990 Rally of 1000 Lakes Finland September 13-1 7, 1990 Rally of Australia Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Los Angeles, CA SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: TEXAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing - Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo October 28, 1990 Championship Race Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento, CA October 7-13, 1990 Sanremo Rally of Italy . en 0 a: m z .... a: <( :E z <( :E a:· w J: .... <( w 3 w ..J Q. :E w .... :E -, (Datl'S mhjl'.:C to dum~L') October 27-November 2; 1990 SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1 A3, Canada (514)692-6171 Tom Schwartzburg 2620 West Washington WestBend,WI53095 ( 414) 334-3858 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214) 855-2232 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association P.O. Box 211 WHEEL TO WHEEL, INC. P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL ICO (613)332-1766 (613) 332-4128 Ivory Coast Rally November 25-29, 1990 RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS SCORE SHOW Edgell Expositions P.O. Box 19531 Irvine, CA 92713 (7 I 4) 250-8060 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Prevost Dunellen, NJ 08812 (201) 752-0299 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION List your coming L'l'l'nts in DUSTY 19125 _ 87 A Ave. TIMES fr,•d SL'nd your 1989 schedule as 1006 Cardinal Lane Green Bay, WI 54303 (414)434-9044 (201) 359-2745 Surrey, British Columbia, soon as /1ossihle for listing in this column. V3S 5X7, Canada Mail your mo.' or ralh scht.'dult.' to: (All races at Trailways Speedway, Hanover, PA) (604) 576-6256 DUSTY TIMES, 533 r D<'rry Aw., Suitl' -----------0 , Agoura, CA 91301. RICH FERSCH GITI GOWLAND WAYNE MORGAN FIRST ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT RACERS WE'RE THERE!!! Professional Off-Road Pit Organization Join now for only $18.oo per year and become a member of our winning club and what could make the difference in your next race. Complete pit and pit support provided at SCORE/HORA/SNORE events. For information contact our club president, Gene Norman at: (714) 781-9287 **Introductory offer for New Members only** for the 1990 SCORE Parker 400, new members can receive full pit support for 50% off our regular fee. · We meet the fjrst and third Wednesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. at the Fullerton Holiday Inn; 91 Freeway at the Harbor Blvd. off-ramp. Come visit us or call for a membership package! BRIAN PARKHOUSE AARON HAWLEY JACK'& S.COTT IRVINE BOB RICHEY C )> z z -< r-m -t z m JJ C 0 z Ro 3:: )> -t -t 3:: n m JJ -C m r--en )> C -0 " . m JJ ti) 0 z Page 12 January 1990 Dusty Times

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PRESIDENTE SCORE 1989 BAJA 1000 Gordon First to La Paz in the Truck After a slow beginning, heset hy "new-truck" trouhles, Rohhy Gordon finished the 1989 season in grand st yle hy winning SCORE's Ensenada to La Paz Baja 1000, overall. Gordon drove all ] 020 miles of the race himself, and fought off serious challenges from a number of other race cars, to take the win by a wide margin of 56 minutes. It was a family affair at the finish . line, as Mark McMillin took second overall and the victory in Class 2, followed across the line in just seconds by Gordon's dad, Bob, who was second in Class 2, and third overall. Next in line was Corky McMillin, Mark's dad, who was third in Class 2, and fourth overall. For several months the race itself had been shadowed by a dark cloud of doubt, as Mexican offichils and local farmers made claims and counter claims, some declaring that SCORE would never race in Baja again. As late as two weeks before the race a group of ejiditarios {land holders) were still saying that the race would not go on. SCORE valiantly tried to work around the angry group, · switching the course so it would start ceremoniously in Ensenada and would head straight south on the highway to Santo Tomas, where there would be a re-start before the cars took off into the dirt. Then just two weeks before the race, word came that the Mexican officials and the ejiditarios from the northern section of the peninsula had worked out a plan so that the race could go northeast up the highway, and re-start in the vicinity of Ojos Negros. Pit teams made rapid adjustments to their pit iayouts, chase crews were reorganized, and fuel consumption was recomputed. But then, when the racers arrived in Ensenada two days before the race, word was out that there was one more change, and the course would stay on the highway all the way to the Alamo Road, 57 miles on the pavement from Ensenada, before turning into the dirt. This was a minor change, requiring no restructuring of race strategy, but it was another indication that some residents of that area were still not happy with the sin.:ation. Still, when it came to race day, there was no obvious sign of discontent. Some gates were not open when the first bikers got there, but that has happened in the past. And there were booby-traps on the course in that first stretch up at the northern end, but that has been happening for years. In fact, pre-runners, in the weeks just before the race, were generally delighted to discover that the Baja citizens they had occasion to deal with were excited and pleased about the event and were helpful and friendly towards the pre-running racers. This granddaddy of all point-to-point races, which is held only every three years now, had been reshaped a little, but was essentially the traditional zig-zag back and forth across the peninsula, from Ensenada in the north to the finish line at La Paz. Most of the course was familiar stuff, either used many times, as the road up to Mike's Sky Ranch and down again, or having been used for many years, as the portion from Arenoso to Santa Ynez, or the bit from Crucero to Bob Go~don and Tim_ Crabtree survived the course and the penalty phase for second ,n Class 2, th,rd overall in the Chevrolet powered Chenowth. Walker Evans drove his Dodge pickup in Class 2 on the Baja 1000, and he finished close behind McMillin, fourth in class and fifth overall. Pag~ 14 Photos: T rackside Photo EnteTprises the Bay of L.A.. Highway. But from Purisima there was a drastic change. At that point, which was approximately 730 miles into the race, the course did not head south on the old graded road into Insurgentes, but instead · turned eastward directly through the towns of La Purisima and San Isidro, and up into the beautiful volcanic hills that are the backbone of the peninsula at that point. The course then traveled through Comondu and San Javier." before snaking its way southward, through a series of little ranchos, back out to Highway 1 , some six kilometers before it turns south at Insur-gentes. After the highway crossing it wandered around the edges of some cotton fields for a while, and then toured the southern desert as it headed west again, back to Highway 1, crossing it at 925 miles into the race, and then rejoining the old beach route to La Paz. That new section added some miles, and a lot of rocks, to the already difficult race, but gave the chase crews two new easy-access points to intercept the racers. There was also a way to get into the course at San Javier, on a road out of Loreto, which made still another point at which the cars could be met and serviced. In general, while the course was a bit tougher on the race cars, it was a bit easier for the chase crews to plan their interceptions, though they still had a lot of hard and dangerous driving to do. As many racers pointed out, this race is every bit as difficult for the chase and pit crews as it is for the racers. In fact, some racers felt thatthey had the easier way to go, all safely buckled into their nice Mark McMillin gets the coveted checkered flag in La Paz after a long and tough drive with Don Kenniston. The Porsche-Chenowth finished a fine second overall and first in Class 2, a very close running class. sturdy roll cages. and a Mexican Highway Patrolman Contingency and tech inspec- led the parade, setting the pace. tion day were on Wednesday, on Racers had 42 hours to the main street in Ensenada, complete the arduous race, a total where, as usual, gala crowds of 834 miles of which was dirt, thronged to see the cars and and 186 was Baja pavement. Class drivers. School was out, and the 2, the biggest group running in Baja kids collected stickers and this event, was first off the line, posters and photos while the and the very first vehicle to take crews pushed the cars past the the green flag was the Dodge long line of contingency donors. pickup of Walker Evans, who'd There was no impound for this decided he wanted a chance at the race, and that meant that overall win, and thought that contingency and tech were over running in the first group to start early, giving everyone a chance for might give him a little edge. The both dinner and the mandatory luck of the draw gave him the first driversmeetingattheConvention starting position, and Walker Center. must have felt that his Fairy The bikers took off early on Godmother had been working Thursday morning, but the car overtime as he headed out into the . drivers could sleep in a little, since dirt with no dust in front of him. · there ceremonial start wasn't until But it wasn't going to be easy. 10 a.m. The reason for the late Hard on his tail were Tim start was to juggle the schedule so Crabtree in Bob Gordon's Chevy thewinnerswouldarriveinlaPaz powered Chenowth, Mark in daylight, making things work McMillin in his Porsche Chen-for the camera crews at the finish owth, his father, Corky, in line. Starting at 10, officials another Porsche Chenowth, flaggedthecarsoff,one-every-30-Danny Letner, in a Porsche seconds, into a long single file line Raceco, and Ed and Tim Herbst in and then they had two hours to their Porsche Chenowth. travel the 57 miles to the restart at Evans led for a while, but then Highway 1 and Alamo Road. No had a flat and Crabtree took over one was permitted to pass another as first on the road. But, before he car, on pain of disqualification, got to the highway at San Quintin, It was a family ~ff air in Class 2 as Gorky McMillin, with Brian Ewalt co-driving, drove his Porsche-Chenowth to third in Class 2 action. Crabtree flew off an embankment, and landed hard on the nose of the car, tweaking the front end badly, and hurting his back. Evans took over as leader again, with Crabtree not far behind, but looking for Gordon, so he could get out. Gordon made the unexpected driver change at Santa Maria, eager to chase Evans, but needed lengthy repairs on a broken balance bar on the brake system. However, to even things up a bit, Evans was having power steering troubles, and spent some time in the pits too. The Herbst car, with Ed driving, moved into first on the road position, and held it until he had a flat on the way in to El Arco. The McMillins and Letner were running strong, as were Jim Greenway in his Toyota Raceco, Ray Croll in Bob Richey's Porsche Raceco, who'd already had shifter troubles, and Steve Sourapas and Matt McBride, in still another Porsche Raceco. Also looking good was Jim Smith in a Chenowth Porsche, as Gordon struggled with a front end that wouldn't turn properly to the right. 1 Class 1 had a slim field, and only two survivors In La Paz. The winner was the Porsche-Chenowth of Bill and Michael Church by 21 minutes. January 1990 The lead cars charged into the night, darkness catching them about midway through the race. Evans lost a caliper, and ·the McMillins, in their element in Baja, pushed hard. Letner lost a couple of chase crews to accident Dusty Times

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and breakdown, and it began to be a problem for his crews to meet him. Croll got stuck in the silt and discovered that his starter didn't work, but-good samaritan S~)Urae_as ga_ye him a shove and got him going again. Tom Koch handed his Porsche Raceco over to Russ Welch, but the motor went away and they decided to park it. And Smith had a flat before El Arco. Tim Herbst had taken over the driving at San Ignacio, and they were still up near the front of the pack, when they lost their transmission at San Javier. Just before dawn, as the lead cars headed into the last stretch, Mark McMillin ran into a mud puddle created by a farmer's irrigation system, and stuck himself. He was quickly on the radio to warn his dad, who was coming right behind him, and Corky, forewarned, slid to a stop. Then, after some discussion, he went to the left where it looked dry, and stuck himself thorough! y. He was there for an hour. Mark, in the meantime, got himself free, and took off, and Gordon, who'd hydroplaned across, was close behind him. Greenway, coming along a little later, also got solidly stuck, and when he jumped out to see what he could do about it, the ooze sucked the shoes right off his feet. Ultimately, it took a tractor to extract him. Evans had also been temporarily trapped by the sticky goo, but the Mexican spectators began flagging subse-quent drivers around the puddle, and eventually, it dried beyond the danger point. Ron Brant, in Lerner's car, meanwhile, was having to beg fuel, mostly from biker pits, since his chase crews had run out of vehicles, and were unable to meet him. Now Mark McMillin, who was undoubtedly wet after the incident at the puddle, was feeling cold, so he stopped to put on his jacket. As he stood in the cockpit, struggling with the garment, Gordon pulled up and sweetly asked if everything was o.k. McMillin's passenger, Don Kenniston, was upset, but Mark, who'd started right behind Gordon, knew that if he simply stayed on his bumper he'd have him on elapsed time. Gordon was aware of this also, and tried his hardest to shake his shadow, but every time he went around a turn and had a chance to look back, there was McMillin. They arrived at the finish line together, and when the numbers were figured out, McMillin had the win by 24 seconds. Corky, and co-driver, Brian Ewalt, were third another 40 minutes later, the result of that puddle, followed by Evans, and then Letner and Brant, who'd had all those problems with their chase people, were fifth. McBride and Sourapas finished seventh, which gave McBride the season Class 2 points championship. Greenway, who finished 8th, was one of a small number of drivers who have driven every mile of every race this year, a formidable challenge. Class 1 had only a small entry, which has been the case all year, and it wasn't easy for any of them. Ron Gardner and Bernie Mayer got their Chenowth to somewhere between Camalu and San Quintin Dusty Times and broke, and the Ruanovas, Rafael and Ragael, from mainland Mexico, got through the San Quintin check before becoming DNFs. But Bill and Mike Church, in a Porsche Chenowth, and struggling with brake problems as well as the oil sump malfunction that stopped them at the Gold Coast, kept moving along. And so did Ivan Stewart in the high-tech Toyota truck, though he, too, had problems. It was ironic that the two teams were pitting together, but at least it meant they could keep track of each other's positions. Ivan lost an hour at San Quintin when a sensor in the fuel management system worked loose. He waited nervously, fondly recalling the days of ·carburetors, as his crew located and fixed the problem. Robby Gordon lived up to the odds makers bets. He drove the Class 8 Ford at a good pace all the way, won Class 8 by The Churches got ahead of him, hours, and, despite a 30 minute penalty, he won overall by nearly an hour. and stayed there, as Ivan found it running his short cours~ motor and off they went, hoping to stay hard to play catch-up in the heavy here, and was having a good day. in front of Vessels. But Frank dust. At the finish line the · Westhem and Salmont disap-needed to move up a position, or Churches had the win by just 21 peared somewhere along the way, so it was thought, to secure the minutes, and secured their Class 1 and the Minors never recovered points for Class 8, and he wasn't season points championship. from their stay in the silt. easingoff atall. Stewart was second. Eduardo Gordon's lead lengthened, and he Gordon, who'd moved upto be Gastelum from La Paz also ran in was feeling so confident that he the first four wheeled vehicle on Class 1, and he made it all the way took time to stop and chat with home, for a nice third place finish. the Herbst brothers while they The Class 8 race belonged to fixed their flat near El Arco. By Robby Gordon all the way, but the time he got to San Ignacio, his Dave Shoppe, in his Ford, and crew informed him that he had Frank Vessels in his Chevy, were the overall as well as Class 8 win in trying hard to catch him. Also his pocket, so he was able to ease running very well were Bill off on the pressure some, sticking Holmes, in Morley Marston's tohispre-race.planofholdingthe Chevy, Larry and Chris Minor, in rpms to 4500, to ensure that the their GMC, and Dave Westhem motor would live the whole long and Randy Salmont, in another distance. GMC. At the big pit area at Kl28, But the Minor truck got stuck where the course crossed Highway between San Quintin and Santa 1 for the last time, Shoppe was Inez, swallowed up in the silt firmly in second place, and along with a small crowd of other Holmes and Marston were third, vehicles, and Vessels had had to with Vessels breathing fire as he stop at Trinidad, hardly any caught up to them. Marston, distance into the race at all, to who'd pre-run that part and was repairabrokenbalanct:baronthe scheduled to drive, elected to brakes, and replace his trans-leave Holmes, a much more mission. experienced driver, at the helm. Shoppe, who'd lost his desert Marston hopped in to the motor at the Gold. Coast, was passenger seat to navigat~ instead, r--~ffli!t'@ijiijfil1li_ ....... ...;;.;;~~..._~ ....... ~""-=,.;;,;,,; .... , .. ,--~-.= ~ . This is the system run by most off road race winners the road, enjoyed the unique thrill of being welcomed in La Paz as the winner a full two hours before the second truck, Shoppe, made it in. Then it was Vessels, who'd got past Holmes, in third, winning the season champ~onship by just six points. And (;llr"' TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS Frank Vessels tried hard to catch the flying Class 8 leader, had some troubles along the way and the Chevrolet finished third in Class 8. January 1990 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 15

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It was a spectacular push it across the line finish for Dan Blain and Lou Peralta in the new Mirage, but the rules held and they won Class 10. Despite losing a pair of c.v. joints near the finish, Bill Poe and Fred Ronn found parts and finished second in Class 10 in the O.R.E. Kirk Van Matre and Carl Olson stayed with the leaders in Class 10 most of the way, and they kept it moving to place the Raceco third in class. Rodney Hall and Jim Fricker had a great race, the pair having scant woes en route to a resounding victory in Class 4 in the Dodge and they were 12th overall to boot. i;w-Holmes and Marston came in fourth, only 13 minutes later, followed by Marco Lopez and Rafael Haro, both from La Paz, in a Ford, three hours later, in fifth. In Class 10, with the series points championship at stake, the Randy and Rick Wilson Raceco was pushing hard, as was Fred Ronn, in Bill Poe's Toyota powered ORE. Always close this year, and right up there with them, was the team of Kirk Van Matre and Carl Olson, in another Raceco, and Steve Myers in a Toyota Chenowth. And there was a newcomer, a straight out of the box new Mirage, with a Toyota motor, owned by Dan Blain, who'd got Lou Peralta to co-drive at the last minute when his planned co-driver cancelled out. They played tag with one another through the long day and night, and then as they got to the bottom of the course, things began to go wrong. Poe, who'd taken over from Ronn, lost a c.v., and then lost another c.v., but had ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR his second spare on the chase truck, which had fallen behind them. He lost an hour looking for a replacement. The Wilsons deµvered their car to Don Hatz, who found that the air cleaner would stuff up in the silt, and then the car wouldn't run, and then he'd get stuck and would need to use the jack to slide himself out of the spot. He also lost his clutch, about 150 miles from the finish. And Peralta, driving the last part of the course, felt the motor going away for much of his day, and 16.5 POUNDS SIZES AVAILABLE 16 X 27 18 X 24 19 X 28 19 X 31 CURRENTLY USED IN CLASS 2, 8, & NASCAR Hl-'l,HtH ttl~I~ l~ttAlt • 2 WD • 4 WD • TRUCK JEEP • PRERUNNERS CUSTOM TUBE BENDING • OFF ROAD ACCESSORIES • RANCHO SUSPENSION • DOETSCH TECH •MASTERCRAFT• KAYLINE • CIBIE • K & N · • JT BODY LIFTS • FUEL SAFE • CLIFFORD~ AUTOFAB • KC HILITES personalized • AIR LIFT • ORD PERFORMANCE• MIKUNI service ! • 104 OCTANE BOOST• SMITTYBILT • AMSOIL Cl!:j -LASVEGAS102 \~';,-:.~ 3867S. 1/ALLEYVIEW 362•2089 rui~~~;~Di~~IP OFF SPRING MTN. RD. OPEN MON-SAT Page 16 January 1990 ..,.,.. then, a quarter mile from the finish, it blew up in a cloud of smoke. Peralta got out and started pushing, waving away the Mexican spectators who wanted to help, because he knew the rules forbid being pushed by any but the driver within the last mile before the finish. Blain was there, and he helped push too, but was overcome with the heat after a while, and Lou took it across the finish line on his own. And they won. Or at least, they finished first. Their finish was later protested on the grounds that they had help with the pushing, and they went before the Competition Review Board the following morning. Nothing came of the meeting, except that the CRB declared that it would study video tapes of the finish before it could make a decision. Unfortun-ately, the video tapes they wanted to study had already left for the states, so the decision was left up in the air for a while. Then another tape was found, on hand right there in La Paz, and after a quick viewing by two officials while the awards presentation were being made, it was decided that there had been no illegal help, and Blain and Peralta were declared the winners. In the meantime, Poe and Ronn had finished a little over an hour behind Blain and Peralta, and the Van Matre/Olson team were next, 12 minutes in back of them. The Wilsons and Hatz finished about 54 minutes later, which gave them the series points championship, and fourth place. In Class 4 Jack Johnson had the season points won without even trying, but it was a good thing, because he and his Nissan were out early with a blown motor. Rod Hall, in the Dodge, said, "We had a race on the pavement with Jack Johnson until smoke came out of (Johnson's) motor. We just stood on the gas and blasted." And then Hall's truck ran flawlessly to the finish line, and he recorded his 11th win in a Baja 1000, finishing 12th overall. Buddy Renoe drove his Dodge to second place, also having a good day, though his lights fell off, and he thought the silt was horrible. Steve Kelley, in a Chevrolet, lost a wheel bearing before the re-start, and used up an hour and a half in repairs, and then tried to catch up, but found the hanging dust a real impediment. He also had some flats, and some steering troubles, but finished only 19 minutes behind Renoe. Kelley is another of those who has driven every mile of every race this year, a feat of which he's justly proud. Billy Bunch, co-driving for Timmy Lee Pruett, had no front drive from the start, and got badly stuck for a while, before Santa Inez. Pruett, who drove the last half, was also struck, after K128, and had to employ the services of a farmer and his tractor to get out, but still took fourth place - the last in the class to finish. Class 7 was the next group to start, and Roger Mears put his Nissan into the early lead, but he was being hard pressed by Manny Esquerra, in his Ranger, who ran just two or three minutes behind him all the way to Check 4 (Santa Inez). Also chasing Mears were Ernesto Arambula and Ricardo Hussong, in a Mitsubishi; Carlos and David Ortiz, from Agrrec-uldor, Mexico, in a Ford; and Ken Walters and Paul Shaver, in a Nissan. Mears was having a near perfect race, and Esquerra was not. At Bay of L.A. the Mears pit reported that Esquerra had fallen to 17 minutes back, but Roger didn't feel that he could relax yet. And then, as he neared the halfway point, another member of his team spotted Esquerra parked about 30 miles south of Bay of L.A., with a bonfire going, indicating that he thought he might be there a while. Mears stopped, as planned, in San Ignacio to change brake pads, and he and his passenger, Tony Alvarez, got out to stretch their legs, and that was the only time they got out of the car for the whole race. The rest of the trip was smooth also, and Mears took the win, finishing 10th overall, and earning the Class 7 season points. Arambula and Hussong were second, about three and a half hours later, followed by the Ortiz team, who'd lost an alternator and shock absorbers, and then Walters and Shaver. The race was hard on the Class 5 cars, and three of them were out before they could get to San Quintin, while Hartmut Klawitter, who'd rolled his car just before San Quintin lost a half hour getting going again. And even before that, Rich Minga had got too close to the edge coming down out ofMike's, and got stuck with one wheel hanging over the chasm. When he put it in reverse to back up, the gear broke. So he was now having to drive more circumspectly. Stan Parnell got to San Quintin, in Mel Vaughan's car, and discovered that the starter had broken. Since their car has an automatic transmission it took some magic with jumper cables to get him started again, and then they had to be very careful about keeping it going for the rest of the day. Klawitter's brother, Wolfram, and their co-driver, Mat_t Par~ons, Dusty Times

Page 17

were having a better day in the team's other car, number 507, which is their second-stringer. But then it lost a clutch master cylinder, and while it was being fixed Wolfram got into the number 500 car at Santa Inez. He lost the motor on the highway a few minutes later, and as he sat there Parsons came along in the 507 car, with no second gear and a passenger who'd had enough. So Wolfram got in as passenger and rode to L.A. Bay, gradually becoming carsick himself. He had to have Parsons stop so he could get his head outside the car to throw up at one point. Parsons had little sympathy, and kept charging down the road to El Arco, where he got out, and Wolfram moved over into the driver's seat. But he was still sick, and got sicker, so he radioed to San Ignacio for Hartmut to take over the driving. Wolfram then chased down the highway, and met his brother at K6, where, since he was now feeling better, he got back in the race car and finished. They got the win, and they took the season points championship. Their transmission was shot, and the car wouldn't move when they went to load it on the trailer, but they'd already accomplished their aim. Minga, and co-driver Bob Maynard, had taken the time to drain the oil, and the pieces of reverse gear, out of their transmission. They had the lead at the half-way point, but as Maynard ran through the fields shortly before the K6 road crossing, he broke the bot...>m of a Dusty Times w.~'~X Roger Mears had his best day ever on the desert with a trouble free run in the fancy Nissan. Roger won Class 7 by hours and the crowd at the finish line cheered when he finished. Ernesto Arambula and Richardo Hussong ran well in their Mitsubishi pickup, and they were second in Class 7, just three and a half hours behind. Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter entered two cars in Class 5, had big trouble with the 500 car, but got the second one to La Paz a winner. Rich Minga and Bob Maynard had a pack of different problems with the Porsche, but they kept on moving to finish a close second in Class 5. that Vinje and Hansen ran a few one else made it. link ca;rier, and it t~ok -over two Pa~sons. hourstogetrepaired.Healsohad Parnell and Vaughan were trouble in the silt, but managed to third, an hour later, having work his way through, and they managed to keep it going. And finished second, only 21 minutes then Juan Campos, who lives in behind the Klawitters and La Paz, and was driving the car years back, finished fourth. He'd In the 1-2-1600 class there was been close, but had broken his any number of teams that could front end after the last highway get the win, including points crossing, and ultimately needed leaders Tom and Bob DeNault, in over 32 hours to get home. No their gar NEW TRUCK GUARD Specially Formulated Light Truck Motor Oil Ill The Oil custom-made for light trucks II Works minute by minute to relieve high-rev, hot-engine stress common to light trucks Seals, cools, lubricates and protects under severe operating conditions API SG/CE rating 1111111 Road and Race tested in the 1988 Baha 1000 by class 7 4 X 4 winner Mike Leslie TM TRUCK GUARD, the kind of protection your truck deserves. Available at your local Shell dealers and oil jobbers. January 1990 Page 17

Page 18

'\ Last year's Baja 1000 winners in Class 1-2-1600, Scott and Bill Reams won again in La Paz, in the same car, and they won by 55 minutes. ·r;w-· Che;owth; Scott· and Bill Reams, in an ORC; Kevin and Brian Smith in a Mirage; Jim Sumners and Rob Tolleson, in another Mirage; Morley and Mike Williams, in their MECO; the Fishbacks., Jim, Jr. and Jim, Sr., in their separate Chenowths; and Richard Goldbaum and Jim Dizney in their Frisk. Scott Reams ran off the road while coming down from Mike's Sky Ranch and flattened a front tire. He changed it and went on, /, ' - . . but his steering rack was sloppy after that, and it was hard to steer. Then, along with a whole crowd of people, he got to the terrible silt beds in· between the Arenoso cutoff and Tres Enriques. Scott plowed into one of them, back shifted to second in a cloud of silt, gave it some gas, shifted to third as the silt blew by and then a man walked up to him and said, "What are you doing, ~enor?" And Scott realized he was stuck. Driving in onlv his fifth race, 00 (JJ 00 [PD CID 00 DESERT LOCK OUTER 10.000 HOLE FOR EASY ACCESS TO LUG BOLTS ·3.000 WIDE OUTER FOR SUPER STRENGT 8 - 1.125 HOLES TO REDUCE DIRT BUILD-UP. Standard Lock Outer Tire Located Off Inner Ring Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength *At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing • All parts are available separately *In stock -Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 13" MIDGET 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 0" •...•.•. $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: DO (]J ~[PD CID 00 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 Pa,c11 Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax Jim Sumners and Rob Tolleson pushed their Mirage hard, but the pair of former champs were second in Class 1-2-1600 arriving in La Paz. Tom and Bob DeNault hit things with the Chenowth, but they finished third in 1 Class 1-2-1600, enough to give them not only the class points title, but the overall championship. °John Swift and Mike Friel had some close racing in Class 7 4x4, but their Ford Ranger gave them a "non-stop" race and the class victory. and his ffrst SCORE event, Tom Schilling took over for the middle part of the course in his Jimco, when Peter Brown got out. Schilling went wide in a turn to miss a stalled car, and hit a tree, and then hit it again, before he got himself under control. minutes later, it was Schilling, Brown and DeVercelly. The Fishbacks also finished; Jr. was fifth and Sr. was sixth. The next group to come along was the 7 4x4s, and John Swift and Michael Friel, who'd pre-run three times, had a good day in their Ranger. They did some close racing with Paul and Dave Simon, in another Ranger, but basically just kept moving forward. Friel took over the driving from Bay of L.A. to San Javier, all at night, and then Swift got back in for the bottom part. In the meantime the Simon truck got to Purisima, and then spit all the belts off the end of the crank. They didn't have quite all the parts they needed to make repairs, nor did they have all the tools they needed. So, being resourceful off road racers, they persuaded one of the inhabitants of La Purisima to open his hardware store, went in and bought tools and parts, and then spent six hours making repairs. And on another part of the course, Sherman Balch, in a Nissan, lost a blade from his fan, and it holed the radiator. He had to get to someplace with water, so he just kept going, and ran about seven miles without water. Then they removed the radiator, crimped it sealed with pliers, reinstalled it, added water and went on. As if that hadn't been enough, he .lost a transfer case down at Kl 28, and had to change it in the pit there. Swift and Friel, who enjoyed a "non-stop" day, took the win, in just over 21 hours, and finished 15th overall. Jerry McDonald, who drove the beginning and end, and Jeff Lewis, who took the hunk in the middle, brought their Chevy home in second place, a little over an hour later. In third it was Mike Les.le and Jim Wright in a Jeep Comanche, and then Balch, and his co-driver, John Deetz, were fourth. The Simons finished seventh, and that was enough to give them the points win. The 7S tr~ops _:ltarte~ ~~xt, and Further down the course, Bob DeNau!t also hit a tree, and tore off all the lights on the family car. It took his crew a long time to get them fixed. And all the way down by Purisima, the Sumners/Tol-leson car had two rear flats at the same time. Andy DeVercelly, in Schilling's car, later found himself stuck on the beach for a while, · and then, after K128, he was stuck again, in the silt. Jerry McDonald and Jeff Lewis shared the driving chores in the Chevy S-10, and they hustled down the course to second place in Class 7 4x4. There was quite a pack of the l 600s traveling within minutes of ~ one another, and even way down near the end it could have been anyone's win, with just a small problem roaking a difference. As it was, the Reams team had no major problems late in the race, and they finished first, to take the win. In second, almost an hour back, it was Tolleson and Sumners, who had both been unable to pre-run, and just 18 minutes after them it was the DeNaults, in third, and that gave , them the series class win, by just three points over the Reams team, and the Overall Series Champion, ,_ ship. !~ fou~th place,_ nin_e January 1990 Kicking up some dust in the rocks the Jeep Comanche of Mike Lesle and Jim Wright had some big problems, but finished third in Class 7 4x4. Dusty Tlma

