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1984 Volume 1 Number 9 Dusty Times Magazine

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lolln Has llllbn I All an J Okollan a SUPER DIGt ER Ill ft now ffle Super Diggers are winning in ottter elasses 1983 SCORE and HORA Class 7 Points Champion John Baker the 1983 SCORE and HORA points champion in Class 7 and winner of the last two San Felipe 250 was instrumental in developing the Super Digger 1 st Place Class_1 O The Leightons won the Fireworks 250 in Class 10 on Yokohama Super Digger tires The tire is great in the turns and really shows its advantages in sand and silt CONTINGENCY PROGRAM FOR FRONTIER 250 FRONTIER 500 SNORE 250 AND BAJA 1000 Yokohama will pay contingency of 300 200 100 for 1st 2nd 3rd in all classes except 7 and 8 plus a set of tires for best place on Yokohamas in each of these classes TYPE TIRE Super Digger Y826 Radial SIZE PLY RIM 0 0 27 x 8 50R14 6 7 6 26 5 30 x 9 50R15 6 61 HI 29 4 7 9 31 x 10 50R15 6 30 6 32 5 33 X 10 50 15 6 7 9 SEC WIDTH 8 9 10 0 11 3 10 5 TREAD WIDTH 6 6 6 6 8 3 7 2 30 20 42 61 47 60 36 20 6 6 8 2 8 1 5 5 6 4 32 00 33 00 Super Digger Ill Y829 Bias 7 00 15 Y755 Bias Y720 Bias 7 00 15 Y826 5 6 5 6 29 8 30 3 WT Call toll free 1 800 423 4544 From No Calif 1 800 221 6765 From So Calif 1 800 221 8744 YOl

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Volume 1 Number 9 September 1984 In This Issue FEATURES Editor Publisher Jean Calvin Subscription Rates 12 00 per year 12 issues USA Foreign s ub cription Contributors Cindy Chamberlin Daryl D Drake Peggy Ellenburg Homer Eubanks Jan Flick Rick Hochfeld Martin Holmes Cam McRae Danny McKenzie Bill Oursler Brenda Parker David Ryskamp Walt Schwalbe Wayne Simmons Judy Smith John Sprovkin Joe Stephan T rackside Photo Enterprises rates on request Contributions DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions but is not responsible for such material Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope Classified Ads will be published as received prepaid DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omjssions or errors All ads may be subject to editing DUSTY TIMES is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 818 889 5600 Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher Application to Mail at Second Class Postage Rates is Pending at Ago ura CA 91301 POSTMASTER Send address changes to Dusty Times Art Director Larry E W orsham 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Typesetting Production Michelle s Typesetting Services Printing News Type Service CHANGE OF ADDRESS Four weeks notice is required for change of address Please furnish both old and new address and send to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH Ode to Race Workers Championship Racing at the Silverdome KC HiLites Snore Midnight Special Kamloops 300 FORDA Cracker 150 Baja Cross at Saddleback Park Sugar Camp Challenge VORRA at Baylands HDRA Glen Helen Nissan Classic Toyota 4 Runner Macon County Fair Super Autocross at Ottawa Lakefair Pro Can Am Laurentide Autocross Challenge Pyle Driver Charity Race Rally Argentina Goodyear Blimp at the Olympics Page 7 8 12 16 18 20 24 28 30 33 34 36 38 40 42 45 49 DEPARTMENTS Snapshot of the Month Soapbox py Frank De Angelo Trail Notes Side Tracks by Juci Smith Happenings Good Stuff Directory Bounces from the Betm Goodies Galore Pony Express Classified Ads Index to Advertisers 3 4 4 5 6 46 48 48 50 50 50 DUSTY Tl BECOME It looks like a giant clam getting ready t bite the race course but the hood fasteners let go in flight on the Funco SS 2 driven by Bud Feldkamp The time is May 1978 and the occasion was the one and only short course race organized by the HORA at Riverside International Raceway Feldkamp was driving one of the famous Blue Bullet Funcos in which he and Malcolm Smith won every major desert race of the era Bud did land without great mishap DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar funnies or woes on this page each month Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration DUSTY TIMES will pay 10 for the picture used If you wish the photo returned enclose a stamped self addressed envelope Only black white prints 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered ON THE COVER Roger Mears soars high over a jump in his Class 7 Nissan In HORA racing Mears drives the Jim Conner prepped desert truck on the short course circuit At the finale at Glen Helen Park last month Roger pulled out the HORA short course series championship by winning the main event This spectaculll r shot of the champion was taken at the Nissan Classic at Firebird Lake last winter Cofor photography by Chris Haston ofTrackside Photo Enterprises I I September 1984 Dusty Times 1 l I t Page 3

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Trail Notes Soap Box sort of television magazine and THE S C A PRO RALLY SERIES has some big changes in two key field newspafer coverage that its staff posm ons for the second half of the 1984 season Bill Brooks has been natura excitement s hould appo inted as Series Chi_e f Steward _replacing Jon Davis who unfortunately attract we d have payin g had to resign due to business commitments Brooks will assume the duties at spectators coming _out of our the_A gus Budweiser Forest Pro Rally Also effective immediately C laudia C h1tt1m will replace Bob Skuggen as SCCA s at event Media Coordinator representatives o f all three ears major races all across the Bob has h ad eak problems this year and is still recovering and all in the country mstead of just basically sanctio ning bodies the various rally wo rld wish him a qu ick and complete recovery C laudia will continue truck classes and nine truck in the desert Southwest and her efforts on site at the rallies In other Pro Rally news Erik Zenz s Pro Rall y Competition License has manufacturers attending Go ing we d have plenty of interested in I thought that the whole new companies to approach for been suspended until the end of the year The suspensio n was the result of future would depend on the sponsorship in addition to the Zenz s refusal to answer questions by the Roscommo n County Sheriff s loyal few who have been Department following his accident during the Michigan International Pro outcome of that meeting involved all along It s sort oflike Rally last May 5 he entered ai i invalid state driver s license on the entry form Well I m here to tell you that and competed m the eve nt with a suspended state driver s license 1985 may well be the beginning rolling a snowball downhill if Going into th sec_o nd half of the 1984 series Rod Millen leads John you point it in the right direction of a hew era All three it will just keep growing and Buffum by five pomts m the overall driver s championship standings after sanctioning bodies agreed to four e ents Walter Boyce is the leader in Production Class by six points over growing many of the recommendations But you ve first got to point it Guy Light and Richard Kelsey has a 20 point lead over John Crawford in GT Production Class With five rallies left on the 1984 calendar Audi is the set forth and are willing to work overall manufacturers points leader while Dodge leads in both Production toward uniting the rules in the right direction The consolidation would be separating race dates and painful necessary changes and GT Production classes establishing a better working usually are but it must be done relationship between the if our sport is ever to get where it AUTO HAUS a famous name in merchandising of Volkswagen aftermarket products for both show and go has apparently passed from the sceF e The manufacturers and race sup belongs You know as well as I do c_omp ny has shut down operations in California reportedly in some deep porters that some classes have just plain The next step is for you the outlived their usefulness and fmanc1al snarl Auto Hau grew with the VW craze in the 1970s and it grew to have a number of retail stores as well as being a giant in the field of mail racers and fans to get out and simply ought to be dropped And order sales Hopefully Auto J Iaus can reorganize and get back in business in show your support and a number are only minor the near future appreciation to HORA SCORE variations of other similar and MTEG so that their events classes such as the limited and GLENN HARRIS coming off his double victory in both Class 1 and Class will be bigger and better than 10 at the Silverdome will be just as busy at the finale of theStroh sOffRoad groups ever before In addition off unlimited There s a lot of consolidating Championship Gran Prix series at Pomona more commonly known as roading needs the backing of all to be done but everyone needs Mickey Thompson s Stadium race series Glenn will be going for the Class 10 manufacturers and the media to put the good of the sport points at the late August race and it will be history by the time this is If all of this comes about for ahead of their own desires to published Just as exciting Harris has a new Mazda a rotary engined mini 1985 the following year should have a small class in which it is pickup built just for the tight and tough racing in short course events If you prove to be successful as well easy to look good and win You miss seeing it at Pomona the Harr is Mazda will be at the SCORE Off Road That s because the new rule book could still keep the herd of World Championships at Riverside Raceway in mid September and suggestions for 1985 are classes for the small family actually intended and planned oriented events that are basically RULE BOOKS for both SCORE and HORA are reported to be on common for two years 1985 and 1986 fun races but the top _level ground for 1985 and if it comes to pass it will be a real boon riot only to I m sure that sort of stability will profess onal events need a SCOl_lE_and HORA racers but to all those across the country whose racing use the rule _b ooks from the two organizations as guides for their generate an increasing number of simpler easier to understand associations own events The word 1s that SCORE will combine the 1 1600s and the entries plus a more professional structure that would also breed 2 1600s into a single 1 2 1600 class ala HORA eliminating one class looking srort for everyone tougher more exciting competi Apparently the 1200 c Class 9 will be dropped completely from desert We al know that off road tion That would attract plenty of racmg and rumors persist that Class 11 has also gotten the axe racing provides manufacturers media attention which in turn 1 he concept of reducing the number of classes is good news to many but with an outstanding arena in would make attracting sponsors there 1s a_catch While two buggy classes have been dropped two new four which to test their products and especially series sponsors a w el drive lasses have been added the existing HORA Class 12 for sport a great showcase in which to whole lot easier And that could utthty 4 x 4 s which trans ates into Jeep Cherokee Ford Bronco II Chevy S 0 B_Jazer and GMC Jimmy Toyota 4 Runner Isuzu Trooper and market them but it can only put a lot more money in the 1tsub1sh1 Montero to name the most likely To date only one such rig has reach its potential with the racers pockets tned the desert _Th_e Don Ad_a ms Jeep Cherokee put in a brief appearance at cooperation of everyone I hope that I haven t offended the SNORE Midnight Spectal The other new 4 x 4 class is tli e current involved So let s all do our part you but everyone is entitled to SCORE Cla s 3 for small engine size 4 x 4 s which translates into long and build an image that every his or her opinion and that s the wheelbase mm1 truck 4 x 4 s SCORE races so far have had only a pair of these other motorsport will want to way I feel If you disagree or ff trucks at one race and they were not seen again imitate It doesn t make sense to have four classes for mini trucks on the desert you want to discuss this with me There is still one big thing that look me up at the next off road whe e en when there was just one class it never averaged more than a doze needs to be done though There race In the meantime I can entries 1f that Meanwhile three primarily VW powered peoples classes are far too many classes and it s hardly wait to see what th future have been scrapped The mov e sure won t do much for big entries i n desert races because tradmonally when a pair of classes are combined with a hurting our sport badly Off road has in store for our sport supposed equalizer in engine rules the class shrinks to the former size of the racing is spectacular and exciting Volunteers are invited to climb on most dominant performer So in 1985 there will be eight classes for various but th overstuffed jumble of classes is so confusing that other their Soap Box and fill this space water pumpers and four for the open wheeled cars The good news is that the rule books are supposed to stand unchanged than a handful of enthusiast with their thoughts about what is for full ye rs through the 1986 season More good news is that the highly good and what is not so good about publications such as Dusty m_od1fted m1m trucks that run in Class 7 with SCORE but not wi t h HORA Times the media won t have the state of off road racing Call will _n o longe have that option On the desert these tube framed fiberglass DUSTY TIMES with your ideas much to do with it And that bodied beauties and they are beauties will be in either Class 1 or 2 their hurts everyone right in the for a Soap Box column and get on choi e on taking along a mechanic More good news is that what is no Class 7S will be Class 7 and 7S w_ill return to the more stock truck concept Check pocketbook If our sport got the the schedule By Frank De Angelo Manager TI A Racing Support BFGoodrich When I first became involved in off road racing during the summer of 1978 l thought Man _this is the motorsport of the future Then as the years passed by I noticed that the sport was not progressing as rapidly as others Although manufacturer interest was high off road racing seemed to be going _n owhere Now here we are in 1984 witnessing mu h controvers over rules race dates and support I see each sanctioning body with its own set of rules manufacturers upset over th high number of events to support and race dates which needlessly conflict resulting in fewer race cars participating in each class Could it be time to get ourselves organized and get the sport proceeding down the right path You bet and that s just what is starting to take place Prior to the 1984 Mint 400 race a manufactu r ers meeting was held in Las Vegas Representatives from six major truck manufacturers met with two tire manufacturer representatives and formulated a list of recommendations to take to the three major sanctioning bodies SCORE HORA and MTEG They thought that those recommeRdations could improve the relationships among the various sanctioning bodies and race teams which in turn would move the sport toward its full potential The next step then was to meet with the sanctioning bodies and class representatives to gather their opinions That meeting was held in San Bernardino on August 9th with Editorial Comment DUSTY TIMES applauds the dog in this case the efforts of the manufacturers who manufacturers of trucks and tires are contributing time and effort wagging the tails of the off road toward bringing off road racing a promoters Do notice that the meeting last standard set of rules However the bulk of the entry in major August created more tru ck desert races comes from the classes instead of consolidating buggy and Baja Bug classes not them Oddly Frank De Angelo the classes in which the truck and bemoans the fact that there are tire manufacturers involved in many small entry classes but he these meetings are interested doesn t mention that the two to When they talk of consolidating five car classes are generally truck classes there is some special classes When the big sponsors interest considerations that talk of consolidating classes they could lead to the tail wagging the are talking about Classes 1 2 10 Page4 the Soapbox column on this page for the reasoning behind so many drastic rules changes for 1985 1 2 1600 and 5 and 5 1600 These groups are oflittle interest to them although they are the bulk of a desert race entry Meanwhile for 1985 they have created two more 4 x 4 classes bringing in a special class for small utility rigs one such rig exists and a class that matches the 1984 Score Class 3 for long WB 4 x 4 mini trucks DUSTY TIMES invites your comments and send them to Score and HDRA as well September 1984 THE MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP has pub_lished their payoff schedule from the two Dome races perhaps to quell a few rumbles from afar The payoff in Class 10 totaled 11 456 66 at the Silverdome and Glenn Harris won well over two grand of that purse At Pontiac Class 1 had a total purse of 9 316 66 and Glenn Harris again won over two grand of that sum The big bucks are in the Class 7M ranks where the total payoff in Michigan was 21 516 66 and Steve Millen won just over two grand while Ivan Stewart garnered 1275 and Roger Mears took home 1100 Including the 4340 purse for the 3 wheelers the total paid to the racers at the Silverdome was 46 629 98 The Hoosierdome had a higher total purse of 49 899 32 split up in different numbers on the formula In Indiana Class 1 had a total purse of 9 616 66 Class 10 paid 8 767 66 Class 7M paid 19 875 and the 3 wheelers garnered 4640 It is good to see a short course race promoter put the actual numbers down on paper and Send them to all the drivers who competed at the event DustyTimes

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RMRSIDE CALIFORNIA Side Tracks By Judy Smith With all the Tr ivia games floating around these days we tho ught that our readers would enj oy some Off Road Trivia See how m any of these you can answer Yo u ll find the correct answers elsewhere in this issue 1 Who used to race the 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero 2 How did W alt Lott lose the tip of h is finger 3 In what class did Sal Fish race 4 What team of o ff roaders went to Africa to rally had a bad crash and were lucky to escape with their lives 5 When did Rod H all win the productio n sedan class and in what vehicle 6 What o ff road racer was recently elected m ayor of a Southern Califo rnia city 7 A Cadillac agency spo nsored a well known racer for a time Do you know the agency and which racer 8 What drag racer went to Riverside in 75 in a Smo key SS l Sprint 309 c i single seater 9 W hat race course was shortened during the race by a shotgun waving resident of the area 10 Who ran over his own codriver on Diablo Dry Lake during the 79 1000 11 How long was the co urse for the first Mickey Thompson Delco Riverside race Do you know the year 12 Who won the Parker race in a car called Bobbie s Butt Buster 13 Who was the passenger with Carl Jackson the year he towed a small house trailer in the Baja 500 14 When did P J and W alker Evans co drive In what 15 Who ehdoed ou t of the Ri versid e R aceway o nto a freeway o n ramp 16 Where was the 24 Hour Enduro held and who promoted it 17 When did Indy Car d rivu Johnny Rutherford race a C lass 9 car 18 In what year did the water pumper sedans and the VW sedans become two separate classes 19 Who won the two seat buggy class called non production two wheel drive vehicles in the 1969 Mexican 1000 20 Who was SCOR E s C lass 10 points winner in 197 4 2 1 W hat year was the first Parker race held 22 W h ich race had to change the locatio n of the start because of weathe r If you think you got the answers right check on page 25 for the facts S_preadin9 tlle Word Spreading the word abou_t off road driving off road s tar W a lker E v an s giv e s so m e po inte r s to a p ai r of D o d ge d ealers while Bill Stroppe waves the checkered flag Stroppe and Evans got a chance to show n tell about the motorsport they have helped build when Dodge held a performance seminar for dealer s rece ntly a t Rive r s ide International Raceway Th e dealers learned about off roading from the bottom up thanks to a special course prepared by Stroppe While none felt ready to compete with Evans at the end From August 10 1984 to September 15 1984 you have achance to purchase first quality Simpson helmets and assorted racewear at special Summer Clearance discounts Sale is subject to supply on hand Classic Model 32 helmet with Special eyeport design allows the use sculptured snout Ultra light Carbon of most popular style goggles Fiber or fiberglass both meet Snell 80 Lightweight comfortable and Call for prices on Nomex interior Red constructed of hand laid fiberglass Black Silver Colors Yellow Red and White Carbon Fiber 193 00 NOW 128 73 Carbon Fiber 269 00 NOW 179 42 Fiberglass 139 00 NOW 92 71 Fiberglass 225 00 NOW 150 07 Slippery design with functional vents The lightest open face helmet available Ultra light Carbon Fiber or fiberglass in Carbon Fiber Also available in Snell 80 certified Call for prices on fiberglass Both Snell 80 Call for prices Nomex interior Available in Red Black on Nomex interior Red Yellow White Black Silver Silver Carbon Fiber 240 00 NOW 160 08 Carbon Fiber 195 00 NOW 130 06 Fiberglass 165 00 NOW 110 0 Fiberglass 119 00 NOW 79 37 The leading choice for max safety at the drag races built in Nomex head sock 350 00 NOW 233 45 A No 21100 Super Driving Gloves twolayer knitted Nomex with calfskin palm snug fit 76 00 NOW 57 00 B No 22100 Regular Driving Gloves single layer Nomex with calfskin palm and velcro wristband 89 00 NOW 66 75 A No 28000 Super Race Case to hold helmet and driving suit Durable naugahyde nylon lined 39 95 NOW 29 96 B No 28200 Race Case large enough to carry helmet and as sorted small items 34 00 NOW 25 50 When ordering by mail send money order or cashiers check No personal checks please California residents add 6 112 sales tax Allow 4 weeks for delfvery r wl Name _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Onlyyou can prevent forest fires A PUBLIC SERVIC E CF THIS M AGAZI N E THE ADVERTISI N G COUNCIL DustyTimes of the program all came away with added appreciation for off road racing and what it proves about a product CitY State__ Zip _ _ _ _ __ Phone _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ A Card Expiration Date _ _ __ __ _ _ _ __ Signature _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ Septembc r 1984 SIMPSON 213 320 7231 22630 Sou th Nor111andie Avenue Torranc e Cal 1ornia 90502 ORDER BY PHONE WITH YOUR CHARGE CARD FOR THE FASTEST PROCESSING OF YOUR ORDER Page 5

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1984 HAPPENINGS A D R A BUG E RACEWAY Arizona Desert Racing Association 1408 East Granada Phoenix AZ 85006 602 252 1900 Bug E Warehouse 1915 So Presa San Antonio Texas 78210 512 533 8056 September 1 7th Annual Giant Off Road Centers Snowflake Buggy Bash Snowflake Arizqna September 16 Bug E Raceway San Antonio Texas October 20 8th Annual Penasco 150 Rocky Point Mexico December 1 8th Annual Sonoita to Rocky Point Hare N Hound Mexico January 19 1985 Annua_l Awards Banquet AMSA American Motor Sports Association P O Box 5473 Fresno CA 93755 209 439 2114 September 1 3 12 Hour Mojave Desert Challenge California City CA October 21 Fresno_Fair Off Road Championship Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA November 23 25 Palm Springs Classic Palm Springs CA BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Berrien Series Gil Parker 7406 S 12th St Kalamazoo MI 49009 September 1 2 Br ush Run 101 Crandon WI September 15 16 Dixie Sprints Birch Run MI September 29 Lincoln Trail Off Roaders Decatur IL OFF ROAD RACING Dick Bower 4571 East Pine Fresno CA 93703 209 255 5995 September 23 Short Course Race Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA BUDWEISER BAJA CROSS Baja Cross Racing 13704 Bechard Ave Norwalk CA 90650 213 921 2838 September9 double points Saddleback Park Orange CA COBRA RACING P O Box 19407 Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73119 405 232 4231 405 685 3450 all off road races will be held at the 59th Douglas track Oklahoma City September 2 Points Race October21 Points Race FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers Assaciation 5349 Han d Ave C 1 Orlando Florida 32809 305 851 6245 September 2 Labor Day 150 Crowder Pits Tallahassee Florida October6 Yankee Stadium Fort Lauderdale Florida November 10 11 FORDA SCORE CANADA Tampa Fairgrounds Tampa Florida January 6 1985 f as t Bay Raceway Tampa Florida March 22 24 1985 Florida 400 Crowder Pits Tallahassee Florida HORA High Desert Racing Association 961 West Dale Ave Las Vegas Nevada 89124 702 361 5404 October 12 14 Frontier 500 Las Vegas to Reno Nevada December 14 16 Frontier 250 Las Vegas NV March 1 3 1985 Laughlin Desert Challenge Laughlin Nevada July 5 7 1985 Fireworks 250 Barsto CA October 11 13 1985 Frontier 500 Las Vegas to _Reno Nevada December 13 15 1985 Frontier 250 Las Vegas Nevada PRO CAN AM SERIES Pro Can Am Racing Inc P O Box 323 Seahurst Washington 98062 206 242 1773 503 620 0313 Coming Next Month Score Off Road World Championships Riverside Brush Run 101 FORDA at Sharpes AMSA 12 Hour Mojave De ert Challenge plus much more and all the regular features Pagc6 SH ESH 1HA WAS THE 13l

