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1985 Volume 2 Number 2 Dusty Times Magazine

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A GacoRP COMPANY ATTENTION OFF ROAD RACERS AVAl AB E TD OFF ROAD RACERS RUNNING ON GENERA GRABBER RADIAL LIGHT TRUCH TIRES From Americas High Performance Truck Tire Experts receive up to 1500 each time you win in your class or 500 if you are the first finisher in your class on Jenera Grabber radial light truck tires I Eligible Races Parker 400 Laughlin Desert Challenge Great Mohave 250 Eligible Classes 3 4 z 7 S 7 4 4 8 You must run on qualifying General produQts exclusively and display General Tire decals on both sides of your race vehicle Plus Special Q Road Racer Purchase Program Available for Generals Grabber AP Grabber AT and Grabber MT General has these tires available at special prices for eligible off road racers Visit your local General Tire dealer for details or call toll frf e 800 321 7575 in Ohio 800 362 7555 and ask for CONTINGENCY 1985 Generdl Tire Motorsports

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Volume I Number I February 1985 In This Issue FEATURES MTEG Stadium Racing at Pomona New Year s Grand Prix in Phoenix Snore Bottom Dollar Carson City International Rall y Hot Rod Story Lancia Rally Coupe A D R A 1984 Awards AMSA Borrego 200 Score International Awards Banquet Paris Dakar Rally 1984 Desert Champions Raceco Pickup Truck Editor Publisher Jean Calvin Contributors Cindy Chamberlin Daryl D Drake Peggy Ellenbu g Homer Eubanks Jan Flick Rick Hochfeld Martin Holmes Cam McRae Danny McKenzie Brenda Parker David Ryskamp Walt Schwalbe Wayne Simmons Judy Smith John Sprovkin Joe Stephan Trackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E Worsham Typesetting Production Michelle s Typesetting Services Printing News Type Service 10 16 20 24 27 28 28 30 32 34 36 39 DEPARTMENTS Associate Publisher Brad Goodrow Controller John Calvin Page Subscription Rates 12 00 per year 12 issues USA Foreign subscription rates on request Contributions DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions but is not responsible for such material Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope Classified Ads will be published as received prepaid DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors All ads may be subject to editing DUSTY TIMES is published month y by Hillside Racing Corp 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 818 889 5600 Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher Application to Mail at Second Class Postage Rates is Pending at Agoura C A 91301 POSTMASTER Send address changes to Dusty Times 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 CHANGE OF ADDRESS Four weeks notice is required for change of address Please furnish both old and new address and send to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH Snapshot of the Month 3 Soap Box by Jofin Houlgate 4 Trail Notes 4 Side Tracks by Judy Smith 5 Happenings 6 Pony Express 8 Wisconsin s Triple Crown 8 Score Canada s Gold Rush 9 Bounces from the Berm 26 Good Stuff Directory 40 qassified Ads 42 Index to Advertisers 42 Goodies Galore 43 ON THE COVER Flying high over the northern Nevada desert the Jeep CJ 7 that has won so many races over the years driven by Don Adams did very well the first time out on a SCCA Pro Rally Due for retirement to the ranch in Colorado in 1985 the venerable Jeep acquired a windshield top and side curtains an auxiliary odometer and heater and Don Adams and navigator MarkJoslyin hit the trail on the Carson City International Rally last December The team started well back in the pack 30th off the line and when the two day event was over they were fifth overall behind a trio of 4 WO Audi Quattros and a 4 WD Mazda RX 7 They also won the Seed 3 title Don said later that instead of the mouse motor fitted for the rally he should have used the Jeep s big horsepower engine for the high speed rally stages Color Photography by Stuart Bourdon ofTrackside Photo Enterprises IMES You have to do what might ake a good caption for this photo from a long ago desert race In the early days losing a tire and wheel meant you stowed it on board somewhere like on the co drivers lap because pits were few and far between and few teams could afford to lose a front wheel and tire combo in the desert If a reader can identify this team and the race let us know we can t find the number on old entry lists to match the car The fast good I D received at DUSTY TIMES will receiv a special prize so be sure to include a return address with your identification Photo by Trackside Photo Enterprises DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar funnies or woes on this page each month Send us your snapshot of something comic qr some disaster for consideration DUSTY TIMES will pay 10 for the picture used If you wish the photo returned enclose a stamped self addressed envelope Only black white prints 5x7 or 8xl0 will be considered Dusty Times February 1985 Page 3

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Then there s Willie Valdez Willie doesn t have much of anything but he drives a hard bargain and wins consistently in his stock Ford The Ford boys had to race with decided disadvantages and they LAUGHLIN DESERT CHALLENGE participants ill notice a few still won their class champion changes in the format from the race last year Instead of a single hote_l in ships In off road racing 1984 Laughlin the Riversidt Resort as the sponsor t e HDRA as Just was a Ford year not a Dodge or a announced that the entire town of Laughlin is sponsoring the race in 1985 SCORE Press Relations Manager The effort is spearheaded by the newly formed Laughlin Chamber of Toyota year How about those ATC boys Commerce New hotels have sprung up since the racers were there last March Three years ago they were and the total hotel count in the tiny town is now seven but none of them will The SCORE year end awards appreciation for his fine work considered so slow they had to be race headquarters All off course race activity will center on a huge lot on were a bit of a disappointment since he moved to England last start last and now they re so fast the river side of the road between the Edgewater and Pioneer Hotels There a for me I don t believe the October Mark McMillin couldn t catch giant size Nissan tent will host the registration and awards presentation and consensus gave acknowledgeJean Calvin you do an them with his 6 cylinder Porsche tech will be in the same area Informa tion on rooms and hotel space can be ment to some of the truly excellent job publishing the The new status afforded by the obtained by calling the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce 800 22 7 5245 If significant achievements made Dusty Times and fqr years you three wheelers was tile result of you are calling from Nevada dial 298 2214 by competitors race teams have been in the forefront of off Honda s innovative technology companies and other individuals road journalism With all due improved rider skill top THE AMSA AWARDS for the 1984 season were presented last month in in the 1984 off road season respect I d like to recognize a mechanical work efficient Palm Springs the night before the first desert race of the young season the tanding on the soap box I SIJ J erior off road journalist who organization and desire The fact AMSA Borrego 200 Along with honoring all their points winners the don t wish to sound off against has never been recognized in this that the three wheelers beat all of overall points champions John Duhcan and Ed Mohr in Class 100 Jim Web the honorees but instead to give category and is seldom even the cars in the Baja 1000 may President of AMSA made a number of special awards on behalf of his credit where credit is due and nominated r is name is Jim have come as a blow to some organization may have been overlooked by Short The Rookie of the Year honor we_n t to John Duncan and you can t do SCORE s membership The racers who live in egos but I m sure ther_e are some much better than an overall points championship in your rookie year of As anyone who follows the Riverside County are familiar car racers who feel good that the racing Sportsman of the Year honors went to Joe Golledge and Scott Polson sport can tell the SCORE Off with his columns in the Riverside ATC guys stayed well out_ofrheir_ nfa John Swift was the Top Money Winner of the Year The Hard t o cl Driver of the year title went to Wayne Sievers and Tony Sielski took the Road awards were heavily Press Enterprise Short also way and out of danger And last comes the Man of trophy for Top Mechanic of the Year The Sponsor of the Year aw rd went to slanted in favor of those writes for On Track Magazine the Year Ivan Stewart has done Small Car Specialties and Trick Racing Fuel took h ome the mle of Top associated with BFGoodrich one of the most highly respected a lot for off road racing this past Contingency Donor of the Year Jim and Nance Van Meter Dick D Amato The balloting gave the impres auto racing publications in the year He s made special the Hayes Brothers and Gang received a special appreciation awar Others sion that hardly anyone else U S If anyone s been paying appearances answered questions named for special awards of appreciation were Tom Copp and Cns Garrett besides those people affiliated attention they d know that Jim for readers in Off Road Magazine for Flight Control and Nance Van Meter for Registration and Time Charting with BFG actually voted All this reports on the most vital issues of and given lots of interviews with went to show was that in addition the sport He cares a great deal media that have never covered to BFG s fine performance and about what s going on and where off road racing before In short i THE AMERCAN AUTO RACING WRITERS BROADCASTERS goodwill throughout the season the sport is headed If anyone in he has become the new goodwill ASSOCIATION honored eleven race drivers representing a broad spectrum of American auto racing last month in ceremonies aboard the its teams and fans alone cared the sport would like t_o see ambassador of the sport Queen Mary in Long Beach CA The occasion was th an oun_cement of the enough about the sport to Short s work they could have There were some other people 1984 Skoal All America Racing Team and for the first time in the 15 year participate in the balloting read his columns in the following I feel who also deserved this history of the team a tie vote gave the AAR WBA its first eleven member The other pit support teams 1984 back issues of On Track recognition team exceeding the usual ten which deserve some recognition March 12 page 58 me 4 page Mario Andretti was voted the Jerry Titus Award the Association s Willie Valdez for his are the Checkers Fair Jimco 60 July 2 page 70 September competitive spirit and continual Driver of the Year honor Andretti was particularly moving during his Honda and the Chapala Dusters 24 page 60 November 5 page success against all odds Jim acceptance speech mentioning that he had once hired Jerry Titus a top road I m sure there are some heartfelt 74 November 19 page 64 Moses the BLM liaison who has racer killed in a race car acddent some years ago and Jerry drove on thanks from the 1 little guy Okay so he only writes about the helped to keep our deserts intact Andretti s Indy car team _ racers out there to whom you ve trucks Still there is no writer For the first time in several years not one off road or rally driver made the for future racing Bruce Ogilvie loaned tires tools and muscle at who grabs this sport by the balls the helmsman of the Honda A TC first team John Buffum is on the second team in the At Large category and one point or another the way he does _ team that made off road racing Rod Millen received honorable mention in the same category That vote may As for mechanics what s Other journalists of note history by beating all the cars in be a sign that the media is getting more interested in Pro Rally competition wrong with recognizing Larry include Bill Center of the San the Baja 1000 That feat may Bitcon s crew for the outstanding Diego Union and Autoweek seem trivial now but it may very THE PRO CAN AM SERIES has announced a new class for the 1985 job it did bullet proofing Sam Wilshire of Off Road well change the face of th sport competition year President Leonard Day designed a simple entry level class Malcolm Vinje s class 5 racer Action News veter a n freelance for years to come Then there s for his competitors that requires very little in pre or post race in pections s that won the SCORE class magazine writer Spencer Murray Roberta La V elle who at every yet without a proper title the class rules call for a VW 1600 single port air championship and the HORA and Dale Brown of Cycle News SCORE desert race greets every cooled engine with a stock carburetor from that engi e series T_here are no overall title as well and other motorcycle publica finisher with warmth and other restrictions The theory is that any buggy chassis can run in the class How about Volker Bruck tions They ve all been doing a affection How incredible it is to and a tech inspector can tell at a glance if the engine is a single port and that it mann the man behind the great job a la Calvin for many go bouncing around in the desert has a single and stock Solex carburetor The new class should bring the older buggies out of the garages in Washington and Oregon and onto the desert to McMillins Porsches Accomp years for more than half a dozen hours lishments such as his five There were two companies then roll in to town and be race as well as competing in the short course events Both styles of off road overall wins out of the last five that were overlooked in the greeted by Roberta s smile racing are part of the Pro Can Am Series Baja races and two class 2 season manufacturers balloting Ford We re really fortunate to have championships are changing and Honda Did anyone notice her in the sport AMSA SHORT COURSE RACING starts this month with a fun typ_t the face of the sport Thanks to that Ford swept all of the two I haven t covered everyone event at the Indian Dunes Park in Valencia CA The date is Sunday February mechanics like Bruckmann races wheel drive pickup truck classes 17 and the entry fee is a budgetlevel 100 with a 100 percent payback The are being won with an Not even Ivan Stewart s state of Some of you readers can think of Indian Dunes race put on by AMSA last year on the oval track used some of some fine people who deserve internationally known racing the art prototype Toyota could the infield as well and it really was a great day of racing for both the spectators power plant not some modified match the resilience of Manny recognition words of encourage and the drivers It featured some of the tightest dicing of the year on a short ment and thanks for their version of an outdated engine Esquerra s production based contributions to the sport The course and it went on lap after lap A good entry is anticipated with the Park so close to Los Angeles Get full information from AMSA 209 439 2114 Trackside Photos shoots very Ford in Class 7 message is that best of the year good off road racing photos and Walker Ev ms the living balloting by SCORE participants then there is Patrick Behar The legend himself with his factory black whiskered Frenchman has sponsorship and sophisticated appears to have become a THE 8TH ANNUAL SCORE SHOW or to be proper the Scor Off popularity contest with little Road Equipment Show is well past the planning stages Scheduled this year a been out in the trenches shooting crews could not outlast Dave great action for years We may Shoppe and his old Ford Miss thought about who deserves to bit later than usual the dates for the show are May 10 11 and 12 and the win The sport deserves more pl ce is of course the giant Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheii_n CA never see him again to show our Piggy The May date will make it a busy month for off road racers with the Mint 4_0 0 thoughtful consideration As one of the guys in the press taking place the first weekend of the month and _the Score Show happening room I have my own nomina the following weekend It will be two weeks of solid off r ad cm_wennon type Coming Next Month tion It goes to all of those gatherings since the Mint 400 race attracts everybody in the industry and competitors who came by after I often so does the Score Show THESCOREPARKER400 the races to tell us your stories even when you didn t want to be MARTY TRIPES is back in the business of organizing short course races there PARIS DAKAR FINAL REPORT His first event in 1985 will be on February 16 at the Imperial Valley Thank you all for your Fairgrounds in Imperial CA near El Centro Marty s organization i called attention See you at the races Stadium Racing USA and the event will be a full day_ into night o acnv1ty It FORDA ACTION AT SHARPES starts in the morning with registration tech and practice then qualifying The Volunteers are invited to climb actual races will be under lights with the first heat starting at 7 p m Classes their Soap Box and fill this space THE MONTE CARLO RALLY scheduled for cars are 1 and 10 and a combined group ofl 1600 2 1600 and with their thoughts about what is 5 1600 There is also a Valley Class for residents of the Imperial Valley only good and what is not so good about HOW TO FIND A SPONSOR and thatlclass is literally run what you brung in rules Also scheduled are the state of off road rac ing Call the 3 wheelers in Classes 23 and 33 The race is sponsored by Marty Coyne s TIMES with your ideas Imperial Valley Cycle Sales in El Centro For further information on the Plus all the regular features DUSTY for a Soap Box column and get event call Marty Coyne 619 353 2110 or Marty Tripes 619 463 0654 on the schedule Soap Box Trail Notes By John Houlgate on Pagc4 February 1985 Dusty Times

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and that you want the situatio n aggressive advertising campaign There will also be a Dunk A corrected Even if you don t plan He has also put up 5 000 as Cop booth one dollar a thro w to attend the meetings when they purse money The plan is to run which dumps a police officer into happen get your letters written three classes including Unlim a tub of water when you hit the and mailed as soon as possible ited 1600 Class 10 trucks bullseye Proceeds of this part of Brown tells us that the number of mini and full size and the 1 2 the event will be awarded to the and Electric as well as t he off letters alread y rece ived has 1600s probably without their Law Enforcement Fund for roaders The Navy will have to impressed the BLM and the restrictor plates Raffo says the families of officers killed in the proceed with the usual California Congressman Show them how entry fee will be about 100 line of duty Desert Conservation Area many people there really are who with 100 payback plus a Some 76 000 has been Amendment Process which have been enjoying the use of 25 registration and insurance earmarked for the purse and means it will have to do an those lands Let your voice be fee 15 000 of that is earmarked environmentai impact study and heard The race is scheduled for specifically for the off mad cars will have to hold public Congratulations are in order Friday night July 12 and Raffo and trucks For more informameetings The meetings have for Malcolm Smith who recently expects to have local television tion call the Wilcox offices at been scheduled for El Centro drove in his first Pro Rally and coverage of the event It is 818 989 5777 San Diego Riverside Los won the Production Class by scheduled to be a part of the well Last month we applauded the Angeles and Orange counties more than nine minutes attended Berrien Auto Cross efforts of SCORE and HORA to and will probably start in March Malcolm drove Doug Shepherd s Series so it should attract a good plan their calendars intelligently Anyone who wishes to atte nd BFGoodrich Dodg e Shelby entry Anyone interested can so that there are no conflicts with these meetings should write a Charger a front wheel drive car write to Raffo at 520 Sheridan the major desert races Since letter expressing his or her and did a great job We hear Road Kenilworth Illinois then we ve seen the calendars of concern about the Navy s plan however through an unim 60043 several more promoters and we and send it to the San Diego Off peachable source that he thinks Another new race this one on see that for 1985 there is no end Road Coalition P O Box 1687 rallies are not as much fun as off the west coast is planned for the of selection While Saddleback Chula Vista CA 92010 The road racing March 22 23 and 24 weekend at may have faded from the scene W e learn from Chris Raffo in Indian Dunes Promoted by we now have the MAA races at officers of the coalition will see 5 that the BLM get the letters and Illinois that a new short course Larry Wilcox Actionline USA Corona with many of the same they will be used to make th e race is planned for the midwest this will be a three ring circus folks handling the details In mailing li st for notification about Raffo a long time member of with events for any kind of addition there are Dick Bower s the public meetings 4X4 Unlimited and a racer vehicle that races in the dirt races up in the Tulare area to Lynn Brown told us that while himself is acting as consultant to Tracks are planned for ATVs attract short coursers also It the prime hope is to get the Navy the owner of Santa Fe Speedway Odysseys motorcycles mini looks like there s going to be to drop its plans altogether and a stock car track about 20 bikes bicycles buggies trucks plenty to do The biggest withdraw the withdrawal minutesoutsideofChicago The and speedway bikes There will problems will probably be for reque st that doesn t seem arena which has a dirt track will be roundy rounds motocross the reporters and photographers entirely feasible at th is time The seat about 15 000 people and drag races mud drags and an who want to try to get to most of object of the negotiating will be the owner has budgeted for an obstacle course for touring bikes them to at least whittle their affect proposal down so that it doesn t any existing off road vehicle legal use Brown pointed out that the illegal use of some of the bombing areas has helped to contribute to the problem by giving the Navy leverage They can say they need to have more space between themselves and THE ORIGINAL GAS PRESSURE SHOCK ABSORBER the off roaders in order to help protect the off road ers from their The Official Shock for the Nissan Classic own stupidity Brown warns that continued disregard of the No Entry signs and the No Off Road Vehicle signs around the bombing areas and in other closed areas can lead to further closures by other agencies as well as this threatened withdrawal of land in the meantime a group of concerned and dedicated off road land users are doing their utmost to guarantee that off roaders will have some legal land to use The S O O R C includes the District 38 AMA Otis Fudpucker President the Tierra del Sol a San Diego based 4X4 club the Los Pretot s Desert Club a buggy and ATV group from Ocotillo Wells COR VA Jerry Sherry Vinson Dick Young Ivan Stewart BILSTEIN and corporate and individual Mint 400 Fireworks 250 CAL 400 members Jim Peterson from WHERE THE 1st place Class 10 3rd place Class 11 1st place Class 8 Poway is Chairman of the WINNERS The quality and think Bi stein Never before have S O O R C currently and I had so much dependability of shocks are the best SPEAK FOR Brown a past chairman and a shocks any race car Bi stein shocks confidence in a THEMSELVES shock After five founding member is as we ve driver could run on contributed significantly to our his race car races and extensive already stated its Land Use and win at the Mint testing on the same Legislative Consultant Thank you set of shocks I am These folks along with Robert very pleased by their Paul Bowen Rasor the AMA Vice President reliability and Mint 400 of Government Relations from excellent 2nd place Class 15 Norm Shaw Ohio are all working actively performance Frontier 250 We appreciate the with Congressman Hunter to 1st place Class 11A performance your prevent the massive takeover by very professional way Yo u Bi stein the Navy continue to be the Jack Ramsey of doing businessFor further information Off roaders who wish to retain Number 1 choice in Mint 400 sincere thanks and special off road the freedom to use these lands off roading We have 1st place Cl 5 1600 applications contact Doug Robertson at used your shocks for their A TVs buggies four Your product has BILSTEIN Corporation of exclusively resulting brought our race wheel drive vehicles motorBob Denault America 11760 Sorrento in wins in the Mint team 2 Mint wins cycles race cars or whatever Valley Road San Diego Mint 400 400 Frontier 250 CA 92121 619 453 7723 1981 1983 Hope 2nd place Class 9 should get those letters written to always see you at I ve still never had a SNORE 250 Barstow right away Address them to To 350 Botton Dollar the races shock failure Whom It May Concern and mail etc them to the S O O R C at the address above Tell them that you feel that your rights to use public land are being abrogated Side Tracks By Judy Smith Recent issues of some off road pubhcations have featured a brief news item to the effect that the U S Navy was abo ut to implement a giant rip off of BLM lands which had been designated as off road vehicle areas in the Southwestern desert Wanting to know more about this we called Lynn Brown author of the article and Land Use and Legislative Consultant for the San Diego Off Road Coalition S O O R C Brown told us the following story It seems that many months ago the Navy which has bombing ranges in the areas around all these off road vehicle areas had requested that the land be withdrawn fro m the BLM to become Department of Navy land The request bypassed local offices and was sent to the offices of the BLM in Sacramento where for some unknown reason it was filed away and forgotten No notice was taken of it by anyone which was probably what the Navy wanted in the first place Then in the latter part of 1984 an application was made for a permit for a shooting range somewhere in a corner of one of those pieces of Ian cl The parties involved were fairly sure their application would be approved since it was a use consistent with the types of thing the land had been intended for But the Navy stepped in and said Wait a minute now you can t do that that s our land And that caused Roger Zortman the El Centro Resource Area Manager for the BLM to investigate things a bit and he discovered the oversight At that point the Navy tried to push the request for withdrawal through and the S D O R C headed for their congressman It turns out that the area the Navy wants amounts to about 315 000 acres of desert land all well used by off roaders for many years The areas included are the western end of the Glamis sand dunes including the Gecko Camground the Plaster City Open Area all of it incluaing the off road race courses the area eastward of Ocotillo Wells which was planned as part of the future expansion of the State Vehicle Recreation Area and the San Felipe Vehicle Corridor which is the planned connection between the Ocotillo Wells SVRA and Plaster City and has already been funded and has its archeological study already completed Congressman Duncan Hunter R from San Diego District 45 was very sympathetic with the off road folks who came to him with their story and he stepped in to see what he could do As a member of the House Armed Forces Committee he apparently had some idea of how to deal with the Navy and he has slowed down the withdrawal request so that it now will not be granted automatically as the Navy had hoped As it stands now the Navy will have to go to the negotiating table with the BLM which represents the land users including miners cattlemen and the San Diego Gas Dusty Times February 1985 Page 5

