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1986 Volume 3 Number 7 Dusty Times Magazine

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Class 8: Dave Shoppe blows by the competition in his big Ford F-150. \ Class 7-4x4: Jim Conner and Pat Blackmore thunder to victory in the Nissan Hardbody. Goodyear Wrangler . radials storm the beaches of the Baja. Driying the course of this year's Baja Internacional was no picnic on the beach. Thick wet sand, ~lippery stone and deep water crossings guaran-. teed plenty of Work for the drivers. And for their tires. Just getting to this so-called "easy" stretch of the nearly 500-mile course was even more fun. The drivers had to.contend with the mountains, rocks and ruts of Mexico's toughest badlands. So winning the Class 8 and Class 7-4x4 crowns required tires as tough ~s the Baja itself: Goodyear Wrangler radials. They're the radials that are engineered to take on the tough-est terrain. They're the very same tires you can buy, no matter what · ---· kind of truck you own. --...___ And when Jim Conner and Pat Blackmore arrived at the finish line, we learned that they drove the entire course on just one set of Wranglers. · But when newlywed Dave Shoppe (married on Thursday) crossed the finish line on Satur-day, we didn't learn much. Dave was goJ?,e, Probably back to the beach with Linda. · On Goodyear Wrangler radials . . You either have Wrangler radials. <-Or you need them. c.Ooa/'YIEAR

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j ·/ 1 Volume 3 Humber 7 r Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin . Asso~iate Publisher . Brad Goodrow Associate Editor Richard Schwalm Controller John Calvin Contributors Darla Crown Leonard Dav Daryl D. Drake Winnie Essenberg Homer Eubanks_ · Tom Grimshaw Dennis Henneberg Martin Holmes Danny McKenzie· Bill Oursler Brenda Parker David R yskamp W alt Schwalbe . Wayne Simmons,. . Judy Smith. John Sprovkin Joe Stephan . Darlene Thackston . Trackside Photo Enterprise's Art Director Larry E. W orsham Typesetting & Productip n Michelle's T ypesetting Services :'dra --nil OfflCIAL VOICE OF SC:<,RE CANADA. AND ' -w~:-v?~ ' 4\ _iiiii!!i -• M-~ ==-. Subscription Rates: · $12:00 per 'year, 12 issue~, USA. Foreign ·subscription rates on request, · Contributions: .DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsiole for such material. ·Un5olicited material will be ieturned:only by request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, · · .. Classified Aas will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for qmissiorls or · _ errors, All ads may be subject to editing. . _ \ I . . · DUSTY TIMES combined ~ith OFF ROAD AC'I]ION,. NEWS, "USPS-305-609" is published monthly by Hill-side Racing Corp,, 5331 Derry Ave,, .. Suite 0, Ag6ura, CA 91301, (818) 889°560p, Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp, No part 6f this publication may l:;,e r~Rro• di.iced without written permission from the publi~her, .. ~~cond Class Postage paid at Ag0ura, CA '91301. L POSTMASTER:· Send· address changes to· Dusty Times, 53_31 Derry Ave.,.Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGEOF'ADDRESS: Four weeks: notice is requ'ired ' for change of address. ·Please furnish both' old and new addres;, and send to DUSTI TIMES, 533·1 Derry Ave., S':1ite 0 : Agoura, CA 91301. . . . . •. SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH •.•• I , I • ' I I I . I I I I I I 1: I .' . I I ·FEATURES· Page Score Baja Internacional . . , . . . ......... . . . . : . . ...... . . . . ... 14 · FORD A at-the Tampa Fairgrounds . , . ........ . .......... : . . 26 Score Canada - Montreal Olympic Stadium .• . . · .. , ..... ; . ; ..... 30 SCCA Nor'wester Pro Rally ................... .... . . : ...... 34 VORRA 250 at Yerington, Nevada · . . .......... ...... , . . , ... 36 1986GMCJimmv ········· · · :·•: .... , ..... · ...... ; ......... 38 .VORRA Long Course at Prairie City ......... .......... .... 39 BFGoodrich Memorial. Day 100 ...... ; ............ . . ..... : 40 One Lap of America .............. . · . . .................. ·. . 44 Racing in Texas at RedSands · ... ·.: oe• ••••• : ••••••••••••••••• 46 , International Champii::mshij:J' Acropolis Rally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 · Dusty Short Course Racing in -Georgia .... , . . . ......... ; . . , . . . 48 P.O._S.T: Racing in Pennsylvania .......•..... . . . . .......... 49 DEPARTMENTS. · Snapshot of.the MontK·: ............... ; ... , .. · ........ •. . . . . . 3 Soap Bcix by Bernice Sagrillo ... ........ ..... , . ; . . , .......... 4 Stan Parnell's Action News . , ........... ; ....... . .......... 4 ···rrail N9tes ... -~--........ , .... _ ... ~-.... · .. • .... _. ·.·. -;~· ... •·· .. ; . . ... ... ,·· 4 Pony Express ........... -...... _ ............... ' . ........... 6 1987'Class Structure .. .. ;-........... : .. . . , ..... , ........... 8 Happenings . . . : . : ... '., ............. .': : ........ : ......•. · .. ; 10 The Losers by Judy Smith ... ; .,, ......... : ....... ·.' . ....... / 24 , Mid West Repdrt by Brenda Parker. . . ... : ................... 32 Yokohama 6-50 Club Report ..... .', . . , ........... . . , ... •· . . . 33 ·California Rally Series; ....................•................ 33 SCCA Divisional Rally Repor:t . · ................... • ......... ~3 . Pit T earn Register ·and Reports .......•.•........ .............. · 43 Good Stuff Directory ......•................... ; . . . . . . . . . 50 Cla~sified Ads . : .•................. ; .. . ................. · . . 54 }v eatherman :R.adioTips by.-Bcib Steinberger ........... , . . ; .. 55 ON . THE COVER -The· July cover features the -winners of two p;estigeous events th_ousands of miles ap;rt last spring1 ancl neither took . place in the USA..,£:orky McMillin and his son Scott t.dumphantly took first overall car honors at the Score Baja Internacional, s.taged out of , Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Scott made an all 01,1i: last leg dash to the finish line driving the six.cylinder Porsche powered new Chenowth two ~eater· to not only win Class 2, but edge into the overall victory by a sca.nt .. two minutes, 34 seconds. Two .weeks earlier. Gl,enn Harris•flew his Mazda stadium racing.truck the fastest of all at the first ever mint truci!: event in the Olympic Stadium at Montreal, Quebec;· Canada. Harris won a pou~d of .. gold for his effqrt, and his. teammate Rod· Millen co~12leted the Mazda sweep up by win_ning the Saturday. night exhibition rac> in Montreal. Color· Photography:. ii\ Baja by J'rackside Phcito Enterprises and. in }.itontreal by Danny McKenzie of Media '.Photo, ., . ' . . . \ ' r< .>Jr. DUSff: TIMES ,. I THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY I' .. . . ., ... ' IN THE COUNTRY!!· , I , .. l . I I I .I I I J I I I, I I I , I I I h·• □ 1 :Year-· $12,.00 · D 2 years - $20.00 D 3 years ~ $30~00 . I Offroad racing in Baja California has many offbeat moments. This scene on the Pacific Ocean b.each is typical of Baja, as most of the peopl!! working the race are on station the night before it all starts. Here a member of the Score Medical Team wiles away the hours of waiting for the first arrivals in the race-by d©ing a little fishing. Photo by T rackside Photo Enterprises. · ·. DUSTY TIMES will feanm pictures ofhumorous ra~ing incidents,'woes on th~ cour,se, or a spe.ctacular from short course events on· this page each month. Send .us your photo · of something comic, a mechanical disaster, or anything fitting for consideration. DUSTY TIMES· will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a st~mped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 will be consic}ered for publication. . ·, . · l ·: : I I 1 I I . , adJantage of yoursubscription bo·nus .•• Fr~e one time classified ad up-,to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) I Name~-----,----------,---~-----,----I 'Address ______ .;__ ________ __,----,--~~--~-.,....., City State_;__;,__ ___ .;:___--,-------,--:-Zip __ ___._ _____ _ I Send check or mone/order to: DUSTY TIMES . 5331 DerryAve.,,Sl}-ite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 .· . 1 (Canadian - 1 ye~r $15.00 U .S. • Overseils subscription rates quoted.on.request) I I I I I I I· I I I I I I I I I I " • Dusty Times J~ly _198f I Page3 ---~ -

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Soaf·Box ••• By Bernice Sagrillo somewhat geared toward the · "metal" classes, but, let's face it, the average consumer doesn't consider .a Raceco or Chenowth when he's in need of a new vehicle: Las Vegas, Nevada The stock classes could remain, with the rules changed The way I ~nderstand the where . needed, to be more With regard to several different articles which· recently appeared in DUSTY TIMES suggesting that there· are too many classes in Off Road Racing, · d · 1 h 1· d , limited. I propose keeping a class propose c ass c anges tste m -Side Tracks last month, is that it for 3, 4, 6, 7S, 7Ax4, 8 and 11. . tends to eliminate two of. my ·For the buggies and Baj as one favorite classes. The Class 3 limited horsepower class for Jeeps, etc ... can't keep up with the each, po~sibly 1600,cc, . which loriger pickups of Class 4 would combine the 1/2 1600'~ I wonder who is to blame? Perhaps due to some sort of pressure from. a special interest group, the promoters set up new classes or made rule changes to accommodate some groups. A perfect exampl_e is Class 6S with its one entry or Class 8 with entries that in no way resemble the showroom models. I understand the need to attract · and keep the sponsors'. money, but there should· be limits: and lO's. Another class for the without adding another set of Challe.nger cars an. d 9's would be wheels to the roof. It 's a shame when Class . 3 usually draws needed. f\nythjng else would be approximately double the entries .. open. Sounds simple! Instead of , of 4., In addition, the Class 6 making classes' for cars, start · stock sedans don't have a chance building cars that fit the rules of a against the highly modified 6S. class. · I should explain tha't I am not affiliated with a particular race team and, therefore, my opinion is not swayed. I have been an enthusiast of the sport . since moving to Nevada si'x years ago. I , have pitted for different teams and have worked support for both SCORE and HORA, which has afforded me a little more knowledge than the average person sitting at homei It's not hard to tell the · difference between a pickup, a Baja Bug and a buggy. What can be confusing is the multiple classes of_one type pf car such as 1, 2, l /2 1600, 9, 10 and Challenge. In my opinion, . the logical answer lies in setting up stock classes ( emphasizing the word "stock") and any deviation fro~ the rules lands you in an open class. Both of these classes are vehicles that.the public can identify with. _ The class changes I propose would still allow . lower bu'dget racing in stock· classes and· the modified . sponsored vehicles could make additional changes and move to an open class, thus starting first off the · line and finishing early enough tO meet newspaper deadlines. My plan is STAN PARNILL'S . . ·. Action NewS For over twelve years as th~ owner and editor of Off Road Action News I, Stan Parnell said what I thought the racers wanted to know about and needed to hear about. It was good to oe the owner or be out spoken on subjects that ~ ' would have went unsaid unless I put them in print. No more is this . the case, foi: now Jean and John Calvin own Off Road Action and have merged it with Dusty Times· and I would never. want i:o hurt them or ~hei_r g~al of b~ing the best publication m the field. . CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDER.HOUSE K & N FILTERS _:_ RAPID COOL . TRI MIL - WELD RACING WHEELS . · . BILSTEIN __:_ CENTERLINE - CIBIE · ~ HEWLAND - PORSCHE TURBO C/ V 011,oad Rae•~' \))I" BEARD SEATS -:-.PARKER PUMPER Parts ~Accessones YOKOHAMA TIRES - SUPER TRAPP GEM GEARS -KYB SHOCKS - SWAY-A-WAY TRANSAXLE PARTS - KC HILITES - McKENZIE AIR FILTERS -WRIGHT PLACE -=.ouRA BLUE ULTRA B(?(?T - NEAL PRODUCTS CENTER LINE RIJCIIVC ""HlltS : .... · ··. ' . ' . . . SWAY•A •·WAYca.• -=-= •11:U•uw-Volunteers are im,ited ioclimb on. their "Soap Box" aiul fill chis spciq:: with their thoughts about what is good and what is nor ~o good about the_ scqte of off road racing. We uould welcome some discussion on the state of the Pro Rally Series as ·well. Call orwriteDUSTYTIMFS with your ideas for a Soap Box column, and iet 011 the schedule. The promoters Walt Lott, Sal. Fish and MickeyThompson have· -taken offense · to many of . the things I have said or subjects that, . I took to task. Ma·ny times was so· thick you felt you were standing at the North Pole, but if the·end result helped our sport it was worth it as this sport of racing comes first with me a'nd when it needs saying I have said it. ' Mickey Th9mpson ~nee said, that is when we still got along· · good, that the more successful you get, the more people would take offense to what you said. Boy ,.at one time I must have bee~ at the top of. the heap! . In the last four months I have put in my column subjects that ·were told or presented that we~e · the facts, only to' have the new owner, editor have to publish a retraction the next month and apologize for what I said. We cannot all think alike, we cannot alone change• our sport single _ handed, and in this vein, ifl have offended many iri trying, I apologize. · · · Each and every business needs a new owner, publications need. new writers, so· I say to .all my friends, I have enjoyed, and. thank them for their support. Being the one who gets all the phone calls about gossip, facts and tid bits of what is happening make it e_xciting, but it is now the.· time to step down, "And smell the roses". I BEFORE YOU BUY-TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL! I 12945 SHERMAN WAY - NO. HOLLYWOOD, CA 91605 (818) 765-5827 • (818) 764-6438 . Good luck to all · the r'acers, this will end Stan's Column, so . l God Bless! Page4 July 1986 · THE SNORE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is shaping up to be a really lucrative _ affair for the entries. Along with the club's usual 60percent payback, there is a tQfl pf money up in contingency prizes, a hefty $14 graJJd from General Tires aio'ne. The race is part of the T earn T I A program from BFGoodrich that has earmarked nearly ten' grand this year for the SNORE race series in 1986 for those participating in their ,.racer. program. For the first time the Midnight S~cial will feature the fantastic Sunday morning brunch before the awards presentation at the Holiday Inn, Center Strip in Las Vegas. Anyone'who has feasted there after a ~NORE 250 migbt go to the race just for the brunch, which will be hosted by General. Tires at the ~idnight Special. The race happens on Saturday afternoon and the race starts at· twilight, south of Boulder City on the same keen course used last July. 1986 is the tenth year that the Midnight Special has been sponsored byXC HiLites, and this year the Holida:v. Inn is the co-sponsor. · EASTERN CHALLENGE CUP. In a hand across the border arrangement · ·between Score Canada and the lllinois based 4x4s Unlimited, who put on the Memorial Day 100, Score Canada offered the Easterri ChaJlenge Cup to western racers. The. Cups go to.the highest placing drivers who competed in Class 7 and in Class·lO at both the Montreal Stadium race and the Memorial Day 100. A good many westerners journeyed tq Montreal for the Score Canada event, but few could st,i.y around for the Memorial Day 100 the following weekend. D@ng the best and winning the Eastern Challenge Cups were Walker Evans in Class ·7 and Tommy Croft in Class 10. ·Congratulations to them bot_h . . Tom Spiel and Candy Arnett of the High Desert Racing Association. The couple were married on June 14. Tom is the ' Secretary-Treasurer 'of HDRA and Candy· does myriad. jobs during race · weekends. Before the .computer age it was Candy who sat up all night after a HORA race typing complete, lap by lap results, so they would be ready for everyone to take home from the Sunday morning awards. Our best wishes to two.wonderful P.eople . . THE BAJA INTERNACIONAL must have been a difficult event for Don Adams. His long time frie.nd and racing partner, Jason Myers, was killed in an ,airplane crash near his home in Colorado on Saturday, May 31. Ironically_ Myers had taken a friend for a ride in his private plane-that.afternoon to help his wife Beth promote an upcoming air show. Gusty winds turned the landing into a disaster.Jason was the Class 12 points champion last year with Adams as co-driver. This season Myers retired from driving the Class 3 Jeep Cherokee to devote his energies to race prepping the rig and acting as team manager. Don Adams dedicated the Baja race to his close friend, and he.and Larry Olsen won a real race in Class 3. Our sincere sympathy goes to the family that Jason left behind; and to all his_ many friends who will miss him sorely. . •. L-ATE RALLY FLASH. The results are just in from the Susquehannock Trail SCCA Pro Rally in Pennsylvania. The overall and Open dass winner was (Surprise) John Buffum and Tom Grimshaw in the Audi. Sport Quattro. It was their third consecutive win iri. the three rallies· in the series so far this year. Rod Millen and.Harry Ward were second overall in the 4x4 Mazda RX-.7, and Jon Woodner nailed dow11 third place in a Peugeot. Walter Boyce won Group A in a VW GTI and Doug Shepherd also won his third for the. . ·year GT Production dt!e in a Doage. The full report will be in the August issue of OU STY TIMES. MORE SNORE·NEWS concerns the club's ambitio~ to hold a pro rac~ · next January, usually a dry month on the s.chedule. Promoting a desert race in January makes sen'se, if it isn't too close to the early February date for the Park et 400. However SNORE is planning their race at California City, CA: It will be the first time the club has ventured outside the Las Vegas area to ' promote an off roacl race. However, a check with the B.L.M. office concerned shows that to date, no permit for entry into the 1986 lottery for desert race . dafes has been received by the B.L.M. from SNORE and the lottery takes place in August. · Meanwhile, there is apparently some problem with the ranchers, who graze animals on'the federal land ofJeanDry L'.ak'e, used by both HDRA alld SNORE on their race courses south of.Las Vegas.Traditionally, the SNORE 250 starts and finishes justsouth of Jean, NV and goes out ac;ross the dry lake. Presently, SNORE is pl;mning to-stage their premier race, .the SNORE 250 next September, out· of the Las Vegas Speedrome, site of .the Mint 400 of eleven years. The dub ·put on the Midnight Special out of the Speedrome or. a : 50 'mile coutse a: few years back, and'they are planning for varied terrain in the same area for the SNORE 250 this year. STOP THE ATV BAN! Too late to do anything about it befo~e i:be fact, we found out at the Score Show that a real threat ts here rig/1t now to the future cf ATV style recreation. On Tuesda_y, Jurie 24, a report was to be voted on by the Government ·operations ·Committee to adopt a complete- BAN an:i RECALL of all A TVs. If adopted; the Consumer Produc;:t Safety Coinmis~io:1 must respond to the report. The flyer we obtained.said y.our opinion counts,. but this issue will not be in circulation until after June 24. Just in case the vote is delayed, or if you want to voice ydur opinion, even though it inay be after the fact, call (202) 224-3121, ask for Jack Brooks and recommend the repott. NOT be adopted, and help stop such a: far reaching and total ban on the use cf ATVs. . , , THE CHILI COOK-OFF, organized in conjunction with the HDRA Fireworks 250, will be held on Friday,July 4, at Soutar Motors a't 1010 West Main St. in Barstow. The chili competition categories are Overall Chili, Local · Y okal, and.Racing Teams. The entry only·$25, plus, of course, a $15.(X) membership in the International Chili Society. Call (7 t4) 636-4416 for full · information, or mail your entry to ·Linda Zaugg, 11712 Easy Way, Garden .Grove, CA 92640. The overall winner goes to the. Tropico Championship Cook-Off, and all proceeds go to the Barstow Student Foundation. There will be music and beer on hand at the event co-sponsored by Soutar Motors, Nissan and Budweise.r. . Dusty Times l

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,.~!""'' ,...._· ---.. __ .' . IIIZIII IINS . . . OFF~ROID CHIIPIONSHIP GIAN PIii . . · .· · AlROSE BDWl , ~!)f~{~f?:~_.:: .. ~.:!_:/I-On May 3 at the R.ose Bowl in Pasadena, California: a very special Mazda B2000facednff against some of the world's fastest and most exotic race trucks for _ round "five of Mickey Thompson's Off-Road Championship Gran.Prix. ·And as a _ crowd of 40,000 watched, driver Glenn Harris guided his 270 horsepower,13B rotary-.powered B2000 to victory in the 10-lap main event. Mazda and Harris are currently in second place in · ··11 •~. zn.s the Manufacturers' and Drivers' point standings.· Iii.II.,.. Wliiil j, . . l 1 \ 1 l \ I ( l I . ~ r j I -l j I I l I \ 1 I I I I I l I j . :J I l ·J

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(.· I l I I ) I , i I ) j Pony Exprftssu. Motorsports of North America· · asphalt guys, counting overall. included the Score/HORA · position .heavily. The third championship races into their problem is the confusion on ·Porsche Cup Awards. These · what is a Porsche engine. Many · awards are worth $100,000 at VW Type 4 engine users do the end of the season, and any . think that . they are using a · Regarding your June Issue: We would like to thank the competitor using a Porsche · Porsche i'h their race cars. E~en ·· another excellent issue! I Frenchman in the buggy who engine is eligible to participate. so, the Porsche 914, which was thoroughly enjoyed it and read it loaned us his battery for ajump' After Mark McMillin won the built by Volkswagen AG but hundreds of extra projects to make extra mon'ey, often members take time out from their family jobs to help keep the purses and payback high. Hard work, all volunteer, is common-place with dedicated SNORE.· members. .. from cover i:o cover. start way out in the middle· of Baja 1000 in 1983, using a six . sold by . U.S. Porsche-Au.di · Cheating to place highedn the But, what prompted me to nowhere. I would like to thank · .cylinder Porsche erigine, I was in _dealers, used a VW-Type 4 in the : money or to win is like stealing · write was · Tom Grimshaw's all these people who .made the Stuttgart, Germany where I four cylinder. models . . Porsche from all the club members and article on tne Tulip 200 Pro trip to Las Vegas possible: Rick, talked wlth Jurgen Barth, then never claimed the engine, and it your fellow racers. I, J'articular-R:ally. I just had to tell you how Cal; Craig, Daryl; Steve, and also · Vice Director of all Porsche remains a VW engine. r"" ly, do not understan how you much I enjoy his articles and his Jack and Ooh, plus all of the Motorsports. He listened to my · The solutions are, !O the first can accept a check and a trophy perspect.ive on American . sponsors· • . Canada .. The request to include off road racers problem :__ Porsche winners when guilty of being illegal, or Rallying. Please continue your hospitality of the American in:their awards. In April of 1985 please report . all your first cheating or short co.ursing. At excellent World Rally and competitors was very good and Porsche Motorsport of North thrnugh sixtl} place finishes to the same time you must look at SCCA Rally coverage, . · made this trip worth· while . . America took over the program, Mr. Bob . Carlson of Porsche yourself in. the mirror and face D.M. Alley Again, thank you for the check with Al Holbert leading the Motorsports at 1425 · Easton your friends and fellow racers. Gridley, CA · and see you on the next trip. group. That year Corky Road, Warrington, PA 18976. I How cari you take pride in what Bob Nyeste McMillin won the Class 2 am working on the second you accepted under · false We blush at the co~plimei'its, Kamloops, British Columbia· championship in the combined _ problem, and will talk _again ·to · pretenses. TO me it is like selling and we do intend to keep up the rally series, and, despite race wins by Stuttgart to help create a more your soul for a dollar! coverage uiheii it is available. Now You are mare than welcome, Bob. Danny Letner, Mark McMillin fair points program. The· To the certain ones of ybuthat Tom Grimshaw will probably want Along with our usual' contingency and Larry Ragland, off i:oad solution of the third problem is have no conscience or sense of a. raise! posting, each year at the.Mint 400 raclelrs dfid hnot$ get . one single up to the competitors. Drivers pride, .. I extend . this challenge. . u $ h ab I las do ar · o t e · 100,000 points . and owners of VW Type 4 You may get awa. y with it once, · Th·an·k you ror the check .ror· we OJJeT 5o to t e so ute t f d H Id h· b ? · d 1 · t· VW r, r, II f h 1 . · un · . ow cou t ts e. powere cars, p ease 1st but SNORE. and your fellow fl·n1·sh1'ng la· st 1·n cla·ss and overall. overa 1inis ·er, 1iguring anyone Th f· bl · · h T 4 d ho. .1 . . __ J_ .h . e 1rst pro em 1s t at_ ype . on your entry, an_ racers· will catch. up with. you. at the Ml.nt 400 . . It was a great w · es m Just unae-r t e time · · ff · d d · 'th h l · k d llo ld · l l h l wmnmg o roa rivers w1 w erever e se you are-as e to · You will be punished. Why not Surprl·se, an· d 1·.t was not easy to a wance cou · use a itt e e P P h · · t t1·n· g h r f h · · bu br kt . . .• • orsc e engmes are no rehir · , name t e o t e . take the easy way out .and either .fl·n1·sh. We had a very good. start ying · ea Jast. · 11 h · f' h h · t ' l · P h · d d · . a t e1r 1rst t roug six ,p ace eng1rie. orsc e engme nvers stay within· the rules or go race only to succumb to the many finishes after each race• to and owners, please list Porsche. · someplace else . . breakdowns, which included a The main reason for this note Porsche Motorsports. The 911 or Porsche 928 or Porsche 6. broken driveshafr, front axle, is to alert drivers on the rules for ' second problem is the factor of ~ylinder, or . whatever type The B.L.M.: is . getting upset rear center bolt, alternator belt, Porsche · Cup points. You may multiplication for points by the Porsche engine you use in the because we have. one marked and three flat tires. ·ren1ember that last year Porsche_ current rules is jn fav0r of the same areas. course and 100 unmarked ones. .. · · · Please heed the above advice, It is y0lir desert and it is your and perhaps this year a few of the race. Do not allow that two Pors_che powered off road • percent that are cheat_ers to spoil winners will take a piece of the · it all and take this competitive Porsche Motorsports points pie. recreation away from everybody. 'l · A Performance Tradition More . off-road races · are won . on . B[lstein than any other shock absorber. Our record speaks for itself! Winning Heritage Bilstein gas pressure shocks first appeared in Am~rica posting a win at the famed Baja 1000 in 1972. Since that' impressive performance, Bilsteins have been the choice of serious off-roaders who not only want to start the race -but finish it as well. Many Applications _Today,· Bilstein offers a variety of off-road shock applications for racing or just running on the street. From sin_gle seaters and .Baja Bugs to. big and small · twoswheel and 4WD trucks, Bilstein . delivers performance sE;3cond to ·none. Reliable Performance Whether you're j!,.lst entering off-road or have been there for years, chec;k out Bilstein .~ first where reliability counts._ .. ) ; . . "World ·leader in development of the Gas Pressure Sho,ck Absorber." Bilstein Corporation of America 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 '619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog, send $2.50. Page6 July 1986 1 You are very.special people, and One bad apple will spoil the . we will see you all at Riverside. barrel. Turn any violators in to . Volker Bruckmann your race steward or any other· San Diego, CA· official imi:ne?iately. By doing so Race promoters baskally ~ave the sam'e problems, but in off ro'ad racing· sort1e problems are multiplied a -thousand-fold. The purpose of having rules is to . 'make the sport·safe and to give all · the·.participants. a: lair and equal chance i:o win. In off road racing, because of· . the length .ancl inaccessibility of the course, the temptation to break rules; by short coursing, is . too much for: sdme of the drivers to resist. SNORE, being an all· volunteer organization, is _not able· to field 200 people to control a 50 mile course. So it becomes even more important to control· short coursing. The racers that do cut the course are insulting :sNORE and stealing from their fellow racers and friends. · SNORE does everything in the. world. for racers, working at ,· .. ,: we can .ehmmate- this problem and go back to having fun. Give us a helping hand, and let us all enjoy the beautiful world of off road competition together. Good sport$manship is not old fashioned and obsolete. Let us . maintain the pride of SNORE ' and off road racing in general. · Roger Gaskill President, SNORE;, Ltd . Las Vegas, Nevada DUSTY TIMES welcomes letter.s frqm all corners of off road activity. The Pony -Express column will 'feature'all the mail we can fit into • the space. Please. keep your .words fairly brief. Because of space limitations, your'pearls of prose may be edited, but DUSTY TIMES will . print your gripes as well as your'. praises. Letters for publicqtion should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by ihe r5th o{the month fa . order to appear .in the next issue. · Corning-Next Month ... HORA FIREWORKS 250 PRO CANAM FOREST FLING SUSQUEHAN~OCK TRAIL NATIONAL PRO RALLY SIL VER DU.ST DELAMAR 400. WISCONSIN'S BRUSH RUN SPRINTS SHORT COURSE RACING IN CHICAGO , . VORRA VIRGINIA CITY 200 . ... plus all the regular features Dusty Times

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SNO, Where It PayS To Race· THE ·MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Sponsored by PIM,,.,,. .. .,&j.~ G ~/ .4te..t..~ I I HtLIDAT T As1No 1· I The Holiday Inn, Center Strip KC HiLiTES July·26-27 -Las VegaS, Nevada · I I · · BONUS PRIZES: ! . HOLIDAY INN -. $500 to First Overall -$250 to Last Official Finisher .YOKOHAMA-TIRES - $500 to First Overall SNORE, LTD. -$250 in Drawing Among Class Winners - Free Entry to the SNORE 250 (Drawing for all starting, drivers at the awards) Entry Fee -$250 plus Insurance Registration and Tech Inspection >~YOKOHAMA Far serious PerFormers 11 a.m. -5 p.m. - · Saturday -Holiday Inn Drivers' Meeting - 7:30 p.m. • Race Start - 8:30 p.m. Race Course - 6 laps - 30 mile course -South of Boulder City off Highway 95 Drawing for Starting Numbers -July 9 -Atrium Room, Holiday Inn. I AWARDS BRUNCH-SUNDAY,\JULY 27 -HOLIDAY INN· Sponsored by GENERAL TIRES•-Trophy Sponsor -BUD LITE . For further information and entry packet contact: SNORE, P.O. Box 4534, Las Vegas, NV 89106 or call the Hot Line -~ - I • • 702-452-4522 l)Q -:-•,;--,: -It Pays to Race with. SNORE · : tJ l \ I j i

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· .. ,,, pu rse ·is· supplied by somebody '.anEN.1,10:·_, N ·DESERT"_,.-RAC'ERS'. ,' ~fas·~.WefeelthatonlyiftB·eraee ,.. 6ther than the entrant,· would that somebody have the right to M N. H A· Cl ·1 19 8 7 eliminate classes at will. But, so Ou ay_ Ot ave ass. ·n longasweareradngforourown ____ . _ : ~-·. ____ · ---~~- ~ -~-. B_y Jea_n C_alvin' ha~fitls~i~::;~fnb~;!e;!t~~6~~ After 18 months, the success large entry classes and keeping maintain that nobody is the body and drive train must SCCAhasover50radngclasses, of the combined Score/HORA nearly all the "scared cow", less interested in buggies or Baja come from the same manufac-and the NHRA has hundreds. desert race series is obvious - it than double _dJgit entry clai;;ses. Bugs, only in trucks. Scanning turer, eliminating that spot for We also notice that nowhere in' is in the massive number of To be crass;'ifi1eems the ultimate the contingency sheets . from most Class I4sf Class· 6 gets the the new rules proposal is there entries at each race. The entry goal a few ·y~·!rs.down the line is -recent eveI)ts, you find that ~x, being c;cirj9(i:ied,w.itl) 6S, the any mention of dumping any numbers started to soar last · to· discourage most of the open several heavy hitter tire tube -'frame sedan · class. The· motorcycle engined classes, winter, and have gone upward wheelers frorii\'desert racing in companiesarenowpostinginthe majof restriction on··the new despite the fact that there are ever since. But, there is a very this'series, -so:,thatthegloryand unlimited classes, where Class 6 is that the engine and twelveofthem,mostwithunder good possibility that many the early finishes. will go to the Yokohama .has been all along, in body must' come from the same double digit entries. entrants who have turned out in -water pumpers. We use water fact they post across the b9ar9! manufacturer, and air cooled • · So, if yoµ drive a Class 2, 3, 6, · droves at recent races may not pumper instead. of truck to One can only assume that Akron. VW and Porsche engines are· 9 or 14, you will be out of a class have a class in which to race next describe these classes, because is diving into the unlimited speci fica II y banned. Sti 11 next year, basically with no place season. According to legend, h under these rules there will be classes in hopes of snagging an somebody may har e a C_orvair to race your pride and joy except was the major manufacturers unlimited chassis classes for overallvictorytoshoutabout,as engine around someplace. in desert events outside the who convinced Sal Fish and Walt stock bodied vehicles -the they did last month in Baja Oddly, the only existing 6S car Score/HORA series. Many Class Lott in 1984 that they could and Cl~ss 5 of the truck world. , ' California. has an Olds body and a 2 · drivers feel quite strongly would lend heavy support if the · To be sure the vehicle and tire We understand that a meeting Chevrolet engine. So muth for about the lack of.notice to them · two desert series were combined. manufacturers to the east of the before the Mint 400 of the major Class 6 as it now exists. However, o'n the impending combination It took a while in 1985 for the Rockies are primarily interested manufacturers' group, closed to howabouttakinganUltraStock, of Class 1 and 2. We may be idea to catch on, but, anyone in the water pumper classes, as smaller manufacturers by the say GolforToyotaenginedsingle premature· in publishing the who attended the awards being promotable, whereas_ to way, settled on a class· structure seater and the exist,ing fiberglass rules, but we think the concerned banquet last January felt the aura them the open wheel classes are for 1987. While we reported body and go racing in the new competitors, who are, already of success of the combination not. What they seem to forget is some time ago that the rules were Class 6. Of course Jim Webb building cars for the 1987 series, and looked forward to many that, other than NASCAR, every, still open to discussion, we have tried this formula some years ago should have been informed that . seasons of bigger entry numbers, major racing :series in the world since disc.overed that there will to no avail. they will not have a class next . tighter organization, common features open· wheel cars with be no more debate. These rules Also, the rule banning turbo . season. Below the new class race rules as well as class rules, highly specialized origins. There are final on July 1 and that is that. chargers in any class stil-1 'exists. numbering system is a letter and so forth. are no Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge DUSTY TIMES has obtained So, you won'tbeabletorun your signed by a number of prominent Of course change takes time, look-a-likes ,racing in CART or a copy of the "Recommended Porsche 959 in· the new Class 2 racers, all class winners at and as yet there is no common at Indy, none in Formula 1 or 2 1987 Class Structure", which unlimited class either. . , one time. The letter expresses scoring team, contingency team or any othei<world wide formula will basically elimi'nate five Perhaps one of the· worst their feeling about the sudden or tech inspection team. And for • national arid international current classes, including Class - features of these new rules is that . shift with no real advance some -of the time penalty rules championships. The tube, frame 2. Gone completely will be Class the three sets of Class 7 trucks •warping. ·usually such drastic vary from race to race. But, beauties racing in World 9, OK, and Class 14, maybe OK. are still with us, despite. the fact rules changes are made with a procedures are getting closer to Endurance competition or in the Actually Class 14 is being put in that Class 7 had not had a double year or 18 months lead time, to matching. Not content with these soon to be .·Josi: Group B in with,the newly.combined Classes digit entry in years. Alsp, still on allow the active competitors to accomplishments, the inner World Rally competition 1 and 2, effectively ending any . board is Class 11, averag\ng a adjust their plans. circle of the manufacturers group resemble nothing but each other, competition for these rigs, unless couple of entries per race except has held a few meetings so far this and are recognizable only by the the drivers make side bets among in Mexico. Even· more of a season. They apparently have signs on the body. Even · drag themselves. Class 3 will also disaster in the making is that, come up with some strong racing's premier class is for open vanish in actuality,-being except for a few, all the class suggestions on how to cut down wheel double A fuelers. combined with Class 4 in the . numbers will change according the number of classes in desert Still, .the self proclaimed new, modified 4x4 class where to the chart below. This is a real racing by combining two healthy, pundits of off road racing · no holds are barred except that problem, beca~se every .off road tas NEVADA . Vegas OFF-ROAD it's ... BUGGY N 3: '-l 5 ;., ~ :;: :., Street -Stock - Baja Race or Sand Whatever-Your Pleasure Play or Pay We've Got Your VW Parts See Brian See Dave SAHAHA X -2 N . l',\<.;TLHN Locations fX ~IHI!''> z <~ ~ 0 to I-·4 :: ~ ~ ~ Serve You :i: WHI'<<, MT'< '1'-(/) Better! 0-s, i '1s, WEST NORTH 3054 Valley View 1541 N. Eastern 871-4911 • 871-5604 642-2402 • 642-1664 Now 2 LOCATIONS' Pagel July 1986 N racing . organization in North America uses the numerical classes originally set up by Score International. Stand back · at Parker next year when rriost drivers will keep right on entering Class 10, with a 1650cc open wheeler, only to find they should have entered Class 6. It should be a lot of fun in scoring·, which is always difficult at Parker ' anyhow. While some of the classes eliminated have perhaps outlived their exa, we object to combining two large entry land 2. We 'also feel that existing Class 3 rigs will not be competitive with Class 4, and look for some real race cars wearing Class 4 bodies from Detroit next year. The major manufacturers devotion to truck bodied off road racers is certainly understandable, but it does seem · that Score and HORA have forgotten that .the entrants are still racing for their own money, nothing mo,:~ except for contingency prizes. Also forgotten is that the bulk of the organizer's race income is from their more than half of the entry fee. Our_ personal opinion is that the class numbers should be left alone to avoid chaos. We also object to the elimination of any class that produces a viable entry. Perhaps we would agree with the demise ofCla'ss 9, if Class 11 and 7 went down with it, providing the elimination is based on the average number of entries in a RECOMMENDED 1987 _CLASS STRUCTURE Class Number 1987 1986 Class 1 Class 1; 2, 14 Class 2 Class 1-2-1600 Class 3 Cla:ss Challenger Class 4 Class 5-1600 Class 5 Class 5 Class 6 Class 10 Class 7 Class 7 Class 7S Class 7S Class 7 4x4 Class 7 4x4 1 Class 8 Class 8 Class 9 Class 3, 4 Class 10 Class 6 · Class 11 Class 11 · An Open Letter to the Score/ HDRA Rules Committee 'An · effort is underway co consolidate many of the desert classes for the 1987 season. Eight classes at the recent Mint 400 had fewer than 11 entries. No one will argue that changes are .needed. But, eombining Classes 1 and 2 is not one of them. With Class 2 averaging 35 to 45 entries per race,· the · Unlimited classes are large enough to sustain themselves. The proposed change should not be made without input from the people it will affect. We who race in Class 2, and do not want to see · Classes 1 and 2 combined, must voice our opinions before the 1987 rule book goes to print. Class 2 offers a unique opportunity for family, friends and SPONSORS to participate in the actual race. Why should the very thing that has made our . class so popular, the extra seat, now become a handicap? (This letter was signed by Greg Lewin, Jim Temple, Jerry Penhall, Tom Baker, Bob Richev, Cam Theiriot and Bob Gordon.) Dusty Times