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Ode to the Off Road Race Workers By Gregg Symonds What does it take to hold an events in all classes I don t know off road race Money Yes it how long it takes a starter to get takes money but more his arms down to his sides after a importantly it takes a lot of time race day with all the flag waving And it takes people It takes he does behind the scene people who are After the start the racers are special people In the west some having fun On the desert the of the special people answer to rac_e rs fly down the course Roberta Charlie Phil Paul through the checkpoints from a Beth Howard Bill Bob Rick few stops to as many as a dozen Ray Pat Kelly Sue Joyce Edna on the one way courses and Phyllis Andy Don and on and come back to the finish line on From four to ten peop1e are at The race drivers arrive early at each checkl oint dropping the the site and the first stop is at the registration to kid around with the nice ladies who hold our hands as they put on the wristbands and then take our money We may spend 15 minutes with these wonderful ladies but how long have they been waiting for us to arrive These gals spend from six to fourteen hours or more to get everyone signed in Then we can have our fun an_g_they go on to another job such as timing and scoring monitoring the radios or you name it Next we racers skip over to the contingency line and spend a few minutes to a few hours with all those great people giving us all that good advice on what we should use on our race cars The contingency people spend many hours in the line before and after we have come and gone You will see anywhere from two to a hundred contingency donors at each event also putting in many hours as well as giving away their money to the _winners using their products Now we slide over to the technical inspection line to talk to the guys we like but hate to see What if they find something amiss Another four to six people usually run tech inspection and they have been standing there many long hours before we arrive to spoil their day and pass their eagle eye inspection Of course the tech inspection team also have the pleasure of waiting for us to finish racing so some of us in restricted classes can go through another inspection yet Still having fun Staging requires more workers both in desert events and short course races In the long course events staging is a one time deal but it takes from two to six people and more at the bigger entry races Imagine staging the nearly 500 cars at the Mint 400 For the staging crew a short course race with multiple heats is another story It is an all day and half the night job usually starting very early for practice and lasting until the last race of the night The staging crew really work their buns off at these events Then comes the moment of truth on the start line Again on the desert it is a one time deal for the starter but in short course racing it is another all day and through the night job normally handled by just two people for all the practice time trials heat races semi mains and main DustyTimes chits recording the passing cars folks to assist the unfortunate goes on into the wee hours so the and doing radio relay work and racers who spun out or goofed racer can smile and thank his there are medics at many of these The corner crews save many a sponsors the next day outposts also The checkpoint goofer from having the rest of the lncredi bly most of th off teams may be out all day and into pack on his back road race course workers on the the night and in the case of the When the checkered flag falls desert or in the closed course 8aja 1000 they may man their all the same people are still events all work for nothing So stations for a full two days working for us racers The timing while you the driver might be At short course events the and scoring team those posting mad at the promoter because you guys are going round and round positions the technical inspec didn t make any money rememthe track with no stop checks tors are all keeping us informed ber a word of thanks is in order but they are surrounded by all and legal Even the figuring of to all those people who helf ed all those flagmen and corner resu1ts the payback and the of us have so much fun off road workers plus the tow truck check writing and trophy sorting racing Thanks Gang 18th Annual Del Webb s MINT400 Desert Race The world s biggest richest and toughest off road race May 2 5 1985 For your year round ExciteMint visit Del Webb s Mint Casino Hotel home of the MINT 400 Desert Race where we speak your language Best of luck and safe racing Thumbs up The MINT 400 Staff and Management For further information contact MINT 400 Racing Headquarters Del Webb s Mint Casino Hotel P O Box 2160 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 2160 702 385 7440 September 1984 Page 7

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OFF ROAD RACE CARS AT THE SILVERDOME The Pavement Series Ends in a Demolition Derby on the Part of a Few Drivers Photos T rackside Photo Enterprises The trophy dashes were three the track and Jeff Probst got As the Hoosierdome race was a real big high for inidwestern laps long and the Formula 10 pushed into the barriers which drivers the Silverdome event in Trophy Dash saw Scott Taylor broke a tie rod and put him out Pontiac Michigan was a real Pro Tech Jeff Probst Berrien of the race The dash was won by downer The race in Glenn Harris Funco and Harris with Taylor Probst and Indianapolis had everyone eager T ornrny Croft Funco on the Croft corning in behind him in for more because it was good start line T ornrny hardly got off that order The top qualifyers in Forrn_ula clean racing The Silverdorne was the start when he was stopped on an entirely different story Most drivers were disappointed here to say the least and a few have said they won t be back next year Mickey Thompson stressed in his initial meeting in February and again at the driver s meeting in July that he was not going to tolerate any demolition derby He appointed a rough driving committee at both races They were not needed at the Hoosierdorne and except for the disqualification of Josele Garza at Pontiac they just did not do their job at the second race More on this later Saturday was a busy day from 6 00 a rn until the last race was Glenn Harris had a great day In his Funco winning the Class 10 Trophy Dash over They do keep you busy at heat race and main event and he also took the main event In Class 1 driving these stadium races and neither the race with his Class 10 engine the drivers or workers hardly had time for a meal Practice and qualifying progressed with no real problems Mickey Thompson seemed to have ironed out the troubles he had with the cable in the Hoosierdorne They did have to remove one jump because one of the cars hit the barrier holding it in place and evidently the officials decided that the barrier was going to be a problem once the racing started One had to commit to going over the jump to the right of the barrier or taking the outside line to the left of the barrier It seemed a good decision to eliminate the jum p sincesorneone could have been hurt had they hit Steve MIiien llkes pavement racing and It showed In Michigan as he took the the barrier during the race main event over mate Ivan Stewart who Is Just one corner behind here Pages September 1984 1 were Pancho Weaver Funco Glenn Harris Kevin Probst Berrien and Scott Taylor Both Glenn and Scott had double entered and since they were each a top qualifier in Formula 10 they elected not to run the unlimited Trophy Dash This John McPherson Berrien and Bill LeFeuvre Berrien both from the Canadian province of Ontario into the dash Kevin Probst jumped into the lead at the start but he was passed by Pancho Weaver in the first lap at the finish it was Pancho Weaver slides a corner In front of BIii LeFeuvre en route to taking his Class 1 heat race honors and the Trophy Dash as well BIii LeFeuvre brought his Berrien south from Limehouse Ontario and he did very well taking his Class 1 heat honors and sixth In the main event Dusty Times

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Weaver McPherson LeFeuvre and Kevin Probst The Formula 7 mini truck racing seems to be who can do the most damage in the shortest peri od of time These guys are dragging body parts by the time they reach the first turn One can understand why there is so much money in this class It takes a bundle to keep the trucks from looking like so much junk after a night of racing It was Ivan Stewart Toyota and Steve Millen Toyota plus Roger Mears Nissan and Tom Morris Toyota on the starting grid for the Trophy Dash Mears and Morris made contact early Roger had a flat and retired The all Toyota finish was led by Ivan Stewart and then came Morris and Millen The first Formula 10 heat race went to Glenn Harris whose switch to Mickey Thompson tires seemed to really help on the asphalt Tommy Croft was second followed in by Dave Lofland Funco from New Jersey and Tom Benvenuti from Ontario Canada The race was not without incident Michigan driver Mike Parker was running just ahead of rock star Ted Nugent when they bumped on the second turn and the seat belts in Mike s Mirage let go and he had to pull out to get bel ed up and lost a lap The second Class 10 heat was relative y uneventful Illinois driver S ott Taylor was an easy Roger Mears had a rough night In the Silverdome but he came back to score the win In the first Class 7M heat and a third In the main event Ivan Stewart sailed the Toyota over the metal Jump11 In fine style winning the Trophy Dash and the second heat for the modified mini trucks Class 1 action was heavy In the turns as K evln Probst 10 Just leads eventual winner Pancho Weal er In the early going during the Trophy Dash Scott Taylor flew the Jumps easily In his Pro Tech and finished third In both the Class 10 and Class 1 main event In the Class 10 car winner over Billy Beck Sa Antonio Texas Jerry Stansbury Gainesville Texas and Geoffrey Kennard also _ina Pro Tech from starting grid when the flag an oil leak somewhere Moving Ontario Canada Jeff Probst managed to get his dropped 0hio driver Doug Bils into the main event from this Berrien repaired ip time for the left the race early with smoke heat were Gary Harden from third 10 heat race and was on the coining from his engine perhaps Seue l B119911 ttu 1S33 TRUMAN ST SAN FERNANDO CA Phone 213 361 121S OFF ROAD CHASSIS MANUFACTURER CHROME MOLY FRONT BEAM IN STOCK READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 1 STOCK 4 6 8 WIDTHS 2 1 8 x 156 wall chrome moly tubes with four seperate adjusters for a precise no slip adjustment One piece bushing so no mqre problems with bushings moving and lose of support and ruining an arm Can be used with all arms and two or four shocks I BOXED TOWERS FOR EXTRA STRENGTH Also available in kits 400 Dusty Times September 1984 Page9

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Indiana s Gary Harden had a good night In Class 10 The majority The off road racers found new challenges on the pavement as Steve Norris was going well In his Mirage until he got Involved In a of the buggy entry In Michigan was from the mldwestern states Doug Blls gets the Berrien In front of Pancho Weaver s Funco Class 1 traffic hassle which put him out with mechnlcal damage IIIOl C bout Heat 2 Jimmy White and C hris battl ing fo r first place W eaver W hite The main event finish finally managed to get around saw Jimmy White C hris White McPherson and stayed in the lead Indian a Jeff Probst fr o m and Charlie Trayer taking one to the fin ish Kevin Probst had Illin o is Lee Wue s th o ff t wo and three The Odysse y been following McPherson for Chenowth fro m Wisco nsin and main event was won by Stewart several laps but he could not get R od Attig from Illino is W ebb followe

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The Miclwatern Racen View of Stadium Radn9 During the Silverdome race I talked with several drivers who regularly compete in the mid west and in Canada on short courses in the dirt Many are concerned with the rough driving tactics that were used by a few of the West Coast drivers The competitors in the midwest own their own cars They don t have the privilege of total sponsorships therefore they are the folks who have to come up with the money for repairs Sure I can hear someone say but that is all part of racing Yes there is a certain amount of bumping and shoving in this type of motorsport Nobody has a problem when it happens because it can t be avoided But when it happens in the middle of a straightaway with more than enough room to pass as happened with Norris and Weaver then there is a question in everyone s mind as to why And it boils down to just one thing some want to win no matter who they have to run over to do it There were questions asked by spectators in the stands who wanted to know if Weaver could get away with his driving tactics The answ r is yes it looks like it since nothing was done about it one o ther thing that concerned the drivers in the midwest involved in both of the Dome races is that not once were any of these drivers from the midwest interviewed Mickey fhompson stated that he was here to give the midwest drivers a boost but he only promoted the West Coast drivers and Ted Nugent Three other questions which require answers are 1 Why when Tommy Croft jumped the green flag at least twice was he never called back 2 What happened to the Mechanic s Award which was supposed to be made after the two Dome races It was stated to be a 1500 00 award 3 Why were Harris and Weaver not disqualified or at least penalized for their driving behavior Where was the Rough Driving Committee There is another footnote to the Silverdome I was in the parking lot after the racing was over getting ready to leave when I heard a commotion behind my camper I went over to investigate and found that the Norris and Weaver teams were engaging in a real knock down bare knuckle fist fight Security was quick to respond and break things up but not before some bruises and abrasions were inflicted I am sorry to see this type of thing happening It can only hurt the image o f our Professional sport Anyone who differs with Brenda Parker s observations or feels wrongly accused is invited to send their views on the Silverdome event to DUSTY TIMES right away and your side of the story will be in print too DustyTimes it when he and Weaver tangled on turn 3 and Weaver put Kevin sideways over the jump where he go t high centered and couldn t move Steve Norris in his Michigan based Mirage and Pancho Weaver were dicing it out for position for several laps Norris later stated that he realized when Weaver started to go around him in the back straightaway so_he pulled as far right as he could so that Weaver had room Weaver however hit Norris knocking him into the wall then Weaver proceeded to drive over the front of the Norris Mirage doing much damage to the front suspension After all this excitement Glenn Harris went on to win his second main event of the night in his 1650 cc Funco Pancho Weaver was second followed by Scott Taylor John McPherson and Scott Schwalbe The Formula 7 main event got under way with ten trucks qualified Josele Garza was disqualified after the rough driving committee ruled he was uilty of excessive ramming September 1984 About half way through the race Tom Haliburda went over a jump with Tom Morris right behind him Morris was the faster of the two trucks and he came down right underneath Haliburda s Ford which then landed on the Toyota s hood Jhe forward mom en tum of the Toyota shoved Haliburda into the wall and really left a dent in one of the hydro barriers Up front it was a Toyota show as Steve Millen won followed by Ivan Stewart and Roger Mears nabbed third for Nissan So ended the 1984 round of off road racing on the pavement in the midwest The bulk of the entry in Formula 1 and 10 was supplied by competitors from the north central states and the province of Ontario Conversely among the high dollar mini truck field all but one entry were from California The odd man out was Curt LeDuc in his new Ford Ranger bred in New England Curt had some engine tuning problems but he will meet the same cast once again at the Score Riverside race this month Page 11

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The SNORE Midnight Special Jack Johnson never put a wheel wrong on the dark desert and he also got fast time of the race first overall In his is a long running event starting Chenowth Magnum back in July 1972 when it ran 250 coming September 8 to the water oh Glitter Gulch which is week because oL flooding and out of the dry lake at Stateline High Desert desert point series Las Ve_gas Blvd and ominous bulldozers were still filling in the south of Las Vegas Nevada The The idea is sound in concept flash flood warnings for the giant washouts on course While event has had ups and downs making a six race series for the entire area It did scare some the Saturday storm did not do over the years growing nicely desert in HORA and it should potential entry away The coup further damage to the race during the period when the High provide added entry from the de grace came on race day course it was a rough one It Desert Series offered competi outside to the pair of SNORE Contingency and tech inspection might be the one and only race in tors races from four different summer races But however happened aJl day Saturday in the southern Nevada where there organizers for a total points sound the concept some factors parking lot behind the Landmark was no dust on course In fact series Lately SNORE has combined to make the effort a Hotel a major sponsor a1ong some folks were saying they become more provincial and little less than rewarding for most with KC Hilties of the race By would rather have the dust than both of their Pro races have people concerned in the event mid afternoon another monsoon the washouts suffered in entry numbers in the The conflicts are described struck from the dark clouds After a short driver s meeting 1980s attracting few but home elsewhere overhead and ankle deep water that emphasized a few rules that town racers from the Las Vegas came almost instantly to the tech are peculiar to SNORE races the area One factor that hurt the line and 9 6yone ran for drivers lined up for their charge However in 1984 Walt Lott Midnight Special entry late last shelter Happily the storm that one every 30 seconds down the President of the High Desert Rac July was a solid week of struck downtown was only a drag strip and out into the pitch ing Association found himself a torrential cloudburst type sprinkle at the start finish area at black desert with n9 moon or bit short on desert races for his storms around Las Vegas just the Las Vegas Speedrome and on stars to guide them A total of 56 series So Lott got together with prior to race day Outlanders course The hard working cars spread among 13 classes SNORE and added the Mid watching the late news were SNORE course crew had already were on the line and some of the night Special and the SNORE greeted with scenes of knee deep re ribboned the route twice that drivers in the water pumper _ It was a see saw battle for second place In Class 1 but at the flag Frank Snook and Eric Arras slld Into the position by Just 42 seconds Page 11 classes not common at SNORE races were frankly out hunting points HORA points _ The seven Class 1s took off first and Jack Johnson on his home turf was the odds on favorite in his Barbary Coast Chenowth Magnum Jack did not disappoint his fans whipping around the route in just 53 39 nearly seven minutes faster than his nearest Class 1 competition which was the Phoenix based Chaparral of Larry Noel and Tim Kennedy But despite being the third class off the line the Class 10 Hi Jumper of Ron Ellenburg was next around on the road and on time with a 54 59 ET There is more on the duel for the overall honors coming up Lying third in Class 1 after one of four laps of a little over 40 miles of race course Frank Tommy Ford and John Col Ins were the surprised and happy winners In Cl 2 surviving the per ls of the four laps very good time September 1984 In Dusty Times

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Snook was third on time followed by Tom Bradley Sr who didn t do another lap and Kenny Krum me was nearly tied with the Docs Ingram and Sauers but their Chaparral with a borrowed engine was not seen again either Ed Mohr didn t come around at all Jack Johnson did fast lap for the night on the second round 53 38 to lead his class midway by a dozen minutes over Larry Noel Krumme was just seconds ahead of Snook But Johnson was only a couple minutes ahead of Ellenburg s Class 0 so Jack kept his hoof in the Chenowth Magnum Jack Johnson recorded two more quick laps 55 12 and 56 11 to win Class 1 handily and squeak out the overall honor by just seconds Eric Arras took over for Frank Snook midway and Eric kept up the pace to haul the McDonald s Raceco into second in Class 1 about 28 minutes out of the win but a mere 42 seconds ahead of Kenny Krumme the final Class 1 finisher in third Class 2 was next to start with six on the line all local Vegas cars As expected Brian Collins Young Ron Ellenburg did a magnificent Job of keeping Jack Johnson working as he finished 2nd overall by only 14 seconds on his way to winning Class 10 Laird and Cortney Whipple had some problems on course In the Funco but even with a time penalty the pair finished a strong second_In Class 10 lost over 30 minutes on the next of possible flash floods on lead over Laird Whipple Fuoco lap came back strong and ended course Except for California SS who frankly admitted he got up finishing se c ond Bob and Ray Aragon Class 10 was a local lost trying to find his way into the Bruce Balch had troubles on the entry group also On the first lap Speedrome where the course was first and third lap and finished Ron Ellenburg got his Hi Jumper changed just a couple hours third and last Meanwhile SS around in 54 59 to lead rival before race time Laird had a touring at very respectable lap Rob MacCachren Bunderson valid excuse as he was running times Tommy Ford and John by four full minutes In fact the he family bulldozer until dark Collins surprised even their best team of James Krumme and helping the club clear the mud friends by winning Class 2 They Todd Hunter were nearly a out of the Speedrome area also finished 11th overall in a minute faster than MacCachren Aragon s Raceco was another older style side by side two who may have had trouble three minutes down and somewhere because Rob only Krumme lost 20 minutes on the seater second lap Class 10 was third to start but covered one lap Midway four were running Ron Ellenburg sailed on with a only six were on hand This class and 1 2 1600 had several no and all four finished Here 55 flat and a 54 33 to win Class shows local folks who were leery Ellenburg had a huge ten minute I set the pace on the first lap with a 57 42 in his Raceco but he was seen no more At the half way point the Class 2s were well behind both the ls and 10s on total time four were moving and they were led by the Bunderson of James Mahan and Rick Greenwood who continued to lead through three laps before vanishing into the darkness Midway Tom Bradley Jr was a close second to Mahan but he THE ORIGINAL GAS PRESSURE SHOCK ABSORBER The Official Shock for the Nissan Classic After protests and meetings Randy Jones and Rob Myerly were declared the winners of 1 2 1600 the biggest class at the race They were only a couple minutes behind on the road as well BILSTEIN WHERE THE WINNER SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES Mike Spina got fast time In 1 1600 In his Bunderson but two weeks after the race his engine was declared Illegal and he was disqualified Young Kelly McDonough scored a popular win In Class 9 She drove her Funco at a good pace to out last the field and win the class honors DustyTimes For further information and special off road applications contact Doug Robertson at BILSTEIN Corporation of America 11760 Sorrento Valley Road San Diego CA 92121 619 453 7723 September 1984 Ivan Stewart Jerry Sherry Vinson Fireworks 250 CAL 400 1st_place Class 8 3rd place Class 11 Never before have I think Bi stein I had so much shocks are the best confidence in a shocks any race car shock After five driver could run on races and extensive his race car testing on the same set of shocks I am very pleased by their PaL I Bowen reliability and Mint 400 excellent 2nd place Class 15 performance We appreciate the performance your very professional way Jack Ramsey of doing businessMint 400 sincere thanks 1st place Cl 5 1600 Your product has brought our race Bob Denault team 2 Mint wins Mint 400 1981 1983 Hope 2nd place Class 9 to always see you at I ve still never had a the races shock failure Dick Young Mint 400 1st place Class 10 The quality and dependability of Bi stein shocks contributed significantly to our win at the Mint Thank you Norm Shaw Frontier 250 1st place Class 11A You Bi stein continue to be the Number 1 choice in off roading We have used your shocks exclusively resulting in wins in the Mint 400 Frontier 250 SNORE 250 Barstow 350 Botton Dollar etc Page 13

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All the way from Ogden Utah Mike Baker had his Chenowt In the Class 9 lead for three laps then the Chenowth succumbed to mechanical Uls Malcolm V nje and Mark Hansen won the Class 5 duel a nd the pair are not only leading Class 5 but on overall points for the desert series Marlo Alesi turned splendid times In the ex Roger Mears desert Nissan and bagged enough Class 7 points to vault Into second In the standings Stan GIibert drove Charolotte Corral s Class 8 Ford to a resoundIng victory In the combined for purse action with the Class 4 four heelers Rod Hall and Jim Fricker did a fine Job In the big Dodge easlly taking the points In Class 4 to consolidate that lead quite handily It was a tough fight on a tough course forthe5 1600 s but at the flag Rich Fersch and Darryl Gibson had a good lead and the _victory more MIDNIGHT SPECIAL 10 by a week and he really pressed Ja k Johnson for the overall victory Young Ellenburg was only 14 seconds behind Jack on total time and a solid second overalL Nothing else changed as the Whipples finished a long second and then still held second place by five minutes after receiving a 15 minute penalty fo r a course rule infraction Aragon stayed in third about 17 minutes ahead of James Kn1mme and Todd first lap Hunter Of the official finishers Jack The biggest class at the Ramsay and Mark Bunderson led Midnight Special was 1 2 1600 after one round by a slim 20 at 16 cars evenly split at eight seconds over Californians Randy each single seaters and two Jones and Rob Myerly who were seaters As expected the class just 42 seconds ahead of Mike started and finished in very close Spina and half a dozen more combat Steve Hansen had the were close Midway four cars fast time on the first lapof59 28 were really tight Jones Myerly the only one under an hour and led on time in their SS with a he continued to run well minute in hand over Spina in an finishing fourth on overall time SS Bunderson Another minute in class but he was disqualified back Terry and Tim Bell two for missing Checkpoint 2 on the seat Bunderson and the Jack KC Hill iES Daylighter The Original Can t Be Beat 385 000 Candle Power Patented Shock Mounting Helped Win More Races Than Any Other Light SCORE HORA Contingency Sponsor Black 1627 Chrome 1620 S34 95 39 95 Page 14 From postage paid Choice of 83 SCORE Champ Larry Ragland Sizes Up To 35 Tall Great For Long Travel Tough 6 Ply Tread Side Biter Cleats 114 95 Improved Handling For Faster Sp eeds postage paid Mickey Thompson 69 95 85 95 World Famous BMkS Nitrocharger 69 95 128 95 151 95 52 95 Also Full Line of Rough Country Parts In Stock Competition Windshield Decals S2 95 Get The Giant Advantage Free with your order Giant s 1 3rd Edition Catalog Or send a dollar and return address to our mail order facili_ Y Please no phone 1 calls for catalogs September 1984 Ramsay Bunderson two seat were virtually tied on time followed in seven minutes by Brad Inch SS Raceco After three rounds Spina was moving out with two under an hour laps he now was over three minutes ahead of Jones Myerly who had been stopped at the finish line to fix their tail lights Another minute back Ramsay Bunderson were 51 seconds ahead of the Bells and fading though running hard eight more were still in motion Spina had no visible problems and he did an hour lap to win the big Class 1 2 1600 purse somewhat disputed in post race tech Jones and Myerly finished strong less than three minutes behind and they hadn t had a chance to prerun Another minute and change back were Terry and Tim Bell The Ramsay entry lost ten minutes on the final lap but held on to fourth over Darren Wilson and Pat Boyle Eight finished four laps before the cut off came for some after the winner had finished There were four in Class 9 all covered three laps and two finished The battle started on the first lap between Mike Baker from Ogden Utah who led by 45 seconds over Vegas champ Alex Decuir Midway Bak er s Chenowth still led but now he had a mere 27 seconds in hand Next lap both the leaders slowed and neither finished the fourth round Baker was third about four minutes ahead of Decuir Meanwhile teenager Kelly McDonough had been running strong in third and midway she had her Funco about 18 minutes ahead of the Chenowth of Joe Sherwood and Larry Olsen Kelly maintained her steady pace and ended up winning Class 9 with suppart from her dad Jack The McDonough Funco was about 21 minutes ahead of Sherwood and Olsen at the checkered flag There were only a pair in Class 5 01 lifornians Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen and Jeff Jordan and John Cornwell After the green flag Jordan went rightto his main pit where another 35 minutes went into making the lights and general electrics work Meanwhile the desert foxes Vinje and Hansen motored around at a good pace and won the HORA points 25 minutes ahead of the Jordan Bug in a 100 percent finish ratio for Class 5 Class 7 was designated to go three laps and Mario Alesi drove his Jim Conner prepped Nissan around in lone y splendor for the three rounds to take the victory points with really strong lap times His time would have put him second in the combined Class 8 and 4 after three laps Stan Gilber5 in Charlotte Corral s Ford was the only Class 8 in sight at the Midnight Special so the Ford was combined with the four Class 4 rigs for purse but not for HORA points After one lap Gilbert and Rodney Hall arrived at the finish line in a dead heat and they had a keen drag race down the strip V 8s thundering Once back in the desert Hall remembered that he was there mainly to grab Class 4 points so he cooled his pace Gilbert hustled down the trails in quick time for four laps to win the combined class purse in 4 31 44 Hall finished about 24 minutes behind Gilbert secure in the Class 4 victory for Dodge A coming Class 4 team to watch is Bill and Lynn Dickton in a well prepped and good l9ok ing Dodge pickup 4 x 4 They finished a fine third with good times Missing after the first lap were Tim arid Chris Casey Jeep Honcho and Bob Gaudet and Jon Hall got in just two long laps in their 4 x 4 Ford before being flagged into impound Class 5 1600 had it tough starting behind the big trucks in _the dark but the entire starting quartet made two laps and three of the four finished the close race Tom and Todd Craig led the first lap with about a minute Dustynmes

