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1986 Volume 3 Number 10 Dusty Times Magazine

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NISSAN HARDBODIES BEAT THE RIVERSIDE HEAl: Roger Mears and Jim Conner cl~im ·c)ass wins · .at SCORE off-road champ1onsh1ps~ · It was a brutal 109 degrees trackside at the. Riverside SCORE off-road championships. A demanding challenge for both the drivers·and their machines on what was called · · Riverside's roughest course in history. When the blistering heat didn't get the competition, the Nissan Hardbodies did. Roger Mears won the opener for compact picl<up trucks, maneuvering his Class 7 Nissan Hardbody V6 to his 20th off-road championship in 41 starts. It was a dust-eat-ing, wire-to-wire finish. On the same searing track, Jim Conner wuaJ~ demonstrated driving sawy and Hardbody \1'I stamina, emerging victorious in his Nissan 4x4. Nissan congratulates Roger Mears and Jim Conner on their wins. Of course, events such as these mean niore than victory. They offer the opportunity to drive Nissan·cars and trucks under the severest conditions possible. This is just one of the ways in which the quality that goes into Nissan cars and trucks is constantly being improved. You can get top performance too, with Nissan's full line of specialized parts for racing vehicles and production cars. Just send your $10 check or money order (do not send cash) for our Competition Parts Catalog to: Nissan Motor Corpo-ration in U.S.A.,· Motorsports Department, P.O. Box 191, Gardena, CA 90247. Please allow six weeks for delivery. THENAMEISNISSAN

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V9lume 3 Number 10 October 1986 In This 'Issue ••• FEATURES Pag~ Brush Run 101 ..... . , ............ , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 · ra HORA Frontier 50(? . ............. , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 _ FORDA at East Bay RaceV{ay ............... , . , • . . . . . 30 Gumbo Buttes Baja . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin' Associat~ Publisher Brad Goodrow Associate Editor Richard K:Schwalm. Controller John Calvin Circulation Jerry Lawless Traffic Frank McCombs Contributors Darla Crown Leonard Day· Daryl D. Drake Winnie Essenberg ' Homer Eubanks Tom Grimsha~ • Dennis Henneberg Martin Holmes , Danny McKenzie . Brenda Parker David Ryskamp Walt Schwalbe Wayne-Simmons ;'-Judy Smith John Sprovkin Joe Stephan: Darlene Thackston · 3-D Photogi:aphy .. Trackside Photo Enterprises · Art Director Larry E. Worsham Typesetting & Production . Mi~ elle',s Typesetting Services THE O.;.CIAL VOICE OF SC()RE CANADA .AND . ,_.c __ : . ~ft =-~-~ -·~---~~ .=-- . Subscription Rates: $12.00 per year; 12 issues, USA. Foreign subs~ription rates on request. Contributions: 'DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributio~s, but · is not.responsible for such. mater_ial. Unsolicited mat~rial will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. · Classified Ads will be published· as received, prepaid. • DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors., All ads may be subject to editing._ . · DUSTY TIMES combined with OFF ROAD ACTION . NEWS, "USPS-305-609" is published monthly by Hill-. side Racing Corp., 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agou·ra, CA 91301, (818) 889-5600. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publicatipn may be repro-duced without written permission from the publisher. .Second Class Postage paid at Agoura, CA'91301 . . POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Dusty' Times, 5331 _Derry Ave., Svite O; Agoura, CA 91301. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 5331 Derry Ave,, -Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. . 0 . . SNAPSHOT OF. THE MONTH ••• I I I I ·1 I I I I I /,J I vi I . . I I I ·I ! I I I I I Hosfag 50 , .... _ . ... ......... : .·. ·. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 lJ .P. Off Road 100 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 36 Supetsi:ition 250 III . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 · .DEPARTMENTS Snap_shOt of the Mo~th· . . .... .-. · ....... ...... ·. . . .. . . . . . . 3. Side Tracks by Judy Smhh ........•.................• 4 Trail.Notes .•................• . . ~-. . . :.: .......... _ .... 4 Weatherman Radio Tips by Bob Steinburger . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Happenings ........................ ,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 . \. / • ' Yokohama 6-50 Club ...................... . · . . : . .-. . 28 The L~sers by Judy Smith .................•......... 40 From the Driver1s Seat by Dick Johnson .............. : . 41 Group Concept by Homer Eubanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-1 Goodyear Radio Relay Repon .. • ....•................ 41 . F.A.I:R. Notes· ......... ........... · ............... ·. ·. '41 Pit T earn Register . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Good Stuff Directory .............................. 42 Classified Ads .............. -..................... ; . . 46 Pony Express ............•........................ 4 7 Index to Advertisers , ............... -. •.............. 4 7 ON THE COVER ~ -Fast action at the Brush Run 101 World's - Chai;npionship Off Road race in;;, Wisconsin we~i: on for two . -days. In the Unlimited buggy bash Kevin Probst led off the line in his . Berrien Laser, with Scott Taylor in close-pursuit, on the left, in his Eliminator. Just behind is Jeff Probst.and a herd of other chargers. Jeff . Probst won the Championship race in another Berrien Laser: Color . Photography by Dan_Mainzer, GenCorp Audio Visual I>ept. · DUSffTIMES THE FASTEST ~ROWING OFF -ROAD MONJHl,Y .lN JHE COUNTRY!! · □ 1 year - $12.0~ □ 2years.- $20.00 □ 3 years -$30.00 , Take advantage of your subscription, bonus ..• ·Free c,ne time classified ad up to 45 words. . {Fo~ on inside back page) I Name-'--,-------------------~--Did you ever won er w ere al t e unfamiliar pho.tographers come from at a race like _Score puts on each August at Riverside? Always, the legitimate required to have assignment letters from editors, and are often denied on track credentials, while the Box Brownie brigade is out in force. This shot was taken last August-of a Box Brownie type on the Riverside course,_armed with,his instant type camera, and, of.: course, the_ proper armband. No doubt some major publication used his pictures.· Photo by Jim Ober ofTrackside Photo Enterprises. . DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of humorous racing incidents, woes on the course, or a spectacular from short course events on this page each month. Send us your photo of somethirtg comic, a mechanical disaster, or anything fitting for consideration. •. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped; self:addressed envelope. Onlyb,lack & ;wqite prints, 5 x 7 .or S x 10 will be considered for ,publication. , · · ·, -, · -~ - - ' · ~ -'\ "•· - -·-- -.. - -.... I I Address -------~-------------~ I I. _Citv I I State ---~-----------:---Zip----'------1 ,I I Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES . I 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301 · · .\-1·, \ · (Canadian , l year $15.00 U.S. l(O ~erseas subscription rates quoted on request) ■ I I I I I • I I I I I I I I I I I I. I I I. I I I I I Dustyn,ncs Octc;ber 1986 Page 3

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Side Tracks •• ~ By Judy Smith · This year's Frontier 500, while it didn't have the romance of a . point-to-point race any longei:, picked up some excitement when the Frontier Hotel decided to put it on. their Race.and Sports Book. Off road fans were given a chance. to make formal bets on their favorite drivers in four classes. Those included were Class 1, 2, 8, and 1-2-1600. There were a lot of frustrated Class 10 fans, a·nd the mini truck folks were mighty disappointed, but there's always next year. Early on contingency day the most heard question was "What odds did you get?". They were a little strange in some 'tases, because the Frontier had no statistical information to, work with, although Danny Cau, who does the computer work for the HDRA and SCORE, had tried to help them. As a result, the odds were too high in many cases when the board first opened. They had Walker Evans, Bob Richey and Nick Nicholson at 10/ 1 for example, and Jim Temple and Bob Gordon at 15/ 1_, while Dave Kreisler, Danny Letner and Bob Neth found themselves listed at 20/ 1. Once their -fans and families discovered these gaffes, the odds soon changed, and by the end of contingency day Evans was an even bet·, as were Richey, Larry No!'!l (who'd startedat8/ 1 ), Rob -Tolleson, Steve Kelley and a few others who escape our memory. The system is simple, but was new to most off roaders. A big board was posted behind the Race and Sports Book counter, which listed about 20 Class 1 drivers, 23 Class 2 drivers, 27 in the l-2-l600s, and 11 Class 8 folks. Everyone else was lumped . into what is called the "field", and the odds weri;:'2/1 there. All , a person wishing to bet on his buddy had to do was walk up to the Frontier 500 'window and plunk down his money, giving the -appropriate betting number for his buddy. Bets could THE PE CT PRE-FILTER FILTER WRAPS • Cleans air b~lore it •reaches primary filter; designed to _fit over most foam, paper or gauze filters. • No restriction to breathing. • Stops all dirtlsand ... excellent protec-tion against water and mud; breathes 8ven when dirty. - . • Uses specially oiled "sticky" foam fibers; the dirt clings to the fibers; the clean air flows easily to your-primary filter. • Reusable; withstands hundreds of cleanings. • ·Can be used oiled or dry; instructions included. UNI FIL TEA-has· a filter to lit virtually every ATV and motorcycle. as well as most race·cars and light ·trucks. To order . direct, contact UNI FIL TEfl; newest catalog, $3.00. Filter Wraps priced from $4.95. to 8.95. · UNI FILTER, INC. Dept. OT 13522 Newhope Street Garden Grove, CA 92643 . 714/530'6101 Page 4 apparently be as small as $2.00, though most off roaders seemed t6 go. for the $5 .00 through $20.00. Walker's friends and family liked the odds so well that, starting with his wife, Phyllis, who allegedly bet $1000., they brought i:he odds down in a hurry. Kurt Thompson, of the Frontier Hotel,,made a point to thank Walker's fans at the Awards Presentation, and said-the hotel would be delighted to have them back again next year. The Sports Book folks were pleasantly surprised at the· action, and told us there'd been "lots" of betting by the off roaders. We were told that next year they hope_ to get all the classes on the board. · Off roaders are apparently not very sophisticated bettors, and up until about 9:30 at night, no one had placed any bets on the . field. At aboui: that time the odds changed, to 5/1, and John Jol:mson became the first bettor, . with $5 .00 on the field in every class. The man behind the . counter-thought it was a good bet, and John thought he'd mm;t likely get his $20 back; with an extra five. lt seemed logical to think that one of the classes would have a surprise winner. As it turned out, he lost all four bets. The winners in all four classes were listed on the board. None of the winllers paid big odds, and Bob Scott and Mike Voyles, in 1-2-1600, were the best paying winners, at6/l. Snook, Gordon . _ and Kelley were all at even money or close to it. We spoke to the Manager of the Sports and Race Book at the Frontier, and he told us that next year it might be set up as a parimutuel. That means that the tllonies bet go into a pool, and· the winners divide it up in proportion to the size of their bets. Doing it that way we wouldn't know the odds on our bets until the betting closed. But this type ofa set up would let us bet on win, place, or show. We wonder, if the pit crews all had bets on their cars, would they work faster? Or does the driver who bet on himself push harder? What goes on in the mind of the driver who knows his sponsor has placed a big bet on him to win? · On another subject. For years off roaders have been telling the world that one of the things they like about off road racing is that it's a family oriented'sport. One generally envisions this to mean that Dad races and the kids and Mom go along forspectating and help in the pits. But now that off road racing is getting along in years, we're seeing more and more racin-g families. At the Frontier 500, which ·had 193 starters'. at leastl28 of the vehicles were dnven by ·person who was · half of a paren / child team, the other half of which was also driving in this ace. There were another 10 veh des being driven by brothers, ho had brothers driving in. this ace, either in the same car or aniher. And nine or ten more ·cars h d occupants who bore the sam last name, but know. We're not too sur~~hich were actu:illy driving in·that iast batch either. In any ·case, a total of 38 vehicles, or 20% of the total race, was made up of real-driving family teams. The most obvious ·ream, of course, was the father and son pair that won first and secorjd place oyerall. Rob and Bob Gordon, in two· different cars, -created this bit of off road history: And Rob, the son of that pair, was <:earned with Frank Arciero, Jr., who is half of one of the sibling teams, since his brother, Albert, was driving in · Class 1. Then there were Tom ~nd Don Martin, who finished fourth in· Class Z, to get back to the fathers and sons, and WiJlie and Jerry Higman, _who were second in Class 1-2-1600. Also · running were Larry and Jeff Watson in 1-2-1600, Dave and Bryant Wood in.Class 9, LeRoy Hansen in 5-1600, and Mark, his son in Class 7S, Pat and Mike Falkosky in 7S, Dick and Gary -Weyrich in Class 10; Mark Steele in 7S imd son Cameron in 5-1600, 'Henry Arras in the winning 5-1600 car, and his son Eric in the winning Class 1 car, Gale Pike in a Class 3 vehicle that didn't finish, while his sori Matt drove the winning Class 3 vehicle. · · Don and Matt McBride were teained in Class 2, as were Jim and Mark Temple, and Corky and Scott McMillin. Lloyd and ·Chet Huffman dnf' d Class 1, and · Robert Westfall, Jr. and Sr., didn't finish in the 1600 class. Ron and John Ellenburg dnf'd in Class 10 after leading a lap, and Arne arid Patrik Gunarsson were second in Class 6. Ivan Stewart came in sixth in Class 1, while his son Brian, in his second race, ran _ fifth in Class 8 . And, starting at · the back of the pack in Class 11, it was "Stainless" Steele and son Bra,ndon, this team a bit different, because "Stainless" is Brandon's mom. The brother team members· included Gary Watson, in the_ · winning Challenge car, and Mark McMillin in the second place Class 1 car. Then Rick and John Hagle, who teamed to win Class 10, Ed and Tim Herbst, non-finishers in Class 2, Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter, winners .in Class 5, Owen arid Curtis Duggan, fourth in Class 5-1600, and Alan and Darryl Cook, fifth · in 5-1600. Some family teams, like the two Andy DeVercellys, were missing from this race, and some fathers have become . sponsors and/ or pit persons, and ·let the kids have all the fun nowadays. There could be a whole raft of cousins or fathers and sons-in-law, whose relationships we can't see, churning around in the dirt. We think it's great in any case, and always enjoy the special pleasure that a family experiences when they do well as a team in our great sport. Think what a marvelous party the Gordons must have had after taking first and seconq. overall in this big race. Robbie expressed it pretty well when we saw him on Saturday, an hour or so after he'd finished. The 17 year old was ~ugging a case ,of' beer, and he tossed ·us a ,big,,'gr~n and said, "Today I'm speciaf, I can drink!" October 1986 Trail .Notes.~. THE SCORE/HORA DESERT POINTS SERIES has tightened up with the addition of the double points paying Frontier 500 results to the scores. Space permits only listing the top three in each class here, but the entire list will !,e in the Baja 1000 program. Remember, only the best six out of the eight events count for points, arid, with just two races left, a driver could gafn or lose positions with. the discard pi:ocess. _ · . Presently the leaders are: Class l , Mark McMillin, 519, lyan Stewart, 510, Larry Noel, 507; Class 2; 13ob Richey, 568, David Kreisler, 527, Jerry Penhall and Bob.Gordon, tied at 526; Class 1-2-1600, Jack Ramsay, 611, Willy Higman, 534, Jeff Papple, 4 23; Class 3, Don Adams, 3 7 5, Buck Griffin, 290, Matt,Pike, 245; Class 4, Rod Hall, 410, Don Yoston, 290; Don McCormack, 215; Class 5, HartmutKlawitter, 486, Stan Parnell, 443, Max Razo, 442; Class 5-1600, Steve .Lakin, 435, Owen Duggari, 393, David /1,.nckner, 330; Class 6, Larry Schwacofer; 406, Wesley Moser, 250, Ame Gu~narsson, 239; Class 7, Manuel Esquerra, 474, Jack Johnson, 174, John Swift, 143; Class 7S, Willie Valdez, 440, Paul Simon, 427, Spencer Low, 416; Class 7 4x4,Jerry McDonald, 482, Michael J-{omer, 342,Jim Conner, . 313; Class 8, Dave Shoppe, 493, Walker Evans,428, Steve Kelley,416; Class 9, Dave Wood, 358, Gary Cogbill, 184,Jarries Gross, 107; Class Challenge : Rick Johnson, 5.10, Mike Ward, 503, Edward McLean, 429; Class 10, Rick ·Hagle, 593, Steve-Tetrick, 526,Jim Greenway, 434; Class 11, Ramon Castro, 251, Andy Diaz, 150, David Hendricl:<son, 142; Class 14, Carl Cook, 133, Steve Mizel, 123, Lowell Arnold, 63. · Jack R~msay has th~ overall lead at 611, followed by Rick Hagle, 593, and Bob Richey, 568. Smee all three drivers run in generally heavy entry classes, the overall title will be a horse race to the wire. In the two sub-categories for trucks, Dave Shoppe is leading tre Heavy Metal at 493, Walker Eyans is second at 428, and Steve Kelley is next at 416. Jerry McDonald has the top spot in the Mini Metal at:, 482, followed by Manny Esquerra, 4 7 4, and Willie Valdez, 440. - · · · . , ' . BAJA l':)00 UPDATE. The Score Baja 1000 is shaping ·up to be a ~eal dandy, with some new trails on the course and all the mystique of running from Ensenada t<;> La_ Paz .. The couri,e was marked for pre-running early in September, and 1t will be remarked early this month, as the ribbons and arrows sometimes vanish. Then, just before the race it will be checked and marked again. The course route books are in the mail to entrants and they are .available for others to purchase at Score headquarters. If you w:inc to see the start and the finish of the B~ja 1000, the easy way to go is with Ken's Tours, who have a package deal, airplane, rooms, etc., in La Paz. Check it out: by calling (818) 701-0203. · · , M.O.R.E. SHORT COURSE RACING is alive again, with a nif~ race commg up fast, on October 25-26. M.O.R.E. is based in Forth Worth and their new race course is at Canton, Texas; just east of Dallas. The event ts for Class 10. cars _only-, with a mere $200 entry fee and a guaranteed purse .of $4000 with an 80 percent payback. Write to M.O.R.E. at 3513 North West Loop 820, Forth Worth, Texas 76106, or call Stan Rowland a (:S.17) 625-8843 for _full information on the race. _ -> ~~A ~S CANCELLED their ra<ie .at Californi~ .City in ·o~ober, fmdmg the insurance costs far too heavy compa,red to the a_nticipated entry numbers. Meanwhile, the event scheduled for October 25-26 at the Fresno -Fairgrounds is on for sure. The format has been altered a bit. Now there will be a six hour endurance race on the_ long course· at Fresno on Saturday, open to all desert classes. The race carries a $300 entry fee with a 60 percent payback. It will be the final event in the 1986 AMSA Desert Series. On Sunday the full schedule of short course events will be on at Fresno. Check . the de_tails with AMSA, P.O. Box 5473, Fresno, CA 93755. THE FUDPUCKER RACING 'n:'.AM has expanded their desert racing for cars t~ a th~ee race serie~ in 1987. Fud believes in planning ahead. All three events will be m the desert JUS~ west of El Centro, CA. The first round will be the traditi?nal August 8 date ~ -1987, the. Superstition-250 IV, a night race and a fun tt~e, held_ on the Anc1e~t Dry Lake Bed. On October 3 next year the se~nd series race 15 the 200 Mile Plaster City Blast, at, where else, Plaster City, CA. Honest follcs, there really is such a place! The series finale will be on New Year's Eve next year, harking back to the old days of Borrego racing. It is a keen way to welcome the New Year, racing in the desert and having a slick party after the race, and nobody has to drive home. These events are well o~g_anized, the payback is gen_erous_, and the people are nice and friendly. It _ will take y9u back ten years m attttud~s ~n desert racing. ' ~~?ER WILL SURE BE BUSY for sho_rtcourse-racers. The finale of _ e 1c ey Th4:1mpson Off Road Gran Prix Series happens on Saturday, , October-11 ~t Its roots at the Pomona Fairgrounds. The year end points awards and a danc: are sched~led a~ter the final event at Pqmona,at 1 i, p.m: Further south, Marty T npes will have a rate at El Cajon Speedway, also on. October 11. ~arty canceled his El Centro date, when the MTEG Orange Show date conflicted, but he decided to go ahead at El Cajon.Tripes offers a $10,0<X;> guara~teed purse_, noe~try fee, for Classes 1, l0and l-2-1600. The pu~se ~ill_ be paid bac~ agamst tne entry numbers in each class. In the works. is an mvtta~onal race with a $5000 purse, and this is reported to be sponsored by On Dirt ~otorsports. Also on the schedule are 3 wheelers, quads and-~dyssey~, with a small entry fee and 100 percent payback. Get all that mformanqn from Marty Tripes, 228Faxon Drive Spring Vall~y CA 92077 or call.(619) 463-0654. · · ' · ' · · · . In the middle of all this, Bud Fel~kamp and Don Brown are pu~irig ~n a keen event at Gle_n Hele_nO~V Park m San Bernardino County on October 19. Called the Miller High Life Off Road Challenge, there are classes for all ope~ w~eel ca~s, A TVs and Odysseys, and 100 percent cash payback. Get all th~ mfo on thts one from Brian Church at (714) 381-4454 or880-1733 or wnt~ to Glen Helen Park, P.O. Box 2937, San Bernardino, CA 92406. •' THE_ CALIFORNIA RAL_!, Y SERIES ~ad to cancel the Hawthorne Rally -last month, so there was no pro style rally m Nevada at all this year. However the_ EAST OF INDIO Rally is on for sure in November. Rallymaster Roge; Allison reports tha,t the P'-;1blished date of November 1 and 2 may be changed. For ~he latest. mfo on this rally, a very good one by the way, call Roger at F~1} 736-1142. -,,"/./1•,al';v,.rJf.''!f.;-~ · · .,_.,0,>.,t·-- . -· .. ~ · Dusty Times

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tlzomp1on'j -~--:.::--,-~-• . I • 1. gs· s·· CHAMPIONSHIP · . ·_ - · · SEASON --SATURDAY• 7 PM OCTOQER 11th -LA COUNTY PAIRPLIX · Pomona . THE SEASON FINALE! It all comes down to this one final event at the newly-refurbished Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in nearby Pomona, Relax in the colorful and comfortable surro_undings of the most modern stadium in the coun-try an·d be an eye witness to all the .electrifying action of the "Wildest Show on Wheels." After the race r (from 11 -p.m., to 1 a.m.) there will be a Trophy Presentation and . Dance . right at the Fairgrounds with free admission to all pit pass holders ... Celebrate the great 1986 season and toast the upcoming '87 season with all the stars of the Off-Road Championship Gran Prix! (No-Host Bar, Pit Pass Required for Admission.) For advance ticket information call {818} 359-5117. Gcites open· at 5:00 p.m., "Meet the Racers" frpm 5:30 to 6:30, races start at 7:00 p.m. . FOR EV.ENT TICKETS OR ENTRY, _INFORMATION WRITE OR CALL: .. MTEG 53 WOODLYN LANE, BRADBURY, CA 9·1010 (818)359-5117 I - - . ♦

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-1r·· -\ --- WEATHERMAN_ -RADIO TIPS · '1986 from 9:00 a.m. to" 5:00 p.m. ' . -~-~ : · The subject matter wiH cover 2-, · ;i, i,TQ·i',,., ForPitOrganizatio~sandBikersOnly way radio ili\Stallation.and ~ -- -~ •--,,-1) -,~-b mainteriance, frequency, range, ~ By Bo ''Weatherman" Steinberger antennas and also will include the The Baja 1000 --'-for the eyes - each pit. If twentv -hikers pooled automobile electrical system. and ears of Bikers and Pit their interests, each biker would Frequencycoordinat_ionswill Organizations only! ·is not a only have to supply one chase also. be covered for the 1000, technical ·article! It is intended vehicle and only three people!! · where the Goodyear' Weatherman only to stimulate the possibility of Staggered pits ·would help the Radio Relay will provide a safety thinking of bikers running the Baja · cars t~JO and.the radio communica-net· for biker.s. 1000 with the aid-of_ the pit tions would be better. What about The relay team atop Mt. Oiablo support·clubs. Should this become some of the other pit clubs getting will cover the race from Ensenada a realityordieforlackof a second, into their own coalition or joini11g to Santa Inez. The Goodyear this· writer takes no_responsibility one of' the existing_ on_es. Pooling 'Blimp' (Piper Aerostar) will cover whatsoever for whatever · the makes sense and saves inoney. the race from.Santa Inez to La Paz · outcome. I only hope to stimulate· What's in it for the pit.clubs to flying at an altitude_of21,000 feet. the thinking processes of those agree to pit bikes? . (Sal Fish is·getting the permits to · p.eople that could be involved in From the bike ranks come some fly at night.) We wiH monitor the making some historical -inroads of the-pr~mier car drivers· and two main race. frequencies with regards to interfl!cing th.e .future foll time members. There 151.625 and 151.715. We. will efforts of the _bikers and .the cars are only four Score/HORA r~ces coord_inate the radio efforts_ of the into the common effort of thisyearthatatlowbikes-maybe· medics and have aµtility radio to -conquering the Baja ,md making it -thtibtlcers, at the other four races, talk to other frequencie_s and into a yearly everit -Ensenada to would help with pitting the cars. It something brand new for this La Paz. '. ,__ _ sure would be neat.having bikes in ·race!! A low power frequency for How. many more dmes will the the pit to go back up the-corrrse the bike ch~sses only. The bike_rs opportunity be available to do the with pal'ts, etc. I also understand can_ now talk direct!y to the ultimat~ thing? Race the Baja! Not that it's hard ·to find dedicated Weatherman Relay Team _and the loop races but the real thing, people to man the pits. The ability have their messages relayed on any Ensenada i:o La Paz, 1013 miles;· a to showcase the camaraderie, the 150 band channel to any pit .via a super test of man and machine. _ capabilities and expertise of an Off handheld 2-way radio. The killer cost_ of competing is Road Pit_Club to the whole racing _ PCI Race Radios is making pitting. If you only had to supply fraternity -thereby creating new available to bikers a ra':e prepped two or three pits, could y.bu memberships. handheld fm 2-way r_ad10 package compete? Here are,some facts for -Plain and simple it's a.neat thing· that goes into the fanny pack and your consideration. _ to do. Off Roaders helping Off can be wired into the helmet with The Chapa la Dusters, and Roaders. Cars or bikes, bikes or push to talk on the handlebar. Ten F.A.I.R. Off_ Road Pit Organiza- · cars, it insures the future of the channeL-5 watt handheld is_only tions are pooling their efforts to sport. · · , $395.00 Special racer~ price -supply -first class pits to their Iftherearefiftymore·entriesasa optional ifems extra - caH Bob racers over the. entire peninsula:_ result of the joint efforts of the pit Steinberger at (213) 427-8177 for The_ Checkers and Los Campeones. dubs,' the: bikers, ;mq the race will details. . _ are pooling .their efforts to do the ;·Jie a greater success!· Score makes Volunteers are nee<;led for.relay. . same thing. Cars need only half the moi;e money -more money I need one person on Mt. Diablo pits that bikes need because of fuel · means better races and keeping up and one person in the aircraft that consumption and fuel capacity. old traditions'like Ensenada fo La has: a. the ability to commljnicate Pooling with other bikers Paz. More people will go to Baja-on the radio. b. A super knowledge· -1essen .. s the. number of pits mote money is spent and they of the course whereby they can tequiredbyeachbiker.IftheOff really do need our mon_ey, relate to the med_ics, -racers or· Road Pit Organizations would particularly in Baja Sur. Our chase vehicles information agree to pit bikes, then the bikers positive economic impact will help pertaining·how to get into and out would only need half as mai;:i.y pits. insure the future of Baja racing. of the course. c. That doesn't get If the two coalitions of pit airsick! _ _ organizations were_ to stagger their Z-Way Radio Work Shop Any comments, observations or October 4th pits so that a professional pit suggest_ions call or write to Bob d PCI Race Radios is hosting a appeare ever,y fifty miles, the seminar at their facilities in Long "Weatherman" Steinberger cl o bikers could race with only having PCI Race Radios, 2888 Gundry - - Beach on Saturday, October 4th, tosupplyoneortwopitpeopleat , ., Ave., Signal Hill, CA, (213) 427-8177. Page-6 October 1986 --.mor~.~-.TRAIL :NOT-ES" SCORE INTERNATIONAL reminds etery deser·t racer that the Gre~n -Sticker 'business becomes mandatory on January 1, i 987: The law requiring every off road race cai: to be registered under the program and have a green sticke·r· applies ONLY TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS. If you live elsewhere and do not carry a California driver's license, you do not need a green sticker to race in California. Enforcers will be at Parl<er the endofJanuary, however, so all California racers would do well to_get cracking oh the paper work, and take advantage of the ofi_ site registration avail,:ible on, the Frid<1Y of the HDRA Budweiser Barstow, December 5, 1986. _Score advises if you n_eed _the -~tic~er and do nofhave Jt, you will not race at Parker. _ TH~_CROWDED CA~ENDARconditions of a couple of.years ago seem to be on the way 1987. Desert folks thought the problem was cured when Score and HDRA j9ined up in a common series, each dropping a race to make a comfortable eight 'race series. For those without the budget to compete in the {llajor series, good club style events are all around<You·can run the southern desert in California with Fudpucker, or the fun series put on by both ADRA in Arizona and SNORE in southern Nevada. The northerners , ·could run both desert and short course with VORRA; and goforther riorth to · run the d~sert with Pro CanAm.-Certainly there seems to be enough desert runs for anyone.'s taste. _ , But, in 1987.a-new entity €ailed Baja Promotions, LTD. is promoting a pair of races around San Felipe in Baja California. These ev_ents will schedule all the current desert classes for both cars and motorcycle engined vehicles, in both-Pro and Sportsman categories, similar to ADRA. Presented·by On Dirt Magazine and the City of San Felipe, the dates are February 22-24, 1987, :\. 200 mile run/ and October 3-4, 1987, a 300 mile race. The announcement last month raised the hackles on s~rrie long time desert race promoters necks,· ' The firsi: date seems uncomfortably close to the HDRA .March 6-8 Gold Coast 250,' and 'the second date is right on a collision course. with the Fudpucker Plaster City Blast, less than 200 miles north _of San Felipe. Only time will tell how these dates all wash out. But, there cari be _too many races a year, even for the southwestern drivers. Usually the result'is that all the events suffer from low·entry numbers; which will not provide the cash to pay the cost.of putting on a desert race. · - · THE SUNRISER FOREST RALLY results arrived right on deadline from -a pr_ivate source. The big news is i:hat John Buffum did not win. Rod Millen - -and Harry. Ward got the job dorie'in the Mazda RX-7 4x4. They·beat the awesome Audi by about 35 seconds. Doug Shepherd and'Ginny Reese took the GT Gl~-'and fourth overall in the Dqdge Turbo Shelby. Californians-Chad DiM~rco and Rich Stuetzel won Group A and were fifth overall in their Subaru 4 WD Turbo.John Crawford andJoe Andreini won the Production Dlass and were·eighth overall in the Dodge Omni GLH. There will be a full · report next month; providing ciur reporter Tom Grimshaw comes back from -· the wilds of Alaska_ on the Akan 5000 in time so_ send in the story. . RUMBLES FROM THE ORANGE SHOW. The penuli:imat~ round in th~ 1986 Mickey Thompson Off Road Championship Gran Prix Series went off smoothly on September 13 at the Orange Show Fairgrouri~s. But, when , we arrived ii) the;•early afternoon, the pits seemed empty, compared to previous· events-. here. Well, some of the better known buggy te_ams were missing, and the entry in both Class 10 and Class 1-2-1600 was down considerably from the prior event at the L.A. Coliseum. For example, there were 25 Class l O cars on the list -at the ~oliseum, and only-16 at the Orange Show. The drop was even more dramatic in Class 1-2-1600, that fielded 13 at the Coliseum, but only two starters at the Orange Show.Even more curiqus is the fact that.there was no conflicting _race date on September-13·. ;_ · Many _pit folks thought the "Group Cc;mcept", ( see article in this issue) was having a major impact on the buggy entry, Add to that reports of a letter from MTEG all 1-1600 drivers, which we have not seen. But, it was reported that the letter suggested the 1600 en try wa? not important enough to -warrant their own race, and that the class would probably be dropped from the · i 987 schedule. The indefatigable Mickey Th0mpson seemed scarcely fazed by the readily available parking in the pits or the slim fields in the automotive based classes. He remarked that if the buggies choose not to race with MTEG, there were plenty of other classes waiti_n_g for the opportunity to go stadi_um racing. -1 _ _ The good news is that the'Oran·ge Show program was tight, on schedule, and over before 10:00 p.m. Most folks were homeaboutthetimethe last race was running at the Coliseum. Steve Millen won the truck bash and the series championship in the Toyota, Vince Tjelmeland won top ho!1ors in UltraStock in his Pontiac, and Wes Elrod won the 1-2-1600 points and was second overall-in the Ultr"!Stock race. Most exciting was the debut of young Rob Gordon in on_e of Bob's fancy Chenowths. Rob gm the hole shot in the -c1!1SS 10 main. event, and he led all the way to victory. This followed by just one week Rob's first overall win at rhe HORA Frontier 500. A full report on the.Orange Show will be in the November issue,· ~ -_-· Nostalgia buffs in off road racing gota'real surprise at the Orange Show. Driving the seco_nd Tea_m Mazda pickµp was none other than Bobby Ferro. If you only got into desert racing in recent'years, you won't remember the-glory days in the 1970s of the Sandrrtaster Team out ofNorthJiollywood, CA; starring Bobby Ferro, Gene Hirst and· nµmerous oth!'!rs who have either retired or gope on to other classes. When the Sandmaster Team evolved into other names and finally broke up; Ferro retired. He had wom every desert race there :was, many several times, usually overall. Seven y'ears latei::he made his debut in stadium racing, looking good for ha"'.ing had just ·a few _laps-of practice. Like most other truck drivers in the sere is, _Bobby .tossed the Mazda on its_ side at one point. Ferro was subbing for Rod Millen in the_ Mazda,.as · Millen was busy in .Ohio wil)ning the Sunriser Forest Rally, AffENTION DESERT RACERS DUSTY TIMES has contingency·money posted at all Score and HDRA desert races. Check it out on contingency row -Two different-classes each event. Dusty Times

