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1984 Volume 1 Number 6 Dusty Times Magazine

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I IIII IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIJII II Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill IIll IIll Ill llll llllll llll Ill Ill Ill Ill II Ill II Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill llllll lllll Ill lllll Ill Ill Ill Ill II Ill Ill II Ill Ill Ill Ill II Ill IIll Ill Ill Ill II Ill II Ill Ill Ill IIIIIII IIIIII Ill Ill IIll II Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill II Ill Ill IIll llllll llllll llll Ill Ill 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 NOW AVAILABLE I I 35 2 TALL DESERT RACER TIRE FROM I EPEK i i 5 The latest Desert Racer tire by Dick Cepek is the new 10 36 15 Made especially for all long travel suspension desert carsthese are real winners This is a larger version of the same Desert Racer tire and tread style that we ve been winning off road races with everywhere Desert Racer tires offer a totally new sidewall construction which drivers praise as being virtually troublefree WINNER S LOG i 198 lJ f ION 1st PLACE 1983 Baja 500 CLASS 1 CLASS 5 1600 1st PLACE 1983 Baja 1000 CLASS 10 1st PLACE 1983 Mexicalli 250 CLASS 1 1st PLACE 1983 Frontier 500 CLASS 9 1st PLACE 1983 San Felipe 250 CLASS 10 1981 CHAMPION CLASS 1 1600 1st PLACE 1981 Parker 400 CLASS 1 1600 1st PLACE 1981 Baja 500 CLASS 1 1600 2nd PLACE 1981 Baja 1000 CLASS 1 1600 2nd PLACE 1981 Mint 400 CLASS 1 1600 PURE RACE TIRE CONSTRUC Be a Desert Racer with your race II run and won with one Set Of t i re S Desert Racers by Dick Cepek SOLD FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY SIZE 10 36 15 REAR TIRES TION SUPER STRONG LIGHTWEIGHT RACING NYLON EXTRA STIFF REINFORCED LOWER SIDEWALL NO UNNECESSARY WEIGHT NO SOLID WHITE LETTERS WHICH ADD 4 LBS TO TIRE RUBBER COMPOUNDED FOR BAJA ROCK SERVICE DESIGNED TO FINISH AND WIN OFF ROAD RACES BAJA PROVEN AND THEY ARE PRICED RIGHT 5 5 a SIZE 10 33 15 REAR OR ALL iii TIR 15 OH 17 10 32 15 SIZE 7 30 15 FRONT TIRES SIZE 10 32 15 REAR OR ALL i os E s 3 o f L 1 i C 28 31 8 10 0 9 0 4 8 i 79 95 WE HAVE 5 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 83 Masterc Ofd c COPYRIGHT l984 DICK CEPEK INC SOUTH GATE 9201 California Ave South Gate Ca 90280 213 569 1675GARDEN GROVE 13691 Harbor Bl Garden Grove Ca 92643 714 530 6900 RIVERSIDE 6614 Indiana Ave Riverside Ca 92506 714 788 4000 EL CAJON 502 E Main St El Cajon Ca 92020 619 442 8689 LAS VEGAS 2975 Industrial Rd Las Vegas Nev 89114 702 733 6665 _ _ 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 II II II II II II IIIIIIII Ill Ill Ill II II II Ill Ill II Ill II II II II IIIIIIII IIIIII II Ill Ill lllll Ill llll Ill 1111111111111111 IIII Ill Ill II II Ill Ill II II II Ill Ill Ill IIll Ill II Ill Ill Ill Ill IIll IIll IIll Ill Ill II Ill Ill Ill II Ill lllllllll II IIII II IIII II Ill IIll Ill II II Ill Ill lllll II Ill II Ill Ill Ill llF

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June 1984 Volume 1 No 6 In This Issue FEATURES Editor Publisher Jean Calvin Contributors Daryl D Drake Peggy Ellenburg Homer Eubanks Rick Hochfeld Martin Holmes Rory Ive rs Danny McKenzie Bill Oursler Brenda Parker David R yskamp Walt Schwalbe Wayne Simmons Judy Smith T rackside Photo Enterpri_ses Art Director Larry E Worsham Typesetting Production Michelle s Typesetting Services Printing News Type Service S ubscription Rates 12 00 per year 14 issues USA Foreign subscription rates on request Contributions DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions but is not responsible for such material Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope Classified Ads will be puhlished as received prepaid DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors All ads may be subject to editing DUSTY TIMES is published by Hillside Racing Corp 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 818 889 5600 Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher Direct all advertising and editorial material to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH Page Mint 400 Dodge Ramcharger Baja Cross at Saddleback Park Florida 400 Score Show Rally Week Northwest Pro Can Am Ellensburg 200 Port Wine Rally of Portugal Stadium Racing at Pomona ADRA Loma 125 _ VORRA at Baylands Profile Kazoo Krew 10 19 20 22 25 26 28 30 32 34 36 41 DEPARTMENTS Snapshot of the Month 3 4 Soap Box by K J Howe Trail Notes 4 Side Track by J dy Smith 5 Midwest Report by Brenda Parker 6 H a ppenings 8 Good Stuff Directory 38 Bounces from the Berm 42 Classified Ads 42 Index to Advertisers 42 DUSTY Tl BECOME Come in Bai stow Tower Request clearance for Daggett Approach Control Well Mike Randall and Bob Bower had almost enough altitude to need air traffic clearance last December at the Score Barsto w Classic Their Jeep Honcho led Class 4 for two of th_e four laps but then succumbed to the rough desert course m aybe because of this action All the two drivers suffered was d isappo intment Photo Trackside Pho to Ent DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar funni es o r woes on this page each month Send us your snapshot of something comic o r some disaster fo r consideration DUSTY TIMES will pay 10 fo r th e pic t ure use d If yo u wi s h the pho t o re turned enc lose a stamped self addressed envelope O nly black white prints Sx7 or 8x 10 will be considered ON THE COVER T he wild and rugged Mi nt 400 d id in 75 percent ofi he entry Not only surviving the dusty mad ness but taking their fii s t major off road victo ry were T im and C hr is Casey T heir La Paz Cock tail Mix Jeep H oncho never missed a beat and the young sons of Larry Casey p lowed silt all d ay and into th e ni ght to win C lass 4 by nearly two ho urs The cock tail mix for the celebration was on the house Colo r Pho tography by Noel Deitrich of Trackside Photo Enterprises Dusty Times I I I June 1984 Page 3

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1 on a yearly basis Victories in a major race become evergreens i_n advertising parlance and a win at the Mint 400 or the Baja 1000 can b e advertised by the manufacturer throughout the _______________________ _ _ _ _ _ year which in extends the promotor s advertising dollars THE SCORE BAJA INTERNACIONAL draw ing happened just on for his particular event b K J Howe week after the Mint 400 and around 104 names were in the hopper at Dee Therein lies the bad news Ok Director Public Relations Advertising and Promotion Engineering in tfw car classes plus th ere was a bunch more entries in the bike you say The big companies have the Mint Hotel Casino 3 wheeler and Oayssey classes No sooner was th e ink dry o n the course maps given th e sport add ed when Score dropped a veritable bombshell BAJA WAS MOVED TO respectability much the same as BARSTOW Actually th e move se ems to bf for th better and the reasons There is good news in off road at off road racing as a Parnelli Jones did in the early for the sudden shift are m yriad Basically the Bl j a b urse looked goed but racing and there is bad news The promotional vehicle to sell their days and as Bill Aslup Roger there was trouble getting the ranchers and the government officials to agree during the nego tiations about land use open fen ce gates and so forth As late good news is that the sport is products and the sport began to Mears and o thers from the Indy as Ma y 14 Sal Fish President of Score International was hard at work in without doubt the most friendly see contingency money grow car ranks do for us today Mexico trying to get the difficulties ironed out btJt it flat didn t work and group oriented professional fro m a few thousand to the Correct But the crux of the Scor e had app lied for a Barstow pe rmit last year fo r early June so Sal mo tor racing sport there is More vicinity of 150 000 in a few si tuation is that we off road Fish made the bo ld move and took his Jun e race to the Barstow area racers have been given more years Off road racing became of racing as a sport are not ready Everyth ing happens at the same time and station wi th tech and contingency opportunities more often and age Manufacturers signed top for this super big time attention registration on Friday June 1 the race is o n Saturday and for the cars it will sooner in off road racing than drivers to lucrative contracts and and mega buck infusion by the be a twi night affair The bike types wi ll do the dawn patrol All pre and post any other motor sport form I the sport developed its own manufacturers We are not ready race ac ti vity will be at the Barstow Community College used by Score last include the off road motor superstars Walker Evans Rod because we do not have a December and a most hospitable locale As we go to press the actual co urse is cyclists three wheeler A TV s Hall Ivan St wart Bobby Ferro common ground under which we a bit up in the air but th e word is that it will be lo nger with a lo t of new stuff perhaps going into the Jo hnson Valley area Don t call us call Score By the and the emerging Odyssey Roger Mears Sherman Balch race in every event Each racing way Score is assured th at the difficulties south of the border will be taken segments as well as the four et al received the attention in the organization has its own set of care oflong before the November 1 4 running of the traditional Baja 1000 so wheelers media The constant battles rules and its own feelings as to keep that plan on your calendar how the sport should evolve between Jim Connors and John One of the best all around Until we get on common ground _ Baker became items of interest CONGRATULATIONS TO IV AN STEW ART who had a busy spri ng racers in the world today came in all classes we will remain In mid April Ivan not o nl y won the C lass 7 points at the inaugural Mickey from our ranks Rick Mears who for the fan as well as the press Thompson s Off Road C hampio nship Gran Prix at Pomona but during the Nissan Toyota Mitsubishi almost there an almost won every major off road event evenin g Ivan Stewart was presented with the Dennis Keefe M emorial Award around in the s eventies Mazda and Honda joined Ford serious sport and almost part for his contributio ns to the sport of off road racing For those new to the of motor racing where a Chevrolet Dodge AMC Jeep including the Mint 400 in 1976 sport Dennis Keefe was an avid off road racer Dennis died in a tragic 1981 and International Harvester in competitor can evolve logically and went on to capture the 1979 plane crash The first of May Ivan Stewart made good h is threat to catch and Indianapolis 500 and continues attempts to conquer the desert from the slower low buck classes even beat the C lass 8s in the desert with t he trick Toyota Ivan did just that at an d subsequently extol the to the faster big buck the Mint 400 to bring the off road fraternity sophisticated ones virtues of their product in great pride because one of our nation al r adio televi s ion As a race promotor and a THE FIN AL CHECKERED FLAG has fl uttered fo r motor racing pioneer own became a famous racer and J C Agajani an better known as Aggie and for his Texas size Stetson J C is considered a motor racing new spaper and mag az ine driver I welcome any solution to advertisements B F Goodrich this situation which is beginning Agajanian has been promoting motor sport events for many many years a lo t gentleman Others from the Goodyear and Uniroyal found to become deleterious to the of th em at his own track Ascot Park in Los Angeles He also was a heavy duty round track wars have competed co mpetition from Western further evolution of the sport I sponsor of Indy ca rs and many current and past stars including Parnelli on the off road circuit with Jones drove his 98 racers to victory J C Agajanian d ied in May of Auto Gates Kelly Armstrong do not have all of i he answers complications from pneumonia but the sport he loved is carrying on Ascot limited success AI and Bobby Bridgestone Tectira and others but I have some suggested Park will continue to be operated by Agajanian Enterprises headed by Unser Rq er Ward Wally for tire supremacy off road changes that when coupled with Aggie s sons Cary Jay and Chris Dallenbach to name but a few Their ads were among the most other more logical minds than have given desert racing a go but prolific of the period and remain mine _might have an affect on the IF YOU MISSED THE MINT400 awa rds o r got tired of wa iting around with poor results while the C lass l Obusiness was sorted you also missed the annua l statement so today Why there s dollars sport which will allow us to grow by K J Howe about next year Many rumors said that 1984 would be the last Only Parnelli Jones was able to and sales in them thar deserts and become a major force in Mint 400 but such rumo rs surface eve ry year H owe has annou nced that the prove capable of winn1ng in the Today off road racing is pretty motor sports worldwide Of 1985 Mint 400 will happen May 2 through 5 in 1985 K J also plans to desert regular y He wo much separated into two distinct course self interest and petty sm o ke a b ig enough peace pipe wi th the Indians to get the rock garden back everything in the early days of segments There are the big buck jealousies must be put aside on the course He says the dry lake will not be navigable for several years our sport including the Blizzard backed mini trucks in class seven along with unreasonable know hence Mint in 1973 with Bill Stroppe and the full sized high budget it all attitudes and I win at all H P S SYNTHETIC OIL fo lks are delighted with th e upturn in their riding shotgun He was off road offerings of class 4 and 8 with the cost and nothing else matters THE business this yea r While th ey continue to have incredible winning success in racing s media hook and he was Class 3 racing machines philosophies off road racing they are just as pleased with the current degree of acceptance instrumental in getting the comprising one segment and the It s time to break out the of what many call snake oil by the general public Not only in racing but in attention of the national media open wheeled and VW sedan original Off Road Racers many other areas of performance motoring H P S is getting to be a wherever he competed He was classes part of the other segment Coordinating Council files arid househo ld word and better yet used with great success press and he had a rame and he What is difficult to imagine is dust it off to see if there is COBRA SEASON OPENED in Oklahoma City last spring and gave off road racing a legitimacy that the money expended by the anything in there t t might THE while the hoped for race report didn t arriv there are results from th e sho rt that was necessary if it were to be builders of racing machines in direct us to the right path We course bash D oc Dockins won Class A 1600 Unlimited sort of a Class 10 in taken seriously Too much of the classes 3 4 7 and 8 which better call in the Vic Hickeys Bill western terms and Wayne C urtis was second The C lass B winners were the Walter Mitty tongue in cheek comprise approximately 15 of Stroppes Bill Harkeys Lynn team of Royce Mathis and Henry Mindack followed by Doc Dockins then attitudes prevailed arttong media the field in any of the large races Chenowths and Cal Wells along Jim Baker No we don t know exactly what Class Bis either but they do have hirearchv AP UPI ABC CBS exceed the expenditures in the with the McKenzies Thomp some fun races around Okie C ity NBC Other than Parnelli only other classes by a considerable sons Lotts Webbs Vaughns THE DALLAS COTTON BOWL stadium race out of Pace Management Speed King Mickey Thompson amount Sellecks Ed Peadmans et a1 to just might have been the swan song for that company in its involvement with had serious media value Johnny This huge monetary outlay see if we can t find a cle ar fair off road racing cars A husky 47 entries were on hand in Dallas for the all Rutherfprd gave off roadracinga obviously is the result of factory direction for the sport that we Class 10 affair and it was part of a giant truck pull championship meet late in try in the mid seventies as did backing and total efforts of the can put before the racers and April After qualifying the field narrowed down actually came down to about sports car and stock car types major auto builders here and in manufacturers and the media and half Our reports say that Glenn Harris won the first heat race Mike Gillman but only Jones and Thompson JaIJan With their involvement say to one and all This is off was second and Bob Gordon was third The second heat honors went to Scott were consistent competitors off road racing has been given road racing the best damned Gillman followed by Michael Withers and Al Arcier6 In the semi main In the mid seventies a new much more attention by the fairest most logical form of Frank Arciero Jr came out winners over Ron Carter In the ll ain event Scott force was emerging in the sport advertising community and 5he_ motor sports of them all and Gillman was the big money winner Glenn Harris nailed down second Bob Gordon was th ird and Al Arciero was fourth The major tire and auto race promotors have found new _darn well proud of it manufacturers were now looking avenues to pu_blicize their events TRAIL NOTES continued on pag_e 6 Thumbs Up Soap Box O fLERs S t NEED A FENDER AXLE TRANS WE HAVE THE LARG E ST STOCK OF V W PARTS IN CALIFORNIA HUGE STOCK OF PORSCHE PARTS RE IUIU V W PAm 213 768 4555 SHELDON 11623 Page 4 June 1984 OPEN 8 A M 5 P M MONDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 8 A M NOON SHll l IIIG AVAIWLE ST SUN VALLEY CA 11352 Dusty Tim s

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He finally got Walt Lott s them Who could blame them number of emergency calls number somewhe re around 6 00 handled coolly and efficiently by The awards finally started at the ambulance and Flight for Life a m and called Walt waking about 2 45 and at about that People It was fasc inating him up to explain the problem same time Dean called the Gun Walt agreed that something had Club to tell them that Trenholm listening One situation that didn t get to be done but pleading fatigue and Irvine had a legal engine So handled so well was the post race asked to meet with the group a they got their third place but all race MT decided that common tech inspection in Class 10 bit later in the morning When he the joy and pride of accomplish sense should prevail and he sent When they got to the third place arrived at 9 a m he told ment had been taken out of their his race car home so he wouldn t car it P G d at 24 5 a Trenholm and Irvine that he d good race be tempted to race He was a mysterious number that meant get Butch Dean a Las Vegas The kicker was that when it disappointed spectator at the nothing to the drivers Kit engine builder to do the tear 1 aS first P G d and it start Saturday morning and Trenholm Jr and Jack Irvine down that they wantecl measured out to 24 5 c i which when he wished us luck and said They said they were sure their Now they waited for Dean At multiplies to 98 0 c i for four I envy you we had no trouble engine was legal and they asked about 12 45 Walt headed out for cylinders no one including the believing him to have it torn down right then to the Gun Club where the awards tech inspectors had realized that A couple of rac ers did themprove it The P G person told ceremonies were scheduled for 1 98 0 c i s is 1600ccs and the selves more subtle damage by them that they d already meas p m Trenholm and Irvine still legal size lim_it for engines in Class chewing away at their insides ured the engine a couple of times waited now becoming a bit 10 is 1650 ccs which would have Both Jim Taber and Jim Sumners and they were disqualified for frustrated and anxious Dean been 100 7 c i or 25 plus per have recently had severe brushes being oversized so they should finally got there at about 2 30 cylinder Those number are with bleeding ulcers Sumners having had some problem finding clearly spelled out in the HORA leave spent two weeks in the hospital So Trenholm and Irvine and his shop keys which had in and SCORE rule books and if and right up to tech and all their fam ily and pit went back advertently been taken by a pit the inspectors had had either contingency day wasn t too sure to Las Vegas very disheartened person That meant that he book available all the agony and he d make the Mint but he got and unhappy Trenholm s father couldn t get into his shop and he frustration that Trenholm and everything ready just in case Kit Sr called their engine had a hard time rounding up the Irvine went through could have Taber missed the hospital and a builder for advice but he was out necessary too ls to do the job been prevented They were consteady diet of yogurt and cottage doing some post race partying properly cerned that their fine reputation cheese had him feeling good and and didn t get the message until Meanwhile out at the Gun as top off roader drivers had ready to drive the Mint in Class 2 30 a m He assured the Tren Club things were a bit irritable been besmirched and also deeply 10 with Marty Reider holms that the engine had been too The awards scheduled to missed the post race sense of Reider and Taber broke on the perfectly legal in size although start at 1 p m were now an hour celebration and pleasure at having first lap of the race but Sumners built with a different combin and a halflate and the racers who done well at the Mint Too Bad made it to lap four before losing ation of stroke and bore than had long drives home were illlv Smith is nor on 111 mrnrd u inning some So Trenholm got a few qetting itchy to go but of 11 ro