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Dan Naylor and Max Razo had a great second half on the desert and moved smartly Into second place In the hard fought 5 1600 contest over Rich Fersch and Darryl Gibson and the order and the time gap stayed constant at half distance However Craig came afoul of the rules at the finish line and was not officially credited with any more laps completed After two laps it was clear sailing for Rich Fersch Darryl Gibson and they did really good time in the deep goo in the late night They not only won C lass 5 1600 the only Californians to win in a normal SNORE class but they finished a sparkling 19th overall out of the 28 that finished four laps Off to a slow start Dan Naylor and Max Razo got their act together for a great second half Though they were only a minute ahead of the Tom Coons Sr and Jr midway they came in second with nine minutes in hand over the Coons The single entries in Class 3 Don Coffland Buck Griffin Jeep CJ 8 Class 6 Bill McDonald and Dave Federwisch Ford Maverick and Class 12 Don Adams and Jason Myers in the new downsized Jeep Cherokee were all lumped together for purse on a three lap exercise Coffland drove the only entry that covered the three laps in very good time and he won the purse The Maverick surprised everyone by covering an honest two laps before retiring in second place Don Adams had new car woes with his Cherokee making two starts from the Speedrome before retiring without a lap done The last pair to leave the start line were the two 7S entries both points hunting from California Spence Low and Paul Delang were out in the tried and true Nissan and Brent and Lori Smith had a brand new Ford Ranger Smith is the youngster from Bakersfield who surprised all the regulars by winning the Nissan Cup at the Mears Gang Rumble In Nevada Spence Low had two really good laps troubles on the third and final round and still won the points Smith had his big problems on the middle lap but he finished all three rounds about 47 minutes behind Sunday morning a continental breakfast was waiting at the Landmark Hotel showroom for those who turned out for the awards ceremony Sadly a lot of class winners were among the missing after the late night in the desert It was a nice and brief awards breakfast and the outsiders were headed for the Interstates by midday Many were heading home with mixed emotions about trying to fathom the interpretation of the different Vegas rules and wondering if DustyTimes Don Coffland triumphed in his Class 3 Jeep CJ 8 In the mixed trio for purse and Coffland now leads usual points winner Don Adams In the standings _they should try again in the HORA points chase during the SNORE 250 September 8 At press time the word has come from Las Vegas that the enlline in MikeSpina s r 2 r606wasdeclared illegal at a meeting t o weeks after the race In post race tech at thf track it had been declared illegal due to stainless steel valves and Spence Low and his Nissan won the Class 7S duel with no problems and Spence now has a near lock on the year end HDRA points title other modifications but later the race committee reversed the decision at the Sunday awards Spina was named the class winner Apparently an appeal was filed arid the race committee again reversed itself but details are sketchy and nothing in writing has come out from the organizers Snore Ltd YBUCAN DRESS lMUP ANO TAKE 11 BUT t eroquip With Aeroquip hoses and fittings you get the best of both worlds As a high performance plumbing systern none can beat the long standing reputation of Aeroquip s superior quality durability and extensive variety In fact for mere than 30 years Aeroquip has been the leader in aircraft type fluid transport systems And Aeroquip hoses and fittings do more than enhance performance The high lustre anodized finish of the more than 250 different fittings and the brilliant braided stainless steel hoses in numerous sizes are a perfect show quality addition to any vehicle 940 South Vail Avenue Montebello CA 90640 213 724 3705 Whether you plan to add the Aeroquip touch to your race car or your street machine there is only one place that can fill your plumbing needs quickly and efficiently That s Nelson Dunn We have two west coast warehouses and both are stocked to provide immediate delivery on over 400 Aeroquip part numbers Additionally years of extensive involvement in all types of motorsports also allows Nelson Dunn to provide expert technical assistance to your specific needs For Show or Go make the Aeroquip connection with Nelson Dunn INC September 1984 7818 Wilkerson Court San Diego CA 92111 619 268 4140 Page 15

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THE KAMLOOPS 350 Off Road Racing in Beautiful British Columbia By Cindy Chamberlin Photos Gregg Frazer Bob Chamber In drove all the way In his first Canadian race and his IH Scout captured first overall as well as fast lap time of the race Tree Magnets were not the only course hazar ds early In the race The cows eventually moved on to more quiet pastures away from racers Kamloops British Columbia is located on the northern edge of the Mojave desert Actually it looks a lot like the desert terrain you would find in California and Nevada with one exception Approximately 66 kilometers northeast of Kamloops are the Shuswap Lakes In this beautifully wooded area Bob Nyeste with the help of Terry Pritchard of WORRA Don Thompson and Don Price put on one heck of a fine race With only a few rain showers the day before the race to help settle the dust race day itself was sunny and hot The new course proved to be fast and challenging while winding through the steep forested roads Eleven cars began leaving the starting line at 7 00 A M sharp with one minute intervals between each car Bob Chamberlin in his International Scout took the lead midway through the first lap and he eventually finished with la first overall victory while setting a blistering pace for the other drivers to follow When Greg Bird s Horse N Around Bronco couldn t be started he immediately volunteered his help and equipment to everyone who needed assistance Flat tires plagued the buggies in the second lap with the car of Doug Cartwright and the car of Crowie and Charleton both stopping to repair flats Tom Wood in his Class 1 buggy suffered a broken axle and had to retire early Hard charging Bob Nyeste put In a lot of hard work to make the Kamloops300 a great race and he came In second overall at the flag FIRST AID KIT FOR YOUR RACE CAR MEETS RACING RULES REQUIREMENTS ONLY 26 50 Larger Kits Also Available for Pit Vehicles 4 x 4s and RVs AMERICAN FIRST AID SUPPLY Brea California 213 694 1858 714 529 9028 Look for us at AMSA s 12 Hour at Cal Cify on Labor Day Weekend Page 16 More troubles struck during the third and fourth laps Gary Holland of Sparwood B C in his 4 x 4 Jeep passed Charleton s buggy and Bob Nyeste s Bronco to move into the second place position Crowie pitted briefly to report that his competition Doug Cartwright was down and needed some metric wrenches Doug s crew then flagged down the Class 2 car of Hans Neidermayer at the start finish line who then delivered the much needed tools to Doug As in the past the sportsmanship here is unmatched Nice going guys Moving into the fifth lap Bob Chamberlin flashed past still in first place with Gary Holland just five minutes back and Bob Nyeste close behind without his engine hood but with no signs of damage They were followed by Doug Cartwright s buggy on his fourth lap after another flat and the mechanical repairs Paul Scott s short course size fuel tank and a nagging fuel leak kept him pitting every second lap but he was running very consistent lap times and doing very well considering his Bronco had a small six cylinder engine By the end of the fifth lap Paul Scott was running fourth in the 4 WO class Problems throughout the race kept Rick Nyeste in fifth but his never give up racing kept him a contender throughout the day Rick Nyeste thoroughly enjoyed the race posing for the cameras along the way Rick netted third place In his Bronco In 4 x 4 class George joined the race on the tenth lap At the completion of the tenth lap Gary Holland pitted for fuel and repairs only two minutes ahead of Bob Nyeste who also came flying into the pits with horns howling With Holland still in the pits Nyeste knew he had to pass Gary here After adding water to his Bronco Nyeste left the pits 45 seconds ahead of Holland taking over the second P ace position The pit area was busy with Hans Neidermayer also coming in for shocks and fuel By the twelfth lap Chamberlin had only one more vehicle to lap that of Bob Nyeste Nyeste again had to pit on this lap for water and while he was in the pits Chamberlin blasted through the start finish line Nyeste was out in a flash but too late Chamberlin had lapped him Now came the final seventeenth lap After running for approximately 5 1 2 hours with no stops in between Bob Chamberlin of Tigard Oregon finished with the first place win in the 4 WO class and a first overall undoubq dly a record for a Scout Second place went to Bob Nyeste of Kamloops B C The first place winners in 2 WO class were Gerry Charleton and Dan Crowie There was real fine driving by everyone The hard luck story of the day had to go to Rod Cox the late starter He actually started so late that he really had almost no chance to win But he gamely unloaded and traveled approximately 1000 fee t down the track when he blew a drive line component Needless to say he was a good sport and cheered the rest of the drivers on throughout the rest of the race Between the Bar B Que dinner and the bench racing after the race we felt as if we had known everyone for a long time The atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly that we hated to leave as we said about the Boomerang race racing in western Canada is just plain fun Bob Nyeste stressed that the more racers that show up for the Kamloops races the higher the payback will be The expenses are few and they would just as soon give the money back to the racers For anyone wishing to go to a Canadian race Border Bonds are available for 20 US by calling Terry Pritchard at 604 576 6256 A little more than half way in the race on the ninth lap Bob Chamberlin had lapped the majority of the field and was looking to put some distance between himself and the number two running car of Gary Holland who pitted with fuel problems At this point Rod Cox arrived on the scene ready to race He was quickly teched assigned a number and allowed to run Ordinarily this wouldn t have been allowed but considering this was the first race at the location and Cox was 4 1 2 laps behind the last running buggy Gary Hollard had his Jeep In second place for some time but he fell to fifth with the Class 1 car from Prince mechanical problems late In the 17 lap race September 1984 DustyTimes

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CROWDERCRACKER150 The Florida Off Road Drivers Association Three Hour Endurance Race Text and Photos John Sprovkin Mike Hester Class 1 led his class help Butch got out of his buggy for the first twenty eight laps and was okay but it put him out until he had to pull into the pits of the race for the rest of the day with dirt in the distributor A Bob and Scott Haire did a roll quick pit stop and he was on his and came out of it okay as they way again Later he had to pit continued on Dan Hahn also again for a twig that got in his Class 1 was blinded by a cloud of carburator dust as he approached a jump Jimmy Crowder picked up the and nearly rolled However he lead in the twenty ninth lap and maintained control and went stayed with it for the duration into a mud hole just to the right Jimmy had to pit for a flat tire but and forward of the jump His it didn t hurt his lead Butch engine was drowned out Before Brickell who bent his frame and Dan could get on his way again broke the tie rod during practice Louis Foster in 1600 class had got himself in trouble on his his engine die blocking the thirty fourth lap while going bypass The skills of the rest of around a wide turn and flipped the drivers took over as they into a large ditch With some made their way around all of this A practice nose dive Into the ditch put Butch Brickell In the pits but he made repairs and made a late start to finish 10th In Class 1 The hast makes good as Jimmie Crowder won overall In his two seat Chenowth In the three hour enduro on his own gravel pit property Dusty times is what it was as Tallahassees Crowder Pits played host to The Florida Off Road Drivers Association Crowder Cracker 150 three hour endurance race that took place at high noon Sunday July 8th The approximately three mile course not only included a number of s curves with two large jumps but was laid out on some rough terrain of hills with either banks or drop offs along its path But the sun was bright the clouds few and far between the wind non existent and the temperature was rising midnineties registration with short intervals between At twelve fifteen everything was on go The green flag did its job starting the race and the drivers did theirs Along the straight away down the hill around the bend and over the jumps they went Before you knew it the track was totally enclosed by dust and things started to happen Steve Foster in 1600 class missed a turn and climbed a steep bank With a little help it didn t take long to get him back on the track again Only one lap down Darryl Stedman and Jack Berry were second overall In the two seater amid the field of 46 starters at the July event The restricted D cars do amazing feats Scott Gundeck not only won his class he also finished third overall with 47 laps completed Flying through the woods Brian Peterson broke shocks on the last lap and still finished third In Class 1 fourth overall cut through the center of it and while driving his buggy at a moderate speed in order to get a feel for the course he took a nose dive right in the center of it His buggy received a bent frame and a broken tie rod This put Butch out for the start of the race but he did make necessary repairs and got it all together for a late start There were thirty eig ht entries Three from B class fourteen from D class ten from 1600 class and eleven from Class 1 They would start three across and thirteen deep in order of As race time approached and completion of the buggies technical inspection drivers meeting was held tofi O over the rules for the da ys race and emphasize safety Then the drivers were given the opportunity if so desired to take a few practice laps During practice one of the drivers that came down from Georgia blew out a rear tire and bent the wheel That put him out of the race for t he day Butch Brickell didn t realize that the second jump had a ditch Despite a broken throttle cable fixed and a broken steering wheel not fixed Bob Bohres was seventh In 1 2 1600 on laps completed Page 18 The B sedans are wlld looking Jody Denahan who was third leads eventual second place finisher Mark Bicker down the bumpy straight September 1984 Mike Hester flew his Funco Into fifth In Class 1 last July and Mike Is the current points leader In Class 1 In the F O R D A standings Dusty Times

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The day was full of excitement and endurance That s what it torrential downpo r with plenty Mike Seckman had his share of with his forty nin laps Jack problems throughout the day Berry and Darryl Stedman same and entertainment for everyone takes whether it be as it was today of mud driving separate races Mike has only driven in two or class with forty eight laps and Each and every driver is to be hot dusty with no breeze The drivers hang in there stay three races First he flipped while Scott Gundeck class D with a commended for a fantastic driving for three solid hours or with it and they have to love display of skill cletermination like it was at the last race doing it That s great coming out of a turn It sounded forty seven lap count like he was having engine trouble while going over a jump and he lost a front wheel which put him back into the pits Carlton Jackson lost a wheel and was standing on his buggy watching the race when he was hit by another buggy coming out of the dust Brian Peterson with time for one more lap left broke two shocks when he came down off a jump Ken Burkert in 1600 class had to pit with engine trouble while Steve Foster after making twenty laps hit a large rock on the track and broke all the shocks on one side Class 1 2 1600 has close action Here eventual winner Bruce Bennett 660 Joe Cunningham won the B sedan class here politely 11J011lng over so the 1 2 1600 of Ken Burkert can pass Burkert finished 4th In class Terry Clark in 1600 class had gets set to put a lap on Kent Hollingworth In aerial combat to pull off the track and was put out of service with ring and p1nion trouble Bob Bohres had a gas cable break When repairs were made Chip Hanson took over as driver later to be put out by a broken steering wheel Terry Pulkrabek D class because of a heavy concentration of blinding dust ran off the track and stuck his buggy in some soft dirt After getting it back to the pits he There is no substitute decided to call it a day Jerry Allen D class dropped out with a transmission problem RACE SHOCKS Dennis Green also in D class Station 1 is having a special sale on alt Bilstein rac1ng shocks on his fifteenth lap seemed to be Bilstein is with out question the best offroad shock running TORSION BARS Call us having a problem as he 646 359 8 Travel Heim Front Shock 65 00 Go with tt

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THE BAJA CROSS SHlffl INTO HIGH GEAR There was a Husky Turnout at Saddleback Park Last August From time to time a paper a total of 44 of these buzz bombs pulling away while Bobby distance Frank Arciero Jr was work snafu causes great upheavel started in two displacement Garner moved up to challenge alone in third in his Chenowth Copper for an off road race Anything classes and suddenly Carter parked in After five laps the order was the infield As the eight laps ran After the busy morning from insurance coverage to tardy land use permits have historically practice sessions the program nearly set Castle had a huge lead out Arciero closed up some on brought grief and delays to off started with a heat that combined over McElvain who had a silriilar Gillman but Mike won the battle road race o rganizers Such a the 1 2 1600s and the Class 5s margin over Neil Phillips and between the Magnums that were problem cropped up for the mid with the 5s starting last after a half a lap later Jesse Rodriquez half a lap ahead of third placing summer Baja Cross event at time delay at the green flag The was alone on i he track At the Brad Castle Raceco Saddleback Park The land course was far more dusty than flag the order was the same and In the next heat were the other owners the giant Irvine usual due to myriad causes and Jim Cocores had his Bug into nine in Class 10 and the trio of Company of Orange County the dust was silt bed style on the fifth overall while Tom Copper Class ls running for their own CA had a big fight over a boat top of the course almost all day led Bobby Garner across the points and purse The 10s were race accident looming in the despite the efforts of the water finishJine In victory circle Kent off the line first and Brian Castle shared the limelight with Harber jumped into the lead in courts and they abruptly truck At the start Bob McElvain his mother a tiny lady who rides his Funco now powered by a decided the Baja Cross insurance coverage wasn t large enough to grabbed the lead over Kent ih the back of the tandem Jim Rabbit engine Right on his tail cover their tracks should an Castle while Jon Bonner got Cocores and his desert co driver was Jerry Whelchel Chenowth accident occur at the off road hung in traffic in the first turn Doug White both piled out of and in just one lap the pair races So while the organizers and was bumped back to last the victorious Class 5 which streaked away from the field had a binder for the new and Right off the line the desert Baja features the unique air Dan Fisk was next leading Class additional coverage for the July Bug of Steve Schmidt stopped suspension system put together 1 and soon Greg George inched 29 meet it wasn t good enough cold just clearing the first turn by Off Road Concepts his way past the unlimited racer There were two first heats for in his 1650 cc Funco Meanwhile for Irvine s legal eagles so the and Schmidt was done for the event was postponed for a week day After one lap Kent Castle Class 10 because of the size of the Mike Withers in his new Funco had his tandem Raceco out front entry Ten were on the line for and Vipce Tjelmeland got at the eleventh hour Off road racers can be a loyal among the 1600s followed by the initial battle which saw the together on the first turn A few group and almost to a man the McElvain and Doug Ingles On early leaders get involved in a racers were missing including racers piled into Saddleback the the second round the front tangle on the first 180 turn on the Fisk parked on the hill on lap 3 first Sunday in August a week runners didn t budge but the second lap At that point Ron Up front it was a close dice after they thought they would be tight fight back in the pack Carter sailed into top spot in his with Harber just holding racing A horde of 19 Class 10s between Mark Reeder and Jon Funco Carter had healthy air Whelchel at bay and back a good led the race car entry list and the Bonner ended up in a big hit space behind him on the next lap distance Greg George was secure 1 2 1600s showed up with eight with Reeder retiring soon after but the combatants were now in third Ron Wachter was next on the line There were four the incident Meanwhile Jim untangled and Mike Gillman was in good shape with the Class 1 Class 5 Baja Bugs plus three Cocores won his early dice with up to second place and charging lead followed by Tom Burmestarters in Class l The hills were Tom Copper in Class 5 Cocores Gillman moved right in on ister Hi Jumper and the battle alive with 3 wheelers as well and gained a slim lead and later began Carter s bumper by mid between Mike Withers and Scott Page O September 1984 Photos John Calvin Gillman Scott got past Withers on the fourth lap then rolled in the first turn Several bystanders went to help the turn crew who nearly deserted their yellow flags in the effort to get the Chenowth off its roof and out of the middle of the turn Then the leaders arrived while Scott Gillman was still being righted and Whelchel passed on the good side and took the lead from Harber and that is how they finished Greg George held on in third Ron Watchter was next followed by Burmeister and Withers There is an inverted start on the second round of points motos So it was Jesse Rodriquez leading the l 2 1600s on the first round with Jon Bonner in hot pursuit Another good dice for third was going _o n between Doug Ingles and Kent Castle and Bob McElvain was in fifth At one third distance Castle moved up to challenge Rodriquez in the battle of the tandems then Kent half spun out heading to the finish line losing the lead he had just taken Midway Rodriquez held on up front but both Castle and Jon Bonner were challenging Jim Cocores had his Bug seventh on the road with a big margin over the battling Bugs of Bobby Garner and Tom Copper With two laps to go Bonner Dusty Times

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Kent Castle won the first 1 2 1600 heat quite handlly In the tandem Raceco with his mom Pudgle and she Is anything but In the back seat Successful on the desert Jim Cocores Bug with unique Bob Giese air suspension won both heats at Saddleback with Doug White riding to aid the weight distribution was close eno ugh to to uch Rodriquez and ending the sixth lap Jesse hit the bank putting Jo n Bo nner in the lead for good Kent Castle was second until he too nailed the bank o n the last lap So at the flag i t was Bo nner then Doug In gles Bob M cElvain and Ne il Phill ips with Jim Cocores and Doug W hite winning the C lass 5 points easily a they finished fi ft h overa ll T he final heat fo r C lass 10 and 1 was a real herd scene with 22 cars shuffling around trying to park o n the standing start grid Dave Bo nner was sub bing for Vince Tjelmeland whose arm broken at Pomona was not as well healed as he thought It was a wild start and we sho uld have bet mo ney o n a red flag While m ost of th e pack got th ro ugh the trick y fi rst turn the may hem soon started Mike Gillman had the lead but o ne car we think it was the Jim Nobles Raceco was in a ditch o n the to p of the course and Whe lchel apparently rolled nearby The race was red flagged and the troops shuffled around some mo re getting back in their grid positio ns Whelchel jumped into Mike Withers spare C lass 10 the Coca Cola car and when they were back in line there were 2 1 o n the grid including tw o wea ring th e number 41 On the restart there as a five car jam up in the seco nd turn but all got unhooked and moving before the pack led by Mike Gillman came around Frank Arciero was seco nd follo wed by G reg Geo rge Brian Harber and Brad C astle and they held position through two laps Then George faded back and G illman o pened up a goodl y distance o n Arciero H arber held third o ver Castle and a four way battle was going o n fo r fifth spot Scott G illman was charging altho ugh Ron Carter started out In great shape In his Funco but with a huge lead In the first Class 10 moto he stopped abruptly In the Infield Silver Dust Racing Association Presents Frank Arclero Jr had a good first heat In his Chenowth Magnum runner up In Class 10 but suffered a dusty col ls on In the main e lfent Third Annual SILVER DUST 400 N o vember 17 1984 Down home close by racing in warm and sunny Las Vegas Nevada A ninety five mile loop course ruh through the warm refrestiing Southern Nevada desert Final points race in 1984 Nevada Triple Crown Off Road Championship for off road race cars motorcycles and ATV s Champion crowned immediately after Silver Dust 400 Guaranteed Purse Classes Ron Wachter put his Funco up front In both Class 1 heats winning O lfer the lfery slim field to mo lfe up to sixth In the season s standings Class 1 2 Class5 Class 6 Class 7s Class 9 Class 10 1 2 1600 5 1600 Class 11 Professional Bike Classes 125 250 Open 81 Veteran Over 30 Payback One through five cars 80 payback to first place only Over live entries guaranteed 2000 00 to first place 81 20 payback One through five bikes 80 payback to first place only Over live entries guaranteed 1000 00 to first place 81 20 payback Silver Dust Racine Assaciatia Phone 702 459 0317 J P O Box 7380 Los Vegas NV 89125 Brian Harber 12 Funco and Jerry Whelchel Chenowth put on a whale of a show In the second Class 10 heat and Whelchel won It In the end Dusty Times September 1984 Page 11