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l I I September 5-7 , SCORE ) 0.0.R.R.A. ) 1986 Frontier 500 -Oklahoma Off Road Score Inte.rnational Las Vegas; NV - Racing Association 31356 Via Colinas, Suite 11 1, December 5-7 Larry Terry Westlake Village, CA 91362 HAPPENINGS ••• 9220 N.E. 23rd (818) 889-9216 Budweiser 250 Oklahoma City, OK 73141 Barstow, CA (405) 769-5491 August 15-17 (All races located at Freedom, OK) Score Off Road World · Vic Brumham Championship A.D.R.A. July 27 HIGH PLAINS OFF Freedom Chapter President Riverside International -Raceway Arizona Desert Racing Association Florida State Fairgrounds ROAD RACING (405) 621-3428 Riverside, CA 1408 East Granada Tampa, FL ASSOCIATION November 6-9 Phoenix, AZ 85006 July 4-6 (602) 252-1900 August 31 July 13 Firecracker 250 Baja 1000 Florida State Fairgrounds - Hartford 100 Ensenada to La Paz; Mexico July 12 Tampa, FL · Chamberlain, SD August 15-17 Flagstaff High Country 150-Info: Steve Miller freedom 300 Flagstaff, _ AZ September ,28 (605) 328-5034 October l 0-12 SCORE CANADA Florida State Fairgrounds August 30 Tampa, FL August 17 OORRA 150 390 Chemin Du Lac Snowflake Buggy Bash. Gumbo Buttes Baja Lery, Quebec, Snowflake, AZ Pierre, SD , J 6N 1 A3, Canada Info: Randy Juhnke (514) 692-6171 Octo.ber 18 FUD PUCKER (605) 223-2418 . ORSA September 6-7 Penasco 150-· Randy Miller Puerto Penasco, RACING TEAM September 14 407 G Street, Suite F ' Delson Industrial Center ,Sonora, Mexico 250 Kennedy, #6 Northland Baj_;i Davis, CA 95616 Delson, Quebec Chula Vista, CA 92011 Bismarck, ND , (916) 756-9938 December 6 (619) 427-57_59 Info: Chuck Hale . (916) 756-6399 Sdlitember 27-28 Sonoita to Rocky Point (701) 255-2789 Mid letown, New York Hare 'n' Hound August 9 · Short Course & Sand Drags, Sonoita, Sonora, M_e'.'ico Superstition"250 -III October 25· all events at Sacramento Borrego, CA · Last Chance Baja Raceway, Sacramento, CA (AMSA Points Race) Wall, SD SIL VER DUST RACING Info: Jim Kitterman July 26-27 ASSO.CIA TION AMSA (605) 279-2550 August 23-24 P.O. Box.7380 American.Motor Sports Association October 18-19 Las Vegas, NV 89125 P.O. Box 5473 GORRA November 15-16 (702) 459-0317 Fresno, CA 93755 Georgia Off Road HODAG50 August 9 (209) 439-2114 Racing Association Information (715) 362-6550 Box 11093 Station -A Nevada 300 August 9 Atlanta, GA 30310 August 2-3 POST Pioche, NV Superstition 250 III (404) 927-6432 Pennsylvania Off Road ' Borrego, CA Rhinelander, WI Short Track October 25 July 26-27 IOK FOUR WHEELERS Shark Saxon Silverdust 400 km October 11 Fun Day & 100 Miles . RD #3, Box 9 Henderson, -NV 12 Hour Mojave Challenge . Winder-Barrow Speedway, GA P.O. Box 36 Towanda, PA 18848 .. Cleves, Ohio 45002 California City, CA (All events staged at (717) 265-3076 August 24 October 25-26 50'Miles the club grounds in July 26-27 SNORE American G.P . . Winder-Barrow Speedway, GA Cleves, Ohio) August 23-24 Southern Nevada Off_ Fresno, CA September 27-28 Road Enthusiasts -September 14 October 11-12 P.O. Box 4394 WO Miles All events in Monroeton, PA at the Las Vegas, NV 89106 Montgomery, Alabama MICKEY THOMPSON'S (702) 452-4522 AMERICAN OFF ROAD OFF ROAD intei,-section of Routes 414 & 220. RACING ASSOCIATION September 28 CHAMPIONSHIP .July 26-27 John Ohanesian 50 Miles GRAND PRIX Midnight Special P.O. Box 31811 Winder-Bai-row Speedway, GA Mickey Thompson PRO CAN AM SERIES Phoenix, AZ 85046 Entertainment Group September 26-28 (602) 867-4769 October 26 53 Woodlyn Lane Pro Can Am Racing Inc. SNORE 250 100 Miles Bradbury, CA 91010 : P.O. Box 323 Winder-Barrow Speedway, GA (818) 359-5117 Seahurst, Washington 98062 November 16 (206) 242-1773 Black Jack 100 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES November 29 July i9 (503) 620-0313 L.A. Coliseum 250 Miles Los f,.ngeles, CA -August 22-23 July 18-20 Location TBA Sundown at Horn Rapids ✓ Prescott Forest Rally Additional dates Richland, WA S.O.R.R,P. Prescott, AZ December 6 Speedway Off Road Info: Rob Cherry Annual Banquet in California TBA Se[tember 19-20 Racing Productions (602) 778-6489 Atlanta, GA Mi lican Valley 400 Bernie Weber P.O. Box 402 August 29-31 OLYMPUS INTERNATIONAL Bend Oregon Temple, Texas 76503 Hawthorne Rally RALLY (817) 773-3548 Hawthorne, NV GREAT WESTERN • John _Nagel Info: Bruce Arkell P.O. Box 4254 July 19 (702) 882-8181 POINTS SERIES, INC. Tumwater, WA 98501 . SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Waco Short Course 1507 South Lincoln _ (206) 754-9717 Sports Cat Club of America October 5 Loveland, CO 80537 6750 Emporia St. August 16 Cliffs of-Gorman V Rally -CORRA ( 303) 669-4460 December 3~ 7 Englewood, CO 80112 Waco Short Course Hungry Valley SVRA, CA DORRA (303) 429-1949 WRC Olympus International (303) 779-6625 Info: Gary English RMORRA (303) 597-8239 Rally September 20 (714) 497-4670 WKR (913) 332-3402 Tumwater, WA Aug. 22-24 Waco Short Course Arkansas Traveler November 7-9 July 20 Little Rock, AR East of Indio V Denver, CO Indio, CA OFF ROAD RACING Sept. 5-7 STADIUM RACING, U.S.A Info: Roger Allison August 2 ASSOCIATION Rallye Michigan Marty Tripes (714) 736~1442 St. Francis, KS OF TEXAS Battle Creek, MI 228 Faxon Drive 1421 Lee Trevino, D-1 Spring Valley, CA92077 August, 24 El Paso, TX 79935 Septeq1ber 13-14 . (619) 463-0654 Denver, CO (915") 594-8266 Sunriser Forest ,FORDA September 14 August 23-24 Chillicothe, OH At;igust 3 Florida Off Roaders Glen Helen Park Drivers' Association Denver, CO Twilight 100 (Night Race) October 4-5 San Bernardino, CA 5349 Hansel Ave., C-1 Red Sands, El Paso, TX Ojibwe Rally Orlando, Florida 32809 October 4-5 Qrand Rapids, MN -September 13 (305) 851-6245 Rock & Roll 300 October 25-26 imperial Fairgrounds HDRA El Centro, .. CA · High Desert Racing Association Shadow Mountain Lake Press On Regardless -961 West Dale Ave. Horizon, TX , Houghton, MI October 11 FLORIDA OFF ROAD Las Vegas, NV 89124 December: 6-7 El Cajon Speedway RACING ENTERPRISES (702) 361-5404 Shadow Mountain Lake 250 November 21-23 El Cajon, CA P.O. Box 40 Carson City International Inverness, FL 32651 July 4-6 ... Shadow Mountain Lake Carson City, NV (813) 933-7947 Fireworks 250 Horizon, TX (904) 726-6560 Barstow, CA ~~~~~~~(@" Page 10 July 1986 Dusty Times

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\ Don't Miss This Last' . Great Riverside ·Explosion ... the SCORE . . OFF•ROAD: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1986 I I . I FEEL.THE TH-UN-DER. ••• ·ONE _LAST TIM·EI ·Riverside l'nternational Raceway Is ~oingJo,:ExplodeWith The Largest . Gathering· of The Mc;>st Awesome·. Off:Roa9 Racing· Vehicles In The Worldl August 15, 16 & 17, 1986 . 1 , ~:I :; THE WORLD'S FASY-EST: TRUCKS RUN FO.R-GlORV! The excitement return~ to Riverside International AN 3°Wheelers, Odysseys, Quadrunners; and much more! Raceway, one last time! Make plans to be there with us ·· Share the excitement as Two Wheel Drives battle F.our • August 15-16-17, for the 14th Mnual SCORE OFF-ROAD Mfheel Drives for off~road supremacy! Watch the · WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. · · 1-unbelievable antics.of single·seat and two seat buggies . You'll see the best and largest gathering of off-road·, j· as they get airborne and never back off the throttle! 'rai:::ing professionals anywhere jn the world. ·r ' Stroll through the pits and talk to your favorite racers You've seen races elsewhere, but NOTHING cc::m and champions. Visit-with manufacturers that supply·.your match the awesome thrill of feeling the ground shake favorite off-rood products. 'Find out secrets about how the under your fee_t as world-class professional drivers from all pros make their machines last. Witn~ss the behind-the- · · over the country converge on the notorious 100 MPH+ · scenes' action as the fop professional owners, drivers and Thompson's Ridge! . ·- . c'rews fine0tune the world's best off-road racing machines. The outrageous 1½ mile torture track is.back,'and will · 1· -See the.fqctory's best Toyotas, Fords,-Mitsubishis; · offer slam-banging. wheel-to-wheel racing action AMC/Jeeps, lsuzus! Qod.ges, Nissan-Dc,tsuns, Chevrolets in featuring the cream of the crop. No quarter is give here - .full race prep. Baja Bugs ond 2 + 4 v.jheel drive stock door-to-door racing battles will be the most spectacular production cars 'all competing side by side.for th.eWorld ever! Championship Crown of Off:Road Rai:::ing. · See all the action 1.-1p close - from your comfortable -Be a part of this one-of-a~kind racing weekend! Three grandstand seat on Turn 6. Or. park your moti:irhome next I full days of action cit Southern California's last REAL off-to the action and create your own vantage point! ·· I·road closed course racing facility! Grab yovr lawnchairs . Be there. and SE!e it all!!! The Heavy Metal Challenge,. and cameras. Bring shorts and bikinis, your wife & kids, . The Nissan Mini M~tal Challenge, ~aja Motorcycle Racers, parents & frie,nds ... ~REE Overnight J?arking! . ·• FRIDAY-August 15th • Spectator. gates open-7:00 a.rri. -• Afull day of prdctice for all classes. • FREE Overnight Parking. EVENT SPONSORS TO'(OTA r'i?tk:1Rw. OFSCORE INTERNATIONAL j: EVENT 'SCHEDULE . ----,--~....;..........-',--------:-'-,---+--SATURDAY -August 1.6th . 1. SUNDAY· _August 17th • 7:00 a.m. to 1_1:00 a.m. -Practice sessions • 7:00 a.m:·to 11:00 a.m, - Practice sessions for all classes. , for all classes. . .. .. ·. • Championship racing 1starts at NOON. • Championship racing starts at NOON, • FREE Overnight Parking. including the HEAW M~AI.. CHALLENGE and the NISSAN MINI-METAL CHALLENGE. ORDER NOW! ;Reduced Prices in Effcc~ Uniil August 14. . . ~-·, ,. ,' .. ' r----------------------~-------------• .. · ·.. . . I · .... · ; ·· .... ·•.· IMIIORTANT:AnyticketordersreceivedafterAugust9)Nillt>eheldin .· · I . Children under 12 admitted free when accompanied by ~. they the Will-Call Booth at Riverside International Ri!tceNay. · . . I -~ JY.). BOSCH •· · '_, · l♦•Mf-}i-jd I must have a reser,ied seat ticket ·;n ord~ tp sit in the. grandstands at TOOi 6 on . . . , · I 0~ . · . ' __ .. __. Sunday NoSaturdayonly,ticketswillbesold. . . EVENTSUPERTICKETS@$35/eo.($42Vlllue) $ -'-'----I · · . . . · . . (includes 3-day event general adm1SS1on, event I E Where to 11uy Tickets If RCMIS 27:40are sold out, r(MIS 1-26WIII besub,;titutted anc;:l a refund ot;S2will be· pit pass and reserved :;eat in rq,NS 27-40 at tum. . ,2 Use the attached couPon and order your tickets directly I -made Open seat1ns in the Tum 6 grandstands on Saturday: reseNed seatmg only 6 on Sunday). Not; available at gate. · I -o from SCORE International at reduced prices. Tickets may I on Sunday.. · · · · · I c I ... _ . .. _ d . t th t t "~-id I t ,· C . . . th. 1 • · . th .• t be. · • • • 1 Al - ·- · 3-DAY EVENT GENERAL ADMISSION @ $20/ ' $ ----· 0 _aso ..... purc,iase pnor_o _eeven a "'"'rs e ner0 oolers atex_ce~ 4 _,nie_ns _wino _ pe11y11tted1nthegrand5ti!nds. so, ea< 'llbe$2S.fpurchasedatgate). , I ~-~!~r;i!~Rac __ . ewayanc:lllcket:Mllster,aswellasonracedayat I noglassconta1nersw1llbeperm,1tted/ • I'. . . . : , ·. ' '..WI. I . · $ . ·;;; "'"''-.• _M1rn-Bike _CJ" mot0"1zed cycle nd11')9 not allo-Ned on r,y;:_e:way premises. -EVENT PIT PASS@_. $5/ea. ·• . ~--~, I ~0 All tickets available from: I Name · · > · - · · SUNDAYONLY<;iENERALAOMISSION@S12/ . $ ___ I 2 SCORE lntifflltloilll IIMnldl lnllmetlonll Rlcnay I · · _ . . . · ea. (will beSl5 1f purchased at gate. Can enter . >-. ·31356 Via Colinas, Suite 111 222~5 Eucalyptus Avenue I Address · track anytime after 9 P.M. Saturday). I "j · Westlake Village, CA 91362. Riverside, CA 92508 I City ---'---~----------'---'--_ *RESERVED SEATS @ .s1o;ea. (rows 1.26 at $ ·-"-~-.· I _J (818)889-9216 _(714)653c1161. . · I State __ --'-----,----ZiP------+....;...,--· turn6"onSunday). · · -I-.,· ~ ForSUndayGencralAdmissionTlckds&_SUndayk$eMd, Pho=( ___________ _;___ __*RESERVED SEATS @$12/ea. (rows 27·40 at S. ---a:. Sat Tickets Rows 1-26; ~ · · , ~ ~ . , . ~-~-- . I □MasterCard-□VISA ExpiralionDate ---"----'---.~~~~GENERAL~TICKET. . •• .... 0ci ,-==:::;:-I ·2 oo I Card No . . . . . . . . . , add ha_, ndling charge per order . S • I £ EVENT TO BE RUN ON DATE Sl'ECIFEO, .. RAltlf OR SHN. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON 1lOCET PURCHASES. Cal'dholder's Name .· . ., . . · , . TOTAL ·· S ----,-~-----------------------L -----------------------------~ ------~ I i ·I ., I . l ! I I I I I I I I I I I

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I I i · I . Additional HAPP.ENiNGS SHORT TRACK OFFROAb ENTERPRISES FORMULA DESERT . DOG SERIES . S.T.Q.R.I:;:. Co-Ordinator: . Gil Parker 7406 So. 12th St. Kalamazoo, MI 49009 . (616) 375-1233 July 5-6 Sugar Camp Challenge Sugar Camp, WI Walt Schwalbe: (414) 786-8766 July 19-20 . U.P. Off Road 100 Bark River, MI Dave Vandermissen: (906) 466-7494 July 27 BFGoodrich Sprints · Decatur, IL . Clark Altig: (217) 468-2460 'August 3 · Indiana Off Road Challenge Par~agon, IN Gary Hardin: (812) 988-4783 August 30-31 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI · Dennis Rosa: (715) 478-2924 / September 13-14 Dixie Autocross Birch Run, MI' Tom Arthur: (517) 832-3274 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD ··. DRIVERS ASSOCIATION . Karen Jenkins 2345 Hopkins Crossroad Minnetonka, MN 55343 (6i2) 544°2370 . July 5-6 . Off Road Cha\lenge Sugar Camp, WI Info: Scott Schwalbe (715) 272-1101 Page 12 July 19-20 UP Ofr Road 100 Bark River, MI Info: Dave Vandermissen (906) 466-7494 August 2-3 . Hodag 50 . Rhinelander, WI . Info.: Bernie Eckert (715) 362-6550. August 16-1 7. Off Road Weekend Fo1.1ntain City, WI Info: Bill Schirm (608) 783-1187 August 30-31 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI Info: Dennis Ros.a (715) 478-2924 September 13-14 Colorama 100 Sugar Camp, WI Info: Scott Schwalbe ( 414) 786-8766 VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 -July 26 Petaluma Raceway Petaluma, CA · August 9-10 • Petaluma Raceway - Petaluma, CA August 30,-31-September 1 ·. VORRA/ Dayton JOO Desert Race Dayton, NV September 20-21 · Millican Valley 400 . Bend, OR . October li Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento, CA WHEEL TO WHEEL, INC.· P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4W0R. Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL lC0 (613) 332-1766 (613) .332-4128 August 2-3 4x4 & Buggy Wheel to Wheel Brighton Speedway Brighton, Ontario Canada August 15-17 8th Annual Bancroft -4x4 Challenge Sand Drags, Wheel to. Wheel, · Obstacle Bancroft, Ontario, Canada WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 -87A Ave. · Surrey, Bratish Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 ATTENTION RACE ORGANIZERS Lise your cc,minl( event.< in DUSTY · TIMES free!. SL~td your ,(}86 schedule · a.\ sc,on as·. f)()ssihle for lisrinl( in this· column. Mail your race or rally schedule w: DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 , Agoura, CA 913 0·1. · Check Out the ,DUSTY TIMES· Special ~lub Sub Offer Call (818) 889-5600 or write I DUSTY·-TIMES · · 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 -Agoura, CA 91301 July 1986 THE BFGOODRICH CANADIAN CHALLENGE CUP. C~nadian Claude Tetrault and American driver Roger Caddell shared the spotlight as the Bf Goodrich Challenge Cup off road car racing series concluded last June 7. The finale was held in conjunction with the annual Molson Canadian· Supercross at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto, Ontario. Claude Tetrault, · from St. Hilaire, Quebec, drove his Funco buggy to an upset vktory•in the final round of the four Tace series that started in Vancouver\ went on to Calgary and Montreal, and finished in Toronto. A crowd of more .than. 40,000 saw Tetrault finish the ten lap race with a narrow lead over Caddell, who comesfrom·Puyallup,.Washington. Caddell drives a Funco SS 2. Third in Toronto was the 1985 Challenge Cup Champion, Bill LeFeuvre, of Limehouse, Ontario, in a Berrien Buggy. , . . Claude Tretault, who had earlier finished second in a preliminary heat, trailed early leader Richard Dagenais, of Bois-des-Filions, Quebec, for the first t'.ight laps. Tetrault took over the lead with only· two laps to go, after Dagenais.' Richard Buggy was out of the race with a blown engine. The first three finishers all raced on BFGoodrich tires. Fourth was Normarid Vailla[)co~rt, of Laval,,Quebec, il),·his Ric\rnrd Buggy sponsored Mantis, . Serge Lambert, of St. Jerome, Quebec was fifth in his Richard Buggy. Taking · sixth was the early series points leader Warren Miller of Maple Ridge, British Columbia in a Miller Special. While Tetrault took home the first place check, Roger Caddell.went back to Washington with an even bigger award, the BFGoodrich Challenge . Cup championship. Going into Toronto he had vii:tt1ally clinched the title, and he wrapped it up in convincing fashion with a strong third place finish in the preliminary heat and second placej n the feature. Roger the only · driver to compete in all four Challenge Cup events, taking second in Calgary and sixth at both the Vancouver and Montreal races. "A major ch.ampi9riship ·-such ~s this is very important to me at this stage of my racing career," Caddell said after the race. "Besides, BFG was the first company to give me any real sponsorship help, so it was.nice to win their series. It was a nice wedding present too," added the 24 year old· driver, who was married-only a week before the final race. . . · . Another highlight of the Toronto Supercross program was a 4x4 truck race, featuring the powerful full size off road racing trucks. Dave Boldt of Nobleton, Ontario took the Modified honors iri his 1977 Ford Bronco, while ...:.Randy Beaudri¢ of Foxboro, Ontario drove his 1976 Ch.evy Blazer to victory in the Unli[)'lited catetory. · · · · · . ·ONE LAP OF A.MERI<;:AllESULTS arriv~d righ,t on'our press date, too late to get them in the story. However, for-the record, the first ten of the 112 finishers .are as follows. 1. Karl Ch~valier, _ Phil Suomu, Nelson Shepard, . Toyota Celica GTS, 34 points. 2. John-Buffum, Tom Grimshaw, Richard Hughes, Audi 5000 CS Quattro Wagon,'43 points .. 3. Robert Martin, Mike · Puffenberger, Mark Fox, Ford. Bronco II, 59 points. 4. Gene Henderson, Mike Vanloo, Bill Gronning, Subaru Turbo.Wagon, 60 point~. 5. Willial!l • Sadataki, Chris Jensen, David Killian, • VW' GTI, 61 poirits, 6. J a:mes Kloosterman, John Kelley, Yugo GV, 63 points. 7. Ross Anderson, Colin -Lyle, Janice Smola, ·Ford Taui:us Wagon, 72 points. 8:Ty Holmquist, Alan Carter, Giancarlo Perini, .Audi 5000 CST urbo Quattro Wagon, 76 point}· 9. Harry Ferran, Paul.Novak,Betty. Wheeler, Checker Marathon, 106 poipts. 10. Kerry Voll, Diane Houseal, Claudia Kelly, Yugo GV, 118 points. wren. you consider the distance, over 8,000 mil_~_s, ancl that each point represfnts one second off perfect time, plus or minus, at a time control, the scores are extremely close-,-just four seconds between third and sixth_Pla:ce! ✓• THE HORA FIREWORKS 250 is shapin~·up to be another ma~sive eri.t~y desert race on the 4th of July weekend near Barstow. A report said that m:ore than 230 were in the drawing for starting numbers. for the race that iriclu.des only the 18 car classes in desert competition. While the pre-race activity will be on familia,r ground, with headquarters at the Barstow Community College,· off Barstow Road, the course wHI be longer than usual. In recent years the twilight event has been four laps of about a 60 mile course. Because of the problem last year of getting all the cars off the. line before the first ones come back finishing the first lap., ~he course has been extended to approximately 83 .. miles. The format will change to three laps instead of four this yes1.r. The course this month wilr include some of the nasty rock running on t'he Score route, and the connecting trails, along with all the good stuff we have. come to · know and love on the HDRA route. Course maps_were not in circulation as we go to press, but they will he available in Barstow for pre-runners the weekend before the race. A full supply of course maps: will l;,e at the ]-11 store owned by Connie and Mal Wessel, the HDRA Contingency Team. Their 7-11 store is. downtown in Barstow; and unfortunately, we do not have the address ... look in the phone book when you get to Barstow. . - . . \. ' . TOYOTA TRUE GRIT AW ARD. Each event in the Score/HD RA desert series scrambles the standings in the Toyota True Grit Awar.ds' points, and the Baia Internacional results have been compiled . .These awards, in three categories, Heavy Metal, Mini Metal, and all_ the buggy ,ind Baja Bug classes, · are m cold cash at the end of the.season. The points are based on t'he average ·mile .per .hour speed at each event, and. then compiled into an oyerall average· speed for each dnver. The fastest inph in each category will reward the driver with ~ piece of the $_10,000 year end kitty provided by Toyota Motorsports. Heading mto the.Fireworks 250, Class 10 driver Steve Tetrick heads .the buggy div.ision with 49.4 mph. Jerry Penhall is second with 46.2 mph, followed by Bob Gordon .at·44. 79 mph and Ivan Stewart, 44.29 mph. In the Heavy Metal D1v1son_Dave Shoppe heads the list at 41.97 mph and Manny Esquerra leads the Mm, Me.ta! group at 42:86 mph. To qualify for.the year end largesse, a driver must finish three each of the Score and HDRA events in the series. lfhe compl~tes rriore thai;i the required six events, then his best six out of eight will be counted. · PERFORMANCE OFF ROAD has been cond·u~fing a series of A TV/ Motorcycle riding clinics, the most recent.ofwhkh·was held onJune 28 and · 29 at Cahforma City, CA. The clinics are held all over the country; and are· aimed at .teaching novice, and some long time .riders, ·the methods of riding their vehicles m safety while still having fun. It is a good p,rogram, particularly . for new A TV owners. People often take a new 3 wheeler to the desert and· sometimes they don't even know how to. start it, let alone how to ride it without getting hurt because.of sheer ignorance of the.vehicle dynamics and · ( more TRAIL NOTES im pi:we 53) Dusty Times

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). l THE SCORE BAJA INTERNACIONAL · Corky and Scott McMillin Roar tO the Overall Victory By Jean Calvin Photos: T rackside. Phot,o Enterprises I _. Gorky and Scott McMil/in used the Porsche power in their hew Chenowth to great advantage .. and they set the °top pace to 'win overall as · well as in Class 2 on the· long. but fast -race. · · June means the Baja Interna-cional, still called the Baja 500 by many participants. This year a hefty gang gathered· in Ensenada, Baja California, to keep the heavy entry numbers tolling in for the 1986 desert series .. Baja. was race four, attd a must for any serious points hunters. The car entry was up from._1985 by 38 vehicles, and · the entire entry, including the 12 classes for motorcycle engined vehicles, hit 277 on the starting line, 64 more than one year ago. Even the old time Baja runners needed to do homework this year. · While . the course . held many familiar roads, it also · traveled in diverse directions. It · was familiar stuff out of Ensenada to Ojos ~ egros . and Page 14 Trinidad, but then the route turned to the southwest, winding over mountains to the Pacific . Coast at Colonet., running down the highway _ an,d. then to the · beach to reach Camalu. From _ there it was up the back road and . 'steep cliffs to Mike's Sky Ranch, . down th,e hills and i\Cross Diab lo Dry Lake to the San Felipe Zoo. From there a short beach 'run 1 brought the racer·s fo Three Poles and across the highway, _using part of the highway to return to Trinidad. Finally it was through the pine . forest to. Ojos Negros and Ensenada. Estimates of over 70 miles of p~v:ement on the course and reports :that even the dirt roads were graded and fast, brought out · forecasts of faster · over.all . times than last year, despite the route being many miles longer. While there were ten on course · . checkpoints, only .four were time controls. · So the leader · board reports came 'from Cl-\eck. 2, Trinidad, 100 miles, Check 5 at Camalu; 190 miles into the course, Check 7 San Felipe, 216 cumulative-miles, and Check 9·, near Trinidad at 397 total rril les. The race distance was 492 miles, a real 500 for most competitors. The race activity' began· on. · Friday with registration, tech.-and the Contingency Row, which was set up again in front of t_he Bahia Hotel. But, it seems the cops closed off the wrong tw9 blocks to traffic, so. the contingency effort started a bit late; and some tourists, par~ed . on the street while shopping; Funco, the defending champs, found their cars trapped in .the and Rick Munyon, who was seen lines. of contingency ·donors and · no more. Two didn't get this far, race cars on the str~et. Ah, the • and Bob Renz was on the trailer charm of Baja! - shortly. Also.having a tough start The· bikes and A TVs took off. was . Tom Koch, , but .. he · got at first light, and the day was still running well later, only to ret.ire overcast· when the · first. car, left on the. Gulf coast. , · .. )• . .. . . just after.s.everi in t~e mor~ing. . Ivan Stewart .was. first on the Class .l was first away with 13 road and on time'on the Pacific . heavy hitters ready to cnaUenge . Coast, just a couple of minutes the horsepower der:nanding. ,ahead of Larry Noel, Chaparral, course, leaving the line one every and Tim Crai?tree,, was only 30 seconds .. At Check 2 it had another minute dow~,· ~nd the been a dusty run and Tim. 9thers were dose. On the ·long, Crabtree, alone in Bob Gordon's · 126 mile run to San FeHpe, · two seater, led Mark McMillin, Crabtree took, ·oyer the lead.arid · Chenowth, by' a. minute. Ivan then · vanished. Now· about five Stewart had the Toyota.about40 minutes back came Stewart, with · more seconds back, followed in a · the odd flat and fuel pump .woes. co~ple of minutes, by both the Lar,ry Noel . was . another five .Bud F_eldkamp/Ron · Qardner minutes behind, and he werit out ·.Dusty.Times

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It was a good race for the McMillin clan as Mark went solo to arrive a close second in Class 1. and put his Chenowth home third overall. Mike Lund also 'did the solo act in his Chenowth. had some problems. but he kept racing to -finish third in Class 1 and fourth Rick and John Hagle had some brake problems with the Raceco. but made back the lost time to take second in Class 10 and eleventh overall. overall. · every race, due to some weird formula known orily to the organizers. In Baja, Class 10 was second off the line, eleven strong. This too was a tight pack at Having his best day_ in the desert in the 'Toyota. Ivan Stewart had small woes buJ won Class 1 by five minutes and took a keen second overall. - Check 2 with the Raceco of Rick and John Hagle _ leading . the O.R.E. of Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn by just 13 seconds. Bill and Mike Church were close, 1 ½ minutes back and just 13 seconds ahead of Steve Sourapas. Dwight Lundell was another 1 ½ minutes behind; but he did lnot get to Camalu. There the Hagle brothers· increased their .Iead over Tetrick/Ronn to 1 ½ minutes, trailed in another 1 ½ minutes by Sourapa~ who had the Church Raceco kbout four minutes- behind hiin. Others were still running well, but not close. Although the Roger Mortenson/ Russ Wekh Furico had good time from dlheck 2, the team had a long first leg. · Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn are on a roll. and for the third race in a row they won Class 10 in the O.R.E .. and they were also fifth overall. Moving on to San Felipe, both the Hagles, with a dragging brake, and Sourapas had down time. Tetrick/Ronn led the parade by about seven minutes over Church·, who had five minutes on the Hagles and Sourapas was back another 11 minates. Heading dowri the final stretch, the leaders gained a few more minutes, but Sourapas was back on form as well. But, positions on the westbound run. Suffering with misfiring, Mark McMillin's Porsche engine was running on five cylinders from time to time, and he was back another six minutes, and six minutes ahead of Mike Lund, also going solo in his Chenowth. At Check 9 McMillin closed up seven minutes on Stewart, who still led, but now Mark was only a few minutes back. Lund turned up the wick also and gained about three minutes. But . Ivan Stewart hauled freight through the forest and the Toyota was the first car of any kind into the- finish line in Ensenada. Ivan won Class 1 and he was close to winning overall, but that was not to be. Mark McMillin, still having occ~ional engine misfires, came in on a flat right rear tire, but close to Stewart, second in class, . third overall, only about five minutes behind on E.T. Mike Lund had · another quick leg to take third in class. Bud Feldkamp and Ron Gardner survived their trouble to place fourth by less than six minutes over Ron Brant/ Clark Gillies, Raceco. Still havirig new car problems, Gregg Symonds and Mike Patrick got home a couple of hours later in the O.R.E. . The starting order changes DustyTimcs Dave Shoppe gave his bride Linda the best of wedding presents. the close victory i·n'Ctass 8. with Larry M addox co-driving in the winning Ford. . It was a tight dice most of the distance. but Max Razo and John Johnson flew' their spiffy Bug into first in Class 5. and a keen 15th overall. July 1986 remained the same. Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn · kept it all together to win Class 10, their third win in a·row. They were the sixth car into the finish, took fifth overall, and reported only minor trouble en route. Rick and John Hagle picked up more time, but not enough. They were second in Class 10, 15 minutes later. Steve Sourapas kept moving to snag third, another 12 minutes out, as the This is the system run by most off road race winners Church team had nearly · an hour's worth of problems on the last leg and dropped to fourth. Making up time, Roger Mor~enson/ Russ Welch were . fifth, only four more mi_nutes back. Andy Poff got his Chenowth home sixth, the last Class 10 finisher. The 16 Class 2 racers were third away, and this too was a fierce field. Jim and Mark Temple smoked~ TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME · DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 12131 2a4.9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 15 · I .I ' ,

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General wins two more in the Rose Bowl. Flying his Mazda on General Grabber radials, Glenn Harris out-n1aneuvered a tough field on one rough chunk of Pasadena in the Mickey Thompson Off-Road Chan1pionship Gran Prix. Running against the best in the Grand National Sports Truck class, Glenn started in the pole position and st-ayed in front from flag to flag. Q The same-night, Mazda . ~~ teammate Rod Millen 4>-0~ . guided his Grabber-<'/)', ~ )}~ shod missile to h~ c~ thewinner's <'16~~~~:~ Gc,Jr,~~O ~ . ·,.;.,.~,_. ... , ,..:..,:;_;,,.,., oh 4'q, Its~ · . 03 lo/~~ '.I, , circle in the Trophy Dash. But that's the way it goes. Week-in and week-out, the guys trading track dirt for pay dirt are the ones riding on the same rugged, race-proven Grabber· radials available now at your General Motorsports dealer. The Grabber AP® for all-around on- and off-road driving. The Grabber AT" for more aggressive all-terrain use. · Al?-d the big-lugged Grabber MT~ for people who really like to play in the mud. r,~Ulll~l~ utne1ars. © 1986,General Tire, a 6ecoAP Company

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f ' j \ \ ' Steve had some ·problems here and ihere; but he carried on to place third in the hotly contested Class 10 battle In Flying high in the Raceco pickup, builder Dave Kreisler and Jim · The dust was terrible on parts-of the course, but Jerry Penhall , Nobles kept on fiying to the finish line and took second in Class · and Kent .Pfeiffer hung tough in the th and finished third 2, sixth overall. in Class 2. · · · · Baja California. ··Frank · V_essl'Jls and Brad Stolfers had a very good day in the Par/{er racer Dan Beaver, with Randy Hoeft co-dr.iving; hustled Stan.Parnell and Jeff Bo/ha splashed through a bunch of water Chevrolet, taking a very close second in Class Band a fine ninth · through the countryside in his Ford, and finished very well, third crossings on course en route to, a strong second place in the overall as well. · in Class 8. , , · I . · . ·. Class 5 action.· • _ . Gaughan.. < I . . !record, as eight of the ten starters ' 1]ie. most ipferesting finish · finished. Steve Kelley had the line technique came from Waker !lead · at Check . 2, but Walker Pr_ince in the Candy Cane Evans was · only two minutes Raceco. One cane · was missing, hehind him, with Dave Shoppe the result of a roll, but Prince •less than a minute behind him. the trucks roared-off into the east. At San Felipe. Frank Vessels · _gracefully turned the car around Frank Vessels lost 15 minutes in · and backed acroJs the finish line the · pits fixing a drive line _to the delight of the mostly · prdblem. At Camalu Evans led Mexican crowd. Unlucky Perry Kelley's ch·e'{y by two minutes, McNeil a_nd Frank Arciei:o Shoppe was three more minutes finished ·ninth., and te.nth back in the Ford, with Randy . had a four minute -lead on Dave Shoppe, . but Frank then· had· a flat. After rolling his Ooqge out· of the Sky Ranch, Walker Evans was tied on time with Dan Beaver /Randy Hoeft at Check 7, · about nine minutes further·back, -and Salmont held fifth. · Into Check 9 Evans . had more troubles, and · the -overheated Rob Tolleson, wit Ii Bill Varnes driving· relief, took the lead late in the race-in 'the Miraqe, and went on to _win the close 1-2-1600 contest. ~ . . . the field to Now it was Gordon's turn to Check 2, about two minutes have problems, and the second · <1,head of Jerry Penhall/ Kent time through Trinidad the · Pfeiffer, Chenowth. They h~d McMillin's led Class 2 by 20 three · minutes in· hand over minutes and began to think Corky and Scott McMillin, overall win. The McMillin team · followed in another three is very efficient, and th~y told minutes by David Kreisler/ Jim Scott, now driving, that he was, Nobles, with Perry McNeil right_· about · ten minutes behind on the Raceco's bumper. brother Mark, and coull go for At ~amalu, where Danny the overall vktory. . Sco,tt 'I Le!ner's car·was seen coming off. · maintained a swift pace to the th~ beach with a badly deranged finish line, using all the Porsche nose,· the result of hitting a large engine had, and, while he came in hole bn the beach, Corky and . th\rd on the road, he did edge Scott McMillin took the lead. In Ivan Stewart for the .overall car a tie; abqut eight mim.ites back honors by a slim two minutes, 34 were Dave K'reisle"r, Bob. seconds. . Gordon, _and Frank Arciero, Behind the celebrating with the Temples back about two McMillin clan, David Kreisler/ minutes behind the Toyota Jim Nobles .had some trouble . truck: And the other five still wlth the R;aceco pickup, but took running were only a few minutes second in class, -almost 30 further clown. . · minutes behind the winners. In .·. _· On the long leg to San Felipe ·another ten minutes Jerry the McMillin Chenowth, a new Penhall/Kent P£eiffer, whose · car at the Mint 400, developed Chenowth had problems too, brake trouble: But it didn't seem including a persistent oil leak, to slow them at all, and the lead were third. Coming on strong in · .was around seven minutes. the late . legs, Bob Richey and Mea,nwhile Bob Gordon, with Tom -Baker got their Raceco the quickest leg dme, moved his . home. merely four minutes later, Chenowth into second, about and Bob Gordon had a good final four minutes ahead of Kreisler/ run to move into fifth, only two Nobles. The others all had some more minutes behind. 'The . down time, and Arciero was Temples ended up sixth, about · changing a trans near Mike's Sky · IS minutes ahead of fellow Las Ranch. · . -vegans Len .Newman and Mike · Dusty Times . respectively: , ' ISalmont in the pre~rl!nner GMC . Class 8 produced a remarkable another four minutes down as engine gave 'up.~ , ' . July 1986 I. I ' . , KC HAS SHINED~TH~WAY TO MORE OFF;;.ROAD ·RACING VICTORIES·THAN ALL OTHER BRANDS COMBINED! t KC HiLiTES, we're about om petition lighting. So why take a· hance with anything els KC HiliTES, Inc.·• Williams, Arizona 86046 ,. 602/635-2607 Page 17 I :.., i i

