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1988 Volume 5 Number 11 Dusty Times Magazine

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BFGOODRICH R.11.CING UPD.11.TE ~ UGTC 1988. . . " * . ~ " . . . .... ; , . ·..; .

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BFGOODRICH RAVAGES RIVERSIDE/ This might be the most dominant perfor- . mance by a tire manufacturer in the history of off-road racing. At the 16th annual SCORE Off-Road World Championship held at River-side International Raceway, BFGoodrich broke its own record for most wins by a single tire manufacturer by taking an astounding ten class victories. Frank Arciero Jr. was first to break into the · win column, completely dominating the competition in Stadium Class 1. In Class 7S, Scott Douglas came from behind to take first in his Ford Ranger while Ivan Stewart took both the Chevrolet Mini-Metal Challenge and the Stadium Class 7 crown. Other BFGoodrich winners were Mitch " Mustard in Stadium Class 10, Rod Hall in Class 4, Jerry Daugherty in Class 14, Don Adams in Class 3 and Larry Schwacofer in Class 6. Robby Gordon was a big winner, taking firsts in Class 2, Class 8 and the Chevrolet Heavy-Metal Challenge. This incredible slate of victories is proof positive of the outstanding handling and performance characteristics of BFGoodrich· T/A's. See your local T/A®specialist for more details on what kind of T/A's are right for your truck. BFGOODRICH JYA®'s WE MAKE YOUR TRUCK PERFORM TM

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Check·our SUPER SUMMER SPECIALS Commercial and Fleet Needs · r ............ _ HORA/SCORE Member Discounts I 7 ........ ,' 0 9'-.... _____ Special Financing Packages / O 0/:,-.-) We Care About You And Want To , o r , Give You The Best Deals On / Q /111 / GMC Trucks, Accessories And Service. l IY/ b:ifll ' Call or see JEFF SANBORN ... .............. Otte, ~ r. I ................ ~~Pire "(' / 1881 LONG BEACH BOULEVARD ............ ~tt/88 U / LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 90806 -.._,.. I ........ ,..J (213) 591-5611 (213) 775-6156 (714) 827-8920 '88 GMC .CREW CAB DOOLY Fully Loaded, Power Windows, Power Locks, TIit Wheel, Cruise Control, Chrome Wheels. $19 195°0. ' . Plus Dock Fee, Tax and License If not in stock, we will order for you at this price 1

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Volume 5 - Number 11 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Associate Jan Flick Mazzenga Controller John Calvin Circulation J.erry Lawless Traffic John Howard Contributors Darla Crown C & C Race Photos Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Winnie Essenberg Homer Eubanks Deb Freimuth Tom Grimshaw Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Rod Koch Cam McRae David Ryskamp Judy Smith John Sprovkin Linda Whigham 3-D Photography Track side Photo Enterprises Ken Vanderhoof Art Director Larry E. W orsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services SNAPSHOT . Mcwmlbcr 1988 1fflBG --w-~ PROFESSIONAL • · AMERICAN ■ CANADIAN o Off-ROAD ~ A R~CING~ ~ - -~ /.~4S ~-*~ Subscription Rates: $ 12.00 per year, 1-2 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, USPS-305-690, ISSN 8750-1732, is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 91301,(818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permis-sion from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Ageura, CA 9 1301. CHANGE O F ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 9 1301. OF THE MONTH ••• In This Issue ••• FEATURES Page Penda Bedliner Challenge in Denver ..... . ............ 10 HDRA Nevada 500 .. ., . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 The 5-1600 Saga on the Hill ......... ... ....... . ..... 20 SODA Chilton Sprints . . . . . . . • • . • . . . • . . . . • . . . • . . . . . 22 VORRA Yerington 250 ...... . ...... . . . ....... : . . . . 26 Rally of 100 Lakes •.....•..•. . ...•.•....•. •.....•.• 30 World Championship Brush Run 101 .....•......•••. 32 Stadium Racing in Denver . . . . . . . . . • . . . . • . . . . . . . . . • • 38 SCCA Pro Ojibwe Rally .•..•..•.•..•.....•......... · 41 STORE at Santa Fe Speedway . ...................... 42 Sand Drags at Glen Helen OHV Park . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . 44 DEPARTMENTS Side Tracks by Judy Smith • • . . • . • . • • . • . . . • . • . . • . • . . . • 6 Trail Notes •.....•...•.•.••...••..•.••••••••....•.• 6 Happenings .•.•....•...............•.......••.... : • • 8 SCORE/HORA Desert Series Points . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 The Losers by Judy Smith . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Tech Tips by Bill Savage .........•.........•.•...• . • 31 C'.alifornia Rally Series by Lon Peterson ...... ... ...... 41 Christmas Goodies Galore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . 45 Index to Advertisers ... . .......... . .........•. •...• 45 Yokohama 6-50 Club ....•..•....•..••• . • • .......•. 46 Pit Team Reports .........•.......•............... . 46 Pony Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Classified Ads • • • • • • . • • • . • • . . • • . • . . . . • . . . . • • • . • • • • . 54 IDRA Report by George Thompson ..•.•.....•.••.•• • 55 · ON THE COVER - Brian Collins, of Las Vegas, drove to his second flag to flag leading victory this year in the nasty Nevada desert, with business partner Bruce Graves riding shotgun in the Porsche powered Chenowth. Collins won overall by 14 minutes, stopped only once for repairs, and covered the course in 8:39.19. His was one of the few race cars back in Pahrump before dark. Frank Vessels and Jon Nelson had a tougher fight for their resounding victory in Class 8, even though their Chevrolet led from Checkpoint 2 all the way to glory. Along with the Class 8 victory, Vessels drove to a swift fourth overall. Color Photography by Trackside Photo Enterprises. /\~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY · 1N THE COUNTRY!! - D 1 year - $12.00 □ 2 years - $20.00 □ 3 years - $30.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ... The 1600 race cars must be getting very heavy, or so it appears here. This valiant pair recruited two more helpers in order to push Doug Fortin Jr. out of his high center situation just outside Goldfield, Nevada. Many many cars blew the corner, and Fortin went on to win Class 1-2-1600 after this assist on the HORA Nevada 500. Photo by John Alabaster, DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. H you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, Sx7 or 8x10 will be considered. Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name----------------------------Address ___ ____;_ ___________ ___,-.,1'--------City State _________________ Zip---------Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agour:a, CA 91301 (Canadian 1 year $15.00 U .S. • Overseas subscription r.ites quoted on request) Dusty nma November 1988 I I I I I I I I I I. I I 1.

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his tractors, and for traveling. So he began to look for a buyer. Side Tracks ••• By Judy Smith McKenzie has been a part of my -------------------------------off road environment ever since I This year has been one of great racing also. Eventually, Sandmas-stumbled onto the sport. That change for the off road commun-ter cars, with such drivers as Gene came about in 1971 when I ity. First we lost Mickey and Hirst, Bob Ferro, Rick Mears, decided that it looked as if it Trudy Thompson, and then a few John Johnson and Ivan Stewart at -would be fun to do. Someone at months later, Walt Lott. With ' the wheel, won every major off NORRA (the promoters of the them went afood deal of the liv- ·road race at least once. He devel- Baja races in those days) pointed ing history o the sport. oped a reputation for putting us toward Sandmaster as a source Then the Mint Hotel, a long- together a bulletproof car. of information and parts. Scott time part of off road racing, was Sandmaster continued to be a was one of the very first real live sold to Binion's Golden Horse-stronginfluenceinthesportofoff off roaders I met. He was, from shoe, and an era came to an end. roading through the mid-the beginning, helpful and sup-While we have gained a whole seventies. Then Scott's partner, portive. He answered thousands family of off road fans in the Bin-Don Arnett, retired from the bus-of questions, directed us to the ions, and they have pledged to iness, and McKenzie tried work-right places to buy parts and pie-continue the hotel's involvement ing for other people for a while, ces, scolded us when we did some-in off road racing, it is the begin-but still in the off road arena. He thing dumb, and even hired me as ning of something new, and prepped Ivan Stewart's car while a counter person at Sandmaster another part of the history of the Ivan was driving for Modern for a while. · sport has reached its final chapter. Motors, for example. And he also He has been an inextricable part And the bulldozers finally had prepped and managed the single of the off road scene for me ever their way with Riverside lnterna- seater that Malcolm Smith and since. It will be strange to know tional Raceway, and it too, is no Bud Feldkamp drove to victory that he's not there in North Hol-more, signaling still another end after victory. lywood, behind that unprepos-of another era. Then, back in North Holly- sessing facade. But he'll be out in And one of the basic elements wood, he reopened his shop in the the boonies somewhere, trying to of off road racing, the pre-run, is same building he'd started in. For .track down another antique trac-in danger of becoming extinct. many years now it has been a tor to restore, and he'll be having There is serious talk of prohibit-source of off road farts for local a blast. ing pre-running for races in the afficionados as wel as thousands In the meantime, Jeff Quinn, States beginning in '89. If it comes of mail order customers from all the new owner of McKenzie's will to pass it will certainly be the end over the country. Scott's store be continuing Scott's long tradi-of an entire segment of the sport, a featured a small showroom and a tion of service to the off roader. favorite part of it for many folks, big bulletin board with a collage He plans to carry on in the same and will forever change its of snap shots, posters and other building, at least for the time character. memorabilia. It's been a slowly being, providing the same variety Still another change has hap-growing illustrated history of off of products to the off road con-pened, perhaps not so earth shat-road, the fading photographs gra-sumers. Qµinn, who comes to tering, but nevertheless, one that phically illustrating the changes in McKenzie's by way of Car Cus-sign'ifies the end of another seg-technology through the years, as tom in Azusa and Garden Grove, ment of off road history. Scott well as the maturing of the indi- , has been an off roader himself for McKenzie has sold McKenzie viduals involved. some time. He races in the 1-2-Automotive. In the past few years, McKenzie 1600 class, and has a good under-Scott started playing around off had Tracy Valenta as a partner, standing of the needs of the race· road, in a shortened VW buggy, and he found he had time to community: way back in 1960, and he became develop other interests, notably, So another bit of off road his-so involved with the sport that he restoring old tractors. But when tory has come to an end in 1988. opened a small business in '66, Tracy decided that he wanted to But, it also signals a new begin-building competition cars mostly move to eastern Canada, and sold ning, for McKenzie and Quinn for sand and desert hillclimbs. his portion of the business back to both, and we wish them success He named the business "Sand-Scott, that meant that Scott was and pleasure in their ventures. master." obliged to become more person-In 1968 he moved to a small ally involved with the business shop in North Hollywood, and again. after seeing his first off road race, While he enjoyed the contact the '68 Mint, he began to develop with the racers, he found that he an interest in cars for that kind of missed the time for working on Subscribe to DUSTY TIMES See Form Page 5 Need action photos? Call us_ for proofs! Trackside Photo, Inc.-Racing photography since 1970 . ;1;. '~-. ..,;,,.,. Trackside Photo, Inc. Photos for Public Relations, Promotions, Ads Commercial & Product Photography Page 6 1507 East Del Amo Blvd. Carson, California 90746 (213) 609-1772 Ncwembcr 1918 ·1,ail Notes ••• THE $260,000 REW ARD for information leading directly to the conviction of the persons responsible for murdering Mickey and Trudy Thompson last March 16 has been extended past the October 5 deadline for an indefinite period. So far it has failed to produce a major lead in the case. Because a nationally televised re-enactment of the crime will be a feature in · "Unsolved Mysteries" later this winter, the reward offer has been extended. "Unsolved Mysteries" airs on NBC with actor Robert Stack as host. The program deals with real unsolved cases, and according to a spokesman from Cosgrove/ Meurer Productions the seven televised shows have resulted in the capture of nine criminals. We certainly hope it helps solve the Thompson murder case. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Division by calling (213) 974-4341. EGG ON FACE DEPARTMENT.We have had a couple of calls about our misidentification of a co-driver at VORRA's Virginia City race last summer. The co-driver in the Jeff Stiles Class 2 car, that was second in class, was Jim Willis, not Tim Morse. Frankly guys, we got the names right from the results, and if you printed names on your entry form more clearly, perhaps these mistakes could be avoided. At any rate, we apologize to Jim Willis. THE OFF ROAD SILLY SEASON. International race series have a 'silly season' when drivers change teams, mostly going to the highest bidder. This fall there is a minor silly season going in off road racing, with.some news that is fact and other news that is pure rumor. It is a fact that Steve Millen is leaving off road stadium racing and the Toyota camp for a Nissan ride in IMSA GTO racing. Millen made the announcement at the finale of the 1988 MTEG series in Las Vegas where Toyota took the manufacturers title again and Steve Millen won the driver's championship in the truck class. By the way the awards banquet for the 1988 MTEG Series is scheduled for November 19, 1988 at 6:00 p.m. at the Newporter Resort in Newport Beach, CA. In past years Steve Millen has done most of the stadium truck testing for Cal Wells' Team Toyota, and his departure leaves some big shoes to fill. While it is a fact that T earn Toyota will be wearing Yokohama rubber in 1989 ,. it is only a rumor that young Robby Gordon is being considered for the Toyota truck ride. Also on the stadium racing rumor hot line is that Chev-rolet and Goodrich will be fielding a two truck team next year, using drivers with stadium racing-experience, no names mentioned. If the Chevy team becomes a reality, it would leave Ford as the only domestic small truck manufacturer without a factory team in the stadium series. Moving into desert racing, a rumor on the grapevine is that the Yokohama/Toyota team for 1989 will be expanded. This year they jointly sponsored three trucks, for Malcolm Vinje, Gregg Symonds and Cam Thieri-ott. While Thieriot will not continue, the team will include Vinje in 7S and Symonds in 7 4x4. According to the rumor the support will extend to three open wheel drivers as well,Jim Stiles in Class 1, Steve Sourapas in Class 2 and Craig Watkins in Class 10. Supposedly all the team vehicles will be wearing similar paint schemes to enhance the team concept. · THE GLEN HELEN OHV PARK in San Bernardino was almost a victim of a wild fire last month. Well, the fire was a "controlled !,urn" originally started by state forestry folks to burn off excess dry brush. But the Santa Ana winds soon turned it into a raging, out of control fire. The flames came into the racing area at the far end of the track, stopped only by the lack of bnish on the course itself. While Don Brown lost some small equipment stored above the track, none of the buildings or facilities were damaged by this close encounter. On that weekend bike races were canceled as fires closed freeways · and access roads in the area. Now this is a fact for the ecologists to ponder -an out of control brush fire stopped by an off road race course. THE HIGH DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION will use the Nissan 4x4 Hardbody as its official vehicle for the next three years. Nissan Motor Corp., USA has supplied trucks to HDRA for the past seven years. "We've made a major commitment to off road racing," said Gary Ewald, motorsports pro-motion manager for Nissan US_A. "Our commitment to the support of off road racing and HDRA is Nissan's way of showing that our trucks are designed to perform as good as they look. Nissan wants to demonstrate that we are solidly behind the new organization and leaders who will carry on the traditions that Walt and Edna Lott have established within HDRA," Ewald said . SCORE/HORA MANUFACTURERS POINTS, that determine Off Roadsman Awards in some areas for this season, are tight in two of the four categories. In the truck classes Tire Challenge, General Tire leads BFGood-rich 34 7 to 341, and Firestone trails at 215. But, in the car classes Yokohama has it locked with 795 points over BFGoodrich, 416, and Armstrong, 368. ln the Heavy Metal Challenge Chevrolet has a slim lead over Ford, 216 to 208, followed by Dodge at 168. Ford has the Mini Metal Challenge well in hand, leading Nissan 243 to 140, and Chevrolet is next at 113. TOY OT A TRUE GRIT standings have turned into a father.and son battle. Bob Gordon has completed all seven races to average 48.12 mph, while Robbie, his 19 year old son, has averaged 47.11 to rank second overall and first in die Heavy Metal category. Leading the Mini Metal category is Larry Ragland with an average speed of 39.94 mph. Presently only eleven drivers remain eligible for the Milestone Awards given to the drivers who manage to finish every mile of all eight races in the Score/ HDRA desert series. At the awards banquet for the series, the top drivers in the three categories will split a $10,000 prize fund; courtesy of Toyota. SIMPSON RACE PRODUCI'S has expanded into the San Fernando Valley with a retail store. For years the Torrance headquarters was the only place to go to buy Simpson race gear. Early this year Simpson opened a store in Orange County, at 1130 No. Kraemer Blvd., #C, in Anaheim. That store must have been a success, since late last summer another Simpson store opened in the San Fernando Valley, at 16053 Victory Blvd., Unit 4, in Van Nuys. In stock is the full line, helmets, suits, fuel cells, the works, all freeway close. · PLASTER CITY LA TE FLASH. ·The second event in the FR T Supersti-tion Series concluded right on deadline, and it was a great race. There were 63 starters and two of them fought the entire distance for the win. At the finish Danny Letner won the race by a mere five second~ over Tim McDonnell, and it can't get much closer than that. We'll have the full story next month. Dusty nma

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ND COIIE America's Foremost Off-Road Series A,wards Bant1uet December 3, 1988 (~!oco➔J HOTEL • CASINO LAS VEGAS. NEVADA• (702) 367-7111 COCKTAILS • DINNER • AWARDS Honoring the HDRA/SCORE Points Champions and the Winners of the Off-Roadsman of the Year Categories r--------------------1 FOR BEST SEATING, MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS TODAY! Hail To: HIGH DESERT RACING ASSOC. 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. So. I NAME ________________________ _ Las Vegas. Nevada 89124 I I ADDRESS ------------------------D Please reserve___places at $35.00 each. D Please reserve_tables at $350.00 each. (One Table Se,u 10) 1 CITY __________________ STATE __ ~IP __ _ I I TELEPHONE------------------------1 NOTE: Payment must accompany order to gu<¥Ontee reservations. MAKE CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO H.O.R.A. (702) l61-5<4CM L _ ~ti".!:il~ based_'.'.'.'. d~ of receiE:.._of ~ym~. ~or~! _ -----------~ Nominations Ballots for the coveted OFF ROADSMAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS will be sent out shortly. To be eligible to vote, you must be a current member of SCORE or H.D.R.A., a contingency sponsor or a member of the automotive press. If your membership has lapsed, be sure to renew your membership now so that you can vote for your favorites in our sport. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --~ HIGH DESERT MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION HORA RACING ASSOCIATION -Name _______________ Age _____ HORA No. Address----------------------------------City ________________ State ______ Zip ___________ Phone ( Members receive one (1) rule book, one (1) T-shirt, ·one (1) decal, and one (1) year subscription to FASTRAX. MEMBERSHIP: $50.00. 12997 LAS VEGAS B LAS VEGAS, NEVA (702) 381-54

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1988-1989 HAPPENINGS ••• A.D.R.A. Arizona Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34810 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 December 3, 1988 Sonoita to Rocky Point Sonora, Mexico BADGERLAND VW CLUB,INC. Terry Friday 5913 Fond Du Lac Road Oshkosh, WI 54901 (414) 688-5509 (All events located in Chilton, WI at the Fairgrounds Racing Facility) BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Odgen, Utah 84402 (801) 627-2313 1988 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI 54520 (715) 478-2115 / (715) 478-2688 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Lynnette Allison 2001 Oakland Hills Drive Corona, CA 91720 (714) 736-1442 January 28-29, 1989 Pro Rally Driving School (Location TBA) CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 COWRADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 171 7 Marker Road Polk City, FL 33868 (813) 984-1923 (305) 823-4487 CLASSES FOR: November 13, 1988 Lakeland, FL January 8, 1989 Lakeland, FL February 12, 1989 Lakeland, FL March 25, 1989 Florida 400 Crowder Pits Tallahassee, FL FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #6 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 December 30-31, 1988, January 1, 1989 Dunaway Dash El Centro, CA GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 (404) 927-6432 November 26, 1988 Thanksgiving 250 Vienna, GA GREATLAKES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATION Bob Moon 915 So. Zeeb Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (313) 665-0358/ (313) 996-9193 GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. Ron Knowlton 831 So. Jason Denver, CO 80223 (303) 722-5537 HORA MIDWEST OFF ROAD High Desert Racing Association BAJA SERIES 12997 Las Vegas Blvd., South Rick Vasquez Las Vegas, NV 89124 1421 Lee Trevino D-1 (702) 361-5404 El Paso, TX 79936 December 3, 1988 (915) 594-8266 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet November 5-6, 1988 Gold Coast Hotel & Casino Borderland Baja 250 Las Vegas, NV El Paso, TX HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING MIDWEST OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE SERIES Tom Freeman Tommy Bowling 3503 Hall St. Rt. 6, Box 833C Rapid City, SD 57702 Midland, TX 79702 (605) 342-0331 (915) 332-1537 - (915) 563-9154 GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 2937 MICKEY THOMPSON'S San Bernardino, CA 92406 OFF ROAD (714) 880-1733 CHAMPIONSHIP Off Road Races GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson November 20, 1988 Entertainment Group United Sand Drag P.O. Box 25168 AIIIIOciation Sand Drags Anaheim, CA 92825 November 12-13, 1988 (714) 938-4100 ICE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF ROAD RACING ENDURANCE SERIES ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 14824 OFTEXAS Minneapolis, MN 55414 1421 Lee Trevino, D-1 (612) 639-0801 El Paso, TX 79935 (612) 890-8693 (915) 5~4-8266 November 5-6, 1988 IOK FOUR WHEELERS 250 miles P.O. Box36 Cars-A TVs-Bikes Cleves, Ohio 45002 El Paso, TX (All ewnts staged at the club gTOunds in CleOJeS, Ohio) OLYMPUS INTERNATIONAL RALLY MICHIGAN SPORT John Nagel BUGGY ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 4254 John Elliott - (517) 835-9923 Tumwater, WA 98501 Bob Ramlow - (616) 345-6407 (206) 754-9717 93.5 -~------Open Wheel Racers Trucks - 5-1600s A TVs - Odysseys AIVlr Ema~ )UlllnQJa1II•a.. San Bernardino, CA , FREE Overnight Camping For information contact BRIAN CHURCH (714) 880-1733 P.O. Box 2339 San Bernardino, CA 92406 OFF ROAD CHALLENGE Don't Miss the Fina/ Event In the 1988 Point Serles Sunday, November 20, 1988 The Finest in Short Course Racing 100% Cash Payback ENTRY FEES: Trucks, Open Wheelers - $200.00 A TVs -$75.00 Odysseys - $100.00 5-1600s -$100.00 CHIEF AUTO PARTS Inc. ADMISSION: $10.00 -Adults $ 5.00 -Children Children under five FREE Open Grandstand Seating -Come and See All the Action! DESERT RACERS! COME OUT AND TRY OUR SUPER TRACK! WIDE ENOUGH TO RACE DESERT CARS! ........ 1911 Dusty 11111a

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ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF OFF ROAD RACERS Barry Wannamaker P.O.Box~ Bancroft, Ontario, KOL lCO, Canada (613) 332-3811/ (613) 332-1610 ONTARIO OFF ROAD Ken Jackson - Dick Gillap R.R.#2 Tiverton, Ontario, Canada NOG 2T0 (519) 368-7874 (All events at Bingeman Park, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) OUTLAW MINI STOCK RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 204 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 (213) 375-4570 (213) 534-2747 November 26-27, 1988 IMI Speedway Pearsonville, CA PAC OFF ROAD RACING P.O . Box 323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 November 5, 1988 Awards Banquet (location TBA) POST Pennsylvania Off Road Short Track Shark Saxon RD#3, Box9 Towanda, PA 18848 (717) 265-3076 All events in Monroeton, PA at the intersection of Routes 414 & 220. SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB P.O . Box 526 Indio, CA 92202 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/ (518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 October 28-29, 1988 Press On Regardless Rally Houghton, MI Novemb~r 12-13, 1988 National/Divisional Rally Tacoma, WA December 2-3, 1988 Barbary Coast Rally San Francisco, CA SCORE Score International 3135.6 Via Colinas, Suite 111 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 November 10-13, 1988 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, Mexico December 3, 1988 Off Roadsman Awards Banquet Gold Coast Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV Dusty nma SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 SCORE SHOW Edgell Expositions P.O. Box 19531 Irvine, CA 92713 (714) 250-8060 SILVERBOWL OF MOTOCROSS Roger Wells 225 W. Foster Ave. Henderson, NV 89015 (702) 564-2677 ( All ewnts but the finale held at Las Vegas International Raceway.) SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 7380 Las Vegas, NV 89125 (702) 459-0317 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 ' October 29, 1988 Yoko Loco Las Vegas, NV December 2-4, 1988 Showboat 250 Las Vegas, NV S.O.R.R.P. Speedway Off Road Racing Productions Bernie Weber P.O. Box 402 Temple, Texas 76503 (817) 773-3548 SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES FORMULA DESERT DOG SERIES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: Tom Schwartzburg 2620 West Washington West Bend, WI53095 (414) 334-3858 December 3, 1988 Annual Awards Banquet West Bend, WI SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Prevost 1006 Cardinal Lane Green Bay, WI 54303 (414) 434-9044 January 13-15, 1989 Annual Awards Banquet Radisson of Breen Bay Green Bay, WI TEXAS BAJA CROSS Ben Brown 1410 East 6th St. Irving, TX 75060 TUCSON AUTO CROSS P.O. Box 55221 Tucson, AZ 85703 (602) 887-8752 November 6, 1988 Brighten Up Someone's Holidays With A KC HiLiTES Bonus Gift Package. KC HILITES have been brightening nights for many years. Now it's your chance to brighten up someone's holidays with the KC HILITES Bonus Gift Package. For a limited time, inside these specially marked packages, you'll find a KC map light worth $4.69. It's our plug-in the cigarette lighter style map light that brightens up the interior for the navigator. There's also plenty of bright gift wrapping paper and a beautiful bow. Inside the box is another treat• the best In auxiliary lighting. Choose either KC Fog or Driving lights, both featuring our nylon composite housings for long life, and a complete installation kit. Why not brighten up that someone special in your life with a special gift of KC HiliTES? KC HiliTES, INC. • WILLIAMS, ARIZONA 86046 • 602/635·2607 © 1988 KC HILITES, INC. Noftrnbcr 1988 Page 9

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VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 October 30, 1988 1988 Championship Race Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento, CA WHEELTO WHEEL,INC. P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4WOR Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL ICO (613) 332-1766 (613) 332-4128 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 - 87 A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP November 22-25, 1988 RAC Rally England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZES List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free! Send your 1989 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 533 1 Derry At1e., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. It was a Three Ring Circus in ,uly in Denver dropped out of the contest. Jack Flannery collected the $3000 cash purse for his win in Denver. Jerry Daugherty, of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, col-lected $10()()' for second place, a repeat of his second place in the Chevy Blazer at the first Pencla Series race. Others sharing in the · $5000 purse in Denver were Robbi Smith, Arnold, Nebraska, third, Dave Hockers, DePere, Wisconsin, fourth, Dick De-Vries, Denver, Colorado, fifth, and Marc Pelletier, Danielson, Connecticut, sixth. Foiles who live in the Denver, Colorado area turned out in droves for the late July happen-ings at the Adams County Fair-grounds. Various organizers put together a full weekend of activity for VW and off road fanciers. The Bug Fe~t format included a big VW car show, Queen contest, manufacturers display, a swap meet, you name it. On the other side of the coin was the middle race in the BFGoodrich Off Road Grand Prix, a regional champion-ship series that features several familiar classes of competition for trucks and buggies, with race venues in both Colorado and . Kansas. On top of that this meet . featured the middle race in the ·Penda Bedliner Heavy Metal Ser-· ies, whose handsome purse brought truck racers from as far . away as Connecticut. The race course, around the fairgrounds horse track, was 5/8 mile in length. The standard series format of one heat race for each combo of classes and a main event was followed here. While we had not one but two correspondents on the scene in Denver last summer, neither came through with a story or photos. We apol-ogize to the racers for the lack of coverage. We do know that Shawn Whitney, of Littleton, CO, won the main event in Class 1-2-1600 after a close dice with Paul Shaver of Colorado Springs. Third went to Mike Jennings of Loveland, CO. In the combined Class 2-5 action Bill Coffey, from Colorado Springs, unveiled his new Class 2 Raceco and took the victory. Tony Jackson was second and Mitch Armstrong was third in this race, both drivers from Denver. In Class 10 the main event victory went to Scott Salon ya, and he was followed to the flag by John Evans and Tom Schrievogel, and all three hail from Denver. The crowd pleasing feature race was the second event in the Penda Bedliner Off Road Championship Series. Thirteen trucks started this Heavy Metal race, open to SCORE/HDRAClasses3,4, 14, 7, 7S, 7 4x4 and8.JackFlannery, of Crandon, Wisconsin, took the victory in the first round of the Penda Series, Memorial Day week-end at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. And, Flannery won again in Denver, v'irtually locking up the championship. The July race was an easier win for Flannery than his victory on Memorial Day. He was challenged only to the first turn in the ten lap Denver race, whereas he had to battle his way to the lead in Lake Geneva. Ken Kincaid, also from Crandon, Wisconsin, and also driving a Ford, was in second place for much of the race, close enough to challenge Flannery, until a tire thrown rock punc-tured his' oil filter and Kincaid The Penda Championship Ser-ies moved back to the mid west for the final race in September in the Chicago area. At the end of the series, the three leading points winners will share an additional cash purse of $10,000 from Penda. After two rounds the points leaders were Jack Flannery, 300, Jerry Daugherty, 280, Dave Hockers, 233, Marc Pelletier, 233 and John Heidtman, 226. Jack Flannery won the first Penda Bedliner bash in Wisconsin, and he won again in Denver to lead the points chase in his swift Ford 4x4. Robbi Smith came out of Nebraska to race for the Denver gold, and he drove his Class 14 to a fine third place finish and some good cash. DESERT RACING PARTS INC. Page 10 4010 W. 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GOODYEAR DRIVER TAKES TWO WORLD TITLES AT LAST-EVER RIVERSIDE RACE. There will never be another Riverside. The site of the annual SCORE Off-Road World Championship will soon become another Southern California housing development. · Goodyear driver Mike Lesle honored the passing of this great track by driving off with two SCORE Off-Road World· Championship titles at this last-ever Riverside classic. He did it on Saturday in a Goodyear-shod class 511600cc Bug. On Sunday he came back and did it all over again in his Jeep Comanche fitted with the new unidirectional Goodyear Wrangler MT radials. Most recently, Lesle recovered from a rollover to still finish second in class with his Jeep Comanche at the grueling Nevada 500. He now holds a commanding lead in the chase for his third world championship in 1988 (the HDRAISCORE class 7/4x4 title) with only one'event remaining. So, whether you're out to bury the competition or just have a little fun, Goodyear has a tough Wrangler radial to get the job done. See the complete line of Wranglers at your local Goodyear retailer. GOOD(rEAII BECAUSE THERE REALLY IS A DIFFERENCE. Race-tough Wrangler radials. The new unidirectional MT (fore-ground) and the rugged AT.

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THE HDRA NEVADA 500 ,,. Brian Collins Flies Over the Rugged Desert to the Overa11· Victory By Jean Calvin Photos: Track.side Photo Enterprises For the second time this season Brian Collins, with Bruce Graves riding in the Porsche powered Chenowth, led almost from flag to flag and took the overall and Class 2 victory by an incredible margin or 15 minutes. The High Desert Racing Asso-ciation staged their point to point Nevada 500 the second weekend in September, and the scorching desert heat abated to under 100 degrees, cool for southern Nevada in late summer. Sponsored by the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, the pre-race activity was certainly civilized as the regis-tration took place in the air condi-tioned comfort of the hotel's banquet room. The contingency· row and tech inspection graced the hotel's parking lot, with all the amenities close at hand for con-tingency donors and racers alike. All day Friday a steady stream of race cars paraded through the huge contingency line, one of the biggest turn outs this year, no doubt due to the lure of Las Vegas and its unique attractions. As predicted, the entry for the seventh race in the desert series was under 200, since for most drivers the points battle was over after Barstow. Still, over 190 w~re on the list, as many casual runners answered the challenge of the long, lonely stretches of silt and rocks that made up the race course. The route started and fin-ished at the Bob Ruud Memorial Speedway in Pahrump, about 60 miles from the Gold Coast Hotel. The course basically followed the route of the Frontier 500 events from Pahrump to Beatty with a couple of new rock gardens thrown in for variety. Then the route went northwest to Silver-peak, then east to T onopah, south through Goldfield and back to Beatty, where it was a common _route back through the silt to Pah-rum p. The total distance was Page 12 around 450 tough miles. On Friday it was announced that the drivers' meeting, sched-uled for Friday evening at the Gold Coast just prior to the cock-tail party hosted by the Gold Coast had been rescheduled -for Saturday morning at the start/ fin-ish line. While it was more con-venient for the competitors stay-ing in the Pahrump area, it did keep attendance at the cocktail party down to a minimum. Also on Friday it was a surprise to learn that Ivan Stewart would miss his first major race in 11 Gorky McMillin and Brian Ewalt came back from a few on course mishaps to place a strong second, not only in Class.2 but .overall in the Chenowth. Mike Lund and Buzz Combe had a fine run in their Chenowth, the first of the VW powered finishers, fourth in Class 2 anp fifth overall. November 1988 shifting woes they came in the winners in the Class 1 action .. years. Even though Ivan had done his pre-running and was in Las Vegas, his Class 1 Toyota truck did not arrive, the official reason being that some critical rear end parts were not available to make it race ready; Another team having pre-race problems was Jim Vena-ble' s. Their truck and trailer burned to the ground on the Baker Grade en route to Vegas. Fortunately, Robby Gordon's Class 8 Ford was on another rig, but the team lost all their spare parts in the blaze. The drivers' meeting started at 6:30 a.m. with remarks by Jim Lott, son of the late Walt Lott, the founder of HORA. This was the first race for HORA without Walt being at the start line. Chief Stew-ard David 0. White conducted the r~t of the meeting. In all, 184 cars left the starting line on the oval track in Pahrump. Tales of trouble were coming bade almost immediately, as there was no wind at all and drivers had problems passing in heavy dust on the nar-row; rocky trail in the first 20 miles. . Class 2 was first away, with one off the line every 15 seconds. Tom and Steve Martin were first off the line, but had early trouble. Second off the line, Brian Collins soon had his Chenowth first on the road, and at Check 2, at Beatty, Collins was first overall as well as in Class 2. Bob Richey/ Ray Croll had been first at Check 'l , but then had a crank pulley _problem ·with their new Porsche engine, and dropped to 20th at Beatty. Jerry Finney and Dan Foddrill were second here, about two minutes back, followed in four minutes by Corky McMil-lin/Brian Ewalt, who had Jim Greenway/ Russ Welch on their bumper. Four of the 22 starters were missing and three more did not clear the next check. The unlimited cars· apparently had no trouble with the killer hill, ana Brian Collins and Bruce Graves whipped into T onopah with a 20 minute lead over Corky McMillin. Now Danny Letner/ Ron Brant were third, another five minutes back. Five more minutes down Greenway/Welch were fourth, and Jim was driving with a broken wrist, well cast but still awkward. Bob Gordon, who , stopped in Beatty to repair CV . boot damage, was up to fifth here with Frank Arciero Jr. co-driving the Chenowth. Mike Lund was a couple more minutes back. At Goldfield, Collins had a 22 lead on -McMillin, but when he reached the common route above Danny Letner and new driving partner Ron Brant zipped home third overall and in Class 2 in the Raceco, just 14 minu,tes away from the second spot. Mark McMillin led Class 1 for a time by a bunch, but trouble with the rear torsion bars dropped him down in time and to second in Class 1. Dusty nmcs