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1985 July 20 21 U P Off Road 100 Bark River MI HAPPENINGS July 27 Macon County Fair Decatur IL A D R A Arizona Desert Racing Association 1408 East Granada Phoenix AZ 85006 602 252 1900 February 16 8th Annual Hassayampa 150 Wic enburg AZ March 16 9th Annual Penasco 100 Rocky Point Mexico April 20 2nd Annual Loma 150 San Luis to El Golfo Mexico June 8 2nd Annual Cinder Lake 150 Flagstaff AZ August 31 8th Annual Giant Off Road Centers Snowflake Buggy Bash Snowflake AZ October 19 9th Annual Penasco 150 Rocky Point Mexico December 7 1985 9th Annual Sonoita to Rocky Point Hare n Hound Sonoita Mexico January 11 1986 Annual Awards Banquet Phoenix AZ AMSA American Motor Sports Association P O Box 5473 Fresno CA 93755 209 439 2114 February 17 Indian Dunes Park Short Course Valencia CA March 9 6 Hours of California City California City CA June 1 12 Hour Mojave Desert Challenge California City CA August 31September 1 24 Hour World Championship Desert Endurance Race California City CA October 26 California 500 Palm Springs CA BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Coordinator Gil Parker 7406 S 12th St Kalamazoo MI 49009 616 375 1233 May 25 26 BFG Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva WI June 8 9 Short Course Race Fountain City WI June 22 23 Bay Area Classic Green Bay WI July 6 7 Sugar Camp Challenge Sugar Camp WI July 12 Santa Fe Speedway Chicago IL August 4 Parragon Raceway Parragon IN August 17 Red Bud Trail Buchanan MI August 24 Motorsports Challenge Casey IL August 3 I September 1 Brush Run 101 Crandon WI September 14 Macon County Fairgrounds Decatur IL May 25 1st Annual Super Stock Pickup Enduro 250 laps on a Tri Oval Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA June 8 Short Course Race Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA July 13 Summer Nationals Short Course Race Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA August 10 All Classes Short Course Race Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA September 22 BFGoodrich Wes tern Off Road Nationals Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA September 21 22 Dixie Autocross Birch Run MI C C A R Central California Associated Racers P O Box 7921 Fresno CA 93747 209 255 5995 or 255 3594 February 16 Mud Drags Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA April 12 14 Short Course Race Car Pickup Show 2nd Annual Bug Off Truck In Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA May 11 All Classes Short Course Race Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare_ CA COBRA RACING P O Box 19407 Oklahoma City OK 73119 405 232 4231 405 685 3450 All off road races will be held at the 59th Douglas track Oklahoma City FAST CAMELS P O Box 526 Indio CA 92202 April 26 28 31st Annual Fast Camel 4 WO Cruise FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers Association 5349 l lansel Ave C 1 Orlando Florida 32809 305 851 6245 March 22 24 Florida 400 Crowder Pits Tallahassee FL FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy 6 Chula Vista CA 92011 619 427 5759 August 10 Superstition 250 II Night Race El Centro CA 4 x 4 s UNLIMITED Kevin Dawson Route 3 Box 895 Lake Geneva WI 53147 414 248 8566 or 4121 248 8774 May i5 26 BFGoodrich Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva WI May26 50 Mile Race Atlanta GA June 9 100 Mile Race Montgomery AL June 23 50 Mile Race Atlanta GA July 28 100 Mile Race Atlanta GA August 25 50 Mile Race Atlanta GA September 8 100 Mile Race Montgomery AL September 22 50 Mile Race Atlanta GA October 27 100 Mile Race Atlanta GA GREAT WESTERN POINT S SERIES INC 1507 South Lincoln Loveland CO 80537 303 669 0640 or 303 663 2922 April 28 CORRA Berthoud CO May 12 Bandimere Denver CO June 2 WKR St Francis KS June 30 RMORRA Colorado Springs CO July 14 DORR Denver CO August 4 WKR St Francis KS August 18 DORR Denver CO September 8 CORRA Berthoud CO September 22 RMORRA Colorado Springs CO October 5 Bandimere Championship Race Denver CO HORA High Desert Racing Association 961 West Dale Ave Las Vegas NV 89124 702 361 5404 March 1 3 Laughlin Dese t Challenge Laughlin NV GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box 11093 Station A Atlanta GA 30310 404 927 6432 March 17 50 Mile Race Atlanta GA April 28 100 Mile Race Atlanta GA Page6 February 1985 July 5 7 Fireworks 250 Barstow CA September 6 8 Frontier 500 Las Vegas to Reno NV December 6 8 Frontier 250 Las Vegas NV Dusty Times

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HODAG50 Information 715 362 6550 August 3 4 Hodag 50 Rhinelander WI MAJOR AUTOMOTIVE ATTRACTION P O Box 3741 Orange CA 92665 714 997 2247 March 10 Corona Raceway Corona CA April21 Corona Raceway Corona CA May 19 Corona Raceway Corona CA July 5 6 Cowtown Speedway Fort Worth TX April 12 14 Kittitas 250 Ellensberg WA April 20 21 Wild West Pro Rall y Tumwater WA November 16 17 Oregon Trail Pro Rally Beaverton OR August 2 3 Cowtown Speedway Fort Worth TX Jun 21 23 Little Rock 300 Olympia WA June 8 9 Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally Wellsboro PA December 6 8 Carson City Internatio nal Pro Rally Carson City NV September 6 7 Cowtown Sp e

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June 7 9 Baja Internacional Ensenada B C Mexicp August 16 18 Off Road World Championship Riverside lnternational Raceway Riverside CA November 8 9 Baja 1000 Ensenada B C Mexico SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery Quebec J6N 1A3 Canada 514 692 6171 June 1 Montrnal Olympic Stadium Montreal Quebec Canada June 8 Lansdowne Park Ottawa Ontario Canada SCORE SHOW M TAX P O Box 6819 Burbank CA 91510 818 768 2914 May 10 12 8th Annual Score Show Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim CA SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION P O Box 7380 Las Vegas NV 89125 702 459 0317 March 31 Spring Fever 250 Henderson NV June 8 Delamar 400 Caliente NV August 10 Nevada 300 Pioche NV November 16 Silver Dust 400 Henderson NV SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P O Box 4394 Las Vegas NV 89106 702 452 4522 April 14 Points Race Las Vegas NV June 22 Points Race Las Vegas NV July 27 28 Holiday Casino KC Hilites Midnight Special Las Vegas NV September 20 22 Holiday Casino KC Hilites Snore 250 Jean NV November 23 Points Race Las Vegas NV SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION 460 No Beaumont Ave Brookfield WI 53005 715 272 1489 Pages TRIPLE CROWN POINTS SERIES Brush Run 101 P O Box 101 Crandon WI 54520 715 478 2430 June 1 2 Crandon WI June 29 30 Crandon WI August 31 September 1 Brush Run 101 Crandon WI VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd Sacramento CA 95838 916 925 1702 April 21 Short Course Race Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento CA May 25 27 VORRA 250 Day _Night Desert Race Weeks NV June 22 23 Virginia City 200 Virginia City NV July 27 The Ingold Short Course Classic Baylands Raceway Park Fremont CA September 1 2 Dayton VORRA 300 Dayton NV September 28 29 VORRA Bonus Points Race Millican Valley 400 Bend OR October 13 Championship Off Road Race Prairie City OHV Park Sacramento CA WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 8596 Harvie Road RR 10 Surrey British Columbia V3S 5X7 Canada 604 576 6256 April 5 7 Boomerang 250 Parksville Vancouver Island B C May 19 Wheel to Wheel Drag Races Mt Ch eam Raceways Rosedale B C June 16 Mt Cheam Raceways Rosedale B C July 21 Mt Cheam Raceways Rosedale B C August 18 Mt Cheam Raceways Rosedale B C September 15 Mt Cheam Raceways Rosedale B C October 13 Mt Cheam Raceways Rosedale B C ATTENTION RACE ORGANIZERS List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free Send your 1985 schedule as soon a possihle for listing in this column Mail your race or rally schedule to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Pony Express The renewal letter you sent me provides me with the prompting to pen you a letter Enclosed too is our renewal for a three year subscription for your top rate off road publication T orsten and I want to sincerely thank you for the coverage you have given our Class 10 racing efforts It is very much appreciated that one publisher of the Big Three off road publications recognizes there are more than just factory sponsored teams racing At this time we remain without sponsorship and while it would be most helpful and appreciated we will continue racing with or without it Officially our major change is this for the first time I will be driver of record in all races now having recovered from my back injury one year ago It is my turn to be a rookie Again thank you for your support and coverage and we will look for you at Parker where we are 1006 Kenneth A Corum La Jolla California Thanks for your kind words Ken We try to cover the whole picture at the major races but sometimes it is difficult getting all the official and not so official information Good luck at Parker Enclosed is some information you may want to use in your coverage of the Score Barstow Classic I realize how difficult it is to interview all of the class winners after the race but it is also very important for me to get as much exposure as possible since I am presently approaching sponsors for the 1985 season My name is Rob Tolleson I am 23 and come from Palmdale California I won the 1 1600 class at the Barstow Classic This was my first off road rac e in a car after riding pro motocross for three years I drove a brand new Mirage race car built by Varnes Enterprises which was completed just days before the race which left me virtually no time for adequate testing I drove the whole race myself suffering a clutch problem on the first lap and funning out of fuel on the second But I was able to make up the needed time to win over the Neth brothers by one minute and two seconds Any help with exposure at this point would be greatly appreciated My sponsors to date are Mirage Chassis by Bill Varnes Kendall Oil and Tri County Realty Palmdale California Thanks for writing Rob and e didn t get a chance to talk to you after your victory because our r 1600 was still out on the race course You missed the issue with the Barstow coverage but maybe this letter will attract some additional sponsors for your off road car racing career that certainly started out right In response to your recent notice that beginning with the January 1985 issue of DUSTY TIMES all current Score Canada members will be receiving DUSTY TIMES as part of their membership fee this is to request that you forward my extra subscription to a friend of mine address enclosed We look forward to receiving each issue of your magazine It is in our opinion the most informative Thank you for giving me the opportunity of having the extra copy forwarded to a friend Bill LeFeuvre Limehouse Ontario Canada New Triple CrOwn Series in Wisconsin The dates are set for the new Triple Crown Point Series with all three races taking place next summer in suburban Crandon Wisconsin Crandon is the home of the Brush Run 101 the World s Championship Off Road Race held annually on Labor Day weekend in various nearby locations Last year the organizers bought their own farm built a permanent track facility and it is complete with fencing running water a huge hospitality room built inside a big barn and much more The W olfshead Sportsman Club of Crandon has expanded their annual event to a three race series with a generous purse for each event Each race will offer the driver a 100 percent payback of the entry fee Over 1100 entrants are expected to compete over the three race dates for a February 1985 combined total purse expected to reach 100 000 In addition there is a rapidly growing list of contingency donors Sponsor of the Brush Run 101 last year Budweiser has Committed 10 000 to the Triple Crown Points Series purse The organizers are now in the negotiating stage with two other major sponsor s and they could swell the purse monies available by considerably more dollars The first race date is June 1 and Z the middle event is on June 29 and 30 and the final race will be the Brush Run 101 on Labor Day weekend August 31 and September 1 this year The Brush Run 101 is also a Berrien Autocross Series points event again this year The races will be held at the new facility in Crandon perhaps the best developed off road race You re welcome Bill and the offer is still extended to any member of Score Canada that nou has a duplicate subscription All you have to do is write to us and let us k1tow u ho you u ish to receive the other copy each month Last month a letter from Bob Leighton and his family was published in the Pony Express column in which they asked for a hearing on the penalty they received at the Frontier 250 The official reply is printed below and dearly states the problems of a race organizer who enforces the stated rules Dear Bob We are in receipt of your letter stating that you feel your rights as professional off road racers have been abused as a result of a penalty imposed at the recent Frontier 250 If you had attended the drivers meeting at the race in question or at any other drivers meeting at a 1984 HORA event you then heard it stated that there would be no passing between the Stop Ahead sign and the checkpoint The fact that you did pass in this area and the fact that officials at that area had to take evasive action as you slid into the checkpoint was reason enough for the penalty The decision is final and there is no meeting planned now or in the future that would only result in my hearing more unwarranted complaints about the incident Walt Lott President HORA Las Vegas Nevada DUSTY TIMES tvelcomes letters from all comers of off road actii ity The Pony Express column u ill feature all the mail we can fit into the space Please keep your words fairly brief Because of space limitations your pearls o prosemay be edited but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as di as your praises Letters for publication should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by the 15th of the month in order to appear in the next issue plant in the mid west The drivers will be competing on a 1 7 mile closed course laid out through the sand pits and the tall trees on the 240 acre farm There are ample spectator areas all protected by chain link fencing and literally acres of developed camping and pitting space Complete concession facilities are available in the spectator areas as well A total of 23 classes will compete for the Triple Crown purse including the usual 80 odd entry that shows up annually for the Good Old Boys race Score International rules will apply to all Score classes and local classes will follow the accepted rules of their sanctioning body Even though it is 30 below zero outside in the north woods of Wisconsin this month the Race Fever is running high among the organizers of the Triple Crown Point Series For more complete information on this series write to World s Championship Off Road Race Brush Run 101 P O Box 101 Crandon Wisconsin 54520 or call 715 478 2430 Dusty Times

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The Score Canada Gold Rush Series The Score Canada stadium race series has a new name for 1985 The Gold Rush Series The three stadium series of Autocross races all happens in June with two Canadian sites and one American stadium site in the northeast The Gold Rush will hit the trail on June 1 with the sixth annual Montreal Olympic Stadium race The next date is June 8 in Ottawa Ontario and the final round is on June 15 in a Scott Gillman is one Californian who mined a good deal of Canadian gold Despite lightning among the clouds 7 000 fans turned out to see the first ever U S based stadium to be winning at Montreal in 1983 and taking second place in 1984 autocross event held at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa in 1984 announced shortly The first of June in Montreal is the date of the most prestigious Autocross stadium event in the world with 61 000 spectators attending last year s presentation In 1985 forty of the best off road racers in North America will battle it out for 25 000 with the main event winner getting his Gold Rush prize of one pound of pure gold In addition to the feature race for Class 10 cars a ten entry exhibition heat of Class 7 mini trucks or perhaps the new Ultrastocks will make their first appearance in the Montreal Stadium the site of the 1976 Olympics The Montreal stadium race is unique in the sport the crowd s enthusiastic reaction to the electrifying action and the French flavor of Montreal make it all happen in a well Bandit II Ill And 111D Helmets special pin keeps the shield in the closed improved aerodynamics The flush fitted visor choreographed package For the These all new Bandit Helmets are the latest position Meets Snell 85 Hat sizes 199 00 features ratchet lock positioning for convenient 1985 event the purse has been evolution of the most revolutionary motorsports Bandit Ill This is the basic Bandit II helmet opening Nomex interior is plush and made more comfortable with heavily padded cheek helmet of the last decade The all new but with a Nomex interior Available in White raised by 5 000 to enable Score aerodynamic design the new shield of 080 ear and neck roll areas Exceeds Snell 85 Meets Snell 85 Comes in hat sizes 269 95 Canada to pay back through Lex an the flush fitting visor with integral Bandit IIID Again this helmet is the Bandit Ill Available in White Hat sizes 229 95 nearly half the field and to offer multi position ratchet system the ultra plush with the Nomex interior but with an additional Voyager II Same new design with nylon top qualifiers in each of the three nylon Nomex interio r and the new padded chin feature It has a built in sock permanently interior Available in White Hat sizes 165 00 heats a 1000 bonus for strap again shows how Simpson Helmets lead attached to the helmet for superior protection All New Enforcer II the field Comes in White Exceeds Snell 85 Hat sizes Super lightweight open face helmet with nylon qualifying first The winner of Bandit II This Helmet comes with a nylon 299 00 interior Exceeds Snell 85 Available in White the 1985 race in Montreal will interior No graphics Available in White The All New Voyager II Ill Hat sizes 119 00 join the elite ranks of Scott Bandit II features a 4 level ratch_e t system A The all new Voyager Ill shaped for 85 with Taylor who won three years in a row Scott Gillman who took the title in 1983 and John McPherson who won in 1984 The full entry information is available by writing to Score Canada Inc 390 Chemin du Lac Lery Quebec Canada J6N 1A3 on the Gold Rush Series To be eligible for the Montreal Stadium event the first of the triple race series the entrant must be a 1985 Score Canada MEASUREMENT CHART STANDARD SIZE SUITS DD NOT Order by phone with your use this chart tor custom style suits MasterCard or VISA When member Membership is 50 in ONE PIECE SIZE CHART ordering by mail send money order Canadian funds The entry fee is or cashiers check No personal SIZE 250 for Montreal and the entry checks California residents add 6MEDIUM A C D E F NECKHEIGHT WEIGHT deadline is March 31 1985 32 32 34 40 42 31 30 15V 5 10 li 150 165 lb 1 2 sales tax SUM Invitations will soon be in the MEDIUM 35 36 42 44 32 31 16 1 5 10 li 170 185 lb 32 LARGE mail for the Montreal race and 213 320 7231 serious competitors who have LARGE 34 J 40 44 46 32 33 16 5 1 r liT 100 axJ lb SEND YOUR ORDER TO not raced with Score Canada To insure complete comfort and trim appearance 22630 South Normandie Avenue please make sure you take all the required should send for the entry packet Torrance California 90502 measurements carefully All Measurements should be soon Only 40 Class 10 cars are on the loose side rather than tight Note F shou ld be measured from Vo neck to crotch eligible selected by a drawing of seam of pants all the pre entries If your name is Note A should be measured with elbow bent as if in not drawn your entry fee will be driving position returned promptly Do remem Please Print Custom One Piece Driving ber to send full information on Suits your driving record your race Outstanding protection and style in Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ car and your sponsors with the a Onf piece driving suit Available entry forms for use in the in single 06000 or double layer Address _ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 10000 Nomex Ill versions program and pre race publicity Flapped full length front zipper The Ottawa Stadium race will Nomex knit cuffs on sleeves and City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State _ _ _ _ Zip _ _ _ __ be open to Classes 1 and 10 and pant legs zippered breast pocket that entry fee will be 200 in and velcro waist clincher and collar Available in white red blue Canadian Funds Check these Card _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ yellow or black with contrasting pages of Dusty Times next stripes on sleeves Call or write for month for more complete custom suit order form Use chart Exp iration Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ information on the Ottawa above for standard size suits stadium and the final Gold Rush 06000 Single Layer 231 00 Signature _ _ __ _ _ __ __ __ _ __ __ __ _ __ 10000 Double Layer 341 00 Series event in the USA ALL NEW HELMETS FOR 185 KNOws p so r j YOU WHEN IT S Dusty Times February 1985 Page9