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i· l. L ~ Here Shoppe sixth, f~llowed by the battered maintained· his 'slim, three Chevy of Steve McEache~n and minute lead over V~ssels, and Glenn Evans, who had ·taken a. nobody else was close, Kelley's trip down a canyon, end over end truck had a mysterious ignition · in the mour.1tains. They -had no failure on the dr:y lake, that took front body at all, or windshield OVtr an hour to find and fix, and but they w~re happy to finish'. he was out of it. . . The Mexican team of Juan · Just over an hour afrer Ivan · Hussong and Enrique Cordoba Stewart crossed the finish line, got their Ford in eighth. . Dave. Shoppe, with Larry Of the 11 starters in Class·S, Maddox riding in the Ford, flew six finished, arid this was a real down the street to the Class 8 race in th_e early stages. Starting ,, · victory with Frank Vessels right in Max Razo's Bug, . John · '----,on his rear bumper. Frank Johnson, with his wife Linda --...... sta~ed in front, so ther~ was no riding along, sailed into Check 2 . '-do_µ · that Shoppe· was the · with a 45 second lead over Jim winner. ~sels was a minute 19 • Cocores. Mel Vaughan/Dan seconds beh1nd on E.T., in --ihe Reynolds were around two . Chevy, and the pair finished minutes back, with Nick eighth and ninth overall. . Firestone/ Dick Carbajal, Jr. less Dan Beaver and Randy Hoeft then a minute more behind. hung on in third. in the older Following in another minute Ford, followed by Randy were Greg Diehl, who only got to Salmont/Ted Behr, who were Check 3, and Stan Parnell/ Jeff only a· few minutes ahead of Bolha. Usually competitive, the Bruce Ka.well and Doug Castillo Klawitter Bug used an extra 3½ in a Dodge. Steve I<;elley a_rrived hours to this point, and never did PARKER TOM KOCH RAZO & JOHNSON LUCERNE RAZO & JOHNSON RENZ &CLARK MINT CORKY McMILLIN MARK McMILLIN RENZ &CLARK AGAIN THANK ''TOP DRIVERS" BAJA 500 1st Overall GORKY & SCOTT McMILLIN ·3rd Overall MARK McMILLIN CLASS 1 MARK McMILLIN GARDNER & FELDKAMP CLASS2 GORKY & SCOTT McMILLIN Cl,.ASS 5 RAZO & JOHNSON CLASS10 BILL & MIKE CHURCH COMPLETE SERVICE - ALL PARTS IN STOCK Tear Down$.. Mag $265.00 - Hewland DG 300 Special 15.54 First Gears $395.00 15.40 Second Gears $239.00 . Billett Side Covers $350.00 NOW......; A CONTINGENCY PROGRAM. . . "Get Your Shift Together" , . ~ by DOUG FORTIN HEWLANCW' _ (619) 465-378_2 Page 18 I I \ minutes ahead of Wolcott/ McCrory, who had a minute on Larry Smith/Jon Kennedy. It was still tight as the troops-turned west arid headed home. R0b Tolleson gained four minutes on the run to Check 9 over the Williams, and here no one else was within ten minutes. This round Rob Tolleson did not get lost in Ensenada, and as his competition slowed he went . on to win · the class by 14 minute$. He and Varn(!s placed a . keen 18th. ·overall on the high speed COl.-!rSe with a 1600cc All but alone in Class 7 after a couple_ hundred miles. Manny Esquerra cruised . engine. Rob said the race was an uneventful but, tough run. Morley ;md Bill Williams kept moving fast to take second, just the Ford Ranger to victory in swift time. taking 16th overall. · ·.recover, finishing sixth. · induding Rob Tolleson. 'At six minutes ahead of Richard , At Camalu Razo/Johnson and . Camalu Wolcott/ McCrory held Goldbaum and Pancho-Bio, who Jim Cocores/ Dave Snoddy were ·:al½ minute lead on Frisby,,who had· a scant nine seconds over in a dead heat on total time, and ·did not make another clieck. Willy and Terry Higman who Parnell/ Bolha were just nine . Tolleson was another minute came on str:ong late 'in the· race. minutes behind. Vaughan lost down, followed in a minute by , Wolcott and McCrory salvaged half an hour and Firestone lost the Fer,ratos, who were tied on fift~ with a strong _la~t leg, and three hours,: but later the time with the Williams, and Smith/ Kennedy had, ttouble in Firestone Bug fmishecl fifth. By Richs1rd Goldbaum/ Pancho "Bio . ~he same leg and were sixth. The · San Felipe Cocores/ Snoddy had were another minute back. A flat · first five were 18th through 23rd· pulled out about six minutes lead·· · tire here could cost ten spots._ .. overall,· indicative of how hard on Razo/Johnson. Parnel1/ Bolha At San Felipe it was still tight, a . one must race to even take fifth were a distant third, t_heir small virtual tie for the lead-on E.T. fn, this class. · engine not able to keep up on the · ~etween Rob_Tolleson, with ·sm .. _.· Class '7 -dwfndled tO merely fast ro_ads. Vaughan/ Reynolds . Varnes I)OW driving the Miraget ·•four . trucks . in Baja: . Manny were another ten minutes off and Morley· and Bill" Williams, 'Esquerra·-leq to Check 2 by a pace. , Chenowth. The Ferratos were six minute over Mark Steele, who The Cocores Bug lost nearly an minutes back, and retired after was not · seen . again. Larry hour en route· to Check 9 and CheGk 8. Goldbaum/ Bio were Ragland was third here, but only that was the ballgame. Max1Raz~ another five minutes down, two got past Camalu in i:he new sailed across the finish line the · ' · Class 5 winner by about 38 minutes, and he was happy! Stan Parnell and Jeff Bolha took over second place, nearly ·an. hour ahead of Mel · Vaughan/ Dan · Reynolds. Cocores and Snoddy · salvaged fourth, another 26 minutes behind. The biggest class at the race was 1-2-1600 at 29 starters, and a full 15 of them finished the course. Fast time honors to Check 2 went to.Steve and Matt Ferrato, a minute ahead of Rick Frisby . and Morley and Bill Williams and Steve Wolcott/ Mike McCrory, all three cars tied on time. A half dozen others were in . the next - minute or Dave an_d Bryant Wood had a-°long. several hour p(oblem trying_,.tq climb -the cliff t.o the Sky Ranch. but they carried on to win ~lass 9 anyh.9w: _ Mel.Vaughan and Dan Reynolds got their usually tidy Bug 'dirty on the beach. buf even with problems they came in third, in Class 5. · Morley and Bill Williams had a good run· in their_Ghfinowt11· to sec.and in Class 1-2-1600 .. and this team is one tb recko,,., with in this big class. Richard Goldbaum and Pancho" Bio hustle over the beach Up and down in the top bunch all day. Willy a_nd Terry in their handsome Frisl<. and ihe team took third in Class . Higman lost a •real cliffhanger at the finish . . ending up 1-2-1600 by merely 19 seconds. fourth in ·ciass 1-2-1600. Jufy 1986 Dusty Times -\ \ \ \

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~---~------~ 1" ·1 Don Yoston and Bill Do'nohoe led Class 4 for a time in the Jeep Honcho. _but real problems later on dropped them to second at Soaring off a cattle guard, Buck Griffin and Don Coffland k'ept a Steve Lakin and Todd Fetters had th,e early lead in Class 5-1600. strong pace ,n the Jee'p CJ B. arid fhey,kept it up to finish second -dropped some time midway. but hung on to t_ake second at the in Class 3. ' · flag. • the checkered flag. · Having rare self-induced mechancal trouble/!, Rod Hall and Jim Fricker came back fast and scored another Class 4 .win. with Jm even hour in hand. Don Adams and Larry Olsen had a good day in the Jeep Cherokee. no major woes. and they scored a very special victory in Class 3 competit/ion. Still the only entry in the Special Class 6S, Chris Robinson and Rod Anderson turned gooa· times in the Olds Calais for a good E.T. at the finish. Robert C. Jones and Paul Ma1<ey did the number on the big 5-1690 field. winning this tight class in spades. by over 26 minutes at the finish. Dusty Times I . factory backed ¢hevrolet. :UP an anci_ent Ford. Bronco. They front Esquerra saicl he "cruised" stayed m formation all the way-in the Ford Ranger but he won in· back to Ensenada, with Don swift time, · under 'ten hours for . Adams and Larry Olsen bringing 16th overall. _ J~hn Swift and the Jeep Cherokee in 44 minutes Dave Turner took an ·extra four ahead of Griffin and Coffland. hours to reach Check 2 in their Ma,tt Pike was only nine minutes Mazda, but then turned some· back, trailed home by the Jeeps good leg times to finish second in df Mike .Schwellinger ·anc! Dave Class 7. ' ·. Bryan. _ Class 9 was dbwn to three I Chris Robinson and Rod starters, and the ·fast course was Anderson drove the Olds arm,md hard on 1200cc ' engines. At -.. the entire course, again.alone in Check 2l1int 400 winner Gary Class 6S, but they finished in excelle11t time. .Steve Mize! started his Bronco in Class 14, ,but was out before -the first . checkpoint. · Class 5;1600 is one of the strongest· entry classes this year, with · 22 brave ones ready . to tackle the high.speed Baja course. Incredibly, 15 Bugs finished! Steve Lakin and Todd Fetters led the pack to Check 1, with about four minutes in hand over R.C. Jones and Paul Maxey, who used Cogbill haq a 2½ ljl1inute edge on Dave and Bryant Wood, and · . Thumper McDowell was back 18 more minutes. [~At - Camafo, Cogbill had a four[minute lead on th~ Woods, but neither he nor McDowell ll)ade \ it to Mike's. Near that resort the Woods car had a serious engine·problem, it quit and wouldn't restart. After five hours they got rolling again, and went all the W:ay to the finish line, winning Class 9. Class 4 also I fielded three · lonely starters, tbut all three -finished. The Rod Hall/ Jim Fricker Dodge · led the Don McCormack/Dick-Greenlee Dodge,by 1 ½ minutes at Check 2, and the Don Yosten/Bill '00nahoe Jeep Honcho was dose. The'n Hall zigged instead of zagging going up the mountain; bought a·huge rock and tore out parts of the front end and the transfer case. ThJ Stroppe crew came quickly to tqe rescue, but at · Camalu Don Yosten's Jeep had a hefty lead over! Hall. ' Earlier M.cCormack had been leading; then extra hour or so'on the beach .. · I . From there · it ]was a fam_iliar tale . . · Hall picked 1 up time on Yosten at San Felip~, then Yos~en had troubles before Check 9. At the flag Rod Hall ~nd Dodge won again, by a full . hour, over the Jeep of Yosten/Donahoe, who had more than an hour margin on McCormack/Greenlee.• There were five .starters in Class · 3, and amazingly they all finished., Off ·the line Don Adams/Larry Olsen led the first leg by less than a minute over the CJ 8 of Buck Griffin/Don Cdffland, who had trouble on · the next leg. _Adams .,got' more than half an hdur cushion at -Camalu, and Dave Bryan/Darrrn York had theirC~ in second, nvo minutes ahead of Griffin/Cof-fland, who had tWo minutes on Mike Schwellingdr/Les Erickson in another CJ 7, I' · Both Schwellinger and Bryan had big troubles ~h route to San Felipe. Now Adams/Olsen,had the Jeep Cherokee out front by half ,an hour over Griffin/Cof-fland, who had ten minutes on Matt Pike and Buh McCready in I • July 1.986 to run tne I&' I • Super Lock Outer 7.500 Hol Standar~ Lock Outer Fully Machined Where Dirt build-up ·Is Not _A Problem, I Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 . 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1 • I . w .. ;.,,,._ Mike Leste and Cameron Steele had some trouble along the way. and they fought back hard to take a strong third in Class 5-1600. Willie Valdez and Jose Alvarado led Class 7S on the Gulf Coast. but late breaking mechanical trouble dropped the Ford to second in class. · ' Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen seem to have their 7S Toyota sorted out now. anJi,_the smooth team drove to a strong third in class in- Baja. Heading for home Danny Ashcraft and Clive Che/fins made a great debut in the Raceco. finishing a very· strong second in Challenge Class. Driving an older racer. John Fargo still did a great job. and he arrived at the finish line third in Challenge class competition. Looking like it could be a Checker car, Armando Sa·rabia drove his ~eetle quickly all the way. and finished second in Class 11. ~ Tar Baby Bug in Class 5. Several others were five to ten minutes back. here, and they all made it this far, then started to drop out. Close to. 200 miles down course at Check 5, Jones/ Maxey heJ.d just 1 ½ minutes lead on Lakin/ Fetters. Closest at this point was the House of Buggies Mike Lund and Bob Faulkenberg, ten minutes back, with Mike Lesle/ Cameron Steele a couple more minutes down and the same distance ahead of Alesandro Chapluk. , This class had a heavy Mexican entry. . · . Charging on to San Felipe the Jones Bug held the lead, now by te'n minutes over Lakin/Fetters, who had a flat tire. Lesle/ Steele, who started late with engine troubles were next, .and several more were within minutes here. Moving on to Check 9, Jones and Maxey · had- a substantial 19 minute lead .. Lesle/ Steele were second here with six minutes over Lakin/ Fetters, and the Lund Bug stayed in fourth . . At the flag it was R.C. Jones Summertime Fun! SUPERSTITION 250111 Saturday Night August ~. 1986 AMSA desert series points race. Three cars will make a class. Info: Days: Jeff Wright (619) 561-481 0 Evenings: Fud (619) 427·5759 Presented by the Fudpucker Racing Team ·page 10 Splashing along .the beach in the Toyota. Mike and Pat Falkosky took the lead iri Class 7S in the last few miles and held. on for the win. and Ray Maxey, first a~ross the line, and first in Class 5-1600, scoring a neat 29th overall. Steve . Lakin and Todd Fetters finished second, about" 26 minutes later. Mike Lesle and Cameron Steele dropped 15 minutes on the final leg, and dropped to th'ird; 14 more minutes down. Mike Lund and Bob Faulkenberg held on in fourth, 2-0 minutes later, followed in 23 minutes by Ernesto Arambula/Guillermo Quientro. The finishers were spread 15 to 20 minutes apart all night. A good entry of 14 set off in search of Class 7S honors, a·nd five trucks went the distance. First retiree was Chuck Johnson and Mike Poppie who had the worst of race weekends. While they were at tech on Friday, their motel room was robbed, and so was Warren Baird's- truck that held all the Ranger's spares, engine, trans, etc. The truck vanished into the Mexican landscape. On race day Johnson got a few miles out of Ensenada when the head gasket blew, but he was out of the race with no spare parts. Not surprising, Spence Low and his new Nissan led to Check · 2, putting six minutes on Willie Valdez, Ranger. Jim Travis was _ another six minutes back, but not seen again, and Tudy Esquerra was a11other . minute behind.· Low boomed , on to Camalu, leading Valdez by just four minutes. -Now Tudy Esqu~rra had his Ranger just 12 minutes back in third. Mike and Pat Falkosky, who lost time on the first leg; were next, leading Malcolm Vinje/ Mark Hansen by a minute·, boi,h driving Toyot'as. On the long run east, Low slowed, and Esquerra, along with Paul Simon and Tom Heyser, retired. At San Felipe Valdez was out fronf by 25 minutes, followed by Low, then Vinje/ Hansen, ·now just three minutes ahead of the Falkoskys. Into Check 9 Spence Low was . running strong and regained the lead. Valdez lost a full hour, and Mike Falkosky was second,· about 12 minutes ahead of the Ranger. Vinje/ Hansen were only _ another two minutes back. Low's Nissan vanished in the final miles. Mike and Pat Falkosky arrivecl first, the class winner, which· delighted Toyota fans and the team's new ·sponsor, Downey Toyota. Still having trouble, Willie Valdez finished second, about 28 minutes· later. Malcolm Vinje and. Mark Hansen were third, their first good finish since switching from the championship winning Class 5 car to the 7S Toyota. Running steady all day ~he team of Larry July 1986 / Rich Richardson and Mike LaPlant drove their new the victory in Challenge class. one of the bigggst classes at _the Baja Internacional. The beach route included a lot of water.crossings. but Sergio Gutierrez and his crew kept a steady pace en route to victory in Class -11. · Carlton and Gil Devine grabbed fourth, in a Ranger, only _ 13 minutes ahead of the Nissan of Alfred De La Rosa and Alex Melero. The Challenge Class came up with a husky 22 starters, and twelve of them finished. The quick one to Check 2 was the T--Mag of Mike Ward/ Mike Free, just 1 ½ minutes quicker than' Rich Minga, Chenowth. Another 1 ½ minutes back was the Larry Martin/ Jerry Ric\': Chenowth, . followed in 15 seconds by both Danny Ashcraft/ Clive Cheffins, Raceco, -and Rich Richardson/ Mike LaPlant, Jimco. This was some race to the beach with five . cars under · a three· minute blanket! . , · · At Camalu Rich Minga had seven minutes on the field. Richardson/ LaPlant' and Ash-·craft/ Cheffins and Martin/ Rice were tied on E.T. for second. Now in fifth was the Chenowth of Richard Bruemmer/Wayhe Wolar, and a few . more, including the Lothringer _ Baja Bug, were just minutes behind. _ The picture changed drastically at Sa·n · Felipe. Ward/Free dropped over . fiv e · hours, eventually finishing 11th. Min~a lost an hour and came·in eighth. Up front now, Richardson/ La-Plant -had a 1 ½ minute lead on Dusty Times

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SCORE BAJA.l·NTERNACIONAL · June 7 1985 - Final· Results Pos .• . , . . 0/ A Pos. Car # Driver(s) Vehicle Time 1. 2. 3. -4. 5. C1:ASS 1 -UNLIMITED. SINGLE SEAT -13 START - 6 FINISH .105 10i f14 ·102 100 Ivan Stewart (solo) . Mark McMillin (solo) Mike Lund (solo) Bud Feldkamp /Ron Gardner ~on Brant/Clark Gillies Toyota Pickup Chenowth-Porsche Chenowth Fun co Race co 8:56.32 9:01.59. 9:13.00 9:37.48 9:44.16 CLASS 2 -UNLIMITED TWO SEAT -16 START 10 FINISH 1. 200 · Gorky· & Scott McMillin Chenowth-Porsche. · 8'53.58 2. 299 David Kreisler/Jim Nobles Raceco Pickup 9:33.44. · 3. -205 Jerry Penhall /Kent Pfeiffer Chenowth 9:43. 50 4. 213 Bob Richey/Tom Baker Raceco 9:4 7. 5 7 5. 21_2 Bob Gordon/Tim Crabtree Chenowth '9:48.40 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. CLASS 1-2-1600 -1600CC RESTRICTED - 29 START -15 FINISH 1600 'Rob Tolleson/Bill'Varnes · Mirage · 10:06.25 1601 Morley & Bill Williams Chenowth 10:20.23 161 ~ Richard Goidbaum /Pancho Bio frisk 10:?6. 25 1699 Willy & Terry· Higman Chenowth ·10:26A4 1619 Steve Wolcott·/M_ike McCrory Raceco . 10:29.25 CLASS 3 -SHORT WHEELBASE 4x4 - 5 START - 5 FINISH 1. 349 Don Adams/Larry Olsen Jeep Cherokee · 11:19.58 2. 303 Buck Griffin/Don c·offland Jeep CJ·B 12:04.09 3. · · 348 Mau Pike /Burt McCready Ford Bronco · 12: 13. 51 4. 301 Mike Schwellingei/Les Eric~son Jeep CJ-7 14:19.55 (Car) 2 .3 4 . 7 12 1 6 .10 13 14 18 .20 21 .22 23 the hills to Camalu the Carmona VW held a six minute lead over Hendricks'trn/Butler, and Gutierre;z: was only seconds back. Armando Sarabia moved up to fourth, and Victor and Angel Barajas were in fifth .. · -On the long haul to San Felipe, He(ldrickson/ Butler put time on the field and leg Gutierrez by ten minutes at the Zoo. Carmona lost · 30 minutes; put stayed 1n third a couple minu.tes ahead of Sarabia. On the fast roads to Check 9 the positions shuffled (:)nce again a_s . Hendrkkson . dropped · half • an hour. Gutierrez had a 28 minute lead now, Sarabia was another Fighting through the pack of Class 11 s on itie beach. Larry Schwacofer and eight minutes down in thtrd, Sid Spradling bested the five car field handily in Class 6 in the old Chevy. followed. closely . by .both Ashcraft/Cheffint Martin/ Rice · e1ariy ' le~ders, Mike Ward ani Carmona ari.d Barajas. . were 12 minutes further back, Mike Free. · At the finish line it was Sergio less than a minute ahead -of Jim A fine band of JS Beetles Gutierrez who arrived first,'with and Bobby Beeson, Chenowth, started in Class 11, and more a healthy· 48 ·minute'. margin fo and_l5 were still running. . than half were Mexican entries. victory. Armando Sarabia took , 5. 302 David Bryan /Darren York Jeep C-!:_7 . 15:09. 00' l. 2. 3. . CLASS 4 -LON~ WHEELBASE-4x4 - 3 START -:3 FINISH . 400 Ro.d Hall/Jim Fricker Dodge Pickup · 11:19.23 ·401 Don Yosten/Bill Donohoe .· Jeep Honcho 12:19.02 402 Don McCormack/Dick Greenlee Dodge Pickup 13:54.32 CLASS 5 -UNLIMITED BAJA BUG -11 START -&-FINISH 38 54 57 86 95 By Check. 9 Richardson/La-Marco Carmona/ Ricardo Flores second by. less than four minutes , .. Plant had increased their lead to were the . fast team to -Check 2, from Marco 'Carmona, who was. about seven minutes over ··But· .Da'vid Hendrickson/ Perry · ·· only 4½ minut~s ahead of Davi(\ 37 · Ashcraft/ Cheffins. The,Beesons Butler were less than five minutes Hendrickson/Perry Butler. 59 . . were · third, and John Fargo had· behind. Sergio Gutierrez was. a Another seven 'minutes back the a,o moved :i'nto fourth, ·just ahead of couple more minutes down, and Barajas Beetle was fifth; and eight · Martin/ Rice who had down time several others were close. Over of thetµ finished late at night.~ on the leg. It was still a dash to the 1. 2. 3. 4.-5 . . 505 Max Razo/Johnny Johnson Baja Bug 9:52.43· 503 Stan Parnell/ Jeff Bolha Baja Bug 10:31. 08 506 . Mel Vaughan /Dan· Reynolds Baja Bug 11 :26. 58 .502· Jim Cocores/Dave·snoddy Baja Bug 11:52.54 549 Nkk Firestone/Richard Carba1al, Jr. Baja Bug 14:54.08 CLASS 5-1600 -1600CC BAJA BUG -22 START -15 FINISH L · 596 Robert C. Jones/Paul Maxey Baja Bug 10:51.J 0 2, 593 Steve Lakin /Todd Fetters . Baja Bug 1.1: 1 7. 15 3. 550 Mike Lesle/Cameron Steele Baja Bug 11:31.15 4. 559 ·Michael Lund/Bob Faulkenberg Baja Bug 1_1:51.28 5. .. 597 Ernesto Arambula/Guillermo Ouientro Baja Bug 12:1440 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. CLASS 6S -UNLIMITED SEDAN - 1 START - ; FINISH 620 Chris Robinson/Rod Anderson rn·ds Calais 11 :55.21 CLASS 6 -PRODUCTION SEDAN - 5 START - 3 FINISH . 60\ Larry Schwac.ofet /Sid Spradling '55 Chevrolet 12:36.40 619 Arne & Patrik Gunnarsson Saab 96 14:27.47 618 Wesley & G'arson Moser Ford Ranchero 1 7:04. 56 603 Edward Everert, .Jr. Edsel · 1 7:23. 00 . CLASS 7 -UNLIMl'FED MINI-MIDI PICKUP - 4 START - 2 FINISH 70□-Manny Esquerra/Larry Saavedr.a Ford Ranger 9:56.10 703 John Swift/Dave Turner Mazda 16:33.32 719 Larry Ragland Chevrolet S-10 4:57.30 CLASS 7S -STOCK MINI-MIDI PICKUP -14 START - 5 FINISH 1. 732 Mike & Pat Falkosky · · Toyota · .11 :40.21 'i. , 722 Willie Valdez/Jose Alvarado . Ford.Ranger· 12:08.41 3. 748 Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen Toyota 12:49.05 4. 727 Larry Carlton/Gil Divine Ford Ranger 14:12.02 5. 723 Alfred De La Rosa/Alex Melero Nissan - '14:25.01 15, 24 -40 51 94 29 35 . 42 -50· 5.8 52 61 90 104 (ck. 9) · 16 101 (ck. 5) 46 56 65 84 '89 CLASS 7 4x4 c STOCK MINI-MIDl·4x4 -10 START - 5 FINISH · 1. .756 Jim Conne[/Pat Blackmore ' Nissan Pickup 12:07.03 55 · 2. 769 Michael Horner(Lance Martin Chevrolet S-10 12:41.47 62 3., 752 Sergio Duron/Armando Duron Nissan Pickup 14:14.54 85 · 4. 76 7 Jorge Justo Sierra A. 14:42. 2 7 92 5. 757 Mike Randall/Bob Grumbien Jeep Cherokee 14:52. l5 93 CLASS 8 - 2 WO STANDARD. PICKUP -10 START - 8 FINISH 1. 803 Dave Shoppe/Larry Maddox Fcird 9:41. 41 8 2. 801 Frank Vessels/Brad Staffers Chevrolet 9:43.00 9 3. 806 Dan Beaver /Randy Hoeft Ford· 10:09 .. 32 19 4. 8'07 Randy Salmont/Ted Behr· GMC 10:41.32 27 5. 810 Bruce Kawell/Doug c·astillo Dodge · 10:54.05 30 CLASS 9 ~ 1200cc SINGLE'SEAT•- 3 START 1 -FINISH 1. · 901 Dave & Bryant Wood ·_Jun Buggy 17;10 46 105 2. 902 Gary Cogbill Home Built 4•09. 30 (ck. 5) . CLASS CHALLENGE -RESTRiCTED BUGGY -22 START -12 FINISH 1. 951 Rich Richardson/Mike LaPlant Jimco ·· 11 :33.-52 45 2. 995. Danny Ashcraft/Clive Cheffins Raceco 11:47.45 47 3. · 965 John Fargo 12:43.22 63 4. 953 Larry· Martin/Jeiry Rice Chenowth 12:55:28 68 5. 954 Jim Beeson /Bobby ~eeson Chenowth ·13: 13.10 72 CLASS l O -UNLIMITED 1650CC -11 START - 6 FINISH 1. 1009 Steve Tetrick/Fred Ronn O.R.E. 9:29.04 2. 1006 Rick & J,ohn Hagle Race co 9:44. O 1 3. 1000 Steve Sou rap as · • Race co 9: 56. 51 · 4. 1011 William & Michael Church Raceco 10:34.32 5. 1099 Roger Mortenson/Russ Welch Funr.o 10:38.48 , CLASS 11 -STOCK VW SEDAN -1'5 START - 8 FINISH 1. 1106 Sergio Gutierrez VW Beetle 13:01.25 2. -1194 Armando S;irabia VW Beetle 13:49.41 3. 1105 Marco Carmona/Ricardo .Flores VW Beetle 13:53.19 4. 1101 David Hendrickson/Perry Butler VW Beetle 13:57.56. 5. 1104 . Victor & Angel Barajas VW Beetle 14:04. 05 CLASS 14 -UNLIMlTED 4x4 - 1 START - 0 FINISH l 1401 Steve Mize I ' · · Ford Bronco · No:Time Starter's -Cars 195 -Motorcycles.55 -ATVs -27 = 277 · · Finishers -Cars -111 -Motorcycles 44 -ATVs -19 = 174 Finish Ratio -Cars -57% -Motorcycles -80% -ATVs -70% = 63% Fast Time Overall ; Class 22 -Garth Sweetland/Scot Harden -Husqvarna -8:27.5·7 Fast Time Overall Car' Class 2 -Corky & Scott lilli:Millin -Chenowth - B:53.58 Race Distance -. 492 miles -Time Allowan.ce -20 hours · · Dusty Times 5 11 17 25 26 ·70 77 79 ., 81 . 82 checkered flag; .and · first in, the class winner was i:he J iinco of Rich Richardson and Mike LaPlaht. Dt-ivi1,1g the only Raceco ever built for . this class, Danny Ashcraft and Clive Cheffiris nailed second, about 14 minutes behind. John Fargo took third, almost . an hour . later. Larry Martin/Jerry Ric.e recovered to . place fourth, another 12 minutes down, followed in 18 minutes by Jim and Bobby Beeson, who were only five minutes ahead of Edward and · Hugh · Mc_Lean .. Arriving , 12th iri class and absolutely last overall was Daniel Rosela at a· 19:15. E.T., and he . was only five mfnutes behind the Jim Conner and Pat Blackmore are both old Baja hands. and it showed this race as they drove the ri.ew. Nissan to a solid .win in Clas.~ 7 4x4. NO.BULL ••• JUSTF'ACTl • · ■ I st place overall 2 wheel vehicle Baja 500-Garth Sweetland and Scott· Harden .riding a Mike Lapp prepared Desert Husky. ■ I st place overall 4 wh~el veh/cle Baja SOO_:_Corky and ·Scott McMillin. -: driving la Don Spethman prepared McMillin construction car. . · . . .. I . ■ Cal WeJls' Precision Preparation: Inc. Team_ Toyota selects TRICK RACING . GASOLINE after extensive testing for it's .desert and stac:1ium race trucks. ' . . - -,, I -THE INDUSTRY· -STANDARD I - . Trick Ent~~prlses;. Inc~, P.10. Box 5025, San Diego, CA 92105 f619J.281-9133 I July 1986 Page 11

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I ' 1 I I 1 I l i i· j ~ ) ) ,l J I f; l. i r f I I i ' . l l-1 { Marco' Carmona and Ricardo Flores led Cla·ss 11 for the first half of the rii'o_e,~ but had some down time and fell to third at the flag. About to be passed by a Baja Bug on .the beach Michael Horner and Lance Martin had their share-of trouble, but finished second in, Cla_ss 7 ~x4. · Sergio and Armando Duron drove _a.steady pace in their older; Nissan and they ended up taking th,rdin Class 7 4x4 at the finish. Running the leade'rs for a time, troubles _dropped the Raceco of Bill an·d Michael fourth in Class 10 at the A couple of fast final legs moved the Raceco ofBob Rfchey°and Tom Baker well up the Ciass 2 ranks and they finished in fourth. Steve.Wolcott and Mike-McCrory ran cloi:ie all day in the 1-2-1600 Raceco, and.ended up fifth in class; less than three mintJtes;back. flaq. -~ - · .. . There \Vere· five starters · in Class 6, and the Ford Ranchero of Wesley arid Garson Moser led the '55 Chevy· of Larry Schwacofer /Sid Spradling by eight minutes at Check 2. All five made it this far, but the Nissan of Jorge ·Souto was soon out. At Cama_lu Moser led Schwaccifer, by 18 mitiutes, hut the Ford used a couple extra hours.en route ·to San Felipe. From there the old Chevy _led every leg as Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling won again. Plugging along in the older Saab 96, Arne and Patrik Gunnarsson took · secorict, . · and the Masers finished third. The Edsel of Edward Everett, · Jr. made it all the way to Check 9 before retiring. For reasons unknown to the ten starting trucks, Class 7 4x4 was last off the line, •forced to":" struggle around the .. slower classes in front _of them_. As expected, Jerry McDonald got his Chevy out front immediately with a 12 minute lead over Stan Houghton's Toyota .at Check 2, · and the Toyota was seen no JOIN TEAM T/Pt: · GET FACTORY SUPPORT WHILE YOU COMPETE FOR CASH. • Awards paid to top finishers in , SCCA Showroom Stock Racing. • Awards for Solo II, Pro Solo, Street Solo, Road Rally arid . Divisional Pro-R_ally. . : • Get BFGoodrlch factory support, engineering expertise, tethillcal information, newsletters, and discounts on shaved tires. ' . JOIN FREE-CALL TODAY FOR,COMPi.ETE DETAILS I •800-RACE-BFG . ~GOODRICH IYA RADIALS . TAKE DN THE CDMPETITIDN'M Page 22 more. In third here was the Jim Conner/ Pat Bla,ckmore Nissan, abm,1t three more minutes down · and six minutes ahead of Sergio and Armando Duron, · Nissan, who had a mere minute . on Michael Horner/ Lance Martin, · Chevy. McDonald picked up another 12 minutes at 'Camalu, but here Conner/ Blackmore · were · ·second, seven · mim,ites ahead of Horner / Martin. Five more -minutes back was the Toyota of G.T. Gowland, who had a couple minutes, on Duron. There was a real race in progress! By San Felipe McDonald had a 40 --minute lead on· Conner / Blackmore, but they had a nice 13 minute cushion over . ' . ~ ' Gowland. Horrter/Martin were Armando Duron salvaged third third, another seven. minutes spot. -In fourth was Jorge\ Justo . down trailed tn· ten minutes by: Sierra:, R., followed in ten the Durons. At Check 9 -the minutes by :Mike Randall. ·and -leading Chevy had over an heur ·Bob Grumbein who nursed the on the Nissan,. but the Conner Jeep Corrianche to the finishhne. team now had half an hour on When the finish line closed · Horner/ Martin. Duron was only down, around four in the another 11 rniriutes down, and morning, 11 L cars and 63 Gowland did not' make , the -assorted other vehicles had '"' check. · · fi_nished the race. One of the . Proving that the "race is never happiest groups at the finish Hne over 'til;" Jerry McDonald used· -· was the three girl teqril of Sandy' well over two hours to cover the House, Robin Davis and Denise 4 7 miles to Check 10, and he Davis, sponsored by Max Razo. went no farther. Jim Conner and They won the 3 Wh~eler Class Pat Blacl_<more kept_· up their 23 vveari11g pink leathers, and strong pace and won Class 7 4x4 they sure were the best looking by a resounding 34 plus minut_es, team. All three piled on thetrike, Michael Horner and Lance whooping gaily from the finish Martin stayed in the points ·hunt line to the impound. It was a neat with second place. Using four sidelight to the reasons people hours on the final leg, Sergio and_ like to race in Baja California. ' Larry Martin and Jerry Rice. were close most of'the way, bµt late woes dropped them back to fqwth in the Challenge Class at the flag. David Hendrickson and Perry Butler came in a close fourth in Class 11. only six minutes behind second in the -competitive bunch . . The other Side. of Baja racing is getting a broken car home. as To'm Foley and Gary Underw0od we domg here with their Class 2 Woods. . Ju1y·1986· :Dusty Times \'

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l . . I SEE-THE."REAL.WEST~' .·-.. . --' ~ !•: . . u . . . . . ~ ' ' . . . Saturday, August 9, l986 . - . , · · · Pioche, Nevada . · .• • / f ···Silver ··.,. · · · Dust Racin I Phone (702) 459-0317 p;o': .Box 7380 .· · . . · ~s Vegas, ~ 89125, ·· ·•· . . - ' . ,

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I I I I I ) ! , r. 1 • r I l ,._ Th:e. Losers By Judy Smith . . ' . of the multitude of specially arm, and that made · it a little' and ego." made parts, something got difficult, but not rnaily bad._But . Chuck then hopped a .plane · ruined -and he never made it to~ then, when be got to-that hill, and came out west, to ruI). the Baja. , . _ behind Mike 's, the one that gets Ranger in Class 7S. He had his A couple almost didn't make really steep right at the top, he friend, Mike Poppie, who was . The races seem to be coming at · gears. He had to make his way it, after getting very dose; We are . couldn't get his transmission into going to ride,. with him, and they · us pretty fast these days, with the back to his pit in reverse gear and told that Frank Vessels and Larry lo_w gear. He tried and tried to · Were hav,ing a wpnderful time. Baja Internacion~l just a scant call it a day. . Noel were out pre-running the make that hill - even trying to This was to be·Chuck's first race month after the Mint. And for Down in Baja Walker had in-and-out part of the course on go up it in i-ever_se gear. But it was in B~ja, and h~ .was _enjoying one or two racers there was also anotl!er hard fight on his hands, .. the They met head on, no good·. Finally he went down to seeing all the places ·he'd been the BFGoodrich-Memorial Day and when he passed Steve Kelley luckily escaping serious injury, the little ranch a ways back on the , reading about for years, in, 100, back east, at Lake Geneva, in his pit up at Mike's he must since this was just the day before course and waited under the· person, so to-speak. He had run Wisconsin; in between. have thought things were looking the race. . ' shade trees for the traffic-to be . acros~ one very mysterious thin,g Walker Evans was one who prettygoodfor,afewllloments. TomKoch,runningin,Classl, past, and then: d~ove on in. A already,andwa.ntedtotellusall tried that bit. He went from the · But that road down out of Mike's . had c. v. problems early in the non-finisher. · about it on Friday. · Mint to •Montreal .·for the istricky,anditgothim.Hercilled race, and then lost his.motor JerryMcDonald.was~hav:inga He had been · pre-run~ing SCORE Canada stadium ~ace, to his beautiful Dodge. What ;do after Three . Poles. And.· Bob good day in his 7 4x4. He had a behind twq or three other folks, Lake Geneva, and then on to the . you suppose that did to the air · Gordon, also running in: Class 1, good lead in his class and was and knew he wasn't far behind Baja_S00. W e'd like to nominate conditioning? lost his transmission-at Three having no troubles. ·Not even a them, and, in the area after the W alker's crew as'. Losers of the . _It took a long time tp get it Poles. And Mike Leon drove the flat tire. But up at El Reyo things .Alamo road , and before the month for cope with back on its wheels again, and _firsLhalLof his stint in~the ne~ ground to a,halt when.he lo~t a ·highway he suddenly' came-upon that schedu'le. The fellows who going forward, but he did go on. . 1600, turned it over · to Bill flex-pla~e. Now, in· all the years some freshly installed cattle drive ,this big rig prob~bly had ' Only, when he got to El Reyci Rodriguez, and he lost the motor McDonald had raced trucks, he's bones and skulls. He knew they'd the hardest regime. . he'd blown a head gasket, and - ·in the. sand outside of Three never had trouble· with a flex- ·. beeri set down after his friends Walker didn't do too badly in that was .all for Walker. · Poles. lt must have looked like a plate.· Sci he dl.dii.'t have a .spare. h~d. gone by, and just before he Lake Geneva, where he raced ih Roger Mears got to be a Loser salvage yard there. Spencer Low, also leading his _got there, because the horns . three events. But the last one, without even leaving Bakersfield. Larry Ragland, driving his new class (7S) by· a healthy margin1 weren't broken on the · skulls. \. tailed the. Championship race, He's trying frantically to gei: his Class 7 Chevy,.had brake t_rouble was .on his way up to El Reyo, Chuck and Mike eyed the thick , \for trucks and 4x4s, finally made new Nissan built, and, indeed it's early'ih-the race, before he got to when the oil. pressure gauge shrubbery nervously, wondering a Loser· out of him. He was well along, and he planned to be . Camalu . . l;\ut he got . that all · suddenly said there was no oil who, and how r:nany, were hiding running well, fighting · a hard at the 500. But somewhere along handled al!,d went on, heading up·. pressure. Spence.had had trµuble in·' there waiting i:q: ·see his .. fight;· and lost all his .forward the way, in the production ofone to Mike's: He had a broken idler with oil pressure gauges three reaction. They'didn!t know what \ ,,_ __________ """' __________________ -._ .... _. -------~ races in a• row -they'd giv@ him; it was supposedto mean, if they a zero reading, .and all woulq be should be worried or not. What . o. k: This time-he ignored i:he · they did,' as any .rater would ha~e , gauge, and it was right. . . .· under the Eircuthstances, was to . Rob Myerly, who was co- ·drive over- those bones and get driving in · Dave Mansker's .1-. out of there in a hurry . .. . \ . ~-. tJ5' ~oad ~~ at tu ';UU4t 10th An·nua.1 \~ HODAG 50 ~ A-ugust 2-3, 1986 Page 24 ·,·~,.Rhinelander, Wisconsin 100°/o PAYBACK ~ -* .S,UPERIOR / POINTS SERIES' CAMPING, FOOD & REFRESHMENTS ~VAILABLE AT TRACK SHOWERS, WASH PAD, RV DUMP STATION, PLAYGROUND SATURDAY SCHEDULE 9:30-9:50 . 10:30-11 :30 12:00-1:00 3-Wheelers Classes 5-1600 and 11 Classes 9 and 2:1,600 1 :30-2:30 Classes 3 and 6 3:00-4:00 . Classes 2 and 1-1600 4:30-5:00 Good Old Boys SUNDAY SCHEDULE 10:30-11:30 Womens Rear Engine 12:00-1 :00 ·classes 8 and 7 1:30-2:30 Classes 13, 4, an,d 1'4 · 3:00-4:00 ·. Classes 1; 5, 10 . 4:30-5:00 Womens Heavy Metal . 5:30 ' Awards 0 For more information call: .(715) 845-3954; (715) 845-2887; (115> 3a1.3525 or (715) 352.5550 HODAG 50 TRACK LOCATION: Take Highway 17 North of Rhin.elander, · · turn left on Co; Trunk W, follow signs · July 1986 1600 car, was on. his way up to . . The·~e were a coup_if 9>'f other Mike's, when he found himself in · old Bai a hands . standmg around a tree. That's when you wish you as Chuck told his stor,V: and they · drove a two .seater. Myerly did were properly impressed, and, of ··find some Mexican folks ·a:nd · · course, had _a couple of tales to pressed them into helping, but it tell him also: Poppie's eyes grew still took upwards of three hours noticeably bigger as they talked, to get loose from the tree. He but he said it would all be o.k., as decided tha:t was enough long· as Chuck would just "keep · downtime to call it quits. moving." _ Gary Cogbill, running very · But ·an ho~r or two later, well inh_ICI lahss 9_,dgot to th~ same Chuck was back, with another .. · steep 1 t atd1 Ragland m, and B · t ·1· f: ·1· · Wh'l b k h. • . . ·. aJa s orv,. a so amt tar. 1 e ro e 1s transm1ss1on trymg to he.'d b .;1__ •u' · · · h' t k t . . · . een r nnmg 1s rue ge over 1t. · h h · · Ray Ba!es ran afoul of those . ht ardoub~ro_kceonn~~~n· gtenctyh, _someone M · h h • k . 1 o . e1r room, . /xican spectator~ w O t m taken the extra set of keys for the it s_ the-greatest thmg of all to pre-runner' and had drive'n fr switch the course marke~s and, away. The pre-runner belonged. watc~-the results_, They switched to Warren Baird, who :works on some m the startmg wa~h. before Chuck's truck, but it hii.'.d already the race _ever g<;:>t ·!JP 0~to . the been loaded up, to serve as the pavement, and Bates, be111g m a • h k h · · d I b'r • f h d'd '( . . c ase true t e next ay, t-was a 1 0. a rus · , 1 n ·, notice 1982, one ton Chevy four wheel . anything wrong. He went where •d · · k' · · •d ·t· ta.· d · · h · · · · d. h' h . · nve pie . up;· an 1 con -me , t e arrows· pomte , w 1c was m g th th· ·· Ch , k'' straight off an eight or nine foot · .a on ~ .· er · m~s' . u~ ~ .. · I d 1 d d h. · d spare dnveshaft, transm1ss10n,: e ge,, an e on 1s nose an . · . · cl h b. · · cl·· II d. h" • J·d , , ' . convertor, rear ,en , u s an . ro e over onto 1s 1 . ne gotit t · d , · bl k H ba:ck on its wheels, and got down , gro ors,da,nh ahn edng1bne t o$c8 ·oooe h d b. f h b uesse e a a ou . t e roa a 1t urt er ut was out · th f t . d t '1 · of the race early. · wor o spare par san oo s m G ·. b k . W. , the truck altogether, . omg • ac to-. 1sconsm; we . saw Chuck} ohnson, who races in. · · Chuck was really · concerned Class · 7S in SCORE/HDRA . about what that was . going to events and was at Lake Geneva mean for him on race day, and'a single seat•buggy in ~hat finally decided he'.d just have to they called Class 9, but equates drive conservativeli He hardly to SCORE's Class 10. He did got the chance. He never even got, · well in his heat, winning it, and ·. out of the wash and µp onto the was all fired up for the . main pa"'.ernent, but ble_w a_ head gas~et event. Maybe too fired . Up. ~hile he was still m shouting Chuck . charged into the first distance of Ensenada; A~d, he. turn, roUed over • apd was t<:>ld ,us, that was one ,thmg he • smacked a couple of times by d1dn t have packed or;i the stolen · other cars. The end result, as truck. I Chuck tells it, were "broken Maybe it just wasn't meant to upper and lower left trailing be Chuck's . weekend. Maybe arms, broken_ shocks, driveline those old bones· were an omen? ., AffENTION DESERT RACERS . • . I • · DUSTY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and · HDRA desert races. Check it out on contingency row - · Two · different classes each event. . . , ' · , . Dusty Times

