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1990 Volume 7 Number 10 Dusty Times Magazine

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Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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BIG RECORD ATTEMPT JUMP! GRAND NATIONAL SPORT TRUCKS! lcH:EoNI PERFORMANCE PROVEN * WORLD CLASS OFF-ROAD RACING INVADES SAN FRANCISCO ... ROGER MEARS e WALKER EVANS DANNY THOMPSON e PLUS IVAN "IRONMAN" STEWART & MANY MOREi ~-----------------· ! THE HOT TICKET! [l~iiSd] : PRODUCED BY I MICKEY THOMPSON I ENTERTAINMENT GROUP : FOR MORE INFORMATION I CALL (415) 467-1994 I ·sAVE $3.00 Save $3.00 offV.I.P. Adult($20&$18) Tickets with this coupon. Redeemable ON LY at BASS/Ticketmaster ticket centers. Not valid at stadium box office. Limit (2) V.1.P. adult discounts per coupon. This coupon may not be used with any other offer or discount No reproduction or facsimiles. Does not apply to child's admission tickets.

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Volume 7 ~ -_Number 10 October 1990 In This Issue ••• Editor--Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Associate Dominy Smith Editorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation Winnie Essenberg Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Judi Gooch Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Ron Kiel Rod Koch Jan Hick Mazzenga Cam McRae . Bob Rule David Ryskamp Barb & Marilyn Schultz Judy Smith 3-D Photography T rackside Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAPSHOT Subscription Rates: THE OfflCIAL VOICE OF CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES '"";~Jt:i,:~ _,.-.c,,,<.~ ~ ~ ? $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. -Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301, (818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without writt~n permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dmry Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 91301. OF THE MONTH ••• I FEATURES Page - HDRA Desert Championships at Willow Springs ............ . 12 Fox Riverfest ..................... . . . . ....... . -. --. . . . . . 22 Colorado Championships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 La Rana Lucerne Valley Jam •..... . . . . . . ....... . .......... 26 Pit Team Contest at Willow Springs . . .............. . .... ... 30 , FR T Superstition 250 VII . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . ... .. . . . . . . . . 32 'Rock & Roll in Texas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 ·oMCAWDVan ... · ........... .............. . ........... 37 UP 100 at Bark River .......................... ...... .... 38 USA Sand Drags at Glen Helen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Pikes Peak Hillclimb ... .................... , . . . . . . . .. . . . . 41 WRC Rally of Argentina ..... . . .......... . ; ............. . 42 Australian Championship at Kempsey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Bonneville Racing Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Suzuki Samurai JL . ...................................... 47 1 CRS Glen Helen Rally Sprint ............................. . 48 · SNORE Yokohama Challenge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 DEPARTMENTS . Side Tracks by Judy Smifu ..... ............................ 4 Trail Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Fixing Up an Older Truck by Home_r Eubanks ................ 6 Happenings ............................... . ............ _ ... 8 The Losers by Judy Smith . . ............................. . 46 Good Stuff Directory ..... . .............................. 52 · California Rally Series by John Elkin ....................... 57 . · Pit Team Reports ................... . . ................... 57 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 ON THE COVER - The month of August featured three figure temperatures in the California desert, but off road racers came out to race the FR T Superstition 250 VII out of El Centro and HDRA's short course Desert Championships at Willow Springs near Rosamond despite the extreme weather. Doing the best of all in desert racing were Tom Schilling and John Marking who continued the tradition at Fud's races of a 1-2-1600 car winning overall honors. The pair literally drove the wheels off their Jimco, finishing on three wheels, but they won all the marbles in 4:07 :29. There were a number of sterling performances at Willow Springs, but Roger Mears out ran the entire mini truck field ·winning overall on Saturday and in Sunday's Mini Metal_ba~h in a Nissan. Mears showed his versatility last summer by also wmnmg the desert Fireworks 250, and at the LA Coliseum for Nissan in just a few weeks time. I\~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $15.00 □ ~ears -$i5.00 D . 3 _years - $35.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified ad up w 45 words. (Form on inside back page) The FRT off road races near El Centro, CA have a special flavor due to the energy devoted to putting them together by Fud, who also is President of AMA District 38. The man not only spends all his time on racing · projects, he also tends to the social side of off road racing. He is shown here mixing up a batch of his famous "Morn-ing After the Race" Bloody Marys served with rolls and donuts at the Sunday a.m. awards presentations, right at the start/ finish area so campers don't have to pack up more than once. To date Fud has never run out of his Sunday morning eye openers for those attending the awards ceremony. Photo: Name-------------------------John Howard. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. H you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered. I • Address -----------City State ________________ Zip---------Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian - 1 year $20.00 U.S .. • Overseas subscription rates quoted on request). I I I I I I I I I -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -I I I . Dusty Times October 1990 Page 3

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S·1d~ ... -c1cs· crossing, they were lucky that!., ·1 N. t .. -5•■ 1 ♦ ♦ ♦ By Judy Smith they fell in sight of a team of ... I O CS -------------------------Halcones. These folks immediate-■ 1 ♦ ♦ ♦ One of the most important, and organizations, but the individual ly radioed their relay person in the :::'.'.':"~~-~"""."'':""" ...... _"'" _________________ _ least heralded, aspects of an off medical personnel are not paid Ultralight, and they had additional THE HDRA GOLD COAST 300 is not a Sunday race, and the ad we ran in road race, is the team of attentive, employees of SCORE while they help and a helicopter to the scene the September issue is a day off. The event is in standard format with tech and hard working souls who are called are doing their bit for the racers. of the accident very quickly. contingency inspection in Las Vegas on Friday, October 12, and the race is on to perform in the event of a Should a racer have a problem The HDRA has a similar set up, Saturday, October 13, starting in Jean, Nevada south of the airport, and the medical emergency. Off roaders and need medical assistance, the using different personnel, but of awards are Sunday, October 14. That is all standard stuff, but what isn't 11 £ f h h 1 1 f · · A 1 standard is all the free goodies that genial Gold Coast Hotel & Casino boss are genera y so 1ar away rom t e quickest way to get help is over t e same eve o trammg. new y h f h £ d 11 d h h Mic ael Gaughan offers to the racers. Where else do you get a T shirt and hat security o a 911 P one call, that the radio, of course. Oftentimes orme group, ca e t e Hig along with a jacket patch and dash plaque in your entry packet these days, and elaborate plans have to be made to the accident is reported by. Desert Race Rescue Group, made n~whereelse is there a completely hosted brunch, at the Gold Coast,natch, for prepare for the occasional another racer passing the scene, up of talented and dedicated dnversandtheircrews,Sundaymorningbeforetheawards.Theseextrasatthis medical emergency. and in that case, if he has a radio in medical volunteers, and led by race will show newcomers to the sport what was standard fare at HORA events At the SCORE races, the his car, he generally makes Bill Barrett, who is himself a in the 1970s, before the feds and the insurance companies began slicing off a SCORE Medical Team, which is a contact with either the BFG Relay helicopter pilot and an EMT goodly hunk_ of the income for off road race organizers. separate organization from (Bob Hynes), or the Weatherman inStructor, sends teams to THE MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP has SCORE, made up of paramedics, ( Bob Steinberger), who then strategic spots on the course. secured a real date for the final event of the 1990 season at Candlestick Park. nurses, EMT s and doctors, and report to BARRA. BARRA then Then the HDRA sets up a "Radio Regular readers will recall that the San Francisco date was abruptly cancelled headed by the Medical Team reports to the dosest checkpoint, I ~ontrol", with Bea Bender as the last year by the devastating earthquake that struck the region and stopped the Director, Chip Dingman, stations and officials there send the director, and these folks generally baseball game in Candlestick Park just prior to the off road date. In 1990 crews at strategic spots around the Medical Team out to find the 11 use the Weatherman as a relay for November 3 was the earliest date MTEG could have for the off road race in course,generallyonecrewateach injured party. Sometimes the their messages. There is a special Candlestick Park, and, though it is late in the year, it does give the stadium checkpoint. Dingman stays at the word gets to a checkpoint official frequency assigned to the HDRA I racers a breather• after two events, two weeks apart, at Las Vegas and Denver• in start/finish area, or race head- first, and he then tells the Medical for race business, and any medical, September· ---- -quarters, along with the Race Teamathischeckpointaboutthe emergencies are directed on the1 CALIFORNIARALLYSERIESorganizersMikeandPaulaGibeaulthave Director, and members of I incident. The Med team may then same frequency. worked out details with the Rangers at the Hungry Valley State Vehicular BARRA, the Baja Amateur Radio radio the start/ finish to report the In the instance of an accident· Recreation Area at Gorman, and they will hold a rally school there on Oct. Relay Association. Al Key, the, problem to Race Headquarters that results in injuries needing, 12-14. lttooksomenegotiatingtogetthebondpricetoregradetheroadsdown head of BARRA, coordinates his and then the Medical T earn medical attention, the racer can I to a livable sum, and apparently the Rangers get a hard time from SoCal Edison personnel so that he has teams at Director and Race Director radio direct to the Weatherman aboutdamagetothepowerlineroad.Andthatiswhathappenedtotheformer £ Cliffs of Gorman rally, but CRS is once again on solid ground with the powers each chec~IJ<;>int also, as well as at det~rmine which medical team is or as~istance. Steinbe_rger ~hen ·I that control the permits. Still the budget was strained but John Elkin lined up the start/ fmish. stationed so it can reach the site of calls Bill Barrett who will assign a .$500 from Bridgestone which really helps with the grading costs. So it is the In addition, when the race is in the accident in the shortest time. unit to go to the scene, perhaps: Bridgestone Rally Weekend with the Bridgestone Rally Workshop Friday Baja, there is a search and rescue The start/finish team is also the using the Weatherman as a relay evening October 12, and all day October 13, plus the Pacenote Rallycross on team; originating in Tijuana, group that decides whether to to get the message across. If the. Sunday, October 14. Volunteer instructors include Rod Millen and Tony called the Halcones, which has its dispatch the helicopter to the incident has been described as a , Sircombe of the international set, national stars Chad DiMarco, Erick Hauge, own radio network, and an accident. really bad accident, or if it's in J~ff Zwart, Shannon Millen and more. The workshops will use videotaping, ultralight airplane that functions Occasionally, there is no direct some location that prohibits ride-alongs and other aids to critique and teach. It sounds like fun. . as a relay for it. The Halcones are radio contact, and then the BFG access by a car, they will send the EGG ON FACE DEPT. In an effort to briefly cover the SCCA Racetruck led by Mario Rodriquez, and they Relay and/ or the Weatherman helicopter, which always has a series, in the August issue Trail Notes we reported that the Archer Brothers are also made up ofEMTs, nurses, contribute their effort toward team consisting of a trauma nurse, team Jeeps were penalized in post race tech inspection at the event in Detroit. doctors and paramedics, and are getting the messages about the and an EMT, and, sometimes, a Well, we took it straight from the race report sent to us from the Sports Car extremely well equipped, so they emergency to the appropriate doctor. Club of America, the horse's mouth if you will. Apparently, it wasn't long, can handle many types of persons. There have been times TheHDRAprovidestheradios· before the next event maybe, when the cam that caused the trouble was £ h d 1 declared to be legal by the SCCA but meanwhile our report made some folks in emergencies out in the wilds of when the BARRA folks, who are or t e me ica teams, or they rent Detroit and Akron angry with us, suggesting that we not try to cover any kind Baja. Their practical experience Ham radio operators, have used them if they need more, and all of pavement racing, including trucks. We did not mean to infer that anyone comes from locating and giving relays from up in the States, to get the teams have the ability to send connected with the Jeeps was cheating, and anyone who has tried to read a stock medical assistance to people messages to a given checkpoint. and receive, and to communicate class rule book and interpret it for their own machine in any form of racing, can who've run into trouble while The Ha le ones, with their with the helicopter. At a race like well understand how confusion can happen in anybody's post race tech. In fact, driv:ing on some of Baja's isolated ultralight, can often get informa-Barstow's Fireworks 250, the Air it used to happen in desert racing almost every year at the SCORE Parker 400. stretches of dangerous highway. tion to a medical team very Rescue Helicopter is stationed at Along the same lines, while trying to identify pictures for the coverage of All these folks are volunteers, quickly. At the San Felipe race in. the start/finish (at Barstow they the Memorial Day 100 in Lake Geneva, WI, we mistook the Jeep of Bill Hood whose time is donated for the the spring of this year, when a also keep a med-evac helicopter at from Pennsylvania for that of Jerry Bundy, which is the way the picture was £ f h f d h / f h b labeled by our mid western reporters. Bundy did win in Class 3 at the race, and sa1etyo t eo froa ers.SCORE number of motorcycle riders t e start inis ), ut at a point-Hoodapparentlyhadtostoptofixhiswindownets.Ourapologiestobothfine donates a fee to each of the crashed near the first highway to-point race like the Pahrump race teams. West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RA nos,AVAILABLE ·ouR PRICE $_&!l_5~Qo· Per Set 2 Ratio's Available Valley Performance McKenzie Performance Products 3700 Mead Ave. 2366 East Orangethorpe Las Vegas, NV 89102 Anaheim, CA 92800 -702/873-1962 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 4 Station Nevada 500, the heli-copter will spend the first four hours or so of the event in the air, pacing the biggest pack of cars, to be as close as possible in the event of an emergency. The HDRA medical teams are all volunteers who've been drafted by Barrett. He likes to get people who are off road enthus-iasts, and who have some familiarity with off road racing. They're all licensed in the state in which they're working, and, while they're not paid for their time and work at the races, the HDRA does recompense them for their . expenses in coming to the races. Both SCORE and the HDRA are extremely proud of their medical and radio teams, and the work they do to enhance the safety conditions at the races.· Racers ought to take a few minutes to meet some of these 1_ dedicated folks, and to express thanks for their caring, and the sharing of their training skills. AttENilON --DESERT, RACERS DUSlY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HDRA desert races. Check it out on contingency row - Two different classes each event. October 1990 HORA/SCORE DESERT SERIES POINTS. Ivan Stewart, having his best racing season ever, currently leads the overall point standings for 1990 after five of the eight races have been held. Ivan is also leading the Grand National Sport Truck Class points in the MTEG stadium series with three races left on that calendar. Ivan has won Class 1 / 2 four out of five races this year, and has won two of them overall as well. Stewart has 219 points to lead overall, and his closest competition comes from the 1989 overall points winner, Tom DeNault, who with brother Bob has won three races in Class 1-2-1600 this season and he leads that class with 195 points, second overall to date. In Class 1/2 Mark Hamilton has 144 points in second followed by Bob Gordon at 136, Danny Letner at 134 and Brian Collins at 130. DeNault is trailed in class by Danny Porter, 129; Larry Martin, 126;GarySewell,Jr., 107; and Tom Schilling, 106. Madelene Leste leads Don Adams in Class 3 / 14 11 7 to 110, and in Class 4 Rod Hall leads Steve Kelley 118 to 93. Marty Hart commands Class 5 with 123 over Rich Minga at 87. Steve Taylor has 163 points in Class 5-1600 followed by Rich Fersch, 145; Wayne Cook, 137; Steve Lawrence, 123 and Doug West, 121. In Class 6 Scott Douglas leads Dale Jordan 110 to 80, and in Class 7 Roger Mears leads with 116 to 96 for Manny Esquerra. John Johnson has the lead with 142 points in Class 7S over Rob MacCachren, 113, and Willie Valdez, 104. Paul Simon has a lock on 7 4x4 points with 132 to 71 for Mike Leste and Jerry McDonald. Brian Stewart, emulating his dad Ivan a bit, has led Class 8 most of the year, and has 130 points, trailed by Robby Gordon, 106; Scott McMillin, 105 and Frank Vessels, 98. Defending point champion Rich .Richardson has a slim lead in Class 9 at 135 to 130 for Roy Prince and Billy Kem is right there with 127, and Armando Tiznado has 122. It is tight in Class 10 too as Ray Croll leads with 130 points, followed by Todd Davis, 128; John Hays, 126; Dan Blain, 124 and Jeff Quinn, 123. Saul Zambrano has won all five races in Class 11 and holds 124 points over 45 for Gary Anderson. In Mini Mags Charles Townsley has 118 points over Scott Steinberger at 70 and Frank Bristing, 49. BILiTEIN OF AMERICA has spanking new headquarters in San Diego, CA. Of course the company has been in the San Diego area since starting business in the USA, but this is a fancy place with over 20,000 square feet of expanded office, warehouse and technical center space. The new facility also houses the Bilstein computer center for accounting and sales data which is linked to the Bilstein Eastern office as well as General Motors, and there is another building for the production of original equipment shock absorbers for the American market. The festive ribbon cutting ceremony brought Eberhard Schmidt-Offhaus, President of August Bilstein GmbH and Board Chairman of BOA out to wield the scissors, and he was joined by Reinhard Schomburg, President of Bilstein Corp. of America, and Doug Robertson, BOA Vice-President of Sales. How many readers remember that Doug was Class 5 and overall HDRA point champion a few years ago in the 1970s. (more TRAIL NOTES on page 6) Dusty Times

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FOURTH ANNUAL GOLDCOIST October 12-14, 1990 Your last opportunity of 1990 to see Las Vegas · · and have some fun in the· desert. Technical Inspection & Contingency Row will be located at the beautiful Gold Coast Hotel & Casino on Friday, October 12. The race will start and finish 20 miles south of Las Vegas at Jean, Nevada on October 13 with all the competitors traveling 4 laps of 75 miles. The awards and hosted drivers' buffet by Michael Gaughan will be on Sunday, October 14. · .. For More Information Contact _._ HORA (702) 361-5404 Who said the cost of racing is out of sight? Class 9 total entry (including all extras) is now only $400 total. NISSAN

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Fixing Up An Older Truck morc ••• TRAIL NOTES-VORRA NEWS• We don't know exactly when it 'happened, but the Labor Day weekend desert race scheduled for Fernley, Nevada, was moved recently By Homer Eubanks - . Most of us have a multi purpose vehicl.e. This is usually dad's truck that gets one back and forth to work. The term multi purpose is because of all the off beat duties that comes with owning a vehicle that can haul cargo. Suddenly the wife plans weekly trips to the dump and you also get rooked into moving furniture for "what's his name" down the street. But when the schedule is free the vehicle stands ready to haul the dirt bikes out for some fun or even take a drive into the back country for some scenery. It would be nice to have a vehicle for work and another for recreation. But this often doesn't fit into the budget. So the next best thing is to build a vehicle that can hold its own when performing any duty. Many times everyday necessities take the capital needed for a project. And because of this, the vehicle is often put on the. back burner. However, with persistence, some luck, and a lot of hard' work, anyone can personalize their vehicle to perform on and off road. Like many of our readers we have things like mortgages and family necessities that take up most of our income. So old dad had to look for something affordable yet reliable for this project. A new vehicle would be nice, but that would be a monthly payment resulting in less depend-able cash to add on the goodies to personalize this vehicle. A look through the want ads made us realize that $5000 would almost get us the vehicle we wanted. But then, it just wouldn't have that personalized touch. There were plenty of ads stating "reliable old truck" and they only wanted $1000-$1500. Now this we felt was affordable for anyone's budget. Our project vehicle was an exceptional find at $900. What's exceptional about a 20-year old truck, you ask? The exceptional part of the vehicle is that this one started life out as a Navy issue. A 1970 Chevrolet heavy duty half ton. And the vehicle came with a maintenance record a mile long. It is equipped with a six cylinder 292 for economy, and produces 170hp@4000 rpm and 275 pounds of torque @ 1600 rpm. Not an outstanding figure but respectable for its weight. The six gives adequate power and is simple to work on. A 4 .10: 1 gear set features a General Motors posi-traction differential coupled to a 4-speed manual transmission. With this set up granny offers a 26.86: 1 final drive ratio for crawling up ste.ep grades, and direct drive still allows for freeway speeds. A heavy duty radiator was factory equipped meaning long hot desert outings would not be harsh on the engine. Having many of the essential basics this vehicle would serve as a good f.oundation for our multi-purpose driver. Compared with today's mega bucks high tech pre-runners this old beater would not be what anyone would call a pre-runner. But with some modifica-tions it could be an affordable play toy and serve as a daily driver. In the coming issues we will focus in on this project and give the old gal a new lease on life. We have chosen one of the worst looking heaps imaginable, but it has some personality that will hopefully come shining through at the end of this ordeal. The project should be interest-ing and give one an insight of how to get their own daily transporta-tion off road, and if prepared properly, it should get us back to the highway in one piece as well. The Dweebmobile, as it is affectionately called, cost less than $1000 and hopefully we caR keep the entire project within $5000. This figure if spread out evenly should be within most ·working men's budget. First step in any project is proper planning. To get the imagination flowing we armed ourself with pencil and paper, and sat in the Dweebs cockpit. Before long the trail appeared out of the blank garage door. While traveling down this sharp rock infested territory, it became apparent that a set of good tires were needed. Not just any tires but a good set to provide plenty of traction off road, as well as have the ability to hold up to long mileage for daily commutes. Wheels are another item on our list. Quality wheels make the difference between changing flats out on the trail or stopping just to take in scenery. A couple of chuck holes· quickly brought to mind the need .of a suspension package . . Since this vehicle will be used as a support vehicle and may be entered in an occasional Stone Stock class, it needs more t~~n CACTUS-RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279•2509 HELMET COMPLETE SYSTEM $195 $320 A FRESH AIR HELMET AND BLOWER ASSEMBLY DES[GNED FOR OFF ROAD USE AT A REASONABLE PRICE BUILT AND BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LIGJIT WEIGHT-REDUCES NECK STRAJN COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSEMBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONE FULL YEAR. SNELL SASS APPROVED Page 6 back to its previous venue in Yerington, Nevada. Of course, it will all be history just changing shocks. But again, by the time this is printed. We sure hope nobody went to Fernley like it said in nothing radical is needed for this our calendar section. It does point out the need to always verify date and place weekend toy. with the organizer before you pack up and leave for a race. · The trail started heading up a With only the October 28 short course championship race at Prairie City steep, narrow pass and the, in Sacramento left on the 1990 calendar, there is a tight battle for the top spots thoughtofpropergearingcameto• on points. Before Yerington, Falloon and Ward, Class 2, led with 178 with mind. Is the 4 .10 differential low Chad and Josh Hall, Class 4 and Sam Berri, Class 2, tied for second overall at enough for this type of grade. ls a 1 77 points. Ace Bradford leads Class 10 with 149 points, and Mike Bishop leads Class 9 at 153, Roy Gust leads Class 1-2-1600 with 110 points, and Ken Detroit Locker neede~ or maybe Ruff and Scott Schaupp are close, tied at 106. Greg Winters tops the Odysseys the s~ock ~hevy posi_ could be , with 108 points, and Jeff O'Callaghan leads the Sportsmen by a bunch with 214 rebuilt. With a multi-purpose ~points. By the way, VORRA has formed a protest review board of three each vehicle, gearing is always a tough VORRA officials and racers, picked each time at random, to handle incidents decision. Maybe a transfer case from bumping to unsportsmanlike conduct at its desert races. should _be ut~lized for its BAJA SAFARI. Although the summer heat is still with us November will underdrive ratio? Naw, that soon be here and with it comes the annual SCORE Baja 1000 and its satellite would be like fishing with competition the Baja Safari Rally. This will be the sixth yearof the Safari, aimed dynamite. Keeping it stock will at wanna-be racers who can compete against each other on equal ground in their add spice to every off road street legal machines, and the speeds are controlled by a scoring formula so adventure. most everyone can still drive their rig hon:ie and to work on Monday. This is a Because our vehicle is to be fun event, and if you are planning ahead it happens on the Baja 1000 weekend tough and functional, skid plates of November 8-l l . front and rear are needed. Besides BOMBS AWAY -It got tense on the Thursday before the Superstition 250 giving the vehicle a serious off VIL As Fud was marking the course near Plaster City, CA, a buddy brought a road look the plates will aid in message that someone was parked in a bombing range and the Navy wanted them to leave. The race course did not run through any target areas, and Fud keeping the momentum going. wondered who would be dumb enough to park in a bombing range, usually well And one thing our two wheeler marked and adjacent to the OHV dedicated area out of El Centro. By will likely need is a winch. midafternoon the Military Police were in the main pits telling everyone to leave Without the use of front wheel as the Air Force was about to drop 3,000 pound crates on folks. Fud_ told them drive a little extra help may mean the parachute drop zone was elsewhere in the area, but the MPs went off to get the difference between getting the Sheriff and Fud went to the local BLM for help. The Acting Area Manager home for dinner or dining on could get no satisfaction from the Navy Base, so he, the Recreational Planner, one's pride. After all . . . and one of the Rangers decided a trip to the lake bed in question was in order. f h k l l When the group reached Wheeler Road a Sheriff had the road blocked, but is ermen ta e a ong a po e. afterashortconversationheaccompaniedthegrouptothelakebedwherethey lnstrumen ta tion is another met with another Sheriff and more MPs. While the BLM explained that the functional necessity. Anyone military were in the wrong location, the Sheriff was getting ready to arrest Fud. going to play with their vehicle About the time the Military realized they were in the wrong spot a Cl41 flew (abuse it, is probably more overanddroppedalargepackage.TheMPsthentoldtheSheriffthatFudwas accurate) should monitor its right and they were wrong and not to arrest the race organizer. FRT heartily functions and know when its time thanks their BLM friends, and extends the gratitude of the spectators, racers, to let things cool off. families and pit crews to the El Centro Bureau of Land Management. Take a • bow guys.We certainly hope the folks the Navy sends on bombing missions in Some attention should be given the Mideast can read a map a little better, or at least have better maps of areas to the vehicle's electrical system. slated for bombing. Anytime a winch is added, a dual b h Id b d WILLOW SPRINGS RETROSPECT: The HORA Jeep Desert attery system s ou e consi - Championship brought a civilized aura to many pre-race proceedings, and, ered. And to keep the batteries while we doubt it was much of a financial success, nothing like it ever is the first properly charged, a high amp few years, it was an artistic success in many ways. There was a social aspect to output alternator would come in the weekend not common to off road racing also. While the Thursday evening handy. Having all that extra juice registration was not overly busy we did have a chance to chat with many HDRA warrants a good set of driving officials, especially Mal and Connie Wessel, that are normally too busy race lights too. weekend to do more than say hello. It is nice to be able to converse with them all But all these modifications I for a few quiet moments. Bill Varnes of Mirage scored the social event of the wouldn't be worth a plug nickel ifi meet, however. His company, Mirage Racing Products and Chassis recently you overlooked the safety factor_ 1, moved from Palmdale to Lancaster, and Varnes chose the Friday night of race weekend to hold his grand opening celebration. The new place is truly Play the game of: "What if?" magnificent, and was scrubbed down like a yacht in harbor. There is triple the What ifl do something stupid like space of the older place, with separate areas for the racing parts and pieces for roll the truck over. Safety belts, sale and the chassis building. On display was a completed new two seat car, said roll bar and fire extinguisher to be a pre-runner but looked ready to race, and inside was a half built Mirage in should be affixed within an easy progress. The ample parking lot was partially filled with tables and chairs and grip. party snacks of all kinds, hot and cold, were abundant. Many folks, including Now that we have gone this far us, lingered quite a while chatting with friends we hadn't seen in years. Speaking it would be ludicrous to not of seldom seen friends, Peter Brown of KC HiLites was at Willow Springs h Id l attending his first race in several years, and it was fun chatting with him about pretty t e O ga up some. But hissuccessfromhumblebeginningsintheSantaClar-itaValley.Alsospottedin remember, this is not a mantle the pits was Rick Mears, who kept a very low profile all weekend, saying this piece. She must remain functional. was Roger's show, and it sure was. Truly it was a fun weekend for all but the and be able to accept a few hard working course control folks and the Utgard/ Hibbard workers, who had scratches. A simple paint scheme scant relief either by other people or from the heat. will clean her up and add to our DON ADAMS COMMUTES TO A DOUBLE WIN . For sure there are social status. Add to this some no longer enough weekends in the year for a serious competitor to race in more creature comforts like a new seat, than one series. Don Adams, who has raced everywhere from road race courses carpeting, a comfortable steering to the wilds of Baja and won as well, took up the hill climb circuit in Colorado a wheel and all you have to add in is few v.ears back. This year, the Teller County Hillclimb in Colorado was the a decent stereo system and you 're same weekend as the HDRA Nevada 500, but the hillclimb was on Sunday. So, set. This thing will be so trick I'll undaunted, Don drove his Jeep CJ around to the northern end of the Nevada probably have women flashing 500 race where he handed it to ace co-driver Larry Olsen, while in the lead. their phone numbers at me while Then Don drove to Las Vegas, took a late night flight to Colorado and, while he missed qualifying and practice, still won the Sunday race in his Jeep Comanche driving to work. pickup. The good news is, although the CJ had an engine going away, that Olsen I know, I'm dreaming now! keptittogethertowin Class3 for the team on the Nevada 500. Quite a double Okay now it's time to wake up. win weekend for Don Adams, and frosting on the cake is that Adams now leads The fantasy is over and it's now Class 3 points in the desert series and also leads on points, with one event left, time to get after it. You have the in his hillclimb class. game plan. ,The best laid plans usually have some modifications. All that is planned may not come about. And once into the project other necessities may come into the picture. Using desire to motivate us, and a few bucks back . from Uncle Sam, we're setting out to accomplish our task. Project by· project we will pound, beat, clean and shine our Dweebmobile into our Dreammobile. October 1990 CLASS 10 DRIVING SCHOOL. Brian McDonnell and Peter Oliver are holding a Class 10 driving school on Friday, September 28, and you may just have time to make it by the time you read this. Brian and Peter cordially invite the also runs of our family and friends to attend the inaugural Class 10 driving school being held the day before the FRT Plaster City Blast event, out of El Centro, CA. You can learn the mechanics necessary to go fast and win. For information on this unique idea call 1-800-First Overall and ask for Brian or Peter or call Fud. ATTENTION PIT CLUBS. We haven't been printing the Pit Team Register in recent issues because most of the contact names and phone numbers we have are over a year old. Please drop us a note with your cu~- nt contact so that we may update our roster and publish it for the benefit of all who race in the desert. (more TRAIL NOTES on page 40) Dusty Times

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BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING Friday, October 5th 4:00pm to 9:00pm Registration - Tech Gravel Pit - 1 1/2 miles NW of Exit 4 east of Wendover on 1-80 Saturday, October 6th pm POWDER PUFF race on short course immediately following feature event OVER THE HILL DERBY on short course immediately fo!lowing Powder Puff-for the over "50" gang to stir up their adrenaline · (Providing any cars are still running) ANNOUNCES THE THIRD ANNUAL BONNEVILLE CHALLENGE 200 Season Finale Points Race WENDOVER USA >7 Yokohama & B.O.R.E. Backing the Racers Saturday, October 6th am 8:00am - Drivers Meeting 8:45am - All Cars Staged 9:00am - Race Starts Pro Cars - 8. Laps Sportsmen - 4 Laps Added Purse by Temples Maschine, Salt Lake City B.O.R.E. - The race format designed so "Everyone" can race competitively at a'cost anyone can afford. Come try us out ! Pro Class Entry - $300.00 Includes Insurance Pro Sports Entry - $225.00 Includes Insurance Sportsman Entry - $125.00 Includes Insurance For Entry and Race Information contact: Bonneville Off Road Racing {B.O.R.E.} P.O. Box 1583, Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-2311

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·1990 HAPPENINGS ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 October 6, 1990 Penasco Twilight 250 November 10, 1990 Sonoyta to Rocky Point 250 December 8, 1990 Annual Awards Banquet Phoenix, AZ BADGERLAND VW CLUB,INC. Terry Friday -5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 ( 414) 688-5509 (All events located in Chilton, WI at the Fairgrounds Racing Facility) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 October 6, 1990 Ensenada Gran Prix Ensenada, BC, Mexico BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-2313 October 6, 1990 Bonneville Challenge Wendover USA 1990 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI54520 (715) 478-2115 I (715) 478-2688 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Mike Gibeault 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 October 12-14, 1990 Bridgestone Rally Workshop and Pace Note Rallycross November 3, 1990 Hollister Hills Rally Hollister, CA December 1-2, 1990 Indio Endurance Rally Pacific Crest Trail Rally Indio, CA CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 CLASSES FOR: Open Wheel Racers Trucks - 5-1600s ATVs - Odysseys '1)1111,.,_ Ill San Bernardino, CA A FACILl'IY FOR ALL TYPES OF OFF-ROAD RACING FREE OVERNIGHT PARKING CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 1 71 7 Marker Road Polk City, FL 33868 (813) 984-1923 (305) 823-4487 October 14, 1990 November 11, 1990, January 13, 1991 February 10, 1991 March 23, 1991 (all events at Lakeland Speedway) FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759_ September 29, 1990 Plaster City Blast IV Plaster City, CA December 31, 1990 Dunaway Dash IV Plaster City, CA GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Bo)( 2937 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714) 880-1733 November 1~, 1990 Off Road Challenge GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 (404) 253-1033 October 28, 1990 Vienna, Ga November 24, 1990 Vienna, Ga GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, Ml 48103 (313) 665-0358/ (313) 996-9193 GREAT PLAINS OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION K.C. Huggins 2233 N. 140th Avenue Omaha, NE68164 ( 402) 496-94 31 September 30, 1990 Castana, IA (All events at Timber Ridge Ranch) GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Ron Kiel 12840 Dexter St. Thornton, CO 80241 (303) 452-4013 October 14, 1990 Colorado State Fairgrounds Pueblo, CO HORA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 October 12-13, 1990 Gold Coast 300 Las Vegas, NV December 1, 1990 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Las Vegas NV HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING · ASSOCIATION Pat Roberts 878 Main St. Deadwood, SD 57732 (605) 578-1654 October 20, 1990 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 (All e\/ellts staged at the dub grounds in Cleves, Ohio) KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB Randy Chamberlin 835 Wawn Road Kamloops, B.C. V2B-6N3 LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chambray Dr. Moreno Valley, CA 92387 (714)924-2226 gr 915 ~------Afflr-· TJ'CKd ~ ~"® MAY COMPANY & MUSIC PLUS (213) 480-3232•(714) 740-2000 OFF ROAD CHALLENGE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1990 The Fifth Race In The Five Race Series The Finest in Short Course Racing 100% Cas_h Payback For information contact BRIAN CHURCH (714) 880-1733 ENTRY FEES~ Trucks, Open Wheelers - $200.00 A TVs - $50.00 ADMISSION: $10.00 -Adults $ 5.00 - Children Children under five· FREE . P.O. Box 2339 Odysseys - $100.00 San Bernardino, CA 92406 5-1600s - $100.00 Open Grandstand Seating - Come and See All the Action! DESERT RACERS!. COME OUT AND TRY OUR SUPER TRACKt WIPE .ENOUGH TO RACE-DESERT CARS! Page 8 October 1990 Dusty Times

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October 5-7, 1990 Mini Baja 150 Ridgecrest, CA November 16-18, 1990 High Desert 150 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15, 1990 T.B.A. Awards Banquet MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15519 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 (517)627-5200 MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION Keneth Coleman 742 E. Roosevelt Road Ashley, MI 48806 ( 51 7) 838-4483 (All events at Mt. Pleasant Speedway) MIDWEST OFF ROAD BAJA SERIES Rick Vasquez 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 594-8266 All Desert Races October (TBA), 1990 Deming,NM H:.::::.:.:.::.:.:.::.:.:::.:::'.::·:.::.: November, 3-4, 1990 El Paso, TX MIDWEST OFF ROAD RACING Tommy Bowling 9801 E. Highway 80 Odessa, TX 79765 (915) 561-5222 October 28, 1990 Sand Drags Odessa, TX {All events at Notrees, TX) MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714)938-4100 September 29, 1990 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO November 3, 1990 Candlestick Park San Francisco, CA ONT ARIO ASSOCIATION OF OFF ROAD RACERS Barry Wannamaker P.O. Box688 Bancroft, Ontario, KOL lCO, Canada (613) 332-3811/(613) 332-1610 ONTARIO OFF ROAD Ken Jackson - Dick Gillap R.R. #2 Tiverton, Ontario, Canada N0G 2T0 (519) 368-7874 OUTLAW MINI STOCK RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 204 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 (213) 375-4570 (213) 719-7036 PAC OFF ROAD RACING P.O. Box323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 October 12-13, 1990 Millican 400 Bend, OR PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O. Box526 Indio, CA 92202 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/ (518) 236-7897 •.. .. ·:E ;:·-i=i;~ Pl'ea'.ii::s~nd entry fee to: Georgia Off Road Racing Box 11093 Station A Atlanta, Ga. 3031 O Associ~~~~~J:i:rW' - - - - -----------------------------NAME: -----------------------------ADDRESS: ---------------------------PHONE NUMBER: { ) CLASS: NUMBER: -----------Mail entry fee to: G.O.R.R.A. Page 10 Box 11093 Station A Atlanta, Ga. 30310 ___ ......_ _____ _ October 1990 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 October 25-28, 1990 Press On Regardless Rally Escanaba, MI November 9-12, 1990 Mazda Coachman Stages Rally Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 November 8-11, 1990 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico December 1, 1989 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Las Vegas, NV SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1A3, Canada (514)692-6171 SCORE SHOW Edgell Expositions P.O. Box 19531 Irvine, CA 92713 (714) 250-8060 S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Jack Kolan (619) 292-4444 October 14, 1990 November 11, 1990 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 September 28-30, 1990 SNORE 250 Desert Race Jean, NV October 2 7-28, 1990 KC HiLites Midnight Special Desert Race Nelson Hills, NV December 1, 1990 Showboat 250 Desert Race Las Vegas, NV SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: Tom Schwartzburg 2620 West Washington West Bend, WI 53095 ( 414) 334-3858 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W . North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 257-94221(414) 542-3821 TEXAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing - Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214) 855-2232 October 5, 1990 Boyd, TX TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association P.O. Box 211 Dunellen, NJ 08812 (201) 752-0299 (201) 359-2745 (All races at Trailways Speedway, Hanover, PA) VENTURA RACEWAY Business Office 2810 W. Wooley Road Oxnard, CA 93035 (805) 656-1122 October 6, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies October 2 7, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies November 17, 1990 Motocross - 7:00 p.m. Class 10 Buggies ( all race dates subject to change without notice) VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 October 28, 1990 Championship Race Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento, CA WHEEL TO WHEEL,INC. P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL ICO (613) 332-1766/ (613) 332-4128 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 - 87 A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP October 7-13, 1990 Sanremo Rally of Italy October 27-November 2, 1990 Ivory Coast Rally November 25-29, 1990 RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS Lise your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free! Send your 1990 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. PROPOSED SCHEDULES FOR 1991 SCORE/ HDRA January 25-27, Score Parker 400 March 1-3, HORA Nissan 400 April 5-7, Score San Felipe 250 May 10-12, Score Phoenix SC June 7-9, Score Baja Interna_cional July 5-7, HORA Fireworks 250 Aug. 9-11, HDRA Willow Spring_s SC September 6-8, HORA Nevada 500 Oct. 11-13, HORA Gold Coast 300 November 7-10, Score Baja 1000 Dusty Times

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RAC ••••••••• BACK! Get a $7.50 per tire rebate when you buy selected General Tire XP 2000 or Grabber Series high performance radials between August 1 and October 31, 1990. See your dealer for details, or call 1-800-255-2550 for the location of your nearest Motorsports specialist.

