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1986 Volume 3 Number 5 Dusty Times Magazine

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CLASS 8: WALKER EVANS DUSTS-OFF THE COMPETITION IN HIS BIG DODGE RAM. The Great Mojave desert. Back in 1916, when Jack Preston took his Model T Ford to victory in the very first off-road race ever held in the rugged Lucerne Valley, the term "four by four" meant a piece of wood. . ''Suspension'' was something you W(?Uldn't want your teacher to give you. And a wrangler was someone who herded livestock. Well, a lot of things have changed in the past · .. 70 years. E~cept for the desert itself. Today, the terrain remains as rugged and challeng-mg as·ever. And at this year's Great Mojave 250 off-road race, Walker Evans and Spencer Low took on the challenge CLASS 7S: SPENCER LOW FLEXES THE MUSCLES OF HIS NISSAN HARDBODY. of the Lucerne Valley. And rustled-up two victories with the help of Goodyear Wrangler radials. -They're the very same' radiai tires you can buy for your truck. The very same radials that c3:n take you. through your toughest challenges. On ~r off the road. Congratulations to Walker Evaris and Spencer Low. And thanks for proving once again how Goodyear Wrangler radials are engineered to take on territory that's less than tame. So no matter what kind of truck you own, get a ·set of Goodyear Wrangler radials. Because without them, it's tough to keep pace in an ~ unchanging world. · , . YOU EITHER HAVE WRANGLER RADIALS. OR YOU NEED THEM. GOOD/fEAR

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Volume 3 Number 5 May 1986 In This Issue ••• Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Publisher Brad Goodrow Associate Editor Richard Schwalm Controller John Calvin Contributors Darla Crown Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Winnie Essenberg Homer Eubanks Tom Grimshaw Dennis Henneberg Martin Holmes Danny McKenzie Brenda Parker David R yskamp Wayne Simmons Judy Smith John Spro\Tkin Joe Stephan Darlene Thackston Trackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services THE OntCIAL_VOICE OF SC()RE CANADA I ' • _ _. AND.,~ - · , ck -....,,___ uc:wo. ... , Subscription Rates: -~ =-$12.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rate_s on request. Contributions;· DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject t_o editing. DUSTY TIMES combined with OFF ROAD ACTION NEWS, "USPS-305-609" is published monthly by Hill-side Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301, (818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be repro-. duced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave:; Suite O, Agoura, CA 91301. SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH ••• FEATURES Page Score Great Mojave 250 ..... ................ ...... . 12 Silver Dust Spring Stampede . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 MTEG at the Texas Astrodome ...................... 30 AMSA California City 500 km ............... :-..... . 34 Pro Can Am Kittitas 250 ......... '. . . . ..... . . .... ... 36 International Rally of Portugal .............. . ......... 39 Marlboro Safari Rally .................... .......... 40 FORDA's Florida 400 .............................. 42 Season Opener in Georgia ............. , ............. 45 ADRA Western 150 ... ............................ 46 DEPARTMENTS Snapshot of the Month . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Side Tracks by Judy Smith ......... .................. 5 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Stan Parnell's Action News .......................... 10 Trail Notes ............. .......................... 10 SCCA SoPac Divisional Rally Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 The Losers by Judy Smith ........................... 38 Weatherman Radio Tips by Bob Steinberger ........... 44 Pit T earn Register ...... · .. : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Yokohama 6-50 Club Report ........................ 49 California Rally Series . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Checkers Race Report ............................... 49 CORE Notes .... .-................................. 49 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 ON THE COVER -Competition in the 30 car field in Class 10 was fierce at the Score Great Mojave 250 last month. Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn drove this sleek single seat 0.R.E. to the victory in a close finish, and the team took sixth overall with quick time of 5:08.30. Here, early on the first lap, Tetrick just stays ahead of the new Dirtrix of Brad Person and Tony Kujula, who finished fifth in Class 10. Color Photography by Jackie Bruno ofTrackside Photo Enterprises. A~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$12.00 □ 2 years -$20.00 □ 3 years -$30.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name----------------------------"Back to Basics" might be a good title for this shot from the Score Great Mojave 250. An aged flat fender Jeep came to the rescue when Roger Mears' Nissan got stuck on course with a broken axle in a remote section of the route. This unknown Jeep driver is doing everything right also, keeping well to one side of the race course so the traffic can pass safely. Mears eventually retired from the action with too great a time loss to make up. Photo by Trackside Photo Enterprises. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of humorous racing incidents, woes on the course, or a spectacular from short course events 0n this page each month. Send us your photo of something comic, a mechamcal disaster, or anything fitting for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white_prints, 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 ·:will be considered for publication. · Address -------------------------City State _________________ Zip ________ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian, 1 year $ 15.00 U.S.• Overseas subscription rates quoted on request) I I I I I I -I Dusty Times _ May 1986 Page 3

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PASADENA ROSE BO_W L SPECIAL ADDED ATTRACTION!!! 250 PRO MOTO-X Be sure to be there for the first-ever Rose Bowl appearance of off-road racing cars plus the ONLY 1986 appearance of 250 PRO MOTO-X Motorcycle action. Gates open at 4 p.m. - Meet the. Drive-rs at S p.m. - Races start at 6:30 p.m. SHARP! JULY 19TH LOS ANGELES COLISEUM Onc_e again the legendary LA Coliseum comes alive with the exciting sights and sounds of the OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAN PRIX . Gates open at S p.m. -Meet the Drivers at 5:30 p.m. -Races start at 7 p.m. ,SEPT. l3TH* SAN BERNARDINO It's going to be a wild one .. at everyone's favorite off-road track. l / 2 -asphalt w ith steel jump ramps and ORANGE SHOWl12 natural dirt._ ~his track 1s the most exciting short course on the tour. Gates open at S p.m. -Meet the Drivers at 5:30 p.m. -Races start at 7 p.m. OCT 18 * You can put your money on • TH it! There's going to be plenty LAS VEGAS of 'Vegas-style excitement when "The Wildest Show on SILVER BOWL Gates open at S p.m. -Meet the Drivers at S :30 p.m. -Races start at 7 p.m. Wheels" blasts into the Sam Boyd Silver Bowl . . _ "High stakes action" takes on a whole new meaning at this season finale. FOR ADVANCE TICKET OR RACE ENTRY INFORMATION WRITE OR CALL: MTEG, 53 WOODL YN LANE, BRADBURY, CA 91010 818-359-5117 *DATES TENTATIVE

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Side Tracks ••• By Judy Smith In a continued effort to find out exacdy what will be necessary to get our California off road race cars and pre-runners made legal with their Green Stickers, we called Doris Macmurphy, at the OMV headquarters in Sacramento. Ms. Macmurphy, although obviously very busy, was gracious about answering our questions, and concerned that the off roaders would have a clear understanding of the process. · What we've told you in previous columns has been essentially correct, although some interesting d~tails came to light as we talked to Ms. Macmurphy. To start off, as we've said before, you must gather up whatever receipts you have to show that you paid fqr the car or · its component parts. Then you call the OMV and make an appointment to start this procedure. The appointment isn't necessary, but Ms. Macmurphy says · it can "radically shorten your time at the OMV". You will need to take the race car with you to the OMV office, so they can complete their part of the paperwork. When you get to the office you'll be asked to fill out a Form 124, and, if you've built the car yourself, a "Statement of Construction". The Form 124 is simply an application for an Assigned Vehicle Identification Number Plate (this is what you'll take to the CHP). The OMV will then collect your $20. two year Off Highway Vehicle registration fee, and any sales tax applicable. If your car is "home made" it's presumed that you paid sales tax as you purchased the integral parts, so you will not pay any additional taxes as you register the vehicle. If you purchased the car as a complete vehicle, and paid no sales tax at the time, you will now be assessed taxes at the current rate for the county in which you live. If you've owned the car for more than three years, · the state can't charge you sales tax, even if you paid none. The statute of limitations is for three years. Your fees can be paid by check, or by cash, but not by credit card, according to Ms. Macmurphy. If you have most of the documentation for prices on various parts, apd are missing less than $1500 worth of receipts the OMV will still clear your paperwork, and will register your vehicle. lf you are really at a loss for paperwork, they will ask you to get a motor vehicle bond. Ms. Macmurphy says that there are three bonding companies, or insurance companies that · will issue bonds, and that they can be found in the Yell ow Pages of your phone book. They will sell you a bond, for a small percent of the total value of the car ( that value set by the owner, at selling price), which will indemnify the OMV. The idea here is to protect the OMV against someone showing up later and claiming that the vehicle-is not yours, but really belongs to him. ,~ W,hen you have :urived at the <:ii OMV, or when you phone to set Dusty Times up your appointment, you may find the first person that you talk to does not understand what you're trying to do. Ms. Macmurphy tells us that you should ask to speak to the manager. She further tells ·us that ideally, every employee in every OMV office will understand about registering your OHV. But, realistically, she says, it takes a while to get them all trained, and if you get a new employee, it's likely that they won't know what you're talking about. She tells us that when you phone in to ask about your registration you should start out by asking for the manager. Finally, Ms. Macmurphy tells us that it's possible to call the 'OMV and request that a registration pack, including all the paperwork necessary to register a "special construction OHV" be sent to you by mail. This, she tells us, can save you at least one trip to the OMV. We decideithat this sounded like a good way to get started, so· we called the OMV office at Van Nuys (we tried Culver City, but it was busy for many, many attempts). We got the usual recording, instead of a live being, _and had to wait approximately 10 minutes for a real OMV person to come to the phone. The lady who finally helped us was polite and eager to help, although not awfully famili11r with our problem. We told her we wanted the registration packet for a specially constructed OHV, and, while she seemed to know that there was such a thing, she wasn't too sure what it contained. We told her we knew it should have a Form 124, and also a "Statement of Construc-tion." She checked out her regulations and declared that she · had figured it out, took our name and address and said she'd mail it right away. Two days later we received a Form 124 and a "Request For Confidentiality of Home Address". Perhaps our mistake was not asking for the manager. That weekend we were in Lucerne Valley for the SCORE Great Mojave 250, and decided to look in on the Green Sticker registration that SCORE had promised to arrange to make things easier for us all. Our faith in humanity has been restored. It .was a major event. There were five busy folks at the table ( three from the OMV offices in Victorville, Barstow and Whittier, and two CHP employees) cheerfully answering questions and helping off roaders register their vehicles. They had stacks of registration packets ( containing all the forms that could possibly be needed) ready to hand out, as well as supplies of paperwork for the occasional problem case. There was a big mobile CHP office pa'rked outside, serving as 'headquarters for the officers who checked the vehicles and either recorded or assigned Vehicle Identification Numbers. The -office had all the facilities necessary to check various records, including those scary lists of stolen vehicles which The California OMV desk was busy all day Friday: the people were friendly, and eager to help the off roaders do tfie paperwork necessary to get a Green Sticker for their race car. The process really went smoothly. must be consulted from time to time. Providing a racer had his receipts in fairly good order, he could get all his paperwork completed in 10 or 15 minutes ( the line may have lengthened later in the day) and was then able to take his car to the CHP folks and have the newly assigned number attached, ·and a Green Sticker handed out. In other words, it was all completed in one fell swoop. The CHP officer we spoke to, Paul Crescenti, of Registration Enforcement, in the Barstow Area, told us that the plan is to repeat the service at the July Barstow race. We took a registration packet away with us, and will have it all filled out and ready to hand in, along with receipts, at Barstow. We would recommend that, providing you talk to the manager, you call your local OMV · and have the paperwork mailed to you, and bring it, along with your receipts and car to Barstow. It's by far the easiest way to get a tedious chore handled. We have to congratulate SCORE for managing this so neatly. And we must admit that, after doing the research for these columns, we had been highly skeptical about the possibility of success for the "on site" registration scheme. Boy, were we wrong! And are we glad! One thing we'd like to point · out, and which Ms. Macmurphy emphasized, is that while-ordinary street licensed vehicles are not currently required to have Green Stickers when being used off road, there is a strong movement afoot to require it in the future. So, keep in mind that your licensed pre-run Baja Bug or mini truck may also need a Green Sticker if you use it off road ( this applies to _ California residents only). It will be much simpler to get that accomplished, however. Summertime Fun! SUPERSTITION 250 HI Saturday Night August 9, 1986 AMSA desert series points race. Three cars will make a class. Info: Days: Jeff Wright (619) 561-4810 Evenings: Fud (619) 427-5759 Presented by the Fudpucker Racing Team A Performance Tradition More off-road races are won on Bilstein than any other shock absorber. Our record speaks for itself! Winning Heritage Bilstein gas pressure shocks first appeared in America posting a win at · the famed Baja 1000 in 1972. Since that impressive performance, Bilsteins have been the choice of serious off-readers who not only want to start the race -but finish it as well. Many Applications Today, Bilstein offers a variety of off-road shock applications for racing or just running on the street. From single seaters and Baja Bugs to big and small two-wheel and 4WD trucks, Bilstein delivers performance second to none. Reliable Performance Whether you're just entering off-road or have been there for years, check out Bilstein - first where reliability counts. "World leader in development of the Gas Pressure Shock Absorber." Bilstein Corporation of America 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a completEl, catalog, send $2.50. May 1986 Pages

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1986 HAPPENINGS ••• -A.D.R.A. Arizona Desert Racing Association 1408 East Granada Phoenix, AZ 85006 (602) 252-1900 July 12 Flagstaff High Country 150 Flagstaff, AZ August 30 Snowflake Buggy Bash Snowflake, AZ October 18 Penasco 150 Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico December 6 Sonoita to Rocky Point Hare 'n' Hound Sonoita, Sonora, Mexico AMSA American Motor Sports Association P.O. Box 5473 Fresno, CA 93755 (209) 439-2114 May31 6 to Midnight Run California City, CA August 9 Superstition 250 III Borrego, CA October 11 12 Hour Mojave Challenge California Citv, CA Page6 October 25-26 American G.P. Fresno, CA AMERICAN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION John Ohanesian P.O. Box 31811 Phoenix, AZ 85046 (602) 867-4769 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES June 7-8 Carson Vally Rally Carson City, NV Info: Bruce Arkell (702) 882-8181 July 18-20 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ Info: Rob Cherry ( 602) 778-6489 August 29-31 Hawthorne Rally Hawthorne, NV Info: Bruce Arkell , (702) 882-8181 October 5 Cliffs of Gorman V Rally Hungry Valley SVRA, CA Info: Gary English (714) 497-4670 November 7-9 East of Indio V Indio, CA Info: Roger Allison (714) 736-1 442 FORDA GORRA Florida Off Roaders Georgia Off Road Drivers' Association Racing Association 5349 Hansel Ave., C-1 ·Box 11093 Station -A Orlando, Florida 32809 Atlanta, GA 30310 (305) 851-6245 (404) 927-6432 May 25 FLORIDA OFF ROAD 50 Miles RACING ENTERPRISES Winder-Barrow Speedway, CA P.O. Box 40 Inverness, FL 3265 L June 8 (813) 933-7947 100 Miles (904) 726-6560 Montgomery, Alabama May 25 June 22 Florida State Fairgrounds 50 Miles Tampa, FL Winder-Barrow Speedway, GA June 29 July 26-27 Florida State Fairgrounds Fun Day & 100 Miles Tampa, FL Winder-Barrow Speedway, GA July 27 August 24 Florida State Fairgrounds Tampa, FL 50 Miles Winder-Barrow Speedway, GA August 31 . September 14 Florida State Fairgrounds .Tampa, FL 100 Miles Montgomery, Alabama September 28 Florida State Fairgrounds September 28 Tampa, FL 50 Miles Winder-Barrow Speedway, GA October 26 FUDPUCKER 100 Miles RACING TEAM Winder-Barrow Speedway, GA . 250 Kennedy,#6 Chula Vista, CA 92011 November 29 (619) 427-5759 250 Miles Location TBA August 9 Superstition 250 III December 6 __ Borrego, CA Annual Banquet (AMSA Points Race) Atlanta, GA "YOU IITTIR If t/lVI IT. TAKI IT FROM Ml . . . Ivan "IRONMAN" Ste TN/I II Al MUCH FUN Al TN RIAL TN/NG." GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. 1507 South Lincoln Loveland, CO 80537 CORRA. ( 303) 669-4460 DORRA (303) 429-1949 RMORRA (303) 597-8239 WKR (913) 3-32-3402 May 11 Denver, CO June l St. Francis, KS June 22 Denver, CO July 20 Denver; CO August 2 St. Francis, KS August·24 Denver, CO September 14 Denver, CO HORA High Desert Racing Association 961 West Dale Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 May 7-11 Mint 400 Las Vegas, NV July 4-6 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA September 5-7 Frontier 500 Las Vegas, NV \Jr ER/K/DN /NOUS TRIES INC ERIKSSON INDUSTRIES, INC. 326 W. KATELLA AVE., SUITE 4-H ORANGE, CALIFORNIA 92667 (714) 538-5878 YES! □ Send me --copy of the new and exciting "MINT 400 OFF-ROAD GAME" for $24.95 (Plus $2.50 each shipping & handling). · My check or money order for $ _ _ _ _ enclosed. VISA □ MASTERCARD□ Card# _________ _ _____ _ Expiration date:_· ____ _______ Signature_· __________ _ Name'-----~-------- ----------- ------Address _____ _ ______________________ _ City. ______________ State _ _ _______ Zip, ____ _ fC'.11/ifornia residents add .6% tax) Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. May1986 Dusty Times

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' rces I 0 . ser In an inspire~ performance, the father and son team of Jim and Mark Temple emerged from the masses to be crowned the overall winners at SCORE's Great M~jave 250 race at Lucerne Valley, California. , In fact. many of Yokohama's disciples came to the fore this judgment day, including Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn whose zealous drive took them straight to the top of Class 10. Dave and Bryant Wood won dass 9 and Jack Ramsay and Rich Mills showed infinite powers as they took the victory in Class 1/2-1600. And no obstacle was great enough to stop David Stokes and Don French from winning the challenger class. When their car flipped, the Yokohama good samaritan team of Curtis ____ and Owen Duggan stopped and righted them. They in turn t•· ,:wererewarded for their good deed and driving skill with a • • lOll s. win in their own 5-1600 class. Max Razo and John Johnson were also able to redeem themselves after being hit by another vehicle and losing a wheel to capture the win in Class 5 in what amounted to an amazing finish. So next time you're thinking of performance tires, think of the wisdom of the Temples and the miracles performed by Yokohama in the desert. Call Toll-Free 1-800-423-4544 From California 1-800-221-8744 From Eastern Canada 1-800-387-4924 From Western Canada 1-800-663-8464 >~YOKOHAMA © 1986 Yokohama Tire Corporation \.,'

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, Additional IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 HAPPENINGS Cleves, Ohio 45002 I (All events staged at I the club grounds in December 5-7 Cleves, Ohio) Budweiser 250 Barstow, CA MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP HIGH PLAINS OFF GRAND PRIX ROAD RACING Mickey Thompson ASSOCIATION Entertainment Group 53 W oodlyn Lane May26 Bradbury, CA 91010 Me·morial '86 (818) 359-5117 Dresser, WI Info: John Witt May3 1-800-3 28-4445 Rose Bowl (HPORRA sanction only) Pasadena, CA June 1 July 19 Dry Run Baja L.A. Coliseum Frederick,SD Los Angeles, CA Info: Lowell Larson (605) 329-2231 Additional dates -in California TBA ( date pending) Beaver Creek Baja MOLSON CANADIAN Jamestown, ND Info: Skip Calkins SUPERCROSS (701) 489-3387 CHAMPIONSHIP 1 Yonge St., Suite 1801 July 13 Toronto, Ontario Hartford 100 M5E 1E5 Canada Chamberlain, SD (416) 363-9035 Info: Steve Miller Mayl~ (605) 328-5034 Stampede Park GraJ\dstand ,Ai/gust 17 Calgary, Alberta~ Gumbo Buttes Baja Pierre, SD May 17 Info: Randy Juhnke B.C. Place ' (605) 223-2418 Vancouver, British Columbia September 14 May 24 Northland Baja Montreal Olympic Stadium Bismarck, ND Montreal, Quebec Info: Chuck Hale 1 (701) 255-2789 June 7 Exhibition Stadium October 25 Toronto, Ontario Last Chance Baja Wall,SD Info: Jim Kitterman BFGOODRICH MEMORIAL (605) 279-2550 DAY 100 Kevin Dawson Route 3,'Box'895 Lake Geneva, WI 53 147 HODAG50 ( 414) 248-8566 Information (715) 362-6550 May 31-June 1 August 2-3 Lake Geneva, WI Rhinelander, WI Pages OLYMPUS INTERNATIONAL RALLY John Nagel P.O. Box 4254 Tumwater, WA 98501 (206) 754-9717 December 3-7 WRC Olympus International Rally Tumwater, WA OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION OF TEXAS, 1421 Lee Trevino, D-1 El Paso, TX 79935 (915) 594-8266 Adsril 26-27 Red San s Nutcracker 100 El Paso, TX June 28-29 Horizon 250 Kilometers Shadow Mountain Lake Horizon, TX August 23-24 Twilight 100 (Night Race) Red Sands, El Paso, TX October 4-5 Rock & Roll 300 Shadow Mountain Lake Horizon, TX December 6-7 Shadow Mountain Lake 250 Shadow Mountain Lake Horizon, TX O.O.R.R.A. Oklahoma Off Road Racing Association Larry Terry " 9220 N.E. 23rd Oklahoma City, OK 73141 (405) 769-5491 (All races located at Freedom, OK) Vic Brurnham Freedom Chapter President (405) 621-3428 May 30-June 1 Memorial Day 200 July 4-6 Firecracker 250 August 15-17 Freedom 300 May 1986 October 10-12 OORRA 150 ORSA Randy Miller 407 G Street, Suite F Davis, CA 95616 (916) 756-9938 (916) 756-6399 Short Course & Sand Drags; all events at Sacramento Raceway, Sacramento, CA May 17-18 June 28-29 July 26-27 August 23-24 October 18-19 November 15-16 · I POST Pennsylvania Off Road Short Track Shark Saxon RD #3, Box 9 Towanda, PA 18848 (717) 265-3076 PRO CAN AM SERIES Pro Can Am Racing Inc. P.O. Box 323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 (503) 620..0313 May 2-3 Horn Rapids 250 Mile Sagebrush Shootout Richland, WA May 23-24 250 Mile VORRA Race Weeks, NV June 27-28 Littlerock Forest Fling 300 Littlerock, WA August 22-23 Sundown at Horn Rapids Richland, WA September 19-20 Millican Valley 400 Bend Oregon SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America 6750 Emporia St. Englewood, CO 801 12 (303) 779-6625 May 16-18 Nor'Wester Redmond, WA June 7-8 Susquehannock Trail · Wellsboro, PA Aug. 22-24 Arkansas Traveler Little Rock, AR Sept. 5-7 Rallye Michigan Battle Creek, MI September 13-14 Sunriser Forest Chillicothe, OH October 4-5 Ojibwe Rally Grand Rapids, MN October 25-26 Press On Regardless Houghton, MI November 21-23 Carson City International Carson City, NV SCORE Score International 31356 Via Colinas, Suite 111 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 June 6-8 Baja Internacional Ensenada, BC, Mexico August 15-17 Score Off Road World Championship Riverside International Raceway Riverside, CA November 6-9 Baja 1000 Ensenada to La Paz, Mexico SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac · Lery, Quebec, J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 - May 24-25 Montreal Olympic Stadium Montreal, Quebec June 7-8 Delson Industrial Center Delson, Quebec (Bonus Points Race) June 28-29 Entertainment USA Park Parkman, Ohio September 6-7 Delson Industrial Center Delson, Quebec September 27-28 Middletown, New York SCORE SHOW P.O. Box 6819 Burbank, CA 91510 (818) 768-2914 June 20-22 9th Annual SCORE Show Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 7380 Las Vegas, NV 89125 (702) 459..0317 June 14 Delamar 400 KM Caliente, NV August 9 Nevada 300 Pioche, NV October 25 Silverdust 400 km Henderson, NV SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas; NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 May25 Twilight Race July 26-27 Midnight Special September 26-28 SNORE 250 November 16 Black Jack 100 S.O.R.R.P. Speedway Off Road Racing Productions Bernie Weber P.O. Box 402 Temple, Texas 76503 (817) 773-3548 May 17 Waco Short Course June 21 Waco Short Course (Jlr' Dusty Times

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TOYOTAT~0~~IAL OF SCORE INTERNATIONAL 4th Race in the-1986 SCORE/HORA Championship _High Points series DRAWINC FOR STARTINC POSITIONS -MAY 14, 1986

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STAN PARNELL'S Adion News Records are still being set for the 1986 season in attendance figures for Score and High Desert. Both Score events, at Parker and Lucerne Valley had record setting entries. Now the Mint 400, with a big bunch in the drawing, is compiling entries at a record rate for the famous event now being produced by the HORA. By combining the contingency clan in one series, it really makes the entry want to be a part of the action. If it continues through the year, for the first time neither promoter will be in danger of losing money. At the Great Mojave 250 last month, it was a first of sorts. Two radio companies were competing at the drivers' meeting over who was the best; Uniden and PCI both want to win the favor of the racers, and each is trying to be the best. But, as Bob Hynes of Uniden said, they compete on Friday and work together on race day to relay messages for everyone, not just their customers. The one competitor both radio men have is the mountains around the race course. The tall hills slap their signal into the Additional HAPPENINGS July 19 Waco Short Course August 16 Waco Short Course September 20 Waco Short Course STADIUM RACING, U.S.A Marty Tripes 228 Faxon Drive Spririg Valley, CA 92077 (619) 463-0654 June 21 El Cajon Speedway . El Cajon, CA • August 3 Glen Helen Park San Bernardino, CA September 13 Imperial Fairgrounds El Centro, CA October 11 El Cajon Speedway· El Cajon, CA SHORT TRACK OFF ROAD ENTERPRISES FORMULA DESERT DOG SERIES S.T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: · Gil Parker 7406 So. 12th St. Kalamazoo, Ml 49009 (616) 375-1233 May 31-June 1 BFGoodrich Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI Jeff Probst: (815) 485-7223 June 14-15 Brush Run Sprints Crandon, WI Dennis Rosa: (715) 478-2924 Page 10 ground in a lot of areas. If e;ch could some way overcome this problei:n, they could claim the brass rmg. How rough was the Great Mojave 250? It was so rough that I have straightened eighteen front race beams since the event, with more to come. Normally, after a major race, we have about eight or ten front ends that are brought in to be straightened. But the Lucerne Valley race has doubled the amount. Hopefully, we do not have but one course this rough per year, as the prep for the next race makes it very hard on the pocketbook. SNORE President Roger Gaskill announced plans this past week for a SNORE event at California City. If SNORE moves into California with one of their races, then the drivers from this area will not only support that race, but perhaps go to Nevada for some ofSNORE's home town events. It is a smart move for SNORE and when it comes about, you can look for larger entries for the Las Vegas based club. So far Senator Alan Cranston has managed to really rile the off June 20 Santa Fe Speedway Chicago, IL Chris Raffo: (312)644-6058 July 5-6 Sugar Camp Challenge Sugar Camp, WI Walt Schwalbe: (414) 786-8766 July 19-20 U.P. Off Road 100 Bark River, Ml Dave Vandermissen: (906) 466-7494 July 27 BFGoodrich Sprints Decatur, IL Clark Altig: (217) 468-2460 August 3 Indiana Off Road Challenge · Parragon, IN Gary Hardin: (812) 988-4783 August 30-31 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI Dennis Rosa; (715) 478-2924 September 13-14 Dixie Autocross . Birch Run, Ml Tom Arthur: (517) 832-3274 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION 460 No. Beaumont Ave. Brookfield, WI 53005 (715) 272-1489 May 24-25 Memorial '86 Dresser, WI Info: Joe Branden (612) 535-3388 June 21-22 Prime Challenge · Trego, WI Info: Gary Campbell (715) 635-9179 road racing group. Over five thousand letters have gone to every government ear that would listen to our side of the problems of desert use.To close as much of the desert as Cranston has planned will move all of us desert lovers into a small area that would be restricted in what can be done. If you still have one of the letters laying around, sign it and mail it this week. Every bit will help our cause. For over a year my friend Max Razo kept leaving Lady Luck at home when he went off road .racing. Each race he broke out in the lead, only to have some part break and put him out of the race. We waited with Max at the Front;,ier 500 race last year, champagne in hand for his co-driver to come in the winner. But, a shorted out battery put them out, not far from the finish. Then in 1986 Max Razo put Lady Luck on his shoulder, and he and John Johnson won back to back races in Class 5 at Parker and Lucerne Valley. It is neat to see this turn around for Max. If I cannot win in Class 5, then it is great to see Max in the winner's circle. Our congratulations to Jim and Mark Temple for their super win at the Great Mojave 250. This father and son team still prove each year that they are the ones to beat. July 5-6 Off Road Challenge Sugar Camp, WI Info: Scott Schwalbe (715) 272-1101 July .19-20 UP Off Road 100 Bark River, Ml Info: Dave Vandermissen (906) 466-7494 August 2-3 Hodag 50 Rhinelander, WI Info: Bernie Eckert \ (715) 362-6550 August 16-17 Off Road Weekend Fountain City, WI Info: Bill Schirm (608) 783-1187 August 30-31 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI Info: Dennis Rosa (715) 478-2924 September 13-14 Colorama 100 Sugar Camp, WI Info: Scott Schwalbe ( 414) 786-8766 / VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 May4 Prairie City OHY Park Sacramento, CA May 24-25 250 Mile Desert Race Weeks, NY June 21~22 Virginia City 200, Virginia City, NV July 26 Petaluma Raceway Petaluma, CA May 1986 Trail Notes ••• LATE FLASH! The HORA December 5-7 desert race has been moved from the Las Vegas area to Barstow, CA. The Budweiser 250 will run on a similar course as the Fireworks 250. Stand back gang! This race should have a huge entry and be a fitting finale for the 1986 Score/HDRA Desert Series. THE SCORE GREAT MOJAVE 250 was another whopper of a race in entry, almost more than the race course could handle. The route was plenty long enough, both loops over 100 miles, but the edict that mandated the course be closed by dark raised more questions about running bikes, 3 wheelers and Odysseys on the same course at the same time as the 18 car classes. Happily there were no injuries due to the mix of vehicles on the extremely dusty, poor visibility course. Still, with the first Class 1 starting just barely over an hour behind the last 3 wheeler, the 97 entries in the motorcycle engined classes must have spent half their race moving over to let something considerably larger pass, and there were 318 starters in cars. Sure, the broad mix of all kinds of vehicles works fine on a point to point race. It even works reasonably well at Parker where there is a much greater time span off the start between the two types of race vehicles. But, it doesn't seem likely in the future, with the bigger car entries in these mixed events from Score International, that the motorcycle classes can continue to run at the same time on the same route as the cars in safety on a multiple loop event. IT IS BECOMING A TRADITION at the Great Mojave 250 for racers in all classes to run afoul of the "must stop at every stop sign" rule. To be sure, the rule is an excellent one, and no driver or rfder would want to charge across an uncontrolled road crossing in the middle of the race. But, it is curious that all of those entries penalized for "no stop" received the penalty for the infraction at the same location, the road crossing at Soggy Dry Lake. Even more curious is the fact that the team manning the road crossing at Soggy Dry Lake had the same captain that reported the similar infractions one year ago at the same race. Last year the competitors who were reported were disqualified. This year they received an eleven minute penalty. We spent a couple of hours at this Soggy Dry Lake location during the race last month, and we watched with trepidation as the race cars flew down the hill on a long straight stretch into this road crossing stop. The dust was so thick we could only hear the bikes, not see them. It was so murky that it didn't seem possible that anyone could see the stop sign, placed at ground lev,el not the driver's eye level. And, with three different guys waving red flags, one each on either side of the race track who were controlling the civilian traffic, and one on the race track to control-the race traffic, one wondered how, in the dust and the confusion of this enormous pit area, the drivers knew which flag was meant for them, did they stop or go? The flags were all the same color. End of sermon. THE TIRE COMPANIES have really gotten into desert racing this season, with all the heavy hitters from Akron and beyond involved with the Score/HDRA desert series, as well as many other forms of off road racing. The result of this involvement shows up in the results from the Score Great Mojave 250, with six different tire companies getting one or more class victories. It gives the reps something to shout about when they turn in their expense account. Yokohama claimed the lion's share of the wins last April, seven in all including the overall victory with Jim and Mark Temple in Class 2. They also scored wins in Class 1-2-1600,.5, 5-1600, 9, Challenger and 10. BFGoodrich got wins in Classes 1, 4, 6S and 6, while Goodye<!r triumphed in Classes 7S, 8 and 11. Firestone's pair of victories.came in Class 3 and 7, while General Tire won in Class 7 4x4 and Formula Tires did the same in Class 14. Others, like Bridgestone went home empty handed this round, but look for an-even greater spread in brands at the upeoming Mint 400. THE SAKES ALIVE RACE TEAM of Terry Lottes and Andy Felix, from the San Diego, California area, have completed a great new deal with Mazda. They will be racing the all new extra cab body style Mazda in Class 7S in 1986 and 1987. They will continue to race the 1984 Mazda truck until the new one is finished, and it is expected to be ready for the last great race at Riverside next August. Major sponsors for the Sakes Alive Team, along with Mazda Motors of America, are Yokohama Tires,'Rough Country Shocks, California Accounts Service, Andy's Auto Glass~md Westcott Mazda of National City. August 9~10 Petaluma Raceway P~taluma, CA August 30-31-September 1 VORRA/Da.yton 300 Desert Race Dayton, NV September 20-21 Millican Valley 400 Bend,OR October 12 Prairie City OHV Park Sacra·mento, CA November 1~2 Prairie.cCity OHV Park Sacramento, CA WHEEL TO WHEEL, INC. P.O. Box 688, Dept. 4W0R Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL IC0 (613) 332-1766 (613) 332-4128 ( more TRAIL NOTES on page 48) August 2-3 4x4 & Buggy Wheel to Wheel Brighton Speedwiw Brighton, Ontario Canada August 15-17 8th Annual Bancroft 4x4 Challenge Sand Drags, Wheel to Wheel, Obstacle Bancroft, Ontario, C)nada WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 -87A Ave. Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 ATTENTION RACE ORGANIZERS List your coming et•cnts in DUSTY TIMES free1• Send your 1986 schedule a.s soon a.s possihle jiJT listing in this column. Mail ,our race or ralh schcdul,· to. DUSTY TIMES, 5:;:;1 D~·rnAn· .. Suite 0, Agoura, CA -91301. · Dusty Times

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Early in 1985, two all-new, and very potent, Mazda.B2000 race trucks 'made their debut in the no-quarter-given world of off-road racing. The results, as they say, speak for themselves. Campc;1.igned by Glenn.Harris and the California Gold Racing Team, the 270 horsepower, 13B rotary-powered short-course B2000 finished third in the 1985 Grand National Sport Truck Class Manufacturers' points standings. And the 210 horsepower piston engine Class 7S desert truck proved its mettle by capturing second place finishes at such grueling events as the Mint 400 and SCORE World Championships. · . · _ If this kind of first-season record makes you wonder what's in store for . the 1986 season, stay tuned. Because you'll be seeing two ,new B2000s running in even more short-course and desert races. And with a flight schedule like that, you can be sure the skies will be anything but friendly. Mazda's rotary engine licensed by NSU-WANKEL.