Page 19

had a pretty busy day ot it. Pat Falkosky, in a Toyota, had a flat before Camalu, then put his son, Mike, in and he promptly lost the power steering pulley and all his belts. He tried using his passen-ger's shoe strings as a fan belt, but that didn't work, so they had to get help from their chase crew, who towed them out to the highway, where they took the pulley off Pat's 4Runner. Then things went well. Mark Hansen got his Toyota stuck in the notorious silt, and also had a flat. Mark also found that his overdrive didn't work, and he had nothing but third gear, which limited him to 60 mph on the pavement. And Chuck Johnson, in his Ranger, had hit a big rock on the way down from Mike's and given himself a flat front tire. In another Toyota, Jerry Whelchel had a flat, and also broke a balljoint. And while all these folks were fixing flats; Spencer Low ran well in his Nissan, apparently first on the road at about halfway, and Rob MacCachren, in his Jeep, needed belts and filters, but was also looking good. Chuck Johnson, with John Johnson doing the second half, had a dream come true as his Ford won Class 7S in the race to La Paz. It was John's 12th Baja 1000 class victory. Spencer Low and Paul DeLang had no visible problems either and they kept the Nissan in one piece and finished a strong second in Class 7S. John Johnson took over for Chuck Johnson, to drive the second half of the course, and Malcolm Vinje, with his wife, Michie, riding, took. over for Mark Hansen. He had a flat, and made a few mistakes, but had no major mechanical troubles. Mike Falkosky was back in the truck, and made the beach all right, but got stuck in the silt. Doug Ingles took over for Whelchel, and had to change the rear end a·t K6, losing an hour. Meanwhile, MacCachren's day was turning sour. He hit a big boulder in the dust and broke his springs. And then he hit someth-ing else and bent the front end. Then he broke another spring, and by now had no spare, and had to borrow one from Enduro racing. But he kept moving alor:ig. The 5-1600 honors once again went to the brothers Cook, Alan, Wayne and Darryl, who won by just eight minutes, and they also won the season points championship. R.C. Jones and Paul Maxey stayed close all the way in the 5-1600 battle, but the veteran team had to settle for second in class at the finish. Tom Lake and Rich Roberts had trouble meeting their chase crew. but kept up a fast pace to finish third in the Class 5-1600 tight dice. Dusty Times W-he~-he ·got to abo-ut lo m·iles before K128 he developed a hole in the case and the rear end locked up, and the spare was in San , Javier. Rob spent four hours in · . the pit at K128, where his crew did some fast and furious work, borrowed a rear end that was two inches too narrow, and springs that were two inches too long, and cobbled the truck together. They checked the rule book, to be sure they knew the regulations about towing, just in case, because they didn't have much hope that he'd make the last 106 miles, and then they sent him off to have a go at it. Johnson and Johnson, with an almost perfect race, took the win, givingJo~I!!_lY his 12th Baja 1000 _victory, _i;r. Old Baja hands Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen had no serious troubles with their Toyota this trip, except lack of gears, and they took third in Class 7S. • COMPETITIVE PRICING • UNBEATABLE OUALITY EXCELLENT SERVICE LOUIE UNSER ,UC/Id lld/JIS BOB ~~~ TOYOTA ii~ RACING DEVELOPMENT R.L.H. ENTERPRISE unlc1enR~~T6s 1¥.!!~I r, i~::rT CENTERFORCE LESLIE'S DRIVELINE SERVICE MASTERCRAFT THE WRIGHT PLACE; II CHENOWTH Mike Lesle Racing OVER $5,000.00 CONTINGENCY POSTED AT EVERY SCORE/H.D.R.A. EVENT Race Car Lettering • Racing Numbers • Custom Decals • Silk Screening • Die Cutting • Signs • Magnetic Signs • Banners • Window Lettering 1B0B5 Redondo Circle • Huntington Beach, CA 9284B 714/843-0444 • FAX 714/843-0143 January 1990 Page 19

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,_.. which is the record. Low finished second, about 50. minutes later, and Vinje and Hansen were third. Whelchel and Ingles salvaged a fourth, followed in by the Falkosky team in fifth place. MacCachren did manage to get to the finish line, surprisingly quickly, finishing seventh. His good year won the Class 7 S points, and the Mini-Metal Championship. The 5-1600s found this to be a tough race, and only six of the 15 starters managed to get to La Paz. For the greatest part of the time the lead was in the hands of R.C. Jones, but he always had the Cook brothers, Alan, Wayne and Darrell, close behind, and pushing. For a while, Mario Panagiotopolous and Rick Pew ran near the front also, .but they did a number of things, including running into a ditch, losing their rear suspension, and reportedly rolling over, and were out fairly early. Chasing the lead cars was the team of Tom Lake and Rkh Roberts, and then Guillermo Quintero and Francisco Ortiz, It was a tough race for the Class 9 cars, but Auturo and Armando Tiznado ran a quick pace, had to beg and borrow gas, but still won the class. andChuckGuyandJeffWilliams. to give up, but couldn't because Those three cars ran in a clump, he was leading. He headed out close together for most of the into the silt and got lost, and the 1020 miles. Cook car went by. But Wayne, The Cooks changed drivers six who was now driving, didn't times, h>ecause they all wanted to know he'd gone by Jones. When have as much fun as possible. he got in the car his brothers told Jones, on the other hand, put Paul him he had only first and third Maxey in to spell him only from gear,andtotakeiteasy,andgofor San Ignacio to La Purisima, and he the finish. But Wayne was fresh, got tired. To quote R.C., "Way and wanted to catch R.C., so he too tired!" Coming in to K128 started playing with the shifter, Jones was so weary that he wanted and pretty soon he had second ••••••----------------------11111111111■ gear again, and then fourth gear (619) 691~9171 IJll'dfdt'ftf lRCBOTTL ALON ARE SUPPRESSION SYSTE ON BOARD FIRE SYSTEMS 5.5 lb.Mechanlcal Systems (RC500) $ 255.00 . 11 lb. Mechanlcal Systems (RC1100) $ 305.00 CHALLENGER f'RONT -OIL COOL EMULSION ' REAR -OIL COOL EMULSION .8" 10" 12'' EMULSION SHOCKS R!:MOTE RESERVOIRS HOURS M-F 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. SAT. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. $170.00 $195.00 $125.00 $185.00 12 pt. 3/8 CV BOLTS 2" OR 2 1/4" $1.10 ea. 0 0 GERMAN THING & TYPE Ill REAR DRUMS . $119.95 $89.95 (619) 691-9171 came back too, and he was smokin' down the road. So the Cooks got the win, and the season points championship, with Jones and Maxey second, finishing just eight minutes later. In third it was Lake and Roberts, whose chase crew had had a hard time keeping up with them, then Quintero and Ortiz were fourth, only three minutes behind them, followed by Guy and Williams. In sixth, and the last of the class to finish, were John Howard, Ed Jacobs and Judy Smith, who'd flattened a couple of tires, and had a mysterious mechanical failure in the ugly dump before Kl28, which cost much time. The Class 9 folks struggled mightily, but a major part of them made it all the way. Out in front almost all the way, were Armando and Arturo Tiznado, in Mike They got stuck in the silt, bent a tie rod, but carried on, and Rich Richardson and Kevin Perrault got the Jimco home second and won the Class 9 points title. David Ashley and Mike Bakholden flew the Ford Bronco into a quick lead in Class 3/14, and they won by hours, taking,ilhe season championship too. Leon's old single seater. Armando drove the first half of the race, and he didn't have any trouble. Close behind him were Rich Richardson and Kevin Perrault, points leaders going into the race, in their beautiful Jimco. Also running at the front of the pack was the T-Mag of Gary Colbert, Gary Gressett, and George Erl. Colbert got the car to Grt;ssett in good order, without any undue problems, and Gressett drove into the silt and buried himself solidly. He was so deep in the stuff that a passing truck ran over his back end on its way through, and it finally took another truck to pull him out. Richardson, who'd alreadybent a tie rod so his car wouldn't turn left, had got lost on the way to the silt, wandering through the hills, with a train of other lost cars following him. Once back on course he, too, got stuck in the silt, and tossed a fan belt for good measure. Richardson delivered the car to Perrault with no further troubles, but Gressett rolled over south of El Arco, losing two lights in the process. When Arturo Tiznado got to the K6 road crossing his chase crew wasn't there, so he decided to try to make it to the next stop without taking on gas. It didn't work. He ran out, but a bunch of ranchers pushed him about a quarter of a mile, to the next ranch, where he was able to bu,; a little gas. Then he ran from biker pit to biker pit, begging small amounts of gas at each one, 'ti! he finally got to the K128 crossing, and his chase crew had caught up with him. As they checked over . the car one of the crew discovered that he had a broken pulley, so they had to borrow a stock pulley from a spectator, and he headed towards the finish. Perrault, running steadily, but having to plan carefully when a . left turn came up because of that bent tie rod, got stuck in the silt after Kl 28. There were some Mexican kids there, and he paid "I them a granola bar and a water bottle to push him out. Erl, who got into his car at San Ignacio and drove the rest of the way, had some trouble getting there, losing a shockon the beach, and then his steering wheel fell off right at Kl28. He then proceeded to get stuck in the silt bed also, and it cost him $5 to get out one time. The second time a farmer used his tractor to push him out, and George couldn't stop long enough to pay him, for fear of getting stuck again. OPS MIC & VISA 103 Press Lane Suite 4 Chula Vista, CA 92010 Ramon Castro and Enrique Alfaro drove the only Beetle of seven starters to make the finish line, and Ramon not only won the race but the series points title. The Tiznados won the race, finishing an hour and a half before Richardson and Perrault, who were second. Erl, Colbert and Page 10 January 1990 Dusty Times

Page 21

e Erl, Gary Colb ~y Gressett had some s but they kept t ling to place third in the lass 9 ranks. Matt Pike and his dad Gale had a great day in their Dodge Ramcharger, keeping it all together to place third in Class 3/14 action. To the victor belong the spoils was certainly true of Robby Gordon and co-driver Bob Bowers as they carry the trophies, class win and overall, away from the awards presentation in La Paz. Arne Gunnarsson, John Johnston Ill and G. W. Moser gave it quite a try in the Saab 96, but they finished second in Class 6 in La Paz. Gressett finished third, a little over two hours later. Richardson and Perrault won the Class 9 season points by a wide margin. The Mini-Mags would have started behind the Class 9s if they'd been there, but they had decided, as a group, that this race would be very difficult for them, since they don't as yet have the stock of spare parts and the mechanical know-how needed to make repairs. So they stayed home. Class 3 / 14 was the next bunch to start, and once again, David Ashley had a commanding lead, and could not be caught. He had a flawless day in his Bronco, even avoiding flats, and got his fifth win of the year, the points championship, and the Heavy Metal Championship. Behind him, Don Adams, Larry Olsen and Doug Robinson teamed in Adams' Jeep, but were having to keep it at 3000 rpms, because the motor tried to seize on the way in to Trinidad, before they'd gone 100 miles. Mike Schwellinger and Steve Kramer, in another Jeep, lost their ignition at the start line, and were running with the Class 11 cars by the time they got going. Then they lost a c.v. on the highway after Santa Inez, and it broke their transfer case and transmission, costing them three hours. And all the while the Pikes, father Gale and son Matt, trucked aloiig in their Dodge, and David Bryan and Gene Hightower moved steadily in their Jeep CJ. Hightower is a piece of ancient history on the hoof, having taken his first win in a Baja 1000 back in 1967. Adams, Olsen and Robinson, carefully watching the tach, had few problems r;r, NORM WILSON & SONS RACING would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors and chase crews who supported us 1n winning the 1989 SCORE/HORA CLASS 10 CHAMPIONSHIP Armstrong Tire Company Neo Oil Dusty Times Rick French Lance King McKenzies' Don Hatz Raceco Fortin Transaxles Special Thanks to: Rick Spears John Miller January 1990 Rouse Company Paragon Acoustical Co. Baja Express Racing Team Chuck Stapleton Page 21

Page 22

Ivan Stewart had some fuel management problems early in the race, but the Toyota ran strong later and he finished a close second in Class 1. · Randy and Rick Wilson and Don Hatz had air cleaner and clutch woes, but they did keep it together well enough to finish fourth in Class 10. Greg Vaughan and Stan Parnell had some delays on the course, but they kept moving quickly to finish third in the Class 5 competition. Sherman Balch and John Deetz started out strong with the leaders in Class 7 4x4, but they ended up fourth in class at the finish line. Alex and Jose Melero drove their homemade Apache swiftly in Class 9 action and they finished fourth by a mere six minutes. Page 22 Danny Letner and Ron.Brant, who lost some of their chase folks, still motored along swiftly to place fifth in Class 2 in the Raceco/Porsche. Making a bit of a Dodge sweep in Class 4, Buddy Renoe and Bill Donahoe took a clean second only 44 minutes behind the winning Dodge. Tom Schilling, Peter Brown and Andy DeVercelly had a good run in the Jimco, some problems, but they finished close in fourth in 1-2-1600s. Jerry Whelchel has turned into a trucker and he drove the Sage Council Toyota to fourth place in Class 7S competition with Doug Ingles co-driving. David Bryan enlisted veteran Gene Hightower to co-drive the Jeep CJ 6, and they had a good thousand mile run, finishing fourth in Class 3/14. January 1990 J. Morley Marston and Bill Holmes had a good run in Marston ·s once a year Chevy racer and they finished well, fourth in Class 8. Carlos and David Ortiz fly over one of the famous cattle guards in their Ford Ranger en route to a third place finish in Class 7. Both Jim Fishbacks finished the race in Class 1-2-1600. Jim Jr., shown here, nailed down fifth in La Paz out of 21 starters. Guillermo Quintero and Francisco Ortiz sail over the cattle guard near the start, and they carried on to finish fourth in Class 5-1600. Looking quick, clean and tidy here, Mick Newton, Larry Tunnell and Jim Madison drove the Chevy Nova into a third place finish in Class 6. Dusty Times

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i;w-otherwise, and took second place, four hours behind Ashley. In third it was the Pikes, and then Bryan and Hightower were fourth, followed in b y Charlie W oodard and Warren Fishback , in a Bronco. Kramer an d Schwellinger , whose race went from bad to miserable, used up a full 39 hours and 45 minutes getting to La Paz in sixth place. They were the last finisher. The race was hard for Class 6, but a couple of them mentioned later that the camaraderie and cooperation had been remarkable in this class. They helped one another a lot, apparently. Evan Evans made his first appearance as a racer since his tragic motorcycle accident, driving the Jeep Cherokee, equipped with temp-orary hand controls, from the Ensenada start, to Trinidad . Brian Stewart took over at that point, and drove the rest of the way, taking a commanding lead early in the day, and also taking the win. Evans also won the C lass 6 Series Points Championship. Presidente SCORE Baja 1000 Results -November 9-10, 1989 # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Class I• Unlimited Single Seat - 5 start - 3 finish 103 William & Michael Church Chenowth/Porsche 102 2 Ivan Stewart (solo) Toyota Class 2 - Unlimited Two Seat • 25 start -14 finish 21 O 1 Mark McMillin/Donald Kenniston Chenowth/Porsche 200 2 Bob Gordon/Tim Crabtree Chenowth/Chevrolet 212 3 Corky McMillin!Brian Ewalt Chenowth/Porsche 201 4 Walker Evans/Randy Anderson Dodge 150 PU 211 5 Danny Letner/Ron Brant Raceco/Porsche Class 1-2-1600 -I600cc Restricted Engine -21 start-15 finish 1612 1 Scott & Bill Reams O.R.C. 1698 2 Jim Sumners/Rob Tolleson Mirage 1614 3 Tom & Bob DeNault Chenowth 1607 4 Tom Schilling/Andy DeVercelly Jimco 1617 5 Jim Fishback Jr. Chenowth Class 3/14 - Short WB 4X4 -12 start - 6 finish 307 1 David Ashley/Mike Bakholden Ford Bronco 349 2 Don Adams/Larry Olsen Jeep Scrambler 301 3 Matt & Gale Pike Dodge Ramcharger 308 4 David Bryan/Gene Hightower Jeep CJ 6 305 5 Charlie Woodard/Warren Fishback Ford Bronco Class 4 • Long WB 4X4 - 6 start - 4 finish 403 1 Rodney Hall/Jim Fricker Dodge PU 404 2 Buddy Renoe/Bill Donahoe Dodge PU 402 3 Steve Kelley/Ben Metcalf Chevrolet PU 449 4 Timmy PrueWGreg Holman Ford F150 Class 5 • Unlimited Baja Bug - 9 start - 4 finish 507 1 Wolfram Klawitter/Matt Parsons Baja Bug 504 2 Rich Minga/Bob Maynard Porsche 911 503 3 Greg Vaughan/Stan Parnell Baja Bug 505 4 Juan Campos Baja Bug Class 5-1600 -1600cc Baja Bug - 15 start - 6 finish 598 1 Darryl, Wayne & Alan Cook Baja Bug 599 2 Robert C. Jones/Paul Maxey Baja Bug 561 3 Tom Lake/Rich Roberts Baja Bug 597 4 Guillermo Quintero/Francisco Ortiz Baja Bug 555 5 Chuck Guy/Jeff Williams Baja Bug Class 6 • Production Sedan - 8 start - 4 finish 601 1 Evan Evans/Brian Stewart Jeep Cherokee 618 2 Ame Gunnarsson/John Johnston Ill Saab 96 606 3 Mick Newton/Larry Tunnell Chevy Nova 604 4 Dale & Randy Jordan Chevy El Camino Class 7 • Unlimited Mini-Midi Pickup - 8 start - 4 finish 705 1 Roger Mears/Tony Alvarez Nissan 716 2 Ernesto Arambula/Ricardo Hussong Mitsubishi 706 3 Carlos & David Ortiz Ford Ranger 702 4 Ken Walters/Paul Shaver Nissan Class 7S • Stock Mini-Midi Pickup. 13 start. 9 finish 723 1 Chuck Johnson/John Johnson Ford Ranger 728 2 Spencer Low/Paul Delang Nissan 759 3 Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen Toyota 722 4 Jerry Whelchel/Doug Ingles Toyota 729 5 Mike & Pat Falkosky Toyota Class 7 4X4 -Stock Mini-Midi 4X4 -10 start. 8 finish 764 1 John SwilVMichael Friel Ford Ranger 763 2 Jerry McDonald/Jeff Lewis Chevy S-1 o 760 3 Mike Lesle/Jim Wright Jeep Comanche 762 4 Sherman Balch/John Deetz Nissan 798 5 Bud & Russell Sebelius Jeep Comanche Class 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup • 15 start • 9 finish 800 1 Robby Gordon /Russ Wernimont Ford F-150 807 2 Dave & Brant Shoppe Ford F-150 802 3 Frank Vessels/Chris Robinson Chevrolet 847 4 Morley & Linda Marston/Bill Holmes Chevrolet 848 5 Marco LopeZ/Rafael Haro Ford Class 9 • Restricted Buggy • 13 start • 1 0 finish 904 1 Javier & Armando Tiznado 995 2 Rich Richardson/Kevin Perrault Jimco 905 3 George Erl/Gary Colbert T-Mag 902 4 Alex & Jose Melero Apache 903 5 Ed & Hugh Mclean Chenowth Class 10 • Unlimited 1650cc • 14 start • 6 finish 1009 1 Dan Blain/Lou Peralta Mirage 1097 2 William Poe/Fred Ronn O.R.E. 1004 3 Kirk Van Matre/Carl Olson Raceco 1099 4 Randy & Rick Wilson Raceco 1010 5 Rick Ror!Jans/Barry Cavanaugh Raceco Class II • Stock VW Sedan -11 start • 1 finish 1100 1 Ramon Castro/Enrique Alfaro VW Beetle Class Mini- Mag • no starters Starters· 181 Finishers -103 finish ratio -56.9 percent Time 20:36:34 20:57:37 19:00:36 19:01:00 19:41:16 19:45:38 19:52:48 21:06:21 22:01:32 22:19:42 0/A 9 13 2 3 4 5 6 16 24 27 22:28:51 28 22:55:09 32 21:04:23 14 25:51:09 58 26:23:55 66 32:13:53 90 36:29:45 97 20:54:28 12 21:38:43 20 21:57:20 23 28:59:42 80 23:06:38 33 23:37:19 35 24:37:58 50 32:37:23 91 24:07:45 42 24:15:31 44 26:16:11 63 26:19:49 64 28:52:21 79 24:40:13 52 29:19:11 82 39:40:02 1 OC 40:42:16 1 O, 20:50:23 10 24:26:12 48 27:20:37 68 27:56:06 75 21:47:48 22 22:37:53 30 23:55:53 38 25:36:03 57 26:21:48 65 21:04:47 15 22:19:29 26 24:07:38 41 24:20:41 47 24:41:55 53 18:04:07 20:14:22 8 20:54:19 11 21:07:07 17 24:36:34 49 24:39:04 51 26:06:27 60 28:17:19 77 28:23:31 78 29:26:32 83 22:44:10 31 23:52:00 37 24:05:34 40 24:58:48 54 26:10:39 61 27:46:17 74 Race Distance -1030.4 miles lime Allowance -42 hours Fast Time Overall -Larry Roeseler/Danny LaPorte/Ted Hunnicutt Jr. -Kawasaki -17:53:16 Fast Time Overall -Car Classes -Robby Gordon/Russ Wernimont -Ford PU -18:04:07 Dusty Times Arne unnarsson, o n o n-son and G .W. Moser teamed in the Saab 96, to take second place, afte r having some lengthy problem on the second half of the course. Mick N ewton, Larry Tunnell and Jim Madison drove the Chevrolet Nova, and had a hard time of it . They changed their transm ission , and then the replacement trans lost second and third gear. They had five flats, got stuck in the silt twice, were lost once, and ran out of people who wer e willing to ride. They finished , in third place, with only first gear. The Jordan brothers, Dale and Randy, in the El Camino, had an even longer time of it, with some unknown troubles, but they got there, in 40 hours and 42 minutes, for fourth place. No one else got to the checkered flag. The Class 11 drivers struggled long and hard, and only one of them made it, and to no one's surprise, that was Ramon Castro. Ramon and his co-driver, Enrique Alfaro, reported one flat, and a problem with getting to the pits before his chase crews. He also got stuck, only once, surprisingly, in the silt bed after Kl 28, which was a part of the course that he helped to mark. This makes the fourth year in a row that he's won the series points for Class 11. Some of the other Class 11 drivers came close, like Hector Sarabia and Gerardo Higuera, who got through Check 10, in the neighborhood of Ciudad Consti-tucion, before they broke. Jose Aguila and Armando Rojas made Pat Falkosky, center, gets his hands dirty with the BFGoodrich pit stop work, · and his and son Mike's Toyota was fifth in Class 7S. it through San Javier and then disappeared, while Andy Diaz and David Pease got through La Purisima, as did Miguel Haro and Mario Victorio. And so the race went into the record books. There had been a tragic accident, near San Quintin, during the early part of the race, when a 10-year-old-boy, Lorenzo Lopez, ran into the path of a vehicle competing in the race, and was killed. The driver of the race car was not held or charged with a traffic violation, and he was allowed to continue in the race by police authorities. His name was withheld by SCORE Inter-national. There were a couple of matters for discussion in front of the Competition Review Board, in addition to the Blain and Peralta situation. Both Robby Gordon and the Tim Crabtree /Bob Gordon team came before the board for alleged short coursing. They had reportedly taken a road around the dump before the San Quintin check. Penalties were assessed, 15 minutes for Crabtree and Gordon, and a half hour for Robby Gordon, but it was a matter of no consequence, not altering their finish positions at all. Awards ceremonies in the patio-bar of the Riviera de! Sol Gra n Baja Hotel brought SCORE's production to a fairly rowdy close, many participants squooshing away damply, after being tossed into the pool. The race lived up to the racers' expectations. It was exciting, tough, wearying and beautiful. And the old thrill is still there when the car finally gets to La Paz. There isn't anything in off road racing that beats it. Oll•Roed Recing CONGRATULATES ITS 1989 SEASON OVERALL CLASS CHAMPIONS Class 1 - Steve Bradford Class 2 - Robert Lemos Class 1/2-1600 -Ray Gust Class 4x4 - Don German Class 1 o -Wes Elrod -Challenger -Mike Bishop Sportsman Class -Rich Bryden Odyssey -Ed Moore VORRA'S 1989 OVERALL POINTS WINNER Driver- Robert Lemos• Co-Driver- Bert Stiener Come Challenge VORRA'S Champions in 199i:i V.O.R.R.A. VALLEY OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION NORTHERN CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA 1833 Los Robles Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 - -Where Off Road Racing is Still a Family Sport and Not a Business January 1990 Page i3

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COMMONWEALTH BANK RALLY AUSTRALIA Toyota Wins Big Down Under Juha Kankkunen and Juha Piironen scored the big win in the Toyota Celica GT-Four. It was the first WCR victory for the model, now due for retirement. One week after the Toyota Celica GT -Four was officially declared obsolete and replaced by a new production car, Toyota Team Europe finally won a World Championship rally witA their old model four wheel drive car! Their two cars completely demolished the opposition from Lancia, Mazda, Mitsubishi and GM. Juha Kankkunen led all the way, and together with his teammate Kenneth Eriksson won all except five vf the thirty-two stages. All three top Japanese rally car constructors have now won World rallies this season, Kankkunen's victory also herald-ing the first win on the World scene for a Finnish driver this year. It was an emotive win; there was hardly a dry eye in the house when Toyota finally gained the victory they had so long fought to achieve. With Mazda coming and going as they please and Mitsubi-shi winning on only their fourth appearance with the Galant VR-4, it has taken Toyota eleven events to score this elusive win, despite leading on nine of these occasions. Australia took to World Championship rallying like they were made for each other. After only one trial run ten months previously, the organization on this first World rally in the sub-continent showed a flair and competence which belied its lack of experience. By force of circumstance as much as intent, the level of entries was better than most events this season, certainly than Sanremo which follows next. T he fixture (between the 1000 Lakes and Sanremo) was a deliberate "move by FISA to encourage the fledgling event, and it was remarkably effective. What was never expected, however, were the local difficulties which would be encountered as the rally grew near. Not only were the stages often softer than ideal, leading in places to bad ruts, but the whole event was badly inconvenienced by the nation wide "plane" strike. Several entries canceled for this reason, and many people drove the 4000 km from the eastern cities instead of flying. The promoter, Gary Connelly, came by plane from his home town, Brisbane, via Singapore. Journalists arrived from Sydney through New Zealand, and some of the federation officials arrived by special Air Force jet. It was a miracle that the event happened at all. The last time a new event was accepted to the World series was three years ago, the Olympus Rally in America, which the Australian event had come to replace. There had never before been a new event which came into the series without firstly serving a probationary year as a Drivers' qualifier. Rally Australia was a loose surfaced event, held in cloverleaf loops based in Perth in Western Australia. There were a few superspecial spectaculars, but essentially the competition lay in the forests. The crews soon found that the wildlife was fascinating, until they jumped in your path! Kankkunen was told that kangaroos go around in pairs, but in fact coming soon after breeding time, whofe families were hopping around together. Eriks-son had a narrow escape during training; "I suddenly saw them bounding towards me and one came straight for our car. I crouched down waiting for the bang which never happened. The animal went straight over the roofl" Koala bears were found mostly in wildlife parks, but there were other strangers to be seen. All over the roads were goannas, looking for all the world li~e sawn off snakes, and flitting everywhere were brightly colored parrots which emitted sounds like the words 'twenty-eight'. There was another natural curiosity, a disease called Dieback, a fungus that attacks trees in certain areas, forests which have probably the most enjoyable roads in the region. Local authorities only allow rallies to pass if the cars are first hosed down with disinfectant. Toyota came to Western Australia with a sense of purpose that compared sharply with their opposition. Mazda and Mitsubishi were more concerned with the Pacific-Asian championship series. Ingvar Carlsson had a single Mazda from Brussels, the factory Galants stayed in Europe, and both Lancia and GM sent cars directly from previous events. This was to be the final event for the eight valve Integrale car, and Lancia's tire suppliers, Michelin, were almost arrogant in their casual approach. There was scandal as well. Entered by Martini Lancia and -given start number 5, _M_ikael FAT Toyota.Power. • FAT Racing Parts • Centerline Wheels • Bilstein Shocks • Sway-A-Way After two years of dyno and racing development, FAT Performance announces the availability ofToyota off-road racing engines. Including Unlimited 3.0 V6, 16-valve 1600cc Class l O (short course and desert), Classes 7, 7S and 7-4x4. Call today for more information. FATTOYOTA WINNERS Jim Greenway-Class 2 3.0 V6 1989 Milestone Award Winner Watkins-Aronson-Class 1016-valve 1988 Riverside 1st, Nevada 500 1st 1989Parker400, Rreworl<s2501st 1989 SCORE/HORA POINTS CHAMPIONS McBllc:le/Sourapas-Class2(FAT911) KlawltlerBIOS.-ClassS(FATType IV) Pagcl4 PEBl'ORMAIICE FOR YOUR FAT PERFORMANCE CATALOG. SEND $5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE, DEPT. OTT, 1558 N. CASE, ORANGE CA 92667. OR CAU. (714) 637-2889. • PenTia-Cool • S&S Headers • Weber Carbs • Bosch Lights • JaMar Products • Wright Place • Tri-Mil Exhaust • GemGears • Beard Seats • Simpson Safety • Super-Trapp • Yokohama:nre.s • I Petro-Tech 2000 • Manymore .. ~-January 1990 It was quite a surp~ise to most when Ed Ordynsky and Lyn Wilson drove past their competition and won Group N, and took ninth overall, in the Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR-4. Ericsson was told, just before the 1000 Lakes Rally, that his long promised ride here wouldn't happen. Those who play with the Japanese aren't welcome in Turin? "I can't see why not, they never made trouble when I drove last year for Nissan, and anyway my contract allows me to drive elsewhere when I'm not required.'' Maybe, but the contract obviously ·doesn't guarantee promised drives for Lancia either. The first day's activities were short and to the point. The rally started at Richmond Raceway stadium on the outskirts of Freemantle and consisted of a one lap Superspecial. Then it was on to the Perth base for a halt. The organizers had an inspiration -start the stage in reverse seeding and give the crowd a real thrill. The grandstands were packed as the cars progressively beat the times of those who started earlier. There was excitement too. A driver from Hong Kong drove flat out from the start ramp straight through the stage start line and was instantly excluded. The times came down and down, and finally the best went to the last driver away, Juha Kankkunen. A light drizzle did not dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd. Friday dawned bright and clear and the cars went for a trip southwards to Collier and back. The first stage claimed both Ingvar Carlsso'n and Jorge Recalde. Mazda Rally Team Europe's engineer was uncertain of the cause of Carlsson's demise, but thought the trouble was in the head. Recalde lost the kevlar propshaft on his Lancia. Kank-k unen was pulling ahead and made best time on each of the first nine stages with Markku Alen vainly trying to hold off the assault of Eriksson. Best Austral-ian early on was Ross Dunkerton, Mitsubishi, but he was forced out by an oil leak. More drivers in trouble included Franz Wittmann. On the second run through the Sterling Forest stages he misjudged the drying conditions and slid wide into a tree stump and retired. .Then his fellow Austrian Josef Haider had a driveshaft break on his Opel Kadett and he had trouble driving through the stage and lost so much time he retired at the end of the day's run. As the cars returned to Perth it seemed as if Toyota were heading ( continued on page 26) Pr~"s'enid~y Californians Rod Millen and Tony Sircombe finished fifth overall and the Mazda 323 4WD was the top Asian Pacific series entry. Markku Alen and 1/kka Kivimaki zipped the Lancia Delta Integrate into third overall after sundry problems on the 1845 km Australian Rally. Dustyflma

