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1984 Volume 1 Number 5 Dusty Times Magazine

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111111111111111 Ill Ill IIll Ill lJI Ill Ill Ill Ill II Ill Ill Ill IIll IIll II Ill II II Ill II Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill II Ill Ill Ill IIll Ill Ill Ill II Ill Ill Ill IIll Ill Ill Ill IIll Ill Ill II Ill II Ill Ill II Ill Ill II II Ill Ill Ill Ill II Ill Ill Ill IIll Ill IIll IIll IIll Ill II Ill IIll II Ill Ill II Ill II Ill IIll IIll II Ill IIll Ill Ill II IIIIIIIII II Ill Ill 111111111111111111111111111 h I 35 2 I rALLDESERTARACen TIRE FROM _ s s The latest Desert Racer tire by Dick Cepek is t he new 10 36 15 Made especially for all long travel suspension desert carsthese are real winners This is a Iar_ger version of WINNER S LOG i_ 1983 CHAMPION CLASS 10 1st PLACE 1983 Baja 500 CLASS 1 CLASS 5 1600 1st PLACE 1983 Baja 1000 CLASS 10 1st PLACE 1983 Mexicalli 250 CLASS 1 s 1st PLACE 1983 Frontier 500 CLASS 9 1st PLACE 1983 San Felipe 250 CLASS 10 the same Desert Racer tire and tread style that we ve been winning off road races with everywhere Desert Racer tires off er a totally new sidewall construe tion which drivers praise as being virtually troublefree 1981 CHAMPION CLASS 1 1600 1st PLACE 1981 Parker 400 CLASS 1 1600 1st PLACE 1981 Baja 500 CLASS 1 1600 2nd PLACE 1981 Baja 1000 CLASS 1 1600 2nd PLACE 1981 Mint 400 CLASS 1 1600 i s PURE RACE TIRE CONSTRUCTION SUPER STRONG LIGHTWEIGHT RACING NYLON EXTRA STIFF REINFORCED LOWER SIDEWALL NO UNNECESSARY WEIGHT NO SOLID WHITE LETTERS WHICH ADD 4 LBS TO TIRE RUBBER COMPOUNDED FOR BAJA ROCK SERVICE DESIGNED TO FINISH AND WIN OFF ROAD RACES BAJA PROVEN AND THEY ARE PRICED RIGHT Be a Desert Racer with your race run and won with one set of tires Desert Racers by Dick C epek SOLD FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY SIZE 10 36 15 REAR TIRES i 5 _ SIZE 10 33 15 REAR OR ALL POSITION TIRES CAT NO OH 21 OH 17 OH 18 0H 38 SIZE 10 33 15 10 32 15 7 30 15 10 36 15 SIZE 10 32 15 REAR OR ALL POSITION TIRES LOAD RANGE C C C C WEIGHT EACH 34 28 28 43 OVERALL DIAMETER 32 8 31 8 30 0 35 2 SIZE 7 30 15 FRONT TIRES OVERALL WIDTH 10 2 10 0 7 0 10 2 TREAD WIDTH 9 0 9 0 5 3 9 0 WHEEL WIDTH 4 8 4 8 3 6 4 8 PRICE EACH 89 95 79 95 74 95 109 95 To Order By Mail or For FREE Catalog L

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May 1984 Volume 1 Number 5 In This Issue FEATURES litor Publisher Jean Calvin Contributors Daryl D Drake Peggy Ellenburg Homer Eubanks Rick Hochfeld Martin Holmes Rory Ivers Danny McKenzie Bill Oursler Brenda Parker David R yskamp Walt Schwalbe Wayne Simmons Judy Smith Track side Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E Worsham Typesetting Production Michelle s Typesetting Services Printing News Type Service Subscription Rates 12 00 per year 12 issues USA Foreign subscription rates on request Page Score Canada at Tampa Score San Felipe 250 HORA at Firebird Lake ADRA Penasrn 100 Snore Bottom Dollar Pro Can Am High Desert 250 Little Bull Frog Mud Boggen AMSA Palm Springs 300 VORRA at Prairie City HDRA Nissan Off Road Classic 10 14 20 26 29 30 32 34 36 38 Contributions DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions but is not responsible for such material Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope Classified Ads will be published as received prepaid DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors All ads may be subject to editing DUSTY TIMES is published by Hillside Racing Corp 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 818 889 5600 Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher Direct all advertising and editorial material to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH DEPARTMENTS Snapshot of the Month 3 Soapbox by Steve Kassanyi 4 Trail Notes 4 Side Track by Judy Smith 5 Happenings 8 Midwest Report by Brenda Parker 13 6 50 Club 23 Good Stuff Directory 42 Goodies Galore 45 Bounces from the Berm 45 Pony Express 46 Classified Ads 46 Index to Advertisers 46 DUSTY Tl BECOME Plant a Blazer and see how it grows That wasn t exactly what Bob Gordon had in mind when he started the Class 2 heat in the BFG Blazer The action happened a few years ago at the event put on by the HDRA at Phoenix International R aceway The scenic short course track inside the Raceway complex had some tricky turns treacherous jumps and the traffic was heavy Gordon made a perfect landing off a jump except that it was upside down with the Blazer resting nicely on its fancy alloy roof Neither Bob nor his rider suffered any injury DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar funnies or woes on this page each month Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration DUSTY TIMES will pay 10 for the picture used If you wish the photo returned enclose a stamped self addressed envelope Only black white prints 5 x 7 or 8 x ro wi ll be cons idered ON THE COVER The action at T ampa Florida at the Score Canada Budweiser Florida Off Road Challenge was fierce The FORDA 1200 cc C lass D is hotl y contested here as Scott Grundeck in front from Naples Florida comers just ahead of John Hanson from Dunedin Florida Both drivers finished in the money at the two day season opener for Score Canada Color photography by Danny McKenzie of Mediaphoto Montreal Quebec Dusty Times I I May1984 Page 3

