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1984 Volume 1 Number 7 Dusty Times Magazine

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vvith MICKEY THOMPSON This Winning Racer on this Tire Larry Ragland WINS at Baja International RUN AT BARSTOW 1 Larry Ragland Barstow Classic 2 Larry Ragland San Felipe 250 Class I and overall Class I 3 Jim Billy Wright Mint 400 4 Larry Ragland Baja International Class II and overall Class I and overall Mickey Thompson Baja Belted the tire that wins Polyester Fiberglass Belted Tubeless Outlined White Letters Ply Rim Width Weight catalog Number catalog Number Size Tread Width O D Sldewall Width 2020 27x9 50 14LT 7 261 z 9 5 4 7 31 2064 2050 27x9 50 15LT 7 261 z 9 5 4 7 28 2072 2052 2054 2056 9 5 15LT 11 15LT 12 15LT 71 z 30 9 5 4 34 42 12 15LT 33x14 50 15LT 2060 35x11 50 15LT 35x14 50 15LT 10 101 z 8 11 6 13 3 13 3 14 5 4 2057 2058 301 z 311 4 311 4 7 8 10 10 2082 9 10 2062 11 321 z 341 z 341 z 11 14 4 6 6 4 10 6 8 4 10 12 FACTORY OFFICE P O Box 227 Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 44222 216 928 9092 In Ohio 1 800 222 9092 outside Ohio Office Hours 8 a m 5 p m EST Monday Friday ARIZONA Giant Off Road Centers 3243 E Indian School Rd Phoenix AZ 85018 602 956 1913 OR 2740 W Northern we Phonelx AZ 15012 602 995 8777 Mall Order Faclllty 3422 W Whitton Ave nix AZ 85017 1 0 528 8170 In Arizona 602 173 18117 48 54 54 53 66 2087 2088 s1ack Tread Width O D stdewall Width Ply Rim Width 14 34V 17 I 4 12 15 76 11 5 38 9 15 4 4 10 75 9 5 16LT 11 16LT 7 10 30 4 7 8 36 44 11 16 5LT 9 11 5 10 9 5 11 6 11 6 15 4 13 3 6 6 4 8 91 4 91 4 91 4 45 75 15 39 16 5LT 12 16 5LT 35x14 5 16 5LT 11 301 z 301 z 38 9 311 4 341 z 14 INDIANA MISSOURI TENNESSEE All Tire Road 380 S East End Unit A Pomona CA 91766 714 623 6144 Hawkins Auto Stores 116 S W 1st Rlchmon d IN 47374 317 962 4927 Bud s Tire Wheel 701 W College Springfield MO 65806 417 865 5896 Hunter s Custom Automotive 975 Main St Nashville TN 37206 615 227 6584 Discount Parts Unllmlted 5091 Fig 1i ee Lane Redding CA 96002 916 365 2707 VanSenus Auto Parts 1620 Kennedy Ha111mond IN 46323 219 844 2900 McKenzie Off Road 12949 Sherman Way Suite 4 N Hollywood CA 91605 818 764 6438 KANSAS Northern 4 Wheel Drive 3216 El Cemlno Real Saf ta Clara CA 95051 408 247 7575 Off Road U S A 1620 Golden State Hwy Bakersfield CA 93301 805 322 1581 Rough Country Stora 542 North Johnson Ave El Cejon CA 92020 619 447 2457 Service Center Storas All Stores In CA WA AR NV Info 213 770 1100 CONNECTICUT O B Racing 7 Jackaon St Avon CT 06001 203 673 0342 ILLINOIS E T Shop 70 E Lake Rd Addison IL 60101 312 530 0080 DaleWllch s Contemporary Sales Co 49th State Avenue Kansas City KS 66102 800 HOT RODS In Kansas 913 287 5700 LOUISIANA Arnaud s Speed 12JO Bartranct Dr Lafayette LA 70506 318 235 4345 OR 7855 Airline Baton Rouge LA 70815 504 927 9851 Southern Tira 2550 Hickory Ave Metalrle LA 70003 504 737 1558 MARYLAND Maryland 4 WO Center 4205 Enlman Ave Balli MD 21213 301 278 7041 MICHIGAN J a c k Racing 7030 Schaefer 0 lf om Ml 41128 313 848 2855 Weight 35 x 17 50 15LT 15 39 15LT CALIFORNIA O f MICJ

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July 1984 Volume 1 Number 7 In This Issue FEATURES Editor Publisher Jean Calvin Contributors Daryl D Drake Peggy Ellenburg Homer Eubanks Jan Flick Rick Hochfeld Martin Holmes Cam McRae Danny McKenzie Bill Oursler Brenda Parker David R yskamp Walt Schwalbe Wayne Simmons Judy Smith Trackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E Worsham Typesetting Production Michelle s Typesetting Services Printing News Type Service Subscription Rates 12 00 per year 12 issues USA Foreign subscription rates on request Contributions DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions but is not responsible for such material Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope Classified Ads will be published as received prepaid DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors All ads may be subject to editing DUSTY TIMES is published by Hillside Racing Corp 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 818 889 5600 Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher Direct all advertising and editorial material to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave _Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 I I SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH Page Montreal Olympic Stadium 8 Berrien Autocross in Illinois 11 Tulare Bug Off 12 Delamar 400 14 FORDA at West Palm Beach 16 Memorial Day 100 18 Boomerang 250 23 Score Baja in Barstow 26 Budweiser Baja Cross 30 AMSA Los Padres 200 32 Score Canada at Thetford Mines 34 Michigan lnternatonal Rally 35 Mears Gang Rumble 36 Safari Rally in Kenya 40 Profile Rod and Todd Attig 41 DEPARTMENTS Snapshot of the Month 3 Soap Box by Rodney Hall 4 Trail Notes 4 Side Tracks by Judy Smith 5 Happenings 6 6 50 Club Report 7 Bounces from the Berm 41 Good Stuff Directory 42 Goodies Galore 45 Pony Express _ 46 Classified Ads 46 Index to Advertisers 46 DUSTY Tl BECOME Does this look like the proper attitude for a second place finisher in a huge field of 33 racers in 1 1600 class Twice the leader in the half hour run during the Memorial Day 100 Curt W uesthoff of Milwaukee Wisconsin severely damaged the front end in an on course collision had a front flat and held the lead for a few more laps before losing just one position at the checkered flag DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar funnies or woes on this page each month Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration DUSTY TIMES will pay 10 for the picture used If you ish the photo returned enclose a stamped self addressed envelope Only black white prints 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 u ill be considered ON THE COVER John McPherson executes his interpretation of a magnificent man in his flying machine Although the new Berrien Buggy does not really have wings McPherson flew to a resounding overall victory in the Montreal Olympic Stadium last month His high flying brought him a real pound of gold the first place prize John McPherson became the first Canadian to win the Montreal event and he took the big prize home to Pickering Ontario Color Photography by Danny McKenzie of Media Photo Dusty Times July 1984 Page3

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Soap Box By Rodney Hall Class 4 Champion of Champions Trail Notes CONGRATULATIONS TO RICK MEARS upon winning the big one the Indianapolis 500 last May Rick won the big buck race the first time back in 1979 and it must have felt good to overcome the gremlins that have plagued his Penske racer this year and take the big victory While in Bakersfield for the Mears Gang Rumble we talked to Rick and the celebrity he has accomplished sure hasn t made any changes in his manner He is the same friendly guy he was before he went into big time CART racing with the Penske team and he also drives the off road racers as well as ever REQUIEM Off road racing lost one o f its true pioneers last spring a man who was with the spo rt from the very beginnings Bill Harkey succumbed to a lingering illness and the man and his ideas will be sorely missed Bill raced the early desert events and he went duning long before there were any organized races He designed and manufactured Hi Jumper chassis and o ver the years he expanded his San Fernando Buggy Center into a super parts house and he also founded the trailer manufacturing side line Dusty Times extends most sincere sympathy to_Elaine Harkey and the entire family THE SNORE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL will be a lot bigger in size and scope When I drove to Colo rado to compete in the old Jeeporama races in 1965 I thought fourwheeling had reached it s zenith What could possibly top 25 guys getting together in their little four bangers to run a fifteen mile off road race with the winner taking home a new 4WD I sure would have laughed at anyone who would have predicted that within twenty years our weekend hobby would teeter on the edge of becoming a truly professional sport And yet here we are today those of us involved in the many facets of off road racing enjoying media coverage like we ve never experienced before We read magazines filled with race stories and see photos of our own superstars We enjoy film coverage of desert and short course racing We watch TV commercials produced by major manufacturing companies who have found our sport offers the perfect testing ground for the development of new ideas and products And yet I feel we ve a few obstacles to clear from our path before we qualify for the title of professional sport A major source of discord seems to be centered directly around the rule books for both SCORE and HORA A lot of b ickering is heard at every race with drivers feeling they have been treated unfairly by promoters or cheated by their fellow racers Perhaps we need a professional tech official much like a boxing or football referee who would objectively interpret and carry out the rules at each and every race He would be independent of any sanctioning body and his voice could not be overruled His fee would be split between promoter and drivers Whatever the fee it would be cheap if it would end the dissension among ourselves In any event we need to keep this problem in perspective There isn t any professional motorsport today that hasn t gone through the same agony while their particular sets of rules were in the process of evolving into something acceptable to all concerned We ve also got problems with an ever changing race calendar Spectators might like tp see off road races twice a month but drivers and car builders have budgets to live with and can t possibly attend all the events scheduled by promoters This contributes to a pick and choose situation which dilutes the entry field at all races except perhaps for one or two of the most prestigious events It also prohibits proper race car prep time that often results in cars breaking during practice or immediately upon the start of a race It s the old quality vs quantity question What do we want A pitifully small field of cars in each class racing every other weekend in hastily put toge _her hobby type contests Or would we prefer a good full entry in each class competing in a smoothly run well advertised major event Neither have we settled in our minds how to limit the number of classes competing We continue to build classes for cars not cars for classes In the end we re only hurting ourselves This failure to provide a _pure image of the sport not only confuses the media but those involved in the sport as well As we continue to search for direction we mustn t forget the support we ve been so fortunate to receive from the major manufacturers Where would we be today if they hadn t jumped in to lend a hand But we should also remember that just because they re good guys doesn t mean they re only here to provide racers with a fun filled weekend They made a serious business decision to support off road racing to increase their product visibility and market share They consider our sport a form of advertising that must give them an adequate return on their investment or they ll be forced to go elsewhere I ve mentioned the rules class and calendar dilemmas because I see them as the most serious hindrances to our sport s progress In no way do I feel they are insurmountable problems This sport has so much going for it that it s going to take more than a few differences of opinion to do it in I personally would like to see the formation of some sort of advisory board consisting of manufacturers car builders promoters and drivers that would advise in problem areas and provide coordination between the various specialinterest groups A positive move of this sort could be the first in a series of steps thatwil1 eventually soon I hope bring off road racing the recognmon and rewards it deserves Our sincere thanks to Rod Hall for taking time from his obviously busy schedule to tt Tite a l Uest editorial Double thanks to Rod for saying things about off road racing that really should be discussed and hopefully resolved Volunteers are invited to climb on their Sdap Box and fill this space with their thoughts about tt hat is good and what is not so good about the state of off road racing Call DUSTY TIMES with your ideas for a Soap Box column and get on the schedule the end of July As most racers know both the M idnight Special and the Snore 250 are High Desert Racing Association points events on the desert series so Snore expects to have the truck racers as well as the faithful buggy b ashers on hand July 28 Snore s faithful sponsor KC HiLites is once again backing the Midnight Special and Snore has additional help this year from the Landmark Hotel in Las Vegas The Landmark will be host to registration and tech inspection on Saturday morning and the race awards will be held there on Sunday morning The Midnight Special runs entirely in darkness and it is scheduled to start around ninep m on July 28 The big news is that the start finish line will be are you ready at the Las Vegas Speedrome the same garden spot we all visited last May for the Mint 400 Snore normally holds the Midnight Special out in the boonies but this year they are treating the entrants to a paved pit area real lighting grandstands on the first part available water and the course will utilize some of the motorcross course out by the dunes The route will wander for about 60 miles and four laps are currently scheduled How can you go wrong with a budget sized 250 entry fee and a full 60 percent payback It is a keen event especially for the night owls who like to race in the dark Check the ad on page 13 for all the details THE DICK CEPEK OFF ROAD HANDBOOK has a little something in it for everyone from the o ld pro at nasty trails to the first timer trying to figure out what he needs and doesn t need The Handbook tells how to equip a vehicle for boondocking and tells what tools are handy to have on board Some chapters relate the adventures ahead exploring in Baja California and also how to survive if your vehicle breaks down beyond local repair capability Also included is a very brief history of professional off road racing and it explains what the racing classes are today In paperback form it costs just 9 95 at most bookstores and it was put together by Tom Madigan a long time off roader and journalist CALENDAR CAPERS PART III Some of the serious conflicts in off road race dates in the west have been resolved thank heaven The drivers will still be pushed hard to make them all or even half of the events on the schedule but at least the most glaring and direct date conflicts have vanished at least for now December has straightened out to be a near repeat of 1983 The Score Barstow Classic remains on the first weekend in December with the race happening on December 1 staged out of the Barstow Community College as it was last year Originally set for the same weekend the HDRA Frontier 250 has moved back in time to December 14 16 providing nearly two weeks breathing space for the serious desert points hunters running both series And there is over a week s idle time before the Christmas Holiday Another real problem was in September with a conflict between the Score Riverside festivities and the annual Snore 250 now a High Desert Points race in southern Nevada R iverside remains o n September 14 16 and Snore Ltd has moved the Snore 250 forward and it will now happen on September 7 9 So the points hunting truckers will not need to make a choice between the glory runs at Riverside and the HDRA desert points In calendar changes notes this month check out the brand new Arizona Desert Racing bash for cars as well as bikes and 3 wheelers coming up fast on July 14 The ADRA Young Classic scheduled in early June was shot down and canceled due to environmental arguments put forth by the fis h and game people So the ADRA found a new site at Cinder Lake near Flagstaff for their points race The idea of racing in the cool high altitudes around Flagstaff in July is an exciting one Get the details from the ADR A in Phoenix T hese races are great fun and provide a chance to see some fresh territory while enjoying off road racing RALLY FLASH John Buffum added a third win to his 1984 record taking overall honors at the Susquehannock Trails Pro Rally in the Audi Quattro Gary Webb won the GT class in a new Plymouth Colt T urbo and Guy Light drove the Oldsmobile to the Production title O tLERs AU _ 0 NEED A FENDER AXLE TRANS WE HAVE THE LARGEST STOCK OF V W PARTS IN CALIFORNIA HUGE STOCK OF PORSCHE PARTS RE UCABLE V W PAm 213 768 4555 OPEN 8 A II 5 P 11 IIOIDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 8 A II 1001 Sllll PIH AVAltAIII E 11121 SHELDON ST SUN VALLEY CA 91352 Pagc4 July 1984 Dusty Times

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for that day Dawson announced cake and not necessary for a figured quickly and they d be very clearly that if a driver short course race where the first accurate Best af all the race passed in the no passing zorie car over the finish line is the could progress normally he d be docked a lap After 11Juch winner The argument presented We understand that the topic pro and con during the meet ing to us was that they needed to of scoring and timing was to be Dawson finally agreed that if a know elapsed times in order to on the agenda at the next meeting racer came into the zone behind a determine who finished in what of 4x4 Unlimited We certainly plates as they had done last year clearly disabled car that it would position back in the pack In hope that the group can come up be alright to go around fact unless there s money to be with a better system for the so apparently the scorekeepers Otherwise the rule was to be the paid no one really cares if he did balance of their season and fot were able to handle it same for Sunday as it had been not finish in 9th place or 10th next year s Lake Geneva event But before the start of the next for Saturday place And if there is money The officiating for this year had race the course workers had No one seemed to think that it going back that far it s simple many of the non members folks hustled out to the portion of the might have been simpler to move enough to distribute it evenly from as far away as Florida and course near the scoring trailer the timing and scoring folk to among all the racers who New York thinking about not and had taken out the jump by another position on the track completed however many laps coming back in 85 That s making a sort of limp chicane where the cars would be For example if three drivers fell something we d hate to see around it This they said was to naturally slowed by the terrain out on lap seven and they were because the Memorial Day 100 is slow down the cars so the scorers and timers could keep track Or it could have helped to back in 10th 11th and 12th places one of our favorites It has them further from the course so with some money coming to each traditionally been a fine event What we didn t realize until later they had a larger field of view and position it s easy enough to add the facility is a good one and it s was that they had also stationed a could have the vehicle in sight for the money and divide it by three been atrracting a highly corner worker at the beginning of more than a fraction of a second and pay all three equally If that competitive field from all around the straight with a yellow flag to create an artificial no passing Their position could ha ve been were the policy of the promoter the country We d like to see it zone to help the score keepers elevated either by putting them that s how it would be and grow into the blockbuster of a in the tower or in some section there d be no complaints And race we know it s capable of further We also learned that the folks of the grandstands to further life would be much simpler for We re sure that will happen with in the scoring and timing trailer help v_isibility And the course the scoring and or timing people some more thoughtful work on had decided not to even try to could have been redesigned with involved They d be able to get next year s course and perhaps a keep track of the cars the first a real chicane or some such by with a fraction of the help they totally new approach to the time they passed since they d be device to slow the cars naturally need now their results could be timing and scoring Finally it did not occur bunched up from the start Now apparently to the timing and ISEMA BANQUET however they were assured of an October 18 1984 orderly single file progression in scoring team that they could i front of their trailer That really score the race adequately by MGM GRAND HOTEL simply writing down the car Make your reservations now for this gala looked grim with a 30 car field r event You can use your Master Card or with the leaders slowed so they number as it passed a given point VISA to charge yilur order Recording the elapsed time for could go single file and the guys 213 692 9402 in back trying not to rear end or each lap for each car is icing the accidentally pass anyone That artificial yellow flag tended to close things up each lap so that it gave a driver in a slightly slower vehicle an opportunity to stay closer to the leaders And it slowed the progress of the race as a whole If a driver came around the turn THE ORIGINAL GAS PRESSURE SHOCK ABSORBER into the no passing zone The Official Shock for the Nissan Classic behind a sick car or one in a slower class he was also slowed to that speed throughout that distance about 150 yards and was as a consequence not able to approach the jumps in the next section as fast as he d like In addition there was some ambiguity about where the no passing zone actually started and even the corner workers who were supposedly the folks with the authority to say who had made an illegal pass and who had not were not entirely sure If a driver started his pass before he was into the zone was he to be allowed to comP lete it past the flag or did he have to back off No one was entirely sure and as a result some racers suffered the Jerry Sherry Vinson Dick Young Ivan Stewart consequences As you can BILSTEIN Mint 400 Fireworks 250 CAL 400 imagine there were some close WHERE THE 1st place Class 10 3rd place Class 11 1st place Class 8 fights and in some cases the duel WINNERS The quality and Never before have I think Bi stein went on right down to the finish dependability of shocks are the best I had so much SPEAK FOR line with both protagonists Bi stein shocks shocks any race car confidence in a forgetting all about no passing THEMSELVES shock After five driver could run on contributed How could any competitive significantly to our races and extensive his race car racer in the top ten of the race win at the Mint testing on the same Thank you set of shocks I am make himself back off and not very pleased by their Paul Bowen pass the other car when he was on reliability and Mint 400 the white flag lap excellent 2nd place Class 15 _ Norm Shaw When Saturday s finishing list performance We appreciate the Frontier 250 was posted for the two seat performance your 1st place Class_11A 1600s and the Class 10s it was very professional way You Bitsiein found that some racers seve ral in continue to be the Jack Ramsey of doing businessl or lurther inlorma i1 m each event had been docked a Number 1 choice in Mint 400 sincere thanks and special off road full lap for their infraction of the off roading We have 1st place Cl 5 1600 applications contact Doug Robertson at rule That dropped second third used your shocks Your product has BILSTEIN Corporation of exclusively resulting and fourth place finishers back to brought our race Bob Denault America 11760 Sorrento in wins in the Mint team 2 Mint wins seventh eighth and ninth or so in Valley Road San Diego Mint 400 400 Frontier_250 CA 92121 619 453 7723 1981 1983 Hope the standings 2Qd pla e Class 9 to always see yQu at I ve still never had a NORE25 0 aarstow There was a lot of discussion 350 Botton Dollar the races shoqk failure about the no pas ing zpne on etc Saturday evening b ut on Suriday morning at the drive s meeting_ Side Tracks By Judy Smith Recently we were pleased to have the privilege of traveling to Lake Geneva Wisconsin for the annual BFGoodrich Memorial Day 100 This was the 10th annual edition of the event and we ve watched the promoting organization 4x4 Unlimited from Addison Hlinois gradually make changes for the improvement of this annual event This year they made a change that was definitely not an improvement The race is a long short course event similar to Riverside in concept if not in sophistication It s a two day program and the format calls for five or six races each day This much has been the same for at least five years now What changes annually is the shape and length of the course Each year in an effort to make it more attractive for the spectators the course is redesigned and made a bit shorter Last year s track about two miles long was a great one offering _a lot of bumps jumps and corners to entertain the spectators and at the same time providing a real test of driving skill and vehicle capability This year the new owner of the race track Kevin Dawson who is an off road racer himself decided that the track needed to be still shorter in order to keep the action coming around in front of the spectators more often He is understandably looking for ways to increase the spectator attendance of the event which has never been as great as the promoters would like To this effect he shortened the course to a little over a mile in length Then he decreed that the start should be right in front of spectators instead of its previous location off to the side and so it was Now this meant that they lost the long straight before the first turn which used to let traffic thin out a bit Instead the cars travelled a short distance into a rough turn slid across some pavement made a sharp right into some man made jumps and were in front of the timing and scoring trailer These folks were perched in a small trailer right at ground level about 15 feet to the side of the race track Apparently they use a two man system with one perso n writing times down while another person calls out car numbers It s an unwieldy system at best if there are more than 10 or 12 cars on the course This year as always there was a good sized entry and the smallest field to start Class 1 had 14 starters Most of the other races had over 20 starters several had over thirty with one event fielding a total of 35 vehicles The first race of the weekend for the two seaters and Class 5 cars was sloppy and muddy since it had rained heavily during the previous week and even on race morning But there were only 15 rars on the track and they didn t stop anyone and tell hem to wash off their number 1 l r