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By Homer Eubanks Sure it is a little cold in prestigious series awar d The January and the Pomona CA award is the Hot Rod Magazine ar ea gets a little foggy but what UltraStock GP Manufacturer s better way to break the chill than Championship and trophy starting out the 1985 racing Another major change this season with some exciting short year is a new track design which brings the excitement closer to course off road racing Mickey Thompson style the fans The new off road course The Gran Prix series started has been constructed in front of the year off with some major the main grandstand using the infield and a portion of the front changes First of the changes is straight of Pomona s half mile the new class of UltraStock GP which is a category that combines dirt thoroughbred horse track It the frame chassis work and proviqes spectators with a view engines of Unlimited Single of the entire course Seaters with instantly recognizAnother new feature this year able stock body work from is the introduction of four wheel automobiles both foreign and ATVs in the race program The domestic models such as a four wheel counterparts of the Pontiac Fiero VW Jetta or Ford three wheel A TVs will run head Mustang During this develop to head in the same class With ment year the rules will allow the all the new features and the use of non matching engines continued growth of short but by 1986 the cars will be course racing 1985 promises to required to run the same engine be an exciting year that comes with the automobile GRAND NATIONAL the race car represents SPORT TRUCKS When the new class was announced Hot Rod Magazine There were nine trucks that got into the game offering a braved the cold and fog to Page 10 Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises compete in this season open r The field was made up of Nissan Ford Toyota Mazda Mitsubishi and Dodge It was Roger Mears who qualified fastest with a time of 53 18 around the new Pomona course Second fastest time was turned in by Jeff Huber Ford Ranger doing the track in 54 59 seconds Third and fourth fastest times went to T earn Toyota when Steve Millen turned a time of 55 30 and Ivan Stewart did a 55 83 Glenn Harris brought his Mazda around fifth fastest In the first heat Steve Millen pulled his Toyota from the pole position into turn 1 first with Glenn Harris just ahead of Roger Mears and Mike Falkosky brought his Toyota around fourth in the four truck heat Coming out of turn 2 Glenn Harris had trouble grabbing the right gear and Mears got by for second place In the next corner Mears put his Nissan up on two wheels and the crowd gasped until all four wheels came back to February 1985 earth and Mears was off in hot pursuit of Millen On the next round Mears pulled along side Millen in the back corner but Millen out pulled the Nissan on the straight to maintain the lead Mears was setting himself up for a pass at every corner but Millen was doing a fine job of blocking his efforts until lap 4 when Mears took the inside line around the carousel corner Millen was now on the offensive and Harris was in third a few car lengths back On the seventh lap Mears put his Nissan up on two wheels coming around turn 2 and he came down spinning around only to see the tail gate of the Toyota On Vince Tjelmeland sailed his Pontiac Firebird bodied buggy into an immediate lead in the debut running of the UltraStock GP racers and he won the race Dusty Times

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It was Roger Mears night at Pom o na as he drove his new Nissan to fast qualifying time the heat race win and the main event victory Jerry Whelchel started out strong in his Class 10 Chenowth winning the trophy dash and despite a smoking engine he also won the main event Huber caught up before the back straight each lap but Stewart pulled away in the power on section Ivan Stewart won the heat Jeff Huber was close in seco d and John Nelson was third in his Mitsubishi Nine trucks lined up for the main event with Jeff Huber on the pole and Steve Millen next to him In the next row Ivan Stewart was on the inside with Roger Mears beside him Glenn Harris was on the inside of the third row with John Nelson next to him Although Bob Gordon was a bridesmaid in Class 10 his Class 1 Chenowth qualified fastest and Bob ran away from the field to win the main event easily Although Ivan Stewart had a rough morning at Pomona he came back to win a heat race in his Toyota and he came home third in the 111ain event the next lap Mears caught Millen going into the switchback before the back straight but Millen held on to the lead Mears stayed on Millen s tail until the last jump when Millen came down to find his Toyota had jumped out of gear and Mears landed on his right rear fender Roger Mears saw the checkered first and Steve Millen had to settle for second Driving last year s B2000 Mazda Glenn Harris was third ahead of Mike Falkosky in his Toyota pre runner In the second heat Score s Man of the Year for 84 Ivan Stewart put h s Toyota around turn 1 first with Jeff Huber getting around John Nelson for second Huber swapped some paint with Stewart on turn 3 but the Toyota held on in the lead Huber made his move in turn 3 for the next few laps but the Toyota out powered the Ford down the back straight Huber got the crowd excited with his attempt to go inside around the carousel but Stewart pushed his way to the inside on the next corner For the rest of the race Huber got around turn 1 first and Millen was arguing with Mears over second place Stewart got sideways around the first turn and Harris w i th h i s momentum up caught his rear end to spin Stewart around causing six trucks to grab reverse gear and get separated Mears got fil Ound Huber on the back straight and started reeling in Millen Mears tried the inside line around the carousel but Millen held on Going into lap 2 Millen was in the lead with Mears super glued to his tailgate and Huber was close by in third Stewart got away from his earlier problems and managed fourth leaving Harris to repass the fi ld The three leaders managed to open a little breathing room from the pack but Stewart was moving up quickly and Harris was staying with him By the fourth lap Mears found a way around on turn 3 and Huber had fallen off the pace On the next lap Huber got on his top going around turn 2 and he was righted by course workers only to find his engine on fire Now a lap down Huber got the Ranger started but it died in the next corner By now Mears had a comfortable lead over Millen who was driving on a flat left rear tire Mears went on to win the main event for Nissan and Stewart was gaining on his teammate Millen but Millen got second in the race and Stewart was third Harris went out with rear end problems and Huber got the Ranger moving again to finish fifth behind Mike Falkosky Toyota ULTRASTOCK GP Jeff Huber drove the lone Ford Ranger in Class 7 and he stayed with the leaders most of the night but was forced out with an accident Dusty Times The new UltraStock GP class turned into a demonstration run as only four cars were ready for this opening event At the autograph session held before the race started everyone gave the new cars the once over Most were thinking how the little February 1985 pickups usually litter the course with fiberglass body parts and some thought these cars with the bodies hanging over the sides would self destruct on the first corner but it didn t work out that way at all In the first corner the action was close as Vince Tjelmeland pi died out in front of the pack in This is the system run by most off road race winners his Pontiac bodied buggy No one lost any glass work off the start Craig Durfee Pontiac became the first casualty of the new class as his Pontiac and Rich Prouty s is pretty Dodge tangled for position Prouty came out the victor continuing on course and Durfee was sidelined with a drive train problem but only minimal body damage Tjelmeland won the event and Mark Hansen also with a Pontiac body finished second getting close to the leader on the final lap With only four cars the race didn t seem to excite the crowd a good deal but that is to be expected Prouty came home in third this round with a unique one piece Fiero body on his buggy All in all most responses were good about the UltraStocks and everyone feLt that they definitely have a place in short course off road racing_ SUPER 1600 CLASS 10 The fastest qualifying time in the Super 1600 TRl MIL BOBCAT CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUll IIES INVITED Page 11

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field went to John Swift in his Funco with a time of 49 37 on his first lap Jim Fishback Sr was second with a time of 49 98 Third fastest in the field of 23 cars was Jerry Whelchel with a time of 50 84 The Class lOTrophy Dash was the first race of the evening with Steve Kelley Funco ioining the three fast qualifiers for the dash Fishback took the early lead but by the second lap Whelchelwas out in front and he opened a big lead by the checkered flag Swift went to the pits and Fishback and Kelley had a good race and Kelley came in Frankly hunting contingency money Mike Falkosky raced his desert preGlenn Harris went along well in the F 9tary powered Mazda last year s model second runner Toyota stayed out of the way and was fourth in the main but _a rear end failure put him out during the main even In the first heat race twelve cars lined up to do battle with shot and Swift jockeyed into On lap 3 Swift challenged Brian Harber Funco on the second with Gordon hot on his Gordoq over the front jump but inside pole position and Bob tail Gordon saw some daylight missed a shift and stayed in third _ Gordon Chenowth was next to and got around Swift who now spot Harber had pulled out a him and both cars are powered had Mike Withers Chenowth couple of car lengths on the pair by Rabbit engines Jerry knocking on his back door battling for second Swift was Whelchel Chenowth and John Harber came around first with busy looking for a way around Gordon and Swift glued to his Gordon and he didn t notice Swift were in the next row When the flag dropped it was tail and not far behind came Whelchel coming up until Jerry Brian Harber who get the hole Withers and Whelchel slipped by on turn 3 But Swift put the pedal down and got his position back on turn 7 Brian Harber went on to take the win with a good lead Gordon was second ahead of Swift and Whelchel and TexanJud Cawley was fifth In the second Class 10 heat Tommy Croft Chenowth out Brian Harber led from flag to flag in the first Class 10 heat race flying high over the front jump in John Starner s Rabbit powered Funco powered Ken Kazarian Chenowth for the hole shot Then Gary Dillon Funco Kazarian got third went to Croft ahead of things got a little confusing as around Fishback on the inside of Dillon and Tim Maples worked Russ Welch drove his Funco the first turn but Fishback up to fifth over Tim Maples Raceco after retook him on the back straight Gary Dillon led the huge field WEEKEND WARRIOR and soon Kazarian dropped out of 22 cars around the first turn in Maples got on top of Frank FRONT END BEAM Arciero Jr in his Chenowth By of the ra e Ron Carter was the main event but five cars piled DOM SteeH D l A 0 D 2 driving a conservative race being up in that corner as Croft caught the second lap it was Ron Carter Available in STANDARD or 5 WIDER beams Long shock out in the lead in his spiffy new content t0 lead and do some Swift in the turn hit him in the towers for 8 travel or new 10 travel shocks Bilstein 646361 Two 2 Adjusters on the Standard width and four 4 Funco Kazarian was in second blocking Then on the last lap tail and pushed him up on the Adjusters on the S Wider beam so you can use standard and Jim Fishback Sr Chengoing into the carou dl he found wall Swift had to be lifted off the torsion bar 3 nd save that extra expense 19495 owth was third after Croft and Lou Peralta stalled in the middle wall after the pack was gone Std 2 Adj of the track and it looked as if Gary Dillon led as they came Kazarian had bumped into each LongShock other letting the others by Fishback would get by But around the first time with Bob Tower Kits 1 4 Steel ComCarter had just enough room to Gordon Jerry Whelchel Jim Fishback got around Kazarian plete kit Easy to on turn 3 and a battle for fourth squeeze past and take the victory Fishback Sr and Brian Harber in Veld to your linkdeveloped between Craft and Fishback finished second and hot pursuit pin beam 8 or 1 O travel models _ _ cc c Dillon lost the lead to Gordon NEW Available on turn 2 and Whelchel also got for Ball Joints around him on the back straight 95 39 pr 8 On the fourth lap a thick fog IRS Kear Arm Box Kits rolled into the field and turn 3 Jl Gauge Steel 2995 Set disappeared from view During this time Jim Fishback took over Oil Filter third place and Ron Carter was Mounting limping with a broken tie rod At Bracket the half way point the leaders For Light or 595 Ea Seat belts were beginning to lap the field Adjusters Link or Ball Joint and the real battle was behind the 98 Ea Beam IRS Brackets Raise for Off Road or lower for Calif LCXJk leaders Gordon and Whelchel Convert your oldstyle Specify Link or Ball Joint 1995 Each swing axle to the for third place as Dillon and newer I RS Easy weldMike Withers pressure_d on Pair 3495 Single Fishback Coil As the race wound down Jerry Mounting Bracket 495 Each Whelchel had a badly smoking Dual Coil Mounting engine but he clung to Bob Bracket Gordon s tailpip e Whelchel got around Gordon when Steve 5 95 Each Kelley and Jerry Stansbury got side Tays on the first turn as they Link Pin Spindle were about to be lapped ahd Link Pin 8t Spindle Gussets Gordon got in the middle of the These weld on Gussets beef up your front problem As the white flag came end for Competition or Play cars out the fog had lifted enough to 6 95 Pair Link pin 5 95 Pr Spindle see the entire track but time had More items shock towers pedal mounts motor mounts 90 gusrun out on Bob Gordon Jerry sets tabs front beam clamps etc are available Whelchel smoked his way to the Prices Subject To _Change main event victory and Bob E t Send for f Custom Dame cutting Dealer programs Catalo Gordon had to settle for second Jim Fishback Sr stayed in third To Order Send Check or Money Order or char Je it lo M C or Visa l ersonal checks delay orders for bank clearance VISA place ahead of Brian Harber and All orde s Freight Collect 1 Mike Withers UNLIMITED SINGLE SEAT CLASS 1 John Swift was the fast qualifier in Class 10 in the e c Glenn Harris Funco but traffic hangups put him out of contention in the main event Page 11 February 1985 Bob Gordon turned in the fastest time Dusty Times

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of the day in qualifying with a time of 48 19 seconds The second fastestClass 1 qualifier was Jim Fishback Jr with his second timed lap at 49 21 Marty Tripes was third with a time of 49 30 Marty Tripes found some extra speed in his Funco during the Trophy Dash to win the event over fast qualifier Bob Gordon in his Chenowth Also driving Chenowth5 Jim Fishback Jr took thi rd and Albert Arciero was fourth In the single heat race for the ten car entry Tripes came from the outside of the grid to cut off Fishback Sr had a good night in his Chenowth seco n d fastest Class 10 Al Arciero and gain the hole Jim qualifier second in the heat race and third in the main event shot Gordon slipped into second ahead of Pancho Weaver pos1t1on The leaders got Gordon pulled five car lengths who had gone to the outside bunched up in turn 3 but Tripes ahead of third place Weaver from his third row starting held on in the lead Tripes and who was busy keeping Al Arciero at b

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SCIIE INTERNATIONAL GREAT MOJAVE 250 IMPORTANT READ ALL JNFORMATION ON THIS ENTRY Jd TOYOTA Official Truck Of SCORE International All contestants under 18 years of age must _have parent s or guardian notarized onsent If you are not planning to be at the trophy presentation please make arrangements to have your trophy picked up at the event or at SCORE Headquarters MARCH 29 31 March 29 gistration Tech and Contingency March 30 Race Day _ March 31 _ Trophy Presentation 50 PAYBACK PLUS CONTINGENCY AWARDS 1 o oo oi EACH ENTRY TO POINTS FUND 3 OF EACH ENTRY TO LAND USE FEE 2 TROPHIES PER CASH PURSE PAYBACK Class 1 14 entry fee s35o oo Motorcycles lWheelers S250 00 Insurance Fees 4Vvheel S38 00 Motorcycles 3 Wheelers _ s 5a oo Pre running not covered SCORE GREAT MOJAVE 250 For Official Use Only ENTRY DEPOSITS RECEIVED AT SCORE H ADOU TERS Class _ _ _ _ __ BY MA RC H 7 WI LL BE DRAW N FOR STARTING __ _ _ _111 1111 t POSITIONS ON THAT DATE E NTRY DEPO SIT_ s_ REC_ IVEP 1 lhis insurance includes bene f its as follows Acci dental death Or dismemberment 1 0 000 limit Accidental injury medical reimbursemeh s f o do o frrnit w h AFT ER MARCH 7 Will B E 100 00 deductible Weekly indemnity 50 00 per wee k for 26 weeks 7 day waiting period Medical rei mbursement is excess me tl ical PRE RU NNING NOT COVERED ASSIGNED THf NEXT NUM BER AVAllAaLE IN THE DRIVER RIDER OF RECOflD _ _ _ Birthdate CLASS ENTERED Age _ _ _ Address State Zip _ __ _ _ _ Ph _City _ _ _ _ __ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Blood t pe In case of emergeni y contact Name _ ___ _ __ Ph DRUG ALLERGIES DRIVER RIDER OF RECORD IS THE ONLY DRIVER RIDERWHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR DRIVER S RIDER S POINTS Membership No _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ Soc Sec 1st CO DRIVER RIDER Birthdate _ _ __ _ __ Age Address City l State _ Ph Zip _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ Blood type _ _ __ ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 7 1985 FOR INCLUSION IN THE RACE PROGRAM DEPOSIT A 50 deposit is required for your name to be placed in the drawirrn for starting position numbers The deposit must be received at SCORE lntunational 31356 Via Colinas Suite 111 Westlal

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THE A D R A NEW YEAR S GRAND PRIX The Season Starts Early in Phoenix Text Photos Daryl D Drake staying away But it costs a lot of money to stage an off road race and the A D R A needs supporr if off road racing is to continul in Arizona on a regula r h 1 sis The scheduk for thL Nl w Year s Grand Prix included two forty minute motos for thl Pro classes and two thirry minute motos for the Amateur classes All starrs were four ahreast by class and 15 seconds sq aratL J each class Racing hegan at 9 30 a m with the first Pro moto and there were 17 on the grid starting in order with Class 1 followed by Class 2 10 limited 1600 7 4 and 5 1600 Glen Greer in th e Bruce Greer Construction Pro l Chenowth took thl leaJ ahead of Mark JiehL lhaus in his Marlin Mechanical Corporation Trick Gas fun co But Greer was sidelined with gear box trouble o n the beginning of his second lap ln Class 2 Dan Foddrill in the Mickey Thompson Tires Gant Off Road Palmer s Cu stom Speed Trick Gas Funco Tandem got the holeshot He was Driving the lone Class 5 in Pro Division Doug Sylvester sailed the jumps to finish among the Class 2s but he wa_s scored as the Class 5 winner Action was fierce in the Pro 2 motos Ed and Jody Martensen 205 take the high road while Mark Lundell 225 takes the low road as they work hard to make a sandwich and pass 226 John Gardner Otf road racers starred the New Year right in Phoenix with a three day short course event at Canyon Raceway organized by the Arizona Desert Racing Association It all happened IDn the very first weekend of 1985 The action started Friday afternoon with the registration and tech inspection followed by a to hapj 1en often in Phoenix With the New Yl ar A D R A like _ many ot her off road organizations found itself in the red and they have restructured the rac ing divisions The status of the Beginner division is not certain but it will probahly be eliminated The Sportsman division is now named thl the A LJ R A new Challenger class similar in rules to the Score International class Unfortunately the entry fees had to be raised for 1985 This move may have resulted in the rather meager field of only 4 7 entries at Canyon Raceway Last year the first race of the seascm at Firehird R aceway had 71 entries Perhaps some of two Amateur division It now offers the local racers were protesting hour practice session A D R A President Phil the entry level classes including the increased entry fees bv Auernheimer tried to put rogther a course that would please both the desert runners and the short course racers But during the Friday practice more than a few drive tr 1in components went hy the wayside and many crews burned the midnight oil to get ready for the Saturday racing Slightly over two mil es in length the track utilize 1 much of Canyon Raceway s main facilities and included part of the clay oval the entire sand drag strip a flat nm throu h the desert and mu c h of the supercross track _ Eight jumps _ from whoop de don to fly away Mark Lundell finally got the bugs out of his new Mazda powered Dirtrix two were featured and the course seater and he took a fourth and a win in the two heats in Pro 2 was heavily watered resulting in a near mud bog in the oval s infield The drivers thought the course OK the vote was favorable but no one lik ed the supercross jumps site of most of the transmission failures It is a shame that the A D R A doesn t have a large adve rtising budget because the 100 percent spectator visibility gave the sparse crowd an excellent view of all the action When the weekend of racing was over they had seen quite a show for just a 4 00 admission charge Only the faithful know how exciting short course racing can be and if the big budget for publicity is not there the general public misses Mike Coffinger was the only Pro Class 4 entry and he put on quite a good show out on the action and this seems in the Jeep CJ 7 until the right front suspension went sour Page 16 February 1985 Glen Greer had shifter problems in the fi st moto but got it running to take the checkered flag and ended up winning top spot in Pro 1 Larry Ragland showed off his new Pro 10 Chenowth Magnuni built for short course racing and he ran away with the second moto in the new beauty Scott Tutalo ran very strong in his Class 10 taking the win in the first moto a second in the second round and he took Pro 10 honors Dusty Times

