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1989 Volume 6 Number 11 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 6 - Number 11 - November 1989 Covering the world of competition in the dirt.

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TECH TIPS By Bill Savage, Chairman HORA-SCORE Technical Committee At long last we have a draft of the 1991-92 SCORE-HDRA rule book. It is the result of a lot of thoughtful consideration by manufacturers and competitors, and it is not necessarily in its final form. There are still a lot of things to work out, particularly in classes 3, 4 and 8. The final touches were put into the rule book at two recent meetings with class representatives. Turning your attention to those three classes -3, 4 and 8 -here is essentially how the 1991-92 rules will differ from what we have now: In Class 3, we have got rid of the "grandfather cars" called for in the grandfather clause that resulted from elimina-tion of Class 14 at the end of the 1988 season. Gone are the tube-fra rne chassis and strange and exotic one-off construction exercises. Class 3 restrictions will be almost identical to the rules framework of Class 8, only it will be for 4-wheel drive vehicles of 108-inch wheelbase or less. In the same spirit, Class 4 will be for 108-inch or longer wheelbase 4-wheel drive vehicles, but of American manufacture. They will all be full s,ze trucks. Gone will be the Japanese rnini-pickups. Of the eligible trucks, and they are specifically identified as Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and GMC, three models of Class 3 trucks that can have notched frames up front, to make them competitive with other trucks in the class -Dodge D-150 and Jeep JlO and J20. Class 8 is defined as a class for full size vehicles only. Gone is the Dodge Dakota. The effect of clarification about which trucks are eligible is to eliminate Jack Johnson's Nissan from Class 4 and Walker Evans' Dakota from Class 8. They were only tech-nically eligible under current rules anyway. Walker has changed back to his big truck, and there are no plans to continue competition for the Nissan in Class 4 in 1991. Rules are substantially un-changed in the other classes from the current rule book that is effective through the 1990 season. On another subject, we are pleased to report that word from Walker Evans is that his boy Evan is doing well in his recovery from injuries suffered in a rr.otorcycle accident. The possibility that Evan may race again or_!hat others in his predicament can compete some time in the future was raised as the result of a discussion between Walker and me. He has asked for a rule that would allow for a hand-control vehicle so that partially paralyzed drivers can compete in SCORE and HDRA events. At this time the rule hasn't been written, but I expect that it will be in the new book before we go to press. The 1991-92 rufe book is in what I call "medium rough" form now, and it has been sent out to all the class representatives and manufacturers for their input and/ or approval. If there is anything about the new rules that an individual competitor wants to know, he should be in touch with his class rep. The next question I expect to hear is "how do I find out who my class rep is?". Please don't ask; I don'twantto hear it. To save time and aggravation, here is the list of class reps. Class 1 -Mark McMillin, 6191477-4117; Class 2 -David Kreisler, 7141535-4438; Class 1-2-1600 -Torn DeNault, 6191747-3366; Class3 -Gale Pike, 7141494-7432; Class 4 -Rod Hall, 7021786-6748; Class _5 -Stan Parnell, 714/893-0953; Class 5-1600 -619/435-2400; Class 6 - Dale Jordan, 213/326-6611; Class 7 -Russ Jones, 8051963-7940; Class 7S -Malcolm Vinje, 619/292-0485; Class 7 4x4 -Jerry McDonald, 7141768-7222; Class 8 -7141659-5280; Class 9 -Rich Richardso~, 619-583-6529; Class 10 -Mike Church, 7141660-8600, and Class 11 , Mike Abbott, 8051956-4581. We don't have much on the agenda this month. So this is a good time to get some questions and answers out of the way. We've had some inquiries since the last race, the HDRA Nevada 500. The most persistent is the one about how much interior sheet metal can be removed from the inside of a Class 3 or a Class 6 vehicle. We've been pretty generous in interpreting the rule book on this one. The current rule says that no sheet metal cah be removed except to allow for installation of roll cages, shock towers and internal fender well modifications that conform to the rules. Basically, that has left our inspectors in the role of liberals, allowing_any_~hing within reason, CACTUS RACING RACEA/R HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL (619) 279-2509 HELMET . $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 A FRESH Am HELMET AND BLOWEF. ASSEMBLY DESIGNED FOR o;-,• ROAD USE AT A REASONABLE PRICE BUILT ANO BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LIGHT WEIGHT-REDUCES NECK STRAIN COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLOWER MOTOR A.'ID ASSEMBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONE FULL YEA.R SNELL SASS APPROVED Dusty Times so long as the builder hasn't gone off the deep end. If a competitor has a question about something he has done in the interior of ·one of these vehicles, the best thing to do right now is to contact us in advance of the race. It's a_ simple matter in these days c;,f FAX machines. Just make a drawing of the area in question and send it to us on the FAX. In most cases we can approve or disapprove and send back the explanation on the FAX. As of the 1991-92 rule book, except for the stock firewall and the floorboard there will be no restrictions on what you can do to the interior sheet metal in those two classes. · A few issues back, we brought up the issue of the fuel cell vent tubing. Our discussion of it in connection with the fatal accident of Steve Centurioni in his prerunner has resulted in a number of queries about how to deal with vent tubing to make the fuel system safe in the event of a rollover. The best way I know to explain the correct way to route the vent tubing is with a diagram, which is included in this item. In this case the vent comes out the left side of the cell, makes a turn upward, a 90-deg. turn carrying it across the top of the fuel cell along the roll cage and another 90-deg. turn to the downside. It ends below the cell, and that is very important. In this configuration, no matter how violently the vehicle crashes or which direction it points when it stops rolling, fuel cannot escape. We've also had a lot of calls about the Evan Evans situation at the HDRA Nevada 500. That is a little bit out of my department, but I believe I can explain it. If my explanation doesn't suit you, perhaps you can get a clearer picture from Danny Cau . . Evan,· as-~e aTIT~ow, is currently paralyzed from an accident away from our sport. He was entered in the HDRA Nevada 500 as the driver of record in his Class 6 Cherokee. The rule book states that the driver of record must either start or finish the race. He didn't start the race, and so long as the car didn't finish, he could legally be the driver of re-cord and earn the points for what-ever the class finishing position called for. Not finishing and still scoring points toward the season championship is a situation that lots of drivers face. So his team simply didn't finish the race, and Evan got credit for the points. Our last item is intended to refresh the memories of everyone that the rules of vehicle .eligibility in Class 3 were not intended to include mini-trucks. This has been announced before, but as recently as a few days ago we learned of someone building a mini-pickup for Class 3 in 1990. The oniy mini-truck currently running Class 3 that will be eligible to race in that class in 1990 is Mike Homer's grand-fathered Class 14 GMC. In 1991 even Homer's truck will be illegal, -because grandfathering of Class 14 runs out at the end of the 1990 __ season. November 1989 Trail Notes ••• MOTHER NATURE put a premature tinish on the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group's season finale at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. No sooner did we see the press release about the latest addition to the Championship Gran Prix, and welcomed the idea of going to San Francisco to cover the event, a massive nearly 7 pointer earthquake devastated San Francisco just as the baseball players were warming up on the Candlestick Park playing field for the third game in the World Series. Severe aftershocks are rumbling through the area days later as we write this. The next morning Bill Marcel, President of MTEG .canceled the race scheduled for October 28. Marcel stated, "The kind of equipment we need to bring in dirt and construct our track is going to be badly needed for emergency and cleanup purposes, and that certainly takes priority over our event. This ended the Championship Gran Prix season after nine events. It is ironic that MTEG people have been working on a race in the bay area for several years in venues from Oakland to San Jose. In 1989 they finally got the race a home in San Francisco at Candlestick Park, and a natural disaster put paid to the effort. 1990 PROPOSED SCHEDULE. For those who plan ahead, we have the proposed schedule for the next year from SCORE and HDRA in hand. As always it starts with the SCORE Parker 400, January 26-28. Next comes the HDRA Mint 400 on March 1--4, much earlier in the year as it was 20 years ago when the race began. The SCORE Great Mojave 250 is on April 13-15 followed by the SCORE Short Course Off Road World Championship at Phoenix on May 11-13. Summer starts with the SCORE Baja Internacional, June 8-10, followed quickly by the HDRA Fireworks 250 at Barstow. The long HDRA Nevada 500 will be August 24-26, then the HDRA Gold Coast 300 on October 6-7. The 1990 season ends with the SCORE Baja 1000 on November 8-11 . A couple of these dates are listed as tentative, but most of them are fairly firm. THE MTEG CHAMPIONSHIP OFF ROAD GRAN PRIX series will honor its 1989 champions at a gala banquet December 9 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CA. After nine events this year Robby Gordon, who won four main events, also won the Grand National Sport Truck driver championship. The Super 1600 champion is Mitch Mustard, driving a Chenowth out of Arvada, CO, and Lloyd Castle, from Bellflower, CA won the UltraStock honors in a Nissan with a late season charge to the front on points. Marty Hart of El Cajon, CA rode a Honda to the 4 wheel ATV title, and Jim Holley, from No. Hollywood, CA took the UltraCross honors. Rennie Awana, from Cerritos, CA won top spot in the Superlite competition. We'll have more details and the runner up drivers in the next issue. RISING STAR ROBBY GORDON, the 20 year old driving ace who has taken his Class 8 Ford F-150 to class wins and two-overall wins in the HDRA/SCORE off road race series this season, has signed on to remain a Fort Truck Motorsport driver for the 1990 season. However, instead of splitting his overall truck program between Toyota {Mickey Thompson Off Road Championship Gran Prix) and Ford {HDRA-SCORE desert racing) like he has this season, Gordon will race three different Jim Venable prepared Ford race trucks during the 1990 season. In addition to continuing in his Class 8 Ford F-150 in the HDRA/SCORE series, Gordon will defend his Mickey Thompson championship in a Ford Ranger and compete in all non-conflicting SCCA Racetruck Challenge series events in another Ford Ranger. All three truck will be sponsored by BFGoodrich. "We're very pleased to join BFGoodrich in announcing this program for Robby," said Lee Morse, performance operations manager of For~ Special Vehicle Operations. "We feel that this is an excellent career development opportunity for him. It's not that he was disappointed in his other race program, it's just that, at this stage of his career, he believes he can expand his career better with Ford." Morse said Gordon will be given a chance in the off season to test a road race Mustang or Cougar. If the test goes well, he may be given an opportunity to drive one of the Roush Racing p~epared cars in the 1990 Sunbank 24 HQurs of Daytona. "Oh yeah, that's exciting," said Gordon of the road racing test. "But the whole truck program is exciting, too. Getting opportunities like that is one of the reasons I wanted to stay with Ford." Gordon, currently challenging for first in Class 8 standings, co-drove to · the Class 2 title in 1987, and drove alone to the Class 8 truck championship in 1988. His Mickey Thompson truck title in 1989 backs up his Super 1600 championship in stadium racing in 1988. "Ford has a history of taking young talent and developing it," said Morse. "We've done it with drivers like Scott Pruett and we're pleased to be able to do it with Robby Gordon. We think he's a tremendous talent." Gordon looked for a class win at the Gold Coast 300 and maybe another overall title, but a stop for a time to weld a cracked rear housing dropped him to fifth in Class 8. · CINDIV RALLY CHAMPIONS - After adding six wins to their 1989 season in under four months, the Milwaukee, WI team of Eric Zenz and Brian Berg has captured the Central Division Rally Championship of the Sports Car Club of America. Zenz and Berg clinched the CenDiv Title during the weekend of August 25-26 at the SCCA Ojibwe National Pro Rally staged out of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The 18 hour event was actually a combination of two divisional rallies. The Taconite Trails Divisional ran Friday night (part one-Ojibwe) and the Paul Bunyon Forest Divisional {part two-Ojibwe) started Saturday at noon and ran well into the night. Points were awarded for all three events. Despite punctures and suspension problems, the weekend proved exciting as the EZ Racing Mazda 323 GTX swept both Divisionals, captured the CenDiv title, moved into Seed Two and finished fourth overall in the Ojibwe. The team also placed second in the Open class from Bruno Kreibi~h, Audi Quattro, by more than one minute. This has been the most rewarding season for Erik Zenz since 1983 when he took fifth in the Production Class Championship. ( nlOTl' TRAIL NOTES 011 />llg<' 4) · Page 3

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Side Tracks .••• By Judy Smith the legal 50 foot limit. Marty Fiolka, from Bosch, who rode with Bob Gordon on lap one, said that Bob, who had heli-pre-run, did, nevertheless make The first official no-pre-run HORA event, the Gold Coast 300, went into the record books on the weekend of October 14th and 15th, 1989. Before the race there was a lot of conversation about the new, although not unexpected restriction, but off roaders have finally been made sharply aware of the fact that we must listen to other voices now. We have to accept our share of the responsibility for the protection of the desert and its wild inhabitants. There can be no argument. So we didn't pre-run. Many racers worried about safety before the race, but it was generally an accident-free event and absolutely undistinguished by anything related to the lack of pre-running. After the dust settled I asked a bunch of racers how the new rule had affected each of them. It turns out that quite a few had taken to the air to get an overall view of the course, some flying around it two· or three times. Helicopters, at $450 an hour, were apparently the preferred method of travel, but some flew in fixed-wing aircraft also. Others worked from the early map that the HORA sent out, which didn't show the course, but delineated the pit areas. They took the time to go out to check each of those areas, and that gave them a sense of the direction and character of the course. Others did nothing at all, and a few ultra-casual folks even failed to study the map· they received in their driver's packet on Friday, thoroughly enough to find out that the first turn would be to the left. .. Among the folks I talked to was JackJohnson, who'd gone around in a plane to get a lock on the direction of the course, most of which was "old stuff" to him, well known from previous races. Jack said that because he hadn't pre-run and learned the course thorough I y, he found it harder to "run the edges" and miss the holes and bumps. It made the first couple of laps a lot rougher, so rough, in fact, that Brent Foes, who usually rides all the way with Jack, got out after two laps, with a sore back. · Sherman Balch-, in Class 7 4x4, checked out the times the morning.after the race, and noted that many drivers were quicker on lap two, which he figured must be because their first lap had to work . as a pre-run. He remarked that there was also less dust on the second lap. Sherman did't think that doing without a pre-run had been a big hardship. Mike Gaughan, our geriial host at the Gold Coast Hotel, pre-ran in a helicopter, but never got to drive because his car was out of it on lap one. Mike's theory is that in a no-pre-run race the trucks will have an extra edge because the driver sits up higher, and can "a few wrong turns". Marty also often see over the dust, to find his felt that Bob was driving " a very way more readily. careful" first lap. Fiolka plans to C raig Stewart, who races in a become a driver himself next year, 5-1600, liked the idea of having and thinks conducted pre-runs no pre-running because he wouldbeagoodidea,becausehe, doesn't own a pre-runner, and too, feels that new drivers would that was one less thing for him to be at a disadvantage and might worry about. even be discouraged from Manny Esquerra, in Class 7, entering the sport. feels that it doesn't matter on a lap Richard Llewellyn, in Class 5, race because, in his opinion, "no took a different approach, and one can make time on lap one rode with his co-driver, Gary anyway." He feels it'll slow speeds Sult, on laps one and two. He said down on a point-to point race, that because of that he could push and went on to say, "Ive always hard on the last two laps. wanted no pre-running." Manny, I asked Matt McBride, Class 2 who drives with a passenger, winner, if he'd consider doing noted that the co-driver is a help, that and he said he thought not. and felt that the courses will have He felt that the second driver to be better marked. He says the wouldn't be as sharp as he should Gold Coast course wasn't really be after riding for the first half of "well enough" marked, and said the race. Matt, who likes having you just can't see the markers. no pre-running because it's About pre-flying the course, he cheaper and "it keeps everyone didn't think it was fair, saying, "I honest." says it means "you gotta think that's air ass is ta nee.'' drive -you have to use your brain, Manny is one who took the time not your foot." But Matt did run to check out the pit areas. the SNORE 250, two weeks Steve Kelley, in Class 4, didn't before the Gold Coast, which agree. with Manny about the used many of the same trails, course markers, and, in fact, although it went in the opposite praised them when he took his direction. Matt also feels that a bow for winning. Steve's pas-flying pre-run "isn't real honest'. senger, Benny Metcalf, told me and he thought that the high that he and Steve had decided to attrition in Class 2 on the first lap "cruise around" on the first lap, was due to the new rule and and said he saw that there were "a drivers who'd been unwilling to lot of big mistakes" by other "back pedal." Matt also agreed drivers. Benny agreed that the with Kelley that the course was course was well marked, but he well marked. thought the map wasn't good LisaDickerson,anotherClassS enough. He also thinks that_ a driver, agreed with McBride in conducted pre-run, like the one liking the idea of no pre-running, the HORA and BLM had at the because she never has time to do 1988 Colorado race, might be a it. She says she can't ever see on good idea. the first lap anyway. Rich Richardson, the Class 9 Rob MacCachren, who looked winner, liked the idea of a one lap at the course from the air, also ran conducted pre-run also. He says the SNORE 250. MacCachren he suggested it to Danny Cau said both things helped him to before the race, and that Danny know right where he was even in thought it might be prohibitively the dust on the first lap. time consuming, but has not The Simons brothers, Paul and discarded it as a possible option.· Dave, did a helicopter pre-run, Richardson also thought the and thought the course looked course was well marked. smooth. They discover.ed they'd The Cook brothers, in Class 5_ mis-judged badly and had to 1600, said the lack of a pre-run change to stiffer coil springs in didn't affect them at all. They said their 7 4x4 truck at the end of they "couldn't see anything their first lap, Dave, who would 1 k b rather have pre-running, feels that anyway -it was i e eing in a h submarine in murky water." it might be a little easier on t e . cars not to, because if drivers In Class 7S, Mark Hans~n said° don't know where they're going, it wasn't "that bad" for him, but "maybe they go slower." that in some areas he'd have been Roger Mears had no problems quicker if he'd known for sure with the new rule, but he was what was there. He said he did go familiar with the area from faster on lap two. Mark .thinks previous races. He thinks that no that new drivers will be at a pre-running may help to equalize disadvantage in races with no pre-things. Aaron Hawley, with the running. And Malcolm Vinje, fastlapforClass2,obviouslyhad Mark's co-driver, said that for no problems, but he'd run the him, getting in on lap three, things SNORE 250, 'though he pointed were maybe a little tougher out that it's all different when it because markers were covered goes in the other direction. with dust, or knocked down, and Clearly, the no pre-run rule had the course had widened in some small effect on the race, and that's areas so he found it hard to judge good news, because it may be a where he should go to stay within permanent condition. Those ----------------------------racers who mourn the loss of the AffENTION DESERT RACERS DUSlY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HORA desert races and other selected events. Check it out on contingency row -Two different classes each event. Page 4 pre-run are still and all anxious to demonstrate a willingness to co-operate with the BLM and Fish and Wildlife Service folks. The pre-run, as we've known and loved it, may be a lost facet of our sport, and all the racers I spoke to are determined to do everything possible to prevent the loss of the sport itself. November 1989 morc ••• TRAIL ·NOTES GEORGIA REPORT. There are just two races to go for Georgia Off Road Racing drivers this year. It seems like the season just started. HUGO hurt Charleston, but left GORRA's track alone, so the scheduled 100 miler was cut to 75 miles. Let us hope it is dry for our 250 miler in November. With a small turn out of cars not much happened at the September race. The best run of the day was between a pair of Challenger cars driven by Jim Pate and Mike Isola. They ran the last ten laps bumper to bumper. On the white flag lap Pate over drove a turn and flipped and dropped from second to fifth. Pate also had earlier problems with a clogged air filter and a slipping clutch. Clint Hurst in a Challenger broke a header and Darrel McKee, also in a Challenger, had a flat tire on lap 49 and retired for the day after having had numerous problems. New member Darryl Richards started in the car. Darrel McKee will be in the Air Force by the time you read this, and he'll be stationed in Texas. In the 1600 action it was Sammy Herrell out front again. Lindy Herrell was running a close second until a broken stub axle put him on the trailer. Bob Rule's 1600, with Jack Thompson driving had fuel problems all day, but finished second in class. , The GORRA season finale is the Thanksgiving 250, and already they have nine cars coming from the north to compete in Class 10. The Thanksgiving 250 is on Saturday November 25, with the annual meeting for GORRA a month earlier. Steve Langley is the current points leader in Challenger and Sammy Herrell has a huge lead in Class 1-2-1600. GOLD COAST 300. The Gold Coast 300 drew more than 200 cars to try their luck at the first major desert series event without a pre-run. Some liked the idea because it saved them money, others with money pre-ran by helicopter at $450 an hour, and others admitted hunting out the course on the first lap and occasionally missing turns in the heavy dust. However less than 50 percent of the starters finished despite a generous time allowance for the distance in relatively familiar territory out of Jean, Nevada. Ivan Stewart won Class 1 in the Toyota special, and Matt McBride and Rick.West took top honors in Class 2, one of the bigger groups at the race. Kevin and Brian Smith won Class 1-2-1600 in their Mirage, and David Ashley won again in Class 3114 in the Ford Bronco. Steve Kelley and Ben Metcalf got the Chevy 4x4 liome first in Class 4 and Bell Hernquist and Darren Hardesty took the win in Class 5 in a Jimco built Bug. Tom Lake and Richard Roberts took the victory in Class 5-1600 home to Phoenix, and Brian Stewart won Class 6 in the Jeep Cherokee. Roger Mears was the happy winner in1 his Nissan in Class 7. Scott Douglas and Jeff Howe drove the Ford Ranger to victory in ChlSS 7S while Paul and David Simon drove another Ford Ranger to the Class 7 4x4 win. There was happiness in the Dodge camp as Steve McEachern not only won Class 8 by 25 minutes, young Steve won overall by over a minute margin on Matt McBride. Rich Richardson and Kevin Perrault piled up the points with the Class 9 win in the Jimco. There was high attrition in Class 10 as only four of the 17 starters finished four laps. Michael Church won it. Ramon Castro was the only finisher in Class 11. None of the eight Mini Mags finished, but Randy Petit and Jeff Digby were the fastest who covered three laps and therefore the class winners. We will have a full, in depth- report next month on the Gold Coast 300. h DRIVER REPS. Recently Mark McMillin sent out a notice that the monthly meetings of driver teps are cancelled until they are better attended by the invited officials. He stated "I believe we have tried to help the sport and the people in our classes (Non truck classes). Without the support of the promoters, it, and will always be, impossible to really acco_mplish anything." Mark listed the areas he thought needed work. The Rule Book, for those in the limited classes, still needs work. A new person to the sport will never know all the rules, classifications, tech tips, etc., it's just not available on paper. Safety, has been a problem for everyone. The S.O.A. and HDRAs alike need help desperately. I've attended one meeting and there seems to be no formal plan for improvement. Insurance -May I suggest you inquire as to what insurance you have as part of your entry fee. It's probably not what you thought. As I understand it, the only person who has $3,000,000 coverage is a spectator who is not a driver, rider, mechanic, pitmcm, official, volunteer, announcer, newsman, photographer, etc. Only a spectator with no association to any team or organization is covered. The rest of the group has $250,000 which is inclusive oflegal and medical expenses. This may also be a maximum for the policy period which is for a year. We are racing with very little or no insurance . Mark ended his notice with sincere thanks to all the driver reps who worked hard and tried to make it better for the racer. He stated "Thanks for your time. We cannot do it without the support of the promoters, tech people and officials." SCCA SOP AC DIVISION CHAMPIONS. Jeff and Camille Griffin had a commanding margin in points a's they won the 1989 SCCA Southern Pacific rally championships for driver and co-driver. In this division the points are earned by scores in rallies plus being a rally organizer or rally master, control point worker and so forth. Second in driver points was Rim of the ·World organizer Mike Gibeault who also rallies a Datsun 510, and CRS Director Lon Peterson, was third. Last year Lon won the championship driving his Plymouth Arrow. Jim Jacobson was second in co-driver points followed by Jim Love. The current calendar for th~ Pro Rally Club of the SCCA Southern Pacific Division announced their season ending events too late to make the Happenings column. But there are no more rallies scheduled in southern California in 1989 anyhow. On November 1 the Pro Rally Club meets at the Round Table Pizza in Pomona, and there is a National License school on November 4. The Pro Rally Christmas party is scheduled for Saturday December 16 at the Allisons. For further information on the Pro Rally Club and the above activities don't call us, call (714) 736-1442. THANKSGIVING will soon be upon us; a four day we~kend for most of the working population. All the folks here at Dusty Times would like you to take one minute that day and give thanks for living where we live and for being able to do what we love to do; get into those silly cars, get out in the dirt and , in the spirit of fair play and good dirty fun, have a ball communing with nature in the vast deserts, plains and hills of this great land of ours. Dusty Times

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Pony Express ••• With no intention to try to fix blame in what I feel was truly just an accident, I feel compelled to comment on the circumstances surrounding the death of check-point worker Jim Cross at .the July Barstow race. As a driver of a Class 1 car th2t passed through checkpoint #2 just prior to the accident, I was amazed that a stop check was set up at the end of a pedal-to-the-metal high speed graded road, especially consider-ing that only about 100 yards farther on was a sharp 90 degree turn. The choice of dealing with race cars approaching at 90 plus mph compared to 20 mph would appear to be a simple one. Let us hope in the future that all checkpoints are placed on the back side of obstacles on the course so the cars approaching the check will be traveling at a safer speed. If a check MUST be located on a high speed road, this is one racer who would support the less reliable flying check in those circumstances rather than risk another tragedy. . Jeff Hihhard Car #I02 Your point is well taken, Jeff. It is a fact that more than one incident has hat>t>end at a check placed on a high speed section. If a check must he so located, perhat>s a pylon chicane just hef ore it would 'helt> slow the race cars to a safer speed. Please find enclosed a check and renewal card for another year of Dusty Times. As a rally person in the Northwest area, I care very little about any of the off road stuff you folks cover; however I quite enjoy your coverage of International, National and California rallies. Yours is one of the few publications I have come across that regularly cover this stuff ( with the exception of the Pacific Forest Rally, where · we finished third overall in one of the Diviaional events run in conjunction with the national in our second ever rally). I was hoping to see our names in there somewhere. The absence of coverage of that particular. event outlines a problem; you do not have a regular correspondent in the Northwest to cover NORP AC Divisionals and Nationals. I would be interested in periodically submitting some event articles and perhaps photos if I'm not competing, and/ or do a column similar to the CRS column that has been appearing for a while. I have been following Northwest rallying for five years now, and would like to help the area get some exposure for their event. Ben Bradley Portland, OR Dusty Times welcomes all contrilm-tions· of this ty/>e, like the CRS column, SoPac rnlly reJ>orts, etc. on a wlunteer hasi5. We · try to J>rint. £.>tierything of this nature that comes in the mail, hut it is sometimes edited because of kick of space. We really missed you all at the SNORE Midnight Special and we hope you are back in top form by now. Well, we finally did it! We came away from the Midnight Dusty_ Times Special with a win! The race was kind of uneventful compared to the trip to Las Vegas. After testing the car at Barstow around midnight Friday night, we needed to return to Downey and change the front leafs. We left Downey at 4:00 a.m. only to be narrowly missed by an asleep at the wheel driver who came across the center divider on the 60 freeway. He peppered the side of the van and trailer with rocks and then slammed into the guard rail. We continued on to Las Vegas and retested the car on the race course with much more satis-factory results. Forty-four hours without sleep was the way I felt when the green flag dropped, but luckily my driving didn't suffer too much. Harry Dunne, my co-rider, and Darryl Gibson, my co-driver, managed t<> pre-run one · lap before I got there. Happily, our only problem occured on the fourth lap. Darryl high centered the car trying to get around a traffic jam in a narrow canyon.Several checkpoint workers helped him get off the rock, but then the starter quit. Steve jumped out to short it across with a screwdriver, and got run over by a mini truck. Luckily Steve still had his helmet on and suffered nothing worse than a torn driving suit and a scraped arm. Once on the road again, Darryl drove like a maniac, really quite normal for him, thinking that our lead had dwindled to nothing. Fortunately we won Class 5-1600 with a few minutes to spare. Thanks so much for all of your help and support. Needless to say you have the number one off road publication in the world. Rich Fersch Downey Race Haus , Downey, CA Thank you for the nice words ahout Dusty Times. Your race story, esJ>ecially a/,out having to go hack to the shot> the night he/ore the race, seems to he getting more tyJ>ical of the owner/ driver type teams. Most of them don't make a good fix like you did, often have trouble with the tow vehicle en route, and, sad to say, seldom finish the race. Good luck in your quest for the points duzmt>ioTi-shiJ>. Well, the Baja Internacional is history, but we, as racers, have learned far more than we wanted _to know. Factory teams and high dollar teams are out for them-selves. Our story begins with Class 6. Most of the competitors are individuals who have built their own race cars. If you have a problem, the other competitors will help if they can. We stopped . at the factory team pit running a Class 6 and asked if they had a welder and if we could use it. They said, "No we don't have a welder." But, as we had pulled in to the pit we had seen a mig in the back of the pit vehicle. So, we continued on, going 20 miles "very slowly" to the next pit area where we found a welder, at a Checker pit, which we were welcome to use. Now the second problem. One of the major gas suppliers thought they had a new combina-tion of fuel which would benefit the cars running their fuel. One of the high dollar competitors bought some of this fuel on Friday, to do some pre-running, as their regular ·supplier was not open in San Felipe. Upon beginning their pte-run with this fuel, they started fouling plugs. One car had a slight mixture, the other almost pure. Instead of letting anyone know about the problem they were having with this fuel, they kept it to themselves. . .. Why?? On race day every car running this particular fuel had a problem, plug fouling. Some people blew their engines; so now the story goes that all blown engines that occurred at the Baja race are supposedly related to problems with this fuel. It must be nice to be factory supported or high dollars. Both have always had an advantage over the everyday racers. But, take the everyday racers away and the factory supported or high dollar racers will have only themselves to race. Remember, when the green flag waves we all see the same color and we all have the same goal. Without each other there is nothing. What goes around comes around. Jordmi BrothL'TS Racing Harbor City, CA 90710 On behalf of the Alliance Off Road Club, Inc., I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous contribu-tion to the FUN RUN '89 which was a huge success. As a result, the Hickory Hills Lions Club will receive a check in the amount of $100.00 for the blind and sight impaired. Your help was greatly appreciated by the membership and the participants. In our next issue of the _Alliance newsletter, we will be doing a small feature about Dusty Times. Our newsletter is read by over 300 people in and out of off roading in six different states. You will receive a copy of our next months' issue. the Alliance Off Road Club, Inc. looks forward to working with you again for FUN RUN '90 in our continued effort to aid another charitable organization that needs our help. KL>n Doo.1ich, President Alliance Off Road Cluh Hickory Hills, IL acre site to protect ancient Indian intaglio. ADRA members have also worked on many other BLM restoration projects, almost on a • monthly basis. It is refreshing to see two parties of sometimes opposing views get together and get some work done that benefits every-y our are more than welcome to our body. I hope the bigger organizers snu1ll contribution to your ewnt. We · - involved in racing will follow suit are hapJ>y to send e~cess coJ>ies of to help put the nagging issue of the Jnihlication from the press owr land use to rest. Congratulations nm to any organization that gives us to ADRA and BLM for getting enough time to get them to their the ball rolling! destiruition hy ground freight. Tim and Ja-v Bartlett St. Geo;ge, Utah This enclosed article was recently found in "Arizona Public Lands Update," a Dept. of the Interior publication which is circulated through Arizona government offices. Since by brother and I are involved in desert racing as much as our schedules permit, and also enjoy the desert in our area ( southern Utah, southern Nevada, and California) for other recreational purposes, an article like this is welcome. The article concerns national awards in 1988 from the BLM that were presented to Con and Dawn Bergland of Bouse, and closer to our interests, ADRA head Phil Aurenheimer of Phoenix. Some 20 members of ADRA set hundreds of fence posts and installed a four strand barbed wire fence around an 11 It is nice to see />eo/>le tmrking together to />rotect desert sites. Hoo.•et>L'T the cleSL'Tt turtles are nou• the hig />rohbn, and Fish and Game officials seem to hm•e more />OU'L'T k1tdy than the BLM folks with whom rac·c'TS hm•e a good rek1tionshi/>. DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from all corners of off road acti'l'ity. The Pony Express column will feature alfthe ma1l ·u•e can [it into the space. Please keep your words fairly brief. Because of space limitations, your pearls of prose may be edited, but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as u-ell as _you1 praises. Letters for publication should be at the DUSTY TIMES . office by the 15th of the month in order to appea! in the n.ext)s.~~e,. _ Coming Next Month ... HDRA Gold Coast 300 ADRA Penasco 150 Desert Cactus 200 Millican Valley 400 SNORE250 ... and all the regular features. 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling, design to retain stock appear-ance and allow 34" tall tires. SCORE/HORA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Reinforced hood to stop distort1o·n at speed. Racers Price Available. Dimple Die Sets now In stock - ½ 11 -1" - 1 ½ 11 -2" CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 Orchard St. Cherry Valley, CA 92223 Curt Leduc, Owner (714) 845-8820 November 1989 Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing 8403 Vicki Road Rockford, IL 61108 (815) 332-9681 Page 5 -