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,---------------------------------------------------------------,------------:-----~ FORDA at the Talllpa \ . Fairgrounds Text & Photos; John Sprovkin Joe Cunningham. #646. flief past Frank Valente in 1600 action. Joe won the feature. placed high in t-he heats. and took overall 1n class. ~ seventh lap, Marty we.nt into ready with the big machines, Six high gear as he overtook Scott for buggies were on the move as the the lead. When the checkered starting signal was given. Darryl • flag signaled the completion of Stedman broke a torsion. bar, the heat, Marty Pounds was first, retiring his buggy for the day. fol lowed closely by Scott During the next four laps, Carl Gundeck, then Gene Windham. Johnson had the lead with Marty Pounas, here hopping past Tom Gundeck. won both D class heats. took second in the fea_ture. and took overall · class points for the day.-Class 1-2-1600 was now on Dennis Ard second and Larry the track for their first heat. Elliott third. In the fifth lap, While the ,sta'rting signal moved Dennis, back racing after a year, briskly in the air, the roar of was able to get around Carl, engines increased dramatically as putting him out front. Larry eleven buggies did their thing. caught up with Carl, and bumper Terry Clark and Joe Cunning-to bumper .they went for two ham picked up the early lead as · laps, then making his ~ move FORE (Florida Off Road Enterprises) and Florida State Fairgrounds Speedway (Tampa), along with Reynolds Aluminum and WQYK local radio station, played host for the FORDA race · that took place on April 2 7. J"he evening prior to . the race, FORDA conducted its annual convention and election of 0fficers. Congratulations are extended · to those elected, starting with the new President; J.R. Taylor followed by Allen Brumly, Joe Cunningham and Chuck Gurr ekcted as Vice President's for their respective classes, Janet ·Bickers is the new Treasurer, Jennie Bru·mly and,. Shealy , Alexander, Secretarty/ PR. Ghale Thomas, Head Flagman, Scott Gundeck,· Head Tech Inspector, John Hawson and Mark Amrhein, Race Coordinators and Deborah Fordham and Pam Grace, Head Score Keepers. It was an exciting morning as race time approached, with the new officers assuming their reponsibilities; the track' preparation being made and the drivers with · their pit crews getting the 5uggies in top shape for the day's activities. The track was_ formed differentiy than it ·had been from the previous race. It started on a straightaway in front of the grandstands with three jumps one right after another. Then it went in a. wide 180° sweep, down through a gully, up into an S-curve, only to be fronted with four more jumps✓ leading to another t·arge sweeping S-curve in the opposite direction to bring them to another jump around a 45° turn towards· the straightaway · leading to the. grandstands, completing a, lap. The schedule for the races c·onsisted of two eight lap heats and a twelve lap feature for each class with mini stocks qicing STRONGER AXLES AND OUTPUT BELLS· . Upgrade the C. V.s and torsion a~les on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. · Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. joints, Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C. V. joints. All axles and bells for _Type II or Type IV C.V.s are threaded 3/ 8-24. Axles and bells for the 930 C.V.s can be supplied with 3/ 8-24 or 10 mm 1.5 pitch threads. 10 mm -1.5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche.factory uses · on their cars. ;FIT YOUR o·FF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS ,Only $49.95 per flange on your su_~plied parts. · MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCT,S 29300 "3RD • LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 (714) 674-7365 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 26 they moved side by sic!e coming overtook Carl towards the end of between heats. Each heat would into the ·first turn. J.R: Taylor, the last lap. As they went across have a parade lap led by a pace car who just moved up from D class, · _the finish line, Dennis Ard took that would lead into a· tnoving and Bob Bohres were bumper to first with Latry Elliott right --..... ·start.The three jumps in front of bumper, J.R. -looking· for the behind him for second, followed the grandstands were optional right moment to get around. by Carl Johnson in third. for the first lap of each heat. During the second lap, he made After the mini•stocks com-After the drivers' meeting and - his move without any problem. pletcd rheir heat, D class was tech inspection was held, those · Rick Welch, after making the ready for their second race of the'. who wanted to went out on the series of jumps in front of the day. A~ rhe green f1a~ went mt, 1 track for a few practice laps. It · grandstands, lost it and went the downward motion, so did the didn't take long before Tom sliding along the guard rail. This accelerators on eight rail buggies Toia, driving his Jeep, flipped on gave Jerry" Allen, who also moved as they were on the move. Sam the secQnd jump in front of the · up from D class, an easy position Pace quickly picked up the lead g_randstands. T-he passenger change. During the fourth lap, . with John Cory right on his tail.-received. _a broken finger. Tom Joe ,Cunningham lost his S!:!Cond Tom Gundeck was bumped and came out OKv but · his Jeep place position· by hitting a track forced under the guard rail at the definitely was in need of-repairs. tire marker, forcing him into a first turn. Scott Gundeck lost There were a lot of near misses dttch. It .didn't take long to get second gear and droppe·d to the . going over this series ofd·umps. back on the track, but he . back of the pack. Bob Alexander Prior to the .race, it was ecided dropped down to last place for · lost his right rear wheel, putting for safety_reasons to cut the tops this lap. J .R. Taylor now had the him out for this heat. During the of these jumps down._a little. second place spot with Terry second lap, }R':Undsey, on his With everything now on go, D Clark in first. Burce Bennett approach to a jump, hit a marker class was first on line with ten made a steady move forward tire, standing both on end. Marty buggies. As the parade lap was from sixth place for the first lap Pounds, starting off the heat in completed and the pace • car to the third position duririg the the fourth spot, advanced his moved off the track, the green fifth lap. During the sixth lap, position with each passing- lap. flag went into forward. motion, Randy Cunningham,J.R. Taylor Quring the sixth lap, Sam Pace arid simultaneously D class did ahd Chad Peterson- all experi- and John Cory tangled. John the same, down the straightaway, enced some problems "Yith their rolled, landed on all fours and picking up speed with·each turn . buggies. Joe dropped out during continued on. Sam broke a rear of the wheel. As they reached the the sixth lap while J .R. and Chad . shock mount and called· it a day. first turn everyone ~as stm in made it into the seventh before During this commotion, Marty tight formation. Scott Gundeck · dropping out. As t~e checkered Pounds picked up' the lead, had a slight lead. He wasfollowed flag -signaled the conclusion of followed by Gene Windham, closely by Gene Windham and this heat, Terry Clark • was second, and Allen Brumly third. Tom Gundeck. During the· number one, -Rick Welch At the completion of the beat, second lap, Marty Pounds got the number two, and Bruce Bennett the standings remained the same. edge on Allen Brumly, then went number three. Class 1-2-1600 was back on flying by Tom while coming off a - Class 1 Unlimited was now line with all eleven buggies jump, Sa~ Pace was on the move as he caught the corner of the jump, lost control and slid into a mud-ditch. It cost Sam two laps trying to get o_ut. During the third lap, Marty Pounds continued on i:he forward trend by overtaking Gene Windham. Then the battle began between Scott Gundeck ,and him. J .R. Lindsey stalled out during the third lap and didn't complete the h·eat. During the fourth lap the pressure was on. Bumper to bumper, then side by side, Scott, Marty and Gene were displaying the driving techniques and skills needed to be competitive in off road racing. The battle r.ontinued on with each passing . lap. During the July 1986 '· Dennis Ard soars past the huge tire barriers on the track en route to a win in a -heat and second overall tor the day in Class 1. Dusty Times _\

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The D cars rea/ly provide great action. Here Allen Brumly takes to the air out of a turn while John Cory uses a ground hugging . Charging over a jump Chad Pea~son near_ly hides·J.'.'1. Taylors Rick Welch. foreground. and Jerry Allen mix it up in the air. After car. but Taylor went on to win a heat and take third on points in three races Welch was fourth in 1600 points. Allen was seventh. line. · rolling as the starti_ng ~ignal was given. J_.R . Taylor, Joe Cunning-ham and Rick .Welch were side by side in front of the pack, followed closely by Jerry Allen a·nd Frank Valente. During the second lap, the battle went on between the top three with J.R. now having the edge on Joe. Randy Cunniogbam !Oiled while going over the second set ·of jumps. ·he was·· quickly turned right · side up~·and on his way again. During the flext lap, he hit a tire just after the same set of jumps, spun around and was on the move again. BobBohreswent off the track going into a turn which finished him for this heat. Terry Clark seemed to be having some problems with this heat. He started the fii-sdap in ninth place and made_ itto the fifth spot by the end of the heat. The remainder of the lap~ through the fif1ish saw J.R. Tayl9r first, Joe Cunningham second., with Rick · Welch in third position; ·· Class 1 once again w~s up for battle with foµr buggies leaving a · trail of dust as they started their first lap. Danny Hahn; while -coming around a· ·curve, was forced ihto a ditch, but he came right back out and continued·on. ' ·scott Haire, during'the third lap, broke· a'.rocker arm, forcing him out for the rest of the heat. L;my Elliott maintair;ied the lead with· . Danny Hahn · right on his tail during the comP,lete· heat .. There · were a few laps ~hen it"!i)oked as if Danny was going to overtake Larry, _but h_e could· not' get the , edge until the final lap as the excit_ement grew within the crowd. Danny made his move, passing Larry for the -win, with Dennis Ard bringing it in third. The .feature race was now ready to begin for-D class with eight · rolling chassis -moving down the straightaway as the starter made his move. For the · first two laps, Allen Brumly held down the lead until Gene Windham slid.on by during the 1600 action. · · · :";LI i..: :.;. .H \., . , .1 ~~ ;:~y;\i._\ Terry Clark. won the first 1-2-1600 round. got-a third in the feature and ended Gene Windham did very well in'_the 1200cc D class: winning t/7e feature. and a up second overall on the points in his older racer . · second and.a third to take second overall on class point~. third lap. · Scott Gundeck and Tom Gundeck battled it out with each other through the entire heat, exchanging positions periodical.Iv. Marty Pounds did a gr~at job maneuvering around the track, starting the first lap in · the rear of_ the pack, then going by everything in sight with each passing lap, getting to third place by the sixth and then overtaking Allen Brumly in the final lap for the second place · spot. Gene Windham, who picked up the lead in the third,. carried it through to the end. , Class 1-2-1600 had some · problems with their feature start. While moving down· the straightaway, Jerry Allen did a double end over in front of the grandstands, Frank Valente, trying to avoid him, -did a roll. _Both drivers were all right. The race was stopped to clear the· area, then a re-start took place with the fe:;iture now back in action. Bob Bohres picked up an early lead with Bruce Bennett right at his side. Rick Welch had Cc)rburetor problems and . couldn't get through the first lap. In the second lar, Joe Cunningh'am . made his way around '.{erry Clark. Terry spun out and lost a. little time. J.R. Taylor also made · his move around Terry du}ing .the third -goingovera'jump. The~estofthe_; .. :During the second _lap, 'Dennis lap. By this time, Joe did it his h~at was :a . constant battle had a valve go, puttmg him out. way as he went around Bruce. In between the top four. When the · Two buggies remained on the the fourth, Bob Bohres, who.had d-1eckered flaggavethesignal,Joe move, led by Larry Elliem . the lead for· the first three laps, ,Cunningham was 'first to .vcross Throughout the heat, Scott Haire had. asp.ark plug bj1low out of his tHe lin,e, follo:wedcl'osely by·J.R. · · . did his , best and there. were engine, . retiring him for . the . Taylpr, tneh Te'rry Clark.·:~, ·_ several rnoments when it looked _ remainder and giving up first _· 1 The fi-nal heat of the d~y; ,\.YiJ!;i as if he was __ going -~o overtake place to Joe <Cunningharn. three Class· 1 buggies m Larry, but.didn't quite make It, During the fifth lab, Terry Clark competition, were moving along-foi-as the competition became a got it all back ·, together : and i:he track, Larry Elliott leading . reality, Larry took home first, started his ascent' forward by the way with Scott Haire right with-Scott in second and Dennis . flying by Bruce Bennett while behind, followed by Dennis Ard. · Ard in third. SIGNATURE SERIES' PRO DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED FOR DO • Complete·s·uspension • Racing Lights• . - . .... . -· · • . S~eering Wh~els • Full Line 01' Rod Hall Apparel • And Much More • FuU Color Catalog \, CAL TOLL FREE 1-800-331-0915 Making a tail first landing Danny Hahn won the second unlimited heat, but h,e ,' _, l · IN NEVADA1-80~422-2296 , , · . didn't make the feature so was fourth on points on the day,. ' ' Dusty Times July 1986 Page27 · ( \ I l l \ l l l I I j I I I I I I • I I I I I I 1 l ) I I _j

Page 28

___,-,_...,,.-r,---,~c:-----~,--~~~-=--;-~~~~"'77"""----~~:a------=-~~.,,.,---~=-.,--.,=~-~-,-.---,--Cr--o--~___,....,~=-,,-,-..,.,-:c~--------,,,,,-~~-~=--~ -=--I ) I i I J I I I I . I I I i , . I i I I I / I .I ' I . ' ! I l l I . ; BFGOODRICH UPDATE_.#24:_ \. . . -·How·To WIN YOUR SHARE, . OF A S300,000-CiUA8ANTEED PURSE. . •. . . . . . .. . --:-l·NTRODU(;ING TEAM T/A": NOW YO'U DONT HAVE· TO BE'A FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL TO GET PRIZE MONEY AND FACTORY SUPPQRT. Most enthusiasts know _about ' the BFGoodrich racing programs that capture national media attention. But many people_ don't knowthe degree to which T/A® . involved iii regional and local motor-sports. _ Now that's about to be better known because of Team TI A:M Team TI A is a new concept in mqtorsports. It is asysterh of financial rewards and factory · . support for competitors in .events . that rarely get national media coverage. And, while Team Tl A 1 prize money will be ~warded to entrants accumulating the most points in category, it is not the· usual contingency purse. All $300,000 of the purse will be -awarded. And all you have to do to qualify for prize money and technical Ii~lp is this: become a . member o(Team T /A and com-pete only on one of'six kinds of BFGoodrich TI A "Radials; Here are the areas in which you can qualify for Team T / A prizes and support. SHOWROOM ·sTOCK · SUPPORT. Awards and assistance will · be given to SCCA drivers in all · Showroom Stock classes at. the _ -Natior19-l and R_egional l~vels and--at the October· Ru_noffs. ]n,a_ddi- · -tion; Team T(A prizes and support will all EMRA-anc;l MCSCC Showr:oorp Stock .dasses. _ ·SOLO AN)) R_AL LY . SUPP-ORT. . Event; championship, ·and year-end awards will be earped ;in Solo II, Pro Solo, Street Solo,; Road Rally, and Divisional Pro Rally events sanctioned by SCCA. Autocrosses and road rall"ies ·sanctioned by/ various regional . and club bodies will also earn . . a½:'ards ·and Team TI A support OFF-ROAD SUPPORT. ' While T/A _Raqials have -come to dominate SCORE · and HORA racing in recent years, they have also built a strong reputation in local and regional light truck_and · · 4WD events all over the country. And now we're offering Team Tl A awards and support to prove how TI A Radials are as winning; say, in the muds of the:-Midwest as they are in the sands of Mexico. · SHOW CA~ SUPPORT. While high-performance TI A Radials are built to see · , action, they als,o enhance th pearance of 'cars. So BFGoo . 'is making supportand awar available to entrants of selec ,, da,sses listed by the_ I nterna Show Car Association (ISGA -FACTORY .. SUPPORT MEANS JUST THAT. ..._....,.... ______ ..;._ __ While it is not uncomm see tires for sale at regional local events, it is quite ,unco

Page 29

1e ap-drich ds ::ted tiona'l .). onto. i d an -,m-Tires shown that are eligible for Team Tl A competition': the : BFGoodrich Radial Mud-Terrain · TIA,® Euro TIA,® and Comp TIA.® Not shown but also ·eligible for compe-tition are the BFGoodrich Radial, TIA,® Radial Spor,tTruck TIA,® and Radial All-Terrain TIA:" mon to see a factory field team offer engineering and technicaf help on site. That is what you wiH see at some 30 selected events all over. the country. A · fully-equipped tractor /trailer - staffed by BFGoodrich techni-dans. will be at these events, where technical support as well as tires will be available to Team . T /A members. A NEW P~oG:RAM DESERVES A NEW TIRE-. THE COMP:T/A R~ As superior a performance tire as the new BFGoodrich Comp J/A® is, the nee·ds of competition demand a tire even more at home on the race track and autocross course. Meet the new Comp TIA R:ID Built for com-, petition use, this street legal tire incorporates unique tread com" pounds to maximize handling and cornering power. The . Comp T /A R was engineered based on lessons learned in win-ning the U.S. Endurance Cup. Available in 5/32" tread depth, it is designed for endurance races, BFGciod;ich T /A Radials ·in s.e-, lected .race, solo, raHy, and show car championships. But also as me·ntioned, Team t/A awards , can ·only go to Team TI A1 mem-bers; Other benefits of member7 ship include· distinctive Team T/ A patches and decals, . BFGoodrich technical S!,!pport, quarterly newsletters, technical ··bulletins, news of future develop-ments and product updates----all yours for the asking: " ·so ask for complete detai.Is now: Cali the tcill-free number - -listed belbw or mail the coop~rn' tdday. Either qan be yourticket ' for a share oL$300,0'00.And·a1ot · .· offa:tt9ry help. : spri_nt 7ve~tsf,: and ;u~o-~ro~ses.: . , While It Will not provide the long a,..;._A_s_th_1_'s_U_p_d_a-te_g_o_e.,...s_t_o~p-r-es_s_, -th_e_ ....... -4 tread life Qf our new Comp TIN!' following organizations are now the payoff cdmes in'·quid~er lap . participants in the Team TIA pro~ times: Look for it-in 4S, SQ; 55;. gram (you cari COIJSUJ! Team TIA · and 60 series,sizes. Special Hf!ddqu.adersforfurtl1er it,foFtrw· prices on the Comp T /A R; will be·.• · tion): SCCA, ISCA,'Mid~Atlantic ... available to Team Ti A members·· 4 Wheel Drive Ass 'n: (MA4WDA), · .• . . . High P(ains,Off-Road Facing Ass 'n.' at the BF-Goqdrich tractcir/tra1le( (HPORRA}, Arizona Desert 8adng As-through part\cipaJing retaLfers,·or , ·' .:sociation(ADRAJ,.BJrrlen Auto-Cross . direct from tfrfactqryattpe · Series-{BA-CSJ, Southern Nevada Off~-. phone riumb1ers listed belrw . Road Racing Enthusiasts (SNORE}, .. Porsche Club of America (PCA), BMW TAKE oN1 Car Club of America (BMWCCA}, .. .. .· Western States Corvette Club (WSCC), THE COMPETITION. · -National Council of Corvette r;tubs As mentioned, all $300:iOOO (NCCCJ, Eastern Motor Radrzg in the Team T/ A fund will be , Association (EMRA), Midwestern . Council of Sports Ccir Clubs.·· awarded to. top finishers u~ing . , (MCSCC}..- · I □~Yes, I'm interested in joining Team T/A'" and qualifying for my . share in the $300,000 guaranteed _purse: Please send .[Ile complete details and my Team T/A men:ibership application. · Mail to: BFGood;ich . . 500 South Main St., Akrcm, Ohle> 44318 _AliTN: 1'.EAM T/A HEADQUARTERS • I • , , , Name--'-------~~--'------------l ·.1 . Address_·--------------~-,---,-----~........,..,--~ I . J I I /· I am affiliated with (sanctioning body or dub)~-~-----,--'--'---1 ' j _,

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SCORE CANADA AT THE MONTREAL OLYMPIC STADIUM . . . . . . .· Califo,-nians Mine all the Canadian Golcl Text & Photos: Danny McKenzie Qalifornian Greg George grabbed the lead'in t,he Class 10 ma,n event from the green flag. and he was never headed en route to winning the BFGoodrich Autocross Cup in the Pipeline _Trucking Funco. · .. . There were many changes this , year for the annual stadium race in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. . Page 30 For the first time it was a two day event, having. played to sell out crowds on Saturday night for the past three years. Event coordinator Pierre Corbeil decided it was time to go to a two July 1~86 i¥BL';;#f&-<:$;,,_i On Friday night Glenn Harris became. the first Class 7 main.event winner in · Montreal, and he also won his heat rac1;1 drivin_g the Mazda stadium racer. night show, and his goal was trucks appeared, ten strong. 80,000 spectators · in the arena Getting the lion'.s of that normally holds over 60;000. · attention were the factory trucks Also new was the change in date. from California. Gleim Harris . Traditionally', the race has been and Rod Millen were therewitK the first weekend in June, the _ the two Mazdas, along with weekend after the U .S. Memorial Walker Evans in h_is _Dodge and . D~y holiday. ·This year it was John Swift in a Ford. From the moved back two weeks .and fell east came Curt LeDuc, Ford, right ori the official Memorial Allen Andreoli, Toyota, Bill·· Day holiday _on May 23' a11d 24. Walker, Dodge, Norm Thomp-The move back in time brought son, Toyota, and Steve, Napier, with it heavy rain all week before Toyota. The lone Canadian entry the track opened for practice on was th_e Ford of Gary Hammond, Friday afternoon, and the from Ontario. _ Montreal Stadium has rio roof. Over 35,000 fans showed up The course was a · sea of mud. Friday night, and the truck races . , Sand and was brought in to were enhanced by a "long jump" take care of the excess water, but contest. The finish lirie jump is a the track was still more like a real tall dandy, and the distance mud bog than the usually well was measured: Winner of the manicured course at Montreal. "long jump" was -rall:y driver On Friday night the motocross Rod Millen in his Mazda at _19 riders and quad racers shared the meters. Rod Millen also won the pr9gram with "the Class 7 first qualifying heat, followed by_ stadium style mm1 trucks, Curt LeDuc, Steve Napier and another first for 1986. In prior _ John Swift, who broke a right years the program l:,elonged only front; wheel, but got things fixed to the motocross bikes and Class before the main' event: Glenn 10 car racers. A diverse field of Harris won the second heat with Rally champion Rod Millin did a great job in the Maida truck. as he won the long jump and his heat race. and also won the exhibition run on Saturday night. : Jimmie Crowder has his C:henowth Magnum fine tuned foe Montreal and he won his heat race and finished a close third in· the exciting main event . •• I Dusty Times l.

Page 31

I I Wal~er · Evl!ns right on his tailpipe, followed by Allen Andreoli, Gary Hammond and Norm Thompson. ' Score Canada uses an inverted . start system, so both Mazdas were at the back of the pack for the main event. However, Harris and Millen were one-two past the green flag waved by chief starter Brian Stagg and into· the · first corner. ·Walker Evans . was in close pursuit. Next came Swift Andreoli and , LeDuc, and· th~ f3:ns got excited as the biggest vehicles ever to race in this stadium flew high over the jumps. Harris held his lead with Millen and Evansmixing it up for . second place. Tney all held position for several laps, but then, as the end oft he 15 lap dash drew near, Evans was trying to pass Millen. On lap 12 Walker took over second place,' passing Millen in midair over the finish line jump, bringing the cheering crowd to its feet. Walker Evans closed the gap on Glenn Harris, but in just three laps he could not make the pass. Harris kept his cool, as he had earlier in the month at the Rose Bowl, and Glenn took the victory and the pound of gold that was the first place prize money. Walker Evans finished second, just inches · .back, followed by Rod Millen and John Swift. In fifth was Curt LeDuc, trailed by Andreoli, Hammond and Thompsqn. Saturday night 42 Class 10 drivers wer"e ready to qualify for the main event, with three · heats and a, consolation race prior to the dash. for another . pound of gold, part of the total purse of $45,000. Florida racer Jimmie Crowder won the, first heat in his• Chenowth Magnum. Califor_nians Marty Tripes, Funco, and Greg George, Funco were second and third, followed by Canadian Bill LeFeuvre in a Berrien. The first four from each 'heat go right to the main event, and .the next four go into the consolation race. Headed for the "last chance" ·run. were ·Kevin Probst, · Dave Lofland, Kar:!· Wuesthoff and . Fra_nk Arciero, Jr. Becoming spectators.-were Steve Kelley, Dean Dodd,. Richard Nadon and Jim Struble. ,• Heat 2 went to Californian Jim Fishback; Jr. in a Chenowth M.agnum. New Yorker Joe Hofmann was second, followed by Pennsylvanian Art Schmitt, and defending champion. here Jeff Pmbst from •Illinois. Making the consolation . race were . , Jim Fishback, Jr. won his_ h11at race, and was a close second in th11e main event when mechanical trouble put his Chenowth on the sidelines. . Walker Evans displayed a wild driving style for the fans. but his Dodge 0-50 ended up second in both-his heat race and the main event. · Normand Vaillancourt,' from Laval, Quebec, was one of just two local drivers in the Class 10 main ·event, backed by teammate Richard Dagenais. .Richard Dagenais, Daniel Pelarid, Blair Bassett and Ron Carter~ Moving into the grandstands were Claude Tetrault, Carlton Jackson and· Al Arciero. Heat 3 also went to California with Jerry Whelchel winning and Jim Fishback, Sr. taking second, both driving Chendwth Mag-nums. Washingron c;iriver Roger Caddell was third ancl Canadian Normand Vaillancourt was fourtb. Getting anot~er chance to make · the main event were Tommy Croft, Alie~ Andreoli, I J;;;; Whei;hel won his heat race, and worked through traffic in the main event to put his Chenowth in fifth place at the checkered flag. · Tommy .Croft had to run the consolation race to make the main event, but he took second· in-that heat and a fine second in the feature race~ . , Relaxing in the indo9r pits at Montreal. Jeff'Probst. who won thegold here last year, wei'!t out late in /"he main event with mechanical trouble. ; , ' Do'tig Bils and Lee Wuesthoff. Joining tne other Americans as spectators were Stan Rowland, · Tom Surace, Bop' ·Gordon and Scott Taylor, a formenhree time winner of this race. · A dozen hopefuls lined up for the consolation race, called "Last Chance" by the, French Canadians. · Kevin Probst won this race~in his Berrien, followed by Tommy Croft,-Cheno~th Magnum and Richard Dagenais of the Richard Buggy team from Montreal.. Only these three would go into the_ main event to fill out the 15 car fielcLThe start he~e was also inverted, so the top runners would · have . to '!VOrk _. through traffic to get up front. It was nearly an all American field with only Ontario bas.ed Bill Lefeuvre and French drivers Richard Dagenais and Normand Vajllancourt flying the Maple Leaf. Off the start of the maineverit, Greg George jumped intQ the lead followea by Jeff Probst and . Jimmfe Crowder. But, at the end of the first lap Jim Fishback, jr. passed into third place, and in another two · laps he passed Jeff Californian Ron Carter got · stuck ori the cement retaining wall in the consolation race, and it to.ok half a dozen marsha_/ls to put him back on the tr.ack. . Glenn Harris, left. and Rod Millen enjoy the cheering crowd with Score Canada 's George Dodd after Millen won the special Montreal Cup race. Probst. Tommy Croft and Marty Tripes were moving quickly through the field, and after four rounds they Wl're behind' Prohst in fourth and fifth ~ Dusty Times July 19861 Page 31 .., I

Page 32

t ~ . respectively. On the next lap Tommy Croft , flew into secoqd __ place, _ with · Probst right ':w.ith · him, putting Fishback down to fourth with Tripes cnallenging him. Fish-back's ChenQwth slowed, then retired on lap 7. This opened the door for Tripes who moved into third spot ah,ead of Probst and Crowder a lap later. And Art Schmitt passed Jerry Whelchel to_ gain a position. · On lap 10 Marty Tripes was out with mech~nical problems, and Jeff Probst was sidelined a · lap later.. With 12 laps done and three to go, the final outcome seemed obvious, and only trouble could keep Greg George from victory, ,as he now had a comfortabl'r lead. George,had no . ' trouble and he flew his Funco across the finish line, the big winner and ·the new owner c5'f a pound of gold Greg George won his first BFGoodrich Autocross Cup before 52,700 cheering spectators. Tommy Groft took second in his Chcnowth, followed by Jim~ie · Crowder, Art Schmitt and Jerry Whelchel in what was a real geographical mix among the first five. Roger Caddell finished sixth, all but cinching his points championship in the four race Canadian BFGoodrich Series. The first Canadian was 'Bill ILeFeuvrc in seventh, followed by non finishers Jeff Probst, Marty Tripes, Richard Dagenais and Kevin Probst. Over the years only one " Rod M illen dances on the· ro,of of his Mazda pickup after winning the Saturday night feature, /.:a Coupe de Montreal. for the mini trucks. " ' ' . ' . UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS POWER STEERING The .Components, Parts,' and Service Winnen Count On • NEWI Choice of Al~mlnum or Steei - choose between tough, lightweight aluminum or low-cost steel parts; all ,are _precision made, incredibly durable. • Componena or Complete System -for <l"Y application, we'll sell you whatever pa~ you need, or a complete system .. .installation· is also available, all at competitive prices. · • Draws Less Than IHP -The most efficient, most dura.ble set of power steering components available .'s the • Rebuilds, Adjustments & · , choice of more Class_ and ,Overall winners Technical Assistance . \X/hether you than all others combined! · -need to build or repair, test or adjust, • Complete Bracket,y & Tabs - clean, or just have questions about powe~ reliable mounting available for any steering ... call us. We'll answer your application. questions with61,1t hassle. UNIQUE Also, ask about our full llne of other racing metal fabrication services ... METAL PRODUCTS, SEND FOR FREE INFORMATION AND PRICES TODAY .· u ='r-_8745 Magnollai Ave.• SJntee, CA 92071 • 619/449-9690 · Page 32 Canadian driver has' won the Class -I,0 honors in Montreal. Scott Taylor, from Illinois, won the first three events, while -Californian Scott. Gillman won the fourth, john - MacPherson won it for Canada the next year. -In 1985 Jeff Probst tqok the big prize home -to Illinois, _and now Greg George becomes the second Californian tc\ score the' big victory. Of course this year there were more' seasoned stadium racers from California in the field than in all the previous Montreal events combined. So, a' western American · victory would have been .a safe bet._ The Saturday night crowd also had a chance to see the Class 7 trucks in action. A special "La Coupe de Montreal" \'[as on the_ line for this added attraction. Off the line the pair of ~azdas once· again took the lead, but Glenn -Harris broke on the first lap. Roel Millen was alone in the lead, as Walker Evans also went out ·early in the Dodge. John Swift and Curt LeDuc kept thingJ - I interesting, but Rod Millen had · The roof is scheduled t o be no trouble winning this contest, finished next April, so hopefull-y followed by·Swift and LeDuc. the mud bog of 1986 will not ·Score-Canada Pre_sident happenagain.Also,theplariisto · George Dodd announced · that move the race back to its the Montrear Stadium is -being traditional June date: as this year fitted with a canopy. In· fact the the event ha:d to compete in work was in progress last May", Canada with the Stanley Cup taUing out some' 7,000 seats hockey· finals as a _sports usually available for this race. attraction on the weekend. ) Armstrong Tire Sponsors the New Formula. ~esert 'Dog Series commitment to the performance market. · I noted that there were-several . different companies under the Armstrong umbrella and. Bob stated in addition. to their many existing ventures, they had By Brend.a A.,Parker . ' ~ Mr. Bob Bogdanoff, a five year "Parker 400" and have the recently bought the Blackstone veteran of drag racirig, is now-the customer recognize the name. ':'Company w_hich makes radiators Technical Marketing Specialist He indicated that they would for Chrysler, Ford, Saab and for Performance Tires at be going after the Porsche tire, Volvo. Armstrong is gj::tting Armstrong Tire Cornpany. As the BMW tire, the tire for the more-involved in the automotive such, he is excited about the Corvettes, Cameras . and the _ field ~and "this acquistion of upcoming _season and _ his Firebirds, in addition to the off Blackstone is an _.extr;emely company's sponsorship of the road market. He said that in the positive step in that cfirection." Foqnula Desert Dog Series in the perform~nce tire area, people ·, Armstrong is also invoH,ed in .Midwest. I caught up with.him at look to upgrade their tires and circle track racing. Bob said that the Detroit airport recently when that is why the Plus 1 and Plus 2 he would like to take credit for it he was in .Michigan on business. concept is so great. Plus 1 and . but i~ really happeQed becatise of He has had a very busy year si'nce • Plus 2 means going to one or two the quality. and acceptance of the · th·e -decision was· made at - sizes larger cm the rims; ·'for prod4ct. What'happened was the Armstro[}.g-.,·to aggressively instance if the BMW comes with race promoters came and said pursue the,"'·performance tire a 1311'rim you go to a l:4-or 15 theywer·elosingcarsbyleapsand market. Last· year they actively ·:inch tire . . Bob , said, "the bounds becau~e of the expense. supported_ (he SCORE/HORA· , President of· Armstrong Tire · Armstrong manufact_ures ;a tire s_eries and also we~,e involved in a . Company right now is an ex-vice called the Super Stock which is a Gouple of off rgl}a, in presi'den t , <rf research and low profile, 60 series street tire. the Midwest. · .development-: of aq.other leading _ lt_'s not as sticky as some tir-es but When I asked Bob how they tire cbmpany, so he's got the', is, street legal and, wor~s great on had become involved iri off road background in this: area." the, circle tracks. It has a Stong racing he stated that-Armstrong Formula Tire -is a totally . sidewall so the drivers don't have has a 25 year leadership ~n the separate program , from Arm-to'. worry about running super development of off road. tires strong Tire and they wi!J be using · low pressur~ or_ about a lot of being the manufacturer of the their unique logo arid Deser_t fle~-ing. .It is · definitely harder Tru-Trac tire. He stated that a lot Dog: It will be · the high tha·11 o~her tires and it wears like of people have told him that they performance tire of Armstrong iron. -It is now the only legal tire have used Tru-Trac tires on their Tire Company. They felt that if at a lot .of tracks around the ' Jeeps for years. The Desert Dog they were going to go ahead and country. What this tire did was was .. another famous brand tire promote .performance tJres; bring a lot of drivers back to the Arm~trong was making for Formula was a good'automotive track who had put their cars away several years but not supporting name "bebuse) when you , say because of the expense. Racers with a formalized race proi ram. "Formula" most people think of have told him that their tire bills This is a new effort to go after the Formula' L Also, the name went 'from $8,000 to Jess than performace market. · already existed because of the $1,000 in a season. They can buy Bob said tnat they are hitting Formula Desert Dogs. one set of tires an d maybe one or all the. major off r.-oad Another thing going for them two :spares and race the whole publications. They are going to 1~ that upper management is ver,y season. There _ were a few have two pagej ads all the way involved in this new program. In -complaints at first. The racers . through using a· 4 color spread. one year's _ time they· had the with t,he unlimited budgets They will also be putting their following people at faces they wanted to run what~ver they newsletter out on a monthly had never b_een to before: Paul wanted to run, out · not basis so that project . is in the James, President; Alan Bennett, , everybody - has an unlimited works as well. In addition to the-Vice-President of Marketing;, budget and over_all they have newsletter, they will be mailing Dennis Terwilliger, Vic·e received a lot of positive regular press releases to all the President and Controller.--feedback to this tire. -/ . top publications'. , Financial; Bill Troy, Director of '.All and all the Armstrong Tire . They want to get tied up with a Marketilig; Don Moore, Direc--Company is excited about the few good racers -and also ih.volve - tor, NationafReplacement Sales; new Formula Tires and we will be their dealers with the program Ken Backman, Perfqrmance Tire seeing a lot of Bob and other.~ and show _them how they can use Manager and I-lank Sullivan, ·from the company around the · it to promote their tires. The ads Formula Sales M.anager. Tlajs tracks this summer. They are ,_ , will-be race oriented with a place year there will be more officers hoping that the sposnsorship of for congratulations to the - taking part in the program as well the Formula Desert Dog Ser_ies winners on Formula tires, so that as m;my of the tire engineers, Bo~ sanctioned by Short Track Off dealers will be 'able to .say, feels this is an excellent way to Road Eriterprises, Inc. is a ldng "Formula' Desert Dog Series'.' or show their· SUJ?port and and fruitful one. · July 1986 Dusty Times I -, t ~