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HDRA DESERT CHAMPIONSHIPS The Racers .were the Big Winners at ~ llow Springs By Jean Calvin Photos: Track.side Photo Inc. Walker Evans was in top form at Willow Springs, flying his Dodge to overwhelming Heavy Metal and Class 8 victories on both Saturday and Sunday. Even better, his team of Dodges and Jeeps won every class they entered. I Jerry Whelchel got in a lot of track time in his Chenowth, winning Class 1 /2 stadium both Saturday and Sunday with a Class 10 Toyota engine and he was third in Class 10 also on Saturday. Mario Panagiotopolous made a remarkable comeback from his accident last March, and though a little lame he led most of the way to win Class 5-1600 in Saturday action. ~--. .. ~ ·/fl . -·~ ... ·------Tom Mattingly was up front most of the way on Saturday, and won the Class·9 honors, but he dropped to third on Sunday in the tight running class. Off road racers who yearly brought their desert and stadium cars to Riverside International Raceway for a three day meet, where folks from all over the country came to spectate as well as race, saw a viable replacement · last August at Willow Springs. As most know Riverside is now a shopping mall, and in 1989 the devotees of the even 1, had no place to go. SCORE International got their replacement event off the ground at Phoenix International Raceway in May of 1990, but while it was a well planned event it failed to attract much in the way of spectators or participants. Of course it was fighting the Phoenix NBA team playoff game the same weekend, and unusually hot weather, even for Arizona. Undaunted promoters Jeff Hibbard and Bob Utgard carried on with their plans to launch a Riverside replacement in August, as the recent RIR events had been that month, in the middle of the high desert at Willow Springs International Raceway at Rosa-mond, CA, a long time road racing two mile asphalt track, the only one left in sout h er n California. HDRA agreed to sanction the race and provide on track organization and Jeep Motorsports jumped in with some hefty sponsorship. Associate sponsors attracted by the prospect of a 'Riverside in the high desert' included Nissan and General Tire, along with several west coast specialty companies. The track, grown into a real facility in the last few years, seemed ideal for the event. However, by comparison the drawbacks included a lack of. grandstand facilities, concession stands and a major population base close at hand to draw spectators, although both nearby Palmdale and Lancaster were booming with population explos-ions until the August oil crisis. The organizers and HDRA put a lot of work into grooming a two mile off road track inside the paved, and fenced, road course, and more hard work and money into extensive radio and print advertising in the entire Antelope Valley area. Press releases arrived daily and the local papers came to a special press day and ran driver interviews for a week prior to race date. No stone was left unturned to make this inaugural event a success, and it really was in most program areas. Ross Craft was right near the front Saturday in Class 5-1600, and took second, and led the race on Sunday until rolling out of contention on the last lap. ~.-~ -----=----... 1989 desert points champion Rich Richa~dson gave desert short- course The schedule was civilized with Thursday evening driver registra-tion at the Essex House in Lancaster. Registratic:m went on all day Friday at Rosamond High School just a few miles from the action a try at Willow Springs, and ended up second in Class 9 on Saturday. Page 1i October 1990 Dusty Times

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Mike Sandoval scored a perfect weekend competing in Desert Class 1-2-1600. Mike won by two seconds on Saturday and also won a close one on Sunday, by 18 seconds, a fair margin on the two mile track. track, where Safety Inspection An oppressive heat wave featur-The final count was 128 entries. and Contingency row operated ing three figure temps might have Late afternoon on Friday the from 9:30 to 5:30. Triple the kept some racers away from this weather turned foul, high wind amount expected of contingency non-points event, plus the close gusts blowing down contingency donors showed up to display their proximity of the points paying displays and tents, and this was wares and it looked like a really HORA Nevada 500 for the desert followed by a wild thunderstorm, big show was in the making. racers and the stadium events in·· heavy rain and a spectacular Practice started at one Friday Denver and Las Vegas, all in lightening show. The high desert afternoon and it then became September, made many teams, weather gods were showing off, apparent that the entry was little factory backed and privateers but the weather show might have betterthanithadbeenatPhoenix alike, pass on Willow Springs. hurttheweekendspectat~r, Ed Beard, t'he .Phoenix flyer at this race, walked away with Desert Class 10 on both Saturday and Sunday, driving his Toyota powered Chapparal in trouble free runs both days. Young Charlie Townsley had the Mini Mag to himself at Willow Springs and the 16 year old won the class · convincingly on both Saturday and Sunday, and he made it look easy. Dusty Times October 1990 It was ·a fight all the way, but young Travis Howard kept his Class 11 in the off and on on Saturday, and won the closely contested battle. count. Still by Sunday most available viewing areas were packed with campers and other vehicles. Saturday dawned clear and bright, with four hours of practice following the 7:30 a.m. Driver's meeting. Officials had listened carefully to driver suggestions on improving the track layout, and the work had been done. The first race included Classes 5-1600, 9 and 11, and they lined UJ? all This is the system run by most off road race winners abreast for the 'Oklahoma Land Rush' style start down the middle of the infield. Soon the 19 starters in 5-1600 and the twelve Challenger drivers were really· mixing it up, while the five Beetles hung back a bit, a prudent move in the fierce infighting. Randy Jones led the charge to the first turn in his Bug, but Mario Panagiotopolous passed to lead the whole pack i_n .his 'Tony the Greek' 5-1600 ~ r -•,.~ TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS · 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234•9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 13

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,; overall followed in two seconds by Mike Williams who was just' thr·ee seconds ahead of Mark Ruddis in third. all the way in his Chaparral, was third overall and won over Jeff Eachus from Santa Rosa, CA. Beard also makes a pretty nice aftermarket seat. There were five Mini Mags, and only one failed to finish. 16 years old, but a desert veteran, Charlie Townsley led the class from flag to flag and finished a sharp fourth overall, followed in class in just 13 seconds by Lonnie Peralta, and Scott Steinberger and Frank Bristing were third and fourth, only half a second apart. The Mini Mags had a great race, but over zealous watering made them very difficult to identify during the race. Greg George put his Sage Council Chenowth into the lead in stadium Class 1 ac ,on both days, an Toyota power to win handily ·both Saturday and Sunday. Next up was the combo of Classes 5, 10 and Mini Mag, which turned out to be a good mix. Rich Minga won the drag race start in his Porsche 911, followed by the more conven-tional Bugs of Bill Hernquist and Frank Williams. Hernquist closed to within a car length on the lap and took the overall lead from Minga going up the hill on lap 2. By now both Turbo Lamke and Alexi Grigoriev, who had a flat, were down and out of the six Bug . starting field. Hernquist held his lead although Minga closed up tight down the straight on the final lap. But Hernquist won Class 5 and overall by merely two seconds over Rich Minga. George Seeley and Frank Williams were also four lap finishers. . Meanwhile the Class 10 field was merely two at the start, and Phoenix desert racer Ed Beard led Stadium Class 10 held only seven starters but had their own race, possibly so some could double in Class 1 /2 in the same car. Gary Gall grabbed the lead off the start, but Billy Beck slid under him in the first turn and grabbed first place . . However by the middle of lap 1 Greg George had moved his Chenowth into the lead, followed by Beck and Gall, tr bytheendoflap 1 both of which were Class 10s of four. Soon Mario had a long bumptng up. Right off the line the lead in his first race since the near Class 1 Nissan, formerly a 4x4, fatal electrocution accident at the with former MTEG Champion Nissan 400 last March. He had Steve Millen at the wheel got a part of a leg amputated and good drag race start, but it was damage to the other foot, but at Rick Vasquez, with a Chevy in the this race he strapped a prosthetic tail of his Raceco who led into the to a boat throttle pedal to work first turn with the Class 10 the clutch in the Baja Bug. He Berrien of Billy Beck right on his worked hard to race so soon and tail pipe, and Brian Church had he walked unaided to victory his desert Chenowth third at the circle. A very gutsy young man. end of one lap, with Je~ry :Ross Crafr was second, followed Whelchel, Class 10 closing fast. by Dave Hendrickson and Craig Vasquez held the overall lead Stewart. midway in the four lapper, with Meanwhile the Challengers had Beck and Whelchel bickering all found the same mud hole, or so over second overall placing and it seemed as the numbers were first in stadium class.-It got wild as tough to read, but out in front, Beck got out of shape up the hill not necessarily in this order, were and almost flipped on lap 3, and TomMattingly,RichRichardson, Whelchel stormed into the A.J. Martin and Jack Millerd. overall lead in his 1650cc Toyota Richardson had the lead starting powered Chenowth on the next the white flag lap in his Jimco, but downhill section. Mattingly slipped past him by Not much changed on the last bravely going for a double jump, lap-as Jerry Whelchel took the and Tom won the class. Teenager checkers first overall and in Martin was third, followed by stadium Class 1 /2 in the Sage Millerd, Craig White, and Ron Council entry with Billv Beck Carter. close behind in his Class 10. Oneofthebestracesoftheday Tom Koch's nearly 130 inch was between the Class lls of wheelbase desert Raceco was Travis Howard and (no relation) third overall, as Tom used the John Howard. They were often Porsche power to advantage in his side by side, and well ahead of the first short course appearance. other three, and swapped the lead Tom said he loved the course even more than once. Coming down though it was a little rough. Koch the front straight on the last won the Desert Class l / 2 , round, the leaders were lapped by followed by Rick Vasquez, Larry faster traffic and got separated. Bolin and Steve Millen, all on the Young Travis Howard won, John lead lap. Howard, debuting his new race The next event was a mob scene car was two seconds back in with eleven desert Class 1-2-second, followed by Ramon 1600s and eight short course Castro, who missed tha actual 1600 cars. Steve Bishop jumped start. into the lead, but a four car pile up The second event was a combo in turn 2 off the start brought out of Classes 1 and 2, both desert a yellow flag. In second was Andy and short course cars, with seven Anderson followed by Randy desert cars and two stadium cars, Bishop, all short course cars, t while Mike Sandoval emerged in · the Desert 1-2-1600 lead after Mike Williams led initially. While all but four starters covered the four laps, they stretched out around the two mile course, and there wasn't too much passing action, but some close racing with the order holding until the white flag lap. Then Anderson at-tempted to gain on Steve Bishop but couldn't get close enough, so Steve won the race overall followed by Andy Anderson and Randy Bishop, all three were just 19 seconds apart. Meanwhile Mike Sandoval and Mike Wil-. Iiams and Mark Ruddis were really mixing it up in their desert cars, but the desert racers were no match for the Glen Helen regulars for overall spots. Mike Sandoval won the class and was fourth Tom Koch tried short course racing for the first time, and drove the Raceco powered by Porsche to the Desert Class 1 /2 Saturday win, and he placed second on Sunday. It was Roger Mears time lass 7, the Nissan performing without fault, and Roger led all the Mini Metal starts, and won overall easily on botli · rda and Sunday. . e eran competitor John Howard just started Class 11 racing, and his new Beetle ran a very close second in both the Saturday and the Sunday heats. Mike Williams flew his MECO in fine style in Class 1-2-1600, arid drove to a very close second on Saturday, but retired eaJ"IYd!!l!ltJ'il~ Sunday race. .,. -~ . . . · :a close, nln sta_cljum 1600 contest9.;; Page 14 •~ls¢ ._:r1'---it .:r , • --~-·:.;-,,-.. .. ,,, ... ·\-· •. ,._; ~,.. ~!.;:~ . , ·,· ·, · · i l •

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Steve _Bishop, here followed by his brother Randy, flew away from the pack on Saturday to win stadium 1600 class, but Bishop bobbled while leading on Sunday's last lap and fell to second. and Race 3 winner Jerry Whelchel Toyota engine and Goodyear tires was trying to pass Gall for third. for making the car work just right Eric Arras, still recovering from on the track. Jerry Whelchel was an injured leg from a non racing third behind Billy Beck, and Ron incident, had to pit with a flat, Carter was fourth. right rear tire. Gall failed to finish The Mini Metal of Classes 7, 7S Rob MacCachren has plenty of experience in all forms of off road racing, and Rob kept his Jeep Comanche out ront in Class 7S all the way on both Saturday and Sunday, and was second overall on Saturday. the las.t lap and Greg George won and 7 4x4 were combined with early turn and.the red flag was out. another r:tt:e for Sage Council. stadium and desert sedans, and It was great for Roger Mears who Greg said the course was very there were a lot of Jeeps in this had a flat tire, and got fresh demanding, as did a number of · mass start. The first time down · rubber from his racing pit. After other winners, and he credited his the infield they piled up in an the restart there was another Jeep. This time they all kept going. It was no contest in Class 7 as Mears put a lot of distance between himself and Wayne Lee and the only two in the class finished in that order. By lap 2 Rob MacCachren had his Jeep Comanche in the 7S lead and was second overall with Paul Simon, Ford, closing in second in the six rig field. Brother Dave Simon had the lead in the three rig 7 4x4 field, and Scott Douglas, all alone in Class 6, ran fifth overall behind the two Simon Fords. They finished in that order with Mears winning 7 and overall with no strain. Rob MacCachren won Class 7S and was second overall', while Paul Simon was second in class, followed by Glenn Harris, the last class finisher in his Jeep. Mike Lesle was stopped and out on the first lap, his Jeep 4x4 billowing white smoke. Dave Simon won hands down in Class 7 4x4 in the Ford, followed by John Swift,LW" ~· · ,,,. · course blocking pile up in turn 1, f another red flag, and another ¾ parade of trucks back to the · Bill Hernquist outdistanced the other five Bugs in Class 5 on Saturday, winning by just two seconds, but failed to finish on Sunday, as did the rest of the class. Jeeps covered the landscape in Mini Metal action, and Scott Douglas drove this modified Cherokee to the Class 6 victory both days and finished second overall behind Mears on Sunday. original lineup. On the third try Roger Mears put his Nissan out front on the straight, followed into the first turn by Scott Douglas, who got the best hole shot off the start in the Class 6 • COMPETITIVE PRICING • UNBEA TABL.E GUAL.ITY EXCEL.L.ENT SERVICE LOUIE UNSER 1)(/IG /NG/1/S BOB ~~~~ TOYOTA ii™ RACING DEVELOPMENT R.L.H. ENTERPRISE unlclenR~~Tc3s 1~221 DAVE SHOPPE ~~~cay ~ STIil 7,MAN BALCH 'Ar-1-C. ]'ACING )., t~-.. -~/ CENTERFORCE L.ESL.IE•S DRIVELINE SERVICE IMSTERCRAFT THE WRIGlff PLACE; (HD~RE] NISII aum oFr mo um1us1ms CHENOWTH Mike Lesle Racing OVER $5,000.00 CONTINGENCY POSTED AT EVERY SCORE/H.D.R.A. EVENT Race Car Lettering • Racing Nurnbers • Custorn Decals • Silk Screening • Die Cutting • Signs • Magnetic Signs • Banners • Window Lettering

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Dave Simon flew the good performing Ford Ranger in real style at this race, but flying cars is a family trait. Dave flew to victory in Class 7 4x4 on both Saturday and Sunday. -~ Ford. Cl~ss 6, wentto Scott sedans so it was a good race for the Douglas, and Jack Millerd's Jeep, event sponsor, Jeep. was the only entry in stadium The final event on Saturday was the Heavy Metal for Classes 3 / 14, 4 and 8, with six 8s, six 3s and six in Class 4. The Pros in this class --ww,~~_.. _ _. ......................... ~..,tm Jack Millerd has a highly modified stadium racing Jeep Cherokee and he won that sedan class with no strain both days. Millerd was the only two class winner at Willow Springs. Dave Hendrickson and his wife Kristine got the 5-1600 lead on the last lap on Sunday, and carried on to victory, and they also finished third in the 19 car class on Saturday. followed Walker Evans, Dodge, down the straight off the line, but they too had a red flag situation in the first turn.Jack Flannery, Class 4 Ford, and Frank Vessels, Class 8 Chevrolet, slammed into each other at the end of the straight, and the Vessels truck, with two flats and bent suspension was too damaged to continue, as was Flannery, and Mike Schwellinger's Class 4 Ford, we think, was caught in the melee also, as was Jack Johnson driving Dave Shoppe's Class 8 Ford. Vessels went home but the others worked all night to fix things for Sunday's race. On the restart Walker Evans again shot into the lead with teammate Brian Stewart right behind him. Jack Johnson made a spectacular move on the front straight to close in on Stewart. Stewart, Dodge, and Johnson, Ford, battled bumper to bumper, literally, for three and a halflaps until Johnson got a flat tire. Walker walked away with the Class 8 and overall win, followed by Brian Stewart in a great team effort. John Gable was third, also · finishing four laps in Class 8. Steve Kelley won Class 4 in his · Chevrolet, besting five other rigs, despite having overheating woes. Texan Rick Vasquez has a V6 Chevy in the tail of his super long Rac~'co, and he won desert Class 1 /2 handily on Sunday and placed second in the Saturday action. Coming back physically from his crash at Phoenix, Rich Minga drove the radical Porsche 911 neatly on Saturday, placing a close second in Class 5. Wayne Lee looked strong in his Class 7 Chevy S-10 and he finished second on Saturday, but faded early in the restarts on Sunday. Paul Simon brought the 7S Ranger out of its short retirement for this race but, while he finished the Ford second on Saturday, he was out on Sunday. Sherman Balch charged around the long short course in his Nissan Pathfinder, and won Class 3 on Saturday, but Balch dropped to second in the Sunday race. Page 16 Brian Stewart spent the weekenq following his Boss, Walker Evans, around. Stewart took solid second places in Class 8 and overall both days. October 1990 Carlos Zuniga kept his Baja Bug together nicely in the Sunday Class 5~1600 race, and Carlos drove to second in the close running class. Dusty Times

Page 17

•>.,;., ··*····.,,u.,,;:;:,. ·:.:-,• ~ Another of the Stewart clan, Craig, built his own 5-1600, and he had a good run in the high desert taking fourth Saturday and third on Sunday. Billy Beck came from Texas to race his Class 10 Berrien, taking four second place trophies, in second place both Saturday and · Sunday in the stadium Class 1/2 and stadium Class 10. Brian Church carried the family colors into desert Class 1 /2 battle, and he was fifth Saturday, his first short course race, and third on Sunday in the desert bred Chenowth. urns didn't have a good run Saturday, but he came back Mark Ruddis was stuck in third place at Willow Springs, taking good and strong to finish second in desert Class 1-2-1600 on , third in desert Class 1-2-1600 on both Saturday and Sunday, Sunday. finishing all the laps. The Jim Loggins car finished fourth in stadium 1600 competition on Saturday but moved up to a solid third in Sunday's sometimes hectic racing. -----'-----'-----------------Both Rodney Hall, Dodge, and Steve Millen, Nissan, managed only a lap, so Timmy Lee Pruett was second in class in his Ford. On the restart, three of the six Class 3 entries failed to show. Sherman Balch nosed his Nissan Pathfinder into the Class 3 lead after Mike Lesle smoked for a while and failed to finish lap 4. Balch said he was covered with mud for the first part of the race, but got in the clear and had no problems at all after that. Dale White was a long second in Class 3. . Well the weather held clear with only mild breezes for the Saturday night barbecues, that also featured bands at both ends of the track. There were more minor track changes done after driver suggestions, and the organizers did all they could to keep every entrant happy and enjoying the race and the track. The schedule was revised some to give the larger classes, like 9, more racing room and practice went off on time on Sunday. Some, who had worked all night repairing Saturday's damage, skipped practice, and others, who had mechanical trouble in practice, wished they had skipped the morning session. After the national anchem, and a presentation of the colors by ,,:-,p:vc:::-·•-»• . ·;::;:,:,~ . ,..,. ,,~;3:;w-Airmen from Edwards Air Force Base, the racing began, just after the Pit Crew Contest took place in the racing pits. The details on that event are elsewhere in this issue. While there was a 100 percent payback on entry fee purse, only 30 percent went to Saturday winners, and the 70 percent was up for grabs on Sunday. The surviving 5-1600 Bugs had their own seven lap race. Ross Craft and Mario P. diced for the lead from the green flag, but Clyde Salvedra rolled at the end of the land rush dash, wrecking his Bug but doing no damage to himself. It was red flag time, and the group paraded back to the line to try again. Craft again had the lead into turn 1, followed now by Carlos Zuniga and Dave Hend-rickson. It was busy on the front straight on lap 2 as Hendrickson moved into second, Mario P. was fourth and Tom Cornwell flipped hard, but landed well off course. The race continued while· Cornwell was taken to a hospital for a checkup. Hendrickson closed in on Craft and the two were side by side half the time with first one, then the other holding the advantage. They were bumper to bumper down the straight and not far back there was a tussle for third spot. On the last lap in turn 3 Ross Craft, whose """""r" @b There was lots of side by side action in stadium 1600 racing. Here the Sunday class winner,·Bob Mathews tries to wheelie and then fly past some traffic. Dusty Times car had been getting loose, rolled, but jumped out OK. The others held in formation and at the checkered flag Dave Hendrickson, Carlos Zuniga, ·and Craig Stewart with his wife Kristine riding was less than a minute back in shotgun, won by 16 seconds over third. Paul i;.,. A Winning Tradition In Off-Road Racing Bilstein gas pressure· shock absorbers were firs~ introduced to the American market in off-road racing in the late 1960's. Over the past 20 years, more off-road races have been won on Bilstein than any other shock absorbers. -----New Applications:------, Today, with their proven record of performance, Bilsteins continue to be the choice of serious off-roaders who run to win. Pan No, AK1310 AK 1320 AK 1330 Description Dimensions Ext,/Con, 3/4"shaft 36.02 x 20.86 15. 15 inch travel · 3/4" shaft 33.00 X 19.48 13.5 inch travel 3/4" shaft 27.00 X 16.88 10.11 inch travel coil Oller Valving Reb./Comp. 150/50 170/60 255/100 Now Available - · Repair and Revalvlng Services. October 1990 Contact: Motorsports Department BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road, San Diego, CA 92121 • 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog send $2.50 Page 17

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Jack Millerd had the best of times at the race, winning everything in stadium sedans, and winning Class 9 in his West chassis on Sunday. He was fourth Challenger on Saturday. Molina and Wayne Cook were fourth and fifth, followed by Mario P., Gary Lane, Kathy Fay, then Stacy Fay, all covering the seven laps. · Only five desert and two stadium Class l /2 Unlimited cars made it past the scoring area on Sunday, and Rick Vasquez grabbed the lead from flag fall in the Chevy V6 powered super long desert Raceco followed by Tom Koch in his big Porsche Raceco. Larry Bolin broke the rear suspensiqn on the parade lap and did not get to start. Out on the first lap was the Mazda rotary powered truckish creation of Greg George with a blown engine. Meanwhile in the stadium Class l /2 Jerry Whelchel and Billy Beck were busy dukirig it out in ,. ,. ._,/", _-,--,.,;z.,,:-.= their Class 10 machines. Soon, as Koch had minor trouble, Brian Church moved his desert Chen~ owth into second. But, it wasn't long before Jerry Whelchel moved into second overall and was closing fast, and Jerry passed Vasquez on lap 2 to take the overall lead, with Koch back in third overall. Beck only completed four of the eight laps. At the finish Jerry Whelchel won overall and the short course title. Rick Vasquez took second overall and won the desert class, followed in third O / A second in class by Tom Koch, both driving two seat cars. Brian Church was third in desert class, fourth overall, followed in by Mark Fry. A herd of 13 desert 1~2~1600 cars and eight stadium 1600s ·'AA,.....,__,..,.. Mike Duenas, here leading second placing John Howard, ran third in Class 11 on Sunday until the two leaders tangled on the last lap and Mike got around the course blockage to win the race. all in short course cars, but Boye; vanished on the next lap and Bob Mathews moved into third in his SC racer. Mike Sandoval was in fourth overall, leading the desert bunch followed by Tom Denault who retired on lap 6, and Andy Anderson had gone out on the fourth round. The order seemed set until halfway throught the last lap when Bishop got into the soft dirt off the course on two wheels and almost went over. Bob Mathews took the overall lead and the flag, winning short course honors, and Steve Bishop recovered to place second overall and second in SC class. Mike Sandoval was third overall and first in desert class followed in 18 seconds by Tom Burns, then started the On~Dirt Motorsports Magazine Limited Challenge. Steve Bishop took the lead off the start, but the red flag flew when the two desert cars of Mark Ruddis andJ.D. Ward flipped on the front straight. Ruddis landed on the wheels and drove on, but J.D., while OK himself, was done for the day. Steve Bishop led again on the restart, with Bruce Davis in second on the first lap, but that was his only lap. In third Randy Bishop went out on lap 2, and Mike Williams, Barry Hunt and Billy McCool retired with mechanical troubles without recording a lap. After two of seven· laps Steve Bishop had a good lead over Andy Anderson; Rick Boyer ran third, George Seeley ran very well in Class 5, third ~~"~aturday, an thou e stopped on the last lap he still won the class in Sunday's high attrition competition. · Larry Dimmitt did this nifty barrel roll, bending the roof panel and more, on the last lap while running second in Class 9 on Sunday, but he landed upright and carried on to finish second. Winner of five straight in desert racing, Saul Zambrano was out early on Saturday, and took third in Class 11 on Sunday, here about to be passed by winner Mike Duenas. Frank Williams flew his Baja Bug around the course in Class 5, and took a good second on Sunday, and finished all the laps fourth on Saturday. Jeff Eachus came from northern California to race, and ran to a good second on Sunday in Desert Class 10, and was second on Saturday also. Glenn Harris zipped over the tundra in his Jeep Comanche to second in Class 7S on Sunday and he also finished on Saturday, fourth in class. Page 18 Dan Weaver only got in a lap in Saturday's Mini Mag contest, u he was ready to race on Sunday and took second in the five car fast field. Willie Valdez looks strong in his Class 7S Ford Ranger, had mechanical trouble on Saturday but came back strong to place third on Sunday. . October 1990 Frank Bristing drove his turn key racer to third in Sunday racing and was fourth on Saturda . John Swift, who did well in the Pit Crew contest, also did well on the track, taking second in Class 7 4x4 on Sunday and Saturday in the Ford Ranger. Dusty Times

Page 19

Mike Lesle was out early Saturday, but on Sunday he zipped along in his Jeep Comanche to finish third in Class 7 4x4 competition. Steve Millen had a weekend off from sports car racing so he drove the Bill Savage Nissan to a good second in Class 4 after Saturday's woes were cured. Jack Johnson took over the wheel of Dave Shoppe's Ford for the closed course contest, and Jack flew into third in Class 8 on Sunday, having placed fourth on Saturday with mechanical trouble. Mark Ruddis, Jamie Wells and Scott Steele, all seven lap finishers in desert class and all in the same minute, just like they finish in a 250 mile race. Jim Loggins was third and the last seven lap finisher in short course class. Class 9 Challengers and Class 11 were next, and started on a sour note as young A.J. Martin flipped his Raceco very hard and often on the front straight putting him and his rider in the ambulance for a checkup, mainly cuts and bruises, and bringing out the red flag. Jack Millerd took the lead at the restart, but the red flag was out again when Mike Mocaby rolled his Class 9, also on the front straight. On the third start the racers behaved, with Millerd again in the lead on the straight but he was soon passed by Larry Dimmett, and Rich Richardson was in third. On lap 2 Millerd took the lead back on the front straight, and ·he and Dimmett had a very close dice going all the way swapping the lead often, with Richardson back a ways. There was some shuffling in the Challenger ranks except up front, then Larry Dimmett rolled on the last lap, but held second as Jack Millerd won Class 9. Saturday's • Mag. Aftertwo laps Ed Beard was off Dave Simon still had him in winner Tom Mattingly was third, all alone in Class 10 and he sight midway. Now Paul Simon followed by Craig White, Rich cruised to another class victory, and Rob MacCachren were Richardson and Dan Long was the doing his seven laps. fighting for the Class 7S lead, last seven lap finisher. Midway it was the Mini Mags of swapping places a few times until Meanwhile the Class 11 troops Townsley, Dan Weaver and Simon retired after four laps. Not were having a dandy dice with Frank Bristing leading the whole much changed on the white flag Ramon Castro leading Travis parade and Ed Beard was fourth lap, as Roger Mears won easily by Howard, then Travis took over on the road. Hernquist dropped , a couple of minutes. Scott the lead, and it was close with out on lap 4, and Minga only Douglas won Class 6 and was John Howard and Mike Duenas covered two laps. Now George second overall. Jack Millerd both very much in the hunt as was Seeley led Class 5, but Seeley became the only double winner Saul Zambrano. With two turns stopped in the infield short of the taking third overall and stadium to go on the last lap Travis and finish line on the last lap. The sedans in his Jeep. Earlier he won Ramon hooked fenders, and Mini Mags did seven laps led by · Class 9 Challenger honors. Dave Simon won 7 4x4, followed by Mike Lesle. Glenn Harris grabbed second in 7S for the Jeep team. Willie Valdez, Ford, was third, doing seven laps also. The Jeep Heavy Metal Chal~ lenge had a flock of trucks competing also, including Classes 3/14, 4 and 8, whose ranks had shrunk since the Saturday mayhem. Vessels' Chevy was back in Hemet, but most of the other factory 1J1r Mike Duenas was the first to find Townsley, Weaver, Bristing and 'I' a way around the course blockage Scott Steinberger, all in the same and went on to win Class 11. John minute at the finish line. None of Howard was second, 20 seconds the Class 5s did more than six back, followed by Zambrano, laps,soSeeleywasthewinner,six then Castro who was the last six seconds ahead of Frank Williams, lap finisher as Travis couldn't and Don Erskine was third. 00 (]] 00 CJJ D CID 00 move on to take the flag. Eight started in stadium Class The Class 5, 10, and Mini Mag 10 and Texan Billy Beck took the race had a high attrition rate. Rich early lead. But Jerry Whelchel Minga flew into the lead at the muscled into the lead going up the green, but soon the red flag flew hill, and Greg George was on top when a Class 10 and a Mini Mag of Beck. Then Beck and George tangled on lap 1. From the restart touched and Beck stopped for a Minga again was just ahead of BHl minute, putting Gary Gall in Hernquist, but Minga slowed second, with Eric Arras third, giving the Class 5 lead to while Beck came back to run Hei-nquist, but young Charlie fourth. Arras only did two laps Townsley led overall in a Mini before retiring. Gall did a quadruple endo on lap 2 but HDRA quickly handled the situation. Whelchel had a good lead, but a flat left rear tire and teammate George was closing rapidly in second, and George took the lead on the hill. Whelchel stopped on the back straight and jumped out of the Chenowth on lap 6. At the flag Greg George won; Billy Beck, also covering 7 laps, was second. Ron ' Carter was third, followed by teammate Randy Rhinehart, both a lap down. As the program wound down, DESERT LOCK OUTER" Red Anodize Co·nstructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength *At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing *All parts are available separately *In stock - Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 13" . MIDGET Mike Lesle drove another Jeep, an enclosed back model in Class 3, and he again had Saturday problems, but won Class 3 handily in Sunday action. the Budweiser Mini Metal Challenge put five classes on the track. As he had on Saturday, Roger Mears put his Class 7 Nissan in an immediate lead, but Spencer Low got hit, did a long nose stand before rolling, and his 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET { Jack Flannery towed from isconsin to sample high desert closed course racing, got in trouble off the start on Saturday, but patched up the Ford overnight and won Class 4 on Sunday. Dusty nma 7S Nissan ~as blocking turn 1, and the red flag flew again. Back on four wheels, and after a short pit stop, Low was back in line for the restart. Mears took the lead once again on the front straight with Dave Simon, Class 7 4x4 Ford, and Scott Douglas, Class 6 Jeep, close behind in the first turn. Then Douglas passed Dave Simon on the first lap and Mike Lesle was challenging for the lead in 7 4x4, but soon had to pit with a flat tire. Paul Simon led Class 7S the first lap in his Ford. Jack Millerd, his WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 0" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ....•. $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: Jeep the only stadium sedan, ran , all seven laps, and finished, we '. 1671 N. Brawley Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. think, third overall. Fresno, CA 93722 Roger Mears stretched his lead l (209) 275-~183 again, but Scott Douglas, fighting __ _ _ _ _ _ Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax October 1990 Page 19

Page 20

!, ~ 19 f The PRESIDE TE SC:O E 19RBAJA108 , OMING ... , VEMBER B-11

Page 21

Spencer Low got out of shape off the start, backed up over the Moser Class 6 Ford Ranchero, taking care of the roof line, and then slithered off to ' land right side up. Both cars were repaired for Sunday action. i;r, . cars were patched up shiny and neat. The final contest of the weekend had a clean start, with Walker Evans once again winning the drag race down the straight in his Dodge . over teammate Brian Stewart, Steve Kelley, Chevy, and Jack . Johnson, Ford. Around the hill to the back straight the pack thundered, and Jack Johnson got alongside Steve Kelley, and passed into third, so now three Class 8s were out front and Kelley led Class 4 with Jack Flannery, Class 4 Ford closing on him. Mike · Lesle, Jeep, had the lead over Sherman Balch, Nissan Pathfinder in Class 3. Midway Walker Evans was long gone, with Brian Stewart holding a strong second, but Jack Johnson was catching him. Flannery caught up to Kelley and stayed on his rear bµmper and Steve Millen had the Nissan in third in Class 4. Dave Westhem had to pit with a flat tire, lost two laps but his GMC was running at the finish. The order was fairly well set with two laps to go, and they finished in that order. Walker Evans won overall and in Class 8, with Brian Stewart a long but solid second, making it a one,two sweep for Dodge in Class 8. Jack Johnson was about a half a minute further back in the Ford but third overall, followed in Class 8 by John Gable, another minute back. In Class 4 Rod Hall did not start, and Steve Kelley only covered two full laps. Wisconsin's Jack Flannery won Class 4 in his Ford by 40 seconds over Steve Millen, Nissan. The Fords of Timmy Lee Pruett and Mike Schwellinger were next in Class 4, both a lap down. Mike Lesle won Class 3 and was fifth overall in the Jeep, and was just 17 seconds ahead of Sherman Balch, Nissan. Dale White, third and Rick Sieman each covered six laps. On the hills aroung the track the spectators began packing ice chests and camp chairs, and the inaugural HORA Jeep Desert Championship race was over. More than 20 thousand hardy folks turned out to watch short course desert racing in the high desert August heat, and these pioneers sure got their money's worth, with fast paced action from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Tickets were a lot less expensive than they had been at Riverside, which is a good move on the part of the pro, moters, and the water trucks worked quickly. We hope those aspects remain at future events. Usually if you charge less at a remote race track, you will get more people, and it will sure look better on TV. Watch the Willow Springs race on ESPN on October 11. Hopefully in 1991 a new date will provide better weather, and no conflict so midwesterners will again be able to compete out west. -~ We give up! We can't find the outboard, much less the Timex. · ASOLINE \ CLASSES: l Dusty nmcs ., .... ,s to Winner _ - , o Racing Gas to Second · .-,1J0s Unocal 76 Racing Gas to Third ., ,._L ~E AVAILABLE AT THE RACE .~. rHOMPSON PETROLEUM 505 N. ANAHEIM BLVD., ORANGE, CA 92688; (714) 6~-4214 OCtobcr 1990 GAS AVAILABILITY: BAKERSFIELD Roger Mears Tire Company-(805) 833-6179 BRAWLEY Seabolt Oil Company-(619) 344-3761 MONTCLAIR George Follmer Racing, Inc. -(714) 625-4881 NEWPORT BEACH Beacon Bay Enterprises -(714) 833-0660 ORANGE C.O. Thompson Petroleum, Inc. -(714) 634-4214 PARKER,AZ Parker Oil Company-(602) 669-2617 PASADENA Lee's Unocal -(818) 441-3392 PASADENA Western Air -(818) 405-9701 POMONA R&W Petroleum -(714) 629-2559 RIVERSIDE Campbell Oil Company-(714) 686-1676 SAN DIEGO Apollo Oil Company -(619) 28~6884 STOCKTON Valley Performance Center - (209) 943-7637 TAFT Brown & Reich Petroleum - (805) 765-5457 VICTORVILLE Victorville Oil Company -(619) 245-419\ YUMA,AZ Seller Petroleum - (602) 783-8876 Page 11

