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1989 Volume 6 Number 10 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 6 • Number 10 • October 1989 $1.15 Covering the world of competition in the dirt.

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FORD TRUCKS RUSH FOR GOLD IN THE SILVER STATE. Nevada 500 Overall and Class 8 Winner: FORD F-150. · Between the century-old gold and silver mining ghost towns which dotted the course of this year's Nevada 500, the drivers and their vehicles had the South Nevada desert to contend with. The mere fact that Nevada's state flow-er is the sagebrush should give you some idea as to the vast, rugged wilderness of its terrain. Of the 149 vehicles that started the race, 63 of them didn't even finish. But the race-prepared Ford trucks of Robby Gordon and David Ashley not only survived, they won. In fact, Robby Gordon's tough Ford F-150 not only outran and outlasted the Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota trucks, it also outral). and out-lasted the unlimited Baja buggies. Which gave Robby Gordon his second Nevada 500 Class 3 Winner: FORD BRONCO. overall victory of the year. And his third Class 8 victory in a row. In Class 3, David Ashley took his big Ford Bronco to its second victory in a row. And its third victory of the season. So far this year, Ford trucks have won 16 HDRA/SCORE class victories. Which is twice as many as Nissan. And nearly three times as many as Chevy or Jeep. All the other makes of domestic and foreign trucks are still struggling along with zero victories. And while other truck makers like to talk about toughness, at Ford, we prefer to prove it. So if you' re looking for a tough truck, see your Ford Dealer. Because the trucks that took the "gold" in the Silver State are the trucks with the Big Blue Oval. RACING IN10 THE FUTURE.

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Volume 6 - Number 1 O October 1989 In This Issue ••• . ',I~,;~~>~•:~·.~ . . - . p . , ., Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Associate Winnie Essel!berg Editorial Assistant Jennifer Myers Controller John Calvin Circulation Jerry L-iwless Traffic John Howard Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Tom Grimshaw Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Rod Koch Jan Flick Mazzenga Cam McRae David Ryskamp Judy Smith John Sprovkin 3-D Photography Track side Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAPSHOT Subscription Rates: THI OfflCIAL VOICI_O, CALJFORNIA RALLY SERIES PROFESSIONAL • AMERICAN • CANADIAN Off-ROAD \l_ RACING-6: _,.-.c,/.~'1:!, 4S> ~~ $12.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301,(818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permis-sion from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. OF THE MONTH ••• I FEAJURIS Page Pilces Peak Hillclimb .................................... • 10 HORA Pahrump Station Nevada 500 ....................... 12 Great Western Points Series Report ....................... • 20 CRS Rallycross at Glen Helen OHV Park .. : ................ 22 Gran Carrera de Mexicali .............................. • • • 24 Superstition 250 ..................... . . . .-............ • • • 28 UP 100 Challenge ....................................... 31 Antigo-Kiwanis Off Road Races .......................... • 32 WCR Rally Argentina ... . ......... ....................... 36 Susquahanock Trail Pro Rally ........................ •. • • • 37 SNORE KC Hilites Midnight Special ....................... 38 USA Sand Drags at Glen Helen .......................... • • 40 Lucerne Valley Off Road Jam ..... . ....................... 41 ADRA Orphan 200 ..................................... 42 DEPARTMENTS Side Tracks by Judy Smith .... ........................... · · 4 Happenings . ............................................ • 6 IDRA Competition Review Board Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 The Losers by Judy Smith ............................... • 35 Pit T earn Reports ........................................ 40 Good Stuff Directory .............................. • • • • • • 44 California Rally Series ........... ; ..................... • • • 49 Classified ads ....................................... • 49-50 Index to Advertisers ................................... • • 51 ON THE COVER -We salute anybody that finished the Nevada 500, but most of all we congratulate the winners. Jerry McDonald, with Brian Stewart co-driving, took off fast in the Chevy S-10, never looked back through the silt, and Jerry won Class 7 4x4 by the incredible margin of an hour and 20 minutes, making Joe MacPherson really smile. Some folks try for years and never win, but Mike Hallett and Marty Hart got their first off road car victory in only their sixth time out in the Class 5 racer. They just hopped off their A TVs and kept up their winning ways. Color Photography by Trackside Photo Enterprises. f\~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! -□ 1 year - $12.00 □ 2 years - $20.00 □ 3 years - $30.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ..• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name----------------------------This guy might be training for the tank corps, and he sure is eating a lot of dust. This shot from the Nevada 500 last August shows how valuable a co-driver can be when you lose a wheel or the torsion adjusters go south. He just climbs out to try and balance the car and get to a pit. Photo by Trackside Photo Enterprises. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. H you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, Sx7 or 8x10 will be considered. Address -------------------------City State _________________ Zip ________ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 ( Canadian - 1 year $15 .00 U.S. • Overseas subscription r Jtcs quoted on request) I I I I I I I I I -1 I I I I. Dusty Times October 1989 Page 3

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_Side Tracks ••• By Judy _Smith . part of the course for tortoises, to be sure none were in the immediate vicinity of the track. And it was clear by start time. Then, after the race, the course was swept again, to check on the burrows that had been ribboned off. It was found that none had been damaged. But, sadly, one tortoise had been killed. This little guy,· about 1" in diameter, indicating that he was a year old, had apparently wandered onto the course in the evening, which is when the tortoises come out of their burrows, and had been mistaken for a small rock by a driver. Or, possibly hadn't been seen at all in the dust of another car. The desert tortoise has been an entity that off-roaders have been required to deal with for many years, but he's been thrust into the forefront of our collective consciousness since he was declared an endangered species this summer. When that happened it meant some big changes were about to take place in the desert, and off-road racing was just one of the areas that would have to consider the tortoise and his habitat. All construction, mining, and road building in Nevada had to come to a sudden stop. And the Depart-ment of Fish and Wildlife wanted to have a 240 day moratorium on all off-road racing, also. That would have meant not only the Nevada 500, but Fud's races, the SNORE races, and any event planned to take place in a desert known to be home to the desert tortoise. Danny Cau, of the HORA, promoter of the Nevada 500, went into high gear, and began talking to the Fish and Wildlife people, as well as the BLM, trying to find a way around the problem. He indicated that the off-road community was willing to compromise, and to work with the authorities as far as the tortoises were concerned. And they showed that they were willing to meet us halfway. Cau learned that the part of the Nevada 500 course that concerned the Fish and Wilflife people was the first 90 miles or so, from Pahrump to Beatty. So he announced that there would be no pre-running on that part of the course. The Fish and Wildlife people liked that, but they were still concerned that as the cars started there would be passing and burrows to the side of the trail · would be crushed. The BLM roped off four areas where there were know tortoise burrows close to the race track, and at the Driver's meeting Danny an-nounced that all racers were to avoid those roped off areas or risk losing the sport forever. In addition, the course was declared to be only 20 feet wide in the tortoise area, and, in an effort to reduce the need for passing, the first eight classes to start, 2, 1, 10, 8, 4, 5, l/2-1600 and 7, were flagged off at 40 second intervals. To Danny's surprise, the racers liked that. Early on race day, before the ~a_ce s~rted, Danny swept the first While it would have been nice to report that no tortoises were injured or killed, it is actually good news that only one was lost. It seems that the Fish and Wildlife people had a much higher number of allowable casualties for an off-road race, and they were actually pleased with our performance. Danny also discovered, in the course of his talks with these folks, that some of them have been working under some serious misconceptions about off-roaders. As an example, at least one person in the department had been assuming that off-road races were started like a land-rush, with all two-or three-hundred vehicles - -• 'Ill.,..,#~ •••• ., ... Trailers Our Quality Makes ·the Difference • Many Equipment Options Available Medium Duty Truck Conversions We Have the Ability and Experience Necessary to Build Any Trailer to Your Exact Specifications, Custom Designed for Your Individual Needs ... • Write or Call for a Free Brochure Models Available: Open Flatbed Trailer Enclosed Bumper Pull-Type Trailers From 16' to 28' Enclosed Gooseneck Trailers From 28' to 48' Join the Ranks or Our Satisfied Customers Bob Gordon • R.C.R. Plumbing • Hamilton Materials • Herbst Oil Co. • Hagle Lumber • Sherman Balch Custom Designed Interiors Competitive Trailers 8832 Ramona Street Bellflower, CA. 90706 (213) 634-2006 Page 4 October 1989 charging off across the desert at if he had any ideas on the subject. once, headed for a smoke bomb. Moses has lots of ideas. It's easy to see why they He'sbeenworkingwithandfor envisioned a wholesale slaughter the off-roaders for many years of desert wilflife, if that was their now, and as a biker himself, he has conception of our form of racing. a good understanding of our Now that they've had close up needs and wants. And he has not experience with a major race, been any too pleased with our perhaps it will not be so difficult response to the BLM's efforts to to come to a meeting of the minds get us to cooperate. about the form and location of the Anyone with eyes and ears has races in the future. been aware that there's been a One thing that Cau is certain of growing concern for the environ-is that we are going to lose our ment, and, in fact, many off-right to pre-run. He says that will roaders are deeply concerned have to be one of the concessions with environmental issues we make. When asked how the themselves. Part of the concern is no-pre-running rule would be that there will not be any open enforced he said that the BLM areas for wildlife to exist in, that would have to do it. This seems we will be leaving a legacy of difficult, in light of the fact that destruction and waste to our the BLM is notoriously under- children's children. It's a valid staffed, but no doubt they will concern. cope. Cau feels that in the future, Moses said that he could see the courses will be marked about our horizons being narrowed, a week before the date of the race, could tell that we would lose open and that from that date on there areas, and that we would lose the will have to be someone policing right to µ-e-run a race. But, as our the track the entire time. liaison with the BLM, Moses It seems impossible to keep the worked to set up parameters that flying off-roaders from spying out he thought we could live with, the course from the air, but which would allow us to continue maybe that isn't too big an topre-run.Andwedidnotliveup advantage. Or at least it won't be to his expectations. any more advantage than it For e:xample, when we were already is. It seems that the local asked to pre-run at a speed limit folk, who live near the race of30mphattherecentFireworks course, would be able to trot out 250, we failed to cooperate. to the general area and poke Moses set up three points at around and scope out the track which to :ime pre-runners, and he without being caught out. But if computed speeds on 144 pre-run the penalty for being caught on vehicles. Less than 20 of those course in that pre-race week were pre-runners were moving at a stiff enough ( disqualification), "legal" speed. The plan had been then maybe they wouldn't think it to disqualify any pre-runner who was worthwhile to try it. exceeded the limit, but Moses There will certainly have to be found himself between a rock and some changes in the way courses a hard spot. If he dq'd all those are marked. Most haven't nearly deserving folks, there wouldn't be the markers that would be any race for the HORA to necessary if no one had been promote. So he and Danny Cau around the track. In fact, just the were forced to let it slide, actofpre-runningmarksthetrail although it violated their by wearing in the tracks, so that, principles. for those unfortunate ones who · Not only were we asked to pre-don't get to pre-run now-a-days, run at 30 mph, we were also or get to go around only once, the requested to pre-run only three worn in trail is often the only clue times each, to lessen the impact there is. But if no one has run on the desert. Moses was around it, wearing in the ruts, it dismayed to hear racers, in post-will be hard for the front runners race interviews, talking about to find their way on the early laps. having pre-(un as many as 11 Many more signs and ribbons will times. What kind of cooperation be needed. And the maps will is that? have to be real maps, with details Jim tells me that there are many that can be seen without a people working within the Fish magnifying glass, and mileages and Wildlife Service who are and legible highway numbers. But basically anti-off highway vehicle. none of those things are too For a long time they have been difficult to do. wanting co implement controls The changes are already which they felt were lacking, and occurring, as those who've read now they're happy to be getting the entry blank for the Gold their chance. But Jim says that Coast race know. There will be no studies need to be done, and data pre-running for mat race. But then, needs to be gathered, and in the the SNORE folks have done with- meantime the BLM has set up out prerunning all this year, and procedures which will allow them ADRA in Arizona has also been to work within the parameters set providing good racing with no up· by the act of declaring the pre-running. We may hate losing tortoise an endangered animal. the part of our sport that brought The two cancelled bike races were many of us into it, but it's a lost because time was too short to relatively small sacrifice to make conform to those constraints. to keep the races. · There should be no further AFTERTHOUGHT: A few sudden cancellations, but Jim days after I wrote the above there says, "Say goodbye to pre-was more publicity in the Los running!" Angeles Times about the tortoises, And clean up your act, guys! and the need to close off a big area We need to see a major attitude to protect them. There was also a change! lot of talk about two motorcycle -------...,C.,,.~h-e_c,,_k_,O_u_t -,th,_e ___ _ races, planned to take place in the DUSTY TIMES Johnson Valley area, that had Special aub Sub Offer been cancelled. I decided to call Call (818\ U9-MOO · Jim Moses, who works at the Dll$TY. lU!IIS 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Barstow BLM offic~1 and ask him Acoura, CA 91301 Dusty Times -

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(~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!H C ~~~~t=R~a~S= The Seventh Race of the 1989 HORA/SCORE Point Series 3RD ANNUAL OCTOBER 13-15, 198.9 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA l~RIDAY, OCTOBER 13 REGISTRATION, TECH & CONTINGENCY, GOLD COAST HOTEL & CASINO I 15,jruRDAY, OCTOBER 14 RACE DAY START/FINISH - JEAN, NEVADA l~NDA Y, OCTOBER 15 AWARDS & BRUNCH GOLD COAST HOTEL & CASINO ENTRY FEE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $450.00 LAND USE FEE ..... _ .......................... 25.00 , INSURANCE ................................. 135.00 POINTS FUND ................................ 25.00 10.AW/NGS FOR STARTING POSITIONS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1989 1 :00 PM HORA OFFICE -''-HORA FOR MORE INFORMATION & ENTRY FORMS CONTACT: HIGH DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada 89124 (702) 361-5404 NISSAN twJldL/ RACE -·. ·-· .... SERIES -

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1989 HAPPENINGS ••• October 15, 1989 Pueblo,CO (Most events take place at Mountain View Motorsports Park, A.D.R.A. CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES FUDPUCKER Mead Exit, 1-25, north of American Desert Racing Association Lon Peterson RACING TEAM Denver, CO) P.O. Box 34810 14550 Dos Palmas 250 Kennedy, #2 Phoenix, AZ 85067 Victorville, CA 92392 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (602) 2?2-1900 · (619) 241-4707 (619) 427-5759 HORA Oc·tober 7, 1989 October 21-22, 1989 Se&tember 30, 1989 High Desert Racing Association Penasco 150 Carson City Rally P ster City Blast Ill 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico Carson City, NV El Centro, CA Las Vegas, NV 89124 November 18, 1989 December 31, 1989 (702) 361-5404 Sonoyta to Rocky Point Dunaway Dash Ill October 13-15, 1989 Hare 'n Hound CHAMPLAIN VALLEY El Centro, CA Gold Coast 300 Sonora, Mexico RACING ASSOCIATION Las Vegas, NV December 19, 1989 C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 December 2, 1989 Annual Awards Banquet Fair Haven, VT 05743 GLEN HELEN OHV PARK Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Phoenix, AZ (802) 265-8618 P.O. Box 2937 Los Angeles, CA San Bernardino, CA 92406 (714) 880-1733 Off Road Races BADGERLAND VW COLORADO HILL October 8, 1989 HIGH PLAINS OFF CLUB,INC. CLIMB ASSOCIATION November 19, 1989 ROAD RACING Terry Friday P.O. Box 9735 ASSOCIATION 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Colorado Springs, CO 80932 United Sand Drag Tom Freeman Oshkosh,WI54901 Association Sand Drags 3503 Hall St. ( 414) 688-5509 November 11-12, 1989 Rapid City, SD 57702 . (605) 342-0331 (All events located in CORVA Chilton, WI at the 1601 10th St. October 21, 1989 Fairgrounds Racing Facility) Sacramento, CA 95814 GORRA Last Chance Baja (800) 237-5436 Georgia Off Road Wall, SD Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A BAJA PROMOTIONS, Atlanta, GA 30310 ICE CHAMPIONSHIP LTD.S.A. FORDA (404) 927-6432 Lou Peralta Florida Off Roaders ENDURANCE SERIES P.O. Box 8938 Drivers' Association October 29, 1989 P.O. Box 14824 Calabasas, CA 91302 1 71 7 Marker Road 50 miles Minneapolis, MN 55414 (818) 340-5750 Polk City, FL 33868 (612) 639-0801 (813) 984-1923 November 25, 1989 (612) 890-8693 (305) 823-4487 250 miles October 8, 1989 ( all events take place BONNEVILLE OFFROAD Lakeland, FL at Vienna, GA) IOK FOUR WHEELERS RACING ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box36 Jim Baker November 12, 1989 Cleves, Ohio 45002 P.O. Box 1583 Lakeland, FL ( All events staged at Ogden, Utah 84402 GREAT LAKES the club grounds in (801) 627-2313 January 14, 1990 FOUR WHEEL Cleves, Ohio) October 14-15, 1989 Lakeland, FL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon Bonneville Challenge February 11, 1990 915 So. Zeeb Road Wendover, USA Lakeland, FL Ann Arbor, MI 48103 MICHIGAN SPORT (313) 665-0358/(313) 996-9193 BUGGY ASSOCIATION March 24, 1990 Keneth Coleman Aorida400 742 E. Roosevelt Road 1988 BRUSH RUN Crowder Pits Ashley, MI 48806 POINTS SERIES Tallahassee, FL GREAT WESTERN (517) 838-4483 P.O . Box 101 POINTS SERIES, INC. Crandon, W154520 April 15, 1990 Ron Kiel (All events at (715) 478-2115 I (715)478-2688 Lakeland, FL 12840 Dexter St. Mt. Pleasant Speedway) Thornton, CO 80241 (303) 452-4013 TOO MANY YEARS! TOO MANY RACES! TOO MUCH WORK! PARKER PUMPER HELMET CO . • IS FOR SALE!! OWNER WILL CARRY ONE-HALF OF SELLING PRICE OVER A FIVE YEAR PERIOD Past three years Sales, Expenses and Profits available for review CALL FOR APPOINTMENT Stan Parnell - (714) 894-8332 Page 6 October 1989 MIDWEST OFF ROAD BAJA SERIES Rick Vasquez 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 594-8266 November 4, 1989 200 miles El Paso, TX MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O. Box 25168 . Anaheim, CA 92825 (714)938-4100 September 30, 19~9 Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF OFF ROAD RACERS Barry Wannamaker P.O. Box688 Bancroft, Ontario, KOL lCO, Canada (613) 332-3811 /(613) 332-1610 ONTARIO OFF ROAD Ken Jackson - Dick Gllap R.R.#2 Tiverton, Ontaric,, Canada N0G 2TO (519) 368-7874 October 13-14, 1989 Varney Speedway Durham, Ontario, Canada OUTLAW MINI STOCK RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box204 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 (213) 375-4570 (213) 719-7036 November 18, 1989 Kings Speedway Hanford, CA November 25-26, 1989 IMS Raceway Pearsonsville, CA PAC OFF ROAD RACING P.O. Box 323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 October 20-21, 1989 Millican Valley 400 Bend,OR POST Pennsylvania Off Road Short Track Shark Saxon RD #3, Box9 Towanda, PA 18848 (717) 265-3076 All events in Monroeton, PA at the intersection of Routes 414 & 220. October 7-8, 1989 SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O. Box526 Indio, CA 92202 Dusty nmcs

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S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O . Box277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/ (518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 October 27-29, 1989 Press On Regardless Rally Houghton, MI November 17-19, 1989 Coachman Stages Rally Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 November 9-12, 1989 Baja 1000 Ensenada/ La Paz, BC, Mexico December 2, 1989 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Airport Marriot Hotel Los Angeles, CA SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 SCORE SHOW Edgell Expositions P.O . Box 19531 Irvine, CA 92713 (714) 250-8060 SILVERBOWL OF MOTOCROSS Roger Wells 225 W . Foster Ave. Henderson, NV 89015 (702) 564-2677 (All events hut the finale held at Las Vegas International Raceway.) SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION P.O . Box 7380 Las Vegas, NV 89125 (702) 459-0317 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O . Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 October 28-29, 1989 Yokohama 200 Las Vegas, NV December 2-3, 1989 Showboat 250 Las Vegas, NV SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: Tom Schwartzburg 2620 West Washington West Bend, WI 53095 ( 414) 334-3858 Dusty Times October 21-22, 1989 WHEEL TO WHEEL,INC. FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Prevost 1006 Cardinal Lane Green Bay, WI 54303 (All races at Trailways Speedway, Hanover, PA) P.O . Box 688, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL IC0 (613)332-1766 October 8-14, 1989 Sanremo Rally Italia Sanremo, Italy ( 414) 434-9044 TEXAS OFF ROAD GRAND PRIX Short Course Racing - Texas Style Class 10, Sportsman, Challenger Mike Bernardo 1606 Lancelot Circle Grand Prairie, TX 75050 (214) 855-2232 UORRA VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 October 29, 1989 Prairie City OHV Park Champion Short Course Sacramento, CA (613) 332-41 28 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 - 87 A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 AffENTION DESERT RACERS October 24-28, 1989 Ivory Coast Rally Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast November 19-23, 1989 RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS United Off Road Racing Association P.O. Box 211 Dunellen, NJ 08812 (201) 752-0299 (201) 359-2745 DUSTY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HDRA desert races. Check it out on contingency row - Two different classes each event. List your corning events in DUSTY TIMES free! Send your 1989 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 9 1301. FUEL SAFE THE #1 NAME IN RACING FUEL CELLS DRY BREAK VALVE Legal for NASCAR, USAC, IMSA, SCCA and SCORE. Mounts in variuos locations, this valve makes refueling safe and easy. It automatically closes when male probe is withdrawn to prevent any fuel spillage. Flows at a rate of 2 gallons per second. OBF300 -Female receptacle OBM200 -Male probe DESCRIMINATOR VALVES The ultimate in fuel venting. This valve offers fuel shut-off when refueling and eliminates the need for a catch can. Also offers positive shut-off in case of a rollover. OV100-1 in. OV175 -1 3/4 in. Approved by: FIA, NASCAR, HORA, IMSA NHRA, SCCA, SCORE, DIRT, & ACT PROCELL RACING BLADDERS Pro Cell Racing Bladders come equipped with Super Tough Rubber Bladder. Full Foam Baffling, 3/8' Pick-up and Vent Fittings (1/2" optional), Internal Fuel Strainers, 3" Standard Plate w/Rollover Valve and a 5 Year Warranty. Optional Accessories: 2 1/4' or 3' Remote Plates w/Rollover Valves and Aluminum Containers. "Let us know what you want. We can do it!" CIRCLE TRACK FUEL CELLS Circle Track Fuel Cells come equipped with High Impact Polyethelene Cell, Full Foam Baffling, one 1/2' Pick-up, one 3/8' vent fitting, 3' Raised Filler Neck with large Bail Handle Cap and a 3 Year Warranty. -Optional Accessories: 2 1/4' or 3' Remote Plate with rollover valves and Steel or Aluminum Containers. (800) 433-6524 (Outside California) Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. 5271 Business Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 October 1989 QUICK FILL DUMP CANS These dump cans are available with 11/4, 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 in. 6penings, a must where quick refueling is required. OC011 -11 gallon OC006 - 6 gallon OOC004 - 4 gallon RECESSED FENDER FILLER KIT Kit contains: (1) recessed fender filler; 2 ft. of filler hose; 2 ft. of aluminum tubing; and (4) hose clamps. FK300-3" FK225 - 2 1/4" Page 7

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NEVADA 500 CRB REPORT By George R. Thompson The Competition Review· Board for the HORA Nevada 500 was convened at 8:00 A.M., Sunday, August 13th in the auditorium at the Saddle West Hotel. The members of the Competition Review Board were: Danny Cau, HORA President; Jerry Bender, HORA Race Director; George Thompson, IDRA Rep. (CRB Marshal); Frank Vessels, Board Admin, istrator; Bob Gordon, Class 2; Bubby Renoe, Class 4; Mike Schwellinger,. Pit Support ( C.O .R.E. ), two other racers were scheduled to attend the board, however, one was lost somewhere in the desert in search parked by tnesideof the- race of the remains of his vehicle and course, tires on the ground, sitting the other was excused from in lawn chairs: waiting for #760. participation since there was a HORA Officials and CRB protest pending against his entry. members alike agreed that when The first matter before the these crews stopped their vehicles board concerned entry #760 who and pulled out their pit equipment was called to account for the they were no longer a chase effort actions of his chase crew{s) as set but were a stationary pit and as forth in rule G4S which states: such, were pitting illegally "At all times i:he entrant assumes according to the mandate issued responsibility for the actions of prior to the race by the Dept. of' his pit crew". HORA officials, Fish and Wildlife. As mentioned while monitoring the race from in the mandate and re,stated their helicopter, ran across this clearly time and again at the entries chase crews at mile marker Drivers meeting this was grounds 38 and again at mile marker 52. for disqualification and #760 was On both occ~sions his c_rews were penalized accordingly. Entries #202 and #210 were accused of violating rule O39,A, Illegal Air Support. #202 is no stranger to the Competition Review Board as he received a Letter of Reprimand at Parker for having an unsafe stub can and again at the Mint for Illegal Air Support. Nor was there any shortage of witnesses against this entry. It seemed as though he landed his helicopter in clear view of at least 3 HORA Officials and about 20 racers on three different occasions, receiving support, at least, twice. The first occurrence happened at about the 31 mile marker and was witnessed by two HORA Officials. These officials were alerted when they saw #202 go by, followed closely by a Helicopter. Watching as they faded into the distance they saw The Mint 400 is said to be the most rugged race in off-roading. Yet Manny Esquerra has placed first in his class more times than anyone else in the history of the race. He's one tough driver. And the lights he uses are just as tough. They're KC Daylighters. Built of steel and packed with at least 385,000 candlepower, Daylighters are truly dependable. They have a unique shock mounting system invented by KC HiliTES. And they're rigorously tested for brightness and protection against corrosion, vibration and environmental extremes. They're so dependable that KC backs them with a five year warranty on every part in the light-Maybe you're not out to win ten Mint 400's. But don't you want people to think you know something about lights? Get the most dependable. Get the original. Get the KC Daylighter. even the bulb. Fo, the dealer nearest you coll 1-800-PAR 3336. KC Catalog $2.00 Avenida De Luces • Williams, Arizona 86046 USA• 602/635-2607 © 1989 KC HiliTES, INC. Page 8 October 1989 the copter start circling on the horizon. Figuring there was trouble they drove over to the site to find the helicopter had landed and was supplying tools to the injured race car: Tools which were secreted in a VCR case. Not only was this entry disqualified; he was warned of the probability of SUSPENSION for any future violations of this rule. Entry #210 was also disqualified for receiving assistance from this same Helicopter in T onapah. Entry #504 was accused of a violation of rule G 11,C (Pitting in a restricted zone), when his chase crew pulled into the 300ft. restricted area at the Lathrop Wells road crossing. Almost immediately, #504 came in unable to see, due to a muddy windshield. He was quickly serviced and dispatched before Officials could voice any ob, jections. This entry, a highly respected member of the sport and previous member of several Review Boards was nonetheless, penalized l / 2 hour and lssued a Letter of Reprimand ur.der the terms of rule G4S. Entry # 1012 was assesS!d a 1/2 hour time penalty and issued a Letter of Reprimand for a violation of rule 037 (Fdlure to stop at a checkpoint), vhen he just blasted right thru Checkpoint #7. Everyone on the board commented on how well organized these Checkpont areas were at this race and compli, mented HORA for their efforts in this area. Because of this it was difficult for the board to see why #1012 failed to stop at this Checkpoint and the fact that he failed to show up to devend his actions didn't help his case, either. There were some sort of charges leveled at entry #400 for a Checkpoint violation but the documentation was so ambiguous that it was impossible to determine what these charges were. The fact that the Checkpoint Official failed to show up made it impossible to determine the exact nature of this complaint. The CRB has no problem enforcing the rules when we know the nature of the infraction. In this case these facts were impossible to determine and the ca,e was dismissed. After returning to my office on Monday, I received phone calls from each of the disql:alified entries, none of whom attended the Review Board meeting. All of them proclaimed their innocence and wanted to know about the appeal process. I want everyone to know about the appeal process so I'll tell you what I told them: You have one chance to defend yourself and it is at the scheduled meeting of the Competition Review Board, as reported to everyone in the Driver Packets, which you receive at registration. Your race is not over until you check the unofficial results, one ( 1) hour prior to the meeting of the board, to see if your input is required at that meeting. If you fail to appear, for whatever reason, the board will be forced to make a decision based on the facts at hand and that decision will be final!!! The Review Board is the only time we will hear any arguments in your case. The Competition Review Board adjourned at 9:30 A.M. after meeting for over an hour. Dusty Times

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CASH BACK* When you buy a set of four General Grabber light truck radials Sept. 1 through Nov. 30. See your participating General Tire retailer for details. • $ 7.00 cash rebate per tire. There are no guardrails at Pikes Peak. The only thing standing between you and 14,110 feet of Rocky Mountain high is an inordinate amount of driving skill. Guts. And tires you can count on to get you to the top-and back down again. Steve Millen and his Nissan V-6 4x4 Hardbody pickup had it all. And when the dust settled at the 67th Annual Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb, he had roared up the 12.5-mile, 156-tum course in just 13:30.13-not only winning the Division E Class, but setting a new Overall Truck Class record. On General Grabbers. The high performance light truck radials that dig in and go through almost anything. Even if you don't climb mountains, Grabbers can help you raise your light truck's performance to new heights. For the name of your nearest General Tire Motorsports Specialist, call toll-free: 1-800-255-2550. More High Notes for General Tire Motorsports SCCA Racetruck Challenge, Portland-Ray Kong and Pepe Pombo, Genuine Nissan Parts/General Tire teammates, finish 1-2. SCCA/Escort Endurance, Mid Ohio-Scott Gaylord, Ed Conner and Peter Cunningham, and Tim Evans and Ron Lauzon drive John Torok's Tham GRR Honda CRX Si's to a 1-2 SSB win. Mickey Thompson's Championship Off-Road Gran Prix, L.A. Coliseum-Brad Castle wins in Super 1600. SCCA/Escort Endurance, Brainerd-Pombo Racing's Nissan 300ZX wins Class SSA; John Throk's Tham GRR Honda wins Class SSB. SCCA Racetruck Challenge, Brainerd-A 1-2-3 sweep for the Nissan Hardbodies of Spencer Low Racing.