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TRAIL NOTES Cointinued from Page 4 ATTENTION CANADA BOUND RACERS B eiula A Parker EGG ON FACE DEPARTMENT Last mo nth in the story abou t th e Tampa Florida short course race we erroneously awarded credit for the wild seq u ence of roll over pictures of J R T ay lor to our man in Florida Wayne Simmons It turns o ut that the photographer who ca ught that actio n was Jo hn Sprovkin so o ur apologies go to John and _congrats o n great sho ts THE PYLE DRIVER CHARITY OFF ROAD RACE ho nest that is the name is a new entry into the summer sweepstakes for the short course driver entry A ctually the Pyle Driver is a bona fide charity event with proceeds going to the R M Pyle Boy s Camp in southern California The d ate is August 18th and the location is Mesa M arin Raceway in Bakersfield CA It o ught to be a warm o ne both in competition and climate However the racing happens in the cool o f the evening Entry is open to C lasses I 5 7 and 10 and also to 250 cc 3 wheelers Backed by Pipe Line Trucking Inc the charity eyent is being directed by Marty Tripes with help fro m Charlie and Linda Engelhart of Baja Cross fame There is a fat guaranteed purse and all the trimmings and the organizers expect a big turn o ut for the benefit race AMSA AT FRESNO has been moved back a week to June 23 and 24 and this will keep southland short course racers hopping since the Pomona stadium race is o n Saturday June 23 The Fresno Fairgrounds affair will be a three ring circus sponsored by Coors Jim W ebb plans to run ATCs and motorcycles in a two hour Grand Prix and o n Sunday he will stage the six ho ur enduro fo r cars on an elo ngated course that will use the infield as well as the horse track at the Fairgrounds Webb states that he expects to have some desert cars in the entry rather than the pure bred stadium racers known to be a bit fragile o n the long haul According to Webb the course will be plenty rough enough to encourage the use of extra protective pfates that do add weight to a race car W ebb estimates it will be the desert cars that will still be running and winning at the end of six hours For this event the pits will be in the infield so no one will need to cross the track during the event It sounds like a different idea for the west coast short course drivers RALLY FLASH The third round in th e SCCA Pro Rally Series the M ichigan Internatio nal Rall y happened the same weekend as the Mint 400 The news is th at Jo hn Buffum collected another first overall in his Audi Quattro but Kiwi Rod Millen finished second in his 4 X D Mazda RX 7 Millen still leads the series after three of the nine events but by just ten points After nearly 400 miles on the road Canadian Walter Boyce won the Standard Production title by just five seconds driving a Volkswagen Rabbit GTI Another Kiwi Richard Kelsey took the victory in the G T Producti m class driving a more nbrmal 2 WD Mazda RX 7 Read the full report on the Michigan Rally in DUSTY TIMES next month I had occasion last week to phone the C ustoms Office in Windsor Canada to ask about the bonding that will be required for all U S racers bringing their cars into Canada It is my understanding that there will be no bond posted by SCORE Canada therefore each racer will have to post his own bond with the Canadian government I talked with Ms DePaauw who stated that you will be required to post a 500 Canadian funds bond with the customs officials the first time that you go into Canada If you are going to be racing there more than once you can indicate that you want the bond to be for a period of six 6 months rather than just for the weekend You will be given a receipt which you will show each time that you cross the border You ill not have to stop each time to go_ through all the paper work although the authorities may ask you to stop so that they can inspect what you are taking into the country Ms DePaauw also stated that you should h ave an itemized list with a copy for yourself of all of your too ls and all spare parts for the car th at you are taking into the country When you are leaving the country for the last time at the end of your racing FROM SCORE INTERNATIONAL THE BAJA INTERNAC IONAL Has been moved to Barstow THE BAJA IN BARSTOW RACE IS JUNE 1 2 3 1984 ALL SCORE CLASSES WILL RACE OVER A NEW AND LONGER COURSE AT BARSTOW REGISTRATION TECH INSPECTION CONTINGENCY ROW ANO AWARDS WILL ALL HAPPEN AT THE BARSTOW COMMUNITY COLLEGE SCORE announced the reason for the sudden shift in location for the June classic was due to problems in Mexico on May 14 we were advised that the ranchers and Mexican government were unable to agree in their negotiations SCORE concluded that holding an off road race at this time in Baja California would be contrary to their concern tor the_safety of the competitors SCORE has been guaranteed by both Mexican government officials and the ranchers that agreement will be reached well in advance of the SCORE BAJA 1ODO November 1 4 1984 THE 2 WHEEL AND 3 WHEEL RACERS WILL NOT BE ON THE COURSE WITH THE FOUR WHEEL CLASSES THE BIKES 3 WHEELERS AND ODYSSEYS WILL START ABOUT 5 A M ON SATURDAY AND Rf CE UNTIL EARLY AFTERNOON THE COURSE WILL BE SWEPT CLEAN AND THE FOUR WHEEL CLASSES WILL START AROUND 4 P M Get the complete schedule from SCORE International 818 889 9216 31356 Via Colinas Suite 111 Westlake Village CA 91362 season you will then stop and clear the car and other items with customs so that your 500 bond can be returned to you On o ur first trip to Canada in 1981 the customs people were confused that there was no VIN Vehicle Identification Number on th e car We solved that problem th e nex t yea r by stamping my husband s social security number o n the frame This might be one solutio n so that you can avoid problems in this regard If you have an y questions you can reach the Canadian customs office in Windsor d urin g business ho urs Monday th ro ugh Friday at 519 254 9202 Sa 1e u a u 99 1 1533 TRUMAN ST SAN FERNANDO CA Phone 213 361 1215 OFF ROAD CHASSIS MANUFACTURER Chrome Moly Front Beam Has boxed in gusset on shock towers Can be bolted directly to a Bug Shock towers are for the long shocks Over 8 of wheel travel Nylon bushings Torsion bar mounting holes or blocks are chamfered for easy assembly KROYER S 3 x 3 100 CHROME MOLY ARMS ARE IN STOCK AND READY FOR DELIVERY 400 Sa 9 99 1 tu 595 1533 TR UMAN ST SAN FERNANDO CA Phone 213 361 1215 Special Sizes Available Page 6 June 1984 Dusty Times

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OUTINTHE NEVADA DESERT THE ONLY THING MORE LEGENDARY THAN WALKER EVANS IS THE TIRES HE RIDES ON In every sport there s one name that seems to loom larger than life In off road racing that name is Walker Evans For nearly a decade Walker and his rugged Goodyear Wranglers have had a virtual lock on Class 8 in the Mint 400 1984 was no different Besting a very tough field Walker took his Wrangler equipped Dodge past another checkered flag for an unprecedented seventh victory 2 Close behind was the everpersistent Dave Shoppe in his Ford F 150 making it a one two sweep for Wranglers And Tim Casey s first win in Class 4 in his Jeep Honcho put the icing on the cake Consistent victory It s just the sort of thing folks have learned to expect from Walker Evans And just the sort of thing they ve learned to demand from Goodyear Wranglers The stuff legends are made of Tim Casey Jeep Honcho WRANGLER RULES THE ROAD GOODIYEAR

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I I 10A4 HAPPENINGS A D R A Arizona Desert Racing Association 1408 East Granada Phoenix AZ 85006 602 252 1900 June 9 2nd Annual Young Classic Young Arizona September 1 7th Annual Giant Off Road Centers Snowflake Buggy Bash Snowflake Arizona October 20 8th Annual Penasco 150 Rocky Point Mexico December 1 8th Annual Sonoita to Rocky Point Hare N Hound Mexico January 19 1985 Annual Awards Banquet AMSA American Motor Sports Association P O Box 5473 Fresno CA 93755 209 439 2114 June 16 17 USA Off Road Grand Prix World Championship Off Road Race of Champions Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA September 1 3 12 Hour Mojave Desert Challenge California City _CA October 21 Fresno Fair Off Road Championship Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA November 23 25 Palm Springs Classic Palm Springs CA BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Berrien Series Gil Parker 7406 S 12th St Kalamazoo Ml 49009 June 23 24 Bay Area Glassic DePere WI July 7 8 Sugar Camp Challenge Sugar Camp WI July 21 22 U P Off Road lOQ Bark River MI July 29 Macon County Fair Decatur IL August 4 5 Hodag 50 Rhinela der WI September 1 2 Brush Run 101 Crandon WI September 15 16 Dixie Sprints Birch Run MI Septemb r 29 Lincoln Trail Off Roaders Decatur IL BUDWEISER BAJA CROSS Baja Cross Racing 13704 Bechard Ave Norwalk CA 90650 213 921 2838 July 29 Saddlebatk Park Orange CA Page 8 September 9 douhlc m ints Saddleback Park Orange CA BUG E RACEW A Y Bug E Warehouse 1 i915 So Presa San Antonio Texas 78210 512 533 8056 July 8 Bug E Raceway San Antonio Texas September 16 Bug E Raceway San Antonio Texas COBRA RACING P O Box 19407 Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73119 405 232 4231 405 685 3450 all off road races will be held at the 59th Douglas track Oklahoma City June 16 Nightmare 150 Pro Race July 8 Points Race August 11 18 Cobra 300 Pro Race August 26 Points Race September 2 Points Race October21 Points Race Flatlander Four Wheele_rs of Omaha Inc Sue Stockinger 8220 Biondo 344 Omaha Nebraska 68134 402 390 9824 June 17 6th Annual June Bust Out Short Course Race Omaha Nebraska FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers Association 1618 Daly St Orlando Florida 32808 305 851 6245 June 17 Palm Beach Fairground Speedway Palm Beach Florida July 7 Cracker 150 Crowder Pits Tallahassee Florida August 12 East Bay Raceway Tampa Florida September 2 Labor Day 150 Crowder Pits Tallahassee Florida October 7 East Bay Raceway Tampa Florida November 17 18 Crowder Pits Tallahassee Florida January 6 1985 East Bay Raceway Tampa Florida AND l ASf Svf ND1 LEAST t D L KE 10 fAANl MY NIFE foR LEAYIUA Mt WHEk S t fO Jro CJV f J Si 1 A L OF_O JR SAVlfJu S Ot0 Al

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SCORE Score International 31356 Via Colinas Suite 111 Westlake Village CA 91362 213 889 9216 July 28 29 HORA SNORE POINTS Midnight Special Las Vegas Nevada June 1 3 Baja in Barstow Barstow CA September 14 16 HORA SNORE POINTS SNORE 250 Jean Nevada September 14 16 Off Road W o rld Championships Riverside CA October 28 Po ints Race Las Vegas Nevada November 1 4 Baia 1000 Ensenada BC Mexico November JO December 2 Barstow Classic Barstow CA January 5 1985 Score Awards Banquet Los Angeles CA SCORE CANADA INC SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION 460 No Beaumont Ave Brookfield Wisconsin 53005 715 272 1489 June 9 10 Mid Wisconsin Off Road Showdown Marshfield Wisconsin June 23 24 Bay Area Classic DePere Wisconsin July 7 8 Sugar Camp Off Road Challenge Sugar Camp Wisconsin VORRA WESTERN HILL CLIMB VaHey Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd Sacramento CA 95838 916 925 1702 June 2 3 Spring Teller County Hill Climb C ripple Creek Colorado July 21 22 U P Off Road 100 Bark River Michigan June 23 24 Virginia City 200 Virginia City Nevada August 4 5 Rhinelander Hodag 50 Rhinelander Wisconsin July 28 Jim Ingold Memorial Race Sho rt Course Baylands Raceway Fremont CA August 18 19 Prime Challenge Trego Wisconsin September 1 3 VORRA 250 Desert Race Dayton Nevada September 1 2 Brush Run 101 Crandon Wisconsin October 20 21 Short Course Championship Race September 22 23 Location TBA July 7 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Colorado Springs Colorado September 1 2 Lands End Hill Climb Grand Junction Colorado September 29 30 Fall Teller County Hill Climb Cripple Creek Colorado Neu Mexico Hill Climb dare pending RACE ORGANIZERS List your coming et Cltts in Dusty Times free Send your 1 84 schedule as soon as possible far listin in this column Mail your C1 Cllt schedule to DustT Times 533 r Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery Quebec J6N 1A3 Canada 514 692 6171 June 2 Montreal Olympic Stadium Stadium Race Classes IO 7 only Montreal Quebec Junes CNE Exhibition Stadium Stadium Race Classes IO 7 only June 9 10 Short Course Race Kitchener Ontario June 29 30 July l Canada Day Cup Notte Dame Du Nord Quebec July 14 1 5 Short Course Race Chicoutimi Quebec August 11 12 Zoar Motor Park Buffalo New York August 25 26 Short Course Race Rimouski Quebec September 29 30 Zoar Motor Park Buffalo New York October 13 14 Short Course Race Toronto Ontario November 10 11 Short Course Race Tampa Aorida SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION P O Box 7380 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 702 459 0317 June 8 10 Delamar 400 I as Vegas Nevada August 24 26 Nevada 300 Las Vegas Nevada November 16 17 Silver Dust 400 Las Vegas Nevada SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P O Box 4394 Las Vegas Nevada 89106 702 363 6456 if 7 C Z The KC oayl ighter The number one choice of off road enthusiasts across the United States Around the world Since 1970 But whats happen ing our original KC HiliTES Daylighter design has been ripped off You can now buy a light that looks like a oaylighter But the similarities end right there The housing on the look alike is not plated or painted to our r igid guidelines In fact we bui ld lights only one way if the quality isnt good enough that wed buy it ourselves we wont try and se ll it to you The flex that protects the wiring on the look alike is not chrome plated like the genu ine oayl ighter The rubber mount on the oaylighter originally designed by KC is special ly fo rmulated to resist m ildew rot and breakdown 5 year warranty even during competition events complete details Inside every light package KC HiliTESwe come alive at nite WILLIAMS ARIZONA 86046 602 635 2607 SKOAL BANDITS SNORE SE kIES Ladles Jacket 1as shown1 Navy Blue summer style 49 95 Men s Jacket competition summer style unlined Anthracite cotor 34 95 Other styles available call or write for apparel brochure Add 3 50 each for postage on Jackets above June 16 T wi Light Points Race Las Vegas Nevada Dusty Times The Bulb our u s manufactured bu lb is far far superior for life Accuracy For brightness The warranty No look alike has KCs new s year warranty How About You can you afford not to run the very latest in lighting technology on your vehicle After all what kind of a product wou ld you expect from a company who tries to make cheaper inferior copies of someone else s ideas cet the Book Heres the latest book on au xiliary lighting d irect from the so urce KCs giant 1984 f ull co lor catalog just S3 00 Slip into the Look KC styl ing for your body KC Hi Style jackets as low as S34 95 Indicate size send cash check or money order on ly June 1984 Page 9

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By Jean Calvin Congratulations to the big winners first overall for the second year in a row Jim and Billy Wright in the sleek bodied Class 2 Raceco took the lead midway and never put a wheel wrong during the r ace Over the 17 year history of the now know that most of the fun big and bad Mint 400 the event running on the northern section has faced many challenges of the traditional Mint 400 overcome many problems and course is on Indian Land with the exception of the gas Although the Mint Hotel has crisis year in 1974 the Mint 400 paid generously for the use of the had rolled every spring since Indian Land each year in this 1968 The problems this year Orwellian 1984 the Indians were many affecting the decided to triple their fee for the organizers more than the actual 30 odd miles of race course competitors at least until the asking for so the rumo_rs say a racers sampled the course But cool 15 grand Even in Las Vegas Andrew M Zorne _yice that sum is too husky for the President and General Man ager service provided so the course of the Mint Hotel and his was redone staying more Director of Public Relations K J southerly and actually making Howe got it all handled nicely two trips north and two trips The traditions of the Mint 400 south on each lap It was a bit over 100 miles and it seemed were carried on this year The first glitch in the usually even longer than that smooth running pre race activity The good news was the course was a problem with the Moapa was mostly on public land and Band of the Paiute Indians If the bad news is that the course folks didn t know before they crossed the dreaded dry lake not Class 6 sedans had a rough time in the terrain but Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling got the job done winning with the fast three lap time Page 10 used for several years and plowed through one silt bed after another Sadly most of the fun roads were gone due to the logistics of connecting one legal trail to the next to make the course But the route was truly off road with all the trimmings with a far too generous percentage of the miles really filthy running With the course sorted out in early spring the next axe that fell was the hotel workers strike against most of the Las Vegas casinos in early April While it doesn t seem to be a big blockage for an off road race the unions could have made a problem out of the situation The strike dragged on some hotels settled before race date but all the downtown casinos were still struck by race date This raised a concern about the traditional festival on Fremont Street that racers calL the contingency and tech insp e ction Some folks thought the strikers might make trouble with the crowds of people in the street The Mint officials tentatively rescheduled the inspection at the Speedrome start finish area but reaction was swift The racers wanted the glamour of the colorful parade in downtown Las Vegas and of course the neighboring casinos wanted the action from the masses of people Tech day is always a big day for the gambling halls on Fremont Street The Mint 400 leaders took the bull by the horns hired regiments of extra security people and put the inspection on Friday back on Fremont Street Police warned Thursday of a Mike and Pat Falkosky took almost all of the 18 hours to finish but finish they did in the Toyota and they won the Class 7S title as well June 1984 Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises possible sit in action on the street from the unions on strike but it did not happen Perhaps the union organizers made a scouting trip to the area on Friday saw the massed assembly of cars and hefty sized off road racers plus reams of uniformed police and thought prudence might be the better part of valor They obviously took the union action to another part o f town if at all Along with the lack of trouble from the unions during the race a bright notion is that the Mint 400 race will roll on no matter what difficulties beset the host city of Las Vegas or its individual establishments Race day was bright and sunny with only a breeze instead of the hoped for wind to blow the hanging dust away When the last armband had been snapped on a Judy Smith hops down the road in the Jean Calvin Funco and with aid from John Howard the old buggy finished seventh in Class 1 1600 Dusty Times

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Gale Pike and Steve Hummel had a tr ouble free run in the antique Ford Bronco and Pike was happy to nail second place among the Class 3s racing wrist there were 399 entries of which 381 actually started the event While it has been some years since the Mint 400 has fallen below 400 starters the nasty course scared some away And believe it or not we heard that a couple dozen would be racers would not cross the picket lines in front of the Mint Hotel to register for the race Between the strike and the bad press out of Vegas o n the strike and the news of the course change the entry was more than gratifying and the traffic on course was plenty heavy for anyone in the ranks Class 2 was first away and for sure they have proven to be the fastest of all classes in the desert In fact defending overall champs Jim and Billy Wright were one team touted to win overall again this year despite starting 53rd off the line in the 56 car field in Class 2 The racing was tight and busy on the first round with four cars all under a minute blanket It began to sort out after two laps in fact only 22 two seaters managed to go two laps of the tough course At this point Las Vegas drivers Brian Collins and Kenny Cox had their Raceco in a slim lead closely tagged by the new Class 2 Raceco of Jim Sumners with his nephew Craig Renfro riding shotgun as usual Sumners was a mere 1 minutes behind Just another two minutes back were the defending champs and the Wrights had about eight minutes in hahd over the next bunch led by Cameron Thieriot and Greg Lewin in a Funco The Class 2 ranks shrank again as only 17 finished three rounds Now it was Jim Sumners with the slim lead 2 minutes over Collins Cox but ahead of both with a strong dash through the pack was Jim Wright with seven minutes margin in class and he was the overall leader as well Thieriot and Lewin were in fourth two minutes back of Collins Cox and at this point nobody in Class 2 could challenge the leaders on time Sumners lost the trans on the final lap ending his hopes for a good Class 2 finish Jim Wright turned a remarkable 2 21 54 final lap to roar into the Speedrome first in Class 2 and first overall for the second year in a row It was the first time since the glory days of Malcolm Smith and Bud Feldkamp and the Blue Bullet that a team had won back to back overall at the Mint 400 The Wrights said later that they cooled it on the first half sized up the competition at the pit stop and then went after the victory Wright s 2 10 first lap hardly seems like a cool one however The father and son both said the DustyTim s It was a popular victory and Tim and Chris Casey led Class 4 from flag to flag had no re trouble en route to the top spot in the Jeep Las Vegas racers Brian Collins and Kenny Cox plow up a little dust In their Raceco en route to a fine second in Class 2 third overall course was really tough but they had no down time on the race track Brian Collins and Kenny Cox hung tough for second in Class 2 third overall about 17 minutes behind the winners Only another 2 minutes back Cam Thieriot and Greg Lewin had a trouble free race to third in class fourth overall in the Funco 6 50 Club Champion ih 1982 Clark Gillies with Steve Ooley codriving hustled home fourth in class in a Raceco Only 13 in Class 2 finished the rugged run and the last three were six or more hours behind the winner Class 1 all 41 of them were the second group off the line two every 30 seconds in formation The first lap was a barn burner and 12 failed to come around including most of the Arizona heavy hitters Larry Ragland Bob Shepard and Glenn Evans Out front by inches after the first go was the team of Tom Ebberts and Mike Julson in a Jimco just half a minute ahead of Jack Johnson Chenowth Magnum Tom Koch Mark Broneau had their Raceco just another minute back then came a few minutes gap to the next group led by Kenny Krumme in a Funco Midway the field was down to 17 and Ebberts Julson still led Jack Johnson now by about three minutes Krumme was just four minutes off Johnson s stern and Mike Lund Chenowth Magnum was seven more minutes back Koch Broneau lost the engine but got to the Checker pit and installed an 1835 engine from the prerunner The entire second lap was five hours and change with some really swift pit work Other contenders slowed with sundry probtems often flat tires and after three laps the class was down to ten with both Vegas stormers Johnson and Krumme among the missing Heading into the final round the fight for the lead was a near tie on total time Mike Lund headed off with a mere 22 second lead over Ebberts Julson and nobody else was within an hour r The Mint course was tdo much for the 1200 cc Baja Bugs but Dave Girdner and Lee Perfect got in a good three laps for the Class 11 win Mike Lund is flying high this year In the Magnum and he not only won Class 1 at the Mint 400 but his quick time was good for 2nd overall of the two leaders Sadly the Jimco vanished into the dust on the final round and Mike Lund zoomed home to win Class 1 by over three hours and take second Congratulations to Larry Ragland BARSTOW 250 1st Overall SAN FELIPE 250 1st TEXAS SHOOTOUT 1st We are proud that Larry has had such excellent results using JAMAR S new competition brake with balance beam P O Box 1538 42006 C Aven ida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 714 676 2066 June 1984 Page 11

Page 12

The hard luck twins Tom Koch and Mark Brcineau ch anged an engine in the Raceco and came back to win fifth place money in the big Class 1 It was a long time coming for Larry Watson the Class 9 victor had help driving from his son Jeff and they won by a cool 20 minutes more about THE 1984 MINT 400 overall honors After many pit stops the team of Frank Snook and Dave R ogalia got their Raceco home second in class about five minutes ahea d of Todd Davis and Kevin Derby driving a Funco from Arizona Also from Arizona Jerry Finney and Dan Foodrill were fourth another eight minut

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Photo taken during San Felipe 250 race Specially modified truck driven by professional race driver John Baker and co driver Jeff Wilson Smoking everyone in his own class at last years SCORE San Felipe 250 wasrit enough for driver John Baker his 2WD Class Seven Mitsubishi Truck and Team Mitsubishi So they did it all over again for the second year in a row And on top of that they dusted off all full size and 4x4 entries too Without any major mechanical breakdowns Through 250 miles of gullies and boonies that had a lot of guys digging deep for dimes to call themselves a tow truck It all adds up to strong proof that Mitsubishi makes a strong truck To find out how you can get one for yourself stop in and When it comes to off road racing the Team Mitsubishi crew is right on Their outstanding performance throughout the 1983 season paid off in both the SCORE and HDRA Championships visit your nearest Mitsubishi Motors Dealer today Or call 800 447 4700 You may never push your Mitsubishi as hard as John Baker And we certainly dorit recommend that you do But you will love the winning feeling you get driving one of the toughest trucks to ever hit the dirt MITSUBISHI TRUCKS TAKE YOU WHERE YOU VE NEVER BEEN BEFORE

