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1990 Volume 7 Number 11 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 7 - Number 11 - November 1990 $1.50 ISSN 8750-1732 Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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SNORE SHOWBOAT 250 ,, DECEMBER 1-2, 1990 2800 E. FREMONT LAS VEGAS, NEVADA89104 SIGN-UP & TECH ATTHE SHOWBOAT FRIDAY NOVEMBER 30 FROM 4 TO 10 PM RACE DATE DECEMBER 1 START - FINISH EL DORADO VALLEY DRIVERS MEETING 8AM SHOWBOAT PARKING LOT RACE STARTS 9 AM ENTRY FEE $350.00 + INS AWARDS -CHALLENGE RS $135.00 + INS AT THE· SHOWBOAT SUNDAY DECEMBER 2 . FOR MORE INFO CALL THE SNORE HOTLINE 702-452-4522 Reservations are available . You must reserve by November 6. 1-2 persons - $51.36 per day, tax included 3 persons -$56.71 per day, tax included 4 persons - $62.06 per day, tax included Call 1-800-826-2800 before November 6 SPONSORED BY KC HILITES - YOKOHAMA -10AM SNORE LTD., P.O. BOX 4394, LAS VEGAS, NV 89106 , SHOWBOAT Ii Pays More to Race with Snore

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. Volume 7 -Number 11 November 1990 In This Issue ••• Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Associate Dominy Smith Editorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation Winnie Essenberg Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Judi Gooch Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Ron Kiel Rod Koch· Jan Flick Mazzenga Cam McRae Bob Rule David Ryskamp Barb & Marilyn Schultz Judy Smith 3-D Photography Trackside Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services: SNAPSHOT ,THI OfflCIAL VOICI Of CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES PROFESSIONAL • AMERICAN• CANAOIAN Off-ROAD \t_ R~CING-.6! - - ·~ A"':~'2, ¢~~ Subscription Rates: $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301, (818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA,91301. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. OF THE.MONTH ••• I I I I I I I I - · --FEATURES Page HORA Pahrump Station Nevada 500 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 MTEG Stadium Race - Denver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 SODA Racing at Ionia, Michigan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Nissan Pathfinder ..... ·. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 La Rana Racing at Lucerne Valley · .......................... 26. WRC Rally of 1000 Lakes ....................... _ ......... 3C Georgia Race Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Rally News from Finland ................................. 33 Baja Promotions Carrera Ensenada . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Australian Griffiths Race ............ ..................... 36 Glen Helen Short Course Race . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Brush Run 101 .......................................... 40 Jeep Cherokee ................... ....................... 47 Colorado's Central City Race . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Ladies Day at the Jeepers Jamboree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Racing for Dollars ....................................... 57 · DEPARTMENTS 3oap Box by Bob Richey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 frail Notes .............................................. 4 Side Tracks by Judy Smith ................................. 6 Competition Review Board Nevada 500 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 The Losers by Judy Smith ................................ 29 Pit T earn Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Christmas Goodies Galore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 California Rally Series by Sam Moore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Tech Tips .............................................. 57 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . 59 ON THE COVER • Saul Zambrano, with Howard Anderson co-driving in most events, has a remarkable record in his "Cheap Thrills" Class 11 VW. Zambrano has won seven consecutive SCORE/HD RA desert events in the class, which we thfok is an all time record for any class in this series. While the streak finally ended at the recent Gold Coast 300, Saul lost by less than a minute, and had they scored by farthest checkpoint reached, he would have won that one also Congratulations to the Class 11 1990 points champion. Art Schmitt flies his two seat Berrien Laser over a green bordered Crandon, WI track on his way to yet another victory. Schmitt, who tows from Pittsburgh to SODA Races, does the entire series in Classes 1, 2, 9 and · 10 in the same car, changing engines often, and just as often ~ins at least a couple of classes and the finale championship races as well. Color Photography by Trackside Photos Inc. and courtesy of Armstrong Tire Company. f\~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! D 1 year - $15.00 D ~ears - $i5.00 D . 3_years ~ $35.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified-ad up tu 45 words. (Form _on inside back page) Name-----------------------------'-"Oh Lord, you lost the tire! You said t at was my tire! You've lost my favorite tire! I just; can't go on any more!" That just might be the caption for this photo out of the early . days of professional off road desert racing. We can't remember where this race was or even when, but we do remember driver Bill Todd who favored a rear engined Jeep style rig and won a lot of the early racesfo non-production 4x4 class.Todd hailed then from Duarte, CA. Unfortunately we don't even know who took the picture. Maybe a reader can identify this shot. ' DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. ff you wish the photo • returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered. I I I I • Address ------------City State ________________ Zip ________ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian -1 )'.ear $20.00 U.S .. • Overseas subscription rates quoted on request) I I I I I I I I I •• I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ••• I I I I I I I I ~ !-Dusty nmes November 1990 Page 3

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instead was given a confusing, Soap 10,V♦ ♦ ♦ unclear sign, not an indication of ft By Bob Richey my speed, as was promised. -------------------------With the future of desert off Bob Richey placed second overall and in Class 1 / 2 on time at the Nevada 500. However, the win was taken away because the Class 2 Raceco was supposedly speeding on the pavement in Dyer. Richey and his crew believe the disqualification was very unfair. The following is a copy of Richey's letter to HORA that explains his side of the story, and it is well done and raises doubt in the editor's mind that all classes were treated the same in Dyer. Did the radar gun toting folks go home after it got dark, since only the first two starting classes were caught? We · don't know, we were not there. Gentlemen: Well, I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be disqualified in an Off Road race for speeding! On Friday September 7, 1990, I attended the 6:00 p.m. drivers' meeting prior to the Nevada 500. When the subject of Dyer came up, you (Danny Cau) stated that the speed limit would be 55 mph. You also stated that there would be radar guns set up on the highway approximately one mile down the asphalt. It was stated that a sign would be held up to let you know your speed, so you could have a chance to adjust your speed at this point, if needed. At this meeting there was never any mention of what a sign with 66 written on it, held sideways meant. That is what I was shown as I drove through. When I went through the radar gun I was going 3800 rpms in 4th gear, not 5th .. The only thing that I could assume when I saw the sideways 66 sign was that I was going 66 mph, because I knew I wasn't going 99 mph. (I just figured the guy picked up the sign sideways. I was not told a sign held sideways meant any particular thing.) At this time I slowed to 3000 rpms, · still in 4th gear, which I figured would make the difference between 66 mph and 55 mph. Not until the awards presenta-tion was over and I talked to HORA officials did I learn that a sign held sideways means you are road racing already questionable, going faster than that speed. It because of all the restrictions seems to me that signs that said from the different involved so+, 60+, 70+, 80+, etc. would agencies, I feel incidents like this have made some sense. 66 was the will only add to the current highest number sign they had, so decline of entries in the SCORE/ anything over 66 was shown to HORA series. To ensure the you with the sideways 66. Not too future success of the SCORE/ helpful in adjusting down your HORA series, I feel that these speed. The first time I realized that incidents should be dealt with 66wasnotmyradaredspeedwas more satisfactorily. I have at the awards on Sunday when I enclosed copies of our car's gear talked to at least ten other racers ratios and rpms to back up what who told me that they also got the I'm saying. same sideways 66. (Does this We 'did not attend the drivers' mean that they were going the meeting in Pahmmp, but believe Bob same speed as me?) Since we Richey'swelldocumentedtaleofhow cannot determine our speed, in he and three others came to be fact the reason for the signs, they disqualified on the Dyer stretch of all figured they must have been pavement, reputed to he 1 1 miles going 66. Apparently they were long. In such a sparsely populated closer to it than I because they area, it seems the organizers could weren't disqualified. have had that piece of road closed for The point is, the purpose of the the race time, because looking at the sign was to tell you your speed so map, there are alternate roads you could adjust it, but if you coming to Dyer from the west in don't know if it's 66 or 76 or California. For the last three years whatever, it's a little hard to the organizers of the Silver State adjust down. Believe me, I would Classic Open Road Race, on not intentionally go 73 knowing September 23, geta92 mile stretch of that I would be checked with four Nevada Highway 318 closed for the different radars, and that I would day for their event, starting near Ely. be disqualified. I trusted the word So 11 miles shouldn't be a big deal, or of HORA, and believed my speed if it is, the race should be routed at that point to be 66 mph and elsewhere, and avoid any pavement believed I was adjusting it nmning which is always a problem accordingly. with spectators, wanna-he-racers, I really feel this disqualification and in this case, local officialdom. was very unfair when HORA did E.d. • not do what they said they were , Volunteers are invited to climb on going to do -namely, hold up a j their "Soap Box" and.fill this space sign telling you how fast you are ' with their thoughts about what is going. R.C.R. Plumbing Racing good and what is not so good about Team spent six weeks and tens of the state of the sport. Y 01,tr words, thousands of dollars to prepare short of being libelous, will be for this race. We feel cheated that printed, so send alnog your praise or our second place overall and damnation on your Soap Box topic. second in Class 1 / 2 could be Call or write DUSTY TIMES with taken away because HORA didn't your Soap Box ideas and get on the follow through on what they said . .,.s_c_hed-·-u_le_. __________ , they were going to _do. INFO ON FIGHTING THE The fact here 1s that I was disqualified f?r sp~e?ing, but in &ftANSTON/WILOERNESS .reality I was d1squahf1ed because I was not given the information I BILL was told I would receive to prevent me from speeding, and 1-800-23 7-5436 COAV Need action photos? Call us ! Trackside Photo, Inc.-· Racing photography since 1970 .-I . . ----Trail Notes ••• , ___________________________ _ DESERT PRESERVATION BILL STALLED -California's Senator Alan Cranston suffered a setback on September 26 when his controversial bill to turn eight million acres of California desert, much of it in San Bernardino County, into wilderness, got stuck in the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The Los Angeles Times reported that it was stalled and a vote prevented by a parliamentary maneuver that ended the meeting. In case you are not a regular reader and have not followed Cranston's Sierra Club backed efforts to pass a bill that would expand Joshua Tree and Death Valley national monuments by making both national parks, create a 1.5 million acre East Mojave National Park east of Barstow, and designate 4.4 million acres in 81 separate tracts as permanent wilderness, plus add 20,500 acres to Red Rock Canyon State Park. Nowhere have we ever heard where the mone,¥, to implement this bill would come from, and it would take a lot more park rangers and BLM officers to manage the land use and police the wilderness areas, and, undoubtedly a new bureaucracy would have to be created to handle it. A bill similar to Cranston's, introduced by California Congressman Mel Levine, has been on hold since last spring in a House Interior subcommittee. The subcommittee also has before it a less extensive desert preservation bill that would protect the interests of many ranchers and off road vehicle users. In this era of budget cuts, why on earth doesn't Congress concern itself with more pressing needs in this country, and let the decade old desert BLM land management plan continue doing the job it was designed to do. ON THE MEND - Sherman Balch, who suffered lower back injuries in a helicopter crash, while pre-running the Nevada 500 course, is on the mend, · and recovering from two surgeries at home in Fremont, CA. Balch expects to resume racing his Nissan Pathfinder truck later this year, or at least by the 1991 Parker 400. In fact Sherman, wearing a back brace, was walking normally around contingency row at the Gold Coast 300 in Las Vegas. That is good news indeed, as the early reports of Sherman's injuries were rather grim, but obviously the doctors did a good job patching him together. THE HORA GOLD COAST RACE had a new activity this year, and it was for the benefit of all those who work behind the scenes, so others can race in secure conditions. The SVO division of Ford Motorsports was the host of a barbecue luncheon on Friday, October 12 in Las Vegas for all the workers who would be toiling all day and into the night on Saturday. There were door prizes of all manner as well and what a nice idea it is to entertain the hard · workers behind the scenes before they all split for home after the event is over. KUDOS to Ford for such a keen program. Ford hosted a press day the same week at the Las Vegas Speedrome. And someone organized a "roast" dinner party at the hotel for Stan Parnell, who with his bride Joyce recently moved to Hawaii. We don't know what went on at either function as we were not invited. I BAJA PROMOTIONS is shifting the location of their year end awards banquet from urban Tijuana to the rural splendor of Santa Veronica, a short distance from T ecate. The date is December 15, 1990, and this will also be an all day affair, so bring your off road clothes to play on the nearby dirt, enjoy a midday barbecue and picnic, as well as the games for both children and adults. Then, put on your fancy duds and enjoy the awards presentation in dressy clothes that evening. It sure sounds like a fun type Saturday before the Christmas season starts. NEV ADA 500 TV -Don't look for a full program coming up on TV on the HDRA Nevada 500 last September, because there isn't any. Apparently the vast distances involved scared away the Off Road Network who were contracted to cover the event for the Nashville Network, and it was never on the 1990 schedule for ESPN. So the only coverage turned out to be the video news clip of highlights done by Jerry Garrett, Arrow Productions, for the Desert Race News subscribers. Those 40 million viewers saw the highlights the next day or within a week of the event. SUBARU RALLY CHALLENGE. The rally event of the year will take place in Olympia, WA.the day before the Coachman Stages Pro Rally. Eight of the top active rally drivers in North America will compete against each other in the same Subaru Legacy, instead of their usual make and model. In the rally will be defending US Pro Rally Champion Rod Millen, Paul Choiniere, 1989 North American Rally Champion, Chad DiMarco, Bill Holmes, Tim O'Neil, andJeffZwart, current points leader of the US Pro Rally Series. Wotek Grabowski and Tom McGeer, two leaders in the current Canadian Rally Series, complete the cast. The rally 'stage' will be a logging road in the Capital Forest about ten miles out of Olympia, and this time of year rain is as common as sunshine, but the rally goes on regardless. None of the drivers will have seen the road before the contest begins. All eight will compete in the first round with one timed run on a 3 .1 mile stage. The fastest four advance to the next round, a different 3 .5 mile stage, and then the fastest pair will reach the finals, which will be held over a similar section of the forest road, to decide the champion. Like drag racing the champion will be the driver who is fastest on the final stage and the early rounds are mere qualifiers. LATE NEWS FROM THE GOLD COAST 300. The final HDRA race of the season was typical of southern Nevada HDRA events, fast, filthy and full of rocks. As is the norm lately it was a horsepower course, but it used up engines, and more 1600s finished than many other classes combined. It is time to congratulate I van Stewart on his monumental achievements this year. Ivan won the race overall, and won the SCORE/ HORA overall points title - before the last race is run in Mexico. And, Ivan also has nailed down the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group truck points title also in a special Toyota, and Stewart is the first driver to ever win both an overall desert championship and a similar title in stadium racing in the same year. Our sincere congratulations go to a wonderful guy who is finally reaping the rewards of his years in desert racing. Trackside Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commercial & Product Photography Page 4 P.O. Box 91767 Los Angeles, California 90009 (213) 670-6897 November 1990 Rick Mears was on hand all day Saturday to cheer brother Roger on and it worked. Rick was at Willow Springs, and Roger won, and he spent the whole day at Jean and Roger won. In between laps Rick gazed out at the clouds of dust hanging over the dry lake and said he didn't think he would want to face the dust anymore as he did some years back. Meanwhile class winners include Tom Burns, 1-2-1600; Dave Ashley, Class 3; Rod Hall, Class 4; Rich Minga, Class 5; Rich Fersch, Class 5-1600; Danny Ashcraft, Class 6; Mears, Class 7; Rob MacCachren, Class 7S; Paul Simon, Class 7 4x4; Robby Gordon, Class8; Shane Reed, Class 9; John Hays, Class 10; Travis Howard, Class 11; Frank Bristing, Mini Mag. We'll have the full report and dusty pictures next month. ~ Dusty nrnes

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La Rana Desert Racing ·~ . Presents l' Schedule of Events Friday . November 16 3:00 to 10:00 p.m. Registration, Tech & , Contingency Stater Bros. Shopping Center 21602 Bear Valley Road Apple V~lley Saturday . November 17 _Race starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. Camp Rock Road .. Lucerne Sunday November 18 10:00 a.m. Awards presentation Location to be announced Volunteers are needed -If you woul~ like to help La· Rana with timing, scoring, checkpoint, please call and let us know. ~~~ ,,n'3 . ~e~., ~ ~~ ,, -'~ '\qq 1"\."' ~t,, 0'. ,b' ·~~r:i 8,~~ ~o o~~~ . ~ B8U~l~ ~'o'~~t~ ~lef Dollar for Dollar Pressure for Pressure Fun La Rana for is leaping Fun to #1 IF YOU WANT TO BRING THE FAMILY FUN BACK INTO YOUR DESERT RACING, WITHOUT THE PRESSURES AND HIGH COST, THEN COME RACE WITH US, . 1990 Race Dates November 16-18 HIGH DESERT 250 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15 AWARDS BANQUET T.B.A. NXD PRODUCTIONS For Entry Fonns or Race lnfonnatlon, Call ~'/<(\\\ LA RANA DESERT RACING PROMOTIONS . U i~ 22769 Chambray Drive ~0-Moreno Valley, CA ,.,.Sf:,f:, (714) 924-2226

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' seats. The prospect of using the TRAIL' N'OTES Jl.,1 .. J S . h paintontherocksofBajamadeus nlOrC... .. . VJ uay mit feel like vandals. Sidetracks _______________________ ...,._ The long awaited vacation has Steve, who was creating the finally come and gone. "tulip" notes as he went, would We got our pre-runner back add down arrows or directional into shape for Baja by installing a llrrows if they seemed needed, and motor that had been sitting he and Paul were also putting up around in the garage for a while the mile markers at five mile (an 1835 -much zippier than the intervals. old 1600), putting on a new front Steve gave us a hand held radio end, replacing a couple of and about nine rolls of surveyor's components in the trans, installing tape, in orange and white, told us a new steering box, replacing the how to use it, and sent us on our c.v.s and cleaning out the stock way. Witheverynookandcranny front gas tank. of the car already jammed full of Then we loaded in our spare one essential item or another, parts bag, our big ice chest, there was no place to put the rolls complete with ice and cold of tape except on the floor, under drinks, a "pre-run box" full of my feet. The radio was nestled on canned food, three sleeping bags, the seat, next to my leg. three aluminum chairs, two duffle It was a good thing that the first bags full of clothes, a bag of several miles of the course are miscellaneous groceries, four dead straight down the road out gallons of water, a tool box, some ofOjosNegros, because it took us motor oil, our jackets, a towel, my a while to get the hang of all this pillow, and the potty seat, and we complicated stuff. We would were ready to go. decide that a ribbon was needed, I The purpose of the trip was to would reel off some tape, John learn what was involved in wouldstopthecarnearabushor marking a long, complex course fence post, and I would hand him like the Baja 1000. Originally, we the radio and hop out of the car. wanted· to go along on a marking Then, after tying the ribbons to trip for the 500, but we killed the the. branch I would scuttle b:ick to car coming home from the the car,John would grab the rolls Phoenix race. Marking the 1000 of tape from the seat so I wouldn't sounded like a good alternative, sit on them. I'd slide in, he'd hand and we invited ourselves to go me back the radio and the tape, along with Sal Fish and Steve and we'd take off again, with me Kassanyi, of SCORE, whenever frantically trying to settle the they were ready to go. radio and make another little Sal made a couple of reconnais-bundle of ribbons. sance trips, with Javier Tiznado After a while I developed a sort and Bill Rodriguez, to rough out· of knack for unwinding the the course, and do some negotiat-ribbons, which involved holding ing about gates and fences, and the two rolls between my legs now it was finally time to start (rhey wouldn't fit on the shifter, tying ribbons and putting up the knob's too big), and unreeling arrows. We were to leave home the two colors at once, then I on Sunday, and were scheduled to would use my teeth to bite the meet Kassanyi at our motel on edge of the ribbons, so I could tear Monday morning, at 7:30 a.m. them off the roll, and tie them I-laving been uncharacterist-into neat bundles. John also ically organized about this trip, we _discovered that the radio could be left L.A. early enough to get us to jammed between the roll bar and Ensenada by 7 p.m. in time for the headliner, and didn't need to dinner. So, after checking into be in our way at all. The only our motel, we walked over to problem I could see was that I was Popeye's for a shrimp cocktail spending so much time unrolling and a sampling of their margaritas. ribbons and tying them together The weather was balmy, and that I never got to look at the Ensenada was jumping. We course. strolled back to the El Cortez, Kassanyi had scheduled break-where we discovered the "Video fast for us all at the El Cortez, but Bar", a quiet watering hole tucked their restaurant hadn't been open, in the back of the motel and we sowe'dleftearly,planningtostop sampled their margaritas also, at a little restaurant he knew in before calling it a night. Ojos Negros. When we got there After a good night's rest we it wasn't open either, so we'd were ready to go at 7 :20 when we headed on out, John and I feeling a got down to the motel lobby and little smug because we'd had fruit found, not only Kassanyi, but also and coffee cake in our room, Sal and his nephew, Paul Fish. Sal before going down to meet Steve. had some instructions for us, and Kassanyi and Fish began to feel then he was heading out for hunger pangs after a while, so they Nuevo Junction, where he would radioed to us to stop wheh we got get on the course, and begin to to the right turn off the El Reyo mark, with arrows and ribbons. Road for breakfast. By the time We were to come along from we got there I'd begun to feel Ojos Negros, where he had pretty clever, because I'd figured already begun the marking the day out that if I made the bundles of before, filling in with ribbons ribbons ahead and draped them wherever we deemed necessary. over our grab bar, life was much Intelligence on a new level. Introducing the new SMART LEVEL~ A digital inclinom-eter with up to 0.1° repeatable accuracy. It will zero to any angle and can be re-calibrated. Ideal for chassis building, body fabrication, fixture work or anywhere precise angular • measurement is a must (such as wheel camber/ .~ JI caster settings, wing angles, etc.). W ~· ff/JITl/ll/(1 ~:::~1:,v~A 94063 ,,11, RIIIIJ Ph. (415) 367-0808 I I I BIT BI EI FAX(415)367-0866 Page 6 simpler. But then when Steve and Paul pulled up in the official SCORE Toyota, I discovered that Paul was way ahead of nie, and he had his tape rolls neatly stacked on the shifter, and a big pile of · made up ribbon bundles on the floor of the truck. They remembered that they hadn't given us any spray paint, so now we had a can of "high visibility fluorescent orange" paint to deal with also, We finally found a slot for it between the two Breakfast was a quickie, sweet rolls and coffee while we stood in the pine forest clearing, and we were off again, by now at mile 20, and turning off the old familiar trail onto the narrow and twisty bypass that was created a couple of years ago. I'd never been on this part of the course before, and was anxious to really see it, so I began to tear off and tie the ribbons without looking at them much, and there was no visible deteriora-tion in the quality of the bundles. Now I was really feeling clever, because I could do my bit and still get an effective pre-run. We'd also learned that it wasn't always necessary to get out of the car to tie the ribbons. John could park right up in the branches of a selected bush and I could hang out the window and tie the ribbon on, saving a few seconds. But for painting, we'd have to get out. We sailed along smoothly, having only one small crisis, when we came upon a ·cable which had been stretched across the course in an effort to dissuade unauthor-ized use of the road. Since we, as SCORE course markers, were authorized, we disconnected it, and went on our way. There were no more impediments, and we were nearing the Summit, where we'd planned to stop for lunch. The three rocky hills before the Summit are still just as bad as ever, but we made it with minimal difficulty, but it took lots of talking to the car and swearing at the road. And when we got to the top of the Summit, there were Sal and Javier Tiznado, waiting to say "hi", before they continued on their way. Lunch at the Summit is one of the rewards of pre-running in Baja, because the view is so outstanding. We ate our sand-wiches and then headed downhill, finding the road in terrible shape, having obviously been rained on a lot since the last time we'd been here. And down at the bottom we found Sal and Javier again, waiting to tell us that they were heading up out of the wash to explore a possible new road. They wanted John and me to go on ahead, marking the course through the wash, until we got to the fence, which, they said, was about five and a half miles down course. They didn't realize that we didn't really know our way in that part of Baja, and we didn't realize that no one had been there since the rains, so there would be no tracks to follow. I kept remembering the sign posted back at Nuevo that said, "No Water, No Gas, No Nothing for the Next 100 miles". Ah, well, it made for an interesting afternoon. But that's another story. AffENTION DESERT. RACERS DUSTY TIMES has coritingency money posted at all Score and· HDRA desert races. Check it out on contingency row · - Two different classes each event. November 1990 S.N.O.R.E. LTD OF LAS VEGAS, Nevada has reorganized their racing program for 1991. The non-profit club voted to cut back the number of professional events to six for the year, which they feel will allow time for "fun days" in the desert that everyone can enjoy, and also give them more time between races for their all volunteer crews to recover and have some weekends with the family. And it will allow the SCORE-HORA racers to enjoy club racing with SNORE in between the major events, and discover that SNORE also has generous paybacks and a hefty year end points fund, often with several thousand dollars going to the overall points winner. Mark your .calendar with the SNORE races for 1991 as follows: February 9-10, Bottom Dollar; March23-24, Twilite200; May 18-19, Caliente250;July27-28, KC HiLites Midnight Special;· September 27-29, SNORE 250; December 7-8, Showboat 250. TOY OT A TRUE GRIT POINTS -I van Stewart, who has already secured a couple of championships for 1990, has taken the lead in still another measure of success on the desert circuit, the Toyota True Grit standings. Stewart leads all other drivers with a cumulative average speed of 52.32 mph in the six races held to date in the eight race SCORE-HORA series. Second is Danny Letner at 52 .09 mph, and previous leader Robby Gordon has dropped to third at 49.62 mph, but still leads the Heavy Metal category, while Rob MacCachren leads the Mini Metal standings. A total of nearly 300 drivers have been in the running, but only 66 remain eligible for one or more of the three money prizes. Of those only nine are still eligible for Toyota's Milestone Awards, given to those few drivers who make it through the season completing every racing mile of all eight races. LA RANA DESERT RACING POINTS through the August race at Lucerne Valley show some regulars with substantial leads in their class standings with just two events left to be tallied for 1990 points. In Class 1/2 Bob Richey has a gigantic lead at 131 points over A.J. Martin, 48 and Scott Flamson, 39, and Bob Richey won again at Ridgecrest last month. Steve McMullin leads Class 1-2-1600 with 165 points, while Greg Akins has 135 and Scott Ryan had 104. James Clements has dominated Class 9 and has 212 points, followed by Dave Girdner, 138, and Robert Kleber, 117, and these guys are all from the Barstow/ Victorville area. Mick Newton, at 130, leads combined Class 3 and 6 over Mike Duncan, 59 and Rick Mancha, 37. Scott Weir has 133 to lead Class 5 over Ed Pauley, 70 and Doug Wager, 68. It is tight in Class 5-1600 as Mike Abbott has 121 points, Darryl Gibson has 119, and David Allan 118. Billy Bunch and Mike Mitchell are tied at 64 points in mini truck action; followed by Douglas McCoy at 31. Thomas Coon leads Class 8 with 73 points, Greg Saavedra has 62 and Billy Bunch 4 3. La Rana has announced their 1991 schedule starting on January 4-6 with the New Years 200, then the Presidential 250 on February 22-24, both races at Barstow. After a spring breather, the Spangler 150 is May 3-5, at Ridgecrest, followed by the Lucerne Valley200,July21-23 and the Mini Baja 400, August23-25, both in Johnson Valley. The California 200 is at Ridgecrest on October 4-6, and the final double points race, the High Desert 250 is November 22-24 out of Lucerne Valley in this all California Series. SILLY SEASON FOR DRIVERS. One not very well kept secret is finally official with the announcement that Rob MacCachren of Las Vegas will drive the Venable Racing SCORE/ HORA Class 8 Ford F-150 in the desert series and the team's Ford Ranger in the MTEG stadium series in 1991. MacCachren, a many time champion in open wheel off road racers, and the reigning Class 7S and Mini Metal Champion, currently drives a Walker Evans Jeep in the desert series. Rob is well on his way to a repeat 7S title and close to the Mini Metal championship as well. Robby Gordon, who made winning overall in a Class 8 truck almost commonplace last year, won the Class 8 and Heavy Metal titles in a Venable Ford in 1988, currently leads the Class 8 points, and is leaving the Venable team on the best of terms. He is moving quickly up the ladder in road racing, in fact won a race at Lime Rock recently and lies second in IMSA OTO points. Meanwhile there is no solid rumor about who will replace MacCachren on the Jeep desert team, nor is there much news on the shuffling in the stadium race truck teams. However, there is a solid rumor that Jeep is having a Class 1 Jeep looking vehicle built for Jack Johnson to drive and hopefully chase down Ivan in the desert series, and the team is supposedly headed by Larry Maddox. And Danny Letner is building a Class 1 truck and has all the Racecos for sale, plus Bill Church is also building an Open class truck style rig for Class 1, and Larry Ragland already races a Class 1 Chevy S-10. The first ten miles at Parker next January ought to be absolutely wild with all these full bodied vehicles out there among the high powered open wheelers. THE MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP has some good points races going as they head into the tenth and final stadium meet this year. In the driver's side of things, I van Stewart has the trucker title pretty well wrapped up after Denver with 514, followed by Danny Thompson, 438 and Walker Evans, 427, and either one of those could finish second depending on what happens at Candlestick Park on November 3. In 1600 points Mitch Mustard has a slim lead with 288 over Frank Arciero Jr, 273, Bob Gordon, 266 and Jerry Whelchel, 253. Larry Noel, at 358, and Jeff Elrod, 339, will come down to the wire in UltraStock points, and Tim Lewis is third with 287. It'~ tight i~ Superlites as Rory Holladay leads Rennie Awana by just nine pomts. Mike Craig has the motorcycle title locked up, as does Charles Shepherd in Quads. Toyota has already cinched the Sport Truck Cup with 914 points to Jeep's 752 and Nissan's 620. Also Volkswagen has locked up the UltraStock title with 763 points over Jeep, 532, and Porsche, 4 71. Assured of titles are Honda in Quads and Kawasaki in bikes. And in the tire wars BFGoodrich lea?s with 2271, followed by Goodyear, 1907, Yokohama, 1449, Bnclgestone, 1080 and General, 649. That might come down to who wins what classes on whose tires in San Francisco. A NEW LIGHT ON THE DESERT HORIZON - A new racing organization is taking shape in Arizona. Golden Rule Racing (ORR for short) will be a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting and producing off highway vehicle racing events, educating the public about responsible OHV use and raising funds for charity. Five events are slated for 1991, all within 100 miles of Phoenix. Races will be preceded by "Pre-Funs", escorted pre-runs open to any street legal OHV. Each race will be 125 to 200 miles long, feature a 50 percent payback, paid at the event, and all net proceeds will benefit local charities. A non-mandatory annual membership will entitle members to a ORR member shirt and a 12 month subscription to Dusty Times. For full information contact: Golden Rule Racing, P.O. Box 40211, Phoenix, AZ 85067. · Dusty nmes

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Competition Review By George Thompson Board Report The Competition Review Board for the 1990 HORA Nevada 500 was convened at 8:00 Sunday morning in the auditorium at the Saddle West Hotel in Pahrump. While this started out as a good location for the meeting, a substantial crowd began to develop as we got closer to the awards ceremony time. The presence of such a crowd made matters extremely difficult after about 10:00 a.m., and I hope we can make different arrangements next year. Nonetheless things got taken care of in a timely manner and all scheduled members of the board were able to attend with the exception of Wayne Lee, who couldn't get his car ready in time for the race, and he will be rescheduled to serve · at a later time. Mark Milleron was the Board Administrator, and other -board members included Dale Jordan, Class 6, Steve Martin, Class 1/2 Unlimited, J.D. Ward, Class 1-2-1600 and Jim Alex-ander, Goodyear Pit Support. Frank Vessels was the Alternate, Danny Cau and Jerry Bender of HORA were on hand, and George Thompson was the CRB Marshal. The Nevada 500 CRB was scheduled to hear six cases; however, before proceeding HORA Race Director Jerry Bender informed us of four disqualifications for exceeding the 55 mph speed limit on the highway in Dyer. These were official actions taken by HORA under Rule G-3 which allows for special rulings ... "to account for ... the condition of the course". The CRB had no problem with these decisions since the rules for running on the highway in Dyer were carefully outlined at the Drivers Meeting. The disqualified entries were #130 Stuart Chase, # 117 Bob Richey, #812 Brian Stewart, and #807 Walker Evans. To add to Walker's problems he was also seen, taking a short cut while HDRA's helicopter flew overhead ... watching!! Rule G-17, Abusive Nerfing, is as relentless as the desert wind, and the boa:rd heard two cases, the first involving the Madelene Lesle Class 3 entry driven by Curt LeDuc. In a complaint brought by the Class 5-1600 team of Vince Alcouloumre/Mike Molina, it was alleged that LeDuc rammed the little Bug unnecessarily hard just past the Cottontail Ranch road crossing, severely damaging the rear of their vehicle and putting them out of the race. The team was called to detail the events and appeared, in all the Rostafarian splendor of a pair of resurrected Bob Marleys, with a number of color pictures showing the damage sustained by the surfboard toting Baja Bug. While it was duly noted that no damage was sustained by the surfboard, the rear of the vehicle was clearly destroyed due to the impact from the monstrous front bumper employed by LeDuc's vehicle. They went on to point out that, while the other Class 3 entries had passed them without incident, LeDuc slammed into them without warning in an area where he could have passed with no difficulty. Vince Alcouloumre, co-driver at the time, noted that he had seen LeDuc approaching at Dusty Times a high rate of speed, but there was no time to get out of the way. After listening to a very profes-sional p:esentation from the 5-1600 team and advising them to build their next cage out of Chrome Moly instead of mild steel, Curt LeDuc was called to give his version of these events. LeDuc was very aware of the incident, having stated that he was · running hard, through the dust pockets, when he came out of one of those pockets and there was the Baja Bug, moving slowly along. "There's no doubt that I hit him", he said. "He had obviously moved over for the guy ahead of me and had come back into the course just as I popped out and I got on the brakes and dove the car down and hit him real hard. I feel bad about it, but I just look at it as a racing accident." Although there was little doubt in the board's mind that there was no clear intent in this incident, it was unanimously agreed that LeDuc be issued a letter of reprimand for an accident which most felt could have been avoided. Abusive Nerfing seems to be a growing problem in the sport and SCORE, HORA and the CRB are very concerned about the almost cavalier attitude many have about the conse-quences of racing at ·speed through the sort of blinding dust conditions which e~ist in many areas out on the course. Some would argue that these things happen and cannot be avoided as Curt LeDuc did. Others feel that when you can't see what is in front of you, the prudent thing to do is to proceed with caution until you can. The board felt that a Letter of Reprimand might help Curt to become more cautious in the future. LeDuc did not agree with the board's decision and insisted that the entire matter was an unfortunate accident. Jim Alex-ander, Goodyear Tire representa-tive to the Board did not vote since both vehicles are sponsored by his company. As if Abusive Nerfing isn't enough of a problem, consider the story of Steve Taylor, 5-1600 points leader, whose vehicle was smashed from behind with such intensity that it was not possible for him to identify his assailant. This hit and run incident not only put Steve out of the race, but probably put him out of,the points chase as well. Without question things happen in an off road race and most contact is neither malicious or intentional, but 90 percent of these cases would never come to the review board if, after the race, more racers involved in crashes were to seek each other out and discuss these incidents. Many times, just explaining your version of the accident to an injured party will defuse the entire situation and save us all some time and fr•ustration. Everyone on the Competition. Review Board was very sorry to hear Steve Taylor's story and were equally frustrated by the fact that we were powerless to do anything. According to BLM officials a chase crew belonging to entry #125, was seen 8-10 miles south of Beatty going cross country and backwards on the course. The CRB called for Gary Mecham or a member of his crew to hear their side of the story, but they failed to appear. Entry #125 was Disqualified! In the case of HORA vs. Roger Mears on a failure to stop violation, and after reviewing this case with HORA officials, the Board, due to the absence of the Checkpoint Official bringing the charges, took no action. This case was withdrawn by HDRA. Checkpoint Officials at Lathrop Wells registered a written complaint alleging that entry #1601, Mike Williams, blew through the road crossing on his return to Pahrump. After discussing the details of this case with Williams, who argued several key points, a number of questions were raised which needed to be answered before an informed decision could be reached. Unfortunately Lathrop Wells Officials were not on hand to elaborate on their written complaint. In a split decision the board voted to dismiss the complaint! The Review Board stressed to HORA Officials the importance of having the Check-point Officials on hand to answer questions when they bring a complaint. In the case of HORA vs. William Poe, G38/G39A, according to HORA officials working at Check #11, "entry # 1002 was towed down the access road by a chase vehicle to the pit area just north of the checkpoint. The car was unhooked and started, he sounded bad, and driven into a pit. After about 15 minutes he came onto the course and crossed through the check-point and went on his way." This description of events posed several questions about the legality of Poe's finish. Obviously if he had· been towed down the access road, presumably from the last legal access area north of check 11, he had been towed a distance greater than the allowable 1 % of the course. Even if this had not been the case, he had never crossed through this checkpoint previously and therefore had failed to complete the area of the course directly north of Check 11. What he should have done, at the very least, was to return to the point at which he broke down and re-enter the course from that location. William Poe, who had not been in the car at the time, was called to explain these unusual events, and was not on hand to speak in his own defense. He was penalized out of third place back to the last checkpoint completed and denied his finish. The Competition Review Board has always had a problem making decisions on cases brought by Checkpoint officials who fail to appear at the board meeting to answer specific questions. We have asked High Desert and SCORE officials to see to it that these Officials are on hand at the meeting, and we recognize that logistically, it will not always be possible. An example might be getting an Official from a Check at Camalu to a meeting in La Paz the next day. Still, it would seem a simple matter to get from Lathrop Wells to Pahrump. It is important to recognize that many of the decisions made in the CRB will have a profound effect on prize money, points standings November 1990 and possibly even entire careers. It is not fair to ask the members of the CRB to make decisions of such importance without having these key witnesses present. After discussing this problem with Danny and Sal, I have been assured that every attempt will be made to have these witnesses present in the future. Just about everyone who reads this report is aware of my feelings about the use of Helicopters, not only in the race but during pre-running or should I say "Course Reconnaissance". At the Nevada 500 there were three separate incidents involving helicopters: two crashes and an emergency landing. While I was relieved to hear that nobody was killed, Sherman Balch did suffer some serious injuries to his lower back. I am very concerned that this sort of aerial carnage presents environmentalists with fresh ammunition to attack our sport. To some extent we can argue that we have control over the vicinity where our race vehicles will operate in these wilderness areas, but it is difficult to guarantee that some aircraft in distress isn't going to crash in the middle of an Indian Burial Ground or a Tortoise habitat. I hope everyone likes closed course racing because when, not if, the worst case scenario occurs, we will alt · 15't; racing at Willow Springs or Glen Helen. If you think I am mistaken, then I suggest that you are seriously underestimating the mood of the public as well as the strength of the environmentalists, which is a great tragedy for us all. "By the way, I want to say that this was the best marked, most well organized race I've ever run. I thought it was fantastic and that you guys did one hell of a job." quote from Roger Mears. RETRACTION: In the Fire-works 250 CRB Report, when describing Robby Gordon's breakdown, I mistakenly stated, "that the drive line of the big Ford truck failed''. This was not correct, as the manufacturer of Venable's Drivelines was quick to point out. It was the Torque Converter!! I stand corrected and only hope the manufacturer of his torque converters doesn't take exception to this amended statement. The Competition Review Board for the Nevada 500 was adjourned at 10: 15 a.m. after meetin~ for over two hours._ 00 00 00 [JJ D (]J 00 DESERT LOCK OUTER 3.000 WIDE OUTER FOR SUPER STRENGT 8 -1.125 HOLES TO REDUCE DIRT BUILD-UP._.L...:.._.,..., Standard Lock Outer Red Anodize Co·nstructed of all . Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength * At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing * All parts are available separately *In stock-Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 13" MIDGET 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, _ fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 0" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax Page 7

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1990-1991 . ··HAPPENINGS ••• 1990BRUSHRUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI54520 (715) 478-2115 / (715) 478-2688 A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 November 10, 1990 Sonoyta to Rocky Point 250 December 8, 1990 Annual Awards Banquet Phoenix, AZ ARMSTRONG OFF ROAD JAMBOREES Four Wheel Drive Excursions P.O. Box 1154 Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 822-8508 April5-7, 1991 Kern River Jamboree Kernville/Lake Isabella, CA May 10-12, 1991 Redwood Coast Jamboree Fort Bragg to Eureka/ Arcata, CA June 14-16, 1991 Ghost Town Adventure South Lake Tahoe, CA/ Stateline, NV BADGERLAND VW CLUB,INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 '(414) 688-5509 (All events located in Chilton, WI at the Fairgrounds Racing Facility) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 December 15, 1990 Season Awards Party Santa Veronica, Tecate Baja California, Mexico BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801)627-2313 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Mike Gibeault 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 November 3, 1990 Hollister Hills Rally Hollister, CA December 8-9, 1990 Indio Endurance Rally Pacific Crest Trail Rally Indio, CA CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COLORAIX)HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 .091 HEAVY DUTY DIFFERENTIAL Tired of replacing com-plete CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated · aircraft quality 300M Alloy steel and feature case hardened ball grooves. NEW FOR '89 ! Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity. Pre-cision machined for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! CV BOOT HOLDERS Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. Larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 CV's. TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available. 114-441-1212 . McKENZIE'S --,~8~,~~:s · 2366 ORANGETHORPE, ANA.HEIM, CA 92aos-lNVITED November 1990 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 171 7 Marker Road Polk City, FL 33868 (813) 984-1923 (305) 823-4487 November 11, 1990 January 13, 1991 February 10, 1991 March 23, 1991 (all events at Lakeland Speedway) FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 December 31, 1990 Dunaway Dash IV Plaster City, CA GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 2937 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714) 880-1733 November 18, 1990 Off Road Challenge GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 ( 404) 253-1033 November 24, 1990 Vienna, Ga GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, Ml 48103 (313) 665-0358/(313) 996-9193 GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION K.C. Huggins 2233 N. 140th Avenue · Omaha, NE 68164 (402) 496-9431 (All events at Timber Ridge Ranch) GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Ron Kiel 12840 Dexter St. Thornton, CO 80241 (303) 452-4013 HORA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 December 1, 1990 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Las Vegas, NV HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Pat Roberts 878 Main St. Deadwood, SD 57732 (605) 578-1654 IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All e11ents staged at the c!tdi grounds in ClelleS, Ohio) KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB Randy Chamberlin 835 Wawn Road Kamloops, B.C. V2B-6N3 LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chambray Dr. Moreno Valley, CA 92387 (714) ~24-2226 November 16-18, 1990 High Desert 150 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15, 1990 T.B.A. Awards Banquet January4-6, 1991 New Years 200 Barstow, CA February 22-24, 1991 Presidential 250 Barstow, CA May 3-5, 1991 Spangler 150 Ridgecrest, CA July 21-23, 1991 Lucerne Valley 200 Johnson Valley, CA August 23-25, 1991 Mini Baja 400 Johnson Valley, CA October 4-6, 1991 California 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 22-24, 1991 High Desert 250 (double points) Lucerne Valley, CA MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15519 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 (517)627-5200 MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION Keneth Coleman 742 E. Roosevelt Road Ashley, Ml 48806 (517)838-4483 (All events at Mt. Pleasant Speedway) MIDWEST OFF ROAD BAJA SERIES Rick Vasquez 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 594-8266 All Desert Races November, 3-4, 1990 El Paso, TX MIDWEST OFF ROAD RACING Tommy Bowling 9801 E. Highway 80 Odessa, TX 79765 (915) 561-5222 (All events at Notrees, TX) Dusty Times