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folluwd bv john Gardner in the C G Construction Reg Hughes Chaparral Mark Lundell in the Dirtrix Mazda Power racer and Ed and Jody Martensen in the Martensen Enterprises Raceco Next in C lass 2 was the ream of Vicki All ison and Steve Cheuvront in the Trick Gas Super Seats Giant Off Road Al Eshenbaugh Tranny s Dan Spencer PGC Chaparra l desert racer and th is was Allison s first turn at the wheel in the Pro class Running with the C lass 2s but scored as the lone Class 5 Baja Bug Doug Sylvester raced his Heirloom Floors S W Constr u ct ion Harringt on Enterprises Baja Four cars entered in Class 10 and at the end of the first lap Don Kolt in his Arizona Car Wash Trick Gas Chaparra l was out in front of Larry Ragland in the Woodstuff Mfg Michy Thompson Tires Station I Shephard Racing Chenowth Gene Greenlee s Bugworld Custom Off Road Pat Hughes Performance Brandwood was next fo llowed by Scott T utalo in his Tutalo s Auto Repair G rant Road Auto Body SPT Racing Kustom Engine Rebuil dcrs Chenowth Among the 1600s Mel Jarvis in the Mel Jarvis Marine Marlin Mechanical Corporation Sandwinder got out ahead of Jerome Cohen driving his first Pro race in the Trick Gas Arizona Dust Devils Bronco 1 Communications Chaparral A D R A s Class 7 includ es both two and four wheel drive mini trucks But at this race Lee Alderman in the Pro Desert Stitch in by Steve Louvers by Michael Chevy S 10 was the only entry And Mike Coffinger and his Dirtrix BFGoodrich American Motors Randall RacingJeep CJ 7 was the lone Class 4 entry Ending the Pro line up Roger Lake in his Dirtrix Baja Bug raced Tom Higgins had a perfect day in his Amateur 1600 Limited Chenowth winning the first moto handily and coming from behind to win the second moto also In the early stages of the second moto Travis Rackley 322 leads Steve McArthur but McArthur was third and Rackley fourth in 1600 Open class in the 5 1600 class Mark Giebelhaus went on alone in C lass 1 until his transmission broke on the 16th lap and he went out By that time G reer had fixed his shifter and was racing again and Greer ended up winning the class with only ten laps done but he was sti ll running at the checkered flag a finishing re

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Nobody liked these Supercross jumps but Jeff Sanders took them in stride while Todd McCormick noses in for a hard landing Sanders won Amateur 1600 Open class Lee Alderman charged hard in the lone Class 7 in the Pro entry his Chevy S 10 and Alderman got a good start on the season s class points Don Weiser and Chuck Edwards paired off in 5 1600 but Edwards had troubles and Weiser ran away with the race Only one entry was in Class 8 Larry Shaw s 72 F 100 He put on L Uite a show just the same and he was hard to pass But the Ford retired after six laps with a broken driveshaft After another brief intermission the second Pro moto got und erway with the starting order inverted from the first moto finish order Only el ven cars were able to compete this round Allison and Foddrill were now co driving with Stew Cheuvront and Jerry Finney at their respective wheels The Class 2s left first and as they fought for position Cheuvront Gardner and Finney tangled shutting out Martensen and giving Lundell the lead Martensen got around them and by the end of the first lap he was right on Lundell Mark Lundell stayed out in front of Martensen thanks to the power o f his Mazda engine Martensen would catch up in thl rough but he cou ldn t get by and Lundell would pull away on the straights Gardner stayed in third with Finney in fourth until the fifth lap Then Finney s steering brake jammed flipping him in a corner Cheuvront went into fourth but then retired on the sixth lap with a brclken spider gear Finney was racing again by the leaders eighth lap but he parked two laps later ending up fourth for the moto Greer was all alone in Class 1 CAL FORNiA PHONE ORDER HOUSE if Olfroed Recec er Parts ccessones CROWN MFG RAPID COOL TRI MIL WESTERN AUTO TIRES BILSTEIN CENTERLINE CIBIE HEWLAND PORSCHE TURBO C V SEARD SEATS PARKER PUMPER TECTIRA TIRES SUPER TRAPP GEM GEARS KYB SHOCKS SWAY A WAY TRANSAXLE PARTS CENTER LINE R JCl C HHIS IZ l SWAY A WAYcoo I BEFORE YOU BUY TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL 12945 SHERMAN WAY NO HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 818 765 5827 818 764 6438 Page 18 I Don Kolt heads for the sky in his Pro 10 Chaparral single seater Kolt ran out of mechanicals while leading the first Pro 10 moto Roger Lake did the same in Class 5 1600 In the Amateur division Colleen Ragland won Class 1 in the Chenowth In Class 2 it was Nels Dutton Raceco and Paul Nolte Woods Vulcan Tops in 1600 Open was Jeff Sanders in the Beard car followed by Jim Allison Hi Jumper Steve McArthur Brandwood Travis Rackley Woods Vulcan and Newt Campbell Chenowth Among the 1600 Limited cars Tom Higgins won in his Chenowth followed by Ed Faulkner Hi Jumper Phil Everhard Brandwood Troy Churchman Woods Vulcan and Deborah Lundell Sandhawk Larry Shaw and his Ford took the Class 8 points and Greg Burgin did the same in Class 5 Dan Weiser took the 5 1600 honors over Chuck Edwards On Sunday the bikes and the A TVs raced on a course that was lengthened to five miles One of the new Suzuki Quad Racers took the overall in the ATV race reported to be fresh right out of the box Coming up next for the A O R A is the 8th Annual Hassayampa 150 in the beautiful but rugged desert south of Wickenburg Arizona now so he took it a little l asy as When the scores of both his clutch was going out But thl motos were totaled the overall clutch was too far gone and he winners for the day were parked after 12 laps Sylvester declared Glen Greer won Pro 1 all alone in Pro 5 still raced hard in his Chenowth In Pro 2 it was keeping up with the leaders He Ed Martensen Raceco followed was having big fun sailing the by Mark Lundell Oirtrix John heavy Baja high into the air on Gardner Chaparral Jerry the jumps After thl race he Finney Funco Tandem and praisl d thl nl w Dirtrix rear Steve Cheuvront Chaparral suspension as it accounted for The Pro Class 10 winner was his soft controllable landings Scott Tutalo Chenowth He finished the second moto in followed by Larry Ragland fifth overall Chenowth and Gene Greenlee Larry Ragland was really hot in Brandwood Doug Sylvester of the second moto and he worked course took Pro 5 honors and his way up to Lundell on the ninth lap passing him in the ten th and going on for the overall and Pro JO victory Tutalo and Greenlee ran together until the eighth lap when Greenlee had carb trouble and slowed Lake had no problems and ran 12 laps in the limited Baja Bug to the leaders 15 rounds There were 18 starters in the second Amateur moto and the 1600 Open cars left first Again the stars were Sanders and Allison Allison sruck ro Sanders all the way but cou Id not get past Steve McArthur was third a few seconds back Next ott were the 1600 Limiteds Troy Churchman led John Gardner leads the field as they head out of the oval during the first Pro for 12 laps until Higgins who _m_o_to_ _G_a_l _d_n_er_f_in_is_h_e_d_s_e_c_on_d_in_P_ _o_C_l_as_s_2_fo_r_th_e_d_a_y_ _ _ _ _ _ __ started last and Ed Faulkner worked past him when he spun out The other four starters did not finish Colleen Ragland who missed the first moto while Larry s crew readied th beautiful short course car for the second Pro moto got her turn this time She was all alone since McAnn was unable to repair his Amateur 1 racer She took it kind of easy on the straights but flew through the rough stuff faster and higher and harder than Larry had for her 14 laps Shaw had his last driveshaft in place and he finished the second moto with his big Ford right Roger Lake was another lonesome Pro racer the only one in 5 1600 Lake ran behind Ragland but down a lap the motos anyhow and took some hard landings li e this one to earn his points Greg Burgin went four laps before he fried the clutch and stopped his Class 5 Bug Edwards and Weiser had a real battle going The two 5 1600 Bugs were trading the lead until the ninth lap when one of the buggies landed on Edward s left rear wheel and that broke the transmission Last off the line were the Amateur Class 2s Frank Thomas led for one lap and then went out Nolte took over but his tranny was fading Nels Dutton in the Martensen Raceco th en moved out front and worked his way up to finish behind McA rthur in overall Vicki Allison with Steve Cheuvront riding had a lot of trouble on course but standings Vicki showed her stuff in her first Pro race at the wheel February 1985 Dusty Times

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F O R D A PRESENTS THE FLORIDA 400 CROWDER PITS TALLAHASSEE FLORI_DA MARCH 23 1985 SATURDAY MARCH 22 1985 FRIDAY Two 5 Lap Showdown Races 6 Hour Race 10 00 A M 4 00 P M 1o Car Limit per Class Winner Takes All Entry Fee All Classes 105 00 overall 25 00 25 00 Late Fee After March 2 Class 1 200 Entry D Class 1 oo Entry 5 00 P M DOUBLE POINTS MEMBERSHIP 30 00 80 P AYBACK REGISTRATION TECH _FRIDAY MARCH 22 AT TRACK 2 00 P_M_ 7 00 P M DRIVER S MEETING SHOWDOWN RACE FRI DAY 4 30 P M DRIVER S MEETING RACE SATURDAY 9 00 A M camping Allowed one Tow vehicle per car in Pit Area Spectator 4 00 Under12 Free with Adult Pit Pass 3 00 AWARDS WILL BE PRESENTED SUNDAY MARCH 24 1985 MOTELS HOTELS FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 305 851 6245 305 491 8085 813 986 1429 904 576 7176 305 851 7724 Mike Hester President Ron Baker v Pres Tom Seckman v Pres Jimmie crowder v Pres DeeDee Adams secretary HOWARD JOHNSON S Hwy 90 west QUALITY INN Hwy 90 west RAMADA INN WEST Hwy 90 West t RAMADA INN l RR TRACK OVERPASS N 1 w ci Ow I J Oc Ul J c s z3 u a c

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The SNORE Bottom Dollar Race Photos B C Jani Jim Mayhew scoots down one of the infamous rough and rocky trails in the NeJ is pune s en route to the victory in Class 1 competition iti ec j Mike Spina took over the lead on the sixth and final lap and driving his 1 1600 class Bunderson Mike won the Bottom Dollar race overall _ r 1 f course was 25 miles long winding through the rough ground on the back side of the Nellis Sand Dunes outside of Las Vegas The race consisted of six laps of the course The total entry off the starting line was 21 cars in three classes Cla s 10 which started first Class 1 and Class 1 2 1600 Class 10 driver and d fending SNORE points champion Ron Ellenburg had the luck of the The SNORE Poi ts s Fi s sponsored this year by Yokoharna Tires started early with the Bottom Dollar Race on January 19 The Bottom Dollar is a budget entry fee event which pays back cash It is the traditional season opener for the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts The Bottom Dollar event was co sponsored by Yokohama Tires and the Old Yolks Home in Las Vegas The NEW SAND BUGGY SHOCKS Replace those heavy coil over shocks on your sand buggy with these newbeaut_ es SAND SHOKS have adjustable weight capacity and proven off road sho k valvmg These shocks were designed specifically for use on the mid eng_ ine and re ar engine coil over style chassis They have been extensively tested in the dunes at Blamis CA Rear shocks are 16 long front shocks are 12 long DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED GENERAL MACHINE SERVl CES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CALIF 92330 Telephone 714 674 7365 Page 20 ar aw with his first place starting position Ellenburg maintained a seven minute lead over the field until his steering box went out and he was done for the day At this point Allen Hanks in his Class 1 racer took over the lead until the fourth lap when he blew a tranny Now Rob MacCachren this race driving a 1 1600 buggy moved into the number one spot But MacCachren rolled the car on the last lap This brought Mike Spina also ih a 1 1600 racer across the finish line first first ov rall and in class with a time of3 51 49 for the six laps and Mike s car is sponsored this year by Kinko s Copy Service n t he final results the 1 21600s swept the top honors and they were the biggest class Rob Mac achren finished second about ten minutes behind Spina Ken Freeman was another six minutes back in third three minutes ahead of Brerit Bell Jerry Heaton and Howard Ringe rounded out the six lap finishers in restricted 1600 class Tom Bradley Jr won Class 10 with a time of 4 12 46 and with five laps done Ron Ellenburg was awarded second in class In Class 1 Jim Mayhew took the top spot over the team of Allen Hank s and Brian Balch Jim Bunty was third The next SNORE points race is on April 14 Then _SNORE takes a two month break while everyone prepares for and rests up after the Mint 400 the first of May February 1985 Ron Ellenburg started first in his Class 10 Hi Jumper and led the early laps overall but then his race was over when the steering failed Allen Hanks and Brian Balch led the middle laps overall and in Class 1 but they too went out of the race victims of tranny breakage Usually in Class 10 Rob MacCachren drove a 1 1600 at the Bottom Dollar and Rob led overall for two laps then rolled the buggy on the last lap Dusty Times

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YOU DON T HIRE A GUY NAMED IRONMAN UNLESS YOU RE DARNED SURE ABOUT YOUR TRUCKS through one win after another All the way to the coveted first place trophy in the Class 7 SCORE OffRoad World Championship and Manufacturer s Cup Chai_ lenge Last year digging into some of the world s most cursed terrain he and Team Toyota captured both these prestigious titles for the second year in a row and left the competition in a deluge of dust In the process they proceeded to blow the doors off even the Class 8 V 8 s Sure these Toyotas may be specially built to win races But the bottom line is every Toyota truck is built to come out on top J I The man is ruthless He s been known to deal the kind of savage blows that make most trucks drop their axles That s why Ivan races Toyotas In 1983 the lronman stomped thrashed and flogged his specially built Toyota trucks With race proven technology like advanced high torque 2 4 liter SOHC engines Computer controlled Electronic Fuel Injection Rugged full box frames torsion bar front and leaf spring rear suspension 5 speed overdrive transmissions and more So the next time you see a Toyota race truck taking the heat you can be sure it s for good reason Toyota s out to make the tough even tougher After all the greater the suffering the greater the reward Off R oad Mag zinr Septembe r 19 84 SRS and One Ton model s OH W1 IAT A FEELING

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BFGOODBICB UPDJl l E 16 TJA RADIAL TECHNOLOGY DOMINATES OFF ROAD RACING A quiet revolution continues in the turbulent sport of off road racing Once it was thought the traditional bias ply tire was master of this sport Then in 1976 BFGoodrich T A Radial technology was introduced and soon dominated off road racing So much so that last year all four professional overall production champions drove to victory on T A Radials There are many reasons for this One is that all BFGoodrich light truck radials have three sidewall plies for added strength while most other light truck tires have only two Another is that T A Radials are available in different tread patterns and sizes to suit individual performance needs and driving styles But the best reasons speak for themselves in the words of the drivers who won professional off road races on T A Radials last year

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THE CARSON CITY INTERNATIONAL RALLY Audi Sweeps the Rally and the Championship By Jean Calvin Phot s Tracksidc Photo Enterprises Audi Quattro uber al es in Nevada and the first second and third overall teams pose with the winning short Quattro at the finish line From the left Clark Bond Doug Shepherd Hannu Mikkola John Buffum Neil Wilson and Bruno Kreibich celebrate the Aud sweep of the rally Hannu Mikkola with versatile allyman Doug Shepherd navigating had no problems with his Quattro en route to a resounding overall victory ARE YOUR BELTS LEGAL FOR 1985 LLE PRODUCTS INC Filler Products Inc is offering the above set of 5 point belts with 3 snap in lap belt 3 twin harness and 2 crotch strap including all mounting hardware at a specially reduced price With sewn in harness pads as shown 98 75 Without harness pads 88 10 Filler is also offering to re web and up date your existing sets of belts as shown above for only S38 00 SIMPLE TO ORDER Phone or mail order using Visa Mastercharge or we do ship C 0 0 No personal checks please Order now and receive the new 20 page 1985 catalog and price list free FILLER PRODUCTS INC 9017 San Fernando Road Sun Valley CA 91352 818 768 7770 Page 24 The final event in the 1984 SCCA Pro Rally Series took place in mid December out of Carson City Nevada The northern Nevada event has become the traditional finale for the series running twice out of Reno and for the last two years out of Nevada s capital The Carson City International Rally is always full of the serious rally teams seeking their last shot at a championship title for the year But it is unique in that it often brings out a certain group of off road racing types with their trucks or Baja Bugs Oddly enough over the years the truckers have climbed steadily up the ranks of the overall finishers a development that has given rise to a ban the truck movement within the regular competitors circle on the series Of course one reason the truckers do so well in the desert around Carson City is that they are off road racers more than accustomed to rugged desert pole line roads and mountain passes that make up the majority of the stages on this event This year there were some February 1985 exotic cars in the entry also The most eye catching of all was a bright red of course Ferrari 308 GTB driven by former Italian National Champion Mauro Pregliasco Another impressive import on the scene was a short Audi Quattro Sport brought to the USA from Germany just for this rally It was driven by 1983 World Rally Champion Hannu Mikkola as a hedge to insure Audi would win the Manufacturer s Championship should John Buffum s trusty Audi have trouble on the route The 1984 World Champion Group A driver Ola Stromberg of Sweden was on the list driving a Saab Turbo Trevor Hadley and Phil Birt came from England to drive an Opel Ascona an unknown car on this side of the Atlantic A number of Canadian entries from the prairie provinces added some different look cars to the ranks also There is little of the frenzy associated with an off road race that is visible at a Pro Rally The competitors string out all over town some renting garages in Carson City since the climate was brisk and snow was a very real threat The program got under way on the Thursday with some registration activity and a keen reception hosted by BFGoodrich at the Governor s Mansion in Carson City All day Friday the final car prep the tech inspection a press stage and so forth filled the cla y Iri the evening there was a welcome pa rty with a cocktail reception hosted by Audi at the Ormsby House and it was a very social occasion The Carson City Rally is unique in the sport in the USA in that most of the competition happens in the daylight Not only is it warmer easier on the competitors and the workers but it also makes for better press photos The 1984 course was similar to the inaugural run in the area in 1983 Most of the stages were used at least twice and some were used three times The rally moved froi n the Silver Springs Fort Churchill area through Virginia City Dayton and south to Yerrington Saturday was the long day with the survivors returning to Carson City late in the evening A few stages were run again on Sunday morning and the finish was around noon at the Carson Ciry Chamber of Commerce A total of 62 cars took the green flag Saturday morning in front of the Governor s Mansion Number 1 on the road was Hannu Mikkola and his navigator was Doug Shepherd formerly John Buffum s codriver In 1984 Doug drove his own Dodge in Production class and he had the class wrapped up at the Oregon Trail so he was free to navigate for Mikkola _ Meanwhile off road star Malcolm Smith was driving Shepherd s Dodge with Doug s regular co driver Linda Wilcox in the right seat of the Shelby Charger The first stage was a dandy alongside Washoe Lake Here Rod Millen Mazda RX 7 4x4 set the fast time of 5 minutes 2 seconds Millen was four seconds faster than Hannu Mikkola but he was already fighting a losing battle Millen had accrued 200 road points when his navigator Bob Kraushaar accidently direc ted him the wrong way just blocks from the start at the Governor s Mansion By the time they got headed in the right direction the big 200 points was on the score card Other quick times went to Jon W oodner Peugeot and Ola Stromberg Saab both at 5 minutes 39 seconds tied in fifth Buffum had third fastest _time at 5 minutes 11 second and John h d said 1 earlier that he did not plari on pushin g hard for a win He was going only for the finish line all he needed to win the 1984 championship now more than assured with the news of Millen s early points The second stage took the drivers along a narrow trail on the banks of the Carson River very scenic but tricky There were some deep gotcha mud holes on this trail and one that succumbed was the Ferrari breaking a CV joint in a water hole that was deeper than it looked Moving on toward Virginia City Six Mile Canyon made a great stage While the road was fairly dry the ground alongside had patchy snow and plenty of mud This stage was lined with spectators and they cheered when Mikkola roared past turbo booming followed by John Buffum Rod Millen then Steve Many time motorcycle and off road car champion Malcolm Smith drove his first Pro Rally and roared to the Production car win in the Dodge Dusty Times