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THE SCORE GREAT MOJAVE 150 Jim and Mark Temple Win Overall by One Second Photos: T rackside Photo Enterprises By Jean Calvin The fastest father and son team in the.west, Jim and Mark Temple had a near perfect race, and they not'only won Class2 but took the overall victory in their swift Raceco. Despite increasing restrictions and rising costs, desert racing is a very healthy sport if the massive entry in the Score Great Mojave 250 last month is any harbinger of things to come. This season may well record the most entries in the desert in history, as both the Parker and Lucerne Valley races recorded total starting entries in excess of 400 vehicles·. The evidence of a big entry came at the drawing, where more names were in the hopper than started the race last year. The post entry was massive in almost all classes. A total of 318 cars, 46 motorcycles and 41 assorted A TVs took the green flag. The tiny hamlet of Lucerne Valley really put out the welcome mat this year. They managed to get the main street, which is also a main highway, closed down for contingency row . on Friday, April 4. Throughout the weekend the stores, restaurants, gas stations and similar service spots · opened early, before dawn, and stayed open late to accommodate the immense influx of people. The racers overwhelmed the area, but, with the help of the CHP this year, the traffic jams were not as severe as last year when the entry was nowhere near the big numbers of 1986. As they had at Parker, the contingency donors ponied up huge sums of money for additional prizes for the winners, and so many showed up for contingency row that it took up three city blocks and then some, with instant product booths on both sides of the wide main street. Happily the ritual started -at the civilized hour of 10:30 a.m. and closed down at six in the evening, when the highway was opened to through traffic. printed matter about the race indicated that the cars would have a nine hour time allowance for an official finish, and that the first car would start around 7:30 in the morning. At the drivers' meeting the time allowance was extended to ten hours, because the course turned out to be rougher, and therefore slower than had been anticipated due to heavy spring rains. With a major road crossing near the end of the course, the California highway Patrol ordered the race to be over before dark. So, with the huge entry, in order to give them all a full ten hours before darkness fell, the start time for cars was bumped up to 6:30 a.m. A couple dozen drtvers did not ·get the news about the earlier start, and arrived at impound to find it nearly empty, and thus missed their starting time. Many were as much as half an hour late off the line, b_ut the clock had already started on their entry. Also, the start line was moved further down the wash, and a lot of crews were seen hoofing down the sides of the ditch over a mile from the original start to the actual start. Well away from town, the new start line was still in the wash, with a fine powder surface that soon sent clouds of dust into the air as the troops went off one every 15 seconds. While the sun was bright, the air was still, and the dust got so thick that the starters could barely see the numbers on the cars. Just before the Class 14 rigs left, the start was held for five minutes, with eight classes still waiting in line. The hold did allow the dust to settle a tad, and, other than some late comers appearing after the start line was shut down, the procedure went off without incident. Although the finish line was in a different location than the starting line, the event was essentially a two loop race, the first round being 132 miles and the second 108. The route was longer than in previous years, and along with the silty and dusty trails there was a new rock pile and a new sand hill that caused problems for many in the lower horsepower classes. Still, most seemed to like the course, calling it a real desert race where savvy and prudence rather than horsepower determined the winner. Right at 6:30 a.m. the first Class 1. took off in clear air, but none behind Chet Huffman had that luxury. There were eight on route check points plus several road crossings that called for a full stop. Soon the route of the race was visible from town by the dust trails across the desert. The unlimited single seaters anyone's race after 132 miles. At did some close dicing in the dust that point Jerry Penhall, with a on' lap 1, but the quickest of all 2:26 flat, had a slim lead of 15 was last year's winner here, Larry seconds over John Kruger, who Noel in his ChaparraL Larry failed to finish the next round. turned the 132 miles in 2:20.30, Jim and Mark Temple were half a but his lead was slim. The team of minute back at 2:26.45 in third, Bob Renz and Dick Clark were with about 45 seconds in hand only two minutes, 15 seconds over Mike Giurbino, who also behind on time, and Ivan vanished from the charts later. Stewart, Toyota pickup, was Just another 45 seconds down only another 30 seconds off was young Robby Gordon, pace. Back another 15 seconds whose dad Bob was about 13 was Parker winner Tom Koch, minutes behind with mechanical Raceco, and Ron Brant- was troubles. A whole bunch were in about a minute behind. him, the early 2:30s, and it was some followed in another minute by dash on the final loop. Nick Nicholson in the Outlaw. There was no predicting which Mechanical attrition caught · two seater would come out of the many of the Class 1 contenders, dust at the finish line first. In the including Koch, who lost an early afterno_on sunshine, Mark engine. Only 15 of the 22 starters Temple, wheeled the family completed one loop. I van· Raceco home first on the road in Stewart and Larry Noel had a Class 2, and he was the third car visual dice on latter stages,· to finish, just behind Ivan passing each other more than Stewart and Larry Noel, with a once. Although Stewart made sure win in Class 2. There were the final pass and brought the some anxious moments as the Toyota across the finish line first, times were ~otaled up officially, just ahead of Noel, it was Larry since the overall win could go to Noel who had the faster time either Larry Noel or the having started seven cars later. Temples. When the math was While Ivan's second lapwasover done it was Jim and Mark a minute faster, Larry Noel won Temple who won overall, besting Class 1 with a total time of Noel's actual running by 1.2 4:56.38, just a minute and a half seconds, and it can't get any ahead of second placing Ivan closer! Other than some slight Stewart. shifting problems, the winners Only another 2½ minutes had a carefree and quick ride back with a quick second round across the Mojave desert. came Nick Nicholson in a solid The Chenowth of Jerry third place in five hours fla~. The Penhall was next across the line, 1985 Class 1 champion Ron but ·just a couple minutes later Brant had big, 30 minutes worth Robby Gordon came in, and his of trouble on the second loop, faster second lap put young but he salvaged fourth spot, Gordon in second place in Class another 22 minutes in arrears. 2, less than three minutes behind Although he ran out of gas on the the winner, with three minutes in first loop, Gregg Symonds got hand over Penhall. Leading the going fast on the second trip, next batch of two seaters home turned the same lap time as were Las Vegans Brian Collins Stewart, and he was fifth in class. and Ken Cox, whose Chenowth Next came Al Arciero in the was fourth in class. Bob Richey Funco Hustler, followed by Rob and Tom Baker were next in their MacCachren in a Chenowth and Raceco, about a minute ahead of Renz/Clark, who lost over an Bob Gordon, whose tranny was hour on the last leg. Garen clanking ominously, and he was McCune/Larry Zimmerman lucky to finish. were the ninth and final finishers -The Funco of Cam Thieriot in Class 1, almost four hours and Greg Lewin was a couple behind the winner. more minutes down, followed-in The official results show Ivan just over a minute by Corky and Stewart as the Class 1 winner and Scott McMillin, who had their Larry Noel in third place. An 11 problems on the second loop. minute time penalty for failing to The McMillins also suffered an stop at a road crossing dropped 11 minute failing to stop penalty, Noel to third. This was one of but they stayed in eighth place. nearly a dozen time penalties Not so fortunate was Robby assessed for various · course Gordon, penalized 11 minutes infractions. · for the same infraction, and he Class 2 appeared 34 strong on dropped to fourth officially the start line, and a husky 18 two behind Temple,. Penhall and steaters finished the course, and Collins. Showing true grit, 27 covered the first loop. The Danny Letner, who missed his leaders stormed around the first start time, made up bags of time leg in a very tight dice, and it was on course and finished 11th As is standard practice with Score International, the. drivers' meeting was held around 8:00 p.m. on Friday. While many pass on the night before the race meeting, many had reason. to regret not getting the news from the meeting in Lucerne. All the Ivan Stewart got back in the winning lane, hauling the Toyota pickup through Jack Ramsay was another big winner driving the always tidy Bunderson the tough terrain to a fine first in Class 1 and second overall. · flawlessly to a resounding victory in the enormous entry in Class 1-2-1600. Pase 11 May1986 Dusty nmcs

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Bounding over the rocks. Nick Nicholson had a great day Larry Noel led from wire to wire in his Class 1 Chaparral, in the Outlaw, taking a very close second, only 2½minutes but he fell afoul of the rules unique to this event, and was out, in Class 1 action. penalized down to third place. few problems with the Chenowth ala second in the big class. among the 18 who covered the course in Class 2. The biggest class in the race was 1~2~1600, with over 60 entries and 58 made the starting line, including contender Art Peterson who was very late off the start and had trouble all day. This class ran in such tight bunches it was hard to sort out a leader except on time. With one lap done, the strong running two seat Bunderson of Jack'Ramsay had the lead with a 2:43.30, exactly five minutes ahead-of Tom DeNault/Wayne Lacher in a Raceco. Keith Underwood/ Jack Kruger were just another half minute back in another Bunderson, and only half a minute ahead of ·Michael and Douglas M~Fadden in a Raceco. The next group of about half a dozen were several more minutes back, but only a flat tire away from the lead. Jack Ramsay, with Rich Mills riding along, had no apparent trouble, turned a 2:49.58 second lap and took the checkered flag a good 15 minutes ahead of anyone else in the class, a certain winner. However Ramsay waited a while, having started 16th, but he won the big class and undoubtedly the biggest purse in the race. It was the second -class win in a row for Jack Ramsay, who won at Parker also; he has to It was a long time coming, but with two identical laps, Buck Griffin and Don Coffland got their Jeep CJ 8 in the winner's circle in Class 3 with no big troubles. be leading the points chase going into the Mint 400. Next on the road, Michael and Douglas McFadden finished second on time with an E.T. of 5:44.52, just over 11 minutes behind the . winner. The Underwood/Kruger combine were third, 3½ minutes later, followed in a couple of minutes b y Tom DeNault/Wayne Lacher; but, they got a ten minute penalty, caught off course by the cheater patrol, but DeNault stayed in fourth place on the official results: · Fifth placing David Fessenden and his son Dave were about 15 more minutes back on real time, and only a couple of minutes ahead of Mark and Monica Barnes in a Raceco. On down the ranks, the majority of the 34 class finishers were only a few minutes apart at the checkered flag. For example, bagging a failing to stop 11 minute penalty dropped Lance Tidwell from 12th•to 15th officially. Class 3 fielded seven starters at this race, six Jeeps and Gale Pike's Dodge Ramcharger. Among the CJs, Don Adams had his six cylinder Cherokee back in action, but he and Larry Olson lost an hour on the first lap with a laundry list of problems. Parker winner Kirby Hightower was out . early when the frame broke on his CJ 7, and David Bryan did not finish a lap either. It was a tough day for Mike Schwellinger and Jon Snyder who got in one lap in over nine hours in their Jeep. Despite a late breaking steering problem, Rod Hall and Jim Fricker added another C_lass 4 victory to their incredible string, spanning a couple of years. Up front all the way in Class 3, with a pair of 4: 10 laps, was the CJ 8 driven by Buck Griffin and Don 8offland, a popular win and a nearly trouble free run. Gale Pike was less than two minutes back on the first lap, but he lost over an hour on the next round and finished second, only six minutes ahead of Adams/Olson. Pushing the ten hour time allowance, J.M. Bragg finished fourth with 13 minutes to spare. Among the eight Class 4 · Dusty Times May 1986 pickups were a pair of Dodges, a Chevrolet and fiv·e Jeep Honchos. Neither Tom Strong nor Rodney Inch covered a lap. Ed Martensen had a long first lap in his Honcho and retired. Opening a 19 minute lead on loop 1, Rod Hall and Jim Fricker slowed with steering trouble later, but still added another class victory to their incredible string in the Dodge. Arizona racers Don McCormack and Dick Greenlee came close to ·Hall's time on the second loop, and they were second in another Dodge,.just 22½ minutes behind · the winner.Don Yoston and Bill Donahoe kept their Honcho together and nailed third, about an-hour later, but they were·half an hour ahead of Jim Bell and Walt Laycock. Finishing in the 9½ hour range, Shane and V.L. Hutchings got an. official fifth place. There were 19 handsome race cars in Class 5, half of them potential winners. Only one Bug started late, by about ten minutes, and that surel_y cost Jim . Cocores third place. Coming off This is the system run by most off road race winners their resounding victory at Parker, the team of Max Razo and John Johnson did the job again, but there was drama at the finish line this time. Johnson started, picking his way through the dusty washes to a 2:40.45 lap time, and over two minutes lead on Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter. Pete Sohren looked good early in the game, but he did not finish the first loop after a tough dice with Greg Diehl/ Mike Longley, who were three minutes behind the Klawitters heading into the final loop. Here Jim Cocores/Dave Snoody were fourth by two minutes over Jim Madison/Russ Mortensen, who had only 15 seconds on Stan Parnell/ ] eff Bolha, and 13 made it through one rugged lap. Razo carried on and extended his lead on loop 2, as most of the Bugs had problems. Max could taste the victory, until, while _ crossing the last dry_ lake on course, he was hit in the dust by a truck at speed. The impact tore out most of the right rear suspension, including the spring plate. After a i;r TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 1.3

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Teenager Robby Gordon went quickly in his Chenowth, and finished second on time in Class 2, but a penalty dropped him to fourth officially. Michael and Douglas McFadden zipped around the tough course in great time and brought the Raceco in for a keen second in the tight Class 1-2-1600. Keith Underwood and Jack Kruger had no serious trouble with the ni;/w Bunderson and scored a very close third in the 1-2-1600 herd of 58 cars. Plowing a little sand in the Raceco, Tom DeNault and Running close all day in the Chenowth, the Dave Wayne Lacher held on to their fourth place finish in Class Fessendens, father and son. kept the O.R.E. humming to 1-2-1600 despite a penalty. take fifth place in Class 1-2-1600. It was the second consecutive victory for Max Razo and John Johnson in Class 5, despite a shunt late in the race the pair won again, this time by mere seconds. r;-,. radio chat with Johnson, who told him to keep moving as long as it would move, Razo limped in somehow, saying the hit was nobody's fault, just too much dust. He arrived right behind the Klawitters, and the two teams waited tensely for the I Dura Bl e products at·stronger and more eliable than an competitive pr uct Close inspe tion of our ··· oduct or ptiotos in ur catalog, show / that our designs a/e state-of-the-art with superior fit .,fid finish backed by the industry's l<jigest and best warranty. / t------= ... /--ducts: aoo\\"e ..,... __ _, pro {S a\\e 0s 'l/heel8f _ \ii}\\\ 'lea "\ '2. \)OU~ . 3 \.i\e ~\e . g\\S on\'l -ic ?{O-\i\iOl\, ~e\ scores. When the totals were out, Razo and Johnson won Class 5 over Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter by a skinny 38 seconds. About 14 minutes later the Greg Diehl/Mike L~ngley team arrived with Jim Coco res/ \ co{l'\le . es \\ ~~\e . d ?\a\e -ic ?{O _se\{{l\S & S¼~ee\ S\lace{S ~ S~\l\<l LI DS & 'l'J NEW! ' Power Flow Air F}lters Page 14 ~ "'e\ nU . 0 -+c 'l'J"e 2 0 .• , cAr"1-oG s · NEvw Unleash the power of yo~r 3 or 4 wheeler with our new 2 stage air~ilter. Improves power and performance. , \ URA BLUE 1450 N. Hundley, Dept. OT, Anaheim, CA 92806 (714) 632-6803 May1986 Dave Snoddy just seconds later. This was really tight as Diehl took third place over Cocores by 2 .1 seconds, just a hiccup in time. It was nearly as close for fifth spot in Class 5, as Madison/ Mortensen and Parnell/Bolha stayed together on time the entire race. At the flag the Madison · entry took fifth place by merely 34 seconds. It was a classic cliff hanger finish for Class 5, as a hefty eleven Bugs finished the race. Class 5-1600 had 20 on the starting line, but the tough going took out half of them on the first loop, including several con-tenders and the points champ, Mike Lesle. Prudence payed off here, and the first loop leader was the Bug of Owen and Curtis Duggan, holding a 15 minute lead over Tom Bolha/Kevin Lyneis, who had Randy and Ronny Wilson just half a minute astern. The Wilsons, and four others faded from the race soon. The Duggans' second lap was a tad slower than the first, by 16 minutes, but their lead was solid. The Duggan tearri won Class 5-1600 by almost 48 minutes, and we think it is their first victory in a major race. r;-,. It was a major victory for Owen and Curtis Duggan, as they had no big problems and came in the winner by a bunch of time in the usually tight running Class 5-1600. Chris Robinson and Chris Minor took the lead in the two car Class 6S late in the first lap, and they brought the Olds Calais to its first finish. and the victory. Dusty Times

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.~> ·.•· .. ·.·.· .. > , ... , .. ' .. ,,.. ' .. nd two tough· st~~I ,belts. . ti' ~r ston~jn · c.~s ~o;i-y,9re 're ·e Duel , Hy: theil\Mud · : the '7\II-Seaso11 bueler:'.TheyJre bot Bridgestone's·sa·a-beating Dueler r~ea~~ ti>onf .... ( <y atian < .. / ' " wih . Yi :(;And n<>wnes shiftep,to Bridgestone . De$S(t Duelers for 1986. Don't you think you . sho~!S t9llow hirg? Most eve.~one else w.iu. be. · .~,=~~;the Bridge§tone·deal~r<neare$tyou, ... call 1-800-453-9000. ®1986 Bridgestone (U.S.A.), Inc., Torrance, CA tJESTORE WHERE NEW IDEAS TAKE HOLD.

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Gale Pike and company had their best outing yet in the Dodge Ramcharger, as they finished the race and took second place in Class 3. ' It was Dodge day in Class 4, as Don McCormack and Dick Greenlee made it a one-two finish for the marque with a clean, trouble free run. For once Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter had a trouble free race in the Jimco Bug, and they missed the Class 5 win by only 38 seconds. Flying nicely, Arizona drivers Greg Diehl and Mike Longly Tom Bo/ha drove the whole distance with Kevin Lyneis stayed close, and they took third in Class 5 by an riding in the Bug, and Tom survived the· rough course td incredible two seconds. take second in Class 5-1600. !Jr' Bolha and Lyneis lost half an hour on the second loop, but held second at the flag. Another half hour back Greg Burgin/Sue Carr claimed third, only a couple of minutes ahead of Lynn Lucas/Ron Webster who came from New Mexico to race. Al Steele and Daniel Drake were another hour back, the fifth and final Class 5-1600 finisher. For the first time since Class 6S was created, the Olds Calais built by Larry Minor had some company, the AMC Pacer driven by Larry and Bob Stone. The Olds had a new team aboard, and former truck racer Chris Robinson and Chris Minor not only scored the first finish for the car, they also won the two car class. The Stones only got through one lap. Class 6 gre'Y t_o_nine starters at Lucerne, and Larry Schwacofer ended his short retirement with the '55 Chevy back in action. Five of the sedans failed on the first lap, probably stuck in one of the silt hills that claimed many of the water pumpers. On the first loop Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling had the lead by about 20 minutes over Parker winners Wes and Garson Moser in a Ford Ranchero. The two Saab 96s of Arne Gunnarsson and Steve Martocchio each covered one lap, in third and fourth place respectively, as they were out of time to finish the second round. A number of cars crossed the finish line well after their ten hours had passed. Up front all the way in Class 6, Schwacofer's old Chevy had no serious trouble and finished in good time of 7:59.11 for the victory. The Mosers lost time on the second loop, but were second, finishing about one and a half hours behind. All the mini truck classes suffered from broken axles in epidemic . numbers, the plague striking the relatively unlimited Class 7 s as well. Seven started but only two finished in Class 7, and none were without problems. Flat tires were common also. Heading to the final check on the first loop the first Class 7 was the Ford Ranger of Manny Esquerra, but he was running well behind the leading 7S on the road. However, at this point Manny, who gave Class-8 racer Greg Kishiyama a ride-this round, had a good hour lead over the Ranger of Brian and Lynn Dolinar. Roger Mears was only another minute back having more mechanical woes. Mears broke an axle on the first loop, his crew got lost trying to find him, but eventually got AVAILABLE NOW!!! Page 16 ''Off Road Fever'' 529.95 A 14 MINUTE ACTION PACKED VIDEO FOR THE NEW DEVOTEE OR SEASONED ENTHUSIAST. ''A Year Of Challenge'' 529.95 15 MINUTES OF RELIVING THE SNOWS OF PARKER, THE HEAT OF BAJA, THE BONE AND CAR CRUNCHING OF THE FRONTIER 500. THE ENTIRE 1985 SCORE/HDRA SEASON! ''1986 Racers Guide'' 53.50 A POCKETBOOK LOOK AT DOZENS OF THE TOP DRIVERS AND RIDERS AND THEIR RECORDS. ALLTRREEFO 555.00 Send Check or Money Order to: RON METZ AND ASSOCIATES Post Office Box 824 SPECIFY 3/4", VHS, OR BETA Simi Valley, California 93062 May 1986 Dusty Times

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Charging down one of the few good roads on course, Greg Burgin and Sue Carr kept their 5-1600 together to finish well, in third place. Wes and Garson Moser had some big troubles at Lucerne. but Making it a one-two finish for Ford in Class 7, Brian a·nd Lynn they did make the finish line in the Ford Rancherb, second in Dolinar got up the rocky hills in good shape, and finished second Class 6. in nine hours. repaired and carried on. But he broke the other rear axle m the rock pile and lost more time. The Nissan was retired when they ran out of axies, but Mears still placed third ahead of Russ Jones, Ford, and John Swift, Mazda, who both also-covered one lap. The Chevy S-1 Os of Mark Steele and Larry Ragland were out very early. Winning his second race-in a row, Manny Esquerra got the Ford across the finish line in good time, his second lap only two minutes slower than the first round. The Dolinars struggled around for over nine hours, but got the finish and second in class. Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling brought the old green Chevy out of Manny Esquerra has a good season going in the Class 7 Ford Ranger, taking retirement, and it was no surprise to see them back in the winner's circle in his second win in a Yow at Lucerne Valley and a hefty lead in the important Class 6 action. points chase. Only one third of the 18 starters in Class 7S saw the checkered flag, most of them breaking axles, transmissions, and also getting stuck in one or both of the deep silt hills on course. As mentioned, Spencer Low and Paul DeLang built a husky lead on the first lap. Their brand~w "hard body" Nissan had a'Tf minute lead over Willie Valdez, Ranger, at that point and nobody else was close._ Eight were missing here including the new Jeep Comanche of John Randall, front end breakage, the Toyota of Mike Falkosky, stuck and with two broken axles, and the new Mitsubishi of Glenn Evans, down at Soggy Dry Lake with a blown piston. Law's new Nissan had an alternator failure on the second loop, which took him exactly an hour longer to complete than the first round. The electrics were not readily fixable, so on the second loop Low stopped at each . of his pits while a fresh battery was installed, and the scheme got. him the victory in Class 7S, winning by over half an hour. Willie Valdez had big trouble on the second loop also, but hung on to take second in class. Illinois Spence Low made an auspicious debut in the new model Nissan; he and Paul Delang survived second lap electrical problems to take the big win and the points in Class 7S. Jerry McDonald drove the Joe MacPherson Chevy S-10 swiftly over the rugged desert, and Jerry won his second race in a row in Class 7 4x4, by over half an hour. Dusty Times racer Chuck Johnson had a tough first ro,und, starting out strong with the leaders, until he had a flat. Next he was stuck on a sand hill and lost the starter motor, but held third place. On the final loop he got stuck in another sand hill, but brought the Ranger in third place, about 24 minutes behind Valdez. Also running strong in the early going, Tudy J. Esquerra had May 1986 a sticky transmission which cost time, and a flat tire or two, as did almost the entire class, but T udy took fourth at the flag. Paul and Dave Simon actually finished fifth, well back, but they took a ten minute penalty from the cheater patrol, and dropped to sixth in their Ranger, behind Bill Milen and Ron Keefe in anoth\r Ranger. A good entry, a baker's dozen were on the line in Class 7 4x4, but most succumbed to the tough terrain and only a pair finished the race. Four of the starters were out early, including Curtis Christensen with a broken axle. Starting out fast, Mike Randall lost the transfer case on the Jeep Cherokee near Check 2, spent time getting fixed, but still did not finish the second lap. SeveraL more, r;r KC HAS SHINED THE WAY TO MORE OFF-ROAD RACING VICTORIES THAN ALL OTHER BRANDS COMBINED! At KC HiL1TES, we're serious about competition lighting. So why take a chance with anything else? ~-~ Page 17

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Plowing though the ever present dust, Willie Valdez and Jose Alvarado had their problems. but hustled the Ford Ranger into second in 7S. Despite getting stuck twice, losing the starter motor, and more, Chuck Johnson and Mike Poppie got their Ford around for third Michael Horner and Lance Martin got their Chevy S-1 O around in good time to finish second, and last in the 11 rig Class 7 4x4 contest. in Class 7S. " The boys from Parker did very well at Lucerne. Dan Beaver and Randy Hoeft scored a keen second in the Class 8 action driving a Ford. Dave Shoppe had his troubles on course, but he pressed on in Todd Teuscher and Ralph Fetters had some problems with the the Ford and came in third in the always exciting Class 8 • older Chenowth Wedge. and they covered both laps to take a l:Jlr"' including Bruce Landfield, Ford, Jim Conner, Nissan, and ·Fred Wright, Toyota, were also out on the second loop. · Halfway Jerry McDonald, in the Joe MacPherson Chevrolet, led Michael Horner, in another Chevy, by less than two minutes. G.T. Gowland was less than two more minutes back, and a good race was shaping up. However, McDonald was only three minutes slower on his second round, and he won the Class 7 Page 18 competition. -second in Class 9. 4x4 honors for the second time this year. His margin in victory over Michael Horner/Lance Martin was 35 minutes, and they had problems on the second round. Gowland failed to finish but took third place. The crowds cheered the Class 8 pickups at the start, and 13 showed up to do battle. A dozen teams showed envy over the air conditioned cab 'in Walker Evans' Dodge, a decided advantage in the really filthy race. Early reports on this class are sketchy, but it was another Walker Evans day, despite starter problems with the truck in the impound early in the morning. Evans and Frank Vessels, Chevrolet, had an excellent dice going off the line, and Steve McEachern, Chevrolet, stayed close to the pair as did John Gable, Ford. At the end of 132 miles Evans had a 3½ minute lead on Vessels, who was just six minutes ahead of Gable, .and nobody else was close. McEach-ern went l:Jlr"' May 1986 Flying in air conditioned comfort, Walker Evans took Steve Hobart for a quick ride in the Dodge, and Walker also made it two in a row with his victory. Dave and Bryant Wood won Class 9 by over two hours in this tidy car that they built themselves Just to campaign in 1200cc racing. They lead the points in ·class 9. · Winning the second biggest class at the event was the Challenger car of Dave Stokes and Don French. and they led the tight contest on time on both tough loops. Dusty Times

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MSSAN1WARDBODES11 COMEOl/TSWINGING. · Spencer Lc;>w wins Class 7S at Great.Mojave 250 . . - · . 1n Lucerne Valley, Cahfom1a. . · . On April 6th, Nissan. "Hardbodies" showed up · for their very first off-road competition. And in a field crowded with competitors and often choked by blinding dust clouds, they gave everyone a. real knock-out performance. , Driving his Nissan Hardbody in the Class7S event, Spencerlowtook the lead from the begin-ning and held it to the end. Spencer even had time ~o leisurely change a flat tire arid still finish 31 minute~ ahead of the nearest·competitor. Nissan congratulates Spencer Low on his win. Of course, events such as these mean more than BELT /YJ\ victory. They offer an opportunity to IIIJRSEI.F~ drive Nissan Trucks under the severest conditions possible. This is just one of the many ways in which the quality that goes, into a Nissan Truck is constantly being improved. You can get this top-quality performance in ✓ Nissan's full line of specialized parts for racing vehicles and production cars. Just ser:,d your$10 check or money order (do not send cash) for our Competition Parts Catalog to: Nissan Motor Corporation in U.S.A., Motorsports Dept., P.O. Box 191, Gardena, CA 90247. Please allow six weeks for delivery. · · And remember to also check out the winners at your nearest Nissan dealer today. The quality is great. ... THENAMEIS NISSAN