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PIICIS PEAK HILLCU• 11Oncc Again, an Unser is IGng~• Young Robbie Unser reclaimed the "King of the Hill" status for his family at Pikes Peak by winning this year in the super quick Peugeot 405 Turbo Group B rally car. The small things are the ones quick mark of 10:47:22 last year, sure to ruin your day. This is not appeared well on his way to new wisdom; on the other hand, setting a new record when he Ari Vatanen will testify to the fact swung wide on one of the hairpins that it is not out-of-date wisdom near the summit, breaking the either. left-rear wheel and getting a flat For Vatanen, one of the on his Peugeot 405 Turbo. premier rally drivers of all time, Although, the Finnish veteran his quest for a second-straight continued on to the summit, the recond-shattering Pikes Peak best he could manage was an Hillclimb victory came unhinged 11: 12 :54, good enough for fourth on a rock about three miles from overall and second in the the 14 110-foot finish line of the Unlimited Division. 12.42:mile course. Replacin_gVatanen as the "King Vatanen, who set the all-time of the Hill" was a familiar name: THE WRIGHT PLACE~. COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on· Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adjustm~nts. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 10 Robbie Unser, the son of three-time Indianapolis and 13-time Hillclimb victor Bobbv Unser -and, for this year, Vatanen's Peugeot 405 teammate. The young Unser became the latest of his clan to accept the winner's laurels by posting a time of 10:48:34, just a tick off Vatanen's record, and a clear indication that the present Unser family total of 30 first-place finishes will be added to in the future. When asked later about his run, all Unser would say was "awesome", adding that the high-technology Peugeot 405 with its Michelin radials was "the fastest car I've ever driven." Over the years, the venerable Colorado event, which was in its 67th edition this July, has put forth a constant change in technology. But none was so dramatic as the introduction of all-wheel-drive and, with it, the staggering presence of the Europeans. Until the first Audi Quattro appeared in 1982, Pikes Peak was strictly a star-spangled, All-American affair, predictable as mom's apple pie, baseball, hotdogs and a new Chevrolet ( the GM division acting as the event sponsor this year) in your family's garage. The open-wheel set always showed the fastest route up the mountain, while the stock cars provided the thrills as they struggled to both maintain speed and stay on course at the same time. By 1985, however, that had all changed. A French girl, Michele Mouton, owned the bragging rights, having set the fastest time overall in a short-wheelbase Quattro that later wound up in the hands of John Buffum, dominating the U.S. rally scene. Mouton's triumph, not exactly acclaimed in all corners, brought Pikes Peak to the attention of both the European press, and October 1989 Despite some anxious moments at the end when his BFGoodrich Ford had fuel pressure trouble, Leonard Vahsholtz won the Stock car class in the closest finish in years. Guy Light in the supercharged Volkswagin GT/ was top gun in the Open Production Category, despite the very evide1t understeer shown here. other manufacturers, such as Peugeot. Although Bobby Unser, behind the wheel of a specially designed Quattro, took the record back the next year, the real action started in 1987 when both Peugeot and Audi showed up for a showdown. That time, Vatanen again made a slight error, leaving Audi's Walter Rohrl the victor. In 1988, with Audi safely retired, Vananen drove the then-new 405 Turbo and put his name into the record books, an effort that brought even more grumbling about returning the hillclimb to the natives. There were many who believed that the officials of the Pikes Peak Hilldimb Association might take ste~s to rid their prestigious event of its foreign influence. Instead, however, this year's Hillclimb rectived only cosmetic attention, wi6 all of the previous partici-pants invited back in a series of restructed divisions. While the open-wheelers and stock cars remained untouched, the previous rally divisions underwent an overhaul. The rally biggies, the Group B Peugeots and their consorts, went into the Unlimited category, while the middle-ground mudders were placed in the newly created Open Division, and the more nearly Steve Mil/en's General Tire Nissan fights through one of the famed Pikes Peak hairpins on the way to victory in the Truck E classification. Local favorite David Donner, along with his brother Bobby, tried hard to wrest top honors from Peugeot, but he managed just third overall and second behind his sibling in the Open Wheel division. Dusty Times

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Ari Vatanen came close to a repeat win in his Peugeot, but hit a rock and broke a wheel just three miles from the finish line. Ralph Bruning tried hard for the Pikes Peak Stock Car crown in the Goodyear equipped Buick, but came up two tenths of a second short. Clive Smith's BFGoodrich Chevy was well on its way to victory in the Truck E class before a spin relegated Smith to second behind Steve Millen. Throwing dust, Rod Millen guides his Mazda MX-6 GT through a turn on his way to capturing the 2989 Pikes Peak Prepared class crown. stock variety rally set got to try their mountain wings in the Pikes Peak Prepared category. The off-road trucks, which had been introduced to the Hillclimb in 1988, returned. The less-powerful versions competed in Truck E, and their larger brothers in Truck F. All of this provided a large arena not only for the wide variety of domestic and foreign car makers cu rrently attracted to Pikes Peak, but also the ever-present tire manufacturers and other accessory corporations for whom the Hillclimb represents a m ajor source of p o tential publicity. The event organizers, well aware of the increasing visibility of their affair, this year boosted the purse stakes to more than $110,000 with the idea of raising them over the next several years to at least the half-million dollar mark. Additionally, television, in the form of ESPN was on hand to record the action. Another area of change con-cerned crowd control, which was much tougher due to stricter insurance requirements. O n the twisting gravel road that is the race course, local favorites Bobby and David Donner had come prepared to battle the Europeans with a pair of potent, new Chevrolet-powered Dykstra single-seaters. The two brothers tried their best but, in the end, had to settle On a clear day Don Adams can see Pikes Peak from his Colorado ranch. He drove the BFGoodrich Jeep to a clear victory in the Truck F classification at this year's hillclimb. for second and third overall, and the two top positions among open-wheelers. Bobby was the quicker of the two, posting an 11 :01 :41 , while David checked in with an 11 :08:97. Also joining the quickest five overall was the third-placed single-seater, Gary Kanawyer's Wells Coyote. Perhaps the most hotly con-tested division, though, was the Stock Car category where Leonard Vasholtz's BFGoodrich Ford Thunderbird beat Ralph Bruning's Goodyear-shod Buick by two tenths of a second, 12:23:31 to 12:23:51. Third-fastest of the Detroit iron was Larry Carnes and his BFG Chevy Camara that checked in with a 12:25:67. Among the smaller trucks, former Mickey Thompson stadium-racing champion Steve Millen piloted his General Tire Nissan to a 13:30:13 clocking, good enough for the win. Second in Truck E was Clive Smith's Mobil 1 IBFG Chevrolet, which turned in a time of 13:39:91, while Paul Simon's BFG Ford Ranger was third at 17:00:78. Don Adams and his BFG/ Strohs Light Jeep were quickest in Truck F, taking the category with a 13:31 :44 clocking. M ike Purzycki's similar General Tire-shodJeep was second at 14:42:67, with Bob Ewing's Chevrolet garnering third at 17:31:44. Over among the rally set, Guy Light and h is Pir elli-shod, experimental, supercharged Volkswagen Golf GTI posted a 13:34:52 clocking, which earned the Michigan resident first in Open Production. He bested Shannon Smith's four-wheel-drive Bridgestone Mazda 323 GTX, which ran the course in 13:55:31. Third went to the Michelin-equipped Henry Kroli-kowski VW Golf at 13:58:05. In the Prepared Division, Rod Millen and his Michelin Mazda MX-o GT turbo were clocked at 12:43:74 for the victory, while Doug Shepherd's Dodge Daytona, also running on Michelins, took second with a 12:55:96. Third we!).t to Dick Dod e's all-wheel-The ever quick Doug Shepherd tried hard to find some speed at Pikes Peak, but his turbocharged Dodge Daytona finished second in Prepared category. One of the prettiest distaff racers in rallying, Shannon Smith is also a top contender. She placed the Mazda 323 GTX 4WD second in the Open Production category behind Guy Light. Dusty Times October 1989 drive Eagle Talon on BFG's at 13:22:22. Finally, to round out the Unlimited Division statistics, Noriyuki Kosiki collected third in that category by taking his Bridgestone Subaru up the hill in 15:27:87. One other crowd pleaser was John Crawford's Lamborghini LM-002, which was driven as a special exhibition machine by the multi-time Pikes Peak class DRE We also manufacture a full line of bumpe"rs, truck bars, and side bars made with 3" tubing, for most mini, mid and full size trucks. Selected products now avail-able in chrome. NEW 1989 catalog: $3.00 champion. Although no one paid much attention to the numbers, the Italian monster definitely kept the crowd's attention as it headed to the top. All in all, this year's Hillclimb was one of the best-organized, most exciting and safest events in the history of the storied "Race to the Clouds." Given what's happened, one can only wonder what they'll do for an encore next year. The Pre• Runner look from Smittybilt New for '89, Smittybilt offers everything you1 need for the exciting Pr~ Runner look - PrErRunner Bumpers, Truck Bars, and Bed Stiffeners. All with the rugged Smittybilt quality and fantastic fit you've come to expect. SMITTYBILT1NC. 2112 N. Lee, Dept. OT, So. El Monte, CA 91733 (818) 442·1788 Page 11

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HDRA PAHRUMP STATION 500 Robby Gordon Docs it Again By Judy Smith Photos: Track.side Photo Enterprises Robby Gordon and his Class 8 Ford F-150 made history again by winning the Nevada 500 overall. The victory is the second time in three races that Gordon has claimed the overall win in the potent pickup. · Robby Gordon drove his Ford pickup to victory in the second annual HORA Pahrump Station Nevada 500, the sixth event in the eight race SCORE/HORA desert series. Besting the other 148 entries, Gordon survived chal-lenges by a pair of Nevada's best buggy drivers. to be the first to get the checkered flag. Situated almost directly west of Las Vegas, an hour's drive from the bright lights and traffic jams, Pahrump, a small desert commun-ity near the California border, welcomed the influx of racers with open arms, enjoying the shot in the arm to their summer business season. Pahrump Station is a conven-iently situated complex of businesses, adjacent to a car wash, a motel, a huge vacant lot and a trailer park. This became the location of contingency and tech inspection, the start and finish line, post race tech, a collection of food and drink stands, spectator seating, off highway parking and scoring and timing. Everything was within easy walking distance, including an ke cream shop, and a .snazzy motel with jacuzzis and showers in the rooms. Ray Wulfenstein, owner of Pahrump Station, was enthusi-astic about the race, saying that the community would like to see it back every year. When asked if they wouldn't like it at some other time, Ray explained that in August the prevailing winds blow all the dust out of town, but that · later in the year the dust would be blown into town, and the-inhabitants wouldn't like that. As it was, he said, the population hadn't realized just how big an event the race would be, and after a day or two selling _rooms, Bill Church ran alone most of the distance, but he kept a swift pace in his Porsche powered Raceco, and won Class 1 and was 4th overall. meals, snacks, t-shirts or what-have-you, the Pahrump folks were wholeheartedly in favor of the race. The course headed out of Pahrump in a northerly direction, crossing Highway 160 and a couple of smaller roads, but staying on the west side of Highway 95, up to the general vicinity of Beatty. It then zigged and zagged a bit, still northward in general, through Silverpeak, and beyond, swinging a little above, and then coming down into Tonopah, on the east side of Highway 95. From there it was a straight shot southward to Goldfield, still paralleling the highway, and then it slid downward to Beatty again, crossing itself at one point. From Beatty on, the course did double duty, and travelled back to the finish line on the same silty trails it had used for the outward journey. It totaled 441 mile,s, with 12 checkpoints, and 11 road crossings. There was a lot of silt, although four rainy nights had left water in some areas, notably up at the northern end. It was hot, too, about 110 in the neighborhood of Pahrump, but about 15 degrees cooler up at the tip of the course. A short time before race day the desert tortoise had been declared an endangered species, and this had almost spelled the end of the race before it began. It seems that the area between Pahrump and Beatty is supposed to be favorite tortoise stomping grounds, and the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife wanted a moratorium on all racing .-. ~;:., •x,.~~:Z:'S.: '\ ~~i·· -,it:_:··\-i. \. '~:... ·-~ . . , -~ ~ Proving age is no barrier to winning, 61 year old Danny Latner piloted his Raceco/Porsche to victory in Class 2 and second overall with the help of co-driver Ron Brant. for 240 days while they studied the matter. Some concessions were made and the race went on, but there was no pre-running for the first 90 miles of the course, to minimize potential problems for the tortoises. The course was also narrowed drastically, as far as passing goes, for that first 90 miles or so, and, in a further effort to minimize the impact of the race on the tortoises, the first eight classes were started one-every-40 seconds, instead of the usual 15 seconds, with the idea that if they started that far apart, there'd be less passing in the sensitive tortoise areas, and, thus, less damage to their burrows from off-course excursions. There were a few other new things for this race. For one, all pits were required to be on the right-hand side of the course, for the entire length of the race, so that there would not be traffic coming from two sides back onto the trail, confusing and endanger-ing other drivers. And, no pits were to be located after the "Stop Ahead" signs (or within the 300 feet just before a check or a road crossing), and none within 100 feet just past road crossings and checks. Racers who pitted in the forbidden areas would be penalized, and crews in areas declared off-limits for pitting could cause the racer to be disqualified. The "Stop Ahead" signs were themselves new, designed to eliminate the need to have flagmen standing on course, in danger of being hit by dust-blinded drivers. The signs measured about four feet by four feet, were bright yellow with black letters, and stood on both sides of the course. Class 2 took to the road first, and it didn't surprise anyone that Brian Collins, last year's overall winner, in a Porsche-Chenowth, had the lead, albeit a slim one, by · the time they reached Lathrop Wells, which was roughly 56 miles into the race. The Herbst brothers, Tim and Ed, in another Porsche-Chenowth were second, only a minu:e and a halfback, and they had Bo·J Richey, in a Porsche Raceco, about 19 seconds behind them. Mike Lund, in his VW-powered Chenowth, ran a close fourth, 22 ,econds off Richey's tail, with the team of Steve Sourapas ard. Matt McBride, in a Porsche-Rac.i!CO, fifth, a little over a minute lat~r. The close battle raged all along the course, with Collins and the Herbsts reportedly switching back and forth in the lead, and Lund consis:ently at their heels, as Richey ran out ofluck and lost his motor. By the time they reached the northernmo,t point of the course, about 226 miles into the race, Collins had a full four minutes on the Herbsts, and Lund was just a minute in Jack of them, and chasing him was Ron Brant, in Danny Letn~r•s Porsche-Raceco, which had been suffering from a sagged out rear. suspension since the first few miles of the race. On the same minute now, fighting for sixth place, were the McBride/ Sourapas car, and the Toyota-powered Raceco ofJ im Greenway, about seven minutes later. As they headed into the home stretch, it was still Collins and the Herbs ts, battling closely, and watched over by their fathers in the jointly owned helicopter. Reports came in from distant radios as they progressed, and then suddenly, Collins was no more, out beyond the reach of his pit crew with a broken tie rod and no spare. The Herbsts and Lund continued to battle, but Lund's motor gave out and that left the two brothers, in front of the whole parade, but being pushed by Robby Gordon in his truck. As they got to about 15 miles before the finish the Herbsts went into a big hole and the car flew into the air, going end over end, hard. Gordon, just behind them, saw it happen, and stopped to be sure they weren't injured, and then went on his way. The Herbsts, with a broken cage, tried to go on, Neither the lack of power steering or a flat tire kept Jerry Penhall and Dennis Miller from driving their Raceco to second in Class 2. Driving solo,.Jim Greenway managed a third in Class 2 despite flipping the Toyota/Raceco and surviving flats along the rugged course. Frank Vessels brought his American Thunder Chevrolet home second in Class 8, third overall, despite losing fan belts in the final miles. Page 12 October 1989 DustyTimes

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Dave Westhem and Randy Salmont sailed through the silt to Even though Rod Hall's new Dodge 4x4 suffered some Despite changing spark plugs three times, and having the cage come apart, Kirk Van Matre and Carl Olson finished a fine second in Class 10. third in Class 8 and took a fine sixth overall as well. ' overheating trouble, and a soft suspension, Hall took a strong second place in Class 4. had to radio for his crew to come in and help him set it on its wheels, and he lost about 20 minutes. He made it to the finish line in time to finish fourth overall, and, of course, first in Class 1. Class 8 was the next group to start, and when they got to Lathrop W ells, the lead was in the hands of Robby Gordon, in the Ford, who had moved up through traffic to be the first truck on the ,.. road. Running second behind him about three minutes was Dave Shoppe, in his Ford, and Walker Evans ran about a half-minute behind him in his Dodge, in third. Then, after Evans about six minutes, was a thundering trio, Jack Johnson fought off a determined challenge from Rod Hall and his new almost on the same minute, led Dodge, but Johnson won the Class 4 title in the swift Nissan. frantically by Dave W esthem in but the car wasn't up to it, and his Chenowth, who'd had several hisGMC.NextitwasStanGilbert they were out. flats, two of them at once, 40 in his Chevy, and Frank Vessels, Meanwhile, Danny Letner, who miles into the race. He'd finished who'd had three flat tires, two at had taken over for Brant at his long day by having to replace a once, in another Chevy, all within Tonopah, was running with no broken c.v. about two miles 13 seconds of each other. radio, no intercom, fading shocks before the finish line. By the time they got up to the and no brakes, but in front of the The Class 1 troops, if you can halfway point in the race, Gordon rest of the class. He made it to the call three cars " troops", were the had a lead of,about five minutes, finish line, took the winning second group to start. There had and Evans was running second. checkered flag, and told his crew, been only six entries, and what Vessels had picked up some speed "I'm old and tired." About 20 with no-shows and drop outs, and moved into third place, as minutes later the Porsche-:>nly three took to the trail. One Westhem, and co-driver Randy powered Raceco of Jerry Penhall was the team of Billy Bunch, Salmont, held fourth place, and Dennis Miller finished in DebbieBunchandDonRountree, followed by Frank and Jim second place. They'd had a rear in a GMC pickup, which got only Mancha, in their Ford. flat, and Miller had driven the last a short way into the race, with 100 miles with no power steering. Billy driving, and lost its rear Gordon was having a good day, Greenway, who'd been doing suspension. The second was Ivan with no mechanical problems to some close racing with Miller and Stewart, in the Toyota funny- speak of. He had to pinch off one Penhall, had caught a berm in the truck, which lost its ring gear rear brake, but that took only a neighborhood of Goldfield, and about 12 miles into the race, and short time, and he continued to flipped his car over. He'd also had the third entry was Bill Church, in lead, becoming the first vehicle on bl 11 fl hl·s Raceco, who deci·ded he'd 1·ust the road after the Herbsts went a starter pro em, as we as a at, but salvaged third place. have to race for the overall. And out of commission. Robby took In fourth place it was Stuart . he did well, running in the top five the overall win, and then sat at the Chase, who'd started, and Steve atthemidwaypointandhavingno finish line for a full 33 minutes Barlow. They'd had brake major problems. Then, as he before another vehicle took the problems on the first part of the neared Beatty on his way back in, checkered flag. The second·truck race, and then Barlow had lost a his oil temperature looked high, to finish was Vessels, who'd made spindle as he came into Beatty, so he turned around to check the up a lot of time, only to have all and then had a flat about 15 miles oil level in the tank, hit a hole and his belts flip off on the laSt leg. His before the finish. In fiftb, and rolled the car. He wasn't hurt and second place was 48 minutes l k' . d B bG d . the car wasn't damaged, but he behind the win. Westhem and 00 mg tire . • was O ~ or on, m Salmont, who found themselves -~,. "~ ·fi l "ai!, Poe and Fred Ronn overcame a lack of power steering, the loss of fourth gear and a broken rear brake caliper to win Class 10 in the refurbished ORE/Toyota. Dusty Times unable to keep up with Vessels on the dry lake, finished third, about five minutes later, and Evans, who'd lost a driveline, rear-end and transmission after T onopah, fixed all that, and then lost another driveline at Goldfield, was fourth, the rear end leaking big puddles at the finish line. Gilbert brought his truck home in fifth place, about three hours off the lead pace. --Cla~s 10 was next off the line, ·and by the time they got to Lathrop W ells the ORE of Bill Poe and Fred Ronn, recently metamorphosed from a two seater into a single seater, had a lead of about four minutes. First on the road, and second on elapsed time, was the team of Craig Watkins and Greg Aronson, whose Raceco struggled to that point and then October 1989 expired, due to a cooked motor. Jeff Akins and Brian George were running third in their Bunderson at that time, followed by Randy and Rick Wilson, about six minutes behind them, in their Raceco. Fifth place belonged to Scott Pfeiffer, a little over a minute later. Poe continued to lead, and by the midway point he had a half hour on second place Kirk Van Matre and Carl Olson, in a Raceco. Ffeiffer had moved up to third place, followed by the Wilsons, still fourth, and now Steve Myers and Chris Bellows were fifth, in a T oyota;,owered Chenowth. Poe and Ronn had no power steering part of the time and finished with no fourth gear and a broken rear brake caliper, but got the win, taking the checkered flag a half hour before second place. Vani;r ThePRESIDENTE/SCORE ''BAJA 1000'' DRAWING FOR STARTING POSITIONS OCTOBER 10th. For an entry form or more information call: SCORE INTERNATIONAL (818) 889-9216 Page 13

Page 14

i;r Matre and Olson, who were second, had had to change spark plugs three times, and had a piece of the roll cage fall into Olson's lap, but persevered to the finish line. The Wilsons moved up to third, having had to change their spark plugs twice, repair a broken throttle cable, and cope with five flat tires. Fourth place went to Michael Church, who'd had a very slow start to his day when the hot lead on his starter broke, and the cable dropped down and grounded out and blew the batteries, and ruined his starter. He was a long time with repairs, then worked his way up from practically dead last, through traffic, and his time from half-way to the finish was the quickest for his class, at five hours and 17 minutes. Class 4 went next, and Jack Johnson was first on the road, and. in the lead, by Lathrop Wells, his Nissan funny-truck three-and-a-half minutes in front of Rod Hall's new Dodge. Timmy Lee Pruett ran third in his Ford, while Buddy Renoe and Bill Donahoe were fourth in their Dodge. the truck back up on its wheels; When they got up to the and when it flopped over, it northern tip of the course, at mile landed on Timmy's foot and 226, Johnson still led, but Hall · broke it. So his co-driver, Greg was only a minute in back of him, Holman, had to take over from and Renoe and Donahoe now ran there, while Pruett went for first-third, nearly an hour later. Pruett aid. Holman managed to salvage a was fourth, and Steve Kelley, in fourth place, finishing just three his Chevy, was running hard, minutes in front of Renoe and trying to catch up, after losing Donahoe, who'd had to change over an hour to replace a master steering boxes and pumps a cylinder. couple of times. Johnson continued to run The Class 5 Baja Bugs started smoothly, not having to make any next, also enjoying the one-every-unexpected stops, and he took the forty-second timing, and as they win, finishing fifth overall. Hall, came through Lathrop Wells it who'd had overheating problems, was LeRoy Van Kirk and Rick and said the rear-end was too soft, Rowland, in their Porsche-Bug, was nevertheless pleased with his leading by some three-and-a-half new truck, as he finished second, minutes. George Seeley ran and ninth overall. Kelley had a few second, followed by Stan Parnell, more problems, but enjoyed a who pulled in to pit right there, good race with Pruett for a while, needing his windshield cleaned. It and moved up to finish third, two turned out to be a big mistake, hours and 23 minutes behind because Stan's pit had parked Hall. Pruett, who'd been running within the forbidden area after the third, missed a turn going into giant stop signs, and, while they Silverpeak and ran off the road hadn't set up a formal pit, they did into a junk yard, and endoed his flag him in, and that was enough truck. He and his co-driver were to earn them a 30 minute penalty, unhurt, and got some help to s_et assessed by the Competition Review Board the next morning. 88-90 2WD CHEVROLET In fourth place at-that point were Dan Reynolds and Mel Vaughan. Up at the halfway point Reynolds and Vaughan had moved into the lead, and now Harrmut and Wolfram Klawitter had moved into second, after replacing a broken fan belt. Third place was now held by Mike Hallett and Marty Hart, the two A TV racers having a good day, with no problems. Seeley was fourth, but his oil cooler was leaking. I • IT Vaughan and Reynolds lost a Used & Mfg. by NELSON & NELSON RACING, OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONS c. v. and had to make repairs, while the Klawitters broke a . torsion bar. and had to replace it. Seeley melted something inside his distributor, while Hallett and Hart, with no problems, moved Call or write for info: Nelson & Nelson Racing (714) 92S 1936 37157 Industrial Ave. Dept. 0-1 • Hemet, CA 92343 FAX (714) 658-3463 Page 14 October 1989 up into the lead, and came home serving their long string of winners, finishing a nice 18th finishes, were third. In fourth overall. Vaughan and Reynolds place it was Lisa Dickerson and were second, about 20 minutes Scott Cameron, finishing just as a later, and the Klawitters, !)re- rear tire went flat. They finished on a flat tire, but first in Class 1-2-1600, having fought their way up from fifth at the halfway mark. Tom and Bob DeNault had no big troubles along the route. R~ger Mears had an easy time winning Class 7 with his Bridgestone shod Nissan. Mears had no real problems and won the class handily, by more than an hour. Dusty nmes

Page 15

In their sixth time out in a desert race car A TV champs Marty Hart and Mike Hallett claimed the Class 5 Unlimited Bug victory, finishing more than 21 minutes up on second place. The 1-2-1600s came next, with a surprisingly small group of only 18 entrants. At Lathrop Wells they were still in a close bunch, with Mike and Morley Williams in front in their MECO, but only 14 seconds up on Bill and Scott Reams, in their ORC, which had moved up to be the first 1600 on the road. Doug Fortin, Jr. was third, in a Chenowth, 25 seconds back, followed by Larry Martin, in another Chenowth, not quite a minute later. And in fifth place it was Rob Tolleson, in Jim Sumners' Mirage, 10 seconds behind Martin. By the time they got to the top of the course things had changed a little, and it was now Pete McCowen and Dennis Fry, in a MECO, in the lead, with not quite three minutes on Fortin.Tolleson and Sumners were just a minute later, and the Williams family was only 12 seconds behind them. In fifth it was Bob DeNault, in a Chenowth, a little over three minutes later, and only a little more than eight minutes behind the leader. Any one of these teams was still in contention for the win. Tom DeNault took over for Bob, and, in spite of having to drive 25 miles on a flat front tire, managed to move to the lead and stay there, finishing ten minutes in front of second place. Sumners and Tolleson came in second, their motor on the verge of disaster. It had been pinging badly for miles, but Sumners had decided to go for it, saying, "If it fries, it fries." And it didn't, quite. Third, four minutes later, were Craig Forrest and John Prosser, in a Chenowth, who'd broken an alternator belt early on and then lost their rear brakes. Fortin soloed the 441 miles, for a fourth place, making up 14 minutes lost when he rolled the car near Goldfield, flattening a tire. Doug had come in from Scotty's Junction, a distance of about 129 miles, with no power steering, and his total time for fourth place (10:07) was faster than his last year's time ( 10:49), when he won the class. The Reams family finished fifth, having survived a list of troubles that included clutch, power steering, throttle, flats and air cleaners. At that, they were only 32 minutes behind the winning car, a very close ending for the long day. Class 7, the last group to enjoy the one-every-40-second start, was next, and it was a small bunch for this race. Wayne Lee and Marc Cartwright never got their Chevy even to the Lathrop Wells crossing, which left only three of the fast trucks still running. Roger Mears had his Nissan in front there, almost exactly 10 minutes in front of Manny Esquerra and his Ranger. Russ Jones was already an hour down with his Ranger, and then never got to the halfway point. Mears moved along at a good pace, while Esquerra, who'd had an electrical fire just after the start, chased. At the halfway point Mears had about 15 minutes, but by that time they got to Tonopah, Esquerra was reported to be only 30 seconds behind Mears. Then he lost a hub just before the check, and Mears had to stop to put fresh pads on his brakes, so it was Still close for the last 100 miles. Esquerra ran out of brakes, and when he got almost to the finish, he got loose in a turn, hit Spencer Low in his Class 7S Nissan, and tipped him over. The irony of it was that the incident happened almost exactly in the spot where Low had plowed into Esquerra on the outbound course just after the start of the 1988 Nevada 500, putting himself out of the race, and causing serious damage to Manny's truck. This time Manny and his brother, Tudy, stopped to help Spencer get back on his wheels, and then came on in for their second place finish, almost an hour behind Mears, who'd taken the win. The 7 4x4 group, and all those The Cook brothers, Wayne, Darryl and Alan, had a great day at the Nevada 500, claiming their third SCORE/HORA win of the season, with a nearly perfect performance. Dusty Times ';.;, t~:. ~-Ramsay and Lesle finished second over an hour later, having had to deal with a myriad of troubles, which included a broken front axle, a broken front brake line, a broken rear driveshaft, a broken front differential and no alternator. In third place it was the Yorks, and then Simon and Simon finished fourth, about 50 minutes later, after replacing a flywheel, among other things. Steve Russell and Neville Sharpe kept the pedal down, moved from last to finish first in Class 6, despite having a few problems with the Camara along the rugged route. The two-wheel drive mini-trucks came next, and Scott Douglas led the group into Lathrop Wells, his Ranger just over three minutes up on Spencer Low's Nissan, in second. Mike Falkosky had his Toyota third, three minutes later, followed by Rob MacCachren, in a Jeep, who'd lost his power steering and fan belts right off the start, another minute and a halfback. In fifth place it was Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen, in their Toyota, only 50 seconds later. who started after them, were on the old familiar one-car-every-15-seconds schedule, which meant they had more dust right from the beginning. At Lathrop Wells, where the silt was getting deep enough to be nasty, the lead belonged to Sherman Balch, in his Nissan, who promptly got stuck when he stopped for the road-crossing, and needed the help of spectators to get going again. His transmission reportedly suffered irrevei:sible damage. Jerry McDonald, Chevy, was running second at Lathrop Wells, and he passed Balch there while he was stuck. Paul and Dave Simon ran third in their Ranger, 30 seconds later, followed by Jack Ramsay and Mike Lesle, Jeep, just over a minute behind them in fourth. And Darren and Doug York were fifth in their Ranger. At the halfway point McDonald had an eight minute lead, and Simon and Simon were second, followed by York and York, a half hour behind them. In fourth it was Ramsay and Lesle, about 15 minutes later. McDonald was having a good day, and his transmission, recently his biggest problem, was holding up nicely. He had to change a broken spring, and flattened one tire when he hit a rock. When he broke the second spring he was close enough to the end of the race that he just came in on it, taking the win in ten hours and 12 minutes, in 20th position overall. Half of the 7S group never made it half way, but the first five all got there, and MacCachren, things going smoothly now, had the lead, with 12 minutes on second place Low, who'd got up ori a berm in the silt about 135 miles into the race, and rolled over. He'd been having a good race with Douglas, who was now two minutes behind him, in third place. Vinje and Hansen were fourth, and Falkosky was fifth, having r;r_ '3fl4 do-tfue ~ad~~ ~ MR. STICl<ER? • COMPETITIVE PRICING • UNBEATABI..E CiUAI..ITY EXCEI..I..ENT SERVICE LOUIE UNSER IA(llvllv/NFS .1!1{4. ., ... NA110N ~R~ BOB ,. RADIOS ,o,i RACING , • \ !AryA..~(Jj~ ~~g~ TOYOTA .. ~ Hal ·e;ro:m RACING DEVELOPMENT R.L.H. ENTERPRISE unlclenR%7c3s LESLIE'S DRIVEUNE SERVICE HDRA 6bi!5.!/ MASTERCRAFT THE WRIGHT PLACE, DAVE SHOPPE ~-~~➔ u, ~,EK .,. .... -H"'l"!~EE+!"~--,,, ,,1 ,~ •• [ND:0REJ SHER:J."c~NS,:L' /~.!:.~~~~/ CENTERFORCE 1 IIIGNOUUTOFFROADUTNUSIASTS CHENOWTH Mike Lesle Racing OVER $5,000.00 CONTINGENCY POSTED AT EVERY SCORE/H.D.R.A. EVENT Race Car Lettering • Racing Nurnbers • Custorn Decals • Silk Screening • Oie Cutting • Signs • Magnetic Signs • Banners • Window Lettering 1 BOBB Redondo Circle • Huntington Beach, CA 92B4B 714/843-0444 • FAX 714/843-0143 October 1989 Page 15