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MICKEY THOMPSON'S S.C.A.T. INC. OFF ROAD Michael R. King CHAMPIONSHIP P.O. Box 277 GRAND PRIX Morrisonville, NY 12962 Mickey Thompson (51S) 561-32081(518) 236-7897 Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 938-4100 Sports Car Club of America P.O . Box 3278 November 3, 1990 Englewood, CO 80112 Candlestick Park (303) 779-6622 San Francisco, CA November 9-12, 1990 November 17, 1990 Mazda Coachman Stages Rally A wards Banquet Olympia, WA Newport Beach, CA SCORE ONTARIO ASSOCIATION Score International OF OFF ROAD RACERS 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Barry Wannamaker Westlake Village, CA 91362 P.O. Box688 (818) 889-9216 Bancroft, Ontario, KOL lCO, November 8-11, 1990 Canada (613) 332-3811/(613) 332-1610 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico ONTARIO OFF ROAD December 1, 1989 Ken Jackson - Dick Gillap Off Roadsman Awards Banquet R.R.#2 Las Vegas, NV Tiverton, Ontario, Canada N0G 2T0 (519) 368-7874 SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac OUTLAW MINI STOCK Lery, Quebec, RACING ASSOCIATION J6N 1A3, Canada P.O. Box204 (514) 692-6171 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 (213) 375-4570/ (213) 719-7036 SCORE SHOW PAC OFF ROAD RACING Edgell Expositions P.O. Box323 P.O. Box 19531 Seahurst, Washington 98062 Irvine, CA 92713 (206) 242-1773 (714) 250-8060 PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 S.C.T.A. Colorado Springs, CO 80934 Southern California Timing Association SAREEA AL JAMEL Jack Kolan 4WDCLUB (619) 292-4444 P.O. Box526 Indio, CA 92202 November 11, 1990 CLASSES FOR: Open Wheel Racers Trucks - 5-1600s A TVs - Odysseys l)ma)jllJala Ill San Bernardino. CP.. A f ACILl'IY FOR ALL TYPES Of Off-ROAD RACING FREE OVERNIGHT PARKING SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.a. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 December 1, 1990 Showboat 250 Desert Race Las Vegas, NV February 9-10, 1991 Bottom Dollar Las Vegas, NV March 23-24, 1991 Twilite 200 Las Vegas, NV May 18-19 Caliente 250 Caliente, NV July 27-28, 1991 Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV September 27-29 · SNORE250 Jean, NV December6-8, 1991 Showboat 250 Las Vegas, NV SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: Tom Schwartzburg 2620 West Washington West Bend, WI 53095 ( 414) 334-3858 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 257-9422/(414) 542-3821 TEXAS OFF ROAD WHEEL TO GRAND PRIX WHEEL,INC. Short Course Racing P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4W0R - Texas Style Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL IC0 Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger (613) 332-1766/(613) 332-4128 Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 WESTERN OFF ROAD (214) 855-2232 RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 - 87 A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, TORA V3S 5X7, Canada Truck Racing Association (604) 576-6256 Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 FIA WORLD RALLY (607) 625-5676 CHAMPIONSHIP October 27-November 2, 1990 UORRA Ivory Coast Rally United Off Road Racing Association P.O. Box211 November 25-29, 1990 Dunellen, NJ 08812 (201) 752-0299/ (201) 359-2745 RAC Rally England (All races at Trailways Speedway, Hanover, PA) ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS VENTURA RACEWAY List your coming events in DUSTY Business Office 2810 W. Wooley Road TIMES free! Send your z 990 schedule as Oxnard, CA 93035 soon as possible for listing in this column. (805) 656-1122 Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite , November 17, 1990 0, Agoura, CA 91301. Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies PROPOSED SCHEDULES ( all race dates mbject to change FOR 1991 without notice) SCORE/HD RA VORRA January 25-17,Score Parker 400 March 1-3, HORA Nissan 400 Valley Off Road Racing Association April 5-7, Score San Felipe 250 1833 Los Robles Blvd. May 10-12, Score Phoenix SC Sacramento, CA 95838 June 7-9, Score Baja Internacional (916) 925-1702 July 5-7, HORA Fireworks 250 Aug.9-11,HDRA Willow Springs SC December 1, 1990 September 6-8, HORA Nevada 500 Awards Banquet El Dorado Hotel & Casino OCT. ll-13,HDRAGoldCoast300 November 7-10, Score Baja 1000 Reno, NV 93.5 .,., ......... Afflr r,c:xer ~ .l.dSn:rl® MAY COMPANY & MUSIC PLUS (213) 480-3232 • (714) 740-2000 OFF ROAD CHALLENGE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1990 The Fifth Race In The Five Race Series The Finest in Short Course Racing 100% Cash Payback For information contact BRIAN CHURCH (714) 880-1733 P.O. Box 2339 ENTRY FEES: . Trucks, Open Wheelers - $200.00 ATVs - $50.00 ADMISSION: $10.00 -Adults $ 5.00 - Children Children under five· FREE Odysseys - $100.00 San Bernardino, CA 92406 5-1600s - $100.00 Open Grandstand Seating - Come and See All the Action! .DESERT RACERS! COME OUT AND TRY. .OUR SUPER TRACK!· WIPE ENOUGH TO RACE-DESERT CARS! Dusty Times November 1990 Page 9

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HDRA PAHRUMP STATION NEVADA 500 Ivan Stewart Does It Again By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Ivan Stewart took another overall victory in the Toyota in the rough and rugged Nevada desert, taking the outright victory and the Class 1 /2 title by nearly 12 minutes in a trouble .free run, having only one flat all day. Ivan Stewart put his Toyota funny-truck into the winner's circle at the HDRA's Pahrump based Nevada 500, after another trouble free run. Stewart took the overall win this time, finishing a blistering hot day some 12 minutes in front of the second place car in a total time of 8:52:4 7.5 for the 501 very rough miles. This year there was,. once again, no pre-running for the first and last 105 miles of the course, in deference to the desert tortoise habitat, said to be very close to the trail. Some of off road's more affluent teams took to the skies in planes and helicopters to have a look-see, and some of them ran into trouble. Walker Evans, in his own helicopter, along with Rob MacCachren and Brian Stewart, suffered a crash landing, which, while not injuring any of the passengers, severely damaged Evans' helicopter. And, on the same day, I van Stewart and Roger Mears, together in a rented f;;.. ",i ~;, ~.♦ctt' ...-,.,.• ,. ~-l ,,.,_JJ~t~i~~j 0.,-c,;,,...,.....,..,_..,..,ll" .. ,,_-,_, 'copter, were subjected to an emergency landing in the desert when an oil line became discon-nected. Their pilot radioed for assistance to the first fixed wing aircraft to pass by, and that turned out to be Frank Vessels, who forwarded a message that they needed to be rescued. Somehow the message was delayed, and they sat in the scorching desert for six hours before help arrived. None of these folks were injured either. But it was a different story ,h Troy Herbst was first on the road most of the day in the Porsche powered Chenowth, but bogged in the final silt beds and finished second overall and in Class 1/2. when tne helicopter in which Sherman Balch was a passenger crashed near Tonopah. Balch was airlifted to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where it was discovered that he'd suffered a fractured third vertebra. The pilot had a concussion. Balch had . surgery on Sunday morning, and again on Monday, to remove the fragments o f h is exploded vertebra and replace them with a bone graft and some stainless steel. Sherman had a rough week, and faces a long convalescence, but prognosis is good for full recovery and he is already looking forward to getting back to desert racing. This year, as last year, the pre-race activities all took place in Pahrump, with registration at the Saddle West Hotel and Casino, while contingency and tech inspection were across the street in the Pahrump Station shopping center parking lot. The finish line was also located next to the trailer park, at the Pahrump Station, but the start line was down the road a piece. The BLM had become con-cerned about the silt beds in the area just north and east of Pahrump, and, in an effort to lessen the effect of the race on the area, had declared that the race should start beyond the worst of them, at Johnnie, a nearly non-existent "ghost town" about 17 miles north of Pahrump, on Highway 160. In that way the race traffic would run over that piece of the course only one time, when headed into the finish, and would diminish the damage to the terrain. Since this was part of the trail that couldn't be pre-run, it would be brand new at the end of the race. Dave Shoppe and Tony Becker had a good day, had trouble getting the Ford up the famous Beatty Hill, but got to the finish line in fine shape and found themselves the official Class 8 winners. It was a hard race for Class 10 entries, but Kirk Van Matre and Carl Olson did fine, and, despite getting lost and having a few flats, their Raceco took them to their first victory in two years of racing. From Johnnie, after the parade from Pahrump, it was a fairly steady northward turn, paralleling Highway 95, up to Beatty, which was Check 2. Just above Beatty the course diverged, with the outward bound trail going up the easternmost side of the loop. About 15 miles above the divergence, the course crossed itself, and now headed northwest, through Bonnie Clair, on Scotty's Junction Road. Scotty's Junction Road was the point from which pre-running could begin, and where it ended. From there the course traveled to Silverpeak, and then it turned westward, through what HORA called the "Scenic Loop", going up into the mountains as high as 7800 feet, and traversing what racers described as truly beautiful countryside. At Dyer the course dropped a bit southward, then turned eastward, heading back to Silverpeak, where it crossed over and went on to Tonopah, the northernmost point on the course. From T onopah the racer; traveled southward, on the east side of Highway 95, until they got to the Cottontail Ranch, where they crossed the highway. They continued southward, crossing the outward bound loop at mile 392, and then came into Beatty about 10 miles further, picking up the dual purpose part of the course just north of town. Then it was all repeat stuff down to Johnnie, until it reached the final 1 7 miles of nasty, straight edged cross washes and silt, into Pahrump and the finish line. It was truly one of the toughest courses of the year, though the Ed and Tim Herbst made it a brother act in Class 1 /2, driving the two seat Chenowth Porsche to a close third overall and third in the combo 1 /2 class. Page 10 Robby Gordon had a lot of trouble with flats, the Ford falling off the jack once, but he and Russ Wernimont survived to finish second in Class 8. November 1990 ,,;-<;~·.-.,,.... .:;;:: cott McMillin an arty tu er also had a good day ,n their Class 8 Ford, taking third in class despite two same side flats at one time. Dusty Times

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-~·✓· ' ,:._ • .-¥i ,,,. .. '\ ~. --~---~:<-..... ,. v;♦ ,,,. Greg Vaughan removed the automatic Trans from his Baja Bug, and it brought him luck. He and Val Dodd had no serious problems along the rough route and they got the Class 5 win, their first of the season. competitors reported that it was also one of the best marked. Up at the top of the course, in the neighborhood of Dyer, there was a pavement stretch of about 15 miles, necessitated by a cranky resident of the area who chose not to have the race anywhere near his property.Ta.avoid irritating him, HORA routed the course down the pavement, but the local traffic enforcers required that the race cars travel at legal speeds, and declared they would enforce the 55 mph limit. HORA informed the racers of the need for speed control, suggested they calibrate their tachs by pacing one of their chase vehicles before the race, and, at the driver's meeting, told them they'd hold up signs telling them how fast they were going when they arrived at the pave-ment. Racers were also told that they could have a chase vehicle posted on the highway to drive in front of them, setting a 55 mile per hour pace, the length of the pavement part of the course. The speed of the race cars would be monitored with a helicopter and a cadre of officials with radar guns, and failure to comply with the speed limit would result in disqualification. For this event the local motorcyclists, who've been hurting for race sites since the listing of the tortoise as endanger-ed, prevailed upon Danny Cau, HDRA's president, to include them in his plans. So the two wheelers and their four wheeled A TV cousins were part of the action at the Nevada 500, starting at Johnnie at 8 a.m., a full hour before the cars took off. There were 159 starters in the car and truck classes this year, which is an increase of 10 over the 1989 starting field. And that doesn't include the bikers and ATV riders who didn't exactly come in multitudes. There were just 18 of those brave souls. · The starting order was 1/2, 8, 10, 5, 4, 1-2-1600, 7 4x4, 7, 7S, Mini Mag, 5-1600, 3, 9, 6 and Class 11, which started at noon, at Beatty. All classes had an 18 hour time limit, except for Class 11, which had a 16 hour time limit, which, in effect, meant that they had to do 433 miles in less time than everyone else had for 501 miles. In the unlimited class, awk-wardly named Class l /2 these days, some of the anticipated top contenders were out fairly early, as were Larry Ragland, in his Class 2 Chevy "truck", who lost a cylinder at Sulfer Peak, and the team of Jerry Penhall and Bud Feldkamp, whose electrical Dusty nmes goodies ate up the alternator, and the battery of their Porsche Raceco. Mark McMillin, back in his Porsche powered Chenowth, lost his transmission at 50 miles, and Kent and Scott Pfeiffer, in a V>,Y/ powered lightweight Raceco, reportedly broke a bunch of shocks and had no spares, early in the day. Mike Gaughan, off road's congenial host at the Gold Coast Hotel, ran well ·until just past Bea tty, where he rolled the Chenowth and tore off the oil cooler, among other things. . Meanwhile, Troy Herbst blazed a trail, in the single seat team m~te to Gaughan's car, a Porsche Chenowth, running ,first on t~ road, dodging only the occasional biker, and trouble free. But he was chased hard by Bob Richey, in his Porsche Raceco, who was also soloing, and having a clean run. Michael Church, in the big Porsche Chenowth he co~rives with his father, Bill was up at the front of the pack also, and considered by many unofficial stop watch punchers around the course to be in the lead. But various others put Troy in front, or Stewart, or Richey, depending on where their loyalties were. Troy's brothers, Tim and Ed were hard at it in the two seat Porsche Chenowth, also at the front of the pack, and having no mechanical woes. And mixed up with all those Porsches was the Toyota of Ivan Stewart, second on the road, figuring all he had to do was follow Troy to the finish line, since Troy started third and Stewart started 20th. · Also running well and not to be discounted, were Jim Greenway and Craig Watkins, in Greenway's Toyota Raceco, but they had brake troubles, and Jimmy Smith, in his Porsche Chenowth, who'd knocked a coil wire off and lost some time. Corky McMillin and Brian Ewalt were teamed in their Porsche Chenowth, but their steering gear came apart and needed welding, while Aaron Hawley, in another Porsche Chenowth, and always tough in the Nevada desert, broke two tie rods, on separate occasions, and needed lots of pit time for repairs. Ultimately, it came down to a four-way fight amongst Stewart, Herbst, Church and Richey. But then Church's rear hub pulled out, and he had to have time consuming repairs made, which left the other three out front. Herbst came to the finish line first, but Stewart was in sight behind him, and took the win. Ivan, who was driving on a set of Yokohama's new 35"' radial tires, Gordon, also troubled whh flats, lost a lot of time when his truck, ·up on the jack for a tire repair, fell, and broke the jack before the new tire had been installed. Vessels lost ~nother axle at Bonnie Clair, and that was the end of his race, but the rest carried on. Stewart lost first and reverse gears, and had some trouble with his front shocks, but stayed hard on Walker's bumper. Evans broke a rotor, and lost about 11 minutes, but everything else was working right. Shoppe got to Tonopah in good shape, but then he lost low and second gear, and wasn't sure he could make it to the finish, but didn't quit trying. Timmy Lee Pruett had to put out a fire at the start line, but from there on he and Bill Holmes, who drove the second half, had no more trouble and the pair took their first ever victory. Evans had his tall jack fall partway off its mount and tear up a tire, but he still made it to the finish line first, with Stewart close behind him, saying, "I wanted you to slow down!" But when the times were figured, it was found that Stewart had his first win by a h.air over one second. Evans, grinning from ear to ear with the impressive team finish, was second to his own protege. But their pleasure was short lived, and word soon filtered out that both 1?tewart ,l:r reported that he'd hit one "microwave oven sized rock" and torn up one tire, but had not needed to stop for anything else. He noted that this was the sixth race he'd run without putting a wrench to the truck during race time. Herbst, who described it as a "long, long race", said his Porsche had a hard time with the silt, and he just couldn't make it go fast enough to stay ahead of Ivan. Richey, who was the third car to finish, actually timed in at second place, and second overall, about 12 minutes behind Stewart, and 11 seconds in front of Herbst. It was Richey's best finish in a long time, and he, too, reported a trouble free day. Ed and Tim Herbst were fourth, followed by Tom Bradley Sr., and Tom Bradley, Jr., in a Type IV Raceco, a good finish for 2750ccs of Volkswagen power. In sixth it was Danny Letner and Ron Brant, in another Porsche powered two seater, a Raceco, who'd struggled with " lots of flats." The finishing drivers reported that the course had got tough, and that the last 17 miles, from Johnnie to the finish, was especially rough. Richey learned on Sunday morning that he'd been disquali-fied for speeding on the pavement at Dyer. He, along with many others, had been shown a sign that said "66", and, assuming that that meant he was traveling at 66 mph, made what he figured were appropriate adjustments in his speed. Unfortunately, it later turned out that the "66" was the highest number the sign wavers had, and they had turned it sideways to indicate to the drivers , that they were traveling "over 66 mph". Richey's adjusted speed was timed at 73 mph. The disqualification was non-appeal-able. And Richey was not alone. The Class 8 trucks were the next batch to start, and it turned into a hard day for some of them. Frank Vessels, who was in his new Chevy, theoretically all repaired after its crash at Willow Springs, i lost an axle in the parade lap. Then he lost another axle at mile 10, and had fallen about an hour down early in the day. Scott McMillin, in his Ford, found he , had no rear brakes, and stopped just after Beatty to try to fix them. And Rob Gordon, also in a Ford, was having a mysterious transmis-sion problem, which caused a vibration and made the tail shaft , fall out. Dave W esthem, in a GMC, lost some rear shock mounts before Beatty while Roger Rolfe and Mel Vaughan, in a Ford, disappeared very early in the day. November 1990 But at the front of the pack Walker Evans had his Dodge fairly flying along, followed closely by Brian Stewart in his matching Dodge. Also up there was Dave Shoppe, his Ford having a good day for the first time in a while. Things got tougher for some, as McMillin found himself with two flats on the same side, and This is the system run by most off road race winners TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 11

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Class 1-2-1600 had an all time low of 18 starters, but they were a tough bunch, and Morley, who started, and Mike Williams, had one flat and took the class win in the MECO and 13th overall. Class 7 seems a dying breed this season, and only Manny and Tudy Joe Esquerra kept one together in Nevada. They finished the Ford in over 14 hours, but they were the Class 7 winners. r;.,.. and Evans had be~n dq'd brake problem, was second, 36 for speeding on the pavement. minutes later. McMillin came in Stewart was reported to have third,followedbyMikeSchuringa traveled at 78 mph, while Evans' and Jeff Bonnet, in their Chevro-speed was reported as 81 mph. let, in fourth place an hour later. The disqualifications were firm, Chris Robinson, who'd driven and the team went back to Las Vessels' "old" Chevy, finished Vegas to mourn their loss. fifth, which must have had In the meantime, Shoppe, who Vessels gnashing his teeth. said he had just barely been able • Class 10 was hard pressed by to get up the notorious car killing this course also, and ultimately, hill outside of Beatty, got back to only four of them made it in. the finish line to find himself the Early in the day series points winner. Gordon, who'd also had a leader Ray Croll, and co-driver There were only two survivors in Class 7 4x4, and the Chevy S-10 of Jerry McDonald and Jeff Lewis survived the best, making only scheduled stops on their way to the almost three hour class vic:....t_or..:.y_. _________ _ .4. ·=;.;...w.~ Class 7S had some really right dicing on the trail, but despite a broken exhaust system, Rob MacCachren pushed the early leader hard, and had no other problems on his way to another win in the Jeep Comanche. Tom Day, looked good, but they some time getting a new tire. lost their motor 40 miles into the · Randy and Rick Wilson, in race, and retired. Then the lead their A-armed Raceco, ran well was being sought by the Jeff for a while also, but then they Quinn/ Kurt Pfeiffer Chenowth, were hit by a truck that was who were first on the road, and a making up for lost time, and the tough group close behind them, impact cracked a distributor including Rick Romans, in a cover and they couldn't find a Raceco, who slowed himself replacement. Bill Poe and John down with a rollover shortly after Hagle were also in the hunt in Beatty. There· was also Carl Poe's Toyota powered JMR, but Olson, another Raceco, and Todd the frame began to fall apart Davis in a Chenowth, who got to around the torsion housing, and Beatty on a front flat and lost they lost a lot of time. If ·-~---\; . Olson handed the car ove;-to Kirk Van Matre, who was briefly lost once, and had a few flats, and then got out to let Olson drive the final stretch. They took the win by over an hour, their first victory in their slightly less than two year racing career. Romans, and co-driver Barry Cavanagh, who had one late flat, had spent a lot of time on repairs because of the rollover, and they finished second, followed in another hour later, by Todd Davis, who'd lost a fan belt and broken some front shocks. Davis drove all the way. The fourth, and last, Class 10 car to finish was the Raceco of Melvin and Michael Tom, from St. George, Utah. · Class 5 was in for a rough day also, and one of the early victims was Bill Hemquist and Mike Lund, who lost a motor near LathroJ) Wells. Lynn Mocaby was running well in his car with the automatic transmission, and so was Rich Minga, in his Porsche Bug, while Marty Hart was right up there, too. The Klawitter brothers, Hartmut and Wolfram, who haven't driven all year, after winning the 1989 championship, were back, but they'd had two flats at once, after Lathrop Wells, and were making up time. Also looking very good was Greg Vaughan, in his pink sedan, which is no longer running an automatic transmission. Hart pitted at Beatty, and then faded from the picture, while Minga began to have problems with the car jamming in second gear, a problem which had also plagued him at Willow Springs. George Seeley, meantime, had a long pit stop to solve an oil pressure problem, and Chuck Dodson and Joseph Trimino had fuel problems at mile 120. Vaughan put his co-driver, Val Dodd, in for the second half of the race; they had no serious troubles and they got their second finish of the year, and their first win. The Klawitters, who'd lost part of a brake rotor and ran with no rear brakes after that, were second, 11 minutes later. Minga finished Rick Romans and Barry Cavanagh ran with the leaders all day, had some down time because of a rollover, but they kept on moving to take second in Class 10. Todd Davis drove alone on the tough race, lost a fan belt and broke some front shocks, but he finished a good third in the Class 10 Chenowth. Making their first appearance in the 1990 series, defending Class 5 champions Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter were second despite brake troubles. Mike Schwellinger and Victor Hernandes had their share of woes, but they kept the Class 4 Ford motoring on through the dust and silt to second place. Page 11 Defending points champs in Class 1-2-1600, Tom and Bob DeNault had a fine race in the Chenowth, finishing second, about 19 minutes out of the win. November 1990 Running a lot in the darkness, Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis took a close third in Class 1-2-1600, finishing with just one headlight left on the car. Dusty nmes

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third, followed in by Seeley, and then Dodson and Trimino, who were the last of the class to make it. Class 4 found it a tough go, too, and a couple of major competitors were out early. Rod Hall and his Dodge disappeared and were never heard from again, while Roger Mears, Jr., who's taken over the Class 4 Nissan that Jack Johnson used to drive, hit a rock and damaged the front end, but then subsequently lost the motor. And Greg Hindson and Ed Robinson, teamed in a Jeep J-10, also disappeared without a trace. Steve Kelley, in trouble early when he lost his alternator, also got stuck, lost belts repeatedly, and finally broke something unreachable, to become a dnf. But Mike Schwellinger, in his new Ford, kept motoring along, followed by Josh and Chad Hall, . Rodney's sons, in one of Rod's old trucks. But they had an early fuel problem, and lost some serious time. Timmy Lee Pruett, in his Ford, had an electrical fire on the start line, and had to stop at his first pit to make repairs. But then he motored on steadily, to the halfway point, where he handed over the truck to Bill Holmes. Holmes had no major problems, but he found that the "course kept lengthening" near the end as he worried about the truck's ability to finish. They made it in just fine, taking the first win for the team, over two hours in front of second place Schwellinger. And, in third, it was the Halls, two hours later, the last of the class to make it back. In Class 1-2-1600 they were a little more successful, and of the 18 that started, only five failed to finish. Gary Sewell and Dan Keller, in their Lothringer looked like possible wiiiners, and Willie Melancon and Brian Smith had their Mirage looking fast, but lost 15 minutes early in the day when Melancon ran into Steve Kelley's Class 4 truck while he was stuck, and locked bumpers with him. Tom and Bob DeNault, who had started last in the class, had their Chenowth moving up through traffic nicely, and Morley Williams was doing a good job in the MECO he co-drives with his son, Mike. J.D. Ward and Gary Johnson, in a Bunderson, had an early flat, Tom Schilling and John Marking, in aJimco, ran well early in the day, and Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis, in a Suspensions Unlimited car, also ran up near the front. Also running strong were Brian Parkhouse and Dave Massingham, in a Mirage Starfighter; Ron De Wolf, Marty Fiolka and Craig , Stewart, teamed for the first time; and Scott Webster and Rodney Woolf, who were slowed when a torsion bar broke. This class had got a later start on the day, and darkness caught them while they were still many . miles from the finish line. Williams drove a long way on a front flat unknowingly, because he can't see the front end of the car while he's driving, but his pit flagged him in and changed it. Mike then took over to do the second half of the race, and finished fairly uneventfully, in first place. The DeNaults, who'd had a good day also, finished second. Ruddis and Porter, down to only one headlight, were third, Dusty nrnes .,,... ~ --::, -:--•.;, , Charlie and Rudy Townsley have quite a long string of wins in Mini Mag Class, and the defending points champs did it again in N!Jvada, winning, and they were the only class finisher to boot. Doug West and Gary Cogbill had a nearly flawless day in the desert in the 5-1600 Bug, running trouble free nearly all the way, finishing on a front flat and winning the class by nearly two hours. followed in by Melancon and Smith who'd had a flat late in the day. Dennis and Debbie Hight, in a Chenowth/Neth were fifth, while Parkhouse and Massingham, who thought the course was terrible from Scotty's Junction back in, were sixth. Class 7 4x4 was another group that made hard work of the day, and, starting with Mike Lesle, in a Jeep, who was out at mile 4 7, lost· all but two entries. Paul and Dave Simon, whose Ford has been up at the front of every race this year, found themselves dead last at this one, after replacing a driveshaft at the first road crossing, then losing the pulley on their dry sump pump. They got to <;heck 2 just before it closed, and charged on, trying to make up for lost time. John Swift, Ford, radioed that he was out by about noon, and Darren and Doug York spent a long time pitting at Beatty, with• some pulley and belt problem on their Ford. Meanwhile, Jerry McDonald and Jeff Lewis, in a Chevrolet, motored on smoothly. They had to make no unscheduled stops, and got out of the truck only once, at a ·fuel stop, to make a quick trip to the bathroom. When they got to the finish line in first place, Jerry eased out of the driver's seat announcing, "My butthurts!" Andhe'dmadeittwo wins in a row at the Nevada 500. The Yorks, who had alternator troubles, and had to keep changing batteries, finished second, and last, nearly three hours later. The Simons, after rolling their truck and suffering various other indignities, got to Check 4 so late they knew they'd never get to Check 5 on time, and decided it made more sense to park it. Class 7 started with five trucks, but turned into a one vehicle event after a while. Kim and Axel Mohr, who drive a Ford, were on theit trailer early, as was Russ Jones, also Ford, who overheated when he lost a fan belt early in the race, and then got into the silt and cooked his ·motor. Meanwhile, Roger Mears had his Nissan out in front, and, at Beatty, Michael Noval and Bill Driggs, in a Ford Courier, ran second. Manny Esquerra, also in a Ford, had hit a culvert and broken a spindle, and it took a long time for his crew, Bill Stroppe and Jaime Martinez, to get in to him and make repairs, but he ran third at Beatty, over an hour down. At mile 170, or not far below Silverpeak, Mears lost a cam belt, which spells doom for the motor, and was out. By then Esquerra Ranger. was apparently the only survivor, At Beatty, it was Valdez in front and he went on in lonely glory, to on the road, but with MacCach-take the win, using up just over 14 ren, who had a broken exhaust hours to get his finish. header; right on his tail. Low and In Class 7S there was some . Johnson ran third, followed by good competition, with Willie· Whelchel and Reynolds and thep Valdez in the Gil Divine Ranger; David Lillie. and Nick Frank, in JohnJohnsonand Chuck Johnson, still another Ranger. Johnson and in another Ranger; Jerry Whel-Johnson came next, and then chel and Dan Reynolds in a Brown and O'Brien, who had Toyota; Terry Brown and Bill problems that called for their pit O'Brien in a Ranger; Spencer crew right after the Beatty check. Low, teamed with Jack Johnson in MacCachren was a little down Low's Nissan; Rob MacCachren on power because of the broken in his Jeep Comanche; Malcolm exhaust header, but he had a Vinje and Mark Hansen in a flawless day otherwise, without Toyota; and Ramon Castro in his even any flat tires, and went on to '3fl4 dtJ,_tfue ~ a,ed take the win, finishing a very nice 17th overall. Valdez, who did have a couple flats, and also some alternator trouble, was second, and very tired. In third it was Johnson and Johnson, who said they'd out tricked themselves by running a big round tire, without much air, thinking it would be better for the silt. Instead, they had a bunch of flat tires, Chuck also had a problem early in the day, when he got stuck at the road crossing just after Lathrop Wells Road, and no one would help unstick him. He had to get out his tow rope and radio for his chase crewto (;JP' ~ MR. STICl<ER? • COMPETITIVE PRICING • UNSEATASL.E Q.UAL.ITY EXCEL.L.ENT SERVICE LOUIE UNSER Ri(/lv/lv/KIS BOB ~~g~ TOYOTA .. ~ RACING OEVElOPMENT .§41{;(. • Ir■■• RADIOS ,ot1 RACING R.L.H: ENTERPRISE unldenR'.:t:i?c3s 6hi!~b I ~221 v~~~~E D ,r SHERMAN BALCH !Arre---/ RACING ).. t.:.-·· - . CENTERFDRCE HDRA MASTERCRAFT THE wq [HDjRE] IIICH mm Off 110.D UTIIUSIASTS CHENOWTH Mike Lesle Racing OVER $5,000.00 CONTINGENCY POSTED AT EVERY SCORE/H.D.R.A. EVENT Race Car Lettering • Racing Numbers • Custom Decals • Silk Screening • Die Cutting • Signs • Magnetic Signs • Banners • Window Lettering 1B085 Redondo Circle • Huntington Beach, CA 9284B 7'14/843-0444 • FAX 714/843-0143 November 1990 Page 13

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Willie Valdez and Gil Divine were the first Class 7S leader, but the Ford Ranger suffered flats and alternator troubles, but came in a good second. John Johnson and Chuck Johnson made a trick but not good tire choice, but they handled the flats OK and carried on to finish late, but third in Class 7S. Joseph and Steve Grier ran up front through Beatty in Class 5-1600, but a pack of woes dropped them back in the pack, and they finished second. Don Adams had to hurry through his first half of the route, with a plane to catch, but Larry Olsen kept the Jeep Wrangler in the Class 3 lead all the way home despite running on four of its six cylinders. -· ~-. ·· •· Only 8 started in Class 9, several were out before one third distance, but the defending points champs Rich Richardson and Doug Perrault, got Jost, broke the exhaust, and had little power to get through the silt, but the team carried on to win Class 9 in the Jimco. S_AHARA ~ i= IJ,,I X ::> > ~ SIRIUS Gjl.,_ ______ 4C ...J, :j ~ : al > '> SPRING MTN. ! ...J VDO - Chenowth - Simpson T riMil - K & N Filters - Bugpack Bilstein - Centerline - Cibie Hewland - Porsche Turbo CVs . tieard'.s Seats- Parker Pumper Yokohama Tires -Super-Trapp Gem Gears - KYB Shocks Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place - Dura Blue Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. . NEV ADA PHONE ORDER HdUSE 3054 So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911 • (702) 871-5604 Page 14 Ir come in and get him loose. But they did finally finish, third, about two hours behind the lead time. Whelchel and Reynolds were fourth, and Brown and O'Brien had a long day, finishing fifth only 14 minutes before their. cut off time. Lillie and Frank cut it even closer, finishing just two minutes before the 18 hour limit was up. Only three Mini Mag cars traveled to Pahrump for the fun, and only one of them made it all the way. Scott Steinberger seized his motor by Check 1, and was on the trailer early, but Mark Bowman and Doug Dawson carried on, dueling with Charlie and Rudy Townsley. The T ownsleys took the lead, but then Charlie hit a big rock and 1 broke his steering box near I Tonopah, and had to drive three wheeled all the way to Goldfield to get spare parts. Meanwhile, Dawson and Bowman took over the lead, and headed south toward the finish. By the time the T ownsleys were repafred they were a good 45 minutes down. But then, between Checks 10 and 11, within 40 miles of the finish, Bowman and Dawson lost a rear wheel bearing. Rudy Townsley, who'd got back in to drive the tail end of the race, was amazed to find himself back in the lead again, and came on to take the win . Bowman and Dawson apparently had no spare bearings, and were out for good. There was a pretty good-sized group of 5-1600s, which is a little surprising, because this can be a very hard race for them. They ran in a close pack as far as Beatty where Robert Knight and Greg Krogh, who'd started first in the class, were still in front, and looking smooth. Next came Mike Kalicki and Steve Spiker, and then Doug West, followed . by Joseph and Steve Grier, and then Robert and Ruben Gutierrez, who'd started the day with problems, when one of their chase crew had been involved in an accident. (It was a bit of a cliff-hanger for a while, because the local law enforcers can disqualify the race car if the chase vehicles do something naughty and are involved in an accident because of it. The Gutierrez crew was deemed not guilty of any vilolation, and the race car was allowed to go racing.) Rich Fersch and Jack Ramsay were also looking good through Beatty. Among the other entrants was Dave Anckner, who'd lost a fan belt by Beatty, and then went on to break a steering universal, which put him out. And the Cook brothers debuted their brand new car, but had some new car troubles, and then holed a piston about 120 miles into the race. November 1990 And the teams of Steve Taylor and Wayne Lacher, and Vince Alcouloumre and Michelle Strong were rear-ended by bigger vehicles, and put out of the race. West, who'd had no troubles, put Gary Cogbill in to do the second half of the race, and Cogbill ran nearly trouble free, finishing on a front flat, with the win. It was nearly two hours before the second place car, the Griers, got to the finish line, and it was 47 more minutes before HORA PAHRUMP STATION NEVADA 500 Results - September 8, 1990 # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Class V2-Unlimited Single & Two Seat - 30 start -13 finish 120 1. Ivan .Stewart (solo) Toyota 103 2 Troy Herbst (solo) Porsche Chenowth 122 3 Ed & Tim Herbst Porsche Chenowth 129 4 Tom Bradley, Sr. &Jr. VWRaceco 121 5 Danny Letner/Ron Brant Raceco/Porsche Class l-2-I600-I600cc Restricted Engine -18 start -13 finish 1601 1 Mike & Morley Williams MDJ 1600 2 Tom & Bob DeNault Chenowth 1606 3 Danny Porter/Mark Ruddis Susp. Unltd. 1615 4 Willie Melancon/Brian Smith Mirage 1608 5 Dennis & Debbie Hight Chenowth/Neth Class 3/14 - Short WB 4X4 - 8 start - 4 finish 348 1 Don Adamstlarry Olsen Jeep Wrangler 300 2 Dave Ashley/Mike Bakholdin Ford Bronco 304 3 Matt Pike/Pat Shea Dodge 31 0 4 Rick Sieman/ LaGorio Ford Bronco Class 4 - Long WB 4X4 - 7 start - 3 finish 403 1 Timmy Lee Pruett/Bill Holmes Ford 448 2 Mike SchwellingerNictor Hernandes Ford 449 3 Josh & Chad Hall Dodge Class 5 - Unlimited Baja Bug -11 start - 5 finish 546 1 Greg VaughanNal Dodd Baja Bug 500 2 Hartmut & Wolfram Klawitter Baja Bug 503 3 Rich Minga/Buzz Combe Porsche 911 501 4 George.Seeley, JrJRosie Strait Baja Bug 508 5 Chuck Dodson/Joseph Trimino Baja Bug Class t.i-1600 - 1600cc Baja Bug - 16 start - 8 finish 556 Doug West/Gary Cogbill Baja Bug 560 2 Joseph & Steve Grier Baja Bug 551 3 Robert Knight/Greg Krogh Baja Bug 554 4 Mike Kalicki/Steve Spiker Baja Bug 594 5 Steve & Tim Lawrence Baja Bug Class 6 - Production Sedan - 8 start - 3 finish 606 1 Scott Douglas Jeep Cherokee 605 2 Danny Ashcraft/Dave Mason Ford Bronco II 604 3 Larry Schwacofer/Jim Patelli '57 Chevy Class 7 - Unlimited Mini-Midi Pickup - 5 start - I finish 719 Manny & Tudi Joe Esquerra Ford Ranger Class 7S - Stock Mini-Midi Pickup -11 start - 6 finish 720 1 Rob MacCachren Jeep Comanche 725 2 Willie ValdeztGil Divine Ford Ranger 727 3 John Johnson/Chuck Johnson Ford Ranger 728 4 Jerry Whelchel/Dan Reynolds Toyota SAS 723 5 Terry Brown/William O'Brien Ford Ranger Class 7 4X4 -Stock Mini-Midi 4X4 - 7 start - 2 finish 761 1 Jerry McDonald/Jeff Lewis Chevy S-1 O 762 2 Darren & Doug York Ford Ranger Class 8 - 2WD Standard Pickup -12 start - 7 finish 808 1 Dave Shoppe/Tony Becker Ford F-150 803 2 Robby Gordon /Russ Wernimont Ford F-150 806 3 ScottMcMillin/Marty Stuhler Ford F-150 804 4 Mike Schuringa/Jeff Bonnet Chevrolet 801 5 Chris Robinson Chevrolet Class 9 - Restricted Buggy - 8 start - 5 finish 900 1 Rich Richardson/Doug Perrault Jimco 996 2 Billy Kem/ Smith OffiS 903 3 Armando & Arturo Tiznado Jimco 904 4 Edward Mclean/Charles Bignell Jimco 999 5 Craig White/Dave Kribell Chenowth Class 10- Unlimited 1650cc -13 start - 4 finish 1007 1 Kirk Van Matre/Carl Olsen Raceco 1004 2 Rick RornanS/Barry Cavanagh Raceco 1006 3 Todd Davis (solo) Chenowth 1009 4 Melvin & Michael Torn Raceco Class II - Stock VW Sedan - 2 start - 0 finish • 1199 Saul Zambrano/Howard Anderson VW Beetle Class Mini- Mag - 3 start - 1 finish 1200 Charles and Charlie Townsley Mini Mag Time 8:52:47 9:04:18 9:13:59 9:36:37 9:37:01 10:32:56 10:51 :38 10:58:11 11 :15:46 11 :19:47 12:47:03 13:43:06 14:09:28 . 15:10:59 12:02:02 14:23:46 16:37:01 11:00:33 11 :11 :11 11:33:26 14:18:21 16:34:02 12:30:47 14:20:45 15:07:40 15:21:40 15:33:53 11:45:25 13:56:50 14:22:02 14:03:27 10:52:41 11 :44:01 12:52:27 16:23:48 17:46:21 10:56:32 13:44:14 9:46:42 10:22:07 10:49:34 11:51:53 12:09:32 12:49:54 13:05:56 13:40:53 14:49:14 15:02:51 11:04:32 12:27:20 13:41 :41 15:10:16 overtime 16:25:50 Starters -159 Finishers -79 - finish ratio -49.7% -Time Allowance -18 hours Race Distance -501 mile loop (Class 11-433 mile loop in 16 hours •i Fast Time Overall -Ivan Stewart- Class V2 Toyota -8:52:47 Fast Time Motorcycles - Daryl Folks/Danny Anderson -KTM - 9:43:48 0/A 2 3 4 5 13 16 19 23 24 40 44 52 62 34 56 72 20 22 25 53 71 39 54 60 63 65 29 50 55 51 17 28 42 67 74 18 49 8 11 15 30 35 41 43 46 57 se 21 3f 4i 61 69 Dusty nmcs

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Scott Douglas broke a header on the Jeep around 150 miles into the race, but it didn't hurt him noticably, and he never shut the engine off at all and claimed another Class 6 victory. Saul Zambrano and Howard Anderson drove the only Class 11 that crossed the finish line, but the short time allowance for the class put them overtime. Still Saul's string of wins is unbroken. · Knight and Krogh got their third place. Kalicki and Spiker were . fourth, followed by Steve and Tim Lawrence, who'd had at least one flat, before Beatty. In Class 3, with Sherman Balch sidelined in the hospital, his co, driver John Deetz, took over the driving chores, but was unable to finish, losing· the steering on the Nissan. Dave Ashley took the early lead, in his Bronco, but the truck was reported to be overheating. Matt Pike ran second . in his Dodge, followed by Don Adams in his Jeep Wrangler, and then Rick Sieman and Lee LaGorio in their Bronco. Paul Mauldini and Tim Daugherty, in a Toyota, made it through Beatty, their spare tire flopping, and Curt LeDuc, in Madelene Lesle's Jeep Cherokee came along next, having already changed a driveshaft. Adams hurried through his half of the race and installed Larry McClain a-nd Mike Daghlian, in a Olsen in the driver's seat, while he Ghoster, also disappeared from-hustled off to Colorado where he the scene. wasduetocompeteinahillclimb. But that left the Tiznado Olsen ran on only four cylinders brothers, Armando and Art, in a for most of his day, but he didn't Jimco; Ed McLean and Charles have any flats, and he took the win Bignell in another Jimco; Craig for the team. Ashley finished White and Dave Kribell, in a second about an hour later, Chenowth; Billy Kem and Pat followed in by Pike and his co, Smith in an ORBS; and Rich driver, Pat Shea. Sieman and Richardson and Doug Perrault, Lagorio were fourth, and the last series points leaders, in a Jimco, in the class to get home. all hard at it. Class 9 had a new lower entry McLean and Bignell were seen fee for this race, but still most of · parked, and out looking at the them stayed home. Of the eight front end, and Richardson got who showed up, there were the busy talking to his crew on the top seven in the season points radio and flattened a tire. Perrault chase, and one other team. R.C. took a wrong turn at Scotty's Jones and Jack Millerd, in a West, Junction and headed for Death . lost an oil line and were out early Valley and Scotty's Castle. When in the day, and Roy and Wade he discovered his error he had to Prince, in a Chenowth/ Baja borrow gas to make sure he'd get Concepts car lost their transmis, where he · was going. Kem and sion linkage at Bonnie Clair. Ray Smith lost a throttle spring and ran wide open for about 10 miles, until they got to their pit crew. With a broken exhaust header, Richardson and Perrault were down on power and the silt was troublesome, but they managed to get through it all, and came into Pahrump as winners. Kem and Smith were second, reporting no major breakdowns, and the Tiznados finished third, almost an hour after the leader. McLean and Bignell had apparently repaired their problem, and finished fourth, followed in by White and Kribell, who were the last to make it. In Class 6, Scott Douglas had a 10 minute lead in his Jeep Cherokee, at Beatty. He was followed by Larry Schwacofer in his '57 Chevy, and then Danny Ashcraft and Dave Mason in their Bronco II. And Mike Horner and Steve Ball ran fourth at that point in their GMC Jimmy. But the Jordan brothers, Dale and Randy, had already had major problems, and were so late getting to the Beatty airport, which was below the checkpoint, that they .knew they couldn't get through the check before closing time and had to pull out .. About 150 miles into the race, Douglas broke a header, but it didn't hurt the performance of the car much, and he just kept on moving. He never shut the motor off all day, and took another win, finishing in 11 hours and 45 minutes. Ashcraft and Mason were second, almost two hours later, followed in by Schwacofer, about 26 minutes later. No one else made it back. ' Class 11, accustomed to starting at the end of the pack and having at least a few miles with relatively little traffic in which to sort themselves out, found themselves starting at 12 noon, at Beatty, which dumped them right into some nasty silt, in the midst of the 5,1600s, 7S trucks and late running Class 8s. It was a precarious way to start a race, and one of the cars was seen being shoved through the silt by a Class 8 truck, which couldn't have been a pleasant efperience. Days before the race, Saul Zambrano, last year's winner, predicted that they wouldn't be able to finish before the time limit of 16 hours. Keavin and Gary Anderson had a fuel tank strainer plug up, and lost an hour and a half trying to find the problem, and then went on· only to sand their motor because an air cleaner hose hadn't been properly reattached. They were out • FIFTH RACE oF THE Budweiser/Bud light, 1990 SERIES AMA ~,~, .. ,· SANCTIONED ~r ~ . // ,. /"~ I\ ~ CHAMPIONSHIP FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM • AMA DISTRICT 38 DUNAWAY DASH IV LOCATION: MONDAY Sponsored by: WEST OF . DECEMBER 31, 1990 Race Ready Products; The Wright Place & Schilling Corp. EL CENTRO, CALIF.· BIKESSTARTAT7:00A.M.•BUGGIES:NOON "INFO· (619) 427 5759 30 MILE LOOP Drawing Dec. 15th at RLH Comm, National City • • Dusty nmes November 1990 Page 15

