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1988 Volume 5 Number 2 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 5 - Humber 2 - February 1988 $1.25 ISSN 8750-1732 Covering the world of competition in the dirt ..

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CALIFORNIA GOLD TEAMMATES HUBER AND HARRIS OPEN '88 SEASON AFTER ONE-TWO FINISH IN '87 DRIVERS' POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP. In 1987, Mazda struck pay dirt in the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Gran Prix Series. For it was here that teammates Jeff Huber and Glenn Harris piloted their 270-horsepower Mazda trucks to a finish in the Grand National Sport Truck drivers' points championship. Which should give the competition something to think about as the 1988 season gets under way. Because Mazda and California Gold are ready to strike again.

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Volume 5 -Number I Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Rich'ard K. Schwalm Controller John Calvin Circulation Jerry Lawless Traffic John Howard Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Winnie Essenberg Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Tom Grimshaw Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Rod Koch Carn McRae David Ryskamp Judy Smith John Sprovkin Darlene Thackston 3-D Photography Trackside Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. W orsharn Typesetting & Production Michelle's T~pesetting Services SNAPSHOT February 1988 THI OfflCIAL VOICE OF PROFESSIONAL■ AMERICAN■ CANADIAN o Off-ROAD ~ A R~CING--~ ~ - -~/(.~ -~~ Subscription Rates: $12.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY. TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Un11olicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. :'JI ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301,(818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permis-sion from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 91301.· OF THE MONTH ••• In This Issue.~. FEATURES Page Driver of the Year, Rob MacCachren ............ • • • • • 14 SNORE Black Jack 200 ............................ , 16 ADRA Sonoita to Rocky Point. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Paris-Dakar -The Prologue ........ . ............ , ... '24 FRT Dunaway Dash .......................... • •, • • • 28 SCORE/HORA Desert Series Awards . ............... 32 GMC S-15 Extra Cab .............................. 35 Baja Endurance Safari Rally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 VORRA Awards Banquet .. , ............ ....... , , .. • 37 Sand Blast at Indio ............................ , .. , . 38 Wild West SCCA Pro Rally ......................... 40 STORE Formula Desert Dog Awards ........... , .. • • • 42 Ice Racing ... ...... . ........... , ... • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 43 DEPARTMENTS Side Tracks by Judy Smith ........................... 4 Pony Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Happenings ....................................... 10 Trail Notes ....................................... 11 Good Stuff Directory . .......................... : . . 44 The Losers by Judy Smith ........................... 48 Tech Tips by Bill Savage ........... : ................ 48 Driver Rep Report ................. .' ...... , ... , , . , , 49 Yokohama Pit Team Report ......................... 49 California Rally Series by Bill Moore ................. 49· SCCA So-Pac Divisional Rally Report · by Lynnette Allison ........ . .................... , 49 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Index to Advertisers .... ~ .•.. : •........... . , • , . . . . . 51 ON THE COVER - Rob MacCachren really worked hard this past · season, and he drove the Barbary Coast Chenowth to a trio of overall victories in the SCORE/ HORA Desert Series. MacCachren also won his fourth overall points title in SNORE racing, driving a 1-2-1600 Chenowth out of Valley Performance of Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the first year for the Driver of the Year Off Roadsrnan Award in the . SCORE/ HDRA Series, and Rob MacCachren has the trophy on his shelf in Las Vegas. Color Photography by Trackside Photo Enterprises. f\fu, . DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $1i.OO □ 2 years -$20.00 □ 3 years - $30.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Sure, it is Camel Cigarettes 75th birthday year, but is this any way to treat a quartet of championship winning race drivers?'This promo picture came from Range Rover/ Camel, announcing their Paris-Dakar rally team this year of Patrick Tambay, Patrick Zaneroli, Salvador Canellas, and that is our own many time champion Malcolm Smith perched on the rump of the camel. At last report the Camel Range Rover team was doing well in the sands of the Sahara on the 21 day endurance rally. · DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black-& white.prints, Sx7 . or BxlO will be considered. Name--------------------------Address -----------------------,--City State_;__ ___________ ......_ __ Zip _______ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian - I year $15.00 U.S. • Overseas subscription r.ites quoted on request) I I I I I I I I I •• I I I I 1· I I I I I I I Dusty Times February 1988 Page 3

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S♦d T k looked cheerier. followed the edge of the lake to I & · "BC S It was damp and drizzly as we the end. We managed to lose Jim • • ■ 1 ♦ ♦ ♦ By Judv Smith left . Ensenada on Tuesday in here as we zigged once too • ~-----------.;.... ___ ......; morning, and the temperature often through the shrubbery Every trip to Baja is an rough route in trom Highway 1. was even cooler up by Ojos covered berms. Suddenly we adventure, but this one started But about eight miles past Ojos Negros. This time the rebuilt heard Linda on the radio·, out more as a misadventure. We N~ros we heard Jim on the buggy ran perfectly, and we made "We're not behind ya'all were showing some friends from radio, saying, "I've got trouble it to Mike's road with no anymore." We found each other Texas the way, and embarrassed with my car." Sure enough, he'd incidents. There was heavy doud with ·no trouble, using the radios, ourselves by not being able to burned a piston. So we headed cover in every direction, and two and arrived in San Felipe in time find the road from Tecate to back to Ensenada. or three mountains had snow on for lunch at Ruben's beach camp. Ensenada. Some friendly folk in the RV their northern flanks. The clouds We were getting to do those That meant a sojourn into park helped us find Alonso were especially threatening things that you'd like to do on a Tijuana, which we'd been trying Acosta, a local Class 5 racer, who directly ahead of us, over Mike's. pre-run. but never have time for. to avoid. (We'd even led them has a small VW shop in His road is in good shape (we While we were at Ruben's we across a skinny dam, so skinny Ensenada. It was now late passed a 944 Pors~he on its way bought some fresh boiled shrimp· they worried about getting stuck, Saturday. Alonso didn't have a -down), and we were soon having for our dinner on the beach that inourefforttomissT.J.)Finally, .setofpistonsinstock,buthesaid a savory "little lunch" in the nig~!- Yum. ' we found ourselves in the heart he'd tear the car down on dining room at Mike's. John, We took the old road south of Tijuana at the peak of the rush Sunday, get the parts Monday, Linda and I then took a hike up from San Felipe, and found that hour, and then we· lost our and have it ready for us on the creek, while Jim took the while it's noisy and washboardy, friends, Jim and Linda, and their Monday evening. So, we had lots buggy to explore the road to the it's in good shape. It tried to truck, trailer, dirt bike and of time to kill in Ensenada. We west. We told.him we'd listen for rattle our roof rack loose, and by buggy. decjded we'd go to see La him 00 our Uniden radio if he the timewegottoPuertecitos, we Reunited with them a half Bufadora, the spectacular wasn't back by dark. had to take 20 minutes to re-hour later, due to dumb hick, we waterspout south of Ensenada, We didn't quite beat the rain tighten it. progressed to Ensenada where on Sunday. getting back, but didn't care. At From Puertecitos southward, · the first two places we tried had Sunday morning brought about that time Mike had fired the balance of the road is all new. no rooms for us. We finally another unpleasant surprise, as up the room heaters, turned on The Three Sisters are gone. And located shelter and handy storage John and I discovered our the electricity, and the water so is a lot of the magic of the trip. at an-adjacent RV park for the sleeping bags had been stolen. heater, and this vacation was It took us just an hour to get to truck and trailer, and settled in We had asked for it, of course, finally going rildtt. We settled in, the end of what had been the for the night. by leaving them on the roof rack with the one other couple s~ying Sisters. The· view was often The next morning, Saturday, and parking in a not-very-secure the night, to share some friendly beautiful, but the road bybasses was to be the start of our eight parking place. But now we'd have conversation and a toddy or two, the nice little coves complt.tely, day trip down into Baja, to buy replacements, because we with Mike. · · and the hilltop shrine on the exploring the dirt roads and trails planned to camp at least one In the morning the cars were tallest, rouidtest Sister is also that have been race courses at night. And then, in the same coated with ice, and the buggy's bypassed. We camped about a ·onetime or another. We planned vein, we got tolaBufadoraatthe garbage bag protected seats mile before Huerfani~o in a little to drive on as little pavement as wrong time (low tide), and it ~rted frozen over puddles. cove which, lilce all the others possible, giving Jim and Linda, wasn't very spectacular. . There were raindrop size icicles now, had a sipt offering "Lots who.'d come from San Antonio, After a long walking tour of all along our roof rack, and at for Rent"• Ruben's shrimp were lots of off road time in the buggy. Ensenada on Monday, ·which 7 :30 a.m. our in car thermometer great, and we slept well under the In the morning, it took so long unearthed no sleeping bags, we still read 35 degrees. But the sky stars dimmed by a nearly full to get a weelc's gear for two bouizhtastaclcofl:ilanketstouse was clear and blue, and we moon.Weusedthenewsleeping people loaded onto the buggy in tlteir place. By now we were headed for San Felipe. bags, and one of the new blankets that we didn't leave Ensenada feeling fairly glum about the trip, Diablo Dry Lake was also. until quite late, so we opted for · but things started looking up something of a challenge because 1be next day our goal was L.A. the easy way up to Mike's Slcy when, first, we found sleeping it's not yet quite dry, and it tried-Bay and we planned to follow the Ranch, our first stop. We headed bags when we went to the bakery; to suclc us in a couple of times. road past Gonzaga, past . Las out the highway past Ojos and then, Alonso got the buggy Down near the south end we Arrast~as, and down into Negros, so we could go inon the repaired precisely when he said followed the tracks of some C.alamJu~ Wash. To our ROOO road, rather than the long he would. Suddenly~ things trucks way to the left .then d_tsappointment, the new .--------------------------•----•-----••-.. "improved" road goes all the way. Washboard and rocks for Page 4 ~~~~! 9. 8 8 I N· T April 29■ May 1, 1988 • Be part of the world's biggest, richest and toughest. The Mint 400 ... where finishing tastes almost as good as winning! It's the annual pilgrimage of drivers, crews and fans to a desert shrine where the automobile Is not exhalted, but torn apart . . . wheel-by-wheel, gear-by-gear ... by some of the worst terrain Mother Nature can offer. • ~nter the toughest, roughest, richest, most prestigious off-road race of them all. • Think you might like to try ittl Enter the Mini-Mint Race for persons who may someday join the big boys. • Come to Vegas to watch, , talk to drivers members n.-'<:mout • Take a vacation to the showplace of the wor1d -see a show, see all the glitter and lights, enjoy a fine bullet of the elegant dining. Your choicelll • Bring your product, service and/or talents and display them In the greatest showcase · wor1d, downtown Las Vegas Nevada February 1988 miles and miles. We could glimpse tantalizin.g sections of the old white, sandy road, going from nowhere to nowhere now, but we were trapped on the washboard. There are no new signs on the road, and as carefully as we watched, we never did find the road that would take us to Calamjue. Instead, we wound through the old canyon, and . across the top of Chapala Dry Lake (which also wet) to the highway. · At Crucero we dropped down onto the race course again and followed it to the L.A. Bay road. Our lunch break at the _ Desangano ruin was livened by the discovery of a couple of old and very deep mine shafts. There's no fencing around them at all. You want to take a flashlight if you get out of the race car in that area in the dark. We spent the night at L.A. Bay, and the next morning, after ·using the little cigarette lighter pump to reinflate our two slowly leaking rear tires, we headed for Santa Ines. This was a pavement run, with one stop to climb the rocks at Pedragosa, and we were at Santa Ines for lunch. Then we moved to Catavina, got settled in,andJohn;mdJimwentoutfor. a tour of various old bits and pieces of race courses, · while Linda and I hiked through the Boojums and Cardon for a :_co_u('le of hours.We found a ruin ot an adobe ranch back in the wash, while the men finally got to drive on some of the lovely white sand roads through the rocks. The next day we got an early start, re-pumped the tires, and headed for Camalu, where we planned to tum onto the race course. After a picnic lunch on the beach we headed north, following the markers left from November's Baja Mil. We had raced this course in June, but in . the other direction. So we weren't really sure where the bad wet spots would be, especially since there'd been several rainstorms since the 1 (X)(). We had sort of counted on our clever new little auto compass to help us in case we got turned around up in the hills, but for some reason, the compass said we were headed south even when we knew we were going north. So we'd just have to wing it. By now our tires needed periodic reinflating, and the passenger side door would no longer open from the outside. But the roof rack held tight, and Jim's buggy was still working perfectly. We knew that this part of the Baja l(X)() haq been rough, but after seeing it again, and in a much drier condition, we have immense respect for every driver who made it to the finish. It was booby trapped with puddles and mud still, and criss crossed with confusing trails. It must have been grim during the race. It was fun now, and. we sidestepped most of the puddles, got briefly off the course a couple of times, · and got Jim good arid stuck just once. But we arrived at Santo Tomas well before dark, weary, and well satisfied with our drive. Forty-five minutes later, after checking in at Estero Beach, we headed for our rooms, and our car quit. So we finished our trip on a tow strap, Jim's buggy talcing us in to the parlcing lot. It took only a few minutes to figure out that the fuel pump had died. And only a half hour to get it replaced ( we had a spare in our parts bag) and in running order again. The next morning we headed north through Ensenada, on our way home, and as we rolled to a stop at - a sign near the old "Bronco" restaurant, we noticed an Ensenada motorcycle cop parked across the street, facing us . To our amazement, he bleeped his siren at us and signalled John to pull_g~er. The officer asked us if we'd seeri the stop sign "back there". John asked where, and he said, "b~ck there", vaguely indicating a distant corner. John said there was no stop sign there, and the policeman said; "I have to give you a ticket." (and I thought, "Here goes the vat::ation.")John said, "0.K., but first, show me the stop sign." Then the cop mentioned the ticket again, and -again, John said, "Let's go see the ·stop sign first." And then the cop said, "0.K., no ticket, you go." And we did, as he flagged down three young kids on motor scooters. Our trip was great, if we could only avoid meeting these Mexican policemen this way! And we finally figured out what was wrong with our compass. Our magnet mount antenna for Uniden was about five inches above it on the roof. Once we tok it off, the compass worked perfectly. It now pointed north. Dusty nmes

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.Pony Express ••• To the FAIR Pit Crew Team I would like to send you a big Colorado thanks and I do mean THANKS. The team working the road crossing at Borrego during the Score Baja 1000 did an outstanding job trying to fix our front end, which was really beyond repair. We do appreciate your effort. · To the guys at San Rafael I send a special thanks. Without the gas you gave us we would have run out about a quarter mile past your· pit. Instead, we finished 17th in the Challenger Class and hope to be in the top ten in oveq11l points for the year. Thanks again for the mechanical help and the gas. My co-driver, John Shanko, says thanks for the pop can. . We are going to run two Challenger cars in the 1988 Score and HORA racing season, and would like some info' on your pit service. Please send along the information. W .H. Vandergrift Eckert, CO Most of the major pit teams are listed in the DUSTY TIMES Pit Team Register. You can write to F.A.I.R. at P.O . Box 54 2, Stanton, CA 9<)68o or call the Race Director Dave Massingham at (714) 879-76<}7 OT (213) 943-1916. Winding down the 1987 Score/HORA season, it has been a great_year. I've been involved with oft road racing for the past couple of years, making it to every race including the Colorado 300 dust bowl. I'm writing to you about a certain class, one which does not have the money or the big sponsors, but the heart to race off road. This is Class 6. With the new rules, Class 6 and some other classes were · plagued by the number of entries for the year, as six entries average for every race in the 1987 season was required. While the normal Class 6 entrants showed up for the Baja• l(X)(), the class needed a total of nine entrants to make the yearly quota. There haven't been nine starters in Class 6 at any race this year. • . Money was tight going into the Baja lCXX) for the Class 6 entrants, so they got together •to help each other out. Dale and Randy Jordan needed r·ear end gears for their Datsun B2 l0. Garson, Greg and Wes Moser of Spy Racing gave them their extra set of gears so they could make the race. Larry Schwacofer campaigned another vehicle besides his '55 Chevy, an old AMC Rambler owned by the owner of Mr. Sticker. Bill ,and Steve Russell helped a Mexican entrant with finances. These guys all came together to help each other out and come up with the needed entries. My congratula-tions to Larry Schwacofer for another points championship. Special thanks to Spy' Racing for putting up with me over the years and congratulations for a job well done. To the Jordan brothers, who haven't finished a race in thirteen tries, you deserve the hard luck award for the year. Todd Shelton · Huntington Beach, CA Thanks for your input on the strURRle to keep Class 6 alit1e. The good news from Scare/HORA is that all the classes that ran in 1987 will again nm in 1()88, despite. the number of entTants in 1987. In fact, Class 6 only missed it by two, having a total of 46 starters for the year. Howet1er, the off again-on again status of Class 6 and Class 3, to name a couple, certainly is disc;oural{ing to anyone planninR on building a car to compete in these classes. And such discoural{ement . leads to fewer entTies. The time is now far Class 6 competitors to nail down the class, for sure, in the new rule book goin~ together for 19&)-1990. The waffling on eligibility by legal Fuel Bladders As low As $182.00 Approved by: FIA, IMSA, NHRA, SCCA, SCORE, USAC and HORA • Custom Fuel Bladders • Fuel Tanks • Standard· Fuel Bladders • Refueling Equipment • Budget Fuel Cells "let us know what you want. We can do it." (714) 962-0027 or (714) 968-4463 (800) 433-6524 (Outside California) Call or write for free catalog 10925 "K" Kalama River Road, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 February 1988 the organizers is no help in building up the class. I would like to take this time to give a big Thank You to the good folks at Unique Metal Products in Santee, CA. After getting to the Baja course to pre-run on the Sunday before the race, I ran in the mud bogs going· to Ojos Negros. I took the car back to Santee, CA, and went to U .M.P. to have a windshield put on the race car. We worked on the car until 7:30 that night. So thanks U .M.P. for the good job on a cold, rainy day and night. It worked just great. Tom Koch Ridgecrest, CA . . We here in Canada would like to thank you for doing such a great job of covering the world of off road racing. I have a special thanks because it was through your magazine I was able to read · about Precision Preparation Inc., notably Mr. Cal Wells lll. . I started racing a stock CJ 5 in 1980, and it became easy to tell I . was hooked right away. When it came time to approach major ·sponsors to expand my racing interests, I needed a race truck that would be there at the checkered flag every time. I kept seeing article after article in DUSTY TIM ES about T earn Toyota. winning this oc -the "lronman" winning that. A few calls to Cal Wells arranged a trip to watch the team at the Silverdome. It was standing with Ivan Stewart after he won the main event that made me realize I had to have one of those trucks! To make a long story short, Cal Wells put one of the short course Toyota trucks into race ready shape and it came to Canada to become the overall Class 7 Champion for the 1987 season. I would like to thank P.P.I. for making such a great truck, and DUSTY TIMES for keeping all off road racers in touch· with each other from California to Canada! Brian Case· Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thanks for your kind uords about DUSTY TIMES, Brian, and continued good luck racing your Class 7 truck. I am writing this letter in regard to the incomplete HORA/SCORE 1987 Points Series Final Standings on page 17 in your January 1988 is.sue. I say incompf ete because you forgot Class 34 and Overall Odyssey final results. I realize you don't normally cover A1Vs, Motor-cycles, or Odysseys. But, since you have all the other classes, why not have it complete? Scott Hewitt Desert Hot Springs, CA Our {ace is certainly red, Scott, and leat1inJ{ )OUT class out uias certainly not intentional. Looking in the program far the des<..'rt m.mrds banquet certainly confirms that you are in fact not only the Class 34 P,oints champion for the year, but also the Overall Odyssey points tvinner with 226 points. Ochers in Class 34 listed are Juan Lencioni, 119 points, and Bryan M . Saasta with 1 13 points. Our sina.'Te apologies to you and all Class 34 racers. Odysseys, in fact, are definitely our fawrite bunch for watching of all the motorcycle engine classes. I'm wntmg to tell you how happy I am with advertising in your classified ads section. I have a 1-1600 which I put in a competitor's magazine for three months last summer, and only receivc:d one call. To say I was discouraged would be an under-statement! I let the ad lapse until late November when I renewed it and ·also placed an ad .in you·r magazine. Within twO' weeks of the ads appearing in both magazines, I received no calls at all from the other ad and six calls from yours. · Of the six calls I received from your ad, three were ready to buy the car for the full advertised price. I ended up selling it to the first person who called. I've always felt your magazine gave some of the best coverage of our sport, and now I can personally vouch for the power of your advertising section. Thank you very much, and I wish you all the best in 1988. Bob.Gray Phoenix Racing Team Los Gatos, CA Your letter made our day, Bob. It is !lice to knoo• that the classified ad . section has a Kood pull, and we do think our readership contains a lot of active off roaders who make a · •good potential market. We enjoy reading DUSTY TIMES. I only wish there would be more coverage of our area action in Western Pennsylvania, plus I wish other people would be able to receive the paper. I do believe Brenda Parker was wrong to say, in the coverage of the Dixie Autocross in the December issue, that "Classes 9-10 were next". In the first heat Dan Boudox, driving a Mirage .. " It should have read Jim Struble, from Derry, PA, in his Funco. Check it out please, that was me. I later broke my trans, but it's not right. Jim Struble Derry, PA There uould be cooera~e of action in your area if u1e could find somebody to send it to DUSTY TIMES. Maybe you could find such a person, and u•e do pay our c01ttTibutars. As far as the Dixie Autocross awerage is concenled, u•e were not there, and had no reason to doubt the report. Hoooevermost of us coo<.'T short course racing by making our oum lap chart, and it is possible that a car number gets transposed, or you just flat miss.the lap or two that has a different lea,b. Often short course t'Vellts hat1e incomplete entry lists, if any at all, and·that can be a problem to the reporter also. We do apoloRize for missing your laps leading the class, and we will try to catc;h you next season. Anyone can subscribe to DUSTY TIMES and get it et1ery month for just $1 2 .oo a year. DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from all comers of off road actit1ity. The Pony Express column will feature all the mail we can {it into the space available. Please keep your words fairly brief. Because of space limitations, your pearls of · prose may be edited, but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as well as your praises. Letters for pub-lication should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by the r 5th of the month in order to appear in "the next issue. Dusty nmes

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y 0 0 H A M A THE YOKOHAMA OFF-ROAD. RACING PROGRAM IN BLACK AND WHITE. ■ CONTINGENCY. In SCORE/HDRA buggy classes, Yokohama awards $200 to the first place winners, and four tires to the best finishers. In SCORE/HDRA truck J --· classes, first place wins $1200, second wins $500, and third wins $300, and four tires to the best finishers. In SNORE, ADRA, VORRA, PAC , GRAN CARRERA and FUD PUCKER series,'-· __ Yokohama will award $100 and four t ires to the first place finisher in each class. Sports- · , · men classes receive four tires for first place \ ~ finishers (four vehicles minimum per class.) Tire service fo~ all Yokohama racers is perform-\ \ ed free of charge on _the contingency line at all \_ SCORE/HDRA races, SNORE 250 and SHOWBOAT '-__ 250. Service by All Terrain Enterprises (ATE). ■ PIT SUPPORT. Three free, remote full service pits are provided for Yokohama racers at all SCORE/HDRA events. The facilities include welder, parts, radio communications and tires. All of the service is provided by Yokohama Pit Support. ■ CLUBS. THE YOKOHAMA 6-50 CLUB is open to all racers over the age of SO. Solid gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded at the end of each year. . -THE YOKOHAMA UPSIDE DOWN CLUB is open to all Yokohama drivers. If you flip your vehicle, report it to the press room. If information is printed in Post Race Notes, the driver will receive an Upside Down Club T-shirt and hat. Special thanks to all of the volunteers for their excellent pit support during 1987, and to All Terrain Enterprises for their award winning contingency service. Yokohama is there to help you win. For information on Pit Support, call Dennis Rogers. (818) 335-7757 days or (714) 599-5291 evenings. · For information on Contingency or Clubs, call Carol or Dave at All Terrain Enterprises. (800) 892-5263 in Southern California, or (619) 240-3186. >~YOKOHAMA TIRES ©YOKOHAMA TIRE CORPORATION 1988 M T 0 R s p 0 R T s

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..... eet California State Parks and-Recreation Director Appointee Henry R. Agonia H.e is not a friend of the off-road community in CaliJornia. His confirmation to this position will take place soon ... We must stop his confirmation! ■ He closed down ANZA-BORREGO to many off-readers. ¢ In his first weeks in office, he approved the ban of many off-road vehicles from Anza-Borrego State Park. ¢ He refused to discuss the closure with repre·sentatives of the off-"road community. ¢ Even CORVA President Rick Bates' letters to Agonia were unanswered. ■ Agonia obviously supports Alan Cranston's Cllifomla Desen Protection Act of 1987 S-7 by not taking an opposing position. ¢ You are paying his salary of $72 456 through your state income taxi ' ¢ He is not representing your recreation needs! Is this the sort of person you want in this position? Act now! Call, write or send a telegram to your State Senator today! Tell your Senator you oppose Agonia 'sap-pointment because he has a deaf ear to your needs and does not represent your forin of recreation. Call today. Fir 2 2 2 4 8 San Francisco & San Metso 9 Alameda 11 San Mateo & Santa Clara 13 Santa Clara 20 San Fernando Valley 21 Glendale & Pasadena 22 Westside 23 . Hollywood & Burbank 24 Los Angeles 26 S. San Gabriel Valley 27 S. Los Angeles & Watts 28 Inglewood 29 Coastal Long Beach 30 Los Angeles, Long Beach, San 31 Whittier & Santa Ana 32 W Anaheim 33 Downey, Lakewood & Buena P 35 Huntington Beach & Anaheim We m:ut stop~ c·onfirn You ca1 For more infonnat Dusty Tiines supports · CO] IDake a difference! We · OJ Call your SE

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our State Senator's name and phone number and make the call ... Let's flex our muscle as the off-road community of California I L..r '-,, ,r I / -,~ -I r -J 6" I IN .. ""~ ~ ~ ~ "\I\ i ' -, ~-;2 14 14 14 San Diego & Escondido ·· 1. Sen. John Doolittle (916) ~232 Roseville 2. Sen. Barry Keene (707) 648-4080 Vallejo 3. Sen. Milton Marks (415) 557-1437 S. F. 4. Sen. James Nielsen (916) 343-3546 Chico 5. Sen. John Garamendi (204) 948-7930 Stockt:.n ·6. Sen. Leroy Greene (916) 481-S540 Sacramen~ 7. Sen. Daniel Boatwright (415) 689-1973 Concord 8. Sen. Quentin Kopp (415) 952-5666 South S.F. 9. Sen. Nicholas Petris (415) 464-1333 Oakland 10.Sen. Bill Lochyer (415) 582-8800 Hayward 11.Sen. Rebecca Morgan (415) 582-8800 Menlo Park 12.Sen. Dan McCorquodale (408) 2n-1470 San Jose 13.Sen. Alfred Alquist (408) 286-8318 San Jose 14.Sen. Hen Muddy (209) 445-5667 Fresno 15.Sen. Rose Ann Nuich (209) 591-5005 Fresno 16.Sen. Don Rogers (805) 395-2927 Bakersfield 17.Sen. Henry Mello (408) 373-0773 Monterey 18.Sen. Gary Hart (805) 966-1766 W09(lland Hill 19.Sen. Ed Davis (818) 368-1171 Northridge 20.Sen. Alan Robbins (818) 901-5555 Van Nuys 21.Sen. Newton Russell (818) 247-7021 Glendale 22.Sen. Herschel Rosenthal (213) 479-5588 Los Angeles 23.Sen. David Roberti (213) 876-5200 Hollywood 24.Sen. Art Torres (213) 627-5333 Los Angeles 25.Sen. H. L R~son (818) 914-5855 Glendora 26.Sen. Jo&eph Monmya (818) 575-6956 El Monte 27.Sen. Bill Greene (213) 620-5600 Los Angeles 28.Sen. Diane Watson (213) ~655 Los Angeles 29.Sen. Robert Beverly (213) 540-1611 Redondo Belt 30.Sen. Ralph Dills (213) 324-4969 Gardenia 31.Sen. William Campbell (818) 964-1443 City of lndstry 32.Sen. Edward P.oyce (714) 871-0270 Anaheim 33.Sen. Cecil Greene (213) 921-5559 Cypress 34.Sen. Ruben Ayala (714) 884-3165 San Bern. 35.Sen. John Seymour (714) 385-1700 Anaheim 36.Sen. Robert Presley (714) 782-4111 Riverside 37.Sen. Marian Bergeson (714) 640-1137 Newport1!ch. 38.Sen. William Craven (619) 438-3814 Carlsbad 39.Sen. Jim Ellis (619) 464-7204 8 Cajon 40.Sen. Wadie Deddeh (619)·427-7080 Chula Vista .r ? .-r,maram ar fll111lI 1 :=:x (II II 36 11111 37 ____ -'I 40 San Diego & El Cajon 1" ,! San Diego & Chula V1&ta--fflill1]~tt.1[\\~. 1 •1:::==---:opies call the CORVA Hotline at 1-800/237-5436 (r-eprlnted..from the January l988 CORVANews} WHAT IS CORVA? Incorporated in 1970, CORVA, the California Off-Road VehicleAssociation, is a mem-bership-oriented association of all off-road users. CORVAis committed to working for fair and sensible land use management and deix,nds solely upon the dedication and financial backing of its members. WHO IS CORVA? A typical CORVA member is a serious off-road user who is concerned about the special interest groups closing public land which he has a right to use. CORVA members are all ages, come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Should you join this elite organization? Only if you are serious about off-roading. MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION CORVA offers two types of memberships: REGULAR: for individuals and families who want to continue enjoying their recreation of off-roading. ASSOClA TE: for businesses who want to lend corporate support, and for clubs and associations that want to keep public land for the public. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION 0 Sign me up as a Regular Member - $30/year ($20 Renewal Fee) D Sign me up as an Associate Member: D Retail, etc .................... $75 D Jobbers ................... $250 D Wholesale, etc ........... $150 D Accessory Mfg ....... $500 D Clubs & Associations $200 D OEMs ................... $ 1000 D Business/Cub Name ---------------□ Please send more infonnation on CORVA Name _____________ (spouse) _____ _ Address ____________________ _ City, State, Zip _________________ _ Signature ___________ Phone:( ) ____ _ Occupation: (self) _________ (spouse) _____ _ □ PAYMENTENCLOSED □ VISA/MASTERCARD# __________ _ (circle one) ExpirationDa~e ________________ _ SEND TO: CORV A, 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95~14 ,VA! N O\V is your chance · to ly have until February 1_7. tator TODAY