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Frank Snook and Eric Arras had their ups and downs in the Raceco, but they moved into third in Class 1 late in the race, and finished there. Steve Kelley and Terry Caldwell had some down time in-their Chevrolet, but they came back strong to finish a close third in Class 8. Steve Centurioni and Larry Job had CV woes, but they carried on well to place the O.R.E. third in Class 10, back three minutes at the flag. Frank Vessels and Jon Nelson led the Class 8 battle from Checkpoint 2, had no problems with the Chevy, and not only won the class by nearly an hour but placed fourth overall. Beatty, he was stopped by author-. ities. It seems that Collins was quicker than the estimates, and northbound_traffic was still on the common course. Collins was held for about 15 minutes before he was allowed to proceed, with HORA officials marking the exact time of delay. Still, Brian reported later he saw close to a dozen cars coming north on the common route. But, the Porsche powered Chenowth rolled along, virtually dust free, having stopped only for fuel, and early in the race to replace a broken spindle at a point where the course tan alongside the highway, and his chase truck had ·been right there. Brian Collins and Bruce Graves zipped into Pahrump before 4:00 p.m., and won the Nevada 500 overall and in Class 2 by a whop-ping 15 minutes. Even though Brian Ewalt spent a little time with the Chenowth on its side, Corky McMillin drove into Pahrump second on the road, second in class and overall. Danny Letner and Ron Brant were another 14 minutes back in third in the Raceco, making it 1-2-3 overall for Porsche power. Mike Lund and Buzz Combe moved into fourth at Scotty's Junction· and stayed there to the finish in the VW Type 4 powered Chenowth. Bob Gordon and Franlc Arciero, also using Type 4 power. this race, held fifth spot to the flag, fol-lowed in a few minutes by Jerry Finney and Dan Foddrill in their Porsche powered Chaparral.. In all 13 of the 22 starters saw the finish line, due in part to the generous time allowance of 18 hours. Class l fielded a mere ten star-ters and two were out by Beatty, plus Jim Stiles was out on the next leg with a blown engine. John Kelly and Don Weiser had their Porsche powered Raceco in a tie for the lead with Ken Frost/Don Blakely at the first check, then took the lead at Beatty, holding just 15 seconds over Mark McMillin. Bud Feldkamp and Ron Gardner had their Magnum third here, a couple minutes back, and Bill and Brian Church were fourth in their Raceco. The Feld-kamp/ Gardner challenge was over after Silverpeak, as they van-ished from the charts. At T onopah McMillin had a 32 minute lead over Church, and Kelly/Weiser came back from trouble to run third ahead of Frost/Blakely .. After a bad start with instant trouble, Tom Koch was up to fifth here. Frank Snook/ Eric Arras were sixth, and they lost time on the killer hill that stopped far more cars than anyone imagined due to the traffic jam on the narrow trail, and the fact that there was no way around the hill other than the highway. Robby Gordon's Ford got a bit battered in the 450 miles, but the young driver kept it moving to finish second in Class 8 and tenth overall. Dusty nma On the way back to Beatty whose Dodge had trouble from Mark McMillin broke a rear tor- Check 3, where he lost the steer-sicin bar, and he chose to carry on ing box. Steve McEachern had rather than stop for a fix at the more problems with his Chevy, check, where he was down to but did get the seventh place second in class. Bill and Brian finish. Church were now leading, and Class 10 was also down to nine.· Kelly/ Weiser were third, but did starters, and six finished. At not pass another check. Frost/ Beatty the Raceco of Craig Wat-Blakely were in fourth, followed kins and Greg Aronson had a by Snook/ Arras, and Koch sank slim, 2½ minute lead over the to sixth, suffering a stout side hit ORE of Bill Poe and Fred Ronn. from a Class 8 truck. Dave Wood was third, about five Not much changed as young · more minutes back, but he was Brian Church drove the Raceco ~on to have big _troubles. Ste_ye into Pahrump the Class 1 winner and ninth overall, despite chronic \ shifting problems on the last half , of the race. Over an hour behind, .· Mark McMillin limped into the speedway with a front wheel well up in the air, and amazingly he was second in class. Frank Snook and ' Eric Arras moved up to third, about 32 minutes later, followed in 14 minutes by Tom Koch, who had more trouble on the final legs. Frost/ Blakely also had problems, and were the fifth and final Class 1 finishers. Class 8 was down to nine start-ers, mostly serious points hunt-ers. Robby Gordon had his Ford in the early lead, then had a·flat. Frank Vessels had a 17 minute lead on Gordon at Beatty. Fire still plagued the Venable crew, and as Gordon got fuel at the BFG pit, gas spilled and a fire resulted. The blaze was put out quickly, but a couple of crew members suf ~ fered burns. Gordon was back on the road in fifth. Meanwhile Walker Evans was tied for the lead on time with Vessels, and Robin T ulleners and Dan Noyes had their Ford in third, followed by Steve Kelley, Chevy, and Dave Shoppe/ Larry Maddox, still hav-ing suspension woes with the Ford. Steve McEachern lost time with tie rod and steering failure and more on his Chevy. Eight trucks got over the hill. This is the system run by most off road race winners Centurioni and Larry Job were next, followed by Jim.and Wen-dell Smith and Michael Church, tied on time here. By now the hill out of Beatty was _getting popu-lated with vehicles unable to make it up and over, and the traffic jam delayed some of the Class 10 cars. At the next check Poe had the lead over -Watkins, but by Tonopah Watkins/ Aronson were back in · the lead, by seven minutes over Poe/ Ronn. Church was another six minutes back in' third, and in another ,..... TRl•MIL BOBCAT • CHROME At Tonopah Frank Vessels/ Jon Nelson had a commanding lead, 49 minutes over Steve Kelley, but Robby Gordon was only a minute behind Kelley. Shoppe was up to fourth as they headed back to Beatty, where, despite a rollover, , Gordon inched ahead of Kelley. The order held to the finish line as Frank Vessels not only won Class · DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 8 by nearly an hour, he also fin-ished a swift fourth overall in the Chevy. Robby Gordon/Russ Wernimont took second in the battered and brakeless Ford, fol-1 lowed in ten minutes by Steve Kelley IT erry Caldwell in another Chevy. Less than two minutes later Dave Shoppe got his Ford home fourth, saying it was like driving a 500 hp stage coach. Michael Schuringa and Jeff Bonnet claimed fifth in a Chevy, : followed in by Walker Evans, 1 - /', McMmbcr 19• 2740 COMPTON AVENUE · LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 13

Page 14

Craig Watkins and Greg Aronson diced for the Class 10 lead most of the distance, but at the finish their Raceco was over an hour out front and seventh overall. The man to beat now in Class 1-2-1600 is Doug Fortin Jr., and nobody did. Fortin led from Check 3 all the way back to Pahrump, and he won the class by 40 minutes in the Chenowth. Dr three minutes it was Cen-turioni/ Job. This was a.good bat-tle as they headed south to Beatty. There the order was set with Watkins/ Aronson out front, fol-lowed by Poe/Ronn, Centuri-ono/ Job and Church, going solo. Craig Watkins drove the Raceco into Pahrump and he and Greg Aronson not only won Class 10, they finished seventh overall, well ahead of the winning Class 1. Watkins said his only trouble was a broken exhaust going into T onopah. Bill Poe and Fred Ronn had a series of problems that · slowed them, but they still claimed second in class, about an hour and 20 minutes off the pace. Also having woes, including broken CV joint bolts, Steve Cen-turioni and Larry Job took the flag just three more minutes back in third, over an hour ahead of Michael Church. Jim and Wen-dell Smith were fifth, followed in nearly two hours by Dave Wood and Gary Salt. Class 1-2-1600 was the biggest in the race with 27 starters, and nearly half finished. Those that had trouble early, generally ended up doing well, and most of the early leaders came to grief on the hill and beyond. Dominic Borra/ -Dennis Orcutt led at the first check, dropped to sixth at Beatty, then spent an extra couple hours It was a happy crew that greeted Gary Bates and Don McAfee, who had a late start, as they zipped to their first victory in Class 5, winning by almost three hours. Bill Poe and Fred Ronn ran up front in Class 10 all the way, had late trouble, but still got the O.R.E. into second in class at the flag. Stuart Chase and Jeff Hibbard stayed with the leaders all day, and they brought the Raceco home a strong second in the tough Class 1-2-1600. on the hill. At Beatty Fireworks winner Doug Fortin Jr. was second, just 15 seconds behind new leader Doug Smith/Tim Munroe. Gary and Danny Porter were tied for second with Fortin, and Scott McMillin was less than a minute back, but seen no more. Out of Beatty the narrow, silt filled trail over the killer hill swamped more than half the 1600s. Some pushed and tugged each other to get over the top, while others waited their turn for a shot, many losing over three hours in the morass of various classes of cars, all trying to get past this major obstacle and get back to racing. So, Check 3 at Stewart's Mill was the clue to who got through the mess easily and who didn't and the class was truly scrambled in running order here,. Out front at Check 3 was Doug Fortin Jr., and he stayed out front all the way back to Pahrump. In second here, the Doug Smith Raceco was only a couple minutes back, followed in two minutes by Stuart Chase/Jeff Hibbard, who had Tom Day about five minutes behind on time. This order held, basically, through the next check. At Tonopah, Chase/Hibbard were now second, about a dozen minutes behind Fortin. William Champion/Dave Baeskens were 28 minutes further down in third, After a nearly perfect season, Hartmut and .Wolfram Klawitter had plenty of trouble in Nevada, but they still salvaged second place in Class 5. followed in a minute by Brad Newell/Jim Brown; who got up to third before retiring after Check 7 at Goldfield. Passing Beatty the second time Fortin had a good lead of 31 min-utes over Chase/Hibbard, and Champion was now back 22 min-utes in third. But, Pete McCowen/ Dennis Fry, who had early prob-lems, were up to fourth, a half hour back. Others were moving forward while still others had big troubles. Taking his third Class 1-2-1600 victory in a row (Fire-works, Riverside) 18 year old Doug Fortin Jr. drove solo in his Chenowth to win the biggest purse of the day. He said he only · waited ten minutes at the Beatty hill before getting over it, and his only other trouble was getting stuck once in a silt bed, as did most everyone else. Stuart Chase and Jeff Hibbard arrived second, about 40-minutes behind, losing time between Goldfield and Beatty. But, they were over half an hour ahead of William Champion and Dave Baeskens, solid in third with 19 minutes on Pete McCowen/ Dennis Fry, who were less than a minute faster than Kevin and Brian Smith. Among the leaders, we think this time spread was the largest ever for this class, usually seconds rather than many min-utes apart. Of the 13 finishers, the team of Ed Pauley and Jon Iandiorio was disqualified for driving back-wards on the course and forcing another vehicle off the side of the hill. Among the early leaders, Gary and Danny Porter took 17:24 of the 18 hour time allo-wance to cross the finish line, and they must have a book full of war stories. Class 5 was supposed to start next, but the word is they didn't all start together. A good Vegas number, 11 Bugs took the green flag, and George Seeley Jr./How-ard Anderson had the lead at the first check, but went no farther, nor did Lyn Mocaby, who was fourth at the time. North through Beatty Gary Bates and Don Mc-Afee had the lead by 20 minutes over Dan Reynolds/Mel Vaughan, who did not make it over the hill. Stan Parnell/ Regg Smith were third here, another 13 minutes down, followed by Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter, who broke a stub axle in the first few miles, and Bob Utgard, who lost an hour on the second leg. At Tonopah Bates/McAfee had almost an hour lead on the Klawitters, who were up ·to second. Utgard was more than another hour back, followed by Parnell/Smith, who cleared Check 7 and were seen no more. The order held back through William Champion and Dave Baeskens moved up with the leaders after the 'Hill' and they stayed there, taking third in Class 1-2-1600 action. Having a good year in Class 1-2-1600, Pete Mccowen and Dennis Fry got the Raceco in fourth in class, and they are now second in the points. Kevin and Brian Smith had late troubles with the Mirage, but they were fifth in Class 1-2-1600, only a scant 49 seconds out of fourth . place. Page 14 Mcwembcr 1911 Dusty flma

Page 15

Beatty and to the finish line. Gary Bates and Don MacAfee, recent converts to Class 5, were the happiest winners in Pahrump, saying their only trouble was los-,, ing a power steering belt and hav-ing one flat tire. The Klawitters had electrical trouble on the last leg, but they finished second, almost three hours later. About 45 minutes back of second place, Bob Utgard, who had been stuck on the hill, was the third and final finisher. ·3/< Class 4 appeared with seven starters, and this started out to be a close race,.even though Rod Hall and Jim Fricker had the Dodge in the lead from flag to flag. Jerry McDonald had the Chevy ;about . ten minutes back in second at Beatty, but Buddy Renoe/Bill Donahoe· were only 15 seconds slower to this check. John Dyck had his Jeep Honcho another two minutes back in fourth, and nobody else was close. Hall a'iid Fricker told a great story about how they got by the stuck buggies Rod Hall and Jim Fricker kept the big Dodge on form in the deep silt and nasty Buddy Renoe and Bill Donahoe made it one-two for Dodge in Class 4, as they on the killer hill, but they were not badly delayed there. By T onopah Hall had 23 minutes lead on McDonald, who was well ahead of third running John Dyck, who vanished on the next leg. Home town favorite Jack Johnson had been third at the first check, but then dropped back with a broken A-Arm on the next leg. Rod Hall led through Beatty and all the way to the finish line, winning Class 4 by over two hours and placing 12th overall. Hall and Fricker were very happy winners. Jerry McDonald held second all the way through the last check, then lost hours changing a trans and dropped to fifth at the flag. This put Buddy Renoe and Bill Donahoe home second in their Dodge, followed in about half an hour by Don Y oston/ -Larry Monroe in a Jeep J-10. An hour back, Timmy Lee Pruett survived overheating problems to place fourth, and Pruett drove all the way in the Ford. Jack Johnson lost hours getting back to Beatty, but he did finish sixth in class in the Nissan. Class 7 had only five starters, but three of them finished. This race had a bizarre start. About 20 miles out Larry Ragland hit a tree and got the Chevy high centered. Along came Manny Esquerra, who accidentally hit Ragland, knocked him free, and Ragland was on his way. While Esquerra was apparently restarting his Ford, along came the first 7S, Spencer Low. Since Manny was on the trail, Low hit him hard, not seeing the Ford in the heavy dust. The impact destroyed the front end on Law's Nissan, putting him out of the race. Esquerra's head · hit the rear glass on the Ford and knocked it out. It had to be a strong hit, but Manny carried on. At Beatty Roger Mears had his Nissan out front, with 11 minutes in hand over Ragland. Russ Jones/Luke Jones were third, and Esquerra was next, after a stop to fix the trans cooler, front end and power steering. Wayne Lee/ Marc Cartwright were fifth here, but after getting over the big hill, they disappeared before Silverpeak. Ragland was in charge at Tono-pah, with nearly 40 minutes on Mears. Esquerra was up to third, followed by Jones whose Ford did not go far past Goldfield. Despite a stop to change the Dusty nma rocks, and they four wheeled into the Class 4 victory, winning by two hours. came back from heavy down time to place second at the finish line. trans at Tonopah, Larry Ragland winner, the second one of the day-not gain on Ragland, and his Nis- couldn't turn his head, Manny never lost the Class 7 lead, and he for Chevrolet. !lager Mears had san was second, 46 minutes later. Esquerra, with brother Tudy Joe zipped into the finish a solid no more real trouble, but could With a neck so bruised he i;r THE WORLD'S FINEST OFF ROAD CALENDAR! NEW FOR 1989! 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Page 16

Larry Ragland started out getting high centered, but then he led the rest of the distance in Class 7, and he won by a good 46 minutes in the Chevy S-10. Mike and Pat Falkosky ended their long dry spell with a resounding win in Class 7S, their Toyota having few problems, and they won by a wild 49 minutes. Dave Simon and John Johnson had a slim lead all around the top of the course in Class 7 4x4, but they widened the margin all the way back to win in the Ford by nearly an hour. Robert Knight, LeRoy Hansen and Gary Krogh combined forces to take the Class 5-1600 lead over the 'Hill', and they stayed out front all the way to pay dirt. Roger Mears was an early leader in Class 7, but dropped time in the north, then came back to place the Nissan second at the checkered flag. Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen got their new Toyota around in fine style, and they scored their best finish in Class 7S, second in the big class. Mike Lesle and Jim Wright had the early lead in Class 7 4x4 in the Jeep, but they dropped time up course, but did finish second in the class. i;.,. along, was third in the Ford Ranger. Class 7 S had a good field of 1 7, but only six of them finished the rugged route. In fact four did not make the first check. Willie Val, dez and Gil Devine had their Ford in the lead at Beatty, about two minutes ahead of Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen in a strong showing for the Toyota. Mike and Pat Falkosky were third here in their Toyota, and Rob MacCach, ren/Mike Smig were fourth in the Jeep Comanche, just three more minutes down and less than a minute ahead of Paul Simon/Ed Frisk who had led at the first check. Most of the 7S trucks had trouble on the hill, but some got quick tows over the top, while others lost a lot of time. By T onopah eventual winners Mike and Pat Falkosky had taken the le3d by an hour over the Ford of ~illy Bunch/Kevin Conlin. Vin, je/Hansen were just ten minutes back in third, with Valdez down to fourth. MacCachren had rolled and dropped to seventh and did not make it back to Beatty, nor did six others, including Bunch. Heading south from Beatty, the Falkosky Toyota led by 4 7 min, utes over Vinje/Hansen. After fixing a broken spring, Mike said later he decided to cruise and take no chances through the silt. Simon/Frisk were third, another half hour down, while Valdez held fourth by two hours over Scott Douglas and Chuck Johnson. Mike Falkosky drove the win, ning 7S Toyota into Tonopah, and it was a resounding victory. A joyful crew greated Mark Hansen in the Malcolm Vinje Toyota, second in class, their best finish yet in the class, 49 minutes bade but they were thrilled with second place. Willie Valdez and Gil Divine moved into third on the very last miles. They were back 55 minutes, but over an hour ahead of Paul Simon, who lost more than that on the final few miles. Troubled most of the way, Scott Douglas/Chuck Johnson were fifth, and Jack Schlaman and Bud Sebelius finished sixth in 17:15. After plenty of trouble, Steve Luport and George Jirka finished, but were 21 minutes overtime, but seventh nonetheless. The ten trucks in Class 7 4x4 had a good race, at least to Check 2 at Beatty. Mike Lesle led in his Jeep at the first check, but Dave Simon had his Ford into a two minute lead over Lesle at Beatty. Dave Ashley was second, but soon out with a broken trans, and Lesle was third and close. A few minutes back, Tom Hoke was next in a Chevy S,10, followed in less than a minute by Wayne Demonja, but his Mazda lost Darryl and Alan Cook, and other brothers, were the fastest of the 5-1600 Bugs who detoured, and they arrived in Pahrump solid in second place. -hours on the hill, and did not Bob Utgard's Baja Bug is easy to see on the desert, and he drove it hard enough to finish third in Class 5, after losing time on the 'Hill'. Willie Valdez and Gill Divine led Class 7S for a time in the Ford Ranger, but troubles dropped them to a long third at the checkered flag. Paul Simon and Ed Frisk had the 7S lead at the first check, but · then started having problems with the Ford Ranger, and they finished fourth. Pats16 NoNnlbcr1-.,_, ......

Page 17

make it to Silverpeak. AtTonopah Dave Simon/John Johnson had the lead for good, now about two minutes up on Mike Lesle, who had Jim Wright driving relief, and Jim rolled the Jeep en route back to Beatty. John Swift and Curt LeDuc were com-ing up fast and were third, and Gregg Symonds/Bill Varnes were fourth in a Toyota. Seven were still running well. The front four held position through Beatty, with Simon now having a 34 min-ute margin on Lesle. Here Tom Hoke was up to _fifth, and Jim Conner was out with trans trou-ble in the Nissan. John Johnson drove Paul Si-mon's Ford across the finish line first in Class 7 4x4, putting the team well in the points hunt. Mike Lesle was nearly an hour back, but a solid second, keeping his points lead. John Swift and Curt LeDuc got their Ford home third, fol-lowed by Gregg Symonds, then Nick Gross and Joe Valentine had no real problems until they got back to Pahrump, but their lead was so great that they still won the Challenger Class by almost two hours. Tom Hoke whose Chevy was the last class finisher. With a baker's dozen starting, Class 5-1600 had an interesting but somewhat sad race, which vir-tually ended at the killer hill. There were many strong front runners early -in the game. Andy DeVercelly and son led at Beatty, but only by 15 seconds over Dar-rell Smith/Don Kelly. Third, another 30 seconds back came Roy and Mike Taylor, followed in less than two minutes by Mike Pancho Bio did a solo drive in his Baja Concepts racer, and he stayed with the program to place a fine second in the Challenger competiJion. Jones/Russ Simmons: This was driver, Mark Hansen also gave a the closest race going at Check 2. tow to the Bug his father LeRoy JU$t ahead lay the big hill, and was co-driving before heading only one Bug got a tow over it, and· back to chase Vinje. The full story that was a bit of a fluke. The truck of the 5-1600 hill saga is else-was there to tow Malcolm Vinje's where in this issue, written by one ~ oyota up and over, and the truck of the i;,... - - - -John Swift and Curt LeDuc kept the Ford right side up all day, joined the leaders around Tonopah, and they finished well, third in Class 7 4x4. Andy L. and Andy R. DeVercelly led Class 5-1600 by a bunch through the Beatty check, dropped time at the 'Hill' and ended up third in class. arry Martin and Martin Schlosser had their problems early in the race, came on strong in the last few miles to finish third in Challenge ranks. w /I 7#-il DEU!!R!o Carburetou I ........... 1• am, 'AEARL'S WEBER Gi,,°:a=µit • ...,. ·~·--" Dusty nma 2 GIANT SUPERSTORES TOSERVEYOU OPEN 7 DAYS SCORE & HDRA MEMBERS RECE /VE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ~ PERMA-COOL ~ VENOWTH ~ ~ ~ =r·A·WAY BUGPACKTM LI I Pl= "9e17

Page 18

Ir competitors. But, the end -result, after much digging and tugging, is that 11 of the 12 that got this far made a pact to return to the Beatty check to have HDRA re-route them around the hill. Eventually the Bugs went a few miles on the highway before heading for Check 2. Meanwhile Robert Knight/LeRoy Hansen/ Gary Krogh had an hour lead they would keep to the end. by Darryl and Alan Cook, with Manfred Hove just another four minutes down, as the Bugs resumed battle. DeVercelly lost time and dropped to sixth here, but at Beatty he was up to third place b'ehind Knight and the Cooks, as Smith lost a lot of time south of Goldfield with a burned piston. Andy DeVercellys. Moving up after Goldfield, Joseph and Steve Grier were fourth, Roy and Mike ,. Taylor finished fifth, and Mike Jones and Russ Simmons salvaged sixth at 17:34. Just six minutes over the time allowance, Darrell Smith and Don Kelly did not get their finish points, but were seventh. At T onopah Darrell Smith was ~cond, followed in three minutes At the finish the Knight Bug won easily by 56 minutes. Darryl and Alan Cook· nailed second place, 23 minutes ahead of the 1988 HORA NEVADA 500 RESULTS September 10, 1988 DIA. POS. POS.CAR # DRIVER(S) VEHICLE TIME CLASS 1 -UNLIMITED SINGLE SEAT -10 START - 5 FINISH The Challengers, 21 strong, were next away, but four did not make it to Beatty, and two more collapsed pn the hill. At Beatty Nick Gross and Joe Valentine were in the lead, but with merely 30 seconds in hand over Craig White/ Steve Ryckebosch. Mike Ward/Mike Murray were less 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. -103 William & Brian Church Raceco 9:46.00 100 Mark McMillin (solo) Chenowth/Porsche 10:49.53 1 than three more minutes back in , third, pushed 15 seconds later by 9 · Pancho Bio. This race was really ~~ tight, but another one scrambled 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 107 Frank Snook/Eric Arras Raceco 11:21.59 108 Tom Koch (solo) Raceco/Porsche· 11:35.28 101 Ken Frost/Don Blakely Raceco 11 :52.29 CLASS 2 -UNLIMITED TWO SEAT·-22 START -13 FINISH 202 Brian Collins/Bruce Graves Chenowth/Porsche 8:39.19 200 Corky McMillin/Brian Ewalt Chenowth Porsche 8:53.15 222 Danny Leiner/Ron Brant Raceco/Porsche 9:07.23 216 Mike Lund/Buzz Combe Chenowth 9: 15.11 219 Bob Gordon/Frank Arciero Jr. Chenowth 9:29.28 28 some by the killer hill. 29 Moving along to Tonopah, 1 2 3 5 6 ClASS 1-2-1600 -1&00CC RESTRICTED ENGINE -27 START-12 FINISH Gross/Valentine now led by 50 minutes over Bio, as the hill spread this class out on time. Over an hour back, White/Rycke-bosch were third, followed in just three minutes by James Tucker/ Larry Wyatt, who had less than two minutes on Rich Richard-son/ Kevin Perrault. So it went down through the ranks as 13 made it this far. 1. 1608 Doug Fortin Jr. (solo) Chenowth 10:49.44 19 2. 1606 Stuart Chase/ Jeff Hibbard Raceco 11 :29.41 26 3. 1633 William Champion/Dave Baeskens 12:04.50 31 4. 1614 Pete Mccowen/Dennis Fry Raceco 12:23.28 · 37 5. 1602 Kevin & Brian Smith Mirage 12:24.17 38 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 302 349 301 300 400 403 405 449 404 549 505 545 507 CLASS 3 -SHORT WB 4X4 - 9 START - 3 FINISH Matt Pike/ Steve Humme,I Dodge Ramcharger 13:31.45 Christian Pike/ John Lemieux Ford Bronco 16:41.00 Richard Bundy Jeep Scrambler 17:29.20 Mike Schwellinger /Les Erickson Jeep CJ 7 11 :34.19 CLASS 4-LONG WB 4X4-7 START- 6 FINISH Rodney Hall/ Jim Fricker Dodge 10: 11.10 Buddy Renoe/Bill Donahoe Dodge 12: 14.45 Don Yosten/Larry Monroe Jeep Honcho 12:48.57 Timmy Lee Pruett (solo) Ford F-150 13:48.50 Jerry McDonald/ Joe MacPherson Chevrolet 13:49.07 CLASS 5 -UNLIMITED BAJA BUG -11 START - 3 FINISH Gary Bates/Don McAfee Baja Bug 12:06.35 Hartmut & Wolfram Klawitter Baja Bug 15:00.09 Bob Utgard Baja Bug 15:45.23 Stan Parnell/Reg Smith Baja Bug 11 :08.35 CLASS 5-1600 -1600CC BAJA BUG -13 START - 6 FINISH 46 77 89 (Ck. 8) 12 34 42 48 49 33 61 69 (Ck. 7)• Sailing back through Beatty, Gross/Valentine led the pack , handily. Bio was over an hour back in second, but had a 50 min-ute margin on Richardson/ Per-rault. This class had a very odd finish. The route led across some real silt holes near the entrance to the speedway. More than once we saw a car coming toward the speedway lights in the dark, then saw headlights veer away and go 1 elsewhere, as by this time most of 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 558 598 550 563 599 Robert Knight/LeRoy Hansen Baja Bug 14:49.37 58 the markers were either down or Darryl & Alan Cook Baja Bug 15:45.24 Andy L. & Andy R. DeVercelly Baja Bug 16: 18.17 Joseph & Steve Grier Baja Big 16:43.54 Roy & Mike Taylor Baja Bug 17:28.31 CLASS 6 -PRODUCTION SEDAN - 5 START - 3 FINISH 70 so dusty they didn't show 0in the ~~ ' dark. Driving the last miles with-BB out any headlights, Joe Valentine 1. 2. 3. 4. 619 G.W. & Garson Moser Ford Ranchero 15:25.32 68 not only got a little lost in sight of the speedway, he also fell in a hole and got stuck. So, HDRA sent a truck out to pull him free. Despite the late breaking delay of several minutes, Nick Gross and Joe Val-entine still won Challenger Class 600 Larry Schwacofer/Sid Spradling '57 Chevrolet 16:43.58 79 617 Arne Gunnarsson/John Johnston Ill Saab 96 17:41.54 92 61 B Dale & Randy Jordan Chevy El Camino 10:22.30 (Ck. 4) 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. CLASS 7 -UNLIMITED MINI-MIDI PICKUP - 5 START - 3 FINISH . 704 Larry Ragland/John Herzberger Chevy S-10 10:43.44 701 Roger Mears/Tony Alvarez Nissan 11 :29.44 700 Manny & Tudy Joe Esquerra Ford Ranger 13:58.40 702 Russ & Luke Jones Ford Ranger 12:37.50 ClASS 7S -STOCK MINI-MIDI PICKUP -17 START - & FINISH 723 · Mike & Pat Falkosky Toyota 12:16.36 748 Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen Toyota 13:05.31 726 Willie Valdez/Gil Devine Ford Ranger 14:00.39 746 Paul Simon/Ed Frisk Ford Ranger 15:11.57 720 Scott Douglas/Chuck Johnson Ford Ranger 16:39.31 CWS 7 4X4-STOCK MINI-MIDI 4X4 -10 START -fi FINISH 789 David Simon/John Johnson Ford Ranger 10:59.58 750 Mika le1le/Jim Wright Jeep Comanche 11:57.00 768 John Swift/Curt LeDuc Ford Ranger 12:48.55 754 Gregg Symonds/Bill Varnes Toyota 15:13.47 753 Tom Hoke/Jeff lewis Chevy S-10 18:27.14 CWS I - 2 WO STAIIDARD PICKUP - I START - 7 FINISH 803 Frn Vessels/Jon Nelson Chevrolet 9:12.44 802 Rob Gordon/Rua Wernimont Ford 10:04.51 801 Stev■ K1ll■y/Tarry Caldwell Chevrolet 10:14.04 800 o-Shoppe/I.any Maddox Ford 10:15.54 849 Mich11I Schuringa/J1ff Bonnet Chevrolet 10:39.52 CWS CHAUENGER - RESTRlmD BUGGY -21 START - 8 FINISH 904 Nick Gross/ Joe Valintine lePlant SS 12:28.10 993 P111cho Bio (solol Baja Concepts 14:20.52 99B Lany Martin/Mwty Schlosser Chenowth 15:20.35 908 Rich Richardson/Kevin Perrault Jimco 16:37.10 901 James Tucker/Larry Wyatt Chenowth 18:57.11 ClASS 10 -UNLIMITED 1850CC - 9 START- 8 FINISH 1. 1008 Craig Watkins/Greg Aronson Raceco 9:36.18 2. 1006 William Poe/Fred Ronn O.R.E. 10:58.29 3. 1005 Steve Centurioni/Larry Job 0.R.E. 11 :01.06 4. 1098 · Michael Church (solo) Receco 12:08.20 5. 1004 Jim & Wendell Smith Chenowth 12:48.08 ClASS 11 -STOCK VW SEDAN - 2 START - 0 FINISH 18 27 50 (Ck. 7) 35 44 51 62 76 22 30 40 63 73 by almost two hours. They man-aged to get up the hill with scant delay, and had only two flats for further stops. Next into the finish was Pancho Bio, who drove solo and also had some problems, including 40 minutes spent on the hill. Larry Martin and Marty Schlosser climbed from fifth to third on the last 20 miles, finishing exactly an hour behind second place. Rich 4 Richardson/Kevin Perrault 1 o nailed fourth, more than another 13 hour back, but 20 minutes ahead 14 ' ofJamesTuckerandLarryWyatt. 16 The Challenger drivers con-39· 56 67 75 BO; ' 1, 21· 23 32 41 1. 1100 Ramon Castro VW Beetle 12:20.00 (Ck. 6) tinued to have trouble after the finish. Mike Ward and Mike Murray were eight minutes over-time, but credited with tenth. More serious was the press note that the finish of Craig White and Steve Ryckebosch (9th) was not allowed under rule G-38, which says you can't be towed or pushed (by other than the race car occu-pants) through a checkpoint or across the finish line. 1. 1401 2. 1406 3. 1403 4. 1400 5. 1499 CLASS 14 -UNLIMITED 4X4 - 9 START - & FINISH Donald German (solo) Jeep/Chevy 12:22.31 Mike Homer /Brian Stewart GMC S-15 13:38.44 Boone England/Jim Hummel Chevy Blazer 14:12.59 Giti Gowland/lloyd Riggins Toyota 15:54.39 Carl Cook Jeep CJ 2 17:00.55 Stin~rs -186 -Filti■Mrs -92 -P1rclllt of finishars -49.5 Rae, Oiltac1 -448 lllila -T•• Allow111c1 -18 hours Fat Tn1 Overall -Brian Collins - 8:39.19 Page 11 36 47 55 71 81 Class 3 had nine starters, but Dave Bryan didn't make the first check. At Beatty Mike Schwellin-ger /Les Erickson had the lead in their Jeep CJ 7, but only by three minutes over the Bronco of Rick Sieman/Steve Kramer. Don Adams/ Larry O lson had their Noftmber 19N Matt Pike and Steve Hummel took over the Class 3 lead around Tonopah, and they raced on in the Dodge Ramcharger to win the class by more than three hours. Christian Pike and John Lemieux drove the family relic, Ford Bronco, for a long journey on time, but they finished second in Class 3 anyhow. Jeep Wrangler another 45 Goldfield, but was reported out seconds back, but they blew the with an engine fire. transfer case on the killer hill. · The order was set on the second Matt Pike/ Steve Hummel were trip through Beatty, as the back 20 minutes in the Dodge and Schwellinger Jeep lost the engine Christian Pike/John Lemieux before the check. Matt Pike and were fifth, another 20 minutes Steve Hummel led all the way to down in the ancient Bronco. pay dirt, bringing the Dodge The Schwellinger Jeep had Ramcharger home first by over trouble on the hill and was run- three hours. Christian Pike and ning without rear brakes ~nd John Lemieux ran second all the dropped to third at Tonopah. way from Tonopah. Having a Matt Pike had the lead at this rough time and losing hours just point, an hour and ten minutes off the start, Richard Bundy and ahead of brother Christian in crewgottheJeepScramblerhome second. The Sieman Bronco was third, 48 minutes behind the down to fourth here, maq.e it past Bronco, the last finisher. Don German surprised the regulars in Class 14 with his solo drive in the Chevy powered modified Jeep. He led the class the entire distance and won by over an hour. Mike Horner and Brian Stewart drove their tame looking GMC S-15 a good pace all the way, and they came in second with a finish in Class !4, Dusty nma