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Mel Vaughan and Dan Reynolds lost a c. v. joint on their Baja Bug, but were able to make repairs and come back to claim second place in Class 5. Dale and Randy Jordan got stuck twice, but motored on to take a keen second place in Class 6 in the tidy Chevrolet El Camino. Tom Lake and Richard Roberts did a complete rebuild after the Fireworks rollover, and took second in Nevada in Class 5-1600 with a low HP motor. -~-->< 0:tmi David Anckner and Henry Arras had to replace a broken tie rod end, but got the Bug running strong into third place in Class 5-1600. Paul and Dave Simon had to stop and replace the flywheel in the Ford Ranger, but they pressed on in the race and were fourth in Class 7 4x4. Don Adams and Larry Olsen were set to win Class 3/14 before they broke an axle and nailed a hole in the J9ep's radiator. But they patched their way to second in class. DIP" ·lost about 40 minutes. At the finish it was MacCach-ren, who drove all the way, winning by over a half hour, and, incidentally, beating the Class 7 and 7 4x4 trucks while he was at it. He was 13th overall, a great finish. Douglas was second, also driving all the way, and Low, after his contretemps with Esquerra, finished third. Vinje and Hansen were fourth, and Falkosky came in fifth. The limited Baja Bugs, 5-1600, went next, and at the Lathrop · Wells road crossing the lead belonged to Mario Panagiatopo-lous and Chris Knudson, who were 39 seconds in front of Darrell Smith and Don Kelly. In CLASSES FOR: Open Wheel Racers Trucks - 5-1600s A TVs - Odysseys ·mmn8aJIIJD )\IIIIIIQJDdlltiq . ;:·. :=::-. -~:. San Bernardino, CA FREE OVERNIGHT PARKING third it was Dave Anckner and Henry Arras, 24 seconds later, followed by the Cook brothers, Darryl, Wayne and Alan, a minute later, and then Tom Lake and Richard Roberts, in fifth, less than a minute back. All together, the first five cars were separated by only three minutes and 8 seconds. Smitty lost his motor in T onopah, and Anckner and Arras took over the lead, with two-and-a-half minutes on the second place Cook'n team. Then there was a gap, and Lake and Roberts were third, about 14 minutes later, followed by Panagiatopolous and Knudson, in fourth. Leroy Hansen, just barely recovered from knee surgery, and Robert Knight, ran fifth now. The Cooks, vho divided the driving in thirds, had a good day, and moved up to the front to take the win, their third HORA victory this year. Lake and Roberts who'd had to rebuild their car after a pre-race rollover at the Fireworks, had a smooth day! 93.5 -~------A.ff Ir OFF ROAD CHALLENGE SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1989 The Fourth Race In The Five Race Serles The Finest in Short Course Racing 100% Cash Payback For information contact BRIAN CHURCH (714) 880-1733 P.O. Box 2339 ENTRY FEES: Trucks, Open Wheelers - $200.00 ATVs - $75.00 ADMISSION: $10.00 - Adults $ 5.00 - Children Children under five FREE San Bernardino, CA 92406 Odysseys - $100.00 5-1600s - $100.00 Open Grandstand Seating - Come and See All the Action! DESERT RACERS! COME OUT AND TRY OUR SUPER TRACK! WIDE ENOUGH TO RACE DESERT CARS! Page 16 October 1989 Dusty nmes

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. , ., .... 4, •. ~..; .. .... J .,,., It was a relatively easy day for Ray McClain and Mike Daghlian as they drove the Ghoster to a good second in Class 9 nee Challenger class. Defending points champions Nick Gross and Joe Valentine brought the T-Mag LaPlant through the silt to third in Class 9 at the rugged race. Scott Douglas had a good dice with Rob MacCachren in Class 7S, but Douglas, who also drove solo, finished second in his Ford Ranger. with only one flat, but found their new motor wasn't quite strong enough in the silt. They came in second, only nine minutes after the Cooks. Anckner and Arras, who had a broken tie rod end at Tonopah, finished third, and !';ma1?iatopolous and Knudson were fourth. Hansfii aud !C"?Ight broke a tie rod and took a rock in their fan, but held things together to finish fifth. Only three of the new Chen-owth Mini Mags took to the road for this race, and Charles Townsley, and his son Charlie, had the lead by the time they got to the Lathrop Wells road. Following them in second place, were Randy and Eric Pettit, about a half hour later. But only the Townsley team passed our note-taker at the halfway point, and they motored on in to be the only finishers, taking their third win. They'd had some clutch problems which meant that the silt was really tough for them, but everything was great the next day when they accepted their $5000. guaranteed purse for the win. Townsley grinned happily as he explained to the crowd that the $5000 check, the third he's earned so far, meant that he'd paid for his race car already. Class 9, the Challengers, took the green flag next, and found themselves fighting silt_ from the very beginning. By the time they got to Lathrop Wells, Rich Richardson and Kevin Perrault had the lead, their Jimco a minute and 40 seconds in front of second place Roy and Wade Prince in a Chenowth. Nick Gross and Joe Valentine were third, 25 seconds later, in their T-Mag, while Norm Lester and D:!Y~ Ramocinski ran fourth in a Raceco, eight seconds behind them. ln fifth it was Bill and Ron Brady, in a Chenowth. Up at mile 226, Lester and Ramocinski, who'd stopped to tighten a balljoint nut, and tape on a spare balljoint just in case, were leading by nine minutes. Ray McClain and Mike Daghlian ran second now, in their Ghoster, and Michael Currier and Joel Stanka-vich ran third, in a Sandhawk. Gross and Valentine dropped to fourth, having had several flats, and Richardson and Perrault, who'd lost time when the set screw on their shifter came undone, also lost time as their rear shocks started breaking, but still held on to fifth place. As Ramocinski, who drove the last stretch, got to the last few miles, he began to relax, but he shouldn't have. At mile 428 the balljoint that had been loose gave up completely, and he had to fix it. Happily, they had taped on that spare, so he lost little time making ~£airs in the dark, and still Jerry McDonald didn't hang around to find out how his opposition did, since he won Class 7 4x4 in the Chevy S-10 by an hour 20 minutes margin, despite having broken springs. Dave Ashley had the early lead in Class 3/14, dropped back with troubles, then came back to win the class in the Goodyear Ford Bronco. Dusty nmcs managed to get to the finish line first. The McClain/Daghlian team finished second, having only one flat, and tossing two fan belts all day. In third it was Gross and Valentine, and fourth went to Richardson and Perrault. Class3/ 14 wasn't too hefty this time, but most survived to the finish line. Dave Ashley put his Brc~~0 tnto the lead by Lathrop Wells Road, with Mike ~khwd-linger and Steve Kramer about four minutes back in second place in their Jeep. In third place it was Don Adams and Larry Olsen, another Jeep, only two minutes further back. AndJerry Daugherry' ran fourth in his Blazer, three minutes later. Somewhere in the Although Norm Lester and Dave Ramocinski had a variety of ball joint woes, they handily overcame the problems to claim the victory in the big Class 9 ranks with their Raceco. \ More off-road races are won on Bilsteins than any other shock absorber, period. -. •BORN TO PERFORM'" BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog, send $2.50. October 1989 Page 17

Page 18

fJIP'" mid-section of the course, Ashley had problems, and Adams and Olsen took over the lead. The others were still running, but no intermediate times are available for them. Schwellinger and Kramer, who'd broken a left front drive axle, ran in two wheel drive most of the day, and lost their fan belts several times. Adams and Olsen broke an axle housing, and somehow poked a hole in their radiator, so they had to stop to keep adding water. Ashley, recovered from his difficulties, caught back up, and took over the lead. He came on to the finish line to get another win, three hours in front of second place Adams and Olsen. Schwel-linger and Kramer were home another 20 minutes later, and Rick Sieman and Chuck Sukiasian were fourth in their Bronco, over an hour later. Class 6 all got to the Lathrop Wells road crossing in fairly good order, with George Wagenblast and Danny Ashcraft, who;ve put a six cylinder in their Bronco, in the lead. They had 34 seconds on Brian Stewart, in ·the Jeep Cherokee, who ran second, followed by Dale and Randy Jordan, in their Chevrolet El Camino, seven seconds later. In fourth it was Larry Schwacofer and Erich Wutzler, in the '57 Chevy, and a minute behind them came Arne Gunnarsson and John Johnston III, in their Saab. Stewart picked up the pace and took over the lead, while the rest -r°"' f'~ -s,... '4( . ..,* "\, ....... ; ~~ ~ ~ ~ ,.. ~""' , . ,_I, 111' , , ;;,~ - • Despite losing the power steering belts at the start, Rob MacCachren drove the Jeep Comanche solo to victory in the Class 7S tight contest. of ·the crew had various troubles. and they attribute it to the lucky The Saab broke a spindle, and $11 they found in contingency Schwacofer broke a tie rod, as row and taped to their race car. well as being hit by someone else After the race they fed it into the pretty solidly. The Jordan slot machines and won$200 with brothers had to replace their it, proving that they were right. radiator and a couple of belts, and Gunnarsson and Johnston finished got stuck twice. The Russell/ third, less than an hour behind Sharpe team lost belts also, and thelll i~ th:: Saab, and Schwacofer aiso had some front suspension and Wutzler were fourth, 32 troubles and flats, while Wagen- minutes later, and nobody else in blast and Ashcraft lost two third the class finished. members, as well as a wheel and Class 11, with only three belts. It seems that the silt was entries, was invited to start at packing in the pulleys and then Beatty, so that they wouldn't run popping the belts off. It was a afoul of the cut-off times this year, common problem for this race, in as they had last year. This time, all classes. since they couldn't be caught Stewart did not finish the race. going north when the early leaders Russell and Sharpe came in first in were heading south on the part of the Camaro, taking the win by 16 the course that was run both ways, minutes over the second place they got to run a full race. And it Jordan brothers. This was the first was hard fought all the way. finish in !'Jevada for theJ<?!_dans, They ran together much of the • way, in sight of one another, and f even managed to get slightly lost together at one point. Ramon Castro, the defending champion, had a lot of problems, including no brakes, no clutch, and no starter. He said it was, " ... very difficult to restart my car!" But his suspension worked beautifully. He had trouble with the hill, and had to make a second try at it, and also got stuck in first gear for 25 miles. Since he couldn't shift he ran in whatever gear he could find, and sometimes had to go faster than he liked. He said he nearly rolled it several times. Also, his gas cap came off, and every time While the Class 11 entry was slim at the race, the competition was tight all the way. Saul Zambrano and Jeff Strait had to fight hard for their win in the Volkswagen Beetle. he went over a bump gas sloshed up on his windshield, and then the N VDO - Chenowth - Simpson ""'!!!l __ s_A_H_A_R_A _ _..:c TriMil - K & N Filters - Bugpack 3 !:: · Bilstein - Centerline - Cibie w X _, ;;: 5s Hewland-Porsche Turbo CVs > .,_ __ s_1R,_1..,u ... :s_-tc Beard's Seats- Parker Pumper ~ ~ Yokohama Tires -Super Trapp -d: ,cc Gem Gears -KYB Shocks ::> SPRING MTN. i~ · Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place -Dura Blue Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. NEVADA PHONE ORDER HOUSE 3054 So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911 • (702) 871-5604 Page 18 silt stuck, and the wipers couldn't keep it clear. Meanwhile, Saul Zambrano and Jeff Strait, who shared the driving, lost their brakes about 20 miles out, and kept blowing the comers. They didn't get the brakes fixed until T onopah, and then they could finally run full speed. They had some trouble with the hill, too, but passed Castro there, leaving him a flashlight in case he had more trouble. For the last 20 miles of the race, as Zambrano headed into the finish, he kept expecting Castro to catch him, because he knew he had more horsepower. But it didn't hap~n, and Zambrano and Strait, in their first year of racing, got their first win . Andy D iaz and Scott Wagstaff, who'd run with them off and on all day, finished second, an hour later, and Castro was third, only a few minutes before the finish line was set to close for the night. The race didn't attract as big a crowd as last year, down from 186 starters to 149 this time. It may have been the location, Pahrump not being a well-known resort, and maybe not winning favor with the families and supporters of some racers. O r it may have been the fact that August is always deadly hot in that part of the world, or the fact that it's a fairly expensive and difficult race to run because of the loop course. few problems, and on the whole, it was a successful race, marred by almost no complaints or protests. As we stated earlier, Pahrump wants it back next year, but a lot depends on the tortoise and the Department of Fish and W ildlife. The new rules and strictures, imposed in part because of the tortoise, and in part in the interest of safety, worked well, with very In the meantime, HORA hosts the racers one more time, in mid-October, at Jean, Nevada, for the Gold Coast race. HORA Pahrump Station Nevada 500 Results - August 12, 1989 # Pos. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Clan I - Unlimited Single Seat -4 start -1 finish 102 Bill Church (solo) RaC8C01Porsche Class 2 •.Unlimited Two Seat• 17 start • 8 finish 214 1 Danny Latner/Ron Brant RaC8COIPorsche 219 2 Jerry Penhall/Dennis Miller RaC8C01Porsche 221 3 Jim Greenway RaC8COIToyota 213 4 Stuart Chase/Steve Barlow Raceco 200 5 Bob Gordon Chenowth Class 1-2-1600 • 1600cc Restricted Engine •18 start •14 finish 1605 1 Tom and Bob DeNault ChenOllflh 1609 2 Jim Sumners/Rob Tolleson nmrige 1612 3 Craig FQ~!°eS:!Junii t'rosser ChenO',fth i 619 4 Doug Fortin, Jr. (solo) ChenOllflh 1607 5 Scott and Bill Reams CJC Clan 3n4 • Short WB 4X4 • 7 start • 5 finish 305 1 David Ashley/Mike Bakholdin Ford 13,:>nco 348 2 Don Adams/Larry Olsen Jeep Wangler 300 3 Mike Schwellinger/Steve Kramer Jeep CJ 7 308 4 Rick SiemantChuck Sukiassian Ford Bronco 349 5 Mike and Stephen Horner GMC S-15 Class 4 • Long WB 4X4 • 7 start • 5 finlsl'I 400 1 Jack Johnson Nissan Hardbody 403 2 Rodney HalVJim Fricker Dodge 401 3 Steve Kelley/Ben Metcalf Chevroet 449 4 Tim PruetVGreg Holman Ford F.j50 404 5 Buddy Renoe/Bill Donahoe Dodge W-150 Class 5 • Unlimited Baja Bug • 8 start • 6 finish 507 1 Mike HalletVMarty Hart Baja Bug 502 2 Mel Vaughan/Dan Reynolds Baja Bug 500 3 Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter Baja Bug 503 4 Lisa Dickerson/Scott Cameron Baja Bug 506 5 LeRoy Van Kirk/Rick Rowland Porsche Clan 5.f600 • 1600cc Baja Bug - 11 start • 7 finish 577 1 Darryl.Wayne & Alan Cook Baja Bug 559 2 Tom Lake/Richard Roberts Baja Bug 556 3 David Anckner/Henry Arras Baja B11g 557 4 Mario Panagiotopoloous/C. Knudson Baja Bug 555 5 Robert Knight/Leroy Hansen Baja Bug Clan 6 • Production Sedan • 8 start • 4flnlah 603 1 Steve Russell/Neville Sharpe Chevy Camaro 604 2 Dale and Randy Jordan Chevy 8 Camino 617 3 Ame GunnaruontJohn Johnston Ill Saab 96 605 4 l.arTy Schwacofer/Erich Wutzler 57 Chevy Clau 7 • Unlimited Mini-Midi Pickup. 4 atart. 2ffni.h 701 3 Roger Mearl/Tony Alvarez Nissan 719 4 Manny & Tudy Joe Esquerra Ford Rvlger Clau 7S • Stock Mini-Midi Pickup• 12 atllrt - 5 flnlah 726 1 Rob MacCachren/Mike Smigulec Jeep Comanche 723 2 Scott Douglal/Jeff Howe f-ord Rvlger 730 3 Spencer low/Paul Delang Nissan 759 4 Malcolm V inja,'Mark Hansen Toyota 731 5 Mike and Pat Falkosky Toyota Clau 7 4X4 -stock Mini-Midi 4X4 • 10 ata,t • 5 ftnleh 762 1 Jerry McDonald/Brian SIBWl.rt Chevy S-10 796 2 Jack Ramaay/Mke' lNle Jeep Comanche 764 3 Darren and Doug York f-ord Ranger 798 4 Paul and David Simon Ford Ranger 761 5 Gregg ~mondl/.Jm Winker Toyota Clau 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup • 12 atart -8 flnleh 800 1 Robby Gordon fRusa Wernimont Ford F-150 802 2 Frank Veuell/Jon Nelson Chevrolet. 808 3 Dallid Weslhem/Randy Salmont QC 812 4 Walker Evans Dodge 810 5 Stan Gilbert/Ste¥8 And,ews Chevrolet Clas• I• Reatrlcted Buggy -14 atart • 8 finlah 901 1 Nonn lester Da¥8 Ramocinaki Raoeco 904 2 Ray MoClain DaghUan Ghoste,-900 3 Nick Gross/Joe Valeentine T-Mag-laplant 907 4 Richardson/Kevin Perrault .Jmco 998 5 Craig White/David KribeU Chenowth Clau IO • Unlimited 1850cc • 11 start • 8 ffnlah 1099 1 Bill Poe/Fren Ronn ORE/Toyota 1010 2 Kirk Van Matre/Carl Olson Raoeoo 1005 3 Randy and Rick Wilson Raoeoo 1000 4 Michael Church (solo) Raceco'Toyota 1009 5 Steve Myers/Steve Bellows Chen°"'1h/Toyota Clan II • Stock VW Sedan -3 start .3 finish • 1198 1 Saul Zambrano/Jeff Strait VW Beede 1196 2 Andy Diaz/Scott EWagstalf VW Beede 1100 3 Ramon Castro VW Beede Clan Mini• Mag • 3 start -1 finish 1203 1 Charles and Charli e Townsley Mini-Mag Starters - 149 Finishers -86 Finish ratio - 57.7% Race Distance • 441 miles Fast Time Overall - Robby Gordon - Class 8 • 7:58:11 • Class required to go two thirds of the course for a finish. Time 8:47:40 8:41:05 9:03:03 9:04:36 . 9:31:14 10:01 :07 ~:4V3 9:52:58 9:56:47 10:07:57 10:14:28 11:44:46 11:49:03 15:10:08 16:32:54 17:50:58 8:48:13 9:04:48 11:11:42 12:19:36 12:22:38 10:03:40 10:24:14 11:12:42 11 :18:53 12:00:03 11 :40:06 11:49:57 12:16:49 12:54:04 13:08:13 15:20:54 15:36:00 16:25:14 16:57:03 10:03:03 11 :00:35 9:55:11 10:32:-46 10:56:28 11:12:01 11 :-46:55 10:12:27 11:32:-46 11:44;51 12:31 :SO 14:51 :12 7:58:11 8:-46:45 8:51:09 10:50:21 11:03:02 12:06:21 12:23:54 12:40:13 13:07:51 13:34:43 10:03:05 10:37:29 10:55:36 12:17:42 12:19:37 13:11:13 14:15:00 15:19:03 13:11:12 0/A 4 2 7 8 10 15 .. II 12 14 19 21 41 75 78 84 86 5 9 33 52 54 18 23 35 36 45 39 44 50 60 63 80 82 83 85 16 31 13 24 29 34 43 20 38 42 56 n 1 3 6 27 32 48 55 58 62 69 17 25 28 51 53 64 Dusty Times

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Stuart Chase and Steve Barlow had a host of problems, but kept the Raceco going to finish fourth in Class 2. Mike Schwellinger and Steve Kramer were stuck in 2 WO in the Jeep most of the way; they still came in third in Class 3/14. Mario Panagiotopolous and Chris Knudson found themselves in a tight battle all day, as they came home fourth in Class 5-1600. After a relatively conservative and trouble free run, Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen took their Toyota to a fourth in Class 7S. Although slowed by some shifting problems, Rich Richardson and Kevin Perrault brought their Jimco in for a fourth place finish in Class 9. Dusty nma Despite some problems Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter added to their consecutive string of top five finishes with a third in Class 5. Arne Gunnarsen and John Johnston overcame a broken spindle on their Saab 96 to finish a solid third in Class 6. Darren and Doug York had a good day at the Nevada 500 with their Ford Ranger, racing to a well deserved third place in Class 7 4x4. Five flats, two changes of spark plugs, and a broken throttle cable later Randy and Rick Wilson came home third in Class 10 in the Raceco. · OCtobcr 1989 Steve Kelley ran his Chevy hard after losing an hour replacing a master cylinder, but Kelley went on to third place in Class 4. Manny and Tudy Joe Esquerra had electrical fires, broken hubs, etc., but they struggled on to finish second in Class 7 in the Ford. It wasn't a good day for Walker Evans, who lost a rear end, trans, and two drivelines, but the Dodge still finished fourth in Class 8. .;.m..,.....;;~~"'•;...;:t..i..-..,dk In a hard fought contest from start to finish, Ramon Castro, going solo, brought his Beetle to the finish line, third in Class 11. Page 19

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The Start of a New Season in Colorado By Tony Jackson .;;, ,,,_...-.,,.._ ~= "'!"! --~·)-#! --~···};itlt:' ,,,~,-~ Colorado's stadium super star Mitch Mustard strutted his stuff during practice on the alternate course in Berthoud, Colorado to open the Great Western Points Series. Great Western Points Series street stock class arose from started the new season on May 21 various requests over the last at the Valley Dirt Riders (VDR) · couple of seasons to include a facility in Berthoud, Colorado. In class which anyone could take some ways the start was a their every day four wheel drive disappointment, as, due to truck and race with it. Minimal various legal paperwork issues, modifications, apart from ·those the new facility at Mead could not required for safety, are allowed, be used. However, the club got so the crowd can identify directly together and put in a new short with trucks on the track. course circuit at VDR. The Due to the large number of change of location at the last classes, and the resulting differ-minute certainly hurt from the ences in performance, practice point of view of the spectator could not be the usual free for all. attendance, but the racers were as Each class had two practice enth-usiastic as ever. sessions for track familiarization Seventy five racers from all and tuning. over Colorado, with a sprinkling The format of the races was a from Wyoming, Nebraska and six lap heat and a main consisting New Mexico, participated. of eight laps for the quads and The quad classes had been a Odysseys and twelve laps for the great success last year, the first car classes. All of the heat races year they were run, so four quad were held in sequence, then a classes were on the schedule. break for track grooming, These consisted of two capacity followed by the main events . . classes (250cc and under and The Opening Ceremonies were open) and two rider classifications followed by some demonstration (Bs - the less experienced riders, hot laps by Mitch Mustard, the and As). local racer who is making a name Odysseys and street stock forhimselfintheMi.ckeyThomp-trucks have been added to the son Series. This deomostration calendar for this season. The was extremely popular with the Odyssey classes are a logical crowd. extension to extend our class The first race, the heat for coverage to other forms of off 250cc class B quads got away on road four wheel vehicles. The time. This class was dominated bv_ Pam VerHow, who led both th~ heat and the main from flag to flag. Pam is one of the best of the local female riders and she sure showed the boys the way home this time out. The next section consisted of the Odysseys. The heat race produced plenty of excitement with Gary Koop leading from the flag with Patrick Waters and Dale Fee fighting it out for second and third spots. On the last lap, Koop experienced mechanical dif-ficulties which dropped him back to third, behind Waters and Fee. At the drop of the flag in the main, Fee Jumped into the lead with Waters and Dustin Coon-field in hot pursuit. They held this formation for five of the eight laps, 'then Fee made a slight error of judgement which allowed Waters and Coonfield through. They ended up this way. Both the heat and the main for Quad B Open was a benefit for Pat Brooks, David Glaber and Ken Jackson, as they took the first three places in both the heat and the main (albeit in different orders). It ended up with Brooks, Glaber & Jackson in the heat, then Graber, Brooks and Jackson in the main. The next section was for weve written the book on Off Road. •FAT Racing Parts •Centerline Wheels • Bilstein Shocks •Sway-A-Way • Perma-Cool We've completed the most comprehensive catalog of race-proven parts ever. From the people who have put more Off Road drivers in the Winner's Circle than anyone else. Whether it's a simple Dzus button or an elabo-rate race-ready engine. Call. write. carrier pigeon. anything. But do it now. Or you'll be at the back of the pack. PERFORMANCE FOR YOUR FAT PERFORr'v1ANCE CATALOG. SEND S5 TO FAT PERFORtv1ANCE DEPT. DT. 1558 NO. CASE ST .. ORANGE. CA 92667. OR CALl(714) 637-2889 Page 10 •S&S Headers • Weber Carbs •IPF Lights •JaMar Products • Wright Place • Tri-Mil Exhaust •Gem Gears • Beard Seats •Simpson Safety •Super-Trapp • Yokohgma Tires • Petro-Tech 2000 October 1989 •· . A pack of 1-2-1600 buggys dash around the new course located in the middle of Colorado's fertile farmland. another new ~lass-: th; Sto~k Pilots -the new vehicle from Honda. These entrants were racing for contingency money put up by Honda America. Because the result was dependent on driver skill, rather than differ-ences in the vehicles, this class generated some of the closest racing. In the heat Mark Persch-bacher was the first off the line and held the lead for the first lap, with Jay Underwood nipping at his heels. Underwood got through Of! the second lap and it was Perschbacher's turn to do the nipping. Neither had an easy time of it, however, as Rick Coatman was there the whole time, waiting for a mistake. The mistake never came, however, and the order remained the same at the flag. In the main, Underwood got off to a good start with Perschbacher and Bill Waters close behind. Perschbacher got through on the second lap to take the lead, but blew two tires coming over the main jump. He kept going, but the added drag forced him from contention. Perschbacher's demise left the way open for Underwood and Waters to fight it out to the end. The final order was Underwood and Waters, with Coatman coming in a close third. A field of 12 Quad 250 A's were next. These produce the usual close racing with several riders having a shot at the lead during the heat. The main battle developed into a fight between Ron Cornforth, Vance Stolz and Scott Milhapps, with position changes every lap. At the flag, however, that was the order in which they finished. Doug Cook got a good start and held the lead at the end of the first lap of the main, but the pack was close behin:l and he dropped back on the second lap, giving the lead to Vance Stolz, hotly pursued by Mitch Coo,c and Ron Cornforth . The'Se three swapped the lead for the next several laps, but Cornforth faded a little in the last two laps to allow Chris Oberding to get into the three way fight for the lead. His late charge was not quite enough for him to get through in the end, and the race ended with Mitch Cook taking the win from Scott Millsapps and Chris Oberding. As usual, the l/2-1600s provided some of the best entertainr.ient of the day (not always intentionally). At the start of the heat, it was Gerry Bowers in the lead with Keith Chestnut second. By the end of the second lap, the situation had changed somewhat with Chestnut in the lead and Ed Shaver moving up from ninth at the end of the first to take second, closely followed by David Gee. Shaver spun out at Even the whoop-dee-doos give the Unlimited buggys a chance to show their off road abilities to each other and the spectators. A common scene in the off road racing world; buggy drivers with a different idea about which way to the checkered flag and how to get there. Dusty Times

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Heavy Metal is always a popular event with such powerful heavy hitters as these drivers dueling right down to the finish line. A new class for street stockers with racing saftey equipment was run and Chuck Freilag won in his everyday work truck. Street Stocker Bruce Huston did this in his first race, on the first lap, in the first turn, and yes, it was his first roll over. the end of the straight and there was a slight "coming together" between Shaver and Gee. Chuck Landers took the opportunity to get through from fourth to second and Scott Viers moved up to third, before retiring with mechanical problems at the end of the fourth lap. Gee continued to race, in spite of a broken arm sustained in his altercation with Shaver, and moved up to third again by the fifth lap. The heat finished with Chestnut, Landers and Gee taking first, second and third. In the main, Gee decided to give his arm a rest, so his seat was taken by Doug Bath. Bath made the most of the opportunity and jumped into the lead at the start, followed by Chad Bertram and Keith Chestnut. During this lap, Scott Viers showed amazing versatility in being able to balance his car on a water barrel, with all four wheels off the ground. This earned Viers the name "barrel rider", as well as several unprintable ones, from the corner workers who had to lift the car clear. Meanwhile, Paul Shaver, who had taken over the car from Ed, was up to second and pushing Bath hard. Shaver got through during the third lap and held the lead by about half a car length from Bath with Chestnut third. Bath retook the lead, but then immediately went out as a universal joint fell apart in the steering column, presumably as a result of Gee's crash in the heat. This left the way open for Shaver to take a clear lead, which he held to the end. Bowers got up to Scott Viers put his 1-2-1600 car through some special tricks in the main event to earn the "Barrell Rider" award. -Honda American sponsored the Stock Pilots class for their new four-wheel vehicle named Pilot. Jay Underwood emerged as the main event victor. ,,. .,-., Jay Anderstrom played in the lead pack in the Heavy Metal races taking a third spot in the heat and a second place in the main. Dusty Times second in the second half of the race, but spent the last six laps holding off Chad Bertram, who took third. The Quad A Open class produced very close racing. The heat got off to a good start with Vance Stolz taking the lead, which he was to hold to the end, not without competition. Scott Millsapps pushed hard the whole time to try and catch Stolz and also hold off Zack Vernado. Although the racing was close, the "Same order held throughout the race to the flag. The main race provided a different picture. Allen Hall got the lead at the start, closely pursued by Vance Stolz and Zack Vernado. In the second lap, Vernado faded to fourth as Ron Cornforth came from behind and got third. He spent the next four laps playing tag with Hall and Stolz, but the positions remained the same. The last two laps completely mixed the front order, with Cornforth taking a fine win, Stolz second and Hall third. The next event proved to be one of the most popular on the program, although only two Street Stock trucks entered. In the heat, Bruce Houston distinguished October 1989 himself by managing to roll his truck in the first corner of the first lap of his first race. (He later confided that it was his first roll). As a result, Chuck Freilag walked away with the heat. Undaunted, Houston returned for the main event, but was unable to hold off Freilag who took the win. Although there were only a couple of entries, this race raised a lot of interest,. and promises to generate more entries and enjoyment in the rest of the series. The Unlimited Buggies and Class 10 generated a disappointing number of entries. As a result the classes were merged. Bill Coffey took the lead from the start of the heat with Scott Salonya second and Tony Jackson third. The order stayed the same until Coffey ·retired at the end of the fourth lap with a blown oil cooler. The main started well with Salonya taking the lead. However, Coffey got past him on the second lap. The rest of the race was a bit of a procession, Coffey taking the win, with Salonya second and Jackson third. The final class of the program was the Heavy Metal. In the heat race, Jim Olson jumped out into the lead, with Tim Briscoe second. They help these positions for the whole race, but a great fight developed for third between Larry Lee, Jay Anderstrom and Dick De Vries. These three fought for the place for the whole race, but in the end it was De Vries who took the third. The start of the main looked very much like a repeat of the heat, withJimOlsonjumpinginto the lead and Tim Briscoe in second. But Olson went out after the first lap with sheared lug bolts and Briscoe was not very happy, having damaged a wheel bearing during the heat. Briscoe held on to the lead for another couple of laps, but was being challenged by Dick DeVries and Jay Ander-strom. Eventually, Briscoe faded back and De Vries took the lead with Anderstrom second and Thad Briggs third. In spite of several fights, they retained this order to the end. DeVries has been one of the local regulars for several years, but this represents his first win. The event was a huge success from the racing point of view, although a little disappointing in terms of spectator turn out. We now look forward to the second event of the series on June 4. Improved manufacturing technology allows us to o.lfer our New System II power steering assembly at an economical price. This complete lightweight system consists of all new components and includes a properly pressured steel pump, brackets, pulley, belt, valve, ram, fluid tank and necessary hardware for easy installation. Compare our price and quality with other ma£1u.facturers' systems. You can rely on our System II to steer you right-Bob Gordon, Doug Fortin, Spencer Low and the M~Millins do! Call or write today for additional information. Unique Metal Products 87➔5 Magnolia Santee, California 92071 619/➔49-9690 Page 21