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1 sunny day getting nuts Biowfski and Friant were in the midst of all this madness and with the help of a few nefarious friends curiously attired in black and white checkered outfits were hosting th is impromptu happening which could probably be compared to a freakers ball By Steve Kassanyi and would ultimately register Vice President North American Raceco Inc heavily on some nearby Richter scale Photo by Tom Tee O Owens As the day progressed a sequence of events unfolded that would make Animal House seem tame For openers someone from this group had kidnapped a gravestone marker from a funeral procession and had impaled it in the hood o f the seventh place finisher in the twoseat unlimited class car parked in the impound area Somehow one of the hotel flags in front of the place had gotten pulled down and replaced with a checkered flag As the iilfectious madness spread to other areas waitresses and busboys were getting thrown into the pool with others hanging on to their chairs to no avail as they got thrown in chairs and all We heard of one Half a decade ago I had the Bahia de La Paz and had m y room ge tting co mpletely pleasure of being involved up to my personal moment of calm reverie inundated due to a fire proverbial elbows in the world of abruptly shattered when m y extinguisher fight As these motorsport journalism specifically perusing gaze confronted the people s tarted preparing as editor of Van Pickup Off Road presence of m y bright orange them selves for the awards world magazine It was during this Baja van brazenly parked on the presentation the terrace was time that I became friends with Bill beach directly in front of this soon filled with total mayhem Friant a son of the desert like the huge high ri se resort hotel Every roll of toilet paper in the rest of us l d written a column in amidst a cluster of thatched roof hotel must have been thrown VPOW that described the mayhem cabanas with day cruiser boats from the surrounding balconies of the one of a kind awards party parked on the beach about ten onto the populace below and for SCORE s 1979 Baja woo in La feet away people were seen staggering and The side doors of my van were falling into the empty lily pond Paz and over the years had been asked several times to reprise that open and were facing toward the pools Sal Fish President of feature Thank you Jean Calvin Gulf with the stereo system SCORE tried to restore some for giving me the opportunity to pay cranked up to an audible level semblance of order but it wa my final tribute to our friend Bill and all kinds of people were difficult There were racers Friant to whose memory I dedicate milling about partying and behind him as well falling down carrying on It all seemed almost and carrying on with complete this piece too perfect to believe A disregard for what was righteous get down beach party happening there People were THE SAGA OF in progress and it was only stealing each other s hats JOE BIOWFSKI AND Friday morning BILL FRIANT screaming and yelling at each This called for immediate other and right in the midst of all My good buddy JosefBiowfski closer inspection and I was this stood our friends Joe had never been to La Paz down there with everyone else in Biowfski and Bill Friant Mexico so I consented to no time flat It was indeed a cocktails in hand and _sporting loaning him my van so he could WFO party Not only were there evil smiles that at the very least take it to Baja for a pit crew chase munchies tunes gringo beers looked bacchanalian They vehicle in the Baja 1000 off road and a few select and delightful didn t give a diddly squat about race a grueling 985 mile event Mexican beverages on hand but anything else just then they and that ran from Ensenada all the there in full force were Joe and their friends were having a good way down to La Paz Joe took off Bill with Bill s tiny Honda time on his transpeninsular odyssey generator powering a blender The years have a way of and I went about the business of They were busily engaged in passing by as we all go about our racing getting everyone precision tuned business Unfortunately Bill Following the action was with fresh Margaritas Friant is no longer with us indeed outstanding and finally Now picture this the having succumbed to injuries we headed for the Gran Baja majority of these people had just received in yet another Baja race Hotel on the beach in La Paz