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1986 Volume 3 Number 2 Dusty Times Magazine

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BFGOODRICH UPDATE #Z4: ' ! HOW TO WIN YOUR SHARE OF A S300,000·GUARANTEED PURSE. INTRODUCING TEAM T/1'\~ NOW YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL TO GET PRIZE MONEY AND FACTORY SUPPORT. Most enthusiasts know about the BFGoodrich racing programs that capture national media attention. But many people don't know the degree to which TIA® involved in regional and local motor-sports. Now that's about to be better known because of Team TI A:11 Team TI A is a new concept in motorsports. It is a system of financial rewards and factory support for competitors in events that rarely get national media coverage. And, while Team TIA prize money will be awarded to entrants accumulating the most points in category, it is not the . usual contingency purse. All $300,000 of the purse will be awarded. And all you have to do to qualify for prize money and technical help is this: become a member of Team-TI A and com-pete only on one of six kinds of BFGoodrich TI A Radials. Here are the areas in which you can qualify for Team TI A prizes and support. SHOWROOM STOCK SUPPORT. Awards and assistance will be given to SCCA drivers in all Showroom ·stock classes at the National and Regional levels and at the October Runoffs. In addi-tion, Team TI A prizes and support will go to all EMRA and MCSCC Showroom Stock classes. SOLO AND RALLY SUPPORT. Event, championship, and year-end awards will be earne~d in Solo II, Pro Solo, Street Solo, Road Rally, and Divisional Pro Rally events sanctioned by SCCA. Autocrosses and road rallies sanctioned by various regional and club bodies will also earn awards and Team TI A support. OFF-ROAD SUPPORT. While TI A Radials have come to dominate SCORE and HORA racing in recent years, they have also built a strong reputation in local and regional light truck and 4WD events all over the country. And now we're offering Team TI A awards and support to prove how TI A Radials are as winning, say, in the muds of the Midwest as they are in the sands of Mexico. SHOW CAR SUPPORT. Whiie high-performance TI A Radials are built to see action, they also enhance the ap-pearance of cars. So BFGoodrich is making support and awards available to entrants of selected classes listed by the International Show Car Association (!SCA). FACTORY SUPPORT MEANS JUST THAT. While it is not uncommon to see tires for sale at regional and \ 1 local events, it is quite uncom-

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Tires shown that are eligible for Team TIA competition: the BFGoodrich Radial Mud-Terrain TIA,® Euro TIA,® and Comp TIA.® Not shown but also eligible for compe-tition are the BFGoodrich Radial TIA,® Radial Sport Truck TIA,® and Radial All-Terrain TIA:" mon to see a factory field team offer engineering and technical help on site. That is what you will see at some 30 selected events all over the country. A fully-equipped tractor /trailer staffed by BFGoodrich techni-cians will be at these events, where tech11ical support as well as tires will be available to Team - TI A members. A NEW PROGRAM DESERVES A NEW TIRE...,.. THE COMP T/A R~ As superior a performance tire as the new BFGoodrich Comp TI A® is, the needs of competition demand a tire even more at home on the race track and autocross course. Meet the new Comp TI A R~ Built for com-petition use, this street legal tire incorporates unique tread com-pounds to maximize handling and cbrnering power. The Comp TI A R was engineered based on lessons learned in win-ning the U.S. Endurance Cup. Available in 5/32" tread depth, it is designed for endurance races, sprint events, and autocrosses. While it will not provide the long tread life of our new Comp TI A~ the payoff comes in quicker lap times. Look for it in 45, 50, 55, and 60 series sizes. Special prices on the Comp TI A R will be available to Team TI A members at the BFGoodrich tractor /trailer, through participating retailers, or direct from the factory at the phone numbers listed below. TAKE ON THE COMPETITION. As mentioned, all $300,000 in the Team TIA fund will be awarded to top finishers using BFGoodrich TI A Radials in se-lected race, solo, rally, and show car championships. But also as mentioned, Team TI A awards can only go to Team TI A mem-bers. Other benefits of member-ship include distinctive Team TI A patches and decals, BFGoodrich technical support, quarterly newsletters, technical bulletins, news of future develop-ments and product updates-all yours for the asking. So ask for complete details now. Call the toll-free number listed below or mail the coupon today. Either can be your ticket for a share of $300,000. And a lot of factory help. As this Update goes to press, the following organizations are now participants in the Team TIA pro-gram (you can consult Team TIA Headquarters for further informa-tion): SCCA, /SCA, Mid-Atlantic 4 Wheel Drive Ass 'n. (MA4WDA), High Plains Off-Road Racing Ass'n. (HPORRA), Arizona Desert Racing As-sociation (ADRA), Berrien Auto-Cross Series (BA-CS), Southern Nevada Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (SNORE), Porsche Club of America (PCA), BMW Car Club of America (BMWCCA), Western States Corvette Club (WSCC), National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC), Eastern Motor Racing Association (EMRA), Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs (MCSCC). □ Yes, I'm interested in joining "ream T/A'" and qualifying for my share in the $300,000 ,guaqriteed purse: Please send me complete details and my Team TIA membership application_ Mail to: BFGooC,rich 500 Sout_, Main St., Akron, Ohio 44318 -ATTN: TEAM T/A HEADQUARTERS Name _____________________ _ Address-------~-------~--~---I am affiliated with (sanctioning body or club) __________ _

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Early in 1985, two all-new, and very potent, Mazda B2000 race trucks made their debut in the no-quarter-given world of off-road racing. The results, as they say, speak for themselves. Campaigned by Glenn Harris and the California Gold Racing Team, the 270 horsepower, 13B rotary-powered short-course B2000 finished third in the 1985 Grand _National Sport Truck Class Manufacturers' points standings. And the 210 horsepower piston engine Class 7S desert truck proved its mettle by capturing second place finishes at such grueling events as the Mint 400 and SCORE World Championships. If this kind of first-season record makes you wonder what's in store for the 1986 season, stay tuned. Because you'll be seeing two new B2000s running in even more short-course and desert races. And with a flight schedule like that, you can be sure I I &!5~1-.!!1 the skies will be anything but friendly. lliil...... ....,_. Mazda's rotary engine licensed by NSU-WANKEL

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Volume 3 Number 2 February 1986 In This Issue ••• FEATURES Page A Salute to the 1985 Desert Series Champions ......... 14 ra ---The SCORE/HORA Annual Awards Banquet ....... . . 22 A.D.R.A. Sonoita to Rocky Point .................... 28 Rally Cars Try Stadium Racing ...................... 31 ··FORDA's Turkey Chase 50 ......................... 32 Paris-Dakar 1986 -The Beginning . ............... : ... 34 East of Indio Rally . . ~. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Firebird A TX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 7 The Silver Dust 400 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Berrien Autocross Series Annual Banquet . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Publisher Brad Goodrow Associate Editor Richard Schwalm Controller John Calvin Contributors Darlene Bozeman Leonard Day Daryl D. Drake Winnie Essenberg Homer Eubanks Tom Grimshaw Dennis Henneberg Martin Holmes Danny McKenzie Brenda Parker David Ryskamp Wayne Simmons Judy Smith John Sprovkin Joe Stephan Trackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production Michelle's Typesetting Services THE OFFICIAL VOICE OF SC()RE CANADA --AND, ~ ~ ,· ti'.' -·-Subscription Rates: ~ =-=--$12.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign subscription rates on request. Contributions:· DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and witha self-addressed, stamped envelope. Classified Ads will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES combined with OFF ROAD ACTION NEWS, "USPS-305-609" is published monthly by Hill-side Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301, (818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be repro-duced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA 91301. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty Times, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH ••• ~ Carson City International Rally ...................... 42 The Lombard RAC Rally . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 DEPARTMENTS Snapshot of the Month . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Stan Parnell's Action News ........................... 6 Trail Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Pony Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 . Side Tracks by Judy Smith ........................... 8 Happenings ..... . . . . ......... ..................... 10 Weatherman Radio Tips ........................ . ... 35 Pit Team Register and Reports ..................... .. 41 The Losers by Judy Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1 California Rally Series by Lynette Allison . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Index to Advertisers ........... . ................... 49 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 ON THE COVER -The February issue is a Salute to 1985 SCORE/HDRA desert series champions, and all three of the category overall winners are featured on our first triple photo cover. Rob Tolleson drove his Mirage to the 1-2-1600 title and the absolute overall points championship, and he also garnered Rookie of the Year honors. Steve Kelley won the Class 8 points title driving a GMC pickup, and he squeaked into the Heavy Metal Championship at the final event of the season. Spencer Low earned the Class 7S title and the Mini Metal Championship driving his Arcadia Nissan in all eight events. Color Photography by Mark Chen, Jim Ober and Harold Crawford of Trackside Photo Enterprises. · A~ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $12.00 □ 2 years - $20.00 □ 3 years - $30.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus ... Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name---------------------------©~ di ~?Ji ys'\,,.... ______________ _::........,::ai-----"---..J Our Snapshot o( the Month file yielded a big blank this month, but this illustration by our contributing cartoonist David Ryskamp is certainly topical in this era when the world oil prices are dropping fast. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of humorous racing incidents, woes on the course, or a spectacular from short course events on this page each month . .Send us your photo of something comic, a mechanical disaster, or anything fitting for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 will be considered for publication. Address ------------------------City State _________________ Zip ________ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 (Canadian - 1 year $15.00 U .S.• Overseas subscription rates quoted on request) I I I I I I I I I I I I DustyTimes February 1986 Page 5

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STAN PARNB.L'S Action News After many years of driving a Class 5 car and winning practically all the races that they ran, Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen have ·announced for 1986 that they will be moving to a Class 7 S. With the background of consistency that these two have built up, I suspect that the 7 S drivers had better get their act together for 1986, or they will be second best. · We reported last month that we would take all bets on there being a 1986 "Mint" race, and for those of you that have not received the official letter, there will be a "Mint 400" on May 7-11, 1986. For eighteen years the Mint in Las Vegas has enjoyed the racing public spending the money that they do during Mint W eek. Mr. Walt Lott, President of HORA, will be conducting this race, and it will be one of the points races for HORA, in the HORA/ SCORE Series. Once again Manufacturers' Row will be on the famous Fremont Street, in front of the Mint Hotel. Mickey Thompson has scheduled a series of great short course races all over the United States and the first one will be held at the Indianapolis Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, on January 25, 1986. The biggest problem we heard of was in a phone conversation with Phil's Inc., in Illinois, who stated that it would be a great race but it was on the same weekend as the Super Bowl, which could draw away some of the fans. The next Mickey Thompson event will be in Pontiac, Michigan on February 8, 1986, at the Pontiac Silverdome. There will be a big Auto Show, which should interest many of the racers, in San Diego on February 21, 22, 23, 1986, at the Downtown Community Con-course. Another Auto Show is scheduled for March 1 and 2, 1986, in Lancaster, California, at the Antelope Valley Fair Grounds, so if you are not busy on those dates, take the time out to enjoy yourself and see what the world of Auto Shows has to offer. Mike Goodwin of Stadium Motor Sports has announced some dates for short course racing for 1986, and has listed some of these as tentative and the others as being a firm date. These areas are, San Diego, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Sacra-mento, back to San Diego and Los Angeles. As these dates become firm, we will keep you posted. While on the subject of short course races, we understand that there will be a Short Course Series scheduled for Bud Feldkamp's Glen Helen Raceway for 1986, and a Marty Tripes Short Course Series, with most of the events out of El Centro and San Diego areas. With four promoters scheduling short West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NY 89102 702/873-1962 OUR PRlCE $695.00 Per Set 2 Ratio's Available McKenzie Automotive 12945 Sherman Way #4 North Hollywood, CA 91605 213/764-6438 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page6 course races, it will surely be a busy season of all the racers. What a banner year for the Class 4 group, Donohoe and Roberts, in 1985. This group came on strong in 1985 and at mid-year received sponsorship from the King 8 Hotel in Las Vegas, won a new Jeep pickup truck at the end of the year, and were on the tap at the HORA/SCORE Awards, Ban-quet for a special award for their accomplishments. It's great to see such a well liked group of guys accomplish these achieve-ments in 1985. During the month of December, racing great, Nissan driver, Roger Mears received the first of a kind recognition in Off Road Racing by being selected as one of a select group of drivers to the AAR WBA AUTO RACING ALL AMERICAN TEAM. In the past, race drivers from all divisions have received this award for their accomplish-ments, but it is great to have the recognition be extended to cover Off Road Racing. Our congratulations go out to several organizations and companies that were given awards at the SCORE/HORA Awards Banquet and it was a first to have several of these companies and organizations tie for the winning award. The first, YOKOHAMA TIRES and BFGOODRICH, tied for their award as contingency company. The Checkers and F.A.I.R. tied for Pit Support Team of the Year. Other neat · awards went to some super people, such as Bill Stroppe, Jean Calvin, Rob Tolleson, and the neatest of all, for the Person of the Year, going to Mr. Frank DeAngelo. The Awards Banquet was a festive affair, but as always, was extremely long and it is said "the mind can only absorb what the rear end can endure". After Parker, and because the popular HORA Laughlin event has been cancelled due to the town being sold out for other events, our next race will be the · Score Great Mojave 250, in Lucerne on April 4, 5, and 6, 1986. Soap Box ••• The February Soap Box editor had to be?: off at the last mnute due to the press of business. However, the Soap Box Column will return, and several very interesting folks have promised their Soap Box comments for coming·issues. Volunteers are i1wited to climb 011 their "Soap Box" and fill this space «'ith their thou?:hts about «'hat is J!:Ood and «'hat is not so J!:Ood about the state of off road racinJ!:. We 'U'ould «'elcome some discussion on the state of the Pro Rally Series as «'ell. Call or«'riteDUSTYTIMES «'ith your ideas for a Soap Box column, and J!:et on the schedule. February 1986 Trail Notes ••• LA TE FLASH! The Score Parker 400 is going to be a whoppe1 of a race. The drawing on January 15 was huge, and at press time, ten days before the race, the total entry stands at 387 vehicles. The good news is that 309 of that entry are in the car classes. The Parker 400 should easily reach its limit of 425 starting venicles this year, and remember that limit is imposed by the stipulations in the land use permits, not by Score International. THE NUMBERS GAME. There was a meeting for concerned manufacturers the day after the Score/HDRA awards banquet last month in Anaheim. While the rules and the classes are set for 1986 so they say this meeting was to discuss class and rules changes for 1987. Al~ng with tha~ was the proposal that off roa_d racing recognize its champions in the number system_ at the desert races, a similar scheme to that of the bikes, whose desert champion wears number 1 plate, or CART, whose points champion runs 1 all the next year. So, staning at P~rker each class champion will have an assigned number for all the eight races m the 1986 series. Each one will get the 00 number. For example, Ron Brant will carry #100 all year, Rod Hall, #400, and so on. In classes where the number_ series is spl!t, like the Baja Bugs, Malcolm Vinje will have #500 all year and Mike Leslie will have #550. Because the Parker entries were already coming in fast, i~ was decided that in 1986 each class champion will start each race m the posmon he gets in the drawing. If he draws the 00 number, so much the better for the pit scoring groups. If he draws OS he starts sixth, but he will wear the 00 number. ' For the 1987 desert series the class champion will not only earn the 00 number for the year, but his 1986 title will also earn him the right to start first m his class at every event. If he doesn't enter a given race, the whole class moves up one slot on time, but the number will remain vacant. Overall that sounds like a good idea, and there certainly cannot be much argument on the system m 1986. But, there could be a few who prefer starting slots from the luck of the draw m 1987. In the 1987 game plan, the class champion will not be able t~ draw the last starting spot, nor have the opportunity to eyeball the competmon on passmg, which is particularly important on the long distance races. While the press folks, at least none here, were not invited to the manufacturers' meeting in January, or any other such gathering in the past, there are some d1sturbmg rumors about what will happen to the class structure in 1987 emanating from the January meeting. As always, the heavy money from back east is complaining about too many classes on the desert, and we agree. But, so the rumors go, they plan to eliminate a few buggy or VW onented classes, and combine Classes 1 and 2, and 3 and 4, to cut the numbers. Meanwhile they hang on tight to such low entry and lack of competitor interest classes as 6, 7, 7 4x4 and 12. Even if these rumors are true · th_ey are not yet written_ in stone. So, now is the time to hollar if you disagre~ with the idea of combmmgClasses 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and eliminating others like Classes 9 and perhaps 11 completely. If the tail from back east is allowed to wag the_ dog o_f des_ert racing classes, why are we still paying heavy entry fees and racmg pnmanly for a percentage of our own money? Nothing more is guaranteed. Don't write just to us, write also to Score and HDRA. THE ANNUAL BANQUET SEASON was a most -relaxing time for western racers. With just one, not two events, in December to attend, and with no race on the desert in January, the folks turned out to banquets in droves. One of the most pleasant affairs connected with the annual awards affair for the Score/HDRA desert series is the traditional BFGoodrich pre-run reception. Held in mid-afternoon prior to the awards banquet, the Goodrich pre-run is open to all who compete on the right tires, their family and co-workers, the press, and officials from the race groups. This year the four bus loads of celebrants went to the Barn in Tustin, a place loaded with the old west atmosphere that is suited to off road racers. The buffet tables groaned under the weight of the fancy seafood and much, much more. This affair truly puts people in a party mood, a real pre-run for the night of the awards presentations. ROGER MEARS SIGNS WITH BRIDGESTONE. Roger Mears will be racing his Nissan trucks on Bridgestone tires in 1986. Both his Class 7 desert · pickup and the special stadium racer built by Electramotive will now be shod with Bridgestone's finest. Mears plans an ambitious schedule, doing all eight desert series events in the Nissan built by his own team, and he will compete in the entire Mickey Thompson stadium series in the high flying Electramotive beauty. Roger's teammate in the stadium race series, Sherman Balch, will probably also compete on Bridgestone tires. Both Mears and Balch will have the new 1986½ style N issans sometime in the middle of the season, and these will have V -6 power. Look for the truck wars to really heat up by late spring. TOYOTA CONTINGENCY FOR 1986 offers more moneyfor racers in many categories. Toyota supports rallies, road racing, IMSA and SCCA Professional Showroom stock events, along with their serious support of off road racing. In the field of Pro Rallies, Toyota has increased the contingency prize money across the board for 1986. In the Score/HD RA desert series, the award money for Classes 1, 2 and 10 (using Toyota engine power) is now increased to the same level as the mini truck classes. If you are racing a Toyota in Classes 7, 7S, or 7 4x4, or have a Toyota engine in Classes 1, 2 or 10, the contingency money in all six classes is $2500 for first, $1500 for second and $1000 for third in class. Should you win overall as well in an open wheeler, you get an extra $500, and $250 goes to second overall. Toyota powered vehicles in all other classes can earn$ 1000, $750 and $500 for first, second or third place in class. In the Mickey Thompson stadium series, a Class 7 Toyota driver can earn $2000 for first, $1500 for second, $1000 for third and $500 for fourth. In the Ultra Stock class the Toyota money is $1000, $750 and$500 for first through third respectively, but both the body and the engine must be from Toyota. The Toyota contingency program is designed to increase the number ofToyota grass roots racers, and it is presumed that the factory backed trucks of Ivan Stewart, Steve Millen and Frank Arciero are not eligible for the contingency money. YOKOHAMA TIRES CONTINGENCY PROGRAM will cover the entire country in off road racing this season. Yokohama has a most extensive schedule for race series both great and small. Starting with the biggie, the Score/HD RA eight race desert series, Yokohama offers a generous $200 for a class win in all car classes for racers using their tires. Also, the best finisher in each class, provided the car is in the top three in class, wins a set of four Dusty Times

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Y okohamas. In the Mickey Thompson stadium series, all the races, a first place in Class 7 is worth a cool $2000 and a set of four tires. In Ultra Stock class the winner will get $1400, second place is worth $700, and third earns $400. In Class 10 the stadium race winner will earn $700, second will get $300, and third earns $200, plus a set of four tires goes to the best finisher in the top three that is non-sponsored. In A.D.R.A. races Yokohama has posted for each event, $100 in each Pro class for a win plus a set of four tires. In the Sportsman category, each class winner earns a set of four tires. In A.D.R.A. events, and the following series below, each class must have a minimum of five starters to qualify for the contingency. The AMSA races are posted at $100 for first in each class and a set of four tires in all events. The same posting as AMSA is offered in the former Berrien Autocross Series and in the Pro Can-Am series as well as all SNORE races and the VORRA series. Almost any place you race on Yokohama tires you can earn some extra contingency money and new tires. MORE ROGER MEARS. Roger Mears made off road racing history last month by becoming the first off road racer ever named to the prestigious Skoal Auto Racing All-America Team for success in 1985. Roger gained the most votes in the "At Large" category on the dozen driver team, and the votes came from top racing writers and radio and TV media, all members of the American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association. Mears' selection on the All-American T earn was a first for an off road racer in the 16 year history of the program. Two drivers are named in each of six racing categories, which are Stock Car, Open Wheel, Road Racing, Short Track and Drag Racing along with the "At Large" group that covers everything else. Congratulations Roger Mears! THE ANAHEIM SUPERCROSS featured two heats and a main event for Class 10 short course cars amid the high flying motorcycle heats. Reports are that a sell out crowd of over 70,000 screamed just as loudly for the racing buggies as they did for the bikes. Jim Fishback won the main event, Jerry Whelchel came in second, and Al Arciero was third.Watch for the full report next month, and news of a possible series from Mike Goodwin: ARMSTRONG TIRES has a new Formula Group, and they are moving into off road racing fast to promote the Formula Desert Dog line of tires. Beginning with the 1986 season Armstrong will be sponsoring the midwestern race series formerly known as the Berrien Autocross Series, and now named the Formula Desert Dog Series. The Formula Group has become a member of the Off Road Manufacturers Support Committee, of Score/HDRA, and they will be expanding their contingency presence at all eight races in the desert series. The new Armstrong tire line includes the Formula Road & Trac and Formula Mud Trac with Armstrong's Tredloc belt construction, plus the Formula Terradial, an aramid belted all season radial. THE JEEP CUP OFF ROAD RALLY. An event that has decided the Canadian off road rally champion for the last two years, The Jeep Cup, is coming to the USA in 1986. Sponsored by American Motors, the Jeep Cup is a rally for 4 WD rigs, aimed at grass roots participation. The SCCA will sanction the five regional qualification r.allies in the USA, and the CASC will do the same for the most part, and portions of each competition are off road on rugged trails. The regional events will be coordinated by 4 WD clubs across North America. Qualifying regional rallies are open to owners of street legal four wheel drive vehicles ... wonder if the Audi Quattro qualifies? The top three driver/ co-driver teams in each of the ten rallies will qualify for the Jeep Cup run that will go coast to coast across North America in 17 days and finish at Expo '86 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Leaving Halifax, Nova Scotia in early August, the 30 rally teams will drive identical Jeep vehicles across the continent to Vancouver, and the winner will be crowned the Jeep Cup North American champion. The US rallies will be staged out of Tucson, AZ, San Bernardino, CA, southern Indiana, Gaylord, Ml, and Yakima, WA. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VOLKSWAGEN. In the hustle ancfbustle of the holiday season, we missed bringing you the news that the Volkswagen Beetle turned 50 years of age in 1985. That qualifies a lot of race cars for the 6-50 Club. The Type 1 VW was born during the Great Depression in 1935, created byDr. Ferdinand Porsche. From such modest beginnings, the Type 1 went on to become the most produced vehicle in history. By 1972 it had taken over the most built title from the Ford Model T A total of 15 million Model T Fords were built between 1907 and 192 7. About 20.6 million Beetles have been produced since the first post Hitler war model came off the assembly line in Wolfsburg. In 1968, in the heyday of the Bug in the USA, more than 400,000 Beetles were sold in this country alone. The final numbers are not in yet, as the VW Type 1 Beetle is still in production in plants in Mexico, Brazil and Nigeria, but it was lasrsold new, legally, in the United States in 1977. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the automobile, and the unbiquitous Volkswagen Beetle has been around for fully half that time span. SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES NEWS. There were me~tings after .the Carson City International Rally last December, and the entire SCCA Board of Directors were on hand. They got an earful from the whole rally community, sponsors, organizers, competitors in Pro and Divisional events, all complaining about SCCA's choice of Pro Rally boss for last season, Bob Radford. He seldom showed up at any .rally, seldom answered phone calls, even from the series sponsor, Bridgestone, and all agreed that the lack of interest and inability to communicate made him a poor choice for the job, Look for a new boss in 1986. Ginny Reese was reappointed to the chair of the Pro Rally Board, and her 1986 board consists of Bill Brooks, Harry Ward, Erick Hauge and Gary Debolt. Ginny and her crew organized the letter writing campaign last fall to the SCCA, which turned out to be successful in saving the Divisional Rally Program from the scrap heap. On the final rnunt for 1985, most of the Pro Rally Champions worked hard all year for their trophies. Among the drivers, John Buffum beat Rod Millen by a scant five points for the Open Class title. But, Doug Shepherd won Production honors by 45 points over Guy· Light, and Steve Nowicki claimed the Production GT title by 46 points over John Crawford. In Group A Clive Smith won handily over Richey Watanabe by 43 points. In the co-driver championships, DUSTY TIMES correspondent Tom Grimshaw won the Open Class by :SB points over Harry Ward. In Production Class Linda Wilcox tied with Jon Wickens for top co-driver honors, but in GT Production David Stone won over Judi Gooch by 47 points. Harry Ward bested Howard Watanabe by 43 points for the Group A title. In the Championship for Manufacturers Mazda claimed the overall honor by a mere seven points over Audi. Dodge won the Production title over Oldsmobile by 65 points, and Dodge also won the Production GT honors, but only by four points over Nissan. Toyota took the Group A title by 77 points over Saab. Our thanks to Tim Cline's Stage Times for the final Pro Rally Points standings for 1985. . Dusty Times Pony Express ••• I would like to cong_ratulate Walt Lott and Sal hsh on producing an excellent year of off road racin_g, and a fine awards banquet. Congratulations to all the award wihners in the Off-Roadsman category, and to all th~oints champions. Thanks to all who made it ROSsible for F.A.l.R. to receive the Score/HORA Off-Roads-man trophy for Pi.t Support Team of the -Year, co-winners with the Checkers. This award should be given to all the suwort people, organized or not. These race fans endure the hardships of poor weather and mana_ge to grovide a warm and helpful place tor the racers to momentarily stop and "get things together". These pit locations on the race course are frequently remote. We at F.A.l.R. thank you all for helping to make off road racing the success it is today. Wayne Morris President, F.A.l.R. Stanton, CA I would a_ppreciate a listing of my 1986 Racing Schedule in your Happenings section-. I have been a long time subscriber to Action News, and now I am delighted that you have comoined publications. "EX-CELLENT"- coverage on the Desert Races and Sl-i:ort Course events: Keep up the good work. Bernie Weber S.O.R.R.P. Temple, Texas I am writing to let you know that I have moved and I have enclosed both my new and old address. I enjoy your magazine very much so keep up the good work. Pei:ry Behrens Yucca Valley, CA . Thanks for the kind words, Perry, and thanks for letting us know about your move. It sure helps us get the paper to subscribers each month wlien we are notified of a change of address. Ed. DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from all corners of off road activity. The Pony Express column will feature all the mail we can fit into the space. Please keep your words fairly brief. Because of space limitations, your pearls of prose may be edited, but DUSTY TIMES will · print your gripes as well as your_ praises. Letters for publication should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by the I 5th of the month in _ order to appear in the next issue. Check Out the DUSTY TIMES Special Club Sub Offer Call (818) 889-5600 or write DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0 Agoura, CA 91301 Coming Soon SCORE GREAT MOJAVE 250 APRIL S, 1986 Race 2 in the SCORE/HDRA POINTS SERIES Lucerne Valley, CA Call SCORE Headquarters 818-889-9216 Performance Tradition More off-road races are won on Bilstein than any other shock absorber. Our record speaks tor itself! · Bilstein gas pressure shocks first appeared in America posting a win at the famed Baja 1000 in 1972. Since that impres-sive performance, Bilsteins have been the choice of serious off-roaders who not only want to start the race - but finish it as well. · Today, Bilstein offers a variety of off-road shock applications tor racing or just running on the street. From single, seaters and Baja Bugs to big and small two-wheel and 4WD trucks, Bilstein delivers performance second to none. Whether you're just entering off-road or have been there for years, check out Bilstein - first where reliability counts. "World leader in development o( the Gas Pressure Shock Absorber." Bilstein Corporation of America 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog, send $2.50. February 1986 Page 7

