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1989 Volume 6 Number 4 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 6 Number 4 - April 1989 $1.25 ISSN 8750-1731 f .. Covering the world of competition in the dirt.

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GENERAL TIRE · Official Tire of the Race Coors Coca Cola Bilstein Shocks La Paz Party Mix • M • 22nd ~ ANNUAL NT Tenax Corp. Orginal New York Seltzer Inland Empire Driveline Service Sports Racing Gas/ D&GOi Au tree/ Josten 's APRIL 20-23, 1989 The Binion family is delighted to host the 22nd annual Mint 400, organ-ized by HDRA We are commited to support this rich and colorful event in the spirit and great tradition that Binion's Horseshoe and the Mint 400 share. We have added an addi-tional $10,000 to the purse, and the overall winner will receive a 'Walt Lott Memorial" gold and diamond Superbowl styled ring, illustrated here. Make plans n<:J,N to be part of the best action in off road racing. Good Luck, and welcome to the Binion Famlly. RING BY JOSTENS The 1989 route will be the rugged and challenging course north of Las Vegas near Nellis Air Force Base, used for the event for a decade. Old timers will want to savor the "rock pile" again, zip through the northern gravel washes, dart down the pole line roads, eat a little silt along the way and pit in the relative comfort of the pavement in the Las Vegas Speedrome, site of many a triumph. Newcomers to off road racing will learn just what fascinates the old timers about this historic course. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT HDRA OR HORSESHOE CASINO 702-361-5404 1-800-722-6468

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Volume 6 Number 4 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Associate Winnie Essenberg Controller fohn Calvin · Circulation Jerry Lawless Traffic John Howard Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Tom Grinshaw Martin Holmes Elaine ) Rod Koch Jan Flick Mazzenga Cam McRae David Ryskamp Judy Smith John Sprovkin 3-D Photography Trackside Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAPSHOT --April 1989 Subscription Rates: THI OfflCIAL VOICE Of CALJFORNIA RALLY SERIES PROFESSIONAL ■ AMERICAN ■ CANADIAN Off-ROAD \l_ RACING-.p: ~ "/.~~ -~~ $12 .00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription · rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by_ request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301,(818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permis-sion from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. OF THE MONTH ••• In This Issue ••• FEATURES Page Mazda B2600 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 FR T King of the Desert . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 ( ADRA Annual Awards Banquet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Right Seat View of the Paris-Dakar ................... 20 Gran Carrera de San Felipe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 SNORE Bottom Dollar .......................... : . . 26 WCR Monte Carlo Rally ........................... 30 MTEG Stadium Racing in San Diego ................. 32 DEPARTMENTS Side Tracks by Judy Smith ........................... 4 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Humor by Dave R yskamp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Trail Notes ........ · ................................ 8 Yokohama 6-50 Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 SCCA Divisional Rally Report by Lynnette Allison ..... 35 Pit T earn Register and Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 California Rally Series Report by Lon Peterson ......... 37 Pony Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Goodies Galore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 ON THE COVER - April means Spring, and desert racing is in full flower. Our April feature story is the King of the Desert Race, the first in the 1989 Superstition Series. Our cover features Scott Webster, who drove all the way alone in his ORBS single seat 1-2-1600 car to not · only win the close running class, but also win the FRT produced race overall by more than twelve minutes. Congratulations to Scott and all those who participated in the enjoyable event in the Borrego desert. Color Photography by Peter Hatch ofTrackside Photo Enterprises. /\~ -DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! D 1 year - $12.00 D 2 years - $20.00 D 3 years -$30.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus •.• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. There are many claims about who built the first off road car. It might have been this dandy device, obviously carrying some engine power in the tail. The picture was taken in 1911, the location is somewhere in France, and we admire the lady who was brave enough to get her fancy clothes dirty in the buggy ride. Our thanks to Tony Tellier for sending along this interesting bit of off road history. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for . consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. ff you wish returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered. • (Form on inside back page) Name Address City State Zip Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian - 1 year $15.00 U.S.• Overseas subscription r.ites quoted on request) I I I I I I I I I I Dustynma Aprll 1989 Page 3

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._Side ·1,acks ••• ;:'GOOD-LUCI< AMIGOS -BA; A..t+-6f1<4~ :>00 • w By Judy Smith - . ·-The rookie off road racers, Mu;lel Heath, left, and.Judy Smith pose· with the/; VW racer at tech Inspect/on before the 1971 Ba/a 500. Muriel retired a few years later, but Judy became very successful In a Class 1 Funco, and now races In Class 5-1600. -ltwasthemostexcitingthingl Mexicali, because the road ever did. through Ojos Negros was not yet In 1971, along with a friend, paved. Muriel Heath, I entered my first It was July, and there was off road race, the Baja 500. sunshine aplenty in San Felipe, Until then I'd been an average But even more interesting to us housewife, active in community -there were cars that ran around affairs, raising two kids, living a in the sand - a thing our '69 Ford comfortable, but fairly dull van was constitutionally existance. incapable of. In 70 my husband, Val, and I We fell in love with San Felipe took the kids camping at La and returned several times in the Joya beach. camp, just past next few months, taking along Maneadero. on the road to La our _Honda 90s, but still eyeing Bufadora. That should have been all those funny cars and buggies. fun, but as one foggy day Then,whenafriendofferedto rolled in after another, we pay off a debt with an old VW, hungered for sunshine on this, Val decided it would be a good our first vacation in 20 years. deal, because he could build a Impulsively, we packed our buggy for playing in San Felipe. damp sleeping bags and headed So, with the VW safely parked for San Felipe, where we'd never in the back yard, we bought a been. by way of Tecate and gallonofColdDuck,andacop of the latest "Dune Buggies-and Hot VWS" to read about how to build a buggy. Our neighbors, Muriel and her husband George, were by now deeply involved, having travelled to San Felipe with us a time or two, so they were sharing the Cold Duck and the planning. That issu·eof- the- magazine included a story about _the 1970 Baja I 000 which had been won by Drino Miller and Bud Ekins. Now, I didn't know Drino yet, but Ekins was an old friend from Val's desert bike racing days, and immediately, my life long concepts about race drivers being some kind of god-like creatures, collapsed. Anything Ekins could do, any other mortal could also do. Maybe not with the same finesse, but he could do it. Or, she could. I'd learned to love riding around the San Felipe area on the little dirt roads, exploring th_e beaches with our tiny bikes, and the article told about the race going through San Felipe. So, embofdened by the Cold Duck (which I've since sworn off), I said, "That sounds like something I'd like to do!"And Muriel said, "Me too!" And we were off. It was now late February, and we called NORRA, the organization that promoted the race in those days, and learned that the 500 was coming up in June. Val and George figured that they could get the old VW race ready for a couple hundred dollars, doing all the work themselves, and Muriel and I began to plan our pre-run. Val was'in roofing and George was a plumber,_and they learned a lot about VWs in a hurry, mostly by trial and error. The car was an old swing axle, with a crash box, a 1300cc motor, and a OFF ROAD RACING TRADING CARDS Racers In Edition I: Ivan Stewart Glenn Harris· Frank Arciero Jr. Rod Hall Don Adams Rory Holladay Larry Ragland Nick Gross Dr. John Etchart Mark McMillin and more ... Cards are 2½" x 3½" and have a color photo of vehicle in action, with mug shot and statistics on the back. Start your collection now and have them autographed at the races. Edition I has 42 racers from Score, HORA, Glen Helen, ADRA, SNORE, MTEG etc., included. We pay contingency at all Score/HORA races. Cards can be purchased in random packs of ten cards,· at $3.00 each plus 25¢ shipping an~ handling. Send remittance to: Page 4 Off Road Action Trading Cards P. 0. Box 700 Winchester, CA 90396-0700 (714) 926-2169 • (714) _652-9684 April 1989 six volt system. But none of that meant anything to us, at first. Getting the car ready was complicated by the fact that we had to use it for pre-running also. Val and I ·did the first trip, since he'd recently ridden his Honda 90 bike from Ensenada to La Paz (honest) and was familiar with the first part of the course. When we got to the road just beyond San Quintin I became convinced that he was lost (and it was getting dark) because I knew no main highway could look like that. And I knew we were supposed to be on the main road to La Paz. So, we slept on the hill just beyond Socorro, and in the morning I discovered that the main road · could indeed look that bad, and it could also look a lot worse. Remember, folks, in those days the pavement ended at Camalu. We tried many times to pre-run the course. That first trip ended with the car parked at Papa Fernandez's with a broken axle while Val and I hitched a ride to San Diego, and then flew in to L.A. and home. (On that trip I learned that if you don't change socks often enough, your feet start to hurt.) · The following weekend we all went to San Felipe. Then Val and George took the van to Puertecitos, and parked it, unloaded th~ir bikes, with the new axle tied on the back of one, and rode to Papa Fernandez's. There they installed the new axle without removing the motor and tranny, which was a long frustrating job. Once done, they partly disassembled one bike and stuffed it in the VW, and one drove, one rode, and they went back to Puertecitos. There they put the VW on the tow bar, loaded the bikes into the van, and headed for San Felipe, bringing along a Mexican hitchhiker. Suddenly, the Mexican began chattering in Spanish-some-thing about the car-and Val and George looked back to see that it was no longer attached to the van. In fact it wasn't in sight. They had to back track, and finally found it off the road, with its tow bar folded under it, spanning a narrow chasm. It took the three of them quite a while to get it out of the chasm and back on the van, and by then Val and George were really glad they'd given the Mexican fellow a lift. They finally got safely back to San Felipe, plied the Mexican with beer, and settled in for some much needed R & R. Bright and early the next day we left for a planned pre-run from San Felipe, across Diablo, up to Valle Trinidad (all unpaved) and back again. But we were having trouble with the car popping out of gear, and even with someone holding it in all the time, it wouldn't stay, so, since we were all slightly hungover also, we abandoned the attempt. Another pre-run ended in the ~an QuintinLSanta Maria area when sludge from the bottom of the old gas tank got into the fuel lines and the car kept quitting on us. It was Muriel and me that time, and we elected to return home for repairs. . And the pre-run on Memorial Day weekend was fore-shortened when Muriel and I found ourselves in San Felipe, which was overrun with people, with a non-functioning car and just enough cash to wire home for the rescue squad, and then buy a bottle of wine to celebrate Muriel's birthday. But, earlier on that trip, as we ran between Arenoso and Laguna Chapala, on a clear sunny day, I remember that we looked at each other, grinned, and asked, "How come we didn't know about this sooner?" It was so much unadulterated fun, even when things went wrong, that I was forever hooked. The race itself was more successful than the pre-runs had been. We had one flat front tire in the canyon after Laguna Chapa la·, and changed it ourselves, with our little flashlights held in our teeth. But we had another flat at Oakie's Landing, a now vanished landmark north of Papa Fernandez's. This was a front also, and we were so dumb we didn't know our rear spare would fit the front if we took the fender off. But, in our defense, I must say that none of the very helpful people in the pit there seemed to know that either. One of them travelled back to Papa Fernandez's and scrounged up a tube for us so we could reinstall the tire. It all took about seven hours, and we took a short nap in the meantime. Then it was clear sailing again, until just before San Felipe, · when the car began to stutter. When we pulled into the gas station for fuel, a helpful person volunteered to see what was wrong, found a loose wire end, repaired it and sent us ori our way. By then our battery was also leaking, and battery acid was destroying our terry cloth seat covers, and also doing our matching polyester pant suits no good either. But these were minor problems. We had gone into this race with no pit help. We had not even considered that we might need help (really dumb!), or that it would be wise to station someone somewhere along the way. Our husbands waited for us back at Race Headquarters in Ensenada, nervously watching the boards and absorbing beer. But before the start the Mag 7 people had graciously offered to help us, and a FAIR pit did help, along with any number of other friendly strangers. And that was one more factor that made me feel as if I'd come home. I loved it! We finished tenth in class, out of 30 cars, and couldn't wait for the next race. AffENTION DESERT RACERS DUSlY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HORA desert races and other selected events. Check it_out on contingency row - Two different classes each event. Dusty Tlma

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"1 COMMERCIAL AND FLEET NEEDS HDRA/SCORE MEMBER DISCOUNTS SPECIAL FINANCING PACKAGES '89 GMC CREW CAB PICKUP 454 Automatic Sierra Classic Air, Tilt, Cruise, Power Door Locks • • • Plus tax, lie. & doc. fees. ID #503736. IF SOW WE'U ORDER ONE FOR YOU AT THIS PRICE! oodrieh SAN DIEGO FWY. 405 BOULEVARD BUICK■ ci :j o:i :i: ~ o:i c., z 3 BUICK GMC TRUCK BOULEVARD ■ GMC PACIFIC COAST HWY. 1890 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach (213) 591-5611 (714) 827-8920

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1989 HAPPENINGS ••• A.D.R.A. BONNEVILLE OFFROAD September 8-10, 1989 American Desert Racing Association RACING ENTHUSIASTS Prescott Forest Rally P.O. Box 34810 Jim Baker Prescott, AZ Phoenix, AZ 85067 P.O. Box 1583 (602) 252-1900 Ogden, Utah 84402 (80 I) 627-2313 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY April 29, 1989 RACING ASSOCIATION Western 250 . May 13-14, 1989 C.J. Richards Phoenix, AZ Wendover Express P.O. Box 332 Wendover, USA -Fair Haven, VT 05743 June 24, 1989 (802) 265-8618 Snowflake Buggy Bash 250 June 24-25, 1989 Aripine, AZ Twilight 200 September 3, 1989 Delle, Utah · COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION High Country 150 August 5-6, 1989 P.O. Box 9735 Williams, AZ Jackpot 250 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 October 7, 1989 Jackpot, NV . Penasco 150 September 16-17, 1989 July 9, 1989 Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Desert Cactus 200 Colorado Springs, CO November 18, 1989 Delle, Utah Sonoyta to Rocky Point October 14-15, 1989 Hare 'n Hound Bonneville Challenge CORVA Sonora, Mexico Wendover, USA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 December 19, 1989 (800) 237-5436 Annual Awards Banquet Phoenix, AZ 1988 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES FORDA BADGERLAND VW P.O. Box IOI Florida Off Roaders CLUB, INC. Crandon, WI 54520 Drivers' Association (7 t 5) 478-2 t t 5 / (7 t 5) 478-2688 1717 Marker Road Terry Friday Polk City, FL 33868 5913 Fond Du Lac Road June 24-25·, 1989 (813) 984-1923 Oshkosh, WI 5490 I (414) 688-5509 Spring Run IOI (305) 823-4487 Crandon, WI (All events located in April 1, 1989 Chilton, WI at the September 1-3, 1989 Florida 400 Fairgrounds Racing Facility) Brush Run IOI Crowder Pits Crandon, WI Tallahassee, FL BAJA PROMOTIONS, April 30, 1989 LTD.S.A. Convention & Race Lou Peralta CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Lakeland, FL P.O. Box 8938 Lon Peterso·n Calabasas, CA 91302 14550 Dos Palmas May 14, 1989 (818) 340-5750 Victorville, CA 92392 Lakeland, FL (619) 241 4707 June 11, 1989 May 5-7, 1989 Gran Carrera de Tecate April 15, 1989 Lakeland, FL Tecate, B.C., Mexico East of Indio Rally July 2, 1989 Indio, CA July 14-16, 1989 Crowder Pits Gran Carrera de Mexicali May 19-21, 1989 Tallahassee, FL (night race) National & Divisional Mexicali, B.C., Mexico Rim of the World Rally August 13, 1989 Lancaster, CA Lakeland, FL September 15-17, 1989 July 29, 1989 . September 3, 1989 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, B.C., Mexico Glen Helen Rallysprint Crowder Pits San Bernardino, CA Tallahassee, FL ------=--___.:----__ YA KNO\J, I \,tUI)DA \,JON TH\S RAtE \F r HAON'f STOPPED TO HELP TMIS lbOOH! Pag~ 6 April 1989 October 8, 1989 Lakeland, FL November 12, 1989 Lakeland, FL January 14, 1990 Lakeland, FL February 11, 1990 Lakeland, FL March 24, 1990 Florida 400 Crowder Pits Tallahassee, FL April 15, 1990 Lakeland, FL FUD PUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 April 8, 1989 Buzz Bomb 150 El Centro, CA August 5, 1989 Superstition 250 VI El Centro, CA September 30, 1989 Plaster City Blast Ill El Centro, CA December 31, 1989 Dunaway Dash III El Centro, CA GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 2937 San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714) 880-1733 Off Road Races March 26, 1989 May 21, 1989 August 20, 1989 September 24, 1989 November 19, 1989 United Sand Drag Association Sand Drags April 8, 1989* May 13, 1989* June 10, 1989* July 8, 1989* August 12, 1989* September 16, 1989* October 7-8, 1989 November 11-12, 1989 *(day & night race) GORRA . Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 303IO (404) 927-6432 April 9, 1989 50 miles May 28, 1989 150 miles June 18, 1989 50 miles July 23, 1989 100 miles August 20, 1989 · 50 miles September 24, 1989 IO0 miles October 29, 1989 50 miles November 25, 1989 250 miles (all events take place at Vienna, GA) GREAT LAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (313) 665-0358 / (313) 996-9193 GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Ron Kiel 12840 Dexter St. Thornton, CO 80241 (303) 452-4013 May 21, 1989 June 4, 1989 June 25, 1989 July 9, 1989 August 12, 1989 St. Francis, KS August 27, 1989 September 24, 1989 (tenative schedule) (Most events take place at Mountain View Motorsports Park, Mead Exit, 1-25, north of Denver, CO) HORA High Desert Racing Association 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 April 20-23, 1989 Binion's Mint 400 Las Vegas, NV June 30, July 1-2, 1989 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA August 11-13, 1989 Nevada 500 Las Vegas, NV October 13-IS, 1989 Gold Coast 300 Las Vegas, NV December 2, 1989 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Orange County, CA HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Tom Freeman 3503 Hall St. Rapid City, SD 57702 (605) 342-0331 April 1, 1989 Badlands Baja 100 Wall, SD May 21, 1989 Capital City Stadium Baja Pierre, SD· June 18, 1989 Winner Stadium Winner, SD August 20, 1989 Gumbo Buttes Pierre, SD September 23, 1989 Deadwood Off Road Grand Prix Deadwood, SD October 21, 1989 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD ICE CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE SERIES P.O. Box 14824 Minneapolis, MN 55414 (612) 639-080 I (612) 890-8693 ---------,----llP Dusty nmcs

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••• . . ,,. . . ~ ©COPYRIGHT 1989. ~TEQ . _: • • i~r;f -~ Tl~ET&\IJN® • • * CHARGE BY PHONE . -- · • · * (713) 526· ..,.. . - ANDAT . 1709** • . ,ioA,:mc1PATING YA c, • PRODUCED . EFUNDS • NO EX MAHA DEALE AS . . • MIC BYTHE CHANGES .. KEYTHOMPS . FOR MORE INFORM~:io~NTERTA/NMENT GRO CALL (713) 799 UP -9555

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IOK FOUR WHEELERS July 22, 1989 July 15, 1989 P.O. Box 36 Los Angeles Coliseum Bakersfield Speedway Cleves, Ohio 45002 Los Angeles, CA Oildale, CA (All events staged at Mid-September 1989 the club grounds in August 5, 1989 Cleves, Ohio) Mile High Stadium Santa Maria Speedway Denver, CO Santa Maria, CA MICHIGAN SPORT October 30, 1989 August 20, 1989 BUGGY ASSOCIATION Silver Bowl Tulare Fairgrounds John Elliott - (517) 835-9923 Las Vegas, NV Tulare, CA Bob Ramlow - (616) 345-6407 September 3, 1989 Ascot Park MIDWEST OFF ROAD ONT ARIO ASSOCIATION Gardena, CA BAJA SERIES OF OFF ROAD RACERS Rick Vasquez Barry Wannamaker September 23, 1989 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 P.O. Box 688 Ventura Raceway El Paso, TX 79936 Bancroft, Ontario, KOL !CO, Ventura, CA (915) 594-8266 Canada April 1, 1989 (613) 332-3811 /(613) 332-1610 November 18, 1989 Kings Speedway 150 miles June 23-24, 1989 Hanford, CA Big Spring, TX SkyDome May 27, 1989 Toronto, Ontario, Canada November 25-26, 1989 IMS Raceway 150 miles Pearsonsville, CA Albuquerque, NM ONT ARIO OFF ROAD June 10, 1989 150 miles Ken Jackson - Dick Gillap PAC OFF ROAD RACING R.R.#2 P.O. Box 323 Las Cruces, NM Tiverton, Ontario, Seahurst, Washington 98062 Canada N0G 2T0 August 26, 1989 (206) 242-1773 200 miles (519) 368-7874 April 22-23, 1989 Albuquerque, NM (All events at Bingeman Park, Two Day Spring Spectacular Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) September 23, 1989 Horn Rapids ORV Park 150 miles Richland, WA ·Las Cruces, NM May 28, 1989 November 4, 1989 OUTLAW MINI STOCK VORRA400 200 miles RACING ASSOCIATION Yerington, NV El Paso, TX P.O. Box 204 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 October 14, 1989 (213) 375-4570 Millican Valley 350 MICKEY THOMPSON'S (213) 719-7036 Bend, OR OFF ROAD April 8, 1989 CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Tulare Fairgrounds POST Mickey Thompson Tulare, CA Pennsylvania Off Road Entertainment Group May 6-7, 1989 Short Track P.O. Box 25168 Shark Saxon Anaheim, CA 92825 Bakersfield Speedway RD #3, Box 9 (714) 938-4100 Oildale, CA Towanda, PA 18848 April 8, 1989 May 28, 1989 (717) 265-3076 Super Dome Ascot Park All events in Monroeton, PA at the New Orleans, LA Gardena, CA intersection of Routes 414 & 220. April 15, 1989 June 3, 1989 May 20-21, 1989 Astrodome Kings Speedway June 24-25, 1989 Houston, TX Hanford, CA May 6, 1989 June 17, 1989 August 5-6, 1989 Ventura Raceway Cayuga Co. Speedway Rose Bowl Weedsport, NY Pasadena, CA Ventura, CA 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling, design to retain·stock appear-ance and allow 34" tall tires. SCORE/HORA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Reinforced hood to stop distortion at speed. Racers Price Available. Dimple Die Sets now in stock-½" -1" - 1½" -2" CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 Orchard St. Cherry Valley, CA 92223 Curt Leduc, Owner (714) 845-8820 Page 8 Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing 8403 Vicki Road Rockford, IL 61108 . ... (815) 332-9681 April 1989 gr Trail Notes ••• GENERAL TIRE, for the second consecutive year, has been selected as the official tire of the High Desert Racing Association, and the official tire of the Binion's Nissan Mint 400 as well. General Grabber light truck radials in the all purpose AP, all terrain AT and mud traction MT tread patterns can be found on the official Nissan Pathfinders and Hardbody pickups used by the sanction-ing body. General's XP2000 series high performance steel belted radials are supplied to HDRA's Nissan passenger vehicles. General has also added the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group series of stadium races to their considerable participation in desert events and mid western short course racing. To qualify fpr the $30,000 points fund purse posted by General, you must race in one of the three car classes, UltraStock, 1600, or trucks, start and finish exclusively on Generals, and comply with the other usual requirements including a minimum of three starters in your. class. TOY OT A MOTOR SALES USA will be the official automotive sponsor of the Sixth Annual One Lap of America, the legendary 10,000 mile, non-stop road rally around the United States. The One Lap will be part of the week long activities surrounding the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach April 14-16, 1989. The One Lap will begin and end on the main straight of the Long Beach road racing circuit on the city streets. The One Lap starts on April 6, which is also media day for the Grand Prix. This year the rally has increased in length by two days and 2000 miles, and the 1989 version will finish in Long Beach on April 15, after ten days and 10,000 miles on the road. This year the midway stop is in Detroit, and along the way there will be special stages at Indianapolis Raceway Park, Sebring International Raceway and the "Climb to the Clouds" at Colorado's Pikes Peak. The winners will be honored by making a special parade lap around the Long Beach race course on Sunday, prior to the start of the Grand Prix. BRIDGESTONE TIRES has announced their off road contingency awards for 1989. In the SCORE/HORA series of eight events, Bridgestone will pay up to $850 per class in Cla.sses 1 through 11, as long as there are six starters in the class. Bridgestone will pay $500 for first in class, $250 for second and $100 for third. Of course the car must compete with only Bridgestone tires, display decals, and the drivers must display Bridgestone emblems conspicuously on their racing suits. Bridgestone has also joined the tire prize fund in the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group stadium series with a $30,000 contribution to the $150,000 Tire Manu.facturers Point Fund for trucks, 1600s and Ultra-Stock classes. Roger Mears Racing serves as the official distributor of Bridge-stone light truck tires used by competitors in both the desert and the stadium series. PIKES PEAK MUSEUM. A former car museum building owned by Byron Ackers in Colorado Springs, CO, has been leased by the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Association/Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Educational Museum, Inc. to display older vintage race cars that have been a part of the Race to the Clouds. Educational exhibits of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and the Cog Railway along with U .S. Forest Service information will be on display. Plans have been in the making for 20 years to provide a facility such as this to preserve a piece of history that dates back to 1916. The 8000 square foot concrete building is located on the Highway 24 bypass. just south of Manitou Springs, CO. The Pikes Peak Hill Climb offices will move to the location this spring and the official opening of the Museum will be held in mid May 1989. There is no plan now to charge admission for visitors to the museum. OFF ROAD RACING IN ILLINOIS. Flying dirt and mud is always a common sight at the 4 Wheel&. Off Road Jamborees during the General Tire Special Events Season 1989. But, more dirt than usual will be flying when desert style racing returns to the season opener in Rockford, IL. Presented by Chevrolet, the 4th Annual 4 Wheel & Off Road Jamboree Spring Nationals promoters expect over 1500 vehicles to converge on the new Jamboree site, the Winnebago Country Fairgrounds in Rockford, on May 5-7, 1989. The short course off road race will be run on a dirt course, over a half mile long, and will be sanctioned by MAO RA, SODA and STORE. There is a guaranteed purse of $10,000 for professional drivers, and a 100% payback to drivers· which will reimburse their entry fees. Trophies will be awarded to the first three places. John De Young, Race Director from the host Lincoln Trail OffRoaders, said, "Moving to Rockford puts us closer to the heart of off road racing in the Midwest. The size of this facility allows us to expand the track to accommodate a new competitive level." The event kicks off the 1989 SQ DA/STORE Series, earlier in May than is usual. MR. STICKER has a new contingency program totaling over $5,000 per. race for the use of their racing numbers, graphics and race car lettering. All car and truck classes are included for the entire SCORE/HORA Series beginning at the Binion's Mint 400. In addition to the maximum $300 for first place in each class, there will be a $1000 cash bonus. At the drivers' meeting, prior to the race, a class will be drawn by a race official. All qualified entrants in that class will be eligible for the $1000 bonus, plus the $300 first place award for the win. Mr. Sticker will be computer cutting vinyl lettering and graphics in contingency row. Advance orders prior to the race will receive a 10% discount. To qualify for the awards, entrants must sign the Mr. Sticker contingency verification form and undergo vehicle inspection at their booth in contingency row. THE SECOND ANNUAL YOKOHAMA & FRIENDS GOLF TOURNAMENT will be held at the Las Vegas Golf Club on Thursday, April 20, 1989. Little experience is needed. Come out and have some fun, relax a little before your tour of the famous "Rock Garden". The $30.00 entry fee include!! green fees, cart, buffet lunch, goody bag and fabulous door prizes. For further information call Dick Johnson (619) 576-0959 or Carol Clark at A.T.E. (619) 240-3186. OFF ROAD VIDEO GAME-It had to happen, an off road video game, and it is called Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road video game. It was a collaborative effort by Stewart and the Leland Corporation in El Cajon, CA. The game will accommodate one to three players, comes with three driving consoles, steering wheels and gas pedals. Competitors drive on eight different· stadium tracks with a total of 16 configurations packed with mud holes, and stadium style obstacles. Super Off Road is just as close as you can get at home to genuine stadium short course racing. The game went on sale on February 15, 1989. (see MOR£ TRAIL NOTES on page 10) Dusty Times