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more about SADDLEBACK he had lost a lap changing a fl at tire and the close dicing went o n well back in the fiel d Mid way in the 12 lapper M ike G illman was being challenged by Frank Arciero but o n th e next lap Frank crashed in the heavy dust into Jerry Wh elchel who was park ed o n course in t he borrowed racer and Frank was o ut o f the game also Brian Harber took up the torch trying to catch Mike Gillman s clean running black M agnum Now Scott G illman was nex t o n the road but still a lap d own Brad Castle and G reg George were fighting it o ut fo r th ird fo llowed by C het Hu ffm an and a lot of cars were still running Ro n Wachter was leading the C lass l contest With t hree laps to go Mike G illman had a good lead but o n the next pass Brian Harber was close and fighting off Scott Gillman who was tr ying to unl ap him se lf At th e flag M ik e G illman won the main an d the weekend points Brian Har ber fin ished second Brad Castle was next o n the road follo wed by G reg George and Ro n Carter who had his troubles in the m ain event R o n W achter to ok ho me the C lass l p o ints over Karol VanZant The 3 wheelers put o n some great racing too but even the scoring team had trouble reading their numbers in the dust so we wo n t even try to report their Jon Bonner had to push his HI Jumper through a lot of traffic to win the second heat In the hotly contested Class 1 2 1600 competition 4 V A Two seaters are favored In 1 2 1600 short course racing Doug Ingles slid Into 2nd place In the 2nd heat when the early leaders bobbled late In the race Only three Class 5s made the second heat but they were close at the start as Jim Cocores leads Bobby Garner and Tom Copper through the turn heats There were several riders who dumped in these races but no o ne was serio u sly injured It was a good d ay o f racing at Saddleback even with the week Mike GIiiman had a perfect day In his Chenowth Magnum taking his Class 10 heat race a d the main event with few close enough to challenge him de lay and the exceptio nal dust The s erie s wind s up o n September 9 with a full Sunday o f racing action at Saddleback Park DUSTY TIMES OVERU Brad Castle drove hard In his Class 10 Raceco to score third In the first heat and third In the massive herd that started the main event PAINTER HAT Great for pit workers one size fits all but very large heads Nifty for children too 2 50 ALL WEATHER COVERALL Neck to ankl e protection against heavy weather made of water shedding paper based fabric will last through many wet race weekends if washed gently One size fits all adults except N F L sized men 8 50 SAFARI HAT Although a lap down Scott GIiiman kept right on charging and lost control In the first turn landing on the roof but he got righted and went on In the race Protects tender necks from the sun All cotton bill makes the Safari Hat compeletly washable Sizes S M L XL 6 50 To order send check or money order to Dusty Times 5331 Derry Ave Su ite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Specify size on Safari hat Besureto include 1 50 for shipping and handling California residents add 6 5 sales tax Allow 4 5 weeks for delivery 1 I The winner and loser discuss the Class 10 main event as Mike GIiiman left makes a point to Frank Arclero Jr who crashed In the heavy dust white In contention to challenge Mike Page 22 September 1984 Dusty Times

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IIIIIIIIIIITl IITIII IIIIIIIIIIL ROGER MEARS AND MARIO ALESI WIN SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIPS In two different races on August 12th at the Nissan Classic held at Glen Ellen Race Course in Devore California Nissan won again and again The races took place on a grueling dirt course with lots of hot competition Each truck went through the battle of its life as they spun clouds of dirt and were often airborne In the end the victories we Jt to Roger Mears winner of the HORA Class 7 Short Course Championship and Mario Alesi winner of the HORA Class lS Short Course Championship And along with their first place wins Nissan Trucks also won second place in both races We congratulate Roger and Mario for their skill and winning spirit and all those who helped in the victories Yet off road events such as these mean more to us than victory They give us the opportunity to test our Nissan Trucks against the most severe conditionspossible This is one of the many ways we are constantly improving the technology an

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THE SUGAR CAMP on ROAD CHALLENGE designation matches western followed in by Mark Zimmerman Class 10 for 1650cc open and Harry Bowery Classes 2 and 10 were next In buggies In this grqup Mike Parker got the early lead and held Class 10 there we e only three it for five laps Second place was starters and they finished in up for grabs between Mike formation with Brian Adams Paulson and Scott Taylor Jeff leading Terry Severson was Probst an

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Sidetracks Answers by Judy Smith Aft r John Johnson s Crown sponsored Funco Band do not only won the 1969 Mexican 1000 but John and his wife Linda won overall In the turbo charged Corvalr powered two seater at the 1969 Mint 400 l Henry Arras He ran in 4 Brian Chuchua and Doug Class 6 production two whed Fortin They swerved to miss a drive passenger vehicles and dog and hit a tree Fortin s legs won many a race were severely injured arid he was 2 Racing in Nevada He rolled years in recovering his buggy and caught his finger 5 In the 1971 Baja 500 between a rock and the steering Rodney drove a Maverick wheel 6 Ernie Kell who used to race 3 Sal ran a production two in the two seat class was recently wheel drive passenger vehicle elected mayor of Long Beach Class 1 and his was a VW 7 Modern Motors in GlenLater he switched to the new dale California sponsored Ivan Class 9 which was then Baja Stewart who drove a single seat Bugs buggy That s when Ivan won his Iron Man title winning the 500 and the 1000 while driving solo 8 Larry Minor who s raced off road usually in 4x4s since the 60s 9 The 1971 Westward Ho 200 An irate resident didn t like the noise and pointed his shotgun at among other folk Bob Ferro and Rod Hall 10 Gary Leupold He was driving his C lass 5 Baja Bug and in jest aimed it at Jim Taber But he was going faster than he realized and Jim walking backwards tripped over a bush fell flat and couldn t escape Leupold rolled over him inflicting only bruises 11 It was 1973 and the course was 7 miles long It didn t stay that way because spectators couldn t see enough of the action 1 12 Ed Venable in a single seater owned by A G and Bobbie Fulkerson 13 Jim Fricker rode with Jackson Hall was driving the Maverick and they managed to finish in a Bronco towing that house trailer Driving for Modern Motors Iran Stewart ran solo and won many Baja races earning the title Iron Man for his efforts The Chenowth here hops past the Caterina cactus en route to overall victory on the 1977 Ba a Internacional 14 They co drove during 1976 in a Chevy truck in Class 1 in SCORE races 15 Bob Ferro who was driving a single seater for Sandmaster at the time He was unhurt and the car was repaired in time to race the next day 16 It ran in the Jean Nevada area on some old SNORE 250 type trails and it was promoted by the WRA Walt Lott 17 He drove a Class 9 car at the Casinos 350 in Laughlin Nevada in 76 18 That was in 1976 The water pumpers felt they couldn t compete with the Volkswagens and wanted their own class 19 John Johnson and Dave Donnan in 21 hours and 9 minutes in a Corvair powered buggy 20 Andy DeVercell y one of off road s pioneers 21 It was in 1972 promoted by NORRA and it was called the Dam 500 Everyone used to call them the Dam Races 22 The 1972 1000 scheduled to run from Ensenada to La Paz had to move its start to Mexicali when a hurricane wiped out roads on the Pacific side of the peninsula only days before the race Sunday on and at the flag it was repeated its Saturday finish order Jeff Probst Mike Poppie David led by Ray Janusz Mark Seidler Ernster and Hilding Brannstrom and Rueben Johnson These cars were reaJly screaming After the final class races on Among the Class 8 trucks Jack Sunday the ladies took to the Flannary _repeated his Saturday track in those race cars healthy performance and won the truck enough to still function These honors and points This round women are as serious as the men Kevin Pence was second and and they always put on a good Dave Gray third Class 3 again show Dawn Wermershirken went to Ron Omlid again was first Connie Limpert was followed by Mark Zimmerman _second and Marge Noard got and Harry Bowey Class 4 also third in the Powder Puff For mor details ca 7801 Alabama Ave Unit 1 Class 2 1600 produced a lot of close dicing Here Dave Vandermlssen Jr gets Inside of Roger Behm to make the pass and Dave finished second DustyTimes anoga Park CA 913 DEALE INOUIRIES WELCOM September 1984 Page 15

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GOODYEAR SETS OFF THE FIREWORKS July 7 1984 The Fireworks 250 Scorching temperatures and pounding rain couldn t stop Goodyear Wranglers from blasting to victory Not only once but three times After 240 tortuous miles J M Bragg chewed up Class 3 in his 302 Jeep CJ 7 His Wranglers gripping the course for 8 brutal hours Meanwhile Mario Alesi rocketed through Class 7 with nothing but Goodyear Wranglers between his 729 Nissan and the desert And Dave Shoppe with his 802 Ford F 150 on top of Goodyear Wranglers captured Class Batter 6 hours of pure hell So once again Goodyear Wranglers turned a grueling torture tesfinto three more victories And incidentally the same tires that put on quite a display at the Fireworks 250 can be found at the Wrangler display of your nearest Goodyear Retailer G OODf yEAR WEBACE Tr IE TIRES YOU BUY

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i VORRA AT BAYLANDS Bradford and Miguel are the Big Winners in the Jim Ingold Classic By Joe Stephan Photos Ray Farris VORRA s third annual Jim Ingold Classic once again was a special race For whatever reason the annual event in memory of the popular VORRA racer Jim Ingold who died in 1982 of a heart attack while in competition seems to have a special effect on people The atmosphere and the racing seem to be a little special For example several San Francisco Bay area drivers even went as far as planning team tactics in an attempt to keep the much prized Jim lngold Perpetual Trophy in the immediate area Fifty vehicles gathered at Baylands Raceway Park for the 1984 renewal of the Jim Ingold Classic The weather was different whipped by blustering winds from the San Francisco Bay Drivers geared up to attack a much faster than usual course since Baylands super fast 3 8 mile clay oval ha d only one jump on the course and it was right at the start finish line Other than that the usual infield cou e was in place featuring a large TT style jump and two tight hairpin turns on the back straight to connect everything The Class 1 race was one that fit into the special category of KEEPSON WINNING this event since VORRA veteran Ace Bradford finally scored his first ever victory He had to work hard for it though since the four wheel drive rigs a pair at this race were added to the field The combination produced an incredible battle between Ace Bradford and Don German s modified Jeep in the first ten lap heat Each had a specific advantage over different Jim Haberlln drove one heat In the Donsco Class 10 and Jeff Elrod did the parts of the course They second round and the team won the class points for the night exchanged the lead until coming out of the infield on the next to German in the second heat when Another special race was the 1the last lap when German the Jeep lost its 4 wheel drive 2 1600 battle for the Ingold partially spun into the infield Early leader John Deetz flipped Trophy furnished by friends of Though German could have his Jeep going into the infield the late racer Don Miguel runs rammed the Funco out of the section and Bradford went on to VORRA s only Class 9 buggy way he tried to keep his foot in it win the heat md the overall and he has been don ating his and ease back on the track points German dropped back to money to the combined class for However he hooked the grader have a heavy battle with Fritz three years He finally got it back berm and ended up pulling a Wiechers for second until when he turned a fourth and a huge thrill driver style two wheel Wiechers rolled to a stop on first into his first overall class ride all the way through the north course Fritz climbed out to win a popular triumph The first speedway turn before settling check the Chenowth s engine heat victory went to Dan Morton down German came back with a and found dust in the who came all the way from San vengeance and incredibly caught distributor which he cleaned Diego for his first VORRA race Bradford coming out of the last with a dollar bill and then got Robert Eastman who is called corner for the first heat win saddled up again to pursue the the Pillsbury Doughboy of VORRA because he looks like Bradford got the jump on long gone field Mike Gillman wins two in a row SUPERSTITION 250 1st OVERALL Norm and Steve Schmidt PYLE DRIVER CHARITY OFF ROAD RACE 1st CL 10 Mike Gillman SADDLEBACK PARK 1st CL 10 After years of trying hard Ace Bradford finally scored his first ever victory In Class 1 with a second and a first In the two motos Mike Gillman RHINELANDER HODAG 150 Rhinelander WI 1st CL 2 Scott Taylor B F GOODRICl i SPRINTS Decatur IL 1st CL 8 Chuck Johnson PRIME CHALLENGE Trego WI 1st Heavy Metal Challenge Chuck Johnson THANKS FOR PROVING WORKS AND ITS WORTH IT This year HPS ynt etic lubri ants have help racers core FirstOverall and 62 First in Class wins HPS performance and protection can help you be a winner too So ask your parts supplier for HPS before your next oil change FOR MORE INFORMATION AND ALIST OF DEALERS CONTACT HPS Inc P O Box 1065 Solana Beach CA 92075 619 753 3196 Dealer Inquiries Invited Page 18 Don Miguel was the Cinderella winner In Class 1 2 1600 taking the Jim Ingold Trophy dicing hard with his Class 9 engined Funco September 1984 Dusty Times

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the commercial character and according to President Ed Robinson he has been talcing home all the dough this year had a real bad night The current class points leader came in fifth The Clas 0 ncI rau h 1 0p _ rt

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trees and HORA was ready to race Walt Lott president of HORA says that bids are going out soon for further improvemen ts including restroom buildings permanent seats a half mile oval a lighted parking lot an9 a built in watering system for the track He s working with Don Photos Trackside Photo Ent and Carol Brown of Carol By Judy Smith Brown Construction on the planning and building of the improvements For the final event of HDRA s short course season it all came together very nicely as far as the facilities went Unfortunately they had to deal with the overcrowded 1984 calendar which complicated by a sudden change in the Baja Cross schedule put three short course races on subsequent weekends First the Baja Cross then HORA and finally the Pyle Drivers benefit race at Bakersc field with no entry fee drew from the short course ranks Only 39 entrants came to Glen Helen most of them drivers with good points standings to protect Class 10 and the Nissan Cup events bad the biggest entries with seven in each grovp The entry in Class 1 was so low that the two or three who came decided to ruri only in Class 10 It was a two day event but it could easily have fit into a one day schedule Saturday had practice all morning and qualifying heats in the afternoon The heats with no more than four cars in each were meant to determine the starting order of the first moto on Frank Arclero Jr was King of Class 10 winning both days His major competition came from brother Al background Sunday But with three or four In a similar Chenowth Magnum car classes it was _ hardly necessary Even those racing in a and may soon be one of the very The weather was hot and so near Devore CA seven c class didn t have to nicest places for a short _ course was the action at San Adjacent to the site of the US worry much about being in the Bernardino s gradually devel Festival the Glen Helen OHV race back of the pack The course seven tenths of a oping Off Highway Vehicle park park is slowlv being improved The spectators with the last mile long had a couple of sharp turns one off camber turn two two days of the Olympics difficult hills for the stock mini winding down on TV also didn t trucks a short stretch of stutter come in great numbers The bumps for the buggies a pair of stands were about two thirds full flying jumps and some holes and but no official estimate of the humps to keep the drivers busy nvmber in attendance was given It was well watered and in full The Nissan Cup event was first view of the grandstands for the to go and Myron Croel who hadn t qualified particularly most part Right now the park boasts a well surprised everyone by permanent sand drag strip and a taking off in the lead He didn t lot of chain link fencing The stay there long being passed by grandstands outhouses and Jorge Souto the 1983 Nissan concession stands were all in Cup series winner who held the goo d shape but weren t series lead going into this permanenr fixtures The off road weekend Croel stayed in second course was laid out over the sand place and the activity went on drag strip the grandstands and towards the back as Ron Barrett some temporary fencing were set and Larry Olsen fought for up a horde of brand new rent a fourth place Then Barrett took Despite lqslng ground In the first moto wlth mechanical woes Don Adams johns were lugged in four a long jump went wide slid again won the Class 3 points _In the quick Jeep CJ 8 Scrambler concession stands grew under the sideways and rolled over The HDRA Short Course Series Finale at Glen Helen OHV Park Although John Randall had some fierce competition In the Jeep Honcho battle he was out front In both motos when the checkered flag fell Page 30 Souto and Croel went calmly on with Brent Smith running third Now Olsen worked on Smith passing him on the eighth lap and then getting by Croel on the last lap to take second place Barrett got running again but h i d lost two h s with his roHt After the first mot as for the other classes the Nissan Cup trucks went again right after the mid day break They all came back including Dick Starita who d rolled and flattened a tire in the first moto to dnf Croef t ok off in front again with Barrett second and Olsen third Smith ran fourth Souto was fifth and Starita was sixth at the end of lap one Barrett was working hard to pass Croel and all the trucks were still pretty close together on the second lap As they passed the start finish line and headed for the double jump Starita veered to the right went outside the flags and picked up two or three positions by going wide in the dry dirt and bypassing the slippery mud At the point where the double jump was the actual race course was narrower than the sand drag course it used as a base As a result there was a wide flat stretch to the right of the jump between the jump and the spectator fence But the ribbons were strung along the edge of the jump running right up to its apex Starita went to the right of the ribbons And he did it again on the third lap gaining several positions again By this time Stan Parnell the Race Coordinator and the official starter for this event had his black flag firmly in hand He marcped over to the point where Starita had veered to the right and waited for him to come around again and gave hiHl 1kblack flag Starita obviously surprised went about halfway around and pulled il for consultation Parnell walked over to explain what was happening and while his back was turned Souto who d been running fourth took the same path and ended up in second place But Walt Lott had l leen standing right at the start finish line and he had seen it happen All this time Barrett and Croel had been putting on a g eat race with Barrett holding the lead but l eginning to feel his front end go away on about the fifth lap He took one flying leap too many and a half lap later his right front spindle broke leaving him three legged as Souto having passed Croel with his non regulation run off to the right now took over the lead It was generally assumed by the audience and by the officials as we later learned that Souto had seen Starita go that way and thought it seemed like a good idea He didn t do it again and had most likely not seen Starita get the black flag When it came time for the white flag Parnell let Souto go by and gave it to Croel and those behind him That meant that as Croel was first to get the checkered flag Souto being thus neatly penalized with an extra lap would finish fourth Croel got his unexpected win Ken Snyder came in second and Roger Mears pulled out a squeaker for Nissan In Class 7 nee lng to win the Olsen was third _while Souto last moto to gain the day s points and Roger won by a mlle September 1984 Dusty Times

Page 31

went aro und for the last time He pulled in to Parnell obviously anxious to know what was happening and minutes later he a nd his co driver were embroiled in a fierce argument with Parnell and Walt Lott As the infield crowd grew Starita briefly joined the fray and the discussion was pretty hot and heavy for a w hil e Ultimately cool heads preva iled and the program went o n with the outcome of the Nissan Cup race and its series tabled until a formal protest had been filed and a decision made late in the evening The result of the protest meeting was that both Starita and Souto were disqualified in the first as well as the second moto giving them no points for the weekend at all That gave Croel the weekend win The second event of the day had been a combination of C lass 3 and C lass 8 which is always a lot of fun with all that noise and thunder It was even more fun this time as Dave Shoppe had come racing with a brand new BIG motor in his Class 8 Ford and was out to beat Walker Evans He d almost done it in the qualifying heat on Saturday leading for four laps and then losing it when he bobbled just once and Evans shot by But then Walker had packed up gone home to Riverside and installed his BIG motor in the Dodge Sunday s start was a heart stoppfng drag race between the two while Mike Doherty ran an underpowered third in his C hevrolet Walker s Dodge had out dragged Shoppe s Fo rd but Shoppe pushed hard for eight laps finally going off into the pits with some insurmountable problem and leaving the track to Evans and Doherty ln the meantime Don Adams had easily led the Class 3 troops Marlo Alesi won one of the closest contests of the entire meet In Class 7S taking a last lap victory to claim the title In his Nissan Walker Evans had to change motors overnight to Insure his Class 8 victory and the monstermotor was awesome as Walker won for Dodge Nearly always a bridesmaid Myron croel took the Nissan Cup honors and cash at Glen Helen Park with a second and a first place finish Running hard over the washboard section Jim Fishback Sr slldes past Rick Jones en route to an overall second placing In Class 10 with Doug Robinson in his C 7 and Don Coffland in his taking turns with second place Adams lost his fire and pulled in for help while Coffland was second putting him in the lead bur a lap later he too was out smokin heavily from the trans Another lap later and Adams was back someone having finally found the loose wire o n his fuel pump and he ran well from then on Robinson came in first ith Dave Bryan second in his CJ7 and Adams in a CJ8 Scrambler was third In their second moto Adams ran first all the way with Coffland second and Robinson in third until he lost his front wheel drive and some other something that stopped him Bryan came on into third The combination of a third and a first gave Ada_m s the win for the weekend while Bryan having worked all night to install a new front end came in second making it worthwhile Robinson was third and Coffland fou rth fhe second C lass 8 moto started with another of those breathtaking drag races and this finished for the weekend also time Shoppe got to the first turn Class 4 and 7S ran togeth1 r first He held off Evans for half a and were the third group to race lap but Walker really had more with four in each class In Class 4 motor now and then Shoppe it was all Jeep Honchos with flattened a tire to make matters Larry Casey John Randall Rick worse He had to head for the pits Grumbein and Mike Randall the and spoiled the fun for the drivers The 7S truck s were spectators who d been looking Mario Alesi in a Nissan Spencer forward to a nice long duel Low in another Nissan Brent Shoppe came back o ut for a few Smith in a Ford Ranger and Fred laps but didn t make it to the end Wright it1 a 4x4 Toyota this time either giving Walker Casey had a brief lead over the win Doherty second and John Randall but then Randall himself third That s how they I COMPETITION BRAKE WITH BALANCE BEAM Ivan Stewart had a tough dice with his Toyota teammate but at the finish Iron Man Ivan saw the checkered flag first In both heats JAMAR now offers a dual cylind er brake assembly with a balance beam to provide precise independent adjustment of front and rear braking for ce The balance beam is made of 4130 chromoly and features a floating po int of balance The floc1ting pivot point on the beam and heim ends on both sides make it the smoothest operating pedal available It s unique locking feature allows easy visual inspection of the balance location The all new JAMAR pedal is made of 12 guage coldrolled ste el to handle the rigors of off road use It comes with a no slip foot pad and is also available with a ru bbe r foot pad cover The CA3 includes JAMAR s large capacity master cylinders available in three sizes for disc or drum type brakes They feature captivated push rods ne_ w co nvoluted gaskets and caps which are easy to remove The mounting bracket is cast alumin m treated to a T 6 condition and can be mounted on the floor or under the dash MANUi ACTURERS OF THE FINEST IN OFF ROAD PRODUCTS Dave Bryan and his famlly spent all night fixing h 5 CJ 7 and David kept It together to take a fine second place In the Class 3 points Dusty Times Contact your local JAMAR dealer or write 42066 C Aven fda Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 714 676 2066 September 1984 Page 31