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The C.R.S. Glen Helen Rallysprint Text & Photos: Rod Koch Ken Smith drove his street legal Mazda 323 4x4 Turbo into first place overall plus a GT class win, then removed the racing numbers and stickers and drove home like the rest of us. The 1989 Glen Helen Rally-sprint Aka., The Bun Burner Trophy Dash, ·was held on Saturday, July 29th, at the Glen Helen raceway and Off-highway vehicle park in San Bernardino. Glen Helen, located at the foot of the historic Cajon Pass, proved once again to be a super race site for the fourth event of the California Rall Series and the SCCA Southern Pacific Divisional calender for 1989. Glen Helen organizer, Mike Blore had just recovered from a severe concus-sion that he suffered a week earlier when his Mazda 323 GTX rolled into a ball at the Hollister Hills Divisional event. CRS members pitched in to help out and the Glen Helen event came off as scheduled. CRS and Southern Pacific Divisional points leader, Jeff Griffin, scored a third in Open class and fifth overall in his Volvo 142. Page 22 THE LIGHTEST WHEELS IN OFF-ROAD RACING! DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED! MONOCOQUE RACING WHEELS 10658 Prospect Ave., Unit C Santee, CA 92071 (619) 448-2800 • FAX: (619) 448-2206 The 1.4 mile course included a 1 / 4 mile straightaway in front of the grandstands and tight and twisty curves which ran up, down, and around the hills, then disappeared into a wooded glen and emerged back in view of the grandstands again. 28 drivers started the event at 11 :01 a.m. The one minute spacing between rally vehicles, often saw three cars on the course at one time. 1989 CRS and So. Pacific Divisional points leader, Jeff Griffin, was anxious to increase his points lead, as Lon Peterson, defending 1988 So. Pacific Divisional champ, was not far behind in points. Peterson with his navigator Jim Love, had recently finished third overall at the Rim of the World National event, and were the odds on· favorite to win Glen Helen. However, a former CRS champion, Ken Smith, drove his Mazda 323 GTX to the event, and without the benefit of either a service crew or navigator, proceeded to set fast time on each stage. After the second stage, the course started to get badly chewed up as the cars and trucks dug in on the curves. By the end of the third stage (Lap), dust often obscured the vehicles, and the water truck was called in. This also gave competitors and spectators the opportunity to scurry into the shade, as the temperature was hovering around the 100° F mark. Ken Smith was hotly pursued by both Peterson and Griffin, but Smith's biggest challenge for fastest times came from the big Ford pick-up driven by Ted Kendall, who blasted around the tight course in a display of power, roostertails of dirt and dust. Carl Jardevall, having lost considerable time on the first October 1989 E .. "-Blasting into the top spot in the Open class and sec~nd overall was Ted Kendall in his powerful yellow Ford pickup. Despite the July heat, Gary Luke's front-wheel driv3 Dodge Shelby placed a solid second in the GT class and third overall. stage due to an oil line problem, . surprised everyone as he set . fastest time for one stage at 2.40 minutes in his clean Saab 99. A service break followed the fourth stage, and the course was again watered down. The cars were scheduled to run the remaining two stages in the opposite direction. Ken Smith, driving his 4-wheel drive turbocharged Mazda so smoothly as ifhe were just out for a Saturday drive, maintained the overall lead and first in the GT class.Ted Kendall had the second overall spot and fastest in Open class. Harris Done in his older Mazda RX3 held a slim lead in the CRS Stock class over the Toyota Corolla of Norberto Gomez. At the end of the fourth stage, only four cars had DNF'd. Three due to mechanical problems, and one, the Volvo 240 ofBill Malik which had rolled over gently on the third stage and d~iven off under its own power. The last two stages saw the remaining 24 entries all finish. John Rosello, driving Jim Love's CRS Stock class Arrow, slid across the finish of the last stage with smoke pouring out from Lon Peterson kept his pedal to the metal, as usual, and put his Arrow into second in Open class and fourth overall. Placing first in Stock class and a brave seventh overell was Harris Done in his trusty Mazda RX3. Dusty Times

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,:.;+, • i,;:;.. ;h,_ Rod Wood's neat VW Scirocco took fourth in the Open class and the sixth spot overall. Looking very stock, but driving very hot was Norberto Gomez who took second in Stock class and eighth overall. Bill Gutzman placed fifth in the Open class and ninth overall in his steady Colt. David Burgess drove his Isuzu pickup to a trailing third place in GT class and tenth overall. Anton Musev's Datsun 510 sports its colors here to finish tied for third in Stock class with Eric Wilson's Sapporo. Dusty Times' reporter drove his VW Fastback to a sixth place in Open class and lucky thirteenth overall. How does he drive and write at the same time. under the Arrow's hood. Fast action by Jim Love and a fire extinguisher put out the fire. Ken Smith really poured it on for the last stage, turning a 2.35 minute fast time of the day. Carl Jardevall turned the second fastest time of the event, for 2 .36 minutes, also on the last stage. Smith captured the overall and Dusty nrnes first in Gt victories, then took off his car's stickers and numbers and drove it back to Los Angeles. Ted Kendall maintained his second overall and first in Open class position. Gary Luke in his Dodge Shelby finished a fine third overall and second in GT class. Fourth overall and second in Open was taken bv Lon Peterson in the Arrow, followed right behind by Jeff Griffin in the Volvo 142 for fifth overall and third in Open. Harris Done captured the CRS Stock class win and seventh overall right behind the VW Scirocco driven by Ron Wood, which finished sixth overall and fourth in Open class. The second best Stock finish was Norberto Gomez who also took the eighth overall spot. Tying for third in Stock class and 11th overall, came the Plymouth Sapporo of Eric Wilson, and the Datsun 510 of Anton Musev. Ninth overall and fifth in Open was the 1600cc Colt, driven by Bill Gutzman, while David Burgess in his National class stock Isuzu pickup, took the 10th overall and third GT class win. The rallysprint concept held at a professional race facility like Glen Helen has the potential to bring Pro-Rallying before a large audience. The cars are impressive, viewed on a close, tight circuit. Pro-Rallying could use more of this type of event. :.. IPF MOTORSPORTS · · P.O. Box 720 · Carteret, NJ 07008-0720 October 1989 Page 23

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Gran Carrera De Mexicali By Homer Eubanks Mexicali, BC Mexico was the The event was disguised as a site chosen to stage the Gran cake walk by running it at night. Carrera De Mexicali, an event The catch was, the weather consisting of four 53 mile loops. doesn't get much cooler at night. To the inexperienced off roader You see Mexicali is a place that this would appear to be a cake God chose to nourish his rock walk. However, in reality this gardens. It was here that He said, event location was chosen by "Let there be rocks," and so there some devious fiend wanting to came to be rocks strewn all over test the extreme limits of those this land. Not just any rocks, but unsuspecting souls that came to rocks with jagged edges, round participate. rocks, and large rocks too. No r.:====i-::-:~-=-=-::-:::----~ wonder Armstrong Tire Co., Slr unroll chose to sponsor this event, there f • JI r ~ . is no better place to serve as a test RACE PRODUCTS bed. ----------'■ Now God felt He was short Champions changing this area, so He threw in an abundance of heat. Yep, good 'ih/ ole fashioned sunshine in the Qua 11 T amount that if a lizard crawled out fo'w,,N -------First vehicle to finish with the duo of Tim Morton and Roger Herd who accepted the overall honors and first in the Pro Open Motorcycle class. DR G from under his rock's shade he IV I N would become instant jerky. 'line ( about 20 miles west of Once heated up this rock garden Mexicali). Thousands of strewn about to make for a slip-n- speed of 38.7 mph. On his first slide adventure. lap Worley completed the third that lasts long after the sun has watch as the motorcycles, A TVs, 5 U ITS serves as a nice heating blanket spectators lined the streets to gone to bed. Now the good Lord . and cars paraded to the start. The was not content with just having local officials estimated that heat and rocks, so He threw in a 13,000 area residents lined the mountain range and a dry lake bed course to watch the event. _ which offered the racers The first motorcycle started at something to break the monotony 7 p.m., and the first car left at 9 of bouncing off rocks. p.m., with all classes running on a Overall honors of the Gran fastest time cfl :06:36 and ended Carrera De Mexicali went to the up third in Pro Open MC class. Kawasaki mounted Tim Morton The first Sportsman across the and Roger Herd. The fearless duo finish line was the team of David completed the course in 4:56:03 Jones and Ricardo Malo riding a averaging a scorching 43.7 mph, 200 cc Kawasaki. Their elapsed earning themselves 103 points for time 5:43:16 averaged 37 .7 mph theseason.Fastestonelaphonors to earn d .em first in the also went to Morton with a first Sportsman Ltd MC and sixth _________ -b I MADE IN USA --i ·-,. 1.-s-%ET I. READY \ FOR'89 DRESS TOWJN L-_} l cY \ AVAILABLE IN 6 NEW STANDARD SUIT STYLES Your choice of Single Layer Suit, Double Layer Quilted and Three Layer Quilted. Nomex® Suit Colors Available: Red, Black, Orange, Blue~ White, Green, Yellow. Trim Colors Available: Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Grey, Green, Purple, White, Yellow, Pink, Flourscent Orange, Flourscent Green. Contrasting colors available most styles. Off-Toe-Rack CREW SHIRTS in matching colors Designed to compliment the greatest racing teams -color coordinated in our popular standard styles or made to your custom requirements. / Off-The-Ra:ck Pants too. MADE IN THE USA. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Call us today. CATALOG $3.00 SIMPSON. RA'CE PRODUCTS 22630 S. Normandie Ave. Torrance, Ca. 90502 (213) 320-7231 • FAX 213-320-7179 Page i4 To further disguise this harsh nine hour time limit. -event a party was thrown on The course was laid out off Friday night hosted by Tecate and Highway 2, north of Laguna the sponsor generously shared Salada, and was designed for easy their product to the racers' access and simple pitting. The rest delight. of the course consisted of flat runs On race day, to give the event a around the dry lake bed with a few Grand Prix mystique, the sections thrown in to keep the Mexicali police paraded the entire racers interested. One hill, entry of racers through dubbed "Lou's Hill" after the downtown and out to the starting promoter, had plenty of rocks lap time of 1:01:55, that was an overall. Hot on their tail was average of 52 .3 mph. Intermittent Matias Arjor.a and Oscar Hale Jr. lighting problems plagued the mounted on their Sportsman team early ori, but the loose Open Honda. The duo won their connection was located and fixed. class and managed seventh overall The first four wheel vehicle to with an elapsed time of 5 :44:59 at finish was a Yamaha Banshee an average speed of 47.5 mph. driven by Gregory and Randy They were hard pushed through-Bringle. Their effort was short 32 out the race by second in class seconds behind Morton and finishers Myan Spaccarelli and Herd, however they did enjoy Steve Taber. Their 5:48:15 time winning the Pro Open ATV class. earned them an average speed of The first car to come home in the Pro 1-2-1600 class was driven by Jim Loggins and Chris Armstrong. , Third overall and second in Pro 37 .2 mph. Ninth overall and first · Open motorcycle honors went to in the Sportsman Open A TV Vito Hale and Samuel Santana class was won by Tim Clark who aboard their 640 cc Honda XR. rode the entire 5:51 :39 by himself Hale and Santana took 5: 15:23 to at an average speed of 36.8 mph. go the four laps at an average The tenth place finishers Jim speed of 41 mph. Traffic Loggins and Chris Armstrong problems in the pits cost them 20 were the first full size buggy to seconds and they had to fix one finish. The· team averaged 36.7 flat tire. mph in 5:52:58 driving in a Pro Fourth overall and second 1-2-1600 for first in class as well. place in Pro Open ATV was a The first place Pro 5-1600 car threesome consisting of Bruce was driven by Ernesto Arambula Carroll, John Criscenti, and Karla with co-drivers Misael Arambula Struckow aboard an '89 Honda and Marcos Minez. The team Fourtrax. Completing the course effort earned them eleventh in5:23:45 earned them an average overall with an elapsed time of speed of 40 mph. Fifth place went 5:55:40 averaging 38.4 mph. In to Dan Worley who rode the twelfth place overall was the Pro event solo. Worley rode his Challenger car driven by Alfredo Husky for 5:34:40 at an average~ Arambulawithco-driversAdolfo ------[ffl'I • . ~J ..__ _ _ , Clean and tidy after the race were Bob Telliard and Don Winters along with Looking proud were Carlos and Alfredo Bernuldez who took home top honors Kevin and Kim Telliard won the Pro 3, 6, 7-4x4, 14 division. in the Sportsman 3, 4, 7-4x4, 14 division. October 1989 Dusty Times

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....... ----"' ... = . • , · . Jim Loggins and Chris Armstrong take the start and will finish tenth overall and first in the Pro 1-2-1600 class. Starting in the cool night air are Perry and Justin McNeil who will finish in second place in the Pro 4, 7, 8 class. ~~-Eric Muller Pazos, Guillermo Muller, and Dagberto Rodriguez Toyota mounted Bob Telliard and Don Winters drove their two laps to afl eighteenth spot overall and first in the Pro 3, 6, 7-4x4, 14 class. drove their Baja Bug to first spot in the Sportsman 5-1600 class. Arambula, Jose and Carlos Lopez. An elapsed time of 5:57:25 earned them an average speed of 36.2 mph. They lost ten minutes to a set of bad ignition points. as well. Top honors in the Sportsman -7S division went to Marco Novelo, Jose Alverado, and Willie Valdez. the three used Willie Valdez Jr. and Jose Anzante as co,drivers in their 7:13:21 effort which placed them second overall. • Tom Carter drove his Stone Stock fullsize 4x4 truck for a time of 5:18:23 to finish both laps and take first in class. First place honors in the Sportsman lS class went to Carlos and Alfredo Beruldez in their Dodge D-50 pickup. Octavio Valle, Sergio Vega, and Rogelto Ampudia rode their Sportsman Open MC to 13th overall by averaging 36 mph throughout the four laps. Winning Class Pro 5 and placing 14th was Enrique Ruiz and Francisco Villa. The two averaged 34 .2 from start to finish. Luis Cunningham brought his Tecate sponsored Pro 10 car around the four laps in 6:26: 18 for an average of 33 .5 mph to earn himself first in class and 15th overall. Second place in Pro 5,1600 went to the team of Guillermo Quinter Jr. and Francisco Jr. who took 23rd overall. First place in Sportsman3,6, 74x4, 14wentto Carlos and Alfredo Bermuldez with co,drivers Salvador Villaicenio and Salvador Peregrina sharing in their 24th place finish. The Sportsman Class 5 honors went to Jorge and Alex Zapata with an elapsed time of 7:36:29. Their average speed of 28.3 mph over the 200 mile course placed them 25th overall. The Zapata's ran into Chuck Sugar who was dead on the course with battery problems and tore off their front end, plus getting stuck cost them five minutes . W .E. W eichelt was listed in 33rd place and fourth in Sportsman Open A TV Class after retiring at Check Two on the fourth lap. W eichelt raced for 8:07:30 for an average speed of 23 .6 mph. Diego Beltran teamed with Oscar Hernandez and Manual Lique to take home top honors in the Pro 4, 7, 8 division. Daniel Mora and Eric Fisher finished third in Pro Challenger class and 35th overall. This is the system run by most Running back in third place for the first three laps did not discourage the home town team of Rubin Garcia, Raul Sanchez, Diez and Pietro Bragga. With the help of the co,drivers Jose Pimentel and Jose Ventura they brought their Pro Challenger car in second place and 16th overall with an average· speed of 31.8 mph. A stalled car on the track caused them to get stuck and cost them nearly a half an hour on the first lap. Angel Garcia and lgnauo rode their Honda Fourtrax to second place in the Sportsman Open ATV and 17th overall. The 18th finishers were Bob T elliard and Don Winters with Kevin and Kim Telliard as co,drivers. This foursome had a slow first lap but were able to take command on the second lap and win the Pro 3, 6, 7 4x4, and 14 titles with a time of 6:52: 18. After leading the first lap Edward Everett and Lance Martin with the help of co,drivers Norma Hilton and Pepe Escamilla managed to finish second behind Telliard and Winters. Everett said they got lost a couple of times in the silt bed near mile 22, but had no real problems. Finishing in third in the Sportsman Open A TV class and 20th overall was Misael Arambula and Arnold Rameriz. Bob and Ken Reamer, with the help of Mark Laughrey and Dale Schubert drove their Chenowth to victor~' in the Sportsman 1 and 2 class. Their elapsed time of 7:09:27 earned them 21st overall Dusty nmcs Erice Muller Pazos, Guilermo Muller, and Dagoberto Rodriquez teamed up with Jorge Muller,Juan Quindnez, and Carlos Martiner to win Sportsman 5, 1600 by leading their class all four laps and placing 26th overall. In 27th place was Brent Miller and Skip Brant in their Pro 1 and 2 car. The duo turned in a total time of 7 :54:58 to average 27 .2 mph. The two spent a couple of extra hours on the second lap getting unstuck. Cal Cotner drove to class victory with John Cook and Sherry Cotner co,driving in the Sportsman 1,2,1600. The trio finished in 29th overall with 8:34:40 of racing. Jose Castillo brought his GMC C,15 truck around the four laps in 8:49:48 to earn class honors in Sportsman 4, 7, 8. The next place finishers, Tom Wimberly and Rich Large, placed second in the Sportsman Ltd MC class aboard their YZ Yamaha. Third place honors in Pro _5,1600 went to Miguel Pabloff and Ernesto Araiza. The two were helped by co,drivers Rosariu Vega De Pabloff, Estedan Pabloff, and Eduardo Beemer Fisher. Their race ended at check point three on th~ final l~p. First place in the Sportsman 11 division was earned by Armando Rojas and Juan De Oios Domingues with Jose Aguila as their co,driver. They finished the event in 3:59:33 for an average speed of27 mph. Second place in this class went to Mertin Garubay and Jorge Sanchez with a time of 4:06:07. Third place was Mifuel Haro with Mario Victoria and Rafael Haro as co,drivers at 4:26:20. Two classes for street legal pre, runners was introduced for mini and full sized trucks dubbed Stone Stock. The Sportsman Stone Stock Mini 4x4 class was won by Richard Webster and Nick Kozein with Ken Pollack co, driving. They finished their limited distance of two laps in 4:24:03 with an average speed of 24 .5 mph. Tom Carter and David Zermeno teamed with Vic Carter to take first place trophy in Sportsman SS Full 4x4 with an average speed of 20.3 mph in 5:18:23. Scott and Brad McGuire went out on the second lap but were awarded first place in Sportsman Class 10 for their effort. Second place in class went to Rene Castro, Caesar Zepeda, and Targe Valdiva with Salvador Castro as co,driver. The three were listed as 55th overall. First place in Pro 7S was Fred Espinosa and William Quitmeyer with the help of Bobby Snyder and Mike Simmons as co,drivers. After the race an awards banquet was held for the survivors. Off roaders, being hearty creatures, returned from the heat, rocks, sand, and dust to tell their own battle stories and praise everyone for a fun event. ~ eird crowd these off roaders! October 1989 off road race winners TRl•MIL BOBCAT • CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page i5

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GOODYEAR BLASTS OUT TWO BIG VICTORIES AT NEVADA 500. Goodyear race team members Rob MacCachren and David Ashley did more than beat the competition at the Pahrump Station Nevada 500-they buried it. In an incredible display of off-road racing, MacCachren not only won his class 7s, he finished ahead of two classes that started ahead of him. And Ashley overcame early mechanical problems that kept him down for over 40 minutes to blow past his classmates on the way to a well-earned victory in class 3. Proving once again that when you need to move some earth in a hurry, there's only one tire to handle the job. Goodyear Wranglers. GOODEi'EAII NOBODY RlS YOll LIKE GOODYEAR. I -

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FRI BUDWEISER SUPERSTITION ISO VI erall Win Goes to Whitted and Haynes By Judy Smith ... Moving from a Baja Bug to Class 10 didn't hamper the winning habits of Robert Whitted and Carl Haynes. They not only won Class 10 at the race, but they won overall as well. ;-----------------------------It was hot! But it's always hot in the cars through tech. There was money refunded. There were no complaints. They all raced as is. the Borrego Desert in August. also a special pre-race Class 9 And that's why the midsummer meeting which was mandatory for Superstition 250 is a night race. all those planning to drive this This event, which was the first event, and their race cars. The car and truck race Fudpucker purpose of this gathering was to presented some six years ago, permit a mutual self-scrutiny of enjoys a good deal of popularity the technical aspects of the cars, with the FRT racers, and 89 of and to encourage any complaints them braved the torrid weather or hair-splitting that might be for the fun of a 240 mile ride coming, to be done before the rough the starlit desert night. race. Fud wanted all the Class 9 Fud used the same course for an drivers to see all the Class 9 cars, early morning event for bikes and and to point out any illegalities to ATVs,gettingdoublegoodoutof the officials before the race all of his BLM permits, insurance, started. He and his officials course marking, and travel wanted badly to prevent the post-expenses. The car and truck folk race dickering that had occured spent the hottest midday hours after the last couple of races. This hibernating in air conditioned time, if someone saw something motor homes if they were lucky, on a car that he didn't like, he was or doing last minute race prep to bring it up at the meeting, it under the steamy sun if they would be discussed openly, and, if weren't. deemed illegal, the car owner Late in the afternoon they would be given the opportunity to began to emerge, blinking in the race in another class, or to glare and dripping sweat, to run withdraw and have his entry Fud, who is heart and soul of the FRT, had his driver's meeting at 5 :30, and, as is his habit, carefully explained his course markings, the rules regarding check points, and the places on the course that would be considered short cuts. There were five check points, plus the start/ finish check, on the 60 mile loop, and drivers would not be required to stop at any of them. But the rules require that there be no passing after cars had reached the signs warning of the check-point, and cars must go in single file through the check. It was time for staging right after the driver's meeting, and cars lined up single file, ready for the one-at-a-time every 15 seconds start. The first car was to leave the start line at 6: 15 in the evening, just as the fierce heat began to die down. 1989 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS NOW AVAILABLE! . ""'..t'c··· _. , ,=o,.,.u;;;ii&i,,.,,. ,.;;t ... -1ww~ ;,_ ... , .i~ Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling, design to retain stock appeat-ance and allow 34" tall tires. SCORE/HORA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Reinforced hood to stop distortion at speed. Racers Price Available. Dimple Die Sets now In stock-½" - 1" -1½" - 2" CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 Orchard St. Cherry Valley, CA 92223 Curt Leduc, Owner (714) 845-8820 Page n Heat Treated and Plated. Midwest Division Chuck Johnson Off Road Racing 8403 Vicki Road Rockford, IL 61108 (815) 332-9681 October 1989 Greg Sanden continues to challenge the unlimited class with his Class 5 car, and he beat them all for class honors last August, in the heat. In Class 10, which was the third years in a row. This nme tney group to start, Robert Whitted, in picked up their first overall win in hispristineJimco,tickedoffthe their first try in Class 10, fastlapof thedayat57:34, to take completing the four laps in 4 the overall lead from the hours and 23 seconds. Hammack beginning. He'd been the 25th car and Sines finished second. to start, and was the fourth one to In the 112-1600 class, which finish that first lap. Mike and Tim was first to start, Jim Tucker had McDonnell, in a Raceco, ran fast lap for the class at 1:00:38 in second behind him, followed by his Raceco mo seater, but he had Joseph Vinci and Mike Herrick in only a three second lead on Kevin an ORE. Bill Hammack and Tim Basore in his Jims;o two seater, Sines, Jimco, were fourth. who ran second. Doug Cowell was Whitted, who discovered that third in his single seat Rodeo, his Toyota motor couldn't pull followed by Scott Webster in a fourth gear, screamed it in third, one seater, and then Andres and ran another lap under an Estrada in a Baja Specialties two hour, at 59:06, to become the first h db h d seater. car on t e roa y t e en oflap two, and still leading the whole Cowell tock over the lead on shebang. The McDonnells were the second lap, with about 18 holding steady in second, but now seconds on Basore, as Tucker Hammack and Sines were third as dropped to third after driving on a Vinci and Herrick lost over three flat front tire for a while. Webster hours, and then never did another was fourth, and Estrada was a 1 close fifth. ap. Carl Haynes got in for the last two laps, and continued to build their lead, with 45 minutes on Hammack and Sines who were now second, and no one else in the class survived the third lap. Haynes and Whitted, who got their first taste of fast cars last year when they bought an old Class 5 car for a pre-runner, and ran it at an FR T race as a lark, have been 5-1600 racers for some years, winning that class at Parker three Randy Anderson took over for Cowell 9n the third lap, and although he lost his third gear, maintained their lead. He had a minute and 17 seconds on Bob Hummell, who'd replaced Basore. Tucker's co-driver, John Fargo was now in also, and held third, only 16 seconds later. But Scott Woolf, who took over for Webster, had lost a few moments after getting hung up with Estrada, wh~n they collided in the dust Doug Cowell and Randy Anderson had a smooth run, taking the lead in Class 1-2-1600 on the second lap and despite gear troubles, they held on to win . Jeffrey Schwaia and a host of co-drivers had a good run in Class 100, the Chenowth ending up winning the class. Dusty nmcs

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ear y in t e ap. ey were now three minutes back in fourth, while Estrada ran fifth four minutes later. preserved their win, 'though they didn't do as well in the overall standings as they'd hoped. Leon and Munoz were credited with second place on the basis of their two laps completed. Anderson had a few worried moments on the fourth lap, after he lost second gear also, and began hearing "all kinds of noises" in the transmission, but it hung together to get him to the checkered flag first in class and second overall. Hummell had to stop for a stuck Class 9 car, and then found himself in the same predicament, whereupon he fried his clutch trying to get moving again, and -never make it to the finish line. Tucker, who'd had to get back into his car because Fargo had injured his shoulder, moved up to finish second. Webster and Woolf were third, and Tom Schilling and Pete Brown, in a two seat Jimco, finished fourth. Phil Green, with co-driver Todd Acosta, who was driving for the first time, took fifth place, with half of their rear shocks gone. Estrada lost an hour on the last lap and finished sixth. There was a small, but healthy contingent of Class 8 trucks running this time, and Perry McNeil, in a Ford, took the first lap lead, with 15 minutes on Herman Meister and Mike Vogel in a four-wheel-drive Chevy. Just one minute and four seconds behind them it was Karl Counce and James Woodruff in another Chevy. McNeil has had a lot of trouble keeping driveshafts in this truck, but finally, he seems to have solved the problem, and had what was basically a clean run this time, with only one broken shock and a flat, to slow him. He was apparently the fastest thing on the course out on the long straight stretches, as spectators there were wowed by his speed and came back thinking he must have won overall. But the rough sections slowed the heavy truck enough that that wasn't in the cards. He took the win by an hour, however. Meister and Vogel, in the 4X4, made a long hard day of it for themselves, since both of them were in the truck· all day, simply switching seats. They had carburetion and timing problems, and were really exhausted by the heat in the cab at the end of the race, but pleased with their second. place. Counce and Woodruff were third, also finishing all four laps, only 40 minutes behind second place. . Perry McNeil has a good time in his Class 8 Ford. Only two other trucks were in Class 8 and McNeil and company took the top honors. John Holmes, Ramsey Wardani, Greg Bowen and Scott Jones took on the 16 other 5-1600 cars, and they ran quickly and won the second biggest class at the race. In the Unlimited Open class, there was only one entry this time, so the unlimited Baja Bugs entered in that classification to give Cecil and Jeff Wright someone to race against in their single seat Mazda powered "Wright-Jumper". On the first lap the lead was in the capable hands of Larry McCallum in Greg Sanden's Bug, and he was about 11 minutes in front of Cecil, who'd had overheating trouble, and had already made a lengthy pit. Memo Leon and Martin Munoz ran third in another Bug. Joel Whitted, in Bob Whitted's "pre-runner", had blown a sparkplug out of the head of his Bug, and was retired, while Glenn Wade and Todd Teuscher lost nearly three hours with some massive problem. McCall um and S:rnden hadn't made up their minds to race until the Thursday before, and thus hadn't had any time for pre-running, but it didn't seem to matter. McCallum had a firm hold on the lead, and Wright, who had decided to go ahead and run it hot, was having to stay below full throttle. When he got to the mud hills at the eastern edge of the course Cecil became disoriented in the dark and went too far east, and then he couldn't find his way back. By the time he found the right direction his battery was ·tow, and then it died, and Cecil was well and truly out of the race. Leon and Munoz continued to run second in their Bug. Sanden took over for the last two laps, and it was a good thing they had no real challengers, because he got lost on the third lap, and ran out of gas on the fourth. But no one else was running by that time, so they In the Class 7 group, which is for 'little trucks', the Ranger of Clarence Hoskins and Ronnie Gibson was in the lead on lap one, followed by Jon and Jim Hurley, in another Ranger, about nine minutes back. In third place it was Lloyd and Don Riggins in the 4X4 Toyota that George Gowland used to own. Hoskins and Gibson lost about an hour and ten minutes on the second lap, and Jon Hurley took over the lead, with 24 minutes on Robert Hayley and Ron Keizer who were now second in their Bronco. The Riggins team was third, 13 minutes later. Jim Hurley took over for the last two laps, and kept the lead, although it wasn't a completely smooth race for the team. They got stuck a few times, and had to dig themselves out, with their hands, and once were in such deep trouble they had to rustle .up someone with a truck to pull them out. Nonetheless, they still had the lead at the end of lap three, 'though Hoskins and Gibson were actually running faster laps now that they'd solved whatever problem they'd had. The Riggins Toyota had disappeared, and Hayley and Keizer were still second, with Hoskins and Gibson creeping up, so they had to keep pushing. The Hurleys had no mechanical problems beyond losing their dash lights, and got to the checkered flag in time to hang on to their win. Hoskins and Gibson actually finished second, two minutes in front of Hayley and Keizer, but it was discovered that in their hurry they'd missed a checkpoint in the dark, and a 30 minute penalty was added to their time. So Hayley and Keizer were second, with Hoskins and Gibson third. The FRT's Class 100, which attracts mainly older, shorter wheelbased cars of both one and two seat configuration, was led by Dave and Randy Collier in their Funco single seater on the first lap, with Jeff and Wayne Schwaia in a Chenowth two seater second after having a flat ti~e. In third place it was Kirk McDaniel, in one of the new Chenowth Mini-Mags, taking advantage of a great opportunity to get a little additional racing in, and fine-tune his new car at the same time. On the second lap McDaniel took over the lead, with four minutes on the Schwaias, as the Colliers slipped to third after losing a half hour or more. It was the Schwaias turn on the third lap, and they had a lead of about seven minutes, as McDaniel apparently had some difficulty, and the Colliers, still having serious problems, ran a distant third. No one else was running by now. The Schwaias were untroubled by anything more than whether or not Wayne's throttle foot tennis shoe might fall off, since he'd forgotten to tie his laces before getting in for the last two laps. But the shoe stayed on, disaster was averted, and they got the win. McDaniel was second, only 11 minutes later, and the Colliers finished third, after a long hard day, over an hour off the pace. The 5-1600s had a big group for this race, and lots of potential Jack Hettinger and Steve Reynolds dusted off 30 other Challenger cars as they drove their Funco swiftly to win the biggest class at the race. Kevin Basore and Bob Hummel, with Steve Drop and Stan Johnston co-driving, had their ups and downs but brought the Jimco to ninth in Class 1-2-1600. Dusty Times October 1989 winners. At the end of the first lap around again, and Stewart took the lead was in the hands of Mike over the lead, with just under five Kalicki and Todd Fetters, who minutes on Snaith and Campos, had over two minutes on Kreston who were now seven seconds in PonsandDarrenHardesty.Ahalf front of Pons and Hardesty. minute further back it was Craig Goodrich and Snaith ran fourth, a Stewart, followed in a little over a minute and a half further back, minute by Bob Snaith and John and now J.A. Ashley and Robert Campos in fourth, and then just Lofton ran fifth. under a minute later it was Brian Stewart got lost coming into the Goodrich and Dale Snaith (Bob's start/finish at the end of his brother). second lap, but didn't blow The Kalicki/Felters car couldn't enough time to make a difference. . stand the pace, and never came He put _, 12 pt. 3/8 CV BOLTS 2"OR21/4" $1.10ea. CHALLENGER FRONT -OIL COOL EMULSION REAR -OIL COOL EMULSION 8" 10" 12" . EMULSION SHOCKS HEMuH: HESE"IVUlh-ADY (619) 691-9171 MONARCH NOMEX DRIVING SUITS $150.00 PER LUX IGNITORS ELECTRONIC IGNITIONS - (FULLY ENCLOSED INSIDE THE DISTRIBUTOR) $170.00 $195.00 $125.00 $165.00 $59.95 lOOSM 500R PER LUX LIGHTS $89.95 pr. 200TM 500R Louvered PULSAR MOTORSPORT BATTERIES 5p $115.00 Bp $135.00 10p $149.00 K-4 SEALED ON-OFF SWITCHES 13-100 $6.50 GERMAN THING & TYPE Ill REAR DRUMS $119.95 $89.95 K & N CHROME BREA THEA 62-1210 $37.50 WE SHIP UPS OR TRUCK 103 PRt:5S LANE. No 4 :::HU' A " 'STA .. CA 'l2010 (619) 691-9171 VISA MC