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M illen in a second 4 x4 M azd a R X 7 O n this stage R od Millen again had a q uick ti me of 3 m inutes 45 seconds an average speed on the hill climb of 72 8 mph Meanwh ile C live Sm ith yet another q uick one fro m New Zealand rolled his T oyota GT S 16 va lver in to the creek o n the stage p utting paid to that effort A no ther New Zealander Peter Fa rrell was having inj ectio n problem s and he also kept sliding off the road in h is Datsun 510 Ola S tromberg began a lo ng siege of overheating problems with the Saab Th e next stage was full o f actio n also and the start was John Buffum with Neil Wilson navigating the Quattro cooled it came in second Steve Millen driving for his brother s team brought his RX cl Mazda home a fine delayed for a time while the cattle overall on the event a_n d won the Pro Rally Series overall again fourth overall with Jean Lindamood navigating her first rally were cleared off the route o p en range land so uth of Fallon and part of the original Po n y Express ro u te Jon Woodner went o u ton th is stage after los ing a rear wheel and ti re Midway o n this run Strom berg had terminal overheat and he stopped in front of a fire truck that was parked o n the stage for safety purposes Refilled with wa ter from th e fi re truck S trom berg drove o n bu t the Saab was parked for good later with a broken water p ump Heading south toward the di nner break at Yerri ngto n the rougher than us ua_l terrain_was tak ing a heavy toll on the rally cars m any having wheel and Don Adams with Mark Joslyn navigating took the Jeep CJ 7 race car from 30th Northern Nevada Jeepers Don and Debbie Ohnstad finished just behind Adams s usp e n s io n breakage and starting spot to a clean fifth overall on his first Pro Rally sixth overall in the Cherokee modified into a pickup truck everyone seemed to be bagging flat tires By Stage 7 RenoJeeper he was having a ball Don trailing arm on his Quattro and Dodge s wer e out John suspensio n in the Datsun The D o n Ohnstad and his wife especially enjoyed the rougher Gary Eaton ran out of spare tires Crawford s Shelby had suffered a final stage was a tour of a small Debbie were eleventh on the stages where his CJ s tough build for his Peugeot and retired after broken steering rack and Dick race course outside of town and road having started 37th in their compensated for the greater the Dead Camel Stage Maxwell s similar Dodge hai l lost from there the cars were lined up Jeep pickup Off road champion agility of the rally cars On the same stage Jeff Smith a clutch Richard Kelsey Chris in reverse of their finishing order Don Adams with Mark Joslyn Flat tires continued to plague launched his Dodge Colt and Senske had the lead in the GT for the ceremonial finish in navigating had moved from 30th th e c _ompetitors All three nosed into the wrong side of a class in the Mazda RX 7 Carson City At the Chamber of starting spot to 13th on the road Mazdas fro m Newport R allying washout damaging the car Sunday morning there Were a Commerce a pair of Pony Ada ms rally car was the Rod Millen Steve Millen and beyond repair Gene Henderson few stages but they were tough Express riders and their keen venerable Jeep CJ 7 on the cover Richard Kelsey came out of driving an Eagle 4x4 said the enough to put out a few more of looking horses were ready to this month it is a veteran of stage 7 with a pair of flats each course was like a tank the just over 30 cars that escort the winner from the main many years of off road racing and and they only carry one spare destruction derby Rod _M illen r started from Carson City One s treet to th e finish ramp No one due for retirement this year tire Steve Nowicki had a flat pulled into the service area on of the leaders Peter Farrell went told them about the reverse Adams had fitted a soft top and also and it did some damage to three wheels with one wheel out on Stage 15 with broken order so the windshield to the rig added a the front strut on the Nissan 300 worn to the hub because the tire license plate and a muffler and ZX Bruno Kreibich bent a rear was gone His crew changed the entire rear end and rear suspension to keep him in the rally The troops headed no rth after dinner running several of the stages again en route back to Carson Ci ty A few m ore came to grief in the dark includi ng G ary G ooch who met a sto ut o bstacle on the last stage o n Saturday and had to park his Dodge D 50 p ick up T erry Co llison b roke an A arm and re tired his M azda RX7 in the same area Ro d Millen also went o ut with trans fa ilure Meanwhile the first d ay s sco res were to taled and it was no surprise to see Hannu Mikko la Doug Shepherd in the lead in the Richard Kelsey and Chris Senske put their Mazda RX 7 home tenth overall the GT class winner and they won the season s GT title for Mazda and themselve Sport Quattro h olding about seven minutes margin o ver John_ Buffum and Neil Wilson Third place was the Audi of Bruno Kr e ibich a nd Cl ark Bo nd ano ther seven minutes b ack and just a minute ahead o f Steve Millen and Jean Lindemo od in Co lor and Black Whi te p ho tos of many ma jor off road the remaining 4 WO M azda RXevents incl uding R iverside and Baja current and historic 7 Peter Farrell had his Datsun We have one of the largest p hoto libraries o f all types of 510 up to fifth and Don motor sports inc luding events da ti ng back into 1970 Adams Mark Joslyn had the CJ We have photos fo r pub lica t ion pub li c relations 7 in sixth overall Just behind adve rti sing presenta t ions promotions personal scrapbook them was the C h evy pickup o f en joyment Scott Child and T o m Grant who We were there last ti me we 1 1 be there next time were just ahead o f Don and Debbie Ohnstad in their Jeep Photo pickup Malcolm Smith was Enterp_rises leading the Production class by p O BOX 91767 LOS A NG ELES CA 90009 213 327 4493 The best looking and best sounding car on the rally was the Ferrari 308 GTB of over five minutes in the Dodge 187 10 SO NOR M A N DIE AV E SUI T E C GA RD EN A CA 90248 Shelby but b o th the other team Mauro Pregliasco but it broke a CV on the second stage and was out WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH The A Team From TRACKSIDE IS THERE TRACKSIDE Dusty Times February 1985 Page 25

Page 26

Racers turned ralliests Scott Child and Tom Grant flew to seventh overall and the win in Seed 5 in their keenly painted Chevrolet pickup The plain looking Volvo of Bo Skowronnek from Saskatoon came in eighth overall won Seed 2 and were the best placed Canadian entry 29th finisher was the first car to arrive The Saab of Edward Viscardi and Mark Leonard had the escort of the Pony Express all around the loop through the parking loi to the finish line and they sure wer surprised Eventually the overall winner Hannu Mikkola arrived amid flashing _ lights from many cameras Mikkola s margin in victory was just over ten minutes on John Buffum But with his second place finish in the rally John Buffum took his eighth Pro Rally championship and hi s third consecutive title Bruno Kreibich held third making the Audi sweep complete three entered three finished one two three Steve Millen brought his Mazda home fourth overall Don Adams and Mark Joslyn arrived a strong fifth overall and the Seed 3 winner just ahead of Don and Debbie Ohnstad who were just ahead of the Chevy pickup of Scott Child Canadians Bo Skowronnek and Bob R ymarchuk took eighth overall in a Volvo Turbo that looked very plain but went very fast Also from Canada Murray Munsie and Brian Flewwelling were ninth in a Datsun 510 Richard Kelsey and Chris Senske were tenth overall and first in GT class winning the GT class championship in the Mazda RX 7 Malcolm Smith and Linda Wilcox were eleventh overall in the Dodge and the Production class winners by miles There was actually a rally within the rally for another championship All year long there are divisional Pro rallies one day affairs all over the country This past season each divisional champion was invited to compete in the Carson City event The team that finished the best at Carson City would be declared the National Divisional Page 26 Champion That honor went to Michael Whitman and Robert Cherry from Prescott Arizona driving a Datsun 510 and they also finished a smart twelfth overall A very nice awards banquet was held Sund w evening at the Ormsby House After all the Carson C ity rally awards were made the retiring National Rally Steward Tom Grimshaw took the podium to announce the series winners and their awards Prior to that ceremony Tom announced a very special occasion and he introduced Gene Henderson from Dearborn Michigan who has been at the pro rally game for over 25 years Veteran of several factory teams including Chrysler s in the olden days Gene has been running in Jeeps and Eagles for the past ten years At the Nevada event Gene finished 13th overall and eleventh in open class in the Eagle SX 4 He took this opportunity to announce his retirement as a rally driver A popular man and a good competitor Gene was given a great standing ovation It was no surprise when the offical announcement named John Buffum as the overall and Open class 1984 champion or that Audi had won the manufacturer s title in Open class However Bob Krashaar Rod Millen s navigator took top honors as co driver in Open class due to Buffum using more than one navigator throughout the points season Doug Shepherd and Linda Wilcox won the Production class titles as driver and co driver and they helped bring Dodge the Production Manufacturer s title A transpfanted Kiwi Richard Kelsey won the driver s title in GT class and his navigator Chris Senske took the co driver troph_y The p

Page 27

For the first time Alex Xydias classic film the HOT ROD STORY is now available on Video Cassette This feature length color and sound motion picture is a documentary history of the sport of Hot Rodding Produced over a period of several years by Alex Xydias a hot rodding pioneer himself this action packed often humorous always exciting film in rare exclusive footage covers four decades in the growth of the truly American automotive sport of hot rodding The HOT ROD STORY begins in he 1930 s with hopped up roadsters racing across the dry lake beds of Southern California s Mojave Desert where many of performance industry s first products were tested by young men like Edelbrock Weiand Iskenderian and Hilborn The film depicts the explosion of competition after World War II the growth of car clubs the birth of HOT ROD Magazine and the formation of the National Hot Rod Association all instrumental in spreading the word Eastward until Hot Rodding became a national phenomenon In the late forties car enthusiasts expanded their horizons to the World famous Bonneville Salt Flats and began an incredible assault on land speed records in every class Xydias So Cal Speed Shop Special became the first hot rod to break the 200 mph barrier in 1950 and less than ten years later Mickey Thompson s Challenger I broke the Land Speed Record at 406 mph All of this action is covered in a great segment on Bonneville in the film With enthusiast s magazines spreading the word about the activities in California and Bonneville young men throughout the country wanted in on the fun and excitement Without dry lake beds or salt flats these hot rodders turned to the streets a dangerous and sometimes fatal competition The National Hot Rod Association through its Safety Safari quickly turned this great enthusiasm into what was to become hot roddings major contribution to automotive sports organized drag racing The quarter mile became famous and the film documents the exciting action from the very beginning Featured in the film is complete coverage of the NHRA First Nationals in Great Bend Kansas in the Summer of 55 Following the rapid growth of drag racing the HOT ROD STORY covers in depth the incredible action at the Bakersfield Smokers events the Winternationals in Pomona and Dusty Times the NHRA Nationals at Indianapolis in 1963 when Don Garlits Connie Kalitta Pete Roginson and Tony Nancy battle it out with an unknown for Top Eliminator These were days before Funny Cars when Don Prudhomme and Tom McQuen drove front engine dragsters and the drivers smoked the tires all the way through the quarter mile not just in the burn out area Dragsters like the Green Monster Bustle Bomb and the Freight Train and Super Stocks like Color Me Gone R amchargers Old Reliable It s all there and much more exciting boat drags and cruise with the famous cars of the L A Roadster Club and more The HOT ROD STORY a 70 minute color sound video cassette featuring the men and machines that helped make hot rodding one of the most popular automotive sports in the world Special introductory price 49 95 Postage and handing 3 00 California residents add 6 5 Sales Tax Available m VHS or Beta Order from The HOT ROD STORY Alex X ydias P O Box 11316 Burbank CA 91510 1316 FLA SH ohnson Jae k J wins overall in the snow at the arker 400 t s core P te repo r I c ornP e in the March issue SHORT COURSE 00 OFF ROAD RACES RotVWs _ _ SWOLEN Corona Raceway 1irARCH 10th Ones Tens 1 2 1600s Baja Bugs l 1ini trucks 3 wheelers 1985 RACING SCHEDULE Sunday March 10th Sunday April 21st Sunday May 19th Sunday June 23rd Sunday August 4th Sunday September 29th At this time all scheduled races will be held at CORONA RACEWAY ALL SCORE CLASSES ENTRY FEES Pre Entry 250 25 reg 3 gate passes Post Entry 275 25 reg no gate passes PAYBACK ALL OTHER Pre Entry CAR 150 25 reg CLASSES 3 gate passes Post Entry 175 25 reg no gate passes PAYBACK Post Entry 60 10 reg no gate passes PAYBACK CLASSES ONE TEN SEVEN THREE WHEELERS Pre Entry 50 10 reg 2 gate passes 900 o 80 80 50 deposit required two weeks prior to race date ALL PRIZE MONIES WILL BE PAID AT RACES FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL 714 997 2247 IAJOR AUT0 10TIVE ATTRACTION P 0 Box 3741 Orange CA 92665 714 997 2247 February 1985 Page 27

Page 28

racers Pierpont 195 Mark Lundell So the overall Pro points race 125 and Joe Aycock 110 went to Steve Cheuvront who Tom Higgins was tops in the picked up his big trophy and a Sportsman points race and he handsome Seiko watch from gave special thanks to his coO R E O in Tucson driver Rich Cada when he In the Sportsman racing received his four foot high Text Photos Daryl D Ornl

Page 29

June 15 1985 Location to be Announced For Complete Information Contact SCORE CANADA 390 Chemin Dulac Lery Quebec J6N1A3 Canada Phone 514 692 6171

Page 30

AMSA S BORREGO 100 Nick Nichol son Wins Overall By Judy Smith Photos uJy Smith John Howard It made its debut almost a year ago on the same race course and the spiffy Outlaw finally got the win that it just missed on the first try Nick Nicholson drove all the way to the overall victory AMSA started off the 1985 season with a short but sweet event at the Ocotillo Wells S V R A on January 19th Using trails run in November but omitting a few miles AMSA s president Jim Webb cut the total length of the course down to approximately 23 miles The rain during the holiday season had thoroughly saturated the area and there was a nice damp base under a very thin layer of clry sand meaning that there was little dust The weather was perfect for racing with clear skies temperatures in the 70s and a slight breeze Since the awards for the 1984 AMSA season had been handed out the night before in Palm Springs the ever thoughtful Webb had planned a later thanusual start for the race The cars Page 30 Jeff Drake flattens out his rear suspension as he lands in a hole Drake won the restricted 1600 cc class and finished second overall Flying high the team of Vic VanElla and George Ruark were the victors in the two seat unlimited class as well as third overall February 1985 didn t go off the line until 11 seat buggies was slim as it has a m after a 10 30 driver s been for the past couple of years meeting Since he had shortened This time only the spiffy looking the course for unexplained Outlaw of the House of Buggies reasons Webb offer ed to team and the Pinto powered increase the number of laps modified Hi Jumper of The required from seven to eight He Wright Place showed up Nick asked for a show of hands and it Nicholson was set to solo in the was unanimous for the shorter Outlaw and Jeff Wright was seven lap race Everyone was in doing the honors in the big Pinto the mood for an easy race it powered car The Wright car didn t have a seemed Class V the 1600cc Baja Bugs was required to do only six good day breaking a rear hub on laps so that the classes would the fir t lap They got the car back into the pits and did a finish at about the same time This event as with the one in patch job on it with a welder November was run with no stop and sent Jeff back out about checks Once the driver got the three laps down It ran fine then green flag there was no need to and he rnoved along at a good stop except for fuel and pit help pace Thetumoutwasfaidyslimfor But in the meantime this event with only 24 starters Nicliolson enjoying himself this time Ofcourse AMSA was thoroughly was building a big fighting some pretty hefty overall lead By the middle of his competition for racer and fifth lap he had a hice spectator attention what with it comfortable 13 minute lead 9yer being Sup r Bowl weekend the the second pl ace car But then he day of Mickey Thompson s first found that he was having ignition short course race of the season troubles and pulled in to his pit and just two weeks prior to the for help h was determined what huge Parker 400 race was wrong and repaiis were Webb has changed his method II lade to his wiring harness while of choosing starting position someone else replaced and and along with it the numbering tightened c v bolts But then system In order to give a fairer the y couldn t get his car to start break to those in the limited his b ttery having gone belly up classes who want to participate in It took them a while to rig a the unique AMSA Challenge surrogate battery push the car pots Webb is lining his entrants fire it up and get it going again By up for the start on a luck of the the time he was running again draw basis That way a limited he d been in the pit for 16 1600 might get the chance to minutes and while still leading benefit froni a dust and traffic Class 1 he d lost the overall lead Nicholson lost his grip on the free first lap and give the overall Challenge pot also since the car a good shot In order to keep track of who that was now in front of him Jeff started where and also what class Drake in his Funco was the other he s in AMSA is once again donor to the Challenge kitty requiring that every car except Nicholson could now afford to the open class single seaters wear make no mistakes because if he a big sticker identifying the car stalled the car he d never get it with the letter designation of its started again His crew waited class Class 2 is A Class 100 is expectantly as he ran the next B Class 5 is S the limited two laps gaining on Drake who buggies wear a no an d the was in a limited 1600cc car but limited Baja Bugs are V s They not actually catching him He had simply stick the big letter after to finish less than 10 minutes the number designating their behind Drake and that meant no starting position and it should all errors on his last two laps be simple and easy The hang up Drake who d started in the this time was that they hadn t number four position was the announced in advance that they first car to finish winning his were going to make the change class and keeping his fingers and some of the late registrants crossed for the Overall and the who didn t know what number Challenge But just six minutes they would run came with old later here came Nicholson numbers on their plates having picked up a couple of expecting to be allowed to run minutes a lap and just enough to them as they had in the past For make it home in time for the the most part that worked out Overall win and the extra o k but they had one of these Challenge kitty folks show tip with a number that Wright in the meantime had duplicated one that had already managed to get around the been assigned More about that course three times before his patched hub broke again so he glitch later Class 1 the unlimited single came back on a tow rope Ed Mohr and his son John co drove in Ed s old Funco Hustler to win the growing Class 100 contest The class is limited to 100 wheelbase Dusty Times