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Just over a minute out of victory, Mike Ward and Mike Free ran second and close all day in the fierce competition in Challenger class. A real favorite with spectators is the Challenger Baja Bug driven · Rick Johnson and Gary Watson drove this vintage Hi Jumper by Kent Lothringer and Carl Cabanis and they were third in the from Barstow quickly to a fine fourth place in the 40 car class. Challenger class. Just a flat tire away from the win, Mark Broneau ran alone in his Raceco to score second in Class 10, only five minutes out of the win. Craig Watkins made a great debut in his new Raceco, and only a flat late in the race slowed him to third in the tight running,.Class. Rick and John Hagle had only minor woes in their Raceco; and they came in fourth in Class 10, exactly nine minutes behind the winners. ~ down and out with rear end troubles, and Vessels went out on the second loop with a broken axle. Despite a couple of flats on the second loop Walker Evans did very quick times en route to victory, and he finished 20th overall and 50 mi'nutes ahead of Dan Bca~r and Randy Hoeft. They hara-steady race in their Ford and got second handily by 12 minutes. Dave Shoppe had troubles, the most serious being the hitting of a course worker who was standing in a bush, concealed in the dust. Shoppe was held blameless by all the witnesses, and after stopping, he went on to third place in Class 8 in his Ford. · After a keen first loop, John Gable and Bill Holmes had more than two hours of disaster on the second, but brought the Ford in fourth, · followed by Robin Tulleners/Rick Ellis, also in a Ford. 1985 points champ Steve Kelley.took more than five hours to get the GMC around the first looj:i, but he had the fastest second lap and was seventh out of the eight who finished. Coming in last overall and in class were Roger Rolfe and John Corrao, whose Ford took all but 4½ minutes of the time allowance to finish. • N .; Orangethorpe Ave. ~ i 91 Freeway . or--.J-'----,--· -\,oc~o~_ e~ . . OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6879 ORAN CIRCLE BUENA PARK, CA 90620 714/521-2962 COMPLETE OFF ROAD PREPARATION & SERVICE TRUCKS, VANS & MINI TRUCKS • 2 & 4 WHEEL DRIVE PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION WORK • GEAR WORK • LOCKERS GABRIEL RACING SHOCKS • BAJA RYDERS • CUSTOM SPRiNGS PRE-RUN TRUCKS • NO BLOCKS USED WELDING & FABRICATION HI PERFORMANCE ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS ESTABLISHED IN 1974 Bill Montague Page 20 There were five in Class 9 and a pair. of them finished. Out front all the way was the team of Dave arid Bryant Wood in a car built from scratch. Their time of 6:33.21 put them 55th overall as well. Almost 2½ hours behind, Todd Teuscher and Ralph Fetters herded their Chenowth in for second place. Mike McCrory, Hi Jumper, and John Foster, Hi Jumper, both vanished on the seco11d loop and Gary Cogbill didn't get that far. The Challenge Class came into its own at this race, with 40 starters. Sad to say, only ten of them finished the race in ten hours. In fact, 17 did not cover the fi.rst loop. After one loop the team of · Dave Stokes and Don French had a decent lead of eight minutes over the neat Baja Bug of Kent Lothringer and Carl Cabanis. Mike Ward/ Mike Free were only a couple more minutes behind, but most of the field was well down here. Both Daryl Nustad and Chuck Guy were also close midway, but Guy was a DNF. Up front Stokes and French slowed by nearly half an hour on the final leg, and Ward and Free taug~t up. The two cars crossed the finish line nose to tail, and they were only one number apart too. However, Dave Stokes and Don French won the big class, holding a margin of 1.18 minutes over Mike Ward and Mike Free. The Bug had some down time on the second leg, but Lothringer and Cabanis came back to snag a clean third in class. Another 20 minutes back, Rick Johnson and Gary Watson were fourth in a Hi Jumper, besting Daryl and Katherine Nustad by only 6½ 'minutes. The next three cars · were nearly in the same minute in the tight racing that is developing in this most recently created buggy class. · Although 30 started in Class l 0, 14 were down and out before crossing a time control. But, of the 16 that covered one loop, 14 saw the checkered flag. The first round saw a hectic struggle between several teams. Fastest of all was Craig Watkins going solo in a brand new Raceco at 2:29.30. Next was Jerry Leighton in a hot pink i;w-Doing well on the first loop, Ramon Castro and Victor Colorado racers Jerry Daugh(!rty and Keny Olson drove Preciado ran out of time on the second, bui they were stiff their tidy Chevy Blazer quickly, and they took a fine second second in Class 11. in Class 14 action. G. T. and Jarielte Gow/and started out strong and close in Don Yoston and Bill Donahoe had a good day in the ex Class 7 4x4, but troubles on the second loop put them out Vern Roberts Jeep Honcho, and the team brought it home of the race in third place. third in Class 4. May 1986 Dusty Times

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Missing the starting time put the zippy Bug of Jim Cocores and Dave Snoddy down at the checkered flag, in fourth by two seconds. Lynn Lucas and Ron Webster apparently laid the 5-1600 on its side en route to a good finish, fourth in the 20 Bug class. Looking good here Ron Brant and Clark Gillies had a few woes with the Raceco, but the team came back for fourth in Class 1. Denied a finish in Class 7S at Parker by the rules, Tudy Esquerra had the front end right this trip, and his Ford Ranger was fourth in 7S. Bob Richey and Tom Baker storm past the Horner Chevy in a sand wash and their Raceco claimed fifth in Class 2 at the checkered flag. !:w-painted Raceco at 2:32.30. Close was Steve Tetrick in his O.R.E. at 2:35 flat when he · handed over to Fred Ronn. The brothers Hagle, Rick and John, were next, three minutes back in the handsome · Raceco, and several others were close enough to strike. The second loop was a long dust cloud for the front runners. Watkins dropped about 15 minutes somewhere. Heading toward the last check, where the loop ended. and one trail went around again and the other went into the finish line, Leighton was just ahead of Ronn, and the two cars had started merely 30 seconds apart. A course worker tried to wave both cars around on what would have been a third loop in the two loop event. Pe;-haps confused in the dust, Leighton went off toward Check 1, while Ronn, assuring himself· that it was a two loop not three loop race, headed for the finish line. The result was that Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn won Class 10, which they probably would have anyhow, and they were a sparkling sixth overall among cars with a 5:08.30 total time. Unlucky Jerry Leighton got turned around short of Check 1, but he had to return off the coarse in the rough, since late race traffic was still starting on the second loop. Leighton lost half an hour in the process and finished sixth in class. Although Mark Broneau lost time on the first lap with a flat just five miles i':is NEVADA Vegas OFF-ROAD it's ... BUGGY N ~ i.l.J > >· ~ ~ ..,. Street -Stock - Baja Race or Sand Whatever Your Pleasure Play or Pay We've Got Your VW Parts See Brian See Dave SAHAHA X 2 N l'A'iTEH:--1 '>IHll ''> Locations .f' X z z to ~ 0 I-~ '-' ~ '-,PRl:'i<, MT:-J Serve You :I: (J) Better! i WEST NOR ' 3054 Valley View 1541 N. Eastern 871-4911 • 871-5604 642-2402 • 642-1664 Page II May 1986 N Close for several races, Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn got the job done in Class 10 this time, taking the O.R.E. to victory and sixth overall with a fine performance. out, he-kept hustling · in his Raceco and flew across the line just five minutes behind the winners, a solid second and ninth overall. Craig Watkins survived his woes to arrive less than three minutes later, third in class and tenth overall. The Hagles, with a pair of near identical laps, were just over· another minute back, fourth in class. Brad Person and Tony Kujula brought a new Dirtrix in fifth , another 12 minutes down: Steve Sourapas and Dave Richardson had trouble · all through the race, and took seventh, followed by Roger Mortenson and Russ Welch. Steve. Hirshfield/Randy Estrella just squeaked out ninth over Jack Irvine/Kit T rehnolm, who had their troubles on the first lap, by 23 seconds. Class 11 showed up nine strong, one of their best entries in recent events. Unfortunately, the course proved too rugged for most of them. All but one Beetle covered the first lap, but most of them took more than six or seven hours en route, -no doubt spending time digging out of the sand hills. They had no hope of , covering a second lap in the ten hour time allowance. The first lap score showed . three entries that did have time for a second loop, led by David Hendric_kson and John Jones With a tine tour in just 4:09.30. Ramon Castro and Victor Preciado went around in 4:53.45, and Jose R. Aguila Marquez was in with a 5:12.15 and could have finished viith a trouble free loop. But, neither of these Mexican entries made the finish line in time. Hendrickson and Jones got around the second and shorter k)Op with some troubles, but posted a 5:32.18-for a total time of 9:41.48 and the victory. Castro was awarded second place for his one lap, Marquez was third, followed by the £eetles of Kevin Peltz and Mike Abbott. Showing new strength in numbers, there were six Class 14 modified 4x4s on the starting line, and half of them finished. The other half, the rigs of J.K. Ryan, Rick Hothfeld and Carl Cook, .did not complete a lap. Steve Mize! usually has a wide variety of mechanical woes with his modified Bronco, but this race he had no visible trouble. Mize! whipped off an excellent first lap of 3:02 flat to hold more than half an hour lead on Jerry Daugherty/Kenny Olson in a Chevy Blazer. The Bronco of Mark Hutchins and Garv Stewart was over an hour i;r David Hendrickson and John Jones did a remarkable fob in their Beetle. and they were the only one of nine starters to finish in Class 11. and they took a well deserved victory. Dusty Times

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The Mid-west's Most . Contpetitive OFF ROAD COURSE s20,081 .. <00 .··. POINTS SERIES #1 SPRING RUN JUNE 14th & 15th 100% Payback - All SCORE Classes -.A MUST Race for the Points Series Purse. WORLD· CHAMPIONSHIP OFF ROAD RACE@ BRUSH RUN 101 AUGUST 29th, 30th & 31st Hot Lap Money & Prizes For more information call: 715-478-3435 or 715-478-3617 or write: BRUSH RUN 101 • P.O. Box 101 • Crandon, WI 54520 1986 BRUSIJ RUN 101-POINTS SERIES SPONSORS: Budweiser -True Value Hardware -Valvoline Oil -General Tire -Off Road .America plus ... Over 40 Major Contingency .Awards - S.N .O.R.E. & SCORE Sanctioned BE THERE - BRUSH RUN IO I 1 Mile West of Crandon, Wisconsin -June 14th & 15th - .August 29th, 30th & 31st

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Symonds from a good finish in his ne fifth in Class 1. r;w-behind the leader here. Steve Mize! never looked back en route to his first victory in many a moon. Steve did a 3:32 second lap for a total time of 6:34.10, close to the second place time of Class 8. Daugherty · and Olson lost a half hour on the second round, but they plugged along and finished second in 7 :41.48, taking the trophy home to Colorado. Hutchins and Stewart carried on as well, taking third place with a finish time of 8:35.49. The race was over early with the overall winners crossing the finish line around 11 :30 in the morning, and the last car ran out of time at 6:02 p.m. But, as last year, the final results were held up until close to 9 p.m. with a rash of course violations to be hashed out by the race committee; up to a dozen such penalties were under discussion. -Some who were penalized left the area where the scores were posted; thinking they were winners, going to the awards area, scheduled to start at 9 p .m. So, the revised results were posted in a near empty room, the awards started arr hour late, and there were some surprised drivers in the group. Contrary to Score's usual well organized awards presentation, this one was ragged , held in a dimly lit parking lot, where there w~re no trash barrels to hold the Missing some body work, as usual, Steve Mize/ had a good clean run this time, and he drove the modified Ford Bronco to victory, taking Class 14 honors by over an hour. abandoned beverage containers and popcorn bags. To be fair, Lucerne Valley has no building big enough to hold the herd of racers, but a few lights and trash barrels would have added a more organized and festive air to the proceedings. All on hand agreed that the course was a tough one, the dust had been terrible, but it was a great race. Organizers are discovering that the bulk of the desert racers don't mind a tough course. Many prefer routes without the long straight stretches that can kill an engine. The Friday activities went smoothly, without a hitch, and all of the problems on race day were primarily · dust related, along with less than ideal stop check locations due to the nature of the course. The huge entry is encouraging for desert racing, and the demographics of the winners' home states show that folks do travel to participate in this sport. This event, located less than a hundred miles from the Los Angeles megapolis, had the majority of the winners, 12 out of 18 classes, from California, but they came from all over the state. Three class winners came from Nevada, two from Arizona -and one from Colorado. The mix should be even greater after the giant Mint 400 this month, always a popular event for drivers from far away places. First on the road in Class 10 on the last leg, Jerry Leighton dropped to sixth by taking a wrong turn on the dusty course. Larry Martin and Jerry Rice drove their new, 1986 Chenowth two seater hard, had some problems, and finished a strong sixth in Challenger class. Page 24 May 1986 SCORE GREAT MOJAVE 250 Pos. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 1. 2 3. 1 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2 3. 4. 5. 1. 2, 3. 4. 5. 1. 2 1. 2. 3. 4. April 5, 1986 Final; Results Car # Oriver(s) Vehicle Time CLASS 1 -UNLIMITED SINGE SEAT -22 START - 9 FINISH 107 Ivan Stewart (solo) Toyota PU 4:58.09 121 Nick Nicholson (solo) Outlaw 5:00.39 114 Larry Noel (solo) Chaparral 5:07.38 * 100 Ron Brant/Clark Gillies Raceco 5:22.03 118 Gregg Symonds (solo) O.R.E. 5:48.29 CLASS 2 -UNLIMITED TWO SEAT -34 START -18 FINISH 203 Jim Temple/Mark Temple Raceco 4:56.36 210 Jerry Penhall/ Jell Vinzant Chenowth 5:01.51 226 Brian Collins/Ken Cox Chenowth 5:08.31 224 Robby Gordon Chenowth 5:10.13 * 215 Bob Richey /Tom Baker Raceco 5: 17.24 CLASS 1-2-1600 - 1600 CC RESTRICTED -58 START -34 FINISH 1615 Jack Ramsay /Rich Mills Bunderson 5:33.29 1631 Michael McFadden/Douglas McFadden Raceco 5:44.52 1625 Keith Underwood/ Jack Kruger Bunderson 5:48.29 1639 Tom DeNault/Wayne Lacher Raceco 6:00.24 1637 David Fessenden/David Fessenden Ii Chenowth 6:05.54 CLASS 3 -SHORT WHEELBASE 4 X 4 - 7 START - 4 FINISH 305 Buck Griffin/Don Cofflan_d Jeep CJ 8 8:21.25 306 Gale Pike Dodge Ramcharger 9:32.26 349 Don Adams/Larry Olsen Jeep Cherokee 9:38.58 348 'J.M. Bragg Jeep CJ 7 9:47.04 304 Mike Schwellmger/Jon Snyder Jeep CJ 7 9:19.00 CLASS 4 -· LONG WHEELBASE 4 X 4 - 8 START - 5 FINISH 400 Rodney Hall/Jim Fricker Dodge 6:23.12 403 Don McCormack/Dick Greenlee Dodge 6:45.46 402 Don Yosten/Bill Donahoe Jeep Honcho 7:48.20 408 Jim Bell/Walt Laycock Jeep Honcho 8:18:42 406 Shane Hutchings/Vic Hutchings Jeep Honcho 9:27.30 CLASS 5 -UNLIMITED BAJA BUG -19 START -11 FINISH 548 Maz Razo/John Johnson Baja Bug 5:47.06 513 Hartmut Klawitter /Wolfram Klawitter Baja Bug 5:4 7.44 509 Greg Diehl /Mike Longley Baja Bug 6 O 1.13 511 Jim Cocores/Dave Snoddy Baja Bug 6:01.15 510 Jim Madison/Russ Mortensen Baja Bug 6:16.13 CLASS 5-1600 - 1600 CC BAJA BUG -20 START - 5 FINISH 593 Owen Duggan/Curtis Duggan Baja Bug 7:09.02 567 Tom Bolha/Kevin Lyneis Baja Bug 7:56.59 551 Greg Burgin/Sue Carr Baja Bug 8:28.08 555 Lynn Lucas/Ron Webster Baja Bug 8:30.27 560 Al Steele/Daniel Drake . Baja Bug 9:33.02 CLASS 6S -UNLIMITED SEDAN - 2 START - 1 FINISH 621 Chris Robinson/Chris Minor Olds Calais 8:26.51 620 Bob Stone/Larry Sione AMC Pacer 6:33.30 CLASS 6 -PRODUCTION SEDAN - 9 START - 2 FINISH 602 Larry Schwacofer/Sid Spradling '55 Chevrolet 7:59.11 619 Wes Moser/Garson Moser Ford Ranchero 9:31.18 618 Arne Gunnarsson/Patrik Gunarsson Sabb 96 5:23.30 CLASS 7 -UNLIMITED MINI-MIDI PICKUP - 7 START - 2 FINISH 700 Manny Esquerra/Greg Kishiyama Ford Ranger 6:25.19 705 Brian Dolinar /Lynn Dolinar Ford Ranger 9:08.45 701 Roger Mears/Brent Foes Nissan 4:12.00 CLASS 7S -STOCK MINI-MIDI PICKUP -18 START - 6 FINISH 720 Spencer Low/Paul Delang '86 Nissan 7:04.43 731 Willie Valdez/Jose Alvarado Ford Ranger 7:35.16 729 Chuck Johnson/Mike Poppie Ford Ranger 7:59.55 738 Tudy J. Esquerra/Gabriel Naranjo Ford Ranger 8:40.56 726 Bill Milen/Ron Keefe Ford Ranger 9:36.50 CLASS 7 4 X 4 -STOCK MINI-MIDI 4 X 4 -11 START - 2 FINISH 751. Jerry McDonald/Joe MacPherson Chevrolet S-10 8:11.41 766 Michael Horner /Lance Martin Chevrolet S-10 8:46.39 750 G.T. Gowland/ Janette Gowland Toyota 4: 11.45 CLASS 8 -2WD STANDARD PICKUP -13 START - 8 FINISH 807 Walker Evans/Steve Hobart Dodge 5:41.30 808 Dan Beaver /Randy Hoeft Ford 6:31.12 804 Dave Shoppe /Larry Maddox Ford 6:43. 00 805 John C. Gable/Bill.Holmes · Ford 7 51.36 803 Robin Tulleners/Rick Ellis Ford 7:55.24 CLASS 9 - 1200 CC SINGLE SEAT - 5 START - 2 FINISH 919 Dave Wood/Byrant Wood 6:33.21 902 Todd Teuscher/Ralph Fetters Chenowth 8:57.11 918 Michael McCrory/Dana Hughes Hi Jumper 3:39.15 CLASS CHALLENGE -RESTRICTED BUGGY -40 START -10 FINISH 957 Dave Stokes/Don French 7:01.31 956 Mike Ward/Mike Free 7:02.49 9 77 Kent Lothringer /Carl Cabanis Baja Bug 7:40.4 7 983 Rick Johnson/Gary Watson Hi Jumper 8:01.37 960 Daryl Nustad/Katherine Nustad T-Mag 8:08.17 CLASS 10 -UNLIMITED 1650 CC -30 START -14 FINISH 1008 Steve.Tetrick/Fred Ronn O.R.E. 5:08.30 1029 Mark Broneau (solo) Raceco 5:13.32 1002 Craig Watkins Race co 5: 16.18 1012 Rick Hagle/John Hagle Rateco 5:17.30 1021 Brad Person/Tony Kujula Dirtrix 5:29.51 CLASS 11 -STOCK VW SEDAN - 9 START - 1 FINISH 1197 David Hendrickson/John Jones VW Beetle 9:41.48 1196 Ramon Castro/Victor Preciado VW Beetle 4:53:45 CLASS 14 -UNLIMITED 4 X 4 ~ 6 START - 3 FINISH 1403 Steve Mize! Ford Bronco 6:34.1 O 1404 Jerry Daugherty/Kenny Olson Chevrolet Blazer 7:41.48 1406 Mark Hutchins/Gary Stewart Ford Bronco 8:35:49 1401 J.K. Ryan/Ken Ballanger Ford Bronco no laps Pos. 0/A 2 3 5 15 26 1 4 7 8 11 19 21 25 29 33 108 129 -132 135 (1 lap) 48 64 91 106 127 23 24 30 31 40 76 96 115 116 130 114 (1 lap) 97 128 (1 lap) 51 124 (1 lap) 74 88 98 118 131 104 120 (1 lap) 20 54 63 93 95 55 123 (1 lap) 71 72 89 99 101 6 9 10 12 16 133 (1 lap) 56 90 117 Starters - Cars· 318 Motorcycles -46 ATVs/Odysseys -41 = 405 Finishers - Cars· 137 Motorcycles -33 ATVs/Odysseys -24 = 194 Race Distance -240 miles Time Allowance (cars) -10 hours Fast Time Overall -Class 22 -Dan Smith/Dan Ashcraft -Husqvarna - 4:43.58 * 11 minute penalty for failing to stop at road crossing ** 10 minute penalty for being oft course AffENTION DESERT RACERS DUSlY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HORA desert races. Check it out on contingency row -Two different classes each event. Dusty Times

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SCCA Southern Pacific Division By Lynnette Allison OOPS! Information,correc-efficient 3 Northern-Pacific tion: The accident reported i'n . Division. last month's column was in a NEW MEMBERS: Youshould national event, (POR), not divi-be receiving two licenses from sional, but involved the Central SCCA. One is for national mem-Division Steward who was on the bership, one is a divisional or~ani~ing committee. The law-competitor's license. Be sure you smt still has not been resolved, have BOTH cards with you for after two years, - rally registration, Please remember to sign for SCCA insurance news accord-Oivis\?na\ I?oi,~ts at r_egistration. ing to March '86 SPORTSCAR: If the official sheet 1s not there, Master plan covers all partici-sign a paper with. name, SCCA pants at SCCA events, member membership number, expiration and non-member, for blanket date, etc. DON'T FORGET your medical reimbursement, acci-divisional licenses are required in order to participate and/ or · compete in the events. All SCCA forms are available at registration for each event. The GLEN HELEN RALLY-CROSS barely made it to the start line last month. Organizer, Mike Blore, contacted the insur-ance company the Friday before to verify coverage, and discov-ered ... at 4:45 p.m. their time ... the coverage had been withheld! Seems there had been a question about wording on the regional ( Cal Club) letter concerning the event. Instead. of calling the regional executive or Mike or me, a telegram was sent toSCCA rally HQ in Colorado. When the agent contacted Mr. Radford, he agreed there was a problem, and apparently felt the insurance should be withheld. I had two options: cancel and call everyone, or try to get insurance after hours. I called divisional people, region-al people, national people, and after four hours of long distance telephoning, the matter was set~ tied. The insurance agent in Indiana assures me he now knows I live in California, not Colorado, and I do not work at SCCA, and he probably regrets that half of the national SCCA board knows his home telephone humber! The event offered excel-lent competition, and was worth the effort. Hope you enjoyed it too! dental death and dismember-ment, and compensation for loss of work (min. comp. $75.00/ wk.) Be sure you the official waiver form! · Additional $50,000 medical coverage for SCCA members injured at an· SCCA sanctioned event. Plus $50,000 major med-ical catastrophic insurance covers medical expenses for SCCA members holding a LICENSE as a competitive driver, crew member, official, or worker. If you hold any license issued by the National office, you are covered by the major medical. SERVICE CREW NEWS: If you are an SCCA member, you can complete a service crew license form ( free!) and request a crew license. This should entitle you to the additional. $500,000. •major medical covernge. Contact me, or inquire at event registra-tion. SCCA competitor require-ments review: National member-ship ($45.00), divisional license ( $25 .00), and stewards fee ($6.00). On the back of helmets: competitor name, date of birth, blood type, allergies and other pertinent medical info. Competitor car: noise level reasonable; 86 dba, neat and clean condition, car registration current and PROOF OF CUR-RENTVEHICLEINSURANCE, Johnson & Johnson Auto First Aid Kit inside vehicle; all items stoFed securdv inside and in The-NOR'WESTER RALLY May 16-17 should include BOTH national and divisional competi-tors. After a change of heart from previous years, rally boards at both levels have agreed to allow dual competition, at the organ-izer's requesL Originally, competitors were to be integrated according to seeding, but the latest word has it the events will run separately, with divisional teams behind the nationai teams, and duly separated in time and distance during the competition. ORDER NOW· FOR BEST SEA TS IN THE HOUSE! SAVE $2 on $16 and $12 tickets through mail order only. Childrt'n IO years and under¼ price of regular adult priced ~ Offer expires May 2. 1986. Make checks payable to and mail to Supercross,. P.O. Box 52123. l'hoeniir. AZ 82582-2123. ADULT $16@$14X Sl2@$IOX i;TICKEJ'S TICKETS Will, BE PROCESSED ONLY IF SERVICE CHARGE JS INCLUDED CHILD $8.00X $1,,00X !;TICKETS SUB-TOTAi. +$2.00 per order service chai,ge $ · n_oo ill ORDERTOTAl. $ ____ ~ - :- -!, Please enclose a ~ped seff-adhessed en.'\tef.ope.. T tckeis will be: reiumed to you in tflis en"'elo1ie--o.the.twise they g will be held at the WII.l. CALL WJNDOW. You can charge ~ur tickets□ VISA D MASTERCARD OAMEl!ICAN EXPRESS DT Account#-~------------~-----&J>.Date ____ _ Name------------------N",ght Phone~<-)~----Address~.------~----------DayPltone _( _____ _ Check Out the DUSTY TIMES Special Club Sub Offer Call (818) U9·5600 or write DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 9130 ! trunk; 3 DOT triangles, 10 BC fire extinguisher( s ), tow rope or strap. ITEMS NEW TO ME: mud (stone) flaps for drive wheels and rear wheels; and auxiliary driving lights no higher than the lowest point of the wind-shield. (I guess this means barely above the front hood level.) Congratulations to Scott Child on receiving an invitation to compete in the July 4 Pikes' Peak Hillclimb! . No matter, this event should offer ralliests a unique chance to be out there with 'the "hot shots", with lower entry fe~s and no need to have ,a PRO or FIA license. Divisional license holders who paid the $6.00 points fee should have received a newsletter and entry form for this event. Others interested should call me at (714) 736-1442, or contact Gay Moorhead in Bellvue, WA (206) 746-0605. NOTE: Competition will begin on FRIDAY NIGHT, awards Saturday night, travel home Sunday. The event will be co-FuU Price Tickets available at Diamond Department Stores and SAP Import Parts Dusty Times May1986

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The· Silver Dust Spring .. Fever Stampede · Getting the chit through the start/finish line, Larry Gilmore, with Keith Gott co-driving, carried on to win the Spring Fever Stampede overall last March. The latter part of March usually produces beautiful weather in southern Nevada, and some early blooming wild flowers in the desert. But this year the entire week before the March 22 running of the Silver Dust Racing Association's Spring Fever Stampede featured thunder storms · and plenty of rain, damping down the dust on the 40 mile course laid out around Mesquite, Nevada. However, race day dawned with a bright and shining sunrise and it turned out to be a beautiful day. The early morning temperature in Mesquite, on the southeastern tip of Nevada, was about 40 degrees when the race registration and tech inspection · began. The time was 6:30 a.m. and the host for this activity was the Peppermill Resort Hotel and Casino. After · tech was completed the cars proceeded through Mesquite past the race headquarters, "The Corner Bar", at the opposite end of town and then onward to the start/ finish line. Before the start the drivers meeting was held at the line, a Nevada custom and a good one. The race started just after 9:30 a.m. and by now the temperature hovered around 70 degrees. In fact, the weather stayed comfortable all day, with a high of 82 degrees . . The race course was laid out over an all new area by Silver Dust officials, and it was designed to be tough. lt must have been rough and tough as the fast lap of the day computed to an average speed of just over 31 mph. The route went over a type of terrain not t'oo familiar to most of the drivers. There were very few rocks, and the trails followed dry sandy washes and dunes for the most part. The idea was to present a course that would not destroy the race cars. But the drivers had the opportunity to do that damage themselves. In the open class action Buddy , Yates turned in ~ first lap of · 1:23.24 to take the initial lead in the class, but he slowed on the second lap and that was as far as his entry got in the race. Aaron Hawley only completed one lap at 1 :31.49 before retiring. Larry Gilmore and Keith Gott in the Houston Lumber sponsored single seater took over the lead in open class at the halfway point COMPLETE ONE STOP MACHINE SHOP FACILITIES ' J. Engine Balancing J Gas & Heli-Arc Welding Specializing In PARTS & SERVICE FOR VW, BAJA BUG & DUNE BUGGY custom & Cal Look -ESTABLlSHED 1968 -22632 so. Normandie Ave . . Torrance, Calif. 90502 213/320-0642 Page 26 Photos: Brian Janis with a good lead. The entry turned fast lap of the day, a 1: 19 .38, on the third lap, slowed by over 20 minutes on the last lap and still won the race overall with a total time for the four rounds of 5:51.45. Driving a very steady pace in his Toyota powered single seater, John Van Hoove, with Bryant Dunlap co-driving, took second in open class and overall, with a total time of 6:28.12. The 1-2-1600 cars started next, and Silver Dust Racing's perennial winner Brent Bell looked like he was going to do it again. Bell had· the overall lead · after the first lap by one second, covering the course in 1.:23.23, and he came back with a second lap ·of 1:23.24, then holding about a three minute overall lead. But, trouble struck on the third lap, and he lost 16 minutes, then lost the transmission completely on the last lap. He was credited with third in the class. Ken Fry and Rick Leavitt, who had been running second, took over the 1600 lead on their final lap, turned a 1 :35 .09 and came in the class winner. Their' single seater was third overall as well with a total time of 6:42.19. Starting with a couple of over two hour laps, the team of Dave Hermanson and Rick Leavitt drove their 5-1600 Bug into second place in class and fourth overall with a total time of 7:40.52. Oddly enough the two Rick Leavins in this class were not related, in fact they did not know each other before the event. Robert Westfall had a good first lap in the 1600 action, but did not complete the second. Ironically, the first car off the line was sponsored by the Corner Bar in Mesquite. But drivers Ron Cloud and Jack Herdt had no luck at all, they were the first to break and did not cover a lap. They were awarded the "Last Place Trophy," also sponsored by the Corner Bar in Mesquite. After the race, the Silver Dust Racing Association held a "Dutch Oven" Bar-B-Que dinner in downtown Mesquite. Following dinner there was a street dance with live music by Andy Robinson. The results were posted at the dinner and the trophies and cash awards were also presented Saturday evening. The next Silver Dust event will get its start on June 7 in Caliente with the pre-race party, drawing for starting positions, and the now "World Famous Calcutta." The following week, on June 14, the fourth annual Delamar 400 km race will start. This year the course is nearly all new, 40 miles in length and there will be six laps to complete for an official finish. However, the new and shorter lap will still feature running through the main streets of Caliente and down the big hill. It is cool in the mountains in June, and the Delamar400 km will bea fun race for all. · May 1986· There js no mistaking John Van Hoove's racer; John and Bryant Dunlap charged to second in openclass and overall at the race around Mesqwte. Digging out of a sandy ditch, Ken -Fry, with Rick Leavitt co-driving, kept charging across the desertto the 1600 win and third overall. Doing a fine job in the5-1600 Baja Bug, Dave Hermanson and Rick Leavitt kept things together for four laps and finished second in 1600 class. Brent Bell had the overall lead midway in the race, but transmission troubles slowed his pace, and put him down and out on the. last lap. Silver Dust Racing Association PresidentBert Vaughan, right, congratulates John Van Hoove on his fine second place in the spring race. Dusty Times

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LINCOLN COUNTY, NEVADA For A Fun-Filled Weekend. June 14 Delamar 400 In Caliente -June 15 Burro Days and Motorcross Races in Pioche DESERT & MOUNTAIN RACE Take the Amtrac train right to the start/finish. Saturday, Mar · _ Mesquite, N NEVADA300 Saturday, August 9, 1-986 Pioche, Nevada DELAMAR400 Saturday, June 14, 1986 Caliente, Nevada SILVERDUST 400 Saturday, October 25, 1986 . Mesquite, Nevada You Choose Three Out Of Four Races For 1986, Nevada Triple Crown Off Road Championship ' Silver Dust Racin