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1984 HAPPENINGS _ A D R A BUG E RACEWAY Arizona Desert Racing Association 1408 East Granada Phoenix AZ 85006 602 252 1900 Bug E Warehouse 1915 So Presa San Antonio Texas 78210 51 2 533 8056 July 14 Cinder Lake 150 Flagstaff Arizona July 8 Bug E Raceway San Antonio Texas September 1 7th Annual Giant Of Road Centers Snowflake Buggy Bash Snowflake Arizona September 16 Bug E Raceway San Antonio Texas October 20 8th Annual Penasco 150 Rocky Point Mexico COBRA RACING 0 em l P O Box 19407 Oklah ma City Oklahoma 73119 405 232 4231 405 685 3450 8th Annual Sonoita to Rocky Point Hare N Hound Mexico all off road races will be held at the 59th Douglas track Oklahoma City January 19 1985 Annual Awards Banquet AMSA July 8 Points Race American Motor Sports A sociat1 m P O Box 54 Z 1 c Fresno CA 93755 2_p9 _439 l14 0 i Septeniber l 3 12 Hour Mojave Desert Challenge Califj rnia City CA October 21 Fresno Fair Off Road Championship Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA r November 23 25 Palm Spring Classic Palm Springs CA BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Berrien Series Gil Parker 7406 S 12th St Kalamazoo MI 49

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6 50 Club Report By Jean Calvin A bunch of new folks signed on at the Mint 400 as bona fide members of the 6 50 club and now the 1984 r0ster sports a fine 44 on the listi There are pJ nty of races left for ne arly anyone to win the BFGoodrich gold at the end of the season The Mint 400 results were a joy to compute Handily the over 50 years of age guys and gals on the entry list were spun out for the 6 50 Club records by K J Howe and the Mint Hotel computer and we are eternally grateful for the service Sifting through over 400 entries looking for the mature drivers would have been quite a chore There were 35 over 50s on the Mint 400 starting list and going along with the 25 percent finishing ratio of the overall race entry nine of the 6 50 dubbers saw the checkered flag after four laps 1982 6 50 club overall champion Clark Gillies turned the fastest times of all nine finishers With Steve Ooley codriving the Raceco Clark came in with a 10 28 10 and took a great fourth in the 56 entry Class 2 Many congrats to Clark and his crew and to all who tackled the mean desert course that was the Mint 400 last May Not far off the pace Jack Irvine with Kit Trenholm codriving was only six minutes slower than Gillies second fastest of the 6 50 group and third in the giant size 64 starting cars Class 10 even though they d id have to fight a ljttie for their finish position The grand old guy of Arizona racing Jack Woods with Don Bailey codriving came in a swift ninth in Class 10 Woods was third fastest of the viejo group Frank Snook with Dave Rogalia co driving earned the most Mint money of all fourth fastest over 50 but second in Class 1 that had 41 starters Snook now has the lead in 6 50 points with 127 total including his second place at Laughlin last winter Rounding out the 6 50 club finishers at the Mint 400 your reporter Judy Smith and John Howard were next on time and seven th in Class 1 1600 followed by Dorr and Eddie Watkins 11th in Class 1 1600 after a tough fourth lap In the heavy metal Vern Roberts and Bill Donahoe got second in Class 4 in the Jeep Honcho for some good points Howard Hjelm and Ken Nikkel brought their Raceco home 13th in Class 2 for 6 50 points _ The final 6 50 Club finisher was Bill Howard who had lots of trouble but got the new and tidy Chevy under the flag for fifth in Class 8 BHI is now second in 650 points with 110 including his third at Laughlin and fifth at Parker Hanging in third on points is Cal Wells Jr and Cal has 89 points Vern Roberts is fourth on the 6 50 list with 77 points in his Class 4 Jeep Jack Irvine in his Class 10 Raceco is up to fifth with 7 4 points all but five from the third place at the Mint 400 Rounding out the top ten are DU tyTlmcs Danny Letner in Class 2 with 74 also and for now the ties are arranged in alphabetical order Also in Class 2 Len Newman Bunderson is next with 63 points followed by Bob Renz with 61 points earned in his Class 1 Chenowth and Clark Gillies with all of his 60 points coming from the Mint 400 Tenth is J Duncan Brown Class 10 Chaparral with a third at San Felipe supplying most of his 58 points Dick Young is very close with 57 points earned in hfs Class 2 Raceco Next month we should have the points through both the Baja in Barstow and the Fireworks 250 computed and that will put the series about midway in tne season both on the calendar and on events completed Remember your best six scoring races out of the eleven on the list are what count so the season can run right down to the wire in December An early lead doesn t mean that a late starter can t come forward fast nd it d d happin last year Still to come for 6 50 points hunters after the Fireworks 250 are the Snore 250 and the AMSA 12 Hour in September The Frontier 500 in October and the Barstow Classic and the Frontier 250 in December By the way if you are eligible for 6 50 points being over 50 years of age and the driver of record and you don t know if you are on the list drop us a card and tell us what 1984 events saw your entry leave the line Some promoters do not list ages on the entry list so if we don t hear from you we can t get your name on the points list Each 6 50 starter gets a minumum of 5 points finish or not Send your name and address class etc to Jean Calvin 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 We will then be sure that all who are eligible are definitely on the 6 50 points list Coming Next M nth HORA FIREWORKS 250 TORONTO STADIUM RACE GRAND PRIX AT POMONA HOOSIER DOME STADIUM RACE CRIPPLE CREEK HILL CLIMB WISCONSIN BAY AREA CLASSIC FORDA CRACKER150 SUSQUEHANNOCK TRAIL PRORALLY lnd much more 18th Annual Del Webb s MINT400Desert Race The world s biggest richest and toughest off road race May 2 5 1f 85 For your year round ExciteMint visit Del Webb s Mint Casino Hotel home of the MINT 400 Desert Race where we speak your language Best of luck and safe racing Thumbs up The MINT 400 Staff and Management For further information contact MINT400 Racing Headquarters Del Webb s Mint Casino Hotel P O Box 2160 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 2160 702 385 7440 July 1984 Page 7

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By Jean Calyin Photos Danny McKenzie Jean Calvin June heralds the start of almost weekly races from Score Canada in their expanded series of autocross events This year the first of June brought the middle jewel in the triple crown of stadium races sponsored by BFGoodrich of Canada This Taking a third In his heat race John McPherson went on to win the main event convincingly In his Berrien and he also won a pound of gold From Orlando Florida Butch Peterson grabbed the lead at flag fall In the first heat and Peterson led all the way to victory Page John McPherson waves his checkered flag In victory From Ontario John was speechless here In front of the 60 000 cheering spectators jewel is the one and only program is strictly invitational Crowder From Illinois eff and Montreal Olympic Stadium striking a delicate balance Kevin Probst are always strong event that successfully combines between the best short course and so are Lee and Karl motorcycle motocross and racers in the USA and Canada Wuesthoff from Wisconsin autocross for Class 10 off road and those who have supported along with Gary Franklin and race cars Many have tried but the program since day one Held Dave Lofland from New Jersey none do the act as well as they do on the floor in the incredible Canadian hopes were pinned on in Montreal Olympic Stadium in the middle John McP herson Ernie The entire event is heavily of Montreal the course is big by Jakubowske and Bill Lefeuvre backed by Molson Brewery and stadium standards and the entry from Ontario and the Richard the Score Canada Class 10 action is limited to no more than 40 Buggy team plus Claude Tetrault is also supported by BFGoodrich cars this year there were 38 from Quebec Of course with a and organized by the indefatig names on the list Entry came half mile serpentine race course able George Dodd President of from Ontario and Quebec in three qualifying heats and a Score Canada What began as a Canada Florida the northeast consolation race before the main half time exhibition race for ern and midwestern states Texas event dash for cash anyone buggies a few years back is now a and California this year could be the big winner full partner with the bikes on the Among the favorites were Held on a Saturday the program Each get equal billing Scott Gillman from California program starts with tech and track time during tne one day who won the main event in 1983 inspecton at noon in the vast affair that proceeds like a swiss and Scott Taylor of Illinois who covered areas under the watch running right on time won overall the three prior years grandstands At 3 p m a short from start to finish Other heavy hitters included the drivers meeting iterates the rules The Class 10 portion of the Florida force led by Jimmie of the road and at 3 30 the practice sessions two for each dozen car group commence Practice for the cars is interspersed with the bike practice There is no qualifying and the drivers are seeded by the organizers into the three groups Each group draws from the hat for their grid position in the heat race There were some disasters in practice including a broken CV joint for Dave Lofland and Bill Lefeuvre lost a trans but had a fresh one on hand for the quick change Florida s Butch Peterson lost his engine but borrowed a spare from Jimmie Crowder And the inside pit area was busy The first heat for the cars a seven lapper was full of action Jimmy Crowder was a happy man when he won the second heat race In his Butch Peterson from Orlando Chen_owth Magnum making It two for two for Florida drivers July 1984 Dusty Times

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I fi K Jeff Prob t had a good run In his 111 nols built Berrien taking a second In his heat race but Jeff failed to finish the main event t Scott Taylor from Illinois has a streak of seconds going for the season got second here in his heat ace and fifth In the main event Florida grabbed the hole shot in his Hi Jumper and Butch never looked back At the end of the first lap Lee Wuesthoff was close and stayed very tight through the first five laps Joe Furlong from San Antonio Texas had his Funco third with Kevin Probst glued to his bumper and the rest of the field trailed behind On lap 6 Lee Wuestoff rolled his Magnum in a tight corner which gave Peterson half a track length lead which he kept to the checkered flag Meanwhile Florida s Carlton Jackson and Probst were battling now for second side by side at times When it counted Jackson held second in his Chenowth over Probst in a Berrien Joe Furlong was a long fourth well ahead of Claude Tetrault Funco and Dean Dodd Berrien The second heat had a full field and a good battle off the line as Jeff Probst Berrien grabbed a slim lead over Jimmie Crowder Chenowth Magnum Mike Hester Funco held third just over Karl Wuesthoff and Bill Lefeuvre Berrien Crowder inched past Probst on the next lap but he couldn t get away immediately Hester held third ahead of Lefeuvre who was still closely dogged by Karl Wuesthoff Then Lefeuvre landed on a hay bale Crowder held a good lead until the final round when Jeff Probst caught up suddenly However Crowder won the heat easily Probst was a good second and Floridian Mike Hester was third followed by Karl W uesthoff The first four in each heat automatically went into the main event The next four automatically went into the Dusty_Times consolation race where the top two would advance to the main event An even dozen started in the third heat all lined up abreast in front of the first high jump It was a busy start with at least five flyng high together trying to The defending champion from 1983 Scott GIiiman brought his California Chenowth back to Montreal but he had to settle for second In the main make the first 18b degree turn first Emerging up front on the first lap was Scott Gillman Chenowth Magnum but right on his tailpipe was ErnieJacubowski in his own Ontario built Mantis After three laps Scott Taylor Pro Tech won the battle for third spot over John McPherson and midway this pair had closed up tight on Jacubowski By now Gillman was long gone and the Mantis dropped to fourth followed by Allen Andreoli and to the rear Tom Seckman Blair Bassett and John Becka were having a fierce fight At the checkered flag Scott Gillman was an easy winner Taylor and McPherson fought all the way with Taylor winning second place by inches Jacubowski held on in fourth to qualify for the main event The intermission was a magnificent fireworks display complete with musical effects The grand finale is a curtain of light that engulfs the entire stadium and burns for a few minutes The packed stadium officially 60 127 people watched the display with enthusiasm as well as cheering the bikes and cars on to victory Eleven hopeful drivers got their cars on the grid for the consolation heat called in This is the system run by most off road race winners French last chance so it would be for all but the top two although third and fourth place here is worth money Lee Wues hoff grabbed the lead off the line held it over the first jump and Toronto s Blair Bassett was right on his bumper After three laps Wuesthoff had a comfortable 1ead and Bassett was fighting a challenge from Tom Seckman and John Becka and Gary Franklin were also in close combat By the fifth of seven laps Wuesthoff had his lead easily and Bassett was solid in second as Seckman retired Fighting hard for third place money were Claude Tetrault and Gary Franklin both in Funcos but Tetrault failed to finish Lee Wuesthoff cruised his Chenowth Magnum to victory and a spot in the main event and Bassett was equally strong in second in his Chenowth Gary Franklin Gary Thistlewood and Normand Vaillancourt finished TRl MIL BOBCAT CHROME Lee Wuesthoff won the last chance race handily In his Chenowth Magnum and Lee finished a fine fo rlh In the main event at Montreal DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 _ WHOLESAI E ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Toron to s Blair Bassett drove a strong race In the consolation to second but he ran without a muffler and was disqualified from the m ln event July 1 984

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1 more action at MONTREAL out those left running at the flag However all cars running in the Montreal Stadium must wear a good muffler Blair Bassett had started the consolation race without that nec ess ary equipment so he was disqualified putting Gary Franklin into the main event Officially Normand Vaillancourt in a Richard Buggy got third place money and Gary Thistlewood Chenowth Magnum went home to Georgia with fourth place cash A full fourteen sat on the grid in four staggered rows for the main event more cars than ever started on the stadium course that really narrows after the first jump The wild start had the fans on their feet as the Scotts Taylor and Gillman came from the back row fast in traffic over the first jump Taylor got the squeeze and he landed upside down on the haybales the marshalls had him upright in a few seconds but Ernie Jacubowski was an early leader In the main In his Mantis kept up the good pace and Ernie finished third despite a last lap goof Taylor took off half a lap behind the herd On the first lap Ernie Jacubowski grabbed the lead with John McP_h erson right on his bumper followed tightly by Lee Wuesthoff Jeff Probst Joe Furlong and Jimmie Crowder KEEPSON WINNING Larry Bolin wins two in a row WINS AT THE BAJA 500 1st CL 1 1600 Tom Bob Neth 1st CL 5 Norm Steve Schmidt 1st CL6b Larry Schwacofer 1st CL 9 Jim Dizney 1st CL 10 Larry Bolin 1st CL 43 Fred Wing WINS AT BAJA CROSS 1st CL 1 Scott Gillman 1st CL 2 1600 Doug Ingles 1st CL 10 Mike Gillman WINS AT B F GOODRICH MEMORIAL DAY 100 1st CL 1 Burt _Deck r THANKS FOR PROVING WORKS So far this year HPS synthetic lubricants have helped racers score 5 First Overall and 47 First in Class wins HPS performance and protection can help you be a winner too So ask your parts supplier for HPS before your next oil change FOR MORE INFORMATION AND ALIST OF DEALERS CONTACT HPS Inc P _0 Box 1065 Solana Beac CA 92075 619 753 3196 Dealer Inquiries Invited Page 10 Past winners at Montreal Scott Taylor left and Scott GIiiman chat about the right line while walking the course prior to the competition and the order stayed the same on the second lap Now Scott Gillman was ri ght behind Crowder and Taylor had caught up and was working his way past the back markers On the third lap Crowder rolled and was out of the hunt Taylor got a couple more cars and McPherson was trying hard to pass Jacubowski After five of the fifteen laps John McPherson held a narrow lead over Jacubowski and Lee Wuesthoff was tight in third followed by Jeff Probst and Scott Gillman while Scott Taylor was now in ninth spot A couple laps later McPherson had opened a few car lengts and both Probst and Gillman were challenging Between races Tom Benvenuti had some help cleaning the mud from his Jacubowski Furlong held fifth Pro Tech In the garages the help came from his three year old sort followed by Lee Wuesthoff With ten laps counted John next lap leaving the Mantfa alone bank again the marshalls got him McPherson had a good lead and in third Lee Wuesthoff was back righted and on his way so the battle for second was fierce up to fourth and Scott Taylor quickly that only Jacubowski got On the next lap Gillman picked was sixth just behind Kevin past Then Jacubowski stuffed off Probst and on lap 12 he IProbst and the order looked set his Mantis into the hay with just whipped pastJacubowski and set But while lapping a car on the two turns to go to the checkered sai l after McPherson white flag lap in a tight 180 turn flag he was quickly pushed off Jeff Probst vanished on the Scott Gillman rolled into a sand but not before Gillman swept past Up front it was all John McPherson in his bright hued Eastern Force Berrien The crowd went wild as McPherson took the checkered flag the first Canadian driver to win the Montreal Stadium race Scott Gillman hung on to the second place money and Jacubowski ended up third Lee Wuesthoff was solid in fourth and Scott Taylor worked past Kevin Probst for fifth This year instead of the usual fat check John McPherson won a pound of gold to take home to Pickering Ontario The gold was all done up in troy ounce wafers worth about seven grand in Canadian currency The checks were generous all down the line Scott Taylor gets help getting right side up In the first lap of the main as both and after the dust had settled the Butch Peterson and Jeff Probst slither past on course sponsoring Molson Brewery with their Lauren tide beer tossed a keen snacks and beer party in a salon right in the stadium The come as you are even in driving suits affair went on until 2 30 a m The Score Canada production at the Montreal Stadium is unique in short course off road racing Nowhere does so huge a crowd turn out yearly to watch the off roaders in this case Class 10 racers and bikers strut their stuff The downtown location the packed stadium the fireworks at half time the incredible enthusiasm for motor sports of the Montreal audience might be as unique in off road racing as the Indy 500 is to the A pensive Jimmy Crowder w atches John McPherson go by to the big win Crowder s Chenowth broke due to a third lap rol 011Br In the main event champ cars July 1984 Dusty Times

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BERRIEN AUTOCROSS SERIES have no protection at all from the elements The next class up was the 4x4 s and there were three in the class Bruce McKinney from Georgetown IL had to bump up a class and run with Bob Gerke from By Brenda A Parker Findley OH and Dale Knierim from Effingham IL The winner after 45 very difffcult minutes The track was changed 3 times was Dale Knierim during the course of the morning The buggies ran next and to keep the drivers out of the because of the limited entries they all ran at the same time In water There is a creek that runs through this property and in Class 10 Buddy Jones from years past the track has crossed Louisville KNJ umped into the the creek However last year lead and staye there for three due to heavy rains there were laps In the fourth lap he was some very real problems with passed by Glen Woolbright from crossing the creek and most of Manchester MO and Glen the drivers were not in favor of stayed in front to the checkered going through those problems flag Buddy finished second and again The creek rose 4 to 6 feet Darryl Burks from St Charles during the morning hours due to MO was third the rains and run off and was Jessie Casey from Gulf Breeze overflowing its banks in some FL took the lead in the 1 1600 areas class amd ran flag to flag Karl Meanwhile the race started Wuesthoff from Mequoin WI with the A TV s They ran two started way back but stayed in heats and the winner for the day there pushing and finished in was Jay Roe riding a Kawasaki second place Vic Schlapper 250 He really did a good job from Bucknor MO finished riding in all that mud Those guys third Off to a Muddy Start The BERRIEN AUTOCROSS SERIES was kicked off at Casey IL on Sunday May 13 1984 The original schedule called for a double race weekend with racing at St Louis MO on Saturday and at Casey on Sunday However due to heavy rains for several weeks prior to May 12 the St Louis race was canceled The local club at Casey M A O R A picked up the canceled date and held a race for their own points series and invited any BAS drivers to participate Saturday was a beautiful day warm and dry Sunday however was another matter entirely The word for the day was MUD It started to rain in the wee hours of Sunday morning and everyone figured that just a little rain would be enough to wet the track and help to keep the dust down Well that little rain soon turned into a downpour and it continued to rain steadily until 10 00 Sunday morning There was some doubt as to whether the rat e would go at all A drivers meeting was called and it was decided that there would be one 45 minute heat instead of two 20 minute heats in order for the track to dry out the racing would start at 1 00 p m instead of 11 00 a m in the morning In Class 2 1600 Don Meadows from Palmer IL had a commanding lead over Bob Hutchins This is the first year of off road racing for Bob Hutchins from Galesburg Ml and his step son John who co drives with him and they finished second with Dick Knutson coming in third Because of the muddy conditions these drivers all had their work cut out for them In that part of the country there is a lot of clay on the soil and when it gets wet it gets slick All of the 18 starting drivers were happy to see the checkered flag waving as they crossed the finish line for the last timt on Sunday The Probst team arrived about at mid morning but never got their cars to the track They had transmission problems in their tow vehicle and got just into town with their rig They ended up going back to New Lenox IL borrowing a truck driving back down to Casey towing the trailer back home and then going back again for their own tow truck They spent a lot of time driving that weekend but did no racing Sa 9e Ut4 40 Be J9 1 etu 1533 TRUMAN ST SAN FERNANDO CA Phone 213 361 1215 OFF ROAD CHASSIS MANUFACTURER CHROME M OLY FRONT BEAM IN STOCK READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY STOCK 4 6 11 8 W IDTHS 2 a x 156 wall chrome moly tubes with four seperate adjusters for a recise no slip adjustment One iece bushing so no more proble s with bushings moving and lose of support and ruining an arm Can be used with all arms and two or four shocks Also available in kits 400 DustyTl ncs BOXED TOWERS FOR EXTRA STRENGTH