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The 11 st Ivory Coast Rally Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Alain Oreille and Gilles Thimonier surprised themselves and their team by winning the Ivory Coast outright. It was the first time at Group N car like this Renault 5 GT Turbo, has scored a WC victory. It was in disbelief that French-man Alain Oreille won the Ivory Coast Rally. He went to Africa with victory in the FIA Group N Cup his only objective. His little Renault 5, GT Turbo had been prepared simply with reliability in mind. Yet at the end of the five day African classic he had gained outright victory, the first time a Group N car had won a World Rally, and he had watched the hopes of many rivals dashed without warning. Two hours before the finish, victory seemed to be in the grasp of the Belgian Jean-Pierre Van De Wauver but his Toyota Corolla's engine failed; the day before another Belgian, Pascal Gahan, had lost the lead with a broken radiator hose. Before that, last year's winner and Ivory Coast resident, Alain Ambrosino was· eliminated by collision with a service car, ironica ly that of Oreille. With Oreille's car the only factory supported international entry on the whole event, this seemed to be a heaven sent chance for a privateer's victory. Many of them trekked to Abidjan with their eyes set on achieving a normally impossible mission, which once again it was. The FIA Cup Group N gave this year's Ivory Coast Rally the significance the event badly needed, having been denied the interest of the world's top teams now that the two majot rally titles had already been decided. Three drivers were up for the Cup; Oreille, Gustavo Trelles, seven points behind, and Gregoire de Mevius, one point further back. "I've been here before," said Renault's team manager Patrick Landon. "Things have changed little since I was last here. We never even thought of trying to win. All we tried to do was keep the car running. At every opportunity we changed parts for security, and we took one enormous calculated risk. The car uses 27 liters of fuel per 100 km (9.7 mpg). Being so light we refueled as often as we could. Thanks to the service team we did not run with more than 42 liters ( ten gallons) on board. Ifonly one of those rendezvous points had been missed, we would never have finished." Or won the rally, or won the title without going to the Lombard RAC Rally. Oreil'.e's run of success this year had taken the other Group N Dusty Times contenders by surpris·e. Four wheel drive cars like Lancia, Mazda and Mitsubishi were assumed to be the most suitable in a championship that was gravel orientated. For the Lancia drivers the question these days is whether to use a 16 or an eight valve car, better handling and extra power or the reliability of the older car. There' was more to the Ivory Coast than the points at stake, however, there was honor. These are days when favorable impres-sions have to be made by mid-season. Ambrosino was relaxed. "I've done very little rallying this year,_ and have been saving my energies for another win here." The same Nissan 200 SX in which he won lq,5t year was here again, but Patrick Tauziac had a different Mitsubishi Starion Turbo. "It's the one used rwo years ago by Lasse Lampi when he was Middle Eastern Group A Champion. I'm not here to win, though. The only · thing I have been told to do is be the na_tio~a_l_cham_1?_ion ag~in." tfis ·rival was Patrick Copetti who had a Toyota Celica GT Four for the first time. · The big adventurers from Europe were the Audis and the Top Run Lancias. Both Rudi Stohl and Paola de Martini had new 90 Quattros and knew that a reliable performance should make this the most worthwhile event they had ever don~. Top Run came with three Group N · Deltas. Trelles had a 16 valve car with eight valves for Gahan and Swedish amateur Fredrik Skog-hag. Skoghag had a new co-driver for this event, the Argentina and 1000 Lakes winner, Claes Billstam. They were in an ideal position of supporting Trelles, if only the Uruguayan could get ahead of his Renault and Mazda rivals. There were 60 starters in all, only once (before the days of inclusion in the World series), had the rally been so well supported. After the African Championship~lly the ·week .,,.,, ~ = , ,--:is It takes a lot of manpower to replace a tow truck. Gustavo Trelles and Daniel. Muzio recovered from_ this only to retire with fanbelt pulley breakage. The Mazda of Gregoire de Mevius and Willy Lux, sails through the water here, but it eventually retired due to an accident on course. January 1990 Cornering hard in the African outback, Patrick Tauziac and Claude Papin did well with the Mitsubishi Starion Turbo, finishing second overall and first in Group A. before in Zambia, Muller "Billy" was a pre rally wrangle. Would Rautenbach brought his spare cars be reclassified the second Toyota Supra Turbo, although morning? "Of course," the hissival Sarwant Singh stayed at organizers declared, because over home, preparing for the remaining ten percent of the stage distance rallies in the African series. had been covered. This was a Has the Ivory Coast Rally lost special stage event? But the cars its sting? It is now only 3500 km remained in numerical starting -long, shorter than in earlier years, order the second day. Then there and with an emphasis on encour-was a timing argument on the first aging Group N cars, unlike the stage when rwo early cars had Safari Rally in Kenya. The event arrived out of sequence at the end was held in four legs, the first of the stage, confusing the being a short prologue around marshalls. But Rudi Stohl was Abidjan, and each including one declared the fastest on the stage. 5,~iatstage. Immediately_ there__ (continued on next P~Jf) Trying hard for a good showing, Jean-Pierre Van De Wauver and Luc Manset cruise through a native village in the Toyota Corolla, but later on the engine failed. West Coast Distributor fOft HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE OUR PRICE $695.00 Per Set 2 Ratio's Available Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 'McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92806 714/441-1212 D·EALER" INQUIRIES INVITED Page 25

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Commonwealth Bank Rally Australia (from page 24) for a one-two result, hut just as Eriksson drove out of the service point for pare ferme the engine stopped and he had to push the car to the control. He clocked in one minute late, and was given a minute penalty for being late plus an extra 30 seconds, with a further 30 seconds the next morning unless he could drive the car under its own power out of the control area. Kenneth was down to fourth and quite a crowd gathered on Saturday morning to watch the fun. Inch by Inch the Celica lurched forward and avoided the extra penalty. However, once past the control boundary marker the crew jumped out and pushed it quickly to the service area. The problem was a closely guarded secret, but the team said later there was an injection fault. Anyway, without further ado the car was off and Kenneth had a chance to show how good a driver he is. After two stages he had passed Alex Fiorio, after another nine he was back in second place again. By the end of the rally he had scored more fastest times than Kankkunen himself. ~ Two antipodean drivers dis-appeared during the day, and as the day went on the rally reverted to stages tackled earlier in the day plus one other. The Beraking stage was one of the Quarantine sections which only allowed limited reconnaissance, and since crews had checked the stage the surface had dried out considerably and left a huge bump. Car after car reported damage; Fiorio broke his lights and lost the most time, though Kankkunen broke an oil cooler, claiming to have hit a bird on the stage. While Kankkunen was two minutes ahead of Erikkson, the Swede was only ten seconds in front of Alen, so more determined driving from the part time Toyota man was required on the final day. The crowds were at their most plentiful., on the final day. Loudspeakers poured forth information, some of which was accurate, but much of which was not, although an enjoyable time was provided for people who had never seen such a sight before. Kankkunen lost some time with a misfire but the only drama of the day was the retirement of Saeed Al Hajri with differential trouble with his Sierra Cosworth. This meant the only two wheel drive car in the top ten was Malcolm Wilson's Vauxhall Astra engaged, for his second consecutive World Championship Rally, in battle with Rod Millen 's closely matched Mazda 323 4WD. The New Zealander only got ahead when Wilson had a puncture and was delayed by gearbox troubles. Kenjiro Shinozuka eventually rose to seventh and took the lead in the Pacific-Asian series ahead of Wayne Bell who had driven most of the rally with a broken gearbox. 'Possum' Bourne struggled home in tenth place after delays due to a broken gearbox, while the undoubted Malcolm Wilson and Ian Grindrod delighted the spectators with a wheelie and they went on to finish sixth overall, and best 2WD car in the Vauxhall Astra GTE. sensation of the event was the Group N winner, Ed Ordynski in his Mitsubishi Galant VR-4. He led virtually all the way, leading the Group A VR-4 of Shinozuka for a long while, and finishing nearly eight minutes ahead of Fredrik Skoghag. In third place in the Group N ranks was Frenchman Alain Oreille on his first major gravel rally, at the wheel of a Renault 5 ., ~----, GT Turbo, which with it's small wheels is far less suitable for loose surfaced stages. Butthe day was Toyota's. Team Toyota Europe have finally cracked the GT-Four bogey and won. Now they look ahead and wonder when they will once again win where they belong. For all their wins in Africa and Australia, they haven't won in Europe since 1975. This Toyota finished second overall but Kenneth.Eriksson and Staffan Parmander had to push it out of pare ferme Saturday morning to service. Having a Team Toyota conference are Juha Kankkunen, right, and Kenneth Eriksson, who came in one-two overall at the finish line. A top contender in Group N Alain Oreille and Gilles Thimonier had to settle for third in class and 12th overall in the Renault 5· GT Turbo. Fighting hard for the Group N Championship, Pascal Gaban and Eddy Chevaillier were forced out of the event with cambelt failure in the Lancia. The winners last year, Alain Ambrosino and Daniel Le Saux had to retire the Nissan 200 SX after colliding with a service car on the route. Billy Aautenbach and John Mitchell were after a local championship, but front suspension failure on the Toyota Supra Turbo put them out of action. The 21st Ivory Coast Rally (from page 25) After the second leg on Monday, Abidjan-Abidjan, the surprise leader was Gahan, the first time any Group N car had led a World rally, and the first time Lancia had ever headed this event. He kept marginally ahead of Ambrosino through almost the entire daylight section. Van De Wauver had clutch trouble ·and · fell back, Rautenbach lost two hours with broken shocks,_and b_y Page 26 88-90 2WD HEVROLET I • IT Used & Mfg. by · NELSON & NELSON RACING, OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONS Call or write for info: Nelson & Nelson Racing . . (714) 925 1936 37157 Industrial Ave. Dept. D-1 • Hemet, CA92343 FAX (714) 658-3463 evening there was a rumor tha·t Ambrosino was out. It was true, for as he came over a rise, he found the Jeep Cherokee of Edmond Simon making a U-turn. They touched, but the Nissan broke its radiator and the suspension as it crashed into a bank. Trelles also had to give up, his Group N title hopes were over. Gahan found himself leading by 13 minutes over Oreille and Skoghag was third, all Group N cars. But Ga ban's car was suffering from the strain and had bent front suspension and a bad driveshaft. The next loop was quite the toughest, for both competitors and service crews. It went from Abidjan, past Yamoussoukro, and round the far side of the Tai forest before a short rest at San Pedro,· then a slow twisty drive back to Yamoussoukro-1539 km in 18 almost non-stop hours on original schedules. The first car was due back at Yamoussoukro at 0100, but in fact by0900 only six cars had arrived and three more January 1990 came in the next hour. Missing were Skoghag, the car stopped with fuel pump failure, and De Martini, engine trouble. On the long leg, De Mevius crashed and Rautenbach broke his front end. Oreille now only had to finish, preferably ahead of Gahan, to win the coveted Cup. Wednesday was a day of rest, the final leg starting at 0200 on Thursday morning. Here Van De Wauver was in the lead, 20 minutes ahead of Oreille. Oreille stuck to his game plan to finish in enough points to win the Cup. Victory never mattered to the Frenchman but it was a make or break in the Belgian's career. Gahan got up to third place before finally stopping with a broken cam belt, while Van De Wauver was stuck in some water and later hit a goat. With 15 sections to run he was 33 minutes up on Oreille, Tauziac was another two hours behind. Friends waited at Grand Bassam, the holding control before the finish, to welcome the survivors. Strange tales started to . . arrive. First car on the road was · now Oreille, Van De Wauverwas said to have stopped as Wl!S · Tauziac. The second car in was the Toyota of privateer Andre Segolen. Tauziac had more injection trouble, but his Mitsubishi Starion was second three hours back. Toyota Corollas filled the next three finishing spots, most well behind, hours in fact, the winner. The faces at the finish told the story. The champagne was all over the floor, the normally taciturn Oreille joined Edmond and Patrick Simon and the Renault team in celebration of a perfor-mance· in which the only troubles were a broken shock absorber and an engine mounting. Then in walked Van De Wauver, a man filthy from head to toe, his face a ·deathly grey and his eyes staring aimlessly into the distance. Ivory Coast may be an event the rallying Grandees are not so keen to have in the World Championship but as an occasion full of human struggle, or personal success and failure, once again it tops the bill. Dusty Times

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Bonneville Off Road Racing Report Season Finale time and what a show. Anyone missing the last race of the season, The Bonneville Challenge, missed one of the most exciting spectator events put on to date by BORE. With the season points race up for grabs in the Pro category, and the Pro/Sports div-ision as well as the Sportsman class, we knew we were in for some good hard running, and there was no disappointment from flag to flag. The course was brought into the pit area in such a manner as to make nearly the last mile visible to the pits and spectators. There was no problem knowing "how close" · your favorite was. Thirteen miles of brand new course connected to seventeen miles of previously used terrain gave a smorgasbord look including washes, whoop-de-doos, trails and plenty of dust. The rocky shale ledges took their toll of tires and wheels. Several of the front runners found them-selves high centered while the clock ticked on, and it became apparent that 'down time' would be the difference as attested by the 1-1600 class. From Carson City, NV, Dale Smith was number one off the line in his Class 10, followed by Vern Potter's 2-1600 Bunderson with rider Karen Prowant out of New-bury Park, CA. Next was Mike Baker, 1-1600 out of Ogden, Utah, and these three were des-tined to put on quite a show_. Dale held his position but was trailing Vern Potter by six seconds on the first lap. Mike lost nearly 15 min-utes upon a rock pedestal, high centered. By the time he was pulled off he had most of the field to pass to get back to competition with Dale and Vern. After two laps Vern was in the lead by 57 seconds over Dale and 10 minutes over Mike. Lap 3 showed Dale with his fast lap of 50:48 while Vern limped to a pit on a flat and lost nearly 15 min-utes. Mike came in at 49:4 7, fast lap to that point, to take second, eight minutes behind Dale. He held the edge over V em after four laps, but a flat tire slowed his charge. Lap 5 showed Dale to be very steady, V em getting quicker at5 l: 19 and Mike with fast lap of the day, 49:23. It was clear that Dale Smith wouldn't be caught unless he had trouble. His day was perfect with absolutely no prob-lems, and he came in a winner with first overall at 5: 13:30 total time. The dicing was between Vern and Mike with Vern in front. Pride was on the line, and it pro-duced Vern's fastest lap of 50:08. · They came into view bumper to bumper and stayed that way com-ing in by the pits. When they came over the final jump they · jumped bumper to bumper hit-ting the finish line almost at the same time. Less than three seconds separated the pair with Vern in second and Mike in third. The 5-1600 class featured the battle for the season points cham-pionship. Rod Sorenson come into the race with 1910 points, Bob Christensen with 1090 points and a chance for second and Guy Young with 1720. A couple of regulars were missing, out with car trouble. Guy Young drew the first start, followed by Jeff Robinson, Chris Klick, Bob Christensen, and Ron Sorenson. It didn't really matter because the red Baja of Guy and Craig Holt was due for a perfect run with five laps within a minute, and they never relinquished the lead. The heavy competition was between the other four with only 48 seconds between second and fifth place. After one lap Rod was second, Bob third, Chris fourth and Jeff, fifth. Lap 2 put Chris into second with a 5:30, then came Rod, Bob and Jeff. The race was destined to change in the third lap and remain that way to the end. The finish had Guy and Craig in at 5: 16:27. Chris Klick notched his best finish in '89 at 5:29:43. Bob and Kathy Chris-tensen were less than a minute back, followed in by Rod and Jim Magill and Jeff Robinson and Jed Worley. With these finishes we had 100 percent of the pro cars finishing the race, a real first for BORE. The Pro/Sports class_ fi~i~hed , the season with a very tight points race between three drivers, Mike Flinn, Jim Siddoway and Craig Clark. When the dust settled the totals were even closer, to end a terrific season. Nine cars left the line with the Mike Flinn entry, driven by Barry Merriam, off first. He was first in after one lap posting a time of 51 :56, competi-tive with the Pros. Andy Clawson turned a 54:59 for second, then came Jim Siddoway in third. The Stub Duck of Dama! Alexander of Boise ran fourth. The second lap took its toll with Barry Merriam and Dama! Alexander failing to return. Jim Siddoway was steady in the lead, followed by Andy, Craig and in fourth Vernon Smith, ten seconds ahead of Gary Brennan. Lap 3 held more attrition with Andy Clawson disappearing and the Smith entry of Vernon and Phillip losing a front control arm. Five cars headed into the last lap wtih Jim still in the lead but · being pressed by Gary Brennan. The Emley Toyota failed to finish, so the race ended with Jim win-ning at 3:40:22, Gary Brenan second at 3:42:46, Craig Clark was next at 3:53:28 and the trou-ble plagued Todd Bingham team scored 4:44:24 with a steering u-joint bandaged together with duct tape. The Sportsman class sent two cars off with Dean Bybee piloting the Vega and the brothers Hogan in their buggy. they suffered ter-minal woes. Gary says watch for the new ride in '90. This left Dean in the victory, and he finished on three wheels but won not only the class but the points series for Sportsman. The largest Powder Puff entry yet left the line, seven in all, and they meant business. The luck of the red Baja held with Lynnette Holt ( or Guy Young with a wig) leaving first, followed off by Terry Robinson, Carol Klick, Sue Sorenson, Debby Siddoway, Paula Bosgieter and Becky Wolfe. Lynnette was out to make life tough on the others, Sue wasn't sure she liked the dust and headed for the front. Carol Klick fol-lowed closely and the others fell , into line. On the approzimately four mile course, the times reflect plenty of speed, enough to make some of their male counterparts wonder who should be racing these cars. Five laps found Lynnette in at 33: 18. a winner. Sue Sorenson, was second at 35 .51, followed home by Carol Klick, Debby Siddoway and Terry Robinson. Paula Bosgieter, driving the Vega proceeded to tear the front wheel off again on lap 4 to retire, and Becky Wolfe dropped out with minor prob-lems after two laps -her pedals were too far from her feet. Thanks gals, you put on a super show. It was a great race, capping off a really good season. Five eventful races, over 1000 miles of racing. We don't think it gets much bet-ter than that. BORE honored its points champions last November at the awards banquet held at the Stateline Casino. Guy Young won top points in Pro Class, Craig Clark did the same in Pro/Sports and Dean Bybee took the honors i~ S~rtsm,an Class. THE FASTEST LIGHTS OFF-ROAD Off-road, you've got to see fast in order to go fast, and IPF MOTORSPORTS performance lights give you the winning · edge .. ;See the difference... . .. IPF MOTORSPORTS performance lan:,ps feature a high-tech photometric design with special hardened glass lens and . precision reflector optics. And, all IPF MOTORSPORTS lights are powered with high quality quartz halogen· bulbs. Only · IPF MOTORSPORTS has these engineered features plus rugged construction and mounting hardware that stand up to the toughest off-roadin·g. :F'iod.. out why more $.CORE and ... • .. Dusty Times January 1990 ·1PF 9093 IPF 9061 Page 27

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' I I ·+ :O ffi '* :-=-· * 'I* I Sway-A-Way Don't Be Left in the Dust SAW Performance, Inc. 7840 Burnet Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91405 (818) 988-5510 Baja Promotions, Ltd., P.O. Box 8938, Calabasas, CA 91lrl -1818) ~5750 FORDA. 1717 Marker Road, Polk City, Fl 3.1lll8 -1813) !114-1923 Fudpucter Racing T earn, 2fJO Kennedy, ll'l, Chula Vista, CA 92011 -161~ 427-5759 Glen Helen OHV Part P.O. Box 2937, San Bernardino, CA 92400 • (7141 BID-1733 GORRA, Box 11003 Station A, Atlanta, BA 30310 -141141 9'17-6432 Great Western Points Series, 12840 Dexter St, TIIOl'nton, CO mr.141 -llI!l 452-4013 H.O.RA, 1NJ7 Las Vegas Blvd. So., Las Vegas, NV &1124 -(71121 :1;1-5404 ·i* High Plains Off Road R~ng Assoc.. 3503 Hall St, Raoid Citv, SO 5771Jl -mil· 342-lm1 , ' ' ,, I Super Boot Products, In~. I Dnve Train Components for Off Road - IMSA -Trans Am -Indy Car Racing 1220 No. La Loma Circle Anaheim, CA 92806 '(714) 630-8283 S.N.O.R.E., Ltd. S.N.O.R.E., Where It Pays to Race P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 Race Ready Products Competition Proven High Performance VW Equipment Specializing in the Off Road Market 103 Press Lane, Suite 4 Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 691-9171 -Precision Preparation, Inc. Good Racing in 1990 15041 Goldenwest Circle Westminster, CA 92683 (714) 894-7341 Pike's Services I -I I I l, l• Over 45 Years Peak Performance Gasoline Watering Hole Saloon 24 Hour Service Station and Restaurant . Baker, California Parker Pumper Helmet Co. It's Almost Like Cheating 9371 Kramer St., Unit G Westminster, CA 92683 .. (714) 894-8332 . ' -Mirage Racing Products• Racing Parts and Accessories Doily U.P.S. Service 37925 Sixth St. E,1st. #108 Palmd,1le, CA 93:i50 (805) 947-6772 ---Trackside Photo Inc. Uni Filter Inc. V.O.R.R.A. America11 Action Photos, Racing As! for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads, and Commercial and Product Photography Two Stage Air Filters & Filter Wraps Northern California & Nevada Off Road Racing Series Pro -Sportsma A.D.R 1507 East Del Amo Blvd. Carson, CA 90746 (2131 609-1772 (0) = DESERT RACE (SC)= SHORT COURSE RACE. (TBA) = TO BE ANNOUNCED 13522 Newhope St. Garden Grove, CA 92643 (714) 530-6101 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (9161 925-1702 P.O. Box Phoenix, A (602) 25~ <LEGEND I 1990 DUS1 OFF ROAD COMPE1 . ·-· · ----·-.. , ~ -1 2 3 4 5 6 January .I l * Off Road Challenge -SC ---. . -7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 ! + Gran Carrera I e San Felipe, MX - D -T -0 Lakeland, fl -SC 0 Lake.and, -...., .. ,... .. February + McBride's Bottom Dollar -Las Vegas, NV -D T r Ir ' _ _½ * . * , * Mint 400 -Las Veoas, W -D @ DATrTBAJ Suiilfevil Stadium -Phoenix, Al -SC ---T IT . @ Kingdome -Seattle, WA O SC I * .March - - -.. * r--* . ~*Cha_!tahoocheefor._estRallv_: __ At!anta,r_GA • , • . j • t . , I ! * Millican 250, Bend, OR -D ; - -,;:; Vienna, GA -SC ---- -April May : June July , * Off Road Challenge -St _ffi Buu Bomb 150 -El Centro, CA -D . ....... :.-~f Sunriser Forest Rally -Chillicothee, OK ~ ~erlux Twili_ght 200 -Las_ Vegas, NV_-D - , . . · -· . · ---~ I I I 0 * 0 * One Lap of A_merica -Long Beach, CA * @ Rose Bowl -Pasadena, CA -SC ffi 24 Hour Enduro -Pie 0 Off Road Champions * Tiadaughton -Willla • Ca iente 250 -Caliente, I v -D \ * 0 O_ * f . o Baja Internacional -Ensenada, MX - D ♦ Kiwanis Off Road Race ~nligo, WI -SC * Kamloops 400 KM -B.C. Canada -D · W Susquehannock Trails Rally -Wellsboro, PA * Pierre Stadium -Pierre, SD -SC * Fireworks· 250 -Barstow, CA -D I ♦-Fox Riverfes.t Challenge -De Pere, WI -SC @ Coliseum l ffi Su Derstition 250 VII -P!aster ~ty, CA -D . ' _ ~ County Fair -St. Francis, CO -KS ~Off Roal[Challeiige --St * Adams County Fair -Adams C-ty~S~ I I .. August ~ ~ Belen, NM - D · * * * Desert Championship -Rosamonc @ (DATE TB~ Mile H~h Stadium ~ Denver, CO -SC @(DATE TBA Silver owT-Las-Vegas, NV· St] I S b , ♦ ♦ Brush Run 101 -Crandon, WI -SC eptem er, · , * Gran Prix -Central Cit , CO -SC 4.t 4.t VORRA 250 -Northern Nevada -D. ~ (DATA TBA) Deming, NM - D October November December + Showboat Race -Las Vegas, NV -~ , . · . I · I ~ j ~ ff Paso, TX -D 0 Awards Banquet -Los Angeles, CA l ·1 i ·1 ., J . . * Mirage Chassis McKenzie's Performance Products Off Rood is Our Business 2366 Orangethorpe Ave. * * Nevada 500 -Pahrump, NV -D * * Gold Coast 300 -Las Vegas, NV * -* Millican 400 -Bend, 0 · 0 - 0 * * O_ Baja 1IXXI -Ensenada, MX -D _ * · * Mazda Coachman Stag~ Rally · Leslie's Driveline Service There is a Difference "Serving the Industry Since 1976" Lee Leight, Engi Short Course & VW -Toyot Racing Into the Future V • Enterprises 37925 Sixth St. East, #107 Palmdale, CA 93550 Anaheim, CA 92806 Colton, CA (714) 824-1561 3961 Alan Riverside, (714) 68 f 805) 272-3843 (714) 441-1212 • Fax (714) 444-1622 L.A.-Orange County (213) 945-2331 I

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t Desert ,ociation 'n - Beginner .A. 34810 .Z 85067 i-1900 A.T.E. Motorsports Thanks for 1989 -Good Luck in 1990 A.T.E. 22264 Ottawa, Unit 1 A_pple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-318£, B & R Buggies VW & Off Road Parts & Accessories 1523 So. Hill Oceanside, CA 92054 (619) 722-1266 Champion Bead Lock A Quality Bead Lock for Off Road Racing 1671 No. Brawley Fresno, CA 93 722 (209) 275-5183 Chenowth Racing Products The Winner's Choice in Race Car Chassis & A ccessories 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 Midwest Off Road B_aja Series, 1421 lee Trivino D-1 El P~o. TX -(915) 594-8'266 ' rY-TIMES· [ITIO_N~ CALENDAR @ I LEGEND) ,E Off Road Championship Gran Prix, MTEG, P.O. Box 25168, Anaheim, CA 92825 -(714) 933-4100 PAC Off Road Racing, P.O. Box 323, Seahllrst WA ' 9IDi2 · (200) 242-1773 SCCA Pro Rally, 0033 E. Easter Pl, Englewood, CO 111112 -(303) 694-722'2 SCORE International, 31125 Via Colinas, mi, Westlake Village, CA -(81111 889-9216 I ,. SNORE, P.O. Box 4394, las Vegas, NV 89100 -(7lr2) 452-4522 -,.....----,----r----,-----,-----,------,---:------,----,---~---------,----r----.-----111 SODA/STORE, 11Di Cardinal lane, Green Bay, WI ' 54ll3 -(4141434-0044 . J 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 fl-SC Anaheim Stil!liu_m -Anaheim, CA_:_ SC -·-- · - · -__ Parkl!!_~_Parker.~AZ -D ffi King of the Desert -El entro, -+ Prairie City OHV Park -acramento I Lakeland, L -> G_reat Mojave 250 -Lucerne Valley, A - D * * * I * @ Super Bowl -New Orleans, LA -SC + + + Gran Carrera de Tecate, -* Horn Rapids, 300 -Richland, WA -D · . T T . r -~ .. ~-Belen, NM -OT T . Prairie City OHV Park -Sacramento, CA -SC + * .* I * One Lap of Ame~ica -Long_ Beach, CA~ r * . * Rim of the World Rally -Vienna, GA -S · - * ,_ *-Chimmney Rock Hillclimb -Ashville, NC • ·· , Lancas * ~ter 1tv, hips -Phoenix, AZ -SC msport, PA 1 · Budweiser Baja -VDR Berthoud, CO -SC ♦ ♦ Memorial Dav 100 -Lake Geneva WI -· · + + Yerington VORRA 400 -Yerington, NV - D Off Road Challenge -SC y Vienna GA -SC * * 1 -Lo~Jngeles,_ GA -SC Vienna, GA -SC ❖ V-Colorado State Fairgrounds -Puebl~, CO -SC ] U.P. 100 -Bark River. Ml -SC ♦ ♦ ❖ Vienna, GA -SC Spnng Run 1 1 -Cran on WI -SC + Virginia CJty 2® -Virginiit1ty, NV -D -~ Albuquerque, N~ -D · 1 . f * ~-t. Washington Hillclimb -Lancaster, CA l Gran Carrere de Ensena a, X - + . KC Hilites Midnigh,t _Splciaf-Las Vegas, NV -D • • -Prame 1ty lJIIV Park -Sacramento, CA -~C _+ , Pikes Peak Hillclimb -Colorad_o Sprin~s. CO * ♦ ♦ No. American Off Road Racing Festival -Ionia, Ml -SC "'k_Gumbo Buttes -Pierre, SD -SC I . . * * * Duryea Hillclimb -Reading, PA ❖ Vienna GA -SC * * *-Ojibwe Rally -Grand Rapids, MN I, CA -SC * ► _♦ Badgerland Sp~ints -s_!!!_J'i -_. t Deadwood Off Road Grand Prix -Deadwood,. SD -SC . . _ Plaster ity • SNORE 250 -Las Vegas, NV -D ~ . I ¥ Afbuauerque,NM -D ❖ V_ienna, GA -_SC ity, C -D ffi -D Last Chance Baja -Wall, SD - SC* .IJran Carrera de ampeones an e 1pe, -D + + . I Yokohama Chanenge -Las Veg~, NV - 0 + , • -OR -D Championship Race, Prairie City OHV Park, Sacramento, CA -SC • Press on Regardless Rally -Escanaba, Ml * * * * . ❖, GA -SC -Olympia, WA * Off Road Challenge -SC ❖ ~ienna, GA -SC . on Racing Kuster JADA House of Buggies roes Performance Products Not Just Another Buggy Shop Adjustable Racing Shocks VW Repair -Parts - Service Motorcycle-ATV-RV- . Desert Engines Truck-Dune Buggy a -Rabbit Computer Suspension Check Our Prices First Design Assistance no Street 6291 Manchester Blvd. 9925 Prospect Ave. CA 92501 Long Beach, CA Buena Park, CA 90621 Santee, CA 92071 ,2-3816 (213) 595-06j1 (714) 522-4600 • (714) 522-4602 (619) 589-6770 ♦ VORRA, 1833 Los Robles Blvd., Sacramento, r.A 95838 · 91 925-17112 DJ Transaxles Off Road Racing Transaxles 1533 Truman San Fernando, CA 91340 (818} 361-3033 Fat Performance , Off Road Racing Engines & .Yransaxles. Parts & Accessories 1558 No. Case St. Orange, CA 92667 (714) 637-2889 Fortin Transaxles Get Your Shift Together 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, CA 92035 _(~19)~_9-4727 Fox Factory, Inc. Custom Shoxs Built to Your Vehicle's Specifications ~, 544 McGlincey Lane, Unit 8 Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 377-3422 Garman Fabrication Race Trucks -Pre-Runners 1452 East Third St. Pomona, CA 91766 (714) 620-1242 Glen Helen OHV Park Short Course Racing for Desert Size Race Cars Year Round Schedule P.O. Box 2937 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714) 880-1733 Don Hatz Racing Engines VW Racing Engines 105 Press Lane Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 425-1639 ' --