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GREAT WESTERN MICHIGAN SPORT 1989·1990 HAPPENINGS ••• POINTS SERIES, INC. BUGGY ASSOCIATION Ron Kiel Keneth Coleman 12840 Dexter St. 742 E. Roosevelt Road Thornton, CO 80241 Ashley, MI 48806 A.D.R.A. BONNEVILLE OFFROAD January 14, 1990 (303) 452-4013 ( 5 1 7) 838-4483 American Desert Racing Association RACING ENTHUSIASTS Lakeland, FL (Most events take place at (All events at P.O. Box 34810 Jim Baker February 11, 1990 Mountain View Motorsports Park, Mt. Pleasant Speedway). Phoenix, AZ 85067 P.O. Box 1583 Mead Exit, I-25, north of (602) 252-1900 Ogden, Utah 84402 Lakeland, FL Denver, CO) (801) 627-2313 March 24, 1990 MIDWEST OFF ROAD November 18, 1989 BAJA SERIES Sonoyta to Rocky Point Florida 400 HDRA Rick Vasquez Hare 'n Hound Crowder Pits High Desert Racing Association 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 Sonora, Mexico 1988 BRUSH RUN Tallahassee, FL 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South El Paso, TX 79936 POINTS SERIES April 15, 1990 Las Vegas, NV 89124 (915) 594-8266 December 19, 1989 P.O. Box 101 (702) 361-5404 Annual Awards Banquet Crandon, WI54520 Lakeland, FL November 4, 1989 Phoenix, AZ (715) 478-2115 I (715) 478-2688 December 2, 1989 200 miles FUDPUCKER Off Roadsman Awards Banquet El Paso, TX RACING TEAM Los Angeles, CA BADGERLAND VW CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES 250 Kennedy, #2 March 1-4, 1990 MICKEY THOMPSON'S CLUB, INC. Lon Peterson Chula Vista, CA 92011 Binion's Mint 400 OFF ROAD Terry Friday 14550 Dos Palmas (619) 427-5759 Las Vegas, NV CHAMPIONSHIP 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Victorville, CA 92392 · December 31, 1989 GRAND PRIX Oshkosh,WI54901 (619) 241-4707 Dunaway Dash III July 6-8, 1990 Mickey Thompson (414) 688-5509 El Centro, CA Fireworks 250 Entertainment Group Barstow, CA P.O. Box 25168 (All events located in Anaheim, CA 92825 Chilton, WI at the CHAMPLAIN VALLEY GLEN HELEN OHV PARK August 24-26, 1990 (714) 938-4100 Fairgrounds Racing Facility) RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 2937 Nevada 500 C.J. Richards San Bernardjno, CA 92406 Pahrump, NV ONTARIO ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 332 (714) 880-1733 OF OFF ROAD RACERS Fair Haven, VT 05743 October 12-13, 1990 Barry Wannamaker BAJA PROMOTIONS, · (802) 265-8618 Off Road Races Gold Coast 300 P.O. Box688 LTD.S.A. November 19, 1989 Las Vegas, NV Bancroft, Ontario, KOL lCO, Lou Peralta United Sand Drag -Canada P.O . Box8938 Association Sand Drags (Dar.:s su/,j.:ct to chan)!d . (613) 332-3811 /(613) 332-1610 Calabasas, CA 91302 COLORADO HILL November 11-12, 1989 (818) 340-5750 CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 HIGH PLAINS OFF ONTARIO OFF ROAD February 9-11, 1990 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 GORRA ROAD RACING Ken Jackson - Dick Gillap Gran Carrera de San Felipe Georgia Off Road ASSOCIATION R.R. #2 San Felipe, BC, Mexico Racing Association Tom Freeman Tiverton, Ontario, Box 11093 Station -A 3503 Hall St. Canada N0G 2T0 March 23-25, 1990 CORVA Atlanta, GA 30310 Rapid City, SD 57702 (519) 368-7874 Gran Carrera de Mexicali 1601 10th St. (404) 927-6432 (605) 342-0331 Mexicali, BC, Mexico Sacramento, CA 95814 November 25, 1989 OUTLAW MINI STOCK (800) 237-5436 ICE CHAMPIONSHIP May 25-27, 1990 250 miles ENDURANCE SERIES RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 204 Gran Carrera de Tecate (all events take place P.O . Box 14824 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 Tecate, BC, Mexico Minneapolis, MN 55414 (213) 375-4570 FORDA at Vienna, GA) (612) 639-0801 (213) 719-7036 July 27-29, 1990 Florida Off Roaders (612) 890-8693 \ Gran Carrera de Ensenada Drivers' Association GREAT LAKES November 18, 1989 Ensenada, BC, Mexico 1717 Marker Road Polk City, FL 33868 FOUR WHEEL IOK FOUR WHEELERS Kings Speedway DRIVE ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 36 Hanford, CA October 26-28, 1990 (813) 984-1923 Bob Moon Cleves, Ohio 45002 Gran Carrera de Campeones (305) 823-4487 915 So. Zeeb Road (All events sta)!ed at November 25-26, 1989 San Felipe, BC, Mexico Ann Arbor, MI 48103 rh.: duh izrounds in IMS Raceway (313) 665-03581(313) 996-9193 C'l.:tes, Ohio) Pearsonsville, CA IF YOU ARE GOING TO NEED PIT SUPPORT AT THE BAJA 1000, PLEASE CO·NTACT SCOTT BARTON AT YOKOHAMA TIRE 1-800-423-4544 Page 6 OR CAROL CLARK AT ATE MOTORSPORTS 619-240-3186 FOR PIT LOCATIONS November 1989 Dusty Times

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PAC OFF ROAD RAQNG P.O. Box 323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 POST Pennsylvania Off Road Short Track Shark Saxon RD #3, Box9 Towanda, PA 18848 (717) 265-3076 All events in Monroeton, PA at the intersection of Routes 414 &. 220. SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O. Box 526 Indio, CA 92202 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/ (518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 NovemBer 17-19, 1989 Coachman Stages Rally Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 November 9-12, 1989 Baja-1000 Ensenada /La Paz, BC, Mexico December 2, 1989 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Airport Marriot Hotel Los Angeles, CA January 26-28, 1990 Parker 400 Parker, AZ April 13-14, 1990 Great Mojave 250 Lucerne Valley, CA June 8-10, 1990 Baja Internacional Ensenada, BC, Mexico November 8-11, 1990 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico ( Dates suhject w chang,') SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1 A3, Canada (514)692-6171 SCORE SHOW Edgell Expositions P.O. Box 19531 Irvine, CA 92713 (714) 250-8060 SIL VER BOWL OF MOTOCROSS Roger Wells 225 W . Foster Ave. Henderson, NV 89015 (702) 564-2677 Dusty Times ( All et't.'!lts but the f{rn,le held at Lis Vegas lntenwtiorn1l Raceu•ay.) SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 7380 Las Vegas, NV 89125 (702) 459-0317 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 December 2-3, 1989 Showboat 250 Las Vegas, NV It SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: Tom Schwartzburg 2620 West Washington West Bend, WI 53095 ( 414) 334-3858 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Prevost 1006 Cardinal Lane Green Bay, WI 54303 ( 414) 434-9044 TEXAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing - Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214) 855-2232 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association P.O. Box 211 Dunellen, NJ 08812 (201) 752-0299 (201) 359-2745 (All races at Trailways Speedway, Hanover, PA) VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 WHEEL TO WHEEL,INC. P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL ICO (613) 332-1766 (613) 332-4128 FUEL SAFE WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 - 87 A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP November 19-23, 1989 RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES. free! Send your 1989 schedule as soon as JJOssible for listing in this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 533 1 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. THE #1 NAME IN RACING FUEL CELLS ORY BREAK VALVE Legal for NASCAR, USAC, IMSA, SCCA and SCORE. Mounts in variuos locations, this valve makes refueling safe and easy. It automatically closes when male probe is withdrawn to prevent any fuel spillage. Flows at a rate of 2 gallons per second. OBF300 -Female receptacle OBM200 · Male probe OESCRIMINATOR VALVES The ultimate in fuel venting. This valve offers fuel shut-off when refueling and eliminates the need for a catch can. Also offers positive shut-off in case of a rollover. OV100-1 in. OV175 -1 3/4 in. Approved by: FIA, NASCAR, HORA, IMSA NHRA, SCCA, SCORE, DIRT, & ACT PROCELL RACING BLADDERS Pro Cell Racing Bladders come equipped with Super Tough Rubber Bladder, Full Foam Baffling, 3/8" Pick-up and Vent Fittings (1/2" optional), Internal Fuel Strainers, 3" Standard Plate w/Rollover Valve and a 5 Year Warranty. Optional Accessories: 2 1/4" or 3" Remote Plates w/Rollover Valves and Aluminum Containers. "Let us know what you want. We can do ii!" CIRCLE TRACK FUEL CELLS Circle Track Fuel Cells come equipped with High Impact Polyethelene Cell, Full Foam Baffling, one 1/2" Pick-up, one 3/8" vent fitting, 3" Raised Filler Neck with large Bail Handle Cap and a 3 Year Warranty. Optional Acc.essories: 2 1/4" or 3' · Remote Plate with rollover valves and Steel or Aluminum Containers. (800) 433-6524 (Outside California) Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. 5271 Business Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 November 1989 QUICK FILL DUMP CANS These dump cans are available with 11/4, 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 in. openings, a must where quick refueling is required. DC011 -11 gallon DC006 - 6 gallon · OOC004 · 4 gallon RECESSED FENDER FILLER KIT Kit contains: (1) recessed fender filler; 2 ft. of filler hose; 2 ft. of aluminum tubing; and (4) hose clamps. FK300-3" FK225 - 2 1/4" Page 7

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BRUSH RUN 101 Record Crowds, Great Racing B'.'I Judy Smith Photos: Daniel Mainzer In his first time at the Brush Run 101, Walker Evans, from California, drove his Dodge to victory in the two-wheel drive H_eavy Metal Championship. The 20th annual Brush Run 101 drew crowds of 45,000 ecstatic off road fans on both days of the two day meet, to soak up the sunshine, the beer and some of the best racing ever seen anywhere. Calendar conflicts usually make it impossible for off readers from the west coast to make the long tow to northern Wisconsin for this celebrated event, but this year there was no Riverside race, and that freed up enough time for several teams to make the jaunt back to Crandon, Wisconsin. With over 200 entries in the regular races, and another 90 or so in the "Championship" events, there was no shortage of action on the course, and the westerners who'd made the trip were not disappointed. They had a blast. And so did the spectators. The race track, which is about 1.3 miles long, winds around the edge of an old gravel pit which contains a couple of oversized puddles, or ponds. There are seven turns, several jumps, some hills, a side-hill and a couple of straights. It's wide, eµged by weeds, and there are a lot of loose, round rocks, which get tossed about by the tires. The track is smooth and fast compared to past Riverside tracks, and course officials had a water truck, which they filled from the ponds, and used with abandon, to keep the dust down. The schedule called for some brief practice on Friday, which included a chance to win $100 by turning the fast lap for the class on that day. That pretty much guaranteed that practice laps would be as much fun to watch as the racing.· The races were all 20 minute events, and each class did as many laps as it could fit into the 20 minutes before the checkered flag fell. The flagman actually warned them at the 15 minute mark, and then in one minute increments, until white-flag time, so if someone had some strategy planned, he'd know when it was time to make his move. The starts were all land-rush type, with everyone in a class lined up in a long row, sometimes in two long rows, and taking the green flag together. If two classes were to be on the track at the same time, one would be flagged off about 15 seconds after the other. Actual racing began on Saturday morning, after everyone had a few laps around the track to fine tune tires and suspensions. There were some bike and A TV events, and then, just before 11 a.m.; the first group of cars, the Class 11 buggies, took the green flag. There were one seaters and two seaters on the track at the same time, but running in two separate classes, in a big group that tallied over thirty cars. ln the two seat group, made up almost entirely of Wisconsin natives, which ran at the tront of the pack, Dave W oulf took the early lead, with 17 year old Cory Friday, in his new pink and green car, chasing hard. In third it was Mark Steinhardt, then Darrin Parsons and Mark Hameister. Woulfled part way through the second lap, but had flattened his right rear tire, and gradually fell back, as Friday, who thought his rear suspension was too soft, moved to the front, followed by Steinhardt, and then, moving up two positions in a hurry, Parsons took over second place on the fourth lap. W oulf went in for a spare·, losing a lap. Parsons and Friday had a close battle for another lap, and then Parsons went into the lead, with a determined Friday chewing on his back bumper. They ran that way for five laps, as Steinhardt held on to his third place and Jeff Jones moved up to fourth. Friday slid by Parsons on the last lap, to take the checkered flag and the win, followed across by Parsons, only one second later. Steinhardt and Jones were third and fourth. In the single seat Class 11 s Curt Gerald, who moved valiantly up through the pack of two seaters, was first on the road all the way, followed by Gerry Cote, who was on his bumper for the full 10 laps. As it turned out, the win went to Cote, who'd started a tad behind Gerald, and Gerald was second, in Jerry Daugherty, Las Vegas, took the win in the Class 3 event, his Blazer shown here against a backdrop of the huge crowd of spectators. the closest race of the weekend, only 11100th of a minute separating the two cars. Dennis Griemer was third, and Dean Race finished fourth, both of them also completing 10 laps. For the second car race of the day, the Brush Run folks paired the Class 10 cars and the 5-1600s, giving the 10s a head start. Jeff Probst put his Berrien out in front from the first lap, and then gradually built his lead· as Dave Vandermissen, Jr., and Dave Vandermissen, Sr. fought for second place and Scott Schwalbe ran fourth. By the fourth lap they had already begun to lap the slower 5-1600s, and the trick was to stay out of trouble in traffic. Vandermissen,Jr. flattened a front tire, but hung on, preserving his second place. They all made it through, though Probst lost his rear brakes on about the fourth lap, and had to tread carefully. He took the win, followed across by the battling Vandermissens, and then Schwalbe, still in fourth place, and all of them had managed to complete 12 laps in their allotted time. The 5-1600s, were led by Chuck Johnson, an Illinois racer who is perhaps more familiar to westerners now than to his neighbors, thanks to his compet-ing in the SCORE/HORA series in a 7S pickup for the past several years. Terry Wolfe was hard on Johnson's heels, and they were being crowded by Dave Hendrick-son, who'd come out from California to see what Crandon was all about. On the third lap both Wolfe and Hendrickson got by Johnson, who had Rodney Hall strapped into his passenger seat, and not too sure that he was having fun. Jeff Therriault was running fourth at the time, and Darrell Smith, from Nevada, who had Danny Cau, president of the HORA, in the passenger seat, was • fifth. Hendrickson moved into the lead. As Hendrickson's lead grew, Wolfe and Johnson stretched out behind him and there was a terrific battle for fourth place, with Therriault, Jim Rolefson, Smith, Jim Pfeffer and Ron Karlman all trying to fit into the same space. Ultimately, Smitty and Karlman persevered, and from the sixth lap on there were few changes. Hendrickson held steady at the front, to take the win, saying, "The course is great!" Wolfe was second, and Johnson and Hall finished third, followed in by Smitty and Cau, and then Karlman. They had all completed 11 laps. Nineteen two seat 1600s took the green flag next, and as they crowded through the sweeper turn, Dale Borgemoen ran into the fence, and ended up dead last, while Scott Taylor put his Taylor chassis into the lead. John Greaves ran second, followed by Kevin Probst in a Berrien, and then Greg Smith, in fourth place. Borgemoen Had picked up three places by the next lap, as Taylor, Greaves and Probst held their front positions. On the third lap Probst took over second place as Greaves disappeared, and now Jeff St. Peter ran third, and Smith was fourth. Borgemoen had come up another five places, doing a heroic job of getting through the traffic. Taylor was widening his lead every lap, and Smith had moved up to third and was working hard trying to get around Probst. They battled for about three laps, and then Smith slid by, as Probst, who found his car underpowered, fell to third. Mike Renkas was now in fourth place as St. Peter disap-peared. Borgemoen had moved up to seventh place. From the seventh lap on there was no more passing, except as they threaded their way through Robby Gordon won both Class 8 and Class 2 in his Ford truck, and was a close second in the Flying the top of the hill, Jeff Probst disptays the style that wowed the crowd as he tri;d to pass two-wheel drive Heavy Metal Championship. Gordon's truck in the Class 2 event. He was also the Class 10 winner. Page 8 November 1989 Dusty Times

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Spectators pack the hillside behind him as Art Schmitt, from_ Pennsylvania takes the win in the Class 1 race. Brad Mihalko, who broke early in the Class 14 race, came back strong on Sunday to win the four-wheel drive Heavy Metal Championship. Rod Hall, with perennial passenger Jim Fricker at his side, ran at Crandon for the first time, and took the Class 4 win. the lapped ~e-hicles. Taylor's motor was beginning to sound ragged, but it lasted to the finish, and he led the way to the checkered flag, completing 11 laps in 21 minutes and 12 seconds. Smith was second, 21 seconds later, followed by Probst and then Renkas, who had also completed 11 laps. The next event combined the Class 9s, which are like SCORE/ HDRA Class 10s, but all single seaters, and the Class 2s. And there, looming over the buggies, was California's Robby Gordon in the Ford pickup, running in Class 2. Robby, it seems, had arrived in Crandon later than . expected, due to foul weather delays of the flight schedules on Thursday night, and hadn't got in as much practice as planned. So, in order to do a little more tire testing, he'd entered Class 2. Scott Taylor put his Taylor chassis into the Class 9 lead right from the start, with Eric Arras, from California close behind him, followed by Lee W uesthoff, in a Chenowth. Then it was Billy Beck, of Texas, and-Art Schmitt, from Pennsylvania, ran fifth. Taylor's lead was widening as Schmitt, who'd been caught in traffic at rhe start, gradually moved upward through traffic, to pass Arras on the seventh lap for second place. Wuesthoff faded back as he found himself with no first gear, then no gears at all, and, finally, only second, third and fourth. Arras' motor ran hot, a steady 3C0 degrees, and it_ wouldn't pull coming out of the corners. He held on to third place, and Beck maintained fourth. They all completed 12 laps, with Taylor's winning time a quick 20 minutes and 32 seconds. Schmitt was second in 21 minutes and five seconds, followed by Arras, who said his motor wouldn't have lasted another lap, and then Beck. In Class 2 a very gutsy Jeff Probst, with Bob Bogdanoff from Armstrong tires in the passenger seat, put his Berrien into the lead, with Gordon right behind him in the truck. Terry Severson ran third, followed by Jim Wiggins. Probst maintained the lead for three laps, holding off the looming truck, as the pair threaded their way through the slower Class 9 cars. On the fourth lap Gordon got by, and now Probst darted and probed and poked, trying to find a way back around the huge truck. He was virtually tucked in under the rear suspension of the truck much of the time, but could not manage to slide by, though he caught him in the tight corners every lap. Gordon had the advantage on the long straights, with his extra horsepower, and he displayed a sensitive hand as he Dusty Times passed the smaller buggies gently and courteously. Probst stayed right with him until the ninth lap when a tie rod broke and stuffed him into an embankment, to the disappointment of the crowd which had been loving the battle. Gordon went on to take the Class 2 win, followed by Greg George, another Californian, in his Mazda truck, in second place. This was the first outing for George's truck, and while it was handling well, its lack of power seriously disappointed Greg. It later turned out that an aluminum part of the transmission had been chewed up by the gears, and bogged things down considerably. Probst, with only eight laps completed, was third. About a third of the Class 2 field had not started on time, because they'd missed the call to staging. The Vandermissens, Dave, Sr. and Dave,Jr., and Brian Adams, had all missed the first seven laps of the race. Next it was time for the combination of Class 7, which is essentially the same as the SCOREIHDRA Class 7S, and Class 6, two-wheel drive produc-tion sedans. The biggest group was the sedans, mostly Wisconsin cars, and led from the start by Fay Statezny, a Crandon resident, in his Chevy. Allen Fannin, in another Chevy, ran second, followed by Brian Stewart, from California, in the Jeep Cherokee. In fourth place it was Tim Kamin, and then Gary Bradley was fifth. Statezny's car handles well, and he easily held his lead, as Stewart pushed hard to get around Fannin. He finally took over second place on the third lap, and was running hard, but little wisps of steam were beginning to appear from somewhere up at the front of the car. Fannin was now third, followed by Bradley, and Bill Graboski. On the fifth lap, as Statezny and Stewart moved through the : slower trucks, Fannin disap-: peared. Bradley now ran third, with Kamin fourth and Graboski in fifth place. But the attrition rate was climbing, and two or three cars dropped out each lap, usually in a cloud of steam. And on the seventh lap, Stewart was one of those. Statezny kept moving at a steady pace, running well up with the trucks, though his trans-mission was overheating. Now it was Bradley in second place, followed by John Znidorka and Graboski. And that's how it went to the finish, Statezny, who said his trans just made it in, completed 11 laps in 22 minutes and 4 7 seconds. Bradley was second, followed by Znidorka and Graboski. Jeff Probst, shown here in his limited car, was second in the 1-1600 event and , 4th in the Limited Champ race. Cory Friday, (in the center) fought off an aggressive Darrin Parsons to take the Class 11 win. Parsons, #1199, was second. Gary Adelmann is in front. November 1989 The mini-trucks got off to an exciting start, as Todd Attig lost control in the first turn, which was downhill, slid across the track into the embankment and rolled over in a cloud of dust. Most of the others missed colliding with him, and Scott Taylor put his Ranger into the lead, hotly chased by Jeff Kincaid, in a Chevy. Tom Hackers ran third, and Chuck Johnson had his California-based, John Johnson prepped Ranger back in the midwest for the first This is the system run by most off road race winners time in years, and running fourth. Back in the pack, Glenn Harris had a rear flat on his Mazda, and Rob MacCachren had a flat on his Jeep as a result of a collision in the starting melee. Johnson passed both Kincaid and Hackers on the second lap to move up to second, as Taylor pulled steadily ahead. Then Hackers fell out on the third lap, moving Kincaid up to third and Terry Friday into fourth place. They ran like i;r TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 9

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<; '...,.; ; . . . ~ Fay Statezny, Class 6 winner, tip-toes past the woods on his way to the checkered flag. Chuck Johnson took his truck back to the midwest for the first time in a long time, and came away with the Class 7 victory. Jeff Probst, on the left, and Bob Bogdanoff, from Armstrong _ Tires, dejectedly watch the finish of the Class 2 race after a tie rod broke and took them out of contention. IJ9"' that for a lap, and then, early on lap five, just after Taylor passed a lapped Class 6 car, the sedan t-boned him when he slowed for the turn, and knocked out one of his front springs. His fender settled down onto his tire, and chewed away. Taylor pulled out for repairs, and Johnson took over the lead. Kincaid held on to second, and MacCachren moved up to third for a lap, but then had another flat, and had to pit again. Friday disappeared on the sixth lap, and now Brian Farrell moved into third place. Johnson, who' cl had help on his motor from Taylor, drove a flawless race, except for a couple of heart-stopping moments when the motor inexplicably quit. It restarted each time, and he took the checkered flag first, complet-ing 11 laps in 22 minutes and 27 seconds. Kincaid, who'd lost his brakes and power steering for the final three laps, finished second, and down to the rim on the right rear. Farrell was third, and MacCachren, with 10 laps completed, earned a fourth place, and reported that he thought this kind of racing was really fun. The single_ seat 1600s were next to go, and with 20 of them on the track there was plenty of action. St. Peter, and Mike Renkas. And Greg Smith took to the lead right they ran in that order to the finish away, closely folllowed by Scott line, completing 10 laps each. Taylor, then Jim Wiggins, David Next to start were the front Hameister, and Jeff Probst. There engine two-wheel drive buggies, was a lot of close action, and by originally a "Run What You the second lap things had changed Brung" class called the "Iron a bit, though Smitty and Taylor Sleds", they had originated right still led. Hameister had moved up here at Crandon. Now more to third, with John Greaves now formally titled Class 13, there fourth, Probst fifth, and Wiggins were 15 of them charging around had lost about six places. the track. These are big motor Taylor was close on Smith, and cars, water pumpers, that take up trying hard to get by him, when on a lot of space, and most of them lap four some misfortune put hail from Wisconsin. Smith out, and left Taylor in Joey Flannery, in a Ford with a charge. Probst had done some 396 c.i. Chevy motor, had the magic and passed three cars on lead right from the start, but one lap, moving into second Lowell DeGreef was chasing him place, as Hameister held third, enthusiastically, in his big · and now Dale Boeschinger ran "ShaBoom". In third place it was fourth, with Jeff St. Peter Tom Jensen, then John Schultz following in fifth place. and Dave Vorpaul in fifth. Jim Taylor began to build a clear Bradley had a rear flat on the first space between himself and the lap, spun out and ended up last, rest of the pack, and Hameister while Todd Queen's car was sick worked hard trying to pass and barely moving, right from the Probst. On the fifth lap Wiggins beginning. suddenly parked his front tires in Flannery, DeGreef and the rest the engine compartment of continued to lead, and on the Boeschinger's car. When asked third lap Vorpaul moved up into how it had occurred, Boeschinger fourth, passing Schultz. Now said, glumly, "I don't know, it many of the vehicles were happened behind me!" And it put beginning to suffer, pulling off to him out of the running. Now it the side in clouds of smoke or . was Taylor2 Probst, Hameister, . steam. By the _si~t_h l~~ there were also several moving wounded, into third, then Mike Savage up to and Bradley had another flat, on fourth and Ron Hill was now the other side of his buggy. fifth. By the third lap they were Flannery, meanwhile, built a catching the slow Class 4 cars, and huge lead, and DeGreef, who'd having to do some passing. spun out in the back section of the Daugherty held his lead, and course in the early laps, just Schirm continued to push him couldn't catch up. Upon the fifth hard, so hard that Daugherty's lap Flannery had 1 7 seconds on transmission began to smoke a bit DeGreef, who had about the same on about the 10th lap. He never on Vorpaul. And the best duel of could manage to get any lapped thiseventwasJensen trying to get traffic between himself and around Vorpaul for the last three Schirm to get a breather. lfhe got laps. He never did it, but gave it a around them, Schirm did too, and game try. stayed right on his tail all the way. Flannery took the win, having When you consider that no trouble at all with his big car, Daugherty'scarisanoldClass 14, but noting that the course was grandfathered into the SCORE/ getting a little rougher. DeGreef HDRA Class 3 114, and Schirm's was second, by now 28 seconds is a more stock Class 3, it's easy to back, followed in by Vorpaul·and see that Schirm was doing an Jensen. There were at least eight incredible job of driving. finishers all still on the lead lap. Daugherty was also, and to even The Main Event for Saturday things up a bit, he'd lost his power was the last race of the day, the steering. mixed Class 3 and 4 race. It was They finished 12 laps in just now a little after five in the over 22 minutes, Daugherty still evening, and, even though the in front, and Schirm right with water truck had worked hard all him, coming across the line on a day, the course was becoming flat rear tire. Savage was third, quite dusty. The Class 4 cars got with only 11 laps done, followed the green flag first, but the 3s by Jerry Bundy, from the east weren't far behind. coast, who'd borrowed a car, Jack Flannery, cousin of Joey since his was already ready for the who'd just won the Clas~ 13 Baja 1000. ALUMINUM RACING RADIATOR event, and a resident of Crandon, The first day of racing over, took the lead in his Ford with some settled in for an evening of GregGerlach,inaChevy,Rodney hard work on Sunday's race car, Hall, another westerner, in his and others fired up the barbecue Dodge, and Geoff Dorr, Jeep, and got ready for a social evening. running hard behind him. This The weather was mild and clear, was a powerhouse of a group, and with no rain forecast u·ntil late anyoneof'emcouldeasilyendup Sunday afternoon. Crandon's winners. overnight campers, apparent! y 16.5 POUNDS SIZES AVAILABLE 16 X 27 18 X 24 19 X 28 19 X 31 CURRENTLY USED IN CLASS 2, 8, & NASCAR Page 10 November 1989 On the second lap Gerlach lost closely related to the tribe that his steering wheel, and lost four used to inhabit the "Animal" places while he reattached it, compound at Riverside, turned to moving Hall up to second, Dorr party mode, determined to have to third and Matt Foltz into fourth some serious fun. place. Gerlach was now fifth. Sunday's weather was sunny They ran in that order for many and warm, but there were a few laps, with Flannery displaying his clouds on the horizon, and the mastery of the Crandon course, weatherman was still prophesying where he's had so many wins in rain for late afternoon. The the past. The others all stayed release of hundreds of multi-healthy behind him, running coloredballoonsgotthedayoffto strong, but not quite able to catch a festive start, and then the first up. Then, on the 11th lap, couple of races on the schedule Flannery broke a tie rod and was were for A TVs, with the Class 14 ..., sidelined. Hall moved into the event beginning at 11 :25 on a lead, and stayed to the checkered freshly watered and muddy flag, slightly surprised and course. immensely pleased to do so well As at Riverside, anyone who on the unfamiliar track. Dorr was wants to have a go at it can enter second, Foltz finished third, and this modified class, so there were Gerlach took fourth. Class 3 and Class 4 trucks, and TheClass3trucks,13ofthem, Greg George's Class 1 Mazda were led by Jerry Daugherty, who truck, with a new transmission, qualifies as a westerner since his because the Brush Run folks had move to Las Vegas, in his Blazer. graciously called around and Behind him it was Bill Schirm, the located a replacement for him. Class 3 SODA/STORE points Tom Ferro, a visitor from leader to this race, then Herb Connecticut, took the lead, with Rosborough, Bill Sims and Gary Brad Mihalko second, Jack Craig. Heidtman third, Mark Pelletier Daugherty and Schirm moved fourth and Jack Flannery fifth in out, but Rosborough dropped his Class 4 Ford. out on lap three, moving Sims Mihalko retired on the second Dusty Times ·