Page 32

morcat out GLEN HELEN PARK got by stayed cool and stayed in front Casey ran a near second while Mike Randall had a flat and lost two laps So it was John Randall Casey Rick Grumbein and Mike Randall at the end of their 11 laps The mini trucks had more action going on with Alesi and Low changing places _ in front several times on the first lap alone Ultimately Alesi got a firm hold on the lead and stayed there ti the end Low finished second Wright was third and Smith who d had to pit was fourth The second heat for the Class 4s had Casey in the lead for two laps but then he flattened a rear tire and had to pit That put Mike Randall in front but he lost a wheel on the fifth lap and brother John went on into the leacl Casey came back out but was a lap down Grumbein ran second having trouble with the hole in turn two John Randall won Grumbein was second on a flat front and Casey was back in the _pits with his second flat and out again to finish third In the 7S Class it was a very similar look Frank took the lead Stewart Evans and Morris at the one Morris started off in front good race between Alesi and Low with Fishback Sr in second and finish and Stewart entertained the all the way First it was Alesi Albert third Fishback and For their second event things spectators with a splendid effort then Low then Alesi for many Albert tangled and Albert lost turned around Roger got the as he slowly caught and finally laps but no more than a truck four laps But Frank went lead at the start with Balch passed him in mid air on the big length ahead Low was often on smoothly on building a four second and Smith third Smith jump Once in front Stewart his bumper and finally on the second lead over second place was out on the third lap leaving stayed there til the end 11th lap he managed to squeeze Fishback Jr while Fishback Sr Mears and Balch a lone In Class 7 Mears ended up by only to roll over in the second ran third Martensen ran fourth Eventually Mears had 11 seconds with the win for the day due to turn and put himself out So and Rick Jones ran fifth The on Balch who just couldn t catch having the better finish in the Alesi went on to win Wright was combination of wins gave fuank up this time second moto Balch was second second and Low got a third place the victory for the day while The 7Ms were down to two and 17 yea old Smith was third That gave Alesi the win for the Fishback Sr came in second and trucks right away as Evans broke In the 7M class it was Stewart day with Wright second Low Martensen third a rear axle and pulled out on lap Morris and Evans third and Smith in fourth The last group was small but Class 10 came next and this nifty consisting of three Class 7 was led from the start by Albert trucks Roger Mears Nissan Arciero with brother Frank in Sherman Balch Nissan and second place But then Albert Brent Smith Ford Ranger And disappeared for a lap after three Class 7Ms Ivan Stewart tangling with another car and Toyota Tom Morris Toyota Frank took over the lead and Walker Evans Dodge and it permanently Jim Fishback Jr was a quick field rari second for a while but he Balch led the 7s all the way broke a c v and his dad Jim with Smith in second and a Fishback Sr took over second puzzled Mears in third place spot Ed Martensen ran third in Smith went out with a flat on the his Chenowth and Albert came fifth lap but Balch went on to back out to play with his brother win with Mears second but a lap down So Frank won Meanwhile Stewart shot into Fishback Sr was second and the lead in his group followed by Martensen was third No one else Evans and Morris all the way J finished They_tried hard to get him but Their second moto had a just couldn t do it So it was Tom Morris made his local short course debut In the Team Toyota and Morris was very Impressive on the rough run taking second In Class 7M I RECOGNIZED SAFETY L e q GSfl ment offers the racer th e finest assortment c lity ra ci ng equipment on he market today at a tremendous savings Filler is recognized world wide for quality equipment and now you can order direct from the factory and take advantage of tremendous savings 1 l c 4 0 Spence Low gave Alesi quite a flghtfor 7S honors untllthe lastlap when Low s Nissan landed on Its side on the top of the hill a tricky turn Larry Casey kept the crowd on Its feet leading the Randall clan by Inches In Class 4 until a pair of flat tires put paid to his efforts Sherman Balch had a great first moto n Class 7 streaking away from Roger Mears with ease but Mears did the same act In the second moto Ed Martensen s Chenowth Magnum flew like a bird on the tough downhill Jump Martensen was third for the meet In Class 10 points Don Coffland had a good lead In the first Class 3 moto but a blown tranny seal sidelined him then he came back to take second In the final heat The biggest loser of the weekend was Jorge Souto Nissan Cup points leader going In but the weekend loser and maybe the series loser after a rules Infraction Nomex Suits 1 pc 17100 2 pc 177 75 Race Bag 39 00 Nomex Boots in black wh1te blue 75 00 5 point Belt 100 65 Nomex Undershirt 34 50 Nomex Drawers 34 50 Nomex Hood 17 50 Nomex Sox S11 Q0 Nomex Gloves white 48 00 orange 52 00 Call for package orders and our complete catalog SIMPLE TO ORDER PHONE OR MAIL ORDER USING VISA MA STE RCHARG E OR WE DO SHIP C O D No personal checks please 1 9017 San Fernando Road Sun Valley CA 91352 _ Ph 213 768 7770 Page 3i September 1984 DustyTimes

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TOYOTA 4 RUNNER The Long Awaited Toyota Bobtail is a Real Toughie Text Photos Jean Calvin J Styling Is definitely different on the 4 Runner The forward side windows slide both ways the rearward windows are fixed Check the high mounted rear window wiper 1 j For months Toyota truck fans awaited the appearance of an enclosed wagon built on the rugged Toyota 4 x 4 truck chassis and it finally arrived in the USA last summer Toyota dubbed the new bobtail 4 Runner and it is a nifty off road going people carrying rig At last Toyota has an entry into the hot selling mini bobtail market but outside of its actual size the 4 Runner is quite a different breed of cat from the norm While some rigs in the class are basically boulevardiers the 4 Runner issan off road rig that can work as a town car as well The 4 Runner is built on the short wheelbase 4 x 4 Toyota truck chassis with all around leaf springs and an extra frame cross member has been added to give needed stiffness to the integral body structure Even though the body looks the same as the truck most of the panels are new and unique to the 4 Runner it is a tidy mating to the truck front sheet metal Totally apart from the competition the Toyota The cockpit Is space age style On top the dash are the tlltmeters and altimeter Under the console Is the heater for the rear seats with Its own control below the ashtray pure luxury to the rear Dusty Times and a space age dashboard light display The rear seat is advertised to hold three people The seat splits so that half can be folded down for extra cargo space or both sides can fold down for even more room The three person seat however splits right down the middle which could give an uncomfortable ride to the middle person Other goodies on the SR 5 include the distinctive p 9 int scheme dark and light grey on this unit Inside the same style stripes in two tones of grey adorn the upholstery A shallow center console bin conceals the rear seat heater which has its own controls The driver s seat is borrowed from the sporty car line with infinitely adjustable lumbar supports and a memory Another keen option is the rear window wiper that neatly parks on the roof so there is no problem when rolling the back window down into the tailgate The side rear windows are the sliding glass type but the front windows on the SR 5 were electric Oddly there were no automatic door locks The controls for the rear window wiper and window winder are both on the center console out t of the way of being triggered accidently In action the 4 Runner is great fun We four wheeled in the desert and also down Las Vegas Blvd in deep water during one of the monsoons that struck the gambling city last July The 4 Runner does all the keen things off road that the 5 speed manual truck does except with its extra weight the gearing is no t quite as ideal as it could be On the streets and highways the rig rode well like a truck o n its Dunlop Max The drl11er s seat has myriad controls Trac Grip HR 78 15 tires No for lumbar support as well as fore and compromise for a soft ride aft and recliners The entire Interior Is suspension is made and we nicely furnished like any luxury stasuspect that the 4 Runner we tion wagon should be wagon can double as a convertible The entire plastic roof structure from the cab back can be unlatched and lifted off to provide open air motoring for the rear seat passengers The removable top is not the only different feature on the 4 Runner The newest 4 x 4 has fully manual hubs Toyota claiming they have yet to find reliable automatic hubs for their 4 x 4s The 4 Runner also comes in two guises one a truck and the other a wagon The Deluxe model is a truck and imported as such quota free This is the basic unit with only front bucket seats to hold two people To the rear is a huge cargo bay covered by the top and it features the same rear area roll bar as the fancier model Over the cab area a built in roll bar serves to not only protect but it also stiffens the chassis The SR 5 is the fancy unit and the one pictured here had almost every available option The SR 5 comes with stripes outside and a back st at inside wall to wall carpeting including the tail gate drove had been manhandled by h ills the radio reception was previous guest drivers to the poor and at night the dancing point where it needed fresh lights indicating to ne control shocks were a distraction to the driver Highway and all around fuel However most buyers will no economy is certainly up to par doubt like the light show with the competition too The A problem that might be Toyota delivered close to 22 mpg peculiar just to this vehicle was on the highway at legal speeds In the ignition key It was a struggle all around driving mileage varied getting it into the slot every time from over 17 to just around 21 for several different drivers it depending on the driving style just didn t seem to fit Something The 22 R engine rated at 96 else that is less than handy is the horsepower is standard on the 4 lack of manual over ride on the Runner and it could use some electric back window It goes extra urge to carry the heavier rig down either by the console around It gets especially hea y control or by key in the back and with a load in the back or a full only with the window down can complement of pas se ngers you then wiggle a knob and However with two up and a load unlatch the tailgate It could be a of magazines in the back the 4 problem in access if the electrics Runner climbed the famous get too dusty or the battery goes Baker grade en route to Las down Vegas with no protest and with Overall the Toyota 4 Runner the air conditioning going full is a most purposeful 4 x 4 with blast it only called for one ample space inside for the family downshift from fifth to fourth on and their camping gear It will the manual 5 speed trans surely go anywhere and beyond Personally we thought the off the road as its competition fancy dash was interesting The The very sturdy construction pair of tiltmeters and the and reputation for reliability of altimeter atop the radio and heat the Toyota 4 x 4 trucks should controls is keen and fun to watch make the 4 Runner a sell out for a on the road The AM FM stereo long time even with its 14 to 16 fancy radio does everything but grand price tag depending on the pour the coffee but out in the options

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THE MACON COUNTY FAIR It was a Great Sunday After the Dome at Decatur Illinois By Brenda A Parker Photos Valeria Farquhar A husky field of 17 single and two seat unlimited 1600s were on hand and here Bruce Brannstrom takes the inside line passing a 2 seater Class 5 action was tight Here Mark McFadzean Just leads Harold Barringer and thafls the order they finished In the first heat green and held it to the finish of Kevin to cross the line in line Bruce Brannstrom stayed in second place finishing that way second The battle was between in Class 8 as well The first Jeep Mike Parker Lee Wuesthoff and over the finish line was the CJ 7 Kevin Probst fighting for third of Bruce McKinney followed by On one of the turns Probst got Robert Gierke and Jerry King his Berrien hung up with Parker s The Baja Bugs put on their best Mirage while trying to pass ever race during the first heat at Parker with no place else to go Decatur There were only two ended up over the telephone seconds separating Ron Karlman poles Probst also tangled with and Mark McFadzean running Brannstrom and put him off the first and second and only 12 track and from my vantage point seconds separating first and fifth I could see no reason for the place Harcild Barringer got collision There were no other around Tim Burns to move into cars around and they were third on lap 3 At the finish it was between two turns on a straight McFadzean Barringer and po_rtion of the track The action Karlman and this finish action put Brannstrom down to fifth also had the crowd standing and place cheering as Barringer passed The trucks and Jeeps were next Karlman coming off the last on the s tarting grid Jack jump Flannery was out in the first lap Class 1 had only seven entries with a flat tire on his Class 8 Scott Taylor in his Pro Tech ran Ford Chuck Johnson in his the 1650 cc motor and was the newly built Ford Ranger took a flag to flag leader in the heat commanding lead and by the half Mike Paulson and Jeff Probst way point he was a good half lap were running very close in ahead of the field Kevin Pence second and third This race spun out on lap 3 but he finished pretty much the way it managed to get back in the race started It was Taylor Paulson So it was a battle to the flag Probst Jerry Spradling Don between Pence and Dave Hocker Ponder and Darrell Burks at the for second The rowd was on finish in that order Tom Arthur their feet for the finish it was so was out in the early laps with a close But Dave just edged ahead broken CV year it drew a large c ntingent of drivers even though it was not a points series event This year the Fair Board added 3 000 00 to the purse and BFGoodrich added another 3 000 00 This coupled with the fact that it was a Berrien Autocross Series points race meant a larger than usual number of entries There were 6Y total starters this year a very good showing The race now has packed the grandstand both years and the people do not leave until the last race is over fhe largest class 1 1600 with 21 entries was the f st to run their first heat race Bruce Brannstrom jumped to1an early lead with Hilding Brannstrom running a close second and Vic Schlapper was third The race Chuck Johnson flies his brand new Class 7 Ford Ranger and running against was for fourth place between Todd Attig Kurt Wuesthoff and three Cl1tss B trucks Chuck took the victory by a bunch Larry Walk and they were running bumper to bumper CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDER HOUSE Bruce Brannsti om pulled into the infield early with a broken left front wheel Bruce said he CROWN MFG RAPID COOL had hit a pole This put Hilding in TRI MIL WESTERN AUTO TIRES first with Schlapper second and BILSTEIN CENTERLINE CIBIE Kurt Wuesthoff third They HEWLAND PORSCHE TURBO C V finished in that order followed 8EARD SEATS PARKER PUMPER by Attig and Karl Wuesthoff On the last lap heading to the checkered flag Larry Eckel rolled his Jeep right TECTIRA TIRES SUPER TRAPP Next on the track were the 2 off the Jump on the straight mainly hurting his pride GEM GEARS KYB SHOCKS 1600 cars with ten entries Bruce SWAY A WAY TRANSAXLE Bailey was the first lap leader but PARTS he spun out on the slippery track that had been Watered heavily between the heats to keep down CENTER LINE the dust This allowed Steve Krieman the chance to pass Bailey and take the lead for three laps until he got passed by Kevin Probst who then led in his Berrien all the way to the checkered flag The top finishers behind Probst were Steve SWAY A WAYcoo Krieman Jim Dooley Don Meadows and Steve Tsarpalis Class 9 was next and this is Class 10 in the west for unlimited BEFORE YOU BUY TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL 1650 cc race cars There were 17 12945 SHERMAN WAY NO HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 starters an d Scott Taylor took 213 765 5827 e 213 764 6438 Ken Schmidt came from St Louis MO to compete In Class 10 and despite the lead in his Pro Tech at the leaping well In front ofthe packed stands he was tenth The day after the event at the Silverdome most of the Berrien Autocrossers appeared for the second running of the off road I Page 34 R4 1 r races during the Macon County Fair at Decatur Illinois Last year the Fair Board added 2 000 00 to the purse for the race and last HIii I September 1984 Dusty Times

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Score Canada Points eaders Invited to Riverside California At home In I11 nols Bruce McKinney had a good day In his Class 3 Jeep CJ 7 winning the points and the cash In combined 3 4 action The second 1 1600 heat saw Al McMillan jump into the lead from the start and he stayed there to the checkered flag The contest was for second and it was a very close one between Kurt and Karl Wuesthoff They were almost side by side o n the jumps Hil qi ng Bra nn s trom ended up with a broken CV and was out in the third lap Except for the battle for second this was basically a follow the leader event At the fini sh it was McMillan winning followed by Kurt then Karl Wuesthoff Among the 2 1600s Kevin Probst drove his Berrien to the victory up front from flag to flag This second place battle was between Steve Tsarpalis and Jim Dooley Don Meadows was running fourth Just off the last jump on the last lap Dooley edged out Tsarpalis to take second and Meadows finished fourth ThesecondClass9racesaw 16 of the 17 original cars take the field Jeff Probst jumped out in front and was never challenged for first place As in the previous race the fight was for second between Lee Wuesthoff and Kevin Probst Kevin spun out in the tenth lap putting him down to sixth on recovery Probst managed to pull up on the field and challenge Mike Parker for fifth The pair raced to the flag and it was a photo finish Scott Tay or hit a fence and was a DNF The finish order for the heat was Jeff Probst Lee Wuesthoff and Mike Paulson The overall points winners for the day were Class 9 Lee Wuesthoff Kevin Probst Jeff Probst Mike Paulson and Mike Parker in the mo ney Class 3 and 4 Bruce McKinney Jerry King and Robert Gierke Class 7 and 8 Chuck Johnson Dave Hackers and Jack Flannery Class 5 Mark McFadzean Ron Karlman and Harold Barringer Class 1 ScottTaylor Jeff Probst and Mike Paulson Class 1 1600 Kurt Wuesthoff Karl Wuesthoff Victor Schlapper and Al McMillan Class 2 1600 Kevin Probst Jim Dooley Steve Tsarpalis Don Meadows and Dick Knutson The Macon County Fair race at Decatur has all the earmarks of growing bigger and better There were no complaints from tcye drivers regarding the track or how the race is conducted They all look forward to racing here at the Fairgrounds again in September Curt LeDuc who showed off his new Class 7 Ranger at the Sllverdome might be another double entry with the Ranger and his Class 14 Jeep Special FAT Performance leaders in offroad racing engines and per formance products have set an unprecedented record in the recently formed Super 1600 competition Since its inception we have won more races both Short Course and Desert than all others combined In an effort to help east coast racers attend the annual W orld C hampionships that are held in R iverside CA Score International and Score Canada have joined forces to invite the top Score Canada racers to attend the World C hampionships that will be held on September 14 15 16 Points leaders after the August 25 26 event that will be held in Rimouski Quebec will be invited to compete in the Riverside CA event Registration fees will be absorbed by the sanctioning bodies to help these racers who will have to travel 3 500 miles to be in Riverside Th Rimouski Quebec Store Canada sanctioned event is a double points event which will be important in the final outcome of the series A few east coast racers have made the trip to California in past years and have produced good results Among the racers that are expected to attend this year s edition are Class 4 champion Curt LeDuc from Massachusetts and John McPherson from Ontario who has dominated Class 10 and 1 this year BiU Lefeuvre from Ontario presently leads in Class 1 and could well be on his way to his first Riverside event This decision will permit racers from Canada and the eastern USA to compete with the best from the West making the World Championships a truly international event We have also experienced a n amazing amou nt of success in all other VW classes with top finishers at all major races It s this kind of record that sets us apart from the re s t When performance is the goal see FAT for all your street and offroad needs After all it s our last pame And keep your eye on our impressive list of FAT performers GILLMAN BROS JERRY WHELCHEL GLENN HARRIS KEN KAZARIAN LARRY BOLIN JIM STILES LARRY RAGLAND JIM AND BILLY WRIGHT JIM GREENWAY AND MARK STEELE THE LIST GOES Ol f C ass 10 1450 N Glassell Orange CA 92667 714 639 2833 Mark McFadzean won a real tight race to take home the Class 5 points for the night as well as the purse another winner from 1111 ols Dusty Times September 1984 Page 35

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CANADA S CAPITAL HOSTS A STADIUM AUTOCROSS Score canada Moves on toOttawa at Lansdowne Park Text Photos Danny McKenzie Tom Surace from New Jersey won the big 1 2 1600 purse and his Berrien led a 115 laps In the main event to collect an even 1000 00 Russ Wood front Dave Lofland center and BIii Pedersen rig ht put on a whale of a show fighting forth rd place In the Class 10 main event At the flag It was Wood third then Lofland and Pedersen Score Canada had a three _the high cost of preparing the event Stadi9m Points Series in track and promoting _the event 1984 andalsoproducedafourth Dodd figured the 1984 race stadium event in Canada s would open new doors for 1985 capital Ottawa Ontario The and perhaps next year it could be one day event happened on a a gigan tic show in front of a Thursday late in June under the sellout crowd stars Contrary to other CanadCalled Super Autocross 84 ian stadium events so far the the event was held at Lansdowne Ottawa race was opened t far Park in Ottawa The park more than just Class 10 At features a playing field for the Ottawa Classes 1 and 1 2 1600 Canadian Football League s also performed in front of the Ottawa Rough Riders and audience as did several classes of seating for about 35 000 The 3 wheelers Co produced by newly astroturfed surface had Ottawa businessman Louis Park authorities worried about Brisson the event was only two the possibility of damage Not months in planning George to warry said Dodd and Dodd President of Score Brisson The surface was covered Canada decided to go ahead with with thousands of feet of heavy the race even though no gauge polyurethane topped with onsors were helping out with interlocking 3 4 inch plywood WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH TRACKSIDE IS THERE Color and Black White photos of many major off road e1 1ents including Riverside and Baja current and histor ic We have one of the largest photo librnries of all types of motor sports including events dating back into 1970_ We have photos for publication public relations advertising_ presentations promotions personal scrapbook enjoyment We were there last t ime we II be there next time 1 TRACKSIDE Photo Enterprises p O BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 213 327 4493 18710 SO NORMANDIE AVE SUITE C GARDENA _CA 90248 Page 36 making it impossible to damage the astroturf surface The June 2 date coincided very well with the normal schedule The Score Canada regulars had to pass through Ottawa to get to Notre Da e du Nord for the June 29 the Fnday inspection and parade for the upcoming Laurentide lnternational Autocross Challenge on June 30 and July 1 An impressive 20 0 0 cash payout was up for grabs m Ottawa The t ree_ bugg classes shared th_e hmehght with stock and modifi d ATCs and _their raciI_tg_ as directed by the q__uebec division of the Canadian Motorcycle Association Mother Nature could not have cooperated more for t he race The weather forecast predicted showers and thunderstorms by race time but good weather held until the last lap of the final race when the skies opened up on Class 1 The 7 000 fans that were on hand to witness the inaugural event _were pleased with the racing and jt1dging by their enthusiastic reaction next year the event could well be a sellout Also the last press conference held the day before the Ottawa stadium race was a good one The TV radi6 and newspaper press turned out in great numbers to watch John McPherson and Dave Hunter put on an exhibition on the course Racing starting at eight in the evening with qualifying heats for the 3 wheelers They did put on a great show for the fans and they had plenty of room to battle it out for position as the track was 35 feet wide in the narrowest part of the route The second group on the race course were the 1 2 1600s doing their first qualifying heat J