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August 26-27, 1989 September 23-24, 1989 October 7-8, 1989 SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WD CLUB P.O. Box 526 Indio, CA 92202 April 21-23, 1989 35th Annual Fast Camel 4WD Cruise Indio, C.A S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 April 14-16, 1989 Sunriser 400 Forest Rally Chillicothe, Ohio May 12, 1989 Norwester Rally Olympia, WA May 14, 1989 John's River Lodge Rally Olympia, WA May 19-21, 1989 Rim of the World Rally Lancaster, ~A June 2-4, 1989 Susquehannock Trail Rally Wellsboro, PA August 25-27, 1989 Ojibwe Rally .,Minnesota T'l October 27-29, 1989 Press On Regardless Rally Houghton, Ml November 17-19, 1989 Coachman Stages Rally Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 June 2-4, 1989 Baja Internacional Ensenada, BC, Mexico September 8-10, 1989 Off Road World Championship Phoenix International Raceway Phoenix, AZ November 9-12, 1989. Baja 1000 Ensenada/ La -Paz, BC, Mexico December 2, 1989 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Orange County, CA SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N I A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 SCORE SHOW Edgell Expositions P.O. Box 19531 Irvine, CA 92713 (714) 250-8060 June 23-25, 1989 Anaheim Convention Center · Anaheim, CA Dusty Times SILVERBOWL OF MOTOCROSS Roger Wells 225 W. Foster Ave. Henderson. NV 89015 (702) 564-2677 ( All events but the finale . held at l as Vegas International Raceway.) SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 7380 Las Vegas, NV 89125 (702) 459-0317 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 May 27-28, 1989 Twilight Race Las Vegas, NV July 29-30 Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV · September 22-24, 1989 SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV October 28-29, 1989 Yokohama 200 Las Vegas, NV December 2-3, 1989 Showboat 250 Las Vegas, NV SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: Tom Schwartzburg 2620 West Washington West Bend, WI 53095 (414) 334-3858 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Prevost 1006 Cardinal Lane Green Bay, WI 54303 (414) 434-9044 May 6-7, 1989 Rockford, IL May 13-14, 1989 Off Road Challenge Sugar Camp, WI May 27-28, 1989 Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI May 28, 1989 Memorial '89 Dresser, WI June 10-11, 1989 Kiwanis Off Road Race Antigo, WI June 24-25, 1989 Spring Run IOI Crandon, WI July 8-9, 1989 Fox Riverfest Challenge · DePere, WI July 15-16, 1989 Troverse City, MI July 22-23, 1989 U.P. Off Road 100 Bark River, Ml August 5-6, 1989 Hodag 50 Rhinelander, WI August 19-20, 1989 Short Course Sprints Chilton, WI September 1-3, 1989 Brush Run IOI Crandon. WI September 16-17, 1989 · Santa Fe Speedway Hinsdale, IL September 30-31, 1989 Colorama 100 Sugar Camp, WI UORRA United Off Road Racing Association P.O. Box 211 Dunellen, NJ 08812 (20 I) 752-0299 (20 I) 359-2745 July 22-23, 1989 August 12-13, 1989 October 21-22, 1989 (All races at Trailways Speedway, Hanover, PA) VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (91.6) 925-1702 April 16, 1989 Prairie City OHV. Park (short course) Sacramento, CA May 27-28, 1989 VORRA400 Yerington, NV June 24-25, 1989 Virginia City 200 Virginia City, NV July 30, 1989 Prairie City OHV Park (short course) Sacramento, CA September 2-3, 1989 VORRA 250 Yerington, NV . October 29, 1989 Prairie City OHV Park Champion Short Course Sacramento, CA WHEEL TO WHEEL, INC. P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL IC0 (613) 332-1766 (613) 332-4128 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 - 87A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP April 21-27, 1989 Tour de Corse Ajaccio, Corsica May 27-June 1, 1989 Acropolis Rally Lagonissi, Greece July 13-16, 1989 New Zealand Rally Auckland, New Zealand August 2-6, 1989 Argentine Rally Buenos Aires, Arge_ntina August 23-27, 1989 1000 Lakes Rally Jyvaskyla, Finland September 15-17, 1989 Rally Australia Perth, Australia October 8-14, 1989 Sanremo Rally Italia Sanremo, Italy October 24-28, 1989 Ivory Coast Rally Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast November 19-23, 11)89 RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS list your coming events in DUSTY Tl MES free! Send your 1989 sched-ule as ·soon as possible for listing in this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 9/30/. ~aa,i4, YOUR NUMBER IS UP MR. STICKER WILL UNVEIL AN ALL NEW CONTINGENCY PROGRAM AT THE MINT 400. FOR THE BALANCE OF 1989 MR. STICKER WILL POST AWARDS TOTALLING OVER $5,000.00 PER RACE. THIS INCLUDES A $1,000.00 CASH BONUS FOR THE ELIGIBLE WINNER OF A CLASS TO BE SELECTED AT THE DRIVER'S MEETINGS PRIOR TO EACH RACE. THE USE OF MR. STICKER VINYL LETTERING AND RACING NUMBERS IS REQUIRED. COMPLETE DETAILS AVAILABLE IN LUCERNE OR BY TELEPHONE. LETTERINC3 ORDERS PLACED IN ADVANCE FOR DELIVERY AT THE RACE WILL RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT. IVIR. STICl<ER Race Car Lettering • Racing Nurnbers • Custorn Decals • Silk Screening • Die Cutting • Signs • Magnetic Signs • Banners • Window Lettering 1 B0B1 Redondo Circle • Huntington Beach, CA 92B4B 714/843-0444 • FAX 714/843-0143 April 1989 Page 9

Page 10

de suspension work had been 1h ••a,..•cla .ft~ftA done as well. We enjoyed the e nltA l5VVV AM/ FM radio on the highway, and watched the tachometer as Cab Plus. well as the speedo, and explored the dash which included all the Text & Photos: Jean Gilvin • common gadgets as well as cruise ---------------------------control and the near standard air Driving a small truck is a way of life in Southern California for many folks, and today the choice of brands is almost as numerous as it is in the car market. While, of necessity in a pickup truck con-figuration, most of them have a similar look, there are vast, and often subtle differences from maker to maker in this field dom-inated by Japanese and domestic manufacturers, with scant interest from Europe in this, the fastest growing sales segment of any kind of vehicle in the USA. While Mazda enjoyed success with their rotary powered pickup, the smog laws effectively shot that engine out of the market a few years back, and the standard engine was small in displacement and underpowered compared to most of the competition. With the introduction of the B2600 model, the Mazda got the needed power, and a bit later the four wheel drive version, complete with a five speed manual trans-mission and fine gearing in two or four wheel drive, put the Mazda equal to its peers in this market. We checked out a Mazda 4WD Cab Plus last winter to sample the rig on the long haul. We headed for Las Vegas on a dual purpose trip, needing a 4WD to get around the desert to cover the HELP STOP THE CRANSTON/WILDERNESS BILL JOIN l&DI 10TH ST. SACIAIEITO. CA 95114 INFO 1-800-237-5436 Page 10 SNORE Showboat 250, and also an elegant vehicle to attend the desei:t series awards banquet the same weekend. Since rain was in the air, we were glad that the rig was fitted with a camper shell, although there probably was enough room behind the front seats for all of our gear. With the jump seats folded down, there is plenty of space for interior stor-age, and even one adult passenger. On the highway the truck was most comfortable for two people, and this unit, as are most PR rigs, was loaded with extras, plus a lit-conditioning and heater controls that provide any type of interior climate. The driver's seat came complete with lumbar support adjustment in weak, medium and strong modes, so the ride was super on the highway. Off the road in the Nevada desert·, the truck handled the ditches and soft ground with no strain. While we never really needed it, we engaged 4WD, a butter smooth shift, and found the four cylinder, 2555cc engine with the five speed manual trans-mission had plenty of hill climb-ing power and general boondock-ing type loafing along urge without having to grind along in a low gear. The Bridgestone Desert Dueler P235/75R 15 tires worked as well off road as they did on the highway, a fine all around use choice. We used the push out rear cab windows to obtain dust free fresh air in the cab in the desert, and that really works very well on mild weather days. The Mazda B2600 is a truly viable choice for an all purpose 4 WD pickup, and of course the Cab Plus is only one of a variety of models, from basic work pickup to luxury laden boulevard cruiser,. that can be bui_lt from the option list. While we generally prefer an automatic transmission on a big engined truck, we liked the smooth operation and the power range available from the five speed manual on this Mazda. If a new pickup is on your horizon, have a look at the Mazda line before you make the choice. It has all the comfort and features so popular with folks who use a truck every day on the job and on weekends for fun time. April 1989 morc ••• TRAIL NOTES BAJA PROMOTIONS have introduced the "Stone Stock Mini 4x4" and the "Stone Stock Full 4x4" classes as part of their Triple Crown of Baja Off Road Desert Racing Series. The rules have been completed and are now available. These two classes are meant to attract the weekend four wheeler to organized racing events. The Stone Stock rules are quite restrictive, allowing only a few modifications. This also means that expenses will be kept to a minimum when prepping a race vehicle. Lou Peralta of Baja Promotions and Rick Sieman long time journalist and off road racer, formulated the original draft for the rules. Then other racers and technical people contributed to the final set of class rules. The Gran Carrera de Tecate on May 5-7, 1989, will be the first event for these two new classes. They are restricted to Sportsman racers only, with an entry fee of$100. Don't call us, get the details from Baja Promotions at P.O. Box 8938, Calabasas, CA 91302 or call (818) 340-5750. NEW CRANSTON WILDERNESS BILL. As vowed, Senator Alan Cran ston (D-CA) introduced the new version of the California Desert Protection Act to the United States Senate on January 25, 1989. The son ofS 7 goes by the term S 11 this round, and has some minor variations from the 1988 proposed legislation, which died on the Senate floor last year. The new version of the California Desert Protection Act includes about one percent reduction in the Wilderness area. The acreage reduction was attributed to correction of map-ping errors, and language was added allowing current military low level flights to continue over designated Wilderness areas. Other changes allow access to specific utility easements, pipelines and mining claims, as well as for grazing and agricultural uses. (How can it be wilderness with all this activity? ed.) Last year California's Republican Senator Pete Wilson was instrumental in killing S 7, but now that Wilson, re-elected last November some say with serious help and funding from various off road interests, has announced he will seek the nomination for Governor of California in 1990, his time in the Senate will doubtless not be long enough to count on his help again. We have scant information in hand at the moment and the only new map we have is in color that will not reproduce in black and white. Call CORVA at 1-800-237-5436 for the very latest information so you can write your legislators as we all must do in a concentrated effort to keep the massive land grab at bay. THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST 4 WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION sent in a most ambitious schedule of nearly weekly events through the fair weather months of 1989. It all starts on April 15-16 with a play day at the Thurston County ORV Park near Olympia, WA. The activity continues all over Washington and Oregon through the last weekend in September. If you wish more information on these events, contact Ron McDonald, 3902 NE 61 st Ave., Vancouver, WA 98661 or call 1-800-537-7845. SCCA DIVISIONAL PRO RALLY action started on January 14, 1989 in the Central Division. The Sump Thumper II was presented by the South Bend Region, and drew 13 cars to the cold and snowy course. It was a rail y sprinttype of event, with 16 stages for 30 competitive miles, and the track was rough with lots of turns. Ten of the starte·rs finished the run, and for the second year in a row the Michigan team of Mike Purzycki and Dan W ernette won the event, and they won by a five minute margin. Indiana drivers Mike Hurst and Todd Houtz were second in a Datsun 200 SX, followed in over a minute by Ronald Eddy and Charles Fortino, also from Michigan, driving an Olds Firenza. Gary Haberny and Tim Toth, from Ohio, were another minute and a half down in their Opel Manta, and Jim Warren/Chades Fortino, more Michigan drivers, were more than a minute back in fifth in another Olds Firenza. SAAB-SCANIA is offering a wide variety of performance awards to Saab drivers in mostly road racing events. While off road is not on the list, the SCCA PRO Rally Series is included. The release did not mention the individual prizes, but did say the company budgeted $60,000 for performance awards in 1989. THE BILSTEIN MADONNA AWARD has been presented to Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. for the sixth consecutive year for winning the stadium off road racing Manufacturer's Cup Challenge Championship for 1988. The Bilstein Madonna is a limited edition cast sculpture symbolizing motorsports excellence and is awarded annualli to teams and drivers who have won professional championships running on Bilstein gas pressure shock · absorbers. Presentation of this 1988 Madonna was made recently to Toyota Motorsports Manager Les Unger. Bilstein, who pioneered gas pressure shock technology from the 1950s, introduced their shocks to the American market through off road racing. Over the years, more off road races have been won on Bilsteins than any other shock absorber. MORE HONORS FOR TOYOTA-In a special presentation at the 1989 LA Auto Show, Petersen Publishing Company via 4 Wheel & Off Road Magazine named the Toyota XtracabBRS V6 the 4x4 of the Year. Other competitors for the title were Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, Dodge W250, Isuzu Trooper II, Mitsubishi Montero and the Geo Tracker. The competition is an intense and grueling combination of daily driving, instrumented testing and a , torturous 300 mile off road excursion. When the results were tallied, the Toyota was the clear victor. LA TE FI.ASH FROM LUCERNE-As we go to press the results from the Score Great Mojave 250 reveal a new cast of characters in many classes, even though all the regulars were among the 246 starters in 15 car classes. Las Vegans Ed and Tim Herbst took the overall honors in their Class 2 Chenowth Porsche, but it was a tight dice for the top spot. Frank Vessels won Class 8 in a Chevrolet, and was second overall, a mere minute, six seconds back. Frosting on the cake for the Herbst clan was the Class 1 victory by third brother Troy Herbst, in another Chenowth Porsche, who finished third overall. Scott and Bill Reams scored their third consecutive victory in Class 1-2-1600 in the ORC single · seater, but it was a new name in Class 3 / 14, David Ashley who won by a bunch in a Class 14 Bronco. Jack Johnson took Class 4 by SO minutes in the fancy Nissan, and Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter scored another in their long string of Class 5 victories, the 22nd consecutive finish for the brothers in Class 5. Cameron and Grant Steele took the top spot in Class 5-1600, and Evan Evans romped away from the regulars in Class 6 driving the new Jeep Cherokee. Manny Esquerra won Class 7, in the Ford Ranger, and Class 7S went to Spencer Low in his new Nissan. In only his second truck ride, Jack Ramsay took the win in Class 7 4x4 in a Jeep Comanche. Rich Richardson and Kevin Perrault topped the hefty entry in Class 9, and Scott and Kent Pfeiffer won Class 10 by near! y 20 minutes. Earle Howard won the five Beetle battle in Class 11, where four finished the course. The weather was sunny and mild, the course a rough one, and the dust, with. only light breezes, was a real problem. Check the fully illustrated report coming in the May issue for the full story of the race. Dusty nrnc1

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BAJA PROMOTIONS PRESENTS A l -2 PUNCH! BAJA PROMOTIONS P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750/992-6355 BAJA PROMOTIONS P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750/992-6355 "GRAN CARRERA de TECATE" MAY 5-7, 1989 "GRAN CARRERA de MEXICALI JULY 14-16, 1989 " Nll throwsdlrt,We'llchtrttt" mazoa Otticial Truck ol the TRIPLE CROWN Of BAJA -. . Race Headquarters RV & CAMPER HOOKUPS For Reservation call 1706) 68H793 0 TECATE Official Beer! ot the Gran Carreras 250 Miles 4 Laps MUSTREADI * SPARK ARRESTOR MANDATORY! No Exceptions! You cannot start the race without Ill * Entries open: MARCH 28, 1989 * Pre-run: APRIL 22, 1989 * Pro entry: $300, plus $50 * Pro payback: 60% and Contingencies * Sportsman entry: $100, plus $50 Trophies and Contingencies "" 1420 C. fl VENAOO * Lale or POST entry: ADD $25 * FRI. Registration, Contingency, Tech, & Party at Hacienda Santa Veronica, 18 miles from Tecate * SAT. Start: 7 a.m bikes/ATVs - 8 a.m. four-wheel * OPEN to ALL types of off-road/dirt racing vehicles BIKES, BUGGIES, TRUCKS, ATVS, & MINI-MAG * You have never raced on a course like this one. Beautiful forests, high desert, pines and creeks. Logging trails and ranch roads. OUTSTANDING! C. l'fDIEGOSO * Limited PIT ACCESS. Certain pits must be In place before the start of the race. CHECK WITH US! * Easily accessible MAIN PITS. Plenty of parking! * Respect property, close all gates, while pre-running. NO CAMP FIRES, PLEASE! Pre-run al 25 mph. Maxi * Starting positions based on POSTMARK by Class! * AWARDS at Santa Veronica. Fin. Pins & Dash Plq. I . ,! /, ,I u~I• ,) . , 8 '\✓• ·-• \ NO TRAFFIC BEYOND THIS POINTI I . .•, '\ \ - \ MUSTREADI • LIGHTS ARE MANDATORY! • Entry opens: JUNE 20, 1989 \ \ \ \ \ . • Pre-running opens: JULY 1, 1989. Run slow! • Pro entry: S300, plus $50 • Pro payback: 60%, plus Contingency • Sportsman entry: $100, plus $50 • Trophlaa & Contlngenclaa • Late or POST Fee: Add $25 ··11 it throwsdir1. w,·11 cover m·· mazoa .CHECKPOINT --···--·-·· · Ofticial Truck ol the TRIPLE CROWN OF BAJA \ I \ \ . \ L ~GUN\ A SA LADA Laguna Salado \ l / Ho1el y Cemro de Co11veoc1011('S RACE HEADQUARTERS Special racer's rates. Call: 1706) 566-1300 0 TECATE Otfic1al Beer! 01 the Gran Caner as 250 Miles 4 Laps (Course direclion & layout subject to changel) YEAH! WE KNOW IT'S GOING TO BE HOT. SO HERE'S WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO: • Registration, Tech, and Contingency will be held al Iha HOLIDAY INN, Maxlcall, In alrcondlllonad comfort and at pool side, near restaurant and bar! Register FRIDAY from 3:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. And on SATURDAY from 8:00 a.m. unlll 12:00 p.m. • Friday 9 p.m. Welcome Party & Dance, Poolside • Locked Impound area In Hotel. Aaslgned spaces. • SAT. 4 p.m. Escorted parade through town to START line at Raceway, 18 mi. from the Holiday Inn. • Every vehicle MUST be in parade & in start order. • START/FINISH & Main Pits at 3.4-mile Raceway. • START: Sat. 5 p.m. Water-splash truck 011 ;,and! • AWARDS: Sunday, 2 p.m. al HOLIDAY INN. JOIN THE ONLY SERIES THAT EXPLORES THE OUTER LIMITS OF ADVENTURE, CHALLENGE AND FUN! CATEGORY: (Please check one [11 box) D Class 10 GENERAL INFORMATION: • Finisher pins or plaques awarded. □ Cl 11 • Contingency prizes available D PRO - D SPORTSMAN ass • Pro Entry Fee ... -..... -. -...... $300 • Pre-running opens TWO · (2) WEEKS □ Chenowth Mini-Mag • Pro Payback . . ............... .. 60% BEFORE THE EVENT CLASSES: (Please check 1 box per entry.) □Class1&2 D Class 1-2/1600 D Class 3, 6, 7-4X4, 14 D Class 4, 7, 8 D Class 5 D Class 5-1600 D Class 7S D Class 9 (Old Challenger) 0 Stone Stock Mini-4X4 (Spts. Only!) • Sportsman Entry Fee.········ ··· $100 • SPARK ARRESTORS MANDATORY! S S 4 S O • All entries add Ins. & Fee of . . ..... $50 • Course marked with pink fluorescent D tone tock Full-4X ( pts. nly!) • Deposits used to assigfl.ltarting positions ribbons and directional arrows. D Open Motorcycle (250cc and over) by class and according to postmark. • Current 1989 desert rules apply to each D Ltd. Motorcycle (200cc & under, 30, 40, SO) • Late or Post Fee•· · ~-· · · · · · · Add $35 class except for the STONE ST9CK and *(For entries received 10 days of event) the Chenowth Mini-Mag Classes. Separate D Open ATV (Quads & Trikes) • Deposits/entries are non-refundable but rules are available. Call or write! (Note : There must be a minim um of three (3) can be applied to the next Triple Crown • NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED! entries per class. Otherwise, uhicles may be event within the same year. • Best three (3) offourfinishes countfor the combined with another class.) • To become an " officlalflnlsher" you must year-end class and overall points totals! complete the race within the a/ott-:I time. • RACING IS DANGEROUS! Liability In-surance provided through your entry is for THIRD PARTY ONLY and secondary to your policy! We suggest you do not race unless you have your own Insurance! • MEDICAL INSURANCE "May" be available at race site to be purchased directly from the carrier. BAJA PROMOTIONS does not provide, at this time, Medical Insurance! Don't race unless you have medical coverage. • Radio communications & U.S. and Mexican rescue service provided at all events. * SEE YOU AT TIIE RAW!*

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KING OF fllE DESERT Scott Webster Wins Overall Fad's IGng of the Desert Race By Judy Smith Photos: C&.C Race Photos/T rackside Photo Enterprises ~----. Scott Webster took over the lead on the third lap, elected to go a/one to save time, and he not only won Class 1-2-1600, but he also took the overall victory In the ORBS racer. Balmy low desert weather greeted the FR T racers who tra-velled to the "Ancient Dry Lake Bed", just northwest of Seeley, off of Highway 8, in the Borrego Desert. Dust ball dry, the sur-rounding desert was quickly churned to loose silt and heavy dust, as the first event of the FR T 1989 Budweiser Bud Light five race Superstition Series got underway. This was the ninth annual King of the Desert Race for bikes and ATVs, but the first year that the cars and trucks had got in on the fun. They discovered that Fud does a little extra, just for this race, aimed at making it more of a spectator event. Since he has a beautiful layout in the finish/pit row area; a hard, flat dry lake surface bordered by a long crescent shaped pit row on the outer edge, he creates an "FRT Motocross" in the lake bed. It's been part of the bike race every year, and this time the cars were included. At Fud's races the pits are always limited to one side of the course only, and this time they were naturally, on the outside of the curve. This made the interior of the lake bed a stage, with good seats for everyone. So Fud put his chief timer and score keeper, Bob Larson, who works with tractors in real life, to work creating a show. Larson marked out a ser-pentine track that turned off the desert and then doubled in on itself before turning back onto the course, just before the finish line, from where it ran in front of the pits, on the long crescent turn, and back out to the desert. The "motocross" part of the track started with a sharp left, then two widely spaced semi-flying jumps, a brief straight and a six bump stretch of moguls. Then another slightly lower jump, a sharp left, and up onto a long mound, with a ditch at the top, which could be a great flying jump for those who dared. Next there was a straight into a 180, onto the main track, and into a big hole, with a hump for cars to fly over as they came out, right in front of the finish line platform, where Fud sat with the microphone for the Page 11 loudspeakers. Then the cars con-tinued on around the arc, past the long pit row, and out into the desert again. In all, the motocross portion of the course probably encompassed about three-quarters of a mile, and it served its purpose, which was to entertain the spectators, very nicely. The total length of the course was 30 miles, and it was a five lap event. Originally, Fud had planned to start the cars into the little additional six mile start loop, then run them into the infield and through the moto-cross, and out onto their first lap. But, he had also expected to be able to water the infield track, and then his water truck couldn't make it. So, when the bikes and ATVs, who raced early in the morning, ran through there, the lake bed was so dry, and the wind almost non-existent, that it made a very dusty and potentially dan-gerous situation, so he decided not to do it on the first lap for the cars. As it was, they went through the motocross at the end of each lap, giving every driver the poten-tial of five chances to show off for his pit crew and family. As a whole, the course was quite sandy and fairly rough, with some slow nasty sections. But there was also some flat out run-ning, to give everyone a chance to stretch their legs. It was dusty all day, and while a breeze came up just about as the cars completed their first lap, it was intermittent, and couldn't be depended on to keep the course clear. The entry fee for this race was a mild $250, but an added $100 for insurance, and a $15 land use fee, brought the total up to $365, still Rodney Goodsell and David Marini had the class and overall lead after two laps, but a broken shock mount dropped their Chenowth to third In the 1-2-1600 battle and fourth overall. BIii Hammack and Tim Sines, racing the Jlmco for only the third time, finished second In Class 10 despite an hour's worth of axle trouble. April 1989 :t-,, ~-♦« ~, ....... ,,/':L Despite an al/Ing engine most of the way, Gary Cogb/11 kept the Jlmco moving quick enough to finish second In Class 1-2-1600 and second O/A. a fairly light total. Fud's payback is. Racers were told, "Don't run is comprised of 55% of the $250 over the blank orange card. Your entry. vehicle could be damaged!" In addition to the purse, With a few more words about created by the payback, Fud · the course, specifically an area noted that Alford Distributing that belongs to the Navy and is a had once again given a flat $400 to limited use section, and where fatten the take for the overall getting off the trail would be cause winner. And Jones Brothers Con-for disqualification, Fud sent the struction, from the Salton Sea drivers over to the staging area, area, had donated $400 for the where they found their staging winner of the Class 9 ( Challenge positions marked by a numbered cars) race, and they had also paper plate on a stake. Vehicles plunked down an additional went off the line one every 15 $100, for the overall fund, mak- seconds, and the 1-2-1600 cars ing it a $500 added purse. were the first to go, based on their The car and truck drivers generally quick performance at gathered for their drivers' meeting these races. at 11 :30, just a half hour before While it was a five lap race, in their scheduled start time. Fud, the interest of safety and concern who is the mainspring of FR Trac-for his check point crews, no one ing, started his announcements by would be allowed to start another saying "If you don't feel your abil- lap after 5:30 p.m. ities match the course, we'll hap- As the 1600s finished their first pily refund your money, no ques- lap, the lead was in the hands of tions asked." But, go to staging, Rod Goodsell, in his Chenowth he warned, and you'd be commit- two seater, and he was a little over ted to the race. a minute in front of Rick Frisby, Fud explained his markings, in a Raceco single seater. Kevin noting that the number of down Basore ran third in a Jimco two arrows used was a clue to the seater, less than a minute back, degree of danger at a given spot. and Scott Webster, who with Three arrows means it's a real teammate Coy Brigman, never toughie. And then Fud puts a had even one finish in 1988, ran stake with a blank day-glo-orange fourth, in an ORBS one seater, square stapled to it, right at the another 33 seconds later. danger spot itself, so the racer Goodsell, who continued to knows exactly where the trouble lead, had the overall lead also, and '% Glen Stone and Andy Blue had steering wheel woes, but they carried on swiftly In the Raceco to win Class 10 by over an hour, and the two seater was third overall. Brian Goodrich and Dale Snalth moved from third to first In three laps, and with Goodrich anchoring the team they won Class 5-1600 by over ten minutes and placed a smart tenth overall. Dustvnma

Page 13

All alone In the Unlimited Class, Greg Sanden and Larry McCal-lum merely cruised for four laps before retiring with the class victory assured. Jim and Jason Beeson were In the front five In Class 5-1600 all day, and they finished their Jlmco Bug a close third In the tight running class. George Gow/and survived a broken tie rod and a last lap encounter with a spectator bike to bring his Viper home third In Class 9. Ken and Dua~e Ba~~;; ran third most of the distance, but moved right Into second spot late In the game and stayed there In the 5-1600 contest. Jeff Bennett and Tom Watson ran second for three laps, then took the lead In Class 9 and, despite motor mount difficulties, they kept the lead to win In the Chenowth. at the end of the second lap was a minute and 3 7 seconds up on Frisby. Webster moved to third, as Basore lost his motor, and now Gary Cogbill, in his J imco two seater, was fourth, and having trouble with a motor that wouldn't run on top end. On the third lap, Goodsell put his co-driver, David Marini, in the car, and they broke a front shock mount, which they found was non-fixable. Frisby disappeared, never to be seen again, and Web-ster, having a good race, the second time out in this car, and with a new motor, moved into the lead. Cogbill moved to second place in spite of setting his car on its side for a while, while Marini was now third, less than two min-utes later. And, in fourth place it was Tom Schilling, driving his first race, in a Jimco two seater. He'd got off to a late start, having missed his spot in the staging line somehow. These four held those positions for the balance of the race, with traffic thinning, and things going pretty smoothly. Webster, whose team strategy was not to change drivers if things were going well, stayed at the wheel, stopped only once, for fuel at the end of lap four, and motored along smooth• ly to the long awaited finish, and the overall victory, ~s '"'._ell as th~ Jack Hettinger and Steve Reynolds fought a balky gearbox all day, led a couple of laps, but had to settle for second In Class 9 In the Funco. Dusty Times 1-2-1600 class win. His car still looked good, except for one torn boot, and a clanky c.v. joint. Cogbill, who also drove all the way, was second, while Marini and Goodsell came in third, and Schilling was fourth. During the post race tech inspection, there was a lot of dis-cussion about the fact that Web-ster's ORBS featured the new lay-back front shocks, and didn't have a shock tower. As a conse-quence, a technical protest was made, and the tech crew, headed by Jeff Wright, felt constrained to uphold _it, and to disqualify the car. But then the protest was withdrawn (currently, protests are made fairly informally at Fud's races) and Webster's win was al_k>wed to_ sta.!!_c!, altl1ough hf: will have to correct the· front end before he will be allowed to race the car again. The FR T tech folk use the SCORE/HORA rules exactly as written, because Fud considers his races as a sort of "farm team" for the SCORE/HDRA series, and wants his racers to be able to run in their races with the same cars. So, except for some combin• ing of classes, and the "Run What You Brung" Class 1001 thin~s are identified as in a SCORE/HDRA event, and have to meet those criteria. There is one exception in Class 1-2-1600; the cars are run without the restrictor plates required in SCORE/HORA. The Class 10 troops came next, and they had a rather hard go of it. Craig Dillo~ had his single seat ORC in the lead at the end of lap one, but his motor didn't sound good. He had about three and a half minutes on Bill Hammack, in his single seat Jimco, which was being raced for only the third time. Following him it was the two-seat Raceco of Glen Stone and Andy Blue, who went straight into their pit and stayed there for ten minutes while they tried to figure out how to keep their steer-ing wheel attached to their car. It had come off twice during the first lap. Just under two minutes· behind them was the team of Dan Lewis and Joe Bean, in another two seater, who'd lost five shocks. On the second lap Dillon, who couldn't figure out what was wrong with his motor, parked it !_ather Dr' .091 HEAVY DUTY DIFFERENTIAL Tired of replacing com-plete CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated aircraft quality 300M Alloy steel and feature case hardened ball grooves. NEW FOR '89 ! Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity. Pre-cision machmed for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! CV BOOT HOLDERS April 1989 Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 C\fs. TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available. Page 13