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or-his co-driver, John Johnson, into the driver's seat, and at the end of lap three they still had the lead, with just over six minutes on second place. That was now in the hands of Pons and Hardesty, who were just 56 seconds in front of Ramsey El Wardani, an Egyptian, new to Southern California deserts, but obviously skilled at desert driving, who ticked off the fast lap for the class in John Holmes' car, at 1:14;13, and moved into third place. Snaith and Campos were now fourth and Goodrich and Snaith were fifth, having lost about 10 minutes on that lap. On the last lap ~tewart's battery blew up, and Johnson used some of the famous charm to borrow a battery from an incredibly naive and agreeable spectator who was sitting in the desert all by himself in his truck. Remember, it was about one a.m. by now. Johnny left Craig's hood as "security". (If that spectator had only known!) Holmes, back in his own car, had a steady lap, and was the surprise winner, as Stewart and Johnson, who'd lost 15 minutes with the battery transaction, finished second. Snaith and Campos were third, Ashley and Lofton fourth, less than two minutes later, and Ken and Duane Basore finished fifth after a very steady run. Pons and Hardesty lost a half hour on the last lap and dropped to sixth place, while Goodrich and Snaith never got the last lap done. Johnson took the battery back out to the helpful spectator, who was happy to see him, because, as it turned out, he was lost and needed John's help to find his way back to the highway, once his battery had been reinstalled. The Challengers, or Class 9 now, had the biggest group at this event, with 32 starters, and there was plenty of good competition. Tom Watson had the first lap lead, in a two seat Chenowth, with 21 seconds on second place Steve Reynolds in an aged Funco single seater. Jack Millerd, in a W est, was third, a minute and a half later, followed by Hal and Kevin Graves, in a Jimco, just 10 seconds off his bumper. And a minute behind them were Hector and Danny Ledezma, in fifth place. Sean Malahan and Vincent Paniagua ran sixth, a minute later in a two seat Chenowth. On the second lap Reynolds, who was finding it a dusty race, took over the lead, with almost three minutes on Watson. In third place it was now the Ledezmas, who were only five seconds in front of the Graves car, which ran fourth. Paniagua and Malahan were fifth, and Rick Towle and John Castillo had moved their Chenowth into sixth place. Most teams made driver changes at the end of the second lap, and now Jeff Bennett was in for Watson, and had moved into the lead, but only by a minute and 13 seconds on Jack Hettinger, who'd taken over for Reynolds, and found that the helmet pumper Vincent Paniagua and Sean Malabanan had some problems, but they kept the Jimco moving to score 19th in Class 9. The Steve Lawrence Racing Team really knows how to relax while waiting for their 5-1600 to come around. The car finished 11th this race. motor wasn't working properly. The Ledezmas still held third, while Pat Henesey and Bruce Bonfield, in a Chenowth two seater, moved to fourth place, and Marty Schlosser ( who'd rolled on the second lap), and co-driver Mike LaPlant, in another Chen-owth two seater, ran fifth, with Towle and Castillo still sixth. But Bennett was not feeling very well, and when he started seeing double, and triple, he decided that maybe he'd better not stay in for another lap. So he got out and Watson, who doesn't . see well at night, got back in, and he ran into trouble, getting stuck on the last hill, and losing about five minutes. That, plus the extra driver change, dropped them to second, as the Hettinger/ Reynolds car, with no mechanical down time and no major trouble of any other sort, sailed on in for the win. warm, though a stiff wind kept the Bennett and Watson were just a spectators cool and generally minute and 31 seconds behind cleared the course of dust for the them in second place. The racers. Without fail, the race~s Ledezmas finished third, while declared the course the best Schlosser and LaPlant, who'd lost marked they'd ever seen, and' an alternator on lap four, and most liked the combination of came in with only one light, fast/rough that made it such a finished fourth. And in fifth place swift event. it was Rick Paquette, in Jack The Sunday morning brunch Millerd's car. Paquette had found was served at eight a.m., so that himself in the car a half-lap early, everyone would be able to head as Millerd , fee Ii n g u n we 11, for home before the hottest part stopped to get out midway of the day. Fud's pre-trophy-through lap two. His crew didn't presentation goodies serve as like the looks of him and took him breakfast for a whole host of off to El Centro for medical racers, who gobble up the fresh attention for what they suspected fruit, juice, coffee, and libations was heat stroke, and left Paquette with great glee as they compare just a mini-crew to pump gas. notes on the race. It had been a good race, and The next event on the FR T everyone was in off the course by schedule is the September 30th shortly after the two a.m. cut off Plaster City Blast, with racing for time. The weather had sta ed cars and trucks starting at noon. Budweiser I Bud Light AMA ~ SANCTIONED FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM • AMA DISTRICT 38 Sponsored By: Race Ready Products, Yokohama, The Wright Place and Maxima Lubricants Location: Start Times: ATV's, Bikes and Odys, 7:00 am -Buggies, Cars and Trucks, Noon SUNDAY Plaster City West INFO: (619) 427-5759 DEC EM BER 31, 1989 Page 30 October 1989 Dusty Times

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The U.P. Off Road 100 with 4 entries. It just wasn't Scott Schwalbe's day as he broke down before a full lap was made. BUT, guess who did it again?!? Scott Taylor started the race in first, said a polite "see ya' later" and was clocked at 70.30 mph on the back straight by the Michigan State patrol. Dave Vandermissen Sr. and Todd Attig ran close for 4 laps but Attig came out with the second place and Vandermissen Sr. with third. It was an incredibly fast race with buggies taking more air than a hot air balloon. Incredible speeds were reached during the A-1 Auto-Paint Unlimited Championship Race! It was Scott Taylor and Dave Vandermissen Sr. showing everyone how it's done with Vandermissen Sr. in the lead to lap 6 when ·a shock broke loose giving Taylor. the edge. A very slim edge it was as Vandermissen Sr. running the broken shock stayed right with Scotty until the finish. It was a Vandermissen race as Dave Vandermissen Jr. finished third, Vandermissen Sr. took a hard fought second and Scott Taylor took the win. Dave Vandermissen Sr. was awarded the Ed Lasnoski Trophy for overall event fast time turning a 1.52 second lap in the Unlimited Championship Race. Congratula-tions, Sr.!! By Barh & Marilyn Schultz The Y oopers did it again; some of the best racing of the 1989 season on a track- that was well groomed, fast and challenging. It is a pleasure to note that the number of entries in the U .P. Off-Road 100 has steadily grown from 87 in 1985 to 132 in 1989. Perhaps racers and spectators should look at those figures and see if it tells them anything! They tell us that this track is on the grow, well organized and makes for good racing. Saturday, July 22, saw the first Class race with the 5-1600's tak-ing the line for a real land rush start. Cars were lined up five and six wide to race for the first two car wide corner! Whee-ha, that corner saw lots of spills and thrills! Terry Wolfe and Chuck Johnson had their on-going battle for first with Ron Karlman hooked up and driving his way up too! Johnson went a little too wide on the back straight 3 laps before the checkered allowing Karlman to zip into second place. The race finished with a tight fight on; finding Wolfe in first. Karlman in second and Johnson in third. Class 10 with 8 entries was led to the start line and went six wide to the first comer losing Scott Schwalbe and Steve McCauley! The race was another Probst, "I stand alone.", as 099 Jeff put the hammer down and went flag to flag with Dave Vandermissen Jr. breathing down his neck at 40 to 53 seconds behind for second place. Third place went to another home-town guy and tremendous racer Todd Wallace. Note that Jeff Probst lapped last place on the white flag lap with Vandermissen Jr. sticking right with him! Love to watch those fast buggies race! The wicked racers in Class 11 lined up 6 wide on the front row and 8 wide on the back row· with Cliff Holiday the first casualty from the dead start. Jeff Jones, Dave W oulf, Darrin Parsons and Cory Friday put on an outstanding performance in a four-way grab for first place until Friday lost a rear wheel on lap 9. Dave W oulf ran into bad luck with barbed wire, dry com fields and still hung on to second place until lap 10, when he finally had to give it up. When it was all over and the checkered flag was waved, first went to Jeff Jones, second to Darrin Parsons and third to Curt Gerald: Whoopee! Grel!t race guys! Class 2-1600 took the downhill land rush next with the amazing Scott Taylor looking for a run away; but wait! Taylor pitted on lap 4 with a flat tire, and Kevin Probst moved into position with Jeff St. Peter making his move into second. The amazing Taylor (sort of like "Amazing Grace"??) came back onto the track to pass everyone but the front two. Dale Borgemoen and Mike Sorenson fended Taylor off until one lap INFO ON FIGHTING THE CRANSTON/WILDERNESS BILL 1-800-237-5436 CORVA Dusty nmes before the white flag and helped Kevin Probst in third. to make it a truly exciting race. Class 14 may have had only 4 Kevin Probst took first, Jeff St. entries but put on a terrific show. Peter had second and Taylor Everyone but Marc Pelletier held fought back to third. Amazing! the lead at one point or another. Classes 13 with 11 entries and Pelletier had troubles from lap 2 Class 6 with 4 entries took the on to lap 6 when he pitted with track with a staggered start. Class fire coming from some part of his 13 rushed down the hill and drove car. Ken Kincaid went out on lap to all kinds of calamities! John 8 with over-heating problems. Schultz burned some wiring and Mark Seidler had the lead to lap 5 had to take three laps to fi,x it, when he fell prey to mechanical came back on the track and pulled difficulties givingJohn Heidtmann a fourth place. Mike Falk rolled the lead to finish the race and take with flames shooting and, again, the checkered. Hard charging thanks to excellent track patrol Kincaid took second and Mark the fire was quickly put out. Seidler finished third. Lowell DeGreef took the whole To end Saturday's racing the race for first place followed by crowd was treated to The Sheldon Scray in second and John Chatfield's Off-Road Enduro or, Konitzer took third. The 13s as The U.P. calls it, "A run what always put on a toe wiggling race you brung'' race! Glen Wendt and this was no exception! won it with 7 laps made and Brad Class 6 was a different story. Brandt came in second with 5 Thornton "Ed" Schultz put the laps! pedal to the metal at the green flag Sunday morning saw the Class and never looked back! Mark 1 lS wicked wheelers back to give Zablocki lost a tire before making a wake up to sleepy racers! Dave one lap, Bob Hartwig pulled off Woulf and Cory Friday were with mechanical troubles leaving cutting no one any slack until lap John Schwittay half a track 2 when Friday went down with a behind Schultz but still giving it broken axle. Friday was pacing until lap 6. Ed Schultz took the like an expectant father watching checkered flag with Schwittay Jeff Jones pull into second place. taking second and Hartwig Mark Steinhardt was running a placing third. good third when he broke down The Class 3s and the Class 4s within "racing" distance of Friday rolled up next with Joe Dunlap, a who tore parts off his buggy and Class 4, helping to make a class helped Steinhardt on his way back for the 3s, raced for Class 4 last to the track. Steinhardt fell out place points. Bill Schirm and Jerry again leaving third place open to Zaugg raced as close as a ball joint Kent Ewert who drove a steady to a tie rod to find Schirm taking race playing cat and mouse with the checkered first and Zaugg Curt Gerald. With drivers leaning right behind him for second. on broken machines and shooting The Class 4s ran into real the breeze, among other things, troubles with the exception of the checkered flag went to Dave RayJanusz!JackFlannerywasout Woulfwho ran flag to flag. Kent after one lap, Geoff Dorr pitted Ewert went home with second on lap 4 never to return and then place and Curt Gerald took third. showman Greg Gerlach, having Then came the 1-1600s with pitted on lap 2, returned! And Scott Taylor ~aving good-bye to when he returned, Greg drove like th~ pack. Kevm Probst and John a controlled maniac! Gerlach Airborne Greaves bumped, finished on the same lap as Janusz · changed position and did all they 13 seconds behind! Holy Tires, could do hang on t~ second place. Batman, it doesn't get much Jeff St. Peter and Mike Seefeldt Jr. better! Ray Janusz placed first, put _on a tremendo_us show Greg Gerlach in a hot second and battlmg for fourth and fifth places Geoff Dorr in third. only to have Seefeldt die on the ltwasProbstandTaylor, with a w~ite flag lap leaving St. Peter twist, time again as the Class 9s with fourth._Taylor_took the and the Class 2s zoomed like checkered with Kevm Probst hornets to the line. Class 2 had 7 second and Airborne Greaves entries and took the wave of the right on his bumper for third. green first. Dave Vandermissen How does he do it? Scott Taylor Jr. and Scott Schwalbe tangled at jumped from 1-1600 to Class 7S-the first tire marker leaving up next-and waved auvoir to that Vandermissen Jr. in first and field of entries! Todd Attig held-Schwalbe out of the race. Jeff on to second place until lap 6 Probst ate dirt until lap 4 when he when he had to pit with floated took the lead and never gave it valves, but get a grip Gertie, he back! VandermissenJr. ran a fast came back! Meanwhile Tom and steady second with Brian Hockers slid into second and Adams claiming the third Attig drove to third. position. Class 8 rumbled to the line and The Graham Trucking Heavy Metal Championship saw 10 entries line up ten wide for a real land rush! It was hard charging Ken Kincaid in a run away until lap 4 when troubles again plagued _ Kincaid. Kincaid was running hot and heavy when the throttle let loose. You don't go far with no throttle! Bill Lohf in car 1400 took the lead after running fender to fender with Jack Flannery. It wasn't Flannery's turn either as he also broke down on lap 4 changing the whole scope of the race. To finish evenly it was Bill Lohf taking the win, Ray Janusz in second and 1304 Mike Falk in third. Ed Lahti ran the whole race in his 730, rolled it on the white flag lap and STILL went by the checkered flag! Ladies and gentlemen, it was quite a race! The Thompson Oil Limited Championship race was next with 9 entries lined up to race 9 wide for the two car tire marker! And who got there first! Scott Taylor and Kevin Probst running half the race as close as two teenagers at a movie! Jim Wiggins and Dave Hameister played a game of "guts" until lap 7 when Wiggins pulled off, possibly due to a tie-up he was involved in before the first full lap was ~ade. The Checkered flag saw Scott Taylor first, Kevin Probst second and Dave Ham-eister in third. It was a hard fought race with only four vehicles fi~ishing the full 9 laps. Sunday's racing ended with the Women's Classes, Heavy Metal flagging first with the largest field of entries so far on the S.O.D.A. Circuit. Six ladies lined up 6 wide to make the dead start. Karen DuQuaine and Shari Recla took off like shots out of a gun and raced wheel to wheel until the middle of the white flag lap. Recla had mechanical problems and had to stay put on the hill. With DuQuaine still in first, Sue Farrell took over second place leaving third place to Shari Recla. The ladies were all driving vehicles that had already seen at least one race for the two-day event and proceeded to do some excellent driving! The last race of the U .P. Off-Road 100 was The Women's Buggy Race. Three buggies took the line and the green flag Mlo/.' Jeanette Shopodock smoking badly and having to pull off. Paula St. Peter took the checkered flag first with Paula Parsons taking second. Don't ever think these ladies are out for a Sunday drive, they are seriously racing for points and contingencies. Ladies, we salµte you!! West Coast Distributor-FoR HEWLAND OFF-ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY OUR PRICE $695.00 Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92806 714/441-1212 D·EALER INQIJIRIES INVITED WithfourentriesClass9green Holy Hockers, it was Dave flagged to what looked like Hockers in the lead giving it every another Taylor -Probst battle but inch until lap 6 when he rolled it no! Probst came down a position at the timing shack, shot out some as Todd Attig moved into second fire, pitted and came back in lap 8! on the 2nd lap. It began to look Thatwasenoughfor}umpin'Jack like another Scott Taylor run Flannery who moved steadily a"'.ay, but Heavens Above, Taylqr through traffic to take and keep pitted with a flat tire in lap 4 the lead. Jon Kaempf played kiss giving Attig the lead. Taylor came and tell with Mike Renkas and back and drove hard to catch up Roger Lindsay but finished but had to settle for second place. second with Roger Lindsay in his At the checkered flag, it was Attig '65 Ford pulling out third. in first, Taylor in second and _C~la~s:::,s~l:..b~u~z~z:::ed~t~o...'.t~h;:e_.::s:_:::ta::,:r_:t.!l~in!::e~~======================~::;:~ October 1989 Page 31

Page 32

Antigo Kiwanis Off-Road Race Text & Photos: Deb Freimuth ;; ,@>:•c.:· At the start of the Class 14 race, some drivers tried extra wide lines looking for an advantage as the action headed back toward the grandstands. When you get the support of organizations such as the Kiwanis, Lions, Youth Hockey and the Fire Department, plus add a little organization and know how, it doesn't take much else to put on a great event, and that was certainly the case for the third annual Antigo Kiwanis Off-Road Race held June 10-11, 1989 at the Langlade County Fairgrounds in Antigo, Wisconsin. Saturday morning action got started with the Class 7S and six vehicles and it was Tom Hockers leading the way off the green with Todd Attig and Mark Holmes close behind in their mini trucks. Hockers definitely had the upper hand on the straights, but Attig was really putting on the pressure in the rough. By lap four, though, · t was Attig taking over first place with Hockers trying desperately to hang on. Mark T oburen had a short race as he broke a right front spindle on the landing off the grandstand jump. Mark Holmes also became a casualty as he lost his left rear wheel halfway "through the race. Attig by this time had pulled a pretty good lead to take first with Hockers hanging in for second and Bri:ci.., Farrell, third. In the Class 6 action, it was Fay Statezny first off the line followed by John Schwittay and Bob Hartwig. Al Fannin flew over the jump to take third with Thorton Schultz with a flat rear tire in fourth. Fannin continued on his rampage to the top by pressuring Schwittay for second, roaring over the grandstand jump, sliding to the inside and stealing second place. The next lap Schwittay pulled off the track in a cloud of blown engine smoke, and it was Hartwig who came up to take over the third place position. Fay Statezny, however, kept every-thing in tip top shape for the victory with Fannin, second. The Heavy Metal 3 and 4 classes were next up. Ray Janusz pulled the start but was quickly pushed down to second with a pass by Greg Gerlach. Goeff Dorr and Matt Foltz kept both within striking distance and by lap two, Dorr had already moved into the second place spot. Gerlach seemed to be hell bent for the win, letting Dorr do the chasing, but just as Dorr was ready for the pass, Gerlach suddenly pulled off the track into the oits. Matt Foltz CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279-2509 HELMET $195 COMPLETE SYSTEM $320 \ FRESH AIR HEL.\tET A~[) .OWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNED FOR OFt• ROAD USE AT A REASONABLE PRICE BUILT AND BACK.PD BY BELL HELMETS LIGHT WEIGHT.REDUCES NECK STRAIN Page 32 COOL, cm1FORTABLE TERRY CLOTH Ll~ER BLOWER \IOTOR AND A E\lBLY ARE Gl'ARA~'TEED FOR ONE FULL YEAR SNELL SASS APPROVED was now in second, having passed Janusz, but that too was going to be a hard spot to keep as Foltz started some heavy duty smoking and was eventually forced to pull to the side and watch Janusz take second behind the veteran Geoff Dorr. It was the Bill Schirm show in Class 3 with Jerry Zaugg and Rick Rogers following. Zaugg started smoking after the front jump on lap two and shortly after was out of the race. Schirm continued to cruise to the checkered for first with Rogers coming in for second. Eleven buggies lined up for the 1-1600 event and it was Jim Wiggins leading the chase with Jeff Probst and Scott Taylor being the chasers. By the second lap the move was already on as Probst drove to the lead. Greg Smith who had worked his way up through the ranks was in fourth, then past Dave Hameister on the grand-stand jump for third. Scott Taylor was out of the race with a sudden move to the pits, while the battle for second and third place was waging as Smith was closing in on second place Jim Wiggins. Smith kept inching his way along, but as the checkered flag was waved it was still Probst in the lead with Wiggins maintaining a half a buggy length lead over Smith down in third. It was a battle between Todd Attig, Scott Taylor and Art Schmitt into the first turn in the Class 9 event with Attig being the victor of the first rush, but only momentarily as Taylor flew by on the grandstand jump. Schmitt was next to make a move sliding into second with Kevin Probst following right along into third. Lee W uesthoff was pushing Attig, moving into fourth place, and then started on Kevin Probst, who was working on Schmitt. The next lap, Probst was tight on the Schmitt bumper in the back · stretch but missed a jump coming into the _infield, and lost October 1989 Lowell DeGreef's quick "Sha-Booms" may not win very many beauty contests, but there was no stopping it en route to victory in Class 13 at Antigo. important ground on Schmidt. It was now Wuesthoff's turn, passing Probst while he was down and sliding right into the third place spot, to try also to unseat Schmitt. As time ran out, it was still Scott Taylor in a fairly easily won event with Schmitt and Wuesthoff battling right to the end for second and third, respectively. It was Lowell DeGreef's Shabooms in the lead in the Class 13 action with Tom Jensen and John Schultz pulling up the other two top positions. Craig Gray let the Antigo fans down as he was out on the first corner. Joey Fl:jnnery worked his way through the pack for a third place run, catching Jansen, and passing two laps later for second, but lost control and slid back down to fourth place to start the rush all over again. John Schultz -came over the grandstand jump a little too hard and ended up squirreling down the track. Tom Jensen spun out his big green Class 13 coming · into the infield and was passed by Dave Vorpahl for second and Flannery was coming up for third, then passing again to once again take second place, this time hanging on. Smoke was sifting all over~t:Jte track as FJann~ry st~rte~ puffing and then Beetle Bailey had to pull over and get sprayed down before he could enter the pits. Flannery, knowing he was in trouble, by-passed a jump and tried to pull into the p.ts, coming up short as his vehicle stalled. At the presentation of the checkered flag it was stiP Shabooms followed by Dave Vorpahl in second with Mike Falk in third. Once again it w,s Probst domination as the Class 10s entered the race coursewith Todd Wallace, Dave Vande~ssen Jr. and Sr. following. It was Dave Sr. who started out the action as he climbed up on his son's buggy on the first turn, but thatdidn't put any hinderance to Dave Jr.'s racing as he slid right inst Wallace for second place by the grand-stand jump. Dave Sr. must have been having an off day, or at least a tipsy one, as he wentup on two wheels coming into the infield in a touch and go roll sination. Jeff Probst meanwhile had nustered a fairly substantial lead, but things were really getting hot ·Jack in the ranks in a heated battle for third, as present third pla:e runner Todd Wallace went goofy into the infield and was passed by Scott Schwalbe, with Dave St. following closely, passing Schwalbe on the Class 9 winner Scott f aylor was one of the weekend's big winne'rs, taking the titles in Class 2-1600 and single seat Class 11 as well. Bill Schirm could just as easily have been out for a little Sunday afternoon cruise in the country as he rolled to victory in Class 3. Dusty nmes

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Jim Wiggins led Jeff Probst at the start of the 1-1600 race, while those behind them had to contend with sudden bursts of dust and dirt clouds. Al Fannin was closely pursued by John Schwittay on the oval early in the Class 6 showdown. Fannin ended up second, while Schwittay lost an engine. Bob Hartwig and John Schwittay tried the g~andstand jump side by side. Hartwig went on to take third in Class 6, Schwittay didn't finish. infield jump, only to go goofy into the tires and get repassed by Schwalbe. Schwalbe, though, started suffering mechanical problems and was once again· passed by Dave Sr., with Schwalbe pulling into the infield to do some quick repairs ... but the story continues, because across the track there sat Dave Sr., stopped just before the pit entrance with Todd Wallace back in third place. Schwalbe did get the bugs worked out, or so he thought as he got back into the race, down two laps, but was once again off the track, half a lap later, to do some more fine tuning to get back into the race, only to lose a tire just before the checkered flag as he managed to hang onto fourth place behind Jeff Probst still in first, Dave Vandermissen Jr. second; Todd Wallace in third. Wow, what a race! Excitement was the key phrase for the Class 14 event up next with Ken Kincaid, Brad Mihalko and Greg Gerlach causing the excitement. By the third lap, Mihalko was moving into first place, but Kincaid had other plans for Mihalko, which didn't include victory, as he flew over the jumps in rapid pursuit, followed tightly by Greg Gerlach. Mihalko, under massive pressure, spun out and was passed quickly by both Kincaid and Gerlach, pushing Mihalko down to third. Kincaid, now in the lead, started feeling the pressure from Gerlach' s agression and also lost his lead as he went squirrely on a hairpin, but Kincaid gassed it and recovered to keep his lead for the moment, but Gerlach kept right on pushing and caught Kincaid in the infield and passed for the lead. One lap later Gerlach suddenly pulled into the pits, leaving the spectators, and I'm sure Kincaid also shocked, but also giving Kincaid his lead back. So it was Mihalko's turn to again t-ry to dethrone the leader, but as time ran out, it was still Ken Kincaid in the lead, with Mihalko in second amd Mark Seidler running a consistent race for third. Twelve Class 11 single seaters lined up for their event and it was Darrin Parsons leading the way off the green with Curt Gerald, Jeff Jones and Dave Woulf following. On the second lap the positions were starting to change as Jeff Jones moved past Gerald for second, but Gerald only followed for one lap and then repassed on lap four, and then headed for the leader, catching and passing Parsons in the back stretch, then pegging up a comfortable lead. Darren Van Dreel had a little cornering problem as his buggy took the hard way over, landing on the roof.Track workers quickly came to the rescue and righted the buggy which had a flat left rear tire and a slightly toed- in front wheel, but kept in the race. At the end of the twenty minute event it was still Gerald in first with Parsons maintaining second and Jones in third. It was the roar of heavy metal again heard coming onto the track as the Class 8 pickups were next on the schedule. With the wave of the green it was Dennis Ferdon, Don Gregorie and Dave Hackers toppmg the class. Hackers quickly ousted Gregorie out of second place and went to work on Ferdon, pushing him also out of the lead, just before Ferdon went out of the race. A new constituent was coming up from behind that Ferdon didn't probably expect to be quite as bad of a threat as he was as Mike Renkas passed Gregorie for second place and headed for the lead. Just before the two went into the back stretch, it was Renkas into the lead, taking it up on two wheels, but saved it from a roll and held on to first place. Meanwhile a war was starting for third and fourth with Jon Kaempf and Roger Lindsay passing Gregorie with intentions of improving their positions with Kaempf coming into second place as Hackers lost a right front wheel as he came into the infield. Lindsay was still :::::,,,c-• ~ Todd Attig was master of the rough sections at Antigo and took home the win in Class 7S, followed by Tom Hackers and Brian Farrell. Dusty nmcs looking for a better position and hammered away at Kaempf being so close but yet so far at the white flag lap, but it seemed to be "so far", instead of "so close" at the checkered as Lindsay would only bring home a third place trophy behind Kaempf in second and Renkas with first. Dust, dust and more dust seemed to set the pace for Sunday's racing as the unlimited Class 1 buggies screamed onto the track. Todd Attig, looking for another win slid into the lead off the green with chasing being done by Art Schmitt and Scott Taylor, who quickly overcame Schmitt for second, ·and gained slowly on Attig. Dave Vandermessen and Kevin Probst were fighting in the fourth/fifth spots with Probst finally passing Vandermissen and Probst was hot on Schmitt in third. It was the white flag lap that set the story straight with Attig spinning out on turn four, allowing Schmitt to gain valuable time, Probst blew an engine, dropping him right down to last place. At the presentation of the black and white it was still Taylor in number one with Attig hanging onto second and Schmitt taking home third with Wuesthoff and Vandermissen in fourth and fifth. The Class 11 buggies were back on the scene, this time in the two seat version with Jeff Jones coming out ahead this time with Parsons and Gerald right up there. Darrin Parsons promptly moved into first place while Mark Steinhardt and Dave W oulf were tangling back in the pack. Steinharc_k_ d~n't fare too well as he only was able to make another half a lap before pulling off track. Cliff "Doc" Holiday lost a right front tire, and due to the earliness into the race, he was black flagged off the track.Jones, back into first place, was catching a lot of heat from Gerald and Parsons, with Gerald moving past Parsons for second, then so close on Jones that he climbed up on Jones and almost landed in a fence. Gerald finally passes Jones in the back stretch with Parsons taking away second on the next lap, just before Jones lost his steering box. Gerald went too wide on the back corner and went into a pile of tires, giving Parsons plenty of room for a pass into first place. Andy Zipperer, who had moved into third after Jones's break, found a break of his own and (;w-.091 HEAVY DUTY DIFFERENTIAL Tired of replacing com-plete CV's? We now have the 930 CV Center Stars available as a separate item. These new units are made from heat treated aircraft quality 300M. Alloy steel and feature case hardened ball grooves. Made from 4340 Chro-moly. All surfaces ground for high concentricity. Pre-cision machined for the tightest tolerances. NEW FOR '89 ! TOP GUN SHOCKS BY DOETSCH TECH Top quality Doetsch Tech Off-Road shocks now available. CV BOOT HOLDERS October 1989 Machined from extra strong alloy steel. Designed to provide for maximum axle angulation. Larger ball clearance. Available for T-2, T-4 and 930 CVs. Pag~ 33