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THE RRST ANNUAL BUG OFF MINI TRUCK IN from three while the rest sorted themselves out At the end of the first lap it was Rocha Bower and Carter in a tight group and the rest of the boys in another tight group just behind Lap two saw Carter pass Bower for second while Elrod moved into fourth As they came across the line By John Calvin again Carter had taken the lead ljhotos Jan Flick Rocha was second Bower third and Elrod fourth Carter opened whatever adjustments they up a goodly space between thought were n e cessary to their himself and second place Bower cars while Rocha slipped to third At two thirty two skydivers followed closely by Elrod The sponsored by Claude s Buggies last two laps saw no position made their jump into a cloudless changes as Carter kept increasing sky aiming for the target limed his lead with Bower well back in onto the center of the race track second while Rocha and Elrod They got the usual enthusiasm battled furiously for the third from the crowd as they floated spot At the flag it was Carter down in the wind working Bower Rocha Elrod Kennedy mightily at the guide shrouds Dillon Galbraith and KordonThe second chutist to hit the owy all running well ground was the only casualty of Now for the main event 1500 the day as he broke his wrist on bucks to the winner The lineup landing Shortly the_reafte r was Carter on the pole with Chuck Strange ran up a set of Bower sitting next to him Row ramps in his tidy Berrien Buggy two Rocha and Elrod row three and successfully cleared 12 Galbraith and Kordonowy count ern 12 Toyota trucks followed by Kennedy and Dillon while the crowd roared its When the flag fell Galbraith approval zipped by the pack to take the lead out of the second turn with Qualifying started at four Carter and Bower in hot pursuit thirty for the racing yet to come Galbraith held his lead for the Ron Carter Fun co had fast time first lap but corning out of turn with a 36 38 followed by Gary two on the second lap Carter Dillon Funco 37 10 Jeff Elrod took the inside line and moved Hi Jumper 37 43 and Glenn into first place followed closely Galbraith with a 37 61 These by Galbraith Bower and Elrod four were eligible for the trophy Carter and Galbraith made it dash a three lapper for a trophy their own race as they moved and a cash award from Claude s steadily away from the rest of the Buggies The flag fell and Jeff pack Elrod shot into the lead Elrod slipped by Bower on the followed by Galbraith Carter fourth lap while the battle raged and Dillon The second lap saw for fifth place Carter and Elrod maintaining his position Galbraith continued to move while Carter passed Galbraith for away from the rest of the pack for the second spot and Dillon the next three laps having their remained the caboose Carter put own battle for first The rest of on a heck of a charge on the last the positions remained the same lap but failed by inches to beat until the eighth lap when B ower Elrod to the flag Galbraith and repassed Elrod and moved into a Dillon brought up third and solid third When the checkered fourth respectively Elrod flag was thrown it was Carter received his four foot tall trophy first Galbraith an eyelash behind then a long wait Third place went to Bower fourth was Elrod Rocha in fifth Kordonowy Kennedy and Dillon bringing up the rear The first place money was presented to Ron Carter by the local Miss Budweiser immediately after the finish and Ron s daughter complete with full leg cast and crutches emblazoned with Checker stickers remarked He needed this money to pay for the doctor All in all a great day of racing at Tulare Dick Bower is to be commended for a well run event staffed by courteous and helpful Glenn Galbraith charged as hard as he could in the main event but he just personnel Carter Carries Cash To Culver City Dick Bower s Bug Off and Mini Truck In came to pass during the second weekend in May at the Tulare County Fairgrounds There was a custom car show booths set up for dealers and manufacturers a chili cook off R C racing a wet T shirt contest and last but not least some very good Class 10 racing on Saturday afternoon and into the evening Unfortunately only eight cars showed up for the contest on the 4 S s of a mile track that had been laid out on the horse track at the fairgrounds Practice commenced at one p rn and all the drivers got their chance to feel out the track and make Ron Carter flying past Gary Dillon won both motos and the main event at the Tulare Bug Off driving his trusty Class 10 Funco Chuck Strange gave the crowd a thrill by leaping over an even dozen Toyota trucks in his spiffy Berrien Buggy built for Jumping trucks Rick Bower drove very well Indeed finishing 2nd In both motos and a well deserved 3rd In the main event Page 11 and a check Claude s Buggies for his efforts The first rnoto a six lapper was next on the menu and the drivers and their mounts were all ready The front row had Carter and Dillon waiting for the green flag followed by Elrod Galbraith Dennis Kordonowy Rick Bower Eagle Alvin Rocha in a Funco and Don Kennedy in his Dodge Colt powered Berrien When the flag fell Carter shot into the lead followed by Dillon and the rest of the herd Into turn two Carter was taking command while the rest of the pack slid and bumped around behind him In the midst of the group Galbraith was up ended and rolled over corning to rest on his wheels while the rest of the group thundered by The starter grabbed the red flag to stop the race but by the time he had it in his hand Galbraith was already chasing the tail end of the pack So the race went on At the end of the first lap it was Carter followed closely by Dillon Bower and the rest of the group Lap two saw Galbraith passing Kennedy Dillon who had spun in turn two and Elrod moving into fifth place Lap three had Carter leading about a second ahead of Bower and the rest of the boys were fighting for third Lap four saw no position changes as Carter opened his lead chased by Bower On the fifth lap Galbraith took command of third place while Rocha slipped to fifth On the last lap Bower really charged up on Carter in a last ditch effort to take the lead but Carter held him off for the win So it was Carter Bower Galbraith Kordonowy Elrod Rocha Dillon and Kennedy taking the checkered flag in order The second rnoto had an inverted start and also was six laps in length Rocha jumped into the lead followed by Kennedy and Bower and the rest of the herd Dillon spun in turn couldn t catch Ron Carter Jeff Elrod snagged fifth in the first moto fourth in the second and got fourth overall In the main event July 1984 Dennis Kordonowy looked and sounded good but he could not catch up to the front runners In the final race of the day Dusty Times

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_j THE DELAMAR 400 Escape to Lincoln County By John Calvin Photos Jan Flick Jack Johnson takes to the water on his way to first overall Jack only suffered one flat tire In the 400 mile race Silver Dust Racing Associa tion aka Bert Vaughan did it again on June 9 with the Delamar 400 a race enjoyed even by those who did not finish The start finish as well as the pre and post race activities were all located in the town of Caliente in the heart of the Delamar mountains about 150 miles Northwest of Las Vegas at an elevation of 4300 feet It really was a delight to be back in small town America a most gracious and charming site with friendly and helpful Roger Ruhlow Don Rhodes make enough waves to finish third In class 1 They didn t win any bucks but had a good race anyhow Tired of Getting Shafted Check Out NEVADA OFFROAD BUCCY Ultra Boot Flange for Turbo CVs 119 95 the set of 4 Boots Flanges Complete stock of everything for your racer pre runner or street Bug from wheels tires to hard parts for the engine transmission the whole car CHECK US OUT WE SHIP ANYWHERE Two locations to Setve You 3054 South Valley Vi w Las Vegas Nevada 89102 702 871 4911 Page 14 1541 North Eastern Las Vegas Nevada 702 642 1664 residents Caliente has all the necessary amenities for the motel and coffee shop crowd as well as camping sites close in that are well maintained and surrounded with nature s beauty Registration tech and contingency were on Friday at the VFW post in Caliente from two in the afternoon until midnight Motorcycles left at six on Saturday morning and the cars departed at eight a m There The Bell s rang all the chimes on their way to first In the 1600 class They fought all day with MacCachren for the class win was a fantastic barbeque on Saturday evening at the local Ruhlow The 80 mile run to their own battle about fifteen park and the awards were at ten check 5 mostly in the foothills minutes back Arriving at check o clock Sunday morning The and on some pavement from an 3 the Bell s had 2 minutes on weather was perfect for the race old abandoned highway had MacCachren Spina was 13 getting up to eighty degrees by Johnson still leading Class 1 minutes in arrears and Barbeau mid afternoon with lots of sun while Hanks had overtaken had passed Inch and led him by 3 and almost no humidity Nights Ruhlow and had second spot minutes were cool but comfortable sewed up by about eight minutes Check 4 saw the Bell s still The course consisted of two At check 6 Johnson had an holding their two minute edge loops the first being about 100 hour and seventeen minutes on over Robbie while Spina was 15 miles in length and the second Hanks who now had over an minutes back Barbeau 15 loop about 300 miles long The hour and a half on Ruhlow The behind him and Inch was course wound through the last run into the finish line saw running fifth another 5 minutes desert through canyons laced Johnson taking the checkered back The long run to check 5 with water crossings under flag and a check for 2400 Allen saw the Bell s open their lead over and around rocks and Hanks roared in an hour and over Rob to 13 minutes with boulders and through pine thirty four minutes later for Spina now 20 minutes behind forests at elevations up to 6000 second place while Ruhlow was second place while Inch had feet The start finish and check 2 yet an hour and forty minutes passed Barbeau and led him by 3 were located in downtown behind Hanks minutes Caliente Jack s time 8 23 48 was good Back into the foothills and the Motorcycles started at 6 15 for first overall We should mountains to check 6 and A M and the two lead bikes mention that Tom Bradl Y Jr M i cCachren is now leading the ridden by Jay Sones and Steve lost an engine early in the race Bell s by a minute Spina has Subith were within two minutes returned to town took the dropped another three minutes of each other the entire race with engine out of the pre runner plit in a solid third place and Inch is Subith finally getting the win by a it into the race car and sallied running 38 minutes behind mere minute and fifty seven forth Tom ran well the rest of Mike The Gaskill s who had seconds Subith pocketed 1000 the day but missed the 12 hbur been running well off the pace all for his ride time barrier by about 10 day are over two hours behind The cars departed at 8 a m at minutes for a hard fought DNF Inch one minute intervals There were J irp Bunty retired early on when a The final 30 mile sprint to the two classes 1600 and unlimited CV joint departed finish line had the Bell s Numbers were assigned at time The 1 2 1600 class had eleven reclaiming the lead from of entry so the classes were_ cars taking the green flag and MacCachren Rob lost first place mixed in the starting order Jack they were really in for a tussle At by three minutes and twenty six Johnson Bunderson was the check 1 Rob MacCachren and seconds Spina blew in 16 12th car in the starting line with Terry Bell both arrived on the minutes behind Rob and Inch two other Class 1 cars in front of same minute they had started a was another 38 minutes back in him but Jack was the first Class 1 minute apart with Brad Inch s fourth place TheGaskill s didn t car into Check 1 almost 26 co driver Billy McDaniels show up for another hour and a minutes ahead of Roger Ruhlow running a smart third only three half but still managed to secure who was ahead of Allen Hanks minutes back with Mike Spina fifth place The Bell s were well by a mere three minutes another five minutes in arrears rewarded with a check for Johnson ran the 30 miles into Check 2 had the Bell s in the 3000 for their efforts while check 2 in 36 minutes third car lead one minute ahead of Robbie took 600 home to on the foad and first in Class 1 MacCachren followed by Spina Vegas Tom Spina got 400 for Hanks was the second Class 1 car then Inch while Darren Wilson his efforts Inch missed out on into check 2 running 19minutes and Jim Barbeau were battling for the as did the Gaskill s ahead of Ruhlow fifth place Howard Ringe and Six of the 1600 entry failed to On to check 3 a 40 mile run to the Gaskill Clan were having complete the course The only the town of Pioche through long rock canyons and across num_erous streams Passing the rest of the 1600 cars that had started ahead of him Johnson was now first on the road with Hanks now running almost an hour behind maintaining his 18 minute lead over Ruhlow Johnson took only 37 minutes to make the run to check 4 35 miles down out of the mountains and across a few dry lakes opening his lead on Ruhlow to an hour and forty minutes while Hanks experiencing some mechanical malady didn t arrive at check 4 Allen Hanks Leland Hendricksen nalled second place In class 1 almost 1 until and hour and a half after hours ahead of their competition finishing In Just under 10 hours July1984 Dusty Times

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Jim Barbeau Grant Garbin were running fifth In class but failed to Darren WIison Rick Mills swam up to fifth place In 1600 for a while finish Here they approach one of the many water crossings but a broken shifter fork put them out of the running local entry from Caliente a 5 the prize money for the car 1600 Baja Bug driven by Pete classes 6000 went to Las Delmue and Steve McCrosky Vegas Brad Inch being the only succumbed to an exploding Californian defending the honor battery on the first loop All ot of the Golden State Silver Dust Racing is putting on their next event on August 25 The race starts and finishes in the town of Pioche iust a short hop from Caliente The elevation is Mike Spina spews water as he emerged from one of the water crossings on his way to a nice third place In the 1 2 1600 class 6000 feet and for August the temperature should be in the 70 s which will be a pleasant change from the normall i ton id summer races Bert is considering opening up to more classes for the August event so if you want to try a new course with some c halleniin E rnnning give Bert a call for info The Bulb Our U S manufactured bulb is far far superior for life Accuracy For brightness But what s happening our original KC HiliTES Dayl ighter design has been ripped off You can now buy a light that looks like a Daylighter But the similarities end right there The housing on the look alike is not plated or painted to our rigid guidelines In fact we build lights only one way if the quality isn t good enough that we d buy it ourselves we won t try and sell it to you The flex that protects the wiring on the look alike is not chrome plated like the genuine Daylighter The rubber mount on the Daylighter originally designed by KC is specially formulated to resist mildew rot and breakdown The warranty No look alike has KC s new 5 year warranty How About vou can you afford not to run the very latest in lighting technology on your vehicle After all what kind of a product would you expect from a company who tries to make cheaper inferior copies of someone else s ideas cet the Book Here s the latest book on auxiliary lighting direct from the source KC s giant 1984 full color catalog just 3 00 Slip into the Look KC styling for your body KC Hi Style jackets as low as 34 95 Indicate size send cash check or money order only 5 year warranty even during competition events complete detalls Inside every llght package KC HiliTESwe come alive at nite I WILLIAMS ARIZONA 86046 602 635 2607 rr 1l rc_ l _J1 tt if 1 1 t t L C r 1 r t t r i l S J iii r r 1 t Tom Bradley Jr fuels up ready for the second loop after the engine change They missed the 12 hour 1 mlt by ten long minutes Dusty Times July 1984 Ladles Jacket Navy Blue summer style S49 95 Men s Jacket competition summer style unllned Anthracite color S34 95 Other styles avallable call or write for apparel brochure Add S3 50 each for postage on Jackets above Ii Page 15

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FORDA MOVES SOUTH TO WEST PALM BEACH Night Racing in the Fairgroullds was a Big Hit with the Fans By Wayne Simmons Photos Ron Baker Bruce Bennett won the points for the 1 2 1600 honors at West Palm Beach and Bennett also salted to the overall win In the final heat The Florida Off Road Drivers for the pits and staging area Dirt Association moved south from had been hauled in and deposited their usual haunts to the on the front straight which held fairgrounds in West Palm Beach two jumps to delight the for their big May event It was the spectators A long sweeping turn first night race for FORD in a at the end of the straight ended in long time and the asphalt oval a sharp turn and a jump before had been transformed into an leading into the dirt infield array of jumps and short turns se ction Track condition s for the o ff road race On e Side o f p rogressed from good to really th existing track was left open b ad by the _end of the evening with d irt in the turns pil ing up into man sized walls In FO R DA events each class runs three heats and the event wi nners are determined o n points T he first set of classes at W est Palm Beach included fo ur B sedans basically stock VWs and one Novice d river Lenny Marsh In the first heat Jo dy D enahan took the lead o n the first lap and at the half way po int Jody was way o ut in front David Hluzek and Joe Cunningham were wheel to wheel go ing over the jumps and into the turns Robert Baker got stuck but was pushed off and back into the race Lenny Marsh was bringing up the rear Denahan took the checker first the others finished and Baker was still on the track because he had run into one of the light poles In the second heat for the sedans Lenny Marsh could not g t his racer off the line Jody Denahan and Joe Cunningham bumped each other and almost had a disaster D avid Hl iek FLORIDA OFF ROADERS DRIVERS ASSOCIATION p resents the 14th ANNUAL 1 4 t CR GlWDER CRACKER 150 Sunday July 8 Crowder Pits in Tallahassee Florida Race starts a 12 00 Noon and ends at 3 00 P M Ron Baker had quite a night In his two seat Chenowth running in Class 1 rolling in the first round but Baker was fourth in points took the early lead and he widened his margin each lap to win the race M arch fi nally got moving but was down a lap or so Denahan and Cunningham put on the show side by side on the front straight C unningham finally got the edge to take second place o ver Denahan in the heat The final heat for B class sedans saw Jody Denahan out in front quickly with David Hluzek in hot pursuit But Jody cut a turn too tight and bagged a light pole handing the lead to Hluzek Cunningham was trying hard in second but not closing the gap Hluzek hung on for the win and Cunningha m was seco nd the only two still moving at the end of their competitio n for the night On po ints D ave Hluzek won B C lass foll owed Jody Denahan Joe C unn in gham and R ob Baker while Lenny M arsh won the novice honors The biggest class at the event was D a Flor ida style 1200 tc highly restricted buggy class There were 13 starters in C lass D and the action was wild and woolly O ne o f the favorites J R T aylor was the first to fall o ut b reaking in the first lap Jerry Allen was in the lead starting the se co n d ro und the n Sco tt G undeck rolled in a tum Next Alan Brumley landed on the rear o f Tom Gundeck s racer coming o ff a jump and the crowd was on its feet cheering Jerry Allen now had a good lead which he kept even with some wild action o n one of the jumps Scott Gundeck had caught the pack again and picked off Brumley and later passed Tom Gundeck to gain one more spot Jerry Allen had some trouble lapping Brumley but finally did with one lap to go Jerry Allen went on to win the race dragging the co urse marking streamers Sam Pace nailed second and John Hanso9 was third In the seco nd D C lass heat it was Mark Surgine who retired o n the first lap Steve Harvard haa the lead early o n trailed by Sam Pace who was d ragging mo re course streamers behind him Mark Armhein and Jerry Allen were in a lose dice passing and repassing lap b y lap Then Jo hn H anson took a bad bounce and caught Sco tt Gundeck s rear wheel Both buggies went almost one hundred feet while trying to get unhooked Finally loose from Gates open 9 00 A M ENTRY FEE Class 1 1 2 1600 Pre entry deadline and drawing June 30 105 00 B D Class 80 00 15 00 Late Fee Overall Pot 25 00 Must be F O R D t member to race 80 payback guaranteed There was some very close combat in the 1600 ranks between Buddy Taylor 682 and Bruce Bennett they finished one two for the night CROWDER CRACKER 150 ENTRY Name _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Class _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ Car Number _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ __ __ Entry Fee _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Overall Pot _ __ _ __ _ _ _ Membership Driver _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Membership Co Driver _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ T OTAL ENCLOSED _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ MAIL TO F O R D A 5349 Hansel Ave C 1 O rlando Fla 32809 Entries must be rece ived by June 30 to be eligibl e fo r p re d rawi ng FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Mike Hester 305 851 7724 Jimmy Crowd er 904 576 7 176 Tom Seck man 813 986 1429 Ron Baker 800 433 8511 In Fla 800 327 8511 U S Pagc 16 The Florida style B sedans provide a lot of action for the crowd This beauty belongs to Jody Denahan who won the first moto handily July 1984 Dusty Times

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Joe Cunningham was in the thick of the B sedan contest got a pair Mike Hester had troubles with his Class 1 Funco but kept moving of second places and finished third overall on the points count well enough in each heat to take 2nd place for the night on points each other John Hanson took off fast but Gundeck was broken and retired Next to disappear was the early leader Steve Harvard and Tom Gundeck was running slowly By the time the third D Class heat began the track was getting very rough and dusty Sam Pace was out front this time as Mark Surgine spun out in the first turn Tom Gundeck got hit by another buggy but was o k Midway Sam Pace was way out front in the lead and Troy Russell almost rolled as two other racers passed him In fact Troy did roll over on the next lap but he got help and got going again Mark Surgine and Mark Armhein were having a real battle and a coufle more including Troy Russel dropped out of the running Sam Pace crossed the finish line first The first place finisher on points Jerry Allen was protested and found illegal due to internal carburetor modifications John Hanson became the points winner followed by Scott Gundeck Alan Brumley and Sam Pace Class 1 and 1 2 1600 were again combined on the track in one heat group The reports from the first heat are sketchy since your reporter was riding in Ron Baker s two seater running in Class 1 The entry rolled on the first lap broke a rear wheel and was out for that moto The heavy competition was between Mike Hester and Butch Peterson in Class 1 however In the second Class 1 and 1600 bash J R Taylor who had another buggy for the 1600 competition took the early lead and Kenny Burkert was in second spot Mike Hester and Butch Peterson were again running side by side for several laps putting on a great show Then Hester rolled and Peterson gained ground Hester got back on his wheels and took off in pursuit Then came a three car pile up on the first turn Art Molnar lost control and went over in the confusion Ron Baker rolled and stopped with Molnar s buggy wedged under his then Jimmy Mortimer ran into the top of Baker s buggy Incredibly all got right side up and all three continued in the race Peterson went on to win the heat The number of cars had dwindled some for the third 1600 and Class 1 round the final event of the night Right after the green flag Danny Vassileu rolled right in the middle of the pack in the first turn and somehow everyone got around o k In a couple of laps the cars were well spread out and Bruce Bennett 1600 and Mike Hester Class 1 Dusty Times were wheel to whe l as they came down the front straight Then Mike did a nice slow two wheel stand in the turn but did not roll over Bennett was now well out in front of the survivors The dust was really bad and Kenny Burkert and Robert Broome hit each other in a turn as Bennett went on to win the heat race Butch Peterson was the winner in Class 1 for the night followed Rob Baker a novice driver tries a Jump In his B sedan Baker had his troubles but he did roll on In each heat and was fourth overall by Mike Hester Danny Hahn and Ron Baker Among the 1600s Bruce Bennett came out on top Buddy Taylor was second Bob Broome third and Ken Burkert fourth The event was over around 11 p m and the spectator turnout was excellent It had been a good night of wheel to wheel action and it kept the crowd entertained and the drivers very busy YOU CAN DRESS llUP AND TAKE llOUT Whether you plan to add the Aeroquip With Aeroquip hoses a nd fittings you touch to your race car or your street get the best of both worlds As a tiigh machine there is only one place that can performance plumbing system none fill your plumbing needs quickly and can beat the long standing reputation of efficiently That s Nelson Dunn We Aeroquip s superior quality durability have two west coast warehouses and and extensive variety In fact for more than 30 years Aeroquip has been the both are stocked to provide imm e diate delivery on over 400 Aeroquip part leader in aircraft type fluid transport numbers Additionally years of systems And Aeroquip hoses and extensive involvement in all types of fittings do more than enhance motorsports also allows Nelson Dunn performance The nigh lustre anodized to provide e xpert technical assistance to finish of the mo re than 250 different your specific needs For Show or Go fittings and the briliiant braided stainless make the Aeroquip connection with steel hoses in numerous sizes are a Nelson Dunn perfect show quality addition to any vehicle 940 South Vail Avenue Montebello CA 90640 213 724 3705 NELSON July 1984 INC 7818 Wilkerson Court San Diego CA 92111 619 268 4140 Page 17