Page 22

Fox Riverfest Challenge l By Barb & Marilyn Schultz Photos: Rich Riddle Geor[!e Sch'-!ltz an~ !3ob Brand suited up for a preliminary dice Sunday morning, taking the,r inflatable boat out to fish on the track, and they got the checkered flag in Unlimited Boat Class. De Pere, Wisconsin, on July 7 & 8; hosted the Fox Riverfest Challenge; and tradition "reigns"! It's been said over and over, "You race De Pere, and it's going to rain". Some traditions never die! Yes, it rained and rained hard! The track was muddy, at least the water truck wasn't in big demand, but for most classes this did not dampen the racing action. The mud track got it's first taste of hard driving from Class 3 with Bill Schirm besting Ron Hill despite Hill's best efforts to get around. Schirm on his BFG tires took the win with Hill in second and Mike Savage slipping and sliding into third. Rob Roberts found himself riding the barrels -whoa, sounds like a rodeo -but finished the race in good form. Slippin' and Slidin' with Long Tall Sally had nothing on the Class 1 lS Buggies, all 22 entries. While the track looked like it might be an attrition track, this was not the case as few Class 11 s' failed to finish. Chad Ramesh on General Tires took the lead early, and held guard on second place Todd Attig. Darrin Parsons did an excellent job of coming back through the field for third place vying constantly with Dave Woulf. The weather began to go from a drizzle to a rain as fourteen Class 1-1600s lined up at the start. It was raining but not hard enough to keep the buggy numbers readable! These boys ate some MUD! Jim Wiggins took top honors on General Tires with Jeff St. Peter right on his tail pipe! Taking the checkered flag in third was Bryan Frankenburg. It took good maneuvering and skill to get around the track without locking up the brakes and sliding way past home plate. Nice job fellas! Nine Class 6 race vehicles took the green flag next. By the end of nine laps and the end of the race only four vehicles finished, two having made nine laps, two making seven laps. Gary Gott-schalk came around one of the last corners only to lock up the brakes and get himself a light pole! The pole is gone, but Gary and Co-Driver are fine. Bob Hartwig, Mike Polzin and John Schwittay, all on General Tires, fought it out for first place with Hartwig coming out the winner. Polzin took a close second and Schwittay settled for third. The weather was getting worse and Promoter Dick Gilson called a Driver's Meeting. Mr. Gilson put'it to the drivers as to whether they wished to continue racing for the day, or cancel for the rest of the day and continue on Sunday with the schedule for racing unchanged. Drivers agreed to race the schedule, come rain or come shine, without the Championship Races the following day. Racers, crews, families and fans headed for the Fox Riverfest Midway or back to camp. Yep, it's De Pere, when the next day, Sunday, July 8, dawns with a promise of hot, humid weather and a drying track! Drivers met promptly at 8 :00 a.m. to determine the status of the track. The Promoter had numerous people trying to dry the track and get it as race ready as possible! Thanks to De Pere SODA members and Chuck Brand and Crew for the heavy equipment work and help. While drivers . raised questions and weighed options, George Schultz and Bob Brand decided to "suit up" and hit the track! Hold the phone, while the would be racers were wearing the right gear for racing, apparently they were thinking of other things too. They climbed into an inflatable boat with rods and reels in hand to do a little fishing! "Heck, let the big guys worry about rules and regulations, let's see if the perch are biting." Flagman Uncle Ed Schultz gave the boys the checkered flag for their Class (Limited Boat?) and the race/fishing trip was over! What did ya' catch, boys? Racers reached an agreement to continue the racing schedule as was listed, omitting the Champ-ionship races with those monies being put into the Class races. Off Road racers operate under the Postal Creed: We race in rain, 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! -~ ~~o::a.(;)~i\C'I\ • . ··w~ ~~-~ .... . '\ .,__ i. .. ""'"·"' ~J Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling, design to retai~ st~ck appe;~-ance a!1d allow 34" tall tires. S~OR~/HDRA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS · on. Reinforced hood to stop d1stort1on at speed. Racers Price Available. Dimple Die Sets now in stock-½" -1" -1½" - 2" CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 Orchard St. Cherry Valley, CA 92223 Curt Leduc, Owner (714) 845-8820 Page 22 Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing 8403 Vicki Road Rockford, IL 61108 (815) 332-9681 October 1990 Bill Schrim took top honors in the first mud run at the Fox Riverfest. driving his Class 3 Jeep to victory early on Saturday, long before the rain got serious. snow, sleet and ice -no matter the traffic., mud holes, and by now, a 'weather, the racing must go on! trace of dust! Four Class 9s dared the track Thirteen Class 13s gave the first with Todd Attig and his crowd a thirteen gun/mud salute General Tires taking a consistent as they came roaring by the lead and putting the stretch on in Grandstand! Even the top rows the later laps for the checkered got a little trophy mud to wear flag.Jeff St. Peter gave it his all for • home! John Konitzer looked like second place. John Greaves and he had the whole she-bang Rob Renkas drove it out for third wrapped up but had to pull off on and fourth, Greaves taking third. the checkered flag lap! This race Bet if you were behind the had a fantastic number of wheel of one of the ten Class 7S doughnuts turned, 180 turns entries, you found a real made,newwaystohurdleabarrel challenge! With all four wheels invented and some really unusual down and digging this Class took positions for a race vehicle to find off at the green flag with BFG itself in. Tom Jensen on General outfitted ScottTaylor running Tires came out with the win with away with the win. It was a hard charging Dave Vorpahl in bumper to bumper race between second. Don Demeny rounded Tom Hackers and Brian Farrell out the top three finishers. for second place when, in the last By the time Class 2-1600 came laps of the race, Hockers had to to the start line, the track was a pull off. Farrell took second with mixture of mud and dust and Terry Friday driving through the these guys came to drive them pack for a well deserved third both! With twelve entries, Scott place. Taylor had his hands full taking Class 4 declined to race. his usual run away for first place. Seventeen Class 1 lD drivers Taylor drives on BFG tires. The lined up for the green flag with all racing action between Jeff St. but three not finishing the race. Peter, Greg Smith and Mike This time around it was BF Sorenson was terrific! Smith Goodrich tired Dave W oulf in a picked off his opponents one by comfortable first to the checkered one but was unable to get around flag. ToddAttigheldasteadypace second place finisher, Jeff St. for second place, with Chad Peter. Smith took a dynamite Ramesh pacing out in third. These third with Sorenson in fourth. drivers all maneuvered without Class 10 declined to race. major incident around slower Class 8 had a ton of "class" ' 1"1 There were seventeen starters in Class 11 D, racing before the track really dried out. Here Darren Van Oree/ leads Pete Menen in a display of mud cornering techniques. The Class 8 race was almost destruction derby, but Dennis Ferdon kept his Dodge intact to win the race amid some wild action on the tight track. Dusty Times

Page 23

Pete Van DeHey, foreground, and Dave Hockers raced side by side in Class 8 on Sunday, and at the checkered flag Hockers placed third in class. Young Casey Dale and his dad Grant came all the way from Tennessee to Green Bay to race, and teenager Casey won Class 1 in his Moonshiner buggy. racing! Dennis Ferdon and Scott they raced! Jon Kaempf rolled T-aylor, both on BFG's, went at it across the finish for second place tooth and nail, or better put, followed by Dave Hockers. window net to window net for Terry Wolfe ran a close tight several laps. These boys raced side race with Mike Brue in Class 5-by side; neither of them ready to 1600 with Jim Rolefson in there give an inch! Taylor had to pull off letting Wolfe and Brue both with mechanical blues giving an know he was there. Wolfe took excited Ferdon a first win! the win on Armstrong tires. Dennis, it was fun to see such a While Brue kept second place, happy and generous winner! looked like he had it in the bag, Folks, these trucks tried as many Rolefson had other plans. On the tricks as Class 13! They raced the checkered flag lap, Rolefson got track with sheet metal falling off-around Brue for-second place and on they raced; they piled into leaving Brue in a tight squeeze mud holes and backed out - and third. on they raced; in order to rid "We drove up from Savannah, themselves of dragging sheet Tennessee, to compete against metal, they did jubies - and on what "Dusty Times" calls y'all's Brian Bernloehr ran his Class 2 In the Class 1 race, and having a rider must have helped because Brian finished the race in third ,:.lace. The last race of the meet was tile Women 's Heavy Metal bash, and Nancy Vanden Huevel jumped into an early lead in her truck. and got to the checkered flag first overall. Dusty Times first with Rhonda Smith pulling off on the first lap with unknown mechanical blues. Paula Parsons on General tires took off with the lead and kept it to the checkered flag. Terri Moser raced to a solid second place with Janet Bowles bringing home third. Soda President Terry Wolfe ran a tight race with Mike Brue, but Wolfe kept his act together in the muddy stuff and won the Class 5-1600 honors. Women's Heavy Metal finished the racing schedule for the weekend. Nancy Vanden Heuvel jumped on it to an early lead that took her to the checkered flag in first. Vanden Heuvel races on General tires. Gail Brand, Cathy Jensen, Marie Wilke and Marilyn Schultz raced as close as kissin' cousins for second place when first Schultz and then Jensen had to pull off with damaged vehicles. Brand came in a secure second place with Wilke bringing in third place. Top Guns. It took about fourteen hours to get here", young Casey Dale related. He and his uncle Grant Dale race Class 1 buggies and do it rather well. When the Class 1 entries lined up for the green flag, Casey and his "Moonshiner" buggy took the lead and never looked back. This eighteen year old southern gentlemen made 50 second lap times, consistently. Grant Dale was out early with a flat tire. John "Airborne" Greaves came in second after Todd Attig pulled off in a cloud of blue smoke. Brian Bernloehr finished the Class 1 race in third. By the time Class 14 hit the track, the weather was hot, d--n hot! Strange how fast a track can change from mud to dust. Geoff Dorr and Matt Foltz had the crowd on it's feet as lap after lap these two competitors drove intensely for first place. At the checkered flag first it was Geoff Dorr on BFG tires with Foltz a close one second behind for second place. Racing just as hard for third and fourth place were Jack Heidtmann and Al Drews. Heidtmann made the big pass about half way through the race taking home third place with Drews in fourth. Class 2 declined to race. With the grandstands filled to capacity all day, the ladies completed the spectator's show with red hot racing of their own! \Vomen's Buggies took the track What does one say about De Pere's Fox Riverfest Cha'llenge? It was chilly, rainy, humid and hot; not all at the same time but then, weather isn't all that predictable. The racing involved the usual driver skill, machine durability, and the common sense of the driver to know when to shut 'er down. The expression, "Mud In· Your Blood", originated with Off Road Racing. You wanted mud, you got mud; you wanted a faster drier track, you got one. The spectators wanted thrills, spills and exciting racing, and they got it. To those who chose to race, nice work! See ya' trackside! .091 HEAVY DUTY DIFFERENTIAL Tired of replacing com-plete CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated aircraft quality 300M Alloy steel and feature case hardened ball grooves. NEW FOR '89 ! Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity. Pre-cision machined for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! CV BOOT HOLDERS Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. October 1990 Larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 Cl/s. TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available. • I Page i3

Page 24

COLORADO on RQAD CHAMPIONSHIPS Col~rado State Fairgrounds Off Road Gran Prix By Ron Kiel/Joanne Blair Photos: Joanne Blair the line head to head-with Chris Strauch hot on their tails. In the first turn, Dunn got too far to the inside and landed on top of a water barrel. Strauch spun · out and by the time everything got sorted out it was Bracelin in first, Tony Jackson second, Strauch was third and Dunn was down a lap in fourth. As the action continued, Strauch got back around Jackson and at the checkerd flag it was Ken Bracelin, Chris Strauch, and Tony Jackson. Ken Brace/in, leading here, and Tom Dunn dominated Class 1 . Brace/in won the Saturday Main and the Sunday heat while Dunn won the Saturday heat and the big one, the Sunday Main event. The flag dropped on the Stadium Odysseys and Dustin Coonfield jumped out to a lead that was never contested. Allen Dhooge and Randy Minch were involved in a battle for second until Minch landed on his top in the rhythm section during the 7th lap. At the checkered flag it was Coonfield, Dhooge, and Russ Myers had taken over third. On July 14th and 15th Colo-rado off road racers gathered at the State Fairgrounds in Pueblo for the first off road race to be held in the State Fairgrounds grandstand arena. The facility was beautiful with a large pit area that afforded a choice of asphalt or dir~ to pit on. The 7500 seat covered grandstand provided wonderful accomodations for spectators with concessions and clean restrooms readily available. The track that had been built took advantage of the entire space. available in the arena and created a situation that was challenging and fun for drivers while giving spectators a superb view of the entire track and all the racing action that was about to take place. The race format provided an 8 lap heat and a 14 lap main on Saturday night, and another 8 lap heat and 14 lap main on Sunday afternoon. The entry fee purse was paid out for the main on Saturday night and a $5,000.00 guaranteed purse was split among the classes on Sunday afternoon. An example, the Sunday · after- . noon purse for 1-2-1600 paid a little over $850.00 for first place and paid 5 places. · The track was very short in overall length (less than½ mile), but provided jumps, mogul fields, a rhythm section and an "S" turn. The resulting action left both drivers and spectators feeling that it provided both spectacular racing action and bundles of fun for everyone involved. The first turn at the end of the grandstand straightaway turned out to be a major obstacle for drivers in all classes and provided spectacular bump and grind action throughout the weekend. The heat races on Saturday night were to determine starting positions for the main event. There was excellent racing action without major mishaps until the 1-2-1600s hit the track with a field of 12 cars. In tne first turn off the start line, there was a 5 car tie up that took several seconds to sort out and get back on track. Heading into the "S" turn, Ron Kiel was rear ended and landed with one front wheel invading Al Galagos driving compartment. After 7 more laps of nonstop action and position changes, Chuck Landers took the check-ered flag followed by Chad Bertram, Mark Perschbacher, and Mark Johnson. After a brief intemission, the green flag dropped on the Quad 250B main event. Pam Cook, the current points leader, encountered some real competition from 1990 newcomers Bryan Cornelison and Gary Amella. Cook came off the starting line bracketed by Cornelison in front and Amella behind. The action was a joy to behold through 14 laps of position changes and posturing that ended up with Bryan Cornelison first, Pam Cook second, and Ken Pavlick third. Amella got tied up in the 10th lap, dropped back several positions . and had to come back to take fourth. . In the unlimited class the action started at the green flag as Kenny Bracelin and Tom Dunn came off The 250A Quads came off the starting line in a familiar order with Dan Cornforth in the lead. As in some previous races, Cornforth was unable to hold off brother Ron and Steve Verhow. At the checkered flag it was Ron Cornforth, Steve Verhow and Dan Cornforth in the first three spots. Now, the 1-2-1600 cars came back out for their second go around and everyone was amazed to see that the field was still 12 cars strong. The start was again punctuated with a large tie up in the first turn. At the end of the first lap it was Mark Perschbacher, Chuck Landers, and Brad Liska at the front of the pack. During the· first lap mishaps, Chad Bertram, Mike Jennings, and Rich Brew-baker ended up in the back ot the pack and created lots of exciting action as they tried to work their way toward the front runners. Meanwhile, Landers had. taken the lead from Perschbacher and managed to hold it even through a tangle with lap traffic. Landers, along with Chad Bertram, spun out at the end of the grandstand straightaway as a result of bumping Carrie Bertram in midair. When the checkered flag came out it was Landers, Perschbacher, Liska, and Ron Kiel had taken fourth. As the Heavy Metal main event was about to begin, the skies opened up and a downpou~ g: After two years of dyno and racing development. FAT Performance ......... :!! announces the availability of Toyota off-road racing engines. i Including Unlimited 3.0 V6, 1 &-valve 1600cc Class 1 O (short course H and desert). Classes 7, 7S and 7-4x4. Call now for more information. H FATTOYOTA WINNERS g · Parker 400/Class 10 ..... , .... :: 1st: Jlm&MikeZuponovich FAT Racing Parts• Centerline Wheels• Bilstein Shocks• Sway-A-Way • Perma{:ool • S&S Headers • Weber Carbs • Bosch Lights • JaMar Products • Wright Place • Trt-Mil Exhaust• Gem Gears • Beard Seats• Simpson Safety• super-Trapp• Yokohama Tires • Petro-Tech 2000 • Many more. 2nd: Ray Croll. Tom Day Sal Felipe 250 1st: Ray Croll. Tom Day 2nd : Gary & Dick Weyrich MTEG San Diego/Super 1600 1st: GregGeorge BAJA500 ls!: Ray Croll. Tom Day FIREWORKS 250 1st: Jm & Mike Zuponovich 1989 SCORE-HDRA ..... ...... ............ ..... ..... Milestone Award Winner Jim Greenway 1M PERFORMAllCE For your FATPerfonnance~olog, send 15 to FAT Performance, Dept. DT, 1558 N. Case, Orange, CA 92667 or call (714) 637-2889 Page 24 October 1990 Chuck Landers was in command of class 1-2-1600 all weekend, as he won all four races: Here he leads Mike Jennings, Mark John.son and Rich Brewbaker. resulted. After waiting for about mixing it ~p to the point that the 30 minutes, the Heavy Metal race scorers had problems figuring out was postponed until the start of who was in what position after the the race schedule on Sunday. race was over. The final result was Sunday turned into a beautiful Chuck Landers first, Mark day again and the race schedule Perschbacher second, Mark was rearranged to accomodate the Johnson third, and Rich Brew-Heavy Metal main event from baker fourth. Saturday night. Class 10 was After intermission, the main. moved to a later spot in the events started with the Quad schedule since both Ken Bracelin 250B class. Again Pam Cook, the · and Tony Jackson had transmis- runaway series leader, had more sion problems and were making than she could handle as Gary repairs. Amella ran away with first, Ken Heavy Metal started off the Pavlick took second, and Cook program with their postponed ended up third. main event and thundered and The Stadium Odysseys took to slewed to the checkered flag the track and although Russ where Jim Olson took first, Larry Meyers and Allen Dhooge kept Lee was second, and Tim Briscoe Dustin Coonfield on his toes for got third. the first few laps, Coonfield soon The heat races again provided ran away with first place. Myers excellent racing action without and Dhooge continued the fight major mishaps until the 1-2-. for second and when the check-1600s came out with a field that ered flag came out it was was still 11 cars strong. Chad Coonfield, Myers, and Dhooge B.:rtram had broken a few too taking the top honors. many parts to be able to patch The 250A Quads hit the track, back together. When the green and although Steve_ Ver how took flag came out it was wall to wall the early lead, he was unable to action all over the track. In the hold off Ron Cornforth. At the first turp, Brad Liska's left stub finish it was Ron. Cornforth, axle broke flipping him over in a Steve Ver how, and Scott Mill-spectacular crash that left the sapps in the first three spots. Dan pack with a problem of how to get Cornforth seemed to be having around, while the crowd was problems as he ran last place breathless until Liska emerged throughout the race. unscathed. From there on the As the 1-2-1600 cars began to only sure thing was that Chuck line up at the starting line, the 'Landers was running away with crowd became silent, wondering first. The rest of the pack was how 11 cars had managed to patch Jim Olson, Jeep, powers his Jeep around Larry Lee, using the outside of the turn on the tight course. Lee won the Sunday heat race. -Jim Olson does a nifty nose stand for the spectators, but he kept on trucking to win both Heavy Metal races on Saturday and the Sunday Main event in fine style. Dusty Times

Page 25

back together and what would Tom Dunn tangled in midair over happen next. The green flag the grandstand jump. Both cars dropped and Chuck Landers got back into action shortly, but agair grabbed the hole shot and Ken Bracelin had a nice cushion in ran away with first place. first and Tony Jackson was Meanwhile, there was another second at the end of the first lap. tangle in the first turn that sorted Dunn fired up his Chenowth air out to leave Mike Jennings in show and bv the end of the third second, Mark Johnson third, and lap was back in second. As Dunn Rich Brewbaker in fourth at the started closing in on Bracelin, end of the first lap. During the Kenny fired up again and for second lap, Landers lapped Wes several laps it was ·nose to tail Simone and from there on the action as Dunn tried to find a gap action was nonstop. The leaders and Bracelin masterfully kept all were constantly manuevering doors shut. Meanwhile Strauch through lap traffic and back in the and Jackson had tangled sending pack everyone was fighting for Jackson out of the race and position. Toward the end of the leaving Strauch with no steering race, Landers spun out trying to due to a broken tie rod. In the last get around a lapped car, but got lap as Bracelin and Dunn came up straightened out in time to hold on lap traffic, Dunn finally found first. At the checkered flag, it was a gap and at the finish line it was Chuck Landers first, Rich Tom Dunn first, Ken Bracelin Brewbaker second, Mark Persch, · second, and Chris Strauch third. bacher third, and Ron Kiel The thunder of Heavy Metal fourth. Pam Cook leads Gary Amel/a, Bryan Cornelison and Ken Pavlick in Quad 250 B action. Each of the four won a race during the weekend with Gary Armel/a taking the Sunday Main honors. Rich Brewbaker is a long time Colorado competitor in Class 1-2-1600, and he finished fourth in the heat and second in the Main event on Sunday. Class 10 hit the track deter, mined not to be upstaged. Off the starting line, Chris Strauch and Dustin Coonfield was the force in Stadium Odyssey competition, flying his tiny racer to victory in all four events for the popular class. I Wes Simone flies his Baja Bug neatly for the spectators. He isn't listed on the results, but we 'll guess he competes with the 1-2-1600 class. Steve Verh ow is always up ront ,n the Quad A competition, and he charged to second place in the Saturday Ma in and in both races on Sunday. Dustynma -'· . again took over the track and the drivers did a masterful job of racing without beating each other up. Larry Lee came off the line first, but through the course of the race he lost ground to Jim Olson ·and Tim Briscoe. At the checkered flag it was Jim Olson, Tim Briscoe and Larry Lee with the top honors. . , : , '. ; ,'JJfS'' , , •. .. ·w· . .,"LfJio • .. -~ .. · • ~9r-the 8°ig; . f I . . Sh9v,,do~,:i i~ oif rol:ld ' -: . . racing,.s d~sert arena; these • . . . Oodg·e. B6ys c;harge-i!l packin' some . · . powerful fightin9. -They rely'(ir;i the p~lhie,r of · •· KC. Day_lighters to sJ,oot dqvm:the.·.pom-. .'. petition on 1heir way. t({the "Heav,y.:Metal'( ·, : truck victory. 1:he !!.ame lights you can buy that come nice-ready out 61 the box:" . : . ; ·. :_.S~~on't ~ttie .. fqr.second;-Ai~ ~~~~if with , ·the'p~wer of genuin.e.KC ~ylightefs: . • : .. . .. . . • , • . ~: ... · ... ' . , . " ' ' October 1990 This was the first off road race to be held at the Colorado State Fairgrounds, and GWPS would like to sincerely thank the Colorado State Fair Authority for this opportunity and all the help and cooperation in producing this race. We hope to continue racing at this facility in years to come so that Colorado off road racing can continue to grow in popularity throughout the State of Colorado. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make our series possible this year and we would like to invite any one who is not involved to join the fun, competition and comradarie of our Colorado Off Road Champ, ionships. " ii!: ('I ,;, C') CD ..... ~ "' . ,,, ., u :I .J G) 0 al 'C 'i: ., ~ Page 15

Page 26

IA RANA LUCERNE VALLEY JAM 100 On the second lap Hendricks minutes but held on to second, as Keith Jackson Wins -Overall picked up his pace and moved Weir moved along steadily in into the lead, while Mueller third place. climbed to second spot, just a Henry had a couple of flats, but minute and a half behind him. no major troubles, and held Reutgen . was third six seconds things together to take the win, later, and Harman, who'd .lost although Iandiorio had got within about 12 minutes, fell to fourth · bumping distance, and they had place. an exciting duel on the last lap. By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Hendricks put Tim McDonnell They finished so close together in his car for the third lap, and he that it needed the officials to recorded the fast lap for the class, determine the elapsed times, and at 1:06:37, and held his lead in it was discovered that Henry had spite of the fact that he also lost beaten Pauley and Iandiorio by secondgear.Muellerheldsecond, just 12 seconds. Weir, who'd now four and a half minutes back. been slowed by a collapsing rear Reutgen had put his son, Kyle, in suspension, had also got caught in the driver's seat, and Kyle had had the rain storm, which was a real a flat, which lost him about 20 gully-washer on the far side of the minutes. Harman moved up into course. He finished third. Dave third place, and the Reutgens Pick, who'd had major mechanical were fourth, about six minutes problems all day, was fourth, over later. two hours down to the winner. On the last lap McDonnell had Right behind Class 5 came the Keith Jackson, a veteran motorcycle guy, drove his Raceco solo to take the Class 1 /2 lead on the third lap, had a trouble free day and won his class and overall in his first car off road race. a coupler on the steering break, Class 8 trucks, and this turned and lost about a half hour, but no into a duel between two Fords. one else ran a clean lap, so he held Greg Saavedra put himself into onto the lead, and brought the car the lead on the first lap, with the across the finish line first. quick time for the class, at Mueller, after three good laps, 1:13:35, and 11 minutes in front broke on lap four, which gave the of Tom Coon. Gail Gould, in a Against a backdrop of threaten- finish two laps, and the Odysseys, ing thunder clouds, 87 entrants who ran around only once. took to the desert for the La Rana The first class off the line was Lucerne Valley Jam 200, a four the combined one and two seat lap event in the Johnson Valley Unlimited class, and Scott Off-Highway Vehicle Area. The Flamson, in a Jimco two seater, July 14th race, which utilized had the lead at the end of the first trails familiar to those who'd lap, with the fast lap of the day, at raced some of SCORE's Great 1:01 :56.Hehadjustaminuteand Mojave events in past years, gave two seconds on Keith Jackson in a the competitor a little of twoseatRaceco. A.J.Martin,son everything, including steamy hot of Steve Martin, of the Martin weather, dust and silt, high speed Brothers race team, was driving and rocks, and even a thunder- his second race in the family pre-shower with hail late in the day. runner, a Raceco, and had himself The course was entirely within in third place, close on their tails. the boundaries of the OHV area, At the end of the second lap the witheasyaccessfromCampRock 18 year old Martin, who had his Road, or Bessemer Mine Road, 16 year old ·brother, Danny, as and the start/finish area was just passenger, had the lead, with only. off Camp Rock, about five miles 37 seconds on Jackson. Jackson, north of Highway 24 7. Race cars who was racing for the first time, were started one at a time, 15 has a background of motorcycles seconds apart, and they had a nine and mountain bikes, but is new to hour time limit. All classes were off road cars. He had 43 minutes scheduledtorunfourlaps, except on Richard Llewellyn, in a Class 11 and the Stone Stock Raceco, who was third now, as class, which were required to Flamson failed to come around again. Reutgens second place, only a GMC, was over an hour later in On the third lap Jackson moved little over four minutes behind third, and after struggling through into the lead, as the Martirr car Hendricks and McDonnell. a long second lap also, broke on suffered two broken front shocks, Harman, who lost about a half lap three. and lost about seven minutes. hour on lap four also, was third, Saavedra continued to lead, Llewellyn was still third. and there were no other finishers. although he lost almost 20 On the last lap, as Jackson held The Class 5 Baja Bugs went minutes on the second lap. But it a steady pace, Martin dropped 20 next, and Ed Pauley had the lead didn't matter, because Coon also minutes when he ran out· of gas. at the end of lap one, with almost had some troubles that consumed A.J.'s father, Steve, blamed fiveminutesonsecondplaceRick 20 minutes, and he stayed in himself for the error, saying he'd Henry, who'd broken a front second place. tried to save a little. weight, and shock. In third it was Scott Weir, Saavedra's truck began to hadn't dumped enough fuel into who'dlostalotoftimewhenaset overheat, and he had to back out the tank. Jackson had a trouble screw came loose on his carbur-of it a little, making each lap free day, and started his racing etor. Pauley ticked off the fast lap slower than the one before it. At caree_r with a win, while Martin for the class, a nice 1:08:06, on one point he stalled it, and then started his with a second place. lap two, and held his lead, but had to sit and let it cool off for a Llewellyn finished third. Henry had moved up on him, and half hour before it would restart. The Class 10 cars were next to was only a little over three And while he was worrying his get the green flag and Mike minutes back, while Weir held on way around the course, Coon was Harman, in a one seat Funco, took to third place. gradually creeping up on him. At the first lap lead, with a very Henry ran his personal best the finish it was Coon, taking the narrow margin of 15 seconds on time on the third lap, and moved win by a scant two minutes and 42 BillReutgen, inaRaceco. ln third into the lead, as Pauley got out seconds. Saavedra said he'd "just it was Steven Hendricks, another and put Jon landiorio into the barely made it" to the finish line Raceco, a minute and a halflater, driver's seat. landiorio was for his second place. while Mark Mueller ran fourth plaguedwithaplugwirethatkept The 1-2-1600s were the next another 11 seconds back. falling off, and lost about 10 group to start, and Steve ,----------~~~~~~~f!i: Steve Hendricks and Tim McDonnell ran with the front folks all the way, Tim set fast lap for Class Despite breaking a shock early in the race, Rick Henry stayed with the leader, ran nose to tail late in 10, lost a bunch of time on the last lap but st/II won Class 10 In the Raceco. the race, fixed his flats and won the Class 5 title by a mere twelve seconds. Teenagers A.J. and Danny Martin, who did well at Ridgecrest, took the family pre-run Raceco to second in Class 1 /2 despite losing time while running out of gas. Page 16 Bill and Kyle Reutgen kept their Cbenowth running strong, dropped time with a flat, but carried on to place strong in second place In Class 10. October 1990 Ed Pauley set fast lap In Class 5, but then he and John landiorlo had a pesky plug wire problem, but still finished so close in second it took the computer to figure the time. Dusty Times

Page 27

=~1,.-»>. x'~,: -~,::-. -. ' _, .... ~ ~ ~ ~ 'Jl&L Only three started in Class 8 and Thomas Coon ran second for some distance in his Ford, but his Terry Jeffers ran up front most of the way in his super long Barstow built Brut single seater in the steady pace paid off with the class victory, by only a couple of minutes. 17 car Class 1-2-1600 field, and Terry won the class by five minutes, a big margin for this class. «:;;~~ % -~ :futi };: _i;~ (f. ~; -Greg Akins had some flats along the way, but he moved his Bunderson into third place in Class 1-2-1600 on lap 3 and finished there. Steve McMullin and Tom Craig led th& first lap in Class 1-2-1600 in the MM3, held the lead with class fast lap on lap 2, but troubles dropped them to fourth at the flag. Mike Mitchell gave chase and even led the Class 7-7 4x4 class for a time but his Toyota had enough trouble to place him second at the finish line. McMullin, in a one seat MM3, was the leader at the end of lap one, but just six seconds in front ofTerry Jeffers, in a Brut. ln third place it was Ron Wilson, brother to Randy and Rick Wilson, last year's SCORE/HORA Class 10 champs, in aJimco, only a minute and a halfback. Jeff Trimble, in a JMR, ran fourth, 23 seconds later, and Jason Linker had his Mirage fifth, a minute and 25 seconds further back. On the second lap, as the traffic thinned and the dust cleared a bit, McMullin's co-driver, Tom Craig, scored the fast lap for the class at 1 :05:41, and built their lead to a minute and 20 seconds. It was still Jeffers in second place, and now Trimble moved up to third, followed by Wilson, who· broke a rear torsion adjuster finger on that lap. Greg Akins, in a Bunderson, moved into fifth place. Jeffers, whose car has a 135" wheelbase, was having some jetting problems, but nonetheless, moved into the lead on the third lap. He had almost four minutes 1 on Trimble, who came up to second place, as Akins, having no worse problems than a couple of flats, moved to third. Craig dropped to fourth, after losing 10 minutes when he hit something and smashed the exhaust flat. Chuck Lennox, in a Mirage single seate·r, now moved to fifth place. Wilson, and his co-driver, Don Hatch, dropped back to sixth place after lengthy repairs on their rear suspension. Jeffers, who said this course was "like a vacation" compared to the SCORE Fireworks 250 he'd run the week before, ticked off another quick lap to take the win, just five minutes in front of Trimble, whose worst problem_ had been that his glasses got dusty inside his Pumper helmet. Akins was third 11 minutes later, followed across the line by McMullin, who got back in for the last lap, just under five minutes behind him. And Lennox finished fifth. Dusty Times The mini trucks were the next group to take the green flag, and most of these folks had less than perfect days. Douglas McCoy and Todd Martella broke their Chevy on the first lap, while Albert Saavedra, after running third, broke his T ovota on the second lap. Jay King's primer color Toyota also went out on the second lap, and that left Billy Bunch, in a Chevy S-10, and Mike Mitchell in a Toyota, the sole survivors. Bunch led for two laps, and then broke a tie rod on lap three, which let Mitchell get by him. Bunch then gave chase, recording his quickest lap, at 1:14:55, and repassed Mitchell, who had some troubles of his own, to take the win by a half hour. The limited Baja Bugs, Class 5-1600, got the green light next, and they were led by Scott Mendenhall at the end of lap one, with fast lap for the class, at 1: 19:41, just a minute in front of Bruce Land-field. In third it was Doyle Mosley, back racing after a two year hiatus, followed less than a minute later bv Mike Abbott, and then Hector Burruel, who'd had a scary few moments when the oil pressure gauge read zero, 40 seconds further back. It turned out to be a faulty gauge. The lead five cars were separated by only three minutes and 24 seconds. Mendenhall's lead grew to a minute and 46 seconds, with Mosley moving up to second, as Landfield broke his shifter. Abbott was now third, and Burruel had moved into fourth, and Landfield dropped to fifth, losing almost 12 minutes. Mosley put Kyle Vestermark into his car for the second half of the race, and they moved into the lead, as their car ran trouble free, building a cushion of about seven and a half minutes, with David Allan, Burruel's co-driver, now in second place. Mendenhall drop-ped out of the picture on this lap as the A-arm bolt backed out of his rear trailing arm. Reid Ferguson was now third, and Landfield, with vise grips holding the shifter in place, came back up to fourth, followed by Darryl Gibson. Gibson was making up time lost on the early laps with a flooding problem which turned out to have been because both the mechanical and electrical fuel pumps were working. Vestermark and Mosley sailed trouble free to the win, finishing 13 minutes in front of Gibson and his co-driver Wally Sleppy, who'd moved up to second. Sleppy was in some discomfort as he celebrated their finish, explaining that he'd caught his thumb in the steering wheel on an early lap, and, said he, "I wanted to chew it off!" Ferguson, who had no failures and no flats, finished third, followed in by Allan and Burruel who lost about five minutes on their last lap. Landfield was fifth, six minutes later. The biggest group at this event was the Class 9 cars, and 22 of the little buggies took the green light next. Dan Mustoe, in a two seat Lothringer, ticked off the fast lap for the class, at 1:16:28, to take the lead. Running second, two and a half minutes later, was Dave Callaway, in a T-Mag one seater, who was 13 seconds in front of Rick Nelson, in a single seat Lothringer. One second behind him it was Gary Nobbe, in aJimco two seater, in fourth place, and thenJames Clements, in a two seat Brut, was fifth, 45 seconds further back. Fifth place Clements was only three and a half minutes behind i;r FIBERGLASS TRUCK BODY FABRICATORS 864 1-70 Industrial Drive• Wentzville, MO 63385 314-639-6724 We have the ability for Custom Design • Hand Laid AVAILABLE NOW -90 Chevy Full Size & 90 Ford Full Size COMING SOON -90 Dodge Dakota & 90 Ford Ranger Supercab. "We Build Them One At A Time" October 1990 Page 27

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,_,_...,..81 Doyle Mosley and Kyle Vestermark, back off road racing after two years absence, moved into the Of the five mini trucks only two survived two laps. Billy Bunch led midway, then broke a tie rod, but Class 5-1600 lead midway in the race, and with Kyle doing the anchor man job, they won by 13 came back fast to win the class in his Chevrolet S-10. minutes. -----===::---==::;;:;;;:::;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;::;;;;;:;;;;;-=;;--:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;; ""' b;: "'· - ~: ::Ji;;_~ . ·-· ~ The biggest class, at 22 starters, was Challenger, with a variety of leaders, but at the checkered flag In the combo Class 3/6, only two of five survived, and the Chevy Nova of Mike Newton and Larry it was HORA-SCORE contingency inspector Sandy Parker who won Class 9 in a Chenowth. Tunnell survived the best, even the rain, to win by over two hours. ~ :\..,_ Darryl Gibson and Wally Sleppy moved steadily through the eleven Bug Class 5-1600 ranks lap by lap, and they finished second in the class. ~ George Erl, a long time biker, now runs a Class 9 T-Mag, and is very competitive. He was fourth. in the big class at the Lucerne Valley Jam. Whether you're on a chase crew, a CALL FOR COURSES AND DATES -~..., Near the front all day long, James Clements drove his two seat Brut hard, had some minor troubles along the way, and finished well, second in Class 9. Young Tony Cassetta drove an updated mid-engine Sandwinder in Class 9, and the second generation racer lost the clutch midway, but still came in third Challenger. Butch Burch, another new face in Class 11 racing in sout em California, kept his Beetle nice and tidy and finished second, about 43 minutes down. Kenneth Parr ran close for a time in his Stone Stock Chevy Blazer, but a blown shock and other troubles dropped him to second at the finish line. tr the leader, and it was clearly still anyone's game. Both Mustoe and Nobbe disappeared on the second lap, and Nelson took over the lead, . with just four seconds on Sandy Parker, in a Chenowth, who'd moved up to second place. Less than two minutes later it was Tony Cassetta, driving in his second race, in a mid~engined single seat Sidewinder, followed by Clements, 13 seconds off his ·bumper.Danny Hunter, in a two seat Terry Smith chassis, ran fifth, but then didn't come around again. was floating around on the floor of his car, took over the lead. Sandy's brother, Eddie, had been supposed to get in but was feeling indisposed with the flu, and that left Sandy to drive all the way. Clements was now second, almost five minutes back, followed by Cassetta, in third, and then George Erl, in a one seat T ~Mag, who was finding the course very dusty, in fourth place. Craig Cooper and Clay Bintz, in a two seat Raceco, who'd had to repair shocks and a coil, moved up to fifth place. problem was that a temporary cap on a tooth had fallen off and he'd had to stop in his pit to give it to someone for safe~keeping. Cooper and Bintz, with a long last lap, were caught by the rainstorm, but managed to hold onto their fifth place. racer or a 4WD enthusiast, the Rod Hall off-road driving school can help you AHi MOTORSPORTS Nelson lost an hour and 20 minutes on the next lap, and Parker, who'd discovered that his cordless Makita drill motor, used for some last minute race prep, There were no changes on the last lap, and Parker took the win, The next group was a combina~ tion, with four Class 6 vehicles, and Mike Duncan, in a Class 3 Jeep. But Duncan didn't manage to finish lap one, and neither did Paul Strong, in his Pacer, who lost a leaf spring, so it became a three car race. Larry Tunnell, in the Chevy Nova, took the early lead, with about 14 minutes on Randy Pruett, in a Rambler. Richard Mancha, in a Bronco, ran third, already down an hour with troubles. be your best! But be ready. .. the road isn't smooth! Page 18 340 WESTERN ROAD #1 RENO, NEVADA 89506 702/786-9922 October 1990 . followed in by Clements, and then Cassetta, who'd lost his clutch about half way round. In fourth it was Erl, whose major Dusty Times