Page 19

Rich Richardson and Kevin Perrault were in the lead pack of the Challengers all day, had trouble near the end, but finished fourth ina Jimco. Richard Bundy and his Jeep Scrambler crew had plenty of down time along the trail, but they kept moving to finish third in Class 3. Usually a strong running rig, Boone England and Jim Hummel had some woes with the Chevy Blazer, but they kept moving to finish third in Class 14. It was Moser day in Nevada as brothers Greg, Garson and Wes led all the way in Class 6 in the Ford Ranchero, and they won by more than an hour, but plan to retire next year. Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling had their share of problems, but they brought the '57 Chevy to the finish line second in the Class 6 contest. Class 14 came up with a good entry of nine starters, but two went missing before Beatty. Out front at Check 2 and all the rest of the distance was VORRA champ-ion Don German in his Chevy powered Jeep. Here German had nine minutes lead on Carl Cook, CJ2, and six minutes back in third was the Jeep Honcho of Lowell Arnold and Tom Kepler, but they did not clear another check. Mike Horner and Brian Stewart were fourth, just two more minu· ~s bade in a GMC S-15, with the Boone England/Jim Hummel Blazer just four more minutes back in a good race. Over the hill and on to T onopah, Don German extended his lead to 34 minutes over Hor-ner/Stewart, now up to second. Giti Gowland/Lloyd Riggins had thei~ Toyota in third, another 21 minutes back. Boone England dropped to fourth, and Cook was now fifth, followed by Emil and John Downey, Jeep CJ 8. Don German came out of Peta-luma, CA to do a number on Class 14. He led all the way home to win by an hour and 16 minutes, driving all the way, and he did the last 45 miles without any brakes. Mike Horner and Brian Stewart hung tough to take second in the S-15. Boone England and Jim Hummel were third at the flag, another 34 minutes down, but an Dusty 1lma hour, 40 minutes--a"head ofGiti Gowland. Carl Cook kept moving to take fifth in 17 hours flat, fol-lowed by the Downey Jeep at 17:39. The five starters in Class 6 had a good race for a time. The newly painted Russell Camaro got past Check 1 then rolled out of the ball game. Out front at the first check and all the way was the Ford Ran-chero of Greg, Garson and Wes Moser. At Beatty they had a 36 minute lead over Dale and Randy Jordan, El Camino, while in third, 13 more minutes back, came Larry Schwacofer and Sid Sprad-ling, with early down time. Arne Gunnarsson/John Johnston were just another 13 minutes down. The Jordans used over six hours on the hill leg, and retired before T onopah. There the Mos-e rs had a two hour lead on Schwacofer, and that was the race. The Mosers had air cleaner woes late in the race, but the Ford did win Class 6 by over an hour. Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling lost most of that hour on the hill, but they came in second in the '57 Chevy. Incredibly, Arne Gun-narsson and John Johnston got the Saab 96 around the course to take third in 1 7 :41, and they were the 92nd and last official finisher. Only two Beetles started in : Class 11, and neither one fin-: ished. Ramon Castro had an vided by the Clark County Search and Rescue Unit and the South-ern Nye County Search and Rescue Unit. The stragglers were still coming into Tonopah well after 2:00 a.m., just happy to be out of the silt. Nearly 50 percent, 92 cars got an official finish within the 18 hours, a remarkable ratio consid-ering the most difficult course. Most of the participants suggested that HDRA find a trail around the killer hill and a few other choice spots, should they decide to run this point to point race in future years. Only two Beetles started the race, none finished, but Ramon Castro got to Tonopah, and retired gracefully, the Class 11 winner. Sunday morning a goodly por-tion of the entry showed up, clean and tidy, for the gala a wards brunch, hosted by Michael Gaughan's Gold Coast Hotel&. Casino. Unfortunately Mike's Class 2 was out of the race at Beatty, when the engine manage-ment brain on the new Porsche engine failed in the silt. But his generosity to the off road racers continues unabated. Along with the cocktail party on Friday and the sumptous brunch on Sunday, Gaughan also provided free hats and T-shirts for each entry. It was like the old days of off road racing in the Las Vegas area. engine fire in the first eight miles, which gave Jack and Tim Zand-bergen a 40 minute lead at Check 1, but they had major down time en route to Beatty. There Castro led by 50 minutes as they headed for the big hill, where Castro lost 26 minutes to Zandbergen. At Silverpeak Castro still led, but now by only nine minutes. But the Zandbergens went no farther. Ramon Castro struggled on through two more checks, reach-ing T onopah in 12 hours, 20 minutes on the road, and that was enough to win Class 11. Despite the relatively remote location, the race track at Pah-rump made a good finish line facility, with lots of stadium lights and plenty of space, right on the edge of the desert. Edna Lott val-iantly greeted each and every fin-isher, more than a ten hour stint, and HDRA's efforts went smoothly most of the time in the point to point race, with good co-operation on the road crossings from a wide variety of authorities. The checkpoint control W!!S pro...:. REDLINE OIL SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS BEAT THE HEAT! No other lubricant can provide the high tem-perature protection of Red Line oils, which use neo-pentyl polyol esters, the only lubricants capable of withstanding the tremendous heat of modem jet engines. Red Line has spent 1 O years developing this high-temperature technology into lubricants which provide the most power and the best protection available. IMPROVED THERMAL STABILITY Red Line lubricants are formulated without the use of the unstable polymeric thickeners which are required to make petroleum multigrades. This means that Red Line 20W50 will provide 25% greater oil film thickness than a petroleum 20W50, resulting in reduced bearing and valve train wear. REDUCED TEMPERATURES Red Line lubricants reduce friction, which reduce the source of heat, and will also transfer heat more effectively. In off-road use, temperature reductions of 15-30°F in air-cooled engines are typical, and differential temperature reductions of 15-70°F are common. These reductions in temperature can enable equipment to survive when other lubricants will allow a failure. DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE Red Line Synthetic Oil corporation is the leader in lubricant and fuel syst~m chemistry. Red Line manufactures a full line of automo-tive products which are designed to provide noticeable improvements in performance: Motor Oils -5W30, 1 0W40, 20W50 Race Oils -SAE 30, 40, 50, 60 Two-cycle Lubricants Gear Oils - Lightweight, 75W90, 80W140 Manual Transmission Lubricant ATF - Synthetic Dexron II DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid CV-2 CV-Joint and Wheel Bearing Grease Assembly Lube Shock and Fork Oils For a free brochure and technical 111forrnat1on call or vmte: RED LINE SYNTHETIC OIL CORPORATION 3450 Pacheco Blvd Martinez. CA 94553 Telephone: (415) 228-7576 or (800) 624-7958 Deziler Inquiries Invited NcMmbcr1911 Plgc19

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The Saga of Class 5·1600 on the Beatty Hill By Eddie Miller, Cook Brothers Racing P1wtos: C&C Race P1wtos/Jud:y Smith The parking lot on the hill was only partially filled with stranded racers when this shot was taken, and others, foreground, are still arriving. A funny thing happened on the way to the finish of the Nevada 500! · It was just past Beatty, about five miles out, when we encount-ered a tast moving truck. This guy was really making time, pedal to the floor, just flat going for it. There was only one thing; he was motoring the wrong way on the course. Could we be going the wrong way? Did we miss a left or right turn? Did this MADMAN have a problem, perhaps heading back to the nearest pit for repair? As a competent co-driver I assured my pilot in the Cook 5-1600 Bug that, in fact, we were on the course and going in the correct direction. Well, it wasn't long •before another one went by, and yet another. We drove around a bend in the course and to our dis-belief, there was not only our whole class but a slew of other cars parked, unable to tackle "THE HILL". "Now I don't know about the others," I thought, "but we are NOT stop-ping! We WILL make it up 'THE HILL'!" We soon realized why all the cars were parked, drivers out of their cars with helmets off, sip-ping ice cold HOT water, many brealc:ing for a quick smoke. We gave it our best shot, and to the dismay of all, we could only man-age to climb half way up "THE HILL." Imagine that! At the time we were, I think, in fourth or fifth place. Andy D, leading the race by at least 12 to 15 minutes, was out of his Coronado Cruiser convers-ing with the tight knit group of Class 5-1600 points leaders. After at least a half hour, with no other alternatives in sight, Tay-lor and Lawrence came up with a great idea. "What if we help each other? You know, we'll push Andy up 'THE HILL' seeing as he was here first. Then Andy will stop, get out of his car and help push Smitty up, and so on ... " That way, after we all were on the other side, we would kind of res-tart the race. Forget the fact ~t the leader was the leader by a good HDRA/SCORE America's Foremost Off-Road Racing Series POINTS STANDINGS -Through Nevada 500 CLASS 1 CLASS 5 CLASS 8 Mark McMillin 192 Hartmut Klawitter 200 Robby Gordon 183 Tom Koch 165 Bob Utgard 170 Frank Vessels 168 John Kelly 130 George Seeley, Jr. 122 Steve McEachern 161 Ken Frost 112 Gary Bates 76 Walker Evans 134 Ron Brant 109 Lisa Dickerson 74 Steve Kelley 126 Chet Huffman 107 Stan Parnell 70 Dave Shoppe 112 Frank Snook 104 CLASS 5-1600 David Westhem 101 Jim Stiles 104 Frank Mancha 85 Bud Feldkamp 103 Roy Taylor 170 Ken Conrad 77 Ivan Stewart 94 Mike Jones 166 Michael Schuringa 62 CLASS 2 Andy DeVercelly 163 CLASS CHALLENGE Darryl Cook 149 Bob Gordon 212 Steve Lawrence 131 Nick Gross 243 Corky McMillin 188 Robert Knight 100 Panct>o Bio 192 Mi ke Lund 163 Manfred Hove 86 Mike Ward 177 Danny Letner 148 Randy Wilson 79 Larry Martin 171 Tevon Murachanian 147 R. E. Wright 77 James Tucker 167 Bob Richey 125 CLASS 6 Rich Richardson 155 Doug Aldridge 123 Ray McClain 154 Brian Collins 122 Wes Moser 135 Rick Johnson 137 Steve Sourapas 116 Arne Gunnarsson 116 Don Rountree 135 Jerry Finney 105 Larry Schwacofer 115 Dennis Stankavich 132 CLASS 1- 2-1600 CLASS 7 James Clements 120 Gary Cogbill 202 Larry Ragland 142 CLASS 10 Pete Mccowen 192 Manny Esquerra 131 Michael Church 180 Dominic Borra 171 Roger Mears 109 Steve Centurioni 159 Kevin J. Smith 171 CLASS 7S Dave Wood 156 Tom DeNault 142 William Poe 128 Jim Sumners 140 Paul Simon 210 Dick Weyhrich 106 Stuart Chase 124 Spencer Low 186 Craig Watkins 103 Jim Fishback, Sr. 124 Willie Valdez 185 Jim Smith 92 Dan Araujo 113 Malcolm Vinje 170 Mark Barnes 89 Brian Parkhouse 112 Mike Falkosky 147 Greg Hibbs 89 CLASS 3 Scott Douglas 142 Joey Adzima 86 Steve Luport 121 CLASS 11 Mike Schwellinger 153 Eric Lane 120 Matt Pike 139 Evan Evans 119 Ramon Castro 131 Don Adams 99 CLASS 7 4x4 Sergio Gutierrez 68 Richard Bundy 79 Jack Zandbergen 64 Christian Pike 70 Mike Lesle 183 Russell Johnson 57 CLASS 4 Dave Simon 148 CLASS 14 John Swift 147 Rodney Hall 141 Gregg Symonds 119 Boone England 116 Jack Johnson 138 David Ashley 114 Giti Gowland 90 Jerry McDonald 127 Jeff MacPherson 110 Emil Downey 85 Buddy·Renoe 113 Wayne Demonja 90 David Quill 62 Don Yosten 68 Jim Conner 89 Charles Woodard 59 Page IO Noftmbcr 1988 r { a .,. Confusion reigned when the 5-1600s returned to Beatty, as they scrambled to park off the course, on the right, and locate a sympathetic HORA official. mar~in,· secondfoffowed and third and so on. After a brave attempt and suck-ing rocks, dirt, and a dash of silt for flavor, we managed to push 550 about half way up. "Good idea, Taylor", I thought as I sucked in all the air I could take! Andy did his best to right his craft and head back down "THE HILL", only to barely miss run-ning over Lawrence, who was dying from lack of oxygen from trying to push Andy up. Well, forget that idea! Mean-while, cars were backing up on the course like the San Diego freeway at happy hour. As you could imagine, my other brother Darryl (the pilot) was starting to shake, sweat, and basically come unglued! See, he hates standing around during a race. So, after calmer heads prevailed, the bunch of us agreed that we were going nowhere, and that the best idea was to go back to the last check-point, get hold of a HORA offi-cial, and try to get some kind of ruling or restart, Understanding there was no other way around "THE HILL" but to drive down the paved road, none of us were willing to take the chance of being DQ'd . Upon returning to the checkpoint at Beatty, we were at best skeptical when the only other car to make it back was Lawrence. But, where was the rest of the gang? Well, after what seemed like hours, we received word on the radio that, having been detained by cars going the correct way on the course, the pack was to arrive shortly. Glad to see everybody arrive, we directed the field where to park as though we were some kind of officials or something. Once again we were out of our car bark-ing at whomever would listen. It's kind of a sick feeling knowing you should be out there screaming down the trail in quest of what-ever it is we were doing out there without being able to do anything until we heard from HDRA. Well, HDRA eventually made a decision. I'm still not quite sure what it was, but as all drivers gathered around, they said that we were to run backwards on the course and then cut over after "THE HILL". "You have five minutes to start the race." After a puzzled driver commented, "I'm not quite sure what you mean," they responded, "I said you have four minutes to start the race!" So, to make a long story longer, the race restarted in no kind of order other than whoever could strap in his qir the fastest. See, that's great for the guy a half hour behind you, but for the guy 15 minutes ahead, it really kind of sucks. At T onopah is where I jumped out of the car, only to get the great news that the "Joe" in the lead was one and a half hours in front of everybody. The way we heard it, he was towed up "THE HILL" by one of his chase trucks. I can only think what would happen if we all radioed for our chase vehi-cles to come tow us. By the way, what happened to all those trucks we saw heading the wrong way on the course? And all those Class 1-2-1600 cars we left parked at the bottom of the hill? I wonder what trail they took? Well, we were beaten by an hour, second in class with the rest of the 5-1600s not far behind. I'm not quite sure what the point of this story is other than "take 'em as you get 'em," as Chuck DeVercelly told us in the wee hours after the race. The good feeling of sportsmanship between competitors in this 5-1600 class seems to keep building, making it all the more fun and exciting! Thanlc:s for listening. A pit truck gives its racer a tow, but here the rope has gone slack so it is hard to , • say if they made it or if they just blocked the two buggies behind them. Dusty nmc1

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• Jliri?tlfo. ~tdnmtb ~a~ 13, 1964 --~~pt~mh~r 11, 1988 On September 11, 1988, while she was racing her motorcycle, Michelle's life tragically ended. Racing was her escape and freedom. If she couldn't race, she felt like an eagle without wings. The only condolence is she died doing exactly what she· wanted. A small condolence to be sure, but desperately needed by the loved ones left behind. Memories of the times spent with her·will never fade, she will be no further dway than a picture or ·a remembered moment. We can take comfort in the times she made us laugh and the times she comforted us when we were down. Her warmth . and sincerity made such a positive difference in our lives. Michelle may be gone from this world, but she will forever liue in our hearts. There isn't a word that describes the way we feel about her, I guess 'the one that comes closest is love. We'll miss you. (Michelle won her class in Barstow to Vegas desert race in 1986 and earned the W4 plate for District37 desert racing for 1987. In 1985 she co-drove with Scott Child in the California Pro-rally series. The team won the California Championship that year.) Ed.

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Ch.ilton Short Course Sprints The Badgerland VW Club, a small group of VW and race enthusiasts sponsored the second annual Chilton Short Course Sprints on Saturday and Sunday, August 20-21 at the Calumet County Fairgrounds in Chilton, Wisconsin. Along with the off road racing events, a Swap Meet and Car Show brought a nice crowd of VW fans to the week-end's festivities. The track, which was based around a quarter mile clay oval, incorporated a stretch of land that gave the racers a chance to hit some high speeds and an area respectfully referred to as the "graveyard", a menagerie of bumps and jumps, off camber to give the racer a real run for his money, and then on to more jumps coming into the infield and a short st-int on the oval before entering the straights again, all of which totaled up to about a half mile course. Due to the tightness of the track however, the classes that usually brought a large number of entries ran heat races, with six to seven entries each, with the top three finishers to· go on to the feature race. A consolation heat was also run for those who did not finish high enough in their original heat, and the top three in that class also got a chance in the feature. A roll-ing start, something quite unusual in midwest rl!fi_ng, brou_ght a_!:,ou!_ a new twist, and also a fack of s_tarting line fatalities. With the presentation of the American flag by two-time winner of the Baja 1000, Chuck Johnson, the National Anthem was played to beckon the begin-ning of the Chilton Sprints with· Class 1-1600 running the first heat. Dave VanDenElzen took the lead as the green flag was waved with Bryan Frankenburg and John Greaves running the second and third place position. The clay track, which had been watered earlier that morning was slippery and caused maneuverability prob-lems for the first class on the track giving the drivers a-real test of their abilities. As the action con-tinued, Jim Wiggins decided to give Greaves a little run for his money and easily went into third place when Greaves went a little goofy before the infield jump. John tried to take the third spot back, riding side by side until finally the repass came and Greaves ran it to the checkered flag behind Dave VanDenElzen in first and Frankenberg in second. Mike Seefeldt· led the pack in the second heat for 1-1600 bug-gies. Cory f:riday had hap. luck early in the race when a bump_ at the start sent him fish-tailing and finally into the wall. Scott Taylor claimed th~ second place position with Greg Smith · right on his bumper for third. Taylor went wid~ _in _ _!:h~ graveyard and man-aged to get by Seefeldt to take over the lead, and then it was Text & Photos: Deb Freimuth Smith to do the aggressing on See-feldt. Dave Hameister was run-ning t})e track with a mission to be in that feature race. Hameister slid out at the corner coming into the oval and had a hard time holding the buggy but did recover and kept right on pushing, catching up to Seefeldt and Smith. Seefeldt also went squirrley in the corner and bumped Smith as Smith passed into second, with Hameis-ter following right into third; then it was a chance to better his posi-tion as he also snuck by Smith to take second behind Taylor and ahead of Smith in third. Glen Cummings took the early lead in the first heat for the Class 11 stock buggies, but a falter left the door open for Jeff Jones and Curt Gerald to come up to their normal positions -the lead. Dave W oulf hit the tires on the field and got hung up with Curt Gerald coming up too quickly and smacked W oulf and got hung up with him; but Gerald managed a breakaway and kept his lead with Cummings passing Jones for second. Brad Ruppert went wide on the slippery oval and went into the guard rails and found himself stuck. As the white flag was waved, it was Cummings who was in the lead since Gerald seemed to disappear from the action. Jones got by Cummings to command the lead, but then stalled on the comer before the checkered flag to leave an easy win for Glen Cummings. The second heat for Class 11 saw Dennis Riemer take the pole position, but also the pole posi-tion into the wall as he was bumped off the track and the new leader by the name of Dwayne Walkowski emerged. Keith Ber-lund and Tom Arendt got hung together but Berlund was able to recover and get back to racing. Andy Zipperer was pushing Wal-kowski, who went too wide in the graveyard and his lead died when the cunning Zipperer stayed tight on the course and moved into first place. Scott Teske went wide on the oval and smacked into the infield wall, and got hung up under the guard rail. Track workers worked for some time before they were finally able to get Teske back in the race. Then it was Berlund and Zipperer who tangled, with both going into the wall at the end of the oval. So, it was Walkowski had captured the first place position and took it right to the checkered. The Class 1-1600 Consola-tion brought Mike $eefeldt, Jim Wiggins and Matt T relstad to run the top spots. The graveyard almost got the best of Jim Wiggins as he almost rolled his single-seater but kept the momentum going and started to push real hard on the leader Seefeldt, finally overcoming on the infield jump to eventually stack up a pretty good lead. Back in the ranks, Dale Bor~ gemoen was putting the heat on Cory Friday, and eventually over-took Friday for the fourth place spot, with a chance to steal a higher position and get into that feature race, and that he did, as he moved past T relstad to take third. But a falter going into the infield area resulted in a dangerous less of time and a repass on Trelstad's part. By the time they hit the back stretch, they were side by side, but it was T relstad who kept the third place position at the checkered, following Jim Wiggins and Mike Seefeldt. It was Scott Teske who took the lead in the Class 11 consolation race with Mark Steinhardt run-ning second, until a bµmp by Keith Berlund caused Steinhardt to take a detour into the trees, opening the door for Paula Par-sons to move into second. Curt Gerald came up to put the pres-sure on Paula, and· finally suc-ceeded, with Parsons ending up off the track and Gerald into second place followed by · Ber-lund. Gerald now had to start on the leader Teske, who put himself out of contention with the loss of his front wheel, but kept right on racing, flying, literally aound the track. Third place Keith Berlund blew his engine and was forced into the pits. Meanwhile it was Steinhardt who conquered the second place position with Paula Parsons back into the top three positions. At the was Curt Gerald in first with Stein-hardt, Parsons and Teske finish-ing second, third and fourth. The Class 5-1600s lined up for their feature race, a 15 minute event. Terry Wolfe ran a strong first place at the start while all around him seemed to be check-ing out their roofs, as second place Ron Karlman took his Baja over as did Paul 'Froggy' Dallman in almost a chain reaction. Mike Zimmerman had a little trouble with the course marking tires, as he high centered his Bug. Dave Volkman had mechanical prob-lems early in the race and spent about half the event working to get the Bug restarted, which he finally did and was back on the track. · Wolfe and Volkman came into the infield side by side when sud-denly Volkman took his Bug over, and Wolfe somehow man-aged to squeeze from underneath to keep his lead. Karlman though, had gotten his wheels back on the ground and was putting some pressure on W olfe who got hung up behind a slower Jeff Therriault with Karlman finding the only opening and got by both to take over the lead. Therriault stalled shortly after and Wolfe too was able to get by to try to recapture first place. Both leaders came upon Volkman, who spun out and almost caused a disaster for the leaders. But Karlman squeezed by, with Wolfe almost hitting Volkman, but also recovered. As the checkered appeared it was still Karlman in first with Wolfe push-ing hard, but not enough to over-take the leader. The Z-1600s were up next with Greg Smith and Gerry Parent leading the troops. Lester North overtook the third place runner Larry Manske and quickly moved right up to second place when Parent spun out. After another spin out, Parent finally seemed to have a handle on the course and started putting the heat on North. Larry Manske meanwhile attacked a tree in the back stretch, with the buggy coming out better than the tree as Manske continued on with the race, until a · black flag was presented and Manske was out of the race. As the clock was running out, Parent made his move and retook second place just in time to take the checkered flag and finish behind Greg Smith, with North taking third. Mike Sorensen got· things roll-ing in the second heat for the 2-1600s with Jim Allen and Matt Trelstad taking the other two top spots at the start. Scott Taylor was really looking for a win and was running strong and hard. Taylor Scott Taylor flies his red, white and blue Ford ahead of Dave VanDenElzen as the pair fought for the Class 7S title, which Taylor won. after the truckers who bumped into the class fell out of competition. Chuck Johnson unveiled his new, self built Class 9 car, and he won the class and also got the honor of carrying the flags in the opening ceremony. Page II Mowmber 1988 Dusty nma

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Pete VanDeHey's Class 8 had some overheating trouble, but it didn't keep him from moving through the pack to take the victory in class. Soda President Terry Wolfe sails over a clear jump on course en route to second in Class 5-1600 after a real battle with Ron Kartman, who won. Mark Steinhardt was one of many who rolled during the racing, but he did finish second in Class 11 Sand third in two seat Class 11 action. tried to outdistance the rest of the pack in the graveyard, but went too wide and wasn't able to over-come the leaders, but instead tangled with Dale Borgemoen, who seemed to take the brunt of the move, spinning out as the result. Matt Trelstad maneuvered his Dune Buggy Supply buggy past Sorensen to take over the lead position, but then stalled by the graveyard allowing Taylor, who had been running in third, as well as Sorensen to pass, with Taylor coming out in the lead. Dale Borgemoen had another run-in, this time with Mike Brue, but this time it was Brue who got the bad end of the deal, taking his buggy over in the comer. A reroll by course workers got Brue back into the action, but then he almost rolled in the same spot the next lap as he got up on two wheels in the corner. T relstad and Borge-moen ran hard, and beat out Sorensen to take second and third as the checkered was brought out, but it was Scott Taylor who ran the victory lap. Out of the buggy and into the Class 7S truck was the next move for Taylor as he followed Tom Hackers, Dave VanDenElzen and Mark Holmes off the start. By the graveyard, Taylor had already moved up to third place, then gave VanDenElzen a run for the money. As they came past the spectators, it was Dave and Scott side by side each taking his turn to out nose the other. As they went through the back stretch, it was , Taylor a truck length ahead, but VanDenElzen was still looking for a second as he came off the back stretch jump and looked like he was going to land in Taylor's truck bed. Dave's next move was a killer, as he spun out, and lost all chance of catching back up to Taylor, who now had his sights set on the leader Hackers. Mark Toburen seemed to be Taylor's salvation as Hackers caught up to T oburen, but found a hard time getting around. It wasn't until the back stretch that Hackers finally put T oburen out of his way, but by this time Taylor was hot on his bumper. Feeling the pressure, Hackers seemed to miss a gear, and Taylor took the lead to take a back to back win with Hackers second and VanDenElzen, third. It was Lowell DeGreef, Tom Jensen and Mark Hackers out to take the lead at the green in the Class 13 action, going side by side into the back stretch, but it was Dave VanDenElzen, in his souped up Nissan stadium truck who broke up the gang and worked his way up to first in the graveyard. DeGreef and Jensen kept things in operating order to save second and third places. VanDenElzen looked like he was running his Scott Taylor had a busy weekend competing in several classes, and he took the victory in Class 2-1600 in a chassis of his own design. Greg Smith had to really fight for the win in Class 1-1600, and he also was second in 2-1600 and his wife Rhonda won the L_fM!ies race in the car. Dusty 1111111 own race, as the actual Class 13s battled it out for the other two positions. Hackers ran into the trees in the back stretch, but the real surprise came when VanDen-Elzen /ulled off the track and parke his truck, with a blown engine. DeGreef quickly took over the first place position with . Jensen still pushing in second and Blaine Konitzer in third right tight with Jensen. Konitzer came off the jumps so tight with Jensen, that the two bumped bumpers, but it was still Jensen in second as the checkered flag was presented to DeGreef and then the rest of the team. The 2-1600 Consolation again saw Mike Sorensen commanding the lead off the start with Mike Brue in second and Jim Allen third. Attrition plagued this class_ with Larry Manske out after only half a lap; Allen Kunzi out his first lap and Tim Christensen found himself stuck in 'the graveyard. Back at the races, Brue was catch-ing up to Sorensen and a pass was made and the two continued on, in that order, while the rest of the contestants sat by their broken vehicles watching the race. Chris-tensen was the only one to get restarted, and did so when the leaders Brue and Sorensen had only a half a lap left to take the checkered flag. The Class 9 and 10 Feature Race, featuring Chuck Johnson, so to speak, ran next. Steve McCauley and Scott Schwalbe manned their Class 10 buggies, but McCauley died in the grave-yard and Schwalbe blew a tranny only a few laps into the race, so it became an exhibition show put on by Chuck Johnson, who just wanted to put some miles on his Class 9 buggy . . Bad luck seemed to be attacking the afternoon's drivers and it con-tinued on with the Class 6 event. At the lead, itwasJonKaempf and Thornton Schultz with Gary Gottschalk wowing the crowd as he flew over the back stretch jump, almost spinning out on the descent. By the end of lap one, it was still Kaempf in the lead with John Znidorka in hot pursuit. Then the bad luck started with Kaempf breaking a rear wheel, Znidorka corning over a jump and· his drive shaft dropping out and thus was the end of the Class 6 ~vent, with no ~ne left running. Sunday's racing started off with. a real Ir .PARKER PUMPER HELME-T CO. ANNOUNCES THEIR LINE OF NEW HELMETS * Standard Voyager w/90° Hose Fitting * Deluxe Voyager w/molded Air Inlet * Super Deluxe Voyager Red/Silver or Black/Silver. w/molded Air Inlet ALL NEW STYLE HELMETS-'85 SNELL APPROVAL RACHET SHIELD - MUCH LIGHTER - MORE NOSE ROOM ALSO AVAILABLE DRINKERS -KOOL PAC'S -MR 4000 LEXAN SHIELDS GLASS OVERLAY SHIELDS - 4' & 8' HOSES -FILTERS PUMPER MOTORS -CUSTOMER CONVERSIONS Plus! A Full Line of Simpson Safety Products. ~1911 PARKER PUMPER HELMET CO. 9371 Kramer St., Unit G & H Westminster, Calif. 92683 714/894-8332 Pasel3

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.""''''""·"'"'""-""/4/4"'"""'-· ,.~,._ .. ,...,. Jeff Jones had a good run in Class 11 single seat racing, taking . third place, but he didn't fare so well in the two seat competiton. Mike Brue, left, and Mike Sorenson are about to make contact in one of the wild action moments that highlighted the Class 2-1600 contest. The paint job is familiar, and it is an ex-Roger Mears Nissan . Dave VanDenElzen runs in Class 13, and led at Chilton until the ine blew. ·DP bang with the 2, 1600 Fea, ture Event. At the start it was · Greg Smith and Scott Taylor dueling with Taylor running over a tree, Gerry Parent hitting a tree, spinning out, getting nailed by another vehicle, then Dale Borge, moen hit a tree and got stuck; then the red flag came out to put an end to the first lap of the demolition derby. a show. As the checkered came car pile up in the graveyard, but out, Taylor claimed still another fortunately all vehicles survived. victory lap with Greg Smith While Taylor was chalking up a second and Dale Borgemoen, good lead,Jim Wiggins and Bryan third. Frankenberg were bumping tires So after the restart, it was once again Smith and Taylor in the 1,2 spots with Taylor doing some fancy driving in the graveyard and coming out ahead. Behind the leaders, Borgemoen and Mike Brue were again battling it out in the back stretch as Borgemoen passed Brue, but Brue recaptured in the graveyard only to lose again on the next lap to Borgemoen. Brue hit the tires on the jump and lost precious time and his chance for third place. Then there was Lester North, who reportedly rolls his buggy an average of 2.2 times per race. Well, this time he kept the wheels on the ground, but it was the tires on the ground, or at least on the jump that got the best of him as he got high centered on the infield jump, stuck on the tires. That was after he hit the fence on the back stretch. No one can ever sav Lester doesn't put on The Class 11 two seat feature in the graveyard, with Dale sawCurtGeraldagaincommand, Borgemoen moving his way ing the class with Darrin Parsons through the pack with hopes of and Dave W oulf running shot, another fine finish, until a bad gun. Dave came off ·the back move which sent him sideways in stretch jump hard, endoing his the graveyard caused him to lose buggy 3--4 times before taking a all the good passes he had already trip into the trees. As the car came made and was back to ground to rest, Dave noticed his co,driver zero. Borgemoen and Franken, Jodi hadn't taken the ride too well berg were starting a battle of their and the ambulance was immed, own until Frankenberg snuffed iately summoned to assist the hisengineandgotpassedbyBorge, unconscious co,driver. Jodi was moen. Suddenly Scott Taylor Tom Jensen pushed the leader all the way in Class 13, and after a few bumps taken on to the local hospital to be pulled his buggy off the course and grinds, Jensen finished a close second at the flag. checked over and the red flag was just before the infield and parked --------- ----... --- -------- _- _-;.,.-_- _-... -... ---------_-_--;_-=_::... __________ _ again displayed to await the return it while a joyous Greg Smith went of the EMT's. by for the first place position with With the return of the ambu, John Greaves able to move up to lance and reports that Jodi was second and Borgemoen into third. shook up but otherwise okay, the On the white flag lap Borgemoen green flag again was presented suddenly started having problems with the race to continue on from and got passed by Wiggins just the lap in which the accident before the i~field. occurred. It was Curt Gerald who The Class 11 single seaters claimed the win with Darrin Par, stepped up to run their race, all sons second and Mark Steinhardt, eleven of them, and it was Darrin third. Parsons taking the early lead fol, It was again Taylor and Smith lowed by Scott Teske and Curt battling for position as the 1, Gerald and Andy Zipperer run, 1600s started their Feature. John ning nose to nose with each other. Greaves spun out starting a multi, Gerald, who was all over the course, managed to get by Teske to take over the second place spot West Coast Distributor with Zipperer following for third, but "then Gerald spun out and Zipperer found an open door into which he went for second place with Dennis Riemer sliding in for third. Keith Berlund got high cen, tered on the infield jump, getting caught in the tires, and Zipperer spun out and was almost hit by Riemer, while in all the confusion Gerald sneaked through to OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS . AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 OUR. PRICE · $695.00 . - -Per Set 2 Ratio's Available Mc Kenzie Automotive 12945 Sherman Way #4 North Hollywood, CA 91605 818/764-6438 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Pqc 14 reclaim second place. The leader Parsons stalled and the battle was on to see who would take over the lead. Dennis Riemer passed Gerald to take first, but got passed again by Gerald with Zipperer side by side and back and forth for the lead until Zipperer stalled coming out of the graveyard and lost the position. Berlund was again stuck on the infield jump causing trou, ble for the other vehicles to get around. After a restart by Zip, perer, he got a flat rear tire and · was finally forced to pull into the pits. Kent Ewert broke his right front wheel before the infield jump, pulled off the course and then decided to keep on with the . race. Curt Gerald suddenly pulled ; his Class 11 off the track and it was easy sailing the next couple laps for Dennis Riemer to come in first with Mark Steinhardt second and Jeff Jones, third. It was time for some heavy metal .as five Class 8 pickups roared onto the track for their November 19U D~nnis Ferdon finished second in Class 8 after an exciting race long battle with Dave Hackers, and they do love the V-Bs in Wisconsin. Feature event. It was Roger Lind, rowed buggy after the graveyard say in "old Reliable" in first with and Rhonda made an unfortunate Dennis Ferdon and Pete VanDe, pass under a yellow flag situation Hey followed by Dave Hockers all and was docked one lap for her looking to unseat Lindsay. effortstryingtorecapturethelead Hockers passed VanDeHey, but from Paula. Paula rolled her then VanDeHey decided he liked buggy right after the graveyard third place better and repassed for and got run upon by Michelle the position until the graveyard T eslce, and that was Rhonda's w_hen Ferdon outma~euvered chance to recapture her lost lap Lindsay and nabbed first place and get back into first. Paula got with VanDeHey into second and righted again and was able to con, HockersfinallyovercameLindsay tinue on with the race but for third. Ferdon went sideways Michelle was out the next lap with m the back stretch and VanDe, a broken tie rod. Paula, with only Hey had an easy catch up. With a lap to go was having major the leaders coming up ready to lap mechanical problems and was Chuck Brand, VanDeHey found forced to pull off the track leaving the opening and left Ferdon in his an easy win for Rhonda Smith. dust as Pete moved into the lead. Shari Recla added yet another VanDeHey seemed to be over, win to her season record as she heating, with steam spewing from lumbered her Class 13 around the the underside of his big truck, but closed course track to the victory. he just kept right on pushing hop, Gail Brand and Tina Zelten fin, ing to keep his lead. Ferdon and ished second and third in their Hockers meanwhile were battling Class 8 pickups. it out for second and third with · The Badgerland VW Club Ferdon grabbing the second place should be commended for the spot while Hockers saw the fine job of putting on a big race by checkered flag in a 360° spin. such a small group of individuals, The Womens buggy event with much appreciation going out brought out four entries, three of to the various SODA members which were Class 11 -buggies~ It who offered their assistance with was Rhonda Smith and Paula Par, many of the course duties. The sons leading the rest of the gals second annual event has now around the track with Rhonda fal, become history and the plans for tering on a jump and Paula finding the third annual Chilton Short an easy opening for first place. Course Sprints are already in the Chris Gerald stalled her bor, making. Dusty nma

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The Losers By Judy Smith ·· The HDRA Inaugural Nevada 500 was a tough one. Although it brags about a 50% finishing rate, HDRA is politely overlooking the fact that at one point many racers took it upon themselves to go up the highway in order to circum, vent a hill that had caused a major traffic jam. No one will ever know for sure how many took to the pavement, but we saw some of them our, selves, so we can definitely say rr,.i: :, h. ;--,pened. Not rhat we blame the drivers; it's exactly what we'd have done under the circum, stances. Some put their vehicles on trailers, and some just took a chance on the Sheriff being sym, pathetic and ran up the road. Others, notably the largest part of Class 5, 1600, along with three or four Challengers, were given permission by HDRA to go backwards up the incoming course until they reached the point where it hit the outgoing stretch, and miss the hill in that way. Of course, they'd already been on the hill, and had driven backwards on the course, to get down from there, and back to Beatty, where they waited for HDRA's decision on the jumble. Some who knew the area well, no doubt took that route on their own initiative. It was a mess. So the statistics don't reveal just how tough it was, though, it was relatively easy to chase (keep, ing in mind the officers of the law and their radar), and pit crews made some remarkable saves because they could be johnny,on, the,spot, and that kept the finish percentage higher than would be expected for this type of course. Very early in the morning we heard Bill Herrick and Mike McDonnell's crew on the radio. In response to a frantic call about a flat, they said, "There is a jack on the back of the race car, is there not?" We couldn't hear the response, but our guess is that there was not. The next thing we heard was a discussion of how to find the car. But it never even got to Beatty, apparently having had the flat in some inaccessible corner of the course. Mike Schwellinger and Les Erickson, the first Class 3 vehicle to Beatty, spent an hour in the pits trying to fix their brakes, among other things. They left Beatty, but never did get to the finish line out at mile 333 with engine trouble. Leroy Van Kirk and Rick Row, land got to Beatty in good shape, but nicked the bridge as they went under it, bending their front end, and doing damage to the steering rack. They went on, but their power steering went away by the time they got to Lida. They took the box apart and tried to make some on course repairs, but they were also running into trouble with their air cleaners. Their Porsche motor wanted a lot of air and the filters kept getting plugged up with silt. They ran out of new ones, and had to resort to . - -., quickly cleaning the last set in gasoline, and waiting for them to dry. What with the steering trou, bles and the air cleaners, they never made it back to Pahrump. In Class 5, Howard Anderson and George Seeley had some sort of oil problem, and then lost their motor. And, in Class Z, the Herbst family lost their transmis, sion. The last we heard from Rick _ Sieman and Steve Kramer, in the Big Oly Bronco, was that it was on fire in the midst of the hillside traffic jam. Mike Gaughan, after a very good run to Beatty, had some sort of electrical problems (his crew said the "brain" died) and ended up on the trailer. Larry Olsen, in Don Adam's Jeep, got to the base of the hill and broke a transfer case. Things like that don't usually stop Class 3 cars, but this time they didn't get to the finish line. Lisa Dickerson and Scott Cameron rolled their Class 5 car, and did enough damage to be out of the race, while Spencer Low ran smack dab into the back end of Manny Esquerra about two miles from the start, to put him, self out of the race. Manny was stuck at the time. Jim Stiles lost his throttle linkage before he got Johnny, and then had a flat near Beatty, but was done for the day when a rod broke at mile 115. Lyn Mocaby had a new Class 5 car, which he bought a couple of days after Riverside. He worked hard to get it all together, and then blew the motor by about mile 90. They think they took in a lot of dirt through their air cleaners. Dwight Lundell broke a torsion bar; and David Ashley lost his transmission up by Silverpeak, and the torque convertor wouldn't fit his replacement. Ron Gardner, running in Class 1 with the half,a, VS motor, had an electrical fire before Beatty. He put it out and went on. And about ZO miles later it caught fire again. Once again, he extinguished the flames and went on. But about ZO miles before Tonopah he had a major fire, and it melted some necessary bits and pieces, and he was done for the day. Gardner's co,driver, Bud Feldkamp, has entered every one of these south,to,north races, five in all, and has yet to drive in one. The Weatherman reported that he got a call from the Jordan brothers, in Class 6, saying that they were at mile ZZ 1 with three flats and low oil pressure. They never got to the finish line. Darrell Smith burned a piston in his 5, 1600 car and got back to Pahrump too late to get a finish. Keith Schindler got his Class 1 O car past Beatty all right, but then he broke an adjuster screw on a rocker arm. He used up about 15 minutes making the repairs, and t~at was just enough time to get him caught in the traffic jam on the hill. Keith made a run at it, but couldn't thread his way past the stuck cars. Then, when he tried to back down they'd closed up AffENTION DESERT RACERS -DUSTY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HORA desert races. Check it out on contingency row - Two different classes each event. Dusty nma behind him, and he couldn't get job by pulling out a lot of brush sheriff right behind him. far enough down to make another that had caught under the truck, Steve got to the halfway point, run at it. He was there for two and and which had caused a scary fire where his co,driver, George Jirka a half hours, and finally was early in the race. got in, with no more problems . towed over, after the hill had been Steve and his crew worked for George ran along fairly smoothly thoroughly chewed up by the four two hours, and because of some for a while, but then he felt that wheel drive vehicles, so no one troubles making the torque con, the motor wasn't running as well could go up on their own. vertor fit properly, they had to do as it should, and he decided to try He got to Lida, where co,driver the remove and replace bit three turning on both of the electrical Jeff Quinn got in, and he got bal, times, before they finally got it fuel pumps at once. All of a sud, ing wire wrapped around an axle. fixed. By then it was about two den the truck gave a big spurt of Then he lost all brakes, and then minutes to one, and the check speed, got onto a berm, and broke a lifter bore in the engine. point was going to close at 1 p.m. dumped George over on his side. So now they were running on Steve and his co,driver hur, After they were once more bade three cylinders. Keith's brother riedly bundled themselves back on their wheels, things went fairly Kurt got in next, determined to into their helmets, buckled in, well, except for blowing up an oil get to the finish, but he was and the crew shoved them down filter. slowed down even more when the into the wash. The truck fired up Then George spotted a 1600 alternator bracket broke and he and chugged up to and through car on its top, and when he had to make on course repairs. By the checkpoint, with about a stopped to help right the car, he the time he got to Scotty's June, nano,second to spare. Then, high centered the Ranger. But the tion, he'd already been unable to safely on the other side, the crew 1600 driver helped them unstick make it up a soft hill, and had spent about 15 minutes tightening the truck once the buggy was on been rescued by a good samaritan all the various nuts and bolts, and its wheels, so that wasn't too big a racer in a mini truck, who towed pouring in trans fluid. goof. From that point on things him up. He remembered the silt Steve took off, having heard all were fairly ordinary, and they did that lay between him and the fin, the ruckus about the hill for the make it to the finish, about five ish, considered the unpleasant last couple of hours, to have a minutes too late. alternative of being stuck in it for look at it. Twenty minutes later he The Losers were hard to track hours, and the team voted to end was back, along with Joey Lane, in down at this race, because once their race right there, at mile 310, another 7S, and, after a brief word they'd reclaimed their vehicles where the trailer was. with the checkpoint official, the from the silt and rocks they Steve Luport limped his 7S two took off up the highway, simply loaded them on their trail, Ranger in to Beati:y with serious apparently trying to circumvent ers and trucks and headed back to transmission troubles. So he the hill. Steve's truck is street Las Vegas, while yours truly sat parked at his pit and went to work legal, so he didn't need to worry until the wee hours at the finish to make the switch. He was in about the sheriff at least, which is line in Pahrump. No one showed sight of the checkpoint, but had a good thing, because when he up there but the finishers. not passed it. J-11: _hl!Q_to start the went over__!Jle bridi;te, there was a See you next time. . . ~ ---: - - --~ .- - ; .... , ... , . . .,,. ·,,·i:}· ·.,-.· -'-: -..:,-. . :,.:.,·.,:.... ._.; . ·r-· More off-road races are won on Bilsteins than any other shock absorber, period. ~ IIIIM3I BaSTEIN •BORN TO PERFORM-BILSTEIN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog, send $2.50. NcMmbcr 1911 e.