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--MICKEY THOMPSON OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAN PRIX Stadium Racing in the Houston Astrodome ..., Photos. T racksiJc Photo Entcr/JTiscs The scene shifted to Texas for the fourth round in the Mickey Thompson Off Road Champ-ionship Gran Prix Series. The car racers went to the Astrodome in Houston with their spectacular in mid-March. There was a new class in the event in Texas also. A special class called B Sportsman was added to the program, and it was created for the Texas based cars from a local series; 15 such vehicles showed up to compete. After the usual rounds of practice and qualifying, and the traditional autograph session on the floor of the stadium, the ""•...-program began with the Grand National Sport Truck trophy dash. Seven trucks, all heavily sponsored, were in the entry, and contrary to the usual procedure, the two factory T oyo tas of Ivan Stewart and Steve Millen were withdrawn from the trophy dash. They qualified first and second fastest in the class, but team manager Cal Wells pulled the two trucks from the dash because no points are awarded for that contest. Wells decided it wasn't worth risking damage to the trucks in a no points race. Meanwhile Roger Mears was having trouble with his Nissan in the transmission department, so the trophy dash was made up of Jeff Huber, Ford, Glenn Harris and Pete Halsmer in Mazdas, and Sherman Balch, Nissan. In the three lapper Jeff Huber took the initial lead over Glenn Harris, · and Balch and Halsmer tangled, -leaving the Nissan with a flat tire. On the third lap Glenn Harris got by Huber for the trophy, the Ford held second, followed by Halsmer. Balch limped along in fourth. The trucks had just one heat race in Houston, and prior to that the Nissan pit was busy. They changed a trans in Roger Mears' entry and the rear end on Balch 's truck that was damaged in the encounter in the trophy dash. All seven made the grid for the heat race. Jeff Huber grabbed the lead off the start with Roger Mears right on his bumper, followed by the matching T oyotas. At the end of the first lap Mears went by into the lead. Steve Millen also got past the Ford to take over second spot, and Huber held third ahead of Ivan Stewart. Steve Millen and Roger Mears had a side by side war for the lead, and Millen gqt past Mears • PRE. ~UNNE.R.s • RAC..E. c.,:::,..~ • OFF-~AD PRE:.P • FA E>RlCATION • F:.OL-L. CAGr-E.S • WIRING-• E=.TC.. "f"f<l;t ESTIMATtS f 0 (714) 498-3354 ,.) Greg George flew high in his Funco, and led wire to wire in his Class 10 heat race, and also was the official winner in the hectic main event. Using a Baja Bug chassis, Jeff Elrod had a flat while leading the UltraStock main event, but official rulings placed him the winner anyhow . Driving the Terminator that he built himself, young Todd Attig took the main event win in Class 1-2-1600 home to Dixon, Illinois. on the third lap. Rog_er, with the left front fender hanging loose in classic fender bender style, tried to close in, but it got crowded in the tight turns. Millen hung on in the lead, and Huber stayed in third with Stewart right on his tail, followed by the two Mazdas. Here Sherman Balch pulled off the course with mechanical problems. Coming off the final jump on lap 6 Roger Mears lost the right rear wheel, and three wheeled it to the pits. Mears said later that when he came off the jump, the truck got sideways, and the wheel caught bn a gap in the crash wall on the plastic barrier and was ripped off. The heat race victory went to Steve Millen and Toyota, who were sponsoring the event. · Jeff Huber held second in the Ford, followed by Ivan Stewart's Toyota and Pete Halsmer in the Mazda. Glenn Harris stalled his-Mazda midway around the track on the final lap, and was credited MINI TRUCJ<S> &-13AJA SPECIALISTS 150 LOS Oe>REROS, SAN CLEMENTE.Ca. 92672 Steve Millen had a perfect night, winning both the heat race and the main event, and qualified fastest in the Toyota, and Steve now leads the Class 7 points chase. Page30 May 1986 Dusty Times

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Glenn Harris had a good time in the Mazda. winning the trophy dash and taking second in .the main with a grandstand play on Sherman Blach had his troubles in the Nissan. but he carried on to finish third in the Class 7 main event. despite the battered Houston was good to· Tommy Croft. as he got the Chenowth through the traffic to win his heat race and take a strong second in the Class 10 fina'le. the last la . · fenders. Always a strong contender. Jerry Whelchel won the Class 10 _ main on the track. but he snagged a penalty that dropped him to an official third. A little luck helped Monte Grawford win the UltraStock heat in his VW Golf. but he ran out of luck in the main and failed to finish the race. · · · Colorado racer Dale Calhoun was the first finisher in the UltraStock main event in his Scirocco. but officially he droppeo to second place. with fifth. -The main event for the trucks saw a half dozen on the grid. Roger Mears was unable to start the finale. Pete Halsrner and Jeff Huber were on the front row in the semi-inverted start, and -they drag- raced to the first jump, collided in the air on that jump, and it left Halsrner's Mazda looking battered, but it still ran. Huber's lead was short lived, and Steve Millen took a big lead over Glenn Harris as Huber vanished. There was more fender bending, leaving Sherman Balch and Pete Halsrner with flapping sheet metal and probably some mechanical woes. Steve Millen built a command-ing lead after three laps, The battle was for second place between Glenn Harris and -Ivan Stewart. On lap 5 Ivan made the pass, and he was lookingata 1-2 finish for Toyota. No one could hope to catch Millen if he kept running, however. Harris stayed with Stewart, closing up on the turns, lap after lap. In a daring move Harris got past Stewart on the last lap in a tight tum to take second place at the flag behind the winner, Steve Millen. It was the third main event victory in the four races so far in the series for Steve Millen, and it gives Toyota the lead . in the Manufacturer's Cup points. Ivan Stewart finished third on the track, but he was dropped to fifth by a Rough -Driving Committee penalty _ on the official results. Further back Sherman Balch and Pete Halsrner had a good dice evet). though both trucks were shedding sheet metal as the laps went on. Balch took third with Halsrner just astern in _ fourth. The bigges-t car entry in Texas was in Class 10, the Super 1600s corning up with 21 cars and two heat races. In the trophy dash Jerry Whelchel led all three laps for the victory in his Chenowth. Tommy Croft was second, making it 1-2 for California. Larry Ragland was third with ,DustyTimes Larry Noel in fourth, and they held second, followed by Noel are both from Phoenix, AZ. and Nichols. Texan Stan There were eleven starters in Rowland was in fifth until he got the first Super 1600 heat race, upside down in the middle of the but the battle for the win was last lap, handing fifth to Wayne between a few of the regulars on Cruze, from Irving, Texas. the series. Greg George and Jerry The second 1600 heat had a \Xlhelchel took off side by side, tighter fight up front among the and George got the lead in the ten starters. From the green flag f(rst lap. Whelchel closed the gap Larry Ragland and Tommy Croft at mid-distance, but George got got tangled up in the. first turn, away from him again. Larry Noel and Jimmie Crowger, · from stayed in third just ahead of Florida, slid past to take the lead, Jimmy Nichols driving a Raceco Ragland and Croft recovered in amid all the Chenowths. At the time to hold second and third flag Greg George won the heat in places. Crowder continued to his Funco, and Jerry Whelchel - lead, but Croft was closing in on him at the end of two rounds, and Ragland was very much in the hunt. A -tight, three way struggle developed for the lead, and Croft got past Crowder on the inside of the the first turn to take the,lead. Once he made the pass, Tommy Croft pulled away, and left Crowder busy fighting off Ragland for second. These two ran side by side over the jumps in some spectacular action, but Ragland took over second on lap 5. Croft held on for the victory, and Ragland held off Crowder for second place. Texan Jimmy Adams took fourth in a cloud of smoke. Points contender from Wisconsin Lee W uesthoff was out of action early and Illinois racer Scott Taylor , had been disqualified before the racing began, due to an incident with a security guard during qualifying. The Class 10 Super 1600 main ·event, with seventeen cars on the grid,'featured a real grid lock in the first few turns. Jerry Whelchel weaved and bobbed the best and took the early lead over T ornmy Croft as Greg George wiggled into third. Geor~e kept I@" Join in on the ExciteMint With New Safety Equipment From FILLER Nomex Driving Suit from $179.00 rx-'\ MasterCard '--.YJ .. , , -JI •• Filler Safety is now offering all seat belts and harnesses with black webbing. Complete with mounting hardware. $115.00 Blue Webbing c $125.00 \LLE ~ PRODUCTS, INC. SIMPLE TO ORDER~ PHONE OR MAIL.:ORDER USING VISA, 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD MASTERCHARGE OR WE DO SHIP SUN VALLEY, GA 91352 C.O.D. No personal checks please. PH. (818) 768-7770 May 1986 Our best race bag. Made of heavy supported vinyl and quilted to nylon backed foam lining. Heavy web strap handles. Size: 12 x 12 x 24 . $45.00 Fine quality, hand crafted, light weight Nomex Racing Boots. Available in black, white, or royal blue in sizes 7 thru 13. $78.00 Page 31

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Lance Heinsohn had the lead twice in the B Sportsman main event, but his car also found a hydro barrier and it stopped him . on .the last lap. An air to air collision battered Pete Halsmer's Mazda, but he flew well with mate Glenn Harris and finished fourth in the Class 7 main Larry Ragland had his Chenowth close all night in Super 1600 action, taking second in his heat and third in both the trophy dash and the main event. Flying like a bird here, Larry Noel kept his Chenowth humming, and despite some traffic problems got third in the heat andtifth in the main event. Towing all the way from Tallahassee. Florida, Jimmie Crowder got a keen third in his Ciass 10 J:ieat in the Chenowth, but dropped back in the feature. Looking tidy here, Ivan Stewart got third place for Toyota in both the heat race and the main, but officials dropped him to fifth later on. After a few encounters with the hydro barriers, Texan Tommy Cherry still won both events scheduled for the Texas B Sportsman class. ~ the pressure on Crofr and made the pass on the fifth lap, but by now Jerry Whelchel was long gone in the lead. Croft now had to fight off a serious challenge from Larry Nod. Whelchel was blocked for a moment when two cars spun out in front of him, but he got through the jam and held- his lead. At the checkered flag Jerry Whelchel won the race with Greg George close in second place. CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDER.HOUSE K & N FILTERS - RAPID COOL Q .•.. - . · TRI.MIL - WELD RACING WHEELS • · BILSTEIN - CENTERUNE --CIBIE . ~ HEWLAND-PORSCHE TURBO C/V Ollroad Racec■f -. W" BEARD SEATS - PARKER PUMPER Parts & Accesson•\. YOKOHAMA TIRES - SUPER TRAPP GEM GEARS -KYB SHOCKS:__ SWAY-A-WAY TRANSAXLE PARTS -KC HILITES - McKENZIE AIR FILTERS -WRIGHT PLACE -DURA BLUE ULTRA BOOT - NEAL PRODUCTS CENTER LINE SWAY•A·WAYcoo• ~ R4CIIWG WHHtS I BEFORE YOU BUY-:--TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL!' 12945 SHERMAN WAY -NO. HOLLYWOOD, CA 91605 (818) 765-5827 e (818) 764-6438 Page 32 retired from the _fray. Craig Durfee took the lead on the fifth lap, and pulled · away smartly, only to come to a smoking halt. on the next lap. Elrod was back in the lead and Dale Calhoun had his Scirocco in second. Only two UltraStocks were still running with one lap to go. Elrod lost the lead when the right rear tire went flat, and Calhoun passed him to take his first UltraStock victory. Jeff Elrod limped home on the rim. However, at Houston most of the races were not over at the checkered flag, and this one was no exception. The .Rough California Wes Elrod added to his points with a win in the 1-2-1600 heat race in Driving Committee reversed the the Hi Jumper, but he placed second in the main event. finish order, putting Jeff Elrod in Tommy Croft hung on in third, Elrod, fromCalifornia and Todd first place and Dale Calhoun in Noel had dropped back a tad and Attig, from Illinois battled it out second. Larry Ragland nailed fourth for several laps. Elrod took the The main event for the 1-2-ahead of Noel. However, the win over Attig at the checkered 1600s was not quite so ev~ntful, Rough Driving Committee gave flag. and they ran the race without W_helchel a three position The main event for the ·earning any penalties. Todd Attig penalty and it dropped him to UltraStocks turned into the won the main event in his fourth place. Greg George destruction derby that is usually Terminator, and Wes Elrod was became the official main event · associated with 'the trucks. Greg second in his Hi Jumper. winner. George got out front early and The all Texas B Sportsman The UltraStocks and 1-2- led for two laps; then the Toyota heat race started with Jerry Cox 1600s always run together, and stalled after landing hard over the 'in the lead followed by Tommy this · round there were five start/finish jump. George was Cherry and Tony Wood. Cherry UltraStocks and three limited able to restart the engine, but in began closing in on Cox after 1600 buggies in the heat race. the meantime Jeff Elrod had the three laps, and he made the pass Greg George snagged the lead lead in the in his VW Golf. Craig over a jump turn, but theri lost right off the start in the keen Durfee moved into second and control and hit the hydro barrier. Toyota Supra Funco, and in a battled with Elrod as _the pair Cherry lost some ground but few turns he had a five car length flew high over the jumps. George held second place behind Cox, advantage over Monte Crawford ---------------------------in his VW Golf. Craig Durfee· held third in a Pontiac Fiero, followed by Jeft Elrod, VW Golf. George opened his lead to ten car lengths at the half way point, but then his car began to smoke on lap 5, no doubt it was expensive smoke from the twin cam Toyota engine. But George held his lead with the car coughing and spitting until midway on the final lap. At that point Monte Crawford went by to win by two car lengths over George. Durfee was third, followed by Jeff Elrod and Dale Calhoun. In the 1 ~2-1600 trio, Jerry Binkley, from Indiana, Wes May 1986 Jerry Cox stayed close in the runs for the Texas B Sportsmen. .led now and then, and he placed second in the heat race and the main event. Dusty Times

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~md Cherry started making up the lost time. He again made the pass, opened a lead and then hit the barrier again in the same spot, giving the lead once again to Cox. Craig Steigleder did a spectacular flip on the back stretch, landed on all four wheels and continued in the· race. On the last lap Tommy Cherry again got past Jerry Cox-and took the victory. Cox was second, followed by Mark Rogers ·and Lance Heinsohn. , Twelve B Sportsman cars came back for their main event, and Lance Heinsohn nabbed the lead off the start. On the fourth round Tommy Cherry put an inside move on Heinsohn and took · over the lead with Jerry Cox running third. With one lap to go Cherry hit the hydro barrier after the start/finish jump and Heinsohn regained the lead. Then Heinsohn hit the hydro barrier and the lead went back to Cherry. They must have magnets for this class in the hydro· barriers. At the finish Tommy Cherry won the race, Jerry Cox was second with Bob Sinback third ahead of Mark Rogers. · In the motorcycle engined classes Jimmie White won the three wheeler main event on a Kawasaki over Roger-Burman on a Honda. Greg Clark won the four wheel bash riding a Suzuki over Jack Ealey, also on a Suzuki. In the Odyssey main event the winners were all from California. Jeff Huber grabbed the lead in the truck heat in his Ford, with Roger Mears, Nissan, and Steve Millen, Toyota, tight, and Millen won the race. Dusty Times Mike Lovelle won the Unsus-pended class in a Honda and Ronnie Pierce won the Sus-pended class driving an EEE. After four rounds of the seven race series the points leaders are getting serious about keeping the lead. In Grand National Trucks, Steve Millen, with three big wins, has a good lead with 144 points over second place Glenn Harris, 104 points. Ivan Stewart is third with an even 100 points. In Class 10 Tommy Croft leads the pack with 132 points, having run all four events. Larry Ragland is second with 98 points, and his mate Larry Noel is third with 83 points. These scores show the advantage of being able to travel to all the May 1986 events and keep the points count rolling. The UltraStock class leader is Monte Crawford with 138 points, and ·in close is Greg George with 114 points. Jeff Elrod is third with 102 points, and this battle should heat up with just four events left on the scheclule. The only non-California driver in a points lead, young Todd Attig is ahead in 1-2-1600 points with 106, and he hails from Dixon, Illinois. However, Wes Elrod is closing in with 72 points, and Elrod missed the first two events in the midwest. Competing only in the first two events, Karl Wuesthoff, from Wisconsin is third, with · 70 points. Only the San Diego race featured Class 1 and Eric Arras leads these points by six over Frank Arciero,Jr., who has two points on Bob Gordon. Although the show was well up to standards, the crowd of 14,000 was a disappointment in Houston. But the town is reeling from the double whammy of drastically falling oil prices and the space shuttle disaster, and many people are now or soon to be unemployed. Next on the schedule is the debut of off road race cars at the Pasadena Roie &>wl on May 3. In the heart of racing country, it should produce a very heavy entry and some very exciting races for the spectators. Page 33 -

Page 34

Paul Wheeler Wins AMSA'S Cali,fornia 500 By Judy Smith Photos; Judy Smith/John Howard Paul Wheeler soloed to his firsJ victory, taking both the overall honors and Class C (10), with a trouble free race in his reliable Raceco. AMSA's California' City season opener in mid-March went to Paul Wheeler, who took the overall honors in his Class C Raceco in five hours and 15 minutes. With stormy weather for a week prior to the race, and "'-storms predicted for race day, entry was down to a slim 26, who braved the threat of rain. Jim Webb, president of AMSA, moved the course a bit north this time, and laid out a 30 mile circuit. As it turned out, the Weather Man cooperated as ifhe were an off road racer. race w~s on Thursday, when it came down h;,ud, soaking into the ground thoroughly. Friday, for pre-running and tech and signup, it was cool, but not rainy. And on Saturday, race day, the course was in beautiful shape, with almost no dust at all. There were strong winds to blow any dust off the trail, and they did prevent the AMSA airplane, which is usually so helpful in keeping track of broken cars, from leaving the ground. The rain held off until all but the last few cars had completed the ten lap event. ~ The last day of rain before the AMSA has assigned permanent Scott Weir and Dale Connors had the old swing axle Cloudhopper Hi Jumper flying high on their way to victory in Class B, for 100 inch wheelbase cars. C.O.R.E. offers -unique pit services at western desert races, a family oriented club with social activities and much more for · its members. C.O.R.E. also has a program of one time guest pit service for out of the area competitors. Get all the information on C.O.R.E. Jim Branstetter, President, (818) 705-8183, 17 453 Runnymede St., Van Nuys, CA 91406. Page 34 racing numbers for this year, and this was the inaugural event for the new system. Classes started all 'together, with the fast classes going off the line first, and entries within each class drawing for start position, with late entries starting at the rear of their classes. Cars started 30 seconds apart. Another innovation for this race was the. absence of stop checks. There were two road crossings which required full stops, and a full stop was required at the start/finish line, in front of the scoring team. But out on the course there were no checks, and, even at the start/ finish, there were no stubs to put into beer cans. But there were three secret checks out on the course ( which had not been announced to the racers at the drivers' meeting) keeping score and making sure that the racers came around on course ea·ch lap. A new class was· also intro-duced this season, and debuted with three entries. This is the "Super Sport 100", which calls for a maximum of 100" wheel-base, allows both one and two seaters, 1600cc stock engines with restrictor plates, stock VW front beams ( reinforced and single shocked), of either type, stock VW rear torsion sections ( two shocks allowed), and stock VW transaxles with stock gears. It's not quite the same as the SCORE/HORA Challenge Class, but the Challenge cars are legal here. At AMSA . races this group pays reduced entry fees and has no purse, racing for trophies and any contingency being offered. Two of the cars this time were pretty standard buggies, but the third was a Baja Bug, driven by a pair of bikers, Robert O'Brien and Charles Sanner, racing in a car for their first time. · Ted Higgenbotham had a three minute lead at the end of the.first lap, and then kept his two seater ahead of Dan Oliver and Dan May 1986 Dominic Borra and John Basso won the very close, a real cliff hanger, battle in Class D (1-2-1600), by just 48 seconds in the O.R.E., and they were second overall also. Hook through the ·seventh lap, when he disappeared. Hook and Oliver, running a very steady race in their new T-Mag single seater, went on to complete the 10 laps for the win, while O'Brien and Sanner got through only nine laps, for second place. In the 1600cc Baja Bag class the 1986 rules require stock heads, bringing the class into conformity with SCORE/HDRA and making it possible for cars from those organizations to run AMSA races with no handicap. Only two cars showed for this first race of the season, and one of them was a new car, driven by another team of first time racers. Windy and Kellie Schriever, mother and daughter, had had their fill of being a. pit crew for Windy's husband, Ray, and decided to take to the trail themselves. The other team, Steve Hayes and Dick D'Amato, with a couple years of experience under their belts, easily took the lead, helped along by the fact that when the Schrievers lost a coil wire they couldn't diagnose and fix it themselves, and lost about 20 minutes. Hayes and D'Amato went on to finish their required eight laps to start '86 off with a win. The. Schrievers, learning as they went, also finished, as enthusiastic at the finish as they'd been at the start, to get second place. Class B, for 100" wheelbase cars racing in the "pro" division, fielded five en tries. John McDowell and Gayle Schmidt, who'd shown up to race in Class S with their unlimited Baja Bug,· were put in this group so they'd have some company. Their Bug featured a 2400cc motor, while Class Bis limited in engine size. Sure enough,-the McDowell and Schmidt Bug led the first lap, followed by Scott Weir and Dale Connors in their old Hi Jumper, the Cloudhopper. They had a new engine and trans for this season, but still stuck with their swing axle rear suspension. · The Baja Bug was out on the second lap when they lost their motor and the lead was taken over by Brian Edmonds in his two seater. Fred Powers, who'd endoed on lap one, was now second, as Weir and Connors had fuel filter problems. On the third lap Powers moved int'o the lead as Weir and Connors moved back up to second, and then Powers was gone for good. The old Hi Jumper kept . coming around, occasionally having more fuel filter trouble, but Edmonds, who'd lost about an hour and 20 minutes on the third lap had fallen so far behind that he just couldn't reach them . • His more sophisticated car did quicker laps, but Weir and Connors held the Cloudhopper together, and finished all 10 laps for their win. Edmonds, able to complete only eight laps, was second.-The only unlimited class car to show up for this race was the two seater of Greg Sullivan and Gary Heetland, who had the pleasure of starting in front and getting in one dust free and very quick ( under 29 minutes) lap, before losing their clutch. The D class, for limited 1600cc one and two seaters, was the big one this time, with 11 starters. And it turned out to be a really close race. By the end of the first lap Dave Fessenden Jr. had the lead in his Chenowth, but was only four seconds in 'front of Jim Tucker in his ORC. Next in line was Don McAfee in Gary Bates' Raceco, just 38 seconds back, followed by John Alabaster and Pat Shea only another 12 seconds back. And in fifth place it was Jim Becker and Mike Smith in their ORC, two seconds later and only 56 seconds behind the lead car. Thanks to the dampness of the desert, these folks were able to play tag like that all day, riding on each other's bumpers, and still able to see where they were going. The Fessenden car held the lead for lap two also, with T ucket second, but Becker and Smith had moved to third, McAfee was fourth and Alabaster and .Shea were fifth. Now the spread from first to fifth was a minute and 56 seconds. On lap three the Fessendens, who had been third overall, had a flat and lost a little time, putting ' Becker and Smith into the lead, with Tucker second, just four seconds behind them. The· Fessendens, a father and son team, were third another five seconds back, McAfee was fourth 19 seconds later, followed by Alabaster and Shea, and now the whole clump was running within 44 seconds of each other. Fessenden regained the lead on the next lap, and now Becker and Smith ran second, McAfee third, Alabaster and Shea fourth and Tucker who'd lost about 50 seconds, had fallen to fifth place. On the fifth lap Becker and Smith took over again as Fessenden fell to second when he stopped to replenish oil lost from Dusty Times

Page 35

John Alabaster and Pat Shea ran a steady race all day in their Raceco to finish a close third in Class D, just a minute, 11 seconds behind the winners. John Basso looks a little pensive as he waits for the scores in the incredibly close limited 1600 battle. He and co-driver Dominic Borra were the winners. The Fessendens, Dave Jr. and Dave Sr., had the lead in Class D for three laps, but lost time with a steady oil leak from a valve ·cover and .finished sixth. a tweaked valve cover gasket. Tucker moved back up to third, Alabaster and Shea came next, and then McAfee. Tucker and Fessenden were running wheel-to-wheel on this lap, and seemed to be having a blast. Tucker took over the lead on ·the next lap, putting Becker and Smith in second, still only 26 seconds ~part after six laps. A new pair of faces came on the scene now as the ORE of Dominic Borra and Johnny Basso, which had been running steadily and trouble free within a couple of minutes of the leaders all along, moved into third place, apparently by virtue of having the quickest driver change. Bates got in his car now, in fourth place, and Alabaster and Shea were fifth. There was still less than a minute-and-a-half differ-ence between first and fifth place. Basso now moved into the lead, while Becker and Smith held second, and Alabaster came back to third. Tucker fell to fourth, and Fessenden, Sr., now driving was fifth, recovering from a lengthy driver change. Big dark clouds were moving in now, and there was a chill wind blowing, but it didn't bother the drivers. Basso held his lead, but he didn't know it, while Becker/ Smith and Alabaster/ Shea held second and third. Tucker broke for good, coming in on a tow rope, and Fessenden moved to fourth, while the plain-wrap car of Walt Lewis and Andy Anderson moved into fifth place. On the ninth lap Basso picked up the pace and ran the fastest lap for his car for the day, at30:55 to give himself almost a minute-and-a-half lead over Alabaster and Shea. But he wasn't sure what position he held, he could only hope he was in the lead. No one else knew for sure what position they held either. Becker and Smith were third, Lewis and Anderson were now fourth and Bates was fifth. Now, as.Basso held his pace, Anderson put on a burst of Dusty Times Dan Oliver and Dan Hook teamed up in their new T-Mag Challenger car am:/ they covered all ten laps to win the nel;" AMSA Super Sport 100 class. speed, apparently spurred on by the threat of rain, and running with no traffic, to get the fast lap for the class at 29:4 7. Anderson crossed the finish line first, followed by Albaster and Shea, and then Basso, Becker and Smith with a stuck throttle, and Bates. There were some confused and tense moments then while they all milled around trying to figure out who'd finished where. As it turned out, Basso and Borra had got the win, as well as second overall, followed 46 seconds later by Lewis and Anderson. Then, just 23 seconds after them, it was Alabaster · and Shea in third. Becker and Smith were fourth and Bates and McAfee took fifth. It had been a close and exciting race every inch of the way. . There were four entries in Class C, for unlimited 1650cc cars, and they had a close thing going for a while too. The lead at the end of lap one was in the hands of Kevin Ohnstad, in Tom Koch's old Raceco, which has done so well on this course, followed by Paul W·heeler in another Raceco, and only a little over a minute back. The Funco of Ray Schriever ran third. They ran that way for three laps, maintaining the same distance apart, and then Ohnstad's left front trailing arm disintegrated as he ran down a straight road in fourth gear. He was finished. Wheeler now took over the lead, and, running untroubled, held it to the finish. Schriever, who had a bad year in '85, g~nerally not getting even one lap finished, did get four laps done this time before losing his transmission. That put Dennis Green and Jeff Wright, in a Toyota powered Hi Jumper, into second place. Green had never raced a car before, being a switch-over from ATCs. The two cars held their positions to the end, with Wheeler in the overall lead all the way. He was unaware of it, but had he had a flat or some other small problem, the lead D cars were close enough to take his overall away. As it happened, he had no trouble at all and decided not to let his co-driver, Jay Mathes, who'd built the engine, even get in. Wheeler finished the 10 laps in five hours and 15 minutes, getting his first win, and starting '86 off with a bang. Green, finishing second, declared that off road cars were a "lot safer" than ATCs. The race was all over, with even the last stragglers in, by 4: 15 May 1986 Steve Hayes and Dick D'Amato "just tooled around" to get the victory in Class V that now matches the rules of Score/HORA Class 5-1600. p.m., as the dark clouds settled in overhead and the first rain fell. The timing couldn't have been better. AMSA's next race will be in. California City also, in mid-May. DUSTY TIMES will be there to let you know how it goes. PIT C.REW MAT by M.E.G.S. • DURABLE, RIP-STOP MATERIAL • EASIER TO STORE THAN CARPET • FOLDS WITHIN ITSELF • LIGHT WHGHT • PREVENTS LOSS OF THE SMALLEST PARTS • GAS, OIL, SOLVENT RESISTANT D Small (5'x7½") $27.95* D Bright Safety Orange or Send to: D Large (7½'x1 O') $3~.95 * D Grundgy Grey M.E.G.S. - 439 N. Azusa Ave., Suite 123: W. Covina, CA 91790 NAME: ----------------------ADDRESS: CITY: -~----------ST: __ ZIP: ____ _ * Add S2.00 each for P&H. DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED CA. residents add 6% sales tax. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Page 35

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The PrO Can Am/Yokohama Kittitas 150 · By Leonard Day Photos: Harvey Otterstrom/Jerry Branson Ken Sanislo and Steve Mettie had all their trouble before the green flag. and they ran quickly in the Berrien to win the combined Unhmited Pro class and overall as well. Todd Francis and Brian Johnson started out fast, slowed later on but easily won the Pro 1600 buggy class. They wern the only finisher. R.L.H. ENTERPRISE COMMUNICATIONS SPEC_IALISTS 11111 UNIDEN RACE RADIOS 337 W. 35th, Suite "C" National City, CA 92050 Official BFGoodrich Radio Relay for all Score/HORA Off Road Events. 36 Channels with built-in intercom. $550.00 Helmets Wired $175.00 Amplifiers for that Extra Punch ··convertable" Hand-Held Radios Motorcycle Radio Systems our Specialty Race Proven by Page,36 JOHN CLARK GABLE -MAX RAZO RACING STEVE LAKIN -RICH MINGA -ROB TOLLESON MIKE LUND -HENRY ESCALERA It was come alive time . in the little town of Kittitas, Washing-ton, for the third annual Pro Can Am 250 mile off road race. The event is traditionally held the last weekend of March so it will not interfere with the ranchers' schedule; they begin to graze sheep and cattle in the central state location after the first of April. The townofKittitas is not very big, but all the local merchants, the mayor and the tQwn cop pitch in to make it a very pleasant stay for the racers. The registration and tech inspection activity took place at the Pioneer Restaurant and Longhorn Bar, the latter of which was also the location of the awards presentation Saturday night after the race. The awards party went well, and the bar shut down around 2:00 a.m. Pre-running on the 20 mile course was allowed only on· Friday and only after each car was registered and had passed tech. The drivers'- meeting was held promptly at 8:00 a.m-. on Saturday morning, where the typical information on course rules was stated. Then the draw for starting position was made. It should b@ noted that the race course for the Kittitas 250 is primarily on private property, and access to it is also across private land. Pro Can Am Racing wishes to thank Richard Miller, Jay Nelson and Steve Paul for their donations and considera-tions-in allowing us to pursue our sport. These type of people are mighty few and far between, ;md they are most generous to the sport of off road racing. The first class went off the line at 9:00 a.m. sharp. It included a dozen cars in the combined Pro Classes 1, 2, 5 and 8. They faced 12 laps of rugged, pure desert style race course. John Winkes' May 1986 -Gordon Scott ran very consistent laps, except one, in the tireless flat fender Jeep, and came back from the pit stop to win the Pro 4x4 honors. Earl Fahrney had a smooth run for his five laps, had no real troubles on course, and Earl won the Odyssey race, 11 minutes ahead of his mother. A broken axle slowed the pace for Steve Farrell, and it cost over an hour but the Farrell/Garman entry still came in third in Pro 4x4 class. new Mazda powered smgle seater hurried around the first lap in 25:39, which was the second fastest time. But, severe suspension problems put him on the trailer after a 4½ hour second lap. Winkes. was seen gathering up parts after the course was swept. Todd Springer ran this event in his 1600 which had been converted to an Unlimited car. Todd set the fast lap of the day on the first round, a 24:20, ran steady and in contention through nine laps, but mechanical problems shut him down after his tenth lap. The best story of the weekend has to be that of Yakima/ Naches racer Ken Sanislo and co-driver Steve Mettie. Sanislo· is usually one of the first to arrive at any race. but early Friday his troubles began with a blown motor in his tow truck. Luckily, he borrowed a replacement and got everything to the site only to have trouble with the pre-runner. Then he discovered late Friday night that they had to haul the race car 75 miles back home to have some last minute engine work done. Almost late for the race, they drove the car off the trail(';r, and teched it just in time for staging. With no pre-running, Sanislo and Mettie ran very consistent laps, all well under half an hour. They not only won the class, but they won overall with fast time of 5:26:33. Reportedly the team was glad to see the checkered flag at the end of lap 12, as they were about to have serious suspension problems. "Out-of-Gas" Dave Brown finished the 250 miles in 5:37:34 in his classy Class 5 machine. Brown apparently ran out of gas close to the pits and he was able to continue in the race, losing about six minutes. He took second in class and overall. Third overall went to the always smooth runner Denny "The Canadian Honker" Merrill in his Class 8 pre-runner. Denny has always been the best of sport in racing, and was again seen turning back to see if he could help his competitors get running again. A gas stop was all Denny needed, and he finished the race in 6:08:42. Running his single seat car in Class 1 this year, Gayle Hodson ran a consistent race until lap 11. He was down for over a half hour with mechanical problems, and Hodson couldn't make the time up with only one lap to go. He had to settle for fourth overall. Dusty Times