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,. Side Tracks ••• By Judy Smith . "manufacturers or dealers, or Volkswagen based car he'd use their agents" who "may operate the number on the inspection or use such a vehicle ... without a plate in the pan. If the number plate", but to do this they must had been removed for some have a special state permit. So reason, things could get sticky as "A green sticker for a what?", that sure leaves out the Parker even a chassis manufacturer, out · he'd have to send to Sacramento asked the person on the other area which does have sections to test a new car perhaps, must for a list of all stolen cars of that end of the line. open to the general public for first have acquired some kind of year, to check through it to be "For an off road race car," we much of its length. special permit, or he can be cited. sure the car didn't match any repeated, thinking of Score's "So, now," we asked Steve, So, now, with uneasy thoughts, descriptions. recent bulletin warning of the "How do we get the race car of the off road race car that "What year" he asked, "is need for street-legal registration properly stickered?" Wellll, he sometimes resides in our garage, your car?" That question always or the off-highway "green wasn't exactly sure, never having we had picked up the phone to gets the off road racer. We stickie" at the Parker race. done it himself, but·he'd given it call the CHP office in Culver explained to him that it had been We had already spoken to some study, and understood that City. Once we had told the built over a period of years, with Steve Kassanyi at the Score it involved the OMV and the person who answered the phone pieces acquired legally, here and office, and Steve had confirmed CHP. In fact, Steve had been told that we knew we'd have to deal there, and no one part of the car that the off-highway sticker was that the first step was to have an with the OMV, but we also could be identified as any goingtobemandatoryonallpre-identification number assigned needed to know what the CHP particular age (it's a Class 5). runners that weren't street legal to the car, and that was done by would require of us, he decided Well, he understood that, and and licensed. In fact, he said, the the CHP. He further told us that we were over his head and went said that if there were receipts for CHP in the area were even it was his understanding that this to get someone else. The the motor and all, there checking pre-runners that were meant making an appointment someone else turned out to be shouldn't be any problem. Um! still on their trailers. with the local CHP office. As an Officer Peale, a very friendly and We told him that the motor had That was no big surprise, as the example, he cited the Saugus helpful Ch1pp1e, who didn't also b~en accumulated bit by bit, CHP has been enforcing the office, which he'd been told, know anything about the green and some parts were probably California green stickie law, as it assigned such numbers on sticker program, but who knew seven or eight years old, and the applied to pre-runners, for years Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. all about the VINs. receipts were long gone. on the California side of the Their appointment calendar was Kassanyi's information about Well, he understood that too, Parker course. What was a already booked solid for the next making an appointment had been and he said he'd be able to assign surprise was the fact that the race two months. This didn't look too correct. But apparently the days a number with little red tape, as cars were going to need to be good for a racer who wanted to on which appointments can be long as it had its fenders, and stickered now. We, along with · race at Parker and lived in the made will vary with the CHP windshield and wipers, and many other folks, had under-Saugus area. office, so it might be worthwhile headlights ... stood that a bona fide off road As we mulled over the to phone around. We talked to "Whoa," we queried, "Why race car was exempt from the ramifications of all this, it our office on a Tuesday, and they windshield?" need for a sticker while it was suddenly occurred to us that it would have given us an "Didn't you say it was a Baja being driven on a "recognized off might not be just the Parker area appointment for the following Bug?", he asked. road race course." that was going to enforce the Thursday -no hardship there. "Well, yes, but it's a race car, it Kassanyi now read from the green sticker regulation. And Their working hours are from 8 will never be on the street." Aha! California Vehicle Code, Section that's how it is. Kassanyi told us a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Now he _grasped the situation 38014, the phrase that defines that according to what he's been Friday. But -you must start at fully. And assured us that there the areas where an off road race told by the BLM, the 15 year old the OMV. That's not everyone's should be no difficulty. As long car is exempt from the need for a regulation is going to be enforced favorite thing, but it's unavoida- as it was in good running order ... OMV issued green sticker. As throughout the state. It won't be ble now and then. The Auto We said, "You mean it has to opposed ro a "recognized" off just the Highway Patrol doing the Club, which can handle licensing be all together in one piece and road race course, the phrase is enforcing, but also the Rangers for the street, cannot handle off- running, or you can't assign a "closed course", which is who patrol the off road areas. highway licensing. number?" described thus: "Closed course is The only persons exempt from While we had him on the "Oh, yes," he assured us. one which is not available at any the need for a sticker (beyond the phone, we asked Officer Peale "That's policy, we just can't time for vehicular access by the out--of-staters) are listed in the just how he assigned the number. assign an i.d. number to a vehicle general public." Well, doggone!, Vehicle Code, Section 38021, as He explained that if it was a that's not in good working __________________________ ;....______________ order." INTRODUCES SPOITS IACING MSOUNI · A HIGH PERFORMANCE RACING FUEL 1DESIGNED FROM SCRATCH' WITH YOUR ENGINE IN MIND. Tested Under T~e Strict Supervision Of Engine Buil~er LOUIE UNSER. Fo,: Further Information Contact: Michael Nesmith and Randy Salmont testing 'SPORTS' at the Baja 1000. SPORTS RACING PRODUCTS, INC. 2200 Powell Street Suite 950 Emeryville, California 94608 (415) 428-2600 SPORTS RACING PRODUCTS Of L.A., INC. -P.O. Box 610. Pagel 333 West Broadway • Suite 202 Long Beach, California 90801-0610 (213) 437-4373 February 1986 Now, that's really logical, and we can't blame the CHP for feeling that way. But it can create a 2roblem for those of us whose off road race cars are never in one piece until about three days before a race. If that early. In our case, the car and its transmission and motor are in three separate places, in two cities. Many others must be in the same boat. So the word is:' Plan ahead! No one knows what will happen at Parker, since the announcement of the need for the green sticker really came too late to allow time to acc_omplish the fact. But it behooves us to take the responsibility upon ourselves and get it done between races. We would suggest that you shop around for an understanding CHP office. . After we had talked to our CHP office we fortified ourselves with a cup of coffee and phoned the OMV to find out what had to be done prior to the visit to the CHP, and afterwards. We called the OMV office in the Van Nuys area, and were answered by a recording which told us ~hat all agents were busy right now, and it would be advisable to make an appointment, and then it left us, replaced by music from My Fair Lady. We listened to My Fair ~dy, interspersed with m;::ord-mgs about the cost of renewed drivers licenses and the need for appointments, for fiye minutes and then a live person came on the phone. We told him we wanted some information about · acqumng a green off-highway sticker for an off road race car. He said, "For a - what kind of vehicle?" and put us on hold: Now we listened to My Fair Lady and the various recordings for a full ten minutes before there was another live person. He did understand our question immediately. He told us that we should come in and pay the $15., two-year off-highway registra-tion fee, plus $3. for processing, plus sales tax. The D MV would then give us a Form 124, which is an application for an assigned vehicle i.d. plate, and which we should take with us to the CHP along with our vehicle. After the CHP was finished with the car, we were to bring the form back to the OMV and they'd give us a green sticker over the counter. Or, if we wished, we could mail the form in, and the OMV would mail the green sticker to us. We asked if it was necessary to make an appointment to get the form, and the person said it was "advisable, but not mandatory." A day later, we happened upon Jim Moses, of the Barstow BLM · office, and told him what we'd been told. Moses then told us that if we wanted the real scoop, the person to call was Mike Bishop, Chairman of the Off Highway Vehicle Commission. Bishop wasted no time getting us to an even more knowledgeable person, Lee Chauvet, the Deputy Director of the Off Highway Vehicle Division, which is the division of Parks and Recreation which administers the green sticker funds. Chauvet very quickly told us that the OMV person had been wrong in two items. First: the two-year green sticker fee is no longer $15. It's gone up to $20., and second: there is not an automatic ~se-tax, or sales tax, applied upon registration of your off-highway vehicle. This second item, of course, hangs upon who built the car. If you built it, no matter how long ago, you presumably paid tax as you purchased each of its component parts. However, if you purchased the car full bloom from someone else, sales tax will apply. We'll tell you more about that in a future issue. Finally, Chauvet said that as a function of the factthat the OHV Division has recently adopted a new policy which requires that all agencies receiving funding from the green sticker program (such as BLM, and the Forest Service, as well as State Parks) must enforce the green sticker regulation. He says further that the Division is working against heavy pressure because of off road vehicle noise violations and nuisance users, and felt this move was necessary as one more compromise aimed at keeping as much land open to off roaders as possible. The upshot of all this, and there were many more details we haven't room for this month, is that the race cars will need to be green stickered as long as the promoter's land use permit requires it. A promoter who lets someone run without a green sticker is in violation of his permit and may be denied a permit the next time he applies. So, make it easy on all of us folks, and get those stickers. Dusty Times

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.. Nottoo I ! I I i I I I I i I • a.11 Tn If-Ila llean . Parker 400-Valdez 2nd 7s Laughlin ✓ Desert Challenge-Valdez 2nd 7s Great Mojave 250-Valdez 1st 7s, Gowland 1st 7 4 x 4 Mint 400~Gowland 1st 7 4 x 4, Valdez 1st 7s, Harris 2nd ls Baja 500-Gowland 1st 7 4 x 4, Hightower 1st 3, Valdez 2nd 7s Mickey Thompson Championship Grand Prix -Harris 2nd Formula 7, Hansen 2nd Ultra Stock GP fireworks 250-Gowland 1st 7 4 x 4, Valdez 2nd 7s Mickey Thompson Championship Grand Prix -Hansen 1st Ultra Stock GP, Tjelmeland 2nd Ultra Stock GP Off-Road World Championships-Gowland 1st 7 4 x 4, Tjelmeland 1st Ultra Stock GP, Banks 1st 14, Harris 2nd 7s, Hansen 2nd Ultra Stock GP frontier 500-Hightower 1st 3, Valdez 2nd 7s Mickey Championship Grand Prix -Tjelmeland 1st Ultra Stock GP, Hansen 2nd Ultra Stock GP Score 250-Valdez 1st 7s Baja 1000-Hightower 1st 3, Donahoe 2nd 4 oraro I After the first year of General Tire's I involvement in off-road racing, I one thing became very clear: It I was not going to be our last year. I In 12 races, machines running I on General Grabber™ radials I took 15 firsts and 13 seconds in I eight classes: 7, 7 4 x 4, 7s, 3, 4, ! 14, Formula 7 and Ultra Stock GP. 11· Obviously, we had some great· drivers and great vehicles going l for us. But they couldn't get very I far without our trio of rugged, race-. I and road-proven Grabber radials. I If you -wan.ta winner, we have three. The Grabber AP is your number one choice for all-around, on- and off-road applications. The aggressive tread makes Grabber Al' right for whatever you can throw at your 4-wheel drive. And the Grabber MT is the ultimate answer for heavy mud and tough terrain. See all three . at your General Motor sports Dealer. . ,.-,~une~1£'1 ~ne1a11S. ~w,,-,,~ -~~-~~ •• ,~ l'A ~..J l.~ ~~J ~~ ~~ f9~ D V S O N

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1986. May 16-18 Carson Vally Rally Carson City, NV Info: Bruce Arkell HAPPENINGS ••• (702) 882-8181 July 18-20 Prescott Forest Ra!! Prescott, AZ A.D.R.A. October 18 Info: Rob Cherry Arizona Desert Racing Association American 1000 (602) 778-6489 1408 East Granada California City, CA Phoenix, AZ 85006 August 29-31 ( 602) 252-1900 October 25-26 Hawthorne Rally American G.P. Hawthorne, NV April 12 Fresno, CA Info: Bruce Arkell Inaugural Western 150 (702) 882-8181 Western Arizona AMERICAN OFF ROAD October 5 July 12 RACING ASSOCIATION Cliffs of Gorman V Rally Flagstaff High Country 150 John Ohanesian Hungry Valley SVRA, CA Flagstaff, AZ P.O. Box 31811 Info: Gary English Phoenix, AZ 85046 (714) 497-4670 August 30 (602) 867-4769 . Snowflake Buggy Bash February 16 November 7-9 Snowflake, AZ East of Indio V Tucson International Raceway Indio, CA October 18 Tucson, AZ Info: Roger Allison Penasco 150 (714) 736-1442 Puerto 'Penasco, FORMULA DESERT Sonora, Mexico DOG SERIES FORDA Coordinator - Gil Parker Florida Off Roaders December 6 7406 S. 12th St. Drivers' Association Sonoita to Rocky Point Kalamazoo, MI 49009 5349 Hansel Ave., C-1 Hare 'n' Hound Sonoita, Sonora, Mexico (616) 375-1233 Orlando, Florida 32809 (305) 851-6245 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES February. 2 AMSA American Motor Sports Association February 2 P.O. Box 5473 Carlsbad Rallycross Fresno, CA 93755 Carlsbad, CA (209) 439-2114 Info: Chris Dier! (213) 548-4451 March 15 California 500 March 9 California City, CA Glen Helen Rallycross San Bernardino, CA May 17 Info: Mike Blore 12 Hour Mojave Challenge (213) 425-0984 California City, CA April 25-27 August 9 Rim of the World Rally 6 to Midnight Run Lancaster, CA' California City, CA Info: Mike or Paula Gibeault (619) 375-8704 >~YOKOOAMA For, 5erloUS Performers TA~C~ racing gasoline Citrus Co. Speedway Inverness, FL March 21-i3 Florida 400 Crowder Pits Tallahassee, FL FUD PUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #6 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 Au.gust 9 Superstition 250 III MARCH APRIL sun mon tue wed thu fri sat sun mon tue wed thu fri sat 1 2 3 4 5 2345678 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25@ 27 28 29 30 GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 303.10 ( 404) 927-6432 March 9 50 Miles Six Flags Over Georgia April 27 100 Miles Six Flags Over Georgia May 25 50 Miles Six Flags Over Georgia June 8 100 Miles Montgomery, Alabama June 22 50 Miles Six Flags Over Georgia July 26-27 Fun Day & 100 Miles Six Flags Over Georgia August 24 50 Miles Six Flags Over Georgia September 14 100 Miles Montgomery, Alabama September 28 50 Miles Six Flags Over Georgia October 26 100 Miles Six Flags Over Georgia Novemb~r 29 250 Miles Montgomery, Alabama December 6 Annual Banquet Atlanta, GA MAY sun mon tue wed thu fri sat 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23@ 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. 1507 South Lincoln . Loveland, CO 80537 CORRA (303) 669-4460 DORRA (303) 429-1949 RMORRA (303) 597-8239 WKR (913) 332-3402 May 11 Denver, CO June 1 St. Francis, KS June 22 Denver, CO July 20 Denver, CO August 2 St. Francis, KS August 24 Denver, CO September 14 Denver, CO HORA High Desert Racing Association 961 West Dale Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 May 7-11 Mint 400 Las Vegas, NV July 4-6 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA September 5-7 Frontier 500 Las Vegas, NV December 5-7 Frontier 250 Las Vegas, NV (;Ir JUNE sun mon tue wed thu fri sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26~ 29 30 • MARCH 28, 29 KITTITAS 250 KITTITAS, WASHINGTON APRIL 26 (not a PCA Points Race) MICKEY THOMPSON RACE KINGDOME - SEATTLE, WA JUNE 27, '28 LITTLEROCK FOREST FLING 300 LITTLEROCK, WASHINGTON 1986 Page 10 MAY 2, 3 HORN RAPIDS 250 MILE SAGEBRUSH SHOOTOUT RICHLAND, WASHINGTON AUGUST 22, 23 (Night Race) SUNDOWN AT HORN RAPIDS RICHLAND, WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 19, 20 MILLICAN VALLEY 400 BEND, OREGON MAY 24, 25 VORRA (Pro Canam Points Race) RENO,NEVADA JULY AUGUST sun mon tue wed thu fri sat sun mon tue wed thu fri sat 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 6 7 8 9 10· 11 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 17 18 19 20 21 ~ 27 28 29 30 31 24 31 25 26 27 28 29 30 SEPTEMBER sun mon tue wed thu tri sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18@:(@) 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 SCHEDULE OF RACES PRO CANAM RACING INC. P.O. IOX 323 • SEAHURST WA. 980'2 (206)242-1773 PLAN A VACATION/RACE IN THE BEAUTIFUL PACIFIC NORTHWEST!! February 1986 Dusty Times

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PRESENTING THE · iclc · ho-~p.10-n ~ · ~, ~ • BE ON BOARD WHEN THE •• :'WILDEST SHOW ON WHEELS!" GOES ON _.._ .... ,-.. THE ROAD IN 1986! 198 &CHAMPIONSHIP - - -SEASON * * JANUARY 25 HOOSIER DOME FEBRUARY 8 SILVERDOME * MARCH 1 JACK MURPHY STADIUM * MARCH 15 ASTRODOME * MARCH22 TEXAS STADIUM *, APRIL 26 KINGDOME TBA-The Rose Bowl, Pasadena, ·California INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA PONTIAC, MICHIGAN SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA HOUSTON, TEXAS DALLAS, TEXAS SEATTLE, WASHINGTUN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA TBA- Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Los Vegas, Nevada TBA-Notional Orange Show, San Bernardino, California '86 IS THE YEAR, AND THE WHOLE UNITED STATES IS THE PLACE! ... The high-energy excitement and flashing action entertainment of the Off-Road Championship Gran Prix is on the road ... EVERY EVENT counts toward the series championship crown, EVERY RACE is critical to the factory teams and the private entries. . . _ EVERY RACER will be going for it from the first green flag ... Don't just read about these electrifying events, make your plans to attend and be part of the action ... from the free "MEET THE DRIVERS" autograph and photo session at 5:30 p.m. to the final race of the night, you'll love every minute of "THE WILDEST SHOW ON WHEELS." FOR EVENT TICKETS OR ENTRY INFORMATION WRITE OR CALL: MTEG, 53 WOODLYN LANE, BRADBURY,_CA 91010 (818) 359-5117

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Additional HAPPENINGS HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION February 16 Badlands Baja 100 Wall,SD Info: Tom Freeman (605) 342-0331 April 13 Sand Ridge Baja Gordon, NE lnfor: Bill Briggs (308) 282-2255 May26 Memorial '86 Dresser, WI Info: John Witt 1-800-328-4445 (HPORRA sanction only) June 1 Dry Run Baja Frederick, SD Info: Lowell Larson (605) 329-2231 (date pending) Beaver Creek Baja Jamestown, ND Info: Skip Calkins (701) 489-3387 July 13 Hartford 100 Chamberlain, SD Info: Steve Miller ( 605) _328-5034 August 17 Gumbo Buttes Bata Pierre, SD Info: Randy Juhnke ( 605) 223-2418 September 14 Northland Baja Bismarck, ND Info: Chuck Hale (701) 255-2789 October 25 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD Info: Jim Kitterman (605) 279-2550 HODAG50 Information (715) 362-6550 IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 (All events sta1;ed at the club 1;rounds in Cleves, Ohio) MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX. Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group 53 Woodlyn Lane Bradbury, CA 91010 (818) 359-5117 February 8 Silver Dome Pontiac, Ml March 1 Jack Murphy Stadium San Diego, CA March 15 Astrodome Houston, Texas March 22 Te~as Stadium Dallas, Texas April 26 King Dome Seattle, WA July 19 L.A. Coliseum Los Angeles, CA Additional cla.tes in California TBA MORE Midwest Off Road Racing Enthusiasts P.O. Box 181021 Fort Worth, TX 76118 (81·7) 577-1102 BFGOODRICH MEMORIAL DAY 100 Kevin Dawson Route 3, Box 895 Lake Geneva, WI 53147 ( 414) 248-8566 May 24-25 Lake Geneva, WI O.O.R.R.A. Oklahoma Off Road Racing Association Larry Terry 9220 N.E. 23rd Oklahoma City, OK 73141 (405) 769-5491 (All races located at Freedom, OK) Vic Burnham Freedom Chapter President (405) 621-3428 April 4-6 OORRA 150 May 30-June 1 Memorial Day 200 July 4-6 Firecracker 250 August 15-i 7 Freedom 300 October 10-12 OORRA 150 ORSA 1920 Crown Ave. West Sacramento, CA 95691 (916) 372-4257 POST Pennsylvania Off Road Short Track Shark Saxon RD #3, Box 9 Towanda, PA 18848 (717) 265-3076 NEW IIC HiliTES ''RDCIIS DFF '' Chro RoclcShield Page 12 Protect your KC Daylighters against flying rocks & dirt clods, with this new KC Chrome Rock Shield (Part No. 7203). Installs easily in the outer rim of all 6" KC Daylighters manufactured · since 1970. Special 'low-profile' configuration allows KC soft covers to slip over for'maximum protection during the day. See your local KC HiliTES dealer for the new KC Rock Shield and the complete line of RACE READY OUT OF THE BOX KC HiliTES products. New full line catalog, just $3.00. KC Hil.llES, Inc.• Williams, Arizona 86046 • 602/635-2607 February 1986 PRO CAN AM SERIES Pro Can Am Racing Inc. P.O. Box 323 Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 (503) 620-0313 March 28-29 Kittitas 250 Kittitas, WA May 2-3 Horn Rapids 250 Mile Sagebrush Shootout Richlan<;l, WA May 23-24 250 Mile VORRA Race Weeks, NV June 27,28 Littlerock Forest Fling 300 Littlerock, WA August 22,23 Sundown at Horn Rapids Richland, WA September 19-20 Millican Valley 400 Bend Oregon SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America 6750 Emporia St. Englewood, CO 80112 ( 303) 779-6625 June 7-8 Susquehannock Trail Wellsboro, PA July 26-27 Arkansas Traveler Little Rock, AR August 23-24 Rally Michigan Battlecreek, MI September 13-14 Sunriser Forest Chillicothe, OH October 4-5 Ojibwe Rally Minnesota October 25-26 Press On Regardless Houghton, MI December 6-7 Carson City International Carson City, NV SCORE Score International 31356 Via Colinas, Suite 111 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216 January 31, February 1-2 Parker 400 Parker, AZ April 4-6 Great Mojave 250 Lucerne Valley, CA June 6-8 Baja Internacional Ensenada, BC, Mexico August 15-17 Score Off Road World Championship Riverside International Raceway Riverside, CA November 6-9 Baja 1000 Ensenada to La Paz, Mexico SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec, J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 SCORE SHOW P.O. Box 6819 Burbank, CA 91510 (818) 768-2914 June 20-22 9th Annual SCORE Show Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 7380 Las Vegas, NV 89125 (702) 459-0317 March 22 Spring Fever 250 Mesquite, NV June 14 Delamar 400 KM Caliente, NV August 9 Nevada 300 Pioche, NV October 25 Silverdust 400 km Henderson, NV SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 February 22 Bottom Dollar ARE YOU GETTING MORE THAN ONE COPY.OF DUSTY TIMES? A number of subscribers now have two subscriptions, because they get one with their membership in HDRA, or they subscribed to both Off Road Action News and Dusty Times. If you don't really need two copies each month, drop us a not~ and assign your duplicate subscription to a friend, pit crew worker, anyone you choose. Send us the full name and address with zip code, of your friend, and the mailing label from the subscription you wish to assign to t9em. We ·will take care of the paper work.· Dusty Times

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A s A L u T E To The 1985 Desert Series Champions By Jean Calvin and Richard Schwalm 11:IIE INTERNATIONAi! Championship Off-Road Racing ra HIGH DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION Photos: Trackside Photo Enterprises CLASS 1-2-1600- 1600 CC RESTRICTED - Winning both the class and the overall buggy championships, along with · the absolute overall points title, was the young sensation of the 1985season, Rob Tolleson. His single seat Mirage rolled its Yokohama tires into no less than four first place finishes, and a healthy second and third place at Parker and Laughlin. Co-driver and chassis builder Bill Varnes assisted on long events. The pair also provided a thrilling twenty hour class battle over 822 miles to a foggy finish in Rob's first Baja race, the 1000, winning with a bare 13 second lead. No doubt the Palmdale resident will be one of the major off road stars to watch in 1986. H£Y ! SMALL BORE CLASSfS! ARF You 11RED a: BEING BUMPED AND .S"O\/ED AROUND BY II BULLY" P\CK-UP 1ROC~S? \vHAf YOU NEED IS ONE OF -rI:IESE Llff\£ EQUAL! rE~5 II .. "'_../ (t:9 ~ ~ 0~ . 1HE PLUNGER·~· is MOONltD I H\CtH 001!-IE RfAR Or CHAS51~. \JHEN YOU'RE t30MfED ?JY A ?lc.K-UP, -ff/£ GRILL P\bHE:> Q\J TH£ 'PWJ~£R} REL.EA~~ FIRIN~ PIA) ''B". rlRl~u 1'1N mE~ SIMULfAN£DlJSLY OPENS ~p I")(Xj("C" ONAL1ENATOR "D'' AND FIRES IOSMM l-/0\'11-rteR SHELL "E''. ARMOR 'PJERC.IA)C,t S\-\~\..L ?ENf-fRA1ES Etv41/0E 13\.DCK A~'D E'J(f'l.DDE:S I CAll5\t.J~ VA~f¾E' 'RESE:M13.UN&. A ~IJ RDt>!!!" Page 14 February 1986 A new era dawned in 1985 for devoted desert racers with the introduction of the combined High Desert Racing Association and Score International points series. No longer did competitors have to choose between the two organizations in order to gain a points title, nor did the contingency donors face .the problem of which series to support completely. The combined series also offers something to really shout about for the class champions. Each one is the only desert champ in the class, instead of having the honor and fame diluted by having a pair of title holders in each class. While both Score and HORA still run their own shows, an effort was ongoing all year to consolidate the rules and rules enforcement, so competitors faced the same rules decisions at events throughout the series. It didn't work perfectly this first round, and the effort is still going forward. One of the fruits will be a single rule book for 1986 and beyond. We applaud Sal Fish and Walt Lott for taking this long needed step and bringing the sport a real points series in desert racing. Both /romotors have already reape some benefits from their joint series, including increased entry at most events in the points run in 1985. The program included eight events in 1985, four from each promoter. To be eligible for a year end points title a driver had to compete in three events from each organization, which explains why some individual race winners do not appear on the year end points count. The HORA held three events in Nevada, Laughlin, the Frontier 500 and the Frontier 250, and the most popular of all, the Fireworks 250 out of Barstow, California. Score's points count included the two races in Mexico, the Baja Internacional and the Baja 1000, the famous two state Parker 400 and the Great Mojave 250 out of Lucerne Valley, California. The series was designed so that racers without deep pockets could skip the two long, point to poil)t events, the Frontier 500 and the Baja 1000, and still be eligible for points titles. However, to encourage entry in those races, and because of the more than double miles involved Dusty Times

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on their courses, both of the long races were double points events. But, both came in the later part of the season, when serious points hunters would have gone ·to Antarctica to gain double points. 281 cars to the starting line, of which 102 survived the three loop run as official finishers. Add in the motorcycle entries and the total starting number was 368. Weather \Yas the big factor at Parker last year, with overcast skies at dawn, i;.,.. CLASS 8 - 2WD STANDARD PICKUP - Roaring the GMC truck into his only first place finish of the season in the opening race at Parker was Steve Kelley. But, with backing from Larry Minor Racing, Miller Beer, and BFGoodrich, the following events produced valuabl_e points. Kelley had only one DNF, after a rollover at Laughlin. He took third at the Frontier 500, and five second place finishes as he competed in all eight events. All the determination and long hours paid off double for Steve Kelley, who not only won the Class 8 championship, but earned the Overall Heavy Metal laurels The series began with Score's Parker 400, wbich drew a husky AffENTION DESERT RACERS DUSTY TIMES has contingency money posted at all Score and HDRA desert races. Check it out on contingency row -Two different classes each event. by only one point. CLASS 7S - STOCK 2WD MINI PICKUP-Capturing the championship series for the second time was Spencer Low, from Laverne, California, with co-driver Paul DeLang. Their Arcadia Nissan sponsored yellow pickup kept its Goodyear tires rolling through a season of many off road challenges. Scoring a pair of first place finishes at Parker and Laughlin was a great series start, but the midyear blahs resulted in two sixth places and a DNF. However, Spence Low won the class at the Frontier 500, the Baja 1000 and the Frontier 250to clinch the title in class, and also win the Overall Mini Metal honors. Low was sixth overall on points, the only trucker in the top ten overall. CLASS 1 - UNLIMITED SINGLE SEAT - Veteran buggy pilot Ron Brant, from San Pedro, California, began his quiet climb up the points ladder with a fourth and a third place at Parker and Laughlin. He passed the Lucerne race, and a troubled ride in Baja caused a DNF. At the Fireworks 250, despite a long solo drive without power steering, he began a string of three consecutive second place finishes. Also, co-driver Clark Gillies provided seasoned experience to the success of the BFGoodrich shod Raceco at selected events. Ron topped off the season in commanding style with a solo overall and class victory at the Frontier 250, and the series class championship; Brant finished fifth overall on points. Dusty Times February 1986 This is the system run by most off road race winners TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME GO FOR DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUiRIES INVITED Page 15