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Scott Hall comes from the Virginia City area, and he won Class 10 by ten minutes despite losing second gear on the last of six 40 mile loops. Mel Tom had his big trouble before the race, and he topped 18 other teams in the Sportsman ranks to win the class by a huge margin, 14½ minutes. Southern Californians Roger and Dave Shuman had a great time in the Mirage, staying ahead to win Class 1-2-1600 by less than ten minutes. Hank Williams came from Oregon to race in Sportsman action, and his team grabbed second place on the last lap, finishing just 50 seconds ahead. Reno's Bill Kennedy and Ken"t Bullock covered a fast five laps in their Class 4 Dodge, and they won the combined 4x4 class by a lot of time. Richard Hampton and Josh Hall (son of Rodney) zipped their Ford home in second place among the 4x4s, also finishing a full five laps. v.o.R.R.A. Yerington 150 Desert Race came back to the start/finish line, then up the treacherous canyon where so many racers of past events broke going down. Once across Mason Pass the dusty course headed down towards the artesian lake bed, then north on fast pole line roads that contained occasonal severe jolts from cross roads and creek beds. The course Ace Bradford and Tone Jordan. At the halfway point of the race nine Class 1 and 2 teams were still within a twenty minute span, but the racers soon began to spread out. T earn Verling made a driver change/pit stop as fast as any. Text & Photos: Ken Vanderhoof (Focus West) then snaked through the narrow rocky canyons back over Mason Pass and down through W e<!d Heights where several cars dropped out because of the unforgiving jagged rocks. Once through that section the racers could breathe a sigh of relief because the copper mine tailings were next, and then downhill into the pits. Six laps of the course were required. Sam Berri was scheduled to drive the whole race so it was thought that he might take over the lead, but he miscalculated and ran out of gas. He wasn't going to get any gas from Bob Lemos because he ran out also. Larry Zimmerman/Garen McCune, Al Baker/ Craig Redding, Ace Brad-ford and Phil LaPlante all had 10, to 15 minute down times for repairs during their scheduled stops. Jeff Stiles/ Kirk Cartwright didn't waste much time in the pits and jumped a couple of positions heading out for the second half. Kevin McNabb/Mike Russell made a quick change and got back into the race just behind Craig Redding/ Al Baker. The mini-loop proved to be a major factor in the outcome of the race. As Eric Verling headed out on his last lap with a seemingly comfortable lead, the unexpected happened. The steering wheel broke off. Eric quickly super-taped it together and limped the mile or so into the pits where an earlier "broke" Frank Gillespie quickly donated his idle steering wheel. Eric then wasted no time in finishing the larger loop and tak-ing the overall. If the course had Eric and Pat Verling scored their third straight VORRA desert race victory at Yerington, leading alisix laps, and they headed up the steep canyon as '::too:k:VO:R:R::A:'s=Tr:ip:l:::e:::C::r:::o:w:n::o::f::d:::es:e:r::t :ra:c:in:g:f:o::r:::1::98:8:·:::=====-~r:;::v.::i:::':::7.::'.~n:""::--usual, Eric would have been • Team Verling wins again! They stranded in a very inaccessible At the end it was Pat and Eric Verling with a time of 6:03:22. Second overall Jeff Stiles ( whose wife had a baby boy at 2:00 a.m. the morning of the race), and Kirk Cartwright came in at 6:21:43. Kevin McNabb/Mike Russell held third overall at 6:2 7 :21. Larry Zimmerman/ Garen McCune had a flat and motor problems but still managed fourth place money. CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES 5153 BOWDEN AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA. 92117. TEL. (619) 279-2509 A FRESH AIR HELMET AND BLOWER ASSEMBLY DESIGNED FOR OFF ROAD USE AT A REASONABLE PRICE BUILT AND BACKED BY BELL HELMETS LIGHT WEIGHT-REDUCES NECK SfRAIN Pagcl6 COOL, COMFORTABLE TERRY CLOTH LINER BLOWER MOTOR AND ASSEMBLY ARE GUARANTEED FOR ONE Fl/LL YEAR SNELL SA86 APPROVED won V.0.R.R.A.'s triple crown section. of desert racing; the Yerington Team Verling began the race 400 last May, then the Virginia with the starting time of 0:00:00 City 200, and now first overall at and led from there. At this event the Yerington 250 on Labor Day. Classes 1 and 2 were combined All summer long the hills sur- into a ten car class, making it rounding Mason Valley are dry ''Dusty Times'' for several Class 2 and windy while the Mason Val- vehicles trying to catch up to the ley/ Yerington area is a green and Verlings. Pat Verling's first lap fertile farmland. In the last days was the fast lap of the day at before the "Yerington 250," 0:56:34. thousands of acres of alfalfa were Not far behind Pat was a hungry harvested, leaving the air fresh pack of unlimited two seaters led with its aroma, and Yerington, by Sam Berri who turned in a first Nevada, with the feeling of an lap of 0:59:31. Another half-oasis. dozen teams came in the first lap The 40 mile course itself was within a five minute span. These · another story; this year it looped teams were Larry Zimmerman/ clockwise starting from the old Garen McCune, Jeff Stiles/ Kirk Anaconda copper mine. It began Cartwright, Kevin McNabb/ Mike with a five mile mini-loop that. Russell, Al Baker/ Craig Redding, November 1988 Craig Redoing was sanctwiched between Jeff Stiles and Kevin McNabb with less than half a lap to go but lost his concentration while passing a downed vehicle and ended up in a gully until the dust had settled for the day. Seven of the ten starters finished the race. Scott Hall of Dayton/Virginia City, Nevada area took the Class 10 win with a time of 6:58:42. This win was especially nice for Scott after being edged out of first place at the Virginia City 200. This win pads Scott's point lead for the V.O.R.R.A. Class 10 desert series. The win wasn't easy; Scott lost second gear starting the last lap, and was nearly caught by Kenny Strong who maintained Dusty nma

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Dan.a Van Noort finished second in Class 1-2-1600, and·his been Kenny Strong turned consistent lap times for all six rounds, and Kevin McNabb and Mike Russell are getting closer each race. At second all year. He has a commanding lead in the Class 1-2-1600 he drove right into second place in the close competition in Class Yerington they finished third overall and in the combined Class 1 desert points. 10. and 2 group. consistent 1: 10:00 lap times. to the Challenger class win. Ev, Casino West in Yerington, Ne, were Yokohama Tire, Mason Val, and its terrain challenging. We ~h_ris Oberg had problems his erybody else went faster and vada, began with a standing ova, ley Chamber of Commerce, and look forward to next season. first lap, but was catching up real broke sooner. The winner got in tionforthe V.0.R.R.A.crewand of course Casino West. V.O.R.R.A. will have its Hallo, well when the checkered flag , five laps. the rather 'large crowd continued Yerington has been great this ween party and final short course dropped giving him third in class. The a wards pre sen ta tion, standing while the sponsors were year for V.O.R.R.A. and vice, race October 29 and 30 at Prairie Only three of the seven starters which was held Sunday night at thanked by Ed Robinson. They versa. Its people are welcoming City nea.!._ Sacramento, CA. covered the six laps in Class 10. .......-----------------------------------------------, Roger Shuman and son Dave of Quartz Hill, California, drove a flawless race to capture the Class 1,2,1600 win. Haunting them all day was Dana VanNoort/ Dick Bower and Joe Gordon. Dana VanNoort has finished every lap of every V.O.R.R.A. desert race this year and placed second in class at each event to put him in a commanding lead in the Class 1,2,1600 Desert Points race. Joe Gordon broke a front spindle and limped home for a distant third in class. Only these three, of the seven who started, got in six laps in Class 1,2,1600. Bill Kennedy/ Kent Bullock of Reno, Nevada, raced their Dodge truck to the Class 3 & 4 win. Their fast lap of the day was 1:08:47. They had close competi, tion all day from Richard Hamp, ton/ Josh Hall until Hampton's Ford truck lost its front wheel drive making it tough on them in the soft sand. Third in class was Yerington, Nevada's, Ron Doho, ney who has been steadily improving all year. Class 3 & 4 point leader Don German lost his steering box on the first lap, was down two hours, then destroyed a bank of shocks in trying to make up for lost time. Of the nine who started, just the top two trucks got in five laps. Mel Tom of Lincoln, Nevada, topped 18 other teams in his Hi Jumper to win the Sportsman class. This was Mel's first race. Mel had an eye opener on race day morning. As he began dumping fuel into his racer near one of the fuel trucks, a fire erupted at the spout. Mel threw the plastic jug and the quick thinking gas vendor doused the whole works with Halon. Luckily this near disaster didn't amount to more than a lit, de flaky paint and some pre, heated tires. Sportsman desert point leader, Mike Turner of Lincoln, Califor, nia, maintained a close second for most of the race, but was edged out by less than a minute by Hank Williams of Junction City, Oregon. Hank was slowed by a flat his first lap and was catching up all day, but all three covered the six laps. One lap down was the fourth place Baja of Steve Fischer/Peter Blake. Fifth in class was Jim Wil, laman who logged some real fast lap times, but was forced to retire after lap 4. Jack Bonesteel and friends knew how rough the course was as he maintained the slowest Chal, lenger lap times of the day enroute Dusty nma YOU MAKE MORE POWER* OR WE PAY THE PRICE Hermetically-sealed housing is guaranteed 100% leak proof Internal inertia ring Nylon coating for longer life Unique, high-vis-cosity silicone fluid surrounding the inertia ring ,. Easy-to-read stamped timing marks A Fluidampl"' Harmonic Damper will give you more power -it's as simple as that! With reduced harmonics in the valve train and better timing with our -easy to read timing marks, you'll gain 1 to 5% more horsepower, as well ~s in-creased torque for lower ETs or a better punch down the straightaways. Just stop and think how much you normally pay for more horsepower. Now available for all popular engines, we're so sure of the Fluidampr's benefits that we're backing up our claim with a money-back guarantee. 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Y0K0HAMAl0 CA URE NEVADA Brian Collins had to strip his competitor's car to take the Nevada 500 overa 11. It was quite a battle. 500. The enemy had us surrounded and the only way out was across the desert. So we blasted through the wasteland, relying on our Yokohama Super Diggers to carry us to victory. When it was all over, we'd captured titles in 10 of 16 classes, including the overall. Brian Collins led the way in Class 2, with a little help from his friends. Brian thought he was a goner when he broke a spindle. Until Ed and Tim Herbst came to the rescue with a spare part from their car, which was already out of contention. Collins went on to take the checkered flag and the overall win. Another Brian by the name of Church did a bang-up job in Class 1. He and his brother Bill rolled their car and lost their roof, along with their spare tire, radio and starter motor. Undaunted, they finished the race topless, but in first place. Matt Pike battled his way to a Class 3 first-place title . . Though he had no rear brakes, Doug Fortin Jr. finished first in Class 1/2-1600. Craig Watkins and Greg The brothers Moser outdistanced the competition in Class 6. Aronson drove their Toyota-powered Class 10 vehicle into the winner's circle. Ukewise, Doug Fortin Jr. in Class 1/2-1600. Other Yokohama drivers who fought to the finish to emerge victorious were Gary Bates and Don McAfee in Class S. Matt Pike in Class 3. Don German in the Unlimited 4 x 4 Class 14. G.W. Moser in Class 6. Robert Knight and Greg Kroegh in Class 5-1600. And, in the Challenger Class, Joe Valentine and Nick Gross. With heroes like these on Yokohama's side, there's no way we can lose. >YYOKOHAMA TIRES Yokohama Tire Corporation, P.O. Box 4550, 601 S. Acacia Ave., Fullerton, CA 92631 ~1988 Yokohama Tire Corporation •

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IALLY OF 1000 LAICIS Markku Alen Wins the· Duel Between the Finns Markku Alen and 1/kka Kivimaki led the one-two finish for the Lancia Delta Integrate team, and the same two Finns were repeat winners, also winning in 1987 in another model Lancia. "I was going absolutely flat out and still I could not beat Juha Kankkunen." Markku Alen even-tually won the Rally of 1000 Lakes for the sixth time, but on this occasion it was through luck, not because of speed or judge-ment. Five stages from the end Kankkunen's Toyota Celica 2000GT -Four stopped with engine trouble. The Lancia driver gained his 18th World Cham-pionship win, equaling the long unchallenged score of victories by his fellow Finn, Hannu Mikkola. Finnish drivers, however, had an uncharacteristically poor event. This was only the second win of the season by a Finnish driver. Just two Finns finished in the top ten places on home ground on what was once consid-ered the most specialized event on the calendar. And, Didier Auri-ol's third place in a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth was the highest place ever achieved by a non-Scandi-navian driver' on the ·rally. This was the first time Lancia had been challenged on a gravel surface stage event since the new World Championship formula came into operation in 1987. The 20 month monopoly by the ltal--ian team was finally threatened, and whatever gloom hung over the sport was in one stroke removed. In terms of competitors, the 1000 Lakes was the biggest event, at 195 starters, since the Monte Carlo 1984. In terms of speed it was the fastest since Sweden 1986. With reference to organiza-tional competence, the event's promoters were struck by sum-mertime suggestions that FISA were keen to remove Finland from the Manufacturers' Champ-ionship next year, and the rally was run to remarkably high standards. The· rally long fight between the Lancia and Toyota was the closest anyone could Text & Photos: Martin Holmes recall. And, for the first two days the weather did its best; quite unusually the rain stayed away until the third day! It was a rally to blow away the cobwebs. The only sadness was that one of the two contesting drivers had to lose the event by a mechanical rather than a sporting fault. Lancia must now be seriously wondering if their domination of Group A rally sport is coming to an end. This was their 45th World Rally victory and the pro-· posed development of the 16-valve lntegrale must soon become a major priority. Their rivals Mazda were clearly out of conten-tion. They returned to the Champ-ionship for the first time since the Acropolis, lost Mikkola with engine trouble on the second day, but almost got Timo Salonen into third place before he was delayed by turbocharger trouble near the end. The only fastest time by those 1600cc cars was when Alen slowed down near the end. The Mazda presentation was immacu-late, even their service helicopter was painted the same colors as the rally cars. But, the cars are neither reliable nor powerful enough. Salonen was quicker than the Fords, however, which like last year demonstrated impressive reliability and were quite the most powerful cars on the event. Two wheel drive, however, is unsuita-ble for this rally and it showed. What Ford also showed is the comparative performance be-tween Scandinavian and Central European drivers in a way never seen before. Ford created a minor scandal when they announced their 1000 Lakes team would be the usual drivers, Stig Bfomqvist, the Swede, Carlos Sainz, the Span-iard, and Didier Auriol from France. No Finns at all. Since 1968 Ford always had a Finnish driver on this rally, and Ford has won this event six times with Finns at the wheel. Ford competi-tion boss Stuart Turner stated that Central Europeans were preferable for 'commercial rea-sons'. Judging by rally results this year, he could have also said for 'reasons of ability'. Finland is going through an increasing decline in rallying standards, and the final results showed his deci-sion was clearly merited. So, Toyota is the team to lead the anti Lancia attack. "Our cars seem better on fast twisty roads where handling is more impor-tant", said Kankkunen, and it showed. Alen was driving to the millimeter everywhere trying to keep up. Kankkunen started the event suffering from a stiff gear-box, and teammate Kenneth Eriksson had the same. They both changed gearboxes after four stages. Markku had edged in front in the meanwhile, but by stage 7 the Toyota was in front again. More Toyota gearbox trouble put Alen back in the lead. Alen himself started uncer-tainly. "I think we have been using tires which are too wide", he said at the start of the second day, "and we will try narrower ones." Gradually he was getting the most out of his car, so when Kankkunen was in full form, Alen was as well. It was a classic race. Never did the gap between the two get more than 20 seconds. From stage 26 through to the moment Kankkunen retired on stage 34, the gap was never more than six seconds. The first section was remarka-ble in its lack of incident. Swedish Mazda driver Thorbjom Edling retired after going off the road, and Antero Laine had electrical trouble with his Audi. But, the first few stages on the second day were fraught. Ari Vatanen, driv-ing a BMW M3 on the first major gravel rally attempted by these cars, had been challenging in the two wheel drive battle, but then he went off the road. "The-car had its own way, there was ·no rea-son", he said. And, a quick check afterwards showed the steering had failed. Then Kankkunen's teammate Kenneth Eriksson stopped, the transmission broken after a heavy landing, and two stages later Mik-kola was out. Although teammate Salonen had been delayed earlier with power steering trouble, Mikkola was lying fourth behind Kankkunen and the La:ncias of Alen and Mikael Ericsson. Then the Mazda blew out all its.oil and destroyed the engine. One stage later Sebastian Lindholm, in an ex-works Lancia, disappeared with transmission trouble. The battle up front was intense. A bemused spectator was Mikael Ericsson driving at a speed which would have won most previous 1000 Lakes rallies. "Kankkunen is either going to win or have a huge accident," he observed. "I have been astonished by the wheel tracks he has been leaving. At one place he went with all four wheels off the track across a double bend. You never do things like that intentionally, you never know what might be hidden in the grass." Auriol was the best two wheel driver, and by stage 18 found himself in fourth place, though Salonen soon passed him. Blomqvist, the last non-Finn to win the event, in 1971, was strug-gling to match the speed of the Frenchman. Auriol then came under attack from· another invader, this time Alex Fiorio in the Jolly Club Lancia, until Fiorio lost eight minutes with an electri-cal fault on the last stage of the day. Kankkunen restarted for the final day three seconds ahead of Alen. He was on home ground, driving on stages close to his home in Laukaa, but with rain having fallen overnight, many people suggested that Alen's Michelins might be more suitable than the Pirellis on the Toyota. The gap oscillated, but always Kankkunen stayed just in front, until the moment his engine Despite being delayed by turbo trouble,. Timo Salonen and Seppo Har/anne drove the Mazds 323 4 WD to a fine fourth overall In Finland. Juha Kankkunen and Juha Piironen led in the Toyota Calica Among the notable dnfs was Ari Vatanen, Pikes Peak winner, and 2000 GT-Four when, with just six stages to go, they lost the • Bruno Berglund, who crashed·when the steering failed on the engine in a big way. BMW M3 on stage 14. Argentine Rally winners Jorge Recalde and Jorge def Buono won Group N and were 13th overall in their Lancia Delta lntegrale. Pagc30 The lost some of the bodywork late in the rally, but Laurent Battut and Patrick Therry won Group B, 17th overall, in the Citroen Visa 1000 Pistes. Nowmbcr 19N Kalevi Aho and Carl-Johan Wolff survived to take the win in 1300cc category, beating the Ladas with their Skoda 130 L. Dustyflma

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Didier Auriol and Bernard Occel/i we;i, third overall in the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, the highest ever placing in this rally by a non-Scandinavian driver. failed. It was a very disappointing transmission. -Then ·s-alc:arfVieri, · end to a thrilling event. There maa, in a Mazda, took over until were other less dramatic things on he had transmission failure, and. the final day. Salonen thought his finally the Argentine got ahead. whole engine was giving up, but For a while the organizers actually it was only the turbo, announced the lead had passed to, charger. He fell behind Auriol, Kyosti Hamalainen in a Ford' but finished strongly in fourth Sierra RS Cos worth because. place. For the first time in his life Recalde was penalized for jump, the Swedish privateer Harry Joki ing a start. But, that penalty was · had a top line co,driver, Per removed and Hamalainen had Carlsson, with him. Carlsson many troubles, being lucky to fin, curbed his natural instincts and ish second. they brought his rented Delta to In the 1300cc category Kalevi the finish in eighth place. Aho won with a Skoda, but he Argentina Rally winnr.r Jorge had strong opposition from the Recalde took a clear l~.d in the former Russian Champion Evgen, FISAGroupNCup,wht.nhewon ius Tumalyavicius in a Lada the Group despite considerable Samara. One of the most remark, opposition in the opening stages able drives came from the from local crews. At the begin, Frenchman Laurent Battut in a ning there were three contenders, Citreon Visa 1000 Pistes. With Recalde, lntegrale teammate Gia, the engine strapped in place and vanni Del Zoppo and the Belgian much of the plastic bodywork Mazda driver Pascal Gahan, all missing, he finished 17th overall equal on Championship points. and beat the Russian Lada team Tommi Makinen took the lead in which had been leading Group B _an Integrate, but then damaged his earlier. . Only 84 cars finished the rally, led by Lancias one,two again. Marlcku Alen/Ilkka Kivimaki won over mates Mikael Ericsson/ Claes Billstam by nearly three minutes. Didier AurioVBernard Occelli were back over six min, utes, third in the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. Timo Salonen/Seppo Harjanne got the Mazda 323 ·4wo h~~e fourth, 35 ~~-r~ seconds down, followed in 42 seconds by Stig Blomqvist/ Benny Melander, Ford, who were merely nine seconds ahead of Ford mates Carlos Sainz/Luis Rodriguez. · Wake up! Rally is back again as we know and love it to be, even if the Finns ar~ just a little less a~es, Tech flps By Bill Savage, Chainnan HDRA-SCORE Technical Committee sive in their superiority than they usually are. This was a 1000 Lakes Rally in the finest traditions. By running stages using FISA's aver, age speed rules to their literal effect, not having to take in artifi, dally slow detours as last year, it was fast and furious. The last week of August inJyvaskyla was a fun place to b«:: _ 5 Baja Bugs, the owners have been paying attention and reading the new rules. There seem to be no changes. , There is a-lot ofinterest: on the years~ We-are trying very ciirefiilly We've had some questions .part of Class 3 competitors about to write a rule to block that sort of lately about whether Class 6 pro, what is happening to the vehicles mischief. duction cars would be allowed to )n this class given the "grand, 2. We'd like to write a rule that run next season. The answer is fathering" of current Class 3 and would allow those trucks which apparent. Class 6 isn't endangered 1Class 14 vehicles discussed in the have been raced this year in at in 1989. And there are no techni, new rule book. The 1989,90 rule least two HDRA and two SCORE cal changes to worry about. hook specifically mentions races on the circuit. But sure as we We mentioned this last time, ,"grandfathering" but neglects to do that, we might discriminate but it bears repeating. In Class 7 spell out just how this is going to against a competitor who had therulebookcallsfor 3,Utermax, pe accomplished and what vehi, some economic hardships and imum piston displacement. ,des will be affected. didn't get to run four races this 'That's a typo. It should read . , That's because we really didn't year. So right now we're holding 2850cc. :lmow how to make such a proced, off until we have time to go Class 7S and 7 4x4 competitors. ure even,handed and fair when through the records. know about the new 12 inch the rule book went to press. Beyond the reach of the 1989, wheel travel formula. Right now · ,We'vehadsometimetostudythe 1990 rule book lies the future we are working out a system that problem now, but we aren't ready direction of Class 4. As many of can accurately check wheel travel ,tocasttherulesinconcrete. If you you know, the manufacturers in pre,race tech inspection with, are racing a truck that you think asked for a meeting in Detroit t..Q_ out having to tear the truck apart. :will be "grandfathered" and there, discuss future rufes-uthey will . Since our last discussion of the by eligible to be raced in 1989 and apply to future products that are front differential size in Class 7 jl990, I can at least tell you what still on the drawing board. One 4x4 trucks, some compelling we are trying to achieve. Until we representative from each com, arguments -against making the announce something, you might pany in the HDRA,SCORE front diff larger have been pre, keep these guidelines in mind. Manufacturers Advisory Council sented. As it stands right now, the · 1. Nobody is going to get to and I will meet in Detroit on proponents of keeping 7 4x4 run one or two races this year in a October 17 and 18. We'll take up front differential specs the same car specifically built to use the the same subject with Class 8 as they are now are more convinc, "grandfather" loophole so his hot manufacturer reps at that time. ing than the arguments of those :l setup vehicle can run two Il!ore . _ Ft:Q~_~l:i,at we've seen of Class ~ho _want changes . . . ·. ·-.-·.. --·THE··•···FASTEST.•••LlliHTS···.oFF·ROAD•· . . . . .•. . . . . '. -· Off~road, you've got to see fastJn order to go fast, and· l~F '1110TORSPORTS perfofmance lights give you the • mng edge .... seethe difference ..• · ... •· IPF MOTQRSPORTS performance lamp~ feature a . high-tech phote>metric design w.ith. special hardened glass . lens· arid · .·. . pre'cision . reflector o.ptics .. ·And, all I PF MOJORSPORl'S lights . are powered with high ,quaHty quartz halogen bulbs~ Only.·IPF · MOTORSPORTS has··these engine.e_red featl.lres p.lus rugged .. construction and mounting ·hardware th21t·s_tand·up·to the·:_· . . toughest off".roading. Fln(I.Qut;why more SCORE,.and HDRA .· ¼¾'~¥! ,.~,:••' "'C • • • .•· ·. ···•·• '.~~%11,;"c~ • Dultyflma November 19N . ·. •IPF 9061 Page 31

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THE BRUSH RUN 101 he Country Fair of ff Road Racing _ . Text & Photos: Jean Calvin e ro stdrovethefamilymuchracedtwoseat ementovic oryint e ,mite a enge, t e1-00classwin, and was fifth in this car in the Unlimited Challenge. Brother Kevin drove it to third in Class 2-1600. The Brush Run 101 has been cast all week, the organizers did -got it handled. The hardy bikers going on for many years, but not start watering the course and quad runners were the first only in the last few years has the until the Thursday. But, the classes on the course around race achieved major status and. storm was merely tardy, waking noon, and their races didn't look national aclaim. A major reason up the campers with thunder and like too much fun to us. was the new track. Like many'. lightning and cloudbursts Thefirstcarclassinactionwas events, the race organizers relied around midnight on Friday. The the horde of 19 single seat Class on rented fand for their annual temperature dropped like a rock, 11 cars. They took a parade lap c: romp in the woods for off road and Saturday morning some of to check course conditions, racers, until a few years ago. the trees were no longer green, which basically did little more Then the sponsoring club but red and yellow, and most than get them all muddy and bought their own farm and folks were wearing jackets. hard to recognize. Curt Gerald cazyed out a dandy, natural ter-Saturday morning the rain took the early lead over Dwayne rain 1.8 mile race course, built abated, butthe race course was a Walkowski, Scott Teske, Mark spectator areas and a host of quagmire of mud in the low SteinhardtandJeffJones.Several facilities that include running spots. The organizers were out cars were.stuck in the mud bogs. water and toilets in the pits and early with their heavy equip-By the second lap the leader, campground areas as well as the ment, piling the mud to the sides Curt Gerald, came around miss-spectator sections. Racers from of the track and generally groom- ing the right front wheel, and all over the country flock to the ing things, which delayed the another car, just a mud blob, had Labor Day weekend running of start of the competition for a a left front wheel coming off. the Brush Run 101 in Crandon, couple of hours. But, always Gerald held his lead for some Wisconsin. Thespectatorscome resourceful, the Crandon folks time, but by the fifth lap Mark in tens of thousands to watch the race that normally attracts over 500 entries. They also come to sample the home made food at the concession stands that is really inexpensive, and the oceans of beer that seems to flow at any event in Wisconsin. The whole affair has the aura of a country fair, with the only ... exhibit being off road racing. The weekend started out with beautiful weather, sunny and . warm for the Friday practice and hot lap sessions. At least half of the participants took to the track, which was unusually dusty because of the unusually dry weather all across the midwest last summer. With a storm fore-Scott Taylor had to work for his victory in Class 7S in the deep mud, but he · gained a good lead in the late laps and took the class honors. . ;--.~·-··~ ~,~,·~~ Mark Steinhardt was the best mudder in the first race of the weekend, winning the single seat Class 11 honors, and he drove to third in two seat Class 11 the next day. Steinhardt had a substantial lead. Still Gerald was hanging tough in second, but others were closin2 in. As the eight lap race wound down, Jeff Jones, then Tom 'Arendt got past Gerald, still nav-igati6g the mud holes on three whee~. He was getting pressure from Teske also, but Scott van-ished on the sixth lap. Mark Steinhardt won easily, followed to the flag by Jeff Jones, Tom Arendt and three wheeling Curt Gerald, then came Kent Ewert and Greg Arft. •Classes 6 and 7S were com-bined in the next race with seven trucks off the line first, followed in 30 seconds by the 13 sedans, all vintage American brands. Scott Taylor flew into the lead in his Ford Ranger right from the green, but staying close were Tom Hockers, Dave VanDen-Elzen and Mark T oburen, who broke a drive shaft on the next lap. Taylor had a good lead over Hackers after three rounds, and Brian Farrell was a long thir.d trailed by Mark Holmes as V anDenElzen was in the pits, but came back later looking strong. Midway Scott Taylor had a hefty lead and Farrell was stuck in the mud on a hill. Hackers . held second over Mark Holmes, who was lapped twice by Taylor on his way to victory. Only the winner, who had Chuck John-son riding in ·the Ranger, and Tom Hackers completed the ten laps. V anDenElzen got in six rounds for fourth. Meanwhile the sedans were having a dandy dice, mainly for second place. Fay Statezny shot off the start in a lead that, while seldom a big one, was solid for all ten laps, and he had a hefty lead at the checkered flag. Early in the bash the battle for second was between Jon Kaempf and John Znidorka, with Bill Graboski and Thorton Schultz trailing this action. Four cars never made it through one lap in the mud, and three more, including Groboski, were gone after three rounds. Not much changed up front, although Kaempf and Znidorka changed places a few times. Late in the race Znidroka began smoking heavily and ended up third behind Kaempf. Classes 3 and 4 were next on the schedule. The entry in these formerly popular classes was down considerably, seven in Class 3 and only five in Class 4. The big rigs started first, and it was no surprise to see Jack Flannery come through the first sweeper leading the pack in his Ford pickup. But, after one lap Greg Gerlach was right on top of Flannery, the pair well ahead of Matt Foltz, who went no farther, Ken Chencharick and Robert Tom Hackers stayed close most of the way in Class 7S, but at the flag he lost the battle of the Fords and ended up in second place. Tom Arendt got muddy early on Saturday, but still placed third in Class 11, and drove to fourth on Sunday in the Class 11 two seaters. John Znidorka ran hard enough to start smoking badly toward the end of the Class 6 contest, but he carried on to place third at the flag. Greg Gerlach kept his Chevy in close contention, but had to settle for second place in Class 4, and he took a fine third in the Heavy Metal race . ..... No¥ember 1918 Dustyflllla