Page 37

Robert Murphy shows his new co-driver Ben Frazier how to fly a truck, and this may be why he retired midway in the race with Randy Branson did all five laps within less than two minutes in time, and he rode his Yamaha to the victory in the 3 wheeler ranks. Losing a wheel in their first ever off road face did not stow Russ and Bruce Lierman too much, as they took second pface in Pro 1600 class. broken steering. · Joe Kellogg ha_s some down time in the late laps of the race, but he came hustling back on course to finish fifth in the Unlimited group. A local entry from nearby Ellensburg. Paul Chrismer ran his Canadian Dale Dinkerson churn;, some dirt on his smooth run newly built Baja Bug, did well for seven laps and was fourth through eight laps until disaster put him on the trailer at this among the Sportsmen. event. ' minute range, and was leading came back .from disaster only to the class going into the fourth lose the steering box, but his ten lap, but that was as far as he went. laps was good for fourth place. Doing a pair ofgood laps before Phil Dean also covered ten laps, retiring was Tim Gellatly, and the last two were slow with missing on lap 3. serious mechanical troubles. The Pro 4x4s came off the line Dale Jinkerson, from British . eight strong, an unusually small Columbia, had his new truck number for this class, and most running pretty smoothly until of them had trouble somewhere lap 6, when problems slowed in the 12 lap bash. Gordon Scott, him down and put a lot of from Tigard, Oregon, kept up a distance between him and the hot pace all day. He had very front runners. He got through consistent laps in the low 30s, eight laps before putting the rig except for lap 9 ,when.-fl radiator on the trailer. The strong running . · hose came loose in sight of the Murphy Clan had a really hard pits. It cost 45 minutes, but he landing off a jump on the first lap still won the class with a 7: 11.49 that probably cracked the right hand steering knuckle. That problem took Robert M·urphy out on lap 7. Also from British Columbia, Gerry Irvine was the first to bite the dust with a broken front end and transfer case problems; he only completed one lap. The Sportsman Class also had 12 laps to go for an official finish, and two of them finished in good time. This class runs for trophies · only, but they have a lot of fun and gain lots of varuable experience. The big Dodge 4x4 of Larry Rushmeir managed to · cover four laps before retiring, but ~ Dave Brown might be looking -for a gas stop, but he recovered from the total time. Down from the Bush .-------,---------- - ------- ------, problem and brought the Baja Bug in second overall among the Pro ranks. Country of Kamloops, British Also ru~ming strong most of the distance, Joe Kellogg had some unreported woes on lap 7, had a good run on the next lap, and lost more time on lap 9. His car came in fifth overall, just eight minutes behind Hodson. Tom Arnold's Class 5 ran strong for a couple of laps, had big troubles on laps 3 and 4 ,, but got back in the groove to finish sixth overall, the last of the finishers in the first group. A new convert this season from the 1600 class is the newly , acquired Rabbit powered Chaparral of Rick Akridge and his son Jeff. They had fourth place nearly in the bag when the engine suddenly terminated on the very last lap. Jeff Peacock's car was taken out of the race on lap 8 by a badly bent tranny and engine mounts. Dan Clark Jr. had unreported woes, but he was seen early _on with only three-quarters of the wheels, and he . covered just four laps. After a four or five year layoff, former buggy racer -Bob Rea has ventured into a Class 8 pickup with his son Robbie; The pickup had a few minor front suspension problems that could have ruined a lot of parts had they continued. Their three laps gave them a good shake down run in the new truck, and they will be ready for the next race. Dusty Times The second class off the line was the 1600 Pro group with only four starters. The only entry that covered the twelve laps, with an apparent easy win was that of Todd Francis and BrianJohnson finishing in 7:14:05. Both from the Vanco\.Iver, Washington area, they reported no serious problems on the route. Taking second were first time racers Russ· and Bruce Lierman, both from Cornell, Washlngton. They had front suspension problems beginning on the f1;)Urth lap, and they went on to complete eight laps in their new single seater. Larry Manning had three excellent laps, all in the . 29 Columbia, the Bronco of Bob Nyeste was seen wallowing helplessly in a mud puddle not much longer than the car-. Still seven of Bob's 12 laps were 31 minutes or less. Lap 10 must have been the culprit, as it was about 50 minutes longer than the rest, and long enough to drop the Bronco to second place at 7:24.32. Three ·broken axles on lap 6 was the killer for the Farrell/ Garman entry. Steve Farrell lost · 65 minutes, which was a little much to make up, but they salvaged third place with 12 laps . done ih 7:35:52. Jack Mamo went well·except on lap 8, but he he carried on to finish fourth in Pro Unlimited Class. · May 1986 THE WRIGH.T PLACE~. COIL SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adjustments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJQN, CA 92021 (619) 561-4810 Pag~ 37 ~ I - 1

Page 38

Denny Merrill's pre-runner ran flawlessly all day, made one stop for gas midway in the race and trucked in to take third in Unlimited Pros. ~ he won the 4x4 trophy right in front of the start/finish anyhow. 11ne that really broke up his day. Among the four Sportsman The first one down was Scott buggies, the win went to Johnson who spent a ton of time newcomer Ki Chainey. He in the pits and only covered two decided to build a car two years laps in 5½ hours. ago, bought a kit and got started. The eight 3 wheelers and the He turned consistent laps ranging one quad started two at a time from 34 to 38 minutes, and won every 15 seconds and they stayed with a total time of 7 :20.18. together for the first two laps of Donivan McCune . and Doug the five required. Randy Branson Holt tooled around in similar lap had no troubles at all, .stopped times, had some slower rounds only for fuel, and won this group and not too many _ woes and with quick time of 2:32 flat finished second in their Funco SS aboard a Yamaha. Second went 2 in 7:53.49. ' to Yakima rider Jeff Washburn, Long time racer Greg Hayes also with consistent laps, eight brought out his vintage Funco SS minutes behind the winner. Fast 2 with another supply of stock lap of 27:14 went to Jon spindles and reassured us that he Solomonson, but he lost bags of could still drive on three wheels. time on the last lap when a tire He did nine laps for third place. came off the rim, and he was Paul Chrismer of nearby third. Dennis Stacy and Jack Ellensbmg, Washington,entered Stahl ' finished fourth and fifth his newly built Class 5 Baja Bug~ respectively, only four minutes The very good looking car had a apart. First time rider Art Reis good shake down for seven laps did a steady ride into sixth place, in good time, 3:54:36, but and a bad tire on the first lap vanished on the next round. dropped Curtis Upton to The Odysseys, 3 wheelers and sevent}l, _the final finisher. John quads ruri a shorter event, 100 Bothell vanished on the thitd lap, miles or five laps over the same and Mike Thompson took an course. The six Odysseys unexpected thump midway on departed the start first and it was the first lap and decided to watch a close· race up front. Earl the rest of the race with a Fahrney took the lead on the checkpoint crew. second lap and stayed in front With just twenty-nine cars and with 34 to 36 minute laps forthe fifteen motorcycle · engined victory. Ray Hegge, who usually eritries, the numbers were down flips at least once each race_, for the first race of the season. managed to stay rubber side One theory was that some of the down, and came in second, only Pro Gm Am regulars might have teri minutes behind. Less than been saving up for the Kingdome another minute back, having run race, since canceled, and others out of gas on· lap 4, Dianne thought the economy and Farhney was third and only 11 various other problems might minutes behind her winning son. have kept some racers home. The Danny Nichols missed his start next Pro Can Am everit is the time, then had fuel mix woes on Horn Rapids 250 Mile Sagebrush the first lap, but he carried on to Shoot-Out in Richland, Wash-finish fourth, some time later. ington on May 2-3, and this one Down the tube after two laps was has a keen race headquarters, the team of McDonald/Shimmin, poolside at the Richland Holiday and the latter took ;;i nasty erido Inn. DON STRONG'S Der Transaxle Shop VW TRANSAXLES STOCK • SAND•OFF~ROAD . ~ . -WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTOR 2023 S. Susan . Santa Ana, Calif. 92704 [714] 540-3686 Page 38 The Losers By Judy Smith Pete Sohren, running well in Class 5, got almost to the end of the first lap when the rear torsion housing broke. He figured he could weld it and go on, but he also figured it would probably break again, so he ·pulled out. The April Great Mojave 250, SCORE's second race, at Lucerne Valley, turned out to be a monster race, with only nine starters less than there'd been at Parker. The big Loser of the event will probably have been the Lucerne Valley Department of Public Works, or whoever has to clean up. Sticker backings and paper plates from impound flew everywhere when the winds came up in the afternoon. Not a pretty sight. But besides that, the race turned out well, and the finish rate was a relatively high 47%, if you include the bikers, with three classes finishing 100%. For the cars alone it drops to just under 4 3%, since only 13 7 of the 318 four wheeled vehicles managed to make it to the checkered flag. The logistics of this race made some folks look like Losers on race morning. Because Lucerne is small, and has limited rooms and restaurants, many folks stayed in Victorville or Big Bear, a half hour drive either way. No one minded the half hour too much, until they found themselves having a nice dinner in Victor-ville, and suddenly realized it was too late to get to the drivers' meeting which was scheduled for 8 p.m. Or, som.e may have figured that a half hour in to Lucerne and a half hour back was a lot of drivipg, and that made it easy to rationalize and miss the · drivers' meeting. At this race that turned out to be a bad mistake, because the one crucial point, rumored earlier, but formally announced at the meeting, was that the start time would · be an hour earlier than originally stated. Imagine how those folks must have felt as they drove into Lucerne and saw that cars were already leaving the start line. One driver who thought he was coming in plenty early managed to be only about 10 minutes late,. but he never had time to tie· his shoes and worried about them falling off for the whole. lap he drove. A phrase we he;i.rd over and over that day was, ''I'll never miss a drivers' meeting again!" Tom Koch ran well on the first lap, holding fourth pl_ace, and only about three minutes off th~ lead, but he lost his motor just at the end of the lap. Larry Bolin, running in Class 2 this time, was also running well, buf he lost his clutch, ·and. never got lap one finished. Dennis Bu tow, running in Class 5, thought his car had lost its front suspension., but clos~r inspection showed that the frame was broken clear in two. So Dennis parked it. Jim Moulton, who was driving· Steve Barlow's 1600cccar, never even got to the first road crossing before trouble hit. The car in front of him, Bob Scott, rolled over, and Moulton was so close he couldn't get stopped, and hit him. Scott was back on his wheels and took off, leaving Moulton sitting with a bent front May 1986 end and a flai: tire. He tidied things up and went on, but the beam was bent back about six inches, and when the power steering went away by Check 4 the team decided that was it, and, pulled out. Mark McMillin, who was driving his Class 1 car, was first on the road on lap one and looking very fast, when a rear wheel came off and flew into the desert. He lost a whole lap in -finding it again, and getting some lug nuts on the wheel, so he called it a day. He still didn't know,. days later, what had happened. The nuts might have been loose, the wheel might have seated somehow, or the nuts might have been tightened too much and pulled the threads on the studs. Mark told us he "did a good deed" while he was out there on the course -he changed a flat for Ivan Stewart, .who went on to get firsr-place in Class 1. Terry and Jim Bell were parked with a brok:en rear su_spension on Soggy Dry Lake, and the Ghia Baja Bug was seen comirig back to the race course down Bessemer Road early in the afternoon. We aJso saw Wdly and Jerry Higman's 1600caronatowrope in that neighborhood. Scoop Vessels ran really well in his Class 8 truck, but he got in only one lap, breaking an axle and having differential troubles on his second time around. And Steve McEachern, who wasn't permitted to drive at Parker because of illegalities in his truck, put a whole new frame under itin the meantime, and was also looking good at· Lucerne. But something came loose in the transmission cooler, and that got into something else, and the upshot of it all was tttat he was · out when a link broke and a swifig arm came loose. ' Chet Huffman, running first on the road, got near Check 2 and missed the tum, losing his dust free lap. He later lost a c.v. and was finished. In Class 2 John Kruger had a good first lap, running second in that very close race, but he was seen on lap two, parked with his left rear wheel torn · off. Mike Lund, in Class 1, had a bad day. He lost his power steering and bent a tie rod, and pulled into a pit for repairs. He 'spent a long time there, but was finally back out on the road again. His crew got everything packed up and were ready to take off to chase him, when there he was again, with the. power steering out again. They fixed it one more time, but he never managed to get to the finish line. · . Mark Steele, driving John Johnson's old S-10 in Class 7, lost an axle early in the day, and his son Cameron, driving in the old 5-1600 car with Mike Lesle lost a transmission 30 miles out. They had broken their race trans on Friday, -and Lesle had gon"e home, got the spare and installed · it, all to no avail. · Roger Mears, said to be leading at the time, broke a half-shaft on lap one, and fost an hour getting it fixed. Then he got out between Check 4 and 5 ori the second lap and broke the other one. This time his pit crew couldn't get to him to help, so there he sat. ~ Beny Canela, who's had the longest run of bad luck of anyone · out there, has the new coil over shocks on his two seater now. This time he broke one of those, and doesn't yet have any spares. Neither did anyone else; so Beny was out again. . _Mike Randall, driving the 7 4x4 Cherokee, broke a transfer case and a drag link. He lost two and a . half hours getting fixed, · and came in just a minute too late to get a finish. His brother, John, in the Comanche, broke a front end on the first lap and was out. We saw Chuck Guy running across Soggy Dry Lake with no front shocks on his Challenge car ( what a ride that must have been) and we note that he never got his second lap finished. John Swift, driving in Class 7, had ignition and foel problems early in the day, and was not able to get around in time to finish, after needing over seven hours for his first lap. - · This course has a big advantage over some long loops, in that there is easy access to much of the track. We have many notes about cars with what looked like terminal.damage, like rea~ torsion housings broken, and on ch~cking the finish l~t, find that they made it home after all. Apparently, in these days of good radio communication ( thanks to the Goodyear and BFGoodrich radio folks) it's easy for the pit to find their drivers and fix the tars. And this course seemed to make it easier than ever. · Mike Falkosky was one that couldn't be helped, or couldn't be helped soon enough. He broke an axle five miles out in his Class 7 truck, and got it fixed. But then, after having been stuck a couple . of times, he got past Check 3, and broke the other axle. Someone did get out to him with a new axle, but it was too late. We always like to listen in on the radio conversations at these races, and this time we heard a Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen, driving in Class 7, broke a tie rod and it ran_ through a radiator hose. At that point we bet they were missing their old VW Class 5 car. Their pit fixed the hose and welded up the tie rod, but it took so long that they were out of time and couldn't get a finish. _ . couple of one-liners we'd like to share with you. There was one plaintive voice-saying, "The next time you break a transmission, would you do it in a little more convenient spot?", and another, "He has two rear flats and he's MOVING?" We'll be back next month with stories from the Mint. Dusty Times

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Clouds Over Portugal After the withdrawal of the top team drivers, Joaquim Moutinho and Edgar Fortes inherited the lead, and they won the rally overall • in the Group B Renault 5 Turbo. A first stage crash in which right across the road m front of Joaquim Santos' Ford RS 200 him. "I lost control trying to plunged into crowds of Portu-avoid them, "-he explained. "As I guese spec ta tors led to the was trying to correct the car I immediate withdraw! of all drifted towards the outside of the registered team drivers at the road. Unfortunately spectators 1986 Port Wine Rally, the third who had seen me seconds earlier round in the world r ally hadsurgedforwardinalarm,and championship series. The these people were the ones we consequence of the crash, which hit." Reports stated that three every top driver feared but which people were killed and many the organizers never anticipated, more injured. was that the current Portuguese Marc Duez, the first driver to na tiona I champion J oaq u i m pass after the accident, pleaded in Moutinho, in a Renault 5 Turbo, vain with the time keepers to inherited a lead which he stop following cars, buteveri ten retainedtotheendoftheevent. minutes after the tragedy Joaquim Santos had been competitors were still being sent _driving the locally sponsored down the stage. Spectators, Ford RS 200, representing the mostly ordinary people from team which had been almost nea_rby Lisbon, were furious, and paranoid with fear that this sort started kicking and stoning ·the of thing could happen. On the passing cars. Eventually the rally first stage he had crested a rise, was haired. flat out, only to find spectators The organizers sensed that Text & Photos: Martin Holmes there was no hope of continuing -to run the three Sintra stages, each of which was due to be held three times. The drivers, whose dismay was incensed by the lack of decisiveness, announced they would return to their hotels until the rally was rescheduled to leave for the north later in the evening. When they learo.ed the extent of the disaster, their unwillingness extended to not continuing at all. Chief Organizer Cesar Torres had personally inspected the course before the start, but later admitted he had been forced to weave between spectators. Later he explained that accidents "can happen everywhere in the world" and he hoped that "spectators would learn for the future." But why was it necessary to run this stage, con·demned in previous years for insufficient safety? The Sintra staoes of which this was a par~, had become a cherished tradition of the event. They were an oppor-tunity for ordinary people to see the cars in action, and they had been held for many years without a problem. Aware of the many spectators, the organizers had engaged riot police to patrol this stage in previous years, but this year they bowed to public criticism and used civil police instead. Nobody could say why it had been considered safe this year to run a stage close to a major concentration of popula-tion without comparable special precautions. In a hotel suite in Estoril, team managers and drivers deliberated the situation. All the managers Getting checked out at a pit stop, the Fiat Uno Turbo of Jean-Sebastien Couloumies/Claudine Causse drove Giovanni def Zoppo and Loris Roggia went on to win their Peugeot 205 G Tl into sixth overall, and the team took Group A and place third overall. the Group N victory. Massimo Bias ion and Tiziano Siviero had the Lancia Delta S 4 in the lead when the accident caused the. withdrawal of all of the major teams. Dusty Times Heading into the tragic Sintra stages with hordes of spectators, the Ford RS 200 Group B of Stig Blomqvist/Bruno Berglund was later withdrawn. May 1986 . reckoned the dangers were essentially Sintra-related; they would not recur elsewhere, and their drivers should carry on. "What will people say about us if we continue? They will think we have the coolness of murderers," said Walter R.ohrl. World Champion Timo Salonen, who admitted hitt_ing spectators on the first stage, said "On this event spectators stand in the middle· of the road. At least in Ital·y or Monte Carlo they stand on the sides. The Portugal organizers promised to change things, but it was worse than ever · -nothing was changed at all." The top drivers were in no mood to carry on. There was no point in forcing the issue. Every team manager present could tell it was pointless and heartless to threaten. The drivers issued a written statement, signed· by them all, giving reasons of safety for thei r withdrawal. Eighteen drivers left their cars in the pare fer me when the rally restarted on schedule that evening. After three stages Biasion had had the lead and Lancias were running one-two-three. The drivers' bovcott is certain to be s~en as a political act, and there were suggestions that FISA must take some action against them. If there can be any good aspect from the affair, it can only be relief that the catastrophe· was not even more serious, and that it happened in a country where the authorities are less attentive to tragedy. Local drivers Joaquim Mou-tinho and Carlos Bica, Lancia, attended the meeting but decided to continue, as did the large majority of private entries. It was to be a long hard slog, the spectators were mostly absent, and for these two drivers the rally became just another round of the national championship. Positions at the restart, discounting the a bsentees, were Moutinho, Monagasque privateer "Tchine", Opel Manta, two Fiat Uno Turbos of Giovanni de! Zoppo and Michele Rayneri, Carlos Bica, and Alessandro Fiorio, Uno Turbo. On the first stage after the restart Rayneri streaked .away from the opposition, but even though he dropped some 40 seconds in the fog, Moutinho continued to lead. On the next stage Rayneri went off the road and the Italian challenge was down to two. At Povoa de Varzim, Moutinho was leading by 5 ½ minutes over de! Zoppo. "Tchine" was · another three minutes back and Klaus Fritzinger was an impres-sive fourth with his Group A Toyota Corolla 16 valve. Bica continued his careful drive gradually rising up the field, from ninth when th_ey arrived at Povoa to third when they returned. In seventh p lace Jean-Sebastien Couloumies was leading Group N in a Peugeot. At the finish Joaquim Mon-tinho and Edgar Fortes won overall in the Renault 5 Turbo. It was the first such victory for a local driver on this event since 1969. Carlos Bica/Candido Junior brought the Lancia Rally in for second, about 14 minutes minutes back. G iovanni de! Zoppo/ Loris Roggia were third overall and won Group A in the Fiat Uno Turbo, less than three minutes ahead of Jorge Ortigao/ Pedro Perez in. the Group A Toyota -Corolla. Jean-Sebastien Couloumies/Claudine Causse were _sixth overall and won Group N in the Peugeot 205 GTI. Of the 110 starters, 35 were official finishers. West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1962 OUR PR"ICE $695.00 Per Set 2 Ratio's Available .McKenzie Automotive 12945 Sherman Way #4 North Hollywood, CA 91605 213 /7 64-6438 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 39

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THE 34th MARLBORO SAFARI RALLY Toyota Win_s Overall for the Third Year in a Row Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Enjoying the traditional winner's circle ceremonies in Nairobi are Bjorn Waldegard, right, and Fred Gallagher with Toyota Team managers Andersson and Liddon waving to the rear. The Celica obviously has a strong steel hood. King of the country which once defeated every rallying visitor, Bjorn Waldegard became the first foreigner to win the Safari Rally in Kenya three times when Toyota scored their hat trick of consecutive wins this year at Easter time. Waldegard was the first driver for over 20 years to le'ad the "World's Greatest Rally" from start to finish, with Fred Gallagher navi-gating the Celica Twin Cam Turbo. His task eased when Lancia's effective challenge failed. By virtue of Markku Alen's eventual third place how-ever, Lancia now leads the World Championship for Makes, although Juha Kankkunen, Peu-geot, had been the best placed non-Toyota driver until shortly before the finish. Kankkunen still leads the Drivers' series, and VW drivers Kenneth Eriksson and Franz Wittmann head the World Championship Group A series. Although shortened in miles this year on instructions from FISA, the Safari still retained its traditional toughness, and only three of the 16 finishers were privateers. Group A was won for the second year running by Subaru with a much improved version of the RX Turbo driven by Kenyans Mike Kirkland and Robin Nixon. This was the first time the parent company of Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries, had entered motor sport official-! y. The other classes were a VW Golf GTI and, remarkably, a one liter Daihatsu Charade. The age o _f the normally aspirated rally car is as good as over. For the first time on a World Championship rally, all top ten finishers had turbo-charged or compressor inducted engines, even though their use on such an event is not necessarily ideal. Five time Safari winner Shekhar Mehta, co-opted from the absent Nissan team to drive for Peugeot, opined before the rally that only a normally aspi-rated car can adequately cope with the great range of altitude. Mehta suffered from an engine which would not work properly all rally! His teammate Kankkun-en went well before electrical problems intervened; eventually these got worse and he was lucky to finish at all. It was a miserable event for the French; everything went wrong. Their testing had been delayed by a fire and on the event itself they•found their cars were being shaken incessantly by vibrations they never anticipated. Unlike Peugeot, Lancia were brimming with confidence. All eleven national Kenyan rallies last season had been won bv rear drive 037s. And, their pre-rally testing had been positive if not, by virtue of Massimo Biasion's end over end accident, unevent-ful! This was the 037's swan song, not used on other World rallies since Sanremo last year. The old car was chosen because of its proven reliability. Unlike other events in the series, there are no stages on the Safari rally. The times set make the majority of the entire distance close to stage speeds. But, despite the age of the Lancia 037, its centrally located power unit was still too new for Safari success. Front engined cars bave not been beaten here since Volkswagen's wins in the 1S0's and early '60s. Local driver Vic Preston Jr. had masterminded Lancia 's testing and preparation, and swore that the 037 would be ideal. "The long dry spell of weather means that the bumps will be more damaging than ever, and we have been working on making the car absorb these all year," he said. Bjorn Waldegard was un-daunted by the opposition. His only problem was that his former teammate Juha Kannkunen, last year's Safari winner, was starting one ahead, in dust free condi-tion~. It only took a few hours before Kankkunen missed a turning, which let W aldegard get ahead on the road. The first loop headed southwards from Nairobi, but the shortening of the tradi-tional route meant that the cars would not reach Mombassa this year. High grass. growing on the tracks in the Chyula Hills area was an unexpected hazard. Toyota prepared special guards to protect their radiators, but the Lancias were soon overheating. Toyota, ho~ever, had other unex-pected trouble as their tires were chunking on the high speed sections. "We had a bad batch delivered and the replacement tires only arrived the day before the start," explained Toyota's rally manager Henry Liddon. "Now we find we cannot run at maximum speed. It's getting so bad I'm not sure we will have enough tires for everyone, if all our cars keep running." It was turning out to be an open battle for the lead. At the end of the first leg of 1287 kms' Waldegard led Kankkunen and Biasion, Toyota, Peugeot and Lancia all up front. And Alen had battery trouble that led to lights and wiper failure. He had then gone off the road and dropped down to 17th place. Running down the field crested its own hazards, especially in the drier conditions to follow. The Toyota led Kankkunen's Peugeot by four minutes, but Waldegard said, "I'm not going to change my tactics, I've found my speed." But Mehta's prob-lems were getting worse. The Kenyan's radiator burst, then the Peugeot refused to restart, and to compound the team's problems, Kankkunen was delayed by electrical trouble some half dozen controls into the second leg. This came just as Biasion's climb. up the field was thwarted by a series oflost alternator belts; this led to progressive overheat-ing trouble and eventual engine failure. Suddenly the Safari became a Toyota steamrolling exercise and Waldegard's confidence was vindicated. Lancia also lost Preston; he had already lost time by running out of fuel, then he misjudged a bend and crashed. But, gradually Alen was climbing back up the rankings, and from complete dejection the Italians became cautiously opti_mistic. Interest shifted from the l,eading Group B cars to the Group A contest, Subaru were in command,-but hounding Mike Kirkland and "Possum" Bourne was Kenneth Eriksson with his works VW Golf GTI. Then came the report that Bourne was in trouble; he had broken the sus-pension on the Subaru in a qip and this shot the car into a-bank and over on its roof. The third and final leg had the makings of a procession, but things did not work out that way. Waldegard suddenly lost a half an hour when a rear hub broke, and his teammate Erwin Weber came within three minutes of taking the lead. Behind the Toyotas, the Lancia-Peugeot battle was at full spate, but still not close to the third running Toyota of Lars-Erik T orph. Alen was back in the running, up to fourth place and equal to Kankkunen. Then the Lancia fell back for a while. Now Mehta's tales of misery got longer. Three times on th1L£inal loop he had turbocharger trouble. "Every time he put his foot down, it would go bang,'' explained Peugeot's engineer Andre de Cortanze. W aldegard restarted and pulled steadily ahead of Toyota's guest driver, Weber, and soon the German had axle failure. Just as the rally was entering the later stages came unpleasant news. Eriksson went off the road without warning. His co-driver Peter Diekmann explained that they had passed a school and were approaching a corner when the Golf suddenly turned right, killing a 14 year old spectator who had been watching away from his friends at the nearby corner. It was a depressing sequel to the events in Portugal a month earlier, but completely uncon-nected. The organizers in Kenya had taken unparalleled trouble to educate and control the crowds this year, but the accident still happened. Eriksson withdrew immediately, while the other cars followed the route towards Eldoret, the final rest.halt before before the 500 km dash back to Nairobi. Rally organizer Mike Doughty .was well plea'sed: · "With Weber only five minutes ahead ofKankkunen and another 12 in front of Alen, we are going to have a real Grand Prix finish." Surviving endless troubles Markku Alen and llkka Kivimaki split '/It, the Toyota ranks and finished third overall in the Lancia Rally, taking the valuable WCR points. ~ · Despite troubles from start to finish, Shekhar Mehta and Rob Combes plugged along gamely to finish eighth in the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 E2. Azar Anwar and Jamil Khan were 16th, last of the finishers. but their Daihatsu Charade won the small bore Group A. the only one that finished. Page 40 May 1986 Dusty Times

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Kenyan drivers Basil Criticos and Surindar Thatthi kept the plder Opel Manta 400 moving well and finished in good time. 11th overall. Troubles followed most of the drivers, but Franz Wittmann and Matthias Feltz got their Group A Volkswagen Golf GT/ home in This Lancia Ra/fey looks ready for Baja, and Kenyans John Hillier and David Williamson kept it moving to take tenth overall in the Safari. 12th OVf:rall. Charging through a typical village on the route, the Range Rover of Gerard Miller and Richard Mathews was 14th, and fourth in Group A. Japanese drivers Yoshio Iwashita and Yoshimase Nakahara delight a typical corner crowed on route, but th_eir Nissan 240 RS failed to finish. Finishing 1-2-4, the triumphant Toyota team poses in Nairobi. From the left, Fred Gallagher, Bjorn Waldegard, Bo Thorszelius, Erwin Weber, Gunter Wanger and Lars-Erik Torph. The winning Toyota Celica Twincam Turbo of Bjorn Waldegard and Fred Gallagher led the entire rally, and the team brought Toyota their third straight victory on Safari. The final few sections were thrilling. Markku Alen was wound up for a full scale attack. Forget the three T oyotas, the battle for fourth place was a race for World Championship points and Lancia was out to beat Peugeot. Peugeot's miseries came to a climax when Kankkunen's car just stopped. He said later, "It took ages for our chase car to arrive, and then we just sat while they went through everything to see what was wrong. They checked one thing, then another, finally it was just a little relay that had failed." Now Markku Alen had the Lancia run11ing first on the road in this group, and he was pulling further ahead. Weber was delayed, first by having an accident with another competitor which smashed the~ front of his Toyota and then with brake problems. Alen had not only gotten in front of the Peugeot, but he had split the Toyota ranks. It was a storming finish to · a rally which had gone so badly for them early on. And, if Kankkunen was going badly, Mehta was struggling just to keep going at all. The engine was running so badly that the clutch was damaged. When the checkered flag dropped in the center of Nairobi, the winner was the Toyota of Dusty Times Bjorn Waldegard and Fred Gallagher. This was Waldegard's · third Safari victory, the first being in 1977 with Ford in the wet, and the second was in the dry. for Toyota two years ago. Not since the days of Joginder Singh's Volvo had anyone so dominated a Safari Rally. But, W aldegard had warm words for his 25 year old teammate Lars-Erik T orph, who was on the Safari for the first time and finished second, only 28 minutes ·back on total time with Bo Thorszelius co-driving. In W arid Championship terms the Toyota is living on borrowed time, but like Toyota's number one driver, the Celica is enjoying the success in its twilight immensely. Markku Alen and llkka Kivimaki finished third in the Lancia Rally, another 38 minutes back and merely eight m_inutc.3 ahead of Erwin Weber and Gunter Wanger in the third Toyota. Juha Kankkunen and Juha Piironen brought the first Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 E2 home fifth, back another 52 minutes down on time. The time span does seem huge between cars, until you consider that the winner's total time was 44 hours and 12 minutes. The course totaled 4190 kilometers with 63 sections run in three loops. Of the 69 cars that started the event, First the local teams and the Group A winner, Mike kirk/and and Robin Nixon also put the Subaru RX Turbo into a fine sixth overall. merely 16 finished the route. Taking sixth overall, first in Group A, and first of the local drivers as well, were Mike Kirkland and Robin Nixon in the Subaru RX Turbo, only 25 minutes out of fifth. Frank Tundo/Quentin Thomson were Scrambler Long Back Chassis 92• Wheelbase Removable Rear Cage Included ALL TUBING IS .095 WALL THICKNESS (HRP&O) seventh and second in Group A in another Subaru, just one minute ahead of the trouble plagued Peugeot of Shekhar Mehta/Rob Combes. Rounding out the top ten were a pair of Group B Lancia Rallys driven by Greg Criticos/Marzio Kravos ~ and John Hellier /David Williams son. Coming in 16th, last of the official finishers was the Daihatsu Charade driven by Azar Anwar and Jamil Khan. They won the class for one liter Group A cars, and it was their fifth such class win in as many years with a normally aspirated 998 cc car. The Daihatsus are the only one liter cars to finish the Safari since the sixties, and they have done it three times in the past five years with a 998 cc Charade. Dealer Inquiries Invited· (314) 947-1723 Scrambler ECONO KITS $125.00 BURKS Off-Road Racing Ask for Derrel 341 North Drive {. 314) 947 1723 St. Charles, Missouri 63301 . - • May1986 Page 41