Page 29

. -Class 11 is getting more popular in t'1e desert, and young Travis Howard, another second Stone Stock trucks haven't really caught on locally, but three started and finished. Daniel Groff and generation racer, and high desert resident, led the Class 11 group from flag to flag. Dennis Beckwith led all the way in their Toyota and won by well over an hour. Tunnell had a 40 minute lead at Odysseys, who were scheduled to henz, who covered the 49 miles in the track by mid-afternoon, La La Rana has two more races this theendofthesecondlap,andit run only one lap. Lawrence sevenhoursand43minutes,fora Rana scheduled the awards year, one on October 5-7, in was still Pruett in second and Boman, in a Scorpion, couldn't very long day, but nonetheless, presentations for later the same Ridgecrest, and another set for Manchainthird.ButthenPruett getaroundeventheonetime,and firstplace. evening, making it a one day November 16-18, in Lucerne dispappeared on the third lap. the race went to Donald Klein-With most of the racers in off event. Valley. Tunnell got out and put Mick Newton in for the last two laps, and with no problems except for stalling a couple of times and some heavy rain, the pair carried on to take the win handily, two hours and 23 minutes in front of Mancha, who'd had more time consuming troubles on the fourth lap. The Class 11 cars came next, and this group was scheduled to run on1y two laps.Travis Howard took the lead, recording the class fast lap at 1:37 :44, and three minutes and 43 seconds ahead of Bill Swisher, who was 11 minutes in front of Butch Burch. The team of Jim Pierce, Bill Bryant and Matt Frick ran fourth, already a good half hour off the pace, with shifter troubles. Swisher disappeared on the next lap, reportedly stuck in a big hole, as Howard motored on, untroubled except for fading front shocks, to take the win. Burch had some late problem within sight of the finish line, but finally got going again, and came in second, nearly an hour down. Pierce, Frick and Bryant finished third, another 55 minutes back, still having shifter problems, and haying to hold the thing in gear. LaRana's Stone Stock class, for only slightly modified trucks, was next to start, and also required to do only two laps, and Dennis Beckwith put his '84 Toyota into the lead, with just under six minutes on Carey Steiner, in another Toyota. In third, three minutes behind him, was Kenneth Parr, in a '74 Blazer. Beckwith's co-driver, Daniel Groff, did the final lap, and the pair took the win, their fifth in five races, having no troubles. It's a good thing they had a trouble free race, because this team drives the race car to the race site, and then has to use it as transportation to get home again. Parr, who blew a shock, and then had his battery break loose and crunch into the motor, ran the last lap with no battery, but made it in, second. Steiner also finished, after a five hour long second lap, in third place. Parr reports that racing in this class, which is aimed at the low budget race team, costs him approximately $2000 per race, including race prep, entry fees and expenses. There was a time when that wouldn't have been consid-ered "low budget." The final class to get the go- · ahead green light was a pair of Dusty nmcs DIEST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment 4-point Sand Rail Seat Belt . $69.95 Race Belts 2"-5 point $74.95 3"-5 point .. from $99.95 TYPE 4-PORSCHE-STYLE FAN SHROUD Utilizes type 1 alternator custom alter-nator mount included . $299.DD KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700Ib .. $79.95 200mm reinforced maximum 2300. 2500. 2700. or 300Dlb $99.96 "GERMAN AUTO" COM-PETITION PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 20Dlb 215mm Porsche 914 . CLUTCH DISCS FOR 200MM AND 215MM Cushlocks 4 puc ferramic 4 puc ferramic with spring hub S49.95 S114.95 S36.95 S44.95 $54.95 213-868-9393 GERMAN AUTO CNC RACE CAR PEDAL AS-SEMBLES Brake pedal with dual master cylinder and balance bar (specify disc of drum brakes) ... . from S199.95 Clutch pedal with slave . S104.95 Swing pedal or floor mount pedals available. SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS *Polished finish* *Bolt together replaceable halves• • available in 15" and 16" .... from S99.95 SACO IRS BUS SUPER DIFF 100% machined form billet. Uses 091 series parts. Fits all years .......... . $424.55 SACO transmission drive flange. 100% machined from billet. Fits 930 CV Joints Ceachl . $55.95 SACO "'No LEAK" 4 bolt polished valve covers fits 1. 7. 1.8 , and 1.0T 4 engines. (pair) 544.95 POLY FUEL JUGS 5 Gallon ... Square Design ... Screw On Cap 517.95 Ant i-Vortex Fuel Funnel 517 .95 11 Gallon , .. Quick Dump 549.95 '213-863-1504 0 SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS AND FLANGES 930 or T.4 cages Ceachl 544.95 930. T.4 & T.2 boot flanges Ceachl 515.95 Trik boots Ceachl . 515.95 SACO RACK AND PINION SACO rack and pinion features alloy gears full contact housing. and hard anodized for long wear. Standard rack and pinion Rack and pinion mount . Rack and pinion coupler Rack steering stops H.D MAGNUM RACK 5249.95 $9.95 58.95 $19.95 Billet housings ... 1 ½" alloy gear ... thru bolt mounting ... complete with stops ...:4 1" CHROMOLYTIE RODS WITH H.D. ENDS 1" ChromolyTie Rods with H.D. Ends (specify Ford or lnternationall set .. S89.95 Quick release steering hub S44.95 FAX 213-929-1461 11324 Norwalk Bl. Santa Fe Springs, CA. 90670 October 1990 SWAYAWAY IRS spring plates S/ A spring plates 4130 Spring plates H.D. torsion bars Front V, W. Bug sway bars Rear V. W. Bug sway bars 564.95 577.95 from $159.95 .. from $134.95 544.95 564.95 Front and rear V. W. sway bar kit $199.95 TRIMIL BOBCAT SYSTEMS 11/," Type 1 raw ... 1 'h" Type 1 chrome 1 '/e" Type 1 raw . 1 % ' Type chrome 1%'Type4raw. 15/a" Type 4 chrome 559.95 $89.95 S69.96 599.95 5149.95 $179.95 Baffle for Bobcat System . S8.95 TRICK REAR TRAILING ARMS 3"x3" . pr. 5395.DD Class 1-2 1600, 5 1600 pr. 5395.DD FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link Pin 4130 Chromoly Stock length pr. S485.DD 1 '/,,." Longer pr S525.DD 2 ¼"Longer ... pr. 5525.DD 4" for coil covers .. pr. 5550.D0 WEEKEND WARRIOR LONG TRAVEL BEAMS B" travel stock width beam B" travel widened beam 10" travel stock width beam 1 O" travel widened beam . $199.95 5219.95 5224.95 5244.95 *Catalog $3. Page 29

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The Paul Simon Ford Ranger crew won the Manufacturers Class for BFG, and but for a three second penalty, included in their time of 34.88, could have won overall. . ,,. John Brooks does the ballet act on the driver change, while the crew hustles the entry into first overall. Brooks wasn't entered in . the race, and just brought his Class 10 car and crew to Willow Springs for the Pit Team Contest. Brooks is leading Baja Promotions points at this time. John Swift performs the mandatory simulated driver change exiting his Ford Ranger, and his team placed fifth overall and second in the Manufacturers Class. · IDRA PIT CREW CONn5T John Brooks and the Checkers Team Take the Victory Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Overall winners and ready for NASCAR maybe, was the Checkers team put togeth~r by J?hn Bro~ks whose Class 10 Raceco sponsored by Armstrong was the winn_er. The team of Glenn Wolfe, Dave Pick, Keith Dennis, Tony Clover and Tom Angerman posted a time of 33.75 seconds beating last year's winning time by over nine seconds. . . . ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR 16.5 POUNDS SIZES, AVAILABLE .. 16 X 27 18 X24 19 X28 ,,·.. 19 X 31 r•❖•·:r··\:•·\ .• ( y:'°. CURRENTLY USED IN CLASS 2, 8, & NASCAR HI-TOCH ttFF ltttAlt 2 WD • 4 WD • TRUCK • JEEP • PRERUNNERS • CUSTOM TUBE BENDING • OFF ROAD ACCESSORIES • RANCHO SUSPENSION • DOETSCH TECH •MAi;TER~RAFT• KAYLINE • CIBIE • K & N · • JT BODY LIFTS • FUEL SAFE • CUFF:ORD~ AUTOFAB • KC HILITES personalized • AIR UFT.•'ORD PERFORMANCE• MIKUNI service ! • 104 OCTANE BOOST• SMITTYBILT • AMSOIL t:!!:l ·• LAS VEGAS 702 . · \"' ';:-:.· ~~;i;i~~~T~I_E:c;_ 362•2089 RJ~~~~~i~IP Page 30 October 1990 ,,.. The second annual IDRA Pit Crew Challenge changed locations drastically but retained their major sponsor, 4-Wheel & Off Road Magazine, and had fantastic · support from Manufacturers involved in off road racing. However, shifting the venue from downtown Las Vegas before the Mint 400 to the desolate desert Willow Springs Raceway ~nd having it on Sunday morning before the feature race events in mid August kept the entry down some, but the enthusiasm was just as high as it was in 1989, and there were plenty of spectators on hand to cheer their favorites on to greater effort. Attacking the Checkers/ Arm-strong Tire/John Brooks Racing open wheel entry with the skill and precision of a military operation, the Checkers Off Road Racing Team clearly demon-strated that they were indeed the number one team in the desert. They posted a time of 33.75 · sec·onds, beating last year's· winning effort by over nine seconds to win the Overall Championship at the Second Annual 4-Wheel & Off Road Magazine, IDRA Pit Crew Challenge. This competition requires that five man pit teams change one tire on each side of the vehicle, while performing an eight second simulated fuel dump and a driver change ... Jt happened just before· the start of the inaugural HORA Jeep Desert Championships, at Willow Springs Raceway, having been moved from a Las Vegas date earlier in the year, due to a labor dispute in the downtown area. The Class 10 Raceco, owned and driven by John Brooks of Santa Paula, CA, was pitted by a well honed five man team of Che~kers consisting of Glenn Wolfe, Dave Pick, Keith Dennis, Tony Clover and Tom Angerman. In spite of the fact that the Manufacturers Class Simon & Simon entry posted the fastet time of the competition, the Checker entry was given the overall victory when a three second penalty was assessed against the Ford Ranger 4x4 for a minor infraction. The Ford/ BFGoodrich/Southwest Con-struction Ranger still took second overall at 34.88 and won the Manufacturers Division by almost ten seconds over the second place Ford Ranger from Swift Motorsports that scored 44.54. Glenn Wolfe, past President of the Checkers, and team wheel-man, had these comments on the importance of the victory. "Winning this competition is merely a public demonstration (?f what every serious racer already knows: Checkers Off Road has always been the number one team in the desert, and, in spite of all the professional teams that have entered the sport in the last few years, the Checkers are still number one and intend to ·stay there." The second place open wheel entry, third overall, from Sage Council led by team manager Bryce Whelchel, was in the running until they cross threaded a wheel nut, costing them precious seconds. After the 39 .91 finish, team owner Lloyd Sukut jokingly commented that, "The guy who cross threaded that nut is going to wear it around his neck until next year's competition." Fourth overall and third in Open Wheel class was the Chapala Dusters/ La Victoria Foods/ Gary Porter team at 40.76, followed in Open Wheel category by Check-ers/Tom Koch Racing/ Owner-Op Ready Mix at 52 .00 and White Racing/White Develop-ment/ Craig White at 66.42. Rounding out the top ten were three more from the Manufactur-ers Division, Waters & Divine/ Goodyear/ Gil Divine at 45.73, Val Electric Racing/ Armstrong Tire/Wayne Lee, 52.09, and Team MacPherson, So. Cal. Chevy Dealers/ Steve Kelley at 67.54. George Thompson, IDRA Director and coordinator for the competition said, "I was generally pleased with the way things came together this year. We had fantastic support from the Manufacturers and our major sponsor, 4-Wheel & Off Road Magazine, was delighted with the event. I expect ESPN coverage to air on October 11 and I am already working on proposals for next year's event, which hopefully will return to the glamour of Las Vegas. The Chapa/a Ousters got Gary Porter's La Victoria 1600 into third in Open Wheel Class, fourth overall. Check, the papoose style air bottle to hasten the lug nut operation. Dusty Times

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La Rana Desert Racing Friday, October 5, 1990 3:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Promotions CALIFORNIA 200 All Classes Welcome Schedule of Events Registration, Contingency and Tech at the Kerr· McGee Community Center Ridgecrest, CA Sunday, October 7, 1990 Saturday, October 6, 1990 7:00 a.m. Drivers M~eting -MANDATORY 8:00 a.m. Vehicle lineup at start/finish At Charlies Place MANDATORY 9:00 a.m. Race starts promptly Time Limit: 8 Hours 11 :00 a.m. -Awards Presentation Carriage Inn, 9-01 China Lake Blvd Ridgecrest, CA IF YOU WANT TO BRING THE FAMILY FUN BACK INTO YOUR DESERT RACING, WITHOUT THE PRESSURES AND HIGH COST, THEN COME RACE WITH US, 1990 Race Dates Volunteers are needed -If you would like to help La.Rana with timing, scoring, checkpoint, please call and let us know. """' . , ,\· . ~.:.~(A:lf;~~ ;: t' \li...-:;?'."',.U..---<J \i'· -;:; --· For Entry Forms or Race Information, Call LA RANA DESERT RACING PROMOTIONS 22769 Chambray Drive Moreno Valley, CA (714) 924-2226 October 5-7 CALIFORNIA 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 16-18 HIGH DESERT 250 Lucerne Valley, CA December 15 AWARDS BANQUET T.B.A. . .. ... ,.

Page 32

FRT SUPERSTITION 150 VII Schilling and Marking Take the 0ve·rall By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Ent. Tom Schilling and John Marking whipped their Jimco through two classes that ·started ahead of the 1-2-1600s, finished on three wheels, but not only won the class but won the race overall in 4:07:29. Tom Schilling and John Marking teamed in their 1-2-1600 car to take the overall win at the FRT Superstition 250, the popular mid-summer night race. With typical FRT scheduling, there was a bike and A TV event starting early in the morning, and then, using the same course, the cars and trucks went off the line at 6 p.m. The track was 54 miles long, and it was a four lap event, which was to be over at 2 a.m., regardless. Because of the added difficulty of a night race, this was a double point event in the FR T series. The course was described as rough, and soft, with a lot of sand. There had been some recent rain, but it hadn't been enough to help, and dust was heavy all day. The low desert site of the race, not far off Highway 8, between El Centro and Plaster City, is often very windy, but this day was generally calm, and the breeze didn't come up until well into the race. There were no clouds, and ·there was a beautiful full moon to help navigate by. After a quick Driver's Meeting the racers staged themselves alongside the number markers supplied by the FR T, readying for a one every fifteen second start. For this event the Class 10 cars were first off the line, and the Toyota powered Jimco of Bob Whitted and Mike Julson was the first car to take the green flag. Fifty-three minutes later it was also the first car to complete the lap, but they didn't have the lead, as Richard Binder, in 'a Toyota powered ORBS, had the fast lap of the day, at 52:42, and the lead. Mike McDonnell, in a VW Raceco ran second, only 41 seconds later, followed by Whitted, in eight seconds. Jim Pierce was fourth in a Rabbit 1 unco, while the team of Peter Oliver and Brian McDonnell, in another VW Raceco, was fifth. followed by Whitted, who was now a minute and 15 seconds behind him. Pierce was third, McDonnell and Oliver ran fourth, and Binder was now fifth. On the third lap Julson took over for Whitted, and went into the lead, as the McDonnells broke a throttle cable. Pierce's co-driver, Jim Kirk, moved into second place, foilowed by Rodney Goodsell, who had taken over from Binder, and was less than a minute behind Kirk. In fourth place it was Brian McDonnell (Tim's brother, Mike's son) and Peter Oliver, while big brother Tim ran fifth now. The last lap was a "gotcha", and as Julson broke a tie rod, Kirk lost about two and a half hours and Goodsell fought his loose wiring, the younger McDonnell and Oliver had a clean lap and sailed on in for the win. Subsequently, Julson got things fixed, and he and Whitted finished second, 4 7 seconds behind them. In third it was Binder and Goodsell, about six minutes later, followed by Pierce and Kirk, a very distant fourth. No one else did all four laps. The second class to start was the Unlimited class, which had a bad day. Dennis Green, in a 2700cc Type IV two seat Jimco, lost his transmission on the first lap, and Dusty Burwell, in a 3 liter V6 Toyota powered two sea"t Jimco, lost his motor on the second lap, after recording a very quick 54:29 for lap one. Rex Gregory and Ron Wilkinson, in another 2 700cc Type IV powered car, this a one seat Chaparral, managed one lap, and then disappeared from the scene. But Jeff Wright, in his 1300cc Mazda Rotary powered Stealth one seater, contrived to finish two laps to take the win before his car succumbed to terminal myster-ious ignition problems. The third class to start was the 1-2-1600s, and this was a hard fought race for them, with surprisingly few DNFs. At the end of lap one the lead belonged to Scott Webster, in his ORBS one seater, with fast lap for the class at 56:4 7. He was 19 seconds in front of Larry Wyatt, in a two seat Raceco. A minute and 12 seconds later it was Tom Schilling in his Jimco, and then, in 28 seconds, J.A. Ashley, in a Raceco, who'd rolled over in the clay hills, luckily landing on his wheels. Fifth place belonged to Andy Estrada, in a Baja Specialties two seater, and he was only two minutes and 57 seconds behind first place. Webster held onto his lead through lap two, still followed by Wyatt, only 32 seconds later. Brian McDonnell and Peter Oliver ran near the front, but didn't take the Class 10 lead until the last lap in their Raceco, and they won the class by about 47 seconds in a tight finish. Schilling, who'd had a flat, and had also rolled his car, landing on his wheels, held on to third, now a bit over three minutes down. In fourth it was still Ashley, but Claudio Ponte and Jeff Kent had brought their single seat Chen/Neth up to fifth place, and it was still a very close race. There were driver changes for most of the cars at the end of lap two, and now James Tucker, taking over for Wyatt, moved into the lead, with only 22 seconds on Coy Brigman, who'd taken over for Webster. Brigman was having some trouble with the throttle sticking on this lap. In third place it was John Marking now, having relieved Schilling, and he was 40 seconds off Brigman's tail. Ashley had put Bob Lofton in, and they were still fourth, while Estrada, who was driving the whole distance, moved back into fifth spot, and was still only seven minutes and 14 seconds out of first place. At the end of the third lap Brigman, Tucker, Marking and Lofton were running ahead of all the Class 1 Os except the leader, and so, when word came back that Julson had broken a tie rod, the 1600 pit crews started to anticipate overall victory for their teams. But then word filtered in that Tucker had broken a tie rod also, and Brigman disappeared, with what turned out to be a broken throttle cable, and Marking's car had the oil light lit. So it was a guessing game at the finish line. But then Marking stormed across the finish line, his flat front tire taking leave of the wheel just as he got the checkered flag, to get the first win for the team, and the overall victory at that. Lofton and Ashley were second, only a minute and 24 seconds later, followed by Estrada, in third, his best finish ever. Ponte and Kent were fourth, while Kevin and Ken Basore, in a two seat Jimco, finished fifth. Tucker and Wyatt were a disappointed sixth, Tucker saying he'd replaced everything except the tie rods before this race, and Webster and Brigman fell all the way to ninth place. Class 5 was next off the line, and their race was a little peculiar. Kyle and Joel Whitted, as they usually do, took the early lead, with the class fast lap, a swift 59:30. They were .followed by Greg Sanden and Larry McCal-lum, whose car sports a 2276cc motor these days, and, in third, John Fargo, his 1900ccs keeping him within two and a half minutes. In fourth it was Brent Grizzle and Larry Hewett, whose 2188cc powered car was having some problem that called for long pit stops each lap, and who had a problem finding their way into the pits, coming in at odd angles, and having to circle around and rerun part of the course as they left because of their confusion. Several of the other Class 5 cars made mid lap visits to the pits from time to time also. Joel Whitted, who is 17 years old, had a trouble free run, and held on to his lead, while everyone else's evening deterior-ated. Fargo never finished his second lap, and the teams of Richard Carbajal and Glen MacDonald, and also Matt Goodsell and David Marini had both broken on the first lap. Sanden and McCallum lost an , hour and 40 minutes on the second lap, while Grizzle and Hewett had about 25 minutes worth of problems. So Grizzle and Hewett ran second, while Sanden and McCallum were third. Joel got out and Kyle, his brother, who's·21 years old, took over the driving, and did another smooth lap, holding on to the lead, but not having to worry too much, bec::.use McCallum and Sanden n?w_ disappeared, ~nd Binder's luck didn't hold, and his car, which was new, began to have trouble with wires falling off, and as he dropped back Mike McDonnell moved into the lead, Youngsters Joel and Kyle Whitted, second generation racers, had a great Attrition was extremely heavy in Unlimited Class, nobody finished, but Jeff race, their personal best, in Class 5, as usual took an early lead, but in this Wright won, going the farthest the fastest in the Mazda engined car. contest they led all the way to victory. ---------------------------Page 31 October 1990 Dusty Times

Page 33

Bob Whitted and Mike Julson combined to drive the big Jimco, led the third lap in Class 10 but a broken tie rod dropped them to second at the flag. Richard Binder and Rodney Goodsell got fast lap of the day in Class 10 on lap 1 in the Toyota powered ORBS, but the new car had wiring trouble and they finished third. J.A. Ashley and Robert Lofton rolled the Raceco on the first lap, but the team came back to finish the race a very close second in Class 1-2-1600. Class 100 fielded another high attrition group. David Slade did one lap, the only one that got that far, and he was the winner in his own design. Grizzle and Hewett continued to the race of the Class 100 cars. make long visits to their pit, and This is a run what you brung were nearly an hour down. group, generally a mix of one and Kyle drove·steadily on to get a two seaters, with a maximum of finish, something the brothers 2400ccs, and open suspension. have found hard to clo, and the There were four vehicles entered, win, even though the rear and David Slade, in an 1150cc suspension of the Bug was slowly Suzuki powered, chain driven going away for much of the fourth Slade chassis car took the lead, lap. Grizzle and Hewett finished and the win, by finishing his first second, almost exactly an hour lap in 1:12:54. No one else later, and no one else got to the managed to do even a lap, and checkered flag. then Slade broke on· the second Also odd, and very brief, was lap, and we never even saw him to ~-Class 9 was the biggest bunch and had some close dicing. Mike Davis had class fast lap and the lead on lap 1 in the ORBS, and he and Victor Calderon carried on quickly, leading all the way to a 12 minute victory. ~-. A lucky 11 starters came out in Class 5-1600 ar:d they really had a good tussle going. Brian Goodrich and Charlie Watters grabbed the lead on lap 3 and Watters held on to win the class. Dusty nma · find out what had happened to his car. It was a disappointment, because this class frequently has very close and exciting races. The Class 9 cars came next, and these folks managed to hold themselves together for a bit longer. It was Mike Davis, in a one seat ORBS, with the class fast lap of 1:09:30, and in the lead at the end of lap one, with just two seconds on Tom W atson, in another one seat ORBS. In third place it was Hal and Kevin Graves, in a one seatJimco, and following them, Jack Hettinger, in a Funco, . and then Larry Cossio, in a Chaparral two seater, with his son Tony in the passenger seat. Davis had another good lap, and built his lead to a minute and 34 seconds, with the Graves team now second, as Watson dropped to third, a minute and 46 seconds later. Fourth place belonged to Hettinger still, and Cossio held fifth. After the mid,race driver changes there was some shuffling of position, but not at the front. Victor Calderon got in for Davis, and he ticked off another quick lap, building the team's lead to 11 minutes and 53 seconds. At this point it was Steve Reynolds, Hettinger's co,driver, who ran second. Cosico, who'd put ~ike Pfankuch in for a lap, was now third, another 12 minutes back, and the team of Andy Blue and Pancho Bio, in a Tubular Design single seater, . who'd found the course very dusty, ran fourth. Fifth place was now in the hands of Bob McLaughlin and John Jones, in their Jones Special two seater. Jeff Bennett, who'd taken over for Watson, had had major electrical problems, and spent some time driving with a flashlight, while the Graves team lost over an hour somehow also. Calderon heard some terrible noises in his second gear, found his water jug dry (no joke in 90 degree weather), and moved right along smoothly to take the win. Hettinger and Reynolds finished second, 12 minutes behind them, down on power for the last lap, and nursing a flat front tire. In third it was Cossio and Pfankuch, finishing three,legged, after the left front tire and wheel parted company with the rest of the car about 10 miles before the finish line. Jones and McLaughlin, who claim over a hundred years of experience between them, finished fourth, and Bio and Blue were fifth. · After their good beginning; Bennett and Watson had complete electrical failure, and had to graft on a second battery so they'd have one dim light and enough power to get to the finish. They were October 1990 ninth, and the Graves team came in 11th. The 5,1600s headed out into the sunset next, and John Holmes took the first lap lead, with the class fast lap at 1: 11 :07. Brian Goodrich ran second, a little over two minutes behind him, and then it was the Jim and Jason Beeson team, less than a minute further back. In fourth place it was John Hulsebosch and Gary Seagroves, followed by Bobby and Scott Plunkett. Holmes recorded another good lap and held on to his lead, while the Beeson car disappeared. Now the Hulsebosch/ Seagroves team was tied to the second with the Plunketts for third place, and only a minute and three seconds behind the leader. In fourth spot it was Goodrich, and in fifth, Josh Kerr, who'd taken over after the first lap when his dad, Jerry, who had the flu, r;r · EADY 103 Press Lane, Suite # 4 • Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 691-9111 • (619) 691-9114 • FAX (619) 691-0803 Page 33

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-Andy Estrada drove alone in his Baja Specialties race car, kept the leaders in sight all the way and scored his best ever finish, third in 1-2-1600s. Claudio Ponte and Jeff Kent had a good run in their 1-2-1600 racer, and they worked their way into fourth place in the Chen/Neth at the finish line. Brent Grizzle and Larry Hewett had some long pit stops each lap, but they kept the door closed most of the time, and finished an hour down but a good second in Class 5. . ~IIU/1. ' "°' ' Jack Hettinger and Steve Reynolds moved into second in Class 9 midway in the battle, and the team stayed in second at the flag, even with a flat tire. Larry Cosio and Mike Pfankuch drove hard in the two seat Chaparral, and moved up the ranks to finish well in third spot in the Class 9 action. Bob McLaughlin and John Jones drove their home built special in the big Class 9 contest, and they just squeaked out fourth by 26 seconds. and they started the day with a roar of engines and a cloud of dust. And when the dust cleared, it was Perry McNeil in the lead in his 429 c.i. Ford. John Currier and Steven Wells ran second in their Chevy, and Craig Corda, in a 351 c.i. Ford, was third. Tony Alvarado and Ron Ryerson, in a Ford, had become lost driving in to the pit area, had inadvertently cut a big corner ( several other drivers did the same thing), and had then taken an extra loop as a penalty, and were a distant fourth. Perry McNeil seems to like the sandy southeastern desert trails, and he boomed the big Class 8 Ford around the four laps in great time, winning Class 8 by over 50 minutes. McNeil continued to lead, and at the end of lap two, Alvarado and Ryerson moved up to second, with Currier and Wells in third, Corda fourth, and no one else running. By the end of lap three, McNeil, who was driving very consistent laps, had almost 20 minutes, and it was still Alvarado and Ryerson in second. Corda was third, but 49 minutes off the pace. Currier and Wells were over two hours later, having a rough time of it. ~ became too ill to carry on. On the third lap Holmes got out and his co-driver, Ramsey El Wardani took over, and he had a flat tire, which lost him about 10 minutes, and Goodrich's co-driver, Charlie Watters, took over the lead, with just a hair over ten minutes on El W ardani. Kerr moved up to third place as the Plunketts broke, and Hulsebosch and Seagroves were now fourth, after losing about a half hour. Rick St. John and Steve Misz-kiewicz were now fifth, but about an hour down, and there wasn't any other 5-1600s moving. Watters barreled along having a great race, and suddenly, as he neared the end of things, he came upon a pair of stuck trucks, nosed in to each other, and completely blocking the course, in the mud-hill area. When Watters tried to find a way around them he got lost, then he got stuck, and blew reverse gear trying to get loose. A handy spectator with a truck got him out, and 'he wandered on, only to get stuck again, this time with no nearby rescuer in a truck. . At this point the value of a co-driver was demonstrated, when Joe Hinds, who rides with Charlie, hopped out of the car, . lifted up the front end, and turned it to the point that Charlie could Page 34 drive it out. A few feet further through the hills and they suddenly fell onto the course, and they drove it on in, to take the win. No one else had been able to get by the stalled trucks in time to catch them. El W ardani closed up a bit, and finished second by four minutes, followed in by Kerr, whose throttle had been sticking wide open. Hulsebosch and Seagroves were fourth, 10 minutes later, and St. John and Miszkiewicz finished a very late fifth place. · · There were six Class 8 trucks, McNeil, who'd had to change one flat, reported ·that it was a good, rough course, and that it got chewed up on the fourth lap. He took the win with 50 minutes to spare. Second place Alvarado and Ryerson, who took turns riding and driving, had had trouble Ronnie Gibson and·Clarence Hoskins ran well in the Hoskins' Ford in Class 7. After several retired, and they had no big troubles, Gibson drove on to the class victory. October 1990 getting around a stuck mini truck, and had stuck themselves in trying to go past it, needing a four wheel drive vehicle to get them out eventually. Corda finished third, 48 minutes later. The small trucks were the last group to start, and Mike Henry and Victor Lopez, in a Ford, took the lead, but with only 12 minutes on Ronnie Gibson, driving Clarence Hoskins' Ford. Henry and Lopez had the fast lap for the class with their 1:14:00. The FRT SUPERSTITION 250 VII RESULTS -August 4, 1990 Car# Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Class 1-2-1&00 • 160Qcc Restricted• l4 start -12 finish 1699 1 Tom Schilling - John Marking 1601 2 J.A. Ashley/Robert Lofton 1604 3 Andy Estrada (solo) 1611 4 Claudio Ponte/Jell Kent 1609 5 Kevin & Ken Basore Clas• 10 • unnm(ted 1650 ccs • 9 start • 4 finishers 1004 1 Brian McDonnelVPeter Oliver 1001 2 Bob Whitted/Mike Julson 101 O 3 Richard Binder/Rodney goodsell 1012 4 Jim Pierce/Rici< Hunt Class unnmtted • 4 start • o finish 100 1 Jell Wright (2 laps) Class s · Vnl!rntttd Bala Bug· & start· 2 finish 501 1 Jell & Kyle Whitted 502 2 Brent Griule/larry Hewett c1ass s ·Challenger· 23 start ·ll finish 914 1 Mike DavisNictor Calderon 915 2 Jack Hettinger/Steve Reynolds 911 3 Larry Cossio/Mike Plankuch 909 4 Bob Mclaughlin/John Jones 923 5 Pancho Bio/Andy Blue Class 100 • short we one or Two seat :4 start· o finish 2 1 David Slade (I lap) Class 5:1600 • l§OQ cc Bala Bug-ll start· s finish 598 1 Brian Goodrich/Charlie Watters 596 2 John HolmestRamsey El Wardani 553 3 Josh & Jerry Kerr 551 4 John Hulsebosch/Gary Seagroves 599 5 Rick St.John/Steve Miszkiewicz Class a Big Trucks• & start • 3 finish 800 1 Perry McNeil 808 2 Tony Alvarado/Ron Ryerson 801 3 Craig Corda c1ass Z Lttlle Trucks • & start · 2 finish 701 1 Ronnie Gibson/Clarence Hoskins 703 2 Mike Henry/Victor Lopez •denotes overall winner 83 starters -39 finishers - 46% finish rate 54 mile course - 4 laps for an official finish Weather: hot, dry, dusty - night race Vehicle Time Jimco 4:07:29· Raceco 4:08:53 Baja Spec. 4:16:36 Chen/Neth 4:27:37 Jimco 4:29:32 Raceco 4:22:39 Jimco 4:23:26 ORBS 4:29:22 Funco 6:56:55 Stealth 2:21:05 Baja Bug 4:26:47 Baja Bug 5:25:21 ORBS 4:56:09 Funco 5:08:56 Chaparral 5:29:46 Jones Spec. 5:39:50 Tube.Design 5:40:15 Slade Chassis 1 :12:54 Baja Bug 5:32:29 Baja Bug 5:36:32 Baja Bug 5:57:16 Baja Bug 6:07:35 Baja Bug 7:25:35 Ford 4:47:13 Ford 5:37:45 Ford 6.:15:02 Ford Ranger 5:20:03 Ford R;inger 5:28:39 Dusty Times

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John Holmes and Ramsey El Wardanl had the early lead in Class 5-1600, but a third lap flat cost them the lead and ultimately the class victory. They were second. josh and Jerry Kerr had a variety of troubles, including a sticking throttle, but Josh, who drove three laps, took third place in Class 5-1600. ""!-, .♦..~ "'"l''""""!""!"-••"· -Tony Alvaracio and Ron ·Ryerson· tuok turns ric:Ji~gand driving the Ford, got lost once and were last, but moved on steadily to finish second in Class B. -Mike Henry and Victor Lopez led the first lap in their Class 7 Ford, but had one long lap and were second in class by only eight and a half minutes. Brad Inch starts a lot of races in his tidy 1600 car, but he is dogged by wierd breakage and bad luck and rarely finishes in the tough desert. Here Is a good look at the wild front end designed by Kevin Bunderson for a pair of Class 10 cars. This one is often co-driven by Randy Hensley and Rob Myerly. George Bustos, Jr. and Sr., team · was in third, about 22 minutes back. Gibson moved into the lead on the second lap as Henry and Lopez lost about 10 minutes. And the Bustos team was about an hour down, and then never came around again. Everyone else in the class also came to a stop after the second lap, leaving only Gibson and the Henry / Lopez truck to battle it out. It was a good one. For the first time ever, Hoskins' truck was having no problems at all, and they made only two planned stops, to dump fuel. After that one longish lap Henry and Lopez also ran well, but they just couldn't make up the difference. If Gibson had had any problems at all they'd have been right there, but as it was they were relegated to second place. When Gibson and Hoskins got to the finish line in first place, Clarence, who'd ridden all the way, had only one comment: "My butt hurts!" All the stragglers were account~ ed for by about 1 a.m., and the FR T folks began to close up shop. There weren't any protests or penalties to muddy the waters, and Sunday's brunch and awards presentation went off on schedule. The next FR T race will be the Plaster City Blast, at Plaster City, in the same general neighborhood as the Superstition 250, on , September 29th. FIFTH RACE oF THE Budweiser/Bud light, 1990 SERIES AMA CHAMPIONSHIP FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM • AMA DISTRICT 38 DUNAWAY DASH I LOCATION: MONDAY Sponsored by: WEST OF DECEMBER 31, 1990 Race Ready Products, The Wright Place & Schilling Corp. EL CENTRO, CALIF. BIKES START AT 7:00 A.M. • BUGGIES: NOON 30 MILE LOOP Drawing Dec. 15th at RLH Comm, National City INFO: (619) 427-5759 Dusty nmes October 1990 Page 35

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■ Ml~WEST RACING AT ODESSA, TEXAS The First Annual Rock 'N Roll 100 Midwest Racing, stated after the race that the 1991 series would be an eight race points series with dates and full information about the series available by December '$:'¼ -.:, , io 10, 1990. For more information on this series, call (915) 561-5222 or write to Midwest Racing, Inc. 9801 East Highway 80, Odessa, Texas 79765. By Tommy Bowling t Photos: Frank Schneider At the end of five laps Mike Voudouris had taken the lead by a slim ·margin of 30 seconds over Jim Maness with Alan Robertson only another ten seconds back. Joe Gray, in his 1600, was actually leading the race at this point as he would only have to make 18 laps compared to the 20 laps that the Class 10 cars were required to run. Converting his time to the equivalent of 20 laps put him in the lead by about 40 seconds. Talk about close racing, we had four cars within two minutes of Mike Voudouris brought his race car out of a three year retirement and led the each other. first lap by 30 seconds, increased his lead over the 20 laps and won the race After nine laps the Zorba car with no problems. . had increased its lead to 1 :30 The third race of the Midwest restricted classes running fewer minutes over the Sprint Chassis Off Road racing series is now laps than the open classes which Works Class 10. The Class 2 of history with the first annual Rock makes the classes b igger , the Roger Federwisch had closed to 'N RoU 200 held recently at purses bigger, and a lot more within ten seconds of Gray's Notrees, Texas. This west Texas excitement at the end of the race 1600, and this put four cars in a town is located about half way : because everyone finishes with virtual dead heat on time. The between El Paso and Fort Worth, the same time limit. This also Motorcycle engined car of Alan just 25 miles west of Odessa, in means that the overall title can be and Cecil Robertson had broken the middle of one of the largest oil claimed by anyone. The first race the left front trailing arm the week fields in the United States. The of the year was won by a Class 10 before at Belen, NM, and they had town would not be described as a vehicle with the next two made repairs to the arms, or so favorite of the tourists, with its positions within five minutes, and they thought. On the ninth lap the approximately 20 residents, but it the third place vehicle was a 1- right front suspension let go and is the home of one of the best off 1600. The second race of the they pitted dragging the front tire roadracetrackseastofLasVegas. series saw a 1-1600 win the race on the ground. Once Cecil gets The course is semi hilly, being by a 2:30 minute margin over a the suspension worked out on situated on the edge of the Class 10 vehicle. This makes for this car, it's going to be tough to caprock, and has its own 'rock some very exciting racing! beat. ; garden' and even its own silt bed. The Rock 'N Roll 200 was a Roger Federwisch went out on If it sounds interesting, there is good race, and the first car off the the next lap with mechanical more. This course can be laid out line was the Class 10 Chenowth of woes, ·but he had more than from five to 20 miles in length, Jerry Cooper, of Enid, OK. shown that he would be among · depending on the number of Starting at 30 second intervals, the leaders in future events. After racers competing, which in tum Jim Maness of Kermit, TX was 13 laps Maness pitted for gas and makes it more interesting to the next away driving a Class 10 a driver change. Rumor has it that pit people because the race cars Sprint Chassis Works car. The Jim Maness was a little out of come around more often without third entry to leave was that of shape, but he vigorously denied crowding the race course. The AlanRobertsonofOdessa,TX,in this later, stating that he just viewing is extra good for the the motorcycle powered XP car, wanted to give his co-driver a spectators as about three miles of which was probably the fastest chance to drive. Now Mike the route can be seen from the accelerating car of all in the field. V oudouris had a 2 :30 minute lead pits. It fairly screamed off the starting over Joe Gray, whose 1600 was AnothertwistthattheMidwest line with the sound of a banshee about 3:30 minutes ahead of racing series has installed at their rather than the normal sound of Maness. races is combining classes with an off road race car. Next up was Tommy Bowling had taken the 1-1600 DirTrix of Joe Gray, over driving the Sprint Chassis who was hoping to· grab the gold Works car of Maness, and had for the second race in a row. Mike closed to within 30 seconds of V oudouris brought his Class 10 ' Gray when the left shock tower let UNZIO Zorba car out of retirement for go, and for half a lap he did some this race. It seems Mike has been pretty good body work on the car ~~~~~_!!:RA~c2;iN~G_!P~Ro;!:o~uc~r1s~~~ racing four wheelers of late, but with the flailing shocks until he DE OFF-ROAD RACING he discovered that playing softball pitted and the crew removed the EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES can be hard on your limbs, so he shocks. W ith three laps left ;.,,,,,,,,----for free catalog phone (805) 683-1211 Page 36 decided to give his body a rest and Bowling took off trying to catch drive his car again. Last away was Gray. Good Luck for him, as Joe the Class 2 Hi Jumper driven by Gray also suffered a broken shock newcomer Roger Federwisch of on his 1600 allowing Bowling to New Mexico. take over second place with just a The previous event used a ten lap and a halfleft in the race. Mike mile loop_, with an average time of Voudouris was cruising to the eleven minutes a lap. The course . win, and in fact set the fast lap this time was just over five miles with a time of 8:12 on his 14th long, and the average lap time was \ lap. around nine minutes, which goes I At the finish Mike V oudouris to show the going was consid-in -his C lass 10 Zorba had erably rougher for the Rock 'N I completed the race in two hours, Roll 200. The cars all made the 49 minutes, and 30 seconds, to first lap in order with Maness I win by a margin of 6:30 over Jim turning fast lap at 8:26 followed ! Maness/Tommy Bowling. Joe. closely by Mike Voudouris at : Gray finished third, just a minute, 8:36, Jerry Cooper at 8:46 and 22 seconds further back in his Alan Robertson at 8:49. Unfor-1600. So the first annual Rock 'N tunately for Jerry Cooper, his car Roll 200 had ended like other broke a CV joint on the second Midwest Series events this year, lap. With the television reporters with just over six minutes on hand Jerry made the sports separating the first three finishers, that night, not as he had hoped and here they were the only three for. The reporter closed his report that went the required distance. of the race showing Jerry on his The next race at Notrees will be long walk back to the pits. W hat a held on October 6. way to make the news! Johnny Oldham, President of October 1990 Jim Maness and relief driver Tommy Bowling battled with Voudouris lap after lap until the front end shock tower broke, but they still managed to take second place. Joe Gray, in his 1600, was actually leading on corrected time in the early laps and he finished third, about a minute back. Joe has been a finisher in all three series events. Roger Federwisch was new to the series at this race, but he drove his Class 2 Hi Jumper well, and took fourth place honors back to New Mexico. Alan Robertson drives this XP light weight racer, and it is powered by a motorcycle engine and went well until the right front suspension let go on the ninth lap. Jerry Cooper broke a CV joint while running third, and walked to the pits for parts. His walk was recorded by local TV reporters and he did make the evening news. Dusty nmes