to taken a 1000 mile beating in a last year I am proud to have been await the winners and the grueling type of racing once able to call Bill my friend and finishers Imagine my surprise described as man s inhumanity will forever miss the ritual when I awoke the next day in my to man and they were all between us of pouring beer on luxurious suite looked out the obviously and gleefully having each other s feet as our manner window to the clear waters of the the time of their lives this fine of greeting Rest in peace Bill Soap Box ____ Trail Notes SAN DIEGO RACERS are mulling over the idea of o rganizing a desert race in late summer around Plaster City the site of the former HORA Borrego Bash While the thought of El Centro in the summer is a bit staggering heat wise the o rganizers plan a night race a family type affair with a budget priced entry fee and a barbecue after the race the whole thing It sounds like fun and it just might be the thing to do in August the only m onth of the year without a heavy load of races in the southwest area THE SIL VER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION have announced a change in the start finish area for the upcoming Delamar 400 on June 9 Announced as C rystal Sprin gs north of Vegas the whole operation has been m oved to Caliente another village in the same area Caliente has more facilities bars coffee shops and even lodging for visitors So Bert Vaughn decided it would be a better place fo r race headquarters during the day and for the gala barbecue and street dance when t e race is over THE MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP recently announced a big change in m anagement Last April the word came of the merger between Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group and the Stadium Motorsports Corporation Mickey has often said he wanted to kick back from the exhausting business of promotion on the closed course events but he couldn t find any outfit willing to spend the time and money necessary to ho ld the m om entum he has built Score International and Sal Fish are totally committed to thei r full schedule of desert races plus the big happening at Riverside and they do not have th e staff or time to handle the stadium race seri es Mike Goodwin and his Stad ium Motorsports Corp are premier promoters of such fabulous events as the Super Bowl ofMotorcross and the Super Cross Series Goodwin is now committed to the same effort for off road ca r stadium racing in the style of the Pomona events The new group plans to increase the race schedul e fo r th e 1984 season In addition to the three events at Pomona and those in Michigan and Indianapolis a J uly race in Boston is under consideration Also of interest is the idea of crowning both a midwest and west coast points champion in each class then having a runoff race to determine the overall points title sort of a National C hampionship The rel ease compares that possible season finale with the NFL Super Bowl Plans for 1985 include both a winter and a summer series with six midwestern and six west coast events in the series It sounds like exciting stuff on the m enu for the stadium racin g devotees MARCH WAS A MONTH with some bad tidings for racers At San Felipe there was a terrible accident involving Class 6 racers on Diablo Dry Lake that took the life of co driver Stan M cCusky and seriously injured driver Jack M cCoy On the same weekend all the way across the country th ere was a nasty accident at the Florida 400 The accident happened during the six hour enduro in the heavy dust on the back straight near Tallahassee A car driven by Steve Norris flipped and caught fire YoungJed Denahan stdppea Ris racie r to help get the unconscious Norris out of his buggy and then as Jed tried to put out the fire another race car came through the thick dust struck Jed and threw him high in the air and against the roll cage Denahan was seriously hurt and he faces a lo ng long road to recovery from massive head injuries The Florida Off Road Drivers Association is accepting donations to help out the large Denahan family with the heavy medical expenses Anyone wishing to contribute to the medical fund should send their contribution to Jed Denahan c o Street Sand Toys 4430 North Dixie Highway Fort Lauderdale Florida 33334 P J AND WALKER TOGETHER AGAIN In mid April the son ofthe Cannonball Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash began in New England The 1984 edition has a different twist a touch of the rally world Named by the creator of the new event as well as the Cannonball Brock Yates the 1984 race is called One Lap of America Yates claims it is not a race but an endurance run that requires an average speed well below the national double nickel limit Of course contestants will be driving around the clock for over a full week The run departs from Darien CT on a Friday night goes through Boston and then west to