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T THE 11TH ANNUAL BFGOOl RICH MEMORIAL DAY 100 The Drivers Faced Both Mud and Dust in the Annual All Climate Midwestern Classic T ext Photos Jean Calvin The Class 2 racers got the worst of the mud but Michigan s Dave Vandermlssen had no trouble and won the title in a tight contest Scott Taylor flies his Pro Tech high passing Carlton Jackson from Florida Tay or finished a very close second In the Class 10 action They come from all over the USA and Canada to the tiny town ofLakeGeneva Wisconsin every spring to race in the full range of classes from Score lnterternational over a couple of miles of natural terrain where often the challenge from the constantly changing weather conditions is as great as that from the actual competition The 11th annual Memorial Day 100 was as always organized by a committee from the 4x4s Unlimited Club from nearby Chicago This year there were myriad changes to the race course and the Lake Geneva Raceway is under new management Last spring a group headed by Jeep racer Kevin Dawson from Illino is purchased the facility on the edge of town and began the monumental effort of turning it into a first class off road racing park A s Dawson him self remarked there was a lot more to be fixed than most folks including him thought So the 1984 Memorial Day 100 saw little change that was visible As always the majority of the competitors camped on the grounds and by Friday afternoon the fields of pit areas were brim full of every type of camper from a plain tent to a high dollar motor home Rain also greeted the visitors that came from as far away as Florida Canada and Arizona for the event and it had been raining all week The race is a dandy and it could one day easily turn into a national championship type affa ir giv e n some hefty promotion In an effort to bring the race cars past the grandstand area more often the actual course underwent great changes for 1984 Gone were most of the jumps and ditches that formerly sent both buggies and trucks high in the air to delight the crowd Unfortunately while shortening the length of the route to about Page 18 1 miles the organizers also took out some of the better viewing spots for spectators in the grandstand Even more frustrating was the action atter the first race of the meet where one jump right in front of the crowd was deleted simply because the scoring team was having trouble catching the car numbers Tech and registration went on Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning Also on Saturday morning drivers in those classes scheduled to race that day got their first look at the new course configuration unless they had taken the time to walk around it earlier The idea of no practice until race day does make it hard for outlanders to sort their cars prior to the race but it also is designed to eliminate any local advantage for nearby drivers from Illinois and Wisconsin Saturday s action started with Scott Taylor with Tim Skipper riding In the Pro Tech scored _ a n ther spilt second finish In second place In the murky Class 2 competition Bruce Brannstrom won the wild 1 1600 affair a race that had several leaders an J a host of finishers out of the original 33 entries July 1984 C lass 2 and C lass 5 with a short delay start fo r C lass 5 for the 20 lap event Neither class is big in the m idwest and merely eleven unlimited two seaters were on the grid followed by a quartet of C lass Ss three bugs and a fierce G hia that vanished early in the race At the green flag Kevin Probst took an immediate lead in his bright red Berrien two seater and some d istance back Scott T aylor Pro Tech and Dave Vandermi ssen were having a very close dice The rest of the field led by James Marrocco fell well behind and Florida charger Jimmie Crowder blew a rod and had an engine fire in his two seater Probst held his lead through six laps then retired with clutch trouble Vandermissen led Taylor by inches and contender Bill Pedersen went out with engine woes Midway the two leaders were half a lap ahead with Vandermissen holding Taylor at bay Taylor was fighting vision problems in the heavy mud as his pumper helmet had failed Meanwhile the three Baja Bugs were all running not too close and T om Godsell led most of the way and wo n C lass 5 The race wound down as th e two leaders lapped the field mo re th an o nce The checkered flag fell on Mich igan driver Dave Vandermissen who was just t wo seconds ahead of Scott T ay lo r from Illino is T om Godsell got in 17 laps in his Bug fo r third overa ll about a minute ahead of his o nly surviving com petitio n Jim Ro lefson T hree laps behind the winners in the race that went o nl y 19 laps was To m Schwartzburg third in C lass 2 about half a minute ahead of the only other racer still in motion James Marrocco As in most areas the limited engine classes are the most popular in the midwest A hefty 32 1 1600 cars appeared for the next heat and the size of this class prompted the elimination of the jump in front of the grandstands Instead a chicane was assembled as well to slow the cars down for the scoring team That still didn t seem to be enough and the next move was to turn the chicane into a yellow flag no passing zone which really engendered Tom Godsell from Wisconsin out ran and out lasted his competition In Class 5 and he also finished third overall In the Class 2 and 5 heat Curt Wuesthoff had his Berrien In the 1 1600 lead twice during the 20 laps but ended up second with a badly bant front end as well Dusty Times

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f problems when the some scores were posted Curt Wuesthoff led off the line _followed by Todd Attig who spun out o f contentio n o n the third lap Wu es th o ff continued up front through about eight laps with Steve Schaeffer keeping him honest Trailing to the rear were Hilding Brannstrom Bruce Brannstro m and Gail Brockie and this trio engaged in some very close dicing Midw ay Wu es th o ff slo wed and Schaeffer took over the lead Soon C urt Wuestho ff caught up and challenged again for the lead Then Schaeffer stopped abruptly on course perhaps with a locked up trans and Wuesthoff was to o d ose to dodge the car so he hit Schaeffer hard putting him truly o ut W uesthoff carried o n in the lead with a deranged front end and a flat front tire that would not spin off the rim As Wuesthoff lost his leading margin Bruce Branns trom caught and passed him and on the final lap Gale Brockie made a bold pass on the back side of the course to finish second behind a happy Bruce Brannstrom Score 1 1600 for Illinoi s C urt Wuestho ff remained in third and 12 of the o riginal 32 were o n the same lap at the flag in a very competitive race Jeff Probst finished fourth o n the road followed by Hildin g Brannstrom However the next day the scoring team discovered the race had covered 2 1 instead of 20 laps and they eliminated the final lap from scoring even tho u gh a white flag had been shown T h ey sho uld have given the extra lap to C lass 2 who were shy ohe lap T h e driver really hurt by the missing lap was Gale Brockie who ended up third behind C urt Wuesthoff They Lee Wuesthoff hopped along the trail in his Chenowth Magnum to take a hard earned victory in Class 10 winning by a slim fraction of a second Jack Flannery from Crandon WI maintained his winning ways in Class 8 despite some trouble en route with the neat Ford pickup really d o things differently at the M emorial Day 100 The first of the Heavy Metal events preceded the Saturday lunch break The bash included Class 3 1983 style for short wheelbase 4x4s who started first Class 8 for the 2 WO trucks and a local Class 3X for single shock bone stock 4x4s There were 13 in Class 3 mostly Jeep q s three stockers in 3X over the lead in his new CJ 8 Jeep Scramble r The rain induced mud took its toll in this race especially among the 2 WDs and the stock 3X runners The big jump left in front of the grandstand had a landing area that was a morass of mud and the approach wasn t much better The Mud Turtles o fJ oliet IL who do all the course control and towing were kept busy on and eleven in C lass 8 which included a n aged Chevrolet seda n that went surprisingly well and finished sixth among the Class 8s The 3s started first and Chuck Johnson got his BFG Bronco up front from the green flag but at the end of the first lap Johnson was in his pit with a front drive shaft failure and his usual co mpetition Geoff Dorr took i Steve Schaeffer led the middle laps of the exciting 1 1600 contest but he retired in the waning laps with severe mechanical failure Florida s Jimmie Crowder started strong his Chenowth Magnum and even with wheelstands he was third under the flag in Class 10 KC lfiLl rES Daylighter The Original Can t Be Beat 385 000 Candle Power Patented Shock Mounting Helped Win More Races Than Any Other Light SCORE HDRA Contingency Sponsor Black 1627 Chrome 1620 Geoff Dorr was the big winner in Wisconsin Driving his new Jeep CJ 8 Dorr won Class 3 Class 4 and the Heavy Metal Championship with ease Supersander 6 ply tough Nylon Construction Trailsman Radial Polyester Steel Belts Dependable Durable Tires 34 95 39 95 ir Dusty Times postage paid postage paid Mickey Thompson _ 7 15 Front 35x11 50 15 35x14 50 15 John Wilk left drove his CJ Jeep to the Class 3X victory Dave Stiscak got the ex Four Wheeler Magazine Jeep home sixth in Class 3 each o f these 20 laps with tow ropes hauling the unfortunate out of the mud bog Midway Dorr was lapping his field Johnson was right behind him but a lap down and a half lap behind in second came a Curt Le Due version of the CJ 8 complete with a wing and a straight six cylinder engine Choice of 83 SCORE Champ Larry Ragland Sizes Up To 35 Tall Great For Long Travel Tough 6 Ply Tread Side Biter Cleats 69 95 128 95 151 95 World Famous BMkS Nitrocharger Improved Handling For Faster Speeds 8 10 12 Travel In Stock Also Full Line of Roug h Country Parts In Stock Competition Windshield Decals S2 95 Get The Giant Advantage Free with your order Giant s 3rd Edition Catalog Or send a dollar and re turn address to our mail order facility Please no phone 1 calls for catalogs

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more about the MEMORIAL DAY 100 Among the Class 8s usual winner Jack Flannery Ford was having woes and made a pit stop In front it was a good race between the Fords of Kevin Pence and Ken Kincaid who later had a rear flat but kept running On the last lap a couple of trucks went past Kincaid including Pence who we thought was th e Class 8 winner However the official results gave the victory to Flannery and second went to Kincaid on the same lap Third officially went to Frank Hood and fourth to Kevin Pence all driving Fords In Class 3 Geoff Dorr was a runaway winner for Jeep half a lap ahead of Jerry Bundy in the LeDuc creation and Curt Le Due himself was riding shotgun to get a look at the course Bundy s Jeep was disqualified after a protest on the engine setback and this action put Bill Schirm Bronco into second place with 19 laps done followed by Bruce Ron Kar man drove his tidy white Bug to the 5 1600 victory finishing a mere Ive seconds ahead of the competition Jim Pfeffer In 17 laps McKinney and Chuck Johnson was another lap down in fourth running in 2 WO Among the trio in Class 3X John Wilk went 14 laps to take the win in his Jeep C A remarkable 32 Class 10 chargers lined up during the lunch break and this was a keen llllnols champion Kevin Probst held up the honor of the clan and Berrien as he took a run a way victory In the big Class 2 1600 race with a lot of competition all down the ranks Lee Wuesthoff Chenowth Magnum grabbed the lead off the line and close behind were Scott Taylor Pro Tech and Kevin Probst Berrien The track was drying a bit by now so some sections were dry and dusty while the front area was still a mud bog There was a good deal of the side by side racing between Wuesthoff and Taylor Probst fell back for a time and Jimmy Crowder Chenowth Magnum was busy fighting off a side by side charge from Mike Parker Mirage The two tight races up front were about 30 yards apart and it was still fierce in fighting all the way down the line There was not a slow car in the huge field and this was the best overall race of the weekend Taylor got the lead over Wuesthoff for a couple of laps but then the Wisconsin driver passed Taylor with about five laps to go Wuesthoff stayed in front to the checkered flag and Taylor was right on his bumper Driving a single shock restricted chassis and engine buggy In the mud was a big Job but Craig Metz got around 14 times for the Class 11 win Burt Decker had to work hard for his Class 1 victory leading the first lap falling back early and surviving to lead the final lap officially eight tenths of a second behind Crowder and Parker were nearly side by side going into the no passing zone 30 yards from fnr finish line Crowder got the edge to finish third and Parker was fourth Kevin Probst Berrien was next followed by Karl Wuesthoff Berrien At the drivers meeting it had been soundly explained that the penalty for passing in the no passing zone was a full lap and this was repeated Sunday morning It also took until Sunday morning to get the Class 10 results posted and lo and behold the rule did scramble the results Crowder and Parker went down to ninth and tenth officially and Karl Wuesthoff dropped to 12th Officially Kevin Probst was third while Dave Lofland Mike Hester and Chuck Johnson rounded out the official 20 lap finishers It is hard to imagine how any race group in any form of motorsport could tolerate a no passing rule as competitive drivers are heading for the checkered flag It is especially hard to swallow when such a thing is done to accommodate the scoring team How much b tter it_ q1 1 d be to move t e scoring team to a slower part of the race course but this is the way it was in Wisconsin on Memorial Day weekend The final event on Saturday combined the 29 2 1600s with the trio of 5 1600s plus a local Class 11 which is bone stock VW drive train with single shocks on a limited buggy chassis four of these were on the grid The 1 1600 battle was not the exciting bash presented by the prior two big field races Kevin Probst took the lead at flag fall and he never looked back in his Berrien From the third lap Dave Vandermissen was in second place challenged by Doug Motto and Jim Dooley Ron Karlman led all the way in Class 5 1600 and the Class 1 ls kept shedding front wheels With 14 laps done Craig Metz was the Class 11 winner JAMAR EQUIPMENT FINISHES 1 AT THE MINT 400 Congratulations to JIM and BILLY WRIGHT Sandak BOBBY and TOM NETH LARRY and JEFF WATSON LARRY BOLIN solo 1st 1st 1st 1st overall and 1st in Class 2 in Class 14 in Class 9 in Class 10 P O Box 1538 42006 C Avenida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 714 676 2066 PagciO July 1984 Mike Hester had his Funco In the Class 1 lead In the middle laps but his tired engine expired and the Florida driver parked Dusty Times

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7T Up front Kevin Probst had no trouble winning C lass 2 1600 Jim Dooley was appare ntl y second on the road followed by Vand ermissen and Doug Motto T here were mo re no passing zone penalties in this class and officially Dave Vandermissen was put in second place followed by Steve T sarpalas and Doug Bils as D ooley M o tto and ot hers apparently got some sort of penalty There were no entries for t h e winner take all Showdown race so the Saturday program was over earl y The Sunday actio n began with practice and then C lass 1 started the racing T here were 14 o n the grid and o ne late ar rival who started m id way on the first lap M ich igan s Burt Decker led off the line but the pack was close A fter one lap Scott T aylor ProT ech had the lead with Jeff Probst Berrien Mike Hester Funco and mo re snapping at h is tail p ipe In three laps Tay lor opened a lead and was lapping cars madly Probst fell back and Hester hung on in second T hen T ay lor lost a fan belt and parked in the infield Floridian Mi ke H ester stretched out a good lead over Burt Decker and to the rear a great d ice was going on between Art Schmidt a nd M ike Reusche and then came the tight trio of Jack Kno bloch John M cPherson and Jeff Probst all in Berr iens At one po int both Reusche and Probst swept past Art Schmidt and then Hester parked with a blown engine This put D ecker back in the lead but R e u sc he was cl ose a nd challenging while Probst retired Mike Ruesche was running side by side with Decker when an axle part snapped o n the r ight rear A gain Decker h ad a good lead ov er Kn o bl oc h w h o wa s smo king and the field was thinning o ut Kno bloch was gone on the 16th lap and Decker n ow had half a lap o n T o m Zenter the only o ne still o n the same lap Only five C lass l s were still in mo tion at the checkered flag and the w in went deservedl y to Burt Decker in a still good running car Zenter earned seco nd p lace and a lap down Florida s T o m Seck man was thi rd in his C h e n ow th Mik e R eu sc h e Funco earned fo urth wit h 1 7 laps d one before the breakage The last of the class points events was Class 4 fo r almost any kind of 4 x 4 and the 19 rigs on the grid included several veh icles from C lass 3 T h is event held the on ly westerner in the 1984 entry Jo h n R an da ll from Mesa Arizona in a Jeep Honcho Brot her Mike R andall had won C lass 4 here in 1983 The Heavy M etal had a wild start Curt LeDuc led off the line in his modified Jeep R andall was close in pursuit and they flat ran away from the field After fou r laps the pair were lapping in heavy traffic and comi ng on fast through the pack was Geoff Dorr in h is C lass 3 CJ 8 By the seventh tour Dorr was third some distance behind LeDuc and Randall O n the next round LeDuc did a comp lete roll over and landed o n his wheels and carried on But Randall no w led o nly to have the Ho ncho lose a battle with a sto ut pole lying o n the trail which wrapped a fat chunk of the tire around the r Dusty Times John Randall left had his Jeep Honcho up front in two races but didn t win Here he flies past Bob Gierke in the Heavy Metal dash Another Wuesthoff Karl did a great job in his Berrien and the Wisconsin driver went on to win the Limited Championship cash DOING IT IN THE DIRT GO STATION 1 SWAY A WAr Tlun e is no substihlte RACE SHOCKS TORSION BARS Go with tt e best with tt e roost to m for tt e best price Race l O l f1 Sway A Nay SAW 11JOO 21 Tortm Bars 25rrrn to 30ml 125 00 pr SAW 1100 24 11 16 Torto Bars 25rrrn to 30ml 135 00 pr SAW 1200 26 9 16 Tortm Bars 25 ITTTI to 30 ITTTI C 145 00 I SAW 1300 29 h Tortm Bars 24nm to 29nm 165 00 pr SAW 31300 291 i Race Bars 24nm to 29nm _ _ DRIVE AXLES Replace stock 111it with tt e stn gth of Sway A Wdy to prevent breakage Custom toogths available SAW 2000 Type 1 2 CV 15 to 19 L 115 00 pr HEAVY DUTY SPRING PLATES Ooril sett for a cheap imitatm m lbl1 trust stock spring plates Use Ire ori ml HO plate from Saw A Nay Ma y sires m conilinatlO

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r more about the MEMORIAL DAY 100 front brake caliper so big John spent a couple laps tn the pits Meanwhile Dorr was only 13 seconds behind LeDuc and the traffic was light Then LeDuc got a flat on the 18th lap and Dorr caught up and passed into the lead and the Class 3 Scrambler won Class 4 LeDuc limped into second A lap down Bill Schirm was third in his Class 3 Bronco and another lap back came John Randall and Tom Andreoli Jeep CJ in that order There was a long lunch break before the three championship races These are no entry fee affairs and the top half of each class in the finishing ordec are eligible to race in one of the three categories The Limited Championship was the first of the ten lap runs and it was for Class 1 1600 and 2 1600 and any 11 or 5 1600 that wanted to mix it up A huge 33 started this battle and the early leader Kent Barlow had Kevin Probst took another victory In the Berrien In the Limited Championship race but he had to work harder for It In this event bit by Al McMillan all three in single seaters Fourth was the two seat Berrien of Kevin Probst McMillan a parently suffered some sort o penalty for a lap and this action moved Probst into third and Bruce Brannstrom into fourth just one second ahead of Steve T sarpalas The wild bunch came out for the Heavy Metal Championship with the lone Baja Bug in the ranks of the 4 x 4s and trucks flipping out and wrecking his class winner on the first lap By now the sunshine had done its work but the warmth was gone the sky was gray and the track very dusty While LeDuc got the hole shot he stalled on the first Tiffany Baker did a fine Job In her HI Jumper lapping all the other 1 mlted cars turn and John Randall led in the ladles race for the win and a good fourth overall followed by Geoff Dorr and the The Unlimited Championship herd LeDuc got running and was made the pass Randall got making up time fast and now sideways and rolled the Jeep race for Class 1 2 and 10 was i 1ack Flannery ad his Class 8 pickup several times luckily nearly as busy At the flag ora up m ruun u 1 _ Ai _ a np o tY his ambition and Canadian John McPherson quietly until the eighth lap when the truck o Geoff Dorr won Dc ic grabbed the lead with Dorr ran side by side with his third race in as many starts in Kevin Probst on his bumper and Randall Into the big ditch just the new Jeep he built himself in Mike Hester and Don Ponder were close too Probst nibbled before the no passing zone Dorr Illinois away at McPherson s lead and made the pass midway in the game Kevin Probst then stretched out a big lead for the big win in the Berrien McPherson nursing a sick engine held on to second place followed by Hester and Canadian Bill Lefeuvre in a most international finish After a short pause it was ladies race time with 15 buggies on the grid divided into limited 10 and unlimited 5 for the trophies There were five more ladies in the Heavy Metal rigs The unlimited dice turned out to be a fight between Californian Judy Smith in Scott Taylor s single seat Pro Tech and Illinois driver Diane Fader in Scott Diane Fader had a good time In Scott Taylor s Class 2 and she finished right Taylor s tandem two seater on Smith s bumper In the ladles combined event While DUSTY TIMES contributor Judy Smith led all the way Diane Fader closed up tight several times only to get bogged down in the very heavy dust trying to lap the trucks The two girls finished bumper to bumper with Judy winning overall and in class and Diane doing the same in second place Fourth overall and well ahead of all the limited cars was Tiffany Baker in a 1 1600 Hi Jumper Cindy Hood beat all the 4 c 4s driving a 2 WO Class 8 Ford Later Sunday evening the trophies and checks were handed out at the Berrien Buggy Awards party and here it was announced that Burt Decker would take the Cindy Hood manhandled a giant 2 WD Ford In ladles racing and Cindy won overall traveling trophy back to the Heavy Metal class well ahead of all the four wheel drives ichigan Kari Wuesthoff right on his tailpipe The next group was led by Victor Schlapper and Al McMillan Midway in the race Karl Wuesthoff got past Barlow and W uesthoff led all the way to pay dirt in his Berrien Barlow was a clean second followed in a Saddleback Park APRILS Saddleback Park MAY20 Saddleback Park JULY29 Saddleback Park SEPTEMBER9 Saddleback Park Double Points SCORE SANCTIONED SCORE CLASSES GRANDSTAND SEATING 100 VISIBILITY SADDLEBACK PARK ORANGE CA BAJA CROSS RACING 13704 BECHARD A VENUE NORWALK CALIFORNIA 90650 2 13 921 2838 Page I I Judy Smith had a good ride In Scott Taylor s Pro Tech and she won the Ladles race overall as well as In the unllmlted category July 1984 Dusty Times