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liRAnD PRIX ca MPJO N S1 Jp J lnE i 1824 19 4 Fre Fairg ounds HDUR 1 nnuRD For all AMsA _4 W h eel Classes 2 Hour Motorcycle 8 ATV Race Super 2 Mile Race course Fantastic Racing action Saturday njgbt MUD BOG n VW BUG 8 mini PICK UP SHOW FOR FURTHER INFORM TION CALL 209l439 2114 AMERICAN MOTOA SPORTS ASSOCIATIO N P Q BOX 5473 FIESNO CALIFORNIA 93755 s _ _

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I lro man is a new totLarry Bolin wh went solo in his Raceco to score a 24 second victory over the 64 car Class 10 field at the Mint more about THE MINT minutes over Rob MacCachren all three teams under five hours time Going solo in his new Raceco Larry Bolin was another nine minutes back but only 20 seconds ahead of Jim Dyer and Jim Dizney Funco who had two minutes on Jerry Leighton and so it went for a good dozen spots The Krumme racer did not finish lap 3 and R o b MacCachren did an incredible 2 17 27 fast lap for the class to take the lead but Rob did not finish the fourth lap Almost tied for second here Bolin held 33 seconds over Sourapas and Richardson both about 20 minutes ahead of the herd The two Racecos battled all the way to the checkered flag with Sourapas Richardson arriving first but losing the race by just 22 seconds to solo driver Larry Bolin The pair finished fifth and sixth overall Putting together a good second half Jack Irvine and Kit Trenholm slid into third by only a minute and change ahead of the Greg Aronson Craig Watkins Raceco Making it an all Raceco show Dennis Sellers and Bob Rodine were just another minute back in fifth and 12th overall The post race tech business initially disqualified the Irvine Trenholm entry for being ovesize in the engine Next morning saner heads prevailed the car was torn Clown and measured and found legal Get the details of the saga in Judy Smith s Side Tracks column It was announced on the P A system at the Speedrome that Rob MacCachren had been disqualified for being off course but the announcement was not official nothing came of it and of course MacCachren did not finish either A goodly pack of 36 1 1600 cars started and they had quite a battle Only six collapsed on the first lap and Rob Myerly and Randy Jones got the quick time and the lead about 2 minutes to the good over Richard Daniel and Tim McDonnell Raceco Nearly tied about two more minutes back were Bobby and Tom Neth Chenowth Magnum and John Slagor Phil Bowers Raceco Midway things changed M yerly Jones faded with electrical trouble Slagor Bower had the lead by nearly four minutes over the Neths who had only 1 minutes on the Daniel Raceco No one else was even close On the third lap Myerly Jones lost a couple of hours eventually finishing tenth Slagor and Bowers dropped about ten minutes and the race here as the Dusty Times eve ourapas and Dave Richardson hooked up the Raceco on a pole line road they narrowly missed the big win and bucks in Class 10 Neths zoomed into a four minute lead Dahiel McDonnell dropped back about seven minutes still in third but they vanished on course in the final lap Up front with another good A time it was Bobby and Tom Neth in for the victory their third class win at the Mint 400 in a 1600 cc racer Just eight minutes out John Slagor and Phil Bo ers nabbed second Jack Irvine and Kit Trenholm got third on the road lost it in tech but by Sunday they were officially third in Class 10 in their Raceco place after a thrilling race Twenty minutes back in third came Michael Spina and Bill Newman in a Bunderson who had a similar margin on Tom Ferguson Doug Mello in a Funco A husky 13 finished in Class 1 1600 on the nasty route There were 20 Class 5 Baja Bugs a hefty group but more than half fell out by the midway rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr INCREDIBLEI IN THE MINT 400 21 4 OF THE WHEEL POSITIONS WERE OCCUPIED BY OUR TIRESI AND 26 5 OF THE CARS STARTED THE ROUGH N TOUGH MINT ADVENTURE WITH DURABLE TECTIRA TIRES THAT S EXTRAORDINARY Yes we checked them off the line more race car wheels s ported TECTIRA TIRES than any other brand and more cars had em on In fact nearly 38 of the tires responding to the green flag employ ed the design skill and construction expertise that is our heritage 3 FIRSTS IN CLASS 5 SECONDS 7 THIRDS A pretty outstanding day on the course for a product that s only been around a year and a half We congratulate all the winning drivers and their crews When TOTAL PERFORMANCE and EXCEPTIONAL VALUE are important TECTIRA U rn3 TECTIRA INC 701 CHARLESTON June 1984 LEE S SUMMIT MO 64063 816 525 3555 Page 15

Page 16

THE 1984 MIN1400 continued mark Rick Munyon scored fast lap on the first go about two minutes faster than Brad Person Greg Diehl who aced Jim Cocores Doug White by a mere 23 seconds less than a minute ahead of Malcolm Vinje Mark Hansen who were ten seconds ahead of Norm and Steve Schinidt who unfortunately did not come around again After two laps the Bugs sorted out with Cocores and White ta king a firm lead of nearly 27 minutes over Person Diehl who had a minute on Munyon and Vinje Hansen lost a good half hour on the leg Of the nine that started the last lap only five made it Then Cocores White still held a strong lead Person Diehl came to grief losing a couple of hours and Vinje Hansen wefr four minutes ahead of Rick Munyon now second Nothing much 0 This is the system run by most off road race winners Bobby and Tom Neth have a new Chenowth Magnum and it worked perfectly The brothers won 1 1600 honors for the third time and were 11th overall Although he had some troubles Walker Evans with Dick Maxwell riding In the Dodge easily won top spot in Class 8 his seventh win at the Mint changed on th_e final lap and Jim Class 8 was down to a dozen Cocores and Doug White were starters of which five including happy in victory winning by a Frank Vessels did not do a lap huge margin of 26 minutes over Up front after one lap and up Malcolm Vinje and Mark front all thewaytothecheckered Hansen Munyon hung tight in flag was Walker Evans with third followed in over an hour Chrysler honcho Dick Maxwell by Bruce Wittig John Ron riding in the Dodge Walker s nerud and the Person Diehl Bug major race was with Ivan Stewart survived in fifth in the Class 7 Toyota and at the flag Walker finished first physically but Ivan beat his total time by about 2 minutes Dave Shoppe and Jeff Yocom Ford kept Walker honest all day staying about 20 odd minutes to the rear and they finished second Nearly another hour back Steve Kelley and Michael Nesmith put the GMC home third Stan Gilbert who had a quick first lap had trouble the rest of the day but finished the Ford fourth followed by Bill Howard and Richard Nelson in the snazzy Chevrolet Herb Reno and Daniel Brown did a lot of pit work on their Ford did only two laps in over 12 hours but they placed sixth in Class 8 TRl MIL BOBCAT CHROME 4 John Slagor and Phll Bowers had a fine run In the new Raceco were close all day and finished a strong second in the 1 1600 ranks DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGE LES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Jim Cocores and Doug White had a flawless run in their brand new ORC Baja Bug and they took the Class 5 victory by nearly 26 minutes Page 16 June 1984 Dusty Times

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of Don Adams and J a_so n Mye r even though Myers rolled the rig o n the second round Adams had ho t time on the first lap but midway the CJ 7 of John Deetz and Jason Waters led by 11 minutes Gale Pike with Steve Hummel riding in perhaps the o ldest car in the race a Ford Bronco was another 11 minutes back in third Adams Myers resumed the lead on the third go as Deetz was down an hour then retired on the final loop The Adams Myers combine and Pike had almost identical final lap times but the Jeep won the class by 34 minutes over the Bronco Class 5 1600 was a cliff hanger but Mark Steele and John Johnson brought Ivan Stewart got it all together in the super Toyota SRS Stewart not only won A name out of the past J M the spiffy white Bug home winners by a skimpy 22 se onds Class 7 going away but he also beat the Class 8 time Bragg returned to CJ 7 racing Class 7 was tiny with on ly Over two hours back Max Razo Mike T aylor were the fourth and Short WB 4 x 4 o nly three with his boys Mike and G reg eight starters seven of them Jr and Dan Naylor nabbed third final 5 1600 finisher covered four laps It was nearly a Bragg and they kept moving to factor y cars including the long and 13 minutes behind Rpy and Of the 19 starters in C lass 3 no contest run for the Jeep CJ 7 finish third tr tr tr tr tr awaited Toyotas Ivan Stewart DOING IT IN y HE o I RT GO s ii lJllJN 1 provedthewaitworthwhileashe put his trick T oyota in an instant lead although for one lap Manny Esquerra keptback him honest on ly five minutes in the Ford then Manny retired Roger Mears barely got his Nissan dirty before rolling it grandly out of the battle Tom Morris Frank Arciero Jr struggled through a pair of long laps in their Toyota before calling it quits Up front Stewart led John Baker Mitsubishi by a mere seven minutes midway and Sherman Balch had his Nissan just 12 more minutes behind But Balch and Jerry McDonald had big trouble on the third lap M cDonald did not finish but Balch carried on to place third with four laps done Ivan picked up a 29 minute lead on Baker starting the last lap then Baker lost a couple of hours in the dark Ivan Stewart sailed home the big winner over John Baker and the media hype was all about Ivan beating the Class 8 times just as Baker had done at San Felipe These are some mini trucks folks C lass 5 1600 put on a brave show at the start i th 26 Bugs ready to tackle the nasty terrain Alas it was too tough for most of them and ninit failed to go around once and eight more vanished on the second lap Fast lap honors went to Henry A rras with a swift 2 44 37 and Arras was more than h alf way round on the second lap when he stopped on course for good reportedly with a broken trans Only four minutes back on the first lap was Mark Steele followed in eight minutes by Paul Garland N orm Shaw who lost some time on the second go but held second behind Steele and by now no one dse was really in the ball park Seven of the 1600 Bugs made three laps and the Steele entry was now driven by John Johnson who built the car and won the Mint with it in 1979 But Johnson had a problem and after three laps Garland and Shaw had a two minute lead The final lap in the deep silt and the dark night was nearly a visual race between the two teams and Mark Steele and Linda Johnson nibbled their fingernails at the finish line Jo hn Johnson did not let the team down and he picked up exactly two minutes four seconds on Shaw Garland during the dash to the checkered flag winning the race by a mere 22 seconds Dusty Times Ther is no substitute Statm l 1S hav1ng a special sale on all B1ls1em racing shocks B1lstetn IS Wllh OU QUe5t1on the best oflroad shock nxui1ng TORSION BARS Go with the best with the rrost selection price Race I ll Sway A Wily Cati lli 846 359 s Trav He m frnnt Srock 65 00 B46 349 s Trave Hm Rear Srock 6500 ro for the best SAW 1000 Tonion ilals 25mTI to 3 rm pr SAW 1100 24 11116 Tonion ilals 25mll to 3 rm SAW 1200 26 9116 Tonion ilals 25rrmto30rrm SAW 1300 29 i Tonion ilals 24rrm to 29rrm SAW 31300 29 h Race ilals 24rrm to 29rrm 846 361 10 Travel Heim Front Shock 65 00 12500 135 00 pr 145 00pr 165 00 pr 255 00 pr DRIVE AXLES Replace stock l llit with the strergrh of Sway A Wily to prevent breakage CLOtom lengtl 6 availal SAW2000 Type1 2CV 151 it to 191 l 115 00 pr SAW 2400 930 CV 15 1 to 25 l 125 00 pr SAW 32400 Race Axles 930 CV 19 to 25 l 175 00 pr f Y HEAVY DUTY SPRING PLATES 0on t settle loc a cheap imitatioo iV1d dCJl t trust stock ling plates Use the original HO plate from Saw A Wily Ma y sizes nJ corrbinations to choose from Gall for pores SAW 4201 Sta lllard IRS SAW 4101 St maid Swr g Ax SAW 5201 St maid IRS AdjLOtab SAW 5101 Standanl Sw ng Axle Adjustable 58 00 p 69 95 pr 135 00 pr 145 00 p Other sizes for different length tonion 1 a1s are avai__ Gall for p icr g 846 360 10 Travel Heim Rear Srock 65 00 846 350 12 Trav Heim Rear Srock HO 95 00 B46 351 12 Travel Heim Rear Shock LO 95 00 B46 034 Standard Rear IRS 42 00 846 040 Staroard Rear Sw ng Axle 35 00 B46 022 S andard Front Link Pin 33 00 846 620 Standard front Ball Jomt 35 00 B46 493VW Turr I front Ball Jo nt 42 00 y KYB GAS A JUST SHOCKS Easy to nstall ro allows q Jick accuate adjLOtment Lil ro OOWll SAW 6310 Lri Pi l BeaTI AdjLOter 19 95 SAW 6320 Ball Joint BeaTI AdjLOter 19 95 Everybody s itto makr g theil car lmd better ro what better way 11m by nstall ig a Saw A Wily may bw Get tte best for less Kits a e t e Froot does not fit Sl ller Beet 3495 5 s15900 URETHANE SUSPENSION GROMETSAND MOTOR MOUNT KITS Replace worn nitoer Gromet with Sway A Wily precise fit long lastr g lll tha le plastic Gromets for the best results A rrvst oo all pertOO T WICe cars All parts sold in pairs Of SAW 3040 3 Piece Motor MOlllt K 21 95 SAW 3001 Krooy Rear Gromet 1 V LO 10 50 SAW 30 1 Knoby Rear Gromet 1 1 0 10 50 SAW 3003 Rruld Rear Gromet 1 1 0 10 50 SAW 30 3 Rruld Rear Gromet Ft 1 0 10 50 SAW 3022 Rear A arm lkf hings 12 50 SWAY BARS 240 000 Candle Power s2495 385 cioo Candle Power NEAL CHROME PEDALS sets

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fini sh ed fo ur laps in th eir T oyota with on ly 56 seconds left o n the 18 ho ur time allo wance for the victory Valdez got second place mon ey and Travis earned third The fi al class at the Mint 400 was 12 12 as in HORA and 3 as in Score One entry the McPhers o n Chevy S 10 struggled through two laps in nearly 15 hours It doesn t look as if this class is going to fly in off road racing at least not in the rough desert An interesting note on the Mint 400 is that K J Howe s Class 2 driven by the genial PR more about THE MINT r There were 18 in Class 4 but only two finished in fact only ten made it around the first lap Contender John Randall lost the torque converter in his Jeep Honcho right off the start and Rod Hall lost the transfer case in his Dodge but did complete one lap Meanwhile the Casey kids Tim and Chris had the first lap lead and they led all four laps in the Jeep Honcho to win the Mint 400 ending a streak of second places in recent months Dad Larry Casey broke his Jeep in the second lap but he was thrilled with the boys triumph Second after two laps an hour back was Mark Vest Bronco but he went no farther Another four minutes down then was the Lowell Arnold Tom Kepler Jeep J 10 but a six hour third lap put them out of the race At the flag Vern Roberts and Bill Donahoe came around all four laps to take second place in a Jeep Honcho Only five showed in Class 11 and as expected none finished with two out on lap 1 and another on the second round Up front all the way and doing three laps in 16 hours were David Girdner and Lee Perfect Tom Walker and Barry McDermott struggled with a destroyed clutch for seven hours on the second lap finally nursing the car across the finish line in second place worth a little money at that Of the seven starters in Class 6 three gave up early and none finished Jim Madison and Russ Mortenson had their Chevy Nova in the lead on lap 1 and usual winner Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spralding had trouble with the old Chevy digging out of the silt for an hour and later Paul Garland and Norm Shaw had the lead heading into the final loop but the silt was deep and they ended UP second In Class 5 1600 1984 MINT 400 May 3 6 1984 Car 5 1 2 3 4 5 1417 1401 1414 1431 1426 1 253 227 225 215 252 2 3 4 Vehicle Driver s Class 1 113 114 126 109 130 1 Unlimited Single Seat Mike Lund solo Frank Snook Dave Rogalia Todd Davis Kevin Derby Jerry Finney Dan Foodrill Tom Koch Mark Broneau Class 2 8 finish 2 The CJ 7 looks great here got badly wrinkled later but Don Adams and Jason Myers got the job done anyhow and easily won Class 13 losing an a xle However the Madison Nova was in serious trouble on tl e second lap and Schwacof r took the lead which he hdd through the three laps they both completed before running out of time At the flag Larry Schwacofer was over an hour ahead of Madison An even dozen left the line in Class 7S but four laps later only one was still moving Eight managed a lap and Willie Valdez Ford got the fast lap and the lead Valdez was well ahead of Jim Travis and Dave White Toyota midway but the Toyota went no farther and neither did Valdez Meanwhile Mike and Pat Falkosky were running steady in third could have retired after three laps a winner but they took off on the final 4 56 14 lap They actually 3 4 5 Unlimited Two Seat 1524 1515 1509 1508 1597 Rodney Goodsell David Marini Peter Alesi Jr Vince Tjelmeland Terry Bell Tim Bell Fred Ronn John love Doug Fortin Doug Hollaway 1 2 3 4 398 312 302 317 Don Adams Jason Myers Gale Pike Steve Hummel J M Bragg Mike Greg Bragg John Deetz Jason Waters 1 2 3 415 400 418 Tim Casey Chris Casey Vern Roberts Bill Donahoe Lowell Arnold Tom Kepler 1 2 3 4 5 Jim Cocores Doug White 501 Malcolm Vinje Mark Hansen 505 518 Rick Munyon Bruce Wittig John Ronnerud 510 Brad Person Greg Diehl 507 I Class 3 Class 4 2 2 3 4 761 754 Mike Faikosky Pat Falkosky Willie Valdez Jose Armenta 2 2 3 4 5 807 804 805 801 808 2 3 4 5 919 999 909 913 901 1099 1008 1007 1023 Larry Bolin solo Steve Sourapas David Richardson Jack Irvine Kit Trenholm Jr G 9 11111 1111 C1ai9 Wa il Dennis Sellers Bob Rodine 1 2 1199 1106 David Girdner lee Perfect Tom Walker Barry McDermott t rl _ 1 1200 12109 LAKEWOOE WND DOWNEY CA 242 T lephorw 2 13 923 4 June 1984 Class 12 64 start 11 28 58 12 09 24 13 05 10 14 27 25 16 01 44 6 finish 19 finish 1 start 97 2 laps 0 finish 0 finish Total starters 384 Total finishers 97 Race Distance 420 miles Time allowance 77 90 34 39 41 47 91 5 6 9 10 12 0 16 36 16 12 39 57 Chevy S 10 28 44 54 29 7 10 09 22 10 09 46 10 34 32 10 35 50 10 36 46 VW Baja VW Baja Limited 2850 cc 4 x 4 26 67 87 3 laps 27 3 11 40 46 12 00 41 12 03 39 12 30 40 16 10 50 5 start 3 laps 3 lapsj 41 7 Raceco Raceco Raceco Ra

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T ext Photos Jean Calvin before fuel economy became southernNevada we did manage important Coupled to the three to sink the Dodge in some soft speed automatic transmission is sand but a flick of the handy the big 360 CID V 8 complete transfer case lever did the job with a fou r barrel carb Naturally and with all wheels driving the the acceleratio n values wer e G oodyear Wrangler radials we great and it is marvelous to feel were out o f the quicksand in an travel The rig also has both a the instant urge when driving off instant lt is interesting that decent sized glove box and a giant road But the penalty is an while the dust fallout close to a size center console bin for o fficial estimated mileage figure race course is eno rmous very covered storage of 11 mpg W e did a little better little dust seeped into the closed In the convenience department than that on the highway and up Dodge while its driver the Dodge has two separate rear worse t han that in town and off spectated the race The comfort and spacious ca r go lights for nigh t itne road The Dodge is fun to drive snacking or just plairi camping but the price of driving behind an living make _the Dodge illumination a trip _odometer engine with real power is nearly Ramcharger an attractive vehicle for weekend off roading or and automatidocking hubs plus double the cost in fuel dollars the highly convenient power On the hi g h way the towing a racer and then window lifts and door locks Ramcharger is quiet well becoming a chase vehicle It has Also pleasant but not a basic mannered and tot a II y power to spare for all kinds of need are the tinted rear side comfortable Off road it work four wheel drive to go windows and cruise control This performs like one would expect _ anywhere and all the luxury one _unit had a van style pop up roof from a direct descendent of t he could want in a town and country panel rearward t0r mild weather _pp er _WagQn T he rig despite fa m ily car Truly this style of flow through ventilation its weight and fancy trim goes vehicle is an all purP ose people The R amcharger har_ks back to just about anywhere it will fi t carrying truck that should give ea rlier drive t rain com bos _Wh ile cove r in g a race in many years of fai thful service A Big _Engin e in a Big Rig Makes a Fun Truck fll l n lk JIJL Ji lf The tidy wood grain trimmed dash puts all the Info in front of the driver the 4 x 4 shifter is handy to reach on lhe trans tunnel D espite the downsize bobtails rests and wide adult size bench b lossoming like wildflowers in seat comfo rt to the rear ith the spd ng Dodge has yet to enter plenty of leg room In addition that market T he R amcharger is wall to wall carpeting and all the still k ing of the hill at C hrysler options make the Dq dge 4 n all and it is a fu ll size and spacious weather all p urpose machine unit capable of going most N eeded and costly are such anywhere and carrying the who le fea tur es as th e s u per ai r clan while it goes exploring or conditioning unit _expected from just across town It is a good C hrysler and a heater that feeling to slide into the big cab warms the truck with its vast area and stretch both arms and glass area nicely and in short legs witho ut hitting anyone or order No t so needed but oh so nice anything Apparently there is still a fine market for the _bigger is the AM FM stereo cassette bobtails because beth Ford and entertainment device that does Chevrqlet are still making the big everything with good tone Blazers and Bronco as well as Included in the option is a tape of varied music that makes the long their smaller rigs rides on desert highways en route Based on the short bed half ton to the fun stuff almost endurable pickup the Ramcharger is a A really keen idea is the seek kissin cousin to the full size feature great for travelers Blazer and Bronco but there are a Putting the radio in the seek number of big differences Most mode it will hunt until it finds a noticeable of these is the lift up close by signal giving you back door all one piece and it anything from the local FM raises well up over the roof to allow access to the rear cargo area station to the grange report Also without bumping your head on on the radio is a digital clock that the rear door The Dodge incorporates in the display the pictured here is a_fully optioned frequency numbers of the station and the numbers are big unit the 150 Royal SE enough for tired eyes to read Prospector It is replete with all Perhaps most outstanding is the luxury items and a price tag to the fine quality control on the match at an out the door Dodge Ramcharger which is number of 16 350 00 in round after all a truck Everything fits figures like it is supposed to and Two items are most outstand nothing rattles an amazing ing about the Ramcharger One is engineering feat considering that the absolute comfort of the rig most inside rear tire carriers with solid armchair comfort up rattle on the hfghway Handy too front with velour and vinyl is the full size spare tire a real captain s chairs with folding arm necessity for serious off road Dusty Times The massive 360 CID V 8 is complete with four barrel carb and real performance a rare treat in today s fight truck model selection The handsome vinyl and velour front seats have fold up arm rests and good support for the human body and they are comfortable as well Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away Filters Out Dust to Give You Fresh Air Completely self contained unit Weighs less than 6 oz Desert proven high tech 3m fitter Attaches to helmet with no holes or modification Draws less than an amp from 12 volt power source To order phone 31 2 251 3991 Visa Mastercard accepted or Information Raffo Racing 520 Sheridan Road Kenilworth Illinois 60043 June 1984 Page 19