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;,,,, -·~,-....EJJ/4l~- , -~ --··""""""""""" -Scott Taylor, shown here on his way to the Class 9 win, also took firsts in Class 1-1600 and 2-1600 Californian Dave Hendricks decided to give the Brush Run a try, and took home the 5-1600 first events. place trophy for his trouble . . ___ .:.._::.._ _____________________________ _ lap, and Heidtman moved to second, while Flannery was already around Pelletier and into third place. Flannery was operating under a bit of a handicap, since his crew had forgotten to put the truck back in four-wheel-drive after loading it on the trailer the night before. Jack hadn't realized it until it was too late. And way back, in dead last, was Rod Hall, who'd been blasted with mud, which covered his windshield, and his wipers had given up. On lap three Pelletier fell out and that moved Greg Gerlach up to fifth spot. Things changed yet again, and Geoff Dorr and Jerry Daugherty moved into fourth and fifth place on lap four. A lap later, Heidtman took the lead, with Ferro running second, and then Flannery, Dorr and Daugherty. But Ferro was gone a lap later and they moved up a notch. 1 ,.~ As Heidtman caught up to some lapped cars, he was slowed down, and Flannery caught up to him, and managed to get by on the eighth lap, to take the lead. Then he led it to the finish, followed in by Heidtman, and then Dorr and Daugherty, who'd had a great race. Greg George, still somewhat underpowered, felt his truck had redeemed itself by finishing seventh. A hum of excitement greeted the next batch of trucks, as the spectators settled in to watch the Class 8s. They were looking forward to the race between local favorite Jack Flannery, arid the three visitors from the west coast, Robby Gordon, Walker Evans, and Steve McEachern. They weren't disappointed. As they emerged from the traffic in the first turn, Evans had his Dodge in front, with McEach-ern, in the twin Dodge, in second place, and Gordon's Ford hot on their tails. Flannery was a close fourth in his Ford, and in fifth place it was Ken Kincaid, another Crandon resident, in a Chevy. Gordon moved up to second place on the second lap, and then they held that order for the next three laps as Evans did some absolutely beautiful driving, clean and smart, to hold the lead. There was more great driving going on behind him, as Gordon fought to eliminate Walker's four-and-a-half second edge, and the others, none far back, pushed to catch up. On the fifth lap Kincaid dropped out and that moved Dave Hackers into fifth spot. And then on lap eight, Walker's truck suddenly had a left rear flat. He pulled in to his pit to get a spare, and they did an incredibly quick job, considering that there wasn't really a pit set-up at these events, but he still lost three places, and Gordon took over the lead. Gordon flew the Ford, now weaving through lapped traffic, as gracefully and light-footedly as a buggy, a pure pleasure to watch. Flannery, who was now second, just didn't have the suspension, but nonetheless stayed close, and hung on for second place, with McEachern in third and Evans fourth. Gordon completed 12 laps in the time of 21 :20, for the win, and Flannery, McEachern and Evans were the only others still on the lead lap. The Class 1 race came next, and Billy Beck, from Texas, took the lead at the start, with Eric Arras second, then Dave Vandermissen, Sr., Todd Attig, and Lee Wuest-hoff. They looked really fast, and were running close together, most of them very familiar with the course. They completed two laps in this fashion, with Jeff Probst at the back of the pack after spinning in the first turn two laps in a row. On the third lap, as the leaders headed for the back section, Beck hit a bump just wrong, and rolled over, breaking his front beam. Arras sneaked by, and along came Vandermissen and rolled over also, and then Attig drove into him. When the remainder of the troops got back around to the first turn again, Bill LeFeuvre pulled over and parked, and now it was a much smaller race. Arras had the lead, Lee Wuesthoff was second in his Chenowth, Art Schmitt was third, and Probst had worked up to fourth. On the fifth lap, as Arras' car started to smoke a bit, W uesthoff tangled with that same TREAD LIGHTLY! Dusty Times bump, and did an a~e-inspiring pirouette, which should have been an endo, landed on all four wheels, and kept going. Much to his surprise. Probst fell out on the same lap, with a seized motor, and Doug Bils, while still moving, was in serious trouble. Arras continued to lead, but the locals were predicting that his air-cooled motor, the only one there, would not last the full 20 minutes. Schmitt was gradually closing up on him, and then, out in the back, Arras' motor went up in a puff of flame, a big hole punched in the top. Schmitt took over, completed two more laps, and got the win, with Wuesthoff in second place. No one else did 12 laps, and in fact, Arras got credit for third with his ten laps completed, and Bils, also with 10, was fourth. With the regular races over, it was now time for the "Champ-ionship" races, which are a sort of. catch-all at the end of the weekend, giving everyone who still has a car a chance to race one more time. Ordinarily there is a Heavy Metal event, for all big trucks, both 2WD and 4WD, and a buggy event, which combines both limited and unlimited classes on the track, for two separate purses. This time there were so many entries that there were four separate Championship events, one for Unlimited Buggies, one for Limited Buggies, one for two-. wheel drive heavy metal, and one for four-wheel drive heavy metal. The spectators would surely get their money's worth. And the weather was staying nice, clouds building, but no rain anywhere. The Limited Championship was first on the agenda, with 28 entries. Most of them made it through the tricky first turn, some sideways to be sure, and Scott Taylor took the lead, with Greg Smith in se~ond, David Hameister close in third,Jim Wiggins fourth, and Dale Borgemoen in fifth. They held their positions for a couple of laps, and a good battle develo~d ~or ~hird place, with Hameister, Wiggins, Borgemoen and John Greaves all working hard to take that position. Hameister held third, but Greaves moved into fourth, Borgemoen stayed in fifth, and Wiggins dropped a couple of places. Taylor was building quite a lead, and by lap six had 13 seconds on Smith, who was also moving out beyond the pack. He had a scary moment when a lapped car bumped him down into the ditch, but clawed his way back up, without losing a position. Greaves was working hard on Hameister, and Kevin Probst, who'd accidentally hit reverse gear, spun his car around and been hit by another racer, had made up some ground and moved to fifth place. Taylor went away in a cloud of smoke on the 11th lap, and Smith took over the lead, with Greaves, who'd passed Hameister finally, in second place, and Wiggins, who'd worked back up, in third. They finished in that order, Smith doing Ir The Best Way to Communicate to Your Senrice Crew and Stay Ahead!!! Visa and MasterCard orders welcome Call Toll Free 800-624-3 704 EPSILON INC. 7756 BALBOA BLVD. VAN NUYS, CA 90046 (800) 624-3704 OR (818) 781-0993 IN CA 6 MONTHS WARRANTY 30 days unconditional money back guarantee. November 1989 Introducing what used to be a thing only factory teams could afford: FM Transceivers that provide valu-able communication when you need it most!! Two models are available: The portable model and the mobile unit model. .The portable sends its signals with up to 5 watts of power and the mobile has a maximum out-put of 30watts. Both have 6 channel capability and come with 3 channels built-in. The portable comes with external microphone, battery, and charger. Price for the portable is $250. Each battery is $45. The mobile unit transceiver is $250 each and is ideal for car installation. Please add $20 for shipping and handling to each order. Please allow 2-6 weeks for ddivery. Page 11

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Joey Flannery tops the rise in his Class 13 front engine "buggy", as he heads for his win. Lee Wuesthoff drove his Chenowth to second place in Class 1, Midway through Sunday's entertainment, General Tire, sponsor Unlimited of the meet, threw a tire roll, giving sets of tires as prizes. This is i;r 11 laps in 21:35, followed hy Greaves, Wiggins, Probst, and Dean Fisher. The Heavy Metal came out ne>-t, the four-wheel-drive and then came back to take the win in the Championship variety, ·with 26 big trucks third, in still another Ford. Marc· thundering through that first Pellitier was fourth, followed by turn. Greg Gerlach had his Chevy Norm Thompson. But Thompson in front, with Ken Kincaid second dropped back on the second lap, in his Chevy, and J3:ck Flannery .as Brad Mihalko moved up to ho Wins Ten Times e bing About ess and ability at's Why Esquerra n KC HiliTES just a fraction of the crowd that enjoyed the muddy fun. fifth, and then he was bumped by second place, as Gerlad1 contm-Jack Heidtman on the third lap. ued to lead. By now Kincaid was smoking, and On the fourth lap Flannery had some broken front end went up in steam, and pulled out, pieces, but still holding his own in giving Pelletier third place, Heidtman fourth and Mihalko fifth. Gerlach continued to look smooth in the lead. Kincaid lost four positions on the sixth lap, and then dropped out, as Pelletier moved into second for two laps, and went up in smoke himself. On lap eight Mihalko was in second, with no front drive and an overheating motor, Matt Foltz, in a new car, was third, Geoff Dorr, also overheating, was fourth, and Jerry Daugherty, in two wheel drive, was fifth. They ran that way for a lap, and then Daugherty got past Dorr for fourth place. Gerlach had the incredible bad luck to have had a rock caught between his caliper and wheel throughout the race, and unknown to him, it had been wearing a groove on the inside of the wheel all this time. On the last lap the wheel collapsed, Gerlach was undone, and Mihalko took the victory. Foltz was second, and Dorr snuck by Daugherty to take third, leaving Daugherty in fourth, with Bill Schirm, running out of gas on the last lap, once again on his rear bumper, in fifth. They had all completed 11 laps. The Unlimited race was next, and Jeff Probst, who'd had to borrow a motor, put his car into the lead coming out of Turn One. Right behind him was Dave Vandermissen, Sr., then Scott Schwalbe, Todd Attig, and Art Schmitt. The Mint 400 is said to be the most rugged race in off-roading. Yet Manny Esquerra has placed first in his class more times than anyone else in the history of the race. He's one tough driver. And the lights he uses are just as tough. They're KC Daylighters. Built of steel and packed with at least 385,000 candlepower, Daylighters are truly dependable. They have a unique shock mounting system invented by KC HiliTES. And they're rigorously tested for brightness and protection against corrosion, vibration and environmental extremes. They're so dependable that KC backs them with a five year warranty on every part in the light-Maybe you're not out to win ten Mint 400's. But don't you want people to think you know something about lights? Get the most dependable. Get the original. Get the Vandermissen was gone on the second lap, but Probst continued to lead, and Schwalbe moved to second, with Scott Taylor in third now, Attig fourth and Schmitt still fifth. Taylor moved into second place on the third lap, but disappeared on lap four, as did several others. That brought Lee Wuesthoff up to second, as Attig moved to third, followed by David Lofland, and then Bill LeFeuvre. Schmitt, one of those who'd disappeared, returned, running slowly at the back of the pack. Probst continued to lead, and Wuesthoff and Attig were trying hard to catch up, so hard that Attig got a bit loose in turn one, slid out and sideswiped one of the course-marking barrels, and bent a spring plate, which made his car hard to handle from then on. even the bulb. For the dealer nearest you coll 1-800 -PAR 3336. KC Catalog $2.00 Page 12 KC Daylighter. Avenida De Luces • Williams, Arizona 86046 USA • 602/63&-2607 November 1989 © 1989 KC HILITES, INC. Probst disappeared on the sixth lap and Wuesthoff took over the lead, with Attig still trying to catch him, although he had a long way to go by now. LeFeuvre moved up to third, and Dave Vandermissen Jr. was now in fourth place. W uesthoff, who lost a rear i;r Dusty Times

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CASH BACK* When you buy a set of four General Grabber light truck radials Sept. 1 through Nov. 30. See your participating General Tire retailer for details. • $7.00 cash rebate per tire. There are no guardrails at Pikes Peak. The only thing standing between you and 14,110 feet of Rocky Mountain high is an inordinate amount of driving skill. Guts. And tires you can count on to get you to the top-and back down again. Steve Millen and his Nissan V-6 4 x 4 Hardbody pickup had it all. And when the dust settled at the 67th Annual Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb, he had roared up the 12.5-mile, 156-tum course in just 13 :30.13-not only winning the Division E Class, but setting a new Overall Th..tck Class record. On General Grabbers. The high performance light truck radials that dig in and go through almost anything. Even if you don't climb mountains, Grabbers can help you raise your light truck's performance to new heights. For the name of your nearest General Tire Motorsports Specialist, call toll-free: 1-800-255-2550. More High Notes for General Tire Motorsports SCCA Racetruck Challenge, Portland-Ray Kong and Pepe Pombo, Genuine Nissan Parts/General Tire teammates, finish 1-2. SCCA/Escort Endurance, Mid Ohio-Scott Gaylord, Ed Conner and Peter Cunningham, and Tim Evans and Ron Lauzon drive John Torok's Tham GRR Honda CRX Si's to a 1-2 SSB win. Mickey Thompson's Championship Off-Road Gran Prix, L.A. Coliseum-Brad Castle wins in Super 1600. SCCA/Escort Endurance, Brainerd-Pombo Racing's Nissan 300ZX wins Class SSA; John Torok's Tham GRR Honda wins Class SSB. SCCA Racetruck Challenge, Brainerd-A 1-2-3 sweep for the Nissan Hardbodies of Spencer Low Racing.

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* ~ -~M Scott Taylor, seen here heading toward victory in 2-1600, also Jack Flannery, one of Crandon'~ winningest drivers, seen here Greg Smith took the win in the Limited Championship race, and led the mini-trucks for a while, but fell out after a collision. in Class B where he was second, was the winner in the Class 14 then a bit later his wife, Rhonda, won the Women's Limited race ~ limiter strap, built a long lead, and took the win with 11 laps in 20:03. Then• it was Attig, LeFeuvre, and Vandermissen, Jr., all also with 11 laps. Art Schmitt wandered up and parked after the finish, looking a little vague, and unable to account for the time he'd been out of action. It ultimately was determined that he'd taken a rock in the side of his helmet, and had apparently been sitting unconscious for a few moments. He was later trundled to the hospital, where he was diagnosed as having a concussion, and released. The two-wheel-drive Champ-ionship event was next, and this time it was a mix of Class 8s, Class 13s, and 6s. And it was Walker Evans in front as they came out of Turn One, leading a determined Rob Gordon, Jack Flannery, Steve McEachern and Ken Kincaid. Gordon moved up to the front on the second lap and once a~i!1-the audience saw an off-road event. in the same car. ballet as he leaped and soared, landing smoothly and quietly, and in complete control. And there was more of the same behind him as Evans, running six seconds back, powered through turns, spit out rooster-tails of dust, and flew beautifully off the jumps. It was top notch stuff! Flannery ran a close third, with McEachern fourth. On the seventh lap Gordon had to go wide to pass a lapped vehicle, and a rock on the edge of the course snagged a wheel. His left front tire went flat and he had to pull into the pit area. Evans took over the lead, with Flannery second, McEachern third, and Gordon, back out in a flash, now fourth. He immediately began to work on McEachern, Evans' teammate, and McEachern was obviously determined not to let him by. He picked up the pace, and Gordon pushed hard, treating the fascinated spectators to a duel the likes of which they hadn't seen all weekend. They were so pumped up that they both charged by Flannery on the ninth lap, which put McEachern into second place, and Gordon third. But a lap later McEachern's lack of short course experience got to him, and Gordon got past, into second place. He went off in hot pursuit of Evans, but time was running out. Walker, whose truck was heating up in the tight parts, but cooling again in the back stretch, maintained his smooth pace, and took the win, grinning like a chesire cat as he climbed out of the truck after 12 laps. Gordon was a very commendable second place, McEachern third and Flannery finished fourth. The first of the two Ladies Races was next, with 17 entries, four in limited buggies or 5-1600s, and 11 in Class 11 s. Rhonda Smith took the lead in the Buggy/5-1600 group from the start, and built a long space between herself and second place, which was Janet Grisham, in Darrell Smith's 5-1600. These events are only five laps each, and Smith led all the way, to take the win. In the Class 11 group the lead belonged to Paula Parsons, who ran second overall, behind Smith's 2/1600. She built a big lead also, and led for the full five laps, followed in by Chris Gerald and Beverly Friday. In the Heavy Metal women's race, Shari Recla took the early t"ead in the big Class 13, "ShaBoom" buggy. She was chased hard by Gail Brand in Chuck Brand's Class 8 truck. Brand worked furiously to catch up, finally caught Recla on the last lap, and, in the last few seconds of the race, squeezed by to take the win. As the sun sank in the west, the Good Ole Boys crept out of hiding, and lined up for their turn at the race track. There were 168 of these cars, whose appearance defies description. Imagine a destruction derby car painted day-glo green with a roll cage, and a stuffed animal perched on the roof. Lettering by spray can was the norm. Give it worn-out shocks, minimal brakes, a driver and a passenger and turn more than eighty of them loose at a time on a course that's 1.3 miles long. A car such as this can be rented for two team t-shirts, and two laps with Walker Evans during practice. Or for $40, and two cases of Stroh's. They ran an unknown number of laps, and had winners, but no one knows for sure who they were. But the Good Ole Boys are a tradition at Crandon, and a delight to watch. They slide off the embankments, nose into the ditches, hook bumpers, stuff themselves into the weeds and generally have a great time. A pleasantly crazy finish to a sensational weekend of racing. THE FASTEST LIGHTS Off-ROAD Off-road, you've got to see fast _in order to go fast, and IPF MOTORSPORTS performance lights give you the winning edg_e .. ;see the difference ... _ . . . . IPF MOTORSPORTS performance lamps feature a high-tech photometric design with special hardened glass lens and . precision reflector optics. And, all IPF MOTORSPORTS lights are powered with high quality quartz halogen bulbs. Only IPF MOTORSPORTS has these engineered features plus rugged construction and mounting hardware that stand up to the toughest off-roading. Fio<i. out why more S.CORE and __ . ~~... Mi-f:iDR~ racers are switct,ing<,lo:.l~n,]1:A.OJQij,SPO.frT.S. Send $2.00 ., _ ,< . :_ , . "·---❖ • . .. ~ ·.• ,":. ;.r -,>l.!f.<·, ~ Carte.ret, . W'~---07CQA~07.2:1·' --~,,; '?·t,~)·•t,,:: ,::.ti:, . i· ":.-:.i.f.i .. :. .• ;..~"·) ,.._;,.,,,. . -,, .. •·. , .. ·', .. .. : .. , .. · ....... ··. IPF 9093 IPF 9061 , , '.MD.I .QRSPQR .l,S . · ... -:· . ..-::;_~;.·• · __ ;,,.: .. _. .. ,.' .. . . l•~"l·. ~:•.~ ,t '. "i, ::: ? ;:;.~\~ :.):};:3\)~::~;}JHt~~; :/:[·•~~&t:;;;~.J~:r,:4: :.,.: ,~: :,i~;i~t /Ji;,•.::·,;], Page 14 November 1989 Dusty Times

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MTEG AT MILE HIGH STADIUM Nissan's Roger Mears puts it together at Denver Roger Mears captured the Sport Truck mai::i event at Denver's Mile High Stadium. The win for Mears quenches a long thirst for victory in the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Champion-ship Gran Prix events. Mears, a consistent driver, put togeth'er two second place finishes for the evening and then came back to run away with the main event. The current points leader Robby Gordon was in the battle in all three races but couldn't put it together at Denver. The Denver event was round eight for the 10 race series and at the end of eight rounds of racing the points leaders are: Robby Gordon leads Walker Evans 428 to 368 in the Grand National Sport Trucks; Mitch Mustard has Frank Arciero Jr. 336 to 276 in the Super 1600 division. In the UltraStock class Lloyd Castle has a slight edge over Jeff Elrod with 2 90 to 2 79. Marty Hart has Donny Banks to worry about as he leads the 4-Wheel ATV class with 294 to Banks' 264. Rennie Awana is the SuperLite points leader (253) with Terry Peterson trailing with 229. Jim Holley has earned 400 points in-the Ultra-Cross Pro Motorcycle division and Brian Manley 332 for second place. Looks like T earn Toyota will again win the Manufacturers Cup. They lead TeamJeep813 to 635. Nissan has earned top honors in the UltraStock class. Kawasaki is dominating the UltraCross series with Yamaha trailiQ.g by 354 points. For Honda to not win the 4-Wheel ATV event they would have to ask all the Honda riders to stay home as they lead Yamaha 702 to 278. Looks like Yokohama will capture the Sport Truck tire points, and BF Goodrich has a commanding lead in the Super 1600 tire wars. General Tire has a respectable lead in the UltraStock class but has Goodyear in contention. Denver racing fans were treated to a Super 1600 Trophy Dash as an opening act to this year's stadium event. Two hometown favorites. Mitch Mustard and Danny Rice, were fast enough qualifiers to be entered in the event. However as the green flag came out it was Californian Brad ~astle who jumped his Raceco out in front of the field dominated by Chenowths. Even with all the fan support, Mustard had to settle for second place and no trophy. Brad Castle took home the trophy with third place going to Frank Arciero Jr. Danny Rice ended up in fifth . . At the beginning of heat race one of the Grand National Sport Trucks, it was Rob MacCachren and Ivan Stewart that fought over who would lead the pack. As the two swapped paint going into turn one they managed to get hung up with one another and the pack left them behind. Walker Evans {last year's event winner) took the lead in his ee with Ro er Mears Walker Evans does a nose dive off a jump in his Jeep en route to a fine win in the first truck heat, and he placed second in the wild main event. Dusty Times settlinginto second. Mears let Evans know right from the start that he came to Denver to race. Behind Mears was another heated battle between Danny Thompson and points leader Robby Gordon. Mitch Mustard put on quite a show for his home town crowd, winning his heat race and coming back to win the main event in a tight race full of action. Things remained in this order Marty Hart. On the fourth lap until lap four when Gordon Hart slipped into second place found a vacant spot next to and set his sights on Granlund. Thompson. Up front Mears On the following lap Hart had his decided he had followed Evans momentum rolling and took the long enough. He was able to give a lead. serious threat on the sixth and Marty Hart went on for the win seventh lap but was not able to get with early leader Niclas Granlund around. holding onto second place. Third At the checkered flag it was went to Donny Banks. Heat two Walker Evans followed by a very of the 4-Wheel ATVs consisted close Roger Mears. Third place of 19 riders. Off the line Derek points went to Robby Gordon Hamilton took command of the and fourth was Danny Thompson. event. Kenneth Delk however was The following event was the 4-charging through the pack and on Wheel A TVs. A total of20 riders lap two took second place from . were in this first heat. Off the Mike Olmsted. It took Delk starting line Niclas Granlund another three laps before reeling jumped his Honda into turn one in on Hamilton and taking the first, followed by Gary McNeil. lead. At the finish Kenneth Delk But clearing his way through the was first with Hamilton and pack like Hurricane Hugo was Olmsted trailing. i;..-• COMPETITIVE PRICING • UNSEA TABLE GIUALITY EXCELLENT SERVICE LOUIE UNSER J,((/10/~/KIS BOB R_~~~ TOYOTA ii~ • j4f{4. ■ •••• RADIOS .-011 RACING R.L.H. ENTERPRISE IASORR ... ,¥.ol~ L-.ACING u,,-,y--t.~9th<d .. 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I I I I I ' ' I I ' ' I I I ' ' f ' I I I , ! Roger Mears Jr. is having a good year in his Chenowth. He drove hard to.third place in his heat race and came back strong to second in the main. Kent Castle started out strong in his Raceco, as he won the first Super 1600 heat, but he didn't fare well in the hectic feature race action. Roger Mears and his hard working crew were so happy with their win that theylined up for a family portrait after the race was over. ·9!'.·c.,~,j;:, Danny Thompson got his Chevy roaring nicely in Tim Lewis is the man to beat on UltraStock Jeff Elrod is having a tough tim~ defending his Jerry Whelchel charged hard in his Chenowth, Denver and he won the second truck heat with a points. His Porsche won the heat race and 1988 title, but he did get his UltraStock VW home but traffic and other woes held him back to a replacement motor, that didn't last in the main. placed third in the high attrition main event. third in the heat race. fourth place finish in the main event. The first heat of SuperLites At the green it was Tim Lewis 1600 cars had 12 entri~s. Albert was.abie to grab the lead. Th~n .finished fourth after Derek drew 11 contestants. Former class jumping out front in his Porsche. Arciero and Kent Castle shared MacCachren and Thompson Hamilton stole third. champ Rennie Awanajumped out In a close second place was Lloyd the front row. Castle caught continued until MacCachren The UltraStock main event was front with Ron Pierce in tow. Castle. Castle was able to take the Arciero napping and jumped out suffered mechanical woes and won by David Kreisler in a John Gerjes grabbed third with lead once during the race but theleader. Arciero'stroubledidn't pulled off, giving the lead to Porsche. Kreisler took the lead Don Archibald in fourth. The Lewis quickly regained and went end there; soon after Jerry Thompson. when Jeff Elrod, who was sharing frontfourpositionsdidn'tchange on for the win. Lloyd Castle took Whelchel and he tangled causing Roger Mears moved into. the front row, ran into the wall throughout the race. The most second and third place went to both to stop on the track. Both second place and third was being and was unable to continue. Tim action came from Rory Holladay Jeff Elrod. were able to continue. This fought over by the boys from Lewis, also driving a Porsche, as he moved through the pack In the UltraCross Pro Motor, allowed Brad Castle a chance at Toyota. By the fourth lap Robby managed to get second place and only to end up in sixth place. cycle heat Tallon Vohland put his brother Kent with Larry Noel Gordon had settled the argument add four passing points to his In the second Super Lite heat 18 Kawasaki out front early and went settling into third. Brad Castle over who should be in third place total. Lloyd Castle tried for the drivers came out to battle. Among on for the win. Second place was however was suffering from a flat but then grew tired of that win a little too hard and had the the field was Jeff Huber, last years Gilbert Murray with Denny tire. Brad was able to hold off position and went after Mears. rough driving watchers set him Team Mazda driver, driving for Stephenson third. Ryan Hughes Noel untn°lap four. Soon after Gordonwasabletomakeacouple back one position into third Team Briggsbuilt. Huber debuted finished fourth and fifth place, in Ron Carter and Al Arciero both of serious threats on Mears but place. Chris Neil was fourth and the new Briggsbuilt at the LA afield of23, went to Stacey Cook. found their way around the Mears kept the Nissan out front. fifth place went to Vincent Coliseum but new cars blues kept Heat one of the Super 1600s crippled Raceco of Castle. Danny Thompson won the Tjelmeland. him from the battle. drew 13 starters. Hometown boy Kent Castle was able to make a event but suffered a seriousfuff In the SuperLite main event 24 On the start it was veteran Mitch Mustard gave the crowd clean win of the event. Second of engine smoke as he crosse the cars lined up to race. At the end of SuperLite racer Allen Yaros out something to cheer at as he place wentto Larry Noel and Ron finish line. Mears held second and the race only 16 cars were still front followed by Chuck Parker jumpedoutfronttheearlyleader. Carter took third. Brad Castle Gordon was third. Ivan Stewart running. Atthefrontofthepack and Frank Chavez. Two laps later Things gottense on the second lap appeared to have finished fourth finished ahead of Walker Evans. was former champ Rennie Awana · theentirefieldchangedpositions. as seven cars piled into one buttheRoughDrivingCommittee Evans also had the committee who also added 6 passing points Chavez took the lead from Yaros. another causing a delay in the ruled against him 1 position. Bob drop three points against him. to his season total. Coming in a Yaros then found Jeff Huber heat. Once underway Mustard Gordon was also ruled against. The 4,Wheel ATVs were the close second was Rory Holladay. looking for away around him, and again held the . lead. The event In the second Grand Nationai first main event runners. A total Frank Chevas lost third due to a then on the following lap Huber then turned into follow the leader heat the Jeep of Rob MacCach, of 24 riders came out to race. Rough Driving Committee ruling. slipped into second. Frank asMustardwentontowin. Roger ren sat next to lvan Stewart's ToddDavidjumpedoutfrontand Allen Yaros managed fourth and Chavez was able to keep Huber at Mears Jr. brought his Chenowth Toyota on row one. Danny didn't look back. His win was fifth went to Don Archibald. ·--bay. Third place went to early across second and third went to Thompson and Walker Evans .rather uneventful. However the The Super 1600 main event leader Allen Yaros and fourth was Texan Billy Beck. David Adams made up row two. When the race ha ttle for second wen·i: on· was stuffed full. A total of26 cars . Holgeir Oksnevad ahead of Mary actually crossed over in third got underway MacCachren throughout the race. N iclas lined up with five of those being Sullivan. Gerry Koop spun out place but the Rough Driving flipped his Jeep when he and Granlund was the first to settle from Colorado. However, even before the finish line and was Committee ruled he was pushing Thompson tangled on the first into second place. Then came with the odds stacked against him, listed in ninth. excessively causing him to be lap. This caused a complete along Kenneth Delk. Delk ended Mitch Mustard pulled it together UltraStock racing was next. listed in fourth place. Frank restart and this time MacCachren up with second while Granlund for the Denver fans. While· Only eight of c e funny cars ofoff Arciero Jr. finished fifth. road racing came out to com te. The second heat race of Super SUMMERS BROS. BULLET-PROOF DRIVETRAINS ! Page 16 WE PI\Y CONTINGENCIES FOR SCORE ANO HORA EVENTS! SEND $2.00 FOR YOUR DIRT RACER'S CATALOG! 530 South Mountain Ave. Ontario, CA 91762 (714) 986-2041 • FAX: (714) 984-7908 After a season of woes, Roger Mears got it all together at Denver, his Nissan taking second place in both heats, and Roger came back to run away with the main event. November 1989 Dusty Times

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" It wasn't e good night for Ivan Stewart in Mile High Stadium as he ended up fourth in the truck main event, piling up points for Toyota. Ron Carter always makes a spectacular start, and in his heat he did stay up front to finish third in his 1600. Robby Gordon is accustomed to being in the lead in his Toyota, but in Mile High Stadium he placed third in both heats and the main event. moving through the pack to take the win Mustard also added 6 points for passing to his season total. Roger Mears, Jr. kept his Chenowth out of the traffic and took second place. Third place went to Billy Beck and fourth was Jerry Whelchel. Kent Castle managed fifth. Denny Stephenson brought his Kawasaki from Omaha, Nebraska to compete at the Mile High event. After the main event Denny felt the trip was well worth it. The event winner edged out Jim Holley on a Yamaha and Lowell Thomson took third. Jeremy Middaugh was first Coloradan and fourth overall. Gilbert Murray took fifth. When :hey lined up for the main event of Grand National Sport Trucks, it was Robby Gordon on the pole with Roger Mears alongside. The second row consisted of Walker Evans and Ivan Stewart. The third row had up truck. On the start Mears came out swinging. He pulled Gordon's Toyota off the line and came out of turri one first. Gordon held onto second and his teammate Stewart filled the third spot. In his fever to get around Mears, Gordon clipped the hydro barrier allowing Stewart and Evans to get by. This gave Mears plenty of breathing room. On lap five Evans and Stewart tangled which gave Gordon back his second place spot. Meanwhile Evans was able to get in front of Stewart for third place. Evans was not through. He came back on the ninth lap and took second place from Gordon. Gordon had been placed in the penalty box for consistently driving two wheels off the course, an infraction that he had been warned about in the heats. Roger Mears won the event, which is his first Mickey Thompson Gran Prix main event win since 1987. Walker Evans brought his Jeep in sedond and Robby Gordon was third. Ivan Stewart finished fourth. Rob MacCachren and Danny David Kreisler got the new cars bugs out of his UltraStock Porsche at Denver, Thomp_:ion who was in his back and he flew the wild creation to first place in the feature race. Larry Noel had no luck with his UltraStock car, but he did drive the 1650 cc Chenowth to a strong second in heat 2 of the Super 1600s. ,,., ~°CLASSES FOR: Open Wheet Racers Trucks - 5-1600s· ATVs - Odysseys ·J>mnlja,aa JUIIIIIOJadlltfea .~"-;· ;-:~ San Bernardino, CA FREE OVERNIGHT PARKING For information contact BRIAN CHURCH (714) 880-1733 P.O. Box 2339 San Bernardino, CA 92406 93.5 -~------A.fflr OFF ROAD CHALLENGE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1989 The Fifth And Final Race In The Five Race Series The Finest in Short Course Racing 100% Cash Payback ENTRY FEES: Trucks, Open Wheelers - $200.00 ATVs - $75.00 Odysseys - $100.00 5-1600s - $100.00 ADMISSION: $10.00 - Adults $ 5.00 - Children Children under five FREE Open Grandstand Seating - Come and See All the Action! DESERT RACERS! COME OUT AND TRY OUR SUPER TRACK! WIDE ENOUGH TO RACE DESERT CARS! Dusty Times November 1989 Page 17