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1988 HORA IOK FOUR WHEELERS OFF ROAD RACING High Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 36 ASSOCIATION 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Cleves, Ohio 45002 OF TEXAS Las Vegas, NV 89124 (All events staged at 1421 Lee Trevino, D-1 HAPPENINGS ••• (702) 361-5404 the club grounds in El Paso, TX 79CJ35 Cleves, Ohio) (915) 594-8266 March 4-6, 1988 March 5-6, 1988 Gold Coast 250 Las Vegas, NV MICHIGAN SPORT 150 miles A.D.R.A. CHAMPLAIN VALLEY BUGGY ASSOCIATION Cars-A TVs-Bikes Arizona Desert Racing Association RACING ASSOCIATION April 29-May 1, 1988 John Elliott• (517) 835-9923 El Paso, TX P.O. Box 34810 C.J. Richards Mint 400 Bob Ramlow -(616) 345-6407 Phoenix, AZ 85067 P.O. Box 332 Las Vegas, NV August 6•7, 1988 (602) 252-1900 Fair Haven, VT 05743 200 miles (802) 265-8616 July 1-3, 1988 Cars-A TVs-Bikes March 26, 1988 Fireworks 250 MIDWEST OFF ROAD El Paso, TX Penasco Twilight All races are held at Albany-Saratoga Barstow, CA CHALLENGE SERIES November 5-6, 1988 Sonora, Mexica Speedway, Route 9, Malta, New · Tommy Bowling York. Classes are 1-1600, 10, 4 WD September 9-11, 1988 Rt. 6, Box 833C 250 miles May 14, 1988 Class 3 and Class 4 plus ATVs. Nevada 500 Midland, TX 79702 Cars-A TVs-Bikes Western 150 Las Vegas, NV (915) 332-1537 -(915) 563-9154 El Paso, TX Phoenix, AZ CORVA July 16, 1988 1601 10th St. High Country 150 Sacramento, CA 95814 M.O.R.E. OLYMPUS INTERNATIONAL Flagstaff, AZ (800) 237-5436 HIGH PLAtNS OFF 3513 North West Loop 820 RALLY ROAD RACING Fort Worth, TX 76106 John Nagel September 3--4, 1988 March 4-6, 1988 ASSOCIATION (817) 625-8843 P.O. Box 4254 Snowflake Buggy Bash COR VA 1988 Convention Tom Freeman Tumwater, WA 98501 Snowflake, AZ Clarion Hotel 3503 Hall St. (206) 754.9717 Ontario, CA Rapid City, SD 57702 October 15, 1988 ( 605) 342-0331 MICKEY THOMPSON'S June 23-26, 1988 Penasco 150 OFF ROAD Tacoma, WA Sonora, Mexico 4 FUN 4 WHEELERS February 14, 1988 CHAMPIONSHIP 915 So. Zeeb Road Badlands Baja 100 GRAND PRIX December 3, 1988 Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Wall,SD Mickey Thompson Sonoita to Rocky Point (313) 459-8388 Entertainment Group ONTARIO ASSOCIATION Sonora, Mexico (313) 755-3176 April 24, 1988 P.O. Box 25168 OF OFF ROAD RACERS Black Hills Speedway Anaheim, CA 92825 Barry Wannamaker Rapid City, SD (714) 938-4100 P.O. Box 688 FORDA Bancroft, Ontario, KOL lCO, May 15, 1988 Off Road Cham_pionship Canada BAJA PROMOTIONS, Florida Off Roaders Lake Francis Case Gran Prix LTD. S.A. Drivers' Association Chamberlain, SD Lou Peralta Rt. 5, Box 944 February 13, 1988 P.O . Box 8938 Brooksville, FL 34610 June 5 or 12, 1988 Jack Murphy Stadium ONTARIO OFF ROAD Calabasas, CA 91302 (813) 996-6306 (days (818) 340-5750 Beaver Creek Baja San Diego, CA Barbara Lapointe Jamestown, ND 4 Bridge St. E. February 19-21 , 1988 February 7, 1988 March 12, 1988 Kitchener, Ontario NZK 1J2 Lakeland, FL August 21, 1988 Astrodome Canada Gran Carrera Internacional Gumbo Buttes Baja Houston, TX (519) 743-8841 San Felipe, B.C. Mexico March 26, 1988 Pierre, SD Florida 400 April 9, 1988 (All events at Bingeman Park July 29-31, 1988 Tallahassee, FL October 22, 1988 Gran Carrera de T ecate KinTidome in Kitchener.) Last Chance Baja Seatte, WA T ecate, B.C. Mexico Wall SD October 14-16, 1988 FUD PUCKER April 23, 1988 Gran Carrera de Campeones RACING TEAM Spartan Stadium O.O.R.R.A. San Felipe, B.C. Mexico 250 Kennedy, #6 San Jose, CA Oklahoma Off Road Chula Vista, CA 92011 GLEN HELEN OHV PARK Racing Association (619) 427-5759 P.O. Box 2937 May 7, 1988 Larry Terry San Bernardino, CA 92406 Rose Bowl 9220 N.E. 23rd February 13, 1988 Pasadena, CA Oklahoma City, OK 73141 1988 BRUSH RUN Fall Series Awards Banquet (714) 880-1733 (405) 769-5491 POINTS SERIES Travel Lodge Off Road Races July 23, 1988 (All races located at Freedom, OK) P.O. Box 101 El Centro, CA February 28, 1988 L.A. Coliseum Vic Brurnham Crandon, WI 54520 April 17, 1988 Los Angeles, CA Freedom Chapter President (715) 478-211 5 / (715) 478-2688 August 5-7, 1988 June 12, 1988 October 1, i 988 (405) 621-3428 Superstition 250 V August 7, 1988 June 25-26, 1988 El Centro, CA . Silver Bowl Spring Run 101 September 4, 1988 Las Vegas, NV Crandon, Wl September JO-October 1-2, 1988 November 20, 1988 ORSA Plaster City Blast United Sand Drag Stadium Thunder Randy Miller September 2-4, 1988 El Centro, CA Association Sand Drags Drag Series 407 G Street, Suite F Brush Run 101 February 13-14, 1988 Davis, CA 95616 Crandon, WI December 30-31, 1988, March 12-13, 1988 February 14, 1988 (916) 756-9938 January 1, 1989 April 9-10, 1988 Jack Murphy Stadium (916) 756-6399 Dunaway Dash May 14-15, 1988 San Diego, CA El Centro, CA July 9, 1988 Short Course & Sand Drags, CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES . (Night Race) March 13, 1988 all events at Sacramento Lynnette Allison Autust 13 Astrodome Raceway, Sacramento, CA 2001 Oakland Hills Drive GORRA (Nig t Race) Houston, TX Corona, CA 91720 Georgia Off Road October 8-9, 1988 April 10, 1988 (714) 736-1442 Racing Association November 12-13 OUTLAW MINI STOCK Box 11093 Station -A Kintome RACING ASSOCIATION February 13, 1988 Atlanta, GA 30310 Seat e, WA P.O. Box 204 Glen Helen Rally Sprint (404) 927-6432 July 9, 1988 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 Glen Helen OHV Park (213) 375-4570 San Bernardino, CA ICE CHAMPIONSHIP L.A. Coliseum (213) 534-2747 ENDURANCE SERIES Los Angeles, CA April 16-17, 1988 GREAT LAKES P.O. Box 14824 Rim of the World FOUR WHEEL Minneapolis, MN 55414 September 1 7, 1988 Palmdale, CA DRIVE ASSOCIATION (612) 639-0801 Spartan Stadium PAC OFF ROAD RACING Bob Moon (612) 890-8693 San Jose, CA P.O. Box 323 June 1988 (TBA) 915 So. Zeeb Road Seahurst, Washington 98062 High Desert Trails Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Feb~ary 6-7, 1988 October 8, 1988 (206) 242-1773 Ridgecrest, CA (313) 665-0358/(313) 996-9193 St. Paul, MN Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV March 11-12, 1988 July 9-10, 1988 February 13-14, 1988 Millican Valley 250 Prescott Rallysprint Eau Claire, WI Stadium Motocr08S Millican Valley, OR Prescott Forest Rally GREAT WESTERN Prescott, AZ POINTS SERIES, INC. February 27-28, 1988 June 18, 1988 April 22-23, 1988 Ron Knowlton Bemidji, MN L.A. Coliseum Horn Rapids 250 · November 19-20, 1988 831 So. Jason Los Angeles, CA Richland, WA East of Indio Vlll Denver, co· 80223 March 26, 1988 Indio, CA (303) 722-5537 l.C.E. Awards Banquet (Some dates are tentative.) May 28-29, 1988 Yerington 250 Yerington, NV Page 10 February 1988 Dusty Tirncs

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July 15-16, 1988 400 Kilometer Race Ashcroft, B.C. Canada October 14-15,.1988 Millican Valley 400 Millican Valley, OR November 5, 1988 Awards Banquet (location ~A) POST Pennsylvania Off Road Short Track Shark Saxon RD #3, Box 9 TQwanda, PA 18848 (717) 265-3076 All events ·in Monroeton, PA at the intersection of Routes 414 & 220. SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O. Box 526 Indio, CA 92202 April 22-2'4, 1988 34th Annual Fast Camel 4WD Cruise and Pit Barbecue SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America p·,o. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 ( 303) 779-6622 February 26-28, 1988 Chattahoochee Forest Rally Georgia March 25-27, 1988 Barbary Coast Rally San Francisco, CA April 14-16, 1988 Sunriser For~st Rally Chillicothe, OH June 4-6, 1988 Susquehannock Trails Rally Wellsboro, PA August 26-28, 1988 Ojibwe Rally Grand Rapids, MN September 10-11, 1988 Centennial Rally Centennial, CO November 5-6, 1988 Press On Regardless Rally Houghton, MI November 12-13, 1988 Wild West Rally Tacoma, WA SCORE Score International 31356 Via Colinas, Suite 111 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 8~9-9216 April 1-3, 1988 Great Mojave 250 Lucerne Valley, CA June 3-5, 1988 Baja Internacional · Ensenada, BC, Mexico August 12-14, 1988 Off Road World Championship Riverside, CA November 10-13, 1988 · Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico December 3, 1988 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet (location TBA) December 9-11, 1988 San Felipe 250 San Felipe, BC, Mexico (non-points race) SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 May 21-22, 1988 Montreal Olympic Stadium Montreal, PQ, Canada SIL VER BOWL OF MOTOCROSS Roger Wells 225 W. Foster Ave. Henderson, NV 89015 (702) 564-2677 (All events but the finale held at Las Vegas International Raceway.) SIL VER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 7380 Las Vegas, NV 89125 (702) 459-0317 SNORE Southern Nevada Off • Road Enthusiasts . P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 February 13, 1988 Bottom Dollar Las Vegas, "NV Trail NotCs ••• . . CALENDAR CAPERS-It is inevitable that the day after a year long race calendar is printed, even the major promoters start changing their dates. Please note on your pull out calendar from the January issue that the Score Riverside race ha moved forward a week, to August 12-14, and yes fans, it will be at Riv(!6Side International Raceway, where the dirt on the pavement will not-matter this year. HORA has moved their fourth race of 1988 out of Colorado and back to Las Vegas. The new date is September 9-1_ 1, and the Nevada .500 will be a loop race from somewhe~e south of Las .Y egas to Tonopah and back, finishing at Jean. Also, the September 23-25 SNORE 250 date fell off the calendar somewhere en route to printing, so pencil that in. Do note on the Lothringer Engineering ad that the proof reading gremlins struck, and the firm is on Glendora Ave., not Glendale. THE 1988 CORV A CONVENTION is coming soon, on March 4-6 at the Clarion Hotel in Ontario, CA. The California Off Road Vehicle Association is a major freedom fighter in the war against land closures, and they can use all the support available. Discover how you can preserve your rights to access public land by attending the convention. This year the convention will feature a guest speaker, the Honorable Senator H.L. Richardson (founder of the Pro Desert Coalition) and a drawing for a Chenowth two seat off road vehicle. For complete information contact CORVA, 1601 10th St., Sacramento, CA 95814 or call (800) 237-5436. THE SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES winners for 1987 are official. Group A · had been under appeal for a time. In Open Class driver points John Buffum won, natch, followed by Bruno Kreibich and Jon Woodner, while co-driver honors went to Tom Grimshaw, Clark Bond and Tony Sircombe. Audi won the overall championship for manufacturers. In Group A Rod Millen was the top driver ( second overall), foUowed by Scott Child and Chad DiMarco, and co-driver honors went to Harry Ward, Steve Laverty and Ginny Reese and Mazda got the Group A title. · · The top Production GT driver was Daniel Gilliland, followed by Doug Shepherd and Henry Krolikowski; the top navigator was Betty Ann Gilliland, followed by Jim Kloosterman and R. Dale Kraushaar, tied for second, and Dodge won the manufacturers points. The Production Class winning driver was Guy Light, tagged by Niall Leslie and John Crawford, and their co-drivers followed suit with Jim Brandt winning the title, followed by Joe Andreini and Tom Drake. Volkswagen won the Production title. THE POWER OF THE FEDS-Although the early releases on the Parker 400 included all the classes that can in Score International races in 1987, the later news said that there would be no 3 wheeler classes in 1988. Sales of 3 wheelers were recently banned because of findings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, labeling one of the most popular type of vehicle ever made as unsafe. The 3 wheeler will join the Corvair as a museum piece. Score's President Sal Fish said, "We regret taking this step, and we are not making any judgement about safety of 3 wheelers, but we would not likr to he responsible for injuries, considering the government findinJ!s." i;r -----------------------------------Dusty Times SAN BERNARDINO FREE Overnight Camping For information contact-Brian Church · 714/880-1773 P.O. Box 2937 San Bernardino, CA 92406 OFF-ROAD. CHALLENGE (The 1st Race of a Six Race Series) "The Finest in Short Course Racing" SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1988 February 1988 100% CASH PAYBACK ENTRY FEES: Dune Buggies - $200.00 A TV's - $75.00 Odyssey - $100.00 5-1600 - $100.00 Page 11

Page 12

~ t t June 11, 1988 TEXAS BAJA CROSS Twilight Race Ben Brown Las Vegas, NV· 1410 East 6th St. Irving, TX 75060 July 30-31,,1988 April 9, 1988 Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV Grayson County Speedway Sherman, TX September 23-25, 1988 SNORE 250 May 7, 1988 Las Vegas, NV Grayson County Speedway -Sherman, TX October 29, 1988 Yoko Loco June 4, 1988 Las Vegas, NV Grayson County Speedway Sherman, TX December 3, 1988 Black Jack 200 July 9, 1988 Las Vegas, NV Grayson County Speedway Sherman, TX August 6, 1988 S.O.R.R.P. Grayson County Speedway Speedway Off Road Sherman, TX Racing Productions Bernie Weber September 3, 1988 P.O . Box 402 Grayson County Speedway Temple, Texas 76503 Sherman, TX (817) 773-3548 TUCSON AUTO CROSS P.O. Box 55221 SHORT TRACK Tucson, AZ 85703 OFF ROAD (602) 887-8752 ENTERPRISES FORMULA DESERT VORRA DOG SERIES Valley Off Road Racing Association S.T.O .R.E. Co-Ordinator: 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Gil Parker Sacramento, CA 95838 7406 So. 12th St. (916) 925-1702 Kalamazoo, MI 490()() (616) 375-1233 March 20, 1988 General Membership Meeting Practice Runs Prairie City OHV Park SUPERCROSS, INC. Sacramento, CA Gateway Plaza April 10, 1988 180 Newport Center Dr., Suite 270 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Season Opener Short Course Race (714) 760-1~ Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento, CA May 8, 1988 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD Mother's Day DRIVERS A~IATION Spring Special Terry Prevost Prairie City OHV Park 1006 Cardinal Lane Sacramento, CA Green Bay,, WI 54303 May 28-29, 1988 (414) 434-9044 Y okohama/VORRA 400 Yerington, NV NEW AERODYNAMIC /«IRfORCE/ AIRDEFLECTOR ~·1l-1~~":j • Reduces Fumes • Reduces Dust • Reduces Dirt • On and Off-Road • Looks Great!!! • .060 Aluminum • All Hardware Included • Complete Directions for-Each Installation • Available in Black or Clear Anodized Finish ... The "Airforce" is available for Toyota 4-Runners, Nissan Pathfinders and Toyota Trucks. COST ONLY $75.00 Shipping $3.50 (in CA add 6% tax) Send check or money order to: IVAN STEWART RACING - P.O. Box 1698, Lakeside, CA 92040 - (619) 561-4042. Make sure to enclose complete mailing address and phone number, color and vehicle type, with order. Page 11 June 25-26, 1988 Virginia City Classic 200 Virginia City, NV July 16, 1988 Saturday Night Special Sacramento Raceway Sacramento, CA August 13, 1988 VORRA Central Cal Off Road Shoot Out Kings Speedway Hanford, CA September 3-4, 1988 Y erington/VORRA 250 Yerington, NV October 2, 1988 Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento, CA October 15-16; 1988 Millican Valley 300 Bend, OR October 30, 1988 1988 _Championship Race Prairie·City OHV Park Sacramento, CA WHEEL TO WHEEL, INC. P.O. Box 686, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL IC0 (613) 332-1766 (613) 332-4128 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 -87A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP February 4-7, 1988 Swedish Rally Karlstad, Sweden March 1•7, 1988 Port Wine Rally Estoril, Portugal Uarch 31-April 4, 1988 Safari Rally Nairobi, Kenya May 2-8, 1988 Tour de Corse Ajaccio, Corsica May 28-June 2, 1988 Acropolis Rally Lagonissi, Greece June 23-26, 1988 Olympus Rally Tacoma, WA, USA July 9-12, 1988 New Zealand Rally Auckland, New Zealand August 4-7, 1988 Argentine Rally Buenos Aires, Argentina August 24-28, 1988 1000 Lakes Rally Jyvaskyla, Finland September 19-24, 1988 Ivory Coast Rally Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast October 10-16, 1988 San Remo Rally San Remo, Italy November 22-25, 1988 . RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free!. Send your r988 sched.ule as soon as possible for listing in this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 533 r Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 9r3or. February 1988 morc ••• TRAIL NOTES THE BUDWEISER/ FRT FALL RACE SERIES is having an awards banquet on February 13 at the Travel Lodge in El Centro, CA._ There is a special room price for those attending the gala, and the dinner is merely $25 per couple. It should be a fun evening, and call Paul Diehl at (619) 352-9523 to make your reservation. The first and second place drivers on points in the Fall Series are as . follows: Class Open Unlimited, Cecil Wright, Steve Sourapas; Class 1-2-1600, Steve Wolcott, Gary Cogbill; Class 10, Joey Adzima, Jr., Dennis Green; Class Challenger, Nick Gross, Larry Wyatt; Class 100, Todd Teuscher, Jean Ames; Class 5, Greg Sanden, Larry McCall um; Class 5-1600, Steve Lawrence, Robert Gutierrez, Big Truck Class, Ken Golojuch, Herman Meister; Little Truck Class, Al DeLaRosa, Stanley Herzog; Class 6, Chuck Mead. The evening will also feature the awards for the 1987 Budweiser /FRT Semi-Pro A TV / Bike Series. PLAN AHEAD FOR MONTREAL. The 1988 edition of the BFGoodrich sponsored stadium race ·at Montreal will happen early this year, on May 21-22. The total payout for Class 7 and Class 10 has been increased to $75,000, an increase of $30,000 over last year. It means more GOLD for the winners and more cash for the remaining participants. The two day format is back again this year, with some important changes in the format. The event will be held on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, and the organizers feel this change will help them reach the total attendance figure of 100,000 spectators. Everyone interested in participating should contact Score Canada, Inc., 390'Chemin Du Lac, Lery, Quebec, CanadaJ6N 1A3. The entry deadline is March 21, and entry fees are $250 plus $50 for Score Canada membership, both figures in Canadian funds. 1988 is an Olympic Year and off road racers can reach for the gold by entering this, the only off road event that pays the winners in real golf3 and takes place on the site of the Summer Olympic Games twelve years ago. ALL THE NEWS .. .lt seems incredible that television and radio news broadcasts pounded away on the accident at Anaheim Stadium during a monster truck and pull event in mid-January. Straight through for 24 hours the tale was told and retold by breathless reporters. Apparently what happened was at intermission time Mickey Thompson held an exhibitiot\ of his off road race cars and sand draggers that would be the show the following weekend. For reasons unknown at this writing the sand drag car not only did the scheduled burn out, but accelerated again out of control and into one of pull sleds, striking its operator. Then the whole rear of the dragster, wheels, etc., made it past the rows of empty blocked seats into an area full of spectators, where 19 or more people suffered injuries from severe to mild. Ironically, the event would have received no mention at all in daily media, except for the accident, which was, pure and simple, an accident. In the same syndrome, we scanned the daily paper in vain looking for a report on the three week long Paris-Dakar Rally. First there was mention of a fatal accident, nothing more, and on January I 9 another mention that a young girl had been killed by a competing car in Mali. Along. with that news the report said that the rally leader on the 18th day was disqualified after finding his stolen racer in a garbage dump and gamely battling past 60 rivals to make up the lost time. Ari Vatanen's Peugeot was stolen from the team compound and a ransom of $90,CXX) was demanded. No ransom was paid by Peugeot, and the car was found four hours later. Vatanen, who is the defending champ on t_he event, was allowed to s~art at the b~ck of_t~e pa~k, and finished the day m eighth place. But the organizers later d1squahf1ed him for not being on the starting grid half an hour before the stage start, contrary to what the team had been told earlier. At press time the rally had another day to go, but we will have the full story next month. GOODYEAR recently introduced their brand new addition to the W rangier light truck tire line with a fancy presentation in Avalon on Catalina Island. The computer aided new design is the first radial light truck tire with directional tread design, and specific left and right side vehicle application. The deep tread pattern emphasizes traction in mud, sand and -gravel. Class 8 racer Walker Evans put in a lot of test miles on the new unit in Europe and Texas, and he said the new tire wls just a bit too late to help the racers on the muddy stretches of the Baja 1000. At home on tl-\e street as well as in the boondocks, the new-tire can be seen on Evans' Dodge as well as other rigs at the Parker 400. No, you don't need to carry a right side and a left side spare, for the short mileage of an off road race. JEFF MACPHERSON is returning to off road racing driving the potent Team MacPherson Chevy S-10, competing in Class 7 4x4 in the 1988 Desert Series. The former 7 4x4 driver Jerry McDonald will switch cockpits and race the team's full size Chevy 4x4 in Class 4, beginning with the season's first event, the upcoming Parker 400. Formerly competing in Class 8 and Class 1, JeffMacPherson has spent a few years on the CART / PPG Indy Car trails, but he has given that up for now to return to truck racing in the desert. TRD, USA Toyota's race development arm, had an open house at their all new and fancy facility in Torrance, CA recently. At the time TRD announced a new race version of the V-6 engine introduced in the 1988 Toyota 4x4 trucks, and it is the first time Toyota has developed a race engine from scratch in the United States. The engine will be seen in off road racing in the new Class 1 mid-engine desert truck being built for Ivan Stewart. The new truck is scheduled to debut at the Gold Coast 300 on March 5 in Las Vegas, NV. Toyota is continuing a complete contingency program in 1988 for the entire SCORE/HORA Series, and if you are driving anything with Toyota power, you should be eligible for their contingency when you win or place in class. BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD, S.A. has three big off road events for all types of vehicles in its Trip le Crown of Baja off road series. It all starts soon, on February 19-21 with a race for buggies, trucks, cars, motorcycles, A TVs and Odysseys out of San Felipe, Baja California. Both Pro and Sportsman classes are included in all these classes at all three events. The second race is in Tecate, Baja California on July 29-31, and'the final goes back to San Felipe on October 9-11 . Check the info' on page l 5 for all the details on this series run entirely in Baja California, Mexico. Dusty Times

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SEE! Adventure and Entertainment in San Diego! NiclelJ fhomp1011~ OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAN PRIX San Diego ~ SUPER CROWN OF STADIUM MOTOCROSS Jack Murphy February 1 3 , 20, 1988 Stadium K:)l KGB FM. Nicley 1'/Joll!pron'J' Saturday Night, February 13 , 1988 Welcomes ALL THE TOP OFF-ROAD TEAMS & DRIVERS WILL BE THERE! Grand National Sport Trucks, UltraStocks®, Super 1600s, ATVs, Super Lites and UltraCross MAZDA • NISSAN • FORD • CHEVROLET • VOLKSWAGEN • AMC • PONTIAC • TOYOTA ATVs FROM SUZ UKI, KAWASAKI, HONDA & YAMAHA Gates Open Autograph Session Racing Begins 5:30 PM 6:00 - 7:00 PM 7:30 PM YAMAHA TOYOTA OFFICI AL PACE TRUCK t KCHilim - ilYn ~A, YALVOLINE $35,000 Purse Saturday Night, February 20, 1988 SEE: • Teams Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki • Pro Riders Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward, Micky Dymond, Ron Lechien, Jeff Leisk and more will be there ... • THE TOUGHEST TRACK EVER BUILT • HIGH SPEE.D SWEEPERS • TRIPLE AND DOUBLE JUMPS • WILD WHOOP-DE·DOOS AND MOGULS Gates Open • STAGGERED STUTTER JUMPS ... AND MORE Autograph & Photo Session Racing Begins 5:30 PM 6:00 - 7:00 PM 7:30 PM ORDER TICKETS EARLY-SAVE $3 PER PERSON MAIL ORDER/DISCOUNT TICKET FORM FOR OFF•ROAD AND 'Cvot.j STADIUM MOTOCROSS 1. Order must be received by February 9, 1988. 2. Make checks payable and mail to: MTEG. San Diego Tickets P.O. Box 76838, San Diego. CA 90005 3. Enclose a stamped. self-addressed envelope to receive your tickets. 4. Orders received late. without a self-addressed stamped ~nvelope or · service charge, will be held at the Stadium Will ' Call at ihe Stadium. Save $3 Per Ticket on Each Adult $19 & $16 Ticket. Child 1 O & under ½ Price · Off Regular Adult Ticket Price Regular Number Number Total Adult Off-Road Motocross Number Price Tickets Tickets Tickets $19.00 + -----= - - - ---$16.00 + = Child $19.00 + = X X X $16.00 + = __ x Your Discounted Price $16.00 $13.00 Child's $ 9.50 $ 8.00 NAME + Handling Charge TOTAL ADDRESS _________ _ CITY _________ STATE __ _ ZIP_---,----------PHONE (day)___ __ (eve) ___ _ Please charge this ticket order to my: □ MasterCard □ Visa Acct.# ___ ___ _ __ Signed Authorization X , MARK YOUR SEAT CHOI TOTAL =$ ____ " =----= = $ /JJJITJ/Jll fflDlJlJ,~OJl PRODUCED BY: Tickets available at: MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP © 1988 TICKef ~'~ AT MAT COMPANY, MAD JACK'S, TOWER RECORDS, PERKINS IOOII WORM & ARTS TIX UCKETMAITER CHARGE (111) 271-TIXS OFF-ROAD MOTOCROSS QUESTIONS: (6 19) 278-TIXS Don't Stand In Long Lines Order Your Tickets NOW! For additional order forms call (714) 938-4100 .ttt11n llil*fl'' .111,·I_. .tl11r11hg .tft t II ti i II Ill OT-MAR88

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SCORE/HDRA DRMR OF THE YEAR Profile Rob MacCachrcn Photos: Trackside Photo Enterprises X ·:-, Rob MacCachren drove his Class 1 Chenowth to three overall victories in the 1987 SCOREI_HDRA Desert Series, and finished that season driving with Porsche power in the car. One of the most prestigeous · awards in desert racing is that of Off Roadsman Driver · of the Year. Perhaps it is more personally rewarding to the recipient because it is the result of the vote of his peers, the active members of the two racing organizations. The 1987 Driver of the Year accolade went to young Rob MacCachren of Las Vegas, who won the vote among an impressive field of nominees. Just 22 years old, Rob has been racing the desert in open whee"! cars since 1981, and he is one of the youngest veterans in this demanding sport. It was almost inevitable that Rob would become a desert racer, as his father, Bob MacCachren, was a pioneer in the sport, a founding member of Rob faced some tough competition in the vote for the Off Roadsman Driver of the Year, but the young man on the move won the horyor last December. "I wasn't really prepared for it," MacCachren said of the award presented to him in December. "I felt / 'had had a pretty good season, but I could think of at least a couple of guys who probably deserved it more than /did." back with RolfTibblin and many other teams. · MacCachren began racing in the open wheel ranks in 1981, running a partial schedule in his Class 1-2-1600 car. Doing just three events late in the year, Rob finished the SNORE 250, won the short course race at the Las Vegas Speedrome and set fast lap at the HORA Frontier 250. 1982 was MacCachren's first full year of racing cars in the desert, and most of his events were close to home and school in Las Vegas. Rob continued to race in Class 1-2-1600, in a single seater, where he won a remarkable seven first place finishes out of eleven starts. He won most of the SNORE events including the pro· ranked Midnight Special and SNORE the Southern Nevada Off Road 250. He scored a third · and a Enthusiasts and a successful off fourth in HORA events, and road racer in the 1970s. Rob finished the year by winning at began his competition career the HORA Frontier 250. Rob early, and at the ripe old age of won the 1982 overall high points eight he earned the Nevada State championship in the SNORE Championship, competing in series, and he was third in the motocross and desert motor- class points in HORA action. cycle events. One of his mentors The term Rookie of the Year was Jack Johnson, the former was made to order for Rob Husqvarna rider and many times MacCachren's record in -1982. champion on the desert. As Jack At the Nevada Motorsports moved into Class l racing, Rob Awards, held at the Frontier followed in his tire tracks a few Hotel to honor top motorsports years later. Both drivers raced competitors fom , all over out of one of the most famous .Nevada, Rob MacCachren was shops in-off road racing, Valley presented with the Rookie of the Performance headed by Richard Year honor. "Butch" Dean, in Las Vegas. The MacCachren moved into Class shop has produced champion-10 in 1983, with more ship performances -in open wheel · horsepower than the restricted classes not only with Johnson engine 1600 class. His sponsors and MacCachren, but further still included Valley Perform-ance and his father's business, Nevada Off Road Buggy. Rob not only won Class 10 in a number of SNORE races, he also took first overall at the SNORE 250. Rob capped off the year by winning the class and overall ai the HORA Frontier 250 against a bunch of top unlimited cars. In 1984 Rob MacCachren continued to compete in Class 10, again mainly in Nevada and HORA events in California. While the young driver often .set fast lap for the event, he had mechanical problems most of the year that dropped him back at the finish line. At the December running of the HORA Frontier 250, Rob had front end trouble while leading the class, but, back on the road 20 minutes later, he worked his way back into the lead and wqn the class, his first victory of the season. Rob MacCachren was back in winning form in 1985, taking many of the SNORE events, and earning his second Driver of the Year on points standings in the SNORE Series. In l 986, as Jack Johnson moved on to tackle truck racing, Rob MacCachren moved into the Class l Chenowth, with additional sponsorship from the Barbary Coast Hotel & Casino. Rob competed in many of. the HORA/SCORE series races, driving the Class 1 car, and also did the full SNORE Series driving in both Class · 10 and Class 1-2-1600. Mechanical woes on course again cost him high placings. But, in the SNORE Yoko Loco he won Class 10 and was second overall despite having to fix a broken tie rod end himself on course. In the summer of 1986 Rob was first overall in the Class 10 car at the SNORE Twilight and first overall in the Class 1 car at the HORA Fireworks 250 and the SNORE 250. He switched to the 1-2-1600 car for the Mid-night Special, which he won. For the second yeat · in a row, MacCachren scored overall high points in the SNORE Series and again won the big reward of many thousand of dollars for high points. In 1987 Rob MacCachren raced the SCORE/HORA Series in Class 1 and the SNORE Series in Class 1-2-1600, both cars single seat Chenowth~: In the desert series troubles struck hard at Parker, but Rob came back to win Class 1 and overall in the. heavy dust at the Great Mojave 250. Then the engine failedatthe Mint 400, whileRobwas leading the class. However, two months later he won the Fireworks 250 overall, two wins at that race in a row! MacCachren followed that by winning overall, again in heavy dust, at the Colorado 300. In all he scored three overall victories in the SCORE/HORA Series in 1987. Success also came in the SNORE races, where he won Class 1-2-1600 at several events and a couple of races overall. He had the SNORE . points title wrapped up before the final race in December. After having problems wit the new Porsche engine installation in the Class 1 Chenowth in Mexico, the team decided to run · it at the last SNORE race, as a real life test before Parker. Rob led tha.t race all the way, winning it overall handily. That final SNORE race of 1987 was on the same day as the SCORE/ HORA desert series awards, so Rob had a busy day, earning the Driver of the Year award at the gala banquet that evening. The following weekend Rob accepted his fourth SNORE overall points rewards, and he is the only driver to win the points title four times, and three years in succession. Having finished his schooling, Rob MacCachren is currently employed at the Gold Co,;:ist Hotel & Casino as a parking supervisor, the hotel owr;1ed by his ·major sponsor, Michael Gaughan also of the Barbary Coast Hotel & Casino. Rob's plans for 1988 include a switch to truck racing in the SCORE/ HORA desert series. Mac-Cachren has signed on with the Walker Evans team, also sponsored by the Barbary Coast, and he will drive the Class 7S Jeep Comanche in the series. Rob may also compete in some of the SNORE events, but presently he does not plan on running for another points title in that series. He thinks it is time to bring up new drivers in that series. Rob's racing programs have been heavily supported from the beginning by his parents, Merce and Bob Mac-Cachren. While they plan .to continue as pitside support at · most rilces, they may have a little more time to themselves between ev~nts. the Jeep truck race prep will be done by Walker Evans' crew in California. All along, the final touches on the Chenowths were done in the fl\mily garage. MacCachren ,has long range ambitions to go mad racing, maybe even Indy car racing. Rob thinks the media exposure he will get on the factory Jeep team could well help him to achieve his goals in the future. Right now, we join the vote in thinking that Rob MacCachren is truly the Driver of the Year for the 1987 desert season. -------------In the 1987 SNORE Desert Series MacCachren used this tough Chenowth to win both Class 1-2-1600 points and his fourth SNORE overall points title, and third suc'h championship in a row. In 1983 Rob MacCachren drove the Class 10 Bunderson, won the class often and also won overall in the 10 car at the SNORE 250 and the HORA Frontier 250. Just 18 years old in 1983, Rob smiled for the cameras after receiving his reward for winning the Frontier 250 overall and in Class 10, and it was his first overall victory in a major series race. Page 14 February 1988 Dusty Times