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BAJA CROSS ROUND IWO Text Photos Homer Eubanks Good Weather Brought Out a Good Crowd for the April Action at Saddleback Park The Baja Cross Series at Saddleback Park displayed its second event on April 8 Now there are three races remaining in the series with the middle event in May Last April there was a hefty turnout in every class except Class 1 The expensive unlimited machines ran with only five cars attending Nineteen cars lined up in Class 10 and nine competed in the 1 2 1600 class The 3 wheelers are like rabbits and seem to _increas e with e ry event Eighteen red and green machines showed in Class 33 which used to be Class 31 Class 30 is now Class 23 to coincide with SCORE rules and this class had to fight it out among 21 starters The warm Aprif afternoon made affideal race day The Baja Cross organizers did a fine job conducting the event but seemed to overlook one problem bathrooms The nice weather drew a few thousand fans out sipping Budweisers purchased from the _e vent sponsor Straub Distributing Co of Orange CA All the beer sipping made the lines really long at the portable convenience stations and hopefully all organizers will realize the need for a few more portables located around the track Saddleback Park is an ideal short course setting in that it offers plenty of rough stuff to keep the racers busy and the l yout offers spectators a ood view of the track Add to this the fact that it draws southern California s hottest short course racers and it makes an enjoyable afternoon for everyone Page _20 Class 1 2 1600 offered some Castle s coat tail and followed of the best racing of the day him around in second The battle Doug Ingles and Kent Castle went on lap after lap Castle in fought like cats and dogs for first the lead and Ingles so close a place in both motos Kent Castle sneeze would give away the surprised everyone by starting on checkered On lap 5 the sneeze the last row but he found a direct came and Ingles came across for line through the pack and came the sixth lap in first place Castle around in first on the very first wasn t going to give up and tried lap Doug Ingles caught on to to dive under Ingles on the white flag round but found himselfout finishing the first Moto in fifth of the running when his gas pedal place and got third in the second broke not the cable but the pedal Neil Phillips took home fourth itself Kent must really have a place money and Kent Castle lead foot finished fifth Sixth went to Mike There was plenty of action for Goodbody while Dan Morton third place as Neil Phillips and was seventh and David Allen and Dan Morton closed in on the Mark Reeder finished out the leaders Phillips went fo the field starting line 01 the front row but Class 1 ran with only five came around m third place after entries but the first moto action the dust settled Morton moved was hot enough to melt an iceup two pl ces to fourth but berg Dan_Fisk lined up on the began fallmg back as _B ob _pole position next to Dave McElvain went after Phillips but Grefner and Ron Wachter Bob he saw Ken Hodge g t around Gordon made up the second him on the fif h_ lap _ row with Scott Gillman starting On lap 6 Phillips bogged down at the back of the pack m a tu n an h ad to watch as Dan Fisk brought bis Funco McElv m Mike Goodb dy aI1d around first on lap 1 followed Ken Hodge went by him The closely by Bob Gordon in a next lap Was Mike Goodbody s Chenowth Gillman Chenowth turn to m_a ke a mistake and he had trouble getting around 0ave was passed by Phillips Morton Greiner but once he made the and Hodge When the checkered pass he put his sights on Gordon flag came out Doug Ingles was Gillman caught Gordon in the first _a d Castle was standing in first turn and dove inside to pass the mfield as a spectator Bob Gordon had enough traction to McElvam was econ _followed keep his front wheel in front of closely by Neil Phillips Dan Gillmen but the two were Morton Ken Hodge and Mike banging side rails until the action Goodbody David Allen finished drifted to the outside of the seventh and Mark Reeder ended track where Gordon hit one of up the moto the huge tractor tires lining the The second moto of Class 1 2 course 1600 looked to be a repeat of the Since this is a closed course first as Castle came across in first event with limited space to followed by Doug Ingles These participate in the rough driving two fought but Ingles couldn t committee decided that Gillman get around Ingles was not the should have let up and given the only one with problems in track to Gordon For this passing after the first lap there discrepency Gillman was put were many attempts at passing back one position for the moto but the moto went eight laps with After the Gillman Gordon Kent Castle leading followed by mishap Scott Gillman got by Doug Ingles and Ken Hodge was Fisk and put a strong lead on thethird Fourth place went to Mike others But Fisk was announced Goodbody then came Bob the winner since Gillman was set McElvain Neil Phillips Dan back Dave Greiner was third and Morton David Allen and Mark Ron Wachter was out with Reeder probJems Overall Doug Ingles drove his Second moto action renewed Hi Jumper to a first and a second the Gillman Gordon duel as place to win first overall in Class Gor ori replaced his broken 1 2 1600 Bob MtElvain drove wheel and was ready to do battle his Invader to a second and a fifth The two were on the front row at to win second place money for the start and Gillman came e day Ken _H odge was third by around 1 in the lead L on gave Mike Kent Castle with his mom riding in the rear led the first moto until his gas pedal broke but they came back winners In the second round Dan Fisk garnered second overall in Ciass 1 after being d_eclared the first moto winner and Dan finished fourth in the _second heat The 3 wheelers get wild at Saddleback Dean Sundahl showed Marty Hart the way around the sweeper Dean was first overall Hart second Class 10 dicing was fast and furious Jerry Whelchel kept the gas Gillman a run for the money but Jerry came in second June 1984 ustyTimes

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Gordon stayed close enough to read the small print on Gillman s air cleaner but couldn t manage to get around and had to settle for second The second moto went like the 1 2 1600 bash in that no one passed anyone the entire moto Believe it The action was hot and many attempts were made but the score sheets p ut Ron Wachter s Funco in th ird place followed by Dan Fisk also in a Funco Dave G reiner drove his Special around the eight laps fo r fifth place Overall Scott Gillman was tops fo r the day in Class 1 even if the rough driving committee didn t agree with his style of driving Second place money went to Dan Fisk and Bob Gordon placed third over all Ron Wachter was fourth in a Funco and Dave Greiner finished fifth for the day Class 10 had plenty of competition since 19 cars lined up for the start Everyone knew one of the two front row starters would probably win since Mike Gillman and Jerry Whelchel were placed one and two on the front row But they knew it wouldn t be a picnic with 17 other cars behind them especially having Marty Tripes and Ron Carter directly behind them Greg George and Mike Bell were on the third row to complicate matters even more When the green flag went up the charge into turn 1 looked deadly but all 19 cars found a way through without mishap It was no surprise to see Mike Gillman lead the pack around with Jerry Whelchel so close many thought he was Gillman s shadow The rest of the pack had some difficulty around the sweeper now known as Bridgestone corner and this put a few seconds between them and the leaders On the third lap Whelchel overshot one of the berms and had to fumble for the right gear long enough that Gillman Scott Gillman and Bob Gordon tangled in the first moto Gordon was pushed into the safety tires lost his right front wheel and Gillman got a penalty for the action from the rough driving committee but Scott won Class 1 for _the day enjoyed a comfortable lead Once o n the track again Whelchel made up time and began to press Gillman again until the las t lap when his right rear tire went flat so Whelchel ended up second Marty Tripes held onto third by fending off Ron Carter until the last lap and Carter dove inside and came out in third while Tripes finished fourth Greg George tried to take advantage of Tripes mishap but couldn t get around and had to settle for fifth Mike Bell drove consistently to finish sixth in front of Ken Kazarian Brad Castle came across eighth ahead of Vince Tjelmeland and Mike Burmeister The second moto action was delayed a few minutes for Mike Withers due to mechanical problems but once the green flag went up everyone came out charsing Mike Gillman edged out Jerry Whelchel for the lead but Whelchel gave him a good run for the money These wo pulled away from the pack and finished in that order Third place was a battle between Marty Tripes and Ron Carter Tripes led and Carter followed all the way to the checkered Mike Bell had both hands full of steering wheel trying to ward off Greg Doug Ingles took first overall in the 1 2 1600 class by winning the first moto and taking second place in the second round of action George and then on the fifth lap fourth and third in the two another Honda rider Curtis Brad Castle slung around both of motos Ron Carter won fourth Sparks finished with third place them but Castle retired on the place money and Mike Bell was money Chris White rode a seve nth lap with tranny fifth Greg George was sixth Honda to fourth followed by problems With Castle out Bell overall with a fifth and a sixth Greg Hunsaker Honda Rick went back to fifth and George seventh place went to Vince Martin Kawasaki Tom Gaian was sixth and Vince Tjelmeland Tjelmeland followed by Tom Mike Bergman Mark Weixelfinished seventh Tom Bur Burmeister Brad Castle and dorfer and Chris Harrold meister couldn t get around Mike Sally for the top ten Class 33 was won by Dean Tjelmeland and had to settle for Even with the name changes Sundahl on a Honda Marty Hart eighth while Mike Sally crossed the A TC classes keep growing at earned second place money for over ninth and Chet Huffman the Baja Cross and provide the the day and Jimmy White was was tenth fans with some exciting racing third on a Kawasaki followed by Overall Class 10 honors went The Class 23 overall winner was Chris White Kawasaki Mike to Mike Gillman for two first Jimmy White on a Kawasaki Coe Honda Randy Schewdwitz place finishes and second on the White won the first moto and Honda Donnie Luce Kawasaki day went to the hard charging finished third in the second and Larry Linkins Jeff Watts Jerry Whelchel Marty Tripes round Mickey Dunlap rode his and Eddie Sanders all riding finished third overall by finishing Honda to second overall and Hondas Silver Dust Racing Association Presents NEVADA 300 August 25 1984 START FINISH _Pioche _N da an all facilitie frontier town a short hop North of Las Vegas Afifty mile loop course run through cool refmhing tall pine country Second points 11ce in 1984 Nevada Crown Off Road Championship for off road 11ce cars motorcycles and ATU sf Third event Silver Dust 400 Nov 17 1984 Guaranteed Purse JIM Limited ud Opea Bugo Abo Bike ud ATU s i Sil rer Dust Racing Assaciatia Dusty Times i Phone 702 459 0317 PO Box 7380 Las Vegas NV 89125 h a dt rou ble d urmg th e d ay an dd d hm th e money even I D ur ee C rag n tr ms though his sponsors from KROQ radio were In attendance June 1984 Page 21

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Text Photos Wayne Simmons THE FLORIDA 400 Kevin and Jdf Probst Win the Six Hour Enduro i n a Berrien Kevin and Jeff Probst came south from Illinois and raced hard in the Berrien and took first overall honors and the Class 1 purse The Florida 400 is one of the toughest and most grueling races in the southeast It is six hours of non stop off road racing on a four mile course near Tallahassee The track site is a large clay pit with the route stretching in and out of the pit There is almost a mile of high speed straight away on the back side and as the course works down into the pit there are sharp hair pin turns with 50 foot drop offs Down in the bottom there are ditches jumps and the slippery clay As the route winds in and out to the woods loose sand and blind turns wait for the unsuspecting driver The Florida Off Road Drivers Association F O R D A hosts the race each year and this group was established in 1970 A dozen of the club members race ail over the USA and into Canada and the drivers from other areas come to the Florida 400 This year many racers came from the northeast and Bill Lefeurve came from Ontario Canada Steve Norris came south from Michigan Kevin and Jeff Probst from Illinois and others came from all over the midwest and the south to test the tricky race course The afrernoon before race day there was a practice session It was then that Jesse Casey lost control and drove into a ditch that crossed the track Before he could get out several more race cars jumped over him Jesse was ok but a bit nervous about having buggies jumping over his head Race day was clear with warm weather and only a small chance of rain The race schedule called for a 10 a m start just after the driver s meeting The 59 starting entries were lined up on the grid three across and twenty deep The flagman would turn each row loose at three second intervals The first rows went off OK but by the time the fourth row started the dust was so bad the drivers could hardly see Leon Felix missed a turn ran up a bank then backed down into traffic and took off Luckily no one hit him and by now the whole field all buggies were off and racing Clay Hurst made an early pit stop but was running again by the second lap Ron Baker in his two seater rolled on the first lap but he was unhurt and soon on his way As they came around for the first time it was Steve Norris in the lead followed by Jimmy Crowder and Travis Hurst Probst as on the move now and J R Taylor broke his transmission on lap 13 Now Ed Righter was out of the ditch and his pit was replacing the broken tie rod Jerry Allen came around with several broken shocks while Mark Oliver and Tom Seckman ha d a collision that bent Tom s front end a little Steve Norris was back on the track too Jimmy Crowder made a pit stop giving first place to Probst on the 16th lap Suddenly on the 17th lap a tragedy on the back straight brought out the red flag stopping the race Steve Norris who had been gaining ground caught a slower car on the back straight where speeds can reach over 80 mph In the thick dust Steve clipped wheels with the car which sent him end over end off the track at first then the thick brush sent Steve back onto the track where the car stopped upside down At this point Norris had been knocked out and hurt his arm In the blinding dust the cars behind him were unaware his car was on the track The next buggy struck Norris buggy hard causing a fire By now Jed Denahan and Bruce Bennett saw the fire and realized Norris was hurt so they stopped to help As Jed pulled off the track and got to Steve s car another buggy came out of the dust and struck Jed sending him head first over onto the other buggy The main flagman realized the bad problem and red flagged the race A medical helicopter was called by the paramedics to take Jed to the hospital Steve was also taken to the hospital with a broken arm and other probler11s After a short driver s meeting to explain how everyone would be lined up for the restart the line formed on the grid in the order of finishing the 16th lap Thi ty minutes had been added Jimmie Crowder not only hosts the Florida 400 on his property but he races hard In his Chenowth Jimmy ended up second overall and in Class 1 YOUR SOURCE FOR SAFETY EQUIPMENT CALL OR WRITE FOR FREE CA TA LOG 22630 SOUTH NOR MANDIE A VE TORRANCE CALIFORNIA 90502 213 320 7231 TWX 910 349 7514 Page22 At the start of the second lap Chuck Blakeney stuck his B class sedan in the same hole his brother had on the first round it was their first time at this race and Chuck was quickly pushed out and back in the action David Greene had to stop to wipe mud off of his face and Jimmy Shiver had to pit early with a flat tire With only a few laps gone Marty Pounds in his new D 1200cc class buggy had to make a quick pit stop also Allen Barnett did only three laps before serious trouble made him the first one out of the race Bill Lefeurve also made a pit stop as did Mickey McDuffee who didn t go much farther Steve Norris and Jimmy Crowder had been battling for the lead from the green flag and now Marty Pounds got between them coming back into the race J R Taylor hit Jesse Casey and bent the engine cage so Jesse pitted for a lap By now positions were changing Kevin Probst was fourth on the first lap but back to tenth in the seventh round George Williams Jr pitted with oil light trouble and Jed Denahan dropped back in the pack and Dave Clark was losing oil and had to pit The first one of the day to fall into a ditch was Ed Righter from New York Righter nose dived into the bank going fast enough to bury the front end in the dirt and shortly after Harry Anderson dove in beside Ed both drivers came out unhurt Anderson dug out in just a few minutes but Righter had to get down into the mud and dig out the front of the car By now flagmen were there keeping others from driving in on top of Righter s car and pit people came to help dig Meanwhile Steve Norris the first nine laps leader pitted in the tenth round putting Jimmy Crowder in the top spot Kevin June 1984 The new President of FORDA Mike Hester had his ups and downs in Tallahassee and Hester came home a stout third in class and overall Dusty Times

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Balancing like an egg Chuck Blakeney got right side up went on racing doing 20 laps getting 2nd in the B Sedan class It wasn t a good day for Mark Bickers in B Sedans he had lots of trouble eventually retiring in 3rd place with a broken front end Travis Hurst tries driving the soft stuff on one wheel and such action didn t last for him he only covered 24 laps less than half the distance Flying ditches is a family habit Karl Wuesthoff who got 6th in Class 1 2 1600 soars over the ditch Harry Anderson s Class 1 Marty Pounds leaps over the gummy berm in his new D class racer and got 3rd in the Florida style restricted 1200 cc bunch The overall winne r of the Tampa Challenge last winter J R Taylor had problems and he ended up fourth in the D class to the race time to make up for the delay Many drivers used the down time to advantage in the pits J R Taylor was working hard on his car and got ready for the restart Jimmy Crowder fixed the broken axle he had just before the accident af d Jeff Probst changed the front end while Tom Seckman changed a transmission On the restart the Probst Berrien was out in front and it stayed there through the next lap Floridian Buddy Taylor flies high out of the piney woods Taylor had a good race and he nailed down second place in Class 1 2 1600 Florida s Steve Foster was doing fine in 1 1600 with front tra_ c tor tires at that but his gearbox quit putting him out after 22 laps Tom Seckman really got altitude on his flights but various pit stops dropped his Class 1 charger to 10th after6 hours of racing Crowder moved up about six moved up front too Mike Hester sunk over the frame places and now Jed Denahan s hung a wheel in a hole and had to Harry Anderson became a buggy was back in the race driven be helped out costing valuable victim of the ditch He hit a bad by Ron Baker whose own entry time Coming down the back spot just before the jump and was out with a broken camshaft straight Dennis Green slowed couldn t make it all the way over By the 20th lap Tom Seckman for the big sweeping turn that Harry got out of the car and and Johnny Mock were really starts the down grade into the pit found a yellow flag which he put battling it out as they passed and he hit a bad hole and tore on the back of the buggy before David Greene Steve Foster was part of the floor off Brian retiring to watch the rest of the having nfs troubles and got Peterson was parked in the race John Hanson rolled but lapped by Probst woods waiting for help while was ok By now the Probst Now Leon Felix hit a hole and Alan Brumley went wide on a Berrien was way out front and the sudden jerk on the wheel turn and ended up in the loose Mike Hester lost a lot of ground pulled his wrist out of joint Felix dirt berm It took a few minutes when he eot stuck Jimmy made a pit stop for a co driver to get this buggy out as it had _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ while he put his wrist back in place Darryl Stedman broke a spring plate and spent an hour trying to find another one By now Mike Hester was moving up each lap and Crowder was also gaining more ground But Mark Bicker in a B class sedan broke the front end and was out for the day Steve Foster broke his gearbox on the 25th lap and that was all for him Keith Denahan s pit crew thought he was far enough ahead in class so they put out the chalk board saying 218 time for lunch Keith pulled in for a Check quick sandwich and cold drink and was back racing in no time Trying to pass a whole pack at once Mark Surguine ran off the Ultra Boot Flange for Turbo CVs 119 95 the set of 4 Boots Flanges track and Jesse Casey lost power with a smoking engine and Complete stock of everything for your racer pre runner or street Bug from wheels tires couldn t make a jump and went to hard parts for the engine transmission the whole car into a muddy ditch instead Bobby Haire s car was in trouble CHECK US OUT WE SHIP ANYWHERE as the engine came loose from the Two locations to Serve You trans and the race was only half over 3054 South Valley View 1541 North Eastern On the 31st lap Mike Hester Las Vegas Nevada 89102 Las Vegas Nevada was challengiqg the leader Kevin 702 871 4911 702 642 1664 Probst and Jimmy Crowder had oFFR04o Wisconsin stormer Lee Wuesthoff flew the ditches successfully lap after lap to take the checkered flag fifth in Class 1 and overall Tired of Getting Shafted Out NEVADA OFFROAD BUGGY The B Sedans are a curious mix of drive train restrictions and anything goes body style Keith Denahan and company won this class June 1984 Page23