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Jack Flan hey had a good weekend in his Class 4 Ford, taking the Class 4 win, fifth in Class 14, and he capped it off with the victory in the General Tire Heavy Metat Challenge. -Fianagan. Midway this field hard. After two of the ten laps it maintained order; all well spread was even closer up front. Now ·out on the race course. At the Smith had Probst glued to his checkered flag Jack Flannery bumper, and Taylor was hooked won by a good margin over Greg up to Probst, and these three Gerlach. Robert Flanagan _got pulled away from the herd, now pastKenChencharickattheflag, led by Mike Brue, Jeff St. Peter and both were a lap down to the . and Dale Borgemoen. _ leaders. On the next lap Greg Smith still Class 3 had a more intense had Probst and Taylor on his tail-battle. Bill Schirm came into pipe, then on lap 4 Taylor got past view first, just barely ahead of Probst to take over second, and Bill Sims and Bruce McKinney. Guy Crump was up to fourth. He After one round Sims had the was closely trailed by Chuck Wil-lead over Schirm, McKinney Harns, Jeff St. Peter and Peter held third ahead of Dean Wil- Karempelis, who were having a son, James Miller, Craig Gray good dice, and 23 cars were still and Jerry Zaugg. It was five Jeeps running. By lap 6 Greg Smith had and two Broncos in the field. a few car lengths lead, but Kevin Midway it was a tight race with ProbstandScottTaylorwereput-Sims hold'ing his lead over ting on the show, swapping Schirm by inches, and the two second place more than once a Jeeps were well ahead of the lap. -Behind them the order pack. James Miller got pushed remained the same. With a couple off the road in traffic, almost laps to go Taylor was in second rolled, but got the Bronco going and closed on Greg Smith. Probst again, losing a lap. At this point Schirm was back in the lead with Sims in hot pursuit. After 11 laps, Schirm won the battle over Sims. A lap down, Bruce McKinney led the rest of the field home. faded a few car lengths, but was well ahead of Guy Crump, Chuck Williams and Jeff St. Peter. And, that is the order they finished, with Taylor pushing winner Greg Smith all the way. Smith, from Minnesota, wanted to thank his sponsors General Tire and Justice Brothers for their season long support. Class 14 held 15 starters, sev-eral of them former Class 4 entries. The big V-Bs thundered around the first downhill sweeper with Ken Kincaid in the lead. At the end of the first lap Kincaid led in his pickup, but Marc Pelletier, in a wild 14 rig, was close and Jack Flannery had his Class 4 Ford up to third. At this point we dis-covered that not one but two Class 14 rigs were numbered 1400, shades of Riverside. One was the local racer ofJohn Heidt-man and the other the Colorado Blazer of-Jerry Daugherty, and The weather was gloomy and damp in late afternoon, but the trade conditions were much bet-ter than the mud for the early classes. And it was still early when the 28 starters in Class 2-1600 turned into Uttle more than moving blobs of mud after the first lap. Then the pack was led by Dennis Merritt, who only lasted a lap, with Greg Smith, Kevin Probst, Scott Taylor and Mike B(U~ .@il._c;:lose and battling John Kaempf su01ived a race long battle in Class 6, and kept his sedan · together to take second place honors after a hard fight. Todd Attig drove his Terminator to third in C/ass9 action, but he got it all together on Sunday to take the win and the big cash in the Unlimited Challenge Championship race. Fay Stat~zny flew away quickly from the other dozen sedans as he flew through all the laps to win Class 6 by a substantial margin at the flag. before long they were running retired.Now Ken Kincaid had nose to tail, fighting for fourth nobody close to him, and he spot. cruised through to take the Meanwhile Flannery pitted checkered flag after 11 laps. Well with a right front flat, but did not back, Jerry Daugherty finished a lose a lap. After four rounds Kin- solid second, well ahead of Gerald caid had Pelletier right up his tail- Foster, John Heidtman, and Jade pipe, but the modified car was Flannery had worked his way smoking seriously. In third was back to fifth. All these and more Brad Mihalko, followed by were on the lead lap. Daugherty, Heidtman and Gerald Classes 9 and 10, single and two Foster. Midway, while still run- seat 1650cccars, bothhadsmaller ning second, Pelletier apparently than normal fields here, so the out all the oil and he classes ~ DESERT LOCK OUTER 10.000 HOLE FOR EASY ACCESS Tp LUG BOLTS 3.000 WIDE OUTER FOR SUPER STRENGT 8 • 1.125 HOLES TO REDUCE DIRT BUILD-UP. Red Anodize hread Ccmstructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light weight and optimum strength re Located ff Inner Ring *At last,a quality bead lock desigged for Off-Road racing i,, • All parts are available ~eparate'I *In stock-Ready for shipment · For Todays' Sophisticate · 15" 13" UNLIMITED MIDGET MO SPORT TRUCK MINI STOCK Q BAJA BUG MODIFIED1JIIDGET, WE HAVE DEVELOPED THE TOU MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FO SIMPLE TO ORDER ~ -10" DMIDGET RACER TV ST, U! Prices are Per Bead Lock-installed o . our wheel, • fully machined and trued\ 8" ........ $69.95 1 O" ........ $84.95~ 13"/15" ...... $125.00 15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: 1671 N. Brawley ; Same Day Service Shipped U. P.S. · Fresno, CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax. Dusty nma Nowmbcr 1918 Pas~ 33 ...;:..;;~--------------------------------------------> j

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Bruce McKinney kept his Jeep in contention in the early laps, but Coming on strong in 1600 competition this year, Guy Crump was John Heidtman got his Class 14 a little rumpled on the course, but he still claimed fourth place in the wild action on the muddy track. he ran third most of the distance, and was third at the finish line. fourth in 2-1600, and drove to a fine fourth in the Limited Challenge race. Schwalbe. They finished that way, A aU five covering 11 swift laps. The last race on Saturday was for Class 8 pickups, and it was dark enough for driving lights, the skies were heavy with rain clouds, and it was well past supper time. Jade Flannery led the dozen truck, field off the line and all the way, opening up a hefty lead midway in his ZWD Ford. Ken Kincaid fol-lowed in second on the first lap, . but then vanished from the scene. After three rounds Frank Hood. was solid in second, followed by Pete VanDeHey, Dennis Ferdon and Mike Renkas. Bill Shrim won a real nip and tuck battle in Class 3, taking the lead for good with a couple laps to go and he held the lead in his Jeep. Bill Sims had his Class 3 Jeep in the lead off and on in the tight battle in Class 3, but Sims had to settle for second place at the flag. Midway- the order stayed the same, only now Renlcas, smoking· badly, was right on top of Ferdon,. the only real race on the track. At the flag] ack Flannery had another win for the day, but Pete VanDe-Hey had the lapped Frank Hood in front of him and couldn't get by. But Pete nailed down second place anyhow. Dennis Ferdon was third in a Dodge, followed by Mike Renkas, and Jerry Daugh-erty driving his desert pre-run • truck. Greg Smith started out in Saturday's mud by winning Class 2-1600, but on Sunday he had to settle for fifth in the Class 1-1600 action. Scott Taylor raced in many classes, and he took this two seater to second in 2-1600,_ third in 1-1600, and second in the Limited Challenge. The skies cleared by late eve-ning, and hopes for a drier Sunday race were high. However, around seven the next morning a drizzle started. It was not heavy and did not damage the race course, but it did hold down the crowd well below expectations. After a shot"!_ were combined into one and up front Wuesthoff led the heat. By now it was late and the same bunch, but not my ·much. light was fading fast. The single Then Schmitt lost an alternator seaters, nine in all, were first plug, and the players were now away, and the two seaters fol- Kevin Probst, Scott Taylor, Todd lowedaftera30seconddelay.Lee Attig, Don Ponder and Tom Wuesthoff came out of the chute Schwartzburg, all following the first in his Chenowth, with Kevin flying Magnum. Midway Kevin Probst, Berrien, on his bumper. · Probst edged past Lee Wuesthoff They finished the first lap in that to take over the lead, with Scott order, with Art Schmitt in third, Taylor and Todd Attig back a few followed by Todd Attig, Chuck car lengths. But, with a lap to go of Johnson in his new 9 car, and the dozen rounds, Probst dropped Dave Lofland out from New a plug wire and Lee Wuesthoff Jersey. went past to win the race. Probst On lap 4 Johnson coasted off salvaged second, followed by course with a broken trailing arm, Attig and Don Ponder, th~ n Scott_ Taylor who had lost a lap. Jeff Probst took off like a rocket in his new two seat Berrien to lead the dozen Class 10 cars from flag to flag. After one lap Terry Severson was second, with Robert Connor next, but he went no farther. In fourth was Dave V andermissen, Jr. with his father right behind him, followed by Scott Schwalbe. We lost track of this race in the darkness and mud, but nobody got close to Jeff Probst. The order settled in behind him with Dave Jr. in second, followed by Terry Sever-son, then Dave Sr. and Scott weve written the book on Off Road. •FAT Racing Parts • Centerline Wheels • Bilstein Shocks •Sway-A-Way •Perma-Cool •S&S Headers We've completed the most comprehensive catalog of race-proven parts ever. From the people who have put more Off Road drivers in the Winner's Circle than anyone else. Whether it's a simple Dzus button or an elabo-rate race-ready engine. Call, write, carrier pigeon, anything. But do it now. Or you'll be at ttie back of the pack. PERFORMAICE FOR YOUR FAT PERFORMANCE CATALOG. SEND $5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE. DEPT. DT. 1558 NO. CA.SE ST .. ORANGE. CA 92667. OR CAll(714) 637-2889 • Weber Carbs •IPF Lights •JaMar Products • Wright Place •Tri-Mil Exhaust •Gem Gears •Beard Seats •Simpson Safety • Super-Trapp •Yokohama Tires •Many more ... NcMmber1911 There is a full blown modified rig under this Ford skin, and Ken Kincaid drove it to the Class 14 victory, and placed second in the Heavy Metal Challenge. Colorado racer Jerry Daugherty fiew'his Chevy Blazer over the Wisconsin ruts to second in Class 14, and he was fourth In the ChaRen_ge rac~--Dustyflma

Page 34

Terry Severson nose dives off a jump en route to a fine third place finish in Class 10 and Class 2 in his quick 1650cc two seater. Dennis Ferdon started out looking strong in his Class 8 Dodge, the only Dodge in the entry, ~nd _!!e fi'!_ished well, third in_ class. Dave Vandermissen Sr. drives one of the few real Class 1 racers in the midwest, and the Michigan driver finished third in Class 1 action. practice session, Class 1 was first on the agenda, with half of the eight starters driving Class 9 cars and engines. Art Schmitt led off the line and all the way, this time having no mechanical troubles to slow his Berrien. After one lap Todd Attig was second, followed by Lee Wuesthoff, Dave Van-dermissen Sr., in a real Class 1, Kevin Probst, Don Ponder and Barry Cline .. This pack stayed together through three laps, then Schmitt opened a big lead. Kevin Probst and Dave Sr. were side by side fighting for second, and Wuest-hoff was in the pits with electrical Lee Wuesthoff had his Chenowth Magnum flying in the Class 9 race, and led most of the laps and when it counted, at the checkered flag. Kevin Probst gave his single seat Berrien a workout, taking second in both Class 1 and Class 9, but dropped from the Challenge with clutch trouble. Jeff Probst unveiled his new two seat Berrien and promptly flew it right into the victory in Class 10, but had engine woes on Sunday. Dave Vandermissen Jr. drove his 'Nutcracker' to second spot in both Class 10 and Class 2, and took the same car to third in the Challenge. Jack Flannery's Class 8 2WD Ford carried him to a pair of victories at Crandon, as Jack won handily in both Class 8 and in Class 13. Dusty flmci woes. With seven laps done A~t Schmitt was out of sight for second running Kevin Probst, who Dave Vandermissen S_r.,_ could just barely see. They fin- cars started the next race, with. ished 12 laps that way, with Todd Curt Gerald leading off the line, Attig fourth, a lap down. but he spun out on the next tum. A mQQ_oJ27 two seat Class 11 With_one IJlr - - · ---·--legal Fuel Bladders As low As $182.00 Approved by: FIA, IMSA, NHRA, SCCA, SCORE, USAC and HORA • Custom Fuel Bladders • Fuel Tanks • Standard Fuel Bladders • Refueling Equipment • ,Bu~get Fuel-Cefls : "let us know what you want. We can do it." -. . -(714f 897-2858 -(800) 433-6524 (Outside California) Call or write for free catalog 5271 Business Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Noftmbcr 1t• Plgc35

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Da"ln Parsons slogged through the soggy going in the two seat Class 11 action, and he took a good second place in the Sunday race. Dave Hameister drove hard Into second place in Class 1-1600, and he went on to finish third in the Limited Engine Challenge finale. Jim Bradley has a Crandon built Class 13, covered with mud here, but he finished a strong third in this unusual but competitive class. vr lap done Jeff Jones had the lead he would not relinquish, but here he had heavy com~ti-tion to the rear led by Glen M..,thews, Darrin Parsons, Mark Steinharctt and Scott Teske. In another lap Jones was still fol-lowed by Mathews, but now Teske was in third, with Parsons and Steinhardt close and dicing. Teske was gone on the fourth lap, and Jones now had a big lead. Mathews was comfortable in second, but the battle raged on for third between Parsons and Stein-hardt with Dave Woulfe now in fifth. On lap 8 the leader's car began puffing white smoke, and he slowed a tad to conserve the engine, his oil cooler having blown off the car. Then Mathews disappeared from the track. Jeff . l~~es ~~~ed int<_> the . victo!'Yt_ Pete VanDeHey sailed through the mud and gloom in his Class 8 pickup, and he ended up a good clean second in class in the damp darkness. and Darrin Parsons was second at Class 1-1600 brought 29 more the flag, followed home by Mark cars to the grid, and they came Steinhardt, Tom Arendt, Dennis down the hill six abreast into the Reimer, Gary Adleman, Gary sweeper, with some left by the Cote and Mark Buttles, all cover- side of the road. Real rain was ing nine laps. falling again, but up front Greg ..;;;;:.iiiiiiiii._:;;:::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~--;;;;;;;.;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;:_;;;;;;;-· Smith just led Jeff Probst, who Art Schmitt led almost every race he entered, and he won Class 1 going away, but t!oubles dropped him down in his other c'!ntests. was trailed closely by Dave Hameister, Terry Friday and Bryan Frankenberg. Smith held his lead by inches over Probst after four _laps, while Hameister led the next group that included Friday, Frankenberg and Scott Taylor. Midway Smith collided with a car he was lapping, flipped, went into a tree and stalled, and took half a lap to g_et moving aiain. Meanwhile, Jeff Probst's lead was far from secure, as Dave Hameis-ter was very close with one lap to go, and Scott Taylor had moved into third. Taylor gave it his all, but finished third behind Probst - -Jeff Jones placed second in the Saturday Class 11 bash, but he moved into the class victory on Sunday, and Chris Gerald drove the car to the Ladies Class 11 title. · and Hameister. James Wiggins took fourth ahead of Greg Smith, who did finish on the lead lap. The front engine buggies in-Class 13 braved the rain, 24 strong, and a .few Class 8 trucks were among them. And, it was the Class 8 Ford of Jack Flannery who led the pack from the flag around on the first lap. Tom Jensen had his 13 in second, followed by Joey Flannery, Lowell DeGreef and Mark Hackers. Flannery increas~d his lead on lap 2, but now Jensen and Joey Flannery were in close quarters, followed by Hackers, then DeGreef. With six laps done Jack Flannery had enough margin to cool it, as the mud was getting worse, and lots of trucks were smoking with clogged radiators. Joey Flannery had his 13 in second ahead ofJ ensen, Jim Brad-ley and Hackers. Jack _Flannery easily won this race in his Ford. The battle was for second, tight all the way, and it went to Joey Flannery, who fought off a late charge from Jim Bradley. Behind them Tom Jensen and Mark Hackers were nose to tail, fol-lowed in by Lowell DeGreef. Sev-enth spot was awarded to Rob Renkas, but in our opinion he should have been DQ: d. His truck smoked very badly the last few laps, and on the final lap it looked like a three alarm fire. Rather than cruising to the flag, he raced to it, then hit two parked 13s who had already finished as he came into the impound area at far too great a speed. The final SODA and STORE points race at the Brush Run 101 held the odd combo of Classes 2 and 5-1600. Needless to say Class 2 started first. Once again Jeff Probst, with a big engine in his Class 13s are often strange looking, but Joey Flannery drove this front engine, rear drive device to a good second in Class 13 . c~mpetition. Dave Vandermissen Sr. took his daughter along racing as he won Class 2, and also dro~e to fourth in the Class 10 action on Saturday. Phil Freimuth came home from Alaska to drive in the Brush Run and he won the race long dice with Jeff Therriault for third In Class 5-1600. . ., Scott Taylor had troubles in his Class 9 4ace, but got things fixed to take a good second place in the Unlimited Challenge Championship. Page 36 Usually a front runner, Mike Seefeldt had problems in the 1600 points heats, but he did finish fifth in the Limited Challenge Championship. NcMmbcr 1911 Tom Schwartzburg, Chief Steward of S. T.O.R.E., got his Class 9 car going well on Sunday and he placed fourth in the Unlimited Challenge. Dusty flma

Page 36

Heavy Metal over six other lady truckers in a Class 13. Chris Gerald tookJeffJones' Class 11 to that class victory. .. . . -· The grand finale at the Brush Run, as always, is a pair of heats for the Good Old Boys, junker sedans that come in more than 300 entry numbers each year. Ironically, after all the rain, the sun broke through for the GOBs, and, without water trucks slosh-ing up the course, these guys had their best racing conditions in many years, with a lot fewer bang-um-ups. Terry Wolfe got a good start in Class 5-1600, and he used the advantage to lead every lap of the 5-1600 contest and he won the big points. Rhonda Smith drove Greg's 2-1600 car in fine fashion to win overall and the Women's Unlimited class in the delayed start ladies race. The awards, with husky cash ,urses in all classes, were pre-;en ted Sunday evening in the · .t3arn, the social center for the · Brush Run. It is a barn, made over into a snack and beer bar, com-plete with a stage and dance floor. Thia year the big plaatic trophies for the winners were replaced with a handsome championship ring, something most of the driv-ers really appreciated. The True Value Hard Charger Award for real effort at both the Spring Run and the Brush Run 101 was pre-sented to Marc Pelletier, who tows from New England to race in· ' Wisconsin. Flying nicely over a blind jump, Shari Recla herded Lowell DeGreef's massive Class 13 to a run-a-way victory in Ladies Heavy Metal action. Ron Kar/man had to work hard to break free from the 5-1600 pack, but he finally did and drove on to a solid second place in class. _ Finally. there was a raffle, the · tickets having been sold for months at a buck a copy. The first · prize was a Trail Boss RES 250 Qµad, courtesy of Ryerson Dis-tributing and Polaris. The second place prize was a 7½ Meyer Hydro Turn Snow Plow, compliments of Meyer Snow Plow. The third prize came from the major race spon-sor, General Tires, a set of four General Grabbers. two seater today, took off in the the first of the Championship They were nose to tail after one lead, followed off the line by races was the Budweiser Limited lap, followed by Marc Pelletier, V andermissen Sr., Scott Schwalbe, Challenge for all restricted engine Greg Gerlach and Jerry Daugh-T erry Severson and Dave Jr. Only classes. A goodly bunch of single erty, and they stayed in formation eight started and two were gone and two seat 1600 racers came out through three laps. On the third early, including Schwalbe. Jeff for their bonus race which had a lap Jack Flannery edged his Class Probst continued to lead for healthy purse. Once again it was 4pastthehandsome 14pidcupof about eight laps, then he was Jeff Probst out front off the line, Ken Kincaid, and to the rear Pel-gone, apparently with engine this time in the family 2-1600 letier and Gerlach were in close woes. This put Dave Vander-Berrien. Next came Dale Borge- combat. missen Sr. in the lead and he moen, Steve Krieman and Greg Across the start/finish line at stayed there to the checkered flag, Smith. After two of the ten laps the half way point Kincaid was followed home by Dave Jr., then Probst led Smith around, Krei- right back on the bumper of Jack Terry Severson, all three covering man dropped to third followed by Flannery's Ford, but he tried to 12 laps. Mike Seefeldt and Johnny Koran, pass on the 180 degree turn and To the rear the ten 5-1600s who had Scott Taylor right flipped instead, handing a solid were having a dandy race despite behind him. Two laps later Taylor lead to Jack Flannery. Kincaid the mud. Terry Wolfe got a good was second behind Probst and landed ok and was back running, start and the lead on the first lap. Dave Hameister was lying third, just a bit bent, and he held on to Phil Freimuth was second, fol- and this was a real race at this second place through it all. But lowed by Chuck Johnson, Ron point. But, at the finish Jeff Probst Jack was long gone to the Champ-Karl~n and Jim Rolefson. After led easily to victory, and Scott ionship victory, and Gerlach was a few laps Wolfe still led, now Taylor had a good distance on close but not close enough. Kin-Johnson was in second, with Dave Hameister for second. But caid salvaged second over Ger-Karlman on his bumper, and the fight to the rear had been side lach. The fun race was for fourth another good dice was between by side between Mike Seefeldt between Jerry Daugherty, Bill Freimuth and Jeff Therriault.' · and Guy Crump, with Crump · Lohf and Beetle Bailey. They fin-Karlman tagged Johnson and unable to make the pass. Then on ished in that order with less than a pinched the exhaust, so Chuck the last turn he tried again, and car length between all three. only got in six laps. Late in the Crump passed into fourth place The True Value Unlimited race Terry Wolfe held his lead just ten feet before the checkered Challenge brought out 15 surviv-and he went on to victory. Ron flag. ors who still had enough car left Karlman was alone in second, but . A field of 20 thundering V-8 for another 12 laps. Todd Attig the race was for third, and this powered rigs were on the grid for led off the line, but Lee Wuest-side by side dice went to Phil the General Tire Heavy Metal hoff led Attig after one lap. Art Freimuth over Jeff Therriault. Challenge. Ken Kincaid led Jack Schmitt was third, followed by After a General Tire Tire Roll Flannery off the line in the light Dave Vandermissen Sr., Kevin for hardy spectators in the mud, rain, down to almost just a ~ist. Probst,ScottTaylorandthepack, ------------------------which stayed fairly close on the COMING NEXT MONTH ... MICKEY 1HOMPSON STADIUM SERIES FINALE 19TH ANNUAL SNORE 250 FRT PLASTER CITY BLAST ADRA HIGH COUNTRY 150 JEEP CUP CHAMPIONSHIP WCR IVORY COAST RALLY COLORAMA IN WISCONSIN ... plus all the regular features Dusty nma early laps. After two Wuesthoff led Schmitt, Attig was next with Probst, V anderrnissen and Taylor under a blanket. Then suddenly Schmitt parked off the course with unknown trouble, and Attig and Probst were side by side, hav-ing shaken off Taylor, with Van-dermissen back to fifth. And this was just the half way point. In the ninth lap Kevin Probst lost his clutch, but kept moving, and Wuesthoff broke a right rear hub and ended up in a mud bank. Out front for the last few laps and at the flag was Todd Attig, finish-ing about ten seconds ahead of Scott Taylor. Well_bagc in third was Dave Vandermissen Jr., as dad disappeared late in the race. NcMmbcr 1988 T ~m Schwartzburg tooic: fourth, but the most amazing finish was fifth place for Jeff Probst. With no unlimited engine left, Jeff took the restrictor plate off the family 2-1600 and raced it to fifth place, laughing at the finish about how good the car ran without the car-buretor restriction. There are three classes for Ladies at the Brush Run, and the girls have to make do with what-ever still runs at this point in the meet. Rhonda Smith took Greg's 2-1600 to the overall and unlim-ited buggy victory over five oth-ers. Shari E.ecla won the seven rig THE Well, the weather had turned cold, it was still damp outside, and the frost was on the pumpkin as the Brush Run 101 concluded. Plans for next year are already in the making, and there will be bigger and better off road racing in June and September in Cran-don, Wisconsin. WRI.G-HT PLACE~. COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in. magazines and at the finish line; are products of The Wright Place. Y<?u. · can use them 'on··Fox, Bilstein, or Roug_h Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come w ith the kit for adju~tments. A,;other great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SfRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 37

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cores a Big One in the Mile High Stadium Photos: Trackside Photo Enterprises Walker Evans got the job done in Denver, as he not only won a Grand National truck heat, he worked his way into the main event victory, his and Jeep's first big win in the stadium series. The Mickey Thompson Enter- arena, and they saw plenty of tainment Group has often taken action throughout the evening.: · their multi faceted show on the The racing might have been a bit road, outside the southwestern more frantic than usual, since this base of the series. But, last Sep- was the seventh in the 1988 eight tember when the off road stadium race series, and points were tiidit series made its first visit to for both the driver and manufuc-Denver, Colorado, it was the turer championships. most successful first time show in The race action started with the memory. Nearly 30,000 spectat- six car Unlimited Super 1600 ors showed up at Mile High Stad-Trophy Dash, featuring the six ium to watch the antics of the off fastest qualifiers. Billy Beck got _road racers on the floor of the the hole shot in his Berrien, but it Lloyd Castle had a good night out in his Nissan Ultra/Stock, placing second in the heat race and Lloyd went on to a clear main event victory. N VDO - Chenowth - Simpson SAHARA T riMil - K & N Filters - Bugpack ~ 5 Bilstein - Centerline - Cibie $· X ~ Hewland-Porsche Turbo CVs .,_ __ sr_R_ru_s_--t O Beard's Seats-Parker -Pumper 1, ' ~ . :j Yokohama Tires -Super Trapp :c! ' ·cc Gem Gears - KYB Shocks :> ·~ SPRING MTN.' ':j Sway-A-Way Transaxle Parts Wright Place -Dura Blue Ultra Boot - Neal Products SEE PAT OR DAVE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. NEVADA PHONE ORDER HOUSE 3054· So. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 871-4911 • (702) 871-5604 ,.... wasn't long before Robby Gor-don passed him. Late in the three lapper Beck closed up tight, but young Robby Gordon took the trophy, and his dad Bob Gordon was third. The first of the Grand National truck heats got the crowd warmed up. The inverted grid put Steve Millen on the pole while his Toy-ota teammate Ivan Stewart was fourth. Danny Thompson, Chevy; grabbed the lead over Steve Millen and built a good margin on the first lap. Then Walker Evans came up to chal-lenge Thompson in his Jeep, and Roger Mears' Nissan was already shedding body panels. On lap 3 of eight Ivan Stewart gained third spot, but then lost the power steering pump and spun out. On the fourth lap Danny Thompson hit the wall when the right front ball joint failed. Up front Steve Millen now led Walker Evans, Glenn Harris, Mazda, and Roger Mears. Steve Millen took the checkered flag first for Toyota, about two truck lengths ahead of Walker Evans, and Glenn Harris hung on in third with his Mazda mate Rod Millen in fourth, as Roger Mears brushed the wall on the last turn. The Stadium Super Lites first heat was next with the early battle between Russ East and Rennie Awana. Then East nailed the wall and Awana was out front, fol-lowed by Ron Pierce and John Gersjes. Awana was back and moving, and there was a yellow flag. Eventually Ron Pierce won the heat, followed in by Rory Hol-• laday, Rennie Awana and Russ East . Sean Finley led the first A TV heat all the way, and won by a big margin over Toby Ashley and Donnie Banks. In the second heat, Derek Hamilton took an early lead, and built a full straight-a-way gap at the checkered flag. Rick Rupport was second ahead of Shannon Smith and Noel Radar. The UltraStocks have only one heat race, and eight of them were on the line in Denver. Bill Silber-mann·, Mazda, took the lead on the first hairpin, followed by fast qualifier Lloyd Castle, Nissan, and Tim Lewis, Porsche. Silber-NcMmblr 1911 Steve Millen took over the truck drivers' points lead with a heat race victory and he also placed a good third in the main event in the Toyota. Glenn Harris grabs some air in his Mazda, en route to second in the first truck heat, but he didn't figure in the money in the main event. mann and Castle opened up a advantage, and he won the heat on good gap, and Jeff Elrod, VW, a Kawasaki, followed home by moved up and passed Lewis, who Jim Holley, Yarnah~, Denny Ste-was losing his door panel, on the phenson, Kawasaki, and Denver third lap. Meanwhile, Chris Neil rider Tim Buchli, Yamaha. banged a barrier and retired. Bill The second bike h~t saw Tal-Silbermann and Lloyd Castle had Ion Vohland move mto second their own race going out front, place on the first lap, and into the but at the finish Silbermann won lead in the first tum of the second by several car lengths over Castle. lap. At the checkered flag Yoh-Jeff Elrod was third, followed by land was well ahead of the field to Vince Tjelmeland, Nissan. · take the victory abroad a Kawa-. The Ultracross for bikes put saki. Corey Cope of Denver was the fastest guys at the back of the second on a Honda, an~ Jeff Ma-field. But in Denver it took Tyson bery moved up to third on a Vohland less than two laps to gain Yamaha at the finish. the lead in the 14 bike field. Jim One dozen Super 1600s lined Holley followed him through the up for their first heat with Larry pack to run second ahead of fast Noel and Mitch Mustard starting qualifier Denny Stephenson. the eight laps on the front row. Vohland used the traffic to his Fast qualifier Billy Beck shared Bill Sl/bermann made a great start in his giant size Mazda Ultra/Stock, as he won the heat race, but later had troubles in the feature race. Doing a little nose dive for the home town crowd, Mitch Mustard won the first Super 1600 heat race, but dropped back with trouble in the main. Dulty'IIIIIII

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Danny Thompson's Chevy flies like a buggy, and he flew it into second place in the second truck heat, but went out on the last Frank Arciero Jr. was.the third man on the Toyota team, and he drove to third in the s·econd Grand National truck heat in fine Jeff Elrod came close to nailing down the series UltraStocffltfii with third in the heat race and second in the main event in his lap in the main. style. ----------Volkswagen. Frank Arciero Jr. started out in good shape, second in the first Super 1600 heat, but he was slowed by mechanical problems in the main event. Bob Gordon survived a couple of restarts that eroded his lead, and he drove the Chenowth to the main event victory in Super 1600 action, and also was third in the trophy dash and his heat. the . restart it was Coyne~-Bob . to-wheel on the last turn; ancf Gordon, Bryant, Nichols and Robby Gordon took the inside Jerry Whelchel, but they were line to nip Marty Coyne by half a moving too fast to suit the starter, car length at the checkered flag. and had to do another pace lap Bob Gordon took third, followed before taking the green_flag. by Jerry Whelchel, Jimmy the second row with defending points champ Frank Arciero Jr. At the green Mustard and Noel banged each other and Billy Beck led the first lap, only to hit the wall on the next round, handing the lead to Mustard, a home town boy from Denver. Arciero was now second, and these two were well ahead of third running Gary. Kroese. Beck went into the wall again, forcing Kroese out of shape into a flip, and this brought out a full course yellow on lap 3. Kroese returned to the back of the field for the restart, and Beck also restarted. -Mustard and Arciero resumed their battle with Mustard still leading, followed by Beck and Noel. Then Danny Rice broke down on course, which brought out the yellow, and Tommy Gr.Q{t also stopped on the track. After five laps it was Mustard, Arciero, Beck, Noel and Scott Galloway heading the pack. They finished in that order with only Beck's Ber-rien breaking up the domination of the Chenowth Magnum chassis. A whole new cast of eleven Super 1600s came out for the second heat. Jimmy Nichols, Raceco, and Marty Coyne, Chen-BIiiy Beck, left, jumps ahead of Gary Kroese, and Beck was second In the trophy dash and third in his heat, but in the barriers in the main. Robby Gordon started the night by winning the trophy dash, then won his heat race, but his Chenowth dropped to third in the hectic feature race. Dusty nma owth, shared the front row. Nichols got the hole shot, but Coyne had the lead before the end of the first lap, and Robby Gor-don was third. Gordon made con-tact with Nichols, who spun, and this allowed Bob Gordon, Rob-by's father, to take over second place, with Bill Bryant in third. Then Ken Bracelin turned over on the second lap bringing out a full c~urse yellow flag. Lined up for After the restart, Robby Gor- Nichols and Bill Bryant. don moved into fifth, and then It was time for round two for got past both Nichols and Bryant the Grand National trucks, and to run third on the fifth lap. On this round Frank Arciero Jr. was the seventh lap the order was on the pole in his Toyota. But Marty Coyne, Bob Gordon and Arciero was passed in the first Robby Gordon. But, as Coyne turn by both Roger Mears and and Bob Gordon moved up to lap Walker Evans, and they held a slower car, they ended up wheel formation llr" Off Roads Winningest Radios • OVER 794 ON THE COURSE Comlink V The Ultimate Racing Intercom Helmets wired -$100. (CF) Newl RF Pre Amp ': .. 5 ... . . .. . - -·;i ..... 30% to 50% more rJlgel 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill, CA 90806 We're next door via U.P.S.I i '-;-cf . : : I (213) 427-8177 November 1911 Pagc39

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' 0 C Chris Neil shows good altitude over the jump, and he kept the VW Scirocco together to finish a fine third in the UltraStock main event. Jerry Whelchel kept his Chenowth with the front pack all night, Marty Coyne ran with the leaders in every appearance, and his andhemovedforwardafterthesecondrestarttofinishinsecond Chenowth ended up second in his heat race and fourth in the place._~--------- - ----------==w=ild=m=a=in=e=v=en=t=. ==========~==== ·r ommy Croft flew over the jumps in traffic, and had no luck in his . heat but came on strong in the main event to finish fifth. Rod Millen kept his championship hopes alive scoring good · points for a second place finish in the Mazda in the always wild truck feature finale. Al Arciero really enjoys truckin', and his Jeep performed well in the main event, and Al drove through the litter to fourth place . ~ for two laps with Danny Thompson running fourth. On the third lap Mears hit . the wall and Walker Evans snagged the lead, followed by 1Arciero, Thompson and Rod Millen. As Evans opened up a decent lead, Rod Millen and Danny Thompson had a real bat-tle going, back and forth, but Rod couldn't make the pass stick. Then Thompson got past Arciero on lap 6, and took over second. On the white flag lap Walker _Evans_h!l_cll\.bµs_kyleaslJ ~1~ of the straight, and he took the checkered flag well ahead of the field. Thompson held second, ahead of Arciero and Rod Millen. The main event for the Stadium Super Lites brought out 15 of the Odyssey style machines. Gerry Koop started on the pole, but John Hasshaw had the lead by the first turn, with Russ East second and Ron Pierce third, and they held this order for another lap. On the third round Pierce got past both East and Hasshaw to take over the lead, but l:lasshaw stayed , ahead of East. A,fter four laps Pierce had half a ·straight lead on Hasshaw and East. · · .... In six laps the first five cars were well out in front of the herd, with Pierce leading Hasshaw and East, then came Rennie Awana and Frank Chavez. By the end of the lap Chavez got past both Awana and East and went after Hasshaw. Ron Pierce took the checkered flag two turns ahead of the pack. Chavez moved in on Hasshaw and the pair made con-tact on the last lap. The result was Frank Chavez took second over John Hassahaw. Russ East and Rennia Awana rounded out the top five. Eighteen started the 4 Wheel A TV main event. Donnie Banks took the lead, followed by Toby Ashley and Sean Finley. Banks opened up a commanding lead by the third lap, and Finley got past Ashley to hold second. After four laps, Don Turk had moved into fourth with Rick Ruppert run-ning fifth. On lap 5 Banks was lapping slower traffic, and Donnie Banks sailed on to win the main for Honda. Sean Finley was second on a Suzuki, and Toby Ashley lost power heading into the final tum, handing third to Don Turk, Yamaha. Doug Gust was fourth and Rick Ruppert took fifth, both riding Suzulcis. The UltraStock bash was the first of the main events for the car classes. Vince Tjelmeland took the lead from the green flag ahead of Lloyd Castle, Jeff Elrod, and Doug Bath. The leading three cars got away from the others on the second lap. Then, on lap 3, Tjel-, SUMMERS BROS. BULLET-PROOF DRIVETRAINS ! SEND $2.00 FOR YOUR DIRT RACER'S CATALOG! 530 South Mountain Ave. Ontario, CA 91762 (714) 986-2041 • FAX: (714) 984-7908 meland r-olled the Nissan, but continued on back in the field: Castle had his Mazda in the lead, followed by the VW s of Elrod and Chris Neil, and Tjelmeland experienced a loss of power. By the sixth round Castle had a huge lead, a straight ahead of Elrod and a half lap up on the third place car. Lloyd Castle took the checkered flag well ahead of Jeff Elrod. Chris Neil held onto third spot, and Bill Silberrnann followed Doug Bath to the finish. A full field of 23 Super 1600s crowded onto the track for their main event with Bob Gordon and Billy Beck on the front row, and Marty Coyne and Frank Arciero Jr. just astern. Gordon took the lead with Coyne moving into second after the hairpin. Robby Gordon was up to third, and Beck ran fourth. On lap 2 Bill Bryant was into a barrier and fell to last place. Robby Gordon and Marty Coyne bumped around the hair-pin as Robby tried to make the pass. Meanwhile Bob Gordon was already lapping slower traffic on the fourth lap, and Robby got around Coyne to run second behind his father. Robby closed the gap throug_h the hairpins on lap 5, but traffic allowed Bob to widen his lead as they came to the line. Then a full course yellow flag was displayed for Ben Brown, who flipped in the second hairpin. Danny Rice and Scott Galloway, both Denver racers, made contact and were stuck together, further blocking the course. They went to the back of the pack for the restart. The cars restarted on a pace lap with Bob and Robby Gordon running one-two, followed by Coyne, Beck and Arciero. Arciero tapped Beck on the pace lap and Beck went into the bar-rier, plus Gary Kroese and Art Gersjes were both stalled on course. The second full course yellow of this race came out, as cars littered the race track. After the next restart Marty Coyne tapped Robby Gordon into a spin at the first hairpin, and Arciero moved into second, put-ting Robby down to third just back of the pack. After two laps ahead of Coyne. Then Robby the order was Rod Millen, Gordon hit a barrier and lost a Thompson, Walker Evans, Ivan couple more spots, and Jerry Stewart and Steve Millen. The Whelchel got past Coyne into front four opened up a good mar-third. After nine laps Bob Gordon . gin on the field after four laps, and again had a good lead. Whelchel Stewart stalled out and fell from slid past Arciero, who was losing contention. On the next lap power. Heading into the final lap Glenn Harris and Steve Millen it was Bob Gordon, Whelchel, were fighting for position. Coyne, Robby Gordon and Walker Evans edged past Arciero in the front five. Then Danny Thompson at the second Robby passed Coyne in the first · turn on lap 6, and midway the hairpin. Bob Gordon won the order was Rod Millen, Evans, race and Jerry Whelchel held Thompson, Harris and Steve second, followed by Robby Gor- Millen. Evans moved in on Rod d,;m, Marty Coyne and Tommy Millen and .the two hit on lap 8, Croft in~ all Chenowth show. _ while avoiding the stalled Mazda The ten lap UltraCross main of Jeff Huber, and they continued event was another family affair. to bang each other as they fought From the front row A.J. Whiting for the lead. Walker Evans took and Dennis Hawthorne fought for over the lead on the second turn the first lap lead, with Stacey of lap 9, and then was into slower Cook third. Denny Stephenson traffic on the next loop. Evans got moved into second, and briefly the traffic between his Jeep and into the lead, but Whiting was his pursuers. Danny Thompson back in front at the start/ finish · stalled on course on the white flag line. With three laps done Ste-lap. Walker Evans took the phenson was in the lead, and checkered flag first, the first main Tyson Vohland moved past event title of the season for Jeep Whitingtotakeoversecond. Tai- and Walker Evans. Rod Millen Ion Vohland was now fourth and got second place points for Mazda closing on Whiting on lap 4. On ahead of brother Steve in the the seventh lap Stephenson and Toyota. There was a penalty Tyson Vohland made contact, phase after this race, but it didn't but Vohland didn't get the lead affect the top three positions. then, but he did take over first Heading into the final stadium place at the end of lap 8. At the series event in Las Vegas, the checkered· flag Tyson Vohland points in some classes and cate-won the main event over Denny . gories are really tight, making Stephenson, and his brother Tal-Vegas a do or die situation, espe-lon V ohland was third, all three dally for the factory truck teams. riding Kawasakis. Jim Holley was Steve Millen leads the truck driv-fourth on a Yamaha and A.J. ers points with 319, but brother Whiting ended up fifth on a Rod Millen has 307, followed by Honda. Ivan Stewart, 292, Jeff Huber, As always, the grand finale of 257 and Glenn Harris, 255. the evening was the Grand Mazda leads the truck manufac-National Sport Truck main event. turers points with 678 over Toy-The ten truck field held three each ota's 656 and nobody else is close. Mazdas and Toyotas, a pair of Robby Gordon leads the 1600 Jeeps and one each Chevrolet and points with 252. Frank Arciero Jr. Nissan. Rod Millen, Mazda, and has 243, followed by Jerry Whel-Frank Arciero Jr., Toyotll,shared chel, 218, Jimmy Nichols, 187 the front row for the 12 lap fea- and Marty Coyne, 182. Jeff Elrod ture. Millen grabbed the early lead has a good lead in UltraStock with Danny Thompson taking points with 309. Vince Tjelme-second place. Arciero got tapped land is next with 203, followed by fro~ behind a~ S!_a~ on Chris Neil, 172, Bill Silbermann, course, returning to action attne 144 and Lloyd Castle, 142. Dusty nma