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F.O.R.D.A.'S 400 MILE ENDURANCE RACE P.ass their viewing area. Joe Cunningham, in a 1-1600, was the first in sight, followed closely The Florida 400 by Mark Bickers, in another 1600, as they· finished the first lap. But, everyone else was ih tight formation right behind take over for awhile. As Jerry was getting the feel of handling Sam's car he did an end over flip just after the first turn. With a little help, Jerry got back on all fours, and he was on his way again. Marty Pounds was on the move in D Class, side by side with Joe Cunnjngham's 1600, and gaining ground with each turn. Marty went through four oil filters during the race. He was near the top of the list until he broke a spindle towards the end of the six hours. Tough break! them. After a few laps the cars Text & Photos John Sprovkin began to spread out, drop out -and flip out. ----------------------------------------There were eleven starters in D Racing over his own sand pits, Jimmie Crowder was right at home on the course, and this year luqk stayed with him and he won overall. It was a beautiful day for racing car is more competitive than a outside of Tallahassee, Florida short course car. The track was a on March 22. A slight chill was in little muddy last March from rain the air, with a cool breeze earlier in the week. Most of the blowing, but the sun was shining teams had done some practice on over the Crowder Pits, the site of Friday, and you could sense the the "long" short rourse that excitement as the drivers and annually hosts this Florida classic their crews prepared for the day enduro. The track winds through long race. The schedule lasted six the excavated sand pits, through. -hours or 400 miles for the event, the trees on narrowtrails and which was scheduled to start at over some sharp cliffs, and it is 10:00 a.m. one eastern event where a desert Alon_g with the Florid?,_drivers, Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. joints. Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C. V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C. V.s are threaded 3/8-24. Axles and bells for the 930 C.V.s can be supplied with 3/8-24 or 10 mm 1.5 pitch threads. 10 mm - 1. 5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per flan1e on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 29300 3RD • LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 (714) 674-7365 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 4i there were some v1s1tors from other states.James Brown had his Toyota powered Class 1 buggy out from Missouri, and Class 1 entrants Steve Morris and Tom Lemons were visiting from Michigan. There were also three entries from Illinois, Rock Hartke, John DeYoung and Randall Hartke, all driving 1-2-1600 cars. ReP,eat visitors from Georgia that usually make the Tallahassee race were Clay Hurst, D Class, and Bruce Mitchum and Larry Elliott, both in open class. Another repeat visitor, Bill LeFeuvre brought his Class 1 Berrien all the way from Limehouse, Ontario, Canada, At this event the starting line up is a three acrnss grid, all starting at the same time, or .J.lmost, and the grid position is in -order of registration, -which really mixes up the classes. At 10:30 a.m. the race finally began with thirty-seven buggies on the move, and the roar of engines echoed throughout the land. Around the course the spectators _\1/aited anxiously for th~ p~~~ to Class, 1200 cc single seaters, and usual contender Tom Gundeck didn't last very long. He lost the ring and pinion about thirty minutes into the . race . • Kelly McMahan also dropped out of D Class witb the same problem. · Mark Oliver, D Class, was getting with it as he sailed over a jump with Daryl Stedman, in Class 1, right on his tail. The next time around Mark broke a tie rod while going around the turn and got hung up on the of a drop off. With a little heir f,om your reporter he was back on d,~ track again, only to creep into tLF, pits and retire for the day. Class D champion from Georgia Clay Hurst had wheel problems; it seemed he couldn't keep them on his racer. He called it a day fairly early in the rase . Jerry Al1en was off to a good start and going with the flow in D Class until his buggy developed transmission trouble and he dropped out. Jerry came back into the race, but this time he was driving Sam Pace's D buggy: Sam p11Iled into the ~its _and let Jerry Allen Brumley kept a steady pace all day, and he didn't have too many problems. His throttle cable stuck twice and he broke the back of the shock tower mounts off. But Allen stayed right in the hunt through to the end. Scott Gundeck was only half a minute out of first place in D when he rolled and broke a spindle. Every time J.R. Taylor came around he had a good edge on somebody, passing a buggy or gaining ground. J.R. had nothing but a good day en route to the D ClussviqQry. · - _ In the Class 1-2-1600 action '] oe Cunningham also had a very good day. Joe didn't have any problems at all, and he was consistent, that is for sure! We watched him hit the saine hole before the first tum for many laps, and he put the front end in the air the same way every time, and he ended up winning the eleven cax _da~s. On the other John De Young aims his 1600 Funco past Sam Pace's car, Scott Gundeck, #51 did a great Job finishing second in C and De Young took third in the class honors after six hours class, and here he stays with Rock Hartke's 1600 on the of tough racing. rough Florida terrain. The action was close in the early laps. Mark Oliver, #81 Tom Toia had some great laps in his Class 10 car, but he moves over to let Carlton Jackson pass, but neither entry failed to finish, and 11(aS credited wilfl 1?ixth in. ope..r;,,c/as.s, · finished the racA on the results. · · May 1986 Dusty Times

Page 43

hand Chad Patterson didn't have the best day. He went through two engines, one shock, and rolled, causing extensive damage to his race car. Also in the 1600 class Terry Clark, who is usually, consistent and running near the top, lost his transmission, putting him out for the day. Bob Bohres, during one lap, was pouring it on as he went past Brian Peterson, a Class 1. But later Bob broke the transmission mounts. Buddy Taylor, sponsored by Import Engine Machine Shop and Howell Racing Fuel out of Winter Park, Florida, had a slight edge on Danny Hahn as they came around the first tum. Later Buddy tore up his front end and the transaxle. -In tight 1600 action Mark Bickers, sponsored by Bickers 4-Wheel Drive, battled with Rock Hartke, from Illinois, as they came over a jump side by side, and both drivers had a good day. Also from Illino is, John De Young and Randall Hartke kept driving to the end of the race despite a few minor problems. Randall broke a shock, changed a tire, and around 3:30 p.m. had a smoking engine. Driving his 1600 sponsored by Bug Hutt, from Orlando, Rick Welch started out great with total control. About two hours into the race he had to replace the shocks. Shortly thereafter he came around the turn with a flat right rear tire. Finally he was put out of the race when he rolled. His buggy received a broken tie rod and lost the transaxle arm bolts. - - ---The · Open Class included Class 1 and 10, and Carl-ton Jackson did a flip "his way" -as he approached tfie first turn shortly after tne start of the race. Jimmie Crowder, no doubt one of the best drivers in this area, had his buggy on the move and in top shape. Owner of the Crowder Pits, Jimmie knows his way around the course, and didn't seem to have . any problems. At one poirit he did bounce over a tum and rolled off the track, but he recovered quickly and continued on. Bill LeFeuvre tangled with Scott Gundeck and went off the track. But Bill reacted quickly and was on the road again; the Canadian had a super day, and the only mechanical glitch he suffered was a broken tie rod. Ken Burket and Tom T oia, in Class 10 cars, were battling it out with each other during the entire race, exchanging positions with each other constantly. Both drivers had their share of problems. Ken, just before tl1e first turn-1. wenr over the bank This muddy whee/stand did not keep Joe Cunningham from leading the 1-2-rnnn hattle most' of the way, and at the checkered flaq as well. Dustynmes which had about a thirty foot · drop. Don't know how he did it but- by the time we got there h~ had sorrie help pushing· the car onto the lower section of the track, and 'away he went. His . competitor Tom Toia, while going around the first tum, rolled over and broke an axle. With his pit crew on the move, repairs were made at the location and he continued on. ABOVE; LEFT TO RIGHT: After retiring his own car, Jerry Allen drove relief for Sam Pace, and rounding the first turn Allen got airborne, went end over in a big way, then side over, landed on the back wheels only to take off again, did another side over and landed on the roof. With help from spectators, Allen was righted and the car placed fifth in Class D. T im Lemons, from Michigan, turned his buggy on its side going around the same tum , but it came back down on the rubber. The next time around it was noticed that his right front tire was caved in. Brian Petterson and Jam~s Brown were side by side while coming around a tum. Brown, from Missouri, finally got the edge on the straight and overtook Petterson. Petterson had his act together-1. and was prepared for~ CHECK OUR NEW LOCATION IN THE SAN GABRIEL VALLEY £1"" LARGE INVENTORY Over 10,000 Parts in Stock £1"" RACE SHOP DISCOUNTS COMPLETE LINE OF PERFORMANCE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES FOR RACERS, PRE-RUNNERS & SAND RAILS • Centerline Wheels• Trick Trailing Arm?• Wright Place •Sway-A-Way• Bilstein Shocks• Bug Pack• HPS Oils• Deist Safety • FillE:r Safety• ND Spark Plugs• Woven Brakes• Web-Cam • K.Y.B. Shocks• Beard Seats• Dura Blue• Hewland Gears • Gem Gears• Rapid Cool• Tri-Mil• Hella • IPF Power• K & N •Bosch• Earl's Performance Products • Super Boot • Summers Brothers • Uni Filter • Weld Racing Wheels < 9158 LAS TUNAS TEMPLE CITY CALIFORNIA 91780 (818) 285-5944 (818) 285-5973 t Q 210 FREEWAY z May1986 \. OPEN MON.-FRL 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM SAT 8:00 AM TO 400 PM SUN. 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM We Ship Anywhere Q :> ..,j cc Q < ~ ~:E ~ fl) 0 CIC ::i NORTH ..,j Q x ;;. > u ..,j < i cc at ~ ~ ~ CIC LAS TUNAS u "" l2SI ·::3 Q. II) = :E >D ~ !--10 FREEWAY Page 43

Page 44

Illinois racer Rock Hartke did well in Florida, taking a strong second among the 1600s. Here he flies past Floridian Mark Bicker, #602: -~ anything. With his pit crew kept· busy, Brian went through three transmissions, two clutch cables and was on his second motor. Brown, on the other hand, only went through one clutch and one transmission. Danny Hahn didn't have a good day in open class. He started out with carburator problems, which gave him poor performance, so he ·dropped out. Dary I Stedman had the edge for a time on Steve Norris. As they moved down the track, Norris rolled twice causing front end problems. Daryl tangled with another race car, resulting in injuries to his passenger. There were only eleven buggies left running towards the end of the race. When the checkered flag came down, Jimmie Crowder took the honors for Class 1 and overall. Bill LeFeuvre was second in this class and second overall. Daryl Stedman was third in the class, fourth overall. Scott Haire earned fourth in class, and Ken Burket was fifth followed by Tom Toia and Carlton Jackson. Joe Cunningham not only won Class 1-2-1600, but he took third overall as well. In the close battle Roc;k Hartke was second in 1600s, followed tightly by John DeYoung, Randall Hartke and Mark Bicker. The D Class winner, going away was J.R. Taylor who scored fifth overall. Close behind Taylor came Scott Gundeck, then Marty Pounds. Allan Brumley was fourth in class followed by Sam Pace. As the day's activities came to a close, the tired bodies got busy loading their racers, did a little bench racing, and settled into nearby lodging · to await · the awards presentations on Sunday morning. UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS POWER STEERING The Components, Parts, and Service Winnen Count On • NEWI Choice of Aluminum or St-I • choose between tough, lightweight aluminum or low-cost steel parts; all are precision made, incredibly durable. • Components or Complete System • for any application, we'll _sell you whatever parts you need, or a complete system ... installation is also available, all at competitive prices. • Dr-Less Than 1HP • The most efficient, most durable set of power steering components available . .it's the • Rebuilds, Adjustments & choice of more Class_ and Overall winners Technical Assistance - Whether you than all others comb1nedl need to build or repair, test or adjust. • Complete Bracketry & Tabs · clean, or just have questions about power reliable mounting available for any steering ... call us. We'll answer your application. questions without hassle. UNIQUE Also, ask about our full llne of other racing metal fabrication services ... METAL PRODUCTS,. SEND FOR FREE INFORMATION AND PRICES TODAY .· U :"P 8745 Magnolia Ave. • SantH, CA 92071 • 619/449-9690 -Page 44 WEATHERMAN'S RADIO TIPS THE FASCINATING WORLD OF ANTENNAS, OR ALL YOU EVER WANTED TO , KNOW BUT WERE AFRAID TO LISTEN. I've had racers tell ' me they don't know a megacycle· from a motorcycle, or if it doesn't move and I can't see it, it doesn't work! Translation: I don't under-. stand!!!! , Since car phones and FM-2/ways have been my career for the past 20 years, I often presume that you know the more simple basics of electronics. In many cases I find this just isn't true! You really don't know an OHM from a home or ground from dirt. So this, if you will read on, is your basic education into the fascinating world of the unknown. Antennas and how they relate to your winning effort. THE ANTENNA is the device by which power (watts) is transmitted. It is also the device by which signal is received. It is a major portion of your overall effectiveness at communicating. In other words, without a properly installed and matched antenna you could have a pit talker. That is to say a 2/way capable of only a small, or very small, portion of its potential. How can you insure against the biggest problem, which is an open or shorted antenna? 1) Buy yourself a $369.00 thru line Watt Meter that will show foreward power, reflected power, opens, shorts and mismatches ( providing you know how to use it and are able to read it properly: OR, 2) Buy yourself an inexpensive OHM/Volt Meter and check the continuity between the center conductor of the connector ( the part that plugs into the radio), and the antenna element or whip. If there is no continuity you have what is referred to as an "Open"! Take off the antenna and put one probe on the center connector of the PL259 connector (at the radio) and the other probe on the center conductor of the antenna mount on top of the vehicle. If you now have continuity your problem is that the tab ( center conductor) of the antenna is not extended or low enough to make contact. Should there still be no continuity check the bottom of the antenna mount, then the connector that plugs into the radio. NOTE! Do not re-use a PL259 ( the connector that plugs into the FM). 3) With your new inexpensive • OHM/Volt Meter measure the continuity of the ground side of the antenna connector to the ground side of the mount. If there is no continuity, again check the mount, then replace the connector and/ or coax. NOTE! Coax is round and the distance of the center conductor to the outside shield should be the same along the entire length of the coax in order to maintain the impedance of the radio coax and antenna. This is 50 OHM's ( n~t a small ho\lsing tract in May 1986 By B<;b 'Weatherman' Sreinherger England). Sharp bends or too tight tie wraps can change this impedance and only a thru line Watt Meter can tell if the radio, coax and antenna are matched. 4) Make a measurement of continuity between the center conductor and the shield. There should be none! If~ there is, you have a shorted antenna which will greatly lessen your chances of being an effective communica-tor past your pit area. If you show short circuit (continuity) check your mount, then replace the coax and the connector. NOTE! Make measurementwith antenna off vehicle, as some type antennas will show continuity from center conductor to ground. 5) If in doubt have it checked by a qualified radio shop or bring it by the PCI Race Radio contingency booth at the SCORE/HORA or SNORE races, and for a modest amount (a silver bullet) we will relate to you in layman terms, where the beef is or isn't. MATCHING YOUR AN-TENNA. If the antenna element is mismatched or improperly tuned, the antenna coax starts to resonate as an antenna and absorbs the power in the coax and the tuned circuits, of the FM 2/way. This can cause damage to the radio!! The antenna whip has to be cut to the proper frequency. In case of multi-channel radios the whip should be cut to tne mid-range frequency. WHAT KIND OF AN-TENNA SHOULD I RUN? The only antenna I have seen constantly stand the abuse of trees, roll overs and constant' vibration is the Antenna Specialists Model 1450, the one with the black rubber spring. The chrome spring is too loose, allowing way too much oscillation. This is a 3DB gain antenna (which doubles your effective radiated power). It has a low profile with regards to breakable parts. It is resilient and can take the most severe shocks. The whip is made of sufficient tensile strength chrome pl:;ited steel and endures more vibration than any of its LOOK-ALIKES. Do low provile 1 7" quarterwave whips work as well as the three DB Gain antennas? Almost: when running down the course! But not nearly as good when stopped and the whips are vertical. Why? The 3DB gain antenna doubles the output power of the radio by effectively radiating the power on a mcfre horizontal plane, partially eliminating the vertical radiation. IS THE GROUND PLANE THAT THE ANTENNA RADIATES FROM IMPOR-TANT?- Extremely! Unless you are talking to outer space you have to bring your signal down to ground to radiate your power in an OMNI directional horizontal pattern. If you mount your antenna below your ground plane ( your roof) you will absorb some ohhe, ot,1tput power of the radio into your chassis. This will not produce baldness or impotency but it will cost you range. If you mount your antenna on a tab off the rear of your cage you have a good forward ground plane and hopefully, your chase vehicle is in front of you, as you will lose range off your flanks and to the rear. THE CORRECT SOLU-TION: Mount your antenna on your roof, centrally located. If you run a tire on your roof, mount your antenna on a plate covering the most part of the spare. ANTENNAS AND WA VE PROPAGATIONS (gotcha) are too vast a subject to cover in one article: so next month more on antennas and base antennas. Should you have any comments, observations or suggestions, call Bob Steinberger or write to PCI Race Radios, 2888 Gundry Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90806. (213) 426-7077. SUPPORT TEAM REGISTER We welcome all Support Team news articles. Typed and dou-ble spaced copy is acceptable. Deadline is the 10th of the month. CHAPALA DUSTERS Jon Kennedy, President 3117 Killarney Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 641-0155 CHECKERS Max Norris, President 4910 Townsend Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90041 (213) 255-1053 - (213) 254-1531 CORE Jim Branstetter, President 17453 Runnymede Van Nuys, CA 91406 (818) 705-8183 Radio-FM-173.375 F.A.I.R. SUPPORT TEAM P.O. Box 542 Stanton, CA 90680 Wayne Morris, President (714) 996-7929 Sandy Davis, Secretary (714) 772-3877 Meetings 1st & 3rd Weds. Holiday Inn Harbor & 91 Freeway Radio-FM-150.860 LOS CAMPEONES, Malcolm Vinje, President 476 West Vermont Escondido, CA 92025 (619) 292-0485 (home) (619) 743-1214 (work) Radio-FM-152.960 MAG7 Jerry McMurry, President Bruce Cranmore, Race Director 11244 Horizon Hills Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 440-3737 (home) (619) 225-6886 (work) TERRA Jan Sunderland, President 2542 Kemper Avenue la Crescenta, CA 91214 (818) 248-9039 Meetings 2nd Weds. each Month • Jan Sunderland's house TIGHT 10 153 Lindell Avenue El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 283-6535 (day) (619) 447-7955 (night) Gene Robeson, President (619) 466-8722 , .r,, ) ,,' ; r , , , Dusty Times

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G.O.R.R.A. Starts the New Season on a New Track Charging off the start Class 10 racers Larry Elliot, Travis Hurst, Bill Gaylord and Mike Seabolt test the first-jump on the new track that put several out of action. The Georgia Off Road Racing Association opened the 1986 racing season oR-March 9 on a brand new to them race course. The new location this year is Winder-Barrow Speedway, and 18 entries came out to test the new track. There were seven in D Class and seven in Class 10, with four starters in Class 1-2-1600. Each class started ,the day with their own five lap heat race after the practice sessions. D Class led off the ra~ing action with the close infighting that is typical of the 40 horse drivers. Coy Scott got out in front early, led every lap of the five, and took the win. Mike Isola had been running second, but ran off the track and dropped ro seventh. At the flag Bobby Bramblett was second followed by Johnny Millwood. Travis Hurst's youngest son, Clint, finished fourth in his first race, and he shows great potential. He may well follow in the winning footsteps of his father and his brother Clay after a little more off road racing exper_ience. All seven covered the five laps. In the Class 1-2-1600heatrace Steve Ream led all five laps. At the finish he was followed by Charles Lowery, who ran second all the way. Despite a roll over on the second lap, Mickey Small-wood took third as Jack Hanson broke a spindle on the last lap. Class 10 seemed like a rerun of last year as-Travis Hurst led from flag to flag, and Bill Gaylord held second for the five laps. Mike Seabolt, in third, and Bruce Mitchum were the other two finishers in the heat race. Jack Thompson and Seabolt were wheel to wheel on the first lap into the first turn, and Thompson came out with a flat tire and zero laps completed. Larry Elliott broke a cv joint on the starting line and went nowhere, and Ray Whigham dropped a valve on the first lap as well. . The line up for the main event held 15 cars in the three groups, with Class 10 first off, followed by Class 1-2-1600 and the D Clay Hurst started out strong in D Class, but a flip in the Bruce Mitchum was running well here over the dusty feature race dropped him to second place in the final jump, but a Jransmission failure put him down to fourth standings. -place in Class 10. Travis Hurst had a good day <Jt the new track, as he won both the heat race and the main event in Class 10, despite a penalty of one lap. Class racers. They had a good front brake and a broken cv joii-it race, and first across the finish put him out of the action. lin_e was Travis Hurst, who Mickey Smallwood got in just covered a total of 50 laps. But four laps before blue smoke from Hurst was credited with 49 laps, the engine put him on the losing a lap because·he came out sidelines. of the pit area the wrong way. All seven D Class cars Travis started o ut by getting returned to the main event, and hung up on a telephone pole that they had a close race for a time. was alongside the track on the At the checkered flag it was first lap, but he went on to win Bobby Bramblett who won the the race overall. class, and his total of 49 laps put Bill Gaylord covered 46 laps, him a good third overall as well. after the front left tire went flat, Clay Hurst got in· 47 laps for and in the pit stop, both front second place, and he flipped his tires had to be changed; and, with car on the 22nd lap, but got the tubes showing, both wheels pushed back on the wheels to on the back had to be beaten finish well. In third was Johnny back into shape·. Rocks on the Millwood, who went out with track were hard on the wheels. unknown woes after doing 43 Finally Gaylord was stopped on hard laps. lap 4 7 when he lost a spindle nut, Ronnie Whigham covered 42 and the hub came off bending the laps, but had several problems rotor anq the caliper bracket. along the way. First he lost a coil Taking third place was Jack wire, then his steering wheel had Thompson, who managed 32 to be tightened in a pit stop, and laps with five different problems. finally he broke all three shocks It started when the steering wheel on the left side. Coy Scott hit a came loose, moved on to brake tree in the woods and broke the woes, then clutch problems steering, but he earned fifth in D which made it tough to shift Class with 31 laps completed. gears, and finally the engine blew. Mike Isola was doing nicely for Bruce Mitchum was fourth in . 21 laps, then the engine went Class 10 with a trahsmission south. Taking seventh and last problem stopping him. was Robert who got in Running strong in the early just 18 laps and went out with laps, Mike Seabolt came to grief handling problems. on lap 14 when he hit some loose G.O.R.R.A. will be staging the di.rt on the track, lost control, big 100 mile race at the same and ran up a bank an~ finally · track late in April. For complete turned over on the front straight. info on these races contact Neither Larry Elliott or Ray G.O.R.R.A., P.O . Box 1093 Whigham started the main event. ST A. A, Atlanta, GA 30310. The starting line for the l-2-1600s was down to three as Jack Hanson did not start. They lined up as they finished the heat race, and they finished in the same order. Steve Ream won the class, covering 36 laps. Steve ran long · enough to get in more laps than the-other two in the class, before his· car just stopped running. Charles Lowery earned second: doing 17 laps before the combination of a locking right THE PE CT PRE-FILTER FILTER WRAPS • Gleans air before it reaches primary filter; designed to fit over most foam, paper or gauze filters. • No restriction to breathing. • Stops all dirtlsand ... excellent protec-. tion against water and mud; breathes even when dirty. • Uses specially oiled "sticky" foam fibers; the dirt clings to the fibers; the clean air flows easily to your primary filter. • Reusable; withstands hundreds of cleanings. • Can be used oiled or dry; instructions included. UNI FILTER has a filter to fit virtually every A TV and motorcycle, as well as most race cars and light trucks. To order direct, contact UNI FILTER; newest catalog, $3.00. Filter Wraps priced from $4.95 to 8.95. -------Coy Scott led from wire to wire in the D Class heat, but he hit a tree in the main event and still earned fifthplace points. Bill Gaylord ran second in both the Class 10 heat race and the main event despite some serious mechanical trouble in the 50 miler. ' . UNI FILTER, INC. Dept. OT 13522 Newhope Street Garden Grove, CA 92643 , 714/530-6101 , Dustynma May 1986 Page 45 \

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The A.D.R.A. Western 150 By Daryl D. Drake For the April 12th opener to the 1986 Desert Champion Series, the Arizona Desert Racing Association planned the "Western 150" for the desert west of Wickenberg, Arizona. But, just weeks before the race, the BLM announced that another thirty days would be needed before the archaeological surveys could be completed. So A.D.R.A.'s President Phil Auernheimer and field engineer Bill Graham did some fancy footwork and came up with a great course in Rainbow Valley, just thirty-five miles out of Phoenix. As always, no pre-rµnning was allowed. . Described by Class lO's Ed Beard as a "Mini Mint," the thirty mile loop started with a fast, flat desert trail for six miles with just enough turns and washouts to keep things honest. Then it was a bumpy trip up a sandy pole line road to Checkpoint 1. Leaving the check, racers found themselves on a high speed gas line road for a time before being shunted back into the desert via a sharp right onto a cow traiL Climbing now, the loop, followed the trail through some low foothills and into a canyon where a fast Jeep traH skirted the northern end of the Maricopa Mountains. This led back to the gas line, and a flat-out two mile run brought the racers into Checkpoint 2. A ranch road then led to another section of pole line road, much rougher than the first. Next up was a three mile straightaway that probably was five miles long counting the hills and valleys. One hill in particular was exciting. Cresting the top, the racers caught some serious air, feeling weightless as the road dropped off beneath them. Then a fast downhill wash along the southside of the Buckeye Hills brought the racers to Check 3. Here's where things got nasty. Pickup-swallowing gullies· and valleys ( with a higher hill than the last after each!) led up through a saddle and down into a super-soft tight, twisty wash. Clearing that, a fast two miles of wide graded road brought the racers into Home Check. BFGoodrich's Mike Held, Frank DeAngelo and crew were there with the big black BFG Photos: 3-D Photography Gene Greenlee returned to off road racing in grand style, driving John Gardner's Tandem to the overall victory among the Pro classes, and he won Class 2, of course . Support tractor-trailer rig, offering help to all the racers, regardless of tire brand, and spreading the word on T earn TI A. In fact, at least a half dozen big rigs were spread out through the half mile long pit area, testimony to how "big time" off road racing has become. Yokohama representatives Bob Mount and Larry-Bartleson were also on hand. · A.D.R.A. had its new computer scoring system on line, making unofficial results available during and after each race. (Results, however, are still unofficial as we go to press.) Weather on race day was clear and warm with a nice breeze, but the promised and hoped formid-week rain had never arrived and the desert was bone dry. (The food concessionaires did a brisk business in shaved ice drinks.) Pro racers got the 9 a.m. slot this time for their five laps, the Sportsmen starting at 2 p:m. with the Beginners on their tails. After a brief drivers' meeting where Phil warned the racers of an estimated 1200 head of cattle, the Pros left one minute apart in this class order: 10, 1, 2, 8, 5, 7 and Challenger. Jeff Sanders, now in the Pro 10 ranks, was first off and led on the road at the end of lap one with a time of 37:20. But two minutes back and fifteen seconds faster was Carlos Serrano. Steve McArthur was three minutes back ·in his second Pro 10 showing, and David Ludtke was back a ways in a shake down run for his new Dirtrix car. Ed Beard added to this year's string of DNF's with a blown headgasket and was down at around the twenty mile mark. Serrano bettered his time by eight seconds on the second lap and Sanders picked up twenty-three, making for close racing with McArthur faster as well, only five minutes back. Ludtke also was picking up steam but would retire after this lap. The front runners caught some traffic on the third lap and both fell back about a minute and a half. Serrano was then reporting brake troubles and Sanders pitted for air cleaner service. Sanders then started moving up again and took the time lead by two minutes at the end of four with the class's best time of 36:38 on his final go-around. His total time of 3.09: 10 in the Beard's Super Seats/Trick Gas sponsored Beard's Buggy was good enough for an average 4 7 .58 mph and ,i,econd overall as well. Sanders commented on his ride, "Only problem was the dust and it wasn't too bad, only about twenty miles worth. Neat course, I liked it, but very slippery. I think I did as well as anybody on the powerline. I'm impressed with the way the Yokohama tires worked. I think they're n:eat tires." Serrano was 4:31 back for second Pro 10, third overail in the Eastside Cycles/Trick Gas/Malcolm Smith/Bad Bugs of Arizona Chenowth Magnum. The Class 1 drivers list read like a who's-who of off road racing in Arizona: '85 A.D.R.A. Class Champ Tom Zentner, followed by Frontier 500 winner Larry Ragland, Mojave 250 Class Jim Bunch drove Bob Austin's Dirtirix' to the Sportsman Class 10 and overall win, saying his crazy 3 wheeling days helped him a lot in his first off raod race on four wheels. Pete and Jennifer Sohren took time out from their honeymoon to sail to the Pro Class 5 victory. and their Baja Bug was fourth overall in the race. 1 "winner" (reprotested) Larry Noel and '85 A.O.R.R.A. Champ William "Doc" Ingram. Noel was first off and set hot lap of the day at 33:59 for an incredible 52.97 mph over the tough course. Ragland was next in six minutes behind with Zentner a distant third. And Ingram ( who started last) told me he'd passed all three of them broken down between Checks 1 and 2 on the first lap. The the ditch with his name loomed ahead and Ingram's race ended with a broken front end and gearbox. Noel continued to click off consistent laps: 34:01, 34:57, 34:32, but on the last lap his transmission gave way and the Noel Plastering/K.C. Hilites Chaparral came in on a rope. Ragland never made another lap, but Zentner persevered through numerous woes to take the class win with a time of 5:05:05 and a 37.52 mph average in the Palmer's Custom Speed/Pat Hughes Performance/MB! Racing Cahparral. This was good enough for eighth overall in a race with an overall 30. 76 finishing percentage. · Cl~ss 2 started five strong and yielded two finishers. Jerry Finney and Dan Foddrill held the lead on the road at the end of the first lap, but both the Tim and Mark Kennedy Chaparral and the Gene Greenlee/Mike Skaggs Chaparral Tandem were quicker with Kennedy's 35;3 l on top. Jerry and Jim Evereq were way back \vith tranny troubles, and the Mark Lundell/Daryl Drake Dirtrix was dead at the seven mile mark with a frozen tranny. Finney moved into the lead on the third lap with Greenlee in second as Kennedy started fading and fell back ten minutes. Greenlee took over the lead for the duration on lap four as Finney suffered a flat tire and Kennedy was stopped with a broken axle. Greenlee sailed smoothly on the last lap to bring the John Gardner /Sierra International/ C&G Contracting/Black Mesa Contracting/Bug World Chaparral Tandem in at.3:02:33, averaging 49.30 mph, for the class win and first overall. "It was like an off road race is supposed to be - rough, dusty. Thank goodness there was some wind; we don't know how we'd have got around some of those trucks!" said Greenlee at the finish. "I want to thank John Gardner for letting me drive his car and preparing a heck of a good car. That did a lot of it ... Never driven with power steering before the race ... feels good, real good!" added Gene who had not raced much in 1985. Moving into the Pro ranks this season, Jeff Sanders found out that winning Pro 10 class was not only fun, but rewarding, although· it was a dusty run. Of the six starters in Pro Class B, Frank Turben was the only one that escaped getting stuck in the bad wash, and his Chevrolet won the class by a skinny two seconds. Finney was second in class, , . fifth overall, twenty-six minutes back with a bad rear wheel bearing in the Palmer's Custom Speed /Trick Gas/Fl y-N-Hi/Mid-Valley Machine/Micky Thompson Tires Chaparral Tandem. Six Class 8 trucks . were entered, five taking the green flag Page 46 May 1986 PustyTimes