Seattle south to Redondo Beach near Los Angeles where it will stop for 24 hours for some sleep and food That will be three and a half days of non stop driving After the 24 hour layover the survivors will head toward San Diego before heading east to Miami then north up the east coast for a scheduled finish back in Darien At a recent press conference Walker Evans spun the tale of how he and Parnelli Jones got involved in the One Lap of America contest Last December Jean Lindamood of Car and Driver Magazine rode with Walker in the Class 8 Dodge at the Frontier 250 and she had a good but bruising time Jean cooked up the scheme acquired a bunch of sponsors and a Dodge van for the event She wanted Parnelli ones and Walker Evans for drivers and she is the chief logistical organizer and navigator At this writing the results are not in but it must have been fun in that Dodge van and the conversation on the long enduro had to be colorful C Pa t o tLERs rs t t NEED A FENDER AXLE TRANS WE HAVE THE LARGEST STOCK OF V W PARTS IN CALIFORNIA HUGE STOCK OF PORSCHE PARTS RE UCAIU V W PAim 213 768 4555 OPEN 8 A II 5 P 11 MONDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 8 A II NOON SHIPPl IG AVAILABLE 11623 SHELDON ST SUN VALLEY CA 91352 Page 4 May 1984 Dusty Times J tl l

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I Side Tracks By Judy Smith March was a busy month with lots going on and a race every weekend We re glad it s over but we did hear a bunch of interesting stories during that busy time One item goes all the way back to February and the Laughlin race We re sorry to report that Randy Jones who was driving in Class 1 1600 and doing very well suffered two crushed discs in a rollover and will probably not be able to drive at the Mint The class will miss him he s always a tough competitor along with his partner Rob Myerly but we hope he stays out of the car until he s properly healed Also on the injured list is Terry Smith co driver of Jim Greenway in Class 2 1600 who ran afoul of a Mexican firecracker while spectating down in San Felipe and burned his left hand Terry was given first aid by SCORE s medics but decided on his own to seek further help after he d been hoine a few days His hand was badly burned and the folks at the well known Sherman Oaks Burn Center took one look at it and asked him if he d brought his toothbrush Terry was in the hospital for eight days having skin transplants His hand is healing nicely now although he must keep it out of the sun for a year He looks like off road s version of Michael Jackson with a glove on one hand Terry plans to be well in time to drive the Mint he says he s a fast healer We talked to Rod Hall down in Phoenix and learned that even an old timer like Rodney can get things bollixed up at times Rod and his long time friend Jim Fricker arrived Thursday night at the HORA headquarters motel where Rodney thought he had made reservations What had happened no one will ever know but Hall didn t have a room It was a big weekend in Phoenix and accommodations were scarce but Rod finally found a room at a Motel 6 for only 42 which he said was right in the take off pattern of the Phoenix Airport Once he got himself settled Rodney went to register for the race and the officials informed him that he owed the balance of the entry fee which came to somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 to be paid in cash Hall hadn t known that he wasn t paid in full and he isn t accustomed to carrying around that much cash and Fricker he says is lucky to have 15 in his pocket and he s savin that for beer so Rodney had to wire home to Reno for some money to pay his entry With everything squared away and a night s sleep under his belt Hall showed up for practice on Saturday went to get his gear and discovered that he d left his driving suit behind He managed to borrow one from Dan Randall with the right BFGoodrich logo and all so he just stuck a piece of super tape Dusty Times over the Jeep patch and went racing From that point on everything went right and Rodney won both his motos for his first short course win in a long time While everyone else was at Phoenix Albert Arciero had gone to Willow Springs with his Super Vee to get in a little practice before the Long Beach race on the second of April We hear that Albert looked really good at Willow Springs but that he also did one big 360 after hitting some oil on the track out into the dirt which prompted the announcer to point out that Albert was demonstrating some off road driving to the audience Back at Phoenix we were tickled to watch the tow truck crew as they tried to extricate Mario Alesi after he rolled during the Class 7S race He was on his side just about in the middle of the track and it was fairly awkward to get to him The tow truck driver backed up to the berm then released his cable and hooked up to Alesi s truck so he could put it onto