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1 ,e,~1~,11 _ · HAP.PENINGSu. A.D.~.A . . · -. .· Arizona Desert Racing Association 1408 East. Granada .· Phoenix; Al, 85006 . (6Q2}252-1900 Oct~ber 18 PenaSi=O 150 Puerto Penasco, ' Sonora, Mexico . . December 6 Sonoita to Rocky Poirit Hare 'n' Hound _ Sonoita, Sonora, Mexic~ AMSA America!) Motor Spo.rts Association P.0 , Box 5473 · Fresno, CA 937.SS · (209) 439-21'14 October 25-26 American G.P. ''.''_ Fr_e,sno;'CA , . :r../: . • 1"~ MEIUCAN OFF ROAD . RACING'.ASSOGJATION .· . John: Ohanesiii.n ' • P.'O. Box 3-1811 J'hoen'ix, A:niso46 (602) 8674769 CALIFQRNmA:iiiAL.LY SERIES · O~tober5 '-Cliffs of.Gorman' V Rally · Hungry Va.Hey SVRA, CA Info: Gary English (714) 497-4670 November 1-2, East of Indio V . Indio, CA Info: Roger .Allison (714) 736-1442 FORDA .. Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 5349 Hansel Ave., C-1: Orlanclo, Florida 32809 (305) 851-6245 FLORIDA OFF ROAD -RACING ENTERPRlSES P.O. Box 40 , . ·Inverness, FL 32651 (813) 933-7947 (904) 726.,6560 October 18 East Bay Raceway Tampa, FL • FUD PUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, /:/6 Chula Vista, CA92011 (619) 427~5759 Aug'ust08, 1987-Supetstition 250 IV · Ancient Dry Lake Bed El Centro, CA October 3, 1987 200 Mile Plaster City Blast · Plaster City, CA · · Dusty.Times December 31,'1987 ·. · 150 Mile Dunaway Dash :EI Centro, CA GORRA · Georgia Off Road ·:, Rac:ing Association Box 11093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 (404) 927-6432 :October 26 100 Miles Winder-Barrow Speedway, GA November 29 250 Miles . Location TBA · December 6 -Annual Banquet Atlanta, GA GREAT WESTERN POINTS SERIES, INC. '!507 South Lincoln Loveland, CO 80537 CORRA {3'03) 669-4460 -DORRA (303) 429-1949 RMORRA (303) 597-8239 WKR (913)_332-3402 _ HDRA " . Hig)i ~E)e'sefr Radng Association • 961-'WesfDale Ave. Las Vegas, NV89i24 _ . ,n, , :£7Q2),361-54_Q4 k;! ,; r· , : .. , December 5-7 . ;J 3udweise; 450 . · Barsi;ow, CA J.ati,uary 3, 1987 . Des~.rt Series Award Banquet • '.. Anaheim; CA_ · I March 6-8, 19,87 Gold G::oast 250 , Las Vegas, Ne~ada May 7{10, 1987 Mint 400 Las.· Vegas, NV July 31-5, 1987 Fireworks 250 Barst~w, CA . . I September 11-13, 1987 . Frontier 500 . Las Vegas, NV .• December 5, 1987 • _Desert Series Awards 8anquet Las Vegas, NV I ' HIGH. PLAINS . OFF ROAD RACING - ASSOCIATION October 25 Last Chance Baja Wall, SD Info: Jim Kitterman. ( 605) 2 79-25 50 . ' GLEN HELEN OHV PARK . P.O:· Bo·x 2937' ' San Bernardino, CA. (7.14) -381-4454. or (714) 880-1733 October 19 Miller High -Life OffR6ad Challenge :tn:Glen He-lerd§)HV -Patk;,:' 1 '1'., · . ' San Bernardino, CA IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36, ' • Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All events staged at the dub g'rounds in · Cleves, -Ohio) M.O.R.E. 3513 Nort,h West Loop-820 Fort Wcirth, TX 76106 (817)625-8843 . October 25,26 ·. Off Ro~d Short . Course Race· . Canton, TX (just· east of Dalias) MICKEY THOMPSON'S . OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment -Group 53 Woodlyn Lane' Bradbury, CA 91010 (818) 359-5117 Oct~ber 11 L:A. County Fairgrounds Pomona, CA·. . January 10, 1987 Anaheim Stadium Anaheim, CA · January l 7, 1987 Jack Murphy Stadium · San f?iego, CA OLYMPUS INTERNATIONAL RALLY -John Nagel' P.O. Box 4254 Tumwater, WA 98501 - : (206) 754-97.17 , · · ·. ~December 3-7 , WRC 0 lympus-lnterriati~nal .. ,, Rally Tufuwater, WA OFF ROAD RACING ... ASSOCIATION OF TEXAS 1421 Lee Trevino, D-1 El Paso, TX 79935 (915) 594-8266 December 6~7 _ Shadow Mountain Lake 250 · · Shadow Mountain Lake Horizon, TX O.O.R,R.A. Oklahoma Off Road Racing Association Larry Terry 1 • 9220 N.E. 23rd Oklahoma C::ity, OK 73141 (405) 769-5491 (All races located at Freedom, OK) Vic Brumham Freedom Chapter President (405) 621-3428 October 10-12 . OORRA 150 ORSA · Randy Miller · 407 G Street, Suite F. Davis, CA 956l6'. · (916 )756-9938 -. (916) 756-6399_·: .' Short Course & Sand D~ags; all events at> Raceway, Sacramento, S::A · _ .. ,_.,,, ,,1Oc~~be~118~19 <~~y:,j I';'Jbvem.bert15-16 • ~-~<,; l'I '\· ,! t• .:....,~;k .... ~ ') ,~:)) ·, ·•_. ,,:.~-·.-1' October 1986 POST . Pennsylvania .Off Road Short Track Shark Saxon RD /:/3, Box 9 -Towanda, PA 18848 (717)265-3076. October 11-12 ·. All events in Monroeton, PA at the intersection of Routes 414 & 220. PRO CAN AM SERIES Pro Can Am .Racing Inc. P.O: _Box 323 . ._ . Seahurst, Washington 98062 (206) 242-1773 · (503) 620-03'13 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES·' Spor,ts Car Club o(America 6750 Emporia St. Englewood, CO 80112 · ( 303) 779-0625 , · October 4~5 . Ojibwe Rally Grand Rapids, MN October 25-26 Ptess 0~ Regardless Houghton, MI SCORE Score International 31356 Via Colihas, Suite 111 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818) 889-9216. November 6-9 Baja 1000 · , Ensenada t9 La Paz, Mexico January 3, 1987 , Desert Sereis Awards Ban9uet . Anaheim, c;:A . , _\ Janua~y 3Q~'3 l, Februa,,:y l, 1987_ · · · Parker 400' Parker, AZ April 3-5, 1987 . Great Mojave 250 · Lucerne Valley, CA June 5-7, 1987 Baja Internacional Ensenada,·B.C., Me.xico August 14-16,1987 Off Road World· Championship Riverside, CA November 6;.s, 1987 Baja 1000 Ensenada, B.t.; Mexico December 5, 198"7 Desert Series Awards Banquet Las Vegas, NV SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery, Quebec,· J6N 1A3, Canada (514) 692-6171 . November 15 Midnight Special · Las Vegas, NV .S.O.R.R.P. Speedway Off Road Racing -Productions Bernie-Weber . P.O. Box 402 Temple, Texas 76503 -(817) 773-3548 STA.DIUM RACING, U :S.A Marty Tripes 228 Fax9n_ Drive ' Spring Valley, CA 92077 (619)463-0654 October U El Cajon Speedway El Gajon,'CA SHORT TRACK · GFFROAD ENTERPRISES FORMULA DESERT . DOG SERIES . S. T.O.R.E. Co-Ordinator: · · Gil Parker. .. 7406 So. 12th 'St. Kalamazoo, MI 49009 -(616) 375;1233 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS.ASSOCIATION · Karen Jinkins· · 2345 Hopkins Crossroad Minnetonka, MN 55343 (612) 5.44-23.70 , , , ,, _ · VORRA _ .. Valley Off Road Raciti.g Association .. f833 Los Robles Blvd. ~acnim~~-to; CA 95838 · · . (9)6)"925-1702 , . October 12 Prairie City OHV Park • Sacramento, CA November 1-2 Praide City O,HV_ Park Sacramento, CA WHEEL TO WHEEL; INC. P.O. Box 688; Dept. 4WOR Bancroft, Ontario, Canada KOL !CO (613) 332-1766 (613) 332-4128 WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 19125 -87A Ave: . Surrey, British Columbia, · . V3S 5X7, Canada (604) 576-6256 ATTENTION . RACE O!lGANIZERS --,--,------------,--• List ·your co~in,l( events in DUSTY TIMES free!. Send your 1987 schedule as soon as. poss.ihle for. listin,l( i11 this column. Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 533,1 Derry Ave., Suite O,.Agoura, CA 91301. SILVER DUST RACING , ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 7380 · Las Vegas, N,V 89125. .. (702) 459-0317 October 25 · Silverdust 400 km ·· Henderson; NV SNORE ,SCJuthern Nevada Off Road Entl:iusiasts, .. . P.O.-BoJ.:'4394/(l)f;\· ... ;:.,. ,_._ Las V-egas•,~·_.NV -89-ftilf.:. '(702) 452-4,522 . · Check Out the DUSTY TIMES -Spcci.-lClub Sub Offer .-Call (i111)' 119-5600 or \vrite . .' DUSW Tlft(ES 53-31 Derry Ave., Suite O . Agoura, _CA 91301 · Page7

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. . , WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP OFF ROAD RACE· _ The 17th Annual Brush Run .1·01 By Jean Calvin Photos: Dan Mainzer, GenCorp Audio Visual Dept./]ean Calvi~ One of the longest running off Road America. This was the road races in the country; the biggest event ln the midwestern Brush Run '101 · started out Formula Desert Dog Series, and through the wood~ _in northern that brought more dough into Wisconsin, ran on various ,the · .coffers via contingency venues over the years, and found prfaes. This" year General Tire a permanent home in 1984 when Motorsports jumped into . the organizers literally •:bought Crandon with both feet, the farm."_ On the outskirts of stringing promotional material Crandon, Wisconsin, die farm all over the course, allover town, was quickly converted toa racing and sponsoring the Heavy Metal facility by hordes of volunteers Championship race, and a tire gathered from Crandon arid rolling contest, and heaven only surrounding towns. Each knows what else. It was indeed a summer since then, more festive weekend, and a well permanent structures have been paying. race for serious added, the course widened and • competitors. _ improved, and fencing and · New this year was organized hookups the camping Friday activity. Usually the areas. Now,the LS.mile track on camping meadows are thinly · natural terrain is, in our populated until late Friday night. judgement, the finest outdoor l.a_st 'month the new Hot Lap for short course facility in the USA. cash idea brought more racers This year the· Brush Run folks into town early on the long put together a two race series, the weekend. Several open practice · Spring · Run -in June and the sessions were held, then each World's Championship Off - entrant was given a timed run, Road Race on Labor Day the best of two counting, over the weekend. The two race series course to try for· Hot Lap awards held a $20,000- points fund, in class. In classes where General classes t~e fast time was good for a crisp, one hunqred dollar bill, from the organizers. It was a keen way to get in some practice and try for some reward at~ the same time. . '" Saturday morn(ng the serious stuff began with a short practice Defending SODA points champibn Aon Kar/man led nearly all the way, but had to fight off challengers all the way to win Class 5-1600. for · the classes racing on Saturda¥. All the mototorcycle engined classes of two, three and four wheeled devices ran on Saturday betwee~ the car events, which made for· a well rounded ·program. Promptly at 10:00 a.m. the first of the car half hour races began with Classes 5-1600 and mid western · 11 ,· similar, to Challenge cars in the west. Eight started off i_n the limited Baja Bugs, and this was a tight - pack as all eight made it through the drag race startand a.roundthe trac!< for several laps. Ron Karlinan wiggled into the lead, but not by much, as he soon had Jim · Rulefson right -on his . bumper, and the pair ran like this · most of the dfafanc·e. Just yards . back, Jeff Therriault, Phil Freimuth and Jim Pfeffer ~ere running in_even tighter quarters, ;ind .a couple others were close enough to pounce. Midway Freimuth got caught in traffic as ·the faster 11 cars caught upfroin the delay st~rt, and he dropped · back'from the others. Up front i<:arlman and Rulefson were·still hard at it, and Pfeffer had broken away from his struggle and moved in, followed by Therriault. Ron Karlman did not get away from Jim Rulefson • until the 13th and last lap, and Ron took the victory with Rulefson only 15 seconds back in second. Jim Pfeffer hung on in third, fourth overall, while Jeff Therriault was fourth, 'all on the same lap. _ Meanwhile, the 14 starters in Class 11, two seat, single shock, stock 1600 buggies, were having a time sorting out. James_ Hook was the early leader, hanging on . for five full laps, but most of the' time he was side by side with Chad Ramesh, whowasmakinga' wild challenge for the lead. Dean Hauser was running third, tagged by Dennis .Freimuth, Terry _ Friday and - sevpfa·, others, Midway Ramesh :'g t a. couple Bugs between him ,,and Hauser, and got away, but l:fauser held courtesy of· Budweiser• payed Tire offered contingency prizes, Geoff Dorr was the big vyin[ler at Crandon in his Jeep CJ B. Geoff won overall in the combined Class 4 and 13 race, won back deeply in tb-e classes to the fast time was good for a set of overall in Class 14, and topped it off by winning the Heavy Metal Ch_ampionship overall, and he took a tidy sum home to those who topped Jhe ~ints list. four tires of your choice. In other . Rockford, Illinois. · Additionally, the Brush-Run 101 ----------------'----------has a hefty purse just for the event, and it was no surprise to · see the largest entry in any short course race, this year show _up in the north woods of Wisconsin. They tackled the well manicured - ·-traGk in a variety of classes, . including a few that arep~culiar , to the Superior Off Road Racing-. Series. The total entry swelled to · well over 550 cars, bikes and A TVs, including 162 in the "Good Old Boys" class alone. · The event was heavily sponSQred this year by the aforementioned Budweiser, along with True Vi:tlue Hardware and Valvoline Oil, plus a few Staying within yards of the leader until the last lap, Jim Rulefson kept his Baja other companies including Off· Bug together well and got a well earned second in 5-1600. October 1986 Driving the Wisconsin made Spartin chassis, Chad Ramesh took the Class 11 lead midway in the race, and he opened a gap to take a convincing victqry .. Dusty TI mes_

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Kevin Probst won the drag race to the first turn among the 34 2-1600s, and, with Vickie Paulson riding along, Kevin led all 15 laps to the victory. Chuck Williams flew his .Berrien high through the woods and ended up a very close fourth in the tight running 2-1600 action. Kevin~Pr"obst used Class 10 Rabbit power in his Berrien Laser to smoke the Class 1 field handily, leading the race easily from flag to flag. Pennsylvan an .13:rt Sphmitt got·a trio of;strong second places;,/n'Class'1; Class' · 9, and in _the Unlimited Championship race, driving a Berrien. · DustyTimes The race headqi;!arters Barn features a viewing balcony, and plenty of refreshments inside to handle the nearby hordes · of spectators that are strung in depth for_ nearly a mile along th~ course. second over Friday. Then the Bug of Phil Freir:nuth and the 11 ofJames Hook collided near the start/finish line, and Hook lost, stopping to check the damage, · then going . on with the front wheels badly splayed out. _ Up front the gaps between the leaders widened as the clock ran down. At the flag it was Chad· Ramesh who took the win in a locally made _Spartan chassis, Dean Hauser was a long second, trailed by Dennis Freimuth.John Nelson and Terry Friday, while Cliff Holiday lost a lap, finishing on a broken tie rod. With 34 starters Class 2~ 1600 ran alone, ai:id it '1/as a herd coming off the drag race start, Adjustable Shock -Struts _, Raise or lower (down to dirt track height your 3 or 4 Wheeler in· 2 down the twisting hills and over the first jumps. Kevin Probst, with Vickie Paulson riding in the Berrien, shot into an immediate · lead, and Kevin led all 15 laps to victory. Nobody really got close enough to challenge, and Kevin won by 22 . seconds. John and Scott Koran started out in second~ minutes or less. Our adjustable-shock struts replace the,stock solid link. Mdde_to aircraft quality standards, they feature a "center adjusting bolt" which simplifies · adjusting and allows fine tuning the bike heigh( $56. 95 A-Arms Lightweight, chrome-molly A-Arms feature 2 shock locations and can be . : . . used to either lower the front end or to run ,longer shocks. Over , 50% strongerthan stock.' ' Blue powder coated. $199.44 .pr. / ·_ Looking For Power? For lowering the front end of your s_uzuki Quad®. lnstali a . Power Filter"' and unleash the horsepower of your 3 or 4 wheeler. Our new 2 stage air tilter is the most cost effective way to add _10% or more power in seconds! Power Fitlers'" improve filtration and keep your bike.running stronger longer. Other Dura Blue: Produc~: 3 Wheelers: Pro-Lite® Axle, Pro-Series lhAxle, Swing Arms, Skid Plates, Wheel Hubs . and Spacers. 4 Wheelers: A-Arms, Pro-Series Axles. Wheel Hubs and Spacers. Odyssey®: Pro-Series Axles, Spc:icers, Front and Rear Hubs. . ,;"'•·•••~ D:l••e® . ,f•~w.,;t'u · .1/iaf:C,,'! , inc. -,~\:z_:::;f,·t;i' l<:.: .. ·.,'=':'t:-/. ,·,:V· ..,.,.,,::l',·.i- . li{i:-:!: • ;:. ··• '\:v · Full Line Catalog $2.00 . , , ~A,q0;f~.'Hu11dl_ey, qeP.,H~T. Aodt:)eim, CA 92806 (714) 632-6803 ,;··1- f \·".!'•. « ,t.,ol, ... >' .C,.~-· .--~,"" J ••• , • --· •• -·~ • ,. ' .. ' - • ' (

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~ spot, and Chuck Williams/ Jim Garner, Berrien, . were right behind, as ,was Scott. Taylor/ Pauls Sorenson, Elimin-ator, and Dave Vandermissen,Jr. was moving up fast, as the field began to stretch out. On the third round Taylor got by Williams, and moved into second after some serious . infighting with Koran. Meanwhile Yandermis-sen was having a-gmi.t i:lice with . Mike _ Brue, _and eventually got past but not away. .• Probst drove. on in lonely splendor., and Taylor also got clear of Koran. Williams stayed , close, followed byVandermissen and Brue, with Mike Renkas in Scott Taylor had a good run in Class 1 in the single seat Eliminator of his own close too. Taylor and Koran design, finishing well up in third place in-the heat. , , Rick Witt, from Minneapolis, drove his· well prepped Jeep·Honcho to a fine second in Class 4, :close on the sanie lap as the leader. diced all the way to the finish, a respectable distance ·behind · Kevin Probst, and finished in that order. Chuck Williams pulled in for fourth ahead of Mike Brue, as Vandermissen fell off the pace and finished sixth. Renk as was next, the last one to cover 15 laps in the 30 minute race. After some 3 wheeler heats the Class 1 cars appeared, alone on the course with just nine starters, half of them driving 1650 engines. Taking the lead right from the start was Kevin Probst in 'his Rabbit powered Berrien Laser, and, as he did in the 2-1600 race in a different car, Kevin proceeded to walk away from th!;! field. Starting off ·in second . was Bert Decker, Joey Flannery drove his interesting Chevy powered 2WD to the Class 13 victory by a whisker, and Flannery was second overall in the 4 and 13 race. Sporting a very long nose on his Class 13 creation, Gary Heidtman was in a. three way dice fi;,r the win, but had to settle for second in class. Tom Arthur, Scott Taylor, Art Schmitt, Derrel Burks an:d another_ Rabbit powered car, Don Ponder. In the next few laps . then Dave Vandermissen, Sr., Arthur dropped back, Decker's followed by Scott Schwalbe; --~-----------------~----- engine began to smoke, Schwalbe Leading most of the second half of the race, Robert Flanagan lost the lead and the lap on the final go, and ended up third in Class 13. CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDER.HOUSE ,, K & -N FILTERS '- RAPID COOL ·r.i , :~'..; . . •· · - TRI MIL-BUG.PACK ~~ BILSTEIN -CENTERLINE:...:.. CIBIE • 1-.-HEWLAND ~ PORSCHE TORBO C/ V 011,oed Receee1 . -\))I"' BEARD SEATS - PARKER PUMPER Parts & Accessones _ YOKOI;l:AMA TIRES ...:.. SUPER TRAPP · GEM GEARS -KYB SHOCKS - SWAY-A-WAY TRANSAXLE PARTS - KC HILITES - McKENZIE AiR FILTERS - WRIGHT PLI\CE - DURA BLUE l!LTRABQOT - NEAL PRODUCTS CENTER LINE R/JC/IIIC .HlllS OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Monday - Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday - 8:00 a.m. - 1 :30 p.m. I BEFORE YOU BUY-:-TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL! I · 12945 SHERMAN WAY - NO. HOLLYWOOD, CA 91605 ., {818) 765-5827. (818)°'764~438 , Page 10 • and Taylor were locked in combat for third, Schmitt and Vandermissen were doing the same act, while Arthur, Ponder and Burks were all three ,side by side. Schmitt got away from his group and began a climb through the field. Midway Kevin Probst had a three turn lead. Schmitt emerged in just a couple oflaps in second place, followed by Decker, . sounding sicker each lap. Scott Schwalbe ·smoked· a lot, lost all his oil and went to the pits, and Scott Taylor took over Home town hero Jack Flannery did not disappoint the fans, and he took the Class 8 lead on the first turn, and led all the way to the checkered flag. -· third, Eventually Decker parked original dune buggy class, by the announcing stand, -and · requiring a front engined vehicle, Kevin Probst had nearly half a lap . any body on a truck or car lead at the checkered_ flag. Art chassis. Geoff Dorr, fresh from.a Schmitt took a clean second Riverside win, jumped into an place over Scott Taylor, and Don immediate lead off the line in his ' Ponder came from dead last to Jeep CJ 8, and Geoff proceetled fourth at the finish, followed by to stay out front the entiie ~ 15 Dave Vandermissne Sr., in his laps. Early challenges came from Class 2 car with an empty seat. Greg Gerlach, Jeep Honcho, All five covered 17 laps. · Rick Witt, Jeep Honcho, Herb Classes 4· and 13 were Rosborough, Jeep Commando, combined in one race, with only and, bringing up the rear ·was a five in Class 4, starting first, but Jeep Wagoneer. Dorr. setrled 20 Class 13 entries. Class 13 is an into a comfortable. lead with Gerlach several car lengths back,· followed in some distance by Witt and Rosborough. After six laps the leading 13s were mixing it up with the 4x4s. . · Midway Geoff r;>orr had a secure class lead but was being pushed hard by some 13s, led by Joey Flannery. Gerlach stopped for a lap; then came back into the fray. At the flag Geoff Dorr won easily over Rick Witt,. The Commando of Herb Rosbor-ough , was· third, a lap down, followed by Greg Gerlach. · The h~avy action was in Class 13. It started with Joey Fla~nery in a tight battle for the lead with . Robert Flanagan and Gary Heidtmann. Flann~ry led most · every lap, bur· Flanagan stayed with him through half. distance, then passed irito the lead. The pair were side. by side with just over a lap to go, and it . was an even bet. Joey. Flannery made a daring pass on the last leg of the course to win Class 13 in a Ford truck chassis beauty powered by a Chevrolet, that was smoking heavily at . the · flag. Flanagan b9bbled on the pass and Gary ,,,,,J;!se,i.dJro_~IJ:f:l ¥qt ·, b,i~:, creation Crandon charger Ken Kincaid ran close in Class B for a time,-dropped back but.•,· ~p~e s.econp. Hanagan was a lap placed a clean second in class in his handsome Ford. · own~ . . October 1986 Dustynmcs

Page 11

Running in what just may be Class 7 4x 4 and 7S. the last SCORE Off-Road World Butthen,Generalseemstowind Championship Race at Riverside up in the winner's circle in just . International, Glenn Harris about every off-road race it enters. launched his California Gold So if you want to ride off on Racing Mazda to a·runawaywin in · your own race-proven rubber, see· Class 7sm. · your General Motorsports dealer. On a course that drivers judged He's got a set of Grabber radials the roughest, most uncompromis- just your size. ing Riverside ever, General Tire The Grabber AP® for all-around off-road, passenger and perfor-on-and off-road driving. The mance radials leaped to the ch~-Grabber AT® for more aggressive lenge in first-class form. all-terrain use. Besides the Harris victory, And the big-lugged Grabber MT® General-shod teams took a first for people who really like to get in Ultra-Stock and seconds in the jump on the competition. un~1r, ne1~.

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John Chaney, foreground, and ennis Ferdon demonstrate the battle of the Class 8 Fords. Chaney was fourth, and Ferdon finished seventh. Subbing for Chuck Johnson, Mike Poppie drove hard to a close third in Class 9, and just as haid to take fifth in the Unlimited Championship. Matt Foltz got his Ford Bronco off the line first in Class 3, and Flotz was never headed, winning the race by a huge margin of time. STRONGER AXLES AND OUTPUT BELLS Upgrade the C. V.s and torsion a~les on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the larger C. V. joints. ~?nvert Type I stub axles and output bells to accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C. V. iomts. Convert Type II stub axles and output bells to accept 930 C. V. joints. All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV C. V.s are threaded 3/8-24. . Axles and bells for the 930 C.V.s can be supplied with 3/8-24 or 10 mm 1.5 pitch threads. 10 mm - 1.5 is slightly larger and is the size the Porsche factory uses on their cars. FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per flange on your supplied parts. MARVIN SHAW PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 29300 3RD • LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92330 (714) 674-7365 SHIPPED BY UPS DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 12 Jeff Probst flew to the Class 9 victory in a tight race, and came back to finish the da_y in his Berrien Laser by winning the Unlimited Championship-title. Dave Vandermissen Sr. survived a close fight with his son to take the top honors in both Class 10 and Class 2 home to Wilson, Michigan. Tom Lohf stayed with the leaders in Class 10, and at the finish he came in third, in his winged two seater. Earl Erickson had a tight dice most of _the distance in Class 3. but he got his Jeep into second place, and he stayed there to the finish line. Passing in view of the crowded hillside and new announcer's stand, Jim Gunderson got his Ford Bronco home a good third in Class 3. October 1986 11:@r' in third, followed home by Blain Konitzer, also doing 14 laps. In fifth was Darrell Brehmer, followed by Phillip Konitzer, both covering 13 laps. The grand finale on Saturday was Class 8 with 20 entries, including a Class 7 Ford Ranger. The huge crowd really loved seeing the big trucks come off the drag race start around the first downhill turn. And, they got an extra thrill on this start, as Jack Flannery went i:o the inside off the start, _ ran out of room and side hilled up the bank on the track side of the turn, landing back on the course in first place . . Flannery's new big Ford never missed a beat as he ofened a hefty-lead and kept it al 15 laps .· · for the big,' home town win for Crandon. Making it a one~two punch for Crandon drivers, Ken Kincaid was a close second for a time, then dropped back, but kept his Ford in second place all the way. Frank Hood ran third in another Ford, followed by Kevin Pence in a Chevy and Dave Hackers in another Ford. About one third distance Pence stopped on course 'for good, the Ranger was also parked, and the field strung out. Jack Flannery had no trouble winning over Ken Kincaid. But, Hood began smoking heavily and eventually disappeared, putting Hockers into third where he stayed to the-checkered flag, the last to finish 15 laps. John Chaney nailed down fourth, followed by Jim Hansen, Dave Gray and Dennis Ferdon. The ' amazing factor of the Brush Run 101 this year was NO RAIN! It was bright atrfl sunny on Friday, but that lCs nappened before, and· bright and sunny on Saturday. Clouds gathered in the evening sky Saturday night, and the mosquitos were biting; but, _Sunday dawned clear and sunny, · and much warmer than anyone could remember for this race. Starting· out the Sunday program, after practice, were Classes 9 and 10, which all run as Class 10 under western rules. But, there are too many cars in class in the midwest, so 9 be!=omes single seat and 10 becomes two seat 1650cc unlimited. The Class 9 entry, 16 strong, started first with Art Schmitt in the lead, followed by Kevin Probst, , Lee Wuesthoff, Scott Taylor and Jeff Probst, and the race was on in spades. On lap 2 Schmitt held the lead, just, over W uesthoff, Jeff Probst was up to third followed by Mike Parker and Don Ponder. Kevin Probst was down and out, parked on course near the track entrance, and Scott Taylor had rolled into _ the first turn banking and bought the fence. He got loose and did a couple more laps before retiring. Probst was third with Parker close, and Derrel Burks was next with Mike Poppie on his bumper . Wuesthoff held the lead for a few more laps, then Probst made the pass, but the two stayed nose to tail for several rounds in a great dice. Mike Parker broke an axle and parked, Art Schmitt took over third ahead of Burks, anc,i these boys were really racing. Wuesthoff made a bid to retake the lead fa·· th~ waning laps, got ' alongside Probst on. the last lap, DustyTimcs