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Danny Letner and Ron Brant had 'lots of flats' on the Porsche powered Raceco, but they kept going to finish fifth in Class 1 /2. Matt Pike and Pat Shea look strong here in the Dodge Ramcharger, but some problems down the road dropped them to third in Class 3 action. · ... George Seeley and co-driver Rosie Strait went well in Class 5 until a long pit stop with an oil pressure problem put them down to fourth. .. I<, ,...,.,.~ Danny Ashcraft and Dave Mason had various troubles with the Ford Bronco II, but they did finish, and took second place in Class 6. i. ; -;_,:\ _., ___ ,~ Darren and Doug York had a long pit stop at Beatty with pulley and belt problems, but they drove the Ford Ranger to second in Class 7 4x4. Page 16 r ,. .-- ~ ,, ~ ;JL.1 . The Tom Bradleys (father and son), plow a little silt in the Type 4 engined Raceco and the Las Vegas racers finished strong fourth in Class 1 /2. Josh and Chad Hall got farther in dad Rodney's 'old' Dodge, than Rod did, and the 1990 rookies drove to a fine third in Class 4. Ail' . . Last year's Class 5-1600 winner Robert Knight, with Greg Krogh co-driving, finished third this year, as the course took out half the field. •. , r,~· -~'~-Larry Schwacofer and Jim Pate/Ii, had some troubles on the trail but got the old Chevy under the checkered flag third in Class 6. Armando and Arturo Tiznado had a good run in their Jimco, lost an hour somewhere, but still finished third in Class 9 competition. November 1990 Willie Melancon and Brian Smith had a time costing flat late in the race, but they kept the Mirage together just fine, fourth in Class 1-2-1600. Rich Minga and Buzz Combe flew the Porsche 911 based Class 5 car into third place, finishing just over a half hour out of the winning time. "" Mike Kalicki and Steve Spiker spent over 15 hours in the dust and silt, but they kept moving down the trail to finish fourth in Class 5-1600. ·,.,.,.......,., .... ~ 0\· Jerry Whelchel and Dan Reynolds took the Toyota to fourth in Class 7S, getting a good finish for the Sage Council Racing Team. Melvin and Michael Tom come from Utah to race in Nevada, and the SNORE regulars finished a fine fourth in Class 10 in their Raceco. Dusty Times

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_, Dave Ashley and Mike Bakholdin held their usual lead in the Ford Bronco, but overheating problems dropped the rig back an hour and into second. Billy Kem and Pat Smith had only minor problems on the road, and they got their ORBS home second in Class 9, just 16 minutes out of the victory. rhe fancy internal jack on Frank Vessels' new Class 8 Chevy was put to an -early test, as an axle broke on the parade out of Pahrump. He lost axles two more times before retiring from the race. (;r after about 70 miles. That left only Zambrano and his co-driver, Howard Anderson to uphold the honor of the class. trying to get out of the way of a faster race car, but then had had no other troubles. He gave the car to Zambrano halfway through, and Saul got himself stuck near the Cotton Trail Ranch. He got help from a spectator, who, coincidentally, had been at the same spot last year and had helped to pull Saul out of the same silt then, too. Zambrano went on with no mechanical problems, but got stuck once again, however his own crew was close enough to unstick him that time. Then, fighting the clock, but beginning to think he might get to the finish, the car quit. Apparently all the miles of silt caused the car to burn more fuel than they'd anticipated, and his tank was empty. He was within 10 miles of the finish. Anderson was waiting for him at· the finish line by then, and sent a crew out with five gallons of gas. But they couldn't find him right away, and had to have him blink. his lights so they could spot him, ., .,-.,.»:~ Howard had got himself high centered right out of the start, i' ' . • ''t The fi;st ~torcycle team across the finish line was the KTM 300DXC ridden by Daryl Folks, Danny Hamel and Danny Anderson, who won Class 22 and overall with a time of 9 hours, 43 minutes, 48 seconds. ower It starts with Toyota Motorsports'Contingency Award Program. Ifs Toyota's way to show their commit-ment to off-road racing. And they're putting their money where their mouth is. Toyota-powered SCORE-HORA and MTEG finishers are TOYOT.1 A eligible to win contingency money From Toyota Motorsports. All Jl-ll classes of SCORE-HORA receive $2,000 for first and S 1,000 m c:>te11a:.:= ~ -for second. The overall 4-wheel vehicle gets a $3,000 bo-, ~~ .. - - -nus. The HORA or SCORE World Champions get $3,000 for first, $1,500 for second. First and second place in the MTEG Ultra-Stock and Super 1600 classes get $1,500 and $1,000 respectively.* Ifs cash thars therefor the taking. And FAT Performance can be your ace in the hole. We can get you much closer to that first or second place win. Have FAT design the perfect Toyota combination for you. More than two years of dyno and racing develop-ment work on Toyota powerplants puts us way out in front of the pack. Whether irs an Unlimited 3.0 V6, 16-valve 1600cc Class l O (short course and desert), Classes 7, 7S or 7-4x4, we're the ones. PERFORMAITCE One glance at our Toyota win results proves our point: Parker 400/Class 1 O l st: Jim & Mike Zuponovich 2nd: Ray Croll, Tom Day San Felipe 250 l st: Ray Croll, Tom Day 2nd: Gary & Dick Weyrich MTEG San Diego/Super 1600 l st: Greg George Baja500 l st: Ray Croll, Tom Day Fireworks 250 l st: · Jim & Mike Zuponovich 1989 SCORE-HORA Milestone Award Winner Jim Greenway Willow Springs-HORA Class l l st: Jerry Welchel stadium l O l st: Greg George MTEG, Las Vegas l st: Jerry Welchel and get the fuel to the car. By the time Zambrano and Anderson crossed the finish line it was six a.m., and they were overtime. But they were awarded the win on the basis of having gone the longest distance. So their string of victories for 1990 remains unbroken, they have six for six, with two races to go. In the bike classes, the first team in was Danny Hamel, Daryl Folks and Danny Anderson ·who made it around the 501 miles in 9 · hours 4 3 minutes and 48 seconds, on their KTM 300 DXC, to take the overall bike victory, and Class 22. They had one flat, changed their air cleaner and worried about the cars catching them. And they were the only bike that didn't get passed by any cars. The second bike in, in the Open Class, was the KTM 600 of Floyd Bradley, Jeff Phillips and Scott Glimp, who reported only one flat all day, and said they really liked the course. It took them 10 hours, nine minutes and three seconds to get home. The Competition Review Board had only a few penalties to dish out the next morning, and the loose ends were tidied up fairly quickly. The consensus is that some other method needs to be used to handle the speed limit situation, should it arise again. While some drivers did not avail themselves of the most surefire way to maintain legal speed, which would have been to have a vehicle of their own to pace them, they are justified in feeling that the officials didn't do what they said thay would do, when they told the racers that they would let them know how fast they were going as they entered the controlled speed area. The HDRA segues right from this event into the Gold Coast 300 on October 12-14, and then the last Las Vegas event of the year, the December 1st SCORE/ HDRA awards night, at the Gold Coast Hotel. For your FAT Performance Catalog, send $5 to FAT Performance, Dept. DTT, 1558 N. Case, Orange, CA 92667 or call (714) 637-2889 • Subject to change. To be eligible, you must pre-register with Toyota Motorsports. Call Julie Alfonso at (213) 618-5017. Dusty Times November 1990 Page 17

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Photos: Track.side Photo Inc. Ivan Stewart And Toyota Win Again In Nevada Ivan Stewart and Toyota enjoy racing in Las Vegas so much that they keep on winning. At the Silver Bowl Ivan had some troubles, but took second in Heat 2 and won the big points in the Main event. Jerry Whelchel's main competition in his heat was teammate Greg George, but Jerry finished second, then won outright when it counted, in the big scramble that is the 1600 main event. For the second time in a week Ivan Stewart won a major race in the Las Vegas area in a Toyota funny truck. Stewart won overall over nearly 200 entries in the 500 mile desert trek, the HORA Nevada 500, and came back to Las Vegas the following Saturday to win the main event for Grand National Sport Trucks in the Sam Boyd Silver Bowl. Ivan must have a secret to beating the odds in Las Vegas. Lady Luck deserted the Venable Racing T earn as their Ford based truck had engine trouble all day and into the night, depriving defending class champ-ion Robby Gordon of the chance to mix it up with his former mates on the Toyota team. Gordon had a free weekend from IMSA racing and replaced regular team stadium driver Rod Millen, who was busy in Asia defending his Asia-Pacific Rally Series title. Robby also drove the season opener last January in Anaheim, but didn't get the chance to race competitively last September in the Silver Bowl, although he had done well the week before in his desert Class 8 Ford. After a day of practice and qualifying, the stadium filled with around 25,000 spectators, about all it can hold, and racing began. The heat races run off quickly, so we are going to cover the heats and the main events for each class entirely, rather than as how they happened, to eliminate a lot of extra identification words. The first UltraStock heat had six starters with Lloyd Castle, Jeep Cherokee, on the pole. Jeff Elrod was on the outside front row in a VW Corrado. Castle took the lead off the line, closely followed by Chris Neil in a VW Corrado bodied racer, but Castle had quite a lead after two laps while Neil held second. Former class champ Jeff Elrod, held onto third battling for the spot with Brad Castle, Toyota 4 Runner, the leader's son. After some flying fiberglass, Lloyd Castle· took the victory, followed hp_me by the VWs of Neil and Elrod. Brad Castle ended up fourth. The second Heat for Ultra-1989 points champ Lloyd Castle won the first UltraStock heat in his Jeep, and then snagged second at the flag in the wild and woolly main event action. Stocks had a whole new cast of six, but like Castle's runaway win in Heat 1, this wasn't a tight battle for first either. Tim Lewis was on the pole in a Porsche 911, but next to him was Larry Noel, the current points leader, in a VW Corrado. Lewis led off the line, but went too wide in the third turn and Noel slip~d past to take the lead and he held it to the checkered flag. Vince Tjelmeland ran third in a Nissan Pathfinder. -Brian Collins, Porsche, and Doug Bath, Toyota, tangled in the second turn, but· traffic got around OK and ·they both continued. Not much changed, except midway Lewis had closed up on Noel, and Jack Millerd had his Jeep in fourth place. At the flag Larry Noel increased his points lead with the victory by a comfortable margin, followed in by Lewis, Tjelmeland and Millerd. Neither Bath nor Collins fully recovered from their tangle. Eleven UltraStocks showed for the main event later in the night, and Lloyd Castle was on the pole. Lloyd lost the lead when he spun in the third turn, and Larry Noel was right there to grab the top spot followed by Tim Lewis and Jeff Elrod. While Noel streaked away to a comfortable lead, the wild battle developed to the rear between Brad Castle and Chris Neil. This pair bumped and banged each other for an entire lap, until Neil's VW broke a wheel, then both cars were · parked. Out front Larry Noel appeared to be on his way to victory until the final lap when he got into one of the barriers momentarily. It was enough to let Jeff Elrod into the 'lead and get home for the win in the VW Corrado. Lloyd Castle also benefited taking second for Jeep, while Noel got loose soon enough to finish third ahead of Lewis and Tjelmeland. The post script to this class action is that both Brad Castle and Chris Neil were disqualified by the Rough Driving Committee for their slam bang antics in the UltraStock main event. The first Grand National Sport Truck heat held eight starters. Roger Mears, Jr. had his Nissan on the pole, and he jumped into · the lead at the green flag. Mears, Jr. held the lead through the first lap, followed by Danny Thomp-son, Roger Sr., Nissan, and Ivan Stewart, with the hood flapping already on his Toyota. Jr. led the second lap as his dad challenged Thompson for second, but then Roger Sr. spun losing a little ground. At the halfway mark Mears Jr. was still leading, but Thompson was all over him, and they started lap 5 side by side. At the end of that lap Danny Thompson was the new leader, and Walker Evans, Jeep, had whipped into second ahead of Mears Jr. The fight developed between Thompson's leading Chevy and Evans' Jeep as they banged together heading into the last two laps. There was equal fender bending to the rear as well. At the flag Danny Thompson won for Chevrolet, followed by the Jeeps of Walker Evans and Glenn Harris. Then came Mears Jr. followed by the T oyotas of Jeff Huber and Ivan Stewart, and Ivan's truck had badly battered body work. Also Ivan Stewart was slowed by a stop and go moment in the penalty box, ordered by the Rough Driving Committee, for running into both Harris and Mears early in the race. The penalty stop dropped Stewart to ninth. Roger Mears, Sr. had steering trouble and ran over a motorcycle jump, which put him out, and Walker Evans stated that the Jeep team's big worry was the heat, and it is hot in Vegas in September. The second truck heat, was strai ht out of a B movie scenario, Points leader in UltraStock class Larry Noel started out strong, winning his heat easily, but his VW Corrado dropped to third at the main event finish. Jeff Elrod has come on strong late this season in U ra tock action, and e in the first heat, and he took the lead late in the main event for the victory. Page 18 November 1990 Dusty Times

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-: 1;' "' ·-;_-~ .~.-.. N ~;~ ."'"..-; One of the most attractive UltraStocks is the Porsche 911 of Tim Lewis, and he drove it to second place in Heat 2 and a close fourth in the main event. Glenn Harris had his best day since joining the Jeep team, winning Heat 2, taking second in the Main and getting past an upended Mears Nissan for third in the first heat. Walker Evans scored enough points in his Jeep, with a second in Heat 1, fourth in Heat 2 and third in the main event to keep his championship hopes alive. Roger Mears Jr., here sliding past what appears to be Walker vans Jeep, did very well in Vegas with a third and a fourth in the heats and fourth in the main. perhaps the wildest race of the meet with plenty of slamming and banging. That's not really the best image for off road racing but it does please the spectators. Roger Mears Jr. again led off the line with his dad in hot pursuit, until Sr. got sideways and climbed a hydro barrier and was unable to get back down. Now Danny Thompson moved into second followed by Glenn Harris. Mears Jr. led for five laps, then on lap 6 Thompson passed into the top spot. As the leaders came by the Mears Sr. Nissan perched on the barrier, contact was made and both Thompson and Mears Jr. flipped, bringing out the red flag. The restart had Glenn Harris as the new leader followed by Jeff Huber, Toyota, Ivan Stewart and Walker Evans. Only six trucks made the restart. Thompson took the green flag, but soon lost most of his radiator fluid and retired to the pits. Mears Jr. was back and running in his Nissan, however. Glenn Harris grabbed the lead off the line, but suddenly Ivan· Stewart was there making a challenge and closing fast when his Toyota flipped at the beginning of the rhythm section. The race stopped for the second time, and there was another restart. This time Stewart was at the back of the remaining field. Huber tried to take Harris on the restart, but couldn't, and before the lap was over Huber got upside down. Meanwhile Glenn Harris went on to take the win followed by Ivan Stewart, and Mears and Evans crossed the line hooked together with Mears Jr. taking third ahead of Evans. After the heat Ivan Stewart said "That was the wildest race I've been in. I think everybody rolled. In the end I saw Walker Evans and Mears get together, Walker rolled over the finish line and I must have jumped ahead and finished Dusty Times ahead by five feet." Don Turk, a former A TV champion in this series, made his debut in truck racing, and his Chevrolet was fifth in the heat. Danny Thompson broke his hand in the melee when he was sandwiched between two Nissans, and the power steering that was broken on his Chevy has been replaced; so Danny will start the main event. Roger Mears, Jr. commented that his Nissan was running great, but said Thompson cut him really wide on the pass, causing him to run into the Chevy and it put them both on their tops. The ON Sport Truck Main Event is always the grand finale of the race day, and there were eight survivors on the starting line. The front row was all Jeep with Glenn Harris and Walker Evans ready to dash to the first turn. Ivan Stewart and Danny Thompson were right behind them. Harris got the jump off the line and Stewart sand-wiched his Toyota between the Jeeps to take second place. Stewart tried to pass Harris on lap 2, but was bumped by Evans, and the hood of the Toyota flew up again. On the next lap Stewart succeeded in getting the lead, but Harris passed him back, then Stewart came back again to lead after four laps. Evans held third followed by Thompson and Mears Jr. Running without his hood, Ivan Stewart pulled away from Glenn Harris midway in the race. With five laps remaining, a tight battle had developed for fourth place between Thompson and - Mears, Jr., and Mears, Sr. was close behind. Ivan Stewart took the win for Toyota, his third straight at the Silver Bowl at that, which about wraps up the series title for Toyota. Second went to Glenn Harris and his Jeep teammate Walker Evans was third. Mears Jr. took fourth after passing Thompson on the next to last lap. Thompson was fifth. The Quad racers had a healthy entry in Las Vegas, with 17 starters in the first heat. Mark Ehrhardt took the early lead on a Honda, with class points leader Charlie Shepherd on the move and up to fourth place. Ehrhardt hung on to the lead to win the heat, beating back a challenge from Don Turk late in the race. Turk was second on his Honda and Charlie Shepherd was third also on a Honda. In fact Honda swept the first 11 places in this heat. Sixteen started the second Quad ATV heat, and Derek Hamilton got the hole shot aboard a Swuki and led the field. Hamilton opened a tremendous lead after just one lap and rookie Jason Sutter was second followed by veteran Gary Denton, both on Hondas. After two laps Denton was in second and beginning to close on Hamilton whose lead was eight lengths. With two laps to go Donovan Holland came from behind out of the pack, caught Hamilton and nipped him at the line for the win. Hamilton took second followed by Denton. The Quad main event put a whopping 18 machines on the tight course but it was familiar names out front. Charlie Shepherd added to his points lead by putting the-Honda out front and he never looked back. 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Danny Thompson started out very strong by winning the first truck heat in his Chevy, but he broke his hand in the second heat and dropped to fifth in the main event. Marty Coyne had his Chenowth on the pole for the second 1600 • Greg George survived a restart in the first 1600 heat to hold his heat race, and he shot into the lead and stayed there through the lead from flag to flag making it 1-2 for the Sage Council traffic to win the heat, and he was second in the main. Chenowth stadium team. ----,---------------------~-. "'t""' """· :A Bob Gordon is always a strong runner in his 1600 Chenowth, -and at the Silver Bowl he placed third in his heat and came back in the main to take third again. Danny Rice started out strong for the Colorado team, with a second in his heat, but the 1600 Chenowth faded from contention in the hectic main event. Vince Tjelmeland had his new Nissan Pathfinder working in his heat, taking third, but traffic woes in the main event saw him drop to fourth place. r;t flag to flag, and it was his slipped into third, and the . top fourth victory this season. Gary three were all Briggsbuilt Denton gave chase but was unable machines. Ron Pierce slipped to to close the gap and secured fourth just ahead of Rennie second, while third went to Mark Awana. Ehrhardt. Heat race 2 for the Super Lites The Super Lites, formerly hadafreshdozenmachinesonthe called Odysseys, a Honda grid. Greg Geo'rge quickly trademark apparently, had a I grabbed the lead in his Nature's strong entry ~ith a_ d~zen ou_t for Recipe Pet Food machine and just the first heat. This is a highly as quickly pulled away from the competitive class, and the field. The race was for second machines are so small they can between Gil Valdez and Frank handle the tight stadium tracks Chavez. Then, on the third lap, easily. Eighteen year old Dustin George pulled-out of the lead and Coonfield, from Colorado, led off the race track. Valdez was the the first three laps in heat 1 before new leader but he was soon. current points leader and former challenged by Chavez. On the points champion Rory Holladay white flag lap Valdez and Chavez got by on the third lap. Coonfield crossed the line side by side, but hung on in second place, and in the turn Chavez executed a wild there was a tremendous battle for flip and Gil Valdez continued on third between veterans Rennie to his first win in the series in his Awana and Ronnie Pierce. Briggsbuilt. Sean Finley was Holladay won the heat with second in a Triple EEE, and Joe Coonfield in second. Allen Yaros Price was third, also in a Triple F PUT YOUR FUEL IN A SAFE PLACE. The main event for Super Lites started 18 race cars. Out front from flag to flag was the Briggsbuilt of Rory Holladay and Rory won his second main event this season with no strain. Ron Pierce moved into second half way through the race and he stayed there. Joe Price nailed third followed by Terry Peterson and Douglas Goodenough. The high flying motorcycles in UltraCross competition were out in force for this event. In their first heat Tallon Vohland, Kawasaki, making a rare start in the 1990 series tonight, led the first two laps. Then he gave way to the Suzuki of Kerry Mulligan who, in turn, gave it up to Jeremy McGrath, Kawasaki, on the fifth lap. McGrath went on to victory, with Mulligan taking second and defending champion Jim Holley third on a Yamaha. Vohland 's bid ended near the finish when he wentontoWINthe race. Fuel Safe Cells are ap-proved by all major rac-ing associations. And for a good reason. 5271 Business Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897·2858 (BOO) 433-6524 went down, but quickly got up to finish fourth. In the second UltraCross heat, sixteen started the wild run, and Mike Young, Yamaha, and Mike Craig, Kawasaki, fought for the lead from flag fall. Craig, the current points leader, was first across the line on the first lap, and Craig was pulling away as he completed the second lap with Young trailing in second. On lap 5 Kyle Lewis, Kawasaki, moved into second but trailed Craig by a wide margin. Mike Craig was the wire to wire winner on a Kawasaki. Kyle Lewis was second and Mike Young took third place. There were 20 250cc motor~ cycles on the grid for the main event, and it was busy on the tough track they use. Lowell Thomson on a Yamaha led the first two laps before giving way to Tallon Vohland, the 18 year old from Sacramento, on a Kawasaki. Jeremy McGrath, who has won all four races he entered this year, was fourth and moving fast after five laps. McGrath took third on lap 6, and he was closing on Kyle Lewis in second with three laps to go.Tallon V ohland won the main event, followed in by Kyle Lewis, Jeremy McGrath and Lowell Thomas. The lure of Las Vegas drew a husky field in Super 1600 class competition. There were 12 on the line for the first heat, and it was nearly as wild as some of the truck action. Jimmy Nichols, Raceco, was on the pole next to Greg George, and Bob Gordon and Jerry Whelchel were in the next row, all three driving Chenowths. Nichols took the early lead but George shot through a hole to take over first place before the first lap was completed. Greg George led after two laps followed closely by his -~.·,. __ _ This is a Fuel Safe Rac-ing Cell after a rear end collision. The Fuel Safe Bladder survived with only minorscracthes and No Leaks! And the car Fuel Safe Racing Cells. A safe place to put your fuel for over 15 years. Manufactured by Aircraft Rubber. Inc. Local desert racer Brian Collins started stadium racing this season, and his locally built Porsche 911 nailed down sixth in the UltraStock feature. "6on Kolt whips past ar arnes bouncing "over the whoopees in the Silver Bowl, and Kolt drove his Chenowth into fourth in the second 1600 heat race. Page !10 November 1990 Dusty Times

Page 21

Don Turk, who also raced a Quad the same night in Vegas, tried racing with the Sports Trucks, and his Chevy did all right, finished sixth in the main. Chris Neil is a strong co'ntender in UltraStock action in his VW Corrado, and was second in the first heat, but ran afoul of the rules in the main event. Tommy Croft campaigns a Texas built Charger in the Super 1600 class, and Croft kept his cool in the main event and came home in fifth place. Sage Council teammate Jerry Whelchel, and then came Gordon and Nichols. With four laps done Whelchel had closed the gap and at one point his front wheels got on top of the rear of George's car . . George and Whelchel, not acting at all like teammates, waged a fierce battle until the race was stopped-when Johnny Kaiser flipped on the main straight. The single file restart put Greg George out front, followed by Whelchel, Gordon and Nichols, and only two laps were left in the race.Jerry Whelchel was unable to make a challenge, and placed second as Greg George took the victory, a 1-2 finish for the team. Bob · Gordon was third, followed by Jimmy Nichols, Larry Noel, Wes Elrod and Troy Herbst. The current points leader Mitch Mustard went out after two laps with rare, for him, mechanical trouble. Marty Coyne was on the pole for the second Super 1600 heat with Danny Rice alongside, both in Chenowths. Coyne got the hole shot with Rice and Frank Arciero, Jr. plus Tommy Croft in pursuit. Coyne held a comfortable lead after three laps, but Arciero was BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING REPORT By Jim Baker The Twilite 200 is history and what an event it turned out to be. The eight laps gave the KC HiLites a chance to "shine". When the final car took the checkers at 2:00 a.m. we all knew it had been a long day. · The starting flag dropped at 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening with the team of Dan Kenourgios and Bob Christensen taking the first start, followed by Barry Merriam, Mike Baker, Gary Brennan and then Andy Clawsen. Gary took the lead on lap one and held it flag to flag for his first win in his 1-1600 car ... nice going Gary. At least when you ran out of gas you were closer to help this time. For the others in the class it was trans trouble for Andy early on, Mike's new car was just out of the box and was untested, so some minor "bugs" suggested early retirement after two laps. Barry started well but ran into CV problems and was out after five laps. The pleasant surprise and jinx breaker was the old Bugduster car now owned by Dan Kenourgios who teamed with Bob Christensen to run second all evening. Gary's winning eight lap time was 7:27:14 beating Dan and Bob by about half an hour. Our 5-1600 class started seven entries and was led off by Craig Holt/Guy Young who proceeded to turn a first lap of 44:41 only to Dusty Timcs challenging Rice for second, when, on the fifth lap Arciero got upside down in the whoop section, stopping the action and calling for a restart. Coyne was the leader followed by Rice and Croft, then Kevin Smith whose Mirage broke up the Chenowth domination of this class. Arciero rejoined the group at the end of the pack for the restart. Croft spun out on the restart giving up third place to Kevin Smith. Coyne won the heat, wire to wire. Rice was second and Smith third, followed in by Don Kolt and Steve Wright. The open wheelers appeared 18 strong for the Super 1600 main event. Heat winners Marty Coyne and Greg George were on the front row and George broke on top with teammate Jerry Whelchel quickly moving into second. Points leader Mitch Mustard had terminal damage to his Chenowth and did not start. Meanwhile the Sage Council boys were really battling for the lead and pulling away from the rest of the fiel<i. On the third lap Whelchel climbed the back of George's Chenowth for a split second and George came to a halt with a broken have Rod Sorenson/ Mark Brad-. shaw run a 44:36 for the lead. There was only about seven minutes separating the whole class and it stayed that way until the fourth lap when Craig retired, giving up his lead. Rod assumed the lead by a narrow margin over Steve and Jim Siddoway with Frank Young and the Chris Klick entries following in that order. Rick Holt was keeping a steady pace and would end up in the money. Lap 5 was the controversial lap that brought out the detour signs when the top of the wash became impassable and stacked cars up at i:he botom. That decision came with some cars stuck, which gave some others a time advantage, so the decision was made to not count lap 5 times for all cars in the class and score them on seven laps only. That meant all climbed the wash on lap 4 and none did from then on, thereby eliminating any advantage or disadv::mtage. The finish had Frank Young/ Alan Frisby in with their second win in a row at 6:38:25. Rod Sorenson/Mark Bradshaw cross-ed the line at 7 :00:23. Rick Holt/ Greg Wylie were third at 7:13:38 and Chris Klick took fourth at 7:34:50. Steve and Jim Siddoway dropped out of the hunt with engine problems in the eighth lap or the outcome might have been even closer. All Class 5-1600 drivers were called together immediately following the race to explain the decisions on lap 5. They were not happy campers and offered some very transmission, while Whelchel took the lead. Coyne was now second followed by Bob Gordon. Midway in the race Whelchel had a sizeable lead over Coyne and Gordon. Then the race was red flagged on the eighth lap when Michael Means got upside down, causing a restart. Jerry Whelchel was the leader on the restart but his wide margin over Coyne in second and Gordon in third was gone. Whelchel moved back to a short lead on the restart but Coyne stayed with him. However, Jerry Whelchel got his win, his second in a row at this Silver Bowl. Marty Coyne was second followed by Bob Gordon, Kevin Smith, Tommy Croft and Jimmy Nichols. . It had been quite a race meet for the Sage Council team. Not only did they win all three Super 1600 events, but they also won at the Valvoline Pit Crew Challenge, on the Thursday night before the race. That event was staged by MTEG and the Rio Hotel as a promotion to Saturday's race, and the Sage Council team turned in the quickest pit stop of all competitors. Jerry Whelchel did admit to getting _a little_ nervous pointed opinions. After much discussion I offered them the opportunity to reinsert lap 5 times, which they elected to do. It did not change the finishing positions, just the times. Regarding lap 5, I made the decision based on the best information I had at the time. Knowing there was NO other way around that hill, I flagged the detour. I understand "that's racing" and that everyone runs the same course, but with no other way up, the change was necessary. I felt my decision was right, but I still wondered if I was too hasty. A complete evaluation was necessary, so with the daylight of Sunday I surveyed the hill. It was very apparent that while maybe one or two cars might have made it, with a lot of luck, the potential for personal injury and damaged cars was very real. Whatever doubts I had about my decision Saturday night were erased when I surveyed the hill. Monitors on the hill also confirmed that it was correct. I am comfortable that it was right, and while some feel otherwise, there are precedents. HDRA had a similar incident on the hill outside of Beatty, Nevada during a recent Nevada 500 race. They chose a similar alternative and took the cars around the hill parade style and then restarted them. Some cars had been stacked up for several hours, allowing back-markers to catch up and it very likely altered the outcome of the race. I'm sure HDRA officials met with some intense feelings too, November 1990 when the main event was stopped and a restart scheduled. He said the automatic transmission in his Chenowth doesn't take off as quick as the standard shift trannys that everyone else runs, but once the car takes off it is not catchable. PLEASE NOTE that the October 28 date in the MTEG ad in our October issue was wrong. The Candlestick Park final is on NOVEMBER 3. Make DUSTY TIMES a Stocking Stuffer for Christmas ORDER GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR YOUR FAVORITE OFF ROADERS NOW. DELIGHT YOUR PIT CREW - FAMILY -· HELPFUL NEIGHBORS - EVERYONE. DUSTY TIMES IS A BARGAIN GIFT WITH NO SHOPPING HASSLE $12.00 - 1 year• $20 - 2 years• $30 - 3 years • $15 (US) 1 year to Canada-SEND YOUR CHECK AND CHRISTMAS LIST TO DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O • Agoura, CA 91301 but the change was made to keep the event from bogging down. This was the first time in the 16 races I've set up that this has occurred. I can give you a 99%. guarantee that it won't happen again. Enuf said! In our Pro/Sports division we had a buggy class and united our trucks into the other class. The outcome in the truck class had Russ Fullmer nursing his Jeep by using vise grips and duct tape to edge the Chevy of Kent Bosgieter, which was in a wash with a broken frame. Stacy Pike placed third in his first run with us, he is from T onopah. Elbert and Scott Emley used too much of the Toyota's horsepower and twisted off another axle. The buggies were led wire to wire by the Bob Flinn rig, and he is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with, his time of 6:49:51 good for second overall. Todd Bingham started with a two hour handicap while waiting for a new head to be installed. It wasn't his night as a broken front spindle did him in after a couple of laps. We had two entries in Sports-man class with the Baja of Scott Butcher outlasting the buggy of newcomers Mike Jenkins and Jim Phoenix. They lost a front spindle in the first lap and Scott eventually lost his steering box on lap 4, causing him to limp in for the win. This race will be discussed at bench race sessions ... you can count on that, with a lot of stories being told. But that is a race that is over, so on to Wendover on October 6 for the BONNEVILLE CHALLENGE. We have an exciting format set with the race starting at 9:00 a.m. Saturday. The course will be varied and fun. Our points chase is close enough that only one of four and possibly six racers could easily end up picking up the big check at the Awards Banquet. Rod Sorenson says no, but Frank Young is right there with Barry and Gill still with something to say. Following the main event at Wendover, we have two more heats on the schedule. The Powder Puff for the gals will follow immediately on the short course and that is always great spectating and exciting. Immed-iately after the Powder Puff will be the season finale, the Over The Hill Derby. It's for the guys pushing 50 and those sports who man the pits, twist the wrenches, or just pay the bills. We don't have any of the older, mature gents racing with us regularly, so this should be a good show and a chance to get the adrenaline flowing. It may take a week for some to recover, but we've got all winter. I'll sign off with a warm thanks to those who spent a long night at the Twilite 200 manning their · posts until nearly 2:00 a.m. We can't race without their help. Thanks to the Desert Trackers, The Storm Mountain 4x4 Club, Darrell and Wendy Lamb and Mike Sullivan on Checkpoints, Bob Reynolds and his crew, Jay Stuart, Linda, Sam and Gerry in the bus, the Snack Trailer with Gayle, Ruth and Jan. Page 21

Page 22

The Great Northern Challenge in Michigan By Barb & Marilyn Schultz Photos: Rich Riddle Johnny Greaves has had a tremendous season, winning in several classes. At Ionia he won handily in Class 2-1600 and also won the Class 9 race and was second in Class 2-1600. He capped it off by winning the Service Master Limited .Challenge. Don't know why, but whether you drive up and over, through Chicago's Nightmare and up or take the ferry, the drive to Lower Michigan seems 1-o-n-g! But no matter how you got to Ionia Fairgrounds, Ionia, Michigan, The Great Northern Challenge was positively worth the trip. Promoters Bob and Carolyn Moon, who brought SODA drivers to Traverse City, Michi-gan, last year, did an outstanding job of finding a central location, a good track, camping on the grounds, extra features and best of all - exciting fender to fender racing! America's Premiere Short Course Off Road Racing Series, Race Event Number Six, had SODA racers begin radng on Saturday, August 18, with a pleasantly overcast sky and good old Class l lD. For five laps Dave W oulf and Cory Friday really gave it a run for the money when Friday lost a wheel giving BFG shod W oulf a long stretch lead for first place. Mark Eberhardt snaked his way through the pack to slip in to second place and keep it until one lap away from the white flag! NUTS-Eberhardt was really putting on a one man show! Mark Steinhart saw his shot at second place and took it. Mike Beller cruised in to a third place finish. Classes 10 and 5-1600 took the concrete walled in track next and · found something out the Class l lD drivers already knew. The track was fast, very fast! Both classes flagged at the same time making the first lap a little hectic for both classes. By lap two each class had found its groove with spectators busy taking in double the race action. In Class 10, Art Schmitt and Jeff Probst ran tail pipe to tail pipe for two laps. Probst had definite problems with a left front tie rod putting him off the track after lap three. Schmitt took a run away lead on his Armstrong Tires to finish in first. Terry Stotzheim and Greg Ward put on a show of dueling buggies for second place until Ward pulled off the track leaving "Stotz" with a comfortable second place finish. Fred Babin-chak drove to third. The action in the 5-1600 race was_ excellent as the only vehicle aE I I I I I I I I I I I 1' I Robby Gordon : I . ~f~able R;c;nshirts I Yes send me! to break down was Ron Karl-man 's, after Karlman ran a terrific race working his way to second place until the mechanical blues. Chuck Johnson on BFGoodrich Tires found first place a hard one to maintain with Mike Brue, Terry Wolfe, Ron Karlman, "Froggy" Dallman and Scott Taylor all taking a shot at first place. Johnson wound up with the win. Coming from the very back of the pack, Scott Taylor put the pedal down and moved up through the field for second place with Terry Wolfe reeling in third. Class 3 put on a racer's delight with action throughout the track! Bill Schirm and his BFGoodrich Tires went flag to flag for the win but not without threat from both Ron Hill and Mike Savage. Savage ran a good tight second place until the last laps of the race when he went down with mechanical troubles. This opened the door for Ron Hill to take second, Jerry Bundy ran a remarkable race as he had to pit almost immediatl y after the green flag with a flat tire. Bundy came back on the track, put the hammer down and finished third! Gentlemen, nice racing! It was about half way through . the twenty minute race when Class 1-1600 started narrowing down due to attrition! John "Airborne" Greaves and "Blue Streak" Jim Wiggins swit~hed the lead back and forth like the old red rubber ball until Wiggins said "enough already" and came in on his General Tires in first. "Airborne" Greaves was a split second behind for second place. Greg Smith was in there pitching for third when he suffered mechanical blues on the white flag lap. Right on Smith's tail pipe to take over third spot was Rob Renkas. Jeff St. Peter was out of the top three spots early due to a roll over. Some great racing action was put on by Bryan Frankenberg, · Rob Renkas, Mike Sorenson and Dan Baudoux - All jockeying for position lap after lap! You want Racin' Thunder? Class 4 came out on the track and gave spectators some Racin' Thunder! Matt Foltz, Greg ·Gerlach and Jumpin' Jack Flannery came out of the chute first only to see Gerlach obviously having problems by lap two. Enter the Probst machine and Geoff Dorr to take on Flannery. Whee-ha, Do,rr passed Probst, was coming on strong and had to pit with a flat tire letting in none other than Mark Seidler! Dorr got the flat fixed and roared back on to the track to drive back into third spot at the finish! Armstrong Tire's Jack Flannery took the win, Mark Seidler grabbed second and Geoff Dorr drove to third with Tom Ferro right on his bumper! That John "Airborne" Greaves is something else! Class 9 saw a lot of red hot racing action, but Greaves and his General Tires took the lead at the green flag and held it to the checkered flag. The real battle was between Art Schmitt, Lee Wuesthoff and Jim Struble. Schmitt and Struble struggled for second pos.ition when a third of the way through the race, Schmitt pulled off into the infield and then off the track. Look out, Struble! Here came Lee Wuesthoff right on your fanny and he meant business! W uesthoff finally got around Struble with five laps to go and hung in there for· second place. Struble took· third with BiH LeFeuvre right there to make it a good hard race for position. With even more recognizable car or truck bodies than before, Class 13 took the green flag with that familiar roar of power! Tom Jensen and John Schultz came out of the first turn jockeying for position and continued the duel I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Robby Gordon Ford Desert Truck Tee Shirts I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Art Schmitt commutes from Pittsburgh to race, and in Michigan he continued on his winning ways this year, taking first in Class 10, first in Class 1, and he also won Class 2 in his Berrien Laser. D Quantity Small D Quantity Large D Quantity Medium D Quantity Ex-Large $12 oo plus $2 oo for postage and handling per shirt. Rush to me, postpaid: NAME ---------------------------ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP ------------------Send check or money order to: Tee Shirts 118 W. Cleveland Ave., Suite B, Warren, Ohio 44483 Jack Flannery is tough to beat in Heavy Metal, and here he won Clas·s 4, Class 8, took second in Class 14, and finished the weekend with victory in the Miller Heavy Metal Challenge in his Ford. Page 22 November 1990 Dusty nmes

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Bill Schirm really has his Jeep CJ dialed in for the short courses . in the midwest, and he went flag to flag to win a close battle in Class 3 action. Class 13 is going to truck style bodies these days, and Dan Vanden Heuvel drove his Ford like creation to the win, taking the lead late in the race. Dave Woulf really smoked the Class 11 competition at Ionia, as he won 11 S on Sunday after winning over the field in 11 D in Saturday's opening race. to lap two. Whoa, Nellie -Schultz tried to put the passing move on Jensen and wound up• head on with the wall! Schultz and co-driver Dave Larson were fine but the wall suffered some damage as Schultz took home a large chunk of concrete but left the metal pipe. at Ionia for future wall repairs. Darn the luck, Hensen had to pull off the track but came back on with a vengeance to finish the race. While Schultz and Jenson were tied up, Brian Hanson saw the hole and drove into first place. Racing on General Tires, Dan Vanden Heuvel got around Hanson and took the win. Hanson tried every trick in the Off Road Manual but could not get around and settled for a well driven second place. Pat Barney and John Konitzer gave spectators another great battle for position, each wanting third place. While it was close, at the final flag it was Pat Barney in for third. Class 2-1600 took the green flag next with John Greaves out in front again with another General Tire flag to flag victory. Not only is he-"Airborne" Greaves, he's "Catch Me If You Can" Greaves! Behind Greaves, the racing excitement was fast and furious. Greg Smith, Kevin Probst, Rob Renkas, Jeff St. Peter and Bryan Frankenberg ALL wanted second place! Gentlemen, there can only be ONE second place. Probst had second for a few laps, Smith passed here and there and he had second for a few laps, in fact, just enough laps to come across the finish in second place. Probst fell off the pace and Rob Renkas came in third with Bryan Frankenberg breathing down his race suit. This entire class showed the crowd a lot of driving skill as only two buggies went down to mechanical trouble; the rest made the entire twenty minutes from flag to flag. Completing the day's racing. schedule were the powerful Class 8s. Give Jumpin' Jack Flannery and his Armstrong Tires an inch and they'll lap the whole field! What an incredible machine driven by an incredible man! But just as fantastic were the battles for position in the rest of the class! Jon Kaemph had second place for a while, then hard charging Dennis Ferdon took the lead fighting off Dave Hockers at every turn. Ferdon hit the last turn just a shade off causing him to get sideways and giving Hockers the door to second place. Ferdon settled for a well driven third. Early in the race Rob Braun and Don Gregoire tangled taking Braun out and causing more than just a missing quarter panel damage to Gregoire. It was a tremendous · day of racing with racers and crews enjoying a dance later in the evening when, yep, you've got it -the rain hit! Not a soft, gentle rain Dusty Timcs that folks write poems about, but Sunday, August 19, never a real storm. The lightning really "dawned" as the skies provided the best light show remained overcast. The rain did around accompanied by some give everyone a break by race time really dandy thunder and a down and the track had been put in. the pour! Every racer had to be best condition it could possibly be thinking "Not again!! We'll be in. Class llS got the standard top racing in the mud tomorrow." honors of taking the mud first. You'd have to call the race a case of "I fought the wall and the wall won.", as nearly every machine on the track kissed the wall at one point or another. Cory Friday and · Dave W oulf gave the track and each other a run for the money every lap with Friday taking the GERMAN AUTO iead early and W oulf on BFGood-rich Tires making the pass for the win. Friday finished in a close second. While W oulf and Friday were giving it their all, Steve Thompson and 78 were in an equal battle for third, Thompson having r;.,.. /YOUR OFF-ROAD HEADQUARTERS// DIEST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment 4-point Sand Rail Seat Belt . Race Belts $69.95 2"-5 point 3"-5 point $74.95 .. from S99.95 TYPE 4-PORSCHE• STYLE FAN SHROUD Utilizes type 1 alternator custom alter-nator mount included . . . . . . . . $299.00 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 17001b .... $79.95 200mm reinforced maximum 2300, 2500, 2700, or 300Dlb $99.96 "GERMAN AUTO" COM-PETITION PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 200lb . 215mm Porsche 914 . CLUTCH DISCS FOR 200MM AND 215MM Cushlocks 4 puc ferramic 4 puc ferramic with-spring hub $49.95 $114.95 $36.95 $44.95 $54.95 213-868-9393 CNC CUTTING BRAKES Upright or lay down styles available single or dual handles . . $69.95 Brake pedal with dual master cylinder and balance bar [specify disc of drum brakes) ............. , . . : ... from $199.95 Clutch pedal with slave . . . $_104.95 Swing pedal or floor mount pedals available. SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS •Polished finish* *Bolt together replaceable halves• • available in 15" and 16" .... from $99.95 SACO IRS BUS SUPER DIFF 100% machined form billet. Uses 091 series parts. Fits all years $424.55 SACO transmission drive flange. 100% machined from billet. Fits 930 CV joints· [each) S55.95 SACO ''.No LEAK" 4 bolt polished valve covers fits 1.7, 1.8, and 1.0T4engines. [pair) S44.95 POLY FUEL JUGS 5 Gallon ... Square Design ... Screw On Cap S17.95 Anti-Vortex Fuel Funnel $17 .95 11 Gallon . . 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W. sway bar kit 564.95 $199.95 TRIMIL BOBCAT SYSTEMS 1'h"Type 1 raw .. 1 'h" Type 1 chrome 10/e"Type 1 raw . 1 %" Type chrome .. 159.95 $89.95 $19.98 599.95 1 %" Type 4 raw . . . . . . . . . $149.95 10/e"Type 4 chrome ......... $179.95 Baffle for Bobcat System .... , . . $8.95 TRICK REAR TRAILING ARMS 3"x3" . .... Class 1-21600, 51600 pr. $395.00 pr. S395.00 FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link Pin 4130 Chromoly Stock length 1 ¼"Longer . 2 ¼"Longer . 4" for coil covers . pr. $485.00 pr. $525.00 pr. $525.00 pr. $550.00 WEEKEND WARRIOR LONG TRAVEL BEAMS B" travel stock width beam 8" travel widened beam .. 1 O" travel stock width beam S199.95 S219.95 S224.95 10"travel widened beam . . .... S244.95 *Catalog $3. Page 23