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i;r than destroy it, and the lead fell to Blue and Stone, whose steer-ing wheel had come off only once on that lap. Lewis and Bean, who were having trouble with carbure-tion and valve adjustment, as well as their shocks, moved up to second place, after losing about 40 minutes on the lap. Hammack, who lost about 50 minutes when his left front axle nut came off, and the wheel flew out into the desert, was now third, and no one else was moving. ...... ...... _""'_""""" ~ . . Richard Green and Doug Fraser took the lead In Class 100 In their HI Stone and Blue broke a couple of shocks, and spent some time in the pits at the end of their third lap, but still retained their lead. Hammack, for whom things were now going smoothly, cranked off a quick lap, and moved to second place, as Lewis and Bean, still los-ing time in the pits, held thirc,i. Jumper on the second lap, Increased the time margin lap by lap and won by Jeff and Wayne Schwa/a led the first round In Class 100, but lost time on the over half an hour. second lap and finished second In class In the two seat Chenowth. Blue and Stone went on to get their first win, sitting in the post race tech with a flat rear tire, and not Hammack and his co-driver, Tim Sines, who'd done the last two laps, were second, over an We also manufacture a full line of bumpers, truck bars, and side bars made with 3" tubing, for most mini, mid and full size trucks. Selected products now avail-able in chrome. NEW 1989 catalog: $3.00 hour later, and Lewis and Bean came in third. The others didn't finish. Greg Sanden and Larry McCal-lum, who drive a Class 5 Baja Bug, had entered their quick big motored car in the unlimited class for this race, but then found The Pre• Runner look from Smittybilt New for '89, Smittybilt offers everything you need for the exciting Pre-Runner look - Pre-Runner Bumpers, Truck Bars, and Bed Stiffeners. All with the rugged Smittybilt quality and fantastic fit you've come to expect. SMITTYBILT1NC. 2112 N. Lee, Dept. DT, So. El Monte, CA 91733 (818) 442-1788 Page 14 themselves all alone, when none of them showed up. There had been a few expected, on the basis of their paid deposits, but appar-ently they came down with a bunch of problems getting ready, and stayed away in droves. So Sanden and McCallum went out and coasted around for a few laps, taking their time, and not damag-ing the car, undoubtedly thinking ahead to the Great Mojave race. When the 5-1600s had com-pleted the first lap, it was Kresten Pons and Darren Hardesty in front, with a two minute lead on Fred Grabowski, who'd finished the lap with a broken wrist, and had to get out of the car. In third it was Dale Snaith, in Brian Good-rich's car, a minute and a half later, and then Jim and Jason Bee-son, their throttle sticking, ran fourth. Duane Basore was run-ning fifth in the family car. Grabowski-, s c~-dri ver, John Neibert, put their car into the lead by the end of the second lap, now two minutes ahead of Snaith, who'd come up to second place. Basore was third, with Jeff Beasley and Gary Seagroves now in fourth. The Beesons were fifth, and Pons and Hardesty, who'd rolled over, had lost about 40 minutes, and had a lot of catching up to do. Things changed again on the third lap, as Neibert lost second gear, and now Snaith moved into the lead. Neibert was only a min-ute and a half behind him, but he pulled into his pit and parked. Ken Basore had taken over for his brother, and finished this lap in third place, as the Beesons bounced back up to fourth, and now Danny and Charlie Smith were fifth. As Neibert and his crew spec-tated, Goodrich got into his car and built his lead to six minutes, with the Basore car now second. The Beesons now ran third, about five minutes later, and the Smiths were fourth. Pons and Hardesty, with the fast lap for the class, had brought themselves back up to fifth place. They all held on to their positions, and someone in Neibert's pit had decided that it would make sense to drain the tranny fluid, clean out all the little pieces of second gear, and go for a finish. But it was too late to get into the money. Goodrich and Snaith took the win, with the Basores, with only half the rear suspension they should have had because their rear adjuster had come partly unmounted, about 11 minutes later in second place. The Beesons, running at a steady pace, finished third, the Smiths were fourth, and Pons and Har-April 1989 ,i CL'II ' ~-l! 1 ... Perry McNeil drove his Ford the distance to win the Big Truck Class with no strain, finishing 11th overall In the process, and his was the only class finish. L s • Clarence and Jeff Hoskins took the lead from the start In the Little Truck Class In their Ford Ranger, and despite shifting and carburetlon woes they won the class honors easily. desty, crumpled, were fifth. The Challengers were the next group to go, and here, as in SCORE/HORA circles, they're now called Class 9. There was a gaggle of them, but it seems to have been a tough course, and only eight of the 19 managed to complete the five laps. At the end of the first loop, the -leader was Dave Callaway in Earl Roeseler's single seat T-Mag, who had only 25 seconds on second place Jeff Bennett and Tom Wat-Flying high i~r the °";pectators, Robert H~yley and Roy Kelzer kept the Ford Bronco flying quickly and they finished second In Little Trucks. Dusty Times

Page 15

Shown zipping through the motocross section, David Callaway and Earl Roese/er hung tough enough· In the T-Mag to finish fourth In Class 9. Defending points champs Jon and Jim Hurley had big trouble The District 38 motorcycle racers have their home base at the on lap 1, but they came back to finish the Ford Ranger third In . FRT events, and they run their contest early In the morning at Little Truck Class. the combined events. son, in their two-seat-used-as-a-single-seat Chenowth. A minute later it was Jack Hettinger and Steve Reynolds, in their Funco single seater, who'd been slightly lost after the six miles start loop. George Gow land was fourth in his mid-engined Viper, and then Mike Pfankuch and Bill Fiscus were fifth with their two seater. Hettinger and Reynolds, having trouble finding low an_d second gear, ran a quick second lap, and took over the lead, with Bennett and Watson still second. Calla-way fell to third, and now Jim Tucker. and Larry Wyatt ran fourth in their two seat Chaparral, and Ben Abatti, driving in a race for the first time, was fifth in Art Eugenio's new homebuilt buggy. Hettinger and Reynolds were still leading after three laps, and . everyone followed along in line, though Callaway broke the top · off a shock tower, and found him-self with one side un-shocked for the rest of the raGe. On the fourth lap, as Hettinger and Reynolds lost 10 minutes, some with the driver change, Bennett and Watson moved into the lead, with about a five minute cushion. Hettinger and Reynolds were now second, and Eugenio had come up to third, having a very untroubled race. Tucker and Wyatt never completed another lap, and now Callaway and Roe-seler lost a few moments, and dropped to fourth. Gowland, who'd broken a tie rod end on the second lap, had now worked back up to fifth place. Bennett and Watson, who had had two broken motor studs when they started, said things were shaking pretty good by the end. And, on the last lap, as Ben-nett cleaned his visor, he hit a hole and nearly endoed the car, which shook their roll of duct tape off the shifter, and neatly tossed it over the brake pedal. If he'd tried to make a .ringer to win a stuffed animal at a carnival, he'd never have done it. For the balance of the lap Jeff didn't have all the brakes he'd have liked, but he got it to the finish line safely, to get the team's first FRT win. Hettin-ger and Reynolds finished second, Eugenio and Abatti- were third. Gowland, who'd tagged a careless motorcycle rider and torn off his left front wheel, regained his composure, and, after being assured that the biker wasn't hurt, came in on three wheels for fourth place. (The biker, his bike demol-ished, refused medical aid when the medical aid folks got to him.) Callaway and Roeseler were fifth. 1n the post race impound a great brouhaha ensued, because of Eugenio's car. He had VW Thing drums on it, because he thought he had understood they were legal for the class. The pre-Dusty Times race tech inspection had discov-ered them, had not liked them, and had told him he could run this race, but should have the correct drums on the car for the next event. That was all right with Art. But then, after the race, his front brace them by running a piece of hack-saw, and saved his nice flri-end was protested. It seems that in tubing from a shock tower to the ish. Everyone moved up a posi-the Class 9 ranks, it's legal to chassis, as Art had done. So he tion, which meant that Gowland brace your shock towers by run-was disqualified. If he'd been told was now third, Callaway and Roe-ning a piece of tubing from one about it before the race; he could seler, fourth, and John Jones and tower to the other, but you can't have removed the braces with a ~o~ ·(;W" FUEL SAFE THE #1 NAME IN RACING FUEL CELLS DRY BREAK VALVE Legal for NASCAR, USAC, IMSA, SCCA and SCORE. Mounts i~ variuos locations, this valve makes refueling safe and easy. It automatically closes when male probe is withdrawn to prevent any fuel spillage. Flows at a rate of 2 gallons per second. OBF300 • Female receptacle OBM200 · Male probe DESCRIMINATOR VALVES the ultimate in fuel venting. This valve offers fuel shut-off when refueling and eliminates the need for a catch can. Also offers positive shut-off 1n case of a rollover. DV100 -1 in. DV175 · 1 3/4 in. Approved by: FIA, NASCAR, HORA, IMSA NHRA, SCCA, SCORE, DIRT, & ACT PROCELL RACING BLADDERS" Pro Cell Racing Bladders come equipped with Super Tough Rubber Bladder, Full Foam Baffling, 3/8' Pick-up and Vent Fittings (1/2" optional), Internal Fuel Strainers, 3' Standard Plate w/Rollover Valve and a 5 Year Warranty. Optional Accessories: 2 1 /4' or 3' Remote Plates w/Rollover Valves and Aluminum Containers. "Let us know what you want. We can do it!" CIRCLE TRACK FUEL CELLS Circle Track Fuel Cells come equipped with High Impact Polyethelene Cell, Full Foam Baffling, one 1/2' Pick-up, one 3/8' vent fitting, 3' Raised Filler Neck with large Bail Handle Cap and a 3 Year Warranty. Optional Accessories: 2 1/4' or 3' Remote Plate with rollover valves and Steel or Aluminum Containers. 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Fud run, the quad, along with the bike• at all his events, and they delighted the spectators In the motocross section as they flew the Jumps. John Jone• and Bob McLeughlln ran a steady pece In their Ba/a Specialties two seater, and they tJJOved up to fifth In Class 9 after post race tech. Despite missing his starting time for his very first race, Tom Schl/1/ng drove the distance to finish the Jlmco fourth In Class 1-2-1600. llr McLaughlin, in a Baja Spe, cialties two seater, were fifth. Class 100 was a little light this race, but the competition was keen. At the end of the first lap, the lead was -in the hands of Jeff and Wayne Schwaia, in their two seat 2000cc Chenowth, but they had only a little over a minute on Richard Green and Doug Fraser, in a Hi Jumper two seater, with a 2180 in it, who'd been stuck within five minutes of the start. Donna Hingten, who drives a two seat Sandhawk, had broken a stub axle, and was out for the day. The Schwaias lost about eight minutes on the next lap, and Fraser and Green, who took turns .!°ldin_g ;md driving, both staying in the car afl day long, moved in_to the lead. They ran a steady pace, and the Schwaias never could catch them again. So _it was Fraser · and Green, finishing for only their second time, and getting their first win. The Schwaias were second, a half hour later. In the Big Truck class Perry McNeil took the lead from the start and ran a fairly trouble free race, to take the win in his Ford 429 c.i. pre,runner. Ted Vogel, Mike Agatti, and Shawn Mea, dows, in a 400 c.i. Ford Fl SO, ran second all day. McNeil, whose only troubles were a loose power steering pump and some over, heating problems, was the only one in t~e class to g_et in all five laps. In the Little Truck group, the last year's season points winner, John and Jim Hurley, burned up a wire in the first few miles, and lost 28 minutes right off the bat. The lead at the end of lap one was in the hands of Clarence Hoskins, in a Ranger, who decided he wasn't too happy driving as a result of the previous evening's partying. Robert Hayley and Roy Keizer ran second in their Bronco; Roy Gar, cia and Richie Valencia were third in their Toyota, and the Hurleys had their Ranger in fourth. First and second place held firm, but the Hurleys moved themselves up to third place on lap two, dropping the Garcia/ More off-road races -are won on Bilsteins than any other shock absorber, period. Page 16 -. . •BORN TO PERFORM" BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog, send $2.50. April 1989 Valencia team to fourth. They ran that way for another lap, and then Garcia ·and Valencia got no further. Jeff Hoskins, age 19, who'd taken over for his father after that painful first lap, ran a steady three laps, to hang on to the lead, with the others following in or:der. On his fifth lap he had to slow some, because he'd broken the left front shock mount. But he had a good enough lead that the others couldn't catch him. So Clarence and Jeff, who'd also had shifting problems, and carburetion trou, bles, got their first finish in this truck, and also their first win. Hayley and Keizer were second, and the Hurleys with more trou, bles on the last lap, came in third. No one else did five laps. _ Fud had everyone in and _the course clear by about 7 :30 p.m. It made a nice, easy event, and pit crews and spectators from San Diego could be home in time for late dinner and the 10 o'clock news. For those who stayed, Fud served his popular outdoor brunch, featuring those eye, opening Bloody Marys along with more sedate coffee, juice, dough, nuts, fruit and hard cooked eggs. It's a real treat, highly appreciated by the racers and their crews. The next event on the FR T schedule is the Buzz Bomb 150, on April 8th, in the El Centro area . FRT BUDWEISER KING OF THE DESERT RESULTS - FEBRUARY 18, 1989 Car # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Qlass l-2-16QQ - Bes1ri~1eci l2QQ QQ - B st;att - 2 fioisb 1610 I. Scott Webster OR3S 1607 2. Gary Cogbill (solo) Jimco 1606 3. Rodney Goodsell/David Marini Chenowth 1603 4. Tom Schilling (solo) -Jimco 1699 5. Phil Green Chenowth Qlass IQ -U□limi1ec 16QQ ~ - 6 st;at:1 - 3 finis□ 1004 I. Glen Stone/Andy Blue Raceco 1001 2. Bill Hammack/Tim Sines Jimco 1002 3. Dan Lewis/Joe Bean Qlass 5-16QQ -16QQ ~ Baia Bug -11 - z finis□ 598 I. Brian Goodrich/Dale Snaith Baja Bug 599 2. Ken & Duane Basore Baja Bug 556 3. Jim & Jason Beeson Baja Bug 553 4. Charlie & Danny Smith Baja Bug 596 5. Kreston Pons/Darren Baja Bug Hardesty Qlass ~ -Qballenger Cars -I~ st;art - s finis□ 997 I. Jeff Bennett/Tom Watson Chenowth 900 2. Jack Hettinger/Steve Funco 902 3. George Gowland Viper 995 4. David Callaway/Earl Roeseler T-Mag 905 5. John Jones/Bob McLaughlin Baja Spec. Qtass IQQ - SbQrt W6 Unlimit~ci - 3 - 2 finisb 4 I. - Richard Green/Doug Fraser Hi Jumper 2 2. Jeff & Wayne Schwaia Chenowth Class Big Trucks - 4 Sls!.t:l - 3 finish Time Pos. 0/A 3:38:16 1 3:50:59 2 4:10:52 4 4:27:26 6 4:30:49 8 3:58:33 3 5:10:23 18 5:50:42 23 4:35:41 10 4:46:24 12 4:48:51 13 4:59:20 14 5:05:46 17 4:22:49 5 4:34:00 9 5:01:24 16 5:13:17 19 5:18:24 20 4:28:16 7 5:01:16 15 815 I. Perry McNeil (solo) Ford 4:37:31 II 801 2. Ted Vogel/Mike Agatti Class Little Trucks - 6 start - 3 finish 701 I. Clarence & Jeff Hoskins 703 2. Robert Hayley/Roy Keizer 700 3. Jon & Jim Hurley Ford (4 l's) 5:57:34 Ford Ranger 5:18:51 21 Ford Ranger 5:32:27 24 Ford Ranger 6:36:09 27 5 laps - 30 mile course -59 start - 30 finish -51% ratio (all cars flagged in after 5:30 p.m.) Weather: dry, dusty, some wind Dusty nma

Page 17

YOKOHAMA6-50 Club.Rcp~rt By ]cu11 Calt1in II J Danny Leiner was a most happy le/low alter winning the Score Parker 400 overall, dr/tilng the entire dl1tance. The former gold medalist I• now the points leader In the 1989 Yokohama 6-50 Serie,. The 1989 Yokohama 6,50 Club points series started at the SCORE Parker 400 late in Janu, ary. There were 33 drivers over 50 years of age on the starting line, and half of them, 16, finished the course for a 48.5 percent ratio. The Yokohama 6,50 Club points series is a mostly for fun contest among drivers of record who are fifty years old or more in the i:iine desert races that count for points, the eight race HDRA/SCORE Series and the SNORE 250 each year. It all started back in 1981 and has gained momentum and members yearly. There is nothing to join, no dues or any of that sort of thing. Only competitors in the 15 car classes are eligible, as the bikes have regular classes for older riders. All the driver of record need do is list his age on the entry form, so it gets on the entry print out, and we take it from there, compiling points after each event, and publishing' the standings here and in Fastrax. When the season is over only the best six of the nine race scores are counted for each driver. At the end of the year, at the HDRA/ SCORE awards banquet, the prizes are presented to the top three on points, regardless of class, and they are Olympic style real gold, silver and bronze medal, lions. In recent years the competi, tion in the top ten has been very tight, perhaps because some of the top drivers are passing the half century mark. As most everyone in the sport knows by now, Danny Letner was the big winner at Parker, taking the Class 2 and overall victory by a slim margin, and, at 61, Danny became the oldest driver to win overall at a HDRA/SCORE event. Naturally, Danny is the 6, 50 points leader with 82 points, and we congratulate him on his solo drive to the big victory. Bill Church, who also drove the entire distance, finished third in Class 1 and earned 48 points, and he is tied on points with Rod Hall, who finished second in Class 4. There is another tie for fifth at 41 points between Jack Schlaman, fourth in Class 7S, an George Tuttle, sixth in Class 5,1600. By the way, the points are figured directly against the number of starting cars in the class, and position. All starters receive five points, and finishers get a minim4.fl of ten points. Bud Sebelius has 37 points for fourth in Class 7 4x4, followed by Willis Hamilton, 32 points for ninth in Class 2. Rounding out the top points drivers are Robert Knight, 30, Frank Snook, 29, Jim F.ishback Sr., 24, John Ellenburg, 22, and Terry Lottes, 20. The other drivers we picked out of the Parker 400 entry list are Walt Boranick, James Saunders, Jim Van Cleave and Larry Smith, all finishers. In the dnf column we have Don Adams, Ed Beard, Bill Coffey, Jimmie Crowder, Her, ~an DeNunzio, Walker Evans, Jerry Higman, Jack Irvine, Ed McLean, Corky McMillin, the defending gold medalist, Earl Roeseler, Thomas Rogers, Mike Schwellinger and Gregg Symonds. Jim Temple also started at Parker but ran afoul of the rules, and two did not start. If you raced at Parker and are 50 years old or more, and wish to be in the Yokohama 6,50 series, drop us a note in care of DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. State your name and class of competition, and your age, and we will slide you into the points system. Please do not call with this information, it could easily miss getting to the points keeper unless it comes in the mail. Next up for the viejos is the SCORE Great Mojave 250, right around the corner by the time you receive this issue. AffENTION PIT TEAMS Send in your tales of triumph and troubles to DUSTY TIMES soon after a race and it will be featured on these pages. Send to: DUSTY TIMES 5531 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 Budweiser I Bud Light JIMA SANCTIONED FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM • AMA DISTRICT 38 ..-----0 0 0 0 Sponsored By: The Wright Place, Race Ready Products, Yokohama BoB E3J;: LL ✓s ~I.., INFO: (619) 427-5759 SATURDAY APRIL 8, 1989 Dilstvnma Aprll 1989 Page 17

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Rich Sevenon Named Sportsman of the Year at Desert Championship Awards Banquet Phot.os: 3-D Phot.ography , ... The Pro Division class winners ·lined up en masse fo1•r•t•h•e"'y"'ear end portrait, after the presentations. Guess which one they call "Stretch." This Is the system run by most off road race winners TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 Page 18 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED If there's one guy that stands out in the American Desert Rac-ing Association, it's probably Rich Severson. He's at least six-foot-six! He's also the ADRA's "Sportsman of the Year" for the off road division after winning the vote at the 1988 Desert Champ-ionship Awards Banquet, held February 18 at the luxurious Pointe Tapatio resort in Phoenix, Arizona. This year's banquet honored all the champions from both the off road and motorcycle/ A TV di-visions, and about 500 people turned out. Over $15,000 in door prizes were up for grabs, and dis-plays included a big set up from the Bureau of Land Management, the Randall Racing Class 2 Ford 150, the Lorn Technical Class 2 Mazda/ Chaparral, and a Beard's Challenger as well as new motor-cycles and ATVs. A sight to see was the big Ford, with no front shocks, negotiating the garden path and steps leading to the ballroom before the ban-quet. It was really hopping to get up those stairs as the resort's 1 guests and management looked on with just a hint of apprehen-sion. Doors opened at five, and after an hour of socializing, we sat down to a great dinner. Presentations began along with dessert, and the BLM's Carol Hamilton gave ADRA an award from national director Robert Buford for ADRA's work in pro-tecting the "Bouse Fisherman" intaglio. Then came a few words from yours truly on Arizona's proposed OHV program, before the 1989 "Tire Wars" contin-gency programs were announced. Now it was time for ADRA special awards to those who con-tributed to makng the '88 Series a success. Yokohama Tires, to no one's surprise, was named "Off Road Contingency Donor of the Year," with a plaque being pre-sented to Yokohama's Bob Mount for all his support. Beard's SuperSeats won the "Off Road Pit Support Team of the Year" for another year. Black's Dynamic Engines' Les Black earned the "Off Road Mechanic/Engine Builder of the Year" award and, to what some.called a "thunderous April 1989 i Rich Severson was voted "Sportsman of the Year" for the off road car division, and he won the Pro Class 4 Championship as well. ovation," yours truly received the Champions. Starting with Mini-"Off Road Journalist of the Year" Cycle racers and Beginner car award. Thanks, everybody! Espe- pilots, the presentati_on moved cially Jean Calvin, who gave me right along, but it was 11:00 by the encouragement to cover the time Rob McCabe posed by ADRA. BFG's Chuck Poulsen theremainingdoorofhisFordas then rolled in from Denver and let the Overall and Heavy Metal Pro everyone in on Team T / A's plans Points Champion. for '89. Then it was time for the big ADRA president Phil Auern- drawing. Well over a hundred heimer wrapped up the annuunce- companies, from Armstrong to ments with a real crowd pleaser: Yokohama, donated prizes up to "Sonoyta-to-Rocky Point" is and including a brand new 1989 back on the schedule and is now CR250 or TRX250 Honda. slated for November 18, 1989. Michael DeMarchand, uncle of Originally this year's edition was motorcycle ace Matt Krntta and going to be Rocky Point-to-with the McCabe Racing/Team Sonoyta, but popular opinion Bushshredders party won the won out and ADRA reversed the $4,000 plus grand prize and chose race to its traditional format. the snazzy FourTrax. With that, Now it was time for the crown- festivities wrapped up quickly as ing of the '88 Series Points it was a bit past midnight. ~-Danny oddr/11 smiled widely as he got the trophy for the Open Wheel and Pro Class 1 winning team of Jerry Finney and Danny Foddr/11. Ed Beard earned the Pro Class 10 top honors, and Beard's Superseats was named the "Off Road Pit Support Team of the Year" as well. Dusty Times

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Dr. BIii Cook displays the handsome plaque awarded to ihe winners. He was the victor In the hotly contested Pro Class 2 points battle. Carol Hamilton presented ADRA with a national award from BLM Director Robert Buford for Its work In protecting the "Bouse Fisherman" Intaglio. The big red Ford from Randall Racing drew lots of curious onlookers before, during and after the banquet. It departed with a roar also. Though the banquet was held in mid-February and wrapped up a little late, ADRA still ended '88 with a roar: Randall Racing fired the big Ford up at about 1 a.m. and drove it out of the hotel! AMERICAN DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION 1988 DESERT CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES POINTS CHAMPIONS PRO DIVISION Overall: Rob McCabe Closed Wheel: Rob McCabe Open Wheel: Flnney/Foddrlll Class 1 Finney/Fbddrill Team Jim Travis Robert Gayton Class2 Dr. Bill Cook Gary Anderson Brown/Brown Team Class4 Severson/Pierce Team Hinds/Erickson Team Bell/Laycock Team Class5 Pete Sohren 3urghouVBurghout Team Jack Dinsmore Class 5/1600 Chuck Edwards Dean Whitaker Port Campbell Class 7 Ed McClain Class 8 Rob McCabe Frank Turben Mann/ Howard Team Class 10 Ed Beard Foley/Underdown Team Oswskey/Woods Team Class 1/2-1600 Weiser/Wester Team Jim Borel Wayne Greene 111rc·~·c···~-~-~~-;-~-:;;·~;-~s-o~---s~·i·~;}jr········· :;::: Includes "Tall" Master ::::: Dusty nmcs Cylinders with "E-Z Fill" . ~ Caps! . #204SDT Racing Brake $219.95 #340S-T Clutch Pedal w/Slave Cylinder $124.95 All Racers Receive 15% OFF Our Everyday Low Price! Challenger DimmetVAnderson Team Lee/Lee Team Morrow/Pierpont Team SPPRTSMAN DIVISION Overall: Feldman/Harden ClaH 1 Feldman/ Harden Robert Wood Class 2 Doug Boelman Travis/League Team Keith Alger Cla115 Jeff Hustin Keith Jaeger Clay Clark Class 5/1600 Woods/Heintz Team Charles Lamar Ron Gardner Cla117 Mi~e Taylor Blow-Out Sale Sizes 15x3½, 15x5¾, 15x6 (5 Lug VW Pattern) Your Choice - $109.95 Ea. While Supplies Last! DIEST SALE! ALL PHONE ORDERS CALL (818) 969-7967 April 1989 Cla118 Jack Bailey Class 10 Albert Mc~ullen Jim Allison Higgins/Cada Team BEGINNER DIVISION Overall: John MIies · Unllmlted Omar Adams Bill Krug Jr. Craig Bell Limited John Miles Cohen/ Bennett Travis Sellers Challenger John Raitter Michael Kuretich Scott McKay Class 1600 Ltd. Troy Churchman Ed Faulkner Ben Pierpont _ _ #3102_ 1 ½ Bobcat -Chrome $70.00 Class 1/2-1600 Bill Krug Sr. _ Bob Burns Mike and Dale DeMarchand won the top drawing prize, and they chose a new Honda Fourtrax, quite a dandy grand prize for a door prize. Page 19

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'IHI RIGHT srAT VIEW OF fllE PARIS-DAKAR An Interview vlith Bruno Berglund · Text & Phoros: Matin Holmes Bruno Berglund is the long time co-driver of Ari Vatanen, and in this interview he describes some of the unique needs and aids it takes to compete on an event like the Paris-Dakar. The Peugeot 405 Turbo 16isamazeoftechnology, not only from a mechanical aspect aimed to create reliability and high performance over the desert wastes, but also electronically with the aim of enabling that performance to be used - in the right direction. Ari Vatanen is the man responsible for taming the power, but the person given the task of harnessing the energies of Vatanen is his co-driver Bruno Berglund. In front of Berglund's seat there is a dashboard full of instruments, but in a quiet reflective moment Bruno was heard to say that even these days · TRI-MIL there is nothing to beat a good map! Does he really mean that? How much of the world of desert navigation is down to map reading these days? It's a great help. Any small problem you may have can often be got around if you have a map. . For all the quantity of technical help, it is always down to the navigator to decide exactly which way you should go. There will always be tillles when you have to forget the instruments and rely on your own judgment. When you are at speed in the desert, how much of the time are you exactly sure where you are, and how much aren't you? In two years of marathon rallying I have only be·en really lost once. We lost an hour and a half. It was a terrible mistake, but DEIST SUPERTRAPP M-F 9-6 SAT 10-3 :c 0 C > GERMAN! m r-0 z 0 0. :E ::::> w z -..J a: w 1-z w 0 >< 0 ~ > cs: 3: I cs: I > cs: 3: Cl) ~ 0. cs: :E cs: :c 0 ~ 0 > Thing or Type 111 Rear Drums Also Type l's New backing plates available Pulsar Motorsport Batteries Large 135.00 Med. 115.00 _930 CV's 79. 95 Type 11 or :nz:: 49. 95 We ship UPS or Truck 12 point 3/8 CV Bolts 2" or 2 1/4" 1.10 each (619) 691-9171 Page IO ✓ VISA Mc" r-)> "'C )> :x, ;ii;; m :x, "'C C :!: "'C m :x, a, m )> ::z:, C Cl) -:!: "'C Cl) 0 z :!: )> Cl) -f. m :x, 0 :x, )> .,, -f Cl) Qo Cl) ;ii;; Qo z -you know if you don't make mistakes you never learn. Normally you know more or less where you are. Sometimes you have alternative routes; on the way from Termit to Agadez this year we came to sand dunes. We chose to keep to the left of them for a while before crossing them to the right. It took some time before we could do this. Both Ickx and us did this, whereas Frequelin had kept to the right hand route, and was surprised he got to the end of the stage having overtaken us, and never seen us. Particularly because of the height of the dunes you might have to go ·15 kilometers to make a detour of one kilometer. We were never lost, only not on exactly ·the right route. On that occasion when you were completely lost, what did eap/te a pair of roll overs, and getting loat, Ari Vatanen, with Bruno Berglund navigating the Peugeot 405 Turbo 16, won the eleventh edition of the Part,-Dakar Marathon laat January. ~~ ~ It was on last year's Paris-• !:c.""'!/ I Dakar. We had turned to the right Space Is tight In the co-driver', seat. Bruno Berglund Is stuffed Ina/de the 200 meters too early, when we Peugeot with his roadbook, helmet, and hand held Instruments a, well as the trip were leading by two or three m_e_t_ers_a_n_d_o_th_e_r_lt_e_m_s_o_n_t_he_d_as_h_. _____________ _ hours or so. We had turned into a made ·our way back by making a leaving a village, and if you don't valley. The road books said cliffs compensating correction. I think know which one to take, you were on the left and mountains on it is important not to follow other must jump out of the car and ask the right. It all looked good but people. If you are going back you which road goes to the village you then it was obvious we were will lose a lot of time. want. It is completely impossible wrong. There were a half dozen How many compasses do you to do this if you haven't prepared cars altogether. I was sure we were have in the car? a list beforehand. very nearly right, and I decided to I have two main ones fitted to How much information about keep going forward rather than the car which we use when the car the route do you receive from the turn back. Eventually I found on is moving and three others - a organizers? the map where we were and then binocular one and two hand ones. We have the road'book and a cut across to the right road. There are no possibilities of using photocopy set of 1 million maps You can't follow your way beacons like an airplane, and on which the route has already through the Sahara with a normal satellite type systems are specific-been marked. Competitors ro;i.d book. If you don't have ally forbidden, and they are very receive the road book for the first Tulip signs to follow, how do you slow to operate anyway. I check half in Paris and for the second know where to go? the compasses every morning half in Agadez. The road books You have two main sorts of before we start with my hand are not as big as last year, but still instructions. You are told ones, and this tells me how I it is maybe 800 pages in all. verbally what to do. For instance, should compensate the compasses So, what do you do inside the it may say 'follow d;i.e sand dunes during the day. But it can always car? on your right'. These give trouble, be difficult. It can, for example, be I have a map board like I would because one set of dunes follow correct west and south, but not have on a navigational rally back on to the next and you can never north and east. We expect to home in Sweden. I keep the map be really sure where you should operate to the nearest five on the board under a plastic go. Then there are the compass degrees. But a four degree wrapping,whichstopsyougetting ('Cap') bearings, and of course variation over a 200 kilometer it filthy dirty, the road book in my the instructions are coupled by stretch amounts to 14 kilometers. hand and I use trip meters to the usual total and interim But what happens if the followtheinstructions.Andthen, distances. These demand a compasses conflict with each just like we are in a secret forest different sort of approach. You · other? rally, I look into the distance for must constantly make correc-The troubles seem to come thebestdirectiontoaimforwhile tions; how far did we go in the when we make a big change· in Ari focuses his eyes on the wrong direction, so what correc- 'direction, maybe of ninety obstructions immediately ahead. tionshouldwemaketoregainthe degrees. Ifwe sense the compass You soon get to learn about correct position? doesn't follow our turn, then I get things. Grass or trees mean there On the second day, in Libya, out and check it by hand. This is will be some bumps near them. you knew you had taken the very unusual, however. If we have Lighter colors in the sand warn wrong turn because you found to stop for some reason, maybe to you of soft patches, darker colors other people coming back check the tires, then I take the of bumps. You are looking for towards you. How did that chance to take a hand reading. everything. You are always happen? How far in advance do you looking for mountains in the WhenwesawpeoplelikeJacky know the route? distance; your map will show Ickx and Henri Pescarolo coming We have two types of maps, 1 · where they are, and you are back we sensed something was million scale and 200,000 scale. I looking for the shortest route to wrong! Things weren't going well mark the distances from the road the mountains. It is always easy to that morning. My door kept booksattheplacesicanrecognize navig~te when you can aim for a coming open, then we had to stop on 1 million scale maps and add landmark visually. and change a wheel, and a themainheadingswherewecross Whattechnicalinstrumentsare helicopter had smashed our rear open areas. Then, on the 200,000 at your disposal? bodywork with its down draft. In scale maps I check as much as I I have sixteen or eighteen the confusion I made the mistake can against the road book. When instruments in front of me. There as well. Basically we were told to we get to more populated areas in are four fuel tanks, we have gauges keep to the left of some trees, the later sections of Paris-Dakar, I to check the fuel consumption. whereas the big main piste went to note the names of the villages Every day we must check we don't the right, and there was no which we must pass. I cross them start using fuel too fast. If we do, warning sign to alert you. We off when I pass them because one we just have to slow down to get realized the error because the next can often get lost in them. There through. There are gauges for the instruction was missing:_ But, we can easilr be five different roads exhaust temperature, water April 1989 Dusty nmes