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Arras Has Two in a Row at Miller ·off-Road Series By Elaine Jones Photos: Trackside Photo EnterJJrises Eric Arras started his day with a wire to wire win in the first Class 10 heat. He led off the start in the main and, while hotly pursued, he held on the win the main and over $1,000. It was a beautiful day that was ordered up for the Miller Offroad race at Glen Helen last August. The morning started off overcast but when race time came around the sun was shining and a small breeze was blowing to keep the temperature comfortable. You could sit and enjoy some great racing, get a good suntan and not suffer heat prostration. Eric Arras, the young man from Riverside in the McDonalds/ Shock Tech/ Armstrong Rabbit has set his sights on becoming the point winner in Class 10 as he ran his win streak to two in a row after a mighty battle with Marty Coyne, the El Cajon driver in the BF Goodrich/Radd Racing/VP Fuel Chenowth VW. In the first heat Arras started things off with a wire to wire romp. Gary Gall from Fontana in the Mancha Racing/Radiator Man/Rev Power VW followed him but has his hands full holding off Dan Bentley of Buena Park in the Caita Metal Supply VW. Coyne meanwhile could do no better than 5th. Things got a lot more compli-cated in the second heat when everyone tried to win the race in the first turn. After two restarts and a lot of upside down cars it was Coyne who got the hole shot and the win. Bill Goshen of Brea in the Quality 1st Concrete/Bob Goshen Raceco locked in for second and Gary Gall rounded out the field with third: Arras came up with the fourth and the . combination of the two heats put him on the first row outside with Gall on the pole and Coyne right behind him in the second row. Off the start it was Arras with a good drive and on his way with Coyne attached at the bumper looking for the mistake that never came. Coyne also had to be aware of Kevin Smith of So. El Monte in the Yokohama/Bosch Mirage who was pressing hard in the third slot. No one could budge anyone and the order of finish did not change from the first lap on. Gall was the only one running in the top who passed anyone and it took him five laps to get around Gary Kroese of Ontario in the ME Construction/Jim Mulhall Inc. Raceco and that was good enough for fourth. The Stadium Trucks and Superstocks raced together and they had their share of problems. David Ashley in the So. Cal. Ford Dealers/Good year /Fairview Ford/ Bosch/ Mobil 1 Ford was the only truck and was there to get some fine tuning on the little Ford. There were three Super-stocks and they had their own brand of problems. In the first heat Tim Lewis and wife Lindarae in the Morrison Goodyear/Howtons/Downey Service Center/ Alpha Set Porsche Desert racer Kevin Smith tried a little closed course action in a new Mirage, and did very well, third in class for the day's points. · went wire to wire with Chris Neil in the BFG/Howton Signs VW in weve written the book on Off Road. We've completed the most comprehensive catalog of race-proven parts ever. From the people who have put more Off Road drivers in the Winner's Circle than anyone else. Whether it's a simple Dzus button or an elabo-rate race-ready engine. Call, write, carrier pigeon, anything. But do it now. Or you'll be at the back of the pack. PERFORMANCE FOR YOUR FAT PERFORMANCE CATALOG. SEND $5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE, DEPT. DT. 1558 NO. CASE ST., ORANGE. CA 92667. OR CALL(714)637-2889 Page 18 •FAT Racing Parts •Centerline Wheels • Bilstein Shocks •Sway-A-Way • Perma-Cool • S&S Headers • Weber Carbs •IPF Lights . • JaMar Products • Wright Place • Tri-Mil Exhaust •Gem Gears • Beard Seats •Simpson Safety • Super-Trapp • Yokohama Tires • Petro-Tech 2000 November 1989 Marty Coyne stayed close to the winner all the way in the Class 10 main event. He was still on the winner's bumper when the checkered flag flew. second and Joey Moore in the Waynes/F&L Pro Gas Chevy third. There was no heat 2 because they all had mechanical problems that needed to be taken care of and since the field was so small it was by mutual consent. It definitely made a difference as the Ford was running strong in the main and put on a good show. The Lewis' led most of the way in the Superstock division but the pressure applied by Neil took its toll and he forced the mistake in the fourth lap that gave him the lead and the win. Nobody had the inside track in the 1-2-1600 Class. If you ran good one heat, don't count on having a good race the next one which translates that everyone was pretty evenly matched. The first heat was a romp for Tim Riordan from Scotts Valley in his Bug Performance/Harrington Trans VW. The scrambling was going on behind him. Steve Bishop of Cor.ona in the Bishop Offroad VW was a strong second until he broke on the third lap and Dan Mathews of Buena Park in the J&B Auto Body VW took over the second only to lose it to brother Bob one lap later in the Bill Silberman Construction VW. They finished in that order. New cast of characters in the second heat as Andy Anderso~ has the front ru-nning spot -with Rick Boyer the Bakersfield driver in the Independent Pipe and Tubing VW a solid second. Bob Mathews looked to be the person to pick up the third but ran into trouble and Mike McCorory from Fallbrook in the West Engineering/West Coast Foreign Hi Jumper put on some kind of show as he came from seventh to capture the third with one lap to go and believe me no one w,as going to take it away from him. Mike McCorory had the pole for the start of the Main and broke on top but Andy Anderson had different ideas on how things should work out and the driver from Lompoc took over the lead on the third lap and took it home from there. McCorory's problems weren't over yet as Steve Bishop took a crack at him and moved him to third. With one lap to go Dan Mathews put a spectacular move on not just McCorory but on Tim Riordan and came from fifth to third in the bat of an eye . . The 5-1600 Class continues to grow and Sunday there was 10 of the little Bugs romping over the hillsides of Glen Helen. In the first heat the team of Kyle Jankiewicz and Clyde Salverda of Riverside showed the field that although they were newcomers to the class they knew their way around. Paul .,. %WJ~w;:r.::%' ·)W· .,,·m~\.::. -~ Bill Goshen showed off his slick Class 10 car that really flew, but Goshen ended up 11th overall when the racing was over for the day. Jack Millerd started strong in Challenger class, had some traffic woes, but got the breaks in the feature race and finished second for the day. Dusty Times

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"~,.~ Andy Anderson is back in the groove in his two seat 1-2-1600 and made the Jong commute from the Giti Gow/and was second in the first Challenger heat, third in the next one and came out of the pack north to win both a heat and the main event.t _o_w_,_·n_th_e_ m_a_in_e_v_e_n_:_t, :._g_o_in:._g_w_i_re_t_o_w_i_re_. __________________ _ Molina and Russ Ludwig in the NEO Foreign Unltd. got off second but made a serious mistake on the white flag lap and not only did Walt Mathews and Dave Littlefield in the Small Car Connection VW but David Anckner and Jerry Cowley in the McDonalds/ Arras Ind./ Arm-strong/ Shock Tech got by him to drop him to the fourth spot. In the second heat Mario Panagiotopoulas and Michefle Tedum in the Armstrong Tires/ Tony the Greek VW blasted off to the lead and never looked back. Mario P. likes that spot the best and really is a hard charging driver. Molina/ Ludwig took advantage of R.W. "Rod Wright/ Mike McNalley Rock N. Roll Racing/Wright Way Fabri-cations/W .Whittier Paint IT rans-west llrish Tire Service Bug's demise in less than 2 laps to take over second and Robert Jones and his partner in the Armstrong Tire B1,1g captured the third. Molina and Ludwig came off the line first in the main and had a good lead built up but it was not enough to keep Mario P. and T edum from catching and passing him by the fourth lap. They did Dan Hunter really got going in the Challenger main event, and he worked his way up to a solid second by checkered flag time. goo Jeff Bennett and his partner Tom Watson Jr. got off to a fast start ,ri the f,rs, Challenger heat, but they ended up fifth for the day. Dusty Times manage to hold off a fast closing Mathews and Littlefield to keep the second and the points that go with the finish. The Challenger Class is . growing by leaps and bounds with a good field of ten cars on hand to do some wild and crazy things with or without a passenger. In the first heat it was Kevin Davis of Ontario in the CLS Landscape Management, Inc. VW that got off on top and proceeded to draw away for the rest of the race. In hot pursuit went Jeff Bennett with partner Tom Watson Jr. of El Centro in the Alarm Data Corporation Chenowth. His stint in the second slot was cut short when Jack Millerd of Dana Point in the West Engineering IT rans-axle VW dropped him to third before the third lap. As they say it ain't over yet as Dan Long of Fallbrook in the Gray Ghost Racing/ Longs Drilling Ghoster put the move on both of them and he took over the second spot as they headed into the fourth lap. Unfortunately that pass also signale d the demise of the Ghoster and another change in the line-up as Bennett and Watson regained the second. With one lap to go everybody let it all hang out and when they came around for the checkered we had a new cast of characters chasing Davis. In second was Giti • Gowland, no stranger to Glen Helen in the Keedy's Fountain and Grill VW with Bart Hamilton of Rancho Palos Verdes in the H&H Body Shop/Delaney & Hamilton Racing VW rounding out the field with the third. In the second heat the import-ance of the start came into play again as Dan Hunter of Crestline in the Carters Gear Box/ Clark Mfg. VW went out fast and on top and stayed there. In the chase went Hamilton with Mike . Daghlin of _. JII"':::'» •• ,.. ·····•--= Trailers Our Quality Makes the Difference Models Available: Open Flatbed Trailer . Enclosed Bumper Pull-Type Trailers From 16' to 28' Enclosed Gooseneck Trailers From 28' to 48' • Many Equipment Options Available Medium Duty Truck Conversions We Have the Ability and Experience Necessary to Build Any Trailer to Your Exact Specifications, Custom Designed for Your Individual Needs ... * wr·te or Call for a Free Brochure Join the Ranks or Our Satisfied Customers • Bob Gordon • R.C.R. Plumbing • ·Hamilton Materials • Herbst Oil Co. Hagle Lumber • Sherman Balch l. mpetitive Trailers 8832 Ramona Stree, CA 90706 (213) 634 . 06 November 1989 Custom Designed Interiors Page 19

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Driving hard all the way, it still wasn't ladies day at Glen Helen, as Kathy Fay finished in fourth spot and sister Stacy was seventh. Walt Mathews charged over the rough stuff at Glen Helen and his reward was a fine third place in the overall 5-1600 standings for the day. R.E. Wright, usually up front in short course action, had a bad day and the hard charger ended up in fifth place on points. er Fallbrook in the Fallbrook Equipment Rental/BF Goodrich Ghoster in third. They stayed that way until the third lap when Gowland was caught up coming from sixth and the back of the pack to third and there he stayed earning himself the pole for the start of the Main. Gowland took the pole and parlayed it into the Main Event win going wire to wire and probably having the easiest race of the day. Davis got a good start and looked to have things well in hand but the fickle finger of fate stepped in and put him on the sidelines in lap four where he John Gersjes of So. Gate in the could do nothing more than H&R Fabrications/Worthy Tool watch Millerd and Hunter collect Honda. Of course -Parker was the the place and show spots. leader and Chevez and Gersjes The Cross Cars are turning into were the followers. one of the hardest fought Things were not quite the same divisions in the Miller Series and in the second heat when the start also one of the biggest. With positions were inverted. Off the inverted starts it really separates line first this time it was Jeff the drivers and the not quite there Huber, no stranger to Off Road drivers. In the first heat Chuck Racing in the Nature's Recipe Pet Parker of Ontario in the Walnut Food/HRD/Fox/Bills Pipes Auto Works/BF Goodrich/ Honda Briggsbuilt. He was Klemm Research car played· followed by Don Archibald of follow the leader with Frank Granada Hills in the H&R Chevez of Lakeside in the Lavelle Fab/ Leckich Honda and Gilbert Racing/ Cal Bumper Honda and Valdez of W. Covina in the ' --~ \ 0~ I More off-road races are won on Bilsteins than any other shock absorber, period. BaSTEIN •BORN TO PERFORM~ BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453·7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog, send $2.50. Page iO November 1989 Valdez Concrete Masons Honda. The first to fall by the wayside was Valdez on the second lap leaving the door open for Tim Baker of Littlerock in the Baker & Sons Racing/Bridgestone ·car. The changing of the guard was the catalyst of Valdez going out. Also losing his fourth in the shuffle was Chavez who.headed for the pits: Baker was not very strongly entrenched either as he was out one lap later and Gersjes was-within striking distance of Huber. He never really got the chance as things happened so fast on the white' flag lap. Huber was out, Gersjes was dropped back to fourth and Ron Pierce of El Cajon in the Lavelle Racing/Cal Bumper/K&N/NGK/Trick car who was in fourth found himself in first with Rennie Awana of Cerritos in the Nature's Recipe Pet Food/ Briggsbuilt Honda in second and Parker working his way through the crowd in third. The pole went to Parker with Pierce right beside him on the outside. Parker got the holeshot and looked on his way to winning the whole ball of wax but with this elite group nothing is an absolute. After the first lap Awana was holding second and Gersjes was third. It didn't take long for that to change as Awana dropped way back and Valdez slipped into the third only to be displaced one lap later by Rory Holladay ofFontana in the HRD/ Powerbloc/ Briggs-built Honda. Holladay had been having problems all day so seeing him near the front showed the fans that he had it together. Unfortunately for Holladay, Valdez was hungry for that third and with one lap to go made the pass that got him home ahead of Holladay. The ATV Class is shrinking in size but the quality is first rate. In the first heat Gary Denton was almost wire to wire. The CT/ DOI Arai/Wayne Hinson Honda rider from Chino held on to the white flag before Sean Finley of Anaheim on the Klemm Re-search/JT /Trick/Maxima/Ya-maha Factory was able to get by. In third coming from last was Mark Ehrhardt of Hemet on the O'Neal/Klemm/PEP IDicol Torco Honda. Denton rebounded quickly coming back to take the second heat wire to wire-with Ehrhardt second and Finley third. The main again found Denton on track wire to wire with Derek Hamilton saving it for the main. The Blythe Suzuki Factory/Klemm Re-search/Graydon sponsored rider tied himself to Denton's rear plate and never missed a beat. The same goes for Finley who came up with the third. None of these guys really had a serious challenge from the start. Mario Panagiotopoulas dominated the 5-1600 action, winning the second heat handily and also winning the fight for first in the main event. Custy Times

Page 21

1989 AUSTRALIAN SAFARI ., . At ~ : r 1111~½m .. ,,, . ,,. ., An '"' The winners of the four wheel drive group in the Australian Safari were David Officer and Ross Runnals and their Mitsubishi Pajero. Mitsubishi supremacy was "LastLaugh."Forsomeitwas.Of challenged and for the first time the remaining 48 autos in the ever in the Safari a Holden event three suffered engine failure Jackeroo, driven by Peter on this section whilst another Lockhart, took out the class. blew a cliff. All made it to the Some of the sections were very rough. Here a Mitsubishi L200 pickup nose dives into a concealed wash that is crumbling away. · Communications with the outside world in the outback during the Australian Safari is via satellites and a mobile dish. The penultimate day was not finish on the end of tow ropes. without dramas for the leading The 1989 Australian Safari was vehicles. Barry Lowe, in a over with David Officer (Mitsu-Mitsubishi Triton, had moved bishi Pajero) the winner in the into third place when his vehicle 4WD Group and Paul Lee suffered broken springs and (Mitsubishi L200) coming home finished in two wheel drive. It was a hero in the 2WD Group. Steve the end of his third place and class Chapman won the Motor Cycle lead. Privateer Rob Emmins, five Group for the third time. times Safari competitor rolled his Although the leaderboard did not Landroverl ]0 diesel but was able change much throughout the to continue to the finish where he event, there was always the feeling took out class honors. that it would, such was the One hundred and twenty three vehicles in the 1989 Australian Safari left Sydney, on the eastern seaboard of Australia, on August 18 -destination Darwin, the most northern and tropical city of the narion. The ten day, 4000 mile course would not be easy. Nearly half the field would fall by the wayside as the rugged Australian Outback and the heat of competi-tion took their toll. And for the first time in the five year history. of the event, the Mitsubishi team temporarily lost its grip on the prestigious event when the Ford Maverick crew of David Stuchbery and Ian Swan took an early lead. The Mitsubishi Ralliart squad of nine vehicles were to be plagued by problems from day one, when Vehicle 308 had to change a diff on the very first easy transport stage. This was to herald a number of problems still to come. Blown tur·:,o pipes, loss of ignition and further diff problems all provided ple:1ty of work for the back-up vehicles of the team. But such are their resources that ·all were overcome before Darwin and once again they were to take out the4WD Group. However, they were not the only vehicles to be experiencing early mechanical problems. The. Lada Cars of Australia entry, a stretched Niva with a Nissan V6 engine, was to have vaporisation problems. But driver John Bloem was to keep if near the front of the field until forced out with a , broken balljoint. The first few days of competi-tion saw the vehicles -4WDs, motor cycles and 2WDs -heading west from Sydney in wet, muddy and cold conditions. This was the coldest· and wettest season for many years and the drivers at the back of the field had plenty of mud and bogs to contend with. Following Stuchbery, the early leader, was twice second place ho.der of the event, David Officer, in a Mitsubishi Pajero. Mazda driver, Frank Johnson, was third and would have led with his B2600 pick up had it not been for a flat tyre. However, the Mitsubi-shi machines have long been the strength of the Safari and by day three were back in stride. Pajeros driven by Officer and 1988 Safari winner and 1989 Himalayan Rally winner, Ross Dunkerton, Dusty Times moved into first and second place respectively. Days three to six and the road conditions and terrain changed dramatically. The route now passed through the 'Channel Country', a criss-crossing of thousands of dry water channels. Dust now became the big problem with the course covering rough tracks along fence lines, then over sand dunes and back to rocky terrain. All designed to test the skills and strengths of man and machine. At the end of day four nearly 30% of the field took a wrong road 80 miles into the last Safari Stage, travelling some 20 miles before realising their mistake. During this time Officer extended his lead in the 4WD Group, although Dunkerton was only minutes away. Stuchbery's Ford was now third and Johnson and his Mazda fourth. Disaster struck 1987 Safari winner and Ralliart Australia team boss, Doug Stewart, on day five. His Pajero disappeared in a cloud of dust and reappeared a mangled wreck after end for ending three times then rolling three times. All this was rather heart-stopping for Dunkerton who was about to make a passing maneuver when it all happened. However, after an all night effort at the camp site his crew stuck the vehicle back together and it went on to finish in 18th place, winning a special 'Achieve-ment Award' along the way from the organiser, Automotion Australia. By the half-way mark almost 50% of the entries had retired. The reasons were many and varied with mechanical problems and vehicle fatigue the most common. The last four days of the Safari found if wending its way through the contrasting condi-tions of deserts and lush tropical forests of the north of Australia. Officer's Pajero was having fuel feed problems, but teammate Dunkerton was unable to capital-ise on this as he suffered a series of punctures and failed to grab the lead. Kilometres of choking dust slowed competitors as they raced towards Darwin, with some respite to be had in a long and ultra fast run over the Sandy Desert, loved by the 4WDs and hated by the cycle riders. Day nine saw the major place leaders consolidate their standings with David Officer opening a bigger lead from Ross Dunkerton in the 4WD Group. Paul Lee, in a Mitsubishi L200, was the only contender left in the 2WD Group and was set for a heroes welcome at the finish. In the marathon, or stock standard ~ategory, the The final run to Darwin was a keenness of the competition. The long transport broken b y one 1990 Australian Safari will be Safari Stage, appropriately named conducted from August 18-26. .091 HEAVY DUTY DIFFERENTIAL Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity'. Pre-cision machined for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! CV BOOT HOLDERS Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. November 1989 Larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 CVs. Tired of replacing com-plete CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated aircraft quality 300M Alloy steel and feature case hardened ball grooves. NEW FOR '89 ! TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available. Page 21

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GRAN CARRERA DE CAMPEONES San Felipe B:v Homer Eubanks Photos: Lonnie Peralta/Carrera Photogra/1hy John Wolfe and Glenn Brooks did the Checkers proud by claiming first in Pro Class 10 and first overall car on the long San Felipe race. San Felipe, Baja California was the battle ground for Baja Promotions Gran Carrera De Campeones. The event drew 278 contestants with 93 vehicles entered. First vehicle flagged off left at 06:30 sharp and the last official finishers were under candle power as they exceeded the 12 hour limit. Overall winners of the event were aboard an '89 Kawasaki 500. Paul Drause and Paul Ostbo rode for 8:48:39 to beat their closest competition by 17 minutes. First four wheeler to come home was the Pro 10 car driven by John Brooks and Glenn Wolfe. The Brook Aviation/Checkers off road race team brought the VW in with a time of 10:25:19. They averaged 34.5 mph during the four lap event to earn seventh overall. The duo came from third place on lap one into first place by the second lap. Second place overall and earning second in their class was the Pro Open MC riders, Vito Hale and Manuel Santana. Their overall time was 9:07: 16. Third place overall was Juan Ortiz and Sergio Vega and they were also first in their class aboard a Sportsman Open MC (250 Honda). Their time was 9:20:28. Fourth to cross the finish line was the team of Tim Morton and Kenny Perry. The Too Much Fun Club members rode an 88 Kawasaki for 9:26:09 to also earn third in class. Fifth overall honors went to Matias Arjona, Oscar Hale and Victor Armada aboard a Sports-man Open MC Honda. Sixth place was Paul Lavote and Jim Buckingham aboard a Honda. Eighth overall was the Chenowth driven by John Valadez and Duke Perrin. Alone with their co-drivers the team earned first place class honors in Pro 1-211600. Their elapsed time was 10:26:49 ALLY'' AN AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE TO THE HIGH COST OF CONVERTING SEMI TRAILERS FOR TRANSPORTING RACE CARS. COMPLETE CONVERSIONS AS LOW AS $19,995.00 TIRE RACKS• WORK BENCHES CABINETS• LIGHTING• AWNINGS MULTIPLE CAR DESIGNS SIMPLE MODIFICATIONS TO COMPLETE CONVERSIONS HERN · -Moto,sp 12323 WOODRUFF AVE.• DOWNEY CA . ' (714) 860-3822 Page 22 November 1989 John Valadez and Duke Perrin had a fine day in their race. They came in second overall car and won the top honors in Pro Class 1-2-1600. with an average speed of 34.4 mph. Tim Clark and Scott Forward brought their 200cc Kawasaki home with top class (Sportsman Ltd MC) honors and ninth overall. Averaging 33.9 mph the team took 10:36: 10 to complete the cour~e. Tenth overall went to Pro 1-211600 Mirage driven by Willie Melan-con, Jeff Hinnar and Bob Litgard. A total elapsed time of 10:36:39 averaged them 33.9 mph for the event. 1n the individual class wars the Pro 1 & 2 class was won by Chuck Sugar and Art Peterson. The two drove their Porsche powered Sugarco to victory with an average speed of 43.9 mph. Seems fast but they actually retired at the first check. Second in class went to Bill . Idhe and Bill Burch in a Ford powered Coyote Pinto. The Sportsman 1 & 2 warriors· outlasted their Pro counter-parts. Jorge Sierra drove with Victor Preciado for 11 :48 with an average speed of 22 mph to take class honors. Second in class went to Bob and Ken Reamer who retired at check one on the third lap. Guadalupe and Sanitos Perez also retired on the third lap to earn third in class. The Pro 1-211600 class had six entries. First of these entries to cross the finish line was the team of John Valadez and Duke Perrin. Second place went to Willie Melancon, Jeff Hibbard and Bob Utgard. Third Place in class was Jim Loggins and Chris Armstrong. The two raced for 10:58:35 averaging 32.7 mph. Fourth in class was Larry Martin who finished the four laps in 11:21:58. Craig Deardorff and Kevin Battey were fifth and sixth went to .Greg Symonds and John Salgar whos race ended at the first check point. Only one entry was in the Sportsman 1-211600 class. Cal Cortner drove all four laps in 12:13:23 averaging 29.4 mph. In the Pro 3, 6, 7 4x4, 14.class, 5 vehicles were entered. The class brought out two Jeeps, one Toyota, one Chevrolet and an International Scout. Rich Sever-son finished all three designated laps in 11: 18:46 to earn first in class. Second place went to Mike McDonald and Norma Hihon. Their S-10 Chevrolet brought them home in 12:47:52. Third place went to Edward Everett Jr., Lance Martin and Victor Preciado. Fourth place was Raul Gonzalez and Oscar Perez. Marcos Bern-aldez drove with Carlos Cuevas for fifth place. The team to go the longest distance in Sportsman 3, 6, 7 4x4, 14 class was Robert Sandoval Jr. and Sr. The father/ son team drove their Toyota F-J 40 for 12:34:47. First place was earned after running in third place on the first lap and moving into second place on the fol!owing lap. Then on the third lap their victory was cinched when front runner, and eventual second place finisher, Luis Bernaldez dropped out at check one. Carlos and Alfredo Bernaldez took home third place honors after retiring after one full lap. Enrique Courtade and Luis Cuevara took fourth. Perry McNeil and Shawn Meadows drove their 89 Ford to victory in the Pro 4, 7, 8 class. They were first in class to take off and never looked back until their win. Second place Diego Deltran had trouble on the first lap and fell back nearly an hour. Although he was able to get it together in the 81 Chevy on the second lap. Deltran retired at check one of the third lap to earn second in class. Third went to the Ford 150 driven by Ricardo and Saluador Navarro along with Victor Barajas. Dean Wayman made it a lap and a half to finish in fourth. Greg Holman drove with Hope and Tim Pruett for fifth in class. Benny and Mary Canela retired their Ford at check point five. With only one entry in the Sportsman 4, 7, 8 class the team · of Jose and Daniel Castillo with Jose Ramirez went ahead and drove for 9:28 before retiring at check one of lap three. Sportsman Class 5 drew five starters. Lazaro Carenas and Rafael Navarro eyed the competi~ tion and decided to take no chances. Once flagged off they never let off the gas pedal until the checkered flag came 10:57:30 later. The two drove the 69 VW for three complete laps and retired at check one of the fourth lap. Second place Al and Denise Woener drove in third place on the first lap but inherited second place when Conrad Diaz dropped out. The W oeners completed three laps after driving 10:42: 10. Conrad Diaz was the official third place finisher and Jorge and Alex Zapata were fourth. Alex and Al Long drove one lap for fifth place. The Pro 5-1600 class was hard fought all four laps. Ernesto Armbula took over first place on lap one from Guillermo Quintero Jr. At the end oflap one Armbula led by three minutes. On the following lap Armbula crossed over nine minutes in the lead. Then on the third lap Armbula led by almost 14 minutes. However it was Guillermo Quintero Jr. that avoided the loose sand traps and crossed over to take the win with an average speed of 29.1 mph and an ET of 12:20 :54. Ernesto Armbula Dusty Times

Page 23

Eric Muller survived the close racing in 5-1600 the best of the bunch, holding the lead most of the way to the ultimate victory. Jorge Siera and Victor Preciado had a good run to finish with the win in the combined Sportman group of Classes 1 & 2. Mike McDqnald kept his big Chevrolet tidy and clean for the photos, but he-drove hard and finished second in Pro Class 3, 6, 7 4x4, 14. laps. T he winning time was 11: 14:25 with McGuire's 11:23:28. Sportsman Class 11 contestants went two laps. At the end of the event it was Martin Gariby taking top h onors with a t im e o f 6:51 :26. Second place was earned by Enrique and Jesus Avalos with a time of 7:50:47. Third place went to Armando Rojas and Juan Dominquez with a time of 8:40: 1 7 . Edward Mayoral and A little wheelie out of the desert keeps the drivers alert, and Willie Melancon Rene Ruelas were fourth with and Jeff Hibbard went on to second in Class 1-2-1600 and third overall car. 8:43:26. The Sportsman SS Mini 4x4 class was won by Daniel Gruff and Dennis Beckwith after taking over the lead on lap two. They also earned 53 overall by posting a time of 8:3 7 :40. Richard Webster and Nick Kazin drove their Toyota for second in class and 56 overall with a time of 10:29:57 at an average speed of 17.1 mph. In the full size Stone Stock class Tom Carter and Dave Zermeno drove their International Scout for 7 :52: before retiring at check five of the second lap. _ Daniel Mora survived the dusty trails in great shape, as he drove alone to the Besides winning the overall victory in the Pro Challenger class (Class 9). honors Paul Krause and Paul Ostbo won the money for Pro brought his VW home with a time however and came back to pester Open MC class. Their closest of 13:58:26. Arambula for another lap. Fourth competition came throughout the Supporting seven entries the Sportsman 5-1600 had some heated competition in the early stages. First off the line was Eric Muller but he found himself in · second place as Berna Lopez Vargas and Horacio Carvasal Amador took over before check one. Muller led the entire lap with Vargas and Amador on the bumper. The lead changed at the end of lap one when Vargas and Amador failed to come back out of their pit. Enc Muller along with Guillermo Muller Pazos and Dogoberto Rodriquez held on to the lead from then on out. Their race ended after 13:50 of racing. Miguel Gomfz captured second place. Third went to Vargas and Amador and fourth was Fedencio Montes and Euardo Maymes. Jorge Mendoza sharing driving duties with Hector Olachea took home fifth place honors and Javier Quintero was sixth. Fred Espinosa and Dick Johnson drove one lap in their Datsun 620 to earn first place in the Pro 7S cl,ss. Their time was 4:52: 15. Pro Challenger class standings had Daniel Mora listed as the class winner. Mora followed eventual third place finisher Jim Rotundo around the first lap but took over the lead before check one of the second lap. Rotundo's long pit stop put him in third place as Alfreo Arambula was able to get in and out of the pit quickly. Jim Rotundo was not finished Dusty Times place ended up Jose Vargas and race from Vito Hale and Manuel Danial Rossade. John Harvey Santana. These two fell back to ~rove with Richard Hunter for third place on lap three but were fifth place. able to get back in front of Tim John Brooks teamed with Morton and Kenny Perry before Glenn Wolfe to win Pro Class 10 the end. honors as well as being first over Top Sportsman Open MC all o_ther four wheel vehicles. winners were Juan Ortiz and Thea seventh place overall Sergio Vega. They also earned ~ono~s were earned after running third place overall. Second in tn t~1rd ~lace ~n lap one and class went to Matias Arjona, movmg quickly mto second place Oscar Hale and Victor Armada. on th~ second la~. Running 15 to Third was Paul Lavoie riding with 30 mmutes behmd the leaders Jim Buckingham. Fourth place were Luis Cunningham and Jorge and 12th overall was the team of Bustos who took second in class. Octavio Valle, Humberto Robert ~and _and Jerry Seger Tamayo, and Rogerio Ampudia. teamed with Lms Derby for third. Fifth went to Aaron Zanudo and Louie Silvas edged out Scott Ruben Lopez. and Brad McGuire in the Tim Clark joined forces with ~portsman 10 class. Silvas was the Scott Forward to capture top first t_o ,ta_ke off but_ had the honors in the Sportsman Ltd. McGmre s m hot pursmt all three MC. The two also were ninth Rich Severenson finished all three required laps to Jeep his way into the victory in the combined Pro Class 3, 6, 7 4x4 and 14 group. November 1989 overall. Second in class went to Oscar Legaspy while David Jones and Ricardo Malo took third. Tom W imberly and Rich Large were fifth in class. D rivin g all four laps in 11:28:59 were the team of Brett King and Ron Wilson. They earned first place in the Pro Open A TV class and were 14th overall. Second in class went to Bruce Carroll who shared driving duties with John Crisenti and Karla Struckow. Gregery Bringle rode with Randy Bringle and Craig Corda for third place. In the Sportsman Open A TV event Jose Monroy teamed with Pedio Arciniega and Francisco Inequez to win class honors. Second place went to W illiam Weichelt, Natalie Corbett and Randy Schedewitz. Angel Garcia, Ingacio Iniquez and Jorge Fuentes finished all four laps in a time of 11 :50:07 to earn third place. Luis Perez and Ramiro Gurrero were fourth. ADY (619) 691"'.9171 MONARCH NOI\AEX DRIVING SUITS $150.00 PER LUX IGNITORS ELECTRONIC IGNITIONS - (FULLY ENCLOSED INSIDE THE DISTRIBUTOR) 12 pt. 3/8 CV BOLTS 2" OR 2 1/4" $1.10 ea. CHALLENGER FRONT - OIL COOL EMULSION - - $170.00 REAR - OIL COOL EMULSION $195.00 .B" 10" 12" EMULSION SHOCKS R!:M6TE RESERVOIRS $125.00 $165.00 PULSAR MOTORSPORT BATTERIES Sp $115.00 8p $135.00 10p $149.00 0 0 GERMAN _THING & TYPE Ill REAR DRUMS $119.95 $89.95 $59.95 lOOSM 500R PER LUX LIGHTS $89.95 pr. 200TM 500A Louvered K-4 SEALED ON-OFF SWITCHES 13 - 100 $6.50 K & N CHROME BREATHER 62-1210 $37.50 WE SHIP UPS OR TRUCK 103 PRESS LANE, No. 4 CHULA VISTA, CA 92010 ' VISA MC . (111) 181-il171 Page 13

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WALKER EVANS GIVES A HOW-TO COURSE Dirt is dirt. At least that's the way Walker Evans apparently sees it. Whether it's the deep, choking silt of the Southwest or the rich farmland of Wisconsin, Walker Evans knows how to drive on it. And drive faster than anyone else. It's a point Evans proved most recently at the Brush Run 101 World Off-Road Championships in Crandon, Wisconsin. Evans flew his Goodyear Wrangler MT-equipped Dodge pickup to a convincing victory in the Heavy Metal Two-Wheel Drive Class.