Page 13

r Dave Vandermissen Jr. stayed on his father's tailpipe in two different races, but J11nior had to settle for second place in Class 10 and Class 2. Driving a Berrien, Lee Wuesthoff charged to third in Class 1-1600, and came back later to take a close third in the Limited Championship race. the cars touched and Wuesthoff · flipped out of the race, landing next to Kevin Probst in the grass. Jeff Probst went on to win the race, followed by Art Schmitt, who had been nursing a front flat . tire for several laps. Mike Poppie hustled into third followed by _ Don Ponder, all doing 18 laps. In .fifth_ :s?~ J plll -S<;:hwartzburg, follow1:a . pj(:!3arry Kline, both covering nnaps. ' inched by Miller, who vanished on the next lap, and that was the excitement. Foltz led Erickson to the flag by a goodly distance, Scott Taylor fought hard to take the win in Class 1-1600, and in the same car, his Eliminator two seater, he was also second in Class 2-1600 action. Driving his own 1-1600, Mike Poppie finished fourth in the class heat, got with the program later to take second in the Limited Championship. both doing 14 laps. Gunderson stopped on course, losing a lap and took third, while Don · Gregoire got credit for fourth. With only six entries Class 2 was combined with Class 1-1600 on the course, and there were 31 in 1-1600. It would make more sense to put the nine Class ls and the six Class 2s together, l;,ut things are different east of the rockies, since many drivers double enter the same car in several classes. The Class 2s · ' started first and once again the dash was dominated by the Vandennissens, with dad leading son all the way to the checkered flag. It was a near repeat of the Class 10 bash, as Terry Severson held third, followed by Randy Lasnoski. The Vandermissens stayed ·in line, nose to tail, as Dave Sr. once again beat his son by half a car length. Doug Bils got third and Lasnoski was fourth. Dave VanDenElzen took- the early lead in the 1-1600 action, 'closely tailed by-Scott Taylor, John Koran, and the horde. VanDenElzen led for five laps by inches, then Scott Taylor took over as VanDenElzen parked. Koran was now second, Greg Smith was up to third and challenging Koran, and he made the pass on the next lap. Todd Attig was now fourth, followed by Lee Wuesthoff, Mike Poppie, and others in 2-1600 cars. Among the missing were Kevin Probst, with coil wire woes, and Chuck Williams without a throttle cable. In the closing laps Scott Taylor managed to fight off the challenge from Koran, and not only won the class but finished third overall. John Koran got a well earned second in class, and Lee~ Meanwhile the ten starters in Class 10 had a real race going. Brian Adams led off the line with Terry Severson, Dave Vander-missen,Jr., then Sr., in his wake. After three laps both Dave Sr. and Severson passed the leader with Severson in command, and this order held for several laps. About midway, in a good dice, Vandermissen, Sr. got side_ by Crandon driver Fay Statezny is king of Class 6 in Wisconsin, and Fay led the class wire to wire in his very tidy but potent Chevrolet. Charging down the finish line straight, John Znidorka took over second place in Class 6 midway in the race and stayed there to the finish. side with Severson, and he finally \ made the pass into the lead with his son on his bumper. The pair of green two seaters were nose to tail for the rest of the race in a fierce battle. So hot was the family fight that Sr., who won, and Jr., who was second, put a lap on i:he rest of the field. With 15 laps covered, Tom Lohf · was · third followed by Mike Renkas. Despite having only seven .starters, Class 3 was alone on the course, and the field dwindled rapidly. Matt Foltz got his Bronco off the line first, but Jan Dudiak, Jeep CJ 7, and Ted Frank, Bronco were in close. On the back side of the course in the woods Frank passed Dudiak, then went after Foltz, but rolled his Bronco up an enbankment, trashing it in the trees instead. Dudiak pitted on the first lap with trans trouble. Matt Foltz led the five rig field now, followed by James Miller, Bronco, and Ea.rI Erickson, Jeep, in a tight dice for second place. Bringing up the rear were Jim Gunderson, Bronco, and Don Gregoire, Jr., Bronco. , The_ fight for second went on . -, for about s·even laps, while Fo'ltz , ,,, '"' built a big lead. Then Erickson: Dusty Times SMI I I VBIL T Adds Muscle To Your Hardbody Bumper Thumper October 1986 Page 13

Page 14

, ~ Wuesthoff fought off Mike Poppie for third. Tom Surace got his Berrien in fifth, followed by Greg Smith and Michael Brue, all doing 15 laps. Todd Attig had rolled out of contention in the same spot as Scott Taylor had earlier in the Class 9 race. But Attig got righted and continued on to the finish. This was-one.of the closest contests of the weekend. Rounding out the 15 lap finishers were Ed Tessmer, Greg Smith, on a flat tire, and Mike Brue. More heavy iron was up next with Classes 14 and 6. Class 6 is quite strong. in Wisconsin, fielding 13 starters, and there were ten in Class 14, half of them double entries from Class 4. The modified 4x4s led off, and Robert Flanagan grabbed the lead ·in his single seat creation, with Geoff Dorr, CJ 8, on his tail. John Heidtmann was next, followed by Cµrt LeDuc, who lost the engine in his own racer in practice and was now driving the Class 3 Bronco of Jim Gunderson. LeDuc parked for a time, fixing the electrics in the Herb Rosborough drives the cleanest Jeep Commando seen in a long time, and he finished third in Class 4, and a keen second in Class 14. John Koran had his 1600 Berrien humming at Crandon, taking third in Class 2-1600, se9ond in Class 01-1600, and ending the day with victory in the Limi~ed Championship race. This is the system run by. most off road race winners GO FOR Bronco, and up front Flanagan led Dorr for three laps before. making a pit stop. Geoff Dorr then assumed the overall lead, and he was in command for several laps. Moving up fast with a strong challenge was John Heidtmann, Bronco, and midway he took over the lead from Dorr. Herb Rosborough had his Commando TRl•MIL BOBCAT• CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Despite rolling in the 1-1600 dash, Todd Attig came back to finish a close fourth in the hot action in the Limited Championship race. The ground shook at the start of the Heavy Metal Championship as Jack Flannery, right, grabbed the lead over Geoff Dorr, but Flannery went out and Dorr won. overall. Flying out of the woods, Greg Gerlach kept right on flying to a keen second overall in the General Tire Heavy Metal Championship race. ·. . ~ . ..-. . .· . ,.:····:'"'"'""°&~¥:-x-. Driving a Foret w'7at1else1 Dave,,Hoc~ers.nai(ep,dp'(Vn t!Jird in oath theqass'B .. ~: points race and the Heavy Metal Championship dash for cash. Page 14 October 1986 in third, followed by Mark Seidler and Gerald Foster. Dorr took the lead baek on the next lap, when Heidtma11n spun out, and the rest stayed in formation. Dorr led Heidtmann on the next round, then the Bronco disappeared from the scene. Meanwhile Mark Seidler had passed Rosborough and was now ·second, and Foster moved. up to fourth.· Dorr led to his second victory of the meet, and on the last lap Herb Rosborough repassed Gerald Foster, and they were second and third respective-ly. Mark Seidler, whose Bronco died on the last lap, was fourth and Greg Rice was fifth. The Class 6 field came zooming off the start with the expected favorite, Fay Statezny, leading in a Chevrolet. In a couple of laps Jon Kaempf was up to second spot, with Gary Bradley trailing him. Midway, Fay had a firm lead, and John -Znidorka was now second as Kaempf faded. When t-is race wound down, Fay Statezny had no trouble winning Class 6. John Znidorka was second and Gary Bradley third, all covering 12 laps. Fourth and fifth, with 1 l laps done, were Gary Thomas and Allen Fannin. On Sunday afternoon the Brush Run 101 features its .World's Championship Races. The first round was the Limited Championship, with 31 entries, including Classes 1-1600, 2-1600 and 5-1600. Only one Baja Bug came out to play, and Phil Freimuth got in 11 of the 12 laps. From the flag Scott Taylor took off fast in the lead. Just behind him was a five car pile up into the famous bank that had caught cars earlier on the spectator side of the first turn. No sooner did they get untangled than a group of three more cars zapped into the bank. Kevin Probst went by .to· the pits with a deranged right front wheel, and most of the cars in these incidents were victims of the overly watered track on a downhill fast tum. It sorted out on the second lap with Taylor leading John Koran. Next came John Kacmarek, followed by Lee W uesthoff, Mike Poppie and Todd Attig. By lap 7 Mike Poppie had climbed into third behind Scott Taylor and John Koran, and Taylor's engine sounded sour,· and he was soon out of the hunt. John Koran, with Mike Poppie on his bumper, took over the lead, Lee Wuesthoff was close in third followed tightly by Kacmarek; f,JtjgLan~ Chuck Williams. The infighting was fairly fierce in·this 25 minute race, but John Koran Dustynmes

Page 15

Driving a Curt LeDuc buift Ford Class 14 rig, Jack.Heidtman kept it together · well to finish a gfeat fourth in the Heavy Metal bash. putting an e~d to his race. Art Schmitt, who comes all the way from Pittsburgh; PA to · race, _ maintained his · lead, but both . Probst and Parker -were closing the gap fast. Midway the three were in tight formation with Parker right on Probst's bumper and Schmitt not that far ahead. kept a few inches ahead of Mike · Poppie all the way to the checkered flag. Lee Wuesthoff was right on Poppie's tail, and :rodd Attig was fourth. Chuck Williams passed John Kacmarek for fifth one lap from the finish, and Greg Smith was next. In all, 19 were _running at the. flag. The Heavy Metal General Tire Championship · included Classes 3, 4, 8, l3 and 14, and this run was 20 minutes for the 27 starters. Joey Flannery Jed from the green flag, only to run into a tree. Jack Flannery then grabbed the lead with Geoff Dorr· in his dust. Jack Flannery led for six laps, then had foel feed problems and pitted. Geoff Dorr took over up front, and soon Greg Gerlach moved into second ahead · of . George Konitzer, who wa_s busy . fending off Dave Hackers. Herb This race had been shortened to At the action point after the first curve in the Heavy Metal bash, John Chaney knocked Blain Konitzer's Class 13k1to the twenty minutes, and starting the fence. Chaney went on for a few·more-laps before retiring his Ford. . Rosborough pitted with a flat tire early on, and LeDuc was back and running in the Class 3 Bronco'. '5; • · Meanwhile the crowd got more excitement in the same spectator area that held the other actions. John Chaney, Ford · pickup, was trying to pass a Class 13 sedan, and the sedan slowed, "the Ford hit it and knocked it - into the banking, where it stayed. Chaney went · on wJth a redesigned _ fr(:!nt end. Th_e field · spread out and Geoff Dorr took his third overall victo_ry of the _ weekend in the Class 4 Jeep. Not .. far back was Greg Gerlach in his tidy Jeep Honcho, and on the same lap were Dave Hackers and John Heidtmann. Up among the leaders in the early going, George . Konitzer had his Class 13 in fifth, a lap down. Matt Foltz got his 'Class 3 Bronco home sixth. Also doing . nine laps were -Sam Konitzer and Curt LeDuc. The. Unlimited World's Championship induded Classes 1, 2, 9 and · 10, but after a weekend of racing only a dozen cars were able to make the grid.-Rod Attig blew a clutch right off the line, Scott Schwalbe flew into· the. early lead,-followed by Art · Schmitt, Tom Arthur, Jeff Probst; Dave Varidermissen, Sr.; · and Mike Parker, and the p1;tcl~ , was running tight. By the second lap Schwalbe's engine _was smoking; but he· still led over Schmitt. Jeff1'obst was pressing Tom Arthur· and passed into third on the next lap, with Mike Parker right on his bumper. Arthur was now fifth, followed-by _ Mike Poppie and ·Tom Schwartzburg. ' ·,·. Afi:er · · three - full rou1tids Schwalbe · was in · the· pits with a rock . through a push rod tub,e,' Dustynmcs white flap lap Jeff Probst was side by side with Schmitt. But Art hung tough in the lead. With just two turns to go to the checkered flag, Schmitt and Probst came up on traffic to be lapped. Schmitt got blocked and Probst got by to · · take the narrow victory. Mike Parker ·held on in third, also blocked by traffic he was lapping. Schmitt actually spun out at the finish line, but stayed in second. Mike~ ' Scott Scfiwalbe flew into tne 'lead in the Unlimite'd Championship run, but as in Class 1, engine problems put him down and out of the race. -_ October 1986 DESERT LOCK OUTER 10.000 HOLE FOR EASY ACCESS TO LUG BOLTS 3.000 WIDE OUTER FOR SUPER STRENGT 8 • 1.125 HOLES TO REDUCE .DIRT BUILD-UP. Standard Lock Outer Red Anodize Constructed of all Aluminum 6061 T6 For light.weight arid optimum_ -strength * At last,a quality bead lock designed for Off-Road racing -* All parts available ~eparately *In stock - Ready for shipment_ For Todays' Sophisticated 15" 13" 8"-10" UNLIMITED MIDGET SPOflT TRUCK MINI STOCK - MODIFIED MIDGET QUAD RACER ATV BAJA BUG MODIFIED MIDGET ' WE HA VE-DEVELOPED THE TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE BEAD LOCK FOR YOU ! SIMPLE TO ORDER Prices are Per Bead Lock-i'nstalled on your wheel, · fully machined and trued 8" ........ $69.95 1 O" ........ $84.95 13"/15" ...... $125.00 _15"Desert Lock ..... $132.50 CALL OR WRITE TO: 3447 W. University -Fresno, CA 93722 Same Day Service · Shipped U. P.S. _ (2Q9)275-51 ~3 Calif. Res.Add 6% Sales Tax Page 15.

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· taxis, -and almost anythi~ that · coufd be reclaimed from a junk yard was in the r~ce. We are not. sure who won what, --but one thing i~ sure -'-:" all of the GOB crews had a very good time. · While the skip lqaders and other heavy equipment scoop~d the wrecked sedans off the course, the drivers "and·· crews repaired to the famous Barn: It is a· real barn, left over. from the farming d_ays, refurbished as the snack bar, indoor race viewing · site, social -center and general party spot foJ the- Brush Run - . participants. In: a·couple ofhours the awards presentation began The top three 5-1600s ran in a tight train most of the way, and Jim Pfeffer was'in the midst of it, but en_ded up third in cla~s. . Dennis Freimuth ran close with the leaders in the Class 11 contest, and at the with enormous' trophies for the flag h e took a well earned third in class. top finishers,: six footers for the ~ P,oppie -~as a dose fifth behind Torn · Arthur · m an _ exciting finish .. The Ladies were split into tWo_ classes; buggy and heavy metal. The dozen buggies got the head start by a minute over the seven brave ladies' teams. in the big water pumpers. Jackie Howard got tl).e hole shot in a 2-1600, followed off the line by Ruth Schwartzburg, Ronda -Smith, DUSTY TIMES correspondent Deb Freimuth and the pack. · . After two laps the same three still _ led, but were now under a single · blanket. Just to the rear Chris Dooley had moved into fourth _Qlace. On the third)apof the nine lap race, Ruth Schwartzburg passed into the lead wfth Howard and Smith close, followed by Dooley and Freimuth. Don Ponder came from last to fourth in the Class 1 race, and also came in a fine fourth in Class 9, a much busier and heavier entry race. followed by Rhonda Smith, ail There ·was a pause in actjvity covering nine laps; while the Gerieral Tire tire rolling Bert Decker ran a strong second in the .early laps in Class 1, but a sour sounding engine puf"him out of action before the finish_ line. · Midway Rhonda Smith took over top spot, but Schwartzburg. stayed close. Howard was third, Dooley fourth and Freimuth fifth. On the next lap Smith apparently lost a cylinder and dropped to fourth. Schwartzburg took back the lead, and Ruth, lapping all the heavy metal en route, won the race. On the last lap Howard, who was second, and Dooley -were side by side. Dooley made the pass and Howard lost the lap and dropped to fifth. Chris Dooley _ was second, Deb.Freirnuthwas third, There was lots of action among contest took place off_ the start the ladies in water pumpers. Beth line with .a hea'-'.'ier th;m expected Heidtmann led off the line in the entry. ·· The course was scrapeic!d huge Class 13, tallowed by Linda and watered for the "Good Old Bradley, Lori -Konitzer and the Boys" events. With_ over 160 pack. The first three held cars, all !~~ merican ·stock" oti. position through three laps, and stock tires; the works, the GOBS . Bradley movl!d up to have.a real are fun time racers running for · dice with Konitzer, both in Class trophies. _ They were split into 13 rigs. A few were going very tWo 80 car heats. It was quite a slowly, and the real race was up sight to see 80 odd aged sedans front. The top three closed ranks _slipping _and sliding around the and were nose to tail, none able course in, each he'at, losing tires to pass. Beth Heidtmann got the and radiators, _ and the .drivers win, Lori Konitzer was second -usually just left the ·cars where · Ruth Schwartzbu_rg had to fight for her title al(the way, but she won the ladies followeQ by ·Linda Bradley. _-they stopped. Among the welter - race overall and _the buggy class honors in fine style. Doing six laps -for · fourth was of ten to twenty year old sedans Kathy Grabowski. we spotted an ambulance, some Scrambler Long Back Chassis . 92•. WheelbaH ALL_TUBING IS .095 WALL THICKNESS (HRP&O) Dealer Inquiries Invited (3t4) 947-1723 ·scrambler ECONO KITS $125.00 ~BURKS _ 341 North Drive Off-Road -Racing -Ask fot Derrer i St. ChartE}i~;:,Mis:§ouri 63301 ~. (314) 947::1,723 . Page 16 October 1986 Beth Heidtman drove this huge Class 13 very well, and she took the top honors-- in the Ladies Heavy Metal Division in a very close dice. ·, · Chris Dooley 'ran fourth"i.1;;tif inlewa.y·in t he Ladies rabe, moved µp to_thi;d-;;nd rriade_'the pass into second on the very last lap . . DustyTimes

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ch_arnpic;msh_ip . winners, arid checks that stretched well down · into the ranks in each cl~ss. -· . More than a race, the Brush Run 101 is a genuine happening on Labor Day weekend. The entire community pitches in to help as course workers, genera.I gofurs, building and mainten~ __ ance crews, and ,the ladies cook and serve the best snack bar food e~er seen at road race. Both · Ison Equipment and Flannery · · Trucking donate all the heavy equipment. to-keep the course in shape and clear. Our personal thanks go-to the Young America · Yamaha dealer who provided quads for the press folks, saving Los[hg a. Wheel is '}Of unusual foia buggy, bUt this 2-1600 at Crandon got the local version of a tow to the'p;ts, -being picked up by the us miles of en1iless walking heavy equipment on cour~e and deposited in thf!pit area. · --,--~--;-----'-----'---=--~--,-a-,--"-"--'--~----'----'--"---'-~---'--~-__:__~ _ __:__-,-:._ arouni :the track and the pit -2000 in Crandon. and the smaH · feoc~ was torn out in the roll areas. · · ' . size of the neighboring towns, the overs, n~Jt one spectator tried to Deb Freim~th maintained a strong her 2-1600 car, .moved up steadily ar:,d took third in the Ladies buggy class at the finish.- , · The finai event at the Brush Run 101 is the Good Old Boys, and this is a s;.,a/1 sample of the va_iietyof cars competing in the.A_merican Stock stocker fun run, · ·cIass 13 has fe,;. rules. It must be2WO, ba!ied·on a-car or truck chassis and the body is open, obviously,. as ttiis is definitely a one off design. _ : . DustyTimcs Brush Run: competitors come · spectator count Labor Day get onto the race course. This fr<;>m all over, the east coas~, the •·-wee½eryd was over 33,000 paid year was the biggest ever Brush m1dwest, as far - as aqm1ss1ons. They-· come from Run 101, and the boys in Missouri, and of course from everywhere to watch the races Crandon are already planning for Wisconsin and nearby Mirines and -party. But, · it is a well. next st1mmer and the June and sota. Despite a population.under mannered crowd. When · the . September happenings. he1• I ~ I ~i--M ~ I Official Vehicle of the _1986 HORA Series -Bud Feldkc;1mp/ Don Brown present the HIGH-LIFE. DFF·IDAI CHALLENIE . "The Finest in Short Course Racing" · -OCT. 19 -19-86 . . ' . . . ' . CLASSES FOR DUNE BUGGIES, ATVs & ODYSSEY ENTRY FEES: (Insurance Included) Dune Buggies - $200i00 ATVs - $50.00 Odyssey - $100.00 SAN BERNARDINO -/, . . . JOO% CASH-PAYBACK! Registration & Tech Inspection, Sat., October 18th . . -FREE OVERNIGHT CAMPING-for in'formation contact Brian Church 71-4 / 381-4454 or 880~ 1733 P.O. BOX 2937 • SAN BERNARDINO, CALIF. 92406. October 1986 Page 17

Page 18

Two Seaters ·Trounce the Field for·the First .. Time at the HDRA · Frontier 500 By Jean Calvin PhOtos: T rackside PhotO Enterprises of the big tractor trailers from the so~e. Midway M~Millin had the tire companies, to the smallest lead by half an1inute over Snook, contingency donor, DUSTY -Koch was another half minute 'TIMES, sweltered in the 100 back, and a few minutes down plus heat all day, but it could MacCachren and Ron Brant were have been worse. It had been ten dicing tightly, but ·neither did degrees hotter the prior another lap. Larry Noel was weekend. The ritual was • all - stuck in a ravine with a broken wrapped up at twilight, and folks front end; and took an extra two dispersed, facing a 7:00 a.m. race hours on the lap. Ivan Stewart start sbme · 15 miles south at lost his trans on the firstlap, got a 'Sloan. new one, only· ·then to fmd the The wind came up race day, _ clutch was bad, so the operation blowing right down course for and his first lap took six and a · the,-statt. Louie Unser gave the half hours. Also out on lap 3 · green flag to Class 1 driver Frank were Bob Renz/ Dick Clark, and _'Snook, .flagging -fro·m his Chet and Llqyd Huffman. . · w\-teelchair to help_ promote the With one round to go in the . - : annual "Drive out -Dystrophy" increasingly rough country, Eric Charging hard alt-the way Frank Arciero, Jr. and teenager Rob _Gordon drove a nearly perfect race in the Chenowth; taking a resounding overall victory and Class 2 honors by an incredible 27 minute margin. The fifth running of the morning many well known inspection was set up on the side. H_DRA Frontier 500 offered yet names were at even odds, qut street and front parking the ano~her new course_to the hardy there were still some good bet~ Frontier Hotel on Friday,causing desert r.a.cers. Each year this race left in the Sports_Book. a-lot of interest from passers-by has held some new roads and · Despite the lack ; of the on Las Vegas Blvd. HDRA's some old routes, but never the motorcycle classes, due to the sponsor Nissan had their big tent same finish line. The first run multiple lap format this year, the · show out front, and Chevrolet went all the way from Sloan to entry turned out in good also _brought a big tent show, Weeks, Nevada, the next round numbers, topping 200 cars at the adding a _festive air. Of course all frorri Sloan to Virgi11ia City, and close of registration. Of that the faithful supporters of the the third and final trek all the way number 193 took the green flag. series were on hand too. north ended in Dayton, Nevada. _ Th.e contingency ·and i:ech Everyone, from the inhabitants Last year the route took the northern loop, but returned to Beatty for the finish .. This year the HORA abandoned the concept of a point to point race in Nevada, substituting a strenuous 111 mile course, which had to be covered four times, but came back to where it started at Sloan each lap. campaign. Nevada Governor and Arras, riow in the Snook Raceco, race Grand Marshal Richard had a four minute lead on Koch, Bryan then took-over the starter · who had lost a'n ciil cooler and a duties, finishing ou_t . the .class, CV.-McMillin lost an oil line on· then passing the 'honor _to Jill the Porsche engine, but held · Cole, Miss Frontier 500. · The third, and Ja,mes Barbeau moved dust cloud grew as the cars his Ra1=eco · into fourth·. Now, _started one every 15 seconds.· both Noel and Stewart were back Folks on the freeway, not heavy and running strong. . traffic early on Saturday ArraslostaCVonthelastlap, morning, must have wondered if but so did Koch, · who also .had the. Army was on maneuvers. In other trouble. Next Arras lost less than an hour the cars.were all .the power steering, and. the hopes _ on their way,. the dust settled, for an overall victory were kmg and crews kept their ears t9 the gone. At the finish the race r,adios, tracking their team McDonald's Raceco of Frank atound the-unusually long Snook and E~ic Arras was across course.· · the line first in Class 1 and fourth There were 19 starters in Class overall at· 10:19.36. Less than 1, and in2 hours, 9minutesTom nine -minutes back Mark Koch had his Raceco around for McMillin ran solo, surviving· hi~_ fast time of the day, first on th~ problems for second in class in road as well, but Koch was to the Chenowth. More than an coine to grief later. Snook was hour later Tom Koch arrived close with a _2:10 and second on third _ _in· class, followed ·in 30 the -road, - followed by '.Rob ·,minutes by James Barbeau. Larry MacCachren, Chenowth, at - Noel finished another hour back 2: ll. _-~ext to show was Ma1;k - and both Jerry Finney /Da~ _McMillm, at 2; 17, and Larry Foddrill, Chaparral, and ' Ivan · Noel at 2: 19. Ray Bates was in at Stewart, Toyota, · finished iO: 2:19also,an~NickNicholsonat around 15 hours. Late : Tom 2:20, but neither ~ade another Koch was docked a foll lap for lap. If1:· fact only eight Class ~s missing Check 5 on the first lap; made it half way, and only six and hit with another 15 minute were off~cial finishers. _ . -penalty for failing . to slow at a Now mto slower traffIC and checkpoint. So, all . the finishers heavier dust, the pace slowed behind him moved up a notch. The route was tough, tougher than the results show, wjrh liberal doses of the · famous ,southern Nevada silt, and even more rocks than the Mint 400 co urse .in the same area. Flat tires were epidemic, regardless of brand. The majority of the miles _ were west of 1-15, with a portion of the recent Mint 400 route east of the highway _bringing the Plowing silt all the ~ay Frank Snook and Eric Arras survived their woes to win_· It_ was 'family day in the desert as Bob ·Gordo/'/ and Tim Crabtree followed Class 1 in the Raceco and finish the ailing in fourth overall. ·' yoilf]fl Gordon home, .taking second in _ Class 2 and overall in-·a matching Chenowth. · racers back to the start/ finish line at Sloan. At Nevada races, there usually are side be.ts o;,. fast time, who will win overall, and so forth. This year a new idea proved more _ popular in Las Vegas than the Frontier Hotel had anticipated. They set up a Sports Book in the hotel on four selected classes in the race, 1, 2, 1-2-1600 a·nd 8. The handicappers s_et to work with some input from the HORA folks, and by Friday the odds were drbpping_, on many favorites, as the crews came to ~own and took to the betting like _ Mark McMillin had the_ lead midway in 'the Porsche powered henowth,. ut Th_~ .. fir~t'Nev.ada 'd:i~er ?9[,0Sf tM{ inish Ji':~, }ames-Barbeau;:~epJ his new :1tjg .-'tirri~, gamb_lers. _·By , tace.' late -troL1bles dropped him down to second in Class t, ~t {~~ .finish_J(n;., ,, ··: .-. ~c1ceco,rol/1r:1~.t~ t1p1~b., tp,r(i ·(N;t/Ot1ss·\ ~_a_t~!,f . ,.:;·>J _{_:{/', _::', ·: , , Page 18 October 1986_ '.

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' Second off the line, Class 2, held 24 hard chargers, and these guys had a tough race every inch ·of the distance. Contenders out' early on the first lap were Corky and Scott McMillin with their tirst trans failure, and Terry and · Tim Bell. Out front in the heavy dust, and 11th to come around: was Frank Arciero, Jr'. in a _Bob Gordon Chenowth. Kenny Cox, in the Collins Chenowth was next on the road-and on time, · followed by the Chenowth of Ed and Tim Herbst and Bob Gordon/Tim Crabtree, then Roger Roderick/Dennis - Mc-Ready, Raceco, _ and Cam Thieriot/Greg Lewin, who made a pit stop. The wholebunch were under a ten minute blanket. Young Rob Gordon took over the leading Chenowth and stayed out front on lap 2. Cox held second, Bob Gor.don.. was now third, Theiriot fourth, arid Jim and Mark Tempie · had from seventh to fifth. Several others were just scant minutes · behind. The third lap -on the tough cou_rse toolc a heavy toll. The Herbs_t entry was _already · g0ne,_ and · now the Cox/Job/ <;::oUihs charger vanished, · along with Matt McB.ride. Losing two hours gn 'the ·first Jap ' to dis~i-ibutor and. other problems, the brand new and handsome Raceco · of Jerry . Penb~ll/ Kejlt . ·Pfeiff~r was now running strong: . After three laps Rob. Gordon held the . lead by about 20 minutes · over his father and Crabtree, who were bare seconds ahead pf Thieriot/Le_win. The · Temple!;l,,.were no..y. only five mi!l;tit4i& ick'. .. _in fourth. :.Tom Martin :·at<la, ;"-:,l§ . ,son D01:my moved into. sixth,-. followed by Danny Letner and another Tom Martin, who were on the comeback trail from a long first lap, just a minute ahead of Bob · Richey and Tom Baker. The ·spectators gathered at the finish line, expecting a sho'otout Cam Thieriot and Greg Lewin had no trouble getting through the soft stuff in the Funco-ORE, and they to,ok third overall and third in Class 2. between'Snook's Class 1 and the course troubles wt-re minor, but leading .Class- 2, with Frank-cost time. Over 30 minutes later, Arciero doing the anchor· man Tom and Donny Martin; another job. As mentioned, the Class 1 father and son team, finished had a troubled last lap, and the fourth in Class 2, · followed by first car seen whipping out of the Danny Letner/Tom Martin, who desert across the finish line was had less . than a minute on Bob theClass2Chenowth,arri~ingat Richey/Tom Baker. After 4:40 p.m. in good daylight. The another-long gap David Kreisler team reported a near flawless 'and Curley Nobles ·arrived, race, Arciero saying it couldn't followed by father and son, Jim have worked any . better. Rob and Mark Teinple, who had a five Gordon said he had two flats hour last lap, Falling out .on' the · midway in the race.and no other final round was Jerry Penhall's trouble. Arciero and 17_ year old new beauty, and also among the Rob Gordon not only won Class DNFs were Roger Roderick and 2; but the:y took a resounding the Candy · Cane Raceco of overa!I v.ictory as well. It was Walter Prince. almost 27 minutes later when the It was a-low entry for Class 10, Bob Gordon/Tim Crabtree but most of the 15 starters had Che,nowth,, a ne\lrlY identical car good odds for winning. The class to the winner, arrived, surprised ran in close quarters most of the :o fi9d,_they'were second in class . way. The Raceco of Rick and . and -overall. Crabtree said their John Hagle had a slim lead on the only i:ro,uble was a flat ih .the first lap, just 24 seconds- over the middle of nowhere, which cost ORE of Steve Tetrick and Fred some,.time. What a triumph it Ronn, and they both pitted at the was for the Gordon team, one of CORE main pit. The lRaceco of uver: ·a dozen father and son Jack Irt;ine and Kit Trenholm combos racing at the· Frontier was a mere 53 seconds further 500. down, also pitting. Rex Keeling Only another four minutes . and Jack Scott were only another Running close all day, Tom ·and Danny Martin survived the rugged route.and br_ought their Raceco through .the desert in fourth in Class 2. · Despite spendiog a couple of hours in a deep ditch, Larry Noel went on racing in the Chaparral, .and his reward was fourth in Class 1. · seven seconds back, and Greg Hagles had a long pit stop and. and Ben Hibbs followed in dropped to fourth, Ron another 21 seconds'. Back 38 Ellenburg had . a skinny 18 , , seconds were Bob Richardson/ second lead over Tetrick and 1, Don Hatz, less than ·a second' Ronn, and Bob Richardson was ahead of Ron and J9hn Ellenburg · up to third, about nine minutes in their new Raceco.,. This was back. Jack Irvine was out of the· incredibly close ov·er 111 miles· race, and Roger Mortimson/ of rugged desert. Among the Russ Welch were in fifth. missir:ig were Gary Weyrich and . Things tightened up on the· Brad Person. . . ·. third lap. Rick and John Hagle · Mirlwav the SCt'n e shifted. The wei-ell@r' ' back Greg Lewin drove the final ...•. H ........... ~~ ....... ----"""--~ ........................ ~H ................... ~H .. ➔► .. ~ two laps in. the Cam Thieriot Funco ORE, and they were third in class and overall. Their on .In NEVADA t:;as . OFF-ROAD it's ... BUGGY Street.- · Stock Baja · Race or Sand Whatever ,Your Pleasure· Play or Pay. Rick and John Hagle stopped·only for gas and tires en route to their thrilling and close victory in the Class 10 Raaeco, and they were sixth overall . . We've Got Your VW Parts· Losing the C/ass·10 battle by a skinny 19 seconds, Craig Watkins and Greg_ Aro_nson got the Raceco home in a photo finish tor second _in class. Dusty Times N See Brian , SAHAHA 3 ;.i X > ~ ·..,__,..·~ ... 1-Hl,_t_•~-- _ :;:, :;;, WEST 3054 Valley View 871-4911 • 871-5604 2 ,, Locations to . Serve You Better! · t' See Dave i541 N. Eastern 642-2402 • 642-1664 N NOW 2 LOCATIONS-' October 1986 Page 19