Page 33

1. CALIFORNIA. RALLY SERIES. By Paula Gibeault · Lynnette Allison, -CRS Director and'usual author of this column, has just added a_ new ralliest i:o our ranks! Congratula-tions to Roger and Lynnette on the birth of Vanessa Marie.:.may her car seat.soon be covered with rally .dust like ours all are. · 1-volunteered to fill in this month, since Mike· and I have firiished wrapping up our event, Rim of · the World, andhavesometime. I also have some thoughts I'd like to share (how unusual!). . . This year's CRS, calendar shows some changes from ·previous years, with the · "retirement" of La Jornada . T rabajosa ( well deserved after 14 years), the 1,mavoidable cancella-tion of High Desert Trails due to unexpected demands . from Ray Hocker's business, and then the cancellation of a new event, <;arson Valley, due to the heavy road damage wreaked by the later _ winter storms. 1986 may seem like a lean year for 'us at this point: But an odd sort of thing can happen. When a vacuum like . this has occurred in the past, some new· organizers . have suddenly emerged from the corps of ralliests, arid new events have bee.n cre.ated. This phenomenon may already be in progress, as there are several new ralliests interested in taking over_ High Desert Trails for this year. If you are a competitor lamenting · the-loss of those fine events, let me ask · you this: hav~- you seriously considered trying your hand at organizing? If the California Rally Series ever ran a want ad.for a new rall'. -SCCA-Southern Pacific Divi~-ional News BY-Lynette Allison .-organizer - and was compl'etely honest -it might look. something like this: "WANTED: Sturdy individual with thick skin and innovative ideas. Must be willing to stick neck out, endanger relationships with-' loved ones, . go without sleep, endure frustration arid criti-cism." Seriously, what an organizer needs is COMMIT-MENT - determination to make the event happen, whatever it · takes. If these are the - requirements, then what are the rewards of this job? · Well, that's what this article is· about! There are many, and Mike and I. have been enjoying them since Rim and yes·, ·even before . and during the event. In the most . general sense, organizing a rally is the most substantial· way any person can contribute to. our , sport,. unle!)s he/ she is of the Superdriver•(Buffum, Millen) or Superwriter (Grimshaw} breed .. For many people, -it means the chance ·to put on ""fhe Perfect ·Event" or perhaps "A Rally T~e Way They -Ought To Be Run." . Do you like to check out fun roads? Now you have an excuse! · Mike and l would have to say, however, that the·. rewards that keep us .''in . the business" a_re entirely related to our dealings · with people. Should you decide to organize'an event, you will deal · with LOTS of people. The vast majority are really wonderful to work with, and more than - compensate for the occasional· .flakes. You will meet. an-incredible' variety: businssme'n, bureaucrats, sportswriters, radio operators; interested local citizens. You will make many new · friends, and hopefully, will find that working with them toward a common goal deepens and enriches your relationship. )' OU will have the satisfacti.on of knowing tftat you put on ·a fun time for the rally community. ' Hdpefully you will also have the kind of pos~itive feedl5ack Lindfors, 6, G. English, 6, G. Burgess, 6, 18. J. Olaya, 4, 22. B. Perez; L Co-Drivers: 1. R. Stuetzel, 41, 4.J. Love, 24, 6. L. Allisori,.16, 13. G. English, 4 . Scoring information: FIA, Seed 1, Seed 2 (national) drivers .-1 did my mid-year bookkeep~ cannot receive Divisional ing and discovered liow· championship points, though .expensive rallying can be. And, I Seed 1 and 2_can participate in an ·haveri't co.mpeted since Indio! event . . · Points _ scored: 1 =20, Expenses for the Divisional 2:alS 3=12 4=10 5=8 6=6 itenis ... tele_phone, newsletter, 7=4, 8=3, 9,:,,2, 10::,1. O~ly th~-postage, et~., totaled '?'?r~ than top--ten overall are_ scored, $400 .00. The D1v1s10nal w,hethe! in Seel:11 or 2 or running - Steward fee, at $6.00 per head, divisional. The Watariabes incpme was $90.00. consis.tently place in top _·The So-Pac standings were . positions, but cannot claim their tabulated from Indio-'85, Carson points as di visi?nal compe~i t?rs RX '85, Carlsbad RX '86, Glen because of their Seed 2 !tst1rig Helen RX '86, and the recent with SCCA A competitor's best Rim Rally. The Divisional results six · events are scor:ed, with·_ two from Ohio and Nor'weste·r were· allowed from outside the not includ~d, ff you competed in - Division. All. events -completed those. events. They • will be bv a competitor are considered: included "according to the for the championship, but bnly individual competitor. the best six are counted. Full· I _sin_cerely debated over divisional result:; have been publishing full scores, or only forwarded to SCCA headquarr-· those who have·contributed to ers, so all scores for the So-Pac the steward's fee. Well, · after championship are on -record. . much, much thought, J opted to THE PRESCOTT FOREST honor those who contributed, so· RALLY -is havi~,g difficulties here goes. Drivers: (position) 2. getting the OK for the ra'ily L. fetersori, 39, 4. G. Luke, 34, roads, . according to' _organizer 6. R. Koch, 21, 9. C. DiMarco; Rob Cherry. Contact him at 13, 10. M_. Blore, 12,R.Hull, 12, (602) 778-0489 on the current 12. B. Stewart, 8, · 13. D. status of the rally!! -Dusty Times Mike and I ·have ~een lucky · enough to enjoy. We have been getting actual- ".letters" from ' . ·competitors · with thanks and ideas. This leads me to conclude . that the CRS comm~hity itself is basically a mature.I unselfish group who really dol appreciate the lind 9f friendly,Jively, yet affordable · competjtion that divisional ewnts offet. If you've ever considered_ pottil1g on a rally, now would be a:good ti'me. Don't l;,e -put qff by the: paperwork, please -+ you- will have lots of he! · on that· from . us, froin Lynnette, and others). -~ deep. Services will not be long, Thiqk about it. Y du will benefit, . and reliability ·will be important. rall!ests will benefit, and you'll , This should· be a real endurance ever! receive organizer's points! event, .running from 7 PM. to 5 Here are details from Rob AM. Registration will begin Cherry. on the Prescott- Forest Saturday1moming at 9 AM. The Rally, whid) is the next event, Pro Rally _Board is planning to July 19-20: Approximately 175 have a meeting, plus a question-total miles with 7 l stage miles. and-answer type Forum some-All Qew roads, all forest, "tighter · time during the weekend. Entry and twistier than Rim" and fees will be $120 postmarked l;,y therefore should be over two July l,$145byJulfl2,and$160 hotiris driving time and ~ trtple cash at the event. Call. Rob at points event. Waterproofing the · (602)' 778-6489 for·_ further· e_lectrics may be smart, as there details. Sounds like a goo<;! one, are Feek Crossin s u to· 1r' see you,there! · . • · · · - were mis ers. -oing: t e est The Yo,ko_ hal ma __ . 6·50_,. Club·'R_ eport __ · ~as.DonSlagle,withJimHaynes --• · -co;driving. They_gbt in two good - . - . RY./c_·ai1 Ca/nn - · ··. · I II ' d aps. Bi . Reutgeri covere .. one Out of the 367 starting cars ai: •pl'ace._ Jim Temple, who had a . lap, and Jack Irvine did~'tmake the Mint 400, 22 were driven by disaster right off the-line, put son the first check. ···· 6-50 Club members. Of that 22', . Ma_rli: in· the Raceco after the , Thr~.e of the nine 6-50 points-.nine of them finished the race for repairs, .and finished 15th. New counting races are over for 1986. a high finishing · ratio of 40.9 member Jimmie Crowder, from · Jim Temple is.hanging the percent, compared ~:with· the Florida,·was 16th, finishing three.-. points lead. with 138:'Jac)< Irvine ov.erall race finish ratio of 30.8 laps. Walter Prince got in a lap in -is. secohd with-121 and Danny percent. This round nary a 6-50 the €.,rear, Candy Cane Racee0 Letner.,i~ dosewith 1.13. ¢otky dubber won his class, but many for 26th spot, but neither Danny McMillin and''Stah Parnell are ·of them that finished came in the·· Letner or Beny Canela covered a · tiep in fourth at 104--points e~ch . money. A half ·dozen more lap. . . Bo_b R~nz has moved up to sixth drivers joined the 6-5Q ra:nks at, . . Of the trio of 6,5,0 drivers in with 90 points, followed by Dave the Mint 400,. three of them just - the massive 1-1600,.group, only Girdner, 82, Dave Fessenden, barely past the half century one finished, Ken. Freeman with ' 60, Len 'Newman, 59, Gregg -mark. . · . his -son Kenny co-driving. They · . Symorids, 51 and Rkhard _Kent, Of the three starters in Class 1, · arrived 20th out of 63 starters in 49. . · Bob R,eni and Dick Clark got this ;competitive _class. New There are 36 names on the 6c their Raceco around well for a member Jack Kr.uger got in two 50 points list · so far in· 1986. keen third place ·in the 34 car . laps, and so did the Dale Poe There are six r:aces left ·to go in class. Frank Snook, with Eric entry before· crashing near the series, the Baja Internacional, Arras co-driving the Raceco, had Boulder City.. · · · Fireworks 250, Frontier 500, -a two hour disaster on the first In Class 5 the Stan Parnell/Jeff Snore 250, Baja 1000 and lap, but they plugged on to finish Bolha . Bug fini~hed ninth after _ Budweiser 250: Only the best six . tenth and earn some points. 6-50 serious trouble; four hours out of the nine races for each Club founder Gregg Symonds . worth on the second lap. lri Class driver count · for the year erid did not get far . in 'his fancy 5-1600 the Andy Devercelly Bug points. - - · Porsche powered O.R.E., since it retired after two laps. In Class 7S Remember, there is _nothing to failed on the first lap with Mike Tom Heyser and Mark Schwien -join, nothing to pay to get in the Patrick at the helm._ got 1n two good laps, were -in 6~50 Club points chase. Just list . Seven of the 4 7 starters in fourth place midway, but then your age on the entry if you are · Class 2 were over SO on_ age. · they van.(shed: · - · · over SO and .it'will_appear in the And, Corky and Scott McMil- In Class 9; new member John computer print out;_and_prt!sto, lin's Chenowth was 'the first car Miller .and Don Erskine kept ital! you an~· a 6-50 Club member. of any kind around on the first together to finish fifth_. The Jean Only the driver of record, and lap, but it slowed later on. They <;;:alvin/Judy Smith Fuoco only, only competitors in the-eighteen finished third in this tough went eight miles. :In· Challenge.· . desert car classes are eligible for bunch, keeping Corky high on Class, Dave Girdner, with Roy' 6-50 points. It is all in fun with the points scale. Len Newman, , · Perfect co-driving, took a keen · handsome rewards at the end of with Mike Gaughan co-driving, fifth out of 28 starters_. the year for the gold, sil'ver and · got the Chenowth home in eighth . None of the three in Class 10 _ bronze _nredal winners. · , Scrambler Long Back Chassis 92" Wheelbaoe Remo•able Rear Cage Included ALL TUBING IS '.095 WALL THICKNESS (HRP&O) ' .. Dealer Inquiries Invited ;(314) 94?•1723 . Scrambler·ECONO_K/TS $1.25.00 BURKS , . I' July1986 r I I Off-Road Racing I Ask tor Derrel Page 33

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l . i l l. I. /. head~dlor the real hills. •·ally runs third on most, events, Nor-Wester Nati-ollal / Pro Rally We later learned the opening was listed 39th o'(erall . · at -stage was causing havoc behind Shelton. Seems h~ had a bit of a . us·. One particularly. nasty probl,em at a start con. trol and . decreasing radius corner put Paul. · bought twenty-two minutes of Choiniere's Audi 4000 on its penalty before he co4Jd get the · side for a bit, caused Guy Light's Peugeot T16 going again. At .the VW GTI to leave the road, spun end of the rally, · W oodner Dave foston completely around protes~ed the .extra time penalty forcing him to drive his Mazda and won b_ack the twenty-two RX-7 up the stage for, , a few. minutes. Then · he• was disquali~ hundred yards seeking ,a turn fiedfor working on within around, high centered th.e acon~rolzone:Thatdecisionwas By Thomas D. Grimshaw Photos: Trackside Photo Enterprises . Portland, OR· team of Gordon als~ changed and he was Bsted as Bobillot and Joe Eddy in a Dodge • 20th overall in the final results. GLH Turbo, and ditched Doug · We also learned that young -.Shepherd. Spectators· threw. Paul was driving far too fast for ,Shepherd's Do9ge Turbo Shelby the conditions. He had moved back onto the road and he his Pr.oductioh Class. Audi into ' motored on.. · tenth· overall and first·'fn class. On Stage Two; JB was coming Remarkable! Frighteni~g! . · . . to life and we tpok sixteen . Up; up and away. We moved seconds off the Mazda, followed · higher into the mountains and ·· py a seven se.cond win of Stage took our first run along th~ high Three, and a two second win on cliffs. Fortunately,. for . the co-·stage Four, heading into the drivers, itwas dark.and the drops major se.rvice halt on the main were 0n the-driver's side; Later, · street of. Shelton, Washington. in the bright morning sunlightwe f\s the sun began to fade Harry ran 'i:he cliffs again - with the Ward and I companid scores in drop on the co-driver's,side so ·. Shelton and. agreeq it ':Vas going we could · see the wonderful to be a par~icularly hairy night.. · scenery. frayers to the sky above Even tho4gh we'd won alt four and ignore the valley below·. opening stages, the tqtal margin On Stages Five and Six, John was only twenty-five seconds -., Buffum showed why he is the equivaient to one good spin. best rally driver in North My favorite .Ninjas, The America and one of the best in Watanabe Brothers, were sitting the world. He did • nothing in third overall at Shelton. These differentthan on.previous stages. mysterious· gentlemen from· Yet,. I could tell immediatelv that California had pur their Group A . the burners had been turned up Joh Fi Buffum .. Tom G,rimshaw and the Audi Sport Quattro did theimumber on the field again, extf!nding the ii string of_ Toyota Corolla in front of all just a wee bit and· we were overall victofies over the high roads on the Nor'.Wester Pro Rally. · teams except M_illen and us. suddenly' flying. l.'ve seen him do 'Everyone was· amazed - it many times before but it still high stages as being too everyone, except me. I've been surprises me. There is something dangerous for competition. watching and writing about i:his inside Mr. Buffum. S0mething Several' of the old hands took team .for the past two· years. I he only unleashes when it him aside and.convinced him to know.they do magic tricks. I also becomes absolutely necessary. I reconsider and the · stages we·re know they know how to drive don't think he's even aware of it. saved. However, he i.nsisted .tnat quickly and cleanly. I a.Isa know We discussed it before. we saw John Buffum speak at the driver's they can appear next to me in the s11:_ores. I told him -he'd-just ineeti'ng and· emphasize the elevators :_ · without entering driven his' best two ·stages and danger of the cliff roads. Later, in th rough the door. Very ~had taken some major time off our Audi Sport Quattro, myste.rious, spooky. Ninjas do Millen. He disagreed. I was right. The Nor'wester National PRO Rally celebrated its.· 20th annive.rsary in Tacoma, Wash-ington May_ 16-17, by doubling its· entry· from the previous year. · Forty-seven teams started the Nor'wester, Round Two of the 1986 SCCA PRO Rally National Championships. Twenty-nine finished. eliminate the niggling off course problems Millen has experienced over the years. I've run the Nor'we-.ster for several years. The only ·time I've won it was in 1977 with the Wild Eyed One, Hendrik Blok.- This The Noi:'wester was also the setting for the much anticipated debut of. Rod Millen's newest creation - a· beautifully prepared 1986 style Mazda RX-7, with 4 wheel-drive, moly tube frame constrµction, a very fancy trailing arm system and a 300hp 1'3B rotary engine offering a top speed dose to 160 mph. Weighing several hundred pounds less than his previous cars, the new Mazda was billed as an "Audi Killer". was. the first year I can recall that the event has begunjn Tacoma. The move to a larger city should prove fruitful for the organizing committee in the future. transiting. to the opening · .those sorts of tricks. . Co-driver~ a·re always right. The Nor'wester, has also been one 'of those events that give me specta~tor stage, JB said he may Jon Woodner, who tradition- . ·· ~rom that point on the outcome have even scared himself with his , ---------'-----------------Millen has also added another improvement to his 1986 effor.ts. He's hired Harry _ Ward of Toledo, Ohio as his full time co-driver. Ward is one of the best in the business and sho-uf,f , nightmares. In recent years the course has not included the really high diff runs, but· in honor of the 20th anniversary, we were. warned we were goirig back up on top. Up where the "exposures" in the route book mean you can look down l ,000 feet and find no major obstruction to save your booty on the way down, SCCA PRO Rally Manager, Dave Thompson, drove the· course during the week prior to 'the event and looked over the edge -once too often. He announced _he would cancel the &~·~ COMPLETE ONE, STOP MACHINE SHOP FACILITIES ✓ Engine Balancing ✓ Gas & Heli-Arc Welding · specializing 111 PARTS & SERVICE FOR VW, BAJA BUO & DUNE BUOGY dire warnings. . . Unlike past years, the weather was absolutely beautiful in the mountains. · Millen worried about dusty road~ $ince he was starting behind us but there was just enough moisture from . the Spring thaws to save him the agony of racing blindly in the· dark along unforgiving 1 ;000 ft. deep "ditches"; as he calls them. Buffum had a second major wotry · that had nothing to do with the . potential of Millen's · new car,. his stepson, Paul Choiniere, was doing his first real mountain drive at the Nor'-wester, He'd hired· Chris Senske, a local co-driver, to sit next to Paul and explain the true · meaning of"faliing off" the road in the Washington mountains. custom & Cal Look -ESTABLISHED 1968 -22632 so. Normandie Ave. : Torrance, Calif. 90502 213/320-0642 The opening spectator stage was a very nasty, tricky 6.16 mile run that· immediately woke . everyone up. Usually, spectator stages are not too challenging. Not so this time. .This little monster led straight to the Land of the Sudden DNF. Buffum averaged 62.4 mph and had more than a few "moments". At the following service halt we were anxious to learn Millen's time in · the new car. As it turned · out, neither team learned a thing since we both ran the exact same time. · After a Jew quick bites·, jokingly called "the. dinner halt"; we Page34 July 1986 Despite an occasionql bobble. Doug Shepherd and Ginny Reese not only won the GT Production Class. but they placed a quick third overall. ~, . Rod Millen and Harry Ward siayed close in the brand·new MazdaRX-7. but they again played the bridesmaid. losing by Just 82 seconds. · · DuswTimes

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I. ( r r \ Dean Blagowsky and Sherri Morgan are a GT team lei watch. Tt,ey brought. the badge Omni Turbo in seventh overall and second in class. ·-· · Dan Coughnoursplashes through the water on a forest road. and Clive Smith. with Martin Hedland navigating the Toyota Corolla. he put the Dodge home second in the hotly contested had a good night of rallying and came in ·third in Grnup A. Production· class. · armer trucker and naNonal divisional champ. colt Child is . getting to know h_is Dodge. and he finished the Nor'wester third in GT class. John Crawford and Joe Andreini rqn hard in their Dodge, but finished third in Production. merely 26 seconds behindlsecond · Gary and Judi Gooch had a good rally in their new Dodge. and the California team took home fourth place honors in GT Production. p~a . . was rio longer in doubt, unless We. , suffered , a bout of terminal 1umbass. We did Spin once on a very skinny little road and had to backtrack a short ways. to . get . turned around again; but we still ·took the stage by ,~ very narrow · margin.- " · We came back down to sanity , levels early Saturday morning with a one minute, twen_ty-two.· second. win over Millen and ·Ward.It.was a shame to ruin the debut of the new Ma;da, but that'swhat we get paid to do isn't it? Besides, tht;:re are a lot of stage miles between here and D~cember and Millen is always ther .. waiting to bite our buns when we make a mistake. Doug Shepherd continued h_is We waited at the finish line habi~ of winning his,class at every early Saturday morning, sipping event. He never. lost in· '85 and it a few cold brews, telling our lies, . appears he doesn't intend to lose enjoying the narrow victory, in '86. He did give c:o-driver, laughing at new and olq jokes - Ginny Reese, a nasty moment on arid waiting. Finally Paul thefinalstagealongtheultra-high ·Choiniere and . Chris Senske cliffs when he went for the brake pulled in and we·learned they had ·- in a hairpin and the pedal went to. won the Production Class and the floor. · Shepherd drove the ., finished,, sixth ·overalL John final fifte.en miles of the stage on Buffum , could not have· been the handbrake in his GT h;ippier, and, tho gh he will Production Class Dodge Turbo never admit it, m re relieved. Shelby and finished third overall. Pkul Choiniere ay just' be The Watanabe Brothers Kung -eme~ging as the ,ri west young Fued everyone in Group A and -lion · everyone w II have to won the class, ·finishing fourth contend with in the coming overall, followed by Walter months. . Boyce. and. Jimmy Brandt in a.· Group A VW GTI · managed by Salty Satalano, Buffum's top wrench of many past seasons. The Nor'wester win moved the mys.i:erious ones into a points tie with Boyce for the Group A title. John Crawford and· Joe Andreini finished second in P. Class · to take over the, championship . points ,lead in their-Dodge·Omni GLH . . Dean Blagowsky of Tiberon, New Mexico, is also a new name to be reckoned with. in '86. He, Richey and Howard Watanabe continued. their. winning ways, quietly, taking top spoi in Group A 'and placing the Toyota Corolla fourth overall. -and · co-driver, Sherri' Morgan ( one of the few co-drivers who is prettier than I am), ha\Te finished second in GT class on each of the two opening evehts this year. One bobble on Mr., Shepherd's part and Mr, DB will eat him up. · The .manufacturer should be · happy - Blagowsky drives a Dodge Omni Turbo. Walter Boyce and Jim Brandt c.orner hard in the VW G Tl, en route to a close · second in Group A and a dandy fifth overall finish. Dusty Times -1986 is shaping up to be one of our rnm,t interesting years. Now it's on to Wellsboro, PA -for Round Three and another good show - the Susquehannock Trail ·already · has ninety-one pre:-. entries! · Last year JB and I flew .over a crest and landed in the hospital. Not this year. I'm going to run in front of the Quattro with a flashlight __ on Stage 6 this year. . We may lose the stage but I ain't lettin' no nurse cut aHmy clothes off me again _:... unless I get a young one this_ time. -July .1986. A riew rally star is rising as young Paul Choiniere. with Chris Senske navigating the Audi 4000, came back from a tip over to win the Production Class and take sixth overall. · The Blue Line . IS here . \l··L·E -PROQUCTS, INC. Filler Safely Is now offering all seal bells and harnesses In BLUE at an additional 10% over existing prices. We are also stocking harness pads, horse collars. arm restraints and tie downs In blue at .no Increase In cost. To order use exlsllng numbers and specify blue, · No. 62625~3 . , ............. $127.85 i• (Also available In standard I. black) .................... $11'6.25 · , , SIMPLE TO ORDER , . Phone or mail order using Visa, Mas1ercharge or we do ship C.0.0. No pe·rspnaf checks please. Order now and receive the new. 20 page 1985 c_atalog and price list free. · FILLER PRODUCTS,• INC. .9017 San Fernando Road. Sun Valley, CA 91352 (818) 768-7770 Page 35

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\ \. .. l . t ' . I . I \ J. VORRA opens Its Desert Seas~n at Yerington, Nevada · · · · Photos: M~son Valley News VORRA President Ed Robin-so~ is always looking for~ new . desert .rnurses, and he found a _dandy for the opening round in his -1986 desert race series. In ' past years this race has been held around Weeks, Nevada, a spot on the map and nothing more, there is no town, not even a crossroad. For 1986· Robinson found a hearty reception in Yerington, a bit further south in Nevada, b'ut it· is a full fledged commµriity ',1/ith all. the amenities one . could desire on a race weekend. The race was held on · Memorial Day weekend last May, and was part of the tqwn's ~,$ ;i;''',41'+4;;.;~;;;Z,..i~-. official celebration. allowance. the ·race there With ·the help of the B.L.M. · was a parade _of all _ the entries officers and rn~ny city residents, · through the main streets of · VORRA put together a keen 60 Yerington en route to the starting odd mile course outside of town. line. Details on the race are a bit It took four complete loops for slim, and we have few co-driver all classes to gain an offic_ial names. _Our apologies before the finish. It was the usual northern fact to the folks.we unfortunately Nevada route with some hard carinot mention. · . surface, soine rock · piles, a There were 13 starters in Class canyon or two, a little silt, and all 1, and two of them failed to go a · the good stuff the aesert has to single lap. Taking the first lap · offer. lead, with a 1: 10.45,.was Michael . There were 64 in the Thorton., from Boise, Idaho. six classes _in. VORRA racing, a Thorton t.urned fast lap of the very·healthy entry for this event. day, 1:09.57, on the second lap Less than half, only 30 cars, were to establish a goodly lead. John destined to finish in the time Winkes, Pat Verling and Steve -----------------------'!"""---, Bradford were in a very close West Coast-Distributor fOff HEWLAND . . OFF ROAD GEARS Michael Thornton-celeb.rates with a'swig of Yokohama Tires champagne after winning" therace overall with a :trouble free 250 miles. Sam Berri had his ups and downs along the course. but he won th0e Class 2 and 5 honors at the flag. by just over a m/nute in total time; struggl~ · for . second in . class . . Midway Verling was·. second, holding 22 seconds on 'Bradford, and Winkes was another 1.37 minutes back , . . · Robert Lemos.dropped out on the. third lap and Thorton' turned a 1:11.42, insuring his lead. He finished it off with a 1: lJJ 1 to win the race overall in most convincing fashion, with-a to:al time of 4:45 .35 .. The other three' all 'slowed .a tad' on the second lap, but slowing the least, ~ith a quick third lap, was John Winkes OUR PR:ICE. $695.00 Per,Set· 2 Ratio's Carrying' a spare Ure for insurance. Cecil Thrasher won the tight fight in the Sportsman class with a swift final -lap. · of Everett, WA, and he claiin~d second in class and overall at 4:57.51. Pat Verling took third place ih 5:06.40 and Steve Bradford was ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valtey-Performance 3700 Mead Ave. las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 . , Available McKenzie Automotive 12945 .S,herman Way #4 North Hollywood, CA 91605 213/764-6438. DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 36 in Class 1 at 5:1 LJ°l. Orn · Clark was fifth, 3 ½. · rriore · minutes down, with Ken Sanisio just over a mihute behind him. Jim Cope followed in less than a minutein a real tight finish. In all, ten finished in Class 1 .. Of the ~ight that started in Class. IO, two failed to make a lap. Up front it was the tightest of dices. Chris O'Berg led after one lap, out only by 42 seconds over Kevin Ohnstad and Rick Bower · in the ex-Tom Koch Raceco. · Christopher Cash was running thin~ at the halfway point, about David Brown came the Nortl1west with' his tidy Class 5. turned very . four minutes back, and here competitive laps and finished a strong third in_ the combined class. . O'Berg increased hisJead to over July 1986 Dusty Times . i :!

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The parade .through downtown Yerington started the race day, and "Bill Ihde.Dennis Nilmeir led the parade. but finished t<;!nth in Class 1. \,., -Richard Akridge takes the green.flag at noon. had a great first half. _then trouble and eRded up ninth in Class 1 a{ the checkered_ flag. · three minutes. Somewhere along the way Rick Bower rolled trying to get around spectators blocking a tight canyon section. On lap 3 Ohnstad/Bower gained 20 seconds on O 'Berg, and Cash, along with Eric Verling and Ty and Tim Hardy vanished. ·The Ohns.tad entry did a 1: 16.34 final round, almost 2'½ minutes· faster. than. O'Berg. In nearly ,a·/hoto·. finish, KeJin Ohnstad an Rick. ~wer wqh Class 10 and placed , third overall. Only ,53 seconds down, Chris O'Berg was set:ond in class and fourth overall. The only other Cl~ss 10 finisher was the Smith/ Conway team, about half an hour behin-d the epic battle. . · Of the dozen that started in the combine,d Class 2 and 5 fray, five disappeared on the first lap. Out front then, Sam Berri led David _ Hinz by 2.40 minutes, and Ace Bradford was about 25 'seconds further back, with Ken Sypolt . down another three minutes. Midway in this class action, Berri · _dropped a few minutes and Hinz There were 14 heavies on the line in Class 3 and 4, and all but one made at least a lap. Up front from f]9g ,to flag was Californian Roy· Clark, and he finished in,., great time,. 5:20.32 and he was· 15th.overall, quite a feat for a · 4x4 on the rol!gh desert. With very .consistent la·ps, Kent Bullock claimed ·second in.class, back about 17 minutes. Marshall Mahr ran second to half distance, a very ·c1ose second, ·but had a half hour down time on lap 3. Mahr came back with the fastest last lap in class, 1:20.25 to claim from Thrasher; and Shermer minutes ahead of Jordon, the . third,; another eight minutes drop,ped to third, just 2½ more third and only o~her four lap down. Gordon Scott was fourth minutes back. finisher. · · · and Keith Robb rounded out the Round three saw bo'th The first professional off rsm-d finishers in the heavy metal bash. challengers lose time , but race · at Yerington was a Usually, a big class, eight' got faster· to take back tremendous success, counting · showed up to contest Class 1-2- ·the iJead. He turned a quick for Pro· Can Am as well as 1600, and this was another tight 1: 13.59 on the last lap to win the VORRA points. The people 'of run for a titpe. Bill Landon Sportsman Class handily in . Yerington made the off road whipped off a 1:16.26 first lap, · 5:20.29, good for 14th overall. ra_<;:ers very welcome, and Ed but-Bill Canon was !only nine Bob Shermer had his woes, but Robinson intends to have the _seconds s,lower. _Rick Frock was V l1eldi s~cond, over 20 minutes 250 mile race there again next about three minutes back !ff behind, and he was over 11 year. thfrd. At half distan~e Landon- · --. .L1 - - ------------------,---,-----,-== held his lead by 'over five minutes. Roger.Shuman was now second by a mere eight seconds over Bill Canon; . with both Whitnack/ Rigsby and Roy Gust close enough to pou,nce .should the leaders falter. The race was on! · I Bill Landon kept .UJP his quick pace building a seven rliinute lead over_ Bill Canori after-(t~ree laps. Just over three, m6r1e minutes back were. WhitnaalU Rigsby, who failed to finish . b icing for fourth; Scott' Schaup9 led Roger Shuman by 'eight seconds, this pair another minute down. Bill Landon did not falter ori the last lap, did a 1: 18.48 and W0\1 Class· 1-2-1600 honors and was ninth overail at 5:13.34. Bill Cannon held on to second place, with a 5 :21 .56 ·-total time. Scott Schaupp ~on the battlbl /or t_hird, arriving Just over a. minute behind Canon. Roger Shuman lost about 15 minu~es on the final lap and took f(j)Lirth, still ov·cr an hour aheacl . of Rick · Frock, who had serio~s trouble on the third lap. . . The Sportsman ba~ was a · close one on the first two laps, although four of the ten starters failed to q.wer a lap, arid two more vanished.on the second lap. Tone ]ordan led the ,first round by 58 seconds · over Cecil Thrasher, who was· merely nine seconds ahead of Bob Shermer. Midway 1 one Jordan ltook over the lead by a mere 11s seconds ~sually a strong runner in 4x4 _class, Don German had a slow start, picked up steam gmd then went ou.t of the hunt on the last lap. -Al Baker do'e's a handspring for the photographer. Could be this is the reason he failed to cover a single lap. · I •• TH-E WRIGHT PLACE~.-C10IL SPRING·YOUR .FROf)IT END! · took over the lead by 1.43 minutes. Ace Bradford dropped a little time, but held third about six more minutes back arid a good two minutes ahead· of David Brown's swift Baja Bug, but Bradford was seen no more. Berri got back i; shape with l\ 1: 16 third lap, and Brown closed ·Looking strong here Mikt ·Turner s~6:;,,·came to-grief on the Course. andhe did · not go a lap ,n his Sportsma_n car. in on Hinz. · Sam B~rri kept up his pace, -turned a 1: 1 7 fimil round to win thedass in 5:05.36 and take fifth · overall. Although Hinz was ten seconds slower than Brown on the last loop, he had a cushion, and he not only won s econd place at · . 5:Q7 .13, but was seventh overall. -Brown hung onto third, over six minutes back, and was 'tenth overall. Jimmy Lawrence finished fourth in class followed ' by Ken Sypolt, who had trouble on the last lap. He was the fifth andfinal class finisher. Local .Yerington driver Rbn Dohoney built his Jeep from scratch. but he only · covered a lap before mechani~al trouble put him out. I ' . · Dusty Times July 1986j 1 Tl'ile coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at1the finish line,.are products of Jhe Wright Place. Yc:>u can use them on Fox, Bilstein, 6r Rough Country's Nitro Charger~ Springs are available _in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and va:rious lengths. ·Easy· to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adjustments. _Another g;eat i~ea from the front end e~perts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE; EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Page 37 j I j I ' I ./

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' ,, t, I l p ,_. .,Big is·Bealltiful in the.· G"1CJimmy_ T ext & Photos: ]ea~ Calvin There . are many occasions available from the engine. Empty when there is ·no substitute for · or loaded the diesel could easily space,_ and the GMC Jimmy has exceed tj-le speed limit, and it got plenty of space for people and there quick., The load also made cargo, transporting both in real rio differenc"e in fuel economy, luxury. It had been some months and this is rare in to_q_ay's light since we drove the latest version duty trucks. ) ofthefullsizeJimmy/ Blaz~r,and Th~ Jimmy was fitted with · falling oil prices had nothing to every option imaginable, plush do with the choice of the diesel upholstery and wall to wall Jimmy. Besides, diesel- fuel is · carpeting, all color keyed in blue-higher priced ,than unlea9ed gas grey to die sparkle silver exterior around these parts. paint. On board were all the The -occasion was the need to am en it ies, · including _'fu II transport a large amount of --instrumentation, surer air current issues of DUSTY conditioning, four whee drive, a TIMES, a· quick ·shelter tent, four speed automatic trans, · general baggage, ice chest, the AM/ FM radio, the big -and usual impedimenta, to the Score handy bin ~ between the front Great Mojave 250. Along with bucket seats, map pockets on the cargo space, we also needed a rig doors, cruise control, wind that could carry us .around the . deflectors on the rear side back trails to intercept the race ~i'.1dows, etc. Y~:)U n~m~ it, and if course for pit informarion. The .,:It _is on _the opnon hst 1t was _on 6.2 liter diesel engine in the super,, this vehicle. About r:he only th1_ng !tixurious Jimmy filled the bill in , missing was an outs-1de spare tire all aspects. . carrier·, but the spare was full size and had its own fuzzy fabric W·ith the rear seat folded the cover. Jimmy swallowed the tent, which · Outside, the ornament on the will not fit in iFdown size rig, nose proclaimed to the world about 1000 copies of DUSTY "6.2 . liter diesel" which TIMES, and all the.. rest of the translates to about 3 79 cubic' gear, well below the window line inches. Along with the part time in the rear ~Even mor~ impressive· four wheel dr\ve, the rear cliff · is that the heavier than normal included a limited slip feature. load did not affect the p6wer Fancy wheels were _fitted with road hugging Uni~oyal Laredo S I P 31/10/S0R -lSLT All Terrain tires. Automatic locking front hubs and dual shocks. on each "fro11t wheid completed the off road ,performance options, along with a'skid plate under the huge, 31 gallon fuel tank. Performance with the diesel . and four speed automatic transmission is enhanced by a. 3:42 rear axle ratio. The rig displays the us1,1al clatter when started from cold, but it soon .. goes away, unless yoµ push th:e button and let the windows down. Outside this engine never . does quiet down completely, but, with the windows closed and the radio playing, you do not hear the racket from inside the Jimmy. Starting in mild weather ·is no problem. If you turn the key, then fasten the seat belt/harness, the glow plug light · has already gape out and you can fire it up and move down the · road. The diesel Jimmy has good all around performance. It has more accelerative values in traffic in ormal drive, but we·· also commuted in overdrive and there is no real fag like the diesels , of yore. On the highway this rig' really shines. Once it is rolling it · will ~limb up to 70-75 so easily and quickly that you don't notice electric rear window is a boon for the increase in speed. We had no quick' a_cces~ to .. the rear cargo trouble passing cars on two lane .. 'bi y,,,,it_stilL takes _two men and roads in 'overdrive, and if the their.mt1scle to -get the tailgate situatio~ got tight, we would · open, usually with some loss of drop a gear. For off road travel skin or at the least a fingernail. we used third or normal drive for Oddly;,in this super luxury liner, more stability, and this gear kept there still is no provision for·the us' rolling with .the same ease as front bucket seat recliner. one would expect from a gasoline Almost every passenger truck powered Jimmy. has reclining seats today, but nor Fuel · economy is excellent,· this one, and the item shouldn't beating t_he socks off of any full call for any major modifications. size, V-8 gas truck. Boupcing And, . while · the tinted side ar:ound the Lucerne Valley race windows do help keep the area, in traffic and on the road, interior cool, they also add to the the overall average was 20 mpg. alr~ady ~ubstantial blind spot.out 011 the next tank, we stretched it-the rear for the driver changing · out to 450 miles, by then the lanes. · · gauge.was reading a quarter of a While the base price on the tank and after the fill the fuel full,size Jimmy hovers around the economy number · was 23 mpg. 14 thousand dollar mark these While diesel fuel costs more days, with the diesel engine and these days than any- other, the all the options, it wouldtake 20 fuel economy of the diesel could grand to get model out .ofthe sure make a difference to the dealership. Of course a: fully owners that drive the r_ig to WOFk equipped, gas, engineg, downsize as well as on weekends. Jimmy will cost ,15 to 16,gr'and, -Naturally, no vehicle is so for an extra four thousand you perfect, and this model has been get double the usable space and .around for a long time, with the · better fuel econonw to boot. It is same dasn and only slight face worth considering, especially if lifts. It is now quiet and nearly your family four wheeling rattle free, but there are a . few excursions includ_e a coupl_e of quirks that do remir:i,d us of our full size human beings who' will own, . 1972 model. While ,the be ridin~ in the rear seats. Fancy carpeting and fancier overall interior trim surround the fully instrumented dash. All controls are within easy reach of the driver. The big. 6.2 liter diesel engine is not.even visible under all the plumbing tor fuel feed and emissions control, but it is a top· perfor0er. · ·, ,., LEFT: The Jimmy has a familiar look-to the rear. and still boasts a real tailgate. so handy in the 0Z1tback tor serving lunch Styling on the popular bob/at/ has changed little over the years, but this Jimmy · or just watching the action. RIGHT: Plush carpeting covered every inch1of the flooring. and even with the spare tire had all the latest _options, including the h_andy rear side windows that open. inside. there was plenty of width to hold a large 'plant . . Page 38 July 1986 · Dusty Times / ) - . \

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I VORRA R11ns the Long;· Course at Prai,rie ~ity·.i Text & Photos: 'Peggy ]ohnson • ' . • I ➔• Art Ve(ling gets up on one wheel while Rob Smith dodges.the ac/ion. Smith we()f on to second place t Clasqq,a-nd Verling landed on his roof. · ' .. ·· '-1 · · and the terrain made any··desert-qi most competitive w1\th the short. course racers. ·. · Rick Frock won the Class 1-2--1600 honors bv tkking second place in each oft¥te two heats, Tim Riordan finisHed second in the class with a thir~'and a fourth place position in thb_heats. Roger Caddell towed all' ·the way from Tacoma, Washington to finish third with a first ·and a sixth in each of his events. · · -In the 4 x 4 heat~ Don German, · from Petaluma, ias HOT . as usual, and he had his stuff . together. His was an overwhelm-ing class victory, as he scored an Dennis Kordonowy came from Nevada to win the Dash for Cash finale. and he easy: first place in both heats in is also leading on ser_ies points in Class 1-2-1600. ,his · Jeep. · Bob .O'Connor .tan Second in both races and was second on points. [Keith Robb ran his rig third steadily in both events, and took th~rct on overall Early in May Ed Robinson and his VORRA crew produced a very suc~essfol event over the 2 ¼ mile "long course" at Prairie Cin, . -oHV Park near Sacramento,· CA. Robinson has twelve yea'rs experience iri o·rganizing off road races, and that experience was a contributing factor to another well planned race. It was a rugged course, but fast anq exciting, One couldn't .ask for a better day for an off road race. There was a nice , breeze and the skies. held a cloudy overcast, keeping the temperatures down to livable. Ed Robinson conducted his usual drivers' meeting, spelling out the Do's and Don 'ts•. for the day. He was strict, but fair, and showed the · needed authority. After the meeting the N~tional Anthem. was played, a11d the flag was displayed on a thtee wheeler owned by Troy an/d Tricia Robinson. · The cour·se was rugged terrain. After leaving the usual starting - line and its downhill drop. away jump, competitors did the usual left and right turns around the 'ant hill', but then kept turning hard to the right. Up to the steep 'White House Hill' they roared, following . th_e COl,lrse around Dusty Times hairpin turns', and up and down over the hills until they headed . up 'Monster Hill'. From there it was a flat out run along the top of · 'Dirt Diggers Balcony' before '•;heading downhill on the· back side of the usual course. The ·event 'contained six diffei:ent classes, consisting of Class 1-2·-1600, Class 3 and 4 combined, Class 10, Class 1, Class 2 and 5 cqmbined, -a~d · Sportsman: Each heat ran for 12 laps. · In all there were 32 cars ready to tackle the long course, points. . . . I Nevada racer Chris O'Berg showed the boys iriClass 10 once again that he knew the course like the back of his hand. He took first place in the class without too much trouble. Rob Smith fought hard all day for his second place . honors. And, charging ·hard all day, but not quite hard enough was Don Kennedy, who was ' third in Class 10 points. - , Ken Sypolt won the first heat in Class 2 and 5 combined, dropped to third in the ' second, but he won the cash on points for the d{iy. I July 19~ 1 Roge~ Caddell won the first,1-2-1600 moto. but-t~oubles in the second ro~nd _.d~opped himto.'thi(d onpoint~ f~t the..,,day. ·--'· :, · .. _ _ · • D.m German proved once aga,n that he 1s VORRA ·s top 4x4-racer wbn both heats handily ,n his Jeep based modified rig J I The C_lass _1 driver.s put. on ;11 ~() ch;rge hard as he started 01.,lt \e'fciting -n~ce up_ and over ·the the tenth car in the line up .. His hairpin tui:ns. Bob Lemos was _. hard drive··saw ·hiin move into second in the first heat and won se;cond .. ov·e~all on poihts With ,a tlie finale to take top ho~ors in fourth and a second place. Fred · Class 1. Close-behind with a win Happich had a Aong way to drive -in! the first heat and second in the · around the course also, as he . next _one was Fritz Kroyer who started out in eighth position -on dmed second place on points, the· grid and finished a strong the second heat being the tie third overall on points. brieaker. Don, Miguel finished The last - ·event and tlie - th.ird overall with a fqurth and a J1ighlighi: of the day was the new . third place finish. - feature, theDash For Cash.This :The-;combined Class 2 ,and 5. event started with the first 1986 bash went to Ken Sypolt with a race at Prairie City, 'and it is open win in Heat 1 and third in Heat 2. to any entry that wants to give it a Dick Bower scored a fifth -and a · try. It is a winner take all affair, first for second place, and Mike and up for grabs were a lot of Bishop was third, with a fourth , prizes including a set of tires, a and a fifth. . _ . VORRA T-shirt and hat, racing , ,The, Sportsman honors went . fuel, a case of Coke and a plaque, ,toiGreg Ni~belink who won the plus $210.00 in green moriey. fi~st race and to.ok third in the Dennis Kordonowy took all the .se~ond. Tone Jordan really had - booty home to Nevada. · ::MINIMUM I . ·EFFORT ....... · .................. . I. r I .I MAXIMUM ·EFFECT!! 1· , . .I ,. • . ' CA3 -COMPETITION BRAKE WITH BALANCE BEAM . .MAN_UFACTURERS OF THE FINEST IN OFF ROAD PRODUCTS . _ ContaCt ydur Joe.a l JAMA'R dealer or·w rite 42030-C Averiida Alvarado • T emecula, CA 93.290 (714) 676-2066. Page 39 · \