Page 25

RAM _Evans cR11,r114AN 817 I IN WINNING AT THE BRUSH RUN lffl. Of course, his choice of tires didn't hurt his chances any either. The Goodyear Wrangler MT is the first unidirectiqnal light truck radial tire. Its tread incorporates a unique V design that points in the direction of travel. It helps provide a "scoop" effect in loose terrain for maximum traction. Goodyear has an entire family of tough Wrangler radials. So no matter whether you drive off road or on pavement, there's a tire in the Wrangler family that's just right for your light truck needs. GOODEJ'EAII NOBODY FITS YOU LIKE"GOODYEAR.

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--. STADIUM RACING ACTION IN W VEGAS Jlicley 1'liompS'Oll'I ~ Ivan Stewart Steals • ~..,._,_.. ..... The Win From Toyota Teammate Robby Gordon B:v Homl!r Euhanks Photos: Trackside Photo Ent. Ivan Stewart starte the night by coming in second in a heat race, but in the main event he got under full steam to win for Toyota in a come from behind drive. Stewart also won last year in the same fashion. Jerry Whelchel was definitely on form in Las Vegas, driving his sleek Chenowth to a resounding victory in the crowded and attrition marred main event in the Super 1600 action. Coming from a distant second place Ivan Stewart stole the main event from his Toyota Teammate Robby Gordon in Las Vegas. More than 25,000 appreciative fans enjoyed round nine of the Mickey T hompson Off Road Championship Grand Prix held at the Sa·m Boyd Silver Bowl ◄ September 30. At the event the MTEG officials announced the final event of the 10 race series would be held at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on Oct. 28. This will be a {irst for t~e series in two ways: The first time in San Francisco and the first time the series has held 10 events. The Super 1600 Trophy Dash got underway right at 8 pm. The top six qualifiers lined up to battle for a trophy and the ability to psych-out the competition. As they lined up Brad Castle sat on the inside (pole) position with Frank Arciero Jr. alongside. Arciero came into the event holding second place points for the season. Points leader Mitch Mustard didn't qualify for the dash. Th~ second row consisted 88-90 2WD CHEVROLET I • IT Used & Mfg. by NELSON & NELSON RACING, OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONS Call or write for info: of Marty Coyne and Roger Mears Jr. Jerry Whelchel and Danny Rice finished out the field. Jerry Whelchel had made his racing come back at Denver but suffered new car blues and finished fourth there. He said before the race he owed it to his new sponsor Sage Council Racing to prove they made the right choice hiring him. Brad Castle took the early lead and quickly pulled a couple of lengths ahead of Arciero on the Points leader going into this event, Mitch Mustard drove his Chenowth to third in his 1600 heat race and second in the main event. first lap. Once out front the gold belonged to no one other than Brad Castle. Frank Arciero Jr. had to play second fiddle and third went to Marty Coyne. Whelchel finished in the same order of qualifying which was fifth. In the first Sport Truck heat race Robby Gordon sat on the pole with teammate Ivan Stewart beside him. This was an inverted starting order ( fastest being Walker Evans in the rear). Second row consisted of Roger Mears (Nissan) inside and Rob MacCachren (Jeep). Danny Thompson was inside of row three with Walker Evans outside. As the flag came out it was youngster Robby Gordon jump-ing the flag causing the field to be reset. Once the flag flew Gordon stole the lead and Mears and MacCachren battled in the jumps for second. This let Mears pull alongside and enter in the battle for second. MacCachren rolled on the second lap but landed on all fours and began in last place. Mears lost his third place spot as he almost flipped the Nissan allowing Thompson to take third. Mears continued for another half lap until he flipped hard over the rhythm section. Mears suffered with steering problems all during practice and qualifying. The restart was a single file affair with Robby Gordon having teammate Stewart in hot pursuit. The battle was for third place and Thompson had to hold off both Jeeps piloted by MacCachren and Evans. Evans got sideways in the rough and fell back. On the following lap Thompson took second place from Stewart, but no sooner settled in until a puff of smoke sent him to the pits with a blown engine. Gordon held on for a comfort-ab le win. Ivan Stewart had Walker Eva~s right oi-i. his tail at the flag and MacCachren was the last to cross the finish line. In the first heat for 4-wheel A TVs Gary Denton took the lead and quickly put several bike lengths between himself and Marty Hart. Denton had some mechanical problems midway through and Hart inherited the lead. Second place went to Steve Brock and third was Todd David. Fourth went to Mike Olmsted and fifth place of the 19 starters was Niclas Granlund. Donnie Banks made his mind up early not to let the other 18 riders have a chance at the front spot. He easily took a wire-to-wire victory with Kenneth Delk taking all the heat in second place. Third place went to Chris Couto and Sean Finley brought the first Yamaha across for fourth. Mark Ehrhardt made it four out of five for Honda with his fifth place finish. Edward Moore grabbed the first heat SuperLite lead, but in the rhythm section found himself in second as the other front row sitter John Hasshaw grabbed the lead and quickly put ten car lengths between himself and Moore. On the second lap Dustin Coonfield grabbed second place. Former Grand National driver Jeff Huber stole third place from Moore on the following lap. Huber hugged the inside line and moved up on the leaders. Huber was moving on the leader when he ended up nose first into the hydro barrier. The rest of the field dog piled him and he and Eddie Morris were left stranded on the track. Just before the end Frank Chavez lost a front wheel but was able to continue. After the Huber pile-up Edward Moore took over second place. Moore was a good ,-~--~':'.'.'.'.'."'~ Nelson & Nelson Racing (714) 92S 1936 37157 Industrial Ave. Dept. D-1 • Hemet, CA 92343 FAX (714) 658-3463 Lloyd Castle continues to dominate the UltraStock competition. In Las Vegas he not only won the main event handily, he also won the heat race. Page 16 November 1989 Dusty Times

Page 27

,_ ..• A..:.,---Robby G 01dO,i ,ta,ted out ;n Ms u,u,t style, wtn"ni,ig ttie f;;;ttluck heat, but he dwpped to iecond Roge, Mm, won the second tluck heat ;n the N;,s,a, but ;, d;dn 't qun, stay tog!it ~;n in the next one and finished second in the main. event as it had so nicely in Denver. distance from eventual winner John Hasshaw but took second place. Third went to Chuck Parker and fourth was Ron Pierce. Frank Chavez ended up sticking his car over the side of the finish line jump for fifth place. · In the second heat for Super-Lites Tim Baker read the flagman and jumped out from the second row to grab the lead but had Rennie Awana in hot pursuit. Third place was Rory Holladay followed by John Gersjes and Allen Yaros. Awana moved up into contention at nearly every corner during the first two laps but by the third lap had Holladay knocking on his door. Before Awana realized it Holladay made his move and took second place. On the last lap Awana tried to overtake Holladay but had to settl'e for a very close third. The win went to Tim Baker and Rory Holladay held onto second place. Fourth place was John Gersjes and fifth went to Gilbert Valdez. There were 10 cars entered. UltraStock heat race saw Lloyd Castle on the pole sharing the front row with Jeff Elrod. Second row consisted of the other General Tire team member Vince Tjelmeland. . ¥ Lloyd Castle grabbed the early lead. Before the first lap ended two cars, Larry Noel and Christopher Neil, sat on the back straight wedged against the wall. Meanwhile Castle-enjoyed a comfortable lead with the .Bridgestone sponsored VW of Jeff Elrod a distant second. At the end the front two stayed in that order. Third place was taken by Tim Lewis and Vince Tjelmeland was fourth. In the first UltraCross heat Ryan Carlisle took the hole shot with Scott Underwood second. On the second lap Underwood took over the lead and Tallon Vohland moved into third place. By the fourth lap Carlisle and Underwood both found them-selves back in the top 10 while Tallon Vohland and Jeremy McCrath battled for the lead. Vohland fell and before getting back in the saddle was 7th. Jeremy McCrath took the win with Jim Holley working his way through the field to take second place. Third place ended up belonging to Ryan Hughes and fourth was Ray Crumb. Twenty-three bikes were entered. Heat race one of the Super 1600s had 16 starters. Front row sitter Jimmy Nichols grabbed the Tim Lewis charges a jump in his UltraStock Porsche, and Lewis held it together for a third place in the heat and second spot in the main. .Al Arciero, wh,J is always fast but sometimes fragile, kept his Chenowth in good shape on his way to fourth place in the feature 1600 race. Dusty Times ---------------------------------1 ea d with Albert Arciero settling up on two wheels. Roger was able suffered from one teething' problem after another with the Hardbody Nissan. However, after winning the main event at Denver and taking this heat it appears that Nissan, with Roger Mears at the wheel, is back in serious Grand National contention. Toyota's young superstar Robby Gordon earned his second place finish, and third place went to Walker Evans. i;.,. into second place. Going into the to set up MacCachren going into second lap Nichols had stretched the corner before the rhythm his lead to three car lengths ahead section and took the lead. The of Arciero. On the third lap Don battle now was for second place as Kolt battled with Arciern for -MacCachren and Robby Gordon second. The two tangled allowing traded paint. MacCachren and Jerry Whelchel to take second Gordon traded the second spot place. However first place was back and forth but before the fifth nearly half a straight ahead. While lap ended MacCachren got up on Whelchel was trying to catch his side. Nichols he found current points Roger Mears is back. He has leader, Mitch Mustard had moved up and was challenging his position. Jimmy Nichols took a comfort-able win with a hard charging Jerry Whelchel holding off Mustard for second place. The Castle brothers, Brad and Kent, · were fourth and fifth. The second group of Super 1600s had 15 starters. Tommy Croft sat on the pole with Doug Ingles. The second row had Bob . Gordon and Danny Rice. When the green came out it was pole sitter Croft taking the lead in his ' Charger. Croft was assisted in turn one by Bob Gordon as he tangled with another car causing the field to be held up. This allowed Croft to gain plenty of breathing room. The battle then was for second place between Ingles, Arciero and Danny Rice. As the three entered every corner a lot of elbowing took place. The next three laps had the battle for third raging with every shift. · Arciero held on the pedal down · the front straight and was finally able to settle into second. A lot of real estate was between himself and first place Croft. With two· laps to go Arciero didn't have a lot of promise for the win and Gordon was hot on Arciero's tail. At the finish Tommy Croft · enjoyed the checkered with Frank Arciero second and Bob Gordon third. Fourth place went to Doug Ingles and Danny Rice ended up in fifth. In the second Sport Truck heat Roger Mears sat on the pole with Robby Gordon alongside. Ivan Stewart was behind Mears and Rob MacCachren sat alongside Stewart. Walker Evans and Danny Thompson made up row three. Thompson had blown an engine in the first heat and was starting with a back up truck. , Mears was able to repair the torn off wheel on the Nissan. Gordon read the flagman and slipped into the lead. In the turn one confrontation Mears was relagated to third as MacCachren stuck his Jeep into second. On the following lap Gordon lost the lead to MacCachren and fell into third place as Mears too got around while Gordon bicycled his Toyota ' November 1989 00 (]] 00 [JJ D (]J 00 · DESERT LOCK OUTER Tire Located Off Inner Ring Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength • At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing * All parts are available separately *In stock-Ready.for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" 13" 8"-10" UNLIMITED MIDGET MODIFIED MIDGET SPORT TRUCK MINI STOCK QUAD RACER BAJA BUG MODIFIED MIDGET ATV WE HA VE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 O" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: 00 (]] CW [FD [[) 00 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax Page 27

Page 28

... Sporting a zippy new Bo/ink paint ;ob, Jimmy Nichols scored the victory in the first 1600 heat race, Tommy Croft does his bicycle act in the Texas built Charger, but despite such antics he went on to and placed third in the hectic main event. win the second Super 1600 heat race. -------------------------========-=====----====-=-Defending points champion Jeff Elrod started Larry Noel had a good run in his Chenowth, and with a second place in the UltraStock heat race, he flew over the bumps to an eventual fifth place but was down with mechanical woes in the main. in the Super, 1600 feature race. 4 Frank Arciero Jr. did not have his usual day at the races, but he did score second in both the trophy dash and the second 1600 heat race. Chris Neil has a new body and paint scheme on his UltraStock VW, which he drove to third place in the main at the Las Vegas event. A semi main event was staged for the Super 1600 cars. The two top finishers would transfer into the main event. The over anxious drivers had their fair share of collisions during the heat. Scott Galloway avoided the trouble and w9n the event. He and Gary Gall transferred to the main event. A total of 24 4-wheel ATVs took to the track in the main event. It was Steve Borek who took the lead but he had Marty Hart in a close second place. On the third lap Borek stumbled for a moment and Hart pulled along-side. However at the end of the rough section it was still Borek. Then on the following lap Borek wedged his front end into the .hydro barrier and Hart was held up. There was Donny Banks sitting in fourth place. He was able to sling around the congestion and steal the lead. Donnie Banks went on for the win and second place went to Steve Borek. Marty Hart was able to regain third place and fourth went to Chris Couto. Walker Evans, who did well in Denver the previous week, got his Jeep into third place and no higher, taking third in both heats and the main. Vince Tjmeland flys his Nissan Pulsar over a jump. The UltraStock main had Vince Tjelmeland on the pole and Tim Lewis alongside. Jeff Elrod and Lloyd Castle shared the second row. Vince Tjelmeland got spun sideways in turn one and teammate Castle took the lead. TOO MANY YEARS!. TOO MANY RA.CES! TOO MUCH WORK! PARKER PUMPER HELMET CO. • IS FOR SALE!! OWNER WILL CARRY ONE-HALF OF SELLING PRICE OVER A FIVE YEAR PERIOD Past three years Sales, Expenses and Profits available for review CALL FOR APPOINTMENT Stan Parnell - (714) 894-8332 Page 28 November 1989 Third place was Chris Neil while Elrod settled into fourth. Joey Moore short cut the course, over a hydro barrier, and found himself up on his side causing a yellow. On the single file restart the General Tire Pulsars held position but third place was taken by the Corvette of Joey Moore. Before the next lap however Moore found himself in fifth. Tjelmeland turned the Pulsar over and caused a restart just before the white flag came out. On the restart everyone got physical but Lloyd Castle was able to hold onto his win and Tim Lewis grabbed second. Third place went to Chris Neil. In the SuperLite main it was Rory Holladay taking the hole shot with John Hasshaw, Tim Baker and Ed Moore battling for second. Holladay pulled a comfortable lead until he clipped a stalled car in a corner and pulled off. This gave the lead to John Hasshaw, then before the lap was out, so was . . Corning from deep within the pack was Art Gersjes to take the lead. Gersjes was able to hold off Rennie Awana for the win. In the Super 1600 main Frank Arciero Jr. shared the front row with Jerry Whelchel. Tommy Dusty Times

Page 29

, Usually up front all night, Marty Coyne got his Rob MacCachren got his Jeep stuck in fourth Joey Moore's fancy painted Chevrolet is listed Bob Gordon has not been doing well late in this Chenowth home third in the trophy dash for place before his home town crowd. tak ing on the entry as a Corvette, and the best Joey did season, but in Las Vegas he did drive the Super 1600s but he faded back in the races. fourth i11 the first heat anci also in t/Je trucA main at Las Vegas was fourth in the main. Chenowth into third in the second 1600 heat. Croft lined up next to Jimmy Nichols in row two and the third row was Mitch Mustard and Bob Gordon. Jerry W helchel took the early lead but Nichols pulled alongside in the rough section. Whelchel pushed on the pedal and p ut several car lengths between himself and Nichols. Nichols could not spend too much concentration on Whelchel as he had Tommy Croft and Brad Castle in hot p9rsuit. Castle caught the hydrobarrier and stalled giving the battle for second to Croft, Mustard and Nichols. Shortly after Croft pulled off smoking. Jerry Whelchel held on for the win and waved to the crowd as he crossed over for his first main event win for 1989. Second place went to points leader Mitch Mustard and third went to Jimmy Nichols. Fourth place was Albert Arciero and brother Frank followed in fifth. A total of 22 riders came out to battle in the UltraCross main event. Coming from the middle of the pack Tallon V ohland chal-lenged for the lead in turn one. V oh land grabbed the lead on lap two and took off pulling away from the others. Second place was taken by Jim Holley on lap three and on the following lap Lowell Thomson closed in on Holley. Vohland was way out front all alone. Thomson out jumped Holley for second and Holley lost another position in the rough just before the checkered. Tallon Vohland took top honors home for T earn Green with Lowell Thomson taking second place on a Yamaha. Ryan Hughes finished third ahead of Jim Holley and fifth went to Ray Crumb. In the Sport Truck main Walker Evans sat on the pole with Robby Gordon. Second row had Roger Mears and Ivan Stewart matched up. Rob MacCachren and Danny Thompson made up row three. Robby Gordon took the lead and pulled over in front of Evans. Go~don's Toyota teammate Stewart grabbed second; the lap ended and Roger Mears got third as Evans bobbled on the sweeper. With both Toyotas out front it appeared to be a run-away event. But then Roger Mears entered the picture and began racing with Stewart. However, Mears broke a steering component and pulled off. Robby Gordon had what appeared to be a comfortable lead but on the following lap Ivan Stewart showed the crowd how he earned the lronman title. He caught up with Gordon, who must have thought it was time to Dusty Times ------ ---------- -take a breather, and in a simple door hot with the red Jeep of really over when Evans bobbled event. Stewart later attributed his cut back inside pass Ivan Stewart Walker Evans. Evans also was and momentarily stalled the Jeep. win to track condition and his stole the show. Soon after able to get around for a moment Repeating last year's perform-Yokohama tires. Robby Gordon Gordon, who suffered power but Gordon was able to regain ance Ivan Stewart came from made it 1-2 for Toyota and third steering problems, found his back second. The race for second was behind to take the Las Vegas main place went to Walker Evans. N \SON··· ELEBRA 'T\O 'THEC RE \-\ 0 RAf SS2ad series , foremost ET Americas aANQU J,\WJ.\R~!aER i, 1989 oEC LOS ANGELES AIRPORT MARRIOTT CA 90045 LOS Angeles, 5955 w. century Blvd-~ r • Awa rd s ., • o,nne ions cockl81 s coRE. points ChamP he \-\DANS ries u00orio9 t and the h "(ear cate9° n oo1t 8 Ott Roadsma Winners of the S s40.oo each BANQUE'T 'T\CKE'T ~ HUTELS•R[SORTS Weekend Special ONLY S69. OO PER NIGHT Reserve Your Room Now! FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT SCORE International 818/889-9216 MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS TODAY Seating is limited for this traditional sell out IF~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--=~~~~=---7 I 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 I Westlake Village, CA 91362 I NAME_________________________ O Please reserve ___ places at $40.00 I each. I O Please reserve ___ tables at $400.00 I ADDRESS ------------------------each. (One Table Seats 10) I PLEASE CHECK METHOD OF PAYMENT I I CITY _____________ STATE ___ ZIP ______ □ Check□Money Order□Visa□ Mastercard 1 MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO I SCORE INTERNATIONAL I TELEPHONE-----------------------Fill in Visa or Mastercard No. Exp. Date I NOTE: Payment must accompany order to guarantee reservations. _______________ I L-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--~==~-----~ November 1989 Page 29

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The Spaniards, Carlos Sainz and Luis Mays surprised the pit sages in Finland by leading the rally for a time in the Toyota GT-Four Celica. Group N was hotly contested all the way, but at the finish it was Gustavo Trelles and Daniel Muzio who won in the Lancia Delta lntergrale. Josef Haider and Ferdi Hinterleitner had the Opel Kadett GSi going very well, but an accident near the end of the rally put them out. 1989 Rally of 1000 Lakes Tl!xt & Photos: Marrin Holmes i Mikael Ericsson and Claes Bi/Islam scored their second WCR win in a month, and the first victory for the Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR-4 in World Championship competition. They won by a minute 41 seconds. West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR 'PRICE $695.00 GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performanc_e 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92806 714/441-1212 O·EALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 30 Fi11ally the Lancias are defeated! After almost three seasons of uninterrupted wins on gravel stages World Championship rallies, they have at last been beaten, and apart from a moment at the start of the 1000 Lakes they never even led. Ahead of them at the finish were Japanese cars from three different makes, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Toyota, although Lancia still dominated Group N. Mickael Ericsson won his second World Championship rally in a month, this time at the wheel of a Mitsubishi, after being released by Lancia for whom he had won earlier in Argentina. Even though there is only one more rally to run before Lancia's new 16-valve Delta is to make its debut, this defeat has brought a long awaited excitement and hope to the sport. If the Italians went home with sorrow, the Finns themselves were just as disappointed. Only one of their countrymen finished in the top eight places, and more foreigners won special stages than their own. This was largely due to a remarkable series of mis-fortunes, all engine related, which happened at mid-distance when Juha Kankkunen, Markku Alen and Ari Vatanen, then holding the first three places, all retired. With Hannu Mikkola already out with transmission trouble, alone of the famous Finns that once ruled the rally world was Timo Salonen, who eventually drove his out-November 1989 classed Mazda into second place. To win any World Champion-ship rally is an achievement, to win on their fourth major outing, and with their number two driver who had never rallied the car before, was a remarkable thing. The Galant VR-4 even now is far from developed. Some weight has been lost, 4but the rest is essentially the same. Even if Ari Vatanen trailed a little · the opening stages behind Juna and Markku, Mikael was consistent and determined and close behind. T oyotas had the lead for over half the event, but when first Kankkunen retired and then his teammate Carlos Sainz made a tire choice error, Mikael drove steadily onwards and took a lead he was never to lose. Once it was said that the Finns never minded what car they drove, they always won by their determination. But not now. One man, Carlos Sainz, smashed this myth. He became the first non Scandinavian ever to lead this rally, he won many more special stages than anyone else, and he walked around afterwards as though it was nothing special. The Finns realized that this was only the second time Sainz had ever rallied in the north. It was also the first time the World champion Miki Biasion had been here either, but he was more overawed. Although delayed with fuel injection and turbo troubles, Miki was the only works Lancia driver to finish, sixth. The story of the event was that of Kankkunen, driving the opening stages on territory close to his home, he gained the early lead. The surprise was that his Toyota teammate Sainz held second place until delayed by differential trouble on stage 7. Alen then closed up and as the weather got progressively wetter his Michelins were faster than the Pirellis of the Toyotas. At the end of a day in which Kankkunen hoped for a substantial lead, Alen was only five seconds behind. It was drier on the second day and Kankkunen drew steadily ahead, until he saw smoke coming from under the engine. An exhaust manifold had broken and burneJ the wiring loom. But at the same moment Lancia was in trouble; Alen had to ·abandon with cylinder head gasket failure and Biasion had fuel injection problems and dropped to ninth. And Vatanen had a camshaft problem, then engine trouble. For the teams it was a matter of losing one car each, for the proud Finnish people it was the loss of their three top hopes. They must have been horrified to find Sainz, a Spaniard, now leading the rally. But Sainz made Ericsson's life easier by going off the road, then · hitting a bridge, and earning a flat tire. By the end of the second day Salonen was comfortably in second, Sainz was back to third, and Biasion was fourth. The Makes title. race ended in Argentina, and the early retire-ment here of Didier Auriol has given Biasion a strong chance of retaining his World title. So the interest turns to Group N where three drivers were one point apart. They were Belgian Mazda man Gregoire De Mevius, the Uruguayan Lancia driver Gustave T relies and the Frenchman Alain Oreille in a Renault. The favorites in Finland were current Group N champion Pascal Gahan and Trelles. De Mevius retired on stage 3 after a stone jammed by the sumpguard broke the sump. Pascal Ga ban was going quickly, but Trelles was already in the lead. In the end Gahan threw away his chances by hitting a rock and having punctures and was lucky to get back up to second. Trelles ~ : -!1') -.,,;;:,. .,...__ ®; Riding the edge of the road brought Timo Salonen and Vo,tto Silander home in second place in the obviously underpowered Mazda 323 4WD Dusty Times