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Tom Hockers had his Ford ready for this event, and, despite tight competition, Tom drove his Ford Ranger wire to wire to take the big victory. The Class 6 field put on a great show, with tight contests all the way. After some attrition, Ed Schultz flew his spiffy sedan into the class win. Allen Fanin flew his Chevelle nicely for the early lead in Class 6 but then electrical problems put him out before half distance in the race. Ir to drop out half-way througb the race. With Thompson off the track, 78 had 53 right at his door handle. 53 hung in for the third place position. Class 14 lined up for the start with the deep rumble of horse power that gives a person the goose bumps! These boys literally flew around the track with lap times of 59 seconds! Like shots out of a gun, Jack Flannery, with his foot stuck through the floor, was not in his usual run away position as Geoff Dorr had other plans and his foot stuck through the floor too! Half way through the race Flannery lost the front wheel drive giving Dorr just the edge he needed to jump into first. place on his BFGoodrich Tires and take the win. Flannery drove as hard and as fast as his machine would allow him to go and finished four seconds behind Dorr for second place. Matt Foltz placed third. As is customary, Class 1 took the flag and showed the crowd what speed is all about. Art Schmitt and his Armstrong Tires took an early lead with Jeff Probst challenging him constantly. Probst took over the lead with both Jim Struble and Schmitt waiting for a mistake or vehicle failure. Probst did indeed run into mechanical blues and had to pull off on the white flag lap. Now, throw in Scott Schwalbe with the others looking for first. Y essiree, it was a race! At the final countdown it was Schmitt by the checkered flag first, Schwalbe in second and Struble in third. Whew, this class was loaded with talent including Bill LeFeuvre, Don Ponder, Dan Baudoux and Casey Dale. Classes 6 and 7 S stagger started next in what turned out to be one of the best races of the day! Class 7S green flagged first with Tom Hockers going flag to flag for the win. Hockers races on General Tires. Both Jeff Kincaid and Jim Wiggins gave Hockers excellent competition, Kincaid losing the pace to mechanical troubles. Jim Wiggins hung in there right behind Hockers but never got around. Wiggins placed second. After some hatd driving and waiting for the right moment, Brian Farrell slipped into third place. After a thirty second interval, Class 6 took the green flag wth Al Fannin taking an early lead. Fannin took a look in the rear view mirror to find Thornton "Ed" Schultz· reading his license plate and Jeff Bechinski right behind Schultz! Fannin ran into electrical problems about a third of the way through the twenty minute race giving Schultz the open door he needed. It was nip and tuck between Schultz and Bechinski for the rest of the race as these two raced a blood and guts race from flag to flag. On the checkered flag lap, it was virtually a drag race to the flag with Schultz and his General Tires coming out ir, front for the win. Bechinski took a well earned and hard driven second. Fannin gave it every effort as he would get his machine started only to have it die again. Despite a battery that blew up and an encounter with the wall, Jeff Hoerdeman placed third. Just ask Bob Hartwig, there were more flat tires in this race to make a driver think he was racing on a Hindu Bed of Nails! At this point in the schedule, a mandatory driver's meeting was held. Drivers were warned to stay in their race vehicles until track patrol could get to them as safety ALWAYS comes first. Due to the early morning track conditions and the efforts of the Promoter to get the track in good condition, the schedule of racing events was running a tad late. Remaining Class Races and Championship Races were limited to fifteen minutes. Armstrong Tires and Art Schmitt chalked up another win in Class 2 but not without hard CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279-2S09 HELMET $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 A FRESH AIR HELMET AND BLOWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNED FOR OFF ROAD USE AT A REASONABLE PRICE BUil,T AND BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LIGIIT WEIGHT-REDUCES NECK STRAIN Page 24 COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSE~IBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ON" FULL YEAR SNELL SASS APPROVED charging Scott Schwalbe letting them know he was there every inch of the track! Schwalbe stayed on the same lap as Schmitt and drove to a very respectable second place. Jeff Probst showed spectators and racers that he would definitely prefer to race as he left the start line with his machine sounding like a sick puppy. He returned to the start within regulation time and raced with a sick motor for as long as he could. Doug Bils placed third. Cowabunga! The Service Master Limited Challenge was a race no one should have missed! This Championship Race had thirteen starters and thirteen finishers! Nice racing fellows! John Greaves and his General Tires took the race from flag to flag for first place. Greaves had a go of it with Greg Smith and Jim Wiggins knocking at his door every lap. Smith and Wiggins played kiss and tell the entire race with Wiggins taking the checkered flag in second place and Smith in third. Everywhere you.looked on the track, there was an excellent contest being held. Kevin Probst, Rob Renkas and Jeff St. Peter put on a fantastic show as did Jim Allen, Cary Bowles and Jim Van Den Elzen. All who drove this race are to be congratulated on racing hard, fast and clean! W owsers, it was a great race! The Hub Tire Unlimited Champ~ ionship Race was just as good with those fast buggies turning in some of the fastest lap times of the weekend, running right around • SO and 49 seconds per lap! After fending off Lee Wuesthoff, it looked like Art Schmitt was going to take another race, but hold the phone, Schmitt was off the track with five laps to go with a smoked . tranny. After a real scrabble for position Scott Schwalbe and his BFGoodrich Tires took the checkered in first. Lee Wuesthoff ran a consistent second until a flat tire put him out of the race giving Jeff St. Peter a shot at second. St. Peter also ran into troubles and relinquished second to Bill LeFeuvre. Don Ponder drove his way to an impressive third. The Miller Heavy Metal Championship took off with that wonderful ground shaking, ear rattling, heart pounding start that every heavy metal fan just loves! Jack Flannery and Gutsy Greg Gerlach took off at the green flag almost side by side followed by Mark Seidler and Geoff Dorr. Gerlach ran into trouble with a flat rear tire after he and The Wall shook hands harder than Gerlach would have liked. Armstrong Tire's Flannery not only took the win but lapped the entire field in doing so. Geoff Dorr moved up through the pack for a solid second place finish. Mark Seidler finished in third, letting Dorr know he was there all the way down the pipe. Hey, hey, Dennis Ferdon must be on a roll as he made a definite challenge at Seidler to finish fourth. Heads Up, Sports Fans, the ladies buggy classes are on the grow and the ladies are showing everyone that racing is not just a man's world. Two Classes of Women's Rear Engine machines took the track with the Limited Challenge going to Rhonda Smith and her General Tires. Janet Bowles was right there to give Rhonda a run for it and place a well driven second. Wendy Simon placed third. Terri Moser, also on General Tires, took her first win in Women's Class 11 with Paula Parsons placing a hard driven second. Denise Eberhardt brought her machine around the track minus a wheel and pulled out a third place finish. Nice work ladies! Eight ladies took the green flag in the Women's Heavy Metal Class in an assortment of vehicles. Nancy Van Den Heuvel and her General Tires went flag to flag for the win. Gail Brand in Brand's new Class Thirteen gave Van Den Heuvel a real run for it when Brand had to pull off with smoking brake calipers. Kris DeGreef took over second place. Sue Farrell cranked her Class 7S truck up and drove to a superb third place followed closely by Marilyn Schultz. The sixth SODA Race Event was over with spectators and racers enjoying the top quality racing America's Premiere Short Course Off Road Racing Series is famous for. Will we be at Ionia, Michigan, next year? You bet! Until then, see ya' trackside! DE UNZIO John Schultz fought hard for the Class 13 lead for a couple of laps, then he slid his truck bodied racer into the "Wall" that claimed many others too. November 1990 OFF-ROAD RACING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES for free catalog phone (805) 683-1211 Dusty Times

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The four door Pathfinder is an elegant package for town and country living, with room for a growing family and easy access to the rear seats with the extra doors. The swing away spare tire carrier provides more interior cargo space for traveling. The rear window opens independently for small loads, or the entire lift gate can be raised to load serious cargo. The Nissan has the most comfortable seats for the long haul, every type of dashboard gadget you might fancy including dual trip odometers, a great feature, and butter smooth shifting into 4WD. The New Four Door Nissan Pathfinder is a Slick Rig with so much luxury in a 4x4. Driving around Los Angeles . one notices immediately the excellent visibility, the ease of handling, the good acceleration to beat the other guy in the stop light gran prix, and the good solid braking plus the lack of noise with all the windows up. On the highway the Pathfinder is powerful, quiet and, even in a very strong cross wind, stable. Illegal speeds are obtained quickly and there is plenty of power for passing on two lane highways. The steering is nice to the touch Off road we admittedly went a bit slower, but this vehicle went everywhere we wanted to go and handled some soft steep inclines with ease. The big tires are great in the dirt and we had a good time playing in the outback. Text & Photos: John Gilvin The 1990 Nissan Pathfinder, now available with four side doors, is a sweet vehicle. It has been a few years since we tested the then new Pathfinder, and with the coming of the four door model in addition to the original two door, we thought the four door would be an interesting rig to describe to our readers. There surely is a lot more room in it, and it should appeal more to the family as a more practical package, but still sporty, than the two door model. The four door Pathfinder pictured here was coated in Riviera Blue Pearl and came equipped with everything but a trash compactor. The four speed automatic overdrive transmission, coupled with the three liter V-6 made a remarkable package for highway cruising, town driving, or playing off the road. The huge General Grabber AP tires ( 31 x 10.5 RlS LT) were very good at grabbing off road and yet gave a nice stable and quiet ride on the road. We were off to Las Vegas to cover a S.N.O.R.E. off road race and thought we could combine the test and the race and the Pathfinder really helped make it a fun trip. It is a pleasure to drive, and although we had the air conditioning on all the time last summer, there was plenty of power when needed. In fact the interior became downright frigid until we discovered the Automatic Temperature Control, and setting that to a comfortable 75 degrees, Dusty Times we were at peace with the world . . In the cockpit the driver's arm rest contains the window and door locking buttons, complete with an "auto down" feature on the drivers' window and a lock out for all the rest of the windows, to keep young children from playing with the windows, a handy feature. The steering wheel is tilt/adjustable, and the dashboard boasts a tachometer and speedo with dual odometers, a fuel gauge as well as water temperature and battery voltage level dials. There is also the usual cluster of telltale indicator lights and a digital clock is included. The base of the dashboard contains many rocker switches, namely the rear window heater timer, the electric mirror adjuster, the burgler alarm, the rear window opener, rear window wiper and washer, cruise control, power shift switch and the fog lamp switch. Controls for headlights and turn signals and front wiper/ washer controls are stalk mounted in the usual manner. On this example there was also a sun roof with detachable panel which opens hatchlike for fresh air and sun or moonlight. The gear selector, which is ·console mounted, contains the · over drive switch. The 4 wheel drive shift lever is mounted adjacent to the gear shifter, and, as us•Jal, moves in and out of 4 wheel drive with ease. The automatic hubs just put a little more frosting on the cake. For inside sound there is an AM/FM stereo radio/ cassette player with four speakers which make you feel like you are in a cocoon. The cloth front bucket seats are very comfortable with adjustable rake backs and lumbar support adjustment. The rear bucket seats fold down and forward to make a lot more cargo space available. The spare tire is mounted out back on a swing away frame, and along side is a stout step rail which doubles as a safeguard against those nasty rocks we often run into. Every, thing breakable underneath has a skid plate between it and the potential danger. The two position adjustable shock absorbers give you two distinct rides; Touring, for regular road use, and Sport, for a nice stiff ride on a winding road or_ when you are off in the dirt. The three liter V-6 engine has plenty of power, and on our trek across the hot desert, and with all the town driving thrown in, we broke twenty mpg, which is really neat · and feels positive in those long sweeping turns. Overall the four door Path, finder is quiet, economical to · operate, and well mannered in traffic and adverse winds. It is very comfortable for those four hour stretches and was a pleasure to drive. Both the 2WD and 4 WD models come in two versions with additional options, so you can tailor the cost to your budget. Try one on, you'll love it. The three liter V-6 engine provides power to spare in any situation on or off the road, and works very well with the four speed automatic overdrive transmission. ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR 16.5 POUNDS SIZES AVAILABLE 16 X27 18 X 24 19 X28 19 X 31 CURRENTLY USED IN CLASS 2, 8, & NASCAR HI-THCH ttl~I~ l~ttAlt 2 WO • 4 WO • TRUCK • JEEP • PRERUNNERS • CUSTOM TUBE BENDING OFF ROAD ACCESSORIES personalized service! • RANCHO SUSPENSION • DOETSCH TECH •MA~ TER~RAFT• k:AYLINE • CIBIE • K & N · • JT BODY LIFTS • FUEL SAFE • CLIFFORD~ AUTOFAB : KC HILITES • AIR LIFT •'ORD PERFORMANCE• MIKUNI • 104 OCTANE BOOST• SMITTYBILT • AMSOIL C!d-3867 , VALLi::Y VIEW 362 2089 FUELCELLS SAFETY EQUIP LAS VEGAS 702 • FIBERGLASS FENDERS OFF SPRING MTN. RD OPEN MON-SAT November 1990 ,.,.. Page 25

Page 26

IA RANA DESERT RACING Bob Richey Takes the Mini-Baja 400 By Carol Clark Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. .... M ' >:-H ;'/Wt Bob Richey, with Bob Leighton driving a lap in relief, flew around the course in the two seat Raceco, actually his former pre-runner, and not only won overall by a goodly margin, but won Class 1 /2 by .a whopping 40 minutes. The most exciting thing that has light went on for the first of 56 250 races. Bob Richey, in his happened to this novice writer in cars to run the shortened Mini Class 2 Raceco/Porsche, just the Off Road World this year is Baja 400. The officials thought it went through the course !ike he getting a phone call from Jean and wise to cut 20 miles off the course was born there! There were four John Calvin to ask me to report due to extreme damage to the 80 mile loops to be covered and on the La Rana Mini Baja 400 in terrain caused by recent, but his fastest lap was an hour, 40 the Lucerne Valley on August 24. welcome, still devastating minutes. Bob drove three laps and Due to unforeseen problems the rainstorms. The 20 miles taken took on Bob Leighton as a co-start of the race was delayed to out was an area that was driver for one lap. On lap 2 they 9:30 a.m., half hour behind. inundated by flash floods and the had to stop and replace a rocker Originally the event had been ruts were so deep that it was cover and that lap was a lengthy planned as a night race, but some decided just to eliminate that part hour and 43 minutes,• but they of the regulars didn't like the idea of the course for safety reasons. were still the only vehicle home of starting in the middle of the There was plenty of rough stuff under seven hours. They claimed night, and others thought it might left and the shortened race was to have a pretty flawless race other be quite a chore to get everything 'welcomed by all concerned. than that, having only one flat. organized, pits and so forth, in the The racers interviewed all said Parts of the route near the 39 mile dark. So it turned into a daylight they liked the course, which marker were pretty rocky and event. included some familiar terrain narrow, and it was definitely first At the stroke of 9:30 the green from previous SCORE Mojave gear time. Bob Richey said it was a West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PRICE $695.00 GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 0-EALER INDUIR/ES INVITED Page 16 great course and was well marked. He is really happy that La Rana came around to fill in his dance book, something he really needs. Running Score, HDRA and RCR Plumbing just wasn't keeping him busy enough, apparently. Bob's total time was six hours, 49 minutes, 42 seconds, and he took first overall by 40 minutes. Both Bob's were all smiles at the finish line, definitely happy campers. I asked Bob Richey what he thought was the reason for the lower than normal entry in this event for La Rana, and he surmised that the thought of a 400 mile race in possibly three digit temperatures and wild weather may have deterred quite a few racers. The second car to cross the finish line was the Class 2 of Scott Flamson and Jerry Penhall. They had one flat and broke one rear brake caliper during the second lap. They ran the last two laps pretty clean, considering they had no rear brakes to speak of. They were also very "stoked" about this race series. Carrie Penhall was really pleased with the La Rana organization because of the lack of bureaucracy in the series, and she said it felt like the good old days of desert racing. She is and always has been Jerry's biggest fan, and she said this was the first race that she wasn't a bundle of nerves the whole time Jerry was in the car. She even found a curious tortoise November 1990 /41! Jim Joyce and Andy Poff zoomed through the Lucerne course in record time to take a close victory in Class 1-2-1600, and the pair had only one flat and took the lead on the last lap . As usual the Challengers had a close race all the way, but at the flag it was James Clements, with Mike Brown co-driving, who claimed the victory, by just over five minutes. about to wander into the trail and rescued him/her from being in danger of being run over. She baby sat the turtle until the race was over and then let him go on his way after all danger was past. The third overall and first 1-2-1600 car home was driven by Jim Joyce and Andy Poff. They each took two laps and said they too only had one flat. They passed the class leader, Steve McMullin, on the last lap at Checkpoint 3, and stayed in front from there on to the checkered flag. McMullin could have taken first in class, losing by just four minutes, but at a fuel stop on the last lap he took on regular gas instead of race gas, and he said it was down hill from there. He just lost power and had to take a back seat after having passed all the 1-2-1600s earlier in the race. Mike Abbott and co-driver David Owens had a trouble free day in the aja Bug, and they hopped over the ditches to finish first in Class 5-1600 with a winning margin of nearly 44 minutes. "' .. Pete Swift, Brad Newell and Kevin Courie had several unscheduled fix it stops in their race car, but they kept coming back strong, and won the Class 5 honors by two hour~~ __ : • , ~ . . Dusty Times

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~ Scott Flamson and Jerry Penhall lost rear brakes on the second lap, but they soldiered on in good time to take second spot in Class 1 /2 at the finish. Steve McMullin and Tom Craig led a long way in the 1-2-1600 war, but getting the wrong gas on the last lap fuel stop dropped them to second, just four minutes away from the win. Tony Cassetta might be younger than the refurbished Sandwinder midi, but the young man kept it together, driving all the way to a close Class 9 second. There were ten starters in Class 1-2-1600 and Chuck Lennox took third in class, about another eight minutes down. Chuck escaped before we got a chance to grab him and get his story. Greg Akins, a fellow to be reckoned with, took fourth in class. His co-driver and prep man Russ Stevens said the car ran the last 250 miles with no brakes. Greg lost an alternator belt and hopped out and replaced it with an extra he had in the car. Greg also had a flat on the last lap, and he pulled into a CORE pit, borrowed a tire and was on his way in a few minutes. Class 9 was a definite sweep in points for Jim Clements of Barstow. Jim says they had a rear start and passed 13 cars in the first lap. There were only 15 Chal-lenger entries. Clements and his co-driver Mike Brown had a fast lap of two hours, one minute. They had no flats and the only trouble they had was the throttle cable sticking occasionally. The mid-engine Sidewinder was a nostalgic touch, and well piloted by young Tony Ca~setta. Tony was ~ -~ ·, : ;(~--~ :..-Mick Newton certainly has found a h;me for his Class 6 Chev/ Nova in'La Rana racing, and once again he won the combined Class 3, 6, 8 handily, in fact he was the only class entry that finished. first of the class across the finish about six minutes. line, but ended up second by just Home town boys Bob and six minutes. Good boy Tony - Jason Kleber brought their car maybe next time. home a good fourth in Class 9. Driven by Dave Girdner the These two boys had decided they third Challenger to get the couldn'thandlethisoffroadstuff checkered flag had a good race after one disaster followed and missed the win by about eight another at their first race, the minutes and second place by Great Mojave 250 in 1988. They No more playing "octane roulette." These mysterious numbers are only as good as the results they earn for you. Whether you race 50 laps, 1000 miles or 24 hours, UNOCAL 76 leaded and unleaded racing gasolines are proven winners, designed to maximize horsepower under high RPM conditions. As a result, 'UNOCAL 76 racing gasolines have fueled more winners in the past 35 years than any other gasoline. With these credentials, shouldn't UNOCAL 76 racing gasoline be your choice? Try it! HDRA Desert Championships WINNER -Class 7 WINNER -Class 1/2-1600 Roger Mears Mike Sandoval, Jr. Bakersfield, CA Huntington Beach, CA Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Racing Gas Winning Gas: Unocal 76 Racing Gas SCORE BAJA 1000 CLASSES: 1. 1/2-1600. 3/14, 4, 5, 5-1600, 6. 7, 7 4x4, 7S, 8, 10 CLASSES: 9, 11, Mini-Mag 55 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 40 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Winner 30 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second 25 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Second 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third 15 gallons Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third 110 OCTANE LEADED RACE GAS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE RACE C.O. THOMPSON PETROLEUM 605 N. ANAHEIM BLVD., ORANGE, CA 92668; (714) 634-4214 ~ _ _ _ ,-g; . Only a pair started in the 7, 7S, 7-4x4 combo, and none of them went the required distance. Victor Davis, in a Datsun, did the best with three laps done, and he got the victory. sought out something they felt more capable of competing in like the SNORE series and now La Rana Desert Racing. They did well in SNORE last year, placing high in overall points, and this year they are hitting La Rana events hot and heavy, and it looks like they will finish in the money in this series too. Not bad for a couple of young working bachel-ors. They've taken their knocks, and come back fighting all the way, and now are coming home in the money almost every time. Class 5-1600 held seven entries, one disqualification for abusive nerfing and I:r GAS AVAILABILITY: BAKERSFIELD Roger Mears Tire Company - (805) 833-6179 BRAWLEY Seabolt Oil Company -(619) 344-3761 MONTCLAIR George Follmer Racing, Inc. -(714) 625-4881 NEWPORT BEACH Beacon Bay Enterprises -(714) 833-0660 ORANGE C.O. Thompson Petroleum, Inc. - (714) 634-4214 PARKER,AZ Parker Oil Company - (602) 669-2617 PASADENA Lee's Unocal -(818) 441-3392 PASADENA Western Air -(818) 405-9701 POMONA R&W Petroleum -(714) 629-2559 RIVERSIDE Campbell Oil Company - (714) 686-1676 SAN DIEGO Apollo Oil Company -(619) 280-6884 STOCKTON Valley Performance Center - (209) 943-7637 TAFT Brown & Reich Petroleum - (805) 765-5457 VICTORVILLE Victorville Oil Company - (619) 245-419J VUMA,AZ Seller Petroleum - (602) 783-8876 I I ' \ ! ' . t ' ' ,._ ! Dusty Times November 1990 Page 27 •·. <f<'l"' :.-.,_...., _____________________________ ..... __ ,..... ___________________________ ;;,_ __ , • -··-·· .. ~ ....

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... -::.--• - £."'9,____,, ... Dave Girdner has been racing· out of Barstow for a long time, and he drove his homebuilt single seater all the way to finish third in Class 9 action. Darryl Gibson got his 5-1600 home second in class, and the tidy Baja Bug suffered a variety of troubles on the course that is tough on limited cars. The Class 11 cars couldn't handle the rough course .at all, and the winner was Bill Swisher, who completed just one full lap before parking for the day. Stone Stock class is getting popular in La Rana Racing, and as usual they all had to chase the Toyota of Daniel Groff, who won the class with two laps completed. i;r three finishers. Out in front of the pack was Mike Abbott, and both he and co-pilot David Owens said they had a trouble free race, and took a fast lap time of 2 hours, 10 minutes. Darryl Gibson raced to second in class, arriving about 44 minutes behind the winner with plenty of troubles along the way. David Allan also had his woes, taking third in class another 50 minutes off the winning pace. Class 5 had four starters and two finishers. Pete Swift brought his car in first with an elapsed time of 9 hours, 23 minutes. Pete and co-drivers Brad Newell and Kevin Courie said they had no brakes to speak of and the tranny locked up a couple of times on the second lap. But the trans was nothing a screwdriver on the link-age couldn't fix. Scott Weir was second almost three hours behind in a race that turned out to be tough for the Class 5 entry. In the combined Classes 3, 6 Only two finished in Class 10, and Michael Harman got home first, but not by much, as his winning margin was a slim one, about six minutes, with troubles that dropped him well back in the pack. and 8 we only saw one finisher out the winner was declared to be Bill of four starters and that was all Swisher who covered just one lap that finished. The winner was the in 3:04:01. Snortin' Nortin Chevy powered The Stone Stock truck class around the rough route by Mick , had two starters and both Newton. , completed two laps. Daniel Groff With only two starters there brought his Toyota home the were no finishers in Class 7. 7S & winner in 9:52:07, and it was 7 4x4 combined. Going farther close. Alan Buchanan, Mazda, was than the rest, three laps in onlyjustoversixminutesbehind. 8:42:01, the winner was Victor There were two in Odyssey class Davis in a Datsun. The same lack also, but the only one covering the of finishing power struck the required lap was Lawrene three starters in Clqss 11. There Bowman with a 3:50:04 ET. We missed talking with the PARKER PUMPER HELMET CO. Class 10 pair of finishers, but only three had started. Michael Harman won the class in a good ~~~~ ~ 714-923-7016 tJ~t~<;~ 985 SNELL APPROVED HELMETS ~~~ WE HAVE IN STOCK A COMPLETE LINE OF 0 SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS, ON DISPLAY AND AVAILABLE AT LOW RACE NET PRICES! Each helmet has shield and skirt included. 8· ._t.,,.O~e; e}'\ a "\'" s....,'l>~ \'b' 0 v,-~.-,·--·· e 0'> ror:, ~~ ~~~ ,~~~~<.e\,~16 .. \0 ~~0 ~ ~.~0~ ~'\ dice with Mark Mueller. Harman. 5FWY ARD was just about six minutes in front of Mueller at the checkered flag, but both must have had trouble because the winning time was 9:42:56, well behind most class winners. As a footnote to this race I would like to tell you how tough our off roaders really are, mentally and physically. Tom Coons, of Castaic drove the only Class 8 truck in the bunch. He bent a driveshaft and broke a tie rod in the first lap and brought the red Ford into the pits for repair and discovered his engine and tranny were each going their separate ways. So, he decided to hang it up for the day. He loaded things up and headed for home, but his motorhome caught on fire - some electrical problem. The little woman who was driving the family Bronco home forgot it was · a 4WD truck, and the truck was in 4th low on the highway going home. So they fried the motor in it. Upon questioning Tom about these disasters, he just said "That's racing!" La Rana Racing has two more 1990 events on their schedule. On October 5-7 it is in the Sierra foothills at Ridgecrest, CA then back to Lucerne Valley on Novell'lber 16-18. La Rana plans a gala Awards banquet this year on December 15 in the Ontario, CA area, so keep that date open to sample the fun and lower costs in this off road racing series. ~ ~.0', ~e ~~ v'I-I ~ 0v<-0v~~o, 'o <::, ~\'l> Alan Buchanan gave it the old college try in his Stone Stock Mazda, doing his two laps in good time, second by a mere six minutes and change. ri,'!>"-OEACH HAS RACH ET SHIELD-· MORE. NOSE ROOM MUCH LIGHTER - SEALS BETTER AGAINST DUST ALSO AVAILABLE Page 28 FULL LINE OF SIMPSON PRODUCTS -BELL HELMETS -GLASS SHIELDS -DRINKERS KOOL PAC'S -PUMPER MOTORS - 4'-8' HOSES We Convert Customer's Helmets -"IT'S ALMOST LIKE CHEATING" PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 2318 South Vineyard, Ste B, Ontario, CA 91761 714/923-7016 November 1990 Ma;k Mueller : is~ had woes along the race course, and his Class 10 effort netted him second place points with a finish after a long day. Dusty Times

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The Losers By Judy Smith miles into the race. Larry Martin and Scott Reams had teamed for this race, in Class 1-2-1600, and they ran well for the first half of the race, even with air cleaner problems. But then, at mile 480, they lost a c.v. joint, and "it did some really nasty things to the axle", so they were through. This has been a busy time for off road racers, with lots of events to turn them into Losers, and the major event was the difficult Nevada 500, early in October. One of the early Losers was the team of Mike Gaughan and Lenny Newman, in the Barbary Coast two seater. Mike did very well as far as the Beatty check point, but then, just minutes past it he rolled over and did some major damage, including tearing the oil cooler off the car. Mike was next seen headed east on the highway, in the bed of a pickup truck. He later said there were no injuries, except to his pride. Lynn Mocaby and David Bonner, in their Class 5 car, were also running well through Beatty, but they bent a valve, and were out for the day, by the time they got to Bonnie Clair. Dan Blain also had valve troubles, breaking one in his Class 10 car just eight miles into the race. And Frank Vessels, who had his new Class 8 Chevy entered in this event, reportedly had trouble with an axle that kept sliding out, and finally decided that something was incurably tweaked (perhaps a leftover from his collision at Willow Springs), and was out of the race early in the day. Also in their new vehicle, the Cook brothers, Wayne, Alan and Darryl, had a bad day too. First they started out by losing their tool box to some sticky fingered thief, who took it out of their truck. Then the race car broke a couple of shocks, then they had some problems and decided that they needed a new set of spark plugs. They went to all the trouble of installing a new set, and then discovered that they had blow-by oil in the carburetor. At mile 120 they were way down on power and they finally decided they'd holed a piston. Not a great start for the new car. And to add to their problems, the tread peeled off one of the tires on the chase truck. . Curt LeDuc started out really well in his Jeep, but then at mile 35 he broke a rear driveshaft, and took the time to change it. But when he got to Bonnie Clair ( there must have been quite a crowd of disabled vehicles at that point of the course) he lost a cylinder and pumped the oil out the breather, and then it caught fire. He got that all tidied up and tried to go on, running on five cylinders, but it was a lost cause. Brian Collins rolled his car at mile 48, tore the roof off his Porsche powered Chenowth, flattened all four tires, and ended his race very early. And John Deetz, driving for the hospitalized Sherman Balch, lost the steering in the Nissan, to put a capper on a bad weekend. Jim Temple, who has an automatic transmission in his two seat buggy these days, was reported to have brake rotor problems, and then was out with transmission troubles. Dave Kreisler also has an automatic transmission in the ~ar he was driving with Rick Vasquez, and it broke a mainshaft. In Class 1-2-1600, Mark and Anna Fanning, residents of Pahrump, broke their shifting fork, at about mile 30, just as they got into the silt. They were determined to go on however, so Dusty nmes they pulled the motor and installed a new shifting fork, but they ran out of time. They didn't get to Check 2 until almost3 p.m., and the check had closed at 1:30. Rick Geissler, in the same class, was a passenger in Scott Wag-staff's car, and he had a sore neck by the time he got to Beatty. He got a short breather there, while the crew tried to solve a problem with their starter, but then he was in such pain•by the time he got to Bonnie Clair that he had to get out of the car. He was taken by ambulance to Beatty, where he was treated and then released. And the car didn't finish the race either. Spencer Low lost an engine in his 7S Nissan, and Russ Jones lost the motor in his Class 7 Ford. Rodney Hall also lost a motor, 20 ·.' .. ···•· Steve Holladay had motorcyle legend, J .N. Roberts, as a co-driver in his new unlimited class car. They had an exhaust problem, and then a broken intake manifold, and then some other problems, and by then they were three hours down, had gone only 200 miles, and decided it was time to pack it in. Steve reported that J.N. enjoyed his drive. We hope to see him back soon. Bob (Weatherman) Stein-berger, and his son, Scott, and team mate Dane Cardone, started out the weekend on the wrong foot. Bob had had the flu for four .' , : , ; ; JJ,S'' , , .. w· : .,•fAJ1o. •.·.· .... I ~9r•the~·i9· . r I . . . , Sh9yvdown in off road · . . rac_ing's d_esert .aren·a; these . . . ' . . , ._ .. , . .' .. . .. . . D_odg·e B6y_s charge-if) packin' some powerful 6ghting. -Th~y relyqn, the p¢,we,r of • . _KC. Day_lighters to·s.hoot dqwn the.!,Om-. · .. • .. .. petition o~ .their way t<{th~ "Heavv Metal'~. . . . · • · tr.uck victory: 1:he ~arile lights y9u can buy · · that come race-ready out of the box:~ ·: So pon't ~ttre.!cir .second;• Ai~ y~$~1/ with · ·the power pf genuil)e_KC ~ylighters. · ·. : . ' . . . . . . : .. . . . .· :-· November 1990 days when he left for Pahrump, · towing his Jeep with his motor-home, and followed by Scott in a pickup. Somewhere along the way three dump cans blew off the truck and were lost forever, and then Scott paid for something with a $100 bill and didn't realize until too late that he'd been given the wrong change, and a lot less than he should have got. Then, at Hodge Road, outside of Barstow, the motorhome made a funny noise and quit. So they pushed it all the way to Pahrump with the Jeep. Someone would sit in the motorhome and steer and brake ( with no power), while the person in the Jeep would fight fatigue and boredom, staring at the back end of the motorhome. lt took them about five extra hours to get to Pahrump, and Bob decided they'd had all the bad luck they needed for this race, and surely th~ir Mi_ni-Mag was going to win. But the motor seized before Check one, just to make their miserable weekend complete. We heard one short story from the La Rana race at Lucerne Valley, where Sprint car driver, Brad Noffsinger, tried his hand at an off road event. He made the switch from the awesomely powerful sprinters to a Challenge car, no less, and said he enjoyed it. Brad reported that he drove about three-quarters of the way, and then got out of the car after he nosed it into a ditch and developed a side ache. The car didn't make it to the finish line either, losing its motor about 23 miles from the end of the race. Brad's hoping to get a chance at a Class 8 truck his next time out. Next month we'll have Losers from the Gold Coast 300, the final event on HDRA's 1990 schedule. ! ~ ~ 2 It) It) ~ E £ ti Cl> ... '6 Cl> :ri .!!! ·.; > cu ~ cu .l!l 0 :::, ,, 0 a 0 ~ co (') (') (') a:. ~ ..... g ";> ... iii 0 -5 0 >-.. en ~ cu Cl> C ... Cl> iii Cl> ,, Cl> = 5 u.. en Cl> 0 :::, .J Cl> 0 cu ,, ·2 Cl> ~ Page i9

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The 40th Rally of 1000 Lakes Text & Photos: Martin Holmes . - --- -Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya out performed the Scandinavian rallymen on their home turf in Finland, and the Spaniards took the Toyota Celica GT-Four to their third World Championship victory, despite Sainz' injured foot. The invasion is total! A Latin drive Sierra Cosworth 4x4, with another Finnish struggle. Markku driver has conquered the last three cars in Group A and one in Alen was keen togo. "The Subaru bastion of the Scandinavian Group N, a major step forward we had at the Mantta 200 sprint rallymen, the Rally of the 1000 for a company which has limited rally was like a Group N Lakes in Finland. Afterwards competition experience with four compared with the car we have Carlos Sainz was almost over-wheel drive cars. The new now. I am sure I can finish in the whelmed at his achievement. "I Cosworths in Group A featured top three." Double World can tell you, when I was young I the revolutionary seven speed Champion Juha Kankkunen, the used to think I would like to be gearbox, which brought conflict-only remaining top class Finn who able to drive like the Finns. So ing speculation from other teams. hasn't yet won the event, was you can see nobody can really The Ford team of drivers are not subdued. He was conscious that understand my emotions at this acknowledged as the best in the this might be the last chance to time." His victory not only made world, so it was most encouraging stem the tide of Carlos Sainz' him almost unbeatable in the to see two of them able to rise to runaway championship chase. World Drivers'· Championship, fourth and seventh position, and Sainz arrived at scrutineering but also, by virtue of a second theirGroupNcarholdingsecond with a funny look and an consecutive disaster for Lancia on place in its category. uncharacteristic hobble. He said this event, has also launched The other debutante was the that the night before he was Toyota into a real possibility of Mazda 323 GTX. Timo Salonen involved in an accident at high winning the W arid Constructors' and Hannu Mikkola had officially speed, having to swerve to avoid title. -entered cars while national team cars parked unexpectedly the This year's 1000 Lakes was a driver Mikael Sundstrom had his wrong side of a crest, forcing him rallywhichonceagainwitnesseda own self-prepared new car. off the road. But Sainz joked major challenge by the Japanese Mikkola commented, "Even at about his predicam,nt. "Sure I teams on European soil. Last the present state of development, can't press the brake pedal with year's successes, when three the car is marginally better than any force," he admitted. "Maybe different Japanese teams beat the the old one, but these are early I will have to become a right foot best of Europe here in Finland, days. Everything is running so braker once again." had helped to encourage a fourth late! Anyway the engine is very Mitsubishi were clearly wond-{Subaru) into the arena. This year nice to drive. The .worst thing ering how much the previous only minor bad luck for Mazda about the car at the moment is it year's success had been a fluke, preventedToyotaplusMitsubishi doesn't have enough power". and how their team would hold plus Mazda plus Subaru all Salonen felt it was a little faster together. The team where the beating the Europeans, who were than the old car, with good number two driver, Kenneth represented by Lancia and Ford. torque, but agreed that it needed Ericksson, always seems to do Ford were making their Champ-more top end power. best, clearly had people watching ionship debut with the four wheel ' It seemed like we could expect and wonderin'g what Ari Vatanen ·~ #' R.L.H. COMMUNICATIONS 1111111111 ~ RACE RADIO SYSTEMS· 337 W. 35th S1REET,_SUITE "F" NATIONAL CITY, CA 92050 (619) 585-9995 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE TOM & BOB DeNAUL T RICK VASQUEZ PERRY McNEIL REG. PRICE s59900 RACERS SPECIAL 1989 OVERALL H.D.R.A/SCORE 1989 OVERALL MIDWEST RACING 1989 OVERALL GRAN CARRERA Intercom HELMETS WIRED $175.00 HANDHELD RADIOS 10 CHANNELS $450.00 REVOLVING LIGHTS AND ELECTRONIC SIRENS/HORNS Official BFGoodric~ Radio Relay Page 30 was planning to do in the future. His co-driver Bruno Berglund had the strained look of someone not really sure ifhe had the safest seat of the event. Gustavq Trelles, Jorge Recalde and Ernesto Soto from South America came with 16v lntegrales determined to take advantage of the absence of Group N points leader Alain Oreille. This was a rally where two wheel drive cars need not apply to enter. Another absentee from an impossible mission was Louis Aitken-Walker, while her rival Paola de Martini appeared with a large Audi logo on the bonnet witness-ing the company's official support of her endeavors. With three different leaders on the first three stages, this was going to be fun, but just as Sainz •gained the lead he had a puncture towards the end of stage 4, which letJuha Kankkunen in front. This was the local hero's (he lives only 20 km from rally headquarters) tenth attempt at the event he has never won, and he wanted to show his friends why he is November 1990 Ari Vatanen and Bruno Berglund were up and down the ranks in the Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR-4, as Vatanen drove with his former verve, which hasn't been seen in a long time, right into second overall. considered so good everywhere points, "The reason I am going so else. well is that I like Mitsubishi's new Sainz struggled on, wearing a central differential. When the car red racing shoe on his right foot is good I go well; when I don't like and a white trainer over his a car I don't." Kankkunen had bandaged left foot. "When I am in fallen to 16th, and the torrid pace the car I forget the problem." made it hard to move up; by the Alen was also struggling. "We end of the day, some eight stages don't know why the brakes are later, Juha was only 13th. glazing, and the engine is not as In Group N Tommi Makinen powerful as the others", explained was untouchable. New Finnish Prodrive chief David Richards. star Arto Kumpimaki lost time Alen wasn't happy, failing to after hitting a rock in his score even a single fastest time all Mitsubishi while Marcus Gron-. event wasn't his style at all. Timo holm punctured and put his Salonen also had a puncture; he Toyota off for a while. Antero had hit a rock and this bent a Laine did likewise and so an wishbone, while Kenneth Eriks- encouraged Gwyndaf Evans was son slowed with overheating second in the Group in the Ford trouble when a fan stopped Sierra Cosworth 4x4. working. Four wheel drive cars were in In Group N the Mitsubishis the top 31 places. Paola de were dominant. Jorge Recalde Martini was 51st, meaning her rolled on stage 3 and was unhappy chance of gaining a top 20 place for the rest of the event. But, the and more Ladies Cup points was only real shock so far was the remote. Officials had problems. retirement of Pentti Airikkala, What should they do about stuck in stage 4 with an inopera~ Kankkunen? Eventually they tive gearbox. By lying fourth on ruled he complied with the rule the opening stage, however, he required that the crew are 'on had shown the Ford's pace and board' at all times, and turned a potential. blind eye to driving without seat Friday was an interesting day belts on a road section. Ford due to the attack by Ari Vatanen. withdrew Wilson, who was last Driving with a commitment we overall anyhow, on safety haven'tseenforalongtimefrom grounds before the team's him, he set about the leaders, unorthodox service methods passing Eriksson and gradually could be reviewed. hauling in Kankkunen and Sainz More action came on the in front. Kankkunen then had a opening stages of Saturday. mortifying problem; his throttle Gianfranco Cunico rolled the cable just snapped and the Lancia remaining Group A Cosworth, came to a halt with the engine and the car was withdrawn. Evans idling. To escape the stage he did likewise, but he could carry climbed into the engine com-on, later making some best times partment while co-driver Juha in Group N. Ericsson had a high Piironen took the steering wheel. speed crash. For a driver currently They had only three kilometers to looking for a better deal in 1991, go to the end of the stage but lost such an indiscretion was unfor-five minutes, and the course of the tunate. No luckier was co-driver whole Championship was altered. Claes Billstam, who followed Suddenly Toyota had a real Ericsson to clamber out of the chance of gaining not only the wreckage, only to have his hand Drivers', but also the Construct-caught in the door, the only injury ors' title. Lancia was suffering in the fifth gear crash. Another from a lack of form from both accident was that of Tim O'Neil, Didier Auria! and Alex Fiorio, the first American to enter the leaving Kankkunen as their only event in its 40 year history. "You hope of gaining the first or second know, I could have gone slower in spot to keep the title hopes alive. the VW, but you don't learn Meanwhile Toyotas were now anything if you do that. This rally first and third and Japanese cars · was the hardest thing I ever tried." held the top eight places. Just before the lunch halt Auriol Kankkunen once again would went off the road and damaged his fail to win his home event, but Lancia too badly to continue, but eventualy his humor returned to he had been an unconvincing him. "I let co-driver Piironen eighth at the time. drive for a while, and look how Vatanen got to within ten slow he was!" he jested. Ford had seconds of Sainz, but no nearer. more ill fortune coming. Malcolm He had a spin which set him back Wilson, locked in battle with a quarter minute, and Sainz Mikkola, had got up to seventh admitted he had a long sideways place when he had a gearbox there too. Mazda were having failure, like Airikkala's Ford had troubles. Mikkola saw the oil done. The team apparently flew a pressure gauge fail, and stopped spare unit to him by helicopter, when the warning light came on, illegal under WCR rules, but it while Salonen twice had the enabled mechanics to keep him in central differential fail, both times the event for the rest of the day. as he accelerated away from a start Mikkola had a brake disc failure, line.The first time was early in the happily without much lost time. morning, their team helicopter Vantanen was saying at service was grounded by morning fog, Dusty Times