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r oHed on his top just before the more about THE FLORIDA 400 From Illinois Mike Reusche had little luck in Florida this year Just 12 laps into the race the crankshaft broke on the big Funco The price was high on tires as both George Williams Jr and Mark Oliver hit the pits with flats On lap 45 Chuck Blakeney hit a slick patch of clay through the S turns lost control and Crowder was moving up again but Tom Seckman got hit hard and broke a trailing arm on the 40th round Bruce Bennett was running second but he did not hold on and dro ped back soon SWAY A WAY Tonlon Ian Have All the Strength You Need for Optimum Handllng Right from the start top performers build in agility strength and the confidence of superior handling In or out of competition it s the best step toward building a contender L I And the very best handling doesn t come from overpowering strength but from the perfect amount for controllable muscle Which is why consistent winners in many forms of motorsports depend on SWAY A WAY Torsion Bars The result of our painstaking manufacturing process an incredibly consistent race proven bar that simply won t sag A bar we are so confident in it comes with a Lifetime Warranty Check the handling on your vehicle Select the SWAY A WAY Torsion Bars that are right for you various spring rates are available depending on your model and suspension set up Then notice the incredible difference the well defined muscle of SWAY A WAY Torsion Bars can really make Also look info SWAY A WAY s complete line of Spring Plates for virtually any application they re designed to give you the ultimate handling when combined w_ith our torsion bars SWAY A WAY Shirts Hats To order your exclusive SWAY A WAY T s hirt or hat st ate size and send 5 95 for shirt or 4 95 for hat direct to SWAY A WAY SWAY A WAr All new catalog just S3 00 i6 no aubstitute _ 7840 Burnet Avenue V n Nuys Page 24 cl 91405 213 988 5510 jump Quick help put him back on his wheels as the flag people kept him clear of the other cars Chuck managed to drive nearly to the pits on a badly bent left rear wheel but couldn t make it and he was out At the end of the 45th lap only 26 cars were on the track On the 46th round Bob Broorhe pitted with a flat David Green retired and George Williams Jr had a broken motor mount and was done for the day After many pit stops Jimmy Shiver took the final drive into the pits and more flat tires brought Bruce Bennett and Ken Burkert into the pits Finally Jimmy Crowder moved in on Kevin Probst whose car had dominated the race for 35 laps Jimmy s Chenowth was right on top of the Berrien and Mike Hester was not far away either As Crowder made his bid it was busy but Jimmy took over first place on lap 52 By the next lap Probst was fighting off Hester and the battle was heating up as the time ran down With just twenty minutes of race time left Karl Wuesthoff and Terry White both went out with mechanical problems On lap 55 Hester got around Probst to take over second but then Mike hit a deep hole and Kevin was back in second With fifteen minutes left Crowder hit a pine tree bending the right rear trailing arm a victim of what the ra ers call pine tree itis Kevin Probst quickly took over first place and as the clock ran out neither Crowder or Hester were able to catch Probst With one Illinois champion Scott Taylor kicks his Pro Tech over the ditch but serious problems with shock absorbers put him down to 16th at the flag lap to go Brian Peterson went into the pits Crowder was still moving on a bent wheel as the checkered flag fell on Kevin Probst The Probsts won the Florida 400 with Jimmy Crowder in second and Mike Hester third The great race saw 33 of the 59 starters moving at the flag but Kevin and Jeff Probst had lapped them all and also won the Class 1 honors Terry Clark won Class 1 2 1600 over Buddy Taylor and Ken Burkert Scott Gundeck won the D class over Sam Pace and Marty Pounds and Keith Denahan bested the other two in B Sedans The 1984 edition of the Florida 400 was the first one in which the top five finishers were all Class 1 cars Hester was followed to the flag by Bruce Bennett and Lee Wuesthoff Terry Clark was sixth overall and Scott Gundeck was seventh overall Update At press time the report is good on Jed Denahan He spent nearly two weeks in the hospital nine days in intensive care But he is home now and recovering at his own pace The Denahan family thanks everyone for their cards and letters and donations Steve Norris who had the broken arm and some bruises is also doing fine now FORDA UPDATE The Florida Off Roaders Drivers Association held their annual convention and awards _ ainne1 in _ mid April on the Saturday and on Sunday they put on their first race of the season points series Mike Hester was elected President ofFORDA for the year which starts in April and carries on through the following March The points winners for the 1983 1984 season received their trophies and checks for the year at the awards dinner Tops in Class 1 was Bruce Bennett with 864 points Johnny Mock was second followed by Mike Hester Jimmie Crowder and Jed Denahan among the 37 who competed in Class 1 during the year FORDA s Class D heavily restricted 1200 cc cars had a full 30 earning points last season J R Taylor won the top points with 899 followed by Scott Gundeck Sam Pace Marty Pounds and Mark Surguine In Class 1 2 1600 the points winner among the 15 contenders was Buddy Taylor Ken Burkert was a close second followed by Terry Clark Dave Clark and Don Hatcher In the B Sedan class Keith Denahan won the points Mark Bicker was second followed by Pete Mezzon Jerry Robinson and Bret Otvos The Convention Race had a good turnout in entry and a clear and sunny day for racing The B sedan class and Novice class had June 1984 only three entries each so they were lumped into one class The first heat found Jody Denahan and Mark Bicker in a fierce battle for the number one position At the end of the second heat each man had won one round and placed second in the other In the third heat Novice driver Joe Cunningham passed both Denahan and Bicker but then got stuck in the sand The final results put Jody Denahan first in B Sedan class Mark Bicker second and Jerry Robinson in third In the Novice class Joe Cunningham nabbed first followed by Lenny Marsh Jody Edwards and Rob Baker split the driving to take third The 1200 cc D Class showed up with twelve cars and drivers anxious for some serious racing These guys changed positions more often then the weather did that day The top four finishers were all driving like maniacs that is a compliment guys In the first heat the top four finished nose to tail and it looked as if they were pushing one another across the line The most consistent finishers of the day were Scott Gundeck who took first on points Sam Pace who was second and Mark Surguine who won third place money J R Taylor looked good in the first and second heats but he got a bad break in the third round which dropped him to fourth place overall Class 1 and Class 1 2 1600 were put together on the track because of the light turnout in both groups There were six in the restricted 1600 buggy bunch and eight in Class f Th e first heat featured a thundering start with Mike Hester and Jimmie Crowder battling it out for the choice position Mike Hester managed to drop from first to sixth spot in one lap however He said his car stalled and would not restart Jimmie Crowder in his low flying Chenowth Magnum missile finished first in the first heat Among the 1600s Traitor Bruce Bennett was pulling off his first victory since switching from Class 1 to 11600 with Bob Bohres in hot pursuit There was plenty of shuffling in this class as there was in D and no one car won twice Ken Burkert took the second heat and Buddy Taylor won the third round On points Mike Hester was first in Class 1 Dennis Ard was second and Butch Summers third with Ron Baker fourth The wild 1600 battles resulted in Bruce Bennett in first Buddy Taylor second Bob Broome third and Ken Burkert took fourth FORDA announced their racing schedule for the coming year with a race every month except December Check it out in the Happenings section if you want to get involved in racing in the southeast Dusty Times

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Photos Trackside Photo Ent THE ffH ANNUAL SCORE SHOW Wall to W 11 Good Things at the Spring Shopping Ma r t for Off Roaders The Dusty Times booth was well located next to the BLM and they did draw a big crowd Response from the show was really super The 7th annual Score Off Road Equipment Show was a huge success with all manner of equipment on display all sorts of merchandise for sale and a tighter revamped schedule that brought the action down by one day last April When Mickey Thompson and Alex X ydias first sat down to organize an off road equipment show years ago the pundits said it would never wash Well in 1984 it washed squeaky clean All available booth space at the Anaheim Convention Center was sold out in advance and hordes of people jammed the aisles after the hours for the trade were over Over the seven years the scope of displays has changed a good deal and even further mutation was evident in 1984 Originally it was a trade show with the emphasis on dealer and warehouse distributor sales and display s from hard parts manufacturers dominated the action The tide turned a few years ago and now it is primarily a consumer show with just the daylight hours on the Friday given over to the trade part of the production The merchandise exhibitt d has changed quite a bit also Almost gone are the hard parts the nitty gritty racing stuff visible mainly in the small Rod Hall di 11 ided his show time between the massive BFGoodrich display and booths Gone this year were the the Four Wheeler Magazine booth whe e he signed countless pictures massive displays from dune buggy manufacturers also and franchiser type _ sel ling the big ones and the neither Hi Jumper nor Chenowth haberdashery advertising a local competition organized by Lou were there at all Funco had a rock radio station KMET and Peralta of RC Racing News is small booth selling power they were busy most of the time fast paced steering units and the like and bargaining with customers over The lucky seventh edition of Raceco had a two space booth as the racket from their ghetto the Score Show played to packed well blaster and drawing big houses for the entire weekend Trucks and more trucks were crowds Most every exhibitor with the feature of the b ig displays One interesting facet at the merchandise on sale went home Anything that looked like a show was the first time ever happy with the results Next year truck from stock items from booth from the Bureau of Land the Show happens in May after manufacturers to g ro ssly Management The BLM officers the traditional Mint 400 modified rigs all the way to manning the booth were truly weekend and it also avoids the several monster trucks were on excited about the high percentage bugaboo of the Easter holidays hand Fancy bolt on parts for of positive response they got in trucks were in every aisle also the booth People eage rly Tire companies were all over the grabbed maps of ORV areas place with acres of space and a brochures about all the keen few light manufacturers were spots in California and generally visible showing their latest off gawked at the neat pictures of highway illumination gadgets desert scenery Of course they RECOGNIZED SAFETY Still there were a few oasis for the did have a few types loudly VW folks incluJing a keen complaining about land closures display by Scat and a few of the but the officers in the booth were long time engine bits and pieces both courteous and patient with ment offers the racer _ builders these folks the finest assortment But the folks doing the most However the biggest hit of the of quality racing business during the consumer Score Show is the radio control equipment on hours were those with swap off road racing A dandy dirt the market today meet type merchandise One ti a2k was installed arid there was at a tremendous outfit near the hot dog stand was non stop racing all day and into savings Filler is mobbed all the time selling a the night If you haven t seen this recogn ized world variety of license plate frames action don t tniss the next wide for quality equipment and no w with sayings from the sublime to chance to watch the tiny race Syou can order direct the obscene on them Far These buggies and Baja Bugs from the factory and removed from off road was one crash roll over and jump just like L e q GS take t_ 9 LQL tremendous savings_ i i Doc Ingram had his Skoal Bandit car in the Petro Tech booth and it drew att ntion With Doc Sauers Ingram finished the Mint 400 In the green racer A calm open spot in the bustling show was the Bi stein booth on a corner and presided over by Mareen Clemmons and staff members Nomex Suits 1 pc 171 00 2 pc 177 75 Race Bag 39 00 Nomex Boots in b lack wh ite blue 75 00 5 point Belt 100 65 Nomex Undershirt 34 50 Nomex Drawers 34 50 Nomex Hood 17 50 Nomex Sox 11 00 Nomex Gloves white 48 00 o rang e 52 00 Call_for package orders and our complete catalog SIMPLE TO ORDER PHONE OR MAIL ORDER USING VISA MASTERCHARGE OR WE DO SHIP C O D No personal checks please The Score International booth featured interviews with top drillers and here Sal Fish talks to 6 60 clubber Gregg Symonds about racing Dusty Times A highlight of the show was the RC racing cars who diced hot and heavy day into night delighting the hordes that crowded the area June 1984 _ The Baja Bug rersion of the radio control racing car behaves Just like Its big brother shedding fenders and body parts on the track Page 25

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By Su Kemper RALLY WEEK NORTHWEST The SCCA Pro Rally Opens with a Double Header John Buffum with new navigator Harry Ward used the extra ponies in the Audi Quattro to win the Nor wester by about 1 minutes Richey Watanabe of CRS fame h a d a good two rallies in his Toyota and here out corners a competitor on the Washington State Patrol stage wheel drive rally cars by fall i he class will have a fairly The FIA listed NOR substantial following although WESTER International was held at its debut in Washington the on_tht first weekend and saw a turnout was less than enthusistarting field of 54 teams from astic with only three entries in Doug Shepherd and Linda Wilcox put their Dodge Shelby beauty to the across the U S and Canada All each of the Washington rallies the regulars were on hand plus a In the Open class we had Nor wester test and came out winners i Production 10th overall few new faces which should help seven time U S rally champion championship Tour de Corse Turbo Z and Richard Kelsey to inject some new life into the John Buffum and his awesome rally on Corsica in early May Mazda RX 7 will contest the series This year there are three 4 WO Audi Quattro The car was While Buffum is the best rally entire season classes rather than just the two the same one he ran last season driver that the U S has ever Traditionally NOR WESTER which have been in effect since but it had had a new engine produced and the Quattro the is considered to be the lesser of 1979 The new addition is called installed shortly before this toughest car to beat anywhere in the two events run during Production GT and has been event By mid season Buffum the world it isn t expected that RWNW and rather unfortuncreated specifically to expects to have a new car and John will just walk away with the ately is obviously treated as such accommodate the new turbo while not yet confirmed he s U S championship again this by the organizers With charged and high performance hoping to acquire one of the new year One rather large roadblock headquarters for both rallies in vehicles now available in the short wheelbase Quattro coupes as it were will be Kiwi rally ace Tumwater the NOR WESTER marketplace It is expected that which just debuted at the world Rod Millen and his one off 4WD course ran north and west in the Mazda RX 7 You will remember forests of the Olympic Peninsula that Roddy introduced this car Several paved stages were last year and during the season included and one in particular collected two wins in the Pro was most interesting since it Rally Series While it sounds occurred on the test track of the rather insignificant to Buffum s Washington State Highway severi wiRs the y w n very Patrol in Shelton In the U S this important because the hybrid type of Stage is usually added to vehicle was still very much under an event more for th sake of the development Millen s been spectators than for the busily improving the car actually competitors Generally the a third generation model now drivers like a stage like this it lets and over the winter worked with everyone play race driver for a weight transference within the few miles The rules only allow car and also added a second the use of rally tires so usually limited slip differential on the the top drivers complain about SUPERSANDER front axle His 13 B rotary engine not being able to run racing Nylon Cord Body LOAD remains the same as in the slicks but such is life and it does STK RANGE Tubeless White Outline Letters previous cars having a power serve to even up the scores output of approximately 300hp Buffum won the first paved 85 95 8510 9 00 15 C 33x10 50 15LG Buffum s Quattro gets a little stage in a shopping rriall then over 330hp Others in the class tied with Millen on the two mile include Bruno Kreibich in ari ex WHP circuit The weather was TRAILSMAN Buffum Quattro Kiwi Alan perfect clear and warm Nylon Cord Body Carter in an ex Millen ZWD something highly unusual for the Tubeless Blackwall _Mazda RX 7 Jon Woodner in a rainy Pacific northwest C 69 95 new Peugeot 505 and on Production drivers Guy Light 5570 7 00 15LT selected events Steve Millen in a Olds Omega and Doug Group B Datsun 240 RS Shepherd Dodge Shelby TRAILSMAN RADIAL Th standard production class Charger tied scores on the first Polyester Cord Body Steel Belts will pretty much remain the same stage with Shepherd winning the Tubeless White Outline Letters with many familiar names still second Richard Kelsey in the among the ranks Some of these Mazda RX 7 thoroughly 8 095 1485 C 8 5R14LT 7 9 14LT 27x8 50R14LT areGuyLight OldsOmega and tr01 nced John rawford s 106 95 9R15LT 9 15LT 1595 C 30x9 50Rl 5LT Gene Henderson Eagle SX 4 efforts on these stages and 1510 99 95 10R15LT 10 15LT C 31xl0 50R15LT Newcomers either to the class or moved out front to take the lead 1511 109 95 C 11R15LT 11 15LT 31xl 1 50R15LT _ ith new vehicles include in the GT class 1512 129 95 12R15LT 12 15LT C 33xl 2 50R15LT Canadian Walter Boyce in a Earlier in the year Crawford 9 50R16 5LT 1795 106 95 C 30x9 50Rl 6 5LT 9 50 16 5LT factory backed VW Rabbit GT was the only top rated P car _and Doug Shepherd in a Dodge driver that had made known his Shelby Charger Of the three intention to have a new car for Production GT cars entered at this class So the appearance of 213 585 3043 222 S Firestone L A CA 90002 the Washington events only Kelsey a New Zealander who John Crawford Dodge Daytona works for Rod Millen came as a After an unusually long break of almost four months Pro Rallying in this country finally got underway in mid April with two back to back events in Washington state Known as Rally Week Northwest it was ten full days of activities devoted to rallying road racing autocrossing car shows special side trips to Mt St Helens and thr like It was an extravaganza which took the help of many many people to have the whole thing come off like clockwork In the end we saw John Buffum and Rod Millen each with one win to their credit each having been won in their respective four 1 T ECTRA GET THE EDGE TECTIRA TIRES I _ I TIRE Page 26 WHEEL MART June 1984 Dusty Times

Page 27

John Crawford and Craig Marr had their turn at the GT class victory in the Olympus taking the honor in the Dodge Daytona Turbo Coupe Former Canadian champion Walter Boyce with Joe Andreini co driving swept the Production field at the Olympus in a factory backed VW Rabbit Gn Buffum and Millen were really event which was delayed a few surprise to a lot of people and hours due to worker problems evened up on this one and after especially to Crawford Kelsey is nine stages Millen had the lead by an amazingly good driver who on the stages The sister event to NOR a scant 20 lOOths of a minute has had little opportunity to rally WESTER was the OLYMPUS On the tenth stage Buffum s in this country now he s got his INTERNATIONAL on the engine lost compression in all chance and John Crawford is his following weekend This rally cylinders and it was a second chief competition And while the held for the 18th year in DNF at OLYMPUS for the new class was very small here in the northwest it is expected that Tumwater is hoping to become seven time U S rally champ the first world rally champion Behind Millen were Jon as the season progresses we will see more regional rallyists ship in the United States in over a W oodner in a new Peugeot 505 decade and as a first step to but with his old 504 V 6 turning up in it As the event continued into realizing that goal the event was engine New Zealander Alan the evening it was hard to know observed by an FIA inspector Carter in a Mazda RX 7 and from Paris France When an Bruno Kreibich in the ex Buffum exactly who was out front Both the Quattro and the 4 WO Mazda event goes for world champion Quattro All were threats but were running well with times ship status we expect all the stops only to each other and Millen to be pulled out Such wasn t the just motored on toward the very close together Buffum had won most of the earlier stages case with OLYMPUS It s hard finish continuing to stack even stalled out on one Rod enough to organize just one event minutes between himself and the Millen was close behind but lost a year but when you ve got two of rest of the field The Production GT class had them on successive weekends time when his brakes wentouton SS 4 and he ran the rest of this it s a real bear of a problem Egos the same three entries that had stage and the next one without aside the organization boasted been in attendance the week any Should have been an in print that they had 800 before and it looked as though exciting ride In the Production workers for Rally Week Kelsey might just walk away with GT class Crawford s bid for the Northwest Wonderful if they win 2 However this time it win was running into trouble and did but the truth of the matter is proved to be John Crawford s it wasn t just from Kelsey s that no event anywhere in the turn and he went on to win the Mazda The Dodge Daytona U S has ever been able to round class when Kelsey s Mazda Turbo lost ten minutes when it up that many workers Only the became high centered and wasn t experienced some serious PRESS ON REGARDLESS the freed until after their MPL electrical problems early into the longest running U S rally in maximum permitted lateness rally and it became necessary for northern Michigan can even had run out Rick Dunham the only other competitor in the co driver Craig Marr to hang out come close to that number Fifty nine teams started the class running an older Plymouth the window with only a flashlight 1 day event which ran Arrow was also time barred So to guide them out of the stage The road conditions were southwest of Tumwater on while Crawford did win the class pretty good for this event Weyerhauser private forest land his 15th overall finish was hardly considertng that the chipped and within the confines of the a barn burner The standard Produ c tion class shale quality of the roads in this Capitol Forest The weather God region often creates severe tire had not been helpful and rally had a tairly goo turn out ith problems By the end of the 338 day started out under gloomy 14 entries Doug Shepherd was mile rally John Buffum and the skies chilly winds and again the favorite winning over Quattro had picked up their first intermittent showers typical half of the 23 stages which were win of the new season Millen weather for the Northwest in scored Only a third of a minute with Kiwi Clive Smith along as April Several paved or tarmac separated him from Canadian co driver this trip finished up in stages were run again primarily Walter Boyce VW Rabbit GTI the second spot only a minute for the benefit of the spectators at the end of the rally However and a half back Richard Kelsey A few were run in small towns this week unlike the week won the new GT class winning and one in particular Rainier before the winning cars in the all 15 stages handily over John Road was an eight mile straight two Production classes were Crawford and Rick Dunham the stretch through the Ft Lewis actually torn down and Mr only other competitor in the Army Reservation The Shepherd was disqualified for class Michigan rallyist Doug competitors were given a target having an engine wfrh a 040 Shepherd formerly Buffum s ace time of six minutes for an overbore Boyce was declared the navigator won the standard average of 72 mph and only winner and finished sixth Production class by a scant those taking over this time were overall with Bruce Davis again 20 lOOths of a minute over assessed any penalty points for coming in second in his Dodge Sacramento driver Bruce Davis the stage It was said that Rod Charger Earlier in the rally both in a Dodge Charger In all 40 Millen hit 115mph and even Guy Light Olds Omega and Gene Henderson Eagle SX 4 teams were able to finish the that seems a little low Steve Millen made his debut in the Datsun 240 RS at the Nor wester with Allan Girdler navigating and Steve was third overall in the rally had looked in good shape for a successful finish but both eventuaHy dropped o t Light with a broken front ball joint and Henderson with a problem with the transfer case in the small 4WD car At the finish it was Millen and co driver R Dale Kraushaar home first with a 12 minute lead over Bruno Kreibich and Clark Bond in the Audi Quattro Alan Carter w_as third while Jon Woodner placed fourth in the Peugeot The whole event went off pretty well although ageneral feeling seemed to be that it had been better organized in the past Workers proved to be a serious problem with several stages not set up when the cars arrived or just no one showing up to man the stage The FIA Observer will issue a written report on the event from Paris Whether or not the general rallying public will ever hear anything about it remains to be seen KEEPSON WINNING Jim Billy Wright fly to Fi rst Overal I WINSAT THE MINT 400 1st Overall Jim Billy Wright 1st CL 1 Mike Lund 1st CL 1 1600 Tom Bob Neth 1st CL 5 Jim Cocores 1st CL 6 Larry Schwacofer 1st CL 7s Mike Pat Falkosky 1st CL 9 Larry Watson 1st CL 10 Larry Bolin WINS MICKEY THOMPSON S 1st CL 10 Jerry Whelchel DALLAS STADIUM RACE 1st CL 10 Scott Gillman THANKS FOR PROVING _ WORKS AND IT S WORTH IT So far t is year HPS synthetic lubricants have helped racers score 5 First Overall and 37 First in Class wins HPS performance and protection can help you be a winner too So ask your parts supplier for HPS before your next oil change Another Kiwi in rally circles Richard Kelsey one of the MIiien team surprised a lot of folks by winning GT class in his Mazda RX 7 Dusty Times Round two went to Rod Millen R Dale Kraushaar and the 4 WD Mazda RX 7 The boys won the forest rally by over 12 minutes a big margin June 1984 FOR MORE INFORMATION AND ALIST OF DEALERS CONTACT HPS Inc P O Box 1065 Solana Beach CA 92075 619 753 3196 Dealer Inquiries Invited Page 27