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Climbing over a sampling of the famous Nevada silt·rocks, Rex Keeling and Jack Scott took their Raceco to a fine .third in Class 10. Bob Scott and Mike Voyles had a trouble free race in the 1-1600, and they hauled freight to win the close running class, the first win ever for Bob Scott. . ' . Willi_e and Jerry Higman led the first three laps in Class 1-2-1600, but troubles on the last lap dropped t_heir Chenowth Magnum to second ·spot. Bobby Neth arid Richard Spangler ran hard in the Chenowth Magnum, and they were third in Class f-2-1600, only about 39 seconds behind. . ~ back in the lead with over was just.before 6:00 p.m. when really got shuffled. Rex Keeling four minutes in hand ov~r Craig not one, but two Class 10 cars and Jack Scott emerged third in Watkins/ Greg Aronson. Keel- · roared across 'the finish line, . class, half an hour later, and in ing and Swtt were up to third, almost touching bumpers. But, it another -20 minutes, Jim about 23 more minutes behind. was the Rick and John Hagle Greenway got his Raceco home Richardson/ Hatz nearly lost an Raceco in front, and with the fourth. The Mortenson/ Welch hour, but held fourth, but did higher number, they won Class Funco ·came back from a long not finish. The Hibbs were . 10 by just 19 seconds and placed third· lap to ~ake fifth, followed parked, and Fred Ronn was out sixth overall, reporting no- by the ORE of Rod Everett. on the dry lake -with a blown . · troubles except a gas stop every . Pushing the 18 hour . time engine. Ellenburg had a four lap. Craig Watkins ruefully said allowance at 17:12,-LeRoy Van hour lap and was not seen again. he took a wrong turn in the dust Kirk and Rick Rowland were The last lap was a real cliff late on the last lap, got back seventh, the final Class 10 hanger, as Hagle and Watkins behind Hagle, but could not finisher. _ had a visual . race most of the make. a pass, _so he settled for _ The largest class ln the race at distance. The pair of Racecos had second in class, seventh overall. 27 starters was 1-2-1600. As started just LS seconds apart. It Behind the two leaders, things usual this gang had a tight and tough day of racing. Four failed to make a· lap, including defending points champion Rob Tolleson, whose missing fan belt did in the engine. Turning a . remarkable 2:40.06, Willy and Jerry Higman led the first lap, on the road anC:: on time in a -Chenowth Magnum. A minute, 45 seconds back, Jack Ramsay/ Rick Mills had the Bunderson two seater in second, and they made a pit stop. About seven more minutes back, Bob Sc0tt and Mark Voyles had their old single seater in third, followed in a couple of minutes by Alan Hensley/Chuck Gunter, whose Hi Jumper was not seen again. A dozen more came along in a very few minutes. . Midway ,he Higmans in-creased their lead to over twelve niinutes. Scott/ Voyles moved into second, as Ramsay lost 20 minutes and dropped to third. Russ Bu tow and Danny York had their Mirage up ~o fourth, a couple minutes ahead of Bobby Neth/ Richard Spangler, Chen-owth. The Dick McCool/ Greg Heinrich Mirage tandem moved up to sixth. _ . Willy and Jerry Higman held their lead after three rounds, now . only dght minutes alieacf of Bob Scott/ Mike Voyles. Ramsay/ Mills dropped half an hour and Butow/ York were third, less . than six minutes ahead of the McCool Mirage. Never worse than seventh, Dominic Borra/ · John Basso were now fifth,-but lost the trans on the.last lap. Also missing was the McCool Mirage with valve spring trc;mbles. Bqb Scott and Mike Voyles had a trouble free race, and they won the 1-2-1600 honors handily with a fast lap in the · dark. It was the first ever win for Bob Scott, and this was a happy team at the finish line. Willy and Jerry Higman dropped over 20 minutes to woes on the lastJap, but they · salvaged '.a narrow · second spot, beating out Bobby Neth and Richard Spangler by only 39 seconds. After . a 40 minute lapse, Dennis Fry and Morley Williams claimed fourth. Jack Ramsay recovered to take· fifth, less than two minutes later, ' and Jack is now the overall points leader in the desert series. Butow and York were dos~, just over a -minute back in sixth, and the remaining ten-finishers-were strung out over three hours. · Class 5 had only seven start-ers, · but all were competitive. The first Bug around was driven by Mel Vaughan and Dan, Reynolds, but right in their dust came Hartmut and W olfratn Klawitter, leading on time by just four seconds. Stan Parnell/ Jeff Bohla were just minutes back,· and only 35 seconds ahead of Max Razo/John Johnson. This was a real horse race! Vaughan did not do another lap, and midway Parrrdl had the lead with fast lap for the·tlass at 2:44.24. 'Klawitter was back about five minutes, with a flat tire, and had a couple of minutes on John Johnson. Greg Diehl retired his ailing Dirtrix Bug, so five were running hard~ The Klawitter Bug resumed the lead on lap 3; Parnell/ Bolna broke a shifter rod and lost an hour, _ dropping to fifth. Razo and Johnson slid into second, ;ibout four m.inutes_ off pace, and George .Seeley/ Howard Ander-son moved up to within nine minutes to hold third, while Jim Cocores and Dave Snoddy were now fourth, but did not finish. Despite losing fourth gear on the last lap·, the tidy Jimco Bug driven by Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter came home .the Class 5 winner. It was a thrill for the brothers, who have led · nearly every race for a year, only to have something ·break and put them down to a string of seconds ·and thirds. Max _Razo arrived about · Dennis Fry and Morley Williams ·sail past the cactus in Southern Nevada as they drove the two seat Raceco to fourth in Class 1-2-1600. Page iO October 1986 Dustyflmes

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13 minutes in arrears, solid in second spot, and . Pamell/ Bolha salvaged third, nearly an hour back. Thdr Bug was reported as · having run a checkpoint on the . second lap; but no pen,ilty wa.s -assessed, because of the extreme dust conditions at the time. The Seeley/Anderson Bug had trouble with the roll cage, and stopped : t.o have it welded, dropping to fourth by ten . · minutes. The dozen Class 8 trucks were · the first water pumpers -0ff the line, and this too started out to be a close race. First around was the Chevy of Steve Kelley, and he prude11t!y pitted every lap. ·Right Jack Ramsay and. Rick Miils had some troubles with the Bunderson, but they on his bumper was John Gable, . took fifth in Class 1-2-1600, and Ramsay took the overall points lead. about · two minutes back in The early leader in Class 5, Stan Pame/1/Jeff Botha dropped to 'third when a broken shifter slowed them down midway m the race. · . . · second in the Ford, and·ano_ther two minutes down was Walker Evans i11 the Dodge, followed in four minutes by Brian Stewart in Charlotte Corral's Ford. Frank Vessels· was two more·minutes back iri his Chevy, followed in two minutes by Ron Clybome/ Glenn Harris, Ford, who had just 37 seconds-over Dave Shoppe, Ford. . . Kelley had a good eight m:inute lead midway, 'and Vessels was up to second. Gable had an unscheduled trip down a ravine, rolling close to but not intq the stranded Jeep of Ken Correia, The Max Razo and John Johnson team had a good race in Class 5, but they had Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter hav·e been very close before; but this time they and, he was· now fourth. Briarr· to settle for second place on the rough Frontier 500 route. held the Bug together in fine style to take the ·Jong sought victory in Class 5. Ste~art moved into third, about , .;.;_~,;,;;;._;;;;,.;,;;.;,,;,;;_ ______ _,;,;.;_;;..._..;;_;;.. ___________________ , eight more minutes back and Clybome/ Harris fifth, Shoppe Clyborne/ Harris were fifth. sixth, and Evans seventh. Walker E~ans lost 15 minutes , Not .much changed on the last when an 011 cooler flew dff'. later _ lap, except that Kelley increased he had shock trouble, and fmally his winning margin in the Chevy had to change the trans. S~opl?e to a good 43 minutes. He had a bent the I~beain a_nd spent time m flat just short of the finish line, the pits,.and ~ter-had to replace broke his jack, but· spectators Ji'P~eiri J~t~C.J'.\Jng , b.elts a.nd 'a · helped ~get fresh rubber on the _rad1ater•,Jh 101 v ,., ' truck and. preserved th·e victory. After- three tough rounds Vessels had some flats, but made Kelley maintained a strong lead it home in second · place. John-of 20 minutes overVessels. John- Qable brought his tattered Ford Gable/Bill Holmes had climbed home third, about 51 minutes into-third, Brian Stewart, with later, and Gable is.reported to be trans . woes; was fourth, switching~ Plowing silt and leading all the way, Steve Kelley had ho trouple with the Chevrolet, and he won Class 8 by a remarkable 43 minutes at the flag. 'S'p'Qr.tinef',p gianf air box ori·'tne ,Che.v'r.b1e'tt f ra~k Vesse·1; a,d)ve.fy,i:We'l/,and despite a-few'p;oblems he tbok a fjoo'd se6ond in Class 8 . • ' .. , ··.-: •, : Dusty-nmes TOM KOCH ROB TOLLESON. 1st Place 1/2-1600 1986 Baja 500 · 1985 Score/High Desert 1/2-1600 Champion 1985 Rookie of the Year DARREN WILSON 1st Place 1/2-1600 1986 Mint 400 1st Overall 1986 Parker 400 1st Overall 1986 Snore Yoko Loco NOW THAT YOU'V-E GOT-IT-TO :GO -,' ' - -LET HOT SHOES MAKE: IT .WH-OA! · Better Braking When You Need It/Longer Wear Life RACE CARS • PRE RUNNERS • DUNE BUGGIES • 3-VVHEELERS • ·QUADS •-MOTORCYCLES _ ''Custom Applications" -No problem, send us your cores and we -will deduct it from your bill. · · f l(erybody Needs Brakes, Why Not Use The Best HOT ·SHOES RACING PRODUCTS 166 West J-5, Lancaster, Califor-nia 93534 (805) 942-2344 - -DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED _ · ;, -~, .·_\ -October 1986 Page 21

Page 22

Hansen Were· third, followed by Dave Hermanson/ Rick Leavitt, Steve Lakin/Todd Fetters, Douglas West/Tom Bowling, and Dennis Roger1,/Steve O'Conner. · The rough terrain was hard on .these Bugs·, and the standings soon changed. On lap 2 Shaw/ Cortez still led, but then vanished into the desert: Only two minutes out of the lead on the first lap, the Ford of John Gable and Dave Shoppe bent the I-beam on his Class 8 Ford, but he spent time getting it Second here were · Matt and Bruce L~ndfield, but they also disappeared. Greg Tuttle/ David Jackson were up to third, and David Anckner/ Henry Arras moved from tenth to fourth. For the second half Henry Arras handed over to David Anckner, and .he moved up to . the lead, .about ten minutes ahead of Tuttle/Jackson, wh9 failed to · finish. David Todd and-Steffan \i' took over third, and Lakin/ Fetters were now fourth. Bill Holmes spent time in a ditch and finished third in Class 8. · ·straightened, and carried on to finish in fourth place. It was a great day for the Vernon Truck Wash Jeep Honcho, as Don Yoston and Bill Donohoe led all four laps by a g~odly margin, and took the Class 4-victory. ~ -to Chevrolet next year, Class 4. had only five -starters, and joining Steve Kelley on the and Jim Bell got in just one long Miller Team. lap in his Jeep Honcho, while Dave Shoppe got in a qukk Don McCormack's Dodge was final lap to finish less than two out on the second . lap. The minutes behind· in ·fourth,· _and surprise of this race was that the Brian Stewart hauled into fifth,~ Jeer Honcho•ofDon Yostonand more than two hours faster than · Bil Donohoe led the first lap, led his dad, Ivan. Both Ron all four laps, and won the.race, Clyborne, sixth, 1and Walker the only Class 4 that finished! Evans, seventh, n.u sed an ailing Favorite Rod Hall had an 8½ truck in to get the double hour first lap, as he bought a dust finishing points. bank that held a huge rock that COIL SPRING vo·uR FRONT END! . • .. The coil springs you are seeing on cars in magazines and - at the finish line, are products of The Wright Place. You can use them on Fox, Bilstein; or Rough Country's Nitro Charger. Springs are available in 1, 2, or.3 stages, and various lengths. Easy to install and adjust. Wrenches come with the kit for adjustments. Another great idea from the front end experts of off road racing. 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 (619) 561-4·810 Page II . . One of the older warriors in the race; the modified Jeep of Carl Cook and Glen Emery had its tro_ubles, but they did all four laps for the Class ~4 title. tore out the transfer case, tranny, and sundry other essential parts on the Dodge. Midway, Mike Wheeler / David Allen were in second, more than two hours behind, but then they too had serious problems. Meanwhile Rod Hall and Jim Fricker were back in motion, with the leader ·on his third lap. Hall carried on, and got in three laps for · second place before running out of .time. Mike Wheeler and David Allen were third, also running out of time to . cover the fourth round. A pair started in Class 14, and the Ford of Steve Mizel and Mike Parker led the first lap by 36 minutes, but wa.s not seen again. _ Carl Cook and Glen Emery had· the old, rear-engined rig going well, and they covered four laps to take the victory in 17:49.55. · Johnson lost the steering on the last lap and it cost well over an · hour, but he did finish all four laps for second place. Larry Ragland had time for just three laps, but was· third in Class 7. A healthy 16 Class \-1600s took the ·green flag, but alas, all but five would fail to see the · checkered flag. The first.lap was a dandy as N9rm Shaw/Manny Cortez led Mike Lesle/Cameron · Steele by a scanty 15 seconds. All within half -an hour of the· leaders, Robert Knight/ LeRoy Anckner did not slow his pace in the · dark, and brought the McDonald's Bug in a winner, the se,cond win of the night along with Class 1, for Tom Spiel's McDonald's team. It was a neat moment, .··especially for dad Henry and son Eric Arras. Todd and Vigano. had problems but held on in second place, over an hour behind, and Lakin and Fetters were another hour back in third. About 23 · minutes further down, Owen and Curtis · Duggan sc;ored fourth, and Allan andDarryl Cook held on in-fifth place at the flag. An even dozen started out bravely in Class 7S, and one third of thein made it through the silt' all four laps. The first lap leader was Bill Milen/Ron Keefe in a Ford, running strong, but. ju~t one minute back came Mike and Pat Falkosky, Toyota:' Paul and Dave Simon had their Ranger a couple more minutes back. Next carrie Scott Dough1s/John Swanguen and Willie Valdez in a . close to complete Ford sweep on · lap I. John Randall broke.a front, axle in two place~ and retired his The seven in Class 7 looked strong on the starting line, but three were out on the first lap. After one round Roger Mears had his Nissan in the lead, . but Manny Esquerra, Ford, was only 21 back. Also in a Nissan; Jack Johnson was a close third,· 1 ½ more minutes back, and Larry Ragland was already having troubles with the Chevrolet. Mears lost the engine on the second lap, and Ragland _took over 'seven nours to get Missing most of the body, as usual, the Clas,s 14 Ford of Steve· Mize/ and.Mike Parl(er led the first lap, but died on the next, in second spot. around. · · Midway Manny and T udy Joe Esquerra led Jack Johnson/John Deetz by more than half an hour as Jack ~ad a number of flattires. Esquerra too had his woes,· a broken shifter somewhere on lap 3, and heading into· the final round Johnson led · by · six minutes and the race was on! But, the first Class 7 at the finish was the Ranger driven by Manny Esquerra, who had dropped· a valve, . but got the job done. WM1.annnneyr oifs. ththeeFroonnlty1· erfiSvO~O: tai!flnde , Manny and, Tudy,Joe E. squerrf-J;iad,~qm~ tJ;o4q/ co_u,, put th½r,A,ti/llD,i}R, ;; : an overwhelming viqtory in Class 7; l heir F,ord .Ranger is undefeate.d .fhis · . undefeated this year. Jack season! 0ctober1986 Dustvnmes

Page 23

Taking handily to mini trucks, Larry Ragland went fast in the Chevy, but myriad problems dr_opped him down a lap and to third David Todd and Steffan Vig a no moved into third on lap 3, and go/ up to second in Class 5-1600 when they crossed the finish line. Bounding over the rocks Steve Lakin and Todd Fetters ran near the front all day, and they finished a convincing third in Class 5-1600. , in Class. 7. Owen and Curtis Duggan drove steadily and quickly across the desert to end up taking fourth in the hotly contested Class 5-1600. . -Spence Low was one of many who had a rash of flat tires, all in bad spots, but he got the Nissan home for second in Class 7S. Pat Smith and Billy Ken were well back on time in their Funco SS. 1, but theye_,nded up taking second in the tough Challenge Class. Jeep, and others were having a lot of flats, including Spence Low in -the Nissan. Midway the field shrank. Douglas had the lead by a minute over Mike Falkosky, Milen was only 12 seconds back in third, · and Low was up to fourth with Valdez two minutes behind him. D0uglas:i;t.el':lhis lead _through the third lap, - with Falkosky eight minutes astern, followed in ten minutes by Low. Simon had trouble on the second round, but was back up to fourth now, and Valdez held fifth. Milen dropped · off the pace and did not finish the last lap. Chuck Johnson also gave up the struggle with a slipping trans after three rourids. Douglas also failed to finish the race. First to roll across the finish line was the Ranger of Paul and Dave Simon, the young men• thrilled with their first desert victory. With Douglas out, Spencer Lowgot his Nissan in for second, despite getting stuck in the silt for a time on the last lap . . With a broken torsion bar on the last lap, Mike and Pat Falkosky still made it around for third place, about 22 minutes ahead of Willie Valdez, who had distributor problems all day ·long. Eight started out in Class 7 4x4, but both Mike Randall and Richard Sieman disappeared early. Dave Ashley/ Wall-y Kaiser zipped into the first lap lead 1n their Ford Ranger, holding about five minutes on points . leader Jerry McDonald, Chevrolet. Jim· Conner and Carl Jackson, now there is a -name from the past, were third, another nine minutes back and well ahead of the field. Midway McDonald took- over the lead by five minutes, Ashley held second, and Conner/ Jack-son were third, now about 23 minutes in arrears. Still running, in fourth and fifth, were Stan Houghton, Toyota, and Michael Horner, Chevrolet. , Heading into the last lap McDonald. had a fight on his hands as Ashley was only eight minutes back and 45 minutes ahead of Conner. The other two dropped more time and neither finished the final circuit. The race belonged to Jerry McDonald in the Joe MacPherson, factory supported Chevy. He swept into the victory by a convincing margin of 34 minutes. Dave Ashley soldiered on through last lap trouble for a clean second place, and Conner/Jackson also had last lap woes. But Carl Jackson carried on to the finish line, saying that he had forgotten how rough the desert was, but also~-Jaci/Joh'nso·n went well in the Class 7 Nissan, leading going into the last lap, but steering breakage dropped him to second at the finish. DustyTimcs \ \ ·A P1r11r11anc1-Traditi1n More off-road races . are won on Bilsteiri than any other shock absorber. Our record speaks for itself! Winning Heritage . Bilstein gas pressure1 shocks first . appeared in America posting a v,.,in at the famed Baja 1000 in 1972. Since that impressive performance, Bilsteins have been the choice· of serious off-roaders who not only want to start the race -but finish it as well. Many Applications Today, Bilstein offers a vadety of off-road shock application·s for racing or · just running on the street. From ·single seaters and Baja Bugs to big and small two-wheel and 4WD trucks, Bilstein delivers performance second to none. Reliable Performance Whether you're just entering off-road or have been there for years, check out · Bilstein - first where reliability counts. "World leader in development of the Gas Pressure Shock Absorber." Bilstein Corporation of America . 11760 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 619/453-7723 For additional technical information and a complete catalog, send $2.50. October 1986 Page 13 ..

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' . , ... .--:·.->•-.-,~~·:--... - . ,--. .. ,·•·' ·-·· . -,-,,,.... .. _,._,., .,.: _, ____ ~ ' -.......... . ..... ;. . --.. ·-·· -. BrQOODBICB BACINO UPDA!l'B © 1986 BFGoodrich

Page 25

BF GOODRICH TIA® RADIALS CONQUER. THE FRONTIER 500. ' The desert dust was realiy flying at the HDRA Frontier 500, and when it settled, BFGoodrich TIA® Radials had muscled their way to first and second place overall and first place in three classes. The 'Frontier 500 was described by most 'iompetitors Cf.S one of the toughest courses 1n desert racing. Tell that to the team of · Frank ,Arciero, Jr. and 17-year old Robbie ·Gordon. They tore throu_gh the 111-~ile loop course to capture f ust overall and the Class 2 title. Hot on the trail of Robbie and Frank was Robbie's Dad, Bob Gordon, and his co-driver, Tim Crabtree. Also racing in Class 2, they followed Robbie and ~rank across the finish line for second overall, 2nd in class and a storybook ending for father and son. BFGoodrich-equipped trucks also dominated Class 8, sweeping the first · three places. Steve Kelley's first place effort led the way in the four-lap format which featured Frank Vessels and John Clark Gable finishing 2nd and ~rd. Joining Bob Gordon as a proud papa was Ivan Stewart, whose son Brian finished 5th. . Reigning Class 6 winner Larry · Schwacofer proved he still has the heart of a champion. Riding on the brand new Radial All-Terrain T!A;M Larry successfully defended his title while running nearly the entire race in second gear because of transmission trouble. , Our off-road tires are proven champions in the desert, continuing the winning tradition of consistency and performance that is the hallmark of BFGoodrich TIA® Radials. BFGOODRICH JiA RADIALS TAKE ON THE ROAD™

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' , I David Anckner and Henry Arras took ov,er the-Class 5-1600 lead on the second half, and they held it to the vic;tory, completing a perfect score for the McDonald's tel!m. · · · Jerry McDonald took over the lead midway in the fray in Class 7 4x4, and he survived the course hazards to win the class in the Chevrolet. Rich Minga and Dale Ebberts finished the course first in Challenge Class by a couple of min.pies but were disqualified for a minor technical glitch. Up front all day in Class 7S, Paul and Dave Simon took the lead on the last lap in the Ford Ranger, and held on to win their first ~ig victory in the desert. Rick Johnson and Gary Watson stayed close all day in Challenge Class, and they ended up /he official winners in the Barstow built, refurbished Hi Jumper. Hanging on in Class 9, the only one at'the Frontier 500, Dave and Bryant Wood did all four laps to earn their title and the points. ~ how much fun off ro~d 13 minutes down in third, and Johnson/Watson who had Watson inherited the victory, racing could 61:. Edward and Hugh McLean had troubles too. Ward had a nine but their title was no fluke, A husky 19 showed up in their Chenowth in fourth, only hour plus lap, ending his race, having never been lower than Challenge Class, daring th.e -15 more seconds down. A couple and Pat Smith and Billy Ken s_econd all day. The other two desert in single shocked, swing more contenders vanished on lap moved into third. The McLeans finishers also moved up·a notch. axle buggies. Nine of them 2, Rich Richardson, then Russ lost an hour but held fourth, well Dave and Bryant Wood drove retired on the first lap, including Winkler, and eight carried on. ahead of Chuck Guy and Gary the only starter in Class 9. They on the first lap,-another; the-Cf8 of Buck Griffin did a 7½ hour round and retired. Mark Hutchins and Gary Stewart led the first lap in a Ford Bronco, looking strong. Second was the CJ 7 of Kirby Hightower/ Gary Currier, only five seconds behind and these two were nearly side by side. About 19 minutes back Matt Pike/ Burt McCready had the '73 Bronco in third. Don Adams/ Larry Olsen were fourth in the Cherokee, only a minute mcire behind, and Gale Pike was fifth, a few more minutes down in the Dodge, but he was not seen in motion again. ' Midway only four · were running, and Matt Pike had the lead by nearly half an hour over the CJ 7 of Mike Schwellinger and Victor Hernandez. Hutchins and Stewart dropped a lot of time, but were third, well ahead of Adams/ Olsen and Hightower • was missing. Pike and McCready led from this point every tortuous mile to the four lap finish and a well deserved checkered flag. Only 13 minutes back at the finish came the Conejo Off Road CJ 7 of Mike Schwellinger, billowing steam from the radiator, but home in a solid second place. It was the first · top finish for this crew since they bought the rig last winter. Don Adams' Cherokee came up missing on the last lap;as did the •-early leader, Mark Hutchins't. Bronco, but they took third and. fourth respectively. Class 6 came up with five starters, a Saab 96, a Camara, a Nissan 710 plus the Ford Ranchero and '55 Chevy of Wes Moser and Larry Schwacofer that are regulars on:.,~.ti,J - esert. Schwacofer, with Sid Spradling co-dFiving, led every lap in his 30 year old racer; even though he was stuck in second gear on the last lap, he finished all four, and it was the only Class 6 that finished, another win. However, Schwacofer gets the honor oflast overall, 65th, taking 17:52 to cover the. course. one of the favorites, Danny Midway Johnson/Watson had Cogbill, who did not finish. ran hard, doing competitive · 1 -· Ashcraft, out with a blown the lead, Rich Minga had a flat Rich Minga· drove on quickly times, had a disaster on lap 2, bot tranny. Starting last, Rich Minga, and fixed a loose ball joint, and. on the last lap, and so did Gary went on. They got in all four The well prepped looking Camero of William Russell and Meville Sharpe was close in second on lap 1, only nine min.utes back, but a blown head gasket put them out on the next round.-Arne and Patrik Gunnarsson got the old Saab around in good time, . taking_ second in class•with three laps done. Coveri~g two laps.for third was the Nissan of Dale and Randy Jordan, and the Moser Ford was out after one lap. with Dale Ebbertsco-driving,got he was now 22 minutes behind in Watson, and they arrived in that .rounds with just 15 minut,·s left the Chenowth Magnum around . third. Mike Ward ,was second, order, just yards apart. Rich· · on the time allowance. fastest on the first lap, a good 12 five minutes ahead of Minga, and . Minga won the race by a skinny There were i:en starters in · minutes ahead of Rick Johnson/ the McLeans held fourth. Minga _ minute, 38 seconds over the Class 3, seven of them Jeeps. Sad •. Gary Watson in an aging Hi regained the lead on lap 3, now Barstow team of Rick Johnson. to say, a pair of Jeeps collapsed Jumper. Mike Ward was another ·about 13 minutes ahead . of.. and Gary Watson. Pat Smith and . . . Billy Ken were over an hour back CAUFOANIA · OFF-ROAD B.E. RACING USIASTS C.O.R.E. PIT TEAM · in their Funco, good for third in . · · dass. Edward and Hugh McLean lost a bunch of time·, but finished -the race in fourth spot. Unfortunately summertime seems t~ be the time when the post race tech team singles out the Challenge Class for nit picking. They did it at Riverside to the winner, and at the Sloan Garage Rich Minga_ was disqualified for having the tin . work over the engine bolted together instead of in one piece. It was a tacky, and perhaps not altogether fair end to what had The HDRA scheduled three laps only for a finish in Class 11. Four Beetles started, inc;luding C.O.R.E. offers unique pit services at western desert races, a familyoriented club with social activities and much.more for its members. Get all the information on C.O.R.E. Karen Clark, Race Director, (818) 34q-3833, 17045 Roscoe Blvd., #11, Northridge, CA 91325. · been a very good' di'ce i!) a very · competitive class. Johnson and Matt Pike and Burt Mccready proved there was life in the old Bronco still, as they led the last two laps and took the win in Class 3 by 13 minutes. Pagc26 October 1986 Dusty Times I

Page 27

Only seconds· out of the· lead in the early going, Mike and Pat Plaguec;I with electrical woes a/f day, Willie Valdez kept moving in Dave Ashly and Wally Kaiser fed the first tap in the Ford Ranger, Falkosky ha_d big trouble on the last lap, and t~eir Toyota was the FordRanger to claim fourth in Class 7S at the finish.fine. stayed close _all the way, and finished second in Class 7 4x4. , third-in 7S. Jim Conner and just-out-of-retirement Carl Jackson drove tfieir Nissan through a pack of troubles to finish third in Class 7 4x4. Doing very_ well in the Jeep CJ 7,. Mike Schwellinger and• Victor Doing incredibly well in the rough going, the Saab 96 of Arne and Hernandez did a spectacular finish, .but finished second in Class. Patrik Gunnarsson finished three laps for second place in Class. the Candy Cane beauty driven by one 11 ½ hour lap. Stainless and Scott Steele, which If there was one common did not. cover a lap. · Ramon thought among the racers during Castro and Salvador Avila came · and after the 1986 Frontier 500, from Mexico to race and win, it . was that the course was the and win they did, leading all three toughest, dirtiest, and generally laps by a goodly margin. On the . the most constantly demanding last lap, somebody crashed into · terrain ever seen. Rookies and the black Beetle in the dark, · veterans alik_e held .. the same wrecking a:11 the rear body work; opinion. For sure never have so and they , ended up wit,h ropes many experienced drivers had so and.cables h@Jding it all together, many flat tires, mainly on ·rocks but they made it to the victory · hidden_in the silt. John Johnson, stand. Andy Diaz and Scott who has won every major desert Wagstaff held second all the way, race in existence, said it was the and got in three laps with less rm,ighest course he had ever seen. than six minutes left on the time Looking at the shattered remains allowance. Mike Abbott/Fausto of winners and losers alike; we - Pa risotto. gracefully retired after · · believe him. The dust was awful · Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling had their ups and downs, but they won Class 6 in the old Chevy, a_nd they were _ the last team toJinish all four laps. He found ·the start this year, and Ramon Castro and Salvador Avila went the distance in Class 11, survived a hard hit and won by a huge time margin. Dusty.nmes in - the . arrid desert,-and 'the horsepower. There was no mention of a ne;, ground soon turned td pockets The awards presentation took rule book yet, nor the .1987 of silt. • -place in the usual and schedule. The word is that the So, it was a good off road race comfortably casual · HORA first HORA race will be just after course, one that eqµalized the fashion at the-Frontier Hotel on Parker, inMarch,sponsoredbya power of the high dollar trucks Sunday afternoon. HDRA · new hot.el now building in Las against the low dige buggy racers. presented all the ladies there with Vegas, and the Sport Book will For example, Steve Kelley won a long stemmed red rose, a nice be there on many more classes. Class 8 and was 12th overall in touch. The Sport Book paid off Next up for the 1986 points 11: 12.26. Privateers Bob Scott on Frank Snook, Frank Arciero; hunters in the desert series is the and Mike Voyles won Class 1-2-who started out at 12 to 1, Steve Baja 1000 in November, the 1600, were ·13th overall, less Kelley, · arid Bob Scott, who longest journey of all, nearly · than seven minutes slower on · started at 15 to 1, and-wouldn't 1000 miles from Ensenada to La elapsed time with a lot less you like to. have had that bet! Paz. October 1986 -KC HAS SHINED THE WAY TO MORE OFF-ROAD RA.CING VICTORIES THAN. ALL OTHER BRANDS COMBINED! · At KC HiLiTES, ·_we're serious about. competition lighting. So. why take a chance with anything else? . {!, ~~,,,,__ Page,27 . 1