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' fflE SCCA OJIIWE PRO RALLY Audi on Top Again in Minnesota Photos: Trackside Photo Enterprises Group A. Substitute Kelsey's second place finish kept Mazda in the overall manufacturers' points lead, the main purpose for his entry in Minnesota. Paul Choiniere and Scott Weinheimer, shown here earlier in this year, won their second SCCA National Pro Rally of 1988 driving the sleek Audi Quattro Group A to a 13 second victory. It wasn't too difficult for Doug Shepherd and Joe Andreini to lead the GT Production Class in a new Dodge Daytona, but they had to fight all the way to hold onto third place overall, fending off attacks from both Bruno Kreibich and Chad DiMarco all night long. Shepherd got the job done, how-ever, finishing third overall, 2:37 behind Kelsey, and just a minute 26 seconds ahead of Chad DiMarco and Eric Hauge, who nailed down third in Group A as The third running of the Ojibwe Rally as a full SCCA National Pro event saw Audi take its third straight victory in the event staged out of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The first two rounds went to the formidable team of John Buffum and Tom Grimshaw in a Group B Quattro. Last summer it was Buffum's stepson Paul Choiniere, with Scott Wein-heimer navigating the Group A Quattro, who won overall in the north woods. There must be something about the water in Vermont that produces top flight rally drivers. The Ojibwe moved from October to late August this year, a move the organizers hoped would alleviate the land use problems of the past, when the rally had to share the woods of the Paul Bunyan State Forest and the Chippewa National Forest with the duck hunters. The hunters held sway in the woods in the day-light hours, and the rally folks used the roads after dark. This year four daylight stages wge in the schedule in the forests, but at the eleventh hour permis-sion to run these roads in the day-light was withdrawn. Trying to reschedule would have been diffi-cult, so Rallymaster Bob Neilson simply started the event after sunset at stage 5, and then repeated a couple of stages during the last section to keep the stage mileage close to 100, actually it was 95 miles. The only drawback to this plan was that the finish time moved back to 5:00 a.m., making for a long night out-for both competitors and the workers. The folks in Grand Rapids are most hospitable to the rally crowd, and despite the time warp, the event ran smoothly, maybe as smooth as any rally will this year. The forest roads were typical, well as fourth overall, despite los-some fast, some sandy, some tight ing some of the gears in the Sub-and twisty, and there was a huge aru late in the rallv. watercrossingononeofthestages Bruno Kreibich and Clark that was covered twice. The trails Bond drove their older Group B soon became rutted, tossing the Audi Quattro into fifth overall, a advantage to the four wheel drive mere six seconds behind the Su-set, or so the 2WD fanciers baru. Kreibich also took a close claimed. The second time around victory in Open Class, first by just through the double stages, most 16 seconds. Hounding the Audi drivers said the trails had deterio- all the way was Bill Holmes, with rated badly. It couldn't have been Jean Lindamood navigating the too bad, because only four of the big Ford F 150 pickup around the 35 starters dropped out of the narrow trails. The Ford was sixth com ho National/Divisional overall and second in Open Class. event. The Divisional teams ran Well back in 20th overall, Carl fewer miles than the National Kieranen and Diane Sargent competitors, ten stages instead of claimed third in Open Class in a 15. Mazda. Missing from the ranks was Usually strong runners in the potential winner Rod Millen, GT Production Class, Dan and busy in the far east driving Betty Ann Gilliland had some another Mazda to first in Group A engine troubles and were down on and second overall on an Asian- horsepower in their Dodge. They Pacific' FISA Rally in Indonesia. had a real time battle going most In Millen's Pro Rally Group A of the way with Tim O'Neil and Mazda 323 was Richard Kelsey, Martin Headland in a Group A with regular navigator Harry VW Golf. Even though the Golf Ward, and they did a fine job. In had trouble drowning out in the fact Kelsey came close to winning water crossing, Tim O'Neil and the rally outright, taking fast time Martin Headland took seventh on ten of the 15 stages. After three overall, fourth in Group A.Just a stages Kelsey was seven seconds mere two seconds back, Dan and ahead of Choiniere, but by stage 5 . Betty Ann Gilliland were eighth the Audi led by five seconds. overall and second in the GT Pro-After stage 6 the two hard duction ranks. Down in 12th chargers were absolutely tied on overall, New Yorkers Bob total stage time for the lead. Then, Henderson and John McArthur Kelsey had a flat tire on stage 7, placed their Toyota third in GT andranitseveralmilestothestage Production. Meanwhile, _Erik finish, losing nearly a minute to Zenz and Ian Stewart just barely Choiniere. But Kelsey came back stayed clear of the fierce fight in strong, winning more stages, but Production Class to finish ninth he couldn't make back the time overall and fifth in Group A in a loss. After the 15 stages were Mazda. complete, Paul Choiniere and The top guns in Production Scott Weinheimer won their Class, Niall Leslie and Guy Light, second SCCA National Pro Rally put on their usual great battle for of the year by a slim 13 seconds mere seconds. This time Leslie over Richard Kelsey and Harry and his navigator Brian Maxwell Ward. T}le teams were not only triumphed in the Toyota Corolla one-two overall, but also in by the unusually large margin of Guy Light and Jimmy Brandt secured second in Pro-duction Class in the Minnesota woods, their VW Golf GT/ not liking the soft, sandy ruts. A service stop in the middle . of the night put Richard Kelsey's Mazda 323 in top shape, and he went on to second overall, winnilJg many of the stages. Dulty'llma November 1911 50 seconds. The Canadians were also tenth overall. Guy Light and Jimmy Brandt did claim second in class and eleventh overall, and Light said he couldn't keep up with Leslie's Canadian spec rally car that comes with a limited slip differential. Light's VW GolfGTI does not have that option under the SCCA rules, and he suffered a bit in the ruts and soft sand. Less than three minutes back, third in Production Class and 13th over-all, it was Nelson Shepard and Tom Burgess in another VW Golf. The Divisional Rally run at the same time on 75 percent of the course had some good contests and familiar names up front. Most of these drivers were going after divisional points from several dif-ferent SCCA divisions. The over-all Divisi~nal winner was the VW of Tim O'Neil and Martin Head-land, two minutes, six seconds ahead of Eric Zenz and Ian Stewart in the Mazda. John Daubenmier and Stan Rosen were just over CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES By Lon Peterson Hi, I'm Lon Peterson and I've just taken over the CRS Direc-tor's position. I've been a compet-itor for the last six years in CRS events, and I'm looking forward to getting more involved in the administration of the California Rally Series. If any competitor or member has any questions or ideas to better our association, please call me. We are a group made up of you, the competitors, and your comments and ideas count! After the action packed week-end with the Hungry Valley Rally and Got My Fill of the Hill Rally, the Open Class standings still show the team of Lon Peterson/ Jim Love leading. However, in the Driver's Championship (Open), Jeff Griffin, second, Ted Kendall, third, and Don Lindfors, fourth, have edged out Dave Thomas. Camille Griffin now holds second co-driver, followed by Mark Mueller, Shelly Hanson and Brian Finn. In Stock Class, while Roger Hull still holds a solid lead among drivers, Richard Chemotti moved to second, while Ian Miller, third, edged out Noberto Gomez and Paula Gibeault. Jim Jacobson, who co-drove for both Gibeaults, moved to first Stock co-driver, followed by Farina O'Sullivan, Oscar Facio, Nick Kollar and Rob Cherry. Stock GT Class is still led by Mike Blore and co-driver Gary Dunklau, but they now have competition! Ken Smith and David Y ein follow him in the Driver's Championship, and Gary now is followed by Jeff Burba, second, John Elkin, third, Dimitri Georgakopoulos and Eugene Loch. Leonard Jensen and Steve Sils-bee should be complimented on putting on a fine first pair of Pro Rallies at the Hungry Valley SVRA on September 24-25. The · two day format was truly unique and the roads were challenging two minutes more down on time for third overall in a Dodge. The next five cars were all in the same minute and deserve mention. They were Peter Jordan/Jeff Delahorne, Mazda, Carl Kier-anen/ Diane Sargent, Mazda, David Lapham/ Keith Waltz, Mazda, Mike Purzycki/Dan Wernette, Jeep, and Jim and Jen-nifer W arren, Oldsmobile. Just at press time we learned that the October running of the Marquette Rally in Michigan has been canceled, but later in October the Press On Regardless happens on the Upper Peninsula. Also the Wild West Rally in Washington, originally scheduled for November, was incorporated into the WCR Olympus last June. No, we are told by SCCA that there will be a Pro Rally some-where in Washington on Novem-ber 12-13 organized by John Forespring. The Barbary Coast in northern California 'has been rescheduled for December 2-3, out of San Francisco. and fun. On Saturday's event I was lucky enough to win the Open Class. On Sunday I received the Bomb Out Award. Saturday's . Stock Class competition was as close as it could be with Ian Mil-ler /Farina O'Sullivan winning over Paula Gibeault/ Jim Jacob-son by a mere one second. -The Stock GT Class is off to a good start, as three Mazda 323s com-peted in the class both days. Mike Blore dominated the class both days, actually winning some stages outright! Congratulations to Jeff and Camille Griffin for a fine first -~ place finish on Sunday's event. Jeff was overheard saying "I love the competition, but I REALLY love winning!" Off roader Ted Kendall has certainly gotten the hang of rallying, as he finished a solid second in Open Class. Sun-day's Stock Class was as competi-tive as Saturday's with Mike Gibeault/Jim Jacobson barely beating Ian Miller/Farina O'Sul-livan. Mike, Ian and Lauchlin O'Sullivan, also Stock Class, fin-ished within 25 seconds of each other. By the time you read this, the Mason Valley Rally will already have taken place. I will write a report in the next issue of DUSTY TIMES. El Camino a las Estrellas Rally in the Rancho California area will run the Palomar Moun-tains' roads, probably on the weekendofNovember 19. Watch for details. Organizer Roger Alli-son predicts a fun, twisty, chal-lenging event. I hope to see you all there. Mike Blore and Don Lindfors will be having a joint CRS Stock and Stock GT Class meeting on October 23 at Mike's house in Long Beach. Any decisions on the '89 rules for these classes will be · made at this meeting. Call Mike (213-425-0984) or Don (714-544-1688) if you can't make it but have opinions to share. The location is 4409 Rutgers Ave., at 12:00 noon. Rick Bell's driving school is still tentatively set for January. We are working on a place and firm date at this time. The annual California Rally Series Awards Banquet will also be held in January 1989. Look for more information next month. Anyone with ideas for skits, quizzes, etc., please call me! (619-241-4707). ..... 1

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Santa Fe Decides the Final Standings in the Penda Bedliner .Race Series By Brenda A. Parker Photos: Gil Parker Ken Kincaid led most of the way and won the Penda Bedliner feature race, and his Ford shows scars of the close contest among the top three in this Heavy Metal competition. The big event of the day at Santa Fe Speedway was the final race of the day, which was also the last race in the Penda Bedliner Ser-ies for the Heavy Metal classes. Jack Flannery came into this event a heavy favorite since he had already won two of the three races. However, there were sev-eral drivers very close in points and they were determined that Jack did not sweep the series, even though he had first place all locked up. Ken Kincaid, a neigh-bor ofJack's in Crandon, WI, was not in the running for the points since he had experienced some bad luck at the Denver race, but he was determined to keep Jack from winning for the third time, especially after he was informed that B.F.G. had promised Flannery $3,000 if he won all three races in the Penda Series. The trucks came off the line in a mad dash for the first corner. Kincaid took the lead with Flannery hot on his tail. It was a battle between the two of them from start to finish. Ken gave no quarter and Jack never let up the pressure. Goeff Dorr was also in the hunt in third place. Kincaid and Flannery were bumping and shoving. There were fenders hang-ing and/ or missing altogether. There was such close racing going on that there wasn't much left of any of the trucks when ·tl}e race was finished. There was a big CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDER.HOUSE CHRISTMAS BONUS Special Prices thru December on all Center Line Wheels in Stock. America's No. 1 Racing Wheels! For performance, durability and dis-tinctive styling you can't beat Center Line wheels. They're the choice of America's top racers. So why settle for anything less than the best for your car or truck? OPEN 5 DAYS A WEEK Monday - Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. I BEFORE YOU BUY -TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL! I 12945 SHERMAN WAY, UNIT 4, NO. HOLLYWOOD, CA 91605 purse up for grabs and they all wanted a piece of it. For 14 laps the positions of the top three trucks did not change. These guys were out for blood. However, just yards from the checkered flag, Dorr finally made a move around Flannery to take over second place forcing Jack to settle for third this time out. The finish stacked up this way: Kincaid, Dorr, Flannery, John Heidtman and Marc Pelletier in that order. Now for the class races. In 7S there were three entries, · Scott Taylor, Tom Hackers and Mark Holmes. Scott pulled to the lead off the green flag and was never challenged. He had the track down pat and was putting both his Ford in this class and his cars in the other classes into flat slides on the first turn. He really knew what , he was doing. Hackers finished second and Holmes was third. The second heat was for Classes 5-1600 and 11. They were on the track at the same time but running for their own purses. Terry Wolfe and Ron Karlman were locked in a duel for first place from the start of the race with Jim P£effer in third spot. Terry took one corner a little too wide and Ron moved around him to take over first where he finished. Karlman told me after the race that he and Wolfe had been exchanging wins all season but today it was his turn. He was very happy with this win. Terry told me afterward that, "It was a hard course, you really had to work at it. It's quite a change from Crandon but I guess that what makes off road racing what it is. The car ran good and I can't complain". Geoff Dorr had his new jeep in the hunt, finishing second in the Penda Challenge, and earlier on he won overall in the combined Class 3/4 event. At Santa Fe it was Ron Kar/man's turn to win Class 5-1600; besting his season long rival Terry Wolfe in the final points race of the year. Zipperer was second, Mark Stein-hardt third and Dennis Riemer fourth. Classes 3 and 4 were next on the line. Flannery jumped to an early lead with Goeff Dorr close behind him. Dorr had unveiled his new Jeep at Crandon the week before and this was only the second race for his truck. Flannery was out after 12 laps with a flat tire on the Ford. Com-ments were heard after the race that Jack might beat part of his tire problems if he ran bead lock wheels. With Jack out of the race it left Dorr out front with the pack . in hot pursuit. However, with only three laps left in the race, Goeff was never seriously chal-lenged. Goeff said, "The track looked really rough in practice but that he was happy with the track during the race. It. was a real challenge but they did a real good job on it." In Class 3 with six entries, it was Bill Schirm in first; Jerry Zaugg, second; James Miller, third and Jerry King, fourth. Class 2-1600 was up next. Chuck Williams got squeezed out on the first turn causing him to roll and putting him out for the Bill Schirm bested the five other starters in Class 3 to take the class victory, and probably the points title, in his trusty Jeep CJ 8. (818) 756-5827 • (818) 764-6438 With six cars in Class 11, Dwayne Walkowski and Andy Zipperer were dicing back and forth for first place. They did this for 15 laps with Walkowski even-tually taking the lead for good. Kevin Probst did his usual act in Class 2-1600 and led from flag to flag. Brother _ Jeff won the second 1-1600 heat in the car, and was second in the 1-1600 main. Page 42 Moftmbcr 1988 Dusty nmc1

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Jeff St. Peter started out strong in Class 1-1600, taking the victory in the first heat, but he dropped to fifth in the main in the traffic. High flying Todd Attig won the second Class -9 heat, but had early woes in the main event. He drove the same race car to third place in Class 1. Andy Zipperer diced with eventual Class 11 winner Dwayne Walkowski for a/115 laps, but this round Zipperer had to settle for second place. day. He had severe front end damage. Kevin Probst went to the front and drove flag to flag for the win. He told me later that the track was nice, a little bit slick but it was fun. He said that he had a good start and. he was happy. Scott Taylor was chasing Kevin but because there were very few places to pass on this track, unless someone made a mistake, the drivers just couldn't make a move around someone else. This was Taylor's problem. Kevin makes very few mistakes and he didn't today. At the checkered flag it was Probst, Taylor, Mike Sorensen, Guy Crump and Steve Tsarpalas. · Class 1 and 2 were combined for this race because there were only five entries in both classes. Lee Wuesthoff came off the line in first place and never yielded until lap 8. Todd Attig who had been running in second place took one comer too wide and Jeff Probst running in third took advantage of his mistake to move around Attig. Probst caught and passed Lee by the end of lap 9. There were seven entries in Class 8 and Pete VandeHey led early but was soon displaced from the lead by Jerry Daugherty who was eventually overtaken by Jack Flannery. Daugherty fell to third place and at the finish line it was Flannery, VandeHey, Daugherty and Dennis Ferdon. Class 1-1600 was divided into two heats with Scott Taylor tak-ing the lead in heat # 1 and staying there until the ·last lap when he pulled out on the fourth tum as -the checkered flag came out. I later heard him say it looked like a fuel pump problem. He got out of the car and pushed it across the finish line for second place behind Jeff St. Peter who had been push-ing Taylor the whole race. As I stated before, this track is not made for passing and if you get out in front, unless you make a major mistake, the driver behind you will have trouble making a pass. With a driver like Taylor you don't see too many mistakes. The finish for this heat was St. Peter, Taylor, John De Young and Guy Cr.ump. These four drivers tnQved into the main event. Heat #2 saw Jeff Probst move· to the lead with Jim Wiggins right on his tail and J;,ryan Frankenberg running in third. Probst haq such a big lead that the race was really· for second and third place. At the flag it was Probst, Wiggins,.Frank-enberg and Dave Hameister. These four also moved into the main event. The 1-1600 main event saw 10 cars take the line with the addi-tional two cars coming from the consolation race which was won bv Steve Kreiman with Chris Raffo finishing in second. Jeff Probst and Scott Taylor were in a battle for first place right from the Dustynma Jeff Probst grabbed the lead late in the combined Class 1 /2 race, and went on to win in his new Class 2 Berrien that has coil over suspension. Scott Taylor, who also won Class is, drove his 2-1600 to second in that class and came back to win the main event for the big Class 1-1600 entry. start. They were followed closely by Guy Crump, Dave Hameister, Bryan Frankenberg and John DeYoung. Scott finally got the advantage on lap 5 and took over the lead with Probst dropping to second place. Hameister, Crump and 'Frankenberg were still bat-tling for third. Winning this main event was Scott Taylor and Jeff Probst had to settle for second .. Hameister managed to hang in for a third with John Greaves coming out of the pack to take fourth and Jeff St. Peter finished fifth. After the race I had an oppor-tunity_ to ask Jeff Probst aoout his new Class 2 car. He said that it was not revolutionary, just some-thing different in short course cars. "We adapted something that's been successful in desert racing, that is the coil over sus-pension and we have incorpor-ated it into a short course car with a little more travel and on the rougher tracks we seem to have a little bit of an edge over the cars wffh the-conventio.nal suspen-sion. On smooth tracks we don't have any advantage, but on the real rough tracks we have a ten-dency to-be able to go over the rough stuff a little better." Class 14 saw nine entries, many of these Class 4 trucks. Jack Flannery went flag to flag for the win. Gerald Foster was in second for seven laps but soon dropped off the pace after Ken Kincaid moved around both Mark Seidler and Foster to take over second spot. Mark also managed to pass Foster and at the checkered flag it was Flannery, Kincaid, Siedler and Foster. I spoke with Ken after the race and he told me he got a bad start because he was in the second row and he got into a pile-up in the first comer. He decided to pace himself and just try to finish and he felt lucky to get second place out of it. Flannery's comments were, "So far, so good. I've been out there a couple of times now. I made a few adjustments after my first race and its working better now." The Class 9 and 10 cars were divided into two heats with all the cars moving into the main event. Scott Taylor took the lead with Tom Schwartzburg running in second for seven laps. Tom was then passed by Lee Wuesthoff and dropped off the pace to sixth plal':e. Finishing behind Taylor was Wuesthoff, Art Schmitt and Glen Woolbright. The second heat saw Todd Attig in the lead for one lap until he spun out allowing Kevin Probst to take over first place. Then in lap 4 Kevin spun out and Attig regained the lead to finish in first place. Probst finished second with Tim Lemons in third and Don Ponder in fourth. All the cars moved into the November 1988 Jack Flannery took the lead midway in the Class 8 contest, and he had no trouble winning over six other starters, and is no doubt the season's champion. There were nine rigs in Class 14 and Jack Flannery led all the way for the win, but placed third in the Ford in Class 4 and the Penda Challenge. main event. Todd Attig was dropped on the start line. The bat-tle shaping up was between Kevin Probst, Scott Taylor and Lee Wuesthoff with Art Schmitt run-ning in fourth. After seven laps Taylor's engine was smoking and he eventually dropped out with a blown engine. Don Ponder and Tim Lemons were dicing for fourth place when Ponder stalled and couldn't get restarted soon enough. Lemons moved around him i;.,. BIGGER IS BETTER Upgrade the-C. V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us cpnvert your stub axles and transmission output, beUs to accept the larger C. V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. joints. Convert Type' II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C. V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s are threaded 3/8-24. All axles and bells for Type II can be threaded 3/8-24 or stock 8 mm threaas .. pitch threads. 10 mm - 1. 5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. .MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 29300 3RD • LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 (714) 674-7365 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER.INQUIRIES INVITED , Page 43

Page 43

Pete VanDeHey led the seven truck Class 8 action early in the battle, but he fell back for a time, then moved up to finish in second spot. Lee Wuesthoff won the second Class 9 heat irr his Chenowth, but dropped to second in the main, and he also finished second in the Class 1 race. Herb .Rosborough got some good altitude in his new Jeep pickup, and he kept sailing along in the Class 4 action to take second place . Kevin Probst flies straight and level in his Berrien Laser, and he was second in the Class 9 heat and came back to win the main event handily. r;.,.. and although Ponder got what I was getting myself in for back in the race, he was out of when I told Jean four years ago contention for a good finish here. that I would be glad to cover the today. races in the mid west, but it has Meanwhile, Probst ran to the been both fun and educational. finish and the victory, with Wuest- I also want to thank Gil, my hoff, Schmitt and Lemons finish- husband, who has provided the ing behind him in that order. photos for my articles. I know it This was the last race in the was sometimes difficult for him to Formula Desert Dog Series which wear three hats at the same time, is sanctioned by Short Track Off one as a car owner, one as director Road Enterprises here in the of S.T.O.R.E., and one as a pho-midwest. Some of the cars will be tographer, but his help· has been put away for the winter while oth- invaluable to me. I have enjoyed ers will be on hold-for only a short the camaraderie of the racers and time and will be rebuilt and promoters associated with the updated over the winter months sport, not only in the Formula getting ready for the 1989 racing Desert Dog Series but those I have season. The awards banquet will come in contact with at the Sil-be held on December 3, 1988 in verdome and the Hoosierdome as West Bend, Wisconsin and will well as in Montreal and Toronto. mark the official end of the season Your help and assistance has been here. appreciated. After eight years of being Most of all, thanks to all of you involved in off road racing, it is who have encouraged me over the with mixed feelings that I tell you past four years. I will be the· first this is my last article for DUSTY to admit that I am not the greatest TIMES. However, since the writer who ever came down the Kazoo Krew is no longer racing, it pike, but l have enjoyed doing the is time for Gil and I to move on to articles and hope that you have other things. I want to take this / found them both enjoyable and opportunity to thank Jean Calvin informative. Goodbye and good for allowing me to be a part of luck to all of you, and to DUSTY DUSTY TIMES. Little did I know TIMES. Make DUSTY TIMES a Stocking Stuff er for Christmas ORDER GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR YOUR FAVORITE OFF ROADERS NOW. DELIGHT YOUR PIT CREW - FAMILY HELPFUL NEIGHBORS -EVERYONE. DUSTY TIMES IS·A BARGAIN GIFT WITH NO SH.OPPING HASSLE $12.00 - 1 year • $20 - 2 years • $30 - 3 years • $15 (US) 1 year to Canada SEND YOUR CHECK AND CHRISTMAS LIST TO: DUSTY TIMES 533 1 Derry Ave., Suite O • Agoura, CA 9130_1 . USA Sand Drags at Glen Helen OHV Park By Elaine Jones It was an "AQUA VELVET" n ight at Glen H elen to " R DELIGHT" and that of the spec-t a to rs. The "SANDASTIC SAND TOYS" were all on hand looking for the "HOLE SHOT" that would "GIMMY THE MONEY". The "BAD NEWS" was that not every one could be a winner and some did it "TI-IE HARD WAY" . Some were "RAPID" and some fast enough to be a "SIL VER BULLET" . Some crews had a • 'POCO LOCO" night but the "SCOR-CERER" conjured up the perfect run and even though "LIFE'S A BANSHEE" for some, it was sweet for all the winners. The night racing has caught on big with the spectators at Glen Helen, especially in the summer when no one wants to be outside during the day. The exotic equipment was out in force and again it was Nate Wilcox from El Cajon in the B&J Engineering/ Bob's High Pressure Cleaning 533ci Afcohol burning "Scor-cerer" that collected the gold with a final run of 2.84 7 which com-putes to 111.80 mph. Runner up was Eddie George, also of El Cajon, owner of West Cal Die Co. in "My Ride", a 383 Dono-van built car. Pro 1-2-3 saw Tony Kotasek, a contractor from Flinn Springs, in the "Flinn Springs Special" a 383 VB Chevy go down the lane in a quick 2 .815 -112. 78 mph. Kotasek is sponsored by Tony's Tractor Work Inc./ Eddie Georg_e and Andy's Unique Metal Prod-ucts and Goldate and Bud's Trucking. Kotasek was the winner of the Wyoming Nationals this last July. The second quickest of this fast eight was Robert Watan-abe, a printer's assistant from Guadaulupe, in a 377 small block Chevy. Robert is sponsored by Subu Watanabe/R&R Fabrica-tions and Perry's Auto Supply. Pro IV was the domain of Richard Dixon who made the trip from Las Vegas to be the quickest to the light with a 3. 760 or 79.91 mph. The name of the 2332 VW is "Bad News" and Mrs. Dixon does the sponsoring. Frank Islas of Carson, in "Poco Loco" a Jeep with a 468 Chevy under the hood, - was ·runner up. Cleans Racing Transmissions and Center Line Wheels are his sponsors. . Johnny Huft, a landscape/ ir-rigation specialist from Mountain Center, took the aptly named "Hole Shot" the 100 yards in 4.055 - 80 mph to top 14 cars for the Pro V win. Huft Enter-prises/ Spillman Machine Shop/-Van's Auto Body/Howton'Signs Nowmber 1988 and John Edwards all help keep the trick '37 Fiat with the 427 Chevy. race ready. Second was· George Walters of Banning in the Walter's Buggies VW. Rudy Kurtz aboard '"Gimmie The Money" won Pro VI with a time of 4.637 -.50.81 mph. Rick Barrier, a truck driver from Ped-ley in a 1900 VW Buggy named "Sandtastic", was right behind him. Save A Bug Unltd. is his ·sponsor. Shawn Shaffer, an estimator from Placentia in "Sand Toys", was the big winner of Pro VU with a time of 4.536-55. 72 mph. Ron Haymore, a maintenance engineer from Ontario in his 174 Corvair Buggy, had the bridesmaid honors. Haymore is sponsored by Otto Parts in El Monte. Pro Vlll had Mike Bolton, a welder from Ontario in "White Boy", a 327 Chevy Jeep, down the lane in 4.869 -60.04 mph for the win. O&R 4 Wheel Drive/ O 'Neils Chevron/Chino Radi-ators and DM Cleaning are his sponsors.Ken Kormilo, a Tractor Mfg. from San Bernardino, was runner up in a 2000cc Sand buggy. He is sponsored by VW Sport Trailers. Jack Weddle had the luck of a breakout in his win in Pro IX. The welder from Glendora drove "R Delight", a Jeep with a 289 Ford engine to the light in 5.142-55.58 mph. Advance Trans/ Tapix Corp. and Tri County Gear Spe-cialists are his sponsors. Brad Olson ofBurmuda Dunes aboard "Aqua Velvet", a 500cc Kawa-saki, was the victim of a breakout. Brad is sponsored by Clupper Racing. Rex Irmer, a truck driver for Roadway Express, picked up the win on a breakout in Pro X. The Upland driver turned a 5.644 -55.86 mph in his 2180cc VW Buggy. John Burton, an auto technician from Santa Barbara, in "The Hard Way" the funny Jeep with the 183 murcruiser Chevy was the victim of a breakout. His sponscr is Low Buck Racing Team and he assures us that a paint job is coming soon. Mike Mata a printer froin Co-vina had his 350 Quad dialed in and won Pro XI in a time of 6.069 - 46.92 mph. Life's a Banshee Racing of Covina and Carlsbad does his sponsoring. Runner up was Tom Maggard, a mechanic from San Dimas and also a member of Life's a Banshee Rac-ing and All Time Diesel. Needless to say he was aboard a 350cc Banshee. David Den Hartog, a truck driver from Chino, took the Pro XII aboard his Oreg Den Hartog Trucking and The Curling Iron sponsored 350cc Quad in a time of 6.022 -53.03 mph. Mark Per-sonett, a welder from Anaheim, took the runner up honors. His 350cc Yamaha Banshee named "Sandtastic" is for sale. Jim "Scrib" Scribellito of El Cajon and the "Silver Bullet", an 116&c Suzuki, had fast time in Sport I. Scrib comes with some . pretty impressive credentials. He is NSCA Record Holder with a 3.68 -86.53 mph, and his record at Glen Helen is a quick 3.69 -92.00 mph. His sponsors are Scribs MC and A TC. Todd Groves of Glendora in his "Groves & Co." 396 Chevy VW Buggy chased him down the lane for the second. The match up in Sport II was between Curt Schendel and David Cox with Schendel taking the nod. Schendel, a. sheet metal worker from Orange, drives a 2084 VW Sandrail named "Sand Toys" and is sponsored by Uni-versal Sheet Metal and Condor Coating. David Cox, of Moreno Val\ey, and his 500cc Suzuki Quad named "Rapid" was the second fastest of the 22 entries. David was the '85-'86 Pro Bracket Champ and Tri .State Champ in the Sports Division. David Den Hartog added Sport Ill to his. pro. win to become the only double winner of the night. Runner up was Richard Sekigawa, a printer from Garden Grove, and his 500cc Suzuki Quad sponsored by Trinty Racing. Jeff Canterbury, a mechanic from San Bernardino, did not believe ladies first when he came up against Laurie Linsmeier in Sport IV. He was more than happy to out run her down the lane. Jeff was aboard a 350cc Yamaha while Laurie is sponsored by Carol Brown Construction and Don Brown Racing Facilities and drove a Jeep with a 225 Buick. Dan Stevenson, a student from Claremont, was top dog in the Pee Wee Division aboard his FDS Mfg. sponsored Quad, as Kristie Harris, 9½ of Rialto, was the vic-tim of a breakout which is watched very carefully so that these youngsters don't go too fast. Miss Harris is sponsored by O&R 4 Wheel Drive and Dad. · Chris Calva, a 12 year old from Chino, rode hi's Dave's Chevron/ Calva Construction 250cc Honda the quickest to top Michelle Kotasek, a 12 year old from Flinn Springs, aboard her 350cc Yamaha sponsored by Eddie George/ Scribs A TC and Mom and Dad. Dusty nma