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radiator, the MTM tire computer which controls the pressure and the temperatures, the two compasses, and there are five trip meters ( two twin ones) and ? speed computer, though on the stages we :ust want to get there as quickly as we can! But what happens, as in Libya, when you are in danger of covering a section inside the bogey time? I misjudged this, but actually I was afraid to ask Ari to slow down because the maps showed the last 100 km to Tumu would be mountair,ous and presumably slower. We traversed the first 325 km at an average of 178 kph, which included a delay of three minutes or so stopping to look for a passage check. But, you could not be sure of the conditions of the remaining 100 km or so. That passage control in Libya was a problem. It was supposed to be at a fort with four trees on the left which we could not see. I asked Ari to go further left; we eventually found the fuel dump If the desert navigation seems tough for a car navigator, check out the equipment a rider must watch while guiding his motorcycle through the unknown and unmarked tracks. Dustynma y l5o c2.:: ~ 1o,"+g·,;n :=ro 1,2.. While the driver rests, the co-driver works In his office. Bruno Berglund Is preparing his maps for the following day In the desert while the Peugeot Is attended to mechanically. Bruno points to the Item on the Tu/Ip Instructions where several drivers were lost In Libya which says "Keep to the left", but It didn't work. tor the motorcycles and without warning found the passage control marshal as well. The longest section of the event was Tumu to Dirkou, 732 km. Were you in danger of running out of fuel? No, we consumed 425 liters and we had another 25 left over. That was enough! It wasn't so frightening as it sounded. We went flat out over the last 100 km and consumed a lot of fuel. If we had been worried we would have slowed down on that section. Have you and Ickx decided to run together to look after each other? Obviously we do this when the conditions are tricky, because four people are better than two if you are in danger of getting stuck in the sand. It is nice to have someone with you, because you never know what tomorrow will be like. You have never been there! How have you improved your techniques over the years? I learned a lot last year. I had never traveled at those sort of speeds in the desert before. I April 1989 realized you had to be very well prepared from the beginning. You have to prepare the maps and things the day before; you can't leave things like that to the last minute. You try to understand what you will be doing; you try to visualize where the mountains are in relation to you. I look out for things like lakes and rivers, even if they are off the route, so I can be alerted if I suddenly find them unexpectedly. It is important to know exactly where you are if something goes wrong. It is very important to be prepared with your maps in advance. Any special tips? One tip is when you are lost, never go back, always go forward if you can. If you go back and then go forward again you lose a lot of time. Unless you are completely hemmed in by mountains it is always quicker to keep going on, even if it is the wrong direction, and then cut across. What is the best training for a co-driver for this sort of event? Last year J uha Piironen said it was a great help having been a sailor. It is much better to have been a soldier. I was in the Swedish army, and having a battalion behind you for whom you are responsible and showing them the right way is daunting. When you have to get so many people to the right place at night, through the forests, in the snow on skis; it is far more terrible than navigating on the Paris-Dakar for Peugeot. People ask me if Ari gets angry if I make a mistake. It is far more taxing on your character to ask an army company to · turn around than to ask Ari! Someone could be a super co-driver for normal world championship events, but you need navigational background to do well here. You have to have the feeling for the unexpected. In Libya, for example, the maps were not very good; they had been prepared just from aerial surveys, which means they are only .accurate for locating buildings and mountains. Do you think there is a more _ difficult test for a co-driver than a marathon like Paris-Dakar? No, I don't think there can be. Page 11

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GRAN CARRERA DE SAN FELIPE Larry Martin Takes Overall Car HoQors at the Series Opener By Horru..,.,. Eubanks Photos: Homer Eubanks/Baja Promotions .. Lonny Hawkins dug his old Funco out of the shed In San Felipe and ran strong In Class 1-2, driving all the way to win the class after the early leader retired . ' Brent MIiier and Skip Brandt survived a badly missing engine problem to finish all four laps, and they wound up second In Pro 1 and 2 class . ... ◄ ... ' "' .. ._, ... -~:..,)l,>-_-1-_"""' .... ..,;:. Larry Martin sc~~~d big In his new Cheno:,h, taking third ~vera~I for t~e entire g;:P~ fl;;t ;;erall In the c;?;ia~s;s7~;d he won Pro Class 1,2-1600, alfthls after having rolled on the first tap. Southern California has received its fair share of winter weather this year; therefore the Baja Promotions series opener, the Gran Carrera De San Felipe, seemed an appropriate way to ~ escape this unusual winter won-derland. Armed with film, cama-ras, and a few dollars for T ecate we loaded up the dirt bikes and headed south for some fun. Now Baja California is known as being rough country, so when the front wheel picked up a bolt laying in the road and caused a flat on the old truck, I shouldn't have been surprised -but I was! A quick pit stop and away we went even more determined to enjoy the race. We felt we now had more of an excuse to down extra Tecates. The weather couldn't West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND -OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE OUR PRICE $695.00 Per Set 2 Ratio's Available Valley Perfonnance McKenzie Performance Products 3700 Mead Ave. 12945 Shennan Way #5 Las Vegas, NV 89102 North Hollywood, CA 91605 702/873-1962 818/764-6438 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Pagcn have been more enjoyable and · everyone in attendance enjoyed the racing and the partying. Most of the racers attending this 250 mile event, which con-sisted of four loops, agreed the course was a lot of fun, and was made up of equal amounts of fast and of rough sections. A total of ~ 89 teams entered, and they were divided into 22 categories - 1 7 being four wheelers and there were five motorcycle classes. First overall honors went to the team of Dan Worley and Todd McKay as they brought their Pro Open Husqvarna motorcycle around the course in 5 :01 :52. The first four wheel vehicle title and third overall went to Larry Martin going solo in his 1600 Chenowth. His elapsed time was 5:29:58. Second overall was a Kawasaki 500 ridden the entire race by Paul Ostbo who turned in an elapsed racing time of 5:06:46. Fourth overall went to the Honda motor-cycle team of Tim Morton and Brian Schmuckle, coming in 6.32 minutes behind Martin. Fifth" overall and first place in the Sportsman Open MC class was the team of Matias Arjona and Oscar Hale Jr. riding a 250 Honda. In the Pro 1 and 2 class stand-ings the race appeared to belong to Gregg Symonds from the beginning, and overall honors looked promising also. Symonds started his two seat Raceco at 7 :31 and took the class lead from Bill Ihde and Bill Burch, in a Donsco, -before Checkpoint 2. At the end of lap one Symonds had a com-fortable 10 minute lead over second running Lonny Hawkins in a single seat Funco, and Gregg was only three minutes from the overall lead. The Class 1 Chen-myth driven by Brent Miller and Skip Brandt was a minute behind April 1989 ',t':v> ~· ~ John Grimes and Marco Lopez drove four very consistent laps In their two seat 1600, and finished the race a strong second In Pro 1-2-1600 class. Cat Cotner and John Cook had a trouble free race, stopping only for gas In the Chenowth, and they won the Sportsman Class 1-2-1600 competition, leading all four taps. Rafael Echegollan and Marlo Reynoso had a good day In their two seat Chenowth, running well all the way to second In Sportsman Class 1-2-1600. Dusty nma

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Gregg Symonds led the car group overall most of the distance, but Just 20 ml/es from the finish 1/ne glory, the Type 4 engine let go In the Raceco. The Toyota of Bob and Kevin Tll/lard led the first lap In Pro 3, 6, 7 4x4 action, lost the engine on the second lap, but st/II were second In class. Carlos and Alfredo Bernaldez won the Sportsman Class 3, 6, 7 4x4 honors In the Dodge D-50, even though they fa/led to finish the last lap. ,,,.., .•,,;,,.· ,~ First in Sportsman 1 and 2 class was the Chenowth driven by Bob and Ken Reamer and Dale Shu-bert. The team recorded the vic-tory after being the only class entry and blowing their engines 25 minutes into the race. Larry Martin, besides placing third overall, first overall car, took the win in the Pro 1-2-1600 class by consistently turning hour and 20 minute laps. Martin suf-fered a rollover on the first lap near check 3, but said "It came -·'%,~. .,,.,, .. ~ - • ...,., The team of Lance Marlin, Norma Hilton and Ed EveT,;ii J;. and Sr. took the Pro Classes 3, 6, 7 4x4 lead In the Chevy S-10 on the second lap and held on to win the class. back up on its wheels, bent some sheet metal, but nothing broke." Second in class went to John Grimes and Marco Lopez. They covered the four laps in 5:56:58 which was 27 minutes slower than Martin. Third place Jerry Rice only completed half of the second lap, and fourth was Andres Estrada, whose Baja Specs buggy lost the distributor cap and failed after check 3 on the first lap. in third, followed by Ihde/Burch in a Coyote Pinto. And 26 min-utes behind the class leader came Guadalupe Perez V. and Jose San-tos Perez V. in an older Hi Jumper. On the second lap Symonds was leading second place Hawkins by nearly 14 minutes. The Perez team had moved into third with Miller/Brandt fourth. On the third lap Team Perez made it to check 4 and broke. Symonds was still in the lead, turning in a lap of 1 :20:27 over second running Hawkins' 1:31:03. Symonds held his lead into the fourth and final lap, until he passed check 4, and began hearing grinding noises coming from the engine compartment, only about 20 miles from pay dirt. With Symonds being towed to the pits, Lonny Hawkins, a real name from the past, inherited the class lead and went on to win Pro 1 / 2 with an overall elapsed time of 6:04:33. Hawkins had lost a coil wire on the first lap, but was able to get things back together for the win. Second place went to Brent Miller / Skip Brandt with a time of 6:25:52. A broken axle on lap 1 cost them 20 minutes. Third plac-ing Bill Ihde and Bill Burch came in a tad over 15 minutes later. ~--=-~ Cal Cotner and co-driver John Cook piloted their Chenowth to the Sportsman 1-2-1600 victory after finishing the race with a time of 6:38:09. The duo said they had the legendary ride, "just stop and put gas in." Second place Rafael Echegollan and Mario Reynoso drove their Chenowth in second for the first two laps, but were passed by eventual third placing Russell Root/ Randall Persky on lap 3. But Root and Persky had troubles on the last lap between checks 3 and 4, and allowed Eschegollan to take second place. Fourth was the two seater of Raul Sanchez-Diaz, Cesar Dorantes, Aurelio Serrano, Luis Legy and Ruben De La Pena. Pro Classes 3, 6, 7 4x4 and 14 were grouped together and com-bined had only three entries. It took 9: 12:49 for the Chevrolet S-10 of Lance Martin/Norma Hilton and Ed Everett Jr. and Sr. to finish all four laps and win the class. Early on the race appeared to belong to Bob and Kevin Til-liard in a Toyota 4x4. They led the first lap by four minutes and were Perry Mc Nell and a trio of co-drivers got the F-150 Ford home the winner In Pro Classes 4, 7, 8, despite a pair of flats and loss of power steering on the last lap. holding their own until the engine expired after check 4 on the second lap. Getting only to check 2 on lap 1, third went to the Mar-cos Hernadez team of five drivers in a Dodge Ramcharger. Ernesto and Mlsael Arambula led all four laps In the eight Bug Pro Class 5-1600, and they won the tight running class by a fu/120 minutes/ Dusty Times In the Sportsman 3, 6, 7 4x4 class Charles Bernaldez and ii Miguel Ley along with Alfredo Bernaldez and Gabriel Malgama drove their Dodge Ramcharger to victory by completing three laps with a time of 8:54. Their closest competition was Luis Bernaldez, Jose Carlos Gonzalez and Salva-dor Villavicencio whose three lap time was 9:26:40. There were six starters in Pro Class 4, 7, 8, and the win went to -Perry McNeil, Pedro Flores, Rodymiro Amaya, and Jesus Munos. They drove their F-150 April 1989 Ford home in 6:28:51 to take the class honors. They took the lead on the first lap and overcame two flat tires and loss of power steer-ing on the last lap for the win. The second place spot changed owners nearly every lap, but when the checkered flag came out it was for Alex Bourland and Jeff Stomers. Third place honors were earned by Bob and Lila Ewing and Bill Norton in a 1988 Chevrolet pickup. They experienced some difficulties on the second and third laps, but seemed to have things together on ~the fin;tl hp t_Q post an overall time of 8:09:14. Fourth in class went to Diego Bel-tran with co-drivers Javier Cas-taneda, Oscar and Indalecio Her-nandez with a time of 9: 18:30. Beny and Mary Canela went three laps in their Ford before dropping out while running in third place. Josuf Castillo and Arturo Morett managed to win Sports-man Class 4, 7, 8 by making it past check 4 before destroying the front end on their Class 4 GMC. The Toyota of Jorge Sierra and Victor Preciado, co-driven by Bernard or 00 00 00 [? D [[J 00 DESERT LOCK OUTER 3.000 WIDE OUTER FOR SUPER STRENGT 8 • 1.125 HOLES TO REDUCE DIRT BUILD-UP. Standard Lock Outer hread re Located ff Inner Ring Red Anodize Co·nstructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength • At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing • All parts are available separately *In stock - Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" UNLIMITED SPORT TRUCK BAJA BUG 13" MIDGET 8"-10" MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIFIED MIDGET WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 0" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax Page 13

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.. , ' ~4 k, Bob and LIia Ewing and BIii Norton had a good first and last lap In the GMC, trouble on the middle laps, but they were third In Pro 4, 7, 8. Ray Gastelum and co-drivers Ricardo Melendrez and Ricardo Gonzalez were up and down the charts, but finished a strong second In Pro Class 5-1600. Gordon Cline and Wes Harris were second In Pro Class 10, despite a cracked head. Here co-drivers Madeline Bullman & Marie Sayles help make repairs that didn't hold for distance. 1J1r Ramos and Bryant Hibbs was second in the two rig class, completing only three sections of the first lap. One of the longest times recorded from the start to check 1 had to be that of Rudy Cortez in the Pro 5 class. He took 4:26:30 for an average of 3.3 mph for his efforts. However, being the only car in class earned him the win for the day. The Sportsman 5 top honors went to Al and Denise Woener. The couple drove their Playas El Verdel sponsored sedan all four laps for a total time of 9:24:35. The Pro 5-1600 class started with eight Bugs and five of those completed all four laps. First in class went to Ernesto and Misael Arambula. They did all four laps in the lead and bettered second place by 20 minutes. Second went to Ray Gastelum and co-drivers Ricardo Melendrez and Ricardo Gonzalez. They fell to fourth on laps 2 and 3 but regained position by the checkered. Third place went to Guillermo Quintero and Francisco Ortiz. After starting eighth on the grid, they were fifth on the second lap and took third on lap 3. They rolled on the first lap and lost the hood and front fenders. Later they had three flats and drove the last 20 miles on three wheels. Their four lap time was 7: 13:03 for an average of 33.2 mph. Miguel Pabloff and Ernest Araiza teamed with Rosario Vega De Pabloff to earn fourth in class in 7:36:35. After starting in third, and at one time pushing for the lead, the team of Alejandro, Isaac, Irina and Amanda Chapluk and Moises Hernandez went four laps in 7:53:19 for fifth place. The three Sportsman 5-1600 entries began leaving the line at 7:53. First to come back after completing all four laps were Eric, Jorge and Guillermo Muller and Dagoberto Rodriguez, who aver-aged 27.9 mph with their time of 8:34:22. The Hussongs Cantina Bug driven by Federico Montes and Carlos Taboada took second place with a time of 9:43:30. Third went to Javier and Miguel Quintero. They led the first two laps, and fell to second on lap 3. They retired at check 3 on lap 4, after eight hours of racing. Daniel Mora, with the help of co-drivers Eric Fisher, Ramon Avellano and Oscar Ibarra won the Pro Challenger Class with an overall time of 7:08:51. The winners started last in class, suf-fered a couple of collapsed shocks, but were secbnd before the first lap ended. They held second until the end oflap 3 when they captured the lead. Early lead-ers Ruben Garcia and Jose Pimen-tel lost their lead when an extended pit stop let Mora take Page 14 Even though they started last, Daniel Mora and his three co-drivers came back strong from serious shock troubles to take the lead on the last lap and win the Pro Challenger (Class 9) honors. over. But they held on to second place, their four laps done in 9:02: 17. Third went to Alfredo and Adolfo Arambula and Rog-elio Cerrado. The threesome failed to get to the last check oflap 4, and retired in 8: 17. In the Pro Class 10 event, the only entry to cover the full four laps was the Raceco Rabbit of Glenn Wolfe and John Brooks. The pair averaged one hour, 28 minute laps to cover the 250 mile course in 5:53:58. Second place went to Gordon Cline and Wes Harris with co-drivers Madeline Bullman and Mark Sayles. They cracked a head and lost a spark plug, and therefore they pulled the push rods and drove off with three cylinders. But, they later retired after 4:38:30 track time. The Sportsman Class 10 trophy was won by Bob and Tom Fetters with Chris Bonita, Mau-reen Perucci, Karl Sherman and Raymond Diltz. The two seat Jimco went two and a half laps before retiring. Fetters had trou-ble from the start and took nearly an hour to reach check 1. They worked out the problems for lap 2 but their race ended after check 2 oflap 3, with a total racing time of 4:37. Second went to Thumper and Mike McDowell and Paul Day. They could get only one lap out of their Funco Hustler before retiring in less than two hours. The lone entry in Pro Class 11 was Temoc Nocteruma, Sergio Moltezuma and Guillermo Gar-cia. They covered only 40 miles in two hours, 53 minutes. The Sportsman Class 11 had six· entries. Hector Maymes and Jesus Mercado completed the two designated laps in 4:12:50 and reported "no problems, no flats, no stuck, perfect race." The second place finishers were Enrique, Alberto and Gelus Ava-los. They suffered about an hour down time on the first lap due to a bad set of ignition points, but reported no more problems in fin-ishing the race, which they did in 5:43:54. Third went to Pablo and Cesar Zepeda and Gabriel Lamah. They had trouble in the first sec-tion of lap 2 and lost an hour. Once back on course they kept things together for a total racing time of 6:51 :48. Fourth went to Miguel Hard and Paco Paredes; they averaged 12 mph over the 125 mile course as they spent 9:59:3 7 racing. Besides winning overall, Dan Worley won his Pro Open MC class by five minutes. Worley's average speed for the day was 4 7. 7 mph. Paul Ostbo was second and April 1989 Tim Morton/Brian Schmuck le The Pro ATV winner was took third. Dusty Burmell/ Greg Row after A total of 12 entries started the covering the course in 5:55:27 on Sportsman Open MC event. a Honda. Second went to Mike Matias Arjona and Oscar Hale Jr. Vondouris and Delmar Foote. took top honors with a time of The top Sportsman winner was 5 :46: 10 on a Honda. Second the team of Bruce Carroll and place went to Octavio Valle, Karla Struckew. Their time was Manuel Luna and Rogerio 6:29:06, also riding a Honda. Ampudia in 5:49:37. Third went Second went to Guy Kopperud to Juan Ortiz and Sergio Vega. with a time of 7:07:53. The Sportsman Limited honors The next car event from Baja were won by Craig Hide and Jason Promotions is the T ecate Gran Ferrar on a Can-Am. Tom Wav-Prix, June 17, near Tecate, B.C. erly managed second place. Mexico in the high country. Improved manufacturing technology allows us to offer 01JrNew System Jl power steering assembfy at an economical price. This com,plete lightweight system consiscs of all new components and includes a properly pressured steel pump, brackets, pulley, belt, valve, ram, fluid tank and necessary hardware for easy installation. Compare our price and quality with other AmaJlufacturers' systems. You can rely on our System II to steer you right-Bob Gordon, Doug Fortin, Spencer Low and the McMillins do! Call or write today for additional information. Unique Metal Products 8745 Magnolia Santee, California 92071 619/449-9690 Dusty nmcs

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For the name of your nearest General Tire Motorsports Specialist, call 1-800-255-2550. -

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'IHE MCIRIDES SNORE BOTTOM DOLLAR Tommy and Kitty Bradley Win the Season's Fint Race Photos: Don Dayton Tommy and Kitty Bradley took the lead In combined Classes 1 and 2 on the third lap, set fast lap of the race, and Increased the lead to a goodly margin, winning the class and overall honors handily. The Southern Nevada Off Apex highway about five miles this issue. Road Enthusiasts traditionally north of the Las Vegas Speedrome, Since we were unable to attend open their season with the Bottom site of the start of the 1989 the Las Vegas race, we don't know Dollar race and a pancake Binion'sMint400.Whiletheyhad iftheyranoutofpancakesornot breakfast, free to all participants. a husky entry last December, the prior to the driver's meeting, but They started the 1989 Yokohama club expected 30 to 40 starters for we do know that the morning Series on February 18, in the same the event last February, knowing registration area was jammed, and area of desert where they finished that the Superstition Series from a full 80 entries started the race. off the 1988 series, parts of the old FR T started the same day with the Because all registration is done Mint 400 course. This time they King of the Desert race near El race morning, and this race was a put the start/ finish area off the. Centro, CA, covered elsewhere in no-pre-run affair, the backlog caused the event to start nearly an hour late, unusual for S ORE. Because the race course was about 25 miles long, the starting procedure was shortened from the norm to one car every 15 seconds Don and Matt McBride, who sponsored the race, ran well all the way to second In Class 1-2, and a keen second overall In the Raceco/Porsche. Aaron Hawley and family made It a two seat sweep In unlimited ranks, taking third In the class, although they fa/led to get In the final lap. The team of Kevin McGi/1/vray, Don Angel,. Jim Wagner and Greg Shapiro led all but one of the eight laps In Class 10, and they led when it counted at the checkered flag. in order to get them all safely off the line before the leaders, who were doing laps just over half an hour, returned. The course led northerly on the west side of 1-15 to the first pit area near Highway 93. A right turn down the washes was next on a trail that paralleled 93 for a couple of miles before , weaving its way south and east The lead changed constantly among the 19 In Class 1-2-1600, and Brad Maurer went from third to first on the last lap to win the class, by less than two minutes, and place fourth overall. back to the finish line. As always Classes 1 and 2 were combined for purse but not for points, and a hefty 11 starters were weve written the book on Off Road. We've completed the most comprehensive catalog of race-proven parts ever. From the people who have put more Off Road drivers in the Winner's Circle than anyone else. Whether it's a simple Dzus button or an elabo-rate race-ready engine. Call, write, carrier pigeon, anything. But do it now. Or you'll be at the back of the pack. PERFORMANCE FOR YOUR FAT PERFORtv1ANCE CATALOG. SEND S5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE. DEPT. DT. 1558 NO CASE ST .. ORANGE. CA 92667. OR CALL(714)637-2889 PagcH •FAT Racing Parts •Centerline Wheels • Bilstein Shocks •Sway-A-Way • Perma-Cool •S&S Headers • Weber Carbs •IPF Lights •JaMar Products • Wright Place • Tri-Mil Exhaust •Gem Gears • Beard Seats •Simpson Safety •Super-Trapp •Yokohama Tires • Petro-Tech 2000 April 1989 . t t.:. ~f·-. "' Kenny Freeman Jr. kept his 1-2-1600 up front all day, led for three laps, but dropped a few minutes on the last round and finished second. Brent and Jim Bell led the first three laps In Class 1-2-1600, slowed a tad In the middle laps and finished third by Just 17 seconds. Dusty nmcs

Page 27

on the line, seven of them two seaters. Alas, the pace was so swift that several contenders broke, ; others ran out of time, and only two cars finished all eight laps. Jim Barbeau had his Class I out front with a 32:32 on the first lap, and it was also the class first lap. But Jim Bunty turned a 32:48; and Aaron Hawley was in with 33:36, followed by both Troy Herbst and the team of Tim Bell/ Jack Ham both at 34:07. Kent Lothringer and company, here closlnR on BIii Witt's Meco, took the lead WIii and Frank WIiiiams, one of two starters In Class 5, covered four laps before In Class 5-1600 on the fourth lap, and they stretched It to a 22 minute margin Barbeau held his lead with a "' 32:43 second lap, but Tommy Bradley did fast lap of the day in > his two seater, 32:22 to move into second just over a minute back on total time. Bell/ Ham were next, about three minutes back on total time with Jim Bunty / Pat Galliher and Gary Waller less than another minute behind, but that team was seen no more, and two others were already missing. Tommy Bradley took a slim lead, 51 seconds, over Barbeau on lap 3, Herbst was down for about 45 minutes, Hawley dropped ten minutes, and Bell/ Ham held third while Don and Matt McBride moved into fourth, back about five more minutes. After such a fine start, Jim Barbeau was out on lap 4. Midway the Bradley team was in command, holding a seven minute l~ retiring, the only one left running and the winner. for the victory after six rounds. --------------------------1 ea d on Tim Bell and Jack Ham, survivors held through seven laps, The checkered flag flew over and the McBrides were third, but both Hawley and Herbst were · Kevin McGillivray, Don Angel, another nine minutes down. lapped on the eighth go, and not Jim Wagner, and Greg Shapiro, Hawley was only three minutes allowed to start their final laps. their two seater not only winning further back, and Thomas Wood They placed third and fourth Class 10, setting fast class lap, but was up to fifth while Troy Herbst respectively. placing third overall. Herman was on the comeback trail. Tommy and Kitty Bradley Salaz survived to finish eight laps The fifth lap was the last for slowed a tad on the final round, for second, and ninth overall. Wood, and four were still running but only five minutes off their A herd of 19 left the line in Class after six rounds. Now Tommy and quick lap, and won the class and 1-2-1600, and two were out on the Kitty Bradley led Don and Matt overall honors with total time of first lap. This herd.ran so tight, we McBride by 19 minutes, while 4:37:26. Don and Matt McBride, can't be sure who was leading Aaron, Kelli and Stephen Hawley with riders Claude Bradley and when, but out front on lap I were were up to third, and Bell and Rick West finished the race in Brent and Jim Bell, 37:17. Then Ham had front-end troubles, 4:52·: 12, second in class and came Bekki and Ken Freeman, dropped well back and retired overall, and both teams were in 37:27, Brad Maurer, 37:36, Mike Snodgrass/ Ross Shurtliff, 37:39_, and Paul Kline, 37:53. Half the field was along in the next two minutes. The Bell two seater led lap 2, Bekki Freeman was second, three seconds ahead of brother Kenny Jr. and in fourth came Darren Wilson, tagged by Brad Maurer. All these cars were under a 2½ minute blanket on ET. Darren Wilson did fast lap for the class on the third go, 36:29 a_nd moved into third, half a minute behind Ken Freeman, Jr. who was 40 seconds back of i;.,. after six laps. The order of the two seat cars. ..---------------------------It was the best showing for a long time in Class l 0, with nine on the line, but two never completed a lap. The team of Kevin McGillivray, Don Angel, Jim Wagner and Greg Shapiro shot off the line and came back in the lead at 34: 11. Steve Rebeil/ Larry Job were next at 35:12, followed in one second by John Ellenburg, with Brian Collins just another eight seconds back. This was going to be a real· race, but one contender, Herman Salaz lost 16 minutes somewhere in the desert. THE WRIGHT PLACEk COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! Rich ersch and Darryl lbson led the early laps In Class 5-1600, set class rast lap, but lost 40 minutes In down time and finished second. The McGillivray team held the lead on lap 2, Collins moved to second, a mere second up on Rebeil/ Job. Ellenburg was next at I: 14:09 total time, trailed by Mike Petersen/ Scott Skochenko, I: 14:46. The order on lap 3 was McGillivray, Rebeil, Collins, then Petersen, a mere eight seconds up on Ellenburg. But Rebeil/ Job were gone on the fourth lap. Halfway Brian Collins took the lead by a minute over McGillivray, and Ellenburg was another minute back in third, now about ten minutes up on Petersen. But, neither Collins nor Ellenburg were seen again, and the Kurt Schindler entry also vanished. On lap 5 McGillivray's team regained the lead, seven minutes up on Petersen/ Skochenko, who retired ~ ""' on the next round, and Herman Mike Klinger and Thomas Steckbeck sail past the downed 1600 of Howard Salaz was well back but running Gregory en route to fourth In 5-1600 action with four laps completed. third now. Dusty nma April 1989 The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adjustments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 17