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,,. -ADRA INTERNATIONAL CHAMP SERIES '89 FINALE Shepard Soars at Sonoyta to Rocky Point By Daryl Drake Photos hy Curt Hummel Bob Shepard kicks up some dirt in the Selsted/Porsche Class 1 car on his way to First Overall and first in Pro Class 1, despite a brake problem right off the start. Bob Shepard didn't think it was his day when his Selsted-Porsche slid to a stop -two miles off the start of the American Desert Racing Association's 13th Annual "Sonoyta to Rocky Point Hare 'n Hound." His brakes had locked up tight, "But, by the time I got the tools out and the hood off," said Shepard, "the brakes apparently cooled off and the pedal had come back. I still don't know what happened!" So Shepard got back in, stayed off the brakes and roared past the competition to take First Overall and first in Pro Class 1 in the Larry Ragland/Dave Beck/ Fod-drill Fabrication Selsted single. "But I lost my side bet with Mark Miller, my stockbroker," laughed Shepard. ''He was first overall on the bikes, and I'd bet him I'd beat him. The eight min-utes I lost to the brakes is about what he beat me by. It was a fun, fast dusty race." For the 1989 edition of this 125-mile point-to-point event· ADRA International moved the date to a warmer pre-Thanks-giving weekend from its tradi-tional early December spot. The course wound around the mountains south of Sonoyta again, then covered new territory to Check 3 and avoided the siltbeds of the last few years. While the top loop was rough and twisty, the sandy run to the Sea of Cortez and Rocky Point was faster than ever. Leaving at noon, Pro Class 1 was first off. Jim Travis was out early, destroying his transmission not too far from Shepard's early troubles. "The course was marked unbe-lievably well, so 'no prerunning' caused me no troubles," said Shepard. "But someone had turned one set of arrows 180°, and I almost hit a fence. Then I got tangled up with a Baja Bug {Jack Dinsmore, also running in Class _1) as I was backing up. Must have looked pretty funny." Dinsmore and Tom Wood both succumbed to mechanical woes further on, and Shepard was the lone class finisher, with a time of 2:22:52 to average 52.50 mph. But Travis looks like he still will earn the class points champion-ship. Six starters in Pro Class 2 were pulling for a win and still close as they left Check #1. Tom Murray had the lead by 15 seconds over Mike Perez and Ross Whitmoyer. Paul Nolte was third on the trail with Team Everett, Bill Cook and John Thul giving chase. Just as the course opened up and Perez/Whitmoyer planned to reel in Murray, their distributor advance broke and the Mazda detonated, blowing an apex seal. They limped on to about the 80 mile mark in sight of Check 4, but could do no more. Murray, meanwhile, was giving his best race to date and con-tinued to lead, witJ:i Cook, the , 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! "" r -~ -*~ • . -:::1'. -,i,9'· ~ ·~ Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling, design to retain stock appear-ance and allow 34" tall tires. SCORE/HORA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Reinforced hood to stop distortion at speed. Racers Price Available. Dimple Die Sets now in stock-½" - 1" -1½" -2" CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 Orchard St. Cherry Valley, CA 92223 Curt Leduc, Owner (714) 845-8820 Page 30 Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing 8403 Vicki Road Rockford, IL 61108 (815) 332-9681 January 1990 Nose diving over the tundra in the Sonoran desert Al McMullen had a trouble free run and took the Pro Class 10 victory and second overall by just three minutes. Despite some late breaking engine woes, Tom Murray won Class 2 in his Woods Vulcan and he finished fifth overall in the Pro ranks. Everetts, and Thul following him Quaker State Oil/Rancho Sus: into Rocky Point. With a time of pension Jeep Honcho with a time 2:43:02, Murray averaged 46.00 of 3:54: 14 and a "cruising" 32 .02 mph in the Woods Off Road Pro-mph average. ducts/Tom Murray Racing In Pro Class 8, Richard Mann Woods Vulcan-VW and finished held the lead by a fair margin at fifth overall. Check #1 after Frank Turben suf-Cook was just two minutes fered a flat and Jack Bailey expe-behind after Murray slowed the rienced overheating with his new last 30 miles as the engine temp motor. By Check 3, Mann was 15 rose in the soft sand. The Everetts minutes out front over Turben. were third, six minutes later but But three miles later, Mann hit a nine ahead of Thul, fourth and ditch that tore his steering box final finisher in class. from the frame. Benny Hinds was all alone in Turben, thinking Bailey was Pro 4 after the Bell /Laycock out front, put the pedal to the truck did not start. Hinds sailed metal, and roared on to ahout the on and found a place to get stuck, 100 mile mark, where he got losing some time, but made it to another flat, trying to get around a the finish, earning the class champ- slower buggy. Bailey had gone out ionship for the Randall Racing/ with a blown motor at Check 3. Car & Truck Store/BFGood-but Mann's crew got another box rich /KC Hi Lites /Fl y-N-H i) to him and he continued. Tony Pierce won the very tight battle in Pro Class 1-2-1600, in his flame painted Raceco, and he was a swift seventh overall among the Pros. Benny Hinds was the sole survivor in Pro Class 4, but he drove the Jeep Honcho the entire distance and wrapped up the class points title. Dusty Times

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Rolling again, Turben brought the Armstrong Tires/Rancho Suspension/ Art Carr/J&M Race Prep/ KC HiLites/ SuperSeats by Bea rd /Val voline/Purola tor/ Windshields of America/ Champion Chevrolet in to the fin-ish ·at 11th overall with a time of 2:54:37 and a 42.95 mph average. "The truck ran flawlessly and we had a super race," said Turben.' 'The flats were probably my fault, cause I still don't know what I hit!" Mann was nearly an hour behind, but with enough points to sew up the class champ-ionship battle. Seven racers in Pro Class 10 yielded five finishers. Favorite Ed Beard went out with a busted tranny at the 15 mile mark, and Al McMullen was in the lead with Jim Kirk second, Bill Capatch third, Steve Cheuvront fourth and Tom Foley/Jerry Under-down fifth. Capatch was having brake troubles and thereby slamming ditches and Kirk had engine woes; while McMullen sailed on trouble free to take the class win at second overall, 3:03 behind Shepard with a time of2:25:55 in the McMullen Racing/Dan Foddrill/Yoko-hama/Fly-N-Hi Funco-Rabbit and a 49 .23 mph average. Capatch was second seven min-utes later to claim the class champ-ionship, with Cheuvront third, Kirk fourth and Foley/Under-down fifth. Pro 1-2-1600 was marked by a . fierce battle for the win with just seconds separating the top pair. T earn Krug put their Bunderson out front off the start, but Jim Borel and Tony Pierce were soon around him as they raced for the win and the points championship. Richard Binder, usually always a threat, had big troubles and went out early. Pierce got the lead on the road Beating Pro 2's Murray by almost two minutes, Keith Alger ran his last Sportsman race in fine style, earning the Overall, first in Class 2 and the class championship. James Taggert won the Beginner division overall, and the Unlimited Class honors, and he was one of three that finished in the group. Flyin' Frank Turben charged hard for the Pro Class 8 win, bagged a few flat tires along the way, but the Chevy also finished 11th overall. The popular Challenger Class had a real dice in the pro ranks, and Ron Dalke was a quick 15th overall for the victory in his TUF-built. · and the c:Tock when Borel had trouble in a wash, but Borel caught him at Check #4 and passed for the lead soon thereaf-ter. But Pierce only had to stay in Borel's dust since he'd started later and when the clock stopped, Pierce had won by a scant 36 seconds to take the points champ-ionship home for the T earn Pierce Racing/Griffith Plumbing/Off Road Communications/ Foddrill Fabrication/ l;llr · .091 HEAVY DUTY DIFFERENTIAL Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity. Pre-cision machined for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! CV BOOT HOLDERS Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 Cl/s. Tired of replacing com-. plate CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated aircraft quality 300M Alloy steel and feature case hardened ball grooves. NEW FOR '89 ! TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available. 714-441-1212 McKENZIE'S lf~g~l~~:s 2366 ORANGETHORPE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806·INVITED Taking the num er one spot in the big field in Sportsman Class 10 action was Ruben Wood in his Beard's chassis single seater. Dusty Times January 1990 Page 31 .. ,

Page 32

,... ~~ Eddie Faulkner grabbed the Sportsman 1600 Limited honors driving a Hi Jumper and he took the trophy and awards home to California. The Sportsman 5-1600 drivers didn't have much luck, and Ron Gardner was the only one in the class that finished, the winner and 9th overall. Dave Lillie had fun in his Ford Ranger in the desert, and he kept it moving steadily to take the victory in Class 7S. tr Yokohama/KC HiLites/ Fox Shox Raceco. ln -at seventh 0 / A, Pierce turned in a 2:44:18 to average 45.65 mph. of Larry· Dimmett and David Overall for the division~ 64.3% Alger was really flying, but just before the infamous "Gopher Hole Alley," his oil pressure dropped to 12 pounds, and then he got a flat as he pulled in at Check S for oil. Alger thanks .fueve Baker's crew f~r helping get Anderson, by 13 minutes. ofthestartersfinished. Ron Dalke put it all together for the Pro Challenger win beating the o_!lly _gther f!!ti~hers-L.!_he ~earn_ Dalke's T .U.F. Off Road/ Safari In the Sportsman ranks, Keith Landscape/R&G Tire/Oracle Alger led a parade in Class 2, with Road Rental T.U.F. -built was Mike Gertsen, Team Jacobs, and 15th overall with a time of Team Sharp giving chase. All ;3:4J:1Q_an~ _a33._~~ mph average. finished. FUEL SAFE THE #1 NAME IN RACING FUEL CELLS ORY BREAK VALVE Legal for NASCAR, USAC, IMSA, SCCA and SCORE. -Mounts in variuos locations, this valve makes refueling safe and easy. It automatically closes when male probe is withdrawn to prevent any fuel spillage. Flows at a rate of 2_ gallons per second. DBF300 -Female receptacle DBM200 -Male probe DESCR/MINATOR VALVES The ultimate in fuel venting. This valve offers fuel shut-off when refueling and eliminates the need for a catch can. Also offers positive shut-off in case of a rollover. DV100-1 in. DV175 - 1 3/4 in. Page 32 Approved by: . FIA, NASCAR, HORA, IMSA NHRA, SCCA, SCORE, DIRT, & ACT PRO CELL RACING BLADDERS Pro Cell Racing Bladders come equipped with Super Tough Rubber Bladder, Full Foam Baffling, 3/8" Pick-up and Vent Fittings (1 /2' optional), Internal Fuel Strainers; 3". Standard Plate w/Rollover Valve and a 5 Year Warranty. Optional Accessories: 2 1/4" or 3" Remote Plates w/Rollover Valves and Aluminum Containers. "Let us know what you want. We can do it!" CIRCLE TRACK FUEL CELLS Circle Track Fuel Cells come equipped with High Impact Polyethelene Cell, Full Foam Baffling, one 1/2" Pick-up, one 3/8' vent fitting, 3' Raised Filler Neck with large Bail Handle Cap and a 3 Year Warranty. -Optional Accessories: 2 1/4" or 3" Remote Plate with rollover valves and Steel or Aluminum Containers. (800) 433-6524 (Outside California) Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. 5271 Business Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 January 1990 QUICK FILL DUMP CANS These dump cans are available . with 11/4, 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 in. openings, a must where quick refueling is required. DC011 -11 gallon DC006 - 6 gallon DDC004 - 4 gallon RECESSED FENDER FILLER KIT Kit contains: (1) recessed fender filler; 2 ft. of filler hose; 2 ft. of aluminum tubing; and (4) hose clamps. FK300-3" FK225 -2 1/4" him going again, and-after· adding two and a half quarts of oil, streaked off to win the Sportsman · Overall and Class 2 trophies with a time that beat Pro 2 by 1:55. Alger's Yokohama/Trick/Off Road Communications/KC Hilites/Station 1 Sandhawk turned in a time of 2:41:07 to average 46.55 mph. "The motor was really knocking after the race; we didn't know if we would make the trailer," said Alger. "I was glad to see the finish line." Gertsen was 16 minutes back for second, five minutes ahead of Team Jacobs, with the Sharps about a half hour back but finish-ing. Alger won the class champion-ship as well, with the Sharps second. Three 5-1600s tried their luck, but only Ron and Darren Gardner earned a finish, bringing the Competi tiori Concepts/Will ow Creek RV Park sedan in at ninth overall with a time of 3: 13 :3 7 and a 38.74 mph average. And David Lillie brought the Alexander Ford/Sundown Asso-ciates/Southwest Steel/Nelson Construction Ford Ranger in for the Class 7S win with a time of 3: 14:42 and a 38.52 mph average. Sportsman Class 10 was the biggest of the day with 10 starters. Reuben Wood earned the victory with a time of2:48:l 7 and a 44.57 mph average in the SuperSeats by Beard/W.W. Hay Harvest/ Pierce Beard's. Randy Miller and Bruce Mills were second, three minutes later. Walt Nash was third, Mike Worra was fourth after rolling once, and Robert Wood was fifth. In 1600 Limited racing, Cali-fornian Eddie Faulkner racked up another victory, beating Troy Churchman by nearly ten min-utes, with Team O'Connor third and Mike Hathcox fourth. Faulkner's Edwin Enterprises/ Yokohama Tires Hi Jumper clicked off a 3:04:35 with a 40.63 mph average. And in Sportsman Challenger action, Team Knupp blew away the competition, bringing the Volkspower/Dan's Chevron/ Roy Martin Machining Chen-owth in with a 38 minute margin at 3: 17:20 to average 38.01 mph. John Raitter was second, with Doc Shirley third. For the Sportsman, 79.2% fin-ished, which I think is their best ratio all this year. In the Beginner Division only three finished, all Unlimiteds, and James Taggert won the race. ADRA International expressed its thanks to all who volunteered their time and help to make Champ Series '89 possible and wishes everyone a merry holiday season. We'll have a wrap-up on the points championships in a future issue of DUSTY TIMES. Dusty Times

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Bob Rule's new Rabbit-built car flies high on the way to a strong second place finish with 40 laps done in Class 1-2-1600. James Hester ran well all day. Maybe it was the new paint job he was sporting, but transmission problems ended his day. Robin Williams of Lithis Automotive ftnished sixth after throttle cable problems. This was the second Lithia car he drove at this race. Clint Hurst flies over the lumps in Georgia. He finished second in the Challenger Class after a roll over lost him some ground. Autumn Racing in Georgia By Boh Rul<? Photos: Ki?ith Williams Jim Pate ran strong and close to Steve Langley before problems put him out of the main event on lap 12 . Race day, October 29, was a beautiful day, the same weather as Thanksgiving last year. Hope it holds for one more race. We had the best turn out of the year for our Challenger Class and a better showing for the 11500s. The fields for next year art looking better all the time. The Challenger heat race had a new first time winner, Jim Pate from Montgomery, Alabama. Looks like Tate Thackston has got the new group on the right track. Two cars didn't run the heat, because of potential motor problems. Steve Rule, in his first ever race, had his car in parts and couldn't take the flag. His engine was on the ground, while Greg and Harold were out looking for a welder. Thanks to some special efforts by a bunch of people. Steve would like to thank all those who pitched in and helped. Robin W illiams got in trouble and hit a pole o n the first lap in the Smallwood Comer. The 1600s had the best race of the day. The two Herre 11 's, Sammy and Lindy, ran almost the entire five laps nose to tail or vice versa. At the finish Sammy had a five foot advantage over cousin Lindy.Jack Thompson had motor problems in the heat, when grass got into an unguarded screen. Bob Rule's 1600 lost a coil wire on the first lap and went a lap down in a five lap race. Mickey Smallwood's 1600 broke an axle coming off the line and he was finished for the afternoon, along with Thomp-son's car. So much for the heats. The feature race featured four tum overs, several close races and ·-DultyTllna . a rare occurrence (Sammy didn't win). Jim Pate and Steve Langley had a great duel going, with Pate leading until he broke a link and king pin. The Sammy and Lindy (Herrell show) dice went strong until a valve cover gasket came loose on Sammy and started his string of pit stops.James Hester in the all new (Rabbit chassis) Hurst/ Hester car had transmis-sion problems. The car looked real good and ran good until the problem struck. Lindy Herrell in Porter's 1600 ran strong, and despite failing brakes, held off Bob Rule's 1600. Lindy Herrell won the 1600 class honors with 40 laps completed, followed by Bob Rule, also with 40 laps done. Sammy Herrell's 35 laps was good for third in class, and James Hester was fourth with seven laps done. Neither Jack Thompson or Mickey Smallwood covered a lap. Steve Rule in his first race ever, and actually only the second time he drove a buggy, finished fifth in Challenger action despite two roll overs. As soon as his teacher, Bill .Porter, can teach him the difference between the shiny side and the rubber side he might do a good job. We'll see next race. Another car with a shiny side up problem was the Rick and Darrin Show in the Challenger Class. Seems Darrin Stephens understands, but he can't quite reach his partner/ co-driver Rick Rreitenbach' s mind. Maybe Rick's beep watching too much Mickey Thompson or High Desert racing. Keep the shiny side uQ__~ l!ows, Rick and Steve a_n.4_ Clint. Steve Langley won the Chal-leng·er main event with 40 laps completed, just like the big boys. Clint Hurst was second with 38 laps done after a roll over, followed by Daryl Richards at 32 laps, then the Darrin & Rick combo at 26 laps and Steve Rule with 25 laps completed. Rounding out the Challengers were Robin Williams, 20 laps, Jim Pate 12 laps, and Mike Isola, 11 laps. The Challenger Class is growing a·nd the 1600s show signs of waking up. G.O.R.R.A. should be in for a banner year in 1990. With just the Thanksgiving 250 yet to go in the record book at this writing, Steve Langley leads Clint Hurst by 25 points in Challenger Class, followed by Mike Isola, another 22 points down, and 10 more points back is the Ljthia Group. Sammy Herrell looks untouchable in Class 1-2-1600 points with 250, while second running Bob Rule had 198. Mickey Smallwood is third at 190 points, followed by James Hester at 114. The club held their elections and rules committee meeti"ngs during the same weekend as this race. Elected President was Ms. Sherry Thompson, VP 1600, Mickey Smallwood, VP Challen-ger, Chris Williams, and Secre-tary/Treasurer, who else but Joy Porter. Co-Race Directors for the coming year are Tate Thackston and Rick Smallwood with Harold Trader as Alternate. The Protest Committee is Wayne Faulkner, Robin W illiams, Bill Porter and Larry Porter, Alternate. January 1990 ~ '~ Lithia Automotive 's President Robin Williams, leads a field of six cars down the front straight in the highly competitive Challenger action. ' ,. ~ ,' ..._!, ,Ji€, fc, ,; , ' j ;<,. Steve Langley takes the checkered flag at the end of 50 miles. He won the Challenger class, and finished on the same lap with the 0 /A winner. Bill Porter's car actually raced in the 1600 class. Driver Lindy Herrell won the race; despite failing brakes he covered all 40 laps. CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 27g..2509 HELMET $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 A FRESH AIR HELMET ANO BLOWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNED FOR OFF ROAD U~ AT~ REASONABLE PRICE BUILT AND BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LIGHT WEIGHT-REDUCES NECK Sl'RAIN COOL, COMFORTABLE TERllY CWTH LINER-BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSEMBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONE FULL n:AR SNELL SA86 APPROVED

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--PAC on R.OAD RACING The Yokohama/Trick Millican Valley 400 Text & Photos: Leonard Day through the high desert with a lit-tle of everything for everybody. The local ranchers welcome this group, as the racers have made every effort to comply with their wishes. Pre-running is still allowed with the participants adhering to the speed limits of the public roads, closing the gates they use, and not allowing even a gum wrapper to become part of the landscape. Our hats are off to a great bunch of racers. This past fall, as in the past, racers have come from northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Thirty entries started this race with eight taking the checkered flag after completing the required ten laps on the forty mile track. A twelve hour time limit was in effect for Todd Francis started first in his Pro single seater, and he turned fast lap of the day, kept up the pace and never looked back, winning the race overall with 10 laps done in 8:42:18. this race, with the overall winning hardy racers who semi-annually single seater, driven by Todd come to this beautiful valley to Francis and BrianJohnson, taking compete on one of the best tracks the checkered flag at 8:42: 18. on the west coast. More efforts Tom Scahill's Chevy 4x4 was are underway to obtain another second overall at 9: 10:46 and the nineteen miles of race course for Joe Chainey entry was tops in the the spring race, to be held next Sportsman buggy class making Blustering winds and torrents of rain throughout the week prior to the annual Millican Valley off road race made for a virtually dust free event. The only discomfort was the chilly temperature in the early morning portion of this 400 mile race through the Millican Valley Recreation Area managed by the Oregon Division of the Bureau of Land Management. Nearly six months of meetings and track layout with the BLM and the local Director of Search · and Rescue Units of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Department · produced another five miles of new trails to race on. This effort brought nice praise fr_om t~e_ March. the ten lap tour at 10:16:52. The local office of the BLM, The course was opened in the with Field Director Barry Phelps . normal fashion with two teams of at the helm, and aided by Sheriff searcn and rescue motorcycle, Terry Silbaugh, makes sure, with medics making the tour of the thourough studies with all parties · course and reporting back at each involved, that the area remains in checkpoint and visual crossing. a pristine condition. The race is The race was started atten o'clock conducted on an established track sharp with starter Tom McHarg that goes through private as well flagging the entries off the line, aspubliclands.Theareaisunique one each minute. The scoring and well suited for racing, te~m is led by.John Holland, who GET ON A FAST TRACK ... START THE SEASON WITH March 9 & 10, 1990 MILLICAN VALLEY 250 SCHEDULE: FRIDAY, MARCH 9-Tech and Registration at the Millican Store - 10:00 a.m. till ---. SATURDAY, MARCH 10 - Drivers Meeting, 8:00 a.m. sharp. Racing starts at 10:00 a.m. sharp. Combined Class - 1, 2, 5 - Pro Buggy Class 1600 Buggy• Pro 4x4 Sportsman Buggy and Sportsman 4x4 ( ::iubject to Change) FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: SEASON SCHEDULE: Leonard Day (206) 242-1773 (evenings) or write: PAC OFF-ROAD RACING P.O. Box 323, Sea_hurst, WA 98062 Page 34 March 9-10, 1990 - MILLICAN 250 April 20-21, 1990 - HORN RAPIDS 300 June 9-10, 1990-KAMLOOPS 400 KM October 12-13, 1990 - MILLICAN 499 January 1990 Californian Tom Scahill made the tow worthwhile from San Rafael. He won the 14 rig Pro Class 4x4, 7, 8, group by nearly half an hour total time. ·has developed a beautiful compu-ter scoring program that gives results at the drop of a hat, any~ time during the race. Final results, points and prize monies, as well as season points are just minutes away from the finish of each race. Mary Upton operates the compu-, ter and also supervises the scoring team. The first car off the line was the Pro single seater of Todd Francis and Johnson. They had just pur~ chased the car a month before the race. They were followed by the LaPlant single driven by Randy LaPlant. Mike Jones left next in a Class 5 Baja followed by Gary W eyhrich in another Class 5. The Class 2 car of Bob Rea and Duane Pray followed. The first lap leader was Francis, who turned in the fast lap for this class, and never looked back for the rest of the day. He turned very consistent laps with only windshield wiper problems (it did rain a bit at the higher elevations) and one broken shock. LaPlant was plagued all day with engine problems they couldn't pinpoint until, midway through lap 6 a rod poked its nasty head through the side of the block. The battle for second place was in question most of the first half of the race. The Rea - Pray two seater battled from the fifth start-ing spot to second at one time. On lap 1, about the 25 mile mark, they slid around a high speed corner only to find that a giant jagged rock had been dislodged and was in the middle of the track. One rear tire dismounted from the rim. On lap 3 an exhaust gasket blew and it cost them time in the pits to replace it, and a stripped stud, next lap, was when the trouble really started, with a spring plate breaking off right at the torsion hub. A lot of time was spent in the pits waiting for a turn at a welder, but it was rewelded and a driver change was made with A.J. Kielian taking over the wheel with Robert Murphy in the co-driver's seat. After one more lap Murphy was let out to lessen the weight on that side of the car and Kielian made another lap before the spring plate let go again taking the cv joint with it. The car was in a difficult area to retrieve, so the decision to stop was made. W eyhrich left the scene after completing three laps, no prob-lem was disclosed. Mike Jones and crew made a last lap effort that brought them a second place, but they had their problems also on lap 3 when the front suspen-sion went completely away. After a lot of down time they continued on, but were really embarrassed to find that no one had refueled the car, and they ran out of gas on their last lap and had to wait a while for more fuel to be brought out. The next class off the line is always a good race with a bunch of really heavy hitters. Fourteen Pro. 4x4s took the green with six of them completing the 400 miles. Don German came up from Peta~ luma, California to defend his dominant ways on this track. German has won this 400 mile race three years in a row. The Livernash - Matthews nifty Mit-subishi sponsored by Korum of Puyallup was the first to bite the bullet when the bottom end of the motor froze up on the first lap putting them on the trailer early. Richard Akridge and son Jeff had been experiencing front suspen-sion problems on their Mazda all week, but thought they had the bugs worked out. Ball joint and shock failure took them out on lap 2. Another lap 2 drop out was the usually strong running Jeep of Jack Mamo and Rob Babiuk. But they blew a transfer case and pulled out. Don Monk's Bronco experienced a broken rear axle on lap 1 but continued with the front i drive. On lap 2 they had troubles with the fuel cell and then the front differential broke, taking them out of the race. After practi-cally building a new Jeep sin_ce a Joe Chainey, his daughter and son-in-law and more race "just for the fun of it", but they also turned consistent laps, and won the Sportsman Buggy class honors. Dusty Times

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Turek Zdenek has some language problems, but got three time winner, once overall, on this track, Don mid race trouble repaired and came back to place German blew one too many tires this year, and got the second in the Sportsman Buggy Class. radical Jeep home second in the Pro 4x4, 8 and 7 group. Rod Stevens took top honors in Sportsman 4x4, in his trusty Ford Bronco. · ing. hand, a lot of sign language- goes one half the distance and this frantic work the motor would fire Stevens led almost all the way in the five lap competition. and drawing in the sand, but it was was five laps. Stevens indicated but die again after only a few , last ·race flip, Dianna--Prine was -· day, but by -o~ly 22 minutes a pleasure, kind of like getting this was his hardest win ever and yards. This happened repeatedly. 1 out to win this race. She and co- behind Scahill. Scahill started last locals to help in Baja! had to do a lot of work each lap to Help came and a new battery was driver Don Daugherty managed in dass and by the end oflap 1 he Joe Chainey had a few words stay in the lead, eventually besting retrieved from the main pit and to go three really consistent laps, had passed all but two of the painted on the front of his family second place by some 57 minutes. installed only to find the problem but had mechanical problems on entries in -his class. German and two seater, "just for the fun ofit". S.K. Smith came down from Por-was in the ignition switch. By lap 4 that put them on the trailer. Scott were together right ·on his They kind of ran away with the tland to run his SCORE legal then, three of his friends had Denny Merrill, driving the only backside. Scahill had nothing but race and completed all ten laps in Safari Class Jeep pickup in a shake already finished and fourth place Class8truckintherace,wasright minor troubles but they were, good time. the whole family, down cruise two weeks prior to was all he could get. The Lysher in the thick of things when he fixedbyaneveralertchasecrewat' ,daughter Dianne Hamilton, son-leavingforarunattheBaja 1000. brothers, Eric and Gary, had a l started losing tires on lap 3. Laps the road crossings. The difference in-law Dan Hamilton, and his He ran five consistent laps with no very short race with flat tires and j 4 and 5 took a couple more and between German and Scahill was brother Tom all get in the act and problems reported and finished broken front shock towers taking lap 6 took the rest of them, so it a severely blown tire which Ger- share the driving duties as well as second in his class. Greg Peters them out at the end of lap 1. was back on the low-boy for a man managed to get fixed-in the the crew duties. Consistent laps finished only a minute behind The property owners of this long ride home. Robert Hanseling main pit area. The difference are in order with this team and Smith for third place and his best valley are commended for allow-has been building his. Chevy between German and Scott was they are very regular winners in finish in a long time. ing us to use their lands. George powered Toyota for about two two blown tires which they fixed the Sportsman class. Paul Scott, from British Behee is the ramrod and person and a half years and finally made on course, but they had to stop at The last group to leave the line Columbia, took over the lead on responsible for standing up for us his first long race. What a.thrill. the main pits to get new spares. It was the Sportsman 4x4 group, his final lap and was only about in using the property for our His only surprise seemed to be an was a helluva race between the five of them led by Rod Stevens in five miles from the finish line races. Congratulations and thanks excessive consumption of fuel. A 4x4s. his trus~y Bronco. This group when the motor died. After much for a job well done. broken down competitor supp-The Sportsman buggies were --------------------------------------~ lied him with the necessarv fuel to six strong and were led off the line Aeep going, and he finish~d seven by Don Hansen racing his Mini laps for seventh place. Not bad for Mag in only his second race ever. a first time out. His comment was About halfway through lap 2 the "nine and a half hours of pure clutch assembly let go and his day fun". ended. Garth Ankeny finished Lap 3 was the start of a long day three very long laps with mechan-for the Phil Dean entry when a icals and decided to call it a day. ' couple of tires went away. Having Terry Silbaugh and his two sons, solved that problem Dean was Rick and Randy, entered their back in the hunt but having to first off road race and had a ball. replace a steering box on lap 6 They managed to complete only took about an hour and a half and four laps for fourth place, but that really took them out of con- they had those 'first race' prob-tention by not being able to make lems they will never forget. First · up that down time. The Bronco they dusted a distributor, then wasrunninggoodbuttheyranout they found out what it is like to of time at the end of eight laps. drive on three wheels when a Ed Burnap was running good spindle breaks off at high speed. lap times and was right in the They had a flat tire each lap and middle of the battle but broke a Silbaugh says it was on the same rear axle on lap 5. Continuing on rock each time around. Being real he broke the other rear axle on lap pros in the search and rescue unit 6 but was able to continue with here in Bend, Oregon, they had the front end doing all the work. spent many long nights in the On lap 7 one of the front axles desert, so when it started getting broke, leaving the Bronco with dark they pulled into their pit and just one wheel drive to finish the called it a fun day, chock full of remaining three laps. It took some rookie mistakes. time but he did finish all ten laps Jeff Ostby and his bride, for a sixth place. Bob Nyeste, Brenda came to race their single from Kamloops, B.C. was driving seater but had flat tires every time a CJ-7 he recently purchased to they turned a new corner. They replacehisBroncothatwasdemol-bent wheels, even the ones they ished in a previous race this borrowed. This race Brenda man-season. His laps were consistent, aged to keep the car rubber side and he had no problems what-down which was a real accomp-soever, but he admittedly paced lishment. Second place went to himself a little too slow for the Turek Zdenek who came to Milli-400 miles and wound up in fifth can to race his single seater via place after ten laps. Sacramento via Czechoslovakia, a Eric Ko;el had a pretty good · long way from home. But give him battle with Nyeste for most of the' some time and watch out. Turek day. Kosel, driving his new Jeep in turned in two real good laps then his second race, had suspension. started having front suspension problems through the first four trouble. The problem was discov-laps, then started turning it up for ered and his crew started looking the next two laps. Then the for a welder. He took it easy to , springs started going away and he complete the third lap. The frame slowed down again but finished was then welded on both sides, ahead ofNyeste by 20 minutes for but he could only complete two fourth place and a share of the more laps before the welds let go prize money. and the frame broke again, behind First, second and third place the A-arm suspension area. There was a real dice all day. Gordon were a lot of crew members from S.~ott placed third at the end of the other teams that lent hiI1!._~help- ·_ Dusty Times 11"'::a'. •••• ., ,. • ,..J, __ •••• ,,, .. ······---Trailers Our Quality Makes the Difference Models Available: Open Flatbed Trailer Enclosed Bumper Pull-Type Trailers From 16' to 28' Enclosed Gooseneck Trailers From 28' to 48' • Many Equipment Options Available Medium Duty Truck Conversions We Have the Ability and Experience Necessary to Build Any Trailer to Your Exact Specifications, Custom Designed for Your Individual Needs ... * Write or Call for a Free Brochure Join the Ranks or Our Satisfied Customers • Bob Gordon • R.C.R. Plumbing • Hamilton Materials • Herbst Oil Co. • Hagle Lumber • Sherman Balch Competitive Trailers 8832 Ramona Street Bellflower, CA. 90706 (213) 634-2006 January 1990 Custom Designed Interiors Page 35