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THE BOOMERANG 150 Off Road Racing on Vancouver Island Text and Photos Rick Hochfeld Bob Babuik and Jack Marno pushed the leader all day and the British Columbians managed to drive their 4 x 4 Chevy to second place Off Road Racing happens anywhere and everywhere in the great northwest and the hearty Canadians staged an event last April on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia It was a nice change fora desert race reporter to watch a contest in the woods and the Boomerang 250 had lots of trees lots of mountains and a whole lot of water It was a drizzly day as we rode the ferry to Vancover Island The race started at 7 00 a m and naturally the first ferry boat left the mainland at 7 00 a m So after two hours of traveling by bqat and by car we finally arrived at the entrance to the race site We parked our car next to the lockeg gate and suddenly we could hear the thunder of four wheel drive rigs and buggies coming from somewhere in the trees ahead of us Plodding qn towards a group of what looked to be knowledgeable men there we were face to face or should it be face to grill with the 403 Chevy truck of Jerry Irvine from Surrey British Columbia Unknown to us the race track turned and Jerry proceeded on his way oblivious to us only after our group had scattered in about six different directions Collecting our composure we wandered over to the flagmen who gave us clearance to follow the course to the start finish line There we met Terry Pritchard the President of WORRA Western Off Road Racing Association Everything was running just on sched ule at the time with first place in class and overall victory for the day From Surrey B C the Jack Mamo Bob Babuik Chevy truck followed Nysete home with a second place victory Arriving in third place was Jim Timewell Coquitlam B C in a 62 T oyota Land Cruiser now a Chevota truck Both entrants pushed the Bronco all day and the entire four wheel drive class put on quite a show First to finish in the two wheel drive class was the team of Surhoff Stoudt Schopp Tabish driving a Datzoom a 510 from Campbell River B C They were pushing hard to win in their class and to better the third place victory by their wives done at the last race Second place went to the 2 wheel drive International truck of Joe Pullen Butch Giles drove his 1 2 1600 buggy to a fine third place Joe Pullen and his International truck also served as a delivery truck with parts to broken down competitors and as a taxi service to the Pro Rally Volvo drivers who were walking in after their roll over Wow What Sportsmanship Joe s team Seventeen of the twenty one starting vehicles were still in motion after two hours of race time But even as we arrived at the start finish reports were filtering in about broken cars and over turned cars The majority of the course was on existing and old abandoned logging roads It was very easy to obtain high speeds only to find yourself in a slide towards gravel berms or the trees Joe Pullen stopped to pick up stranded drivers on course and he still came away with second place with the 2 WD International Datzoom power and some great driving put the team of Stout Schopp Surhoff Tablsh In first place over the trucks in the 2 WD class definitely gets the nice guy award for the day The 404 Bronco of Doug Darby ran strong but it had just enough problems to keep Darby out of the running Doug s pit crew worked frantically on broken shocks and brake lines On the completion of one lap Doug motioned his crew that he had no brakes while coming into the pits Without any hesitation they all jumped in front of the rig to stop it It s got to be a combination of crazyness and dedication and you need both to be a good pit team right Racing and just visiting with the Canadian competitors in the far west has got to be good fun They were all super nice people at the Boomerang 250 and we highly recommend attending one of the races DIISTYTIMES Bob Nysete in his fiberglass Bronco took the early lead but his troubles also began early in the race It started with overheating problems that continued throughout the day then a broken rear end on the fifth lap next a leaking fuel tank in the sixth lap and finally a tree jumped out in front of him on the seventh lap Luckily by this time Bob Nysete only had one more lap to go and his never say die attitude brought him in COVER UPS PAINTER HAT Great for pit workers one si z e fits all but very large heads Nifty for children too 2 50 ALL WEATHER COVERALL Neck to ankle protection against heavy weather made of water shedding paper based fabric will last through rnany wet race weekends if washed gently One size fits all adults except N F L sized men 8 50 SAFARI HAT Protects tender necks from the sun All cotton bill makes the Safari Hat compeletly washable Sizes S M L XL 6 50 To order send check or money order to Dusty Times 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Specify size on Safari hat Be sure to include 1 _ 50 for shipping and handling California residents add 6 5 sales tax Allow 4 5 weeks for delivery The fiberglass bodied Ford Bronco of Doug Darby ran strong when It ran but broken shocks and loss of brakes kept him out of the money Dusty Times July 1984 Page 13

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_ WHENYOUTAKEONTHE HOWLING WINDS AND BLINDING DUST OFTHE DESERT IT PAYS TO TAKE OFF ON GLERS The Baja 500 is famous perhaps we should say infamous for the torture it inflicts on all who run it And this year s Baja in Barstow was no exception At the end the Mojave Desert had taken its toll on heavy trucks and buggies alike But it couldn t stop Dave Shoppe from taking Class 8 in his 805 Ford pickup Shoppe sailed over moguls and lake beds alike on his Goodyear Wranglers In Class 3 Jorge Souto continued to prove himself one of the top off road contenders Winning in his 339 Nissan pickup and running on Wranglers Which seems to indicate tflat no matter what kind of 9olJr e Y O IJ decide to take on Wranglers can take it

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By Judy Smit h Photos Trackside Photo Ent Larry Ragland won again at Barstow despite getting lost for a time on lap 1 Ragland went solo In the Chaparral to take the overall victory In mid May when negotiations between the Mexican ranchers and the Mexican government concerning the Score Baja Internacional reached a dead end Sal Fish found himself in a very tight position Racers would soon be on their wa_ y from all over the world to Ensenada for the traditional June raGe Sal had to do something fast so he got in touch with the BLM got their tentative o k and fired up a wire to his membership announcing that the Baja Internacional had just moved to Barstow Planning to use the course earmarked for his December Barstow Classic race Fish then arranged for the Registration Contingency and Tech Inspection functions to be held at the Barstow Community Colleg e which i s very convenient to that course Before he could breathe a sigh of relief the HDRA folks piqued that the Baja race just a month before their big summer race was to be held on almost the exact territory worked up a protest On the grounds that three races a year at that site were one too many the HDRA pressed the BLM to withhold permission for the SCORE race The BLM always resourceful had another hunk of the Mojave desert to play in and they had been in the process of creating a permit for SCORE to race in the area anyway So Jim Moses of the BLM Sal Fish of SCORE and a couple of desert bikersturned off road racers headed southeast of Barstow to the Johnson Valley Open Area That was the only logical choice in view of the need for hasty action The course was laid out and marked on the weekend of May 19th and 20th so that the traditional Memorial Day prerun date could be observed by the Baja entrants It was a long There was a lot of talk about wood Automotive Raceco and loop totaling just about 100 what all this would do to Larry Ragland in his Woodstuff miles that used many of the SCORE s entry and when the Mfg Palmer s Chaparral Lund existing motorcycle trails There dust had settled and there was in the German Auto Chenowth wasastretchthathadneverbeen timetocomparenotes itseemed Magnum was another three raced before but most of it was that it had done almost nothing minutes back and had already to be old familiar stuff to the to the entry Last year s Baja race discovered that he was losing oil desert bikers in Baja had an entry of 125 cars At the end of the second lap The start finish area was a and 46 bikers and three wheelers Koch pitted for gas and a driver difficult 34 miles from the This year 117 cars went off the change and as co driver Mark Barstow College where all the line and there were 51 bikers Broneau headed out Ragland formalities took place but most and three wheelers slid past him and on into his pit of the racers took it in good As it turned out the bikes Ragland s second lap had been humor took a bit longer than SCORE good for the fastlap of the day at Since SCORE had a mess of had expected and so the 1 54 and he now had two bikers and A TCs to deal with tentative 2 p m start time for the minutes on Koch and Broneau Fish had decided to try a double cars had to be moved to 3 p m Out on the course Ragland race That is the bikes and three which caused a little grousing repassed Broneau who decided wheelers were to start at dawn about running in the dark They to cool it and stay out of the dust and do three laps and then the were finally led off the line by But then he couldn t stand it cars were to start about an hour Class 1 13 strong with Mike tried to get back around Ragland after the last biker came in That Lund first on the road and hit something in the dust that meant that no one knew for sure clobbered his front end when the cars would start and it Tom Koch came around first also meant that some of the cars in a slightly quicker than Ragland motored on in were sure to get darkness while expected time of 1 56 with eight finishing the 300 miles in 5 54 the bikers once again had an all minutes between himself in his to be the only finisher in the daylight race Sierra Auto Recycling Red impound area for 40 minutes The first lap leader In Class 1 was the Raceco of Tom Koct and Mark Broneau but front end damage put them down to third at the finish Pagel6 Bobby and Tom Neth led Class 1 1600 from flag to flag In the Chenowth pausing only on the last lap to fix a broken throttle cable July 1984 Dusty Times

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Gregg Symonds led Class 2 on the nrst lap by tour minutes but his Rodney Goodsell and David Marini followed their Mint 400 victory bid was over midway stuck In a wash with Incurable trans woes with another win In the 2 1600 Chenowth on the rough new course Jorge Souto plows a little slit with his Nissan en route to top spot In the new style Class 3 Souto was the only finisher In the class Waybill The Tubes also in a Nissan who managed two laps with a lot of help Only three vehicles started in Class 4 and here it was Rod Hall and Jim Fricker in front at the end of the first lap Lowell Arnold and Tom Kepler took over the lead on lap two in their Jeep but Hall got the lead back to finish in front Class 5 was a little more lively with 10 starters Jim Cocores and Doug White took over the lead on lap J in their very high tech Jim s VW convertible Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen ran second in the Bridgestone Rough Country car with Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter in third only four minutes back in their very nice J imco convertible Cocores lost his front suspension on lap two which put Vinje up front Norm and Steve Schmidt after having shock trouble on the first lap ran a really fine second lap at 2 08 to move into second Mike Lund finally got there a full 49 minutes back having used 42 quarts of oil for his 300 mile drive Broneau limped in 20 minutes later with one side of the car three inches shorter than the other The 1 1600 Class followed a familiar pattern Ton Neth brought the American Diversified Chenowth around in front of the group and about six minutes later was followed by Tom Malloy and Gregory Sullivan in their Raceco with no right front tire Just three minutes fuhher back was Jon Kennedy in Larry Smith s Sander s Service BMR Offroad Fuoco lost on the way into the pits and then it was Chuck Sugar in his stretched out O R C about four minutes later The Neths maintained their lead losing some time with a broken throttle cable and finished in first with only part throttle Kennedy and Smith were second and David Snoddy in Sugar s car finished third after briefly being in front and then losing some shocks Class 2 looked like a really good race for a while as Gregg Symonds did the first lap in his Raceco in a beautiful 2 01 Four minutes behind him was Jim Sumners in his Sway A Way Raceco followed by Dave Lewis in his Mazda powered car But both Symonds and Lewis were out of it on the second lap leaving Sumners in charge with a full 24 minutes on Vic Van Ella in his Larry s V W Y V Raceco Sumners was the second Get The Edge lflTECTIRA SUPERSANDER Nylon Cord Body Tubeless White Outline Letters 9 00 15 33x1D 5D 15LG LOAD RANGE STK C 8510 85 95 C 5570 69 95 C C C C C C 1485 1595 1510 1511 1512 1795 80 95 106 95 99 95 109 95 129 95 106 95 TRAILSMAN Nylon Cord Body Tubeless Blackwall 7 00 15LT TRAILSMAN RADIAL Polyester Cord Body Steel Belts Tubeless White Outline Letters 27x8 50R14LT 30x9 50R15LT 31x10 50R15LT 31x11 50R15LT 33x12 50R15LT 30x9 50R16 5LT Jim Sumners got back In the winner s circle with his new Raceco taking top honors In Class 2 and Jim also scored a tine third overall Dusty Times 8 5R14LT 7 9 14LT 9R15LT 9 15LT 10R15LT 10 15LT 11R15LT 11 15LT 12R15LT 12 15LT 9 50R16 5LT 9 50 16 5LT Tire Wheel Mart 113 5 8 5 3043 July 1984 2225 Firestone LA CA 90002 Page 17

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Eric and Henry Arras led Class 5 1600 from flag to flag with very In the battle of the elderly Chev es in Class 6 it was again the 55 of little trouble Only two finished of the nine starters in the class Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spralding that finished and won Class 7 had a hard fought contest among the factory backed pickups but at the flag It was lva11 Stewart in the exotic Toyota The first lap leader in Class 7 was Manny Esquerra Ford Ranger John Baker led the 2nd lap in his Class 7 Mitsubishi but getting Willie Valdez out ran and out lasted the other seven trucks in Class but he couldn t match the twin cam power and finished in 2nd spot stuck plus a last lap rollover put him down to 3rd at the finish ls and he drove the Ford Ranger to a most convincing victory more about BAJA IN BARSTOW On the third lap the Schmidts moved into the front but by only two minutes with Vinje and Hansen still in second Everyone else had some disaster or another and Christipher Neil and Jerry Miller in the Karmann C l _ a D 0 h J a la u i h fd place In Class 5 1600 there were nine starters and eight of them actually finished the first lap Henry and Eric Arras had the lead even with time out for a broken shock in their Arras Race Prep Bug with Mike Leon and Javier Tiznado only about a minute behind in the Mike s Sky Rancho B _g Gani J n nd MikeFie ing ran third in the DMD Enterprises car Arras and Arras had no mechanical troubles and after getting some help in the silt on Soggy Dry Lake went on for the win finishing three hours in front of the second place team of Arne Carlson and Kurt Teets Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling once again d rove the o dri ch tl e H1i 1res ehev y to the Class 6B win while Jim Madison and Mick Newton in the other old Chevy earned Baker was first on the road in his second place Class 6 for water Yokohama Tires Mitsubishi but pumper passenger vehicles with Manny Esquerra in his Firestone small engines didn t have any Ford Ranger had him beat by two minutes to have the lead Mario starters for this event Class 7 is moving up in the Alesi had the Miller Beer Nissan world and it was the sixth class in _third only a minute behind to start for this event It was also Baker while Jerry McDonald ran one of th more xdt i Dg_ cla _fourth in t he G e c dyea r aHf to watch With seven good Chevy Dealers S 10 and Ivan drivers in seven fine vehicles it Stewart in the BFGoodrich had to be At the end of the first Coors Toyota ran fifth McDonald made a very lap there were only five still running and the first and last lengthy pit stop and Stewart truck were separated by only five who d been stopped out on the minutes as they hit pit row John course to repair a brake caliper Rod Hall and Jim Fricker had some down time with the big Dodge but they got it handled to once again take the victory In the sllm Class 4 C 9n9rl Jla the F i l ltt en Kdditional Raceco QUicM 1 Finishers Pagc 18 Class 5 had a good field of ten and a good race Steve and Norm Schmidt took over the lead on the third and final lap for the win July 1984 Dusty Times

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Bob Richardson and Don Hatz suffered some late night mechanWith Just two entries in Class 9 at Barstow Jim Dlzney and Mike With 13 starters Class 10 was the biggest at Barstow and Mlnt400 ical woes but they hung In there to take second in Class 10 Just McCrory had no trouble winning and holding the points lead winner Larry Bolin won again going solo In his very tidy Raceco three minutes behind also lost a few minutes On the second lap Stewart caught up with the troops even passing Esquerra who d had a flat to get the lead only to lose it again when he became stuck along with dbzens of other racers in a traffic jam near mile 70 At the end of the second lap it was Baker in the lead but with only two minutes on Esquerra Stewart was now third six minutes out of first while Alesi had lost about 20 minutes and McDonald lost a lap Stewart was really charging hard his twiri overhead cam engine screaming at a pitch that had most spectators thinking it couldn t possibly last He caught and passed Esquerra and saw Baker stuck somewhere on the course Stewart had a perfect last lap running the 100 miles in 2 09 for fast lap in the class some of it in the dark and finished with his engine still screaming at that incredible pitch nine minutes ahead of Esquerra Baker came in third about 25 minutes later The stock mini truck class 7S had seven starters but only Willie Valdez in his Tom s Tires Esslinger Engineering Ford managed to make it all the way around surviving some distributor problems to get the win Walker Evans was first off the line in his Goodyear Dodge in Class 8 followed in 30 seconds by Parnelli Jones in his BFGoodrich GMC but they both broke on the first lap Stan Gilbert brought the BFGoodrich Ford around in first place a skinny 30 seconds in front of Steve Kelley in Mike Nesmith s BFGoodrich GMC Ron Clyborne in a Ford was third another 30 seconds back The rest of the field was hard on their heels and it was anyone s race Gilbert held his lead in spite of failing springs through the end of lap 2 while Dave Shoppe moved his Goodyear Ford into second1 and Kelley s co driver Randy Salmont got stuck and fell back to third On the third lap Gilbert had further spring troubles and then got stuck to lose his lead Kelley caught and passed Shoppe and went on to roar across the finish line scattering spectators with Shoppe coming right along only 14 seconds later Shoppe took the win because he d started 30 seconds behind Kelley It was the best finish of the race Class 9 had only two entrants and Jim Dizney and Mike McCrory got the win and were also the only finishers in their Chenowth Class 10 was a doozie and it was anybody s race right down to the finish Dick and Craig Young led at the end of lap 1 getting their Raceco across the line only 30 seconds ahead of Larry Bolin in his Raceco Three minutes behind him was Ron Graham in his Raceco followed in 30 seconds by Bob Richardson in his Dick Cepek Tires Chenowth At the end of the second lap it was Bolin with Graham a minute back and then Richardson just another minute back Graham and Richardson changed drivers Bolin didn t Bruce Gerke Graham s co driver ran out of motor on lap three and Don Hatz Richardson s relief ran at half throttle part of the lap He still crossed the finish line first but Bolin who d been a rear starter came along a little over two minutes later and got the win bumping Richardson and Hatz to second Dwight and Mark Lundell in a Chaparral finished third after a very consistent race Class 11 surprised everyone by starting seven cars on this tough course They were scheduled to go three laps but after their first it was obvious they d never make it so the offcials made a late decision and declared Sergio Gutierrez and Tony Valenzuela from Ensenada the winners when they crossed the finish line with a flat at the end of their second lap just before 1 a m The course was reasonably well liked but most of the Baja racers seem to want to go back to Baja though they d race again at Johnson Valley if the occasion arose Sal Fish feels condfident that the Baja 1000 will happen in Baja this year though he isn t talking about taking it to La Paz We ll find out in November Silver Dust Racing Association Presents NEVADA 00 o August 25 1984 _ 1 START FINISH Pioche Nevada an all facilities frontier town a scenic hop North of Las Vegas Aone hundred mile loop course run through cool refreshing tall pine country Second points race in 1984 Nevada Triple Crown Off Road Championship for off road race cars motorcycles and ATV s Third event Silver Dust 400 Nov 17 1984 Dave Shoppe and Jeff Yocom snagged the lead on the last lap to win Class 8 in the Ford over a 11 truck field full of heavy hitters Guaranteed Purse All 111 7 Classes T11ck Class 1S Bikes aid ATV s Silver Dust Racing Assaciatia Phone 702 459 0317 PO Box 7380 Although Steve Kelley and Randy Salmont got the GMC first across the finish line they lost the Class 8 title by a skinny 18 seconds Dusty Times July 1984 ij cos Vegas NV 89125 Page 19