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Defending overall points ;hamp Bryan Pennington nailed fast Challenger lap "' • • • on the first round and he never looked back en route to victory In the huge, 24 Robert Kleber and Danny Oll;e; ran '"up.., front all the way In the Cha/Ieng;, car Challenger Class. contest, and they whipped home second under the checkered flag. i Sleve Hunter congratulates his son Dan on finishing his first race, on three wheels. Steve said he hadn't raced for about 15 years. _. leader Brent Bell. Mid way, if we added right, eleven were still running and Hrent and Jim Bell led Freeman Jr. by a minute and a half. Bekki and Ken Freeman were back over a minute in third and Wilson was less than a minute behind them, but out of the race on the next lap. Moving into fifth, another minute down were John Lamoreaux and Marty Letner. It was still a very The trucks run together for purse In SNORE races, and Andy and Joe Stlx got the Toyota around all six laps to win the top money and Class 7 points as well. the lead at 4:28:49, followed by squeaker as Brent and Jim Bell Brent and Jim Bell, 4:31 :51, Brad scored 5: 15:45, third in class and Maurer,4:33:21, Lamoreaux/Letner, sixth overall, followed in 5: 16:32. 4:35:08, and it was tight. by John Lamoreaux and Marty Freeman lost six minutes Letner, seventh overall. The last somewhere and Bell dropped four eight lap fihisher, fifth in class and minutes on the last lap. First eighth overall, was the team of under the checkered flag was Brad Bekki and Ken Freeman and Maurer with a total time of Kevin Gavette at 5:22:54. Two 5:13:48, good for the big class more teams got in seven laps victory and fourth overall. Kenny before being waved off. close dice up front. Freeman Jr·. nailed second in Only two started in Class 5, class, fifth overall in 5: 15:28, a real with Tony and Shawn Howerton ,--------------------------------------scoring fast class lap on ·the first round, 42:54, but that was their Seven started the second half, the Bells dropped a couple of minutes handing the lead to Kenny Freeman Jr. but not by muc.h. Lamoreaux/ Letner were now third, another minute down, and Brad Maurer was up to fourth, back three minutes. Not much changed on lap 6 or 7 except that the Bekki and Ken Freeman car had some trouble and dropped time. Starting the last lap the order was Kenny Freeman-Jr. in ALLY'' AN AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE TO THE HIGH COST OF_ CONVERTING SEMI TRAILERS . FOR TRANSPORTING RACE CARS. COMPLETE CONVERSIONS AS LOW AS $19,995.00 only lap. The team of Will and ·Frank Williams, Michael Jones and M. Duenas covered four laps for the win in 4:35:22. The biggest class was Challenger, now called Class 9, with 24 starters. Defending overall points champion in the SNORE/ Yokohama Series, Bryan Pennington whipped off fast class lap on the first lap of 41 :54 for the early lead. Five were missing and Ronnie and Max Carter ran second at 45:59. In tight were Brian and Vicky Maginnis, 46:27, Robert Kleber/ Danny Oliver, 46:54, Steve Eversmeyer, 47:03, but that was his only lap, Dan and Steve Hunter, 47:06 and Dave Girdner, 47:19, plus several more in the next minute. Pennington held his lead on lap 2 of the six required for the class and three more were missing. Duane Smith/ Alen Winchester were next, about 2½ minutes back, followed closely by Maginnis who was ten seconds up on Hunter, and a minute back Tim Crain/ Dean Richner and Tom Cornwell were also ten seconds apart. Midway Pennington extended his lead to 14 minutes over Smith and Winchester who were a minute ahead of Crain/Richner, who were 19 seconds up on Cornwell, and others were very close too. On lap 4 Pennington's Valley Performance stormer had a total time of 2:57:06. Next came Smith/ Winchester, 3: 14:43, Kleber/Oliver, 3:16:51, and Crain/ Richner, 3:17:05, so it was a tight fight for second spot and it stayed tight through the next lap. Bryan Pennington didn't slow his pace much on the final lap, winning the big class in 4:31 :55, total time. Robert Kleber and Danny Oliver won the fight for second with a 4:52:54. Duane Smith, Alen Winchester and Kristine Von just got third at 4:57:48, just 11 secnds faster than Tim Crain and Dean Richner. Randy Lovejoy, Tim Gavett and Bruce Mangold stayed in the action for fifth at 5: 11: 15, just ahead of Tom Cornwell, 5:13:25, ... "" TIRE RACKS • WORK BENCHES CABINETS• LIGHTING• AWNINGS MULTIPLE CAR DESIGNS BIii and Lynn Dlckton led the truck group In their Class 4 Dodge for fo~r lap,, but a fifth lap disaster put them down a lap, finishing second. SIMPLE MODIFICATIONS TO COMPLETE CONVERSIONS HERN · Moto,sp 12323 WO_ODRUFF AVE.• DOWNEY, CA (714) 860-3822 PagcU April 1989 Don and Cathy Lindfors gave the Nevada desert a go In their Pro Rally Ford Ranger, and got In four laps for third place In the truck group. Dusty nma

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•,,.. .. ______ .♦ .,~ '( ".,..:~ _,_ ~ ..,~' •;:,_:"'~.J:~ i'~ ,._· ~ .. .-.h ~--w ,,,,,.._;,_,;,.....,..., w .;;~'.fc ~ :f~'0. ,.._<'_ ~--··~ ... -Checkpoint 4 In the gravel wash was down wind, happlly, as Bekki and Ken Freeman and Kevin Gavette ran second In Dejection ahowa In the cockpit of the Rich Ferach 5-1600 as Bekki Freeman leads eventual winner Brad Maurer here In Cla11 1-2-1600 action. the early laps In Cla11 1-2-1600, but they dropped to fifth crewmen try to fix the 40 minute problem, which dropped the after eight rounds. team to second In cla11. ---------------------who had troubles on lap 4. At 5:15:10, Dan and Steve Hunter were the seventh and final six lap finishers. . Mitchell went no farther, nor did Marty Pedi/ Monty Smith. Dickton easily led the next two laps, as the others slowed. But on lap 5 the Dodge did a 2:26:28 lap There were eight Class 5-1600 Bugs, and they all made the first lap. Out front was the team of • Rich Fersch/ Darryl Gibson at 40:15, followed in 26 seconds by the Patrick Lamke, Mike Lesle and Craig Thetford team. Mike Klinger/ Thomas Steck beck were third at 44: 14 followed closely by Kent Lothringer/ Gene Griepen-trog/ Paul Adcock at 44:28, and and retired. Lindfors was out after four laps. So Andy and Joe Stix were the winners, the sole survivors in the 4 and 7 group, doing the six laps in the good time of 5: IO: 15. Their lap times varied by just five minutes except for the midway pit stop, and consistency paid off in this class. After taking a break for the Binion?s Mint 400, the SNORE Series continues with the Twilight Race on May 27-28 in the Las Vegas area. Charles Lamar; Jim Brown, 44:58, but they soon retired. On lap 2 of the six rounds, Fersch/ Gibson set class fast lap at 39:27 to retain the lead. Lamke/ Les le held a strong second, and the Lothringer team stayed in third. Midway the Fersch/ Gibson team dropped 40 minutes in down time, and Lamke/ Lesle Jed with total time of 2:04: 17, but thev were not seen again. In second here at 2: 16: 14, Kent Lothringer had merely 18 seconds on Klinger/ Steck beck, but they were ten minutes up on Paul Klick/ Kevin Streety. Of the six running, nobody else was close. The fourth lap saw Lothringer take a four minute lead 'Over Klinger, Klick/ Streety held third by about three minutes on Fersch and Gibson who were making time back quickly. Three more-did not cover the fifth lap, including the Klinger Bug, and Lothringer had a 24 minute cushion heading into the final lap. The leading Bug did not falter, so Kent Lothringer with Gene Griepentrog and Paul Adcock won Class 5-1600 in 4:39:25. Making up three more minutes on . the last dash, Rich Fersch and Darryl Gibson, with riders Harry Dunne and Tim Fagg nailed down second place points at 5:01 :36. Paul and Dorothy Klick, Kevin Streety and Dion DeNault were the third and final class finisher at 5:22:24. SNORE runs Casses 4 and 7 together for purse, a_nd this was another six lap group of seven starters. Bill and '-<ynn Dickton zipped their Dodge 4x4 into the first lap lead with a 41: 18, and two of the mini trucks did not cover the lap. Andy and Joe Stix were second in a Toyota at 46:22, followed closely by the Ford F-150 of Don and Cathy Lindfors, in their rally truck. The other two were well over the hour behind, both small trucks. After two laps Dickton still led with class fast lap of 39:54 and total time of 1 :31: 12, Stix was close at I :34:59, and Lindfors was in at I :44:25. Back about 20 minutes, Curt Christensen/ Mike Du1ty Tlma ~~ GQl[1iV.~~ KC HiLffES... -,,,rJ«YV'r ---BUILT TO PERFORM ••ark McM\\lln cl.Ass 1 ·"' WITH DESIGNS ON WINNING CLASS 5/1600 • Andy DeVercelly CLASS 11 - Ramon Castro It takes a magical blending of the right components to make a champion. It takes thousands of hours of unending planning and preparation. It takes dependable team-work of the highest caliber. It takes putting together the right equipment, built to perform when you need it the most. And, it takes an inner desire and determination to go for the glory; to keep driving through all conditions and obstacles to not only reach the finish, but reach the finii,h first. That's why we take great pride in the fact that these racers relied on the powerful brilliance of KC HiliTES to shine their way to 1988 SCORE/HORA CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Congratulations to ali. CLASS 8 • Rob Gordon CLAS~ 14 - Boone England Since 1970 There Have Been More KC Equipped Off Road Race Winners Than All Of Our So-Called Competitors Combined. KC HILITES, INC. • WILLIAMS, ARIZONA 86046 • 602/635-2607 © 1888 KC HILITES, INC. April 1989 Page 19

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It was a trouble free rally for Hannu Mikkola and Christian Geistdorfer and they put the Mazda 323 4WD home fourth, scoring points for Mazda. Juha Kankkunen and Juha Pllronen cruised through the dry . sunny roads to finish fourth In the Toyota Ce/lea 2000 GT-4 despite some troubles. Paola de Martini and Umberta Glbe/1/nl finished a good ninth overall In the Audi 90 Quattro and they won the ladles prize as wel_l. _____ =~------=-======~"" THE 1989 MONTE CARLO RALLY Miki Biasion Leads the.Lancia Team to Victory Text & Phot.os: Martin Holmes t .,,; ., - -..... ~~~~!i .. Adding to the European drivers' score, Didier Auria/ and Bernard Oce/11, despite this front flat, went on their way to second overall In another Lancia.· was it going to work? Sanremo in the mid-80s: Then Miki Blas/on and Tlziano Sivlero showed their World Championship style as they drove the Lancia Delta lntergrale Into the lead early In the rally, made no. mistakes and won by well over six minutes. About the only ingredient that • came ob~i~ue sug_gestions t~at seemed missing from Monte maybe d1ff1culty m controllu;1g Carlo was some seasonal weather the car could have contributed to but as cars neared the meeting the crash. The newest Lancia has point at the end of the Parcours only two pedals, accelerator and Concentration it began to snow brake, while using a_ new'. d:15h heavily. Still, the amount of snow mounted au tomat1c shifting was still below average, and device. Lancia manager_Cesare though there was considerable Fiorio, Alex'_s father, dt:nm~ such amounts of ice on the roads this rumors, statmg Alex hacfl0,000 was going to be a fast event.' kms training in the car. !\lex him-· But the weather was mostly self was quite unnerved, even by the most of their winning inertia; clear and often sunny, and there that first crash, and while he con-while the teams from the Far East was fun in the air, until Fiorio tinued, he was quite off the pace mass their forces. For the sixth went into the crowd on the first for the rest of the day. Lancia scored their fourth con-both involving Alex Fiorio at the· secutive win at Monte Carlo when wheel of the experimental two World Champion Miki Biasion pedal LanciaDdta Integrale. Dur-1 ed home teammates Didier ing the second accident, terrible Auriol and Bruno Saby to a 1~2-3 luck led to the death of Swedish result. Tire troubles badly rally driver Lars-Erik Torph and affected team newcomer Auria! his colleague Berti! Rhenfeldt, and also delayed the Toyota team who were present at the event who were expected to be the main making ice notes, but spectating at challengers despite entering this the time. Once again Monte Carlo event for the first time. The sensa-proved to be a place for success tion of the rally, however, was the by European cars. Though relia-performance of the four wheel ble, Hannu Mikkola's Mazda was steering Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 far behind, and progressively driven by Paris-Dakar winner Ari clearer conditions through the Vatanen. He was holding third rally enabled the Group N award J place for some time, but on the to go to Alain Oreille's Renault. final night went off the road when He overtook Gregoire De Mevi-fourth. us's Mazda on the final night when It was a rally with many new the latter suffered exhaust things but was marred by two problems. spectator accidents, ironically Lancia are continuing to make CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279-2509 HELMET COMPLETE SYSTEM $195 $320 A FRESH AIR HEL'.\1IIT AND BLOWER ASSEY.DLY DE lGNEI) FOR OFF ROAD USE AT A RF:AS(J/\iABLE PRICE BUILT AND BACKED BY BELL HEL~1ETS LIGHT WEIGHT-REDUCES NECK STRAIN Page 30 COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSF..'.\1BLY ARF: Cl!t\H,\N''l'fo:ED FOR ONE FULi. YEAR SNUL SA85 APPROVED time in succession, Toyota led a stage; this takes the form of a In the first day Kankkunen was World Rally on European soil loop, starting and finishing at the quickest on the first stage, but only to fall back later; this time · highest point. Only the first few already there were problems. Pas-Juha Kankkunen led on the very and last few kilometers were cal stopped with electrical trou-first stage. This was the first snowy, so the trick was to avoid ble,thestagewasstoppedafter20 appearance of the new, big Toyota destroying the tire studs on the cars had passed by the accident, effort; debut performances by clear middle stretch. Fiorio in the and the other drivers sent straight both Carlos Sainz and Patrick two-pedal car went very fast, but to the second stage. While there Snyers were impressive, but then towards the end flew off the were only a few stages each day, things failed on the second day road. The two spectators he hit they were nearly all different in when a difficult tire choice went · were very unlucky; sure they were character. The fourth held a mix-wrong. Sainz went off the road, on the outside of a fast snowy ture of road conditions with hard Juha Kankkunen lost considera- bend, but had been well back packed ice in the higher regions. ble time when the transmission from the road. Even though Fi- Already Waldegard had transmis-failed, while Bjorn W aldegard orio lost close to a minute getting sion trouble, Timo Salonen lost a had already fallen back with going again, he was still seventh lot of time on stage 3 with brake transmission troubles. It was the fastest overall! problems on the Mazda caused by effective end of their challenge The spectator control issue was a· broken wheel. bearing. Auriol this time. immediately under review. briv-made best time on stage 2 and There had been freshness in the ers started coming back with took the lead, but Biasion took it air at Monte Carlo. The bad old reports that Monte Carlo was as <:>n stag_e 4 _ wiJb a remarkable days of one marque domination bad in this respect as Portugal and drive, and he held it through to seemed to be behind us. Japanese people were seemingly every-where! Mitsubishi, Mazda and Toyota were visible top runners, Nissan was taking Per Eklund's class-car March Turbo entry very seriously. And, there was variety among the drivers. Auriol was new to Lancia and a Monte Carlo first timer, Toyota had another first timer in Carlos Sainz, a driver who had never rallied on snowy asphalt roads before. Vatanen had beeh absent from here for four years, the car was visibly oversize and overweight, but· there was a confidence in their camp which hinted they knew something would go right. That could only have been the four wheel steering, April 1989 -The victorious -Lancia team, top Auria/, Blas/on, Saby, and below, Fauch/1/e, Slvlero, Occe/11 pose with Giovanni Agne/II, right, President of the Flat Group, parent company of Lancia. Dusty Times

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~~ ; .. Good road conditions helperJ Alain Orel/le and GIiies Thlmonler drive the tiny Renault 5 GT Turbo to tenth overall and they won Group N honors. Plowing snow here, Ari Vatanen and Bruno Beglund had the Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR-4 right with the leaders until they stuffed it Into a stone bank. Per Eklund and Dave Whlttock drove the Nissan March Turbo in fine style most of the distance, but lost time late in the event. -another flat, while Paola De Mar-tini was going well in her Audi 90 Quattro and leading the ladies category, despite having gearbox trouble. But the big sensation was Vatanen. He went off again, this time for good. "l braked, but my foot also caught the accelerator pedal, and we went straight into a rock face." End of a great endea-vor, the start of a whole new com-petition name in European motor sport, Mitsubishi. Alex Florio and Luigi Plrollo continued In the rallv after the first accident, and here the closeness of the spectators Is most evident. The Interior of Saby caught first Mikkola and then got ahead of Vatanen, so Lancia were 1-2-3, winning their 11th Monte Carlo Rally. Out front it was Miki Biasion/Tiziano Siviero, followed by Didier Auriol and Bernard Occelli and Bruno Saby/ Jean-Francois Fau-chille. Hannu Mikkola and Chris-tian Geistdorfer got the Mazda in fourth, the first Scandinavian driver, followed by the T oyotas of Juha Kankkunen/Juha Piironen and Patrick Snyers/ Dany Cole-bunders. Paola de Martini and Umberta Gibellini were ninth overall taking the ladies prize in the two pedal Lancia, shows the unique, for ,a/lying, lack of a clutch. It Is eletronlcally controlled. the end of the event. Salonen did not restart on the second day. It was clear and happy, then came the second accident. It happened at the sort of place where accidents would never normally occur, and the people who were killed and _injured had no reason to feel at risk at all. Maybe the lack of police control on the crowds made casualties seem inevitable, but not here. Fiorio had finally put the problems of the day before out of his mind and attacked. It was a road he knew well and had covered this stretch endlessly during pre-rally testing with the car. He tried too hard and lost control. He was devastated at the sight of the destruction a-round him and was taken straight back to Italy. He had broken a small bone in his hand, co-driver Luigi Pirollo was not injured, the car was badly dam-aged after rolling down an embankment, and once again the rally was disrupted. The spectators were large in the mind of the drivers. Lancia decided to turn down the boost on the cars in the middle of the day, but both Auriol and Biasion were still driving hard. Auriol was very disturbed by the closeness of the crowds. "The horrible thing is that the first driver to lift his foot is going to be beaten." But it didn't work that way, punctures later on were going to decide the rally instead. With Kankkunen and Sainz third and fourth, and Vatanen up to fifth the 'Yellow Peril' was pressing hard, even though W aldegard was still strug-gling on. "Every stage we have a problem." Saby was miserable, his car was almost undrivable, and they couldn't work out why. Stage 9, however, was where the Toyota hopes were to be doomed. The problem for Toyota cen-tered around tires. The stage is low along a valley most of the way , but climbs up tc places where there is bad weather. FISA had stopped a favorite pJo,; where-Dusty nmcs by crews could change tires in some consolation, Saby did the Group N. From the start Gregoire mid-stage. This meant drivers had same, and later in the stage de Mevius was way ahead of the to seek a balance of speed through Vatanen also had a flat. On the others, but as the rally got pro-the whole section to conserve . second stage there was trouble gressively less icy, the front drive studs for the end. The three Lan- when a helicopter caused some Renault of Alain Oreille started to cias left their service points with power lines to fall into the road catch the 4WD Mazda 323. And the best from Michelin, A2s, but not far from the end. After the De Mevius had trouble as well. no equivalent was available to first stage, Mikkola went to third Fuel problems slowed him, then Pirelli users, so they used slicks in the Mazda, then fell back ·to the exhaust pipe broke and took instead. Sainz went off the road fourth when delayed by the away a lot of power. Oreille after ten kilometers, but Kank- cables. · started to reduce the Belgian's kunen struggled on, then the The last leg was long and hard; lead by leaps and bounds, and on . the Audi. Group N winners Alain Oreille/Gilles Thimonier were tenth overall in the Renault 5 GT Turbo. 172 started and 109 finished. transmission failed costing eight ten stages in a period of 22 hours the final night he took over Group minutes. Waldegard, who by now with only a three hour rest in the N. was quite past caring what was middle. The chase was now on in Of the leaders Auriol had yet happening, fitted studs for safety and made sixth best time overall. Lancia was in control when the rally reached Digne; but there was an unease in the air. Although people elsewhere in Europe were well aware what had happened, only now were the rumors about the identity of those involved in the catastrophe earlier in the day trickling through. The driver who had been closest to T orph was Waldegard, and he was very dis-tressed. Swedish reporters arrived from Paris to find out the details, yet few people at the event realized that rallying had just lost one of their top drivers. The Col de Corobin was a remarkable way to start the next day. "It was new·to most people, and we really practiced this stage hard," explained the World Champion. The effect was elec-tric, and Biasion knew just when to put his finger to the trigger. From that moment on it was no contest. On the next stage Auriol had a flat. On stage 12. Vatanen crumpled the front fender of his Galant, and W aldegard went out with engine trouble. Auriol had another flat on stage 13 and had to stop and change the wheel. Saby was as unhappy as ever wondering if the car would ever give him the chance of catching Vatanen. They changed the central dif-ferential on Saby's car .and this· made all the difference to him, but things were still the same for Auriol. First corner, next stage and another puncture; if it was The Best Way to Communicate to Your Service Crew and Stay Ahead!!! -_ Introducing what used to be a thing only factory teams could afford: FM Transceivers that provide valu-able communication when you need it most!! Two . models are available: Visa and MasterCard orders wekome Call Toll Free 800-624~ 3 704 The portable model and the mobile unit model. The portable sends its signals with up to 5 watts of power and the mobile has a maximum out-put of 30watts. Both have 6 channel capability and come with 3 channels built-in. The portable comes with external microphone, battery, and charger. Price for the portable is $250. Each battery is $45. The mobile unit transceiver is $25'0 each and is ideal for car installation. Please add $20 for shipping and handling to each order. 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..,, Toyota Wins Yet Another Grand National Event Frank Arclero Jr. had a perfect day at the races, driving his Chenowth to victory In the Super 1600 Trophy dash, his heat I race and he topped off the evening with victory In the main event. Round two of the Mickey town crowd as Frank Arciero Jr. the~r class. Because of this doT?i-Thompson Off-Road Champion- swept all four races. Five locals nation the newcom~r to_ th~ tire ship Gran Prix was held in San entered the 4-wheel A TV event wars, Yokohama! 1s enJoymg_ a Diego before 42,256 fans. A with one being Don Turk. Turk comfortable lead m_ the t~u~k. t1re change of pace was offered in the took his heat but finished late in manufact_ur~rs po1_nts d1v1s10n. form of a new track design the main. Marty Hart took fourth General _Tire !S !e~dfng t~e Ultra- . Defending his 1988 championship Jeff Elrod drove his VW to second utilizing the entire stadium floor. in his heat but had to play second Stock _tire d1v1s10n while_ 13. F. place In the UltraSt0ck heat, 8nd walked off with the main event victory, h h d l d h winning by a goodly margin. The track drew mixed emotions as fiddle in the main. Local bad boy Goodnc as a goo ea m t e --"--"--_::..,_ _ _;:_ _ _;:_ ________________ _ drivers enjoyed the speed but felt Brian Manley, current UltraCross Super 1600 class. . passing was difficult. Measuring points leader, gave the competi- _Super 1600s took the f!el~ first four-tenths of a mile the track tion a run for the money but ended with a t~ophy ~ash cons1stmg of contained ten turns (the most up second in both his heat and the the top six quahfier~. A good bat-ever), nine jumps and two rough main. tie between the Arc1ero Brothers, sections. The design was Going into round two Robby Frank an? Albert, made _up the approximately four feet longer• Gordon led the Grand NationaI battle until Alb_ert stood his Che-than the longest course previously Sport Truck division with team-h?wth up on 1t_s rear and th_en seen at the L.A. Coliseum. mate Ivan Stewart a distant flipped over. This left Butch with The concentration of profes- second. The Super 1600 leader no one around and an easy vic-sional off road racers in the San was Frank (Butch) Arciero Jr. tory. Bob Gordon took second Diego area brought more than 25 with Brad Castle trailing. Jeff and Mitch Mustard third ahea_d of local racers to compete, giving the Elrod, Chris Neil and Vince Tjel- Larry Noel:. Brad Castle was_ fifth. event a real down home flavor. meland were all three tied for the In the first Grand National Ivan Stewart was the perennial UltraStock lead. Donny Banks Sport Truck eve_nt Ivan Stewart San Diego favorite even though held a close lead in the 4-wheel and Glenn Harns_ m~d~ up row he had never won a main event A TV class over Ken Delk. Rennie one. Ivan left Harns s1ttmg on the here. Stewart managed to win Awana was tops in the SuperLite start and pulled out a couple of both his heat races but due to division with John Hasshaw trail-truck lengths. Walker Evans mechanical woes, his string of no ing. Brian Manley led Donny started the elbowing as he arg~ed .home town main wins stayed Schmit in the UltraCross points ~ith youi:g Rob~y Gordon gou~g intact. In the Super 1600 war battle. into the first switch back. David locals Jimmy Nichols, Marty With Toyota running three of Ashley ~oll~d over but was able to Coyne and newcomer John the ten available high dollar keep gomg m the Ford. Sprague disappointed the home truckstheyarerunningawaywith R_obby Gordon was r_u\ed -against by the Rough Driving N SAHARA ....,.j~-------t :t ~ X 5 > ~ ~ ~-..;S;.;l;.;R;.;IU;.;S;;..._-1 O ..J ~ ~ c:i > SPRING MTN. ~ VDO -Chenowth - Simpson T riMil - K & N Filters - Bugpack Bilstein - Centerline - Cibie Hewland -Porsche Turbo CVs Beard's Seats- Parker Pumpe·r · Yokohama Tires -Super Trapp Gem Gears - KYB Shocks Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place - Dura Blue Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.:5:00 p.m. NEVADA PHONE ORDER HOUSE 3054 So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911• (702) 871-5604 Page 31 Committee when he got too close to Roger Mears at the second turn of lap one. Mears rolled up on his side, leaving Gordon caught behind him. This caused one of those insurance company yellows, causing the race to be brough to a crawl for two laps. Ivan Stewart was leading with Glenn Harris parading in second ahead of Danny Thompson. When the green flag flew Ste-wart showed his hometown fans his driving ability and ran away from · Harris. Harris was able to pull a comfortable distance from Thompson, but Thompson found himself in the thick of a battle with Rob MacCachren. This was not the only battle as Jeff Huber tangled with Frank Arciero,· Jr. Huber got a little too energetic coming off a jump and landed in the Toyota's bed. His front bumper overlapped the rear bumper and Arciero was stuck dragging him as an anchor. Arciero, grew weary of this game, wanted to get back into the battle so he drove his Toyota over to the Hydrobarrier and slammed the Ford's nose into them causing Huber to break free. APl'fl 1989 When all was said and done it was Ivan Stewart with. a comfor-table win for Toyota and the lone Mazda of Glenn Harris was second. Third went to Danny Thompson, Chevy, and David Ashley grabbed fourth ahead of a distant Frank ArcieroJr., Toyota. The Rough Driving Committee also ruled against Walker Evans, Jeep, and set him back a position to sixth place. In the first Super Lite heat event Rory Holladay jumped out front and ignored the other 19 drivers. Holladay went on for an easy vic-tory. Second place throughout the race belonged to Frank Chavez until the start ofthe last lap when Terry Peterson pushed his way through. Peterson went on for second with Chavez holding onto third and fourth went to John Hasshaw. Fifth place went to Rennie Awana, the round one main event winner. In the first heat for 4-wheel A TV's it was Sean Finley that broke from the pack to score an easy flag to flag victory. Derek Hamilton moved up towards the front on lap one bu1vcould not challenge Finley. J-thmilton held onto second while third place went to Andrew Buck. Marty Hart rode his Honda into fourth place in a field of20 starters. Fifth went to Mark Ehrhardt. Twenty more 4-wheel A TV rid-ers entered for the second heat Bob Gordon followed his buddy Frank Arclero all night, taking second In the Trophy Dash, his heat, and the main event, also driving a Chenowth. Glenn Harris gave It a good try In his lone Mazda, but he ended up second In the first truck heat, and a lonely second In the strung out main event. Dusty nrncs

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- -Chris Nell does a little bicycle act In his VW In UltraStock competition. Nell carried on to fine second place In the feature contest. Mitch Mustard flew his Chenowth smartly Into third place In the Trophy Dash and heat 1, and he was fourth In the hectic Super 1600 main event. Walker Evans looked strong In his Jeep, taking second place In the second truck heat, but be faded back with problems In the main event. race. Gary Denton jumped out front from the start with Don Turk following in second. Ken-neth Delk shadowed Turk and challenged on several occasions. Then on the sixth lap Turk made his move on Denton and took the lead. Don Turk went on for the win and Gary Denton had to settle for second. Kenneth Delk fought hard for his third place finish and fourth went to Donny Banks. Fifth was Charles Shepherd. Lloyd Castle got up on the H ydrobarriers on the start of the UltraCross heat, but then the pack strung out with Vince Tjelmeland running away in his Nissan. David Kreisler held a comfortable second while Castle managed to Brad Castle took the victory In the second Super 1600 heat, but his good start grab third ahead of Jeff Elrod, last ended In an early retirement for the Raceco In the feature race. Ivan Stewart delighted his home town crowd by winning both truck heats In his Toyota, but mechanical trouble sidelined the 'lronman' midway In the main event action. -year's defending champion. Lloyd Tjelmeland went on to win. Jeff with third going to Paul Vlach-:-Castle's earlier tangle with the Elrod managed to hold onto the Fourth and fifth went to the Yoh-' Hydrobarrier had him running second spot and third went to land brothers, Tyson and Tallon. with a right front flat, that eventu- David Kreisler. Christopher Neil Sixteen bikes started. · ally turned into a frozen wheel. inherited fourth as Lloyd Castle's In the second motorcycle heat landed the Honda was nose first and he kissed the front wheel, but miraculously recovered. Jim Holley went on for the win with Jeremy McGrath taking second. Mike Young finished third and fourth went to Steve Lamson, with fifth place being Scott Tyler. Albeit Arciero settled into fourth. Eric Arras rolled over creating one of those insurance policy yel-lows which allowed the pack to regroup. On the restart Frank Arciero Jr. again took off for the win. Another-Arciero race occurred as Albert moved into second only this time Albert kept it together for second. Third place went to Mitch Mustard and fourth was Marty Coyne. Fifth out of the field of 16 was Ed Lynch. Castle didn't let the flat bother · front wheel froze up causing him Jim "Hollywood" Holley cut off him as he grabbed second place to limp back to the pit. Jeremy McGrath for the lead on when he out jumped Kreisler on In the first UltraCross motor- the second lap. As McGrath hesi-the double jump. Jeff Elrod also cycle heat Tim McClintock took tated about recovering Mike got by the startled Kreisler and the first spot with Eddie Hicks and Young also got by. But McGrath began reeling in on the crippled Paul Vlach trailing. Hicks stole was not through arn;l before the Nissan driven .by Castle. Before the lead before the first lap was up lap was over he closed in on Hol-the lap was over Lloyd Castle and McClintock fell shortly after ley. McGrath crossed the s/ f line fumbled for a gear in a turn and losing his lead. Eddie Hicks went going into the fourth lap and got allowed Elrod and Kreisler to get on to win, but didn't have an easy over. his head literally; as he From the inside of row one Frank Arciero Jr. jumped out early in the first Super 1600 heat, and a congested turn one allowed Mitch Mustard into second. Marty C_oyne grabbed third and Things got exciting right i;r-by. time of it as the hometown favor-While all the confusion was ite Brian Manley pressured hard. going on in the background, Vince Manley had to settle for second, Al Arclero finished a close seco11d to his· brother In his 1600 heat, but his Chenowth flipped out of contention In the rr.aln, whlle running second. Vince Tjelmeland started out Just fine In the UltraStock class, taking the heat race victory, but troubles slowed him In the main event where he finished fourth. Dustynma REDLINE OIL SYNTHETIC · ·LUBRICANTS BEAT THE HEAT! No other ·Iubricant can provide the high tem-perature protection of Red Line oils, which use neoapentyl polyol esters, the only lubricants capable of withstanding the tremendous heat of modem jet engines. Red Line has spent 10 years developing this high-temperature technology into lubricants which provide the most power and ttie best protection available. IMPROVED THERMAL STABILITY Red Line lubricants are formulated without the use of the unstable polymeric thickeners which are required to make petroleum _ multigrades. This means that Red Line 20W50 will provide 25% greater oil film thickness than a petroleum 20W50, resulting in reduced bearing and valve train wear. REDUCED TEMPERATURES Red Line lubricants reduce friction, which reduce the source of heat, and will also transfer heat more_ effectively. In off-road use, temperature reductions of 15-30°F in air-cooled engines are typical, and differential temperature reductions of 15-70°F are common. These reductions in temperature can enable equipment to survive when other lubricants will allow a failure. DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE Red Line Synthetic Oil corporation is the leader in lubricant and fuel system chemistry. Red Line manufactures a full line of automo-tive products which are designed to provide noticeable improvements in performance: Motor Oils -5W30, 1 0W40, 20W50 Race Oils -SAE 30, 40, 50, 60 Two-cycle Lubricants · Gear Oils -Lightweight, 75W90, 80W140 Manual Transmission Lubricant A TF -Synthetic Dexron II DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid CV-2 CV-Joint and Wheel Bearing Grease Assembly Lube Shock and Fork Oils For a free brochure and technical informa11011 call or write· RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CORPORATION 3450 Pacheco Blvd .. Martinez. CA 94553 Telephone: (415) 228-7576 or (800) 624-7958 Dealer Inquiries Invited April 1989 Page 33