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I' i i t I i i. j I I \ I l \ j \. I I, i r-1 \ \ I i I i l l l I I ! l F .. I I i r. I r l I /. ! r i. I I ! r I ' ~,1, .... DRICH MEMORIAL DAY 100 Midwest Racing at its· Best By Judy Smith . The BFGoodrich Memorial grandstands this year. This Day 100, at Lake Geneva, handsome permanent structure Wisconsin, season opener for has beeh aptly . named the many midwest and eastern folks, BFGoodrich Pavilion, and ·was was a fast paced, two day event, the site for BFG's Sunday bash the weekend ·after the Memorial for their local dealers. Day Holiday. Originally a 100 mile race on a · Although it still retained the long shorH:ourse, the Memorial tradition1al name, the race's Day event has ·gradually producers, 4x4 Unlimited, of metamorphosed to a quick Illinois, had changed_ from their moving weekend of short events. originally scheduled date on the Thjs year, as last year, there w.ere three day weekend to orie heat races· for each class, which weekend later in order to avoid determined the start order of the · conflict with the Score Canada main event and paid back the Montreal race. It was assumed entry fee to the winner. The heats that some of the folks who raced were originally planned to be five at Montreal would then be able laps each, but when the schedule to move on down the trail to seemed to move too slowly were Lake Geneva. And some did, shortened first to four, then though not as many as had been _three lap sprints. · -hoped. With heats in the morning; an The organization that does all hour lunch break and then the the hard work . to produce the main events· in the afternoon, races, 4x4 Unlimited, is a family there was plenty of ·action to oriented volunteer· off road entertain the spectators. And the organization. They traditionally pit crews had to hustle all day to have three 1,)res'idents, or co- keep the cars race ready. chairmen to handle · the on-site The course, about a mile and a details of the race, and' this year half long, went out of sight of the they were Bruce Brannstrom, Jeff spectators in the grandstands Probst and Dick Knutson. Kathy only briefly, and-provided them Leonard was in charge of scoring with a variety of flying jumps, left and timing, and did her usual and right turns, switch backs, efficient job. · · long straights, one spectacular The on course flagging and . Camel-back -jump that was part . clearing of disabled cars is a of a motocross track, and a tricky function performed by another double jump right in front of group. The Mud Turtles, of them. Joliet, Illinois, another volunteer The track was furi to drive, but group, have for years provided it did get narrow in a couple of these services with professional- places and it was also very dusty. ism and efficiency. They The originally scheduled water function as flagmen, car pushers, truck turned up unavailable, and . and tow trucks, with unending the substitute was too slow and energy arid enthusiasm. feeble to water the track The event has had the efficiently. They tried, but in the sponsorship of BFGoodrich for interest of staying with the the last several years, and BFG schedule, had to water only parts even built a covered food service of the course between races, and and eating ami at the top of the not too efficiently at that. So dust Page 40 Photos: Judy Smith/John Howard . was a real factor in most events. Registration and tech it;ispec-tion took place on Friday night and Saturpay morning, with an hour of. practice Saturday, and Sunday mornings for the classes that were to race that day. The program for Saturday wa~ going to have to· move ·right on .titne, because the proprietor qf the track, Kevin· Dawson, himself a member of 4x4 Unlimited; had scheduled the regular weekend stock car races for the evening. They would need .time for dean up for their early practice. The program got going at 11 a.m. Saturday, with 11 heatra~es schedoled .to happen before 1 . p.m. The first two heats were for the limited two seaters (2-1600s) and featured seven cars in each event. Chuck Williams,Jr., took the first one in his Berrien, while Scott Taylor, in his barely-finished-on-time Eliminator won the ·second race. . The second heat had been made spectacular ·-for the spectators because Kevin Probst, . who ran second, had figured out- · how to fly the double jump. No one else had done it as yet. The third heat was for the 5-1600 Baja Bugs, . with just four competitors this time. This heat was shortened to four laps, and · was plenty long enough. Ron Karlman took the lead,rightaway and ·astounded the §pectators by flying that double jump·.• In a limited engine Bug no less! A lap later Jeff Therriault tried it, landed a bit short, did a fancy pirouette, and lost a position . Karlman never goofed, held ·his. lead, and went 6n to win the heat race. There were then three heat races for the single seat 1600s, · and some of them proved to be . .;,,. two seaters with ho passengers. half lap and Pfeffer moved into • The heats. were running faster the lead. Pfeffer. held the position now with virtually everyone to the checkered flag, followed learning to fly thatdouble jump, by Karlman and then Therriault. ,aQd. many were also now flying Jhe break between races was over the top of the tall Camel- livened up a bit when the water back jump in the motocross truck high. centered itself on the section. The spectators loved it. · -double jump, and they needed Todd Attig, in a single seat · . two full grown Broncos to pull it Terminator, won the first heat, · off its perch. . Dean Dodd, ofCanada, driving a The next event was good sized Berrien, won . the , second heat, with : l 9 vehicles on· the track. and Karl Wuesthoff was the This_ was. the single seat 1600cc victor in the third. ljmited main, with_ a few half-- It was now time for the first empty two seaters running. heat for the hea'vy metal troops, Todd Attig _ jumped _out in ·and with an eye on the clock, the front right away, ~s Dean Dodd, officials shortened . the heats to . , with a broker:i clutch, pulled into three laps. Jan Dudiak, kno~ir1g the irifielq. Scott Taylor ran it was ·to be a sprint, ··charged hard- second in his unbalanced two-.' from the word go, built up a solid se.ater, Dale Scott third in his S& lead with.his CJ 7 and earned his • K -Racing car, Steve Ktieman entry fee back as he won the fourth and Chuck ·Williams fifth. -Class .3 heat. . . . . . in his two seater. . The next heat,• for Class 4 . Attig held his lead, but Taylor . vehicles; -was the best. of some dis'appeared foi a lapi while pretty ·good racing _so far. Krieman 'moved. into : second. Richard Bundy of Connecticut . Williams \vas third, S,f:=Ol:t. fourth . had his Scrambler \ n ·front, but andKarl"Wuesthoff·fifth in his . he had Geoff Dorr, the · local Berden. . . . favorite, right on hi~ tail in his, . Anig ran smoothly,, grapually plain wrap Jeep CJ 8. The two widening his lead. At the midway · thundered around the track, .p'oint, lap five, the lead positions nose to tail; putting on a great . hadn'~ changed except that Ka,rl sh9w. On the second lap; Dotr Wuesthoff and Scott switched took the good line and crowded 'places. Bundy into the one big puddl~, The positions held through the sending giant . rooster · tails of seventh lap, _and then !(rieman water flying, and causing him to got into .trouble neat the 'scoring lose mom.en tum. Dorr got the tower and dropped a · position. · lead with ·th1t maneuver. Bundy He Continued, roof flapping and tried . hard, but. couldn't get it exhaust broken, in third place. back, so Dorr got the win with . l;\Vo· laps later he broke. a tie rod Bundy second. • end· while topping the Camel-Then the action moved on to back hill, and nose dived off onto the heats for the 1650cc cars. the pavement and the end.of his, These a·re Class 1 Os· in race. . . . · Score/HDRA parlance, but the In the meantime a. beautifully · 4x4 Unlimited folks call them smooth Attig went on to w,in his Class 9s. These were very quick race; rimning both error free and heats, with som·e more good, tr,m1ble free for all ten laps. Wil-close racing. Lee Wuesthoff; in a. · Iiams.was ·see<;md, Karl Wuest-Chenowth . Magnum, won the hoff third and Jeff Probst fourth. first one, while Chuck Johnson, At just a little. after four p.m. . fi;1miliar to our readers recently as they wheeled 'out the Class J and a· Class 7S racer in . i:he ,desert, ·class ·4 vehicles. There were a won the second heat in a. Pro total of only 11 starters, since Tech. And Jeff Probst, . in a . quite a few had perished in the Berrien Lazer, won the final heat heat races. Jerry . Bundy, very race of the day, leading all the · quick off the start, once again way. . had the lead early on. But Dorr · After a break for lunch and took over on the second lap, arid watering the course,. they. staged immediately began quilding a big the- two seat l 600s and the 5- space between himself and. the · 1600s for their main ev.ent. lt was rnst of his Class 4 group. On the a two-stage s_tart, with the buggies third lap · Btmdy retired with going off the line · about 30 some :mechanical problem, and seconds ahead of the Baja Bugs. .that left no one to seriously Scott Taylor took the lead in his challenge Dorr. He charged o~, _ Eliminator, Chuck Williams; Jr., as his class faded away; to win his · ran secon9, followed. by Kevin event, to 1;10 one's surprise. Probst, then Dave V a,nder.missen Reuben Johnson drove smoothly . Jr., and Jim Dooley. By the fifth and held off disaster to ..finish lap they were winding their way second-_in his Jeep. around lapped vehicles, ancl on · Simultaneously, the Class 3-the seventh lap · Probst passed folks were doing battle too. Jan Williams and took . over the Dudiak got his Jeep into the lead second, spot. From that point.on from lap one, with Matt Foltz they stayed in the same order, second, Dennis Chencharick too widely separated to catch and third in another Jeep and Bruce pass any more. So Taylor goi: the McKinney fourth in still another. win, the_ first race for his car, · · Dudiak held his lead all the while Probst, also ·runn{ng the way to the seventh lap,,when, as first race for his car, a Berrien . he made ~he left turn up into the Lazer, took second. Williams stock car pit. area, his Jeep just and Dooley were third and quit. $topped cold!And that was .. fourth. .. . . it for Dudiak. . . The · four 5~1600s, in the · · Foltz went on to win the race meanwhile, _ ran intermingled the only other vehicle ·on th~ with the buggies, with Ron Same lap as Dorr. Dennis Karlman. leading for five laps, Chenchi}r°ick was se.cond, afid followed by Jim Pfeffer, then McKinney was thjrd and'Dudiak Terry Wolfe and Jeff Therriault. had· fourth with 'h'is completed On their fifth lap Wolfe lost his laps. · . · front end and parked it, while The last race of the day was the Karlman suddenly lost about a very quick. Class 9s, with a Dusty Times '. ..

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starting lineup ·of 22 vehicles staged on the grass. Traffic was heavy in that first turn and Chuck Johnson, a bit overeager, rolled his car. First Kevin Probst, and then Scott Taylor, ran into him. · Johnson was out of it, Taylor, who had no first gear, los~ a few positions, but Probst was down a full lap. Meanwhile, Jeff Probst, Kevin's older brother, took the lead in his Berrien Lazer. Lee Wuesthoff ran second, Tommy Croft in a Chenowth, ran third, r . At this point, the stock car folks scowling in the back-ground, the off roaders adjourned for the evening. Sunday's schedule included six more heat races, three main events, three Championship races and the Ladies Race. The Championship races usually include everyone who wants to run and has a car left. They pay back deeply, out of the gate receipts, but not in big dollars. There are three divisions: · Mike Paulson, in a Pro Tech, ran fourth and Rod Attig, in an Alfa Romeo powered Berrien, was fifth. The pace was fast and furious, and the dust was very thick. It had reached a temperature of 101 degrees, and the heat, along with a steady breeze, had thoroughly dried the track in spite of the water truck's best efforts. It was very hard for the drivers to see some parts of the course. One turn on the first lap had been so dusty, and so crowded, · that it wasn't until they'd all gone by that officials realized they had two cars, Mike Parker and Glen Woolbright, parked off the side in a ditch. Limited, which includes one and two seat 1600s, along with 5-1600s;, which is Class 1 and Class 9 (1650ccs); and Production, which is for all the heavy metal folks. Curt LeDuc came from New England to fight the dust that plagued the event, and he was the victor in both the Class 14 and Production Champ races. Smooth driving Geoff Dorr, Rockford, IL, also drove his Jeep CJ 8 hard, and he won the heat and the main, and was second in the Championship. Probst and Wuesthoff widened their lead, little by little, while Croft, not enjoying the dust, stayed steady in third place. Paulson held fourth but Attig and his Alfa dropped back and Don Ponder moved into fifth place in his Lazer. On the sixth lap, with everyone else holding, Scott Taylor got by Ponder to take over the fifth spot. He then gradually caught up with Paulson, passing him on the last lap. But Probst, driving a trouble free race, got the win with a good lead, Wuesthoff was second, and Tommy Croft, familiar with Mickey Thompson type short course racing, and saying, "I don't like not being able to see!", was third. Taylor took fourth, · and Paulson was fifth. Sunday started out hot and clear as Saturday had been, but just at 11 a.m., as the first heats started, a strong wind bl~w from 'the north and temperatures dropped about 30 degrees. So the dust now was blown so hard and far that the whole track was obscured· at times. The first two heat races were for Class 14, with seven entries in the first, and only five in the second. Curt LeDuc; in his Ford, ran away with the first heat, flying both the Camel-back and the double jump, to the pleasure of the audience. The second heat saw Emil Downey and · Geoff Dorr go up against each other. Downey was driving the Jeep that Jerry Bundy had raced on Saturday. This time Downey was first out of the first turn, and they charged around nose ·to tail, until, on the last lap as they flew the jump at the end of the straight side by side. Dorr took the inside line, jumped a bit further, and • • I got through the turn quicker than Downey, to take the lead. He managed to hold it to the finish line again. The next two heats were for Class 1 vehicles, and Walker Evans was driving in the second one in his Dodge D-50 mini truck. It seems he'd come from Scott Taylor, Be"Jvidere, IL, debuted his brand new 2-1600 Eliminator and won his heat race, and main event, and was second in the Championship. Montreal with the idea of racing it in Class 7, but none of the others who'd pre-entered had survived the Montreal race, so he was all alone. He wanted to put some miles on his. truck, which he was in the process of fine tuning, and the 4x4 folks wanted to see him run, and the only class they figured they could put him with .was the unlimited single seaters. So there he was. Kevin Probst I took the first heat with his Berrien Lazer, and Jeff Probst took the second heat with his Lazer. Evans ran fourth part of the way, and then, after a hard tussle with Jimmie Crowder in his Chenowth, slid by him to take third place. · There were two Class. 8 heats, but the second one was . a washout. Five trucks made it to the first event, and Jack Flannery, with his partly torsion bar suspended Ford, got an easy win. When the second, heat lined up it was just Walker Evans and Dave Hockers. The other three who'd been scheduled to run that heat had broken in practice. They ran a lap and a half, with Evans way in front, flying both the Camel-back and the double jump as gracefully as a ballet dancer. Then Hackers pulled into the pits midway through lap two, and Evans went on to finish all three. After the break, the· first race was for Class 14, jbut it was hard to tell, because mpst of the entry was made up of Class 4 trucks, and there was even one Class 3, the ambitious Dudiak and his CJ. LeDuc took the lead, followed by Dorr, then D\udiak, John , Heidtman, and Emil Downey. LeDuc and D6rr charged far out front, Dudiak dropped out early, Heidtman moved to third and Downey held fourth while Reuben Johnson moved into fifth. While LeDuc and Dorr had a good fight for thf lead, Downey and Johnson were in another close battle for fourth position. But on the fourth lap, as Downey and Johnson went onto the short Kevin Probst kept busy by entering three classes in Berriens. He won the Class 1 heat and main, was second in 2-1600 and fourth in 1-1600 action. Jan Dudiak came from Pittsburgh, PA to race, and he charged hard in his Jeep CJ 7 to win both his heat and the Class 3 main event handily. Dusty Times July 1~86 Young Todd Attig, from Dixon, IL, drove his Terminator single seater to victory in the 1-1600 heat race and the crowded main event. pavement stretch in front of the grandstand, Downey, on the outside, lost control and slid into and along the wall, damaging his vehicle enough to stop him. Johnson moved on. . . From that point on things settled down. LeDuc drove steadily and never goofed to give Dorr the chance to slip by. They finished one-two, with Heidtman third-and Johnson fourth. As spectators huddled under blankets, the announcer tried vainly to sell cold beer, the Class 1 race lined up. There were eight buggies and one Dodge mini truck. Kevin Probst came out of the start the leader, with Scott Schwalbe second in his Berrien, '1then Mike Paulson in his Pro · T~ch and Jeff Probst in his Lazer, followed by Walker Evans in his mini.truck. Jeff Probst hit a tree and rolled, and was out on the third lap, while Bill LeFeuvre, in a Berrien, moved up a couple of places to take over fourth spot. Evans and LeFeuvre were the hottest race for a couple of laps, as they both passed Schwalbe to take over third and fourth place. Kevm.. Probst continued to lead smoothly. Then suddenly, Evans emerged from a clou_d of dust with a crumpled fender, ahead of LeFeuvre; and in third place. · Probst and Paulson, who now ran second, had built a tremendous lead, and there was virtually no chance that Evans could catch them in the time left, but he took off flying, giving a fine demonstration of the well engineered suspension on that truck. However, Probst and Paulson never let up for a second and went on in that order to finish, with Ir R.L.H. ENTERPRISE 11111 COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALISTS UNIDEN RACE RADIOS 337 W. 35th, Suite "C" National City, CA 92050 (619) 585-9995 I Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay for all Score/HORA Off RoadEvents. $550.00 Helmets Wired $175.00 Amplifiers f-or that Extra Punch "Convertable" Radios Motorcycle Radio · Systems our Specialty Race Proven by JOHN CLARK GABLE - MAX RAZO RACING STEVE LAKIN - RICH MINGA - ROB TOLLESON MIKE LUND - HENRY ESCALERA Page41 ! ./ f I i l

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In Class 5-1600 action Jim Pfeffer, center, was the ultim.ate ·main event winner. flanked here by Jeff Therriault, right and Terry Wolfe. Lee Wuesthoff drove his Chenowth Magnum to victory in the Class 9, _unlimited 1650cc, event and also won the Unlimited Championship race. i;a"' Evans getting third place. The Class tS race came next, with only six trucks left in the class,. practice and the heat races having done a good number .of t!1em in. E_vans and Flannery went into the first turn together, came out with Flannery in the lead, then Evans, then Flannery, and finally, Evans got a firm hold on the front. But Flannery was close on his tail and it looked as if it should be a really good race. Unfortunately, Flannery flat-tened a left rear tire on lap two and had to retire into his pit for a while. Evans kept on going, putting on a good show, while trucks fell apart all around the course. Flannery came back out about a lap and a half down, but couldn't hope to catch up unless Evans had a disaster. And he didn't. other truck running. So it was Evans, Matzke . and Flannery, with Grey ending up fourth. They had to tow Matzke away from the victory circle. It was · now time for the Championship races, and it was really cold. _Spectators had long since switched from shorts and swimsuits to jackets and jeans. They had 24 cars in the · Limited Champ race, the one and two seat 1600s, and one 5-1600. Kevin Probst took off in the lead, followed by Todd Attig, then Scott Taylor and Gale Brockie. On the second lap Taylor moved into second place, and the rest stayed the same. The lead three cars built up some-distance on the rest of the pack, and they had a great race going - absolutely the clo~est of the weekend, with none giving away a thing. Probst and Taylor had a little space on Attig on the sixth lap, but by lap eight it was all closed up again and Taylor was in front. Then, still on the same lap, Probst gave Taylor a little nudge that Taylor didn't even feel, and he got back by, and Attig went by also. So now it was Probst, Attig and Taylor, and still the eighth lap. On the ninth lap Attig briefly took the lead, but another close -battle left Probst back in front again, and then, two turns from the finish line, Probst went into a hole really hard and broke a stub axle. Attig and Taylor came in first and second. The Unlimited Championship ran next, this one with the Class 1 and Class 10 cars. This time Kevin Probst had the very early lead, but was out before the first lap was over, with a broken rod. Lee Wuesthoff then took over and ran a clean hard race to the finish, chased all the way by Mike Paulson and Chuck Johnson. Bill LeFeuvre ran a come-from-behind race, to finish fourth, needing a few more J.aps, it seemed. The Production, or heavy metal, Champ race was a repeat of the Class 14 main event with a couple of Class 8 trucks thrown in. LeDuc led right from the start, with Dorr second, and Evans was third followed by Flannery, the only two wheel drive vehicles in a sea of 4x4s. (The only ones still alive.) As LeDuc and Dorr blissfully charged on, Flannery passed Evans, and it seemed a good race might finally develop between these two. But the audience was cheated again, as Evans lost all his .forward gears, ana came into his pit in reverse on lap four. LeDuc, Dorr and Flannery Dave Grey, in a Ford, and Pete Matzke, in a Chevy, had a really good race for second place for a while, but Grey lost his driveshaft on the sixth lap and was out of it. Hackers, running w~ll until then, blew his motor on the same lap, and on lap seven Matzke started to smoke ominously. · By the ninth lap Evans had lapped Matzke who was now second, and Flannery, down a lap also, was the only High flying Walker Evans decided to stop at Lake Geneva on his way home from Montreal. He won the Class 8 race in a big way in the big Dodge. Chuck Williams, Jr., Vicksburg, Ml, was the victor in his Jeff Probst led most of the Class 9 race, fighting off a hard Class 2-1600 heat, and he also finished third in the main charge by Attig and Taylor, OQly to break a stub ax le on the evYnt in the Berrien. Berrien on the last lap. Page 41 July 1986 then ran with n0 apparent troubles, finishing in that same order. Matt Foltz was fourth, in a Class 3 vehicle, and Reuben Johnson fifth. The Ladies Race, last event of the day, could gather up only four entries, due partly to the demise of both the Probst · vehicles. Tiffany Baker, in Dale Scott's limited single seater led all the way, while Judy Smith, in Scott Taylor's Eliminator two seater followed for second place. Changing the weekend· cl.ate didn't effect the entry much, bu! it did effect the gate. Those folks who normally come to Lake Geneva for a three day holiday with off road racing on the side apparently didn't all make the trip for a two day stay. It's hoped that there won't be the same sort of conflict next year, and:the 4x4 Unlimited folks, with the help of the Joliet Mud Turtles and BFGoodrich will get to hold their race on their traditional date. BFGOODRICH MEMORIAL DAY 100 RESULTS Fin. Pos. Car Driver, Ho.metown Vehicle CLASS 1•1600, LIMITED SINGLE SEAT CARS, 1600CCS 1 600 Todd Attig, Dixon, bl Terminator 2 700 Chuck Williams,' Jr., Vicksburg, Ml Berrien 3 602 Karl Wuesthoff, Mequon, WI Berrien J ·;· tr 4 799 Jeff Probst, Mokena, IL Berriep Laz.e~ .t· . 5 671 Tom Surace, New Jersey B~rr.i~llL )t1,''." ,) CLASS 2-1600, LIMITED TWO SEAT CARS, 1600CCS ; : :r ''>.): 1 755 Scott Taylor, Belvidere, IL Eliminator' i ,--.·; (1( 2 799 Kevin Probst, New Lenox, IL Berrien Lazer 3 700 Chuck Williams, Jr., Vicksburg, Ml Berrien 4 707 Jim Dooley, Prairieview, IL Berrien 5 704 Steve Tsarpalas, Glenview, IL Berrien CLASS 5-1600, LIMITED BAJA BUGS, 1600CCS 1 550 Jim Pfeffer, Ottowa, IL VW Sedan 2 555 Ron Karlman, Ixonia, WI VW Sedan 3 552 Jeff Therriault, Menominee, Ml VW Convertible 4 551 Terry Wolfe, Wavwat, WI VW Sedan CLASS 2 ~ SHORT WHEELBASED 4x4s 1 302 Matt Foltz, Dousman, Ml Jeep 2 326 Dennis Chencharick. Julian, PA · Jeep CJ7 3 301 Bruce McKinney, Georgetown, IL Jeep CJ7 4 300 Jan Dudiak, Pittsburgh, PA Jeep CJ7 5 317 James Miller, Woodstock, IL CLASS 4 - LONG WHEELBASED 4x4s 1 400 Geoff Dorr. Rockford, IL Jeep · 2 410 Reuben Johnson, Rockford, IL Jeep 3 472 Jerry Bundy. Tolland, CT Jeep 4 405 Greg Gerlach 5 433 CameronLodge, Plymouth, Ml Jeep Honcho CLASS 9 - UNLIMITED 1650CC BUGGIES, ONE AND TWO SEAT 1 904 Jeff .Probst, Mokena., IL Berren Lazer 2 900 Lee Wuesthoff, Mequon, WI Chenowth Magnum 3 935 Tommy Croft, San Diego, CA Chenowth Magnum 4 912 Mike Paulson, Belvidere, IL .Pro Tech 5 901 Scott Taylor, Belvidere, IL Eliminator CLASS 14 - UNLIMITED 4x4s 412 Curt LeDuc, W. Springfield, MA Ford 2 400 Geoff Dorr, Rockford, IL Jeep 3 404 John Heidtman, Marquette, Ml. Bronco 4 410 Reuben Johnson, Rockford, IL Jeep 5 467 Harry Bowey; Sullivan, WI Jeep CLASS 1 - UNLIMITED SINGLE SEAT VEHICLES 1 104 Kevin Probst, New Lenox, IL Berrien Lazer 2 912 Mike Paulson, Belvidere, IL Pro Tech 3 703 Walker Evans, Riverside, CA Dodge D50 4 101 Scott Schwalbe, Sugarcamp, WI Berrien 5 199 Gary Thistlewood, Macon, GA Pro Tech CLASS 8 - HEAVYWEIGHT 2WD PICKUP TRUCKS 1 880 Walker Evans, Riverside, CA, Dodge 2 816 Pete Matzke, Spooner, WI Chevrolet 3 813 Jack Flannery, Crandon, WI Ford F-150 4 810 Dave Grey, Antigo, WI Ford F-150 5 802 Dave Hockers, Depere, WI LIMITED CHAMPIONSHIP-CLASSES 1-1600, 2-1600 &.5-1600 1 • 600 Todd Attig, Dixon. IL Terminator 2 755 Scott T-aylor, Belvidere, IL Eliminator 3 671 Tom Surace, New Jersey Berrien 4 693 Dale Scott, Louisville, KY S & K Racin9 5 602 Karl Wuesthoff, Mequon, WI Berrien UNLIMITED CHAMPIONSHIP - CLASS 1 AND 9 1 900 Lee Wuesthoff, Mequon, WI Chenowth Magnum 2 912 Mike Paulson, Belvidere, IL Pro Tech 3 913 Chuck Johnson, Rockford, IL -Pro Tech 4 107 Bill LaFeuvre, Limehouse, Ontario · Berrien 5 101 Scott Schwalbe, Sugarcamp, WI Berrien PRODUCTION CHAMPIONSHIP - CLASSES 3, 4, 8 AND 14 1 412 Curt LeDuc, W. Springfield, MA Ford 2 400 Geoff Dori . Rockford, IL Jeep 3 813 Jack Flannery, Crandon, WI Ford F-150 4 302 Matt Foltz, Dousman, Ml Jeep 5 410 Reuben Johnson, Rockford, IL Jeep LADIES RACE - UNLIMITED CLASSES 1-2-1600, 2-1600 & 5-1600 1 693 Tiffany Baker · S & K Racing 2 · 755 Judy Smith. Los Angeles, CA _Eliminator Dusty Times }

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GOODfYEAII OFFROAD SUPPORT TEAM The great drivers running the_ Score/HORA series on Good-year Wrangler Radials . keep proving with each race how good they and Goodyear are. As the dirt settled in Las Vegas after the Mint 400, our drivers had come · through in a big way. Congratula-tions to J: M. Bragg, who beat the rest of Class 3 to take first place. Our very · special thanks and congratulations to our Class 8 drivers. They c,lid something that . has been done rarely before in the history of the Minf 400, they came in first, second and third in class. Walker Evans raced to the victory, 'Ron Clyborne took second · and . Dave . Shoppe wrapped up third. We've been proud of our drivers for years, but this finish was_ special. Then we took off for the Baja Internacional and the Goodyear drivers came: through again. Jim Conner had a pretty clean time for 500 'miles ·and he and Pat Blackmore crossed the finish line first in Class 7 4x4. . But the high point of the day in Baja was· Dav.e · Shoppe. Congratulations to Dave and his -= · OFF-ROAD RACING TEAM ' By Nels Lundgren I must start this artid~ with an apol~gy . to the· Stiles. Racing '. Team. · At. the Mint ·400 Jim Stiles, with some last lap · help from Larry Bolin, was able to finish the race fourth in Class 10. · It must have been a treat for this . well prepared _team to, finish, after. a string of DNFs, and with Stiles Sr.'s businesses · still floundering in water in northern Califon;i.ia. The 13th running of the Baja · Internacional was welcomed by enthusiastic crowds and lovely weather. The club ran eleven car·s, with seven managing to reach the finish 492 an9 change miles later. We had three cars in ' Class 2 and they all finished. Our top finisher. wa~ David Kreisler, bringing home second in class and- fifth overall in cars. Lenny -·Newman· and Michael Gaughan finished seventh in Class 2. And, Walter Prince backed across the finish line to eighth· ih class. Gregg Symonds ran in Class -1, had a few minor pr9blems, and . finished sixth in class. Russ Welch had some early down time, but came back to fifth in Class 10 with Roger Mortenson. Steve . Kelley ran into trouble going to San Felipe, but he still managed sixth in Cl?,ss 8. Some nonfinishers reported; Tom Koch lost an axle and CV in· San Felipe. Both Dav.e Mansker and Bob Bertrum were lost on the · Pacific side. And, Jeff Hibbard · had his motor go slowly away as the 'day went by. ·-· _Our next major. race is the Fireworks 250. It looks like it will be another big and' dusty race. It is. three laps of 80 miles each, whkh should spread the · cars out. The Checker Main Pit will be busy as · usual for the competitive cars: So, come out for the day and lend a hand. See ya there . . Dusty Times"· I ,, I lady Lirida Mansperger, who, on things. h~ppening i with .the. I • . laps, had engine· woes and - . the Thursday before the race, Goodyear Off Roa1 d Racing Q _ ~ -IDJ_o_. R dr'?pped to ~11th at the finish . ''i'>-became Mr; . and Mrs, Dave T earn. . . a V LJ\...J L=:i w tlhe Melancon had trouble on . Shoppe. The ceremony was And, to all. of you, just' a CJ 0 D 8 &3 the last half and was 17th, and performedattheEsteroBeach reminder.Youtoocanbepartof - · .. ' o· ,_ ·-_· ·. . _ TomMalloy.raninthetopten Resort in Ensenada, with a great this exciting tearri. Contingency for two laps, then vanish~d. The party afterwards, and Good-has been increased in the truck Dale Poe entry got in two laps year's Dick Ralstin proudly gave classes, ~nd it is now also being CORE had 22 cars to pit atthe before-rolling the two seater out the bride away .. Then to top it off· posted in all buggy classes. Tire Mint 400. The main pit was past of the race. · Dave fought off the rest of Class prices have been . drastically the. start/ finish line, across the Larry Webster and Shelto_n 8 to .finish first, less than a reduced this year, and we riow track from the Ramsay ·crew. Pit Lowery had a good rac;:e, taking a . minute ahead of Scoop Vessels. have available a number -of tire Captain Mark Milleron -had a strong s_econd in Class 9, while It was just the wedding present sizes for buggies. We would like fairly quiet day and plenty of the Calvin/ Smith Ftinco died _in Linda wanted, the win in Class 8. to see YOU as part of this team fo help. Mike Rusnak was in charge• , just eight rpiles. Class 10 brought Add to all this; John Swift take ·advantage of all the benefits. of Able pit at mile 18; and Jeff CORE another . class winner. took second in Class 7 and Jorge Just' call Paula Simms at (714) 'Nolke ran Baker pit somewhere . Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn Sierra of Ensenada finished third 993-7448 for details, or check arou.nd mile 43, and G. Smith took the lead on the last lap and in Class 7 4x4. Co1,.1nt it up and.· with us in Contingency Row at was Captain of Dog pit at mjle won the big class and they · h . Barstow. 7_8. Ji_m. Burke headed the crew_ at finished fourth overall to boot. you ~ome up Wit some great - mile 96. The race went well for Craig Watkins and· · · · ·. 10 DNF with 'three :flats and a CORE with some winners -and Aronson were third in Class 10 . broken rear brake - line. Bill losers. Toe·'pits functioned very · and sixth overall. Rick and John Reams was also a DNF (24th) well, and the radios worked Hagle ran third and fourth for . Y Don M_c_D_ aniel 1"th d gear 1·n Cl ss 10 · · b w . no secon a · better than expected with ;,t relay · three laps,. ut went out on the. Also in Class 10 Fred Rev.a was at · system keeping pitl) on either side last round, just ahead .of 'Mike JJ,1CIJlJSi"1~-~~--ll,_ ~ .5,)r-:>_ -', · one· time leading his class but· of tlle_motintairis-in touch. and Jim Zupanovich who broke · _ finished ih 9th position with · a Of the• three CORE cars in both torsion bars on the last lap. DNF. Greg Hibbs I and Mike Class 1, -Chet and Lloyd Brad Goodrow and Jimmy --. Julson finished 7th iµ Class 10, Huffman, with more than their Hoog0ian lost both 'rear brake The wind blew, the dust flew Richard Binder had a DNF in share of flat.s, did great. The·. pads on lap 3, and a broken andyoucouldn'tseeforamileor Class 10 when he lo!it a tranny Huffmans were a strong ~cond spring _plate on lap 4 put them fwo. Ther.e was excitmint, and Steve Meyers also had a DNF in <.;:lass 1 . an,d ninth. overall. out for.good. Daryl Mead got in enjoymint and disappointmint, and 30th position ih.[~lass 10. . .Neitµer Jerry _ Finney or Ter;ry . two . laps, arid said everytning · and the 1986 Mint 400 was all ln Class 1-2-1600. Rick Frisl?y McDonald completed a lap. broke; Don Angel and Randy that it had been in the past years, lost his motor andDNF'd in 40th CORE got the big class win LaCore-covered one lap.: although . the course was . in a and Mike McCrory I imd Steve , with Cam Thieriot and Greg Although it is an unofficial different location for this year's Wolcott ended up in 21st Lewin in Class 2 and they also race for points, CORE will pit six bump and grind. The start/finish position after being hit and rolled finished- second overall. Jimmie cars in Baja, and mouni: a full line was located at Sloan and the by John Clark Gable who was Crowder was' up to eighth after--effort for the Fireworks 250 in .·· course ground its way toward reported to have said, "Frankly . three laps, but he failed to finish; Barstow. CORE meets the first Boulder City, · then back to Jean my dear; 1 don't give a damn!_!" In Malcolm Smith got in two laps Tuesday of each month · at the dry lake and on to Sloan·again. Class 5 John .Cooley was the before retiring, and Jimmy and Dugout near the intersection o( The new course offered racers winrier driving in only his third· Don Gill covered one lap, then in Hazeltine .and · Oxnard in . Van a . mixed batch of goodies; race and his co,driver Mark Fox seventh place.Dan Cornwell was · Nuys. Guests and prospective everythirigfrom a high mountain was driving his first j race. Max out after two laps. . members are always welcome, pass to dry lakes, plus a lot of Razo finished 7th_ in lliisJIMCO. ' In' Class 1-2~1600 Jack and and the meetings start at 8:00 cross grain and a brief tour· of In the 5-1600 class Robert Jerry Ramsay .· were our best _p.m. For more information of · .:,S:'· Boulder · City motocross park. Knight was dicing with the performers; taking fifth out of 63 · CORE's activhies, call President With . winds blowing north at leaders when · a camshaft gear starters. Jerry Lawless and Kevin Jim Branstetter at (818) 705-gusts of 50 iniles per hour it was went south at 34 miles. Lynn McGillivray ran fourth for three · · 8183. _ suggested the 1987 Mint be held Lucas lost steering and had a at the old speedrome lo!:ation · DNF, Scott Jones was 6th in the l!Sing this year's dirt. . · class with Owen Duggan in his Contingency on Friday was the new car placing 4th _and Steve same old· zoo, with many of the . Lakin ending up iri 3rd place. locals adding color to the event. · Class 7S found the HansenNinje One can only imagine the team losing a driveshaft and reactions of a bleary-eyed loser shortly thereafter · losing a staggering out of the local slot steering box for a I)NF. The machine 1· · alace only· to be Mazda of Lottes/ Felix also had a confronte by the mass hysteria _ DNF in· 16th position and Mike of the contingency line. One such Falkosky's Toyota finished in character was observed putting 6th place. . quarters intp a race car theo . Terry DuTemple wrangled a pulling on the exhaust stinger ride in the_ grey ghostS-1600 car looking for a jackpot. Bevies of and after losing the steering buxom beauties were handing wheel several times, r~tired with out everything from balloons to a DNF when the fuel cell gave up,· contingency stickers to the filting th_e car .wittj gasoline, 1 1?,.Y,...,',,-~=--.J · phone numbers of a respected preventing the qrces,sary We t'elcome all Support Team news ·articles. Typed and-double local extablishmerit known as the welding: It's down the road to spacea copy is acceptable. Deadline is the 10th of the month. · Chicken. Ranch (has· anyone Baja for the Baja Inerhacional in CHAPALA DUSTERS thought of asking .them for ·a car June, then up the road to Barstow Jon Kennedy, President sponsorship?). _ . in July and on and 6q. · · 3117 Killarney Los Campeones,had a total of . As a note of interest, this Costa Mesa; CA 92626 four pits. The _main pit was writer recently took a play trip (714) 641-0155·-· tended by Dave Gopp. Pit ''A" at from -San Felipe . to San CHECKERS · mile 26 and 78 had no radio Fransisquito on the new graded ··.-Max Norris, President · . contact · with main . pit . and road. The Three .Sisters are gone, • 4910 Townsend Ave. -Richard Allen served as pit boss. I drove over them ·in about.20 Los Angeles, CA 90041 Pit "B" with Mike Lund in minutes-in two-wheeldrive. All (213) 255-1053 -J213~ 254-1531 charge. did an outstanding jpb of the washouts at Gonzaga have · CORE relaying for main pit witho1,1t a concri;:teaprons and Los Angeles Jim Branstetter, Presldent . great deal of "pit bull". Pit •.•c•·• Bay has a new paved landing strip 17453 Runnymede at mile 54 found Ken Maltby outside of town. San Fransis- .Van Nuys; CA 91406 doing a solo job a great deal of the qui to• has a new landing stt:ip (818) 705-8183 . time. Our own Buddha, Pat which will be paved and I passed Radlo-FM-173.375 Patterson, was air ,lifted along - three Kenworth tractors with 35-F.A.I.R.·SUPPORT TEAM with · Weatherman to a distant foot trailers with heavy · P.O. Box 542 mountain top and. spent a busy equipment .on board about SO Stanton, CA 90680 day. Main radio was the one and miles south of L.A. Bay; they.had Wayne Morris, President only Mrs. Malcolm VinJ·e, whose driven from San Felipe. My <714> 996•7929 · · d 1 · d h d San_dy Davis, Secretary li cet tones_ w __ ere the only island average s~ee on t e new roa 1 h (714) 772-~877 . in a sea-of turmoil. was 50- 5 n:i.i es per our in a Meetings·1st & 3rdWeds. · Eighteen racers cast their lot stock four-wheel drive, · 1976. Holiday Inn with Los Campeones, Steve. Ford pickup truck. "0h, for the .. Harbor & 91 freeway. Squrapas .and Clark West, Cl~ss good ole days." Radio-FM-150~860 July 1986: 1 l. LOS CAMPEONES Malcoim Vinje, President 476 West Vermont · -Escondido, CA 92025 (619) 292-0485 (home) (619) 743-1214 (work) Radio-FM-152.960 MAGi .. Jerry MeMurry, President Bruce Cranmore, Race Director .11244 Horizon Hills Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) ~40~3737 (home) (t,19) 225-6886 (work) TERRA_· . Jan Sunderland, President 2542 Kemper Avenue La Crescenta, CA 91214. (818) 248-9039 . . Meetings 2nd Weds. each_Month - Jan Sunderland's house · TIGHT 10 . 153 Lindell Avenue El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 283-6535 (day) (619) 447~7955 (night) Gene Robeson, President (619) 466-8722 . _ Page 43