Page 31

Class A the two seaters was slim this time also with only two cars entered The team of Vic VanElla and George Ruark were there in their big FAT motored Raceco and the other car was Roger Starkey s They both did quick first laps and were within r half minute of each other with VanElla in front at the end of the lap But about a third of the way through his second lap Starkey had some time consuming problem and lost about 12 minutes He then ran a couple of longer than normal laps then got things fixed and ran well for a lap before disappearing for good V anElla and Ruark in the meanwhile ran good steady laps slowed a bit on their last three circuits by the loss of second gear to come to the finish in the third spot in the overall standings just eight minutes back The limited Baja Bugs ran with only three cars this weekend since last year s class points winner Larry Rickman was just finishing his car up for the Parker race Bill Raybould in the W R Racing car started in the seventh position Steve Lawrence and Darren Ballein in the Buggy Shop car started in eighth and Bob Henderson who drew number 10 started at the back of the pack at his own request because he didn t want to chance being rear ended by a faster car The three ran a close race for a while with Raybould leading at the end of one lap by one minute and Henderson in second Lawrence and Ballein were only another minute back At the end of their third lap Raybould had three minutes and the other two were tied But then Raybould lost all his rear shocks on his fourth lap and had to head into his pit for a whole new borrowed set and Lawrence ahd Ballein now took over the Perry McNeil having sold his single seater brought his pre runner to Borrego to race Class S nee Class 5 and he won handily event Perry McNeil driving solo At the end of the first lap the in his Don Hatz Rough Country leader was Craig Scott who d Bug took the lead by just a been number two off the line minute over Robert and Art But as Scott topped the hill just Eugenio in their Budweiser past the pit area his motor seized Foremost Dairy car Running and that was the end of his day third it was George Seeley Jr in That put the Moh rs in front with his yellow convertible just two Doug Jennings in a Pinto minutes back And fourth were powered car about a minute Bill Scott and Norm Baeskens in back In third it was the team of the Scott Constructiem Baes Scott Weir and Del Tooman in kens Plumbing car driving their the old Cloud hopper Hi first race Jumper swing axles and all McNeil drove at a steady clip Jennings lost about an hour on stopping only once to give his pit his third lap and was out of crew his radio which had fallen contention while Weir and out The Eugenios running another car driven by Larry smoothly behind him lost about McCallum got stuck together 15 minutes when a steering when Weir tried to pass and knuckle broke and they had to landed between McCallum s rear make repairs tire and his shocks That put Seeley lost about 15 minutes them both about 10 minutes on the second lap when his oil down The only other Class B c ar lines split and h d to be replaced still running was that of Brian So after the fourth lap McNeil Goodrich and John Lenander had a good lead He had a which was having a big problem communication problem with with the fuel system and needed the pit person holding the board several hours just to do the first however When the man wrote lap the number l on the board to This class is the one with the signify that Perry was in number numbering glitch Goodrich had one position Perry took it to been assigned the number 16B mean that there was still one car and had his car neatly and legibly ahead of him and he charged marked that way McCallum a hard to try to catch whoever it a te entry had a number 16 on lead with a thin minute on was ahead Hendersoh The lead stretched to four minutes by the middle of the fift_h lap and then disaster struck both the lead cars Raybould now running strong again came in the winner while Henderson aftera hard endo at the end of his fifth lap had to spend time in the pits checking things out Lawrence and Ballein also lost time being stuck about two miles out of the start finish area for some time before their pit could get to them So it was Raybould the winner with Lawrence and Ballein second and a crumpled Henderson third Class S the unlimited Baja Bugs had four entries for this When they gave McNeil the checkered flag he pulled into impound and asked ls that seven laps already The Eugenios got second_ place Seeley was third and Sc o tt and Baeskens finished all seven laps also for fourth The 100 wheelbase class now labeled Class B ran with six entrants this time some out for their first try at the class Last year s overall AMSA champions the team of Ed Mohr and John Duncan is no more since Duncan retired his old Hi Jumper SoMohrbroughthispld Fuoco Hustler out of retirement got his son John as a co driver and came to race _ Mike Goodbody brbught his short course En Ticer out to Borrego and even with extra fuel stops due to the small tank finished second in limite 1600 Dusty Times his car already and had hoped to run that way When that was obviously impossible they took a number 7 and stuck it over his old existing painted number in such a way that it was now not clear if it was a seven ot a one Officials warned the team that there mig lt be confusion with the number but it was left that way And sure enough there was confusion In the heat of the race a scorekeeper cannot be expected to recall whether the number written down was the clear 16 or the confused 76 written as a 16 The Moh rs ran hard and clean led all the way and finished in front of the class with an_hour s lead Jennings never finished losing an axle flange and Bill Raybou d always tough in Class V for 1600 cc Baja Bugs finally combined enough luck and enough driving skill to get his victory Goodrid s car with Lenander now driving was still out 9n the co_u rse trying to finish while the awards were going on his fuel problem never solved But the Weir Tooman car finished and the McCallum car finished within minutes of each other maybe When the score keepers tried to double check they found confusion between their scoring of the Goodrich car and the McCallum car In fact at first they awarded Gopdrich fourth place which he told them he hadn t earned his car still being out on the course now lost The upshot of it all was that AMSA had to give a second place tie to Weir Tooman and McCallum along with equal points and equal money That put Jennings in fourth spot and Goodrich whose co driver was wandering the Anza Borrego desert after pranksters had turned some _ arrows in the late laps was fifth AMSA has stated that no oddball numbers will be allowed to run in future events The big class of the day was the limited 1600cc buggies There were seven of these little guys and at least one of them was planning to win overall Jeff Drake in his stretched Funco with newly added power steering had drawn number four and had entered himself in the Challenge pot Since the last Borrego race had been won overall by a Class D car md he d been third overall that time he figured he had a good chance this tirrie Drake led the class alright from the first lap on But Mike Goodbody in his short c ourse West Engine and Machine EnTicer stayed pretty close to him until his five gallon gas tank caught up with him He had to fuel every two laps Ken Snyder and Mike Omlin in Rodney Go sell s old Chenowth ran a very clQse third for a while but Ed Mohr can t even wait for his co driver Jo hn Mohr to get his helmet off before offering not one but two cold ones Must have figured he d be thirsty February 1985 then ran out of gas on their third lap they needed to fuel every two laps also apparently and lost about 15 minutes Behind them it was the team of Walt and Rex Lewis in their homemade chassis running neck and neck with David McCoy in his first race in Drake s old two seater The two ran nose to tail for the better part ot three laps and then the Lewis team picked up about five minutes and moved into third Behind them were Raul Sanchez Diaz and Manuel Luque up from Calexico with their Chenowth for their first AMSA race They lost their power steering on the second lap and then it got very hard they said The only other D car Brad Inch in a Bunderson parked about five miles out on lap one when a valve broke Drake ran a flawless race with no mechanical troubles and with a sharp eye out for what Nicholson was doing in that open class single seater He was the first car to finish but Nicholson was in just six minutes later to take away the Overall win and the Challenge pot Goodbody was second in Class D about 19 minutes behind Drake while Snyder and Omlin finished third another 24 minutes back Webb had the trophy presentation about an hour after the last car finished He announced that starting with his March race each of the Challenge pots will be fattened up to the tune of 500 oy a sponsor He has also deci ded that the Class V folks need their own Challenge pot and he may also create one for Class Sand D if it seems more equitable The next AMSA race in March will be the 6 Hours of California City on March 9th Emry fee will be 250 plus a 50 registration and insurance fee Out of the 250 25 is ear arked for the 1985 driver s points fund and there is a 60 payback in class for the race AMSA also charges a 50 fee for late entries The 1985 season got 9ff to a good start with a race that every entrant enjoyed The course is challenging and fun and the location is convenient in that it s easy camping and spectators have good access and tine viewing of many parts of the course The balance of AMSA s 1985 desert races are planned for the California City area also convenient with their biggie this year the 24 Hour Endurance race there on Labor Day weekend We ll be there to keep you informed Page 31

Page 32

THE 11TH ANNUAL SCORE AWARDS BANQUU Ivan Stewart is the Man of the Year BFG s Frank DeAngelo was jubilant accepting three Off Roadsman awards his team taking the PifTeam Co_n tingency Donor and Entry Sponsor of the Year Jrophies Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises Ivan Stewart captured the vote for the Overall Person of the Year his second such honor Ivan accepted his trophy from Miss Toyota Dona Speir while Score President Sat Fish beamed his approval The end of each racing season This move seems to have is marked with a series of awards enhanced the desirability of the parties that crown the yt ar end remaining Off Roadsman of the points champ i ons Each January Year awards 14 in all i_n three since 1975 Score International categories has made a social occasion of This year the Score party was their awards an event totally moved from the LA Airport area separated from any particular to a brother Marriott Hotel in competition and one that not Anaheim the idea being to make only rewards the actual ra c ers the location more central to all of with their trophies and checks Score s constituency As is their for year long success but also cust m the BFGoodrich people crowns champions from all also organized a pre run party for walks of off road racing These the bariquet a reception starting champions are often the unsung at three fo the afternoon This heros who work behind the has turned into a low key bench scenes to further the sport Their racing session complete with unique Off Roadsman trophies great food and libation and a are highly prized since they are more relaxed atmosphere earned by a popular vote from The hall at the Marriott was the Score membership and nicely foll when Sal Fish began associated companies the ceremonies with a series of Until last year not only were door prizes that seemed never the Off Roadsman chosen in ending He went through the_m so various support categories but fast in the announcements that also in_each class of racing After we missed a bunch of them the 1983 season the individual Some we did hear included a class Off Roadsman awards were ready to install prepped transeliminated as they had become a axle from Larry s VW in Yucca mere duplication of the points Valley the builder and owner of cl iampions in name and deed Makolm Vinje s all conquering C O R E PIT TEAM C O R E offers unique pit services at western desert races a family oriented club with social activities and much more for its members C O R also has a program of one time guest pit service for out of the area competitors Get all the information on C O R E Jim Branstetter President 818 705 8183 17453 Runnymede St Van Nuys CA 91406 Class 5 racer a half dozen heavy duty race jackets from Goodrich a set of tires from Goodyear headers carburetors shocks from Rough Country _o il from Valvoline race gas from Trick and more and more stuff even a free entry for the HORA Laughlin Desert Challenge from Walt Lott With some tables already loaded with prizes the formal awards began with the presentation of the points winners and their exploits are covered elsewhere in this issue Each of the 27 class points winners re ceived a giant four foot tall trophy and a check and each second place person in points got a handsome plaque and often a check as well Of course many drivers made speeches and of course the overall points winner Rodney Hall made a speech short by Hall standards Rodn ey thanked all his supporters for a successful year He said it had been a great year for Bill Stroppe and his crew Hall Racing and he especially thanked Dick Maxwell The overall top man in Score International Points in 1984 Rodney Hatt made a of Chrysler BFGoodrich Four most gracious accepfance speech thanking all who helped take the title Wheeler M i gazine Hella Champion and Art Carr and his wife Donna who he said brought a great new brand of professionalism to his efforts Dan Smith won the overall points for the motocycle classes and his riding partner Dan Ashcraft accepted the huge trophy as Smith was not on hand The overall 3 wheeler points title went to Mark Weixeldorfer who thanked his sponsors especially American Honda his co rider and all the pit supporters that keep the 3 wheelers humming across the desert Some special presentations A happy Les Unger hugs Miss Toyota as he thanks the folks forgiving the Mini were made by Sal Fish to many of Pickup of the Year award to Toyota and his Motorsports team the behind the scenes workers who help Score produce their desert events in California Arizona and in Baja California Mexico A special appreciation award went to Jim Moses the keen ORV manager for the BLM out of the Barstow office to Dottie Randall the guiding force of the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce and to Bo b McCullough Score s Race Director in 1984 A plaque went to Pepe Rendon the head of the Baja California del Norte Tourist Department who in turn presented Sal Fish with an appreciation award 1 Sal Fish then presented his The 1984 6 50 awards were presented by Gregg Symonds to the overall points plaques _of appreciation to the winner Danny Leiner center 3rd overall in points Marshall Mahr on the left February 1985 Dusty Times

Page 33

_ Resplendent in a suit David Kreisler took home the Original Buggy Chassis of the Year trophy earned by his Raceco chassis in the desert Bill Stroppe became a four time winner of the Mechanic of the Year title and Bill expressed his thanks to his entire team who worked long hours all year race workers the Score Official s Association Marvin Maxwell accepting the Score Tech Team Bill Savage the Contingency Team Charlie and Linda Engelbart the Medical Team Chip Dingman the Impound Staging Start Finish Team Ch 1rlie and Roberta La V elle Timing and Scoring George and Toni Anderson and to B A R R A Al Key Chairman Some of the manufacturers in off road racing presented special awards of their own Glen Campbell of BBD O presented Chrysler s year end checks to their champions 2000 to Rod Hall for his Class 4 title and 1500to Walker Evans for second place in Class 8 Art Carr presented jackets to Rod Hall and to Class 8 points winner Dave Shoppe Goodyear s award for the top independent racer the High Miler Trophy went to Class 7S driver Spence Low Ralph Williams of Toyota Motorsports presented a check for 2000 to Mike Falkosky who earned the most points of anyone driving a Toyota It was now time for the Off Roadsman Awards and the suspense was high in several of the categor es As she had most of the evening Dona Speir the and Raceco This was the first current Miss Toyota assisted Sal time a non California company Fish with the traditional Off Chaparral was in the running Road s man trophies The but the winner clear and clean trophies are unchanged since the this year was Raceco David start of the program eleven years Kreisler was there to accept the _ ago and they have assumed an trophy Oscar like quality to those on the The four wheel drive of the year honor came down to receiving end of the award In the Manufacturer s AMC Jeep Chrysler Corp Category the finalists in the vote Dodge and Toyota It was Dodge for the S l A Company of the that got the nod Dodge became a Year which translates to double winner in 1984 taking contingency donor were the Pickup Truck ohhe Year title BFGoodrich Toyota and Zee over Chevrolet and Ford as well Medical Service The winner was although there was a little BFGoodrich for the second year muttering in the ranks about that in a row and Frank DeAngelo of from the Ford fans on hand the BFGoodrich Performance Chevrolet out polled Saab and Team accepted the trophy on Volkswagen for the Sedan behalf of his company There Manufacturer of the Year and were four finalists in the there were five on the list in the Motorcycle Manufacturer of the Mini Pickup of the Year Year contest BMW of North category Chevrolet Ford America American Honda Mitsubishi Nissan and Toyota Husqvarna and Yamaha For the The trophy went to Toyota with fourth year in a row it was Motosports Manager Les Unger American Honda with a bit of a accepting the trophy 3 wheeler vote in there among In the Off Roadsman Media and Mechanic category the the two wheelers no doubt Last year the vote for Original voting was close so the rumors Buggy Chassis of th Year was an went The Pit Support Team of absolute tie between Chenowth the Year title was between the and Raceco and this round the Checkers Mag 7 and the category had four finalists BFGoodrich Company Frank Chaparral Chenowth Jimco DeAngelo accepted his second trophy of the evening on behalf of Goodrich and his hard working race service crews The Overall Mechanic of the Year award came down to a vote between Larry Bitcon Bryant Hibbs and Bill Strqppe Bill Stroppe came forward to accept his fourth such honor over the years and it was his third Mechanic of the Year title in a row The Photographer of the Year honor was decided between Action Photographic Mike Parris Judy Smith and Trackside Photos Noel Deitrich accepted the seventh such award for The Chrysler Dodge c ecks for top performing truckers were presented by Trackside who have won for the last three years also Journalist of Glen Campbell of BBD 0 and Rod Hall won the biggest check of all the Year finalists were Jean Calvin Judy Smith and Lou Peralta It was DUSTY TIMES editor Jean Calvin who was called forward to accept the trophy her second in a row and fourth in the series Between Judy Smith Trackside and your editor DUSTY TIMES staffers have a grand total of fourteen Off Roadsman awards in the field of journalism You could say we have an award winning masthead Under the Off Roadsman Personal Achievement Awards were the final three for the season The three finalists under Entry Sponsor of the Year were Dusty Times Editor Publisher Jean Calvin was voted Journa jst of the Year the Barbary Coast Hotel in Las and is congratulated by Dona Speir and Sal Fish at the podium I Dusty Times February 1985 Vegas BFGoodrich and Toyota A surprised Frank DeAngelo again made the trip to the podium to complete his trio of matching trophies for Goodrich in 1984 No single company has ever won three Off Roadsman awards in a single season before and this is a record that will be hard to match in years to come The Rookie of the Year nominees were Kenny Brsick John Gable and Jesse Rodriguez a nice mix of a Baja Bug truck and buggy driver talent The winner was tnicker John Gable one of the few honorees who was not present at the party The Person of the Year is the Grand Prize and this_year there were four finalists for the top honor The y were Frank DeAngelo Rod Hall Larry Schwacofer and Ivan Stewart Sal Fish called Ivan Stewart to the podium to accept his Person of the Year trophy Stewart is the first person to become a repeat Man of the Year having won the honor for the 1976 season as well With the trophies all parked on the tables the dancing and the general table hopping began and continued into the ee hours Amid all the socializi ng the talk was also of Parker the new rules and the joint point series for 1985 All those items are important to off road racers heading into a brand new desert season filled with promise where everyone sta rts again with a clean slate Noel Deitrich of Trackside gets _ his picture taken while accepting the Photographer of the Year award It was Trackside s seventh matching trophy COLLECTOR S SPE C IAL A FullSet 12 Issues of the First Volume of DUSTY TIMES unmarked by mailing labels Early birds will rec ive the bonus of the Previe issue Sept 1983 GET YOUR FULL SET WHILE THE SUPPLY LASTS Send just 10 50 check or money order to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite O Agoura CA 91301 SHIPPED PRE PAID VIA U P S Page 33