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... Marty Coyne does a 1/ttle whee/le In his Chenowth on his way to fourth In his Super 1600 heat, and Marty moved Into third In the main event. Danny Thompson looked good In San Diego, his Chevy finishing third In the first truck heat, and Danny survived to BIiiy Beck drives the only Berrien Laser In the Super 1600 series, and the Texan finished fourth In the second heat and fifth In the feature. ~ from the start of the second Super 1600 heat. Brad Castle took the lead while brother Kent was spun around in turn one which caused a yellow. Before they could get lined up Chet Huffman rolled causing Gary Kroese to · stick it in the fence. On the restart the front four quickly pulled away from the field but they too were spread out. Just as the white came out Brad Castle ran into lapped traffic allowing Bob Gordon to close in for an attempt. However, Castle picked his line carefully to hold on for the win. Bob Gordon was a very close second with Scott Galloway fin-ishing some ten car lengths back in third. Fourth went to Billy Beck and fifth was Don Kott. A total often trucks lined up for the first heat race. On the pole sat David Ashley in his Ford. Danny Thompson made it an American place fourth In the main. front ·row with his Chevrolet. both but was then repassed in the Behind them was Glenn Harris, rough section. Harris was not Mazda, with Ivan Stewart along- through and retook Thompson on side. The two other Team Toyota the next turn. Gordon was now in members, Robby Gordon and third and Evans second. Frank Arciero, Jr., made up row Few noticed as Stewart took the three. As the green cam~ out checkered flag. He was so far Danny Thompson was able to ahead, everyone forgot he was grab the lead but Ivan Stewart racing. Walker Evans held onto moved through traffic to grab second and third went to Robby second and then began closing in Gordon. Glenn Harris brought his on Thompson. Mazda in fourth and fifth went to The front two pulled out and Danny Thompson. away from the field and while In the Superlite main event Thompson was getting comforta- Rennie Awana took off with John ble with the lead Stewart snuck up Hasshaw secortd for nearly one and got him. Stewart was pumped lap until Rory Holladay went by up before his .home town crowd and set his sights on the leader. and took off. Evans out powered Before the second lap was over the Chevy of Thompson and took Holladay took the lead. Once in second going into lap 4. the lead Holladay used the clear All the action was for third track and made every move count place as Evans moved ahead and to increase his lead. Awana was Thompson had Robby Gordon on able to stay within sight but had to his tail. While they argued for rely on Holladay making a mis-third Harris moved up and passed take. Third place was being fought over by Jim Cook, Frank Chavez and Terry Peterson. The three exchanged third place regularly, but in the meantime allowed the leaders to get further away. On the fourth lap Awana collapsed his suspension and fell back leaving Holladay way out front all alone. Rory Holladay began lapping traffic as he took the checkered flag. The battle for second was won by Jim Cook with a very close third place going to Terry Peter-son. Fourth was Chuck Parker and Frank Chavez was fifth of the 18 starters. In the 4-wheel A TV battle it was Kenneth Delk who led from wire David Kreisler had his Porsche powered UltraStock ilylng high In San Diego, to wire. He didn't have an easy go and he took lhlrd In both the heat race and the feature race. of it as three riders; Marty Hart, BIGGER IS BETTER Upgrade the C. V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C. V. joints. .c~nvert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. Joints. · Convert Type II stub axle·s and output bells to accept 930 C.V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s are threaded 3/8-24. All axles and bells for Type II can be threaded 3/8-24 or stock 8 mm threads. pitch threads. 10 mm · 1. 5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. . FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 p•r flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 3242 SABIN BROWN ROAD P.O. BOX 20646 • WICKENBURG, AZ 85358 (602) 684-5056 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 34 Derek Hamilton and Mark Ehrhardt were hot on his tail all through the race. Delk took the win with Hart second and third went to Hamilton. Fourth place was won by Mark Ehrhardt and fifth was Andrew Buck. In the UltraStock main Chris Neil, VW, used his BF Goodrich tires to bite in and grab the lead from David Kreisler, Porsche, who shared the front row with him. Neil lost rhythm in the studder bumps ;tnd caused Kreisler to momentarily slow down and this allowed Jeff Elrod, VW, to slip into second and pressure Neil. Then on the following lap Elrod took the lead at the same spot where he previously took second. A battle for second became intense between Neil and Lloyd Castle as the two elbowed one another through several corners. After winning the argument for second, Neil, on the following lap stalled going into the studder bumps and ended up in fifth before getting it together again. Lloyd Castle again stalled at the same spot on the following lap and lost several positions. April 1989 Scott Galloway's Chenowth shows a highly enclosed cockpit, but he could see out well enough to finish third In his Super 1600 heat race. Jeff Elrod, wearing Bridgestone rubber, went on to show why he carries the number I plate by winning the main. Second went to Chris Neil and third was David Kreisler. Vince Tjelmeland was fourth and fifth went to· Tim Lewis. In the Super 1600 main event Butch Arciero and Brad Castle shared the front row with Al Arciero and Bob Gordon making up row two. A total of 20 starters lined up. Brad Castle tried to cut Frank Arciero off in the first turn and got up on two wheels, grazing the Hydro barriers. Butch pulled away, but his slip stream pulled Bob Gordon along. The two began pulling away from third place Al Arciero and Marty Coyne wa& in fourth. On the fifth lap Albert was flipped over in a switch back but was able to keep going after losing only two positions. Bob Gordon was able to close in at nearly every corner but Frank Arciero would pull a couple of car lengths on the straights. The leaderi; were lapping traffic causing Gordon to fall back a couple of seconds. Marty Coyne had taken over third with Mitch Mustard right on his tail. Fifth place Billy Beck was several lengths behind. Frank Arciero Jr., went on to make it a clean ~we~for _ the evening. Lapped vehicles kept Bob Gordon off his back on the last lap to make it a comfortable win. Bob Gordon took second with a distant third going to Marty Coyne. Fourth was Mitch Mustard and fifth was Billy Beck. In the motorcycle main event Craig Davisjumped out early but fell on the second lap and lost the lead. By the time he.could regain his composure he was mid-pack. Jeremy McGrath who had charged hard in the heat race fell and went out on lap one. Tallon Vohland took over the lead and used the clear track to take off. Jim Hblley wanted the home town win and was flying over the track and picking off riders on each lap. Holley took second place just before the half way mark and quickly put his sights on Tallon Vohland. As the seconds ticked off the clock Holley used each one to close in on the leader. Brian Manley came through the pack and pulled into third and was closing in on Holley. When Holley got sideways on a switch back Manley moved in and momentarily took second place. Holley regained position until he bobbled over the start/finish jump and Manley showed no mercy by slipping into second. As these two battled it out Vohland was able to keep his lead intact and pull even farther away. "' ;A Some of the best action In any class of stadium racing Is found In the Superllte events, they are always close In competition, and truly exciting to watch over the Jumps. Dusty nmcs .,

Page 35

' ( ~ .. ,,.._ ___ .. , ... _ Dave Ashley stayed with the front running action In the Grand National Sport Truck main event, placing the Ford third at the checkered flag. Lloyd Castle led both the heat and the main In his UltraStock Roger Mears Jr. Is driving a Chenowth In Super 1600 Nissan but a flat tire and other woes dropped the hard charger competition this season, and young Mears placed sixth In both down at the fla . his heat race and the crowded main event. Tallon Vohland came back after a serious injury incurred in Anaheim to take the main event win. Second went to Brian Manley and third place was won by Jim Holley. Fourth was Terry Fowler and fifth went to Chris Young. For the truck main Glenn Harris sat on the pole with Toyota's newest team member, Robby Gordon, sharing the front row. Walker Evans sat behind Harris and Ivan Stewart was beside him. Third row had Danny Thompson inside and Rob MacCachren sat outside in his Jeep. Glenn Harris took the jump and held on to grab the early lead but before the rough section young Robby Gordon slipped inside. Harris closed in on the following lap but found Ivan Stewart glued to his rear bumper. Walker Evans and Thompson tangled and Walker pulled off wi h steering problems. Robby Gordon put a couple of lengths between himself and The crowd pleasing National Guard M-60 tank was the grand finale; after the monster trucks crushed cars, the tank came out and absolutely flattened the remains, then ,ook a lap of the race course. Harris, and Stewart fell back an c ... 1 , ca:,u11 uu1 uu11 wuuiun I IaKe equal length. Gordon grazed a home this event was if his Hydro barrier but was able to hold teammates' mechanical woes were his comfortable lead. Harris, who to inflict him. No lapped traffic has won the San Diego event the was in sight and he continually last two years, suddenly found held the same lead, lap after lap. himself alone as Ivan fell back With only five trucks running at with mechanical problems. the end, and all of them strung out At the half way point Harris before the halfway mark, the had the front stretch to make up to event turned into a follow the be able to catch the leader. The Jeader parade. SOUTHERN PACIFIC DMSION PRO RALLY REPORT information on the world of rally-ing both in this division and nationally. Competitors, beware of rule changes! With my brand new 1989 Pro Rally Rule Book in hand, I hope to provide some thumbnail sketches concerning changes in checkpoint procedures, penalties, and event organization. Grab your own copy and mark the passages as necessary. Items with a black vertical bar indicate changes from I 988. You will, of course, remember everything here, and subsequently memorize all the rules in the book, right? By Lynnette Allison, Steward The Indio Kally Stages, our openinge,enton Apri: 14-15. fea-tures one: 01 California's finest competitor evc:nts operating under a new name and a sligLL!; different schedule. Indio Rally Stages features seven desert stages over roads of dirt, sand and rocks, with newly discovered twists and turns. Traditionally a drivers' event, IRS brings some down and dirty action for driver and co-driver alike. The rally is headquartered at the Best Western Date Tree Motor Hotel, 81909 Indio Blvd. in Indio, CA. For reservations call (619) 347-3421 and mention the rally for special rates. Entry fee, postmarked by April 10 is $225, postmarked thereafter, $275, with cash only at the event. Fees due to Indio Rally Associa1ion, 200 I Oakland Hills Drive, Corona, CA 91720. Registration and tech is on Friday, April 14, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. All new competitors must be registered and teched by 7:30 in order to complete the required SCCA competitor licensing seminar. As in previous years, IRS organizers must restrict vehicle entry to automobiles or mini trucks in order to meet special requirements established by Met-ropolitan Water District person-nel. o Group B or full sized trucks will be allowed to enter. (My apologies to those of you who run any vehicles within these cate-gories.) Call Roger Allison at Dusty nmes (714) 736-1442 for an entry form. The Neophyte Club members are busy putting together the paper work for a Co-efficient I event, June 24-25, in the Sequoia ational Forest surrounding Lake Isabella east and north of Bakersfield. The traditional home of nationally known, historic La Jornada Trabajoso Rally, we hope to reintroduce competitors to some of the finest rally roads anywhere in California. The roads currently have more than five feet of snow, but as soon as things warm up in the higher altitudes, the group will head to the hills and explore these wonderful roads. Always challenging, always worth a rally story or two, mark June 24-25 on your calendar. You won't want to miss this one. The yet to be named event will be held in conjunction with the Divisional Picnic. The success of the Pro Rally Club meetings is wonderful. Offering a place to eat and meet with the best in the Pro Rally community, newcomers (and you ole'timers too) have embraced the schedule whole heartedly. Meet-ings are usually the first Wednes-day of each month, at various locations within southern Cali-fornia. Mark your calendar and plan to attend our April 5 and May 3 meetings, 6:30 p.m. at the Golden Dragon Chinese Restau-rant, 2023 Harbor Blvd., in Costa Mesa. We bring current news, video film clips and the inside Vehicle: I. SCCA Pro Rally decal on each side, back fender area. (p. 20 Appendix I) 2. Name and blood type of Driver and Co-driver on forward area of doors below side mirror, or on roof immediately above door; I½ in. minimum size. (p. 20 Appendix I) 3. Two hooks of minimum I½ inch interior diameter, painted red or yellow, attached one each to front and rear of vehicle, such that they can support the weight of the vehicle. (National/ safety tech, p. 24) 4. Evidence of a valid insurance policy must reflect the entered vehicle description, vehicle identi-fication number, and entrant name and phone number (Div-isional eligibility, p. 76) National Seed Groups: l. See page 29-30 for informa-tion on event starting order based on competitor seeding and seed-ing placement. Note especially Seed 4 placement based on top two finish in Co-efficient 3 Div-isional events. April 1989 After two rounds of battle it overall is Vincent Tjelmeland. The was Robby Gordon cake walking Stadium SuperLite class has a tie his way into the Grand National for the lead. Rory Holladay and title. His closest competition now Terry Peterson both have 79 is teammate Ivan Stewart with points. Kenneth Delk is leading points ranging from 134 to 90. the 4-wheel A TV class on his Frank Arciero has a good lead for Honda and Marty Hart is trailing the Super 1600 title with Bob by 14 points on his Honda. Brian Gordon second, 11 O to 81. The Manley is leading the Ultra Cross UltraStock class has Jeff Elrod in motorcycle division with Jim the lead with 88 points and second Holley second, 125 to 99. COMING NEXT MONTH ... SCORE Great Mojave 250 ADRA Penasco 150 Stadium Racing in Seattle The Season Starts in Georgia VORRA at Prairie City PAC Millican Valley 250 Port Wine Rally of Portugal . .. plus all the regular features 2. Note that the ational and/ or Divisional Pro Rally Steward, or authorized agent, may change an event's starting order regardless of competitor seed, for reasons of safety. (Div-isional, p. 78) Checkpoint and Control Information: There are some tremendous changes here. The FISA system which has worked so well in our division these past three years and continues throughout the world in international rallying, has been greatly modified by the powers that be. Read through pages 34 to 48 carefully. I. Stages ...yill be assigned a "bogey time". The "bogey time" is an estimated slow time for a vehi-cle completing a stage. If a control is not in place, competitors will use the stage's "bogey time", add the road section time, calculate the arrival time for the next con-trol, and proceed. (p. 34) 2. A target time: The target check in time is the time obtained by adding the ideal time allowed to complete the road section to the finish time of the previous Special Stage, or to the out time from the previous time control, these times being expressed to the minute. (THE SECONDS HA VE BEEN DROPPED) (p. 37) 3. Time cards: The target times will appear on the time cards. Times on the card have prece-dence over the route book. (p. 34) Lateness: Lateness penalties were origi-nally modified in 1987, then again in 1988 , allowing ten minutes lateness to an ATC with a min-imun penalty. THIS HAS BEEN CHANGED AGAIN. Refer top. 45-46 I. One minute penalty assessed for each minute late to any con-trol. IMPORTANT! You are used to having a ten minute 'win-dow' at start controls. This has been eliminated because your transit times are now being.calcu-lated differently. Be sure to main-tain your proper arrival times! 2. Ten minutes or exclusion from the event for refusng to fol-low reasonable direction from a rally official OR for marking on your time card. (You have never been 'allowed' to mark times or scores, but many of you have scribbled notes or comments on the cards. This is now a big no-no.) Divisional Organizer Points: Organizers, Rallymaster, and Chief of Controls personnel for divisional Pro Rally events will earn points equivalent to a first place finish for that event. Sorry folks, the limit is one to a custo-mer. (We also have a special organizer's group, the Neophyte Club, welcoming potential organ-izers to their meetings.) p. 81. Co-Driver Championship: Now the co-drivers can claim their fair share of the glory. Com-petitors can declare their best five finishes for best overall points in 1989. Winner will be determined from those submitted throughout the USA. If you have read this far. you're probably the co-driver. Drivers just can't maintain their concen-tration on things that aren't dusty or have big rocks. But remember, this is just a sample of the rules. Be sure you know and understand the procedures before you start the first stage. Page 35 ...

Page 36

... _G,1_1~-~m-~-~-ATJY, REGISTER MA\./! -1HfRE's A KLVNKER A·COMIN-f teams. The group was made up of volunteers and supported inde-pendent racers only. Additionally, some of the pur-poses of the F.A.l.R. association are to promote and support the social and recreational pastime of off road racing, and to enjoy and protect the natural resources. CHAPALA DUSTERS Jon Kennedy, President 3117 Klllarney Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 641-0155 CHECKERS Butch Dunn, President 19944 Chase St. Canoga Park, CA 91306 (818) 709-6800 C.O.R.E. Jon Snyder, President 180 Whitworth Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (805) 498-9880 F.A.I.R. Jeff Randall, President 321 Copa de Oro Brea, CA 92621 (714) 996-4936 1.0.R.A. George Thompson, Director P.O. Box 1683 Ojai, CA 93023 (805) 646-2903 LOS CAMPER ONES Rick Frisby, President P.O. Box 421 Escondido, CA 92025 (619) 747-3366 MAG7 Bruce Cranmore, Race Director 11244 Horizon HIiis Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 440-3737 Because of our growth, the team was incorporated as a non-profit organizationin 1974. This is the first group of this sort to do so in the state of California. We believe that incorporation offers maximum protection to our members. For the racer a pit team is an ideal way to try and balance the scales when racing against the "factory teams." We do have a requirement that each car must provide at least two pit people for the races in which it runs. This becomes important as we get more and more race cars in our association. The pit people also become part of our team, and so our entire concept grows and grows. If you as a driver feel that you need special assistance at a certain checkpoint, these two people can be of tremendous assistance. If not, they can cer-tainly be used according to the Pit Manager's needs. The Pit Man-TIGHTTEN ager and the racers work very John Lippitt, Race Director closely to provide the kind of 153 Lindell Ave. support the drivers need. El Cajon, CA 92020 If you have been a spectator at (619) 448-5500 f h d (619) 447•7955 any o t ese exciting races an H.D.O.R.E. wanted to get involved, but just Carol Clark, Vice-President didn't know how, then jot down 22264 Ottawa, Unit 1 To list your pit club contact this information. Call us, come to Apple Valley, CA 92308 here send the Information to a meeting and help yourself to a (619) 240-3186 Dusty Times. The service Is large dose of fun and excitement. (619)240-3122 freetoallpltgroups. Incidentally, we are an equal We welcome all Support Team news articles. Typed and double spaced copy is acceptable. opportunity kinda club, and you Copy deadlines vary slightly, usually by the tenth of the month to make the next issue. don't have to be a car owner or a F A I R pendent entrant. This independ- race~ to p~rticipate. Our current • • • • ent entrant is usually straining to President 1s Jeff Randall, at (71~) By Luis Frias keep his car up and doesn't nor-996-4936. We meet at the Hoh-mally have the resources to pro-day Inn in Fullerton, the 91 F~ee-vide the support personnel and way, at ~arbor Blvd., on the first equipment on the courses as and third Wednesday~ of each needed. month at 8:00 p.m. Jam us as a WHAT IS F.A.I.R.? Those of us who have watched off road racing grow from a hand-ful of pioneers charging off into the dark with little more than a pair of goggles and a general sense of which direction lay La Paz into a massive group of racers with very sophisticated equipment and expert drivers, have also seen the high budget professional teams grow until they have a tremen-dous advantage over the inde-For this reason a group of off guest and you may stay to become road enthusiasts joined together a member· in 1969 just prior to the Mexican -;::::===;-:C;:AU---F-:O-:RN::-:IA::----1000. They called themselves R "The First Association of Incle-ALLY pendent Racers", F.A.I.R. It was SERIES felt that by pooling resources and working together the independent would have a better chance of competing against the high dollar By Lon Peterson DE UNZIO The 1989 California Rally Ser-ies has started off slowly, but will soon be going strong. Indio Rally Stages, previously East of Indio Pro Rally, will be a Co-efficient 2 event with approximately 69 stage miles. Slower average speeds are expected as tighter roads will be used. I.R.S. will introduce the new National timing system to Califor-nia competitors. The system has been changed for a variety of rea-sons, including concern over speeding on transits. The old sys-tem gave the competitor's their arrival time for the next stage's A TC at the start of the previous stage. This could create the possi-bility of speeding on the transit due to down time on the stage. ~eroquip ~· ..;., _ _,. #Cw IV BUGPACKTM ~y'rOKOHAMA (QAuto AJ.jleter THE WRIGHT PLACE (805) 683-1211 Pag~ 36 Rim of the World National and San Andreas Stages Divisional Rallies will be held in Lancaster on May 20th. The Desert Inn will again be rally headquarters, while registration, tech inspection and impound will take place on Friday night at Antelope Valley Nissan, April 1989 just a few miles away. Saturday morning the start should be inter-esting with the Budweiser Stage for spectators at Willow Springs Raceway. The J?UD stage will take place on the dirt infield roads, which are smooth and fast, which should make for a great show. It will be scored separately from the rest of the rally and will have its own prize fund. Rumor has it that the Prescott Forest Rally will have a new organ-izer this year, and will be sometime in September. Rob Cherry will assist as the rallymaster, and more information will come later. On July 29 Mike Blore's popular Glen Helen Rallycross will be held in the San Bernardino area. This event gives many navigators and drivers a chance to experience the thrill of co-driving for the compe-tition. Great fun and excitement! Hopes for a Nevada rally are promising with George Gornick looking at roads in the Carson City area; more info later on this also. Just out of the Bakersfield area are some of the smoothest, twistiest roads I've ever had the pleasure to drive. These roads, used for La Jornada Trabajosa for 14 years, haven't been rallied for three years. This year the Neophyte organizers club, headed by Lynnette Allison, was contacted by the local Bakersfield forestry regarding our using their roads. BINGO! The possibility of using some of these roads was discussed and a tentative trip to the Bakers-field area was planned. Due to snow on the roads in question, the trip was delayed, but it is still a great possibility. So don't be sur-prised if an unscheduled rally pops up around July. February 5 was the last sche-duled SCCA Mandatory Vehicle Inspection for the '89 season. You may have missed it due to lack of vehicle prep or maybe misplaced mail. But, to race in '89, your car needs this inspection. If you want to rally, call Don Lindfors (714) 532-2057, set up an inspection date, and have your car checked. Since April 15 is the first rally, please don't wait until the last minute to have this done. At the last vehicle inspection Dan Hook (Stock Class Chair-man) and I went to have his car . inspected. Dan had a chance to discuss ideas with some of the stock class competitors, and here is one of them: Informal mutual admiration of each other's vehicles at Pare Ferme. In other words all Stock Class vehicles park in a separate group, for inspection of each car. This is viewed as an easy way to quickly check eligibility. I expect this will be tried at Indio, so check your cars if you are in Stock Class. Also, don't forget your driv-ing suit, which is required for the 1989 season. See you at_lnc:Jio. ~ -.. OFF-ROAD RACING TEAM 'The Straight Poop From The Big Wahzoo' The Parker 400 Race was typi-cal, a little bit of strange weather, a lot of good racing and a bunch of that 'start of the season' enthusi-asm. Here are some follow up stor-ies on the results I gave you in last month's column. The Wahzoo realizes that there are two sides to every story BUT to pass on a rumor you only need to tell one side. Here's the side I heard. In Class 2 Hibbard must have more car then he can handle since you never heard him yaking on the radio at all until after he broke Stuart's car. On top of that, he finished up his California loop by running over Stuart's girl friend after she climbed on the race car without telling anyone. She was taken to Phoenix for back surgery and should be fine after awhile. Jeff is keeping a low profile about this incident since Chase, the Driver of Record, is getting all the credit for being the driver. Can't Sugar stand success or is it the pressure? Seems with a second place in Class 1 only a few miles away Chuck broke his car trying to run from another car that not only had to pass him but also make up some time to beat him. Dave Pick had his usual ups and downs and overs on the Califor-nia side only to find that his main pit had been visited by burglars, more on that later. Pit Captain Keith Dennis is quite a change for the Phelan crew. Seems Clarence Carter was a no nonsense, get the job done, pit leader, but Keith is willing to let the crew stop and smell the roses at the races. Can the Phelan-ites handle this new found free-dom or will they end up like those Cretins from Ridgecrest and require a short leash to stay within societies accepted behavior? Seems Symonds, knowing his new front torsion bars had not had a chance to take a set but still trying to impress his new co-rider, flogged his truck until all the motor mounts broke before stopping for some adjustments. Hey Greg, isn't a guy suppose to get smarter as he gets older? There were a few "where the hell is Dunn" comments heard at Parker, but Peralta was there to handle the tire meeting and Butch was not missed at all. So much for the importance of that job! The bleed over radio problem from the Chapala Dusters hi-powered amp was cause for a number of colorful Checker-like comments that I can't repeat in print. Luckily no Chapala cars stopped at any of those pits. What happened with Mike Gaughan and Lenny Newman? This is the first time in a long time that they have not asked for Checker pit support. What's up guys? Are you going the way of Steve Kelley? Sumners found that the 1-2-1600 Class was just as tough in his new car as it was in his old one. It's hard to come back, ain't it Jim? The Wednesday night meeting after the race was a lively one. It seems Dave Pick parked his state-of-the-art pre-runner right next to the Checker main pit area and he and his crew went racing on the California side. The story has it that a number of crews stripped the front end of Pick's car to keep their race cars running. After-wards Dave's pre-runner was left sitting on a stump. Dave was mad as hell, especially since he had the same parts that were needed, loose in the back of his truck. Sugar fessed up, Hibbard blamed Chase, who along with Wolfe, was not there to defend himself. The President gave Dave a lot of sympathy and promised he would get his parts back. The moral to this episode appears to be that the Dusty Times