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,. ----.. ,.~; . Scott Schwalbe sails over the big jump in his swift Class 10 · machine, which often succumbs to mechanical woes, as it did at this race. There are tight dices in Class 5-1600, like this dandy one between Jim Pfeffer, leading, and Terry Wolfe at Antigo. Jeff Jones sails over the big jumps in his very tidy Class 11 car. Jones is always in the lead pack and often wins in this close running class. Both Jeff and Kevin Probst drive this rapid two seat Berrien Laser very well. At Antigo Jeff took the class honors in 10 with the quick car. i;r Dave W oulf assumed spectators, instead of where no the third place spot. Gerald, one can see-him. The action for trying too hard to regain first spun second and third was continuing out in the back and hit more tires, and getting better and better as giving Parsons a strong lead. On both Smith and Probst came out the white flag lap Parsons choked of the woods and into the infield his engine on the first infield jump together, side by side, when · -,__'q;rner, but after a quick prayer, suddenly Probst went sideways the engine restarted and he was on and the only place for Smith to go his way to the victory lap with was up and over, which he did and Gerald and W oulf taking second continued on to take second place and third respectively. behind Taylor, with Probst The 2,1600 race started with having to settle for third. Scott Taylor, Greg Smith and Nine Baja bugs lined up at Kevin Probstthe head of the class. 12:30 for their chance on the Taylor was gaining a good lead, course with the top dogs of the but it was Smith who was feeling class being Jeff Therriault, Chuck pressure from the ranks, in the Johnson, Jim Pfeffer and Terry form of Kevin Probst who was Wolfe. By lap two, Johnson had right on Smith's bumper, and overcome Therriault for the lead, pushing harder each lap. Lester which Therriault counter,acted North, in his usual fashion, ·andonlapthreeregainedthelead, dumped his buggy in the back with Johnson in a bumper to stretch. Lester has to learn if he's bumper situation for the next going to roll all the time, at least couple of laps, until Therriault he should do it in front of the and Johnson came side by. side BIGGER IS BETTER Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C. V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. joints. Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C. V. joints. All l!xles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s are threaded 3/8-24. All axles and bells tor Type II can be threaded 3/8-24 or stock 8 mm threads. pitch threads. 1_0 mm• 1.5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 p&r flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 3242 SABIN BROWN ROAD P.O. BOX 20646 • WICKENBURG, AZ 85358 (602) 684-5056 SHIPPED BY _ups DEALER INQUIRIES INVIT.EO , Ken Kincaid is always spectacular on the race track, and sometimes a winner. At Antigo he won Class 14 going away. over the grandstand jump with Johnson landing in the lead. Ron Karlman had a little run in with a Class 2 vehicle driven by Jeff Probst as Ron was bumped and pushed off the course. Therriault in second place seemed to be slowing or third place Terry Wolfe seemed to be speeding up as Wolfe managed to pick up some distance on Therriault, but Karlman, who had recovered from his fiasco with Probst was also moving in on Wolfe. As the white flag was dropped, so did Wolfe's left rear wheel, thus dropping him from contention and dropping Karlman into an easy third behind the leader Chuck Johnson and second place Jeff Therriault. The Class 2 unlimited two seat buggies also ran with the 5,1600s and it was two Vandermissens against a Schwalbe and a Probst. Dave Vandermissen, Sr. snapped the early lead, but it was Jeff Probst who did the fancy footwork getting by Sr. as they caught up to the 5, 1600s to run in first place. Dave Sr. and Jeff came over the next jump together but Jeff kept the inside track and the lead, until shortly after his little incident with Ron Karlman, when Probst pulled off the track and it was the Nutcracker back in the lead with Scott Schwalbe moving up to second. Probst managed to ref ire his buggy, but not until the white flag lap, down too many laps to up his position. With the finish of the regular races, it was time for the championship events, with the limited buggies going first, all thirteen of them, led by Scott Taylor, Dave Boerschinger and Greg Smith with Kevin Probst running in fourth, then third and finally second, with Smith overcoming Boerschinger for third. The rest of the race was cut and dried as the top three found their positions and that's where they stayed. Kincaid picked the pole position for the Heavy Metal vehicles in their round of Odobcr 1989 championship racing, and was followed by Jack Heidtmen and Geoff Dorr. Mike Renkas, who had won the Class 8 event found the championship race only a one lapper as he went out early in what was to become one of the wildest events of the weekend. Kincaid, still in the lead was now being chased by Dorr who moved up to second and Brad Mihalko in · third. Heidtman with a flat tire lost his position, but not his determination as he kept right on racing. Mihalko, on the other hand started to smoke and was eventually forced off the track with a fried engine. Beetle Bailey ran his ·Class 13 up to the third place spot to fill the gap, but the real action was up in first and second as Kincaid -and Dorr continued to do war, Kincaid in _ the lead, pushing hard to keep his lead, perhaps a bit too hard, causing the spectators to gasp in every round across the grand, stand jump as he seemed to hit it harder and harder each time. Dorr, however, looking like he was out for a Sunday drive in his calm, cool, collected style of driving he seemed to just be waiting for Kincaid to screw up, and that he did. In a cloud of dust in the back stretch, the spec;tators could see disabled vehicles with Kincaid and Dorr entering in that order, but Dorr emerging in the lead, Kincaid down considerably, obviously having gotten messed up with the commotion in the back stretch. Kincaid came around one more time then pulled his vehicle into the infield and stopped, got out, walked over and grabbed a track marking tire. The spectators, unsure of what was happening, sat there watching as Chuck Brand came from the woods, on the white flag lap, to receive a tire on top of his hood, thrown there by Kincaid. Brand continued on to take the checJcered flag, coming back around to find out why Kincaid was in such a frenzy, Kincaid stopped him , and fortunately officials stopped Kincaid's action . before any further show of poor sportsmanship occured. The grandstands, by this time were livid with booing and hissing for Kincaid, who only laps before was their hero. After a decision of the officials, Kincaid wasdisqualified from his second place finish, with the top awards for the Heavy Metal Championship going to Geoff Dorr in first, P.eetle Bailey, second and Jack Heitdman, third. It was the battle bttween Attig and Taylor again as the Unlimited Championship clas&s were up next. Jeff Probst came up quickly to take third awa)' from Art Schmitt and started working on Taylor, who started to spin, and just like that lost second to Probst, but only momentarily as Taylor repassed on the grand, stand jump· to retake second, Probst staying tight, but also followed very closely by Art Schmitt, who found his openirig when Probst went a li:tle too wide on turn four and lost third place to Schmitt. Taylor almost got Attig on lap four as attrition started working on the class, taking out both Probst and Lee Wuesthoff. The next lap Taylor too, pulled into the pits and it's only Attig and Schmitt left, with Attig in a considerable lead, taking it the rest of the way to the checkered for first. The ladies put on a good show as' they started their event; with Rhonda Smith leading in the limited version and Paula Parsons taking the lead for the Class 11 women, followed by Chris Gerald, and Pauline Vogel. Jan Shopodock grabbed away third, but Vogel regained third over the grandstand jump .. Jan landed in the pile of tires coming out of the back stretch, her brother Cliff Holiday, who was also her co, driver, climbed out, helped her off and stayed out(couldn't be he doesn't trust his sister's driving, could it?). Kathy VanGheem, who was running in second in the limited, took out a portion of fence along the first corner, came back out onto the track, only to go through the fence the next lap in the same spot. Chris Gerald, under a yellow flag caution passed Parsons on the white fla·g lap to take an undeserved first place . finish with Paula Parsons in second and Pauline Vogel, third for the Class 11 s, and Rhonda Smith, first in the limited with Kathy VanGheem, second. Awards were all that were left for the weekend, to send the racers on their way, a fitting end to a realy great weekend of off, road racing. The Antigo commun, ity should be commended for the way they so graciously opened their doors to the off-road world, and put on one of the up and coming races on the circuit. Dusty nma

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The Losers By Judy Smith Back in the beginning of August, the FRT had a night race in the Borrego desert, and some of those folks turned themselves into Losers. One was Cecil Wright, who drives a Class 1 Mazda powered car. Now, Cecil was having a heating problem, and on the first lap he'd had to stop to check things out and add water. Then he was having to drive with an eye on the temperature gauge, but, at least it kept going. Cecil decided he was going to race anyway, and just motored on, watching that gauge. It got completely dark while he was on his second lap, and he found himself out i~ whac Fud calls the :'mud hills" on the east end of the course. The little hills look like something a giant pre-schooler made with his toy plastic bucket. There are scores of these unattractive excrescences spread out in a wide area, all looking alike, and with no discernable landmarks. Cecil, who has discovered that his night vision isn't as good as it used to be, became disoriented, and wandered too far eastward, ending up almost in the small hamlet of Seeley. Now, to his dismay, not only was the motor hot, but his battery was dying, and if he tried to radio his pit crew it killed everything else. So he could listen to them trying to figure out where he was, but he couldn't tell them. When he finally sorted himself out, and knew where he was, and where the race course was, the battery gave up, and he had to park the car and walk five miles in to a check point where he could radio for his crew. Cecil has decided that he'll drive the daylight parts of the races from now on. Also at Fud 's race, Dan Bowen, and his team-mates, Dave Acosta and Matt Parsons, who drive a Class 5-1600 car, started having trouble while pre-running. They broke a trailing arm bolt, and couldn't find a replacement anywhere in El Centro. So they went back out to the start/finish area, and finally borrowed one from Steve Lawrence, another 5-1600 racer. Then it was a race to put the car back together, but they had a lot of help from everyone in the pits and they got it done at five minutes to six. The race was due to start at 6: 15. Someone hustled around and got the entry fee paid, while Fud's tech crew, always helpful, went to their pit in order to get the car teched in time for the start. They pulled into staging a little after 6:15, but in time for their class. The team finished two laps, but then on lap three, while Parsons was driving, the trailing arm on the other side of the car broke. And that was the end of their race. The Nevada 500, a week after Fud's event, wasn't what you'd .call an easv race. but it had a high percentage, at 57 .7, of finishers. The high finish rate can be attributed to the fact that with radios and a good map, any pit crew could locate access to the co~rse, and eventually put the dnver back on the road again. But when they failed, it was generally a sad, sad story. As in the case of Brian Collins, who was fighting for the Class 2 Dusty nma and overall lead with the Herbsts and Rob Gordon. He'd already had to tie one broken front shock up out of the way, but then he broke a tie rod. As it happens, Collins doesn't have a radio in his car, but he was in a hard-to-reach part of the course anyway, and he had no spare. So it was curtains for Collins. The Herbst brothers, Tim and Ed, also came to a sad ending. They were leading Class 2, were the first car on the road, but they had Robby Gordon, in the Class 8 truck, hot on their bumper. All of a sudden, they hit a big ditch and t.~eir car went flying. It was end-over-end, landing hard on the top, and then coming around again to land on its wheels. Gordon was horrified, and stopped to make sure they were o.k., which they were. So he went on, and they gathered up their wits and tried to get going again. The car moved, but not very far, and common sense prevailed, because their cage had been torn completely loose by the force of the landing. It was decided that they had better call it a day also. Ivan Stewart, one of the four Class 1 entrants in this event, got almost no distance at all. He went about 12 miles before his ring and pinion started to make terrible noises, then ran another 10 miles before the team decided that it was a waste of time. Ivan was on his way back to California before most of the racers were halfway into the race. Larry Ragland didn't do a lot better. He was running in Class 2 this time, in his new truck, and he had a flat, and then he broke a transmission and made repairs. When he got to the Lathrop Wells road crossing he was only about eight minutes off the pace, and looking pretty good, but then, right there, the truck dropped an axle. Larry says the truck needs some more testing, but overall he's satisfied with it, feeling that he can run with Class 2 just fine. . Craig Watkins and Greg Aronson had a good race going in Class 10, but then the Toyota began to seize, or ·something equally worrisome. So Greg slowed down, to let it cool a bit, and then it seemed to be running alright again, and he thought it had cured itself. But when he pulled in to the Lathrop Wells road crossing it was obvious that the cure had been only temporary, and that was as far as the car went. The thermostat had broken and the head gasket had self-destructed. Troy Hetbst had the Class 1 lead at Lathrop Wells, but he lost his motor before he got halfway, and chalked up one more bad day at the races. Jeff Huber managed to get 50 miles into the race before his truck quit. He'd had some electrical problems, but it was a blown motor that stopped him for good. Sam Arciero got about a mile into the race, and had some kind of oil problem that put an end to his Class 10 race. Lloyd Sukut and Doug Ingles got about five miles into the race in their 511600 and lost a piston, and Mike Lesle's 7 4x4 truck lost the main bearing really early. He was also in deep trouble with the officials because he had a pit in an unauthorized area, which meant that he lost points for this event. The Fish and Wildlife honchos and the BLM are serious about this, folks, and they are forcing our promoting bodies to be serious too. You'd best have a heart-to-heart talk with your chase crews and pit people before every race, to be sure they don't get you into a mess you can't get out of. Steve McEachem hit a rock and broke something in his driveline early in the day. So his crew made repairs, and sent him on his way. Then he had carburetor trouble. ~nrl h,,rl .-~ i._.. t.h t f· rl -B , ___ ··--,v 1111ve a 1xe~. y now he was running a little late. Then he blew a rear end near Check 3, Beatty, and he was out. John Gable, in another Class 8 truck, broke rwo steering boxes, and changed them both, but found the next checkpoint closed when he got there. Dave Shoppe, still another Class 8 driver, got as far as Beatty and broke for good. Mike Lund, who drives in Class 2 with a non-Porsche motor, was running second on the road, and got to between Beatty and Cottontail on the way back home when he blew his motor. And Darrell Smith, who drives in Class 5-1600, also lost his motor, on his way down after Tonopah. Billy Bunch, who entered his truck, which is illegal for Class 8, in Class 1, got about 15 miles into the race and broke a rear strut. He had no spare parts. And Jack Schlaman took over for Chris Robinson in his Class 7S truck, and went about 20 more miles and lost his motor. Jimmy Smith broke a c. v. in his big Porsche powered rwo-seater and didn't have spare parts to fix it. As if that wasn't bad enough, later in the day he was helping someone else and hit himself in the head with a jac_k-handle. He was sporting a nifry looking bandage when we saw him at the start/ finish line. Bill Poe and Fred Ronn won the Class 10 race, but their crew didn't feel very celebratory that evening -every single one of them had managed to get a traffic ticket during the weekend. B.J. Bates and his mom, Maxine, had entered their Class 9 car this time, and B.J., who'd started, had heard a clunking noise, so when he got to Tonopah, he told the pit crew about it. They checked things over, and couldn't find anything wrong, so B.J. 's co-driver, Rick Pew got in to finish the race. Rick got a fair cl.stance along the way back before a pit crew spotted the broken axle tube, and they tried to weld it back together at the Lathrop Wells road crossing. But, of course, it was all greasy, and it was impossible to do a good job with the welder. Pew went on, but when he got into the rough stuff after Lathrop Wells the axle broke, and they were out of it. It was so nasty in there that it took their chase crew almost an hour and a half to travel the three or four miles in to rescue them. George Seeley was doing v~ry well in Ciass S, but then his exhaust manifold broke off. And then the oil cooler started to leak, and they had to add oil over and over again. So when they got to their next pit they removed the cooler and blocked off the lines. Then the motor got so hot that the plastic on the points melted. But they managed to get that fixed and went on again, and it was now getting to be very late at night. They got to Check 10 and worked on the car some more, and while it wouldn't really run well, they went on. But they got only another 10 miles or so, and at mile 385 decided they'd had enough, and headed back to the bright lights and comforts of the pit. Join The Winning Team!! C.O.R.E. California Off-Road Enthusiasts 1984 Class 10 Co-Champ Ray Aragon 1984 Class 10 Co-Champ Steve Tetrick 1985 Class 1/2-1'300 and Overall SCORE-HORA Champion Jack Ramsey 1985 Class_ 10 Champion John and Rick Hagle . 1985 Class 10 2nd Place Steve Tetrick-Fred Ronn 1987 Class 10 Champion Craig Watkins - Greg Aronson 1987 and 1988 Class 3 Champion Mike Schwelllnger - Les Erickson 1988 Class 10 2nd Place Steve Centurlonl 1989 SNORE Bottom Dollar - Kevin McGllllvray - Don Angel Class 10 Winner 1989 Pa~er 400 & Fireworks 250 - Craig Watkins - Greg Aronson Class 1 o Winner 1989 Baja 500 - Mike Schwelllnger - Steve Kramer Class 3 Winner 1989 SNORE Midnight Special-Kevin McGllllvray - D n Angel Class 10 Winner 1989 SNORE Midnight Special-Dave Ramirez.2nd Place Class 10 1989 SNORE Midnight Special - Tom Mattingly Class 9 Winner 1989 Nevada 500 - BIii Poe - Fred Ronn Class 1 o Winner CORE Pit Support Provided at SCORE-HDRA, SNORE and other events with 5 or more Core entries. FOR PIT AND PIT SUPPORT INFO CALL: Jon Snyder -(805) 495-3344 , . .. -Page 35

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RALLY ARGEtfflNA Mikael Ericsson Gets His First Win Text & Phows: By Martin Holmes ~: -6.~ The winning Mikael Ericsson/Claes Billstam combination bested the harsh Argentine environment, as well as the opposition in the South American round of the World Rally Championship. The win gave Lancia the 1989 series points title. Against negligible opposition, Lancia won its seventh World Rally title with its victory in the Argentinian round of the FIA series. The triumph, Lancia's sixth this season, marked the first World Championship win for _ ikael Ericsson, the Swede whose future with Lancia had recently been publicly que~tioned. -Ericsson's finish, however, only came about after the long time leader, Argentine's Jorge Recalde, made a driving error which dropped him to third. Subaru, the other official factory team present, ·had a terrible time, losing both its entries to accidents. Even before this, the Japanese cars had found them-selves being beaten by Austrian privateer Georg Fischer, who survived to claim an eventual fourth despite having run the entire distance with a cracked engine block. For Lancia, on the other hand, things were relatively easy even though they used the already obsoiete eight-valve !.'.!!gine Delta's in the South American affair. Still, Ericsson found himself in some difficulty immediately after he and his navigator Claes Billstam first gained the lead because of a loss of brake fluid with his Delta lntegrale. That dropped the two out of the number one position tempor-arily until Recalde's problems changed the order again. The "Supergaucho" obviously had wanted badly to do well in Argentina. But, that was not to be. On Stage 19, Recalde and co-driver Jorge Del Buono, spun their Lancia after coming off a jump and bouncing it on its nose, breaking the oil cooler in the process. Although the Argentine hero calmly drove out of the stage without further drama, he lost 12 minutes because of the mishap, and incurred another minute and a half in road penalties, all of Despite a cracked engine block, Austrian privateers Georg Fischer and Tomas Zeltner brought their veteran Audi 200 Quattro home fourth overall. Group N winners Gustavo Trelles and Ricardo lvetich take their Lancia Delta lntegrale through the foggy mountains in the back country of Argentina. Fifth placed Ernesto Soto and Martin Christie were the Headed for retir~ment a_re "Possum" Bourne and ~oger highest placed two wheel drive finishers in Argentina with Freeth _after rolll~g th~,r Subaru RX Turbo, terminally their Renault 18GTX. damaging the cars engine. ---'---'---------,---,--------:,:::-====--==== ·-,.-\':: Edio Fuchter and Ricardo Costa brought this Brazilian Jorge Bescham and Jose Garcia gained ninth place in the Volkswagen Go/ (known as the Fox in the USA) home a ninth Rally Argentina in the Fiat Regatta 85, fwd, 1.5 litres, solid 10th overall this year. 138 bhp. Page 36 October 1989 which ended hfs hopes of victory. This year's event, the ninth annual edition of the FIA affair, was held during the country's worst economic crisis in recent years. One result of that turmoil was the presence of Argentina's new president Carlos Saul Menem, who himself was a former participant in the rally. Menem, to whom the Argentinian country is looking for salvation from its financial woes, not only took a lap of honor in the course car over the first special stage, but later waved off all 77 starters to the cheers of the 20,000 spec-tators who had come to see him and the beginning of the rally. Because of their Latin culture, the crowd at the start had an easy time ideutifyi!'!g ~ith the Lancias, including the semi-official joUy Club entry of Alex Fiorio and his navigator Luigi Pirollo, who were destined to take a well-deserved second place. Indeed, so much faster were the Italians than the rest, that one had to wonder how they could fail to sweep each of the timed-to-the-second spectator stages. After the excitement of the opening festivities at the Palermo Hippodrome ( the only time the capitol would see the cars), the event headed to the Cordoba province and the first normal special stage close to the lakeside resort town of Villa Carlos Paz. Up to this point Recalde had been leading on the 700 kilometer trek to the northwest. However, as he was about to start this first "real" special stage, the home-town hero made a mistake in his choice of tires. "I chose the ATS's, but they were obviously slower." Fastest was Fiorio, with Ericsson next taking the best time on Stage 3, despite which Recalde regained the overall lead. Then on Stage 4, Subaru's "Possum" Bourne got it all wrong. "We hit a rock on the side of the road and that spun us into the bank. The car then slid off the course, and we had to get the spectators to help push us back on again." It was the end for the New Zealander. With a damaged engine and the prospect of having to start 58th the next day, Bourne and Rodger Freeth withdrew their~ RX-Turbo. Meanwhile, there were others with problems as well. Ericsson was complaining of steering trouble; Fiorio was upset that he hadn't had the chance to check his pace notes for Stage 3 with a proper training car ("You'll notice the time we lost there was exactly the amount of time we're behind the leader"), and the dust was affecting many of the rest of the competitors. With only eight drivers entitled under the FISA rules to a two minute gap, a number of the top locals hung back before reporting at the start control for Stage 2 to lose a minute and gain a more dust-free environment at the cost of only a ten-second penalty. The only other top driver in difficulty during the day was Gabriel Raies whose Renault 18GTX was suffering from a slipping clutch due to a trans-mission oil leak. The crew tried everything including the addition of Coca Cola to ease the situation until the transmission could be changed the following morning. While Recalde was the leading Argentine, the first homegrown -prepared car now was the similar 18GTX of Ernesto Soto and Martin Christie. Despite the difficulties encountered by Raies and his navigator, Raul Campana, the Renaults were generally more reliable than in previous years. As Christie explained it, the privateers had a great deal more support than they had in the past; something with which Soto readily agreed. "Not since the days of the old works team has it been so good. Our engines are now prepared by Berts ( the Argentine racing car manufacturer from nearby Alta Gracia), and we can now afford to keep changing the parts on the cars. I have been going safely, I can go faster if necessary. _ The next day Recalde 300N lost the lead as his car seemed to ~~counter tur5G prcblems on the higher portions of the first two stages. Although Ericsson took advantage of this to lead after the first stage, the Swede quickly lost the number one spot when he was forced to slow because of brake problems, a situation which did not please co-driver Billstam at all. When a,ked how serious it lllight be, he snapped back, "Just enough to cost us the rally." Disappointments aside, after Stage 8, only 12 seconds separated the three Lancias, as Fischer was still going in fourth despite his engine worries.• Questioned about Fischer's situation cloven Audi preparation expert,' Relf Schmidt said,. "We're always changing the water to take away the oil that is seeping out of the e11gine. I really don't know if it will last. We've turned down the boost to .6 bars to help." At this point Recalde, with a bit of luck, moved to regain the lead from Fiorio by setting the fastest time on Stage 9, this in spite of losing a halfshaft just before the end of the stage. The rally now headed south-wards towards Mina Clavero - the mountainous area from which Recalde hails, and which is better known as "Recalde bandit country." With almost everyone worrying a~out the persistant overheating problems that had struck the majority of the field as the event climbed in altitude, . Recalde got down to business. On Stage 13, one of the most dramatic in all of World Champ-ionship rallying with its moon-like rocks and endless thrilling views, the Argentinian driver showed his superiority in no uncertain terms, beating the field by a whopping 20 seconds. This left him 46 seconds ahead of Ericcson, who, in turn, was 14 seconds faster than Fiorio. Sixteen minutes back was Fischer, now in front of Soto and Jorge Celsi, driving the second Subaru TX Turbo with right seater Elvia Olave. Raies, his transmission woes a memory, was back up to tenth in the standings. On the third day the rally stayed nearer to Cordoba. As the sun climbed over the hills to the west of the Argentinian industrial town, a most beautiful day got under way. For all of its beauty, though, it was a time of dis-appointment for Raies who again broke his transmission, this time on a more permanent basis. There was also disappointment fo-r Recalde who kept his appointment with the ill-fated -Dusty Times

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Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally position possible. (Eventually 10th 0 / A and 2nd in GT). Dave Lapham/Keith Weirtz were in trouble with less than four brakes which resulted in lots of spins and slow progress. Benefitting from their misfortunes were John Daubenmeier/San Rosen who found themselves leading the GT class. official Golf GTis. On th~ stage O'Neil caught and passed the other Golf, to take the class lead . . In GT John Daubenmeier contin-ued to lead the class and on this same stage caught and passed Lapham immediately after Holmes had done the same thing. This happened right at a spectator point providing good views for the crowd as it was here that O'Neil had caught Light. By Martin Headland After a less than ausp1c1ous start to the 89 season with their DNF in Georgia, Rod Millen and co-driver Tony Sircombe are now well back on track, collecting their fourth consecutive overall win at the Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally on 2-3 June; bringing the Group A Mazda 323 home some five minutes ahead of Paul Choniere with regular co-driver Scott Weinheimer in the Open Class Audi Quattro. Sixty-six cars started the 13th running of STPR which com-prised all the usual stages including the famous Stoney Creek Ford, the 'Grand Canyon of the East' Rim Road, etc. The town of Wellsboro provided its usual hospitality with a chicken barbeque and entertainment around the green, and the weather, for the most part, was sunny and warm. With five drivers now holding FIA seeding the starting order was no longer totally predictable with Bill Holmes/ Brian Maxwell in the Fl 50 leading off followed by Rod Millen. This year a driver's bulletin advised that 'overtaking' at the water crossing would be prohibited, an efficient tow and recovery team being in place to quickly remove all stricken vehicles ( of which there were a number). The most spectacular at the crossing was Bill Holmes, however Millen was already building a lead. Choiniere suffered a flat on the first stage losing about 25 secs., while Tom O'Neil/Martin Headland were the first to stop in the water crossing, having then to nurse a rather wet Golf GTI to first service. Stages 2 and 3 were along the west side of the Pine Creek Gorge where Millen continued to extend his lead. Choiniere suffered another flat, again without too much time loss while O'Neil was less lucky, knocking a tire off a rim early in stage 2, losing two and a half minutes in changing it. Chad DiMarco/ Erick Hauge in the Group A Subaru bid a swift farewell to STPR with a blown engine near the end of stage 3 although Russ Hughes/Diane Sargent were out even sooner when they hit a tree on stage 2. Behind Millen the battle was close with S~ndy Liversidge/Steve Walkington going well in their Group A Saab while many were surpris, d at the speed of Canadian Woytek Grabowski in his Group A 323 GTX. At the supper halt in Wellsboro · jump on Stage 19, losing his 13 reached the end of the final stage, and a half minutes, but dropping he did so on three wheels, and only to third because of the lead without brakes. Then came the built up by the Lancia trio. serious problems. Those occurred Soto too suffered problems in when the service van Celsi was his battle against Celsi, stalling in following to a holding area just a water crossing on Stage 2, and outside of Cordoba stadium leaving the entire top five (where the cars were brought positions to be filled by all-wheel- together for the final ceremonies) drive vehicles. But, for Celsi, was suddenly forced to stop for there were struggles also, Olave another rally car ahead of it. having left the pace notes for Celsi, unable to bring his Stage 22 back at the hotel. Subarutoahalt,slammedintothe Fortunately, the stage was a repeat rear of the van, rendering the RX of Stage 4, but, nevertheless, Celsi Turbo undrivable. Although it went through it at something less was pushed to the penultimate than full speed. control, the Subaru was barred The Volkswagen Gol (South from the rally for receiving American built two-door VW's) outside assistance, being towed contingent, on the other hand, back into the stadium very much was going well, although not quite not under its own power. as well and they had in 1988. This unfortunate set of events Uruguayan Luis Etchegoyen had meant that for the second straight two punctures to slow his rally one of the team's entries had progress, while Brasilian Edio been excluded from the final Fuchter was curbing his enthusi- results for this infraction of the asm in the hope of finishing and rules. collecting points in the local For all of the lack of serious Codasur title chase. opposition, there was no question On the second stage of the that Ericsson had finally gained rally's final day, Fiorio was his maturity. The man who had slowed by a couple of minutes, never quite made it in the past, not enough to do serious damage no\\'. had got there at last. While to his quest for a top two placing, one has to wonder, it seems that but enough to end his aspirations Ericsson's performance could of challenging Ericsson for the well be attributed to Lancia's win. system of threatening to fire those However, the real story to of their drivers who don't live up come from the last day's contest to their expected potential by concerned Celsi. Although he winning. 9th RALLY ARGENTINA Results Mikael Ericsson/Claes Billstam s Lancia Delta lntegrale 7:06:00 Alex Fiorio/Luigi Pirollo I Lancia Delta lntegrale 7:08:26 Jorge Recalde/Jorge Del Buono RA Lancia Delta lntegrale 7:19:42 Georg Fischer/Tomas Zeltner A Audi 200 Quattro 7:42:10 Ernesto Soto/Martin Christie RA Renault 18 GTX 7:48:15 Fernando Stella/Edgardo Gait RA Renault 18 GTX 7:56:42 Gustavo Trelles/Ricardo lvetich u Lancia Delta lntegrale 7:59:01 Juan-M Traverso/Ruben Valentini RA Renault 18 GTX 7:59:55 Jorge Bescham/Jose Garcia RA Fiat Regatta 85 8:11:28 Edio Fuchter/Ricardo Costa BRA VWGol 1.6 8:21:50 Norberto Gianre/Ruben Giaccone RA Fiat 128 Super Europa 8:22:51 'Group N winner 77 Starters - 33 Finishers Dusty nmes Millen hacf a good lead from a tightly packed group which included Liversidge, Doug Shepherd/Joe Adreini in the Prod GT Daytona, Choiniere, Holmes and Dave Lapham in his Prod GT 323GTX. Missing were Mark Everett/Wayne Brooks who had been well up in their Group A 323 GTX until having a comprehen-sive accident on stage 4 which left the car in a very sorry state. They were checked in the local hospital, but were happily OK. Mark Brown and Jay Topping were also missing at the restart after a good end over end roll on stage 4. After the restart, Grabowski became an immediate casualty. He had previously arranged to purchase some shocks from Millen, and these had been fitted at the supper stop. Unfortunately, it appeared that Millen's suspen-sion set up was a little different as Woytek found the rear tires rubbing on the bodywork hard enough to wear through and blow. The Mazda did not make it very far before retiring. In the GT class Doug Shepherd . who was running second overall started to experience engine problems as the turbo gave out and he and Joe Andreini faced a long drive to salvage the best Whatever the reason, Ericsson and Recalde, along with the rest of the Lancia contingent will be even stronger when the new 16-valve Deltas come on line after Finland's 1000 Lakes round. And, that should put the Lancia men's careers on a new step, regardless of the rooting and hooting from the sidelines. Stage 7 was cancelled after only seven cars had passed through when the stage captain was not entirely happy with some safety aspects namely that the radio repeater quit and communication was lost. This was a big disap-pointment for all the many spectators waiting for lots of action but safety must come first. As the route headed off to the west of Wellsboro and the gathering darkness, the weather began to change. Soon the crews were encountering fog patches, and, when they arrived at the next service area after stage 10 the heavens opened to deluge everyonP-with a lot of water. . Stage 11 caused a lot of consternation when crews found no start control. There was a lot of milling around by those unsure of what to do.Transmitting the stage was a real nightmare with dense fog and torrential rain. Most cars could not transit the stage fast enough to beat the bogey time and even with the better conditions on the following transit, were late in arriving at Stage 12. Sensibly the organisers did not penalize anyone. Stage 12 was 15 miles of sometimes foggy and, with all the rain, very slippery road. O'Neil, had been slowly pulling back the time that he had lost with the earlier flat so that he started the stage only 59 sec behind Prod Class leaders Guy Light/Jimmy Brandt in the other of the two -With the weather causing problems for control crews to get into position, Organiser Rusty Campbell wisely cancelled stage 13 in order to keep the event on time. Over the last two stages, the order changed little other than for O'Neil, who kept hard at it, to pass Liversidge and Daubenmeier for 4th 0/ A. Daubenmeier did not mind as he carefully drove his way to 6th 0/ A and his first GT win. Choiniere finished some five minutes behind Millen two minutes ahead of Holmes who had a steady run although the. spectators had been highly entertained by Bill's patented "K" turn. Rounding out the top ten were Pruno Kreibich/Jeff Becker in Bruno's Qµattro who· would have been-higher but for 2 minutes of road penalty. Guy Light/Jimmy Brandt took 2nd in Production, and L Mark Stone/Marc Goldfarb had an excellent result bringing the ex-Jon Woodner Datsun 510 into 9th 0/ A. In the truck class Gary and Judy Gooch in the Toyota had an easy win four minutes ahead of Roger Hull and Rob Cherry in the Jeep. Despite the cancelled stages STPR was once again a fine event which left everyone pretty happy and looking forward to next year. O'Neil's fifth win of the year was sufficient to clinch the Production Championship for Volkswagen. The Best Way to Comniunicate to Your Service Crew and Stay Ahead!!! Visa and MasterCard orders welcome Call Toll Free 800-624-3 704 EPSILON INC. 7756 BALBOA BLVD. VAN NlNS, CA 90046 (800) 624-3704 OR (818) 781-0993 IN CA 6 MONTHS W ARRA TY 30 days unconditional money back guarantee. October 1989 Introducing what used to be a thing only factory teams could afford: FM Transceivers that provide valu-able communication when you need it most!! Two models are available: The portable model and the mobile unit model. .The portable sends its signals with up to 5 watts of power and the mobile has a maximum out-put of 30watts. Both have 6 channel capability and come with 3 channels built-in. The portable comes with external microphone, battery, and charger. Price for the portable is $250. Each battery is $45. The mobile unit transceiver is $250 each and is ideal for car installation. Please add $20 for shipping and handling to each order. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Page 37