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MAGAZINE a ,tfbe City of ·San Felipe ~ . . ~ 2nd ... Annual PUSENT 4 .· , .. :·!G~N CARRERA· INTERNACIONAL , 250-Mile OFF-ROAD Race For: Bl}GGIE~ -~ TRUCKS MOTORCYCLES -ATVS -ODYSSEYS 4 ~ r FEBRUARY 19-21, 1988 Race #1 Of .. The ''TRIPLE CROWN OF BAJA!'' v(· * PRO & SPORTMAN CLASSES , * PRO ENTRY: $300 w/60% PAYBACK * SPORTSMAN ENTRY: $100 -Trophies * NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIREI)! * BAJA FEE ···"·••.INS. ADD $45 * $$$$ IN CONTINGENCY * UNIQUE POINTS SYSTEM -EVERY BANDED RACER GETS POINTS! * EVEN CO-RIDERS GET POINTS! TOWARDS SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP! * ·START/FINISH IN SAN FEUPE AT OFF1lOAD RACEWAY * START/FINISHER PINS/PLAQUES * REG., TECH., & CTGCY -FRI. 19th * RACE • SATURDAY, 20th, 7 a.m. * A WARDS SUNDAY 21st, t 1 a.m, . . •··· * EASY PITTING & ACCESS * 3 LAPS -MOSTLY NEW COURSE! * PRE-RUN:, "DECEMBER Zl, 1987" * FULL-ON RACERS or PRE-RUNNERS WELCOME! * CHECK,. OUT NEW CLASSES:-BIGGER * ,PURSES -MORE FUN! ' ' ► Entries n: JANUARY 2 1988 No Drawing. Numben Assiped A F' t-Come-Fint-Sened Basis! * Entries AFI'ER Jan. 31st & Post Eatries: Add $25.00 NO IATE FEE FOB -P RACERS! . ' NO DRAIVNG - POST-MARK DETERMINES STAB11NG POSfflONI BAJA PROMOTIONS Gran Clrrera Promoclones, S.A. de C.V. PO BOX 8938 &alabnn, CA 91302 (818) 992-6355 or 340-5750 *COURSE OPEN · FOR PRE-RUNNING "December 21 1987!" ., ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, ••TRIPLE CROWN OF BAJA'' OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM I ll•tv" O I I I I I O••••o 1\ ,' I •.• / ...... -~ IJ~\ I <9, ,,., <, A C,n o dtl lottt110 h lf'M C,,,o Oonoldo A I\ IHf 7 l J r,::;:_'10. ... ~ rnazca Ollktal T11cli of Ille Gru C1rmu M (MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL AND SIGNED BY EACH PARTICIPANT) SEND TO: ■AJA PROMOT10N■, P.O. ■ox eeae, caa.1:>a-•, CA 81 ~oa • ,. 1 ■) --~/a40-87IIO THIS ENTRY IS FOR (Please check one (1) box as it applies: D GRAN CARRERA INTERNACIONAL February 1 8-21 , 1 eaa Ea11J <>,eu: IAN\JAIY 4. 1911 D GRAN CARRERA DE TECA TE July 28-31 , 1 •-Ell11J <>,eu: IUNE 11, ltll D GRAN CARRERA DE CAMPEON~ October 7-8, 1 ••• 1:alrJ <>,eu: AUGUST ll, 1911 (NOTE: Swtloa potllloo. bJ-. ... br ■11ia ■ ed 'r ,.._..., 1M oe a 11n,-11n1 .... - · NO DRAWING FOi STAmNG POSmONS! -,-IUJ IOl!J!) CATEGORY (Please check one (1) bOx per entry): D PRO D SPORTSMAN CLASSES (Please check one (1) bOx per en1ry): D C1ua I I 2 D Clul 5-HM D 0pn Motorqdc (25tu I om) D CIIII 1-2/1608 D 0. 7S D Lid. Mololcyde (211cc I _.,, 311 31) D C1u1 3, 6, 7◄X4 D Clul Qdeqer D 0pn ATV (251cic A -• Qudlfl'rtlia) D C1111 4, 7, 8, 14 D Clul ti D Lid ATV (lNct A INff, o--,J'rilla) D C1u1 5 D Clas 11 D 0pn Odyaey (Note: There muat be a minimum of three (3) entrtea per official claaa. Otherwlaa, vehlcln may be combined wltll _,,., claa,) GENERAL INFORMATION: • PRO Entry.. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . $300 • Pro Paybeck.. .. .. . .. .. .. .. . .. . eo,. e SPORTSMAN Entry ... ...•.. .••. $100 e DEPOSITS will be uHd to .. /gn atartlng poaltlon by cln■ and by poatmartc. • Trophlea and/or plaquea will be -•rded AFTER the event. I • BAJA FEE ................. ,... $15 • lnaurance (c-w"'1yon1y) ..... 'S25 • Medical Insurance ·•(May be available) • ENTRY DEPOSIT· PRO ... , . . ... $100 • ENTRY DEPOSIT • SPORTSMAN . . . $50 e Late or Poat FM.. .. .. .. .. .. Add $25 (For entries received wilhin 10 days of event) e Depoelt and/or entry la _,.,.lu_ but can be applied to next Trtple Crown event. • Race number9 and atartlng poeltlona 111lgned by poatmark, NO DRAWING e Flnlaher pine and/or plaquea • Contingency prln1 avllllble, • Pre-running open• at leMI 30 daye from the event. Call or write for couree mep. • Couree la martced wtth nuoreacent pink 6 red rlbbona Ind ON-OIRT dlftctlonll ltl'OWI, 'Liability insurance ,s tor third pafly and is secondary 10 your policy. Wo suggest you_ cJo nor race unleu you carry your own po/Icy . ' ' Additional Med,caf insurance may be av,,teblo 11 rect site to be purchased ditecrtv /,om /tte came, 11 en as 1'81 undotermin«t cost. DRIVER/RIDER (PLEASE PRINT) CO-RIDERS/CO-PILOTS (IIOfHlrlverw) 1.)Name •--1.) Mime ·-Add'"8 Adchw City Sete __ Zlp City Sete __ Zlp Tel.#( ) Social Security # TeU( ) Social Securtty·# 2.)Name Age __ 2.) Neme Age __ A-.. Adclreu City Sate __ Zlp City Sate __ Llp Tel.#( ) Social Security # ·Tat.I( ) Social Security , 3.) Name Age __ 3.) Name Age __ Addreaa Adclreaa City Sate __ Zlp City Sate __ Zlp Tel.#( ) Social Security # Tel.#( ) Soclal Security # V.EHICLE MAKE: ..... ............. ENGINE SIZE/MAKE ........ .......... YEAR .................. MODEL ............... · .. VEHICLE OWNER ....................... PRIZE MONEY PAID TO ............. , · · · · .... · aoclal MC.# .. .. · ...... · ........ · .. SPONSOR($): ..... , ... , ......• ...... , , .. ... , ••............. , ....... , , .• , • , , . . . , ....• , ... , , , , .... , . , • . . , , . , . . , • • · • · · · · · * LIABILITY RELEASE MUST BE SIGNED ON THE OTHER SIDE... * I I -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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SNORE BLACK JACK IOO Rob MacCachren Wins It All at the Season Finale By Jean Calvin Photos: Track.side Photo Enterprises/Charlie Crunden Rob MacCachren gave the Porsche powered Chenowth a real test drive, as he took the lead on the first of six laps, and stayed out front all the way to win Jhe race and overall drivers' points in the SNORE Series. The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts had a swell idea for their final race of the 1987 season. They decided to run iton the same day as the SCORE/ HORA awards banquet, also in Las Vegas. They hoped to boost the entry by encouraging folks coming to the year end awards to bring along their race cars and have a little fun in the desert before the party. December was a rainy season all over the southwest, and on the Friday night the weather gods dumped just enough rain on SNORE's Black Jack 200tokeep the dust down. However, Saturday morning held bright sunshine as the troops gathered for the 7 a.m. tech inspection and registration. The place was familiar to all long time off road racers, the Las Vegas Speedrome where the Mint 400 was staged for eleven years. Adding more nostalgia, the course followed portions of the old Mint route as well, taking off on the pavement, exiting the Speedrome and popping under I-15 to a dogleg around the railroad tracks, and then north almost to Highway 93. The SNORE course then turned around and headed back to the Speedrome for a total distance of about 35 miles. Six laps were required of Classes Open Unlimited, 10 and 1-2-1600 and the rest had t~ do five lap~ for an official finish. At the 9 a.m. drivers' meeting the entrants were cautioned that the first few miles were rough, then it smoothed out in the mountains and into the canyons, before getting back to some whoopees on the way back. The drivers were seriously warned to stay on course, as the U.S. Air Force (Nellis Air Force Base is Page 16 across the highway · from the Speedrome) was on maneuvers in the area and using live ammo. Any incident with a race car straying into Air Force areas could be cause for canceling any further use of the area for off road racing. For the same reason, all on hanct were told to stay off any railroad property as well. Class 10 led off the line, and the five chargers took off in close quarters. Favorite John Ellenburg did _not disappoi~t_ his fans, as he turned the fast first lap of 49.28. Although first on the road, Rob Myerly was about nine seconds back on time in the Rabbit powered, radical· looking Bunderson, and Herman Salaz was only another minute back. Both Jeff Akins and Bradley Johnson were well back on time, but all five covered the first lap. John Ellenburg went out on lap 2 with a broken front end. Now Rob Myerly had a ten minute lead on Herman Salaz, Aaron Hawley, with family folks riding along, drove his Chenowth to second overall in the race, an excellent performance despite shifter troubles. Herman Salaz was among the Class 10 leaders in the early laps, but serious transmission problems put him on the trailer at two-thirds distance. February 1988 Jeff Akins and friends got a slow start, but got organized later and won the Class 10 honors. the only finisher in the high attrition that plagued the class. Ed Herbst and Larry Job teamed up to drive Smig's keen 1-1600 Chenowth to fourth overall and first in Class 1-2-1600, winning by just 4 •12 minutes. and Akins was on the road back from a very long first lap and was up to third. About ten miles from finishing the third lap, Myerly coasted into a pit in a cloud of oil smoke, having broken the fan pulley on the engine, and that was that. Jeff Akins did a 59:05 third lap to take the Class 10 lead midway in the fray. Herman Salaz used 2 ½ hours to get around and dropped to third, about two minutes behind Bradley and Robert Johnson, whose troubles were detailed in "The Losers" column last month. The Johnson two seater, with crew from both Oregon and California, covered only three laps for third in class. Salaz got his trans fixed, but had more problems on lap 4, and that was as far as he went, good for second in class. Californians Jeff Akins, Steve Oldfield and Scott Winer had a 57:35 fifth lap, dropped a bunch of time on the last round, but finished all six laps to win Class 10 in 7: 16.44, good for seventh overall among the six lap classes. There were eleven Class 1 and 2 cars, a hefty entry, and some very· interesting car hopping · in this class, aimed at fine tuning the teams for the Parker 400. So, Ken Cox started in Brian Collins' Class 2 Chenowth, Brian Collins started in Ed Herbst's Class 2 Chenowth, while Ed Herbst opted to start in Larry Job's 1-1600, thinking it would be more points for him, as 1-2-1600 is usually the biggest class in SNORE races. · This time the Unlimited bunch was three Tim Bell, with nephew Brent Bell riding along in the Bunderson, came back from a long pit stop to finish third in Unlimited ranks and overall. Up and coming driver Grant Garban drove the distance in his 1-1600, led at mid-distance, but finished a very close second in class and fifth OJA. Dusty nmcs

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It was a see saw battle for the lead for all five laps in Class 5-1600. but at the flag Kent Lothringer and his crew triumphed, winning by a slim three minutes. Kris Dieson drove all five laps in his Chenowth Challenger, and won the tightest dice of the race with a photo finish and victory by just 49 seconds. stro nge r! Meanwhile Rob Brian Collins.James Barbeau was MacCachren parked his 1-1600 a couple minutes further back , and started in the Porsche and Kenny Krumme was out of powered Chenowth to tune that the race, his Funco having car for Parker as well. Two more broken a spring plate and more in entries were debuting Porsche 6 the rear suspension. cylinder power, LeRoy Van Kirk , O).lr viewing point was about in a slick Jim Barbeau built racer, 25 miles into the course at the and Matt and Don McBride in a Valley Performance pit, and here new giant size Class 2. Rob MacCachren had gained Rob MacCachren turned the first on the road status by the fast first lap, although he started second lap. Rob did fast lap of in tenth spot in class, a 44:09. the race on lap 2, a 41 :38. O n the Aaron Hawley was next in his full lap Aaron Hawley was Chenowth with a45:14, right on running about six minutes back the tailpipe of Ken Cox, who in second, followed in over four started ahead of him and was minutes by the McBrides who third fastest at 46 minutes flat. were only 13 seconds ahead of The next three were over a Brian Collins, who, remember, minute back, but all in the same was not driving his own car at minute, led by Tim Bell, 16 thispoint.TimBellhadalongpit seconds ahead of Matt McBride, stop, about 20 minutes, to fix the who was 12 seconds ahead of brakes and a pesky steering Challenger competition was tight all day on the 35 mile course, and here Pete Dutton is being challenged hard by Daryl Nustad in the Nevada rough. In the hunt all the way, Darrell Smith and Bernard Jones had problems on the middle lap, but kept on buggin' to a close second in Class 5-1600. Dusty Times . Californians Steve Centurioni and Bob Jenkins had good times all the way and finished a fine third in Class 1-2-1600 and a keen sixth overall. problem, and Collins had and Mizu was third, only 23 stopped to get a flat fixed . There seconds ahead of Centurioni, but was some famous help for Butch Mizu was not seen again. Both Dean's crew at this point, folks Schmid and Westfall dropped like Jack Johnson and Bob and time on the lap, but carried on, Rob Gordon. and John Miller passed them On lap 3 MacCachren stopped both on time. for gas and three quarts of oil. It Midway it was bumper to was later explained that the bumper for the lead between engine holds around 18 quarts of Grant Garban and Larry Job, oil and the entire stop took onl y now at the wheel of his two minutes. On this lap Brian Chenowth. Garban's lead was Collins got out of the Herbst car, down to 58 seconds, Centurioni and Ed Herbst, out of the 1600 held third and Miller was fourth. and replaced there by regular driv- Garban had cl11rrh trouble on the er Larry Job, got into his own Class 2. Collins replaced Cox in his own car on the next round. ' Midway MacCachren led the ten remaining chargers with a six minute lead over Hawley. Collins/ Herbst were next, about 1 six minutes back and about five minutes ahead of the McBrides. Cox had dropped time riding a ' flat to a pit. Rob MacCachren never looked back, his last three laps being 43: 11, 43:04 and 42:46. He swept the overall victory in the race with a total time of 4:20.20, more than 20 minutes ahead of Hawley. Aaron Hawley had shifter problems on the last lap, but held a strong second in class and overall. After four rounds, the Collins/Herbst Chenowth held their spot, but went out on lap five with a broken shifter. The only other Unlimited finisher was Tim Bell, who drove all the way in the two seat Bunderson, and finished third overall at 5 :11.29. T he Cox/Collins combo we re ~unning third through five laps, but failed to finish, and were in fourth place, followed by Don and Matt McBride, also with five laps done and some new car woes on lap 4. John Ellenburg got in James Barbeau's single seater for a lap or so, and fin ished sixth, followed by LeRoy Van Kirk, and Dennis and Shaun Lee from Arizona. This is the system run by most off road race winners next round, and Job led the herd by four minutes. Garban held second by four minutes over Steve Centurioni , and John Miller broke a front end adj uster and had a very long lap. Up front Larry Job was in overdrive, and on lap 5 he set fast lap for the class, then broke his own new record on the final round with a 5 1 :08 and the checkered flag. Job/ I-lerbst won handily and the time of 5:22 .47 was good for fourth overall. Grant Garban had a couple of fast laps, but was second in class, fifth overall with 5:27.15 . Trouble on lap 5 slowed Centurioni/Jenkins but they finished all six rounds, about 20 minutes behind, third in class. There were nine Challenger cars on the line, including the wild looking Giese built machine driven by Daryl Nustad and Roger Hodge. Thi was a tight dice from flag to flag among the front runners. Setting fast lap for the class at 57: 17 Kenny Freeman, Jr. wns first around on lap I, having lassnl the three cars that starteL in front of him. He had a ~nod lead of ahout four minute~ r:-.-TRl•MIL BOBCAT• · CHROME There was tight competition between the eight starters in Class 1-2-1600, especially in the first half of the six lapper. Grant Garban was first on the road and on time, with a 52.56 first lap, but Ed Herbst, in the Job Chenowth, was onl y two minutes back followed by Bob Westfall, Sr. and Jr., at 56:09, Steve Centurioni/ Bob Jenkins, 56:23, and Vance Schmid/ John Schneider, 56:27. We watched Centurioni put the pass on Schmidt on a narrow mountain trail, naturally without a camera in hand. Mark Mizu was another half minute down on time and half a minute ahead of Richard Trimble. The 1600s were really running in a tight pack . DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS After two rounds Garban led Herbst by less than four minutes, February 1988 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 17

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Daryl Nustad and Roger Hodge drive a different looking Challenger car. led the class for a time, but ended up second in a side by side finish. Joe and Jim McMurray took their brand new Class 8 Chevy for a shakedown cruise, learned a lot, aryd had a great time, the only big truck running. Forrest Ellis sails over a road crossing in his Challenger, and despite a troubled final lap he finished the race. fourth in the class. West Coast Distributor fOfl HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 OUR PRICE $695.00 Per Set 2 Ratio's Available McKenzie Automotive 12945 Sherman Way #4 North Hollywood, CA 91605 818/764-6438 -DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 18 skinny 49 seconds. The next pair of Challengers also arrived nose to tail, but one was Freeman who was a lap down. Pete Dutton and Dave Massingham finished a strong third, about seven minutes behind the front ·-<1 running pair. It took Forest Ellis and Kelly Kessel over two hours to cover the fifth lap, but it was worth fourth place in the Challenger Class. It was all Californians in the Challenger top three as Pete Dutton and Dave Massingham stayed close all the way and were third, just 8 minutes back. The five Class S-1600s started last, and had a Class 8 and a Class 7 truck in their ranks for purse but not for points. Six of the seven starters in this group were from California, showing the growing popularity of SNORE style racing, outside of the local Nevada folks. Art Grajeda and Al Ortlepp were going well in their Class 7 Toyota, doing two good laps plus a longer third round before ~rking. Joe and Jim McMurray had their brand new Class 8 Chevy on the line, but threw a wheel on the first lap. They carried on to work out the kinks in the truck before Parker, and covered four of the required 'five laps before running out of time. - -Art Grejeda and Al Ortlepp race regularly with SNORE, bringing their Class 7 From the drop of the green flag, the S-1600s were at it hammer and tong. After one lap Las yegan Darrell Smith had just over a minute lead on the team of Kent Lothringer, Gene Griepen-trog, Tom Mace. Back about 7½ minutes was Mike Klinger IT om Steckbeck, followed in three Toyota from Los Angeles to contest the rugged going in Nevada's desert. • over Barstow's James Clements, but that was the only lap that Clements finished . Nustad was in third, two more minutes back and a minute ahead of Kris Dieson who had a minute on Pete Dutton/ Dave Massing-ham. Missing was Brian Pennington, out with a broken ball joint at the 25 mile mark, and Paul Abinsay was missing also, while Steve Burke had a long lap and was not seen again. There were some changes on lap 2, but Las Vegan Kenny Freeman still had a hefty lead, almost nine minutes ahead of Nustad. Pete Dutton was about four minutes back in third, just over a minute ahead of Kris Dieson and Steve Manocchio. Forest Ellis was fighting back from a long.first lap. The middle lap of the five required really shifted things around. Ken Freeman lost over half an hour on course, and incredibly only dropped to second place, as everyone had a longer than normal lap. Nustad had a 14 minute lead on Freeman, but_then it really got tight. Kris Dieson was about 2½ minutes behind in third, and Forrest Ellis was about the same distance behind in fourth, and just a minute ahead of Dutton/ Massingham. Lap 4 did some more shuffling of the deck, as Freeman had a 2 ½ hour lap and retired. Daryl Nustad now had a slim lead of just over four minutes. Fighting hard for second spot, Forrest Ellis had just six seconds in hand over Kris Dieson, and Dutton/ Massingham were back another 12 minutes, having replaced a lost fan shroud. Heading into the last lap it was anybody's race among the front four, and it was a real photo finish. Kris Dieson's Chenowth and Daryl Nustad 's Giese roared around the pavement in the Speedrome and passed the finish line side by side. That's right, passed the finish line, as neither made the mandatory stop at the checkered flag to stop the clocks. Nustad found reverse gear first February 1988 and backed up to recross first. But, Kris Diesen and Steve Martocchio, who started a minute behind, won the race by a Mike Klinger and Tom Steck beck ran a very consistent pace in their Bug to finish the five laps with third place honors in Class 5-1600. Walt Mathews and a full crew had a good time, covered all five laps required, and the team finished a strong fourth in Class 5-1600. Matt and Don McBride did a real world test on their new Porsche powered Raceco, ran close to the leaders, but dropped out on the final lap. Dusty Times

Page 19

minutes by Paul Klick/ Keith Streetz. The Walt Matthews team was back another six minutes, and all but the Klick Bug got through the second lap. Smith turned an almost identical lap to his first round, which was fast lap for the class at 1 :00.31, and he now led Lothringer by about three minutes. Klinger held onto third, with Matthews about ten more minutes to the rear. In the middle lap Smfth br. ke a throttle cable and had other woes, and dropped ten minutes. Lothringer turned his fastest lap, a 1:01.27, to take over the lead by six minutes. Klinger, another 28 minutes down, still led Matthews, but now by just six minutes. At the end of four laps Smith was b;ick on form, gaining almost two minutes on.Lothringer, who still led . _Klinger increased his lead over Matthews, who had troubles on the final two laps. On the final round Darrell Smith picked up anorher minute and change, but it wasn't enough. Kent Lothringer slid under the checkered flag first, and he also had to back up to the line to get his official finish time, which might of cost him the race, but didn't. Kent Lothringer and company won Class 5-1600 by. three minutes over Darrell Smith and Bernard Jones in the Circus Circus Bug. Back some distance Mike Klinger and Tom Steck-beck continued their very steady pace all the way to a third place finish . Exactly a half hour behind them Walt Matthews and his Hesperia based crew finished the - . ,,--;.;_: ~-,1_,,,_-;,tb {);;. -~ ,c~: ~ ~.;~\ \}~,. "' Rob Myerly's·experimental Bunderson is wild looking and potent. Myerly led Class 10 after two laps, but lost the engine on the next round. Mark Mizu made a strong start in Class 1-2-1600, and he was third after two laps, then the Californian vanished from the charts. race in fourth place. Most of the class winners were parked by 3:30 in the afternoon, and after a bench racing session, most packed up to go home or get cleaned up and go to the desert series banquet. The SNORE race awards were the next morning, where you had to be present to win the crisp $500 bill from Quaker State Oil in the random draw among all starting entries for the bonus prize. In the SNORE yearly points series, the points are counted for overall position only for the year · Tuning up for Parker, Ken Cox and Brian Collins had some good laps and some flats, and retired after five rounds_fourth in Unlimited Class. Trespassing spectators on the railroad right of way did see some close racing. Here Tim Bell leads Brian Collins through the still wet wash. end payott, and trophies are followed by John Ellenburg, given to the class points winners. 2080, Grant Garban, 2000, and As he has three times· before, Pete Dutton, 1920. Over the six Rob MacCachren won the 1987 race seri s in 1987, SNORE had SNORE overall points title, with 143 drivers qualify for points, 3260. With his class swapping and many positions came down at the race, Ed Herbst ended up to the final race of the year, the second on points with 2330, Black Jack 200. 2 GIANT SUPERSTORES TOSERVEYOU OPEN 7 DAYS SCORE & HDRA MEMBERS RECE /VE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS w _/I 7#-tl DE°Ll!!R!o Carburetor• 1 ... , ... 1• , fmll .. ~.EARL'S WEBER . o;.,~ • ~ __,,_,, ~ PERMA·CDDL ~ VENOWTH ~ February 1988 @9 ~ ~Y·A·WAY BUtiPlltllTV LI Ip r-Page 19

Page 20

Dan Foddrill Claims Overall at A.D.R.A. Finale By Daryl [)rake Photos: Curt Hummel/ 3-D Photography Dan Fodrill had a few "moments" on the tough course, but he won the point to point race overall, won Class 1 and the series championship, and had absolutely no trouble with his swift Chaparral racer. · Flying low over the Sonoran This year's race made a fitting desert, Dan Foddrill earned the climax to the 1987 Desert Pro 1 Class Championship along Champions Series with nearly with the big Class 1, 2, S & 7 100 car and truck entries on combined purse, as he sailed in hapd at the starting area in the Overall winner of the . Sonoita, Sonora, just across the Arizona Desert Racing Associa- border from Lukeville, Arizona. tion's 11th Annual "Sonoita to Sponsored by Arizona Radio Rocky Point Hare 'n' Hound" Communications, Inc., who also series finale. His Palmer's supplied extra radios for relays -Custom Speed Equipment/ and medical personnel~ and with Trick Fuel/Mid Valley Engine- assistance from the Sonoran ering / Yokohama / Fly-N-Hi _ Department of Tourii;m, the Chaparral ran the 123 mile long event drew almost 400 total route in 2:39.01 to average47.92 competitors and thousands of mph. fans. Jim Borel led all the way with another fine drive in his Pro 1-2-1600 Raceco, and he racked up his fourth consecutive win in the class. INNOVATORS IN ENGINE/ COMPONENT DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING Arao Engineering's Type I "superlight" racing lifters. Our 52gm lifters. compared to the 100 gm stock lifters. allow increased valve con· trol at high RPM. The Arao "superlighf'· lifters achieve this with no prob-lems of wear or reliability. An added feature is the crankcase never needs lifter bore clearancing, leaving extra material and strength in an area that is prone to cracking. LIGHTEST LIFTERS MADE! ARAO ENGINEERING CO. 21400 Lassen St. Unit "G". Chatswonh. CA 91311 • (818) 709-4781 PaselO The 1987 route followed the familiar loop around the mountains south of town then looped back to the starting area for Checkpoint 1. Retracing the first five miles, the route then headed onto a new section of ground before hooking up with the trail used by the motorcycles and A TVs. Th is section and onto Check 3 claimed many a racer as it wound its way through washes and silt beds. Then came the infamous "Gopher Hole Road." I've never been over it, and l don't think l want to from the descriptions I've heard. Challenger or Unlimited, it's sand and sky as the cars pound their way through. After that the route picks up sfed as it drops into a down hil riverbed that cuts through a valley to Check 4. The rest of the way is made over the vast sandy flatlands surrounding Puerto enasco with the finish line on the northern edge of town. Business was brisk for Tech Inspectors Bill and Marilyn Graham as tKe late arrivals pulled in after the border opened at 8 a.m. Saturday morning. The bikes and ATVs hit the trail at 9:30 with Jeff Darland bringing in a Honda 500 First Overall for the second consecu-tive time. If thisJuy ever starts racing cars (an he has co-driven) watch out! Car and truck tech closed at 10:30 a.m. with their start slated for 12:30 in the afternoon. The Pro Division led off, with Class 10 leading, followed by S, 1 and 2, 8, 4, 1-2-1600 and 5-1600. Then came Sportsman classes 2, 10, 1600 Ltd. and 1. Pro Challengers were next ahead of Sportsman Challengers . and 5-l 600s. Last off were the Beginners, I uck-of-the-draw; Limited and Unlimited. All started two abreast, one minute between rows. The Pro 10 race saw John Kelly, 0/ A winner at Penasco, put his first-off starting position February 1918 to good use as he built up nearly a three minute lead on the road over the second car into Check 1, Pro lO's David· Ludtke. Rick Geiser was next in, just· eight · seconds back and 12 seconds ahead of Richard Binder. In fifth was Dave Hubbard. By the clock, this gave Kelly a 14 second margin on Geiser. At Check 3, another 24 miles out and about the halfway point time wise, · Kelly had built up almost six minutes on Ludtke. Hubbard was next, three more minutes back. Then came Geiser another three minutes back for fourth, and Carlos Serrano was now fifth, six more minutes in arrears. Kelly's clutch started going away as he left the Check, and his lead soon started evaporating. Hubbard fell out after Check 7 with unknown woes, but Geiser . and Serrano were making up for lost time. At the finish , it was Geiser in at third 0 / A for the class win in the Jim Henry/ Complete Performance/Dir-Trix/ BFGoodrich DirTrix DT-1 with a time of 3:02.13 and a 41.82 mph average. "I got stuck when I hit a cactus, lost some time, then missed the Penasco turnoff after Check 1 and lost more time. But then I got with the program and really ran. The motor was really running great and I passed Carlos, Ludtke and Kelly all in the last few miles. Thanks to Jim Henry, we smoked 'em! " Serrano was in exactly one minute later for second in class, fourth 0 / A. Ludtke was next in class, three minutes later for ninth 0 / A. Kelly was the last Pro 10 to finish, one minute behind. Pro Classes 1, 2, S and 7 decided to pool their purses for best overall finishes with points and trophies by class. Pete Sohren and Jack Dinsmore got the nod in their 5 cars, with 1, 2 and 7 combined starting behind them. At Check 1, Sohren held a 14 second lead on the road over "Texas" Tom Wood. Dan Foddrill was just four seconds back. Then came Bill Cook, Gary Anderson and Jerry Everett. On time, this put Foddrill in the lead by almost a minute on Wood. Check 3 found Foddrill now in the lead after a little tangle with Sohren, who was now second . Everett was third on the road ahead of Jerry Finney and Cook. At the finish, it was Foddrill in almost six minutes ahead of Finney for the money and the overall. , "Good race!" said Foddrill. "The Yokohamas really worked super. Thanks to all my sponsors - and especially Ross Whit-moyer, Frank Thomas, John Herschberger and Jerry Finney. The course before Check 3 was · really rough, and I almost thought I was lost and somehow on the motorcycle course. Don't ask about the Gopher Hole Road! A_nd I wish my buddy Doc Pete Sohren got his Class 5 racer out for the desert run, and he drove it hard to fin ish third overall in the Pro ranks, and take the Class 5 win. Rich Severson led all the way in his CJ-7, and kept the Jeep going strong in the tough terrain to earn his first victory in Pro Class 4 in MeKico. Churning a little sand in the soft stuff, Greg "Red" Burgin charged hard to retake the Pro 5-1600 lead late in the race and he won the class. · DustyTllna