Page 47

All the Pro Class 1 cars had troubles on the rough course, but Tom Zentner hung on to take the victory, and he was the only class finisher. Jay \loelkner had one of his best races in a long time, and he won • Port Campbell rolled on the first lap and Dean Whitaker was the Class 2 Sportsman honors and was fifth overall. hung up on a root. but Campbell came back to win the Sportsman 5-1600 honors. Tom Higgins fought his way to another hard earned Sportsman Todd Wittman ran strong and he took the Beginner overall and 1600 Ltd. victory, besting unlimited cars in ti1e 18 buggy field. Sean Moss was the Beginner Unlimited winner is his first stint behind the wheel of an off road race car, and he was also second overall. - 1-2-1600 victory, his two seater winning by a mere 37 seconds after three laps. after Nels Tomlinson was sidelined with a severe case of the flu. At the end of lap one, &land John Martensen, running the Jeep Honcho in tvm wheel drive held the lead on the road after starting third, with first off Frank Turben and Ron Fielder twenty-nine minutes back on time. Then came Richard and Hal Mann, eleven minutes behind Turben, with Bill Howard another ten ' minutes back after getting stuck in the first wash . Steve . McEachern and Jeff Geiser were a half hour behind after an unfortunate accident with a range horse. Rounding a blind turn, McEachern was confronted by three spooked horses and stood on the brakes. But he couldn't get the truck stopped in time and he hit one horse, killing it and doing lots of damage to the truck. . Lap two found Turben moving into the lead with Mann just three minutes back. Howard was still running, but an hour down. The Martensens were out after a wild ride down the gas line. Running flat out, the truck started swapping ends after passing a buggy and got away from Ed. A multiple roll ensued spreading the truck out for about a hundred yards. Luckily no one was injured. Mann' pulled in with a ninety second lead at the end of lap three with the class fast lap of 38:45. Near the end of the fourth lap, Phil Auernheimer decided to cut the final loop for the trucks. Mann had gotten stuck in a wash and Turben regained the lead to take the class and ninth overall with a time of 3:25:13 and a 35.08 mph average in the Turben's Auto Body/Fly-N-Hi/ Armstrong Tires/Jugan's Kustom Fabrication Chevrolet, Turben's post-race comment: "Great race, a little rough -but the truck ran good, just super ... almost got stuck a couple of times, but we made it through, kept . her going on these Armstrong tires!" Mann l\'obld Dusty Times finish just two seconds back in the BFGoodrich/Rough Country/ Art Carr/Turben's Auto Body Chevrolet after being extricated from the wash. Four Class 5 cars started, three finished. Pete and Jennifer . Sohren ran fast lap among the turtles on the first lap, a 38:39, then went on to lead wire to wire despite a second lap flat. Their time of 3: 17 :26 gave them fourth'-overall and an average of 45.59 mph in the Sohren Ceramic Tile/Dirtrix/United Materials/ Griner Auto/Dalis Electronics '69 convert. Pete Dunshie and Vic Evans held second place until near the end of the fourth lap when a CV joint went away. Bruce and Ryan Wittig in the Wittig H.P./ Woods Off Road Products/ People's Car Shop VW then held on t0 take second in class, sixth overall, twenty minutes behind Sohren. G.A. Burghout and Bud Johnson were the third Baja, seventh overall another six minutes back in the Clark's Citrus/Policy Electronics/ Dirtrix VW's first finish. No, Larry Noel hasn't lost a wheel, he is running in super soft sand. Noel led the Pre race overall until tranny trouble stopped him. George Telles clic'ked off three smooth laps for the Sportsman Class 5 honors, as his opposition all failed to finish the race. Lone entries in Pro. 4, Pro 7, and Pro Challenger (Tom Bartos, John Randall and Larry Demmitt, respectively) did no,t finish but all made two laps. :. Sportsmen took the green flag a.round 2 p.m. for their three laps, leaving in this class order: 10,2,5-1600, 1600Ltd., 1,5,8, and Challenger. Fifteen racers made up the Class 10 field, and at the end of lap one Levi Beard was followed by Walt Nash, Bill Capatch, Jim Bunch and Bob Naylor for the top five. Lap two saw Beard followed by Nash, Bunch, Capatch and Grady Smith. But at the finish it was Bunch, at the wheel of Bob Austin's B&A Cori.struction/Dirtrix/ BFGoodrich Dirtrix in his first off road race with a total time of 1:57:10 for 46.89 mph and first overall as well. However, a protest has been filed by Levi .Beard, fifty-four seconds back for second overall in the Beard's Super Seats/Yokoha m a Tires/Stroller Engineering/ Mary Lou sponsored Beard's Buggy, and is still pending at this time. Third in class and overall went to Capatch in the Desert VW Specialists/Pat Hughes Performance Brandwood with a time just fifty-eight seconds behind Beard. Then came Grady Smith, Pat ("I'd like to thank my customers for making this possible") Hughes, and Wally Holder as the only other Class 10 racers to finish all three laps. Eleven starters in Sportsman 2 yielded six three lap finishers. Frank Thomas led the first lap with Rick Lahr, Jay Voelkner, Gray Hendricks and Paul Nolte filling out the front five. Lahr then led lap two with Thomas, Voelkner, Hendricks and Nolte all within striking distance. The final lap saw Voelkner move out front for the class win and fifth overall in the SST _Performance Beard's Buggy finishing with a time of 2:07:52 -and a 42.23 mph average. Hendricks was second, sixth 0 / A, in the Galaxy Floors/ Station 1/J.L.M. Racecars Sanclhawk Tandem just three seconds back, and Paul Nolte was in four-minutes later for third, eighth 0/ A, in the Printing C o ./ Device Development Woods Vulcan. Thomas, Tom May 1986 .. Foley and Nick Vondouris rounded out the three lap finishers. Seven 5-1600S entered and four finished. Don Weiser led the first lap, followed by Ron Gardner (no, not that Ron Gardner), Port Campbell and Dean Whitaker. Campbell had rolled and Whitaker had gotten hung up on a root, while the pair had diced for the lead near the end of the loop. Gardner had moved into the lead by the end of lap two with Campbell forty-three seconds behind and the others not too far back. Campbell charged· i;r MINIMUM EFFORT~ ........................ . MAXIMUM EFFECT!!! CA3 -COMPETITION BRAKE WITH BALANCE BEAM MANUFACTURERS OF THE FINEST IN OFF ROAD PRODUCTS Contact your local JAMAR dealer or write 42030-C Avenida Alvarado• Temecula, CA 93290 (714) 676-2066 Page 47

Page 48

_Daryl Knupp won the Sportsman Challenger class honors, The BFGoodrich Team TIA group was at Rainbow Valley and his entry was the only Challenger car that covered · in force, offering their help an<;f expertise to all the racers three laps. · on hand. ~ hard on the last lap and caught Gardner. The race was on, and though Gardner repassed and was first in, Campbell took the win and thirteenth 0/ A in the T.U.F. Off Road sedan with a time of 2 :28:41 and a 36.32 mph average. Gardner's Competition .... Concepts racer was forty-nine seconds back with Weiser and Whitaker each ten minutes back. In the fiercely competitive 1-2-1600 class, six entries turned out for a good race. Tom Higgins led with a 44:08 with Jim Covey and Eddie Faulkner on the same minute. Ben Pierpont was a not too distant fourth after one lap. Higgins would lead through-out in the Pat Hughes Performance/West Valley Auto Supply/C&H Racing Chen-owth, finishing tenth 0/ A at 2: 17:01 for a 39.41 mph average. Covey was just thirty-seven seconds back for second with Pierpont third and Faulkner fourth. Class 1 had two starters with Jim Travis in the General Tire/ Arizona Desert Rat Off Road/Travis-Helwig Chenowth easily beating Stuart Calvelage, who had shifter troubles. Travis was fourth 0/ A with a 1:59:47, 45.08 mph average, Calvelage fourteenth 0/ A. Only two Class 5s started and George Telles cruised the Dirtrix/Station 1/Bug World/ Palmer's Custom Speed Baja to a nineteenth 0/ A finish after Clay Clark failed to make a lap. Pat 1986M/NT ·400 you bet we'll be there! • l-ll~~L.Y Yl~ISL-Ei t?AY bf{ 1--Jl~J.rf • L-OWl:.'2. YPU~ L.Af' 1"'1 MEh • ';,IMf~~ IN~1At-lA1101J 47' -~ • fe,.~ MO(ot!:C(<:LI:?? -0~ _J 4 • l:1lUB CAI-J ~OP~ • ~~r A~ QW ol'etJ~ Page 48 Dewys gave his Chevelle a run qS the lone Sportsman 8 but only made it as far as the first wash. Daryl Knupp in the Volkspower Chenowth was the lone Challenger finisher at twenty-first 0/ A The two Beginner classes, 1600 Ltd. and Unlimited, started. right behind the Sportsmen in "luck of the draw" positions. Out of eighteen entries total, ten finished. Todd Whittman took first 0/ A and 1600 Ltd. in the Top Performance Inc. Funco with a time of 1:25:15 and a 42.23 mph average. Second 0/ A and first Unlimited went to Sean Moss in the Sohren Baja. Valerie Smay was third 0/ A, second Unlimited in father Jack Woods' Vulcan, with Brian Whitley fourth and Judy Van Keuren fifth. A.D.R.A. will be awarJing position and finish points this year to all racers who complete 50% of their allotted distance. Overall, though the finishing ratio was down, everyone had a good time and the "Western 150" came off smoothly in its inaugural showing. Many racers commented on the quick action by officials to keep things moving as the washes started backing up with broken or stuck cars, and all marvelled at the trick computer read outs. We did hear rumors of a few racers out wandering west of Wickenburg, looking for the original race site. A.D.R.A. offers its apologies, but also wants to remind everyone to confirm a race date and location before making the long haul. In this case, all racers on A.D.R.A.'s mailing list and the major magazines were notified by mail, but the word from BLM came down too late for publication. Next up in the 1986 A.D.R.A. Desert Champion Series is . the Third Annual "High Country 150," fifteen miles north of Flagstaff, Arizona, July 12; 1986. Coconino Forest officials may limit this race to 150 entries so make your plans to be there now. May 1986 morc ••• TRAIL NOTES ATTENTION CLASS 7 4X4 DRIVERS. The rules for 1987 and beyond are under discussion now. In fact a meeting was held last March for interested drivers in Class 7 4x4, which is now beginning to grow into a real entity in desert racing. The 1986 rule book add ons state that the new rules will have the engine size and type match that of 7S with a maximum displacement that could eliminate a bunch of engines popular in the mini-mid size pickup truck range. A letter was sent to the organizers by Jerry McDonald, the points leader so far in 1986 in the class. Basically Jerry said that the proposed rules would defeat the efforts to make the class grow, and that top of the line engines would not be legal in the class. He cites engines from Chevrolet, Ford, AMC, Nissan and Toyota as examples of engines banned by the proposed rules. The letter states that under the proposed V -6 rule a Chevy could not race with the engine that accounts for 87% of their sales, Ford could not run their primary engine, a V-6, nor could AMC or Nissan who also have a V-6. Toyota's new engine is a turbo 4, also not eligible. Since DUSTY TIMES has not seen the latest proposed rules for 7S and 7 4x4, we will not comment. But, those who are interested in these classes should make the effort to find out what the proposals are, and if the situation has been resolved. Folks could buy or build a race rruck, only to find ouJ: it won't be legal in 1987. FIRESTONE HAS ANNOUNCED a $220,800 contingency program for the Score/HORA series in 1986, and it startecl last February at the Parker 400. Dick London, Manager of Motorsports Activities for Firestone said, "Firestone has always enjoyed its participation in off road racing because these events really have the ability to put our tires to the test under some tremendously adverse conditions. We've also enjoyed the many wins we've had with Manny Esquerra in his Class 7 Ford Ranger. Now, this new contingency program is a way to reward all drivers who choose to race with Firestone's Off Road tires." In the desert series, Firestone will pay $200 to the top Firestone tire equipped finisher, and $ 1000 to the second highest Firestone tire equipped finisher in Classes 4, 7, 7S and 8. A set of Firestone tires will be given to the first and second highest Firestone tire equipped finishers in Classes 1, 2, 1-2-1690, 3, 5, 5-1600, 6, 6B, 7 4x4, 9, 10, 11, 14 and Challenger. So, you don't have to win your class in the desert to collect Firestone's largesse. ALLIED INDUSTRIES has come on board the off road contingency program this year with some fine offerings. The makers of Autolite spark plugs, Fram Filters, and Bendix brakes have posted contingency money for all Score and HDRA events. They offer $100 for a win using Autolite spark plugs and another $100 for a win with Fram Filters, and these prizes are posted across the board for all eighteen car classes. Check it out at Jim Conner's trailer in contingency row for more information on these prizes. Conner is also handling the desert contingency program for KC HiLites, who have posted for all classes in the series at $100 for a class win, and for Rancho Suspension, who offer $100 for a win using Rancho Shocks in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 7S, 7 4x4 and 8. THE FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM, promoters of the Superstition 250 III coming on August 9, have made an agreement with AMSA and Jim Webb. AMSA also had a desert race scheduled for the date, but the two organizers have settled on a perfect compromise for racers. The AMSA event is no more, and the third annual Superstition 250, a night race in the Borrego desert, will be an AMSA series points event. How neat it is to see promoters get together like this for the good of the sport. Fud says that all AMSA classes, along with his own, will be scheduled, and it will take only three cars to make a bona fide class next August. BRIDGESTONE TIRES have a new champion on the rally trails. Rod Millen, a close runner up in the drivers' championship in the SCCA Pro Rally Series last season, and the man who won the Manufacturer's Cup for Mazda, will have the backing of Bridgestone Motorsports this year for his brand new Mazda four wheel drive rally car. Rod Millen will also be relying on Bridgestone tires when he tries to win the overall prize at the classic Pikes Peak Hillclimb. Millen finished third last year and he is looking for an outright victory this year with his new rally car. THE UNIROYAL ONE LAP OF AMERICA rally takes place during the Mint 400 week this year, which effectively eliminates the off road types from tackling the eight day, 8000 mile marathon around the perimeter of the USA. Led by defending champs John Buffum and Tom Grimshaw in an Audi, a record 130 teams from 26 states and Canada will start the third annual run on May 3. The first two One Lap events were pure time speed distance rallies, with higher than normal average speeds. This year four autocrosses have been added, like special stages within the rally. The autocross runs are scheduled for the road racing circuits at Watkins Glen and Road Atlanta, plus one at an unknown location in Redondo Beach, CA, site of the overnight layover, and the Uniroyal Tire test track near Laredo, Texas. One Lap organizer Brock Yates, of Cannonball fame, says that nine entrants in 1986 will be starting for the third time. "Competing in three One Laps is akin to going to the moon in the backof a garbage truck," Yates quipped. "These guys are real gluttons for punishment." Tom Grimshaw will be covering the One Lap again for DUSTY TIMES from the right seat ofJohn Buffum's Audi. FORMULA TIRES, out of Armstrong, have a points program that applies to all the Score/HORA races this season. The points program is designed to help and reward those Formula/ Armstrong racers finishing on top in the overall desert points series.To qualify a racer must start at least five of the eight races in the series and earn at least 200 Score/HORA points during the season. Of course they must wear the proper decals and use Formula or Armstrong tires on all four wheels. The points system is simple. Take your official Score/HORA points and add 100 points for each race finished, add 400 points for being an official class points champion, or 200 points for official second place in points. Add 200 bonus points for a class win at the Baja 1000, Frontier 500 or Mint 400, or 100 points for second place at these three r_aces. The prizes will be awarded at the annual Awards Banquet next January, and the prize is one dollar per point. This program is in addition to the regular Formula/ Armstrong contingency program. Check it out at the races with the folks in contingency row. .., (1:1ore TRAIL NOTES on page 53) Dusty Times

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I was Dave Girdner, with Roy The Yokohama 6·50 Cub Report Perfect co-driving, and 18 By Jean Calvin• minutes behind him came Edward McLean, with Hugh The desert racing series is Of the six 6--50 guys who McLean co-driving, and both rolling along with another started in Class 2, all six finished McLeans are over 50. massive entry, 405 starting the race, showing perhaps that The Class 10 winner at Parker, vehicles, at the Score Great experience really counts on Jack Irvine had big -troubles on Mojave 250. Among the 318 rough, tough and dusty race the first loop at Lucerne Valley. starting cars were eighteen 6--50 courses. The 1985 top points He and co-driver Kit Trenholm Club drivers that we know winner Corky McMillin, and his ended up tenth in "the 30 car about, and fourteen of them son Scott, finished eighth in the class, and it dropped Jack out of finished the tough run, many of Porsche powered Chenowth. the 6-50 points lead. Now, with them in the money. While the Despite missing his starting time two of the nine races done for the average percent of finishers in the by a good half hour, Danny year, Jim Temple leads the points car classes at Lucerne was about Letner went racing in his Porsche with 121, and Jack Irvine is next 43 percent, the 6--50 drivers powered Raceco, made up a with 116, whife Danny Letner is came in with a whopping 77.8 bunch of lost time and came in close with 108. percent finishing ratio. Seven 11th, just ahead of Len Newman, . In fourth place in 6-50 points more drivers joined the 6--50 who with Mike Gaughan took is Stan Parnell, 86, followed by Club list at the second event in 12th in the 34 car class that had Dave Fessenden, 60, Richard the series as well. 18 finishers. Crossing the line in Kent, 49 and Gregg Symonds, Doing the best possible job at 16th place was Walter Prince, 46. Dick Landfield has 41 points, the Lucerne Valley race was Jim who with Susan Steele riding, Corky McMillin has 40, Temple, from Las Vegas. Not passed out candy canes at each followed by Edward McLean,-only did Jim and his son Mark checkpoint along the way. In 38, who has Dave Girdner-right win Class 2, but they squeaked 17th place was the Jungle Gym behind him with 37 and Bob out the overall victory among looking two seater of Willis and Renz has 31 points. cars in their Raceco, beating the Mark Hamilton. The remaining seven 6--50 next fastest time in cars by just There were two 6-50 members points counting ·races are the 1.2 seconds. Congratulations to in Class 1-2-1600 and both of Mint 400, the Bajalnternacional, Jim Temple, who now takes the them finished. Dave Fessenden the Fireworks 250, the Frontier lead in the 6--50 Club points and his son did very well in the 500, the SNORE 250, the Baja heading toward the Mint 400, 58 car class, taking a fine fifth in 1000 and the HORA December where Jim and Ken Cox won this tight running group. Richard race. Only the best six out of the overall last year in the same Yerger, with Derrick Sandwicks nine events count for year end Raceco. co-driving, finished 23rd in the points, so the 6-50 honors are Doing well in Class 1 were two class, and a resounding 34 1-2- wide open after Parker and of the three Viejos in the 22 car 1600s finished the race. Lucerne Valley. Remember, field at Lucerne. Despite running The only 6--50 entry in Class 5 there is nothing to join, nothing out of gas, the overall winner of was Stan Parnell, who finished to pay to get in the 6--50 points. the SNORE Bottom Dollar, sixth, only. 34 seconds behind Just list your age on the entry _if where he dueled all race with Jim fifth place. In Class 5-1600 you are over 50, and it will Temple, Gregg Symonds took Richard Kent, sad to say, did not appear in the computer print out, fifth in Class 1 driving solo in his cover a lap, nor did Robie and presto, you are a 6-50 Club Porsche powered O.R.E. Also Faulkner in Class 6. Also failing member. Only the driver of doing nicely was Robert Renz, to record a lap time was "Uncle" record and only competitors in who, with Dick Clark co-driving, Max Norris 'in Class 7S. the car classes are eligible for 6-placed a fine eighth in his Raceco. The pair of over 50 years of age 50 Club points. It is all in fun Having a bad day in Class 1, entries in the 40 car Challenge with handsome rewards at the Frank Snook went out of the Class both finished well up the end of the year for the gold, silver action before completing a lap. ranks, eighth and ninth. In front and bronze medal winners. --------------~~-----the third overall in a row for the was a rough and d~ty one. Eleven OFF-ROAD RACING TEAM By Nels Lundgren Hello racers. In my last report I wrote about Tom Koch winning overall at the Score Parker 400. The Checkers Club then moved on to the SNORE Bottom Dollar race outside of Boulder City, Nevada. We had two members show up to enter the race Saturday morning, and enjoy both the pancake breakfast and the low entry fee. But, Lou Peralta blew his motor practicing in the morning cold. Gregg Symonds brought his two seater and entered in the combined Class 1 and 2. Gregg showed a lot of speed and won the race overall. This made for a fun time at Sneakers, a bar in Las Vegas where the race awards were presented, along with free drinks, and the video tape of the race was shown. Next the Checkers moved on to California City for Jim Webb's and AMSA's first race of the year. Tom Koch and Paul Wheeler both came to race in Class 10, and Gary Bates had his 1-2-1600 on the line. Tom was racing with Kevin Ohnstad, who had just bought the Redwood car, and Kevin started the race, led for a time but broke the front end on the fourth lap; Paul Wheeler ran a fast and consistent race to take the overall win and the official Checker salute. It was Dusty Times Checkers. Gary Bates took fifth Checkers finished this race. Our in Class D in a tight race that saw best finish was not overall this the first five cars in under a 12 time. Mark Broneau grabbed minute blanket. The cold and second place in the usually blustery day saw Checkers like competitive Class 10, missing Shorty, Roger and Junior Byrd first by five minutes. Gregg out watching the Checkers take Symonds brought his new the glory. O.R.E. to its first finish, and fifth A beautiful day early· in April in Class 1. Steve Kelley ran into saw a huge field, filled with 24 some first lap problems, but Checkers, take on the Score recovered to finish seventh in Great Mojave 250 in Lucerne Class 8. Valley. The new course, set up by Two more members took Steve Kassanyi and company, eighth place in their respective CORE had a busy early'spring with the AMSA Cal City. 500 kms and the Lucerne Valley Score Great Mojave 250. Happily, both races, only ~hr~e weeks apart, were wtthm commuting distance for most CORE members. Even better, CORE had a pair of class winners in both events. At the AMSA Cal City 500 km, only 26 cars showed up because of the bad weather. CORE pitted four cars. John McDowell got in one lap in a Baja Bug before the newly purchased engine went away. Dan Hook and Dan Oliver did well, winning the three car Class Super Sport 100 in a big way, by over a lap. John Basso won the biggest class, 1-2-1600. The first half dozen were so close after ten laps that it took some time to determine that Basso and Dominic Borra had won by 48 seconds. , The Dale Poe entry in Class D finished a respectable eighth, and they had four sets of crew in their first time out in the 2-1600. Two winners and three finishers out of four starters is a keen record. At the Great Mojave 250 CORE had 21 cars on the pit list, but six of them failed to start. It was a massive pit effort with eight on course pits, including the main pit in the Check 8 area. Our thanks to all the gallant folks who manned the pits in the stiff winds and high dust conditions. Our big winners were Jack Ramsay and the team of Steve Tetrjck and Fred Ronn. Ramsay, with Rich Mills riding in the two seat Bunderson, was in the huge, 58 starters, Class 1-2-1600.Jack won his second major race in a row and placed 19th overall as well, holding over 11 minutes margin in victory. Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn got their zippy May 1986 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES By Lynnette Allison RIM film, and the efforts of numerous ralliests to circulate the film to local cable companies, contact has been made by ESPN-rela ted personnel expressing interest. Keep up the efforts, ralliests! It's worth it! The CARSON VALLEY RALLY is officially changed to June 5-7. The Rally organizer is Bruce Arkell, (702) 882-8181. Rains and flooding in the valley area have forced him to search out some new stages. Headquart-ers are at the Carson Valley Inn Congratulations to Mike Blore in Gardnerville, NV. Inquire for for organizing an excellent new special rates. Entry fee is $95.00 · event. The Glen Helen Rallycross dated May 23 or before, $120.00 held last month was well received thei:,eafter. Cash at the event. The by competitors and spectators event should be CRS triple alike. For those of you who points, _with stage times averaging missed out, shame on you! Cuol two hours of competition. The weather, brisk winds and the event is SCCA Northern Pacific threat ofrain added to the spirit Division Co-efficie~t 2, with of competition ... who would win possibly one daylight stage. Up-out...nature or the rally cars? to-date information should be There were lots of new entries available soon. Membership with and members into the CRS and CRS and SCCA are required for competition was keen · in both both team competitors. Stock and Open classes. The PRESCOTT FOREST Open Class vehicles have dom- RALLY has been published in inated both 1986 rally cross several lists and publications as events this year, filling out many being in June. NOT SO! The of the top ten positions. With the event is ... and always has been ... rallycrosses completed and the scheduled for July 18-20 in Pres-rallies to come, look for some cott, Arizona. Contact Rob changes. Cherry (602) 778-6489. (This is The RIM OF THE WORLD, a new number.since last year.) run April 25-27, should have 1986 CRS T-shirts should be given competitors some special available soon. Cost should be treats. Information given to me the same ... about $8.00. New for before publishing deadline indi- this year: hats at $4.50. CRS cated helicopter filming in addi-decals are available at event tion to professional film crews registrntion, 4 for a $1.00. Two for the Gibeaults' video produc-are included with the member-tion. Also, because of the 1985 ship fee. classes, Jeff Hibbard with Bob finished 20th in the over 60 car Utgard in Class 5 and Russ 1-2-1600 class. Scott Zimmer-Welch with Roger Mortenson in man soloed this race, well · Class 10. George Seeley rolled almost, to 29th in 1-2-1600. But the Baja Bug he and Howard don't blame Ray. Motors, · Anderson were racing, and they trannys and front ends were the were tenth in Class 5. Len downfall of most of our non-Newman and Michael Gaughan, finishers. Still, I thought Dennis sans the new Checker stickers, Butow put it the best when asked finished 12th in Class 2. Dave what he broke, "The car just Kreisler suffered steering slowly fell apart." problems and came in 14th in The next big conquest is the Class 2. Mint 400 starting in Sloan, Walter Prince is back, and Nevada. We had 17 cars sign up storming from the back of Class the first time we passed out the 2 he and Stainless took 16th in pit list. The winner in the class and 124th overall. Lou - drawing game was Dave Kreisler Peralta brought out the desert 2- with 203, and close to first off 1600, and he and Willie Melacon the line. See you there. O.R.E. into the lead on the last loop, and whipped it home the Class 10 winner by five minutes. This team took a swift sixth overall. In Class 1 Chet and Lloyd Huffman were the first car off the line, got in one lap at 2:40 and retired m 12th spot. Neither Dave Head's entry or Jerry Finney/Dan Foddrill started the event. In Class 2 Cam Thieriot and Greg Lewin got their Funco-0 .R .E. around in good time, 5:20.36 for seventh in class. Not doing so well in Class 2, Jimmy Gill and team did not finish a lap. CORE did the best in Class 10. Behind the winners, Craig Watkins took a nifty third, going solo in his new Raceco, about eight minutes behind the winning time, good for tenth overall. Rick and John Hagle were just another minute back in their Raceco, fourth in class and 12th overall. Bill Sallenbach also finished in Class 10, eleventh in the bunch of 30 starters, but Steve • Casagrande did not cover a lap. Behind the winners in Class 1-2-1600, Mark and Monica Barns did very well, taking sixth in the big class at 6:07.41. Willie Melancon and Peter Perry got in two laps also, and were 20th at 6:45.53. The Ferratos covered one lap two minutes quicker than the Stankavichs, but neither team finished. John Basso and Dominic Borra apparently shot their wad at Cal City, as they got in one lap before retiring. CORE's single entry in Challenger Class, Dan Hook and Dan Oliver, also used up too much car winning at Cal City and covered one long lap at Lucerne Valley before parking. But, out of 15 cars in the race, CORE had two big class winners and eight finishers. It is not a bad score at such a tough event. After the SNORE Yoko Loco,. CORE is pointed towards the Mint 400, with a herd of cars on the pit list and a new course on which to find pit locations. Page 49 • I