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Off Roading F.O.R.D.A. Style Mike Hester was the big winner in the combined Class 1 and 10. He took the win in both the first heat and the main event and was a close second in the second heat. Mid October and a warm bell and)eannie Brumley both got Florida day greeted the fans at the hole shot into the first turn Lakeland Interstate Speedway, in avo id in g the confusion t h at Lakeland, FL. The thrill of off followed. Several cars tangled, road racing was about to get under sending traffic in all directions, way. The central Florida speed.way the quick thinking and lucky ones I is · home to the FLORIDA OFf soon regrouped to pursue the · ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIA-leaders. Although Campbell and TION (F.O.R.D.A.), that races Brumley had a considerable lead, short courses here and the long Wayne Simmons and Floyd endurance races in Tallahassee. Aiken continued undaunted in With a full slate of classes the theirpursuitoftheleaders.Wolfe hustle and bustle in the pits soon dropped to the wayside with trash gave way to the day's first set of in the gas line. Kim Chambers, heat races. who had gotten a good start off NOVICE BOMBER, FIRST theline,hadrunoutofgas.Asthe HEAT: This class is all VW bugs race drew to a close Brumley had with stock 1200 motors. What started to have trouble with her they don't have in speed they helmet. It had shaken loose and make up for in action. It was a was consistently falling over her battle for the lead from the start. eyes. It was Campbell taking the Larry Wolfe and Scott Campbell checkered for first, Brumley in a were bumper to bumper for the close second, and Simmons third. first few laps. Campbell dropped FEA TIJRE: It was a wild start out after losing a spark plug. John with Notary tangling wheels with Ford, one of three driving their Frantz and Montaldi in the middle first race today, was still working of the first turn. Lynn Stedman some of the bugs out of his new was forced to the inside, and over car. Chuck and Kelly Hanson, a one of the large tires marking the husband and wife team had been track. The impact sent him up on trying to out maneuver Mike two wheels, surprisingly he did Notary as they battled for second not roll, and even gained a few place. It was Wolfe, unchallenged positions. Chambers, Stedman, taking first, Notary second, and and Wolfe were battling for the Hanson a close third. lead as they started into the -SECONDHEAT:S~ottCamp-second lap. It was just not ---,!llb!IQU--· The Dickens-Broome team were in good form, leading both the seco;d Class 1-10 heat and finishing third, and they took a fine second place in the feature race. Chambers' day as she quickly started to lose ground to the rest of the pack. She managed a few more laps before blowing the motor.Wolfe was still plagued by gas problems and dropped out. Notary and Campbell had moved into the lead, swapping positions each lap. Once again misfortune hit, putting Campbell out with a lost plug and Notary on the side lines out of gas. Hanson had rolled early in the race, but had made up most of the lost ground, to move into fourth at this point. Simmons was also having a bad ·day, getting slower with each lap, as he tried to nurse his motor around to the finish. It was now a three way battle to the wire, as Aiken, Brumley and Stedman fought bumper to bumper in the closing laps. At the checkered flag it was still Aiken, Brumley, and Stedman rounding out the top three, with Hanson and Simmons finishing out the field. 1600s HEAT 1: Joe Cunning-ham wasted no time in taking control of the lead. As the pack completed the first lap Cunning-ham was out distancing the pack. The driving team of Pace and Stedman held down second with Jerry Allen on their bumper. Jeff Golding and J.R. Taylor, while battling each other, soon moved up to challenge Jerry Allen. Raymond Short and Richard Fahlbusch, two new drivers, out for their first time, were bringing up the rear. Another team of drivers, Hinson and Peterson rolled in the fourth lap taking away any threat of challenging. Golding passed Allen with only a few laps to go. It was a battle as Golding tried to catch Pace-Stedman before the finish. Time ran out with Golding still in third, Pace-Stedman second and Cun-ningham an easy first. SECON D HEAT: Taylor quickly jumped into the lead, but J. R. Taylor, right, and the Hinson/Peterson team duke it out. Hinson/Peterson won the 1600 main event honors, and Taylor was third. was not able to keep up the fast close behind. Jackson soon ran pace. Cunningham again charged into trouble when his transmis-i nto the lead , quickly putting sion hung in second gear, causing distance on the others. Pace-him to drop back. Bohres-Hansen Stedman soon passed Taylor who · were now having to fend off the seemed to be losing ground with charge of Casey Grant. At the mid each lap . Hinson-Peterson was way point Dale Grant, Gene now challenging Pace-Stedman Dittmer, and Carlton Jackson all midway in the race. The challenge had dropped out with mechanical was short as H inson-Peterson trouble. Jimmie Crowder and developed trouble putting them another driving team Dickens down a lap. Jason Crowder, son of Broome were battling for third as Jimmie Crowder, driving in his the laps started to run out. The first race, had moved up to put two buggies see-sawed positions pressure on Pace-Stedman. The for a few laps, with Crowde battle headed into the last three taking control in the last lap. As laps with no change as time ran the flag fell it was Hester first, out. Cunningham took an easy Bohres-Hansen second and first, with Pace-Stedman second Crowder third: and Crowder a close third. SECOND HEAT: Dickens-FEATIJRE: It was a three way Broome took the lead early, but battle for the lead as Hinson-was unable to hold on as Crowder Peterson, Allen, and Golding passed him to take the lead. maneuveredforposition.Therest Hester quickly moved up to of the pack spread out rapidly challenge Dickens-Broome for with Pace-Stedman, and Taylor position. Dittmer had corrected working their way up through the his problem and was gaining on field of competitors. Allen slowly the others when he hit a hole, began to drop back. Cunningham sending him into a mid air flip. He had been pursuing Crowder most was o.k., but the buggy was out of the race, and was just not able for the day. Dale Grant was back to pass. Golding rolled sending and bringing up the rear. Bohres-him back a few positions. Allen, Hensen broke a c.v. joint putting Taylor, Crowder and Cunning-him out. Hester had passed ham had grouped up for a few laps Dickens-Broome, to try and close trying to improve their position. the gap on Crowder. It was all Golding again ran into misfortune, over as Crowder crossed the locking wheels with another finish line for first, Hester a close driver, sending both out of second, and Dickens-Broome control and across the track in third. front of other buggies. Pace-FEATURE: Bohres-Hansen Stedman had suddenly moved up were back and in charge of the passing several of the others and lead. It was a struggle to hang on as putting pressure on Hinson-Crowder moved in on him. With Peterson. There was not time only two laps gone Crowder took enough for a true challenge, the lead. Crowder's time at the leaving Hinson-Peterson to take front was also short, after taking a first, Pace-Stedman second, and rough landing from a jump, he Taylor third. lost both the fan and oil belts at CLASS 1 & 10 FIRST HEAT: the same time. Hester was now in Dale and Casey Grant, two the lead and slowly pulling away drivers from Tennessee were from Dickens-Broome and D. taking a vacation in Florida and Grant. It was an easy ride for also brought their two Class 1 Hester with no one able to close racers with them. They had heard the gap. For the second time in the about F.O .R.D.A. from some day Hester took another first, Georgia racers and thought they with Dickens-Broome second, would try off roading in Florida. and Grant third. As the sun began Mike Hester sailed into the lead to set drivers and fans headed with Carlton Jackson and team home, looking forward to the drivers Bohres-Hansen trailing next off road race. Jimmie Crowder and his son-,n-/aw Carlton Jackson swept the second heat race for the unlimited cars and led the feature until mechanical woes sidelined the car. The Novice Bombers are the entry level class, 1200cc chopped Beetles. Here, Kim Chambers. Larry Wolfe and Wayne Simmons mix it up in a turn. Raymond Short started out strong in the 1600 class. but troubles later dropped him to eighth in the class after the main event. Page 36 January 1990 Dusty Times

Page 37

The Losers By Judy Smith The Baja 1000 had a surpris-ingly high finish percentage this time, at 56.9%, perhaps because people become so determined to get to La Paz that they push on against incredible odds, and they make it. Unfortunately, the long distances involved mean that often, if a car breaks down, the racer and his crew simply turn arourid and go hqme, never get-ting to the finish line area to let us know what happened to him. So it's hard to find out why the non-finishers didn't finish, and we have relatively few stories. As always, the trouble comes before race day for some. Gregg Symonds has been working on his new truck for months, and finally completed it just days before the race. He hadn't done any testing or break-in, so he took it off the trailer to drive it down the high-way from Tijuana to Ensenada, and the transmission case seal broke, and then the gear box did too. Jack Johnson, whos·e motor didn't seem to be running well early in the race, was teported to go up in a puff of smoke on the pavement, putting an early end to his dav. · And Manny Esquerra, after running a close duel with Roger Mears for many hours, was seen parked south of Bahia de Los ' Angeles, with a fire going. Radio -listeners say they heard him tell his pit crew, "I think yolt have to tow me out." He apparently hit something and tore up "his front end. · Hartmut Klawitter rolled his car just before San Quintin, but got it back on its wheels and on i_ts way. His brother, Wolfram, got m at Santa Inez and went a few miles down the pavement before the motor went away. That left the Klawitters with only one race car to get to La Paz. In Class 7S, Bill Rodriquez was co-driving with Mike Leon and Javier Tiznado. Bill took the part from Santa Maria to San Ignacio. He heard a bang and thought someone had thrown something at him, but he checked the gauges just in case, and they all looked o.k. Still, he decided he'd better check further, so he stopped and opened the hood, and water was running everywhere. It seems a fan blade had gone through their $800 aluminum radiator. Larry Schwacofer had ·a long, long day of itin his '57 Chevy. He had battery cable trouble and tie rod troubles, fixed them all and carried on. Then, when he got all the way down past the Kl 28 pit, about935 miles into the race, he · got stuck in the silt and there was no one around to help him get unstuck. So there he sat as his time ran out. - Jerry-Da~gherty lost a wheel bearing 300 miles into the race, but had to head south anyway because his entire crew, with his big tractor/trailer were down at the K128 pit. Tom Koch drove the first half of the race in his two seater and then handed the car over to Russ Welch. Russ got to the La Purisima /San Isidro neighborhood and the motor Dusty Times began to make a lot of odd noises, so he decided he'd better call it quits. Later, when Tom puffed it apart he discovered a broken wrist pin which had almost slid all the way out of the rod. Tim and Ed Herbst, who'd led Class 2 for a while, and had worked back up to the top three after a flat, also got to La Puri-sima. and then broke their trans-mission. And Mike Gaughan, Lenny Newman, and Troy Herbst, teamed together in Mike's two seater, had run very well for the first half also. Mike got in to finish, had three or four flats, _and then three miles before the finish he blew a c.v. But Mike thought it was the transmission, and figured he was out of it. He sat there for a long time, and somehow or other, his crew finally came along, and not being familiar with the rules, Mike absentmindedly let them tow him across the finish line. The officials had to back him up to Check 11, and give him DNF status. If he'd just known it was a broken c.v. he could have fixed it and driven to a finish, Rick Pew, Alen Boweii and Mario Panagiotopolous teamed in their 5-1600 for this event, which was the first race in Baja for Rick and Allen. They'd spent a lot of time getting the car ready, after a nice finish at the Gold Coast, and they hadn't had time to pre-run. On race day, as they waited in staging, someone broke into their motor-home and stole their purses, wallets, jackets and souvenir t-shirts. They had been smart enough to hide the major part of their money elsewhere, hut they lost several hundred dollars, and felt had about losing charge cards and drivers licenses, and all the personal paraphernalia that gets stuffed in a wallet. But they had to concentrate on the race. Mario started, and running well up in the front of the pack, he broke a torsion har, one of the few items they hadn't magged, before he got to Camalu. He limped in to his pit, and discovered that the spare set had been left behind in Ensenada. Now the team spent a long time running around trying to find a replacement, but so early in the race no one was giving away sucli important spares. So they finally took an air-bag off their motor home, and somehow Mexicaneered it onto the VW, . and Rick got in to drive the next part. Tht•y'd lost six hours. Rick said the car worked great, but he got lost, right out of Camalu. It was dark by then, and he kept following lights, and finding that they were lost too. There were about 20 cars, most of them Safari entrants, driving around in circles, and it seemed that no matter which way he went, he ended up out on the highway. He even went back to Camalu and started over, and still ended up out on the highway. So he finally just stayed on the pavement, along with a bunch of other cars, and headed to Check 3, which he found by going in the wrong way. He told them what was happening, and they let him go on. And he got lost again. This time he was lost before the Arenoso Mexic-nngentlemnnwnsn'twilling which made the r.-ar wheel turnoff, apparently, and ended up to tah· him right then. lt was now wobble so it hit the body, nnd out on the highway again. When about 3:30 a.m. Saturdny. He told they'd had to put a front tire on asked how he'd made it through Rick to get some sleep, which the rear. It was in very sad shape, the silt beds after Arenoso and seemed like a good idea, since hut it was driveable, and Rick before Santa Inez, he said, "What he'd heen up since Thursday drove it back to where the trniler silt?" He hadn't seen any silt. morning. So he settled in to get and motorhome were. He still had When he got to the highway he some rest, only to have the to fix the motorhome, which he followed a marker of some sort Mexican's son wake him up at accomplished by scavenging a that directed him westward, and it .ahout 5:30, ready to take him to part from one of the wrecked cars. took a while to figure out that he Bay of L.A. to see ahout his race Then he paid the salvage yard was headed in the wrong direction. car and teammates. operntor $250. for his services, Then he just aimed eastward, on The gas station wasn't open, no and headed north, with the race pavement, assuming that was the . surprise, so they poured all Rick's · car on the trailer. But they didn't course, and eventually came to spare race gas into the Mexican get far hefore the trailer's springs Catavina, where they flagged him truck and took off. Partway down began to break, because they were into Santa Inez, and the check- the road he saw a McMillin pit on so tweaked out of shnpe, nnd he point. Technically, it was closed, its way out and flagged them had to take the car off the trailer, hut they gave him a check and sent down to ask if they'd seen his car, put his helmet on, and drive it. him on.. · because he hated to go all the way Thatwasahout 11 a.m.,Saturday, Bowen got into the car there, inifitwasn'tstillthere.Theytold and they reached the Scripps and he took off for Bay of L.A. him it was indeed still there, but hospital in La Jolla atahout 7 a.m. Meanwhile, Panagiotopolous, that the driver had been Air-Sunday. There they discovered who'd been chasing in his Ford Evaced out, while the co-driver, that Bowen had suffered a severe Dooley, was concerned that it Rick's cousin, Ian Nacimiento, concussion, three fractured wasn't running right, and decided had stayed with the car. So they vertebrae, and bruised kidneys. he'd better.go no further. In fact, went on into Bay of L.A., where While the group was there, Ian he turned around and headed for they learned that Ian had suffered had himself x-rayed and the collar Ensenada and points north, a broken collar hone in the roll-bone was declared broken, they leaving Rick with only a 33 foot over. He'd been given a sling by gave him a sling, and released him. motorhome, towing an empty the Air-Evac people, when they Bowen was released Sunday trailer, as a chase vehicle. took Bowen away, and he had afternoon. By then some friends Rick headed south, and got elected to stay with the car. Then had met them at the hospital, with about five kilometers down the some very nice people from a supply of working trailers, to road from the Bay of L.A. NelsonandNelsonRacing(Frank help take all the damaged junction and a semi crowded Vessels' crew) had come along, equipment hack to the high them into a guardrail and a and had driven the race car back desert. concrete abutment. It crunched the remaining five miles to Bay of After they'd been home a day the side of the motor home, broke L.A. for him. They were very or two they got a phone call from both wheels on the trailer, and helpful, seeing that he was_ a Mexican in Ensenada. who said bent both the axles. Rick did situated comfortably, as were the he had the contents of their some more Mexicaneering, took SCORE officials, who saw to it wallets and purses, and · would one good wheel from the other that he got food, and a trailer in gladly give them hack to them for side, and put it on one .axlt , then which to spend the night. Nelson a small consideration of $30. So a chained the other, wheel-less, one & Nelson also spotlighted the car, memher of their family drove up so it didn't drag. It didn't tow so that Whis crew had got there 'down to ransom their chnrge too well, hut it followed along. during the night they'd be sure to cards, drivers' licenses, and Their plan was to go to the place where the course comes out· on the highway south of El Arco, intercept the car, load it on the trailer, and head back to Ensenada also. They arrived there safely, and settled in to wait, in company with Graff Moore, who was waiting for his wife Lori, who was driving one of the Safari cars that had heen lost ahove Camalu with Rick. After a long while, when the 5-1600 seemed way overdue, Graff rode in on the course on his hike, looking for it, and located a broken Safari car the occupants of which remembered seeing Bowen, who'd rolled over, ahout 20 miles out of Ray of L.A., and had been limping back to it, the car badly damaged, and the occupants not in very good shape either. Graff rode hack out to give this message to Rick, who turned around and headed north again, aimed for Bay of L.A. Ahout seven miles south of the junction, the motorhome quit, right in the middle of the road. It was now nhout 8:30, Friday night, and Rick discovered that he nt'edcd a replacement part. So he started walking to the small settlement at the junction. A Mexican came along and picked him up, and Rick told him he was going to need either a policeman or a tow truck. It turned out that the Mexican, who lived at the , junction, was the son of the local salvag<' yard owner, and when they pulled into their yard Rick saw that they had a tow truck. They hopped into it to get the motor-home, towed it back to the · yard, and inside, where the proprietor told them they should : : spend the night. Rick wanted to· go on to Bay of L.A., hut the 1 . January 1990 find it with no trouble. It was snapshots. Wallets, purses, crunched, the cage broken, both jackets, t-shirts and cash were doors ripped off, the windshield long gone. gone, and the roof dented in on _Rick said . it was th~ ''.Most the driver's side. Bowen had miserable thmg I ever did m my missed a sharp left turn, and gone life!" But he's already planning to endoverendfourtimes,offinto he hack in 1990, for the the rocks. It had a bent stub axle, Internacional in June: THE WRIGHT PLACE~. COIL SPRING. YOUR FRONT END! I . The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place . .You · can use them on Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in .1, 2, or 3 stages, and . various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches · come with the kit for adjustments. · Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 I . . Page 37 ...

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DMSIONAL PRO RALLY RUNOFFS ''A Shootout between Champions'' Erik Zen_z blazed to the Divisional Driver's Championship, finishing an outstanding third overall in the National rally as well. Brian Berg co-drove in the four-wheel-drive Mazda 323 G TX. · Everyralliestdreamsofbecom-national championship to the new group of o~ganiiersand then ing a national champion. Since grass roots rallyist, one he can at the last minute, new roads, to 1984 even the shoestring local have a shot at by running in his keep it from being cancelled. Still, team can aspire to that goal, own territory. It's probably one the roads were challenging thanks to an innovative idea of the best things that has ever enough for all and the event came called the Divisional PRO Rally happened to U.S. PRO Rallying, off well. Runoffs. Each year the top two and for a few years, the Runoffs Teams that. got to Escanaba teams from each of the seven Div- even had a sponsor that paid tow early Friday were treated to an isions of the Sports Car Club of money and entry fees. A shootout amazing pre-event contest called America are. invited to run the between champions is a great way the AUTOWEEK/Toyota Rally final eastern or western National to end the season, an exciting Challenge, in which seven top event of the year. They compete event that should be easy to drivers ran head-to-head over against each other and the format promote. three stages, in an elimination is simple: It's winner take all. This This year Michigan's famous format. What was amazing was year Wisconsin's Erik Zenz PressOnRegardlessRallyhosted thattheyallranusingONEcar,a claimed the Divisional Driver's tht> Runoffs. The event was far new Toyota Celica All-Trac Cup and the brand-new set of from the "meanest, oldest and kindly lent by "J.B." himself. The ral_ly tires contributed by toughest" rally it has been in the competition was fierce and the Michelin. - past, for National Steward John spectators loved the show. The The con_cept is dyam..!_c~_Qffer a Buffum was forced to gather a car almost made it to the end, too. The Best Way to Communicate to Your Service Crew and Stay Ahead!!! Visa and MasterCard orders welcome Call Toll Free 800-624-3 704 EPSILON INC. 7756 BALBOA BLVD. VAN NUYS, CA 90046 (800) 624-3704 OR (818) 781-0993 IN CA 6 MO NTHS WARRANTY 30 days unconditional money back guarantee. Page 38 Introducing what used to be a thing only factory teams could afford: FM Transceivers that provide valu-able communication when you need it most!! Two models are available: The portable model and the mobile unit model. .The portable sends its signals with ·up to 5 watts of power and the mobile has a maximum out-put of 30watts. Both have 6 channel capability and come with 3 channels built-in. The portable comes with external microphone, battery, and charger. Price for the· portable is $250. Each battery is $45. The mobile unit transceiver is $250 each and is ideal fo r car installation . Please add $20 for shipping and . han.dling to each order. Please allow 2-6 weeks fo r dtlivery. January 1990 In a unique contest, seven top drivers took turns running a single Toyota Celica All-Trac in the AUTOWEEK/ Toyota Rally Challenge the day before P.O.R. Rod Millen set fastest times on the stages used, winning against some of North America's best rally drivers: Doug Shepherd, Tim O'Neil, Bill Holmes, Chad DiMarco, and Canadians Alain Bergeron and Niall Leslie. In the final stage Doug Shepherd other teams invited. Liversiclge and Rod Millen were the remain-overshot a corner on the first ing drivers, and Doug rolled the stage and lost time, but pulled to car. in a big way. Millen won by within 44 seconds of Zenz by the default, and the damage to John's dinner break. car was, well, just amazing. An even hotter battle was being The next afternoon, in a light fought just a few minutes back drizzle, the National and the between two underdog teams in Runoffs began in earnest. The older, rear-wheel-drive cars. Carl competitors that made it to this Kieranan and Diane Sargent, Cen-year's Runoffs were as varied a tral Division runners-up, have group as the states they came always been strong contenders in from,.and the competition turned their '79 Mazda RX7 and have out to be as fierce as that found at· several top-ten National finishes the top levels of the sport. As the to their credit. In spite of electri-rally began to unfold, the six div- cal problems that forced them to isional teams sorted themselves cut back to two driving lights, rather neatly into three separate they held a slim three second lead races. over Jeff and Camille Griffin of Running well up in the top ten California. were two drivers, Erik Zenz and The Griffins had the double Sandy Liversidge, who in fact are distinction of traveling the farth-simply returning to top Nat'ional est to the event, and driving the competition. Zenz has been a con-oldest car, a 1970 Volvo 142. sistent National top ten finisher There was quite a story behind since 1980. This year, with Brian their trip to the Runoffs. Berg co-driving and running a The likeable young couple had Mazda 323 GTX, he won the Cen-campaigned hard to win the tral Division Championship, cal-Southern Pacific Division but saw ling divisional competition" more no way to afford the long trip. At affordable and easier on the car." the final California Rally Series He is destined for bigger things, event just the weekend before though, and has made himself P.O.R., thewordgotoutthatthey ineligible for future divisional needed help. By the awards championships with two top-four brunch their fellow rallyists had finishes at Nationals and an mustered seven hundred dollars upgrade to Seed 2. in donations, a tow vehicle and Alexander."Sandy''Liversidge trailer, and a service crew! of Maine has been a highly SOPAC Divisional Steward respecteddriverforthedecadehe Lynnette Allison even "spon-has been rallying. He seems to be sored" them through her new able to make more out of less, travel agency. There was talk of holding his own against the four- setting aside tow money each year wheel-drive crowd by sheer driv-from the C.R.S. treasury to ing ability in an older, less power-finance the Divisional Cham-ful SAAB 99. Unlike the other pion's trip to the Runoffs, and divisional competitors, he'has real this concept seems like a worth-sponsorship, from NRG Barriers. while idea for other Divisions to Like Zenz, he spent this "come-pursue, at least until sponsorship back season" working himself for the Runoffs is found again. into a seed too high for future The saga wasn't quite over for divisional championships. It soon Jeff and Camille, though. Flying in became obvious that these two Friday night, Camille was sent to drivers were going to have an the wrong airplane by an attend-unholy battle well in front of the ant and wound u in central Illi-Doug Shepherd survived the first two rounds of the elimination-format Toyota Rally Challenge. and was out to beat Millen on his final ru11. An off-center landing from a high-speed yump and a rock which bounced the car across the road, produced a rollover, three felled trees, and a totaled Toyota. Neither Shepherd nor his co-driver, AUTOWEEK's Larry Edsall, were injured, and Edsall gamely went on to co-drive for Gary Gooch in the rally. Dusty Times

Page 39

Californians Jeff and Camille Griffin finished a fine second in the Runoffs in their aging two-wheel-drive Volvo 142. Sandy Liversidge was the only man giving Erik Zenz a run for his money until he rolled his SAAB 99 then was blocked on another stage. He and co-driver Steve Walkinton still managed to finish third in the Runoffs. The '79 Mazda RX7 of Carl Kieranen and Diane Sargent finished fourth but gave them some electrical problems along the way. nois instead of the Upper Penin-sula of Michigan! She managed to make it to registration Saturday just before it closed, and it is a tribute to the CO\lple that they didn' t let this harrowing start affect their performance. Some nine minutes behind the Mazda and Volvo, but separated by only 35 seconds at the dinner break, were two Midwest Div-ision contenders from Colorado. These two teams, Randy and Mary Engstrom and brothers Bob and Rick Burtis, make you realize why the sport of PRO Rallying is surviving. They run in older cars, the Engstroms in an "oft-run, oft-rolled" '77 Dodge Colt, and the Burtis boys in an '82 VW Rabbit. They run a family effort, do their own repairs, have no sponsors, and don't really expect to win. Rick Burtis said it best, " We're just enjoying it! It's what we want to do. We've been trying to get here for eight years." These guys are the backbone of our sport. The fog descended, the slippery roads grew truly treacherous, and things began to happen after the break in Iron Mountain. The bat-tle up in front evaporated when Liversidge roll-ed his SAAB. Remarkably, he and co-driver Steve Walkington lost only two and a half minutes getting it back on its wheels -most tire changes take longer than that! It is in San-dy's character to trv to make up such a gap, but hiit efforts were squelched when he came upon another vehicle blocking the road on Stage 7, and lost six more min-utes. In true Press On Regardless spirit, he posted seventh fastest time on the final stage, and fin-ished 14th overall, third in the Runoffs. It was in Erik Zenz's character to simply transfer his sights to loftier prey when he lost his rival. He decided to beat fellow Group A competitor Chad DiMarco's Subaru, and absolutely blazed on the last four stages, finishing second or third fastest on each one. He not only caught DiMarco but Bruno Kriebich 's Open Class Quattro as well, finishing third overall, second in Group A. The tight battle between Kiera-nan and Griffin continued, with both teams gritting their teeth and doing the best they could to stay straight on the slick roads. Griffin began to get the hang of the Mich-igan trails, and pulled ahead on the last two stages to finish 13th overall, just 43 seconds ahead of the Mazda. Incredibly, Sandy Liversidge with his woes wound up sandwiched between the two teams, just 28 seconds behind the Volvo. So the Griffins finished second in the Runoffs and ran a race their many "supporters" would be proud of. Alas, Randy Enstrom was fight-ing the car as well as the roads, Dusty Tlma with bent steering linkage from a hearts, just had a great time and a qualify for the prize money he had tree on Stage 4, a ditch on Stage 5 , clean event, achieving their goal of earned. He received a very nice and some bushes on Stage 6 . The finishing "The P.O.R." consolation, however, with the hard working team finally were Erik Zenz had decided to pay new Michelin tires. And so . . . a forced to retire, a disappointment the lower entry fee allowed the new champion, a new dream for after their long trip and er"forts. Runoffscompetitors,andwas.kick-other divisional rallyists to The Burtis brothers,_ bless their ing himself because he did not pursue, a new year and new Runoffs ahead. This is a program that deserves more sponsorship and promotion, and more sup-port from individual divisions. It's doing our sport a whale of a lot of good, and it's time rallyists recognized it. Bullet-Proof Your VW With SUMMERS BROS.! ~.:.~~~~"'~.~.~~""'""·· VW FULL FLOATING HUB ASSEMBLY WITH ARTICULATING AXLE The state-of-the-art rear axle assembly. Features full floating hubs like the class 8 trucks use (wheel stays on vehicle even if axle breaks). C-V joint mounts on same surface of hub as wheel, moving C-V out 7", drastically reducing C-V joint angle. Drive axle length increased by 7", greatly increasing torsional load cushioning. C-V joint angle decreased by at least 7", enhancing C-V joint life. $3170.00, includes both sides with axles, no C-Vs. VW DRIVE AXLES Manufactured from high strength chrome nickel steel (270,000 psi tensile) material, the axles feature high spline surface hardness tor low friction sl ip in C-V hobb generated Involute splines that perfectly match the C-V spline. Comes with " Spiro-Loe" snap rings, close tolerance spline pitch diameter, spherical ends, micro-finished surfaces, and are guaranteed tor 1 year against breakage. For Porsche 930 C-Vs_ $199.00 pr. ULTRA HIGH STRENGTH DRIVE AXLES Same as above, but manufactured from 300,000 psi tensile strength vacuum melt material. $363.00 pr. RUSH AXLE SERVICE We can custom make your axles in tour working days If you reqlre. Add $90.00 to the regular axle price tor this speedy service. LOANER TELESCOPING AXLE Incorrect axle lengths are a major cause of C-V joint failure. We will loan you our telescoping axle at no charge so you can accurately determine your axle lengths_ VW FRONT DISC BRAKE KIT Provides incredible stopping force and eliminates S•h lbs. per wheel. Hub flange offset same as stock VW front drum thereby eliminating the problem of excessive front tire ' "scrub radius." The 9V, • diameter brake disc and 1 ¾ • diameter piston floating calipers clear smaller 13" wheels. Race proven on desert and short course cars. Fits either reinforced Wright spindle or Wright Vanagon spindle. Kit is complete with bearings and studs installed. A bolt-on in-stallation_ $674.45 VW REAR DISC BRAKE KIT This kit lits type 1 trailing arms and axles, and is a bolt-on conversion. Primary features are 10.5" dia_ vented brake disc, generous caliper clearanqe on all 15" wheels, tour piston aluminum quick change pad caliper, stiff steel caliper bracket, aluminum bar stock material wheel adaptors, hardened alloy steel splined hub and wheel flange lateral location, same as that of a drum brake. $750.00 HEAVY DUTY LARGE DIAMETER VW STUB AXLE This axle features 1.378" diameter shaft size, tine pitch 31-tooth spline, roiled end threads (fits VW bus nuts) and 230,000 psi strength material. It is 46% stronger In torsion and is 68% stronger in bending than the Summers Bros. Type 1 12-spline axle. It is designed to flt Type-1 trailing arms Porsche 930 C-Vs and Summers Bros. VW Rear Disc Brake Kit. It can be retro-fitted to existing Summers Bros. Rear Brake Kits. Comes with Timken bearings, bearing spacer sleeves and end nuts. Can also be used with drum brakes. January 1990 nickel steel and heat-treated for a strength level many times higher than stock axles. These are the only axles in the industry with the outer thread rolled instead of cut. providing superior strength at the thread. Available for Porsche 930 C-Vs. $363.00 per pair VW TRANSMISSION DRIVE FLANGES Eliminate the problem of stripped flange threads and worn out splines that occur with welded stock flanges. Manufactured from alloy steel and -hardened tor durability_ Adapts bus trans. (002 and 091) to 930 Porsche Turbo C-V joints. $175.00 per pair. PORSCHE 930 C-V JOINT ADAPTATION KIT PORSCHE 930 c·.v JOINT $78.00 each Update your car's drive line to the high angularity, high load capacity 930 joints_ Race proven, compatibly engineered tor maximum reliability. Kit in-cludes stub axles, boots and flanges, drive axles, C-V Joints, Inner drive flanges and 5 lbs. of grease. Regular price: $1299.00 C-V BOOT AND FLANGE KIT Designed specifically for Off Road racing and the 930 Porsche C-V Joint. This boot and flange kit allows the boot to flt outside the C-V Joint retaining bolts Instead of inside. Drive axle will not interfere with boot flange mouth, even at 24 axle angle. Complete Kit (4 boots, 4 flanges, 24 bolts) $144.00 14MM PRESS-IN LUG STUDS WITH SPHERICAL SHAPED LUG NUTS Converts your drums to press-in studs Instead of screw-in studs. Set of 10 studs and nuts. $24.50 WE PAY CONTINGENCY AT SCORE AND HORA RACES! C-V JOINT HIGH TEMPERATURE GREASE Our research and develop-ment programs have shown this grease to have very good lubrication properties for the 930 C-V joints. Its temperature range Is 500 • F. It is a non-soap type with molybdenum disulfide ad-ditive. Sold In 5 lb. cans $14.00 per can To order DIRECT from SUMMERS BROTHERS, call (714) 986-2041. Send $3.00 for SUMMERS BROTHERS Dirt Racers Catalog. SUMMERS BROTHERS is also a distributor for Wilwood Brakes. ~,Mi~~ ~~OTHE-~0 530 South Mountain Ave., Ontario, CA 91762 (714) 986-2041 FAX (714) 984-7908 Pa,c39 ,,,