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Robert Gayton travels from Albuquerque to race the desert in his Hi jumper, and riesays he is ready to Bill Krug took his wife Linda for a "three hour cruise" in the two seat Bunderson, and he won first race the Pros next year after taking the Sportsman-Class 1 honors and the division honors overall. overall in the Beginner ranks, and also the Beginner Unlimited Class. Ingram was hereat the finish line, overall with a time of 2:51.09 next off. Richar.~ Mann, who'd way! "Perfect -no troubles seconds ahead of Burgin. too." (Ingram DNF.) and a 44.52 mph average. started two minutes behind Ron thanks to Todd Ross, Kevin and Whitaker was 12 more minutes Sohren was third, about four "Everything went gocx:l," said Fielder was now two minutes Palmer's!" said Borel. behind. But Weiser's front end and a half minutes later. This Sohren. "But we just didn't have ahead on the road at Check I. Pro 5-1600 competition saw went away and he had to slow to gave Finnn's Palmer's Custom enough motor to run with those Frank Turben was in third, one Greg Burgin with a two and a half keep the car on course. Speed Equipment/ Trick Fuel/ guys. Fcx:ldrill gave us a heck of a minute back and just ahead of minute lead on Don Weiser at Rurgin rut the hammer down Mid Valley Engineering/ Yoko- tap, but I did manage to get him Bob Ewing. Rob McCabe was Check 1. Then came Port (can you do that in a 5-1600?}, hama/ Fly-N-Hi Chaparral the back. Thanks ta Yokohama and fifth, another three minutes Campbell and Dean Whitaker. nnd took owr thl· lead for the Pro 2 win with an elapsed time of Complete Performance." None behind. On time, this put Mann At Check 3, Weiser had taken win :1-t 18th 0 / A with a time of 2:43:51 and a 46.51 mph average of the other five Pro 1 cars out front by almost three . over, with a two minute lead on ·i:22 :52 tn avcrngl' ,7.56 mph in for second overall. ."Other than a finished. minutes on Turben. Campbell w):i.9 was now 30 the Do~~ flat that cost us a lot of time," In Pro 2, Dick Patterson was · By Check 3, Mann held a nine commented Finney, "we both second at 16th O/ A, and Gary minute lead on McCabe, now in had a smooth, fun race. But I'd Anderson was third at 27th second. Turben was in next, 23 liketohavecaughtDanny!" O/A. Dinsmore was second in minuteslater. Fielderwasfourth, . The Sohren Ceramic Tile/Bil~ Pro 5 at 32nd 0 / A, and Class 7's three minutes behind Turben. stein/Complete Performance/ Lee Alderman disappeared after Everyone else was out. Yokohama Dir Trix DT-5 earned Check 3. Mann sweated his fuel supply the Pro 5 honors and third Seven sta.rters in Pro 8 were as he headed towards the finish. Jerry Finney had some early troubles with his Chaparral, but he came back · strong to win Pro Class 2 and finish second overall behind his teammate. After a season of breakdowns in his Dirtrix, John Imbriale kept it all together this time and led all the way to the Pro Challenger victory. ~~,$',-,NH,•·, Richard Mann really flew through the sand in the Howard Racing Chevrolet, finished with just fumes for gas but won Class B and placed sixth overall. Dusty nmcs He had to throw the truck from side to side to get fuel as he rounded the last turn but came on to take the win at eighth 0 / A with a time of 3:06 even and a 40.97 mph average in the BFGocx:lrich/ Air Comm/ Gen-co/Howard Ditching Co. Chevrolet. "This race was fun!" exclaimed Mann. "And different than I ever expected. Pretty fast mostly, but some real tough spots. I'm glad we made it! I'd like to th;Jnk my wife, Sid Cohen, and the guy that pays the bills, Bill Howard." Turben was second at 33rd . 0 1 A, just two seconds ahead of third place McCabe. Fielder was fourth and 4 7th 0 / A. Just two racers made Pro 4 this time: Rich Severson and Jim Huff. Starting together, by Check 1 Severson had built up a ten minute lead. . At Check 3, it had grown to 14 minutes and at the finish, Severson brought his Republic Off Road Center/ DirTrix/Tom Buck Auto Repair/BFGood-. rich/ Sun Off Road CJ-7 in at 39th 0 / A with a timeof4:08:39 and a 30.65 mph average for the win. "Tell Don Adams and Rod Hall we did it!" laughed Severson. "Consistency! We didn't go real fast, but we kept going. Hello to Jean Calvin from an original subscriber and now racer!" Huff was 12 minutes back for second and 41st 0 / A. Three racers tried their luck in Pro 1-2-1600. At Check 1, Jim Bar.el was in the lead and all alone after Chuck Kieffner's Hi Jumper burned to the. ground as Chuck and co-driver watched, un-harmed ( except in the wallet). Brad Campbell also broke. · Borel went on to finish a respectable · 17th 0 / A with a dme of 3: 19.56 and a 38.11 mph average in his Raceco. And that was after pulling a stuck and broken Class 1 car out of the February 1988 DESERT LOCK OUTER hread re Located ff Inner Ring Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength • At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing * All parts are available separately *In stock~ Ready for shipment For Todays' Sophisticated 15" UNLIMITED SPORTTR!,JCK BAJA BUG 13" 8"·1 O" MIDGET MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV MINI STOCK MODIF_IED MIDGET WE HAVE DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! .-· SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed on your wheel, fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 0" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: Sarne Day Service Shipped U. P.S. 1671 N. Brawley Fresno, CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax ·Page 11

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,;ar-, Rojas Rac:ing/ Foreign L11limited/EarthWorks Land-scape/Edwin Enterprises sedan. Camphell was second at 21st O.A, Weiser third at 24th 0 / A and Whitaker took fourth at 42nd 0 / A. First off among the Sports-men, Class 2 saw Ron Brown out front at Check 1, 40 seconds ahead of Tom Sharp. Then came Keith Alger, Reuben Wood and John Jacobs in the front five. On time, this put Wood in the lead by almost a minute on Brown. Check 3 saw Brown in tne lead ahead of Alger, Sharp, Jacobs and Tom .Green, now fifth. At the checkered though, it was Alger . in first for the Sportsman 2 win and 10th 0 / A with a time of 3:07: 14 and a 40.7 mph average in his Brandwood. "I hit some cholla," said Alger as he began pulling needles out of his arm. "A rough race for us, but we were fortunate. Fun time, and thanks to George Holiday." Brown was second at 12th 0 / A, Greene third at 20th 0 / A, and Wood was fourth at 29th 0 / A. · In Sportsman IO, Bill Capatch had a SO second lead on the road over Steve McArthur. Jim Allison was third ahead of Ron Fields and Bruce Mills for the fast five. On time, this put Capatch three plus minutes ahead of Allison. By Check 3, which he blew and earned a one minute penalty for, Capatch held a 16 minute lead on Fields. Allison was back in third, Rudy Leon had moved into fourth as the rest of the class fell out. Ca patch sailed in the winner at 7th 0 / A with a time of 3:04:22 to average 41.33 mph in the · Arizona T ransaxle Exchange/ B&K Racing/ Pat Hughes Per-formance/ Yokohama Chaparral. "It was great," said Capatch. "I love this new car! It was dusty and hard to pass, but all in all a good time." Allison was second at 14th 0 / A, Rudy Leon third at 37th 0 / A, and no one else finished. Now came the 1,600 Ltds. At Check 1, Ben Pierpont held an 18 second lead on Ed Faulkner, Jim Covey was third ahead of Shaun Darr. By time, this put Faulkner in the lead by close to two Rick Geiser won his first race, bringing the Jim Henry Dir Trix through the dust to not-only win Pro Class 10 but place a_fine third overall. Charles Lamar ran just seconds apart from the 5-1600 Sportsman chargers, and won his second consecutive class title, in a very tough battle. minutes. Faulkner was out front the first overall Sportsman at on the road by Check 3, enjoying sixth 0 / A with a time of 3:03: 19 a minute plus lead on Covey. All to average 41 .57 mph in his the rest were out. BugWorks Hi Jumper. "Great At the finish, Faulkner beat race," smiled Gayton. "And I Covey in by 1 :OS to take the win sure like these Yokohamas! I had at 13th O/ A with a time of agreattime.l'mreadytoracePro 3: 12:25 and aJ9.60 mph average next year. Thanks to all my pit in the Edwin Enterprises/ Flair crew!" Feldman was 45th 0 / A Advertising/ Amsoil SS-1. "This for second and Calvelage 49th was the roughest race of the 0 / A for third. year!" exclaimed Ed. "But with Now came the Challengers, the help of the Last Minute Pro and Sportsman. In the Pros, Racing Team, we made it." John Imbriale was almost two Covey ended up 15th O / A for minutes ahead of Larry second. Dimmett, and the rest were Three entries in Sportsman 1 broken by Check 1. raced all the way to the finish. At At Check 3, Imbriale held at Check 1, Robert Gayton already 25 minute head, and at the finish, had a 32 minute lead over Stuart he was 19th 0 / A for the win Calvelage and there would be no with a of 3:27:26 and a catching him. Gil Feldman was 36. 73 mph average for the third, five minutes back. Check 3 Dir Trix/Stroller Engineering/ found Gayton 40 minutes ahead Bandit Racing DirTrix. "I was of Feldman, and Calvelage was way overdue for one of these!" another 46 minutes behind. said . John. "Finally put ·one Gayton roared in the winner as together. The car ran super, and I ,------------------------....;, · had lots of fun. Thanks to my wife Dawn and my pit crew." Dimmett was second at 38th O/ A. BIGGER IS BETTER Upgrade the C. V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C. V. joints. · Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV.or 930 C. V. joints. Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C.V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C. V.s are threaded 3/8-24. All axles and bells for Type II can be threaded 3/ 8-24 or stock 8 nim threads. pitch threads. 10 mm - 1. 5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses . on their cars. . FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 29300 3RD • LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 . (714) 674-7365 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED . Page ii Sportsman Challengers saw Mike Kuretich lead 'em into Check 1 with Ron Dalke just 16 seconds back. Third was John Lee, Daryl Knupp was fourth and Rick Valdenegro was fifth. • At Check 3, Kuretich was 25 seconds ahead of Dalke. Then· came Lee, Knupp, and Joe Foreman. At the finish Dalke was · in first, but a post race weighing showed him light and he was dropped to last in class. This gave the win to Kuretich with his 25th 0 / A finish at 3:36:35 and a 35 .18 mph average in the Pro-Cap Enterprises/ Kuretich Orchards/ Preferred Foam Systems Beard's. Lee was second at 31st 0 / A, Knupp third at 35th 0 / A, Foreman fourth at 46th 0 / A and Dalke was put at 54th 0 / A. Sportsman 5-1600 was led at Check I by Mike Woods with a 10 second lead on Charles Lamar. Art Roper was another two minutes back. Seconds apart at Check 3, Woods and Lamar battled on until about the 95 mile February 1988 E.d Faulkner never let up in the competitive Sportsman 1600 Ltd. class action, and he won the unique ADRA class in the Funco SS 1. Merilyn Brown won the Beginner 1600 Ltd. Class in good time, and it was the umpteenth finish for this Beard's built two seat Challenger racer. mark when Woods ro\led. Lamar then went 10n for the win at 28th 0 / A with a time of 3:46:01 and a 33.71 mph average for the Edwin Enterprises sedan. Woods came in at 4 3rd 0 / A for second. Finally the Beginners got their chance. Bill Krug was first off and first in for the Beginner 0 / A and Unlimited wins at 22nd 0 / A with a time of 3:34:13 and a 35:57 mph average in the Regal Homes/ Beard's SuperSeats/ Bill Krug Racing/Truck Stop Bunderson. Jeff Hustin was second Unlimited at 23rd 0 / A, Omar Adams third at 26th 0 / A, Doug Kluender fourth at 36th 0 / A and Dave Kuhn was fifth at 52nd O / A. In the 1600 Ltd. ranks, Merilyn Brown won with a 30th 0 / A finish and a time of 363:05 to average 32.69 mph in the Stroller Engineering/Beard's SuperSeats Beard. Ray Cassel was second at 40th 0 / A and Tracy Burris was third with a 53rd 0 / A finish. We'll bring you the results of tile points _championship and coverage of the awards banquet in an upcoming issue of DUSlY TIMES. A.D.R.A. would like to thank all of the sponsors, contingency donors, volunteers and helpers that made the 1987 series a success and wish everyone the best of luck in the 1988 series, which starts with the "Penasco Twilight 250" in March. See you there! John Kelly and co-driver Dan Enslen were looking good as they headed into Check 3 with the overall lead, but clutch troubles later dropped them back. The team that races together places together! Jerry Finney, left, won Pro 2, Dan Foddrill took Pro 1, they were 1-2 overall in Pro ranks, and together they won the Pro 1 Class season championship. Dusty nmcs

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YOU ALL HELPED MAKE A -REALITY.! MY DREAM I want to thank each and every one of my sponsors, crew members, friends, and supporters for helping to make possible a tremendously successful 1987 for the Baja Concepts Race Team. We won the overall SCORE/ HD RA point championship as well as the Buggy title. These accomplishments would not have been possible without your enthusiasm and support! RICH MINGA •YOKOHAMA: Bob, your heart is in racing! •BILSTEIN: One shock says it all! Than~s, Your great tires never let me down! Thanks, Buzz and-Doug, for the very best! • RLH ENTERPRISE/UNID EN RAD I OS: Bob, your quality radios gave us a competitive edge that was almost like cheating! To borrow a phrase from_ the late, great Mark Donohue, "What an unfair advantage!" Many thanks to you and the RLH crew_. _ •HILLTOP TIRE CENTER: "Dependable and honest." •I.T.S. TRANNYS: "The very best!" •C&C WHEELS: "Super strength I rely on heavily." •KASCH GRAPHICS: -"New in '88!" •FINCH TILE COMPANY: "Thanx a million, Phil and Vicki!" •AFfER HOURS DESIGN: "With this great PR firm behind me, I know I' 11 look good in '8 8 ! " • RACE READY PROP: "Mucho thanx to personable Bob Hummel!" •VAL VO LINE OIL: "What else can you say about the very best!" •KC HI-LITES: "I saw the light years ago, and have been with KC ever since!" SWAY A WAY: "Our off-road racers handle great with your superior suspension components!" •FRAM/AUTOLITE: "When it comes to engine protection and performance, there's none better!" •PRESS & PHOTO: C&C Photo, Jean Calvin, Judy Smith, Marsha Collier, Tom McGeehan and Scott Cox at After Hours Design, Fred Horton, Hot Shots Photo, a~d Fud (Otis Fudpucker). •THANKS TO THESE GUYS FOR GETTING ME STARTED: Tom Minga (introduction and involve-ment), Fergie (first opportunity), Eric Hoolie (fabricator and friend), Bob Johnson (inspiration), Perry McNeil, Gary and Bernadett Cloebill. •FIRST RACE SPONSORS: Mike Thomas (for the car and material), Mike Mendeola (for the tranny and mag), Bilstein (shocks), Mike and Jim Julson - Jimco (pits). · •CO-DRIVERS: 1985 - Jay Vreeland, Pete Alesi; 1986 - Poncho Pio, Teresa Coheco; 1987 - Tom Ray, Tanya Teacher, arid Eric Anderson. •HEAD WRENCHES:- Phil ~aige (engines), Mike Balmos (engines), Eric Hoolie (everything), Scott Prill (prep), Bob Hummel ( engine and more). •SUPPORT & TEAM THRU THE YEARS: Mike Hairston (team car), John Swangtien (aluminum), Tim Everts (aluminum), Perry McNeil (paint and body), Doug Fortin (Magnafluxing), Bob Maynard (contributions), Fergie (team car), Phil and Vicki Finch (alot!), Kenny and Cathy Stroud (more than just support!), Bo}? Johnson, Paul Martin, Jon Culver, Eric Lane (first truck opportunity), Dick and_Denise Kezele, Vegas Bud's, the Barlow Brothers, Rich Mansau (pits), Paul at Harloff Parts, Don Hatz, Mom and Dad, Armondo (Import Auto Body), and anyone else I may have unintentionally overlooked. THANK YOU ALL! RICH MINGA

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Paris-Dakar Rally Raid -The Prologue _ Text & Photos: Martin Holmes . The highly modified Mitsubishi Pajero of Pierre Lartigue/Berna-rd Maingret surprised the regulars by scoring provisional best time in the Prologue. Auriol for ninth at 4m, 41 s, and the big trucks to come through Smith was the· highest placed of was Jan de Rooy's racing OAF. the four team Range Rover His truck is a special prototype drivers. called the "95 x 1" which has two The Spirit of Paris-DakM lives in the Citroen 2CV bodied Pajero chassis driven by Philippe Petre, about to put the pass on the Toyota in front of an incredible crowd. The best placed car in the 610 bhp engines, one engine for commercially important Mara- each axle, and no fewer than thon category for production three turbochargers per engine! machines was the Nissan DeRooyfinishedwithaflatright Pathfinder of hill climb specialist front tire. Following him closely Christian Debias, 29th overall. · was his teammate Theo van de He was just six seconds ahead of Rijt, who drives the "95 x 2" the Toyota Land Cruiser of fitted with two 495 bhp motors Pierre Fougerousse. Just three and only two turbochargers. more seconds back, and third in These racing trucks weigh the Marathon category was 10,000 kilograms each and can another Nissan, of the only accelerate fiercely. The big one current Formula 1 driver entered goes from 0-100 kph in seven in the event, Philippe Alliot. seconds, the small one in 8.5 Confusion' at th~ Prologue for the 1988 Paris-Dakar Rally greeted the announcement that Pier~e Lar~igue's _Mitsubishi was credited with easily the best time at the 4 .5 kilometer special stage, held on December 30 at a new venue some 30 kms from Paris. Thick mud made conditions difficult, though a drying wind meant that earlier runners faced the most slippery conditions. But, nobody could understand how the bespectacled Frenchman from Nice could have covered the. course ·aTmost a nalf minute faster than his nearest rival. Finally, his time was changed by twenty seconds, but still, he was the quickest. So, for the second year in succession, Mitsubishi had tbe privilege of leading away the rally on the first stage in Algeria. Mysteriously absent from the top Prologue times were the four Team Peugeots. With the winners of three world rally championships in their team, the blue and white cars ( in the colors Raoul Raymondis and Alphonse Cano were second fastest overall in this Range Rover Special, and Range Rovers dominate sections of the entry. CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDER .HOUSE K & N FILTERS -RAPID COOL TRI MIL - BUG PACK BILSTEIN - CENTERLINE - CIBIE HEWLAND - PORSCHE TURBO C/V BEARD SEATS - PARKER PUMPER . YOKOHAMA TIRES - SUPER TRAPP GEM GEARS-KYB SHOCKS-SWAY-A-WAY TRANSAXLE PARTS - KC HILITES - McKENZIE AIR FILTERS~ WRIGHT PLACE - DURA BLUE ULTRA BOOT - NEAL PRODUCTS ~ ~ CENTER LINE , ... "''''" OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday - Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday - 8:00 a.m. - 1 :30 p.m. · IPF BEFORE YOU BUY - TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL! 1294S SHERMAN WAY -NO. OLLYWOOD, CA 9160S (818) 765-5827 • {818) 764-6438 Page_ 24 of their _newly announced sponsor Pioneer) were uncharac-teristically slow in the condi-tions, the fastest being the 405 Turbo 16 of team leader Ari Vatanen, 11th on time. · No fewer than seven different types of cars featured in the top ten placings, four of them being ·some of the curious specials which are annually built for this classic event. They included British driver Barry Lee who drove Ted Toleman's specially stretched MG Metro 6R4 to fifth, Jean-Cluade Briavoine's ','.ery pretty Renault based car · called the BCBG, in sixth, and two different types of American style Buggy, one of them fitted with four wheel drive. The 4x4 was driven to eighth overall by Claude Arnoux, and Hubert Auriol drove the Class 1 powered O.R.E., formerly owned by Gregg Symonds to ninth fastest time. Oddly enough Malcolm Smith drove his T-eam Range Rover into a tie with There were many-surprises in seconds. However, van de Rijt the results of the Prologue, not also finished with a right .front the least that world champion flat. Juha Kankkunen, at thew.heel of Third in the big trucks was a Grand Raid version of the George Groigne, and his Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, was Mercedeshadaleftrearpuncture beaten by a privateer in a short as well. Mercedes are numerical-chassis 205 T16! ·Kankkunen ly the most popular trucks, tied on time for 14th overall with ranging from the "little" Patrick~ Tambay in a factory Unimogs through the two axle Range Rover. Tucked away at 1936AK (the-most important of number 453 was the normal which is driven by Groigne who looking car of Jean Ivens whose doubles up as the main service time was twelfth fastest overall, truck for the Peugeot team) to one second behind Vatanen and the three axle 2636AKs. Groigne two in front of the current world prepared no fewer than seven rally champion. trucks for the event. Other Last to cover the course were leading big rigs come from the the big trucks, once the Spanish company Pegaso, and bulldozers had been sent th~ough there were both T atras and Liaz to clear away various competi- from Czechoslovakia. The big tors who were stuck up to their three axle Tratra 815 has a 19 axles, blocking the route. First of liter V-12 engine giving 480 bhp. Others in the top ten on time at the Prologue were Raoul Raymondis, Range Rover, in second, Jean Feider in another Range Rover just one second back in third, and Bernard Seguin in fourth in a Mitsubishi Pajero (Montero). Andrew Cowan drove his Mitsubishi Pajero to seventh.- . Former winner on a bike, Hubert A uriol tied for ninth fastest time in this Class 1 buggy, fitted with fenders and mud flaps to comply with the rules. Perhaps the star of the show was the car of long time Citroen enthusiast Philippe Petre who fitted the body of a 2CV on to a Mitsubishi Pajero chassis, one interesting way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of France's greatest character car. There was plenty to see for Formula 1 fans. Although Alliot is the only driver currently engaged in Grand Prix racing, familiar faces also taking part include Jacky lckx, brothers-in-law Jean-Pierre Jabouille and Jacques Laffite, Henri Pescarolo, and former Fl entrant Ted Toleman,. Clay Regazzoni was again found in the cab of a truck, this time the Tatra number 620, sponsored as usual by Marlboro. America's Malcolm Smith tied for ninth fastest time and led the factory Range Rovers on the Camel team when the Prologue times were posted. February 1988 Rally fans see, for the first time this year, a current world champion, Juha Kankkunen. Other ·WCR winners in the list include Ari Vatanen, Bernard Seguin and Bernard · Damiche. Popular WCR privateer, Dusty Times

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C • Dany Snobeck looks good here, but later skated along a mud wall by the track, but did finish the stage in the curious lxcom-Renault he built. How would you like to tackle a 21 day race on a Yamaha Quad ? These brave guys are Joe Bontoux, leading to the start, and Robert Gerard. Rally Director this year is Rene Metge, who won the event twice in cars, in 1981 and in 1984 in the 4WD Porsche, so he already knows all the sad tales of woe. brothers Afessa ndro and Paulo Alessandrini are at the wheel of · an Italian built Range Rover special, while hidden away as third driver of an Italian Unimog truck, number 634, is Chantal Galli, wife of Lancia team driver Miki Biasion. , Because the former site for the Prologue at the off road driving school at Cergy-Pontoise was not available this year, another venue, some ten kilometers away the other side of the Pontoise new town region, was hastily prepared. As in previous years the event was held in a sea of mud, but happily for the 150,000 spectators present the rain stayed away and the conditions did not deteriorate. There was a remarkably happy spirit about the occasion, despite the conditions. This is now France's biggest motor sport event and ordinary people relate to it. Rally director these days is race driver Rene Metge, who previously had won Paris-Dakar in his own right as a driver. He was instantly recognized every-where he went; spectators were running from the crowd to shake his hand, gain his autograph, and thank him for the fun the event gives them. Not everyone was happy, however. Absent from the line up were the two works lent Lamborghini LM002s. Former rally driver Jean Vinatier, the team manager, was present at the Prologue but very disconsolate, because the needed money to do the rally did not become available. O rdinary cars stood no hope of a good time at the Prologue. An Austrian enthusi-ast in a front drive Escort, his car's bodywork liberally covered with signed financial pledges from friends supporting his effort, staggered through in 31 minutes when the top drivers were taking four! Heart-in-mouth time came to Dany Snobeck, builder of the curious lxcom-Renault cars, when he assaulted a mud wall, skated along at a crazy angle, and finally came back down on his wheels Dusty Times ·-681 Changing a tire under competition conditions is no one man job if the race vehicle is one of the more 20,000 pound big rigs like this OAF. The 1987 overall winner of Paris-Dakar, former WCR champion Ari Vatanen took 11th overall, a second behind Smith in the Peugeot 405 Turbo 16. before continuing. Total entries accepted at -the three day scrutineering sessions at Rheims are: 175 two wheels, three three-wheeler side cars, four Quads, five two wheel drive cars ( including four Buggies), 306 four wheel drive cars and 109 trucks. It is a grand total of 602 vehicles. The competitors were taken back from Pontoise to the pare ferme outside Versailles Palace ~~er their run, where they waited until dawn on January 1. Every thirty seconds on New Year's Day they were sent down the main road to thl' port of Sete, ready for the boat crossing to Algiers. The main competition sections would not begin until January 4, then it was over the new routes across the sands that had been traced across regions to the east of Algeria. Seconds or even hours and minutes lost in the thick mud of Pontoise would soon matter little. February 1988 Current Formula 1 driver Philippe Allio/ answered the call of the Paris-Dakar, competing in the Marathon (Production) class in a Nissan Pathfinder. THE WRIGHT PLACE~. COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adju~tments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 15

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FUDPUCICER'S DUNAWAY DASH New Year's Eve at Plaster City By Judy Smith Photos: C&C Race Photos Gary Cogbill and John Marking led the early laps, had trouble, but got back in the lead in the Jimco to not only win Class 1-2-1600, but they won the race overall in a very tight dice. Fudpucker's season finale, the Dunaway Dash, was a great way to see the old year out. Fud, who's based in San Diego, qrganized a busy day for off roaders, with a bike and A 1V race in the morning, and the four wheeled vehicle race starting at noon. The site of all this activity was the Plaster City area, about 15 miles east of El Centro, and roughly 100 miles west of San Diego. The course was the same for both races, a 16½ mile loop, which was labeled rough by the four wheeled racers. The total length of the event was close to 150 miles, which meant they went around nine times. The FR T group set things up very efficiently, with all pits beyond the start finish check, and all on the same side of the course. The tech line was handy to sign up, and everything moved " .ilong nicely. As the bikers finished, the last of the cars were being teched, and the pie-plate numbers were being set out to mark each vehicle's staging position. There was no precise official cut-off time for this race, and, differing from previous races at which all cars would be flagged in once the winner crossed the line, this time Fud said that the cut-off time would be "5 p.m., or dark." None of the checks were stop checks, not even the start/ finish, so there were no beer cans or stubs to worry about for this one. At the drivers meeting, Fud announced that some sections of the course had been short-coursed during pre-runs. He neatly foiled the course cutters in one spot by putting a check on the hill they didn't like, and he "llllnounced that there would be "cheat checkers" in the other areas. There were 10 classes running, though Class 600 and the Little Page n Truck class were down to one and two entries respectively. Class 600 is for SCORE legal stock Volkswagen sedans, or Class 11, and the Little Trucks were mini trucks. Fud starts the classes according to which was fastest at the previous race, and accordingly, the 1-2-1600s went off the line first this time. Cars were started one every 15 seconds. It seemed that the Open Class might earn a front start for the next race, as they came around very fast on the first lap, with Dave Kreisler, in his six cylinder Porsche powered Raceco, leading the way. Dave said he was there to try out what was "leftover from Mexico", where he didn't finish, but he didn't think he'd be able to make really good use of his six cylinders on this rough, short course. Jeff Wright ran behind him, a couple of minutes back in his Mazda powered modified Hi Jumper, while Craig Scott was in trouble out on the course after losing a valve cover on his Hi Jumper. The team of R.J. and Gary Anderson, and Michael Ruth, . -who'd been concerned with getting a finish in their Metal Tech chassis, never got through the first lap. Kreisler came around a second time looking good, but the Wrights lost a seal in their rotary motor, and couldn't make it under their own power. Scott was getting things fixed in the meantime. Kreisler never came around again, victim of a broken spring plate, and that left Scott, once repaired, all by himself. He finished lap two with a pair of vise grips for a steering wheel, after the steering shaft broke, but after that was fixed his third and fourth laps were clean. At that point, with no one else in the class still running, he pulled into the post-race area and parked, the Open Class winner. The 1-2-1600s had a much tighter race and at the end of lap one the team of John Marking and Gary Cogbill had their Jimco in the lead. But they had only 29 seconds on Steve Wolcott in his Raceco, who was, in turn, only 27 seconds up on Coy Brigman and Scott Webster in their ORBS. In fourth it was Ken Dennis Green had shifter and power steering ills, but he carried on for all nine laps to take second in Class 10, just over a minute back. February 1988 Snyder and John King in a two seat ORBS, while fifth was the team of Pat Shea and John Alaba.ster in their Raceco. Doug Fortin Jr. was sixth in his Chenowth, and they were all within two and a half minutes of each other. On lap two, with Cogbill and Marking still in front, Brigman and Webster moved to second ·place, with Wolcott third about 43 seconds later. Snyder and King held fourth, Shea and Alabaster were still fifth, and Gary Bates moved his Raceco into sixth as Fortin hit a huge rock and tore off the right front corner of his car. On the third lap, first and second held, but Snyder and King moved to third and Bates came up to fourth. Don Chase moved to fifth in his Raceco, and Alabaster and Shea were now sixth. Wolcott, who'd been stuck in second gear, fell way back after losing ten minutes while his co-driver, John Johnson, got it unstuck. The fourth lap was tough for Cogbill as his left front wheel came off and took off into the shrubs. He charged after it on three wheels, ran it down and reinstalled it, losing about eight minutes, and the lead, in the process. Brigman and Webster, fighting a sticky throttle, were now in front, Snyder and King second, Bates third, Chase fourth, and Cogbill and Marking were fifth. Wolcott was back to sixth place as Alabaster and Shea were out for the day. On the fifth lap, with Brigman and Webster still in front, eo'gbill and Marking came back up to second, and Wolcott was now third. Bates was fourth, while Snyder and King were now fifth and Chase sixth. The spread between them was still only six and a half minutes. Brigman and Webster held their lead, and Wolcott moved to within a minute and a half, in second. Marking, who was driving now, was third, after losing some time with the driver change, but was only 15 seconds back. Snyder and King were fourth, Bates fifth, and Chase sixth. On lap seven, Marking went by Brigman and Webster to retake the lead, and Wolcott was now 21 seconds back in third. He moved into second place on the next lap, putting a minute on Brigman and Webster, who fell to third. Marking was now trying to hold his left foot in the air as he drove, because the non-skid surface of his heel rest, installed for the watery Baja 1000, had Joey Adzima ran close with the leaders in Class 10 all the way, got his mechanicar woes fixed midway, and came back strong to win the class and was second overall. Steve Wolcott drove all the way in his 1600 Raceco, had troubles but ended up second in the class and third overall in a fine drive. ~ -Norm Schmidt brought his Class 5 out of a two year retirement and was up front all tlye way, drove the entire distance and won Class 5 by under three minutes. Dusty Times •

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Larry Mc Callum and Russell Winkler fought the good fight all the way in Class 5, and the local racers placed a very close second. worn a hole through his Nike, his sock and into his heel. He didn't let it get to him though, and held a consistent pace, with three 22 minute laps in a row, and came in first. Wolcott, who had decided not to let co-driver John Johnson get in the car, was second, a minute and 25 _ seconds later. Brigman and Webster finished a close third, Snyder and King, whose engine had been sick all day, were fourth, Bates was fifth and Chase was sixth. It was still close, with all six finishing the day within 15 minutes of one another. Marking and Cogbill assured a front start for the 1600 class in the next race by being fast enough to get the overall win also. Class 10 finished the first lap with Greg Hibbs i'n his Chenowth and Matt McBride, in a Raceco, virtually tied for the lead. Dennis Green, in a Rabbit powered Jimco, was third, about 12 seconds later, and had already lost his power steering. Joe Adzima, in his "Flash 1 Homeco", which he built himself, was fourth, a minute later. Marty Coyne, trying out the desert in his short course Chenowth, was fifth. Hibbs broke: an axle on the Dave Kreisler and Curley Nobles led the first two laps in the Class 2 Raceco pickup, but the big car went out with a broken spring plate. Class 100 is popular with local drivers and Marc Jones and Bob McLaughlin drove this classic old Func_o to second overall by three minutes. Roger and Harold Rolfe were down fixing the Ford for over an hour, but the team from Holtville got back in action to win the Big Truck class with Perry McNeil driving the anchor laps. Dusty Times ¼.. -4~..Jb,,~ The Open Class battle was a war of attrition, and the only survivor, doing about half the laps, was the Hi Jumper driven through mishaps by Craig Scott and Max Seale. next lap, and McBride, who was in Tim· Rodriguez's short course car, took over the lead. Green was second, 18 seconds later, and Bob Stockton was now third in his Raceco. Adzima was still fourth, but had lost 20 minutes with repairs to a broken exhaust. Omar Adams and Richard Binder had moved their ORBS into fifth place. On lap three McBride lost over an hour and fell to fifth place as Green, his car popping out of gear every time he hit a bump, took over the lead. Adzima was now second and looking very fast. Adams and Binder came up t,... third and Stockton was fourth. McBride never finished the next lap, losing his transmission. Green held his lead, and Adzima moved up on him a little, doing a lap about a minute and a half quicker. Stockton was third, but his left rear suspension had collapsed, and he went no further. William Hammack and Tim Sines moved to fourth in their Metal Tech, but they also didn't get around again. The race now belonged to Green and Adzima as Coyne lost about an hour and 10 minutes when his front end pulled apart. Green led, but Adzima, whose car was now healthy, gained_ about 13 minutes · as· Dennis -stopped twice to get repairs on his shifter. By lap seven Green's lead had _been whittled away to two and a half minutes. And on the eighth lapAdzima got by him, to take the lead by six seconds. Adzima came on in for the win, with Green, still battling the steering and shifter, second, Jes~ than two minutes back. Coyne, his -weary short course car rattling and gasping, was a distant third. Adzima was also second overall, behind Cogbill and Marking by only 17 seconds. The Class 5 troops had a good fight, with Greg Sanden leading at the end of lap one, and Norm Schmidt, whose wife gave him the entry fee as a Christmas present, in second place, less than a minute back . Larry McCallum and Russ W inkler were third, also very close, and then it was Bill Hemquist and Mike Lund in Bill's pre-runner. They were followed by Dale and Chuck Snaith who'd built their car for Class 5-1600, but.hadn't had time to get their 1600cc motor done. They were running 1776 ccs. Sanden, who was running his old car, saving his snazzy new one · for the '88 season, continued to lead, but Schmidt was less than two minutes back. McCallum and Winkler ,--, More ·off-road races are won on -Bilsteins than any other shock absorber, period. BISl'EIN •BORN TO PERFORM1' BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 -619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog, send $2.50. February 1988 Page !CJ ---------------------------------------------------------------------_;