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BUDWEISER BAJA CROSS The Adion was Fantastic Last May By Homer Eubanks There are an estimated few million off road fans scattered around the world so there must be an epidemic of envy among them only a few thousand got to enjoy the third round of the Baja Cross Series held May 20 at Saddleback Park in Orange County California Talk about fast hard driving the Baja Cross really delivered The track had a few tight corners taken out of it and a new starting area was added making the track faster according to most drivers Short course r icing has a high attrition rate so what better place to inform and educate people about th e nation s Number 1 genetic killer of children Cystic Fibrosis On the Saturday before the race the entrants and friends got together for a picnic to benefit Cystic Fibrosis also known as the great masquerader Mike Gillman will be driving his new Magnum soon and it will be named The Great Masquerader and painted appropriately The picnic made the organization some money the racers got to get together before doing battle so the picnic was deemed a success The Baja Cross Series consists of five races and this was the third or middle event for 1984 The Series is run und r Score rules and each event is run on the two moto system each lasting eight laps Points are awarded per moto with 25 points for each starter The winner receives ten times the number of ca rs in cla s in points second gets nine times third gets eight times and so on For overall standing the second moto is given preference in case of a tie Ninety drivers and riders Greg GeorgegothisFuncooutfrontin the 2nd Class 10moto and also won overall tor the day and Is Just 18 points out ofthe lead enjoyed the new track design last May The three wheel classes held 49 riders and 41 of America s top buggy drivers were on hand to fight for titles and cash Class 10 is still the most populous with 22 cars on the field The 1 2 1600 group lost a couple of entrants with eleven cars entered in the event The expensive Class 1 entry picked up a few cars from the last outing with eight entered Class33 is the real Bee Hive with 31 riders competing in two heat races and a main event Clas 23 action was between 18 riders In Class 1 Butch Arciero got tired of almost winning and came lo c led qr bear with his Bob Goshen prepared 2500cc engine Yes you read it right 2500cc out of a VW engine Even with the extra ponies Arciero had his work cut out as Scott Gillman and Pancho Weaver both had their eye on the checkered flag Weaver got out front early and held on until the smell of oil and smoke dropped him back to third Arciero took advantage of Weaver s problems and won the moto followed by Gillman Dan Fisk was his usual self and finished fourth Fisk always finishes near the top enough so that he is second in the points standings Fisk was followed in by Mark Hansen in fifrh and Bobby Morse finished si xt n Ji m Fishback Jr came in ahead of Karol Vanzant to round out the event Scott Gillman got out front in the second moto and tried to put as much real estate between him and Frank Arciero as possible Gillman s only trouble in the moto seemed to be lapping Mark Hansen but he found a hole and went on to win Arciero tried to catch Gillman and knew that Jim Fishback Jr was close enough to take advantage of a mistake Dan Fisk finished fourth in front of Karol Vanzant who was ahead of Bobby Morse Mark Hansen and Pancho Weaver Overall in Class 1 Scott Gillman is leading the series by 130 points having won three of the six motos and finished second twice and third in the eason opener Dan Fisk finishes m fourth place usually but is consistent enough to be second in the series taking fourth in both motos in May Jim Fishback Jr is third in points after the third event in the series Despite losing his engine in the second moto Pancho Weaver is in fourth place in points and Dave Greiner is fifth although he did not race in Ma y S1xth pla ce belnngs to Frank Butch Arciero and Frank now seems to have his earlier engine problems solved and will make the run for first in points Ron Carter didn t make the Class 1 show in May but still holds seventh in points Al Arciero now concentrating on Formula V_ee racing is eighth followed by Bill Royster and Bob Gordon on points Class 10 brought up the question of how many cars is too many cars for the Baja Cross race track Well 22 cars makes for some real exciting racing but the drivers might have thought it was a fiasco The new starting area might of helped the congestion since no one gained speed into the first corner but they still piled up before anyone got down the straight a way A restart was called and they decided to move Class 10 back to the old starting area at the finish line Once under way the race gave the crowd what they came to see plenty of action and spills First off Greg Durfee put his newly painted KROQsponsored special on two wheels and almost _scratched the paint but pulled out in time Mike Gillman and Butch Arciero went after the checker together battling for every inch of ground Bob Gordon slipped up behind Arciero and got around midway in the moto and he battle for second was between them and Greg George since Gillman found enough traction to pull out a comfortable lead Back in the pack and they were really packed Brad Castle found his car didn t get any traction on its top Castle said he came over the jump leading into the back straight and he was bumped coming down sending his front end south Castle was rolled back over but found his st ipg wa stHI headed south Ncxt o bite the dusi was Glen Galbraith as he slid into a turn someone center punched his car and broke the right rear stub axle so he was out for the Mike Sally lost his front end when he came around the day Frank Arciero Jr brought out the heavy artillery with his new 2500 cc VW powerhouse He won the first Class 1 moto and was Jon Bonner won a tight one in the first 1 2 1600 moto had traffic second O A problems in the 2nd but he still finished second tor the day s cash C O R E PIT TEAM C O R E offers unique pit services at western desert races a family oriented club with social activities and much more for its members C O R E also has a program of one time guest pit service for out of the area competitors Get all the information on C O R E Jim Branstetter President 818 881 6708 17453 Runnymede St Van Nuys CA 91406 Pagc30 Kent Castle and his mom Pudgie are the current 1 2 1600 series leaders Castle won the second moto was second In the first and won the points July1984 Mike Sally was oul otactlon for the day when he ran Into Bill Silbermann lll hO got sideways out of the sweeperJn the Class 10 contttst Dusty Times

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Scott Gillman found the first Class 1 bash a little tough but he Jon Bonner was all smiles and waving at the world after winning the Jim Fishback Jr is presently third in Class 1 points despite some came back strong in the second for the victory and the day s title 1st round in Class 1 2 1600 in close competition at the Baja Cross troubles in the first moto he ended up fourth overall for the day In the 3 wheeler competition Jimmy White won both Class 23 motos won for the day and White leads the series points followed by Mickey Dunlap Brad Castleupended in the fierce dicing In the 1st Class 10 moto A mud wrestling Interlude at Saddleback drew the photographers and Castle was out for the day with steering and front end damage Interest if not that of the crowd there is no report on who won Bridgestone sweeper and found troubles staying ahead of Vince Bill Silbermann had spun out and Tjelmeland Eighth place finisher was sitting sideways on the track was Bill Silbermann followed This mishap put both cars out of home by Mike Withers and the running When the Frank Arciero checkered flag fell Tommy Croft Overall in Class 10 Greg and Marty Smith were both on George won top money for the the end of a tow rope as well day with a fourth and a first place The rest of the moto went finish George is now just 18 fairly smooth with Mike Gillman points behind the Class 10 winning followed by Bob leader Mike Gillman who Gordon and Frank Arden who finished sixth overall for the day was hotly contested by Greg However Gillman is leading the George Brian Harber finished series points Brian Harber was fifth in front ofJim Fishback Sr third for the day with a fifth and and Chet Huffman nail e

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AMSA s LOS PADRES 100 Class 10 Wins Overall Photos Judy Smith John Howard By Jud_y Smith John Swift and Glenn Harris teamed in Swift s Class D car limited 1600cc class to take the win Swift had fast lap of the day also from the drive home on Sunday night The first race AMSA held here a year ago was a two day event with racing on both Saturday and Sunday This time it was to be an all Saturday event with the course marked for prerunning on Friday afternoon Dick and Craig Young a father and son team charged hard all day to win the Los Padres 200 at Gorman overall f AMSA s Los Padres 200 is neither a short course race nor a desert race but it sure is fun Both racers and spectators enjoy the novelty of a race close enough to ho_me to allow a leisurely drive on race day morning stopping for breakfast on the way a quic k pre run and tnen home for dinner after the race is over Situated in the hills just west of Gorman north of Magic Mountain arid Indian Dunes in the Los Angeles Area the Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreaton Area seems like an ideal place for an off road race AMSA thinks so and so do those who have raced there But for some reason it s been hard fqr AMSA to attract a big entry The folks who stay home are missing a really nice event The park is open to recreationists with all types of off road vehicles providing they are pr operly _green stickered or licensed and equipped with spark arrestors There are seemingly endless miles of trails FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END O some more suited for the hardcore dirt biker some right for families on three wheelers and some for the four wheeled toys There s a variety of terrain which includes broad plains hillclimbs sand washes narrow trails rocky mountain passes graded roads and one beautiful trail leads to a creek with shade trees and clean sai idy Jh ores Before and after the racing there s enough to do at this park to keep everyone happy and busy Camping is allowed there are outhouses available and there s even a first aid station for those whose three wheelers get even A family can easily combine the serious business of racing with a nice weekend outing and still not be frazzled As it turned out the course was ohly half marked by Friday evening because Jim Webb president of AMSA and its chief course marker had rolled his vehicle in the process of course marking and cracked a rib But there was plenty of time to prerun in the morning and no one seemed to mind the slight change of plan The loop turned out to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 23 or 24 miles long including a little bit of everything that the park has to offer It was mostly fast with some surprises like sharp ditches a water crossing and a couple of hilltops to fly off of There was one stretch of sand wash that everyone seemed to thoroughly dislike because it developed into zig zag bumps that defied even the most sophisticated long_ travel suspension s efforts to smooth it out In general though the course was described as fun Starting at 1 p m with the Class 2 cars on the road first the entire field of 29 vehicles was off and running in about 15 minutes It took about 33 minutes for the fast cars to do a lap and AMSA had put a six hour time limit on the eight lap race so it was going to be a quickie The much touted Challenge feature which was started when the Temple family from Las Vegas had put up 500 against all comers with 100 at the Palm Springs race was not in effect at this event since the Challengerto be Jim Stiles was still unable to race due to his broken foot The Challenge has been postponed until the 12 Hour race at California City in September Also missing was the 3000 guaranteed purse that Webb had put up for the overall winner of his previous two long course races this year The official reason for the omission is unknown The entries for this race were broken down into three Class 2 cars five Class Cs Class 10s five Class 100s short wheel based cars two Class Vs 1600cc Baja Bugs two Class 5s two Class 9s and 10 Class Ds the limited 1600cc cars For the first two laps they all ran really close together with first Vic Van Ella in his Raceco unlimited two seater and then Dick Young in his Raceco two seat Class 10 car leading the field TRACKSIDE IS THER E C lor a d Black White photos of many major off road events including R1vers1de and Baja current and histOric We have one of the largest photo libraries of all types of motor sports including events dating back into 1970_ We have photos for publication public relations advertising presentations promotions personal scra pbook enjoyment We were there last time ___ we II be there next time TRACKSIDE Photo Enterprises P O E_lOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 213 327 4493 18710 SO NORMANDIE AVE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 Page 31 Vic Van Ella driving solo brought his Raceco two seater across the finish line In fl t place for his first victory July 1984 Dusty Times

Page 33

Larry Rickman and Dave Masslngham splash through the creek on their way to the Class V win in the 1600cc Bug on the road They gradually Golledge up front but only a thinned out and by the fourth couple of minutes ahead of Tim lap Young was lapping the slower Lewis and Steve Cowdrey in their shorties classes Moving up eight places from The two car Class 9 fight was his start postion Mel Tyree being led by Larry Webster but driving in Class 5 was the he broke on the third lap and left seventh car on the road on his the race to Patrick Reyes and his second lap and was clearly crew who finally retired after six making a bid for the overall win laps secure in the knowledge Tyree one of off road s most that they had their first place In Class V it was a familiar duel experienced drivers had obviously pre run very between the Larry Rickman thoroughly and never backed off Dave Massingham team and when he didn t need to William Raybould It was as Looking good on the road but usual very close for four laps surprisingly 1ate on the second with the two cars in sight of each lap was Glenn Harris in John other all the way Rickman and Swift s Class D ORE car It Massingham had the slim lead seems that Harris who hasn t this time and then after a long raced an AMSA even t in some pit stop Raybould came back years had inadvertently omitted out sans hood and was out soon a S

Page 34

lnterna ional rules and from the flag on Saturday Rena d Vaillancourt competing in his very first race took the lead and held it for four laps Then Joel Croft got past in his new Berrien and Croft stretched it out en route to the victory followed by Gary Franklin from New Jersey Text Photos Danny McKenzie and Dean Dodd in his brand new Berrien Vaillancourt ended up fourth On Sunday Joel Croft scored a repeat victory in 1 2 1600 competition making his sponsor BFGoodrich happy Richard Nadon put his Richard Buggy team car home in second followed by a pair of Americans Mark Lewis and Rocky Knudsen Class 10 is grow ing in popularity in Canada as well as everwhere else and a good field showed up at Thetford Mines In the rain on Saturday John McPherson just out ran the field in his new Berrien sponsored by Sway A Way and Mini Performance The Ontario based driver was fresh from his victory at the Vancouver B C stadium race and never put a wheel wrong en route to the victory in the John McPherson blasted the course to win Class 10 both days Class 1 on Saturday and the Challenge of Champions Eastern Force team car New race in his new Berrien Yorker Dave Hunter drove Ed The Score Canada organizers on the Saturdai events Sunday home built buggies and some are Righter s Magnum to a fine was clear and the people came in really inte re s ting creations second place and it was Hunter s are constantly sear hing_ for new droves to see what autocross Along with the Hobby class first time out in the car Dave locales for their 20 000 was all about and they were Classes 1 10 1 2 1600 and 4 Lofland snagged third and Autocross points series that they excited about the race becoming are the backbone of the Score Richard Dagenais was fourth on call the outdoor races as Saturday an annual event The town staged Canada entry opposed to their stadium race On Sunday John McPherson a parade through the city streets In the rain on Saturday series The first outdoor race on Friday and hosted the awards Hobby class rookie Marc Andre again domintated the race happened last spring in Florida banquet on Sunday evening Kuch surprised the regulars by scoring a flag to flag victory in and the second event marked the In Score Canada events the taking a well deserved victory Class 10 and this was a run from debut of off road racing in a motos on Saturday have cash ahead of the more experienced the back of the grid as well with mining town called Thetford Mines 125 miles east of rewards 40 perceI t of the purse Don Ratcliffe from Pennsyl the inverted start Dave Lofland Montreal in the province of and the Sunday runs pay the vania On Sunday _J qft again took second place home to Quebec in Canada A new other 60 perce n s o there is no winner Daniel St Pierre also New Jersey with his Funco and sponsor Molson Breweries put sandbagging on the first races on from Quebec won the Hobby Geoff Kenward was third driving their brand of Laurentide beer Saturday Each class runs both class after a tough fight with a Pro Tech In Score Canada racing all the behind the event with plenty of days as well Along with the Kuch who earned second pl ice Class 1 2 1600 is a popular 4x4s run as Class 4 although brew on hand as well as cash standard classes Score Canada backing Although it poured rain also has its own Hobby Class for class ru_nning to Score most of them would be Class 14 SCORE CANADA AT THETFORD MINES The Lalirentid Autocross Challenge was a Big Hit in Eastern Quebec by American standards and there are some wild machines in these races The choice of tires for traction was a big item on the muddy course on Saturday and it was a close dice between Tom Andreoli from Connecticut Jeep CJ and Curt LeDuc from Massachusetts in his Class 14 modified Jeep Andreoli just nosed out LeDuc on day one for the win and newcomer Steve Napier took third place It was much drier on the surface on Sunday and LeDuc took advantage of the surface and won Class 4 while Andreoli went out with mechanical trouble On Saturday John McPherson drove his Berrien in the Class 1 action as well and again he drove a flag to flag winning race outlasting hard charging Bill Lefeuvre whose Berrien is also from Ontario Dave Hunter in the Chenowth Magnum nailed third in Class 1 On Sunday McPherson lost his trans en route to the grid so the Class 1 car was sidelined and John decided to wait it o t and use his Class 10 car fo r the Challenge of Champions race instead of using it in Class 1 Bill Lefeuvre drove hard again to win Class 1 on Sunday defeating Dave Lofland who scored second Allen Andreoli drove his Chenowth into third spot The final contest of the week was the Challenge of Champions race and all classes could run The start was done o n a handicap based on the average lap times of each class John McPherson s decision not to race in Class 1 with his lOcar proved to be the right choice He did a job in the C hallenge arid as well prepared to win He methodically worked up through the pack stayed out of trouble and won the Challenge of Champions trophy and the 500 fo st place money Curl LeDuc got his highly mod fed Jeep Honcho back In the winner s circle on Sunday before a packed grandstand watching their first off road race BIii Lefeuvre from Ontario flew over the muddy ground In his new Berrien to victory on Sunday and second on Saturday In Class t Dave Hunter chief wrench for Ed Righter s Chenowth Magnum got to drive the car In Quebec and raced to 2nd place In Class 10 Tom Andreoli from Connect curs Off Road Depot Just bested Curl LeDuc In Saturday s Class 4 action driving his modified CJ 7 Joel Croft from Ontario dominated the 1 2 1600 racing winning the class both days In another new Berrien built for 1600 class The kids get starled early In Quebec in their moto cross racing the half time entertainment at Thetford Mines was this BMX contest Page 34 July 1984 Dusty Times

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BUFFUM WINS OVERALL A VW Wins the Production Class at the Michigan International Pro Rally By Ray Hayworth Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises Dan Coughnour had a little problem with the finish line ramps but he eventually got the Dodge Shelby In place tor a ten h overall finish ground tires wheels and everything Thestagewasheldup for a time and finally canceled Up to this point the event had been running well on schedule but stage 12 began a chain reaction of scrubbing sections of the course Stage 13 was scrubbed and stage 14 became a transit Later stages 22 and 23 were also canceled some said due to worker shortages More John BuHum and guest navigator Fred Gallagher from Scotland had a good night In the woods and won overall by a retirements included Jon tuH ten minutes In the Audi Quattro W oodner out with engine Crawford it was reported that trouble after having changed The third round of the SCCA Warren Olds Firenza Pro Rally Series last May took The new Production GT Class his service crew had a collision struts earlier After a night of beautiful place in central Michigan often had seven starters the biggest with a deer in the deep woods Rod Millen and Company weather for the rally 33 of the called the cradle of the sport of field to date and an interesting performance rallying in America assortment of vehicles In the started running into transmis teams arrived at the finish line The Michigan International Pro class were points leader Rich sion problems early and by stage John Buffum proudly waved the rally was hosted by the city of Kelsey Mazda RX 7 John 3 the _Mazda was running with checkered flag as he was first in Midland The town folk were Crawford Dodge Daytona and just two gears At the second open class and overall in the enthusiastic about the rally and Bob Parks in an Alfa Romeo service stop Millen s crew Audi Quattro Ten minutes back changed the trans in can you Rod Millen survived in second they opened their City Park GTV6 Forest for a spectator stage From The rally started around 3 30 believe this 23 minutes and 46 place and Rod also hung onto Midland the route led north with on the Saturday afternoon Rod seconds possibly a new record the driver points lead over mostly sandy but smooth trails Millen and John Buffum were Then at the lunch break the Buffum Steve Millen was about There were some tight twisty ready to race and they looked engine was replaced in the RX 7 5 minutes behind his brother stages and a little rough stuff to very good through the first stage so his crew was busy all night On and probably wonders how it l keep everyone non est and a lot a lot more than some folks could stage 4 Bruno Kreibich drilled a would have been without the of trees say about the first stage in the stump in the road which put the first leg pe na lty The close competition was in City Forest Park Steve Millen Audi Quattro out time barred A good entry of 59 came to wasn t so fortunate here put with 32 minutes down time standard Production Class The Midland The top dogs in open back five minutes because of a Mark Hardyman found a big tree top three cars Boyce s VW class included John Buffum navigational error Steve s and got stuck and he lost 21 Light s Olds and Shepherd s Audi Quattro Rod Millen navigator Craig Caldwell from minutes and was also time Dodge traded the lead back and 4WD Mazda RX 7 Jon Sports Car Graphic magazine barred forth They were never more W oodner Peugeot Steve took them on the odo check Going into stage 12 the fight than one minute apart over the Millen Datsun 240RS and route instead of the transit for in Production Class was very entire 23 stages that took 400 Bruno Kreibich Audi Quattro the first stage It was Caldwell s close between Light Shepherd miles of tl avel to run At the Adding interest in open cfass was first Pro Rally and he was Zenz and Boyce On stage 12 Erik finish it was Canadian Walter Canadian Niall Leslie in a Dodge slightly misinformed on a fe_w Zenz was running so closely Boyce who won the Production Charg1 r with over 200 ponies proper navigational skills behind Richard Kelsey that honors by just 0 8 of a minute Production Class held all the Also on the first stage Gaty when Kelsey made a sweep to the over Doug S hepherd who was regulars including Canadian Henderson climbed a big tree and right Zenz didn t in the blinding merely 0 11 ahead of Guy Light Walter Boyce VW Rabbit GTI broke a tie rod less than half a dust The Zenz Saab rolled over The trio also finished fourth Doug Shepherd Dodge Shelby mile out Mike Purzycki rolled landing on the side Getting out through sixth overall Gary Henderson AMC EagleSX his Jeep and lost 23 minutes and to take safety measures Erik Richard Kelsey took the 4 Guy Light Olds Omega Gary he eventually retired with engine realized the ignition was still on victory in the new GT Class with Eaton Peugeot 505 and Gary trouble at the lunch stop It and so was the fuel pump The an eighth overall the only GT in Gooch in a Dodge D 50 pickup didn t seem to be John Saab caught fire and really began the top ten However all seven in Out for the first time this season Crawford s day either he lost a to burn Passing ralliests donated GT class finished the rally This were Erik Zenz Saab 99 Cal bolt out of the top of a strut on their fire extiguishers but it was was Kelsey s second win in the Landau Dodge Charger Dan the Dodge Daytona Turbo Z and in vain It was reported that some new class in three rallies Coughnour Dodge Shelby Tom he was so late he was time barred of the extinguishers didn t work On a humorous note not only Novak Datsun 200 SX and Jim If that wasn t enough for as well The Saab burned to the did killer stage 1 take its prey but the finish ramp was a hazard also The Dodge Charger of Coughnour and Marcus jumped off the ramps on the way to the finish flag and was truly stuck With the help of the spectators and a crew of drivers the car got back on the ramps and got its finish time The Saginaw Valley Region of the SCCA did a good job for the most part on the rally that wound over the hills and through the valleys around Midland Michigan RECOGNIZED SAFETY the finest assortment of quality racing equipment on the market today at a tremendous savings Filler is gf i i ld equipment and now you can order direct from the factory and take advantage of tremendous savings t J t il t g _ 1 IB _11 J f Nomex Suits 1 pc 171 00 2 pc 177 75 Race Bag 39 00 Nomex Boots in black white blue 75 00 5 point Belt 100 65 Nomex Undershirt 34 50 Nomex Drawers 34 50 Nomex Hood 17 50 Nomex Sox 11 00 Nom ex Gloves white 48 00 orange 52 00 Call for package orders and our complete catalog SIMPLE TO ORDER PHONE QR MAIL ORDER USING VI SA MASTERCHARGE OR WE DO SHIP C O D No personaf checks please 1 i Walter Boyce and Joe Andrelnl put VW In the winner s circle taking the close _battle In Production Class In the GTI by only 5 seconds Dusty Times 9017 San Fernando Road Sun Valley CA 91352 Ph 213 768 7770 Richard Kelsey and Chris Senske won their second trophy In the new GT Produ tlon category driving a 2 WD Mazda RX 7 to the victory Jujy 1984 Pagc35