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SNORE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Tommy & IOtty Bradley Win Overall in the Dark Nevada Desert & -r . ~ ~~"" Tom Bradley Jr. and his lucky charm co-driver, his sister Kitty, had their work cut out for them, but they persevered to win overall and in combined Class 1 and 2. SNORE's annual Midnight Special has a reputation for being a great race, as well as a fun time for everyone involved. This year's KC Hilites sponsored edition was no exception. Drivers and crews had a fine time and there was plenty of action - especially for overall winners Tom Bradley Jr. and his sister Kitty, who had a real dogfight on their hands for much of the time. The event was round three of the SNORE/Yokohama Points Series and was dedicated to the memory of Steve Centurioni, the Class 10 racer who perished while pre-running for the Mint 400 earlier this year. The race was July 29 and used a 37-mile course in Eldorado Valley, to the south of Boulder City. In keeping with tradition, the start was set in the early VORRA presents evening (8 p.m.) to avoid some of the brutal heat of the Nevada desert, where daytime temperat-ures routinely soar above 115 degrees. Seventy starters came to the line to take the green, but the course took its toll. Only 32 teams went into the records as finishers. And that was after the event was shortened from five laps to four for some classes, due SHORT COURSE OFF-ROAD R·ACING • 1n NORTHERN CALIFORNIA PRAIRIE CITY OHV PARK SACRAMENTO SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29 ALL SCORE CLASSES ODYSSEYS WELCOME (Sorry, no Quads or MC's) PRO CLASS ENTRY $150 $100 INTO PURSE SPORTSMAN ENTRY $50 TROPHY'S ONLY -PRAIRIE CITY OHV PARK-Take U.S. 50 East of Sacramento 12 miles to Prairie City Road south 2 miles to park For More Info Call; VALLEY OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION (916) 925-1702 Page 38 October 1989 Neil and Mike Grabowski bounced their way to a comfortable win in Class 5, holding a sizable lead of 13 minutes after five tough laps at night. to deteriorating course con-ditions. While the start was in the evening to dodge daytime heat, it still was about 105 and humid. And billowing clouds that teased racers with the promise of rain dropped it well to the east; but at least there was a 25 mph breeze to blow the dust away. From here on out, Kitty Bradley may have a very hard time bypassing any races that her brother drives. That's because he wins every time she rides with him. It's happened three times since last year. If Tommy's ~uperstitious, she could well become a fixture. While they won the overall honors, they didn't have an easy time. Jerry Leighton and Aaron Hawley gave them fits. Leighton ( the lone Class 1 car) fell by the wayside after two laps, but Hawley hounded them all the way and ran a faster first lap. But Tommy picked ui: the pace on the final four circuits md pulled away to a nine-minute victory. He still didn't have a drama-free time of it, tho.1gh. For quite a while, the oil light flashed on every time the tailof the car went up. But a quick splash of oil in the pits fixed that anc he was able to Andy Stix got two bonuses for the price of one entry fee. Not only did he win Class 7 in the Toyota, he also took over the series points lead. Comfortable margins of victory fell to the winners of both Baja Bug classes. Rich Fersch and Steve Patterson took 5-1600 by nearly 18 minutes. .,.., Aaron Hawley and Duane Eldred harried the Class 2/1 winners all night, but they ended up second at the flag, nine minutes in arrears. Dusty Times

Page 39

~-. _'{ ,~-Kenny Freeman· Jr. had the lead in Class 1-2-1600 for a while, but Mike Spina and company proved to be just seconds ahead, and Freeman was second. Brian Pennington had been the series points leader for the past two years. But 11th place at this race dropped him to second in the 1989 standings. SNORE President Tommy Ford, left, called for a moment of silence in the memory of Steve Centurioni when presenting the Class 10 memorial trophy to winners Kevin McGil/ivray, center/and Don Angel. Mike Spina and Keith Underwood had an exciting night, including a pounding rollover, but they went on to victory in Class 1-2-1600. Dave Ramirez drove solo and took second place in Class 10, dedicating the race to his latp friend and partner, Steve Centurioni. Kevin McGillivray and Don Angel took the Class 10 win, which boosted McGillivray to third place in the SNORE season points standings. Tom Mattingly and Jim Clements came from Barstow to win t e Challenger class by just 39 seconds after four tough rounds in the dark. Dusty Times make it to the finish comfortably. Hawley took second overall and in Class 211, but felt that a pair of black flags cost him the race. One came for backing up on the course, while the other resulted from not having operat-ing taillights. Race steward Bill Shapley had warned drivers before the race that taillights were mandatory, and that one-minute penalties would be assessed. Hawley attributed his problem to a broken wire, adding that the penalty was called "a final warning." Class 112-1600 winner Mike Spina also drew a taillight penalty - only he was in the lead at the time. He'd been five seconds up, but the penalty moved Kenny Freeman into the top spot. Spina worked his way back to first, but not without taking a few more lumps. On the third lap, right near start-finish, he rolled ... hard. But he was able to get going again and went on to take the win. While Freeman turned three laps faster than Spina, he had to settle for second, a minute back. The gap to third-place Mike Snodgrass, though, was more than 19 minutes. Class 5 winner Neal Grabowski really only had Jim Madison to worry about, as it turned out. They were the only two cars to go the distance, and Grabowski turned the faster times four of their five laps. They finished 13 minutes apart. Andy Stix won Class 7 l7Sl 8 convincingly, about 26 minutes faster than second-place Dennis Rogers. However, Stix now leads the series' points chase with 1680, over Challenger driver Brian Pennington -who hadn't'been out of the lead for the past two years. As far as the championship goes, Pennington had a disastrous 11th-in-class and watched the finishers from the pits, where he sat idled by a fried alternator after jyst three laps. . , Tom Mattingly and Jim Clements wound up taking the Challenger honors, but not by much. Rick Nelson and David Streety were just 39 seconds behind after their four-lap race. John Bartolotti and Mike Boehm were third, about three minutes back. Kevin McGillivray had a comfortable time in Class 10. He and co-driver Don Angel won by more than eight minutes. But the victory assured McGillivray of third in the points. Dave Ramirez soloed for second place, running the race in memory of his late racing partner, Steve Centurioni. The Class 5-1600 battle turned out to be an easy win for Rich October 1989 Fersch and Steve Patterson. All four of their laps were fastest among the finishers and they came home a full 1 7 minutes ahead of Turbo Lamke and Tom Corywell. Aside from the mandatory-taillights situation, one other issue had a bearing on the race. With the desert tortoise now on the endangered-species list, certain changes were made. While Bob Bruno of the BLM said that it would be 240 days before final rules came down, one thing was immediately made clear: There would be no short-coursing. Before the start, race steward Shapely had reported seeing tracks as much as 250 feet off the course, and informed competitors that there would be four check-points - including a "flying" check -to deal with the situation. It's too early to tell what the future may hold, in terms of new regulations, but the adjustments made for this race didn't seem to change that much. It still was a fun event. DO (]] ruJ [JJ D [[) rn DESERT LOCK OUTER hread ire Located ff Inner Ring Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength * At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing * All parts are available separately *In stock - Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" 13" 8"-10" UNLIMITED MIDGET MODIFIED MIDGET SPORT TRUCK MINI STOCK QUAD RACER BAJA BUG MODIFIED MIDGET ATV WE HAVE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 0" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax Page 39

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Parker and "The Animal'' -Top USA Sand Drags By Elaine Jones USA survived the power shortage the previous month and came back to Glen Helen in July to have their biggest turnout and a flawless show. The highlight of the evening had to be when Bucky Ray and Lanny Hensley climbed into some borrowed cars and went against each other in a two out of three match up. For those of you not in the know, Bucky and Lanny are the two hard working guys that get you where you're going when you race and do the lights. Lanny was the top dog in this match up and Bucky got the big DQ when he took out the cones, a big no, no in drag racing. All in all it was just plain fun and that's what everyone had with another one of Murphy's . Irish Pub delicious BBQ's thrown in for good measure. A new face to me showed up in the winner's circle of the Pro 1-3 in the guise of Steve Parker a mechanic from Riverside. His 2575 Autocraft Buggy and underline Buggy was the quickest down the lane in an event with a 3 .30 dial in. The Dyno Shop and James Construction are his sponsors and they bill themselves as having the world's quickest and fastest buggy and he made a believer out of me. Tony Kotasek in the "Flinn Springs Special", a 383 Chevy VB Dragster had runner up honors. His sponsors are Tony's Tractor Work Inc./Eddie George/Unique Metal Products/ Andy Goldate and Buds Trucking and Scribbs ATC. Tony has a pretty impres-sive list of credentials as he was the '88 winner of the Wyoming Nationals/'88 USA Top Elimin-ator/ '88 Sportsman of the year and '88 NSCA Fuel Points Champ. In Pro 4 with a dial in of 3 .60 another new face emerged the victor. It was Steve Speck a General Manager from Pomona who got to the lights first in his "Ah-Sum Toy", a 2442 VW Buggy_ sponsored by Short Fuse Racing. KenJueden of Hesperia a maintenance supervisor in "In Sandity", a 460 Chevy, was a tick behind. He's sponsored by Dales Grinding and K&S Enterprises. Rudy Kurtz was right on track in Pro 5 as he took his 400cc Yamaha Quad named "Gimmy the Money" to the money faster than runner-up Johnny Hoff. Hoff from Mountain Center is in Landscape and Irrigation and his '37 Fiat with a 427 Chevy is sponsored by Huff Enterprises/ Spillman Machine Shop/Vans Auto Body/Howton Signs and John Edwards. It came down to Gary Chez and John Keller in Pro 6 and the nod went to Chez, a machinist from Rancho Cucamonga in "No Sence Left" a 402 Chevy Jeep sponsored by DIR Precision Products of Buena Park and K&S Enterprises. Keller a mechanic from Mira Loma was in a 396 Chevy in a Toyota named "Sand Fever". Rouida Bros. Trans/Dick Cepek/R&D Performance and ]K's Auto Cosmetics are his sponsors. David Grdinich and "Grunch" his 427 Chevy Jeep took it all in Pro 7 with a dial in time of 4.50. David from Fontana is a superin-tendent and is sponsored by O&R Offroad Center/H& W Welding and Chino Radiator. Jay Shearer a firefighter from Riverside in "E" Ticket his 2330 VW Buggy was not quite as fast. G&J Aircraft help him. The dial in was 4 .80 in Pro 8 and Danny Owensby came the closest in his 350 Chevy mid engine rail sponsored by Backyard Buddies Racing/Jim's Custom Muffler/ Danny O Tree Service and Kathy Sylvestur. Mark Cubba with help from his wife and Cal Custom was just a hair slower. Mark a toolmaker from Ontario was in "My Woody" a 2110VW. 5 .10 was the time you couldn't beat in Pro 9 and Ken Besette a plumber from Riverside was right on the money in "Mean Green Machine #3" a 1914cc VW Buggy sponsored by D&D Plumbing. Bill Shubart from Taft brought "Baby Pumpkin" a U.P. 292 Chevy down and was good _ enough for runner up honors. Shugs Insurance is his sponsor. Gary Meserve a truck driver traded his 18 wheels for four and did just fine as he won Pro 10 with a dial in of5.40. His500cc Suzuki Quad is sponsored by Fontana 4-Wheeler. Robert Hill a welder from Maricopa had "Moon Runner" his 305 Chevy Jeep in the hunt but the tick of the clock beat ~im. Rob Hills W elding·and Boldmg Construction help pay his bills. No one dialed in for the time for Pro 11 so the class was eliminated for the meet· and the field of 16 went to Pro 12 where it came down to a 6.00 dial in and David Den Hartog and Bill Schroeder. Schroeder had the reaction time and got it home first on his 350cc Banchee Quad. Bill from Fontana is also a truck· driver and is sponsored by SES ·~ OFF-ROAD RACING TEAM 'THE STRAIGHT POOP FROM THE BIG WAHZOO' DE UNZIO NEV ADA 500 -In what appears to be a Class 5-1600 Points Championship clinching run, the Cook brothers grabbed another first place for the Checkers and their third win of the year. Allan and Darryl pulled the Checkers out of our slump back at the Mint race, followed it up with a victory at the Fireworks and then again at this race. ls there any question who's this year's hottest Checker team and the car to beat in Class 5-1600? These Checkers are indeed 'Cook'n' right along! Although sometimes overlooked because it's a slower class, another win was picked up by a team of Checkers in Class 11. Saul 'smily' Zambrano and 'Rosey's' husband motored on thru the silt from Pahrump _to Tonopah and back in Saul's 'stocker' fast enough to put Saul and Jeff Strait in the winner's circle. Great race guys! ~ero~uip l<w IV THE _ WruGHT PLACE Page 40 BUGPACKTM (805) 683-1211 Hey Sumners is getting closer, in fact it looked like the days of old as Jim's buggy was the first 1-2-1600 car on the road for most of the race and ended up with a solid second place finish. In Class 2 Chase and Greenway were both running near the front of the pack thru Goldfield, in fact, it was reported that at one ·point in T onopah both cars sat side by side in the Checker pit. Greenway left first, only to have Chase catch , him when he 'laid it on its side' near Goldfield. Jim quickly gathered it up and repassed Stuart wh en he had suspension problems. Greenway continued on for a third place, only 93 seconds behind the second place car. Chase, who also had brake problems, followed Greenway to the line for a fourth place finish. October 1989 Enterprises. David also a truck driver and also opting for the 4-Wheelers for fun was aboard a 350cc Yamaha Quad. His spon-sors are The Curling Iron -Upland and Greg Den Hartog & Sons Trucking. The Sportsmen Classes ex-ploded with Sport 1 having 27 cars going for the win. It came down to Clark Harris and Tim Ross who made the trip from Phoenix and lost in a matter of seconds to Harris. Harris a welder from Chino was in "Bits-N-Pieces Too" a 402 Chevy Jeep. He's sponsored by n&R 4-Wheel/ O'Neal Service Center/Chino Radiator/H& W Welding and Western Exterminators. Ross, a systems analyst from Arizona was in "Sand Dragun" a 390 AMC Jeep. Gary's Toy Shop/HYtec Pinstriping/Performance Plus and H&W Welding are his sponsors. There were so many in Sport 2 that they had to make two ladders of nineteen just to accommodate everyone. It came down to only two when all the dust had settld and one run down the lanes decided it all. Making his way to the top through all the traffic was Bob Spear in trucking from Irvine · on, of course, a 500cc quad sponsored by Trinity Racing. Jack Curtis sponsored by Curtis Dumptruck and Backhoe Service Symonds and Reider picked up a fourth place in what Greg says is "the last race in that truck". Good show Checkers. The guys after the race were pretty closed mouthed this year when it came to any whorehouse stories. This seems a little strange, but then again maybe ... Hey. you guys aren't letting your wives read this column are you? I mean, hey man don't you know this is the 'read & burn' page of the paper? Speaking of this column, it's strange but I haven't had any complaints about its contents since way back at the start when I irritated Russ Butow enough that he insisted that I be exposed and neutered. Maybe the tone of this column has been accepted or maybe the Wahzoo has just mellowed out a little? In either case I want to once again state my intentions for those of you that may have missed it earlier. This monthly column is written for Checker _Members only, with the possible exception of those who would like to be Checkers. It often contains rumors, lies and inside jokes that sometimes only the members involved can really appreciate, but generally it is and Ted Cheek Trucking had the bridesmaid honors. Two new faces made it into the winner's circle in Sport 3 and Gene Hansert a truck driver from Indio in "Her Money" an 1835 VW sponsored by his wife was the quickest. Jim Rosa, a Retail Craft Store owner from Chino with a 350 Twin sponsored by Tole Village was a hundreth behind. In the Pee Wee Division it was Daniel King, an 11 year old student from Hesperia in a tricked out 225 Dragster that won the gold when Robin Kotasek broke out. Daniel goes to Hesperia Christian School and is sponsored by King Racing Team/ Hesperia Wholesale Lumber/Jerry Butter-field Insurance and her crew chief is Dad. She was second Pee Wee in points in '88 and had the best appearing car also for the '88 season.-It had to be a long, quiet drive home for the Stevenson Fam_ily when both Kevin and Dan made it to the final run, but it was Kevin who got to the end of the lane the quickest. Both are students in Claremont and Kevin drives a 350cc Honda Cdyssey and Dan rides a 250cc Suuki Quad. FDS Mfg. Co. and U-Save Trailers of Pomona help them with their racing. intended to 'tell it like it is' or at least how we would like it to be. No one will be exempt from either praise for doing good or ridicule for doing something stupid. In short, I intend to write the Checker truth and nothing but the Checker truth, no matter what the truth really is! I mean if we can't laugh at ourselves once in a while, then we're getting too damn serious about all of this. The mighty Desert Tortoise has finally done what has been threatened for a long time -stopped the pre-running at the Las Vegas area races! The Gold Coast 300 out o{Jean on October 14th will allow no pre-running on its 77 mile course. This race will no doubt provide the photogra-phers with some spectacular photo opportunities as drivers charge off into a dusty unknown on the first lap. Strange but most of the Checkers, contrary to the other clubs, support this change. Another first at this race will be a new $35 insurance charge for every co-driver signed up. It's , rumored that Hibbard is partly to blame for this by running over one of his own co-drivers at Parker in Stuart Chase's car. RACE CAR PREP • 17 Years Experience in Driving and Maintaining Off Road Bugs & Buggies • Wins at Almost Every Major Race Including: 2 Baja 1 000's 2 Mint 400's 2 Points Championships Reasonable Prices and Work Completed on Time! JEFF HIBBARD 805-252-4034 Canyon Country, CA • Wrote the Book 'Baja Bugs & Buggies' Dusty nmes

Page 41

Lucerne Valley Off Road Jam By Jim Ober ,,.. - « Bob Wager turned fast times in his Baja Bug and he won the seven car Class 5-1500 by five minutes. The inaugural race of the and race course which was LaRana Racing group was held designed for the novice racer, but July 15 in Upper Johnson Valley, LaRana plans to get their future despite its name - the Lucerne races on line to be more ValleyOffRoadJam. There were competitive with the major over 30 paid entrants in the event, organizers of the sport. Racers left which started at 8:00 a.m. and ran the start on Bessemer Mine Road, three laps over a 15 mile loop for a in the same area as the Mojave total of 45 miles. It was an event 250 began earlier this year. Maybe we ought to hit up Jeff to pay part of this new charge? What do ya say Hibbard, that only ~ounds fair doesn't it? Tom Koch had a question for the Club at a recent meeting. Seems after one of his low level strafing runs over the Cantil/Red Rock Canyon area, Tom saw what appeared to be the start of a large oval race track in the area and quizzed the Club for an answer. "Hey man, I dunno but it was big and bitch'n looking". Well Tom, The Wahzoo did some check'n and found out that it is indeed an oval track and it is being built by Honda for testing. Congratulations go out to Robert Sandoval for recently being voted into the Checkers as a full member. Welcome aboard 'Squeaky'. Baja De Lou IV will have been run by now, results and stories next month. The Baja 1000 race finally appears to be taking shape as the following tentative route is rumored to be announced shortly: Ensenada, Santa Tomas, Camalu, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, El Arco, San Ignacio, Loreto, Villa Constitucion and on to La Paz. It is also rumored that there will be lots of pavement and next to the pavement running in the sections from Ensenada to El Arco. The back up plan, if this course does not hold up, is a long loop race out of La Paz. Maps should be out by the time you read this. Speaking of promoters, at a recent meeting Hibbard an-nounced that he and Ivan Utgardsky will be putting on a closed course 'Desert Race' out at Willow Springs Raceway next year. Strange, but if memory serves, it was Jeff who has regularly gotten on Peralta's case about not giving us a 'Checker discount' at his Baja races. It would now appear that Hibbard has gotten himself into a classic case of 'put up or shut up' in Dusty nrnes regards to discounts at his race for his brother Checkers! What do ya say Jeff, 30% or 40% off/ I mean after all it was your idea! This month my 'Missing Checker of the Month' is Doug 'Catfish' Minkle. Doug is said to have gotten a lot more serious about his nickname lately and is spending most of his free time with a fishing pole instead of a quickjack. Let's hope 'Catfish' doesn't just take his tackle box and fade away. Instead maybe he can combine both his interests, I mean the Parker race has the Colorado River, the Mint has Lake Mead and there's always that little stream in Beatty, right? On a serious note, the Checkers all wish Jean Calvin the best in dealing with her recent medical problems. We know it won't keep ya down for long. It may seem a little premature, but who is gonna be our next President? Will Lou try to move up a notch? Will Howard Anderson or Clarence Carter take a shot at it? Does Butch want another year to try to get it right? Or will this year produce a surprise candidate? Hey what about Files, isn't it about his turn? There is a rumor going around lately that a certain lady who drives a Class 5 car and belongs to FAIR has recently been getting "mooned" by some of her own pits out on the course during the race. The Wahzoo will make no judgement on this kind of activity but does feel that some of these guys JUST might have what it takes to be considered as possible candidates for membership. For those interested the Club meets every Wednesday night at the Van Nuys Dugout at 14032 Oxnard Street in Van Nuys at 8:00 p.m. I would suggest although, that you keep your pants up around this group until you get to know just who you can trust and who you can't. Right Sugar? See ya at the Gold Coast. Phot.os: Trackside Phot.o Enterprises Overall winner was Stan Flores in his Class 2 modified VW Class 5 bug with an elapsed time of one hour flat, with Don Knight in a new homebuilt buggy in second place six minutes behind. Third overall and first in Class 9 was Danny Hunter in an 86 T-Mag, with a respectable time of one hour 10 minutes. Classes 7 and 7 4x4 were combined with a real variety of vehicles entered, but class winner was Steve Bennett in an '87 Jeep Comanche in one hour 14 minutes. Glen Cohen in an '87 Toyota was 22 minutes behind Bennett and Duane Evans was third. The real class battle was in Class 8. Kurt Barron in a '69 Ford beat out Mike Duncan and his '7 5 Jeep CJ by one minute. this might be the class for all of those old near stock pre-'80 race trucks to come out for, because the older the truck was in this race, the better it finished. An '86 Toyota finished fifth and last in class. Billy Champion sailed over the desert in championship style, but he had to settle for second place in the 1500 class. Class 5-1600 had the biggest still fast enough to complete the entry in one class, with 7 entrants. race and get back to downtown Bob Wager was first with a one Lucerne Valley for breakfast! hour 15 minute time. Billy The organizers, Eddie Castro Champion almost lived up to his and Paul Duffy were very happy name with a second place four with the results of their first effort minutes back. Brenda Chamber-at putting on an event. things went land was the only driver-of-so well, in fact, that they are record female entrant, and she planning another one on Novem-took third in this class, 5 minutes her 25th in the Stoddard Valley behind first. area near Barstow. Full SCORE/ Class 11, always with a small HORA rules will be in effect, and entry even in the pro events, had the organizers say this next event only one entrant. Veteran co-will be 'more professional' in driver Bill Swisher completed all natu(e. Call LaRana Racing at threelapsinthe67VWstockerin (714) 924-2226 for further one hour 45 minutes, which was details. Off Roads Winningest Radios OVER 9200N THE COURSE Comlink V The Ultimate Racing Intercom 16 CHANNEL ROADMASTER "A LEGEND" • Helmets wired - $100. (CF) ONLY s53900 New! RF Pre Amp $95 30% to 50% more range! 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 We're next door via U.P.S.I (213) 427-8177 Page 41

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ADRA INTERNATIONAL CHAMP SERIES '89: ROUND 4 Hendricks Tops in Mexico at KC HiLites ·•orphan 100''-By Daryl Drake Photos by 3-D Photography Gray Hendricks and Joe _Hammond, sporting a hot new paint job on the Chaparral tandem, sailed to the Overall and Pro Class 2 victories. Gray Hendricks led wire-to-wire across 200 miles of Mexican desert to take his third consecutive Class 2 victory and second overall in the American Desert Racing Association's Champ Series '89. His Yokohama/ Foddrill Fabrica-tion /Richard Roberts/KC Hi-Lites Chaparral covered the distance in 3:28:40 to average 57.51 mph and hold off runner-up and Class 1 winner Robert Gayton by five minutes. The race, originally scheduled as a 150-mile event in Williams, Arizona, was relocated to Mexico at nearly the last moment after the Forest Service denied ADRA International a permit for the event. So the 1989 Sixth Annual "High Country 150" became the inaugural "KC HiLites Labor Day 200," and was soon nicknamed the "Orphan 200". Labor Day off road racing had been an Arizona tradition since 1976, but no more. So many people now flee the cities for the hills that the Forest Service fears too many conflicts could occur. ADRA prez Phil Auernheimer made many trips to many forest districts and ranches trying to obtain an alternate to Williams, but to no avail. So it was off to Mexico. Daytime temps could've reached 115° so a night race was in order. The Beginners were to start first in the early morn with the Sportsmen at 6 p.m. and the Pros at 9 p.m. All on Saturday, September 3rd. At the drawing for entry positions, held just five days before the race, many protests were issued by the Pro drivers regarding the late start. The outcome of which saw the Pro start moved to 6 p.m., with the Sportsmen running at 9:30 a.m. and the Beginners starting at 1 p.m. Which didn't set too well with Sportsman drivers, who already had sprung for lights and arranged their schedules for a night race. But if you want to race, you have to be at the race. Page 4!2 The course would be a 40-mile loop through familiar sand hills north of Puerto Penasco, Sonora. After a particularly dry summer, the sand was extremely treacher-ous. Daytime temps turned out to be in the low 90's with a steady breeze keeping things comfortable. But at night the humidity went -skyhigh and the winds died down. For the Pro Division, Class 2 led off on the five lap jaunt with 1, 10, 8, 1/2-1600, 4, Challenger and Sportsman Class 10 giving chase. First off were Jerry Everett and Pete Sohren. But their race ended not far past Checkpoint 1. Everett laughed, "l knew it was running too good!" After the motor blew up due to lean conditions brought on by the dense night air. Meanwhile, Gray Hendricks set hot lap of the race, a 38.06, with a 62.99 mph average on his first circuit and never looked back. Doug Boelman held second, 1 :51 back, with Mike Perez and Ross Whitmoyer in third just seconds behind. John Thul was fourth, Bill Cook fifth. By the second lap lights had become a necessity, and Hendricks in-creased his lead to 2:36 while Paul Nolte edged past Cook to move into fifth. Hendricks continued trouble-free while Boelman lost 10 minutes to unknown woes and Perez/Whitmoyer went out after a binding rear brake broke -an axle. Thul was third at the start of the fourth lap, with Nolte fourth and Cook in fifth. At the start of the final loop, however, Hendricks enjoyed a 20-minute margin on Boelman, who was just three minutes ahead of Nolte. Jerry Finney and Dan Foddrill, after a miserable first lap, were now picking up time and were fourth 10 minutes back, but now two ahead of Cook. Hendricks crossed the finish line in a cloud of smoke. His last lap was almost seven minutes longer and his clutch was cooked. But Hendricks was pumped. After three years of trying in the Pro Division, he's finally hit his stride this season and gave special thanks to Dan Foddrill, Rich Roberts and his dad, Ron Hendricks. Boelman was second in class, 27 minutes back with Cook the final finisher, another 15 minutes behind Hendricks. Class 1 fielded four unlimiteds, but Steve Simmons was a "DNS" in his Type 4 Chaparral. Jim Travis was first off, but driving his old VW -Chenowth as the Porsche's Hewland was broken. Robert Gayton was first around though, and Jack Dinsmore had his Class 5 Baja in second but 10 minutes back while Travis lost 15 minutes to unknown trouble. Gayton was roaring and led Earning his first win of the season was Frank Turben in his Pro Class 8 Chevy. October 1989 Robert Gayton was second overall, five minutes bacf< with the Pro Class 1 win in the Mazda-Chaparral. throughout but was no real threat to Hendrick's overall due to traffic and dust and clutch trouble on the third lap. Gayton's HRB Enterprises Mazda-Chaparral was second overall at 3:33:34 to average 56.19 mph. He wanted to thank his pit crew, and HRB Enterprises and says he's ready to take the overall. Travis was 24 minutes back for second and Dinsmore had gone out on lap three. Another wire-to-wire rout marked Class 10. Bill Capatch and Tom Higgins led lap one by eight seconds over Carlos Serrano with Glenn Hennessey and Jay Lipscomb third. Al McMullen was a distant fourth after a CV exploded on the starting line and Ed Beard was out, victim of a failed timing gear before Check-point 1. Serrano disappeared on lap two, and the leaders increased their margin to 11 minutes while McMullen played catch-up. And so it went to the finish. Capatch and_ Higgins brought the Arizona Transaxle Exchange/ Larry Miller Toyota/B&K Racing/ T .B.R. Higgins/Yoko-hama/Trick Fuel Toyota-Chap-arral in with a time of 3:36:38, good enough for third overall and a 55 .34 mph average. Thirty-two --minutes back were Hennes-sey/Lipscomb and M_cMullen was only able to complete four laps. Three Class 8 trucks started ... and finished. Frank Turben set hot lap for the big trucks with a 41:25 and a 57.95 mph average on his first circuit, with Jack Bailey a clo.e second and Richard Mann a distant third after a front suspension failure just off the start. Turben ran his first trouble-free race tostay out front all night and sail in a fourth overall with a time of 3:S;:07 and a 51.04 mph average in the Armstrong/J&M Race PrepiRancho/ KC HiLites/ Art Carr / Valvoline/SuperSeats by Beard/Purolator/Champion Spark Plug Chevrolet. Bailey was nine minutes back for second after slowing on the last two laps, and Mann was content with third and a finish after his two-hour-long first lap. Mann continues to lead the trucks' points chase by a fair margin. A parade also marked Pro 1 /2-1600 racing. Tony Pierce in the Team Pierce Racing/Griffith Plumbing/ Sun Off Road/ Foddrill Fabrication/Off Road Communi-cations Raceco was tenth overall with a timeof4:19:57 anda46.16 mph average. Team Krug was second, 17 minutes back in the Bill Capatch and Tom Higgins led Pro Class 10 a// day to take third in the Toyota-Chaparral. Tony Pierce took the Pro 1/2-1600 honors with his best race of the series. Dusty Times

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Melton fourth and Paul R ydewski fifth. In the 1600 Limited class, Adam Johnson led Travis Sellers after the latter was plagued by carb troubles. But Johnston dropped a cylinder on lap two, and after a long pit stop, Sellers finished another lap to earn the win, if not a finish, in the Way Kool Racing/ Ace Auto Repair Woods Vulcan. Craig Bell and Walt Laycock spent some time digging but claimed the Pro Class 4 win. Bill Clawson and Barry Laney just went faster and faster to earn the Pro Challenger honors. Rumors in the pits that afternoon carried the impression that a certain segment of the racers boycotted the race to protest a fee increase and the juggled start times. In any case, this was the worst turnout at an ADRA race in years. Many racers didn't want to go to Mexico on Labor Day weekend as well. But all in all, the participants at this race had a good time. Bunderson, while Nels Dutton and Jim Borel were a distant third after a couple long laps. Only two trucks, the points leaders, turned out in Class 4, and the sand was hard on the heavy trucks. Craig Bell and Walt Laycock ran strong the first two laps but then got stuck on lap three, while Benny Hinds and John Randall had disappeared on lap two. So, despite a fourth lap little better than the third and worsening mechanical troubles, Bell and Laycock went on to take the win. In at 18th overall, the Bell Concrete/ Bell Cement Tools/ Armstrong/KC HiLitesJeep Honcho covered the distance in 5:29:43 to average 36.39 mph. The Challengers were last off among the Pros, and Keith Randel led the way with a 55:19, with Larry Dimmett and David Anderson second, Ron Dalke third and Bill Clawson fourth. Clawson moved a position up every lap, and after two it was Randel, Dimmett/ Anderson, Clauson and Dalke. Lap four saw Clawson take the lead to hold it to the finish, bringing the Sunland Custom Buggy Chenowth in at 12th overall with a time of 4:47:30 and a 41.74 mph average. Out of 30 Pro entries, 18 finished. Starting at the back were two Sportsman 10 entries. They'd waited out the day hoping more competition would show up. None did and despite numerous troubles on the part of both, the pair finished three laps among the Pros. The Bruce Mills/Randy Miller team led throughout and took the win by just two minutes over Reuben and Robert Wood. And these guys all worked for their finishes! The winning SuperSeats by Beard/General Tire/Kirk Automotive/M&M Racing/Darr Racing Sandhawk ran 120 miles in 5:18:25 to average 22.61 mph. Earlier that day, Sportsman 2, 1600 Ltd. and Challenger competed. Out of five Keith Alger led Class 2 again with a 38:38 and five minutes on T earn Sharp. Team Jacobs was third and Conrad Monroe fourth, both close. Monroe dropped out on lap two and the top trio went on to the finish with Alger 14 minutes ahead of the Sharps, who were in turn five minutes up on the Jacobses. Alger's Yokohama/Pat Hughes Performance/Trick Fuel/Off Road Communications/Station 1 Sandhawk was first overall as well with a time of2:40:55 and a 59 .66 mph average. Voting to run just three laps, 1600 Limited racers numbered just three. Eddie Faulkner was first around with a 45-second lead on Team O'Connor, who moved out front by 2:18 on lap two. Disaster struck the O'Connors on lap three when a wheel came adrift and Faulkner flew in with the win at seventh overall with a time of2:18:02 and a 52.16 mph average in the Edwin Enter-prises/Yokohama Hi-Jumper. Faulkner had stayed up most of the night repairing a broken transmission and was glad to have started, let alone finished, this race. Gluttons for punishment, the Challengers went for four laps. Three started and finished, with the Struttman/Samuels team enjoying their first win with a time of 3:18:08 and a 48.45 mph Keith Alger picked up the Sportsman Overall and Class 2 trophies after a smooth run. average. John Raitter was second, four minutes back and Donovan Morrow was third. A mere 13 Sportsmen started this race, seven finished. Surprisingly, after a hot and muggy Friday night, Saturday still was nice and breezy for the 1 p.m. Beginner start. They would run four laps on a 15-mile loop. Five Unlimiteds and two 1600 Ltds. started. A near parade saw John Nault take the Unlimited and overall wins in the Chuck's Unlimited Transaxles/Chirco Automotive/ FMC-backed home-built, with a time of 1 :06:50 and a 53.87 mph average. Steve Baker was second a minute back with Hollye Gayton third, Steve After the race, ADRA's Auernheimer announced that everything is set for the remaining two races and that the October Penasco 150 would become a 200-miler for the Pro Division. Best of all for the budget racers, he announced an entry fee rollback for the Sportsman Division. The Penasco 200 start/ finish will be back at Sandy Beach, and the pit area, complete with its own stretch of ocean, will be cordoned off from the rest of the crowd. See you there! Ed Faulkner burned the midnight oil to get to the starting line, and it paid off with a win in the Sportsman 1600 Limited class. Travis Sellers overcame carb troubles to win the Beginner 1600 Ltd. battle. First out was Pro 10's Ed Beard, shown here getting a tow from the infamous electric-blue ADRA "Rescue Buggy." Keith Randel led the Pro Challengers for two laps. Good luck in San Diego, Keith! Dusty nmcs October 1989 Page 43