Page 44

Christma-s Goodies Galore.-•• ·New Torsion Bars ""\"V"!!j SAW Performance announces ne·w sprint car torsion bars, avail-able in 26 ... or 29 ... length, in di-ameters from 0.900 to 1.100"'. The bars are of the same high Sway-A-Way ·quality that off road racers have known for 1 7 years. SAW Performance will also continue to manufacture the full line of Sway-A-Way brand racing products, including torsion bars, axles, adjustable spring plates and coil springs. For more -information, or for the name of your nearest dealer, call (818) 988-5510 or write SAW, 7840 Burnet Ave., Dept. DT, Van Nuys, CA 91405.· Santa Signs with KC HiLites KC HiLites has announced that Santa Claus has signed an exclu-sive sponsorship deal to use KC fog and driving lights on his December 24th World Tour. According to Pete Brown, KC President, "The breakthrough in the deal came when we offered to include a free plug-in cigarette lighter style, flexible neck, mini-map light inside specially marked pair packs. We also include plenty of bright gift wrapping paper and a beautiful bow inside to make it easy for the consu-mer." The free mini-map light and gift wrap are in specially markea pair packs of r fog and driving lights with composite black housings, along with two KC covers, installation kit and the famous KC HiLites five year war-ranty. The KC bonus gift pair packs are available at dealers until the end of the year. For more details contact KC HiLites, Dept. DT, Avenida de Luces, Williams, AZ86046. 1989 Off Road Calendar -The all new Off Road Racing 1989 calendar is a graphic delight. Each month this poster quality 28 page calendar features three exclusive pictures highlighting a major off road S!!ries or event. Dusty Timcs Included in the large, 1 r by 22 ... format is a special photo only sec-tion, ideal for a poster when the year is over. Other calendars in the series include World Racing, Sprint Racing, Drag Racing, Motorcycle World Racing and Stuttgart Rennsport. Just $12.95 for a single calendar, with a $3.95 discount on every additional calendar ordered at the same time. Get yours from Paul Oxman Pub-lishing, Dept. DT, P.O. Box 8509, Fountain Valley, CA 92728. New Cepek Catalog A new four color Performance Tire Catalog from Dick Cepek features their famous line of on and off road tires for 4 WD, 2WD and ATVs. Tires like the Radial F-C, M-C, X-C, and X-T built with high mileage and outstanding performance in mind. There's the • classics like the Fun Country and Off Roader, and a totally new, steel belted Off Roader II. Other specialty tires include the Mud Country series, much more, plus a full line of A TV tires from Dick Cepek, who has been making tires for the serious off roa:der for over 27 years. Contact your local Dick Cepek dealer for a copy of the tire catalog or write Dkk Cepek, Inc., Dept. DT, 1 7000 Kingsview Ave., Carson, CA 90746. Race Air Helmet Cactus Racing 'announces the introduction of the Bell Race Air Helmet .. This quality helmet,· Snell SA 85 approved, is manu-factured by Bell Helmets and available in all standard sizes ( 6¼-7 ¾).The standard color is white with gray terry cloth interior. This pumper style helmet is designed for maximum comfort at a reason-able price. Cactus Racing -also offers Blower Motors and a com-plete line of Bell Racestar prod-ucts. For full information call or · writed Cactus Racing, Dept. DT, 5153 Bowden Ave., San Diego, CA 92117, (619) 279-2509. Nissan Torsion Bars New torsion bars for the Nissan Pathfinder feature larger diameter and state of the art material to .give your Pathfinder true off road handling. For more information on this and other performance parts and accessories for Nissan/ Datsun trucks and Pathfinders, please send $5 .00 for your con-tinuous catalog subscription to Jim Conner Racing, Dept. DT, P.O. Box 1129, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. 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One Piece Jeep Axle Kit Dura Blue has a completely new one piece Jeep axle kit featuring a completely new ball bearing design; This high strength alloy axle kit for '76-'86 CJ-5 and CJ-7 Jeeps eliminates preloading and shimming during installation as well as the leaking common to the older, more costly axle kits. Installs easily in about 20 min-utes. For more details contact Dura Blue, Inc., Dept. DT, 1450 No. Hundley, Anaheim, CA 92801. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Bilstein Corp. of America . . . . . . . 25 McKenzie Performance Boulevard GMC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 California Pre Fun . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . 38 Car Custom . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . • 17 · Oxman Publishing -Co. . . . . . . . . . . 15 Cactus Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Parker Pumper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Champion Bead Lock Co. • '. • . . . . 33 PCI Race Radios . . . . . . . . . . . . • 39 Desert Racing Parts, Inc. . . • . . . . 10 Red Line Synthetic Oil • • • • . • . • . 19 · FAT"Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Remembering Mii;helle . . . . . . . . . 21 Fluid Damper . . . . . • . . • • . . . . • 27 Marvin Shiw FRT Dunaway Dah . . . . . . . . • . . 53 Performance Products . . • . . • . 43 Fuel Safe . • . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 SNORE Showboat 250 . . . . . . . . Back Glen Helen OHV Park . . . . . . . . . . 8 Cover BFGoodrich • Tire Division •••.•. 2-3 Summers Brothers . • . . • . • . . . . . 40 Goodyear Tire & Rubber • • . • . . • . 11 Trackside Pheto Ent .•........•. 6 HORA/SCORE Awards Tri Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Banquet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Valley Performance · Hewland . . . 24 IPF Motonports . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 KC Hilites . • . . • . . . . . . . . . • • . . 9 Yokohama Tire Corp. . . . . . . . . 28-29 u,..,._.,....._ STATEMENT OF OWNE::i,!'j :::-.~,11.~':.~rT AND CIRCULATION IA. TITLE OF "._UBLICATION 18. 1'1J9LICATK>N NO. 12. O.Tf()f' l'IUNG Dusty Times 3 I O I 5 I 6 19 IO I I - -L.,.-,.-,au-••-cv-o,-,ss-u-, -- - ·---- -- ·--· --·-----f.,.,,•J,NO= . .J;,o,'°"1nu'='ES=,uo~L""'111<J.,,E~o ~,...,,_.=,.,.=,.,.,., =c•....,==-==-l Monthly ANNUALl Y "'tCE • 12 $12.00 4. COMPLETE MAILING A00R(SS-6f 'iNCJIWNOFFICf OF "UILICATION /Srrr~,. O r• . c-"'"· SN#Ntd Zt"'" C~ J (N•,,..._J 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 I .... ~L TIE MAILING AOOAUS OF THE MEAOOUAATEAS OF GIENEA'~.L~o=us=,.,= .. =o=,.=,c,=s o,=TH=, .... =.~u=1H=••'""1-=-==, ----1 Same • . FULL NAM ES ANOCOMl'LETE MAILING AOOAESS OF l'U.LISMEA. fOITOA, ANO MANAGING fOITOA rr,,•11"" •UffN<n'k.,_,,I l'V•LltMfA (N•"'•a/ld C-"'tr• fr#dl#lt Addr,»J Jean Calvin, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 91301 EDITOR fN•'"• •""' C-f'H,. 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MORTGAGES OR OTHER SECURITIES (If M,.., .,. - . •o••r•J r I ' I CCNl'l.lETE MAILING A0011t•a I fOfll COW,LETION IY NONll'AO,tT OAOANIZATIONI AUTHORIZED Tll MAIL AT Sf'ECIAL .. ATEI ,._._ 4V.IJ 1»1111-,,J . fltepu,paN, lunctloto,...tllCH'IP"Olit ltelutol thitOlrllWM•-lon...t , ............... ,or F ..... ~ ... ~ ~-, ,,, D HAS CHANGED DURING ,,.ECEOING 12 MONTHS 10. EXTENT AND NATURE OF CIRCULATION (IH utmwd-°"_,.11th) A. TOTAL HO. catlU flfff ,,,_ lttoa/ ■. PAID AHO/Ofll fllEOUIESTEO ClflCULAnOH 1 .... .,.,..... ...... tnel_ritn_ .. _ ........... __ __ C. TOTAL PAID ANO.IOflt REOUHTIE,P ClflCULATION (._e/IOal-4IHJJ O. P: .. 1.1! CMIITl'IIIIUTION ■Y MAIL. CAflflllEfl Ofll: OTMll'l Ml:ANS ..,_LIi, COIIPLIMIENTARY, ANO OTHfJIII FRH COPIES l . TOTAL OISTRIIUTION (a-. o/CMII DJ f . COPIES NOT OIITIU■UTlO 1. Offlol WI, lefl .... , lll'INOOUftttd, tPOifld lhw P,lntlftt 2 • ....._froffl ..... "'""'· 8625 11+28 4766 6194 2410 8604 2l (1/,,.....,.,.,.,..,__.....,......,_., ~-,,,,,. ........ , 10,000 1478 4859 6337 3600 9937 63 0. TOTAL(a.•e/C.'1._l___,.,fff'Ml_l,,__.,._..,.AI 8625 10,000 . I oortify _tlll_ts ,_by ,n,,, a.a.:,...,:_, II ~SIGNA-~TUflE ANO TITLE OF EotTOR, '1J9LISHER, ...,..,_ IIIANMll:fl,. OR oalllfl mo -.. -111d completl ✓/• • ,.,_ __ Doc.INS Page 45

Page 45

the hill and to· the finish line. Higman nailed seventh with four Class 5-1600, De Vercelly has 238 · •->:r~OHAMA 6-50 Club Report Andy DeVercelly and son Andy laps done in the 21 car Class 1-2-good points going into Baja. Hall placed third in class, and Roy 1600, but Bert Vaughan<was has finished all seven races, so he Taylor and son Mike nabbed fifth 16th, getting in just two laps. We has to toss out his worst score, By Jean Calvin with a finish. Walt Baronick and had another class winner .at the which is 16 for fourth at the Fire-Bill Martin failed to finish. SNORE 250, Roy Taylor. With works, and he has 235 good There have been two more . Corky McMillin added to his Larry Ragland not only fin-Dave Hendrickson co-driving, ·points . points counting races in the·Y ok- points count with a keen second ished, he won Class 7 by a bunch Roy took the5-1600 lead midway Fifth on points with five races ohama 6-50 Club Series, both last in class, with Brian· Ewalt co-of time! Jack Schlaman and Bud in the race and won the seven car to his credit is Danny Letner with September, which means that the driving. And, Danny Letner was Sebelius- got a finish in Class 7S,. class. Again congratulations to all. 214 points. In sixth, with a dnf Score Baja 1000 is the last chance. only 14 minutes back, third in sixth at the flag. Gr~ Symonds, Up front the points_ battl_e discard, is Gregg Symonds at 182, for viejos to gain 6-50 points. class with Ron Brant co-driving; with Bill Varnes co- riving, fin-couldn't be tighter. On this points followed by Larry Ragland, 167, toward the 1988 point champion-and these two teams also were ished fourth in Class 7 4x4. Emil count we have eliminated the two Jim Fishback Sr., 151, Willis ship. Of course, only the best six second and third overall! Failing and John Downey got a sixth place lowest scores for all drivers men-Hamilton, 140 and Jimmie out of nine races for eacq driver to finish were both Len Newman finish in Class 14, and their Jeep tioned. Long the points leader, Crowder, 134: are used in the total points count, and Bill Herrick. , used all but 20 minutes of the Corky McMillin is now in a tie for Providing we are able to obtain and right now nearly all the lead-In Class 3 Richard Bundy and time allowance to do it. Our sin-the lead. Corky has competed in an entry list with ages on it in ers are in a discard mode,. having his team used all but half an hour cere congratulations to all for seven races, has a drif at the Mint Ensenada, we will have the final run all of the desert series events. of the time allowance to finish, such a fine showing at the Nevada 400, but has not been worse than results in the next issue. The_gold, There were 19 Yokohama 6-50 but they did and were third. New 500. sixth in Class 2 in the other six silver and bronze medals will be drivers who started the HORA member Mike Schwellinger, with Two weeks later it was back to races, which gives him 285 points. presented during the Score/ Nevada 500, and 13 of them fin- Les Erickson co-driving, got to southern Nevada for the six hardy Competing in all eight races to HORA awards banquet at the .ished, showing that experience mile 333, then lost the engine. 6-50 drivers who competed in the date, Roy Taylor has two dnfs to Gold Coast Hotel in Las Vegas on must count on the longer events And, Don Adams and Larry SNORE 250. Three of them fin-toss, a total of jusnen points. He December 3. The Yokohama 6-50 with more rugged routes. Two Olsen broke the transfer case out ished and two were class winners. now has 285 points also, and in a Club has a new additional prize started in Class 1 and both fin-of Beatty. Both our Class 4 teams Another fine showing on four tie breaker situation Roy would this year for the winner, and a ished in the money. In fact, Bill finished, and Rod Hall and Jim laps of a tough, 60 mile loop. win, as he has three class victories very nice one.· Britn Dague of Church, with son Brian doing the Fricker were our second winners Doing the best you can racing, and McMillin has none. However, ~DR Air• Systems, Wiring and anchor man bit, won the class by in the big Dodge. Ken Conrad and Don McBride and his son Matt others could catch up to this pair Accessories in Costa Mesa, CA, over an hour. Frank Snook, with Timmy Lee Pruett finished fourth won the SNORE 250 overall and at the Score Baja 1000. will present the winner · with a Eric Arras co-driving, finished a in Class 4 in a Ford. The lone took the Class 2 honors as well. Fighting it out for third, the RDR Air System Helmet, a new fine third in Class 1. Class 5 entry of Stan Parnell and Sad to say, Len Newman did not bronze medal, are Andy DeVer-concept in ventilation systems Of the four who started in Class Regge Smith did not finish. finish on his home turf again. Doc celly and Rodney Hall, just three inside the helmet.We thank Brian 2, a J!)air finished in the money, Of the three that started in Ingram zipped through three laps points ac,art with discards. Dis-in advance, and we are sure the and the other pair did not finish. Class 5-1600, two made it over to score second in Class 1. Jerry carding ive points for one dnf in gold medal winner will also. CONEJO OFF ROAD from Pahrump, including a lady Silverpeak, for all of YOU racers Donnie, Debbie, Rick and Dale at 1000. They called themselves from the bakery who brought out who got there this is where the Beatty. Thanks again guys and "The First Association of lode-RACING TEAM loads of delicious donuts.To Ron speed limit dropped to 25 miles gals, keep up the good work. pendent Racers", F.A.I.R. It was Eason, principal of the elemen-an hour or you were busted. Run Thanks also to German Auto, felt that by pooling resources and By Mike Schwellinger tary shcool, we're sorry we ·wer-by Earl, the Silverpeak crew ran Valvoline, Lothringer Electron- working together the independent en't able to bring the Jeep to the their legs. off also, and they also ics, Perma-Cool and a special would have a better chance of Silt, silt and more silt! The school in time for the kids to see gassed a number of cars and thanks to the Weatherman Bob competing against the high aollar HORA Nevada 500 could have it. .repaired a few more. Two tires Steinburger for all his radio teams. The group was made up of been called the Great Silt 500. I'll sign off for now because we were changed at this pit with the relaying. volunteers and supported inde-There were vehicles scattered all have some major surgery to per-swiftness of the Indy 500. Today I The Baja 1000 is next and it is pendent racers only. over the course, buried in silt form on our CJ 7 before the Baja received a phone call from Car not too early to start planning for Additionally, some of the pur, holes and bogged in silt up to the 1000. Guess we shouldn't com-5.57, Walt Baronick, thanking the this race. As it stands we will be at poses of the F.A.I.R. association wheel wells. Whoever marked plain, though, since this engine pit for their courtesy and willing-El Rayo, San Rafael, and Camalu. are to promote and support the out the course obviously learned carried us through 22 races! ness to help. Good job guys, and If you want the Yokohama Sup- social and recreational pastime of the lessons well from Walt Lott. Adios! Nos Vemos en Mexico. these are the kind of phone calls I port Team to carry your tires or off road racing, and to enjoy and We had a lot of problems this enjoy receiving. fuel to these pits there will be a protect the natural resources. race. Our Jeep started ailing about ~~YOKOHAMA Last but not least, on the way to $35.00 race fee. This pays for the Because of our growth, the mile 90 when we lost our rear the finish, was Goldfield. That pit volunteer's gas. For more infor- team was incorporated as a non-brakes and the throttle stuck. SUPPORT TEAM had somewhat a relaxing day, if mation about volunteering or pit-profit organiza,tionin 1974. This Then we got swallowed by a silt By Dennis Rogers you can say working on cars until ting conta.ct Dennis Rogers at is the first group of this sort to do hole and had some silt injestion 11 :00 p.m. is relaxing. Phil's crew (818) 335-7757 or evenings so in the state of California. We and heating problems. She finally It's time once agam _ to hear changed a couple of tires and also . (714) 599-5291. This is a LONG believe that incorporation offers went belly-up at mile 333, which from your favorite pit manager, did welding. If not· for our race, and to better serve the racers maximum protection to our just happened to be Big Oly's Yokohama Dennis, funny huh? welders, there would be many a all clubs should contact the sup-members. number.You didn't put a voodoo Just thought I'd get your atten-racer sitting next to our pits, port team so that we may best For the racer a pit team is an hex on us, did you; Sieman? If so, tion. Now that I have your att~n-broken. Thanks to the Goldfield serve the racers. ideal way to try and balance the guess it, backfired on you too! tion, I'll talk about the Nevada pit, a couple of-cars were able to The end of the year is also at scales when racing against the Matt Pike is no longer the Class 3 500. Most races during the season finish the race. hand, and the awards banquet is "factory teams." We do have a bridesmaid, this time he got to be are rough and tough, but some are Now I'm going to turn over the coming soon. So, if we did a great requirement that each car must the bride, but we don't want him rougher and tougher than others, computer to my wife Debi, so she .job in '88, please remember us provide at least two pit people for to get used to it.You said you kept and this was· the case with the can add her two cents worth. Here when voting for the Support the races in which it runs. This looking for us, Matt. We'll try to Nevada 500. While the course in goes guys, watch out. Team of the Year. becomes important as we ·get make it a little easier for you to see most places was the same as most I just wanted to say thanks to all ' more and more race cars in our our "flashing blue light special" Nevada races, with dust and silt the guys who have volunteered to F.A.1 .. R. association. The pit people also down in Baja! · over most of the course, there was help in th~ support pits. Since we become part of our team, and so We were glad to see nine entries one hill in particular that gave at started this, we've met some nice By Luis Frias our entire concept grows and in Class 3 this race, that's a good least 50 racers more trouble than people. Some of you have come to grows. If you as a driver feel that turn out for us. Too bad the rules HDRA had anticipated. This hill, help with one or two races, and WHAT IS F.A.I.R.? you need special assistance at _a have been changed for the worse. just outside of Beatty, caused others have been with us from the certain checkpoint, these two We've had double the entries more DNFs than probably any beginning. Through it all we've Those of us who have watched people can be of tremendous over Class 4 and their rules other part of the Nevada 500 race made some good friends, and you · off road racing grow from a hand-assist;mce. If not, they can cer-remain the same. Who in heck course. The Yokohama Support all hold a special place in our lives. ful of pioneers charging off into tainly be used according to the Pit comes up with these ridiculous Team was; unfortunately, too far So to all who have stayed, thanks the dark with little more than a Manager's needs. The Pit Man-rule changes anyway? What was from this hill to be of .any help. for always being there race after pair of goggles and a general sense ager and the racers work very wrong with the '85-'86 rules? Beatty was the first pit racers race. And to those who are gone, of which direction lay La Paz into closely to provide the kind of Class members ought to have passed in their run for glory. Early thank you for sharing your time a massive group of_racers with su~rt the drivers need. some input in the proposed rule on this pit was quite busy welding with us (you are missed). And a very sophisticated equipment and you have been a spectator at changes that affect them. After all, and fueling cars. Steve G., who very SP.ecial thanks to our expert drivers, have also seen the any of these exciting races and most of us have to pay our own was the crew chief for Beatty, had "friends" for putting up with us, high budget professional teams wanted to get involved, but just entry fees. his hands full, this being his first before, during and after a race. grow until they have a tremen-didn't know how, then jot down We didn't cross the finish line time as crew chief. But with the And for always being there when dous advantage over the inde-this information. Call us, come to this time, but we had no problems help of his crew he survived and we needed you. Thanks again pendent entrant. This independ-a meeting and help yourself to a with our new General AP's and helped a number of vehicles. guys, from Debi. ent entrant is usually straining to large dose of fun and excitement. SenDel Wheels during the 333 Good going Steve! Later in the Now it's my turn to say thanks. keep his car up and doesn't nor-Incidentally, we are an equal miles we did run. Thanks to all day things calmed down, but as to all of the volunteers at the Ne- mally have the resources to pro-opportunity kinda club, and you our sponsors, contingency night approached the south vada 500. Thanks to Earl, Dale, vide the support personnel and don't have to be a car owner or a donors and our pit and chase bound racers started coming in. Charlie, Anna, Jan, Jim, Bob, equipment on the courses as racer to particTiate. Our current crews. The list is too long to men-After helping four more cars, the David and John at Silverpeak. needed. President is Jef Randall, at (714) .... ; tion everyone, but we do appre-Beatty pit was able to end its day Phil, Tom, Dan, Drew, Joel and For this reason a group of off 996-4936. We meet at the Holi- . date your support. at 12:35 a.m. Tom at Goldfield. Steve G., Gary, road enthusiasts joined together day Inn in Fullerton, the 91 Free-We met some very nice pe~p~e The second pit was placed at Bob, Randy, Gary, Jay, Bonnie, in 1969 just prior to the Mexican way, at Harbor Blvd., on the first Page 46 Movembcr19U Dusty nma

Page 46

Pony Express ••• Imagine going to a race .. with your ca,r with the unfair advan-tage, knowing that you won't have to stop at checks because you know all of the course workers. You know the course because you've been out marking it with the race director, and pre-running it for three to four weeks. Your car is light, the motor is illegal, but it's OK because the tech official is your friend, and you won't be disqualified anyway! These advantages are available to all Las Vegas· racers, who compete in local SNORE events. They wonder why California racers don't go race in Vegas! Why should they? Pre-running is supposedly banned, but they opened the SNORE 250 course one week before the race to facilitate Cali-fornian drivers, but Las Vegas drivers knew of the course three weeks prior and were pre-run-ning, and they openly admitted it. Ever hear of a car being able to add weight in post rac~ tech, or add fuel or a spare tire to make weight? Even though one well known racer was disqualified for cutting the course, it wasn't the only car that did, but nobody else was spoken to! The car was only disqualified because photos were and third Wednesdays of each month at 8:00 p.m. Join us as a guest and you may stay to become a member, The HORA Nevada 500 start-ing entry of 186 cars included a good CORE entry of eleven cars, and a great finish ratio, as seven of them got to the finish in Pahtump, despite the silt and the killer hill. Our pit coverage was super, with a communications pit at the start/ finish in Pahrump, plus a big dou-ble main pit at Beatty. CORE also had full pits at Scotty's Junction, both directions, Lida Junction, Silverpeak, T onopah and Gold-field. Thanks to all the hard work-ing pits who did have a very long day into night. CORE's stars were all in Class 10, where CORE swept the first three places with only three CORE cars in the class. Craig Watkins, fresh from his victory at Riverside, and Greg Aronson got the victory, and a keen seventh overall in the Toyota powered Raceco. Bill Poe and Fred Ronn had some troubles, but they fin-ished a strong second in Class 10 in the ORE two seater. Steve Cen-turioni and Larry Job also had on course problems, but got home third in class in another ORE. Congrats to all three teams. Jerry Finney and Dan Foddrill used the Porsche power in their Chaparral to finish sixth in the hot running Class 2 ranks. Not so lucky was our other Arizona based team ofJohn Kelly and Don Weiser. They got past Check 8, in third place in Class 1, but they did not pass another check. And the Class 3 Jeep of Mike Schwellinger and Les Erickson swallowed its engine at mile 333. Dusty nma taken of it extremely off course, and what about helicopter pit support? It appears that unfair advantage is taking place at these races. Not that it doesn't happen at other sanctioned events too, but at the Vegas races it seems to be at an extreme: Why? Maybe we Cali-fornia• drivers should boycott future SNORE races until they get tough on cheating. Their slogan is "!It Pays to Race with SNORE". Well it does if you live in Las Vegas. Open cars were warned at the drivers' meeting about slamming into slower cars, yet one Class 2 car, who broke, slammed no less than six different Challenger cars, yet swung wide to avoid the lead Challenger, who by some wild coincidence was the team car of the Class 2 vehicle. Sounds like a case of" roller ball" to me.To win a race like this is a poor example of sportsmanship. What's even worse is that a ch~mpionship will be won as well. The racer in ques-tion should not take pride in his winning performance, yet he was arrogant enough after being teched and approved (despite being illegal) to yell at fellow competitors that he was not a cheater. Funny, no one was In Class 1-2-1600 our teams stuck together on the killer hill, and tried, in vain, to get HORA to do something about the time loss. Dominic Borra and Dennis Orcutt finished seventh in class, and J.D. Ward and Terry Jeffers were right behind them in eighth. Failing to finish, Dave Ramirez and Dan Araujo got through Goldfield before disappearing from the charts. Cam Thieriot and Greg Lewin retired the 7S Toyota after Goldfield also. Den-nis Stankavich and Mike Currier did very well and finishecJ eighth in Challenger Class. Just two weeks after the major Nevada silt bath, four CORE cars and full pit support returned to Las Vegas for the.SNORE 250. CORE had good pits at State Line, mile 23 and mile 37 as well as a full Main Pit at the start/ finish line south of Jean Interna-tional Airport. Sadly, three of our four entries got caught in SNORE's Catch 22, the habit of flagging everyone in a class in at the finish after the first car in class has finished. The result is that most of the 1600s and 10 cars are home having dinner before the first of the trucks or 5-1600s arrive. At any rate Chuck Inman and Duane Smith got in three· of the four laps for fourth in Class 10. Both of our 1-2-1600 teams also finished three laps. Steve Cen-turioni and Steve Schober took tenth spot and David Plum was eleventh. Greg Shapiro only got in one lap in the Challenger Class. -Next on the schedule for CORE pitters is the desert series finale, the Score Baja 1000, and pit logistics ,are already being planned. CORE meets the first Tuesday of the month at the Bur-bank Ramada Inn, on San Fer-nando Blvd., just off the Golden State Freeway at Buena Vista. The meeting starts at 8:00 p.m., a~d guests and prospective members are always welcome to attend and listening! A Concerned California Racer DUSTY TIMES invites letters from the Las Vegas side of the_swry from the recent SNORE 250. With our renewal please include a subscription for the "best damn chief mechanic" a race team ever had, and send it to Ross Mobile Repair in Victor-ville, CA.We really look forward to your paper. It's better than a "letter from home". Akins Racing Hesperia, CA Greager & Co. Chevron in Goldfield, Nevada, would like to thank all the Nevada 500 racers for their patronage during the recent race. Mike and Becky Greager Goldfield, NV I figured I better hurry up and get my renewal for my DUSTY TIMES subscription to you, just in case you had us in your publica-tion for our win at the Nevada 500. You would not believe how good it felt to finally win a race. After all these years of plugging along, we are all still talking about the win. I also would like to thank you Jean, and Judy Smith too, for all the other times you have written about out team and had pictures of our cars in DUSTY TIMES. I participate in our fund raising raffle. _ ~ OFF-ROAD RACING TEAM The Straight Poop from the 'Big Wahzoo' The Checkers, along with hundreds of other off roaders, took over the town of Pahrump last month to enjoy 450 miles of the finest silt in Nevada. When the dust settled the·club had eight finishers out of 13 entries. As has been the story in most of the recent races, at least one Checker has carried the Checker's colors into the winner's circle. At this race it was Bates' turn to carry the load. Gary and B.J. brought the old man's Class 5 car in for a solid first place. Congratulatio~s to both Master and Minor Bates! Gary's reaction was "I coulda won a bunch of these races in my 1-2-1600 car if I hada had this kind of horsepower.'' Gary's win was even more impressive when you consider that he .sat in the staging area shooting the breeze with Utgard, while both of them missed their starting spots. All the Ss left, the next class left, and only when the 5-1600s began leaving the starting ' line did Gary stop telling his wife to 'shut up I'm talking" and start paying attention to her. The other Checkers finished as follows in various classes: Cooks, second, Chase and Hibbard, second, Utgard, third, Koch, fourth, Symonds, fourth, T evon and Martin eighth, and Peralta, eleventh. RACE NOTES: Koch's fourth kept him close with McMillin for the Class 1 points lead. The Luport, Jirka and Casillas entry Noftmbcr 19N appreciate it very much. race on September 24, 1988, Gary Bates, #549 about the money and points to be Hesperia, CA issued to the racers, and he did agree to pay the money and pro-Memo to Larry and Terry and all vide us with the points records Off Road Racers: within the next week. I contacted The Oklahoma Off Road Rae-Mr.Terry aboutthe check and the ing program is no longer a part of points and also mentioned that he the Mid-west Baja Series, due to would need to pay service charges the fact that Larry Terry has on the bounced checks, and he reneged on his word and has kept refused to pay. To this day, the points money from the off October 13, 1988, I have not road race held August 13, in received a phone call or a letter Freedom, Oklahoma. He became from Mr. Terry. Therefore the upset with a Race Official (Rick Off Road Racing Association has Vasquez) after Rick and another taken a vote to ban Larry Terry driver in car 1002 verified that he and any of his race cars from the was never passed by the driver in Midwest Off Road Baja Series. question. And yet, car 1600 Rick Vasquez arrived at the finish line before car Off Road Racing Association 1002. The problem was worked El Paso, TX out, and at the end of the race Mrs. Terry-wrote a check for the It seems there are troubles with sum of $485 .000, which was course cutting wherever cross country points money paid by the racers. · races take place. We welcome other to the Midwest Baja Series. One opinions on this matter. week later I, Rick Vasquez, received a stop payment on that check. I later called Mr.Terry and asked him why he stopped pay-ment on the check. He replied, "I am upset with you (Rick Vas-quez) for causing trouble at the race and don't want any part of your racing program." Neverthe-less the points money belongs to the racers and not Larry Terry or Rick Vasquez. I, Rick Vasquez, confronted Mr. Terry at the Albuquerque DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from all comers of off road actit•ity. The Pony Express column will feature all the mail we can fit into · the space. Please keep your words fairly brief. Because of space !imitations, your pea~ls of prose may be edited, but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as well as your' . praises. Lerters for publication . should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by the 15th of the month in order to appear in thenex~.issue.. _ 250 race. On the other hand, Nels is making the Club's 'no women rule' look like a great idea, with -, finished five minutes over the time limit for a sad DNF. Steve changed a trans and had a run in with the cops, while George rolled it just to name a few of their prob-lems. For a good story ask one of the Darryls ;bout ho~ the Cooks were out foxed by their ciass winnet: It was a real 'Checker Trick' if there ever was one. The Club oughta recruit that guy! Greenway and Welch were on the final leg and in the money when Russ handed the car back to Jim, who promptly fried the motor. Good timing Russ! his ongoing domestic squabbles during the meetings. The Club should make a rule that he can't ~ sit at any of the tables that his wife takes care of. And, last but not least, Peralta was given full credit at the follow-ing Checker meeting for being the guy that started the big mess on the hill just outside of Beatty. Seems Lou, for some reason, couldn't make it up the hill and the log jam began. There were rumors floating around that some of the HORA officials felt that Lou enters their rac~s primarily as a saboteur. · Well, I hit most ofthe whore houses the weekend of the race, strictly as a journalist of course. Although I found plenty of Checker stickers posted, I found that the ladies were reluctant to kiss and tell. All of them except Bambi! This young lady was proudly wearing a Checker T shirt and claiming she was a new Club member. After some serious encouragement, she explaine·d how an older fella with a cigar had put her through a bizarre under-water membership ritual in their hot tub the night before, and, it had only cost HER $10 to join! I tould only congratulate Bambi and welcome her to the Club. If you've missed the Wednes-day night meetings lately, here are some highlights. Our VP has been taking a-lot of heat lately because of his 'could care less' attitude about the updat-ing and posting of the Club's point boards, and the lack of any dash plaques since the Mojave Butch Dunn, one of the Club's favorite rotating Sergeant at Arms has been regularly fining Biswell for wearing his tie and skin tight white dress shirt to the meetings. It is not surprising that there is a clash of ideas on what is proper attire at our weekly meetings, since Butch generally shows up in flip flops, pink shorts and a day glow Hawaiian shirt. Hey Russ, maybe it is, take a turn at the Sergeant at Arms job and fine Butch for that eyesore of a war-drobe HE wears?· Baja de Lou III was just run, and results come next month. The Baja 1000 is seti\9 go in a couple of weeks, and ~~fully I'll have some results an~'tories from that race too. For~e 1000, it is rumored that Cliuck Sug;u has -. installed a 600 {~on fuel tank in his Class 1 ca~ end his fuel problems once·._and for all. But, after carefulfv, figuring his mileage, he feels 'tbat to be safe he is still going tot gas at every pit. The problem £,· he Club will be trying to lift · new 50 gallon quick fills that e.; will be sending out to the pits. . . ' Well, that's a Uor now, I'll see ya in Mexico. :R,emember when down at the 100(;),'to be nice to the CORE guys aru$'their wives and girl friends, but not necessarily in that order. If you're not a Checker, but would like to become one, we are always looking for a few good men. The Club meets every Wed-nesday night, 8:00 p.m. at the Van Nuys Dugout, near the intersec-tion of Oxnard and Hazeltine in Van Nuys. Guests are always wel--C> come as long as they are men, sorry, no ladies please. Page 47 ..

Page 47

• Bob "'Dl'V MAN" Belare.. (714) 878-4649 B,Behren• RACE CAR ALUMINUM BODIES FUNNY CAR ALUMINUM INTERIORS 4072 CRESTVIEW DRIVE LAKE ELSINORE. CA .. 92330 C,~ Apple Pie Rccing '8ot t;i~ (702 J 362-9416 ~-P ~o«,e Sa«.aff ~o«,e (702 J 363-2245 a.le_£}; ALL TERRAIN ENTERPRISES MOTOR SPORT PRODUCTS JI~,/'?" . o~ Competition Tires .,__cf Offroad & Motorcycle Products 22264 Ottawa, Unit 1 Apple Valley, CA 92308 (619) 240-3186 (800f 892-5263 • ATU INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXPORT TO SOUTH AFRICA THE BIGGEST OFF ROAD MARKET OUTSIDE USA. 'i/Je11u e/l. St"le, QB€ FOR INCLUSION IN OUR OVERSEAS PROMOTION SEND 2 CATALOGES & EXPORT PRICES. PHONE (714) 771-0580 1119 ALVAREZ (OFF MAIN) HOME (714) 550-9509 ORANGE, CALIFORNIA 92668 U.S.A. FAX#(714)953 0307 PARTS -SERVICE Manufacturing Facilities La Habra, California 1100 CUSTER ROAD TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 1-800-356-6586 Ohio 1-800-356-1546 Performance Products Fiberglass Fenders & Hoods• Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins Pop-up Roof Light Kits• V-6 Kits for Mini Trucks Off-Road Truck Fabrication Product Catalog $3.00 (619) 562-1740 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 .Page 48 FABRICATION & REPAllt CUSTOM ROLL CAGES OFF~CW) RACE PREP FLAME CUTTING M.I.G. ~ TUBE BENDING DISTRIBUTOR FOR: BILSTEIN SHOCKS HEUA LIGHTS THE WRIGHT PLACE TOM MINGA 741 ROSALIE WAY, El CAJON, CALIFORNIA 92019 • 619-445-5764 BELL KENNY PARKS IMOT-. RACING AND SAFETY PRODUCTS (213) 802-1477 14920 SHOEMAKER, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. 90670 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "G(X)D STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $18.00 per month. SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOLBAGS• HARNESSPADS ALL SEATS CAl-l BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 BITCON ENGINEERING 55446 29 PALMS HIGHWAY YUCCA VALLEY, CA 92284 (619) 365-7649 THE AUTOMATIC CHOICE <&roup ruckmann San Diego 1619> 578-1585 6 CYLINDER PORSCHE OFF ROAD RACE ENGINES. WINNERS AT 8626 COMMERCE AVE. IN MIRAMAR C>< FOR GORKY McMILLIN DANNY LETNER LARRY RAGLAND MARK McMILLIN November 1911 ------------- - -Car Custom OFF-ROAD RACING DIVISION SCORE & HDRA MEMBERS RECEIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ON : =•·•·-IIIPF llililililllill w /JIJl:tJ ... ....,.,_ @9 ~ (:'..............,~-- - ~Ulln ~~-~ 'IODWM t -~-...,. • --· .,.,,,..,. TWO GIANT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU SUPERSTORE #1 PH RS 969 SUPERSTORE #2 915 W FOOTHILL BLVD AZUSA CA 91702 818-334-4951 12451 WESTMINSTER BL VO GARDEN GROVE CA 92643 714-554-9260 C & M OFFROAD & TRUCK CENTER OVER 25 YEARS-EXPERIENCE IIC. ~ FEA1VRINQ ,.. . ~40 DICK CEPEK _ . PRODUCTS . • Auto/Manual Transmission ,· Engine • Accessories Custom Welding & Metal Fabrication PARTS AND SERVICE FOR ALL 4WD'S Saliotlldi"' ACCESSORIES (818) 504•0306 SUN ...;.,.,_ SERVICE (818) 767-0588 VALLEY 8540 LANKERSHIM BLVD.~ t.,_ ~~im. ~ Ave. car custom • RACE CAR PREPARATION • HI-PERFORMANCE ENGINE WORK • COMPLETE INSTALLATION & ELECTRICAL • HI-PERFORMANCE TRANS WORK • COMPLETE TUNE-UP-STOCK OR HI-PERF. -COMPLETE SERVICE & REPAIR r9osCmieiliithii1::i::/i#iisai:i:ia.is1/s6'd.X§iii&:: Cut out this coupon and mail it to: Dick Cepek, Inc. 17000 Kingsview Ave., Dept. OT Carson, California 90746 I O I've enclosed $9.oo• for my Dick Cepek corduroy Hat, I I 2 Decals, and 1988 Catalog. I I • Canadian & Foreign requests send $15.00 U.S. currency. I L-----------------------J LYNN CHENOWTH PRESIDENT 9338 B ONO A VENUE (6191390-8104 EL C AJON, C ALIFORNIA 92021 FAX 1619) 390-8601 CHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiRAC/NG PRODVCTS, INC. Racing and recreational chassis and accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 Dusty nma