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THE MEARS GANG RUMBLE Short Course Racing is a Hit inBakersfield Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises By Jean Calvin Short rnurse off road racing is a mania sweeping the western states with enough events to keep competitors as busy as the touring pros on the drag race circuit The latest new event on a fresh track for off road cars was the Mears Gang Rumble at Sprocketts Park Raceway in Oildale next door to the Bakersfield California home of the famous Mears Gang Just coming back to earth after winning the 1984 Indy 500 Rick Mears joined his brother Roger in helping promote the HORA event last June and both of the Mears boys drove in two classes WRIST PIN PULLER For those of you who rebuild air cooled VW motors General Machine Services has a_tool you can t do without Lightweight and small but bullt to last through hundreds of engine rebullds the wrist pin puller la a tow cost aolutlon to more efficient engine rebullds No more hiding from the customer whlle you use a socket extension and hammer to take his motor apart Eliminates the chance of bent rods and brusied knuckles With the use of an Impact gun It s also the fastest way to remove the pistons It can be ordered directly or through your preferred parts house Roger Mears had a good Saturday run in the Magnum keeping Frank Arclero at bay and winning the Class 1 heat In a flawless drive MAIL ORDER PRICE 19 95 3 00 Shlppln and Handling DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED GEN ERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CALIF 92330 Telephone 714 67 4 7365 Page 36 Jerry Whelchel blasted his Chenowth through the highly competitive Class 10 field on Saturday for the win but came to grief on Sunday July 1984 while their parents manned the souvineer stand that was mobbed with peop e wanting Mears Gang merchandise The race course was rougher than the norm more of a natural terrain off road course with high berms and washboard as well as the jumps It might have been a tough course for the pure short course vehicles but it made for spectacular jumps and bumps The course was plowed by Dick Dahn who is the best in that business and the design was done by none other than Roger Mears The HORA favors a three day format for their track races therefore the various inspec tions practice and qualifying took place on Friday Unfortunately some of the drivers did not make it to the track on Friday and did not get to qualify The total entry was a bit of a disappointment to all concerned and by a quick count the total cars in nine various classes came to a fast 50 but they did put on a good show As with any new venture there were growing pains The lumber truck expected to supply material for grandstand building did not show up So local lumber was quickly acquired along with lots of help and the grandstand fabrication went on into the wee hours on Friday The pit area behind the main grandstand was filled mainly by concessionaires and the big and friendlv Nissan Dusty Times

Page 37

road show tent Merchandise on sale ranged from the usual shirts and hats to motorcycles and mini trucks A goodly number of refreshment and beer stands were set up and no one had to stand in line long for brew or hot dogs The rest of the main pit area was filled with the big rigs belonging to the big teams while the rest of the buggy and 4x4 entry pitted around the corner in another parking lot The actual racing started around 1 p m on Saturday with the seven Nissan Cup entries on the grid facing ten tough laps Driving his first short course off road race on four wheels but a veteran of motocross action 17 year old Brent Smith was a wire to wire winner in the Nissan Cup The Bakersfield native was the fastest qualifyer also and he passed the early leader Ron Barrett on the first lap when Barrett s stee ring broke Providing the dicing action were Myron Croel and Jorge Souto Croel kept the series points leader at bay for half the distance then Souto got past and began to close on Smith but the laps ran out Croel held his third followed by Ken Snyder and Larry Olsen who just missed being lapped The four Class 7 minis and the four Class 7S trucks were combined in the next heat The excitement here came from Rick Mears in the Nissan desert truck and Sherman Balch Nissan Rick nabbed the lea by inches going into the first turn Balch was on his tailpipe and the pair stayed in tight formation right to the checkered flag Twice Balch got along side Mears but he never made the pass The other two did not finish The action in 7S was good between Mario Alesi and Spence Low the only t wo that ran the distance Alesi led early and Low was bumped out of shape on the first lap But by lap 7 Low caught up but he could not get close_ enough to attempt a pass Still Nissan was 1 2 in 7S The biggest field in the meet were the ten in Class 10 This was a wild start over the big jump right off the line Jerry Whelchel and Glenn Harris cleared the jump together but Whelchel got the edge into the first turn By the second lap Rick Mears had his Chenowth in fourth just ahead of Ed Martensen and Frank Arciero Jr was up to third and closing On lap 3 Harris put his Funco Hustler out front and on the fifth lap the four leaders Harris Arciero Whelchel and Rick Mears were all clearing the jumps and turns in a very tight pack On lap 8 Harris was sidelined for two laps with recalcitrant coil wire and Mears was already out with carburetor trouble On lap 9 Jerry Whelchel shouldered past Arciero and they finished in that order as Arciero had trans trouble which plagued him the entire weekend Also covering 12 laps were Ed Martensen Bob Gordon and Jim Fishback Sr in an all Chenowth finish The five Class 4 trucks made an impressive and thundering start as Rod Hall out jumped Larry Casey for the early lead But Hall s Dodge broke a front axle and he only covered two John Randall was out to win Class 4 in his Jeep Honcho and he won the points title with a clear win on Saturday and a second on Sunday Walker Evans walked away with the Class 8 title and the only double winner at the meet Walker also won Class 7 M points In another Dodge Rick Mears was his usual smooth driving self In the desert Nissan and after a terrific struggle with Sherman Balch Rick won Class 7 honors Mario Alesi did a grand Job In the Class 7 S Nissan leading all the way in both day s action to secure the points title as well Ivan Stewart won the mini truck modified bash on Saturday but Just visible to the rear Walker Evans shadowed him from flag to flag Rick Mears flew high and handsome In the Class 10 Chenowth but the car failed with engine trouble on both Saturday and Sunday laps Among the Jeep Honchos John Randall had passed Larry Casey and was the leader while brother Mike Randall was third trailed by Rick Grumbein Casey 12 laps ran out with John Randall made several side by side winning the Jeep show over his attempts to pass John Randall brother Mike and Rick but then lost his brakes So the Grumbein CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDERBOUSE u u CROWN MFG RAPID COOL i 1 TRI MIL WESTERN AUTO TIRES t ifi BILSTEIN CENTERLiNE CIBIE HEWLAND PORSCHE TURBO C V SEARD SEATS PARKER PJJMPER TECTIRA TIRES SUPER TRAPP 11 JYl W _ GEM GEARS KYB SHOCKS W SWAY A WAY TRANSAXLE PARTS a Dusty Times In Class 3 Steve Mize had trans trouble with the Bronco in practice so onlv s ix made the fM lc t1 Young Brent Smith made a perfect debut In off road racing driving hard but keeping his Nissan Cupper together for victory both days July 1984 ellWeiMM I BEFORE YOU BUY TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL 12945 SHERMAN WAY NO HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 213 765 5827 e 213 764 6438 Page 37

Page 38

more MEARS GANG starting line all jeep CJs It was no real contest as Don Adams CJ 8 led from the green lapped half the field twice and this heat was shortened a few laps as only three survived past lap 5 Missing were Roger Mears Jr Don Coffland and David Bryan John Randall ran a distant second in the Dirtrix CJ 7 and Doug Robinson CJ 7 was a similar distance back in third A quartet of Odysseys put on an exhibition run prior to the modified 7M mini truck dash featuring the only four such trucks in the world The two factory Toyota were driven by Ivan Stewart and Steve Millen Roger Mears had his fancy Nissan and Walker Evans drove his Dodge D 50 the only one without a twin cam screamer engine Ivan won the drag race start with Walker hot on his tail Midway in the first round Roger Mears rolled over on a berm and wrecked the power steering Millen was a long third to Ivan and Walker then blew a hole in the side of the twin cammer on lap 7 Although Stewart led all the way Evans was often along side but just didn t have the ponies to pass This was a keen dice and the Toyo ta took the checkered flag first Class 8 is never big at short course events and there were but three at Oildale the Walker Evans Dodge and the Fords of Carl Smith Brent s father and Steve Millen in the Corral entry Thi s was no contest and mercifully shortened to te laps Walker had a long lead early ang throttled back and still finished 45 seconds ahead of Millen who was 15 second ahead of Smith There were seven in Class 1 including Steve Kelley in his Class 10 Funco Off the line Roger Mears got the hole shot in his Chenowth Magnum but The most exciting action In Class 10 on Sunday came when Jerry Whelchel up In the air and Bob Gordon tangled on the entrance to the hairpin Whelchel did a tall stand then rolled over eventually landing on Gordon putting both Chenowths on the trailer for the day between each group The final 7S finisher on Saturday Fred Wright led off the line But after two rounds Mario Alesi was leading with his shadow Spence Low right behind him The 7 group featured another good dice between Sherman Balch and Rick Mears but Balch stopped in the infield on lap 3 giving Rick the lead for good Among the la J Glenn Harris came back from trouble on day one to win Class 10 on Sunday In a last lap daring bid Harris did well In the Handicap PYLE DRIVER CHARITY OFF OAD RACE Frank Arciero was very close and constantly challenging The pair ran tight until lap 10 when Arciero lost another trans his third of the meet Roger Mears won Class 1 by 12 seconds over Al Arciero and Bill Royster was a strong third Fritz Kroyer a distant fourth Sunday the racing started with 3 wheelers and there was some bumping and shoving in the ranks The results were subsequently protested with a hearing set for a later date Frank Arclero led mpst of the time he was racing In four heats but constant trans trouble and finally a flat tire spelled big trouble In both Class 7 M contests Walker Evans chased a Toyota all the way but Walker was the only one that finished both days and won the title Page 38 modifieds Ivan Stewart broke a ball joint on the first turn and Steve Millen led the pack moving to third overall after four laps But Roger Mears and Walker Evans were close behind Halfway in the bash Millen gained the overall lead with Evans and Roger Mears battling for second Then Walker had a flat and made a quick pit stop Next all seven Nissan Cuppers appeared for their Sunday drive With the semi inverted start from the Saturday results it made things interesting for a few laps Ron Barrett led the first round but Brent Smith got up to him and made the pa s on the next lap Smith w1deo d his margin eac h round and scored another victory Barrett lost a brake line and midway Jorge Souto got past Barrett to hold second Then Souto bent a tie rod and Barrett repassed and Myron Croel also got by Souto That is how they finished half a track length ahead of Larry Olsen On points Brent Smith was the winner natch Myron Croel was second and Jorge Souto third Class 1 came out still seven strong and Frank Arciero got the jump and the lead over Bill Royster at the green flag In a few laps Frank stretched out a great lead Royster held second but now Greg George was right on top of him with Al Arciero and Roger Mears very tight too This foursome put on a fine show foi several laps Then Al Arciero retired with engine trouble Frank was slowing with a flat tire and George and Mears closed on the leader on lap 10 Starting the white flag l p Mears out cornered George both having passed Arciero and Roger led only to break an axle mid course in the hairpin turn An astonished Greg George Funco took the checkered flag first followed by Bill Royster and Frank Arciero limped into third On points Bill Royster was the winner Roger Mears was second and Frank Arciero Jr third In order to make a better show the trio of mini truck classes were combined into one dozen in a single heat on Sunday Class 7S eft first then came 7 and finally 7M with a short delay i BENEFITING R M PYLES BOY S CAMP AUGUST 18 tk MESA MARIN RACEWAY B A K E R S F ELD CA Jfc GUARANTEED 40 000 PURSE Jfc CLASSES 1 6 7 10 AND 260cc THREE Jfc HOT ACTION WHEELERS PACKED RACES RUN IN COOL EVENING HOURS FOR INFORMATION CONTACT MARTY TRIPES 2 13 924 668B 6 19 463 01 554 2 3 9 2 1 2 a 3 a 13704 BECHARD AVE NORWALK CA 90B60 Dusty Times

Page 39

Greg George did some spectacular driving on Sunday to win the Class 1 heat on the last lap In the spirited action among the open class cars and was back out on the same lap Just as Roger moved in to challenge for the lead the power steering went out again So Millen was all alone up front Alesi was second overall and first in 7S trailed closely still by Spence Low Fourth overall and first in 7 went again to Rick Mears manfully wrestling the desert truck around the tight turns Walker was fifth overall and second in 7M At the finish line ceremonies the officials initially gave the overall points and one of the lovely flower wreaths for points winners to Steve Millen But Walker Evans Dodge was the only truck that finished both days so he was belatedly awarded the 7M title Mario THE EVENT EVERYONE S TALKING ABOUT BUTCH ARCIERO Owner Driver Arciero Racing Something off road racers have been looking forward to fora long time The Mesa Marin racing facility is extremely good The event is sure to be a tremendous success JERRY WHELCHEL One of short course racing s most winningest drivers He has won more than 14 000 00 thus far in 1984 Just what short course racing needs Low entry fees and a guaranteed purse LARRY RAGLAND 1984 SCORE Baja at Barstow Class 1 Winner I wouldn t think of trailering that far if I didn t think it was gonna be a great race TOMMY CROFT Potential 1984 Short Course Racing Rookie of the Year I m new at this but racing for a charity like the R M Pyles Boy s Camp and racing for a guaranteed purse sounds like a winner J C MYERS Innovative Cosworth powered Class 10 Short Course Racer It s great to race for a worthy charity and have a lot ofJun at the same time FAT PERFORMANCE High Performance Racing Engine Builders We re very happy to be involved with the Racer s Race We see it as a way of the future to promote racing for racers and spectators alike KEVIN RENO TRICK RACING GASOLINE Race Fuel Suppliers We re proud to be a part of this charity racing event JA MAR Off Road Performance and Racing Products We see it as a worthwhile event benefiting both the R M Pyles Boy s Camp and Off Road Racing STEVE KELLEY Veteran Desert Short Course Off Road Racer A benefit for both Combined off road racing with a worthwhile charity An alliance that can t be beat BILL ROYESTER Team Arciero Racing A big success and a big boost for off road racing GREG GEORGE Funco Factory Team Pilot Baja Cross 2nd Round Winner It s about time Finally an event guaranteeing something for the participants and not just the promoters themselves This is what racing should be all about CAL WELLS Team Toyota Racing Events like this are of special interest to Toyota because they benefit everyone involved Charity the community and motorsports racing FRED KAISER PONCHO WEAVER Higgins Fune Racing It s an honor to race for the benefit of the R M Pyles Boy s Camp Look for us on victory lane WALKER EVANS Renowned Ace Desert Short Course Racing Champ Powered by Dodge It s always great to race for charity and a guaranteed purse MARV HENDRICKS Proprietor Saddleback Park Orange CA Having talked with many of the drivers all are looking forward to participating in this inaugural event benefiting the R M Pyles Boy s Camp at Mesa Martin Raceway Bokersfield CA SAL FISH President SCORE International A commendable event The Pyle Driver off road racing event organizing committee has set personal gains aside invested an unmeasurable amount of time and energy into an effort guaranteed to benefit those less fortunate Dusty Times destroyed trans of the weekend Kelley just barely led Harris and Rick Mears was out with a blown engine On the final lap Glenn Harris flew past Kelley to win the Class 10 battle Fishback was third and Ed Martensen fourth On points Ed Martensen took the trophy back to Phoenix Fishback was second and Harris third Oddly enough in both buggy classes the points title went to non heat race winners After some delay and shuffling of postions a Handicap event for the survivors was staged for the benefit of the TV cameras from the Nashville network There BIii Royster is back and running strong in Class 1 and h e drove his Chenowth was no purse just glory and ten to the class honors with a third and a second place finish vehicles were on the grid None of the 4x4s participated and only four buggies mixed it up with the two big trucks and four mini trucks Class 7 racer James Thomas was first away with a half a lap done before Mario Alesi and Spencer Low got the flag in their 7S trucks and it was a full lap before the rest started Thomas led through tnree laps but the heavy hitters were coming on fast Midway Steve Millen got into the lead followed by Alesi and Low As the laps wound down Millen extended his lead in the Toyota Alesi stayed in second for Nissan and Glenn Harris put on a Sunday Class 4 action on the first lap shows Rod Hall Dodge right Just out monumental and spectacular hopping Larry Casey Jeep with John Randall a bit astern drive to finish third in his Class 10 1650 cc Funco Hustler Alesi was first in 7S and Spence Gordon and Whelchel The trio The first Mears Gang Rumble Low was second Rick Mears was opened up a lot of air back to the went off very well on Saturday the easy Class 7 title winner pack led by Steve Kelley and but the pace bowing to the TV Ba_lch was second despite the Rick Mears On lap 7 Whelchel folks was slow on Sunday and Gordon tangled badly in the making the spectators restless broken U joint on Sunday The next heat combined the hairpin turn Whelchel flipped while staring at an empty track five Class 4s and the three Class over almost on top of Gordon For example with fewer heats on 8s to make it interesting for the and both were parked for the Sunday it took two extra hours fans Class 4 started first and duration At two thirds distance to run the program Still the with a now healthy Dodge Rod Frank Arciero had a huge lead stands were nearly full and it was Hall jumped right into the lead Kelley was second and Rick a good first effort for the Mears and he stayed there Still Hall Mears third tagged by Glenn Gang Perhaps if the entry fee had to work all 12 laps for the Harris and Fishback in a tight were not so rich a full field of victory challenged first by Larry dice On lap 10 unlucky Frank Class 1 and 10 cars just might Casey then by John Randall Arciero parked with his fourth have fleshed out the entry who eventually came in second Casey stayed close to Hall until he lost the power steering midway in the show Meanwhile Walker Evans boomed the 2 WO Dodge through the pack to go after second place in the waning laps But John Randall held onto second Evans was third overall Well back Mike Randall did a nose stand and broke a wheel and still running at the flag was Stan Gilbert the Sunday driver for the Corral Ford On points John Randall won Class 4 followed by his brother Mike and Walker Evans handily took the Class 8 honors Six Class 3s came back for Don Adams had an easy time of It In the Jeep Scrambler CJ 8 special winning more on Sunday Don Adams Class 3 easily on both days and had a good time doing It apparently trying to make a show of it let John Randall lead for a few laps before taking over then opened up a wide margin The flag fell after nine laps on Don Adams and Randall was the only one still on the same lap and the pair were naturally 1 2 on points and Doug Robinson was third The final heat on Sunday saw nine of the Class 10s return to battle It was Jim Fishback Sr who grabbed the lead off the start with Jerry Whelchel Frank Arciero and Bob Gordon all piling into the first turn together On the second lap Fishback still had a slim lead but after three rounds Frank Arciero took over Steve MIiien held up the_honor of Toyota on Sunday taking the Class 7 M heat the front spot followed by and scoring a fine first overall In the TV Handicap race July 1984 Page 39

Page 40

and Jaldegard gained a joint lead one minute ahead of Alen Trouble came early for many Per Eklund hit a bridge driving without brakes and Michele Mouton hit a bird which smashed the windshield causing Text Photos Martin Holmes her co driver Fabrizia Pons to hold the shattered screen to keep locals and they worried that pre it from caving in at high speed rally training in dry weather Then the Audi stopped with a might be little help when the broken rotor arm and soon murram turned to mud afterward a twang signified a Eight factory teams was snapped turbine Mouton beyond the Safari organizers crawled to a service area only to wildest dreams Audi and Lancia come across teammate Stig were obvious championship Blomqvist stopped with oil fighters Audi hoping their pump drive failure and neither technology would finally win in went much farther the bush and Lancia that the This year the rally only paused simplicity and reliability of their at Mombasa just long enough design would give them the win for Mike Kirkland to suffer the Opel were anxious to dispel the indignity in his home town of feeling that last year s win was a being struck at a service point by fluke Last of the European a hit and run driver Kirkland s teams Citroen made this event leg was broken and his Nissan the debut for the four wheel was withdrawn to become a drive Visa 1000 Pistes thinking chase car Heading back to that the wetness would inevitably Nairobi the route went into the work in their favor Machakos Hills The incredible Against the Europeans were roads of this region are legendary Bjorn Waldegard and Hans Thorszellus took the overall win on Safari by the Japanese also with four rally territory but almost leading most of the enormous distance in the Toyota Ce lea Twincam Turbo teams Nissan still has the mantle suicidal because of other vehicles of rally king of Africa but their on the road It was Mehta who hit 240RS cars are so out dated a matatu African public their greatest ally had to be minibus always full to burstiing reliability Though new to the this year No one was injured event Toyota has already shown but the Nissan snapped a its African capability by winning propshaft and Mehta lost 50 the Ivory Coast Rally last year minutes and any hope of a high Subaru fielded no fewer than placing for himself or Nissan nine four wheel drive cars under Salonen was already down on private entry The smallest cars time with steering trouble On were the Oaihatsus In the this leg Mikkola lost a precious novelty stakes were the lQOO minute with a damaged Pistes the Oaihatsus Charade driveshaft Turbo and strangest of all the Waldegard was first on the locally assembled Peugeot 504 road and the next 600 km were pick up evolution car complete at night time enough for the with twin carburetors Swede to cement his lead as the Life seemed more relaxed in others choked in his dust He Nairobi Kenya this year and nursed his car taking no risks though some of the borders are and drew ahead little by little By open the rally stayed completely daylight Saturday morning Destined to always be the bridesmaid Rauno Aaltonen and Lofty Drews nailed inside Kenya As always there Salonen had rear axle damage second place handily In the Opel Manta 400 were some who disliked the and Mikkola had electrical woes Bjorn Waldegard won the almost unprecedented length of format and showed their possibly computer related Back 1984 Marlboro Safari Rally for the event and gave Toyota their opposition to the open road in Nairobi it was extraordinary to Toyota on their first attempt in second world win in only five event where rally cars are forced realize that few of the leading cars an unexpectedly dry climate outings Mikkola now heads the to race at high speeds among had disappeared Markku moaned he was forever driving in Waldegard defeated a challenge world drivers series points and normal road traffic In dry weather the Safari is a someone s dust For nearly all from Rauno Aaltonen a replay Audi increased their points lead of his earlier Kenyan win in over Lancia in the battle of the high speed rally The organizers the rally group A was led by try to balance between the Basil Criticos in a British built SO 1977 and it was the first ever win makes It had the makings of the most capability of the fastest drivers Quattro The rally roads were on the Safari for a turbo charged engine It was the fourth time interesting Safari in years Eight and still allow the slowest to stay still dry but for sure the area Aaltonen this year with an Opel factory teams brought cars and within the time limits This year around Kisumu to the northhad come in second With hardened Safari enthusiasts had it was dry and the winner lost west had to be wet Waldegard s Hannu Mikko l a s Audi Quattro little idea who would win Most on average barely over a minute lead over Mikkola had expanded in third Markku Alen s Lancia felt certain it would be a wet at each time control Until the to nine minutes huge by Safari fourth and Shekher Mehta s event As each day passed it Taita Hills two thirds of the way standards The average speed of Nissan in fifth the top five places became clear that even that to Mombasa were reached the the Toyota including all the were taken by five different premise was in doubt The teams fastest eight crews had no sections through towns and stops makes Waldegard led for an expected rain as much as the penalty After that Blomqvist at service points was 102 kph Toyota Triumphs at the 1984 Marlboro Safari Rally The 994 km run from Nairobi to Kakamega was the longest non stop stretch of the entire event a killer both of machine and morale This year three top drivers met their end there all early in the section Sandro Munari the triple Monte Carlo winner whose annual rally now is the African classic finally gave up after a long struggle with alternator trouble in his rented Toyota Celica Twincam Turbo Guy Frequelin s Opel stqpped with piston failure and Stig Blomqvist had engine failure after the Audi lost the oil pump belt Toyota Opel and Audi each had one works car left in first second and third postitions Aaltonen was charging hard driving his usual Safari in which he starts at a moderate pace and gets faster and faster Mikkola stopped to have a differential changed and that put Aaltonen s Opel into second Alen was still struggling with throttle linkage trouble and dust this time Aaltonen s dust Alone of the works teams only the Lancias were still intact and the final night of competition was waiting The memories of the 1983 Safari and of the constant changing of fortunes which led to Vatanen s win last year in the Opel were so vivid that the suspense was wondering when things would happen The surprise was that they didn t Drivers reported a few stretches had been slippery but there were no signs of mudholes and rainstorms which turn dry beds into raging rivers On the last six hours of the rally on the Monday none of the top ten positions changed hands Every driver knew that if he kept his position on the road he was safe from being overtaken on poin fs Salonen had a gearbox pi oblem but was still some 105 minutes ahead of his nearest rival Wittmann Preston showed the speed of his Lancia after so long an event by passing A1en and Mehta on die road but to no avail results wise It took an iron man like W aldegard to keep control of the situation for so long since Mikkola s lost minute on Friday morning and he won by nine minutes over Aaltonen Of the 76 starters 25 finished the grueling run Basil Criticos won A group and finished tenth overall a fine effort considering that there were 105 controls strung over the 5263 kilometer route and four days of competition The Lancia Ra 11 coupe of Markku Alen and 1 kka Kfvlmakl In a remarkable finish Basil Crltlcos and John Rose brought the Defending World Driver s Champion Hannu Mikko a with Arne splash s throug J a favorite water crossing en route to 4th overall Audi 80 o uattro home a fine tenth overall and first In group A Hertz had some troubles and broughtthe Quattro in third overall Page40 July 1984 Dusty Times