Page 28

1-·_::.,_.k,·-·i&._•_·.Y-·.o·-·:k· ··o- h' a'·m··•"'a> "_..,. ~-points,a~dJimhas9neDNFfor · D• · .. _ a'handydiscard .. Corky McMillin . · is third at 175 points, and Corky 6-50 ~lub Repo_rt ' 7aar~donefiveracesintheseriesso By Jean Calvin· Hanging on in fourth, with five -----------------------------races entered, 'is Jack · Irvine at a rare DNf' on the first lap. _169 points, an~ Jac_k has a pair of · It has been two months ·since the · 1ast. points race at Barstow, and the 6-50 Club showed up 17 strong at the HORA Frontier 500. Sad to say the troops had only a 29 percent finish ratio this ·round, as merely five completed · the entire rugged distance. But, we had a big winner in Frank Snook, who, with Eric Arras co~ . dri_ving, led the race.overall for.a time. They had late troubles, but. ended up winning Class 1 ·and taking fourth overall. Congratu- . lations to the team, and Snook climoed into the top ten in 6-50 points with the victory. . Also ·'in Class 1, Bob Renz, with Dick Clark co-driving, got in two, laps before fading from the scene. And new member Ray Bates, and foundei: . Gregg• Symonds, each managed only · one lap qefore succumb_ing to the desert. · -. · · There were six .6-50 club members off the iine in Class 2, and two of them finished. Doing the best was Danny Letner, with Tom Martin co-driving. Danny a fine fifth in the 24 car class. Jim Tempk, with' his son Mark co:.driving; finished well also, eighth in class. Walter Prince got in three ·laps in the Candy Cane Raceco, giving Score News Publisher Marsha Collier a·ride to remember. But Prince retired . on the last.· lap. Beny and Debbie Canela had a long first lap, a good second lap, and that was as far as they got. Len Newman, with M.ike · Gaugha-n co-driving, had troubles on-the first lap, and that· was that. Corky McMillin, with . · his son Scott co-driving, suffered . 1n Class 1-2-1600, Texan-ONFs to discard. Edward Monty Stone did no_! cover a lap. McLean has· run five races also, In Class 3, newly discovered with one DNF, . and he now member Gale Pike got in a good . stands fifth with 162 points, the lap in the Dodge Ramcharger, highes_t a Challenge car driver has then retired to watch his son ·. been in 6-50 points. Danny Matt win the class in the aged Letner is back in the running also Bronco. Stan Parhell, with Jeff , ~ith fjye races to his credit, and a Bolha co--driving, 1finished a fine_ pair of DNFs to discard should third in Class 5,I gathering up the occasion arise. Danny is sixth enough points tojkeep Stan on with 160 points. · the top of the 6-50 heap with just _ Bob Renz is seventh in ~he three points counting events left standings at 150 points, and he in .. the 1986 6-50 ~ lub series. can toss out three DNFs . if he New member Mark Steele did does well in the next three races. . not have•a good dJy in his Class 7 · Gregg· Symonds has a similar Chev'y S-10, failing to complete a situation; six races started, three lap; There w>re ~o starters in DNFs, and Gregg has 123 points. .the 19 car crowd in Challenge Frank Snook is now ninth with ·Class, , including newly found 113 points, and Frank_- has_ five member Kent Lothringer. But his . ,races to his credit; with three · Challenger Baja Bug only went DNFs. So he could· come back two quick laps, · and then strong also.-Competing io only vanished. With the leaders all three races to · date, ·oave day, Edward and Hugh McLean Girdner; a Challenge driver, is placed.a keen fourth on the road tenth with 101 points. · in their Chenowth, and moved There are over 50 names on up to third offioially, bringing the 6-50 Club roster now, and we them into the to~ five on 6:50 feel sure that more·are out there, points. Jack Irvine, with Kit some drivers we just can't find Trenholm co-drhiing, was right via the entry lists. Sarne folks are up front-in Class 10 on the first a little coy about listing their age lap, but the car did not come for all to see. But, we can't score around again. you if we don't know who you Toting up the score with six are. · races in the record books, and Many members are doing great just three to go, the Snore 250, in theScore/HDRApointschase the Baja 1000 and1 the Budweiser as· well. Right now, after the 250, Stan Parnell still has the lead Frontier 500, Bob Renz is fifth in with '243 points, But, Stan has C:lass 1 ~ints, frank Snook !s competed ih and finished all six sixth, while Gregg Symonds 1s races to date, so he may be into tenth. Danny Letner,~1s eighth the discard ·-mode soon, in this in Class 2, Corky McMillin is best six · out of nine race series. ninth, and Len Newman is 11th Also competing i~ all six events is on points. Gale Pike is sixth in Jim Temple, second with 205 Class 3 standings, and Stan I • Parnell is a dose second in Class _,,_ ___ ....,_ --------. ____ ........ ________ ...,!~--, 5. Mark Steele is fifth in Class 7. . .· . . . - Edward McLean is now a tight We,, st Coast Dist, ribu', ' ta,. jr', third , in C~allenge points, W!th • Kent Lothringer only one pomt FOR ' behind in fourth, and ~Dave Gridner is tenth-. Jack Irvine is HEWLA·ND· · _ . now seventh in the Class 10 standings. , O.· ff .. · RO· AD. G .. EARS. . Remember, there is nothing to join, no dues to pay, to be a 6-50 ALL . GEARS , AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE _ VaHey Performance· · 3700 Mead Ave~ las. Vegas, NV 89102 . · l02/873-1962 OUR. -PRICE $695.00 Per Set 2 Ratio's Available -McKenzie Automotive 12945 Sherman Way #4 North Hollywood, CA 91605 213 /764-6438 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 28 Club member. If you are over 50, just list your age as driver of record on the entry list, and you are an instant 6-50 person. It is all in fun, but the handsome rewards at the end of the year are - real gold, silver and . bronze . medals fo_r the top three drivers on points. These will he presented sometime ·during the_ Score/HORA awards banquet on January 3, 1986 in Anaheim; If you wish to.know your points count, ·wonder if you are on the list; or whatever, contact Jean Calvin, (818) 889-5600 or write to 5331, Derry Ave., Suite 0, Agoura, CA 91301. · ·Subscribe to DUSTY TIMES SEE.FORM ON PAG~ 3~ October 1986 ··--·_-H·DR~A FRONTJER··soo--. . , . _ September 6, 1986 ~ Fi~al Results. ·Pos. 0/A · Pos. Car # . Oriver(s) Vehicle ,. Tonie_ CLASS j· -UNLIMITED SINGLE SEAT -19 START - 6 FINISH· , : 1. 101 Frank Snook/ Eric Arra_s Raceco ' ·10:19.36 · 2. 103· -Ma(kMcMillin '(solo) Chenowth 10:28.20- - · 3. 114 . · James Barbeau Raceco · 1 i: I i.04 · 4 . . 102 . Larry Noel (solo)· . Chapairal 13:16.45 5. 107 Jerry Finney l_Oan Fodrill .Chaparral 15:00,09 CLASS 2 -UNLIMITED two SEAT-24 START-"-8 FINISH 1. 205 . Fr~iik Arciero, J,r./Rob Gordon Chenowth 9:40.45 2. 210 Bob Gordon/Tim-Crabtree Chenowth · .10:07.09 4 · 5 24 33 45 3. 211.- . Cameron Thie riot/Greg Lewin . Funco-ORE · · 10:1 1.01 . ' 4. 224 Tant & Donny M8rtii1. Race·co \ ·10:44.3J° -.,.,.. 5. 299 .Danny Leiner /Tom Martin Raceco · 11 :02.22 CLASS 1-2-1600 -1600cc RESTRICTED___:_ 27 START - i0 FINISH 1. 160,$ Bob Scott/Mike Voyles. Voyles. U :19.16 2. 1 ~04 ,Willy & Jerry Higman· Chenowth Magnum ·ll :39.36 3. 1624 Bobby Neth/Richard Spangler Chenowth Magnum 11 :40.15 ·. 4. 1621 Dennis Fry/Morley Williams Raceco ·12:02.48 · 5. 1601 _· Jack ~amsay/Rick Mills Bunderson _ 12:04.25 CLASS J -SHORT WHEELBASE 4x4 -10 START - 2 FINiSH . 1. · 303 · Matt Pike/Burt McCready Ford Bronco 15.:55.47 ·2. 301 Mike Schlivellinger/Victor Hernandez Jeep CJ 7 -16:18.33 .· 3. 349 . Don Adams/Larry Olsen Jeep Cherokee . 12:52.46 1. 403 2. 400 1. 503 2. 549 3. 504 · 4. 548 5. 502 1. 560 2. 559 3. • 595 ,- 4, 597 5. 569 1. 600 2, 619 1. 700 · 2. 706 3. 703 1. 747 ·2. 720 3. 721 4. 727 5. 722 . GLASS 4 ...:. LONG WHEELBASE 414 - 5 START - t FINISH Don Yosten/Bill Donahoe . Jeep Hon.cha 17:33.06 Rodney Hall/Jim Fricker Dodge W-150 15:28.04 ClASS 5 -UNLIMITED BAJA BUG-~ 7 START - 4 FINISH ~ Hartmut & Wolfram Klaw(tter Baja.Bug 11:27~37 Max Razo/ John Johnson Baja Bug 11 :41.02 Stan Parnell/ Jeff Bo!ha · Baja Bug 12:36.40 George Seely, Jr./Howard Anderson Baja Bug 12:46.55 Jim Cocores/Oavid Snoddy ·Baja Bug 9:31;03 ClASS 5-1600 ..-1600cc BAJA BUG~ 16 START - 5 FINISH David Anckner/H~nry Arras ' Baja Bug · · 14:00.32 David Todd/Steffan Vigano Baja Bug 15:11.52 Steve Lakin/Tod Fetters · Baja Bug 16:07.42 Owen & Curtis Duggan . Baja Bug - 16:30.22 Alan & Darryl Cook Baja Bug 16:54.3,9 _ C.lASS 6 -PRODUCTION SEDAN ...:c 5 START - 1 FINISH Larry Schwacofer/Sid Spradling· .. ··55 Chevrolet 17:52.04 Arne & Patrik Gunnarsson Saab 96 15:05.05 . ClASS 7 - UNLIMITED MIDI-MINI PICKUP - 7 START - 2 FINISH Manny & Tudy Joe Esquerra Ford Ranger 12:34.51 · Jack Johnson/John Deetz Nissan 14:04.38 Larry R~gland Chevy S-10 16:00.26 ClASS 7S - STOCK MIDI-MINI PICKUP -12 START - 4 FINISH Paul & Dave Simon Ford Ranger 13:47.46 · Spencer Low/Paul Delang· .Nissan 14:13.05 Mike & Pat Falkosky Toyota 15:06.53 Willie Valdez Ford Ranger 15:28. I 4 Scott. Douglas/John Swanguen ford Ran·ger . • 9:54.00 . ClASS 1414 ...,· STOCK MIDI-MINI 414 - 8 START - 3 FINISH 13 16 l •J-. 21 i2 54 56 (3 l~ps) · 62 (3 laps) 15 18 27 29 (3 laps)· 36 48 55 57 58 65 (3 laps) 26 ·.,,,3'7 (3 laps) -35 41 46 50 (3 laps) Jerry McDonald/ Joe MacP-herson Chevy S-1 O · 14:09.45 ;, 38 . 1. 751 2. 769 Dave Ashley/Wally Kaiser · · Ford Ranger , 14:43.32 , , 43 Jim Conner /Carl J1ckson· ,. Nissan . · 15:41.28 .. · 52 Michael Homer /~311c~ Martin . Chevy S-10. ,. _ -f3,54.3~ -. (3Jap!) 3. 753 4. 768 ClASS 8 - JWO STANDARD PICKUP-~ 12 START - -7 FINISH': ,, "" Sieve Kelle_y/Terry Caldwell Chevrolet· · · 1 li12.26 < Frank Vessels/Brad Stoffers-Ch·evrolet 11 :55.29 · 1. 800 2. 810 · · John Gable/Bill Holmes . Ford 12:46.35 Dave Shoppe/Larry Maddox . . Fil1d , 12:48.28 · 3. 806 4. soi 5. 859 · Bnan Ste'l/an/Charlotte Corral Ford · 13:27,21 CLASS 9 -1200cc SINGLE SEAT'-1 START - 1 FINISH . 1. 919 Dave & Brvant Wood Fun Buggy · ·11:45:09 . . CLASS CHALLENGE-RESTRICTED BUGGY -19 START-3 FINISH · 1. 946 Rick Johnson/Gary Watson Hi Jumper · · 14:22.55 2. · 932 .Pat· Smith/Billy Ken Funco SS 1 15:41.19 3. 997 Edward & Hugh Mclean Chenowth 17:30.49 4. 938 · Chuck Guy/Gary ~ogbill- H ,!ag . _·, 14:40.41 1. 1013 2. 1012 3. 100:i 4. 1008 5. 1016 1. 1103' 2. 1100 3. 1102 1. 1499 2. 1400 ClASS, 10.-UNLIMITED 1650cc -15 START 7 FINISH Rick & John 'Hagle Raceco·· · Craig Watkins/Greg Aronson · Racec·o · Rex Keeling/ Jack Scott Raceco Jim qreenway . Raceco Roger Mortenson/Russ Welch Funco" ClASS 11 -STOCK VW SEDAN - 4 START ...:. 2 FINISH 10:35.40 ' 10:35.59 ·11:06.13 11:25.28 .13:01.55 Ramon Castro/Salvador Avila · VW Beetle 16:13.22 Andy Diaz/Scott Wagstaff VW Beetle 17:54.13 Mike Abbott/Fausto P.arisotto , VW Beetle 11 :31.31 · , ClASS 14-UNLIMITED 4x4 - ·2SJART-HINISH Carl Cook/Glen Emery Jeep-Olds Steve Mizel/Mike Parker · Ford Bronco 17:49.55 3:14.14 . . Total Starters -193 -Total Finish•~'-:-65 ~ Finishing Ratio -33.7 percent . .:Fast Time Ovirall ~ Frank Arciero JrjRob Gordon -Class 2 - · Chenowlh _:_ 9:40.45 · · . Fast Lap of theDay ~ Frank Snook-' Cl~ 1 - -Raceco - 2:10.10 . Race Distance - 444 miles (4 laps-,-all classes but_Jl,),T1me Allowan~li -18 hours Coming Next_ Month;,♦• : 1-2 , 19 28 31 34 63 42 . 51 . 61 (3 laps) ' 5 7 11 14 32 (3 l~ps) (3 lapi) _(1 lap) '64 (1 lap) MTEG AT THE ORANGE SHOW FAIRGROUND SNORE250 ' ' , . _ADRA SNOWFLAKE BUGGY BASH SHORT COURSE RACING IN GEORGIA RALLY OF 1000 LAKES SUNRISER FOREST PRO RALLY MILLICAN VALLEY 400 AMSA AT THE TULARE FAIR plus all the regular Features .•. DustyTimes I

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East Bay Raceway Hosts F.o·.R;_D.A. 's' Night-Race Terry Clark, \here leading Mark Bickers, got all the gold m Class 1-2-1600. A Clark won b~th the heat and the main event in fine style. -. Gary Groce climbs a mud mound while John C[!rY slides by'and Joe Cunningham is about to,pass also in keen D Class_ · action. , _ · . _ Saturday, July 26th was the added att-raction for the date and East Bay Raceway the spectators. The off road races place as the-California Style Off . would run their first heat just Road Racing tried a new venture before intermission and the 30 with a night time event. Because minute feature as the last event of the tight schedule for the for the evening. · evening, there would be one heat It didn't take long after the race within each class with races began when the· rains came Classes 1, 10 · and 1-2-1600 pouring down. This stopped all combined in addition to a 30 racing of stock cars, Being that. minu'te feature that all classes ·. off road racing has no problems would do it together. The rest of' with weather, they were able· to the scheduled events were mini start their first heat, Two stocks, mod stocks, s-moclified, portable wooden ramp jumps sprints and late models. The off were placed on the main track in road racing was definitely an front of the grandstan~s. · ·MINIMUM EFFORT ......... ~ ...... ~ ......... . MAXIMUM EFFECT!!f CA3 - C'OMPETITION BRAKE WITH BALANCE BEAM ' ' . MANUFACTURERS OF T_HE FINEST IN OFF, ROAC, PROt)UCTS With rain pouring down and echoing·. thunder . resounding · throughout the · area, seven D Class buggies were on the move. Spinning, sliding, sHpping and turning is what was happening as they made their way down the straight to the first turn. With Sam Pace in the lead, around the turn they went then over a jump, · · bumper to bui:nper. Then side by side was Allen Brumly qnd Marty Pounds just behind Sam. Around a hair pin tµm then over another jump, the pack was moving. The infield track was engulfed in mud and the outer section of the track was slick · clay. This didn't matter to the dr:ivers, they were doing what . they needed and that was to Allen Brumly had a good night in D Class, at, he nailed second place in the :; heat: and.led most of the way to victory in the slippery _mai.n event .•. .i,r· :,~1"'!'J demonstrate· their driving skills heatco'nsistingofClass 1-2~1600 · and abilities under any type of and Class 1-10 running togetner:;. con·aition. . · · With mud flying and the green The spectators, most of whom flag ~aving, si~ Class· 1~?-1600 ~ were there to see the stock car and five Class 1-10 bugg1~s were . races, were simply _ a~azed ar : do!rig it. This _was a\~ghr·ro ~ee. what was h·apperiing~~-Sofue With everythmg:·?lm~st"'1:111~_er : spectators, who -w.ere leaving total· control_ t~e· r:a1 ·ma'de_: tts . because of the rain started way to the first turn -where Just · filtering back into th~ stands. a.bout everyone slid out or spun· Before long, the crowd was on , around_ the~ over the ju:np· they . their feet cheering for the buggy went. J1mm1e Crowder picked :1P of their choice. Gene Windham the early lead for Class 1-10 with spun around while Sam Pace hit a Dennis Ard and Ken Burkrrt tire, breaking his tire stops. This_ nght··on his _rear. bumper. Fm didn't bother Sam he continued Class _ 1--2-lbOO, Terry Clark,. on.During the fou,rth lap, Gene, grabed a quick lead followed . while slipping and sliding, slid dosely by Mark B.1ckers and Joe ,. right by Gary Groce. Tom Cunningham. Durmg the second. Gundeck and John Cory were . lap, Ken Burkert.i.ndTerryCl~rk · battling it out with each other in tangled wheels. Ter-ry continue~ 1 - · · • d - . -h · on but Ken dropped towards the c o~e hcompeWhtltlon . urmllg . t e bottom of th~ pack. . . -entire eat. en it was a over, La Ell' Cl - 1 d Sam was first to cross the finish . rry . iott, ass - : ·starte · I. • II d b All -B I off m the sixth place 6os1ttonbut me 10 owe y en · rum y · d 1· b I dd f th . M - t · p d . contmue · to c 1m t e a er o en ar Y oun s. success with each· passing . lap. · By this time, the spectators During the sixth lap, "]immie were anxiously_ awai~ing the next Crowder stalled out after landing _ \. ,. -,.Contact your local JAMAR dealer. qr.,.w,rite .. _ .~ .. :\,,..¥a.;,;..;';,,, ...•. ~·-:t-"', ?~ 42030-C Avenida Alvarado• Temecula, CA 93290 (714) 676-2"66 Carlton Jackson flies his Chenowth Magnum off a jump en route to a win in the main event and second place in the Class 1 and 10.heat race. . . . · . · · ·. · Page 30 October 1986 ~ . ...... . Dusty Times

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I KING ·oF THE WILD FRONTIER. II] Chevy S-10 Wins Frontier 500. · - - · [II There's nothing civilized about the Frontier. It's 500 miles of Nevada desert pockmarked by points of no retum like Volcano Canyon and Petrified Summit But with driver Jerry McDonald cracking_the whip, a race-modified Chevy S-10 4x4 tamed the Frontier's wild turf to_ rule the Class i4x4-field and finish first among all four~wheel~drive entries. . · ·. Jerry's fourth win of the SCORE/HORA season means the Team MacPherson/Southern California Chevy Dealers_ S-10 now l~ads both the Class 7 4x4 points race aF1d the overall "Mini-Metal" championship for compact pickups. And 1t also means a simple point has once again proved true. · NOTHING WORKS LIKE A CHEVY TRUCK --: : /: ----,.. -·--------,.,. --·· ----------. .._, ------------------~ ---.-.-

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Sliding around in the heavy rain, Larry Elliott got the unlimited heat race win, but he dropped a valve in. the main and did not finish. Sam Pace won the D Class heat honors, took the. early read in the main, then fell victim to the rain ahd the muddy trae:k conditions.· control' problems. Joe slid into Carlton coming· _around the second hairpin turn, then Carlton did the same to Joe in the_ · ne~t tum. During i:he fifth lap, Carlton made his way around Joe Cory and Gene Windham. Lrtrry Elliott was holding his own until the eleventh lap when he dropped out because of valve problems. Soon thereafter Ken Burkert had to call it,a day wheri he hit a tire marker and bent his right fr:orit end. Jimmie.Crowder was going strong with 'the first place position all to his own until he developed. a flat tire-causing him to give it up for the rest of. the race. Bob Bqhres also dropped out with transmission problems and a flat-.tire. -Rick ·Welch broke a shock. Rick didn't want to damage his buggy anymore than it was so he dropped ·out. · Towards the end, Carlton .. Jackson was holding the lead for Class 1-10 while Terry Clark was setting the pace for Class 1-2-1600. Allen Brumly was doing it his way in front of D Cla$s. As all was winding down with nine ~ buggies still in competition, John Cory,spun around and hung up . on the first wooden ramp. With a little nudge, he was on his way again. The spectators were · still out·of-their seats cheering on the - remaining drivers. During the;_ Mark B(cJsers flew nicely in his 1-160/} racer, taking a close second in the heat Ken Burkert, leading, andBob Bohres had a good dice going in the main-event, next lap, John once again spun rac.:e, but laryded in a hole early in the maif], and was third. bui they both dropped out with mechanical troubles.·· · . around, this time in the middle from a jump. When it was finally Clark, Class 1-2-1600 ·•leader; was such a short notice and the · again the first tum took its toll in infield turn. Joe Cunningham determined that his coil wire along with Mark Bickers and Joe pit was spread over a large area, spiri oui:s and turn arounds. shook his head as he went by. broke a_nd Jimmie was on the Cunningham were in tight three of our drivers, Marty Everyone was in tight formation When the checkered · flag road again it was too late, he had formation for the remainder of Pounds, Tom Gundeck and as they came mrer the first jump.-· concluded the race, Carlton lost too much time and gave it up' the heat. Larry Elliott was th~ Dennis Ard didn't get the word Jimmie Crowder was leading the Jackson pulled in the winning for the heat. front runner for Class 1-10 with in time to race in the feature. way for Class 1-10, Bob Bohres _position for Class 1-10. Terry The crowd cheered right on as Carlton Jackson in hot pursuit. As the green flag made its for 1-2-1600 and Sam Pa<;:e for Clark crossed the line first for . JoeCunninghamdidarollover When· it was all over, Larry descent,fifteenbuggieshadsixty D_-Class: ,Mark Bicke~s p~t Class 1-2-1600 with Joe in front of . the grandstands, Elliott took first place honors for wheels ·spinning o_n this slippery h!mself m a hole at the _first hair Cunningham right behind. 0 -landed :,on~· all fours and Class 1-1() and Terry Clark for clay while making their. way pm tum. Joe Cunningham and Class winner was Allen Brumly continued 0n. Rick Welch did it Class 1~2-1600. . towards the first tum. Once Carlton Jackson_ were having trailed by John Cory . . hi,s way as he went. over the With the rain still falling out of , second jump backwards. That's the sky, and rio chance for the , putting· on, a show Rick! Dennis stock cars to continue on at this Ard dropped out durng the time, .the rail _buggies got on line seventh lap with problems. Terry for their feature. Being that this Marty.Pounds.did well, placing third in the-heat race, but he was one of three diiver;s w~o missed the early_ call and missed the_ main event. · J.R. fay/or, #623, and Joe Cunningham mix it up in Class 1-2-1600 action. Cunningha,m went on _to _take thi~d, Taylor was _out of'the money. Dusty'rimes October1986 - Page 31 ! .

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c;;w Gumbo Buttes Baja Daryl Dressler had a double winning day_, taking top· s·pot in Class 3, open buggy, and Daryl took the overall victory home to Rapid City. · ~ _ · - . Those of us who couldn't make the trip to Riverside, were in South Dakota's capital city, _ Pierre, on August 17, 1986. The temperatures in _ Pierre, SD, always seem to be 10° higher in the summer and 10° lower in the winter than anywhere else in the state. Sunday, Aug.17, was no different. It was going to be a warm one, but as race time drew near, clouds appeared and dropped .a few sprinkles. Just enough to mix with the dust and cause some visibility problems for the drivers from the mud on their helmets and shields. But the track, along with· the temperature, was hot at the 13th Annual _Gumbo B~ttes Baja, held near Pierre. W 1th - only one points race left in the High Plains Off Road Racing _ Association 1986"-year, the track was burning with racers trying to gain every possible position and point. Daryl Dressler from Rapid City, SD, was the double winner of the day. Driving his unlimited 2WD, he took first place honors in Class 3 and also was the first place winner overall. Dressler has raced on this track numerous times and has been in the winner's -- circle befor"e. Even though Stan Schwellenbach, from _Pierre, was driving on "his "home track", he couldn't seem The_ Blue Line ' IS here~ \Ll·E PRODUClS, INC. Fllle_r Safety Is now offering all seat. belts and harness.ea In BLUE at_an additionai10% overexlstlng prices. We are also stocking harness pads, horse collars, arm restraints and tie downs -In blue at no Increase· In cost. To order use existing -rumbers and specify blue. · No. 62625-3 .....•......... $127J~5 (Also available in standard . black) .................... $116.25 SIMPLE TO ORDER -Phone or ihail order using Visa. Mastercharge or we do ship ·c.O.D. No personal checks plense. Order now and receive the new. 20 page 1985 catalog and price lis1 I rec. _ ' FILLER -PRODUCTS; INC . . .9017 San Fernando Road,_ Sun Valley, CA 91352 (818) 768-7770 '~ '! •·-~ -!'"' . !\ . t ~ •. J ... to catch Dressler. Stan took home second place and Mike Baenen -from Jamestown, ND;· -claimed third. , -Mike Baenen was entered in two classes, Class 10, air cooled 2WD under 1650cc, and in Class 3, unlimited 2 WO air cooled. He placed third in Class_ 3 and took home the first place trophy in Class 10, limping across the finish line on three wheels. He never did find his fourth tire and wheel that went sailing off somewhere in the tall grass of the Gumbo Buttes. Also in Class 10, Stuart Dahlin, from Watertown, SDt09k second in his sharp little Baja Bug. Ron Carpenter was third. · ·9\Jl eyes were on Ron Carpenter from Hartford, SD. Carpenter always seems to put on an exciting show for the , spe·ctator1:i, Today was no diffrrent _as he rolled his racer near spectator hill. Carpenter was treated for a broken thumb, then climbed back in his buggy to finish in third place. Fourth went to 'Joel Fricke, from North Dakota. -This was the first Baja race that Stan and Deanna-Crawford from · Pierre, SD, have witnessed. When asked their opinion of the race, the replied, "It was really pretty neat.0We thought it would last longer. We enjoyed watching all the cars, especially Hollywood Harold Johnson ih his shiny Toyota." We laughed when he hit the only big mud hole on the track. Mud went everywhere. -We were just a little disappoint-ed because the race didn't last ·longer. But it was fun." The race lasted one lap too long for Burt Dartt from Wall, SD. He led the Class 8, water coo.led 2WD until the rear end went out · on his machine while making the _ last lap. Dartt settled for third, Oetober 1986 Harold Johnson cruised to the Class 2 victory, his Toyota winning easily among the f6ur cylinder, 4WD tlass and he _is the overall points leader. The mo_dified 4x4s have a big Dakota, and this found Chuck Heimes · and Steve Miller had no trouble and won in the Ford Bronco. while first place went to Jef ry and Bob Edwards of Rapid City, SD. Driving a very unique __ machine, Jerry and brother Bob ·hung on in their "two steering wheel drive truck. They built the car with two steering wheels so they can switch off dri.vers if one · becomes tired or incapable of seeing the track. Jerry said, "Durin'g one race, the mud was S6 bad that my helmet and shield_ kept getting covered so I couldn't see. So we decided to switch drivers, Well, as you tan see, Bob · is a lot bigger than.I am, and we had so much trouble adjusting -the seat belts because they were slick and covered with m4d; it just took too long. Another time Bob caught some -flying debris from the track in his eye and couldn't tell where to go. So, we got this idea from Jerry Noteboom, who u~ d¥o race and had the same set" up with two steering wheels." Jerry Edwards drove the whole race from the right hand side. "Once you get the feel for it," he says, "it's OK." "The bumps feel a little different though." Well, the first Jerry _aiid Bob Edwards won the 4WD, water cooled Class 8 in this unique machine with a steering wheel for each occupant and od_d body _design. Mike Baenen entered both Class io and unlimited class, taking a third, and w!nnmg Class 10, even thoug_h he finished on three wheels. _ Dustynmes--

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place trophy felt real Jerry Edwards hands. The race for overall points fo~ the 1986 ~eason is a close one in Class: 8. C1,1rt Willuw~it frem-Wall, SD, dropped out of today's race with mechanical pio9lems, but. is leading the points going in to the last ·race. Only ten points down is Burt. Dartt, also from Wall. Jerry Edwards "is a close two points· . · behind Dartt. It will prove to be an exciting day in Class 8 at the Last Chance Baja in Wall in October. Greg Iverson, from Murdo, SD, placed second in ·Class 8. Class 4, for modified 4x4s is a favor;ite class for. both drivers and fans. Chuck · Heimes from Sioux Falls, SD, was fa the. winner's circle once again. Chuck and co~driver Steve Miller seemed to be the only ones who didn't have trouble seeing because of the dust and mud on· their shields. "It's not dirty when you're out • in-front/' said Heitnes, "it sure felt good." Driving on his home track, Stan Schwellenbach had to be conteht with seco.nd in unlimited buggy.class at the Gumbo Buttes Baja. · Hustli11g through the tall grass,.Jim'Kitterman stayed on the gas in his Chevy to · finish a good second in Class 4, modified 4x4s. ·Jim Kitterman, another Wall . driver, had s~me trouble with dirt especially after i~ .started sprinkling just enough to cause mud on the shield. He didn.'t have trouble, however, taking home the second place trophy and the. pofnts that go along with Class 8 seems to be kin with Wisconsin's Class 13, and this truck based special it. Kitterman is leading the points driven. by Gary Iverson to'ok second in the class. . ·Stuart Dahlin's trim and tidy Baja Bug races in Class 10 with-the buggies, and he ·does very well; taking .second in class this_round. race in Class 4, nine points ahead f K C II Th df d Holly;ood Ha· ro· Id gr.abbed first · o .~; enny, a , . . e or , Nebraska: Kitterman will have place in Class 2, four cylinder, his machine tuned for his home 4WD. Johnson is leading points town race in Wall, "in Oct~ber, in Class 2 by a huge margin and is the Last Chance. Baja. Since also leading the overall points Kitterman runs on BFGoodrich race. Brad Blow in-his orange rig tires, he is trying , for the first was the second place winner here place in P9jll,~ and_tl1eses 9( BFG at Gumbo Buttes. . .. tires that .go ,~ ith. the title. The · The High Plains · Off Road BFGoodrich T earn T / A donates Racing Association will end their_ tire~ to the winner of the points 1986 season on October 25, in each class. The T earn T / A · 1986 with the Last Chance Baja folks will be on hand at the Last in Wall, SD. In addition to being Chance to.present the prizes. the "last chance" for the regular Harold Johnson from Sioux racers to chalk up points; many Falls, SD, doesn't have to worry Colorado racers have indicated much about points in his class. . they will be .making the trip. · Ron Carpenter did a spectacular roll near spectator hill, broke his thumb, but · got back in action ~nd finished third in Class 10. .: Urt artt was leading Class 8 in his Bronco, until the last lap when he lost the rear ~nd, but.he still ended up third in the class .. Dustynmcs .::. ,' i • '', • :~ ~te~p~ises --~~ 3281-7 Crown Valley Road-/Acton, California 93510/ (805) 2q9-1279 ' . -.,. ·'· • }!"· • October 1986 Page 33