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Text Photos Rick Hochfeld T E PRO _qlN AM HIGH DESERT 100 Great Desert Racing at Ellensburg Washingt n Winning is getting to be a habit for Dave Brown He epe teci his ea dier triumph winning first overall and Pro Class 2 5 and 8 Ken Sanislo and Steve Mettle took first place in Pro Class 1 even though they eventually lost the slick wing to a hefty gust of wind Pro Can Am Racing Inc followed the successful season opener near Bend Oregon with another great event even further north in mid April The Ellensburg 200 took place near that city in the center of the state of Washington where there is truly plenty of rugged desert terrain well east of the rain forests The event was blessed with clear skies and suns_hine and the Ellensburg 200 route was a brand new course which all the drivers seemed to enjoy Along with the five categories of regular classes for race cars the Ellensburg 200 included two displacement classes for 3 wheelers and three separate classes for Odyssey style racers modified superstock and stock Among the standard car classes 46 entries left the start line there were a total of ten 3 wheelers and 16 Odysseys as well The new race course was approximately 20 miles around with ten laps scheduled for the Pro Can Am classes The organizers are most gra teful to land owner Richard Miller who not only provided the property for the race course but also donated a steer which was barbecued atthe race site for everyone to enjoy The first group off the starting line at noon were the chargers _in the combined Pro classes 2 5 and 8 There were five in Class 2 a pair in Class 8 and a lone Class 5 driven by Dave Brown of Corvallis Oregon the overall winner at the Bend Oregon race last March Dave Brown did his number again at Ellensburg winning his dass and winning overall for the second tim e in as many events Back to back wins is an acq mplishment not many achieve in a lifetime Brbwn Is time in his Class 5 Baja Bug was 4 44 40 and it establishes a record ori this new course for everyone t0 aim at in the future Dave s lap times hovered consistently in the 28 minute Gordon Lemons and John Shepherd kept the Jeep CJ 7 flying low to capture first place in the hard fought Pro Class 3 and 4 combined area with his quick lap coming on the third round at 27 35 Second in the group and the first Class 2 around was Bill Ballester and his son Billy The Eugene Oregon team finished their ten laps just six minutes and change behind the winning Baja Bug also with most consistent lap times They placed third overall Next in class was the Chevy pickup first of the Class 8s driven _b y Milo and Mark Goss also from Oregon Second in Class 2 fourth in the group were Dick Mauhl and Lou Ulrey from Washington followed by Denny Merrill and J W Shively in a Ford pickup Merri Lalso donated a porker to the post race barbecue Last of the ten lap finishers in this group was the Class 2 driven by Mike Kerschner and Scott Livernash Nine entries started in Class 1 but only five came across the finish line Ken Sanislo ran hard led all the way and also did his quickest lap on the third rouml a 27 40 His ten lap effort recorded a time of 4 50 14 a clear winner in Pro Class 1 and good for second overall only five minutes and change behind Dave NEW QUICK JACK FOR THE NEW BIG RACE CARS Here is a new technology quick jack to match the new technology in the long travel race cars so successful in off road racing today This quick Jac k has a total lift height of 22 inches will stand by itself when raised to full hei ht and it d_ o es not require a person to sit on it while the car is up 1n the air The new Jack has an excellent leverage ratio and one man can lift the rear end of a heavy two seater by himself The jack is made from the finest ingredients and it breaks down for ease of storage and transportat ion Jaxon Nogle had a new 1600 cc engine and with Joe Moss co driving the team garnered first place among the 15 starters in Sportsman Buggies TWO MODELS AVAILABLE CLUB DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE 18 LIFT 59 99 22 LIFT 69 99 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CALIF 92330 Telephone 714 674 7365 Page 28 Rod Stevens and David Stokes put the Ford Bronco s power to the ground and came away with another victory in Sportsman 4 x 4 class Terry Rogers and his family cam13 from Palo Cedro CA to race did a good job and finished well in the for sale racer second in Class 1 June 1984 Phil Dean and Bob Lehrer got the Bronco in the money again with a third place in Class 3 4 even with two flat tires on the last lap Dusty Times

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Dick Mau hi and Lou Ulrey bounced along the fence line to fourth in Pro Class 2 5 8 and they drove the second two seater home in the combined group Denny Merrill and J W Shively had a good race in the Ford pickup finishing fifth in the mixed class and they were the second truck too Establishing himself as a good long course as well as short course driver Tom James with Jim Chesley riding took second in 3 4 n his Jeep Brown Sanislo teamed with Springer and Harvey Lange came Monson and Gerard Fairbanks 1 40 25 for a second and right Superstock and Steve Lynch Steve Mettle on the course for home in third the last of the ten got in just one lap but Joe said on his heels was Jon Solomonson took the honors with a 2 15 35 after the race Boy ya sure learn with a time of 1 41 20 for third but not without difficulty He the victory Terry Rogers came lap finishers in this class Only three showed upin the fast about whai can go wrong place Nine of the ten trikes did an endo and had a broken from Palo Cedro California a long way and he made the trip Sportsman 4 x 4 category and it when ya think ya got it all_right finished the race Great going wheel In stock class Mike McIntosh wiped the field of eight New to Pro Can Am r a cing fella s worth while by capturing second was no contest Rod Stevens Out for an exhibition ride in starters with a 1 25 17 for the place with a time of 5 08 44 captured his second victory in a were the 3 wheelers doing the Third went to Duane Larson of row in his Ford Bronco with long course bit A lot of hopes of generating more interest victory in his very first race Renton Washington who after David Stokes riding along for the enthusiasm was generated by the in the open Odyssey class was driving a bone stock Odyssey he a year s absence from five laps Stevens already has the ten entries that started the day off Doug Whitney He was fast and has owned only three months competition turned in a pro drivers keeping an eye on at 8 Q0 a m Hopefully many impressive but a broken tie rod Not far behind for second was consistent race in his newly him When asked about the more entries will come in as the held him to only one lap Scott Ray _Hegge with a 1 31 09 revamped single seater Joe course his rookie co driver word gets passed around Gary Scooter Johnson took his just followed by Danny Nichols with Kellog and Ed McPherson were commented that they were very Sullivan rode alone in his class out of the box modified a 1 36 36 The citizens of the nearest just over a minute behind in seldom on the ground to really over 200 cc but he wound up in Odys ey around his 40 miles fourth and Brent Zottman Gary get the feel of things Ed a heck of a race for the overall with lap times in the 32 to 37 town to the course Kittitas were Richwine rounded out the Burnap and Doug Cox were able win finishing the 60 miles with a minutes area as good as many of just super opening up the town to take second place honors second overall time of 1 38 34 the Jeeps and buggys The bone to all the racers and spectators finishers in Class 1 while still working the bugs out First overall and first in under crusher crews of the stock and The Ellensburg 200 had a super The eleven starters in Class of his Bronco that covered just 200 cc class went to Renton superstock Odyssey classes went course with super people in the 3 4 really came to race with well two laps Burnap has really Washington s Ed Joseph with a forty miles with no suspension area and the Pro Can Am Racing prepared machines and seven in picked up his pace and may 1 32 59 time Dean Frankhauser and they were all ready to go people did a super job We hope the field managed to finish the move into the pro class oon Joe toured the 60 miles_ in just another 40 Four started in to race here again soon 200 miles Gordon Lemons and John Shepherd of Woodburn Oregon pulled off the victory driving aJeepCJ 7 and their time was super 5 30 28 Seventeen minutes back was Tom James and Jim Chesley of Kennewick WA driving a Jeep CJ as well Third place went to Phil Dean and Bob Lehrer of Portland Oregon their Bronco posted a HERE IT IS time of 5 53 52 Lemons James Our Own Trick Off Road CV Boot Dean and Gordon Scott battled the better part of the day with flat 4 Trick CV Boots heat tires and broken spindles retreated steel flanges 112 00 arranging the running order constantly Even with a new 4 Trick CV Boots spun transmission Chris Overall steel flanges 56 0_ 0 could not keep oil in hisJeepster but with the help of a loyal pit crew and some great driving Modified 930 CV Joint Chris came away with fourth place money with our own Trick The only major damage in the Class 3 4 ranks occured when Art Johnson from Astoria cage installed Oregon was T boned while going around a corner and turned ea over on the side of the rig Art was told he shouldn t let those Chromoly H o Tie Rod Set little buggies pu h him around like that Art was soon righted complete with H D ends and continued on his way finishing eight laps Jim Murphy 64 95 set widened his lead in the contest for the car that could lose the 2 tie rods and 4 tie rod ends most parts in a race This round soecifv lenirth desired though he was able to keep the Quick Disconnect Steering Hub rig on all fours the entire nine Rack and Pinion Steering Box laps that he completed 1 Desert Model Non Power NOW 44 95 The Sportsman buggy class a steal 179 95 grew considerably for this race as 13 entriesleft the starting line However only three cars were able to complete the full 200 miles Jaxon Nogle and Joe Moss Portland Oregon showed that consistent lap times pay off and their fast lap was the ninth at 31 31 Nogle s car cruised the course in 5 39 49 to earn first place Always steady Tim Gellatly and Rick Pierce stayed 11324 Norwalk Bl Santa Fe Springs CA 90670 close gaining second place only six minutes later Following the Mike and Curt Julsrud did a fine job finishing 10th in the pair of two seat buggies Todd Sportsman bu51gies in their first time out in the Class 5 Bug m o _ 89 95 GERMAN AUTO Dusty Times June 1984 21 863 1123 Page 29

Page 30

Overview of the Port Wine Rally of Portugal The Championship Rally as seen by veteran reporter M a rtin Holmes f England and SCCA Pro Rally Marketing Manager Tim Cline Photos Martin Holmes Ann Cline Hannu Mikkola and co driver Arne Hertz took a very close victory Mikkola s 17th World Championship Race win aboard the formidable Group B Audi Quattro

Page 31

Portugal although he rallies for Puegeot in the USA Big names with the factories were as in 1983 Lancia and Audi Last season Lancia won the Manufacturer s Championship but Audi driver Hannu Mikkola won the Driver s Championship Audi is on a roll this year with wins at Monte Carlo and Sweden but those rallies were in the snow and ice where the 4 WO had considerable advantage Portugal would be different The first quarter of the rally is run on tarmac or asphalt Here the Lancias would be faster and more nimble than the Quattros The bulk of the run however was on gravel and here the 4 WO Audis were rnperior The big question was whether the Lancias could build a large enough lead on the pavement to hold off the Audis in the dirt Both factories showed up with four team cars valued at about 150 000 each Audi had a rare depth of talent current World Champion Hannu Mikkola of Finland former World Champion Walter Ro hr of Germany Stig Blomqvist of Sweden and Sare van der Merwe fresh from winning the 24 hours at Daytona Lancia had its own former World Champion Markku Alen of Finland current European C hampion Micky Biasion of Italy Italian Champion Toni Bettega and the hot Finnish sensation Henri Toivonen Toyota had a pair of twin cam Turbo Celicas Renault brought a pair ofR 5 Turbos and Nissan had a single 240 RS Back with number 15 was Jon Woodner the top private entry in the field of 86 ears The rally started on Wednesday with three stages near Estroij and Sintra west of Lisbon paved stages that were run three times each These are incredibly dangerous with the roads lined with people standing on the edge and even in the road How no one got hurt is amazing True to form the Lancias were fastest on the pavement with T oivonen setting the pace for the first five stages On the sixth he went off the road and out of the rally the only Lancia DNF Van der Merwe put his Quattro off for good on the following stage and Rohr went off after the finish of the stage breaking a strut on the Quattro and losing seven minutes VW is serious in Europe about rallies 7th overall nd first In Group A ent to Ct ar ing thro_u_gh the dust Markki Afen and 1 kka Klvlmakl alm_ost got the Kalle Grundel and P ter Diekmann in a VW Golf GTI Group B Lancia Rally home In front but had to settle for second Biasion took over the lead and it was still Lancia 1 2 3 Woodner began working through the pack after a couple of flats and was back in 15th place after 15 stages then the oil pump let go putting him out for good The first of the gravel stages were in the far north and the leaders changed tires and set out The Lancias had a 2 minute lead over the first Quattro Mikkola The question was whether they could hold off the 4 WO in the loose stuff For the next two days an incredible battle ensued as Mikkola slowly reeled in all of the 2 WO Lancias Alen in his Lancia was brilliant but the technical advantage of 4 Coming into a town for a checkpoint often proved to be very tricky in traffic This is Bettega s Lancia at Toma on the Saturday run WO on gravel was too much By Saturday Mikkola had put the Quattro into the lead The Toyotas ran gamely but could not match the L mcias on paved roads nor the Audis in the dirt Both of the Japanese cars went out with nearly identical drive train failures While things were going well for Mikkola the rest of the Audi team was having lots of trouble Blomqvist started off with a slipping clutch and on stage 34 rolled over and out Rohr after the strut change was the faS t est driver in the rally Without the seven minute penalty he would have been leading In the dirt he began to fly winning several daylight stages It was all for nothing because he rolled on stage 29 and spent 22 minutes getting the car going again On Saturday the dust problem caused the organizers to put two minutes between the cars By now only 22 of the or igi al 86 starters were left Still Alen was eating Mikkola s dust so the Lancia team decided to do something about it They had Biasion and Bettega jump into the sta rt control on stages 44 and 45 behind Mikkola but ahead of Alen They each started the stage and then pulled off and waited for Alen to pass That gave Alen six minutes of clear road It was not quite enough Mikkola held on for that 27 second win It was a very popular win with the fans and the motor press was ga ga over the closeness of the finish So Audi won its third World Champ ionship event this year and Audi drivers are now 1 2 3 in the standings Lancia took the next three spots followed by Jean Ragnotti s Renault In spite of all the problems he had Walter Rohr was sixth in his Quattro After the event the FISA met and announced that they very much wanted a World Championship event in the United States by 1986 They also said that by that time no less than 15 or 16 factories would have Group B cars to compete with the Lancias and the Audis One of the factories named was Ford Tim Cline Guilford Ccnmecticut FROM THE GINNING TO THE END O The pre rally tech inspection in Portugal draws huge crowds The spectators had to part in order for the cars to motor through the area TRACKSIDE IS THERE Color and Black White photos of many major off road events including Riverside and Baja current and historic We have one of the largest pt oto libraries of all types of motor sports including _events dating back into 1 70 We have photos for publication_ public relations _ advertising presentations promotions personal scrapbook enjoyment We were there last time we ll be there next time Bjorn Waldegaard tried hard in the twin cam 320 horsepower turbo charged Toyota Celica but he retired when the drive shaft failed Dusty Times Walter Rohr shows off his classic side ways style in the dirt and this shot was taken before the car rolled and wrinkled the bodywork June 1984 TRACKSIDE Photo Enterprises PO BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 213 327 4493 18710 SO NORMAN DIE AVE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 Page 31

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MICKEY THOMPSON S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX The Stadium Race Season Begins at Pomona By Jean Calvin Photos T rackside Photo Enterprises Mini truck main event action shows Roger Mears 7 Nissan hopping past both Willie Valdez and Jeff Huber en route to his fine second place April means springtime and springtime means the start of the MTEG stadium type races at Pomona and this year the races head east as well Thompson stuck with his successful format from 1 983 at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds stuffing all the action into one day It was a full S 1 turday of morning practice afternoon qualifying and an evening of serious racing on the less than a mile course that winds around the infield of the horse track at Pomona While the format was the same some drivers thought the course was different especially with one of the metal mechanical jumps on the front straight replacing the more familiar mound of dirt from last year There was some mechanical trouble in practice especially in the Nissan camp Both Roger Mears and Sherman Balch broke tranny flex plates on the new short course rigs and the non stock parts had to be acquired back in the city so both missed the qualifying sessions Steve Foster lost an engine and he had hauled all the way from San Antonio Texas to race After setting the hot time in qualifying he put another engine together with some spares and borrowed parts The much talked about new short course T oyotas failed to materialize In the pits were both trucks from last season plus both of the new desert Toyotas Ivan Stewart and Steve Millen elected to race the new desert trucks and they ended up winning with them After the midday break the autograph session with the public started when the gates opened around 5 p m People poured in the doors but while there were plenty of drivers and cars to see the row of contingency donors was down by about half this year some said because of a new charge to manufacturers for parking space in contingency row The grandstands were filling rapidly when the five fastest Class 10s appeared on the track Page 32 for their trophy dash Glenn Harris in a new Fuoco had quick time followed by Mike Gillman Chenowth Bi ian Harber Fuoco Jerry Whelchel Chenowth and Brad Castle Raceco Mike Gillman and Jerry Whelchel had a tangle at the end of the first lap but Mike survived to take the lead and he was never headed although Whelchel stayed glued to his bumper through the three laps Class 1 trophy dashers included fast time holder Steve Foster Bug E Warehouse Scott Gillman and Bob Gordon Chenowth Magnums Marty Tripes and J C Myers Funcos Gillman grabbed the lead with a great start and although Bob Gordon got clos Scott won the three lapper Steve Foster had trouble with the metal jump and dropped to third Class 10 truly had a full field of 34 in fact the entry was closed before race day The first heat put 15 cars on the grid a real pack on the tiny track Vince Tjelmeland got the quick start in his Fuoco but Brian Harber and Glenn Harris were locked onto his tail Two cars got hooked together on the first turn but they were again moving before the pack came around Harber made a wild pass on the next lap Harris stayed with him arid Tjelmeland had trans trouble and pulled off into the grass Midway in the eight laps Harber with Harris still in his shadow was long gone The pair were often side by side over the jumps and through the turns Well back Michael Withers Fuoco and Dave Bonner Hawk were battling for third passing and repassing At the flag it was Brian Harber a notch ahead of Glenn Harris a big gap to Wit hers who won third over Bonner followed by Randy Shoaff Fuoco The second Class 10 heat was equally as busy with 14 starting cars Ron Carter got the hole shot in his Fuoco but Chet Huffman Chenowth passed to lead mid lap with Mike Gillman and Ed Martensen battling for space too In three laps Gillman had the lead but not by much over Huffman and the trio to the rear were Martensen Jerry Whelchel and Carter Gillman including flapping rear fenders and Huffman continued their Conery also smoking badly close combat through six laps survived in third while Valdez then Huffman faded back and vanished midway in the race Whelchel caught him As Mike Although tempers were flaring Gillman took the checkered flag between Millen and Mears there Whelchel passed Huffman in the was no action in the pits The final turn to claim second saving grace was that Mears was Huffman hit the berm just past in the next Class 1 set of heats the flag and rolled over to third but both truckers were chastised place Martensen was safe in and sent to the back of the grid fourth followed by Ron Carter for the Class 7 main event and Billy Beck in a B E W The first unlimited single seat The first Class 7 heat had a heat held merely seven cars and nicely mixed half dozen in the Greg George was still building a parade lap Ivan Stewart and trans in the pits Jim Fishback Jr Mike Falkosky Toyotas Walker grabbed first place in his Evans Dodge D 50 Sherman Chenowth Magnum at flag fall Balch Nissan Jeff Huber Ford and he was never really Ranger and John Nelson threatened en route to the win Mitsubishi Ivan and Walker had Trailing Fishback off the start a little dice off the line but Ivan were Ron Wachter Fuoco Mark soon shifted into top gear and Hansen and Steve Foster On the drove away from everyone to next lap Rich Prouty rolled victory Evans had a good race traffic got jammed up and with Huber until the Ford went Hansen stalled and was pushed out with mechanical woes leaving away Fishback had a huge lead Walker alone in second midway but Foster was up to followed by an equally lonely second and closing finishing Sherman Balch Falkosky in a right on Fishback s bumper after 7S was nearly lapped and eight laps Meanwhile Wachter Nelson was lapped J C Myers and Dan Fisk were The second heat held only fighting hard for third Fisk was five Steve Millen in the other fourth starting the last lap factory Toyota Josele Garza and bumped Wachter in the Willie Valdez in Fords Roger serpentine and dropped Mears and Kevin Conery in Wachter to fifth behind Myers as Nissans It was a tight little group Fisk went on to place third for two laps as Steve Millen Although only half a dozen barely led Conery and Mears appeared the second Class 1 heat moved by Conery on the third was a wild run Marty Tripes and round and caught Millen Steve Pancho Weaver fought for the tried his best to stay ahead but lead and Tripes won out by the Roger bumped on past midway second turn where Scott Gillman in the fray There was more metal kissed the wall Mears was on the clanging and fiberglass flying move Gillman went to the pits and starting lap 5 Millen gave on lap 2 and after three laps Mears a stout side punch which Tripes just led Weaver and flattened a tire on the Nissan and Mears was on their bumpers Roger was out of it Millen was Mid way Tripes and W eaverwere soundly booed by the spectators side by side and Roger passed on the next four laps he now had them both on a jump to take half a track lead en route to over While Mears didn t open a victory Way back in second lead he won the race over Garza was smoking badly _and Weaver and Tripes held third displayed his usual body damage after the pair tangled in the first Jerry Whelchel took an early lead in the Class 10 main and he never bobbled in the Chenowth to score a resounding victory over the big field Ivan Stewart did Toyota proud at Pomona Inning his heat race and the main event after some heavy racing In the desert model truck Marty Tripes had his best day ever at Pomona running the Funco without problems and Marty took a wire to wire victory in the Class 1 main event Brian Harber had to work hard tor his Class 10 heat race victory and he won in his new Funco and also placed well in the main event June 1984 cc Dusty Times