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I ••,_ ; • f:t~ .:• ,:,~'.~~ ~ ·• ,__ ~ 7:-.• ~ ! ::.,, 'ti' -The cockpit was equipped with one of everything on the GMC option list. The handy console cup holders were actually big enough for real cups and the storage bin provided decent usable space inside. The GMC Safari · van has wind cheating smooth sides with recessed door handles, and you have to look hard to find the latch that opens the rear double doors. It is part of the license plate frame surround. The Safari Van was more than equal to hauling stacks of Dusty Times, chairs, tent, ice chest, table, water, in short all the stuff needed for a day on contingency row at the off road races. This van could have easily handled more stuff as well. 1990 GMC AWD Van Text & Photos: John Calvin Our GMC Safari SLT All -Wheel Drive Van came in a Smoke Blue over Catalina Blue exterior and was fully carpeted inside with seating arrangements for five people and with an easily removable rear seat. There is tons of cargo space in the van, even with the rear seat in place and, with it removed, the cargo area is a full seven feet deep. The test van loaned to us by Vista Group came with a 4 .3 liter V -6 gas engine with a 4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive. This vehicle was equipped with full time all wheel drive and we tried it out at Willow Springs Raceway when the rains came and the asphalt got a wee bit treacherous. The vehicle handled very well in the slick and the four wheel anti-lock brake system was the icing on the cake. We tried to skid a bit while brakin and weren't able to 1 do so. Suffice it to say that the van handled well, wet or dry and was fun to drive. The tires were Uniroyal Tiger Paws, XTM and I'm sure they were a good portion of the handling. Inside, we had most of the conveniences which have now become mandatory necessities. AM/FM Stereo with cassette, six way power driver's seat, front and rear air conditioning, electric mirrors. and all the controls are within easy reach of the driver. One feature I should mention, the convenient switch to shut off the interior lights. I first noticed that switch in January when I tested a· Safari Van at the Parker race and it is such a convenience; you have the side and rear doors open all day in the contingency area and you don't have to worry about melting the plastic lens or running the battery down, you just throw The rear seats are every bit as luxurious as those in front, with full adjustment and all the extras handy on long hauls, plus there is still walk through space to the rear cargo area. Dusty nmes the switch and the lights stay off. I love it! We put about 500 miles on the van in the few days we had it and, with both front and rear air conditioners going all the time we still averaged over 16 miles per gallon and, with the 2 7 gallon fuel tank, you can easily put 450 miles on the clock before refueling._ • The roof mounted reading lights were used on the one map reading exercise (looking for the motel), and throw plenty of light without any glare on the wind-shield. The Halogen headlights always amaze me; the amount of light they throw is mammoth. The rear and side windows have bottom locks and top hinges and I found that by opening the rear windows with the air controls on Vent, there was a lovely flow of air through the vehicle. Caution, don't open the rear windows on a dirt road as the vacuum created by the forward motion of the vehicle will fill the van with dust and dirt in a minute. The side windows do not have the same effect. Our vehicle was also equipped with heavy duty suspension and a towing package. With all the stiffness added with that package, the van was very comfortable and the seats, which adjust all the way down to infidelity are almost therapeutic in nature. Comfort-able,. to say the least. . The "All Wheel Drive" in the Safari logo drew quite a bit of attention and there were numer-ous question and answer periods as various people quizzed us on exactly what the slogan meant. I must say, on fairly good hard pack October 1990 ':¥: ~ • The two wide doors on the p;s;enger side of the slope nosed van open wide to provide easy access for cargo loading. The All Wheel Drive sign under the Safari logo drew lots of attention and questions to stop lights. and some silty roads the van front and rear speakers is capable pulled well, handled well and of blasting you into next week. went wherever it was pointed. Overall, I would rate this All A couple of options that were Wheel Drive Van pretty high up not included on this van were the on the list as it was fun to drive, it electric windows and electric went where you wanted it to go, it door locks.You never realize how was quiet, it was capable of frigid handy they are until they're not temperatures with the front and there and you try to reach across rear air conditioning, the heater the vehicle to roll the window worked well enough to bake us ~':, down or unlock the door. Magic the two minutes it was on Johnson we ain't and it sure is a (August, you know) and all the long reach. other goodies did their proper With all the windows closed thing when asked. the van was extremely quiet on The price tag is a smidge over the highway and on the secondary 22 grand but, on today's market roads. This van had over 4,000 that is not too bad. Stop by your miles on it and was squeak and dealer and try one, I'm sure you'll rattle free. The AM/ FM with its - enjoy it as much as I did. THE WRIGHT PLACE~. COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. _You can use them on Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit f9r adjw~tments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 37

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The UP 100 at lark River By Barb & Marilyn Schultz Photos by Rich Riddle I Art Schmitt tows from Pennsylvania, but it was a worthwhile trip to the Upper Peninsula. Art drove his new Berrien to first place in Class 2 and also won Class 1 as well as the Unlimited Championships race. The Bark River, Michigan, General Tires maintained that Bernloehrrightonhistailpipefor Lion's Club and Promoter Dave lead to the checkered flag. Greg , third. Vandermissen, Sr. gave SODA Smith and Jim Wiggins put on an After a dry spell with his new Racers another great weekend of early battle for position then Class 8, Scott Taylor blew by the racing the U .P. Remember the settled into a comfortable second competition for the first win in his U.P. , the home of the famous and third place finish, Smith in new BFG shod truck. Taylor "Y ooper" and the delicious second, Wiggins in third. The reports thatthe win" ... felt good, pastie? It's also the home of one of racing action further back in the finally felt like I accomplished SODA's longest tracks where pack was magnificent! Dan Shay something''. J um pin' Jack machine horsepower and durabil, rolled his machine over, got its Flannery was left right after the ity definitely figure in! wheels up and took off to finish start with a tire that broke loose. Saturday, July 21, saw the first the race. Jim Allen's early roll The hot racing action was for day of racing with Class 5,1600 over put him out of the action. second, third and fourth position "beginning the U .P. Off Road 100. And back through the rush hour as Dennis Ferdon, Dave Hockers This Class took off from the land traffic Class 11 D went! With and Don Gregoire drove a cat and rush start with plenty of racing another twenty,two starters, this mouse battle. Ferdon came out on action. The very first lap saw race saw as· much action as the top with.,second place, Hockers in Chuck Johnson tangle up and find 1, 1600 Class race. Cory Friday third and Gregoire, experiencing himself in a position of either came out with a screaming early mechanical troubles, having to having to back up and re,enter the lead only to lose it to mechanical drop out three laps away from the flagging corner or cut across to problems. While Friday was off checkered . . maintain his lead. Johnson went and running, Todd Attig, Dave Saints and little sinners, seeing · straight ahead with no backing up. W oulf and Chad Ramesh were was believing the new Class 14 / 4 Johnson ran away with the race scrapping for position. With that the New Lennox, Illinois, but was docked a position for Friday off the track, Ramesh saw Probst Brothers debuted! But, cutting the course. Mike Brue and the open hole and went through it like most new machines, the TerryWolfedroveaheatedbattle onGeneralTirestotakeandkeep "bugs" have to be worked out. for second place with Brue the win. Attig also went down The sleek new machine had an shutting the door on Wolfe at with mechanical troubles giving unfortunate fire that quickly put every turn. Young Jeff Karlman second place to Woulf. Mark it off the track. The word is; just rolled his machine giving the Steinhardt drove through the wait , it'll be back! Class 4 and break to Paul "Froggy" Dallman. traffic to third place. Class 3 ran together with the Class Final standings: Brue in first, The term Fast Action just 4 vehicles flagging first. Get on Johnson in second and Wolfe in about covers the Class 10 race as your feet, Nellie, this was a third. Kevin Probst hit lap times as fast RACE! Matt Foltz took what With a wave of the green flag, as last year's track breaking looked like it might just be a run the track suddenly took on the record of 1.52 which averages to away lead, but don't leave out look of Chicago's famous rush about 70 mph, jumps and all! JohnHeidtman,GregGerlachand hour traffic as twenty,two 1, And when you talk about "fast Geoff Dorr! Heidtman put the 1600s charged down off the start! action" atthe U .P. 100, you don't pedal down and gave Foltz a run John "Airborne" Greaves hit the leave out a Vandermissen! Dave for it. But, Gutsy Greg Gerlach corner first and maintained a very Vandermissen, Jr., came in a driving hell bent for leather came healthv lead. Greaves and his speedy second with Brian around and took both Heidtman SUMMERS BROS. BULLET-PROOF DRIVETRAINS ! SEND S2.00 FOR YOUR DIRT RACER'S CATALOG! SUMMERS BROS., INC. 530 S. Mountain Ave., Ontario, CA 91762 (714) 986-2041 • FAX: (714) 984-7908 Page 38 and Foltz, taking over first place! With two laps to go Gerlach ran into trouble giving first back to Yokohama tired Foltz. This left Heidtman in a close battle with Geoff Dorr, Heidtman driving to a second place and Dorr placing third. Class 3 flagged next with Ron Hill taking an early lead only to lose it to mechanical blues. BFG's Bill "Grandpa Fuzzy" Schirm went out into the lead and held it to the checkered flag.Jerry Bundy also suffered early problems leaving second place to Mike Savage. Hill took third. It seemed as though Class 9 racers were just plain jinxed! Todd Attig was off the track on the first lap in a cloud of blue smoke. With two laps under his October 1990 John Greaves won Class 1· 1600 as well as Class 9, and he also ran up front in a few other events before dropping back with mechanical problems. This guy is developing into a real star driver. Kevin Probst flew the family two seater over the green Michigan meadow, and he flew into first place in Class 10, and first in Class 2-1600 on Sunday. The Heavy Metal classes are popular In the north country. Getting the checkers here, John Heidtman took second in Class 4 with Geoff Dorr on his bumper. Dorr won Class 14 on Sunday in his Jeep. belt in the lead, Jeff St. Peter down the land rush start with Al tangled with John Greaves and Fannin, John Schwittay and lost the right front wheel! Greaves Thornton Schultz reaching hard took the lead and fended off Lee for first. Fannin came out ahead Wuesthoff until lap five when while Schwittay was off the track "Airborne" Greaves put the in lap one. Schultz was knocking stretch on and came across the on Fannin's bumper when he lost finish first. Greaves raced a the tranny. Fannin then fended consistent 1.50 lap time, just a off Bob Hartwig and Jeff Polzin hair off the track record. Greaves until Fannin 'scar decided to quit! rides on General Tires. W uesthoff Polzin went ahead to take the win placed second. This left Don with Hartwig in second. Mark PonderandTomSchwartzburgto Zablocki drove through to a scrap for third position with forceful third place. Ponder coming in ahead of Class 2 lined up for the last Schwartzburg. Class race of the day. Armstrong Classes 13 and 6 stagger started Tire's Art Schmitt took the win in what turned out to be some with Scott Schwalbe in second dynamite racing in both Classes. and Brian Bernloehr in third. Class 13 flagged first with Gary The "Run What You Brung" DeGreef taking off into a Enduro finished the day's racing comfortable lead. DeGreef and with the crowd waiting to see his General Tires kept the lead to those Good Ole Boys race. Each the checkered flag. Tom Jensen year the number of racers and and Joe Sears played Heavy Metal spectators grows at the U.P. Off, kiss and tell until the white flag lap Road 100. The track is groomed when Sears blew an engine.Jensen after each race and there is plenty took home second place but not of spectator visibility for the track without Todd Flannery fighting action. This track is unique in that all the way to the checkered. spectators can see a major portion Flannery took third. Lap after lap of the track and racers compare it John Konitzer, Dave Vorpahl and to the longer Enduro style tracks Dan Vanden Huevel gave Todd where there is plenty of room to Flannery more competition than a open up your machine and put on mosquito rally in a Florida some speed equaled with rough Swamp! Vanden Huevel rolled terrain and well designed jumps. not once but twice and finished Off Road drivers, crews, and the race! spectators woke up Sunday, With enough dust from the looked skyward and said, "Oh Class 13 's to make Toto head man, not again!!", Sure enough, back to Kansas, the Class 6 there was just enough time to get American Stockers had a hard everything non,raceable packed time seeing the green flag. After up and the rain came down. Now, the third wave, racer's took off mind you, it was not a hard rain, it Dusty Times

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was a nice drizzly fine rain -at first. Nonetheless, racing goes on! Class 14 took the track first on Sunday, July 22, with plenty of throbbing, racing thunder. Matt Foltz took off from the green flag driving like a controlled fiend, losing his front wheel drive and still in the lead until the white flag lap when he had to pull offl Despite having to pull off, Foltz still went home with third place. Geoff Dorr, on BFG's, kept his pedal down and started closing the door on Foltz, each running about 65 miles per hour, and brought home the win. Jerry Bundy drove his Class 3 to a second place finish. Ken Kincaid was on the track in the Dave Gray/ Jamey Flannery Class 14 and gave the machine his usual get-to-the-front work out before mechanical problems put him out. Word has it that the smart Class 11S (or Class 110) driver carries enough WO 40 along to cover the entire buggy -just to make the mud slide offl They may be on to something as this restricted class took the start in an "increased" rainfall. Once again, second generation driver Cory Friday took the lead and held it until the white flag lap when a flat tire put him in real trouble. This is not good when you have the likes of Chad Ramesh, Darrin Parsons and Todd Attig all knocking at your back door. Friday hung on to the lead until twenty yards from the finish when Ramesh took over and slid in for the win. Chad drives on General Tires. Darrin Parsons also saw the open hole and dashed through for second place leaving Friday with third. Rain or no rain, this finish was worth getting wet to see! Nice work gentlemen. It rained a little harder. Umbrellas came out, rain suits went on and so did the racing! Class 7S held lots of surprises as Todd Attig and Scott Taylor both had to leave the track early with mechanical troubles.Jim Wiggins, Jeff Kincaid and Jim Bradley, son of "The Legend" Gary Bradley, gave spectators a stand up show. Wiggins kept the corners closed and the straights unpassable as he drove to the checkered flag in first. Wiggins rides on General Tires. Kincaid was breathing down his neck and flagged for second place. Bradley kept a fine family tradition of hard driving rolling across in third. Whew, those Forest County, Wisconsin, racers like to keep things in the family. Check out the number of Flannerys, Stateznys, Kincaids, Bradleys, etc., who always come out looking good! When you get to buggies, you'd better start thinking about Scott Taylor, Jeff and/or Kevin Probst, Greg Smith and John" Airborne" Greaves. The Class 2-1600 was no exception. Greg Smith came out of the land rush special first but had Greaves so close behind, Greaves could read the name on his helmet. These two raced this way all the way to the checkered flag lap. Greaves had the distinct mis-fortune of breaking -off a wheel two hundred yards from the checkered flag leaving Smith on General Tires to take the win! After such a fantastic battle, Greaves wound up in eighth place. Despite the fact that Scott Taylor wound up climbing a pole full of tires and came down m the swamp, Taylor came back with a Dusty Times vengeance to put the test to Kevin John Greaves when Greaves got Probst. Probst passed the test and hooked up with lapped traffic and took second place. Taylor took was forced to leave the track. third. Driving a steady lap by lap race, Class 1 racing had a good : Bryan Frankenberg slid r_ight into number of entries but attrition i second place and held it to the :cook a heavy toll on the Class. I checkered flag. Rob ~enka_s a_nd Kevin Probst took off from the Jeff St. Peter were gomg at 1t like start like a shot out of a· gun and snakes _and mongeese to t_he very held a tremendous lead until the · e_n? wi_th Renk~s crosSmg the half way mark when he had to pull fm1sh lme for third less than two off. While Kevin was flying seconds ahead of St. Peter. around the course, Lee Wuesthoff N-0t only was the Unlimited and Art Schmitt were going at it Championship chock full of tooth and nail with added entries,theseguyswereCooking! aggravation from John Greaves. Off the green flag came Art Exit Wuesthoff from the battle Schmitt, Scott Schwalbe, Jeff St. and add on contender Scott Peter and John Greaves screaming Schwalbe! Schmitt and Greaves around the corners and hauling it hung on lap after lap for position down the straights! Average lap with Armstrong's Art Schmitt times were one and a half minutes taking the checkered first, for these dudes! Halfway through Greaves in second and Scott the first lap Greaves rolled over Schwalbe in third. and eventually had to pull off but A perfect combination -NO the rest of the "crew" just kept MORERAIN ANDTHEHEAVY zinging by. Art Schmitt had a MET AL CHALLENGE! Fifteen tough time of it, but kept off the various Heavy Metal vehicles competition to get the big win on took the track for the Challenge Armstrong Tires. Scott Schwalbe with Ken Kincaid in a Class 14 hung in for second and St. Peter coming off the start faster than a encountered a disastrous flat tire speeding bullet, and just as fast two laps before the checkered was off with problems. Enter flag. Dave Vandermissen, Jr., was Dennis Ferdon in first place and right there willing and able to fill fending off Jerry Bundy every that third place spot. inch of the ~ay! Ferdon finished in Put the Ladies Heavy Metal on first on BF Goodrich Tires. the track and it rains again! These Bundy gave it everything he had, gals did a great job of driving as including racing with the loss of a not one of the eight entries fell set of leaf springs that sent him victim to any mud related dog trotting around the track! disaster! Nancy V anden Heuvel Nice racing, Jerry! The 'fiercest came off the -start on General battle was waged· between Pat Tires to do battle most of the race Barney, John Konitzer and Dave with Gail Brand. Brand spent Vorpahl. Vorpahl did a tremen- some down time off the track dous job of taking back posjtion getting the race truck repaired but as early in the race he left the did finish the race. Vanden cornfield to go logging in the Heuvel took the checkered flag in trees! Dave Parsons got tied up first with Sue Farrell roaring into with these wild Class 13 drivers second place, Marie Wilke and had second place until his big finishing third. Marilyn Schultz Class 8 died in the corn! Barney drove a consistent fourth place. got them all for second place Love to see the ladies in a followed closely by Konitzer for mixture of limited buggies take third and Vorpahl for fourth. the track and make it their own! It Get a grip, Gert, the twenty two was "she'll be comin' round the starters in the Limited Champ-mountain" for Rhonda Smith and ionship gave race fans a show! General Tire as Rhonda took off Op.ce again it was Greg Smith and from the start and didn't look his General Tires off the land rush back until the checkered flag flew. start and around the track in first. Right on her tail was Paula Smith had plenty of "push" from Parsons for second and Terri Jeff St Peter ran close to the front in two different classes but in both ;vents the right front corner seemed to go its own direction. Bill Schrim continued his winning ways in his Jeep CJ at Bark River, and Schrim won Class 3 again in Michigan, but really had to work for it this round. ....... •• Class 13 holds some odd looking but effective machines in its ranks, and Gary DeGreef drove the family creation, Sha-Booms, to the class win last July. Chuck Johnson ran away with the Class 5-1600 race, but an off course excursion, and subsequent penalty, dropped him a position, and the tidy Bug was classified second. Moser for third. Sixteen year old Michelle Friday drove her second race ever to a solid fourth place. Nice work, Michelle -and watch out ladies - she's ready to take you on! The U.P. 100 track gets better and.better each year and this year was no exception! Each year sees more entries, more spectators and more of everything that makes for good off road racing. Can't wait until next year to take on Y ooper Country with their good racing and the tasty pas tie! · See ya' trackside! PUT YOUR FUEL IN A SAFE PLACE. wentontoWINthe race. Fuel Safe Cells are ap-proved by all major rac-ing associations. And for a good reason. , ,. , . -~ <t;: Class 13 race vehicles come in all shapes. John Schultz has one of the more conventional truck style rigs, but check that stout rear bumper! October 1990 This is a Fuel Safe Rac-ing Cell after a rear end collision. The Fuel Safe Bladder survived with only minorscracthesand No Leaks! And the car Fuel Safe Racing Cells. A safe place to put your fuel for over l5 years. 5271 Business Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 (800) 433·6524 Manufactured by Aircraft Rubber, Inc. Page 39 T

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USA SAND DRAGS D.L. IGng Top Eliminator By Elaine Jones It was muggy hot at Glen Helen down the lane in his 454 Chevy for the July round of the USA Buggy in 4.254 for 62.06 mph. Sand Drags and even a little rain His sponsor is Gutierrez Con-did fall making a surface that struction Co. Another new face • ·really got some vehicles hooked was right there with him in the up. form of Joe Schoneman, a TopEliminatorhonorswentto produce manager, in "Total D.L.. King the Apple Valley Obsession" a 2442 VW Dragster resident who claims he is retired sponsored by Cabellero Ent. and but sure has his name on a lot of Chino Oil. Histimewas6.245 for engines in some very fast cars. 66.91 mph. D.L. tripped the lightin3.116for Paul Becker who is beceming a 105.01 mph. Rimco Machine regular in the winner's circle, did ~s op and Deano's VW Parts are it again inPro6ashewenta4.236 his sponsors. His credentials are for 64 .65 mph for the win. The very impressive as he was '87 Lakeside resident who is a USA Points Champ/'87 NSCA silkscreener drives "Sum Fun", a Pro Comp Champ and NSCA D 455 Buick V~ Buggy sponsored Pro Comp National Record by American Precision Silkscreen Holder. Jim Ermels, a Truck and Doo Dah Racing Team. Jim Superintendent from Ramona, Schmardebeck actually went was a tick behind in a 2387 cc quicker with a time of 4 .203 for Sandrail with a 350 Chevy engine 79 .15 mph in his 350 Chevy Jeep called "Rite Stuff". His time was called "White Lighting". Again it 3 .261 for 96.98 mph and his was the reaction time that did it as sponsors are Team Flinn Springs Becker's was0.478 versus0.606. and John's Trucking of El Cajon. Jim Gustafson was the top dog Brian Chapman, the Aerospace in Pro 7 as he got to the light in Sales Engineer from Buena Park, "Mean Green Machine #1 " , his claimed the honors for Pro 4 2016 VW Buggy, in 4.573 for when he took "Short Fuse" down 66 .17 mph. Advanced Water the lane in a time of 3.724 for Conditioning helps with his 72.28 mph. The 149 c.i./2442cc effort. Larry Brown in "Mr. VW has lots of help from Excitement",a289FordJeepwas Rimco/ GSA Supply /Littlefield runner up with a time of 4 .566 for Blowers/ Animal Fabrications/ 66.66 mph and again it was Nitrous Oxide Systems/Short reaction time that told the story. . Fuse Racing/Black Oxide Indust- · His sponsors are Golden State ries/Manton Valve Train Enterprises/O&R 4 Wheel Engineering/Whiteis Automo-Drive/H& W Welding and #'s by tive/NGK/Headflow Perform-Brian Chapman. ance/Don Thrapp Special-David Cox and "Rattler", his ties/Richard Hammond Cust-500cc Suzuki Quad, were the duo oms/Charles Starn's Power Plus to beat in Pro 8 and with a time of Racing with Tony Jardino the 4.948 for 53.89 mph, nobody acting crew chief. Brian was '86-did. Jack Weddle in "R Delight" a 87 Tri State Pro Points Champ/ 289 Ford Jeep sponsored by '86 Pro Points Champ/'87 Advance Trans/Tapex Corp and Overall Points Runner-up/'88 Tri.County Gear came the closest Hot VW's Magazine MPH with a tme of 4.992 for 64.10 National Record Holder for. mph. B/Dragster at 94.14 mph. Ken Gary Chez again driving a Jueden,aMaintenanceSupervisor borrowed car proved just how from Mira Loma, was ru,nner up good a driver he is as he turned the in "lnSandity", a 460 Chevy in a same time as his dial in to win Pro Jeep style body. Dales Grind-9. Basically driving a car like he ing/ K & S Enterprises and ·owns he dialed in at 5.10 and that Rovida Bros. are his sponsors. His is what he turned for 63 .15 mph. time was actually faster with a Jim Larr in "Main Squeeze" a 3.644 for 85.55 mph but 2275VWSandrailsponsoredby Chapman got him on reaction Orange Engineering had the bad time which wa·s a 0.584 versus a luck of a break out as he turned 0.633. 5.064 for 64.10 mph. Rick Gutierrez, a new face in Pro 10 belonged to Rick Barrier the winner's circle, took home all and "Sandastic" a 1914cc VW the marbles in Pro 5. He went sponsored by Walter's Buggys. Photo: Custom Photography The truck d river from Pedley turned a 5 .621 for 54 .08 mph. J=L-Dab~ol. ~~ 11DaJ To Tho Bone" a 289 Ford Jeep sponsored by Azusa Muffler was a close second with a time of 5.537 for 56.63 mph. The time of 5.966 for 50.44 was good enough for Clarence Hightower and "Bluuur" to win Pro 11. The Honda 7 50 Dragster is sponsored by L& S Machine. Michael Sanchez on Banchee a 34 7 Yamaha was right there with a time of 5.808 for 54.08 mph. David Den Hartog continued his winning ways as he captured the win in Pro 12. The 350cc· Yamaha Quad turned a time of 6 .195 for 37 .39 mph. The Curling Iron -Upland and Greg Den Hartog & Sons Trucking are his sponsors. Dan Fleming on a 250cc Honda had the runner up honors losing on reaction time rather than run time. The Sport action was hot and heavy with Bob Cambridge leading the way with a win in Sport 1. The carpenter from Apple Valley turned a time of 4.436 for 73.95 mph. The 327 Chevy Buggy is sponsored by his wife Michelle with thanks to Jim Cambridge and Butch Zutavern. Duane Tackett a Diesel Mechanic from Stanton was a tick behind with his 2180 VW Buggy. His time was 5.019 for 63.96 mph. Laurie Linsmeier ended her dry spell with a win in Sport 2. The operating engineer from San Bernardino went down the lane in hc:r 225 Jeep ina time of 5.327 for 55.38 mph. Carol Brown Con-struction and Don Brown Racing Facilities are her sponsors. John Burton, an Auto Technician from Santa Barbara claimed the runner up honors in "The Hard Way" a Funny Jeep 4 cylinder 183 Mercruiser Chevy. Low Buck Racing T earn is his sponsor and his time was 6.314 for 53.76 mph. Chris Calva has moved out of the ranks of the Juniors and came away with a win in Sport 3 on a 250cc Honda sponsored by Dave's Chevron and Calva Construction. His winning time was 6.768 for 43.64 mph. Dave Den Hartog going for his second placement of the day went a little too quick in the final run off and was rewarded with a break out which means it's all over. Steve Morris a 10 year old who lists school as his occupation was the big winner in the Pee Wee Class as he gotto the light aboard his 230cc Quad in 10 .54 2 for 26.10 mph. His main sponsor is Dad. Jacklyn Kurtz, the 8 year old who is still working at being a kid, was runner up on "Jumpin Jack Flash" her 60cc Yamaha sponsor-ed by Mom and Dad. Her time was 11.677 for 23.13 mph. Kevin Stevenson the Claremont Student continues to take on all comers in the Junior Di vision and continues to beat them to the light. His 350cc Honda Odyssey, sponsored by FDS Mfg. Co., Inc. and U-Save Trailers of Pomona, · went a quick legal 7 .129 or 35.53 mph. Gerardo Villa, an up and comer on "Villa Express", was a close second with a time of 7 .549 for 42.21 mph. October 1990 ~more ••• TRAIL_ NOTES TOY OT A TRUE GRIT POINTS. Robby Gordon had taken the overall and Heavy Metal lead in the SCORE-HORA Toyota True Grit standings at the halfway point of the eight race desert off road season. Gordon has accumulated an average speed of 53.47 mph, well ahead of Ivan Stewart who has averaged 51.9 mph. Leading the Mini M~tal standings is Mike Lesle with a 43.66 mph average. Overall, Ivan Stewart is followed by fellow Class 1 /2 driver Bill Church in third overall, Danny Letner, fourth overall and Scott McMillin, fifth overall and second ln Heavy Mecal. Brlan Stewart ls thlrd ln Heavy Mecal followed by Chris Minor and Rod Hall. Behind Lesle in Mini Metal points it is Rob MacCachren, John Swift, Paul Simon, Manny Esquerra and Roger Mears. CORRECTING MISTAKEN CREDITS - The summer heat must have gotten to folks writing press releases about off road racing, so we have some corrections to make on items printed in the September 1990 issue of Dusty Times. In the Competition Review Board Report on the HORA Fireworks 250, which we do not edit, in discussing the Robby Gordon legal or illegal push . across the finish line, the writer stated that the drive line failed on the Gordon Ford pickup. Well -coming from an older era, we always thought the drive line was a combo of the transmission, third member, and 'drive shaft on a 2WD. The folks at Leslie's Drive Line corrected our thinking stating that the drive line is what we call a drive shaft, and, since they supply this for the Gordon truck, it did not fail, rather the problem was in the gears or third member. It's never too late to learn new terms! And the same sort of confusion arose from taking the MTEG Press Room talk as gospel at the Coliseum race; they had Nye Frank as the builder of the automatic transmission in the Sage Council Chenowth driven by Jerry Whelchel. Frank does the race prep on the vehicle, but the automatic trans is a joint effort between Fred Keiser, Keiser Manufacturing, Ken Mogi, 'Mogi Transmission, and Rusty Stewart of The Converter Shop. Our only excuse is that the Sage Council pits were so jammed with people scrambling for free food we never_got close enough to get a good look at the car. NEV ADA 500 LA TE FLASH - There was quite a penalty session at the finish of the HORA Nevada 500, and at press time we are not sure exactly how many teams were disqualified, most of them for running over the speed limit on an 11 mile stretch of Nevada highway, apparently open to public travel on race day, that had to be part of the course to avoid some private property. The area, the speed limit and the driver aids in this stretch were reportedly explained at. the driver's meeting. Unfortunately, Bob Richey, who finished second overall on time just 11 seconds ahead ofT roy Herbst, got the ax, as did the Dodge team in Class 8 where Brian Stewart won on time by less than two seconds over his boss Walker Evans. At least four other teams that we know of were tossed after finishing, for various reasons. At any rate, despite the penalty phase, there was no doubt at all that Ivan Stewart had won ~e event. He was not the first to arrive, but his time was quicker than anybody else by a good ten minutes, and Ivan won another race overall, fair and square, still smiling and not looking very fatigued from the long hot haul. Mike Williams won Class 1-2-1600bya bunchoverTomDeNault, in fact the Williams team finished before the first Class 10 came along. Don Adams and Larry Olsen won Class 3 in the Jeep and Timmy Lee Pruett was first in Class 4 in the Ford. Greg Vaughan took top honors in Class 5 and Doug West drove the first 5-1600 that crossed the finish line. Scott Douglas won Class 6 in the Jeep and we think Manny Esquerra was the only Class 7 finisher. Rob MacCachren won Class 7S again in the Jeep Comanche and Jerry McDonald took Class 7 4x4 honors in the Chevy S-10. Dave Shoppe was the official Class 8 winner in his Ford and Rich Richardson and crew took the win in Class 9. Kirk Van Matte got his victory in Class 10, and Saul Zambrano kept his desert winning streak alive with the Class 11 title, finishing overtime, but he made it all the way, and won. Charlie Townsley was the only finisher in the three car Mini-Mag class. The overall motorcycle class winner was a KTM ridden by Darryl Folks and two others, and we'll get more info' soon. It was a tough race made tougher by three digit temperatures that seemed high even by southern Nevada standards. We'll have a full report with some interim times, all done by Judy Smith, in the next issue. ADRA RESULTS -The 13th Annual ADRA Snow Flake Buggy Bash drew a disappointing in size but quality entry to eastern Arizona over the Labor Day weekend. Gary Anderson won Class 1/2 Unlimited and took the overall Pro title in a DirTrix. Albert McMullin drove his Funco to victory in Class 10. Craig Bell and Walt Laycock grabbed the Class 4 title in a Jeep Honcho and Don Wiser drove his Tuff Unlimited chassis car to the Class 1-2-1600 victory. John Lee and Doc Shirley drove together in the Chenowth to win the Challenger Pro title, and Tony Harbeck/Jim Wood zipped into the Class 8 win in their Ford. In the Sportsman category Erik Jones drove his Class 10 Tuff built to the overall victory. Gary Doyle took the overall honors in the Beginner category in his Unlimited, Class 1/2 racer. Watch for the full report on this race next month. TV WORLD RECORD-A world record of sorts was set August 12 when the Desert Race News satellite news feed from the Willow Springs race was uplinked within five minutes of the completion of the event to more than 400 television outlets worldwide. "It was a logistical nightmare, trying to figure out how to get the feed from the relative isolation of the Mojave Desert to an earth station more than 50 miles away over a formidable mountain range, but we did it," said Arrow Productions' Jerry Garrett, who pioneered the Desert Race News concept five years ago. We knew that if we missed the 11 o'clock news slot on the East Coast we would lose a huge percentage of out audience there, as well as our sizeable overseas market. Due to some unforeseen delays in completing the racing, the last race. ended shortly after 7 p.m. Pacific time. When winner interviews were completed, the news clip was completed and on its way to Desert Race News' network of stations. According to figures through the first six months of 1990, the video news clips of Desert Race News reports have been seen by an average of 20--60 million television viewers worldwide. Last year Desert Race News feeds were seen in 31 of the top 50 US markets. Regular users of the feeds include SpeedWeek, Motor Week Illustrated, MotoWorld, On Pit Road, and the new Speedway Sunday on Sports Channel America plus Racing World Ent. on Cox Cable, and the major networks, and their affiliates. Additionally Desert Race News supplies video and is an intergral part of the hour specials on desert racing produced for ESPN by Marty Reid Enterprises. SCCA OJIBWE RALLY - Doug Shepherd and Peter Gladyez won the Subaru Ojibwe Pro Rally overall last August driving a Dodge Daytona in Open Class. The Minnesota event saw other toL teams succumb to mechanical ills. Bruno Dreibich, Audi, was second overal , and first in Group A was Jean-Paul Perusse, third 0 / A in a VW. Full report next month. Dusty nmcs

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Dick Dodge, Jr. chopped more than 25 seconds off the Division D, Pikes Peak Open, record on his way to the class victory in an Eagle Talon TSi with turbocharging. ----"" A rookie on the hill, Jack Flannery came from the flatlands of Wisconsin to charge into victory in Division F. Trucks, in his Armstrong shod Ford F-150 4x4, setting a new class record. Leonard Vahsh~ n the big stoci< car class again, this year driving a Ford Probe on BFGoodrich street radials. He was just 20 seconds off the record which he set himself. PIKES PEAK HILL CLIMB An Unser Rules the Mountain on·ceAgain Clive Smith broke the Truck class record by 48 seconds over the 12.46 mile course, and he won Division E in the BFGoodrich Chevrolet S-1 O, and was the fastest truck of all on July 29. Robby Unser, who got some coaching from his dad Bobby, carried on for the family on the "hill" winning the Climb to the Clouds overall and in Division A, Open Wheel, driving the Chevy powered Unser Special. Colorado racer Don Adams drove a Goodrich tired Eagle Talon TSi to win Pikes Peak Production C, and almost won in big truck class in his Jeep Cherokee. Robby Unser continued the Leonard Vahsholts, this year in a dropped him t~ second. Don family tradition at "Unser Ford Probe, and Roger Mears was would have been the firstdriverto Mountain" by driving his Chevy second in a Chevy Camara, officially win two classes in the small block V-8 powered Unser followed by Ralph Bruning and same year. Special to the Division A Open Larry Carnes. At any rate, Wisconsin's Jack Flannery, a wokie on the hill, inherited ths! victory in his Ford F-150 4x4, only ten seconds slower than Adams' real time. Brett Peterson was third in trucks in a GMC, followed by Mike Purzycki in a Jeep Scrambler and Dean Burling in a Chevy El Camino. That's all the news we have on this famous race for 1990, but we will do better next year. Wheel victory and the overall Division D is for Pikes Peak fastest time of the event. It was the Class Open Sedans and Dick second overall victory at the hill DodgeJr.wonitinanEagleTalon and the third division win for the Tsi Turbo by a whopping, almost 22 year old son of Bobby Unser. four second margin. David Eadie, His time of 11:32:86 was not a Mazda 323 Turbo, was second, record breaker and Unser followedbySCCARallymanTim credited lots of family help and a O'Neil, VW Rally Golf. All the little luck race day for his success. other finishers in that class were PARKER PUMPER HELMET CO. Chevrolet was the title sponsor from Overseas, led by Frenchman of the second oldest motorsports Christophe Jagoury in an older eventintheUSA,andwerehappy Lancia Delta. In Division E, with the overall victory but even behind Clive Smith, Bill Holmes happier when Clive Smith was second in his Ford F-150. t,0'( ~~ 714-923-7016 u~t\e:,~ 985 SNELL APPROVED HELMETS ... ,~~ WE HAVE IN STOCK A COMPLETE LINE OF 0~ SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS, ON DISPLAY AND AVAILABLE AT LOW RACE NET PRICES! Each helmet has shield and skirt included. smashed the all time truck record Don Adams climbed into a ~. by over 48 seconds in a Chevy sedan, an Eagle Talon Tsi to run in ~t'lJ' S-10 pickup. Smith shocked the Pikes Peak Production Division .,.,.t,.0..,. ~~~. 52 entry field by driving his V6 C, and he won it by a very slim ~• A\'/) \':I' powered 4 WO truck to eighth margin. Less than a second behind ~0 ~f8' .... 0r:,r:,.A <:, fastest overall timeofl2 minutes, Don Adams in Division C, .. ~~ \~ b~ 0~1 42.48 seconds. Shannon Millen, Rod's bride, -~\0 ~~ ,~0 ""~ t,.0-', Cb'\ Our assigned reporter for the won second in class in her Mazda "I" u~ ~0'4'" "'~ c,'i'-event failed to send anything for 323 GTX Turbo, not too far off «,~0 ~ ~ ~. isu~tcaat~:• ;~tlir:~.C~h:e~~:~h ~:~~us~~n~:/i~~~r~!:t~i~} ~h~ 0~ ~~:~~o, . "'-'" .W·••--sheet. Apparently the move from Crawford was _third in another 'l,'!,"i;. OEACH HAS RACHET SHIELD -MORE NOSE ROOM 4thofJulyweektotheendofJuly Eagle Talon Ts1 Turbo, followed hurt the entry, which was down, by Rob Peterson in a V6 Pontiac MUCH LIGHTER - SEALS BETTER AGAINST DUST despite even more classes in Grand Prix · ALSO A II A/LABLE which to compete, and some who In Divisi~n.F, Don Adams went If M were there said the spectator foradoublewininthebigtruck FULL LINE OF SIMPSON PRODUCTS-~~~n~:l~ ~~:cnui~:eo~s~h:: ~:sfl~iv~;gth~~J1~~~~~04~2{ BELL HELMETS - GLASS SHIELDS - DRINKERS rumor type statements, and just faster than ~is old record. But he KOOL PAC'S _ PUMPER MOTORS - 4'-8' HOSES present the results with news of had to wait for the sponsors' how off roaders and rally types, helicopter to ferry him back to the besides Clive Smith, fared on the start line after the Division C win, hill. and the schedule for the flight was In Open Wheel Division A Bill delayed enough so that Don just Brister was a close second in a got in the Jeep in time to start. But Wells Chevy, followed by David he hadn't been in the line early Donner, John Wells and Danny enough, although the car was, to Arant. Division B, Stock Cars suit officials and they gave him a again went to record holder 40 second penalty, which We Convert Customer's Helmets -"IT'S ALMOST LIKE CHEATING" PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 2318 South Vineyard, Ste B, Ontario, CA 91761 714/923-7016 .SFWY ARD Dusty Times October 1990 Page 41