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1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 275-1-663 [CNC] Manufacturers of Quality Hydraulic and Automotive Products Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF.HUBS (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 COOL.WATER INN 0BARSTOW'S NEWEST MOTEL" * FrL'c' Luc·,d /'/tonL' ' * Recreation Room * Free Movie Channel * .Swimming Pool "DUSTY DISCOUNT" $3.00 OFF WITH THIS AD 619-256-8443 170 Coolwater Lane, Barstow ~ --:- : BODY 8e PAINT h 3!5-2400~ ~ f k:ROWN AUTO SERVICE ',ll'--140 CAVE .. CORONADO, CA 92118 RADIATOR 43!5·0340 DE COPPEN BROS. RACING 0.8.A. DE WURKS Engine-Heads-Transaxles. Carbureted and Turbocharged Motors. Race proven for Street-Strip-Sand and Off Road Racing. We supply all of your racing needs. 70 W. EASY ST .. UNIT 6 805-522-0414 SIMI VALLEY, CA 93065 MONDAY-FRIDAY: 9-6 BY APPOINTMENT ONL V DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 5760 Thornwood Drive Goleta, CA 93117 Dllltyllma. TERMINALS. TY-WRAPS. LUGS. WIRE CONVOLUTED TUBING. SHRINK. AUTO LOOM. NYLON CLAMPS. SPECIAL PACKAGING. WIRING ACCESSORIES DHRCORP 1104- A N . MACLAY SAN FERNANDO. CA 91340 1B00) 634-911 B (81B) 361-1234 <••> ae1-aoaa DAN McGOWAN JOHN VERHAGEN 1533 TRUMAN ST. SAN FERNANDO, CA 91340 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DIALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to· sell or to present to preferred customers. It is a great traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. · CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91 301. (818) 889-5600 "serving the industry since 1976" J DRIVELINE SERVICE ·, !i,r l £, !I, • TH ERE ,s A DIFFERENCE REPAIRING • BALANCING • CUSTOMIZING PARTS AND SERVICE ON C/V AND FRONT WHEEL DRIVE UNITS (714) 824-1561 416 E. Valley Blvd., Colton, CA 92324 SCORE & HORA CONTINGENCY SPONSORS 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE We SPECIALIZE in VW Cams and Valve Train Components 825-0583 888-2703 15112 Weststate St. Westminster, CA 92683 (714) 891-8600 241 S. Arrowhead Ave. SAN BERNARDINO FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHELTERS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! - R-E-NT_A_L_S_ VARIOUS SIZES & COLOR$ RENTALS AVAILABLE (714) 981-9666 AVAILABLE 963 SEABOARD COURT, U_PLAND, CA 91786 . 213-603-2200 Send for our catalogl The most comprehensive catalog of race-proven Off Road parts ever. From the people who have put more Off Road drivers In the Winner's Circle than anyone else. Coll. write. carrier pigeon. anything. But do it now. Or you'll be at the bock of the pock. FAT Racing Ports Centerline Wheels Bllsteln Shocks JoMor Products Sway-A-Woy ~ Wright ~e Perrno-Cool ., Tri-MIi Exhaust S&S Headers ............... Gem Gears Weber Carbs Beard Seals IPF Lights PIRl'OIIIIAICE ... many more FOR YOUR CATALOG, SEND $5 TO FAT PERFORMANCE, 1558 N. CASE ST .. ORANGE, CA 92667. OR CALL (714) 637-2889 \LLE SAFET DRIVING SUITS SEAT BELTS NOMEX GLOVES NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 () ~ ·v''\ .. .r"'-, ~· ""-\. ' .:., ·-.. ~----.;;~:; RE-IIABLE V.W. PAim 114523 SHELDON ST. S4N VAi.i.EV. CA 913152 ==----~ DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS 768-415!515 (619) 669-4727 ~\ aet Your SIIIFI' Togetlaerl PORTI/Y TRAIYSAXLES ~ Colina Verde Lane Jan11Al. catl(omla 92035 Pasc49

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(408) 377-3422 Custom Shocks Built to Your Vehicle's Specifications f0X RACING SHOX 544 McG/incey lane, Unit 8, C1mpb1//, Calif. 95008 ~?~~ A Prototype Design & Development Company Specializing In: (619) 449-8322 FRISK BROS. • Racecars, Racetrucks, AlV's • Tube Bending& Metal Fabrication • Aluminum & Steel Sheetmetal 10734E Kenney Street• Santee, CA 92071 Fuel Bladders Quick FIiis Dump Cans 5271 Business Dr. Std. FIiis Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-2858 GIL GEORGE ~ .. .l: .... 'VN CO ~Ii~ CUCAMONGA. CALIFORNIA (714) 981-8743 GARMA FABRICATIO ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GAIDIAN 1452 EAST THIRD STREET (714) 620-1242 POMONA, CA 91766 ;~~ft~!I,lf1,JERPRISES ~ :<. . •~ -~,,: . li)f. ,,,t, BEEPER . . . -. - -~--381-3148 -...:::----~·....,_,_: ::-:'.~"i.. PROFESSIONAL POOL SERVICE AND REPAIRS SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL & CUSTOM POOLS LICENSED & INSURED • ACID WASHES • FILTERS • HEATERS , MOTORS• ETC. OFFICE 362-4202 3999 GRAPEFRUIT CIRCLE LAS VEGAS. NEVADA 89103 Page 50 HOUSE of BUGGIES 9027 Campo Road• Spring Valley, CA 92077 • 619-589-6770 * * HAT PINS ** FOR TEAMS, CLUBS, SPECIAL EVENTS HIGH QUALITY * LOW PRICES DEPENDABLE DELIVERY WRITE OR CALL FOR PRICE LIST & SAMPLE PHONE (818) 848-RACE ~R BOX 6369 * BURBANK CA 91510-6369 Lee (714) 522--4600 (714) 522-4602 dl@iIJiOd V. W. Service REPAIR O PARTS O SERVICE 6291 Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 Check out the DUSTY TIMES Special Club Sub Offer ( Almost half price for group subscriptions) Call ( 818) 889-5600 or write DUSTY TIMES 533 1 Ot!rry Avt!., Suitt! 0, Agoura, CA 91301 PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS, INC. JERRY JEFFERIES P.O. Box 1538 • 42030-C Avenida Alvarado • Temecula, CA 92390 (714) 676-2066 JOE GIFFIN JG Transwerks " Go with a proven winner" Off Road-Sand & Street 7037 S. Comstock Ave. #85 Whittier, CA 90602 (213) 692-3642 (213) 692-0171 November 1988 JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES . PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON OHN s.tw1 S2.oo ,a,,.._ lrM:MIC NOIIClf:TS -OHNSON CUSTOM RACE CAR PREP FOR WINNING SUSPINSIONnsnMS PER FORMAN CE HIGH PHlfORMANCf SHOaS P.O. BOX 912 JAMUL, CA 92035 (619) 669-1978 10 Time BAJA 1000 Winner DllAl 6 TRW"l.E SHOCll nslBIS FalBlGlASS 60• V-6 2.1 MOTOR PAIR'S ACCB50RES Custom Engines / Transaxles Street · Strip · Offroad KEITH SCHINDLER (714) 599-7627 JIM LANGAN LANGAN CUSTOM METALS Aluminum Bodies • Accessories Fabrication Specialists Covina (818) 966-5625 (819) 244-3584 11435 Santa Fe Ave. Eat Hesperia, California 92345 Dusty nmc1

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MENDEOLA RACING TECHNOLOGY VW • PORSCHE.• HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES (619) 277-3100 7577 CONVOY COURT. SAN DIEGO. CA 92111 TARS -BRACKETS -MOUNTS Shearing • Punching • Forming Sawing , Tool Grinding - TIG & MIG Welding RACE CAR COMPONENTS STEVE WRIGHT Riverside, Calif. (714) 351=2515 \4\\~\ ~ PERF DRMANCE AN] ~p~n; Import Parts & Service Import Machine Shop Import High Performance Parts, Selvic:e & Machinery (419) 476-3300 1100 Custer Rd. At Laskey TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 Wholesale 419-476-3711 ,s . ct-l~sS Custom Built to Your Needs by V-ENTERPRISES 37925 Sixth St. East, Unit 107 Palmdals:i, CA 93550 - BIii Varnes Mike Brown 805/272-3843 Jim Moulton Racing ■ Off road racing chassis ■ Fabrication and repair ■ Fox shock parts and service ■ Race Car Prep 26846 Oak Ave., Unit G Canyon·Country, Calif. 91351 (805) 298-1212 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE Ignitions • Distributors • Rev Limiters Coils• Heli-Core Wires• Accessories AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Dr., El P■•o, Tx 79936 (915) 857-5200 Duiiv nma INSTANT SERVICE 1-800-331-NEAL OUTSIDE CALIF. High Performance Pedals & Hydraulics, Including ... • NEAL Cutting Brakes''" • Clutch Pedal Assemblies • Master Cylinders Complete Catalog, $3.00. NEAL PRODUCTS, INC. 7171 Ronson Road • Hydrauhc Clutches and Throllles San Diego, CA 92111 ... plus much more. ( 619) 565-9336 "USED BY WINNERS NATIONWIDE" Ask Your Performance Dealer Today -Oil - Fuel -Transmissions - Rearends -Offroad, Oval Track, Drag. Marine QUALITY GUARANTEED Oberg Inc .. 12414 Hwy. 99 So .. Oept. OT. Everett. WA 98204 OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6891 SAN DIEGO DR .. BUENA PARK. CA 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 ~ 4 WO VANS & P1CKUP S 8r M I N I TRUCKS PRE·RuN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS A XLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION N o BLOCKS UsEo .,• WELDING & FAeA1C AT10N Bill Montague (714) 761-9460 Established 1974 PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT Wants YOU Be a Volunteer in a Yokohama Support Pit. Get Involved ! Dennis Rogers or Steve O'ConnOI" (818) 335-7757 _OFF ROAD INNOVATIONS BOLT·ON PRE-RUNNER ACCESSORIES LIGHT HOOPS TIRE MOUNTS BED KICKERS (619) 588-2568 CUSTOM FABRICATION 11160 PIONEER WAY, SUITE C, EL CAJON, CA 92020 (714) 359-8452 • COMPLETE P£RF. ENGINES FOR: DRAG • OFF-ROAD IOAT • R.OAD • FLOWIENCH • HEAD PORTING • PERFORMANCE VALVE JOH • HELi-ARC WELDING RACING ENGINES RACING HEADS 3115 McHarg Road Riverside, CA 92503 Ncwember 19N J~ IPE3WIXJ~l1l1 1660 Babcock Bldg. B Costa Mesa. Ca 92627 ( 714) 650-3035 · Fabrication ✓ Coil Over Suspension ✓ Fox Shox Parts And Service ✓ Race Car Wiring ✓ Race Car Prep. ✓ Turn Key Race Cars FAMILY RESTAURANT Over 40 Years • The best in the Desert Coffee Shop . Steak House · Watering Hole Saloor, Mobil 24 Hour Service Station BAKER, CALIFORNIA PROFESSIONAL■ AMERICAN■ CANADIAN o Off-ROAD ~~ _ A R~CING-.f✓c ~--:~~ ~:? P. 0. BvX 323eSEAHURST, WA 98062 (2061 242-1773 19000 Bagby Dr. Canyon Country PREPCo RACE CAR MAINTENANCE RICHARD PARCELLS (805) 251-9631 PROBST Off Road Racing ln,c. OFF ROAD DESIGN and FABRICATION BERRIEN LASER RACE FRAMES 1121 EAST ILLINOIS HWY NEW LENOX. ILLINOIS 60451 <8151 485-RACE 172231 Larry Winter 714-537-8286 PULAIR ..4 Totally New Concept in Battery Design Race S1,op Supplies 11532 Stepl,a11ie Garde11 Grove, CA 92640 • ½ tire Size & Weight of its Equivaknt • Vibration Resislallt • Spill Proof Page 51 ..

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY A L KEY (213) 515-3570 PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATIONS FOR PERFORMANCE VEHICLES MARTINEZ, CA 94553 TELEPHONE: (415) 228-7576 Teleph o ne : (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 DOUG FREEMAN (213) 320-9584 P.O. BOX 3757 GARDENA. CA 90247-7457 The Leader in Lubricant and Fuel System Technology RUSS's V.W. Recycling 3317 S . Peck Rd., Monrov ia , CA 91016 (BEHIN D TONY'S TRUC K WRECKING) (818) 574-1943 • (818) 574-1944 Specializing in V. W. Bugs. Buses. Ghias and 914 's NEW LOCA T/ON IN ORANGE COUNTY rSIMPSOll RACE PRODUCTS 1130 N. Kraemer Blvd., 'C' Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 630-8861 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STIJFF DIRECTORY" and reach new cuatomen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $18,00 per month. NEW LOCATION IN THE VALLEY SIMPSOll RACE PRODUCTS 16053 Victory Blvd. #4 Van Nuys, CA91406 (818) 780-4444 FAX(818) 780-4567 115 OCTANE RACING GASOLINE Anaheim, CA ........................... (714) 528-4492 Bakersfield, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (805) 948-6044 Bullhead City, AZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (602) 758-5480 Chino, CA .............................. (714) 628-7596 Concord, CA ........................... (415) 676-4300 Denver, CO ............................ (303) 750-9619 El Centro, CA ..................... ..... (619) 352-4721 ,--------------------....... Fullerton, CA ......... , ................. (714) 635-5553 (213) 583-2404 !@fi!JljJJfj}pSERVICE, INC. ~ ~ ETAL PROCESSING S9i? I W;Jmington A venue Los Ange/es. Californ,a 9000 I SA/'10B1.AST Mark Smith Page SI GLASS BEAD. MAGNETIC PARTICAL FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Larry Smith 1533 Truman Street San Fernando. Ca 91340 Phone : (818) 361-1215 Hayward, CA ........................... (415) 783-6500 Lancaster, CA .......................... (805) 948-6044 Las Vegas, NV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (702) 643-9200 Long Beach, CA . .... ................... (213) 432-3949 Los Angeles, CA .. : ..................... (213) 595-7208 Oakland, CA ........................ ... (415) 261-6900 Phoenix, AZ ............................ (602) 279-5000 Pleasant Hill, CA ........ ......... . . ..... (415) 798-2201 Riverside, CA ........................... (714) 877-0226 Salinas, CA ....................... ...... (408) 422-9808 Santa Barbara, CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (805) 963-9366 San Jose, CA ..... : ..................... (408) 294-4513 Van Nuys, CA ................ . . . ....... (818) 785-0902 Ventura, CA .. . . .. .. . .. . .. .. .. .. . . .. . . . . (805) 659-5609 Yuma, AZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . (602) 782-6543 -P.O. Box 610,333 West Br_oadway, Suite 202 ( 213) 437 4373 Long Beach, Callfom1a 9080Hl610 -~T,UMP 'R Race 5316 W. Luke Ave. I G lendale, AZ 85301 Engineering 602/435-·2797 T.R. STUMP President November 1988 RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS (714) 630--8283 Anaheim, CA 1987 BUDWEISER FRT SUPERSTITION SERIES CHAMPIONS JOEY ADZIMA. JR. -CLASS 1 D STEVE WOLCOTT· CLASS 1-2--1600 CECIL WRIGHT - OPEN UNLIMITED NICK GROSS - CHALLENGER CLASS KEN GOLOJUCH -BIG TRUCK CLASS AL DELAROSA -LITTLE TRUCK CLASS GREG SANDEN · CLASS 5· TODD TEUSCHER -CLASS 100 CHUCK MEAD · CLASS 6 (818) 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405-Trackside Photo, Inc. Commercial Photography Peter L. Hatch (213) 609-1772 1507 E. Del Amo Blvd. • Carson, CA 90746 !(ACE TNIINS BY .JEFF flEIJ)r TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 9131 1 TA~CK 112 Octane Trick 118 Octane Super-Trick 100 Octane Unleaded racing oasollne Alameda County (41 51 538-RACE Ph~nix (6021 952-2575 Bakersfield (805) 393-8258 Portland/Yancouver (206) 693-3608 Bremerton (206) 377-7951 Riverside 1714) 787-8141 Denver 13031 452-5239 Sacramento (916) 638-RACE El Centro (6191 352-2600 San Diego (6 I 9) 460-5207 Hawaii (808) 682-5589 Saugus (805) 259-3886 Huntington Beach (714) 536-8808 Seattle (206) 833-0430 Long Beach (213) 979-0198 Spokane (509) 483-0076 losAngeles (213) 863-4801 TriCities (509) 547-3326 l..!s Vegas (702) 871-1417 Tucson (602) 326-8770 Orange County (7141 634-0845 \A.'tnatchee (509) 663-29 I 2 Dusty nma

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DECEMBE_R 31, 1988 • PLASTER CITY WEST ATVs, Bikes and Odyssey Start Time 7:00 a.m. • Buggies, Cars and Trucks Start Time Noon · ~ <.L..:11,.~.) ~ ---·-----.·.-·o O f --•···, w . -.:.:----.,...,,, : d .,..>.t., .-,• ~-AMA ' 0 - - - ----:-~---=---► -:;-==.~1989 Superstition Schedu_le _,,..--"'---_ · -~----February 18 S A .N .C T I O N E D BUDWEISER DUNAWAY DASH-RACE INFO: (619) 427-5759 The King Apnl 22 Buzz Bomb 150 August 5 Superstition 250VI September 30 Plaster City Blast Ill December 31 Dunaway Dosh Ill Professional Off Road Racing for ATVs, Bikes, Buggies, Cars, Odysseys and Trucks. All 5 Races! GOOD STUFF-DIRECTORY M LOUIE UNSER Racing Engines 1100 E. Ash Ave. Suite C Fullerton, Ca. 92631 Louie Unser (714) 879-8440 WOODS WHEEL WORKS 2733 W. Missouri Dusty nmcs Off Road Products ear Trailing Arms • Spindles Phoenix, AZ 85017 'rHE WINNERS CHOICE WEB·CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS are used by the sports winning drivers and engine builders. Just ask the top professionals before buying your next cam. Our dedication to performance and quality keeps you on top. Call WEB-CAM for your winning cam for street*, strip and off-road or send $3 for the complete ..... -"""' catalog. Moftmbcr 1988 Engine & Machine VW -PORSCHE• OFF ROAC 947 RANCHEROS DRIVE SAN MARCOS. CA 92069 (6191741-6 173 For advertising rates & information contact Wright Publishing Co., Inc. PO Box 2260, Costa Mesa, CA 92628 (714) 979-2560 Page 53 ,,

Page 53

Classified ... FOR SALE: 32' Wells Cargo 5th wheel enclosed trailer. 5th wheel included. Carpeted inside w/ cabinets. Perfect for your race car. $5,000 0B0. Contact Jerry at WANTED: Experienced chase crews for the Baja 1000. Nov. 6, 1988. We are forming a new team to campaign a Class 8 Ford for the full 1989 season .and wish to shake down the truck and crew at the Baja 1000. Qualified person-nel needed. Send resume to Baja 1000, 39067 Orchard St., Cherry -Valley, CA 92223. All replies -confidential. FOR SALE: Class 5, race ready, fresh motor & trans, all Hewland gears, P.S. by Unique, 32 gal. cell, trailer and spares and all equip. $8,500 OBO. Call (619) 728~ · 0837. FOR SALE: '83 Chenowth 2 seat pre-runner. 110" WB, Bus trans w/Hewland gearset & Henry's .091 Billet differential, Wright arms, combos & rack, UMP power.steering, 300 M bars, 93b CVs w/Saco cages, Summers stubs & axles, Centerlines & Yokohamas, 25 gal. tank, 2020 motor, recent rebuild. Current green sticker & pinkslip. Includes single axle sprung trailer w / elec-tronic brakes & Fi.restone radials. $7,950 OBO. Call Mike Men-deola at (619) 277-3100. : lass 1-1600, very competitive. 1985 VORRA_class winner. Wright front end, Beard seat, Sway-A-Way in rear, fuel cell, 105" WB and more. Turn key car. $6,500 or $3,500 w/ o engine and trans. Call Randy at , (702) 329-0940 or (702) 827-9121. FOR SALE: 1985 Toyota PU. MTEG (7l4) 938-4lOO days .. Class 14 champion, all the good FOR SALE: Class 1 or 10 very stuff, Yoko tires, new Curnutt competitive car. Last driven by shocks, race ready, many extra Bud Feldkamp ®d Ron Gardner. parts and much more. 1985 Chen-Class 1 short course car last owth 2-1600, race. ready, all the driven by Marty Tripes. Baja Bug extras, with trailer, getting out of set up for pre-running, Mendeola racing must sell $16,000 firm 3 speed, z Class 10 motors and a cash. Call Steve at (619) 367- lot more. Call Tracy Valenta at 9156or_(619P6'i'.-7361 or(805) (818) 982-1961. 489-2384. FOR SALE: Class 10 Funco A-· arm short course car. New Rev-power Rabbit motor, new Kreisler trans, 6 new 12" Fox shocks, new paint, new fuel cell, new radiator, 6 spares XLNT cond. Best of everything, fast. Ready to race. $11,500 OBO. Call (818) 891-8223. FOR SALE: Class 10 Raceco. Fin-ishes top 5 every race. Fat 1650, Hew land Gears, fresh trans. Car is prepped and ready to race'. $15,000withtrailer. Contact Rex , , Keeling at (619) 379-5159. Box 506, Lake Isabella, CA 93240. FOR SALE: Class 5/ pre-runner, new 9" wider beam, Wright front arms, bus trans, 1835 VW tur-bos, Bilstein, 22 gal. cell, new paint, professionally prepped, . many spares, $8,000. Call Dennis at (714) 646-5232. FOR SALE: Class· 10 ORE 118" WB. Power steering, Carr discs, Jamar hydraulics, Wright com-bos, Fox shocks, secondary rear, 2 1 gal. Fuelsafe, Mastercraft, w/ lumbar, Parker Pumper, Neo sealed Type 1, much more, excel-lent condition, many spares, must see. $15,000 complete. Rod Ev-erett (213) 775-3431 days. Edor John at German Auto (213) 863-1123. FOR SALE: Ford Ranger short course truck. MTEG legal, Cos-worth engine, Z F transmission, Mag Danna 60, air suspension, $22,500. Call Enduro Racini at (714) 528-1196. FOR SALE: T-Mag single seat Challengen Beard, Y okohamas, Bilteins, FBI cell, Saco rack, all the good stuff, new engine. Winner of· ADRA Penasco Twilight 250. $8,500. All new 20' enclosed Wells CargQ trailer, $4,500. after 5:00 p.m. call George at (505) 281-5599. FOR SALE: Class 5-1600, needs trans, motor and fuel cell. Has beefed IRS rear arms, 22" KYB on long travel front beam, fuel cell mount, 33" Yokohamas on Cen-terlines, Sandblasters on front Centerlines. Asking $2,000 as is. Call (619) 243-5358. WANTED: 2 seat turnkey newer Challenger car. Will trade 2 seat 85 to 90 MPH jet boat, fresh pro-built 482 CI Chevy, 2-750 Hol-lys, roller cam and rockers, trick pump 3;nd intake, lots of-chrome and anodizing, or will sell boat for $6,500. Call (714) 681-0350 eves. or leave message. FOR SALE: CHALLENGER 2 seat. Only two .races. 65mm ' shocks, Sway-A-Way, Wright rack, Beard seats, Armstrong. and. -· - · ~ · spare parts. $8,000. Call Randy at FOR SALE: 1-1600 Chenowth •~ ~;. F F b (714) 687-6416 Magnum built by Neth Racing FOR SALE: Class 1-1600 Fun~o, ortune a ' · W orks, Dyno tested Kelron Ent. 114" WB, Wright front end, WANTED: Fuill time mechanic, engine, Henry's cliff., Hewland l.T.S. trans w/ all Hewland gear experienced in fabrication. gears, UMP power steering, wind- sets, stainless cliff., Mastercraft, . Needed to prep competitive Class shield. CLASS RULES MAXI-Parker Pumper, Turbo CVs, 5 cars. Must be motivated, organ-MIZED. Will sell less engine or Sway-A-Way, Dura Blue, and ized, capable of meeting schedules trans, includes all spares and more. Call Bob at (619) 691- and work well with others. Call extras. $13,950. Call Will Hig- 9171 or 585-1616 or Mark at man weekdays at (714) 848-8222. ( 619) 4 20-004 2. Price $1 f;'()OO. - Doug. ---=-----,;__ ____ _ r--------------------------..----------------------,, I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I I I I I . I .I I I I I I I I I I I I I r I .I DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words each month, not including ~ame, address and phone number. Add $5 .00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. . · NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All classified ads must be paid in advance. Enclosed is$ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. Name---------------------------------Address ______________________ Phone ______ _ City - -----------------State _____ ZiP------'---Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 Page 54 November 1988 I I I I I I I ■ FOR SALE: Baja Challenger, Dir-trix frame, fresh trans, Fox shocks, Jamar pedals, 22 gal. fuel cell, Beard seat, Woods wheels, Yokohamas. New paint, race ready. MUST SELL $7,500 OBO. Call James at (505) 281-3267, New Mexico. .FOR SALE: Class 5-1600, new Fat engine and trans, KC Lights, 10 tires & 8 wheels, 6 quick fills, trailer w/ rall).ps and spare tire, modern instrument dash, Beard Super Seats, belts, Fox shocks, K&N air breathers, spark arrestor, dual coils, front & rear-bumper guards, fuel cell, Parker Pumper, Uniden radio w/100 watt ainp., race ready, just race prepped, ready to run Baja 1000. Just back up to trailer and go rac-ing. $20,000. CaH American Mine Equipment Co., ask for Walt, ( 602) 938-5414. FOR SALE: 1985 Pro-Am trailer, rear door is ramp, side door for people, holds 105" WB and smaller cars such as Baja or Chal-lenger: Very nice trailer for pro-tection from theft, bad weather, etc. Also seats people on the roofl $3,500. Call (916) 677-7529. FOR SALE: Class 10 single seat. 1st place winner at the 1988 Brush Run 101. First in points. Fastest of everything, 1650 Rab-bit, 091 trans, Fox shocks, power steering, 101" WB. Built to win. Race ready $15,000. Less engine and trans$8,000. Call Todd Attig at (815) 288-3461 in Illinois. FOR SALE:- 1-::f600 Chenowth,· less motor, Wright Place steering, fresh SAW rear, 12"' travel Bil-steins, Attig prepped bus box, RJS belts, Neal pedals, Center-lines w / fresh Desert Dogs & Norsemans, torsion adjusters front & rear, set up for short course w/ 3½ gal. tank also have 15 gal. cell, complete, add mocor and go racing. $3,500. Call Chris Raffo (312) 855-2889 work or (312) 259-3810 home in Illinois. Dusty nma

Page 54

FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum, Class 2-1600 car. Featured in "Hot VW". Best of everything. Fresh motor and trans. $15,000 OBO. Call Steve at Car Custom, (818) 334-4951. FOR SALE: Class 10 Funco 2 seat prerunner, 109H WB. Wright front end, Porsche steering and spindles, Bilsteins, fuel cell, Flame-Out, Sway-A-Way com-ponents, Parker Pumper, Center-lines, bus trans, fresh 1600 VW. $4,000. Call Daryl at (714) 996-3977 after 6 p.m. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600.Score/ HORA '87 points champ. Proven winner. Top of the line equip-ment all the way around. Many spare parts. Call Steve at (805) 524-3337 evenings or (805) 298-1212 days .. ¾: FOR SALE: 2 seat Challenger car. Baja Concepts chassis, aluminum body, Masterctaft, adjustable CNC pedals, Wright rack, SAW, Bilstein, Parker Pumper, ITS trans, VDO gauges, currently 2nd in Score/HORA points. Many top finishes. Race ready, $9,500. Call Pancho Bio at (619) 262-1626 or (619) 461-9887. FOR SALE: Class 2-1600 Raceco, 114H WB, dynoed motor, Kreisler trans w/Hewland, Wright rack and combos, dual Curnutts front and back, 930 CVs, Neth arms, Centerlines, Edwards, Parker Pumper. $10,000. Make offer for radios, tools, trailer, spare wheels, tires, parts and motor. Call Pat at (714) 644-4460 days, or John at (714) 494-5548 eves. FOR SALE: Class 7 4x4 Score/ HORA legal, '83 Toyota longbed, all the best. Louie Unser race engine, CNC brake system, Fuel Safe cell, Beard Super Seats, Ran-cho race shocks, Long Beach springs, very competitive, spare ~rts. Ready to race, $10,000 or $8,000 less engine. Call Kreg at (714) 731-1499. FOR SALE: Class 1 or 10 Raceco, 20 inch travel, Fox, Sway-A-Way, Carr, Lee, secondary coils, Beard, Neal, 22 gal. cell, Hewland gears, 90% comp. Lots of spares, no engine. $11,000 or trade for good 20-24 ft. ski or ocean boat plus cash. Call Greg at (805) 298-7343 mornings. Dusty nma Independent Daa1 Racers Association By George Thompson, Managing Director The Competition Review ~ } ·> FOR SALE: 1969 Datsun 510 CRS Stock Class, log book, street legal, ready to rally, full equip-ment, roll cage, spares available. Call Willy at (805) 968-1724. · · Board for the 1988 HORA Ne-vada 500 met at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning, September 11th, at the Gold Coast Hotel in Las Vegas. Attending that meeting were: to the board. In either event, it makes our job much easier! A protest for unsafe driving was lodged against entry #1616 by entry #1619. #1616, while traveling backwards on the course, hit #1619, forcing his car off the course and down an embankment which destroyed his vehicle. Witnesses verified the testimony of #1619 and entry #1616 was disqualified for dan-age to any entry between. those points. This would include times for all entries, including those who successfully negotiated the hill. HORA would subtract these times from all finishing times and recalculate the various finishing positions. Clearly a large number of rac-ers, particularly in the restricted classes, were victimized by the hill. By the same token this par-ticular obstacle proved to be no problem for an equally large number of competitors. This is not the first time we have been faced with this sort of obstacle. Mexico, Laughlin and the parking lot at Barstow come to mind and the results have always been pre-dictable to anyone who had taken the time·to pre-run. If you don't get there first there are going to be problems, and, after all, this is a race! Clearly the promoter has a responsibility to lay out a course which is challenging but at the same time negotiable by limited and unlimited classes alike. Many times that is easier said than done. FOR SALE: Class 5 Jimco, HORA/Score points champ. 2 races since complete rebuild, all new rear suspension, latest Wright front end, new 2400cc motor. Car is race ready. $15,500 OBO. Call John at (619) 583-2488 eve. or (619) 562-1743 days. DESPERATE MUST SELL: Funco Class 10 short course car. Ready to race. 1650cc VW engine, disc brakes, Dura Blue stubs, axles torsion bars, Fuel Safe cell, Mastercraft seat. All the best ~rts. Trailer and many spares. $5,000. Call Mike at (602) 992-3968 in Arizona. FOR SALE: Custom 20' Berg #1 trailer, 7' wide w/ 5 ft. tailgate dual ramps. New tires w/ spare and safety brakes. Also includes three F.W. & Assoc. of Arizona Mini cars. Limited Edition# 14 of WOO Yellow Corvette, Fantasy Island Tattoo Special red in color and a green Hawkeye Dune Buggy. Cars all have working Briggs Stratton motors. Great for Christmas. $3,500 takes all. Extras too. CallRitaat(805)527-0867 evenings or leave message. MUST SELL: 1986 Bunderson Class 1 or 10, fresh trans, Hew-land gears & 2180 roller, power steering, new combos, Dura Blue stubs, Summers Bros axles & tie rods, Sway-A-Way torsion, Parker Pumper, includes trailer, all extra equipment, spares, quick fills, etc. $10,500 or $8,500 without motor 0BO. Call Steve at (702) 645-7996. FOR SALE: Art Schmitts Berrien Laser Class 1 or 9 short course car. Best of everything. Less motor and trans. Call Art, days (412) 687-5093 or eves (412) 321-3527 in Pittsburgh, PA. - - -FOR SALE: Race prepped and ready to win 5-1600 class. Raced in Score, HORA, ADRA. This is a race car not a prerunner. Wright front end, Sway-A-Way, Center-lines, Fox, TUF engine. Includes trailer, extra tires and a driving lesson! Changing to Class 8. Call Dean at (602) 849-4719 in Pho-enix. WANTED: Class 2-1600, race ready. No more than two years old with trailer. Call Kirk at(619) 440-4811. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600 frame with rear adjusters and 3 piece fiberglass body. $800. Call (714) 949-4580, leave message if no answer. Frank Vessels, IDRA Board Administrator, Mark McMillin, Chief Buggy Rep. ( Class 1 ), Larry Ragland, Truck Rep. (Class 7), Tom Martin, Checkers Pit Rep. ( Class 2 ), George Thompson, CRB Marshall and acting secre-tary, and David 0. White, HORA Race Director. There were no protests brought against any competitor by HORA. This is very unusual in such a long race and suggests that either all the racers are driving more carefully or HORA is screening their official protests _more carefully before they come NEED: Driver/ rider to help share responsibilities throughout 1989 season. All Score/HORA races. Have Class 5-1600 fully spon-sored race team including brand new 1989 standards car with 20 ft. custom trailer, two 4x4 chase trucks and all top of the line equipment to be competitive. Call Shaun at (818) 893-3138 eves. FOR SALE: Funco, single seat, Class 1 or 10, 117" WB, Ump power steering, Taylor seat, Fox shocks, Summers rear disc brakes, aluminum body, 14" travel front suspension, 17" travel rear suspension, $4,500 less motor and trans. Call Greg or Chet at (818) 998-9811. FOR SALE: Hewland DG300 w/ adpt. 200 miles since new ring and pinion and 3rd and 4th gears, $6,800. Call Greg or Chet at (818) 998-9811. FOR SALE: '84 2 seat Raceco, coil over, secondaries, air suspen-sion seat, power steering, Center-line wheels, foel cell, Jamar pedal, less engine or trans. $4,995. Ohnstad's (209) 486-0280. gerous driving. · Prior to the meeting of the board, George Thompson talked with a group of 1-2-1600 drivers who insisted on speaking with the board about the traffic jam on the hill outside Beatty. These drivers were instructed to elect a spokes-man for their case and they selected Terry Jeffers, co-driver on#1625, theJ.D. Ward entry, to present their complaint to the board. Mr. Jeffers complaint consisted of several points. His entry arrived at the hill shortly after 10: 15 a.m. accompanied by the bulk of the 1-2-1600pack. Atthis point there was already a substan-tial traffic jam under way and the cars could not go forward, nor could they go back. While some, more powerful classes were able to negotiate the hill, the restricted classes simply, could not and had to wait for a tow from a chase truck working on the scene. Esti-mates of 40-50 vehicles stuck at the base of the hill were verified by HORA, and after some time they started routing vehicles around the base of the hill in order to avoid further confusion. This meant that late arriving vehi-cles gained a considerable advant-age, because of this re-routing, over those stuck at the base of the hill. As a possible solution, Mr. Jeffers wanted HORA to elimi-nate ALL the times from Beatty to the next checkpoint, thereby null-ifying any advanta~e or disadvant-One solution might be the' marking of alternate routes for the less powerful classes. In either case, everyone knew the hill was there and, unless you just dropped off the turnip truck, ev-eryone knew it was a problem. The unanimous feeling of the Competition Review Board was that eliminating the times between these two checkpoints would merely penalize a different group of competitors and did not constitute a solution that was fair, across the board. The Competition Review Board was adjourned at 10:30 a.m. after meeting for 2½ hours. AffENTION ALL PIT TEAMS ,. Help us updat& and enlarge Pit Team Regis,~.r? Send us the info~tion on your current officers and contacts pronto. Some of the listings on this page are a yea~ out of date! Update your current Ranger to 1989 aero styling, design:to retain · stock appearance and allow 34" tall tires. SCORE/HORA legal, bolts to stock panels or DZUS on. Reinforced hood to stop distortion at speed. Racers Price Available. CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN (714) 845-4402 39067 Orchard St. Cherry Valley, CA 92223 Curt Leduc, Owner Mcwcmbcr 1988 Used by: Manny Esquera Douglas & Johnson Swift/Leduc Page 55

Page 55

FINAL 1988 SNORE/YOKOHAMA SERIES RACE THE SHOWBOAT 250 ecember 2-4, 1988 - -BOWBOA'l! Ham, CASINO, COUNTRY CWB & BOWUN6 CENTER 2800 E. FREMONT LASVEGAS,NEVADA89104 50 miles per lap - 5 laps • Challenger, 5-1600 and trucks - 4 laps PRE-RUN FROM NOVEMBER 26 Entry Fee -$350.00 plus $65.00 Insurance Challenger - $135.00 plus $65.00 Insurance I Start/Finish-Las Vegas Speedrome Registration & Tech Inspection -December 2 Showboat Hotel, south parking lot.- 4-10 p.m. Drawing for Starting Position -Showboat Hotel December 2 -10:00 p.m. Drivers Meeting -December 3, S/F - 8:00 a.m. Race Start - 9:00 a.m. Awards Brunch - Sunday, December 4 - 9:00 a.m. Showboat Hotel & Casino >::r-'tOl<OHAMA Rooms available at the Showboat Hotel -$43.00 plus tax - Double. IT Ample parking for race cars and two vehicles. A S TO RACE WITH SNORE $10,000 Currently in the Points Fund SNORE 250 Purse was over $16,000 in Cash SNORE LTD., P.O. Box 4394, Las Vegas, NV 89106 SNORE Hot Line - 702-452-4522 If You are Coming to the Score/HORA Banquet - Bring Your Race car.