Page 37

looked more at ease on the man made course The crowd stood up to see the fast action Tom Benvenuti in a BFGoodrich Valvoline backed entry from Dundas Ontario took the victory followed by Normand Vaillancourt in a Richard Buggy team car from Laval Quebec in second Bill Pedersen from St Charles Illinois entered bis first Score Canada event and i ook third while C laude Tetreault from Quebec was the last guaranteed finalist In the second qualifie r Richard Dagenais from Vimont Quebec powered his Richard Buggy team car to the win and a spot in the finals Russ Wood from Burlington Ontario was second while John McPherson in the Berrien B uggy Sway AWay backed Eastern Force team car was third Dave Hunter from New York driving Ed Righter s E Bea R racing team Chenowth Magnum was fourth In the consolation race Dave Lofland from Palmyra New Usually the wrench o the Chenowth Magnum Dave Hunter Is a strong stadium racer and he took Ed Righter s entry to a close second In the Class 10 main event John McPherson In the Eastern Force Berrien ran away and hid from the others to easily win the Class 1 exhibition race as well as taking a close one In Class 10 Jersey took the win to earn his place in the main event At the start of the Class 10 main Dave Hunter took the lead in the Magnum Hunter was laying power to the ground but so was John McPherson The two top runners were fighting to keep The 3 wheelers put on a whale of a show although the rider underneath looks to be In danger It Is only the wide angle lens In action There were no Injuries or get the lead while a strong battle for third was on between Bill Pedersen Dave Lofland and Russ Wood This trio stayed together for many laps taking corners three abreast and the crowd went crazy Finally Russ Wood took command of third place as Lofland finished fourth and Pedersen fifth While all this was going on John McPherson was knocking on Hunter for the lead Finally McPherson got by and again the crowd went wild John McPherson seemed determined to win his third stadium race this year and after 15 laps McPherson had indeed won the Class 10 feature The Class 1 race was an exhibition event to test out the feasibility of running the unlimited buggies in the confinement of a very short autocross stadium track Would the cars be too raaical on such a short tight course This was the ques tion John McPherson fresh from his Class 10 victory had just enough time to jump into his identically Despite threatening weather nearly 7 000 fans turned out to see the fl st ever autocross event held at Ottawa s Lansdowne Park prepared Class 1 Berrien and head to the starting line The 2600 cc Autocraft fired up and McPherson was ready for another go at the course We will spare the details McPherson ha d the race won from the start putting a good lead on the rest of the pack and gaining ground lap after lap through the race The only thing that could have prevented the victory was a major break down but it was not to happen John McPherson was two for two in Ottawa in his well prepared Berriens FASTEST AT THE MINT 400 FASTEST AT THE FIREWORKS 250 rnazDa ROTARY PO NERED The victory circle Is getting to be a habit with John McPherson In Ottawa John gets congratulations from President George Dodd and chief starter Brian Stagg of Score Canada These men have our recommendation if you are in need of tfiefr specialties ERIC ARRAS design and fabrication of super smootl I 8 bar suspension DAVID KREISLER DOUG FORTIN design and fabrication of super strong RACECO chassis building a transmission th at stays together Beat the high cost of increased horsepower demands with one of our SUPER OFF ROADARY motors You can have the horsepower torque and reliability to run with anyone anywhere We can supply a 225 HORSEPOWER complete motor for 4 500 just add gas and go for the gold Tom Benvenutl s young son gives the thumbs up victory sign after his dad won his first Class 1 2 1600 heat and a spot In the finals DustyTimcs 1 Call Dave or Maxine at 714 849 4521 for more info September 1984 Page 37

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THE LAKEFAIR PRO CAN AM Short Course Racing at Olympia Washington Photos Cindy Chamberlin Leonard Day Paul Knapp By Cindy Chamberlin Joe Reich led the main event for a time and finished second riding right on Roger Caddell s bumper as he had nearly all weekend The Lakefair Festival in day with Roger Caddell taking Olympia Washington and Pro the early lead winning the first Can Am combined to bring short two heats Joe Reich had his course off road racing to the troubles in the first heat but Lakefair schedule It was a great managed to come away with show and there was lots of enough points in the second heat positive responses from the to stay in second place He was racers and the spectators alike ho tly pursued b y the racer of Unlike the first short course race I hck Mauhl Del Matthews and this year in May which was wet Dan C lark Jr were able to pull and slippery the weather was hot out a second and a third place and dry It made the track fast win but eventually lost their standings by the end of the and a little dusty at times This second heat was Pro Can Am s second short The Pro 4 x 4s were xt with course race with two more still Steve Farrell making a clean on the schedule for this year sweep in the field of eight cars Racing began early Saturday during the first two heats with two separate heats for all the followed closely by Denny classes Pro buggies started the Simpson and Jim Murphy for the NEW QUICK JACK FOR THE NEW BIG RACE CARS Here is a new technology quick jack to match the new technology in the long travel race carnso successful in off road racing today This quick Jack has a total 1 1ft height of 22 inches will stand by itself when raised to full he19ht and 1t does not require a person to sit on it while the car is up 1n the air The new Jack has an excellent leverage ratio and one man can lift th e rear end of a heavy two seater by himself The jack is made from the finest mgredients and it breaks down for ease of storage and transportation TWO MODELS AVAILABLE C LU B DI SCO UNTS AVAILABLE 18 LIFT 59 99 22 LIFT 69 99 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CALIF 92330 Telephone 714 674 7365 Page 38 points The pos1t1ons changed hands several times between Diana Prine Duane Willis and Mike Tobin all pushing each other continuously making for an exciting race Art Johnson and Bob Williams also ran strong and steady Ro d Stevens again came away with a first overall victory in the 4 x 4 Sportsman class never once relinquishing his lead Lee Lynch pushed Rod all day Saturday and finished in the second place points standing for the first day of running Larry Rushmeir and Bill Jackson kept the running tight throughout the day In the Unlimited Sportsman buggy class Bert Klinger in his first time out in a Class 5 Baja Bug captured number one position in the first two heats followed closely by Dan Cline in his Class 1 car Warren Miller from British Columbia has had more than his share of bad luck this year tranny problems put Duane Willis Is a tough man to beat In Pro 4 x 4 class In his Bronco He passed Into the victory on the very last lap In the main event him out f the running in the first that the race for second and heat here Tim Long had severe third was hotly contested by motor troubles but managed to Marty Monesmith Rod Woods make two of the three heats and Doug Holt Steve Cocking although he did end up missing tried to imitate Todd s roll over in the second heat and he the main event The Limited Sportsman buggy actually landed on his tires only class boasted an entry of six cars to suffer enough damage to drop Todd Springer took the lead after him to the back of the pack Ron the first two heats but not Arthur from Portland Oregon without his share of troubles had real hard luck when he rolled Todd managed to roll his buggy his new out of the shop buggy over three times then hit the in the third lap It is said that he fence and landed on his tires all used to do that a lot in his directly in front of the Jeep maybe he just couldn t grandstand Nice going After handle all of the new found power The 3 wheelers and Odysseys really came out of the woodwork for the two day event Nine 3 wheelers battled for top honors withJeffHartline a fourteen year old from Shelton Washington dominating them all during all three heat races and the main event Super job of riding by Jeff Mark Crews led the 201 cc and up riders for both days also The 3 wheelers really did some great racing Odyssey drivers now there is a different breed of off roader With little or no suspension nineteen guys proved their endurance during the three heat races and in the main event a total of 34 miles Ray Hegge led the way both days in the stock Odyssey class with Danny Nicho ls Jim Swearingen Keith Horton and Doug Herzog Bob WIii ams ran strong all weekend In his tidy Tequ 1 a Sunrise Jeep running nipping at his heels all the way In the competitive Pro 4 x 4 class September 1984 Dusty Times

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Rod Stevens In his Sportsman Bronco flew to another overall Running steady and always strong Art Johnson cruised through Some of the racers really got muddy despite the drier than usual victory with his 60 year old mother riding along the Lakefalr course to a fine finish with no on course problems conditions Ron Woods came In 4th In Sportsman despite the goo Matthews and Dan Clark Jr were not far behind The Pro 4 x 4 class was super exciting with all eight of the original entries leaving the starting line Steve Farrell was able to take first place in the third heat withJ im Murphy in second and Diana Prine and Duane Willis in third and fourth Murphy dropped to third in the main event and the battle for first was between Prine and Willis Diana led the main event with Duane right on her bumper until she miscalculated a corner and drove over _ a barrel just Diana Prine led the majority of the 4 x 4 main event on Sunday In her Jeep sh seconds before the finish This rig only to lose the race to Duane WI tis on the last lap allowed Duane to pass her and win However wh en Jim Murphy holds it together and keeps it on all fours he is a real threat in the Pro 4 x 4s The Sportsman 4 x 4s also ran with the Pros making it a total field of twelve cars The crowd was really wired when the announcement was made that in Rod Steves rig his 60 year old Mom a great grandma too was in the co driver s seat She said she loved the ride and was ready to go again Rod was able to catch and pass three of the Pro drivers and he also took the overall win in Sportsman class Lee Lynch In his first time out In the Class 5 Bug Bert Klinger made It a clean sweep came in second with Larry winning all four rounds In Unlimited Sportsman Buggies _ Rushmer and Bill Jackson taking Mike Shannon and Bill Ballester in the open Odyssey class ended up with breakdowns that put them o t of the race on Sunday Mike Rasmusson ran away with first place in the Modified Odyssey class with Ray Griffith pushing hard the first day only to drop out Sunday with irtepairable damage After all night repairs Darren Matwichuck was able to capture second place in the main event There was even a Powder Puff Odyssey Race with Tonya Van Dyke taking the checkered flag in the main event on Sunday doing some nice driving We also saw some white knuckle racing when the kids 3 11 years old raced on mini A TV s After receiving their instructions from the starter thirteen of the most determined drivers you ve ever seen took off for the gold All the kids received a small trophy and Frank Scorsch won the main event What a crowd pleaser A third eight lap heat race and the twenty lap main event started Sunday morning with Roger Caddell barely pulling out his first place win Joe Reich was ab to tail Caddell for five laps eventually passing him only tohave Caddell regain the lead later in the race Look out Roger Joe s moving up Dick Mauhl finished with a close third and Del DustyTirncs third and fourth place Eight of the ten starters in the Sportsman Buggies made it to the main event on Sunday Todd Springer pulled out the win over Steve Cocking but only by a few po nts in the Limited class Bert Klinger made it a clean sweep in the Unlimited class with Dan Cline finishing second A big pat on the back goes to all the drivers for the two day event A remarkable 98 percent of all the vehicles who started Saturday morning also left the line in the main event on Sunday afternoon A lot of the crews spent most of the night wrenching on their cars in order to make the starting line the next morning It really made for super action on Sunday Next for the Pro Can Am drivers is the August Forest Fling 011 etit e11 eot11P pro This is the system run by most off road race winners TRl MIL BOBCAT CHROME Jim Murphy usually goes very well In Pro 4 x 4 racing had a few problems at Lakefalr and dropped to third In the main event DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Steve Cocking grabs a tittle air over the grandstand Jump and he ended up second among the Sportsman Unlimited racers Page 39

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THE LAURENTIDE INTERNATIONAL AUTOCROSS CHALLENGE The Racers Celebrate Canada Day a t Notre Dame Du Nord race track Actual racing could International class rules on only be started in mid afternoon modifications On Sunday Tom after the sun and race traffic had Surace from Northfield New dried the course enough to begin Jersey drove his Berrien to first racing The surface did remain place Surace who won the class muddy throughout the weekend in Ottawa two days earlier had bui it got better for traction as to fight off a strong challenge each heat was finished from Rocky Knudsen from As usual the Hobby Class Monticello New York who racers in home built buggies finished second Richard Nadon started the racing On Saturday in a Richard Buggy team car from Reg Tauzin from Notre Dame St Jerome Quebec came home du Nord took a well deserved third on Sunday Class 10 is very popular in victory and his brother Francois T ou zin was second On Sunday Canadian racingand usually has a Marc Andre Kounch from St good field in entry On Saturday Eustache Quebec took the win John McPherson fresh from his and Francois T ouzin was again Class 10 and Class 1 wins in second in Hobby Class Ottawa slid his Eastern Force On the first day of 1 2 1600 team car to the victory in the competition Gordon Zima 1650cc unlimited class Dave from Burlington Connecticut 1 Lofland from New Jersey nailed mud bogged his way around the runner up position and Bill the race track to victory Zima Pederson from St Charles powering his Off Road Illinois was third Depot Raise Auto Body backed On Sunday which in Score car bettered Jim Slankard from Canada racing counts more in Burton Michigan in a Mirage points three Canadians finished Bob Joseph from Hamilton in the top spots a not too Ontario in a Mantis was the common occurrence Bill third place finisher Lefeuvre from Ontario put his On the second day of racing BFGoodrich backed Berrien into the course was much more dry a the lead and he was never headed real help to the restricted engine Lefeuvre took the win while 1600 racers who follow Score John McPherson was a distant Starter Brian Stagg waves the checkered flag to winner John McPherson whose Berrien led the Challenge of Champions race from flag to flag Text Photos Danny McKenzie On _the Canada Day holid y weekend Score Canada officials and racers traveled directly from Ottawa s stadium race to a remote northern Quebec town Notre Dame du Nord for the renewal of their outdoor series of short course races Situated right on the border of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario Notre Dame du Nord is a small town of 1200 people But annually the population increases tenfold when the autocross caravan draws people from over a 150 mile radius as spectators This season Molson Breweries sponsored the race by associating the Laurentide brand of beer name with the racing event The drivers and their crews trucked into town on Friday for the busy schedule of te hnical inspection and the parade through town Some competitors had some heavy thrashing to do on their injured buggies as the Ottawa race had taken its toll on equipment The Notre Dame du Nord area had been hit by heavy rain for a full nine days The race track or what was left of it was a total washout Drainage ditches were created to help the extra water to flow into the Temisc a ming River It seemed that racing conditions for the weekend would be similar to last year whe n muddy conditions pre vailed on Saturday and then the weather turned perfect on Sunday However the conditions were much worse in 1984 So much rain had fallen thatas soon as the surface started to dry up Page 40 more water would rise up from the over soaked ground All that was left to do was pray for perfect weather and the prayers were nswered Saturday and Sunday were picture perfect with sunny conditions and temperatures in the low 90s Saturday action started slowly with practice runs on the soggy BIii LeFeuvre had good results at Notre Dam du Nord driving his Berrien to victory In Class 1 on Saturday and Class 10 on Sunday Jack Flannery brought his Class 8 Ford from Wisconsin but the muddy course was almost too much for the two wheel drive but the crowd loved It Joe Janis spent a long time bulldlng his new Class 4 Chevy and It turned out to be a real beauty on a rad cal short wheelbase chassis At the end of Sunday s race there wasn t much left of the body on Joe Janis new Chevy but he raced to a pair of seconds for the weekend The Temlscamlng River turned out to be a great car wash after the muddy heats on Saturday Ed Righter s Magnum was one that got a washdown September 1984 Dusty Times

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Curt LeDuc flies under the checkered flag taking his second Class 4 victory of the weekend n the very special Jeep Honcho bodied racer all the marbles in the Challenge warm welcome and good of Champions race held atmosphere prevails in this out of moments after Sunday s last the way town way up north and event All classes were competing this is what makes the racers in this run and it started With a travel the extra miles to attend handtcap system according to the annual happening Once each class average lap times again this year thousands of fans The Laurentide International also traveled the extra miles to Autocross Challenge was once attend the event they proudly call again a unique experience A _their own The very warm weather at Notre Dame du Nord brought out some very pleasant local scenery second in his Berrien Ernie Jakubowski in his own BFG backed Mantis Spyder was right in McPherson s rooster tail in third The Class 4 action was great in the mud as the 4 x 4s get better cornering traction in the deep slime Both days the truck class results are carbon copy with the first four positions on each day going to the exact same racers Curt LeDuc from Massachusetts led the way with a pair of wins in his Goodyear backed Jeep Honcho Special LeDuc has been the winningest Class 4 racer on the Score Canada circuit over the years and Notre Dame du Nord was no exception LeDuc masterfully drove his powerful V 8 Jeep to first place in both heats His strongest competition came from LeDuc s own right hand man and employee Joe Janis The 24 year old Janis was attending his first Score Canada race of the season having just completed work on his radical A strong competltor In Class 1 2 1600 Rocky Knudsen from Mont cello New York finished a close second after a long dice In Sunday s race new short wheelbase GM truck The Janis built 0oe s Garage LeDuc Off Road sponsored Chevy Special is quite different from anything we have seen in the past The truck perfqrmed magnificently on its first outing While the sheet metal was totally destroyed in Sunday s race when Janis and LeDuc went at it in their own unique style the truck will be ready to race again soon Third place went to Tom Groves from Mississauga _ Ontario in a Brampton Off Dave Lofland comes from New Jersey to compete north of the border a_nd Dave took home a good second In the very popular Class 10 action Ernie Jakubowski designed and built the Mantis Spyder and the winner at the Toronto Stadium had to be content with second In Class 1 here DustyTimcs John McPherson accepts the Challenge of Champions trophy from the organizing committee whlle Score Canada s George Dodd right beams Road Centre sponsored Jeep the 26 year old mechanic brilliantly handled the truck to outdo Gord Schlamb from Elmv ile Ontario in a 400 cubic inch Blazer Gard s wife Linda Lou Schlamb drove the truck on Saturday in the race as Gord was suffering from back pains Worthy of mention is the fine performance of Mike Goats who came all the way from Clarksburg West Virginia He finishj d fifth on day one This was Goats l est finish this year in his brand new Dodge truck that made its debut at the Score Canada season opener in Tampa Florida Also worthy of mention is Jack Flannery from Crandon Wisconsin Jack was the only non 4 x 4 entry in the heavy metal race Flannery brought his Class 8 Ford to Notre Dame du Nord to compete but the muddy conditions were simply too much for the two wheel drive truck Flannery runs an ultra clean act and he is a welcome and well liked racer north of the border In Class 1 on the first day Bill LeFeuvre from Limehouse Ontario zapped his BFGoodrich Berrien to an impressive victory over John McPherson driving his 2 6 litre powered Berrien from Pickering Ontario Allen Andreoli from Collinsville Connecticut took a well deserved third spot On Sunday John McPherson displayed the awesome power in his racer and his own driving techniques to win the unlimited race Fellow Canadians Ernie Jakubowski in a BFGoodrich Mantis Spyder and Bill Lefeuvre took second and third places respectively The Sunday program ended with a Challenge of Champions for top finishers in the various classes John _ the Nuke McPherson so called for his explosive driving style captured September 1984 WHY WAIT SUPER aoor DRIVE AXLES FOR SEDAN BUS TURBO 19 23 LENGTHS INCREMENTS Ready for Immediate Delivery Other Sizes Available By Custom Order C V Bolts Tranny Flange Super C V cage Flaw Detection Kit Super C V Joints Special C V Lubricants Super Boots Flanges for Turbo Bus 2 Piece Stub Axle for Turbo Bus SEE YOUR DEALERALL SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS ARE WARRANTEED AGAINSt BREAKAGE FOR ONE FULL YEAR SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS 1649 W COLLINS ORANGE CALIF 92667 714 997 0766 619 426 2662 SEE YOUR DEALER Page 41

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THE PYLE DRMR CHARITY OFF ROAD RACE Over Eighty Short Course Drivers Turned Out for the Marathon Affair By Jean Calvin It was several months in planning stages and while many thought it might never happen the Pyle Driver Charity Off Road Race did happen on a warm August Saturday outside of Bakersfield CA The race proceeds were to be donated to the R M Pyle Boys Ranch in central California and the idea of racing for charity was sweetened by the inclusion of a 40 000 guaranteed purse to be split among four classes Add in the fact that there was no entry fee only a 50 insurance charge and everyone within a thousand miles of Bakersfield with a healthy short course car in Classes 1 10 1 2 1600 and 5 turned out to compete plus there were a few oversize desert racers in the ranks as well Around 90 were on the entry list there were a few no shows and a few casualties during the day long practice sessions However an even 7 5 cars took the green flag in their respective heat races It was a buggy entry of a size to make various series promoters green with envy Marty Tripes was the spearhead of the entire operation and Marty was everywhere all the time _tending Photos John Calvin to the big and little details He put together a very tough course inside the 5 8 mile oval track at Mesa Marin although it was obvious that a bike rider did the design There were some very tight turns and knife edged jumps but as the practice sessions proceeded the jumps were beaten down to a more managable shape and destroyed hay bales were evidence of the drivers learning how to straighten out a few of the turns Practice went on all morning then there was a midday break in deference to the August heat then came a short warmup practice and another break around 6 30 p m It took Olympian endurance on the part of the drivers and workers to last through until the wee hours when it all wound down with awards and checks around one in the morning The evening program was a bit late starting and the first sextet of 1 2 1600 drivers opened the program just before eight at night At the green Dan Morton jumped into the lead with Doug Ingles on his bumper and Jesse Rodriquez had his tandem in close as well Ray Gust and Bill Rigsby were having their own tussle and on the second lap Jim Riordan high centered on a bale on the first turn This was a tight 180 off the start and the hay bales there didn t live long The ruts were deep and slick with straw and it caught a lot of drivers throughout the night After three laps of tight combat with Ingles Dan Morton opened a fair lead and went on to win the seven lap heat over Douglngles Well back Rodriquez was third and both Ray Gust and Bill Rigsby had been lapped Riorden had been towed away There were a dozen out for the first Class 10 heat and this bunch charged into the tricky first tut six abreast with buggies and ha flying but all but one made it through Stuck in the ruts was Don Miguel and it took another lap be_fore he was pushed off to rejoin the fray U_p front Frank Arciero was the first lap leader but after two rounds Jerry Whelchel had passed Frank for the lead Larry Ragland had worked is way up to third leading a very tight pack consisting of Ed Martensen Ron Carter J C Myers and Glenn Galbraith Starting the fifth lap Whelchel pulled away from Frank Arciero who was way ahead of the herd Ragland spun and landed atop a hay bale losing several spots and midway Ed Martensen was in third fighting off J C Myers Ron Carter was next then Ragland and Galbraith and Jim Fishback Jr whowasnothaving a good evening On the se enth of ten laps Whelchel and Arciero held position Myers was third just ahead of Martensen Ragland was next and gaining and Galbraith and Carter were dueling Then Galbraith fell victim to the nastiest turn on the course a 180 over a double edged Matterhorn of a hill followed by a ditch Glenn fell off the top about a 20 foot drop landed on his mof and as he was turned back on his wheels a brief fire flared but it was quickly put out As the laps ran out Jerry Whelchel took the victory followed by Frank Arciero Myers vanished on the last lap so Ragland was back in third followed by Carter Martensen and Fishback all on the lead lap Next came the first Class 5 heat and yes folks there were 14 Bugs divided into two heats it has to be an all time high for a Class 5 entry on this type of race course Six were on the line and Jim Fay had his SCIDA Bug out front off the line But after one lap Fay was in the hay and Robert Jones was in the lead followed by Greg Diehl Jim Cocores Fay and Tom Haskins and Richard Leigh was stuck on the first turn Midway Jones held a s lim lead with both Cocores and Diehl right with him on the jumps and through the turns in a fine dice Fay and Haskins were having a similar battle some distance back On the sixth lap Cocores made his bid for the lead but he did an absolutely vertical nose stand on the second jump and lost some ground So Robert Jones led every one of the seven laps to victory Jim Cocores was a lonely second followed by Greg Diehl Tom Haskins and Jim Fay The second bunch of Class 1Os were ten strong on the grid and after the luck of the draw for starting position none other than Mike Gillman was on the pole You just can t give that kind of advantage to Mike in his sleek Chenowth Magnum He took off out front from the flag and in two laps he had plenty of air to the rear and after ten laps he took the checkered flag all alone up front Mark Broneau had his desert Raceco in second from the green flag keeping Gillman honest but after four laps Mark was out with a bad trans Now the fight for second was between Dave Bonner inches to the good and Tommy Croft The pair were side by side for the next four laps Further back Jim Sandefer was leading Rick Jones next came Rich Prouty fighting hard with Randy R ychebosch and a dice was going on between Tom Ebberts and Russ Welch Ebberts was driving Bill Silberman s car without benefit of a practice lap Silberman suffered a knee injury in the final practice session so Tom took the helm Welch had his newly purchased short course Class 10 going well and he looked good in his short course debut On the eighth of ten laps Dave Bonner vanished from the pack and Jim Sandefer was now second and stayed there to the flag Third went to Rick Jones followed by Prouty Rychebosch Ebberts and Welch all on the lead lap in a close race The first Class 1 heat brought out eight hot cars and from the flag Frank Arciero grabbed the lead his Magnum did not miss a beat and Frank went on to win the ten lapper Mark Hansen ran second all the way through nine laps then bobbled on the final lap and dropped to third behind Bill Royster who he had been battling with for a few laps The early challenge to Hansen came from Tom Koch running his enormous desert Raceco and doing a fine job holding a close third until he got a flat rear tire on lap 8 and rode the flat to finish fourth behind Dennis Chisma and just ahead of Richard Prouty The second Class 1 2 1600 heat put nine cars on the line and Kent Castle was out to win this one Fail1ng to get off the line Bob McElvain was an early retiree but the other eight took off in close combat However Kent Castle led all seven laps with his mom in the rear of the tandern Holding down second all the way and fighting hard and close for the lead was Jon Bonner Some distance back Rick Boyer was third and Grady Burlson just won his race long dice with Mark Watson for fourth Mark Reeder was sixth followed by Allan Day and Gary Jones The third Class 10 heat brought out nine wild race cars and by the luck of the draw Glenn Harris was last on the grid in his Funco The race was to the first turn and Harris pulled the greatest start ever going from last to second on the first turn and taking the lead on the third Kent Castle had a perfect evening In Bakersfield wlm lng his heat The 1 2 1600 main event was a battle between tandems Jesse Al Brlghttook the lead In the Class 5 main ev nt on the 3rd lap and race and winning the main event In Class 1 2 1600 by mere Inches R odrlquez had the lead for a little over a lap but he had to settle for fie fought off some serious challenges to win top honors and cash second Page 41 September 1984 Dusty Times