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CLASS 2 - UNLIMITED TWO SEAT - The familar Porsche powered Chenowth driven by Corky McMillin and his son Scott finished every one of the eight races in good positiom throughout the 1985season on Yokohama tires. A seventh at Laughlin, a sixth at the Fireworks 250 and the Frontier 250, a fifth at the Frontier 500, a fourth at the Great Mojave 250, a pair of seconds at Parker and the Baja Internacional, and finally the team took first in class and third overall at the Baja 1000. In addition to winning Class 2 honors, and fourth overall on points, the Bonita, California, resident earned his second gold medal as the top points person in the BFGoodrich 6-50 Club. ~ then rain, then sleet, and finally snow, all before the last cars started in California. The snow continued all day and into the night. Snowmen popped up at the checkpoints and the drivers of open cars suffered badly from the cold , wet climate. Chenowth show. Fred Ronn and John Love had won 2-1600 in their Hi Jumper, but somehow the points were merged later to match the HORA Class 1-2-1600. up on their eventual Class 8 title by winning at Parker in the GMC. Although failing to go the distance in Arizona, Jason Myers and Don Adams took the win in Class 12 in the Jeep Cherokee. In the sedan groups, Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen started their title defense by winning Class 5 in their old car. The wild combo of Henry Arras and John Johnson took top spot in Class 5-1600, and Andy Diaz and Rex lrmer won the five car Class 11. Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling started their trek foward another Class 6 title in the '55 Chevy, finishing · the course. In the multiple mini truck classes, Mario Alesi and Harry Sladwick won Class 7, and Spencer Low and Paul Delang did the same in 7S, both driving Nissans. G.T. Gowland finished and won the stock 4x4 segment in his Toyota. Jack Irvine and Kit Trenholm, Through it all Jack Johnson sloshed along in his Chenowth to the overall car victory. Jerry Penhall and Ron Gardner won Class 2, and Bobby and Tom Neth took Class 1-2-1600 ( combined later) points in an all Among the trucks Gene and Kirby Hightower started their march to the Class 3 title in the Jeep CJ-7, and Rodney Hall and Jim Fricker won in the Class 4 Dodge, the start of a remarkable season where they won all nine desert races in the class. Steve Kelley and Jon Nelson got a leg CLASS 10 - UNLIMITED 1650 CC - Pulling their single seat Raceco VW into the top of this competitive class on points was La Jolla's Steve Sourapas and co-driver Dave Richardson, from La Mesa, California. It took a pair of third place finishes at Parker and Laughlin to get them into the title hunt. They went on to second in class and third overall at the Baja Internacional, having skipped Lucerne and they also passed on the Frontier 250. A seventh place at the Fireworks 250 warmed them up for a close first in class and second overall at the Frontier 500. To top off their championship winning season was their sensational foggy night run into n.ot only first in Class 10, but first overall at the Baja 1000. Steve Sourapas also was second overall on the season's points. ======='' ' ill& A 14 MINUTE ACTION PACKED VIDEO FOR THE NEW DEVOTEE OR SEASONED ENTHUSIAST. =====, II ,,==== $ if 15 MINUTES OF RELIVING THE SNOWS OF PARKER, THE HEAT OF BAJA, THE BONE ANQ CAR CRUNCHING OF THE FRONTIER 500. THE ENTIRE 1985 SCORE/HORA SEASON! ======,, ,====== Page 16 A POCKETBOOK LOOK AT DOZENS OF THE TOP DRIVERS AND RIDERS AND THEIR RECORDS. Send Check or Money Order to: RON METZ AND ASSOCIATES Post Office Box 824 SPECIFY 3/4", VHS, OR.BETA Simi Valley, California 93062 February 1986 Dusty Times

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CLASS 3-SHORT WHEELBASE 4x4 -Another successful father and son team, Gene and Kirby Hightower, drove their Jeep CJ-7 on General tires to a dominant Class 3 points victory. Leaving their hometown of Blythe, California to run the circuit, the determined pair placed fourth at the Frontier 250, a DNF after leading most of the race, but earlier had a second at Laughlin. They won first in class four times, at Parker, the Baja Internacional, the Frontier 500, despite running out of time, and at the other double points race, with a finish, the Baja 1000. They topped their nearest competition by well over 200 points. Jr. won the hard fought Class 10 war by just three minutes in the Raceco. Mike McCrory and Jim Dizney took Class 9 honors, and Russ Winkler and Mark Schriner won the newest class, Challenge for restricted buggies. and in Class 1 in the Raceco. Don Adams and Larry Olsen took Class 3 in the 6 cylinder Cherokee, and Dale Draves and David Hutchins won Class 6 in an AMC Hornet. Walker Evans bested the Class 8 field by a big ma_rgin in his Dodge, and Marty Reider was the big Class 10 winner in his Raceco. Jim Dizney took Class 9 in his Chenowth, and Bob Savage was tops in the Challenge group driving a T-Mag. race in the series. Hall and Fricker continued o n their winning path in Class 4, as did G.T. Gowland in Class 7 4x4, Jim Dizney in Class 9, Larry Schwacofer in Class 6, Bob Savage in Challenge Class and Jason Myers in Class 12. For the first time in his budding desert race career, Larry Noel came from Phoenix, Arizona to win overall and in Class 1 in his Chaparral. Malcolm Smith had his Renault powered O RE running__ fast to take Class 2, and young Rob Tolleson won the 1-2-1600 title in his Mirage. New names appeared in several classes. Ken Nance won Class 3 in a Bronco, Greg Diehl and Brad Person won Class 5, and Kent Lothringer and Jim Gacki were the 5-1600 winners. Manny and T udy Joe Esquerra won Class 7 in the Ford Ranger, and Willie Valdez won 7S in his Ranger. In a Ford sweep, Dave Shoppe took the official victory in C lass 8. Larry Bolin out ran the big Class 10 field in a Raceco, and Ramon Castro came from Ensenada to win Class 11. After a year's haitus, the Score Baja Internacional returned to base in Ensenada, and drew 157 starting cars, and a total entry of 213 vehicles. While the weather was damp and foggy on the start, it was hot and hotter on the desert on the eastern· side of the peninsula. The points race was well scrambled again, as only a few teams turned out to be consistent class winners. Of course Rod Hall, Jim Fricker and the Dodge went gaily into their undefeated season in Class 4 , having won the Mint 400 as well. Also gaining winning points again were Gene and Kirhy Hightower in Class 3, Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling in Class 6, i;_,. It was on to the Laughlin Desert Challenge in early March on the popular HDRA course in the tiny casino town at Southpoint, Nevada. The starting cars numbered 189, but only 79 finished the rugged run through tight canyons and dust clouds in beautiful weather. Repeating their Class 2 win at Parker were Jerry Penhall and Ron Gardner. Other repeaters were Bobby and Tom Neth, Class 1-2-1600, Rod Hall and Jim Fricker, Class 4, Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen, Class 5, Henry Arras, Class 5-1600, Mario Alesi, Class 7, Spencer Low, Class 7S, G.T. Gowland, Class 7 4x4, and Jayson Myers, Class 12. Moving the unlimited points count around, Frank Snook and Eric Arras won Laughlin overall One month later the Great Mojave 250 out of Score International produced 188 starters in cars and the motorcycle type entries swelled the number off the line in downtov.rn Lucerne Valley to 273. The race was a dusty one, on the lopsided figure eight course, with terrain that served as a good warm up for the Mint 400 in May. A fu ll 110 cars finished the 216 mile route. Several still controversial official decisions moved the points count around considerably, and there were fewer repeat winners in the third CLASS 4-LONG WHEELBASE 4x4-Off road legends, Rod Hall andJimFricker, filed a clean sweep in the 1985season. They entered their big Dodge, backed by Chrysler, in all eight events, and scored a first each time, plus they won the Frontier 500 for the fourth year in a row in the four wheel drive pickup. But, they had their share of troubles that tested their off road skill and abilities to fix things on the BFGoodrich shod 4x4. Problems such as blistered feet from the floorboard heat at the scorching Baja Internacional to running out of gas at the Frontier 500 were just a few obstacles the dynamic duo faced and conquered. Hemet's Jim Fricker was so fatigued after one race that he refused a cool brew! But the biggest disappointment for Reno's Rodney Hall was not winning the Overall Heavy Metal Award, losing by one point. CLASS 5-UNLIMITED BAJA BUG - The number three is lucky for San Diego's Malcolm Vinje and his ever faithful co-driver Mark Hansen. The team won the overall points championship last year, and Class 5 on points in 1983. Despite changing to a new race car after the first two events in the season, the bearded pair scored a series total of one second place, three thirds, a fifth, and three firsts, with a come from behind win at the double points Frontier 500. This was the third consecutive class championship for the Bridgestone tire sponsored team, who have competed in three different Baja Bugs over the time span. That is quite a record, considering the latest race car, built by Jimco, was constructed in less than a month's time. They were eighth overall on points. Dusty Times February 1986 CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDER.HOUSE K & N-FIL TERS - RAPID COOL . · · TRI MIL -WELD RACING W HEELS BILSTEIN -CENTERLINE - CIBIE . · ~ HEWLAND -PORSCHE TURBO C/V Oflroad Rac:ec.a' \\)I" BEARD SEATS - PARKER PUMPER Parts&Ac:cessones YOKOHAMA TIRES -SUPER TRAPP GEM GEARS -KYB SHOCKS - SWAY-A-WAY TRANSAXLE PARTS - KC HILITES - McKENZIE AIR FILTERS -WRIGHT PLACE -DURA BLUE ULTRA BOOT - NEAL PRODUCTS CENTER LINE -R4CINC WHEUS -~ " .. " .·. ' ' I • • • ~ SWAY·A•WAYcoo, ~ c1f:VAt%t► I BEFORE YOU BUY -TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL! I 12945 SHERMAN WAY - NO. HOLLYWOOD, CA 91605 (818) 765-5827 e (818 ) 764-6438 Page 17

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.CLASS 5-1600- 1600 CC RESTRICTED BAJA BUG - Michael Lesle, from Corona: California: had a season full '?f hard. earned finishes. He competed in all eight races with only one DNF, at the BaIa Internacional. Young L~sle s _mild mannered 1600 cc VW powered Bug took fifth place at both the Great Mojave 250 and the Baja 1000, .and a fme thtrd at Parker. Shod with General tires, Mike and a variety of co-drivers squeaked in three second spots, 1ust beh1~d the leaders at Laughlin, the Fireworks 250, and led the Frontier 250 until the last few inches. But, Mike Lesle tasted his f,rst victory with co-driver Gary Schneckenburger at the torturous Frontier 500, and he contmued to collect enough pomts to wm his first class championship in his second full season of racing. Lesle was seventh overall on pomts. Spradling almost made the finish line for their win in Class 6, as did Andy Diaz and Charlie Woodard in Class 11. Finishing strong, Manny and. Tudy Esquerra won Class 7, and Spence Low and Paul Delang took another 7S victory, as did Dave Shoppe and Jeff Yocum in Class 8. Jim Dizney teamed with Mike McCrory to win Class 9, building his points count. victories were Steve Sourapas and Dave Richardson in a Raceco. Tom Peltier and Dave Mendrin took the Class 12 title. The historical Baja 1000 followed the Frontier 500, a quirk of the calendar that put the two longest events in the series back to back. The early November race was blessed with great sunny weather and a goodly field of 153 cars plus another 58 in the motorcycle engined classes. The 822 mile course took a heavy toll however, with only 69 cars gaining an official finish despite a 35 hour time allowance. Manny and Tudy Joe Esquerra in Class 7, G.T. Gowland, Class 7 4x4, Jim Dizney, Class 9, Jack Irvine and Kit Trenholm in Class 10, and Jason Myers and Don Adams in Class 12. The flying dentists, Ron Gardner and Bud Feldkamp took their Funco to the overall and Class 1 Baja victory, and the rebuilt Funco evoked nostalgia with its victory. Frank Arciero, Jr. brought Toyota their first unlimited class win, taking Class 2 by just two minutes. Mitch Mitchell and Ray Croll, Jr. drove their Neth to the 1-2-1600 victory by a bunch of time. Jim Cocores and Dave Parsons triumphed in Class 5, and Mark Steele and John Johnson won Class 5-1600. Mike Leon and Javier Tiznado cleaned up in Class 7S for Isuzu, and Michael Nesmith and Randy Salmont won Class 8 in ·their GMC pickup. Newcomers Sherman and Matt Kearl won the Challenge Class in a Funco, and Marco and Luis Carmona bested the 15 Beetle field in Class 11. With three Score events in the record book, the series shifted to Barstow and the HORA with the massive Fireworks 250, a starting SCORE GREAT MOJAVE 250 APRIL 5, 1986 2nd Round of the SCOREIHDRA POINTS SERIES Lucerne Valley, CA Call SCORE Headquarters 818-889-9216 Page 18 entry of 268 cars. While it was well over 100 degrees at the 4 p.m. starting time it was not as unbearable as the killer temperatures in 1984. A good number, 95 finished their appointed laps in the ten hour time allowance. Consistent winners were even fewer on this demanding course, but included Hall and Fricker of course. Rob Tolleson soloed to another 1-2-1600 victory, and Schwacofer and Spradling increased their Class 6 points count, as did G.T. Gowland in Class 7 4x4. Walker Evans took Class 8 by a bunch, as did Jason Myers in Class 12, and Mark Steele and John Johnson in Class 5-1600. Ramon Castro scored another Class 11 victory. Tom Koch drove alone in his Raceco to the overall and Class I victory at Barstow. Bob Richey and Jon Fredregill were third overall and won Class 2 in a Raceco. J.M. Bragg and his son Gregg took Class 3 in a Jeep CJ 7, and Greg Heinrich and Jim Pope won the hard fought Class 5. Jim Conner and Jim Wolfe won Class 7 for Nissan, and Scott . Douglas and Rick Doetsch topped the Class 7S field driving a Ford Ranger. Ted Armstrong and Tom Moessner won Class 9 in their Funco, and David Girdner and Roy Perfect took the Challenge class in a homebuilt creation. John and Rick Hagle beat the 34 car field in Class IO and took second overall as well in their Raceco. · The first of the double points races was next, the .Frontier 500 in September. The entry sank some, as expected for the long distance trek, and ·148 cars took the green flag. A tired 51 made the finish line in Beatty ·within the 20 hour time allowance over the 536 mile course. Several title contenders hauled in the benefits of the double points, including Rob Tolleson in Class 1-2-1600, Gene and Kirby Hightower, who did not finish in time but won Class 3 anyhow, and Rod Hall and Jim Fricker, natch. Bob Richey and Tom Baker won Class 2 again, and Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen did the same in Class 5. Schowa,cofer and Going into a healthy lead early in the game, Larry Ragland drove alone ·in his Porsche powered Chaparral to win the race overall and in Class 1. Mike Lesle and Gary Schneckenburger won by nearly an hour in Class 5-1600, and Fred Wright and Chris Chocek went the farthest for the win in Class 7 4x4. Chuck Guy and Rhonda Walsh topped the Challenge Class field in a T-Mag, finishing with just 20 seconds left on the time allowance. In for second overall and the Class 10 The Baja 1000 marked a first in Score races, whereby the Class 10 Raceco of Steve Sourapas and Dave Richardson not only won the class but took first overall among the car classes, quite an accomplishment for a limited engine car on the long and often very fast course. Walker Evans CLASS 6B -PRODUCTION SEDAN - Once again everybody's sentimental favorite, the D.J. Jacques prepared '55 C,hevrolet sedan of Larry Schwacofer, from Hemet, California, stuck to the road for seven first place trophys, two came without finishing the course, and a second place at Laughlin. LASOR Racing and BFG6odrich sponsored the mean green race car through many broken axles and a last minute differential change after the start of the Baja 1000, which ended in flames. Balancing out the championship team was co-driver and resident sidekick, Sid Spradling, who is almost a permanent feature of the vehicle. CLASS 7 -MINI PICKUP-Manny Esquerra and his brother and co-driver TudyJoeEsquerra, from Parker, Arizona, put their Ford Ranger truck into the right places at the right time. Sheer determination, Ford Motorsports, Firestone, and Chief Auto Parts kept them on the road all season. Although the team failed to finish on home ground at Parker, and at the final race of the season, they were third at the Fireworks 250.--a clutchless second at Laughlin, and had a string of class wins at the Great Mojave, the Baja lnter17acional, the Frontier 500 and the Baja 1000 to put their points tally on top. No stranger to victory circle, Manny has won his class in all four Frontier 500 events, and this is one of his many desert points championships in Class 7. February 1986 Dusty Times

Page 19

CLASS 7 4X4 - STOCK MINI PICKUP 4X4-PalmDesert's favorite son, G. T. "Giff' Gow/and, began the season driving his truck· to Parker for a first plac'e finish in class, and then he drove it home. At Laughlin he brought his Gen.era/ tire equipped Toyota in for another win, but he was over the time limit. More class victories followed at the Great Mo1ave, the Baja Internacional and the Fireworks 250, a close fought battle. Despite serious troubles for the rest of the season, those five wins tallied enough points to give Gow/and the series C~1!!71pionship by on/y_f!ve points. and his Dodge grabbed another Class 8 victory, and Rod Hall and Jim Fricker nabbed Class 4, edging Walker on time by a scant three minutes. in Class 12, and Andy Diaz and Charlie Woodard gained the Class 11 points. Despite a DNF, Larry Schwacofer again took the Class 6 trophy. took the Class 9 honors. The HORA Frontier 250 closed the first combined desert race series early in December, and nobody was prepared for the massive entry. Multiple lap race fanciers, shut out for months from their favorite type of race course, turned out in droves, swelling the starting entry to 259 cars, which was close to capacity for the four laps of the 60 mile course. A keen 116 finished the race as well. Rod Hall and Jim Fricker completed their perfect season in the Class 4 Dodge, having won all eight points races in the class as well as the Mint 400 and at Riverside. Among the prior class winners were Larry Schwacofer in Class 6, Spencer Low in Class 7S, Walker Evans in Class 8 and Ted Armstrong in Class 9. Also gaining another class title were Chuck Guy and Rhonda Walsh in the Challenge Class, and Ramon Castro in Class 11. Ron Brant drove his Raceco solo to the Class 1 and overall victory, a grand finish for the Class 1 points champion. Dave Kreisler and Jim Nobles drove a brand new {;Ir Gene and Kirby Hightower finished first in Class 3, and Rob Tolleson kept on winning in . Class 1-2-1600, with Bill Varnes co-driving on the team's first try at racing the Baja course. Greg Diehl and Brad Person took another Class 5 title, and so did Mark Steele and John Johnson in Class 5-1600. Manny and Tudy Joe Esquerra nailed another win in Class 7, and Spencer Low and Paul De Lang grabbed 7 S honors. Jason Myers was a repeat winner Mark McMillin and Ralph Paxton took Class 1 and second ov,erall, while dad Corky McMillin and brother Scott won Class 2 and were third overall, both teams driving Porsche powered Chenowths. New to Class 7S, Michael Horner and Lance Martin won the class in a Chevy S-10. The Mexican team of Roberto Fajardo and Javier Tiznado won Challenge Class honors in their first outing. Brian J?hnson and Richard Kaiseratt CLASS 9-1200 CC SINGLE SEAT-Collecting first place honors for San Diego's Jim Dizney became a 1985 season habit. Beginning at Parker, where he co-drove with Mike McCrory, and then driving his own Chenowth, Dizney won the class there and at Laughlin, the Great Mojave, the Baja Internacional, and the Frontier 500. Only collision damage at the Fireworks 250 dropped him to second place in Class 9, a class he has worked hard to promote in recent years. A solo fourth place at the end of the season at the Frontier 250 brought Jim Dizney the total points that earned his series championship. 1985 SCORE/HDRA Drivers'/Riders' Points Champions OVERALL BUGGY & OVERALL POINTS Rob Tolleson OVERALL HEAVY METAL Steve Kelley OVERALL MINI METAL Spencer Low CLASS1 Ron Brant ....... .... ............. 617 Mark McMillin ....... , . ........... 583 Larry Noel ........................ 531 Tom Koch ......................... 497 Bob Renz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 367 CLASS2 Corky McMillin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 643 Jerry Penhall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 524 Frank Arciero, Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503 Bob Richey .................... ." . . . 487 Dave Lewis ....................... 433 CLASS 1/2-1600 Rob Tolleson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 745 Bobby Neth ........................ 645 Art Peterson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 540 CLASS3 Gene Hightower . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 402 Don Coffland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 162 CLASS4 Rod Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 578 Vern Roberts ...................... 383 John Randall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . 288 CLASS5 Malcolm Vinje . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 595 Greg Diehl ........ : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 553 Hartmut Klawitter ............ ·. . . . . 376 Max Razo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . 336 Jim Cocores ....................... 243 CLASS 5-1600 Mike Lesle ............... ~ . . . . . . . .. 611 Mark Steele . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 568 CLASS6B Larry Schwacofer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 324 CLASS7 Manny Esquerra ........... ....... 397 Mario Alesi .............. .. • . . . . . . . 228 CLASS7S Spencer Low ...................... 616 Willie Valdez ...................... 517 Mike Falkosky ............ . ........ 431 Paul Simon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 328 Scott Douglas ....... . . . ........... 181 CLASS74X4 Giti Gowland .... ........ . . ... .. .. 216 Fred Wright . ..... . ........ ........ 211 OVERALL MOTORCYCLE · Randy Morales OVERALL 3-WHEEL Marty Hart OVERALL ODYSSEY Randy Pettit CLASS8 Steve Kelley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 579 Walker Evans ................ · ..... 491 Michael Nesmith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 487 Dave Shoppe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 470 John Gable ....................... 213 CLASS9 Jim Dizney . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 396 CLASS10 Steve Sourapas ................. ... 651 Marty Reider . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 582 Roger Mortenson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320 Jim Hamner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 287 Dwight Lundell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 233 CLASS 11 Andy Diaz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 353 Ramon Castro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 343 CLASS-12 Jason Myers . ..................... 286 CHALLENGER CLASS Robert Savage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 429 Russell Winkler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 187 CLASS20 Steve Buckley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 268 Kevin Case ........................ 229 Joe Bolton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 CLASS21 Brett Howell ...................... 214 CLASS22 Randy Morales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 289 Garth Sweetland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 250 Dan Ashcraft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 241 CLASS38 George Erl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 124 CLASS23 . Steve Wright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 246 CLASS33 Marty Hart ............ · ........... 322 Allen Fox . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 320 Fred Wing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 228 Wes Arnold ....................... 199 CLASS43 Mike Coe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 160 CLASS34 Randy Pettit ..................... . 212 Steve Sixbery .............. . : . . . . . . 136 CLASS44 Phil Blurton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 . / I Dura BJ.i{e products ar stronger and more eliable than an competitive pr uct . Close inspe tion of our I NEW! \ . Power Flow Air F~ters Unleash the power of yo~r 3 or 4 wheeler with our new 2 stage air\filter. Improves power and performance. \ efuRA BLUE 14911 "B" Moran St, Dept T, Westminster, CA 92683 (714) 891-7013 Dusty Times February 1986 Page 19

Page 20

CLASS 11 -STOCK VW SEDAN-Driving a race car in a demanding off road race is not an easy task, but competing in a vehicle that looks like a lost spectator car takes a special brand of sporting talent. Andy Diaz. from Cucamonga, California, and co-driver Charlie Woodard have that off road quality, and they displayed it many times during the 1985 season. They brought their VW Beetle home for victories at Parker; the Frontier 500, and the Baja 1000, taking top spot in both double points events. They gained second place at both the Fireworks 250 and the Frontier 250. It all added up to a close race for the class championship, and Andy Diaz captured the title for the first time. Roh. Winning both double points events boosted him into the overall title, and Tolleson is the rookie of the year in fact,for sure. The Heavy Metal overall title for racers i~ Classes 3, 4, 8 and 14 was a real cliff hanger this time around. Perennial \Vinner Rodney Hall, despite his perfect score, got edged by entry numbers at the final race of the season. Even though he finished second in Ciass 8 at the Frontier 250, Steve Kelley won the Heavy Metal title by one point, simply because his string of top finishes and one win came in a class with more entry than Class 4. tough middle season, but he started strong and finished stronger with four wins altogether, two of them in the double points events. Spencer Low won his Mini Metal title honestly, because Class 7S is the only class in the bunch with an average starting entry greater than three trucks. In fact 7S is often one of the larger car classes at a desert race. Raceco pickup to the Class 2 honors and second overall. Las Vegans Jack and Jerry Ramsay put their two seat Bunderson home the 1-2-1600 winner, only the second time in the season that a two seater had triumped in this combined class. New England based Jerry Bundy outlasted the field to win Class 3 in a Jeep special, and Tom Peltier and Dave Mendrin posted their second win of the season in the Class 12 Jeep Cherokee. Stan Parnell and Dave Parsons swept the field in Class 5, while Mike and Roy Taylor won Class 5-1600 by just 12 seconds. Sherman Balch won Class 7 handily in his Nissan, while Curtis Christensen and Jon Lee THE got their first Class 7 4x4 title in a Toyota. Rob MacCachrcn drove alone to the Class 10 victory in the 29 car field. The points system ·counts the best six out of eight races, with a minimum of three starts from each organization. Along with the individual class champions, the series crowns three category champions as well. Taking absolute overall honors with 745 point_? was Rob Tolleson, who had tour wins, a second and a third in his 1-1600 Mirage for the title. Winning such a big class is incredible in a rookie year on. the desert, but, to take the absolute overall championship in the first year racing is unheard of in motorsports. Congratulations WRIGHT \ PLACE~-co1L SPRING YOUR FRONT END! The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on Fox, Bilstein, or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or 3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adjustments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON. CA 92021 (619) 561--4810 . Page 20 The Mini Metal Challenge, including Classes 7, 7S, 7 4x4 and 12, was more cut and dried for the title. It went easily to Spencer Low, who was sixth overall on total points. Low had a The time to celebrate for the champions came in r_nid-Januarv at the packed combined awards banquet in Anaheim, California. To salute each winner properly we are featuring pictures of their car in action, along with a brief report on how they won the title in the history making first combined desert points senes in 1985. A complete listing of the top drivers in 1985 points is included here as well. CHALLENGER CLASS - RESTRICTED BUGGY-This new class was designed to fulfill the need for low budget off road racing endeavors. Registering .the most successful challenge in the first full year of this class was the team of Robert Savage, from Costa Mesa, California, and co-driver George Robbins. On their quest for the class.championship ti\le, the team skipped the first and the last race in the series. But, their T Mag buggy collected a fourth place at the Baja Internacional, a pair of thirds at the Frontier 500 and the Baja 1000, and a lone second spot at the Fireworks 250. Adding to their points total were two big victories at Laughlin and the Great Mojave 250. CLASS 12-4x4 SPORT WAGON - Nathrop, Colorado, resident Jason Myers, and co-driver Don Adams, earned their class series championship by placing the Jeep Cherokee in the lead in six out of eight starts. Only early retirements at the Frontier 500 and the Frontier 250 marred the winning streak for the Jeep sponsored rig. A string of five consecutive first place titles began at Parker, went on at Laughlin, the Great Mojave, the Baja Internacional, the Fireworks 250, and th_e Baja 1000. The points gained guaranteed the handsome BFGoodrich shod sport wagon a class title in the desert series championship for 1985. February 1986 Dusty Times

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Where it's at in March!! Mesquite, Nevada Hosts Silver Dust Racing Association'~s_.i!· r-----, _ ___, --------.... Second Annual FEVER STI\MPEDE Satul"day, ·March 22. 1986 ~ Friendly Mesquite ts All Facil_ities ~ 6 -40 Mile Laps ~ Better Pay Back ~ Close to Las Vegas ~ Points Winner by Class ~ All Classes ~ All New Course ~ S.D.R.A. Membership Available Now Everything From Sign-Up To Awards And Bar-B-Que On Saturday 1986 SDRA • RACING CALENDAR SPRING FEVER STAMPEDE Saturday, March 22, 1986 Mesquite, Nevada . N"EVADA300 Saturday, August 9~ 1986 Pioche, Nevada DELAMAR400 Saturday, June 14, 1986 . Caliente, Nevada SILVERDUST 400 Saturday, October 25, 1986 Mesquite, Nevada You Choose Three Out df Four Races For 1986, Nevada Triple Crown Off Road Championship -Silver Dust Racin Association ~i Phone: (702) 459-0317 PO Box 7380 • Las Vegas. NV 89125