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Markku Alen and 1/kka ·Kivim.~ki did a good job with the new model Subaru legacy 4WD Turbo, and they flew through the woods to finish fourth overall, and in Group A. Timo Salonen and Voitto Silander finished sixth overall despite bending a wishbone and twice having the central differential fail at a stage start in the Mazda 323 GTX. and time was lost when mechanics at an emergency point had to replace the unit without help. Mikael Sundstrom retired his 323 GTX with turbocharger failure, and a few stages later the lady driver Minna Sillankorva aband-oned when her ex-works Mazda 323 4WD had an oil frre which damaged the wiring. The Juhas, Kankkunen and Piironen came back from near disaster to work up the ladder to salvage fifth overall and in Group A for Lancia's team. _:,;. ,,_ Finnish drivers Risto Buri and Jyrki Stenroos race past one of the 1000 Lakes in their Audi 200 Quattro, and they did well, tenth overall and in Group A. ~: Trying for the FISA Group N Cup honors, Gustavo Trelles and Daniel Muzio came from Uraguay to challenge the Finnish trails, and they were third in Group N, 15th overall. Malcolm Wilson and Nickey Grist had a good run for a time in the new Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4, but gearbox troubles eventually put the team out. Salonen had fallen from fourth to eleventh, and in the final reckoning the matter of the fog stopped him from corning third. T relies was up to second in Group N, but despaired of catching Makinen. "He is a second a kilometer faster than us, much, much better than he was in New Zealand." Two stages from ·the end of the day Fiorio retired his Lancia when fifth, with the same gearbox failure that Kankkunen had in Argentina. Kankkunen was now fifth as a result, but there was little point in· the exercise. The points score for Lancia would inevitably be dropped at the end of the year. Like de Martini, Lancia's efforts were a waste of time. The first American ever to enter the 1000 Lakes, Tim O'Neil, crashed while running well in the Volkswagen, and Tim said later, " This rally is the hardest thing I ever tried." Tommi Makinen and Seppa Harjanne upset the Group N regulars as they drove the Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 . to a fine eleventh overall .and they won Group N without fourth gear. Recalde, 22. De Martini and Aitken-Walker are still tied at 18 points in the FIA Ladies Cup chase. category. Vatanen tried hard and Drivers' points with 115, Saby, 16; Carlsson and Vatanen, Sainz took no risks. But, halfway followed by Auriol, 67; Biasion, 15. In Group N Oreille has 43 through the final day Sainz felt the 64; Kankkunen, 50; Ericsson, 26; points, followed by Trelles, 37; Finn was too close for comfort Cerrato and Waldegard, 20; Makinen, 26; Soto, 25 and and increased his speed to ---------....:.a..--'--....;...----.......;---------------------------Makinen had a panic the night before the finish when he lost fourth gear; and the team decided to change the gearbox on the final morning, but found they couldn't, so he carried on to the end with great care. Kurnpirnaki eventually repassed T relies, but Gronholrn crashed again and this let Soto up to fourth, while a distant Recalde took seventh place in the safeguard his lead. It had been a difficult day for the Champion-ship leader, "To go for a win meant taking some risks," but by winning Sainz did more than prove himself to be a worthy champion-elect. He created a legend that will forever be remembered in the land where-all the best rally drivers used to come from. After Round 7 Lancia leads the Constructors' points at 124, followed by Toyota, 111; Subaru, 31; Mitsubishi and Mazda, 27; Renault and Audi, 24; BMW, 14, and VW, 10. Sainz leads the Results -1990 Rally of 1000 Lakes Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya E Toyota Celica GT-Four A* 4:40:55 Ari Vatanen/Bruno Berglund SF Mitsubishi Gal ant VR-4 A 4:41 :14 Kenneth Eriksson/Staffan Parmander S Mitsubishi Galan! VR-4 A 4:45:53 Markku Alen/llkka Kivimaki SF Subaru Legacy 4WD T A 4:46:47 Juha Kankkunen/Juha Piironen SF Lancia Delta lntegrale A 4:47:10 limo SalonenNoitto Silander SF Mazda 323 GTX A 4:49:02 Lassa Lampi/Pentti Kuukkala SF Mitsubishi Galan! VR-4 A 4:50:14 Sebastian Lindholm/limo Hautunen SF Lancia Delta lntegrale A 4:50:51 Esa Saarenpaa/Olli Mannisto SF Audi 90 Quattro A 5:04:26 Risto Buri/Jyrki Stenroos SF Audi 200 Quattro A 5:05:06 Tommi Makinen/Seppo Harjanne (11) SF Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 W 5:06:46 Gustavo Trelles/Daniel Muzio (14) U Lancia Delta lntegrale N 5:10:54 Jorge Recalde/Martin Christie (15) RA Lancia Delta lntegrale N 5:22:49 Paola de Martini/U. Gibelli •• I Audi 90 Quattro (32nd) A 5:37:57 • Group winners -•• Ladies Cup 186 start· 92 finish Winner's average stage speed• 112.69 kph Dusty nmes November 1990 Adjust lit after installation. Nobody but Earl's has Swivel-Seal!M Nobody! Send $4.00 today for the Earl's full color catalog. Page 31 I I I .I i I I I

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Georgia -Race Report By Bob Rule Photos: Keith Williams, Lithia Automotive ~ ··*'=.❖2wv::~~~JAiJ~i:~;:4 A last lap pass brought Chris Williams the Challenger brother Robin's car. But, Robin is still the runaway points leader in class with two races to go. place, also completing 50 laps. Driving the other Lithia car, J.D. Mitchell was third, covering 4 7 laps. Dusty Chitwood broke a c.v. joint while running well on lap 38, and he did 38 laps for fourth in Class 9. Rick Breitenbach lost oil pressure and only finished 12 laps. Steve Rule's day ended on lap 8 when he ran off the track in Florida's Mike Notary stayed in the hunt all day and ended up the 1600 winner. He has had several seconds this year Lthe duSt. andh brokeh_ aCch.v.lljoint. before taking the checkered first in the September race. ater on mt e race ts a enger car was hit by a 1600 car, who was engine after running into Rule's parked racer in the dust. Jack Thompson's weekend started badly on Saturday and never got better. He broke the race car again_ on Sunday after 22 laps, and the bottom line was an oil pressure problem in the engine. Mickey Smallwood kept losing the retainer ring off the rocker arm and only finished 21 laps. For all practical purposes Bob Rule was finished on the second lap. First an electrical problem sidelined him for 20 or so laps. Then when he went back on the track the distributor filled up with dust several times before Rabbit found a bread bag and covered up the distributor. Rule covered 21 · laps, while Lindy Herrell, who ran second for 1 7 laps, then broke too many items to try to quick fix. The race date last August Hester also did 25 laps for second provided another nice day. The in 1-2-1600 class. Mickey and track had had-some grading done Rick Smallwood battled the a few days before the race and was entire day with James Mitchell, smooth. Rain had left a little with the Smallwoods taking third water standing around the two with 24 laps covered. James mile track, just enough, in fact, to Mitchell, also covered 24 laps in really make the cars real dirty. the 1600 action for fourth place. Run through water -get wet - then Rounding our the 1,600 class were run through dust for a while. The Lindy Herrell, 19 laps, who broke dust-clings to the wet cars and a trailing arm, Jack Thompson, ~ you've got a mess to clean off. who did 16 laps before the car Almost like a mud race, but not as quit again, and Bob Rule, 4 laps. heavy. . James Hester has a commanding The racing this day was not real 23 point lead for the 1600 exciting. The two mile track was championship with three races fast and dusty in spots, but there left on the schedule. The two long was lots of passing room. racescoulddrawextracars, which Numerous cars fell out of the heat would mean more points for race. Of course it is always better winning, so anything could to break something in the heats, happen. Only eight points because then you have a second separate second through fifth, and chance. Bob Rule's and Jack-14 points .separate second Thompson's cars quit in the 1600 · through seventh. heat, and Bill Porter saw his car Steve Langley led the first pull in with a dry C.V. joint. In dozen laps in Challenger competi-the Challenger heat Steve Rule tion, and then the Challenger broke a throttle cable, Robin points leader Robin Williams led Williams broke a C.V. joint and the rest of the way. Langley Darrin Stephens turned over on finished second in class, and both the first lap back in the woods. All cars covered the 25 laps. Steve cars got repaired and started the Rule finished third, one lap back with an impressive drive for this first year driver. J.D. Mitchell nailed fourth with 23 laps completed. Darrin Stephens ran his best race of the season finishing fifth with 19 laps done. Only a clogged fuel filter kept him from running the whole race. Nice job Darrin. Steve Langley is second on points followed by James Mitchell, Dusty Chitwood, and Steve Rule all four very close on the point count. main. The first car to fall out of the combitwd main ~vent was Bob Rule's 1600. The car just quit; a combination of a loose b'attery cable and a bad fuel pump made him a spectator after four laps. Dusty Chitwood followed Rule into retirement, four laps later, with a broken steering box on his Class 9 Challenger. Sammy Herrell held off a late race charge from James Hester to finish the 25 laps first overall. A rules meeting will be held on ~' .. '1( ,~/2;jj} -<»"~<i/~..;, ~,, ~ t~-~I October 27 in the evening, and I blinded by the dust. The left front the proposed bylaws will be voted end of the Rule car was badly on for or against adoption. damaged and the 1600 car ended FORDA had two more races this up losing a motor after the valve year at Lakeland, on October 14 cover got knockea off in the and November 11. Then comes crash. the GORRA Thanksgiving 250, The 1600s ended up with just our big race of the year on three cars running at the finish. November 24 at the Vienna track. James Hester, after having three We expect a number of out of flat tires, padded his points lead state entries, and will need extra with a third place finish, just two help on race day. Stay tuned. laps off the pace with 48 covered. Se~en down and two to go. Our After leading most of the race September race is history, and I Sammy Herrell took second, after am running out of ways and having to pit with a flat tire, so he words to describe DUST. Let's got in 49 laps. Floridian and just say it was as bad as it's ever FORD A driver Mike Notary won been in the wooded part of our the 1600 race, doing the full 50 two mile track. A lack of rain in laps. Mike stayed within striking middle Georgia recently has left distance the entire day, and took the track really dusty. When the over the lead when Herrell pitted. wind was blowing it would move Mike's been running our long off the track, but most of the time races with us, and it was nice to it just hung there. As usual, with a see him get the win. He's had long race, no heats were run. The several seconds this year, and now event would be 50 laps on this a victory. two mile track. James Mitchell was fourth with Both the Challenger and 1600 31 laps done, and he blew his classes looked like they were going to be runaways right up to the end. Then both leaders had problems. Sammy Herrell's 1600 had the entire field covered until a flat tire put him in the pits. Then on the white flag lap, a broken shock ruptured his fuel cell, so he finished second in 1600s, one lap down. So much for a dusty day, but the weather was beautiful with the temperature in the low 80s. If we could just send the dust elsewhere. A new face around the track in September was Steve Sands. Steve's a friend of the Lithia· group and his bad habit is drag racing instead of buggy racing. Steve runs a Pro Sedan in the IVW A series here in the South-east. Steve was all over the track with Keith Williams helping drivers with problems. He and Keith helped me get back to the pits three times before we finaff y got the problem cured. Thanks guys! Steve Langley's Class 9 car was just strolling along, then with five laps to go the motor started knocking. On the very last lap, Chris Williams, driving his brother Robin's Challenger, passed Steve for the victory. However, Steve held second I ft " ---···· J.D. Mitchell drove the second Lithia Automotive sponsored Class 9 racer, had a ff1w problems on the dusty course and finished 47 laps for third in class. ,. James Hester survived the high attrition among the 1600s, had Mickey Smallwood kept having rocker arm troubles which Bob Rule had distributor trouble most of the day, his 1600 in and out of the pits, but finally got it dust proofed. He finished seventh in the 1600 class, running well at the flag. three flats himself, but finished third with 48 laps done, to ended his day in the 1600 after 21 laps, and just behind him here greatly improve his lead in points standings. is Steve Langley who was second in the Challenger class. Page 31 November 1990 Dusty Times

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World Championship Rally News From Finland "' ,. • Two days before the 1000 Lakes Rally, the Anniversary Historic Rally, World Champion to be Carlos Sainz with a variety of makes entered, was injured his left foot in a practice won by Timo Makinen left in the accident, but the mismatched former giant killer on world rallies, footwear worked just fine and Carlos the Mini Cooper S, prepared by Tom won the rally in Finland, Seal, ------- ------events wit,h Citroen gained RAC in November. Trying to win his home rally-for the flt';t time, Juha Kankkunen's Lancia broke a throttle cable on a Friday Stage, so he climbed into the engine bay to work the throttle while co-driver Juha Piironen steered the final three kms of the stage, and the organizers let the finish stand, strength with confirmation by his Nostalgia -Two days before current WCR team, Mitsubishi, Tommi Makinen was taking the that he will no longer be driving lead in Group N in the 1000 for them in 1991, together with Lakes Rally, his (unrelated) The Next Toyota -Toyota competition chief T oshio Fukui gave details on August 22 of the car which will replace the Celica GT-FourJn World Championship Rallies. It will have substantially the same bodywork as the existing car, but with more air holes in the front. The intercooler will be moved to a completely different position, the engine will be based on the existing unit, but will feature separate induc_tion ports. It will have four, not five valves. The design has now been finalized, with preparation for production now being made. The car is expected to be ready for competition in early 1992, (one year later than planned) according to Fukui. The Next Lancia -The evolution Lancia is still shrouded in mystery. It seems certain that it will continue with the same basic 16 valve engine, though there is an increasing feeling there will be a compressor as well as a turbo. Certainly there is to be more room under the wings (fenders), to overcome the Integrale's worst fault -its limited suspension movement. One question has been resolved. Claudio Lombardi said "Yes, we will continue with Michelin into 1991, with some This looks like the ultimate in international road signs, The photo had no translation with it, but it looks like it might refer to speed bumps, Dusty nmcs development work." 1992 is therefore expected to be the time when they will revert to_ Pirelli, and this is when the new car is to make a full Championship effort. Michelin News -Mitsubishi said "We will continue with Michelin, as paying customers, for the moment. There is no Japanese tire company able to offer such experience as they can." Mazda said "We have always paid for our Michelins anyway." · Czech Surprise - Testing a rally Skoda recently at Brno was double World Champion Walter Rohrl. Driver Market -Toyota confirmed that Carlos Sainz and Armin Schwarz are on the team; Mikael Ericsson has an offer to remain but is seeking a better program. Lancia has signed Didier Auriol for a two year contract, so the team of him, Miki Biasi on and Juha Kankkunen stays intact next year. Ford still has no top driver, but there were discussions between Peter Ashcroft and Alex Fiorio in Finland. Kenneth Eriksson stays with Mitsubishi, but the team say that Ari Vatanen will leave, but will he retire? Markku Alen stays with Subaru, Chatriot will have some rallies. The serious rally teams rely on computer info much like the Formula 1 teams, but instead of motohomes, the rally teams work in the outback and a pile of tires does make a decent desk for the Toyota team in Finland, No news about Mazda, but there the unexplained decision not to namesake Timo Makinen was is a rumor that Salonen will go to send him to the Rally Australia in winning the anniversary historic Mitsubishi and the team want September. These rumors were rally. Timo drove the once all Gregoire de Mevius to join them. further strengthened by the conquering Austin Mini Cooper Nissan has no top driver yet. decision in mid-season to declare S prepared by Tom Seal in There was a strong rumor that that Kenneth Eriksson, Ari's Britain. Ford refused to pay the asking teammate, would have equal' The Next Nissan-Nissan Chief price for Auriol and that Lancia driver status with Ari after his · T F Yukawa came to watch the were quite happy to do so. unexplained accident in last 1000 Lakes. Team technical chief Ari Vatanen -Vatanen stren-March's Rally of Portugal. Until Masahiro Waragai confirmed uously denied rumors of his Finland Vatanen has never they hope to make the World imminent retirement from World regained his former form after the Ch amp ions hip debut of the Championship rallying, at a 1985 accident in Argentina, when Pulsar GTI-R (not GTi as spelled special press conference called he nearly lost his life. Rally-raids earlier) soon. Nissan expect to just before the 1000 Lakes Rally have given the 38 year old former enter the Safari, Acropolis, 1000 last August. " stories World Champion the chance of Lakes and RAC rallies next year, that! hear, I expectto increase my continued competition success and a full WCR program is program in 1991,'' but he failed without the pressures that World planned in 1992. Tests with the to give more details. Rumors of Championship competit ion old Sunny prototype were being Vatanen'sdecisiontoconcentrate J demands. His final rally for made in Finland after the 1000 exclusively on desert rally-rai~ Mitsubishi ~s to be the Lombard Lakes. FIBERGLASS TRUCK BODY FABRICATORS 864 1-70 Industrial Drive• Wentzville, MO 63385 314-639-6724 We have the ability for Custom Design • Hand Laid AVAILABLE NOW -90 Chevy Full Size & 90 Ford Full Size COMING SOON -90 Dodge Dakota & 90 Ford Ranger Supercab ''We Build Them One At A Time" November 1990 Page 33

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Ken Miller and Danny York had a good run in Baja, and they outlasted all in Pro Class 1/2, too the lead late in the race and won the class. Bob Land and Collin Roundy led the race overall near the midway point, but ca:rb linkage troubles and a couple of rolls dropped them to second in Class 1 /2. The Pro Class 5~ winners splash their way along the fence line, and Conrad Diaz Jr., who drove all the way, had co-drivers, Conrad Sr., Nick Bentivegna and Juan Gallo along the way. BAJA PROMOTIONS Gran Carrera De Ensenada Photos: Lonnie Peralta ~-..,.,, Larry Martin and Jerry Rice not only won the Pro Class 1-2-1600 class honors, they won overall in the four wheel car category, despite slogging through the muddy farm roads. Baja Promotions ventured into new ground last July, new for car racing at least, which has used both San Felipe and Tecate as home base in the past, staging the event out ofEnsenada on the west coast of the Baja California peninsula. The four lap course starting in the Ojos Negros area covered a full 380 miles, silencing complaints that these events were "too short". The route was all in the dirt excepting just two highway crossings, but there were no sustained pavement sections. Larry Martin and Jerry Rice not only won Pro Class 1-2-1600, but they were first overall car also, only three motorcycle entries finishing in less time.John Brooks had been leading overall; then. about30 miles from the checkered flag, he was down and out with timing troubles. Ron Neilsen, Fred Graboski and John Niebart with co-pilots Ryan and Craig Nielson were second in 1600 class, their major trouble was a broken throttle cable. .. Ken Miller won the Pro Class 1 and 2 honors, taking the lead in his single seater late in the race. He outlasted the rest of the class, passing the disabled car of Wolfe and Young at the 53 mile mark on lap 4. Bob Land and Collin Roundy were second, and Bob was leading the race overall near the midway point. But just before handing it over to Collin, the -carburetor linkage put him in the pit for 35 minutes. Collin attempted to make up the lost time, but rolled twice in the process, but did salvage second in class. Dan Blain and Alain Avache were third after a couple of rollovers and a DNF, and Richard Young and Glenn Wolfe were fourth, doing well until the last lap when a rear axle broke. Conrad Diaz, Jr. and Sr., won SUMMERS BROS. BULLET-PROOF DRIVETRAINS ! WE ~y CONTINGENCIES FOR SCORE AND HORA EVENTS! SEND $2.0D FOR YOUR DIRT RACER'S CATALOG! SUMMERS BROS., INC. . 530 S. Mountain Ave., Ontario, CA 91762 (714) 986-2041 • FAX: (714) 984-7908 Class 5. Conrad Jr., who drove the entire race said it was the easiest of his three wins this year. He is looking forward to the San Felipe event which gives him a shot now at the Armstrong Tire $1000 four win bonus. Ernesto and Adolfo Arambula won Class 5-1600, and Adolfo carried the major share of the driving duties this round. They lost the clutch just five miles from the finish, but brought it in for the win. Ron Lister and Richard Helm were second in Class 5-1600 after losing a gas line early in the race, and getting hung up on a cactus on the last lap. Al and Alex Long took third in class. Alex said they just had a lot of small problems, like a broken linkage, broken spare tire mount, and then the shifter came off in Al's hand. The Pro Challenger title went to the swift team of Pancho Bio and Sergio Guiterrez, who also placed a remarkable second overall in four wheel vehicles. Pancho got stuck in the sand once but had no more trouble. Roberto Fajardo and Gonzalo Rodriguez were second in class despite an early roll over . Last year's Challenger champions Daniel Mora· and Manual Ibarra were third in class, with a day full of new car blues with the Chenowth, breaking an axle early on the last lap. In Class 10 action John Brooks got first in class, and had the overall lead midway in the race. Then 30 miles from the finish, he had to stop and reset the timing, and had to do this several times along the way to make it to the finish line. Erny Martinez and co-pilots Mario Meyez and Angel Martinez November 1990 Pancho Bio and Sergio "El Coyote" Guiterrez, not only won Pro Class 9, they sailed the Jimco home second overall in the Pro car category, a nearly trouble free run. took their first class -win by out runnjng ten other hard charging competitors in Pro Class 11. Erny got stuck a couple of times on the first lap, but had no more troubles en route to winning the biggest check in the race. Manuel Pabloff and Jose Carrillo took second, and they had only one 20 minute down time with a dust clogged carburetor on the first lap. Martin Garibay and Ullses Acevedo took fourth in class after four straight wins in class. Not only were they stuck several times, they had fuel feed troubles, and on the last lap the VW was blowing a lot of oil. Classes 3, 6, 7 4x4, 7S and 14 were combined, and Willie Valdez and Gil Divine drove their 7S Ford Ranger to first in class and a keen third overall car. Willie said he had a slow first lap due to heavy dust, plus he spent time patching a radiator hole with a twig and silicons. Perry McNerl won the Pro Class 4, 7, 8 and was looking at an overall win, when on the first lap, just past T res Hei:manos, he was blinded in the dust and dropped the Ford four feet into a ravine, and landed it on its side. Fortunately, Ed Everett, Class 3 Scout, waited with Perry until traffic cleared, and proceeded to pull the truck out of the gully. From then on McNeil had no more troubles. Benny Canela and Fred Espinoza took second in class, · with quite a story. New axles for Benny's Class 8 pickup were not ready, so they came to watch the race. But, fate said otherwise, as a team member drove Fred's old 1978 Nissan to the race, and it had been retired from racing a couple months earlier. Still Benny was leading in the class points, so they decided to give it a shot, a 15 minute prep job, and borrowed tools, gas cans, suit and kidney belts and they went off to challenge the big trucks. The Nissan out ran or out lasted all but McNeil's Ford. In the Sportsman Division, Classes 1, 2, 5, 10 all ran together. It was Bob and Ken Reamer who won the combined group in a Chenowth. The only trouble they had all day was when Bob got stuck on the first lap and lost the lead to Danny McClain. McClain was leading the group when, on lap 3, he had a real problem with the rocker arm adjuster and an hour and a half spent making repairs put him out of the running and he finished third. In second was Rafael Navarro and Guada-lupe and Manuel Perez, and the San Felipe based team celebrated the fact that they had had no flats this race. The Sportsman 1-2-1600 winners were Rob and Joe Duarte, with co-pilots Dan Almazan and Pete Kubitz. They went through mishaps such as a rollover, a broken throttle, plus getting stuck more than once, but went on to score the first win for the team. Jose Luis Rendon and Alejandro Rudametkin, and new team member Alejandro Avila finished second in class. Rudametkin drove the first half and mowed down a lot of bushes, while Rendon did the last two rounds and rolled the car twice doing a lot of body damage, losing a CV boot and the spare tire due to a sticky throttle cable, but they did place second. Sportsman Class 5-1600 and Challenger were combined, and the win went to three lap finishers Federico Montes, Edwardo Maymes and three co-pilots. One of them Hector Aguilar fixed an early electrical short and later, with help from a rancher at El Alamo, he repaired a broken swing arm. Sportsman Class 11 is a big bunch, and Alfonso La Carra and Jose Martija took their fourth straight win , clinching the ArmstrongBonusof$1000.They got stuck early in the race, but later passed all the competition while it was stuck as they went on to victory. Sergio Leyva and Juan Arelland laid their VW on its side about 60 miles into the race, but came back to finish second in the class. More than an hour later Dusty Ti_n;acs ..

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On the Arambula team Adolfo drove most of the way, Ernesto • did some driving and Alfredo plus others rode in the Class 5-1600 en route to the class win. di§· -Perry McNeil and a host of co-drivers survived being stuck in a ditch for a while to bring the Class 8 Ford in the winner in combined 4, 7, 8 action. Looking clean and tidy, the Toyota of Luis, Carlos and Alfredo Bernaldez and Alberto Chares won top honors in Sportsman Class 3, 6, 7S, 7-4x4, and 14. '.::J:l:lf:~;:::=::t Alex and Al Long and Dennis McGeorge had a lot of small problems, but they kept the Bug running to place third in Pro Class 5-1600 at the flag. Although they got muddy early in the game, Rob and Joe Duarte, Daniel Almazan and Peter Kubitz, kept on charging and won Sportsman Class 1-2-1600. Placing second in Sports 3, 6, 7S, 7-4x4, 14 was the Nissan pickup of Elias Hana,· Jorge Sierra, Jose Luis Castro and Benjamin Alcala. Erny Martinez and co-pilots Mario Meyez and Angel Martinez took their first Class 11 victory by out running the ten other hard charging competitors in the Pro class. logging it out on the arm roads the team o re rtco onts, Eduardo Maymez, Manuel Meza, Hector Aguilar and Sergio Sarmiento won Sportsman Class 5-1600. Celebrating their second place in Pro Class 9 in the impound are · Roberto Fajardo, Oscar Sotomayor, Gonzalo Rodriguez and · Jorge Montalvo. Rodolfo Romero was third, followed by Edwardo and Armando Mayoral. man Open Class, despite the fact that it was Erickson's first off road race. The Kawasaki team of Matias Arjona and Oscar Hale,Jr. were second Open and overall, mentioning that the dust made passing difficult. Raul Quinonez and Jose Munoz rode to first in VET MI C on a Honda. Arturo Tiznado and Rodolfo Lizarraga took first in Sportsman Ltd. M/ C on a Kawasaki. Roberto and Alfonso Lopez took first in PRO Open ATV, and came all the way from Baja del Sur to race. Sports Open A TV honors went to Misael Arambula, Arnaldo Ramirez, Alberto Caballero and Arturo Sazas on a Honda that was also first overall A TV. Golden Crown of Baja Off Road Sefies was the Gran Carrera de Campeones last September, and season championships in this that race will decide many of the . series. The Sportsman in Classes 3, 6, 7 4x4, 7S and 14 run together, and victory went to the Toyota of Carlos and Alfredo Bernaldez, whose own Pro rig was not ready so they teamed with their brother Luis in his mini truck. Elias Hanna and Jorge Sierra were second in class in a Nissan and they were close at the finish. Ed Everett Sr. and Harry Flaherty, with co,pilots Ed Everett Jr., Victor Preciado and Jim Cecil were third in class in the IH Scout. These were the guys that rescued Perry McNeil, and they later lost a lot of time with a clogged fuel pump. The missed a fourth lap finish by just a few minutes, although they did cross the finish line. In the Motorcycle division, Steve Erickson and David Jones were first overall and in Sports, The awards ceremony the next day was back in Ensenada at the Corona Hotel where both the overall MC and car teams received the coveted Governor's Cups along with their other rewards. The final event in the ~ Joh7' Brooks led7i~eraiit'or a time, then timing troubles struck 30 miles out, but he still took the victory in Pro Class 10 category. Dusty nmcs DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN A HONDA. *The same Innovative engin-eering that goes Into Honda automobiles and motorcycles goes Into every piece of Honda Power Equipment. *Convenient, easy-to-use controls. *Fuil ilne of construction products available at your local Honda Pow~r Equipment dealer. *Bring In this ad for addltlonal savings. @ Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 (213) 264-3936 " (213) 264-5858 ·mum performance and safety, we recommend you read the o•,mers manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of generators to house p0WII' requir_es transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a (!Ualified T electrician. .. · · -c-198,fAnierican Honda Motor co. Inc. November 1990 Page 35

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AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Glover Bounces Back -at the Griffith City 450 Text & Photos: Darryl Smith Peter Glover recorded his third overall victory in just four races when he won the Goodyear Griffith City 450. Glover managed to avoid the rocks and other hazards on the new course, winning Class 1 as well as overall by just 2½ minutes. · Bridgestone Class 1 driver Peter Glover recorded his third overall victory in just four races when he took out the inaugural "Goodyear Griffith City 450". Glover, obviously disappointed at failing to finish at Kampsey, just three weeks earlier, avoided the many tire destroying rocks and other hazards on the new course which formed the fourth round of the Australian Off Road Championship. The New South Wales town of Griffith has held numerous national rounds before, but.this Was a new venue, much closer to town, based at the local speedway providing excellent facilities and great spectating. Heavy rain had fallen over the months preceding the event, and that famous Griffith red soil acts as a sponge, just holding the moisture until the crust is broken, then a massive bog appears. The -organizers had a concept of three . laps, then a time break, handy for pit work, before the final three laps. In that break the track would be redirected around any bogs. The sloppy conditions slowed the field to an extent that only 35 of the 111 starters managed to fit all six laps into the time allowed. .As the track was very damp and fragile, drivers were denied a reconnaissance of the whole track, but instead only got a look at the 7½ mile prologue track. The reports of many tire destroying rocks seemed true as many competitors failed to complete the prologue due to flat tires, and opted to be seeded into Sunday's starting order. By the end of the day it was that now Class 8 is for Modified 4x4 rigs, and Norm Parker/Ron Gibbons used the extra power on the high lift Holden Rodeo to win the class by seven minutes. familiar sight to see Craig Martin the quickest in his single seater. The ever trying Charlie Albins was second in his Class 1 two seater. Yokohama's David Leach, who must be one of Australia's fastest, came in third quickest in his Nissan powered 1600cc Hornet. In fact the Class 2 cars did very well with Richard Bennett, Les Brown, Mark Burrows and Stuart Lord .filling the grid up to number seven. Trevor Gowden, Class 1, Bob Strawbridge, Class 9, and Cliff Alderton, Class 1 completed the top ten. Flat tires struck down Class 1 favorites Daren Wells, Peter Glover and Dave Stuchbery as well as the modified 4x4 Pajero of Fabio Zarfati. Reigning Class S champion Peter Had low set about changing a slipping clutch in his Turbo Mitsubishi pickup, while production 4x4 speedster Gra-hame Baxter broke a front spring in his Nissan Patrol, but was soon offered a repiacement by an opposin g Les Si viour. Bob Mowbray easily dominated the 1200cc Class 3 brigade, and clocked 12th overall as well. Stephen McDougall qualified fastest of the Baja Bugs, while Stephen Knott's Karmann Ghia led the 2WD group. Robert Knott ( no relation) led the 4x4s in his Nissan Pathfinder. The field grided up Sunday morning under the huge Goodyear banner and were flagged away in pairs. Albins jumped out in front and led Martin around and out,of the Speedway bowl. It wasn't long before Martin's disastrous year Bob and Jeanette Mobray led Class 3, 1200cc, midway, and they stayed out front in the Rivmasta to win Class 3 easily and place a fine 14th overall. .;-:,,: *~ ~ Mark and Glen Manns overcame an early flat tire to lead Class 5 midway, and when it counted, at the checkered flag, driving the Holden Rodeo. took another plunge when a rear Croft was determined to make arm just snapped on that opening up for the savage blow he suffered lap. Keith Owers had only just left at Kempsey, when he rolled while the Speedway when he returned leading the event, by putting in with a flat tire on the turbo buggy. the fastest lap 2 and lap 3 times at Many competitors had elected Griffith. This saw Croft's not to carry a spare tire and this Hankook tire car stop at the half was beginning to look like a bad way break with a two minute lead idea. Class 2 front runner Bill over Glover, with Growden Sharpe was to lose time on both . another 1 ½ minutes behind in Laps 1 and 2 as he had to run back · third. Next was Stuchbery's turbo to the pits for new tires. He Toyota machine followed closely eventually blamed running on the by Alderton, then Kempsey flats for destroying his cliff. , winner Daren Wells. The Class 2 The quiet achiever of 1990, order at the compulsory one hour Trevor Growden, _pushed his, break read Les Brown, Mark Porsche powered Class 1 to be I Burrows, Neville Boyes, Paul quickest on the opening lap. Styles and Peter and Rosalie Glover and Alderton were equal Dawson. second over Bill Croft, pushing Bob Mowbray still led Class 3, hard from his low start position. although he was thankful for the Barry Johnson in a Chev V6 '. breakashechangedaCV duetoa powered Class 1 had moved up to torn boot. Some of his oppositi_on fifth, but a wheel that split in two had diminished in Mick Myers moved him down during the losing a wheel/hub, Bruce second lap. Early gearbox failures Watrnan blowing a motor, and had hit the Class 1 cars of Andy Doug Adams losing a gearbox. Brown and Stephen Lunn, as well Despite blowing a spark plug out as the thunderous VS Scout of of his VW powered Baja, Clem Jeff Barnes in Class 5 . In Class S Harris still led the class, as Ron pace setter Robert Knott broke a Schmidt had a flat tire and tie rod and retired, while former McDougall changed a CV. Mark Australian Class 9 champion Manns had his Holden Rodeo Doug Coleman stopped his VS circulating very quickly and led Land Rover with not one but the 2WD class despite a flat tire three flat tires and picked up the early. Knott's Karmann Ghia was "Hard Luck Trophy" a~ well. only half a minute behind, then Dave and Jayne Stuchbery had a good, virtually trouble free run in their Southern Cross finishing third overall and in Class 1, just five minutes out. Trevor Gowden and Brian Duncan ran third at the midway halt, but dropped just a few minutes on the last leg and were fourth ,n Class 1 and overall. Mark Burrows and Ross Walker stayed right with the front runners in their Trekka buggy, and they finished sixth overall and second in 1600cc Class 2. Page 36 November. 1990 Dusty Times

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, ;vs:<>1 . ,,, , 520 . "'11~::·r ' .,;:: .. . . ;:~.;., Rivmasta 4:56:53 Buggy 5:20:12 Cobra 5:35:34 Buggy 5:39:30 Hornet 6:01:35 Baja Bug Slaps Baja Bug Slaps Baja Bug 41aps Holden Rodeo 5:09:10 Karmann Ghia 5:10:38 Holden Pickup Slaps Ford Escort 4Laps Rhino 6:01:23 Nissan Patrol • 5:38:38 Nissan Patrol Slaps Oiahatsu Feroza Slaps Holden Rodeo 5:07:49 Mitsubishi Pajero 5:14:23 Mitsubishi Triton 5:24:44 Land Rover Slaps Holden Rodeo Slaps Scorpion 4:37:34 I Starters, 111- Finishers, (6 laps) 35 - 31% - Race Distance 280 miles-450 km. Dusty Times November 1990 14 21 25 27 33 42 44 55 16 17 46, 66 32 26 40 45 15 18 23 37 38 7 103 Press Lane, Suite # 4 • Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 691-9171 • (619) 691-9174 • FAX (619) 691-0803 I I Page 37

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GLEN HELEN · ROUND 4 By Elaine Jones Arras Captures Class 1 O at Miller Off-Road Photos: Carrera Photography Kent Castle had a good day in his Toyota 4 Runner, and he won both the second heat and the main event making it a Castle family sweep for the day in utility class. ifaw,~½>2=,,.,,70·?·;:,--=« .,::-w;: ~'&-.-,-:Cm-:,:-· :'>:@ ......,;;;:;<:,~:xi,;:,,_,,{~ ~~~.::~i-,-~%'lt~~~~.,..%...J;.d . ... ::~ Steve Bishop was the one to beat in Class 1-2--1600, taking second in the first heat behind his brother, then Steve won the second heat and went on to win Jhe main event and the prize money. · Eric Arras sails high off a jump in his Chenowth, on his way to winning the lass 10 main event, and the Arras missed starting the second heat but came back strong to win the main and the cash. Arriving from Florida that line, but bad luck was still plauging who didn't make the second heat VW decided not to let his brother morning I think I brought the the class. as Lloyd Castle was was now in some serious trouble have all the fun and moved weather with me, not that unable to complete the first lap as his starting position for the himself into second. They held i anything California has in August and son Brad dropped by the main was not going to be that their positions to the checkered. could compete with the humidity wayside on the second lap. Not to good while Gall ended up with the In Heat 2 it was Steve Bishop of Florida. The thunderstorms worry Kent was alive and well and pole. who showed his brother he could did come in the afternoon not only went out on top but was Thanks to some help from the go wire to wire just like him. This offering a welcome relief to there at the finish with no one other drivers who were having rime it was Andy Anderson in the everyone and keeping the racing really seriously challenging him. problems, Arras started the main Anderson Racing VW who surface very nice. Tjelmeland was there at the end to on the outside of the second row. followed him home with brother A new class made its debut with pick up the place money. Tenacity was the name of the Randy making a Bishop sandwich a hefty $4,000.00 purse as a nice Class 10 is turning into a battle game for the Main. Art Gersjes in in the third spot. incentive. Utility trucks just like between Eric Arras and Gary Gall the A .E.M .I AG Transport/ In the main it was again Steve you see on the highway or in and they went at it tooth and Chams/Comp Engines Chenowth Bishop who had the handle on the UltraStock racing, and in your toenail giving the fans some got a fantastic start and took full track as he went out on top and neighborhood took on the Glen exciting racing. In Heat 1 Gall in advantage of a pile up at the left the fighting to those behind Helen off road course and gave a the Mancha Racing/Radiator bottom of animal leap to come him and that was close. Anderson very good accounting of them- Man Chenowth broke on top but around in the front running spot. was off second but had trouble selves. In Heat 1 the. Mike it was short lived as Arras in the Arras and Gall were right on his with the mud in the first tum after Lesle/Goodyear Jeep of Lloyd McDonald's/ Armstrong Tire/ tail and the pressure was on. On the finish. That was all Boyer Castle showed the boys the way Shock Tech/ Rev Power car took the seventh lap Gersjes spun and needed to get by and claim the around as he went wire to wire for the lead away on the second lap that was all Arras needed to take spot but he too was short lived as the win. Making it a family affair and never looked back. Gall held over the front running spot. Gall Randy Bishop got by him on the Kent Castle in the Yokohama/ offT ommy Bradley who made the wasn't able to get around Gersjes fourth lap only to see the favor Bosch IT oyota was off second but trip from Henderson, Nevada, for and was still in third as the laps returned one lap later when Boyer two laps later brother Brad in the the second. wound down. It wasn't too soon reclaimed the spot and this time it same sponsored Toyota took over In the second heat Bradley for Arras whose car was making was for good. Randy did hang on and held Kent off for the second. flexed some muscle with the some not too healthy noises and to third with Anderson fourth Heat 2 saw attrition take its toll. holeshot but Gall put a move on he was more than happy to see the and the three of them were close Brad jumped out to an early lead him on the second lap and took checkered come out. Gersjes and enough to throw a blanket over. only to be sidelined on the third over the lead. Jack Millerd in the Gall finished two, three. The Challenger Class only had lap. Dad, Lloyd, didn't make it Goodyear/ R.C .Jones/Trans In the first heat for 1-2-1600s, three hearty souls show up and that far as he was out by the Axle/West Engine Rabbit came Randy Bishop in the So. Horizon the duel was between Jack Millerd second lap leaving the door open from fifth to second in one lap Contractors/ Bishop Racing VW in the Armstrong Tire/ R .C. for son Kent who was able to putting on an excellent show of threw out the challenge as he went Jones/ Trans Axle VW and Kevin make itto the checkered followed driving talent. Eddie Lynch in the wire to wire. Rick Boyer in the Davis. in the CLS Landscap-by Vince Tjelmeland in the Raceco got by him on the third lap Independent Pipe VW was a solid ing/ Lothringer Engineering VW. Nissan/General Tire/Fram but Millerd came right back and second for three laps until Steve The first heat went to Davis Nissan. was there at the flag when it Bishop in the J .G . Trans- runningin front allthewaywith The Main saw four come to the counted for the second. Arras works/ Bishop Off Road Racing Millerd second and Jim Rotundo •27------.:'Jli-:~=-~====~~~-..;...'7....:1::_i,:...-..,,,~:--.-,~-4¥,;._ ... .J. -~~ in the Midnight Auto Wreck-ing/ American Cabinet Hi Jumper in third. In the second heat things reversed with Millerd going start to finish in front followed by Davis with Rotundo rounding out the field with third. The Main belonged to Millerd with Davis and Rotundo content to play follow the leader all eight laps. The 5 /1600 Class with the crazy people who like to drive VW Bugs over hill and dale held true as they put on their usual bouncey show. In the first heat Kyle Jankiewicz and Marc Berlonga in the Arras Indus-tries/ Tony the Greek/ B&J Auto Movers went out on top and held off all comers. It was a case of feeling out the track so everyone pretty much locked into position and stayed there for the duration. Walt Matthews and Cric Barton in the A-Door Company/ Small Car Connection VW was second· with Stacy Fay and Renee Tedesco in the Armstrong Tires/ Engine Machine Service in third. The second heat saw over half the field not finish as cars were all over the course. Matthews. and Barton jumped out to an early lead but on the second lap were watching the field go by along with Fay and Tedesco and Paul Molina and Russell Ludwig in the NEO O il/Old Speed/Baker Bearings VW. ankiewicz and ~ ,.. . ~ ct:I:!! - Gary Gall has a mano going with Eric Arras, and Gall won the second Class 10 heat, took second in the first round and placed third in the main event and on points. Art Gerjes races Class 10 as well as Superlites, and in his Class 10 he raced both heats, and took second when it counted, in the main event. Glen Heien often has an exhibition class, and last August it was the Utility trucks known as UltraStock in stadium racing. Lloyd Castle won the first heat in his Jeep. 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Rick Boyer does a hand brake turn in his 1600 racer, and Rick finished well up the ranks all day and ended up second in class in the main event. Randy Bishop started out strong winning the first Class 1-2-1600 heat race, faded back in the next round but finished up with a third in the main event. Kevin Davis catches some air in his tidy Challenger car, and he won the first Class 9 heat, took second in the next one and also in the main event. tacy Fay ed the 5-1600 heats from time to time, but ended up with a third and a fourth plus a strong third in the Main event in her Bug. Don Archibald is a top competitor in SuperLites, both at Glen Helen and in the stadiums, and he got a heat race second and a strong main event second at Glen Helen. fastest of all the 4 wheel A TV racers, winning both heats and the · main event aboard his slick Suzuki. Berlonga were more than happy to take over the lead followed by Clyde Salverda and Charles Hill. Jankiewicz had the pole for the Main with Matthews next to him on the outside and Salverda and Fay in the second row. When the flag dropped it was Jankiewicz that blasted to the front with Molina and Fay in hot pursuit. On the second lap Molina had trouble on the bottom of Animal Leap and it cost him a position as Fay was able to get by. She held him off for three laps but with three to go he was able to get back around her and get back in second and try to take a shot atJankiewicz. It was a case of too little time and too much space as no one was going to catch Jankiewicz this day. Molina did claim the second with Fay third. One of the bigger dasses of the day was the Super Lights and all the top guns were on hand to do battle. In the first heat it was hard charging Rory Holladay in the Y okohama/HRD/ Shoei/ Power-bloc/ Briggsbuilt car that not only took an early lead but held it all the way to the finish. Arch rival Gilbert Valdez in the G .P. Valdez H&R car locked to Holladay's tail like a Siamese twin looking for the mistake that never came. Third was a little more up in the air as John Gersjes in the H&R Fahl A&G Tractor/J&G Motor Sports car held onto third for two laps before Don Archibald in the H&R Fab/Loctite/Leckich found the hole he was looking for and got around to take the show spot. In Heat 2 it looked like it was going to be Archibald all the way but the best laid plans sometimes don't work out. It was Douglas Goodenough in the Briggsbuilt car that chased him off the line but after Valdez got around him on the second lap that was who he had to worry about and with good reason, because on the white flag lap Valdez made his move and came up with the win. Archibald did end up with the second and Goodenough rounded out the field with the third. For the Main it was Valdez on the pole with Archibald on the outside. In the second row it was Goodenough on the inside with Holladay on the outside. Archi-bald got the drop on the field when the flag fell with Valdez in second and Goodenough and John Gersjes third and fourth. r '"""" ""'"' • Archibald held off Valdez until Even the 5-1600 Baja Bugs learn to fly at Glen Helen, and Kyle ay Jankiewicz flew his Bug the best of all, as he won both heats for the class and won the main event in convincing style. the fourth lap when Valdez made the pass on Animal Leap and at the same time Gersjes broke on the front straight and had lost a lap before he got running again. This left room for John Sarna in the M / W Equipment Rent-als/Trench Shoring/Trick EEE car to take over the fourth spot. Archibald bided his time and on the sixth lap retook the lead only to have Valdez come right back at him and on the last turn before the finish line Valdez came back and won the drag race for the flag. Holding on to third was Good-enough with Sarna fourth. Derek Hamilton didn't play it as close to the vest as he normally does in the 4-wheel A TV Class. In the first heat he threw out the challenge as he went wire to wire • on the PEP/ BelRay/Scott USA/ Graydob/ D,uncan Racing Suzuki. In second was the youngster Eric Cobb on the BY Perform-ance/ PEP /K&N Filters/Sports Gas Honda while David Barnes on the Skat T rak Honda rounded out the field with third. The second heat almost looked z516%Hd' ::··.; ,~l-"<%> Gilbert Valdez flew his SuperLite faster than the herd as he took second in the first heat, and got serious and won the second heat and the main event in the big class. 4', like an instant replay of the first with Hamilton out in front followed by Cobb. The only thing that changed was Greg Stuart on che Skat T rak/Pro Design Honda took third. · Hamilton decided why change a Dusty Times November 1990 Jack Millerd knows how to sail the jumps even in the low horsepower Class 9 car, and he took second in the first heat, but won the second heat and the main event with apparent ease. good thing so he again went out enough. On the sixth lap Cobb on top in the main and took the had mechanical problems on the rest of the field to catch me if you uphill and although he got things can. Needless to say nobody workinghehaddroppedtolastin could. There were big spaces the process and had no time to between Hamilton and second make up the distance. Jeremy placeStuartandthirdplaceCobb, Canelli on the Scorcher Rac-sp nobody could really go racing ing/ Simi Honda was more than §in~L_l:Q~Y ~oulqn 't et close hape_y_ to take third place honors. .t_. --:B1GGER IS BETTER ,:::.,.,.,~,,,,,,,&~ .,}<. • !"$:J~ Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type 11 or Type IV or 930 C.V. joints. Convert Type II stub axles.and output bells to accept 930 C.V. joints. 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BRUSH RUN 101, CRANDON, WISCONSIN · Record Crowds and· Record Entry By Judy Smith Photos: Centerline Photography Johnny Greaves had an exceptional two days of racing his Taylor car. He won the Limited Challenge race and Class 2-1600, took second in Classes 1, 9, and 1-1600, and his racing is mostly unsupported except by family. Art Schmitt always makes the tow from Pittsburgh worthwhile. On Labor Day weekend Art won the Unlimited Challenge finale, and also won Class 1 in his two seat Berrien Laser and placed second in Class 10. ·*-· Walker Evans came from California again this year to enjoy the Wisconsin scene, and he brought his Class 8 Dodge fresh from Willow Springs to win both Class 8 at Crandon and the Heavy Metal Challenge event. Crowds estimated at upwards Sportsmen's Club, of Crandon. and various other volunteers, of 50,000 enjoyed the racing at This group owns the 280 acre donate their time, money and Crandon's Labor Day weekend facility, which, besides a 1.7 mile energy to make necessary repairs Brush Run 101, the crown jewel long track, includes a huge and improvements to the facility. in the SODA/STORE series. camping area, acres of pits, two This year there is a new "pavil, With over two hundred entrants, big barns, a timing and scoring ion", or open,sided barn, for use many of whom entered two and tower ( with plumbing), several as a site for barn dances for the three separate events, there wa:s an concession stands, and a good underage fans, refreshment stands effective entry of about 385 cars. _sized announcer's tower. While and the awards ceremony, among When the "Good Ole Boys" cars the race itself has a history going other things. that drive in the last race of the back some 20 years, and starting The whole thing sits in the weekend are added in, the in a muddy slog through the midst of gently rolling hills, astounding total is roughly 575 neighboring woods, the race track covered with green trees, and separate entries. has been in the hands of the group spotted with sparkling lakes and The closed course event is held for only about five years. There rivers. There are a couple of water on a privately owned race track are two races a year at Crandon, holes within the perimeters of the which belongs to a group of off one in the spring, and the other on course, left over from when it was roaders joined in a non,profit Labor Day weekend. And in a small quarry, and that water can organization called the W olfhead . between events the club members, be utilized for keeping the course Page 40 November 1990 L @%... d4!C~mx::,:'-~ /4:CC¼ Lee Wuesthoff flies high in his Chenowth on his way to victory in Class 9 action, and Lee also placed second in the Unlimited Challenge event after a fierce dice. Crandon's hero Jack Flannery doesn't have good luck at his home track, but he drove the Class 4 Ford to victory in Class 14 and placed second in the Heavy Metal Challenge. · dust free. The track is generally plenty wide for passing, and not rough by Southwestern standards. In fact, it's mostly smooth, with some graceful jumps and a few tricky turns. The start area is a big flat field, which allows for landrush,type starts, which narrow down to a. right hand downhill turn, bordered by the spectator fence on one side and a waterhole on the other. The starts are always fun to watch. One characteristic of the Crandon course is rocks, ranging in size from pebbles to grapefruits, and they lie on the track, to be picked up by one car's tires and thrown at another. ESPN has a terrible time with their in,car cameras here, because they lose them to the rocks more often than not. Drivers often use screens to deflect rocks, but they still get clobbered every now and then. The races here are part of the eight,race SODA/STORE series, and draw competitors from as far away as Connecticut, California, Arizorta, Missouri and Pennsyl, vania. The largest part of the entries come from-Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota. And Crandon itself contributes a big number, considering its small size. For the most part, the classes they run in the SODNSTORE series are SCORE/HDRA legal, except that they split the one seat and two seat configurations. There are one and two seat Class 10s, one and two seat 1600s, and one and two seat Class 1 ls. What they don't have many of is Class 1 cars, so when there is a Class 1 race it's usually full of Class 2 cars with no passenger, and Class 10 cars with no passenger. Class 9 is the formal name for the one seat Class 10 cars, or, more accurately, the Class 10 cars without a passenger. Most racers build two seat cars deliberately, so they can get the most mileage out of their racing season. Thai: way they can enter the one seat, two seat and "Challenge" events, and get three races for the weekend. At Crandon, where each event is 20 minutes long, that totals one hour of racing, or barely worth the effort to desert racers. But it's exciting racing. Friday of the Labor Day weekend, is for registration and tech, and some social activity, and a little time for practice. Then, in the early afternoon, those who are interested can enter the "Hot Laps" competition, which is good for an extra $100 or so if you end up with the fastest time. This year Walker Evans, in his Class 8 Dodge truck, took the Hot Lap competition with a time of 1:37:01 for the 1.7 miles. The fastest buggy was John Greaves, in his Class 9 (one seat 1650ccs) Taylor chassis, at 1:37:63. On Saturday morning there was more practice, with a few laps for all the buggies, and then a few laps for all the trucks. The first race was flagged off at 11 a.m., and it was the two seat Class 11 cars, which fielded 28 vehicles. These little cars are built with stock Volkswagen suspension parts, but they have an aluminum floor pan, and a tube chassis, like any other race buggy. Keith Berard, in a Friday chassis, took the lead right away, but he had Chad Ramesh, in his homebuilt car hard on his heels, and then Mark Steinhardt, in a Gilson Built, running third. Those three ran that way for six laps, and then Berard's roof began popping up, suggesting that he might have made a quick stop and hopped out of the car to fix something on one of the hidden back stretches. On the eighth lap Ramesh went by him as Berard, who was running out of gas, bobbled. Meanwhile, Dave W oulf and Glen Mathews got their cars inextricably tangled, and they Dusty Times