Page 34

~F ,1 ! i l • I l ,. · A little fef}d~r problem and a pit,stop for ga_s didn't hamper the Terry · Severson, leading here, and Dave 'Vandermissen Jr . . pr'?guiss of James Hanson, and he drove-.into the. Class B victory. . battled it out in .Class 10, with Vandermissen ev(!ntually takir;,g a · · ' · narrow victory. '-oclag 50 in Northern Wisconsin Terry Bell brought his Ford based 4x4 from Ma~quette, Ml to race, and he came· from behind to win the combined Class 3 .. 14, and ft event. '.' · · On August 2nd and.3rd, 1986, · Watzka; Green Bay, W't, slid in . the Wausau Bunch and to.take-the win, with Walkowski . promoter Bernie Eckert present-:· finil;lhing second and Chad ed the tenth annual run of the Ramesh, Land G Lakes, .third .. Hodag 50 off road race· in. The Class 5-1600s and 1 ls Rhinelander, Wisconsin. were next on the schedule of Racing started at 9 :30- events. TerryWolfe;Wausatosa, 0Saturday morning as .the . 3 WI, grabbed the pole position in wheelers were the first to take the. . the 5-1600s- with Jim Pfeffer, green flag . Dwayne Walkowski, Ottawa; IL, tight on his tail, St. Germaine, maintained an . snatching the lead away by the early lead until three laps before second lap. Pfeffer made it half the end of the race when Darrel way around the track again, when Page 34· October 1986 Greg Smi th took this tum too wide,·andgave Mike Seefeldt the winning edge which he held all the way to th_e flag in Class 1.-1600. · Dusty nrncs I • >, ' r. l ! l l

Page 35

1986 SCORE BAJA CALIFORNIA 1000 , ·l CHECKPOINTS: I CHECKPOINT 1 Somewhere between start and VaUe de Trinidad. ■ CHECK~OINT 2 Mike's Sky Rancho. ■ CHECKPOINT 3 Santa Maria area. CHECKPOINT 4 Somewhere between Santa Maria and Catavina. ■ CHECKPOINT 5 ,)qoH Rancho· Santa Ines. CHECKPOINT 6 Somewhere between Chapala and Punta Prieta. ■ CHECKPOINT 7 Hwy. 1 @ K-62½. ■ CHECKPOINT 8 El Arco. · ■ CHECKPOINT 9 San Ignacio. ■ CHECKPOINT 10 La Purisima. ■ CHECKPOINT 11 Ciudad Constitucion. CHECKPOINT 12 Somewhere between Constitucion and El Tomate. ■ CHECKPOINT 13 El Tomate . . NOVEMBER 6-9, 1986 RACE COURSE MILEAGE: -ENSENADA TO VALLE DE TRINIDAD 110 MILES -TRINIDAD TO · SANTA MARIA PEMEX 110 MILES -SANTA MARIA TO RANCHO SANTA INES 120 MILES -SANTA INES TO HWY. 1 @ K-62½ 123 MILES -K-62½ TO SAN IGNACIO (Hotet) 144 MILES -SAN IGNACIO TO SAN JUANCIO · (Punta P~quena) , 111 Ml.LES -SAN JUANICO TO CUIDAD CONSTITUCION 114 MILES' -CUIDAD CONSTITUCION TO SANTA RITA ROAD -56 MILES ..:.. SANTA RITA RD. TO LA PAZ 125 MILES TOTAL MILES: 1013 PAVED HIGHWAY -- ---ACCESS ROAD ---~-RACE ROUTE p PEMEX STATIONS -• ANNOUNCED CHECKPOINTS THERE ARE FEW LEGENDS LEFT IN THIS WORLD I ... OUR BAJA 1000 IS ONE OF THEM• This year marks the 19th anniversary of this transpeninsular event, where our rugged event where you can create your own legend by accepting the challenge of competitors challenge nearly 1000 miles of every conceivable type of terrain so the Baja. For the serious professional competitor, we offer the world-famed BAJA 1000, unique to the Baja. · . where you'll compete with several hundred other drivers and riders in an all-out battle The SCORE BAJA 1000 off-road race will start in Ensena_da on Thursday, November against the clock and the elements. For the more casu_al enthusiast who would like 6th and will finish 'In beautiful La PIil! the following day. to participate at an uncomplicated and more econ,omical level, we offer our ~n~ Annual What a race ... what a vacation ... what an adventure! . ENDURANCE SAFARI, which wilLals,o gp from Ensenada to La Pa~~. '1 • ·.' · " , . • ' • , SCORE INTERNATIONAL offers you achoiceoftwowaysto bea part of this uniquely •'We invite you to accept the cliallerige . • . . see the beautiful Baja . . . SCORE's way! For more information, please call our offices at (818) 889-9216. OFFICIAL COUR.SE MAP~-.. SANTA INES \ -\ CHAPALA EL \ CRUCERO ' RERO NEGRO EL ARCO •BAHIA SAN LUIS GONZAGA I-:-1·· i I .

Page 36

......,_\ Al McGowan soared through the air during the Gold Old Boys Race, and shows why his. sponsor, Wausau Spring, is most appropriate for him. ~ gas on the white flag lap. A sudden pit stop and quick moves by his crew put Hanson back on the track in time to capture the title. Steve Zelten, DePere, took second, with Dave Hockers third. Jack Flannery, Crandon, gave the crowd their money's worth, when he started dead last, a good 30 seconds after the rest of the pack had started. Jack stormed his way up five the end of the third lap. Mechanical problems continued to plague the big Ford, a11d left Flannery sitting trackside before the race was half over. At 1 :30, the Heavy Metal screamed onto the track with the Class 13 Front Engine buggies sharing the course with Classes 3, 4 and 14, 4 wheel drives. In Class 13 action, Ray Janusz, Pewaukee, WI, was first to buzz around Daytona Curve, with George Konitzer;Oconto Falls, WI, right on his bumper. Konitzer soon overtook Janusz and it looked pretty much his race, when five laps before the end the car decided it had had enough. Phillip Konitzer stepped in to at least keep the same name on top and saw it out to the ~nd. George still lucked out to finish second, with Paul Biancuzzo, Hartland, third. Greg Gerlach, Dakota, MN, started the 4x4 race in winning style'; but Terry Bell, Marquette, MI, decided it was gonna be his. race, pushing Gerlach back to second, then third, when Earl Erickson, Minnetonka, MN, decided to take over the second spot. Before long Qerlach had engine malfunctions, losing all claims to placing. Rick Witt, Minneapolis, and co-driver Bob Lanie, who drove all the way from Brooklyn Park, MO, finished in the third place spot. When they say "save the best for last", it was certainly true as the Class 10s took the final green of the day. After being overpowered on the third lap, Terry Severson, Spooner, stuck to Dave Vandermissen Jr. like glue, but couldn't quite muster up enough engine to overcome the leader Vandermissen. Terry Stotzheim, N. Fond du lac, WI, came off one of the jumps goofy, lost control and slid backwards into one of the earth mover tires used to mark the track. With help from track workers, the snuffed out motor was ref ired for Stotzheim to continue on with the race. Randy Lasnoski, Bark River, MI, who had co-driven with Jim Sharkey during the Class 8 action, now took Sharkey for a third place ride in his Class 10 buggy. With the races over, drivers . headed towards• the administra-tion building to pick up their winnings before starting on their voyages homeward. The only thing left of the 86 Hodag will be reminiscences of the dust-free track ( thanks to Mother Nature), the big party Saturday night, and some of the best racing ever. UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS POWER .STEERING ~ The Components, Parts, and Service Winners Count On • NEWI Choice of Aluminum or Steel - choose between tough, lightweight alumfnum or low-cost steel parts; all are precision made, incredibly durable. • Components or Complete System -for any application, we'll sell you whatever parts you need, or a complete system, . .installation is also available, all at competitive prices. • Draws Less Than 1HP -The most efficient, most durable set of power steering components available .. .it's the •. Rebullds, Adjustments & choice of more Class. and Overall winners Technical Assistance - Whether you than all others comb1nedl need to build or repair, test or adjust, • Complete Bracketry & Tabs -clean, or just have questions about power reliable mounting available for any steering ... call us. We'll answer your . application. questions without hassle. UNIQUE Also, ask about our full llne of other racing metal fabrication services ... METAL PRODUCTS,. SEND FOR FREE INFORMATION AND PRICES TODAY .· u . 8745 Magnollli Ave. • Santee, _CA 92071 • 619/449-9690 Page 36 U.P. Off Road 100 at Bark River, Michigan By Brenda Parker The U .P. Off Road 100 is the believe. He hit so hard he tore the seat 10s) were next. There were fifth race in the Formula Desert bell housing out of the tranny. In 22 cars lined up on the hill for the Dog Series. It is held in Bark fact, he tore things up so bad that start of this race. Lee Wuesthoff, River, Michigan, which is located the only thing keeping the engine in a Magnum, was the first car just 30 minutes west of Escanaba :nside the chassis were the oil over the bridge followed closely in the Upper Peninsula. The l-ines. • Luckily, he wasn't by Jeff Probst in his Armstrong track is 2½ miles long and is laid seriously hurt. Tom Arthur, shod Berrien. Mike Parker, also out on a mink farm there. The from Midland, Michigan, driving in an Armstrong sponsored heats at this race are always one a Mirage finished third and Scott Berrien, was third. They stayed hour long and the only problem Schwalbe was fourth. pretty much in this order until, is, that with the track as long as it Meanwhile in the 3 and 4 with ten minutes left in the race, is and the long heats, the cars got · action there were only three Parker pitted. He has a small gas d h. · E entr1·es. John He1·dtman took the tank in his car and in an hour sprea pretty t m at times. ven r h so, the spectator hill was packed win, Matt Foltz was second and · long race it was necessary 10r im with a much bigger crowd on Greg Gerlach was third. to put in gas. He lost only one Sunday than on Saturday. This There were ten Class 10 (2 position however, and was back race is sponsored by the Bark seat) cars. Brian Adams looked · on the track but a couple of laps River Lions Club and Strohs like he was going to win it but by later he was parked for good with Beer. lap 8 he was dropping off the a broken manifold.. Tom On Saturday the first heat of pace because of a broken tie rod. Schwartzburg then moved into the day held Classes 6 and 13. He did manage to hang in there third place. At the finish it was Mike Falk in his Class 13 car was and finished in third. Randy Wuesthoff, Probst and Schwartz-the first one down the hill and Lasnoski moved into first place burg with Barry Kline in fourth. across the bridge. He led 'ti! the for several laps but was soon Meantime, in Class 1-1600, half way mark when George passed by Terry Spradlin. David VanDenElzen beat Konitzer, who had been doing Moving up from the rear of the everyone across the bridge. Todd battle with Sam Konitzer, finally pack came Terry Stotzhein and Attig was hard on his heels passed both Sam and Falk to take he and Spradlin were nose to tail however, and Mike Seefeldt was the lead. 'George went on to win right up to the checkered flag. right behind Attig. Attig kept the with Sam in second and Jim Terry Severson had run in pressure on and it was a see-saw Bradley taking third. Falk ended second place for the first part of between him :fnd VanDenElzen. up in fourth. the race but soon dropped out for first place. Chuck Williams In Class 6 it was Allen Fannin with a smoking engine. Attrition slowly moved through the pack running flag to flag for the win. was high and at the end of the .. to jump into third place and then Jon Kaempf and Don Leigeois hour it was Spradlin for the win, it was a three way battle for the were fighting for second and Stotzhein in second and Adams lead. No one was giving an inch. changed position several times in third. At one point the cars approached during the hour. long event. Class 5-1600 had only four the bridge three abreast. You Kaempf made the final pass to entries. Jim Pfeffer led for three could see what was coming. No take second and Leigeois finished laps, long enough for Ron one was going to give and they · th· d Karlman to move up through the didn't. Chuck got pinched off 1n 1r . ~ At this track the start is on the other cars and pass Pfeffer for and ended up in the ditch along top of a hill and after running first place, Ron then led 'ti! the side the creek. He only lost one several hundred feet the track flag was dropped. Pfeffer came in posltlon and was soon back in narrows to a two lane bridge second, Phil Freiinu~h was third the hunt. across the creek. You can and Jeff Therriault was fourth. Attig started having engine ·imagine the tension on the The Challenger or Class l ls trouble and started backing off. drivers as they look across from were on the track at the same This allowed Kevin Probst to get one side to another and see 23 .time as the 5-l600s. It was an around him for the lead with cars lined up knowing that they easy win for Chad Ramesh. He VanDenElzen in third. Williams have only two lanes to get across was in a race for a few laps with was running fourth but got into the bridge. Thatishowmanycars James Hook but Hook soon some trouble back in the woods were in the single line for the start dropped farther and farther and rolled his car and he lost of the Class 2-1600 race. Scott behind. Hook did finish in another position, By the time the Taylor was first off the s~art line second place, Glen Mathews was flag fell Attig had parked his car and ran first until, with only third arid Curt Gerald finished and this left Probst in first, three· laps left he was out with fourth. VanDenElzen second, John engine trouble. Kevin Probst was On Sunday morning the firSt Koran third and Williams fourth·. running a· close second and cars on the track were the Class At this race there is a "no inherited first place when Taylor 2s and 8s. David Vandermissen, passing" zone right in front of the · pulled out. John Koran and Jr. was never challenged for the · timing tower. VanDenElzen was Chuck Williams were running lead,·and his Dad moved quickly penalized one position for third and fourth until the half into second place. By lap four he passing in this zone and ended up way mark when Williams finally was sitting on the top of the hill - third. got around Koran. John then watchinR everyone else. Brian h d d ff h d Adams, Who had repal·red hi·s In the He;i.vy Metal C ampion-starte to rop o t e pace an h M F J d Gr G l h was soon diarked on the side. broken tie rod overnight, was in s ip att O tz an eg er ac d V J h · the thi·ck of thi·ngs unti·J, wi·th were butting heads for the lead. Davi an ermissen; r. ung m Th d J cl J h f h d I M Onlk Sl·x laps to go, he was e crow ove it. ust as t ere or t ir pace. oving up - I h II d d F I h h h h k d d Par ed. Dave, Jr. took the Wl·n Ger ac ~u e aroun o tz e t roug t e pac an riving a bl h steady race, was Doug Motto. and was the only car in the class ew ei er is engine or a dd II d Stl·11 runni·ng when the flag radiator because smoke was Both he and To Wa ace rove f h H. d h h k d dropped. pouring rom is car. e a good race an at t e c ec ere d h h k h f f h In Class 8 Jack Flannery manage to ang in t ere to ta e flag finished in fourt and i t h · · h k b·11 · )·umped into the lead and, as t e wm wit smo e I owmg respectively. · b h· d h. F I d Classes 1, 3 and 4 were on the usual, he outdrove everyone else. e m im. 0 tz was secon h K He Was half a lap ahead Of and George Konitzer in his Class track at t e same time. evin h d Probst in his Berrien Laser went everyone else in his class. Dave 13 was t ir · flag to flag for the win. David Hockers and Jim Sharkey were In the Limited Championship Vandermissen, Sr. was right on doing battle for a while until Kevin Probst moved from fourth his tail. This was a battle of the · Hackers made the pass on t-0 first in just a couple oflaps and tire companies since Kevin is · Sharkey and finished in second took the win. John Koran was sponsored by Armstrong and place. Sharkey finished in third. second and Da'le Walling Vandermissen by BFGoodrich. Dennis Ferdon, who ran strong finished in third. The Unlimited Mike Paulson was pushing David for about half the race, suddenly Championship saw Lee Wuest-pretty hard, and, in taking on.e of pulled off just past the timing hoff come away the big winner theryump'~•;_,hei0t cr-ossed ·up and · ·tower with a broken front end. with Scott Schwalbe second and did an endo like you wouldn't Classes 1-1600 and 9 (single Terry Severson in third . October 1986 DustyTimes

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''FINAL St.tOWDOWN" _''Who Will Win , :_:jr.The Crown?'' ' -2 5.tb OCT. 70% PAYBACK SIX 40-MILE LAPS . HENDERSON, NEV. Everything From Sign-Up_To Awards · And Bar-B-Que On Saturday Classes Class 1.:.2 Class 5 Class 6 SPRING FEVER . Saturday, Mar · Mesquite, N NEVADA300 · rday, August 9, 1986 Pioche, Nevada Class 7s Class 9 Class 10 1-2-1600 5-1600 Class 11 ay, June 14, 1986 dente, Nevada. SILVERDUST 400 Saturday, October 25,.1986 H E N D E R SO N , Nevada _ You Choose Three Out Of Four Races For 1986, Nevada Triple Crown Qff Road Championship Silver Dust Racin Assaciatian ij·~ Phone: (702) 459-0317 II PO Box 7380 • Las Vegas NV 89125 \ I . I I I ' • I . I ' I

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\ THE BUDWEISER SUPERSTITION 150 Ill Gress Hibbs Wins Overall in a . Class 1 O Car By The Fudpucker Racing Team Photos: Carlos A•vina/ Hot Shois Photographies . I Tim McDonnell did the major spectacular on the Ancient Dry Lake; after this roll, he landed the Class 1 on its head, damaging only the car and his pride. , · The scene was set on the Seventh overall, but third in Class 10. Before the start the 2-Ancien t Dry Lake Bed in time, was a low flying two seater 1600s had voted not to run with Imperial county, CA, for the crewed by Dave Marini and the 1-600s. It was beginnig to third running of the Budweiser Les.lie Smith, the first 2-1600 look like a mistake. Dave Marini Superstition250lastAugust.On around.,Two slots behind, , hadaveragedalittleover48mph a beautiful desert summer night thanks to Keith Ca 11 en's for the first rwo laps, nearly five Gregg Hibbs, with a little help navigation, was the first Class 5 mph more than Richard Frisby, from Mike Julson, nailed down Bug; Max Razo at the helm. Then the first 1--600. But, look out! the overall win. It was the second came the biggest surprise of the Right behind Rick was the old ~ . year in a row that a Class 10 car evening.JeffWrighthad not only pathfinder Brad Inch. Callen had c,. ended up in the winners' circle completed his first lap in three kept Razo on track, and Steele first. The winning tiJlle was 4. tries, but he drove the second had resisted the pleading of Pee 'hours, 24 minutes, 38 seconds, open car. Still, the question Weetostopforabeer.Bothheld for an average speed of 49 .88 remained - would we ever see their positions, first 5 and first mph. him again?, . truck. The winner last year, -Mike In at the eleventh overall Armstrong Tires clad Rex Julson, and his sister Sharron, position came Dan Araujo, just a Lewis was bidding for first •in, roared off the starting line firs_t. heartbeat ahead of the second 1- Class 100. He had just put over They were followed every 15 1600 of Allen Hensley/ Chuck 39 minutes on Joel Sallada, and seconds until 84 cars had set Gunter. Dan had averaged 46.49 the Armstrong contingency forth on their ~ojourn across the mph, Allen 46 .48! The 70th money was starting to burn a desert. It was a record entry for vehicle to le ave was Mark hole in his. pocket. ,Jim Delaney the· race. For some, like crazy · Steele's truck. However, with and Bart Hamilton ventured Larry McCullen, it would be a Pee Wee shouting instruction? down from Redondo Beach. veryshortrace.Explodingoffthe. like, "Hey, let's stop for a beer, Their eyes had adjusted to the line, he power shifted into · or did you see that hard body", night, their bodies to the heat, second gear, then third. Oops! Mark brought them around 21st and if the gremlins didn't bite, . Nothing there, he muttered as he time wise, just behind Robert the Challenger Class win was · coasted to a stop, less than a mile Whitted's 5-1600. Robert was theirs. With lightning speed Pops off the start line. For others, the averaging 44.61 mph to Mf!rk's Devecerlly skillfully negotiated · first lap would seem endless. 44.13. The first Challenger car 'his5-1600intothelead.Turning Becky and Darrel Bahrke, driving . was driven by Jack Hettinger: to his snot nosed kid, Andy the· the official boat of the . . Meanwhile, Be\=kY and Darrel third, he said, "I know youcan!t Superstition 250, sped away, were looking for Chec;:k L · drive as fast as I can, but what · • . .-never to be seen again or so _it.·· On the gas and hauling ass is. ever you do;don'tlose the lead." · seemed. Thinking this was the. the only way to describe the first · . Just before the start of the . Bonneville Salt Flats, they tried two laps of Mike and. Sharron. demolition derby on lap 3, Hal ·to set a new land speed record, Julson. They now had ten· Graves and Greg Hutchinsoi:i · and in the process they set a new minutes, 21 seconds lead; But, completed the winning lap . in course record of 8.72 mph arid_ . Gregg Hibbs was next,· then Class 6. Their righteous 1965 ari elapsed time of 6 hours, 18;. Dennis Gi:een and Richard ;Mustang had done everything' minutes, 30 seconds for their Binder, the latter three all in . required to win, and they weni:, first and final lap. Less than one hour after the start, Bob "Weatherman''· Steinburger's radio came to life .. Car#lOO was a mile away and no one else was in sight. Mike Julson· had promised his sister a ride, · and what a ride it was, almost 59 mph; and over five minutes ahead of second place. One of the sponsors, Richard Binder of Off Road Buggy Supply in Yuma, AZ, was the first Class 10 around, and next, followed by Gregg Hibbs in the worst position he would have all night -at third overall; but, he was almost nine minu;es pff the pace;, and fifth on clasped time. · Page 38 On a real holiday, Max Razo and John Johnson had a good time in the'desert, ' and also came in first in the five car Class 5 contest. · October 1986 Charging through the night Mark Cameron got the job done in Class 1, going the take the class victory over eight other starters. home happy. Rick Scalzo jumped into the lead car, and it self destructed. Cameron Steele succumbed to Pee Wee's suggestions, and Jeff Wright had . vanished into the night. James Saasta's truck with John Bonyer on board slept quietly along the course. Mark Cameron inherited the Open Class lead, broke; fixed it, and finally won his class. · While all this was going on, Gregg Hibbs smiled as he slipped by a sick open car. He knew with a little luck, the race could be his. A little luck was what he got, but not the kind he wanted. An errant rock knocked his helmet shield off. Five miles later his eyes were thrashed, and he started calling for help. Thanks to Bob Hynes, from the BFGoodrich Radio Relay, he contacted MikeJulson. You want me to drive the lead car on the last lap? Gee, I dont't know, I ' haven't done this since last year. Can you be here in two minutes? Remember, this is lap 3, or how can I snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Lots of racers broke, others · put thier foot in the carb, and some choked. Richard Bir:i.der, Class 10, had the fastest lap, · 51.64 mph, but he had a mistake looming over his head. Blind, Hibbs was next at 4 7 .63 mph, and our pathfinder, Brad Inch, was third but still behind the first 2-1600 on time in his 1-1600. Rex Lewis had his Class 100 around for the 67th best lap time. Last year's Class 100 winner John Neff handed the driving duties over to Bill Maki, with this word of caution. "The throttle is sticking". What he forgot to tell Bill was that there wen; only two settings, _idle or out of control. Bill sopn found why they were not first. Nobody's that brave. - . , . ·Fast Andy Devercelly breathed . a little easier when the snail held , on to first in 5-1600. Then he discovered that Robert Whitted, while still. second on total time, had a third lap nearly two mph faster. Gordan Clark, Sr. made his driving debut with slim Gordan. The 5-1600 car owner,,., Mike Lund, bad -;~cured third place. Gordan was proud that he had passed his nearest competi, tor. Then the House of Buggies space shuttle blasted off, landing on all four wheels with only one flat tire. They never made orpit! Their race ended 3:t Plaster City Rex Lewis and Ken Seale came south froinLompoc to gain the AMSA Class 100 poinis, and they won th_e 14 car class, well worth the trip. The Coronado Fl acing Team's AndyOeve;ce/lys, father and son, ran fast all the way to take the top honors from the _15 chargers in Cla_ss 5-1600. Dusty Times .

Page 39

East. the Steele -truck. stopped at the refreshment stand; a little old Class 'Y truck fit' · comfortably. into first. Tim Young arid partners were cruising, and Becky and Darrel sighted Plaster City East. · Then it ~as over. Gregg Hibbs had won his first Budweiser Superstition.250. Oh, sure, Mike Julson, with a -smile that wouldn't quit, was the driver at the end. But, ir was Gregg and his dad Ben that made it possible . . Under the brilliant glow of the . ~lairemont equipment rental light, the champagne f!o'wed. Fud,pucker Rancing Team_ applauds a great and a · .proud winner. Second overall and second in Class 10 went to Dennis Green. In his first full year qf racing, this young man has come a long way. Carrying the Wright Place_ colors,' he has raced the Mint, finished second in an AMSA race in Class 10, and with this finish, it looks like he will be the A:MSA Class 10 desert champion. Congratulations! Car owner, driver and good friend Ken Snyder, of Holtville, CA, finally . ended up in the winner's circle, fitst in Class 2-1600. The earth's ·, first dust cloud was followed by a hard ch;irging Johnny Johnson. H~ thought. he was chasing another 5-1600 car. A few · centuries go by and'lo and behold he is chasing another dust storm. But, this time he wins Class. 5 _ /4ith Max Raz.6; and -captured / · fourth overall. Pacing nervously at home check was ou··r pa thfi rider brother, Brad Inch. He ..yas late, and· all the~las·t--Jap fears ran . through his,.mind. Millions of years ·passed before a very dim light was spotted slowly rolling towards the finish, 100 feet short he died. Out of gas and dehydrated, Bra.9 Inch·wa1> home and the _Chinese Fire Drill began,-. , Jim Delaney and Bart Hamilton came from Redondo Beach to race their Challenge car, and they raced hard to take the cl<JSS title at'the flag. Jeff Papple and Ray Maxey dash across the desert en route to a fine second place among the.five starters in Class 2-1600. running for gas and water, there were bodies everywhere. As they converged on Brad, so did the che'ckered flag. Eight minutes later Rex Lewi's won the Armstrong Tire money arid Cll).SS 100. About 25 minutes later, Rick Frisby finished se{renth overall and second in 1-1600. The second Class 5 car with Wayrie Lacher the driver of· record, and some stiff from Laguna Niguel followed a minute later: Th.en the Coronado:Racing Tea!'Il started celebrating. Aridy "the S~ail" Deven;:elly had not only won the 5-1600 class, but he finished ninth overall. smiled! Allen, Hensley and Chuck Gunter rounded out the top ten, third in Class 1-1600. . Slowly but surely the winners sped across the finish line: They . were greeted by t_he Budweiser' Trailer and its endless supply of cool refreshments. Robert Whitted, of Whitted Liquor in Brawley, CA donated the suds. HPS Eubricants furnished a finisher mug to every car .and a: marriage was made. . Tim Young brought his little Class 7 truck in first, followed by Craig "·Mr. Brutal" Corda's Ford. Jim and Bart. from Redondo Beach edged out Jack Hetteinger and Art_ Eugenio for the Challenger Class win. The post race party is just ~oming to an end when; sailing out of the · , darkness came the official boat with Becky and Darrel. But, it is . not over yet! David Van Ness and car #59 are still running. Then, just when,. we know it is over, the 5-1600 of Roberto's Taco Shop passes the midway point. Bring on the fat_lady, this thing has got Flying over the soft sand, Rick Frisby drove alone to a fine second place in the close contest in Class 1-1600. to end sometime. ' Sunday morning as the Mike Lund House of Buggies breakfast is be-ing prepared, I had an unplea.sant task. I have to tell second overall, (not Dennis .Green) that he has been droped a Shannon Winberly, Craig Corda and Btett Driscoll h~d a go'ad night. i~ the desert behind a windshield, and finished true.ks. Dusty Times'. lap for passing ii.fter a check ahead sign at Check 2. Although assu-red this would not be ' publicized, he, being . a sports-man, asked me to make sure·that everyone knew that when a rule is br.oken the driver suffers . the consequences, .Thank ·you, , When the results were mailed out every driver o( record got quite. a pleasant surprtse. The, · insurance fee had been set with a , . less .than ,7J\:qi: entry expected. : When it went way· over that, Fuel promised the drivers at the October 1986 . · Hal Gravps and Greg Hutchison went the farthest the fastest in their Mustang, .. and they sped by the other Class 6 cars to win-the class . . Dennis Green tried hard in the Class 10 battle, but at the finish he had to settle for second spot, behind the overall winner. John King and Jeff '.'Plopin" Plourd team up in Class 10Q, and they faired well ,in the big class; taking a ' meeting that they would get a each entry on the insurance. How tebate on the. insurance cost. So about that for a real sportsman-tucked in with the results was a like gesture from the Fudpucker crisp five dollar bill, the rebate to Racing T earn? 11111 R.L.H. ENTERPRISE COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALISTS ' UNIDEN RACE RADIOS . 337 W. 35th, Suite "C" National City, CA 92050 .. (6·19) 585-9995 Official BFGo,odrichRadio. Relay for all Score/HORA Off Road Events. · FMH 350: , built-in intercom. $550.00 Helr:netsWired $ws.oo· Amplifiers for that Extra Punch "Cohvertable" Hand-Held Radios Motorcycle Radio Systems our .Specialty Race Proven _by ·Y JOHN CLARK GABLE -MAX RAZO RACING , .-'> , . $TEVE,L;\KIN - RJ9ri,MINGA -_ ROB TOLLESON MIKE LUND -HENRY ESCALERA -Page 39