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I ,. I,· .;-' ■IIIOYAL ONE]AP OF AMERICA • , • t -·• .. ' Eight Days of lauds and Bytes· By Thomas f?. Grimshaw around Detroit's Tiger Stadium elbows, . as · the saying g~s, for . before the start. of the 'Fri?ay _two miles, before. !could crank riight baseball game. The crowd up my trusty Curta and find my cheered. Several called out to old split action Huei.Jr ( the one John Buffum to "go g~ttum again with the minute hand that this ,year". The_ ball players doesn't work) and c:1tch up with - paused in their warm up~ to smile the single · Terra trip mileage ;md spit for us and the computer counter· - we were right . back stopped workin,r; as we rounded with the exact same equipment third base. we'd run in -1985 - before the That night, during a frantic.· day of the computer. midnight telephone call, we were· By the time we left Ohio, we'd to ld it probably overheated from run two A/ S Sections for a total being on all aay Friday. Sure of 150 miles and twelve enough,· ·it worked perfectly checkpoints and we were two SJ!turday morning and following se·conds out of-first place with a a short driver's meeting in the total score of fifteen. The Nordic Renaissance Center head-Dealership· sponsored Toyota • quartc;rs, we lined up along the Celica GTS sitting in first place Detroit waterfront for the was crewed by Karl Chevalier Saturday noon start. · and Nelson Shepard of Vermont . We'd drawn C~r One this year and ace TSO na'( - I suppo~e because we were the whiz, 'Phil Suomu of Maine. John defend(ng .champions., But Buffum hadprepar<:!d the car that Dodge's Dick Maxwell and crew was leadi~ us after the first day. drew .Car Zero in front of us - I There is no justice·. in the suppose because they put up a lot wonderful' world of more.sponsorship bucks than we The most surprising shewing .did. But that's only as it should at the end of Day.One·was the,._ be. Dollars talk, drivers sulk and 1986 Zastava 'Yugo .·GV1•maimed · navigators, well thev. just fill up by John Kelley of Looisvill~. KY , space don't they. · . · arid Jim Kloosterman of Cary;· Several . thousand, people SC. Both Kelley and. 'Klooster-After 8.272 miles and eigh,t days. the Nordic Toyota sponsored Celica G T-S<'won tne One Lap.of.Am erica Rally by just (including my own daughter, · man are long time PRORally1s~s nine seconds. The team led the event the e(Jtire distance. often by just one orJwQ seconds. · · _ son--in-law and two ·grand-. and together they must weigh So the dinner conversation in Buffum and I have never used a televisions; microwave oven and children) waved 116 teams off close to 600 pounds. Small one of KC's finer' restaurants rally computer before. We were · a small motorcycle mounted on the start line and we began the · wonder. the _poor Yugo bent its went something like this... offered one froin a certain sourc·e the rear bumper - perhaps to be 8,000 mile trek. 112 teams own. valves further on. Kelley "What-'s your next race (name withheld to protect the used for late night fuel runs on 0wouldlafinisfh the 1986 Uniroyal and Kloosterman were tied with .· Tom?" · guilty) and accepted it to save the · the long stretches down in.Texas. ne Po America at the same us for second place. hspoke Well "Well, it's not a race. It's a cost of purchasing our. own unit. Most of the major manufacturers spoht, don S1unday, May 11 i:h ...:..... . for the PRO Rallyis~ in the fi:eld. rally. The One Lap of A. merica. I .did get a pleasant surprise were represented with sponsored eigTht ays ater. Of the eight men in the top_tlhee · j when I arrived in Detroit. Audi factory teams from Audi, Dodge, · e course ran · clockwise positioned cars; seven of tTuem Starts next Saturday; May 3rd in · d h US h W h -Detroit!' . has provided a beautiful 1986 AMC, VW, Subaru, BMW, aroun t e . . . t is year. e are active int. e sportfeaturing Y h 5000CS Turbo Quattro Wafon. Yugo and several others. In all,- tiptoed oi.Jt of Michigan and into · ·"real cars, going reaI fast on real.· 1 D · lt_promised to give us one o the .28 vehicles were factory io, · n - o t e Bad Bears -roads". "· ea , so you only get {ne Oh La d f h ' ~:...: ap?" · on't you get to practi e? h 19.85 d · Y b most comfortable rides in the sponsored. w ere, in , it seemed Onwar to the Watkins Glen " es, ut it's an 8,000 mile l · 1· 11 h d f Ia d R c · h p Lak . lap. Goes all the way around-the event pus the added luxury of · Several motorsport. and · 1tera Y t o.usan so g ssy eye aee ourse int e inger es U d S I · fol_d down rear _seats and a full general publications also fuzzy. wuzzies in troo11er uniforms Region of New York and a short . nite tates." 1 h b d l d . 1 d S I d-'.1 "H I d h k · enat e ! · , fielded teams,· includinf the assau te · our mte igence an o o ll run uuging .magnetic . ow OI:lg oes t at ta e you? "' · d b h d Month or so?" . . .I also met our third driver, Peugeot 505S Wagon o THE teste Ol,lr patience Y oun ing pylons. The Solo events weren't h d · Richard Hughes. of · Stowe, ST AGE TIMES,· piloted by the us from · border ro . border; supposed. to count for m. uch "Eig t ays. We just stay in h f the car for the whole 8,000 mi es Vermont. Richard said "Hello" publisher's wife, Ann Cline. One .. 1incre1as1S·ng _t be. co fers1 ·h. of. that according to the pre eve,nt r · and never stopped talking until of her co-drivers, Linda o_ve Y tate Y severa undred blurbs. In fact, you could just except ,or ~as station 8:it _stops k k · · k d k d ff we parted to c_atch. our flights out . Mansfield, filed daily telephone pie Y tic ets. · s ip one an ta ea maximum of an one nig t o in Ca ifornia." - W d h Y , r of Detroit two weeks later. The reports which were featured in e passe t rough the first • · 30. points (seconds) · if you. so . " ou stay· in a car ror ei?;ht p C J days? Why would you do that?" man has more raw energy tha_n a USA TODAY. · assage ontro (no timing - elected. 30 points?' The :,vay the Very long pause here... room full of mixed minks · There were also some new just pro! ve ykou weredthere·wdii:h a One Lap was shaping_ up, 30 "Damned if I know." feasting on a diet of Spanish Fly sponsors joining · Uniroyal in _c~:mtro stic er) an starte our points was equivalent to running and ground rhino horns. support of _the One Lap,_. Avera~e -Spee? Section 200 a day behinci the leaders. The This was my second One Lap Sometimes he'd talk so fast I including the Allied Aftermarket miles fro~ Detroit. It was the scoring was based on the· fastest of America. Last year, John would ask Buffum· for ·an Division of Allied Automotive A/ S Sections where the scoring car receiving a zero· penalty and Buffum, Walter Boyce and I ran interpretation, I figured the man ·· (Fram, Bendix and Autolite), took place. The rest of the slower cars re~eiving one point this weird odyssey for Audi of was from England, via India, , Dodge Division-of the Chrysler course, except for the slalom per se~ond off the hot time. Afl).erica and surprisedourselve's Africa, and other points around Corporation; Cincinnati Micro-races, c~nsisted of_ long . Hughes and I unloaded by winning it. Audi loved it. We the globe, and JB had spent far wave, Omega Watches, Walker. w~arisome . transits designed to ourselves and our junk from the came to love it but swore rieverto more time overseas than I, so he Communication, and several rum our kidneys and-break our· Audi Quattro and -JB .flung' it do it again. As Buffum says, should understand him. · He others I probably missed along concentration. between the tones to take ·zero "Why not stay home, drink didn't, so we'd just grunt and the way. NBC sent along several . Sitting at th~ start line for the penalty .at Watkins Glen . . some beer and say we did it?" nod in uriison and he'd continue ·filming crews this year and aired first .A/ S Section, I told Buffum Chevali'er's Toyota took orie . , But who can resist the siren . on. a one hour special on _Sunday·· we had one minute before our . point arid we motored ·on one ·. ~all of Brock Yates, Pie-eyed Richard Hughes is the owner May 25th. The· SPORTS~-stan time and Clark Bond, . second out of first. Kelley and Piper of automotive cockarnania? of The Pub at Stowe, a well known · WORLD show probably got a navigator in_ a sec'?nd Audi team Kloosterman had eaten six. big I thought I could, until the boss watering hole among the blonde good piece of the viewing·action car, leaned m Jo mform me my ones 'in the · tiny Yugo and · at Audi thought otherwise. One topped skiing types and a small that day, when · the _rains -computer had just stopped dropped off the pace while their telephone call and I discovered tasteful sign on ·the Audi postponed the competing Indy computing. It was A-holes and team manager; Gene Henderson, just how enthused I could be. announced his co-ownership of 500. . After reading the 1986 rules our endeavors. l'n truth, he But the real story of the 1986 on the flight from KC to Detroit, turned out to be a· Uniroyal One Lap was "the I could see the SCCA sanctioned companion, ne~er at a loss for a computers". . , Uniroyal sporisored One Lap of good · tale dunng the wearying · · JB and I practiced a bit with . America was going to be a wee hours of early morning, our new toy, demonstrated it ori different ball game this year . . always in fine humor, eager to camera to the NBC boys, and Computers were allowed. In fact,. \earn, and by the end ofi:he 8,000 marveled at its intelligent just about anything was allowed, miles, a good friend. efficiency in keeping a driver on as long as it could be crammed The 1986 One Lap attracted time to the exact second, .at any into a car, or a limo, or a van,-or a the same mixed bag of wackos as selected speed, all the time.Truly truck dr a kyack, or whatever else last year, and just a scattering of a marvelous innovation in Road, · showeq up at the start line. Also teams running for the gold. Rallying. I began to wonder ho~ the overall average speed was Foremost among them was the long it'd be before navigators·· lower than '85, down from 52 always dapper (pinstripe suit and were a thing of the past. At best, MPH to 47 MPH, and soni.e old school tie) Rocky Aoki of we have been reduced to short Solo II slalom courses were Benihana fame· in a · 1986 Jim "programmers" and "system included so we could experience · Bardia Cadillac Fleetwood analysts", nothing more. · ~he thrill of racing around orange Brougha0 stretch limo complete Our computer ran perfectly ~'ylons for less than one minute. with telephones, beds, bars, until . we began the One Lap Pagc44 July 1986 Defending On e L·ap champion John .Buffum, navigator Tom Grimshaw ana relief man Richard Hughes stayed in the ~all game in the Audi all the way . despite computer failures. Dusty Times

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made pylon confetti arid piled up _ twenty-one points for the short · Solo II. Henderson headed up a two car team of Subaru Turbo Station · Wagons and also managed the two car team of Yugos - all-just two weeks after r~ceiving five bypasses in a day long open heart surgery. We·are all crazed. · Long transits down the _East Coast with -passage controls in Providence, RI , and The. Lock, Stock and Barrel, home of the original Cannonball coast to coast mad dashes in Darien, CT . . Then another TSO section . up twisty · Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park of New York. The Toyota and the Audi e~ch gathered six points_in six checkpoints and ~tayed one second apart. Down to the Road Atlanta Race Course and another Solo.II . ruri. Chevalier put in an excellen't drive and took · another second off us as-we headed for Laredo, Texas and thf Uniroyal Proving Grounds. Highlight of that day was watching Steve (Yogi) Behr flog Rocky Aoki 's stretch limo through the -slalom without disturbing a pylon. He received a special award for his feat. One of the celebrity entries ·was actor Kent McCord in a Dodge van. He was · Uniroyal engineers ran this. Pontiac the entire distance on a min, spare on the first to the California stop. but finished 47th with road penalties. left rear-wheel: it was trouble free all theWay, {)roving.the unit can be reliable. We enjoyed a long stop in Laredo which included food, drink and a Mexican band, five different tests including a run up a mud hill,-three measurement runs and a final Solo II. PRO Rally driver, Guy Light, pro~ed he can -also drive around pylons by . winning two of the three slaloms in a 1986 16-valve VW -Golf GT!. Next thing · I know we're gawking at the 11e,kidladies in Las Vegas and enjoying a great breakfast at Th_e b;nperial Palace and heading for the barn - the single overnight stop at tne Portofinb Inn in Redondo Beach, , CA., . , On the Jina! freeway run _irito Redondo ~ach we diced back and forth _wi_th Dick Maxwell's Dodge Lancer (Car Zero). We both wanted to be first to pull .· into the Portifino finish line in front of the NBC came·ras. As far as the public is concerned, first car to arrive is leading the event, right? Maxwell and teammates, Jqhn Crawford and Joe Andreirii (all Pro Rallyists) tried an access road diversion and we lost them. But they hit a logjam and arrived several min'utes behind 'us. Still, · we weren't the first car in.-Remember the TV series Adam 12? Remember the handsome hunk· with the dark hair, Kent Mc'Cord?,._Mr. McCord was driving a 1986 Dodge Caravan immediately behind us. His team couldn't stay -· on time in the TSO Sections but McCord well understands the · The super team from Vermont celebrate at "the finish line. From ihe left TSO driver Karl Chevalier. navigator Phil ·suomu and Autocross driver Nelson Shepard,, They had to work every mile for their victory. The· incredible stretch Cadi/lac limo driven by Rocky Aoki, Jame Bard/a and Stephen Behr drew much interest, and they finished .92nd on time. DustyTimes value of TV exposure and enjoyed another sumptuous feast Our Audi ran flawlessly, like it's Redondo is his back yard. He before heading for the final go- supposed to. Buffum and I both-arrived before us by scwral round out of Houghton in remarked that riding 8,000 miles .minutes _ the first car to reach Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We in that calibre of vehicle is almost the Portofino Inn. · took, time to pay -homage to The too easy - like takir:i.g a casual . · That night we ate our first real Library Bar, ancestral home of drive to the corner market. Of meal, drank some fine wines, and PRO Rallying, before heading · course, the bed may have hel!-:)ed listened to the horror stories of · out for the final TSO Section - . a. bit this year. the coming tidal wave guaranteed still : two seconds off the · With this third running of the to wipe out the West Coast that Chevalier Toyota. Uniroyal One Lap, teams have very evening. Several restaurants On the transit approaching the - drfven' 2:3 million accident free were actually e_vacuated around start of the final timed run, our miles putting the li_e to Mr.-10:00 p.m. The Callifornians third and' final-computer went·_ 'Nader's 1985 harangue that we celebrated with beach parties and So~th. Eights appeared as ones, were a clear and present menace Tsunami Tidal Wave bashes to.· nines were zeroes, some digits to the public. _ welcome the coming disaster. didn't.register at all-it was time 1987? I can't imagine why . Before the restart the following to fake it'. We to9k seven points we1d do such a thing again. Like _ morning I read that the killer in the next six checkpoints arid Brock Yates says, "This everit is wave did indeed strike while we - · went to the Detroit finish locked much like taking a trip to the slept~ it roared ashore less than in second plac~. . . · moon in the bac_k _ of a garbage. 100 yards from our motel - it Chevalier,. Shepard and truck."' - · · · was twelve inches high! Suomu raQ a beautiful rally. Each Ori. the other hand I don't like Much of the return trip is a time·we'd zero a control they'd losing... . blur. I remember the TSO match us . . Each time we'd hit ·a-One final note of interest·---control outside 'carson City, NV hot stre~k, they'd match us_. They · -ther.e have now been three in the whore house driveway. It held that early two seconds the modern day One Laps of· was · scrubbed because of mass whole damn 8,000 miles, taking America an_d eac~ has been won confusion of rally cars and a very pre~surized . win of the_ - by a driver from _ Vermont. -customers trying to negotiate the 1986 -Uniroyal One Lip -·of Wonder :what the · hell that same one ·lane entrance road. It' Ame"tica. 34 points in more than was hard to say whi_ch was the 50 checkpoints over •eight days, more frantic group . .A very long is not too bad. · freight train stopped us in the So · that was it for yet another middle of the TSO run through year. The Toyota team picked up the mountains near Denver, CO ~~bout fif~een grand for their win. and . our passenger stopped We got abo"ut seven -not too speaking for the first time in six shabby unless you figure it on a days while JB made up the time, per ' hour ba_sk Both teams skidding the Audi around i:he received .beautiful_ Omega paved hairpins. watches worth another twelve - In Eau Clair, Wlwesnatched a bills each. - , . ·· quick shower in the ~mployees It's tough out ther~ on the One area of the Uniroyal plant and 1rap,' but somebody has to do ic Another stretched rig, this o_ne a Chevy Suburban entered bya n'ews network finished 107-th, with about two h_ours on the· score in time penalties. July 1986 THE PE CT PRE-FILTER FILTER WRAPS • Cleans air before it reaches primary lifter; designed to fit over inost foam, paper or gauze filters. • No restriction to bi'eathing. • Stot>S all dirt/sand ... excellent protec- . tion against water and mud; breathes eyen when dirty. · · • Uses specially oiled "sticky" foam . fibers; the dirt clings to the fibers; the clean air flows easily to your primary filter. , • Reusable; withstands hundreds of . cleanings. . _ , • Can be used oiled or dry; instructions included. UNrFILTER has a Hiter to fit Virtually-·. every ATV-and. l'Tlotorcycle, as well as .· n:i.ost race e:ars and light trucks. To order direct, contact UNI FILTER; newe~t ~ catalog, $3.00. Filter Wraps priced from $4.95 to 8.95. · UNI FILTER, INC. Dept. DT 13522 Newhope Street . "Garden Grove, CA 92643 714/530-6101 Page 45_

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( \. I \ THE-RED SANDS NUTCRACKER 100 . . . Off Road Racin9 _west -of the By Daryl D.Drake A new racing organization, the Vasquez Off Road Racing Association or V.O.R.R.A., (haven't I heard that somewhere before?) held its first race in the famous Red Sand Dunes near El Paso, T e:icas. · It· was cool on Sunday, April 27th forthe debut of the new racing group headed by Rick Vasquez of El Paso . . • Texas has little in the way of public access lands suitable for off road racing. But, V.O.R.R.A. worked closely with Bureau of ~., Land Management officials, and put together · a challenging tw~nty-eight mile loop through the dunes and the surrounding countryside. · '. Along with a heavy entry of A TVs and motorcycles, thirteen· -. buggies and Jeeps turned out to do battib at this inaugural run. But four I of the cars dropped out during Saturday's pre-running. With just nine left in the car classes, · all the Pro classes were PecOs Photos: Jim Clark lumped together as they took the leaders. green flag Sunday morning. Only two Sportsman· entries First away was Donnie Beyer finished their three laps. Kip in his B & G Automotive Funco, Garrison took the single seat win but before the first lap was with lap times that would hav,e. through, Rick Vasquez took over put him a close fourth among the the lead in the Total Tan/ Bob Pro class. Tub Muncrief was the Heyword Auto Funco. T uhie two seat winner, averaging 49:07 · Molina held third fn an older, a lap, about 5½ minutes per lap short wheelbase buggy. Mean- slower than Garrison·.· while Jim Huff kept his Jack Key The A TVs and bikes also AMC Jeep/ Valvoline sponsored raced over i:he sa~e course. "Plum Krazy" C]-6 ahead-of Joe Honda factory rider Mark Enoch in the .old Huff 4WD "Wax'' Weixeldorfer grabbed Center CJ-5 co-sponsored by the ATV vi¢fory overall. Jack Jack Key Nissan~Mercedes and McGhee took the overall win in Statewide Electrical. the motorcycle . group. Marco Details on the. race are ll little · -Celarde was the Odyssey winner. sketchy, but Donnie Beyer and the lone class finisher. , ·finally caught Vasquez on the last · V.O.R.R.A. is planning a full of four laps and · sailed in the schedule of races this season . . winner with an eight second Look them up when you are ih advantage. Molina took third, the El Paso area, and check the finishing twenty minutes back. "Happenings" column for the Jim Huff and Joe Enoch were date and plac(of the rac~s ~nder fourth and fifth respectively, Off Road Racmg Assooanon-of ._ . ab_out forty minutes· behind the Texas. ' . . Joe ·Enoch . brought Jim Huff's ofd GJ-5 Jeep out of Rod . Tharp displays the sign --run for fun ... but his fun retirement. and h·e stayed close _all the way and finished.a ended eqrly in Texas. and he did not finish the race. close fifth overall. · . Riding a Fourtrax. Honda's Mark "Wax " Weixeldorfer ·wailed over the r oute and won the A TV category overall. Page 46 Blue skies and red sand frame this Odyssey. and Marco Velarde not only won .the class but he was the only class finisher. · · · July 1986 Visiiing from New Mexico. Donnie Beyer streaked through the red sand on his · way to victory. first overaO and in .the Pro class. · .· · '· Flying across the sandy roa.d, Kip Garrison had a good day and won the Sportsman honors. first single seater and overall. · · · . / · ~ . ' ' One of the movers and shiJ.kers of the new group, Rick Vasquez led overall for a time. bµt e_nded up se,co_nd overall at the flag. · · Com'ing out of.a wash here. Tunie Molina drove his older, short buggy hard and finished third among the Pros and overall. · Jim Huff had a fun day at the races, out got serious enough to bring the Plum ~razy Jeep CJ~6 home fourth overall. r Dusty Times

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The 1986 'AcroPoliS Rally ' } · Goes to Peugeo,t Text & Photos: r 1artin Holmes Juha Kankkunen and Juha Piironen scored an impressive victory, giving Peugeot a hefty lead in manufacturer's points and Kankkunen now has an 18 point lead over teamm,a1e Bruno,Saby in the driver's points. I , J uha Kankkunen scored his The Acropolis was a thrilling Massimo Bias ion atid new to the first rally victory in mainland event. Three makes, Ford, Lancia team, Mikael Ericsson. On hand Europe in impressive style. He and Peugeot, held the lead as did also were a pair of Ford RS200s not only demonstrated an innate four drivers, .. Kalle Grundel, for Stig BlomCijvist and Kalle sense of car preservation over the TimoSalonen, Markku Alen and Grundel. Filling out Group B roughest roads seen in World then Kankkunen. The leading were Nissan 240 R~ entries, the Championship stages, by nursing margin was scarcely greater than Citroen Visa 1000 Pistes, and the Peugeot 205 Turbo. 16, but t,wo minutes at any time, and three Citroen BX4TC cars. · he withstood the pressure from . every stage was held in daylight This was quite the roughest rival Lancia drivers to win the under cloudless skies. Peugeot special stage rally I in memory. closest ever- Acropolis Rally. entered three cars, for Juha The layout of die i ally was Kankkunen is on his way to Kankkunen, Timo Salonen and changed· for the better - three becoming rallying's youngest Bruno 5iaby. Lancia also brought days without night Stages and on ever World Champion. three cars for Markku Alen, both the second and third days there were very demanding stretches where there was little or no time for-servicing. But · the ruggedness was daunting; never had so many top cars retired with suspension troubles as here. The RS200 with its much va1unted su1>pension design was in it~ element. Grundel .took the · le1d on the, first stage as others eased their way the boulder strewn tracks. Salonen overtook on the third stage; while Grundel 's teammate Stig Blomqvist gradually rose up the field after an embarassing mbment on stage one. Oil from.a shock absorber leaked onto the turbocharger, and • the former Wiorld Champion thought his car was on fire, and he jumped out, only to discover his mi~take. Two of the three Citroens went out at the end of the first stage, and the other went off the road on the second - the end of BX4TC World Championship activity? Alen damaged his Lancia on the first stage, and challenged so hard that when Sailonen had a puncture on stage si~, and drove three kilometers on the wheel, Alen took over the lead. Biasion had two flats at the· sa~e time, and at the end of the first day was only up to seventh. · On the second day Alen began having transmission· trouble, w9ich got worse. The front differential was progressively failing, and the car became more· re~r drive orientated. So, by the enti of the frrst stage, Grundel was leading again. Kankkunen seemed well out of the picture. He started the second day in fifth, rising to fourth when Salonen had. another flat, and when he stopped to change the. tire the engine would not restart. Salonen was down to seventh. As the rally reached the toughest part, the double mountain range crossing up to Karpenission and back, the pressure mounted. Grundel reached a service point far from civilization, and .in the haste to change tires, a wheel stud was stripped. Unfortunately the delay in changing the hub put them too late. to continue. Then Blomqvist went off the road in inexplicable circumstances, nose down and out of the rally. The •Ford cha'ilenge was over. For one section Alen was again in the lead, but immediately· · afterwa,rds Kankkunen was "' ahead; where he stayed the rest of the event. Next to disappear was Mikael Ericsson. Delayed on the first day with a broken driveshaft on the Lancia, he was in. tenth place at the restart. He then had differential trouble which led to road penalties. When he suffered suspension trouble, he was too late to carry on. With Saby trailing behind, the hopes of Peugeot rested .on Kankkunen, and he did them proud. He never had a moment to relax, so close behind were the Lancias of Alen and Biasion, even though Salonen made · a series of fastest times trying to catch up lost ground. But, the World Champion overdid it. On ' the last stage of the final day he crashed into a hole with such force the chassis was bent and untold damage done to the car. Shortly the suspension failed. Biasion -was struggling through on a broken shock, .and Alen's • transmission was changed and he was, temporarily, a happy man. Kankkunen drove without any apparent sign of pressure, even when the power steering failed. Alen was hard on his tail but unable to make sufficient impact on his fellow Finn, so he called on his mechanics for more boost. Three stages from the end the Lancia was out with a loud bang from the engine. Ericsson had led Group A for a long distance, but had to drive two stages on three wheels, letting Rudolph Stohl into the Group A lead and eventual win in the Audi Coupe Quattro. Z>-At the finish Juha Kankkunen won over Massimo Biasion by a minute, 38 seconds. Sruno Saby was third. Some distance back Saeed Al Hajri was fourth in a Porsche 911 SC RS, followed by Stratissino in a Nissan 240 RS. The Acropolis was, apart from the road accident on the final day that reportedly killed a spectator, a happy and safe event. It was a welcome change from the tragedies of recent times. Rudolph Stohl and fi~inhard Kaufmann took over the The Nissan 240RS of Stratissino a_nd Costas Fertakis Group A lead in the Mnal stages and won the class and · proved to be sturdy over the rough terrain and the team Massimo Biasion a·nd Tiziano Siviero drove the sole surviving Lancia Delta S 4 to a very close second overall in the rugged rally. Dusty Times were sixth overall in the.Audi Quattro. were fifth overall and in Group B. Kalle Grundel and Benny Melander led the rally twice in Although the roads are rough the scenery in Greece. 1s the Ford RS 200. but slripped wheel studs cost too m.uch magnificent. The VW G Tl of Kenneth Eriksson and Peter time and they did not finish. 1 Diekmann took second ,n Group A ◊ July 1986 - . I Page 47 • t ,'

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... ( Bob Rule ta°ok the lead in the 1-2-1600 feature midway in the race and he stayed out front to finish the 25 laps the big winner. Lindy Herrell had a perfect day in his Agitator. winning everything in Class 10. Here he is flying past Bobby Bramblett on the front jump. On Sunday, May 25 GORRA held their third race of the season. Although the scheduled 50 mile main event was still on the schedule, the rest of the event was conducted quite differently from the way GORRA has been running their races. President Jack Thompson and Vice-President Tate Thackston decided before the racing started that there would. be three separate five lap heat races and three separate 25 lap feature races for the three different ~~lasses. The dust wa~ as heavy as It had been the previous month, and the idea was to have fewer cars on the track at one time for safety reasons, and in hopes it would control the arguments among the drivers. · Starting the racing for the day, the first heat race was for D class. On the -line were Lamar Whigham, Coy Scott, Clint Hurst, Ray Whigham, Mike Isola and Jimmy Millwood. At the checkered flag the winner was Millwood, with five laps done. Coy Scott also covered five laps, running second all the way followed by Ray Whigham, in third all five laps. Clint Hurst was fourth the entire distance, followed by Mike Isola, both covering five laps. Lamar Whigham was out after three rounds with a broken CV joint. The 1-2-1600 line up included $ ick Smallwood on the pole, Jerry Holcombe, Denni-s Aiken, Tony Leftwich, Bob Rule, Clint Hurst ( in his D car) and Rick Scott. · The winner was Jerry Holcombe who led all five laps. Dennis Aiken was second, followed by Bob Rule, Rick Smallwooc.i, and Rick Scott, all doing five laps. Tony Leftwich was out with a flat tire on the first lar., and Clint Hurst did not get off the line because his car would not start. . The five starters in Class 10 included Lindy Here!( Bobby Bramblett, Clay Hurst, Bill Gaylord and Jack Thompson. The winner after five rounds was Lindy Herrell who led the whole distance. Herrell is driving · for Bill Porter who is still recovering from a broken leg suffered in an on course accident last season. .,Clay Hurst took second in Class 'fo, followed by Bobby Bramblett, Bill Gaylord and Jack Page 48 Thompson. Thompson missed a shift on the third lap and went from second to last. In this heat, while Herrell had a good lead, the other cars ran very close together each lap. In the feature race for D class Clint Hurst was the winner. In· second, Coy Scott also covered the 25 laps, and he led all the laps but the first and the last and los.t by the length of ·a front wheel. With 25 laps done, Mike Isola was third. Ronnie Whigham had 18 laps to his credit. Ronnie hit into the bushes on the 14th lap, lost a valve cover and broke a shock but got back in action on lap 22. Ray Whigham was fifth with 1 7 laps completed. Ray broke a spindle on lap 12 and got back in the race on lap 19. Johnny Millwood managed only one lap; with a smoking engine on the second lap, he was out. Bob Rule took the lead in Class 1-2-1600 on the 12th lap, and went on to win the feature. Clint Hurst was second with 25 laps covered in his D car, and Mickey Smallwood was third, also doing all 25 laps. Tony Leftwich, with Jan Parrish riding in the two seater, was running second, but had shifter problems on lap 8, and finished 24 laps for . fourth place. Jerry Holcombe led the first 11 laps, then had to pit for reasons unknown, and finished 20 laps for fifth. Rick Scott was sixth, having hit•a tree · on the 12th lap which put him out. Dennis Aiken did not get in a full lap with main jet problems. The first two feature races ran in dusty conditions, the dust giving the drivers a real tough time as always. But, as Class 10 lined up the sky opened up and the bottom fell out of a cloud. The track turned to mud and was very slippery for the Class 10 drivers. Lindy Herrell had a perfect day, as he also won the Class-10 feature race, the only 10 car to cover 25 laps. Bill Gaylord took second a lap down, and Clay Hurst was third with 23 laps completed. Hurst led the first 11 laps, but he had to pit for a fresh driver because of the mud in his eyes. James Hester took over and came back into the race in fourth place and gained a position by the checkered flag. In fourth, with 22 laps done, was Bobby Bramblett, who picked up some trash in his carburetor on the last lap and the car quit. Jack Thompson got in seven laps before breaking a CV joint. GORRA's June race was held at Sandy Creek, Montgomery, Alabama, and in July their event will be back in Georgia. Check the "Happerlings" column for dates and places of these deep south races. Clay Hurst won the rain swept muddy Class 10 feature, stopping midway to put a fresh driver. James Hester. in the car. and the ploy worked. The pack of D cars charges away from the start, and this Coy Scott led 23 of the 25 laps in the D class feature. he class usually stays close together through most of each lost his lead and ended his day with a pair of second place event. finishes. Dennis Aiken did well and placed second in the 1-2-1600 Young Clint Hurst had a good day, as he won the D class heat race. but carburetion trouble put him out early in the feature. and ran the same car in the 1600 class and main event. finished second in the main. The Class 1 0 drivers really had a bad dose of mud, but Bill Rick and Mickey Smallwood shared the ride in Class 1-2-Gaylord slogged through 24 laps in the muck to take 1600. and Mickey kept it together for a fine third in the second in the main event. feature race. • July 1986 Dusty Times

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,,. PENNSYLVANIA OFF ROAD SHORT TRACK Off Road Racing in Northeastern USA By Sue Saxon · Frank Mesh/er. from Bridgewater. New Jersey stays just in front of "E Berl .. in tight action among the stock 1600 drivers., Bob Hughes, of Shamokin. PA drove this stock 1600 buggy to the class points championship during the 1985 P.O.S. T. racing season. John Andreoli. from Canton.,CT. corners hard in his Pro-Tech racer. Andreoli competes in the stock, engine and drir1e train. 1600 class. Off road racing is truly a on a two day event over the 1.2 between their own class motos. national sport, even though most mile short course, located at the Adding to P.O.S.T. 's profes-of the action east of the rockies is intersection of Routes 414 and sional profile was an event in short course racing. Even in the ·220. There is a three acre hay Middletown, New York last fall heart of stock car racing territory field for camping, and along with which they co-hosted with Score i~ the northeast, the Pennsyl- the off road racing, the weekend Canada at the Orknge County vania Off Road Short Track usually offers a flea market, mini Speedway. For two full days· group puts on a full schedule of rod tractor pulls and even nearly 300 competitors swarmed wheel tb wheel racing and softball games-in the area. around the track' in various obstacle course runs. In just The racing starts with practice classes, and it pro~ed to be the three short years P.O.S.T. has at 10 a.m. on Saturday, and the biggest off road event in the East. grown from 30 members to 300. individual class schedules are For · more information on · It has become recognized as a posted in the pit areas. The P.O.S.T. and their events, check professional off road wheel to program intermingles the the Happenings column in this wheel racing organization, buggies, 4 x 4s, ATVs, Quads issue, or contact P.p.s.T., R.D. putting on a half dozen events in and Odysseys, so each group has 3 , Box 9, Towanda, PA 18848 or Dale Lenig. from Shamokin. PA runs this Jeep in the modified V-8 four wheel the summer months each year. plenty of time to make repairs call (717) 265-3076. · drive ciass. and Dale finished second on points last year. The site of the activity is at Mountaineer Park in Monroe-ton, PA. The competitors come from seven states for a weekend of racing that sees them gather from near and far on the Friday night. The average entry is around 180 per event, and it includes A TV's, dune buggies and four wheel drive rigs. The program includes a 16 moto schedule for the various classes Race Under Desert Stars SUPERSTITION ·.250111 Saturday Night August 9, 1986 AMSA desert series points race. Three cars will make a class. Info: Days: Jeff Wright (619) 561-4810 Evenings: Fud (619) 427-5759 Presented by the Fudpucker Racing Team Dusty Times John Holland and co-driver Tom Mitchell came from Burlington. CT to Norm Thompson. of Gladstone. NJ. drives a highly modified Toyota pickup in compete in this tidy Ford Bronco powered by a big block Chevy. P.O.S. T. races. and he uses V-8 power in the truck. Chuck Keetz leads Walt Neborski in modified V-84WO action, b~t the Nissan is still a four cylinder and competes in other classes also. July 1986 CALIFORNIA OFF-ROAD R.E. RACING USIASTS C.O.R.E. PIT TEAM C.O.R.E. offers unique pit services at western desert races, a family oriented club with social activities and much more for its members. Get all the information on C.O.R.E. Jim ·1 Branstetter, President, (818) 705-8183, 17453 Runnymede St., Van Nuys, CA 91406. Page 49 J j i . ' i l I I I j ; i I I I I i j ( l I J J j I j J I l 1 I ,,

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.. ANDRES N. WITER 1 .II f ; 7.11 TRANSMISSIONS PORSCHE & V.W. SPECIALISTS 12623 SHERMAN WAY-UNIT B NORTH HOLLYW.OOD. CA 91605 PHONE (206) 778-0531 PHONE (818) 765-3566 2006 196 TH S.W., UNIT I LYNNWOOD, WA98036 ADVANCED OFF ROAD EN-TERPRISES 3 WHEELERS ODESSEYS-DUNE BUGGYS OFF ROAD RACE CARS HARVEY LANGE JOE REICH G-:1& ADVANCED MOTORSPORTS INC. ED FRISK (619) 693-8355 8545 ARJONS, SUITE L • SAN DIE~O, CA 92126 a.lB~g@XJ ALL TERRAIN ENTERPRISES MOTOR SPORT PRODUCTS JI~$ ' ~~'t' Competition Tires .._a Offroad & Motorcycle Products Mai n Office: 412 No . Brand 11200 Glendale. CA 91203 619-583-6529 (818) 885-5181 (800) 892-5263 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY' ' RACE CAR SALES • CUSTOM FABRICATION • RACE CAR PREP 6630 MacARTHUR DR., SUITE B • LEMON GROVE, CA 92045 BELL MOTORi5 . . RACING -~ AND KENNY PARKS . • SAFETY . ll.'l.;4111 PRODUCTS (213) 802-1477 .+ 14920 SHOEMAKER, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. 90670 Page 50 • StJSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES BEARD'S i•suPER SEATS'' EDI BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386~2592 ,.,.c .. ~ Performance Transmission Products (714) 962-6655 10575 _Bechler River Ave., Fountain Valley, CA 92708 COMPLETE TRANSMISSION SERVICE & REPAIR CENTER FOR AUTOS - 4x4s -MOTORHOMES Send $3.00 tor ou; new Catalog. Home Of The NTERS • FISHERMEN ·OFF ROAD TIRES ATV TIRES WHEELS FF ROAD LIGHTS OHnrnnnnt RACE CARS SCORE CLASS#1 CHAMPION 1982-83 DISTRIBUTOR FOR FUEL CELLS-ALL SIZES FRONTENDS-FRONTARMS-CHASSIB I REAR ARMS-REAR SUSPENSIONS 4080 W. CLARENDON PHOENIX, AZ 85019 602/272-6624 DIRT DIS/TS V7JBJ7[f]$[l} llOCK NUMBERS WITH $TYlE u.sA. \ {818} 882-7808" 10138 CANOGA A VE., CHA TS WORTH, CA 91311 DIRJ - -RI-X-(602) 253-5289 Championship Off Road Race Car and-Truck Fabrication Glenn Evans 1817 W. Willetta Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007· July 1986 PERFORMANCE IDJTDNSliLES (818) 381-3033 DAN McGOWAN JOHN VERHAGEN 2022 FIRST STREET _SAN FERNAND9, CA ~1340 e CUSTOM ROLL CAGES e SUSPENSION MODIFICATION e l?r ~ . ll m 0 CJ) ::: Tim Lecluse 2952 Randolph Street Unit C Cc)sta Mesa, CA 92626 Telephone (714) 662-7223 • • ALL TYPES OF VEHICLES e STREET e STRIP e OFF ROAD FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHEL TEAS . ____ THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! -RENTALS VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS RENTALS AVAILABLE 714/627-5727 AVAILABLE 4751 STATE ST., BLD. D,.ONTARlq, C:A 91761 FABRICATION SPECIALDES MIG & TIG 'WELDING -FLAME CUTTING . SHEET METAL FABRICATION TUBE BENDING -ROLL BARS -BUMPERS FRAME& SUSPENSION MODIFICATIONS 26740OAKAVE., UNIT H CANYON COUNTRY, CA. 91351 JOHN McDOWELL 805-251-4134 Trucks Baja FAST GLASS Fiberglass Off Road Racing Products 3653 E. Friess Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85032 RANDY SMAY (602) 992-5110 1985 SCORE/HORA ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR VW & Porsche Ota Race .Car Racing Engines · ~ I & Transaxles "-iia--1--.,.. _ _.. • .,.. __ • Preparatio~ , PERFORMANCE Intake & Exhaust System Components for VW Type I, Rabbit, TYPE IV, 911 1450 N. Glassel!, Orange, CA 92667 • (714) 639-2833 Dusty Times