Page 34

THE 7TH ANNUAL PARIS DAKAR RALLY At the midway point in the Paris Dakar marathon Patrick ZaniroUhad his Mitsubishi Pajero in first place overall and his teammate Andrew Cowan was ht behind him in second overall Guy Co soul did the impossible leading the rally from time to time over the tougher sections in IJis two wheel drive Opel Manta 400 After the Prologue eight of the engine block could be used the top ten were four wheel drive rally was soon eliminating many vehicles Only the pair of Opel competitors Mantas broke up that dominaThis year there were longer tion The top ten rigs there were sections than before like the Quattro Land Rover 110 two day Agadez Gao marathon Porsche 911 Porsche 959 Opel the first ever night stage the final Opel ARO 24 Mitsubishi section of the first half where Pajero Mitsubishi Pajero and Guy Colsoul was Jost and the Land Rover 110 treacherous cap sans balis e After crossing the infamous compass no markers section sands of Niger s Tenere du But celebrities were still attracted Taffass sset the Bridgestone to the rally Prince Albert of Text Photos Martin Holmes shod Mitsubishi Pajero four Monaco co drove a private whee I drive vehicles of Pajero while his sister Cgroline debut appearances came from competition was due to start Frenchman Patrick Zaniroli and was in a truck Heroes from the Britain s Andrew Cowan held circuit racing world were Citroen and Mazda typifying the when the cars reached Algeria the two leading places at the plentiful and the only obvious growing feeling that modified The Prologue at Pontoise halfway point in the marathon A omissions were the current orthodox vehicles have ri1ore chance for victory than those northwest of Paris was held at last minute navigational error superstars from the World Rally originally built for off road use Peugeot s gravel road driving denied the Belgian Guy Colsoul a Championship circuit Action started with a bang week long lead held remarkably The greatest attraction were the school using some of the school by his rear drive Opel Manta when the cars left the up country Porsche 959s with four wheel tracks together with a varied drive and this was the new selection of specially constructed 400 the only non 4x4 currently Algerian town of Ouragla for the detours up and down hillocks in a top ten position 239 km section to El Golea model s competition debut and in and out of craters The With rhe V 6 Lada and the There were troubles aplenty All While the orthodox car procession started first with the experimental 4x4 Mazda 323 thf Porsches suffered from bolts manufacturers feel a growing motorcycles then came the cars team out of the event Citroen holding the bottom rear incentive to head for the desert and finally the trucks The were upset by a serious accident suspension arms to the upright the utility vehicle manufacturers vehicles were started at varying to their number one driver Jean coming loose Cowan lost an have been feeling restless intervals often with three or four Luc Therier early in the event hour when his fuel kept knowing their laurels had been a minute which worked well for and Porsche with the retirement vaporizing Leading was Gabthreatened by Rene Metge s the two and three wheelers But through accidents of two of thei r reau s V 8 Land Rover 110 with Porsche 911 4x4 win last year the system created considerable three prototype cars Mitsu Prologue winner Darniche some The degree of sophistication baulking problems among the bishi s specially built vehicles 2 5 minutes behind after a flat shown in outwardly normal off four wheelers and the best times have been the surprise of the tire Princess Caroline who flew road vehicles was astounding were set by crews who had the event Cowan taking the by private jet across to Algiers ranging from experimental least obstruction treasured Santos Cartier award rather than suffer the delays of composite construction chassis for the sections across the Tenere the organizers ferries was out of Only two British drivers are on for Land Rovers to the V 6 the event Andrew Cowan third where navigation was by dead the race after only fifteen kilomengines in the Lada Nivas and the rec k on in g rather than by eters her 15 ton Astra truck last year driving for Mitsubishi much revised rear suspensions of landmarks ignominimously on its side the works Mitsubishi Pajeros in a works Pajero and Tony With more competition than If the Porsches were in Fowkes loaned a works Subaru Originally AMC Jeep had plans ever before the 1985 event soon miseries the Ladas were in their four wheel drive For Fowkes the to enter a downsized Cherokee proved to be tougher as well death throes All the Pastis team for Malcolm Smith and Don drama started before the rally When missing a passage control cars had front suspension began when co driver Tony Adams who ran a chase vehicle as is iilleged to have happefred to trouble and were withdrawn On last year but gearbox problems Howard announced he was Rene Metge s Porsche costs a the second day of action the unable to take part Fowkes set stopped that program off for Paris and Africa alone three hour time penalty failing road to In Salah was enshrouded Now the desert has become a saying the saving in weight with to complete a high speed time by a sandstorm in these laboratory not simply a venue no passenger would mean he section before the controls conditions Therier s little for a desert endurance event At could carry more spare parts Of closed as when Darniche s Citroen rose to third place but second place Audi Quattro had a the next day he crashed after the European end however the such spirit has the Paris Dakar clutch failure brought a fifteen stopping to change a flat tire He rally was little more than a become in seven short years one hour penalty and with a newly had back and other injuries and platform for display and of the worlds greatest advenenforced rule that only one was flown to France and pllt in demonstration The true tures Mitsubishi is One Two at t h e Half Way Point The biggesi entry ever for the Paris Dakar left Versailles early on New Year s Day for the annual journey across the Sahara to West Africa with already a leader By making best time at the Prologue held at Pontoise the Sunday before the start Bernard Darniche in an Audi_Quattrowas entitled to start ahead of the other competitors on the first of the high speed sections across the desert in Algeria After last minute uncertainties whether the Algerian authorities would permit the event to pass through their territory it was announced Christmas Eve that the event would be held as planned Open to motorcycles cars and trucks the question was whether orthodox cars strengthened for desert conditions would be faster on this rally than utility vehicles which had been modified for greater performance More teams than ever entered the event which had been given considerable credibility by the entry and victory of a specially built Porsche 4x4 in 1984 More manufacturers were represent e d too Opel was the only works team with two wheel drive entering two Opel Manta 400s For the first time Audi had official representation through th e importers though their cousin factory VW had won the car division on the Paris Dakar with an Iltis in 1980 Other Page 34 February 1985 Dusty Times

Page 35

The brand newfour wheel drive Porsche 959s attracted a tot of attention Here Jacky lckx roars down a typical dusty desert trait illusions from peering into the bright sunlight rubbed their eyes as they crested a dune to see an airplane bearing the stickers of the now depleted Pastis team The plane had belly landed into the dune when trying to get an exciting shot of a rally car by flying alongside The road to Dirkou had been fast and the quickest time went to Rene Former World Cup winner Andrew Cowan examines the damaged clutch from Metge Porsche 959 who his Mitsubishi Pajero which failed after a bout with some deep sand thundered in to the control in the side of the loop at Dirkou on the middle of the desert at high ntensive care for m y days speed He had correctly found On the same section the rally Thursday night The ioop was two days of the quickest way from the piste lost its leader Gabreau when the Land Rover s engine broke a adventure and drama Darniche to the control but other drivers connecting rod The new leader was to retire electrical trouble started to arrive from every was a surprise It was Colsoul in having forced him to stop and conceivable direction well into the the rear drive Manta 400 Also wait for his service truck When ensuing night Jacky Ickx s drive on this on this Sunday Darniche had to he was almost ready to leave he stop and wait for his service sent his truck on its way and section put hi l_l up to second truck to arrive to change the finished the repair himself But overall 3 7 minutes behind Quattro s clutch and his just after he got moving the rear Colsoul aFtcd ready for the dead maximum penalty meant he differential broke and there was reckoning navigation on Friday would be re seeded close to the no chance to call the truck back But kkx s efforts would soon be end of the field from then on by radio Henri Pescarolo lost an over Or i the far side of one of the Cowan was in more trouble this hour on Thur sday with various hundreds of dunes over whic time losing 45 minutes with a troubles including having the drivers can normally trav battery lead problem while Mass engine drown out in the middle without worry was a rock which again had a long delay with of the Sahara He drowned the destroyed the front of the suspensio ri failure on his Land Rover in the only still water Porsche Now the only Porsche in hundreds of kilometers by a driver left in the rally was Rene Porsche Metge and he was shortly to At Tamanrasset the crews salt welL On tne same run drivers who suffer his controversial three prepared to cross the border escaping from the irritations of were already suffering visual hour penalty Algeria and entering peaceful Niger by going flat out past the frontier post on a special stage Jochen Mass chapters of misery ended when he went off the road in the Porsche and the remains of the prototype were sent back to Stuttgart Erwin Weber Jost a rear wheel and he seemed to suffer all of Opel s agonies while Colsoul progressively increased his lead The hero of the day was Bernard Darniche in the Quattro In his drive to an eleven minute lead over the next fastest time of the day he reckoned he passed no fewer than 150 cars on the section By driving along At the midway rest halt Pierre Fougerousse put the Toyota FJ 6 into fourth wide parallel trails over the overall even with his Good Samaritan act with Zaniroti desert he reduced the dust hazard Jacky Ickx meanwhile was gradually climbing back in his Porsche 959 When the event reached the desert town of Agadez which was to be rally base for four days Ickx was fourth overall The two day Santos Cartier loop was held on the Thursday and Friday with for the first time a rest day on Saturday _The rest was needed more by the organizers to track down missing competitors than to ease the pressure on the surviving drivers Competitors were still arriving at Agadez well into Saturday Truck class on this ratty means real trucks Jan de Rooy hustles down the trail morning even though they had in his ten ton twin engine DAF Monster fitted with a 23 titer engine giving 760 been regrouped at a halt the far HP and topping out at 165 kph Dusty Times February 1985 Back at Agadez the aviation scene was still exciting when a Lear Jet locked its wheels on landing It left marks for over a kilometer down the runway as the wheels gradually wore away before spinning off safely The following day at the same crow ded airstrip the Africa tours rented Boeing 737 was turning with the aid of its engines and nearly destroyed the Rothmans film crew s plane with its jet blast It sounds like the early Baja races ED Meanwhile out on the trails the Mitsubishis were catching Colsoul s Opel fast but the Belgian was still ahead at the end of the marathon desert crossing at Iferouane with just the night stage run in daylight over the same tracks two days earlier before the rest day It was here that Colsoul lost his way Patrick Zaniroli Mitsubishi Pajero got stuck and finally finished the section but only after help from his rival Pierre Fougerousse driving a Toyota FJ 6 Of such help is the spirit of Paris Dakar It is an event that is a hundred times more human than any other rally It is a chance of making friendships and of finding one s true character an adventure of a most spectacular kind Midway i n the event at Agadez Patrick Zaniroli was the leader followed by his Mitsubishi teammate Andrew Cowan Guy Colsoul was third in the Opel followed by Pierre Fougerousse Toyota _Raymondis Range Rover Marreau Renault 18 4x4 Metge Porsche 959 Lapeyre Audi Quattro Retet Toyota FJ 6 and Pescarolo Land Rove r 110 The final results and a complete report will be in the next issue of Dusty Times Henri Pescaroto kept his Land Rover 110 v B in the top ten for the first third of the distance then drowned it out in the only water hole on course Pit stops on the Paris Dakar are similar to Baja in the middle of nowhere Here a pair of Porsches get fuel and repairs somewhere in Africa One of the few American built rigs on the Paris Dakar was this Chevy S 10 already showing evidence of flat tires driven by Severson Page 35

Page 36

The 1984 Desert Champ ions Phoros Trackside Photo Enterprises Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen not only won Class 5 titles in both Score and HORA but they also won absolutely overall in HORA points only the second time in history that a Class 5 c a r has won overall Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling won almost every race they entered in 1984 driving the keen old 55 Chevy Larry was the 1984 Class 6 Champion in HORA and he also won V 8 Class 6in Score Rod Hall Jim Fricker and the mighty Dodge triumphed again in 1984 winning the overall points championship in Score Class 4 in both series and Rodney again won the HORA overall truck points title Flying through the night in Baja here Manny Esquerra and his brother Tudy drove the Stroppe built Ford Ranger to many victories and Manny Esquerra won the Class 7 poi its in HORA and Score competition The trophies are on the mantle the applause has faded but a look back at the 1984 desert racing championships refl ects so me interesting statistics The numbers can provide some fodder for predictions on how the new HORA SCORE eight race series will go in 1985 also The two series in 1984 held a total of eleven races and only a few teams h id the fortitude to shoot for championships in both series Ekven desert races is a bunch of pre running and car prep along with the actual racing There were four double champions in 1984 two factory with a lot of help from his backed teams and two privateers friends The factory type winners were The breakdown on the Rod Hall Dodge in Class 4 who winning brand nam es 1s was the Score overall points interesting also Among the champ and Manny Esquerra twelve buggy classes in the two Ford who won Class 7 in both series Chenowth was the series Bill Stroppe and his crew wi1 ming chassis in five classes did the race prep on both of these Raceco nailed four classes championship winning trucks counting as one two out of three Malcolm Vinje won Class 5 in tied for Class 10 in HORA and both series and was the overall Funco Chaparral and BunderHORA points champ driving a son each won a single class family built super Baja Bug out of Volkswagen of course took its Larry s VW And one of the five eligible classes Hemet troops Larry Schwacofer Among the water pumpers drove his aged Chevrolet to the with 15 classes Ford was the big Class 6 V 8 title in both series winner with five titles Jeep was Dave Shoppe and Jeff Yocum had a busy year in Class 8 In the big Ford They won the prestigious Baja 1000 and they won the Score championship Page 36 next with three and Dodge Nissan and Chevrolet each had t wo classes while Saab had one win Yes gang it does total out to 32 classes for cars 17 in Score and 15 in HORA Where do the winners come from Tradition says that Score champs come from well south in California and the HORA winners come from Nevada Even though five of the six HORA desert races in 1984 took place in Nevada the local drivers didn t do that well this year Californians took twelve of the Score titks and eight of the HORA titles to ov e rwhelm other It was Ford all the way in Class 8 as Stan Gilbert drove for Charlotte Corral this past year and he captured the HDRA season points title February 1985 states in this category Carffo nia took 21 championships out of the possible 32 Nevada drivers got one Score title and four from HORA for a total of five Arizona claim ed four championships two from each series One Score title went to Mexico and one HORA title went to Colorado So no matter where the races take place the Californians by sheer weight of entry numbers are the ones to beat on odds for a year end championship The geography of the 1985 series will keep serious points hunters traveling Three of the championship runs will be in Jim Dizney made an effort to keep Class 9 alive and he also drove his Chenowth to the Class championship in the five race Score desert series Dusty Times

Page 37

Terry and Tim Bell a brother act from Nevada did a great job this year and finished the season in the Bunderson with the HDRA 1 2 1600 title Bobby and Tom Neth another brother act but from California took their second 1 1600 title in Score racing driving a sleek new Chenowth in 1984 Jim Greenway and Terry Smith were tough in their 2 1600 Raceco winning often and they won the Score championship by a whole lot of points Jorge Souto did a great job in the new Score Class 3 for mini truck 4x4s winning the 1984 championship for himself and the Nissan folks Don Coffland came from Arizona to go for HDRA Class 3 points starting the season with a Jeep CJ 7 finishing with a CJ 8 and the championship Eric Arras with a little help from his dad Henry flew his quick Class 5 1600 Bug to many victories and the 1984 Score class championship Mike Lund kept the Chenowth Magnum all together this season to be the first Californian in a long time to take the HDRA Class 1 championship Repeating his 1983 title Mark McMillin with help from the family tookJhe Chenowth Jimco to overall victories and the Class 2 Score championship Nevada only two happen in year end title this season will C alifornia and there are two in need to make all of the races Baja Califo rnia and o ne in which is the idea of the series Arizona Anyone aiming for a Comparing the two seri es winners fo r 1984 might give some clues to th e future Both C lass 1 winners Larry Ragland C haparral and Mik e Lund Cheno wth are bo und to be strong in 1985 Th e lim ited 1600 cl asses will n o do ubt b e co mbin ed which will pit Terry Bel l Bunderson against Ji m G reenway Raccco and Bobby Neth C henowth all in the defend ing cham p io n category C lass 2 will be wide open H O R A s c h amp io n Br ia n Co llin s R aceco may have to travel well ou t o f Nevad a and Ma rk McMillin C henowt h wi ll have to ru n all over the states as well as in Mex ico The wa ter pu m per 4x4 classes wi ll nu mber at least three in 1985 with the sh o rt and long wheel base V 8 rigs each having a class and the mini trucks and utiliti es rum o r ed to be combin ed lt is a cinch th at Rod Hall Dod ge is a good bet to repeat a ch am p ionship whatever they ca ll th e class But things may go differen t in the o thers as Jorge Souto N issa n Todd and Tom Craig young brothers from Barstow showed their stuff on the desert and won the HDRA 5 1600 title at the last race of the season Wild Willie Valdez and Jose Armenta ran their privateer Ford Ranger hard all year and Willie Valdez won the Score Class 7S championship It was nip and tuck all y ar for Spencer Low and Paul De Lang in the Nissan but they pulled out the 7S championship in the HDRA series Young Kelly McDonough drove her Funco SS 2 in all the HDRA races and the Las Vegas girl iook home the 1984 HDRA Class 9 championship Marty Reider hauled the Class 10 Raceco down many desert miles en route to his popular victory in the large class in the Score series Bob and Jerry Leighton drove their own creation in Class 10 in HDRA racing and they were one third of the trio tied for the class title Dusty Times February 1985 Page 37

Page 38

T Ray Aragon and Leon Tice started the season strong in the Toyota powered Raceco and ended the season tied for the HORA Class 10 points Steve Tetrick and Randy Snyder got a late start in Class 10 with their new O R E and tied for the HDRA title with two other single seaters _ Sergio and Porfirio Gutierrez drove their Beetle the best in the Score Class 11 points chase and they ended up winning the championship Dan Oliver and Daniel Hook drove their Chenowih to the points win in the mid season debut of the new Score Challenger low bucks class It was a close race all year but it was Barstow s Myron c oel who ended up winning he mega bucks for the HDRA Nissan Cup championship Starting in mid season with a new downsize Jeep Cherokee Don Adams and Jason Myers got it together to be the first ever HDRA Class _12 champions won the mini pickup title in Score and Don Adams won the _mini utility in his Jeep Cherokee in HORA Don Coffland is the HORA Class 3 winner and he will be tough in his new CJ 8 The powerhouse team of Malco lm Vinje Mark Hansen and Larry Bitc6n will be another Larry Ragland drove s olo all year in his Chaparral and the man from Phoenix AZ captured the Score Class 1 title for the second year in a row Brian Collins and co driver Ken Cox brought the HDRA Class 2 title home to Las Vegas with a good season driving the two seat Racec_o Page 38 good bet for a repeat title in 1985 in Class 5 But 5 1600 honors could go to either defending champ Eric Arras or Todd Craig or any one of a dozen others who were so very close all year Class 11 is st ill listed in the Score nile book but whether this class dominated last year by Mexican entries will sail in the Nevada rough is a big question right now The Score Challenger class is an unknown quantity at this writing although there ar e reports of a good dozen such cars getting ready to race at Parker The pickups will be back in force and Manny Esquerra Ford will be the one to beat in Class 7 Defending title holders in 7 S Willie Vald ez Ford and Spencer Low Nissan will be just as tough in that growing class Defending champs Dave Shoppe Ford and Stan Gi lbert Ford have a lot of competition coming in Class 8 especially from Walker Evans Dodge and Steve Kelley in Larr y Min or s GMC and some other swift truckers Class 1Q is a healthy group and more than a dozen probable champions could be named including defending Score winner Marty Reider Raceco and all those who tied or came so close in the HORA points chase C lass 9 lives again in the 1985 series with rules the same as this past season More participation is expected and this season the defending champ ions Jim Dizney Chcnowth and Kelly McDonough Funco will have to work hard to stay on top Apparently Class 14 is no more and will be combined with the short wheelbase V 8 4x4s Champion Marshall Mahr wi ll be running with the other bobtails this season as all will be running under the modified type rules As the new race season gets under way let us give one more sa lute to the 1984 desert champions These drivers and their crews slogged through allkinds of heavy weatl ier towed endless miles across the southwest a nd t_hey did a n iagnificent job February 1985 BILSTEIN MADONNA Les Unger right Motorsports Manager of Toyota Motor Sales USA accepts the Bi s tein Madonna Award from Doug Robertson National Sales Manager of the Bi stein Corporation of America honoring Toyota s second consecutive Manufacturers Cup Challenge Championship in 1984 A second Bi stein Madonna Award was presented to Cal Wells and Ivan Stewart at a later date honoring them for Exce lence in Motorsport with the Team Toyota trucks The Bi stein Madonna Award is a Umitea edition cast sculpture presented annually to professional racing teams and drivers who have won major motor racing championships using Bi stein gas pressure shock absorbers Dusty Times