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Jim Wiggins was first under the flag in Class 7, but his Ford's wheels were outside the rules; he fixed that problem and placed second in the Class 6 and 7 Challenge. Scott Taylor competes in several classes, and he drove his own chassis to third in 1-1600, and 2-1600 action, and was second in the Limited Challenge. New Englander Jerry Bundy led Class 3 for a time, but engine troubles on the white flag lap dropped him to second at the checkered flag. Jeff Probst catches some air in front of the spectators, and he took the two seat Berrien Laser to the Class 10 win and placed a strong third in the Unlimited Challenge. made an awkward obstacle in one of the turns for several laps. Ramesh widened his lead, as Steinhardt, who had no mud tires, ran gingerly after him on the very slippery course. It was Ramesh at the checkered flag, and he claimed that his smaller front tires had been a btg advantage. Steinhardt was second, and the course workers brought over the bulldozer to untangle W oulf and Mathews. The second race was a combina-tion of Class 10 and 5-1600, with the 5-16s starting about 10 seconds behind the buggies. As the fast Class 10 cars came around that first turn, the rocks could be heard rattling and clanking as they bounced off the cars. Jeff Probst had his coil-over Berrien Laser in front, but Art Schmitt, in another coil-over Berrien Laser, was right pehind him, with Dave Vander-missen, Jr., in third. Schmitt, who'd been knocked cold by a rock here last year, had tried a screen during practice, but as he went in and out of sun and shadow it had made a glare that made it impossible to see, so he was running without it, and trusting to luck. They settled into the chase, Probst a bit faster on the straight, Schmitt going deeper into the = turns, but not able to get by. On the fifth lap they came up on lapped traffic, still very close together. As they headed through the sweeper turn at the barn they would be side by side, but Schmitt just didn't have enough extra to get by. And that's the way they finished, with Probst just in front, and Schmitt right with him. Probst had a little bit of luck, because, as he'd passed one of the lapped cars, he had tagged it with his right rear wheel, which was carbon fiber, and it had broken a fist sized chunk of it, but the rim kept it from popping off and letting his tire go flat. The first aid crew was hustling around at the finish line, tending to Tim Hoss, who'd ridden in a Class 10 car and had taken a rock in his head, just over one eye. He was a bloody mess, with a lump the size of a lemon, and a cut that obviously needed stitches, but he said he was "0.K.". In Class 5-1600, Scott Taylor, in Dick Shinnick's car, took the lead, with Dave Hendrickson, from California, in second, and Chuck Johnson, in Joe Epper's car, in third. Johnson had some trouble on the second la , and fell . Minnesota racer Greg Smith drove his Toyota to victory in Class 1-1600, got a third in the Limited Challenge, and his wife Rhonda drove the same car to a resounding victory in the Ladies race. Dusty nmes back a couple of positions, moving Michael Brue up to third. Taylor held on steadily, but on the fourth lap Brue moved into second as Hendrickson's motor started to fade, and he dropped to third, with Johnson on his bumper. Brue disappeared on the sixth lap, and Hendrickson's car started to smoke on the next lap, and then Johnson was past him. At the finish it was Taylor, who said his only problem had been a blinking oil light, while Johnson, in second, had found the course too slippery. • The next race was for Class 3, and there were 11 of the big cars, and to no-one's surprise, Bill Schirm and his CJ had the early lead, with Jerry Bundy in second, in a Jeep Commando, with a VB Chevy motor. In third it was Ron Hill, who briefly moved up to second, when Bundy spun out, but then dropped out. Schirm and Bundy then had a marvelous duel, often running side by side on the sweeper turn, and also coming out of the woods on the back of the course. They passed and repassed one another on the back side, and Bundy had the lead on the fifth lap, and the crowd was up and yelling. Schirm was back in front on the eighth lap, as Bundy's motor sounded a bit rough, but he was still running hard and right with Schirm. On the last lap Bundy stopped on the pit straight, but then restarted and went on without getting out of the car. Schirm went on to take the checkered flag, and Bundy was a belated second, thinking he'd lost a cylinder. It later turned out that a spark plug wire had fallen off. Schirm said he "couldn't have gone another lap", because there wasn't "much oil pressure left". It turned out that Bundy couldn't have gone another lap either, because, when he tried to leave the ·start line the car wouldn't start, and it developed that he'd run out of gas. The one seat 1600 cars came next, with 26 entries, and at least one unidentifiable entry didn't make it throught the start melee, rolling over after contact with another vehicle. But when they got around to the east side of the track, it was Greg Smith, in a Taylor, who had the lead. Jim Wiggins was second, Scott Taylor, in a Taylor, was third, and John Greaves, another Taylor, ran fourth. Jeff St. Peter, in another Taylor, had lost his right rear tire, and pulled into the pits. Smith continued to lead, but Greaves had moved up into second spot on the second lap, with Taylor· third and Wiggins fourth, now followed by Mike Seefeldt in a Berrien. Seefeldt soon moved into fourth as November 1990 Wiggins' car ran poorly, and he then dropped out. The four leaders stretched out the spaces between themselves, and got way ahead of the pack, ! which moved in a big clump, forever changing positions, and banging and bumping like amusement park bumper cars. On the fifth lap, as they began to catch the injured and lame, things changed a bit, and Greaves closed up tight on Smith's bumper, with Taylor and Seefeldt still third and fourth. But Greaves couldn't get by, and for the rest of the 20 minutes the lead group concentrated on weaving their way through the lapped traffic. At the finish, Smith said "Greaves filled my rear view mirror the whole danged way!" He reported no problems beyond popping out of gear a little bit, while Greaves, who used to race bikes, reported no troubles with his car at all. Taylor or-• IS . ' n . ' ~~In ... CENTER LINE --RACING WHEELS THE STRONGEST OFF-ROAD WHEEL MONEY CAN BUY! FAT Performance has in stock the largest inventory of 5-lug VW CENTER LINE wheels in the country. 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Desert truck racer Chuck Johnson hails from Illinois also, and he took his very tidy 5-1600 Baja Bug to a close second in the early race. Dave Vandermissen Sr. catches a lot of air in his Class 2 racer, and he placed second behind his son in Class 2, moving up late in the contest. Spencer Low brought his desert racing Nissan from Arizona to take the victory in Class 7, and he placed third in the Class 6 & 7 Challenge. r;w-was third and Seefeldt fourth. The next event was for Class 6, which is for American built passenger sedans here. There were 13 of them, and they take up a lot of space coming through that first turn. Fay Statezny, in a Chevelle, took the lead, followed by his ' buddy, Al Fannin, in another Chevelle, in second. Bob Hartwig, in still another Chevelle, was third, but seemed to have a little less suspension than the other two. Thornton Schultz was fourth. The two lead cars built a big lead, with Hartwig hanging in there, but landing so hard off the jumps that onlookers winced in sympathy. John Znidorka, who'd been running fifth, had to pit to make adjustments to his air cleaner, and dropped about five positions. Statezny, who lives in a house on the grounds of the race track ('is that heaven, or what?), continued to lead, with Fannin still second, but Hartwig ran into a tree, damaging his front end, and stopped in his pit for some first aid. Unfortunately, the repairs weren't enough, and he pulled out a bit later. Meanwhile there was a ood race between Thornton Schultz and John Schwittay for third place, as Schwittay tried .every way he knew now to get around Schultz. Statezny took the win, followed in by Fannin, who said, "I ran as hard as I could, and I couldn't get ya!" Schwittay slid past Schultz on the last corner, about 15 feet from the flag, to take third place. The next event was a combina-tion with the one seat 1650cc cars, Class 9, and Class 2, putting 21 vehicles on the course. The Class 2 folks, nine of them, started in front, and it was Art Schmitt, in his Berrien, in the lead, followed by Dave Vander-missen, Jr., in a homebuilt, then Kevin Probst, in a Berrien, Scott Schwalbe, and Dave Vander-missen, Sr. Probst moved up to second place on lap two, and then found himself out in front' as Schmitt stopped in his pit to replace an alternator belt. Schwalbe was now second, with the Vandermissens running third and fourth. They strung themselves out a bit, and Schmitt came back out exactly a lap down, running with them, and confusing them about where they were running, although they didn't know they were confused. Probst di eared on the fifth. Bill Schirm is a consistent winner in the S eries an e opped his Jeep CJ around the Brush Run track to a close victory in Class 3 action. The attrition rate was astoundingly high in Class 2 at Crandon, and a . surprised Dave Vandermissen Jr. won the class at the flag in his home-built but potent race car. _ yage 42 lap, and Schwalbe moved into the lead, but, because Schmitt was right there, and, in fact, passed him a couple of laps later, he thought he was second. The Vandermissens were two and three. Then, on the 10th lap, Schwalbe pulled off the track with a broken c. v., and the others in his class didn't see him park it. As a result, when they were flagged in for the finish, the Vandermissens, Jr. and Sr., thought they'd finished third and fourth, when they had taken first and second place. They were delighted to get the news, declared they'd had great fun racing with each other, and said the track was in perfect shape. Todd Wallace finished third, and Schmitt was fourth. In the Class 9 group the lead belonged to Billy Beck, who'd brought his Berrien Laser up from Texas, while Greaves ran second in his Taylor, with Lee Wuesthoff in a Chenowth, third, and Dan Badoux fourth. On the second lap Jeff St. Peter had moved his Taylor up to fourth as Badoux disappeared. On the fourth lap as Beck continued to lead, Wuesthoff went by Greaves. St. Peter also disappeared, and Dave Loffland, in a Berrien, moved into fourth. By now the leading Class 9s were threading their way through the slower and damaged Class 2 cars. St. Peter came back out, a lap down. Wuesthoff went by Beck, who was having some brake troubles, on the sixth lap, and now they ran in that order for another five laps, and then Greaves moved into second place on lap 11, probably getting by as Beck recovered from a near roll back in the woods. The finishing order was W uesthoff, Greaves, Beck and Lofland, and it had been a good, fast, exciting race. The crowd, which had been building steadily since about nine a.m., was packed into every available space, and yet more people seemed to be coming in all the time. The weather was picture perfect, with a few fluffy clouds floating in deep blue skies, and temperatures in the mid seventies. The next event on the schedule was for the Class 7 trucks, and the 13 of them had the track all to themselves. Jim Wiggins had his Ranger in the lead early on, followed by Jeff Kincaid, in another Ranger, and then Spencer Low, in his Nissan. Tom Hockers ran fourth, followed by Beetle Bailey, and then Scott Taylor in his Ranger. Kincaid moved into the lead on lap two, and Bailey pulled out as Low fell back to fifth, and Taylor moved up to fourth place. As Kincaid opened up his lead, Taylor moved to third and Low November 1990 came back to fourth when but the sweeper was another Hockers lost a brake rotor to a matter. Jason Janusz rolled his rock. Taylor was second on the truck, and when he landed, four fourth lap, but there was an other cars plowed together, into occasional puff of smoke from him. It took some doing to get it under his hood. Low, meanwhile, all straightened out. Kevin Probst who handled the turns better, was had missed the major pileup, but trying to get around Wiggins. in swerving to avoid it had hit On the sixth lap Taylor was someone else, which broke two gone with a blown head gasket, wheels, and let the air out of two and Kincaid had a long lead, tires, so he was sidelined early in already lapping the back markers, his snazzy new Chevy. Milan with Wiggins second, Low third, Mazanec, in another Chevy, had a and Terry Friday in fourth place. front flat and went in for a new They ran in that order to the one. finish, the best race being Low, In the meantime, Crandon whose motor was running hot, native Jack Flannery had his Ford trying to get around Wiggins for in the lead, followed by Brad second spot. At the finish it was Mihalko, whose Ford is highly Kincaid, Wiggins and Low. modified, and some felt, too Kincaid was later protested on the modified to run in this class, then grounds that the track width of Geoff Dorr, in a Jeep, John his vehicle was too wide, and the Heidtman, in a Bronco, and Tom protest was upheld. That gave Ferro, from Connecticut, in Wiggins the win, with Low another Ford. second and Friday third. Kincaid The concern about Milhalko's changed wheels so he'd be legal to car was wasted breath, as his right race on Sunday. front corner fell apart as he flew Bynowitwasaboutthreep.m., off the big jump, and when he the hillside was covered with landed the wheel and axle headed people, and it was time for the two one way and his car the other. seat 1600 race. They ran alone, Flannery built a big lead, with with 19 entries, and while they I Dorr, Heidtman and Ferro made it through the first turn with charging hard behind him. They no casualties, Michael Sorensen were lapping the back markers by was a victim in turn number two, lap five, and Flannery built up a the sweeper, as someone bumped big lead as he picked his way him and rolled him over, through traffic. But on lap nine flattening a rear tire. Flannery decided to put a little Greaves was up front, in the more space between himself and lead in his Taylor, with Greg Dorr, pushed the truck a little Smith, Taylor also, on his harder, landed too hard and hit bumper, and Scott Taylor right some rocks that tore his transfer there, followed by Jeff St. Peter, in case apart. His fans were still another Taylor. They ran that dismayed. way for several laps, with Mike Dorr was now leading, and it Seefeldt, in a Berrien, following in was Heidtman and Ferro behind fifth, but then he got bumped in him, and no one else was still on turn two, and rolled over, landing the lead lap. They finished that on his wheels. But something was way, Dorr saying he'd had a broken, and he was out of it. trouble free race, enjoying a The parade at the front carried slightly bigger motor than he'd on, and now Bob Renkas moved run last year, and some sway bars into fifth place. For four laps they to help the handling. Heidtman ran that way, with Renkas trying took second place, and Ferro was to pass St. Peter, and then they third. began to lap the slower cars. On Class 13, the front engined the ninth lap Smith tangled with "buggies", came next, and they one of them, rolled over and lost made the first turn too, but then three positions. So now it was Dave Vorpahl nosed in off the Greaves, Taylor, with a flat front jump at the start of the sweeper, tire, St. Peter, Renkas and Smith. and went end over end, sending Greaves held his lead, with Joey Sears up into the fence to Taylor and St. Peter close miss him. While they got all together, as Smith regained one straightened out, Tom Jensen spot, passing Renkas. On the went into the lead, followed oy white flag lap St. Peter got by Robert Flanagan, John Schultz Taylor whose left front tire was and John Konitzer. dead flat now, while he also had a But Jensen dropped out on the broken link pin on the right, and second lap, leaving Flanagan in Smith's motor quit. So, at the the lead, followed by Schultz, finish it was Greaves, who said Konitzer and Bruce Skilts who everything was'' really good!'' , moved up to fourth. thenSt.Peter,TaylorandRenkas. These fellows were having a The next event was for Class 4 , hard day, and Flanagan developed and there were 16 of these big, a rear flat, which slowed him so high powered trucks storming Schultz could get by, taking the through that first turn. They lead as Flanagan went for help. made that first obstacle all right, But Schultz lasted only one lap, as Dusty nmes

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Dave Hendrickson made the trek from California just to race his 5-1600 Baja Bug, and was in the fight until a fading engine dropped him to third. TexanBilly Beck took off like a rocket in Classes 1 and 9 and the Unlimited Challenge, led them all, but his best finish was third in Cfass ·9. Mark Steinhardt did well in both Class 11 races that held 30 entries, and he fought his way to second in both the Saturday and Sunday events. Konitzer got by him to take over, and now it was Konitzer, Schultz, Skilts and Pat Barney. Schultz was gone altogether on the next lap when a hose collapsed and his buggy overheated, so it was Konitzer, Skilts, and then Lowell DeGreef, who'd been gradually working his way up, after slowing to avoid the first lap wreck in his "Sha,Boom". Barney was fourth. By the eighth lap DeGreef was in the lead, and now it was Konitzer second, and Tony V otis in third, with Barney still fourth. DeGreef now led to the end, taking the checkered flag first for his win, while Konitzer, not far behind him, did a masterful job of getting his car stopped in the infield when the throttle suddenly jammed full on. He had to avoid not only DeGreef, who was parked there, but also a horde. of press and photographers who were trooping down to talk to the finishers. It turned out that his air cleaner had fallen off and a rock had got into the carburetor and jammed it full on. Konitzer was thoroughly shaken by the incident, but no less happy to have finished second. Votis was third and Barney was fourth. What has to be described as the main event of the day was scheduled next; the Ciass 8 trucks. For this the bulldozers came out to groom the course, and the water trucks did their dirty work, and the ESPN crews set up the cameras. There were 17 trucks, and as they came around that first turn they were about six abreast, and a couple of them, including Don Gregoire, Jr., ended up clear up on the bank by the spectator fence. Walker Evans put his Dodge in front, chased by Flannery in his Ford, Scott Taylor in another Ford, with no power steering, Pete Van DeHey, and Rob Renkas, in a Ford. On the second lap Larry Colburn's truck began to smoke, and he never came around again, while David Parsons lost control of his Chevy, slid off the bank and rolled almost into the water hole. · Evans continued to lead, with Flannery hanging in pretty close to him, and the two of them built a big lead. Evans was wowing the spectators, and this observer, by taking the first jump at speed, sideways and landing already set up and into the sweeper turn. He later said it was something he'd learned to do in the MTEG stadium races, and that timing is *' Scott Taylor started the weekend right as the Illinois based racer drove to victory Saturday morning in the hard fought Class 5-1600 contest. Class 11 two seat war, and he came back the next day to win again over another big field in the single seat Class 11 competition. Dusty nmes crucial. .t3rian Stewart, who was riding with him, said he thought it was slick too, but that it hurt his neck. From front on it looks at first as ifW alker's made a terrible error, and it's a huge surprise when he simply accelerates through the turn. As they say in the commercials, kiddies, don't try to do this with your own truck. Evans continued to lead, but on the fifth lap Flannery blew his right rear tire, and pieces of it tore off a brake line, and ripped up his fender, putting an end to his race. Taylor was in second place, while Renkas, and Dave Hockers in a Ford, were dueling for third. Evans continued to lead, not slowing down, while Renkas and Hockers crept ever closer to Taylor, and finally went by him in the sweeper turn on the seventh water trucks hadn't done any lap. But Renkas' truck was watering, so the track was in good beginning to smoke some. shape, instead of slippery as it had Evans had lapped nearly been in the morning. everyone else, and was rapidly Berard took the early lead catching Taylor, who now had a again, and Ramesh, still running rear flat to add to his troubles. the small front tires, was hard on Hockers, whose truck was now his rear bumper again, with Dave getting hot, was still pushing hard W oulf, in a homebuilt chassis, in on Renkas. third, Steve Thompson fourth Evans got the win easily, and and Sean Stanquik in fifth. Cory Hockers crowded past Renkas, Friday, in a Friday, got hit, and who'd had a flat rear tire for the pushed off the track, before the last couple of turns, in the final sweeper turn, and found himself turn, to take second place. So it almost dead last. was Evans, Hockers, and Renkas, The lead three held their all on the lead lap, and Taylor was positions, but Glen Mathews fourth, down a lap. · moved into fourth on the second The last race of the day, which lap, moving Thompson to fifth startedjustaftersixp.m., brought place, only to trade places again out the Class 11 cars again, this two laps later. Friday meanwhile, time with no passengers. There began working his way upward, were 27 of them, and this time the passing three er A Winning Tradition . In Off-Road Racing Bilstein gas pressure_ shock New Applications absorbers were firs\ introduced to the Dimensions Valving American market in off-road racing in el!rJ f::12, l2!i!!!S.tl12il2a li;Kl,IQ2II, B!i!'2,IQ2mg, the late 1960's. Over the past 20 AK1310 3/4"shaft 36.02 X 20.86 150/50 years, more off-road races have been 15. 15 inch travel won on Bilstein than any other shock AK 1320 3/4" shaft 33.00 X 19.48 170/60 absorbers. 13.5 inch travel Today, with_their proven record of performance, Bilsteins continue to be AK 1330 3/4" shaft 27.00 X 16.Ba 255/100 the choice of serious off-roaders who 10.11 inch travel coil over run to win. Now Available - Repair and Revalving Services. November 1990 Contact: Motorsports Department BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 • 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog send $2.50 Page 43

Page 44

. Al Fannin gave chase to this teammate Statezny all the way, but his Chevelle ended up second in Class 6 and out with 0verheat in the Challenge race. Dave Hockers is a top competitor in his Fords in SODA racing, and Dave had some problems at Crandon but he finished strong, second in Class 8. Mike Seefeldt is a top contender in 1600 racing in the midwest, and he sailed his Berrien to fourth spot in the 26 car 1-1600 field. ~,,;;w< Jeff St. P~ter is a rea1 points contender on the SODA circuit and he drove his Taylor Chassis hard to second in Class 2-1600 at Crandon. John Heidtman has forsaken his wild specials for a Ford Bronco this year, and he drove the Ford to a fine second place in the Class 4 action. Tom Hockers was the 1989 SODA Class 7 points champ, and he flew his Ford Ranger to a fine fourth in the Class 6-7 Challenge race on Sunday. i;s anci four cars each lap. Ramesh took over the lead on the fifth bp, putting Berard in second place, and Mathews disappeared on the same lap, and now Jerry Cote, in a Spartan Eagle, began to work on passing Thompson. He was in fourth p,Jrce on the n~xt lap, but a long way. back from catching the lead three. The leaders went on in single file from that point, all trouble free, finishing; Ramesh, Berard and W oulf, with Cote and I Thompson fourth and fifth. Friday had worked his way back up to seventh. It had been a long hard day, and as the sun set, the pit crews were busy making repairs so their cars and trucks could run again in Sunday's races. Sunday, which was a glorious day, with more fluffy clouds, a slight breeze and mild tempera-tures, got off to an early start with the first race at nine o'clock. This was the Class 1 event, with 15 cars, most all of which had already run before as Class 9 or Class 10 cars. The water trucks were abstaining, at the request of the o:t'ivers, who'd found yesterday's track too wet. So this time it was dusty, but only ina few spots, and not enough to hamper the racing. Billy Beck had the lead from the start, with Greaves, Wuesthoff, Schmitt, Probst and Bill LeFeuvre, in a Berrien, close behind. They held their positions for another lap, while in the back, Marty Jones, in a 1600 chassis, flattened his left rear tire. On the third lap LeFeuvre dropped back to last, and Bryan Bernloeher's car began to smoke, as the leaders held their same positions. Jones flattened his other rear tire, and then was never seen again. It was now Beck, Greaves, missing his power steering, Wuesthoff, and Schmitt, with James Struble in fifth place. On the seventh lap they began to catch slower cars, and the teaders, evenly spaced, began to weave through traffic. But Beck pulled into the infield on lap eight with a broken c.v., leaving ,-age 44 Greaves in the lead, and then Wuesthoff went by him on the next lap, to take over. So now it was Wuesthoff, Greaves, Schmitt, Lofland, and Dave Vandermissen, Sr. And suddenly Wuesthoff had a flat, and almost immediately, it came off the wheel. So, as he headed for the pits, Greaves took over, his motor smoking a bit, with Schmitt, cooling it, he said, because his motor was going sour and he needed to finish for the points, right on his tail, pushing hard. They went into the last lap with Greaves leading, but when they got to the turn down in the quarry, the second from the last turn, Schmitt got by him to take the win. Greaves was second, Lofland third, and Vanderrnissen Sr. finished fourth. They said the course was just right, not muddy and slick. Next came the Class 14 cars, highly modified four wheel drive racers, with a scattering of plain Class 4s thrown in for good measure. There were 15 entries, and they bounced off each other some in the start frenzy. Jack Flannery pulled out in front, with Brad Mihalko second, then Matt Foltz, in a Ford, and Geoff Dorr in fourth. On the beginning of the third lap Flannery and Mihalko made it through the first turn, but Foltz got a little wide, and got into the soft berm at the edge of the water hole, and stuck fast. That moved Dorr up to tlifrd. Flannery contin-ued to lead, and it took two laps for Door to pass Mihalko, and by · that time they were in lapped traffic. Flannery slowed a bit, his lead secure, and Dorr developed a right rear flat, and headed for the pit and a new one. At the finish it was Flannery, Mihalko and Dorr, all with 12 laps at the end of 20 minutes. The next event was the General Tire tire-roll, which meant that the straight part of the course right after the scoring tower had to be made into slippery mud so a bunch of crazies could roll tires over it., while trying to win a set for themselves. By the time they were finished the mud was slick as ice, nearly impossible to walk on, and not so hot for driving. And it was time for the Limited Challenge. The Challenge races are much like those that SCORE used to· run at Riverside, except that anyone who wants to enter, can, and they run for a big purse, which pays back very deep. They used to have only a pair of challenge races, one for the buggies, and one for the trucks, but they have so many entries now that there were five Challenge races this year. Each of them got a piece of the gate for a purse, as follows: The Rear Engine Limited cars for $4000, the 2x4 and 4x4 Production cars got $5000, the Rear Engine Unlimited cars got $5000, the 2x4 and 4x4 Non Production cars for $4000, and the Class 6 & 7 group for $4000. · The thing about the Challenge races is that for most ( unless there is a lady waiting to use the car in the Women's races), it will be the last race of the day, and no thought is given to saving It's go-for-broke, hot and heavy racing. The Limited Challenge con-sisted of mostly one and two seat 1600s, but there were a couple of 5-1600s and a brave Class 11 car. After a start that used up every inch of that first turn, Greg Smith emerged as the leader, followed 1 by Scott Taylor, Bryan Franken-berg, in a Taylor, Greaves, St. Peter and Seefeldt. Taylor worked on Smith, while Greaves worked on Frankenberg, and as they went through the tire-roll area the first time, cars slid in all directions, mud flew, and the course workers hid, but only one car got left behind. The rest made it through somehow. On the third lap Smith still led, chased by Taylor, but Seefeldt had moved up past both Greaves, who was fourth, and Frankenberg, who now held fifth. As Smith and Taylor widened their lead, Greaves got past Seefeldt, and Bob Renkas began working on Frankenberg's bumper. November 1990 On the fifth lap Greaves · was past Seefeldt, and heading for Taylor, as the main bunch of this group ran in a close pack, with a lot of pushing and shoving. By the end of the sixth lap Smith was corning up on slower cars, and now the spacing between him, Taylor and Greaves evened out. On the eighth lap Greaves had moved to second, and they ran that way, in a very tight bunch through the ninth lap, but then as Smith went past some lapped traffic, his shift lever stuck, and by the time he could get himself into a gear, Greaves and Taylor had passed him. At the finish it was Greaves, Taylor, Smith and Seefeldt. The next race was the Pro-duction Challenge, which meant that it was for the Class 8 trucks, Class 4 vehicles and Class 3s. There were 23 entries. The start was a rouser but non-damaging, and Flannery came to the fore, with Evans second, Greg Gerlach, in his Chevy, third, Kevin Probst fourth and Dorr fifth. Flannery and Evans pulled out a bit while Probst, Gerlach and Dorr stayed in a tight group. But on the second lap, Dorr pulled into his pit with terminal steering troubles, and that moved Foltz to Geoff Dorr builds his own Jeeps from scratch and he often wins. This year he took a nifty win in the Class 4 action, and also placed third in Class 14 with steering woes. • :::.,;.» • ' ' .,,;;;;~ . • ~ .: • Home town boy Fay Statezrty flies his Chevy Chevelle with great ease and Fay not only won Class 6, but beat the mini trucks to win the Class 6 and 7 Challenge race. Dusty Times

Page 45

The hordes of Class 11 racers always have close competition and put on a good show. Keith Bernard whipped into third in both events at Crandon. One of the many classes in which Scott Taylor competes is i Minnesota racer Greg Gerlach is a hard charger, and he flew his Class 8 in this spiffy Ford he just built, and Taylor drove hard to i Chevy over many Fords to third place in the Heavy Metal fourth in Class 8. Challenge. fifth place. Evans took over the lead on the third lap, and now Flannery, Probst and Gerlach were close together, Probst already having lost a fender. On the fourth lap Probst pulled out when he lost an oil pump belt and the oil light came on, and as Evans' lead widened, Flannery held second, Gerlach was third, Foltz was fourth and Taylor was fifth, and smoking a bit. Flannery had decided to run his Class 4 truck, instead of his Class 8,-because he'd thought the course would be wet and it might give him a little added advantage for the battle with Walker. But he had a funny vibration in that truck, and then he lost the front wheel drive on the first lap. As Walker pulled out, widening his lead, Flannery and Gerlach were having a good close race. After a couple of laps of fighting, Gerlach got in front of Flannery, but then, two laps later he fell back because his truck was overheating and he had to stop for water. So Evans took the win, followed in by Flannery and Gerlach. The Unlimited Challenge was next, with 23 buggies. There was a bi tan le at the to of turn 1, that ----'-------------------1 e ft atleast one car with a flat, but sounded rough, and Greaves a lap on about the seventh lap took over the lead, but by then his most of them kept coming on. rolled over in the woods, went a with a mysterious steering truck was smoking, and Statezny Beck had the lead, once again half a lap further and siezed his problem, and Ladyga took over made no effort to repass him, chased by Greaves, then Vander, motor. Vandermissen, Jr. was the lead, followed by Neborsky, merely staying on his bumper to missen, Jr., Schmitt, who had his now second, Schmitt was third, who was running hot, and then keep the pressure on. Low was Class 10 motor in, and Don and Wuesthoff went by Ponder to DeGreef, the first of the front still trying to get around Fannin. Ponder, from St. Louis, in a move into seventh place. engined buggies. DeGreef was But all Al had to do was set the Berrien. On the eighth lap Beck had a big running with an undersized Chevellea little aslant on the track As they came around turn one · lead, buthiscardidn'tsound well motor, having blown his race and there was no room. Many the second time, Wuesthoff and at all, and Schmitt was really motor on Friday. They continued times Spencer got up inside Vandermissen, Sr., who'd been working hard to get around in that order to the checkered flag, Fannin on the turns, only to have sixth and seventh, tangled and Vandermissen. Wuesthoff was and it was Ladyga, Neborsky and Fannin use his horsepower to ended up parked into the soft also working hard at passing DeGreef. After the victory circle squirt away on the straights, and berm at the edge of the water hole. Struble. interviews Ladyga stood looking they had the spectators standing Vandermissen got going again, On the ninth lap Beck was around at the .cars, a puzzled and cheering as the duel pro, but by the time Wuesthoff was gone, parked back in the woods in expression on his face, and said,· gressed, putting on one of the best movingagainhewasabout 18th. a big cloud of white smoke. "Whowonthisthinganyhow?"lt races of the day. Meanwhile, Beck was fending Schmitt was now in front and had been confusing. Kincaid's truck smoked more off Greaves, Vandermissen, Jr., Vandermissenm, who was second, The Class 6 and 7 Challenge and more, and on the eighth lap he was third, Schmitt ran fourth and began to sound a little rough. was next, and while there were disappeared and Statezny was Ponder was fifth. Wuesthoff Probst was third, and Wuesthoff two classes on the track, this was back in the lead, while Fannin and began to charge back up through was fourth, followed by Lofland, only one race. Statezny went into Low were now second and third, traffic, and by the fourth lap was in fifth. · the lead right away, with Jeff and still fighting a good fight. Low 11th. They ran a couple more laps Kincaid, now ~egal, chasing hard finally got around him on the On the fifth lap Greaves passed like that, with Wuesthoff trying in his truck and then Fannin, and white flag lap, but as he came out Beck on the inside of the sweeper to pass Probst, who now had a flat Jeff Polzin, in fourth. Except for of the woods his truck sudden!, turn, to take the lead, and now front tire, and Vandermissen Statezny and Fannin's the Class 6 stopped, and before he got going Wuesthoff was 10th. On lap six it sounding more and more unwell, cars all sounded on the edge of again, not only Fannin, but also was Greaves, Beck, and Vander, and without power steering. disastereverytimetheylandedoff Jim Wiggins went by in his missen, Jr., with Schmitt hard at Then, on the white flag lap, a jump, clanging and banging, and· Ranger, and then Wiggins even it, trying to move around him, Wuesthoff got by, not only obviously being pushed beyond got by Fannin, who pulled out and then Probst, who, like Probst,butalsoVandermissen,to theirlimitsabit. because he was overheating. Schmitt, had only a Class 10 move into second. And so, at the It soon developed into two Statezny, who'd lost his power motor, in fifth. finish it was Schmitt, with his races, with Kincaid trying to pass steering on the last lap, got the On the seventh lap Beck was Class 10 motor, Wuesthoff, Statezny, and Spencer Low, in his win, followed by a surprised back in front, ~though his motor who'd done a great come,from, Nissan, trying to pass Fannin for Wiggins, who'd had no idea he ' ' behind job, Probst on a flat, and third place. They went on that was finishing second. Low was also with his Class 10 motor, and ;way unt~l lap five, when Kincaid--;third, and (Jr' Vandermissen, Jr. with very little 1 of his motor left. The next race was for the 2x4 and 4x4 non production cars but of course, there was a smattering of production vehicles, if they still had wheels that would go around, entered here too. Although some -of the Unlimited drivers protested THE WRIGHT· PLACEk COIL SPRING YOUR FR.ONT END! Jim Ladyga drives one of the winged wonders from New England and he had trouble in Class 14, but came back Sunday to win the 20 entry Non-allowing the production class cars to enter, it seemed it must have been merely in retaliation for their lack of welcome in Satur, day's Production class race. There were 20 total entries in this event, and that made a big crowd. But they started dropping out early. Mihalko and his Ford,based car took the lead, followed by Jim Ladyga, from Connecticut, and then Flannery, in the same Class 4 truck with the vibration. Konitzer was fourth, and Norm Thompson fifth. Production Challenge race. Brad Mihalko hails from Crandon also, and flew his Ford based Class 14 winged special hard enough to place second in the class competition. Dusty nmcs Mihalko hung on to his lead, but Flannery pulled out on the second lap, when his engine went soft. Ladyga continued to run second, and now Thompson was third, but he spun out and Walt Neborsky, in a Jeep, ran into him, leaving him parked in the turn. Mihalko pulled out a long lead followed by Ladyga and Nebor, sky. By the fifth lap it seemed that Mihalko was slowing, whether to conserve the car, or due to problems, couldn't be guessed, but there were still long distances between the three lead vehicles. Then Mihalko dropped out for November 1990 The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on· Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit fC?r adju~tments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN Sf;>RINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 45

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Class 14 rigs are beginning to look more like trucks. Walt Bob Renkas is another home town Crandon racer, and he flew Milan Mazanec brought his Ford from Ontario, Canada to compete in Class 14, and his handsome Ford did all right, taking fifth in the class. Naborsky got his Jeep based creation around the track to around in the 17 entry Class 8 competition to place third at the second in the Non-Production Challenge. checkered flag. ---------------------r;r . mystified about why managed to get by on the fifth lap got it done on the white flag lap. his truck quit. No one else to go on and take the win. This At the finish it was Brand, Jensen finished on the lead lap. was her second win this year. and Suess. The Women's races came next, In the Women's truck race it The final events of the weekend and the first one was for the was Gail Brand all the way. Her are the Good Ole Boys races. buggies, with the Unlimited and Ford truck had been resurrected These cars are stock production Limited classes running at the after a crash and fire at Lake sedans which have had safety same time, 12 vehicles all Geneva,andmadeintoaClass13, equipmentlikenets,rollbarsand together. They ran only 10 with the motor relocated, and this belts installed. But they aren't minute races, as opposed to the was its first race since the redo. ailowed to do any modifying, are 20 minutes for the men's events. She took the lead on the second supposed to run stock compon-ln the 1600 class Rhonda Smith, lap and simply stormed away ents, and are not supposed to be Greg Smith's wife, moved out of from the rest of the field, followed worth more than $300. Most of the passenger seat and into the by Cathy Jensen, in a more typical the paint jobs are spray-can works driver's seat of the family Taylor Class 13 buggy, and then Marie of art, and show the broad strokes car, and led all the way, finishing Wilke, in a Class 8 truck, and of a two inch brush. The more with more than a half lap lead. Cathy Suess in Spencer Low's garish the colors the better they Tracy Crump was second. In the Nissan. Wilke and Suess put on a like them. Mascots sit on the Class 11 buggies, Paula Parsons, good show, and it was possible to roofs and hang from the bumpers, in the family car, led for three seeSuess,who'dneverdriventhat and many of them look like laps, but was dangling a broken truck before, gradually learning escapees from a destruction rear shock by then, and Terri how to handle it, as she tried and derby. One truck load came to Moser, in Kent Ewert's car, triedtomakethepass. Shefinally race loaded on a salvage hauler, Your own coffee mug, smashed just the way you like it, kiln fir~d with your favorite place, race, etc. You just tell us where ! These cups make great gifts for your friends, pit crew, etc. Remember, , Christmas is just around the corner. 6or ~M4s~E\) Al' TO ORDER-FILL OUT THIS COUPON AND SEND WITH YOUR CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO: THE MUGGERS CJO HILLSIDE RACING 5331 DERRYAVf #0AGOURA CA 91301 __ I Got Smashed At - With - By - Large mug @ $9.95 ea ________ = $ __ __ I Got Smashed at - With - By - Small mug @$6.95 ea________ = $ __ __ Regular mug @ $6.95 ea = $ __ __ Names on mug handle @ $1.50 ea = $ __ __ Number of letters over 35 per cup (not including handle name) @ .25 ea = $ __ _ 1 0% discount on any 12 mugs with same verbage · __ Shipping & handling @ $1.50 per mug California residents add 7% sales tax REMEMBER - CHRISTMAS IS JUST AT THE NEXT CHECK POINT Page 46 SUBTOTAL = $ __ GRAND TOTAL = $ __ =$_ $ __ :$ __ November 1990 simply stacked one on top of another. These automotive wonders race on the same track that the off road cars have used, complete with the jumps. They have so much fun that it's infectious, and every year there are more. Moreover, the off roaders can't stand it, and some of them have to get in on the fun, this year including Bob Bogdanoff from Armstrong Tire, and Olga Vernon, from General Tire, who had driven in the event a couple of times before. This year also, Marty Reid of ESPN, could stand it no longer, and challenged Olga to a race-off. He planned to blow her away in his (possible cheater) car, which he'd "borrowed" for a set of tires, and any prize money. There were almost two hundred of the GOBS, as they are called, and they "raced" in two 95 car heats. All 95 out on the track at once. When they became disabled, or terminally stuck,- the course workers belly up to them in a bulldozer and shove them off the track to clear the path. Sometimes they just sit there, one more obstacle to clear. Although your reporters watch-ed both heats, and enjoyed them immensely, we haven't a clue who won. We do know that the third place car in the second heat caught fire while driving ba~k to the pits, and, because he had his hood bolted down so it wouldn't fly up during the race, he couldn't put the fire out. His wife said it was a complete "meltdown". We also know that Bogdanoff had fuel pump problems, coupled with a natural tendency to be polite, and didn't finish. Marty Reid, on the other hand, had no problem with manners, but his car quit and wouldn't restart for a couple of laps. Olga, however, was the star of the show, charging blithely through the mayhem, and even driving one· lap with her hood· folded up over the windshield and obscuring her vision. She finished fourth, and Reid never stood a chance to catch her. There's already talk about a rematch. The weekend of racing at Crandon is a sensational show. Even the limited classes have so many cars and such close competition that there's always something to watch. The weather is great that time of the year ( unless it rains), the surroundings are beautiful, and the people congenial. It's all great fun! Lowell DeGreef drives a typical Class 13 ng, and Lowell won the class race and then took third in the Non-Production 2 & 4WD Challenge race. The Good Old oys unch had two 90 car heats and some celebrity racers. Doing the best of the non-regulars was General Tire's Olga Vernon and . Nissan's Liz Finnigen who were fifth in their heat in this sedan. Dusty nmes