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. (619) ·465-3782 .,,,,,,.,,,,:;...~· aet Your SliIFT Togetherl _·POB1IIY TRAIYSAXLES 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, callfomla 92035 Doug Fortin Fuel Cells· DENNIS WAYNE· PORSCHE PARTS (408) 377~22 :FOX· RACING SHOX 520 McGlinc:1:y Lane. _Campbell, ~alif. 95008 ,, uel · ·_ · ·cELLS Quick FIiis Std. FIiis 10925 Kalama River Road Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (7,14.} 962~0027 .GARMAN FABRICATION ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES . , · SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION. RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GARMAN ,(714) 62i1242 . . 1436 EAST THIRD STREET POMONA, CA 91766 YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR OFF ROAD ACCESSORIE°S FOUR WHEEL DRIVE, Pl,CK UP AND HIGH PERFORMANCE VW PARTS Dusty Times ·ic1ra . l,. . WALT LOTT 96J West Dale Avenue I Las Vegas, Nevada 89124 - 702-361-5404 Anah (71 • ' •Alloy Axles & · Spools · · ; •Mag Dana 60's ·. I •VW Master Diffs. l). •VW,Axles _1 .· . I Send This Ad In ~-' ~ 'c .. . . ~:w;:::i•~~\;~ . l . ·. :.;:~ ,.~ · ' ... -- ~ 7 W . -~~ Michael Lund Serving the Off Road Industry ··· 7302 Broadwa~-L~mon Gro~e, CA-92045 •619·589-6770 . I . P.O. Box 1065 • Solana Beach, CA 92075-0830 • (6191753-3196 . . ·· Jada 1v.w. Service· a·., . . 6291 MANCHESTER · 'BUENA PMK,.CA 90621 213· 921-1785 ·714-522·4600 NEW &USED PARTS. STREET-OFF ROAtPREliRACE CARS JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES , . l:IOLL CAGES PARTS & ACCE$SORIES · 'iead#t) . p~ · (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS'; 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 July 1986 JIM JUL!:3ON MIKE JULSON r ~i;;;m~S1~ii;; .. :::=Sencl=. =s=2.=oo=tor=ea=ta=log=;....., '1""' .. -_, _,. . . 'SUSPENSION SYSTEMS ... :J~OHN · . Q!J o'~s~· P.O. BOX 81 · · LEMON GROVE, DEPT.· 1 .CA 92045 (619) 583-2054. ,· . . ·:· 7 n.. MJA 1000 ..,.._. . HIGH PERFORMANCE SHOCKS DUAL & TRIPLE SHOCK SYsnMS Fl8fRCIASS : 60. V-6 U MOTOR PARTS ACCESSORIES LEDUC OFF ROAD 186 BALDWIN STREET.·· .. 9 a.m. -7 p.rr,. WEST SPRINGFIE~D, MA 01089 TEL. (413) 739-4111 FACE TRUCK FAB. 4WD TRUCK REPAIR . INSTANT SERVICE -·McKENZIE'S· AUTOMOTIVE INC. WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS FOR C.ENTER-LINE WHEELS SWAY-A-WAY TECTIRA TIRES· KC LIGHTS . BILSTEIN SHOC.KS K,Y,B , SHOCKS SUPER TRAP SPARK ARR.EST.ORS CIBIE LIGHTS . BEARD SEATS HEW.LAND GEARS GE~-GEARS CROWN NFG. MCKENZIE AIRFILTE:RS WRIGHT PLACE . . DURA BLUE . ULTRA BO_OT . WESTERN AUTO TIRES. . 818-764-6438. . 8t'8-765-5827 NEAL PRODUCTS RAPID COOL TRl•MIL 129415 SHERMAN WAY, No, 4 . NO, HOLLYWOOD. CA 911105 'MENDEOLA RACll'11C _-TECHNOLOCY VW • . PORSCHE • HEWLAND RACING CEARBOXES (619) 277~3-100 757_7 CONVOY. counr: SAN DIEGO, CA 92111 Page 51 .,J' . .f ' ' L H r , ' l

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t -,, ~ "' .... ~ INSTANT SERVICE -1-800-331-NEAL OUTSIDE CALIF. High Perforrriance Pedals & Hydraulics, Including... , -Complete Catalog, $3.00. • NEAL Cutting Brakes'" • Clutch Pedal_Assemblies •··Master Cylinders • Hydrauiic Clutches and Throttles ... plus much ~ore. Ofie. TT-LE TAL-E Oil FILTER.,:· -n.JrM . _ Enterprlses,~t,, 'NEAL PRODUCTS, INC. 7171 Ronson Road -San Diego, CA 92 111 (619) 565-9336 ·FILTERS "USED BY WINNERS NATIONWIDE" Ask Your Performance Dealer Today . - Oil - Fuel - Transmissions - Rearends -Offroad, Oval Tr?ck, Drag, Marine -QUALITY GUARANTEED . Oberg Inc., 12414 Hwy. 99 S,o_,; Dept.. DT, Everett; WA 98204 0 FF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING - . 6879 ORAN CIRCLE. BUENA. PAR_K. CA. 90620-Qff Road -Suspension ·Preparation 2 _& 4 W.D. VANS. & PICKUPS'.· & M1~ 1 TRUCKS GABRIEL RACING 5,t'ocKs • ' BAJA ·RvoER·s PRE·RUN TRUCKS ~ CUSTOM SP~INGS AXLE WORK • CusT<:iM SUSPENSION · No. 'BLOC Ks ·usEo • WELOtNG & FAe-RtCATI0N Bill Montague . (714) 521-2962 Establish_ed 1974 CUSTOM CHASSIS RACE PREP OFF-ROAD CONCEPTS 7352 Fox Traii Unit B 'Yucca Valley, CA-92284 Dave Snoddy (619) 365'.0162 ORE, OFF ROAD ENGINEERING _Oft•lloada.-Can. 9720 Cozycroft Chatsworth, CA91311 · GREG LEWIN KIR'K CARTWRIGHT (818),882~2886 ;p, llfWIJIIW V ,_..,,,,...... THE POWER IN RACE RADIOS • 90 WATTS • SYNTHESIZED (213) 426.-7077 • RACE & BUSINESS USE • NEW R0ADMASTER SERIES -50 WATTS -$499 ,PHONE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL 2188 GUNDRY AVE.· SIGNAL'HILI., CA 90806 -_Page 52 Po R-c-o. PRECISION OFF ROAD COMPAN~ ~ Retail Parts:• Fabrication • Prototype 721 UNIT B SAN BERNARDINO RD. . COVINA, CA 91723 -TONY VANILLO (818) 91~3847 (818) 91~3848 P.O. BOX 323 • SEAHURST WA, 98062 (206)242-1773 -Qu~l.ity Products ,_ Fastener Specialists Heinz (Henry) Buchhardt (213) 633-6971 7022 Marcelle Stceet _ · Paramount, California 90723_. 'AL KEY (2,13) 515-3570 -PERFORMANCE COMMUNIGATIONS FOR PERFORMANCE VEHICLES sMAN ,4 . S OF 1 ...--z,. z rri :I:, DOUG FREEMAN · (213) 320-9584 . _ p;o . BOX 375_7 _ GARDENA, CA 90247•7457 Telephone: · (7i4) 535-4437 (714) 5) 5-4438 • David l(reisler 920 East Arlee Place Aruih~im, CA 92805 RUSS's V.W. .Recycli11g ' 3317 S. Peck Rd., Monr.ovia, CA 91016 · (BEHIND TONY'S TRUCK WRECKING) _ (818) 574-1943 • (818) 574-1944 , SpP--;ializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914 's July 1986 r2pJ 583-2404 '©©O .··. ,. SANDERS.SERVICE, l~C. METAL PROCESSING , 592 7 Wilmington Avenue Los Angeles, California 9000 1 SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETICPAATl<;A{ . FLOUAESCENT INSPECTI_ON , 'Rick Munyon· Larry Smith · . . -'--·--:t.~ ·. Sa1t 9i . ~-•· ----__ -~"19'f-~ . . ' .. , . ' ' ''•, -. · · 1533 Truman StreE;?t ~ -San f ernando. Ca. 91340 Phone'. (818) 361-1215 . · Canad~ Inc:· 390 CHEMIN DU LAC, U:RY, QUE. CANADA J6N 1 A3 _514-692-6171 . ~ -ft4· ~'\> .. c~ j ~ SO-CAL PERFORMANCE flt - -8504 E. Compton Blv.d. -Paramount, CA 90723 ~ ~- -(213) 4os-0440 - - ® I ' I' I MtvN& I Ff/Ft LOCATION · Las Vegas. NV Long Beach. CA Lancaster. CA El Centr'o. CA' Bullhead City. AZ Phoenix. AZ Colton. CA Van Nuys Gil_ Yuma AZ .. · Bakersfield. CA Oaklanp/SJ CA Haywood. CA San Jose. CA Bakersfield. ~A OISrnlBUTORS · Darwin Pilger /Tom Tonai . Dave Wayt · Dave Pedrow/Wayne Ulberg . Mik:e McNeece Larry Stover Bill Wilhoit/Ed Clark Dick Alden/John Donahoe Dave Wayt Robert McNeece David Pedrow /Wayne Ulberg · Chris Price_ ,.... Jack Bertwick Mike Whitacre Tim Schmidt -'" TELEPHONE 17021 457:5906 1213) 437-4373 1805f 948-6□44 . 1619) 352-4721· · -16021 758-5480 . (602) 278-6271 1714) 877'0226 1213) 437-4373 1602) 782-6543 (805) 948~6044 1415) 428-2600 14451 783:6500 -.. 1408) 294-4513 -1805) .. 324-9882 P.O. Box 610•333 West' BroaqwayeSuite 202 Long Beach, California 90801-0610 · _ (213) 437-4373 · .· Dusty Times l

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· RICHARD LILLY .LAURA STOUFFER · · Manufacturers . of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS 1649 W. Collins, Orange, CA 92661 714-997-0766 If no answer 714-997-0767 SWAY•A •WAYcoRP. . ~,... , Suspension Components ({118) 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 GET INTO "GEAR" WITH THE WINNING NAME IN TIR S Baseball Cap: · twill/mesh, one size fits all, your choice of b lue, black, grey, red _or yellow. $5.00 T-Shirts: 50/50, available in S, M, L, & XL, your choice of .blue, white, g·rey, red or yellow $7.00 Patches: 1 ½" X 5", yellow with black logo. $.50 Decals: · 12" X 3" black or white on clear, $1.00, or 26" X 5" with bla~k. white, red or yellow die-cut letters. $5.00 • TO ORDER YOUR "GEAR" ... p lease include 11e'm. quantity, s_ize and color, and send1check. money order or MCN ISA " (Ohio res idents add 5.5% tax) .to: · ; Mic/fey Thompson PERFORMANCE TIRES ------------P.O . Box 227 • Cuyahoga Falls, OH' 44222 Inside Ohio, 216 928-9092 OUTSIDE 'OHIO -800 222-9092 . .WTRACJ<SIDE Photo Ent.....,..lse• P.O. BOX 91767 • LOS ANGELES, CA. 90009 18710 SO. NORMANDIE • SUITE C • GARDENA, CA. 90248 \ . Jim Ober. . (213) 327-4493 RACING PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALISTS DUSTY-TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER :·Eac.h ten.or more copies of the current issue can be _in your shor , to sell or to present to preferred . customers_. It is a great traffic builder, and the cost is '. minimal. ·l CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. (818) 8_89~5600 more ••• TRAIL NOTES !(ACE Tl(ANS-BYiEff f/ELJ)r TRANSAXLE' ENCi·INEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth, CA 91311 T.·A l c L,L . We sell more radrig I n gasoline than anyone racing gasoline else in .the west! . Alameda County 916 962-3514 ' Phoenix 602,952-2575 Bakersfield 805 39::!-8258 Portland 503 393-9705 Denv«fr 303 452-5239 Riverside 714'787-8141 Hawaii 808 682-5589 ' Sacramento 916 962-3514 Huntington Beach 714 536-8808 San Diego 619 460-5207 L.A.-lDng Beach 213 863-4801 J Saugus · 805 259~ 3886 .Las Vegas 702 871 -1417 I -Sea~le 206 833,0430 Monterey 408 899-1010 Spokane 5091483-0076 Orange County 7 I 4 634~084 5 Yakima · 509 248-3271 I Division of Off R.oad Concepts 7352 Fox Trail Uni( B Yucca Valley, CA 92284 Dave Snoddy"-(619) 365-0162 Performance Parts and Accessories 9158.Las Tunas Temple City, CA 91780 . ' (818) 285-5944 (818) 285--5973 <&rnup .,111~~.ruckmann San Diego · 16191578-1585 ; 6 CYLINDER PORSCHE OFF ROAD RACE ENGINES, WINNERS . FOR GORKY. 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PO Box 2260, Costa Mesa, CA 92628 (714) 979-2560 · Get the word out about your business, · -big or-small. · Put your business card in the" "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach .new customers.· Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $16.<X? per month. Sutlscribe proper·riding technique. • .• In conjunction with the riding. clinic at Cal City, the N;i,tional ATV Rodeo Association and Coors Light presented the Hi Desert ATV Rodeo, with troJ?hies and contingency awards plus a purse for the participants. The various sessions. in the clinic were.held op the Saturday, along with rodeo practice, and competition began on Sunday. In these competitions riders do not race wheei to wheel, only·against 'the clock. The events include, such nifties as a barrel race, slalom race and·an obstacle run. If such a clinic might help you find the expert .and safe way to ride your bike or A TV, contact the organizers of the clinic to find out whe11 one will be held in your ~rea, c_~l!.fetfo..!_mance OffRoaci A TV /Motorcycle Clinics at ( 619) 868-3407. CONGRATULATIONS TO STEVEMILLEN on having outstanding success this season in two racing series that are light years apart in driving style. Steve is well known· to readers as the points leader in the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group's stadium series in Class 7 trucks. Steve has won the majority of these events,_so far this season in his T oyota truck , and leads the points for the drivers' championship. Meanwhile, MH!en also won the first race in the ne:w American Racing Series at Phoenix. A new. a<;ldition to i:he CART schedule this year, the ARS is clesigned to be a training ground for potential Indy cai: drivers, and the ARS events'serve as a curtain raiser for the , . full blown CART races. It is a restricted, open wheel formula that includes the mandatory use of a Bufck Wildcat V-6 engine. Steve finished fourth at th.e second ARS event at Milwaukee, and he continues to hold the lead in that series as well. Steve Millen will certainly hav·e a busy summer, trying to hold · ' to the points lead in two diverse racing series that certainly call for \iifferent driving techniques. · . -Dusty Times July 1986_ DUSTY TIMES SEE FORM ON PAGE3. P~ge 53

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lr· Classified♦♦♦ WANTED: Race car builder! · Nissan factory pff road truck team. Full charge crew chief and builder. Design, fa brication, assembly, organization and race logistics. Contact Jim at (619) 449-6673. FOR SALE: NewATL Cell, 22 gal. $350.00. MSb 7 ALc2 4 cyl. -model, . $250.00. PEL TOR Intercom, $250.00. Special Rally Tires: Pirelli P7 M&S 195VR15 and ' 155VR13, Dunlop MK II 195x14; Bridgestone _165x13, Yokohama 001-R 155x13 DOT legal. All tires, $40 each. Toyota & Datsun Rally Mags, $35 each: Toyota Starlet Gr A parts. $500 for all. Corolla & MR216 valve motors and 5-speed, $1500/ ,both. Call (818) 764-9013, 10 a.m. - 6 _p.m. ·' BUY A WINNER! 1983 SCORE and · HORA Class 7 · Championship Mitsubishi built by· John· Baker. Extremely rdiable. Fresh Borg Warner 5 speed, Summers axles, Works Performance aluminum shocks, 40 gallon . ·fu el cell , · etc. "~ $29,000.00 (less engine). Call John at (8 18) 240-7051. FOR SALE: Mirage 1-1600~ Fuel Cell, Sway--A-Way, Neal, Weld Wheels, Desert Dogs, Sandblast-er Jrs., Dial-A-,Cam, Bilstein, Bus trans, 1982,North Centi-al points class champ. Trailer available. NMR, $3000. Ca·ll Scott (313) . 535-2723. . FOR SALE: 1979 Chevy Luv ·. ,Class 7S. Surrimers rear end, Fuel Safe cell, Rancho shocks, Good-year tires, extra engine and trans. --Many extra parts, ready to race. · $50Q0O.B.O .CallTomat (818)' . 367-1634. ' . FOR SALE: 1969 Datsun 510 Pro Rally race car. 1600 ful'l•race engine with dual W ebers, T raris-Am exhaust system, nine Cibie lights and hundreds of trick parts. $3000 O .B.O . Spare parts . sold separately: rriag rims, 5 speed middle-close ratio trans, 2000 engine, steel rims, standard 510 4 speed trans. Call ( 818) · 842-6046. FOR SALE: 1985 Class 7S Ford Ranger, works shocks, 12 spare · wheels & tires, power steering,_ automatic, r·aced ·four times. Four wheel trailer, over $20,000 invested. Sell for $14,500. Cash! . Trade! Lots! Homes or young girls! Also, 1974 24 foot motor-home, Winnebago Indian~ $7500. CaH(213) 254-1531. · FOR SALE: Race car stable. Chaparral Desert Pro 2180 and all the goodies. Two Class 10 short course cars. Two .car · trailer, spares,' quick jack and · ·dump · cans. Ready to 'race. . $23,000 for all or will sell . separately. Trades considered. Call Tommy in Texas ai: (915) 332-1537 days or (915) 563-9154 nights. FOR SALE: Funco Class 9. Everything trick and new, over $24,000 invested. Asking $4 300 · or trade. It's got to go! EDCO discs, Neal, Fo"x, J.T. front end, U.M.P. body and wing, Mendeola Webster 5-speed, unbelievable detai.l work. Last chance to get an excellent piece of equipment ·at a give-a-way price! For ·more info contact Tom, days (619) 727-0515, nights, (619) 727-0515. · FOR SALE: Porsche 6 cylinder off road race en'gine {-twin brother to Danny Lerner's Parker winning engine). Com-plete, minus headers, tested and built by Volker Bruckmann_. Very qukk, very stro_ng,-andvery · reliable-. Never been.raced. Priced for sale at $9999; cash. Call (619) 578-1585. FOR SALE: Class 1 1984 Jimco. WANTED: Experienced race Bruckmann .Porsche 2.8, 6 cyl. . partner for <=:lass 7S to share engine. Twin brother to Danny dr_iving and co-riding duties for Letner's Parker winning engine. factory sponsored team with UMP power steering, Super Boot major sponsors already signed be,aring·· housing, axles, cvs, coil for 1987-88. -Will compete in over Wright front and rear sus-•four races per year. Approxi- pension, 12 Fox shocks, Porsche mately $10,000 needed for full_ brakes, perfect set up for River-vested one third share. Send brief side and desert. 2 Porsche gear-racing'experience to: C Vaughn, · boxes. Enclosed Caller 23 foot 13061 Poway Road, Poway, CA trailer. $25,000 will t ake it all. 92064. ' This one can fly!! Call. Volker at FOR SALE:. Class 7S Mazda 1984. On~ year old, raced five times. Professionally built with Rough Countrys, Yokohama, Stock Car Products rear end, ·. Hella, Mastercraft, race ready with two . extra · motors._ Extra parts galore with transmissions. Call Andy (619) 726-0130. Asi<:-ing $14,900.00. (619) 578-1585 . . FOR .SALE: 1983 c ·hevrolet S-10 Pi~kup. Ex T earn MacPherson truck ·and winner _of the Baja · 1000. Chevrolet billboard truck, street legal, low., low miles, Class . 7 ready. Truck prepped by Pre-cision Preparation and T-Mag. $12,000 O.B.O. Contact (714) 759-8422 days. FOR SALE: Chapll.rral, 114 in. .WB. Everything virtually new. 2388. cc with Rimcq, Berg, Carella, Weber, IRS; Super diff., Hewland, 4:86. Suspension frorrf" Wright; Palmer, Sway-A-W ay, C.M. stubs, 4 wheel W ilmot FOR SALE: Class 2 Chenowth discs, Fox. Plus; Beard, Neal, 2000, Proven Winner! _ 11(? in. Parker, Wright P / S, Centerlines; WB, ' 17 in. rear travel, 1-2 in. Yokohamas, (8 spares) K.C., 32 front travel, Wright rack .and gal. fuel cell and much more. combos, UMP power .steering, Race prepped and ready for 22 gallon cell, secondary torsion, $9500. Call Jim at (602) 274- Super • Boot; Beard seats, Fox 0668 or ( 602) 938-8640. shocks, Carr brakes, Micro stub. Less engine and trans, $8800.00 - negotiable. Call-Jer.ry, Penhall (714) ,650-3035 ... FOR SALE: 1650 cc Gorilla VW Class' 10 et\gfne & late bus trans. Engine has all the best.Just made _FOR SALE: s, ing._le axle ·car fresh with' lots of head work. · trailer, tire rack, large steel Trans has comp· lete s_et lo_ w ·· · . Hew lands with 4 spider carrier. .. storage· box,' carpeted, 'fold up -· ramps, a quality trailer fa, gooa Also just race prepared. Sell/ condition. Includes 12' x 20' trade. $4000 or trade for' fish s_ki Out d O Or carpet. $ 1 oo:o. O.B. boat motcir and trailer. All -or_ pai:t. Call Paul after 6:00 p.m~ WANTED: 10" and -12" and 14" Fox shocks with heims, emulsion at (2l3) 531-3293-or reservoir.·CallMarkat (805) 524~0609. . FOR SALE: 1981 · Ford van conversion, fully equipped. Too FOR SALE: New Chenowth many options to list: O.R.0./ Magnum DR2V Cqfomoly · Rancho Suspension, new BFG chassis near completion. :All All Terrains_, custom paint, bracket'ry, ultra lightweight, , interior, runs and looks better front be;im, . UMP adjustable than new. Asking $11,800. Call seats, 30 gallon fuel cell, body · (213) 399-1798 for de.tails. mounted, Neal hangit:1g pedals, UMP aluminum work, Hewland , FOR SALE: 1962 Baja Bug, 106 DG300 w/UMP adaptor-. Must inch wheelbase, Wright beam - Sell! Call Mik_e. at (619) 449-5" wider. Combo spindles, rack 7100 a.m. or Bill 'at (619) 579-& pinion, Centerline wheels, 6888 p.m. Beard, seats, 25 gallon fuel cell, ---,------~~-~ full cage, 12 Bilstein shocks, bus WANTED: Class 2 desert car. gear box, Sway-A-Way torsion Must be :l~ng wheelbase, long bars, axles, long travel. travel with chrome moly frame. BFGoodrich tires, 2240 ported Will pay ca~h. Call (503) 686-and polished heads and much 3105 days or 484~0323 nights. · more. $4500. Call (805) 269- · Ask for _Bill. · . 5200. --~-------FOR SALE: Race Package including · Class · 10 vehicle. Raceco chassis, 118½" . wheelbase, Model #2TC. 1650cc Toy.ota engine; power steering, Carr . rear disc .brakes, Bilstein ·· shocks w/ secondary suspension; Palmer front arms, Super Boot axles and CV s, Complete .rebuilt racing trans with Hewland gears, Duke carrier, lots of extras and a 1982 trailer /Carrier Make, · VSTRM, . Type: 41 W, etc. $12,000 . . Call Ray Aragon -(818) 793-4333. . . FOR SALE: Hi Jumper 2-1600. Beard seats, Simps,on belts, K & · N, Centerlinl!s, Yokohama back. Bilsteins,· Parker . Pumper, Neal pedals, well built: With Las Vegas, $5500. ·call:(702) 361-3287. · . p., FOR SALE OR TRADE: Jeep Commando,, Class 3, race ready. Dari.a 44 front, Dana rear · with spool, 488 gears, fuel cell, Tiwlor seats, turbo 400 Art Carr. Only raced 3 times. Call for _specific details. If. it is a trade, need a Class 2 car. Call (915) 593,4848 or (915) 593-4849 . . r - -... - - - - - - - -.;.. - -.;,,-_: _ _ - -.. ~ ..-- -------- - - - .- -- - - - - ..... - - ~-I · -· . Sell or swap your extra .parts and pieces in - · · _ _ _ . · · 1 DUS-TY TIMES. - I . . . I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words, not including name, address and phone number. A9d $5.00 for use nfblack · 1- and white photo, or a. very sharp color print. _ . NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE_ if you act now and · I subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free_ ad, enclose $5.00.· All classified ads must be paid in advance. . .· I I I I . Encl~sed is $ ____ _ (Send check or·money order, no cash). Pleas.e run ad _ _ _ _ _ times . Name - -----'- ---------'----'---- - - - --.-:------- -Mail to: Addre·ss - - - - -----------~---,---- -Phone------ ~ City ----'------~~----- - - · State _____ Zip ______ _ DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry. A ve., Suite O . Agoura, CA 91301 · Page 54 July j986 I I I I I : I I I I Have.lights -Wil/Ra~e SUPERSTITION -250 Ill , _Saturday Night August •9, 1986 AMSA desert series points r~ce. Three cars will make a class. · Info: Days: Jeff Wright (619) 561-4810 Evenings: Fud (619) 42H759 Presented by the. Fudpucker Racing Team __ Dusty Times . I {

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WEATHaRMAN'S RADIO TIPS ~ ;$ ~;_; -~ :;,~-The Fascinating World of Antennas --~ --,,,., .. ·. Part I By Bob Steinberger Often people ask me how certain race teams· and pit organizations can talk so clearly and so far without getting walked on. You hear them on the radio at the races. They are, to name a few, the Stroppe, MacPherson, Qoodyear, Goodrich and Firestone pit teams. What are · they doing to be so successful? 1. They run high power 90 watt plus 2-ways. 2. They have gain antennas that give them over 300 watts of effective, radiated power. 3. They try to locate their vehicles for the best advantage for radio transmission. 4. They · have good people on the mikes who monitor the channel before talking,. and usually use "clean" air time for their transmissions. The ans·wer Jor you then, is to do as they do! Use high power un-amplified multi ch~nn.el µnits. High power allows you to overcome much of . the noise interference on the channel. It allows you to get . more than line of sight communication by better taking advantage of "The Ground FOR SALE: Quality racing fuels. V-P Hydracarbons Racing Gasoline, 100 to 117 motor octane gasolines, Trick and Super Trick Gas, Angus Nitro-fuel and Alka fuel. Dump cans, pumps, funnels, free delivery. Competitive prices. Motorsports Distributors. (805) 252-6747 or (805) 252-6763. · WANTED: Rally partner wanted tp drive/co-drive in western s~ates SCCA rally series. Brains are more important .than guts on this team. May also run some Score/HORA races. Contact . Brad at (805) 964-1852 or (805) 967-2728. · . Effect", the ability to talk over hill, even mountains. Hi_gh power, wattage, simply talks farther. You can light a room with a 40 watt bulb, but if you want to see to read you use a 100 watt bulb. . Multi channel units allow you to do your pit talking and take care of your haul-em-home activities on a non-crowded secondary frequency. They also allow you to be helpful to others by having their pit channel on your radio. • -Utilize Gain Antennas Por every 3 decibles of gain you double your effective r-adiated power. When you double your. effective radiated power, you gain approximately 35 percent more range. Example: Unitlizing a P.C.1. race prepped 90 watt Pace Landmaster Ill 2-way radio tuned to 100 watts output, at O dB gain = 100 watts of effective radiated power, at 3 dB gain = 200 watts, at 6 dB gain = 400 watts, 9 dB gain = 800 watts, 12 dB= 1600 watts, 15 dB = 3200 watts, 18 dB = 6400 FOR SALE: 1978. Honda Odyssey, low hours. Registra-tion is paid 'ti! 1988. Included is a r,latfor~ for front of your tra1,er, so It can be hauled over the front end of your buggy. $900 or best offer. Call after 5:00 p.m. (408) 377-3911. FOR SALE: Class 5-1600, a great competitive car. Previously owned by "Mike's Sky Rancho". The best of everything. $6000.00 or best trade. Serious inquiries only, please. Call Rich Minga at Baja Concepts, (619) 583-6529. H.P.S. Oil, Dana, Tony, Ben, Carmen I and II . Thanks, Octavio S. ATTENTION. Su bscri hers .... · ARE YOU GETTING MORE THAN ONE COPY OF DUSTY.TIMES?·-A number of subscrib~rs now have· two subscriptions, because they get one with· their membership in HORA, or they. su.bscribed td both ) Off Road Action News anq Dusty Timt!S . . if you don't really .need two copies each month, drop µs a . note and assign your. duplicate subscription to. a · · friend, pit crew worker, anyohe you choose. Send us · the full name and address. _wfth zip code, of y,o.ur friend, and the mailing label from the subscription··· you wish to assign to them. We will take care of the paper work. Dusty Times w~tts, of eff~ctive radiated power. I -~~w is' gail)-, effected? By ut1hzmg an antenna design that directs the output power. Omni directional gain antennas limit , the upward and. downward radiation, there~y directing the PO\yer on a horizontal plane. The most popular'Omni directional gain antennas I are: . 1. . The Antenna Specialists model 1450, 3 dB gain vehicular antenna that can be permanently mounted on a Motorola type mount or screwed onto a rnagnet mount. 2. The "Weathermknized" 5.5 dB Ringo Ranger. ljhis is what we use on the mountain-top for our relay. 3. The Phe1\ps Dodge 6 dB gain . fiberglass 2b' pole, rather expensive but effective and easy for one person to put up. · · Specialized Directional . Antennas 1. The Corner Reflector directs most of the power in a 45 degree arc. Up toj9 dB of gain. 2. The Dipoles thatl have elements that can be directed to cover certain directions. Up to 9 dB of gain if all elements are directed the same 'way. 3. The Yagi antennas that direct all the power in one direction. Up to 13 dB of gain in a single )flagi. The Yagis . I . I can be phased, two side by side at person saying "unit calltna upto 16dBofgain,imdmounted Weatherman", you wouli!I in a quad array, four Yagis -up· answer, hopefully, this dme to 19 dB of gain. using a proper I.D. But, so milht At the Baja races we utilize a any number of other units mat single 13 dB gain Yagi at SCORE Want a·. relay or had previously headquarters at the Bahia Hotel called and were in a holding in Ensenada and at our relay pattern, or someone who called point above the observatory on and was not heard because of his Mount Diablo. By effectively low power or position/ distance/ radiating 1600 watts of power at interference, etc. Do you see the each other we can communicate challenges that arise out of not -· to Ensenada which is in a valley using a proper I.D.? If you need and cannot otherwise be reached help, we are going to help vou. on a · race day with all the But, we absolutely insist on interference and noise on the air. proper l.D., which in all cases Locating Your Pit means your car number, who . 1. Radios Effectively you are, and what you · are Don't park against a hill or inquiring about. When we among trees. Find a spot that has acknowledge your car number, a dear field of vision, as for the · who you are and your request, most part_ radio signals travel in a your people hear the acknowl-stra1ght lme. The top of a hill edgement and are ready with the would be my first choice. The answer! Remeber we insist you more height your antenna has the u_se a proper I.D. farther you_.will A forty foot · The Goodyear Weatherman telescoping pole under a 5.5 dB Radio Relay Team has a long list gain . ''.Weathermanized" Ringo of.people to thank for their heip : Ranger puts the· tip of your at the Mint 400 race. Thanks to antenna 54' above -the ground. the team members on the Effective? You bet it is. · mountain: Pat Patterson of Los Put Your Best Campeone.s, Elvin Berios from Communicators On P.C.I. Race Radios, and Paula The Mikes Sims, on -the ground at the These are responsible people Goodyear Trailer. Thanks to who are quick of mind, who Mike McFadden of C.M.A.C. !listen first to make sure they are whose busines·s kept him from not transmitting on· someone running the race, so Mike lent us INDEX TO A else's effort. They use proper three 90 watt Pace radios with • D~ERTISERS I.D.s. They have their message which we effected the relay. I A & D Buggies . . . . . . . . . 34 written or their thoughts Thanks to the many racers All Terrain Enterprises ... 25 collected so they take a minimal who, during the competition Bilstein Corp. of amount of valuable air time. took the time to help us find lost A • During the heavy times where cars via their radios. Thanks to menca · · · · · · · · · · · · · 6 · I h · · ·1 bl th h d. . h' I h Burks Off Road Racing . . . 33 f~em!ng y t ere IS ~o ava1 a e air e C ase an pit ve IC es w 0 time to take, they ar.e patient and · also helped. Special thanks to the CCh0amRpEion Bead Lock • •: • 199, wait for a break. They know that . ever helpful pit organizations: .., • • • • • • .... • • . . . . . . 4 walking 6n someone creates a Checkers, Chapii,la Dusters, Filler Products, Inc. . . . . . 35 chain reaction of radio abuse. F.A.l.R. and Los Campeones Firestone Tire & 'ubber Some D_on'ts To.Contemplate who are always super helpful on . Company . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 1. Don't Use a cheaply b~ilt or the radio. Formula Tires . . . . . . . . . . 13 light weight, literally, radio in a The HORA crew was always Doug Fortin Transaxles . . . 18 frowded pit area. Why? Because helpful in reporting downed General Tire I a high powered unit can key up vehicles and in locating lost -on another channel and degrade vehicles. What a job they did to · 1\ftotorsports · · · · • · · · · 16 your receiver, whereby you make it a safe and fun· race'. And BFGoodrich -Tire1 · 0. . . I 28 29 cannot hear __ messages intended last but r:iot least, Walt Lott, who 1v1s1on . . . . . . . . . - for you. These radios, for the at his own expense helicoptered Goo.dyear Tire & most part,· are prone to the team to its lofty perch atop Rubber Co ............ 2 interference. 2 . Don't use McCullough Mountain. It was Rod Hall Racing ........ 27 amateur· band or marine band Walt who ultimately gave the Hodag 50 ............. 24 radios!! tdhat are illegally racing fraternity the super Ja ·Mar Performance recrysta e for commercial band coverage we were able to provide p d , use. Because 6f the more lax over a very difficult course, radio · ro ucts · • · · · · · · · · · 39 ~pecifications in both the wise. ~~z~~Li::to~~ ~f j r •• •• • • • • 17 amateur and marine bands, the My personal comments on the radios don't have the "parts" to race: There were too many radios America ....... , . . . . . 5 be selective in what they hear. on too few channels in too small McKenzie Automotive ..... 4 T~ey hear. too much, including an area cre;iting a traffic jam that Mikuni American ~orp. . . . 31 adiacent · channel interference was impo~sible at times. Solution Nevada Off Road Buggy ... 8. and · intermod. The transmitter - operate in adjacent channels Nissan Motor Cori:'. · specs ai:e not as "tight" a~ in the and coordinate your take home <J USA I Back. C commercial band, and there will activities on another channel, .... ·. · · · I . over b II 1 . h I S I I ,e genera y more spurious ( off . eaving t ·ose sti I in competition core nternat,ona · · · · · · 11 frequency) transmission. When some air time. There were some Marvin· Shaw Performance you put a linear amplifier on this instanees on several channels of Products • . • • • • • • • .. · 26 type ofradio you also amplify the people inadvertantly keying up · Silver Oust Racing 9ff frequency signal, creating a their mikes. Solution - use . a Association . · . .' ... .' .... 23 splatter problem that gets into proper mike hanger. Don't leave S.N,O.R.E., Ltd: .1• • • • • • • • 7 the good guys receivers.. This * a mike on the seat or between , Super_stition 250 _Ul1 _ ••••• ZD, df~ades their effort: 3._ If the yo':1r legs,_qr you c<;>uld be guilty · · · 11 49, 54 'radio you are thmkmg of of the ultimate radio abuse. Team-T / A _ ' .,, ' using/ buying, borrowing, etc., is We will se~ you in contingency BFGoodrich . _,_-.. ; .... i'z-'. ~not the, type accepted by the · row at the · Baja Internacional I Federal Communications Com-Should you need any radio help Trackside _Phot,o • 1 • : ·.. mission for .. use in the at.any·Score, HDRA or SNORE Enterprises . . . . . . . . . . 12 commercial band, don't use it! It event, look for the blue and Trick Enterprises 1 ••• : ••• 21 is, illegal! 4. Don't utifize the wfote . Goodyear Weatherman Tri-Mil. Industries . . . . . . . 15 · Goodyear -Weatherman Radio • Radio Relay flag flying from any Uniden Race Radios ; .... 41 Rielay Team ,by say,,. "r[ey! team member's antenna. · Uni Filter .. < ... 1.1 .... 1: . 45 Weatherman, you-got your ears , Shouldyouhaveneedofmore Unique Metal Prod,ucts . . . 32 on?" It is a total and useless waste information, or would like to be Valley Performance_ of air time!! You are (I hope) . a part of the Goodyear H I d 36 using "clean a_ir"., meaning you Weatherman Radio Relay Team ew an · · · · · · · · · · · · hear nobody on the channel. If I contact ·Bob Steinberger at P.C.l Wright Place · · · · · · · · · · 37 were to answer a non-identified Race Radios, (213) 426-7077. -~ -July 1986 Page 55 j

Page 56

\. i< ¥. i ~ (! f t l' \ 1: • \. ' f., [ f-r.: . { f t· ,-".:: ' f 1· µ. \£' ;!' , ( -~ ~ ).} ~ r ~ , C t -! t: L ,:. C .. <· ~: ---·IEW NISSAN V-8 FEED IT ROAD . NISSAN SE 4x2-HARDBODY PERFORMANCE. It's re hot. Nissan's top new 4x2. With the biggest · engine in any compact truck. Fuel-injected. , Overhead cam. 3 litef .. V-6. 140 HP. 5-speed -::. stick. Or 4-speed over-. drive automatic transmission. BOLD TAUT, MUSCULAR-· OUTSIDE. Breakthrough design makes. this truck a Hafdbody. Sloped hood. Raked windshield. Flared fenders. It's ·. Nissan's longest, widest, most ae·rody-namic truck. The cargo box is double-walled steel. Built on a reinforced box-ladder steel chassis that handles a 1400 lb. payload, it's the biggest cargo box of th~ leading compact trucks. ·_BIG SMART, COMFORTABLE-INSiDE. The new Gab is Nissan's biggest, · · widest ~ver. More, leg and shoulder · r~om plus _cloth uphol~tery ~nd 9e.ep cut 1 pile carpeting make th1$ SE incredibly · co'mfortable. Full instrumentation-including tach, voltmeter and oil pressurn gauges-is laid out t9e way it sflould be. ·. · Easy to read. Easy to reach. . . Nissan SE 4x2. Hardbody hot. THE NAME IS NISSAN ,. I ' l ~