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L Pete ca·mpbell drove the only Chevy in the six rig Big Truck field, and he went further than most and ended up taking second place in class. Mike Williams built his new Challenger car himself and he drove the MEGO into the lead despite troubles in the sixth lap, and he went on to hold the lead and complete all nine laps for the win. C.-- were also close, just 35 seconds iater. But Hernquist and Lund lost about an hour on the next lap-and then never came around again, due to a broken tie rod. The Snaiths also lost time, about 10 minutes, but they were still moving carefully around the course. Sanden led another lap, with Schmidt now only 15 seconds back, and McCallum and Winkler also in the hunt. Then Schmidt, who has been retired from racing for three years, decided to up his pace. His car, which has been in a storage garage for three years, seemed to be holding up, so he figured he could give it the gas. · At the end of the fourth lap Schmidt . had the lead, with Sanden now only 22 seconds behind him, and Winkler and McCallum came along about two minutes later. At this point in the race Schmidt and Sanden were nose to tail on the course, giving the spectators a real show. Schmidt continued to main-min his pace, but Sanden had some brake troubles and dropped to third place as McCallum and Winkler moved into second, three minutes back. They held this order for. the balance of the race, although McCallum and Winkler lost a couple of minutes with a left rear (lat at the end of the seventh lap. Schmidt proved that his wife's confidence in him was not misplaced, and · took the checkered flag in three hours 54 minutes and 23 seconds, to come out of retirement with a bang. McCallum and Winkler fought a good fight and finished second, JAMAR SUPER SHIFTER JAMAR JS3 - A super shifter designed for use in sand rails, buggies, off road race cars, and custom street cars that utilize a VW transmission. This unit may also be utilized in Baja Bugs with a type 2 tansmis-. sion. The offset shift lever and lock out knob provide room on top of the black powder coated shift box for switches or the Jamar Park-Lok if desired. This neat, com-pact shifter also works well with the Jamar Side Shifter, or Jamar Mid-Engine Shifter. it is also availablewith a chrome plated box in addition to rods and linkage. • Short_ shift stroke • 3" x 4" mount space required • Positive reverse lock out • Features spherical heims • 100% positive roll - • Chrom-moly shift handle • Brass bust,ings with grease • Easy installation fittings • Bolts to stock VW plate MANUFACTURERS OF THE FINEST IN OFF ROAD PRODUCTS Page 30 Contact your local JAMAR dealer" or write 42030-C AYenida Alvarado • Temecula, CA 93290 (714) 878-21116 by lap three he had 41 minutes on Campbell, who'd lost time with some disaster. As Campbell suffered, stopping to add oil in the rear end of every lap, Rolfe had problems with his starter and some shocks. Then he broke the driveline, and lost about an hour and 10 minutes. The only Class 11 style sedan in the race was driven by Chuck Mead and Lisa Mills and they completed five laps for the class honors. In the meantime Alvarado and Ryerson broke after two good laps, leaving third place to Corda and Hodges. But their fourth lap was lengthy also, almost two hours, and briefly put Ken and Jim Golajuch into third in their nicely muffled Ford. The Golojuch team, who'd had an over three hour first lap, had. then run well for three laps, before fading from the scene completely. Corda and Hodges moved back into third as they completed ~heir fifth lap, with no one chasing them any more. Meanwhile, Rolfe put Perry McNeil into the truck once it was repaired, and Perry ran three zippy laps, to get the win and . demonstrate that the truck is ready to try the Parker course again. Campbell had a couple of longish laps, but did complete more than anyone else, to earn .second place with his Chevy. James ·Tucker, Bruce Smith and Art Eugenia teamed up to stay close all day in tight Challenger competition, and they drove to second place. The FR T classes include a niche for the stock Volkswagens (Class 11 in SCORE/HORA rulebooks) called Class 600. As we've already said; only one only a bit under three minutes later. Sanden, who lost a coil wire on the last lap, dropped about 20 minutes, and earned third place. The others in the class didn't manage to finish. Fudpucker has a "run what you brung" class, called "Class 100" , because it's for 100H wheelbase cars as "measured with an elastic tape measure." Three cars showed up for this class, and they had an exciting race. Todd Teuscher, in an 1835cc Chenowth Wedge led all day. But he couldn't relax for a minute, because he was being · chased by Marc Jones and Bob McLaughlin in their Funco. The two were never far apart. Teuscher, whose car is about 13 _years old, had no problems, and stopped only twice for fuel. Jones and Mclaughlin got to within four minutes on lap five , but never could quite catch up. Running third, Donna Hingtgen had a troubled day as she broke a c.v. joint, lost her clutch, and had brake problems with her Sandhawk. She was handicapped rrom the start since her race motor had blown on Wednesday night and her crew had substituted a 1600cc motor on race morning. Teuscher ran a steady pace to get his third win of the season, with Jones and Mclaughlin second only three minutes later. Hingtgen, who put Mike Freein for the last lap, wa·s third, with only eight laps completed. In the Little Truck class the Toyota of David and Roy Garcia didn't manage to get around even one lap, but the Nissan of Alfie. DelaRosa and John DeKarer chugged around six times. Their · time would have been good for • second place in the Big -Truck class, if they'd run with the heavies. The Big Truck class featured five Fords and one Chevy, and the Fords had it all the way. Roger Rolfe, who had debuted February 1988 his truck at Parker last year, only showed up this time. It was to have it break decisively, had drfven by Chuck Mead and Lisa spent the rest of the year Mills, and they tootled around rebuilding it. He brought it to regularly, sometimes dangling Plaster City for a shakedown their front bumper, sometimes rac~, in preparation for running with it.tied up, to complete five the full '88 season. And it looked ~s in a little o".er four hour_s. gqod. _ . - They ran for their own money, . Rolfe took the lead on lap one, and obviously had fun doing it. with just und_er three minutes on In the Challenge Class Jim Pete Campbell in his Chevy. In Tucker, Bruce Smith and Art third it was Tony Alvarado and Eugenia finished the first lap with Ronnie Ryerson in their Ford, ·abentleftrearwheelandaleadof followed by Craid C.orda and 32 seconds. Nick Gross, Joe Tony Hodges in a four wheel Valentine and Mike LaPlant had drive Ford. their T-Mag in second place, Rolfe continued to lead, and followed by Mike Williams in his Steve Lawrence started out leading Class 5-1600, stopped twice for fresh passengers, but carried on through all nine laps to win the class by less than two minutes. Brian Goodrich did everything he could to catch the 5-1600 leader, but despite heroic efforts, Goodrich finished a close second in class. Dusty Times

Page 30

home built·· (by him) MECO Chassis single seater. Larry Wyatt ran fourth about two minutes later in his Chenowth and Duane Smith and Greg · Shapiro were fifth in their Chenowth. In sixth it was the brother team of Lee, Mark and Rich Culv~r, in their Baja Bug Challenger. Unfortunately, they couldn't manage to complete another lap. Gross, Valentine and LaPlant took over the lead on lap two, with a minute and a half on Tucker, Smith, and Eugenia. Williams was less than a minute back, and Wyatt was still fourth and followed by Smith and Shapiro. Jim Tubbs and Jim Eastman were sixth in their Hi Jumper. Things stayed the same for a couple of laps, except that Smith and Shapiro moved to fourth as Wyatt lost 14 minutes and dropped to fifth. Then, on lap five Williams moved up to second place with the fastest lap so 'far, at 27 minutes, leaving Tucker, Smith and Eugenia, who'd flattened a front tire, in third. Then, on the sixth lap the lead car disappeareq and W ill iams took over, recording the fast lap for the class at 26:54 on our unofficial stop-watch . Now T ucker /Smith Eugenia were second and Smith and Shapiro were third, while Tubbs and Eastman moved to fourth. No one else was moving. Williams had some trouble, losing his throttle cable on lap eight, and fighting with an ignition that turned off when he hit a bump, but he kept moving forward, and held his lead. He was the only Challenger able to complete the full nine laps, and received some well deserved pats on the back from his family, for winning the first time out in a car he built himself. Mike, who's been driving in a two seat 1600, says it was "a little rougher", in the Challenger. Tucker/Smith/ Eugenia fin-ished the day· on three wheels, their front left comer torn off and an exceedingly understand-ing passenger hanging out the side of the car to balance it. She rode that way for 10 miles, in the cold. They completed only eight laps for their second place. In third it was Tubbs and Eastman, also with only eight laps done, and everyone else faded away even earlier. In Class 5-1600 the lead was in the hands of Steve Lawrence after lap one, with Brian Goodrich about a half minute behind him. Jim Fay ran third less than a minute later, and Chuck DeVercelly was fourth 30 seconds later. Chuck, Andy's brother, has been riding with Chuck DeVercel/y made his debut in brother Andy's championship winning 5-1600 and Chuck, with help from Dave Kephart, finished a good third. Al OeLaRosa and John DeKarer covered a full six laps in their Nissan to win the Little Truck Class with a time that would be good for second in big trucks. Marty Coyne brought his short course Chenowtlr out for the Class 10 contest, had plenty of trouble but finished third in the class. Ken Snyder and John King, often winners here, nursed a sick.engine all the way to finish fourth in Class 1-2-1600 in the ORBS. Andy all year, but had not ever having a hard time seeing while had a two minutes and six with only eight laps completed, driven in a race before. In fifth it ' heading into the sunset, but then, seconds lead, and Goddrich was fifth. was Roberto Gutierrez and so was everyone else. Goodrich, decided to give it his all and try to The racing was all over just Duane and Ken Basore were trying to catch him, had left his catch him. He.wiped his number after full dark, and everyone had sixth, less than three minutes fiance standing in the pit in her plate off on the bottom of a time to clean up and have dinner behind the leader. driving suit, because_ he didn't trestle, but he just couldn't catch before celebrating the New Year. Lawrence continued to lead, want to take the time for a up, and at the end of nine laps it Fudpucker had an awards but Goodrich was still right passenger change. DeVercelly, was Lawrence in· victory circle, brunch planned for the next there, shifting carefully because new to driving. ·felt his arms with Goodrich still a minute and morning, right there at the race he'd lost his reverse gear lockout. giving out, and h~d stopped to let 47 seconds back. DeVercelly and site, complete with Bloody DeVercel)y was holding tight in Dave Kephart, another rookie Kephart were third about nine Marys, which sounds like the third, apparently having learned driver, take over. . minutes later. The Basores took right thing for the morning after ,well while riding with his On the eighth lap Lawrence fourth · place, while Gutierrez, New Year's ~ve. brother. And now Gutierrez and --------------------------------------, Fay were tied for fifth and. Cameron Coatney and Mario Panagiotapoulos hao moved to sixth, as the Basores lost about five minutes. Lawrence had a minute and a half lead by the end of the third lap, and behind him it was still Goodrich and DeVercelly. Then came Fay, Coatney and· Panagiotapoulos, and Gutierrez. Lawrence, who was having no trouble, held the lead, chased by Goodrich and the rest for several more laps. Gutierrez, who'd lost time with broken shocks, fell back. At the end of the sixth lap the order was still the same, but on lap seven the Basores moved up to fourth as Fay lost 14 minutes with some problem, and fell to sixth. Lawrence, who made two stops to change passen~ers, was • ******************************~*** *. .. .. . . .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ,. .. .. .. .. . ... :t: * * * * * * * IM~-NTED * * * * * * * * * * * ~ Equipment Mechanics ~ * * * * * Progressive local company seeking * * * * experienced/Maintenance Mechanics. *. * ~ * Company vehicle, excellent benefits, * ~ * * top pay. * * * * APPLY AT: * * * * VEHICLE MAINTENANCE SERVICE, INC. * * ____ 10030 Artesia Blvd. * * Bellflower, CA 90706 * * ~ * (213) 804-3581 * * * * "For All Your Maintenance Needs" * * -.........,-* * -----------------------------------* Gary Bates and Don McAfee were up and down the charts all the way, but they got the Raceco home fifth in the tight Class 1-2-1600 action. *.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~:y;~:y;;y;;'f":";-ir;:y;~:y;~;,,";":,i";:y;;,,;~~;"f';'~;-,,;;...,;~~;,,;~~~~~;-y;~ :re Dusty Times February 1988 Page 31

Page 31

It was SRO at the Third Annual HDRA/SCORE Desert Series Awards Banquet down the house. Rodney· HaH, the Heavy Metal and Class 4 champion, uncharacteristically had little to say, but Hall was weary from an all night flight from Australia, but he managed to properly thank all his sponsors. Chuck Johnson brought his partner and co-driver Scott D6uglas to the podium with him to accept the Class 7S and Mini Metal championship awards. Johnson seemed a little nervous, and used a cue card to be sure he didn't forget any of his sponsors. HORA / ! Similar speeches were made by Joey Lane, the Overall Motor-. cycle and Class 21 winner, Robin Davis, the Overall 3 Wheeler and Class 23 winner, Rodney Engen; the Overall Quad and Class 24 winner, and Scott Hewitt, the Overall Odyssey and Class 34 winner. The 16 car class and 12 various Score motorcycle engine class winners and second place people on points were all called to the podium to receive their trophies and checks. A few were not on hand, and among the car classes, Mark McMillin's first place awards in Class 1 were accepted by his father Corky McMillin, the Class 2 Champion. Mark McMillin was home in California Bob "Weatherman " Steinberger was voted the Person of the Year, the highest honor among the Off Roadsman awards, and Bob thanked all who help organize the fine radio net at the desert races. with his newly born son Daniel welcome in Las Vegas, and he and his wife. For the first time since 1974 the annual awards banquet, · originally honoring only Score International competitors, moved from the Los Angeles area to Las Vegas, Nevada. Also for the first time, the 1987 winners were honored in the same year in which they won their titles. The banquet had always been early in January, after the hectic Christmas season was over, but, whh the elimination of a series race in December, the 1987 banquet took place on December 5, 1987. The site was the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, not even a year old itself, and the banquet room was strained to the seams as the affair· was over sold by a considerable amount, a surprise to both SCORE and HORA officials. They had figured that the new site and the earlier date might not produce the giant crowds of yore, but it certainly did, in excess of 600 folks. While a good many of the traditions of the annual affair were retained; there was much that was new and different. This year the pre-banquet cocktail party was hosted by the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, courtesy of its g~nial proprietor Michael Gaughan. Gone fro~ the banquet hall was the usual display of Nissan and Toyota trucks, along with the award of a Toyota truck to the overall winner on points, but that had vanished last year. Of course there was no room for the trucks, nor room for a band or a dance floor, as extra tables filled every nook and cranny of the room. contained a full recap ofthe 1987 season, which will- probably appear in the desert race programs for 1988 as well. After a delicious meal of beef with all the trimmings and wine provided by Armstrong Tire Co., Sal Fish and Walt Lott opened the awards ceremony, and both men were resplendent in tuxedos. The occasion was· honored when the Governor of Nevada, Richard Bryan, came to the podium to congratulate all the winners, and talk a little about riding in a race with Rodney Hall, and learning how to change a truck tire fast. Governor Bryan is in favor of off road recreation, and was a participant prior to becoming. governor. Next to w~lcome the assembly was Ron Lurie, the Mayor of Las Vegas, who talked about what a great sport off road racing is, that the ·competitors were always expressed thanks from the city to There were a number of all who came to the races. Next manufacturers presenting special on the agenda was a rather long awards to those racers using their but very good picture show products. Bob Bogdanoff, of depicting the 1987 desert series Armstrong Tires presented the in review. The photography and awards from his company to the mood music were great, but, several racers, including the New considering the length of the ·England Jeep racing group program,. it was a mite too time headed by Jerry Bundy and Emil consuming. Then special awards Downey. Bogdanoff thanked the were presented to many race off road racing community for workers, both volunteer and being such a good family. Art paid, from both HORA and Carr J)resented his awards, for . SCORE. use of his transmission products The 1987 awards to the high to Rod Hall, Chuck Johnson, point drivers in the desert series Mike Lesle and Dave Shoppe. started with the overall· Ford Motorsport awards went to champions. The absolute overall 'Manny Esquerra, Chuck champion and the Challenger Johnson/Scott Douglas and Class winner, Rich Minga, Dave Shoppe. Frank DeAngelo looked fantastic in a white dinner presented the Uniroyal Good-jacket and tux Fants. His trick rich · Tire Company awards to jacket, so forma on the outside, Rod Hall and Chuck Johnson. had emblems of his major The Toyota True Grit award is sponsors sewn inside the jacket based on the best average speed front, and the display brought obtained by a driver in his best six races in the desert series, the best three from each organiza-. tion. Class 2 driver Bob Gordon, who -won four r:aces overall in 1987, was the Overall True Grit Winner at 50.31 mph. Dave Shoppe was the Overall Heavy Metal True GritWinnerat45.71 mph, and Manny Esquerra w;is the Overatl Mini Metal True Grit Winner at 41.68 mph. Special True Grit awards were given to the six drivers who completed every one of the 2851.5 miles of competition in the eight series races, and i:hey were Mark McMillin, Manny Esquerra, Rod . Hall, Spencer Low, And·y L. DeVercelly and Michael Sch wellinger. Among other special awards were those for the Yokohama 6--50 Club. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals went to the top three mature drivers on points in desert racing, the over 50 years of age bunch. Class 5-1600 driver Andy L. DeVercelly won the handsome Gold medal this year, -besting Class 10 driver Bill Church by just eleven points, and Church won the' Silver medal. Corky McMillin drove his Class 2 racer to the Bronze medal, just another five points back in one of the tightest finishes in the history of the · points series for older folks. The Checkers Pit Club has an annual- achievement award in memory of Vic Van Ella. The perpetual trophy is awarded to someone who has done great service to the off road sport. This year Max Norris presented the _ trophy to Bob Renz, who worked tirelessly to organize opposition to political forces who are trying to shut down the desert to motor vehicles. A new award from SCORE/ HDRA is for Sportsmanship, sort of a "nice guy" trophy. The first annual presentation went to· Larry Schwacofer, who stopped to aid a fellow Class 6 driver who was injured after a crash at the . Gold Coast 300, and the incident was recorded by ESPN. Maria Luisa Morales, Sub-Direc"tor of Tourism in Baja California, presented the second ever Baja California Humanitar-ian award. It went to the team of Mark Schwein, Alvin Meinhardt, · In the past the table programs had beeh in formal banquet style, just a few pages informing one of the proceedings and who was in line for what award. This year it was a full blown, race style ·program loaded with color pictures and advertisements. Even the helmet/ bowtie emblem of the awards ceremony was sightly modified, missing its. goggles. This new program . Resplendent in full tuxedo, overall points winner Rich _Minga displayed the inside of his jacket bearing patches of his major sponsors, Bi/stein, Yokohama and Un/den. Rookie of the Year Rob Gordon won his honors in an Unlimited Buggy and this season Rob will be driving a Class 8 Ford in the series. Driver of the Year Rob MacCachren won three races overall and in Class 1, and in 1988 the young veteran will be driving a Class 7S Jeep Comanche. ·page 31 February 1988 Dusty nmcs

Page 32

Tom Heyser and Chuck Guy, all from Maryland. These men worked very hard to find and refurbish an ambulance and presented it to the village of San Juanico, well off the beaten path · and way down south in Baja California. As the hours ticked away, it was time for the Off Roadsman of the Year Award~, and the traditional cactus o'n a rock trophies were on hand. The Off Roadsman in the: various categories are select'ed by a nomination and final vote process of the members and associates of both SCORE and HORA. The Off Roadsman awards go back to 'the first SCORE banquet honoring the 1974 winners, and the trophies are treasured highly by both the companies and individuals who are honored by the vote of their peers. The Off Roadsman awards -began with the Contingency Company of the Year, and the three finalists were all tire . companies, Gene~al, Uniroyal Goodrich and Yokohama. Yokohama Tires was the winner, and Bob Mount was on hand to thank the audience for Yoko-hama. The finalists for . Motorcycle Manufacturer of the Year were American Honda, Husqvarna and Kawasaki, and Honda was the people's choice. Under the category of Original Buggy Chassis of the Year, the three finalists were Chenowth, Mirage and Raceco. Dave Kreisler was there to accept another Off Roadsman award for Raceco. The Four Wheel Drive Manufacturer of the Year category includes Clases 3, 4, 7 4x4 and 14. The top three nominees were Jeep, Dodge and Nissan, and it was Nissan_ who took home the trophy for 1987. In the Sedan category, it was between Chevrolet, ·Ford and Saab, and the winner, with the top car on points, was Chevrolet. The competition was tight for Mini Pickup Truck of the Year, Classes 7 and 7S, between Ford, Nissan and Toyota, and it was Ford who won the trophy. Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford were the finalists for full size pickup truck of the year, and Ford won again, to become the only double Off Roadsman winner in 1987. In the Entry Sponsor of the Year category it came down to the Barbary Coast/Gold Coast, · Uniroyal Goodrich and Yoko-hama. The genial host of the festivities, Michael Gaughan, took the tr.ophy back to his table. The final three up for Pit Support Team of the Year were Checkers, F.A.I.R. and Uniroyal Goodrich . Frank DeAngelo accepted the trophy on behalf of Uniroyal Goodrich, while•bringing his top crew members, Neil Tobin, Chuck Reep and Joe Sudol to the podium to share the glory. The last of the Off Roadsman Awards are for personal achievement. The top three· nominees for Rookie of the Year were Rob Gordon, David Westhem and Mike Williaths. Teenager Rob Gordon was the choice of the voters. The final three up for Engine Builder of the Year were FAT, Don Hatz and Louis Unser, and the trophy went to Louis Unser. The top three up for Photographer of the Year were ESPN, Don Phillips and Trackside Photos. For the first time a commercial TV Network, ESPN, won the vote. In the Journalist of the Year category the finalists were Jean Calvin, Judy _Smith and · Jim Short. Breaking up the feminist group, Jim Short received the journal-ism award. · The final pair of Off Roadsman trophies are perhaps the most prestigeous. The Driver of the Year top three nominees were Rob Gordon, Rich Minga and Rob MacCachren. Las Vegan Rob MacCachren, who won overall at three of the series events and had just won a race overall earlier in the day, was the happy winner of the Driver of the Year honor. Up for Man of the Year, now called Person of the Year, were Manny Ec;querra, Rod Hall and Bob "Weatherman" Steinberger. It was Bob Steinberger who won the bighesE honor of the evening, and he is the man who organizes the radio net at many events all over the desert each year, including but not -limited to the SCORE/ HORA series. It was well past the witching hour when the last trophy was presented, but few seemed to care. After all it was in Las Vegas·, where there are no clocks on the wall and no windows to reveal whether it is night or day. The assembly broke up quickly as folks drifted off to the casino or various bars, but perhaps the smart ones just went upstairs to bed. Our congratulations to all the ~ ,,,;fJ_ Bob Mount. of Yokohama Tires, presented the 6-50 awards, the Gold Medal fo Andy OeVercelly, left, and the Bronze Gorky McMillin. ~ Bob Bogdanoff, center, presented the Armstrong Tire trophies to, from the left, Ramon Castro, Jerry Bu"ndy, Emil Downey and Gary Brading. champion drivers and riders, and for overall points titles, but the to the 1987. group of Off majority of the Off Roadsman Roadsman award winners, It awards will be transferred to a starts all over again this ·month at points system. For exampie, Parker, and the latest word is that points will be awarded to a the entire points system has been vehicle manufacturer for success changed for 1988. Not only will in desert racing instead of racers earn points under a popularity _with the off road different system that makes small racing community. Sic Trans it entry classes more competitive Gloria Mundi! ,.,., .. The Gold Coast/Barbary Coast won the En.try Sponsor of the Year title, and our host Michael Gaughan was there to thank the group for the honor.' David Kreisler was there to accept yet another Off Roads man award for Raceco, the 1988 winner of Original Buggy Chassis Manufacturer of the Year. Bob Gordon, who won four series-races overall in 1987, also won the Toyota True Grit Award for the fastest overall average speed of the season. Walt Lott, right, made a special presentation of the Engine Builder of the Year award to Louis Unser, wheelchair bound but.extremely active. Frank DeAngeleo thanked all who helped out during the year as he accepted the Pit Support Team of the Year trophy for Uniroyal Goodrich. Dusty Times Yokohama won the first of the Off Roadsman awards, and Bob Mount thanked the racers for the HORA/SCORE Contingency Company of the Year honor. .Tireless pit reporter Jim Short was the winner of the Off Road Journalist of the Year honor_ voted by the SCORE/HORA membership. February 1918 Bill Allmendinger picked up the Off Roadsman Photographer of the Year Trophy for ESPN, the first in television to win_ the popular vote. Page 33

Page 33

The 1987 SCORE/ HDRA Desert Series ,. Champions Gorky McMillin - Class 2 Andy L. De Verce/Jy - Class 5-1600 Dave Shoppe - Class 8 Page 34 Rich Minga - Challenge Class and Overall Points. Rodney Hall - Class 4 and Overall Heavy Metal Points. Steve Barlow - Class 1-2-1600 Mike Schwellinger and Les Erickson - Class 3 Larry Schwacofer - Class 6 Manny Esquerra - Class 7 Craig Watkins - Class 10 Ramon Castro - Class 11 February 1988 Chuck Johnson - Class 7S and Overall Mini Metal Points. John Cooley - Class 5 Michael Lesle - Class 7 4x4 George Gow/and - Class 14 Dusty Times

Page 34

THE GMC S-15 EXTRA CAB Handsome Outside It is All New and Fan Inside The GMC S-15 was once called a mini truck, but styles in pickups have changed faster than the weather in recent years. The latest version of the GMC Extra Cab not only affords the convenience of a pickup bed for serious freight hauling, but all the creature comforts one could desire within the spacious cab area, and it has a new dash decor as well. The handsome example of the S-15 4x4 Extra Cab pictured here was a head turner in the neighborhood. The striking paint scheme was based on gun metal grey on top, and at the waistline faint red stripes got more dominant on the way down to finsh off with solid red on the bottom, all the way around including the front bumper. Inside, the front bucket seats are color coordinated. The basic black fabric covering has red piping, and down the center from the head rest through the seat is highly stylized red lettering that says "truck". The same "truck" fabric imprint is on both doors as well, and it really looks different. General Motors really did a number on instrument panels in the various truck models this year. Instead of familiar dials, the S-15 now sports a stylish display in the square panel behind the steering wheel. On this full y optioned rig, the half moon speedo is on the left center, reading to 80 mph and also reading in kilometers. While the basic panel is black, all the background for the instruments is bright blue. A smaller half moon on the right is the tachometer display. On the far right of the panel is the voltmeter and temperature gauge, and on the left are the oil pressure and fuel gauges. All these instruments are vertical with a pointer that goes up and down for a read out. The trip odo is in the center of the dash and there are a flock of the usual warning lights in the very compact package. We found the gauge most used, the fuel read out, shadowed by the panel surround, night -or day, and it was hard to read when the fuel level got low. Just to the right of the instrument panel are the heating and air conditioning controls, also a vertical design. This is one GMC model that puts out instant heat, even after an overnight park. In the same area to the left of the main panel are the rocker Dusty Times switches for the lights. In the center console are more air vents, the AM/ FM radio and digital clock, and a vast ashtray beneath the assembly. A good sized glove box on the right side provides real storage and the doors have molded in map pockets. Underneath the dash assembly is a decent sized parcel tray, which is very handy for on road supplies. To the rear are the jump seats, complete with belts, on each side of the good sized storage area. We rode a few miles in a jump seat and it was surprisingly comfortable. This pickup had tbe rear sliding window, better than air conditioning in mild weather, and an exterior bed lamp. In fact the Gypsy option package provides just about everything on the list including power everything from brakes to door locks, and cruise control. Mechanically the S-15 came with the 2.8 liter EFI V-o engine mated to a five speed manual transmission and a 4: 11 rear end. As with most vehicles these days, initial acceleration is less than neck snapping, but once rolling there is plenty.of engine power to dice around in freeway traffic or cruise easily on the highway in fifth gear. The gear lever is still rather tall by small truck standards, and has a fair rattle in third gear, but the shift is smooth and effortless, and fifth gear is within easy reach, even for the shorter driver. The smaller shifter for 4 WD is to the left of the gear lever, with its own display advising one . if two or four wheel drive is engaged by a red display, One annoying factor connect-ed to the manual transmission is the almost constant flashing orange light on the instrument panel that keeps telling you "shift", the theory being this will provide maximum fuel economy, Normally anyone who buys a manual shift, $14,000 fancy pickup these days knows when to shift for the performance desired. It takes a couple of days behind the wheel with this flashing light before you realize it isn't a warning light forboding some imminent mechanical failure, Learning to ignore it could be bad news if another light comes on, but a piece of black tape could cure the problem easily. On the road the S-15 is quite comfortable, and the fancy bucket seats supply good support. As do most smaller trucks these days, the S-15 drives and feels like a car rather than a truck. While it is big enough to haul substantial loads, it is still compact enough to park anywhere, and it doesn't require a step ladder to get in the door. Our time spent with this pickup was mainly during the monsoon season in Los Angeles in early winter, so we didn't get much off road time behind the wheel. The shift to four wheel drive is easy these days, however, and there is little loss of power and a very positive feel while running in four wheel drive, For sure it is totally water tight, and the water doesn't run off the roof on your head when vou·exit the truck. The S-15 returned excellent fuel economy with the V-6 engine. On the highway, in the wet, we got an average over 22 mpg. In normal city and commuting traffic the truck delivered between 20 and 21 It looks like its bigger brother, and the latest GMC S-15 Extra Cab is a stylish town car and a hardworking 4x4 off road, and, it all comes in one neat package. The S-15 has a full size bed and this one also had the bed light, a sliding rear window, and a hefty step bumper to protect its flanks. mpg, affording a vast range on its market in this size pickup. The 20 gallon tank. Extra Cab makes it a family car Complimenting the slick paint for around town chores, and it scheme are the fancy alloy spoke also provides a good sized indoor ' wheels, which are imprinted with storage area, certainly of major "4x4" on one spoke. Hefty value these days. The GMC S-15 I ooking Uniroyal .Laredo Extra Cab pickup has a base price P235/ 75/Rl5 mud and snow of$10,111,andwiththeoption tires give the macho look to the load like this one, it still comes truck and work well on the out under $14,000, right in the highway, wet roads and potholed ball park on price. We would city streets. have to opt for the Gypsy The S-15 Gypsy from GMC is package just to get the unusual certainly a truck worth looking at and striking paint scheme and the in the wide selection on the nifty seat fabric design. -~. The instrument panel is different, with blue on black colors, half moon speedo and tach read outs, and vertical gauges, and warning lights for all other information. The 2.8 liter V-6 engine is buried under the plumbing for the smog controls and the EFI, the fuel injection that gives the truck very smooth performance and good fuel economy. All Welded Construction "NO PLASTIC" KOOL AUTO SPORTS All Aluminum Rabbit Replacement Radiator February 1988 KOOLAUTO SPORTS Division of KOOL RADJATOR FOR ALL YOUR COOLING NEEDS CUSTOM ALUMINUM & BRASS RACING RADIATORS CALL RON OR DON (602) 278-9211 OR WRITE DEPT. DT 2905 W. BUCKEYE RD. PHOENIX, AZ 85009 Page 35