Page 31

,.., Armin Schwarz and Klaus Wicha had their ups and downs, but drove the' Audi 200 Quattro to seventh spot, and put Audi up to third in points. Looking like they are on a Sunday drive, the team of Tahko and Hahkakoski got the VW Golf GTi home in 14th place. Roads are controlled and course monitors, like this Toyota, are common on the rally route in Europe. Here the Sundman/ Sandstrom Suzuki Swift passes a control point. had now won Group N on two consecutive occasions. His main concern now was to find the funds to finish the season. Four wheel drive cars domin-ated the event. The highest placed CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES By Lon Peterson Th·e last CRS points event of 1989 is the Mason Valley Rally. Organizer, George Gomik, will undoubtedly have a well organized and thoroughly pre-pared event. The 55 stage mile, 135 total mile event will be Headquartered at Sharkeys Casino in Gardnerville, Nevada on October 21-22. More info please call George Gomik at 702-883-6868. The need for more Tech Inspectors has arisen. Interested two wheel drive car was the BMW M3 of Marc Duez, in 12th, who chased the official Opel Kadett GSi 16v cars of Mats Jonsson and Sepp Haider hard. Jonsson went out with engine failure and Haider parties please call Lynette Allison at 714-736-1442. There is a new Rally Insurance requirement that was printed in the August Sports Car magazine. It states that each rally car is required to have at least $100,000/300,000/S0,000 liability limits. Make sure you check your insurance coverage for the correct insurance require-. ments. We are getting started on the date and place for the annual CRS Banquet. If you hae some interesting ideas on skits, special awards, pictures, movies, etc., contact Lon Peterson at 619-241-4707/ The annual CRS vehicle inspection, it's for your safety, will be sometime in January. Yes, it is required, or you can't play. Be ready for this as you will have a little time before the next event. At the last.CRS B.O.G. meeting on Sept. 10th, the main topic was about more events. In an attempt to recruit new organizers the BOq STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP. MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION Rr,.µ,,rr<I by J9 US C J66SJ Dusty_ T i mos 9/30/89 JA No ol lUUU Pu111,•n•:, 30 Annu~I SuDt"•~U•on P1,ct Annua •t ~tonthly 12 $12.00 5331 Derry Avenue Suite O Agoura, er. 91301 5 Comp tit Mt, ng AOCllt,U ol tn.e H11dqu1rUlf5 ol General 8111,nUS 011,cn ol !ht Pul:il1Shtll (.\'Ill pritlJttJ Same Jean n C.:ilvi, 5331 Derry Avenue Suite o A~ouru, c~. 91301 Jean M Calvi1 5331 Derry /\venue Suite O _7\qoura , Cl\ 91301 7 . Own•1 lf/o""'" b1 a torp(>rollt11. 111 ,...,,... Gndaddtns ""'" bt 11atrd ,.,,dulsu ,,..,.,,J,a1, l11/,urimJ, r tllr ,.,.,,.,. u,,duJJrcurs uf,u,0Hu,Mn1 u"'""l ur lt11/J111j I ptrttN or MOft of 101a/ .._" of siod. If n#I u,..,.,d b1 a torpo1u11o,i. 11,, ,wmu o,,d oJJrt1u1 of 11,, 1/ld,v,Ji,u/ .,,..,.,,, "'"" ~ ,,...,,. If """'J b1 a punnu si,,p o,OU,,rututt<orpon,,,Jfi,.,...11,_-.d a,Jdrt11.01"·•ll•u•N>lofrocll,,.J,.,,J..,.,,.,,.,, H 1/w11. lftlltp,<bl,1-01,111t11/N'b/ul,,Jb1a"""(lrufi1or,1111,:u1,o,r,<1, IIIIIIW' W odt1rtll ~ I 1H JIIMtd} (htt11 IIIIISI #N Cl)ffl(lfrltd.J 8 . IC.nowll 8ondh'>ldeu. Mort11•1J1otl , •nd Otr .. r Stc1,1111y Holdtrs Owr""II or Hr,:.Ju,1,1 1 Ptrcan1 01 MOit ol Total ~mQun1 of Bonds. Morl',l~IIC!I 0/ Othef S•curt1•••llf1hrr, utt"Oflf'·'°""" ' I . ro, Complu,o,i by Nonp,ol,1 Org11n.n11on1 Au1hOl,i od To M•d at Spec,111 R11tn /t»-l~I S,.1- .JlJ l l ,"'111 Tht pu1po1t, lunc11on. and ,wnprol,1 lltlus of this 0111..-i,nuon end the .. emp1 st11u,s lo, ftdtrtl '"como 1 .. pu,posu ,o,,, l _,, , .. "' D H•• Nol Ch.,.ged 01.mng Prtced,ng 12 Mon1h1 hten1 ,,.dN111ureolCircultt,on /St, '""":',,_°"., .... ,., •i<kJ 8 , Ptld tnd/01 A,qvultd C11cut1,on 1. S,1u 1Nough a,,1a1• anl c, n .. ,, . 11,e,1 vendol• tnd coun1t, u\t1 2. Mall Sut>1C1tp1>on (l'uul.,.,JJo,r,'fwtlltJJ C Tott! P111d tndl0< RtQuH!adC.,cul&lion (Su,,, or IOII MJ 10/Jl J 0 . fflt o,u111>u1ion by M•~. C•r .. , Of Olhef MHn, San,pl<t•. C~n1a,r. •rd 01ht1 f"1ee C.:.-... E. To1al 0,11rlOu1oonfS...,ofC..JDI F. Copltl Nol o,mb.1114 1 Olhce ..... leh over, un11:coun1ed. ~,lad ,11., P<"'llft9 G. TOT AL. flu"' uf E. fl u..J J-J,,,..fJ tyWlll lltf prru '"" •"'1•11 111 AJ " · I certify that the statements made by me above are correct end complete Dusty Times 11{,ltu•~(rJ. ~ /H,,J,,r - •• '""""'' ,..,.,_,,._ uf ,,._,,.,,,.,,..,.,,...,_..,, Avt111ge No. CopiH heh In~ Ourin1iJ Ac1u,1 No. Cop,u of S,ngl• lnur P,ec1"""9 12 Mon1h1 Publ<shed Nu,nl 10 f ,long Ot11 8708 9500 1842 3467 4421 44 l3 626 3 7885 2350 600 8613 95 15 8708 had two accidents, the second one putting him out. We won't see Mistubishi again until the RAC, and probably the same for Mazda. The world of Mazda remains a mystery. Salonen 's performance was Geistdorfer walked out of the masterful, but everything else was team never to return, and the weird. They changed from team manager was seen being Bilstein to Boge shocks, and pursued by the Finnish police. swore they hadn't. Hannu What next? With Mazda you Mikkola's co-driver Christian never really know. has decided to assist all new terested? Want some changes in organizers with their event. This the Stock Class? Come out and be means organizers of other rallies part of your Stock Class rules for will help with all aspects of the 1990. Call Lon Peterson for info organization of your event. Also at 619-241-4 707. the CRS will pay all SCCA I am very sad to have to inform required fees upfront, to relieve you that two of our CRS the dollar burden to the organizer. members have passed away this The organizer will then, upon last September. Bill Moore, 35, receipt of the entries and before long time ralliest and past B.O.G. the actual event day, pay back the director died on September 15th CRS the fees paid. The schedule of pneumonia. Bill started his of CRS 1990 events is being motorsports at 4 years of age compiled. So far the year starts off racing a midget which his parents with Indio in March/ April, Rim still have. In 1971 Bill talked Ray of The World National/Div-Hocker into driving their first isional in April/May, Glen Helen rally together. They won. He I and Maybe 2, Prescott, Mason rallied through college and co-Valley, Gorman, maybe High droveforsomeotherdrivers. The Desert Trails and some new last 10 years Bill co-dro\'.e with events. Hopefully everyone will Ray only and in 1986 was the get their events organized and we'll Stock Class Champion Co-have a full year of events. I'm sure Driver. Bill was active with the all the BOG members, again, will, Santa Monica sports car club in be happy to help. T.S.D. rallying and would There will be a meeting of the compete regularly. Bill was always stock class on November 4th at willing to assist new competitors my home in Victorville. In-with questions about how to rally November 1989 and enjoyed working as a course worker. Bill would always, while competing, thank all the course workers who put in their time to help with an event. Jeff Burba, 35, navigator and long time friend of Ken Smith died in Florida of a liver failure caused by Hepatitis on September 29th.Jeff started rail ying in 1979. He rallied for 4 years and went on to other sports. He returned to rallying in 1988 with Ken Smith to take 2nd in the upcoming CRS Stock GT class. This year Ken and Jeff seem to have the #1 CRS Stock GT class sewn up. Friday, · October 20th at the Praisewater and Sons Mortuary in Canoga Park, there will be a memorial service for Jeff. Condolences to family and friends of Bill and Jeff. I'm sure they will be grea~ly missed by all. Let's put extra effort in our rallying in memory of these two gentlemen, I'm sure they would want us to. _ See you at the races. Improved manufacturing technology allows us to offer our New System II power steering assembly at an economical price. This complete lightweight system consists of all new components and includes a properly pressured steel pump, brackets, pulley, belt, valve, ram, fluid tank and necessary hardware for easy installation. Compare our price and quality with other manufacturers' systems. You can rely on our System II to steer you right-Bob Gordon, Doug Fortin, Spencer Low and the M"Millins do! Call or write today for additional information. Unique Metal Products 8745 Magnolia Santee, California 92071 619/449-9690 Page 31

Page 32

V.O.R.R.A.'s Summer Sizzler Text & Photos: K .. 'tl Vmulerhoo.f (Focus West) Don German drove the Chevy powered Jeep to another Class 4 win, and Chris German used the same rig to take sepond overall in Sportsman class. The 1989 Summer Sizzler last July 30 was a sizzler indeed, and this year it wasn't the weather that made things hot. The racing began with a record entry in Sportsman class and ended with a dog-eat-dog dash for cash. Mother Nature was kind to the VORRA racers with a comparatively mild 92 degrees on race day. This breezy afternood had the best racing of the year in front of the largest crowd that VORRA has drawn to the Prairie City Park. The two wide and nine rows · deep Sportsmen field was clean off the start and all the way to the first turn, but then it got dirty. The well manicured short course wasn't designed for such a number of race cars at one time, so the dicing was really close. At times it made photographers run for cover. Jeff O'Callaghan had the lead from his pole position and kept it through the first four laps. Robbie Lemos was close behind holding off a wild bunch consisting of Jack Gardner, Cook R~cin_gJ Bob Shermer, Chu~~ Taylor and a long string of ochers. The first race car to test its roll cage was the blue Ghia of Bob Creasy and friends. That mishap brought out the yellow flag which bunched the field again. After the restart Jeff O'Callaghan held a slim lead over the trio of Jack Gardner, Robbie Lemos and Michael Crouch. That order was to soon change drastically, because when all four went over the ridge to the quick hairpin, nobody came back until Chris German who was previously running in sixth. Bob Shermer was right behind Chris and Cook Racing also made it through the traffic jam in good shape. While most eyes were· on the ·action up front, somebody ~as working his way through the field. Jeff Gordon took advantage of two good starts and others misfortunes to work up from sixteenth starting spot. Chris German's lead was short lived as he couldn't slow the big Jeep in time and overshoe a turn, . which cost him three places. Bob Shermer, Cook Racing and Jeff BIGGER IS BETTER Upgrade the C. V.s and torsion a~les on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C. V. joints. ~~nvert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type fl or Type IV or 930 c. V. Joints. · Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C. V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C. V.s are threaded 3/8-24. . All axles and bells for ~ype_ II can be threaded 3/8-24 or stock 8 mm threads. pitch !~reads. 10 mm· 1.51s shghtly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 3242 SABIN BROWN ROAD P.O. BOX 20646 • WICKENBURG, AZ 85358 (602) 684-5056 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 32 Gordon all slipped by. Jeff Gordon used the final two laps co work his way into the lead and take the moto win. Bob Shermer was second with Cook Racing a very close third. Jack Gardner came back to finish fourth followed by Chris German. The second Sportsman moto had Harry Crawford and Joe Gordon battling it out from their up front starting spots. These two pulled away while the rest of the field fought it out for runner up places, Jack Gardner, Chris German, Shawn Nibbelink, Rick Bryden, Bob Shermer and Cook Racing banged bumpers and threw dirt in each ochers faces for the next few laps. This activity began taking its toll on the machinery. Toward the end of the ten lap moto the track was littered with downed cars and broken parts. In the end Harry Crawford did very well in dominating the field, but his first moto's .eighth place pushed him back to fourth overall. Jeff Gordon cook the overall with his first moco win and second place in the second moto. Second overall went to Chris German who tallied 5-3 moto finishes. Chris is improving each race and will likely be an overall contender in the near future. Third overall went to the Buick V-8 powered car of Jack Gardner with a 4-4 score. Bob Shermer rounded out the top five with 2-9 finishes. Class 1-211600 had a modest field show up, but what it lacked in numbers it made up for in pure eye opening competition. Bob Mathews led both motos from wire to wire. The crowd pleaser was watching Tim Riordan and Carlos. Zuniga trying to take the top spot away. The pace was fast but mostly single file in moto one. The second moto was beginning co look like a repeat of the first but Mathews, Zuniga and Riordan turned in some of the quickest lap times of the year. It seemed that none of them were willing co settle for the runner up spots. The racing was too close, too fast, for too long to make it to the checkered flag safely. As the tri0 headed for the off camber ant hill Tim Riordan, running second, got November 1989 Dennis Kordonowy blasted the competition in Class 1 with his spidery looking single seater that has definite overtones of a Bunderson. a little sideways. Normally he would have feathered the throttle and maintained his line, but this time he was tapped, which turned him perpendicular to the track grain at a high rate of speed. That in turn launched him for a ride that must have felt like a trip down Niagara Falls. Carlos Zuniga cruised to second place and second in points. Third owrall fell in the lap of desert ace Roy Gust. When Wes Elrod starts on the ·pole the competition figures all they are going to see is his dust, and chat is what happened in Pro Class 10. W es led the first moto from start to finish. Behind Wes was a talented field with Ace Bradford driving Chris Oberg's car, David Jefferies, Roger Caddell, Don Kennedy and Don Miguel. The rest of the field was off the pace, but had their own battles. As Wes Elrod stretched out his lead, Roger Caddell worked on Ace Bradford. Ace did very well holding off Roger, but Roger was persistent and finally made his pass stick. David Jefferies St:'ttled down to a fast pace in fourth. Don Kennedy, Don Miguel and Dale Smith traded places a few times in the next few laps, but the top order was single file until the moto ended. With the inverted second moto start it was a whole new race. Don Miguel and Don Kennedy had the front row advantage and carried their positions through the first few turns. Roger Caddell was third and moving in on the front two. Wes Elrod started ninth but moved up fast. At the end of lap 1 Don Miguel had the lead over Roger Caddell and Don Kennedy who had Elrod breathing down his exhaust pipe. A half lap later Caddell had the lead with Elrod in second, but setting a faster pace. As the two rounded the ant hill they pulled a two way broadslide that gave chis writer goose bumps. Wes had enough close racing and pulled away, and Don Kennedy soon got by Caddell. Rob Smith had the advantage over David Bright, driving Dale Smith's car, for all but the last lap when the role reversed. The overall win went to a flawless Wes Elrod with his back to back wins. Don Kennedy's 3-2 score gave him ses:9nd place, and Roger Caddell finished a solid third. Dale Smith/David Bright pooled their talents to fourth on the day. Classes 1, 2, 4, and 5 were run together but scored differently this Sunday afternoon. It made the moto look like a "free for all". The "Dash for Cash" action was fierce. Here Wes Elrod leads Dennis Kordonowy in a close, car length dog fight that Elrod won. Jeff Elrod re-skinned his UltraStock and went through the mud to score 1-3 and take the Class 2 top honors and cash. Dusty Times

Page 33

Mike Long did the best he could but Bob Lemos and Tone Jordan got by to take first and second place money in the combined Classes 1, 2, 4, 5. Wes Elrod dazzled the spectators in both the Class 10 motos Don Kennedy, driving #20, foreground, and David Jefferies put and the finale, Dash for Cash. Wes drove his well developed on a whale of a show for the crowd in the first Class 10 moto. Mirage racer. Carlos Zuniga played a major role in one of the Class 1 /2-1600 contests in recent history. He finished second overall for the day. Bob Shermer put his first moto's second place and his second moto's ninth spot together for a fine fifth overall in Sportsman class. Jeff Gordon placed a fine 1-2 in the motos in the very busy Sportsmen competition to take home top honors for the day. Class l left first with Dennis Kordonowy getting the hole shot ~nd sprnting to a good lead. Steve Bradford did some sprinting of his own to hold second in the four car field . Class 2 had much more action. The. eight car field was evenly matched and heavy on the throttle. More than one car had tire marks running up the side of their body work. Falloon/Ward had the slimmest of leads over McNabb /Russell who were trading positidfis with Sam Berri in almost every turn. Bob Lemos was next, Arden Dennington was keeping pace, as was Mike Long in a Baja Bug. Jeff Elrod and Tone Jordan were hanging back. They both started on the back row and saw no reason to end it all in the first turn. As the laps progressed things remained pretty much the same in Class l_ with Dennis Kordonowy and Steve Bradford pulling away. Class 2 was wild! Elrod and Jordan started working their way up the ranks. Sam Berri ·was the first to falter in the four way battle up front. He dropped out with transmission woes. Bob Lemos was next to slow with a deflated rear tire. When Jeff Elrod got within mirror view of Falloon/Ward and McNabb/ Russell, the pace picked up even further. Since the . cars were evenly matched there were more passing attempts than place changes going on. It all came ~ "•<'t }' '• together about mid-moto whe~ compared to Steve's 2-3. Class 2 limiters, because the 1600s were all three cars got together in a one went to Jeff Elrod with a score of screaming. Dennis gave Wes a· car turn. The result was a center 1-3. Bob Lemos was 4-1 and took great race, but at the end it was · punched, upside down Falloon I second p 1 ace money. Tone Wes Elrod bagging another win Ward, a couldn't seem to find Jordan's 2-4 gave him third and the cash. reverse McNabb/ Russell, and Jeff overall. VORRA's 1989 format with made a very competitive points race. Many short course specialists have tried the desert dust for the first time with fine results. In turn several endurance race teams have picked up some cash and valuable season points at the Prairie City short course series. Elrod making evasive maneuvers Class 4 wasn't much of a class the combined desert/ short to take a huge lead. here. It was a Don German show. co_u ___ rse ~oi~ts champi(?ns_!iip has Actually, it didn't end there. It In moto 1 John Smith gave it his •. ended after a protest and more best, but finished a distant ' words than a presidential debate. second. Dudley Tranum pulled The outcome was "That's out after one lap, finding the racing''. It was deemed by Prairie City massive jumps too VORRA officials to be unfor-much at race speeds. tunate but not deliberate, Pro Class 4 moto 2 ran at a although the racers were later staggered start with Classes 1, 2 reminded that VORRA will not and 5. Don German not only ran tolerate emotional pit confronta-away with his own class but mixed tions ( ala fisticuffs). At the end of it up wit/:l Class 2 for most of the themotoJeffElrod'swas the only moto. Class 2 car to finish the ten laps. Ed Moore and David Tice both Tone Jordan and Mike Long timed the first Odyssey green flag finished one lap down. well and led the six man field out The second moto was a great on the slippery . track. They ran race in all classes. Class 1 was alongside one ariother for about a headed by pole sitter Steve lap. Then, as the two went wide in Bradford. Dennis Kordonowy ate a slick hairpin, Steve Van Tassel the dirt this time as he followed hugged the inside, giving him the Steve for six laps before making advantage and the lead going into the pass. Jeff Elrod led Class 2 in the long front straight. The rest of the second go-around. This time the moto was a single file affair. Sam Beri had gears and Bob John Moore used his up front Lemos had inflated tires. Tone starting position to grab the lead Jordan had a better starting in moto 2. His brother Ed Moore position, so the names changed a followed his lines and the two set bit up front but the race was the a fast pace. At mid motoJohn lost same. Nearly a hundred passes it in a muddy section and got were made throughout the moto. demoted back to fourth. Ed took The final results had Dennis over for one lap, but Steve Van Kordonowy bag the Class 1 Tassel was fast and smooth and honors. Turek Velenk edged out passed Ed at the white flag . Van Steve Bradford with a 3-2 score Tassel went on to capture the moto win and the overall as well. Second overall went to Ed Moore with his 2-2 score. The "Dash for Cash" moto had a fine field on the line represent-ing four different classes. Dennis Kordonowy had the pole and the lead off the start. ''Dash for Cash'' master Wes Elrod started on the outside of row 1, so he tucked into.second and the two put on an incredible show. The only other racer with a chance at the "winner take all $500 plus" was Bob Mathews who kept the front pair in sight but never challenged. Steve Van Tassel posted back to back victories to show why he is number 1 in Odyssey racing, at least at Prairie City OHV Park. N SAHARA :c ~ X 5 > ~ SIRIUS ~1-------------ci ..J' ~ :;;!. ca > SPRING MTN. ~ VDO -Chenowth - Simpson T riMil - K & N Filters - Bugpack Bilstein - Centerline - Cibie Hewland -Porsche Turbo CVs Beard's Seats-Parker-Pumper Yokohama Tires -Super Trapi: Gem Gears -KYB Shocks Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place -Dura Blue Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. NEVADA PHONE ORDER HOUSE 3054 So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 Wes Elrod nipped Dennis Kordonowy on a back jump but Bob Mathews made it look easy as he aced both Class 1/2-1600 motos by a Dennis kept right with him. The goodly margin and in spectacular fashion. two cars obviously didn't have rev (702) 871-4911 • (702) 871-5604 Dusty Times Hovcmba 1989 Page 33 ...

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Off-Road Race Atop the Beautiful Mountains of Central City, Colorado B:v Bet• Ndson a Big Suc~ess Photos hy Stetie Estes Racing through the Colorado Mountains David Gee leads Keith Chesnut, Chad Bertram and Brad Liska in the close battle in the main event. The old recently met the new in the streets of Central City. Located above the Colorado plains, only 35 miles west of Denver, Central City is a unique mining town nestled 8,400 feet in elevation in the Rocky Mountains. As Sunday, August 27, began with crispness in the air, _accompanied by bright sunshine THE and a blue sky, the first Central City Gran Prix off-road style race was about to begin. Central City residents, who number about 350, proudly proclaim Central City as "the richest square mile on earth." They. tout with pride that the Colorado Gold Rush began in Central City when John Gregori WRIGHT PLACE~. COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs yuu are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adjustments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 34 first struck it rich in gold, bringing throngs of people to the Territory in 1859. Central City plays host to over one million tourists a year, who make their way up the canyon to visit the beautiful Victorian mining town. A memorable step back in time permeates the area. John Bertram, a long-time resident of the Central City area and member of the Great Western Point Series, decided on fairly short notice that the Central City area was ideal for off-road racing. How right Bertram was in his endeavor! As machines and drivers paraded through town, sharply contrasting with the architecture, excitement began to grow in the air. It proved to be enticing for all to follow the machines and drivers for a great day of racing fun. The day before the race drivers and machines had faced the challenge of the new course which ran five-eighths of a mile, complete with dips, curves, jumps, and rock and rocks. Carburetors were reset to accomodate the increase in elevation of almost 4,000 feet, a strong contrast compared to the Colorado plains or even lower altitudes in Nebraska and Kansas. The Central City Gran Prix off-road race, the fifth of seven Colorado off-road point series was to pit racers head--on, battling for every point. In the Heavy Metal catagory, Jim Olson, of Edgewater, ad-vanced from third place standing through his combined first place win in the heat and the main race for a total of 167 points going into the last two remaining races of the series. November 1989 In the heavy metal action, Jim Olson, from Edg.ewater, Colorado, finished first in both the heat race and the main event at Central City. In the Unlimited Class 10 action Bill Coffey, a long time competitor in the series, took first in both the heat and main home to Colorado Springs. Tim Briscoe, Denver, took second place, with Thad Briggs from Gordon, Nebraska, in third. Class 112-1600 brought David Gee back in his first race since breaking his arm in May. He maneuvered his team from third to second place by adding 40 points to their standing. Gee, of Loveland, garnered first place in the 112-1600 race. Gerry Bowers, of Fort Collins, remains in the top slot in points at this time. Keith Chestnut, Sheridan,· W yarning, moved up in standing with his second place win. Chad Bertram, Arvada, was third place winner. Leading the 112-1600, until a broken suspension forced them out of the race, was the only two seat running in this class. Chuck Landers, along with co-driver Carrie Bertram, were forced out of the competition for the remainder of the day. In the Quad B-250 competition Pam VerHow, of Loveland, remains in the lead. VerHow came out of the fifth race with a second place point standing. Randy Motzuer, of Loveland, took first place honors moving_ Tim Briscoe came from Denver to race his rig in the heavy metal action, and he did well at Central City, second in the feature race. K_e(th. Chestnut, _from Sheridan, Wyoming made his trip worthwhile by fm,shmg second m the Class 1-2-1600 main event. Dusty Times

Page 35

. ~::, Chad Bertran flies over a man made lump in the terrain of the foothills, on his way to a third place finish in the main event. Thad Briggs towed his Jeep to Central City from Gordon, Nebraska, and his reward was a fine third in the heavy metal main event. Eddie Mailo liKes to run his Class 5 car with the buggies, and the man from Lakewood, Colorado finished third in the main event. Paul Shaver, a long time competitor from Colorado Springs, Colorado, whipped his single seater around in good time for second in Class 10. The Quad racers are a big part of the Great Western Points Series, and a husky field took off for their races at the Central City meet. The checkered flag falls on Cindy Fee, with the pack close behind, and the club expects the stock Pilot class to grow a lot next year. him up from fourth place standing in the competition. Danny Carl, Lafayette, placed third. Quad A-250 point leader, Steve VanHow, Pam's brother, secured the entry in his division for the Mickey Thompson Race with a total of 169 points. The Mickey Thompson Race will be held in Denver September 16. Noel Rader, of Sheridan, Wyoming, placed first in the Quad A-250 at Central City, Ron Corn came in fourth, Loveland in second, and third place went to Alan Hall of Northglenn. In the Odyssey Competition, Dustin Coonfield, Salida, Colo-rado, retained his point lead by advancing in the series from 206 to 246. Coonfield will represent the Great Western Point Series at the Mickey Thompson Race in Denver, along with VanHow. Dale Fee, Colorado Springs, placed first in the Odyssey at Central City. Patrick Waters, Aurora, placed second, and Coonfield was third place in points. Sixteen-year-old Cindy Fee, Colorado Springs, retains her second place standing in the Stock Pilot division with her first place win. Mark Perschbacher, of Denver, led Fee by 44 points going into the race and placed third. Bill Waters, Aurora, with fifth place point standing, was the The stock Pilot class is fairly new, but Cindy Fee came from Colorado Springs to finish first in class in both the heat and the main event. Dusty Times second place winner. In the combined Unlimited and Class 10 race two point leaders emerged by the end of the day. Bill Coffey, Colorado Springs, finished with a total of 191 points in the Unlimited catagory. Scott Salonya, of Denver, led the Class 10 by a 169 total. Coffey went into the race in second place, and Salonya in first for point standing. These positions flip-flopped when Coffey placed in first for the day and Salonya came in last in the field of five competitors. Tony Jackson, Loveland, retained the third place standing of third, although he placed fourth in combined point standing. John Bertram was delighted by the turn out. He estimated that 2,000 people, including racers and crews, attended the Central City Gran Prix. In spite of the short time frame Bertram had to work with, not only was the audience pleased, but the drivers and crew, as well. The race was so well received that Ron Kiel, announcer, informed those attending that it had been decided that there will be two races at Central City next year. Tentative dates are June 7 and August 6. The Great Wes tern Point series is confident that next year's event should draw a considerably larger crowd with more time to plan and organize the event. The last two competitions for this year by the club are Saturday, September 30, at Rocky Mountain Speedway in Denver at 4:00 p.m. The final race will be at Pueblo Motor Sports Park on October 15, with practice at 9:00 a.m., races beginning in the early· afternoon. Off Roads Winningest Radios OVER 1146 ON THE COURSE Comlink V The Ultimate Racing Intercom 16 CHANNEL ROAD MASTER "A lEGEND" • Helmets wired - $100. (CF) ONLY $53900 November 1989 New! RF Pre Amp $95 30% to 50% more range! 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 We're next door via U.P.S.I (213) 427-8177 Page 35 •

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• ; PIT TEAM REGISTER CHAPALA DUSTERS Jon Kennedy, President 3117 Klllarney Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 641-0155 CHECKERS Butch Dunn, President 19944 Chase St. Canoga Park, CA 91306 (818) 709-6800 C.0.R.E. Jon Snyder, President 180 WhHworth Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (805) 498-9880 F.A.I.R. Jeff Randall, President 321 Copa de Oro Brea, CA 92621 (714) 996-4936 DESERT RACE SUPPORT Carol Clark President 22264 Ottawa, UnH 1 Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-3186) (619) 240-3122 I.D.R.A. George Thompson, Director P .0. Box 1683 Ojai, CA 93023 (805) 646-2903 LOS CAMPERONES Rick Frisby, President P.O. Box 421 Escondido, CA 92025 (619) 747-3366 MAG7 Bruce Cranmore, Race Director 11244 Horizon Hills Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 440-3737 TIGHT TEN John Lippitt, Race Director 153 Lindell Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 448-5500 (619) 447-795 BAJA EXPRESS RACING TEAM Hayward Mendenhall 15518 Le Floss St. Norwalk, CA 90650 (213)864-0893 We welcome all Support Team news articles. Typed and double spaced copy is acceptable. Copy deadlines vary slightly, usually by the tenth of the month to make the next issue. ~ OFF-.ROAD RACING TEAM 'The Straight Poop from the Big Wahzoo' BAJA DE LOU IV -Peralta will probably start getting some complaints about his races being rigged since his last two events have been won overall by his own Checker teammates. This 4 lap 360 mile race out of San Felipe was won overall by Glenn Wolfe and John Brooks in John's Class 10 car that he recently bought from Glenn. Brooks ran a couple of the middle laps with relatively no trouble. Glenn, on the other hand, had all kinds of problems. The 'Wolfman' started out the day with a frightening near head on crash with Chuck Sugar. Seems Chuck, in his Class 1 car missed a turn off on a high speed road, slowed it down and headed back towards the course. Just as he approached the missed turn off he met Glenn, who also missed the turn and was airborne and going about 80 MPH right at him! Only a last second reaction by both drivers prevented a grinding head on crash. The high speed sideswiping collision that did occur destroyed the side nerfbars plus a rear tire and rim on both cars. They managed to keep their cars upright and stopped within shouting distance of each other. I say 'shouting distance' because that's what both of our heroes did to each other as they worked on Page 36 getting the mangled Centerlines off their respective cars. Glenn got his car running and on the road again only to have to stop two more times for a fan belt and another flat. After this nightmare first lap everything seemed to go right. Two clean laps by John got them back in the Class 10 lead and a 'bonzai charge' by Wolfe in the last 40 miles brought him the overall title by about 90 seconds and assured Glenn the series Class 10 Points Championship. Great race guys! Willie Melancon, with a little help from Hibbard and his trusty navigator Utgard, also came from behind in the last 40 miles to grab a third overall and second in Class l / 2 1600. 'The Mouth' had some CV problems but this time apparently kept his distance from the many 'large natural objects' along the course. Loggins and Armstrong, fresh from their overall victory at Lou's last race, were the 1/21600 that Willie got by on the run to the finish. Chris was a couple of minutes ahead with less than one half of a lap to go but had a flat tire that cost them a position. They finished fourth overall and third in class. That's right gang, the first, third and fourth overall cars were all Checkers! 'Kid McGuire' and his dad picked up a second in Class 10 Sportsman and the year end Points Championship in the class for Scott. Robert 'I am not a soprano' Sandoval grabbed another second place in Class 3, 6, 7-4x4 Sportsman. Good show Checkers! Chuck Sugar's Class 1 car went out with trans trouble shortly after his tangle with Wolfe. Slagor and Symonds in John's 1/2 1600 car lost an engine early and our new prospectives Long, Long and McGeorge broke their 5 11600 car. This marks the end of the Baja De Lou races for 1989 with the Club winning half of them. Hey Lou, next year we'll win them all and you'll really have some explaining to do! In case you haven't noticed, the weekly rotating Sergeant at Arms position has taken on a new twist. President Dunn has taken to naming a Sergeant at Arms before the meeting starts so that nobody knows who it is until it's time for the fines. This is just the kind of sneaky attitude that the Wahzoo can really appreciate. Well it now appears that the Club DOES have a sort of 'new open door policy' regarding any old Checkers that wo.uld like to get actively involved in the Club again. At a recent meeting the members voted Jeff Bains, Steve Holiday, and Gary Hymes back onto the active roster. Welcome back guys! On the flip side of the coin, there are a number of members that will reportedly be dropped off the active roster at the end of the year for a lack of points and the Club was also put on notice that the new 'drivers must get one pit point' rule will be enforced this year. Sadly the Checker flags are again flying low for the second time this year as it was learned that Pete Peterson was recently killed in a traffic accident. Pete, affectionately known as 'Black Pete' by his Brother Checkers, was a member who lived and contributed to the best of our Club tradition. Pete, for a number of years, consistently earned one of the highest point totals in the Club although he never drove a race car. His attitude was always 'work hard when there's stuff to do and party hard when there isn't' and anybody that has ever spent any time with him always had their favorite story to tell. Pete Peterson was indeed a true Brother Checker and he will be missed! TROUBLE IN BAJA? At our regular Oct. 4th meeting, the members present plus representatives from most of the major support clubs met with the leadership of the organization that represents the Ranchers of Northern Baja to discuss the upcoming Baja 1000 race. Earlier the Ranchers sent out a letter stating that Score was not welcome on any of the roads and trails that ran thru their lands. Score subsequently issued race maps that had it's course running thru areas that the Rancher's organization said they spoke for. This "no you're not", "yes we will" pending confrontation was explained from the Rancher's point of view along with a very frank and lively question and answer session. Here is basically what was said: -The Ranchers and Farmers, who compared their right of control over their land being similar to that of the American Indians and their reservation lands, contend that they have been dealt with very unfairly by Score and the local politicians involved with the race for far too many years and have organized to November 1989 put a stop to it. -They stated flatly that they will never deal with Sal Fish or any organization that he is connected with. There seemed to be a matter of honor involved here that was not negotiable. -Since it is too late to get a new promoter involved, "this year's race will not be run". -They emphasized that the off road racers are welcome on their land but only after they have an agreement with a new promoter who will honor the commitments made. -They expressed hope that the incoming Governor would stop the race after taking office on November 1st, but if not, they vowed to do whatever necessary to disrupt the running of this race. For all that was said and will surely be said between now and the race date, the last word is all this may indeed come from the Governor-elect of Baja, who takes office just ten days before the date of the race. A tough political choice might have to be made between a gringo promoter with a fist full of tourist dollars for the Ensenada businessmen and the Mexican Ranchers and Farmers who threaten active resistance. The big losers in this whole mess is, as usual, the racers. Speaking of promoters, it looks like we're going to have to put up with the B.S. from TWO Checker promoters now. It was bad enough having to listen to Lou's continuing monologues about his upcoming races but now it appears that Hibbard & Utgard are going to start putting in their two cents worth about their upcoming race at Willow Springs Raceway. I'm SURE we'll be hearing more about this again and again and again ... My 'Missing Checker of the Month' this month is Nels Lundgren. Nels had a pretty rough time last year and took a lot of heat, so much so that he is now reportedly living .in a cave somewhere on the banks of the Colorado River. Hey Nels come on back, all is forgiven! Chuck Sugar may have had a poor race down at Lou's last event but that doesn't mean he didn't have a good time. Chuck has found a new use for that catheter set up he wears while racing his car. Seems that while standing around bench racing with his Checker buds, Sugar has found a new way to establish that 'special' relationship with any Checker foolish enough to stand next to him, in this case Steve Brown. As Sugar, with a very straight face, explained to Steve about his crash, he very casually shifted his weight onto one foot, moving his other foot up and over a little and relieved himself on Brown's shoe! This got Steve's attention and an hilarious laugh from everybody present, including Steve, who promptly designated Chuck as 'The Checkers Roving Catheter of Goodwill'. It is rumored that Sugar gets such a kick out of this trick that he is considering wearing his contraption to the weekly meetings. Now if that doesn't get us thrown out of the Dugout, nothing will! The Checkers are always looking for 'a few good men' and we meet every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM at The Van Nuys Dugout in Van Nuys. But a word of warning if you show up as a guest, make damn sure you don't sit next to Chuck! ,~YOKOHAMA ~UPPORT TEAM By Dennis Rogers It has been some time since you last heard from Yokohama Support, personal lives being as busy as they are and mine being as busy as it is, writing for Dusty Times has been low priority. We are nearing the end of the 89 season with the Gold Coast and the Baja 1000 being the only races remaining. By the time you read this article the Gold Coast will be history, I hope we were of service and you did well in the race. Next on the agenda is the Baja 1000, unfortunately Yokohama Support managed by Dennis Rogers will not be at the Baja 1000. With the unstable condi-tions that exist in Mexico at this time I feel it best for the safety of my volunteers to withdraw from pitting in Mexico. The decision was that safety of volunteers out weighs all other reasons for going to Mexico. I hope in the future SCORE and HDRA will not only. consider location of racing, but its impact on the people and land that the racers are using, for without good relations with surrounding residents racers and pit personnel's safety is at risk. In late September I was fortunate to run the SNORE YOKOHAMA 250, it was a great race and we all had a very good time. But this particular race had more meaning for me than most because this race paid tribute to a racer who was not only a friend but a gentleman and competitor. Roy Taylor, who some of you may have known, died some months ago from brain cancer. This race was in rememberance of Roy and his competitive spirit. Thanks Roy, for your friendship and guidance. Roy will be missed for he was the type of person who brought out the best in all of us not only in racing but in our personal lives. Since we are coming to the end of the year Off Road awards are now being nominated, we would ask you to vote for Yokohama Support as pit team of the year, if we were of help to you during the 89 season please help us by voting for Yokohama Support. Also even though Bob Mount is no longer with Yokohama we ask that you pay tribute to his 6 years of service to off road racing by voting him as person of the year. Wish all other nominees the best of luck but I hope we win. Off Road racing's future is in question due to environmental concerns, in the past we have done nothing but talk. But talking is over and action must be taken, we must band together protecting not only our sport but policing our own for if we do not control ourselves an outside force will stop us all. If you wish to participate in the Baja 1000 with Yokohama call Scott Barton at Yokohama's main office in Fullerton, CA (714) 870-3800. Good luck and remember your safety and well being are far more important than the sport of Off Road Racing, so think smart and play it safe, this must-remain top priority: Dusty Times