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P ger Mears flew high wide in the factory racer taking his heat race win with a wild pass but the car1ailed In the Class 1 main turn Mark Terzian was well back in fourth Next came a great exhibition race among 17 Odyssey type cars These tiny racers had a lot of trouble with the metal jump nosing over it and rolling after it They had a five way dice for first but we don t know the name of the winner The pair of3 wheeler heats started the program and now their main event had a herd on the grid This race had the only serious accident of the day as Jimmie White took a header off his Kawasaki and was taken to the hospital for treatment A full grid of 26 lined up for the Class 10 main event led off the line by Michael Withers One stalled on the grid sat motionless without aid until the first lap was comfleted and that had to be a thril for the driver Meanwhile Jerry Whelchel had moved into first place followed by Withers and Huffman Mike Gillman and Harris After two of the scheduled 12 laps Whelchel began pulling away Glenn Harris was up to second and Withers was in the wall Dicing hard were Harris Gillman then Huffman Carter and more Harris and Gillman locked bumpers on the first turn starting lap 5 and now it was Huffman C _ a_rt_e_r _ H_a_r_b_e_r _ a_n_d_B _ o_n_n_e_r _ Steve Foster survived the loss of an engine in practice and again got fast qualifying time in Class 1 but his luck ran out Jater The Odyssey type racers had a full field for their exhibition race an the tiny cars provlde_d exciting action real crowd pleasers looking at second place Gillman turned it on and caught up to arid Matty Tripes and F nco for the Odyssey rate a real went to the pits Harris got Ivan getting the checkered flag in The antics of the race cars spectacular Of course the boos running and put on the show second as the crowd cheered seemed more tame this year with for Millen were noisy when he passing cars on every turn but Walker hdd third easily and only a couple of first lap pile ups put the crowd s favorite Roger time ran out for him and he after a good dice Balch held off Not much of the high flying Mears out of the heat race Still finished seventh Now Brian Millen for fourth action could be seen from the the Pomona style event is akin to Harber was on the move and Marty Tripes led the 13 car main grandstand The front show biz and building heros and midway he slid into second and Class 1 field off the main event straigh jumps are still good ones villains is part of any track racing pulled away from the pack but start and he never looked back but they are noi taken at the promo It all happens again in Jerry Whelchel was half a lap In the second turn Steve Foster former speed so the first turn June at Pomona then the circuit ahead at the flag The struggle for retired Mears lasted until the action was more mild than in the moves east to the concrete floors and all mechanical jumps of the third eventually went to Ron fourth turn then the ring gear past Carter with Dave Bonner quit and Scott Gillman slowed The crowd cheered for their domed stadiums in the midwest nabbing fourth and retired leaving ten little favorites cheering the loudest and on the east coast All eleven mini trucks Indians Pancho Weaver held appeared to start the main event second over J C Myers but which had three different Myers soon passed into second leaders Josele Garza put his Ford while Tripes was far away with a out front initially followed by back straight worth of lead at the Stewart Huber Evans and half way point Just when Myers Balch Conery was smoking began closing the gap a bit his badly and soon retired Garza led Cosworth Ford started smoking through two laps then starting but he held second to the finish the third he rolled over in the Coming from the rear Bob turn Ivan got sideways and Jeff Gordon put on the show in his Huber leapt past to keep a Ford Magnum passing the early out front followed by Stewart contenders lap by lap to take Evans Balch Millen and Mears third ahead of Weaver Dan Fisk Jeff Huber began stretching his who has been fifth went out on lead and after seven rounds the last lap handing the spot to Mears got past Balch Then Mark Hansen Huber spun on the first turn with The big Winners at Pomona a flat tire and Ivan Stewart took were Ivan Stewart and Toyota Glenn Harris has a brand new Fimco this year and he and Brian Harber put on the lead for good to win the main Jerry Whelchel and Chenowth the show of the night in Class 10 but Harris finished second event for Toyota in the long wheelbase SRS Mears had a fine ORIGINAL dice with Evans and took over in s_e_co _ n_ d__ o_n _ lap 8 Then Roger THE RA C ING C Y CAGE FOR PORSCHE TURBO AND BMW C V s DON T BE FOOLED BY CHEAP IMITATIONS Mike Gillman held up the honor of the clan at the Fairgrounds by winning the Class 10 trophy dash and the second heat race for Chenowth 54 00 You will notice as shown In the picture that the C V balls flt in the cage windows precisely This allows the C V to operate with lower friction and heat build up resulting In longer C V life and more horsepower to the wheels EACH 25 Degrees of Axle Angle No Problem You can get that and more with this new Super Cage Super Boot also manufactures the best boots flanges drive axles two piece stub axles and other quality racing products FLASH Super Boot Wins Overall at the Mint 400 Congratulations to JIM and BILL V WRIGHT SUPER BOOT CAME UP WINNERS IN SIX OF THE EIGHT ELIGIBLE CLASSES AT THE MINT 400 SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS P O BOX 5342 CHULA VISTA CALIF 92012 Jim Fishback Jr was really running well all during the meet and Fishback won a close fight in his Class 1 heat race over the field Dusty Times 619 426 2662 June 1984 415 388 1452 _ Page 33

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FIRST ANNUAL LOMA 115 Text Photos Daryl D Drake SAN LUIS MEXICO WELCOMES THE A D R A Jim Tcavis really picked up time between check 3 and check 4 and Jim not only won Sportsman Class 1 but he was a great first overall Th anks to the effo rts of Lo ma A TV s the Sonoran T o urism Department and the Arizona Desert R acing Associatio n the Lo m a 125 a new race o n the schedule was a great success and a good warm _up_ fo r the Mint _ 400 as well Fo urth in the A D R A car series this event attracted 57 starters Satu rday April 28 198 4 to the town o f San Luis Rio d e Colo rado M exico south o_f_ Y_u_ m_a_ _ A_r_i_zo_n_a_ _A_ls_o_ _o_v_e_r _ 300 bikes and A TV s were entered includi ng myself aboard a 250 Husky The course was 144 miles o f M exican desert mostly sand The first 60 m iles consisted of two trips around a 30 m ile loop starting and ending fo r checks Dwight Lundell kicks up dust near the beach on his way to the victory in Pro o ne and two at the San Luis C ity Class 10 and seco11d overall on the Loma 125 race Park where spectators massed maki ng pitting a little hazardous quite a few sinkholes where The bikes left first starting at Then it was on to check three speed and luck were the saving 9 30 unde r spitting skies Jim 36 m i les dis t a n t Windi n g graces T h o m pson Jr Broo m fie ld th ro ugh mesquite and puckerC h eck four had a 5 to 15 Colorado took overall at 2 25 29 bush fo r a few miles the ro ute m inu tes grace period allowing o n a big H usky Yours trul y turned into a 20 mile whoopy racers pit t ime and reasonable fin ished 82 nd 0 A 2nd in 250 straight with one deto ur around a speeds over a sho rt stretch o f Beginner an ho ur later canal a right turn and ten miles pavement into El Golfo fo r the The fi rst two cars off the line mo re through some low hills check fo ur restart Jo hn Gard ner and Dwight Lunbrought us to check three Now heading o ut of El Golfo dell bo th in Pro T en left at 1 42 N ext we crossed RR tracks the route was up a well wo rn The meager rain had o nly made the highway and were headed canyo n complete with local the sand h eavier but still d usty down alo ng the b luffs of the Sea traffi c and o nto a hard pack Sportsm an G reg O swskey could o f Cortez This was harder mesa High speed roads then led no t get his car fired and did no t surface fast fun but treacherous to check fi ve and ano ther high start with numerous washo uts gullies way crossing Back into the In Pro woes Gene G reenlee s etc Then came a right turn down ar royo we retraced o ur trip C lass T wo car was running a narrow arroyo o nto the beach across the beach and into check poorl y and he decided to trailer and into check fo ur This is an six the finish 200 yards up the it before the loop check as did extremely fl at beach and had _ b_e_a_c_h_f_r_o_m_ c_h_e_c_k_t_o_ u_r_ ______ B_il_l_S_a_l_m_o_n_ in_ h_i_s_B_a j_a_B_u_g _a_n_d_ Scott Sappington cruises past the pit area on the beach and Scott won the Pro Class 2 and also had third fastest time overall Overall winner the month before Richard Binder sported windshield wiper aid in 1pril led for a time but finished fourth overall Jim Kirk worked the bugs out of Ugly Two moved over the rugged fast course to win 1st In Sportsman 1600 5th O A Larry Noel heads out of Check 4 in his first race with a new car Noel had a trouble free race won Pro 1 class and sixth overall Paul Nolte stops for his check on the beach his Toyota powered two seater won first in Sportsman 2 and ninth overall Keith Jaeger gets air under his black Baja Bug near the buttes Jaeger had a clear run to the Sportsman 5 victory 10th overall c c c c cc cc Using a big gas tank Dee Adams drove the only Odyssey to complete the required 120 miles to check 4 Page 34 Jim Sterrenberg surprised some by driving his Class 8 Chevy in the Beginner 2 bunch but Sterrenberg was 1st in class June 1984 Charging down one of the very fast trails Mark Lundell had a good race and he finished 2nd in Sportsman Budget 1600 class Dusty Times

Page 35

From San Luis Mexico Luis Cunningham had lots of fun put on quite a show and ended up second in the Sportsman Class 5 Mark Giebelhaus in his Class One car Going out quick in Sportsman were Joe Aycock Randy Miller and Troy Churchland all in Budget 1600 cars And Beginners Eddy McClain and Larry Baca were also done before the loop check Richard Binder had taken the physical lead which he would hang onto until check four and Larry Ragland was moving up By check one Pros Tom Zentner and Paul Sigmundson and Sportsmen Jim Bush Greg Burgin and Phil Everhard were out of it Making the second loop check but not check two were Pro Larry Ragland and Sportsman Tim Edwards On the way to check three Jim Travis began his move up in his Sportsman One car passing eight racers Out on this leg were Sportsmen Mike Galvan Ben Pierpont and Bill Spickard as well as Beginner Francisco V elas Leaving check three Travis really put the pedal to the metal passing more competitors and picking up the pace Dwight _ Lundell continued to hold his own against Binder and Steve Cheuvront ran out of gas on the beach Not believing he was out of gas Steve was able to restart when the car leveled off On his way out of check four though he ran out again this time for sure A broken three wheeler gave up its fuel and Steve was off again only to run out of gas again at check five Lundell Binder and Travis continued their smooth drives and Keith Jaeger was going good in his Baja _ When the results were tabulated here s how the top finish ers lined up Jim Travis lstO A 1st Sportsman 1 with a time of 2 36 1 3 just 10 44 off the 0 A two wheeler s time Next was Dwight Lundell 2nd 0 A 1st Pro Ten at 2 36 57 He was followed by Scott Sappington 3rd 0 A 1st Pro Two 2 39 10 Fourth 0 A was Richard Binder for 2nd in Pro Ten 2 40 30 Jim Kirk got the bugs out of his car and came in 5th 0 A 1st Sportsman 1600 at 2 45 29 Larry Noel in his first race and with a new car brought home the Pro One class at 6th 0 A 2 47 52 In at seventh as Jeff Sanders for 2nd Sportsman 1600 at 2 53 47 Don Hendry 15 minutes back was next at 8th 0 A 3rd Sportsman 1600 with a time of 3 02 11 Ninth 0 A was Paul Tolte taking Sportsman Two honors at 3 02 16 And rounding out the top ten was Keith Jaeger s black Baja Bug at 3 02 52 for the Sportsman Five win Also having good rides were Dusty Times Steve Cheuvront go es wide and dusts his co driver Vicki Allison as he tried hard to pick up the time lost by running out of gas Tom Higgins 1st Sportsman 27thO Aat4 0l 51 inhisClass Budget 1 6 0 0 1 4th O A Eight Chevy And Dee Adams was the lone 3 14 37 Alan League 1st Beginner 1600 19th 0 A 3 21 38 Odyssey making it to check four Mel Jarvis cruising to the Pro 120 miles for the Odyssey finish 1600 win at 3 59 05 29th 0 A and the win These racers were all Jim Sterrenberg 1st Beginner 2 glad t at this was a double points Danny Van Keuren looked good and had a good ride finishing well second in the Beginner 1600 class and 23rd overall event It s interesting to note that five of the top ten were 1600 s on a i oute like this Also the use of non VW powerplants like Dodge Colts Toyotas even V 8 s is taking hold Well even though it wasn t the 100 expected all th racers will be lookingforward to the tall pines at the site of the next A D R A race the 2nd Annual Young Classic June 9t h 1984 southeast of Payson Arizona 18th Annual Del Webb s MINT 400 Desert Race The world s biggest richest and toughest off road race May 2 5 1989 For your year round ExciteMinC visit Del Webb s Mint Casino Hotel home of the MINT 400 Desert Race where we speak your language Best of luck and safe racing Thumbs up The MINT 400 Staff and Manc gement For further information contact MINT 400 Racing Headquarters Del Webb s Mint Casino Hotel P O Box 2160 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 2160 702 385 7440 June 1984 Page 35

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Text Photos Rory Ivers VORRA AT BAYLANDS April Antics for Off Road Racers on the Stadium Style Track In the first Class 10 moto the dice was between Jim Haber in left who won the moto and overall and Steve Bradford The second round in the 1984 VORRA Series was at Baylandi Raceway in Fremont California on a stadium style track that is a real challenge The track offers drivers ample opportunity to show who spent the winter wisely and it holds all or nothing in traction and dust extremes First on the program the Sportsman class broke in the freshly watered infield While this wouldn t normally be noteworthy at Baylands the traction often goes on vacation if anyone even mentions water Only an objectionable amount of dust made water trucks a requirement Lowell Carpenter took his VW sedan to a short lived lead in Sportsman then he spun out entering the infield Taking over was buggy driver Fred H appich with Bob Morgan Jim Stone and Les Poulson in pursuit Stone s sedan bit it on turn 1 also dropping him from the front runners By now Michael St Pierre had moved into fourth with Carpenter fo lowing until he spun out again Stone took advantage of his fellow Bug driver s misfortune and took over his fifth place spot Carpenter stayed on it trying to recoup his loss but he was forced to drop out with a missing right front wheel At the flag the race went to Happich with Morgan narrowly beating Poulson for second In the second Sportsman moto St Pierre sprinted out front ahead of Randy Scheck Richard Stersia Carpenter and Morgan In turn 1 Morgan dove inside Carpenter s Bug and the two ended up playing T bone This gave Andy Carpenter enough room to move to third bumping Stersia to fourth By lap 2 Andy Carpenter moved out front with Stersia Lowell Carpenter and Stone in tow Starting lap 3 Scheck claimed first spot as Andy did a donut Stersia still held second until he spun out on the first infield corner On the next lap it was still Scheck out front followed by Happich Poulson L Carpenter and Don Kennedy Soon it was a three way tie for the lead then Happich dropped to third and ended up on the sidelines with a moto VORRA perrennial Herb dead engine This left Scheck to Halloway got tangled up in traffic fight it out with Poulson until he and ended up on his side While got caught in some mud losing not dangerous by itself second to Kennedy who was Halloway s buggy wasn t visible followed by Lowell Carpenter to the back row starters in the Starting the last lap Scheck spun dust and it was hit from behind out in the sweeper giving the win with the other car s front wheel to Kennedy followed by Scheck going through the engine and Lowell Carpenter was third exhaust opening With an impact strong enough to bend the seat in the Bug On points Don Kennedy won back and crack Halloway s Sportman honors with a fifth and helmet Herb was fortunate to a first Andy Carpenter came in only have his bell heavily rung second with a pair of fourths and Had there been a diagonal roll Randy Scheck was third with an cage tube above the exhaust carb area chances are that Herb eighth and a second _ 1vl oving to Class r 2 oOO Ttm wou d have made the restart It 1s Riordan jumped to a quick lead something for tech folks to look with Sonny Williams Reden at The second green flag fell and Cochran and Robert Eastman filling out the top four About Chris O berg led Don Kennedy halfway Eastman took over Rick Bower and the team of second passing Wiliams on the Evans Wielandt Steve Bradford infield jump Eastman kept up came from way back to blitz his charge soon challenging through traffic for the lead with Riordan for the lead and he Jim Haberlin staying a close finally took over when Riordan second This put Bower in third got hung up passing a lapped car and O berg in fourth By lap 4 on the tight infield corners At Haberlin had passed Bradford the checkered Eastman crossed with Gary Dillion moving u12 to first followed by Riordan third by the checkered flag Kennedy and Bower held on for Williams and Alan Day In the second 1600 moto Don fourth and fifth respectively after Miquel pushed his Togo car to an Evans W ielandt flipped out of early lead this time with Ron third place in the tight infield Van Ness Reden Cochran and corner before the white flag lap Roy Gust trailing When he went Moto 2 for C lass 10 saw wide on the first infield comer O berg again grab an early start Eastman found some precious while Jim Kozourek Bradford traction and ended up stealing Don Haddon and Dillion kept the top spot Miguel held up the pace Haddon fell prey to together for second fighting off lack of traction leaving the third heavy pressur from Van Ness lap order at O berg Kozourek and Day Day moved into second Haberlin Bradford and Dillion on the third lap and Van Ness Dust was more of a problem now and the front runners kept held third to the finish On points the 1 2 1600 close quarters too close when winner was of course Robert O berg bobbled coming out of Eastman with a pair of wins Tim the infield and Haberlin T boned Riordan was second with a him Kozourek didn t look back second and a third and Alan Day took the lead and held it to the nabbed third with a fourth and a checkered O berg then rolled second after the infield jump leaving At the start of the first Class 10 Haberlin Dillion Kennedy and Bay ands brings out real wheel to wheel action In Class 1 2 1600 as the Reden Cochran entry takes the inside 1 ne over Ron Van Ness Alan Day had a good pair of motos in Class 1 2 1600 and took a fourth and a close second to finish third overall on the points count Don Miguel had mixed luck in Class 1 2 1600 he led in the early stages of the 2nd moto but ended up 2nd t o Robert Eastman Robert Miater displays typical Jeep CJ 7 wheel lift as he drove well in both motos to finish a strong third overall in Class 3 4 C O R E PIT TEAM C O R E offers unique pit services at western desert races a family oriented club with social activities and much more for its members C O R E also has a program of one time guest pit service for out of the area competitors Get all the information on C O R E Jim Branstetter President 818 881 67 08 17453 R u nnymede St Van Nuys CA 91406 Page 36 June 1984 Dusty Times