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THI 11NTH RALLY ARGENflNA Miki Biasion Back On Winning Form Text & Photos: Martin Holmes -Leading the Driver's points battle, but finishing second here after many accidents was the Toyota Celica GT-4 of Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya. lost over 20 minutes on stage 4 he would only go quickly if when the Lancia engine just Oreille got too close; he wasn't stopped. It was later discovered concerned about Soto. At the end the flap in the air inlet pipe of the day Sainz was content. All disigned to stop water getting into he really wanted to do was stay the engine, failed completely, ahead of Auriol. Splashing their Lancia Delta lntegrale 16v through a water hazard toward an overall victory is Miki Biasion and co-driver, Tiziano Siviero. blocking the air into the engine. There was excitement earlier in He then lost another four minutes the day when Lancia lost their Bell on the next stage. Still three helicopter, whose engine lost drivers were pulling well clear of power just as it was landing and the field. At no time during the the huge machine tipped over on day were Miki Biasion, Juha its side. This was the sixth "I just can't understand it", exclaimed Carlos Sainz over and over again. "I cannot understand why I crashed, I cannot under-stand how we have been able to finish the rally. I cannot under-stand how our team can have had four accidents in one rally." Something was special in the fresh, unpolluted air of the Argentine sierras, something that the World Championship leader, on his first visit ever to South America, had never experienced before. He had, however, done exa~tly what he set out to do, finish the event and finish ahead of Didier Auriol. He knew he could not expect to beat the Lancias, even though eventually only Miki Biasion was in front of him at the end. It was simply the low profile entry list that allowed Auriol to finish as high as third in his Lancia. Argentina was high noon for Lancia, both for the company's hopes of retaining their Con-structors' World Title, and also to decide which of their top drivers would be encouraged to challenge Sainz in the second half season race for the Drivers' Title. Toyota had come on short notice, encouraged by the improved reliability and competitiveness of the Celica, and the fact that Sainz was 25 points ahead in the Drivers' series. The_ rally route was nothing RE40Y TO RACE /30,000.00 * GOSHEN BROS. 1990 CHEN0\1/TH MAGNUM * FRESH 1648 CC RABBIT ENGINE (143 H.P.) * NEW TRANS. W / 1990 MENDEOLA / RI CE UPDATES * NEW BFG. TIRES WITH NEW CENTERLINES & BEAD-LOCKS * RON DAVIS ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR * NEW RIGHT STEERING BOX 1 1/8 TURN * NEW TWO DEGREE COMBO SPINDALS * NEW SHARLVN POWER STEERING UNIT * SEA TRAB INDV-CAR OIL COOLER * BEARD ULTRA SEAT * SIMPSON 5 POINT BEL TS * COMPLETE CNC BRAKE SYSTEM * PULSAR RACING BATTERY * SUMMERS BROS. AXELS * FUEL SAFE CELL ( 6 GAL. ) * FOX SHOCKS * ON BOARD FLAME-OUT SYSTEM * QUICK RELEASE STEERING * SYSTEM-ONE OIL FILTER * STAINLESS BRAIDED LINES THROUGH-OUT * QUICK RELEASE EARLS FITTINGS ON ENGINE * MANY SPARE PARTS AVAILABLE * METICULOUSLY MAINTAINED . * MUST SEE TO APPRICATE CONTACT BILL OR BOB GOSHEN AT 714 990 2591 Page 41 new, the same as last year. But the weather was different. For the first time in memory there had been snow on the top of the higher stretches, and this really , caught the tire suppliers out. Lancia had no Michelin snow tires available, and Pirelli had only tires which were designed to penetrate deep mud. There was curiosity about how the Latin people in Argentina would react to the arrival of Toyota, and surprisingly Toyota discovered there was quite a lot of anti-Lancia feeling in the country; certainly the Lancia people seemed that much more subdued than usual. Was it just the antagonism between their football supporters last month? "No" explained one Argentine. "You know Lancia have this year twice refused to accept our Recalde into their team. And there are two Spanish speakers at Toyota against none in Lancia." After four years of Lancia domination, the enthusiasts wanted variety and Toyota gave this to them. · Lancia is not such a carefree place these days. There was fun to be seen elsewhere, however. After his motorcycle accident kept him home last year, 21 year old 'Carlito' Menem, son of the country's President, was finally able to pit his skills against the top drivers. Normally seen at the wheel of a Renault 18 GTX, for this event he had a Group N Lancia usually rallied by Jorge Recalde. On the first section what started off as a five horse race soon became a fight between three. Right from the start Recalde was not happy in his Toyota. In the water splash in the Buenos Aires 'Superprime', the first stage held in the Palermo Hippodrome on a sandy surface, the Toyota faltered and he lost a quarter minute; then on stage 4 he crashed heavily off the road. The car spun around then rolled about three times, in his first crash in five years. Eventually he got to the . Kankkunen and Carlos Sainz helicopter crash Lancia has more than nine seconds apart, and suffered in the last few years, by the end of the day the thankfully all without serious difference was down to two personal injury. seconds. The pre-rally snow had almost -Paola de Martini had her completely gone from the !\ills for moment of glory in the borrowed the second section. Sainz drew Lancia at the Hippodrome when level with Biasion after the first she made joint seventh fastest stage of the day, but then the time with Recalde. Then with a Italian inched ahead into a lead he heavy heart she gave her Lancia would hold for the rest of the back. Rudolph Stohl reached event. Kankkunen gradually fell Cordoba happy that his one set of back, though he was 48 seconds tires had served him well. On the behind Biasion at the end of stage same boat with Paola's rally car 12 he was over 15 minutes in were Stohl's spare parts and front of fourth placed Group N service vehicles, which arrived a leader Soto. All the top drivers day after the rally start. had slid around on the ice on the In Group N Argentine Ernesto first stage. On stage 11 Menem Soto led all day, rising to fourth was up to third in Group, since place overall in front of Uruguay- Trelles had broken his gearbox an Gustavo Trelles. The Argentine and had no time to replace it. had a turbo problem and lost Auriol, however was going well. nearly two minutes on stage 5, but Running {at one minute intervals) retained his lead in the Group. over an hour behind the leaders, Soto also kept in front of Menem he made fastest time of the day on Junior on the road, leaving the son the openirrn stage in warmer of the President to drive in dust conditions. By stage 11 he had and wreck his suspension in a moved from 3 7th to ninth and in hole. Menem suffered badly, the point's again. losing around 30 minutes having Another driver back in business the right front suspension of the was Stohl. Co-drover Reinhard car changed. He had been third in Kaufmann summed up their the group and Alain Oreille feelings: "We have an old driver, moved up after earlier difficulties an old co-driver, an old car, but with his Renault's shock absorb- finally we have new tires. For us ers. Trelles was watching the it's the only thing that matters." Frenchman's progress carefully. The missing boat had finally "I am racing against my head, I arrived, too late for de Martini, don't like this type of rallying. I but just in time for the Austrians. prefer Finland where you race Other things started to liven against the countryside." He said up. On the Mina Clavero stage, end of the stage despite losing a '. wheel on the way. Mechanics got . ·'" the badly damaged car running, and he went straight to the next stage, but arrived just 15 seconds over his maximum lateness. The other top driver who had a bad day was Didier Auriol. He October 1990 Leading Group N throughout the event and finishing fifth overall was Argentine Ernesto Soto and co-driver Jorge Del Buono in their Lancia Delta lntegrale 16v. Dusty Times

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Keeping the pressure on the larger cars was the Fiat Regatta 85 driven by Gabriel Martin and Jose Volta who finished in the eighth spot overall. Before retiring due to gearbox problems, Paulo Lemos and Ricardo Costa put their VW Go/ GTi 2.0 through the gravel stages with an aggressive style. Placing fourteenth overall after facing various problems throughout the event was the Renault 18 GTX driven by Luis Silva and Amengual. · the'Recalde'specialty,wherethis WhenKankkunenfinallysurfaced he had to be con-tent to simply OreilleintotheGroupNleadby rally car. Yes, Kankkunen and year the country's most famous in Villa Carlos Paz that evening, finish. effort of hard driving when the Biasion will definitely drive for us rally competitor was sadly eating · he explained that mile by mile he Biasion was given the job of Renault made his life easier; next year - we hope Auriol will as atabarbecueasthecarswentpast, had lost gears, finally even sixth cruisingalong,usingATStiresfor Oreille had a turbocharger well. It was classic Italian stuff. Sainz spun in full view of the gear was gone. He thought of every stage even though the problem. There was, however, Enjoy today's success. To-spectators, and immediately finishing the stage in reverse, but surfaces, in general, were very quite a fight among the local morrow's defeat may never afterwards Kankkunen stopped, that was gone also. Meanwhile smooth. But, behind these two drivers for a top ten placing: · happen. radioing to his waiting crew that Biasion was being hounded by Soto was losing time with oil from Marino brought his Fiat from In the Driver's points battle, thegearboxhadfailedcompletely. overbearing journalists when he his gearbox slipping onto the 15th to tenth on the final day. after seven events, Sainz leads Sainz's error cost him another reached the stadium, and was clutch. The gearbox was changed Hosts of Renault 18 GTXs, with 95 points, followed by quarter of a minute. Before the surrounded by tape recorders and in mid afternoon and he dropped mostly on their local Fate tires, Auriol, 67, Biasion, 64, Kank-. · final stage of the day he was 26 mobile phones. Sainz took one back to sixth behind Oreille and retired through mechanical kunen, 42. After seven rallies in seconds behind Biasion. Then it look at the melee and headed into the dust of back markers. trouble, even though the top ones the FIA Cup for Group N happened, Sainz c~ashed off the straight past the media folks into Auriol continued his recovery, were being hounded by the Production car drivers, Oreille road, went over three times and the car park. ending the day in third place, 34 smaller Fiat Regattas. But this was leads with 43 points, Trelles has luckily landed on the wheels. Still Carlos' car looked a lot better minutes behind the leader. Soto never noticed by the Italians . . 30 and Recalde and Soto are tied he finished the stage losing less when he restarted the third . remained the best placed South Their day had come again. Team at 20. In the Ladies Cup points than two minutes, and at the end section as the mechanics worked · American, but there had been manager Claudio Lombardi contest Aitken-Walker and de of the day he still held over 17 oniteverychancetheygot.They manyandvariedtroublesforthe patiently held court while Martini are tied, both with 18 minutes on Soto, whose Lancia got a bad surprise when a front others. journalists scribbled down his points after seven events. In the was running third overall. driveshaft broke on the first stage, The only happening of the final every comment.Yes, we will soon Constructors points race Lancia When the cars came back to duetothedifficultyof making the day seemed to be the recovery of decide who goes to Finland. No, leads with 114, followed by Cordoba Menem was missing car straight again. Anyway, with Soto. He was about to overtake the Dedra won't make a suitable • Toyota, 91, and Renault, 24. with trans trouble, and now only another four minute delay, __ ....;. ______ .;_.;_~.;;_;;_ __________ .....,~-~~-~~--"""""-~-=~ two cars were left in Group N. victory was no longer in sight, and Racing their Audi 90 Quattro through a spectator lined river wash to a fourth place finish is Rudolf Stohl and Reinhard Kaufmann. Group N Cup points leader Alain Oreille and Michel Roissard finished second in group and sixth overall, after turbo problems, in their Renault 5 GT Turbo. Rally of Argentina Results Miki Biaslon/Tiziano Siviero I Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya E Didier AurioVBernard Occeli F Rudi StohVReinhard Kaufman A Ernesto Soto/Jorge Del Buono RA Alain Oreille/Michel Roissard F Marcelo RaiestJorge Gonzalez RA Gabriel Martin/Jose Volta RA Oscar Maccari/Carlos Ostaschinsky RA Fernando Marino/Rodolfo Ghilini RA Julio Fossat/Victor Roca RA Lancia Delta lntegrale • Toyota Celica GT-Four Lancia Delta lntegrale Audi Quattro 90 Lancia Delta lntegrale • Renault 5 GT Turbo Renault 18 GTX Fiat Regatta 85 Renault 18 GTX Fiat Regatta 85 Fiat128SE 1.5· 118 star1ers • 29 finishers• • Group A, N & B winners -No Ladies finishers Winner's average stage speed• 87.36 kph Dusty nma 6:51:27 6:59:29 7;26:22 7:50:48 7:53:19 7:56:35 8:33:10 8:39:23 8:43:16 9:04:12 9:24:11 I . ir:::,,., •• p. ., ,. . ,.. . ••• ., ... . , ..... .. Trailers Our Quality Makes the Difference Models Available: Open Flatbed Trailer Enclosed Bumper Pull-Type Trailers From 16' to 28' Enclosed Gooseneck Trailers From 28' to 48' • Many Equipment Options Available Medium Duty Truck Conversions We H~ve the Ability and . Experience Necessary to Build· Any Trailer to Your Exact Specifications, Custom Designed for Your Individual Needs ... * Write or Call for a Free Brochure Join the Ranks or Our Satisfied Customers • Bob Gordon • R.C.R. Plumbing • Hamilton Materials • Herbst Oil Co. • Hagle Lumber • Sherman Balch Competitive Trailers 8832 Ramona Street Bellflower, CA. 90706 (213) 634-2006 October 1990 Custom Designed Interiors Page 43

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BftUIID 3 · AUSTRALIAN on ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Daren Wells Wins The Bridgestone International at Kempsey Text & Photos: Darryl Smitli \01 Daren Wells broke a finger and dislocated a knuckle during the prologue, but got patched up, gritted his teeth and drove to the overall victory as well as first in Class 1, with Ian McPhee co-driving the Rivmasta. Yokohama's lead driver, Daren Wells, overcame the pain of a hand injury to take out the prestigious Bridgestone Inter-national at Kempsey. Wells, from • elbourne, broke a finger and dislocated a knuckle during the Saturday prologue, but drove most of the race one handed with navigator Ian McPhee changing gears in the Class 1 Rivmasta. This was the tenth year the Bridgestone International has been held at the New South Wales coastal town of Kempsey, about midway between Brisbane and Sydney. The event is always billed as Australia's roughest and toughest off road race, and this year was no exception. Only 27% _ of the 168 starters completed the required nine laps. The course is set amongst the hills of Kempsey and includes many sections through the tight forests and creek crossings,·then a flat out run down a winding dirt road to finish in the main grass arena with jumps, many turns and a huge natural bank to entertain the spectators. This year's event was the dustiest ever seen and many cars withdrew after clipping trees in the blinding dust. Others failing to finish blamed the rough conditions for many gearbox breakages. The prologue held on the Saturday ovt!r a 5 km distance determined the starting positions for Sunday's race. However, at the Bridgestone International there is an added bonus, the top ten drivers run off again· for the title and prize money as "King of Kempsey" which is televised around the country. This year there was a separate title for the "Ten Top Tin Tops" to give the Bajas, sedans and 4x4s something :-t . :BIGGER 1s· aETT.ER . Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner IRS . Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by lettin°g us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. · Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C.V. joints. · · . . Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C.V. Joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s can be threaded ¾-24 or stock 8mm. All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be threaded ¾-24 or stock 10mm threads. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND .BELLS Only $49.95 per__!l~nge on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW ENG. P.O. BOX 845 • 101 BROADWAY YARNELL, AZ 85362 .SHIPPED BY UPS (602) 427-3551 DEALER .INQUIRIES INV.ITEO Page 44 to strive for. Leading the prologue times was Craig Martin, Austral-ian Champion, in a single seater. Following him were Daren Wells, Dave Stuchbery, Barry Johnson, Charlie Albins, Andy Brown and Bill Croft in Class 1. Class 2 's Mark Burrows, David Leach, then Laurie Svenson's Class 1 were the top ten to fight out the King title. Peter Glover had a selector problem in the 930 gearbox in his Hornet and missed the prologue. Wells, meanwhile, was at Kempsey Hospital getting his injured hand attended to before rushing back for "Kings". In other classes Bob Mowbray led Class 3 and among the Bajas Neville Taylor and Ron Schmidt posted identical times. Peter Briggs was the quickest in Class 5 in a Chev powered Holden stepside, and Bryan Morrow had the quickest Challenger buggy. Grahame Baxter was fastest in the Class 7 Nissan Patrol, and Fabio Zarfati led Class 8 in the radical Pajero. Behind Martin in Class 9 was Si Heaslip. At the completion of the fast and furious "Kings of Kempsey" it was Bill Croft in the Hankook tires Class 1 that took the $2000 winner's check. Goodyear's Dave Stuchbery followed, just ahead of Porsche powered Laurie Svenson: ' Andy Brown had a gearbox failure and hastily began repairs for race day. In the$1000Tin Tops battle it was Ian Hedley's big Ford Bronco that took the title, but in the process damaged the motor; his weekend was over. The 4x4s , dominated the Tin Tops with; Fred Parker second and Fabio Zarfati third. The race start early Sunday was , every part an exciting time for what is Australia's prestigious event. The field was flagged away in groups of four making excellent viewing, as drivers jostled around the main arena before the single car width creek/ causeway, as the cars disappeared from view into the forests. Croft had grabbed the start from his pole position, October 1990 Bill Croft won the pole position and $2,000 in the Hankook tires Class 1, led the race most of the way, but on the next to last lap he rolled the car and bent a rear arm. determined not to be threatened. . It appeared Craig Martin's race was over early as during lap 1 his Toyota 1600 engine expired. However, as he had been entered as second driver in Paul Styles Class 2, the two quickly swapped places as Styles approached the stricken Martin car. Croft had completed his first lap still at the front on the road, but further down Neil Morrison's Class 1 was actually leading on time over Croft, Alderton, Burrows, Svenson, Stuchbery, Les Br.own and young Glenn Owen. Howard Ford was the first of many to hit a tree and retire. Bill Sharpe soon followed suit in his Rabbit powered Class 2. The only overseas entry this year, New Zealand's Phil Cameron had hit a tree in the prologue, but managed to be race ready on Sunday only to hit a tree harder on lap 2, and really wrecked the car which is a Renault V6 powered unit complete with blower! Peter Glover had also worked overnight to fix his problems and was up in the top five when he slammed into a large rock, tearing a wheel ·off. By the half way mark Croft was leading after Morrison's race ended against a tree. Only 22 seconds behind Croft was Svenson, then 24 seconds to Stuchbery, then a large gap back to Wells. Mark Burrows still led Class 2 in his Mazda powered Trekka. Following him were Les Brown and Neville Boyes. Bob and Jeanette Mowbray led the 1200cc Class 3 brigade over Lee, Adams, and Watman. Taylor had led the Bajas i,mtil two driveshaft breakages stopped his Peugeot powered Beetle. Schmidt's rotary now led over Phipps. Mark and Glen Manns led Class 5 in their immaculate V6 Holden Rodeo. Stephen Knott followed ahead of Michael Zacka 's Isuzu pickup, despite its losing its entire tray bed. Louie Binios easily led the restricted Class 6. In fact, only Peter Wilson remained running as Binios' opposition. In production 4x4 Class 7, Les Siviour had shot to an early lead, but was soon reeled in by Grahame Baxter. Third place was very close between Reg Owen's Patrol and Glen Hadlow's Mitsubishi icku . In the modified 4x4 Class Les Siviour and Peter lseppi had a good run in their Nissan Patrol, a few hard landings, but they won Production 4x4 handily and placed 11th overall. Les Brown, with John Ives co-driving in the Hornet, ran with the eaders all day, took the Class 2 lead midway_ and not only won the 1600 class, but finished a great third overall. Dusty Times

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,a.,•'"-•·----Neville Boyes and Dale Roper flew neatly in their 1600cc Hunter, finished just 13 minutes out of the Class 2 win and were a good seventh overall. fan Hedley flew his Ford Bronco to win the non-buggy pole position, but it was to no avail as he did too much damage to the engine to start the race. Robert Knott and Ian Skiller catch a lot of air in the Nissan Pathfinder, but the rig held together to get a good finish, third in Modified 4x4. Grahame Baxter was the fastest Class 7 in the "Kings" contest, but he and David Gou/ton dropped to fourth in class in the 300 mile race, in this Nissan Patrol. John Muldoon races the hard way in a Toyota Land Cruiser that could maybe use more suspension. Still he placed sixth in Class 7, Production 4x4. Bruce and Glenn Watman compete in Class 3 for 1200cc buggies, and they were fourth in class as well as finishing a quick sixteenth overall. 8, Glen's father Peter Hadlow led in the Yokohama Mitsubishi pickup with a turbo fitted. Close behind him were Ken Smith, Goodyear Rodeo, Fabio Zarfati. Bridgestone Pajero and Robert Knott, Pathfinder who had stopped to fix a brake caliper. Of the single seaters, Martin and Cambie had retired, leaving Heaslip to lead Strawbridge and Smith. Back at the front there were numerous retirements: Stuchbery out with a broken front housing; Albins a broken gearbox; McMillan motor problems with the turbo Cos worth and Alderton, also with gearbox problems. Moving up the field into fourth was Andy Brown while Trevor Growden also made his presence felt with a move into fifth in the V6 Renault Class 1. Class 2 now belonged to Les Brown, as Mark Burrows paid the penalty of drifting off in the tight forests. Craig Martin had moved to third Bridgestone International - Australia Results -July 22, 1990 in class behind Boyes. Mowbray retired from Class 3 with gearbox problems, leaving Kevin Lee # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Class I • Unlimited Two Seat 102 198 1 Daren Wells/Ian McPhee 2 Andy Brown/Ulli Tuisk 126 106 3 Trevor Growden/B·ian Duncan 4 Keith Owers/Ken Houston 1111 202 5 Glenn Owen/Russell Cairns Class 2 • 1600cc lwo Seat Les Brown/John Ives Neville Boyes/Dale Roper Neil Duck/Sandra Duck Roly Dixon/David Wardrop Terry Rose/Maur&En Rose 203 2 2280 3 2223 4 259 5 Class 3 • 1200cc Two Seat 358 1 Kevin Lee/Scott McNeil 324 2 Doug Adams/Kathy Adams 350 3 Allen Hunt/Roger Garment 301 4 Bruce Watman/Glenn Watman 354 5 Stewart Latter/Dallid Worboys 406 1 401 2 402 3 Class 4 • Baja Bug Allan Phipps/Colin Hall Ron Schmidt/Trevor Shannon Clem Harris/Bob Goudie 414 4 Barry Woodward/Alan Baker 408 5 Michael Newton/David Newton Class 5 • 2WD Sedans & Pickups Mark Manns/Glen Manns 580 1 501 2 503 3 502 4 531 5 Jeff Barnes/John Price Stephen Knoll/Joh, Sheehan Jan Hedley/Carolire Van Vliet ,1 Peter Briggs/Chris Langham Class 6 - Restricted Two Seat 625 1 Louie Binios/Kate Binios 669 2 Peter Wilson/Antohette Wilson Class 7 - Production 4x4 701 1 Les Siviour/Peter lseppi 721 2 Glen Hadlow/Andrew Bennett 712 3 Reg Owen/Doug Ryan 731 4 Grahame Baxter/David Coulton 743 5 David McDonald/John Dear Class 8 • Modified 4x4 801 1 Peter Hadlow/Geoff Kenah 818 2 Ken Smith/Tom Or.:her 816 3 Robert Knott/Ian S'<iller 814 4 Fred Parker/Trevor Nelson 827 5 Wayne Ryan/David Ryan Class 9 • Unllmlted Singler Seat 924 1 Si Heaslip 916 2 Bob Strawbridge 999 3 Graham Smith Vehicle Rivmasta Rivmasta Southern Cross Rivmasta Trekka Hornet Hunter Buggy Trekka Hunter Hornet Hunter Hunter BRBMk 11 Rivmasta Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Holden Rodeo Int. Scout Karmann Ghia Ford F-100 Holden Pickup Buggy Buggy Nissan Patrol Mitsubishi Nissan Patrol Nissan Patrol Diahatsu Feroza Mitsubishi Holden Rodeo Nissan Pathfinder Land Rover Land Cruiser Scorpion Southern Cross Buggy Time 7:19:34 7:21 :54 7:50:04 7:53:39 7:58:37 7:44:03 7:57:02 8:36:46 8:43:30 8:49:18 7:56:20 8:13:14 8:15:35 8:20:52 9:15:10 8:26:24 8:27:20 8:35:09 Slaps Slaps 8:03:36 8:09:37 8:17:10 8:54:11 9:00:54 Slaps 6Iaps 8:04:41 8:35:47 8:38:43 8:48:29 9:11 :40 7:58:21 8:28:39 8:41:26 9:11:21 Slaps Slaps Slaps 4 Iaps Starters, 168 - Finishers, (9 laps) 45 - 27% - Race Distance 300 miles - 485 km. Best Ladies Crew: Jan Hedley/Caroline Van Vliet - Ford F-100 "Kings of Kempsey" winner: #1110 Bill Croft . "Top Ten Tin Tops• winner: #802 Ian Hedley - Ford Bronco Best Local Performance: #358 Kevin Lee - Hornet O/A totally in control of the class. In Class 4 Phipps now led Schmidt, while Manns still led Class 5 2 ' although Barnes, in the VS Scout had charged into second. Classes 7 and 8 remained unchanged, although the quick turbo Mitsu~ bishi pickup of Ian Cotton withdrew with a blown cliff. David Leach had pitted to remove the motor and change the clutch in a matter of minutes, then went out tQ record the fastest lap of the 4 5 9 3 7 24 28 30 6 day overall. But all went wrong 13 the following lap when a log split 14 the front hub. Yokohama's other 16 class hopeful, Mick and Lyn 39 Myers, were burdened with a CV 19 · 20 22 55 58 10 12 15 32 34 48 74 11 23 25 29 36 8 21 27 35 51 80 83 94 that fell out of the Class 3 and then a shock bolt broke, but they were still circulating. Going into the final two laps, Croft led Wells by five minutes, with Andy Brown a further four minutes behind. Martin nad blitzed his way to fourth outright in the Class 2 car. The tension began to build until the news came that Croft had rolled and bent a rear arm. Wells now led a hard charging Andy Brown, and an even harder charging Craig Martin. However, Martin would be denied a finish; the car stopped during the last lap. Brown then actually caught and passed Wells and beat him to the finish. But on corrected time, Wells and McPhee would be the winners, with Andy Brown two minutes behind in the ARB buggy. Les Brown came in some twenty minutes later to secure third outright and win Class 2 in the Goodyear car. Trevor Growden got fourth outright and third in Class 1. Next came the turbo car of Keith Owers, a great drive with only first and third gears after lap 1. Kevin Lee scored a great sixth . outright in his 1200cc Class 3 just ahead of Neville Boyes' Class 2. A very impressive eighth outright was Peter Hadlow in the Class 8 Mitsubishi pickup. Ninth was Glenn Owen driving his father Reg's Class 1 instead of his own Class 2. Rounding out the top ten was an excellent drive for Mark Manns in the Class 5 Holden Rodeo in only its third outing. In the classes, Allan Phipps hung on to take out the close Baja battle by less than a minute from Ron Schmidt. Behind Manns in Class 5 were the Barnes Scout, Knott's Karmann Ghia, and Jan Hedley, having her last drive in the FlOO for a while as she is/ expecting a baby. Louie Biniosi had an easy two lap win over Wilson in the Challenger Class 6. · In Class 7 Baxter had front end trouble near the end, allowing Siviour back into the lead in his 1 Patrol. Second was Glen Hadlow's Mitsubishi, while third was Reg Owen's Patrol, then came Baxter. The Class 8 minor placings, behind Peter Hadlow were Ken Smith, Rodeo; Robert Knott, Pathfinder; Fred Parker, Land Rover, and Wayne Ryan, Land Cruiser. Despite hitting a tree, Si Heaslip had still covered the most ground in Class 9. Second was Bob -Strawbridge who had also stopped with a broken rear arm. Third in the single seat class .was a good reward for Brisbane driver, Graham Smith. So there it was, and didn't the pain of it all show on the face of Daren Wells as he nursed his swollen hand on the victory dais. But, he was quick to announce he was the fourth Yokohama car in a row to win the Bridgestone event! The event certainly lived up to its reputation as the roughest and toughest in Australia. THE TOP TRANSMISSION BUILDERS ARE LOOKING OUR WAY POR MORI! THAN ONE REASON ■ LARGE DIAMETER MAINSHAFTS -20 % greater diameter mainshaft means minimal mainshaft flex. Available in ten ratios. ■ 091 and 002 GEARSElS -091 gears are 20% wider than any other gears on the market,and they mate with t he strongest ring and pinion sets available - 4 . 57 (7 /32), 4.83 16/29), and 5 .50 (6/33). All sets available for quick delivery: ■ SPLINED CLUTCH GEAR · No crac.ked keyways or broken keys. All 091 and 002 mainshafts use the strong 002 clutch gear. ■ NO WELDS - Elephant 3rd and 4th gear late model dog teeth are of superior quality, are replaceable, and have been splined on. No ·welds. No distortion. No flimsy spacer washer. Dusty Times October 1990 Page 45

Page 46

The Losers •• By Judy Smith July and August were busy months, with races happening all over the place, and lots of folks ended up on the Losing side of the ledger. , At the La Rana race in Lucerne Valley, Scott Flamson, who was · driving in the open class, broke a front corner off his car and · brought his race to an early end, after leading overall on the first lap. In Class 10, in the same race, Ron Moore managed to finish his first lap, but he was very late, and the skid pan under his transmis-sion had come unattached at the front, and was folded down, so that it touched the ground, and dug a shallow trench as he gingerly made his way back to his pit. He never did a second lap. In Class 11, Bill Swisher ran second, close behind the leader, but got stuck in a ravine about three miles into his second lap, and that was the end of him. Mike Duncan, who drove a Class 3 Jeep, was transformed into a spectator when he lost a driveshaft and his spider gears on the first lap. And Paul Strong, in a Class 6 racer, finished his first lap, but never got into his second lap really, because he'd lost a rear spring. In Class 5-1600, Scott Mend-enhall, who had led for two laps, became a Loser when an A-Arm bolt backed out of his rear trailing arm. And Danny Hunter, running · in the top five in Class 9, broke an axle on the third lap and was out far the day. Early in August, the scene shifted to the low desert, down near the Mexican border, on the outskirts of Plaster City. It was the FRT Superstition 250, Fud's night race. Steve Johnson and Mike Douthitt, in a two seat Class 100 car, not only rolled on the first lap, but then blew out two spark plugs, and that was the end of their day. And, in Class 9, Tim Ziegenbein, in a Funco single seater, finished his first lap, but his right rear suspension was collapsed, and he never did a second lap. In Class 5-1600, reports came in that Dave Woodward and Todd McAlaster had parked their . car on its side on the second lap, and we never saw them come around again. Early in the day, on lap one, Joe Vinci blew the motor in his Class 10 car, and Stephen Hendricks, who'd won at the La Rana race a couple of weeks before, lost his transmission (he had lost second gear at the La Rana race, and had promised to buy a new trans after they won). In the Unlimited Class, Dusty Burwell had a good lap, and the lead, but then lost his motor, while Dennis Green went out before he ever finished the first lap, victim of a broken trans-mission. Tim and Gary Hart had an exciting few moments when their Class 9 axle tube broke. The oil all ran out, the bearing froze up and ·got hot, and when the grease hit it, it caught fire. Luckily, their fire extinguisher was handy, and they managed to put the fire out. Jeff Wright got in a couple of good laps, and then had some ignition troubles, got some help to get going again, and went a bit further down the trail, and it quit again. This time he couldn't make it go, no matter what he tried, and, finally, the Search and Rescue folks towed him back to the main p its. But then, on Sunday morning, when he was getting things loaded up to go home, he tried the car just for kicks, and it fired up and ran just fine. Craig Dillon started the race in Bill Hammack's Class 10 car. He 1 remembers the start, and he replacement for the broken stub remembers the road crossing a axle on his 5-1600 car, while Wes short way into the race. Then he Moser broke an axle on his Class remembers that his Pumper 6 Ranchero also. Frank Vessels helmet motor quit, and he recalls did enough damage to his new a smell of burning. then he didn't Chevy truck that they had to send remember anything until he came it back to Hemet for repairs, and to -somewhere on the course. He Alexi Grigoriev, from Russia, · didn't really know where he was, endoed his Class 5 car, and shook or where the course was going. He things apart. Doug Ingles was just followed the course markers planning to run in the Stadium and then he came to some Class 1 event, but he rolled in spectators, so he stopped and told practice, and put an end to his them he thought he'd rolled and plans. And Mike Duenas, in Class asked them to check the car out. 11, tore his skid plate loose, so They said it looked o.k., and told that it peeled toward the back, him to get going. Then he got to rolled up and dented his deck lid. the part of the course that Also in Class 11, this year's doubled in back near the pits, winningest driver, Saul Zambrano, realized where he was and decided broke a c. v. joint in practice. he'd better take the car back to But everyone was back together Hammack, which he did, and for Saturday's races, and then the Hammack got in and went on with mayhem started all over again. In the race. the first race of the day, before he Meanwhile, Dillon, who felt got to the first turn, Zambrano rather wobbly, went off to the broke a throttle cable, and was a medics to see if he'd bumped his DNF. In the next race Greg head or something. He still George, in the Mazda truck, was thought he might have rolled outearlywhenhebroketwoc.v.s, over, or hit a bad bump, but the a front and a rear. Steve Brown crew checked it out and could see lost his transmission, which put no sign ofany rollover. In fact, the him out for the weekend and only thing they'd found wrong I Brian Church rolled over and was was a wire for the Pumper motor, parked on his head for a while. In which had shorted out, burned its the combined 1600 race, with insulation off, and accounted for both dei;ert cars and short course the helmet motor quitting. cars, there was a big pile up on the They'd fixed that for Hammack. first lap, and the officials didn't The medics found no sign of a red flag the race because they were head injury, and Craig was hurrying the program so they'd gradually feeling better and finish before an anticipated rain better. storm. The crash left Randy Ultimately, he decided he must Jones, Billy McCool and George have been partly asphyxiated by Burbach in a three car tangle, the fumes from the burning wire, which took a couple laps of the which went directly into the four lap event to untangle. helmet. It was a couple of days A little later in the day, Willie before he really felt normal again. Valdez pulled out of the mini After Fud's race, it was off to truck event when his truck kept Willow Springs for the inauguaral dying due to a problem with his HORA closed course event, and new electronic ignitjon. And, these are tough on the cars. when the big iron took to the Practice does a lot of damage, and track, it was really crunchy. At the Craig Stewart was seen scrambling start Jack Flannery was running around the pits, trying to find _a second as he went into the Bonneville Off Road Racing Report entries of Chris Cash and Steve Siddoway and Jim Siddoway, both of which were burned in a disastrous fire in their repair shop after the Jackpot race. The early laps had Gary Brennan, Bob Christensen, Andy Clawson and Lou Lucido running very close, with Lou coming in leading the first lap. Pit stops were changing the order with Andy Clawson out with a burned clutch, and Mike Baker out with a broken spindle after three laps. When four laps were completed Bob Christensen was in the lead with the only thing to try for being first overall. He started lap 5 about ten minutes down on Barry Merriam and four down on Rod Sorenson. When the checkers fell he had a class win, fastest lap and first overall for a sweep. It was Bob and Kathy's first win in their new car. Gary Brennan placed second in the highest attrition race we've had to date. B:y]im Baker · The season opening Jackpot last May featured just about all you could ask for. Excellent support from the officials and citizens of]ackpot, GREAT effort by Rod Sorenson and his crew, exciting weather that featured ~-sun, clouds, rain, wind; snow, first hot then cold. All this plus a good turnout for the first race. What more would you want? A jump for money ... no problem. Frank Rowe held the long mark for some time at 46 feet. Barry Merriam finally edged him out . with a 48 foot effort. Nobody told him his car can't fly, so it just shows you what you can do when you don't know any better. The race itself was close all the way in Class 10. Several 1-2-1600 cars jumped to 10 and the fight was on. Mike Baker came in quickest on the first lap, but a bolt backed out dumping his oil which halted his efforts. Andy Clawson succumbed to damaged rear suspension in his first lap. The leaders were destined to run like they were tied together for the full distance, with Steve Siddoway edging Chris Cash by seconds for the win. Bob and Kathy Christen-sen brought their "new" 10 car in third, followed by Gary ~rennan in his "new" 1-1600. A good start Page 46 for these new cars. Don Roemer entered his Class 4 in this class, but had too much trouble to be there at the flag. Rod Sorenson.started what he and Jim hope will continue all season in Class 5-1600. Flushed with success at the Nissan (Mint)· 400, they continued the streak and came in ahead of Chris Klick in second and Frank Young in third. Those with trouble included our· '89 points champ Guy Young, who tried to run in two ·gears for a combination of power and speed, but it didn't work. The Pro-Sports Class found out what it's like to run with the big boys and all the way. They learned well and just about equaled the times the pros were running. When the flag fell, Jim Siddoway was the winner, with the Wright brothers, Devon and Curtis, finishing second in their first race, and in a new car at that. The Toyota pickup of Elbert and Scott Emley finished a close third, score one for perseverance. Even the Sportsman class offered excitement with Frank Rowe holding the jump distance for several laps. Bob Flinn came in for the checkered followed by Doug Anderson who was running with BORE for the first time. It was fun awarding those checks knowing they were provided by so many good backers from Jackpot, Twin Falls and the area. We thank them for their support and promise even bigger events in coming years. The usual excitement of the Powder Puff was enhanced, or messed up, when the rain settled in on the north end of the course. Rachel Flinn had a completely different look when she finished, very earthy. Lynette Holt took Terry Robinson for one wild ride, said what the heck, let's try to roll this rig, and did! It bruised the car but the ladies came out safe and beautiful. Sue Sorenson con-tinued the Sorenson streak by winning. Carol Klick was second, followed by R;ichel a minute later. Even the jump failed to bother them; some kind of racing ladies! As cold as it was in Jackpot, Aragonite was just the opposite for the June 200 miler. It was 100 plus in the shade, and no shade was around. Friday was that hot with no winds, but on Saturday a good breeze made it more bearable, and helped clear the air for the racers. Once again the 1-2-1600 cars jumped to Class 10 to build the purse. Missing were the October 1990 The 5-1600 class also suffered high attrition starting seven cars and only finishing two. Steve Siddoway came in second to Rod Sorenson who continued his winning ways. He says it feels good to start a string of two, on the way to a sweep, maybe. If you noticed, the second place went to Steve and Jim Siddoway in a 5-1600? It's because they bought the Christensen's 5-1600 after the fire destroyed their cars. It's good to have the car stay in our circuit and nice to see it move up to. a moguls, but Vessels, his truck newly repaired, was catching up fast. Then, just as Flannery's truck took an evil bump, which twitched him to the left, Vessels came abreast of him, so that his right front corner plowed into Flannery's left side, near the front · of the truck. Sheet metal flew. The impact straightened Flannery • out, and both drivers did a · masterful job of maintaining control and getting off the course safely. But Vessels truck had broken the track rods and a steering box, and damaged other exo_tic parts, and car owner Jon Nelson took it home for good that afternoon. Flannery's crew was up all night making repairs. Rod Hall said his truck was a two lap truck at this event, and, after losing a ring gear in practice, lost his motor in Saturday's race, and he went home too. Jeff Randall, who had a ride in a 5-1600 car for this race, endoed it in the moguls during Sunday morning's practice, and became a spectator. Jerry Whelchel flattened a tire while leading the Stadium Class 10 race, decided not to take the time to change it, and ended up parked on the far side of the course. And Steve Kelley, while leading Class 4, broke his front driveshaft, and it bounced around and poked a hole in the pan and all the oil ran out. We'll be back next month with Losers from the Pahrump Station Nevada 500. second place! I can mention that now that Bob and Kathy have their big win. In Pro Sports Barry Merriam set the course on fire with his. early laps. The word from the others on course was that he was really smooth and quick, and he -carried it on to a win. Several of this class fell victim to problems. Darnal broke a spindle, Todd had ignition woes all day, and all this plus it was hot, really hot!! Sportsman leader Bob Flinn did it again in good time and first timer Scott Butcher found a couple of glitches in the new car, but kept it going to the end for second place. The word coming back to me is · that the guys that passed this one up missed what they felt was the best course we've ever set up. It had it all, rock garden, roads, . washes and a cross grain that was awesome. It just doesn't pay to miss a BORE race - each one is unique. Remember BORE needs everyone of you and you need BORE because it offers you the least·• expensive and best racing · you can find, and it's closer than almost any other race venue. Don't believe the old saying, " they won't miss me this time". We miss you because you are a vital part of our program. The reports on BORE events for the rest of the summer will be in the next issue of Dusty Times, hopefully with a few pictures to · liven up the pages. Dusty nmcs