Page 37

old saying 'out of sight, out of mind' also applies around the Checker pits. Welcome to the Club Dave. The most important thing to come out of this whole thing is that Dave now has a new nickname. From here on out he shall be known at all Checker pits as 'Dave, PICK YOUR PART, Pick'. Also at that meeting we may have gotten a little preview of how our new Prez intends to run the Club for the next year. Dunn informed those present that anybody who has not paid their Club dues by February will be charged an extra $10 late fee. If you still have not paid them by the time you read this column you might do well to check and see if you haven't been dropped from the Club completely! Willie Melancon has been pretty quiet at the meetings lately. s it because being a new poppa cook a lot out of him or is he still a little embarrassed about having to run with FAlR with his new 1,2, 1600 ride? Baja De Lou #1 was run in San , Felipe last month. There were four 60 mile loops south of town. The course was described by Per, alta as pretty fast with a couple of technical sections. 'Technical' in Libyan must mean 'mean and nasty', but generally it was a typi, cal Baja course which is always fun to drive. The Checkers got back on track with two class vie, tories. As the President and only member of the Checkers San Felipe Chapter, Lonnie 'HA WK' Hawkins put his old single seater in the winners circle in Class 1/2. Our ex,prez Glenn Wolfe, in his first outing of his Class 10 car, picked up a class win and a second overall. Symonds in his recently re,done Class 2 car had the overall in hand for about 3½ laps but broke short of the finish line. Good show guys! Peralta is almost always men, tioned in this column because he is always doing things I can't seem to ignore. For anyone that has not been to one of his Baja races, you only need to read one of his entry/ race maps to realize that Lou runs his races a little differ, end y than other promoters. As an example here is a quote off his last race map: "ALWAYS RUN ON THE MARKED COURSE! FAILURE TO DO SO, MAY BRING YOU UNDESIRED EMBARRASSMENT AND MORE TROUBLES THAN YOU WISH." I mean what the hell does that mean? Will short coursers go directly to jail or will they be forced to eat pig gut tacos and paraded down the beach on broken down burros, or what? I half expected to go to the awards ceremony this race and see a cou, pie of short coursers hanging by their heels over the pool with anti short course slogans written on their bodies in Spanish. But seriously, Lou's races have evolved into a fine Off Road Rae, ing series. Peralta and his crew let common sense be the rule instead of the exception in tech inspec, tion. The courses are enjoyable to race. The awards are fun to attend and the people in and around San Felipe are glad to have you there. So the W ahzoo would like to commend Lou 1Kadafi1 for a job well done. Now let's get down to business and talk about some entry fee discounts for all Dustynmcs Checker members. What do ya say Lou? The up coming IDRA Pit Crew Competition at the Mint Race this year will have at least two Checker teams. It was announced that crews from both Koch and Chase will be entering the contest. Immediately thereafter the apparel company of Dunn/ Peralta volunteered to outfit both teams in their latest Checker clothing line for absolutely no charge! Warch out guys this could really get ugly. Nels disclosed that he has been storing one of the Club's welders at his mom's house for the past 6 months at absolutely no cost to the Club. The Members said thanks, but no thanks -BRING IT BACK! This months 'Missing Checker of the Month' is Rod Gabbert. Give your neighbors over in Phe, lan a call and hitch a ride down to the big city some Wednesday nite. I mean you country boys shouldn't shy away from the city. If ya wanta eat with your fingers just order the ribs, no big deal. The Great Mojave 250 at Lucerne has just been run, results next month plus some feed back from the 1,2,1600 guys about being bounced back in the starting order. Seems Classes 4 and 7, although smail in numbers, have a little more pull than the biggest class in the sport. So much for that fastest classes start first B.S. Well that's all for now. I don't know whether I can trust the new President with my identity, so for now keep passing any info for the Wahzoo thru Glenn Wolfe. One final thought from the Big Checker Up Above "If you're in trouble - just GAS IT". ~!::~~~:~MA By Dennis Rogers The 1989 season has now begun with the running of the Parker 400, but preparation for most of us started in 1988. The support team is now in its third year with most of its volunteers coming back from previous years. It is this kind of dedication that keeps the Yokohama Support T earn alive. Throughout the year there are winners and losers, but the volunteers of Yokohama Support are all winners. And, with these volunteers, we keep you «hopeful" winners moving towards the checkered flag. Congratulations to the winners, and, to the not so lucky, keep on going with the knowledge that if you work hard enough and have a little luck, you too can take the checkered flag. It also helps to have Yokohama Support on your si<lc. The Parker pits were located in the same areas as 1988, the first being the bottom of Thunder Alley. This pit was manned by a bunch ·of hard working (and a lit, de crazy) guys headed by Crew Chief Phil. While not the busiest, they did work on a few cars, one being a Class 10 running BFGs. This makes no difference to us. We work just as fast on other tire manufacturers cars as we do our own. But, Bob Mount of Yoko, hama Tire was a little shocked at how fast we do work. A little later in the day a Class 6 El Camino got the same service also running BFGs. Maybe it's time to change to Yokohama! Great job_guys! The second pit was at Midway on the Arizona side. This pit was run by Crew Chief Earl and his fun loving group, who for the most part watched cars go zoom, ing by. But they did assist a few here and there. Earl's crew nor, mally pits the bottom of Thunder Alley and wanted a little more action. Sorry guys, I knew you were tired so I gave you an easy one. Thanks for the good work. Last on the course was the Swansea pit. This crew was headed by Keith, who is new to Yokohama Support but not to the world of off road racing. He and his crew also had somewhat of a light day and late night, but enjoyed themselves just the same. Except for a run in with the local official who thought he was hot stuff at Swansea, all went smoothly. I promise more action next time guys, thanks a lot. To run a pit support it takes time, a lot of help and people will, ing to work hard for little or no thanks. To continue the service we have provided in the past, we need more volunteers who enjoy off road racing and want to help. So, if you or someone you know wants to help, give us a call and join the Yokohama Support Team. Call Dennis at (714) 592,2271. Along with volunteers it takes co,sponsors and at this time I want to thank all who have helped. German Auto, Custom and Commercial Wheel, Loth, ringer Electronics, Perma,Cool, Valvoline and DUSTY TIMES for allowing us to run this article. To all the volunteers, thanks and here is your name in print. Phil, Steve, Scott, Crash, Donny, Deb, hie, Jay, Bonnie, Dan, Earl, Dale, Charlie, Bob, Gary, Keith, Kris, Paul, Joel, Rick, Johnny, and the girls. Thanks again to all of you for a great job. Now, special thanks to my wife Debi who .. as usual, is typing this article while I dictate it to her, for if I were to type it, you would be reading this about September. The SCORE Great Mojave 250 is next on the schedule, and we will have three pit locations to serve you.To know where the pits are located, give me a call three weeks prior to the race, and I will be able to assist you at that time. See you in Lucerne. Note that for the Mint 400 two of our volunteers, Crew Chief Phil and Steve G. will be unable to pit with Yokohama. For some reason that I do not understand, Phil's getting married and his future wife thinks the date of the Mint 400 is a better date to get married than to go racing. So, we need a Crew Chief for that day. Congratulations and much happi, ness. You will be missed at the Mint, but you better be there for Baja! CORENOTES By Jean Calvin CORE had 14 cars to pit at the SCORE Parker 400, as two entries failed to show. We didn't get too many war stories, because few finishers hung around the fin, ish line, it was so cold at the Ari, zona pits once the sun went down. The star of the CORE show at Parker was the team of Craig Watkins and Greg Aronson. They won the 36 car Class 10 honors and placed a quick 11th overall, running a Toyota in the tail of their Raceco. They had no down time at all, and that is about what it takes to win in today's competition. CORE did well in Class 10. Jim and Mike Zupanovich were fifth in class, losing the alternator belt on the last Arizona leg. Right behind them in sixth came Steve • Centurioni and Bob Scott who lost a coil in California for their only trouble. Alas, Bill Poe and Fred Ronn lost a wheel before Rice and did too much damage to continue. Three of our four starters in Class 1,2,1600 also finished the race. Doing the best were Dan Araujo and Dave Ramirez, who were seventh in the 65 car class, after a time costly stop between Arizona legs to fit lights that they didn't think they would need on the down time. Rick and John Lind were 18th in class after breaking the n;ont adjuster and having a flat in Arizona. Steve Schober and Chris Hanlon fin, ished 36th with a roll over on the first Arizona loop, and a broke'n brake drum on the second round. J .D. Ward and Gary Johnson did well in California, but a broken cv and other woes put them out at Midway. Tom Mattingly and Toby Carl, son were well up in Class 9 run, ning, until Toby broke a rear drum in Arizona, and they were 12th among the 44 who started. Mike Currier and Joel Stankavich got through the first Arizona loop before retiring when the ring & pinion gave up. Roy and Wade Prince fir..ished only in California after seeing the alternator light on Thunder Alley, fixed that only to have the fan shroud come loose and do more damage. Jerry Finney and Dan Foddrill were out with trans trouble on Thunder Alley in Class 2 action. Shaun Lee and Greg Burgin broke a shock tower in California, got it welded, and it broke again on the 5, 1600. They also broke a torsion bar, but took 14th place in class. The Mike Schwellinger Jeep in Class 3 was withdrawn in Califor, ( continued on page 47) Off Roads Winningest Radios OVER 9200N THE COURSE Comlink V The Ultimate Racing Intercom ROADMASTER "A LEGEND" • Helmets wired - $100. (CF) April 1989 New! RF Pre Amp $95 30% to 50% more range! 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 We'l'8 next door via U.P.S.I (213) 427-8177 Page 37

Page 38

... Pony Express ••• Dear Friends: · Tracy Valenta Off Road Race I just wanted all of you who have Team." We were all having fun, known me growing up in Alham-and I started dancing with a friend bra, through the years in desert of]ocelyn's. Once Jocelyn walked and stadium off road racing, with in, she took center stage. She the ice company and in my part-couldn't speak English and I nership in McKenzie's Automo-couldn't speak French, but we tive that I am departing the communicated with our eyes. We Southern California desert for the danced a lot at the bar. She took cool heartland of Canada. It's for me to her farm and showed me love. around. On June 10, at St. Paul's United Then we went home and I didn't Church in New Liskeard, Ontario, hear from her until Gary Hoffner Canada, at 6 p.m., I will marry and I went up there for a race at Jocelyn Brisson of Notre Dame du Thedford Mines in September of Nord, Quebec. There will be a 1986. She heard I would be there party afterwards at the Sports and she traveled 400 miles with Arena in Notre Dame du Nord. her brother Jack to see me. When I Val Comsa will be my best man. saw her, she said she wanted to Other members of the wedding come visit me in California. I said I will include my son, Tracy Jr., was headed for Caho San Lucas. Jimmy Nichols, Marty Tripes, and She came .with me and insisted on Jack Brisson, Jocelyn's brother. paying her own way. We did some I'm sure there will be more. fishing and saw my friends finish You are invited to share this the 1986 Baja 1000 in La Paz. happy occasion. And although A lot has happened since then, you all know how to celebrate - I but the main thing is that I feel she know that from first hand expe-is worth my uprooting and rience from La Paz to Las Vegas to embarking on an entirely different Montreal and other places - you life. One important reason is that might be surprised to see what Notre Dame du Nord is a better kind of a party the 1,200 residents place for her to raise her two child-of Notre Dame du Nord can ren - Phillip, 14, and Yannick, throw. I can testify to the magic. I 11. And I had reached a point met Jocelyn at a party there. where I am looking for change. I In July of 1982, I went to Mont-didn't realize it until I spent some real for a SCORE Canada race at time in Notre Dame du Nord, but the Olympic Stadium. Marty there is stress in the air here in Tripes drove my Class 1 car to a southern California. In Canada, third, then we went to Notre Dame you can feel the lack of stress. du Nord for an outdoor closed There is an aura. And the people. course race, but Marty drove in The first time I went there I gave a some water and the car got water- talk, and I never could believe I logged. They somehow made me could come so far and immediately guest of honor at the race and feel a friendship with so many made me Grand Marshal of a people. It's hard to explain, but I parade and gave me the keys to the found a camaraderie there. city. They only have 1,200 people Jocelyn also isan important part living there, but 3,000 people of the community. She is the went to a party after the race. entertainment director for the After the race, we were hanging town, and eight times a year they out at a place they call The Hotel book performers and throw a great Bar and we were giving away T-event. They have a pretty big shirts to the waitresses. They read budget, too. They're authorized to "Racehouse -Marty Tripes and pay up to $15,000 for a major fes--tival act. my family, too. My daughter Cindi She is also the first woman of Sanchez is due to have her second Quebec to own 50 percent of a child on June 26. She is living in farm. To do that, she had to Rancho Cucamonga with her hus-change the laws. She wanted to band, Robert Sanchez, and their buy the farm from her father, but two year old son, Robbie. My son she wanted to own at least 50 per-Tracy Jr. just started his own elec-cent -or nothing. trical contracting business in La Jocelyn's farm is more than 300 Costa - Valenta Electric Com-acres. She grows barley and she pany. And he has also started rid-raises dairy cattle. She drives a ing his quadracer pretty seriously tractor, milks her cows, and she and plans to enter some races. also raises 150 chickens. When it This month, I am selling off the comes time, she kills the chickens last of my race cars and equipment and dresses them herself. She does from an office I have at the it all herself. She has told me she McKenzie Automotive site in doesn't expect me to help her with North Hollywood. In mid-April, those things. I guess I will be a Jocelyn will come down and we gentleman farmer for a while. will drive all my stuff up to She is really the most incredible Canada. person I've met in my life, and I've The old Funco Scott McKenzie met a lot of incredible people. She put together for Malcolm Smith is the best friend, the best compan-and Bud Feldkamp, that Doug and ion, the best, most giving person. Don Robertson rode to a Class She's a happy person, strong men- victory in the 1979 Baja 1000 -tally, emotionally and physically. the very same car that Bud and She likes to do things for people. Ron Gardner drove to the 1985 And she is adventurous. She loves Baja Internacional overall four to go fishing, cross country skiing wheel vehicle title, my last as a car (there aren't any mountains owner-wentlastyear.lstillhave nearby) and play ice hockey. She a Class 1 Marty Tripes short was the junior league hockey course car with a Hewland trans-coach. She does everything. She is mission. At one time, I had five beautiful. What a woman. race cars. At tirst, the family farm can Since that first race I entered in support us. I plan to learn French 1971 -when I built a sand rail to and get to know the place and then go to the dunes with my friends, start to explore some entrepre-but changed my mind and went to neurial possibilities. a race at Borrego Springs with It will be a challenge. It gets to Richard Leigh and Dino MacAfee, 40 below -without a wind chill and Richard Krause and Tom factor to glamorize the figures. But Betts helped pull me out when the I am looking forward to it. I plan to rear suspension broke - I don't do some fishing there. We will live regret a minute of it. It opened a lot a mile from Lake Temiskaming, of doors for me. I met too man-/ which has a 160-mile perimeter. good people. Drivers like Bob They have pickerel, walleyes, Hannah, Marty Tripes, Glenn muskie, sturgeon, trout. The land Harris, Ivan Stewart, Doug and is flat, but they have a vast amount Don Robertson, Johnny Johnson, of forest there. They have bear, Monte Crawford, Rick and Roger and the greatest moose hunting in Mears and Roger Jr., Brian Harber, the world. I'll just hunt with my Bobby Ferro, Malcolm Smith and camera. Bud Feldkamp and Ron Gardner, I will miss the California sun, Ted Nugent, Jeff Huber. Great my friends and my kids. So I will mechanics like Scott McKenzie, visit several times a year and hope-Max Thumma, Gary Steinhoff er fully some of you will come see and Gary Jones, and many more. me. And especially Adele Walker, Things are moving along with who kept the whole enterprise on track when everyone else was los-Need action photos? Call us for proofs!. ing their minds. I'm sorry, my mind is getting a little fuzzy, and starting to cry doesn't help either. There are a lot more of you in my heart. Trackside Photo, Inc.-Racing photography since 1970 Trackside Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commercial & Product Photography Page 38 "<;.. ~>,,ti, ,.., s,, ...... ,.... %:.: :.- "I,. 1507 East Del Amo Blvd. Carson, California 90746 (213) 609-1772 April 1989 One thing I do know, I feel very cheated because the lives of Mickey and Trudy Thompson were taken. I wish I could share this moment with them. We were supposed to go to dinner together and they were to meet Jocelyne when they were killed. Mickey was a big part of my racing career. He was my mentor, my confidant, my inspiration. Val Comsa remem-bers when I was thinking about starting into racing seriously and I went to Mickey for advice. He said Val, if you value your friend, you'd best talk him out of it. But if you can't talk him out of it, stand by his side and stick with him. Please, if you can, find a way to come and celebrate with us. Tracy Valenta For group travel reservations and a package tour to the wedding, please contact: Val Comsa, P.O. Box 9323, Anaheim, CA 92812, (714 )999-6655. Fax: Norma Wil-loughby -(714) 972-5512. Tracy's current telephone number: (818) 982-1961. Tracy's . future address and phone number: CP 688 Notre Dame du Nord, Quebec, Canada JOZ3BO (819) 723-2438. Attention SCORE and HDRA: I do not think it is fair the way the Challenger Class has become a "shoo-in'' sure thing for a few'' Big Bucks" type racers. It seems that the glory of the "total points" has enticed a few teams who don't fit the "low budget", "starting new-comer", "unretired older pre-vious I y competitive relics", or "back yard weld/ reweld do it your selfer" image. Several of the recent overall winners appear to be "out of character" when they consist-ently go away with the bucks from us hard working, low budget racers. Don't misunderstand me. Of all people I consider it a privilege to be able to go out and feel like I'm racing with the big boys. But, now that the entry fee is the same as all other classes, wouldn't it be fair to reduce the number of points awarded in Class 9 (Challenger)? Those who wish to compete with the "complete rebuild after every race" group should race in their group. Sometimes I feel I am like the little old ladies who send money to the millionaire TV preachers! (It sounded so neat!) I vote for a reduced entry fee, reduced race length when possible and practical, and reduced points awarded and any other useful application that will make Class 9, the class you race organizers pro-moted as an entry level class, just that. It appears to me that the option to buy the winner's engine is a rule that hasn't,ptbven useful to the extent if a struggling racer finished in the top five, and wanted to buy the winner's engine, he would be criticized for doing so. The apparent proficiency of the tech crews to inspect the engines appears to be adequate, as the sus-pension appears to be the primary limiter on how fast the Class 9 cars can go and still go the distance. Thanks for providing a great sport to such a wide variety of people through a wide range of vehicle types, and, of course, over a wide variety of terrain. Daw Girdner Barstow, CA Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the state of Class 9 with our readers, Dave. You were a pioneer in the Challenger Class, competing the very first year that the class was hatched in a car you built yourself. Unfortu-nately, every class designed for entry level racers, the r 200cc Class 9, 5-1600, 1-2-1600, and now Chal-lenger attracts a big entry, and the pros come into the class seeking the big prize money. ed. DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from all comers of off road activity. The Pony Express column will feature all the mail we can fit i11to the space. Please keep your words fairly brief. Because of space limitatio11s, your pearls of prose may be edited, but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as well as your praises. Leirers for publication should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by the 15th of the month in order to appear in the next.issu_e. Dusty Times

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Goodies Galore ••• New Suspension Calalog SAW Performance, a leader in the suspension component field with their well known Sway-A-W a y product line, has just released their new 1989 catalog. Rear torsion bars, front leaf springs, torsion adjusters, spring plates, anti-sway bars, camber stops, axles, coil springs, front end components, trans mount kits and dozens of other quality suspension components are pictured and listed in this new catalog. It also includes 'tech tips' ·to help you select and set up the proper components for your particular application. To get your SAW Performance catalog, send $4 .00 to SAW Performance, Dept. DT, 7840 Burnet Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91405. Cooler Type IV FAT Performance offers a trick cooling system conversion for the VW Type IV engine. This system utilizes the 911 Porsche fan and alternator. It eliminates the stock fan for more ground clearance and better cooling. The oil cooler and filter have to be plumbed remote. The kit sells for $225.00 plus the 911 components. For details on this and other goodies, send $5.00 for the new FAT Per-formance Off Road catalog to FAT Performance, Depc. DT, 1558 No. Case St., Orange, CA 92667. New Pre-Runner Shocks Specially designed for on and off road use, the Pre-Runner shock absorbers from Doetsch Tech feature a massive 18mm chrome shaft, urethane bus_hings, Dusty nma built-in external wiper seal, exclu-sive bump stop and progressive internal valving. These shocks are designed for 1-2 per wheel use and have a limited life-time war-ranty. The Doetsch Tech Pre-Runner shock incorporates inter- . nal valving that provides a soft comfortable ride on the street and a firmer, more controlled ride off road. For more information con-tact Doetsch Tech, Inc., Dept. DT, 10728 Prospect Ave. "B", Santee, CA 92071. SC Cab-Mate SC Manufacturing's new Cab-Mate interior storage system solves storag,. problems comw~n in pickup trucks. Perfect for maps, flashlights, tools, gloves and more, it attaches with snaps for easy installation and removal. One size fits all, and it contains 13 individual pockets with a scab-bard that's zippered on one end. This handy accessory is available in four colors, two of which match in fabric and color SC Tops and Tonneaus. All SC products are American made. For more information contact SC Manufac-turing, Dept. DT, 11879 Wood-bury Ave., Garden Grove CA 92643. ' f.XCEWfJCE lt"J [N(il!JE£l1!N!i Summers Brothers Catalog The finest and most dependa-ble powertrain components on the high performance market are included in the new Summers Brothers Catalog. Ever since the Summers Brothers were clocked at 409.277 mph with their famed Goldenrod to establish a record for wheel driven cars that still stands today, their products have been known in the performance industry. In their line are their well known axles and spools, drive studs, disc brakes, axle housings, differen·tial bearing caps, housing ends, main bearing caps, camshaft gear drives, front mount distributor drives -and many other related components. For your copy Qfih_e ca~log send $3.00 to Summers Brothers, Inc., Dep·t. DT, 530 So. Mountain Ave., Ontario, CA 91762. -~ w_ New KC Speaker Lites A sound idea from KC HiLites are the new Speaker Lites. The top quality, High performance custom speakers mounted in chrome plated KC Daylighter off road light housings are just the item to bring your favorite sounds off the beaten path. The Speaker Lites mount easily on existing light bars or front end guards, and the internal design allows them to resist sleet, snow, driving rain, the worst of weather. A KC light cover is included to ensure a long speaker life. Get the full details from KC HiLites, Inc., Dept. DT, Avenida de Luces, Williams, AZ 86046. ATV Giant Puller Now you can "pull like the Big Boys" with the very successful A TV Giant Puller. This great tread design, specifically developed to win pulls, has been scaled down to a 261 12 .00-12 size for A TV use. In fact, this is the only tire of its type for A TVs. With the popularity of ATV pulling spreading across America, go "full pull" with Cepek's Giant Puller for A TV use. Contact your local dealer for all the information . or ·Dick Cepek Inc., 17000 Kingsview Ave., Dept DT, Carson, CA 90746. JT Bedside Supports JT Industries is proud to intro-duce "Pro-Comp" pre-runner style bedside supports to their extensive line of body lift kits and other components. The new bed-side ~upports add_ sta~ili_ty and April 1989 prevent flex and vibration from occurring on the sides of pickup beds when the tailgate is removed. Made of mild steel tubing and fin-ished in bright gold zinc plating, they feature graphite bushings at the mounting points. The kit includes all mounting hardware and illustrated instructions. For more information send $3.00 for the complete catalog to JT Indus-. tries, Dept. DT, 8157WingAve., El Cajon, CA 92020. NewM/T Alloy Wheel Mickey Thompson Perform-ance Tires recently announced the availability of the MIT Alcoa forged aluminum wheel. The wheel is made for the 4x4 light truck market where wheel load ratings have been insufficient for the tire sizes used. These wheels are d_esigned for large diameter tires and have a 3000 pound load rating. Available in 15 inch x 10, 12 and 14 sizes with 5 on 5½ or 6 on 5½ bolt patterns. Center .caps are available in open or closed design, and feature an "0" ring for rattle free installation. For details contact Mickey Thomp-son Performance Tires, Dept. DT, P.O. Box 227, Cuyahoga Falls, OH44222. New Smittybilt Bars Dress up your 1989 Mini, Mid or Full Size vehicle with the unique, rugged looks of Smitty-hilt truck bars and dual tube bumpers. In addition to our com-plete line of 3"' tubing products for the 1989s, we now manufac-ture Pre-Runner front and ·rear bumpers . and Pre-Runner truck bars for most Mini and Mid size vehicles. Need more info? Just send $3.00 for a complete catalog and price list to Smittybilt, Inc., Dept. DT, 2112 No. Lee Ave., So. El Monte, CA 91733. A & A Ground Effects A & A Specialties has extended their line of ground effects kits to include sp_ort trucks like the 1982-89 GM S 10-S 15 picku~s l!~ well as Ford Rangers for the 1983-88 model years. Incorporat-ing a sculpted front air dam, rocker panels and a special rear valance with built-in reinforced· bumperettes, kits offer durability, strength and improved looks. Installation is easy, and each kit comes complete with all hardware, including a super strong adhesive mounting fape that virtually eliminates bolts. For full information write A & A Specialties, Dept. DT, 220 East Santa Fe Ave., Placentia, CA 92670. Brand New MSD Catalog MSD Ignition just released their 1989-1990 Catalog, 68 pages filled with the latest state-of-the-art ignition products. MSD offers virtually every prod-uct you could ever need for your ignition, whether you race profes-sionally or just want your family car to run better. MSD regular products, and new products for 1989 are in the catalog, along with special sections that give helpful hints on how to get the most from your ignition. Get your copy by sending $3.00, which includes shipping, to MSD Ignition, Dept. DT, 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, TX 7993.6. New Inside Covers for . P-R Light Beam · The original Light Beam from P-R Products now sports fitted inside plastic panels offering good looks and clean lines. The molded inside panels are made of textured black plastic and held in place with a permanent adhesive. P-R's Light Beam fits trucks of all sizes with a choice of chrome, black o; stainless steel finish. The Light Beam mounts solidly to bed rails taking no bed space. For comp let~ information send $2.00 for the catalog to P-R Products, Dept. DT, 4801 Murrieta St., Chino CA 91710. ' Page 39

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" Bob ••TIN MAN' Behrens (714) 878-4849 By Behrens METAL SHAPING OFF-ROAD, DRAG RACING AND VINTAGE RACE CAR BODIES 4072 CRESTVIEW DR. LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 'BJ~ ~~ (702 I 363-2245 ( 702 I 362-9416 a.le.ffl:fJ ALL TERRAIN ENTERPRISES MOTOR SPORT PRODUCTS JI~.~~ .p~'?' Compet,t,on Tires ...._a Offroad & Motorcycle Products 22264 Ottawa, Unit 1 Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-3186 (800)° 892-5263 UTOCRA INES PARTS - SERVICE Manufacturing Facilities La Habra, California 1100 CUSTER ROAD TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 1-800-356-6586 Ohio 1 ·800·356-1546 Perfonnance Products Fiberglass Fenders & Hoods• l)rethane Bushings & Hood Pins Pop-up Roof Light Kits• V-6 Kits for Mini Trucks Off-Road Truck Fabrication Product Catalog $3.00 (619) 562-1740 • 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 TOM MINGA FABRICATION & REPAIR CUSTOM ROLL CAGES OFF-ROAD RACE PREP FLAME CUTTING M.I.G. \\RDING TUBE BENDING DISTRIBUTOR FOR: BILSTEIN SHOCKS HELLA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE 741 ROSALIE WAY, El CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92019 • 619-445-5764 Page .40 Hehnets And Filtered Air Systems (714) 650-4566 1660 Babcock, Bldg. #B Costa Mesa, CA 92627 BELL KENNY PARKS 1---. RACING AND SAFETY PRODUCTS (213) 802-1477 14920 SHOEMAKER, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. 90670 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen . Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $18.00 per month. SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOL BAGS• HARNESS PADS ALL SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 BITCON ENGINEERING 55446 29 PALMS HIGHWAY YUCCA VALLEY, CA 92284 (619) 365-7649 THE AUTOMATIC CHOICE <&roup ruckmann San Diego <519> 578-1585 6 CYLINDER PORSCHE OFF ROAD RACE ENGINES, FRIENDS AT 8626 COMMERCE AVE. IN MIRAMAR ex April 1989 FOR GORKY McMILLIN · DANNY LETNER JIM TRAVIS WILLIS HAMIL TON 'v1ARK McMILLIN . Car Custom OFF-ROAD RACING DIVISION SCORE & HORA MEMBERS RECEIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ON : ,_,_..,., ,,,Pr-. . ~ WIZ/IHl,..~"'· .. ·-· ~~ ,.',.,...,...,..., ~ ---amt "Ulll'S ~~-• ,4#' '10((),w.lA WUD ~C 'V' ~ --BUSl'MK ... TWO GIANT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU SUPERSTORE #1 915 W FOOTHILL BLVO AZUSA, CA 91102 818-334-4951 PH RS 969 SUPERSTORE #2 12451 WESTMINSTER BLVD GARDEN GROVE. CA 92643 714-554-9260 Custom Transmission Welding • Engine & • Accessories Metal Fabrication PARTS AND SERVICE FOR ALL 4WD'S S.tiolodlon ACCESSORIES (818) 504•0306 SUN Guo,.,_ SERVICE (818) 767-0588 VAUEY 8540 LANKERSHIM BLVD. ?a'= re,_ ~~im. t<-, Ave. Cut out this coup0n and mail it to: Dick Cepek, Inc. 17000 Kingsview Ave., Dept. OT Carson, California 90746 . I 0 I've enclosed $9.00' for my Dick Cepek corduroy Hat, I • I 2 Decals, and 1988 Catalog. I I • Canadian & Fo(e1gn requests send $15.00 US. currency. I L _______________________ J LYNN CHENOWTH PRESIDENT 9338 B ONO A VENUE (619) 390-8104 CORPORATION EL CAJON, C AUFORNIA 92021 FAX (619) 390-8601 CHENOWTH f 1ACING PRODIJCTS. INC. Check the Record; The Winners Choice; #1 in Racing and Recreational Chassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 [CNC] Manufacturers of CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 275-1663 Brake and Clutch Pedal Assy Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cutting and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog Dusty Times

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FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 COOLWATERINN "BARSTOW'S NEWEST MOTEL" * Free Local Phone * Recreation Room * Free Movie Channel * Swimming Pool "DUSTY DISCOUNT'' $3.00 OFF WITH THIS AD 619-256-8443 1 70 Coolwatcr Lane, Barstow /'?·--·; BODY & PAINT ,h 3!5-2400 ...-'. 7''r ,• • A - . OWN AUTO SERVICE 140 CAV E .. CORONADO , C A 92118 PARTS RADIATOR 43!5-1240 v(.L 5J.)lYr:··w.. 43!5·0340 't' ".u:, ~ ~ ~R:rl~Davis ---'RACING PRODUCTS CUSTOM RACING RADIATORS All Aluminum Rabbit Replacement Radiators Send for a free catalog 2905 West Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 269-9194 (800) 842-5166 D & D METAL WORKS in Northern California Complete Fabrication Facility Tube Bending -Frame Cutting -Heliarc Welding Colored Tie Wraps Jacketed Cables Safety Wire & Pliers Dzues Buttons & Tabs IN GRASS VALLEY (916) 268-2512 DE COPPEN BROS. RACING Engine-Heads-Transaxles. Carbureted and Turbocharged Motors. Race proven for Street-Strip-Sand and Off Road Racing. We supply all of your racing needs. 70 W. EASY ST., UNIT 6 805-522-0414 SIMI VALLEY, CA 93065 MONDAY-FRIDAY: 9-6 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Dusty nmcs ; DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 TERMINAL.$. TY-WRAPS. L.UGS, WIRE CONVOL.UTED TUBING. SHRINK. AUTO L.OOM. NYL.ON CL.AMPS. SPECIAL. PACKAGING. WIRING ACCESSORIES DHRCORP 1104- A N. MACL.AY SAN FERNANDO . C A 9 1340 <000> 634-911 a (818) 361-1234 Check out the DUSTY TIMES Spcdal Club Sub Offer (Almost half price fvr group subscriptions) Call ( 818) 889-5600 or w rite DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 ES (818) ae1-aoaa 1533 TRUMAN ST. JOHN VERHAGEN SAN FERNANDO, CA 91340 TRICK SHOCKS FOR: Single, Double, Triple, Quad Applications. Take-Aparts & Remote Reservoir Kits. 10728 Prospect Ave. "B", Santee, CA 92071 • (619) 562-8773 "serving the industry since 1976 " , DRIVELINE SERVICE THERE IS A DIFFERENCE fa 1,Ctf-1, REPAIRING • BALANCING • CUSTOMIZING PARTS AND SERVICE ON C/V AND FRONT WHEEL DRIV,E UNITS (714) 824-1561 416 E. Valley Blvd., Colton, CA 92324 SCORE & HORA CONTINGENCY SPONSORS 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE April 1989 We SPECIALIZE in VW Cams and Valve Train Components 15112 Weststate St. Westminster, CA 92683 (714) 891-8600 Bob Cassetta Don Rountree . . S. Arrowhead Ave. 825-0583 o SAN BERNARDINO, CA 888-2703 92408 --FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHEL TEAS ___ _ THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! RENTALS VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS RENTALS AVAILABLE (714) 981-9666 AVAILABLE 963 SEABOARD COURT, UPLAND. CA 91786 ~l,RACING ffj 101,, 213-603-2200 Send for our catalog! The most comprehensive catalog of race-proven Off Road parts ever. From the people who have put more Off Road drivers in the .Winner's Circle than onyone else. Coll. write. carrier pigeo~. anything. But do ii now. Or you'll be at the bock of the pack. "''°"''" .... .f&l CM,.mMW..;. BHsteln Shocks JoMor Products Sway-A-Woy ~ Wright Place Perrno·COOI ., Tri-MIi Exhaust S&S Heoclers ................. ~ Gem Gears Weber Corbs Beard Seats IPF Lights PERl'OIUIAICE ... many more FOR YOUR CATALOG, SEND S5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE. 155B N. CASE ST., ORANGE, CA 92667, OR CALL (714) 637-2889 DRIVING SUITS SEATBELTS \LLE SAFET NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDl!RWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 Page 41 ..