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THE 1985 SCORE/HDRA ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUD Frank De Angelo is Man of the Year ____ ,l-111■■-■-----------------------------------------------P-h_o_to_s_: _T_rac_k_si_de_P_ho_t_o_E_n_te .... rp_r_is_es It has been going on for more title, the first tie in a long time. than a decade. But, never in the The winners were Yokohama history of the annual awards, and BFGoodrich. Bob Mount formerly the Score Awards accepted the honor for Banquet, has there been such an Yokohama Tire Corporation, incredible turn out for the and Frank. DeAngelo did the banquet in the Los Angeles area. same for BFGoodrich. The past few years attendance The Motorcycle Manufacturer has been in the 300 person area, of the year title came down to but· with the advent of the com: three, Husqvarna, BMW of bined desert series in 1985, the North America and American attendance was more than Honda. The winner was double, with the final figure at American Honda. The Original about 780 meals served. The original room booked at the Buggy Chassis Manufacturer of Anaheim Hilton turned out to be the Year narrowed down to three too small two weeks before the brands, Raceco, Chenowth and gala, and the· neigliboring room Mirage. The winner was Raceco, was booked, and ended up well with David Kreisler resplendent filled also. Twice, more tickets in a white vested suit thanking hadtobeprinted,anditwastruly the voters for his trophy. The a grand gala with crowds of Four Wheel Drive Manufacturer people all in their Sunday go-to-of the Year vote was between meeting clothes. Ford, Toyota, Chrysler/Dodge , The hordes began assemblying and AMC/Jeep. Dodge Perform-early, and the two bars set up in ance Manager Dick Maxwell the hallway outside the dining took home the trophy, and room could not handle the thanked Rodney Hall for giving onslaught of party folks. The Dodge such high visibility all Mint Hotel and Casino hosted year. h I d Rob Tolleson accepts his overall points victory trophy from Miss Toyota, Dona Speir. Rob is wearing the black satin the open bar, w ic 1 encourage championship jacket at this point, and he also won the Rookie of the Year award. The Sedan Manufacturer of the brisk business. Everyone got the Year title contest was a keen souvenir too, as the drinks As everyone foulJd their Potter Family and Danny Cau. Hotel, and the Mayor of Las between Chevrolet, Ford and were served in a keen traveling tables, all were pleasently Andy Dishong accepted the Vegas, Bill Briare both of whom Volkswagen, and Chevrolet won cup with the Mint 400 emblem surprised to find two bottles of award for the HDRA Impound, made a short speech about the the trophy again. The two wheel on it. The racers, even those that wine, a red and a white, on each Staging and Start/Finish Team rebirth of the Mint 400, as did Ira drive Mini Pickup of the Year do not drink, were busy table, compliments of Sports for himself and Don Satterfield. Sternberg, President of the · Collectl·ng cups r0r the,·r pi·t gear. R p d b d d finalists were Toyota, Ford and 1, acing ro uctS, a ran new Steve Kassanyi, who organize . Downtown Casino Association. The Mint sponsors of the fuel firm who will debut their the first Score Baja Endurance A few of the unique Off-Nissan, and a happy Les Unger cocktail hour made sure that new go juice at the Parker 400. Safari last November, was given a Roadsman trophies were next on accepted the trophy on behalf of everyone knew the Mint 400 is The meal was served pronto, and plaque, and he in turn presented the agenda. These awards come Toyota. In the Pickup Truck on this year, same time, same it was the best banquet food we a plaque to Richard Katz and Bob from a vote by the members of Manufacturer of the Year Fremont Street extravaganza, and have tasted in many years, the Ham for their the Score and HDRA and the press section, the contest was between with a new course south of Las salad was cold and the en tree nice event. California Assemblyman people. Highlighting the heavy Chevrolet, Chrysler / Dodge and Vegas. and hot. Richard Katz then presented an involvement of the tire Ford, and the honor went to The huge ballroom filled The progr~m began with Sal award to Sal Fish from the companies in off road racing, all Ford with Lee Morse accepting quickly, and the decor featured Fish, President of· Score California State Legislature for four finalists for Contingency for the company. We should two tables staggering under the International, thanking the Mint his work in promoting off road Company of the Year were tire mention that throughout the weight of the trophies and two Hotel for the cocktail hour, events. Walt Lott then companies, Goodyear, Yoko-. long night of trophy presenta-pickup trucks. One truck was a Sports Racing for the wine, and introduced Marv Leavitt, hama, General and BFGoodrich. tions, Miss Toyota, Dona Speir Nissan painted in the familiar BFGoodrich for the dinner hour General Manager of the Mint The vote resulted in a tie for the was helping out on the podium, red, white and blue of HDRA's music. Sal mentioned that Ron official trucks, and the other, a Metz had filmed all the races in brand new Toyota, was painted the series for various clients, and in team colors and wore Rob each race was seen on TV by 10 Tolleson's name on the side. It to 14 million viewers. Sal was the very handsome award introduced a number of official that went to the overall points guests, many of them from Baja winner of the first combined California. desert series. The actual awards began with Comjng Soon SCORE GREAT MOJAVE 250 APRIL 5, 1986 Race 2 jn the SCOREIHDRA POINTS SERIES Lucerne Valley, CA Call SCORE Headquarters 818-889-9216 Page 22 the special awards to those behind the scenes workers at every race that make· it all happen. Accepting the hand-some plaques from Sal Fish were Marvin Maxwell, for the Score Officials Association, Bill Savage, Score Tech Team, Charlie Engelbart, Score Contingency Team, Charlie and Roberta La V elle, Score Im-pound, Staging and Start/ Finish T earn, and George and Toni Anderson, Score Timing and Scoring. Al Key, President of BARRA, accepted the plaque for his faithful radio team. , More plaques were presented by Walt Lott, President of the High Desert Racing Association, and they went to the HDRA Chief Steward, David White, the HDRA Tech Team, Ray Denges, Director, and the HDRA Contingency T earn, Mal and Connie Wessel. The plaque for the HDRA Timing and Scoring Team went to the entire Ray Sal Fish, left, and Walt Lott spelled each other on the mike Class 8 driver Steve Kelley has reason to smile, holding the as they passed out trophies and checks to all the points giant trophy t9r the Heavy Metal Championship. Steve won winners, and presented the prestigious Off-Roadsman of the title by a single point. the Year.awards to the people's choice. February 1986 Dusty Times

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Spencer Low thanked all his friends for helping him win the Mini Metal Championship and then presented one of the extra tall trophies to Frank Honsowetz of Nissan. The top honor of the evening, Person of the Year went to Frank DeAngelo of BFGoodrich. Frank also received a formal resolution from · the California State Legislature honoring him for his work bettering off road racing, and a nifty silver belt buckle from the organizers. Looking natty in a suit and tie, David Kreisler thanked the assembly for voting Raceco the Buggy Chassis of the Year for another year. Ramon Castro, who came all the way from Ensenada, received the Driver of the Year trophy, presented by Score and HORA to the Class 11 competitor. and she was as fresh and lovely at the finish as she was at the start. Next on the program were the points champions for 1985, the first time that single points champions have been crowned in the history of Score and HDRA. Starting with the overall champions, the Overall, Overall Buggy, and Class 1-2-1600 champion Rob Tolleson was first to the podium. It was announced that he could drive his new Toyota home to Palmdale, and that Nissan had put 10,000 dollars into the overall 1985 points fund. Rob, along with all six overall category winners, received a keen championship jacket, and huge trophies, class and category checks. Tolleson made a nice speech thanking all his many sponsors, the media for being so good to him, and his family and friends · for their support. He particularly thanked Bill Varnes, who builds the Mirage chassis, keeps Rob's car running, and co-drove with him last year on the long double points races. The Overall Heavy Metal Champion, Steve Kelley, thanked all his sponsors, especially Larry Minor Racing, and gave a special thanks to Jon Nelson, who maintains his trucks and rides with Kelley in the races. The Overall Mini Metal Champion, Spencer Low, Steve Kassanyi of Score presented one of his famous break-a-way trophies to Bob Ham, left, and Richard Katz of the California Assembly for their help promoting off road vehicle recreation. =-=-cc-c----c---c~c-=c--c--c--c-~~--~---The Off-Roadsman Pit Team of the Year honor was split between F.A.I.R. and Checkers, and Gregg Symonds accepted the trophy for the Checkers. Dusty Times thanked his entire crew and all his sponsors, especially Paul Delang who rides with him. Low presented a duplicate of the giant trophy to Frank Honsowetz, Competition Manager of Nissan . Motor Corp., USA. The Overall Mo.torcycle Points Champion, Randy Morales, was busy riding a race on the banquet date, so his trophy was accepted by Keith Reeves of Husqvama. Marty Hart, th~ Overall 3 Wheeler · winner, was on hand and he thanked Honda and all his supporters for their help in 1985. Randy Pettit was the Overall Odyssey Champion for February 1986 1985. At this point Les Unger, of Toyota Motorsport, announced a new award·for the 1986 season, called True Grit. Toyota has posted $10,000 for these awards, . for the fastest average speed throughout the season in the trio of four wheel categories. Check the news section for all the details. Sal Fish announced a new award, Driver of the Year, which went to Ramon Castro, the hard charging Class 11 driver from Ensenada, BC, Mexico. Following the overall awards, each dass champion was called to the stage to accept his check and trophy. Space does not permit a report on each speech, but in general most of the winners not only thanked their· sponsors, family and pit crews, but also thanked both Sal Fish and Walt Lott for getting together in 1985 to produce this series. The awards continued through all 26 classes of competition eligible for the awards. The points count of the top finishers had a couple of missing classes. in some categories. Among the car classes, neither Class 6A or Class 14 had any entrant who competed in three races from each organizer, therefore there were no points winners in those classes. Ir Page 23

Page 24

Among some of the more interesting comments from class champions were those of Larry Schwacofer, who announced he was retiring the Class .6B Chevrolet, primarily due to lack of serious financial support. Malcolm Vinje said that he and Mark Hansen were leaving the ranks of Class 5 and modng into Class 7S in 1986. And, one of our favorite remarks came from Bob Savage, the Challenger Class points winner. Along with thanking his crew, he than:.:ed the Checkpoint workers for waiting for him late into the night on the long races. Special Manufacturer Awards suppl'ied some extra income for those using the right equipment. It was another. tie vote for Qff Road Contingency Sponsor <;>f the Year. Bob Mount accepted for Yokohama Tires, and BFGoodrich was the to-winner. Ron Brant, Class 1 points winner, displays the handsome Lee Morse not only accepted the Pickup of the Year title for first in class points trophy. The cameras. clicked all night at Ford, but he, lik_e other sponsors, later passed out big the party. checks to Ford points winners. Page i4 February 1986 Toyota's Les Unger gets the Mini Pickup of the Year trophy from Miss Toyota, Dona Speir, the honor earned by the vote of the total membership of HORA and Score. Dick Maxwell, of Chrysler/ Dodge, presented Rod Hall with a check · for $4000.00 for winning Class 4 points, and Walker Evans took .home $3000.00 for taking second in Class 8 points. By the way, all those who were second in class points received very nice plaques duiing the evening's festivities. Frank DeAngelo of BFGoodrich was next to dispense largesse, pres en ting the three class champions using Goodrich tires each with a check for $5000.00. The newly wealthy trio were Rod Hall, Steve Kelley and Jason Myers, in Classes 4, 8 and 12. Ford representative Lee Morsic presented Manny Esquerra with a neat check for $5000.00 for his Class 7 Championship year, and it was Manny's fifth title. Goodyear's Doug Casens awarded the High Miler reward for 1985 to Gil Divine and Larry Carlton, who will receive serious support during the 1986 season. Bell Helmetis awarded $500 to three of the overall points champions, Rob Tolleson, Randy Morales, and Marty Hart. Gregg Symonds was next on the podium with the BFGood-rich 6~50 Club medals presenta-tion. Gold Medal winner for the second time, Corky McMillin thanked Gregg for having the idea of a 6-50 club, saying, "just because one is over 50 years of age doesn't mean they are over the hill iri racing". Proof of that is Corky's Class 2 Championship for 1985. Silver medal winner Jack Irvine was not able to attend, but Bronze medalist Vern Roberts was there to accept his medal. Vern thanked everybody in the sport, and he later announced his retirement from active driving, although the Class 4 team will continue to compete. Vern was given a fishing pole and other items at a presentation later in the evening. Les Unger ofToyotaand Steve Kassanyi presented Bob Reams with his new Extra Cab Toyota 4x4 pickup that he won in the drawing at the Baja Endurance The 6-50 awards were presented by Gregg Symonds to Gorky McMillin, center, the Gold Medal, and Class 4 driver Vern Ro berts, the Bronze Medal. Dick Maxwef! came from Detroit to happily take home the Off-Roadsman 4x4 of the Year trophy to Chrysler/Dodge Truck Division. · Dusty Times

Page 25

Once again it was ageless Bill Stroppe who won the vote in the Off-Roadsman category of Mechanic of the Year in the 1985 balloting. Safari. Even though he finished in a tie for 11th place in the rally in his Baja Bug, Reams had the winning ticket for the truck in the drawing. _ As the clock wound around to the witching hour, the Off-Roadsman Media and Mechanic Awards came up on the program. In the vote for Pit Support Team of the year, the four finalists were BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Check-ers and F.A.l.R. Gregg Symonds, President of the Checkers, and Wayne Morris, President of F.A.l.R. accepted the matching Off-Roadsman trophies. The Engine Builder of the Year choice came down to FAT Performance, Keith Black and Louis Unser. The winner was FAT with both Ron Fleming and Mark Thurber on hand to accept the trophy. The Mechanic of the Year category featured David Kreisler, Bill Varnes and Bill Stroppe, and ageless Bill Stroppe won his umpteenth trophy in the category. The final three listed for Off Road Photographer of the Year were T rackside Photos, Mike Rehler and David Lindstrom. The winner was, as so often before, Trackside Photos, with Jim Ober putting down his camera long enough to accept the trophy. The finalists in the Off Road Journalist of the Year were Judy Smith, Stan Parnell and your reporter. We are thrilled to have won the vote for the honor this year, and we thank all out there for their vote of confidence. The final category of the Off-Roadsma n Awards are in Personal Achievement. Under Entry Sponsor of the Year it was Nissan, Yokohama and Good-rich on the list. The popular winner was BFGoodrich Tire Division, with Frank DeAngelo, Manager of the Performance Team, adding another trophy to his table. The Rookie of the Year vote came down to Giti Gowland, Rob Tolleson and Paul Simon, two truckers and the overall points winner who was a bona fide rookie in 1985. Rob Tolleson won the honor, well deserved, of Rookie of the Year. The final award of the evening and the most prestigeous of all is that of Person of the Year. The slate was impressive, Ivan Stewart, Rod Hall and Frank DeAngelo. There was a massive ovation when Frank DeAngelo was called to accept the Person of the Year trophy. ·For those ·who do not remember, it was Frank's idea, almost two years ago, to have a common desert __ series on -------------------The BF Goodrich Pre-Run supplied the hungry off roaders with great food and good bench racing to get in shape for the long awards banquet later in the evening. points; he worked long and hard to bring Score and HDRA together to make the 1985 series happen. DeAngelo was over-whelmed with the accolade, but there was more to come. Richard Katz, who had to leave early, had B~b Ham present a formal resolution from the California State Legislature, nicely framed as well, to Frank congratulating him on all his work toward the good of the entire sport. Next, Sal Fish and Walt Lott presented DeAngelo with a fantastic solid silver belt buckle with Frank on it in big letters, and underneath the words Score and HDRA. The awards were over and the bar got crowded. The band appeared, and some celebrants danced while most tried to bench race and congratulate winners over the music which seemed much louder than necessary. Still, many lingered and enjoyed the post awards hour. Then it was time to go horn~, d9(f the fancy clothes and get to work on the race cars. The Parker 400 is· just around the corner and the new season begins. There are more bucks in the pot this year for the racers, $100,000 already posted for Parker in contingency monies. But, perhaps best of all is the legacy of the first successful combined desert points series in 1985. It can only get better in 1986. From the left, Al Arciero, Larry Minor, Steve Kelley and Frank DeAngelo tell each other war stories in the aft(!rfloon gathering hosted by BFGoodrich. ltl; WE BUILD THEM ... WE RACE THEM! RACER'S SPECIAL IRS BUS RACING TRANSAXLE $195.00 (ANYWHERE ELSE YOU PAY $300 OR MORE!) COMPLETE TEARDOWN, CLEANING,_ INSPECTION, MAGNEFLU:){ING, & ASSEMBL YI CONGRATULATIONS to Rob Tolleson, the OVERALL 1985 SCORE/HDRA Points Champion for a great winning year on the world's toughest terrain. THERE'S NO NEED TO PAY MORE! Dusty Times own Jean Calvin went home with another Off Road Journalist of the Year trophy; this one carried the logos of both Score and HORA. Dusty Times TRANNYS ARE ALL WE DO, February 1986 SO WE'VE-GOT TO DO THEM.RIGHT! OUR SERVICE IS UNEQUALED, OUR RA TES UNBEATABLE 2022 First Street, San Fernando, CA 91340 (818) 361-3033 Page 25

Page 26

In 1985, these men ·conquered the world. Corky McMillin Points Champion, Class 2 Yokohama congratulates the 1985 Points Champions. Rob Tolleson Overall Points Champion, SCORE/HORA Points Champion, Class 1-2-1600 Rookie of the Year Nominated to the Skoals Auto Racing All American Team Bob Savage Points Champion, Challenger Class Jim Dizney Points Champion, Class 9 And Rob MacCachren, Overall Points Champion, SNORE Andy Diaz Points Champion, Class 11 Yokohama is proud to be a part_ of the win-ning efforts of some of the most talented drivers in the world. Yokohama Tires were on three-out-of-four of the overall point leaders. And we're looking to be there four-out-of-four in 1986. Second place points finishers: Call Toll-Free 1-800-423-4544 From California 1-800-221-8744 Eastern Canada 1-800-387-4924 • Western Canada 1-800-663-8464 Bobby Neth, Class 1-2-1600 Mark McMillin, Class 1 Jerry Penhall, Class 2 Gregg Diehl, Class 5 Mark Steele, Class 5-1600 Marty Reider, Class IO Russ Winkler, Challenger Class >:rvoKOHAMA © 1986 Yokohama Tire Corporation -...

Page 27

In December, these II}.en conquered the Frontier. ' Yokohama congratulates the Class Winners of the Frontier 250. Jack &Jerry Ramsay, 1st- Class 1-2-1600 Mike & Roy Tuylor, 1st-Class 5-1600 Rob MacCachren, 1st-Class 10 Less than half of the 273 vehicles entered in the Frontier 250 finished the gruelling desert classic held last December in Las Vegas. A third of the vehicles were on Yokohama Tires, as were six of the-first place finishers. Stan Parnell & Dave Parsons, 1st-Class 5 Ted Armstrong & Allen Watson, 1st-Class 9 Chuck Guy & Rhonda Walsh, 1st-Challenger Class The Frontier 250 is 250 miles of the meanest road the desert has to offer. A road to test the very limits of machine. And a road to find the tire that can take thein to the top.

Page 28

Beard Beats Bikes at A.D.R-.A. Finale By Daryl D. Drake Ed Beard drove the Beard's SuperSeats/Tectira/Mary Lou/ Dunc Brown Pro Class 10 Chaparral to the car's first overall victory at the finale to the Arizona Desert Racing Associa-tion's 1985 Desert Champion-ship Series, the Ninth Annual Sonoita to Rocky Point Hare 'n' Hound at Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico. The Class 10 machines seem to really be coming on strong in all PERFORMANCE PEDALS • ONE-PIECE BOLT -ON ASSY • HYDRAULIC BRAKE & CLUTCH • CABLE OR HYDRAULIC THROTTLE • LIGHTWT ALUM MOUNT & CYL'S Build with NEAL quality ... used by off-roaders for nearly two decades. For complete catalog, send $3.00. NEAL PRODUCTS, INC. 7171 Ronson Rd. Dept. DT San Diego, CA 92111 (619) 565-9336 OUTSIDE CA 1-800-331-NEAL Page 28 forms of off road racing, and this particular car has come close to taking the overall a couple of times this season. Ed says it's the suspension, but I think his driving talents might have played a role, especially at this event. Beard won four out of the first five editions of this 125-mile point-to-point race in a Class 1 car, then ran up astringofDNFs. But this time he was out front by Check 1, and then sailed on to Rocky Point with a time of 2: 18:58, forty-seven seconds faster than the first overall motorcycle of Garth Sweetland. At the finish Beard said, "I'm a Ii ttle tired but the Toyota ran like a watch, no flats, no troubles, never missed a beat ... passed all the Class 1 cars in the first thirty miles Markings were a little sparse in the big meadow -got off course a couple of times -never got lost -just off course," Photos by 3-D Photography he laughed. · · Ed and the other top finishers got a surprise at the finish line in the form of trophy girls bearing flower garlands. You should have seen the grins. Sixty-two entries resulted in fifty-nine starters, a good figure considering the Frontier 250 took place the same day. A large group of well wishers watched the two abreast· start just outside Sonoita, a busy borde·r town south of Lukeville, Arizona. The course features all of the best in desert racing, from rugged rocky sections to mile after mile of deep sand. A thirty-three mile loop through the beautiful Sonoran desert brings the racers back to the starting line and. pi ts before they head south to Rocky Point. Just south of Organ Pipe National Monument, this is perhaps the most scenic spot on the AD.R.A schedule. But a Known for winning bn the short course circuit, Albert Bright gave the desert a try, and he came up tops in Pro Class 1, third overall Pro. · February 1986 Ed Beard had a great run in the Toyota powered Dunc Brown Class 10 Chaparral, beating all thct bikes to score a complete overall victory. driver can't take in too much fifteen minutes behind Ed Beard. scenery here or he'll soon be part He said he'll be ,running more of it. The route then runs south desert races in '86 after this to the Sea of Cortez and takes the smooth initial run in Steve · racers th rough a Ii ttle of Shirley's Off Road Buggy Supply everything with the last forty Sandhawk. Levi Beard, who miles in soft sand. New sections found himself back among the of the course added to the Beginners by the time he fixed his challenge. wiring, put on quite a drive to Pro cars left first, followed by finish second Pro 1 at thirteenth the Sportsmen and Beginners, in overall. this order: 1, 10, 2, 8. The five Pro 10 ,s.i.w Ed Beard take the Pro 1 cars set off at a hot pace overall lead before Check 1 and with Levi Beard, back behind the never let go while Jerry Foley and wheel after a long absence, Jim Kirk fought it out for runner-leading the way. In second was up status. Kirk was running Texan Tom Wood with short second but after a multitude of courser Albert Bright in third, problems parked before the first giving the desert a try. Jerry check, and Foley went on to Finney, who'd started with the finish his first Pro division race at younger Beard, had clutch a respectable sixth overall, troubles and was stopped about twenty-one minutes behind ten miles out. Mike Perez only Beard. made Check 1, going out with Pro 2 was next off with six engine troubles. Starters. Dan Foddrill led the way Wood moved into the class with Mark Lundell, Gary lead with a four minute Anderson, Pete Dunshie (in the advantage at Check 2. Beard then lone Pro Baja), Bill Cook, John had a minor engine fire and was Grey, Jerry Everett, and John stopped, having to make repairs Gardner giving chase. Foddrill with wire ripped from the horn. was soon stopped with shock, tie Wood never showed at the next rod and CV troubles and Lundell checkpoint so Bright's light moved out front. The Dirtrix shined once.again and he went on Mazda gave the Lundell's a real to pick up the Pro 2 money and workout {or vice versa?). They prizes with a .third overall finish, snap rolled it, lost first gear, got A pretty senorita greeted Ed Beard with a kiss and a flower garland at the finish line, a very nice touch of the genuine Mexican hospitality. Mark Lundell overcame a snap roll, transmission, engine and clutch troubles to grab the Pro Class 2 win in the;sleek Dirtrix two seater. Dusty Times

Page 29

Parts/C&H Racing Chenowth finished 25th overall to pick up the class trophy. Seven 5-1600 Baja Bugs had quite a battle. Greg Burgin held a narrow lead over Pete Gannon and Port Campbell at Check 1 with Ron Gardner, Art Roper, Ed Biga and Bill Garrett spread out over the next thirty minutes. Burgin then had a three minute margin at Check 3, only to drop way back at Check 4 and drop out after Check 6. Campbell took the lead and Gannon fell way back, but then Campbell disappeared from view • .. . and Gannon regained some time Dan Foddrill had lots of trouble, but he made it to the finish line to give the Frank Turben had a good day in the Class 8 Chevrolet pickup, and he won the to find himself in the lead at Finney/Foddrill team the points championship in Pro ranks. class with ease, finishing a fine fifteenth overall as well. Check 6. Gannon went on to stuck, ran on half the motor and Wheelers and decided to tow lead throughout to take the class a fourteenth overall finish. Frank finish at 23rd overall in his cooked the clutch, but still McCann's car in. Steve figured, win at seventh overall, twenty- Thomas, at 24th overall, was the Campbell T. U .F. Off Road stayed out front to finish first Pro "no way is this 250cc thing one minutes behind Beard, in the fourth and last Sportsman 2 sedan. Ron Gardner earned 2 at fifth overall. gonna do it, we need a truck." Gallaxy Floors Sandhawk. Paul racer to finish. Glen Hennessey second in class as the only other Anderson held second until But to his surprise, the ATV Nolte held second through and Pete Farris were out before 5-1600 finisher, taking nearly somewhere · before Check 3. pulled him with ease, fast enough Check 3 but started fading with Check 1, Keith Alger soon five and a half hours to complete Dunshie then moved his Baja in fact to convince McCann to clutch troubles. Jay Voelkner thereafter. the course. into second and held it to the put his helmet and goggles back was right behind him, coming on Next off were two 1600 Ltd. Gary Johnson was the lone finish, while Foddrill made a on. "That thing sure can throw strong after being way back at cars. Joe Aycock was out by Challenger entry this time and come from behind blast to finish rocks," said Steve, "but it pulled Check 1. Check 1, so Tom Higgins had retired at the ten mile mark with third in class. Cook lost a few rod me 30-35 mph!" Voelkner moved into second lots of fun, giving the crew a ride spring plate troubles. Pancho bearings but brought his V-6 Seven Sportsman 2 cars were to go to the finish at twelfth and even letting Rich Cada drive. Sesteaga was alone in Sportsman Camara in fourth. Anderson next. Gray Hendricks had his overall. Nolte fell back but still His Pat Hughes Performance/ 8. He called it quits at Check 3. never saw Check 3, and Everett, best race of the year, holding the managed to hold on to third and Spencer's Arco/Metro Auto gr-· capping a rough season, went out ----------------------------------------------------after Check 4. Grey was out before Check 1. Three trucks sta~t~l in Pro 8. Frank Turben held a narrow lead over Nels Tomlinson through the first two checks, then moved out ahead in the Turben's Auto Body / FLY-N-HI I Armstrong Tires Chevy for the class win at fifteenth overall. Turben called the 'race "great, truck handled well, had a good race with Nels, almost rolled it right after we passed him about twenty miles out." Tomlinson _would hang on to finish at 32nd overall with a time of 5:29: 10. Jim Huff, the other class starter, was out before Check 1 with steering troubles. Next off were the Sportsmen. They left in this class order: 10, 1, 2, 1600 Ltd., 5-1600, Challenger and 8. Jeff Sanders got out front by the first check and had one of his best runs to date. Learning he was second overall, just twelve minutes behind Beard, Jeff said, "Neat! I wish I could run like that all the time." Sanders will be looking for additional sponsorship for his Beard's SuperSeats/Pat Hughes Performance/Trick Fuel Class 10 Chaparral so he can move to the Pro ranks. He's certainly capable. On his tail came Bill Capatch, three minutes back for fourth overall. He said he came dose to rolling but managed to steer out of it across the desert. "We were on two wheels for the longest time ... my co-driver got sick." Steve Baker, at ninth overall, was the third Sportsman 10 racer to finish. Then came Coleman McArthur, Greg Oswskey, Omar Adams, Rod Leon, Jerry Lockridge and Rich Lahr, to yield nine finishers from twelve starters. Only two Sportsman 1 cars started and both were out before Check 1. We didn't hear what happened to Dave Hunt, but Steve McCann had engine troubles. He still had a story though. The Cohen team was sweeping the course on Polaris Four DustyTimes Jeff Sanders ran like the wind to take the Sportsman overall and Class 10 Gary Hendricks had everything go his way in Mexico; with Joe Hammond co-honors, second fastest time of all, and the Sportsman points title. driving, he grabbed the Sportsman 2 trophy and was seventh overall. MAKE YOUR FAVORITE RACER HAPPY W·ith New Safety Equipment From FILLER Nomex Driving Suit $179.00 ... , • ,·•.,,···.· , ~ f 'ill Filler Safety is now offering all seat belts and harnesses with blue webbing. Complete with mounting hardware. $115.00 \LLE Ma~c == PRODUCTS, INC. ster ard VISA ~ SIMPLE TO ORDER -PHONE OR MAIL ORDER USING VISA, 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD . MASTERCHARGE OR WE DO SHIP SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 C.O.D. No perso_nal checks plea~, PH. (818) 768-7770 . February 1986 Our best race bag. Made of heavy supported vinyl and quilted to nylon backed foam lining. Heavy web strap handles. Size: 12 x 12 x 24. $40.00 Fine quality, hand crafted, light weight Nomex Racing Boots. Available in bla-ck, white, or royal blue in sizes 7 thru 13. • $78.00 Page 29 -