Page 41

PROFILE Rod and Todd Attig The name Attig is a familiar name in off road racing througho ut the midwest In 1969 when nobody had heard of an off road race car Rod Attig was working in a VW garage and heard about a new hobby With the help of his father Merle and brother Sid they built three dune buggies and started racing in their farm pasture and local gravel pits in Illinois Soon a small group of people around the area started building their own buggies and almost eve_ry Sunday afternoon the guys met to race and show off their newest raci ng innovations With the 1970 s came the formation of various clubs which organized controlled obstacle course racing drag racing and play days that included poker runs trail rides and picnics Rod Sid and Merle as well as their families enjoyed many races which resulted in winning many trophies and plaques as well as money Then in 1972 Addison 4 x 4 Unlimited held their first wheel to wheel competition Rod won tht first enduro race sponsored by the club in a homebuilt single seat 1200cc car Merle and Sid also finished in the money a t that race Their racing continued until 1976 when Rod and Sid both built new factory chassis Hi Jumper Class 1 cars Rod won the 1976 Memorial Day lO0that w r _ apd many oth r races throughout the area that season with brother Sid always finishing close behind him in J978 Rod won the North Cential Point Series Championship in Class 1 and Rod and Sid continued to race together until By Brenda A Parker By Jean Calvin The drawing for starting numbers for the HDRA Firewo rks 250 was held in Barstow fittingly on June 16 lt prq_duced a very encouraging number of 156 cars in the drawing and at press time the entry list is up to 181 Both Class 10 and C lass 1 2 1600 have 32 entries each and Class 2 is big also with 25 names on the list The second event counting toward the 1984 HDRA Desert Championships has a shorter format with the registration tech and contingency all happening on race day Saturday July 7 at Ba_rstow Community College starting at 7 30 a m The r ace starts at four m the afternoon and all but the Nissan Cup entries will run a full four laps of the 60 mile course similar to the route of the Barstow Classic last December Happily Class 10 starts right behind the unlimited single seat and two seat dasses which should help some of their former traffic problems The word from Las Vegas is that Sunday December 16 m ay well feature the longest awards presentation program in off road racing h istory Much the same as last year the HDRA will lead off with the awards from the Frontier 250 which happens now o n Saturday December 15 The year end points awards for the HDRA Series winners is planned also Tentatively scheduled Rod Attig flew his water pumper creation to the two seat victory in Class 10 at right now are the Snore points awards as well Plus the story goes the Nevada the Memorial Day 100 last May Motorsports awards for 1984 will take place then also instead of t e following January as they have for the past two years The whole affair will happen at the Frontier Hotel and for sure some drivers will have a load of trophies and checks to take home before Christmas if the four way marathon awards ceremony happens as presently planned Todd Attig in the third generation off road racer and he does very well In the revamped and updated 1 1600 HI Jumper 1980 when Sid retired In 1982 in the family tradition a third generation driver entered the circuit racing in 1 1600 Todd Attig Rod s 16 year old son finished number 20 out of approximately 100 cars in his class for that season In 1983 Rod and Todd each campaigned a car in the North Central Point Series and Rod finished third in Class 10 and Todd finished fifth Off Road Racer Ivan Stewart Urges Public to Buckle Up for Safety Prior to his winning the class 7 Mini Truck division at the 1984 Las Vegas Mint 400 Desert Race on May 5th Iron Man Ivan Stewart one of off road racing s most prominent drivers spent a day filming a public service announcement for television promoting the use of Safety Belts Off road racing is rough on equipment rough on drivers says Stewart as he buckles his safety harness and takes us for a ride in his race prepared Toyota truck equipped with BFGoodrich Bounces from the Berm T I A High Tech Radials jumping sliding and tough landing his way across the southern Nevada desert Later in street clothes with his stock Toyota SRS 4x4 truck Stewart explains Off the road or on the road before I turn a wheel I buckle up first And so should you Cause the really rough stuff is the drive home Produced by Group 41 Promotions Chicago with the full support of the National Highway Safety Administration the spot is the fourth TV PSA in a series in the 1 1600 class in the revamped 1976HiJumperwhich had belonged to his Uncle Sid Both Rod and Todd with the support of wife and mother Janice are looking forward to the 1984 racing season and will be competing in the newly named Berrien Autocross Series and are hoping that a trip to the Mint 400 and to Riverside California will be in the cards for them that features well known motor sports figures urging the public to use Safety Belts everytime they get in a vehicle Spokesmen for spots already in distribution are IMSA driver Bob Tullius NASCAR King Richard Petty and Bilstein Cup racer actor Larry Wilcox _ Co sponsored by BFGoodrich Toyota Motors Sales and the 46 500 member American College of Surgeons the PSA with Iron Man Ivan Stewart is scheduled for a pre July 4th release to over 630 television There are many theories about why the June running of the Score Baja in Barstow had such a light entry Most observers thought that moving out of Mexico into the centrally located Barstow area for the race would produce greater entry numbers The result actually was very little change from the 1983 Baja Internacional out ofEnsenada in fact the actual car entry was down a bit In our opinion two major factors held down the late or if you will impulse entry last June The move from Baja to Bar_s tow was a scant three weeks before the race and many expressed interest but not much more The majority of the desert runners who favor Barstow never planned on racing in early June for the simple reason that they do not like to race in Mexko Therefore their equipment was still down possibily not even touched smce the Mint 400 There was not enough time to get the race car in shape Another probable problem was the all new course unexpected even by Score officials who planned to run their December course But a protest put forth to the BLM by the HDRA that the event was too close to the Fireworks 250 to use the same course bore fruit Sco re ended up in the middle of nowhere for a start finish area That could have been a major factor in holding down the late entry Unless you were a desert biker you never he rd ofJohnson Valley and the idea oflearning an all new course mste d ofrac ng on familiar ground that barely needs a pre run could have been d1scouragmg to many casual competitors who race for the enjoyment of it instead of by contract The ludicrous situation among the trio of classes for off roac racing mini trucks was graphically illustrated by their performance at the Mears Gang Rumble On Sunday all three classes 7 7S and 7M each with four starters ran in the same heat It was apparent that the 7Ms belong in Class l or 2 and that the factory backed 7S trucks are faster than the original Class 7 which is supposed to have more allowable modifications But when Rick Mears in a Class 7 Nissan cannot catch the 7S Nissans of Mario Alesi or Spencer Low it is obvious the class desiginations do not work It is time to put the fancy 7S trucks with shocks sprouting out of the hood in Class 7 Then put 7S back where it was intended as a class for relatively stock mini trucks where a privateer could compete without having to battle the high tech engineering of the teams with the big buck sponsorship WHY AREN T YOU A DUSTY TIMES DEALER SELL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PRESENT TO YOUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS U P S EVERY MONTH TO YOUR DOOR YOU PAY NO SHIPPING CHARGES GET ALL THE RACE AND RALLY NEWS FROM THE TOP OFF ROAD JOU ISTS contact DUSTY TIMES Show biz comes to the Nevada desert as the film crews zero In on Ivan Stewart In a faml lar setting for a TV safety belt use campaign Dusty Times Ivan Stewart doing a pub le service announcement adds a lot of credibility to off road racing and Its stars July 1984 5331 Derry Avenue Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 213 889 5600 Page 41

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ANDRES N WITER G W M ftAC NG M 7 ll 0 o o CAA PREPARATIONS TRA VSMISSIONS Owner PRO SPORTSMAN flll I o M C PRODUCTS INC PARTS 9017 San Fernando Road SUN VALLEY CALIFORNIA 91352 213 768 7770 SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS PORSCHE V W SPECIALISTS 12623 SHERMAN WAY UNIT B NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 Dl STRIBUTOR FOR PHONE 818 765 3566 916 Mike Bishop 682 9484 Mechanic Art Jackson 7901 CoHonleal Way Sacramento CA 95828 a BEGINNER RACES CLASSES FOR BUGGY S a aTRUCKS a CARS l J TN N DENNIS WAYNE 1408 E Granada Road Phoenix Arizona 85006 BE WHERE THE ACTION IS COME RACE WITH US WRITE OR CALL 252 1900 FAMILY ORIENTED RACING PORSCHE PARTS RE AIU Y W PAim 8341 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park California 91304 213 709 5416 800 854 5127 116_2 3 SHELDON ST SUN VALLEY CA 913152 768 4 5 5 5 BAJA B SHOP MIG AND TIO WELDING CUSTOM FABRICATION AND FRAME REPA l S COMPETITION SUSPENSION WORK Send To OFP ROAD RACE PREI 28740 O AK AVE UN IT H CANYON COUNTRY C A 9j3 151 q_ f N 5302 fWEEDY BL SOUTH GATE CALIF 90280 213 566 5171 MCDOWELL 805 251 4 134 R J at eCUSTOM ROLL CAGES e SUSPENSION M9DIFICATION e t OF BEERS e 714 662 7223 n THE BAKER CHASSIS Fast and affordable The first and only kitconcept sport truck chassis for off road racing or street use Baja bred by John Baker 1983 SCORE and HORA Class 7 champion to go faster and last longer For brochure and price sheet send 2 to John Baker Performance Products 4304 Alger Street Los Angeles CA 90039 Phone 818 240 7051 ALL TYPES OF VEHICLES e STREET STRIP e Bilstein the leader in gas pressure shocks is now the leader in car care products BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Vly Rd San Diego CA 92121 29300 3RD LAKE E LSINOR E c _A 9233 0 ID OFF ROAD AND SAND 8 _JGGY SPECIALIST JI D ESI GN ENGINEER I NG SA L ES 0 z OFF ROAD Headquarters for VW Accessories and Service EBBCO f tPestone TIRE RUBBER COMPANY PARTS German Auto MA N A G E JOHN PROSSER Parts 6 Accessories yw TOYOT A DATSUN 1 1324 NORWAL K BOULEVARD SANTA FE SPRINGS C A 90870 213 1196 N Batavia St Orange CA 92 7 714 532 6893 7141674 7365 MARVIN SHAW OFF ROAD CENTER BllSTEIN RON B63 1123 METCALF e 213 B6B 9393 ED L EKIVETZ qf j 1 IJ 3422 W WHITTON PHOENIX ARIZONA 85017 OUTSIDE ARIZONA 1 800 528 6170 INSIDE ARIZONA 602 973 9697 714 453 1723 Pagc41 e 4 Tim Lecluse Doyne Podhorsky 2952 RANDOLPH UNIT C COSTA MESA CA 92626 GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES m Budweiser KING 714 981 8743 July 1984 Dusty Times

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4 WD Repoir_s Lift Kits Wheels Tires Used Trk Parts Tel 413 739 4111 GOO Dl EAII LeDuc Off Road ENTERPRISES 1 86 Baldwin St West Springfield MA 01089 940 South Vail Avenue Montebello CA 90640 213 724 3705 Distrjbutor For Mastercratt Besfop Husky Rough Country Parker Pumper Custom Race Truck Fabrication and Roll Bars Alloy Axles Spools Mag Dana 60 s VW Ma ter Diffs VW Axles _ _ r 7818 Wilkerson Court San Diego CA 92111 619 268 4140 McKENZIE S AlfJ01 QIIVE INC NEVADA OFFROAD BUGGY PARTS AND AC _ESSORIES 0 1 SouTJi VAllEy Vitw LAs VEGAS NEvAdA 8Q102 _ oF i o R

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or the cars The standard argument against starting slow classes in front of fast classes because it is too dangerous is well taken care of by your idea of I appreciate your sending me a starting one to two hours behind leaving a couple hours gap between copy of Dusty Times May issue the fast guys then taking two to the slow pokes and the hot dogs since mine is one of the two cars four hours longer to run the Traditionally half the field is out on the cover what a surprise course That puts us and other after the first few hours anyhow so _ Thanks also for recognizing slow classes way back running traffic would be light The major F O R D A I believe we have more time in the dark which is drawback from the promoter s point and awful lot of talent down here slower and more time in the of view is that the press likes to file in Florida and I like to see our rough spots that have been really their stories for daily papers early in drivers get some well deserved chewed up by the time we get the day so the hot dog bikers and credit there Besides that by the time buggy and truck drivers are started We have a terrific group of we hit the finish line there is no up front also because those daily officers in our club this year and one there but our friends and papers have deadlines to meet The I am looking forward to a great sweethearts and they are pretty saying goes yesterday s results are racing season I can t wait to see burned out by then On more old news Pony Express the next issue of Dusty Times Keep up the good work and enclosed is my subscription Scott Grundeck Naples Florida It is nice to hear from our cot1er boys et1en though it is hard to recognize them through the flying dirt Thanks for the kind words fellau s I was given a complimentary copy of Dusty Times at the Mint 400 in Las Vegas and I noticed you have e cellent coverage of the sport I love all kinds of racing but this was the first for off road desert racing for me I was sure impressed Please enter my subscription for one year and thank you for such an outstanding paper Judy L Davis _W estminster Colorado I am always impressed with your unbiased or at least biased in the same direction I am reporting It is good to see someone not fearful of the promoters as they appear to be of some of the competitors In the past I have had a few gripes with Score International and I have written a few letters with those gripes to Sal Fish I see he has taken care of one to wit he is now giving awards in an inverted order rather than giving ov e rall winner s fir s t and watching the crowd disperse to nothing This leaves the third place finishers with just friends and pit crews to talk to while the winners get a head start home My main gripe with Score now is fairly personal As a Class 6 racer in a Saab I am tired of than one occasion we have come to checkpoints with workers already asleep I don t blame them at all it is late and they have been at it all day some before dawn I just think that if Class 6 11 and 3 and 7S were to start right after the bikes say and hour or so before the fast guys it would be hours before they caught us and we should be spread out so passing would be no problem With a two hour head start in most Score races the slow classes would finish with the pack not four hours behind It might even seem like we were in the same race Thanks for hearing me out I am really looking forward to your coverage of the Baja in Barstow and your observations about how the Baja in Baja didn t come together last month b Lanz Los Angeles California Check this issue for Judy Smith s coverage on the Baja in Barstow W e were out of town and m issed the race but we have heard both high praise and damnation from various quarters Y ourideaaboutstarting theslow classes first in a point to point desert race rs v ery sound from th e competitors point of view and it would also help bring the workers in from the course much earlier If the inverted start is so popular and accepted practice in short course racing why not use it on the desert W e would go a step farther and just once let the bikes start last ride at night and use their lights It would be interestin to see who would score f irst overall on time then the bikes Good articles and a good issue again Count on our support to sit down with any and all off road racing promoters to work out the 1985 season Charlie Engelhart Baja Cross Orange California We love your articles in Dusty Times I am writing to see if it would be possible to get three copies of the May issue We have the Lil Bull Frog track in Florida and a lot of the drivers were thrilled oyer ycrnr article Enclosed is a check to cover the extra copies Vicky and Ken Corighane Bradenton Florida You should have your copies by now and we have back issues in stock for the first volume of Dusty Times to date A lot of nice things have happened to us since the Mint 466 race One of the best surprises was being on the cover of your magazine Dusty Times Thank yQu very much Tim and Chris Casey Fullerton California DUSTY TIMES w e lco m es letters from all corners of off road activity The Pony Express column wi ll feature all the mail we can fit into the space Please keep your words fairl y brief Because of space lim itations your pearls of prose may be edited but as above DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as well as your praises L etters for publication should beatthe DUSTY TIMES office by the rsth of the month in order to appear in the next issue Classified FOR SALE Class 5 Baja Bug Fresh Kreisler trans with Hewlands fresh 2240 cc engine Center Lines Fuel Safe Filler Safety KYBs Won five out of five AMSA races in 1983 Race ready for racing or play 6500 Call George 818 506 8332 FOR SALE Funco SS II 1 1600 llY wheelbase 065 chrome moly frame 15 gallon fuel cell nets glass body one aluminum body lots of extras less engine and trans No reasonable offer refused Call 818 341 1860 FOR SALE Class 2 1600 1983 Raceco All the best equipment Bilsteins Streakers Edwards tires uni power steering Parker Pumper Fuel Safe cell all SwayA W ay torsion bars and Killer Spindles Mike Neal engine and many extras Race Ready for 14 000 Call 213 591 5665 Ask for Jim FOR SALE Funco Class 2 new and never raced 2180 cc motor Carillo rods new desert transmission link pin combo Sway A Way 22 gallon fuel cell and all of the rest and best equipment In clean race ready conditjon including paint and trailer Call Mike 702 8133101 or Mike Bishop 916 682 9484 Price 8 000 00 firm FOR SALE Four Firestone A TX Radial 23 degree tires size 33 x 12 50 R 15 LT mud and snow Perfect for a pickup 4 x 4 or camper Near new with only a few hundred miles on the road 450 tak es all four Hill sid e Racing 8 18 889 5601 r Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I DUSTY TIMES C lassified Advertising rate is only 10 fo r 45 words not including name address and phone number Add 5 00 for use of black and white photo or a very sharp color print CHARTER SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES A 45 word C lassified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe If you wish to use a pho to in your free ad enclose 5 00 Please run ad _ __ __ _ _ times Enclosed is _ _ _ _ _ Send check or money order no cash Name Mail To Address _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ Phoni _ _ _ __ _ __ C ity _ _ __ __ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ State _ __ __ Page46 Zip _ _ _ _ _ __ July 1984 DUSTY TIMES 5331 De ry Ave suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I FOR SALE 1982 Raceco Single Seater raced only six times Fresh 2340 motor Kreisler bus trans with Hewland gears Lee power steering Sway A Way C enter Lines BFG tires AMS brakes Bilst e ins 17 of travel windshield wing new fiberglass Flameout system 27 gallon fuel cell 15 000 complete or 11 000 as a roller McBride Racing Ent 714 529 1111 FOR SALE 1983 Berrien 1001 chrome moly race chassis 1983 NCPS Points winner Class 1 Integral front end rear arms and spring plates plus much more included 3000 00 Call for more info Jeff Probst 815 485 7223 days 815 485 4691 evenings FOR SALE 1979 Chevy Luv Class 7S truck pro built 9 floater rear 25 gal tank Fires tones Centerlines Rough Country Taylor Seats 2 extra engines and boxes of parts This truck has been in storage and is in mint condition may be streetable 3000 00 or best offer Call Tom Renolds 818 367 1634 FOR SALE Brandwood Tandem 120 WB 11 travel front 16 rear 10 wider front end Wright Tectira Porsche CVs Dura Blue Sway A Way Fox Shox Neal 22 gal fuel cell Super Seats Rapid Cool Braided lines Morse cables Centerlines much more Everytqing brand new complete less engine and trans 16 000 invested sell for 8500 Gene Greenlee Tempe AZ 602 831 8166 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS BAJA CROSS 22 BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 5 C O R E 30 DUSTY TIMES 23 FILLER PRODUCTS 35 FIRESTONE TIRE RUBBER CO BACK COVER FOLKSWAGON 4 F 0 R D A 16 FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 33 GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 36 GIANT OFF ROAD CENTERS 19 GOODYEAR TIRE RUBBER CO 24 25 H P S 10 JAMAR PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 20 KC HILITES 15 McKENZIE AUTOMOTIVE 31 MINT 400 7 MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP 47 MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES 2 NELSON DUNN 17 NEVADA OFF ROAD BUGL r 14 PYLE DRIVER CHARITY RACE 38 39 RACECO 28 SAN FERNANDO BUGGY CENTER 11 SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION 28 SIMPSON SAFETY PRODUCTS 31 SNORE LTD 13 STATION 1 21 TIRE WHEEL MART 27 TRACKSIDE PHOTO ENTERPRISES 32 TRI MIL INDUSTRIES 9 Dusty Times

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