Page 39

B J11J 1 Smith Raceco Goes Truckin Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises From the side the pickup looks longer than it is and there is plenty of room amid ship to make a four seater touring car and still have good cargo space David Kreisler turned a very hot lap at the Frontier 250 in his latest creation a Raceco pickup complete with camouflage paint and an upright racing engine installed in the back of the bed David Kreisler the owner of North American Raceco which was this year s winner in SCORE s Off Road Buggy Chassis of the Year category has come up with another innovative idea Kreisler known for introducing new ideas in his chassis designs has developed an off road utility vehicle which incorporates much of his race car engineering The vehicle a two seater features a flat cargo area which extends from just behind the seats all the way back to the rear bumper Kreisler has developed this vehicle in an effort to expand his market to other than racing areas The truck for basically that s what it is is still powered by an air cooled VW and is aimed for the underdeveloped countries of the world which have need for adaptable tough low maintenance vehicles As Kreisler says The whole world is full of dirt roads He feels that the consumers in these countries have begun to look toward our off road industry for vehicles to serve them rather than to Detroit Kreisler has built two of the little trucks which he sold to an overseas firm which will use them as demonstration models Dave kiddingly says that the trucks are designed for Foreign Legion use and in a more serious vein describes them as being able to climb the rockiest hills and drop through the deepest gorges while being able to run in the sand dunes Originally designed with pancake motors the cars were finally built with uprights Kreisler had trouble with the dual carburetion on the pancakes and needing to build absolute reliability into them decided to go with a single carb on an upright Type IV FAT motor which uses Gregg Symonds trick shrouding That means he sacrifices some of his truck bed space because the motor projects up through it He has enclosed it in a screen box so it s easy to keep an eye on things and it helps with the cooling at the same time The trucks have wheelbases of 120 and are roughly truck shaped He and his distributors wanted that shape so that the final buyer can do whatever he likes with them Kreisler says that a funny body shaped like a Chevy SlO would probably drop down over the chassis beautifully and would also probably improve its performance in that it would offer weather protection to the driver and passenger while creating a more aerodynamic outer surface It can of course also be left with standard off road aluminum or fiberglass side panels and hood The bed floored with expanded aluminum has a functioning drop tailgll te Kreisler envisions the truck being used for military commercial or ranching purposes He feels it would be a Don t miss a single issue Subscribe to DUSTY TIMES Today perfect vehicle for someone with a big ranch who needs to patrol his boundaries or just to get from one part to another across roadless acres as one example He also sees it used as a rescue vehicle in hard to reach areas stating that there is room for a stretcher in the truck s bed The truck features his latest racing suspension with 23 of rear travel and the coil over shocks on the front end There is power steering with a Saginaw box a 24 volt alternator and a spare tire mount at the back of the bed _The headlights are tucked safely inside the body with covers that come off when they re needed The trucks will be sold with Mickey Thompson tires The driver s compartment is way forward so that the bed measures a full six feet There is actually room to put two more seats between the driver s compartment and the motor should the buyer want to increase his passenger carrying capacity Dave s really enthusiastic about his little truck and thinks it would even be a good race car in a buggy class or perhaps in some funny car class with a pickup body on it He says that the increased visibility from sitting so far forward makes it a real pleasure to drive He did enter it in the Frontier 250 but broke after doing well on one lap losing a couple of gears in the transmission Perhaps in the near future we ll see news photos of some oil country sheik overseeing his domain from the bed of his Raceco truck It s an idea whose time seems to have come DUSTY TIMES COVER UPS PAINTER HAT Great for pit workers one size fits all but very large heads Nifty for children too 2 50 ALL WEATHER COVERALL Neck to ankle protection against heavy weather made of water shedding paper based fabric will last through many wet race weekends if washed gently One size fits all adults except N F L sized men 8 50 SAFARI HAT Protects tender necks from the sun All cotton _bill makes the Safari Hat compeletly washable Sizes S M L XL 6 50 To order send check or money order to Dusty Times 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Specify size on Safari hat Be sure to include 1 50 for shipping and handling California residents add 6 5 sales tax Allow 4 5 weeks for delivery see page 3 Dusty Times February 1985 Page 39

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ANDRES N WITER JI f 7 n f 12623 SHERMANWAY UNITB NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 ROLL CAGE STRUCTURES_ SUSPENSION SYSTEMS CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION OFF ROAD AND ASPHALT 714 962 6655 10575 Bech ler River Ave Fountain Valley CA 92708 PORSCHE V W SPECJA ISTS COMPLETE TRANSMISSION SERVICE REPAIR CENTER FOR AUTOS 4x4s MOT OR HOMES Send 3 00 for our new 1984 Catalog PHONE 818 765 3566 PRO SPORTSMAN BEGINNER RACES CLASSES FOR BUGGY S 4x4 1 TRUCKS CARS L ll D r JL J Fast and affordable The first and only kitconcept sport truck chassis for off road racing or street use Baja bred by John Baker 1983 SCORE and HORA Class 7 champion to go faster and last longer For brochure and price sheet send 2 to John Baker Performance Products 4304 Alger Street Los Angeles CA 90039 Phone 818 240 7051 Send To l r C JI 0 m rrCJ 213 Accessories a TOYOTA 863 1123 213 SUSPENSION MODIFICATION e Alloy Axles Spools Mag Dana 60 s VW Master Diffs VW Axles Tim Lecluse Doyne Podhorsky 714 662 7223 e STREET e 868 9393 ED LEKIVETZ m ALL TYPES OF VEHIC LES DA T SUN RON METCALF I I a lJ 0 i5 z 2952 RANDOLPH UNIT C COSTA MESA CA 92626 e MAN AG ER 11324 NORWALK BOULEVARD SANTA FE SPRINGS CA 90670 17000 KINGSVIEW CARSON CA 90746 213 217 1805 e CUSTOM ROLL CAGES e PARTS JOHN PROSSER Parts VW FAMILY ORIENTED RACING 1436 EAST THIRD STREET POMONA CA 91766 German Auto LIGHTS SUSPENSI ETC BE WHERE THE ACTION IS COME RACE WITH US WAITE OR CALL 252 1900 THE BAKER CHASSIS DENNIS GARMAN 714 620 1242 1JFTIRES CEPEK WHEELS ARIZONA DESERT RACING AIIOCIATION 1408 E Granada Road Phoenix Arizona 85006 FABRICATION Performance Transmission Products TRANSMISSIONS GARMAN r C 0 111 STRIP e Send This Ad In OFF ROAD RACE PROVEN WIDE SELECTION OF FIBERGLASS SEATS COVERS H PS IN C P O Box 1065 SOLA NA B EACH CA 92075 0830 61 9 753 3 196 BEARD S S UPER SEATS ED BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E Buckeye AZ 85326 602 386 2592 PIBPOBIIIICE HPS WORKS A N D IT S WORTH IT DFLL2R o WEBER 1450 Glassel Orange CA 92667 714 639 2833 JD UII MAX ltia

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1 f A TI McKENZIE S AUTOMOTIVE INC OFFROAD PARTS AND ACCESSORIES CENTER LINE WH EELS BILSTEIN Cl RACECAR SWAY A WAY CIBE LIGHTS SHOCKS GEM RACING GEARS BEARD SEATS 90 WATTS PHONE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL SIGNAL HILL CA 90806 2188 GUNDRY AVE RUSS s V W Recycling 3317 S Peck Ad Monrovia CA 91016 VW PORSCHE HEWL AND RACINC CEARBOXES 3501 FOURSOME DRIVE LA MESA CA 92041 BEHIND TONY S TRUCK WRECKING TRAIi SMAit 701 CHARLESTON AVENUE LEE S SUMMIT MO 64063 PHONE 816 525 3555 DON HILKER PF lESIDENT 818 574 1943 818 574 1944 PE ORMANCE TIRES r e _ P Box n Cuyahoga Falls OH 44222 Inside O io 216 928 9C9l OUTSIDE OHIO 800 222 9092 luiTECTIRAUD Seue Ji THE MOST AGGRESSIVE TREAD YOU CAN GET FOR YOUR RACE VEHICLE Specializing in V W Bugs Buses Ghias and 914 s NEVADA OFFROAD BUGGY 054 Smnl t VAllEy ViEw LAs VEGAS NEvAdA 8Ql 02 THE MiclfeyThompso MENDEOLA RACINC TECHNOLOCY 714 697 3100 1ffiF JEI R1 213 426 7077 SYNTHESIZED RACE BUSINESS USE CUSTOM DESIGNS 12945 SHERMAN WAY NO 4 NO HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 818 764 6438 THE THE POWER IN RACE RADIOS TECTIRA u g 99 1 THE illJIP I J mn THE 1533 Truma n Street TRAIi SMAii San Fernando Ca 91340 702 871 4911 Phone 818 361 1215 TIRE WHEEL MART BARNEY SCOTT Phone 585 3043 Larry Ellis BILL O BRIEN Z 03 673 P342 7 Jackson St Avon CT 06001 ORE SPEED UNLIMITED OF NEVADA 2954 Westwood Dr E Las Vegas NV 89109 818 882 2886 Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS 1649 W Collins Orange CA 92667 714 997 0766 If no answer 714 997 0767 Dusty Times 312 869 2434 800 323 5427 for order desk PHOTOGllAPHY SPECIALISTS TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998 2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth CA 91311 Get the word out about your business big or small Put your business card in the QUALITY PARTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES 2204 Ashland Ave Evanston Illinois 60201 llACINC ACE Tl ANS BYJEFF REU S PHIL S INC Send 3 00 for complete Phil s Catalog Volkswagen Off Road High Performance Equipment Jim Ober 213 327 4493 702 735 7753 RICHARO LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Off Boad Bace Can GREG LEWIN KIRK CARTWRIGHT P 0 BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 18710 SO NORMANDIE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 V W SPECIALIST ENGINES JRANSAXLE REBUILDING STREET OFF ROAD OFF ROAD ENGINEERING 9720 Cozycroft Chatsworth CA 91311 TRACKSIDE Photo EnterprlNs _ __ O BRACING Distributor for VW Off Road Race Parts Jamar Mickey Thompson Tires Allison Ignition HPS KC HiLites Total Seal Rings 2225 FIRESTONE BLVD LOS ANGELES CALIF 90002 Suspension Components 818 988 5510 7840 BURNET AVE VAN NUYS CALIF 91405 February 1985 GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY and reach new customers Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely 16 00 per month Page 41

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FOR SALE 1 1600 Berrien 1001 Chrome Moly all the good stuff Fox shocks Wright spindles Wright steering Fuel cell gauges Hewland gears 930 CVs and much more Also removable secondary rear suspension to run Class 10 if desired Priced to sell Bill Wuesthoff 414 242 3422 Classified FOR SALE The Roger Mears Chenowth Magnu111 1983 Ri versicle Winner 18 000 00 less engine c nd transmission FOR SALE Class 2 Hi Jumper 2000 cc Pinto dual Webcrs lRS Wright Parker Simpson Centerlines ready to race 5000 includes trailer Call evenings Jay Boatwright 916 488 7140 or Jay Longacre 916 685 4381 May consider trade Contact Lynn Chenowth or Mike Thomas at 619 449 7100 FOR SALE PRO RALLY CARS T earn Eagle offers for sale its two Eagle Sx4s Both SMC units are FRESH and RALLY READY 1982 P Car 6500 1983 Open Car 8500 Specification sheets available Spare parts and delivery negotiable Gene Henderson c o Competition Limited Box 337 Pinckney Ml 48169 313 464 1458 FOR SALE Hewland gear set four gears and splined shaft new in the box T he new ratios third FOR SALE 1 1600 Berrien gear 1 50 to 1 fourth gear 1 15 100 I the 1984 Berrien Series and to 1 with standard first and SODA Series points champion second gear 3 10 and 1 96 to 1 930 cvs Wright Fox shocks 495 00 Call 818 889 5601 custom fuel tank Nea l days Centerlines chrome moly front beam 98 WB will sdl race ready or as a roller Call Curt Wuesthoff evenings 414 3555414 WHY AREN T A DUSTY TIMES DEALER SELL TO YOUR USTOMERS I U P S EVERY MONTH TO YOUR DOOR YOU PAY NO SHIPPING CHARGES GET ALL THE RACE AND RALLY NEWS FROM THE TOP OFF ROAD JOURNALISTS Contact DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Avenue Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 213 889 5600 FOR SALE Ten year collection ofVW parts nothing older than 1960 62 67 69 K Gs Two 1971 Converts one with a top Several 6 V gas heaters condition unknown Write or call with needs all letters answered VW U n limited lnc 300 Racetrack Road NE Fort Walton Beach Florida 32548 904 862 1024 FOR SALE Buy a proven Winner Desert or short course 1st Riverside lstO A Borrego6 hour 1st AMSA 12 hour California City 1st Gorman 200 1984 AMSA points champion All latest equipment FAT motor Fields trans UMP power steering all Wright components Fox Shox Parker Pumper For more information and test drive FOR SALE 122 HP FAT type contact John Swift 805 488 1151 4 class 10 desert motor 7 500 invested sell for 4 750 OBO must sell going to class 2 Will FOR SALE C lass 8 truck 1979 consider taking your good 2000cc Ford 1981 Score Class 8 champ _ and type 1 motor as a trade in From aluminum front h ubs to Saco Power steering unit com Summers axle all the best equipp lete with pump 400 Dick ment Priced for immediate sale Young days 213 426 1912 eve at 15 000 cash Call Dennis at nings 213 498 7812 916 334 4204 or916 728 5931 FOR SALE 1981 Chenowth 1000 H600 1340 lbs 100 WB Centerlines Mudblasters and Sandblaster Jrs Jackmans BFG T A s Sway A Way Wright rack spindles kingpins Bus box close 3rd and 4th FOR SALE 1984 Berrien Laser Thing stub axles _Bus CV s FOR SALE Chenowt Magnum single seater 1984 Berrien 2001 11 rear wheel travel _ KYB desert Class 10 Baja 1000 2 1600 car 1983 Berrien 1001 Beard Neal Tri Mil K and N winner Best of everything Pro single seater 1983 2001 open very good race history See Sept built by Bob Richardson Don class car All cars have the best of 1984 issue pages 36 and 41 Hatz dry sump motor 091 trans everything and all are available Rocky Knudsen 203 496 884 Ready to win races in 1985 either complete or less engine desert season 1983 class and or trans Call Probst Off champion Call Bob at 619 Road Racing 815 485 7223 FOR SALE Baja Bug built to 462 8491 days 815 485 4691 evenings Score 5 1600 Specs great prerunner street car or racer 1985 FOR SALE 2234 cc Type I VW FOR SALE Morgan silver California plates Like new conrace motor fresh Weber carb dollars Selling collection to dition New motor powder Big valved heads Pauter crank build race car for 1985 season coated and all the good stuff Chevy rods alternator complete All coins in very good condition Come see it If you like it make a with exhaust 2500 or best or better Cost 15 00 each plus reaso nable o ffer and you ll own offer Call Kirk at O R E 818 1 50 for shipping and insurance it Must sell Call Tom 619 882 2886 each Mail check or_money order 445 9973 to Ed Curran P O Box 2266 Sparks Nevada 89432 INDEX TO r r I I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I DUSTY TIMES Cl ssified Advertising rate is only 10 for 45 wor s n t including name address and phone number Add 5 00 for use of black and white photo or a very sharp color prmt NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe If you wish to use a photo in your free ad enclose 5 00 Enclosed is _ _ _ __ Send check or money order no cash Please ru n ad _ _ __ __ _ ti mes Name Mail to Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Phone City I Page 42 FOR SALE 1984 Parker 400 Winner Raceco with the best of everything Type IV motor Giese cliff brand new Hewland gears and ring and pinion UMP power steering Super Boot drive train and stubs and many extra parts and spares Chenowth 1000 S with or without Hew land tranny complete car without motor would make a great class 10 car Call Bob 602 831 1920 FOR SALE Mirage 2 1600 Bilsteins Neal Dogs everything but engine and trans Good car to learn on or for parts 1500 Call Motorsports Racing Ltd 517 793 4 703 after 4 p m 517 799 0182 ask for Wayne YOU PRESENT TO YOUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS FOR SALE Kdmark Pro Rall y car 250 HP 911 engine with close ratio 5 speed Professionally built tube frame with the best components Wright Bilsteins Sway A Way ATL Simpson Neal VDO Cibies 12 Jackman wheels 4 wheel Porsche discs street legal for pre run or SCCA rally _Mark Long home 214 727 85 15 work 214 4942556 State _ _ _ _ _ Zip _ _ _ _ _ __ February 1985 DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 ADVERTISERS BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 5 BLUE FLAME PRODUCTS 12 CHEVROLET MOTOR DIVISION BACK COVER C O R E 32 FILLER PRODUCTS 24 F O R D A 19 GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 20 GENERAL TIRE 2 BFGOODRICH TIRE DIVISION 22 23 JAMAR PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 17 McKENZIE AUTOMOTIVE 18 MAJOR AUTOMOTIVE ATTRACTIONS 27 MINT 400 7 SCORE CANADA 29 SCORE INTERNATIONAL 15 SIMPSON SAFETY PRODUCTS 9 STREET SAND TOYS 14 MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP 13 TRACKSIDE PHOTO ENTERPRISES 25 TRI MIL INDUSTRIES 11 TOYOTA MOTORSPORTS 21 Dusty Times

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General Tire s New Grabber Radials Goodies Galore Rear Disc Brakes for VW Racers Easy to install rear disc brakes for VW based race cars IRS or Swing Axle have been introduced by Leighton Racing Products The set comes complete with high tech caliper assembly rotor and perimeter structural spider and all mounting hardware and plate and Sway A Way studs and nuts Applications include street or off road cars race cars from Pumice Power in Gritty Giant buggies to dragsters kit cars the works and both early and late model bolt patterns are available The brakes have been under test for months on the Leighton race cars and the suggested list price is 495 for the complete kit Get the full details from Bob Leighton Racing Products Dept OT 16311 Valencia 26 Fontana CA 92335 or call 714 823 1906 Downsize Tire Carriers The newest addition to the famous line of Boraxo 20 Mule team hand cleaner products is Gritty Giant It is a full 16 ounces of liquid hand cleaner that packs the power of pumice to clean grime grease and heavy dirt along with a lanolin and a special PH balanced formula that conditions an_d moisturizes skin at the same time Gritty Giant can be used with or without water and it comes in a handy spill proof container with a locking pump top that makes it ideal for a pit crew or just in your garage Gritty Gia t from Boraxo 20 Mule Team is available in most autmotive departments at major retailers and chain stores in the USA and Canada New Quick Release teering Hub tlew from Baja Motor Racing is this quick releas e steering hub made of machined aluminum with a stainless steel shaft It features a push button release w h c h solves the lost pin problem The hexagon shaft eliminates the hard to get on and hard to get off problem with dirt buiJd up that a spline shaft unit has ordinarily The hub is designed for heavy duty off road racing Contact BMR Off Road Center Dept OT 13142 Garden Grove Blvd Garden Grove CA 92643 or call 714 750 2802 A new Uni Carrier tire carrier made by Kayline Manufacturing is designed for the Chevrolet S10 and Blazer GMC S 15 and Jimmy and the Jeep Wagoneer Cherokee line It mounts to a cross member of the vehicle frame eliminating the need to drill holes in the body The tire carrier is available with attachments to also carry skis gas cans SCORE We sell mote tacing gasoline than a11yone else in the west Canada Inc 390 CHEMIN DU LAC LERY QUE CANADA J6N 1A3 TA Cr RACING GASOLINE 514 692 6171 Call today SAND PARTS Q e et OFF ROAD REPAIR acing Perfor111 _ ll 1c MOTOR TRANSAXLES 8 702 739 1933 Dusty Times VALLEY PERFORMANCE 3700 Mead Avenue La Vegas Nevada 89 102 702 873 1962 619 281 9133 WEST ENGINE MACHINE fiOtVWs Quality Engine Machine Work Fabrication 947 Rancheros Dr San Marcos CA 92069 Wright Publishing Co Inc CLARK WEST LAS VEGAS NEVADA ROLL BAR CAGE one or two bicycles and a trailer hitch is also available The UniCatrier is easily installed in less than an hour with common hand tools Get the full details from Kayline Manufacturing Inc Dept OT 200 East 64th Ave Denver Colorado 80221 Send one dollar for the full Kayline catalog and to order call 800525 8118 toll free GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY MORE STOCK A redesigned and revamped Grabber family of radial light truck tires for the on and off road market has been introduced by General Tire The new steel belted Grabbers offer a tread pattern to handle virtually every on or off road application The Grabber AT has an interlocki g lug design excellent traction and superior flotation qualities It is engineered for those enthusiasts traveling over sand and rough and rocky surfaces like off road racing A tire designed for operation in heavy mud snow or silt is the Grabber MT The tread s deep staggered lugs provide outstanding mud and snow traction The third member of the family is the Grabber AP for use where the majority of driving is on good roads The aggressive rib button pattern offers a smooth quiet ride with excellent tread wear yet provides good traction off road All three tire lines are available in popular sizes and carry a mud and snow designation and they are complete with the outline white lettering that gives the tires a sporty appearance Check them out at your local dealer 619 741 6173 Box 2260 2949 Century Pl Costa Mesa CA 92628 714 979 2560 WELDING February 1985 Page 43

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