Page 30

the Sportsman, and Nancy Sanders in the Beginners. We'll have a wrap-up on the series' points races and the annual banquet in the next issue of DUSTY TIMES. W e enjoyed ourselves at a party for A.D.R.A. staff and volunteers put on by the Casebeer Motocross Team, sponsors of the race, while Bill Graham, in the last A.D.R.A. sweep truck, was off the course at 11 :30 p.m. with the broken bikes and buggies. In all, it was a great event to end a good season of racing. Tom Higgins called it a fun race, gave the crew rides, and even let Rich Cada drive or his way to the Sportsman 1600 Limited victory. Driving a plain wrap Baja Bug, Pete Gannon and Newt Campbell came from behind to tak_e the Sportsman Class 5-1600 trophy. A.D.R.A. will be running five off road races for cars and trucks in 1986 along with eighteen motorcycle and ATV races. ADRA Finale (continued) Nine Beginners were the last to leave. Brian Page kept the Al's VW Parts/T.U.F. Off Road/ Yolks Unlimited Chenowth out front for the distance to earn the Beginner 100" class win with a strong eleventh overall finish. After a slow start, Phil Bird took off and passed many · in his Dirtrix Chevy truck ( with A/C and stereo yet!) to take the Beginner Unlimited win. Nancy Sanders held second and the Beginner 1600 Ltd. lead until past Check 5 when mechanical trouble struck, and Dave Watson picked up the pace, reeling her in and going on for the class win in his Brandwood at ·26th overall. Sanders went on to finish second in class at 28th overall ahead of Todd Wittman, third in class at Page 30 · 29th overall. Ron Howard and Jim Sterrenburg were both out by the first check, but Ron Odell ran second in th(:} Unlimited class until just a few miles before the campsite. finish, when a lack of oil pressure Topping the season's pomt caused serious engine problems. races with finishes at this race But even he had fun and was soon were the Finney/ Foddrill team in enjoying fresh shrimp at a beach the Pro division, Jeff Sanders in The first car event will be a · new race scheduled for April 12, the "Western 150" to be held in Arizona's central western desert. ~---~----~--------------------------------------------Phil Bifd and Bob Tod had a good time in the Chevy pickup, winning Beginner J1_0_ij'!!_{~e_d honors; The tru_ck is street legal, with A!C a_nd_~tereo. Dave Watson and Scott Lewis somehow managed to keep the Brandwood clean and shiny on the way to the beginner 1600 Limited victory. 1 "YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. TAKE IT FROM ME ... Ivan "IRONMAN" Ste THIS IS AS MUCH FUN AS TN REAL TH/NO. II ER/K/DN INOl/STRIES INC ERIKSSON INDUSTRIES, INC. 326 W. KATELLA AVE., SUITE 4-H ORANGE, CALIFORNIA 92667 (714) 538-5878 YES! D Send me_ . _· _· copy of the new and exciting "MINT 400 OFF-ROAD GAME" for $24.95 (Plus $2;50 each shipping & handling). My check or money order for$ ____ enclosed. VISA □ MASTERCARD□ Card# _______________ ~ Expiration date_· ___________ _ Signature: ___________ _ Name _______________________________ _ Address ______________________________ _ City ______ ______ _ _ State _________ _ Zip ____ _ (California residents add 6% tax) Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. February 1986 Dusty Times

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Rally Cars Try Stadium Racing Text & Photos: Martin Holms Markku Alen showed the Italian crowd the new Lancia Delta S4, but recurring engine woes dropped him to runner-up status in the final face off against Salonen. concentrate on more than one it will go the way of rallycross again". thing at a time". -John Davenport of Austin-Rover stated, "The most important factor is that the cars and drivers are those competing in the world championship. There must be strict scrutineer-ing and there must be no specials. We can handle up to three of these events a year, so long as they remain a showcase for the world championship". Patrick Lan·don of Renault said, ''Very good idea to promote rally drivers on TV; people know Formula 1 drivers, but not rally drivers. It would be better to run such events as a prelude to a world championship rally, however, though Renault would only be interested if there was a separate class for two wheel drive cars". · Many of these thoughts could be an echo of remarks about off Timo Salonen showed off his world championship winning style in the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 E2, taking the event overall before a full house of enthusiastic spectators. Jean Todt of Peugeot was not so enthusiastic, saying, "We came to Bologna because it is a memorial to Bettega, but the purpose of our team is to concentrate on the world championship. You cannot . road racing, short course against the desert. Apparently team managers all over the world have similar goals for their special team cars. . Even on the international rally circuit, spectators get just a few glimpses of the competition, because, like off road racing they flash past on a stage and are gone. Late in December an invitational stadium race for eight top rally cars was organized in Bologna, Italy, as· a Memorial event for Attilio Bettega, who died in a rally accident on the Corsica rally last spring. The race track sounds familiar, a twisty, ha-lf asphalt, half gravel course in an arena in the motor show grounds. Eight drivers were invited to take part in the unique competition. They were matched in pairs, starting at opposite olaces on the· track, and each knock out run was held twice, the drivers starting at the other point on the second run, then their times were added together. Four were eliminated after this, and on the next pair of roun:ds, two more were.eliminated before the final pair of races. Five cars were four wheel drive, and in practice they proved to be faster than the three rear drive cars which were eliminated on the first round. Peugeot fielded world champ-ion Timo Salonen in a second evolution 205 Turbo 16. Lancia had a 4x4 Delta S4 for Markku Alen, and Ma~simo Biasion drove the Lancia Rally. Audi brought a second evolution Sport Quattro for Stig Blom-qvist, and Renault had an older, 5 Maxi Turbo for Jean Ragnotti. Austin-Rover brought a pair of MG Metro 6R4s for Tony Pond and M arc Duez, and Henri T oivonen drove a Ferrari 308 OTB. Salonen scored fast time on the first round, followed by Alen, Pond and Blomqvist. But, the knock out systems provided a visual reference, and it meant Blomqvist was barred from the second runs despite m aking fourth fastest time in the first. Dusty Times In the semi-finals Salonen was paired against Duez, while Alen went against Pond. Duez wiped off the nose of the Metro against some hay bales, while Pond felt the engine ( which had already · completed the RAC Rally) beginning to fail. As Austin-Rover cars were established in third and fourth place, Pond withdrew from the consolation semi-final race. The final match was between Salonen and Alen, but the speed of the Lancia was frustrated by engine problems, similar to those on the RAC. Timo Salonen won the knock out Memorial Bettega stadium race, although Markku Alen'sLancia was faster, but lost time when the engine cut out. For. Salonen it was visible proof of his world championship victory, and it was a hit with the large crowds at Bologna's annual motor show. It also established the success of a concept which it is hoped will become a thrice-annual event around Europe. About the future of Stadium Racing for rally cars, several team managers made interesting comments. Cesare Fiorio of Lancia: said, "This is the best promotion ever done for world championship rallying because of the live television, fantastic for sponsors, factories, and drivers. It must never, however, substi-tute for traditional rallies, and must be for group B cars -nothing else". Roland Gumpert, making his last appearance for Audi remarked, "This must not be a substitute for traditional rallies, but to enable people to see the world championship cars. It can help reduce the number of spectators on stages. The Bologna course was much too slow. Our cars are built to maintain an average of 100 kph. The' circuits must suit the cars, not the other way round. The · cars must be group B, otherwise AT LAST ... The reasonable answer to long travel rear suspension. INEXPENSIVE TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN/ALLOWING OVER 22" OF WHEEL TRAVEL. Newly designed Lite-Weight Arm. SUPER BOOT's new Full Floating Rear Hub & Bearing Assembly, with 2-Piece Micro-Stub Axle. THIS NEW L-O-N-G TRAVEL SYSTEM IS: Super Lite Brake with 3 optional caliper piston sizes. No caliper damage due to bent rims. (Internal Caliper) 1/2 the unsprung weight 1/2 the installation difficulties And best of all ... 1/2 the cost of others. SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS 1649 W. COLLINS ORANGE, CALIF. 92667 (71 4) 997-0766 WATCH THESE SUCCESSFUL HOT SHOES-THEY ARE USING THE LONG TRAVEL MICRO SYSTEM Al Arciero -Billy Beck -Mark Broneau -:-Larry Bolin -Brad Castle -Mark Cameron -Rod Everett -Ron Ellenburg -Joe Falloon ~Bill Gaylord -Jim Hamner.-Don Kolt -Al Mallory -Jerry Penhall -Marty Reider -Stan Rowland -Dave Richardson -Steve Sourapas -Bill Sallenbach -Bill Varnes -Don Ward -Craig Watkins :-Mike Withers -Terry White. SPECIAL THANKS HJ RACECO -OFF ROAO ENGINEERING -V-ENTERPRISES February 1986 Page 31 ----

Page 32

FORDA's Turkey Chase 50 Text & Photos: John Sprovkin It was a warm and breezy Sunday afternoon in Sharpes, Florida, near Orlando, for the December 1 Florida Off Road Drivers Association races. The track was the same as it had been in November, except for an extension that included a small jump between two huge mounds of dirt, creating a tunnel effect. As the drivers' meeting concluded, final pit work on the race cars was completed, and-the _ drivers prepared for the eight lap heat races .for each class, which were followed by the feature race, a 50 mile all class endurance run. As the noon starting time drew near, the eleven D Class buggies lined up for the first heat of the day. Theflagwentdownandthey were off down the track in a cloud of dust. Scott Gundeck pulled ahead of the pack of 1200 cc single seaters, and he stayed in the lead for the duration of the heat. Jerry Allen remained in second position all the way, until the seventh lap, where J .R. UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS POWER -STEERING -- . The Components, : · Parts, and Service Winners Count On • NEWI Choice of Aluminum or Steel - choose between tough. lightweight . aluminum or low-cost steel parts; all are precision made, incredibly durable. • Components or Complete System -for any application. we'll sell you whatever parts you need, or a complete sy-,rem ... installation is also available, all at cc" 1petitive prices. • Drasi!IS Less TI1an 1HP -The most efficient, most durable s_et of power steering components available ... it's the • Rebuilds, Adjustments & choice of more Class_ and 01erall winners Technical Assistance - Whether you than all others comb1nedl need to build or repair, test or adjust, • Complete Bracketry & Tabs -clean, or just have questions about power reliable mounting available for any steering ... call us. We'll answer your application. questions w ithout hassle. UNIQUE Also, ask about our·full llhe of other' racing metal fabrication services ... SEND FOR FREE INFORMATION AND PRICES TODAY METAL PRODUCTS, 8745 Magnolia Ave. • Santee; CA.92071 • 619/449-9690 Page 32 Taylor pulled ahead and finished the heat in second place. Jerry Allen had to be content with third spot. Rounding out the D Class field, Marty Pounds only completed three laps, before losing a tire. Also, Kelly McMahon blew a ring and pinion gear during the fifth lap, which put him ou.t for the duration of the heat as he could not start the feature enduro either - a tough break. Gary Groce raced for the first time, and . maintained a steady pace for the heat. At the flag Scott Gundeck led J .R. Taylor and Jerry Allen to the Danny Hahn had a.perfect day in his Unlimited racer, as l]e won his heat race and also won the 50 mile main event over the other eight survivors. Jerry Allen flies his D class racer high out of a deep ditch en route to third overall in the main event, first in D class and A/Jen won the heat race also. finish line. · Class 1-2-1600 came to the starting line with eight racers anxiously awaiting the drop of the flag. With engines roaring they were off, prepared for the challenge that would test their driving skills. Terry Clark pulled ahead of the pack and successfully maintained his lead for the entire heat. Joe Cunningham started out in second position, and he also stayed there for the duration of the eight laps. Bob Bohres was in control of third place for the duration, with only one minor confrontation in the second lap. Bohres and Richard Dickens tangled on a curve, while battling for second, resulting in Dickens_ flipping, which put him out of the race. Throughqut the heat Bob Haire slowly and surely pulled up from last starting spot to finish in fourth place. Bruce Bennett successfully covered five laps in fourth, but then rolled, But, it seemed like only a split second before he was back on the track, and he only lost one place in the incident. Overall the checker"., flag waved over Terry Clark first, followed by Joe Cunningham and Bob Bohres . . There were eight cars also in the line up for the Class 1, Unlimited heat. No one could have known when the flag went down that these drivers WO\ 1 -l have to contend with so many mechanical breakdowns during The track is tricky at Sharpes. Here Richard Dickens slithers past Terry Clark on a tight turn, but Dickens, .#689, later flipped our of c.ontention. February 1986 Dusty Times

Page 33

Traffic was tight in the .1-2-1600 heat race, as Bob Bohres, #698 just stays ahead of Danny Vassilew, who was second in the heat and fifth overall in the main. Bryan Peterson floats back to earth in his Unlimited class race car, and he went _O!J to take second in the heat race, fourth overall in the main. the heat. The first lap claimed one casualty, Sam Pace, who broke his trans, and he was done for the day. Ken Burkert also experienced mechanical failure when the clips on the throw out bearing broke, and he was sidelined. Next Butch Brickett had carburetor problems. Brickett started in first position, and managed to stay in the heat to finish sixth, in spite of the carb trouble. . Bryan Peterson moved into first place in the third lap and he stayed in first place to the finish line. No doubt about it, the spectators could HEAR Carl Scott Haire drove another high flying Unlimited racer, and he took a_fine fourth in the heat race, but succumbed to engine woes in the 50 miler. Bryan Peterson and Dennis Ard, #145, fly over a jump in perfect formation, although Ard was forced out of the race later with a lack of oil. Dusty Times only three emerged to compete in the last six lap; Jerry Allen, Mark Oliver and Gary Groce. Jerry Allen proudly brought his car in third overall on the enduro. Now with just six laps remaining in the competition, the pressure was on to put the "pedal to the metal" and WIN. Only nine buggies started the final six laps with weary drivers, who were still determined to survive. The cars appeared spread out around the track, and Danny Hahn kept his first overall position on the final laps for the victory. Jerry Allen demonstrat-ed his skill and determination as Second in the closely contested D class heat was Mark Oliver, who did have some problems, but finished the tough main event in eighth place. he consistently moved ahead lap after lap to take over first spot on the fifteenth lap. But three laps later Danny Hahn overtook him:-Johnson coming with his Evinrude outboard engine. Johnson held fourth place until the seventh lap when he was able to move into third. Dennis Ard skillfully and with steady determination moved up from seventh to second spot by the fifth lap. At the finish Bryan Peterson was first, Dennis Ard held second and Carl Johnson took third. The weather continued to be warm and breezy for the final, main event, the 50 mile endurance race. The drivers and their crews had made all the necessary repairs after the eight lap heat races. Twenty-five cars approached the starting line anxious to challenge the track. It must take tremendous determin-ation to physically withstand the constant bouncing from the short, tough track and the pressure of the competmon to really "endure" a 50 mile race in these conditions. Th,e green flag dropped and the cars were off in an overwhelming cloud of dust. The first ten laps really claimed its victims in the Class 1 category. With seven_ buggies starting, only Bryan Peterson and Danny Hahn survived. As a matter of fact, they survived so well that Danny Hahn brought home the first overall honors, and Bryan Peterson was fourth overall in the race. Good Work! Carl Johnson experienced engine trouble with the outboard after the first lap, and he had to drop out smoking heavily in the second round. Next, Butch Brickett had problems again with his carburetor, and he dropped out after a couple of laps. Then Scott Haire burned up the rings in the engine and he was gone for the duration. Finally, Dennis Ard lost oil pressure and oil and dropped out of the competition in the seventh lap. The second ten laps seemed to claim its victims in the D Class. With nine buggies stili racing in the eleventh lap for the D cars, Overall the checkered flag came down on Danny Hahn first, in his Class 1 racer. Terry Clark put his 1-1600 home second overall, and Jerry Allen did the 40 horse crowd proud with his third overall position, and all three covered 26 laps, and are due congratulations. Bryan Peterson was fourth driving his Class 1, and Danny Vassilew was next in his 1600, followed by BTuce Bennett and Bob Bohres, both driving 1600 cc cars. 1200 cc drivers Mark Oliver, Gary Groce and Tom Gundeck rounded out the top ten. All in all the events were well planned and exciting for the day's activity. This track is not set up for good spectator visibility, consequently some of the action took place behind the trees and curves. Next for FORD A drivers is the January 12 bash at the Tampa State Fairgrounds, which should be a dandy start to the new year of racing. t1as NEVADA Vegas , OFF-ROAD it's ... BUGGY N ~ ;.J > ~ :;:: ::, Street -Stock - Baja Race or Sand Whatever Your Pleasure Play or Pay We've Got Your VW Parts See Brian See Dave SAHAHA X 2 N I l\'ilTHN 'olHll''o Locations .r X z z -0 to ~ !--" z 'oPHI'\(, MTN Serve You J: (/) Better! ~ WEST NOR 3054 Valley View 1541 N. Eastern 871-4911 • 871-5604 642-2402 • 642-1664 N0"12 LOCATIONS-N February 1986 Page 33 -....

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-PARIS-DAKAR 1986 The Beginning ••• The brand new Raceco buggy, flown in to make the start, sprays the spectators with a hand brake turn, no doubt. The Raceco crashed soon after, but neither John Severson or Jerry Grant were seriously injured. Trailing here-half way around the course, the eventual winner of the prologue, Oayraut/Oestaillats, out ran the field by 25 seconds. Leading is the matching Porsche 911 4 WO of Liautaud/Cornevaux. STRONGER AXLES AND OUTPUT BELLS Upgrade the C. V.s and torsion axles on you~ pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axle~ and transmission output bells to accept the larger C. V. joints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. joints. Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C. V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C.V.s are threaded 3/8-24. Axles and bells for the 930 C.V.s can be supplied with 3/8-24 or 10 mm 1.5 pitch threads. 10 mm -1. 5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per flanQe on your sue.plied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 29300 3RD • LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 (714) 674-7365 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 34 Ice and snow created havoc for competitors in the 8th Paris-Dakar at the prologue held at Pontoise-Cergy, near Paris, on December 29. On the 7.6 km gravel course at an off road driving school, the times of competitors improved steadily as the weather warmed the surface. The eventual fast time went to the four wheel drive Porsche 911 of privateer Jean-Claude Day-raut. All the leading competitors survived the pre-start special stage, though many cars spun, and some blocked the route for the following vehicles. Despite the evil weath~r, an estimated 100,000 spectators· lined the course. 124 motor-cycles started first, and early runners had difficulty even at 10 kph as falljng snow turned to ice on the riders' goggles. The fastest rider was journalist Pierre-MaFie · Poli on a Yamaha600XT. By the time the cars started, the sun had come out and begun to melt the ice. A total of 282 "auto" vehicles passed scrutineering and were allowed to start. The herd included i:he Raceco buggy of Californians John Severson and Jerry Grant. The Raceco was completed at Los Angeles on the Friday before the start, and it was flown to Paris, arriving the next day. The cars were sliding every-where. The top cars, the Porsches came first, Jacky Ickx's 959 making a time of 10 minutes, 56.3 seconds compared with Poli's time of 11:09.4. After the Porsches came the works Mitsubishis, with a total of 64 Pajeros taking part in all. The quickest was the old style service car driven by Hubert Riga!, 0.1 second faster than Ickx. The Range Rovers followed, ·and Jean Ragnotti hit the bank but did 10:31.1, and was beaten by the · team's car builder-driver Jean-Pierre Gabreau who did 10:22.6. _ · Then came the diminutive Opels, February 1986 Jan de Rooy won the truck division in this wild looking OAF, complete.with a spoiler. The twin engined turbocharged rig sports 1000 bhp. They believe in advertising on this event! The Range Rover of Gabreau and Pipat made sixth fastest time overall in the chilly prologue. The prologue marked the debut of the four wheel drive Opel Kadett Ra/lye, but this one, of Weber and Wanger, spun out and lost some time. on their four wheel drive debut, but Weber spun and was hit by the Toyota of F.ourgerouse, although Colsoul did 10:41.0. Following next were the official Ladas and T oyotas. Lada · driver Pierre Lartigue did 10:20. 7, and this seemed to set the seal for the day. The weather was still warming up, and now the privateers were coming along. Gradually the times of the first cars fell down the leader board. Vudafieri's Pajero beat all the works Mitsubishis, and the Toyota preparation expert Andre Koro was faster than the works team cars, last year's winner Zaniroli being among those who spun. But the quickest of all was yet to come. Dayraut was running some 50 cars behind the first car, and he eventually did 9:34.5. 1-falfway round the course Dayraut had caught up to his teammate Liautaud, their blue and white cars looking strange with 25 cm ground clearance. The cars have normally aspirated 260 bhp six cylinder, 3 liter engines with four speed gear-Built behind the Iron Curtain, th]J Lada Niva looks dated in design, but Pierre Lartigue scored fifth fastest time in this rig. Dusty Times

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The four wheel drive bobtails provide a great billboard for the sponsors. This truck is the Toyota FJ6 of Ratet and D'Aboville. Some of the 100,000 spectators watch the Audi Quattro of De Paoli and Joannes-Pet hop over the snow covered lumps in the 7.6 km course. boxes and homemade transfer· boxes. Renault 30 suspension units are used. Last year Dayraut m ade third best time on the prologue, but he retired in Algeria. At the end of the day the 82 service vehicles and trucks made their runs over the course. By now the sun was below the horizon, the temperature was falling, and the surface was getting more and more slippery. Led by the chief organizer Thierry Sabine, officials were waving flags at the most dangerous places to slow down the monsters. The winning vehicle in this truck category was Jan de Rooy's 1000 bhp twin engined, turbo-charged OAF truck, which is said to be capable of 200 kph, and which carries huge rear spoilers. De Rooy made a time of 11 :36.1, 34 seconds ahead of his tradi-tional rival George Groine's 500 bhp normally aspirated Mercedes 19.36AK, with a rear wing and a system of altering the pressure in the tires while in motion. Third quickest was the Mercedes Last year's winner drove a Mitsubishi Pajero, and Andrew Cowan, shown here in the latest model, was a very close second behind his teammate. Dusty Times Maintaining Your Two-Way Radios Helmet jobs pose problems because ther e are extra connectors and components to fail. It's a good idea to have your regular speaker and mike installed in the car, ready to take over in case your helmet system fails. You should always check your connectors, spray lube them, re-space the receptacles and check them with the radio system far in advance of the race, leaving enough time to have them repaired if necessary. -To be competitive 1s to be prepared in all ways, including your two-way radios. A maintenance program should be in keeping with the type of use to which you put your radio. A properly mounted, perma-nently installed two-way (see last month's article), utilized in a normal manner, needs little or no maintenance except for a yearly check on frequency tolerance, power output, modulation and receiver sensitivity. These are electronic lab checks that go hand in hand with any communication device. Should the unit not be performing up to expectation, it should be checked by a qualified radio shop. Radios used in a rigorous manner, in particular race car ·and pre-run car radios, should be maintained on a race by race basis just as you would care for your running gear and drive line components. Several problems can arise from taking the radio out of the vehicle between races. The power receptacle and antenna receptacle get enlarged, causing the connections to become intermittent, and the problem progressively worsens. Avoid this by taking care not to enlarge the receptacle by carefully inserting o r removing th e connectors by pushing or pulling them straight in. Also use spray lube to clean and lubricate all connectors ( including the mike connecto r). R e-spac e t h e receptacles every two or three races. Removing the antenna allows the atmosphere to attack both the mount and the center conductor of the antenna. Also, the center conductor of the antenna may recede and no longer make firm contact with the center conductor of the mount. Solution - sand the contacts using a matchbook striker (not sand paper or a file as it will remove the plating, or steel . Unimog of Friedrich Capito, the surprise truck division winner in the Paris-Dakar race last year. With 488 competitors, the 1986 Paris-_Dakar-has the biggest · entry ever received; and,. at over l 4;000 kms, of which. 7,000' special stages, it is also the longest. Whereas the event is setting off on schedule, there are many unsolved questions. Perhaps the most pressing being an inevitable re-route because of border fighting between Mali, through which the route is to pass, and Upper Volta. Check the report next month on the Paris-Dakar from Algeria and beyond. At press time the sad news of a terrible accident 011 the Paris-Dakar was reported in the daily media. Thierry Sabine, the main force in the orga11izati011 of the Paris-Dakar road rally, died along with four companions, including popular French singer Daniel &lavoine. Their helicopter smashed into a sand dune in Mali while Sabine was surveying part of the 8700 mile course, racing officials said in the , release of January r6, r986. Ed. February 1986 By Bob 'Weatherman' Stein.berger wool which will create the possibility of a short). Re-space the center conductor of the antenna coil so it makes good contact with its counterpart. (I print this connection using a felt marker pen.) Remember, if you are using an Antenna Specialists 3DB gain model 1450 or 1455 (VHF megahertz), the antenna whip should measure 43 to 43.5 inches above the spring. It should be reasonably straight and if it shows cracking or peeling of the plating (particularly near the spring) replace it, because it probably won't last an entire race. Don't crimp the antenna coax with tie wraps that are too tight, and inspect it after every race. If the coax isn't round or is chafed , replace it. Cleaning the race car with caustic soap or chemicals corrodes connectors -it also ruins radios. Putting a plastic bag over the plug or receptacle is a good idea only if it is removed immediately after washing ( or it will keep the moisture inside the bag and continue to sweat and devastate the connector). A LOSS OF VOLTAGE MEANS A LOSS OF POW-ER. Fuse holders can become corroded and lose spring tension thereby reducing voltage tQ the radio. Check them often and replace when necessary. Battery connections can also become corroded and reduce voltage. If the stranded wire to the fuse or battery has changed color from copper or silver - redress the connector. STICKING PUSH-TO-TALK BUTTONS!! - The worst thing in racing is a stuck 'on' transmitter (as far as your contemporaries are concerned). If yours tends to stick, take the microphone apart, clean it, spray lube it, put it back together and test it repeatedly. If it fails even once it should go . to the radio _shop. A VOID RADIO PROB-LEMS BEFORE THEY HAP-PEN. I have seen so-called sealed units with moisture and/ or corrosion because it was almost totally sealed. It held the ~--moisture, and the heat generated inside the radio caused a continual sweat, progressively ruining the radio. Dust in an unsealed radio is no problem until you wash the car and radio, creating mud and the possibility of corrosion. You should open up the radio and visually check it (after first shaking radio in all directions to determine if there are loose parts or components). Blow out the radio using indirect air since direct high pressure· air can cause coils to change value. If anything appears to be wrong or out of place, take it to a qualified two-way radio repair shop. Intermittent or hard to turn volume and squelch controls can be repaired by cleaning them with spray lube cleaner obtainable at any Radio Shack. There are many adjustments inside your radio. Don't Touch Them! Some are critical and only qualified two-way radio technicians should make these adjustments. Should you have technical q u estions or maintenance problems not covered in this article, please call or write: Bob Steinberger cl o PCI Race Radios, 2888 Gundry Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90806, (213) 426-7077. SEE YOU AT PARKER! If you should need assistance_ from the Goodyear Weatherman Radio Relay Team we will monitor 151.625 and 151.715. MINIMUM : EFFORT ••;~i!.•···················· MAXIMUM EFFECT!!! CA3 -COMPETITION BRAKE WITH BALANCE BEAM MANUFACTURERS OF THE FINEST IN OFF ROAD PRODUCTS Contact your local JAMAR dealer or write 42030-C Avenida Alvarado• Temecula. CA 93290 (714) 676-2066 Page 35 -

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EAST OF INDIO RALLY Scott Child Trucks to a Resounding Victory By Jim Ober Photos: Trackside Photo Enterprises The National SCCA Pro Rally Divisional Champion, Scott Child, with Rich Stuetzel navigating the Chevy pickup, over-whelmed the field and won overall by an incredible margin. The East of Indio Rally is becoming a must for southern California rally nuts, carrying multiple sanctions and points for championships. The fifth annual edition of the event, organized by Roger Allison, took place late in November, as usual, and again used the Date Tree Motor Inn as its headquarters and rest stop in Indio, California. The format calls for daylight stages, then a long break in Indio, and on to the night stages, ending in the wee hours. Thirty teams answered the call to the final event in the area in 1985, and set off initially for the first two stages at Edom Hill, 25 miles west of Indio. The route continued on to the rally's traditional haunts around Desert Center and points to the north where General George Patton ~ trained his tank crews for combat in World War II. This year the most north-eastern parts of the rally included a stage over part of the famous "Thunder Alley" on the Parker 400 off road race · course. The event was a triple points affair for local rally teams. It was the final rally for the 1985 California Rally Series titles, and the opening gun in the 1986 SCCA Pro Divisional Series for the Southern Pacific Division. Being a double points run for the CRS, all those titles were on the line, while Scott Child had already won the 1985 SCCA Divisional championship as well as the National Divisional title. After five to six hours of stiff competition on tough stages, the field returned to race head-quarters for a barbeque dinner, compliments of the organizers . Then after a couple of hours of relaxation, night came and the field returned to the desert, running the same stages as before, but this time in the dead of night. Proving his championship was no fluke, Scott Child, with Rich Stuetzel navigating, won the rally i ~ ~, ;-. &~~ ,. ~ ✓ ~ COMPLETE ONE STOP MACHINE SHOP FACILITIES ✓ Engine Balancing ✓ Gas & Heli-Arc Welding Specializing In PARTS & SERVICE FOR VW, BAJA BUG & DUNE BUGGY custom & Cal Look -ESTABLISHED 1968 -22632 so. Normandie Ave. Torrance, Calif. 90502 213/320-0642 outright in a very Class 8 looking Chevy pickup. The team scored nearly 1000 points less than their nearest challenger, the BMW 2002 of Frank and Ji II Jacob, who won Seed 2 honors. Chi Id took Seed 1, natch. In a close third overall and second in Seed 1 was the strong running buggy of Lon Pelersen and Jim Love. They battled for the lead with Scott Child most of the rally, until all but the last night stages. In some cases the buggy scored better stage times than anyone else in the field. Petersen and Love are veterans in this kind of competition, running a buggy for a few years now. The full fendered, street . legal buggy, with VW power, looks like a competitor from the 1975 Baja 1000, but it sure does the job in the CRS desert rallies! Fourth overall and first in Seed 3 was the RX-7 Mazda of Dave Poston and Diane Nowicki. First in the stock class was Mike Gibeault and Lynette Allison driving that staple of rally cars, a Datsun 510. They were fifth overall, and had to fight hard for their victory. In sixth overall and merely 43 points behind, second in stock class was another Datsun 510 crewed by Mike Whitman and Peter Gordon. A beautifully prepped Honda CRX cam-paigned by Ray Hocker and Bill Moore took third in the stock category and it was very impressive on the rally course. Former off road racer Rod Koch was doing well in his Type 3 VW, but became a DNF on Stage 4, Shaver's Well. A promising note was the 16th overall finish of Ivan Stewart's son Brian, driving his first rally. Brian and navigator John Schurf competed in a two wheel drive (See EAST OF IHDIO on J,a~e 39) Frank and Jill Jacob kick a little desert dust up in their BMW 2002, en route to a great second overall and-first place in Seed 2 . . { While it looks like a cold windy ride, the buggy with fenders driven by Lon Peterson and Jim Love is very competitive and finished third overall. Dave Poston and Diane Nowicki won Seed 3 by a bunch, and drove this very tidy looking Mazda RX-7 to an impressive fourth overall. The Datsun 510 will live forever on rally trails. Mike Gibeault and Lynette Allison won the stock class in this one and came in fifth overall. One of the most handsome rally~ars was this slick Honda CRX of Ray Hocker and Bill Moore, who were third in stock class and eighth overall. February 1986 Dusty Times _______________________________ ....:., __________________________ _:_ __ :..:,_ Page 36