Page 43

A rookie from Arizona Pete Sohren kept the winner honest In the Frank Arclero Jr had a perfect score In his Class 1 Chenowth Greg George hauls up on Bob Gordon In Class 1 action George Class 5 main event and the pair of Dlrtrlx cars finished 1st 2nd Magnum Frank won his heat race and the main event with won his heat race and his Funco was leading the main event when apparent ease the trans quit Mike GIiiman right and Jerry Whelchel starred In Class fO each Robert Jones won the first Class5 heat led off the line In the main Dan Naylor led from flag to flag after the restart of the second taking a heat race victory and GIiiman won th e main over event but was sidelined early with mechanical troubles Class 5 heat but he was out of the main after Just a couple of laps Whelchel turn Harris stretched it out for a very long lead after ten laps Tom Norris ran second for a couple laps then Brian Harber hustled past and set out after Harris closing the gap somewhat by the sixth lap but then Harber parked sans second gear on a second gear race course Meanwhile Gary Dillon got stuck on the hay bales and lost a lap and Lou Peralta retired with mechanical trouble and Norris also went to the pits By the seventh lap Tom Finvers was in second followed by Brad Castle and Mike Withers also moved up to do battle for second Then Craig Durfee landed hard out of the back straight ditch and didn t move The ambulance was there in a flash and Craig had a broken wrist and needed help just to get out of the buggy At the flag Harris was all by himself and Castle Finvers and Withers finished next all under a blanket while Gary Dillon was fifth Seven Baja Bugs appeared for the second heat race but the number was far from lucky for Jeff Elrod touted as a probable class win her As the green flag fell Elrod who was last on the grid made a fast start but dug the nose of the Bug into the ground on the start finish jump and over it went not even making the first turn The heat was red flagged Elrod was put back on his wheels the engine fired but the damage was great so he was out of the rnnning On the restart Dan Naylor in the Razo Racing Bug flew int_o the lead hotly pursued by Al Bright and Steve Luport then Tom Copper and Greg Sanden Bobby Garner failed to come around The front group stayed in order for a time with Naylor enjoying a comfortable lead But midway the racing was behind him as Al Bright and fellow Arizona driver Pete Sohren were side by side o ver the jumps fighting for second spot A bit behind Steve Luport and Tom Dusty Times Copper ere doing the same act Despite the close dicing the five finishers did not change position Naylor led all seven laps then came Bright Sohren Luport and Copper The 3 wheelers took to the track next about a dozen of them in Class 33 Then came the second heat for Class 1 with eleven hot shots on the grid By now it was getting late half of the very slim crowd on hand had already left so the driver intros and the pace lap were dispensed with and the green flag came out fast Off the line and through the first lap it was Fritz Kroyer out front But after two of the seven laps Al Arciero led Ron Wachter and Greg George The next bunch held J C Myers Pancho Weaver Jim Fishback Jr Kroyer Bob Gordon and Glenn Greer Among the missing were Jim Haberlin and another car gone so quickly we couldn t catch the number Midway Al Arciero held the lead in his Chenowth by inches over a hard charging Greg George and on the sixth lap George got past to lead it all to the checkered flag with Arciero still right on his rear cage Fishback held strong in third from the fourth lap and Bob Gordon worked up to fourth followed by Wachter Myers Kroyer and Weaver It was time for the main events and first to start in a herd were the 15 surviving Class 1 2 1600 cars The engine restrictions make this class a real tight bunch on a short course and it truly is a contest of driver skill From the green flag Kent Castle put his tandem in the lead with Jon Bonner Doug Ingles and Dan Morton all in a tight pack on his bumper and all 15 made the first lap Qn the second go Ingles moved into second as Bonner had vanished from the scene and Gary Jones rolled over but managed to get back 1n the race without losing a lap The main event was scheduled for 12 laps car pack at the back never did and midway Castle held bis lead separate After eight rounds Jesse but the fight now for second was Rodriquez broke loose from the a three way tussle between Jesse group and moved ahead to Rodriquez Ingles and Rick challenge Kent Castle for the Boyer and the three were side by lead and it was a tandem show side over the jumps up front With two laps to go To the rear Jeff Elrod and Jim Rodriquez made the pass but Riorden were having a good dice Kent was tight on his tail pipe and Riorden eventually gained and now Rick Boyer was on fourth place Further back Grady Castle s bumper Jesse opened a Burleson and Mark Reeder had few yards on Castle on the their own war and the final five eleventh round but midway on HM II ONE IN RICINI TRINIMIIIIINI IU PENIION IIPIRTI September 1984 the final loop Castle made the monumental effort to just edge out Rodriquez for the victory Rick Boyer held onto third just ahead of Doug Ingles and Riorden ended up fifth just ahead of Jeff Elrod Up next was the Class 10 main event and the herd had thinned from 35 to 22 and many were parked with tranny trouble the most common failure at this race TO BE A BETTER DRIVIR YOU NEED A BITTER CAR RACICO CHASSIS THE BESTI NORTH AMERICAN RACECO 12109 LAKEWOOD BLVD DOWNEY CA 90242 Telephone 213 923 0854 Page 43

Page 44

The Class 10 racers of Ron Carter right and Jim Fishback Jr hop Despite a spin out In the Class 1 main event Al Arclero came back Jim Fay looked strong In Class 5 despite a few encounters with over one of the sharR Jumps searching for the right tine In practice to capture third l lace In the money In another stick Chenowth the hay bales Fay came back _e ach time and was third In the main Magnum event anorc about PYLE DRIVERS where the track was both fast and rough After much milling around on the starting line the whole group suddenly motored around to the back straight a sound move to avoid a real pile up in the first 180 that lent itself to such action After more shuffling around to find grid positions three abrea t the green waved and the mob roared into the chicane around the far turn toward the start finish All got through without a major mishap and Mike Gillman again on the pole streaked away with Glenn Harris tight on his tail pipe After one lap _the pair were still close Brad Castle was third followed by a real mob Frank Arci_ero who was well back on laJ 1 was moving up fast with lji rry Ragland in his wake After four rounds Mike Gillman had a comfortable lead Glenn Harris was parked with a bad trans and Brad Castle was second followed by Jerry Whelchel Dave Bonner Ron Carter Tom Finvers and Frank Arciero Midway Gillman was busy lapping the back markers Castle was fighting off a determined Whelchel and Bonner Carter and others were in a real dogfight Ragland fell back and showed some body damage and the closest dicing was well back in the pack On the ninth lap Brad Castle was missing Gillman had a lead the length of the front straight over Je ry Whelchel who had some air back to the Bonner Carter Finvers contest Not much changed and the checkered flag came out after 11 laps for Mike Gillman Whelchel was all alone in second Ron Carter just stayed ahead of Tom Finvers for third and Bonner dropped back to fifth There were eleven Baja Bugs on the grid for their main event and they got no pace lap just a quick green flag in front of the grandstand They all piled into the first turn with great verve and while the biggest bunch led by Robert Jones and Al Bright thundered on Greg Diehl and Tom Haskins were stuck together on the first turn They got unhooked before the need for a red fl g came about With three of the ten laps one Bright was out front mches ahead of young Pete Sohren who was bar ly in front of Jim Cocores and the trio put on quite a show for a few laps But Cocores was sidelined on the sixth round and the leaders were so close they were side by side many times Jim Fay moved into a solitary third followed by the battle between Tom Haskins and Greg Sanden and the rest of the field had been lapped The two Arizona Bugs continued their side by side battle right to the checkered flag with veteran Al Bright taking the win over Pete Sohren Jim Fay was third followed by Tom Haskins and Greg Sanden And side by side in a dead heat over the final jump came Steve Luport and Greg Diehl The second 3 wheeler heat was the next action As in the first round Curtis Sparks won for T earn Honda The Kawasakis of Jimmy White and Chris White were second and third It was nearly midnight when the final race the Class 1 main event started with 16 cars facing nearly empty grandstands It was a clean start as 15 charged into the first turn led by Greg George Bob Gordon went into the infield to fix a dangling engine age and came out on the third lap _Meanwhile Greg George stretched a good lead at one quarter distance Pancho Weaver had worked through traffic to hold second followed by Al Arciero Jim Fishback Jr Bill Royster Frank Arciero and Tom Koch in the huge Raceco On the next lap George stoppe at the finish line his trans history and Weaver now took over the lead Al Arciero was fighting off Fishback and his brother Frank who was challenged by Bill Royster and Bob Gordon Koch was doing a masterful job of holding J C Myers twin cam Cos worth engined Funco at bay On the sixth lap Al spun out in the first turn which dropped him to sixth Frank moved in tight on Weaver and the race was on With three of the 12 laps left Frank was side by side with Pancho over the jumps and Arciero took the lead on lap 10 Gordon was now third on the road still two laps down so Fishback was in third Al Arciero climbed back up to fourth and Tom Koch was getting the cheers as his giant Raceco was still leading J C Myers the last of the _cars on the lea laP On lap 11 Fishback Gordon and Al were all together on top of Weaver whose engine had gone sour When the checkered flag came out Frank Arciero was all alone in the glory Jim Fishback Jr was second Al Arciero was third with Gordon just astern and Pancho Weaver salvaged fourth just ahead of Tom Koch and J C Myers It had been a long day and a longer night but Marty Tripes and his mostly volunteer staff had brought off an exciting short course race on a track that was a good one once it was beaten down by traffic and all the advertised rewards were there A beer party in the infield began immediately after the final checkered flag and each main event paid back four places in big numbers with the checks handed out on the spot along with the trophies The 40 grand guaranteed purse was all in the racers pockets by 1 30 in the morning The crowd was too slim to have engendered much if any money for the R M Pyle Boys Ranch but Mike Gillman donated his Class 10 winnings a husky sum to the Boys Ranch So the only big losers on this first annual event were the organizers Rick Boyer salls Into the double whammy back turn complete with Looking larger than life Tom Koch drove his first short course Tom Flnvers had a good day In Class 10 mixing It up with the dltches Boyerwasthlrdlnhlsheatandthlrdlnthe1 2 1600maln racelntheglant economyalzedesertRaceco anddldverywellln veterans and Tom ga nered third In his heat and a fine fourth Class 1 lnthe main event Jim Fishback Jr drove both of the family Chenowths at Mesa Dave Bonner ran second In his Class 10 heat before vanishing but Watering the course was a non stop operation and here Charlie Marin and he sailed the Class 1 entry to a hard won second In the he came back to snag a fine fifth In the hotly contested main event Enge barf of Ba a Cross fame helps out with a hose during main practice Page 44 September 1984 Dusty Times

Page 45

tions and then had a broken fuel stopped and had to change the line Trelles broke a gearbox and tire themselves They were Etchegoyen a half shaft De passed by Mikkola cars started Vitta s restart number was 98 every two minutes but they got out of 109 still in the rally moving again before Recalde The Monday run was the came The final works Peugeot of longest of the rally Recalde was Garro retired here with head in Mikkola s bad books for gasket trouble Despite his beating him by more than a apparent leisure Mikkola was T ext Photos Martin Holmes minute on a 21 km stage but it still the fastest driver over the of the entry was at the lower was the Argentine s turn to be day s seven stages There were to be six stages on level and what was missing were concerned when he could not the big teams With many teams start the engine at the next service the final day Wednesday The like Peugeot Mazda and point The mechanics changed last four were repeats of those Mitsubishi just starting their the fuel injector pipes and used the previous Saturday but programs and deciding not to Recalde showing amazing calm after seeing the incredible crowds compete so far away so early and waited for the job to be done just who watched the rally parked other teams like Lancia Toyota in time for him to arrive without beside the road the organizers Renault and Opel having either penalty at the next control It was canceled that section They then abandoned or never had not a day for local hopes Soto brought the cars frotn the aspirations to fight for the retired with gearbox trouble penultimate stage back to Celis was stuck after crossing a Cordoba by a different route championship thi s year Argentina was a casualty of ford West broke the steering in There was heartbreak for his Escort after hitting a rock Chiavarolle his Renault 18GTX circumstance and further back the same thing breaking a gearbox only 18 kr The Europeans had a relaxed happened to de Vitta And the from the end of the final stage Stig Blomqvlst and Bjorn Cederberg had the honor of scoring the 21st World attitude for this event Mikkola top 14 Group A cars were all Rally Championship Audi Quattro victory In Argentina So the Audi Quattro did no practice at all except on Renaults steamroller returned to base in the golf course and his co driver On Tuesday the rally went formation Blomqvist Mikkola Arne Hertz main task was further westward and south and Recalde Mario and Daniel rewriting the notes of Blomqvist ward towards Villa Dolores and Stillo were fourth overall in a and Cederberg from Swedish it passed twice through Mina Renault 12 Out of 163 starters into the English system Mikkola Clavero the birthplace and 34 finished the course The prefers Hannu started the rally home of the family of Jorge Quattro how equals the record of warily but said he gradually Recalde Recalde was allowed to world championship rally adapted himself The Marlboro make best time on the stage victories previously held by Ford press releases said that he had a which started just up the road Escorts a total of 21 and for terrible near accident due to from his home Mikkola was Audi this was their most misunderstanding the notes but taking things so easy that he often important event of the year It neither Mikkola nor Hertz could waved at journalists he spotted means they can now concentrate remember such a thing The same beside the road On stage 16 on the future develop the Sport press releases said that when Blomqvist had his puncture He Quattro so it wins every time Recalde made fastest time on the slowed asking the helicopter and the team hopes the Quattro fourth stage he so badly what to do At the time Gumpert will become unchallenged as the Fourth overall and best In Group A were Marlo and Danie St 1 o Here their damaged his car the mechanics and chief mechanic Harsch were most successful rally car of all victorious Renault 12 Is obscured In a heavy water crossing could not properly repair it The flying too far behind to help so rime before it is pensioned off in Audi team could not recall that Blomqvist and Cederberg favor of a new model Stig Blomqvist and Bjorn Recalde free to drive for Audi Cederberg won as expected the Of the twenty different stages happening either Argentine round of the world used fourteen were old The first four stages before championship their fourth win favorites and of these Recalde Cordoba were conducted true to of the season and Audi s fifth held the stage record time on ten form the Quattros pulling out Heading the only foreign works The only new thing for Recalde their five seconds a kilometre team to enter they held the lead was the performance of the new advantage the three drivers after the second stage and except generation cars The Quattros being similar in their times but for a delay with a puncture they were regularly some five seconds with Blomqvist ahead Leading held the lead rill the finish a kilometre faster than the local entry apart from Recalde Hannu Mikkola running Renault 18 GTX cars even was the Group A Renault of without practice and using a though all three Audi drivers Soto but his teammate Moroni translated version of Blomqvist s were driving cautiously in order had an engine fail on the drive pace notes took an easy second to finish One wonders if Recalde from stage 4 to Cordoba A little place ahead of Argentine driver might make a break for freedom over a minute behind was Jorge Recalde who on the first and victory At the start of the Garro s Peugeot 504 QR TN It stage became the first South rally there was tension in the was a disaster for the Uruguay American ever to lead a world Audi camp when the Argentine Escort drivers de Vitta had championship rally Audi s win was not driving slowly enough arrived at the pre rally pare put them beyond any reach of but Audi s team chief Roland ferme 40 minutes too late by their rivals and their cars gave Gumpert discounted rumours of misunderstanding the regula The hometown hero took third overall and Jorge Recalde became the first South American to ever lead a world rally In a Quattro natch virtually no trouble The local enforcing discipline Recalde is Renault and Peugeot factory intelligent enough to recognize he teams both failed to complete the had an old car and he could not course the top three places in attack too much was Group A being gained by private Gumpert s explanation Renault 12s Although this was The Rally Argentina broke the first world championship away from world championship event run in the rally mad rules in allowing non Cordoba region the event was homologated cars to compete smoothly organized without the This has often happened in problems or dissent which South America In the two afflicted last year s rally at Brazilian world rallies cars with Bariloche alcohol engines were able to run This was Recalde s big chance In last year s Rally Argentina cars Left in rallying s outback when complying with the local Group first Me rcedes suddenly A rules were also admitted withdrew and then Nissan Nearly all the cars in this category stopped importing cars to this year were Fiats in one form Argentina he had expected to or another and the winner was drive once more for his national driving a 1500 cc Fiat 128 Super Renault team To meet the Europa There were enough cars challenge of the four wheel d rive under nor mal homologation Audis Renault Argentina tried rules to keep championship to find a 5 Turbo for their status in fact even without these countr y s mo st successful intruders there were more cars rallym an but without a starting than had ever been seen Rally winner Stig ljllomqvlst and second placing Hannu Jorge Racalde poses with his hometown sign The guarantee of adequate service on a world championship event Mikkola left relax at the Cordoba stadium after an easy Argentine rally star had a good drive to third overall In a borrowed Audi Quattro this idea was discarded It left outside of Europe The strength drive to top honors RALLY ARGENTINA CORDOBA 1984 The Quattros Steam Roll To Another Victory Dusty Times September 1984 Page 45

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ANDRES N WITER II r j O W MtMRACING I 7 11 o o o c DISTRIBUTOR o FOR PREPARATIONS TRANSMISSIONS Owner PHONE 818 765 3566 TIRE RUBBER COMPANY PARTS SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS PORSCHE V W SPECIALISTS 12623 SHERMAN WAY UNIT B NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 r restone 916 682 9484 Mechanic Art Jackson Mike Bishop 7901 Cottonleof Way Sacramento CA 95828 PRO SPORTSMAN BEGINNER RACES CLASSES FOR BUGGY S 4x4 1 TRUCKS CARS L JIDl L lJ ISIDN ARIZONA DIIIIIT RACING ANOCIATION 1408 E Granada Road Phoenix Arizona 85006 PRODUCTS INC 9017 San Fernando Road SUN VALLEY CALIFORNIA 91352 213 768 7770 BE WHERE THE ACTION IS COME RACE WITH US WRITE OR CALL 252 1900 FAMILY ORIENTED RACING 8341 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park California 91304 213 709 5416 800 854 51 27 DENNIS WAYNE Performance Transmission Products PORSCHE PARTS BAJA B SHOP MIG AND TIG WELDING CUSTOM FABRICATION ANO FRAME REPAIRS COMPETITION SUSPENSION WORK OFI ROAD RACE PREP 28740 OAK AVE UNIT H CANYON COUNTRY CA 91 SSI JOHN MCDOWELL 805 251 4134 714 962 6655 10575 Bechler River Ave Fountain Valley CA 92708 RE ASL V W PAffl COMPLETE TRANSMISSION SERVICE REPAIR CENTER FOR AUTOS 4x4s MOTORHOMES Send 3 00 for our new 1984 Catalog 11623 SHEL DON ST SUN VALLEY 768 4S5S CA 91352 C PEK Quick FIiis Fuel Cells Std FIiis Send To 5302 TWEEDY BL SOUTH GATE CALIF 90280 213 566 5171 714 893 7953 714 895 4412 10925 Kalama River Road Fountain Valley CA 92708 eCUSTOM ROLL CAGES e SUSPENSION MODIFICATION e THE BAKER CHASSIS Fast and affordable The first and only kit concept sport truck chassis for off road racing or street use Baja bred by John Baker 1983 SCORE and HDRA Class 7 champion to go faster and last longer For broch u re and price sheet send 2 to John Baker Performance Products 4304 Alger Street Los Angeles CA 90039 Phone 818 240 7051 4 Tim Lecluse Doyne Podhorsky 714 662 7223 2952 RANDOLPH UNIT C COSTA MESA CA 92626 z II Ill ll 0 4 0 _ lt r ra 1 co RACE a I I CARS CUCAMONGA CALIFORNIA e ALL TYPES OF VEHICLES e STREll T e STRIP e OFF ROAD Ill BILSTEI N Bilstein the leader in gas pressure shocks is now the leader in car care products BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Vly Rd San Diego CA 92121 714 453 7723 t m 714 981 8743 GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CA 92330 OFF ROAD AND SAND BUGGY SPECIALIST DESIGN ENGINEERING SALE S PBID f RIUl B DFLl R o WEBER MARVIN SHAW 17141 674 7365 1450 Glassel Orange CA 92667 714 639 2833 Page 46 September 1984 Dusty Times

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PARTS German Auto FO R A FREE BR OCHURE CONTACT RACE PROVEN Parts Accessories VW MAN G ER JOHN PROSSER TOYOTA 11324 NORWALK HPS INC P O B ox 1065 SOLANA B EA CH CA 92075 0830 61 9 753 3 196 DATSUN BOULEVARD MENDEOLA RACINC TECHNOLOCY VW PORSCHE HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES H PS WO RK S AND IT S WO RT H IT SANTA FE SPRINGS CA 90670 213 863 1123 213 868 9393 RON METCALF H1GH PERFORMANCE SYNTH ETIC O IL 714 697 3100 FOR ED LEKIVETZ 3501 FOURSOME DRIVE LA MESA CA 92041 COMPETITION OR STREET Mickey Thompson uTI BAJA BELTED POLYESTER FIBERGLASS BELTS OUTLINED WHITE LETTERS All the characteristics of a radial and more Soft ride extra mileage precise handling reduced rolhng res stance more MPG low noose level Revolutionary Sode Biter cleats give twice the traction in mud snow dirt and sand Plus orotect sidewalls off road 3422 W WHITTON PHOENIX ARIZONA 85017 PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 1 800 222 9092 IN CANADA 411 114 4785 BRAKES Master Cylinders Shifters OUTSIDE ARIZONA 1 800 528 61 INSIDE ARIZONA 602 973 9697 CALL OR WRITE FOR OTHER M T TIRES AND SPECIALS TEST RESULTS AVAILABLE P O Box 1538 42006 C Avenida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 Send 714 676 2066 L11 t1 vvJ Send 2 00 for Ce t alog 1 NELSON SUSPENSION SYSTEMS GOOD fEAR OHN to MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES P O Box 227 Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 222 HIGH PERFORMANCE SHOCKS oUNN me AC ING PIIOOVC S OHNSON DUAL TRIPLE SHOCk SYSTEMS P O BOX 81 LEMON GROVE DEPT 1 CA 92045 619 583 2054 60 V 6 2 1 MOTOR PMlTS 940 South Vail Avenue Montebello CA 90640 213 724 3705 ACCESSORIES KCHiliTES 961 West Dale Avenue Las Vegas Nevada 89124 _ 702 361 5404 Alloy Axles Spools Mag Dana 60 s VW Master Diffs VW Axles 1220 Knollwood Circle Anaheim CA 92801 NEVADA OFFROAD BUGGY 0 4 Sou1 t VAllEy ViEw LAs VEGAS NEvAdA 8Ql 02 WIiiiams AZ 86046 602 635 2607 WALT LOTT Send This Ad In For A Free 714 761 2152 7818 Wilkerson Court San Diego CA 92111 619 268 4140 702 871 4911 Catalog Sl 00 lift Kits Wheels Tires Used Trk Parts Tel 413 739 4111 4 WO Repairs LeDuc Off Road 186 Baldwin St West Springfield MA 01089 Distributor For Mastercraft Bestop Husky Rough Country Parker Pumper Custom Race Truck Fabrication and Roll Bars McKENZIE S AUTOMOTIVE INC RACECAR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES CENTER LINE WHEELS B I LSTE I N QJ QJ 1 4 0 0 ii o c r ENTERPRISES OFFROAD SWAY A WAY iU c I I U 0 t O B RACING 0 0 Distributor for n o3 VW Off Road Race Car Parts 203 673 42 ORC Chassis Suspension Race Prep C I BE LIGHT SHOCKS GEM RACING GEARS BEARD SEAT DAVE SNODDY OFF ROAD CONCEPTS 1294 5 SHERMAN WAY No 4 213 764 643 NO HOLL YWOOD CA 91 _011 Box 2260 2949 Century Pl Costa Mesa CA 92628 714 979 2560 DustyTimes September 1984 1440 East Arrow Highway Unit F Irwindale CA 91706 213 359 1203 Page 47