Page 47

The JL has .. ail t~e cockpit equip;,.,ent of bigger lwcury rigs, AM/FM stereo, air, fancy buckets, plus the nifty butter smooth shifter and an easy .to shift into 4WD lever, pius real instrumention. -·-- , •· -·-· Wide windows on the soft top provide excellent all around visibility, and this model comes with a real, full size spare tire, a rare but real convenience not common today. The spacious engine bay would make it easy to work on the 1298cc four cylinder powerplant, and the fuel injection provides a usable 66 horsepower that will take you nearly anywhere. Suzuki Samurai JL Text & Photos: John Calvin We have had the pleasure of driving the 1990 Suzuki Samurai JL around town and in the outback for a while, and although there are a few things that didn't sit too well with the author, the Samurai is really quite a performer. Ours was a soft top in a metallic light silver/ blue that looked cute enough to take home to mom. It arrived with only 4000 miles on the odo and we couldn't wait to add some miles of our own. This particular Samurai JL came equipped with a 5 speed transmis-sion, 4 wheel drive with manually locking hubs and formidable looking Bridgestone SF405 Mud and Snow tires. This JL had a suggested retail price of$7999 .00 and it looked like the working man's best friend. The JL was also equipped with AM/ FM Stereo/Tape, air condi-tioning, and we really used the air; the radio is a trifle hard to hear on the road as the soft top generates quite a bit of noise which is not uncomfortable to the ear but makes you increase the volume on the radio accordingly. There are straps for tightening/ snubbing down the sott top and perhaps if we had played with those a bit more we might have been able to fine tune the noise down to a whisper. There are bucket seats in front and a bench seat in the rear which is quite capable of taking two adults. The back of the bucket seats are adjustable to 14 different positions/ ang_les so your back will never complain. The rear bench is comfortable too, and folds forward easily for lots of storage area on the back deck. ThisJL was alsoequipped with speedometer, fuel and tempera-ture gauges, all nicely housed in two bezels with a vertical strip between with all the sundry warning lights. The ashtray is well placed and a grab bar on the pa~senger side of the dash is a very sturdy help when getting in or.out of the vehicle. There is a decent· sized glove box and a small parcel tray beneath it. The pull for opening the hood is tucked away in the glove box. The soft top allows you all the visibility you could ask for. The back window of the soft top is huge and is secured by two heavy Coming Nat ·Month ••• HDRAPAHRUMPSTATIONNEVADAS00 BRUSH RUN 101 in Wisconsin ADRA SNOWFLAKE BUGGY BASH in Arizona LA RANA MINI BAJA 400 in California MTEG SILVER BOWL-Stadium Racing in Nevada WRC RALLY OF 1000 LAKES in Finland AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP - Round 4 ... plus all the regular features duty zippers and some snaps on the horizontally opening rear cargo door. The rear window rolls up easily and secures up top if you prefer vented flow-through air. The soft top comes down and erects with ease and there is formidable looking roll bar permanently attached. As it happened, we had an appointment at Glen Helen Race Track, nestled in the hills above San Bernardino the next morning and what could be more fun than driving the Samurai the hundred or so miles each way over the mountains and through the high desert. We left early in the morning to escape some of the desert heat and the Samurai flew up the fairly steep grades with ease in 5th gear. We might add that the 5 speed tranny has a nice short throw and the transfer case shifts easily. I had anticipated a shift down to 4th Northern • FoxS Overall the Samurai looks much the same as it did on introduction to the USA, but underneath there have been vast changes to enhance its power, stability and overall civilized performance. gear on the grades but there was furnished paperwork, the JL no need as the 1298cc 66 should get about 29 mpg on the horsepower, fuel injected, four road and, by actual count, in spite banger had plenty of power and of the wind and the almost we zipped up all the hills well constant use of the air conditioner above legal speeds with ease. we pulled 28 .4 7 mpg which is not , Once we reached the high to be sneezed at as we also kept a desert mesa, we had about a sixty heavy right foot on the gas and mile run to Glen Helen, on two our speeds were a bit above those~ lane county roads, lots of dips in · posted. · the road and wide open desert. Driving around town is a ball, We im.mediately encountered the JL is quick, agile and with an severe headwinds and crosswinds, overall length of eleven feet you 35 to 45 mph but we ambled can put it anywhere. It responds across the Mojave desert at a good nicely to the steering wheel, the rate of speed and the Samurai was brakes are great and you can park little affected by the wind. - it anywhere. Dr.iving around town The 80 inch wheelbase lets you caused the mileage to drop to a tad feel all the bumps in the road but under 26 but with all the gas hogs the seats are super comfy and the I own, I consider that some sort of overallrideisquiteenjoyable. We· "a miracle. Just for the record, conducted our business at Glen there is a 2 wheel drive version Helen and on the way home we available, the JA model which is did a little off road excursion on priced at $5999.00 and, on our own little test track out in the today's market is a very reasonable boonies. The Samurai pulls well price for such a responsive little in the soft sand and when we got vehicle. to the foothill portion where the To sum it all up, for the week ground is harder and the canyons we had the vehicle, we drove the are quite narrow, we were hell out of it and it never suddenly on a mountain goat and whimpered. It was fun to drive, a were able to wander wherever we wee bit spartan but it is roomy, wanted to with ease. I explored a responsive, good looking and few places where I cannot get in really fun to drive. It doesn't~ with the family Blazer or even a guzzle gas and with room for 4 Jeep but the slender Samurai got adults and a very reasonable price, in and out easily. we think it is a good value. According to the Suzuki Try it, you'll have a ball. • Wee . BOSCH• •SWAY-A-WATKINS INDUSTRIES• 780 Second Ave.• Redw October 1990 Page 47

Page 48

~ Gary u e zipped around t e rugged co:r:i i~ f;;;;:~;"'taklng • 1 ; ~ny Schumak:,: =~e~'"'e~t recruit to rallying, did a good job in a second in GT Production Class and a nice sixth overall. He ' his Stock Class Capri, driving to a fine second in class and also didn't need the lights.·:._ ________________ _ Former CRS a"nd SCCA So-Pac Division champion Jeff Griffin slid the big Volvo around the deepening ruts to fourth in Open Class, fifth overall. The ''Body Heat'' Rallysprint at Glen Helen By Rod Koch Photos: Track.side Photo Inc./Todd Bane ~~----" =~ _;;; w ~ .,..., Lon- Peterson plowed some dirt on the later stages in an efforito- ca·tch the eventual winner, and he did finish second overall and in Open Class in the quick Arrow. ,,..",. ·-;v ~:~ -~ A' ,"'~ ~ ~~~:;~v~ ,. ,. .,.. . .,.:; ·o:,/ ~ """;--"'' ,~-.;..-........ «_.' ..... .-.. .. George Daland set fastest time of all on five of the six stages in his Mitsubishi Starion, and George drove to a well deserved first overall and the Open Class Rally Sprint championship. Glen Helen Raceway lies at the of the California Rally Series and showed up in his Toyota truck to foot of the Cajon Pass, off the the SCCA Southern Pacific try the very tight, twisty 1.2 mile Interstate 215, just north of San Divisional calendar for 1990. Due Glen Helen course. Bernardino. Average Summer to spectator insurance problems, To slow competitors down a bit temperatures during the day, hit only two weeks notice was given on the quarter mile straight in 1 00oF plus. So, it was appropriate CRS competitors that the event front of the grandstands, large that organizer Mike Blore, would be held. A fair turn out of implement tires, each weighing dubbed the 1990 Glen Helen 20 entrants did show up, aboutl,000 lbs, were placed very Rally Sprint held on Saturday, including the fastest cars and close to the course. Now if you July 28th, the "Body Heat" Rally drivers in the CRS. SCCA touch one of these monster tires, Sprint. National Pro Rally Production it's like hitting a cement wall. By Glen H~len was once again, a p_i~~-up_ driver Gary C?ooc!1, the end of the da , more than one .. fine race site for the fourth event v1s1tmg m Southern Cahforma, , car needed some lender and body \t-. N' R.L.H. COMMUNICATIONS. II ~ RACE RADIO SYSTEMS 337 W. 35th S"(RE;!;T,_SUITE "F". NATIONAL CITY, CA 92050 (619) 585-9995 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE TOM & ~OB DeNAUL T RICK VASQUEZ PERRY McNEIL 1989 OVERALL H.D.R.A/SCORE 1989 OVERALL MIDWEST RACING 1989 OVERALL GRAN CARRERA ' Intercom HELMETS WIRED $175.00 HANDHELD RADIOS . 10 CHANNELS $450.00 work. At 11:01 A.M. the first car · started, with the next following at one minute intervals. Competitors were required to run the course six times, three laps counter-clockwise, then three laps · clockwise. George Daland in his · Open class Mitsubishi Starion . Turbo, took Mike Blore along for a ride and set fastest time on the 2 .36 mins in his much modified Capri. The CRS Stock class had eight entries. The fastest of this group on the first lap was Anton Musev in his venerable Datsun 510 with a 2 .41 min lap time. Harris Done, Mazda RX7, took second best stock time with a 2.49 min run. -After the second lap, or stage, as they are called in rallying, the course started to get badly chewed up as the cars and trucks dug in on the curves. By the end of the third lap, it was time for the service and lunch break. The dust had become a real problem on Lap 3, so the water truck was called in to soak the course. Times posted after the third lap, saw George Daland and his Petro-Tee 2000 sponsored Starion with a sizeable lead over the rest of the field, . despite having had a flat on Stage 2. George just drove it to the finish on the rim for a 2 .33 min lap, his slowest of the day . Tony Tavares posted second best accumulated times at the end of Stage 3, and there was no doubt that the Toyota All-Trac was a force to be reckoned with. Tavares was also first in the GT class at the half way point. Anton Musev, drove extremely fast and his consistent times showed the other Stock class drivers how to , ' , . '..f,•t(;. ... 1' .. ' do it. At the end of Stage 3 he held a .25 min lead over the second place Stock class Capri driven by Tony Shumaker, who in turn held a .20 min lead over the third place Stock class Volvo, driven by Bill Malik. Gary Gooch in his Toyota pick up, was quickly catching on to the rally sprint way of fast driving, and turned a respectable third stage time of 2.43 mins, just .01 min slower than Anton Musev. Disaster struck the Toyota truck just 30 feet after the finish of Stage 3. The Toyota's steering . arm came loose, causing the truck to plow into a guard rail, causing some body damage and ending the day's effort for Gary. After the service break the action really heated up on Stage 4 when Lon Peterson poured on all 220 hp or so to his 1960 lb. Arrow and tied George Daland for fast time. Then Mike Gibeault running in seventh position overall decided to show his passenger, Paul Dybro, from SCCA Sportscar magazine, how to take a comer in a Datsun 510 on two wheels. It worked for a few feet, then the 510 turned turtle, landing on its roof, with Mike and Paul scrambling out quickly but unharmed. Tony Tavares making the course look so easy in· REG. PRICE 1599"' RACERS SPECIAL REVOLVING LIGHTS AND ELECTRONIC SIRENS/HORNS Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay 1 first lap of 2.23 minutes. Two time SCCA So. Pacific Divisional Champ Lon Peterson ran a close second at 2 .26 mins. Third fastest turned out to bea tie at2.33 mins between the GT class cars of Gary Luke in his Dodge Shelby Turbo and Tony Tavares' Toyota Celica .. _ Turbo All-Trac. Tavares had the event's only four wheel drive rally car. Fourth fastest time was a triple tie at2.35 mins between the Open class cars of Rim of the World organizer, Mike Gibeault (Datsun 510), 1989 SCCA So. Pac. Divisional Champ, Jeff Griffin (Volvo) and Ron Woods (VW Scirocco ). Fifth quickest time was set by Danny T opj_an at #:,,. a'1-:i,? .·. ,,.J Tony Tavares drove his Toyota A/I-Trac to a great third overall and the GT Class win, but after this picture was taken he did some bodywork on one of the big tire course markers. Page 48 October 1990 Dusty Times

Page 49

. Ron Woods' v'w Sci~oc·~~";a~ the second fastest front dr/~e=car and despite the deep sand Ron was fifth in Open Class and a fine seventh overall. I ' . -· J:: . ~~~ . ,,_.,\', ~ -~ Harris Done powers out of one of the soft spots in his Mazda RX 7 on his way to third in Stock Class and a good tenth overall last July. Looking rather sedate here, Bill Malik drove his Volvo fas t enough to score fourth in Stock Class, and he came in eleventh overall as well. <=:>",., ~ =~::;~ Usually in the right seat, Jim Love drove the RallySprint in the Arrow and had a good set of runs, fifth in Stock Class and 12th overall. Kevin Reese is another rally driver fond of the Datsun 510 and he did keep it going at Glen Helen, but was last of the finishers and seventh in Stock Class. Duarte Gouveia clears a rough corner in the Mazda RX 7, and he carried on to finish sixth in Open Class competition, and a nice 13th overall. his All-Trac, kissed one of those 1000 lb. tires, and he'll definitely need an auto body man to un-kiss the driver's side of the Toyota. Fifteen competitors remained after Stage 4, and with no further mishaps or DNF's, all 15 finished the event. Lon Peterson continued to send rooster tails of dirt almost as high as did Ted Kendall's 400plus hp Ford pickup. Both really charged into the last two stages, setting impressive times. When the dust finally settled after Stage 6, George Daland, having set fastest times on five of the six stages, emerged the overall and Open class winner. Lon Peterson's efforts paid off for second overall and in Open class. The beauty of Tony Tavares' All-Trac may have been slightly altered by the monster tire course marker, but neither Tony or the Toyota slowed down, and he finished first in GT class and a fine third overall. Ted Kendall's big Ford charged on. through the curves and dust to settle in for fourth overall and third in Open class. Jeff Griffin's fast Volvo finished in the fifth overall spot and fourth Open. Sixth overall went to Gary Luke's Dodge Shelby and his times were good enough for second place in the GT class. Second overall and fifth in Open class was captured by Rod Woods in his very well prepared VW Scirocco. The Scirocco was the second fastest front wheel drive, behind Gary Luke's Dodge. With only a stock engine in his Stock class Datsun 510, Anton Musev again, impressed everyone. His consistently smooth, but Ted Kendall had a tough job on the tight course in the Ford pickup that has ' plenty of power, but Ted kept it together for a fine third place in Open Class and fourth overall. Anton Musev is really taking Stock Class by storm in his Datsun 510. He won the class at Glen Helen with no real problems, and his smooth driving style really pays off in points. Dusty Times quick driving style took him to the eighth overall and first in the CRS Stock class. Second place in stock went to Tony Shumaker in the clean Capri. Third place among the stockers went to Harris Done and his Mazda RX7. The CRS/SCCA Rally Sprints held at the professional Glen Helen race facility, offer a great way for other competitors and spectators to view the. speed and excitement of the Pro Rally cars and drivers. The CRS could use two or three more of the Rally Sprints each season, but without the 1000 lb. monster tire course markers. Your own coffee mug, smashed just the way you like it, kiln fired with your favorite plrt~e, race, etc. You just tell us where ! Th~se cups make great gift:s tor your friends, pitcre_w_,-e-tc ___ R_e_m-ernber, Christmas is just around the corner. ----------------------------------------TO ORDER- FILL OUT THIS COUPON AND SEND WITH YOUR CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO: THE MUGGERS C/O HILLSIDE RACING 5331 DERRY A~E #0 AGOURA CA 91301 __ I Got Smashed At - With -By - Large mug@ $9.95 ea ________ = $ __ __ I Got Smashed at - With -By - Small mug @$6.95 ea.________ = $ __ __ Regular mug @ $6.95 ea = $ __ __ Names on mug handle @ $1.50 ea = $ __ __ Number of letters over 35 per cup (not including handle name) @ .25 ea = $ __ _ 10% discount on any 12 mugs with same verbage __ Shipping & handling @ $1.50 per mug California residents add 7% sales tax REMEMBER -CHRISTMAS IS JUST AT THE NEXT CHECK POINT October 1990 SUBTOTAL = $ __ GRAND TOTAL = $ __ = $ __ Page 49

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SNORE Yokohama 100 By Jean Calvin & Don Dayton Photos: Don Dayton Aaron Hawley cruises out of the start/finish line on his last lap, with a firm lead in hand. Hawley led overall from the second lap, made one scheduled stop and won Unlimited Class as well as the overall honors. There is an endangered specie in southern Nevada this year that organizations who are usually concerned with such matters have no interest in, because the specie is desert racing. The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts, SNORE, have felt the sting of both federal Fish and Wildlife folks as well as some county environmentalists. In the past ~ their races have all been within 50 miles of Las Vegas, their base, but this year they have had to roam as far north as Caliente and north of Beatty for two of their events, which drastically cut down the number of entries. And weeks before the annual Yokohama 250 event, with permits for land use close to home for the race, SNORE was caught out by a bureaucratic decision that left them without valid permits. So, at the eleventh hour they struck a deal with the new owner of the Las Vegas Speedrome. They could use the land just outside the race track for a start/ finish, and had enough desert land to lay out a course from 15 to 20 miles long without bothering the tortoise, sheep, Air Force or anybody. It was private land besides, and SNORE agreed not only to clean up after the race, but to clean away stoves and tires that people had been dumping in the area for years. While the desert racers didn't like the idea of. a "long" short course race especially, a good 40 of them turned out on a nice Saturday morning to test the course and their skills in traffic. It was a fast rough course, but they did get all the classes started before Tom Bradley Jr. whipped around in his big Class 2 racer to lead the herd into the second lap. Pat Dean nabbed second place in Unlimited Class in his first time out in a big engined racer. Dean had some problems, lost a couple of laps, but was running at the finish. Unfortunately the Bradley car had a terminal problem on the next lap and was not seen again. At that point Aaron Hawley picked up the Unlimited lead in his Class 2 machine, and, for once, Hawley had no troubles, stopped only once for gas, and to get some fencing he was dragging removed from the car, and he sailed around the course, which did claim a number of victims, to win the race overall and in unlimited class. Young Pat Dean was out for his first ride in a big engined race car, and Pat stopped once to fix ignition wire woes and . later to try and regain use of third and fourth gear. But he was second in class, a few laps down to Hawley, but running at the checkered flag. There were eleven starters in · Class 1-2-1600, and, as usual, they ran in a very tight pack and had the best finish ratio of all the classes. In fact three cars in this class got in all fifteen laps required for an official finish and the bigger share of the points. The former SNORE overall points champion Bryan Pennington had the 1600 lead on the first lap, and talk about not looking back, he never did. He did say he found one ditch that he hit wrong more than one round, and came close to flipping _ the car more than once at that point, but happily it always came back down on its wheels. He did pick up some barbed wire in this exercise on the first lap that yanlied the air cleaner off, but he got to a pit and got fixed before major damage occurred. Penning-Bryan Pennington had to fight for his victory in Class 1-2-1600, even though he led the class from the first lap. He did have to stop an extra time to get some barbed wire removed and his air cleaner fixed, but won anyhow. Rob MacCachren flew around the short but long course in his Class 10 car, and despite losing the use of two of the four gears along the way, Rob won Class 10 going away. ton won the class, but not by contention. much. No times were available, as Class 10 had only five starters, it was too busy for the scoring and it turned into a two horse race team to do more than keep track by the midway point between of the laps completed. Rob MacCachren and Melvin In Class 1-2-1600 Kenny Tom. Then Blaine Rawson came Freeman Jr. and Regen Gubler up the ranks to challenge as well. kept up the pace beh1nd Penning- Dan Bradley had no better luck ton, but it was dusty, and racing in than Tommy Bradley except that close quarters it was hard to even he got in three fun filled laps with think about passing. Still Gubler the front suspension ultimately ran second most of the distance, collapsing beyond pit repair. but on the very last lap Freeman Melvin Tom had all sorts of got by to take second place in a trouble, starting with a fuel pump, most exciting finish at the line. then a CV, then another fuel Freeman's petite sister Bekki pump, assorted electrical glitches, placed fourth, just two laps someflattires,andstopsforother behind the front three, having woes. With all the troubles, he spent a little time stuck in a ditch. still placed third and took home a She was towed out by a wandering trophy. Rawson ran fine in the photographer. Don Wall kept his early going, then had serious trans lap times consistent all the way trouble which a series of pit stops and got in ten laps before the failed to cure, but, stuck in third checkered flag flew for him. Steve gear, he still nailed down second Elliot also covered ten laps, losing place money in Class 10. Rob a lap every second round of the MacCachren had no challengers first ten loops with a variety of on the final laps, and it was just as problems. His pit finally got him well as he was down to first and fixed and he ran right with the third gears only and the car is leaders on their final five laps, really a pre-runner anyhow, not earning sixth place for his day made for serious racing. · long efforts. The Challengers had the-biggest David Plum, Janie Wells, Paul class at 13 starters, but the Kline, Tom Burns, and Terry number must have been unlucky Jeffers all had early troubles in the for them as more had serious 1600 battle, Bums and Jeffers trouble than got in enough laps to both rolling themselves out of - finish. Not even getting through Kenny Freeman kept the 1-2-1600 leaders in sight all day while running third, and he made the pass on the very last lap to slide home second in class. egen Gubler gave most o the 1-2-1600 field this view of his car during the tight fight in this class. Gubler eventually was third, losing second on the last lap. ek , reeman a a great run going ,n er - - race car until she lost a good bit of time stuck in a ditch. However, she finished fourth in the eleven car field. Page 50 October 1990 Dusty Times

Page 51

& ;.m, -~. 'W>;,,_ ··- ·= Tim Crain played the waiting game in Class 9, running last of the 13 starters on lap 1. But he moved steadily through the pack, as others had troubles as well, took the lead on the fifth lap and Tim held on to win Challenger honors. the first lap were Max and Ron and he won the big money for the Carter with a blown engine right day. off the line. Also vanishing on the The truck class had a mere firstlapwerecontenderslikeTom three starters and all three Mattingly and Sammy Walker. covered the first three laps led by The Challengers continued to Bill Dickton in a highly modified drop out quickly,John Wells and 4x4 rig. Bill looked unbeatable David Beeman each covered two until his engine let go completely laps before being swallowed by on lap 5. Meanwhile Mike Lesle the desert, and Chuck Ratliff took the lead in his Jeep wasn't seen again after three Comanche, but lost a little time, rounds. Then Dale Looney, Kevin while Turbo Lamke had a soft Davis, Joe Jackson and Monty engine going in and gave up the· Smith all bit the dust, literally, struggle on lap 4, parking his Jeep before the halfway mark, and by for the duration. Mike Lesle now half the starting field was cruised around completing ten parked somewhere. laps; then aware that no one else Beating the demons n Class 9, was coming back in the class, he Scott Hood covered eight laps, parked as the winner in combined and that was good for third place truck action. ·and a check. Gary Brewer was Class 5-loU0 was just five running his first off road race ever strong off the line, and this is and he sure started his career another group of racers, where right. Gary took second place many don't much like running in with eleven laps done in spite of a close quarters on such a short few unscheduled pit stops. This course, with the unlimited cars fellow was a real contender, so booming past every few laps. look out when he gets some more Barry Slatter suffered a back injury experience! Tim Crain started out not long before race day, so he at a conservative pace in Class 9, had co-driver Darrell "Smitty" and kept his car together without Smith on hand to do the bulk of a lot of pit stops. He was dead last the driving. The Slatter car and in class for the first two laps, then, that of Tom Cornwell, who had as the traffic thinned rapidly, he Mike Lesle co-driving, ran a very moved to fourth on lap 3, and close contest all the way. In fact took third place on lap 4. After near the end of the event they five of the 15 laps Tim was leading came past the start/ finish to start the class, and he stayed out front. another lap side by side. Usually a all the way to victory, the only top contender Kevin Streety had . Class 9 driver to cover 15 laps, car troubles from the USA, the KC Hilites Midnight Special comes along on October 27-28. It is headquartered at the Railroad Pass Casino near the race ~ .,.,,,.,_ course in the Nelson Hills. Both Registration and tech-are at the Railroad Pass Casino Saturday morning, and the awards breakfast is there on Sunday morning. The 1 grand finale for the series is the Showboat 250 the first weekend in D ecember. In fact, the Showboat race is the same weekend as the SCORE/HORA Awards Banquet, and the SNORE contest starts fairly early Saturday morning so that folks from out of state can compete in the race, usually out of the Speedrome, and have plenty of time to get cleaned up before the awards banquet · festivities start at the Gold Coast Hotel Saturday evening. It all happens on December 1, and the last time the awards were in Vegas, a lot of people did bring their race cars from California to have some fun in the desert before the long night of trophy presenta-tions. Mike Lesle did double duty driving in two classes, but he won the truck class honors with no strain in his Jeep Comanche, parking after ten laps as the only one left moving. saying later that the Bug was just getting tired. It ran out of steam completely and was parked after seven of the fifteen laps. SNORE President Pat Galliher didn't get much farther in his first time out in a 5-1600. Pat stayed with the leaders until he lost the left rear suspension on the sixth lap, which ended his day in the desert, still in fourth place. Jim McKenzie lost his time and a couple of laps early in the contest, but he came back very strong to move into third, covering the final few of his 13 laps right with the leaders. It was a see saw battle all the way between Slatter/Smith and Cornwell/ Lesle. Near the finish Slatter got in his car and was closing on Lesle, then filpped his Bug, which couldn't have done his back any good at all. At any rate, even with soft suspension the Smitty / Barry Slatter combination won the 5-1600 race but not by much. Lesle lost a cylinder in the final effort, but also completed the 15 laps for a strong second place for the Tom Cornwell team. While some of the drivers were still grumbling about not having a 'real' desert race around the finish line, they all thought that the SNORE officers had done a great job to put together any kind of race so late in the game. This course was about eleven miles long, and it was rough enough to put half the entry away before the laps ran out. Of course most drivers hoped it wouldn't be necessary to run such an event in the points series in the future, but they figured they were lucky to have any place to race a desert car within commuting distance of the city, let alone like this spot, in sight of Las Vegas. SNORE has three events left in its lucrative points series sponsored by Yokohama, with four already in the record book and the SNORE 250 history by the time you read this issue. After the September running of the SNORE 250, the longest contin-uous running off road race in the Meanwhile in the SNORE Points Series Barry Slatter is leading with 1890 points, followed by Tim Crain, 1540, Monty Smith and Bryan Penning-ton, tied at 1500, and Tom Burns at 1490. It is going to be tight to the finish, and the points winner usually get several grand in cash prizes at SNORE's awards party later in December. Class 5-1600 was a real battle up front as Barry Slatter, with Darryl Smith doing quite a co-driving job, fought hard to keep the points lead. Despite flipping late in the game they won the class. Blaine Rawson kept up with the leading pace in the early going in Class 10, but had trans trouble and still finished second, stuck in third gear. Melvin Tom visited his pit often with a wide varie'ty of troubles, but his crew kept him moving well enough to finish third in the Class 10 action. Gary Brewer was running his first off road race, had a ew ex ra pit stops, but kept going to finish eleven laps, good for second place in Class 9. Scott Hood had plenty of problems, but he kept going back on course anyhow, and his reward was a fine third place check in the Challenger bunch. Dusty nmcs ;h •• The three starters in truck class all covered the first lap. Bill Dickton led for three laps, parked with engine woes, and still placed second. October 1990 Tom Cornwell, who had Mike Lesle doing the anchor man job in his 5-1600, ran side by side often with the eventual winner, but had to settle for a close second place. Page 51 .,

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GOOD STUFF. DIRECTORY ffi'(;j; Gm• i l • l; [ •) i ,,, J. ~'Jif' ~-~:~ ~·.: ~--~··.N ~-~ ~----~•~~:w· ~ --ENGINO BY LEON PATfON IICl•IIIIIII •.•.• n.11'1' Engine Testing, Development, and Rebuilding. (714) 927-6816 HEMET, CA. Bob '"TllV MAN" Behreas {714) 878-4649 By Behrens METAL SHAPING OFF-ROAD, DRAG RACING AND VINTAGE RACE CAR BODIES 4072 CRESTVIEW DR . LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 C,~. Apple Pie Rccing 686'~ (702 I 362-9416 ~~ (702 I 363-2245 ■ FUEL CELLS (800)-526-5330 TOLL FREE ORDER DESK MOTOROLA RADIUS RADIOS PERFORMANCE, RUGGEDNESS, 3YR WARRANTY RADIOS IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY CALL FOR ADVICE OR RECOMMENDATIONS 16 YRS RALLY COMPETITOR/POR ORGANIZER Fred Anderson/Anderson Communications 1009 W Bluff, Marquette Ml 906-228-6006 Performance Products Fiberglass Fenders & Hoods• Urethane Bushings & Hood Pim Pop-up Roof Light Kits • V-6 Kits for Mini Trucks Off-Road Truck Fabrication Product Catalog $3.00 (619) 562-1740 10996 N. \AJoodside . Ave. Santee, CA 92071 619-583-6529 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY RACE CAR SALES • CUSTOM FABRICATION • RACE CAR PREP 6630 MacARTHUR DR., SUITE B • LEMON GROVE, CA 92045 TOM MINGA FABRICATION & REPAIR CUSTOM ROLL CAGES , OFF-ROAD RACE PREP' FLAME CUTTING M.I.G. ~NG TUBE BENDING DISTRIBUTOR FOR: BILSTEIN SHOCKS HELLA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE 741 ROSALIE WAY, EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92019 • 619-445-5764 Helmets And (714) 650-4566 2365 Norse, Bldg. #8 Coste! Mesa, CA 92627 . WANTED Home Videos of Baja Racing ... We want to use your videos of · off-road action In a professional video production. The best Off-Road tans go where the action is ... and that is the tape we want to use! DO you HAYE VIDEO OF,,, -ENDOS -HOOP DE DOC'S -ROLLOVERS Racers getting in and out of ditches, holes, SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOLBAGS• HARNESSPADS ALL SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''-SUPER SEATS'' ED & BAR.BARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 BRAZEAU VIDEO 34462 Via Gomez Capistrano Beach California 92624 Mark M. Brazeau 714/493-2160 .;r,VE GO~E WINNING.!-£! ~G USTOM ,t·~~ttt?UHO,{~ JACKETS • SWEATSHIRTS • FANNY PACKS BY DESIGN SCREENPRINTING VAN NUYS~ CA. ( BIB) 908-1503 C & M OFFROAD & TRUCK CENTER CHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiRACING PRODlJCTS, l~C. Check the Record; The Winners,Choice; #1 in Racing and Recreational Chassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 1-------------------r-1 creeks. Crazy pit stops, emergency repairs. 1+-------------------1 AUTOCRAfT ENGINES . PARTs··~ SERVICE · Manufacturing Facilities La Habra, California 1100 CUSTER ROAD TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 1-800-356-6S86 Ohio 1-800-356-1546 OR ... Pre-Run video showing how you got buried that deep and how you go out! Find out how you will share In the profits of this production If your video Is used . Call Rick: (619) 292-5140 rBIEST OIF rBAJA i?rr@<dllUICU@l11lS 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 619-449-2991 FAX 619-449-7103

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Fuel Bladders Quick FIii, Dump Cans 5271 Business Or, Std FIiia-Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 OFFICE PROFESSIONAL POOL SERVICE AND REPAIRS SPECIALIZING ,N COMMERCIAL & CUSTOM POOLS 362-4202 LICENSED & INSURED • ACID WASHES ILTERS• HEATERS• MOTORS• ETC, 3999 C."1APEFRUIT CIRCLE. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89103 RON BRANDT . Torrance, CA 213-328-3595 SO-CAL PERFORMANCE Downey, CA 213-862-9122 800-277 -7 409 MANUFACTURED IN CHARLOTTE, NC HOUSE of BUGGIES 9925 Prospect Ave. Santee, CA 92071 • 619-589-6770 , ~Hffl. fyf £~ _ Rod Ends • Rebuild Speciatist_ (714) 979-6631 1 1661 Martens River Circle, Unit "H", Fountain Valley, Ca 92708 THE COMPANY DRIVERS KEEP ONTARIO CORONA 4035 GUASTI RD. 1540 COMMERCE ST. ONTARIO, CA 91761 CORONA, CA 91720 (714) 983-7838 (714) 279-8026 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit O Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 832-1240 Lee (714) 522-46tnr (714) 522-4602 dJLIJlJJfll!i V. W. Service REPAIR O PARTS O SERVICE 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 JIMCO 1<4et#9P~ OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 HONDA Power Equipment JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. pf OFFEs.s/tJN,li.. /?,tC£~ OIS<ov~ oN Au.. 6ENEl?Arotes ART KAWAGUCHI 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 FAX PHONE · (213) 264-3936 (213) 264-5858 • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICAilON 825 N. GLENDORA AVE. COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave . Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax (714) 444-1622 MENDEOLA RACING Volkswag_en -Porsche -Hewland Off-Road & Stadium Racing Transmissions Parts & Service 10722 Kenney St., Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-9010 FAX: (619) 562-9079 \'\\\\\ ~ PERFORMANCE ANJ ~p~~ Import Parts & Service Import Machine Shop Import High Perlormance Pans, Service & Machineiy 42425 5th St. E. Unit C Lancaster, CA 93535 42425 5th St. E. Unit D Lancaster, CA 93535 (419) 476-3300 110Q Custer Rd, At Laskey TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 Wholesale 419-476-3711 Bill Varnes 805-940-5513 Fax 805-940-5514 Racing Product, Pete Alamar 805-940-5515 Fax_ 805-940-5514 Jim Moulton Radng M ·M •l'lir~ --.v---wa ■ Off road racing chassis ■ Fabrication and repair ■ Fox shock parts and service ■ Race Car Prep 26846 Oak Ave., Unit G Canyoi:i Country. Calif. 91351 (805) 298-1212 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils • Hell-Core Wires • Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 857-520~ AUTOS ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CI\RS TRUCKS NATIONAL SPRING COMPANY, INC. 10229 Prospect Aue. -Santee, Ca/ifomin 92071 A COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SPRING SERVICE Leaf Springs Custort, Made & Repaired Shocks & Coil Springs Sold & Installed Blocks and U-Bolts made to order Off-Road Suspension Urethane Bushings Beeline Alignment and Wheel Balancing MaIOR HOMES (619) 449-ARCH 4 X 4's

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OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR .. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 8c 4 WO VANS 8c P1CKUPS !I, MINI TRU CKS PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS AXLE W O R K • CUSTOM SUSPENSION N O BLOCKS U SED • WELD ING 8c FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 761-9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT OJf)f-IjQAD "? .i", Ml CS ;' ·\,-j/ ,,-... · ,,,._.·./Y·· ;::"· ·,, \ · ~ERS :')\\:' /-:· ,~·j,.,:~r•·-... .•.. __ ,, .. , . ...__ __ _···: R REP, MACH\ , . &WELD I~ 6 HWY, (, . L CA 91750 (714) 59~-~71 -~~ (p(E~(}{)~[1[1 _ Fabrication ..J Coil Over Suspension r.;, ..J FoxShoxPartsAndService ,,~ ..J Race Car Wiring -..J Race Car Prep 1660 Babcock Bldg. B · ✓ Tum Key Race Cars Costa Mesa, Ca 92627 . (714) 650-3035 Petro Tech US.A., Inc. ( PE~?;O:l!Clf) . Allan Martinelli George Daland Dry Film Lubrication (714) 582-3771 P. 0 . Box 7450 72 Seaspray North Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-7450 FAX 714-495-BtU FAMILY RESTAURANT Over 40,Years -The best in the Desert Coffee Shop -Steak House -Watering Hole Saloon 24 Hour Service Station BAKER. CALIFORNIA PROBST Off R oad Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION IEN LASER RACE FRAMES FUNCTIONAL AFTER-MARKET PRODUCTS Ru,vv_eg off ROAi? (818) 769-0921 Dean Galloway LARRY WINTER 11532 STEPHANIE GARDEN GROVE, CA 92640 Telephone : (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 Anaheim Hills Family Dental Center (714} 998-2553 Di\VID Qi\MOCIN6KL D.D.6. 438 N. Lakeview Ave. Anaheim Hills, Ca. 92807 RACING LUBRICANTS DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE SERVICE AUTO PARTS Palm Desert 44-800 San Pablo Yucca Valley 56313 29 Palms Hwy Palm Springs 67-390 Ramon Rd. Desert Hot Spr 13-175 Palm Dr. Indio 81-096-A Hwy. 111 Cathedral City 68-887 Hwy. 111 McKenzie's Anaheim Moore Racing San Bernardino OffRoad Superrnart Westminster Dirty Parts Culver City Racecrafters Lawndale Tustin Honda Tustin Bryce's Auto Anaheim (619)346-0694 , (619)365-0813 (619)323-1879 (619)329-1446 (619)347-3379 (619)328-2183 (714)441-1212 (714)883-8891 (714)750-2802 (213)390-9086 (213)370-5552 (714)558-9393 (714)635-1431 RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CO. 3450 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez, CA 94553 TEL (800) 624-7958 -------------------RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Spec1aliz,ng in V. W. Bugs. Buses, Ghias and 914 's (213}583-2404 . ?«a SANDERS SERVICE, INC. ·fBl@@O D( METAL PROCESSING 5921 W;Jmington A venue Los Ange/es. California 9000 I SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD FLOUAESCENT INSPECTION MAGNETIC PAATICAL Mark SIT)ith . Larry Smith '-~-. ··-- --·-... , __ StU ~ . ~~ ~ -.... • 1533 Truman Street San Fernando. Ca 91340 Phone: (818) 361-1215 · (818) 988-5510 1840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 ·OUTLINES •NUMBERS • CUSTOM LOGO'S • DROP SHADOWS · SPONSORS LOGO'S • WINDOW BANNERS • CUSTOM LETTERING 714 539-5162 NEW LOCATION IN ORANGE COUNTY 'SIMPSON 1... RACE PRODUCTS j 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd,, 'C' Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 630-8861 LEADED/UNLEADED Anaheim, CA . ........... , , .•........ , ... (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA .. , .. , .... , ..... , .. . . .. . . . (800) 462-9499 Brawley, CA .................. , .......... (619) 344-2550 Chino, CA ......... , , . . , ....•...... . .•... (714) 628-7596 El Centro, CA ......... . , .... , ............ (619) 352-6961 Fullerton, CA ..... .. , .................... (714) 635-5553 . Lancaster, CA ..... , . . .. . . . .. .. . . . .. . . . .. . (800) 462-9499 ' Las Vegas, NV ..................... , •.... (702) 643-9200 Paramount, CA .......................... (213) 531-0192 Phoenix, AZ .................. , ...... , . . . . (602) 278-2693 Santa Barbara, CA . , , .......... , , .... , . . . (800) 462-9499 San Diego, CA .· ............. , ............ (619) 691-9171 · Riverside, CA .. , ..................... , ... (714) 877-0226 .Y?ntura, CA ... , .. , ................ , . , .. , (800) 462..:.94~9 FOR DELIVERIES LA/ORANGE COUNTY CALL (800) 462-9499 ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT SPORTS RACING 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX ILLINOIS 60451 18151 485-RACE 172231 ,___ __________________ ....1.. ___________________ J...._ ____ P..:..o_. s_o_x_7835, LAGUNA NIGUEL, 92677 (714)363-1236--------· I .