Page 47

The -1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo Text & Photos: John Calvin Last September we were put into . range of around 400 miles on the ' really needs electric door locks a pre-production brand new Jeep highway. --and windows, and no doubt they Cherokee Laredo, and it was our The dash is well laid out, are optional on production first experience with the four everything is easy to locate and models. The glove box is tiny, but door model in this line that was easy to read. The tilt steering there is a recessed cubby box just , downsized some model years ago. wheel makes life a lot easier on a below it. Still there really is very As usual we combined doing a bit family car. The transmission little room to store anything of road testing with having a little selector is centrally mounted on needed on the fly. Last on the list, fun in the outback. We must the console and the 4 WO shifter even with the center console there admit we did a long arduous road is mounted just to the left on the is no place to put a thermos cup test and we did have a lotoffunas center console. The emergency when it's coffee time on the road. well. brake is mounted just aft of the There might be an aftermorket This Jeep was actually a five gear shifter, and all of it is within product that considers this door station wagon that was red, easy reach of the right hand. The problem. really bright red, with silver trim, Cherokee was also equipped with The 4x4 Jeep Cherokee is and it had a neat looking chrome a speedometer complete with a quickly replacing the family roof rack whose center sliders resettable odo, fuel gauge, battery station wagon, as this model, and seated in any of six positions, condition meter, oil pressure others in the sports utility depending on what you were gauge and water temp gauge, and category, represent the fastest securing up on top. The power- we do love a lot of gauges. The growing new car market, account-plant was the 4 .0 liter Power-Tech dash also had the usual warning ing for 15 .3 percent of all new six cylinder, in line fuel injected lights, and the buzzers to make vehicles sold in the United States. gas engine that develops 190 sure we were buckled up and that Of that category, Jeep has nearly horsepower. It has plenty of all the doors were closed. , 40 percent of the market. In the The engine is certainly peppy; the 4.0 liter Power Tech six cylinder was fed by fuel injection and developed· over 190 horsepower and had plenty of muscle for any situation. .. ;,, . .,,,,. <, ,,;,. · ·, i,ciifh½>-, The Cherokee was dressed in bright red paint with silver trim and the four door is a handsome town and country vehicle with plenty of space for the entire family. "'"" This all purpose machine will carry The dash ,,;"nelis well designed and you to the opera or to the outback, the full instrumentation provided is . and we found it had excellent easy to read on the road. The 4WD manners off the road on desert trails shifter is to the right of the Automatic and the four doors are keen for tranny shifter on the center console. stowing lots of gear in the rear. southwest the dealers feel the each step including the four wheel "Baby Boomers" are their big anti lock brakes, a great safety market for the Cherokee. They feature on any surface. According have grown up and want a family to dealers women represent a vehicle that fits their active life large percentage of the total Jeep style, that is at home in suburbia Cherokee sales today. Whether or four wheeling up a snow' · the vehicle is purchased for use as covered road. But, they need a car a family car or as just a practical that is big enough to load up with vehicle to own, many women children and play pens, but chic have discovered that Jeep enough to go with their designer Cherokees are· a fun and safe clothes, power lunches and alternative to cars. country clubs. We certainly enjoyed the brief The Cherokee Laredo was fun time spent with the Jeep Cherokee-and it handled.beautifully. It was Laredo, and with a base price with comfortable, the doors close with the goodies described around the sound of a safe locking, and $18,000, it is right in the ballpark there is no wind noise with the as a reasonable buy for a family windows up. Cherokees are vehicle that you can fit your available in five models, Base, teenagers into the back seats. We Sport, Pioneer, Laredo and thiok you might enjoy driving .it Limited, with bags of options at too. torque to get you out of on or off · The windshield wiper controls road trouble, and also has high are stalk mounted along with the speed response to help you on the cruise control, but the headlight open road. The engine is switch is mounted on the front complimented with a three speed panel. Just below the speedo are overdrive automatic transmission four rocker switches which and it is all hooked to the ground control the driving lights, the rear byasetofGoodyearP225/75R15 window defrost, the power Wrangler Radials. It is a nice · transmissionandtherearwindow combination in any conditions. ·.-. wiper, all of which show a nice Off Roads Winningest Radios OVER 1,400 ON THE COURSE There is a nice lever that is amber light when engaged. to reach to engage 4 WO in high or The bucket seats in front are low range, a neutral selection and fairly comfortable on the long 2WO selecton. A lamp glows on haul, and they have an adjustable the dash when any gear except back. There are four positions on 2WO is engaged, and, of course, the back, but they cannot all be the front hubs engage automatic- utilized when the rear bench seat , -all Y • There is a sturd Y rock is in its folded down position and crusher up front to protect the the bucket seat is well back on its front end geometry and the track. With the rear seats in their transfer case, and the transmission normal position there is adequate is well protected by a formidable seating for five adults as well as truss. having over 2 7 cubic feet of There are sturdy chrome tow storage in the rear. With the rear hooks front and rear but, from bench seat depressed into the what we experienced off road floor the cargo area enlarges to ' with this Jeep, you would be on over 51 cubic feet of storage. the towing end, not the towed There is also a horizontal cargo end, as this rig would be hard to cover which can shield your break and just as hard to stick in luggage or other possessions from the sand or mud. prying eyes or shield them from We put over a thousand miles the sun. on this vehicle in a fairly short For night time reading the time, and we averaged over 21 overhead map lights are bright, miles per gallon for the entire but have no glare to distract the excursion, and for sure in driver. The outboard mirrors are. September in southern California stalk adjustable, but should really we had the air conditioner going be electric. The sound system is almost all the time. The fuel filler AM/ FM stereo and has all the is on the left side, where they are usual goodies including front and supposed to be, and it is easily rear speakers, good tone and accessable. The fuel tank holds 20 enough volume to wake the dead. gallons, that gives you a cruising On the down side, the Jeep_ Dusty Times • HELMETS WIRED -$100 (Cf) Comlink V • • • f The Ultimate Racing Intercom November 1990 16 CHANNEL ROAD MASTER "A LEGEND" ONLY $53900 New! RF Pre Amp $95 30% to 50% more range/ 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 We' re next door via U.P.S.I (800) 869-5636 FAX (213) 426-3589 (213) 427-8177 Page 47

Page 48

Df5EllTRACE "l,1~PmtT Our club, DRS/Desert Race Support, has volunteered to work with the BLM on co-management of the Stoddard Valley OHV area, which encompasses the area south from Barstow to approximately Hodge Road, and from 1-15 going east to Highway 24 7. After attending a meeting held in our area on the draft plan for this area our club decided to get involved so that we are kept up to date on anything that might adversely affect usage for off road racing, and so that DRS as a race support club is able to provide input from the off road racers point of view. It is not our intention to try and upstage any other club or organization, as we welcome input by anyone, and their participation is welcome so we can all ·work together towards a common goal. We are only in the very early stages as of this date. The BLM Ranger we will be working with, Jeff Wilbanks, has indicated two areas of concern. One is educating the general public and the unorganized off roaders about usage of the area. Believe it or not, 70 percent of the usage actually takes place outside the bound-aries. The second area was in organized trash pickups as requested by the BLM. A few of our members have gone with the rangers on their patrols as observers, and have gained a new perspective and have learned something even though they have been in the area many times 'before. The BLM has no plans at this time to ever close this area to us, but with increased usage, this could put a damper on the activities we like. If your club or any of your members would like to help please don't hesitate to contact me at the address or phone numbers listed below, or Bill Dahly, who is coordinating things with the BLM. DRS, P.O . Box 1822, Apple Valley, CA 92307, (619) 247-0120, eves, ( 619) 247-5108, days. Bill Dahly, 23150 Standing Rock Road, Apple Valley, CA 92307, (619) 247-6732. By Rich Fersch Fourteen FAIR supported race cars left the starting line at the HORA Nevada 500. FAIR's best finisher among its six unlimited entries was grandpa Danny Letner recording a fine fifth. Tom and Steve Martin placed their Pontiac powered Raceco into 11th place. A lost fan belt clipped the alternator wires resulting in a dead battery just past Bonnie Clair. Steve said that the #101 starting· spot was a dream come true! It was probably the first time that Steve had ever seen the silt just lying on the ground. Aaron Hawley soloed to the 12th spot reporting alternator problems somewhere along the line. Bob Richey was out at Dyer but didn't know it. Mark Hamilton was out at about the 100 mile marker, and Mark Temple lost his torque converter early on. FAIR had three Class 10 cars running. Kirk Van Matre had Page 48 what was probably a fairly trouble free day and wound up in first place. John Hayes made it all the way to Scottys, reportedly in second place, when a lifter bore let go. Ray Croll kicked a rod out of the motor before Beatty and the resulting oil leak ended his day. Brian Parkhouse finished sixth in Class 1-2-1600 with Dave Massingham sharing the driving. Rumor has it that Brian's ultra light Mirage single seater will debut at the Gold Coast. Speaking of rumors. the folh .th~t should know are connecting Danny Letner's name to a brand new tube chassis-V 6-a u toma tic-class one truck style buggy. Tom Ebberts finished just behind Brian Parkhouse in his 1-2-1600. fAIR's lone Mini Mag, the entry of Scott Steinberger, lost a motor in the silt about 5 miles out. Rick Pew and Allan Bowen finished 15 minutes after the time limit in their 5-1600. They had a good run going until just after Dyer when the car ran out of gas. A Silverpeak local was kind enough to run a gallon of gas out to the car but they were down almost three hours. A dead battery after Beatty resulted in some additional down time. Rich Fersch with Jack Ramsey driving the second half were in a tight battle for the lead in ClassS-1600 when a two dollar part in the motor let go 40 miles from the finish resulting in a DNF. FAIR had seven pits at the Nevada 500, four of which did double duty. FAIR ~lso co-opted with the Chapala Dusters placing all their pits adjacent to the Duster pits. In addition FAIR staffed Silverpeak solo and the Dusters covered Dyer likewise. This action saved both clubs considerable manpower allowing for better coverage elsewhere. FAIR would like to thank the Martin Brothers whose friends in Goldfield arranged a nice pit location for us in Silverpeak. Reports from our FAIR racers give Danny Cau and HORA another A-plus for a job done real well. The course was marked excellently and the check points were well located. The Scenic Loop was just that, and the friendly rural Nevada people are always a real pleasure to associate with. A stiff breeze on race day would have been icing on the cake. Thank you Danny and HORA for a great race and thank you rural Nevada for having us! FAIR meets the first and third Wednesday of every month at the Holiday Inn, comer of Harbor Blvd., and the 91 Freeway in Fullerton. Meetings start at 8:00 and guests are welcomed. La Rana racers take note! FAIR has been supporting La Rana races! All it takes is five members to partici-pate in an event and the FAIR van rolls. FAIR has supplied at least one satellite pit per La Rana race. Join FAIR and full race support would become a reality. See you ~ 0Ff"•R8AO RA-OfNG 'l'EAM-~ : 'The Straight Poop From the Big W ah.roo' NEV ADA 500 RACE - In a typical hot and silty run from Pahrump to Beatty then a northern loop and back, the Club did not fare too well this year. We did have one class winner but he also had his troubles and did not finish the race. Seems Zambrano, in his • Cheap Thrills' Class 11 car, apparently put a little more emphasis on 'cheap' than the thrill of finishing. He seems to have skimped on gas on the final leg in and ran out about 8 miles from the finish line in his gas guzzling class winner for a DNF. This is really surprising since his co-driver owns a gas station and he must be getting some kind of deal on his Qas. Now this kind of screw UJ' could be understood if Saul was using some high dollar racing fuel, but since Class 11 's are required to use only pump gas there would seem no reason to run short ... Right Saul? Congratu-lations to Saul Zambrano and Howard Anderson. First Place Class 11, for the sixth points race in a row. Our other finishers were Seeley who got a fourth in Class 5 and Greenway who was sixth in Class l /2 and sixth overall. Good race guys, that is with the exception of Jim's co-driver who burnt his welcome out at Wolfe's Lathrop Wells pit with a stunt that could have caused some major prob-lems. Seems this non-Checker co-driver pulled in with an overheat-ing problem and wanted it looked at, but as about three pitters started reaching into the rear of the car to check it out this guy changes his mind and drops the clutch and roars off, leaving with all the members leaping for safety and checking to see if all their body parts were still attached. Hey Jim, ya might want to address this before some pits start right off by pulling out your coil wire before even asking what's wrohg. To his credit, this fella did send a letter of alibi and apology to the Club and the members involved, which was read to the members in attendance and seemed to smooth the waters a little. W hile we're on a serious note, the Club recently learned that Ron Graham passed away last month from an inoperable tumor. Ron had not been active in off road racing.lately but back in the late '70's and early '80's he was very active as both a pitter and a racer and dominated Class 9 in 1981 with wins in the Baja 1000, Mexicali 250, Cal City 12 hour and was the Class 9 points Champion in both AMSA and HORA that year. Ron was a typical Checker who was always willing to try it his own way and those older members who raced and pitted with him will always remember Ron Graham as the individual he was. Peralta is turning into a rea1' party animal. After his big success at his Checker party Barbecue at the Willow Springs Race, Lou has announced two more parties that he's putting on. First he's holding one for his son Lonnie at his estate in Woodland Hells, seems our ex-Secretary is having another birthday, and secondly he is putting on a big spread down at Rancho Santa Veronica for a ground breaking ceremony of some kind. Apparently he's starting a Mexican version of Motel 6 and also dedicating the biggest motorsports complex this side of Ontario Motor Speedway, located just east ofTecate. Where you may ask is Lou getting all this food?? Well the rumor has it that this time it was a Class 8 truck, in one of his last races, that came November 1990 around a high speed corner and ran smack dab into a flock of sheep! All Checker members are invited to stop by and check out Lou's latest version of 'mutton' tacos. At a recent large post race meeting the following proposition was put before the Club: A popular tire company offered to provide the Checkers with a hundred or more free tires throughout the year in exchange for being able to tell their customers that if they were using that certain brand of tires at a race they would be welcome to stop in for repairs and service at any of the Checker pits. After some discussion on the matter a vote was held to determine if this offer should be seriously considered and it was naturally voted down by a big margin. The only strange thing about this was that _there were actually 8 or 10 members that thought that this was a good idea and voted for it. The W ahzoo finds this very discouraging. It is amazing to think that there are that many members who value so little the effort it takes to become a full Checker member and the work it takes to earn enough yearly points to remain one, let alone the importance of being part of the Checkers and the · loyalty and tradition that goes along with it, that they would vote to allow literally dozens of non-Checkers, simply because they ran that brand of tire, to become part of the Club every time we go out to the races ... unbelievable. If those members are really that hard up for tires they oughta consider parking it for awhile and do some pitting, or maybe you can promote a couple of rears by tradin'em your sister? Shame on you guys! RACE RUMORS -Stuart Chase is said to be considering installing a new high tech digital read out speedo in his car for those tricky restricted highway sections that he's been having trouble with lately. Seeley is reportedly now completely convinced that furniture foam makes a damn poor baffle inside an oil reservoir. Steve Brown is flirting with the idea that it might be cheaper to pull one piston out of his Class l /2 Toyota motor and run Class 10 than it is to buy a Hew land trans. And finally, Harmon is said to be trying to figure out some way of installing some Bilsteins on his checking account in hopes that he can keep the pit fee checks that he writes to the Club from bouncing so high. BAJA DE LOU RACE - I've kind'na lost track of whether this was Baja de Lou #3 or #6 or what, so I'll start referring to Peralta's races by the area that they are held in. At this Baja de Lou de San Felipe John Brooks proved once again that he is definitely the guy to beat at any of Lou's races. Starting with this race last year, Brooks has picked up three overall titles and four Class 10 victories in a row, not to mention winning this years Pit Crew Championships at Willow Springs. John picked up the lead early but lost it a number of times during the running of the two 175 mile loops in a tight race with another Class 10 car, then finally pulled out the win. Hey John, when you're hot, you're hot, right? The Long/Long & McGeorge team fought transmis-sion trouble all day but were still able to put their 5-1600 Baja into the winner's circle at the end of 350 miles. Congratulations guys, Great Race! This race also saw the debut of a new team that had some big plans. First off they drew the #100 to be the first car off the line in the open Class 1/2. Next they planned to both be in the car for the entire race so they could both keep an eye on each other, switching seats at the halfway mark and predicting a first in class and probably the overall. A typical Checlcer lciclc ass attitude, right? Very com-mendable ... but in Pick's Class 5 car??? The first problem they faced was getting to the race on time and everyone knows Pick has some problems in this area. So who does Dave team up with that can help solve this problem, that's right Glenn Wolfe - alias Mr. Prompt.Well it worked, although just barely! Our heroes left the start on time and were running along as planned, first car thru Ck. #1, until 'Pick like' problems began and they completed only one lap. But while they were moving they made the W ahzoo a believer! So watch out Brooks, this duo could be your worst nightmare, especially on Wed-nesday nights if they ever get their act together down at Lou's traveling road shows. And finally, the W ahzoo would like to address the possibility that there are still a number of you non-Checkers out there that are continuing to read this column. This is surprising since I've repeatedly written that this column is for Checkers only, or possibly those interested in becoming Checkers, and have asked everyone else to mind their own business. But on second thought, considering the popular-ity of the Competition Review Board, it should be obvious that a lot of you folks out there can't even follow the simplest of instructions. Now I realize that off road people are generally interested in keeping track o f a winning organization. I also understand that other off road teams are always interested in making sure that they don't get too far behind the leader, and I also appreciate that most racers are interested in what the Checkers are up to since we're the guys that they often look for when in trouble and their pit is nowhere in sight. But hey man, you know what they say "If ya ain't a Checker, ya ain't #&@!%. But now don't get me wrong, this need not be a terminal condition of inferiority. I mean the Checkers are always looking for a few good men, men that race · hard when they are racing and are willing to help out their fellow Checkers when they are not. If ya feel that ya just may be of Checker material, you might want to stop by the Van Nuys Dugout at 14032 Oxnard St. in Van Nuys at 8PM on almost any Wednesday nite. If not ... Hey, some guys are Checkers, and some guys are 'Yahoos', and the Checkers don't need no stink'n Yahoos! Especially ones that can't even follow the ' simplest of instructions. 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Chuck Landers flies over the jumps on the back·of the course en route to finishing fourth in the Class 1-2-1600 heat, and he came out later to place second in the main event. The 1-2-1600 racers always start out in a tight pack, and this bunch includes Scott Viers, Chad Bertram, Carrie Bertram and Graham Jackson, and none of them finished in the money. Mike Jennings catches some good air over the jump past the tailings, and Mike flew his 1600 to third in the heat race and fourth in the main event. COLORADO on ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS The Central City Gran Prix By Ron Kiel Photos: Joanne Blair Tom Dunn had to fight for it every bit of the distance, but he avoided traffic woes and finished first in Class 10 and the hectic main event. in first and second, and Tony Brewbaker and Graham Jackson Jackson came back to take third. all moved past Jennings, but Leading here Tony Jackson ran up front in both the Class 10 heat and the main event, but he ended up third in the heat and the main. Close behind here Ken Brace/in had traffic troubles and got second in the Class 10 heat and the feature race. The Quad 250 A main event Jackson lost a left rear tire and was start was a free for all, but when it unable to hold the position. all got sorted out Scott Millsaps During the final two laps Bowers was first and Ron Cornforth encountered lap traffic, but was second. These two fought the able to move around it and hold entire distance, but Millsaps held his lead. Landers, who had begun the lead until lap 8 when to challenge Bowers, lost a fe Cornforth took over the lead and seconds moving through lapped won the race. Chris Olberding traffic and was unable to make a Last Labor Day Central City, Colorado was invaded by off road racers. The place is less than an hour's drive from Denver, but it sits at 9000 feet above sea level in the midst of the Rocky Moun-tains. The small Victorian town is a remnant of the Colorado Gold Fever days in the late 1800s, and now depends on tourism and special events to supplement the mining that still goes on. For the off road racer the 9000 foot elevation creates some interesting problems. Many teams arrive a day early, not only to visit the town, but to take advantage of the Saturday afternoon practice session to work on fine tuning the race cars. The Central City track sits in a natural mountain bowl and consists mostly of natural terrain and obstacles. There is a small pond in the infield and at one point the track winds around the tailing pile from an old gold mine. The setting is absolutely beautiful, and creates a wonderful atmos-phere for an off road race. Saturday morning started sunny and bright, but by mid afternoon the rain had started, and it continued throughout most of the night. Sunday morning dawned overcast, but later turned into a partly cloudy day that was perfect for racing. After the morning practice sessions, the race vehicles all lined up and drove into town for a parade down Central City's Main Street. The parade back to the track included several hundred people wanting to see what kind of race these vehicles were going to stage. . Racing started promptly at 1 :00 with the Quad 250 B heat race. Points leader Pam Cook jumped out to an early lead and was never challenged. Jason Dusty nmes Wiswell got up to second and Grady Artaz was third. Class 10 started out like a fireball with Ken Bracelin and Chris Strauch tangling spectac-ularly in the first turn. After that action tamed somewhat and when the checkered flag came out it was Tom Dunn first, Ken Bracelin had worked his way back to second and Tony Jackson was third, Chris Strauch had engine prob-lems and dropped out on the third lap. The 250 A Quads came next and the track became a battlefield. Ron Cornforth, the series point leader, got a bad start and had to battle his way back from mid pack. The early leaders were Scott Millsaps, Steve V erhow and Chris Olberding. On lap 2 Verhow got around Chris and never relin-quished the lead. Cornforth kept moving forward and at the finish it was Verhow, Cornforth, \.Hllsaps and Olberding. The 1-2-1600 cars came out with their normal vengeance. Heading into the first tum, Carrie Bertram and Dennis Blea tangled sending them both up the side of the mountain and leaving Carrie with a flat tire. Mark Johnson, Gerry Bowers, Mike Jennings and Rich Brewbaker started off in the first four slots. Although there were several shuffles and scuffles, the checkered flag fell on a similar lineup. MarkJohnson won, Gerry Bowers was second followed by Mike Jennings, and Chuck Landers had moved into fourth. After intermission the main events started with the Quad 250 B whose riders came out looking for blood. Series leader Pam Cook had to settle for third place after a ten lap battle with Jason Wiswell and Grady Artaz. At the finish it was Wiswell, Artaz and Cook with Hal Landry taking was second followed by Scott serious move. At the checkered fourth. · Millsaps and Dan Cornforth. flag it was Gerry Bowers first, The Class 10 main started with The final race of the day saw the followed by Chuck Landers, Rich Chris Strauch and Tony Jackson 1-2-1600 buggies put on quite a Brewbaker and Mike Jennings. getting tangled going into the first , show. Coming out of the first turn The awards were presented and tum. Tony got right back into the there was a multi car tangle, but it now everyone had a big decision race, but Chris developed engine was Dennis Blea and Chad to make. Would they head back problems again and had to pull off Bertram who got shoved into the into the heat of Denver and other the track. Meanwhile Tom Dunn tire barrier. Gerry Bowers came front range cities, or could they and Ken Bracelin were having a off the start cleanly to take the stand up to another party night in dogfight for first place. After five lead and never looked back. In the Central City? Everyone had to laps of running side by side Dunn early going Mike Jennings was make their own decision and the finally managed to establish a second, followed by Chuck :votewasdefinitelysplit.Round8 small lead. At the checkered flag it Landers and Rich Brewbaker. As , of the Colorado Series was now was Tom Dunn and Ken Bracelin the race continued, Landers, history. 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling~ design fo. retain stock asipear-ance and allow 34" tall tires. SCORE/HORA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Reinforced hood to stop distortion at speed. Racers Price Available. Pimple Die Sets now In stock-½" - 1" -1½" -2" CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 Orchard St. Cherry Valley, CA 92223 Curt Leduc, Owner (714) 845-8820 November 1990 Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing 8403 Vicki Road Rockford, IL 61108 (815) 332-~681 Page 49

Page 50

.IEEPERS .IAMBOREE It Was a Ladies Jamboree in 1990 Text & Photos: Jim Ober The7i~ girl team from Germany switched off often on the cockpit duties, and they had few mishaps along the rugged Rubicon Trail in the Don-A-Vee supplied Jeep. The Jeepers Jamboree, an off road tradition for almost 40 years, had an unusual "first" added to this year's event. The first all ladies off road team to participate in the famous Rubicon Trail Run, near Georgetown, CA, traveled all the way from Germany to take part in the 38th running of the jamboree. "This is considered the Mecca for European off roaders", said the Ladies Team president and spokesperson Ulrike Boss. "And we're finally going to do it!", she ,iq,id excitedly. The 38th version of the world famous event saw 400 Jeeps (and a smattering of other approved marques) and almost 1200 off roaders travel over some of the roughest terrain anywhere. The six person, all ladies team, which had its beginnings in Germany a year ago, was determined to do the difficult trip with no male assistance. Except for some mechanical assistance with a broken vehicle, they were successful in their quest. The team received vital sponsorship from BFGoodrich and Don-A-Vee Jeep to make the trip a reality. But Ulrike Boss had a special need. Her personal vehicle from Germany could not be shipped here in time for the Jamboree, and that presented a special problem, for Ulrike needed an automatic with a left side gas pedal. Dwe to bone cancer, she had lost her right leg some years ago, and drives off road with that special modifica-tion. It doesn't slow her down a bit. Luckily Clive Skilton, the owner'ofDon-A-VeeJeep, in the Los Angeles,area, and no stranger to off roaders in need, quickly said 'yes' to the project. The necessary modifications were made to the Jeep Safari model in US 1"011 .. se,v,u STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP. MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION R,..,..,,r,flt, IQ/'.((" }t,.tl/ 13----r;;:,,~~~~-~f;.;,}-c.1-ce· m"'-"-s -----------l-,;~-4'..J..SL.l.-;\>""'--h,,..J, L,-_,-""~-'?'~ ..;}b"-"9"--',~~'-,,,~"~'~.,,-, ' 533.l Derry fl.venue, Suite O, /\c_Joura, Cl\ 91301 6 Full N,,..,,.s and Cn,..plcle M•~•ng Add1u1 ol Publtihtr. Ed,10<. and M1n~g""g Ed,101 (T1ti, im" AIU.tT l'•Or H M.-JOl) r,,t.i;"~i.e, ,.,..,_. _, , ~-,.in, ,.,.,,,,.,, AJ.l-,uJ Jcun M. Calvin 5331 Derry /\venue, Suite 0, l\goura, Cl\ 91301 Jcun M. Calvin 5331 Derry /\.venue, Suite 0, l\goura, Cl\ 91301 $15.00 7 Owne, IIJ-tw.i lo,.,,.,,,,....,,.,._ ,u ---' U/,ru...., H 111111rd ,..,/ alw -.lltltrlr ~r,..,1,lu dt, _, Md .JdtrJHJ nfJlll/dJlll/l,lr!J Otnlialf W.,,..,., ) r,tt·n,,.., _, •1""'" -"{ _.,..,..I: 1/,.,,, ,..,-,11,:, • ,,.,.,,.._,,,,.._ ,lw _,,.,.J-' --'•rJHJ t>ftlt, .,._........., _,.-.., ,w ,ti...,,.. lf-4 I>:,•,.._..... ,., ,,.,.,., .. .,,.,,,,,,....,,,,..1 fi,.._ ;,, ,.__, .,.,, ...,,n.1. "' -n., 1M of rt1rlt i""'•-.dwil "'"·" 1,,r ,,..,..,_ If ,,w ,-bhtwnt/1< iJ pw,liJN4 It:, o .,..,.,.,.,., •1dlll:Mio,,. lu ,.,.,,,,,,,.,/,.,l,l,r_,.,.,,,.,1,r_,,,.,r,1Jf/rr.,,,,iu1lor,,..,,.,r,;tlj fulNa""' Compler, Addrau !11 slCICRacing Corp. -J"c"an~ . a v1n ~~vl.n fl. Kflowr: OQn:lh<,lde,5. Mo,19;,f"!<l"I, ond O!her $1cudly Holcl•rt Owi,ing o, Hold"'g 1 P11e-111 or Mol'I of Tot,I A'"'°Uf'II ol lland1. Mo1191ge1 o, Olhar Seeuuties/lf11,,,r,.,,,,,_,.,,_r/ Compfet• M ... AddrH■ one 9. fo, ComplehOfl by Nonp,ohl O.g.,.,,r11,on1 Aulh.ol red To Meil It s,,.ci..i A1t11 fDNlil s,,,;,,., ,lJ.ll ll/N:,/ The pu,poH, lunct,o,,, •nd nonprolil 11•1u1 ol 1hl1 o,91f'W11!1ot1 ■Ml I~ ... '"0' 1t•tu1 101 f•d•••I Irie-IIX O\.lfOOIU /Ol,ri _, , .. h1•n1 1nd N11u,• ol Cifcul11 ion /Mr ioul_,.,_, o- rrtrrM _,., A. Tot■I No. Cop111 fNrt l'rn1 /11-J 8 . P1,d 1nd/0t A•qutslad Cireul■tion 1. S11e1 1htou91'1 d•Mt1 and ,c:.,,~••• ll•HI vendor• and ,ount•• 111t11 2. M•~ Sub1cupt,ot1 tl'md.,.,t/MtrffWflrll) C. To111 P'•id 1nd/o, R1ques"d c .. eu111iofl r.;..,,,tHJOflfo,,,I/Olll! 0 . f,ee Orltnbuloon by Mltl, C■,rH!'f o, Othe, Me■n1 S1mo1u. Complitn1n1.,y. lfKI Olher F•■-C-oie• E Tot1I Oi111ibuhM/S.."'"1CIINIO/ f . Co11111 Nol o .. 1,ibu11d 1. Oll,ceuH,lelrov.,,UflKeOUflted,1poiltd1l•a,ptlnllng 2. Return ltom New1 Agonts I certify thot the statements made by me above are coriect and complete rs Fo,m 3526, rk<" 19~7 Page 50 Aver1ge No. c•11 EKl'l luut Durlflg Ae1u1I No. Coolt• ol Slng'-i In"' ,,.ceding 12 Moflltu Publilhed NH<HI 10 fillflo 011• 8583 9000 1734 1768 4360 4561 6094 6329 2298 2564 8392 8893 191 107 8583 9000 time for the trip, The team traveled to George-town early for a couple of days of orientation to the rigors of High Sierra rock crawling. The girls had never experienced anything quite like it; the roughest trails available for off roading in Germany are much easier by comparison. After their initial shock, they settled into handling the rocks and holes with surprising finesse. After a day of river rafting to relax, they were ready for the Rubicon. . In late July every year, hordes ofJeep drivers leave Georgetown and travel some 25 miles to the beginning of the actual Rubicon Trail, which begins at Loon Lake. There the leisure trip to famous Rubicon Springs usually takes about a day, and traverses through such colorful named spots as Little Sluice Box, Big Sluice Box, and Cadillac Hill. Due to the giant boulders on the trail, dented doors and rocker panels became standard equipment in short order. Broken axles and rear ends are also common on Jeeps here. Although some Land Cruisers and Isuzu Amigos were also allowed to run, low rear axle , While"'most of the heart of the run is tr,c y, this 1s t e most narrow part of the trail and it takes both great skill and a dose of caution to make it through without body damage. overhang is a must. · The ladies did some serious pre-running a few days before the run, and As a contingency, the Jamboree planned their moves for sections such as this one where one can tip over very organizers have maintenance _e_as_i...:ly_b....:y:__m_a_k_in_,g:__th_e_w_r_o_n..:::g_m_o_ve_. _______________ _ vehicles,withJeepparts,scattered locked axles are definitely Hill.Onceatthetopitwasaneasy along the trail, along with two recommended on this one. eight mile downhill stretch to helicopters flying support Aggressive treaded tires, such as South Lake Tahoe. On the way missions to fetch special parts or the BFG Radial Mud Terrains out, the ladies team passed many medivac out anyone seriously supplied to the women's team, · two wheel drive sedans and their hurt, which is a race occurrence. made tire traction one thing the I drivers making their way up the Also part of the highly efficient ladies didn't have to worry about. graded road, seeing how far they organizing team are 30 or so Wheelspin on even mud slick could get (and probably later overall clad officials on the trail boulders was nonexistent, and the bragging to their buddies that they called "Rock Rollers". These old Mud Terrains worked and pulled · 'did the Rubicon'). . timers give advice, roll rocks on whatever surface they hap-· Unfortunately, the Jamboree around, or just shout encourage- pened to be on; the extra expense organizers and other 4WD clubs ment at selected rough spots on of the right tires for the job made are now fighting with the ~ierra, the trail, and do just about the peace of mind well worth it, , Club to keep the trail op~n. anything else that needs doing in agreed the girls. !Despite the long standing executing this complex event. Despite the potential pitfalls j tradition of the organized event, The narrow passages, rocky anddangerstothatnewpaintjob, •and the popularity of the trail climbs and an occasional mud the remote lakes and sheer beauty 'with dozens of clubs a~d hole all help to rate this trail as of the area bring many hard core / thousands of off roader~ m 'most difficult' on any off road I off roaders back year after year general, they want to close tt to guide you might read about the'. once the bug has bitten. Speaking vehicles. Those interested (and area. The trail is definitely of bugs -be prepared for thatshouldbeallofus)inhelping recommended only for short mosquitoes, big ones! keep the Rubicon Trail open to wheelbase vehicles with stout After the hundreds ofJeeps and ; vehicular use should write to the skidplates, and even then the -their occupants reach Rubicon EldoradoNationalForestofficials most experienced driver can !Springs (now owned by the at the Georgetown Ranger expect a scratch or two. Some full Jamboree itself), it's a two day Station, Georgetown, CA. sized four-bys have been known camp out with plenty of good To enter next year's event, to make the trail, but not without food, cheer and entertainment, contact Jeep Jamboree organizer picking up a lot of battle scars. including a large dose of country and founder Mark Smith at(916) There are some spots that music and dancing. 333-4771. After this year's measure no more than 7' 6"' wide, . On the third and last day of the success, the Ladies Off Road whichhavetobeapproachedbya event, it starts with an early Team is planning other inter-45 degree angle, with no place to breakfast and another tough national off road trips, as well as a back up. Really low gearing anp rocky off road stretch up Cadillac_ 1 return to the Rubicon Trail. Ulrike Boss and her team held a serious strategy meeting The Granite Slab is one of the more famous obstacles on along the trail during the Rubicon warm up trip, which the Rubicon and crossing these ditches gives true was nearly as much fun as the run itself. meaning to 'think before you leap' type of driving. November 1990 Dusty Times

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Christmas Goodies Galore New Parker Pumper Systems 3" tube Truck Bar is a multi piece breakdown unit for easy shipping and installation. Send $3.00 for a catalog and price list to Smittybilt Inc., 2025 No. Lee St., Dept. DT, So. El Monte, CA 91733. XR Tech Manual & Catalog Al Baker's XR's Only #4 Tech Manual and Catalog is now available and full of serious four stroke paraphernalia. Relocated last year in Hesperia, CA, XR's Only continues its status as the ture changes. They are avaflable for a wide range of imported and domestic cars and light trucks, and remain in place at three times the legal speed limit! Send $2.00 for the catalog of the entire line of car and truck accessories, designed to protect your invest-ment with a touch of style, to Wade Automotive Products, Dept. DT, 1209 So. Major St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. New Auto Racing Book Just the thing for your gift to a favorite racer is the new Pumper Sidewinder Helmet, on the left. 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Get full information from Tele-Con Industries, LTD., 200-75 Albert St., Dept. D/T, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 103. Kukla Kartoons Kukla Kartoons is a new off road coloring book featuring off road safety to start the youngsters The Tele-Con Defender anti off on the right foot off road. theft systems is economical, of Becky Kukla has a tremendous superior quality and electronically variety of off road going motor-de-activates power to the vehicle's cycles, cars, trucks and quads engine when a would-be-thief featured in her 2 7 pages of tries to drive the vehicle. When cartoons to be colored at home or activated, the Tele-Con Defender at the camp out. The safety in off will cause the vehicle to stop roading message is clear i~ the running if the brake pedal is book, and this would be a really touched or the gear shift moved. keen coloring book for any The device also stops accidental youngster's Christmas stocking. movement of vehicles by children Send $4 .99 per book, plus $1.00 or other passengers. One model shipping and handling(California~ fits all 12 volt, negative ground residents add sales tax) to Kukla vehicles. It is easily activated once Kartoons, Dept. DT, 1105-B installed, yet unable to be by-Third Ave., Chula Vista, CA passed or hot wired. Suggested 92011. Coming Next Month ... HORA Gold Coast 300 FRT Plaster City Blast MTEG Stadium Racing -Denver ADRA Snowflake Buggy Bash SNORE250 La Rana Mini Baja 150 WR·c Rally of Australia CRS Pacenote Rally ••• plus all the regular f ea tu res CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES First off I would like to thank all the organizers, workers, competitors, and everyone else who has made the season to date a success. Great job and we all appreciate the support. I am going to take a brief moment to discuss the Stock Class Rules that go into effect in 1991. The basic consensus of the , group that was present at the meeting and others who shared I their opinions but could not attend was that basically everyone is happy with the present rules. We did clarify the dollar value for the car is still limited to $4,000, the value if questioned will be determined by the wholesale value of the current Blue Book with no additions or subtractions for optional equip-ment or mileage. In addition to this we felt it fair to base the value on the first model year that the specific engine, body, and induction system was offered. Example: 1986 Wombat 3 has the same exact body and fuel injected engine as a 1985. The CRS Stock Class Value is based on the 1985 car, however had the car been equipped with a carb in 1985 the 1986 value would be used due to the change in induction system. This may prove interesting to monitor, we'll see what comes up. Along with this we set up a process for the resolution for any claims or protests that may occur during the year. A review by the Stock Class Chairman and two other people who are not entered in stock class at the particular event will make a final decision on the eligibility of the vehicle. I personally think that CRS Stock Class has been so successful because we are a competitor run series, without any interference from outside interests or pres-sures. Take a bow folks, maybe someone can learn from this. EVENT NEWS - Gary Luke tells me that the November running of the Hollister event is looking real good. He should have all the final details resolved and be ready to go, by the time this is out. Roger Allison and Randy Hens-ley's Indio event has been moved to the December 8/ 9 weekend. Roger found out that a hunting group has the campground by Warner Springs reserved on the • originally scheduled prior week~ end and wesely decided to shift the date. This will be two Co-efficient three events with the Saturday event being desert and the Sunday event being run in the mountains. Page 51

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... GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY Bob •"ON MAN' Behrens ~71.4) 678-4649 By Behrens METAL SHAPING OFF-ROAD, DRAG RACING AND VINTAGE RACE CAR BODIES 4072 CRESTVIEW DR. LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 . MOTOROLA RADIUS RADIOS PERFORMANCE, RUGGEDNESS, 3YR WARRANTY RADIOS IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY CALL FOR ADVICE OR RECOMMENDATIONS 16 YRS RALLY COMPETITOR/POR ORGANIZER Fred Anderson/Anderson Communications 1009 W Bluff, Marquette Ml 906-228-6006 -"8■-■ ■ FUEL CELLS (800)-526-5330 TOLL FREE 1ORDERDESK I AUTOCRAfT ENG•~·E§ PARTS"~ SERVICE · Manufacturing Facilities La Habra, California 1100 CUSTER ROAD TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 1-800-356-6586 Ohio 1-800-356-1546 ·Perfonnance Products Fiberglass Fenders & Hoods• Urethane Bushings & Hood Pim, Pop-up Roof Light Kits • V-6 Kits for Mini Trucks Off-Road Truck Fabrication Product Catalog $3.00 TOM MINGA FABRICATION & REPAIR1 CUSTOM ROLL CAGES\ OFF~OAD RACE PREP FLAME CUTTING M.I.G. ~NG TUBE BENDING . DISTRIBUTOR FOR: BILSTEIN SHOCKS HELLA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE 741 ROSALIE WAY, EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92019 • ~19-445-5764 Helmets And (714) 650-4566 2365 Norse, Bldg. #8: Costa Mesa, CA 92627 . MOVING? Don't · miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Oki '.md New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite o Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOLBAGS• HARNESSPADS ALL SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 BRAZEAU VIDEO 34462 Via Gomez Capistrano. Beach California 92624 (619) 562-1740 10996 N. V:lood•side . Ave. Santee, CA 92071 ·Mark M. Brazeau 714/493-2160 619-583-6529 BY APPOINTMENT Of:lL Y RACE CAR SALES • CUSTOM FABRICATION • RACE CAR PREP 6630 MacARTHUR DR., SUITE B • LEMON GROVE, CA 92045 ~!?VE G~E WINNING.!iE! ~ USTOM 1f\:i,h1\\D;/mtrtr§ JACKETS • SWEATSHIRTS • FANNY PACKS BY DESIGN SCREENPRINTING VAN NUYS, CA. ( BIB) 908-1503 C & M OFFROAD & TRUCK CENTER OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE INC. •~•·.-~FEATURING ,. . . · .. -~ DICK CEPEK . . PRODUCTS • Auto/Manual Custom Transmission Welding • Engine : &- • • • Accessories Metal Fabricali0r1 PARTS AND SERVICE FOR ALL 4WD'S Salilleclan ACCESSORIES (818) 504•0306 ·, SlJt4 Gua,a,-SERVCE (818)'767-0588 VALLEY · Comer of Lanklnhlrn. ~ Ave. 8540 LANKERSHIM BLVD. 2Blla.So.of5Fwy CHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiJ-f tACING PRODVCTS. IN_C. Check the Record; The Winners; Choice; #1 in Racing and Recreational ehassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 619-449-2991 FAX 619-449-7103 'OCNC~ Ma;;.:~~;:C:t<h Podal /u,y • , ~ Master Cylinders · ---------~ Slave Cylinders , Cutting and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Ptdals and all of our accessories. CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 275-1663 Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 ~---~1a. ~~----=ff CDOKBROll-&SR/Cf\G • OFF ROAD FABRICATION • BENDING, WELDING SHOCK FINS WAYNE COOK (805) 947-4727 3640 E. AVE. T-6 PALMDALE, CA 93550