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DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PAR1S RE·IKAIU V.W. PAffl 11623 SHEL.CON ST. SUN VALLEY. CA 913!52 768-4!5!5!5 (619) 669-4727 1 Get Your SHIFT Together/ ===---~\~--------PORTI/Y TRAIYSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, callfomla 92035 Doug Fortin (408) 377-3422 Custom Shocks Built to Your Vehicle's Specifications FOX RACING SHOX 544 McG/incey lane, Unit 8, Cilmpbe/1, Calif. 95008 ~?~~ A Prototype Design & Development Company Specializing In: (619) 449-8322 FRISK BROS. • Racecars, Racetrucks, A TV's • Tube Bending& Metal Fabrication • A_f minum & Steel Sheetmetal 10734E Kenney Street• Santee, CA 92071 Fuel Bladders Dump Cans 5271 Business Dr. Quick FIiis Std. FIiis Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 GIL GEORGE E~ . :2SA J:.•I.JN CO~l~I CUCAMONGA. CALIFORNIA. (714) 981 -8743 Page 42 ARMA ABRICATiO ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GARMAN (714) 620-1242 1452 EAST THIRD STREET POMONA, CA 91766 COLOR PHOTO DYED ON A T-SHIRT send photo (3x5,5x7 OK), returned intact -VIVID colors -HIGH resolution -100% cotton Hanes T-shirt -PERMANENT OFFICE PROFESSIONAL POOL SERVICE AND REPAIRS SPECIALIZING IN CCMME'RCIAL & CUSTOM POOLS LICENSED & INSURED 362-4202 • ACID WASHES• Fil TEAS• HEATERS• MOTORS• ETC 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89103 DUSTY TIMES BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE $1. 7 5 for a single copy $1.25 each for 5 or more copies Any mix of dates Send check or money order and your UPS street address to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 91301 * * HAT PINS ** FOR TEAMS, CLUBS, SPECIAL EVENTS HIGH QUALITY * LOW PRICES DEPENDABLE DELIVERY WRITE OR CALL FOR PRICE LIST & SAMPLE PHONE (818) 848-RACE ..::R -.. -BOX 6369 * BURBANK CA 91510-6369 HEADFLDW PERFORMANCE '' '' RACING CYLINDER HEADS FRED COWLES (71il) 631-3826 1760 Monrovia, C-7, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 April 1989 HOUSE of BUGGIES 9027 Campo Road• Spring Valley, CA 92077 • 619-589-6770 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240 JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON Lee (714) 522-4600 (714) 522-4602 dlmmcx::I V. W. Service REPAIR O PARTS O SERVICE 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 Custom Engines / Transaxles Street · Strip • Offroad KEITH SCHINDLER (714) 599-7627 LANGAN CUSTOM METALS Aluminum Bodies • Accessories Fabrication Specialists Covina JIM LANGAN (818) 966-5625 Du1ty Times

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McKENZIE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS WAIIEHOUSt: DISTlll■UTORS FOIi ct:NTER•LINll WHEELS SWAY•A•WAY TECTIRA TIIIU ■ILSTlllN SHOCKS KC LIOHTS K.Y.■. SHOCKS SUPER T"AP SPAIIK AllllllSTOIIS BEAIID SllATS CIBIE LIGHTS HEWLAND GllAIIS MCKENZIE AIIIFILTEIIS GEIi OllAIIS WIIIGHT PLACE CROWN NFO. DUIIA BLUE NEAL PRODUCTS ULTIIA BOOT IIAPID COOL WlllTEIIN AUTO TIIIES Tlll•NIL 818-7154-fS,6311 129415 SHEIIMAN WAT. NO. ,6 8111-7fS5-58Z7 NO. HOLLYWOOD. CA ·••os MENDEOLA RACING TECHNOLOGY VW • PORSCHE • HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES (619) 277-3100 7577 CONVOY COURT. SAN DIEGO, CA 92111 TABS~ BRACKETS -MOUNTS Shearing - Punching - Forming Sawing -Tool Grinding - TIG & MIG Welding RACE CAR COMPONEm'S STEVE WRIGHT Riverside, Calif. (714) 351-2515 \'\\~\ ~ PERF DRNAN CE .MD ~p~~ Import Pais & Service Import Machine Shop Import High Performance Parts, Service· & Machinery Dusty nmcs (419) 476-3300 1100 Custer Rd. At Laskey TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 Wholesale 419-476-3711 5\S . Ct°' f>. S Custom Built to Your Needs by Bill Varnes Mike Brow V-ENTERPRISES 37925 Sixth St. East, Unit 107 Palmdalfl, CA 93550 805/272-3843 Jim Moulton Radng ■ Off road racing chassis ■ Fabrication and repair ■ Fox shock parts and service ■ Race Car Prep 26846 Oak Ave., Unit G Canyon Country, Calif. 91351 (805) 298-1212 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils • Heli-Core Wires • Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 857-5200 MOVING? Don't miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. INSTANT SERVICE 1-800-331-NEAL OUTSIDE CALIF. High Performance Pedals & Hydraulics, Including ... • NEAL Cutting Brakes'" • Clutch Pedal Assemblies • Master Cylinders • Hydraulic Clu1ches and Throttles ... plus much more. Complete Catalog. $3 00. NEAL PRODUCTS, INC. 7171 Ronson Road San Diego, CA 92111 (619) 565-9336 "USED BY WINNERS NATIONWIDE" Ask Your Performance Dealer Today -Oil -Fuel -Transmissions -Rearends -Offroad, Oval Track, Drag, Marine QUALITY GUARANTEED Oberg Inc, 12414 Hwy. 99 So, Dept OT, Everett, WA 98204 April 1989 ~~cTioN .TRADING CARDS P.O. BOX700 PETTIT WINCHEST R CA 92396-0700 OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR., BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 WO VANS & PICKUPS & MINI TRUCKS PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOCKS USED • WELDING & FABRICATION • Bill Montague (714) 761-9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 1 ..... R.1 OFF ~OAD INNOVATIONS BOLT-ON PRE-RUNNER ACCESSORIES LIGHT HOOPS BED KICKERS TIRE MOUNTS CUSTOM FABRICATION (619) S88-2568 1160 PIONEER WAY, SUITE C, El CAJON, CA 92020 ~~ (p[3~(XJ~(1(1 1660 Babcock Bldg. B Costa Mesa, Ca 92.627 (714) 650-3035 Fabrication ✓ Coil Over Suspension ✓ FoxShoxPartsAndSeNice ✓ Race Car Wiring ✓ Race Car Prep. ✓ Turn Key Race Cars FAMILY RESTAURANT Over 40 Years -The best in the Desert Coffee Shop -Steak House • Watering Hole Saloon 24 Hour Service Station BAKER, CALIFORNIA Page 43

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PROFESSIONAL • AMERICAN • CANADIAN o Off-ROAD ~ A R~CING-~ ~ --~/(.~ ~ ~~ P. 0. BOX 323eSEAHURST, WA 98062 (206) 242-1773 PROBST Ott Road Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX. ILLINOIS 6045 1 18151 485-RACE 172231 Larry Winter 714-537-8286 A Totally New Concept in Battery Design ·Race S,.op Suppliu 11532 Stepltanie Garden Grove, CA 92640 -• % ,,.e Size & Weight of its Equivalent • Vibration Resistant • S ill Proo Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) S~S-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim,CA 92805 RACING LUBRICANTS DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V.W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914 's (213)583-2404 fmfil ~~PsERV/CE, INC. ~ ~ETAL PROCESSING · S92I W;Jmington A venue Los Angeics. Calfforn,a 9000 I Mark Smith GLASS BEAD FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MAGNETIC PART ICAL Larry Smith DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to pre ent to preferred customers. It is :i grc:it traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91 301. (818) 889-5600 MARVIN SHAW ENTERPRISES Manufacturer & Supplier of Arizona Air Ride Shocks Air Cooled Tool Co. Tools Buggy Beautiful Dress-Up Parts for your Sand Buggy I ,,. NEW LOCATION IN ORANGE COUNTY rSIMPSOll 11. RACE PRODUCTS j 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd., 'C' Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 630-8861 rSIMPSOll, t RACE PRODUCTS j SEND S3.00 FOR NEW FULL COLOR CATALOG Sacramento Area (916) 638-1103 • FAX (916) 638-6842 11336-A Sunco Drive • Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 WELDING • FABRICATION ROLL CAGES • TUBE BENDING SHOCK & SUSPENSNIN SETUPS FLAME CUT GUSSET KITS GAS TANKS SPORT ENGINEERING ·:-:-:-:-: AIR CLEANERS SHEET METAL WOIIK BEAD BLASTING CUSTOM MACHINING RACE PREP & REPAIR RACE CAR • PRE RUNNER FABRICATION 14757 Lull Street Van Nuys, CA 91405 TEL: 818-994-7475 FAX: 818-994-4069 ---------------==-=--~------;;::_.._. __ ......... _ ..... ·--.. ~-..;r==: = -----RACINGPRODUCTS-~ 115 OCTANE RACING GASOLINE Anaheim, CA ............ . ............. . (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA .. ................... .... (805) 948-6044 Bullhead City, AZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (602) 758-5480 Chino, CA ....... . ............... ....... (714) 628-7596 Concord, CA . ...... .............. .. .... (415) 676-4300 Denver, CO ............................ (303) 750-9619 El Centro, CA . ......................... (619) 352-4721 Fullerton, CA . .......................... (714) 635-5553 Hayward, CA .•.......... ............ . . . . (415) 783-6500 Lancaster, CA ............. ............. (805) 948-6044 Las Vegas, NV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (702) 643-9200 Long Beach, CA . .... . ............ : ..... (213) 432-3949 Los Angeles, CA . ....................... (213) 595-7208 Oakland, CA ................. ....... .... (415) 261-6900 Phoenix, AZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (602) 279-5000 Pleasant Hill, CA ............ . ........... (415) 798-2201 Riverside, CA ........................... (714) 877-0226 Salinas, CA ............................. (408) 422-9808 Santa Barbara, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (805) 963-9366 San Jose, CA ........... . ........... . ... (408) 294-4513 Van Nuys, CA ................... ....... (818) 785-0902 (619)346-0694 DESIGN ■ ENGINEERING ■ SALES Ventura, CA . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (805) 659-5609 (619)365-0813 3242 Sabin Brown Road 602-684-S056 Yuma, AZ · · · · · ··· · • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •. (602) 782-6543 SERVICE AUTO PARTS Palm Desert 44-800 San Pablo Yucca Valley 56313 29 Palms Hwy Palm Springs 67-390 Ramon Rd. ·· Desert Hot Spr 13-175 Palm Dr. Indio 81-096-A Hwy. 111 Cathedral City 68-887 Hwy. 111 McKenzie's N. Hollywood Moore Racing San Bernardino OffRoad Supermart Westminster Dirty Parts Culver City · Racecrafters Lawndale Tustin Honda Tustin Bryce's Auto Anaheim (619)323-1879 P.O. Box 20646 Wickenburg, AZ 85358 P.O. Box610,333We_st Broadway, Suite202 (213) 437 4373 Long Beach, Cahforn,a 9080Hl610 -(619)329-1446 ' ~ -------------------t--------------------t (619)347-3379 (619)328-2183 NEW LOCATION IN THE VALLEY ~~~:~~~::~~ r $IMP.SON. ... 1 (714)750-2802 (213)390-9086 (213)370-5552 j (714)558-9393 1 RACE PRODUCTS ~ (714)635-1431 "-------------_, (818) 988-5510 RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CO. 3450 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez, CA 94553 16053 Victory Blvd. #4 Van Nuys, CA 91406 (818) 780-4444 FAX (818) 780-4567 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 ' ---TEL (800) 624-7958 Page 44 April 1989 Du1tvnma-

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! Trackside Photo, Inc. Commercial Photography Peter L. Hatch (213) 609-1TT2 1507 E. Del Arno Blvd. • Carson, CA 907 46 · RICHARD Lill Y LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA 1988 BUDWEISER/FRT SUPERSTITION SERIES CHAMPIONS CRAIG DILLON -CLASS 10 RANDY ANDERSON -CLASS 1. 2-1600 CECIL WRIGHT · UNLIMITED CLASS JACK HETTINGER -CHALLENGER HERMAN MEISTER -CLASS 8 d ,..J JON HURLEY · CLASS 7 GREG SANDEN -CLASS 5 TODD TEUSCHER -CLASS 100 CHUCK McCORMICK • CLASS 6 l'AGG I T.EAA4 Off Road Equipment Downey/Conners/Baker/Cal Gold Suspension Doetsch Tech/Bilstein Shocks Open 7 Days 14130 CULVER DRIVE "M", IRVINE, CA 92714 (714) 552-TAGG !?ACE THI/NS BY JEFF f/EO)'S TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 91311 TA~C~~ 112 Octane n-lck 118 Octane Super-nick racing gasoline 100 Octane Unleaded Alameda County (4 l SJ 538-RACE Phoenix 16021 952-2S75 Bakersfield (8051 393-8258 Portland/Vancouver (2061 693-3600 Bremerton 12061377-7951 Riverside (7141 787-8141 Denver 1303) 452-5239 Sacramento 19161 638-RACE El Centro (6_19) 352-2600 San Diego (619) 460-5207 Hawaii 18081 682-5589 Saugus 18051 259-3886 Huntington Beach (7141 536-8808 Seattle (2061 833-0430 lDng Beach (2131979-0198 Spokane (5091 483-0076 Los Angeles (213) 863-4801 TriCities (5091 547-3326 L!s Vegas (702) 871-1417 Tucson (6021 326-8770 Orange Coijnty (714) 634-0845 Wenatchee 15091 663-29 l 2 Dustynma CHECK THE BONUS GIFTS For New Subscribers or Renewals IN CONTINGENCY ROW, APRIL 21 at Binion's Mint 400 Las Vegas, Nevada (UiPJ UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/ 449-9690 Power Steering -Brackets Aluminum Fabrication -Tabs .f~ OFFR04P VIDEO SCORE/HORA Desert Series & Riverside Races P.O. Box 2286 Corona, CA 91718 1986 Through 1989 All Classes -All Cars 1 Hr. VHS Video Tapes $29.95 each Please Write for Information or Call (714) 734-9875 Louie Unser LOUIE UNSER. Racing Engines 1100 E. Ash Ave. Suite C Fullerton, Ca. 92631 (714) 879-8440 Nobody Covers Off Road Like DUSTY TIMES SUBSCRIBE TODAY (USE FORM ON PAGE 3) ~(' PAINT /IKP C0477NIIS~GRAP#.n;* J;(JG{Jt} * •~ ro Md MAINTENANCF• ~IIY.M)~J,J!IMIN&* c1W"~h1 MY0v.1B"ForRck.l1p~ •6!9• o April 1919 THE WINNERS CHOICE WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street . strip and off-road or send $3 for the complete .,..._._ catalog. (iai)WEB-CAM 1815 MaaaachuHttl Ave. -~RFORMANCECAMSHAFTs ~!~~~~:~~!~,:°.~,,~, .. , .... ,.. (714) 369-5144 . VW -PORSCHE • OFF ROAD 947 RANCHEROS DRIVE SAN MARCOS. CA 92069 Engine & Machine (619) 741-6173 PROS USE LOC-BOARDS! . Be a PRO, use LOC-BOARDS instead · of peg-boards to hang expensive tools! Call 800-678-2552 toll-free for catalog. WOODS WHEEL WORKS . ' Off Road Products t anfi,Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles . n· (6021242-0077 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ. 85017 Two for the OH-Road! RotVWs .WYY# For advertising rates & information contact Wright Publishing Co., Inc. PO Box 2260, Costa Mesa, CA 92628 (714) 979-2560 YOKOHAM ----Wants YOU .. Be a Volunteer in a Yokohama Support Pit. Get Involved ! Dennis Rogers 714 592-2271 Pase 45

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: Team Yokohama· Cameo 7S Toyota. One year old, over $50,000 invested. Comes complete with spare trans, steer- : ing box, suspension, 10 spare tires : with wheels. Call Greg at (818)' 998--4436 days. FOR SALE: Class 10 Raceco sin-gle seater, very light! If it ain't chromed, it's power coated. All the right parts and pieces. Call for details. Ask for Dennis at (714) 661-7880 biz or (714) 498-7135 home. FOR SALE: Race ready 2-1600 package. 114"' Raceco, strong dynoed motor, Kreisler trans w/Hewlands, Wright rack and combos, dual Curnutts all around, 930 CVs, Centerlines, Edwards, radios, tools, spare tires, wheels, parts and motor. Trailer included. $10,500. Worth much more if sold sepa-rately. Call Pat at (714) 644--4460 days or John at (714) 494-5548, eves. FOR SALE: 1600cc Lee Leighton motor complete. Also Mike Leighton Bus gear box. Both bought brand new and never installed in race car. DESPER-A TE, must sell because of finan-cial problems. $3000 invested; $2000 takes both. Call Pat collect at (702) 457-9346 any time 7 days/ week. FOR SALE: Class 5 convertible body and Jimco chassis, body with fiberglass front end. Weight is 50 lbs. Frame full tube with pan below frame. Cage needs repair. Full aluminum work by Jacks of Santee. Car is complete at pres-ent. Other parts possibly availa-ble. Call (916) 454-5128. FOR SALE: 1988 Bunderson Challenger, Yokohama, Fox Shox, Mastercraft with lumbar, ·Saco rack, Filler belt, Strong, only raced three times, turn key with trailer and spares. $6,500. Will pay entry to first Snore race. Call (702) 384-9823 or 731-5650. .. ,;,;, -~ FOR SALE: 1988 SCORE/ HDRA Class 14 points champion Chevy Blazer. Winner of 1988 Baja 1000 and Mojave 250. Mega Class 3 car. Very fast and reliable, professionally built, best of every-thing, many extra parts, tandem trailer. $20,000 OBO. Contact # Boone days (714) 497-1736 or eves (714) 496-4985. FOR SALE: 5-1600 Race car. 1988 SNORE Champion. Race prep'd, and ready to win. $8500.00. Ask for Kent, (818) 915-2212. FOR SALE: FL-350 Odyssey, 1988 VORRA class champion. Hillside Honda engine, K&N fil-ter, Precision Boring clutch, side crank support, aluminum tie rods, Filler window nets, 5 point Filler harness, bead lock rims, aluminum gas tank. Sell or trade · in part for Challenger. Call Ed at (209) 832-1650. FOR SALE: Class 8 aluminum head, 351 SVO, Art Carr trans, Summers Bros. rear, Chrisman Center section, Cone knock off, torsion bar secondary suspen-sion, extra tires, wheels, drive-lines, engine·parts, ex Ivan Stew-art,. Brian Stewart race truck. $28,500. OBO. Call (714) 242-5784. ,.., FOR SALE: Ra.ceca Cass 10. Excellent Condition. New wiring, New engine (Goshen), fresh Hewland 5 speed, Race Ready only $13,000.00. Many spares, and parts. No trailer. Must Sell. Call Bob, (619) 530-1999, or (619) 695-9441. ... ~ti:i~ ~·<,;._ . -FOR SALE: '56 VW Baja. NO rust, 3rd owner, stock suspension, 12 volt, 1600cc, daily transporta-tion. $1700 .00, or trade for decent 2-1600 IRS Pre-Runner. (805) 522-5112. FOR SALE: '84 2 seat Raceco. 12" coil over 4 shock beam. Secondaries.Air suspension seats, power steering, Center Line wheels, fuel cell, Jamar pedals, tor-sion adjusters. 3x3 arms, set up for type 1 V. No engine, or trans., $3495.00. Call (209) 486-0280. FOR SALE: 1961 Baja Bug, set up for pre-running. Smittybilt roll cage, Don Hatz motor, T Mag 3" lift kit, Beards seats, autometer gauges, plus more, Call Tracy Valenta, (818) 982-1961. FOR SALE: Class 1 short course car. 1985 champ, $8500.00. Don Hatz 2340 type 1 motor, FGA Hewland transmi'ssion, disc brakes, ready to race. $10,000.00. Call (818) 982-1961. MOVING SALE: 1650 Don Hatz air cooled motor. Cost $5500.00, FOR SALE: 2270cc Leighton Type 1 race motor. Best of every-thing and strong. New roller crank, new case, new alt., new Tri Mil. Feramic racing clutch, light-ened flywheel. Race it or lug it in pre-runner. Also 2180cc roller crank, pistons, lightened fly-wheel, excellent cond. Let's deal. Call Sandy at (702) 363-2245. • • 0; sell for $2000.00. Motor is fresh, FOR SALE: Street legaL ·N~;i; and dready t~ rahce, Mendeola1 3 rebuilt. 1961 BAJA BUG, l ?76 spee t_rans., 1or s ?rt course, pus Lacey McKinney of Los Cam-peones Race Support T earn, Vista Annex, departed to the pit team in the sky, after many years of pit-ting at Rice, CA. Till we meet again, from Budda-One and · • h • Id d used nms, and misc. parts. Call eDngl'01ne, w361t mb 1170c0am_l, a1,!. Tracy Valenta, (818) 982-1961. e rto car , m1 es vn engine, complete roll cage, fuel cell, 4 Fox Shocks in rear, 2 in front. $6800.00 OBO. (714) 926-2917. Budda-Two. POSITION WANTED: Metal FOR SALE: Berrien lOO"' Fabricator-10 yrs. automotive experience, includes Baja Bugs, single seater, P.S., Wright rack & race trucks, high performance veh-pinion and beam, Beard seat, seat shifter, fuel cell, new tires, twin ides, drag boats. Certified Welder, tube bender. Wages air log, axles & cvs, less engine negotiable, hours flexible. Call and trans, Winner Class 10, and 2nd 0 / A at Freedom, OK 200 Frank anytime, leave message, mile Memorial Day Race '88. (8_18....:)_6_0_9_-9_6_4_9_. _____ _ $2,200. Call Mark, (817) 780-FOR SALE: Class 5 Race car/ Pre-2573, eves. runner. Type 1 motor, bus trans., FOR SALE: Mark McMillin's FOR SALE: Jerry Whelchel's -----------Fiskchassis,Fox,Wright,Unique, Class 1 Chenowth Magnum Class 10 Magnum, Rev power FOR SALE: Class 5-1600 pre- much more, used for pre-runner, frame. Includes frame, body pan-motor. Best of everything. Many runner. SCORE/HORA ap-raced 2 times, 4th at Parker, 4th at els, fuel cell, bumpers, and spare parts, tires, shocks, steering proved. Wright spindles, Saco Baja 1000. Call for more details. Wright 8"' front beam. Race rack, etc. Everything you need to rack & pinion, rev. shocks, Fuel Priced to sell, $7000.00, com-Proven! Call Brian or Donald at go racing. Race ready car. Call Safe, Beard seats, Henry's stubs, plete, $5500.00 less motor. Call, ( 619) 4 7.9-04 7 4, M-F, 7 -4, Bryce at (714 )635-1431 or (714) BMS trans, Type 4 cvs and more. we're easy. McBride Racing, (714) $1,500. 999-0574. Call (818) 331-5085 any time. 529-4466, leave message. p•o~•R..;,S~A"'"'LE: 1985 Raceco Class t r----------------------------------------------, SingleSeatintwoseatframe.Can I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in · beconvertedtoClass2.125"WB, Fox coil over front end, 2666 type I DUSTY TIMES. lV, Kreisler trans. W / Hewland I gears, Curnutt torque limiters. I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for Best of everything. $20,000.00 I use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. complete, $12,000.00 less engine I & trans. Call Jim at (213) 591-NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and 5665 days. I subscribe. If you wish to us~ a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. :All classified ads must be paid in advance. · F_O_R_S_A_;_L_E_: _F_u_n_c_o_C_l_a_ss-2-T-an--l ----------------------------------------------dem. Fresh 2180 engine, and trans., with Hewland gears, Fla-Enclosed is $ ____ _ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Name--------------------------------Address ----------------------Phone ______ _ City ------------------State _____ Zip ______ _ Page 46 Aprll 1989 Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Av.e., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 meout, Parker, Wright, Neal, Beard, Centerlines. Power steer-ing. New Sway-A-Way torsion bar and spring plates. $5500.00. Double ·axle 2 car trailer, $2000.00. Lee, (805) 496-8422 Days, (818) 883-8349 Eves: FOR SALE: Chenowth Short Course Magnum Single Seat. Uni-que Power Steering, Radiator, Fresh paint, No motor or Trans-mission. 2 Fuef Cells, 5 gal. and 14 gal. $11,000.00 O .B.O. Fresh Transmission, Henry's Carrier, Good Gears, $2000.00 FIRM. ( 602) 271-9048, ( 602) 955-2461. Dusty nmcs

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FOR SALE: l / 2 1600 SCORE/ FOR SALE: ·class 10 air cooled HORA legal racing engine. Built VW motor and bus trans. Fresh with best of everything by Mike complete and competitive. Neal. Very competitive and $3,000 for both. Two car, three dependable. Complete engine, a axle trailer with huge enclosed great buy at $1,000.00. Call Jim at storage compartment, $3,500. (213) 591-5665 days. '67 VW Baja Bug pre-runner, FOR SALE: 1-1600 Funco up-$1,200. Call (503) 998--8151. dated 1988. Rear wheel travel WANTED: Co-driver for Baja 1~ ", Fmnt wheel travel 10". New 1000. Class 2 w/2500 Type 4, Bdste1n Shocks, ~resh Race 14n front, 17n rear. Seeking T~ans., Neal Hydraulics, Formula experianced person for 2 weeks, Tires, ~~ld wh~els. Race read_v-Oct. 29-Nov. 12, of family fun, competitive car. $3900.00 will pre-running & racing. Write to deliver east of Mississippi River. Gregg Bouma, 3512 "N" St., Call Jamie (313) 421-7553. Vancouver, WA 98663. NEEDED: Rear AMS brake hat, 5 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS bolt Buggie. New or used. Please call Jim Struble ( 412) 694--8951, Armstrong Tire Co. . ......... Back Cover or ( 412) 539-2146. __ Bilstein Corp. of America . . . • • . • . • . • 16 Binion's Mint 400 . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. . . 2 Boulevard GMC • .. .. • • .. .. • • .. .. • 5 Cactus Racing .. .. .. .. • .. .. . .. .. 30 caJifornia Pre-Fun . . • . . • . . . . . . . . . . 8 Car Custom . . • . . . . . . . . .. • . • . • . • 19 Champion Bead Lock Co. .. .. • . . . . . . 23 FOR SALE: Berrien 2001 Class 10 race prepped. Fresh Motor, Dry Sump, New Trans. Hewland gears, New Palmer Long Front, spindle 2 ½ 11, power steering, pumper, New Fox Shocks, New Dura Blue Axles, Master Craft Seats, Neal pedals, Simpson Net& Belts. Best of everything, raced ver y little, includes trailer , $7500.00. Call Jim (601) 287-2937. FOR SALE: Oval window Volks-wagan Pre-Runner. Full cage. The best of everything. $12,000.00 invested, MUST sell $6200.00 O.B.O. J&S Auto Body (818) 963-5618. FOR SALE: Class 1 or 10 car. 100" WB, Disc, Fox Shocks, Parker Pumper, Mastercraft, Flame Out, Complete less motor. Good starter car. $3500.00. O.B.O. (707) 257-0707 Days, or (707) 252-2026 Eves. FOR SALE: Raceco Class 10. Best of everything. Fresh Hewland 5 speed, new Goshen 112 hp/VW, plenty of spares & extra parts. Race Ready. $12,000 offer. Call (619) 695-9441. FOR SALE: Hewland 5 speed, $6,500. One race, Mendeola preped, Goshen Class 10 VW, new 112 horsepower , Chevy rods, plenty of torque, great engine, $3,500. Call (619) 530-1999, ask for Bob. Dusty Times CORVA ....................... 10 OeNunzio Racing Products . . . . . . . . . . I FAT Performance . .. . . .. .. .. .. .. . 26 FRT Buu Bomb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Fuel Safe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 General Tire Motorsports . • . . . . . . . . . 25 Gran Carrera de T ecate .. . .. . . . . . . . 11 Herndon Motorsports .. .. .. .. . .. .. . 28 IPF Motorsports .. . . . . .. . . .. .. .. . 21 KC Hilites .. .. . .. . .. .. .. . .. .. .. 29 McKenzie Performance Products • . . . . . 13 Mr. Sticker .. .. .. . .. .. . . . .. . .. . . 9 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 North Coast Enterprises . .. . . .. .. .. • 31 Off Road Racing Trading Cards . . . . . . . . 4 PCI Race Radios .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 37 Race Ready Products . .. .. . . .. .. .. . 20 Red Line Synthetic Oil . .. . . . . . .. .. . 33 Marvin Shaw Performance Products .. ... 34 Smittybili Inc. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 14 Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group . . . 7 T rackside Photo Enterprises . . . . . . . . . 38 Tri-Mil Industries • . • . . . . . . . . • . . . . 18 Unique Metal Products .. .. .. . .. .. . . 24 Valley Performance · Hewland . . . . . . . . 22 Wright Place .. . • . . . . . . .. . .. .. . . 27 CORE NOTES (from page 37) nia after starting driver Les Erick-son suffered what turned out to be a fatal heart attack. All of CORE extends their sincere sym-pathy to Judy Erickson and the children, Connie and Ty; and to Mike and Gayle Schwellinger, and our President Jon Snyder, close friends and reighbors as well as racing buddies. CORE had ten pits at Parker, including a mini pit at the Cali-fornia start/ finish. It all went well on course this year, except, as always, radio relay had to be used to get messages from California through to the Arizona Main Pit. CORE had three cars racing the SNORE Bottom Dollar, and two pit crews on hand in Las Vegas. The next biggie for CORE will be Lucerne with 14 cars signed up now, and probably five pits including Main. If you are interested in joining CORE or just working with CORE at the races, the club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. at the Burbank Ramada Inn, just off the I-5 Freeway at Buena Vista. If you would like to help pit with CORE at the big events or the club races, call Race Manager Karen Clark at (818) 345,3833 or Race Manager Robby Robison at (818) 446-3431. W ith the Mint 400 just around the corner, we can use all the willing hands we can get to cover that race. THE ROCK GARDEN IS BACK ••• ARE YOU READY? On April 22, 1989, the Binion's Nissan Mint 400 returns to the ROCK GARDEN! 400 miles of the roughest ter_rain the world has to offer. ~~' M NT -''--HORA CONTACT H.QR.A FOR FURTHER INFORMATION· 702/361-5404 ENJOY DUSTY TIMES AFTER THE RACE READ ALL THE NITTY, GRITTY DETAILS EACH MONTH ONLY $12 .00 A YEAR OR TWO YEARS FOR $20.00 Send Check or Money Order to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite o,· Agoura, CA 91301 April 1989 Page 47

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