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Firebird ATX By Daryl D. Drake Photos by 3-D Photography Dwight Lundell had the Pro lead for a time in the first run, but in the second go his Dirtrix Class 10 failed to finish with trans trouble. Scott Tutalo dominated the action in the first Pro bout, but carb woes put him out halfway through the second round, Running his Class 5 Baja Bug among the open wheelers, Pete Sohren ran and he was a ONF. :----------==== ===,--------~~-------strong, and ended up taking second in the Pro contest on score. Troy Churchman had a great day in his budget race car, winning the close contest in the single heat for the Sportsman class racers: · Tom Higgins looked good, running very close in second in the Sportsman contest, but a ruptured oil filter put him out before the flag fell. Mike Stuart drove the only truck in the entry, moved from Pro to Sportsman, and his Class 7 Mitsubishi held its own against the buggies. Dusty Times A new racing group put on a new kind of race at Firebird International Raceway, near Phoenix, AZ~ last December. The Southwest Racing Association ( SWRA) presented the inaugural F_irebird ATX (All Terrain Cross), drawing 127 racers out the weekend after Christmas. Twenty-three entries were of the four wheel variety with sixteen signed up in the Pro class and seven Sportsmen. A rough course, perhaps more suited to ATVs, was the battleground and attrition was high, with only five Pros finishing both of their two twenty minute races. Sportsmen had their woes, too, with only five finishing their single twenty minute workout. But it made for some pretty good racing with lots of position changes. No practice was offered. Drivers got a parade lap and one hot lap before their race. Pro cars were first up at the all day affair. Bob Austin was out before he started, suffering CV trouble on the hot lap. Jerry Foley never hit the track. Off the start, Scott Tutalo, now driving for John Herlong in the J+H Enterprises racer, topk the holeshot and led the first two laps. Then Dwight Lundell hit his stride and moved out front for the lead. He quickly started pulling away and had a comfort-able lead 'ti! the halfway point when transmission troubles put him out for the day. This gave T utalo the lead again with Doc Ingram, Pete Sohren and John Hitchcock in close pursuit. Then came Brad Griffith, Rick Lahr, Dale Fowler, Tony Capanear and Nick Vondouris. Dale Fowler got a flat, did a slow roll and went out with a February 1986 Bob Austin was out before he started the first moto, but he came back healthy and won the second moto in the Dirtrix, but was not scored on points. broken steering knuckle. Already problem, and the field roared by. out were Bill Cap a tch, Ed Sohren and co-driver Sean Moss Martensen (trying out his new got out and pushed the Bug short course car), Don Kolt and •across the line in fifth. Behind Dan Spencer. With three Tutalo at the finish line it was minutes left in the race, Ingram V ondou ris ( down a lap), went out with a collapsed right Hitchcock, Griffith, Lahr, and rear suspension as T utalo lapped Sohr en. ' Lahr. SWRA scored the race as Positions then remained follows: Tutalo, Hitchcock.,,... unchanged 'ti! the last corner of Griffith, Lahr, Sohren, Von-the white flag lap when Sohren's douris, Ingram, Capatch, Cap-Baja stopped with a fuel delivery See FIREBIRD page 39 DON-STRONG'S Der Transaxle Shop VW TRANSAXLES STOCK • SAND•OFF-ROAD WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTOR FOR CROWN MANUFACTURING CO. SPECIAL ALUMINUM SIDE PLATE $45.00 2023 S. Susan Santa Ana, Ciilif. 92704 [714] 540-3686 A" =•-_. Page37

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The 1985 Silver Dust 400 President . Bert Vaughan. sure knows how to put together a party! Multi-talented Andy Robinson provided live music, and he knew just about every request. "Chef Buddy" super-vised the barbeque, ribs and all good things, and there was plenty of fluid on hand to take care of the dust in the throat. By Leslee Blied Despite his DNF, Rob MacCachren held onto his points lead in the year end standings for the four 1985 events. Rob took the overall win and the big bucks by just five points. Brent Bell was second in the standings with 295 points, followed by Louis Barlow, 212, Ken Fry, 205 and Mike Spina, 180. Along with the cash, Nevada Triple . Crown winners in the first five places received such prizes as custom jackets, trophies, vacation trips, paid entries in the 1986 Silver Dust Racing Association events, and that is a lot of goodies. The total value of these awards was in excess of $3500.00, a sum that did not come from the drivers' prize money, as it does in some organizations. 'Along with winning Class 1-2-1600 and placing second overall, Brent Bell also nabbed the'long jump record at 68 fee.tin his Bunderson. SDRA plans a four race series for 1986, and they start the new season with double the points fund in hand of 1985. The first event is on March 22, the Spring Fever Stampede. It will be on an all new race course located at Mesquite, Nevada. Mesquite is another friendly frontier type western town located about 65 miles east of Las Vegas on 1-15 at the Nevada, Arizona, Utah borders. In addition to a lot of hospitable. people, the town of Mesquite has all services av-ailable including many restaurants, bars, garages, stores, casinos and over 350 rooms. Larry Gilmore ran the distance in hi~ single seater, scoring a keen first overall and first in open class despite his bicycle style act. The Sllver Dust Racing Association wrapped up their four race series for 1985 with the premier event, the Silver Dust 400, last November. Near Henderson, Nevada, out of Las Vegas, the Silver Dust 400 kilometer course was approxi-mately 40 miles long, and the> cars were required to cover six laps. Just off Highway 95, between Boulder City and Henderson, the route followed existing power line roads that SCORE GREAT MOJAVE 250 APRIL 5, 1986 2nd Round of the SCORE/HDRA POINTS SERIES Lucerne Valley, CA Call SCORE Headquarters 818-889-9216 Page 38 wind through the McCullough mountain range overlooking the Eldorado Valley. The course covered all manner of terrain from pure punishment to the relative smoothness of a dry lake. All the checkpoints were easily reached with two wheel drive vehicles, which made it handy for the nice crowd of spectators. There was a very good spectator count at the jump, just before the dry lake. The jump was included in the race course to provide photog-• raphers with an easy access spot to get some great action shots. This. keen plan backfired, however. None of the drivers took the challenge of the jump in the first four laps, and they went around on the alternate route. Then all the camera folks left the area, and on the fifth lap the action happened. Class 2-1600 leader Brent Bell decided to give the jump a try, and did an impressive 55 foot jump, and on his last lap he did it again with a long, horizontal span over the dry lake bed that measured 68 feet. There were three classes in the competition, 1-2-1600, Open, and 5-1600. Larry Gilmore, in an open class buggy, turned in the fastest time of the day, doing the six laps in 5:33.10 to take the class win and first overall. Less than ten minutes behind him, Brent Beil nailed second overall with a 5:42.07, an9 his two seat Bunderson was first in Class 1-2-1600. Louis Barlow ran a 6:09.38 for his six laps and second place in open class, which was not bad time considering he had. to pit on all six laps! Don Slagle managed three good laps in the open class before retiring from the fray, and Rob MacCachren, running his Class 10, failed to cover a lap in the open class. Taking fourth overall and second in Class 1-2-1600 was the Westfall team, covering the six ,laps in 6:22.45. James Gross came in fifth overall with a good time of 6:32.21 to win Class 5-1600 as well, the only finisher in that class. After the dust settled, it was time to party, and. the SORA Bert Vaughan stated that he has resolved the room problem in both Caliente and Pioche as well, and there will be enough space available for race people in both towns by the June 14th and August 9th dates. The Mesquite Louis Barlow clears a checkpoint on the typical Nevada terrain in his Class 2 racer, and Barlow finished second in open class on the 400. Running with the 5-1600 cars, James Gross leaps toward the checkpoint ahead sign in his Cfass 9 car, and Gross won the class, the lone finisher. February 1986 race course will cover six laps on a 40 mile course north of town, with all the checkpoints easy to reach for pit crews. The maps and flyers will be out soon, and get the full information from Silver Dust Racing Association, (702) 459-0317. Rob MacCachren had good days and had bad days in the Silver Dust Triple Crown Series, but the ' Class 10 stormer ended _up_ wianing the overall championship for the year. Brent Bell won most of the races in Class 1-2-1600, and he just missed the overall championship, placing second just five points out of the win. High points man in the open class, Louis Barlow was third in the Triple Crown points finals in Nevada's Silver Dust Racing Association series. Competing in Class 1-2-1600, Ken Fry had second highest points count in his class, and finished the season in a fine fourth overall on points. Dusty Times

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FIREBIRD ATX from page 37 anear, Lundell, Martensen, Fowler and Kolt (more on this later). Mike Stuart, in the only truck to show, decided to watch the Pro race_before he offered up his , Mitsubishi's fenders. So al-though he entered as a Pro, he ran with the Sportsmen. Off the start of the Sportsman race, Curt Short got out front, followed by Troy Churchman, Tom Higgins, Dave Watson, Stuart in the truck, Jerry Kapp, Deborah Lundell, and Mark Mills. Allan Travis had run the parade lap, then thought better than to run his Ascot-style sprint buggy over the rough track. Wouldn't want to turn those chrome shocks blue. Short stuffed the front end off a double jump and stopped dead on the second lap. Churchman then moved out front with Higgins staying close behind. Kapp then went out and Short got going again at the back of the pack. cash for the day, driving his A-1 V Churchman and Higgins continued to put distance on the field in a close race, until Higgins had an oil filter rupture and stopped before his engine did. Churchman went on for the win with a big lead over Watson, Lundell, Stuart and Mills. Trying short course racing for the first time, Dave Watson hung on to finish second overall in the single heat for the Sportsman class. After a few more bike and ly, leaving him at idle. Austin ran A TV races, the Pros went out for away with the rest of the race. At their second run. Tutalo got out the finish (according to my first again, followed by Sohren, notes) he was followed by Austin, Martensen, Hitchcock, Sohren, Capanear ( down a lap), Lahr, Capanear, Griffith and Hitchcock, and Griffith, who Fowler. Stuart and some of the lost a front tire on the last turn. Sportsmen also ran some laps Fowler was back among the but were not scored. Tutalo~ Sportsmen, but finished. stayed out front as Austin moved SWRA listed the finish in this into second and Hitchcock slid order: Austin, Fowler, Griffith, into fourth. Capanear, Sohren and Hitch-At about the halfway point, cock. But those results were not Tutalo started fading and fell too quick in coming, and of back to third, then stopped when course led to some discussion. his carb linkage broke complete-While we waited for the tally, I Deborah Lundell held up the honor of the family name by finishing, and she finished very well, third overall in the Sportsman event. Kicking up the tail of the two seater, Brad Griffith finished third in both Pro heats, and he also got third place money for the day . . Dusty Times spoke with some of the racers. Troy Churchman said he loved the race. His single seat 1600 Ltd. car worked well on the track, although he found the suspen-sion a tad soft. He called it "the best track I've seen here." Mike Stuart had fun in his truck and did better against the buggies than he'd thought. "The track was a real punishing testing ground for the Mickey Thomp-son series. The steering wheel came loose in the second race, and we've still got a few details to work on, but the tranny and engine worked well," he said of the Mitsubishi/United Auto/ Rough Country-sponsored pickup. . Your reporter faded with the light and received the results the next day. Overall Pro results showed John Hitchcock and his A-1 VW Repair Woods Vulcan topping the list and earning $165 ( entry fees were $65 Pro, $45 Sportsman). Pete Sohren was second in the Sohren Ceramic Baja for $115, Brad Griffith third in a Dirtrix car for $107, and Dale Fowler took home $80 at fourth place in his Laferty Electric/Dirtrix Funco. \Ve talked with Sohren later. "They were doing the scoring by the number of laps but were way off," he said. "We all decided that a racer had to finish both races. Hitchcock had two thirds, so he was first. I had a fifth and a second for second, and Griffith had a third and a fourth for third. I'm not really sure how Fowler got fourth." Some confusion is to be expected with this beingSWRA's first event, but the racers agreed with the final ranking. Most said they had fun and liked the track, although it was pretty rough. SWRA was pleased with the turnout and is planning to run a points series in 1986 at tracks in Phoenix and Tucson. February 1986 EAST OF INDIO from page 36 Toyota pickup. Wonder where they found that truck, and it did look like a pit car from Ivan's stable. The young team were consistent runners all day and through the night, and just to finish a first ever rally is quite an accomplishment. Rumors have it that either the East of Indio or the Rim of the World event out of Palmdale, CA, will become a natio'nal rally in 1986, as the SCCA and USAC rally promoters end up taking sides and line up in their respective camps. It is expected that the SCCA will only have a scant five events in their Pro Rally series, with only the Carson City International in December happening west of the Mississippi. SCCA rally backers would like to see a southern California rally added to that Charging through a sandy stage, the Fiat 131 of Gary Luke and Mark Williams finished well in seventh overall. Check the keen license plate. C.O.R.E._PIT TEAM C.O.R.E. offers unique pit services at western desert races, a family oriented club with social activities and much more for its members. C.O.R.E. also has a program of one time guest pit service for out of the area competitors. Get all the information on C.O.R.E. Jim Branstetter, President, (818) 705-8183, 17 453 Runnymede St., Van Nuys, CA 91406. Page 39

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Berrienmiis ~er-..~= 6 O O o--Awards Banquet By Brenda A. Parker Photos by Mike Parker The Berrien Autocross Series awards banquet was held in conjunction with the 4x4 Unlimited Christmas Party on December 7, 1985 at the Holiday lnn in Northbrook, IL. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and thanks are extended to Kim Probst and Sue Merkel for their work in making the many arrangements for this event. The points fund totaled over $6,000 this year, the largest payout yet in this series. Dave and Sue Merkel from Berrien Buggy have been sponsoring this series for the past two years and they have been a big help in bringing the series to a professional level. As the serious part of the evening got underway, Gil Parker, Coordinator of the BAS, announced that Berrien Buggy would not be sponsoring the series in 1986. He did announce, however, that he had a letter of intent from the Armstrong Tire company to pick up the sponsorship of the series in 1986. Gil then presented to Dave and Sue Merkel a plaque in appreciation of their support of the series. Dave indicated that . although they would not be involved as a sponsor for next year they were working on some type of contingencydrogram. Gil also announce that Kathy Leonard, who has been secretary of the points series since its inception in 197 7, was stepping down due to the ever increasing work in the business she owns with her husband, Bob. Gil thanked her for her many years of service to the racers and presented her with a corsage. Hers will be hard shoes to fill. The BAS Sportsman of the Year Award was presented to Chris Raffo. This selection is made by a vote of the drivers.-The 4x4 Unlmited Club then presented its Service Awards. These are presented to individuals who give of their time and talents above and beyond the call of duty. This years recipients Coming Soon SCORE GREAT M OJAVE 250 APRIL 5, 1986 Race 2 in the SCOREIHDRA POINTS SERIES Lucerne Valley, CA Call SCORE Headquarters 818-889-9216 Page 40 were Bruce Brannstrom, President and Race Director of the Memorial Day 100 for 1985; Kim Probst, Editor of the club newsletter and a Special Award was given to Ed Evans who is the announcer at the Memorial Day 100. Jim Dooley, a Class 2-1600 driver was presented with the club's Sportsmanship award. Gil then turned the meeting over to Dave Merkel for the presentation of the checks to the class winners. A list of these winners appears at the end of this column. As the presentations drew to a close, Dave and Sue asked Gil Parker and Kathy Leonard to step forward and he presented each of them with a clock and thanked them for their dedication to the Berrien Autocross Series. Next the band appeared and an evening of dancing was enjoyed by all. The highlight of the evening was when Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, Steve Tsarpalas and Kathy Leonard, stopped by and gave a gift to everyone who sat on their laps. The hope for next year is that the awards ba!lquet will be bigger and better, not only in the number of racers to attend but also in the amount of money that is paid out. 1n Class 1 points, Scott Taylor took another championship for the year. Scott Schwalbe was second and Mike Paulson third. 1n Class 2, Dave Vandermissen, Sr. edged out the title, followed by his son, Dave, Jr., Brian Adams was third. Top honors in Class 1-1600 went to young Todd Attig, followed by Karl Wuesthoff and Mike Poppie. In Class 2-1600 Chuck Williams, Jr. took the points title, with Kevin Probst second and Dave Vandermissen, Jr. third. Among the ~ater pumpers Jan Dudiak got his Jeep into the Class 3 title. Bruce McKinney was second in Class 3 and Matt Foltz was third. Riverside winher Geoff Dorr took the top spot in Class 4 points in his CJ 8. Joe Clinton was second and Mark Seidler third. In Class 6 Sheldon Scray was the points winner, followed by Mike Mischler and Fay Statezny. Jim Pfeffer won Class 5-1600 on points, Roger Wolfe was second and Jeff Therriault third. 1n restricted buggy Class 11 Craig Metz was the points champion, Matt Thelstad took second and James Hook was third. In this series Class 9 is for single seat 1650 cc cars and Class 10 is for the 1650 cc two seaters. Lee Wuesthoff won Class 9 in his Chenowth, followed by Scott Taylor and Don Ponder. Brian Adams won Class 10 with Dave Vandermissen, Jr. second on points followed by Jim Brown. . Dave Merkel, of Berrien Buggy, congratulates Dave Vandermissen, Sr. on his points championship in Class 2 in the Series. Points winner in Class 9, Lee Wuesthoff gets his reward at the party. Lee is one of several in the series using Rabbit power in the 1650 cc class. February 1986 The Class 5-1600 champion, Jim Pfeffer had to work hard for the title, taking the year end trophy by just a few points, one of the closer points battles. Racing in a variety of classes, Kevin Probst was second in the 2-1600 class points, and Kevin also came in fourth in the.huge Class 9 contest. Racing only part of the 1985 season, Karl Wuesthoff nonetheless finished the year second in the very heavy 1-1600 points race. President of the 4x4 Unlimited Club, and Race Director of the 1985 Memorial Day 100, Bruce Brannstrom received thk Club's Service Award. Class 2-1600 driver Jim Dooley was presented with Sportsmanship Award from the 4x4 Unlimited Club, who produce the Memorial Day 100 race. Steve Tsarpalas had some tough luck racing this year, but he finished fourth on points in Class 2-1600, usually one of the largest classes. Dusty Times

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The By Judy Smith Losers What with the end of the year and all, there haven't been any races to give us Losers. But there were some non-winners who deserve mention. Elsewhere in this issue of DUSTY TIMES, you''ll read about the winners in the various Off-Roadsman categories, who were honored at the recent First Annual SCORE/HORA Awards Banquet. These awards were handled rather like the Academy Awards, with Sal Fish and Walt Lott listing the several finalists and then opening an envelope to reveal the winner in each ca~~ory. We thought that the non-winners, deserving folks all, should get some recognition here. In the Contingency Company of the Year category, v,:itn 2J companies nominated, the Goodyear Tire ·and Rubber Company and General Tire, were runners-up. Both companies had generous programs for the racers this past year, and were certainly deserving of the honor inherent in their nomination for the award. The runners-ul? in the Original Buggy Chassis of the Year were Chenowth and Mirage. Both had Class Points Champions to their credit, and man~ood finishes during the year. That's always a hard category to vote. In the 4-Wheel Drive Manufacturer, which is for manufacturers of vehicles driven in Classes 3, 4, and 7 4x4, almost the entire spectrum was covered in the finalists. Runners-up were Ford, Toyota and AMC/ Jeep. In the Off Road Sedan Manufactur-ers of the Year ( Classes 6 and 6B ), one of the runners-up was Ford, and the other was Volkswagen. We find it easy to understand why Volkswagen didn't take the honors in this class, since although the later generation water cooled VWs would be eligible, none ever showed up to race this year. The Off Road Mini Pickup Manufacturer of the Year, for Classes 7 and 7S, strangely went to a manufacturer which didn't have a winner in either class. Nissan, with Spencer Low's Class 7S victory, and also his Mini-Metal Championship, was a runner-up, as was Ford, which claims Manny Esquerra's Class 7 Points Championship. In Class 8 there was a similar anomaly. The runners-up were Chevrolet and Dodge whose drivershSteve Kelley and Walker Evans, ad taken first and second spot in the class. Obviously, many other considerations must work on the voters. The Pit Support Team of the Year category, with 16 nominees. GalO~(;l PIT STOP B-y Terri Nicks Well here it is 1986, with a whole new racing season ahead of us and a new combined publication for our team news. I'd like to thank Stan Parnell and ORAN for giving us space for this column in past years and thank Jean Calvin and DUSTY TIMES for letting us continue it. I'm a bit behind and may be missing a few noteworthy items due to a few weeks off for Dusty Times : :~-worked hard to make the start, half the folks went home with a QIEWas . 00 !DJ R but they didn't get it handled, so nice memento. _ -----====-\..:) l1\_J l.:J that crew ended up doing pit Jim Branstetter opened the ■ ■ CJ 0 u [] 0 work. Other CORE cars in Class awards presentations, thanked OFF-ROAD RACfNG TEAM o · 10 were Steve Tetrick, one lap everyone, including the hard -------------and out, J.D. Ward, one lap and working Barstow chapter, for Closing out the awards ..._ __________ _, out, Randy LaCore, one lap and their help in keeping CORE banquet season was the Checkers CORE had 14 cars to pit at the out, and Mike Rusnick, no laps moving forward in 1985. Jim annual party · on January 17 · Frontier 250, and only two of completed. We did not get a pit said that everyone deserved an Formerly held the night before them finished. Our finishing list at the race, so we apologize to award for their input all year, and the Score awards banquet, it was heroes both drove two seat cars. those we missed mentioning. he presented a small thank you to put off a week this past season In Class 2, Cam Theirot and Greg all for their efforts, a handsome since the Score/HORA awards Lewin did a sparkling i·ob in the CORE elected its 1986 ff. h D b dash plaque for service in 1985. affair was originally scheduled to hot running class of 36 starters. o 1ccrs at t e ecem er happen in Las Vegas, making it They came in fifth in good time. meeting. Returning as President Ray Aragon, the 1984 Driver · 1· B d K. of the Year, presented the 1985 tough to attend both. The later Even bigger was Class 1-2-1600 IS Im ranstetter, an !tty date worked very well anyhow; with an even 50 starters. Dick McDowell will continue minding Driver of the Year award to John th T J. B k and Rick Hagle. Jim Branstetter for the first time in several years McCool and Jerry Lawless drove . e purse as reasurer. 1m ur e the Checkers banquet was a their tandem Mirage two seater 1s the new Vice-President, and presented the Pit People of the complete sell out at the to a keen tenth out of the 28 who Rosemary McCartney takes over Year award to John and Kitty Knollwood Country Club. finished four laps in the class. as Secretary. Karen Clark was McDowell. Jim Burke was the Outgoing Checkers President Not doing so well were the elected the new Race Director, popular choice for CORE Gregg Symonds opened the other dozen. In Class 1 Dave and the Driver Reps are Ray Member of the Year. Branstetter formal part of the evening by Head started out in grand style, Aragon and Larry Webster. also displayed a Thank You welcoming all the Checker MC first on the road and leading on George Callaway is the Sergeant award for the Yokohama Tire members to the party. The bikers the first lap. He came in on a flat, of Arms for the year. folks who were unable to attend. had been invited, and a number left on the second round only to The CORE Christmas party at hNext on the CORE pit f h h d Th b l h D k Y sc edule is the Parker 400, a o t ems owe up. e anquet ose t e trans. ic ounf's new the 94th Aero Squadron in Van l f fl k f d Ea I h d h giant size affair, bigger than ever a ways eatures a oc o oor g e a more new car g itc es, Nuys was a sell out last d h d d I d I this6ear. CORE meetinis are on prizes, an t ese are presente an it on Y covere one ap in December. It was a neat chance b h h CI 2 R A h d h the irst Tuesday of eac month a out ten at a time t roug out ass . ay ragon a t e to dress up and bench race, and it h th · Af d f I k f II H Cl 10 at t e Dugout in Van Nuys, near e evenmg. ter a roun o worst uc o a . is ass made for a fine holiday I d d h d Haze tine and Oxnard. Guests oor prizes, Gregg Symon s a a carb problem in the parade celebration for CORE members. d d d f f I an prospective members are presente an Awar o rom Vegas to Soan. The boys The ra(fle prizes were keen and I I h Appreciation to Yokohama • a ways we come at t e meetings. Tires, and Dave Clark, of All fire in a 1600 buggy and help the Symonds was presented with the Terrain Enterprises, accepted the driver from the car. Apprecia-prestigeous Checker of the Year plaque. Both Sal Fish and Walt tion Awards wenttoJimGregory plaque. More Appreciation Lott were on hand for the festive for his work on the race radio Awards went to the long term, evening, and they were called up system, Lou Peralta, and Dee long suffering Treasurer Steve front to accept a Checkers award. Symonds, the lady who runs Burak, outgoing VP Bob Veltri It was one of those famous style central radio control at the races. and Secretary Nels Lundgren. SUPPORT TEAM REGISTER We welcome all Support Team news articles. Typed and dou~ ble spaced copy is acceptable. Deadline is the 10th of the month. plaques, and presenter Steve Scott Zimmerman and Ray Haley In between door prize Kassanyi split it in half, giving were Co-Rookies of the Year, presentations, the 1986 Check-CHAPALA DUSTERS each race promoter a half as a and Marty Reider was named ers' officers were introduced. thank you from the Checkers for Driver of the Year. Al Anderson Max Norris is the new President, the combined points series. got the award for Pit Captain of and Steve Kassanyi is the Vice-The Checkers Humanitarian the Year, while George Seeley, . President. Both Nels Lundgren Jon Kennedy, President 3117 Killarney Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 641-0155 Award went to Tom Koch, who Rick Orioteri and Doug and Steve Burak remain in their CHECKERS stopped his racer, while leading "Catfish" Menke! were named posts. Hefty Steve Brown is the Gregg Symonds, President overall at Cal City, to put out a Pit Workers of the Year. Gregg , Sergeanr at Arms and George - 6004 Chesebro Road ----•--•-••ll!lll--!!1111~•·•·11111~---•~~-•• Jirka is the Pit Coordinator. Agoura, CA 91301 was a tie. It went to a couple of Entry Sponsor of the Year, the Part of the fun of the Checkers (818) 889-6950 (home) volunteer organizations, Ieavin~ bridesmaids were Nissan Moto~ banquet is the unique Doctor CORE theG eodxcellhent Goodyear an Company, with its team of mm1 Checker Awards made by and Jim Branstetter, President BF o ric teams as runners-up trucks, and Yokohama, which d b ' . this year. In the Engine Builder had good representation in presente Y Steve Kassany1. 17453 Runnymede category the runners-UR were the several classes. Tony and Mario Vane llo Van Nuys, CA 91406 almost Je_gendary Keith Black and For Rookie of the Year there garnered the Pit Service Award, (818) 705-8183 Louis Unser, both creators of was a long list, and the two and other service awards went to Radio-FM-173.375 some fine machinery. run11ers-up we_re George Billy Engler, Shirley and Vance F.A.I.R.SUPPORTTEAM Mechanic of the Year, always a Gow land, pomts winner m Class Scott Jeff and Suzie Heinz and P.O. Box 542 bit hard to· choose, because it's 7 4x4, and Paul Simon, who was Steve' Brown. Annette Zuber Stanton, CA 90680 hard to understand exactly fourth in Class 7S. . . received the Tast Lad A d Wayne Morris, President what's meant by "Mechanic", There were 21 nommatlons d h . Y_ Y war ' (714) 996 7929 had 22 nominations on the for Person of the Year this year, an . ot er recipients of the -ballot. The two runners-up were and the runners-up were both specrnl and unique Dr. Checker Sandy Davis, Secretary David Kreisler of Raceco, and Qast winners of the honor. Ivan trophies were Wayne and Allen <714) 772-3877 Bill Varnes of Mirage. Both Stewart had been '84's man of Cook, Gary Leupold, Tony ~:~~;i~n1;t & 3rd Weds. gentlemen were certainly very the year, and Rod Hall had won Selski, David Kreisler and a few Harbor & 91 Freeway visible and had many successes back in the dark ages of the names we didn't catch. Radio-FM-150_860 during the past season. awards_. Both_ a_re recognized for The party got into high gear The Off Road Photographer of their_ h_1gh v1s1bil1ty and the good after the awards, witb dancing, LOS CAMPEONES the Year category listea a dozen publicity they bnng to our sport bench racing and some general nominees, and the runners-up consistently through the years. I · h b 11 were Mike Rehler and Davie! While we congratulate the eaning on t e open ar_ we ,.past Lindstrom. In the Off Road winners of all the awards we midmght. It was a fitting .tnale Journalist of the Year, from a list would also like to congrat~late for the banquet circuit: a relaxing of 15! the runners-up were Stan the non-winners for receiving and_ entertammg evening before Parne 1 and Judy Smith. recognition as noteworthy gettmg on with the preparations From a list of 24 nominees for contributors to our sport. for the Parker 400. Malcolm Vinje, President 476 West Vermont Escondido, CA 92025 (619) 292-0485 (home} (619) 743-1214 (work) Radio-FM-152.960 MAG7 Jerry McMurry, President maternity leave, but I'll do my notes. FAIR Straight in Class 2, 9th, Bruce Cranmore, Race Director best to catch things up. In Class 5, Stan Parnell and 10th and 11th places respectively 11244 Horizon Hills Drive Back in November FAIR Dave Parsons took first in class. (I'm sure they planned it that El Cajon, CA 92020 supported its members in the The team oflrvine and Trenholm way). (619) 440-3737 (home) BAJA 1000. We combined finished second in Class 10 and Special thanks to those FAIR (619) 225-6886 (work) our pits with the CHAPALA Mike Lesle placed second in his members who pa,rticipated in the TERRA DUSTERS for excellent cover-Class 5-1600. course clean up after the race. age of the course. Special thanks Also taking firsts for ~arious Good job guys! tu John Snider for coordinating reasons were: Fay Racing - first The FAIR Christmas Party things as Race Manager. on the trailer, Garcia & Valdez was held on Dec. 28th this year at Jan Sunderland, President 2542 Kemper Avenue La Crescenta, CA 91214 (818) 248-9039 Meetings 2nd Weds .. each Month - Jan Sunderland's house For the Frontier 250 we had a - first to break before the start Griswolds Hotel and all who terrific showing with 20 entries line, and The Martin Bros. -attended had a great time. supported by FAIR. Tom first to the smoke bomb (their FAIR meets on the first and TIGHT 10 Maynard was the race manager motor). Special honors should third Wednesday of every month 153 Lindell Avenue and for this race we worked our also go to the Bursey Brothers for at 8:00 P.M. at the Fullerton El Cajon, CA 92020 pits with S.N.R.S. I'm missing a using 27 quarts of oil on one lap, Holiday Inn located at the 91 (619) 283-6535 (day) lot of details of the race, but I'll that must be a record! Also to Freeway and Harbor Blvd. <619) 447-7955 (night) pass on a few of the firsts and R.C.R., McBride Racing and Guests and prospective members Gene Robeson, President seconds that I did get into my Beny Canela for finishing in a are always welcome. (519> 466-8722 February 1986 Page 41 ----