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Bounces from the Berm Goodies Galore Push Rod Tube Protector New Tire Joins Grabber Family FAT Performance the leader in off road racing engines offers a new trick push rod tube protector which bolts to the exhaust flanges of any off road VW Type 1 engine The protectors are made from 080 6061 T 6 aluminum with 1 2 inch radius bends and are gold anodized They will clear most skid pfates and cost just 34 95 a pair Join the winners use FAT components Send 2 00 for your FAT catalog of quality components for your off road engine to FAT Performance Dept OT 1450 No Glassell Orange CA 92667 Designed for competition the new heavy duty long travel spring plate retainer eliminates the need to replace stock units every race By relocating the upper rear hole 55 degrees of travel is allowed without notching and weakening the spring plate No need to modify stock parts Max Caps will bolt direqly to VW torsion housing Get all the details from D D Metal Works Dept OT 7801 Alabama Ave Unit 1 Canoga Park CA 91304 or call 818 347 5274 New from the makers of the high lift quick jack for off road race cars is a quick lift jack tailored for sports racers and formula cars The brand new j ack fits under cars with ground clearance as low as 1 inches and it lifts to 8 inches It is designed with a 34 inch reach to clear wings body panels and skirting The jack is zinc plated for long lasting good looks and it breaks down for ease of storage and transportation and is budget priced at 129 95 FOB Factory Contact General Machine Services Dept OT 29300 3rd Lake Elsinore CA 92330 or call 714 674 7365 1 Page 48 EGG ON FACE DEPT Reporting on the Fireworks 250 last July we didn t get the facts straight on the Dave Lewis Dave Simpson Raceco powered by the strong Mazda rotary engine The Raceco was of course a David Kreisler creation but it was Eric Arras who designed the double action rear suspension that keeps the car hugging the ground and floating so fast over the rough sections Also it wasn t engine trouble that cost the team time on course rather a pesky electrical problem that drained the needed juice to restart the engine after a stall out in a ditch Our apologies to all concerned New Max Caps Quick Lift Jack for Formula Cars By Jean Calvin N ew Styling Driving Gloves Another new RV tire has joined the General Tire Grabber family with the introduction of the radial Mud Traction light truck tire Engineered for off road performance for pickups vans and other RVs the new tire sports a deep aggressive tread with V s haping lug blocs for extra traction Contoured voids designed for self cleaning allow the tire to grab on all types of surfaces Despite its blocky cleated tread the steel belted Mud Traction radial tire offers a quiet ride on paved roads The Grabber RV Radial Mud Traction is available in four light truck sizes and features bold outlined white letters Quik Fit Car Cove The new look customized driving gloves by VW Sports Accessories feature top grade leather and a reinforced palm area which is not heavily padded allowing gripping sensitivity and protec tion at the same time The st ylish half finger design has an all mesh cotton back The gloves are perfect for a variety of sports and make a super gift The gloves are available in mens sizes extra small to extra large and they come in several colors and nameplates including off road racer Special logos are available for clubs or promotions Get the complete details from Video Maniac Sports Accessories P O Box 2 728 Capistrano Beach CA 92624 or call 71_4 496 8513 SIL VERDOME FALLOUT Eyewitness accounts from the Class 7 race at the Silverdome relate that rough driving was an understatement for the tactics displayed by Josele Garza in the Ford Ranger Having seenJosele use the Ford as a battering ram at Pomona it might have been nothing new to a seasoned stadium race watcher But apparently Garza came through the pack knocking other trucks into barriers and leaving sheet metal in his wake Since he finished last the Rough Driving committee could not do any damage with their usual penalty of one lap So Garza was disqualified canceling any of his points for Ford in the Manufacturers Cup race Subsequently the rumors say that Garza will not be driving the Dick Landfield Ranger in the future One story says he quit and the other says he was fired However the pre race publicity for the finale of the MTEG series at Pomona is still toutingJosele Garza as one of the stars of the show Personally we think it is a shame that the 7M races have turned into demolition derbies with some teams bringing a truck load of body parts along just to get through a heat race and a main event with the race cars still outwardly looking like a truck But the powers that be in the sport feel the audience enjoys the sight of body panels flying and the clang and clatter of fiberglass and metal colliding Consequently the bang um up style of driving will continue to be sanctioned in short course racing probably until somebody gets hurt RACE CAR NUMBERS have reached an all time low in readability on some short course cars In recent weeks we have covered several short course events and how some of the c rs get through tech with their artistic design and placement of the ID numbers is hard to figure Some have a tiny number plate slanted off the back of the air cleaner nearly invisible except from a full side view One car seen at both Saddleback and Bakersfield has a zoomy paint job arid one set of racing numbers parked on the side under the nerfbar and virtually impossible to see from any angle There are cars with black numbers on a dark blue paint scheme keen at a night race and more At Bakersfield there were also duplicate numbers in many different classes especially 1 and 10 While the dupes are not on the course together it sure does make it difficult to identify the pictures Days later looking at proof sheets one does wonder if the light colored 10 was in 1 2 1600 or was that the dark colored 10 So gang even if you like the swoops and swirls you could earn the gratitude of the scoring team with a good sized black on white number on your race car Also you are far more apt to see a picture of your racer in off road publications if you have both a visible number and one that is unique in the association where you compete New from Lacal is the Quik Fit line of car covers with the innovative storage bag with security attachment The cover fits in a bag when not in use and the bag handle attaches inside the car trunk or hatch The cover is sewn right to the bag then can be pulled out and over the car The attachment idea not only makes it easier to get the cover in place but it serves as an anchor on windy days W c mder if they have a model for race cars that have no trunk For more info on QuikFit vehicle covers for cars and trucks send 2 00 for the catalog to Lacal Dept OT 13712 Alma Ave Gardena Ca 90249 or call 213 325 7777 SEMA BANQUET October 18 1984 MGM GRAND HOTEL Make your reservations now for this gala event You lean use your Master Card or VISA to charge your order 213 692 9402 September 1984 SHRINKING SHORT COURSE ENTRIES It appears that short course racing has reached the saturation point in the southwest and as the year goes on the entry is sinking due primarily to the overcrowded calendar as more and more organizations spring up promoting both short course and desert events and few draw enough entry to pay the freight The summer of 84 may well be a milestone of sorts for southland off road racing There is a race within 300 miles of Los Angeles and most are much closer for nine straight weekends in mid to late summer and only a few of them are long course events The marathon began on July 28 with the Snore Midnight Special out of Las Vegas Nevada On August 5 the Baja Cross happened at Saddleback Park after a week s unavoidable delay with so few cars in Class 1 that it was canceled for the day s competition The next weekend was the finale of the HDRA s short course series near San Bernardino at Glen Helen and it should have been a good event but drew less than 40 cars split in many classes and only seven buggies of any nature On August 18 the Pyle Drivers Charity Race in Bakersfield drew a husky entry of nearly 80 but it had no entry fee and it also had few paying spectators On the same day the Superstition 250 was happening in the Borrego desert On August 25 the final round in the MTEG stadium race series is at Pomona with the Nevada 300 desert run the same day followed on Labor Day weekend by the AMSA 12 Hour at California City On September 8 Snore puts on their premier desert event the SNORE 250 out of Las Vegas and the same day is the finale of the Baja Cross Series at Saddle back Park The next weekend is the Score Riverside the granddaddy of aU short course events followed in just one week by Dick BoweT s shon course event run in conjunction with the Tulare County Fair and finally there is a free weekend on September 29 30 Somehow there must be a way to give each promoter a clear date without forcing competitors to pick and choose a location or a series Not even a millionaire could make all the races strictly because of the time pressure and need to repair damage from any race short or long course The proliferation of events must be curbed or it won t be long before none of them have any viable sponso_rs How many dozens of world championships can one advertise Each series is touted as some major championship Perhaps the time is coming when off road racing will need a czar with similar authority to that of the one man rule of baseball and football commissioners in the big buck professional leagues While many say that off road racing is just a regional spqrt so is NASCAR who only recently have ventured out of the deep south for major races But with one man ruling NASCAR is the most professional and the most successful of all types of motor racing in the USA Think about it Dusty Times

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the need to refuel feet in length 50 feet wide and As the Games drew to a close 59 5 feet tall from the landing the LAPD made public the fact wheel to the top of the upper fin that the blimps had been drafted It takes 202 700 cubic feet of for traffic observation during the helium to provide lift power for Games Underplayed but also the big gasbag and power comes Naturally the midsummer two published was the fact that the from twin 210 horsepower fuel week long party that was the blimps provided airborne injected six cylinder pusher type 23rd Olympiad in Los Angeles surveilance of potential trouble engines The blimp has a range of called for the service of a spots They often did _monitor 20 hours aloft and normally flies Goodyear blimp The Olympics some demonstrations that between 1000 to 3000 feet with were twice blessed as the happily did not amount to any a maximum altitude of 10 000 America came west to serve with real problems during the entire _feet The envelope or gas bag is her sister ship the Columbia and Olympic time span If a blimp 2400 square yards of two ply it is a rare occasion to see two was dispatched to a place where a rubber coated polyester fabric Goodyear blimps cruising the potentiar disturbance was and these were constructed at sky at the same time and place forming the camera that Goodyear s Aerospace facility in However the mission of the magnifies images 30 times larger Litchfield Park Arizona The blimps was two fold Naturally than normal vision from 1400 complete modern airships were they provided the spectacular feet could almost pick out a fly assembled at the Goodyear photos of the sports events and parked on a placard _ hanger in Houston T exas ceremonies for ABC TV but During the Olympics the Maintaining the airship is not a they also served as invaluable Columbia and the America had simple task For example the eyes in the sky for both traffic to fight_ for air space_with squ ds Columbia is staffed with a crew observations and the more of helicopters domg secunty of 22 five pilots a public serious duty as part of the work_ plus all the normal air relations man and crewmen who security forces covering the traffic around Los Angeles are engine radio electronics and Olympics Taking off from the Goodyear structural experts With four The huge zoom lens on the Airship Operations base in specially equipped ground blimp s gimbal mounted Carson the blimps not only support vehicles th e Columbia television camera served as an cleared with the Torrance crew is almost self sustaining in observatfon post for security Airport and sundry others field opertions Moving from people One of the LAPD officer depending on the destination city to cify the blimp flies over camera operators stated that the but they also checked in often the caravan on the highway A blimp was about the best with the Air Force controllers s_pecially designed bus serves as observation post he had ever who monitored the airspace over flight center on tour and also used From the blimp full color the Olympic Villages at UCLA carries a special mast for landing pictures were transmitted and USC plus other major the blimp should an emergency instantaneously to wall sized venues of the Games occur en route A large tractorscreens in the Olympic Security The Goodyear blimp opera trailer rig serves as a mobile Coordinating Center in down tion has a long history Goodyear maintenance facility complete town Los Angeles and to other has built more than 300 airships with a machine shop and night command posts throughout since 1917 including 50 sign and TV equipment lab The Southern California The wealth commercial blimps and 250 trailer also carries the main mast of information coming from the airships built under contract for spares and othe r equipment All blimp on traffic was part of the the Army or Navy Goodyear put vehicles including the van and overall plan The camera could its first flying billboard into the sedan that transport the crew are spot a traffic tie up on the skies more than 50 years ago equipped with aviation radios for freeway and immediately send when an early blimp was constant communication with the picture to headquarters that emblazoned with the company the blimp overhead would not only show the traffic name and wingfoot trademark The famous Goodyear blimps snarl but the potential streets The blimp design has come long attracted many new fans during available for traffic diversion way since then and the modern the Olympics and it was keen to Advantages to the blimp camera Goodyear airships have huge see the pair parked side by side at over helicopter shots normally computer programmed lighted Columbia s home base The Los used for such service is that the signs complete with full color Angeles Olympics presented a pictures are of higher quality and animation that can be read different sort of Games in many than those from a chopper where up to a mile with the blimp ways and twin blimps in the sky vibrations distort the signals and operating at an altitude of 1000 added to the different flavor of the blimp can orbit over a feet the event along with providing trouble spot for hours without The rotund blimps are 192 1 valuabl service The Goodyear Bli111ps Pulled Double Duty at the Su111111er Oly111pics Olympic visitors were treated to the sight of twin blimps floating like noisy feathers over the wide spread activity In Los Angeles The Columbia and the America did triple duty during the Olympic Games 4 The Columbia can trace her ancestry back to 1852 when Frenchman Henri Giffard flew the first power driven aircraft a 145 toot airship propelled by a 3 horsepower steam engine The Goodyear blimp is a real part of the American scene No major sports event would be complete without TV pictures from aloft courtesy of a Goodyear airship Although the blimps cruise at 35 mph with a flank speed of 50 mph they seem to be everywhere on the same weekend They are everywhere because there are three Goodyear airships operating in the USA and another blimp covers the European scene The three blimps based in the USA travel more than 100 000 air miles a year from border to border and ocean to ocean serving as goodwill ambassadors for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of Akron Ohio MORE The airship Columbia spends six months of the year at its winter base in Carson California and the other six months she barnston ns around the country The America is based in Houston Texas the Enterprise lives in Pompano Beach Florida and the Europa has her home base in Rome Italy ranging as far afield as England Each blimp carries approximately 8 000 passengers annually a remarkable number considering the limited capacity of just six passengers at one time The four Goodyear blimps are the only lighter than_ air craft operating on a regular schedule in the world todaf a GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY IF YOU LIKE SWAP MEETS YOU LL LOVE THE P41TS BXCB4NDB AUTOMOTIVE HI PERFORMANCE VW OFF ROAD 4 WO 4th Sunday of Every Month LONG BEACH VETERANS STADIUM INFO 714 581 6392 213 991 8315 U S A Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away To order phone 31 2 251 3991 Visa Mastercard accepted or Information Raffo Racing 520 Sheridan Road Kenilworth Illinois 60043 213 923 0854 ORE c n OFF ROAD ENGINEERING 9720 Cozycroft Chatsworth CA 91311 DustyTirnes GREG LEWIN KIRK CARTWRIGHT 213 882 2886 PHIL S INC QUALITY PARTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES David Kreisler Send S3 00 fcir complete Phil s Catalog Volkswagen Off Road High Performance Equipment 2204 Ashland Ave Evanston Illinois 60201 September 1984 312 869 2434 800 323 5427 for order desk 12109 LAKEWOOD BLVD DOWNEY CALIF 90242 Page 49

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World Championships on Sunday morning September 16 I would like to meet you there I am available for counseling _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ weddings or whatever and I can It has been some time since I Retinitis Pigmentosa and had be reached at 517 Potter St have written to any of the Off nothing but very positive Fallbrook CA 92028 or by Road Publications and I must feedback and many invitations calling 619 728 2683 anytime say I have been somewhat lax It to other races Mr Sal Fish of Huntly Bams is not that I haven t been to any Score International Mr Walt Racers For Christ Intemational of the off road races I have This Lott of the High Desert Racing has been a most exciting year for Association and Mr Charlie Racers for Christ International Engelhart of Baja Cross have not only in off road circles but in been most cooperative in just about alJ types and areas of extending many courtesies to me l would like to thank you for racing at their events This past year Racers For Racers For Christ now has the twenty five dollar check Christ has been invited by most eight ministers ten Division given to me for contingency after of the major tracks to attend the Directors and fourteen Field my first out of the money finish events and hold chapels We Representatives on staff to cover at the Fireworks 250 I own the have been endorsed by a large most every major and local Downey Race Haus and as such I number of sanctioning bodies racing event in the USA and am a distributor for your paper I think the Dusty Times is a great personnel and sponsors of many Canada I am the director of Off Road newspaper as far as coverage of major events A major beverage sponsor has committed and Indy Car Racing and I would the off road events and literary themselves to covering most of like to hear from any racer crew quality is concerned I would our travel expenses to major member fan sponsor or ave t say that it is tops in its events so that we might be there industry personnel We would field nght now I would like to to hold chapels as weU as like to send our latest news wish you continued good luck in support Mr George Hurst pubhcation and any other your endeavor I ll be seeing you Hurst shifters and inventor of information or aids to you by at the races Thanks again the Jaws of Life rescue tool return mail I would like to see Rich Persch invited us to hold chapel recently many of you at our chapel at Downey Califomia at a Vinta e Grand Prix for Riverside at the Score Off Road Pony Express WHY AREN T You are sure welcome Rich and congratulations 011 winning Class 51600 at the Snore Midnight Special The Dusty Times contingency posting for first out of the money is offered to two different classes at each major desert event figurii1g the check might help buy a meal for a disappointed crew Dusty Times is posting for first out of the money in Classes 2 and zo at the upcoming Frontier 500 and Classes z and 9 at the Baja zooo Dusty Times decals will be available in contingency row for both these races and we appreciate it if those in the posted classes wear the decals but it is not mandatory DUSTY TIMES welcomes letter from all corners of off road activity The Pony Express column will feature all the mail we can fit into the space Please keep your words fairly brief Because of space limitations your pearls of pr ose may be edited but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as well as your praises _Letters for publication should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by the z5th of the month in order to appear in ihe next issue SUBSCRIBE TODAY YOU A DUSTY TIMES DEALER SELL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PRESENT TO YOUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS U P S EVERY MONTH TO YOUR DOOR to the Fastest Growing Off Road Publication in the Country FROM THE TOP OFF ROAD JOURNALISTS Curne1 Send 1 00 for 11 Issues to DUSTY TIMES DUSTY TIMES GET ALL THE RACE AND RALLY NEWS 5331 Derry Avenue Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 213 889 5600 5331 Derry Ave Suite O Agoura CA 91301 r I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I DUSTY TIMES I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I Classified Advertising rate is only 10 for 45 wo ds not including name address and phone number Add 5 00 for use of black and white photo or a very sharp color print CHARTER SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe If you wish to use a photo in your free ad enclose 5 00 I 1 I 1 I I I _ ____ I I I ___c______________ I I I I I Enclosed is _ _ __ Send check or money order no cash Please run ad _ _ _ _ _ _ times I I Name Mail To II Address Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ DUSTY TIMES I City Page 50 State _ __ _ _ Zip__ __ _ _ September 1994 5331 De ry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 FOR SALE Good Hi Jumper sand buggy complete less engine and transmission It needs paint Only 200 Call Orris 213 632 5590 FOR SALE Four sand tires 18 inches wide all grooved One pair 75 00 one pair 50 00 all four come with wheels Call 213 632 5590 and ask for Orris FOR SALE The world s best play bike a 1983 Honda CR 480 with four gallon tank spark arrestor crash pan terry cable Ridden six times and never raced 1495 00 call Jeff 805 522 5112 FOR SALE The world famous Old Goat two seat Hi Jumper winner of all major races in the 1200 cc Class 10 Short wheelbase equipped with Fuel Safe cell JA Mar Centerlines Cibies fire control system Wright front end Porsche steering arid much more Less engine and transmission only 1200 00 Call 213 632 5590 and ask for Orris Also for sale a real bargain for pit transportation Honda Express 1979 moped only 2000 actual miles and in A 1 shape Budget priced at 225 00 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS DUSTY TIMES TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION BONUS FREE One Time Classified Acl up to 45 V orcls YOU PAY NO SHIPPING CHARGES Classifieds I AMERICAN FIRST AID SUPPLY 16 BAJA CROSS 10 BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 13 DICK BOWER OFF ROAD RACING 29 BURBANK SUSPENSION 11 ART CARR PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS 17 C O R E 33 D D METAL WORKS 25 DUSTY TIMES 22 FAT PERFORMANCE 35 FILLER PRODUCTS 32 FRONTIER 500 BACK COVER GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 38 GIANT OFF ROAD CENTERS 14 GOODYEAR TIRE RUBBER CO 26 27 H P S 2a JAMAR PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 31 LEWIS S1MPSON RACING SERVICE 37 McKENZIE AUTOMOTIVE 34 MINT400 7 NELSON DUNN 15 NEVADA OFF ROAD BUGGY 24 NISSAN MOTOR CORP 23 RACECO 43 SAN FERNANDO BUGGY CENTER 9 SILVER DUST RACING ASSN 21 SIMPSON SAFETY PRODUCTS 5 STATION 1 19 SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS 41 TRACKSIDE PHOTO ENTERPRISES 36 TRI MIL INDUSTRIES 39 YOKOHAMA TIRE CORP 2 DustyTimcs

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MORE GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY RED1AIL OFF ROAD 28918 Roadside Dr Agoura Hills CA 91301 elcll1Lll1 Quality 4 x 4 products Mini truck acc essories II Z13 707 1538 Michael J Stilkey General Manager Specializing in V W Bugs Buses Ghias and 914 s Jim Ober 2131327 4493 RACING NEW USED PARTS Auto Parts Warehouse 4430 N Dixie Hwy Fort Lau d rdale Florida 33334 1 l FL 30 49J ao INSIDE f L 800f 433 851 1 619 426 2662 415 388 1452 RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components Phone r 2 13 361 12 15 SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS P O BOX 5342 CHULA VISTA CA 92012 Suspe nsion Compone nts 213 988 5510 7840 BURNET AVE ACE Tl ANS BYJEFF REO S JEFF FIELD 998 2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth CA 91311 GO iii 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED VALLEY PERFORMANCE 3700 Mead Avenue Las Vegas Nevada 89102 702 873 1962 VAN NUYS CALIF 91405 _ TI TECTIRA j J THE SPECIALlff S OUTSIDE FL 800 321 851 1 RON BAKER PHOTOGIIAPHY TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING Street Sand Toys Inc RUSS s V W Recycling BEHIND TONY S TRUCK WRECKING PO BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 18710 SO NORMANDIE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 1 Bink Cail orders CIII Toll Fr 1 800 528 5703 3101 Wis Thona Real Plmix Arizona 85017 602 272 9333 213 574 1943 213 574 1944 SUURCt_ Photo Ent 1 EEJ VW ACCES 08 Jf _ _j__ _ SAND CHASSIS _ _ __ 3317 S Peck Rd Monrovia CA 91016 IL I WTRACJ

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FR ER _OCTOBER 12 14 1984 The longest point to point Off Road Race in the United States