Page 40

' ,._ The Losers .c ,,.,.r·....--:'' 1nileS'an-h-our;alhh--e-way te' l.:as---Thi:i tfuclc-came up on him fast, By Judy Smith Vegas.- It was a long trip, and hit him, and pushed him into the ______________ ....; __________ Brad had no sleep for 24 hours. rocks. Carl got out and worked "Worse than the Mint." "The first lap. He got that replaced, Then, in checking the car on this and that, getting the car Riverside when the fir-st place car _was declared illegal on the grounds that he had the wrong fan shroud, ironically suffered the same fate here at the Frontier 500. . roughest mother I've ever been only to lose a front end a bitlater. before -the · race, . his crew driveable again, and he went on, on." "Worst race I've ever run:" Aaron Hawley, who drives a -discovered that the adjuster' had but the transmission h11d what he Those descriptions, from Class 1 Raceco, did a spectacular started to blow out through the called a "terminal.clunk, clunk" · It seems that Minga, :~ho three veteran drivers, sound like endo on the first lap. He hit the top, so they welded it · up and . from that point on. It was a very builds his own car, was· missing what a Loser would say after a first big hole just before Jean Dry · hoped for the best. He got about · hot day, and as he worked on his · part of the sheet metal from disastrous race. Bur-in this case Lake, only about eight miles into 20 miles into the race and blew a car, Ca~l ·drank up _his water around the cylinder heads. those phrases come from two the race. Sandy Howe, K.J.'s c.v., and when ·they checked supply, and by the-time he had According to HORA officials he class winners and a second place brother, who saw the accident, . things over, they discovered that_ limped back to the start/ finish, had been told,--by SCORE finisher. We wonder what the reports that the carburetor was the_ adju_ster was going away __ he was sick and throwing up officials, that it would be Losers would have said if we torn off the car and gas flew agam, so they were out. At least from the hear. Carl is · ne~essary to replac;e that sheet could have caught. them at the _ everywhere. When the car Brad could finally get some sleep. understandably not pleased with metal. Minga, who said he felt appropriate moment? landed, Howe says, Hawley was In Class 5 the Diehl arid that truck driver. . that since this race was under the With 193 starters and only 68 unconscious and the gas went up Longley team had a variety of ,_ We · have a late Mint Loser aegis of a different promoting finishers, the Frontier 500 left in flames. Hawley's shoulder troubles. They lost a . master story, concerning Mark· Hansen group (HORA), the same would 125 racers in its dust. One of the strap pads were on fire. Howe cylinder on the first lap, got that and Malcolm Vinje. They are. not apply. According to Walt early Losers was Rob Tolleson, tells us that the horrified replaced and went on. At a pit driving a Class 7S truck this year, Lott, he was told it would. last year's overall champion, who observers thought he was going stop they discovered that the oil and it's been taking them a while So, since it. was riow · the had a flat about two miles off the to burn to death. Some began to was way down and the car took to get things sorted ou_i:. At the evening before the race, Minga start line. He wobbled along to throw dirt, and a _ friend of three quarts, which they couldn't Mint they lost a drivesh:1ftabout made a repa_ir. He took another about mile 10 where he got it Howe's, Greg Lewis, reached figure out at the time. Then the 55 miles into the r:1ce, and got set of sheet metal; which changed, but then -he had two into the cockpit and patted the car rolled over on the second lap, that fixed, and then got almost to included the parts missing on his more flats before he got to mile · flames with his bar~ hands. -losing a-bit more . time, and Check 1 on the second · lap and car, and bolted or screwed it to 75 or so, 'where he got a rock in Another report, in the official .finally, when the clutch started _lost a steering box. They had no his sheet metal. It was neatly the fan belt. By the time he saw press notes, states that Dave · slipping badly, they realized that spare, so they hustled off to a done according to reports, but it the-warningHght and turned off Simpson, from- the McDonald's - the oil had all seeped through a wrecking yard in Las Vegas, and waim't exactly a correction of the the motor, it was already too late. crew, burned his hands and leaky rear main seal, and they found one, but they didn't have situation. The tech inspectors; . When he hopped out to see what forearms helping to extinguish were, out of it. enough money to pay for jt. They for whatever reaS0n, didn't see it had happened; the rockwas still· v-the flames. • . Bill Ramsay, who doesn't even made a quick dash back to gather to say "aye" or "nay" in the jamme~inthepull~y: Tolleson's -Happily, Hawley regained · dr_ive,becameaLoser~tthisrace. up some money to buy iti .and. morning before the raEe. But . car_ butl~er, ch_ief pit person and consciousness, was helped from His son, Jack, w_as havmg a lot of when . they got back to the after the race ·•they got a good relief dnver, Bill Varnes, says he the car -and was taken by small problems m the 1600dass, wreckmg yard it had closed for look at it, and deciaed to have a was back in his motel and in the amoulan'ce to ·the hospital, where and at one point Bill was riding . the day. After some frantic -meeting. The . result . ·of the poo~ by noon. . he was_ reported in good on the side of th~ car to direct it running - around, they found meeting was that.Minga's car was Dick Weynch, all the way condition.Infact,WaltLotttold toawelder.Heshppedoffthecar another wrecking yard and declared illegal, and he was d<;>wn !Tom Portland, Oregon, _us that he had come back to the and the ,rear tire went over his another stee-ring box, but they'd disqualified. with hIS son Gary, to race in start/ finish area a short time foot and ankle, breaking the run out of time for the Mint. Our last Loser · story starts ~lass 10, lost a motor 81 miles later. We congratulate the quick- bon~ in two places. The car ~id · Their effort did11't go much back in August. Scott Taylor, mto the_race._ And Beny Ca_nela, rthinking _bystanders. ·who get fii:ced and went on to fm1_sh, more smoothly at the Frontier. who hails from Belvidere, who dnves m Class 2 _with a disregarded their own safety to but Bill ~ad to go to the hospital Hansen, who _does the rac~ prep Illi_nois, used a big '85 F0rd Toyota powered car, had so · put out the flames and help for a wh1le. • on the truck, had e_verythmg all Diesel truck to tow his race many flats on his first lap that he }iawley. And we congratulate In Class 8, Dale Sexton had a do~e on time, loaded_ it up on the trailer and all his gear on· his ra~ o~t of·spares, and got stuck. Hawley fot his·good fortune in h~rd_first lap. To begm, someone trailer, hooked 1t· to his annual foray to Riverside this H1sp1tu~~dupanhou~andahalf making his mistake where there h1th1mandtoreoffarearquarter motorhome, and took off. But year. He didn't have a· great g_ettmg tires out to him and he were people to help. p~n,el, and then he got into a rock the motorhomc began to have weekend, losing a transmission finally went on. But on lap two, a Here's one we haven't had -in p1k and bent up the front end problems, and it took them 12 on one car ,"'and -a •-radiator in little ro~k ~bo~t the size of a bean the Lose~s ,for about four years: and _d~i've shaft. But he managed hours to get to _Las Vegas, which another, and tKen ~he had to holed his ra?1ator and that was Rod Hall. -Rodney and Jim to fm1sh-the lap and_ hand the br~ught. them m after tech arid hustle everything together and the en? of hi~ day. _ . Fricker, his co-driver, got as far truck over to _Larry Wilcox, who registration had clo~ed. Lu~kily, head for home because the next Chns Robmson, who drives as the Goodsprings area on lap had his wife, Marlene, as the HORA _ folks understand race in the midwest points series the La~ry . Minor Oldsmobil~, one and "a big rock rolled up _passenger. It_ was her first . off these _things_, and they gotteched was coming up in Crandon, ~as racm~ m good company this underthetruck." Hall says he got road race. Wilcox got a ways mto and sig~ed m late. . Wisconsin in a couple of weeks. tlme, havmg entered Class 2. But_-a little airborne, and when he the second lap and the bent front But m the race they broke a When Scott got to Albuquer-he didn't get to stay with it for landed the rock was right under end broke. They got it fixed and torsion bar mount. At first they que he lost the motor in the Ford very long. He had problems with the oil pan. The oil pan was went on:. About five miles later didn't know what had happened, truck. So he had to take it to a his fan-belts again (same thing wjped out and the bell .housing the starter broke, and they fixed aqd. they'd ju_st jack up the dealer there, and leave it/arid hop happened at Barstow) and was ·was broken "clear in two" in _that. Then he we_nt a ways and torsion bar a bit and go on, and a. plane back to Illinois. Then he having serious c~:>oling I?roble~s Fricker's words. They got help had a· fl_at, _and when he went ~o the_n1 it'd ~tarte~ to sag, and borrowed a tru·ck, ·drove ·back· when he got gomg agai?-. Chns pretty quickly, but it was a major change It d1s~overed he couldn _t, they d. do 1t _agam, an? so on. down to Alququerque, hitched. had to keep watchmg the job, as the truck needed a new oil because the iack had ?een left m They fmally d1srnverec_l 1t was the everything to the · borrowed -temp_erature gauge, and when- pump, ne\\l drive line, new trans, _ th~ pre-runner._ So Wilcox had to mount, and by then, with _ so truck, and went back home and ever 1t started to get too hot he'd pan, . and other miscellaneous wait for the pit truck to get to much down time, decided to call o'n to Crandon for the race. He back out. of it to give things a items. Their first lap took eight- him to change the tire. · it a day. " did alright there, with a couple of cha?ce to cool off. W ~ll, he paid and-a-half hours, and everything · They ~ad struggled around _to In the Challenge cl_ass Mike seconds and a first, but in the a bit too much attention to that leaked after-that, so they had to the 95 mile marker on the second LaPlant and Rich Richardson meantime, his truck ~t in gauge, ran into a big rock, and keep stopping to put in oil. To lap when a tie rod broke, finally had a flat tire when a tube split, Albuquerque. p_u~hed ~he radiator i~to the fan, top off. a bad day, they whacked putting them completely out. o_n t~e ,first lap .. When they werit Scott is friends· with Chuck givmg himself a termmal cooling an on-course pit truck with their ~arlene, "."hen ~sk~,d how ~he to fix it, the _lug1 wrench broke, . Johnson, who's racing the problem. Tha~ was lap one, and rear quarter-panel on their third liked her nde,_ said, It w_as ~!nd and they d1~n t haye a big SCORE/HORA series this year, the end of their race. lap. Hall ran out of time· and of fun, when It was movmg. breaker bar with them. So they in his Class 7S truck, so he m:ade Roger Mea~s led Class 7 for a couldn't get the fourth l;p in, Mark Steele, who's driving in _ had to chisel the nuts off the flat, a deal· with Chuck -who was laI;J, but_lost his motor about 100 ending his long, long string of Class~ thes_e days, lost his motor an effort that took _them ab?ut coming out to race the Frontier miles mto lap two. Lennie finishes and wins. 13 miles mto the race. And two hours. And durmg that time 500, to get his truck back to · Newman, who drives in Class 2, Willie Melancon, running in . Dennis Rogers, in the 5-1600 both Rich and his passenger had lllinois. Chuck was going to drive had his adjuster bolts fall out Class 1-1600 had a flat on the class, lost his motor about four tussles with an interfering cactus his chase truck out from early on lap ·one. He got them first lap and h;d to run on it for a miles from the end of his second bush, and came off Losers. Rockford, and then, on his way replaced fairly quickly, but th~!:} while, and then he got the car, a · lap. Steve Tetrick and Fred When theyfinally got all the nuts back, go through Albuquerque, he lost his power steering. On the new Mirage, on. its side, Ro_nn, who'd h~d the overall off, they had a 19mm ',1/rench to pick up Scott's truck and tow the second lap he lost a wheel, and a scratching his new toy. But he pomts lead to this race, broke a put on the·spare, and the spare chase truck home with it. It c.v. boot, and a bit fu_rther on he finished lap one got out on lap lif~er in their Class 10 car, on the nuts, and they were racing again. seemed like the perfect answer. _ lost a rear brake. ,Lennie reports two, only to have a front trailing third-_ lap. Gregg Symonds had But on the second lap LaPlant But Chuck's chase· truck that they make a good Vodka arm shear off' electncal trouble on lap one and forgot about a hole on the stretch _ sta.rted having serious transmis-Collins in Jean, He complained Brad Person . who drives in then his co-driver, Mike Patrick, coming in by the Rest Area, and . sion trouble on the way through bitterly that his co-driver, Mike Class 10, had' a bad weekend. broke-a lower front trailing arm rolled the car. It landed on the Mojave, and was causing a lot of Gaughan, hadn't even got his Shortly after.he left the Phoenix on the second lap. front, and then on a rear tire, worry. In fact, Chuck wasn't go-~riving suit dirty. But that was area to head to Las Vegas, his Carl-<:abaniss, who drives the hardly damaging the frame, bl!f ing to be able to use it as a chase fixed later when Walker Evans truck blew a transmission: So he Challenge car that looks like a the jolt was so hard that it broke vehicle for the race. He asked his put Mike in the Dodge to run.the turned around and· went back Baja Bug, got into the second lap, the nose cone and_ they ·couldn't co-driver, Mike Poppie, -also last lap . . It took Gaughan six home. There he got out his spare running o.k., and saw a Class 8 keep it in gear after that. - from the midwest, to bring along hours and 42 minutes to make it truck and welded in the fifth- truck coming ·up on him He One Loser was created -in a · the spare transmission when he around thaC: on~ fiQal looP, .. , _ • wheel mount loaded the trailer wa".ed_ his hand, to signal that he different way at the Frontier 500. · flew out for ·the race, but the · .. David' Br.yan,;\friving a ]eep.i~. 'on· and took' off agal~.-But the .knew. the truHc . w!i:s 'thbre'; ~nd., 'Rkh Niinga,:-C:hallenger class airline tbok a dim view of'it:·rt Class 3, lost his r:idiafo'r'on the sp~re truck would d~ -onlv 35 p'ulled over as fa't as; he ··could:· ·wh61.was declared tfie winner at • '¢ Page 40 October 1986 DustyTimcs

Page 41

GRO.UP CONCEPT OFF ROAD A Group Formed for the BettermeiKof · Short Course Racing By.Ho~erEtibaiiks Group O:incept Off Road is exactly what the name implies, a group effort that feels through organization they can help short course racing advanc~ .into the professional ranks it deserves. The organization is a snow ball effect created by racers wanting_ more say in the production of short course racing events: One thing common with all types of racing is the. fact the racers feel · . they get pushed around due to entry fees, ticket hassles and low pur_ses. After a few of the short course· racers started talking a~cmg themselves they came up with an idea they hope will benefit everyone concerned. . The basic idea is to present a promoter with a professional racing and promotional package. As of this writing the. group represents 40 Odysseys, 12 Class 1-2-1600 and 25 Class 10 cars so they can off er a promoter a guaranteed gro~p of ~ac~rs. Not only that; many of the group are past arid present champions in their class. If having the top short course racers alone doesn't · atfracf a pr~i'noter, they will even offenhemselves for pr9motional d,_uty at shopping ma.lls and grand openings S? the rublic can get a close up view o the machinery / ind--drivers. Not ·only does the group feel this will help the promofer get more · of an audience but they also will meet the drivers and find their · pro(e§Siqm1l ,at;~:Jtydts,_is ll stark contrast fo · die image some people have about off road racers. In addition, the group is planning to set up a media area at each race so the· media can interyiew any of' the racers at· length. Agai:n, the total concept-is to create a professional environment for those working at the races . . The group got started when a couple of the racers that own five race cars felt they were not seems itwa_s too big for carry~on luggage, and (since they detected a drop-of oil) was dassi fied as flammable, arid couldn't go as extra baggage. There wasn't time enough to get it to an air freight line, so Mike had to leave the spare trans in ·Illinois. Chuck's race ·turned out as poorly as the rest ofhis plans. His race truck's transmissi·on overheated badly on the first lap, so they_ stopped to allow. it to, cool. Then they refilled it with transmission fluid . and went on. But they had to stop every 20 miles or so . to put more transmission fluid in. While all . this was going on, their radios " weren't working, and every time . they stopped, they had to find a radio to borrow, so they could tdl their ch. ase people where they were. They also replaced two · batteries and three starters. Finally, they ran out of time; with only three laps done. Now Chuck had a broken race truck, a broken chase truck; and . an airline ticket for a flight home .to Illinois. He ·said he also had '!.an angry friend ir::r Illinois." ·· Scott Taylqr's. Ford may have taken' root in Albuquerque by now. Dusty Times _getting the recognition from the promoters they deserved. Once they started voicing their opinion they found other racers felt the same way and_ f~rmed a group. that miginally . consisted of the top ·. ten buggy racers. They printed some flyers and talked to other racers about their concept , and held a meeting to discuss what they could do to help the sport grow. · ·· What came out of the meeting was_ if decision to put former promoter Charlie Engelhart in a position to speak-for the group. Ei:ig<::lbart has been ass_ociated with many forms of racmg and served in many capacities, but he is probably best known for his involvement in the Baja Cross series held ill Orange, CA. Engelbart's duty is to contact promoters and present the group as a package and act as mediator. This will benefit promoters as well as the. racers. Instead of the promoter announcing a race and wondering if he will have racers show up he will make one call and be guaranteed of having a certain amount of racers. · Of coµrse this guarantee will c'ost the promoter something. Each race has its own peculiar problems associated with it; so each promoter will be offered an individual proposal. R,ight now the group is mainly wanting lower entry fees and a more realistic admission situation for their working crew. Both parties will have to give a little a~ they grow, but Engelhart feels in the long · run the professional approach by the ·group to work with the promoters_ will benefit short cour-se racing as a whole. If you would like to lend your · support or want to discuss having the racers perform at your next short course event, contact Charlie · Engelhart .at 13704 Bechard Ave., Norwalk; CA 90650 (213) 921~2838. GOODYEAR WEATHERMAN . RADIO RELAY TEAM FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT By Di~k Johnson Vegas, the show capital of the \1/orld. -People come from all .over to pay big bucks.'to see a good show. Theweeke.nd of Septemoer 5-7 was no exception -$50.00. for Rodney Dangerfield -$300.00 for the Heavyweight fights -both of which only lasted ·about an hour. Then there was the Frontier 500. Contingency was all day Friday· with close looks at around 200 vehicles, tall.<ing to drivers and manufacturers, plus lots of free pictures, hats', etc. All that for free! Then another full day Saturday qn the course watching the race. In rriy opinion the bes.t show of the weekend was held on the course Saturday from ~arly in the morning 'till late 'in the night.· I have to admire Walt Lott for getting into a truck, marking the course, changing his mind and re mar king sections, gettin_g everything the way he 'A'.ants, · and then running it a couple of times to make sure it's tight·. He put together another tough one ! Attrit~on was high early on in all classes. The cars that finished showed lots of battle scars -bent wheels, missing body pieces, flats and more flats. -For as rough, dusty and rocky as the course was, the fast g1c1ys showed why they're called fast. Tom Koch did the first lap in approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes averaging about 50 mph. Us slower guys did respectable with-Rich Minga coming in at a little over 3 hours and Rick Johnsc':in was right on· his tail. The temperature was-hot and then the wind came up, I had visions of the Mint. On the course, the dust was blowing so bad you thought there were cars ahead of you, but then everything se_ttles and you find there's nothing there but the empty road ahead of you. Good course and a good job by the Frontier 500 Relay Report HORA crew. By Bob "Weatherman" Steinberger · ~~xt stop ~n the Scor~/HDRA . -From atop· Mt. Potosi ( approx-trail 1s the Bai a 1000. This should imately 20. miles eastof Sloan) at be .a fast race with a lot of nice an elevation of 8,504', we ·set up scenery for the racers and chase our relay point. A perfect loc:ation crews. As of this writing Steve and as we were able to cover the entire Sal are marking the cqurse. Maps course: Perfect in another sense. should be out by the end Qf Shee-r beauty - clear blue skies, September. . . · . no dust, not too hot, and wild · The first part of the course is ar,imals coming in very near or basically the same ,towards La into our camp. A hunter's dream! Virgin Shrine, then I'm sure_ we'll A beautiful four point buckand a be seeing new uncovered rough-Desert Bighorn Ram with a full ness, knowing Steve. I'll detail the curl - ~trophy size. . . . Baja 1000 more in next month's . My thanks to the people·who issue. Hope to see you in loaned us thek Pace Landmaster Ensenada. I'm sure those of you IIL 90 watt radios · so we could racing will have a good time and a effect the relay. They were: Jerry hell of a race down to La Paz. Higman of Reliable Whqlesale See you on the course. Pit TEAM REGISTER I . . ·~~--E'~ We welcome all Support Team news articles. Typed and double spaced copy is acceptable·. Deadline is the 10th of the month. CHAPALA DUSTERS LOS CAMPEONES · ~on Kennedy, President Malcolr:n Vinje, President • 3117 Killarney 2450 Vineyard Ave., Suite 102 Costa Mesa CA 92626 Escondido, CA 92025-1330 (714) 641"0155 (619) 292-04135 (home) (619) 743-1214 (work) Radio-FM-152.960 .CHECKERS .Max Norris, President . 4910 Townsend Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90041 (213) 255-1053 ~ (213) 254-1531 . . CORE Karen Clark;.Race Director· 17045 Roscoe Blvd., #11 Northridge, CA 91325 (818) 345-3833 F.A.I.R. SUPPORT TEAM P;O. Box 542 Stanton, CA 90680 Wayne Morris, President (714) 996-7929 San.dy Davis, Secretary "(714) 772-3877 Meetings 1st & 3rd Weds. Holiday Inn Harbor & 91 Freeway_ _ ,Rad!o-FM-150.860 F .A.I .R. NOTES By Pattie Hamner MAG 7 , Jerry McMurry, President · Bruce Cranmore, Race Director . 11244 Horizon Hills Driv·e El Cajon, CA 92020 "(619) 440-3737 (home) (619) 225-6886 (work) TERRA Jan ~undertand, President.· 2542 Kemper Avenue La Crescenta, CA 91214 , (818) 248-9039 . Meetings 2nd Weds. each Month - Jan Sunderland's house · it"IGHT 10 153 Lindell Avenue El Cajon, CA 92020 (~HIJ 283~6535 (day) (619) 447-7955 (night) Gene Robeson, · Preside.nt (619) 466~8722 main objective to overcome, there was no pit that sat around waiting for the 18 hours to end. Jeff Randall was the race manager and he definitely got a work out at the HELLO!!! F.A.LR, IS BACK, main pit, which was located at ALIVE AND WELL!! lfyou h9ve "Whiskey Pete's". With no major missedourcolumninthepastfew race until the Baja 1000 in issues, rest assured, we are back to November, the Frontier 500 race stay; If you have something you results will be. shown in next would like included in our . month's issue. Stay tuned!! · column, give me a call or see me at We would like to take this time the F.A.l.R. meetings. They are to thank the ever present held the first and third Wednesday "Weatherman" for his generous of each month at the Fullerton · and overabundant help during this Holiday Inn, 8:00 p.m. . ·' and all other races. Without Bob, On to racing ... We just got back F.A.l.R. and all of the racers from the "TIRE EATING" would have a more difficult time. Frontier 500 in Sloan, Nevada, He aids everyone, without Although it was well over 100° on discrimination ... every racer, race race day, F.A.I.R. supported 18 tearn and pit support group. We race cars and did a very good job. ALL owe him, a debt of thanks. All of the pits got a workout, "THANKS BOB, FOR EVERY- . " especially pit# 1. THE B,L.M. said TI-UNG!" . they were located in a·«NO PIT" Until next time, I would like to area and were requested to move. leave you with_ this thought: "It's They set up again across the road. Midnight. Does anyo1ie know where With flat tires seeming to be t_he Cocores' tire is?" Lumber, who had an extra unit-he -------------------•---------•-•--•------• wasn't using in the race. Gii:i and Denise Todorvic 6( the · Thanks to the H.D.R ,A. these clubs. -They are listed in the Gowland who entered· but didn't Emergency Rescue Service who checkpoint and Road Crossing pit team register. . . run because of a blown engine, and wanted to experience a race from · volunteers who helped us find lost I forgot one thing -you Dave Western of Westcap Corp. another viewpoint. What a job c:frs, verify i,tarting times, etc.. thought the race course was tough? · whose truck is still being repaired. they did! They had a Iot of fun·and . . Walt Lott has a group of friendly, More rocks than you have ·ever Without .this gener_osity from the· will be back when they are not efficient.and very dedicated-people seen before? Four Wheel Drive racingfratero.ity; we couldn't relay working the medical ·part of the involved. I wish you could granny low-::__engine temperature on .as many channels or _help as race. · comprehend the tremendous 260°, tranny temperature 265° -many people. . Paula . Sims -who's she? the effort put out by so many people water temperature 240° for one Thanks to a great relay crew: voice of the Goodyear Tir;e and to make a race happen. Ii:'s mind hour of painful climbing and Fred Hill and Scott Iverson of PCI Rubber Company that's who! The. boggling. bouncing over-more rocks than Race Radios, who after spending beautiful 'voiceontheradio'who TheChapalaDusters,Checkers, you racers saw all day: That all day and part of the evening helps people, keeps track of all the F.A.I.R. and Los Campeones were mountain was the toughest overall Friday helping ra.cers with radio cars and. their time1, and is • as always there when we needed that we've been on. Why can't all and antenna problem<; spent dedicated 'as any person in Qtf th'em. If, by the way, your race the races be at Riverside, I could twenty hours on the relay. Thanks Road Racing -that's who!· effort is bogging down due to the relay from the air conditioned, also to Gary Waymire and l'ete Thanks again Paula. high cost of p_itting -join one of press box. October 1986 Page 41

Page 42

-.• '1!,'': l. ANDRES N. WITER .11 r-. f .7.11 TRANSMISSIONS PORSCHE & V.W. SPECIALISTS 12623 SHERMAN WAY - UNIT B NORTH HOLLYWOOD. CA 9 1605 PHONE .· (818) 765-3566 Bob "TIN MAN' Behrens ·(714) 878-4849 . n·-eai-_;1~. . . J/JA By _Behrens RACE CAR ALUMINUM BODIES FUNNY CAR ALUMINUM INTERIORS 4 0 _7 2 CRESTVIEW DRIVE LAKE ELSINORE. CA. 923 3 0 SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES ~BIB1· BJ6/1S' SEATSH' ' WlBJltmJW BEARD'S ''SUPER llOCK NUMBERS WITH STYLE u.s.A. {818}-882-7808 EDI BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (60,2) 386~2592 _ ·c&roup 1-ruckmantt ~1111~~--,..-San Diego (~19) 578-1585' 6 CYLINDER POR SCHE OF F ROAD RACE ENGINES. WINNERS FOR CORKY McMIL LIN AT .8626 COMMERCE A V E . ]N M IRAM A R C>< DANNY.LETNER ·LARRY .RAGLAND MARK McMILLIN ~ . ~ 10138 GANOGA AVE., CHATSWO,RTH, CA 91311 (602) 2~3-5289" ~ · r Championship •Off Road Race Car..· and Truck Fabrication· · . • ... ..,,_ Gl_enn Evans 1817 W. Willetta Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007 t--------'---..;.....-----'---'------,,----1--------------'---------'--"---~,---------------'---:----------t, .1 ADVANCED -MOTORSPORJS. •~Ne; ED FRISK (619) 693-8355 _ 8545 ARJONS, SUITE L • SAN DIEGO, CA 92126 l -~-~ · a. 12 .:::::r~➔ \_. .7 . • • a;;. ----, l . •1/:J' ALL TERRAIN ENTERPRISES MOTOR SPORT PRODUCTS ~~t''?-. Comp~l,t;on T,r,es . · . ~b{)' -O(froad & Motorcycle Products 17501 Lemon Ave., Unit D Hesperia, CA 9234~ 619-583-6529 (619) 244-0477 (800) 892-5263 ·. BY APPOlt-HMENT ONLY . . -,,ca~-:-Performance Transmission Products (-7.:14) 962-6655 10575 Bechler River A ve., Fourjtain Valley, CA 9Z.708 - •-COMPLETE TRANSMISSION SERVICE"& REPAIR. ',. _ CENTER FOR AUT,OS -4x4s -MOTOR'HOMES Send $3.00 for our new Catalog. • R ATIVE . N~EAVORS NTERS • FISHERMEN ON-OFF ROAD TIRES ATV TIRES . WHEELS OFF ROAD-LIGHTS SUSPENSION MOTORSPORTS • Public Relations • Sponsorship Propos~ls . . .. • Advertising . . . • Promotions • Logo Design • Newsletters RACE CAR SALES •·-CUSTOM FABRICATION"• RACE CAR PREP 6630 MacARTHUR DR., SUITE B • LEMON GROVE, c _A 9~045 131 Concord • El Se!:)undo • CA 90245 • (213) 322°3483 . . . B KENNY p RKS STRONGEST CUSTOM TOOL POUCHES AVAILABLE-OUR DESIGN OR YOURS . E "l l . A . SNAP ON • STRAP TIE • ROLL UP STYLE . ·• . _ . . . SNAP ON CLEAR PLACTICINE WINDOWS SNAP ON PANELS FOR BUGGIES & BAJA BUGS WITH CLEAR INSERT TO' DIVIDE THE COCKPIT FROM THE REAR OF VEHICLE TO REDUCE MOTOR SPORTS INC BACK FLOW OF DUST & ENGINE HEAT I~ " . · .. : . . ;:/~·~E~:~:~~~~· ~~~f;LtT~ "{ , -. ":-. .-.J213Hio2~J417 ,· _ :·,, ROAD F ff-g ~=::_=~=~ ff~ '1492cfs,:/6'eM~~~,~' siNJti;lr};l>"'R'1~G~·-1i1 ,, i·ci~~cf 1-" -:;\" ~· ---• . • ~ ., - H .. -•·•· ~· M -,.-~ ~.,. -~--, · , P.O. Box 22~3, San Mamos; CA9_2069,·, .(619) 744-196/3.. ··Page 42 October 1986 PERFORMANCE -,-. . . TRANSMISSIONS ~-'· '·' IDJTmml.ES . ,~·•',_,-,,,,"f! ..... ~ • -DAN McGOWAN JOHN VERHAGEN Bob Cassetta 825-0583 888-2703 (818) 381----~ · 202-2 FIRST STREET SAN FERNANDO, CA 91340 Don_ Rounlree 241 S. Arrowhead Ave_. SAN BERNARDINO FREE-ST ANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHELTERS . THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! -'--RE-N~T-A-LS-VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS RENTALS AVAILABLE °714/627-5727 AVAILABLE 4751 STATE ST.; BLD. D, ONTARIO, CA 91761 Get the wor.d out about your bµsiness, big or small: · · Put your business ca_rd in the .. GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and r,each new custoniers . . Good' Stuff Directofy ·Ads , are merely $16.00 per-month. ' ,,~'~ ... "' ..... ,'l,o-", ··••;, •,C' .... •• s,. ·~ •.•,•.· • •• ., • Dustynmcs f I I I J l \. '· f l ) r {

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1985 SCORE/HORA ENGINE BUILDER OF THE·YEAR VW & Porsche ·Ula·. . Race Car Racing E.ngines ~ - C Pr~paration & Transaxles ...,._.__.....,,,,. .__. .. .,..._. ... ~ -PERFORMANCE · . Intake :& Exhaust System Components for VW Type I. Rabbit, TYPE IV, 911 1_450 N. Glassel!'. Orange, CA 92667 • (714) 639-2833 (619) 465-3782 1 ===--Get Your· SffllT PORTl!Y TRArtSAXLES . 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamut. California 920:55 ~ Doug Fortin DENNIS WAYNE ~ORSCHE PARTS . 768-4!5!5!5 .. (408) 377-3422 POX RACING SHOX. . 520 McGllncey Lane, .Campbell Calif. 95008 Fuel Bl;1dders Dump Cans • CELLS .. Quick FIiis Std. . FIiis · 10925 Kalama River Road Fountain Valley, CA 92708 . · (714) 962-0027 ARMA ABRICATIO ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES _ SUSPENSI.Q~ SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION RACE TRUCK & PRE-RUNNER DENNIS GA'81AN . . 1436 EAST THIRD STREET (714) 620-1242 POMONA. CA 91766 Dusty Times DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten o r more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present t.o prefer;ed custo mers. It is a great traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTAO DUSTY TIMES,, 5331 Derry Ave., Suite 0, · Ag<,mra, CA 91301. (818)8~9-5600 . WALT LOTT 961 West Dale Avenue Las Vegas, Ne\/ada-89124 702-361-5404 •Alloy Axles & Spools •Mag oa·na 60's •VW Master Oiffs. -•VW Axles Send. This Ad In HOUSE of BUGGIES 7302 Broadway• Lemon Grove, CA. 92045 • 619-589-6770 MICHAEL LUND Owner . P.O. Box 1065 • Solana Beach. CA 92075-0830 • (619) l53-3196 Jada ll W. Service [EJJ] 6291 MANCHESTBI . -BUENA ~CA, 90621-213· 921-1'785 · 714-522 ·4600 NEW & USED PARTS STREET:()FF ROAD-PREP-RACE CARS · Odober1986 JtMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES ROLL CAGES PARTS & ACCESSOR_IES. • (619) 562-1743 "0.FF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SANTEE, CA 92071 -JIM JULSON . MIKE JULSON _: f;!~ PIIOIHJCTS s«xl $2.00 ·foi caia,og Q!_JOHNSON _ , CUSTOM RACE CAR_ PREP--FOR WINN ING SUSPENSION SYmMS PER FOR MAN CE H1CH PERFORMANCE SHOCl(5 P.O. BOX 81 LEMON GROVE, DEPT. 1 CA 92045 (619) 583-2054 DUAL & TRFl£ SHOCK SYSTDIS ABERClASS 60• Y-ti z.a MOTOR PARTS ACCHSORES· LEDUC OFF. ROAD 186 BALDWIN STREET . 9 a.m. -.7p.m. WEST SPRINGFIEl.,D, MA 01089 · TEL (413) 739-4111 . RACE TRUCK FAB. 4WD TRUCK REPAIR INSTANT SERVICE TRU~K ACCESSORIES , ~ ... l'o~.,~~ ~f,..~ r«~ 0~ STANDARD ,\~~ 4\,V 't,-0 REBUILDS .9 f '! +v<v0 ..... t~ ""'""~e,'r-(619) 244-3584 -~~ (\'(,'i0,~0 11435 Santa Fe Ave. East V Hesperia, California 92345 ~'?' 'McKENZIE'S· AUTOMOTIVE INC. W AREHOllSE DISTRIIIUTORS FOR C E":fTER·LINE WHEELS TECTIRA TIRES KC LIGHTS SUPER TRAP SPARK ARRESTORS C IBIE __ LIGHTS • MCKENZIE AIRFILTERS WRIGHT .PLACE , DURA ■LUE . ULT~A BOOT WESTERN AUTO TIRES' 818-784-6438 818-76!5-!5827 SW.AV-A-WAY. BIi.STEiN SHOCIIS K ,Y,11!, SHOCKS IIEARD SEATS HEWLAND GEARS GEM CHARS CROWN MFG.-NEAL PRODUCTS RAP.ID COOL . TRI-NIL 1294!5 SHERMAN WAY, NO. 4 NO •. :HOLLYWOOD. CA •~eos Page 43