Page 37

Out front for a while in the second moto newcomer Ro bert Miater CJ 7 is about to be passed by the Class 4 eventual winner Don German Bradford to complete the top five Jim Haberlin woo C lass 10 with a first and a second and Gar y Dillion was second with a pair of thirds Steve Bradford was third o n points with a second and a fifth On y four 4 x 4s were o n h and but the show was sure to be exciting Newcomers Bob Miater and John Donaldson both jammed out ahead of regulars Wes Banks and Don German son and father in law respectively Within a lap the newly dumped water had the super handling Jeeps of Banks and German out front wi th Miater staying a tight thirl followed by Donaldson s Honcho Banks was a little loose taking out corner fencing Dona ldson moved his yellow pickup into third within sight of Banks and German but not a threat German made many attempts to pass but Banks alwa ys held the advantage Finally German gave Banks a little nudge entering the infield garnering an orange pylon and runner up spot for Banks who returned the favor as they started the last lap German stayed in Flying high wide and handsome in his super Baja Bug Jeff Elrod won Class 2 in both motos in a most convincing performance control for 7 he win over Banks Do naldson and Miacer In the final 4 x 4 moto Miater took an early lead leaving Banks p lay ing bumper cars with Donaldson The Honcho came out the worse with a blown left r ea r tire German t ook Donaldson on the sweeper and set his sights on Banks but Banks pulled over with mechanical trouble Midway Miater gave up to a determined German who now had Banks storming behind him Although a lap down Banks raced German hard both flying high on the jumps Then Banks collected another 40 feet of fencing and being a nice guy German ran over it and shortened it to 10 feet The extra cargo didn t slow either down with German narrowly ahead on the road at the flag although Banks was second despite being lapped German got the po ints followed by Banks and Robert Miater The Class 1 holeshot went to Fritz Wiechers with Al Baker Robert Lemos and Ace Bradford keeping him honest Wiechers lost his lead when he went wide on turn I letting Baker under for a lap Wiechers retook the lead on lap 2 and Baker eventually spun o ut however Baker kept second behind Wiechers at the flag with Bradford and Lemos trailing fhe Class 2 fi rst mo to action was h eadlined by Jeff Elrod who took the lead at the green and never looked back Steve Uoley Jimmy Lawre nc e and Don Kennedy tri ed but by the fi nish flag Lawrence s lowed with engine trouble leaving Ooley and Kennedy to fi ll the top trio Ooley went o n autopilot after the flag and he missed the exit road and squarely hit a track barrier with his buggy Fort u nately there wasn t any real damage but it sure keeps one humble C lasses 1 and 2 were combined for their final heat Wiechers held the lead from start to finish with Baker and Bradford pulling in behind Bradford moved past on the infield jump dropping Baker to third on the second lap then Baker retook second only to spin out Wiechers kept up the pace out front with Bradford now in second Then Bradford lost a front wheel and retired Wes Banks was definitely on the ragged edge drove his hardest race ever against his father in law but he had to settle for second place Now Baker was runner up with Jeff Elrod and Don Kennedy in third and fo urth respectively and the latter pair were the top two Class 2 finishers On points Fritz Wiechers was tops in Class 1 followed by Al Baker and Robert Lemos Jeff Elrod won C lass 2 Don Kennedy was second and Jimmy Lawrence third Next for VORRA is their firs t desert race of the year with 60 mile loops run both in daylight and th e dark near Weeks Nevada o n Memorial Day weekend a1 PYLE DRIVE R CHARITY OFE ROAD RACE BENEFITING R M PYLES BOY S CAMP AUGUST 18 tk MESA MARIN RACEWAY B A K E R S F I E L D C A Jfc GUARANTEED 154D DDD PURSE Jfc CLASSES 1 5 7 1D AND 250cc THREE Jfc HOT The first turn was a dandy and saw lots of action Jim Stone wasn t the only Sportsman driver who had a lot of trouble in this area John Donaldson flew high in his Jeep Honcho got a third in the 1st moto but blew a rear tire in the 2nd and was out of the game ACTION WHEELERS PACKED RACES RUN IN COOL EVENING HOURS FOR INFORMATION CONTACT MARTY TRIPES 2 13 924 BSBB 7 14 525 347B 2 I 3 9 I 2 B 3 B 13704 The Bay ands course is akin to a stadium route and tight In the corners Here Steve Bradford digs out en route to third In Class 10 Dusty Times AVE NORWALK CA 90650 The remains of Herb Holloway s Class 10 show the smashed headers carb and air filter New rules on roll cage specs are being considered Page 37

Page 38

II e ANDRES N WITER 7 11 Headquarters for VW Accessories and Service TRANSMISSIONS PORSCHE V W SPECIALISTS 12623 SHERMAN WAY UNIT B NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA 9 1605 EBBCD OFF ROAD CENTER mandrel bent chro me moly or mild steel tubing race proven cham pion chassis 1196 N Batavia St Orange CA 92667 Send for FREE chassis brochure PHONE 8 18 765 3566 714 532 6893 PRO SPORTSMAN BEGINNER RACES CLASSES FOR BUGGY S 4x4 1 TRUCKS CARS L JI D l L J BILSTEIN ARIZONA DIIEIIT RACING AIIOCIATION 1408 E Granada Road Bilstein the leader in gas pressure shocks is now the leader in car care products BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Vly Rd San Diego CA 92121 Phoenix Arizona 85006 BE WHERE THE ACTION IS COME RACE WITH US WRITE OR CALL 252 1900 FAMILY ORIENTED RACING r restone TIRE RUBBER COMPANY 714 453 7723 3 i M RACING PRODUCTS INC Take A Part Racing Shocks o aM c DI STRIB UTOR FOR _ o ce Custom Revalving SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS PREPARATIONS Off Road Race Truck Chassis Owner 916 682 9484 WOODSIDL SAN 111 CA J 0 I i 1 U tl 1 M echanic Art Jackson Mike B ishop t09 lb N 9017 San Fernando Road SUN VALLEY CALIFORNIA 91352 213 768 7710 PARTS 7901 Cottonteal Way Sacramento CA 95828 1 1 DENNIS WAYNE ISi PORSCHE BAJA B SHOP PARTS MIG AND TIG WELDING CUSTOM F A BRICATION AND FRAME REPAIRS COMPETITION SUSPENSION WORK RE ABLE V W PAim OFF ROAD RACE PREfD 28740 OAK AVE UNIT H CANYON COUNTRY CA 913151 JOHN MCDOWELL 805 251 4134 11623 SHEL CON ST 8341 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park California 91304 213 709 5416 800 854 51 27 SUN VALLEY ti EPEK CA 91352 768 4555 FOUR IHllllR THE WORLD S LEADING FOUR WHEEL DRIVE MAGAZINE Send To 21216 Vanowen Canoga Park Cal 1forn 1a 91303 Telephone 213 992 4777 5302 TWEEDY BL SOUTH GATE CALIF 90280 213 566 5171 THE BAKER CHASSIS Fast and affordable The first and on ly kit concept sport truck chassis for off road racing or street use Baja bred by John Baker 1983 SCORE and HORA pass 7 champion to go faster and last longer For brochure and price sheet send 2 to John Baker Performance Products 4304 Alger Street Los Angeles CA 90039 Phone 818 240 7051 Page 38 GRANT GEORGE eCUSTOM ROLL CAGES e SUSPENSION MODIFICATION e l r a lJ m 0r I r t Ill Tim Lecluse Doyne Podhorsky 714 662 7223 2952 RANDOLPH UNIT C COSTA MESA CA 92626 e ALL TYPES OFVEHICl EB e STREET e STRIP e June 1984 Tl m JI 0 0 z OFF ROAD E JN co ti CUCAMONGA CALIFORNIA 714 981 8743 Dusty Times

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Mickey Thompso Entertain m ent Group GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CA 92330 OFF ROAD AND SAND BUGGY SPECIALIST DESIGN ENGINEERING SALES 7141674 7365 MARVIN SHAW PARTS German Auto VW Catalog S1 00 Parts BAJA BELTED POLYESTER FIBERGLASS BELTS OUTLINED WHITE LETTERS All the characterisbcs ot a radial and more Soft ride extra mileage precise handling reduced_rollon11 re51stance _ more MPG low notse level Revolutionary Side Biter cleats give twice the traction 1n mud snow dirt and sand Plus protect sidewalls off road LeDuc Off Road Accessories TOYOTA Mickey 1holllpson OTI 4 WD Repairs Lift Kits Wheels Tires Used Trk Ports Tel 413 739 4111 MANAGER JOHN PROSSER 53 WOODLYN LANE BRADBURY CALIFORNIA 91010 213 359 5117 213 358 2651 William s AZ 86046 6 02 635 2607 Orders shipped from Santa Ana California or Akron Ohio Send 25 Deposit Balance and freight shipped C 0 D ENTERPRISES 186 Baldwin St West Springfield MA 01089 DATSUN 11324 NORWALK BOULEVARD 1 800 222 9092 SANTA FE SPRINGS CA 90670 213 863 1123 IN CANADA 416 664 4785 213 868 9393 Distributor For Mostercroft Bestop Husky Rough Country Porker Pumper Custom Race Truck Fabrication and Roll Bors ED LEKIVETZ RON METCALF CALL OR WAITE FOR OTHER MI T TIRES AND SPECIALS TEST RESULTS AVAILABLE Send to MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES P O Box 227 Cuyahoga Falla Ohio 44222 NELSON 17 DUNN McKENZIE S AUTOMOTIVE INC OFFROAD RACECAR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES CENTER LINE WHEELS BILSTEIN SHO CKS 3422 W WHITTON PHOENIX ARIZONA 85017 OUTSIDE ARIZONA 1 800 528 6170 INSIDE ARIZONA 602 973 9697 SWAY A WAY CJBE LIGHT GEM RACING GEARS BEARD SEAT J294 5 213 764 643 SHERMAN WAY No 4 NO HOLLYWOOD CA l UIOS 940 South Vail Avenue Montebello CA 90640 213 724 3705 MENDEOLA RACINC TECHNOLOCY GOOD YEAR IIC 7818 Wilkerson Court San Diego CA 92111 619 268 4140 NEVADA OFFROAD BUGGY 054 Sour VAllEy ViEw LAs VEGAS NEvAdA 8Ql 02 VW PORSCHE HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES 702 871 4911 714 697 3100 3501 FOURSOME DRIVE LA MESA CA 92041 RACE PROVEN FOR A FREE BROCHURE CONTACT O B 1 HPS INC P O Box 1065 SOLANA BEACH CA 92075 0830 619 753 3196 HPS WORKS AND IT S WORTH IT Q 10 Q IQ gJ fJ JJ AMERICAN CORPORATION 8910 Mlkunl Avenue Northrldge California 91324 18181873 2101 RACING u ii Distrib tor for ti o c I u c ru o HIGH PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC OIL t FOR 0 0 03 VW Off Road Race Car Parts ttl 203 673 342 COMPETITION OR STREET 8 18 344 2693 ORC MJM OFFROAD DAVE SNODDY PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS OFF ROAD CONCEPTS BRAKES Master Cylinders Shifters P O Box 1538 42006 C Avenida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 714 676 2066 Dusty Times Chassis Suspension Race Prep Mike Rusnak Jo Rusnak 7428 Darby Avenue Reseda CA 91335 June 1984 1440 East Arrow Highway Unit F Irwindale CA 91706 213 359 1203 Page 39

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY MORE 213 923 0854 SIMPSON SAFETY EQUIPMENT t l David Kreisler I l l Free Catalog l l 22630 South Normandie Ave Torrance CA 90502 213 320 7231 12109 LAKEWOOD BLVD DOWNEY CALIF 90242 RED1AIL OFF ROAD 28918 Roadside Dr Agoura Hills CA 91301 ORE Quality 4 x 4 products Mini truck accessories OFF ROAD ENS NEERING 6 elclllitl1 f THt SOURCl TM Z13 Can 707 1538 I GREG LEWIN KIRK CARTWRIGHT 9720 Cozycroft I Michael J Stllkey General Manager 213 882 2886 Chatsworth CA 91311 Bank Gard orders Call Toll Free 1 800 528 5703 3101 IISt 11anas Roal Plmix Arizona 85017 602 272 9333 I l I NEW USEDPAATS IF YOU LIKE SWAP MEETS YOU LL LOVE THE P4RTS BXCRANGB AUTOMOTIVE Hl PERFORMANCE 2nd Sunday of Every Month VW OFF ROAD 4 WD 4th Sunday of Every Month RUSS s V W Recycling 3317 S Peck Rd Monrovia CA 91016 BEHIND TONY S TRUCK WRECKING 213 574 1943 213 574 1944 LONG BEACH VETERANS STADIUM INFO 714 581 6392 Specializing in V W Bugs Buses Ghias and 914 s RON BAKER 619 426 2662 415 388 1452 RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER PE HJ Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components Allan D Martinelli Vice President Motorsports Division 121 3 2580 1 Obrero Suite 11 Mi ss ion Vi ejo C A 92691 a division of SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS 714 859 6105 P O BOX 5342 CHULA VISTA CA 92012 Sadi International q PHIL S INC QUALITY PARTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES Send 3 00 for complete Phil s Catalog Volkswagen Off Road High Performance Equipment 2204 Ashland Ave Evan ston Illinois 60201 312 869 2434 800 323 5427 for order de sk Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away To c rder phone 312 251 3991 Visa Mastercard accepted ot Information Raffo Racing 520 Sheridan Road Kenilworth Illinois 60043 Page 40 361 l 21 5 C e Box 2260 2949 Century Pl Costa Mesa CA 92628 Suspensior i Components 213 988 5510 7840 BURNET AVE VAN NUYS CALIF 91405 714 979 2560 Silver Dust Racing Association _________ THE IfilIB THE TRAIi SMAii Phone 702 459 0317 f PO R 7380 l as Vegas NV 89125 DON HILKER PRESIDENT June 1984 701 CHAR LESTON AVENUE LEE S SUMMIT MO 64063 PHONE 816 525 3555 Dusty Times

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By Brenda A Parker PROFILE The Kazoo Krew L Midwestern drivers olte n race ii the rain and mud Mike Parker was going well at the 1983 Memorial Day 100 despite dismal conditions when mechanical prol1 ems forced him ou of the 33 car Class 10 field Mike Parker is serious about racing and he and his dad Gil plan a full season of competition in two series driving the Class 10 single seat Mirage The Kazoo Krew hails from Gil was Chiefof the pit crew and Kalamazoo Michigan and they head mechanic have been active in competition At the end of 1978 sand drag since 1975 when a friend took racing was dying in Michigan so the family to Silver Lake Sand Gil decided to get into off road Dunes to watch the buggies play racing He built a two seat Mirage Gil Parker was told that we can 2 1600 Mike was enrolled at get into this for 100 each Ferris State College and because Before the summer wasu ver they of logistics he was unable to race had spent the 100 plus just much the first two years so Gil buying the first of several old was the driver They had a system VW s for parts to start a buggy whereby the co driver worked Gil assured Mom that this would the cutting brake so it was be just a play buggy and that difficult for just anybody to sit in they were not going to race the second seat They didn t That idea lasted until the make as many races as they had hillclimb in the fall and they hofed during the season In 1980 were off and running Gi Parker decided to build a Mike Parker the 24 year old Mirage 1 1600 so he would not driver for the Kazoo Krew have to worry about having a cocom s by his competitive driver In the meantime Mike instincts naturally His dad Gil graduated from Ferris and eompeted in Radio Controlled moved back home It was Model Airplane competitions decided that Mike should drive during Mike s growing years and for the Kazoo Krew if they Mike and his brothers were were going _to be serious about always there cheering him on It being Number 1 in 81 Mike was a natural transition to sand had a ery successful season his drags and hill climb competitions rookie year winning the 1 1600 for Gil The first couple of years class in the North Ceritral Points the two older sons drove the Series He repeated his efforts by single seat sand digger rail in winning the class points again in separate classes They were both 1982 very successful in their At the end of the 1982 season endeavors winning several meets the Krew decided it was time and always placing in the top five i o move up one class and they built a Super 1600 Class 10 Since the new car had more power and the competition was much tougher Mike went through a learning season While not all that successful in individual races he did finish second in class in the North Central Points Series in 1983 To top off the season he was awarded the 1983 Good Sportsmanship Award by the 4 x 4s Unlimited which made his parents Gil and Brenda very proud of him Mike and Gil are busy updating the chassis for the 1984 season which they hope will make it even more competitive They are also building new trannies and engines which will enable them to dial in the car for the various tracks they will be racing They do all of their own work everything from chassis building and set up to assembly of motors and transmissions body work and painting Therefore they spend a lot of time in the garage Only some machine work _is jobbed out We just don t have the equipment to do it right says Gil Mike is single and works as an air conditioning and refrigera and more GOOD STUFF 1ui TECTIRA V g3 l rHE UJJm1

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Bounces from the Berm Classified By Jean Calvin Time was when the month of June held the Baja Inter 1acional desert race from SCORE and the AMSA affair at the Fresno Fairgrounds in the west and FOR SALE 1983 Berrien 1001 not much more However 1984 is living up to its advance billing as a quirky chrome m oly race chassis 1983 year Last season Bert Vaughn of the Silver Dust Racing Associatio_n NCPS Points winner Class 1 introduced the Delamar 400 in June run on his high mountain long course Integral front end rear arms and well north of Las Vegas Vaughan can t run any later in the season because of spring plates plus much more the high fire danger in the summer months The Delamar 400 this year runs a included 3000 00 Call for pair of 200 mile loops and the race has been on the schedule since last year more info Jeff Probst 815 set on June 9 485 7223 days 815 485 691 FOR SALE Class 14 short Then alorig came the Mears Gang Rumble a short course race in Bakersfield promoted by the HDRA as part of their short course points evenings course off road racer custom series And you guessed it the Mears Gang Rumble is on June 9 and 10 frame Dana 60 rear end h and cage 1 complete with an Indy style golf match earlier in the week Well a short wit Tac oc 4 11 Corp front course race in Bakersfield isn t that much competition for the desert race entry But a real_blow is the SCORE points race Baja in Barstow on the first FOR SALE Brandwood Tan end with true trac 400 H P 355 Chevy small Block 400 turbo weekend in June one week in advance of the Delamar 400 Wl ile only the dem 120n WB 11 travel 205 transfer case strong runner dedicated Mexico style racers on four wheels entered the Baja Internacional at front 16n rear l0n wider front Asking 12 000 with fresh mothe drawing 104 in the 16 car classes the move to Barstow has brought end Wright Tectira Porsche tor Bryan Larocque Richmond entries out of the woodwork for the twi night affair on June 2 Some of those CVs Dura Blue Sway A Way entries might have run the Delamar 400 this year as it is open to more classes Hill Ontario Canada 416 Fox Shox Neal 22 gal fuel cell 884 0065 than in the past What a sad situation it is for the Silver Dust Racing Super Seats Rapid Cool Association who put on a fine event on a well marked course provide all the Braided lines Morse cables Centrimmings and a guaranteed prize fund regardless of the number of entries The Mint 400 has turned into a real convention and a bigger industry gathering for promoters than anything else in o ff road racing During two trips through contingency row on Friday we spotted promoters from far and wide busy at the various booths trying to promote contingency donors for their various series of races For the first time we met a trio of fellows from the Georgia Off Road Racing Association whose main remark was a njfty drawled statement this sure is the big time We also talked with Leonard Day head of the Pro Can Am Racing Series that runs in both the state of Washington and in Oregon on the desert and on short courses in existing race tracks Walt Schwalbe of the Superior Off Road Racing Series in Wisconsin was busy snapping pictures and talking to all the folks on contingency row And there were a host of folks from the midwest involved with the Berrien Autocross Series as well Ed Robinson of VORRA was bending ears at the VIP party on Friday at the Top of the Mint and there were probably more such promoters in the woodwork and at the Speedrome that we may have missed seeing Maybe next year the Mint Hotel should print another brand of badge with _the words Race Promoter in place of Participant Seldom if ever have so many promoters from all over the country ht en seen in one spot It just might be the place to have a meeting for all oft road promoters next May There sure were a bunch of spectator accidents at the Mint 400 this year man y of them that called for medical aid There always are plenty of folk who fall in ditches take headers off 3 wheelers and bikes and generally break bones and scratch their often bare hide on the brush But this year the radio calls for medics were almost constant all day as ifan epidemic had broken out around_ the 100 plus miles of race course The spectators just outside the Speedrome really put their lives on the line as the race started by crowding the trail down to one narrow lane They were treated to some roll overs luckily the rolling cars went straight down the course instead of into and on top of the bystanders The shame of it is that the crazys that get injured playing around can hainper instant medical aid being available for the real racers As it turned out a fleet of ambulances and helicopters took care of everyone with great dispatch but they sure were busy midday terlines much more Everything r FOR SALE Car trailer heavy brand new complete less engine duty single axle with electric and trans 16 000 invested sell I brakes Built to carry a Scout or for 8500 Gene Greenlee Jeep Also good for VW Tempe AZ 602 831 8166 600 00 Call Arne Gunnarsson 714 981 3165 WHY AREN T YOU A DUSTY TIMES DEALER SELL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PRESENT TO YOUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS U_ P S EVERY MONTH TO YOUR DOOR YOU PAY NO SHIPPING CHARGES GET ALL THE RACE AND RALLY NEWS F OR SALE TZ 750Yamahaengine fresh by Don Vesco not run since over 800 rebuild All new coils and ender extra parts cranks cyhnders and cases al s J r c i A fb a d quick change midget rear end s ix sets o f gears h as ring and pinion James Lawrence 714 337 9278 FOR SALE New Raceco Class 1 Summers long travel 24n rear suspension 4 wh discs custom fully enclosed aerodynamic body aluminum by Nye Frank 120 wheelbase Bunce 2 7 Type 4 motor 180 H P fresh Kreisler trannie with Hewlands all gauges Wright Neal power steering Centerlines Bilsteins Encabo Raceco prep 25 000 turnkey Call Norman 818 952 7020 FOR SALE 1979 Chevy Luv Class 7S truck pro built 9n floater rear 25 gal tank Firestones _Centerlines Rough Country Taylor Seats 2 extra engines and boxes of parts This truck has been in storage and is in mint condition may be streetable 3000 00 or best offer Call Tom Renolds 818 367 1634 Watch for the New Dusty Times Safari Hats and Full Coverage Rain Suits Available Next Month ROM THE TOP OFF ROAD JOURNALISTS INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Classified Advertising rate is only 10 for 45 words not including name address ana phone number Add 5 00 for use of black and white photo or a very sharp color print CHARTER SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe If you wish to use a photo in your free ad enclose 5 00 Enclosed is Please run ad _ _ _ _ _ _ _ times Send check or money order no cash Name Mail To Address Phone _ _ _ _ _ __ _ PUSTYTIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 C ity _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Sq1te _ _ _ _ _ _ Zip _ _ _ _ _ __ Agoura CA _91301 1 Page42 June 1984 Dusty Times

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I I I I I Yes please list me for a subscription to FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE For 9 50 I ll get 12 action packed monthly issues and FOUR WHEELER will donate 1 00 to United Four Wheel Drive Associations and 1 00 in the name of my four wheel drive club 1 L SE SEND MY ISSUES OF FOUR WHEELER TO NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ I I I l ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CITY _ _ _ _ STATE _ _ _ _ ZIP _ _ _ _ Payment Enclosed SPECIAL CLUB SUBSCRIPTION OFFER WITH TIDS AD He lp suppo rt lJ niti d Four Whi i J llrivi Assoc i itions ond our four htit l dri t duh lwn Oil purc hase a 1 vtear s ubscri ption to FCH IR W HEEi ER MACAZINE Bu a 1 vi ar sub for just 1 0 IH tti r than 2 off tlw l is ic s uhsc r iption priu of 12

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