Page 50

ANDRES WITER n · 1 .ft r I "7.fl TRANSMISSIONS PORSCHE & V.W. SPECIALISTS 12623 SHERMAN WAY - UNIT B PHONE NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91605 (818) 765-3566 PHONE 2006 196TH S.W., UNIT I (206) 778-0531 LYNNWOOD, WA 98036 ADVANCED OFF ROAD EN-TERPRISES 3WHEELERS ODESSEYS DUNE BUGGYS OFF ROAD RACE CARS HARVEY LANGE JOE REICH 0_; ~: 1'& ADVANCED MOTORSPORTS INC. ED FRISK (619) 693-8355 8545 ARJONS, SUITE L • SAN DIEGO, CA 92126 ·, '>Y'voKOHAMA (818) 885-5181 For serious PerfOrmers If I) Enterprises P.O. Box 6522 Glendale, CA 91205 6i 9-583-6529 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY l ij RACE CAR SALES • CUSTOM FABRICATION • RACE CAR PREP SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED& BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. · Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386~2592 Performance Tr;msmission Products {714) 962-6655 10575 Bechler River Ave., Fountain Valley, CA 92708 COMPLETE TRANSMISSION SERVICE & REPAIR CENTER FOR AUTOS - 4x4s -MOTORHOMES Send $3.00 for our new 1984 Catalog. Home Of The NTERS $ FISHERMEN -OFF ROAD TIRES ATV TIRES WHEELS FF ROAD LIGHTS CHAPARRAL RACE CARS SCORE CLASS#1 CHAMPION 1982-83 • 101s,:·-R,-B-UT_o_R_F_O_R FUEL CELLS-ALL s,~esli ' I FRON ENDS-FRON"F ARMS-CHASSIS ~ ' - REAR SUSPENSIONS I 4080 w; ClAHENOO/IJ PHOENIX, AZ 8501!1 602/212-6624 ( BIRT Olli/TS~ ill (l{WJ jl~. (iD7JJ~@l'lli I Ui~[QJ 1XYJ!_Vu W®LYJ 1 ~ \, BlOCt! HUMBER$ WITH STYlE u.sA) {818) 882-.7808 i ~~ I I 10138CANOGAAVE., CHATSWORTH, C.A913'H DIRJ,. .R.IX '602; 253-5289 Championship Off Road RacE' ,Ga and "f"ruck Fabricatlor. PERFORMANCE IDJTmSimis (818) 381-3033 DAN McGOWAN JOHN VERHAGEN 2022 FIRST STREET SAN FERNANDO, CA 91340 eCUSTOM ROLL CAGES e SUSPENSION MODIFICATION e l?r > JJ C) 0 m ,-Cl) ,-Tim Lecluse 2952 Randolph Street Unit C Costa. Mesa, CA 92626 Telephone (714) 662-7223 • • ALL TYPES OFVEHtC LES e S TREET e STRIP e OFF ROAD TM FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHELTERS _ ___ THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! ___ _ RENTALS VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS RENTALS AVAILABLE 714/627-5727 AVAILABLE 4751 STATE ST., BLD D, ONTARiO, CA 91761 FABRICATION SPECIALTIES MIG & TIG "WELDING -FLAME CUTTING SHEET METAL FABRICATION TUBE BENDING - ROLL BARS - BUMPERS FRAME&. SUSPENSION MODIFICATIONS 26740OAKAVE., UNIT H CANYON COUNTRY, CA. 91351 JOHN McDOWELL 805-251•4134 Trucks Baja FAST GLASS Fiberglass Off Road Racing Products 3653 E. Friess Or.. Phoenix, AZ 85032 RANDY SMAY (602) 992-5110 1985 SCORE/HORA ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR - ~ VW & Porsche · Raci~g Engines . I 0 & iransaxle PERFORMANCE Intake & Exhaust System Components ror vw fypr . rlabblt, TYPE IV, 9 J i Race Car Preparation G,enn Evans L ;if,7 w w ,iietrn Street, Phoenix, A2 8500·, 1450 N. Glassel/, Orange. EA 92667 • (714) 639-2833 1 • • '·/ ":=:-;::----------__,!._----------:--:-::-:-:-----j__------_:_-----' '!4920 SHOEM-AKER, ::,.,-1-i'-i <;c SPR[i'.l(:; s , c,i - 9 0 6 ] 0 Page 50 May 1986 Dusty Times

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(619) 465-3782 \\ Get ,Your SHIFT '!ogetherl ~ ~~--------FORTII'Y TRAI'YSAXLES .3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, California 920.35 ~ Doug Fortin RE-~ABLE V. W. PAffl 11623 S HEL.CON ST, SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS 768-4555 (408) 377~3422 POX RACING SHOX 520 McGll,:tcey Lan_e, Ca~pbell, Cam. 95008 Fuel Cells Quick FIiis Std. FIiis 10925 Kalama River Road Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 962-0027 ARMA ABRICATIO ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GARMAN 1436 EAST THIRD STREET · (714) 624k1242 POMONA, CA 91766 YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR OFF ROAD ACCESSORIES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE, PICK UP AND HIGH PERFORMANCE VW PARTS -Dustyflmes WALT LOTT 961 West Dale Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89124 702-361-5404 •Alloy Axles & Spools •Mag Dana 60's •VW Master Diffs. •VW-Axles Send This Ad In For A Free Catalf?g. ORS46 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customers. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $16.00 per month. P.O. Box 1065 • Solana Beach. CA 92075-0830 • (619) 753-3196 [a]Jada V.W. Service 6291 MANCHESTER . BUENA Pl&.RK,.CA 90621 · . 213· 921-1785 ·714-522-4600 ·· NEW & USED PARTS STREET-OFF-ROAD-PREP-RACE CARS JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS'' 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 May1986 JIM JULSON MIKE JULSON G~i).:;;;;;y ...... ~oo::::~---==Send=$=2-=00=for=Cata=log==-SUSPENSION SYSTEMS OHN ACING PROIHICTS OHNSON P.O. BOX 81 LEMON GROVE, DEPT. 1 CA 92045 (619) 583-2054 7 Tl•• BAJA 1000 Wln-r HIGH PERFORMANCE SHOCKS DUAL & TRIPLE SHOCK SYSTEMS RBERCLASS 60° V-6 2.8 MOTOR PARTS ACCESSORIES LEDUC OFF ROAD 186 BALDWIN STREET 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA 01089 TEL. (413) 739-4111 FACE TRUCK FAB. 4WD TRUCK REPAIR INST ANT SERVICE TRUCK ACCESSORIES 11.. .. l- ~l· ~•' ~f 0.#0~ STANDARD ,,~v '-,\,V 'b-V REBUILDS .9 f" <v~ .i...i ~ ,., .. "".,_+" (619) 244-3584 .,~ f\.t~ 0 -<._«' 11435 Santa Fe Ave. East V c}~ Hesperia, California 92345 ' ~"?" McKENZIE'S AUTOMOTIVE INC. WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS FOR CENTER-LINE WHEELS TECTIRA TIRES KC LIGHTS SUPER TRAP SPARK ARRESTORS CIBIE LIGHTS MCKENZIE AIRFILTERS WRIGHT PLACE DURA BLUE ULTRA BOOT WESTERN AUTO TIRES 818-764-6438 818-76!5-!5827 SWAY-A-WAY BILSTEIN SHOCKS K , Y .B. SHOCKS BEARD SEATS HEWLAND GEARS GEM GEARS CROWN MFG. NEAL PRODUCTS RAPID COOL TRI-MIL 1294!1 SHERMAN WAY, No. 4 ' NO. HOLLYWO~D, CA 9160!5 MENDEOLA RACINC TECHNOLOCY VW • PORSCHE ·• , HEWLAND RACINC GEARBOXES ( 619) 2 7 7 ~ 3100 7577 CONVOY COURT, SAN DIEGO, CA 92111 Page 51

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,. INSTANT SERVICE 1-800-331-NEAL OUTSIDE CALIF. High Performance Pedals & Hydraulics, Including ... • NEAL Cutting Brakes'" • Clutch Pedal Assemblies • Master Cylinders • Hydraulic Clutches and Throttles ... plus much more. Complete Catalog, $3.00. NEAL PROQUCTS, INC. 7171 Ronson Road San Diego, CA 92111 (619) 565-9336 "USED BY WINNERS NATIONWIDE" Ask Your Performance Dealer Today · -Oil - Fuel -Transmissions - Rearends -Offroad, Oval Track, Drag, Marine -QUALITY GUARANTEED Oberg Inc., 12414 Hwy. 99 So., Dept OT, Everett, WA 98204 OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6879 ORAN CIRCLE. BUENA PARK. CA. 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 8c 4 W .D . VANS 8c PICKUPS 8c MINI TRUCKS GABRIEL RACING SHOCKS • BAJA RYDERS PRE·RUN TRUCKS ·• CUSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION No BLOCKS USED • WELDING 8c FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 521-2962 Established 1974 CUSTOM CHASSIS RACE PREP OFF ROAD CONCEPTS 7352 Fox Trail Unit B Yucca Valley, CA 92284 Dave Snoddy (619) 365-0162 ORE OFF ROAD EN6JNEERIN6 _ ..... .._Can 9720 Cozycroft Chatsworth, CA 91311 GREG LEWIN KIRK CARTWRIGHT (818) 882-2886 V THE POWER IN RACE RADIOS • 90 WATTS • SYNTHESIZED (213) 426-7077 • RACE & BUSINESS USE • NEW RDADMASTER SERIES· 50 WATTS· $499 PHONE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL 2188 GUNDRY AVE. SIGNAL HIC.!;,:CA-90806 Page 52 PO.RC 0 PRECISION OFF ROAD COMPANY~ Retail Parts • Fabrication • Protoiype 721 UNIT B SAN BERNARDINO RD. COVINA, CA 91723 TONY VANILLO (818) 91~3847 (81 B) 91 ~3848 P.O. BOX 323 • SEAHURST WA. 98062 (206)242-1773 Quality Products Fastener Specialists Heinz (Henry) Buchhardt (213) 633-6971 7022 Marcelle Street AL KEY. (213) 515-3570 _ Paramount, California 90723, DOUG FREEMAN (213) 320-9584 PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATIONS FOR PERFORMA~CE VEHICLES P.O. BOX 3757 GARDENA, CA·90247-7457 . Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 RUSS's V.W. Recycling 3317 S. Peck Rd., Monrovia, CA 91016 (BEHIND TONY'S TRUCK WRECKING) (818) 574-1943 • (818) 574-1944 Spw;ializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914's May 1986 ,-·---..::-11 l~~o (213) 583-2404 SANDERSSER~C~INQ METAL PROCESSING . 592 7 Wilmington Avenue L.os Angeles, California 90001 .-SANDBLAST GLASS BE'AD MAGNETIC PARTICAL . FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Rick Munyon Larry Smith re '---~-~ SaH "Ji.-~--. . '8"'99'1 ~ · • 1533 Truman Street · San Fernando, Ca 91340 Phone: {818) 361-1215 SCORE Canada Inc. 390 CHEMIN DU LAC, LERY, QUE. CANADA J6N 1 A3 514-692-6171 METHANOL-NITROMETHANE-RACING GASOLINE (213) 328-3594 21629 So. Figueroa MiKE HOWARD Carson, Calif. 90745 OPEN 9-5 TUES. THRU FRI. • 8-12 SAT. -------==: --------------i~;i;:;~ -----___ ..._ ........ ~-----~ -RACING GASOLINE-TM P.O. Box 610•333 West Broadway-Suite 202 Long Beach, California 90801-0610 (213) 437-4373 & RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS 1649 W. Collins, Orange, CA 92667 714-997-0766 If no answer 714.9·97 -07'6'7'· ---I Dusty Times

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THE WINNERS CHOICE SUPERSTITION 250 SPONSORS l?IICE THANS BY JEFF REIJ)'S Fact is, WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS have been used by more winning drivers and engine builders in 1985 than any other brand! Ask the top professionals before buy-JOE STIDMAN'S HEARTLAND MEAT CO. • S.O. OFF-ROADER MAGAZINE • DOUG THORLEY HEADERS • HAL GRAVES SMOG OR TUNE • O'NEAL • FIBER-TECH • HPS • TRICK • BOB HUMMEL'S RACE READY PRODUCTS • rHE WRIGHT PLACE • FRT • HOUSE OF BUGGIES • LEGY'S SKID LIO R.T. • □COTILLO GENERAL STORE • CLAIREMONT EQUIPMENT RENTALS • CUSTOM DECALS 1986 RACE DATE: AUG. 9 i INFO: 619-427-5759 A FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM PROMOTION SWAY• A• WAYcoRP. ,,.. Suspension Components (818) 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 GET INTO "GEAR" WITH THE WINNING NAME IN TIRES Baseball Cap: twill/mesh, one s,ze fits all, your ·choice of blue, black, grey, red or yellow. ~5.00 T-Shirts: 50/50, available in S, M. L, & XL, your choice of blue, white, grey, red or yellow $7.00 Patches: 1 W' X 5", yellow with black logo. J ,5.Q, Decals: 12" X 3" black or white on clear, $1.00, or 26" X 5" with black, white. red or yellow die-cut letters. $5.00 . TO ORD~ "GEAR" please include item, quantity, size and color. and send check. money order or MC/VISA# (Oh1ores1dentsadd 5.5% tax) 10· Mic/iey Thompson_ PERFORMANCE TIRES ------------P.O. Box 227 • Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44222 Inside Ohio • 216 928-9092 OUT IDE OHIO - 800 222-9092 TRANSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatswort~~A 91311 TAIC~ We sell more racing gasoline than anyone else in the west! racing gasoline Alameda County -916 962-3514 Phoenix 602 952-2575 Bakersfield 805 393-8258 Portland 503 393-9705 Denver 303 452-5239 Riverside 714 787-8141 Hawaii 808 682-5589 Sacramento 916 962-3514 Huntington Beach 714 536-8808 San Diego 619 460-5207 Beach 2 I 3 863-480 I Saugus 805 259-3886 Las Vegas 702,871-1417 Seattle 206 833-0430 Monterey 408 899-1010 Spokan e 509 483-0076 Orange County 7 14 634-0845 Yakima 509 248-3271 RIC LING A Division of Off Road Concepts 7352 Fox Trail Unit B Yucca Valley, CA 92284 Dave Snoddy (619) 365-0162 ing your nex t cam. Call us for your winning cam for street", strip and off-road. Send $3 for complete 1986 catalog. Engine & Machine Phone (602) 242-0077 2733 W. Missouri VW -PORSCHE -OFF ROAD 947 RANCHEROS DRIVE SAN MARCOS, CA 92069 . (619) 741-6173 Custom Wheels Phoenix, Arizona 85017 ~TRACKSIDE Two for the OH-:Road! Photo £ntnprlscs PO BOX 91767 • LOS ANGELES. CA. 90009 liotVWs 18710 SO NORMANDIE • SUITE C •GARDENA.CA. 90248 Jim Ober Performance Parts and Accessories (213} 327-4493 llACING PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALISTS 9158 Las Tunas Temple City, CA 91780 ( 818) 285-5944 ( 818) 285-5973 For advertisinq rates & information contact Wright ~blishing Co., Inc. PO Box 2260, Costa Mesa, CA 92628 (714) 979-2560 more ••• TRAIL NOTES THE PIKES PEAK AUTO HILL CLIMB, on July 12 this year, will seem like old times for some participants. The United States Auto Club will be sanctioning the Rally Division of the 1986 Predator Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb, and it will also carry an international sanction for the Rally division. The Open Wheel and Stock Car divisions will once again be sanctioned by the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Association. USAC sanctioned the event fro·m 1965 to 1980, back in the glory days when Mobil Oil was a big sponsor of the event. The word from Europe is that Walter Rohr! will be driving a "killer" Audi Sport Quattro E2 this year at the Peak, in an attempt to retain the overall tide for Audi, won by Michele Mouton last year, when she broke all existing record times as well. Rohr! will try to better that time this round. BAJA CONCEPTS, operated by long time open wheel off roader Rich Minga, is expanding its business in Lemon Grove, CA. Minga is currently campaigning a new Challenger car in the desert events. Minga is also working on a similar sponsorship.out of Mexico to that of his "Classe Uno" car in the 1981 and 1983 Baja 1000 races. This deal would be for the 1986 Baja 1000. In business now five years, Baja Concepts is presently designing a state of the art Class 5, and they can help you with your off road projects too. Get the address under Baja Concepts in the Good Stuff Directory in this issue. EGG ON FACE DEPT. Earlier this year we reported.-0n the Molson Series of stadium races in €:anada, stating that they were sanctioned by W .O.R.R.A. out of British Columbia. It was a slip of the typewriter, since we have later fouri.d that. the events at Calgary and_ Vancouver are so sanctioned. The _Montreal Olympic Stadium eyent is, as alway~,_s:mctiq_ned by Score Canada - Dusty Times under the direction of George Dodd. The final event in Toronto is no doubt sanctioned by an O.ntario based group. We apologize for any problems the item may have caused. · Also, we have been told by a promoter that the information on the Manufacturer's Association mentioned in Stan Parnell's Action News last month was not correct. However, we.have been told by others who attended the last meeting that Stan essentially had the project's aims correct, but that his numbers could be a little off The major problem for this Association is that nobody but the 18 to 20 involved know what is going on. The aims, the goals and the whole concept sound like a great idea for the Score/HDRA series. But no press release has ever been delivered to DUSTY TIMES about the results of the meetings. If the major manufacturers are generously contributing to the logistical support of off road racing in the desert, we think the news should be released. At least then the rank and file can thank the people who are donating time and money to help our sport grow even bigger and more visible nationally. THE BRUSH RUN 101 organizers have a two race ser,cs with a $20,000 points fund this ye::ir. The races are on June 14-15 and the Labor Day weekend on the keen Crandon, WI track. Each event has great class purses as well. AH Score classes plus a couple of local classes are scheduled for both events. It could well be worth a trip to northern Wisconsin this spring and fall. Check out the details on page 23 of this issue. . MICKEY THOMPSON is planning a new class for the Rose Bowl and the rest of the schedule, a Sportsman Super 1600 class aimed at drivers starting out and trying to build a name and a sponsor portfolio. Racing others without unlimited checkbooks, these drivers could establish their ability while competing against their peers instead of the latest cars in the Pro 1600 division. _Get all the details from MTEG headquarters. Mlly1986 Have.lights -Will Race SUPERSTITION 250111 Saturday Night August 9, 1986 AMSA desert series points race. Three cars will make a class. Info: Days: Jeff Wright (619) 561-4810 Evenings: Fud (619) 427-5759 Presented by the Fudpucker Racing Team Page 53

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: 1969 Ford Pro Rally & Off Road Truck featured in January issue of Off Road 4x4 Magazine. Equipped with 4 wheel disc brakes, two motors, 4 speed trans, fiberglass bed, one piece front end, fuel cell, full cage, scattershield, Jackman rims, BFG radials, nitro chargers, channeled cab, full wheel travel. $25,000.00. Call Glenn at (619) 447-3810 or (619) 444-3361. FOR SALE: Raceco 1-1600, 114" wb, chrommoly chassis, professionally built. 10" travel front end, 13" rear travel, Fox · and Bilstein shocks, Wright rack & pinion, combo spindles, UMP FOR SALE: Mirage 1-1600, like new. Fox, Wright, combos, Weld wheels, BFGoodrich, Neal, fresh ..tmgine, close ratio trans, ready to race. Many extra p arts, extra motor that needs work. Car was fas~, driver -was slow. $7500.00. Call (517) 799-0182 or (517) 793-4703 and ask for . Wayne. FOR SALE: Summers front disc brake kit. Set up for Wright spindle-link combos, very low miles, only $500.00 OBO. Call (408) 425-1921. P/S,20gal.Fue1Safecell,D&D ·------------FOR SALE: Chenowth 1000, Class 10, 103" WB, VW FAT motor, Wright front end, Raceco arms, MasterCraft, Neal pedals & steering brakes, BFG and Edwards tires, Centerlines, Super Boot, 930 Turbo axles, Rapid Cool, Race Ready! Second in Great Western Points. $8250.00. trailer included. Call Mitch (303) 421-5553 evenings 6-10 p.m. MST. aluminum, Edwards tires, Center-line wheels. Best of everything. Must see to appreciate. $12,000 complete race ready, or will sell less engine and trans. Call Jim Moulton, (818) 882-2886 days or (818) 366-4943 eves and weekends. FOR SALE: Single Seat race car. Good for 1-1600 class or Ultra-Stock. Get all the details by calling Mike Goodbody, (619) 753-0358. A steal at $3000. ARE YOU GETTING MORE THAN ONE COPY OF DUSTY TIMES? A number of subscribers now have two subscriptions, because they get one with their membership in HDRA, or they subscribed to both Off Road Action News and Dusty Times. If you don't really need two copies each month, drop us a note and assign your duplicate subscription to a friend, pit crew worker, anyone you choose. Send us the full name and address with zip code, of your friend, and the mailing label from the subscription· you wish to assign to them. We will take care of the paper work .. FOR SALE: Two seat Hi)umper, new 1835, new close ratio trans, fuel cell, Beard seats. 10" wider front beam with Wright arms, 3x3 rear arms, Bilsteins, Center-lines, take all with the trailer, $5500. Call Kelly, (805) 461-1371 or (805) 466-6374. FOR SALE: Cla's; 10 Raceco, 114" wb, German Auto engine, Hew land gears, Bilsteins, P / S, discs, turbo cvs, aux. torsion, combo spindles, 10" shock front end, BFGs. Built with the best parts available. Fresh engine, clutch and trans. Many spares. Race prepped and ready. Includes Dico dual axle trailer with hyd. brakes. $ 18,000. (714) 891-3059, eves. FOR SALE: Two 1985 Dodge Shelby Turbo Production GT Rally Cars. Ready to rally. Cars are factory cars and finished second and fourth in 1985. $8,000. each. Can work complete spares package, as little or as much as you want. I need to sell the cars. Call John Crawford, (313) 476-7169. WANTED: Race car builder! Nissan factory off road truck team. Full charge crew chief and builder. Design, fabrication, assembly, organization and race logistics. Contact Jim at (619) 449-6673. FOR SALE: Class II Funco, totally race ready. 14" rear travel, Wright front end, Rack & Pinion, combo spindles, fresh 2180 roller crank motor. Parker Pumper, Bea.rd seats, Woods trailing arms, 930 cvs, Dura Blue flanges, Summers stub axles, Centerlines, Delane Edwards tires, Sway-A-Way torsion bars, adjusters, axles. Type II Hewland gearbox. (If purchased in LA or O range County area I will sponsor trans for a full year of racing.) For info' call John Say at (213) 432-5622. FOR SALE: 1984 Ranger, Class 7S. F11esh 4 cyl. Ford, Carrillo rods, custom crank, Reed cam, Stock car prods. rear end, Tilton brakes, Modine radiator, MasterCraft, 35 gal. A.T.L. cell, KC li tes, Parker Pumper, Motorola radio, 2 Art Carr autos and 2 trans. axle sticks. Many extras and spares, completely fresh at Timerider Racing. Call Russ at (213) 432-4808 or Steve at (805) 399-0977. FOR SALE: 1979 Wi~neb~go Motorhome, 29' Chieftain, dbl. bed, microwave, 6.5 Onan gen., dual roof a/ c, 40,000. miles, original owner. Excellent condi-tion. $24,500. (714) 897-5641. FOR SALE: New A TL Cell, 22 gal. $350.00. MSD 7 AL-2 4 cyl. model, $250.00. PELTOR Intercom, $250.00. Special Rally Tires: Pirelli P7 M&S 195VR15 and 155VR13, Dunlop MK II 195x14, Bridgestone 165x13, Yokohama 001 -R 155x13 DOT legal. All tires, $40 each. Toyota & Datsun Rally Mags, $35 each. Toyota Starlet Gr A parts. $500 for a:11. Corolla & MR2 16 valve motors and 5-speed, $1500/ both. Call (818) 764-9013, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. WANTED TO BUY: Videos of off road racing at Corona, Saddleback, Glen Helen, El Cajon Speedway, Imperial Fairgrounds, or any other short course or closed course tracks. Homemade, professional or just taped from TV are just fine. Just want racing tape, old races fine. Call Randy, (614) 772-1042. r-- ---~-- - - . -... - - - - - - - - - - -.-...-------liliiiiii -~ ... ---____ ..... _,... _ --i I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I I I I I I I I I I I DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. · NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and -subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All classified ads must be paid in advance. Enclosed is $ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _____ _ _ times. Name Address ______________________ Phone ______ _ City _________________ _ State ____ _ Zip ______ _ Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 9130 l Page 54 May 1986 I I I I I I I I FOR SALE: As new, 110" Chenowth chrome moly 2-1600. Mint condition, race ready. Ready for the Mint 400. Will finance in part. This car has it all. Call Barry at (619) 464-5030. FOR SALE: Class 9 1200cc engine, 16 miles old. Needs headers, only $500.00 Contact Dave or Kermit at (714) 241-7001 days or (714) 548-3126 eves. FOR SALE: Class 1, 9 or 10, 112" W B, Henry stub axles, AMS rack & pinion, Sway-A-Way spring plates, torsion bars, drive axles, Mesa oil cooler, completely wired, side shifter, nets. Less motor, trans, seat, fuel tank, pedal assm. $1500.00. Call Steve Bishop, (714) 244-1906. FOR SALE: RACE VIDEO: 1986 Great Mojave 250, 1986 Mint 400, 1986 Parker 400, Rolling Th under ( Cl. 3, 4, 7, 8 ). Other 1985-races. $39.50 each. Specify VHS or Beta. Call after 6 p.m. for more info. Michael Stewart, (714) 796--4122, or send check to Off Road Video, P.O . Box 129, Bryn Mawr, CA 92318. FOR SALE: Funco, Class 1-2-1600 car. Very clean, race ready. Asking $ 10,500 complete. Call Phil Rowan at (716) 665-4504. FOR SALE: Class 10 Desert 4130 Woods chassis. Woods rear trailing arms, W right front end, Hewland Bus trans, rear discs, the best of everything, Less than one hour time from ground up rebuild. Ready to race, $10,500.00 or $7500.00 less motor/ trans. Call Jack Woodsat (602) 242-D077 or (602) 938-4792. Race Under 0 esert Star,s SUPERSTITION 250 Ill -Saturday Night August 9, 1986 AMSA desert series points race. Three cars will make a class. Info: Days: Jeff Wright (619) 561-4810 Evenings: Fud (619) 427-5759 Presented by the Fudpucker Racing Team Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: Funco Hustler ST. Air suspension, tronr and ;:-ar. Hew land gears, Saco differential, Funco power steering, Fo ur wheel discs with separate steering brake calipers, Edwards :mJ Desert Dog tires, Centerlinf:>s, many other first class extra;, Race ready with Class l or 10 motor. MUST SELL, $6000.00 FOR SALE: Incredible "Sand ComactPhilorMike,(312)869-Shaker" show champion. Lots of · 2434 or (312) 540-5967 eves. BUY A W INNER! 1983 SCORE and HORA Class 7 Championship Mitsubishi built by John Baker. Extremely reliable. Fresh Borg Warner 5 speed, Summers· axles, Works Performance aluminum shocks, 40 gallon fuel cell, etc. $29,000.00 (less engine). Call John at (818) 240-7051. expensive detail work. Deep red and gold lacquer finish, top notch hardware throughout. Highest quality lights, Corvair 6 ·cyl. engine, new "customized" tires, full instrumentation. Cost $12,000 to build, we are forced to sell ASAP at a tremendous discount. Must Sell! $5000.00 OBO. Call. for pictures, (714) 859-2200 weekdays, 9-5. FOR SALE: 1982 Dodge D-50 4x4, Pro Rally vehicle 1983 and 1984. Full roll cage, looks sharp, runs great, many spares, $5200. Call Gary Gooch at ( 415) 489-4543 or write to 4543 Carmen Way, Union City, CA 94587. FOR SALE: 1984 Parker 400 winner! Raceco with the of everything. Brand new Type 4 motor, newHewland box, ring& pinion, Geise diff, UMP power steering, Super Boot drive train and stubs. Parker Pumper and many extra parts. New shocks, c.v .s, axles, etc. Spare race wheels and tires. Sell with H.D. tandem trailer, w/rack, bike rail, new tires. Call.Bill Herrick at (602) 669-2681 or Bob Shepard at (602) 831-1920. WANTED: Odys_sey Challenger chassis with rear suspension, complete or less engine. Want for son to run the desert on his own. Used is fine, but not worn out and broken. Call Ken at (209) 668-8082. FOR SALE: Clean Chenowth Magnum Class 1 or 10. The best of everything. Mendeola trans, 2340cc Leighton engine, lots of spares. Complete and ready to race the Ros~ Bowl. Must sell, $14,000.00. Contact Joe Bean, (619) 549--4664 or (619) 578-5765. FOR SALE: Chenowth Wedge FOR SALE: Class 3 Ford Bronco. Only been raced five times. All the best equipment. Fully ready to race. Many spare parts. Please call for specific details after 5:00 p.m., (2 13) 370-3202. FOR SALE: Nissan 240RS Factory built rally car. New and never raced. Less than 1000 km on odo. 16 valve DOHC FJ20 race prepped engine. Excelient regional car or good collector. $12,000.00. Call (213) 416-1151 evenings. · rwo seater; great first car or pre-runner, the 1981 Riverside winner . . Chrome moly frame, long travel front end, all aluminum body. This car is complete with engine, a turn key. Must sell for only $3500.00. Call Joe Bean, (619) 549-4664 or. (919) 578-5765. FOR SALE: V-6 to VW Conver-sion. Complete, very fresh '79 Buick 231 evenfire with new center 500 AFB on We1end manifold, Mallory, Unilite igni-tion, custoD} radiator, custom headers with mufflers, SW water · temp gauge, Kennedy adapter with VW flywheel, 2500 lb. clutch, plus much more. Ready to bolt in and run! $1800.00 OBO. Call (408) 425-1921. FOR SALE: Oval window Baja Bug; pre-runner or 5-1600 race car. Current street license, bumper to bumper roll cage, IRS rear with dual shocks, king pin front end. 30 gal. gas tank. Oniy · $2450.00. Lie. # 4 15 DNR. Cal!· (818) 330-6708. FOR SALE: Class 5 car. Full frame, Parker Pumper, fuel cell, KYBs, new belts, with or without engine & parts. Negotiable, $3000.00. Call Jim at (209) 728-1185 . . INDEX TO ADVERTISER,S A & D Buggies . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Bilstein Corp. of America . . . . . . 5 Bridgestone Tires -USA . . . . . 15 Brush Run 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Burks Off Road Racing . . . . . . 41 C.O.R.E ........... ........ 34 Der Transaxle Shop . . . . . . . . . 38 Dura Blue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Eriksson Industries . . . . . . . . . . 6 Filler Products, Inc. . . . . . . . . . 31 Formula Tires . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 BFGoodrich -Tire Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-29 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. . . . 2 Ja Mar Performance Products ............... 47 K C Hilites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 La Plant Performance . . . . . . . 30 Mazda Motors of America . . . . 11 McKenzie Automotive . . . . . . . 32 MEGS .......... . . . . . .... 35 Ron Metz & Associates . . . . . . 16 Mikuni American Corp. . . . . . . 18 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . 22 Nissan Motor Corp., USA 19 DustyTimes Off Road Chassis Engineering ... . ......... _20 Score International . . . . . . . . . . 9 ~core Show ..... , . . . . . . . . 33 Marvin Shaw Performance Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Silver Dust Racing Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Stadium Motorsports, Inc. . . . . 25 Stub Stuffer ... _ . . . ........ 48 Superstition 250 Ill . . . . 5, 53, 54 Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group .......... . . ... .. ... 4 Toyota Motorsports . . . . . . . Back Cover Trackside ,Photo Enterprises . . 55 Tri-Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . 13 Uniden Race Radios . . . . . . . . 36 Uni Filter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Unique Metal Products . . . . . . 44 Valley Performance -Hewland ........... . ... 39 Voyles VW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Yokohama Tire Corp. . . . . . . . . . 7 May1986 FOR SALE: Car Trailer, single axle U.S. trailer. Race car hauler m excellent condition with '87 tags. $750.00 OBO. Will deliver in California . Call (408 ) 425-1921. FOR SALE: Toyota Supra UltraStock body. Brand new,· never mounted. Built by Fiber-F rmance. $750.00. Contact Joe ean ar (619) 549-4664 or ( 619) 578-5765. WHY AREN'T YOU??? A DUSTY TIMES DEALER!!! SELL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PRESENT TO YOUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS U.P .• S. 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... I •·· #1 SEWNG SMALL TRUCK IN AMERlcA t The. man is ruthless. He's known to deal the kind of savage blows that make most trucks· drop their axles. Thats why Ivan races Toyotas. In 1983 and 1984, the ulronman" stomped, thrashed, and flogged his specially-built Toyota trucks through one win after another. All the way to the coveted first-place trophy in the Class 7 SCORE Off-Road World Championship and Manufacturers Cup Challenge. In 1985, he and Team Toyota captured both these prestigious _ titles-for the third v.ear in a row-and left the competition in a deluge of dust. In the process, they proceeded to ublow the doors off even the Class 8-V-8's!"" These Toyotas may be specially built to win races. But the bottom line is, every Toyota truck is built to come out on top. With race-proven technol-ogy like an Electronic Fuel-Injected, high torque gas turbo engine,"'" that · cranks out 135 horses of pure povver and Hi-" Trac independent . front suspension, with the high-rid-ing ground clear-ance you need off road . . So the next time you see a Toyota race truck taking the heat, its for good reason ... Toyota's out to make the tough even tougher. After all, the greater the suffering, the greater the reward! *Indianapolis 1/25/86, Pontiac 2/8/86, Houston 3/15/86. **OFF-ROAD MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER, 1984. . •••Not available in all models. • Calendar year 1985. Ward's Automotive Report. GET MORE FROM LIFE-BUCKLE UP!