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MENDEOLA RACING TECHNOLOGY VW • PORSCHE • HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES (@19) 277-3100 7577 CONVOY COURT. SAN DIEGO, CA 92111 . 5\S_ . . . - . C t-1 ~ S · Custom Built to Your Needs by v~ENTERPRISES Bill Varnes Mike Brown 32817 Crown Valley Rd. Acton, CA 93510 805/269-1279 INST ANT SERVICE 1-800-331-NEAL OUTSIDE CALIF.· High Performance Pedals & Hydraulics, Including ... • NEAL Cutting Brakes'" • Clutch Pedal Assemblies • Master Cylinders • Hydraulic Clutches and Throttles ... plus much more. Complete Catalog, $.'J.00. NEAL PROD.UCTS, INC. 7171 Ronson Road San Diego, CA 92111 ( 619) 565-9336 Fabr.ication • Design 371.S 7 Industrial Avenue Jon Nelson (714) 925-4448 He/net. CA 92343 FILTERS . -"USED BY _WINNERS NATIONWIDE" Ask Your PerformanceDealer Today . -Oil - Fuel -Transmissions - .Rearends -Offroad, O.val Track, Drag, Marine QUALITY GUARANTEED . Oberg Inc .. 12414 Hwy. 99 So .. Dept. OT, Everett. WA 98204 OFF ROAD. CHASSIS ENGINEERiNG 6~79 ORAN C IRCLE, Bi.JENA PARK. CA. 90620· Off R_oad Suspension Preparation 2 & 4 W . 0 . VANS & PICKUPS & MINI TRUCKS GAB!'IEL .RACING SHOCKS • .BAJA RYDERS PRE·RUN TRUCKS·-• Cus,oM SPRINGS AXLE_ WORK • c ·uSTOM, SUSPENSION No'BLOCKS USED • WEL·OING & FABRICATION Bill Montague (714) 521-2962 Established 1974 Page44 CUSTOM CHASSIS RACE PREP OFF ROAD CONCEPTS 7352 Fox Trail Unit B Yucca Valley, CA 92284 Dave Snoddy (619) 365-0162 ORE OFF ROAD EN6/IIEERIN6 088...allaceCan 9720 Cozycroft . Chatsworth. CA 91311 -.f~ OFFR04P .VIDEO . J GREG LEWIN (818) 882-2886 Close-Up Action From 1986 SCO.RE/HDRA Desert Serles Races and SCORE Off Road World Championship 1 Hr. VHS Video Tapes $29.95 each -P.O. Box ·444 Please Write for Information El Segundo,-CA 90245-0444 V .-...--THE POWER IN RACE RADIOS • 90 WATTS . • SYNTHESIZED (213) 426-7077 • RACE & BUSINESS USE • NEW ROADMASTER SERIES -50 WATTS· S499 PHONE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL 2188 GUNDRY AVE. SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 p·o R.c-o PRECISION OFF ROAD COMPANY ~ ~etail Parts • Fabrication • Prototype · 721 UNIT B SAN BERNARDINO RD. C0VINA, CA 91723 TONY VANILLO (818)91~7 (818) 915-3848 Quality Products Fastener Specialists Heinz (Henry) Buchhardt (213) 633-6971 .6845 East Compton Blvd. Paramount, CA 90723 October 1986 ALKi,'.Y (213) 515-3570 PERFORMANCE COMMUNICATIONS FOR PERFORMANC_E .VEHICLES IS OF 1\-'\ DOUG FREEMAN (213) 320-9584 P .O . BOX 3757 GARDENA. CA 90247-7457 . Telephone: . (714) 535-4437 (7_!4) S~S-4438 David Kreisler ·· 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 RUSS's V. W. -• - Re_cycling 3317. S. Peck Rd:, Monrovia, CA 91016 (BEHIND TONY"S TRUCK WRECKING) (818) 574-1943 • (818) 57-4-1944 Speciaiizing in V. W. Bugs, Buses, Gh_ias and 914's (213) 583-2404 k?«!!J[ff;[ff;D .1 J)J)ljf SANDERS SERVICE, INC._· ._ _ .:__,'METAL PROCESSING ' 5921 Wilmington Avenue Los Angeles, California 9000.1 S ANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PARTICAL - · . FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Ric;k Munyon Larry Smith Canada Inc. 390 CHEMIN DU LAC, LERY, QUE. CANADA J6N 1-A3 514-692-6171 Dustyflmes 1 j l l

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._::!,.. ... ~ SO-CAL PERFORMANCE r,.'W ~ 8504 E. Compton Blvd. . Paramount, CA 90723 ~~'\) 0 , (21 3) 408-0440 ' . ..... - ti -~ -.. - -. ® IF YOU PA y FOR IT, . I : ~~;;"I WHY N.OT GET THE BEST/I! . . .. s.o,F~T. CAR TOW ROPE From 6,600 lbs. - Up to-44,000 lbs·. From Passenger to Heavy Duty Truck HASHI-KEN CORP. U.S.A. INC. ~12 E. First St. #400, La's Angeles, CA 90012-Tel: (2.13) 620-9229 FAX: (213) 620-0160 . Call your nearest depJer. , In L.A. McKenzie Autqmotive. · LOCATION OIS!RIBUTORS TELEPHONE Anaheim, CA 1 , Tom Stalarz (714) _630-3810 Bakersfield, CA Dave Pedrow/Wayne Ulberg (805) 948-6044 ,.,,gr.····c . Tim Schmidi .. (805) 324-9882 1;3ullhead City, AZ. , L~rry Stover (602) 758-5480 Colton, CA Dick Alden/John Donahoe (714) 877-0226 Corona,CA Cal Performance (714)735-7223 El Centro, CA Mike McNeece (619) 352-4721 . Fullerton, CA Jim Finn . (714) 738-782.0 Hayward, CA Lancaster,. CA Las Vegas. NV Long Beach, CA Oaldand/S.F., CA Phoenix, AZ. Riverside, CA San Jose, CA · Tucson, AZ. ·' -~ Van Nuys, CA .Ventura, CA Yuma, AZ. . La Vern Unser (714) 635-5553 Jack Bertwick (415) 783-6500 . Dave Pedrow/Wayne Ulberg (805) 948-6044 Darwin Pilger/Tom Tonal (702) 457-5906 · Dave Wayt (213) 437-4373 Price • {415) 428-2600 Bill Wilhoit/Ed Clark (602) 278-6271 Sand Rails . (714) 682-3270 John Graham (408) 723-38~5 Mike Whitacre (408) 294-4513 Don Larson (602) 745-2247 Dave Wayt . , (213) 437-4373 Bill Tipton (805) 659-5609 Robert McNeece (602). 782-6543 P.O. Box 610, 333 West Broadway; Suite 202 (213) 437_4373_ Long Beach, California 90801-0610 RICHARD LILLY . LAURA STOUFF.ER Manufacturers of Quality . Drive Train Components_ SUPER .BOOT PROD_UCTS 1649 W. Collins, Orange, CA 92667 714-997-0766 If no answer 714-997-0767 1986 BUDWEISER SUPERSTITION 250 111 WINNERS GREG HIBBS -1st OVERALL, 1st CLASS 10 · . . KEN SNYDER -1st 2-1600; BRAD INCH -'1st 1-1600; MAX RAZO 1st CLASS 5; MARK CAMERON -1st OPEN; ANDY DEVERCELL Y -1st 5-1600; REX LEWIS -1st CLASS 100; JIM DELANEY · 1st CHALLENGER; TIM YOUNG -1st TRUCK; . HAL GRAVES -1st CLASS 6 . Dusty Times Suspension Components (818) 988-5510 7840 BURNET AVE; • VAN .NUYS, CALl,F. 91405 GET INTO "GEAR''. WITH THE WINNING NAME IN_ TIRES Baseball-Cap: twill/mesh. _one size titS all. yOur choice of blue,. black , grey, red or yellow. $5.00 T-Shirts:· 50/50. available in S. M, L , & XL, your choice of blue, white. grey. red or yellow $7.00 Patches: 1 'ii' XS". yellow with black logo. $.50. Decals: 12" X 3" black or white on clear, $1'.00, or 26" X S" with black, while. red or yellow die-cut -lelters. $5.00 TO ORDER YOUR "GEAR" ... plea~e include ,tem. quan111y. s·1ze and color. a,:1d se~d check. money order or MCtVISA # (Oh1o res1i:lentsadd 5.5% tax) to .. Mic/iey Thompson PERFORMANCE TIRES ------------P.O. Box 227 • .Cuya_!loga Falls, OH ·44222 Inside Ohio -216 928,9092 OUTSIDE OHIO ··800 222-9092 .·!(ACE TT(ANS BY JEFF FIEOJ'S .. TRflNSfiXLE ENGi.NEERiNG · JEFF FIELD 998-2739 9833 Deering . Unit H Chatsworth, CA 9·1311 0 -.&,:TRACKSJDE Photo .,.,..,,..1.-s . P.O . BOX 91767·• LOS ANGELE'S. CA. 90009 18710 SO. NORMANDIE • SUITE C •GARDENA. CA. 90248 Jim Ober· (2131327-4493 llACING PIIOTOGllAPHY SPECIALISTS TALr-'lL We.sell more racing • . . . . IL, n gasoline than anyone racing gasoline else in the west! Alameda County 916 962-3514 Phoenix 602 952-2575 Bakersfield 805 393,8258 Portland 503 393;9705 Denver 303 452-5239 Riverside 714 787-8141 Hawaii· 808 682-5589 Sacramento 916 962-3514 Huntington Beach 7 14 536-8808 Sa.nDiego 619 460-5207 L.A.-Long Beach 213 863-480 I Saugus 805 259-3886 Las.Vegas 702 871-1417 Seattle 206 833-0430 Monterey 408 899-1010 Spokane_ 509 483-0076 . Orange County 7 14 634-0845 Yakima 509 248-3271 Division of Off Road Concepts 7352 Fox Trail Unit B Yuc9a_y~l)~Y, F,>.\~~~~t,4 · • _..,,. ~ l Dave Snoddy .)' ,;1(?,J~).~6,5.,Q162,i,. October 1986 M .LOUIE UNSER Racing Engines . 1100 E. Ash Ave. Suite C Fullerton, Ca. 92631. Louie Unser (714) 879-'-8440 Performance Parts and Accessories 9158 Las Tunas . Temple City, CA 91780 _· (818) 285-5944 (818) 285-5973 TH. WINNERS CHOICE Fact is, WEB-CAM PERl'ORMANCE CAMSHAFTS have been used by more winnin·g·drivers and engine builders in 1985 than -any other brand! Ask the top professionals before buy--ing yoi.Jr next cam. . Call us for your winning cam for street*, strip and off-road. Send · ~ for complete 1986 • '. catalog. 1663 Superior Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92627 · .WEB-CAM PERFORMANCE C~SHAFTS (714) 631-1770 •Not legal for sale in CA on pollution controlled vehicles. Engine .& Machine VW -PORSCHE - OFF: ROAD 947 RANCHEROS DRIVE .• SAN MARCOS, CA 92069 t619) 741-6173 Custom _Wheels Phoenix, Arizona 85017 'l'wo for the OH-Road! liOtVWs For advertising ra,tes & ·information contact / Wright Publishing Co., Inc. .po. Box ·2-260,-Costa Mesa, CA 92628 (7.14)-979-2560 Pase 45 ,,_,

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. Classified~ •• FOR SALE: V-4 Chevy racing FOR SALE: Toyota 2T6 1600cc engines available. for order. DOHC Class l0'motor built bv Before you buy a Porsche, Toyota Racing Develormt'nt. compare. A V-4 Chevy has more Engine produces 145 HP at6000 torque, 300 pl-us HP, and rpm,' with· si1;61e Weber broader po·wer range, same . downdraft nub.- Engine _comes Weig-ht and m1,1ch cheaper, complete with heavy duty especiallyatrebuildtime.Special_ radiator, flywheel, clu_tch, · FORSALE:New, 1986fourseat Hi Jump er with chromoly torsion housings, Kroyer 3x3 rear arms, bus trans, big block VW, approx. 2088cc. Beard seats, Bilstein shocks, Wright front end and steering, Center-line wheels, Yokohama tires wl spare (5). Would make good pre-runner or modified· two seater. 117;' wheelbase. $23,000 or best reasonable offer. Jack McMillen, P.O. Box 605, Gabbs,' NV 89409. FOR SALE: Class 10 Raceco, fre~h engine and Hewland Bus trans. Race prepped and ready to go. 10" shock front end_, power steering, disc.brakes, quality parts throughout. Pricdncludes tandem axle trailer and spares, $14,000. Call (714)' 891-3059 eves. and weekends. WANTED: Off.roaders to assist 1 factory sponsoreq Class 7S for moving pits and chasing starting with the Baja 1000, Nov. 5 and · the '87 season for five major races. Must be knowledgeable . and have mechanical background in foreign mini trucks, flexible work hours. Compensation based upon time,: mileage and ·· winning performance. Contact Andy (619) 726-0130 or Terry (619) 588-0400. FOR SALE: Class 7S, Sc~re/ HDRA approved. '84 Mazda, race ready. 4 extra motors, trans, tires, rims, parts galore. 9" Ford spool, disc brakes, RE servo 18, shocks, Mastercraft seats·, all cash offers cons.idered or licensed pre-runner or pick 4p. Co·ntact Andy Felix at (619) 726-0130 or (619) 588-0400. FOR SALE: 1970 ,Triuqiph, 650cc Bonneville, by second owner. Excelleot condition; · virtually all original. -New tires, · $1200. Call (501) 521-6390. FOR SALE: 1984 Funco A-Arm Class 10 car. New bead locks, · transmission, engine, tires. Best of everything, excellent condi-tion, $8500.00. Will sell separately. Call Gary at (818) 891-8223. -assistance available. Call Ron at Kennedy adapter plate for VW PARTNER W ANTE_ D: _ Partner R.E.F: Unlimited, (602) 233- bus tranny, and spare' parts. 9196; . · Engine is race r.eady. Must sell, for· S:lass 8 ra~er, 198~ _Ford moving to Class 1. $4500.00. steps1de, 21~ miles old, fm1shed DRIVER AVAILABLE: With Call Jim or Mike at Harbor . 4~h o~erall m the 1986 Score many years of off road racing Diesel (213) 591-5665. R1vers1de Heavy Metal Chal-experience, most recently . in , , ·lenge. The best of everything, Class ·_ 7 desert and stadium FOR SALE: Class 10 two seater, spares and new parts extra. Buy events. Cansupplyentryfeesand Taylor chromoly chassis, wide in for" $15,000 or ?? Serious tires, also have facilities for car and long travel front and rear, 2 inqui-ries only. Call Tom prep and storage if needed. 1-'m a stage, Wright rack and power Haliburda at (714) 554-3300 -capable driver lookiµg _for a steering_, Fox Shox, 930 cvs, four days, or 530-8807 even.ings. capable car. Call Steve Marolda, wheel disc brakes, Neal, Sway-A~ CMAC RACE PACKAGE FOR days,' (714) 871-7340, e:ves Way\ -_Parker Pumper,-Center- SALE · (714) 528-4141. lines, · Formula Tires, fresh 1641cc engine and "(ype II trans. FOR SALE: ivan Iron Man Race ready, includes trailer, Stewart limited edition '85 · $7000.00 OBO. Will separate, Toyota 4x4, featured in Four . call Randy Lasnoski at (906) Wheeler Magazine, August 466-2680. · 1986. Looks just like the '84 race truck. Six prototype Bilsteins cage new BFG Mud Terrains, alloys, four KC lights, two alarms. $18,000. If you can't afford the real thing, call Phil; (818) 715-0464. FOR SALE: 19 5 Mustang, .. , Score and HORA legal Class 6. 302 • Ford, Art Carr C-6 trans, .. full floater rear end, four wheel disc brakes, A TL fuel cell, Fox ,shocks. $6000:00 or best offer. (619) 465-7698. -RACECO - 2-1600, 115 inch WB, Chromoly . chassis, · · 10 ·inches travel front, 13½ inches rear travel. Bilstein shocks, Wright rack & pinion, combo spindles, power steering, 20 gal. fuel cell, DYDA alum. body, Yokohama tires, Centerlines, Type II Hewland gearbox, ~ard seats, Trick arms, Pace 90 ·watt radio w/ intercom system, all extra. parts are include_d. This car . is ready to race! PRE-RUNNER - Funco Class II, _ 1835cc, Type II gearbox, Sway-A-Way, turbo cvs, AMS front beam and ·arms, W-right rack & pinion, Wright spindles, . Beard seats, 20 gal. fuel, Neal pedal assembly, very dependable. MUST SELL: Pace 90 watt · radios. $550.00 each. EB3000 Honda generator,$750.00, 1985 26' Dico-t axle car carrier with tire rack, $1600.00, 11 gal. plastic dump cans, $35.00 each. · 3-lxl0.50 x 15 MI T tires $35.00 each. Many Toyota parts'. Call (619-) 340-0317 nights. Gowland . Motorsports, 75250 Camello, · Palm Desert, CA 92260. . PARTS - Both·cars come.with _FOR SALE: Class 10 Chen,owth, _ all spare parts in boxes ready to , 116 inch wheelbase, new 12 inch - go racing. Three 90 wart Pace . wider beam, new combo radios with base antenna, :fuel spindles, new seat, Giese shocks dump cans, _ 10 ... spare tirc:;s. FOR SALE: Owner moving to rear, disc brakes, power steering, $22,500. Call Mike McFadden, Germany forces sale of two ·. fresh motor, no trans. $5000.00 days (213) 435-5611 evenings . FOR SALE: 1969 Baja Bug. Mazda RX _ 2s. #l, California Call Mark at (714) 870-6090. · (714) 960-2363. ' ' Bumper to bu!Ilper cage, rack & Rally Series production class car, MUST SELL: 1986 Toyota 4x4, FOR SALE: Funco Class ·10, pinion, full suspension with has tired chassis . 'but fresh 'race prepped; 11 inch front fresh ~-1-641 engine and trans. MI T shocks. Fresh trans, strong suspension and Bilsteins and . travel, 16 inch rear travel, 20 gal. Power steering, pumper' Bil-reliable 2000cc · engine. New many goodies. #2 is a street car Fuel Safe cell, B & M shifter, .4 steins,"Flame-out, Earls, Wright, FOR SALE: 1971 Ford Bronco, BFGs on Centerlines, · Beard with bridgeporteq . rotary with -speed i!Uto, with spare, Summers Mastercraft, Fat, Neal, Fuel Safe, Pro built Class 3 .. Rare Boss 302, seats, 22 gal. cell. .Very Clean! I modified carb, free flow exhaust, Bros. rear axle assembly with Dura Blue, K & N. $6000. Call Art Carr trans., Hi-Po ·transfer must sell! $5000.00 offer. Call H.D. radiator, low~red suspen- floaters. Wilwood discs, spool,· Mike after 5:00 p.m. at (714) caseanddriveshafts,customdisc eves, (714) 777-3169- sion, decent shocks and more. cbromoly cage-, racing springs, 772-3877. _ · brakes, custom power steering, FOR SALE: · Giese Class 2 Combine both cars and have a Hella lights, all new fiberglass; all braided lines, foel cell, chromoly chassis, 117 in. WB, very competitive CRS produc- lots of spares. $15,000.00 with Summers Bros., Rancho suspen- chromoly front beam, rear end tion class car or SCCA -motor, · $11,000.00 without. sion1Diest,FlameOut,B&M, rolling,newracetrans,FuelSafe Divisional rally car. Best (619) 340-'0317, nights: Bridgestone, Motorcraft, and cell, Mastercraft seats. No time reasonable offer - must sell · Gowland Motorsports, 75250 much more. $8,500OBO. (818) to finish. $2900,00 OBO. Call_ soon!. Call Steve at (916) 446-Camello, Palm Desert, CA 966-1393. - . Mark at (714) 645-9984. · . 6411 or 481-7871. . · 92260. · . r-----~------~----------~-~--------~--------~~ I · • · --, Sell or ,swap your extrq, parts, and pieces in . . I I . DUSTY TIMES. . I I I I Classified Advertising rate is only $10 for 45 words, not including name, address and phone number.Add $5.00 for u~~ of black I I and white photo, or a very sharp color print. · · I .NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and . BACK IN TOWN. The Parnelli . Jones, BFG Blazer will return from Australia , with owner Jim Hunter to race the 1986 Baja 1000. Then it will be sold with all spare parts fot $30,000.00. race ready. For info' call Jon at;Nelson & Nelson Racing (714) 925-4448. · ; subscribe. Ifyou wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. AH classified ads must be paid fo acfvance. . . . -; . I --------,-------------------------------------1· FOR SALE: Funco two seater, pre-runner, 110" ·WB, swing I ------------------------------------~---------I axle,· new seats, fresh trans, I I Parker Pumpers, Wright steer-I -----~-~----------------------------,---~---:I ing. W /trailer, $3600. Call, I ---------------------------------------~ I (714)636-3590,eves.caHDave (714) 891-0759.. : I . FOR SALE: 1979 Chevy Luv. --~------------------------,---------~----------I 1983 secbnd overall points I ----------------------------,,------;----------~-----I HDRA Class 7S. Summers rear I I end, ·Fuel Safe, Goodyear tires, Enclosed is$ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. · Rancho take aparts shocks, spare I •~~~~~ 11. Name ~------'-----------,-----------------Mail to: 11. parts, ready to race. Complete with trailer; pit tools and. :I Address------,-----,-,-~---------~-Phon.e-------DUSTYTIMES 1 · equipment. Perfect truck for 5331 Derry Ave., Suite O someone starting out. $5000. I City-----------,-------State _____ Zip______ Agoura, CA 91301 I OBO. Call (818) 367-1634. I I Page 46 October 1986 DustyTimes

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j J ·Pony Express ••• . ics, bankers, attorneys, car-penters, workers of all types. These people with their weekend commitrnents, this is what off I'm writing this let you . know what a great job you are doing with DUSTY TIMES. I read your paper faithfully every month and find it very informative and the coverage excellent. I would like to thank you, Jean and Judy, and let you know how much I appreciate the ink that you give me. Your coverage keeps my cur,ent sponsors happy and gives me potential for new ones, which are hard to find. Once again thank you for the coverage and support. John Basso · Valencia, CA . You are welcome, John, and thank you for the kind words about DUSTY TIMES. I picked up a copy of DUSTY . TIMES at Riverside and decided I had to subscribe. The_ coverage of races all over the U.S. and DETAILED coverage of the races is much better" than that of other off road publications! Keep · up the good work. Thanks. · Mark Murrell · Fort Collins, CO As recent participants at the Sc'ore Off Road World cbampionship, .we wish to / exteno o':1r sincere thanks to Glenn Harris and his Mazda race team for their · assistance in machining a crucial part, without a moment of hesitation, thus eliminating a 150 mile round trip for · us. This foi;tqer-·exemplifies the true spirit of the off roading community. Once again, thank you Glenn an,d crew! . · Golden Truffle Race T earn · Fullerton, CA , I read your recent article in DUSTY TIMES regarding pre-running in which you quoted Larry •. Ragland. I have much respect for Larry Ragland, both as a fellow competitor and in business, but Believe we have very differing views on the subject of pre-running. · The following includes some ideas relating to my views . concerning pre-running. These are only the opinions of one man. I think you would find it informative to speak with others involved in the sport of off road racing, who first gained their experience with the sport through · pre-running and later advanced to be true off road racing competitors. For those who believe there road racing is all about. should be no more·pre-r.unning, Corky McMillin where do they believe the tracks San Diego, CA they follow up a wash or across a dry lake, like at Beatty, Nevada in Thanks so muchforyour views on 1985, came from? Do they pre-running, Corky, W e agree with believe the little arrows do that? you entirely, and a[so think the pre-Off-road racing was made · run of a race is the·pure enjoyment of great by the sand buggies and off road competition. The contact Baja Bugs. We made roads where with local people, the lack of there were no roads, visited · pressure as you scout the course, the towns and open ranges that opportunity to stop and absorb the seldom saw a vehicle. We made real beauty of the desert make it the passage possible, or at least, ideal escape from the turmoil of . better. -civilization. W e also feel that pre-Areas where the racers now fly running makes for a safer race, as · through and take for granted . the driver can concentrate on racing were, just a few y_ears ago, major rather .than trying to find the race experiences in just fincling one's course. Doing away with pre- · way. Finding a ranch in the desert running would also provide errant · was like finding a needle in a hay drivers with a lot more excuses for stack. missing checkpoints. It may be of I believe we should · pre-run interest that Larry Ragland was one andstopandvisitwiththepeople of many drivers who missed in the little villages so they know · Checkpoint 3 during the 1985 Bdja something other than race day rooo. dust, noise and danger. · l have had so many good (The following letter was addressed experiences of pre-running ... the ·w the HDRA on September 18, north side of the Summit, full 1986) days getting to the bottom and the south side up the big wash. Banks that cars high centered · coming off of six to eight feet straight down, ropes behind and • in front. Missing the turn out of Cohabuzo Junction. Partners lost between Mexicali and El Chinero - two days. The trips through the silt at Chapala - along the beach south of Punta Prieta -the Sauzalito Mine area .. The Mission San Bajora,·the beautiful Bay of Los Angeles, the oasis at San Ignacio and the .nice people at El Arco. The next few years of off road racers are the past few year's pre-runnjng spectators and support people.To become involved, it is important to be introduced to the sport. Pre-running gives us the opportunity to do that and a time to spend with our friends that help during the race. Pre-running is a place for kids to practice their hand at driving for three or four years before b~ing turned loose on race day-an opportunity to be taught to enjoy and take care of the terrain, not just fly through. I think of all the good times pre-running. The terrain and the experiences in the . vast open country are fascinating and very satisfying to be a part of. Pre-running has almost gotten too insensitive to get the most out of such a great family and friend activity. Our off road races that were semi-pro and {)art 'time have been made what they are today by . weekend racers. Garage mechan-I am writing in protest of the penalty I received at your recent Frontier 500. I do not argue the fact that I did deserve a penalty, but I am shocked by its nature and its implementation. · First the nature of my crime; I missed Checkpoint 5 on my first lap. I went the way I had pre-run. I, myself, did not attend the Orivers' Meeting, my loss. On my second lap I noticed my mistake and found Checkpoint 5. I was told 'that I was the only · one tb·miss the checkpoint, but after asking around, I found out that others had missed the same checkpoint, but had not finished. My lap time was a mere three (3) minutes faster than Rob MacCachren's. Some short cut. The bottom line being, I missed the checkpoint and saved three minutes. Now the penalty; you have • combined my first and second lap times. Obviously thinking that I had not completed my first lap, until I had deared Checkpoint 5. This caused my third lap to become my second, and my fourth lap to become my third. I then became a non-finisher. If this type of penalty is being used, why was I not told at the finish line that I had one more lap to do? My car was fine, and I would have been willing to go around one more time. Instead I got the checkered flag and a rose. I realize the penalty, by the book, is disqualification for missing a checkpoint, but the · •• ~more GOOD STUFF Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and r.each new customers. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $16.00 per month. ,J I',., DustyTimes I j l - ·P.O: BOX 323 • ·SEAHURST WA, 98062 (206)242-1773 October 1986 -· -----.... Score/HORA Series has set a precedent for issuing tip:ie penalties in these cases. The '85 Baja 1000, the '86 Great Mojave 250, and the '86 Fireworks 250 come to mind. To take away my last lap is . to take away my finishing points. This will truly hurt my overall points standing for the year, because of one checkpoint in one race. • My secorid point is to question the way this decision was made. I have heard that there really was no formal meeting of the ''Committee'' to decide this. But, a decision was made, then approved at 11:00 p.m., and telling them the decision had already been made. I was never. consulted or given a chance to speak my side. Now I ask for another committee meeting, so that I migh~ appeal the penalty given . This way maybe I can get back my hard fought for finish. I know I deserve a penalty for this r~ce, but I do not see the reasoning behind penalizing my whole year of racing in your series. . Respectfully yours, Tom Koch Ridgecrest, CA Tom Koch finished third on time in Class r at the Frontier 500, over an hour behind second place and about half an hour ahead of fourth 'place. DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from alt comers of off road activity. The Pony Express column will feature all the mail we can fit into . the space. Please keep your w9rds • fairly brief. Because of space limitations, your pearls of prose may be edited, but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as well as your' praises. Letters for publication should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by the 15th of the month in order to appear in the next issue. ARE YOU GETTING MORE THAN ONE COPY OF · DUSTY TIMES? A number of subscribers now have two subscriptions, because they get one with their membership in HDRA, or they subscribed to both Off Road Action News and Dusty Times. lf ·you don't really need two copies each month, drop us a note and assign your duplicate subscription to a friend, pit crew worker, anyone you choose. Send us the full name and address with zip code, of your friend, and the mailing label from the subscription you-wish to assign-to them. We will take care of the paper work. 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Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Silver Dust Racing Association . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 37 Smittybilt .. .. ... . . .. . . .. . . 13 Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group .................. .5 Trackside Photo Enterprises . . 20 Tri Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Uniden Race Radios . . . . . . . . 39 Uni Filter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Unique Metal Products . . . . . . 36 Valley Performance -Hewland ............... 28 V-Enterprises -Mirage . . . . . . 33 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Yokohama Tire, Corp. . . . . . . Back Cover 1986 BUDWEISER SUPERSTITION 250111 SPONSORS ALFORD DISTRIBUTING * THE WRIGHT PLACE * RACE READY PRODUCTS * SOUTHWEST RACING PROMOTIONS * OFF-ROAD BUGGY SUPPLY * CLAIREMONT EQUIPMENT RENTALS CONTINGENCY SPONSORS JOE STIDMAN'S HEARTLAND MEAT CO.; CORONADO AUTO BODY; GOWLAND MOTORSPORTS; HPS LUBRICANTS; FIBER-TECH ENG .• INC.; BAJA CONCEPTS; T & J BUGGY SHOP; ARDS TRAILERS; BOZO RACING TEAM; THE OCOTILLO TRAILER PARK; SAN DIEGO OFF-ROADER; ARMSTRONG TIRES; MIKE lUNO'S HOUSE OF BUliGIES Page 47

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