its wheels When he went to drive forward to upright the race truck the tow truck driver suddenly found that he s buried his truck and he couldn t move at all So there they were the tow truck and the race truck unmoving objects while the race kept going by them They finally whistled for help and one of the official Nissan trucks came over hooked up to the front of the tow truck and pulled them off the berm which put Alesi back on his wheels and finally moving again Speaking of the Phoenix race _ we hear that they planned a press day on Thursday before the race All of the local TV stations were invited to come out have a ride around the course and find out what our sport is all about Well someone apparently got their wires crossed because when the TV folk arrived there were no HORA people around and nobody from Nissan the official sponsor of the event The only ones there were some Toyota people including Ivan Stewart and one of the Toyota race trucks So the Nissan Off Road Classic was promoted on local TV by means of a Toyota mini truck We generally hear some good stories from down in Baja and this time we heard two both of which happened to racers at the San Felipe race Eric Arras and his group had got to San Felipe on Thursday and were staying at the Fiesta Motel which is out of town about seven miles on a fairly good paved road Eric and three others were in a van heading for the motel when they hit a dead cow that someone else had hit and left in the middle of the road The cow rolled up under the van which stood up on its nose Both front wheels were knocked off the van and it was stopped cold though luckily it didn t roll over Fortunately there were no serious injuries but the Gringos did face a hassle with the authorities because any kind of an accident with or without another vehicle involved calls for police intervention and can often lead to jail Arras was really grateful that Ric Miller Race Director for SCORE was able to help them out and square things away with the Federales so no one ended up in the hoosegow Another story didn t end so well Tony and Jim Gordon heading to Baja for their second race had troubles getting together even before they left home They took off on Wednesday night so they d be able to pre run and they did some juggling around of vehicles which left Jim in a borrowed truck while someone else went ahead in his motor home with the race car Jim got to the border and went to buy insurance only to discover that the owner of the truck hadn t put the registration in it anywhere and no one would sell Jim insurance without a registration slip He finally went on somewhat nervously remarking that this was the first time across the border without insurance and hoping it would all be o k They pre ran on Thursday according to plan and everything road and got stuck in the middle went alright But on Friday they of the race course for about an discovered an oil leak in their hour and a half They used up race car so they pulled the engine one of the big wooden signs and put in a new seal They got getting themselves unstuck but the engine back in discovered did finally get to the pit area another leak fixed it and where they discovered that one found yet another This last one of the spares for one of the race was caused by a warped drain cars they were pitting had been plug and they managed to fix stolen during the night that also All things considered things But now it was getting pretty went well that day and they got close to the end of tech stuck only once on the way out inspection and they were feeling but some Mexicans in a 4x4 rushed So they sent someone helped to get them unstuck and over to the contingency area to wouldn t accept any payment for find some stick on numbers and their assistance found to their dismay that none The next morning they got of the regular plastic number about 15 miles out of town when peddlers bring their wares into they lost the driveshaft and Mexico They couldn t find any destroyed the yoke of the motor paint in San Felipe but they home The guy who owned the located some water paint and pickup truck now borrowed an used that finishing up at about 84 Bronco and took off for El 10 p m But then it was so late Centro to try to get a that they couldn t find anyone to replacement part while Jim went get themselves signed up and not back to San Felipe to get a tow being veteran racers they didn t truck to take the motor home know about SCORE almost back there The tow truck always having an early morning hooked up and slowly pulled out sign in and tech So they decided onto the highway with Jim they would have to be contented following in the pickup moving to be pit crew for this one north but looking for a wide They got the pit gear from the spot so they could all turn FAIR van that night and went around and go back south back to their camp site at the El As they pulled off to the right Cortez