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==101 ==D:JVis --.--- -- -- -- -- -'RACING PRODUCTS CUSTOM RACING RADIATORS All Aluminum Rabbit Replacement Radiators Send for a free catalog 2905 West Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 269-9194 (800) 842-5166 DE UNZIO RACING PRODUCTS HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 DE/.ciN.I"" IN LINE/ .HI-TECH HAND LETTERING & PINSTRIPINCi° TIM llAHTEI~ · (714) 255-8113 '--~ -;fDE/ICiN.r VINYL LETTERING & GRAPHICS ~/ 655 No. Berry Street, Suite E, Brea, CA 92621 JOHN VERHAGEN'$ IDJTRBNS.IIXLES PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS. 14579 Dos Palmas Rd. (619) 951-0494 Victorville, CA 92392 TRICK SHOCKS FOR: Single, Double. Triple. Quad Applications. Take-Aparts & Remote Reservoir Kits. · 10728 Prospect Ave. "B", Santee, CA 9207' • (619) 562-8773 14582 GOLDENWEST UNIT F WESTMINSTER,. CA 92683 Bob Cassetta FABRICATIONS JOSE LUIS RODRIGUEZ (PEPE) . (714) 895-6020 Don Rountree 825-0583 .888-2703 "?§~ . _ 408 S. Arrowhead Ave.' ....... ._ 'SAN BERNARDINO, CA . 92408 Get the word out about your business, big or small. . Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $18.00 per month. FREE-STANDING. RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHEL TEAS . THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS·SIZES & COLORS (714) 981-9666 . 963 SEABOARD COURT, UPLANQ. CA 91786 ~&1,/IAt:INO ffj FUEtJ.,..,.• -213-603-2200 () ~ OENNIS WAYNE ~>. ··~ .n ..... ~-•...•• . • ~ .. PORSCHE PARTS R£-IJCA8LE V. W. PAim 1U523 SHELDON ST. 768-4!5!5!5 SUN VALLEY. CA 913!52 (619) 669-4727 Alfftr,r,,-~ oet Your SfflYI' Togetherl ~r:<{~~;__-----F ORT l rt TRArtSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, callfomla 920.35 ~ Doug Fortin (408) 377-3422 Custom Shocks Built to Your . Vehicle's Specifications l'OX RACING SHOX 544 McGlincey lane, Unit 8, Campb11/I, Calif. 95008 1989 ATV/BIKE/ODYSSEY CHAMPIONS - FRT SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES PRO SPORTSMAN DAVID ROYS OPEN BIKE DEWEY BELEW ROB NOLIN 250 BIKE SCOTT PHILLIPS CRAIG SMITH 125 BIKE DEVIL LEONARD TOM MOEN VET BIKE MARK McNUL TY MIKE HARPER SR. BIKE TOM f'.'JOLAN HIMEY MEANS SUPER SR. BIKE GREG BRINGLE ATV ROB NIEMELA ODYSSEY RAMBO VISKOE 1989 BUDWEISER/FRT SUPERSTITION SERIES CHAMPIONS DRS/ Desert Race Support '""" • Class 9 -Jeff Bennett • Looking to get involved in of -road racing.? Our Class 1/2-1600 -Scott Webster club needs me'n and women who want to help Unlimited -Jeff Wright • provide pit support for club racers. For more Class 10 -Bill Hammack Class 5 - Greg Sanden information, call Craig Lane at (619) 247-0120 Class 100 -Jeffrey Schwaia eves or write: Class 5-1600 - J.A. Ashley DRS, P.O. Box 1822 Class 8 -Perry McNeil Apple Valley, CA 92307. Class 7 -Jon Hurley t---------------------t-----------~;__ ______ 4-____ ...:M'..'..'.i~ni~M~a~g-ScottSteinbu.-'-'r"-'e:.:...r _____ --1 DRIVELINE SERVICE INCORPORATB> SPICER' -$:-(714) 877-6491 SPICER" ~ PARTS AND SERVICE ON AUTO, TRUCK, INDUSTRIAL, CN AND FRONT WHEEL DRIVE UNITS MANUFACTURING BALANCING CUSTOMIZING FAX (714) en~ California Watts 1-800-248-4238 Continental U.S. Watts 1-800-525-0395 24 Hr. Emergency Call Out Svc. (714) 876-3107 1750 S. Lilac Ave. Bloominglon, CA 92318 P.O. Box 1090, Colton, CA 92324 \LLE SAFET DRIVING SUITS #It SEAT BELTS NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNOERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 Fuel Bladders Dump Cans 5271 Business Or. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Quick FIiis Std. FIiis (714) 897-2858

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OFFICE 362-4202 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89103 RON BRANDT Torrance, CA 213-328-3595 SO-CAL PERFORMANCE Downey, CA 213-862-91 22 800-277-7 409 MANUFACTURED IN CHARLOTTE, NC ~Hm~YT Rod Ends • Rebuild Specialist_ (714) 979-6631 1 1661 Martens River Circle, Unit "H", Fountain Valley, Ca 92708 HOUSE of BUGGIES 9925 Prospect Ave. Santee, CA 92071 • 619-589-6770 MP/i 1VE LINE SERVI THE COMPANY DRIVERS KEEP ONTARIO 4035 GUASTI RD. ONTARIO, CA 91761 (714) 983-7838 CORONA 1540 COMMERCE ST. CORONA, CA 91720 (714) 279-8026 Lee (714) 522-4600 (714) 522-4602 dlflllflild V. W. Service REPAIR O PARTS O SERVICE 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 JG TRANSWfRKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' ~II I I I~• I~~•~ •~ I~• I I I I I 0 Jde Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit O Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240 JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 HONDA Power Equipment JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR ,SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. PiOFFEs.s/ONN.. ~,1C£/?S Ol$<<>1J/I/T" oN AU. 6.ENEl?ATO~ ART KAWAGUCHI 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 FAX PHONE· (213) 264-3936 (213) 264-5858 • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL"CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICATION 825 N. GLENDORA AVE. COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax (714) 444-1622 MENDEDLA RACING Volkswagen -Porsche -Hewland Off-Road & Stadium Racing Transmissions Parts & Service 10722 Kenney St., Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-9010 FAX: (619) 562-9079 Brackets & Components for Chassis Fabrication Pro-Clamps• Battery Boxes• Radio Mounts Pedal & Shifter Mounts • Skid Plates Aluminum Floor Boards • Scoops & Shrouds Shearing -Punching - Forming Sawing -Tool Grinding -TIG & MIG Welding STEVE WRIGHT Riverside, Calif. (714) 351-2515 ¥\\\\\ ~ PERF DRMAN CE .Mil ~P~TG Import Parts & Service Import Machine Shop Import High Performance Parts, Service & Machinery 42425 5th St. E. Unit C Lancaster, CA 93535 (419) 476-3300 110Q Custer Rd. At Laskey TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 Wholesale 419-476-3711 Bill Varnes 805-940-5513 Fax 805-940-5514 «··~ 42425 5th St. E. Unit D Lancaster, CA 93535 Racing Product, Pete Alamar 805-940-5515 Fax 805-940-5514 Jim Moulton Radng1-■ Off road racing chassis ■ Fabrication and repair ■ Fox shock parts and service ■ Race Car Prep 26846 Oak Ave., Unit G Canyon Country. Calif. 91351 (805) 298-1212 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils • Heli-Core Wires • Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1,490 Henry Brennan Or., El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 857-5200 AUWS ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CARS TRUCKS NATIONAL SPRING COMPANY, INC. 10229 Prospect Aue. Santee, Californin 92071 A COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SPRING SERVICE Leaf Springs Custort1 Made & Repaired Shocks & Coil Springs Sold & Installed Blocks and U-Bolts made to order Off-Road Suspension Urethane Bushings Beeline Alignment and Wheel Balancing MOWR HOMES (619) 449-ARCH 4 X 4's

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I OFF ROAD CHASS.IS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO Df1.. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 WO VANS & P1CKUPS & MINI TRUCKS PRE·RuN TRuCKS • CusTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION No BLOCKS USED • WELDING & FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 761-9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT -~~ (p[E~0{]~[1[1 1660 Babcock Bldg. B Costa Mesa. Ca 92627 . (714) 650-3035 Fabrication ..J Coil Over Suspension .✓ FoxShoxPartsAndService' ' ✓ Race Car Wiring ✓ Race Car Prep. ✓ Tum Key Race Cars Petro Tech U.S.A., Inc. ( PE~~'?~-rf Clf) Allan Martinelli George Daland ===--=-~~ Dry Film Lubrication (714) 582-3771 P. 0. Box 7450 72 Seaspray North Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-7450 FAX 714-495-8'27' FUNCTIONAL AFTER-MARKET PRODUCTS = Dean Galloway 11532 STEPHANIE (818) 769-0921 714-SSl-8286 LARRY WINTER SHOP GARDEN GROVE, CA 92640 Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 Anaheim Hills Family Dental Center (714) 998-2553 ~--Di\VID Qi\MOCIN6KI. D.D.6. 438 N. Lakeview Ave. Anaheim Hills, Ca. 92807 RACING LUBRICANTS DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE SERVICE AUTO PARTS Palm Desert 44-M0 San Pablo Yucca Valley 56313 29 Palms Hwy Palm Springs 67-390 Ramon Rd. t---------------------+ Desert Hot Spr 13-175 Palm Dr. Indio 81-096-A Hwy. 111 (619)346-0694 (619)365-0813 (619)323-1879 (619)329-1446 (619)347-3379 (619)328-2183 (714)441-1212 I (714)883-8891 (714)750-2802 ' (213)390-9086 (213)370-5552 (714)558-9393 (714)635-1431 FAMILY RESTAURANT Over 40,Years - ·he best in the Desert Coffee Shop -Steak House -Watering Hole Saloon 24 Hour Service Station BAKER, CALIFORNIA PROBST on Road Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX ILLINOIS 60451 18151 485-RACE 172231 Cathedral City 68-887 Hwy. 111 McKenzie's Anaheim Moore Racing San Bernardino OffRoad Supermart Westminster Dirty Parts Culver City Racecrafters Lawndale Tustin Honda Tustin Bryce's Auto Anaheim RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CO. 3450 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez, CA 94553 TEL (800) 624-7958 RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W0 Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914's . (213) 583-2404 wJ ~i1JPsERvtcE, ,~c. ~ ~ETAL PROCESSING 5921 W;lmington Avenue Los Ange/es. Ca/iforn,a 9000., SANOBUIST M~rk Sn:iith ~ GLASS BEAD FLOURESCENT INSPECTION '-·'":I:~. ··-- · ---MAGNETIC PARTICAL Larry Smith. S<U ~ .~"99'1~-~ • 1533 Truman Street San Fernando. Ca. 91340 Phone: (818) 361-1215 (818) 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 I •OUTLINES •NUMBERS • CUSTOM LOGO'S • DROP SHADOWS • SPONSORS LOGO'S • WINDOW BANNERS • CUSTOM LETTERING 714 539-5162 NEW LOCATION IN ORANGE COUNTY rSIMPSOM t ' .. RACE PRODUCTS 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd., 'C' Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 630-8861 LEADED/UNLEADED Anaheim, CA ............•......•........ (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . (800) 462-9499 ' Brawley, CA ............................. (619) 344-2550 Chino, CA ............ -~ ................. (714) 628-7596 El Centro, CA ............................ (619) 352-6961 Fullerton, CA ............................ (714) 635-5553 Lancaster, CA .. .. . . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .. . . . .. . (800) 462-9499 Las Vegas, NV . .. . . .. . .. . . .. . . .. .. .. . . . .. (702) 643-9200 Paramount, CA .......................... (213) 531-019~ Phoenix, AZ . .. .. .. . . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. .. . .. . (602) 278-2693 Santa Barbara, CA . .. . .. .. .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . (800) 462-9499 San Diego, CA ........................... (619) 691-9171 Riverside, CA ............................ (714) 877-0226 Ventur.a, CA .... · .......................... (800) 462-9499 FOR DELIVERIES LA/ORANGE COUNTY CALL (800) 462-9499 . ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT SPORTS RACING • P.O. BOX 7835, LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 (714)363-1236 ----

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------------:::---r:..-:...-:...-:...-:...-:...-:...-:..-:..-:..-:..-:..-:..-:...-:...-:...-:...-:..-:..-:..-:..-:..-:..-:..-:..-=-.~ - andrew p. cohen !(ACE TNANS BY JEFF FIELD'S Northern Calif oriltaBffroad Experts. Tnfi·N~dxLE HORA/SCORE Points Championship Winners I I~ ~ Engineering,fabri;a'tion & -ENGINEERING preparationn)'PEll,lV,911&all * -I Toyota ~ered car~• Sl,!spens,on: t &.drilre ro<feset.'°'p • FAT , . 203f E. First St .• A-7. Santa Ana, CA 92705 • 714/558-3304 • FAX 714/953-6107 JEFF FI ELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 91311 Unlimited Recreation ·············~-::t::I:] Affordable prices on Homes and Land and Commerc.J.. 1 : Investm7n ......... ~ .... -• • II gas • Opportunities. Servin ...... the high desert, · ::\\::::\::::•: Ti-iE LEADER :i~l~·~f -:::>:::::-:-:_::-:-:::-:-:•·FUELS RACE PROVEN IN OVER ..... -::. :;:/:://::-:-:::::::::>:<•: 10 MILLION MILES Of:::::·:·.::::~::::::; - 12165 Kiowa Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92308 Craig Lane (619)247-5108 (619)247-0120 res. RICHARD LILL V LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabncat1on * Flame Cutting * Front Ends * Custom Chassis * Race Prep * Custom LI-Weight Trailers Mlg'r ot Blue Flame Products (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 'SINCE 1933 C. A. TAYLOR !CHUCK) 240 N. OAK ST.-G-ORANGE, CA 92667 (714) 997-1778 LUBRICATION FORMQLATED FOR SEVERE SERVICE IAGG1TEAA4 Off Road Products and Preparation Downey • Doetsch Tech • Bi/stein• Smittybilt • KC Lites Baker Products • Cal Gold Products• Conner Products• Super Trapp Suspension • Engine• Drive line• Fiberglass• Clutches Tires • Wheels • Safety Equipt • PreRunner Lifts • Installation 670 W. 17th, Unit G-5 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (714) 63 1-8244 Trackside Photo, Inc. Jim Ober (213) 670-6897 Commercial Photography P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 : : .·.·.·.::. ·.·.· · CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION . ·:-:-:-.• ::::<·.·.·.·.· Fo~ information and a distributor near you, call . . . . . . 1-800-444-1449 .. : · . .':~-:::: ytPJ UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/449-9690 ------OUR DEALERS------L.AAREA McKenzie's (714) 441-1212 St. Peters Off Road (414) 285-3218 Anaheim, CA Pon Washington, WI . V W ON LY t!iAm1uttleA:A 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA VW - RABBIT -BUS· AUDI PARTS NEW & USED REBUILT ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS DUNE BUGGY CHASSIS & PARTS (619) WALKER EVANS e( RACING SHOCKS ~i(\~ 1/ MICKEY THOMPSON GRAND PRIX MOJAVE . MINT . • EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE • 3" DIAMETER • 8"-14" COIL OVERS • COMPUTER SUSPENSION DESIGN ASSISTANCE KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LONG BEACH, CA. 213 595 0661 '!'IC PAINT IIN" COJ1TINGtJ~GRAPIIICS* HJGOS * · •~ TO Ma MAIN!J'~J'• Si~ll¥Nt:*J1hlR1Nt;!c ' "~$rt MY0WB11ForFiek.1Ip~ ·619• 0 ~rmanceproducts WAmturs & engines• Fox Shox~~ "' service• We end9fSe''TAEAD' u GHTL v~0rni ve:. , , , , o u; .! ~ --~-E -~l . Ph. (415) 367-0808 •f-'.AX (415) 367-0866 SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 741•6173 Engine & Machine 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 ''l'HE WINNERS CHOICE WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication lo performance and quality keeps ,you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street , strip and off-road or send $3 for the complete ---""" catalog. mwEB-CAM · 1815 Manachuaetts Ave. 'W':RFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS , ~~~-~~.::~~!~!°!,,~~-.•!'<IH (714) 369-5144_i ~ - • DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS 570° RACING BRAKE FLUID DISC BRAKE PADS FRONT VW DISC BRAKE KITS BRAKE PEDALS REAR VW DISC BRAKE KITS CLUTCH PEDALS PROPORTIONING VALVE COMPOSITE MASTER CYLINDERS POWER STEERING 461 Calle San Pablo • Camarillo • CA • 93010 805 • 388 • 1188 -~_:_..~~ ? -=~~-~-(_·/ JAPANES~ ~ACING E~~~fs DEVELOPMENT & DVNO FACILITY PARTS AND TUNING Pfl()OUCT58Y r-., ff155 537 West Main Street JIM WOLF El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0630 WOODS WHEEL WORKS Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Speclallsts • Custom Wheels 1602) 242-0077 2733 w. Missouri Phoenix, AZ. 85017 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is :i grr:it traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 91 301. (818)-889-5600

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RACING FOR DOLLARS , Selling Yourself Into The Fast Lane By Homer Eubanks A few years ago I was involved in the process of securing a major sponsor for one of off road racing's up and coming stars. During this time I devoted myself to reading everything related to sponsorship. Part of the process involved talking with some noted individuals on the subject of how they got started. By confronting team owners and those in charge of racing programs for major manufacturers, I was able to get a realistic view of the sponsorship game. And to my surprise a racer's ability was not the most noted asset. Of course, there are many different stories about how a racer got to where he is today, probably as many stories as there are racers. But after listening to many different versions a few solid traits stand out. One has to be a professional business person. And the ability to communicate effectively is of utmost import-ance. Yes, the business of racing, or selling your racing program, requires one to be astute in business management, business trends, advertising, promotions, marketing, mechanics, driving ability, as well as many other obligations. So this means if you are to earn your sponsorship dollars you better be organized. One problem with many racers is they feel their . racing ability · alone will carry them to the top. This point was put before me recently during·a conversation with a young motocrosser. He first asked my opinion about sponsorship and as I began unraveling the story I could see it going way over his head. He could not see that he was responsible for generating interest for his program. He felt that his racing ability alone would land him the big bucks. Sure there are plenty of racers out there every weekend making a decent part-time income. And a lot of these people have some sort of sponsor. But the professional racer wants fo do more than that. The professional racer wants to be the best at his profession. But keep in mind there are many levels of professionalism. It is up to you to decide where your true interests lie. Fact is it takes an effort on your part to achieve whatever level of participation you desire. Maybe an organized effort could put a want-to-be-racer behind the wheel of his own race car: Or instead of paying to enter the pits and look at race cars, then maybe your goal is to be part of the mechanical end of the team. No matter what it is you want, it takes a planned effort to achieve it. Once you have put your plan in motion the plan will become easier to carry out than to stop. For once you have committed yourself you will find ways of going around obstacles. And once past the obstacles, you are headed for the winner's circle. Looking for a sponsor is complicated and time consuming but can be rewarding if you are well organized and able to create a winning image. So you must develop the skill of selling. It is up to you to sell your program to a Dusty nmcs prospect. Good ~Hing is a process of communication. One must communicate the benefits of your racing program to a prospective sponsor. What makes your team stand out among your compet-itors' Other racing teams can offer an entertaining form of advertising just like you. And to the same upbeat market as you. So it is up to you to communicate how your team stands out. Professionalism is one of your answers. Your outstanding track record proves you can attract favorable atten-tion, and since you are well organized, and able to use time constructively, you will be able to capitalize on every opportunity to make a good impression for your · sponsor's product. It's up to you to communicate to the prospect how your assets relate t~eir business. And demonstrate how you will be a good spokesman for his product. If you have no experience in selling then go to the library and learn something about it. There are standard rules that one can follow and prosper. If you want to hone your selling skills to an art then take a course in selling. Dale Carniege courses have trained more than one racer on how to conduct themselves. ' From your education you will see that one always confronts their prospect first with a "yes" question. Then you must identify with them and expose their problem. What problem, you ask. The problem that they need you to represent them so they sell more product. You then explain how you are going to go about it, 'and how your program differs from the rest of the competition. With this you have gotten on his side.You want him to feel you are his ali. If you think he has objections to your program, then during your presentation is the time to bring them out in the open. Don't let the question linger in the prospect's mind. And another thing you will learn from your education is the terms assumptive and alternative closes. That's when you assume, after presenting yourself to them, that they are ready to work out the details of your contract. You'll then ask them if they want to meet tomorrow or the day after to work out the final details. Once you have presented yourself then the real art of selling comes into play. Here is why you have studied everything imagin-able about business trends. Your up-to-date knowfedge wiff help you overcome any objections the prospect may have. But also keep in mind that one of the most important aspects of selling is listening. If someone has something on their mind, then they are not fully giving you the attention you deserve. It may be necessary to even stop and listen to them. From their comments you can hear what it is they really want from you. From these comments you then become a seamstress of words. You are able to weave the words they want to hear into your presentation. And from this give them what it is they really want, and will get you closer to closing your deal. It is entirely up to you as team spokesman to develop a tenacious attitude. Luckily for racers you are used to competition and know the meaning of persistence. Many rejections will come before you sign the first contract. However, you can use each rejection to fuel your effort for success. Keep in mind the famous football coach's words, "All the world loves a winner, and has not time for a loser". Study each rejection as you would a video oflast week's race. Note any weaknesses you have in your presentation. By gaining knowledge from each rejection your ability to commun-icate effectively under pressure will flourish and enable you to achieve those goals you have set for yourself. Persistence is a quality most racers are blessed with Let's face it, persistence is nothing more than "the will to succeed". This willpower is felt most among racers when. running behind a leader. The inner force of willpower is eating at their gut, insisting on finding a way around this guy. A winner is an individual that uses desire to drive him to become a winner. A winner never quits, he is looking for a way around all obstacles encountered. Conquering obstacles is all that is needed in acquiring a lucrative sponsorship.Just as if on the track competing, you are seeking a win with a sponsorship. Those racers sitting in victory lane know a true meaning to persistence. In their desire to become professionals of their sport they overcame many obstacles. Are you really a professional racer? Now is the time to be honest with yourself. The road to success is long and hard. There's few short cuts -if any.You cannot wish for success, it has to be earned. Ask yourself if you are ready to commit yourself to this goal. Then once you have set your goal, go for it! When thinking about your dream remember the· old saying of "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, then it can achieve". The person that lets his desire drive his willpower is the one that becomes a winner. A winner never quits, he is looking for any way at all around every obstacle encountered. Conquering ob-stacles is your desire when searching for a sponsor as well. Just as if you were on the track competing, you are seeking a win. Those racers sitting in victory lane know a true meaning to persist-ence. In their desire to become professionals of their chosen sport they overcame many obstacles. Instead of wishing for fame and fortune - go for it. Once you embark on this endeavor be prepared to see it through. Make a pact with yourself that there is no turning back. It's all the way to the top for you. No one is ready for success until he believes he can acquire it. Belief kindles desire and desire fuels persistence. With a positive frame of mind persist-ence will require no more effort to succeed than to accept defeat. November 1990 Your strong desires, when backed up by a workable plan, will recognize no such word as impossible, and accept no reality known as failure. Although people involved with motorsports are blessed with persistence it can at times dwindle if not reignited. I suggest something graphic. Maybe a picture of a team you admire. Perhaps a photo of your race car or a loved one that you want to shower with gifts. Everytime you see this you are reminded of the promise you made to yourself to succeed. When goal setting you are actually making the plan to achieve. First it is the long range goal, what you want at the end of all this hard work. Then back down from there and step by step make a plan to achieve your goal. If you have organized yourself properly you will have found a mentor. A person that will spur you on during hard times. One that will help find alternate routes around obstacles. Think about it, if you have enough outside forces then you can't allow your concentration to fade. The more you commit yourself the more the commitment will demand your persistence. So, once you've made the obligation it will be necessary for you to. follow through. One quality of persistence is the more it's tested the quicker your response becomes. When · you first start your sponsor search you will be moving at a slower pace. As you overcome the first obstacle then you will be able to move cautiously into the next step. Before long you will find that many obstacles appear bigger than they really are. And you then begin taking on more and more obligations. Staying organized is the key to success. Once you lay out your course then stick with it. It may be necessary to make minor changes to get around obstacles, but always keep your goal in view. The best way to end a story is by summing up what was said. No words ever hit this subject more square in the eyes than those of the Rolling Stones. ''You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need." Go for it! TECH TIPS BY Bill Savage Chairman, SCORE/ HDRA Series Technical Committee For builders, owners and drivers of limited class vehicles, here is a primer on engine displacement and compression ratio so that you can better understand what the technical crew does when it digs into your cylinders to see if your engine is legal. The basic formula on displacement, or cylinder volume, where D = displacement. D = Bore X Bore X Stroke X 3 .1416 for each cylinder 4 Total engine piston displacement= D X No. of cylinders Using millimeters for dimensions of bore and stroke, divide by 1,000, and you will get the total displacement in cubic centimeters. Divide this amount by 16.387 to get displacement in cubic inches. On the other hand, if the bore and stroke were stated in inches, D will already be stated in inches. To convert the total displacement from inches to cubic centimeters, multiply D by 16.387. Another good formula to keep around is the conversion of inches to millimeters: 1 n = 25.4mm. The compression ratio formula is only slightly more complicated. It amounts to the total volume of the cylinder divided by the combined volumes of the deck height and cylinder head. The deck height is measured from the top of the piston to the top of the cylinder when the piston is at Top Dead Center (TDC). All these formulas should be calculated in metrics. If cylinder displacement is cc: cc= Bore X Bore X Stroke X .0031416 4 If deck height volume is V: y = Bore X Bore X Deck Height X .0031416 4 If head displacement as measured = Hee, and if compression ratio =CR: CR = cc + V + Hee V+Hcc Writing that out in longhand, compression ratio is found by adding cylinder displacement to deck height displacement and head volume .. and dividing that sum by deck height displacement and head volume. It may not be necessary to add, but engine displacement is necessary to know in classes: 1-2-1600 3 5-1600 7 7S 7 4x4 9 10 11 All motorcycle classes All ATV classes Only class 9 racers need to concern themselves with compression ratios. Class dismissed. Page 57

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f • Classified ••• FOR SALE: '87 2-1600 Raceco, suspension by Mirage, 115"' wb, Foltz trans., Hatz motor, Power steering, Wright rack, arms & combos, Beard seats, Fox shocks, Dura Blue torsions, Turbo cv's, Super Boot cages & boots, only raced · 7 times·. Very competitive car, recently stripped & repainted. $13,700 O.B.O. Call Brian (213) 928-0421 days, (213) 493-5113 FOR SALE: Bronco, 351 with extended frame. Best of every-thing, fresh rear suspension, motor, trans, rear end. Lots of extra parts, 2 sets new tires. ready to race. $5000.00 oho including trailer. Ask for Joe (714) 590-5075.. . ¾·· .. •, . .. • . •. .,· ~ FOR SALE: Baja Bug, Lengthened and widened front end, Discs, Mitsubishi 2600cc engine, custom paint 3x3 rear trailing FOR SALE: Class 5 or Pre-Run. arms, fuel cell, custom interior, 12"' wide front and rear, Woods Pioneer Super tuner and speakers, Arms 2½"' Longer Front, 6"'x3"' Centerlines, new Yokohamas, rear, Combo Spindles, Wright Mitsubishi AC, Car is beautiful, Rack, I.H. Tie rods, Power asking $5,500 OBO. Call (602) steering, Fields Tranny w/ Hew- 778-0854. land Gears, 930 cv., Summers I F_O_R_S_A_L_E_: -19_8_5_R- ac_e_c_o_C_l_as-s-2. Bros. Axles, Beard Seats, Fuel Fat type 4 not running last race Safe.~e!!_Q() ,gal.), 12 ~OX s:i~a·· 1988, Mi~t, finished 19th. Car ·dual 6attenes, 2076 air co 1 ' needs work but can be very 16"' wheels, Girling MS! Cy_c s., competitive. $9,300.00 OBO.,andPamt(smce (805) 652-2065 or (805) 488-LE: 1990 new Chenowth Magnum, all the best, Rev Power, DK transmission, Superboot cv's, · Sway-A-Way axles, CNC, Wil-liam brakes, Mag body, Ron Davis radiator. Car is made with best off road parts possible. Over $47,000.00 invested. Can be yours for $35,000.00. Call Doug as (714) 840-3030. : ass 1 singe seater, Chenowth 1000 chassis. 3x5 rear arms with coil over and torsion bars. 1 ½ longer Wright front arms. All shocks are Bilstein. The car is race ready. Will take $4,000.00 cash for car, trailer and parts. C~ll (405) 242--1318. FOR SALE: Class 14 in Ohio. Special frame, 10 Ranchos, Long Springs, Beard seat, Dana 44 front & rear with 4 wheel disc brakes. 5.38 gear, fuel cell, Turbo 400. 1 Built to max S.B.Chevy. Balanced forged roller crank, 10.5 to 1 0 pistons. 113"' Wheelbase. " ·• ;4; $5,000.00 Can deliver. Call John FOR SALE: 2-1600, 19881Toepferat419-893-7006. O.R.E. SCORE/ H.D,R.A. legal I .. ·.• ~~ Fox Shox's, D.J. 091 all Hewland ' Trans., FARRAR Bros., Engine, centerlines, Wright arms and 1 Combo's, radio w/intercom, very dependable and competitive. Last four races entered, no worse than fourth place, spares and trailer and parts. $11,500.00. · Call Lou (805) 525-0948. Want to uy the #1 Cass 10 car? It's FOR SALE. Mitch Mustard championship Chenowth Mag-num. Best of everything. All trick stuff goes with car. Bob Goshens best engine, VW Rabbit. Be a ,, winner with this car. $28,000.00 : y az a. Professionally built. Only raced three times last three years. Fiberglass front, 9"' full floater, Sandy Cone disc, W ilwood, Wright: Mikunis, Rancho Send-els, Y okohamas, Fuel Safe cell, new paint, everything goes, extra wheels, tires, shocks, elect, trans, Call Mitch days at (303) 423-8204. FOR SALE: 5-1600 R & P-steering, Beard seats, fuel cell, Sway-A-Way axles, Type 4 c.v., bus trans, more. $3,500.00 less engine. Call (714) 391-4568. FOR SALE: Challenger two seat chassis, built by Funco. Also many extras, seats, shocks, torsion set-up, trans & steering set-up. Chassis and most other parts are brand new. Over $4,000.00 invested. My loss is your gain. Asking $2,500.00 for everything. Call Bob at (714) 597-0771. . Photo ) Pro Built, Nice car• 3708 ....,,$10,000.00 (214) 438-5610 or v,--·-.,..,,..----.,--,.,---(214) 554-1886. SALE: Class 5, 9"' wider beam, Woods front & rear arms, bus trans, 930 c.v.'s, Bilsteins, 22 gal cell, Parker Pumpers, Center-lines and Yokohama.' Street registered. My mom wants it out of the garage. $5,000.00. Call Craig at (805) 528-2083. · etc. $4,800.00 OBO, MUST SELL - Call (206) 822-8514 . FOR SALE: 5-1600 look great deal. Car has best of everything including Combos, Fox Shocks, 300M torsion bars, Chromoly spring plates, Trick fuel cell, new chromoly beam, Pro Built trans., two German Auto motors ten mounted Centerlines w / Yoko-hamas, Thing drums, Wright rack & complete set of spares. Car is completely rebuilt and ready to race Gold Coast 300 or Baja 1000. Car is fast. Last race 6th at San Felipe. $9,500.00 takes all. Call (818) 360-0537. FOR SALE: Stadium Superlite, new Bills pipes, FL 350 water-cooled motor, fuel cell, Roberto gear box, New Works shocks, sway bar, HRD clutch, Simpson safety, Beadlocks, MTEG Specs, extra parts. Very competitive. Will sell less engine $8000.00, with engine $10,000.00. Call John days (213) 327-8323 or eves. (714) 842-7238. FOR SALE: 1989 .International Transporter. Professionally built for off road racing team. Complete 35' canopy system, inside completely race ready with · custom cabinets and tire rack. Tons of storage in outside boxes. 6500ww generator, air compres-sor, full lighting, custom cab, only 10,000 miles. Over $73,000.00 invested. Can be yours for $45,000.00. Call Doug at (714) 840-30~0/ FOR SALE: 32 Foot Tri-Axle Trailer Enclosed, $4,200.00. 16 valve head for Nissan FJ-24 Motor-make offer. Wanted Race Ready 7-S Ranger or Nissan and Complete FJ-24 Motor. (414) 865-7792. "FOR SALE: Class 10 Funco two seater. Has won Mint 400 & SCORE Barstow Classic. Less · Motor, lots of spare parts. Make excellent pre-run car. $5,000.00 OBO. Call Randy at (714) 244-5432. WANTED.: 4-seat off road pre-runner, IRS, with or without motor, trans. Car can be complete or partially disassembled -no Baja Bugs or sand cars please. Call T opper (714) 963-5200. -··r -~--;..-iiiilii"-............ - ........... ___ iiiiit ______________ .... ________________________ ~ ¢ I Sell. or swap your extra parts and pieces in I . DUSTY TIMES. I I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 £or 45 words each month\ not1including name, address and phone number. Add $5 .00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. · · · NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIP\fIONS TO DUSTY TIM~ - A t 5 word ¢lassified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If you wish t<i> use a photo in t our free ad, enclose $5 .00. All classified ads' must be paid in advance. Enclosed is$ ____ _ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Name Address ______________________ Phone-------City ------'--------------State _____ Zip _____ _ _ Page 58 November 1990 Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 -aJ FOR SALE: 1988 GMC Sub-urban 4WD. Absolutely loaded with extras. 46,000 loving miles. $16,500.00, must sell - daughter had quintuplets - Diaper Service is like National Debt. Call Carol at (619) 240-3122. FOR SALE: 1986 Mitsubishi 7S race truck. 1988-89 Class 7 champion of P.A.C. 2.6 race motor, 210 hp. Summers Brothers rear end. Best of everything. Proven winner. Moving to Class 8. $15,000.00 Call Scott at (206) 536-0832 or Wendy at (206) 531-5506. \\~ ~«::>-<' \ \I '9~~'--• FOR SALE: Class 5 convertible. Seventeen thousand invested. Never run. Willtake$10,549.32. Race and win Baja 1000. Call Kenny (619) 466-5160. FOR SALE: Class 5 unlimited, very competitive. Wright, SAW, Simpson, 22 gal Fuel Safe, Centerlines, Y okohamas, Bilstein, coil-over secondaries, 930's, pumper, Dura Blue, strong 2180 & bus trans. Constant winner. Must sell! $8000.00 oho. Call (702) 482-9298. Dusty nmes

Page 59

""' "' FOR SALE: Class 1-2 or awesome prerunner. Chenowth chromoly 2 seater, Wright rack & pinion, Mastercraft seats, Simpson belts, fresh bus box, 930 c.v. 's, fuel cell. Completely race prepped. $7500.00 Will sell with no motor $6000.00. Call Sheldon (213) 869-0221. · Experiencing bent trailing a;~s? Try a set of chromoly arms, available in standard width with choice oflength ( standard, one or two inch extended). Ideal for play FOR SALE: Class 5 or prerun Baja conv. 113n wheel base, trailer, needs to be completed, 90% race equip. Mastercraft, disc. new 1600 motor, 2 trans, spares, new job, unable to finish. Tons of extras! $3500.00 takes it all. (714) 242-3273. FOR SALE: Prerunner, Play, older class 5, 105n wheel base, 10" wider front & rear, Wright rack, Centerlines, Beard seats, Yokohama tires, K & N, muffler, KC Daylighters, current CA license, 930 c.v.'s, AMS axles, 10" shocks, Porsche spindles, Simpson belts, rebuilt, 2180 engine & trans., new fuel cell. Office (714) 674-8729. Home (714)244-2452. FOR SALE: Used ORD Built I-Beams w/coils. Fits Yrs 73-79. $225.00 oho. (818) 704-1760 Ask for Bruce. or race chassis. Will hold up ~ FOR SALE: 1987 Jeep race truck. under almost any conditions. Driven by John Dyck, competitive Core involved. Call Dans Off and top finisher in Class 4. Four Road (517) 642-2333. ,, link suspension front & rear, ~,,, wide front end with 300mm axles, ·· relocated steering. Two complete -~ . . ,,::,. GIVEAWAY: '83 RANGER prerunner w/ all the good stuff, • 302 V8! C-4 3 speed w/ shift kit, B&M shifter, 3.73 gears w/ posi, fiberglass fenders, American Racing rims, Beard hi-backs, Mallory gauges, KC's, P /steering,, P /brakes, and a whole lot more! '91 Tags, receipts, desperate to sell $8500.00 oho. (619) 247-8581. FOR SALE: Chenowth 1-1600 -race prepped. 400 miles on NEW Hatz engine, fresh I.T.S. Thornton transmission, 930 c.v.'s, 300 M bars, U .M .P. power steering, Bilstein, Centerline, new Yoko-hamas. All Wright Place combos, arms & rack. NEW floorpan, skid plates & front bumper. Light, fast & proven reliable. $12,500.00. Call Jim (619) 561-5600. FOR SALE: 82 Dodge Ram-charger, 2 wheel drive, Royal SE Package, fully loaded, triple take' apart shocks, fabricated A arms, Motorola Radio. This car works well and is very streetable. $10,000.00 (805) 239-2663. T-Shirts: FUQ IRAQ T's, also "Lifestyles of the Rude & Obnoxious" T's, $12.25 ea. Sweatshirts $19.25, thick cotton w/pockets, M, L, XL. FUQ IRAQbumper stickers, $2.25 1st run original shirts made by a . fellow Off Road Racer. Shipping & tax included. Send check to CA Display, 2999 Alhambra Dr., Cameron Park, CA 95682. Dusty Times engines and trannys. Tons of spare parts. Truck fresh, ready to race. Legal for '91-92 season. $38,500.00 oho. C.all John or Cindy ( 602) 253-5289. 1988 Honda Four Tranx 250R, race bike, Gary Denton's ex bike, best of everything, all fresh, 3 s·ets of tires & wheels, many extras. Three time national winner. $3800.00 oho or possible trade. (714) 780-6483. FOR SALE: Class 1/2-1600 Jimco 2 seat race car. SCORE/ HDRA legal. Best parts, Wright, Fox UMP power steering, SAW 300m bars, Parker Pumpers, Beard, Centerline, Yokohama, Hewland gears, Henry's cliff, Summers Bros axles, Superboot. Car is only 2 years old. $14,500.00 Call Kevin at (619) 691-9171 days, (619) 267-5008 eves. FOR SALE: Two seat unlimited. FAT Type IV motor, FAT 091 with Hewland gears. All good stuff, lots of new stuff, lots of spares. $22,000.00. Call Kevin at KTM (916) 652--0850. WANTED: Tall blonde female; 25-30 years old w/ good figure and great personality. Must own Class 8 truck HORA legal. Send photo of truck to Dusty Times, Dept. "T' FOR SALE: New4 seatChromoly pre run chassis. 125n wheelbase, complete trans mounts, 1 ½ x 6" rear chromoly trailing arms, SAW 31 ½" torsion bars, secon-dary bars, chrotnoly spring plates. Complete 10" wider coil-over front beam, Fox coilovers, Summers Bros. front discs, Wright rack & pinion. All aluminum for body & roof & fiberglass hood. $7,500.00 for complete package. Call Kevin (619)691-9171 days, (619)267-5008 eves. __ ,,,,_,, ... FOR SALE: 1983 type 181 prerunner, 2-1600, suspension, gas heater, 3n lift, bus box, 1800cc, Beard super seats, Sway-A-Way, KYB and Bilstein, Centerlines, new top, etc. .. , $4000.00 driven daily. (707) 447-2453. FOR SALE: FAT Type IV, 2700cc dual Weber~, ~98hp, FAT's best motor, 30 miles on total rebuild, brand new hea'ds, have current dyno sheet, receipts, 100% race ready, very fast. $5,800.00. Price elsewhere, then call Dennis at (619) 561-4810 days. CLEAN UP YOURACT-clean out your garage. Sell your surplus. parts and pieces RIGHT HERE! INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Bilstein Corp. of America 43 Cact~s Racing . . • . . . . . . . . . . . 24 California Pre-Fun . . . . . . . • • . . . 49 Champion Beadlock Co. . . . . . . . . . 7 Competitive Trailers . . . . . . . . . . . 19 DeAngelo & Associates . . . . . . . . 22 DeNunzio Racing Products . . . . . . 24 Dodge Truck Division . . . . Back Cover Dusty Times Stocking Stuffer . . . . 21 Ear1' s Performance Products . . . . . 31 FAT Performance -Centerline Wheels ......... . FAT Performance -Toyota . . . . . . 17 Fuel Safe . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 FRT Dunaway Dash . . . . • • • • . . . 15 German Auto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Glen Helen Racing . . . . . . • . . . . . 9 GTS Fiberglass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Hi Tech Off Road . . . . . . . . . . • . 25 Kawaguchi Honda Equipment . . . . 35 KC HiLites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 La Rana Desert Racing . . . . . . . . . 5 McKenzie Performance Products . . . 8 Muggers Coffee Cups . . . . . • • . • 46 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . 14 Parker Pumper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 PCI Race Radios . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 Race Ready Products . / · . . •• . . . . 37 R.LH. Communications . . . . . . . . 30 Marvin Shaw Engineering . . . . . . . 39 S.N.0.R.E. Ltd. Showboat 250 • . . . . 2 Mr. Sticker . . . . • . . . • . • . . • . . . 13 Summers Brothers . . . • . • . . . . . . 34 Trackside Photos Inc. . . . • . . . . . . • 4 Tri-Mil Industries • • • • • . . • . . . • . 11 Union 76 Racing Gas . . . . • . . . . 27 Valley Performance . . . . . . . • . . . 26 Watkins Industries . . . . . . . • • . . . . 6 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . 45 tn~rc ••• TRAIL NOTES FOR SALE: 1964 Class 11 race car. Best of everything, all new front - rear' 5 lugs & studs, Sway-BRUSH RUN 101 POST SCRIPT - A press release from the folks in A-Way all around, adjusters front Crandon, Wisconsin, states that the race broke all kinds of records last Labor & rear. Must sell $3500.00 oho. Day weekend. Breaking the prior records were 690 entrants including the Also 4 16" front Yokohama tires Good Old Boys, but without the motorcycle classes this year, and the influx $200.00 oho. (619) 479-9070 or of 60,000 spectators over the three days of track racing. Competitors came I (619) 479 3206 from all over, as far away as New England, eastern Canada, Texas, and - · ,.. California. The weekend festivities included a Public Relations Driver's POSITION WANTED: Qualified · Seminar, a Media-Racer Dinner sponsored by General Tire and a Media to prep race car/ truck. Two years · Lunch sponsored by Genuine Nissan Parts. Starting on the Friday afternoon Class 7, three years Class 9. the on track activity was nearly non-stop until Sunday evening, with a total of Available part-time weekends or 22 separate races. Not mentioned in the release was the fact that the event has ;> week days. Also willing to pay more sponsors than any off road race we know off, but it did mention the f, major support from General Tire, Budweiser, True Value Hardware, Master entry ee to drive or co-drive Mechanic, Pendaliner Bedliners, Valvoline and the Heartland Chevrolet selected races. Call£D (714) 867-Dealers Association, plus a host of associate sponsors like Genuine Nissan 7839 · Parts, Exxon Minerals, Pepsi Cola and even our own Dusty Times. . . November 1990 Page 59

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. ... ' Winning off-road is becoming rather commonplace for race-modified Dodge trucks. Just look at the results from the SCORE/HDRA Series.* Ford and Chevy have been following our lead in most of the year's Class 4 races. With Rod Hall at the wheel, Dodge soared to major 4WD wins at the Parker 400, the Nissan 400, the Baja 500 and the Barstow Fireworks 250. But the big news at Barstow was Walker Evans winning the overall championship, as well as the Class 8 title. His Dodge teammate, Brian Stewart, finished third. And at the HDRA Jeep Desert Championships, the Dodge combination of Evans and Stewart finished one-two in both Class 8 and the Heavy Metal Challenge. In the SODA/STORE Series, Evans took the checkered flag for Dodge in the combined Heavy Metal Challenges at Spring Run 101 and the World Championship Brush Run 101. It's win-ning performance like this that's leaving Ford and_ Chevy up in the air and bringing more and more people home to the full line of Dodge trucks, including the new V-8 Dodge Dakota and the Cummins Turbo Diesel. Welcome home, America. Come see what we're made of. ADVANTAGE: DODGE.~ . *Through the Nevada 500. Buckle up for safety. ~:.;:·· ~-.,. '(r ·,. { ~ ·, ~--~~·-'. , '