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.... Cal Landau 'and Eric Marcus surprised all with the win in Production Class in this Domino's Pizza VW GT/. Production champion Tim O'Neil DNF'd with a broken transfer case. Don Jankowski and Pete Gladysz drove their Dodge Charger The Volkswagen G Tl of Guy Light and Jimmy Brandt finished to second in Open Class on the slick, muddy roads. second in Production Class. Press on Regardless Rally Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. As usual Rod Millen and Harry Ward took first overall and first in Group A in their Mazda 323 G TX, winning by just over three minutes in this year's shortened version of the infamous "P. O.R." Doug Shepherd and Joe Andreini were second overall and won Production GT in the Dodge Daytona. Doug put in a remarkable performance considering his rollover the day before in the AUTO WEEK/Toyota Rally Challenge. !BIGGER IS BETTER Upgrade the C. V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C. V. joints. ~~nvert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. 1omts. Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C. V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s are threaded 3/8-24. . All axles and bells for Type II can be threaded 3/8-24 or stock 8 mm threads. pitch thceads. 10 mm · 1. 5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED·AXLES AND BELLS , Only $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS · 3242 SABIN BROWN ROAD . --· P.O. BOX 20°646 • WICKENBURG, AZ 85358 (602) 684-5056 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 40 • I The 31st running ofMichigan's Press on Regardless SCCA Pro Rally began at 4 p.m. on October 28, from Escanaba, Ml. The constant rain this year made the sandy forest roads slippery and rutted, and of course there was fog in the wee hours. _ Rod Millen gained first on the road on the first special stage and he stayed there to notch another win in the Mazda GTX. Doug Shepherd stayed close in the Dodge Daytona and finished second overall and first in GT Class. Cal Landau and Eric Marcus drove their VW GTI to the Production Class victory and sixth overall, and Henry and Cynthia Krolikowski took Open Class honors in their Dodge Shadow. Westerners Roger Hull and Rob Cherry won the Truck Class in their Jeep Comanche. The POR was the penultimate event in the 1989 Pro Rally Series. The Pro Rally season finale was the Mazda Coachman Stages out of Olympia, WA in November. CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Stock Class Rules and Information By Sam Moore Welcome to 1990! I hope every-one survived the holidays and is ready for an active Pro-Rally season. As the newly elected (drafted?) C.R.S. Stock Class Chairman I wanted to take a minute to cover the new rules governing our class. The following changes were approved at the Stock and Stock GT Class meeting held in November: 1 -"Wholesale blue book" or general market value will be used to determine the value of any car in question . This passed to clarify the exist-ing rule. I'm compiling a listing of the cars that meet the $4,000.00 limit so if you have any questions please contact me or refer to the local newspaper classifieds for a "ballpark" figure. 2 - Differentials can be open, welded, locked, or limited slip. This was passed after great debate and thought. The primary January 1990 The Audi Quattro of Bruno Kreibich and Clark Bond was fourth overall and won Open Class; class rival Bill Holmes went off the road and DNF'd. Chad DiMarco and Erick Hauge took their Subaru RX 3DR to fifth overall and third in Group A. reason was safety, along with the fact that eligible Stock Class cars may have been equipped with posi-traction drive trains from the factory. 3 - Non-adjustable competition struts with altered spring perch heights and diameters will be allowed. This was done to clarify the existing rule and allow "off-the-shelf" springs to be used. 4 - Modification or removal of the brake backing plates will be allowed. This was passed after discus-sion of non-stock brakes and ret-rofitted (4-wheel Disc) brakes that don't meet the updating and backdating rules were rejected. 5 -The padding and sound deadening material associated with the interior material may be removed. This was passed to allow the removal of the un-nameable black tar stuff on the floor of most vehicles. We decided to allow 4 Cylin-der, 2 Wheel Drive, Non-Turbo Pick-up Trucks in the class. The intent of this was to encourage a future C.R.S. Truck Class. This is an issue that may be addressed at future Stock Class Meetings should we find that this class does not develop and/or that the trucks routinely exceed (beat) the "performance-envelope" of most stock class cars. We did reject a proposed change that would have allowed carburetors to be changed to an alternate smog-legal carb. This · was rejected because this type of carb is not available for all known stock class cars and may have given a performance advantage to those cars which have this option. While on this subject, it has been suggested that carburetors should be checked for various changes that may not be in the "Spirit of the Class". While I'm personally shocked and dismayed that this may be happening it is something that will be checked at the first event. If you feel that your carburetor or induction sys-tem is legal please have your ser-vice manual available to verify this. (Especially the part where it explains vacuum secondaries opening with the engine off.) I also suggest that everyone completely review the new rule book when it is available. See you at the Banquet or at the first event. Reminder! The one and only Annual California Rally Series Awards Banquet will be held Sat-urday evening,January 6, at Char-ley Brown's Restaurant in Re-dondo Beach. There is a lovely view of the harbor, plus a full bar, many awards, prizes, lots of rally videos, bench racing, entertain-ment, guest speaker and GREAT FOOD - lots of it! Tickets are only $15.00 per person in advance, $18.00 at the door. Charley Brown's is located in King Harbor Marina, 665 No. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach. This is the social highlight of the rally year -be there or be squar~. _ _ Dusty Times

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The Borderland Baja in Texas Photos: Clint Millt!r Tunie Molina, out of Las Cruces, NM, had a close race but led when it counted under the checkered flag, and he was first overall Sportsman. had trouble in the second lap. Sixth was Roy Reed who suffered major motor problems in the third lap causing him to drop out. -Fred Roth. After a tight dice with Robert Gayton, Rick Vasquez took the overall Pro lead on lap 5 and stayed out front to the victory, and he also won overall points honors for 1989. On Sunday there were over 72 bikes and A TVs ready to do battle on an eight mile loop with the Pros doing 15 laps, the Sportsman, ten and the Beginners eight. The Open Pros were first away followed by the pros in 250 and 125 cc classes. The 250 riders had the most contested race of the day with the team of Steve Foster and Rex Cameron doing batttle with Mark Trauery and Mike McIntire on the Yamaha 250. The overall win went to Steve Foster and Rex Cameron, followed in by Mark Trauery and Mike McIntire. In third came Chuck Maddox, and fourth was the team of Jeff Keeler and Eddie W eardon, followed by The Pro 125 class honors went to Aaron Scelis. Pro Quad victory went to Chris Stewart and Randy Morre!, and second was Andy Kirkwood. In Open Bikes Sportsman Class Klaus Messer was first, Bradford Chambers was second followed by Calvin Watts, Robert Roque and Mark Gaezle. Other bike Sportsman honors went to Kevin Ch1rke, first, followed by Eugene Vorderburg-ge n, Toby Burnett, Bruce Kroskey, and John Van Hoove. In the Quad Open Sportsman Class David Boatright won and Joey Vasquez was second. The fourth annual Borderland Baja, held at Fast Track iri El Paso, Texas had a great turnout for the close of the racing season. The cars raced on Saturday, and Sunday, the motorcycles in conjunction with the Mud Baggers. The course was a 7 ½ mile loop with about a half mile inside the track so spectators could see quite a bit of the action. Our only sad note was one of our -regular car participants was not able to join us. Mike Johnson was in the hospital due to a stab wound in his chest which he received in a fight at the border crossing. We hear now that he is doing better, and hope he will join us again next year. First off the line was Rick Vasquez in his Raceco sponsored by MSD Ignition and Total Tan of El Paso. Second was Robert Gayton out of Albuquerque which was the battle of the day. They were running about 21 seconds apart when Robert lost his left rear spindle in the fifth lap, which gave his wife Hollye a chance to drive the last three laps, finishing third. This also gave Rick the lead which he never gave up the remainder of the race. With the win Vasquez also won overall points honors for 1989. Joe Leyva, sponsored by the Star Express, took second running a good, clean race with no problems. However Dan Daugherty, spon-sored by Prime Jeep Service, had fuel problems before the race which continued on into the event, causing him to drop out early. The I saw T unie Molina, - o-ut of Las This brought the spectatorsback Cruces, sponsored by Tunies tolifewithaloudroundofcheers Shop and Molina Trucking, win as Gilbert finished the last three first overall in his class with no laps on three wheels, driving only problems. His win was hotly in second gear. This was his first contested by Jeff Hustin, from race with us. Richard Lenville, Tucson, AZ in a Baja Bug, who from Tucson, took third place took second and was close to running the entire course with no Tunie, and third was the buggy of problems. Ronald Colucci, in his Stanley Steele from Farmington, 1-2-1600 Chaparral, had to drop NM, that stayed close to the out because he spent the first lap leaders until the last lap when practicing rolling the car over. rear suspension trouble caused Phillip Moore from El Paso was retirement. The most troubled first off the line in Beginner Open driver was Joey Vasquez ,in his Class, with Ritchie Monroe Funco, who lost his clutch on the following. Next came Eugene • starting line, lost a plug in the Sowles, Rusty Reed, Abel Gomez, third lap, got fixed by Pro Racing and Roy Reed. By the time it was Tape, and finally self destructed all over it was Eugene Sowles in in the last lap. first place with no problems, Class 1-2-1600 honors went to followed by Ritchie Monroe, with Myron Mills from Arlington, TX no problems either. In third came sponsored by Southwest Auto Rusty Reed and W. McElvany, ,. Salvage. He ran consistent laps who rolled the car three times, but with no problems whatsoever. still finished. Fourth was Phillip Second was Gilbert Salcido who· Moore, who was penalized five lost his right front spindle in the minutes for cutting the course. ~even th la at the start/ finish line. Fifth went to Abel Gomez, who -9 ..... ~ . 9d!4~··· 'hW ~~--.. ~---~ <i,¥ .. _,· •.• ·.· ',,, ~=:-. ~--;~~ -Alffi Joe Leyva took second in the Pro ranks at the El Paso race, and he ran trouble free all the way on the long short course. Special thanks go to Kathy and Stan Reed, Robert Christian and all who helped make this race possible. Our thanks again from the OffRoad Racing Association~ A local racer from El Paso, Eugene Sow/es had no mechanical trouble, and he charged the course to win the Beginner Buggy division. Robert Gayton repaired a spindle and got back in the action. The driver from Albuquerque salvaged third in the Pro division. Jeff Hustin towed to El Paso all the way from Tucson, AZ, and his Baja Bug stayed with the program to claim second in Open Sportsman class. Texan Myron Mills ran steady laps to win the Sportsman 1 /2-1600 class, and he also scored enough points to win the class championship. Rusty Reed, whose car rolled at one point, hung on to finish the race third in Beginner action but he won the Beginner points championship. Dusty Times January 1990 Page 41

Page 42

V.O.R.R.A. Season Finale Text & Photos: Ken Vanderhoof (Focus W..,s.t) Tim Riordan damaged his front end a little in the contests, but he did take the top honors in Class 1/2-1600, winning both motos. The 1989 VORRA off road Gardner, Chris German, and Smithallstartedwellback,butby racing championship contained Cook Racing puting on the heat. mid moto had worked their way three desert races and four short It wasn't long before Jeff Gordon up into the top five. Jack Gardner course events with one points made his move to the inside and dropped out, then Robinson -system. The Prairie City off road began pulling away. Robinson - Havlick lost a tire to tire duel and vehicle park spectacular was the Havlick had their hands full. wound up with a flat. Donnie final stop on the series. Unlike the There were another ten racers Hansen's Ultralight likewise sus-season opener's mud mania, this with lots of Prairie City track time tained damage and dropped out of finale had beautiful weather and under their belts that wanted to action. near perfect track conditions. get by. It was still Jeff Gordon up front Some class championships The second lap had some with Chris German and Cook were already decided while others changes. First Jack Gardner Racing exchanging positions a went down to the wire. The powered past Robinson-Havlick, couple of times per lap. Just as biggest news of the day was that then Chris German did the same. Chris looked like he had second many time overall champ Don Troy and Jon didn't like the way place secured his Jeep began blow-German was dethroned. Don is things were going, so they turned ing steam and he soon pulled off still the class champion going up the wick and bullied their way with a blown head gasket. Just as away, but passing points are easier back into second spot. This time Harry Crawford was about to nerf to gobble up in the more crowded Cook Racing's Shawn and Eric the Cooks he missed a couple of classes. Most racers come into Cook were the ones being aggres- shifts and lost his position to a this last event with the win or sive and soon got by Troy and point hungry Rich Bryden. break attitude, which thrilled the Jon. As the laps progressed the race once again record breaking crowd Meanwhile some other teams characteristics changed swiftly. at Prairie City. were showing their will to win. Jeff Gordon appeared to have a Rich Bryden went 3-2 on the day to win the always exciting Sportsman Class, and he gained valuable points toward the year end championship. lap and he was soon a dnf. Smith -up. That moment came when Rigsby eventually finished an Shawn and Eric Cook broke a uncontested second with Rich stub axle. Bryden sputtering to a distant When it was all over Rich third. The finish of the moto Bryden took top honors, Rigsby -looked like the end of a 500 mile Smith took second overall with a desertracewithattritiontakingits 2-5 score. Third went to the toll. Cooks with a 1-8 tally. Fourth on The second Sportsman moto the day was Jack Gardner with a didn't have as many passes or 9-1 score. problems as the first. Jack Class l/2-1600wasnexttodo Gardner took the lead early and battle, with the Challenger Class wasn't really challenged to the running a staggered start behind end. Team Cook held second for them. Both classes were fairly most of the moto, but had Rich small, but the intensity was there. Bryden breathing down their Up front it was Rick Bower sling-necks. Troy Robinson -Jon Hav- ing all the dirt with Dana Van lick maintained fourth and close, Noort getting a great start. Tim waiting for their moment to move Riordan ran third for a while but_ Jack Bonesteel had a tough fight. but he got the Challenger Class victory with a win in the first moto and a close second in the final heat. The mighty Sportsman class Chris German Bonzaied the big runaway win, but something was first on the track. The son of a jump in his dad's Jeep and got broke on lap 8 and he parked it. famous race promoter and rookie tremendously out of shape. Only That left the Cooks to inherit the driver Troy Robinson with fellow his young courage and skill kept it lead and narrowly take the moto rookie Jon Havlick, grabbed the from crashing hard. Rich Bryden, win. Harry Crawford took over early lead with Jeff Gordon, Jack Harry Crawford, and Rigsby - second but tb_a_!: lasted only one ,-------~..;.._ __ ____,;;;,;;;.... ____ _, New SIMPSON W "FA;?e!am! !h!~o9!5a!t/d!:!' N~\LAB 1LE wears can now be yours. A shoe with "A' I l"l\ style and class for walking, driving "'V "The Race fan a shoe to be seen in. F OJ,, I WINNER QUALITY throughout. I Made in the U.S.A. Part No. 26000 Features Athletic Inner-Sole Available in Red, White, Blue, Black Sizes 5-13 (Mens) Another World Class Product from -SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS 22630 S. Normandie Ave. Torrance, CA 90502 (213) 320-7231 Page 42 Charlotte Motor Speedway 5725 Hwy. 29 N Harrisburg, NC 28075 (704) 455-3711 ORDER TODAY!! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED :--~ - • Chp and mail to Race Center nearest you.- - - - 1 I SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS please send me_____pairs of I I "FAST TRACKERS" in size ___ Color____ I I Name. __ _ Address _______ _ I City________________ I I State___ __Zip, ____ _ I have enclosed payment of$ ______ I I Charge to my _ Visa MasterCharge I L C_!:d ~ -________ .;x~at~ '!:_le~~ .J January 1990 Greg Winters smoked the field in the Odyssey action. He led most of the time and won both motos with no apparent trouble at all. .... ,, Jeff Elrod. right. accepts his "Dash for Cash " earnings from VORRA President Ed Robinson, and thanked the VORRA crew for a great year of racing. Dusty Times

Page 43

Wes Banks ripped the body off his Jeep in the first moto, but he came back to win moto number two and placed second overall among the 4x4s. Larry Noel, usually a MTEG contender, came north to take the overall win in his stadium Class 10 Chenowth with a win and a second place. was looking to impro-ve on that.-VORRA champion and a Mickey Roy Gust didn't have his usual Thompson competitor. He pep and began losing ground proved it by taking the first ten lap almost immediately. moto wire to wire. Don Miguel Mike Bishop showed his domi- · tried his best to keep up with Wes nance in the Challenger Class as but had to drive defensively, he grabbed the lead early and because Larry Noel was pressur-began pulling it out. Jack Bone- ing him. That order remained for steel was the only competitor who three laps until Larry Noel finally had a chance to catch Mike, and made a full lock, full throttle pass. he did, but only after Mike The order stayed the same for the retired. duration of the moto. Dana VanNoorthoundedRick Moto 2 for Class 10 was a dif-Bower for a short time, then took ferent story. This time Larry Noel over the lead in Class.l/2-1600. started up front and led wire to Tim Riordan pressed Rick for a wire just as Was Elrod did in couple of laps also, then slipped moto 1. This time Wes wasn't past. That's the way it stayed for a going to be a factor, as his motor while, but things heated up again went sour right off the start, and towards the end of the moto. he just putted around picking up a Dana was getting into lapped traf- couple of extra lap points. fie and Riordan cut through the The moto was pretty much a slower cars bettertomake a run to single file affair, with Don the finish. It looked as though the Kennedy holding second, Don two were connected with a bungie Miguel, third, and Dale Smith cord. Tim finally got by to take fourth. The class overall went to the lead, then Dana Van Noort the very clean and quick Larry pu1led off with ignition failure. Noel. Second overall went to Don The second Class l /2-1600 Miguel with his 3-3 score. Third moto was a continuation of the overall went to Don Kennedy first moto battle. Dana Van with his 6-2 tally. Noort, Tim Riordan and Rick The combined Class 1 and 2 Bower ran nose to tail all the way. looked like a healthy field while In the end Tim Riordan claimed sitting on the starting line, but the overall with back to back they beat each other up once out wins. Dana Van Noort went 3-2 on the track. ToneJordan snagged for second and Rick Bower went the lead from his first moto pole 2-3 for third. position while Bob Lemos tucked Jack Bonesteel headed the into second. Behind them it was second Chall~nger moto with Mike Bishop running second. These two again pulled away from the field. Mike Bishop tried sev-eral times to pass Jack Bonesteel and finally made it stick on lap 5. That order remained to the end. Jack Bonesteel took the overall title at 1-2. Mike Bishop salvaged second overall with his 3-1 tally. Bud Tickel drove to a well deserved first overall in Class 4, despite throwing a fan belt and losing the front wheel drive along the way. Jack Gardner won the second Sportsman moto, but his first moto ninth place finish dropped him to fourth overall for the day. Steve Bradford, Dennis Kordon-front position, then McCune owy, Jeff Elrod, Sam Berri, Larry Zimmerman got by Sam Berri. Zimmerman - Garen McCune and Actually the whole field stayed a host of others. The race was too tight for some time. Steve Brad-close to call. The only thing for ford muscled his way up to sure was once Bob Lemos took second only to_ drop out at the over the lead, he had the only safe white flag. Dennis Kordonowy place on the race course. moved to within- striking distance While Steve Bradford was bat-of McCune - Zimmerman, but ding it out for the runner up spot, time ran out. Jeff Elrod was the he got nerfed while launching for overall winner. Dennis Kordon-a jump and flew further than owy's 3-2 score gave him second, intended, performing a complete and Larry Zimmerman and Garen horizontal 360 degree turn in the McCune survived the battle for air. He kept going but the noise of third overall. Bob Lemos claimed a broken nerf bar bothered him fourth in class, but more impor-and he slowed.The consolation tantly became the first driver in was, since Team Verling didn't overeightyearstotaketheoverall show, Steve had only to be on the VORRA points title from Don starting line to claim the Class 1 German. points title. Jeff Elrod started well back but worked his way up by avoiding the metal to metal contacts that the rest of the field seemed to be involved with. At the end of moto 1 it was Bob Lemos with the uncontested win and Jeff Elrod a distant second. Dennis Kordon-owy settled for a hard fought third and Keith Robb finished in fourth. Class 4 came to the line with more than double the usual number of racers. Shad Balch led the thundering herd for most of the first lap only to crash big time coming off an off camber jump. Wes Banks took over from there and maintained a fine lead over an ever changing following. First it was Bud Tickel, but he threw a belt. Then it was Bob Chapman but he got passed, then it was Dudley Tranum, but he crashed. Next it was John Smith, but he broke, then Wes Banks per-formed an end over end spectacu-lar. Don German, who usually either wins or breaks, broke. So, when the dust settled Bob · Chapman was the only racer to complete ten laps to take the moto win. When Bud Tickel drove into the pits earlier in the moto, the competition wrote him off. But, in the end he claimed a fine second. John Smith got it going and came back to finish the moto in third place. After some teams made repalrs · and others trailered their race cars, the second moto was differ-ent. This time all but one made the full ten laps, and it was a tight race at that. Bud Tickel grnbbed the early lead, but finally suc-cumbed to the pressure from Banks. It wasn't easy for Wes. Bud didn't want to give up easily and only backed off after some scary moments. Shad Balch and Don German also battled fero-ciously but both were badly dam-aged from earlier mishnps. The final results showed Bud Tickel's 2-2 gave him first overall in a memorable race. Wes Banks went home with second place money, and a heavily damaged Jeep. Third went to Bob Chapman who had the only vehicle with the full body intact. Don German lost the battle on this day, but won the war by again claiming the VORRA Class 4 title for the year going away. The Odyssey Class was a Greg Winters show in both motos. In ( continued on /mize 46) The inverted start second moto had Sam Berri take the early lead with Jeff Elrod pushing in second. McCune - Zimmerman were in third and Tone Jordan held fourth. Soon it wasJeffElrod tak-ing over the "familiar to him" Sometimes it pays to be cool and just outlast the competition, and the Rigsby/Smith team did just that and claimed second overall Sportsman. Class 10 was a good show. The Mickey Thompson event sched-uled the night before at Candle-stick Park was canceled because of the earthquake, so some MTEG competitors came to Prairie City thinking they might thrash the VQRRA locals. The thing is that Wes Elrod is both a local Don Kennedy, leading here, and Dale Smith had a good dice in Class 10. On the day Kennedy finished third overall and Smith was fourth. Jeff Elrod won the competitive combined Classes 1&2, and the "Dash for Cash" in his rebodied UltraStock racer, keeping the "Cash" in the family. Dusty Times January 1990 Page 43

Page 44

Arras Runs Streak to Three At Miller Off Road Challenge Photos: Tracksidi: Photo Ent. Eric Arras was a close second in the first Class 10 heat, led the second one from flag to flag, and led the main event in the same fashion for a resounding victory in his new Chenowth. It was a day full of surprises ·at the Miller Off Road Challenge headed into the final rounds. The weather was warm with a breeze that turned into a full blown wind before the day was over. It did help to keep the temperature down but it also kept the water trucks busy. Eric Arras again took charge of Class 10 but it did appear that Gary Kroese m_!_ght make a run at ~tw~,•·•·«'°¥'.·t+<mJtF?w The Challenger Class is growing fast, but Kevin Davis took the glory here, leading all the way in both heats and the main event. DE UNZIO (iilml1 nmirn, ~ ~ BUGPACK~ THE WRIGHT PLACE ~ Page 44 ll}Auto ~,.t.r.r. (805) 683-1211 him. It was actually Gary Gall that took the lead at the start of Heat I. The Fontana based Manch~ Racing/Rev Power sponsored VW driver was in control undl the third lap when Arras did some acrobatics, flipping over a very lucky flagman and coming to rest with the oily side up and the red flag out. The restart had Gall out in front but when everyone tried to get through the turn after the finish line and found out that ff ve didn't fit where two were supposed to go the red again was dropped. At the restart Gall was missing and Kroese in the Jim Mulhall/Borbon PaintingCon-tractors/ M .E. Construction Raceco was in front with one lap to go. Arras in the McDonalds car was in hot pursuit but Kroese held him off to the checkered with Phil Carter Jr. in the Borellis Auto-motive/ Yokohama Funco round-ing out the field with third. The second heat belonged to Arras from start to finish with -Rick Geiser of Phoenix in the Dwight Lundell/Motor Sports/ BFG Chenowth a solid second and Art Gersjes in the AEM German Auto/ AG Transport Chenowth almost a solid third until the white flag when he disappeared and Kroese moved into the slot assuring himself a front row start for the Main. The Start of the Main saw all cars on deck and, off the line, exploded Arras, taking quick charge and going away on a track that was starting to do the same after a day's racing. Gersjes was. the second man out and he was as solid as Arras. Third was not as easily decided as· Gall seemed to be having no trouble holding onto the position, at least until the fifth lap when his engine grenaded and it was all over. Geiser was having his own set of problems and when Gall ran into trouble so did he, leaving the door open for Phil Carter Jr. who walked on through to pick up the show money. Even though they w~E_e only out January 1990 Art Gersjes stayed with the Class 10 leaders most of the day, took third in the second heat and ran second all the way in the main event. Phil Carter Jr. flies his Funco neatly on his way to third in the first heat, third in the main event and third in Class 10 for the day. for some practice time the Ultra be as they ran hard and close but Stocks gave the spectators a good no one seemed anxious. to J?ass show as Tim and Linda Rae Lewis anyone. Danny Hunter d1da little took the first heat in their banner picking probably thinking Morrisons/Goodyear/Howton he would help the pick up crews Signs Porsche and Chris Neil in which did cost him a spot. Davis the BF Goodrich/Howton Signs had things well in hand and VW returned the favor in the Hamilton stayed right behind him second heat. Come the Main it for the second with the only pass was the Lewis' turn to win and for counting positions coming on that they did. the white flag when Dan Long_got The Challenger Class is getting aroun~ both Gow land _a?d bigger with every race and the Hunter m the _turn past_ the fm1sh racing is getting closer. In the first to come up with the third. heat Brian Maginnis from The entry level 1-2-1600 saw Bellflower in his VW had the lead Rick Boyer, the Independent Pipe for one lap until Kevin Davis in and Tubing sponsored driver the CLS Landscape Maintenance from Bakersfield lose it on the last Bunderson came from third to lap to Steve Bishop in the Bishop take over the lead and hold it all Off Road Racing/ G.L. Jackm:in the way to the checkered. Danny Tile/JG Transwerks VW. Th,· Hunter, who had lost his second change of leaders may have been to Maginnis came back to reclaim caused by Andy A_nderson who it two laps later in his Carter's rolled on top of Animal Leap and Gear Box/ Valerie Hunter VW almost got pushed over by Boyer. and go the distance. Giti. Bishop was ab_le to get by_while Gowland, always a charger, was ·Boyer was trymg to. get himself there for the third. untangled. Randy Bishop made The second heat was a wire to up the other half of the Bishop wire romp for Davis with Bart sand~ich as he brought h!s So. Hamilton in the H&H Body Ho~tzon Contractorsl_B1s~op Shop/Delaney & Hamilton RacmgTeam VW home m third. Racing Funco and Dan Long in In the ~econd _heat Bob theLongsDrillingVWinsecond Mathews 1~ the Stllberman and third respectively. Construction _car took fuJl They must have decided before adva~tage o~ the ~nver_ted s_tart to the Main how things were going to go wire to wire with T 1m Riordan Gary Kroese got off to a great start in Class 10, winning the first wild heat, a third in the second, and he was fourth on the event points. -----------Dusty Times