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, andrew p. cohen . .,_ I fiCf< Ir • a GRAPHIC APPL/CATIONS e,, self-stick & graphics 2031 E. First St., A-7, Santa Ana, CA 92705 • 114/558-330,f • FAX 714/953·6107 RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 An_aheim, CA SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabncat,on * Flame Cutting * Front Ends * Custom Chassis * Race Prep * Custom LI-Weight Trailers Mtg·, ot Blue Flume Producl s (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 SINCE 1933 C. A. TAYLOR (CHUCK) 240 N. OAK ST.-G-ORANGE, CA 92667 (714) 997-1778 LUBRICATION FORM<JLATED FOR SEVERE SERVICE JAGG1TEAA4 Off Road Products and Preparation Downey• Doetsch Tech • Bi/stein• Smittybilt • KC Lites Baker Products• Cal Gold Products• Conner Products• Super Trapp Suspension • Engine • Drive line• Fiberglass• Clutches Tires • Wheels • Safety Equipt • PreRunner Lifts • Installation 670 W. 17th, Unit G-5 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (714) 631-8244 Trackside Photo, Inc. Jim Ober (213) 670-6897 Commercial Photography P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 HACE TNANS BY JEH FIEO)'S. TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING· JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth, CA 91311 ····························Ale ·············~··=lllltllllllllll I =,=,=,:,:,:,:::,=, ing ga • . Northern Gtlifo . · -· •·· · . Ex erts. SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 741-6173 : :: :: :: :. ;: : : : : : : . ::::~;.. :-:•:~~:•;~~:~:-: ·.:::::::::::;:::-:-·: THE LEADER IN HIGH PE ::::::•:·:-·:·:::::::::::::::·FuELS, RACE PROVEN IN ovER .·.·.•:•. Engine & Machine :::.;:-:-::·:·:·······•:•:•::::>:•:•: 10 MILLION MILES OF'.•:·:·:·_-:·:::::::·: :\::::::·:·:"···:·:· ·. 6-iAMPIONSHIPCOMPETITk>N.:. :::::·.·.·.·•:•:•:-:•.· •:•· : · · · · For_in_formation and a distributor near you, call . . -.-:7-5 .· . . . 1-800-444-1449 .. . : . ·.-:~::::· uiPJ UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/449-9690 ------OUR DEALERS------L.A. AREA McKenzie's (714) 441-1212 Anaheim, CA St. Peters Off Road (414) 285-3218 Port Washington, WI V W ON LY liA1ruLttt!e1tJ 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA VW · RABBIT· BUS· AUDI PARTS NEW & USED REBUILT ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS DUNE BUGGY CHASSIS & PARTS (619) WALKER EV ANS ef RACING SHOCKS ~if\~ 1/" MICKEY THOMPSON GRAND PRIX MOJAVE MINT • EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE • 3" DIAMETER • 8"-14* COIL OVERS • COMPUTER SUSPENSION DESIGN ASSISTANCE KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LONG BEACH, CA. 213 595 0661 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 THS MIINNSRS CHOICS WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by lhe sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on lop. Call WEB·CAM for your winning cam for street•, slrip and off-road or send $3 for the complete ___ ..., catalog. . WM/EB-CAM 1815 Mauachusetta Ave. • Pl:RFORMANCECAMSHAFTs ~=-~~~:~~!~,~0!,, .. ,ed,en~,-· (714) 369-5144, DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS 570° RACING BRAKE FLUID DISC BRAKE PADS FRONT VW DISC BRAKE KITS BRAKE PEDALS REAR VW DISC BRAKE KITS CLUTCH PEDALS PROPORTIONING VALVE COMPOSITE MASTER CYLINDERS POWER STEERING 461 Calle San Pablo• Camarillo• CA• 93010 805 • 388 • 1188 -~-.i.~~ //=~ ~-~{·-----JAPANESE RACING E;~~Fs DEVELOPMENT & DYNO FACILITY PARTS AND TUNING PA00UC TS I 'f' r-., Hl5• 537 West Main Street JIM WOLF El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0630 WOODS WHEEL WORKS Off Road Products Front anl1 Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles 2733 W. Missouri · Phoenix, AZ 85017 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each morith ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is :i gre:it traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., su·t 0 , Agoura, CA 91 301. (818) 889-5600

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'The Straight Poop From The Big W ahzoo' all, right? Well, sort of. In truth, Lou demonstrated that Checkers will eat anything if it has enough salsa on it. The band left early even after being offered a fist full of cash to play a little more and Jeff & Bob's beer disappeared even earlier than the band ... but The Big Wahzoo needs some yes, everyone DID have one hell · help. The only way to properly of a good time, including all the report the goings on of all the non-Checker party crashers that Club's activity is to make it to joined us. Lets all hope that this mostofthemeetingsandmostof was the re-starting of the the races, or at least get as much traditional Checker Summer information as I can from various Party, we all deserve it. members without sounding like a PIT CREW COMPETITION - , reporter and exposing my· Wasthereeveryreallyanydoubt? identity. This is getting harder and Granted we didn't win the first Pit harder with all the races that our Crew Challenge at the '89 Mint Club members are involved in. Race, but we didn't really have the With a full series of Score/HD RA 'Official' Checker entry in that races, the increased popularity of competition either. In this year's the new, cheaper and closer La Challenge the Club agreed to pay Rana races and with the ever for John Brooks entry and he increasing number of Baja De Lou agreed to put together a Checker races, the job of reporting race crew and use his Class 10 car in results and related war stories has the competition. Well, not only come into direct conflict with the did our boys win the OVERALL amount of time that my boss will . title but they also knocked a let me off work. So I'm faced with number of seconds off the time of . two options; report only the the factory Chevrolet truck that information that I can get and won last year's competition. It write an incomplete column or get was no surprise that we would win some help, so consider the this challenge, I mean everybody following: WANTED - a little knows the tradition of excellence W ahzoo, must attend a lot of the that the Checkers have established weekly meetings and the races and over the last 18 years. Rather it then coherently relay results and was the makeup of the five man stories to the Big Wahzoo. No crew that 'handled it' for the club experience needed but must be that was impressive. Brooks put able to keep his mouth shut about together an unlikely team of both his involvement and my. Checkers that do not normally identity. Any Checker interested · work together. I mean this was please contact Jean Calvin at the definitely not one of the Club's Dusty Times who will relay the . regular pit crew teams that work info to me. together race after race, but rather WILLOW SPRINGS RACE - a mixed group that was formed With a number of Checkers and practiced only about one entered, in this race that was week before the competition. Our promoted by two Checkers and winning team consisted of the had Checker members working following Checkers: John Brooks, almost everywhere to make this a racer/ pitter and true Checker first time event run smootnly, we Character who has recently won · had only one winner in Sunday's· overall titles at two Baja De Lou finals. Our hero at this race was races in his Class 10 car. Glenn none other than George Seeley. Wolfe, another Checker free Hey George, I told ya that you s;,irit who always has fun were about due to win one, didn't. wherever he goes, a past Checker I? There was some confusion after. President, a racer/ pitter and the this race, with the' trophy being previous owner of Brooks' Class presented to another driver but_ 10 car. Keith Dennis and Tony the final results named Seeley as Colver, two desert rats from the winner and that's good Phelanwhorunoneofourregular enough for us. Congratulations .• pit crews that make it out to George, first Place Class 5! almost every race. These guys The other results of Sunday's regularly work together out at the finals are as follows: Koch backed· races and are a perfect example of up his Saturday heat race win with . the excellence that the Checkers a second place on Sunday in Class are known for. Tom Angerman, a '1/2. John Howard helped end newly elected Checker member, .. Zambrano's winning streak by kinda' quiet but with that "hey · beating him to the flag for a what can I do" attitude. Hey Tom, second place, Saul taking third in ya did good! Dave Pick, I mention the Class 11 race. Chris Arm- Dave last only because he is strong in Loggin's 1-2-1600 always late and I figured he stadium car picked upa third with wouldn't be offended. Here's :Randy Rhinehart taking a fourth another true Checker character place. The Cook's were fifth . that both races and l)its. This guy in Class 5-1600 as were the will make you mad as hell one Steele's in Class 1-2-1600 in their minute and then offer to lend you· desert car. Both Craft and Lane _ anything he owns to keep ya rolled their 5-1600 cars picking racing the next. This victory up an 11th and seventh respect- clearly illustrates what makes the ively. Craft must have been the Checkers the great organization it saddest Checker of the event as he is, a group of true individuals that had a solid lead right near the end will put their own interests aside: of the race in a big field of 5-1600 to work together for a common Bugs only to put it on its side. Hey goal - a Checker win! Tom Koch Ross, that's racin', but ya think ya and crew pitted the Ridgecrest might put some duct tape over. Rocket for the fourth fastest time. that rear view mirror of yours at Great job guys, we always knew your next short course race? the Checkers are the best at what Good show Checkers! we do, but it's always nice to SUMMER PAR TY -PER-show'em once in a while. ALT A brought his dead cow, Weatherman relay update - As Borges brought the band, explained earlier in this column Hibbard and Utgard brought the the Weatherman attended one of beer and a good time was had by our meetings to present his side of Dusty Times the story regarding problems he was having in getting up onto Mount Diablo during the Baja races. In essence he said Score was the problem. At a subsequent meeting Kassanyi showed up to present Score's side of the story. . Basically he said that the fella in charge of the observatory was keeping the Weatherman out because the Weatherman drove up there at night, with high intensity driving lights, found the gate locked, went off roading around the gate and on up to the observatory. This ruined an astrological experiment that was in progress and made the guy in charge mad as hell. Steve insisted that this could all be smoothed over by a personal apology by the Weatherman. Lou insisted that a written apology had already been printed in his magazine but there was some question on whether or not the irritated official was actually a subscriber to On-Dirt Magazine? Well that's both sides of the story and I'll report the outcome when it becomes clear. All Checkers have by now received their letter regarding their point totals as of 8-1-90. A word of warning here guys, I think that the points requirements just may be enforced this year? So if ya feel that "I don't need no stink'n points", ya just may find yourself dropped to that 'Stink'n Inactive List'! DRS by Craig Lane Beautiful weather greeted the racers and spectators alike who came to Lucerne Valley for the La Rana Racing "Mini Baja 400". DRS or Desert Race Support was there with nine entries in the various classes and came away with our share of drivers who finished in the money. Daniel Groff in his Stone Stock Toyota pickup continued with his winning ways. Even though he had encountered some problems, he was able to stay in front of the second place Mazda and take first. And then there was Larry Boman in his Odyssey. He not only took the number one place, but was having such a great time around the course that he got to know everyone in the DRS pits. New member Mark Mueller in his Class 10, despite having flats all over the place, was able to hold on for second in class. The ole desert fox, Greg Akins, who was · sharing the driving duties with Russ Stevens, managed a fourth in Class 1-2-1600. Greg ran good all day but just wasn't able to reel in the leaders. DRS had some members that didn't do too well also. Poor Tom Coon, in his big Class 8 Ford had one of those days. On lap 1 Tom broke a tie rod and when fixing that he found that the engine and tranny were separating. When he fixed the truck and was ready to continue, he fired the Ford up and found the tranny case cracked, ending his day, but unfortunately · not his problems. He lost the engine in his chase truck and had . problems with his motor home. Tom has one of the greatest attitudes, as he said, "I guess that's racing, but I've got about five weeks to get ready for the next one". Brad Inch, new to DRS also, has time to get ready too, as his engine went south on him in the first lap. Bill and Victor Davis in their Class 7S Datsun, came up October 1990 iust a tad short too. They kept on going hut just couldn't malce the fourth lap as they succumbed to mechanicals, as did Paul LaPorte in the Unlimited Class Sanjet. And then came Dennis Petersen in his first race in a brand new car who was bound and determined to finish come hell or high water. He did just that, and congratula-tions to Dennis. Dennis wishes to thank the La Rana people for staying out to let him finish, and thanks to them from Dennis and the rest of DRS for a job well done. DRS drivers had their ups and their downs for the day, but all have assured me they will be ready for the October 6 race in Ridgecrest. I am sure the RCR car of Bob Richey will be ready too. Congratulations to him for the overall win in Lucerne. It was apparent real quick that nobody, and I mean nobody was going to catch you Bob. You ran a flawless race and took a well deserved win. I do feel sorry for your pit people though. The poor guys look so bored as you roared past, they reminded me of the Maytag washer repairman in the ad. Again congratulations and we will see you and the La Rana Racing people in Ridgecrest, October..6. California Rally Series By John Elkin The road is passing by at a mesmerizing 65 mph as the diesel powered Chevy Suburban lumb-ers through the southern regions of Colorado. I learned of the need . for my writing this month's CRS article just hours ago while returning from the Ojibwe National Pro Rally where I was assisting CRS members, gone national rallyists, Roger Hull and Rob Cherry. The Ojibwe event sported two CRS graduates. Hull and Cherry won handily in the Rallytruck class. Chad DiMarco debuted a Subaru Legacy and was doing well in the unfamiliar car, which has to be the largest rally vehicle since Bill Holmes' Ford F-150 pickup ravaged the roads. But an ignition computer failed on the Subaru the second day. So, now it is time to get to the meat of the article, our doings in the California Rally Series. There are so many things to cover o.nd so few words in my mind after an exhausting week. I look out onto the expansive plains off of 1-29 only to be met by blank, semi intelligent stares from the native Bovine population. · First of all, as many of you know, the Prescott Forest Rally has been postponed until Spring of 1991. Land management changes and the Yosemite forest fires necessitate the change. Mike and Paula Gibeault are pleased to announce the Bridge-stone Rally Weekend, October 12-14. Friday evening and all day Saturday will be the Bridgestone . Rally Workshop and on Sunday ' the weekend culminates with the Pace Note Rallycross. Head-quarters for the weekend will be at the Caravan Motor Inn in Gorman, CA, off I-5. Rod Millen and his navigator Tony Sircombe will be teaching the fine art of pace noting and advanced driving skills. This will be an event that should not be missed! Hollister Hills is a go! Novem-ber 3 is the date. Gary Luke and Mark Williams say the roads are as good as last year and they promise an improved route book. This event has many pluses for your service crew also. They can see most of the rally right from the Service Area. Roger Allison and Randy Hensley are going ahead with their twin co-efficient three weekend. Day one will be the familiar desert roads that parallel Interstate 10 out of Indio. Day two is 180 degrees different with the teams facing the twisty mountain trails near Warner Springs. This will also be the final points paying event in the 1990 California Rally Series with a possible 600 points available. By the time you receive this action packed and informative issue of Dusty Times, the Stock Class meeting will be history. Sam Moore, Stock Class chairman, will bring all the rule changes to you in next month's issue. Also next month we'll bring you up to date on the new CRS Director, next year's calendar, and more semi intelligent bovine stories on request. • I Ni VDO · Chenowth - Simpson ~~-s.AH_A_RA _ ___ -11::c TriMil. K & N Filters - Bugpack ~, I:: Bilstein • Centerline • Cibie I.I.I X --> ~ Hewland -Porsche Turbo CVs l.,_ __ s_1_R_1u_s __ .. c:i .Beardfs Seats-Parker-Pumper ; , ::i Yokohama Tires -Super Trapp :i!'. a:i Gem Gears - KYB Shocks >' SPRING MTN. 1:'.i , Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts ◄-------1i--Wright Place · Dura Blue Ultra Boot · Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a-.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. NEVADA PHONE ORDER HdUSE 3054 So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911 • (702) 871-5604 Page 57

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_Classified ••• FOR SALE: Bronco, 351 with extended frame. Best of every-thing, fresh rear suspension, motor, trans, rear end. Lots of extra parts, 2 sets new tires. ready to race. $5000.00 oho including trailer. Ask for Joe (714) 590-5075. FOR SALE: Complete car, race ready. Chenowth Magnum Stadium Pro 1600. FAT air cooled motor, 091 with Hew land gears, Neal hydraulics and UMP power steering. Best reasonable offer. Could include Chaparral trailer with utility box. Wayne Cruze at (214) 241-0005, leave message or call (214) 790-3817. FOR SALE: Class 10-Two seater· · 102 Toyota 1630 cc motor combo's and Curnutt Shocks runs and works well. Includes spare motor FQR SALE: 89 Honda Pil-;;t FL400, Race Ready, great sand toy, 2 sets Works shocks, trailer, spare tires and parts. 1st place Superstition 250, 2nd Buzz Bomb 150. Ask for Don Jr. (619) 344-1321. FOR SALE: 1985 RacecoClass2. Fat type 4, not running, last race 1988, Mint, finished 9th. Car needs work but can be very competitive. $9,300.00 OBO. (805) 652-2065 or (805) 488-3708. FOR SALE: Funco-2-1600 Kreisler Bus trans, Bilstein Sway-A-Way, Summers Bros. SACO, Centerline, Filler, Yokohamas. $9,500.00/$7,500.00 less engine: Hella lights, must sell, make offer - Jerry (714) 591-3282. FOR SALE: Class 10 short course single seater. Taylor built frame. The 1988 G.O.R.R.A. points champion! 6/6 rear trailing arms 1 ½ longer than stock front trailing arms. Wright rack and pinion, Neal pedals, and cutting brake, 20 gal. fuel cell; 930 CV's, 25,. axles, bus stub axles, close ratio gears, Centerline wheels, Oberg filter, 1650cc air cooled with 64/90.5. Very competitive! $5500.00. Will sell minus engine. Call John, or Casey at (901) 925-4254, "Tennessee". FOR SALE: Class 1 O.R.E. w/3.5 liter Porsche motor and Hewland DG-300. The motor is fuel injected, twin plug-twin ingition Porsche racing motor (approx. 600 miles on motor). The gearbox was prepared by Doug Fortin and has first class parts throughout. UMP PI S, Wright rack, Palmer arms~ Summers hubs front and rear, vented rotor rear brakes by Cone, with Corvette calipers, Tilton Pedals, Patterson sump tank, 1:-'ox shocks, mil-spec sealed switches, the list goes on ... Car complete, ready to race with spare shocks, tires & wheels, dump cans, misc motor parts, etc. MAKE OFFER, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. NO TRADES. Call Mark at (805) 541-2012. & trans., needs some frame work. " $8,000.00. Call Jeff (619) 228-·,,rt..,.....,... 2916 Awn. . FOR SALE: Clas-: 10 RACECO, FOR SALE: 87 Woods, Class 2. originally built by Larry Bolin, 118,. W / B Chromoly frame, coilover, power, air cooled VW, . Aluminum body, 2½,. arms front, all the good stuff, 1850 lbs. This 1 ½x3 reg., 2110 Eng., Hewland car has won many SCORE & Gears, Super Diff., 930 CV's, HDRA races. If you're looking discs rear. Pumper, Super seats, for a winning car that's priced to radio and LC., 1,000 miles on car, sell, please consider this one. 300 on Eng., 150 .on Trans., with $12,000.00. Also 2 seat pre-trailer $12,000.00 ( 602) 834-runner, 125,. wb, potential for 7928 or (702) 623-0510. Classl0.$5,000.00.CallMarkat --(619) 252-8485. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Hi Jumper Chromoly frame, converted 10 car, everything new, Fox Shocks, 14,., 12,., 10,. rear 10,. with ;~ FOR SALE: Class 5 or Pre-Run. 12,. wide front and rear, Woods Arms 2½,. Longer Front, 6,.x3,. rear, Combo Spindles, Wright Rack, 1.H. Tie rods, Power steering, Fields Tranny w / Hew-land Gears, 930 cv., Summers Bros .. Axles, Beard Seats, Fuel Safe Cell (30 gal.), 12 Fox Shox, dual batteries; 2076 air cooled, 16,. wheels, Girling MST Cycls., New B.F. G. tires, and Paint ( since Photo) Pro Built, Nice car. $10,000.00 (214) 438-5610 or (214) 554-1886. : ass reservoirs front, Neth arms, combos, Wright box, Summers axles, new motor and trans. Every part new. Less than 100 miles on car. Extra tires, wheels Quick fill etc., $6,000.00 (702) 878-5155. . ;ii FOR SALE: Baja Bug, Lengthened""' and widened front end, Discs, Mitsubishi 2600cc engine, custom paint 3x3 rear trailing arms, fuel cell, custom interior; Pioneer Super tuner and speakers, Centerlines, new Yokohamas, Mitsubishi AC, Car is beautiful, asking $5,500 OBO. Call (602) 778-0854. Single Seat ORC "A proven winner" 1989 SCORE points leader. Ready to race with Hatz motor, Mendeola trans and more. If you want to be competitive, you need this car! Asking$10,500.00. 1 Call Bill Reams (619) 270-0900. WANTED: Race car builder with knowledge of tubular fabrication, MIG welding & suspension new Bills pipes, FL 350 water- setup. Only qualified and skilled cooled motor fuel cell Roberto persons need apply. Send resume gear box, N~w Work~ shocks, t to: JIM CO Racing Pr?ducts, FOR SALE: Single seat class· 9. FOR SALE: 81 Chevy Blazer, sway bar HRD clutch Simpson 10965 Hartley Road, Suite O & Super clean, all freshly painted. 2 WD-Preru.nner, new 383 safety, lkadlocks, MTEG Specs, P,_ Santee, CA 92071 or call Mike Best of everything. Dirtrixchassis. motor, all new running gear DS extra parts. Very competitive. at (619) 562-1743. All running gear fresh. Ready to PB Air, Stereo FM 2-way radio. Will sell less engine $8000.00, FOR SALE: Raceco race car, D 6 race. 4;500.0d with trailer. c~h Hi Tech Suspension, XLNT with engine $10,000.00. Call 300. Excellent condition. Price Johnat(602)492-0934,or(602) Cond., $10,000.00. (818) .359-John days (213) 327-8323 or $6900.00. Ask for Danny at 934-3444 ext. 48. 0042, Doug Smith. . eves. (714) 842-7238. (714) 633-0030. . · ,---.-i--·.-·------------------www-.-._ .... _...__. _______________ . ._._._i Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month1 not1including name, address and phone number. Add $5 .00 for use of black and white photo, or a very ~harp color print. NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIP;rIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word .Classified Ad is FREE if l{ctu act now and subscribe. If you wish tG> use a photo in tour free ad, enclose $5 .00. All classified ads: must be paid in advance. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I Enclosed is $ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _ ______ times. I I Name Address ______________________ Phone ______ _ I . City ------------------State _____ Zip ______ _ Page 58 October 1990 Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 I I I I FOR SALE: 1988 Jeep Comanche p/u, 2WD, 2.5 liter, pre-runner, SCORE legal Safari Class, T.S.D. Computer, frame mount roll bar, KC's BFGoodrich, 4.56 gears, Rancho susp., Dual F shocks, 7k miles, window nets, 3"' belts & harness. Sharp looker. $6500.00 OBO. Call Smitty evenings at (503) 658-5695. FOR SALE: Hi-Jumper chassis, 1649 dual port/vented VW engine, IRS HD built Raceco trans., Bilsteins all around. Many spare tires & parts. Great pre-runner or Safari car. $3100.00. Contact Shawn -days (714) 848-8222, nites (714) 841-6228. FOR SALE: Race Car Trailer, double deck detachable top rack, 21' long, built-in 36 gal. fuel tank. Tandem Axles with brakes. $3,500.00. Call Jerry, Day (714) 682-3270, Eve. (714) 780-7150. FOR SALE: 1990 new Chenowth Magnum, all the best, Rev Power, DK transmission, Superboot cv's, Sway-A-Way axles, CNC, Wil-liam brakes, Mag body, Ron Davis radiator. Car is made with best off road parts possible. Over $47,000.00 invested. Can be yours for $35,000.00. Call Doug as (714) 840-3030. FOR SALE: 1989 International Transporter. Professionally built for off road racing team. Complete 35' canopy system, inside completely race ready with custom cabinets and tire rack Tons of storage in outside boxes. 6500ww generator, air compres-sor, full lighting, custom cab, only 10,000 miles. Over $73,000.00 invested. Can be yours for $45,000.00. Call Doug at (714) 840-3030/ Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: 2,1600, 1988 O.R.E. SCORE/ H.D.R.A. legal Fox Shox's, D.J. 091 all Hewland Trans., FARRAR Bros., Engine, centerlines, Wright arms and Combo's, radio w/intercom, very dependable and competitive. Last four races entered, no worse than fourth place, spares and trailer and parts. $11,500.00. Call Lou (805) 525-0948. FOR SALE: '88 Toyota 7S truck. Winner '88 Nevada 500. Built by Nelson & Nelson. Mike Evans engine. Truck is fast, reliable, forgiving, good handling and easy to maintain. All the good stuff & spares. Seen on ESPN. Enclosed trailer & V6 available. Call Mike for details (619) 485,9410. FOR SALE: Raceco 2 seat race car. Bus trans., Type 4, excellent condition. Price $18,000.00. Ask for Danny at (714) 633-0030. FOR SALE: Raceco seat race car. D 6 300 Rev Power Type 4; best of everything. Price $27,000.00. Ask for Danny at (714) 633-0030. FOR SALE: Raceco seat race car. D G 300 Porsche engine, best of everything. Price $60,000.00. Ask for Danny at (714) 633, 0030. FOR SALE: Class 5, 9"' wider beam, Woods front & rear arms, bus trans, 930 c.v.'s, Bilsteins, 22 gal cell, Parker Pumpers, Center, lines and Yokohama. Street registered. My mom wants it out of the garage. $5,000.00. Call Craig at (805) 528,2083. FOR SALE: Challenger, Chen, owth single seat, Fast motor, Fox, Saco rack, Beard, Fuel Safe, Sway, A,Way, Summers Bros., Parker Pumper, Y okohamas, 2 radios, ready to go. Extra motor & trans., spare tires and parts with trailer, much more good stuff. Must sell $6,500.00 OBO. Call Kris at (714) 596,2954 after 5 PM. Dusty Times FOR SALE: Class 8 Chevy, brand new, 383 stroker Turbo 400, Dana rear end, 4 wheel disk Doetsch Tech take a parts, 34 gal fuel cell, much more. Must see to appreciate. Must sell $20,000.00 OBO. Money talks. Call Ed at (714) 971,7798. FOR SALE: 5,1600 look great deal. Car has best of everything including Combos, Fox Shocks, 300M torsion bars, Chromoly spring plates, Trick fuel cell, new chromoly beam, Pro Built trans., two German Auto motors ten mounted Centerlines w/Yoko, hamas, Thing drums, Wright rack & complete set of spares. Car is completely rebuilt and ready to race Gold Coast 300 or Baja 1000. Car is fast. Last race 6th at San Felipe. $9,500.00 takes all. Call (818) 360-0537. FOR SALE: Class 10 single seater, Chenowth 1000 chassis. 3x5 rear arms with coil over and torsion bars. 1 ½ longer Wright front arms. All shocks are Bilstein. The car is race ready! Will take $4,000.00 cash for car, trailer and parts. Call ( 405) 242, 1318. FOR SALE: Class 14 in Ohio. Special frame, 12 Rancho's, Long springs, Beard seat, Dana 44 front & rear with 2 wheel discs. 5.38 gear, fuel cell, Turbo 400. Builtto max S.B. Chevy. Balanced forged roller crank, 12 to 1 pistons. $5,000.00 Can deliver, call John Toepfer at ( 419) 893,7006 days, (419) 878-0471 nights. FOR SALE: 1988 GMC Sub, urban 4WD. Absolutely loaded with extras. 46,000 loving miles. $ l6,500.00, must sell , daughter pregnant. Call Carol at (619) 240,3122. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum Stadium 10. FAT air cooled or water cooled motor. $13,000.00 oho Call (602) 582,2499. FOR SALE: Challenger two seat chassis, built by Funco. Also _many extras, seats, shocks, torsion set,up, trans & steering set,up. Chassis and most other parts are brand new. Over $4,000.00 invested. My loss is your gain. Asking $2,500.00 for everything. Call Bob at (714) 597-0771. FOR SALE: Class 10 desert tandem or single. UMP power steering, Porsche c.v.'s, Beard seats. $7,000.00OBO. Call(602) 582,2499. POSITION AVAILABLE: Fab, ricators with a comprehensive knowledge of welding, tubular, fabrication, sheet metal fabrica, tion and layout work. Precision Preparation, Inc., requires the talents of very high quality, self, motivated craftsmen who under,. stand and find personal satisfac, tion in motorsports. This position pays top dollar and offers quality benefits for qualified and skilled team players who understand the commitment racing requires. Send resume to: 15041 Goldenwest Circle, Westminster, CA 92683. Attn: John Durkin. hallenger). T,Mag chassis. The FOR SALE: Chenowth Mini Mag, excellent condition, only ran three short course races. $12,500.00. Call Mike at (818) 961,8086. FOR SALE: 1989 Chenowth Class 2. DR2V Leighton Hewland Bus, 2387cc, Dual Weber, Type I, -coil,over front, secondary torsion, power steering, 28 gal cell, 6 new reservoir Bilsteins, rear discs, CNC, Beard Ultra Seats, Wright, Woods, dual pumper. Quality car, raced only three times. $15,750.00. Call Mike at (208) 345-0451 days, or (208) 3224409. FOR SALE: 1989 Chevrolet race truck. Driven by Stan Gilbert 1989 season $45,000.00. Call (714) 679,5587. WANTED: 4,seat off road pre, runner, IRS, with or without motor, trans. Car can be complete or partially disassembled, no Baja Bugs or sand cars please. Call Topper (714) 963,5200. HELP WANTED: Day Racing , Fiest'a Ford is looking for a responsible organized individual who desires to work with a professional race team for mutual benefit. Job duties will include extensive fabrication and prepara, tion work along with involvement in all areas of operation. We are looking for a versatile individual who accepts challenges and whose main attribute is Hustle. Profes, sional fabricating skills required, competent T.l.G. welding skills a big plus. Qualified individuals may send a complete resume with references and salary requirements to: Darren York, c/ o Day Racing, 81916 Sierra Ave., Indio, CA 92201. est of everything. Only three races. Race ready. Trailer, spare tires and parts. $9,500.00 Cal (805) 9434643. Want to uy the #1 Class 10 car? It's FOR SALE. Mitch Mustard championship Chenowth Mag, num. Best of everything. All trick ,~ stuff goes with car. Bob Goshens best engine, VW Rabbit. Be a winner with this car. $28,000.00 Call Mitch days at (303) 423, 8204. FOR SALE: 1988 Toyota Super Truck. Street legal. Ivan Stewart fiberglass body. Never been off road. Downey Offroad built. Has full roll cage, all Doetsch Tech shocks, Sway,A,Way, K&N, Hella, nothing but the best. Must sell. This show stopper can be yours for only $8,500.00 OBO . . Money talks. Call (714) 494, 7363. OR : y az a. Professionally built. Only-raced three times last three years. Fiberglass front, 9"' full floater, Sandy Cone disc, W ilwood, FOR SALE: 5,1600 R & P steering, Beard seats, fuel cell, Sway,A,Way axles, Type 4 c.v., bus trans, more. $3,500.00 less engine. Call (714) 3914568. Wright, Mikunis, Rancho Send, FOR SALE: 1986 Mitsubishi 7S els, Y okohamas, Fuel Safe cell, race truck. 1988,89 Class 7 new paint, everything goes, extra wheels, tires, shocks, elect, trans, champion of P.A.C. 2.6 race $4 800 00 0 0 motor,210hp.SummersBrothers etc. , · B ' MUST rear end. Best of everything. SELL ' Call (206) 822,85l4. Proven winner. Moving to Class FOR SALE: FAT T yp e IV, 8. $15,000.00CallScottat(206) 2700cc dual Webers, 198hp, 536-0832 or Wendy at (206) FAT's best motor, 30 miles on 531,5506. total rebuild, brand new heads, FOR SALE: Class 10 Funco two have current dyno sheet, receipts, seater. Has won Mint 400 & 100% race ready, very fast. $5,800.00. Price elsewhere, then SCORE Barstow Classic. Less Motor, lots of spare parts. Make call Dennis at (619) 5614810 excellent pre,run car. $5,000.00 days. OBO. Call Randy at (714) 244, FOR SALE: Very clean 74 South 5432. West Bug, Orange with Black pin stripes. No rust. AM/ FM stereo, FOR SALE: Mikuni side drafts, Mags, Ractials, garage stored in 22R manifolds & air filters and winter, best offer or would 50 jets. $335.00. Call Adam at consider trade for recent Class 5, (702) 877,8763. less motor, trans and tires. (815) FOR SALE: Chenowth DRl 964,8831. Magnum, single seat chassis. Class FOR SALE: 32 Foot Tri,Axle 1 or 10. All 4130 Moly tubing, Trailer Enclosed, $4,200.00. 16 secondary torsion bar mounts, valve head for Nissan FJ,24 tubu ar front shock mounts, Motor,make offer. Wanted Race never assembled. $825.00. Two Ready 7,S Ranger or Nissan and Taylor hi back seats, black gray Complete FJ,24 Motor. ( 414) cloth, xlnt condit10n $300.00. 865,7792. Call (619) 444,7702 FOR SALE: 5,1600 Best of everything, built at John Johnson Racing, Wright Place front end, Bilstein shocks w/ bypass tubes, Taylor Made seats, sunk down fuel cell, Major Performance engine, Mendeola trans., Beadlock wheels, lots of spare parts. Call · Craig (619) 669,1978 days, (619) 443,8506 nights. =:::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::::;:::::::;:::::::;;;;;--=========--FOR SALE: 1985 Ra~ger,-mild V-0 5SP 4: 11 posi, PS, PB, AC, full roll cage suspension. Fiber, glass front, Ultra Sand W hite with blue tubing. All the goodies for fast quiet reliable pre, running/ chase. Megabucks invested; steal this great looking truck for only $7,500.00. Call Jesse at (619) 693,3238. October 1990 Pag~ 59

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.,, TOYOTA Technology On A Fast Track looks alone. · Winning isn't pretty. It talces courage and guts. And years of hard work under severe conditions. With all that against you, you'd better get yourself a Toyota. Toyota trucks have won the SCORE World Champi-onship four times. They won the Baja 500 twice. They hold seven consecutive Manufacturer's Cup Challenges and five Driver's titles in the MTEG Stadium Series. Not to mention the first overall win by a truck in the 22-year history of the Mint 400. That's why Ivan Stewart drives a Toyota. And that's why after umpteen miles of hellfire, gravel, thorns and dust, we almost caught him smiling. The Ironman knows that nobody can get by on looks alone. And that's why nobody can get by The Ironman. ©1990Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. TOYOTA "I love what you do.fer me." Light bar does not provide crash protection. Get More From Life .. . Buckle Up!