for some sleep In the in preparation to turning around morning they headed out to Tres a Bronco traveling at high speed Pozos managed to get off the THE ORIGINAL GAS PRESSURE SHOCK ABSORBER The Official Shock for the Nissan Classic BILSTEIN WHERE THE WINNERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES For further information and special off road applications contact Doug Robertson at BILSTEIN Corporation of America 11760 Sorrento Valley Road San Diego CA 92121 619 453 7723 May 1984 Ivan Stewart Fireworks 250 1st place Class 8 Never before have I had so much confidence in a shock After five races and extensive testing on the same set of shocks I am very pleased by their reliability and excellent performance Jack Ramsey Mint 400 1st place Cl 5 1600 Your product has brought our race team 2 Mint wins 1981 1983 Hope to always see you at the races Jerry Sherry Vinson CAL 400 3rd place Class 11 think Bi stein shocks are the best shocks any race car driver could run on his race car Dick Young Mint 400 1st place Class 10 The quality and dependability of Bi stein shocks contributed significantly to our win at the Mint Thank you Paul Bowen Mint 400 2nd place Class 15 Norm Shaw Frontier 250 We appreciate the 1st place Class 11A performance your very professional way You Bi stein continue to be the of doing businessNumber 1 choice in sincere thanks off roading We have used your shocks exclusively resulting Bob Denault in wins in the Mint Mint 400 400 Frontier 250 2nd place Class 9 I ve still never had a SNORE 250 Barstow 350 Botton Dollar shock failure etc Page 5

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SIDETRACKS come alorig seen the pr blem spengin g the intervening time in and had taken all o f Jim s pit jaiL Or he co uld take care o f and coming from the south also equipment and spares and put it the official who writes the report ran into Jim in the pickup truck in the van so it was also going to Jim chose the second alternative and it cost him 400 But he go t He had the race car on a trailer get home safely The police finally got there and out of jail and headed north ati d the impact disengaged it When he got to Mexicali it from the truck and sent it across gathered up the driver s license the road and off the highway of the man in the Bronco and took him a day and a half to find while Jim s truck was shoved also his insurance papers Then the tow truck driver and his many feet down the road they asked Jim for his license and motor home and the fellow insurance papers and that s who d headed north for spare Luckily nobody was injured At just that time the nice when the troubles really started parts had had to go way north people from Jimco happened to He said that it seemed to him that and had got that new Bronco come by and they stopped to see the accident had been the fault of caught in that terrible windstorm if they could help Now the tow the man in the Bronco and the and pitted the windshield and truck driver suddenly announced police said Si and we will give stripped the paint off The driver that he was the police and thei him a ticket but they indicated of the Bronco that had hit Jim shouldn t move anything Jim that Jim was in deep trouble was reportedly paid for the damages to his car by the decided to ask his friend to take because he had no insurance They were out there on the Mexican insurance carrier at the the race car up the highway and the Jimco folks said they d pick it highway for four hours and then border He had no problems at up and take it across the border Jim went to jail He was told he all Clearly there s a message in But Jim s friend was so had a couple of alternatives all this Incidentally Jim and Tony frightened that he just drove up They said he could pay for the the highway a short distance damages see an attorney the next have decided thatthey really love went off the road and hid the race day see the Judge two days later off road racing and plan to do car in the bushes As the Jimco then go to Mexicali and have a lots more of it but not in Mexico D folks headed north to meet him hearin g in three months they couldn t find it and finally decided they cl better come back and tell Jim they d lost his race car The friend meanwhile had hitched a ride and he saw the MINT400 Jimco folks go by and persuaded FLORIDA400 the person he was riding with to POMONA MTEG catch them When he did he explained what he d done and he BUSWEISER BAJA CROSS and the Jimco people now took RALLEY WEEK NORTHWEST off north again to get the car But SCORE CANADA VANCOUVER he d hidden it so well that it took 45 minutes to find it They did PRO CAN AM WASHINGTON finally get it handled and the race VORRA AT BA LANDS car was on its way home And in the meantime the FAIR van had continued Ii Coming Next Month t I U S rn rn I _ _ 2 13 36 5 769 5 153 3 TR UMAN S T AN FERNA NDO CA l_ HE MI T 400 drawing po t held 339 entries