Page 35

The Score Baja Endurance Safari Photos: Don Phillips Studios Int'!. Steve Ball wheeled his spiffy Ford pickup through the swamps and the mountains in great time, winning the rally overall with just 18 seconds total error. • The third annual Score Baja course where their perfect time checkered flag. There is a Endurance Safari was quite a was 1 :20. considerable time lag before the success with few of the glitches first of the car racers arrive. This that plagued the first effort in Shortly after Check 1 • the year the Safari finishers were 1985, but, to be fair it was Safari route departed from the greeted by loud cheers from the Score's first timeout putting on a -race course, heading for Nuevo spectators as they crossed the time-speed-distance rally Junction, theirCheckZ,andthen finish line before the first of the utilizing portions of the Baja they went up the slippery race cars arrived. It had to be a 1000 race course. The Safari mountain to the third leg check thrill for the rally teams to have provides people with off road at Mike's Sky Ranch. Here the such a welcome. Score brought going vehicles a chance to tour Safari• checkpoint crew did not each finisher onto the ramp, and the Baja 1000 course under show, so for this leg all entrants their names and times were competition conditions without had a perfect score. Now the announced on the loud speaker. having to extend the capabilities Safari headed weSt on the race A goodly prize fund of of the vehicie they may need to course (but well ahead of the $8,847.00 was posted for the get to work on Monday. majority of race vehicles who Safari, more than most such off The format is simple for Safari were still on the eaSt side of the road rallies produce. Much of the entrants, whose competition mountains) to Sinaloa, and the fund came from a number of starts after the last of the Baja fifth leg ended at Johnson Ranch. manufacturers of off road l 000 racers have departed the At Colonet on the Pacific shores products who provided gift Ensenada start line. There is a the Safari was on the pavement certificates. There were four tech inspection for Safari and off the race course, heading classes in the event, and each entrants to be sure they have a north on Highway 1 · But the class winner received the same well prepped vehicle and highway can be more treacherous prizes. They were gift certificates emergency equipment on board. than the dirt trails, especially in of $250 from Cal-Mini Products, The entrants also have to attend the darkness and by now all the $250 ft-om Continental Enter-the drivers' meeting, and to be Safari cars were running in the prises/Hungus, $50 from competitive they should have dark. Downey Off Road Manufactur-so me time-speed-distance The crowds gather early at the ing, $50 from Filler Products, experience and/ or equipment on finish line in Ensenada on the and $ 100 from Smittybilt, Inc. board. Timing at the checkpoints wide boulevard that faces the Also, the overall winner, Steve :, to the second, and those who Pacific Ocean, cheering the bike Ball, received $500 in product as finish early are listed ·on the winners as they fly in to take the a bonus from Uniroyal/Good-results as under time, even those who were less than a minute faster than the perfect time for the 275 mile course of ten hours exactly. Last November Safari compet-itors faced the same wet and muddy course conditions as the racers, only for them the mud sections were badly chewed up by the passage of the entire race entry before them. Well afterten on race morning a hardy 32 vehicles started the Safari. It is a credit to the degree of prepara-tion done by these rally folks that only six starters failed to make it to the finish line. The Safari cars got the same ovations from the crowds lining the boulevard given to the racers, and, once out into the infamous Ensenada mud ogs, they faced the same treacherous terrain en route to R. C. Laton jumps over a lump in the Chevy Blazer, a veteran of the Jeep Cup the first check, 40 miles down rallies, and Laton went on to win the lour wheel drive modified category. Page 36 February 1988 ,. • ,,>'· ,; . 'i Tiffany Smith hops past the spectators on the outskirts of Ensenada and this open air Chenowth went on to score second overall and the victory in Modified 2 Wheel drive class. rich Tires. Instead of awarding the remaining prize money of $5,547.00 to the four class winners and placers, it was put into a prize pool, for a drawing by all participants. The total of the points acrued by entrants on the· event was 591 , so there were 591 chits in the hopper. In the drawing almost everyone won something, which was the purpose of having the drawing. We apologize for not having co-driver/navigator names available, but we are listing the results as furnished by the organizers. Steve Ball, who posted a near perfect time with only 18 seconds late error in his truck, not only won the 4 wheel drive stock class, he also won the rally overall. Very close on time, . with just 59 seconds late error, was Tiffany Smith in a two seat buggy, second overall and the 2 wheel drive modified class winner. Third overall and second in the 2 WO modified class went to Don Simpson, with a 4 minute, 25 second error. R.C. Laton won the 4 wheel drive modified class and was fourth overall in a truck, while Tim Price was just three minutes behind him and second in 4 WO stock class as well as fifth overall. From this placing the error time grows longer. The 2 wheel drive stock class winner was Bob Fetters in a bright yellow VW 181 Thing, who posted a 17 minute, 29 second error. Our congratulations to all the Safari ·rally teams. The next such event will be the Nissan Mint 400 off ; road rally next April near Las Vegas, NV. 1987 ENDURANCE SAFARI FINISH RESULTS BY CLASS 4 WD Stock (4•5) 16-S 10:00:18 1st 24-S 10:09:40 2nd 21-S 10:18:13 3rd 1-S 10:56:28 4th 33-S 11 :17:52 5th 27-S 11 :23:44 6th 4-S 13:27:17 7th 25-S 15:06:32 8th 6-S 9:58:53 8th 4 WD Modified (4-M) 2 WD Stock (2-5) 7-S 10:06:39 1st 14-S 10:17:29 1st 29-S 10:35:54 2nd 34-S 10:30:04 2nd 19-S 9:59:41 3rd 31-S 11 :27:58 3rd 32-S 9:43:23 2nd 2 WD Modified (2-M) 2-S 10:00:59 1st 23-S 10:04:25 2nd 15-S 10:11 :12 3rd 8-S 10:17:34 4th 18-S 10:22:17 5th 28-S 10:50:16 6th 13-S 11 :07:42 7th 10-S 11 :35:58 8th 9-S 9:39:09 8th 17-S 8:24:42 8th Bob Fetters must have had a cold ride in the dandy looking VW 181, but despite the acrobatics, Fetters won the honors in the two. wheel drive stock class. Dusty Times

Page 36

V.O.R.R.A. 1987 Awards Celebration Text & Photos: Ken Vanderhoof (Focus West) 9 ~ k Don German, left, not only won the 4x4 honors for the short course series, VORRA 's Ed Robinson also presented him with the trophy for winning the Overall Desert/Short course points, whi_ch he has won the last five years. It was a beautiful evening on the San Francisco Bay. Cool, clear, and calm except for the rock and roll music and the celebration on the Blue and Gold Fleet triple decker that cruised the dark waters of the Bay. The view of the city was spectacular, one which prompts some people to travel half way around the world to see it. Most people, this time out, were not on board to sightsee, they were there to celebrate a tough year of V.O .R .R.A. racing. It was a chance to bench race, dance, drink, eat a seemingly endless assorttnent of hors d'oeuvres, and for some, receive awards and checks for the 1987 final points standings. . The oniy problem of the evening was trying to get over 200 people on one deck for the awards presentation which began with a very thorough thanking of the crew. Whether flagging, announc-ing, scoring or rolling a car back over on its wheels in the thick dust, every crew member putout a lot of effort to make 1987 a safe and successful V.O.R.R .A . season. The following members received a beautiful personalized racing jacket. George and Janis Henley, Tyler and Becky Mort, George and Beverly Hinton and son Ronnie, Roger and Robyn McCarty, Garland Dyke, Gary Flaming, Darv and Luie Heldt, John Havlick and Ed and Jenny Robinson's son Troy. Als6l helping V.O.R.R.A. through many DUSTY TIMES was Curt Elrod. Curt volun-teered many hours to prepare the short course tracks near Sacramento. Likewise three amigos from Yerington, Nevada, (Bill, Dennis, and Larry) helped V.O.R.R:A. by making sure the course was exciting, somewhat safe, and always stayed out of the shotgun toting alfalfa farmer's fields. The first set of awards for the evening were for the short course champions. Howard Rankin captured first overall in the always largest field, "Sportsman Class." Chasing him all year on points was second overall Randy Miller. Baja Bug racer Jeff Eachus managed third, just ahead ofMax Halliday. Fifth went to Shawn Nibbelink and sixth overall was Fred Happich. Wes Elrod dominated Class 10 this season. Wes also claimed several hundred dollars in the ••Dash for Cash'' M oto 's. Second in Class 10 was Don Kennedy and Rob Smith, third overall. Class 3 and 4 was dominated again this year by Don German. Don raced all ten V.O.R.R.A. events this year and was very fast in all of them. Always up front with Don was second overall Bud Tickle. Bud broke a few parts this season but ran very well when racing. Bill Norg rove drove his 1-2-1600 in both series, and won the Short Course title and tied for first place in the Desert Series with Bill Landon. Dusty Times Bill Norgrove won the very competitive Class 1-2-1600. Right with him most of the way was Tim Riordan. Frank Madrid slipped into third overall after Dana Van NoortwasaD.N.F. at the Prairie City Championship Race. Jeff Elrod used his UltraStock to thrash the competition in Class 2-5. Second in this tough class went to Tone Jordan. Former #1, Sam Berri, rounded out the top three in points. Don Miguel received top honors for the year in Class 1, with Ron Carter taking second overall even though he missed a few races due to conflicting race schedules. . The Desert Race series points battles went down to the wire with most of the class titles decided at the last race of the season. First overall in Class 1 was the team of Cope/ Schulte, with a tie for second between John Winkes and Ken Sanislo. Several vehicles finished just out of the money in the points race in this class. Team G.L.M. Garen McCune/ Larry Zimmerman ran away with the Class 2 and 5 points title. Second in the class was Dick Wielandt's Baja Bug which was virtually destroyed in the last short course race when Sam Berri landed on top of him. Tim Bell was very fast, but mechanical breakdowns kept him out of the points title chase. Class 1-2-1600 had a tie for first overall between Bill Norgrove who led most of the year and Bill Landon/ Rick Frock who did extremely well in the last two events of the year. Roy Gust claimed second overall for the year. Kent Bullock/ Bill Kennedy won the tough 3 and 4 Class. Consistency paid off - Kent and Bill didn't have a single flat tire all year. Don German got second place in the series this year with Marshall Mahr/Mike Mahr claiming third. Fourth overall went to Don Roemer. In Class 10, Chris Oberg/ Jack Hamm took top honors away (rontinueJ on /)aJ!C wl February 1988 Wes Elrod dominated Class 10 in the Short Course series, and won that title easily, along with winning more money in the Dash for Cash runs. OFF-ROAD RACING CONGRATULATES ITS 1987 SEASON WINNERS DESERT SERIES Class 1 -Jim Cope and Dave Schulte Class 2 & 5 -Garen McCune and Larry Zimmerman Class 1-2-1600 (Tie) -Bill Norgrove and Bill Landon Class 1 0 -Chris Oberg Class 4x4 -Kent Bullock and Bill Kennedy Sportsman -Bob Shermer SHORT COURSE SERIES Class 1 -Don Miguel Class 2 & 5 - Jeff Elrod Class 1-2-1600 -Bill Norgrove Class 10 -Wes· Elrod Class 4x4 -Don German Sportsman -Howard Rankin OVERALL POINTS WINNERS First Place -Don German -Class 4x4 Second Place -Sam Berri -Class 2 Third Place -Tone Jordan -Class 2 Fourth Place -Dick Wielandt -Class 5 COME RACE WITH OUR CHAMPIONS IN 1988 VORRA OFF-ROAD RACING NORTHERN CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA 1833 LOS ROBLES BOULEVARD SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA 95838 (91.6) 925-1702 Page 37 ...

Page 37

-NSCA GRAND NATIONAi$ -SAND BLAST II 11A Gobbling Good Time In Indio!'' Text & Photos: Thom Roslan The top fuel drags/er driven by Dick Phillips throws up a giant 60 foot rooster tail, as he speeds to a 2. 7 second run for a third place showing. · The NSCA (National Sand Competition Association) began this year's racing season with celebration, when they held their opening race, in April, at Larry Mann's new track in Indio, California. Once more in November, the NSCA sand drag acers had cause to celebrate, when they closed their '87 points series, with the revival of their once, annual Grand Nationals, at Larry Mann's desert city track! Over the four day Thanksgiving holiday weekend, 125 plus race addicts raced and played in the dry, warm sunny desert during the day, while in the evening they listened to country music, provided by fellow racer and track owner Larry ,.Mann. The festivities were high 'as the throng of Thanksgiving party goers gobbled down the traditional turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pies, until it was time to race! The immaculate Indio track had been once again, groomed and well prepped, and so many close races were on hand for the sparse attendance ( holiday weekends can be hard on promoters). But the die-hard spectators, who did turn out, weren't disappointed, during the two days of pure, powerful, sand-draggin' competition! Larry Mann (race promoter of the NSCA Grand Nationals) had made sure his track personnel painstakingly prepped the track, for the last race of the season, and the Grand National revival! The track was more than amply prepped, as many .cars ran close to or broke class records all weekend long. Even Mickey Thompson took time off during the holiday weekend to come . ,,. l1.. watch the race and see the new track, as well as some of the drivers that will be racing in his '88 drag race series, entitled "Thunder Drags," which begins at Anaheim Stadium in January '88! Many fine looking vehicles showed up for the last race of the year, including an asphalt dragster! The Coors sponsored A /Comp Mod of Kevin Quinlan, called Coors Quaker State, came out for some passes, but had disappointing runs due to the close tolerance of the bottom of the dragster, in relation to the soft dirt. But Kevin walked away with a win on Sunday against Don Oliveria in A/Pro Comp. Two Budweiser Jeep modified mud-boggers turned sand draggers came out, as well as "Sand Dancer," another radical looking bodv Cindy Hitchman, driving the top alcohol dragster "Whispering Thunder", took the victory over four other vehicles in NSCA ·s TAD category. that only weighs 97 pounds!! All weekend the dragsters, 4x4's, buggies, and bike classes vied for those final deciding points, with holiday gusto! It continued to be a festive holiday atmosphere all weekend long, until Sunday evening, when "lady luck" decided on leaving sooner than expected. Two classes were left to run as twilight was slowly creeping into night. A/ Fuel was down to two last eliminations. Larry Mann, in his "Sheer Energy," fully blown Chevy six cylinder; and Bud Martens, in "Bud's Six Pack," another awesome super charged V-6 Chevrolet motor. The last time these two fast and furious competitors met they both broke their class records. Now, still tied for both national records in ET and MPH, with a 2.833 seconds at 121 mph, they weren't going to get out of it till one of them was the new record holder! Coming off the line, throwing up a 50 foot rooster tail of dirt, Larry Mann pulled an awesome wheelie right from the start. By mid-track ( 450 feet), he looked like Don "Big Daddy" Garlitts, when he demolished his asphalt dragster. Completely up in the air, there was no way Larry could direct or steer the now airborne dragster. Finally, his wheelie bar broke sending the dragster off to the right ( all the time in mid-air), coming down right in front of the oncoming bullet, in the guise of Bud Martens' "Bud Six Pack" dragster! In the blink of an eye a dirt cloud engulfed both dragsters, and with screams of anguish everyone jumped to their feet - in horror!! Both dragsters lay amidst shattered dreams and pieces of the cars were strewn around like so-much ragged, torn dolls. It took 30 minutes of expert rescue services, from the Sierra Med Trans Fire Rescue team, to extract Bud Martens, from his now defunct dragster, while Larry Mann was also being attended too. The dilemma was instantan-eous, but it took over an hour to get everything back to some sort of semblance of normalcy. Even so, with nerves on edge a quick light from the starter shattered the last race of the event and year. The two Top Fuel cars of Phil Johnson (Pipeline Express), the fastest man on sand at 14 7 .54 mph and his nemisis "Butch" Blair, in the "Fugowie" dragste ( which by the way is the quickest ET Record Holder 2.21 seconds) were started at different intervals of time, so there wasn't a winner decided at the time of this writing! A gobblin' good time ended on sort of a sour note, would you believe GRAPES? But everyone knew that next year would soon be here, and all the expectations good and bad would arrive here again in April 1988, with the season opener of SAND BLAST I! Although, the drivers and Dan Rader pulled a wheelie in his Jeepish looking racer, which cost some time, but he claimed second place in A/Comp Mod 4x4 class. The overall Champion in the Modified Buggy class for 1987, Don Thrapp puts his 127 CID VW powered racer, "Thumper II" through its paces. The Ohanian family race together and compete against each other in NSCA events. That is Carolyn, background, _beating Art out this round. An asphalt A/Comp drags/er came out to play in the sand, but the car. driven by Kevin Quinlan, hac;J some problems due to lack of ground clearance. Always exciting, the 3 Wheelers are becoming a very large class. New riders are really building some radical looking trikes for the sand drags. Even B year olds came out at the Nationals. Here a spirited youngster puts a go-cart through the traps in 12 seconds, feeling like 120 mph. -· Page 38 February 1988 Dusty Times

Page 38

from Christopher Cash by taking the overall win in the last Desert Race of the season. Rob Smith did very well by taking third overall .this season. In the very competitive Sports-man Class, Bob Shermer took top honors. Tied for second overall were the Baja Bugs of John Foody/Jim Duncan and Jim Williman. Third overall was Jeff Eachus and his convertible Baja. In . the overall Desert/Short Course combined point stand-ings, Don German did it again. He now has won the last-five years straight. He did it by attending all of the V.O.R.R.A. races, he did it by having a good attitude that has won him many friends, and he did it by going -real fast. Second overall this year was Sam Berri, third combined overall was Tone Jordan and fourth went to Dick Wielandt. All together V .O .R.R.A. awarded almost $50,000 cash, plus the "Dash for Cash" pots in 1987. Many sponsors were thanked throughout the evening,· with Trick Racing Fuel and -· " Yokohama Tires being men-tioned by nearly everyone. V.O.R.R.A. had a successful season this year and is very optimistic about the 1988 season. Watch the DUSTY TIMES calendar for race dates. Jeff Eachus went the distance, racing all ten VORRA events in his Kent Bullock and Bill Kennedy won the 4x4 class honors in th~ Baja Bug and he was third overall in combined Sportsman series tough desert series, besting usual winner Don German in the Chris Oberg thanked all who helped him win the Class 10 title in desert racing, and he won the title at the very last race of the season. points. desert, but not overall. i===::::~::::;:::::;;:;::::;:::::;;:;;=:;;;:::::;:;;;;;;,;~,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;=;;;;;;;;.:;=;.;=.;;;;;;;;;;iiiiiiii,iiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiii.i . . l t • Larry Zimmerman and Garen McCune ran away with the Class . 2/5 title in the Desert Series, having good fortune in the wide open spaces this year. Tone Jordan claimed second overall in short course Class 2/5, and came close in the desert also. He took third overall in the combined points. Mike, left, · and Marshall Mahr race the desert in a Jeep, and the father and son team placed third in the Class 3/4 desert points in 1987. sI?ectators had been shook up a bit, there were still a few who ~al,~ed away with "Thanksgiv-mg over there new titles. Mardel Weaver, "Grandma's Dream" TA/FC, had walked away with the Fuel Champion-ship, D.L. King from Apple Valley, had taken the Pro Co~p title, Don Thrapp now held the Modified Buggy Championship and . the newly elected NSCA President for 1988 would start his _t~rm with the Comp Modified Championship win. CCSR's President Mike Futrell had grabbed the Championship in Sports Brackets, and the Huff Family had taken two wins home. John Huff, Sr., took the Sports Brac~et Championship and his youngest son Mike Huff had retired from Junior Bracke~ with his Championship title. The happiest driver for the day would have to have been the team of McFarlane/Ferren from Oregon. Not only did Dan take the Sand Modified Championship for '87, but he broke a new record in ET with a 3.991 at 81.08 mph, so all was not lost. The race weekend had been one of true thanksgiv-ing, as no one was seriously hurt! NOTE: Afterwards, I -had a chance to speak with J3ud Martens over the phone and he had this to say about the accident: "Well, what happened was, about 2/3rds down the track, I caught Larry coming over into my lanel~Maybe, he was one or two cones farther· down track - the last time I caught a glimpse of him in my eye - he was straight up in the air and coming Gary Standing, of Salt Lake City, Utah, powers off the line ~t lndi~ in his B/Comp Mod Jeep 4x4, a bit behind his competition off the start. c\· ~----~ "-----·~---__,...,J ALSO EXCLUDES THE DISABLED Dusty nma toward me!! I figured the only thing I could do was to start cutting right a little bit and not lose control of my car, but I did - I lost it and started rolling - I think three or four times, then I think I hit Larry, then we both continued rolling down the track. I really don't know what worse! The car is a total loss, the ~.., caused this - I really don't!! I frame, panels, you know. I asked him what's going to believe the motor and running happen now and he said: "Oh gears are OK. I guess we'll I'm black and blue on my rebuild soon, we've already shoulders, arms, knees. We were ordered a new . frame from both very fortunate to get out Frameworks. We'll be ready for without any brok~_~!!_es o__r_ Spr~~ com·e ~~!t may!!" __ _ _ 8 CLASS WINS PER RAC"E"_WITH PACE . FM 2-WAYS . Landmaster II I -$725 ·• Handhelds • Rentals OVER 550 ON THE COURSE • Antennas • Intercoms • Helmet Wired $1251 ( ct) • Amplifiers • Official Radio of: HDRA -SNORE• . • Weatherman Radio Relay Team • • Emf'rgency Rescue Service • • 2888 Grundry Ave. Signal Hill, CA 90806 ""CE RADIOS (213) 427-8177 February 1988 Page 39

Page 39

-'. WILD WEST PRO RALLY A Major Upset in Production GT Championship By Tom Grimshaw Photos: Trackside Photo Enterprises John Buffum. Tom Grimshaw and the venerable Audi Sport Quattro completed a perfect season in the Washington woods. The team entered and won overall in all seven of the SCCA Pro Rallies in 1987, and that accomplishment has never happened before in this series. Rarely are SCCA National P'RO Rally Championships decided at the final event of the year. Offhand I can only recall a few instances when the last calendar date had a major effect on the final standings. Back in 1980 John Buffum and Rod Millen went to Las Vegas in December to decide the overall title. The event was The Frontier Nevada Pro Rally, co-chaired by my brother, John, and I. Millen had a virtual lock on the top spot until. he made a slight error, about thirty miles from the finish line, and rolled his vehicle into a tight little ball which bounced twice on the deck and once up his keester. Buffum won the champion-ship. (By the way, the prize fund for that single event in 1980 was, $25,000.00!) In 1985 Buffum and I had to win the final event in Carson City to take the overall driver and co-driver championships. Again Rod Millen was the man to beat. We won the rally and the competitor tides, but Millen took home the manufacturers championship. At the beginning of the '87 season, Audi was not certain it would even field a team in the National PRO Series. JB and 1 were making plans to sharpen up our Trivial Pursuit game and spent the Winter cleaning our golf i;:lubs. Then, just before the opening event in San Francisco, the boss called from Troy, Michigan and told us to get our uniforms cleaned. By the time we packed our b;igs to go to the last '87 rally in Tacoma, Washington, November 13th, we'd already_ locked up the Driver, Co-Driver ana Manufacrurer's Championships, both in the SCCA PRO Series and the, combined U.S./Canada North American Rally Cup. In fact there was no good reason for us to go to Tacoma -except one. To our knowledge, no team had ever won every national championship event in a year. Since we'd yet to lose in 1987, we could set that record by winning in Washington. So we went to the Wild West. The rally was headquartered at the very posh Tacoma Sheraton, the same headquarters used for the Olympus World Champion- . ship Rally back in June. We could not have asked (or a better setting to wind up a very long year of bashing about the back trails of the U.S. It was rumored that, as a group, we provided about $15,000.00 in bar revenues for the Sheraton, during our Friday night affair before the start the following day. The event was excellent, but only what one would expect from John and Claudia Nagel and crew since they are the same folks who brought World Champion-ship rallying to our shores. The course was a lso excellent. Many of the same Capitol Forest stages . 'used on the Olympu,s WRC event were used again on the Wild West. Of course many of us had full Rod Millen and Harry Ward had a super year, driving the Mazda 323 to a qlose second overall on the Wild West, and the pair won the Group A championship with ease for the year. A dream became a reality for Dan and Betty Ann Gilliland. They won the Production GT Class at the Wild West in the Dodge Shelby Charger and earned the class championship for 1987 by two points! Guy Light and Jim Brandt drove the Volkswagen GT/ to their second win of the season in Production Class, and they are the new Production Class champs and VW is the Manufacturers' points winner in class. Olympus pace note books for pattern throughout the '87 those stages and each team kept a season to gain a two minute lead careful eye on the stage scores to and feed it bac~ in bits and pieces see if anyone happened to find a for the balance of the rally. few notes under the co-driver's There has been many :\ rally seat. Pace notes are not allowed article during the year that on national events. mentioned how Millen or On Stage One, OK'Corral, JB Woodner or' whoever, were and I experienced our first flat in catching Buffum by the end of the two years we've been the rally; as if to say they could competing on Michelin rally tires have won if there had been just a ana Rod Millen beat us by few more stage miles. Not so! eighteen seconds. That got Mr. John Buffum just drove a very Buffum's attention. intelligent season. Most of his By the end of Stage Three we'd ~ins were under two minutes -moved into first place by four ' Just as he planned. seconds and Buffum never Buffum told me back at the looked back. It has been his start ~f the first rally, ''I'm old Jon Woodner and Tony Sircombe had a good run in the Peugeot 205 T16, and they took a strong second place in Open Class and were third overall. John Crawford and Joe Andreini, in perhaps their last ride in a Dodge, drove the Shadow to second in Production Class, just eight seconds out. Scott ,Child and Steve Laverty had a great run in the Toyota Corolla FX 16, winning the three way battle for second in Group A and they were fourth overall. Page 40 February 1988 · Dusty Times

Page 40

Richie and Howard Watanabe slid their Toyota Corolla FX 16 into third in Group A in the late stages, and they also-took a fine fifth overall. -Chad DiMarco and Ginny Reese had a great run going in the Subaru 4WD Turbo, but a late flat tire dropped them to fourth in Group A, sixth 0 /A. Kevin Gordham and Paul Kokkinas zipped their Dodge Shelby Nick Moore and Brian Pimm drove the Toyota Corolla FX 16 hard Charger into second in Production GT Class in the National Rally enough to finish third in Production Class on their home ground in and also competed in the Divisional section. the local woods. 1987 Southern Pacific Division champions Bill Holmes and Jim Rogers did well among the trees in the Ford F 150, a bit to big a rig for the tight forest trails in Washington. Paul O'Kane and Erick Hauge sailed through the night in the Audi Coupe, and they finished fourth in the Production Class ranks. enough now to know I don't have But I've often wondered about about an hour with her, of this year. But they stayed close sixth overall. to win by twenty minutes. One the sense of humor of whichever explaining timing, course all season in theirVW GTI..Light So it ended. The 1987 SCCA or two will do." And that · is lesser God is in charge of following, etc. They finished the brought the GTI home f, r i1 fine National PRO Rally Champsion-exactly what he did all year. _ professional rallying. He just rally in Georgia and never took a ninth overall at the Wild West, ships.are now history. We won the Wild West by loves to meddle in our affairs. single extra road point. first in class, and won his first And what of 1988. one minute and thirty-six For t.he first five stages of the That same team, Dan and National Championship on the John Buffum and I won't be seconds. Millen and Harry Ward Wild West, Doug Shepherd and Betty Ann Gilliland, have been -final event of the year. back on a full time basis. Audi came second in their Group A R. Dale Kraushaar seemed well pluf.lging. away at our sport since John Crawford pushed hard to has won all it can win in this Ma;da 323 GTX, followed by on their way to another GT class their first start back in Georgia catch Light, but his Dodge country - again and again. They Jon W oodner and Tony Sircombe win and the 1987 championship. and it all came together in Shadow was just not quick will field a single Group A car in the Open Class Peugeot 205 Then, on Stage Six, Shepherd Washington. · enough and he followed the VW withJB's stepson, Paul Choiniere, Tl~. pulled off the road to change a The Gillilands drove their to the finish, senin secmuls behi,ul. behind the wheel. . But I don't think our perfect flat. It was a routine stop. Should Dodge Shelby Charger to a very For much of the night Scott · John Crawford's long associa-season was the main story at the have lasted about two minutes. It good seventh overall and first in Child (Toyota FX 16) and Chad tion with Dodge is coming to an Wild West PRO Rally. Behind lasted a lifetime. Shepherd high GT Production Class. Their first DiMarco (Subaru 4WD Tµrbo) end. At last word Dodge will us there was a major upset taking centered his Dodge Shadow place finish was just enough to_ had a hell of a battle going in only support Doug Shepherd in place in the Production GT trying to regain the road and win the 1987 GT Production Group A but a puncture towards '88. Class. stuck it long enough to be time- Class Championship, beatinl{ the end dropped DiMarco back a You can expect Buffum to be At the beginning of the '87 barred and listed as a DNF. Dou/.{. Shepherd by a mere tuo place and the mysterious the new manager of the SCCA season you could not buy abet at About five years ago 1 was co-points! Watanabe Brothers passed him National PRO Series in 1988. any odds that Doug Shepherd driving for Shepherd on a little Guy Light and Jimmy Brandt to take third in Group A by four You can expect me to begin would not win the Production Divisional rally in Georgia. did not have a Standard seconds! All three Group A actingmyage(someofthetime). GT Championship in his Dodge Before the start, a petite little Production Class win .until the drivers put in very good drives as There is no better time to quit Shadow. After all, Shepherd has lady asked me if I would explain Press On Regardless in October they finish~d fourth, fifth and then after a perfect year. always won his class since he how to read· a route book. She r.-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;iiiiiiii;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.i retired as a co-driver and was about to run her very first immediately-became a top notch event as a co-driver for her driver a few years ago. husband, also a novice. I spent ,•: -~ ~'*¼>:--::::.-,; .. ..,,~=¼Ji:,i•~-i~-•:ti John Buffum has a remarkable set of records, winning both the overall titles in SCCA Pro Series and the Nort/J American Cup for several years. John established a world record of victory in 104 rally e_vents in his career, a record that will undoubtedly stand for a long tinie. Dusty Times You'll flip over o_ur photos! Trackside Photo, Inc.-Racing photography since 1970 Trackside-Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commerci~I & Product Photography February 1988 New Address: 1507 East Del Amo Blvd. Carson, Callfornla 90746 (213) 609-1772 Page 41