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~~YOKOHAMA 6-50 Club Report ~ 1 By Jean Cafom three in points. They are presented during the various ceremonies at the annual SCORE/HORA awards banquet, which this year is on December It has been some time sine; ~e · have tallied up the scores for the Yokohama 6-50 Club year end champions. As many of our readers know the score keeper suffered a serious head injury at the Baja Internacional and has spent most of the ensuing four months in a hospital bed because of various complica.tions. So our band of volunteers who put the publication together in the summer months did what was necessary, but didn't know about the 6-50 club. We do have the final tally now, all the way through the Gold Coast 300. It is a different ball game this year, as many of the point leaders now are new to the club this year, having just recently achieved the age of 50. Fireworks and the Nevada 500, and he had a win in his score also. Don Adams also had a pair of second place finishes at the same two races in Class 3 114. Of the 15 club starters a fine 11 made the finish line. A few 6-50 guys went to the SNORE 250 the end of Septem-ber. Some entries frankly admitted they were pre-running , the Gold Coast 300, since a majority of the course was part of the Gold Coast course. At any rate Danny Letner finished fourth in Class 2 at the SNORE 250 adding to his already hefty points total. 2, at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel. In addition the top points man earns a pumper helmet donated by BDR. While the series is all in fun with nothing to join, the awards are handsome and the medals are something to be treasured. We will have a prompt report on the final scores after the Baja 1000. At the Baja Internacional a full dozen of the 20 odd starters over 50 years of age finished the race and earned points. Doing very well in the San Felipe heat was Mike Schwellinger who won the combined Class 3 / 4 in the venerable Jeep CJ 7. The Gold Coast 300 saw 16 viejos start the race, and like the entire race, attrition was heavy. Only 6 of the 6-50 guys finished the dusty race. Bill Church was third in Class 1, again driving solo, Don Adams got a second place and Walker Evans was Danny Letner shows the form that gives him the current lead in the chase for the Yokoha,.;;,a 6-50 Club gold medal. It was still very hot weather at Barstow for the Fireworks 250. Again a husky cadre of viejos showed up to battle the desert in the heat as the race turned into an all daylight run like it was last year instead of the traditional twilight affair that made it popular with·many racers and the driving light companies. At Barstow 11 6-50 Club members came to the finish line to get the checkered flag. Our big winner was Bill Church who was the winner in Class 1 over the rough desert. third in Class 8. Going into the rugged SCORE Baja 1000 our hasty computa-tions show Danny Letner leading the pack with 285 points for the eight rrces scored to date. The Baja 101)0 is the final race in the 1989 6-50 series. Walker Evans is second with 265 points followed closely by Don Adams at 260. With small entries in class 1 this year, Bill Church is still fourth with 211 points, but 7 4x4 driver Bud Sebelius is only one more point back at 210. In the middle of August it was off to the Nevada desert for the HORA Pahrump Station Nevada 500, a rugged run through the silt north to the middle of the state and then back through many of the same silc beds to Pahrump. Some of the current points leaders now began to appear in the top ten. Bill Church again won Class 1, driving the whole distance alone. Walker Evans was fourth in Class 8, and had been third at the Fireworks so he moved up. Danny Letner was looking good for the gold medal as he took second at both the Mick Schwellinger is sixth with 195 points, followed by Jack Schlaman at 186, Frank Snook, 174, Rodney Hall, 173, and Dave Girdner rounds out the top ten at • 139 points in just three races. Running through the top 20 • Corky McMillin has 128 points, Gregg Symonds, 106, Robert Knight, 102, George Tuttle, 93, Jim Fishback Sr., 58, Herman DeNunzio, 57, Marshall Mahr, 56, Walt Baranick, 54, Stan Gilbert, 53 and Jerry Higman iy~-49. ' Danny Letner won the gold medal in 1984, and if he does well in Baja he might repeat. The awards are real gold, silver and bronze medallions for the first Make DUSTY TIMES a Stocking Stuffer for Christmas ORDER GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR YOUR FAVORITE OFF ROADERS NOW. DELIGHT YOUR PIT CREW - FAMILY -HELPFUL NEIGHBORS -EVERYONE. DUSTY TIMES IS A BARGAIN GIFT WITH NO SHOPPING HASSLE $12.00 - 1 year • $LO - 2 years• $30 - 3 years • $15 (US) 1 year to Canada SEND YOUR CHECK AND CHRISTMAS LIST TO: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O • Agoura, CA 91301 Dusty Times Only 20 points behind Danny Letner, Walker Evans is himself only 5 points ahead of Don Adams in the race for the gold. Need action photos? Call us for proofs! Trackside Photo, Inc.-Racing photography since 1970 Trackside Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commercial & Product Photography November 1989 1507 East Del Amo Blvd. Carson, California 90746 (213) 609-1772 Page 37

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-C·hristmas Goodies Galore ••• Bilstein . Racing Calendar . Th~ 19~0 limited edition road motors ports events each B1lstem racmg calendar is now month. The calendar costs $9 95 avail~ble and makes a _grand each plus $2.00 for postage ~nd stockmg stuffer for the avid race handling, and it is available from fan. Featuring a color ~ction t~e ~dvertising Department, photo ?f NASCAR Winston B1lstem Corp. of America, Dept. Cup action on the front page, the DT, 8845 Rehco Road, San calendar has full color photo-Diego, CA 92121. graphs of road racing, rally, or off A TL Racell Tank ATL Fuel Cells of Ramsey, much more normally available on New Jersey announced recently more expensive fuel cells. The the new Racell line of low cost economical Racell meets or racing fuel cells. Although priced exceeds the standards of as an economy gas tank, the NASCAR FIA, NHRA, SCORE, highly refined Racell model is a SCCA and most other race true racing fuel cell constructed organizations. Racell Reds are of highly crash resistant hard available in capacities from 3 to rubber elastomer. It is molded in 32 gallons. For additional a distinctive red color and is information contact David Dack, resistant to all racing gasolines. Aero Tee Laboratories Inc. Racell is equipped with a nut-ring (ATL), Spear Road Industrial flange, raised filler neck safety Park, Dept. DT, Ramsey, NJ cap, non spill roll over valve, and 07446. I DE NYf:!~101 ~eroquip ~ BUGPACK~ >Y'rOKOHAMA THE WRIGHT PLACE (805) 683-1211 Page 38 Monarch Sports Equipment Monarch Sports Equipment, a San Diego, CA based manu-facturer of safety racing apparel and helmets, is currently accepting dealer inquiries throughout North America. There may be one in your town soon. Products manufactured by Monarch Sports include single, double and triple layered Nomex driving suits, custom tailored crew uniforms, driving shoes and gloves along with numerous accessories designed for the motorsports industry. Monarch Sports Equipment is the racing apparel worn and endorsed by the rookie of the Indianapolis 500 and C.A.R.T. rookie of the 1989 season, Bernard Jourdain. Contact Monarch at their headquarters, P.O. Box 262369, Dept. DT, San Diego, CA 92126. Bull Dog Shocks The makers of Bull Dog shock absorbers and steering stabilizers, 4-Way Suspension Products of San Diego, CA have announced the name change for the shocks to 4-Way Brute. The steering stabilizer will also have a new name, 4-Way Tuff Dog. Accord-ing to a company official, the changes are the result of a request by Mack Trucks, Inc. The heavy duty truck manufacturer uses a bull d6g image in its logo and formally objected to 4-Way's use of a bull dog trademark. But if the name change sounds con-fusing you can still identify the shocks by the recognizable dog's paw print used in the logo on the products. Nothing has changed but the label, and the gas charged shocks are still built to fit on most light trucks just like stock shocks. Check them out at your local parts house. Part Time Helper When you need occasional additional level load carrying assistance for your 2-4wd truck, van or sport utility vehicle, the Pr~)gressive Load LP-25 helper spring kit is the perfect solution. Normal ride and h andling characteristics are virtually unaffected when the vehicle is November 1989 suna . off-ROAD1R ~.,,t i'! Hot Light Covers Dick Cepek keeps you up to will not only make your truck date by offering their hard plasti;: look great, but they are virtually light covers in Hot Pink and Lime unbreakable and will protect Green fluorescent colors. You your Dick Cepek Super Off will dazzle everyone on and off Roader and Baja Laser lights the road with these new glowing from the elements of the road. colors radiating from your truck. For more information contact Fluorescents are the latest craze Dick Cepek, Inc. 17000 Kings-in off roading today, and now view Avenue, Dept. DT, Carson, you can be a part of it. These CA 90746. special high impact plastic covers not loaded. Yet, when the need af:ises fordtha1t doccasional load of ~= ''. ~1""ifC.~ \jkw··,,!:• 1rewoo , s i e-in camper or ....... _..,r ,... _ towing a trailer, the Progressive Load LP-25 is there to provide level load assistance. The simple yet effective kit can be installed using simple hand tools, and no cutting, welding or drilling is required. To contact your nearest dealer and for a free full line catalog write Hellwig Products Co., Inc., Dept. DT, 16237 Avenue 296, Visalia, CA 93291. New Seiko Printing Stop W aich The S129 unitized printing stop watch is the ideal device for all manner of timing needs. This lightweight, hand held unit offers the latest microprocessor technology with digital quartz memory for 100 times, and a thermal printer to record all of your data. This multi-function memory stop watch has a three line LCD readout which displays split, lap, place and accumulated lap times, or a time/ calendar display showing year, month and date or 24 hour time in hours, minutes and seconds. Chrono-mix, the leader in sports timing for over a decade has a full line of printing and display timers. Contact Chronomix for more info on this dandy gadget at 650F Vaqueros Ave., Dept. DT, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. New Stainless Steel Muffler Last Chance Automotive is proud to announce a new product, the polished stainless steel SuperTrapp Automotive Performance Muffler. Each stainless steel muffler is polished a t SuperTrapp's factory in California to insure strict quality control. They are available in standard inlet sizes. Last Chance Automotive is the exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada for this new line of polished stainless steel Super-Trapp Automotive Mufflers, and they also distribute a complete line of all SuperTrapp automo-tive and marine performance mufflers. For complete details contact Last Chance Automotive, Dept. DT, 6329 West Holt Road, Holt, Ml 48842. 1l90 PARTS & A&fflDB CATAl.8G 15.lll New Stillen SportTruck Catalog Steve Millen Sportparts, Inc. has just released their 1990 Stillen Parts and Accessories Catalog, a real wish book for goodies to enhance the handling, performance and appearance of Dusty Times

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your mini truck. There are kits for all popular mini trucks. At the heart of the Stillen line are aero (ground· effects) kits designed to enhance the aerodyn-amics and performance. To get a copy of the 1990 Stillen Catalog, Send $5.00 (reimbursable with first purchase) to Steve Millen Sportparts, lnc., 1627 So. Boyd, Dept. OT, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Fat Off Road Parts Catalog FAT Performance is intro-ducing their revised off road catalog, a most comprehensive collection of components for VW-Porsche based race cars and buggies. There is a full line of specialty Type IV VW and Rabbit engine parts, and a full line of suspension components needed to build an entire car. The one-stop shopping catalog offers Fat proven racing products, plus Centerline wheels, Bilstein shocks, Sway-A-Way products and much more. Everything to suit the seasoned off road racer and enthusiast or the newcomer. Please send $5 .00 for your copy today to FAT Performance, Dept. OT, 1558 No. Case, Orange, CA 92667. Carbon Fiber Wheels Carbon Fiber Wheels from Marsh's Racing Tire are attracting much interest in circle track rac-ing circles because of their light weight and low cost. M.R.T. offers a popular late model 15 x 14 x 3 inch offset wheel that weighs slightly over nine pounds and costs only $129.00. It fea-tures the new M.R.T. "Safety Bead Lock." Another popular late model, 15 x 14 x 3 inch offset wheel weighs just over ten pounds and costs only $168.00. This one features the famous mechanical bolt on lock which M.R.T. invented back in 1981. Marsh sells wheels like shoes; one size does not fit all, but one price does, Dusty Times with no extra charge. for a larger size. To find out if there is a car-bon fiber wheel to fit your race car, contact M.R.T., Dept. OT, Route #5, Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72 7 61. Goodyear Invicta The Goodyear Invicta GL is a new generation mud .and snow rated tire with the smooth, quiet ride of a rib tire and the year 'round traction of an all season tin:. Its rib/all-season tread pat-tern is designed for long, even wear and a quiet ride. Just the thing for the rig that is more town than country in use. It comes in sixteen white and black sidewall sizes in 12, 14 and 15 inch rim diameters. Aspect ratios include 80, 75, 70 and 65. Truck W eatherguard W eatherguard is a molded acrylic piece designed to fit snugly around a vehicle window. It is now available for a variety of 1989 rigs including the new Ford Ranger, Toyota pickups, Geo Tracker and Suzuki Side Kick. The durable Weatherguard allows an open window even in bad weather, letting in fresh air while keeping out rain and dirt. Its aerodynamic styling deflects wind around the cab, has a light smoked tint, and virtually elimi-nates wind blown hair and wind noise. No tools are required for quick and easy installation. For information on the complete line of top quality cast acrylic pro-ducts, send $3.00 for the catalog to Wade Automotive, Dept. OT, 1209 So. Major St., Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Baker Bumpers John Baker has some tough new 3 inch dual tube front and rear bumpers for the Mitsubishi Mon-tero/ Dodge Raider. The bumpers are practical and economical add ons for grille and rear end protec-tion. They look great and are cus-tom made to bolt on easily. Both include durable diamond plate steps for easy access to the engine and rear compartment. The front bumper has a good looking over rider bar as well. Three inch nerf bars add the finishing touch and additional side protection, and come in two lengths, to fit either two or four door models. All are finished in durable black powder coat for longer wear. To check out the full line of performance pro-ducts and custom accessories for Mitsubishi built trucks send $3 .00 for the 44 page catalog to John Baker Performance Pro-ducts, Inc., Dept. OT, P.O. Box 329, Webster, WI 54893. Uni Filter Wrap The Uni "Filter Wrap" is designed to fit tightly over your K&N or UNI foam filter element. When oiled the Filter Wrap will stop all the sand, and provides excellent protection against water and mud. When used dry the Filter Wrap is an excellent pre-filter, stopping some of the dirt and preventing dirt build up. It extends the life of your original filter between cleanings. The Filter Wrap will not restrict air flow and can be easily washed as often as necessary. Filter Wraps are available in many diameters and heights, and make a great present for the off road vehicle in your life. Prices range from $4.95 to $15.95. Get more information at your off road parts dealer or from Uni Filter, 13522 Newhope St., Dept. OT, Garden Grove, CA 92643. Chevy4WD Suspension System Rancho Suspension offers a newly developed suspension system to fit the 1988-89 Chevrolet light duty trucks. The complete system includes all of the following: Heavy duty front torsion bars; rear Add-A-Leafs with tip sliders for a smoother ride; Heavy duty tubular upper control arms; Super tough Urethane control arm bushings; Eccentric bushings. This complete system has been engineered to bolt on and go! Ride height is increased 2 ½ to 3 inches in front November 1989 and 1 inch out back! Front wheel travel is increased 30% for greater control in the rough stuff! Increased tire clearance permits the use of 32.5n tires with no · body interference at full travel. It is compatible with the OE castor/camber kit and we even provide mounting points for our optional dual shock kit (6714) for serious off roaders. Get all the details from Rancho Suspen-sion, P.O. Box 5429, Dept. OT, Long Beach, CA 90805. Sumtrutrs 8ro5. Inc;. 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The red MSD Heat Guard covers the MSD Heli-Core spark plug wire, and is a heat resistant, layered quartz glass fiber that is woven into a tough sleeving that protects the wires from extremely high temperatures. The Heat Guard is attached to the distributor and spark plug boots with high temperature Self Vulcanizing Tape. The system is tailored to fit most popular VS and V6 engines and selected 4 cylinder engines. For more information contact MSD Ignition, Dept. OT, 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El Paso, TX 79936. New Chevy Glass New from Wally World Off Road Color and Design is this 1988-1989 fiberglass conversion kit. It will make your 1987 and earlier truck, Blazer or Suburban have that aerodynamic look. The complete grille and accessories are available through Wally World or your local dealer. The head-lights are stock or 4 130 watt units. Call for further details and check on the custom painting also available. (619) 949-1220. SIMPSON. RACE PRODUCTS champions aualitY DRIVING '\ SUITS MADE IN. , 1 USA -,. \.-;:%ET __ I · I__ READY \ FOR '89 DRESS TOWIN ~ e; AVAILABLE IN 6 NEW STANDARD SUIT STYLES Your choice. of Single Layer Suit, Double .Layer Quilled and Three Layer Quilted. Nomex® Suit Colors Available: Red, Black, Orange, Blue, White, Green, Yellow. Trim Colors Available: Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Grey, Green, Purple, White, Yellow, Pink, Flourscent Orange, Flourscent Green. Contrasting colors available most styles. .... ,r:,W Off-The-Rack 1~ _._, CREW SHIRTS ft in m0a~cedhing co11_ors ., es1gn to comp 1ment the greatest racing teams -color coordinated in our popular standard styles or made to your custom requirements. /Off-The-Rack Pants too. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED MADE IN THE USA. Call us today. CATALOG $3.00 SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS 22630 S. Normandie Ave. Torrance, Ca. 90502 (213) 320-7231 • FAX 213-320-7179 Page 39

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Bob •'TIN MAN" Behre.. (714) 678-4849 By Behrens METAL SHAPING OFF-ROAD, DRAG RACING AND VINTAGE RACE CAR BODIES 4072 CRESTVIEW DA. LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 ·>-) C,~. Apple Pie Rccing· ~fl,~~ '86' tfa"""4 (702 I 362-9416 S4M!Vf ~~ (702 I 363-2245 a.le.a::;; ALL TERRAIN ENTERPRISES MOTOR SPORT PRODUCTS ~~~.,... Compet,t,on Tires ~o~-Offroad & Motorcycle Products 22264 Ottawa, Unit 1 Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-3186 .2-•1-1 ■ AUTO FUEL CELLS PARTS - SERVICE Manufacturing Facilltles La Habra, California 1100 CUSTER ROAD 1-800-356-6S86 . TOLEDO, OHIO 4361~ Ohio 1-800-356-1546 Performance Products Fiberglass Fenders & Hoods• Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins . Pop-up Roof Light Kits • V-6 Kits for Mini Trucks Off-Road Truck Fabrication Product Catalog $3.00 (619) 562-1740 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 Page 40 TOM MINGA FABRICATION & REPAIR CUSTOM ROLL CAGES , OFF.aOAD RACE PREP FLAME CUTTING M.I.G. WEI.DING TUBE BENDING DISTRIBUTOR FOR: B1.LSTEIN SHOCKS HELLA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE 741 ROSALIE WAY, El CAJON, CAI •~"RNIA 92019 • 619-445-5764 BELL KENNY PARKS 1--5 RACING AND SAFETY PRODUCTS (213) 802-1477 14920 SHOEMAKER, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. 90670 SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOLBAGS• HARNESSPADS ALL SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 . Helmets And (714) 650-4566 1660 Babcock, Bldg. #8 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 BITCON ENGINEERING 55446 29 PALMS HIGHWAY YUCCA VALLEY, CA 92284 (619) 365-7649 THE AUTOMATIC CHOICE C & II 0-FFROAD & TRUCK CENTER ·ovER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE INC. ~ FEATURING ... _· ~DICK CEPEK : • Auto/Manual PRODUCTS · Transmission Custom • Engine We~ing • Accessories Metal Fabrication PARTS AND SERVICE FOR ALL 4WD'S Satiotac:licn ACCESSORIES (818) 504•0306 SUN Guo,.,_ SERVICE . (818) 767-0588 VALLEY 8~ L:-'~_K_~_~SHIM BL't'D. ~ :0,~~--~ Ave. November 1989 Cut out this coupon and mail it to: Dick Cepek, Inc. 17000 Kingsview Ave., Dept. DT Carson, California 90746 I I D I've enclosed $9.00* for my Dick Cepek corduroy Hat, ; I 2 Decals, and Catalog. I I • Canadian & Foreign requests send $15.00 U.S. currency. I L----------------~~--~--~ CHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~• I.ACING PRODVCTS, INC. Check the Record; The Winners Choice; #1 in Racing and Recreational Chassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 (CNC] Manufacturers of CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 9211 O (619) 275-1663 Brake and Clutch Pedal Assy Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cutting and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • (805) 239-2663 Templeton, CA 93465 . . . ==7:m ===n,v;s -~ ~ - -- -- -'RACING PRODUCTS CUSTOM RACING RADIATORS All Aluminum Rabbit Replacement Radiators Send for a free catalog 2905 West Buckeye Road Phoenix, AZ 85009 (602) 269-9194 (800) 842-5166 DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 Dusty Times

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PERFORMANCE TRANSMSSIONS DJT ...... ES (818) 391-3033 1533 TRUMAN ST. JOHN VERHAGEN SAN FERNANDO, CA 91340 Single, Double, Triple, Quad Applications. Take-Aparts & Remote Reservoir Kits. 10728 Prospect Ave. "8", Santee, CA 92071 • (619) 562-8773 "serving the industry since 1976" , _t£,1-Ct£ 1-DRIVELINE SERVICE THERE IS A DIFFERENCE REPAIRING • BALANCING • CUSTOMIZING PARTS.AND SERVICE ON C/V AND FRONT WHEEL DRIVE UNITS (714) 824-1561 416 E. Valley Blvd., Colton, CA 92324 SCORE & HORA CONTINGENCY SPONSORS -24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE S. Arrowhead Ave. 825-0583 o 'SAN BERNARDINO, CA 888-2703 92408 · FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHELTERS T.HAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS (714) 981-9666 963 SEABOARD COURT, UPLAND, CA 91786 Dusty Times RAt/NI FUEL:-I 213-603-2200 Send for our catalog! The most comprehensive catalog of race-proven Off Road parts ever From the people who have put more Off Road drivers in the Winners Circle than anyone else Call. write. earner pigeon. anything. But do it now Or_ you II be at the bock of the pack FAT Racing Parts/B:a Centerline Wheels Bllsteln Shocks JaMar Products Sway-A-Way Wright Place Perma-Cool I Tri-Mil Exhaust S&S Headers ................ ., Gem Gears Weber Carbs Beard Seats IPF lights PERFORMANCE ... many more FOR YOUR CATALOG, SEND $5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE. 1558 N CASE ST .. ORANGE. CA 92667. OR CALL (714) 637-2889 \LLE SAFET DHIVING SUITS SEAT BELTS NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 901-7 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818~768-7770 Check out the DUSTY TIMES Spcdal Club Sub Offer (Almost half price for group subscriptions) Call (818) 889-5600 or write DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 RE-~~81.£ V.W. PAim 11e23 SHELDON ST. SUN VALLEY. CA 913!52 DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS 768-45!5!5 (619) 669-4727 \\ oet l'our SIIIFI' Togetherl ==----~\~-------PORT I /Y TRAIYSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane ~ A Jamut California 92035 -W Doug Fortin (408) 377-3422 Custom Shocks Built to Your Vehicle's Specifications POX RACING SHOX 544 McGlincey lane, Unit 8, Campbell, Calif. 95008 November 1989 Fuel Bladders Quick FIiis Dump Cans 5271 Business Dr. Std. FIiis Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 GIL GEORGE ~ ---.1:---•0NOO~li~ CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA (714) 981-8743 ARMA ABRICATIO ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GARMAN (714) 620-1242 1452 EAST THIRD STREET POMONA, CA 91766 PROFESSIONAL POOL SERVICE AND REPAIRS SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL & CUSTOM POOLS LICENSED & INSURED • ACID WASHES • FIL TEAS• HEATERS• MOTORS • ETC. OFFICE 362-4202 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE. LAS VEGAS. NEVADA 89103 * * HAT PINS ** FOR TEAMS, CLUBS, SPECIAL EVENTS HIGH QUALITY * LOW PRICES DEPENDABLE DELIVERY WRITE OR CALL FOR PRICE LIST & SAMPLE PHONE (818) 848-RACE ~R BOX 6369_ * BURBANK, CA 91510-6369 -HEADFLDW PERFORMANCE ''E ,, RACING CYLINDER HEADS FRED COWLES (714) 631-3826 1760 Monrovia, C-7, Costa Mesa, CA 92.627 Page 41

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HOUSE of BUGGIES ' 9925 Prospect Ave. Santee, CA 92071 • 619-589-6770 EMPi tVE LINE SERVI THE COMPANY DRIVERS KEEP ONTARIO 4035 GUASTI RD. ONTARIO, CA 91761 (714) 983-7838 CORONA 1540 COMMERCE ST. CORONA, CA 91720 (714) 279-8026 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim, California 92806 JIMCO (714) 632-1240 OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 Lee JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON (714) 522-4600 (714) 522-4602 dl@mcd V. W. Service REPAIR O PARTS O SERVICE 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 t RACING SHOCKS ,,Ji(\~ ~ MICKEY THOMPSON GRAND PRIX MOJAVE MINT • EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE • 3" DIAMETER • 8"-14" COIL OVERS • COMPUTER SUSPENSION DESIGN ASSISTANCE KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LONG BEACH, CA. 213 595 0661 Page 42 "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSil'{ESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax(714)444-1622 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. It is :i grc-:it traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91 301. (818) 889-5600 MENDEOLA RACING Volkswagen -Porsche -Hewland Off-Road & Stadium Racing Transmissions Parts & Service 10722 Kenney St., Suite D Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-9010 FAX: (619) 562-9079 TABS -BRACKETS• MOUN.I'S Shearing - Punching - Forming Sowing • Tool Grinding - TIG & MIG Welding RACE CAR COMPONENTS STEVE WRIGHT Riverside, Calif. (714) 351-2515 ¥\\~\ ~ PERFORMANCE .A1'IJ ~P~TG Import Parts & Service Import Machine Shop Import High Performance Parts, Service & Machinery (419) 476-3300 1100 Custer Rd. At Laskey TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 Wholesale 419-476-371 1 November 1989 5\S Ct,\/). S Custom Built to Your Needs by Bill Varnes Mike Brow V~ENTERPRISES 37925 Sixth St. East, Unit 107 Palmdalll, CA 93550 8.Q.5/272-3~43 _ . · Jim Moulton Radng: ■ Off road racing chassis ■ Fabrication and repair ■ Fox shock parts and service ■ Race Car Prep 26846 Oak Ave., Unit G Canyon Country, Calif. 91351 (805) 298-1212 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils• Heli-Core Wires• Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Or., El Paso, Tx 79936 (915) 857-5200 . AU70S ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CARS TRUCKS NATIONAL SPRING COMPANY, INC. 10229 Prospect Aue. Santee, Californin 92071 A COMPLETE AUlOMOTIVE srRING SERVICE Leaf Springs Custort, Made &. Repaired Shocks & Coil Springs Sold & Installed Blocks and U-Bolts !Tli:lde to order Off-Road Suspension Urethane Bushings Beeline Alignment and Wheel Balancing MOTOR HOMES (619) 449-ARCH 4 X 4's INSTANT SERVICE 1-800-331-NEA OUTSIDE CALIF. High Performance Pedals & Hydraulics, Including ... • NEAL Cu111ng Brakes'" • Clu1ch Pedal Assembhes • Master Cylinders • Hydraulic Clutches and Throttles plus much more Complete Catalog. $3 00 NEAL PRODUCTS, INC. 7830 Trade Street San Diego, CA 92121 (619) 565-9336 Dusty Times