Page 45

Tim Riordan does a wheelie in his 1-1600 Mirage but he carried on to place second overall with a second in the main and third in the second heat. Darryl Gibson t~ied short course racing, Glen Helen styie, and his 5-1600 survived the track and finished fifth out of 13 starters in class. in the FEX Engineering/ B~g Performance Mirage in second all the way to the magical white flag when Boyer got by and dropped him to third. Steve Bishop and Bob Mathews were out together in the Main with Tim Riordan moving by Randy Bishop in the first lap to lock into third. The fickle finger of fate came out on the white flag lap when :v1athews who was closing on Steve Bishop rolled in the infamous first turn past the finish leaving him an also ran. Riordan had quietly worked his to third so he was more than happy to take over second with Rick Boyer also a come from behind there to round out the field with third. The biggest class of the day was the 5-1600 with 13 of the little cars ready to see who was going to be king of the mountain. In the first heat Carlos Zuniga and partner, Mario Bustamente, in the Zuniga's Auto Body/Chino Bicycle/Foreign Unltd. VW looked like they were holding school until the last lap when Mario Panagiotopoulos and Michelle Fedum in the Armstrong Tires/Tony The Greek/Mesa Chris Neil efljoys running his UltraStock VW in the Glen Helen hills, and the class may be on the schedule for 1990. if more cars appear. Dusty Times Rory Holladay in the HRD/ BriggsbuiltlPower Bloc/Shoei car as he- went wire to wire. In second for two laps was Joe Price in the J .D . Price Co. /CT Products/Rice Honda/Good-year/Triple E car. He lost his position to John Gersjes in the H&R Fabrications/Worthy Tool/ A&GTractorWork/ BF • Goodrich Honda. Price, still having problems, had to watch Gilbert Valdez in the Valdez Concrete Masonry car take away his third with two laps to go. All Joe could do was follow him home. Randy Bishop worked hard to get season points in Class 1/2-1600, placing Heat II was an inverted start fourth for the day with a third in a heat and good finishes elsewhere. and there was a new cast of T I &AC W Second and Was loo. k-i·ng-for characters and Jeff Huber who oo I B onstruction V 1 h Marl·o. He round ht'm on the s,·xth had been sidelined after one ap in snatched t e victory away when 1' b k h h I bl d 1 d lap and some help from some Heat I came ac wit a vengence mec anica pro ems si e ine cl b h f them. Stacy Fay and Renee lapped drivers was able to get by an no one got y im rom start Tedesco in the Armstrong and with two laps to go he was to finish. He pretty much played T M h S f Unstoppable. Marl·o dt'd hang on leader to Valdez and Chuck ires/ Engine ac ine ervices o p k r 11 p k · h L.A. Bug had the second handed to second and Zuniga blocked by ar er's io ow. ar er was mt e h I l I lapped drl·vers was 1·n r0r thi'rd. Walnut Auto Works Honda. to t em on a si ver patter. Pau 1' Molina and Russ Ludwig in the All the names of those in The Main had Valdez, Holladay NEO Oil/Foreign Unltd. car contention for high points were andGersjestighterthanticksona moved into the third. on hand for the Cross Cars and dog. Price was still having his run The second heat had Mario "P" they started mixing it up from the of bad luck going out after one lap taking the lead from Paul Molina get go. In Heat I the only one who with a lost wheel. Rennie Awana by the second lap and was never didn't have any problems was (continued on next Ja e) seriously challenged. It took - .--,--·-~,....,,,-%'W'""'1"1 ' David and Christine Hendrickson in the Armstrong Courtney Tire/ Race Ready products Bug four laps to unseat Kathy Fay and Johnny Hung in the Armstrong/ PirellilJT Industries of El Cajon/ Engine Machine Service of L.A. VW for the third. Fay lost another placement to Zuniga before it was all over but her 4-5 finishes were good enough to earn her a third row start with sister Stacy in the second row. Mario "P", horn honking as he went, was out on top followed by Molina and Hendrickson. Hen-drickson went on the move and in less than a lap had captured January 1990 Kathy Fay works hard to gain points, led the 5-1600 bash for a time, with Johnny Hung co-driving. Kathy finished fourth overall for the event. ~maooncmring nology allows us to offer our New System II power steering assembly at an economical price. This complete lightweight system consists of all new components and includes a . properly pressured steel pump, brackets, pulley, belt, valve, ram, fluid tank and necessary hardware for easy installation. Compare our price and quality with other maqufacturers' systems. You ~ .. can rely on our System II to -~ steer you right-Bob Gordon, Doug Fortin, Spencer Low and the M"Millins do! Call or write today for additional information. Unique Metal Products 8745 Magnolia Santee, California 92071 619/449-9690 Page 45

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Larry Zimmerman and Garen McCune finished third in Class 1 &2 action. Garen's son Jason drove the car to the "Mechanics Only" race victory. Troy Robinson and Jon Havlick had a great time in their first short course style race, but they didn't fare too well, sixth overall. Tim Riordan pushed Dana Van Noort hard for several laps before getting by to victory. Van Noort finished second for the day. V.O.R.R.A. Season Finale (front J>age 43) the first round he started on the pole and never got dirty. The second moto he started on the back row and moved up to first place b y the end of one lap. VORRA class champ Steve Van Tassel could only put a 3-3 score Miller Off Road Challenge (front page 45) together to claim second on the day. Ed Moore's 5-2 tally gave him third spot. The "Dash for Cash" is usually a benefit for Wes Elrod but this time it wasn't to be. The $500 plus contingencies was going elsewhere, because Wes' motor gave up the season just one moto short. Lots of different classes were represented in the winner take all race, but Jeff Elrod kept the money in the Elrod family by taking the checken ·d in his UltraStock VW. One moto that is run only once in an entire season is the VORRA "Mechanics Race" where only non-drivers are allowed to go at it. It wasn't an actual race, but you couldn't tell that by the dozen or so wide eyed occupants in the driving seats on the starting grid. It was a surprisingly clean start and the drivers kept a good pace. The first one to the five lap finish line, and way out front, was Jason McCune. Watch out for Jason McCune and Dan Schrader as they attack the VORRA competi-tion for the first time next season. Most of the VORRA racers had 'for sale' signs on their cars. One might think that VORRA racing is losing its attraction, but on the contrary every driver asked was selling the old car because a new one was being built and would be ready soon. The racers, Prairie City_ Park, Yerington, NV and Ed and Jenny Robinson (VORRA) all have plans to improve facilities and the compe-tition in 1990. Don't miss it. W atch for the final points and awards party in the next issue. in the Nature's Recipe/Bill's Pipes/VP Racing Fuel/Briggsbuilt car was faring just about as good and was sidelined in two followed one lap later by John Hasshaw in the Toyota of Corona/Mid Cities R.V. Honda. Huber lasted for five laps before his drive belt broke and he was gone. It was definitely a class of attrition and when all the dust had settled it was Valdez, Hollday, Gersjes and Parker that had the top positions. Dan Janikowski enlivened the Challenger Class racing with his spectacular roll over high on the hill. Naturally he was credited with last in class for the day. There weren't very many Quads on hand but what they lacked in quantity they more than made up for in quality. Gary Denton had a perfect day as the Chino rider won both heats and the Main. It just doesn't get much better than that. In the first heat Mark Ehrhardt aboard the O'Neal/Klemm/PEP IDicol Torco/Graydon/Scott Honda nailed down second and held off third place Derek Hamilton on the U.S. Suzuki/Klemm/ AXOI PEP /Shoei /Graydon /Tsubaki -bike. In Heat II the only thing different was Hamilton and Ehrhardt changed places behind Denton. In the Main a new face emerged and probably the youngest rider in the field. Eric Cobb out of Need action photos? Can· us for proofs! Trackside Photo, Inc.-Racing photography since 197_0 £ .-Trackside Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commercial & Product Photography Page 46 1507 East Del Amo Blvd. Carson, California 90746 (213) 609-1772 January 1990 Chino aboard the BV Perform-ance/ AXO/K&N/SportsGas/ Maier/ lTP bike got out behind Denton, held it for two laps and lost it to Ryan Strehorn on the Bills Pips Honda only to have Strehorn go out with mechanical problems which put Hamilton into the place slot. Cobb, who is tenacious to say the least, spun out in the same place two laps in a row still had enough for the third. Always a charger, Bart Hamilton finished second in Challenger action for the day with a second place in the second heat and the feature race. Dan Long scored a third in the main event and the second heat and he ended up third for the day in the busy Challenger contest. Dusty Times

Page 47

. I.R.1 •RACJNG&..PIT SUPPORT ASSOC.• ByPeteo...i OK, OK,· I know it's been a while since the last column, but I got sidetracked wrenchin_' on some short course cars for the Thompson Series.Well, Here we go , Off to Baja! With a race of this size and length, we thought it would be best to ask the Chapala D~ters if we could combine our resources like the last time the race went to La Paz. They said OK to this, and we divided up the pit assignments with them as fair as possible. We ended up getting S11,nta Ines, Bay o( LA., El Arco, and La Purisma. : Here's the scoop from the pits. Mike and JanetQueryl and Gang tpok Santa Ines and had a real nice big pit with-e_nough lights to look like a small town. Gu_ess their spot was prime real estate, some of the factory big rigs were heard grumbling. Oh well, it pays to get 1there early! They had a good time taking pictures of vultures and other sites of interest around there. The F.A.I.R. pits must have something about moons, 'cause rumor has itJ .Q_. was minding her own· business... All in all, they were fairly busy helping every, body that came in, and a good time was had by all. The only tense moment that came was when they were told to be out in one hour, by people with big pistolas, and they said you'd be surprised how fast stuff can get loaded up. Our people in El Arco were the Dickerson Team. Last minute events stopped them from racing their Class 5 car, but thank goodness they dr.qve down to pit El .Arco for us. 1f you've ever driven that last": hour of road ... Their weekend was full of stories, starting with their own keg of Coors Light . that was hauled all the way there, on IG:E. The Duster support guys made a grand entrance, sans food and ice for the _drinks, but Lisa said they were a .tun t~m to pit with.-They were bad~ in Fnsenada --S-unaay night, -wom out, but had enough energy· to have 10 pitchers of margaritas. They sure looked it Monday morning. One question, why did Brett stop and get a case of brew two blocks before the border? All we heard aboutRCR's.pitat La Purisma was that it was busy, but no tnajot problems. We were lucky enough to get the Bay of L.A. pit. Our team was Dave M., Chat"lie, Wayne, Nu,Wave Dave, Big Mike and.myself. Mike Q. had come down early to mark us off a good pit, and a good spot it.was. 100 yards of prime frontage in front of G uer,rmo's Bar & R estaurant: Toe· pit was set up ~ rJy! with help from Ed·and Pat from the Chap~ters. All w.e AffENTION ALL PIT TEAMS Help us update and enlarge Pit Team Register! Send us the information on your current officers and contacts pronto. DustyTlma had to do during the-race was gas 'Good sh'owing guys! Last but not --in there' finishing within an hour yerir were: _ !he cars! No wrenching, welding, least, Rich Firsch grabbed another of the leader for another second Tht• Cook's..Class 5, 1600,Mint or anything like that. And by the first out at the Miller races at Glen place in l/V1600. For a driver 400, Firecracker 250; Nevada way, anytime you Checkers need Helen Raceway on November who has in thepastwoneveryrace 500, Baja 1000 & The Points help with gassing up or something, 19th. in this class for two straight years, Championship . our pits are alway.k_easv to fipd - This wraps up the column for this must be starting to get very Frenc'hie & l'eralta,Class 10-just ask the Chase boys in their ithis time 'cause I'm getting tired frustrating? Chase finished 11th Baja 1000. _Cl:iss2car.Hopethel0gallonsof. of writing. And Yes, Dave M., I in Class 2 with Greenway also Sambrano & Strait,Class 11, juice got them to their next stop. I guess I did whine a little bit too finishing out of the money. The . Nevada 500. We took three days to get home, much about missing my sweet, restofourcarswerenon,finishers , Wolfe&Brooks,Class 10,Baja just kicking back -and resting ·hear-t, but I won't tell Linda about , for one reason or another, but still de Lou #2 and fourth (overall) & (except when Wayne was snor, , you in Mexico... this was a good Checker 1000. The Points Championship. ing), and enjoying the weather. ----.-■-1"-.,-■-1'-~-._-_.-~-!i.-.-~-~-.-_.--i-.-/'-.-_-.,-.-The Club pits seemed to handle Loggins & Armstrong,Class Hotspot,ElSoccoroBeach,just ~--: ;~-theracewithnomajorproblems 1/2,1600,Baja de Lou #3 below San Quentin, is a cool place =::_"~;;Kas with the possible exception of a (overall). to stay on the beach. Just look up _ . -~~-problem with the Japanese bike Hawkins,Class 1,Baja <le Lou Oscar and he'll take care•of you. ..J-..--...;-;,,,,.,__,.._~.;:::,aw•- racers at Hawkins'. pit in Bay of #1. Extra thanks to the bosses at OFF-ROADRACINGTEAM -L.A. Seems they saw our TheMcGuires-Classl0sports, Enterprise Steel for letting us use checkered signs and thought that man-Baja de Lou #2 & #3 & The a real nfce flat bed for our pit 'The Straight Poop Lonnie's pit was the La Paz finish Points Championship. equipment. From the Big Wahwo' line and stopped, got off their Hope I didn't miss anybody, W~ll, Let's see how our cars Baja 1000 - Everybody heaved bikes and started to celebrate. but I probably did. did. Danny Letner -in his -Class 2 a sigh of relief and Dr. Checker Here again a language problem Another atta boy surely must got 5tn 1nciass,otn CJveratl.No heaved a big "I told you so" on all was encountered as our guys tried go outto our 1989 Club Officers, info on the car, but his pit/ chase SCORE's critics as the Ensenada to convince theJaps to get back on from our Treasurer, the ever teams had big problems. It's best to La Paz race came off as their bikes and keep going. This present Burack in his many to.sawthateveryoneishome-safe .,cheduledwithnoproblemsfrom was complicated when 'The different uniforms; to the dry anddoingQK.Abigthanksfrom the ranchers. Although the Hawk' took one of their motor-humor of our Secretary, the Danny and r.A.T:'R. · both to smooth running of this race cycles out for a test ride around -Honorable Clarence Carter; to Roman's Racing for helping the would indicate that SCORE ha~ the area. When the Pit Captain Lou, who started to wear the chase truck people, and getting everything under control, rumon was finally chased down, and the chrome off our microphone the gas further down to the pit still persist that the problems bike reunited with it's rider, a towards the end of the year; and where it was needed. We heard down in Baja are far from confused Japanese Racing Team last but not least, our out going this team helped people all over resolved. continued on down the race President Butch Dlll).n who topk TI.nk You!! The Club made up for being course. time away from his thriving radio RCR's Class 2 got 6th in class and 7th Overall, but what a story. Some small problems slowed them in the first part, but then things picked up. Bob had Indy driver Bernard Jordain behind the wheel at one point, and Bob said he was scared to death when the Highway sections came; it seems Bernard has no fear whatsoever! RCR wants to thank Matt for pushing him to start once, and also the guy with the tractor in the middle of nowhere who helped get it going again. Bob's hot tip of the month is to have the co-driver equipped with a hand-held spotlight to use in the turns - it really works great!! McBride grabbed 7th, 8th Overall, but we didn't hear any stories from his gang except that they kidnapped our President Jeff Randall and took him all the way to La Paz. This race possibly gave Matt the Class Overall for the year. Temple Construction broke their trans in the silt by Catavina, giving them a DNF. This is after they broke the trans testing_ before the race, and drove back to San· Diego to put another one in. Our new guys, Van Matre in a real nice looking 10 car, survived loose steering and "T ,boning'' another car to grab third place in class. Real good showing for a team just starting out. We also· had~ (:halleJ_\_ger, Scharr, but they . .1.ever reacned us· at Bay of L.A., nor were there any stories heard at the meeting about their time down there. That about wraps up the Baja 1000 report, sorry if I left :anything out. One more thought, Let's all take time to remember that when you are pitting or ·chasing, safety is number one. Everyone knows how pumped up ,ou can get at the races, but you can't lose perspective of your surroundings. The SNORE race at the Speedrome had some F.A.I.R. winners , real quickly , Rich Firsch , first, 5,1600; Aaron Hawley , first, Class 2; Scott Steinb~er - first,-~ /2-1600 driving a Chenowth Mini,Mag. skunked at the Gold Coast race by Well, the tradition continues controlled _car and kinky sports, grabbing two first place finishes with another Ensenada to La Paz wear business to do a great job tor this race. The Cook's had a great race in the books and anyone who the Club in '89 , True Checkers race down the peninsula with has not experienced the magnitude All! three 5,1600 cars finishing within of this race as either a raceroron a With the exception of our 9 minutes of each other, with of chase crew or working one of the racing and pitting heroics, some course our boys out in front for far away pi ts cannot really of the highlights of1989 had to be their fourth victory in '89. Darryl, consider his off road experience Lou's toilet seat award that he Allan & Wayne, congratulations complete. This race is truly the presented to Nels at the Banquet; to you guys for a great year! granddaddy of them all and it has Hibbard and Stephanie's mutual Our other winners were none to be experienced to really be awards presentation at one of the other than Frenchie and Lou apprecia-ted. weekly meetings; the Pick,your, 'Kadafi' in Dan's new Class 10 ELECTIONS & AW ARDS part controversy and any one of. car. One can only imagine the DINNER, The Wahzoo appears the many Chuck Sugar episodes language problems this duo must to have screwed up on my press with his catheter set up. Also, on a have experienced on the 1000 deadlines and this column may somber note, it must also be mile trip down the Baja, a not get to you in time to remind remembered that in '89 we lost Frenchman and Libyian racing you to vote for our Club Officers two damn good Checkers, JR and together in Mexico. The team at the Wednesday night meeting Black Pete. radio chatter surely must have on 1-3,90. The Annual Awards In January the Checkers had to be heard to be believed. Dinner is scheduled for 1-6-90, continue our winning tradition But no problem was too big for with limited se-ating, at the into our 16th year as once again our heroes to overcome as they Knollwood Country Club. the best off road racing team in proved when their Toyota motor With the holidays over and the sport. Just like some old Pit blew up a mile from the finish another off road season coming Captain once said "semi's? what line. up the Wahzoo would like to semi's? We don't need no stink'n Now pay attention from here salute the following Checkers semi's!" The Checkers are ready on out guys because it starts to get who drove a Checker race car to for 1990, so let the races begin! exciting. With _the race car sitting victory in 1989. Our winners last See ya in Parker. dead on the paved road into La Paz and the second place car running strong and somewhere close behind them, Peralta whips Q!J.La '89 rule bQok. Most ~ys carry parts, tools anct money~ but as a_ conscientious promoter Lou never races without his rule book. It is quickly determined that they can both push the car up to and across the finish line legally, so the push begins. The rule book also states that they are the only ones that can push, so Lou, in his best Spanish, spends part of the next mile shoo'n excited Mexicans away from helping them. Mean, while Blain, with the veins popping out around his forehead, is pushing his heart out and muttering some french gibberish . about his car being heavier than the Eiffel Tower. With the TV cameras following them like a couple of marathon runners, they cross the finish line for a well deserved first place victory. A true story book finish by a couple of characters who will surely become part of the Club's 'Checkers Never Quit' tradition. ·Great race guys! Sumners was once again 'right January 1990 NEW ~Rn~ll:1,16 from ===RACNG PRODUCTS Ron Davis Racing Products now has two new sizes of Aluminum Racing Radiators for the serious off-road racer. All of our radi· ators have the latest fin and core design avaii• able on the market today. Our high perform-ance radiators offer maximum cooling effici-ency for constant engine temperature and al• lows maximum horsepower output. Light weight and durable, these radiators come in two new sizes -31 ½ inches wide by 19 inches tall, 28½ inches wide by 19 inches tall. "Call today" before the competition does. Don't forget our all aluminum VW Replacement Radiator. We also make brass and copper custom rad-iator. Just call us and tell us what you need! -:!Rn-:!a,,1,s RACNG PRODUCTS For more information - call 1 ·800-842-5160 Arizona -269-9194 Ask for Ron 2905 W. Buckeye Rd., Phoenix, AZ. 85009 TOLL FREE 800-842•5166 ARIZONA -(602) 269-9194 Congratulations MITCH MUSTARD on winning the MTEG Championship Page 47 -

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-Bob '"ON MAN" Behre•• (.71.4) 878-4849 By Behrens METAL SHAPING OFF-ROAD, DRAG RACING AND VINTAGE RACE CAR BODIES . 4072 CRESTVIEW DR. LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 ~ ·~ Apple Pie ~ccing . ~p ~<U(,te '8d tfo~ (702 I 362-9416 a.lerg;v StfH4</ ~ owe (702 I 363-2245 ALL TERRAIN ENTERPRISES MOTOR SPORT PRODUCTS ~~f~ Compet1t1on Tires ~o.:f)'. Offroad & Motorcycle Products 22264 Ottawa, Unit 1 Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-3186 . FUEi. CEI.I.S AUTOCRA EN PARTS - SERVICE Manufacturing Facllltles La Habra, California 1100 CUSTER ROAD 1-800-356-6586 . TOLEDO, OHIO 4361~ Ohio 1-800-356-1546 TOM MINGA FABRICATION & REPAIR CUSTOM ROLL CAGES OFF-ROAD RACE PREP FLAME CUTTING M.I.G. WELDING TUBE BENDING DISTRIBUTOR FOR: BILSTEIN SHOCKS HELLA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE 741 ROSALIE WAY, EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92019 • 619-44S-5764 SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS• TOOLBAGS• HARNESSPADS ALL SEATS CAN BE SHI PPED UPS BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 Helmets And (714) 650-4566 1660 Babcock, Bldg. #8 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 -BITCON ENGINEERING 55446 29 PALMS HIGHWAY YUCCA VALLEY, CA 92284 (619) 365-7649 THE AUTOMATIC CHOICE C & M OFFROAD & TRUCK CENTER OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE INC. ~ FEATURING ~ - .· ~DICK CEPEK . PRODUCTS · • Auto/Manual Custom Transmission Welding • Engine & • Accessories Metal Fabrication PARTS AND SERVICE FOR ALL 4WD'S Satioldan ACCESSORIES (818) 504■0306 SUN Guo, .. -SERVICE . (818) 767-0588 VALLEY 8540 LANKERSHIM BLVD.~ t~•F:,'"· l<Nal Ave. Performance Products I Cut out this coupon and mail it to: Fiberglass Fenders & Hoods• Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins ~I Dick Cepek, Inc. Pop-up Roof Light Kits • V-6 Kits tor Mini Trucks 17000 Kingsview Ave., Dept. OT Off-Road Truck Fabrication Carson, California 90746 ,...~..,,. , . Product Catalog $3.00 D , j I I ve enclosed $9.00* for my Dick Cepek corduroy Hat (~19) 562-1740 I 2 Decals, and Catalog. ' I 10996 N . . Woodside ~ve. Santee, CA 92071_, . L~::•,:•,:_&_:o,:;::,::•::::~~o:u_:_:u:~~----J Page 48 January 1990 CHENOWTH f lACIN6 PRODUCTS, INC. ; Check the Record; The Winners Choice; · #1 in Racing and Recreational ' Chassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 C□ RPORATION 619-449-2991 FAX 619-449-7103 [CNC] Manufacturers of CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 275-1663 Brake and Clutch Pedal Assy Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cutting and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS • FRONT HUBS • AXLES BALL JOINTS • TORSION BARS • KNOCK OFF HUBS Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • (805) 239-2663 Templeton, CA 93465 . . ~Rn~lBvis 'RACING PRODUCTS CUSTOM RACING RADIATORS All Aluminum Rabbit Replacement Radiators Send for a free catalog 2905 West Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 269-9194 (800) 842-5166 DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111-Dusty Times

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OE/.c:iN/ IN LINE/ HI-TECH HAND LETIERING & PINSTRIPING TIMllAl{Tl~I~ (714) 255-8113 VINYL LETTERING & GRAPHIC ✓~/ I 655 No. Berry Street, Suite E, Brea, CA 92621 PERFORMANCE TRANSMSSIONS DJT ..... JOHN VERHAGEN TRICK SHOCKS FOR: (818) 381-3033 1533 TRUMAN ST. , SAN FERNANDO, CA 91340 Single, Double, Triple, Quad Applications. Take-Aparts & Remote Reservoir Kits. -10728 Prospect Ave. "B", Santee, CA 92071 • (619) 562-8773 "serving the industry since 1976" , .£1;, ,s.,Clf. :S., REPAIRING • BALANCING • CUSTOMIZING DRIVELINE SERVICE THERE IS A DIFFERENCE PARTS ANO SERVICE ON C/V AND FRON1 WHEEL DRIVE UNITS (714) 824-1561 416 E. Valley Bivd., Colton, CA 92324 SCORE & HORA CONTINGENCY SPONSORS 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Bob Cassetta Don Rountree _ " S. Arrowhead Ave. 825-0583 o ·sAN BERNARDINO, CA 888-2703 92408 FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHEL TEAS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS (714) 981-9666 963 SEABOARD COURT , UPLAND, CA 91786 Dustvnmes .. ~I, RAC/NS. ffl FUEL>, · 213-603-2200 Send for our catalogl The most comprehensive catalog of race-proven Off Road parts ever. From the people who have put more Off Road drivers in the Winner's Circle than anyone else. Call, write, carrier pigeon. anything. But do ii now. Or_you'II be at the back of the pack. "'""'"'"" l&l com"'"•••-Bllstein Shocks JaMar Products Sway-A-Way Wright Place Perma-Cool I Tri-Mil Exhaust S&S Headers ................... Gem Gears Weber Carbs Beard Seats IPF lights PERl'OIIMAICE ... many more FOR YOUR CATALOG. SEND S5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE, 1558 N. CASE ST., ORANGE. CA 92667. OR CALL (714) 637-2889 \LLE SAFET DRIVING SUITS SEAT BELTS NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PAR1S RE~ABLE V. W. PAim 11623 SHELDON ST. SUN VALLEY, CA 913!52 768-4!5!5!5 (619) 669-4727 ~ Get Your sn1n Togetherl ~~\~--------FORT I l'Y TRAJ'YSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, callfomla 92035 ~ Doug Fortin (408) 377-3422 Custom Shocks Built to Your Vehicle's Specifications l0X RACING SHOX 544 McG/incey lane, Unit 8, C;,mpbt1//, Calif. 95008 January 1990 Fuel Bladders Quick FIiis · Dump Cans 5271 Business Dr. Std. FIiis Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 GIL GEORGE ·.----. ~SQ --.1:11111111!■---~ ao ~ti~ CUCAMONGA. CALIFORNIA (714) 981-8743 GARMA FABRICATIO ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GARMAN (714) 620-1242 1452 EAST THIRD STREET POMONA, CA 91766 OFFICE 362-4202 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89103 * * HAT PINS ** FOR TEAMS, CLUBS, SPECIAL EVENTS HIGH QUALITY * LOW PRICES DEPENDABLE DELIVERY WRITE OR CALL FOR PRICE LIST & SAMPLE PHONE (818) 848-RACE ..= R-=.. BOX 6_36!L * _B_URBANK, CA 91510-6369 HEADFLDW PERFORMANCE '' 11 RACING CYLINDER HEADS FRED COWLES (714) 631-3826 1760 Monrovia, C-7, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Page 49

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HOUSE of BUGGIES 9925 Prospect Ave. Santee, CA 92071 • 619-589-6770 THE COMPANY DRIVERS KEEP ONTARIO 4035 GUASTI RD. ONTARIO, CA 91761 (714) 983-7838 CORONA 1540 COMMERCE ST. CORONA, CA 91720 (714) 279-8026 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' ~III■■ I~• I I I~ I•~ ~LI I I I I•~ Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim, California 92806 JIMCO (714) 632-1240 OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 Lee JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON (714) 522-4600 (714) 522-4602 rl!@f!Jmr:I V. W. Service REPAIR O PARTS O SERVICE 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 WALKER EV ANS ,.iii\&--RACING SHOCKS ~ MICKEY THOMPSON GRAND PRIX MOJAVE MINT • EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE • 3" DIAMETER • 8"-14" COIL OVERS • COMPUTER SUSPENSION DESIGN ASSISTANCE KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LONG BEACH, CA. 213595 0661 Page 50 • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICATION 825 N. GLENDORA AVE. COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DIALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is :i j!rc:it traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91 301. {818) 889~5600 ~ "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax (714) 444-1622 MENDEOLA RACING Volkswagen -Porsche -Hewland Off-Road & Stadium Racing Transmissions Parts & Service 10722 Kenney St., Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-9010 FAX: (619) 562-9079 Import Parts & Service Import Machine Shop Import High Performance Parts, Service & Machinery (419) 476-3300 1100 Custer Rd. At Laskey TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 Wholesale 419-476-3711 January 1990 5\S Ct"~ S Custom Built to Your Needs by Bill Varnes Mike Brow V-ENTERPRISES 37925 Sixth St. East, Unit 107 Palrndalf), CA 93550 S_QS/272-3843 · Jim Moulton Radng M ... •~7111, •7111~~•~ ■ Off road racing chassis ■ Fabrication and repair ■ Fox shock parts and service ■ Race Car Prep 26846 Oak Ave., Unit G Canyon Country, Calif. 91351 (805) 298-1212 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils• Heli-Core Wires• Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 857-5200 AUWS ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CARS TRUCKS NATIONAL SPRING COMPANY, INC. 10229 Prospect Ave. Santee, Californin 92071 A COMPLETE AUlOMOTIVE SPRING SERVICE Leaf Springs Custortt Made & Repaired Shocks & Coil Springs Sold & Installed Blocks and U-Bolts made to order Off-Road Suspension Urethane Bushings Beeline Alignment and Wheel Balancing MaIOR HOMES (619) 449-ARCH 4 X 4's INSTANT SERVICE ' 1-800-331-NEAL OUTSIDE CALIF. High Performance Pedals & Hydraulics, Including ... • NEAL Cu11in9 Brakes'" • Clutch Pedal Assemblies · • Master Cylinders • Hydraulic Clu1ches and Thro11les plus much more Compleie Catalog. $3 00 NEAL PRODUCTS, INC. 7830 Trade Street San Diego, CA 92121 (619) 565-9336 Dusty Times