Page 41

FORMUlA DESERT DOG SERIES MWUIDS Midwest Drivers Celebrate with a $·15,000 Bonus Points Fund By Brenda Parker Probst and Davtd Vanderrr,issen, - Sr., Art Schmitt and Scott Schwalbe. Tops in the prize line in Class 3 was James Miller, followed by Bruce McKinney and Rick Rogers. In Class 4 the. winner was the team of Herb Rosborough and Joe Clinton. Bill Schirm was second and Greg Gerlach was third. The Class 6 money winner was Bill Grabow-ski. The limited engine buggy classes are the biggest bunch racing in the Formula Desert Dog Series. Scott Taylor won the top money in Class 1-1600, followed by Jeff Probst, Jeff St. Peter,John Kazmarek/ Jay Finke, Dave_' -~ ~ - · , · Hameister, Chuck Williams, , Jeff Probst, left, won Class 1 points, and gets his reward from Gil, center, and Guy Crump and Tim Rutzen, all Mike Parker. Jeff also was second overall in Class 1-1600. receiving checks. The Class 2-Short Track Off Road attended by 110 drivers and 1600 winner was Kevin Probst, Enterprises, the sanctioning guests. After a delicious dinner followed by Scott Taylor, Jeff St. · bodyfortheFormulaDesertDog Mrke Parker, Master of Peter, Chuck Williams, Duane Series, has grown in the past four Ceremonies for the evenin·g, Pierson, David Vandermissen, years into a very prestigeous introduced Mr. Kevin Nauman Jr., Steve Tsarpalas and Dave organization. The group has from General Tire, who said a Hanson. moved from having their awards few words. 1987 was the first Kevin Probst was a double presentedaroundabonfireinthe year for General Tire to be winner,takingClass9topmoney middle of a field to an awards associated with this series as a also, the class a single seat version -. banquet,whichhasbeenheldfor contingency sponsor. Jeff of Class 10. Art Schmitt was the past four years at the Ramada Cummings, from BFGoodrich . second, followed by Todd Attig, Inn in Northbrook, Illinois. Tires, awarded the checks and · Scott Taylor and Lee Wuesthoff. . Thanks to Armstrong Tires trophies to the drivers involved In Class 10 (two seaters) David and ·Great Lakes Mazda , the in the Team T / A contingency Vandermissen, Jr. bested his series sponsors, and to the program. father Dave Sr. for the top increased sanction fees ,P.aid by Mike Parker then introduced money, and Scott Schwalbe was the promoters, a total of:i, 15,000 Gil Parker, the co-ordinator of third on points. Top money in was paid to 47 of the 74 eligible the series, who awarded chec;_ks Class 5-1600 went to Phil drivers this year. This figure is up and plaques to the point series Freimuth, followed by Terry and by $5,000 over the 1986 total, winners. Those who did not Roger Wolfe and Jeff and Sandy and the fund will increase next receive money received jackets Therriault. year to approximately $18,000. and T-shirts. In Class 8 Roger Lindsey won The b_anquet _was held on Drivers earning cash rewards the top money, followed by December 19, 1987 , and was in Class 1 were points winner Jeff Dennis Ferdon, Mitch Dumask . l j Herb Rosborough, center, and Joe Clinton were double winners, taking top spot with their Jeep in both Class 4 and Class 14 in the series. Mike and Gil Parker pre~ent the first place trophy for Class 1-1600 to Scott Taylor, right, and Taylor was second in Class 2-1600 as well. and Ken Kincaid. In Class 14 it the continued support of was another double winner as Armstro ng Tires in this Herb Rosborough/ Joe Clinton endeavor. took top spot. Ray Janusz/ Gil Parker also announced that Robert Flannagan were second he was stepping down as co-and Jack Heidtman/ Terry Bell ordinator of the series for the were third. STORE's Class 11 is coming year, and was turning the similar to Challenger Class and reins of leadership over to Tom Bob Schwartz took the top Schwartzburg. Tom will be honors, while Jeff Jones was assisted by his wife Ruth. Both second. Tom and Ruth are active buggy After the checks were all racers in the· series, so it will be a. tucked away in wallets and the busy season for them. trophies placed on the individual When the presentations were tables, Gil Parker introduced over, Boomer Productions . Bob Bogdanoff, from Armstrong provided the music for dancing. Tires. Bogdanoff said a few A great time was had by all who words regarding his hopes for the stayed until the wee hours to future of this series, and stated enjoy the music. Kevin Probst, left, was another. ;double winner in the racing series, taking the championship in both Class 9 and the competi-tive Class 2-1600. Class 8 is a big one in the midwest, and Roger Lindsey, from Dousman, Wisconsin, won the points title by attending most of the series events. Phil Freimuth takes his check and trophy from the Parkers for top points in Class 5-1600, y.,hich is dominated by drivers from Wisconsin. Gil Parker, right, retiring as co-ordinator of the series, tells his successor Tom Schwartzburg how much fun it is to take care of the details. Page 41 Class 9 racers Lee Wuesthoff, left, and Art Schmitt Ill, center, do a little bench racing while Bill Wuesthoff may have heard it all before. February 1988 Dave Vandermissen, Sr., got a pair of second place trophies for his results in Class 1 and Class 10. Dave Jr. was the Class 10 winner. Dusty nmcs

Page 42

Ice Racing in Minnesota By Mary Cich Photos: Rick Corwine • Former Indy racer Herm Johnson and Bill Pate teamed up to dominate the opening round of the Ice Championship Endurance Series, winning overall in the VW Golf G Tl. Heitzman in the championship Honda CRX Si to battle a Leighton Reese and Brad Hoyt ran consistently strong, and the Minneapolis based team were second overall and in SGT Class in the VW Golf G Tl . Volkswagen dominated SGT Dan Otto and Kevin Carlstrom took the top qualifier honors in SA Class, but field. O ther manufacturers ended up eighth overall and second in class in the VW Fox. Don and Marianne Coatsworth moved into a new class, SA, this season, and continued their winning ways by winning the class and taking sixth overall in a new VW Fox. The Amoco Ultimate l.C.E. Endurance Series was greeted with 25 below zero temperatures for qualifying day at the Miller High Life Detroit Lakes Ice Challenge, the opening round of the six race series for Showroom Stock autos. It had been three years since a week long cold spell like this had gripped this area of the country, about the same time that Henn Johnson had won his last automobile race. Race day would see both cold spells come to an end in exciting fashion. SCCA Showroom Endurance champion·, Bill Pate, brought north his championship winning Volkswagen Golf GTI to team with Henn. The biggest question was just how fast Pate could adjust to this unique form of motorsport. Another Pate GTI was in the hands of the experienced team of brothers, Terry and Chris Orr, considered strong contenders for the '88 title. John Menard and Jon Kurshinksy returned with their Dodge Omni GLH Turbo, while defending co-champion, John Dozier, teamed with rookie Brian Coming Next Month ... SCORE PARKER 400 MTEG AT ANAHEIM STADIUM PARIS,DAKAR RALLY RAID SNORE AWARDS BANQUET SHORT COURSERACING IN FLORIDA WCR MONTE CARLO RALLY ... plus all the regular features Dusty Ti~s included Mitsubishi and Mazda. Twenty-seven race teams brwed the frigid conditions r , the season opening ever Heading the SA class was '87 SA champions Todd Schneider and Jay Dekko in their VW Rabbit. Their chief competition would come from a trio of VW Foxes. The Johnson/ Pate VW sat on the pole on a sunny and balmy 15 degree race day. At the green flag, Kurshinsky's Dodge latched on in hot pursuit of Johnson, a fierce battle that would last a third of the way through the two hour race, until a flat tire would force the Dodge to pit. Transmission problems would eventually sideline the Dodge for good. Johnson had no chance to relax with a hard charging Leighton Reese in an aged VW GTI not far back in second position. Chris Orr held third despite the fact that they lost second gear on lap five. Dozier's Honda stayed in fourth until the midway point before losing ground with a fadfng motor: Pate took overthe leading GTI with a slim lead over Reese's co-driver Brad Hoyt, holding on for a 35 second victory. The Orrs stayed on the lead lap capturing third. Johnson was elated to be back in the winners circle for the first time since his Indy crash . Pate was also all smiles, enjoying a special introduction to ice racing. First and second in SA went to VW Foxes. 1987 rear-drive champions, husband and wife Don and Marianne Coatsworth, captured first in a successful transition to front-cl.rive competition. Second in SA went to Dan Otto and Kevin Carlstrom. Rear-drive was won by the Nissan of Len Jackson and Bob Brost. The preview event of the new ICE Super-Sprint competition for modified racers saw Leighton Reese victorious in each of two ten lap heats in his Mazda powered Saab. February 1988 Chris and Terry Orr lost ;econd gear on the fifth of 50 laps, bDt they' kept the VW Golf G Tl .together to place third overall and in SGT Class. John Menard and Jon Kurshinsky pressured the eventual winners in the early laps, but their Dodge Omni GLH retired later with transmission woes. The Super Sprint competition for modified cars consisted of two, ten lap heats, and Leighton Reese, left here won them both, and drags off the line here with Jon Kurshinski. Page 43 .. lt -

Page 43

C <: a.le~a:f:} ALL TERRAIN ENTERPRISES MOTOR SPORt PRODUCTS ~~,t'i" Compet,t,on T,res .B'.:P~-Offroad & Motorcycle Products 22264 Ottawa, Unit 1 Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-3186 (800) .892-5263 ALUMA-KO TE Aluminizing Sand Blasting Welding Repair 13574 Pumice Norwalk, CA 90650 Mike Matson 619-583-6529 (213) 802-2328 Brent Miller BY APPOINTMENT ONLY RACE CAR SALES • CUSTOM FABRICATION • RACE CAR PREP 6630 MacARTHUR DR., SUITE B • LEMON GROVE, CA 92045 FABRICATION & REPAIR CUSTOM ROLL CAGES OFF-ROAD RACE PREP FLAME CUTTING M.I.G. VvRDING TUBE BENDING DISTRIBUTOR FOR: TOM MINGA BILSTEIN SHOCKS HELLA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE 741 ROSALIE WAY, EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92019 • 619-445-5764 BELL KENNY PARKS I~ - A INn AN SAFETY PRODUCTS (213) 802-1477 14920 SHOEMAKER, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. 90670 SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ID & BARBARA 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 IIAflD (602) 386-2592 Page 44 <&roup ruckmann San Diego 16191 578--1585 6 CYLINDER PORSCHE OFF ROAD RACE ENGINES. WINNERS AT FOR CORKY McMILLIN DANNY LETNER LARRY RAGLAND MARK McMILLIN 8626 COMMERCE AVE. IN MIRAMAR car custom OFF-ROAD RACING DIVISION SCORE & HDRA MEMBERS RECEIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ON : -•·•·-• 111Pr= ~ w lfmB .......... ,_ ~ ~ .. ..,,'OIDW/,A = ~ • ~~ .,,,,.._ TWO GIANT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU SUPERSTORE #1 PH RS 969 SUPERSTORE #2 915 W FOOTHILL BLVD AZUSA CA 91102 818-334-4951 12451 WESTMINSTER BL.VD GARDEN GROVE CA 92643 714-554-9260 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $18.00 per month. Car custom VW SERVICE DEPARTMENT • RACE CAR PREPARATION • HI-PERFORMANCE ENGINE WORK , COMPLETE INSTALLATION & ELECTRICAL HI-PERFORMANCE TRANS WORK • COMPLETE TUNE-UP- STOCK OR HI-PERF. COMPLETE SERVICE & REPAIR . {i~Pa::::~Jfqgf!J}U::1::~1f!~I: Jt~i~,I~sg:g,11~? Cut out this coupon and mail it to: I Dick Capek, Inc. I I 17000 Kingsview Ave., Dept.OT I Carson, California 90746 I I D I've enclosed $2.00• I I Please send me your I 1988 Catalog and my I $2 Rebate Card * Canadian & Foreign requests I send $5 00 U.S Currency. L------------------------------20 YEARS OF BUILDING WINNING · OFF ROAD RACE CARS CHENOWTH CARS WIN Seven Out of Eight Overall Victories in 1987 CHENOWTH DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 1401 Pioneer Way #17 I El Cajon, CA 92020 Work (619) 442-3773 / Res. (619) 441-0938 February 1988 CHENOWTH aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.R.ACING PRODVCTS, INC. Racing and recreational chassis and accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 27S-1663 (CNC] Manufacturers of Quality Hydraulic and Automotive Products Sehd $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 cooL·w ATER INN "BARSTOW'S NEWEST MOTEL" * Free Locul Phone * Recreation Room * Free Movie Channel * Swimming Pool "DUSTY DISCOUNT" $3.00 OFF WITH THIS AD 619_'.:256-8443 170 Coolwater Lane, Barstow MOST DURABLE CUSTOM TOOL POUCHES AVAILABLE -OUR DESIGN OR YOURS SNAP ON • STRAP TIE • ROLL UP STYLE SNAP ON CLEAR PLACTICINE WINDOWS "DESERT RACER" ~~:o ,ROOUCTS P.O. Box 2233, San Marcos, CA 92069 (619) 945-0035 Official Contingency Donor for SCORE /HORA and AORA. INLAND OISPLA Y • POMONA MUNTZ STEREO· 916 HOLT AVE. 10138CANOGAAVE., CHATSWORTH, CA91311 Dusty nmcs )] a, I t l.

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-Ped ark ton -E r1 DIR[ RIX (602) 253-5289 Championship Off Road Race Car and Truck Fabrication Glenn Evans 1817 W . W illetta Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007 <••> ae1-aoaa DAN McGOWAN JOHN VERHAGEN 1533 TRUMAN ST. SAN FERNANDO, CA 91340 "serving the industry since 1976" , DRIVELINE SERVICE J,, CL£-1-THERE IS A DIFFERENCE f., ~EPAIRING • BALANCING • CUSTOMIZING PARTS AND SERVICE ON C/V AND FRONT WHEEL DRIVE UNITS (714) 824-1561 416 E. Valley Blvd., Colton, CA 92324 SCORE & HDRA CONTINGENCY SPONSORS 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE We SPECIALIZE in VW Cams and Valve Train Components Bob Cassetta 825-0583 888-2703 15112 Weststate St. Westminster, CA 92683 (714) 891-8600 Don Rountree 241 S. Arrowhead Ave. SAN BERNARDINO TM FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHEL TEAS ____ THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! RENTALS VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS RENTALS AVAILABLE (714) 981-9666 AVAILABLE 963 SEABOARD COURT, UPLAND. CA 91786 Dusty Times ~. RAt/N, ff'-,FUEl~ 213-603-2200 1985 SCORE/HORA ENG!NE BUILDER OF THE YEAR VW & Porsche • Racing Engines I & Transaxles Race Car Preparation PERFORllWICE Intake & Exhaust System Components for VW Type I, Rabbit, TYPE IV, 911 1450 N. Glassel!, Orange, CA 92667 • (714) 639-2833 \lLE SAFET ORIVING SUITS SEAT BELTS NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 _818-768-7770 DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS RE-UCAIU V.W. PAim 11823 SHEL.CON ST. SUN VALLEY, CA 913!52 768-4!5!5!5 (619) 46~3782 ~ Gd Your sn,rr Together/ ~ ~~~;,,.__ ____ _ PORTlrt ·TRArtSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul.. California 92035 ~ Doug Fortin (408) 377-3422 Custom Shocks Built to Your Vehicle's Specifications K>X RACING SH0X 544 McG/inc,y l1n1, Unit 8, C1mpb1H, C1/il 95008 February 19N ~?9~~ A Prototype Desigl"I & Development Company Specializing In: (619) 449-8322 FRISK BROS. • Racecars, Racetrucks, A TV's • Tube Bending& Metal Fabrication • Aluminum & Steel Sheetmetal 10734E Kenney Street• Santee, CA 92071 Dump Cans 10925 Kalama River Road Fountain Valley, CA 92708 GARMA ABRICATIO Quick FIiis Std. FIiis (714) 962-0027 ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GARMAN 1'36 EAST THIRD STREET (714) 620-1242 POMONA, CA 91766 TERPRISES· _, :i\~~ PROFESSIONAL POOL SERVICE AND REPAIRS SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL & CUSTOM POOLS LICENSED & INSURED • ACIO WASHES• FILTERS• HEATERS: MOTORS• ETC. BEEPER 381-3148 OFFICE 362-4202 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89103 HOUSE of BUGGIES 9027 Campo Road• Spring Valley, CA 92077 • 619-589-6770 MICHAEL LUND Owner 6211 Yarrow Drive, Suite C • Carlsbad, CA 92009 • (619) 931-0844 Page 45 ...

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,_ Lee (714) 522--4600 (714) 522--4602 dl@l!liJt::Y V. W. Service REPAIR O PART$ 0 SERVICE 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL tAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON OHN ac,w: NNUl:TS Send '2.00 lot~ OHNSON CUSTOM RACE CAR PREP FOR WINNING -- - -PER FORMAN CE H1CH PB1F011MANa 5HOCIIS DUAl 6 TB'U SHOa SYS11MS P.O. BOX81 ,_CIASS LEMON GROVE, DEPT. 1 CA 92045 (619) 698-3407 10 Time BAJA 1000 Winner to• V-6 U MOTOR PAIR'S Custom Engines / Transaxles Street · Strip • Offroad KEITH SCHINDLER (714) 599-7627 Page 46 McKENZIFS AUTOMOTIVE INC. WAllllHOUaa: DtaTlll■UTOIIS P'OII TIICTlflA TIIIIU KC L IOHTa aUP'llll TIIAP' aP'AIIK AllllllaTOIIS Cl■lll LIOHTa MCKllNZlll AIIIP'ILTllllS WIIIOHT P'LACll OUIIA ■LUil ULTIIA ■OOT WllSTllllN AUTO TIIIH 8 Ul-79A-S4S8 818-795-9827 aWAY-A-WAY ■ILSTIIIN SHOCKS K.Y.■. aMOCKa ■llAIIO aaATa HllWLAND GIAM OIM G&AM CIIOWN MP'O. NKAL P'IIODUCTa IIAP'ID COOL TIU-MIL 12949 SHUMAN WAT. NO. A NO. HOLLYWOOD. CA 91805 MENDEOLA RACING TECHNOLOGY VW • PORSCHE • HEWLAND RACING CEARBOXES ( 619) 2 7 7, 3100 7577 CONVOY COURT, SAN DIEGO, CA 92111 5\S_ C t,I f>. S Custom Built to Your Needs by V-ENTERPRISES 37925 Sixth St. East, Unit 107 Palmdale, CA 93550 Bill Varnes Mike Brown 805/272-3843 INSTANT SERVICE 1-800-331-NEAL OUTSIDE CALIF. Higll Performance Pedals & Hydraulics, Including ... • NEAL Cutting Brakes'• • Clul<h Pedal Assemblies • Master Cylinders • Hydraulic Clutches and Thro11les .. plus much more. VW TRANSAXLES OFF ROAD/STRIP/STREET Comple1e Catalog, $3.00. NEAL PRODUCTS, INC. 7171 Ronson Road San Diego. CA 92111 (619) 565-9336 OFF ROAD SUSPENSIONS NEVER LIFT ENGINEERING JEFF HUBER (619) 242-5840 13952 HUDSON CT. APPLE VALLEY , CA 92307 "USED BY WINNERS NATIONWIDE" Ask Your Performance Dealer Today -Oil - Fuel -Transmissions -Rearends -Offroad. Oval Track, Drag, Marine QUALITY GUARANTEED Oberg Inc. 12414 Hwy. 99 So. Dept. OT, Everett. WA 98204 OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6879 ORAN C 1RCLE . 8uENA PARK . CA. 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 W D \/ANS & PICKUPS & M I N I TRUCKS GABRI E L RACING SHOCKS • BAJ A R YDERS PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS A XLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION NO BLOCKS U SED • WEL D ING & FABRICATION . Bill Montague (714) 521-2"2 Established 1974 Wants YOU Be a Volunteer in a Yokohama Support Pit. Get Involved ! Dennis Rogers or Steve O'Connor (818) 335-7757 OFF ROAD INNOVATIONS BOLT·ON PRE-RUNNER ACCESSORIES LIGHT HOOPS BED KICKERS TIRE MOUNf S CUSTOM FABRICATION (6191 S88-2S68 1160 PIONEER WAY, SUITE C, EL CAJON, CA 92020 IKE' FAMILY RESTAURANT Over 40 Years • The best in the Desert offee Shop · Steak House -Watering Hole Saloon Mobil 24 Hour Service Station BAKER, CALIFORNIA 19000 Bagby Dr. Canyon Country PREPCo RACE CAR MAINTENANCE RICHARD PARCELLS (805) 251-9631 PROBST Off Road Ra cing Inc. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX ILLINOIS 6 0451 18151 485-RACE 172231 Dusty Times February 1988 '--------------------------------------------------------------

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PROFESSIONAL • AMERICAN • CANADIAN c 0ff~R0AD \l__ A R~CING ~ . ~--~~~ ~ ~~ P. 0. BOX 323eSEAHURST, WA 98062 (206) 242-1773 Quality Products Fastener Sµecialis,ts Heinz (Henry) Buchhardt (213) 633-6971 6845 East Compton Blvd. Paramount, CA.90723 AL KEY (213) 515-3570 PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATIONS FOR PERFORMANCE VEHICLES The REP FIRM Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 DOUG FREEMAN (213) 320-9584 P.O. BOX 3757 GARDENA. CA 90247•7457 (818) 991-3014 Bernice Sanders 5331 Derry Ave. • Suite O • Agoura, CA 91301 RUSS's V.W. Recycling 3317 S. Peck Rd., Monrovia, CA 91016 (BEHIND TONY'S TRUCK WRECKING) (818) 574-1943 • (818) 574-1944 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914 's Dusty Time$ (213) 583-2404' &~ r,~?t~PSERVICE; INC. METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Avenue Los Angeles, California 90001 SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PAATICAL . FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith Larry Smith '-':1:-:-. ..: _ _ ,. . S41t 'Ji ~"99'1 {!uu,t ---, _. • 1533 Truman Street 1987. San Fernando. Ca. 91340 Phone: (BHl) 361-1215 'BUDWEISER FRT SUPERSTITION· SERIES CHAMPIONS JOEY AOZIMA. JR. -CLASS 10 STEVE WOLCOTT-CLASS 1-2-1600 CECIL WRIGHT -OPEN UNLIMITED 1 NICK GROSS • CHALLENGER CLASS KEN GOLOJUCH • BIG TRUCK CLASS AL DELAROSA -LITTLE TRUCK CLASS GREG SANDEN -CLASS 5 TODD TEUSCHER · CLASS 100 CHUCK MEAD • CLASS 6 Race Car-Fabrication Custom Bumpers Roll Cages & Nerf Bars Progressive Suspensions Systems SOUTHERN NEVADA OFF ROAD CHASSIS RAY CUMMINS TRENT MORSE 702-739-9969 6245 Harrison Dr., #26 Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 Hi-f>erformance VW-Porsche Parts & Accessories OFF ROAD SUSPENSION SYSTEMS - -SHOCKS RACE CAR FABRICATION AND PREPARATION CUSTOM MACHINE PARTS-KEVIN McGILLIVRAY 28210 AVE. (;ROCKER #301, VALENCIA, CA 91355 (805) 257-0934 11'0111 ENIINEfll/Nt; PRECISION HELIARC WELDING CUSTOM FABRICATION PRODUCTION & REPAIRS· GREGG HAWKS 818-710-1044 WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA February 1988 Anaheim, CA ......................... .. (714) 630-3810 Bakersfield, CA . ........................ (805) 324-9882 Bullhead City, AZ ....................... (602) 758-5480 . Colton, CA ............................. (714) 877-0226 Concord, CA ........ . . _ ......... _ ..... . (415) 676-4300 Denver, CO ........................ : .... (303) 750-9619 El Centro, CA .......................... (619) 352-4721 Fullerton, CA ........................... (714) 635-5533 Hayward, CA ........................... (415) 783-6500 Lancaster, CA .......................... (805) 948-6044 · Las Vegas, NV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (702) 643-9200 Long Beach, CA ........... . . . . . ........ (213) 432-3949 Los Angeles, CA ......... _ . . ... ......... (213) 531-0192 Oakland, CA ........................... (415) 261-6900 Phoenix, AZ ............................ (602) 8~-1324 Pleasant Hill, CA ........ ................. (415) 798-2201 Riverside, CA ........................... (714) 877-0226 . Salinas, CA ............................. (408) 422,-9808 Santa Barbara, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (805) 963-9366 San Jose, CA ........................... (408) 294-4513 Van Nuys, CA .. _ ...... : ................ (818) 785-0902 Ventura, CA .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. . . (805) 659-5609 Yuma, AZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (602) 782-6543 . P.O. Box 610, 333 West Broadway, Suite 202 {213) 437_4373_ Long Beach, California 90801--0610 RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components· SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630-8283 · Anaheim,. CA Suspension Components (818} 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 CHUCK TAYLOR PREMIUM PETROLEUM LUBE . 349 MAINSAIL RD. OCEANSIDE, CA 92054 (619) 433-8777 Lubricants Specialist SOUTHWESTERN PETROLEUM CORPORATION SINCE 1133 HIICE THANS BY JEFF FIEOlS TRANSflXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA ~1311 Page 47

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The Losers •••• By Judy Smith rocks; feeling the axles twist, agonizing • over the size of a Volkswagen first gear, and playing the throttle to keep the motor running. Each of the three hills was a separate accomplish-ment, and to make it all the way through was a sign that the rest of the trip had to be just great. · and looked forward to seeing it again; you probably shouldn't wait too long .. I have visions of one long beach camp in the not this applies to you, clip it out, paste it up .where you will see it every day, underline it and draw arrows to it: Fudpucker gave off road racers one last chance to become Losers in 1987, at his Dunaway Dash, on New Year's Eve, the last race of the year. And Dave Henrickson was probably the first to break, losing his brand new motor just two and a half miles into the race. ·Rob Zimmer and Earl Rosenbaum were also early Losers, when their Chenowth l 6(X) car lost a couple of gears and they struggled only through one time consuming lap, and then pulled in to their pit for good. Doug Fortin Jr. got his single seat 1600 car tangled up with some big rocks and tore off a front corner, while Mike Lund and Bill Hernquist found themselves without a tie rod after two laps. They were racing in a pre-runner, and knew it was chancy from the start. Cecil and Jeff Wright had a good race going for a lap or two, but then some mysterious problem, probably involving _a seal, · finished off their quick Mazda motor, and brought them back to the pits on a tow rope. John Kennedy and Morley Williams brought out their new 1600 car to see how it worked, and it looked good for a while. But then they lost an air cleaner, and broke one of their innovative front shock mounts. Morley says it's back to the drawing boards befor.e Parker. Matt McBride was driving in Tim Rodriguez's short course car, which used to be McBride's short course car. They thought the desert might be too tough for it, and It was. The nose cone broke off the transmission on the fifth lap. ·rrackside Photo, Inc. Donna Hingtgen had a long day, which involved a broken c.v. joint, a clutch that had to be fixed, _and brakes that needed repairs. She and her co-drive_r. Mike Free, didn't quite make it through the n_ine laps required. Their troubles had started on the night before, ·when they'd blown their race motor and had had to switch to a 1600cc spare. They drive in an open class. Sometimes off roaders become Losers . as a group, as when another area is closed to -racing or playing. I sometimes feel that we're on the down side of the hill, moving faster and faster, in this respect. It wasn't so long ago, speaking generally, that wide open spaces were there for the taking. Even in our recent memory, it had seemed to some that we'd never run out of room. But we keep being fenced out. It's inevitable of course, as humaniry spreads out, but that doesn't keep me from mourning the loss of all the open spaces. Recently I took a short trip to Baja, and while there, traveled from San Felipe all the way down the Gulf coast, past Gonzaga Bay. It's a trip I've always loved, partly because of the solitude of the many beautiful small beaches, an d partly because of the challenge of the road itself. And of course, the infamous Three Sisters, those hills just south of Puertecitos, play a big part in my memory of the trip. There was always a churning in the pit of my stomach, and I'd have sweaty palms as I held the steering wheel, when I headed up the first of the steep, rocky inclines. I remember talking to my car, whether it was a race car or a pre-runner, up and over the The very first time I drove those hills, my passenger, Muriel Heath, who was to be my co-driver in our first race, the '71 Baja 500, was sitting white-knuckled and silent for most of - the way. Then I realized that she was counting, "One ... two ... three ... four .. .five ... six ... seven ... " I finally · couldn't stand it any more, and asked what she was counting. "The cars over the side," she said. The point of this long exercise in nostalgia is to let you know that we've lost the Three Sisters. They're simply ·not there any more. I suppose some folks will welcome the change, but not me. It means that the Snowbirds can find their way to Huerfanito with their trailers and motorhomes. It means that each little cove has a sign advertising "Lots for Rent", and the Mexican entrepeneurs are building houses on spec, for the American tourist to buy. They are cropping up within the area that was encompassed by the Sisters, and they're all the way south to Gonzaga. Every nice beach seems to have a sign now. The feeling that it was all wild country is gone. And not only . that, but the road isn't even fun anymore. It's washboardy and rocky, but safe for almost everything. We even saw a middleaged Rabbit, which has about four inches of gound clearance, motoring along past Gonzaga. If you've enjoyed the trip from Puertecitos t~ Calamju~_~ash, 112 Octane Trick · too distant future. We'll be back next month with the Losers from the Parker race.. Tech Tips By Bill Savage, Chairman HORA-SCORE Technical Committee Welcome to the new year of HORA-SCORE racing. We will have some changes this season, changes that are planned to im-prove our operation and take some of the drudgery out of go-ing through tech for the competitors. First, we will have tech inspec-tion divided among four areas. One is for motorcycles, one for cars, one for heavy and mini metal classes and the fourth for safety of all vehicles. The future of pre-race week-end tech inspection, an experi-ment we tried last season, is in doubt. We tried it three times, and only about six vehicles showed up. The-idea was a fa~l-ure, but it potentially can save so much time on race weekend for the competitors that we would like to come up with a plan to make it work. Please, anybody with suggestions, drop us a note. Some time between the Parker race and the Gold Coast we will have the new log book, which will carry all tech inspection information for an individual's vehicle. With this book we will be able to eliminate some inspec-tion procedures for some car owners. This is also designed to simplify tech and save time for everybody. A reminder to all competitors about new helmet guidelines,_!£ As of the second ·race. (Gold Coast 300) we will no longer accept 1975 Snell Foundation helmets, only 1980 and 1985. If you are still wearing a helmet that old, it is time to replace it with a new one. Meanwhile, here are some re-minders about current rules and a few new interpretations that will be guiding our inspection crew beginning with the SCORE Parker 400. Classes 1, 2: 6 and 7 are the same as they were in 1987. Classes 1-2-1600 and 5-1600 are also the same, but with an amendment that doesn't show in the rulebook, although it has been mentioned often in this column in 1987. Aftermarket front trailing arms are approved, if they are in the ·stock dimen-sions. Spindles of any manufac-ture may be used. Class 3 continues as an inde-pendent class for the full season. It will not be merged in 1988. Class 5 has a number of inter-pretation changes that were recommended by the body of racers in the class at a meedng last July. These are not all the sugges-tions that came out of that meet-ing, as some of the changes are still being studied by High Desert and SCORE before being implemented. What we will allow is as follows: , l . The firewall location is optional if the overall looks of the Baja Bug is the same'. 2. Rear fenders are mandatory. No details are necessary, but the fenders must comply with the overall Baja Bug appearance. 3. Doors can be bolted, Dzus-fastened and CAN BE WELDED. TA~c~· racing gasoline 118 Octane Super-nick 100 Octane Unleaded Alameda County {4151 538-RACE Phoenix {6021 952-2575 ytPJ-Peter Hatch (213) 609-1772 Bakersfield Bremerton ·Denver El Centro Hawaii Huntington Beach long Beach Los Angeles {8051 393-8258 {2061 377-795 1 {303/ 452-523'1 {6 19/ 352-2600 {8081 682-5589 /714/ 536-8808 f2 I 3J 979-0198 f2 I 31 863-480 I Portland/Vancouver Riverside Sacramento San Diego Saugus Seattle Spokane TriCities {2061 693-3608 f7l4j 787-8141 {9161 638-RACE {6 19/ 460-5207 {805/ 259-3886 {2061 833-0430 f509J 483-0076 f509J 547-3326 uN1auE METAL PRODUCTS 8745 MAGNOLIA, SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 619/ 449-9690 1507 East Del Amo Blvd. • Carson, CA ,907 46 L.!s Vegas f702J 871-14 I 7 Tucson f602J 326-8770 Po~er Steering -Brackets Aluminum Fabrication -Tabs LOUIE UNSER Racing Engines 1100 E. Ash Ave. Suite C Fullerton, Ca. 92631 Louie Unser (714) 879-8440 Phone (602) 242-0077 2733 W. Missouri Page 48 Custom Wheels Phoenix, Arizona 85017 Orange County 171416'4-0845 \Alenatchee THE WINNERS CHOI~ WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next ca~. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on top, Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street • strip and off-road or send $3 for the complete ---catalog. f509J 663-2912 (iii)WEB -CAM 12387 Doherty st., Dept. DT .,,;RFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS Riverside, CA 92503 · · (714) 735-2200 "Not legit to, s,/e"' CA on pollut,on cont'°'led vehicles ~ Check out the DUSTY TIMES Special Club Sub Offer (Almost half price for group subscriptions) Call (818) 889·5600 or write DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 February 1988 Engine & Machine V W - P ORSCHE - O FF ROAD 947 RANCHEROS DRIVE SAN MARCOS, C~ 92069 (6191741-6173 For advertising rates & information contac, Wright Publishing Co., Inc. PO Box 2260, Costa Mesa, CA 92628 (714) 979-2560 Dusty Times