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SHOWDOWN IN CARSON CITY Buffum and Millen Break the Tie that Binds ' By Thomas D. Grimshaw Photos: Trackside Photo Enterprises John Buffum, Tom Grimshaw and the Audi Sport Quattro pulled the driver and co-driver championship for the year out of the desert by winning the Carson City International Rally overall by nearly four minutes. I hate airplanes. Airlines hate me. I am the ashen faced passenger who scares the hell out of everyone seated near me. One look and they know something very bad is about to happen. I believe I am responsible for at least a ten percent reduction in ticket sales of any airline I use. At least I sincerely hope so. Since I am forced to fly about 100,000 miles a year, I have developed the knack,of mentally removing myself from reality in an effort to protect my sanity. So it was, on the horrendously bumpy flight ( the electronic voice in the ceiling told us it was slight turbulence, the misguided fool) to Reno, Nevada, December 5th, I thought back on the 1985 Bridgestone/SCCA PRO Rally season. It was a long year and it was about to be over, with the running of the Carson City International PRO Rally -and John Buffum and Rod Millen were tied for the national championship. We'd started the '85 season in April with two events back to back in Washington State. Buffum and I kicked off the new year with broken brake calipers, heart stopping spins on cliffside roads and a tenacious fire under the Quattro's fuel tank.· Only JB's determination allowed us to finish fourth on the opening rally. The following weekend we came back to take our first win at the Wild West. Rod Millen woI1 the opening round and placed second at the Wild West to take an early lead in the series. Two months later we dug the hole even · deeper with a spectacular crash in Pennsylvania and a trip to the hospital. Millen took his second win for Mazda while we were frantically telephoning AudiSport for a new car, while trying to explain why our new Quattro hadn't even lasted one rally. Back in Washington the following month and it was Millen's turn to roll, but he landed on his wheels and was able to continue. A quirk in the scoring allowed both Buffum and I to pick up first place points although neither of us won the Toyota Olympus and we ran in separate cars (SCCA did not count foreign competitors in the final scoring for the U.S. Championships). Fate winked a kindly eye at our heroes. Millen drove the bent Mazda to second place again and held the series lead. · August in Battle Creek, Michigan - we pilfer a win on the final stage and hear the press muttering "It ain't over 'till it's over". A few weeks later we inherit a new short wheel base Sport Quattro following Michele Mouton's tail kicking record setting run up Pike's Peak and take an easy win in the dust of Ohio. But Millen continues to finish second and continues to hold an overall points lead. __ Paybacks are_ a bitch and our IT'S SUMMERS BROS. FOR THE FINEST IN OFF-ROAD PRODUCTS WE PAY CONTINGENCIES FOR SCORE AND. HDRA EVENTS! Page 42 SEND $3.00 /'.,..v_MM: E:~~ FORYOUR ..,.._.,,':::::iilil••-iiii,.:~7~• DIRT -~·• •·. RACER'S .;(-.,.~--~~ ,r,,. cATALoGi v~OTHE-~✓ 530 South Mountain Avenue Ontario, CA 91762 (714) 986-2041 good luck turned sour as we lost Michigan's Press On Regardless on a strange two minute speeding penalty. Millen took his third win of the year. And suddenly I was wrenched back to reality as we settled onto the runway in Reno and prepared to drive to Carson City for the final showdown. · There were only twenty-nine starting teams in Carson City. The long tow from the East, where the majority of PRO Rally teams are garaged, coupled with the requirement that competi-tors purchase both an SCCA and an FIA license for an internation-ally listed event, caused many teams to stay home. But most of the top teams in the U.S. were there, except Bruno Kreibich's Audi Quattro. Bruno's tow van broke down in Indiana and parked for the weekend. For the first time ever, the SCCA Board of Directors attended a PRO Rally. Their annual meeting was scheduled for Carson City so they could see firsthand what all the commo-tion was about with those crazy folks who raced on dirt roads in the mountains. Several BOD members were given rides in rally cars Th4rsday evening. Each one who rd1Me up and down the mountairl wrth John Buffum or Jon Woodner became instant Born Again Chr.istians. John Buffum pushing an Audi Quattro through the twisty mountain road in the dark instantly explains the difference between road rallying and professional rallying. I heard no more comments about tedious average speeds and course following equations. Later that same night we donned suit and tie and attended Porsche Cars North America's opening bash at the governor's mansion .. Bonnie Bryan, Nevada's First Lady, greeted us with tales of her visit to the '85 Acropolis Rally in Greece. She's definitely addicted to the sport. The CCIPR officially began Friday night with three nasty stages high abov~ Carson City. February 1986 Rod Millen and John Bellefleur catch some air in the Nevada back country en route to second on the rally and the 1985 Manufacturer's Championship for Mazda. Cornering hard on the rough stuff, Jon Woodner and Tony Sircombe kept the Peugeot 205T16 intact to finish a very close third overall in Nevada. Rod Millen and Canadian co-through dust, deep sand, snow driver, John Bellefleur, led us and ice, then a combination ofall down the main street and into the three. mountains. We'd drawn car two By sundown Saturday night it on the road - a perfect position was obvious the altitudes and to keep track of the doings of road conditions, coupled with Messrs. Millen and Bellefleur Buffum 's fierce determination to and the 4WD Mazda RX-7 we defend his national champion-had to beat. ship, favored the Audi Quattro. The opening stages were We slowly built up a comforta-extremely rough but the Quattro ble four minute lead then backed goes well in the rough and its off to coast home 3 minutes 48 turbo gave us an edge in the thin seconds in front of Millen and air at high altitude. We returned Bellefleur. to Carson City with a 40 second 1985 was over. We crowded lead, one flat tire, a broken around the Ormsby House wheel, a front spoiler that had to casino bar, buying drinks for be discarded and a badly crushed everyone in sight, including all front license plate - all the result · those who had been our arch of a surprise four foot "dip" in a rivals during the entire year, and stage road. any complete stranger who Friday night was just a warm-happened by• up. The real battle started The competition ended at 1 :00 Saturday morning and lasted am. The ceremonial finish was until 1:00 am Sunday morning. scheduled for 10:00 am. We The Northern Nevada course barely had time to leave the bar is the toughest we run during the and change into dry socks before season. The high desert roads are driving the Quattro the three better suited to off road racing blocks to the televised finish. than rallying. The weather can We were surprised to learn all turn from friendly to deadly in but nine teams finished such a the blink of a Hella. We ran tough rally. Jon Woodner put in stages in bright sunshine under his best drive of the year in a new clear blue skies, followed by Peugeot 205T16, finishing only stages in snow storms under a six minutes behind Millen -blanket of gray clouds. We raced close enou~h to have taken Flying the Nissan down a fence line road, Steve Nowicki and David Stone were fourth overall, first in GT and won the GT Production Class title for the year. Dusty Times

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presented in the US Doug Shepherd was honored as "Driver of the Year" because of his perfect record of wins in the Production Class. I won't mention the name of "Co-Driver of the Year". It was e·nough that I got a free bottle of imported champagne. Now we begin to scramble for 1986. Everyone dusts off their sel lin g hat, puts on clean underwear and hits the corporate hoard rooms with their proposals, trying to lock up that perfec t sponsorship deal. Despite a rollover, Clive Smith, Harry Ward and Toyota survived to take first in Group A and the season championship, and fifth overall. Already the Production Class Champions, Doug Shepherd and Linda Wilcox completed their undefeated season by winning the class again, and finishing s,eventh overall in the Dodge Omni GLH. Guy Light started the ball rolling at the awards banquet by announcing he will leave Oldsmobile to head upa new two car team for Volkswagen of America. There were rumors Clive Smith will be in an Audi Quattro and some talk about Ford fielding a team in one of the classes in '86. Smith turned his Group A Toyota onto its roof Saturday afternoon and lost the wind-shield to a stone ledge, but spectators flipped the car back onto its wheels and he and co-driver, Harry Ward, limped home for fifth overall and a class championship. Doug Shepherd finished seventh overall and completed a perfect season for the Standard Production Class Dodge Omni GLH - eight wins in eight starts. On home ground Don and Debbie Ohnstad did well in their Jeep pickup, finishing ninth overall, and they won the Seed 3 honors on the event. Rod Millen- did not leave Nevada empty handed. His fine season resulted in the Overall Manufacturer's Championship for Mazda. It was a fitting end to '85 that he and Buffum should split the two major PRO Rally Championships. Both are very talented drivers and both deserve to be winners and both were. second overall if the Mazda RX-7 had suffered the slightest glitch during the two days. FIA Grade B driver, Nobohiro Tajima, traveled from Japan to try his 4 WO Nissan on the Nevada roads. He DNFed in the desert Saturday afternoon but came to the awards banquet to tell everyone, through an interpreter, that he enjoyed the visit to the U.S. Dick Maxwell, Competition Manager for The Dodge Corporation, likes to see things firsthand. He not only handles factory sponsorship of several Dodge teams, he suits up and goes rallying to keep them honest. Unfortunately, he met a magnetic rock and terminally shortened his Dodge Shelby Charger Turbo. I've been writing all year about those mysterious Watanabe Brothers of California. I still think they're the Ninjas of PRO Rallying, but they're also one of the best of the young teams. Throughout '85 they traveled across the country competing on courses they've never seen and always finished well up in the overall standings. At Carson City they finished sixth overall and second in Group A with their beautiful Toyota Corolla that, never gets dirty. Fine gentlemen, Howard and Richey, and a team to watch in the future. The final standings of the CCIPR read like the List of Champions. Following the three U.S. Grade B FIA drivers, Buffum, Millen and Woodner, Steve Nowicki took fourth overall and the G'i' Production Class Championship. Clive In 1984, PRO Rallying began the tradition of combining the year-end national championship awards with the victory banquet for the final event of the season. The tradition continued in '85. It is the one time each year I am surprised to sec how well we all clean up. Some of us even looked like normal sane citizens in our Chad Di Marco and Rich Stuetzel went quickly through the dark in the Subaru, arriving second in GT Production Class and eighth overall. suits and ties. Bill Brooks, SCCA National Steward, introduced a new annual award at this years banquet. It is titled ·"The Steward's Cup" and it's awarded strictly on the whim of the National Steward based on his personal observations during the season. The Toyota Olympus Rally was named "PRO Rally of the Year" and was also acknowl-edged as the best event ever . Next year should be even more interesting than this one, with more teams and more close battles in all classes. Rod Millen will be back with Mazda in '86. John Buffum and I will he hack for Audi-one final time. Howard and Richey Watanabe did their usual tidy and quick rally in the Toyota Corolla, taking second in Group A and a keen sixth overall. Rod Millen had a new pit crew member at Carson City, his young son who worked hard at cleaning the mud from the Mazda's fancy wheels. • PRE. ~UNNE.RS • RAc.e.·, CAie& • OFF -f<.OAD PRE-P • FA B""-lc.<>.TION • RO L.. L.. CAO..-~$ • WIRING-• E=-TC.. r"f<l;.E: ESTIMAITS f 0 (714) 498-3354 >-) . ~ 6AJA SPECIALISTS Dean Blagowsky and Sheri Morgan had a good rally in the Dodge Omni GLH, ending up tenth overall and third in GT Production Class. 150 LOG Qe,REROS, SAN CLE:MENTE,Ca. 92672 Dusty Times February 1986 Page 43 .

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THE LOMBARD RAC RALLY England's Famous Forest Rally Closes the World Championship Season Text & Photos: Martin Holmes A winner the first time out in competition, the new Lancia Delta S4 took first overall and in Group B driven by Henri .__ Toivonen and Neil Wilson on its World Championship debut. Five years later Henri T oivonen struck again. Rally-ing's mixed up kid won the Lombard RAC Rally for the second time last November. It was the world championship debut of the Lancia 4x4 turbo Delta S4, and Toivonen headed teammate Markku Alen, who had led almost end-to-end, but lost time off the road on the last night. Britain's Tony Pond finished third in the world series debut of the Austin Rover 4x4 MG Metro 6R4, normally aspirated. For the fifth time this season a British co-driver led the way to victory; this time it was Neil Wilson, brought in at the last minute. Front drive General Motors cars took both group A and N, but this longest ever stage format· ~-------------... SCORE GREAT MOJAVE 250 APRIL 5, 1986 2nd Round ofthe SCOREIHDRA POINTS SERIES Lucerne Valley, CA Call ~ - SCORE Headquarters 818-889-9216 Page 44 RAC Rally eliminated the whole Audi, Peugeot, Citroen, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Isuzu teams, as well as all four world champion drivers who entered. Lancia's 24th world win has established the Italian company once again as the most successful marque in the history of the series. Peugeot failed in their attempt to become the first team to score a maximum point score in the world championship. Four wheel drive cars won every special stage and took the top four overall places. Notwithstanding the early end to this year's title chases, no other rally attracted a better entry than the RAC. But, it was not only the drivers who counted. It was the first serious appearance of the Metro 6R4, and this car struck an emotional note on the route. Austin Rover's Motor Sport Director John Davenport said, "In 25 years of rallying, I have never heard a car applauded at service points. Drivers of British built cars were flashing their headlights whenever -the car passed by. It was amazing". Pond did not win, but the car beat everyone save the much more experienced Lancia team. For the Italians, the RAC was an action replay. Eleven years before they had won the Sanremo Rally, again on the Stratos' big time debut. The rally was the end of an old era too. It was the final world rally on which Ford Escort RSs ( which scored 21 wins) were allowed to take part, and the very last time a works Ford Escort was expected to compete. New items included the ground effects on the Metro 6R4, the Audi pre-selector gearboxes, and Lancia's two-stage forced .induction. Audi said nothing about impending management changes, but were proud of Rohrl's recent success in Austria with their pre-selector transmission. They were more coy about the Ferguson designed variable split central differential unit. Walter Rohr!, rallying's double world champ-ion, made an unaccustomed Juha Kankkunen was fifth overall in his last drive for the Toyota team, and it was the first time he finished a Toyota without some .car damage. February 1986 appearance at the RAC, the only T oivonen, who lost one front major secret route rally on the fender. Rohr! lost half a minute world calendar. Kalle Grundel with suspension trouble. With ran as teammate to world the night came the frost, the champion Timo Salonen, despite "real" RAC. Pond began to leaving Peugeot for Ford next attack, leaping from eighth to year. Ford was not ready to start, fourth in two stages, while but brought an RS 200 to the Wilson, now driving his third official press day where Stig type of 4x4 rally car, had Blomqvist ran the car, and was transmission trouble. quickest round the Blidworth In the South Wales forest stage, equal with fellow Swede before the Swansea halt, Hannu Grundel in the Peugeot. Mikkola's Audi took over the It was the first time leadfromAlen,andtherallylost Nottingham had hosted this Walter Rohr! in a spectacular event. The rally was designed to slow speed accident. "The car be tougher than before, longer toppled over the edge and kept stages averaging almost ten miles on rolling downhill", explained per stage, and more night stages co-driver Phil Short. Exit than any other rally in the 1985 champion number 1. The team series. The start line was actually had barely scrambled back to the the start of the first special stage, track when Russell Brookes slid an exciting idea giving spectators off the same bend. But he double value for their money. It restarted the Opel after losing 15 Was the first time the latest minutes. Mikkola started having supercars had competed on a misfiring problems which secret rally, with no practice stopped his Audi for good on allowed. This brought a fresh stage 22. After five years of wave of criticism for the RAC struggling, he found the Quattro Rally format, as competitors finally handled like an old, rear claimed the organizers did not drive Escort. Exit Champion cater to the problems of number 2. unknown stage roads. Bjorn Waldegard found some Nobody expected the new cars logs that wrecked his Toyota's to survive very long. When Alen suspension, goodby champion took fast time on the first two number 3. Timo Salonen had no stages, one assumed this was sooner gained his urge to attack normal Finnish bravado. The when the Peugeot lost engine oil crowds were far more interested pressure, and champion number that Metro driver Malcolm 4 was gone. Grundel fell into a Wilson was lying second overall. leaf covered hole and retired. Pond made a hesitant start; an Wilson was having more and early accident this year would · more transmission trouble, then not have been appreciated. In power steering problems as well; group A, Mikael Ericsson's new it was almost a relief when the Audi 90 Quattro led before engine failed. overheating set in, allowing Day came as a blessing for the Pentti Airikkala to challenge survivors. Alen observed it had with his Vauxhall Astra GT /E. · been "quite a night to drive on , By nightfall privateer Mats ice with 400 bhp". The mid Jonsson had taken over in A in a Welsh stages saw T oivonen up to rear drive Opel Ascona. second place until delayed by Alen continued leading transmission troubles. The overall, surviving gearbox second and longer part of the problems which also afflicted rally started after a night halt It was another auspicious debut for the Austin-Rover MG Metro 6R4. Tony Pond and Rob Authur drove this one to a great third overall. A rally star in America, Rod Millen finished a fine ninth overall in a Mazda RX-7, placing ahead of the other factory backed Mazda. Dusty Times

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All New Nissan Truck . . Designed i·n the U.S.A. January marked the debut of the all new Nissan truck line, 15 different models labeled 1986½ on the market. The new pickup has established a number of "firsts". It is the first Nissan vehicle that was designed in the U.S.A., in La Jolla, CA, at Nissan Design International. It is the first Nissan truck that will be back at Nottingham, and then the fun really began. Alen was pulling away, though the timing rules denied him full benefit of his extra speed. At Scarborough's Olivers Mount he had a lurid top gear spinout, yet made second best time only one second behind T oivonen. Then Alen went off the road two stages later and dropped two minutes. T oivonen had more trans trouble with a broken front differential, but he kept third place behind Pond. Brookes crept back into the top ten after falling to 28th on the first night. GM's Andrew Wood was driving well in his front drive Astra GT / E, keeping marketed exclusively in America, the home country customers having to make do with the older body style. It is also the first Nissan pickup in the consumer market powered by a six cylinder engine; the optional engine on the 1986½ is the 3.0 liter V-6, formerly seen here only in the 300 ZX and Maxima cars. The the pressure on group A leader Mats Jonsson. The sun rose over Cardrona on Wednesday morning, revealing a hard packed frost which was Scandinavian driver territory, and Toivonen finally got in front of Pond for good. Three stages later the British Peugeot team lost their fourth placed group B car driven by Mikael Sundstrom. He crashed off the course, end over end, but managed to regain the-road, but the engine was damaged. Nearby Toivonen rolled with less damage, fortunately ending up near spectators who righted him, still in second place. The RAC was the swan song for the Ford Escort factory team. This RS turbo, driven by Mark Levell and Peter Davis was a DNF-due to an accident. Going well for a time, the General Motors Astra GT/E of Pentti Airikkala eventually retired with suspension troubles. Dusty Times standard engine is the 2.4 liter four banger. The new body design features a sloping engine hood and a zoomy rake to the windshield, and the new design definitely affords both more interior room and better aerodynamic effi-ciency. The new pickup has a much quieter ride than the earlier models, a_nd a bigger cargo bed as well. The stock fuel tank is 15 .9 gallons in capacity, the largest of all major compact trucks. One neat new feature is pop up tie down hooks on the top of the bed body panels, a keen idea. Inside the seats and dash are both very much like a passenger car in comfort and design, and it is obvious that this new truck is designed to reach a very broad market. · The latest Nissan pickup will be built both in Japan and at Nissan's assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. The five speed manual transmission is standard equipment and a four speed automatic is optional. Basic models are Regular Bed, Long Bed and King Cab in both 2 WD and 4 WD, and the option list is as long as ever. There will be a full report on the new Nissan in an upcoming issue. · The next night the cars went back to Kielder, and on the third stage Alen's luck ran out. He slid off the road on a left hander, and prepared himself for a long and freezing cold wait; but along came Kankkunen and he helped his fellow Finn back on the road. On the fifth stage Jonsson went off for a quarter-hour, letting Wood ahead in group A. Alen had dropped behind Pond, whom he passed six stages from the end, and he eased the pressure on T oivonen, letting his teammate cruise through to a quite unexpected victory. In a lonely fourth place came Per Eklund in the Audi Quattro; CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES By Lynnette Allison The final points standings for 1985 have been tallied , and the winners received their rewards last month. It was no surprise to find that Scott Child won the Unlimited class with 1190 points. The second driver on points buggy man Lon Peterson, quite close with 1089. Ramon Ferreyros was third at 735 points, followed by Topi Hynynen at 653 and Don Lindfors at 592. Among the co-drivers in the Unlimited class the champion was Jim Love with an even 1000 points. Ken Eklund was a long second at 690 points. Rich Stuezel nailed third place honors with 554 points, followed closely by Pat McMahon at 540 and Bill Gutzmann at 425. In the stock class Mike Whitman was number one driver with 1040 points. Mike Gibeault took second with 910 points, tagged closely by Roger Hull at 890 points. Ian Miller was fourth with 790 points and Bill Perez took fifth with a score of 580. his co-driver Bjorn Cederberg ended his long and distinguished career beside his friend with whom he became famous two decades earlier. Juha Kankkunen, in fifth, looked at his Toyota at the finish and remarked that his final rally for Toyota was also the first time he had taken an Swedish driver Mikael Ericsson made his world championshiop debut at the RAC, but his Group A Audi 90 Quattro retired with overheating woes. Louis Aitken-Walker and Ellen Morgan did a great job in the Peugeot 205 G Tl, placing 16th overall, second in Group A and they won the Ladies Cup. February 1986 CRS reporter Lynnette Allison topped the list in the stock class co-driver category with 1060 points. Peter Gordon was second with 980. Robert Cherry took third with 660 points, followed by Gary English at 630 and Bart Godett at 590 points. · The 1986 Calendar of Events for the-California Rally Series was finalized at the Board of Governors Meeting on January 11. Operating with san'ction and insurance from the Sports Car Club of America, all events are also SCCA Divisional rallies some counting for Norther~ Pacific Division Points and some for Southern Pacific Division points. On the CRS Calendar for So-Pac Divisional points are the Carlsbad Rallycross on February 2, the Glen Helen Rallycross on March 9, The Rim of the World Rally on April 25-27, the Prescott Forest Rally on July 18-20, the Cliffs of Gorman V Rally on October 5 and the East of Indio V on November 7-9. Counting for NoPac points are the Carson Vall~v Rally on May 16-18 and the Hawthorne Rally on August 29-31. All eight events count for points in the California Rally Series. All the contacts are listed in the Happenings section in this issue. The day before the Carlsbad Rallycross, Saturday, February 1, there will be a meeting for all those interested in the stock class. It happens at one p.m. and get the where arid what from Lynnette Allison, (714) 7 36-1442 or Mike Blore, (213)425-0984. . undamaged car back to them. It was the end of the rally season . and a whole era in the history of rallying. The sport has never been predictable but after all the things Alen had said about the Lancia just weeks before, nobody dreamed the cars would so convincingly win the RAC Rally. Kiwi transplanted to the USA, Rod Millen brought his Mazda · RX-7 home ninth, just over three minutes behind Russell Brookes in the Opel, and only 18 seconds ahead of Ingvar Carlsson in another Mazda. Andrew Wood was 12th overall and won group A in the Vauxhall Astra GT I E. Louise Aitken-Walker was 16th overall, second in group A and won the ladies prize. Brian Wiggins drove his Astra GT /E to 21st overall and first in group N. Of the 155 starters, 62 finished the long, tough rally. Some of the drivers remarked unfavorably about the RAC Rally. World champion Timo Salonen said, "The timing on the rally was too tight; often we only had time to change tires and add fuel, not to give a proper check to the car. The cars are so fast now that some form of practice is needed. Because different people erect the arrows, there is no consistency which means we cannot rely on them". Tony· Pond said, "On one occasion we had to drive nine miles on the wrong side of the road. That cannot be right". A final note on the event concerns dangerous drivers. The last three Finns to win the RAC Rally, Mikkola, Vatanen and T oivonen, have overturned their cars in the cour~~ of their winning drives! Page 45 T'

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ANDRES N. WITER 1 .II f ' 7.11 TRANSMISSIONS PORSCHE & V.W. SPECIALISTS 12623 SHERMAN WAY-UNIT B NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91605 PHONE (206) 778-0531 PHONE (818) 765-3566 2006 196TH S.W., UNIT I LYNNWOOD, WA 98036 HARVEY LANGE 1 JOE REICH c~ : i'➔S~ .. · --~-ADVANCE"D MOTORSPORTS INC. , EO FRISK . I . . . (619} 693-8355 · ,1545 ARJONS_ SUITE 1:_• SAN DIEGO. CA92126j >YYOKOHAMA_ _.fOl'__~ _Performers P.O. Box 6522 Glendale, CA 91205 SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED&BARBARA BEARD Page 46 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386~2592 Performance Transmission Products (714) 962-6655 10575 Bechler River Ave., Fountain Valley, CA 92708 COMPLETE TRANSMISSION SERVICE & REPAIR CENTER FOR AUTOS - 4x4s -MOTORHOMES Send $3:00 for our new 1984 Catalog. UNTERS • FISHERMEN ON-OFF ROAD TIRES ATV TIRES WHEELS OFF ROAD LIGHTS SUSPENSION Get the word out about your business, big or small. . Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customers. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $16.00 per month. Home Of The CHAPARRAL RACE CARS SCORE CLASS#1 CHAMPION 1982-83 DISTRIBUTOR FOR FUEL CELLS-ALL SIZES FRONT ENDS-FRONT ARMS-CHASSIS REAR ARMS-REAR SUSPENSIONS 4080 W: CLARENDON PHOENIX, AZ 85019 602/272-6624 : BIRT DIC/TS I WlRJWgJ(t) BlOCK NUMBERS WITH STYl£ u.s:A. (818} 882~7808 _ 10138 CANOGA AVE., CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 DIRJ RIX (602) 253-5289 Championship Off Road Race Car and Truck Fabrication Glenn Evans 1817 W. Willetta Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007 February 1986 eCUSTOM ROLL CAGES• SUSPENSION MODIFICATION e Tim Lecluse Doyne Podhorsky (714) 662-7223 2952 RANDOLPH, UNIT C COSTA MESA, CA 92626 f Ill ~ ,-"II > Ill JI 0 ~ 0 z • e ALL TYPES 01' Vl!HICLl!S e STREET~ STRIP e OFF ROAD TM FABRICATION SPECIALTIES MIG & TIG 'WELDING - FLAME CUTTING SHEET METAL FABRICATION TUBE BENDING -· ROLL BARS -BUMPERS FRAME & SUSPENSION MODIFICATIONS 28740 OAK AVE., UNIT H GANYON COUNTRY, CA. 91351 JOHN McDOWELL 805-251-4134 PEBFOBMA■CE DFLL2R!o /!!WEBER 1450 Glassel• Orange, CA 92667 • (714) 639-2833 RE-~ABLE V.W. PAim 11623 SHEL.CON ST. SUN VALLEY, CA 913S2 DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS 768-4555 (408) 377-3422 POX RACING SHOX , 520 McGlincey Lane, Ca_~_pbell,~Callt. !5008. · Dusty Times