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OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR., BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 WO VANS & PICKUP S & M I N I TRUCKS PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOC~S USEO • WELDING 8r FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 761-9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT PROBST Off Road Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES ~-11!1~•-· - .... . ~~:RED LINE. - -~ • SYNTHETIC ■ ■ • OIL RACING LUBRICANTS DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE SERVICE AUTO PARTS Palm Desert 44-800 San Pablo 1121 eAsT 1LL1No1s Hwv 1a1s1 485-RAcE Yucca Valley 56313 29 Palms Hwy r------------------+,..;.N_EW..;;_LE_N_o _x ._1L_L_IN_o _1s_a_o4_5 _1 ____ ___;_ __ __;:...17_;,22_3_1 ~ ' Palm Springs 67-390 Ramon Rd. Desert Hot Spr 13-175 Palm Dr. (619)346-0694 · . (619)365-0813 (619)323-1879 (619)329-1446 (619)347-3379 1 (619)328-2183 (714)441-1212 (714)883-8891 (714)750-2802 (213)390-~86 (213)370-5552 (714)558-9393 (714)635-1431 • /,. I-RA 670. _-WHWY. LA VERNE, CA 91750 (714) 59~-2Z71 _ OFF ROAD INNOVATIONS SOLT·ON PRE·RUNNER ACCESSORIES LIGHT HOOPS T,RE MOUNTS BED KICKERS (6191 588-2568 CUSTOM FABRICATION 1160 PIONEER WAY, SUITE C, EL CAJON, CA 92020 PROFESSIONAL • AMERICAN • CANADIAN o Off-ROAD -\l A R~CING -.~ ~ - -.c, ;;-,.;_;:__ ~ ~ ... , .. ~ ~~ ~ ? P. 0. BOX 323eSEAHURST, WA 98062 J~ (p[3~0G~(1(1 Fabrication ..J Coil Over Suspension °" FoxShoxPartsAndSeNice · ; ..J Race Car Wiring 1660 Babcock Bldg. E Costa Mesa, Ca 9262" ..J Race Car Prep. ../ Tum Key Race Cars ( 714) 650-3035 PIKE' FAMILY RESTAURANT Over 40,Years -The best in the Desert Coffee Shop -Steak House -Watering Hole Saloori 24 Hour Service Station - . - -BAKER, CALIFORNIA Dusty Tlma Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory A& are merely $1_8.00 per month. FUNCTIONAL AFfER-MARKET PRODUCTS uNVil! oFfRO/\l? . (818) 769-0921 Dean Galloway _ -Larry Winter 714-537-8286 PlJiAIR A Totally New Concept in Battery Design Rae, S1,op S11ppliu 11532 St,pl,a11i, Gard,11 Grove, C..4 92640 • ½ ti,, Siz, &: W,igl,t of its Equivalent • Vibration R,sista11t • Spill Proof Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 Indio 81-096-A Hwy. 111 - Cathedral City 68-887 Hwy. 111 McKenzie's Anaheim Moore Racing San Bernardino OffRoad Supermart Westminster Dirty Parts Culver City Racecrafters Lawndale Tustin Honda Tustin Bryce's Auto Anaheim RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL co. I 3450 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez, CA 94553 TEL (800) 624-7958 , RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA-91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914 ·s (213)583-2404 ~~· SAN DE RPSE RV/CE, INC. METAL PROCESSING S921 W;Jmmgton A ~enue Los Ange/es. Caiiforn,a 90001 SANOBI.AST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PAATICAL FLOUAESCENT INSPECTION ' , Mark Smith . Larry Smith ({ '----:t-:-_ --------Sa«~ .. ~~~ ~ 1533 Truman Street .:\. San Fernando. Ca. 91340 Phone: (818) 361-1215 Anaheim Hills aw ' Family Dental Center -j.0r_h //,. h ,,,,,/7 ,_,,/)/) ,' (714} 998-2553 ~1jYvYJ'UNY~ DAVID Qi\MOCINoKl. D.D.6. (818)988-5510 438 N. Lakeview Ave. Anaheim Hills, Ca. 92807 . 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 January 1990 Page 51

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., MARVIN SHAW · ENTERPRISES Manufacturer & Supplier of Arizona Air Ride Shocks Air Cooled Tool Co. Tools Buggy Beautiful Dress-Up Parts for your Sand Buggy DESIGN ■ ENGINEERING ■ SALES 3242 Sabin Brown Road P.O. Box20646 602-684-5056 Wickenburg, AZ 85358 115 OCTANE RACING GASOLINE Anaheim, CA .......................... .. (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA .......... ................ (805) 948-6044 Bullhead City, AZ. ....•...•..•••........... (602) 758-5480 Chino, CA ............................... (714) 628-7596 Concord, CA ............................. (415) 676-4300 Fullerton, CA ............................ (714) 635-5553 t----------=-....... --,--:::;.,.:---------+ Hayward, CA ....................... ..... (415) 783-6500 l•,'.M flC J Lancaster, CA ............................ (805) 948-6044 , • '6. Las Vegas, NV . . .. . . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. (702) 643-9200 Long Beach, CA .......................... (213) 432-3946 HIGH PERFORMANCE LETTERING Oakland, CA .................•........ ... (415) 261-6900 Custom Race Lettering & Numbers Phoenix, AZ · • · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · <602> 279-SOOO Pleasant Hill, CA ......................... (415) 798-2201 Sandblast.• Banners • Vinyl Riverside, CA ............................ (714) 877-0226 Lettering • Plexiglass Salinas, CA .........•............. '. ...... (408) 422-9808 · Santa Barbara, CA ........................ (805) 963-9366 207 Nashville# C Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714/ 960-7461 NEW L-OCA TION IN ORANGE COUNTY rSIMPSOM RACE PRODUCTS j 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd., 'C' Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 63D-RR61 SMALL CAR ENTERPRISES Corky I 00 I Arlee Place / Anaheim, California 92805 714/635-3735 stock to high performance • tune-ups brakes &.. suspension • remanufactured engines &.. transmissions fuel injection • welding &.. chassis fab. hell arc mlg &. tlg aluminum &. steel WELDING • FABRICATIIIIII ROLL CAGES • TUBE BENDING SHOCK & SUSPENSNIN SETUPS FLAME CUT GUSSET KITS IAS fANKS AIR CLEANERS SHEET METAL WORK BEAD BLASTING CUSTOM MACHINING RACE PREP I -REPAIR llACE CAR · PRE RUNNER FABRICATNIN RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER SPORT ENGINEERING :-....... 14757 Lull Street Van Nuys, CA 91405 TEL: 818-994-7475 FAX: 818-994-4069 Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Componen~s SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA Page 51 Van Jose, CA ............................ (408) 294-4513 Van Nuys, CA ............................ (818) 785-0902 Ventura, Cf'. , . . . . . . . . . . ............... (805) 5?~-5609 P.O. Box 610, 333 West Broadway, Suite :Wl (213) 630-6996 ' Long Beach. Cal_ifornia 90801--0610 Nobody Covers Off Road Like DUSTY TIMES SUBSCRIBE TODAY (USE FORM ON PAGE 3) 1988 BUDWEISER/FRT SUPERSTITION SERIES CHAMPIONS CRAIG DILLON • CLASS 10 RANDY ANDERSON -CLASS 1, 2-1600 CECIL WRIGHT • UNLIMITED CLASS JACK HETTINGER -CHALLENGER HERMAN MEISTER -CLASS 8 JON HURLEY • CLASS 7 GREG SANDEN -CLASS 5 TODD TEUSCHER • CLASS 100 CHUCK McCORMICK -CLASS 6 ~EN BASORE -CLASS 5-1li00 -SUSPENSIONS VII./H/TED * Welding * Fabrication * Front Ends * Flame Cutting * Custom Chassis * Race Prep * Custom Light-Weight Trailers' 1180 Fountain Way, Unit-F, Anaheim, CA 92806 (714) 630·3770 • (714) 630-2681 Mfg'r. of Blue Flame Products JAGG1TEAA4 Off Road Products and Preparation Downey• Doetsch Tech •Bi/stein• Smittybilt • KC Lites Baker Products• Cal Gold Products• Conner Products• Super Trapp Suspension• Engine• Drive line • Fiberglass • Clutches Tires • Wheels • Safety Equipt • PreRunner Lifts • Installation 670 W. 17th. Unit G-5 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (714) 631 -8244 January 1990 SINCE 1933 C. A. TAYLOR (CHUCK) 240 N. OAK ST.-•~· ORANGE, CA 92667 (714) 997-1778 LUBRICATION FORMQLATED FOR SEVERE SERVICE CAROLYN FRICK Mon-Fri 9-6 Owner S;it 10-2 (714) 861·2606 1118 S. DIAMOND BAR BLVD., DIAMOND BAR, CA 91765 Trackside Photo, Inc. Commerciai Photography Peter L. Hatch (213) 6os-1n2 · 1507 E. Del Amo Blvd. • Carson, CA 90746 Ill/CE ll(ANS BY JEFF REUlS TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth, CA 91311 ... ic·············~·•:llllllllilllil!lll ......... :::•:•······· • • .-: :-:-:-:-.-:-;-;❖ . . :::::::::::::::::•:ri-i ::!:li::::::j:i:::::::::::=:/~-~~o ~~E,:;~0~1~~~~~~~~_:::::::i:::: ::::.;.:.:::·:····:·:· ·. CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITk:>N . : . ::::: .. ::::·:········· For_in_formation and a distributor near you, call .. ·.·. ,. _. .·. . 1-800-444-1449 ... ·.·.: ·:::~::::: (viPJ UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/449-9690 Power Steering-:- Brackets Aluminum Fabrication - Tabs Dusty nmcs

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M LOUIE UNSER Racing Engines 1100 E. Ash Ave. Suite C Fullerton, Ca. 92631 Louie Unser (714) 879-8440 - . V W ON LY 1liA1ruuttle!J 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA VW -RABBIT -BUS -AUDI PARTS NEW & USED REBUILT ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS DUNE BUGGY CHASSIS & PARTS ~=7t'~PAINT /INPetJ4TINGS-.GRAPlilCS* WJ~ "-•~ fiJ~ MAINTeNANCl'•5t~/IY/tf:'1t-/,fffFRING* ctr~h1 MY~''1orRck~~ .•619· o 'FH/S ININN/SRS CHOIC/S WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street . strip and off-road or send $3 for the complete ___ .... catalog. (iai)WEB-CAM 1815 M11uchuHttl Ave. •=RFORMANCECAMSHAFTS :::=.i~::~,~c~•--~•-{714) 369-5144, MOVING? Don't miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. · ~ Engine & Machine SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 741-6173 420 VENTURE ST. ,ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS 570° RACING BRAKE FLUID DISC BRAKE PADS FRONT VW DISC BRAKE KITS BRAKE PEDALS REAR VW DISC BRAKE KITS CLUTCH PEDALS PROPORTIONING VALVE COMPOSITE MASTER CYLINDERS POWER STEERING 461 Calle San Pablo• Camarillo• CA• 93010 805 • 388 • 1188 IIWIXMICfS IY r-., ~-PARTS AND TUNING 537 West Main Street JIM WOLF El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0630 WOODS WHEEL WORKS. Off Road Products Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles (602) ~2-0077 2733 W. Missouri · Phoenix, /'IZ. 85017 Manufadurers Advisory Board Report Off Roads Winningest Radios OVER 1186 ON THE COURSE Rules restricting an off road racing class for passenger cars may be opened up, according to proposals for the 1991-92 SCORE International/High Desert Racing Association rule book discussed at a recent meeting in Las Vegas, NV. The manufacturers advisory board to the SCORE/HORA series has been asked to comment on proposed rules that will outlaw turbochargers and require 5000 cars be manufactured in a model year, but otherwise relax restric-tions on how the car is prepared for racing. Off road racers, heavily involved in truck and dune buggy classes thus would be encouraged to use their mechanical ingenuity to make the stock automobile class, one of the slowest in this type of racing, go faster. Manufacturers asked the two sanction bodies to consider a proposed new method for starting off road races. It would ·combine the three fastest classes, single and two seat unlimited cars and pickup trucks, to give every driver in those classes a chance to start Dusty Times up front, out of dust and-traffic. Sal Fish, President of SCORE International, and Danny Cau, President of HORA, both reminded the board that they will make all decisions on starting procedures. Also to be liberalized in the 1991-92 rule book, the board reported, was the requirement for all stock vehicles in four wheel drive and truck classes to be from a series of 5000 models manu-factured. The further require-ment that there must be that many available in the United States was dropped. A final version of the rule book, to be presented to the board December 1, 1989, in Los Angeles, will also: allow factory installed fuel injection in long wheelbase four whed drive, passenger car, stock mini pickup and pickup classes; Define what is a full size pickup truck and require that it must have been manufactured with an eight cylinder engine; Reduce the minimum weight requirement for long wheelbase 4WD vehicles from 4500 to 4200 pounds. Comlink V The Ultimate Racing Intercom 16 CHANNEL ROADMASTER "A LEGEND" • Helmets wired - $100. (CF) ONLY $53900 January 1990 New! RF Pre Amp $95 30% to 50% more range! 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 (213) We'n, next door 427 _8177 via U.P.S.I Page 53

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Classified ••• vintage gauges, many more extras. You complete. $1,500.00. Call FOR SALE, Goshen Bros. 1989 Tom at (714) 245-1603, after Raceco Class 10 stadium car. Has 7:00 PM. 12 races since new. Built with the l!litii.iiiiaiii4•iii•-~iiJ~~--:.&~~-~ti./ best of everything. Features 5-link / ,l multi-stage suspension w/Fox , water cooled air shocks. Weight, ! ·~ FOR SALE: Live your dream! Class 1-2-1600. Bitcon engine and trans., Bilstein shocks w/ reservoir.s, Centerlines and Y okohamas, 19 gal. Fuel Safe, Simpson belts, much more. Very fresh!! Excellent for pre runner or FOR SALE: 1-2-1600 Hart chassis, Don Hatz motor, Neth front & rear suspension, UMP power steering, Fox shocks. Race read_y! $12,000.00 O.B.O. Call Joe Flinn at (714) 676-8084. FOR SALE: Raceco Class 10. 1987 Class 10 points winner, Parker, Lucerne Valley, Barstow, Riverside, Nevada 500 winner!! New Mendeola gear sets, state-of-the-art FAT performance Toyota AF engine, Sway-A-Way dual front springs. Absouutely ready to win! Call Greg at (714) 637-2889. 1503 lbs ... Summers Bros. brakes, axles, with out-board cv's. Fresh trans, and 144 H.P. Goshen Rabbit with (approx.) 3 Hrs. since complete rebuild. Centerline wl bead locks, BFG. tires, CNC, Beard, UMP, Wright, Simpson, are some many first-class products used. Car has been meticulously maintained in between races, and throughout the race season. Car is featured in this months issue of Hot V.W. magazine, (Nov. '89). Full pictures and a lot of information. Complete car ready to race, $30,000.00, O.B.O., no trades, serious inquiries only. Call Bob at (714) 642-1318 9-5, or Bill at (714)990-20919-5. 1 your ambition! Girlfriend going , CRAZY, must sell! $8000.00 FOR SALE: O.R.C. 211600 Don Hatz motor, C&S trans. UMP power steering, Fox Shox, wheel base 117H, combos new style arms, bead locks on all four rims, Super Boot stub axles, 930 CV, Summer axles, removable spare tire rack, and windshield, complete, race ready, best of everything, $12,500.00. Also enclosed tandum Pro Trac 20 foot inside with electric brakes, $3,250.00. Call John, Monday thru Friday,8:00 a.m. -4:45 p.m. at (213) 834-113.~ or home phone (213) 831-5841. FOR SALE: 1/2-1600 short course single seat. Proven winner! Chromoly chassis, aluminum body, Neith trailing arms, Fox, Bilstein, Wright, Sway-A-Way, Neal, Super Seat, Simpson, 8 & 17 gallon fuel cell, 930 cv's, Dura Blue stubs, fresh engine and trans. Race ready. $7,500.00, O.B.O ... Call Keith or Hal at (303) 761-1551 days, or (303) 761-8059 eves. \ ~ ' ---, FOR SALE: 1979 Ford Courier pre runner. Class 7 legal. Professionally built. 16-point cage, tubular A-arms, 11.5n I 12.Sn travel, 2300cc motor, Art Carr, Rancho, Beard, Deist, ATL, Hella, Alpine, factory air, lots of aluminum, spare parts, MORE! Brand new from frame up! Street registered. MUST SELL NOW!!! Best offer. Call Gary Garman at (714) 593-7983 eves. FOR SALE: 3 bus transmissions~ All with 091 diff.'s, 930flanges, new German syncros and bearings (1) used 4.86-350-215 Hewland 1-56 1-21 gem, $1,500.00. (1) new 4.80-350-214 Hewland 1-56-1.30 gem -$2,000.00. ( 1) new 5-42-310-190 Hewland 150-121 Hewland w /Mendeola case, $2,350.00. All ready to race. Contact Dave at(714) 441-1212. FOR SALE: MERRY CHRIST-• MAS RACERS! 1989 1-1600 Raceco. Best of everything. 118n wheel base. Raced two times. Going to another class, Safari. $10,000.00. Will sell, less engine and trans. $6500.00. Call Tom at (818) 846-4309, or days at (818) 767-0588. FOR SALE: 2 seat pre runner. 114 in Chromolu, fuel cell, Wright front arms, 2 liter motor. $2500.00. Call Perry, or Jeff at (714 )591-9184 days, (714 )984-3103 eves. FOR SALE: 4 seat pre runner. Very big car. A.M.S. front, Saganaw steering, fuel cell. Have parts to complete. $1200.00. Call Perry at (714) 591-9184 days, or (714) 984-3103 eves. FOR SALE: Single seat class 10 Raceco. Disc brakes, Palmer front arms. Windshield, power steering. Light weight, strong motor. %10,000.00. Call Perry or Jeff at (714) 591-9184, or (714) 984-3103 eve. FOR SALE: '86 Raceco Class 2, Porsche 2 .8 6-cylinder, new Headland trans., spare parts. Race ready. Best of everything, professionally maintained, Ultra Wheel. (714) 897-8077. $30,000 .00 take all! FOR SALE: Complete motor 2180cc. Welded heads, 82x92 cima's., mild cam & compression w/Zenith carb, Kennedy clutch, Tri-Mil w/ Supertrap, oil filter, oil cover, alternator. All complete, just install, and run! Dave, (714) 441-1212. r-------------·--------------~-------.... ~----------.......... ~ . I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I : DUSTY TIMES. : I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for I I use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. I I NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and I I subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All classified ads must be paid in advance. I I --------------------------I I --------------------------I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Enclosed is $ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Name---------------------------------Address ______________________ Phone ______ _ City _________________ _ State _____ Zip ______ _ Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 Page 54 January 1990 O.B.O. Call (619) 228-2916 AWH. .£t.t, ·t .i~1/<~ FOR SALE: ORE Class 10 single seat, very competitive. EMS engine, Jeff Fields trans, Fox shocks front and rear, Sway-A-Way, Summers Bros., UMP power steering, etc. Best of everything. Entire car just prepped by Jim Moulton Racing. Race ready! $14,000.00, O.B.O. Call Jim at (213) 591-5665 days, or Mike at (602) 921-2122. FOR SALE: "Texas Charg~r". Class 10 short course Magnum copy. First class construction, all heliarc, Wright, Saco, Durablue, Summers Bros., Hewland, Beard, Neal, Centerline, etc., 1650 air cooled fresh motor, and spares. Steel ·it for $7000.00. I'm going fishing! (214) 438-2111 or (214) 554-1886, D.F.W., TX. FOR SALE: Pre runner. Class 8 Project Alan Route 351 with aluminum heads. Al C6 full floater, Centerline headlocks BFG, Earls auto meter, Oberg, fiberglass, aluminum body. Many spares. Custom fab pieces. Priced to sell fast. $3500.00, firm! Call (714) 895-3786. FOR SALE: 1988 HORA-SCORE overall champions Class 9 single seat! T-Mag, LaPlant. Winner of Baja 1000, Nevada 500, 2 Parkers, 2 Fireworks, race ready. Fat motor, Raceco tranny, Yokohama, Bilstein, Bosch, Sway-A-Way, Beard,Jamar, Deist. Many more spares, plus, secrets! Call after 5:00 PM, Joe (714) 498-6180. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum Class 1. "A" arm front end, Curnutt shocks, Curnutt hubs, Hewland DG 300, in board brakes, A.R.P.M. engine. Ready to race. $22,000.00. Call Paul at (714) 545--0110, days or evenings, Dusty Times

Page 55

_ -~ . ~ :z~ ~-t:,~4:-.:~~_::~:~,#$ _ FOR SALE: Class 1 Raceco. FOR SALE: Mirage 2-1600 . . Single seat in two seat frame, can Super Boot, Fox, 930's, Center-be converted to Class 2. EMS type lines, PIS, Dura-Blue, Wright, IV engine, Kriesler trans., Beard, Armstrong, powder coat w/Curnutt torque limiters, Fox paint, trailer with rack, complete shocks front and rear, coil over inventory of spare parts and front, Sway-A-Way, Summers mounted tires, also purchaseable. Bros., UMP power steering, etc. Just prepped and race ready. Bestofeverything.Carisprepped $12,300.00. Call (702) 456-and race ready. $19,000.00, 4117 eves and weekends. O.B.O. Call Jim at (213) 591-5665 days, or Mike at ( 602) 921-2122. Your Ad Here For Just $10.00 Per Month. FOR SALE: Single seat Sandhawk race car. Best of everything. Wright, Curnutt, Centerline, Neal, Field trans., Mastercraft, Jamar, Simpson, K&N, Sway-A-Way. Priced for quick sale, $3000.00., O.B.O. Must sell, plus extra parts. Call (619) 362-5161 , ask for Casey. =-----:-:::::::. FOR SALE: Class 5 Baja. 2 hours on rebuilt car, 2388cc VW, FAT, Carillo, UMP, Bus/Hew land trans., 8 new Fox, powder coat, Beard, new paint, 930's, Dura Blue, Tri-Mil, new bumpers, and kick-outs, new wiring, has been in storage about 1 ½ years. Moving, must sell! $11,900.00. Call Todd at (602) 998-9081. Delivery available. FOR SALE: Single seat class 9. Super clean, all freshly painted. Best of everything. Dirtrix chassis. All running gear fresh. Ready to race. $6700.00 with trailer. Call John at(602) 439-1511, or (602) 934-3444 ext. 48. FOR SALE: Class 9 two seat Sandhawk. D.J. trans, Armstrong, Wright rack, Bilstein, Sway-A-Way, Diest, K & N. Race ready, plus spares,·$6500.00. '78 Chev. box van car hauler, tire rack, ramps, $2,000.00. Call Joel, days (619) 256-2941, nites (619) 256-{)855. FOR SALE: '77 Ford. All g_lass, except for cab, and box. 351 C, 4V neads, 350+H.P., suspension by Spirit, B & M trans, shifter, converter, 4 wheel disc', much, much more, $11,000.00. llK miles on everythin_g, except frame, and cab. Call (209) 226-2637. FOR SALE: Kevin & Brian Smith's 1-1600 Mirage. Recent winner at 1989 Fireworks 250, and Goldcoast 300. Car is race J)r_oven, and prepped ready to WIN! Best of everything, includes many sparesi all latest updates, must see! Cal (818) 579-2135, or (818) 286-1503 .. FOR SALE: Class l -1600 Chenowth Magnum w /Fox shocks, radio, Pumper, Neth arms rear, combo link pin after market front, UMP power steering. Ready to race! $7,900.00. Call Dave Fessenden at (714) 680-0900 days. CO-DRIVER AVAILABLE: Graduate of Rod Hall Off-Road .,..,.,, Racing School. Experienced pit i\t crew member of well known .,,,,,, racing team for 2 years. Flexible schedule. Call (818) 991-3181. Ask for Frank. FOR SALE: '72 Ford class 8 race truck. Score/HORA legal! 351 Windsor by Mike Evans, Mogi C-6 trans, 9 inch floater rear end, Summers Bros. axles 4.10 spool, 4 wheel disc brakes, 50 gallon fuel cell, re-buildable Rancho shocks, Beard seats, Simpson belts. $18,000.00, O .B.O. Call (213) 429-7239, ask for Tony. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Funco. Wright place front end, combo's, rack and pinion, power steering, Neal pedals, Sway-A-Way, Centerlines, Leighton trans., fuel cell. Race ready with "T" trailer! and extra parts! $4000.00! Cal Steve at (708) 506-9711. FOR SALE: Class 5-1600. Has less than 700 race miles. FAT 1600 engine, type 11 Hewland trans., with 4 spider diff. Wright Place front arms, and combos, heat treated 4130 rear arms, • ;, 300m stub axles, 4130 chromoly cage FOX shocks, Beard seats, bead locked Centerlines, spare parts available. Contact Doug at Sage Council Racing, (714) 831-8000. ~ FOR SALE: '88 Toyota 7s truck! Winner of the '88 Nevada 500. Built by Nelson & Nelson. Mike Evans engine. Truck is fast, reli-able, forgiving, good handling, and easy to maintain. All the good stuff, and spares. $23,000.00. Call Mike for details at (619) 485-9410. FOR SALE: lee8, legal class 3 (honest)! CJ-6, 4 1 AMC ( 1 race old), Turbo 400, Quadtrac, mod. 44 front & rear with spare front & rear ends, drivelines, 10 spare wheels & tires (new), and much more! Just finished Baja 1000. $15,000.00 firm. David Br_yan, (6~9) 347-2767 Mon.-Sat., 7:00 -6.00. FOR SALE: 091 Bus transaxle. New 4.86 to 1 ring & 8inion Hewland gear set, 1st 3.1 , 2nd 1.96, 3rd 1.50, 4th 1.21, Henry's Chromoly diff.,new case. Simply the best 091 available! $2800.00, O.B.O. Call (505) 255-0212. FOR SALE: Helmet and suit. Parker Pumper helmet size 7¼, great shape. Large Deist drivers suit. Get them both for only $200.00. Call (619) 256-0426. FOR SALE: Prerunner Baja Bug! Street !~_gal! Full cage, wide frc:mt beam, Wright Phice front trailing arms, and combos, disc brakes, fuel cell, Ty_Re 11 Hewland with 4 spider ditf., 2180cc Weber engine, Beard seats, Centerline wheels. Also for sale, Hewland DO 300 inboard C.V. 's, 16" Centerline double bead locked wheels. Contact Doug at Sage Council Racing, (714 )831-8000. WANTED: 100 in. wheel base, 2 seat frame, including body panels, floor pan, and torsion housing, suitable for converting existing single seat challenger class car to two seater. Must be SCORE legal construction, and less than $1000.00. Contact Don Strutt-mann at (602) 895-1175. FOR SALE: CLASS 2 RACECO-EAGLE. "Interested in Unlimited off-road racing?" Have we got the car for you!!! Our Class 2 Raceco-Ea-gle off-road race car is an excellent opportunity for some-one who is serious about unlimited off-road racinr.' The Raceco-Eagle is absolute ' State-of-the-Art" in desig_n,.J fabrication, and equipment. 13:," WB, 420 HP, 291 CID 90° Fischer aluminum block Chevrolet V6, Powerglide transmission, Winters quick-change rear-end, plus many spare parts. We would like to see this car in action against the other unlimited Class 2 cars. We guarantee . . . 1ou will not be disappointed. Offered at $19,995.00. Will consider clean street car or truck for trade-in. Excellent condition ... Must sc•· to appreciate the quality, and potential of this car. Dick Young, clays at (213) 426-1912, or eves. ~(213) 498-7812. FOR SALE: '79 Ford pre-runner. Built tough, made to last! Chromolly cage, Eurethane bushings, strong 429, built tranny, 9" full floater, 35 spline spool, 4 wheel disc, four link rear suspension, custom aluminum work, 2 spares, 18 shocks, A/ C, AM/ FM cassette. Must sell, ready to deal. $ 11000.00. Call Kenny Lee, San Diego, (619) 466-5160. FOR SALE: Class 10 Raceco. Single seater. Fresh, never raced! FAT motor, Hew land gears, Super Boot coil over front end, disc brakes, power steering, UMP, Fox shocks, Jamar, Mastercraft. All the best equipment. New 4" =-,-----,,, front arms, Wright combo's, etc. SACRIFICE at $7,995.00. Call (702) 739-7737. FOR SALE: Class 5. 2nd for 1989 HORA? SCORE Points Series. FAT dual Weber type 4, Okrasa crank, Corrola rods, Hewland 5 speed "DO 300", Summer Bros. full floater, outboard C.V.'s, 300m torsion bars, and axles, FOX shocks, Beard seats, coilover front end, Wright Place front arms, Palmers front spindles, Summer Bros. disc brakes, Lee power steering, bead locked Centerlines, spare parts available. Contact Doug at Sage Council Racing, (714 )831-8000. Dusty TIIIIC5 FOR SALE: 1983 Ran~r pre-runner. 302 V -8! C-4 W IT ransco it, B & M shifter, 3.73 posi, K & N filter, full cage, Beard buckets, S-JYf. harnesses, P.S., P.B.,360W. Stereo, K.C. l\ghts. Too much to list! $12,000.00, O.B., or trade for mini 4x4. Call Bill eves/week-ends at (619) 247-8581. FOR SALE: Class 3 Ford Bronco. 351, Art Carr C4 manual shift trans., Rancho su~ension, new 40 gallon fuel cell. Truck is clean, not raced in '89, raced twice in '88. 4th at Mint 400, 5th at Fireworks! Many spares. $6000.00, O.B.O . Call (714) 731-1570. FOR SALE: Class 2, 114" with fresh 2180. Wright, Mastercraft, Baja blower, Jamar, ATL cell, Centerline, Yokohama, Super-boot, Sway-A-Way, and Bilstein. Ready to race! $6500.00, includin_g spares. Call Dave at (916) 621-0022, eves. FOR SALE: Hewland FOB Class 10 transmission, with adapters to Rabbitt. Fresh and race ready. $5000.00, O.B.O. Contact Larry at TSCO International, (800) 547-2414. January 1990 I N SAHARA VDO -Chenowth -Simpson -~--------:c T riMil -K & N Filters -Bugpack Bilstein - Centerline -Cibie Hewland -Porsche Turbo CVs Beard's Seats-Parker Pumper Yokohama Tires -Super Trapp Gem Gears -KYB Shocks Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place -Dura Blue ~ X j ·> ~ ~1.__..;S;.;I;;,,;R;;,,;IU;.;S ___ -1 c::i :j ~ < ~ > SPRING MTN. ~ Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. NEV ADA PHONE ORDER HOUSE 3054 So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911 • (702) 871-5604 Page 55

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c:::::::Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii• _liiiiiiiiiiiiir~~ (=t =o~c~e~ 2nd Event of the 1990 HORA/SCORE Series On Saturday, March 3, 1990, Everyone will hav~ an, Opportunity to see the Infamous ROCK GARDEN! On March 4, only a few will be able to say they . CONQUERED IT! If racing across 400 miles of the world's toughest terrain intrigues you, then we'll see you in Las Vegas on March 3. ---'~ HORA CONTACT H.D.R.A. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: 702/361-5404 12997 LAS VEGAS BLVD. SOUTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89124 ;r,l'_l/t# LIGHTS OFFICIAL LIGHT