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.. + ([ (818) 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 MARVIN SHAW ENTERPRISES Manufacturer & Supplier of Arizona Air Ride Shocks Air Cooled Tool Co. Tools Buggy Beautiful Dress-Up Parts for your Sand Buggy DESIGN ■ ENGINEERING ■ SALES 3242 Sabin Brown Road P.O. Box 20646 602-684-5056 Wickenburg, AZ 85358 HIGH PERFORMANCE LETTERING Custom Race Lettering & NumbelB Sandblast • Banners • Vinyl Lettering • Plexiglass 207 Nashville# C Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714/ 960-7461 NEW LQCA TION IN ORANGE COUNTY rSIMPSOll . RACE PRODUCTS j t 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd., ·c· · Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 630-8861 rSIMPSOll1 l.._ RACE PRODUCTS J SEND $3.00 FOR NEW FULL COLOR CATALOG Sacramento Area (916) 638-1103 • FAX (916) 638-6842 11336-A Sunco Drive • Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Page 48 NEW LOCATION IN THE VALLEY ·· SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS 16053 Victory Blvd. #4 Van Nuys, CA 91406 (818) 780-4444 FAX(818) 780-4567 SMALL CAR ENTERPRISES 1001 Arlee Place / Anaheim, California 92805 7 S-'/635-3735 stock to high performance • tune-ups brakes &.. suspension • remanufactured engines &.. transmissions fuel Injection • welding &.. chassis fab. hell arc mlg &. tlg aluminum &. steel WELDIN& • FABRICATION ROLL CAGES • TUBE BENDING SHOCK a SUSPENSNIN SETUPS FLAME CUT GUSSET KITS .. BAS TANKS AIR CLEANERS SHEET METAL WORK BEAD BLASTING CUSTOM MACHINING RACE PREP a-REPAIR RACE CAR · PRE RUNNER FABRICATION SPORT ENGINEERING :«« 14757 lull Street Van Nuys, CA 91405 TEL: 818-994-7475 FAX: 818-994-4069 ------------_,..... ___ ...... ------------:::.::-_. ..... iii.i,ii_ ..... -.... ~-.. _... --.... __ ,__,~----RA.CINGPRODUCTS-~ 115 OCTANE RACING GASOLINE Anaheim, CA .... . ............ . . .... . . : •. (714) 528-4492 .. Bakersfield, CA .•.....••....• . • ...•• . •... (805) ~ Bullhead City, AZ. .....••. •..••.. .... . •...• (602) 758-5480 Chino, CA ..•..•••. ••••• . ••.•.•.••••••.•• (714) 628-7596 Concord, CA .•••..•. ••..• •••..•••••.... • . (415) 676-4300 Fullerton, CA ..••..•..• ..•.•.••.•....•.•. (714) 635-5553 Hayward, CA .....••••........ •..•.•.... . (415) 783-6500 Lancaster, CA •••.. , •..• ..•...•.•.....•..• (805) 948-6044 Las Vegas, NV . . . . . . • • . . . . . . . . . . . • . • • . . . . (702) 643-9200 Long Beach, CA ...•..........••......•... (213) 432-3946 Oakland, CA •.....••••..• . •...•• . •....••. (415) 261-6900 Phoenix, AZ. .........••........... ••..... (602) 279-5000 Pleasant Hill, CA •••.•.....•..•.. • .....•.. (415) 798-2201 Riverside, CA .....•••...••• ••...•••....•• (714) 877--0226 Salinas, CA . ..•. ....•••...• . •......•..... (408) 422-9808 · Santa Barbara, CA ....•......•.....• .•...• (805) 963-9366 Van Jose, CA . . ....••.....•.....••..... , • (408) 294-4513 Van Nuys, CA •....• . ••...........••...•• . (818) 785--0902 Ventura, CA . . ..........••......•...... . . 1805) 659-5609 · P.O. Box 610, 333 West Broadway, Suite 202 (2_ 13) 630-6996. Long Beach, Ca(ifornia 90801--0610 RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 Anaheim, CA October 1989 1988 BUDWEISER/FRT SUPERSTITION SERIES CHAMPIONS CRAIG DILLON • CLASS 10 RANDY ANDERSON • CLASS 1, 2-1600 CECIL WRIGHT • UNLIMITED CLASS JACK HETTINGER • CHALLENGER HERMAN MEISTER· CLASS 8 JON HURLEY· CLASS 7 GREG SANDEN· CLASS 5 TODD TEUSCHER· CLASS 100 CHUCK McCORMICK • CLASS 6 _ KEN BASORE -CLASS ~ 1fi00 IAGG1TEAA4 .. Off Road Products and Preparation Downey• Doetsch Tech • Bi/stein• Smittybilt • KC Lites Baker Products• Cal Gold Products• Conner Produds • Super Trapp . Suspension • Engine • Drive line • Fiberglass • Clutches Tires • Wheels • Safety Equjpt • PreRunner Lifts • Installation 670 W.-17th Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (714) 631-TAGG CAROLYN FRICK Mon-Fri 9-6 Owner S!!I 10-2 (714) 861·2606 1118 S. DIAMOND BAR BLVD., DIAMOND BAR, CA 91715 Trackside PhotQ11 Inc. Commercial Photography L. Hatch (~13) eo.1112 t 1507 E. Del Amo ~d. • Carson, CA 90746 . NACE THANS BY JEFF REO)! .TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 91311 ============== -A-·1·c···-----------~-=tttt:. • • ,ng gas . ! :~::::::::::::::•>:!.<··.·. :•:-.:~~:~:~~:~:!:r . . :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-·· THE LEADER IN HIGH PE :ll~li:j:j::l:i:i::::::::!::/~-~~o ~l~~l~N°i1i~i~?:?~.::i:::i!::::::\tl1 ;.:-:::·:·:::: ·:·:· · · CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION . <:::::.:-.-::::::-::.: -:-: : · · · · For_in_formation and a distributor near you. call . . ·.-:::=;; .· .· . . 1-800-444-1449 .. . ·.·.-.:~::::• Dusty Times

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(UiiPJ UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/449-9690 Power Steering - Brackets Aluminum Fabrication - Tabs M LOUIE UNSER Racing Engines 1100 E. Ash Ave. Suite C Fullerton, Ca. 92631 Louie Unser (714) 879-8440 T •' ,, RUBBER BUMPER I, , I $ JS .00 per ·ft *Cut to Length VIP RUBBER COMPANY, INC. ,945 South East Street Anaheim, California 92805 (714) 774-7635 (213) 628-7869 (800) 722-4VIP (outside Calif.) FAX (714) 774-9084 V W ON LY d,tJ1ruuttle1u 17011 DARWIN ROAD, HESPERIA, CA WI -RABBIT -BUS -AUDI PARTS NEW & USED REBUILT ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS DUNE BUGGY CHASSIS & PARTS ~CPA/KT µ u C04TINGSft.{;RAPIIICS* J,(J//08 * •~ !lJMd MAINTENANCJ'•~IIYN:~JIHUINC.!c ~$.h1 MY~,;for Rck.lJp~ ·6!9· 0 ·rHIE ININNIERS CHOICIE WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam or street . strip and off-road or send $3 for the complete ___ .., catalog. MOVING? Don't miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Your Old.and New Address to 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O Agoura, CA 91301 Allow six weeks for processing. SPECIALIZING IN OFF ROAD HIGH-PERFORMANCE VW-PORSCHE, FABRICATION & OFF ROAD PREP. (619) 7 41-6173 Engine & Machine 420 VENTURE ST. ESCONDIDO, CA 92025 DISC BRAKE SYSTEMS DISC BRAKE CALIPERS 570° RACING BRAKE FLUID DISC BRAKE PADS FRONT VW DISC BRAKE KITS BRAKE PEDALS REAR VW DISC BRAKE KITS CLUTCH PEDALS PROPORTIONING VALVE COMPOSITE MASTER CYLINDERS POWER STEERING . 461 Calle.San Pablo• Camarillo• CA• 93010 805 • 388 • 1188 . vi.'~_.,.. ~-~r~ / ; = ~ =-'•\_'.'' JAPANES~ RACING E~~:rs DEVELOPMENT & DYNO FACILITY PAOO\JCTSBY r-a., ~s PARTS AND TUNING 537 West Main Street JIM WOLF El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 442-0630 WOODS WHEEL WORKS Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension 5pe:ciallsts • Custom Wheels 1602) 242-0077 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ. 85017 YOKOHAM---Wants YOU \ ~ Be a Volunteer in a Yokohama Support Pit. Get Involved ! Dennis Rogers 714 592-2271 Classified ••• FOR SALE: 84' Ralt RT5 Super Vee. 16 wheels, noses, springs, ____________ bars, clutch, spare suspension, HELP WANTED: Clean up, delivery, parts cleaner. Over 21, reliable, hard working. Call for appt. (714) 532-3415. shocks, excellent condition. Ready to go road racing. Roller. $15,500.00. Call (714) 846-7287. TREAD LIGHTLY! FOR SALE: 5-1600 Score/ HORA legal. Has been used as pre runner. Bus, trans, type 4 C.V., rack & pinion steering, fuel cell, · and more! Call (714) 626-0047, leave message, or (818) 332-0153. CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES The California Rally Series Board of Governors is seeking applicants for the position of 1990 Director. Please call Lon Peterson at (619) 241-4707 if you are interested. Deadline is October 21 at the Mason Valley Rally. The R~m of the World Rally Videos are now available! The Dusty nma -LATE MEWS two-tape package includes all helicopter and ground raw footage and the half hour finished movie. Send $15 plus $2 postage per set to Paula Gibeault, 149 Rawhide Lane, Ridgecrest, CA 93555. Or call to reserve your set for pick up at the Mason Valley Rally, (619) 375-8704. FOR SALE: 1-1600, 1988 Chenowth Magnum. Just com-pletely prepped, ready to race! Neth front end, Rev power dyno tested motor, Hew land gears, Fox shocks, power steering, Wright rack, fuel cell, Mastercraft, Simpson belts, plus too many spare parts, Centerlines, tires to list. $15,000.00. Call Topper at (714) 963-5200. October 1989 FOR SALE: State of the Art Class 1 Raceco!! Points leader! Many extras, call (714) 532-3415. FOR SALE: 1989 Jimco 2-1600 state of the art. Only has 3 races on chassis. Fresh Goshen engine, fresh Mendeola trans. Has new conventional front end aluminum body. (We're getting out of racing.) Radios, spares, everything goes! Must see! Call (619) 753-6222, or (619) 530-1999. Page 49

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: 1-2-1600 Hart chassis, Don Hatz motor, Neth front & rear suspension, UMP power steering, Fox shocks. Race ready! $12,000.00. Call Joe Rinn at (714) 676-8084. FOR SALE: 5-1600 90% com-plete. Wright rack & combos, Sway-A-Way, Beard seats, Phoenix fuel cell, Parker Pumper, Centerline, BFG's, Bilsteins shocks, fresh Leighton motor & Bus Box. Best offer. Call (702) 457-5128. FOR SALE: Fresh 1600cc Leighton motor complete. Dyno tuned. Also Bus gear box. Neither have been in race car. Must sell, pregnant! $2200.00 FIRM, takes both. Will sell separate. Call (702) 457-5128. ~ .. ,¥-:1 • ,/k,.&11~ ~ -it•Jf.~-~i; FOR SALE: Jack Ramsay's 1-2-1600. Don Hatz motor, Jeff Fields trans., Fox shocks. Best of everything! Race ready! $15,000.00 O.B.O. Call (702) 363-2299. FOR SALE: 5-1600 '72 Bug w/pink slip and license plate. Used as pre-runner. Wright rack and pinion, power steering, combos, Sway-A-Way torsions front and rear, Fox shocks w I reservoirs, front and rear adjuster, Super Boot axles and cages, Bus trans close ratio 3rd and 4th, Beard seats, Centerline wheels. $4900.00, O .B.O. Call (213) 928-0421 days, or (213) 493-5113 eves., ask for Brian. FOR SALE OR TRADE: '86 Bunderson, 125HWB, class 1 or 10. Hewland geared Bus trans, UMP power steering, new combos, Parker Pumper, Sway-A-Way torsion, all top equipment. Everything goes, including tandem trailer, quick fills, etc., Will trade for street -legal Baja and cash, or $6500.00 less motor, $8000.00 with motor. Call Steve at (702) 645-7996. MUST SELL: 1985 Ranger prerunner! Built 2.8 motor, full cage, 10 Rough Country's fiberglass front end, posi, 4 .11 gears, Beard seats, A.C., P.S., P.B., two spares, drop hood, dual tanks, $9,000.00, O.B.O. Call (714) 845-8820. FOR SALE: Class 1 O.R.E. w/ 3.5 liter Porsche motor and Hewland DG-300. The motor is fuel injected, twin plug-twin ingition Porsche racing motor -(approx. 600 miles on motor). The gearbox was prepared by Doug Fortin and has first class parts throughout. UMP PIS, Wright rack, Palmer arms, Summers hubs front and rear, vented rotor rear brakes by Cone, with Corvette calipers, Tilton Pedals, Patterson sump tank, Fox shocks, mil-spec sealed switches, the list goes on ... Car only, complete, ready to race. $37,000.00, or $42,000.00 gets car with spare Hewland (also by Fortin and zero miles on it), spare set of shocks, wheels and tires, dump cans, ets ... No trades. Serious inquiries ONLY. Call Mark at (805) 541-2010. FOR SALE: Funco Class 10 Short Course. Best of everything. Fox, Neal, Super Boot, FAT air cool, or rev Power Rabbitt. Bus trans w/940 C.V.'s; new engine & trans., VERY FAST! Clean and race ready. $8,000.00. Air cooled, $10,500.00 Rabbitt. Call (213) 866-1746. FOR SALE: Rally cars! '88 Celica 4x4 Turbo, $26,000.00. '85 Corolla GTS, $6,500.00. '81 Starlet, $7,000.00. Every car's a winner. $60,000.00 Toyota rally spares in stock. I ship worldwide! Bridgestone tires, $50.00_-FOR SALE: Class 1 or 10 Short Course Tech, 930, Wright, UMP, Centerlines, T A's & Muds, Fox, Beard, Fat prepped, Air cooled 1650. Less than a 1/2 hour on rebuild. Taylor trans, Weber, Tri Mil. Dual Weber 2110 also available. $4,900.00 with engine, $3,900.00 w/ o. Call John, days at (213) 387-3829. FOR SALE: 2180 race motor. Scat crank, dry sump motor, ARAO eng Big valve, ported head, 44 Weber on Fat Per-formance manifold with airbox. All aircraft lines & sump tanks included. All the best! Very fast & reliable. asking$2,000.00. Call Steve Brown at (805) 269-1494. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600 short course Magnum replica. Chromoly beam, Bilstein, Fox, Saco rack, Sway-A-Way, Jamar, power steering, Centerlines, turbo C.V. two motors, Mesa cooler, Dura Blue, Super Boots, and cages, front and rear adjusters. Best of everything. Many extras. This car is race ready! $8,500.00, O .B.O. Call (714) 891-3008, FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum. $75.00. Call Topi at (818) 765-Complete rolling chassis. Bus 5542 evenings, or FAX (818) FOR SALE: 1989 Challenger, FORSALE:BrandnewllrWB transmission, Hewland gears, 764_1051. single seat, Eshenbaugh tranny, chassis single seat. Priced for fast hydraulics, seat & belts, custom ------------Complete Performance motor, sale. $1,000.00 O .B.O. Also, cover, and extras. Everything FOR SALE: Recently gone Bilstein, Beards, Par~er Pumper, brand new D.J. race Bus trans IRS except motor. Very dean car. through Class 10 Rabbitt motor. Fuel Safe, Sway-A-Way, Wright, 4:86 ring and pinion close ratio, $17,000.00. Call Wayne Cruze, Side draft Mikuni. $3,000.00, Yokohama, KN, Woods wheels, BigGemgearset$1,000.00.Call at(214)790-3817 or(214) O.B.O.(818)767-1868,askfor KC, Neal, Simpson. $7,200.00. Steve Brown at (805) 269-1494. 241-0005. Alan. Call (602) 978-9421. ·r------------.. ---------------..--------·---...-... --... ---------a---, I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in - I : DUSTY TIMES. : I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month; not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for I I use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. I I NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and 1 I subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All classified ads must be paid in advance. Ii I -------------------------- I I -------------------------I I I I I I I I Enclosed is $ (Send check or money order, no cash), Please run ad _______ times. I Name Address ______________________ Phone ______ _ City __________________ State _____ Zip _____ _ _ Page 50 October 1989 Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 I I I I I I, FOR SALE: legal pre-runner. Sticker and tags current. Other options 2180, 3 transmis-sions, 2 fuel tanks, wheels, tires, etc. Options determine price. Call (512) 855-9086, please leave number, will trade towards a good Class 10 car. FOR SALE: Class 2 Raceco-Eagle. "Interested in Unlimited Off-Road racng?" HA VE WE GOT THE CAR FOR YOU!!! Our Class 2 Raceco-Eagle off-road car is ar, excellent oppor-tunity for someone who is serious about unlimited off-road racing! The Raceco-Eagle is absolute "State-of-the-Art" in design, fabrication, and equipment. 135 .. WB, 420 HP, 291 CID 90° Fischer alumirum block Chevro-let V6, Powerglide transmission, Winters quick-change rearend, plus many spare parts. We would like to see this car in action against the other unlimited Class 2 cars. We guarantee ... you will not be disappointed! Offered at $24,995.00. Will consider clean street car or truck for trade-in. Excellent condition ... Must see to appreciate the quality and potential of this car. Dick Young, days (213) 426-1912, or eves. (213) 498-7812. FOR.SALE: Ford pre-runner. Fresh 351, C6 race trans., spool W 14.10, torsion flex frame/ cab cage, safety harnesses, 12 shocks. New tires, wheels, cooling system. Stereo, Cibie lights, many trick features·, professionally designed and built. Must see. Asking $15,500.00, or make offer. Call Glenn at (213) 399-1798. FOR SALE: Super 1600 Chen-owth Magnum. Just rebuilt from bare frame. Best of everything, includes Flame Out. Ready to race legal for MTEG 1990 season. $2000.00 in spare parts, 14' flat bed trailer with mags. Everything must go. $15,000.00. Call (619) 324-1259, ask for Bill. FOR SALE: 86' Raceco Class 10 single seat. B&B motor, new Joe Griffen trans, entire car just prepped, and race ready. Best of everything. Spare parts. Bill Herrick at Badenochs, ( 602) 669-2681. Dusty limes

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FOR SALE: Class 7S Ford Ranger. Elesenger 2300, C4 trans., Art Carr conv., Beard seats, Deist, B&M shift, 5 spare wheels, and tires, 4 dump cans, some spares. Rolled at Fireworks 250, will fix. $7000.00. (805) 274--0627. FOR SALE: Tripple E Odyssey. K&M 360cc ported, polished motor. Electric starter, Comet clutch, Moto plate ignition, 40mm Mikuni, Work shocks 10½ .. front, 10 .. rear travel, side nets, safety harness, foot controls, Beard seats, aluminum body, rack' n pinion steering. $11,000.00 invested! $6500.00 O.B.O., complete less motor $4000.00, O.B.O. Priced to sell!! Call (805) 296-0238. KEEP YOUR EYES ON DUSTY TIMES - the Beef is coming! 091 & 002 style straight and helical cut gears with special ratios combine with the VW 4 .57 pinion to provide the ultimate in strength and reliability. Watch for the coming issues. PHONE/ FAX: (808) 878-0812. FOR SALE: 1986 5th wheel Cross Country manufacture. Fully self contained, holds race car, motorcycles, A.T.C., $22,500.00, O.B.O. Ask for Lance at (213) 630-1155. TRD USA., INC. has immediate openings for two qualified engine • builders, and an experienced parts manager. Send resume to Jane Park, TRD USA., 18240 S. Western Ave., Gardena, Calif. 90248. ' FOR SALE: Ultra-Stock Nissan. Won three Mains in '89, points leader, DG300 Trans, Fox Shox, 2400cc, Mikunis, best of every-thing, spare of everything, plus body molds. Something new for 1990? Call for package, and complete listing. Days (714) 956-0480, Vince. FOR SALE: O.R.C. 211600 Don Hatz motor, C&S trans. UMP power steering, Fox Shox, wheel base 117n, combos new style arms, bead locks on all four rims, Super Boot stub axles, 930 CV, Summer axles, removable spare tire rack, and windshield, complete, race ready, best of everything, $12,500.00. Also enclosed tandum Pro Trac 20 foot inside with electric brakes, $3,250.00. Call John, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. -4:45 p.m. at (213) 834-1133. Dusty nmcs FOR SALE: Wright front beam complete 42 .. , dual shock, rack and pinion steering unit, spindle -link combo, 4 Bilstein shocks, tie rods, and ends, trailing arms 1 ¼"' longer than stock, backing plates with brakes and drums. All new, over $3000.00 invested. Sell for $1,800.00. Call John, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. -4:45 p.m. at (213) 834-1133. ==----FOR SALE: 1978 Ford F350 Dooley car hauler with 11 ½ FT. diamond plate flat bed, 8000# electric winch, fresh 429 with C6 auto, air, PB, PS, cruise, new interior. $4950.00. Call Jim at (602) 855-2208. MUST SELL: l /1600 ·racing engine. Set up by Engine Machine Service. S&S exhaust, Norris cam, CIMA forged pistons. All the best stuff1 2 races on bottom end, one since complete valve job $1000.00, O.B.O. Call Brian or Scott Steele, at (805) 947-0851 or (805) 252-2957. FOR SALE: BUGGY. 2 seat pre runner, or desert toy. 1600 dual port with Zenith, Trick trans., torsion adjusters, beefed suspen-sion, Beard seats, 5-point belts, windshield, steering brake, wheel studs, Centerlines, glass body panels, plus t railer! ONLY, $1950.00. Call Jeff at (805) 252-4034. FOR SALE: 1971 VW 3 door Crew cab, fresh tranny, CV's, runs strong, clean in and out, disc brakes, 1600 dual port engine, easy payment plan ( 1) payment, $3850.00, looking for House-boat, may trade. Sheepskin seat cover front. Call(213 )254-1531. FOR SALE: 1970 VW Baja pre runner. Street legal, integrated roll cage, Beard seats, Diest lap/ shoulder belts, Bus IRS trans., Centerlines, 22 gal. fuel cell, Hi-Jumper front end, remote oil cooler, 1600 dual port/ with dual Webers. $5000.00 in receipts, sell for $3500.00. Never raced .. Must sell! Call (818) 285-9531. FOR SALE: Single seat Chaparral Challenger, 1988 A .D .R.A. points champ. Proven winner! Fox, Bilstein, Wright, Sway-A-Way, Neal, Super seat, Yoko-hama. 16 gal. Fuel cell, full aluminum body, new engine & trans. Race ready. $5500.00, O.B.O., or trade for Class 10 parts, and cash! Call ( 602) 892-3707. FOR SALE: Brandwood Class 2 race car. 105n wb, Neal brakes, 207 4 VW motor, remote fire extinguisher, two fuel cells, Bilstein shocks, Wright beam, Woods arms, Mastercraft seats & nets, needs tranny work. Keith, (602) 829-1634. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum Class 1 or 10. Power steering, Wright rack and pinion, combo link, Neal pedals, braided stainless lines, Parker Pumper, Centerlines, new motor and Bus tranny. Must sell! $8000.00. Will sell, less motor, and tranny. Chenowth 1000, new, never put together with body, $1200.00. FIRM. Call (912) 477-5115. OR SALE: C ss 10 Single seat, 1988 2nd in points H.D.R.A. -Score-1989 1st in points at first half of season. Ore chassis, coil over front end, Fox shock front, and rear, Don Hatz engine, complete, race ready car, includ-ing radio; spare parts include a complete spare 10 engine, roof w1windshield, 6 front wheels & tires, 6 rear wheels & tires, fuel dump cans, and many extra parts. Must see! $16,500.00. Days: (213) 634-2006, Dan. Evenings & weekends: (818) 446-7800, Dave. FOR SALE: Competitive 40' Gooseneck-48' overall, low mileage, complete with 6.5 Onan gen., 110 wiring package, ceiling & walls insulated, and paneled. 24' of work shop. 16,. of fully self contained living quarters. Air conditioner, and climate control heating. Custom laminated cabinets, full shower & bathroom. Many extras! All work custom MFG., by professionals. This is a must see to appreciate! Cost in excess of $50,000.00, will sell for $33,000.00. Days: (213)634-2006, Dav. Evenings& weekends: (714) 993-9319, Dan, or (818) 446-7800, Dave. --FOR SALE: Two factory Subaru RX Turbo group rally cars. (1) '88 Full group A Spec, placed 2nd in Group A 1987 & 1988. $9,000.00, spares available. (2) '8 8 Trans Amazon Entrant, $5,500.00. Call for details, (714) 847-1501, Sube Sports-Team Subaru, Mon.-Fri. 8:00-5:30. t;f-?9 FOR SALE: Baja 1000 Special. '86 Raceco. 126 W .B. Fresh 2800cc Toyota. Bitcon trans, turbo C.V.S., Wright front end coil over shocks, Summer axle & stubs. Best of everything. $16 ,000.00. Call (6 19 ) 347-5866. October 1989 FOR SALE: VW 5-1600 IRS racing susp., 6 Mickey Thompson shocks, full roll cage, new racing seats, belts, nets, 20 gal., fuel cell, new paint. Less engine, $1900 .00. Call (714) 897-1782. FOR SALE: 1987 Mirage Ultra-Stock. Best of everything! Fox, Wright, Jamar, Dura-Blue, Woods, Sway-A-Way, Beard, Simpson. New 4° combo links. Fresh FEX 2000cc Rabbit, Okrassa, Carillo, JE pistons, new angle port head. Fresh JG transwerks Vanagon box, with Henry's diff. This car won the 1988 MTEG Ultra-Stock Champion-ship. It has been well maintained, and has never been crashed hard! $20,000.00, O.B.O. Jeff Elrod (408) 866-7603. FOR SALE: 1989 16' Texas Bragg trailer. 85 ... wide, electric brakes, 7,000 lb. G.W., new tires, and spare, tandem axle. $1400 .00. Call (714) 650-3035. FOR SALE: Raceco Class 2, or pre runner. 126,. wheel base, fresh 2660 type 4, fresh Bus box, new Fox coil over front, secondary torsion, P.S., Pumper, speed-ometer, new Centerlines, 20"' rear, 13"' front travel. Spares, fully prepped. $15,000.00. Call (714) 650-3035. • .,_ • "' •• MA •• ,. s,J:=Mrnl}:ft:i->: .>~ '" FOR SALE: Class 2-1600. 119,. Bunderson, 10,. front, 16"' rear, Fox, Mastercraft, Super Boot, Parker Pumper, power steering, Leighton motor. (702) 798-7978 (W), or (702) 367-4628 (H), Sam Dunnam. FOR SALE: Topi built 1973 ci Toyota Corolla. 4 new RE 43R tires, Corbeau buckets, full cage, Terrazrip, 6 point harnesses, 2 spots. 100% finishing record, absolutely undamaged, $3,000.00, O.B.O. Single axle trailer, $400.00, or $3200.00 for both. Call (213) 466-4969. GETTIN MARRIED! MUST SELL: Street legal Chevrolet pre runner. New 1987 fiberglass body, frame, 35" BFG's, Center-lines, 350, Turbo 400, very clean! $14,000.00, O.B.O. Call Paul at (602) 325-6299. FOR SALE: 40 foot trailer, excellent condition! Awning, 7000 Koeler generator, complete bathroom, living quarters, interior, and exterior lights, air conditioning, too much to list all!! $12,000.00. Call (619) 530-1999 or (619) 695-9441. FOR SALE Brand new type 181 VW "Thing" brake drums imported from West Germany! Special price each, $85 .00, or two for $160.00, plus shipping. Call Mohr Racing at (805) 968-9316. FOR SALE: '88 Raceco Class 2. Front A arm suspension. Porsche 2.8 6 cyl., new Hewland trans. 1st overall last time out. Best of everything. Race ready. Profes-sionally maintained. Must sell. Spare parts. Bill Herrick " Bad-enochs", (602) 669-2681. Third-Year Mechanical Engineer-ing student (University of Arizona) seeks summer employ-ment ( 1990 ), to gain practical experience in offroad racing vehicle design and construction, particularly suspension work. No prior experience, but is hard worker, and learns fast! Contact Todd Zuercher, SUPO 20178, Tucson, Arizona, 85720. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Armstrong Tire Co. . ..... Back Cover Bilstein Corp. of America ... ...... 17 Cactus Racing .. .. ............. . 32 California Pre-Fun ............... 28 Champion Bead Lock Co. . ....... 39 Competitive Trailers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 C. 0 . R. E. . . ........... ......... 35 De Nunzio Racing Products . ...... 40 Dunaway Dash ............. . .... 30 Epsilon ......................... 37 FAT Performance ................ 20 Ford Motorsports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Fuel Safe ....................... . 7 General Tire Motorsports .......... 9 Glen Helen ... . . . .......... . . . . . 16 Gold Coast . .............. . ..... . 5 Goodyear Tire & Rubber ...... 26-27 Hibbard .................... . . . . 40 IPF Motorsports ................. 23 KC Hilites ....................... 8 McKenzie Performance Products ......... 33 Monocoque Wheels .............. 22 Jon Nelson ..................... 14 Nevada Off Road ................ 18 Parker Pumper ................... 6 PCI Race Radios ................ 41 Race Ready Products ............ 29 SCORE ........................ 13 Marvin Shaw Performance Products ......... 34 Simpson Race Products . . . . . . . . . . 24 Smittybilt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Mr. Sticker ...................... 15 Tri Mil Industries ................ . 25 Unique Metal Products ........... 21 Valley Performance-Hewland ..... 31 VORRA ........................ 38 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 O Page 51

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CLASS WINNER Event: 1989 NISSAN MINT 400 Las Vegas, Nevada Starters 373 Finishers 94 Driver: RAMON CASTRO Ensenada, B.C. , Mexico Finish: WINNER CLASS 11 Tires: ARMSTRONG OVERALL WINNER Event: 1989 SCORE PARKER 400 Parker, Arizona Starters 403 Finishers 221 Driver: DANNY LETNER Orange, California finish: OVERALL WINNER CLASS WINNER Event: 1989 NISSAN MINT 400 420 Miles at Las Vegas, Nevada Drivers: The Cook Brothers. Daryl. Wayne and Alan Palmdale, California Finish: WINNER CLASS 5/1600 Tires: ARMSTRONG Event: 1989 GRAN CARRERA 250 Miles at San Felipe, Baja Mexico Driver: LARRY MARTIN Morena Valley California Finish: OVERALL WINNER Tires: ARMSTRONG TUe" ARMSTRON~RMSTRON