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(619) 465-3782 \\ Get Your SHIFT Togetherl ~~t~--------PORTIJY TRAIYSAXLES .3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, callfomla 920.35 ~ Doug Fortin SUPERSTITION 250 SPONSORS JOE STIDMAN'S HEARTLAND MEAT CO. • S.D. OFF-ROADER MAGAZINE • DOUG THORLEY HEADERS • HAL GRAVES SMOG DR TUNE • O'NEAL • FIBER-TECH • HPS • TRICK • BOB HUMMEL'S RACE READY PRODUCTS • THE WRIGHT PLACE • FRT • HOUSE OF BUGGIES • LEGY'S SKID LID R.T. • □COTILLO GENERAL STORE • CLAIREMONT EQUIPMENT RENTALS • CUSTOM DECALS 1986 RACE DATE: AUG. 9 ; INFO: 619-427-5759 A FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM PROMOTION . Fuel Cells Quick FIiis Std. FIiis 10925 Kalama River Road Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 962-0027 ' GARMA ABRICATIO ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GARMAN (714) 620-1242 1436 EAST THIRD STREET POMONA, CA 91766 PORCO PRECISION OFF ROAD COMPANY c:;; Retail Parts • Fabrication • Prototype 721 UNIT B SAN BERNARDINO RD. COVINA, CA 91723 TONY VANILLO (818) 915-3847 (818) 915-3848 YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR OFF ROAD ACCESSORIES FOUR WHEEL DRIVE, PICK UP AND HIGH PERFORMANCE VW PARTS Dusty Times WALT LOTT 961 West Dale Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89124 1220 Knollwood Circle Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 761-2152 't· 702-361-5404 •Alloy Axles & Spools •Mag Dana 60's •VW Master Diffs. •VW Axles Send This Ad In For A Free Catalog. ORB46 ~ --. 7302 Broadway • Lemon Grove, CA 92045 • 619-589-6770 NICK NICHOLSON Owner P.O. Box 1065 • Solana Beach, CA 92075-0830 • (619) 753-3196 aJada V.W. Service 6291 MANCHESTER BUENA ~,CA 90621 213· 921-1785 · 714-522·4600 NEW & USED PARTS STREET-OFF ROAD-PREP-RACE CARS OFF ROAD RACE: CARS Co ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSORIES ~ ad«9 'PIUUUUt4 (619) 5614570 ---------"OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10149 CHANNEL RD. LAKES I DE, CA. 92040 JIM JULSON JACK HAEFFELII'. February 1986 0~/Ej11Y_Y;;;!!j:ij:;::==Send=S=2.=00=for=Celalog===-1<n, 71,i, H -um - -OHN ltCING PROIHJCTS OHNSON P.O. BOX 81 LEMON GROVE, DEPT. 1 CA 92045 [619) 583-2054 7 Tl-BAJ/I 1000 Winner SUSPENSION SYSTEMS HIGH PERFORMANCE SHOCkS DUAL & TRIPLE SHOCI( SYSTEMS ABERCIASS 60° V-6 2.8 MOTOR PARTS ACCESSORIES DUSTY TIMES invites you to be a dealer. Each issue, 10 or more copies, in your shop to sell or present to your customers. It is a great traffic builder on · the · counter, at minimal cost. Contact ~USTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. (818) 889-5600 STOCK Eng. & Trannies WILD · Eng. & Trannies Larrys VW Repairs (619) 365-7649 On & Off Road· 55446 29 Palms Hwy. Yucca Valley, CA 92284 LEDUC OFF ROAD 186 BALDWIN STREET 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA 01089 TEL (413) 739-4111 RACE TRUCK FA.B. 4WD TRUCK REPAIR INST ANT SERVICE McKENZIE'S AUTOMOTIVE INC. WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS FOR CENTER-LINE WHEELS TECTIRA TIRES KC LIGHTS SUPER TRAP SPARK ARRESTOIIS CIBIE LIGHTS MCKENZIE AIRFILTERS WRIGHT PLACE DURA BLUE ULTRA BOOT WESTERN AUTO TIRES 818-7!14-6438 818-76!5-!5827 SWAY-A-WAY BILSTEIN SHOCKS K,Y.B. SHOCKS BEARD SEATS HEWLAND GEARS GEM GEARS CROWN MFG. NEAL PRODUCTS RAPID COOL TRl•MIL 1294!5 SHEIIMAN WAY, NO. 4 NO, HOLLYWOOD, CA 91805 Page 47

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.,, MENDEOLA RACING TECHNOLOGY VW • PORSCHE • HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES ( 619) 2 7 7 ~ 3100 7577 CONVOY COURT. SAN DIEGO, CA 92111 - ' . .. ::, Arizona Dealer • Lola • Hewland ~ 20635 N. Cave Creek Rd., #5, Cave Creek Stage • Phoenix, AZ 85020 Phone: (602) 569-0056 • 569-0057 OlieLE OIL FILTE;M ·-·~·,_lg FILTERS "USED BY WINNERS NATIONWIDE" Ask Your Performance Dealer Today -Oil - Fuel -Transmissions - Rearends -Offroad, Oval Track, Drag, Marine QUALITY GUARANTEED Oberg Inc., 12414 Hwy. 99 So., Dept. OT, Everett, WA 98204 OFF ROAD CHASSIS ENGINEERING 6879 ORAN C IRCLE. BUEN A PARK, CA. 90620 Off Road Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 W . D . VANS & P ICKUPS & MINI TRUCKS GABRIEL RACING SHOCK S • BAJ A RYDERS PRE·RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SPRINGS AXLE WORK • CUSTOM SUSPENSION No BLOCKS USED • WELDING & FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 521-2962 ORE OFF ROAD EN6/NEERIN6 _ Off .... BaceCan 9720 Cozycroft Chatsworth, CA 91311 GREG LEWIN KIRK CARTWRIGHT (818) 882-2886 --· ffe2 THE POWER IN RACE RADIOS • 90 WATTS • SYNTHESIZED • RACE & BUSINESS USE (213) 426-7077 • NEW R0ADMASTER SERIES -50 WATTS - S499 PHONE CONSUL TANT$ INTERNATIONAL 2188 GUNDRY AVE. SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 Page 48 ,.ROFE$S/ONAl OFF•ROAD RACING P.O. BOX 323 • SEAHURST WA, 98062 (206)242-1773 Quality Products Fastener Specialists Heinz (Henry) Buchhardt (213) 633-6971 7022 Marcelle Street AL KEY (213) 515-3570 Paramount, California 90723, DOUG FREEMAN (213) 320-9584 PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATIONS FOR PERFORMANCE VEHICLES P.O. BOX 3757 GARDENA. CA 90247-745 7 Telephone: (714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 RUSS's V.W. Recycling 3317 S. Peck Rd., Monrovia, CA 91016 (BEHIND TONY'S TRUCK WRECKING) (818) 574-1943 • (818) 574-1944 Specializing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Ghias and 914 's (213) 583-2404 {--r,:{f!Jf1iPSERVICE, INC. METAL PROCESSING 5927 Wilmington Avenue Los Angeles. California 90001 SAN DB LA.ST GLASS BEAD . FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Rick Munyon Larry Smith February 1986 SCORE Canada Inc. 390 CHEMIN DU LAC, LERY, QUE. CANADA J6N.1 A3 514-692-6171 METHANOL-NITROMETHANE-RACING GASOLINE SO-CAL RAl'INC. FUFt (213) 328-3594 21629 So. Figueroa -MIKE HOWARD Carson, Calif. 90745 OPEN 9-5 TUES. THRU FRI. • ·8-12 SAT. RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS 1649 W. Collins, Orange, CA 92667 714-997-0766 If no answer 714-997-0767 Suspension Components (818) 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE. • VAN NUYS, CALIF. 91405 GET INTO "GEAR" WITH THE WINNING NAME IN TIR S Baseball Cap: twill/mesh, one size fi ts all, your choice of blue, black, grey, red or yellow. $5.00 T-Shirts: 50/50. available in S, M, L, & XL, your choice of blue, white, grey, red or yellow $7.00 Patches: 1 ½" X 5". yellow with black logo. $.50 Decals: 12" X 3" black or white on clear. $1.00, or 26" X 5" with black, white. red or yellow die-cut letters. $5.00 TO ORDER YOUR "GEAR" ... please include item quantity, size and color, and send check, money o;der or MC/VISA ff (Ohiores1dents8dd 5 5% tax) lo. Mlchey Thompson : Mic/iey Thompsofi!i{J·!!!.0~~ ~~ , PERFORMANCE TIRES -~ - --, ~o-:-e-;; 227• Cuyah~, OH 44222 · Inside Ohio - 216 928-9092 OUTSIDE OHIO . 800 222-9092 Dusty Times

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TJIZIErf/EJErf ~~~~~lllr TA~cr,· We sell more racing gasoline than anyone else in the west! THE WINNERS CHOICE Fact is, WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS have been used by more winning drivers and engine builders in 1985 than any other brand! Ask the top professionals before buy-racing gasoline ing your next cam. Call us for your winning cam for street', strip and off-road. Send Alameda County 916 687-7785 Phoenix 602 952-2575 $3 for complete 1986 catalog. RACING Bakersfield 805 393-8258 Portland 503-393-9705 Denver 303 452-5239 Riverside 714 787-8141 OFF-ROAD FABRICATION & PREPARATION Hawari 808 682-5589 Sacramento 916 962-3514 Huntington Beach 714 536-8808 San Diego 619 460-5207 .WEB-CAM .LA-Long Beac/7 213 863-4801 Saugus 805 259-3886 702 W. 17th Street Phone (213) 432-4808 Long Beach, CA 90813 Las Vegas Monterey 702 871-1417 408 899-1010 Seattle 206 77 2-2917 Spokane 509 483-0076 1663 Superior Avenue ERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTS Orange County 714 634-0845 Yakima 509-248-3271 -~,~.!!~1o~!~:~.C~;,~ff~n2c:r,o11edvehlctes {714} 631-1770 ~TRACKSIDE Photo Ent•rprlNs PO BOX 91767 • LOS ANGELES . CA 90009 18710 SO NORMANDIE • SUITE C •GARDENA. CA. 90248 Jim Ober 2" & 3" Bug Lift Kits 3" Square Back Lift Kits 3" VW Thing Lift Kit (714) 561-4080 P.O . BOX 74 Engine & Machine VW -PORSCHE -OFF ROAD 94 7 RANCHEROS DRIVE SAN MARCOS, CA 92069 (213) 3.:. ·i493 Bob Fetters LAKESIDE, ca., 92040 Bob Conry (619) 741-6173 llACINC PHOTOGllAPKY SPECIALIITS !(IICE Tl(ANS BY JEFF REID'S MICHAEL STEWART fiOtVWs TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING VIDEO PRODUCTIONS OFF-ROAD RACING VIDEO (714) 796-4122 .. JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth, CA 91311 MICHAEL STEWART P.O. Box 129 BRY N MAW R . C-A 92318 Wright Publishing Co., Inc. Toyota True Grit Award The off road racing version of a Heisman Trophy, a cash prize to be known as the Toyota True Grit Award, was announced by Toyota and SCORE Internation-al at the annual awards banquet for the SCORE-High Desert series beginning with the 1986 season. Worth $10,000 and split up to three ways, the Toyota True Grit Award honors the fastest drivers in the desert based on their average speeds in six of the eight races on the circuit. To be eligible, a driver must finish six of the eight races required to score points towards the season championship. However, be-cause of pecubarities in awarding pomts, there ts not necessarily a relationship between points scored and average speed i achieved. In addition to the overall ' winner, equal awards will be made in both the Mini Metal and Heavy Metal categories of race vehicles. Mini Metal encompass-es mini pickup trucks and sport wagons, and Heavy Metal includes full size pickups, other utility vehicles and large American built sedans. Les Unger, T oyota Motorsports Manager, explained in announc-ing the award that it would be split $3,333.33 to each of three drivers, $5,000 to two or a single Dusty Times $10,000 che~k, depending on the number of eligible competi-tors. If the award had been up for grabs this year, U nger said, the overall winner would have been Marty Reider of Ridgecrest, California, who drove h is 1650cc race car 2,501 miles in 56 hours 25 minutes 10.9 seconds for an average speed of 44.33 mph in his fastest six races -Score's Great Mojave 250, Baja Internacional and Baja 1000, HORA 's Fi reworks 250, Frontier 500 and Frontier 250. Reider actually won a seventh race in the series, but his average speed was slower than in the six, Colorful, Action Packed Off Road calendar Now On Sale An all new 1986 off road racing calendar, featuring many of the sport's greatest drivers, has just been introduced to the general public and is currently on sale through mail orders as well as special bulk rates. Produced and distributed, by M & M Enterprises, this exciting 26 page calendar lists the entire 1986 SCORE International and High Desert Racing Association desert racing schedule as well as the expanded Mickey Thompson Off-Road Championship Gran Prix short course series dates. · all of which he lost to another driver in his class. Second fastest overall would have been Steve Sourapas of La Jolla, California, who averaged 44.02 mph in 2,566.88 miles of racing, and third would have been Mark McMillin of Bonita, California, who averaged 40.91 mph in 2,355.88 miles of racing. The theoretical Mini Metal winner would have been Manny Esquerra of Parker, Arizona, and the Heavy Metal wi nner Steve Kelley of Rolling Hills Estates, California. Esquerra averaged 36.53 mph for 2,481 miles, and Kelley 40.441 mph for 2,355.88 miles. Colorful action photography from many of the top off road camermen including the photographers of Petersen's 4-Wheel and Off-Road Magazine, Off-Road America and Centerline Photography highlight the newest of popular motorsports calendars. Drivers such as Walker Evans, Roger Mears, Ivan Stewart, Jim Wright, Manny Esquerra, Steve Kelley, Joe McPherson, Glenn Harris and Spencer Low are captured in some of the most breathtaking scenery ever in a racing calendar. Orders for this outstanding publication can be made by sending $8.00 ( including sales tax, shipping and handling) to M & M Enterprises, 5318 Don Pio Dr., W oodland Hills, CA 91364. February 1986 Box 2260 • 2949 Century Pl. • Costa Mesa, CA 92628 {714) 979-2560 Classified FREE -YOU HAUL IT TO A NEW HOME: Minoltafax 1114 . TC wet copy machine. Good supply of chemicals and paper. Pump needs work. Great for club newsletters, pit team flyers, and so forth. No dealers, please.Call Jean at (818) 889-5600. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600 Funco SS 2. Complete, ready to race. Look s and runs great . Funco shifter, new long Bilsteins, 930 cvs, fuel cell, Wright, Neal, Sway-A-Way, Dogs on alum. wheels. $5000.00. Call John at (313) 658-7146. FOR SALE: Pre-runner, Barrett frame, two seater. Swing axle, Score legal 2-1600 car. Center-line wheels, Sandblasters, fresh motor, reinforced link front end. Excellent pre-runner. Could be used as a beginner 2-1600. $2800.00 OBO. Also, one complete set of 930 turbo cvs, boots, Summers Brothers axles, stub axles, and drive flanges, all for standard width beam. $400.00. Call Ernie, (714) 987-5978 or (714) 986--4458. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS A & D Buggies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 A.M.S.A ......... . .... ....... 13 Bilstein Corp. Of America . . . . . . . . 7 C.O.R.E. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Der Transaxle Shop ...... : . . . . . 37 D.J. Transaxles .............. . 25 Dura Blue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Eriksson Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Filler Products, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 General Tire Motorsports . . . . . . . . . 9 BFGoodrich -Tire Division . . . . . . 2-3 JaMar Performance Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 KC Hilites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 La Plant Performance . . . . . . . . . . 43 . McKenzie Automotive . . . . . . . . . . 17 M.iizda Motors of America . . . . . . . . 4 Ron Metz & Associates . . . . . . . . . 16 Mikuni American Corp. . . . . . . . . . 23 Neal Products, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . . 33 Nissan Motor Corp. USA . . . . . . Back Cover Pro CanAm Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Score International . . . . . . . 7, 18, 22, 38,40,44 Marvin Shaw Performance Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Silver Dust Racing Association . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Sports Racing Products . . . . . . . . . . 8 Stadium Racing, USA . ......... • 51 Summers Brothers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Super Boot Products . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 ·T rackside Photo Enterprises . . . . . 24 Tri-Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Unique Metal Products . . . . . . . . . 32 Valley Performance -Hewland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Yokohana Tire Corp. . . . . . . . . 26-27 Page 49 ,,.

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: 1971 Ford Pre-run truck. Street legal, full cage, ten shocks, spares, Hi-Lift jack, tool box, 100 watt stereo, racing rear springs, Chevy 350 engine, turbo 400 trans, heavy duty tow hitch, 32 gallon tank. $7500.00 OBO. Call (818) 506-8332. ---- · FOR SALE: New Frisk/ AMI Class 2 or 10. 118 inch WB chassis. Complete with · alum-inum body, Wright coil over front end, fuel cell, 24 inch rear travel, Summers Brothers arms, set up for Type 4 or Porsche 911 engine. Call AMI, days (619) 693-8355 or evenings (619) 942-0351. $9500 or best offer. FOR SALE: New Class 7, 7S, 7 4x4 Ford Ranger, 1986 race truck. Complete cage, Summers Brothers rear end, all aluminum and fiberglass mounted .. This truck is an updated version of the '85 Firecracker 250 winning 7S of Douglas Brothers/Scoop Vessels. Call AMI (619) 693-.., 8355 days, or (619) 942-0351 evenings. FOR SALE: 1-1600, Wright Steering, Neal brakes, JaMar steering brakes, Super Seat, Jackman wheels, Warn lights, new paint. $2500 less engine, otherwise complete. Photos on . request, call Rick -(206) 883-6558 or write to 3100 142nd Pl. NE, Bellevue, WA 98007. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600, less motor. Fox Shocks, Combo spindles, power steering, aluminum body, windshield, Hewland, Turbo CV, Neal, Parker Pumper, lots more. One year old, $4800. Call Ken (805) 584-0559. FOR SALE: 1962 VW Convert-ible, fresh 1835 engine, eight shocks', litt kit, strorig and reliable. $3995 firm. (213) 545-1945. FOR SALE: "Timerider", Class 8. Race ready, built by Precision Preparation, absolute best of everything. Louie Unser engine, Art Carr, 16 custom valved Rancho shocks w/reservoirs, Summers Bros. rear end, etc., etc. Spares included. Winner Baja Int., 3rd overall 1985 Score/HORA points, Class 8. Call for details. $32,000 complete, $27,000 less engine. Randy Salmont, Timerider Racing, (213) 432-4808 or (213) 459-3304. FOR SALE: Class 2 Bunderson, chrome moly chassis. Summers Bros. discs, Neal, Bilstein, Pumpers, Beard seats, Wright Place, power steering and lots more. For details call (702) 735-6293 or (702) 367-3861. Ask for Dick or Jim. FOR SALE: Class 10 or Unlim-ited two seat. Taylor chassis, wide torsion and front beam, long wide tubular rear arms, fresh 1650 cc engine and Type II transmission, 930 cvs, Fox shocks, Wright, Sway-A-Way, - Rapid Cool, Oberg, competitive and dependable, $6800.00. Phone Randy Lasnoski, (906) 466-2680. Can be seen in DUSTY TIMES, October 1985 issue, page 28. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum, 1984 Riverside Class 1 Champ-ion. Ex Gillman car. Set up for Class 1, 10 or Ultra Stock, air or water cooled engine. The best of everything, no expense spared. Fresh powder paint, many spares. Will sell complete package or set up for desired class. Call Bill at(714) 633-7876. ·FOR SALE: 1835 cc complete engine, ready to install. Single · port heads, dual Solex carbur-etors. A steal at $950.00. Call Jerry at (805) 527-9139 after 3:00 p;m. · FOR SALE: Class 2-1600 Chenowth. Four new tires on Jackman wheels, new trans, strong engine. With. trailer, $3000.00, without, $2500.00. Carl Earl at (213) 430-6672. FOR SALE: AMSA Class "B" 100 in. wheelbase. 1985 AMSA Points Champion. 1978 Funco, chrome moly SS 2, modified. · Wright, Neal, Mastercraft, Sway-FOR SALE: 40 foot semi-trailer A-Way, Hewland, Super Boot, with flourescent lighting, 930 Turbo, Dura Blue, 1995 cc electrical outlets on work SPG, dry sump, power steering. benches, storage cabinets, 6.5 $6500.00OBO. CallEdat(619) generator, compressor, perfeq 395-5194, evenings. for the serious racing team. -$7500.00. Call Bill at (714) 633-7876. FOR SALE: Funco, Class 1 or 10 short course car, a proven winner. The best of everything, secondary suspension. Will sell complete or less engine and trans. Many spares. Call Bill (714) 633-7876. DEAL OF THE CENTURY: The above three vehicles will sell for $40,000.00 OBO. Will even throw in a two seat desert pre-runner. Call Bill at (714) 633-7876. -WANTED: Factory supported Class 7 S race team with all major sponsors for 1986-87 needs partner for driver-rider. Approx. $7000 gets you one third ownership of truck, assets, parts, tires, shocks, maintenance of vehicle already paid. We need help in race support and driving. Sakes Alive Race Team, Box 1622, El Cajon, CA 92022. FOR SALE: Jerry Whelchel's · 1985 Class 10 Chenowth Magnum. FAT Rabbit engine, two trans. Twelve tires and wheels, complete trailer, 24 foot, fully equipped, ready to race, fully prepped with many extra parts. Call Bryce at (714) 635-1431. FOR SALE: Class 8 Ford truck F-100, Race Ready. 390 engine, 435 HP. Fox shocks, Art Carr, Chrisman center section, Sum-mers Bros., Mastercraft, Simp-son, ATL fuel cell, AutoFab glass. Two Pace 5 channel radios, spare engine, never run. Several spares. Possible partial sponsor-ship with truck. $27,000.00 delivered anywhere. Call B.A. Russell after five at (805) 763-4344. FOR SALE: Class 5 Baja Bug. Full cage, lengthened 8 inches, 150 hp motor, built trans, Wright front end, Deist, Center-lines, etc. A steal at $3500.00. Call Alex (213) 472-8918. ,._ ... ___________ __. ... ____________ ~------·--------·---~------I Sell or swap yo~r extra parts and pieces in . I - I DUSTY TIMES. I I I I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5 .00 for use of black I , I and white photo, or a very sharp color print. I I NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and 1. subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. I I I I I I I I I I Enclosed is $ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. I I Name Address ______________________ Phone ______ _ I -, City __________________ State _____ Zip ______ _ ,Page 50 February 1986 Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave., SuiteO Agoura, CA 91301 I I I I I FOR SALE: 1983 Class 10 Raceco. 118 in. WB, 19 in. rear travel, 27 mm torsion bars (300 m), spring plates, Woods trail-ing arms, Wright Beam, front bumper, complete body, front and rear shocks and nerf bars, all included for $3500.00. Call Bob at (818) 446-5832. FOR SALE: 1971 Baja Bug, 1800 cc dual port, full roll cage, 5" wider Wright front end, 22 gallon fuel cell, Sway-A-Way suspension, Bridgestones, aluminm wheels, KYBs, and more . .It's a great pre-runner. Registered for the street, lots of extras, $4900.00 or best offer. Call Doug after 6:30 p.m. at (818) 968-9783. FOR SALE: Chaparral, 114 in. WB, everything virtually new. 2388 cc with Rimco, Berg, Carella, Weber, IRS, Super Diff, Hewland, 4:86. Suspension -Wright, Palmer, Sway-A-Way, C.M. stubs, 4 wheel Wilmot discs, Fox. Plus - Beard, Neal, Parker, Wright P/S, Centerlines, Yokohamas (8 spares), K.C., 32 gal. fuel cell and much more. Race prepped and ready for $11,000.00. Call Jim at (602) 274-0668, (602) 938-8640. FOR SALE: Score legal 1-1600 car. Mild steel chassis, alum. body. Wright, Neal, Fox, Bilstein, Sway-A-Way, J & T, Centerline & W~ld wheels. Seven gal. fuel cell, bus trans and fresh motor. 1985 Berrien Auto-cross fifth place finisher. Great be-ginner car! Complete, $5800.00, less engine and trans, $4000.00. Gale Brockie, (517) 782-7189, days. FOR SALE: Very competmve Class 5 car. Fresh 2270 cc VW engine, bus trans, Hew land gears, turbos, Super Boot, Wright front end, power steering, 30 gal. fuel cell, Bilstein shocks, extra wheels and tires. $15,000.00. Call Dave at (818) 446-7800 after 5:00 p.m. Dusty Times

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--USA presents THE GLEN HELEN OFF ROAD SPECTACULAR. APRIL 20, 1986 SEASON OPENER FOR THE COMPLETELY REVISED STADIU.M RACING USA SCHEDULE at Glen Helen Off Road VehicLe Park in San Bernardino County, CA Classes 1, 2 and 1-2-1600 (no restrictor plate required) 3 Wheelers -250 c¢,-. 2 stroke only 2_00 cc-_ 4 strok_e only Quads - All displacement WATCH OFF ROAD RACING AT ITS BEST IN THE ALL DAYLIGHT EVENT Enjoy the clean, outdoor environment-p~rfect for the whole family. There is plenty of open air seating in the great desert climate in April.· GATES OPEN AT 7 AM -RACING STARTS AT NOON Take 1-15 to the Palm exit and follow signs to the Off Road Vehicle Park. Ticket Information: (714) 829-3031 Competitor Information: (619) 463-0654 REVISED NEW 1986 SCHEDULE: April 20 - Glen Helen ORV Park June 21 -E~ Cajon Speedway (tentative) August 3 - (3'fen Heleh ORV Park September 13 -Imperial Fairgrounds, El Centro October 11 -El Cajon Speedway (tentative) STADIUM RACING USA Marty Tripes 228 Faxon Drive Spring Valley, CA 92077 ( 619) 463-0654

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NISSAN 4X4. HARDBODY. ► THE HOT SET-UP. The totally new Nissan 4x4. Inspired by an attitude that can only be described by one word-domination. Start with the sheet metal. It's tightly wrapped around a sleek, muscular body. Not an ounce of fat on it. So taut, so tough, so utterly bold in design, it could only be called a Hardbody. Pop the hood. Checkout the SE, with the biggest engine avail-able in any compact truck-ever. Size-up the biggest factory-available tires on any compact truck. The new Nissan. Ultimate Hardbody. Ultimate 4x4. BIGGEST V-6 IN THE CLASS. In the SE, workout Nissan's new fuel-injected 3.0 liter overhead cam V-6. With 140 horsepower, no other compact truck pumps out more power. Or, choose Nissan's twin-spark, hemi-head 2.4 liter NAPS-Z inline-4. It's got the most power-106 horsepower-and torque of any leading standard compact truck. BIGGER, ROOMIER INSIDE. Nissan designed this new truck around its most important payload-you. The cab is Nissan's biggest ever. Large sicte windows and a huge windshield provide Nissan's best-ever visibility. New insulation reduces interior noise. Ventilation is improved.too. LONGER, WIDER OUTSIDE. This new Hardbody is the longest, widest, most aero-dynamic truck Nissan's ever built. Double walls of steel shape a cargo box so wide, so deep, so long, the new Long Bed (shown here) has the biggest cargo volume of any compact truck, including all other Long Beds. BUILT TOUGHER FROM THE GROUND UP.: Every Hardbody truck is built around a new, reinforced box-ladder chassis as tough as the steel from which it's stamped-a chassis that handles 1400 lbs. of payload. A clean new underbody design-featuring a beefed-up independent front suspension, stronger torsion bars, and new rear leaf springs-delivers the highest minimum running ground clearance of any leading compact truck. BIGGEST, f ATTEST TIRES. The biggest, widest (P235/75R15) factory-standard tires for any compact truck are on the SE model 4x4. If the biggest aren't big enough, trick-out the SE with Nissan's optionat 31x10.5R15's . mounted on new alloy wheels. There's only one hot set-up. The new Nissan 4x4 Hardbody. Ready for the road in any condition. Because there's never been a truck in better condition. THENAMEIS NISSAN