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PETTIT P.O. BOX700 WINCHESTER CA 92396-0700 OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING. 6891 SAN DIEGO DR .. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 WO VANS 8c P1CKUPS 8c MINI TRUCKS PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOCKS USED • WELDING 8c FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 761~9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT o F:f /ii:o A.fJ\.'\·,~j· ~i\ D,,,;_: •· MlCS '_{\1/ ,, ... ·· .. ./,,~~-~-·<')-: .. ', ~ - ENNIS>RQGERS < 'l );,,·· :,:: :· · . l'·•··~~~,J~ -''\ :·_.t;:· ' . . . ' '} ~ACE'\PREP;·MACHt~ G &WELDI:\1'G 67Q ARROW HWY. '".: LA'Verurn, CA 91750 (714) 59~-U71 . . Fabrication ../ Coll Over Suspension ../ FoxShoxPartsAndService ../ Race Car Wiring _ ..J Race Car Prep. 1660 Babcock Bldg. B ../ Tum Key Race Cars Costa Mesa. ca 92627 (714) 650-3035 I Get the word out about your business, big or small. . Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new c111tomen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $1.8.00 per month. · PIKE' FAMILY RESTAURANT Over 40,Years -The best in the Desert Coffee Shop -Steak House -Watering Hole Saloon 24 Hour Service Station BAKER, CALIFORNIA Telephone: (714) S3S4437 (714) S~S-4438 David. Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim,CA 92805 Anaheim Hills Family Dental Center (714) 998-2553 ~-~ DAVID Q/\MOCIN6Kl. D.D.6. 438 N. Lakeview Ave. Anaheim Hills, Ca. 92807 RACING LUBRICANTS DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE SERVICE AUTO PARTS Palm Desert 44-800 San Pablo Yucca Valley 56313 29 Palms Hwy · . Palm Springs 67-390 Ramon Rd. t------------------.......--+-------------------T" Desert Hot Spr 13-175 Palm Dr. (619)346-0694 ; (619)365-0813 (619)323-1879 . (619)329-1446 I (619)347-3379 '. (619)328-2183 . (714)441-1212 I (714)883-8891 (714)750-2802 · (213)390-9086 (213)370-5552 (714)558-9393 (714)635-1431 CRI OFF ROAD INNOVATIONS BOLT-ON PRE-RUNNER ACCESSORIES LIGHT HOOPS BED KICKERS TIRE MOUNTS CUSTOM FABRICATION 16191588-2568 1160 PIONEER WAY, SUITE C, EL CAJON, CA 92020 P.O. Box 2286 · Corona, CA 91718 SCORE/HORA Desert Series & Riverside Races 1986 Through 1989 All Classes -All Cars 1 Hr. VHS Video Tapes $29.95 each Please Write for Information or Call (714) 734-9875 PROFESSIONAL ■ AMERICAN ■ CANADIAN □ Off-ROAD \l_ A RACING"'9k ~ :~~;" ~ ? P.O. BOX 323eSEAHURST, WA 98062 (206) 242-1773 Dusty Timts PROBST Off Road Racing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX ILLINOIS 60451 18151 485-RACE 17.2231 FUNCTIONAL AFTER-MARKET PRODUCTS 1{u1Wel! off RON? Dean Galloway ,. (818) 769-0921 Larry Winter 714-537-8286 Plli~R A Totally New Concept in Battery Design Race Sit.op Suppliu 11532 Steplt.anie Garden Grove, CA 92640 • ½ the Size & Weiglt.t of its Equivalent • Vibration Resistant • Spill Proof November 1989 Indio 81-096-A Hwy. 111 Cathedral City 68-887 Hwy. 111 McKenzie's Anaheim Moore Racing San Bernardino OffRoad Supermart Westminster Dirty Parts Culver City Racecrafters Lawndale Tustin Honda Tustin Bryce's Auto Anaheim RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CO. 3450 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez, CA 94553 TEL (800) 624-7958 RUSS's V.W. Recycling 756 Alpha St., Irwindale, CA 91706 (818) 303-4366 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914 's (213} sB:f2404 ~~o SANDERS SERVICE, INC. METAL PROCESSING 59ZI W;Jmmgton Avenue Los Ange/es. Ca/tforn,a 90001 SANDBLAST Mark Smith GLASS BEAD FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MAGNETIC PAATICAL Larry Smith Page 43

Page 44

(( '--·'".t- . . . ___ , .......... -.~ Sa,e ?~ ~'B"99'1 ~ ~ I~ 1533 Truman Street ~ IA San Fernando. Ca. 91340 . ~~f/1 ..L.J..fffl:llj___Ph~ne (818) 361-1215 (818) 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 MARVIN SHAW ENTERPRISES Manufacturer & Supplier of Arizona Air Ride Shocks Air Cooled Tool Co. Tools Buggy Beautiful Dress-Up Parts for your Sand Buggy DESIGN ■ ENGINEERING ■ SALES 3242 Sabin Brown Road P.O. Box20646 602-684-5056 Wickenburg, AZ 85358 · SMALL CAR ENTERPRISES Corky I 00 I Arlee Place / Anaheim, California 92805 714/635-3735 stock to high performance • tune-ups brakes &. suspension • remanufactured engines &. transmissions fuel lnJectlon • welding &. chassis fab. hell arc mlg &. tlg aluminum &. steel Nobody Covers Off Road Like DUSTY TIMES SUBSCRIBE TODAY (USE FORM ON PAGE 3) WELDING • FABRICATION ROLL CAGES • TUBE BENDING SHOCK a SUSPENSION SETUPS FLAME CUT GUSSET KITS GAS TANKS.·---· AIR CLEANERS SHEET METAL WORK BEAD BLASTING CUSTOM MACHINING RACE PREP a-REPAIR -RACE CAR • PRE RUNNER FABRICATION ·sPOlrT ENGINEERING »:« 14757 Lull Street Van Nuys, CA 91405 TEL: 818-994-7 4 75 FAX: 818-994-4069 1988 BUDWEISER/FAT SUPERSTITION SERIES CHAMPIONS CRAIG DILLON -CLASS 10 RANDY ANDERSON -CLASS 1, 2-1600 CECIL WRIGHT -UNLIMITED CLASS JACK HETTINGER -CHALLENGER HERMAN MEISTER -CLASS 8 JON HURLEY -CLASS 7 GREG SANDEN -CLASS 5 TODD TEUSCHER -CLASS 100 CHUCK McCORMICK · CLASS 6 KEN BASORE -CLASS 5-1600 JAGG1T£4A4 Off Road Products and Preparation Downey• Doetsch Tech• Bi/stein• Smittybilt • KC Lites Baker Products• Cal Gold Products• Conner Products• Super Trapp Suspension • Engine • Drive line • Fiberglass • Clutches Tires • Wheels • Safety Equipt • PreRunner Lifts • Installation 670 W. 17th. Unit G-5 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (714) 631-8244 (714) 861-2606 1118 S. DIAMOND BAR BLVD., DIAMOND BAR, CA 91785 1.r---_;;;;;;;~::=====:;;r=-==:::;:;::==---1----------.....-___,;.-----~-----===========--J ch. HIGH PERFORMANCE LETTERING Custom Race Lettering & Numbers Sandblast • Banners • Vinyl Lettering • Plcxiglass -----------------_ ..... iiiiiiiiiii_iiiiiiiia ~=----::-----~~-~ ------.. _... -----.--.......... -----RA.CINGPRODUCTS-~ . 115 OCTANE RACING GASOLINE Anaheim, CA •.......••.. . . ..•.•....•.... (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA ..••.•......•..•.•..•..... (805) 948-6044 207 Nashville# C Bullhead City, AZ ......................... (602) 758-5480 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Chino, CA •...... ........••.............. (714) 628-7596 Concord, CA ••....•.•.. . . •.•. . .....• . •. • . (415) 676-4300 !::=~==!!!::==7=1::4/=960-==746=1=~:::i!!:.. ___ ..J. Fullerton, CA •• . .....••...•......••.•.... (714) 635-5553 - -· Hayward, CA .....•.•......•............. (415) 783-6500 I NEW LOCATION IN ORANGE COUNTY rSIMPSOll RACE PRODUCTS .J 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd., ·c· Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 630-8861 rSIMPSOll RACE PRODUCTS j t SEND $3.00 f:OR NEW FULL COLOR CATALOG Sacramento Area (916) 638-1103 • FAX (916) 638-68'!2 11336-A Sunco Drive • Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Page 44 Lancaster, CA • . • . . . .. . . . . . . . • • . . . . .. . . . • . (805) 948-6044 1 Las Vegas, NV ••....•.•.... • a • • • ••••• •••• (702) 643-9200 Long Beach, CA ...•.....•....... ..•...... (213) 432-3946 Oakland, CA .. ........................... (415) 261-6900 Phoenix, AZ ......... .................... (602) 279-5000 1 Pleasant Hill, CA ...... ................... (415) 798-2201 Riverside, CA ..........••.•. ...•.•....... (714) 877-0226 Salinas, CA . .......•......••.•......... . . (408) 422-9808 Santa Barbara, CA •.. •..•....•.••...•..••. (805) 963-9366 Van Jose, CA ...•....•.... • ..•.••... . .... (408) 294-4513 Van Nuys, CA ............... . . . . ......... (818) 785-0902 Ventura,. CA ~ :..:-'---..: ...... ,~ • '...:.:..:.: . ........ (805) 659-5609 ' P.O. Box 610,333 West Broadway, Suite 202 (213) 630-6996-Long Beach, Ca~ifornia 90801--0610 RICHARD Lill Y LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA November 1989 -Trackside PhotQ, Inc. Commercial Photography Peter L. Hatch (213) sos-1n2 1507 E. Del Amo Blvd. • Carson, CA 90746 !(ACE TTIANS BY JEFF flElJ)'S TRflNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth, CA 91311 ·········ic·····················~-trmrt. I '?tt:: · ·no oa · =:::\(\!::iiiiiii::::?tHE LEADEli~}i;~i~: ~!~:~i:~:~::~:!::::::::~:!:if:~-~-~o ~~~1~~0~1i~~~?:~-~~_:::::::i::· ::::.;.:.:::·:····:·:· . . CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETlr°JON. : .. : . . ?·:·.·.·.·.· ·Fo_r_information and a distributor near you, ca!I_:: :-::~ . · 1-800-444-1449 ... . · · . :~•:::: Dusty Times

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ytPJ UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/449-9690 Power Steering - Brackets Aluminum Fabrication - Tabs M LOUIE UNSER Racing Engines 1100 E. Ash Ave. Suite C Fullerton, Ca. 92631 Louie Unser {714) 879-8440 I 1 II RUBBER T -BUMPER If I I 3o/,'' J_ ,._·---$15.00 per ft *Cut to Length YIP RUBBl!R COMPANY, INC. . 945 South East Street Anaheim, California 92805 (714) 774-7635 (213) 628-7869 (800) 722-4VIP (outside Calif.) FAX (714) 774-9084 V W ON LV tLunuuttltiA 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA VW · RABBIT· BUS • AUDI PARTS NEW & USED REBUILT ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS DUNE BUGGY CHASSIS & PARTS (619} ·rHE WINNERS CHOICE WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street•, strip and off-road or send $3 for the complete __ .., catalog. MOVING? Don't miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, -FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 741-6173 Engine & Machine 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS 570° RACING BRAKE FLUID DISC BRAKE PADS FRONT VW DISC BRAKE KITS BRAKE PEDALS REAR VW DISC BRAKE KITS CLUTCH PEDALS PROPORTIONING VALVE COMPOSITE MASTER CYLINDERS POWER STEERING 461 Calle San Pablo • Camarillo • CA • 93010 805 • 388 • .1188 (~ -~~~~ ~~ ,. - . . . ~{.-" JAPANES~ RACING E~::rs~ DEVELOPMENT & DYNO FACILITY PARTS AND TUNING 537 West Main Street JIM WOLF El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0630 WOODS WHEEL VVORKS Off Road Products 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ 85017 YOKOHAM~ Wants YOU ~/§\~ Be a Volunteer in a Yokohama Su~rt Pit. Get Involved ! Dennis Rogers 714 592-2271 DUSTY TIMES Dusty Tima IS SIX YEARS OLD WITH THIS ISSUE ••• November 1989 Page 45

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: 1-2-1600 Hart chassis, Don Hatz motor, Neth front & rear suspension, UMP power steering, Fox shocks. Race ready! $12,000.00. Call Joe Flinn at (714) 676-8084. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum. Complete rolling chassis. Bus transmission, Hewland gears, hydraulics, seat & belts, custom _ cover, and extras. Everything except motor. Very clean car. $17,000.00. Call Wayne Cruze, at (214)790-3817 or (214) 241-0005. FOR SALE: Funco Class 10 Short Course. Best of everything. Fox, Neal, Super Boot, FAT air cool, or rev Power Rabbitt. Bus trans w/940 C.V.'s, new engine & trans., VERY FAST! Clean and race ready. $8,000.00. Air cooled, $10,500.00 Rabbitt. Call (213) 866-1746. FOR SALE: Class 1 or 10 Short Course Tech, 930, Wright, UMP, Centerlines, T A's & Muds, Fox, Beard, Fat prepped, Air cooled 1650. Less than a l / 2 hour on rebuild. Taylor trans, Weber, Tri Mil. Dual Weber 2110 also available. $4,900.00 with engine, $3,900.00 w l o. Call John, days at (213) 387-3829. . FOR SALE: Class 1 O.R.E. w/ 3.S liter Porsche motor and Hewland DG-300. The motor is fuel injected, twin plug-twin ingition Porsche racing motor (approx. 600 miles on motor). The gearbox was prepared by Doug Fortin and has first class parts throughout. UMP PIS, Wright rack, Palmer arms, Summers hubs front and rear, vented rotor rear brakes by Cone, with Corvette calipers, Tilton Pedals, Patterson sump tank, Fox shocks, mil-spec sealed switches, the list goes on ... Car only, complete, ·ready to race. $37,000.00, or $42,000.00 gets car with spare Hewland (also by Fortin and zero miles on it), spare set of _shocks, wheels and tires, dump cans, ets ... No trades. Serious inquiries ONLY. Call Mark at (805) 841-2012. FOR SALE: Ford pre-runner. Fresh 351, C6 race trans., spool W 14.10, torsion flex frame/ cab cage, safety harnesses, 12 shocks. New tires, wheels, cooling system. Stereo, Cibie lights, many trick features, professionally designed and built. Must see. Asking $15,500.00, or make offer. Call Glenn at (213) 399-1798. FOR SALE: Ultra-Stock Nissan. Won three Mains in '89, points leader, DG300 Trans, Fox Shox, 2400cc, Mikunis, best of every-thing, spare of everything, plus body molds. Something new for 1990? Call for package, and complete listing. Days (714) 956-D480, Vince. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600 short course Magnum replica. Chromoly beam, Bilstein, Fox, Saco rack, Sway-A-Way, Jamar, power steering, Centerlines, turbo C.V. two motors, Mesa cooler, Dura Blue, Super Boots, and cages, front and rear adjusters. Best of everything. Many extras. This car is race ready! $8,500.00, O.B.O. Call (714) 891-3008. FOR SALE: Street legal pre-runner. Sticker and tags current. Other options 2180, 3 transmis-sions, 2 fuel tanks, wheels, tires, etc. Options determine price. Call (512) 855-9086, please leave number, will trade towards a good Class 10 car. FOR SALE: 86' Raceco Class 10 single seat. B&B motor, new Joe ·Griffen trans, entire car just prepped, and race ready. Best of everything. Spare parts. Bill Herrick at Badenochs, ( 602) 669-2681. FOR SALE: 1978 Ford F350 Dooley car hauler with 11½ Ff. diamond plate flat bed, 8000# electric winch, fresh 429 with C6 auto, air, PB, PS, cruise, new interior. $4950.00. Call Jim at (602) 855-2208. ~ FOR SALE: 1986 5th wheel Cross Country manufacture. Fully self contained, holds race car, motorcycles, A.T.C., $22,500.00, O .B.O. Ask for Lance at (213) 630-1155. TRD USA., INC. has immediate openings for two qualified engine builders, and an experienced parts manager. Send resume to Jane Park, TRD USA., 18240 S. Western Ave., Gardena, Calif., 90248. FOR SALE: Topi built 1973 Toyota Corolla. 4 new RE 43R tires, Corbeau buckets, full cage, T errazrip, 6 point harnesses, 2 spots. 100% finishing record, absolutely undamaged, $3,000.00, O.B.O. Single axle trailer, $400.00, or $3200.00 for both. Call (213) 466-4969. FOR SALE: Woods Vulcan 109", 2180, Bus tranny, widened and lengthened arms front and back, wide beam, Wright rack and combos, disc's, Bilstein shocks, Fuel cell, Flame Out, Beard seats, Pumper, Centerlines, s_pares, tamdem trailer. $8,700.00. Call (602) 778-1061. FOR SALE: Brandwood Class 2 race car. 105" wb, Neal brakes, 207 4 _ VW motor, remote fire extinguisher, two fuel cells, Bilstein shocks, Wright beam, Woods arms, Mastercraft seats & nets, needs tranny work. Keith, (602) 829-1634. r-----------~-----------~-------------~---~~-,. Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month; not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. ,,All classified ads must be paid in advance. Enclosed is $ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Name Address ______________________ Phone ______ _ City _________________ _ State _____ Zip ______ _ Page 46 November 1989 Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 GETTIN MARRIED! MUST SELL: Street legal Chevrolet pre runner. New 198 7 fiberglass body, frame, 35" BFG's, Center:. lines, 350, Turbo 400, very clean! $14,000.00, O.B.O. Call Paul at (602) 325-6299. FOR SALE: Class 7S Ford Ranger. Elesenger 2300, C4 trans., Art Carr conv., Beard seats, Deist, B&M shift, 5 spare wheels, and tires, 4 dump cans, some spares. Rolled at Fireworks 250, will fix. $7000.00. (805) 274-0627. • FOR SALE: '88 Raceco Class 2. Front A arm suspension. Porsche 2 .8 6 cyl., new Hew land trans. 1st overall last time out. Best of everything. Race ready. Profes-sionally maintained. Must sell. Spare parts. Bill Herrick "Bad-enochs" , (602) 669-2681. FOR SALE: 1987 Mirage Ultra-Stock. Best of everything! Fox, Wright, Jamar, Dura-Blue, Woods, Sway-A-Way, Beard, Simpson. New 4° combo links. Fresh FEX 2000cc Rabbit, Okrassa, Carillo, JE pistons, new angle port head. Fresh JG transwerks Vanagon box, with Henry's cliff. This car won the 1988 MTEG Ultra-Stock Champion-ship. It has been well maintained, and has never been crashed hard! $20,000.00, O.B.O. Jeff Elrod ( 408) 866-7603. FOR SALE: Brand new type 181 VW "Thing" brake drums imported from West Germany! Special price each, $85 .00, or two for $160.00, plus shipping. Call Mohr Racing at (805) 968-9316. FOR SALE: Class 8 FORD.SI B rear-Rancho. 351 W, TCI trans., lots of extras, has trailer. $8,000.00. Cal Roger at (715) 478-3023. FOR SALE: Challenger single seat. Chromolly chassis, Beard, Jamar, CNC pedals & steering brake, Bilstein, Saco rack, Armstrong, Fresh trans & motor, FBI fuel cell, Chromolly tie rods, Must sell! $3,900.00. Call (714 )670-2935, ask for Mike. FOR SALE: Raceco Class 10. 1987 Class 10 points winner, Parker, Lucerne Valley, Barstow, Riverside, Nevada 500 winner!! New Mendeola gear sets, state-of-the-art FAT performance Toyota AF engine, Sway-A-Way dual front springs. Absouutely ready to win! Call Greg at (714) 637-2889. Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: 1959 C]5, 350, top, cage, tilt, $2,300.00. 1984 Nissan 4x4. Loaded! Cap, carpet, immaculate, $5,000.00. Hi-Jumper Class 2, with Wright front, Sway-A-Way rear, pre runner, $2,000.00. Assorted tires, tanks, etc ... Call (408) 559-7247. FOR SALE: Ex Mark McMillin Class 1 Chenowth Magnum frame. Includes frame, bumpers, nerf bars, body panels, spare nose, fuel cell, nets, 8" Wright front beam, dash, and wire loom. Race proven! $1 , 7 00 .00. Ca II Bob at (714) 645-9252. ~ -,t:~·~ ~t :t!t;ti:·:_j\}@C::r-FOR SALE: Miracle Muffler Giese Challenger. Fresh F.A.T. motor, fresh transaxles, 300 M rear bars, Wright rack, 22 gal. cell, Beards. Car is clean and ready to race. $7.500.00. Call (714) 630-8078 days, (714) 860-4082 evenings, ask for Daryl. WANTED: DRIVER & CREW! Need driver/ supervisor, and two experienced crew workers for tire pitting program headquartered in L.A. area. Driver/supervisor must have working knowledge of off-road industry, and Class A license, with insurable record. HORA/SCORE & MTEG series. Looking for energetic crew workers with experience in off-road industry. Driver/ supervisor salary based upon experience. Crew members paid per event. Send resume/references to: Performance Motorsports Manag-ement, P.O. Box 1520, La Canada, CA 91012, or call (818) 568-8724. FOR SALE: Class 5-1600. ha§ been rolled. 90 miles on fresh motor, and trans. Car is complete. 22 gal. cell, steering, suspension, etc ... Have many spares. Will sell complete, or part out. Make an offer. Call (714) 731-1570. FOR SALE: 115" W .B. Hi-Jumper, Class 2. Bus trans, with Hewland gears, F.A.T. 2240 motor, Fox shocks, P.S., 3x3 rear arms, Sway-A-Way bars and springs. Front and rear adjusters, 18 gal. fuel cell, turn key condition! Centerline wheels, Yokohama tires. $9,600.00 Call Roger at (818) 848-9510, eves. WALKER EV ANS RACING: POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Walker Evans Enterprises is looking for experienced, dedi-cated people for the following positions: Fabricators/Welders, Race car p rep mechanics, Machinist, Painter /fiberglass, Semi driver (loading and main-tenance). Travel required. 20 races a year. Good benefits. Contact Phyllis Evans, or Randy Anderson at (714) 784-7223, or send resume to: 561 Iowa, Unit D, Riverside, CA 92506. Dusty Times FOR SALE: 2 seat Raceco frame. Includes, 118" wheel base, rear control arms, with secondary bars, and linkage, spring plates, and covers, spare tire mount, drive axles for type II box, shifter, and linkage, front bumper, side nerf bars, roof and body, 44" ~ wide front coil over beam, floor and skid plate, pedal plate, adjustable foot rest. $3,000.00. Call Greg at (714) 637-2889, or Craig at ( 4 15) 853-1331. WANTED: ENGINEERS/ CHASSIS FABRICATORS, able to work on a team creating off-road suspension proto-typer and production items. Knowledge of metal, tube, layout, welding and forming techinques required. Prior experience of off-road racing team a definate plus. Able to utilize computer CAD, and stress analysis programs in construction of above. Five day work week, stable employment, benefits, and competitive salary. This may be what you've been looking for. We are always looking for good people. Call Lois at Rancho Suspension, (213) 630-0700, or send resume to, P.O. Box 5429, Long Beach, CA 90805. /, FOR SALE: JlO Jeep Honcho FO R SALE: 88 Mirage. Raced 8 P IU. Professionally b uilt 12 times. Fox shocks, new Hatz point roll cage on b ush ings, motor, professionally prepped , fiberglassfrontfendersand hood, max travel, etc ... The best of new plastic grille, steering box and everything was put on this car. front springs. Set up for 40/ CI. $42,000.00+ invested! Ready to motor. $3,000.00. (602) 445-race, and win it all! $15,000.00. 8888, or 778-3978, ask for Jack. Call Duke (Team Taxi), (213) ' 630-4335, or (714) 969-0664. -J\;,,,,., ' !i WANTED: FABRICATORS OR PROTO-TYPERS with well rounded knowledge of all forms of sheetmetal fabrication, layout, tubular fabrication, welding, milling, and turning machines a plus. Only hard working quality individuals, who can work on a team, need apply. Five day work week, stable employment, benefits, and very competitive salary. We are always looking for good people. Call Lois at Rancho Suspension, (213) 630-0700, or send resume to, P.O. Box 5429, Long Beach, CA 90805. FULL RACE PREP MACHINE SHOP AND MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE: FOR SALE: 1986 Raceco 2-1600. Wright combos, Woods arms, UMP PIS, Bilstein W I res., Saw M-300 bars, 930 CV W / good stars, Dura Blue stubs, Neth arms, UMP air cleaner, Saw axles, BFG on polished Center-lines. Ready for your engine, and trans ... $5,500.00. (714 )974-7284. FOR SALE: Single seat Raceco Class 1 or 10. Wright rack, 4" arms, and combos, 20" RR, 13" Ft. travel, 12 Fox Shox, coil front RR disc, Hewland gears, lots of spares. Call for all info ... No engine, FIRST $10,500.00 takes all my stuff! (805) 298-7343. FOR SALE: Class 10 or Super 1600. Type 1 motor, best of eveything. Head Flow Elite heads, Pauter mech. crank 6 rods, 1 Sky cam, dual Weber carbs, 1.25 ratio roller rocker arms, Mallory dual point dist., Aris pop up pistons. $1,500.00. Call Bill at (619) 324-1259. FOR SALE: 1988 Raceco. Class Get in to the professional race prep business for 1 / 4 of the cost! P.P.C. Racing is relocating, and must liquidate entire machine shop, and race support equip-1. FAT type 4, Hewland, Fox, power steering. Best of everything. ' Many spares. $26,000.00. Call Don at T.U.F. Off Road, (602) 623-9649. m en t. Bridgeport-Rockwell-Ingersol Rand-Miller-Hughs-, etc ... $15,000.00. For complete t\ inventory, call (818) 798-4542. "· FOR SALE OR TRADE: Chev-rolet pre runner, or chase vehicle. Truck was prepared by Bill Stroppe. Keith Black Big Block, Art Carr transmission, Ford Summers Bros. rear end, Airheart disc brakes, Halibrand knock-off hubs, 12 new Rancho shocks, full roll cage, and sub-structure, 35 gal. fuel cell, U .M.P. interior with full rally computer system, Flame-Out On-Board system, new tires, rims, seats, safety harnesses and more. Ready to go! $15,000.00. Call Brad at (714) 540-3 771 days. Ask for Dave. FOR SALE: 1000-Ready! Com-plete race set-up. Jeep Com-manche 7-4x4. 2-V-6 engines, lots of spare parts, wheels-tires-wheels. 24' Ford box van, with radios, 6.5 Onan welder-benches. Fuel barrels with racks, parts box racks, closet, rest room, hot fresh water. H.D. box trailer car hauler with winch, cabinets, 3 portable generators. Mini-Mig dump can, 100 gal. Quik-fill. 1 ton Chev. stake bed with lift gate, wired for race support, strobe light, radio, 2-40' antennas, 2-12x15 sun shade. Race ready for 1000. All-$60,000.00. Contace Bud Sebilius, Plaza Racing. W. (714) 688-7300. Message, (714) 780-7742. FOR SALE: 3 bus transmissions. FOR SALE: Class 9 single seater. Chromoly chassis, Wright, Beard, Simpson, Transform trans., Fox shocks, engine balanced, blueprinted. Aero-Quip, fuel cell. Quality through-out, all parts NEW! Includes trailer, and spare wheels. $6,500.00 O.B.O ... Call (619) 949-7265. All with 091 diff. 's, 930 flanges, new German syncros and bearings -( 1) used 4.86-350-215 Hewland FOR SALE: Bunderson Class 10. 1-56 1-21 gem, $1,500.00. (1) Fat Rabbit, outboard 930 VC's. new 4.86-350-214 Hewland 1- largealum.radiator,FOXshocks, 56-1.30 gem -$2,000.00. (1) new Centerline, light weight, complete 5-42-310-190 Hewland 150-121 $9,000.00. Also FAT Type IV Hewland w /Mendeola case, 2600cc, single carb, Carillo, $2,350.00. All ready to race. Fresh, $4,000.00.!! Call Jerry Contact Dave at (714) 441-1212. Penhall at (714) 650-3035. November 1989 FOR SALE: This is no joke. Class 10 1650cc fresh motor, fresh bus gear box, Fox shocks, 940 C.V.'s, Dura Blue, Wright, Funco, Fuel Safe, Jamar, Fuller, Centerline, Super Boots, Sway-A-Way, and many extras, including trailer, Everything will go with car. This is not junk!! $4,500.00 O.B.O ... Call Mike at (602) 470-0340. FOR SALE: Complete motor 2180cc. Welded heads, 82x92 cima's., mild cam & compression w/ Zenith carb, Kennedy clutch, Tri-Mil w/Supertrap, oil filter, oil cover, alternator. All complete, just install, and run! Dave, (714) 441-1212. FOR SALE: Completely new 091 Bus trans with stock 1st-2nd, and 1.56 3rd. -1.19 4th., 4.86 R&P new synchros, spiders, side gears, bearing, seals, and rev. gear. Many parts have heat treat, shot peen and dry film coating. New 930 cv flanges and starter. Good for pre runner or with cliff. installed. would make excellent race trans ... $1,400.00 invested, will sell for $800.00 firm,. Call Fred at (714) 631-3826. FOR SALE: 112-1600 ·short course single seat. Proven winner! Chromoly chassis, aluminum body, Neith trailing arms, Fox, Bilstein, Wright, Sway-A-Way, Neal, Super Seat, Simpson, 8 & 1 7 gallon fuel cell, 930 cv's, Dura Blue stubs, fresh engine and trans. Race ready. $7,500.00, O.B.O ... Call Keith or Hal at (303) 761-1551 days, or (303) 761-8059 FOR SALE: Goshen Bros. 1989 Raceco Class 10 stadium car. Has 12 races since new. Built with the best of everything. Features 5-link · multi-stage suspension w /Fox water cooled air shocks. Weight, 1503 lbs ... Summers Bros. brakes, axles, with out-board cv's. Fresh trans, and 144 H.P. Goshen Rabbit with (approx.) 3 Hrs. since complete rebuild. Centerline wl bead locks, BFG. tires, CNC, Beard, UMP, Wright, Simpson, are some many first-class products used. Car has been meticulously maintained in between races, and throughout the race season. Car is featured in this months issue of Hot V.W. magazine, (Nov·. '89). Full pictures and a lot of information. Complete car ready to race, $30,000.00, O.B.O., no trades, serious inquiries only. Call Bob at (714) 642-1318 9-5, or Bill at P14) 990-2091 9-5. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS . All Terrain Enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Armstrong Tire Co. . . . . . . . Back Cover Bilstein Corp. of America . . . . . . . . 20 Cactus Raci_ng . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 California Pre-Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Champion Bead Lock Co. . . . . . . . . 27 Competitive Trailers . . . . . . . . . . . 19 De Nunzio Racing Products . . . . . . . 38 Epsilon Radios .......... .-. . . . 11 FAT Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Fuel Safe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 General Tire Motorsports . . . . . . . . 13 Glen Helen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Goodyear Tire & Rubber . . . . . . . 24-25 Herndon Motorsport . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Hi Tech Off Road .... , . . . . . . . . 10 IPF Motorsports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 KC llilites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 McKenzie Performance Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Jon Nelson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Nevada Off Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Parker Pumper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 PCI Race Radios . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Race Ready Products . . . . . . . . . . . 23 SCORE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Marvin Shaw Performance Products . . . . . . . . 32 Simpson Race Products . . . . . . . . . 39 Mr. Sticker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Summer Brothers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 T rackside Photo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Tri Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Unique Metal Products . . . . . . . . . 31 Valley Performance-Hewland . . . . . . 30 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Page 47

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CLASS WINNER Event: 1989 NISSAN MINT 400 Las Vegas. Nevada Starters 373 Finishers 94 Driver: RAMON CASTRO Ensenada, B.C .. Mexico Finish: WINNER CLASS 11 Tires: ARMSTRONG OVERALL WINNER Event: 1989 SCORE PARKER 400 Parker. Arizona Starters 403 Finishers 221 Driver: DANNY LETNER Orange, California Finish: OVERALL WINNER Event: 1989 NISSAN MINT 400 420 Miles at Las Vegas, Nevada Drivers: The Cook Brothers, Daryl. Wayne and Alan Palmdale, California Finish: WINNER CLASS 5/1600 Tires: ARMSTRONG Event: 1989 GRAN CARRERA 250 Miles at San Felipe, Baja Mexico Driver: LARRY MARTIN Morena Valley California Finish: OVERALL WINNER Tires: ARMSTRONG Tues, ARMSTRON:ARMSTRON