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4. Front and rear torision bars are optional. Going on to Classes 7S and 7 4x4, there are no significant changes, but Mitsubishi can run with engine displacement at 2550cc through the rest of the season. In addition, the Jeep can run with a maximum engine size of 2650cc. We'll be keeping a . watch on the Jeep, however, and reserve the right to downsize the engine if it turns out to be domi-nant ·in these two classes. In Class 8 we have the lingering problem of what to do about non-conformance of Scoop Vessels' truck. After discussion with his competitors HORA and SCORE have decided to allow Scoop to keep his truck legal through the end of this season, so long as he continues to drive it and own it. The Challenger Class is unchanged, but we feel com-pelled to issue some rule clarifi-cations in answer to queries from competitors. So here they are: 1. Wrist pins, as with the pis-tons, can be of any manufacture but must be of stock configura-tion. In other words, lightweight wrist pins will not be allowed. 2. Rocker arms must be 1600cc parts as delivered in the U.S. No 36-hp rocker arms will be allowed. · 3. Rocker shafts may be ofany manufacture or type. 4. Pushrods may be of any manufacture or type, including aluminum, chromolly, etc. 5: The rule book says on page 74, "All parts called out,for this class shall be in their stock shape, size and configuration unless otherwise stated." In adhering to that rule, all trailing arms and ball . joints must not be tampered 'Yith or otherwise modified. There will be no bending, twisting, crimping or denting. 6. Electrical fuel pumps may be used if they are backing up the original stock mechanical pumps. They must be operated through the stock pump. The SCORE Parker 400 will be the first race where new 4-valve engines will be legal in Class 10. Just so there is no confusion, engines with more than two valves per cylinder, 1600cc and smaller, may have a maximum of two venturis no larger than 29 mm each. Any engine with piston displacement from 1601 to 1650cc is restricted to no more than two venturis of28 mm each. In · the A TV classes, due to legal and insurance considera-tions and also based on the real safety concerns of SCORE International, there will be no competition for three-wheelers. We had previously planned to add 200cc quads to Class 23, ;md that is where those quads wifl compete this season, but there will be no three-wheelers in that class and, of course, quad rules will apply, not three-wheel rules. Driver Rep System At the Gold Coast race last year there was the start of a buggy class Driver-Rep system. It was started so that there would be an organ-ized line of communication from the driver and others in his class to SCORE and HORA. The Class Driver Reps have made an effort to contact you and let you voice your views about your class. We are Sl,lpported by Walt Lott and Dusty Times · Sal Fish and the system is ·working. Most communication is in regards to Rule Clarifications but any and all comments will be listened to. Your Buggy Class Driver Reps are: CLASS 1 Mark McMillin 676 Via Encantada Chula Vista, CA 92050 CLASS2 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 CLASS 1-2/1600 Rick Frisby 263 Cranston Crest Escondido, CA 92025 CLASS5 Stan Parnell 9371 Kramer, Unit G Westminister, CA 92683 CLASS 5-1600 Andy DeVercelly 140 C Avenue Coronado, CA 92118 CHALLENGER CLASS · Rich Minga 6630 McArthur Drive Lemon Grove, CA 92045 CLASS 10 Mike Church Church Engineering 2501 Alton Avenue Irvine, CA 92714 CLASS 11 Mike Abbott 1907 Robbins Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Please feel free to write your rep if you have anything that you need or that he needs to know. The Driver Rep system was set up by volunteers who care to bet-ter the sport. We were elected at the Gold Coast drivers meeting by a show of hands. We plan on working hard in 1988 to help our sport and you. The Driver Reps communicate directly to SCORE and HORA. The system will work. Please communicate. Good Luck at the Races Mark McMillin SCCA ScNdllcrn Pacific Dhllioll Pro Rally Repo,t By Lynnette Allison, Stewa~d The 1988 Championship year began with a bang, with the first two events in October and November of 1987, respectively. Drivers Lon Peterson, hard charging in a Plymouth Arrow, and Ian Miller,-with his quick Toyota Corolla, are in a tie for first place on points. Nipping on their heels is George Deland, pushing for a win this year. These three outstanding competitors present a unique blend of experience, cunning and skill seldom expected in Divisional rally competition. Medical problems forced an early retirement from the 1987 competition scene, but the 1986 Divisional Champion Lon Peterson is . working on his comeback this season, and won East of Indio in November. Ian Miller, chasing his elusive victory, may yetirab the title this year. George Daland, pushing his Starion through its pac~s. presents a more polished technique this year and offers some tough competition. With four events, possibly more, yet to come, the 1988 rally year should prove an interesting one for all entrants. Right now Lon Peterson and Ian Miller are tied on driver points at 60. George Deland is -third with SO points, followed by Roger Hull with 38, and Ray Hocker is fifth with 24 points. Jim Love leads the co-driver's plain desert's revenge, vehicles title chase with 60 points, do break and that's where we followed by Bart Godettwith45, step in. Richard Hull with 36,John Elkin The Support Team has about with 30, and Bill Moore with 24 all a racer could ask for in the way points. of help and usually a bit more. A clarification is needed on Now you're asking yourself, what license requirements. National could these guys possibly do for Pro Rally license holders received me? Well since you asked so INCORRECT INFORMATION nicely I will tell you. We have concerning divisional events. tires mounted on wheels in all SCCA presented a new option sizes; Fronts, Rears 33 and 35 for competitor licenses be- and yes we have Challenger 4 and ginning in 1988. A combined · 5 lug. We have spare parts such license, good for both National as tie rod ends, pulley belts, and Divisional events is· now clutch and throttle cables, push available. Competitors must rod tubes, plugs, points, apply for the combined license condensers, caps, plug wires and through the SCCA headquarters oil ( engine and trans). OH! in Denver. A Divisional Pro Almost forgot! We have screws Rally competitor's license, good and bolts to fix that loose Nut for only divisional events, will· behind the steering wheel. continue to be available during Welder and radio communica-registration at divisional events. tions finish off our line up, not It is a new vehicle safety rule! bad for a bunch of desert bums. Inspection of rally vehicles, in Just ask the people we helped in addition to required technical 1987. · inspections, will become a reality The big question now is where in 1988. Proposed almost two will we be at Parker? Answer years ago, rally vehicles will begin is: .. bottom of Thunder Alley for a program of annual vehicle the California loop, Swansea and inspections, performed by a Midway or better known as the lice~sed tech inspector, within · Hour Glass for all you old timers each twelve month period, and on the Arizona loops. So now· general vehicle condition will be you know as much as I do, well noted in the log book. Final almost. See you at Parker and details and requirements will be GOOD LUCK!! made avaiable soon. Special note to all you golfers, The SCCA National Conven- Yokohama is putting on a golf tion is coming soon. Check your tournament at the Mint· 400 past issues of Sportscar Magazine called "Yokohama and Friends." for information on SCCA's It's the 1st annual but srce is National Convention February limited so act now, cal Dick 17-21 in Denver, Colorado. It Johnson at (619) 576-0595 for offers you a chance to meet some more information. of the people you've previously By now you're about ready to known by name, and be able to · tear this article into little bits l;,ut ask your questions. The I've got just one last thing to say. convention traditionally offers We "Need Volunteers," be a part seminars, training sessions, of the team, help those racers you social gatherings, and a "Town normally just sit there and watch Hall" questions-and answers go by; you'll thank yourself in session. Prorallymeetingswillbe the end. Contact Dennis Rogers heldduringthefirsttwoorthree at (818) 335-7757 days, (714) days of the convention, leaving 599-5291 nights or write Off plenty of time for sight seeing in Road Dynamics, 307 S. the Denver area. · Vermont Ave., Unit I, Glendora, Reservations are a must and CA 91740. We will also make you'll save a bit of money if you special arrangements for racers. call early. Look for a registration form in Sportscar Magazine, or call SCCA (303)693-7222. Ask for Darlene Gamer or for a registration form to be mailed to you. Mark your calendar, with these changes. The March running of the High Desert Trails Rally has been postponed until June 1988. Also, the phone number for Mike Blore (February 13 Rally sprint organizer) should read (213) 425-0984, and the area code for Mike and Paula Gibeault is 619. - - . '-~YOKOHAMA ..-W'suPPORT TEAM, By Ucllll1.1 / \U)..;l 1.1 It's here, the first race of 1988, the Parker 400 and Yokohama Support will be there in full · force. Not with one pit, not with two pits but with three full service pits to service YOU the racer. Now you are asking yourself what's the catch? There is no catch; sure, you say to yourself, there must be a catch some-where. I'm telling you there is no catch. We know occasionally you need help so Yokohama. Support Team is there to do just that, help. Be it brain fade, broken part, loss of luck or just February 1988 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES B:v Bi/I Moore By the time you read this, the C.R.S. Board of Governors will have met in the annual "before the banquet" meeting. The agenda includes the election of officers, the calendar of events, a report on our search for insurance, and a report on the expected meeting of the S.C.C.A. regional stewards and the Pro Rally Board. Hopefully, that means next month's column · will have a lot of information to discuss. The next scheduled event is the "288" Rallysprint which is set for Saturday, February 13, at the Glen Helen O.R.V. Park. The High Desert Trails Rally, which was originally scheduled for March has been tentatively moved back to June. This is a difficult time for Pro Rallying. The people in the S.C.C.A., on whom we rely for insurance, seem to be pu~hing us continually closer to the way the road racers do things, all · the while making it more difficult for them. For the last 14 yea rs or so we've been getting along just fine . Some people might say all the changes are . putting- the "pro" into the sport, but I disagree. When C.R.S. organizers were putting on national events, they were some of the best rallies in the U.S. While the events today are divisionals, they ;ire still of national caliber. What we are facing is an incredible maze of "club" politics, continual changes, and ever increasing costs and regulating bureaucracy between the ralliest and the green flag. We used to be able to promote ourselves as a. low cost alternative for the off road weekend warrior. I'm not sure that is still true. We start by soaking you for a C.R.S. membership which includes your subscription to DUSTY TIMES. We are then required to hit you up for a divisional license and an S.C.C.A. membership. If you want to play with the big boys and get a national license, that's some more money and a chunk of change for a physical ( every two years). All this gets shipped off to the S.C.C.A. headquarters where the only thing you can count on is that they will change the rules and be slow as molasses in the winter. You must send off for a I~ book so your car can be inspected by licensed tech · inspectors. I appreciate the hard work these guys are doing, but why the increase in paper work and bureaucracy? Then you can get your required driving suit, which costs about $200, so we can .all look . "professional." I hate to say it but nine out of ten of us are not going to make it on our good looks. If they were truly worried about fire, why not allow chemically treated cotton overalls, similar to those worn by . explosive workers? And, last but not least, the helmet. You can debate the number of active brain · cells I have, but I do protect them. I think it would be nice for those who write the requirement, to.also write .explanations: such as how much more protection I get with an '85 SNELL sticker vs. an '80 SNELL sticker, and why the automotive· helmet is better for me than the motorcycle helmet. It's not that mueh to ask for, unless we're doing nothing more than supporting the new models from the manufacturers, as we upgrade the SNELL stickers. Now that you have spent$400 or more before you put the key in the car, convince your co-driver that he or she should do the same for the thrill of having their intestinal tract put through the automotive equivalent of the Waring blender. Are we having fun yet? I guess I am or I wouldn't still do it, but I have to admit that it's getting harder to justify the fun vs. cost and -irritation. If you think running a rally is less rewarding, try ogranizing one! The amount of time, paperwork and formality in the S.C.C.A. sanctioning process is becoming astounding, even for events that have been done for years. The "bottom line" is how to stop those who are regulating the sport to "save it" from destroying it as the means to that salvation? Page 49

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: Class 10 single seat race car. 1st place winner 1986 at Lucerne, the Mint, Baja 500, Barstow. O .R.E. frame, Fox shocks, EMS motor, Field's trans. Professionally maintained and prepared by Greg Lewin of O.R.E. $14,000 complete. Call Steve at (805) 344-2133. FOR SALE - Outlaw Class I , FAT type 4, MendeolaHewland, best of everything. Last race Mint 400, 2nd overall. Car is fresh and ready to race. Includes all spares, radios, trailer, etc. ' $18,000.00. For more info call Nick (619) 460-4418 . . FOR SALE -FUNCO Class I buggy. Previously owned by Malcolm Smith. Prepared and maintained by O.R.E. (Greg Lewin). New 238 0cc FAT engine. New bus transaxle w / Hew land gears by T ransaxle Engineering (Jeff). New brakes, lines, mas ter cylinders and batteries. New 2 rear Fox posi-tion sensitive shocks: Many extra parts, incl 7 rear spares, 3 fronts. Race prepped, ready. $12,500.00. Call Bill (805) 272-3843 or Terry (303) 232-7852 or (303) 232-2415. . FOR SALE . - Lee Leighton Type I O pen Class motor. Fresh rebuilt, 2240 roller crank, Trick heads, big W eber, dyno 1.30 hp. $4000.00 invested. Will sell for $3000.00 obo. Also, bus trans w/ Hewlands, built by Mike Leighton, $ 1200.00 obo. Call Joe after 6 p.m. (702) 647-2102. FOR SALE - Class 5 race ready. Great for pre;run car, still competitive 5 car. Trailer and all equipment. $9500.00. Call (619) 728-0837. FOR SALE -Class 10 Chenowth 1000. Very clean car, best of everything. Complete Wright front end, power steering, Summers Bros. hubs, FAT air cooled motor, Saco Hewland trans, Super Boot, Sway-A-Way, Mastercraft. Sell _complete or less motor and trans. Call Diamond G Racing, days (303) 237-5722, nights (303) 237-0435. FO R SALE - C lass 5 car/ pre-runner. Neth , 9" wider beam, Wright front arms, Woods 3x3 arms, Bus trans, 1835 VW. Turbos, Bilstein, Mastercraft, 22 gal. cell, many spare parts, have license plates. Second place at the 1986 Superstition 250. $6500.00 obo. Call Wayne at (7 14) 770-2495 days, ( 714) 496-6615 eves. FOR SALE - Callen trailer 8x22 race car hauler. $4500.00 obo. Type I 2 180 FAT roller crank motor. $2000.00. · Call Bob (714) 594-3858. FOR SALE - Chaparral 2 seater, 118" wb, chrome moly, DG300 Hew land, ( fresh ), . Summers Bros. outboard c.v.'s, 2700cc Type IV, UMP power steering, Fox shocks; extra parts, race prepped. $25,000.00 or _make offer. Call Dan (602) 272-:,;;..-,-' -·"~,_.q~.:; ~ .,-,;_ ~.;,. 6626. FOR SALE -Bo Skowronnek's mileage counter, Bosch auxiliary Canadian Rally' champion 1986 lights, rims and tires and many and Group "A" I 987 champion. spares, too numerous to list. I 242 Volvo Turbo. This Group Comes complete with dual axle ,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;;;;:;:;:;~;:=;;;;;;;:;;;;;;:::;;;;;;;;;::; " A" 270 hp fuel injected electric brake trailer with tire FOR SALE OR TRADE -Sandwinder, 4 seat dune buggy. Same owner. Featured in September 1975 Hot VW's. New big bore I 500 Lee Leighton engine, Tr.i-Mil, Holley, CB, !sky cam, HD oil pump, Hayden, power pulley, 5 spoke rims, XT Commandos and Hi-Floatation, Deist belts, CIBIE lights, roll bar, KYB's and Sway-A-Way torsion bar. Includes single axle, dual ramp trailer.' $3500.00 or will trade for 2 seat Challenger. Call Ellis (714) 381-4509. FOR SALE: 2 car trailer. Double deck, 3 axle w/ winch $1250.00. 3 speed Mendeola transmission, Don Hatz 1650cc engine, FAT 1650cc engine, Don Hatz 2233 wedge mated Okrasa crank, Carillo rods. Call Tracy Valenta (818) 765-5827 days, eves(818) 445-2597. FOR SALE - 1967 VW pre-runner. Score legal, 1600cc, Beard seats, Race Car spindles and trailing arms, boxed rear arms, lRS, foll cage from to rear, Centerlines optional. Prepped for Baja 1000 and didn't take it. Licensed, street legal, Bilsteins. Call Gary after 6 p.m. (209) 224-9 188 . . intercooled water injected rally rack and Dodge l ton long body car is ready to go. Two turbos, van, equipped to carry all spares Matter alu. roll cage, Halon-on- and repairs - sleeps one. Will · board fire system, 100 liter fuel service first two rallys. Phone tank , four ventilated disc brakes, Canada ( 306) 3 7 4-77 37 or close ratio 5 speed transmission, ( 416) 640-5414. Peltor intercom, electronic FOR SALE -Bus 091 trans w/ Henry's Super Diff, Summers 091 drive flanges, Hewland gears, new 4:86 ring and pinion, new center section, RIMCO rear case. Best of everything. ·rat Hughes Performance prepared, fresh. $2500.00 obo. Call Steve (602) 272-9333 or (602) 978-5140. FOR SALE - 2 car teeter board trailer, with winch. Will take wide buggy on top, $2500.00. Call Gregg at (818) 889-6950. FOR SALE - Bffstein sho~ks-for a Baja Bug. Two 10 inch, four 8 inch and four 1£ inch. All of them brand new. Call Alex at (213) 472-0957. FOR SALE: Class 1 Funco A-Arm short course car. 1985 points champion. Driven by Marty Tripes. Has new Hew land 5 speed, P.S., Don Hatz 2332 motor. Paid over $8500.00 for motor alone. Asking $15,000.00. Call Tracy Valenta (818) 765-5827 days, eves(818}445-2597. FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR CLASS 7 TRUCK: 1-1600 Ber-rien 1001 chromoly 98n wb. All fresh and fast. $7000.00. Class 9 · or lOss FUNCO SS-II, 98n wb, fresh, older. but fast and priced right. $4500.00. Call ( 414) 865-7792. DEAR RON: MERRY CHRIST-MAS, WE LOVE YOU. LOVE, RUSTY & TAMMIE: FOR SALE: 1980 red Corsair fiberglass kit car. 1641cc VW engine, dual Weber carbs, hyd. dutch, heater, top and side cur-tains. Driven 3000 miles. $2500.00. Also, FUNCO Sand-master SS-2 rail. 1641cc VW FAT engine. 5 short course races on engine. $2500.00. Call (805) 942-3094. FOR SALE: 2-1600 Raceco 114" wb. New belts, new Beard seats, power steering, Neal, Parker Pumper; Wright Place, Fox, Bilstein, Sway-A-Way, Dura Blue, 930 cv's, Neth rear arms, Don Strong trans and Mike Neal motor. Also spark arrestor and Green· Stickie. $10,000.00 or trade for Class 5 car. Call (619) 244-4812. r-----------~-----------~---~--------~-------~ - ' " ,. FOR SALE: 1-160Q Raceco, 114" wb, Bilsteins, Combos, Neal pedals, Sway-A-Way, Parke.r Pumper, Beard, Power Steering, Turbo cv's, 19 gal. foe! ~• I I I I . I I I I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in . I DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5 .00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if yo·u act now and subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All classified ads must be paid in advance. Enclosed is$ _ _ _ _ _ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Name Addr_ess _ _ _ _ __________________ Phone ______ _ City _________________ _ State _____ ·_Zip ______ _ Page 50 February 1988 Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 · ·cell, fa:st West engine. Complete with engine and transmission. $10,000.00. Withoutengineand transmission, $7000.00. Call-Rick at (619) 747-3366. Leave message. FOR SALE: Gadzooks pre-runner JlO. 1976, 401, A/ C, tilt, Stall conv. Mastercraft, Bridge-stone, American Racing, 25 gal. cell, Rough Country, much more. Well used but well main-tained. XLNT condition, VERY reliable. $4500.00. Call (714) 736-6023 . . FOR SALE: 7S Ford Ranger. .1 1986 chassis by Frisk Bros., two complete engines by Pettis. Art I Carr trans, Summers Bros. rear I end. This truck has best of every-I ·thing, no ex_pense spa_red. I $35,000 00. Call Bill at (619) 242-4500 or (619) 949-2103. I Dusty Times

Page 50

FOR SALE: 38' Pro Am 5th wheel trailer; 7 .5 generator, compressor, work benches, drill press, grinder, sander, parts washer, pressure water system, air conditioners, 110 lights. Inside and out like new. $11,500.00. '84 Ford dual wheel crew car 4x4 loaded, less than 30,000 miles. $15,500.00. 33' Chapparal; awnings, 110 lights, compressor, external tire racks, Ex Goodyear team trailer. $8500.00. Contact Matt Land-field (714) 528-1196. FOR SALE: 1979 Jeep Honcho pre-runner, former racer, full. SCORE cage, Mastercraft seats and nets, Simpson belts, S/ W gauges, Art Carr shifter, glass hood, very clean, low miles, some race parts available. Com-plete or as roller. Must sell. Call (714) 247-0980. W ANTED: Full time mechanic. To prep competitive Class 10 race car. Must be motivated, organized and capable of meeting schedules. Must have fabricating experience. Familiar with off road racing. Able to attend all 8 1988 SCORE/HORA events. Salary, benefits, holidays and expenses. Will work in 3500 sq. ft. fully equipped shop in Santa Ana area. Call Church Engineer-ing, Inc. at (7 14) 660,8600 FOR SALE: Brand new/ never raced 1987 Sandhawk 2 seat, 115" wb, 10" wide front end, Wright arms, Wright Combo spindles, Sway-A-Way torsion, ( 4) Fox shocks, Wright rack and pinion, power steering, Neal pedals-cutter, Beard seats, Deist harness and nets, Parker Pumper, wiring harness, wide torsion w/ adjuster, Sway-A-Way bars, spring plates, bushings, Wil-wood disc brakes, Summers Bros. axles and trans flanges, Bus trans w/ Dukes carrier and Hew-land gears, 930 cv's, Superboot flanges and boots, 22 gal. Fuel Safe cell, battery, tail Hghts, floor, skid plates, hand made aluminum body, dust walls and roof, (6) Rough Country rear shocks, spare tire mount, 4 Cen-terlines w/ tires, 16" rear travel, 11" front. Less engine or (Class 10 Twin Cam Toyota available). $7500.00 obo, or trade for com-petitive midget. Call Scott ( 602) 624-8558 or (602) 623-7059. r, FOR SALE: Hi-Jumper, 2 seat, great pre-runner, 1835, Fox prog., KC's new Fields trans, Centerlines, Fuel cell and much more. Must sell. $4600.00 or $4250.00 less motor. Call Brian after 5 p.m. (805) 524-2574. ·-- -FOR SALE: Class 10 Berrien, single seat, lOY wb, Type I 1650, Jeff Fields Bus trans, 16 gal. fuel.cell, W right beam/ rack/ arms and spindles, Neal pedals, KYB and Bilsteins, Beard seat, dual ~lement air-log. Car is com-plete and race ready, with tan-dem trailer $8800.00. Call Mike 8-5 p.m. (817) 778-3648 or after 6 p.m. (8l7) 982-4395. Dusty Times FOR SALE: Brand new complete Wright coil-over front end, 12" wider. Also 5x5 Jimco made rear trailing arms, rear torsion bar adjusters, spring plate caps. Everything $2650 .00. Call ( 619) 353-6775. FOR SALE: Class5 race car.Just rebuilt 2335 motor and trans, Hewland gears, never raced. Car was just completely gone through, everything fresh. Neal, Fox, 930 · cv's, Parker Pumper, tires, rims and paint, anodizing. All extras included. Must sell, $12,000.00 obo. W ill consider 2 seat Chal-lenger car plus cash. Call (714) 626-8663. FOR SALE: Class 1 or 10 '85 chassis, Wright coil-over front, 18" rear wheel travel, sump tank, Neal pedals, Taylor power steer-ing, incl. pump, 114" wb, spare tires. Moving to Class 2. $6500.00 w/ o engine and trans. Call (916) 791-4940. FOR SALE: New Challenger frame, single seat, side shifter, complete aluminum floor, trans mounts. $1500.00. Race ready trans $600.00. Brand new in the box rack and pinion SACO $170.00. Complete ball joint front end hub to hub $100.00. Take it all for $2300.00. Call Bob (619) 247-1757. FOR SALE: Mini single seater, 84" wb, 1 ½" tube chassis, KZ 1 900 Kawasaki engine, Toyota disc brakes, 5 speed trans, Fox Shocks {air), torsion bar suspen-sion, powder paint. Very fast, 100 plus mph. $4000.00 oho. Call Marc or Paul (818) 445-8962. FOR SALE: '81 Starlet Gp. A, $5000.00. '76 Volvo 242 Open Class $5000.00. Bridgestone 175x14 rally tires, $20-30.00 each. Peltor, $175.00, Terra 303, $275.00. Sponsorship and service contract available for both cars. Call Topi at (818) 765-5542. . FOR SALE: '70 Ford chase truck, bumpers, lights, skid plate, new motor, tranny, rear end. Spirit front suspension, 14 Bilsteins, Taylor seats, full cage, Fairbanks shifter, Bridgestone tires, Box I beams, front disc brakes, trussed rear end, 30 gal. aluminum tank .. $9000.00 obo. Call (619) 448-1179. FOR SALE: Giese Class 1 or Class 10 single seat. First one built. Mild steel air shock car, 116" wb, Wright arm/ spindles and Box power steering, Giese rear arms and disc brakes, Parker Pumper, Fuel cell, Beard seats. Less engine and trans $5500.00 obo. Call Dennis (213) 431-3233. FOR SALE~ New Class 5-1600, 98% complete. Best of every-thing. Maximum wheel travel front and rear. SCORE legal. $12,000.00 invested. Sell com-plete or will piece out car. $8500.00 or less. Call (213) 472-0957. FOR SALE: 1977 Tahiti hull Jacuzzi Jet with 460 Ford ski boat. $4500.00 or trade for off road car. Call James (619) 344-8095. FOR SALE: Rally car - 1985 Dodge Omni GLH. 3rd in Pro-duction Class 1986. Fast and very reliable. Never DNF'd. Spares. $6000.00. Call Cal at (412) 264-7461 evenings. FOR SALE: Pre-run in Class 8 - '79 Ford with all the best. 14 shocks, full cage, new interior, Centerlines w/ new BFG's, new wiring and gauges, race engine, race tranny, disc brakes, new paint. Looks and runs great. First $11,500.00 takes it. Call (714) 240-6176. FOR SALE: Baja Bug, pro built for off road and street legal. Dual port 1835, Weber, cooler, filter, Tri-Mil, IRS, triple Bilsteins, tilt front, long shock tower beam. Full cage w/ bumpers and nerfs, aluminum tank, Rem. Sprint wheel, YOO, aluminum wheels, current CA plates~ $3450.00. Call (619) 445-9975. FOR SALE: Class 10 Bunder-son. Hatz best motor, Mendeola's best trans, Summers Bros. brakes, new body and rear air foil, power steering, Curnutt shocks, new wiring, all new Wright front end. This car is light and fast and race prepped by Bob Richardson. Ready for '88 season, $15,000.00 Call Bob at (619) 444-3914. February 1988 FOR SALE: Class 7S race team, complete. Includes 1986 Ford Ranger race truck, 1978 Class 8 Ford pre-runner, 24' Dico enclosed trailer, 16' car trailer, 7 radios, etc. Everything included to go racing immediately and be a winner. $60,000.00. Call Bill at (619) 242-4500 or (619) 949-2103. FOR SALE: Class 5 convertible. Valley Performance 2 240 engine, fresh Valley Performance hus transmission, Hewland g·ears, Bilsteins, Wright front end, power steering, 2 wheel disc brakes, secondary torsion bar set up, fuel cell, Beard seats. Prepped and ready to race. $10,000. Call Greg days (702) 641-1400 or eves before nine(702) 731-6708. FOR SALE: Baja Bug. 1776cc dual port, bus trans, king pin front end, Centerlines, 2 inch lift, KYB, Sway-A-Way, dual air cleaner log, aluminum skid plates and door panels, gauges, one piece windows. Street legal and licensed, custom chassis and cages. Good pre-run/ chase car, not an ex-race car. $3500.00. Call (619) 252-2169 after6 p.m. FOR SALE: Class 8 pre-runner, Ford F-100, 1979. 400 engine, C-C trans, Summer Bros. rear end, aluminum front hubs. This truck was a class winner before being used as a pre-runner, is still Class 8 legal and could be com-petitive. $15,000.00. Call Bill at (619) 242-4500 or (619 ) 949-2103. PIT TEAM REGISTER . . I ~~'-,---..J We welcome all Support -Tea~ new; articles. Typed an,{ d~uble spaced copy is acceptable. Deadline is the 10th of the month. CHAPALA DUSTERS LOS CAMPEONES Jon Kennedy, President Malcolm Vinje, President 3117 Killarney 2450 Vineyard Ave., Suite 102 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Escondido, CA 92025-1330 (714) 641-0155 (619) 292-0485 (home) Meeting _ 2nd Wednesday (619) 743-1214 (work) Verdugo's Mexican Restaurant Radio-FM-152.960 Costa Mesa, CA Radio-FM-151.775 CHECKERS Jeff Hibbar(!, President 13237 Sierra Hwy. Canyon Country, CA 91350 (805) 252-4034 CORE Karen Clark, Race Director 17045 Roscoe Blvd., #11 Northridge, CA 91325 (81~ 345-3833 F.A.I.R. SUPPORT TEAM P.O. Box 542 Stanton, CA 90680 Jeff Randall, President Teri Nicks, Secretary Dave Massingham, Race Director (714) 879-7697 (213) 943-1916 Meetings 1st & 3rd Weds. Holiday Inn - Harbor & 91 Freeway Radio-FM-150.860 MAG 7 Jerry McMurry, President Bruce Cranmore, Race Director 11244 Horizon HIiis Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 440-3737 (home) (619) 225-6886 (work) TERRA Jan Sunderland, President 2542 Kemper Avenue La Crescents, CA 91214 (818) 248-9039 Meetings 2nd Weds. each Month - Jan Sunderland's house - -TIGHT 10 153 Lindell Avenue El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 283-6535 (day) f(619) 447-795~(nlght) Gene Robeson, President (619) 466-8722 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Arao Engineering . . . . . . . . 20 Bilstein Corp. of America . ............ 29 Car Custom . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Champion Bead Lock Co. . . 21 C.O.R.V.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 Fuel Safe . . . ............ 6 Glen Helen OHV Park . . . . . 11 Gran Carrera Internacional . . . . . . . . . 15 JaMar Performance Products . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 KC Hilites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Kingman Sand Drags . . . Back Kool Radiator Service McKenzie Automotive Mazda Motors of Cover 35 ..... 24 America .............. 2 Rich Minga . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Mint 400 ....... ........ 4 PCI Race Radios . . . . . . . . 39 Marvin Shaw Performance Products · . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Ivan Stewart Racing . . . . . . 12 Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group . . . . 13 T rackside Photo Ent. . . . . . 41 Tri-Mil Industries . . . . . . . . 17 Uniroyal Goodrich Tires . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-27 Valley Performance-Hewland ...... ....... 18 Vehicle Maintenance Service ............. 31 V.0.R.R.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Yokohama Tire Corp. . . . . . . 7 Page 51

Page 51

KINGMAN OFF ROAD COMPETITION CLUB presents the first annual St. Paddy's Day Desert Sand Drag Nationals March 18 through 20, 1988 Kingman, Arizona . Schedule of Events Friday, March 18: -rname._~_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_7 1 ___________ 1 IAddress ________ l r * Tech inspection in historic downtown Kingman *St.Paddy's Weekend Kick-Off Saturday, March 19: * Eliminations on KORCC's all-sand track Sunday, March 20: * Finals * $5000 purse * Contingency & grudge match prizes awarded .. S5000 purse guaranteed by Kingman Economic & Tourism Development Commission. I I 1-----------1 I - Phone - I ~~e~f~~~-------------~ rn-~~----~----7 1 ________ 1 IAddress ··I ... . . I · I 1---------1 I ------Phone __ I ! Type of Vehicle _ -:JI L------------Clip and send to KORCC, 40.SS Stockton Hill ·Road, Ste.16, Kingman. Az. 86401.You will receive your race entry fonn along with an information packet on Kingman. Az .. and accommodatiQns. For_more information call 602-757-1105 or 602-757-5264. ·