and many mo re have come in smce that time Usually a smooth running affair with everything the same as it was ast year the 198 4 M_int 400 is embroiled in a pair of Catch 22s but it won t d impen the enthusiasm of the hardy o ff roaders First came th e news that the M oapa Band of Paiute Indians withdrew their annual permission to cross their reservation land o n the no rth end of the traditional course This development forced the course planners into a multi pronged route that un fo rtunately ho lds more silt beds th an fun running However silt is a fact of life in desert racing so no doubt the 400 odd starters at the Mint 400 will survive part of the distance anyho w On the heels of the course change came he somewhat nasty strike of hotel workers in Las Vegas and the Mint Hotel 1s o ne of the 30 res_orts under stike siege So the annual gala gathering o n the closed off streets m front of the Mint H o tel called contingency and tech inspectio n by th_e serious racers will not be part of the scene this year Fo r reasons of security the no w o verwo rked M etro Po lice requested that such a large group of people read target no t be assembled o n the street for so many ho urs unless the strike is settled prio r to race week Settlement doesn t seem likely so tech and contingency inspectio n are planned to happen at the Speedrome JOHN BAKER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS has a new name and a new locatio n and the truck business is booming On April Fool s D ay Baker moved his operatio n from Santa Fe Springs into the big city Los Angeles The mo ve includes T eam Mitsubishi R acing Jo hn now h as a logo proclaiming his business as Sports Truck Specialists a good idea since mini truck no longer applied to the imported or domestic trucks i n those lines M ost have longer wheelbases each year it seems Baker s new address is 4304 Alger St Los Angeles CA 90039 and the new phone number is 8 18 240 7051 The new location has expanded m achine sho p capability and it has room fo r the building o f the new Ki t C o ncept chassis for trucks A LATE FLASH FROM SCORE says that the drawing o n Saturday M ay 12 for sta rting position on the June Baja Internacio nal has been moved from Precision Preparatio n to Bugpack Everything happens at the same time but the locatio n is Bugpack D ee Engineering in Costa Mesa C A CANADIAN FOUR WHEELERS will be interested in the race schedule of the Ontario Association of 4 Wheel Drive Racers All the events are held in so uthern Ontario Canada within a 100 mile radius of the T o ronto area The action starts on the weekend of M ay 19 21 with a Mudfest at Tiverton on June 1 and 2 they race at Tweed on June 16 and 17 at Orilla and o n July 14 and 15 at Indian Lake In August the racing happens o n the 4th 5th and 6th at Wilberforce and o n the 18th and 19th at Bancroft The seaso n winds up over the Labor Day weekend back at Tiverton On Octo ber 28th the Association ho lds a dance and wrap up party G et full information from Milton Offroad 416 876 4057 BRIDGESTONE TIRE COMPANY reached a majo r milesto ne last March The first Bridgesto ne tires manufactured in the United States rolled out of the Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing USA plant in La Vergne T ennessee near N ashville Bridgestone is the world s fourth largest tire m anufacturer and they will sell the U S made tires through normal d istribution netwo rks in this country RACE CAR and SAND BUGGY TRAILER Heavy duty design for the rough use they get in the desert Axle is 3200 pounds ith Bearing Buddy dust covers for easy maintenance Axle guaranteed for 2 years Springs are 3500 pounds 3 leaf with nylon bushings Main frame rails are 4 x 3 16 channel with long 6 tongue for tool box or bikes The loading ramps are 1 tubing permanently attached so they will never get lost When ramps are in the locked up position they will hold the buggy if other tie downs should come loose 14 tires and wheels lights with light guards w1rmg fenders 4 tie rings painted black Axle is adjustable for correct tongue weight 895 00 TRAILER TIRE RACK Will hold 8 race ca r tires and fits all our trailers Ins talls with just four bolts W e will a lso build custom racks for any application Also available in a short tongue model for easier storage 11 85 00 Page 6 1533 TRUMAN ST SAN FERNANDO CA Phone 213 361 1215 May 1984 Dusty Times 1 1

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vvith MICKEY THOMPSON Larry Ragland wins again on Baja Belteds In tough OFF Road Racing you can t win on flat tires That s why winner Larry Ragland relys on Mickey Thompson Baja Belteds to bring him through Race after race these tires have taken all that the Baja and other courses could offer and came away winners Are you serious about winning Then get Baja Belteds and go for it 1983 Baja1 1000 2nd class 1 Runner up Baja Belted Poly Glass Tubeless Catalog Number 2020 2050 2052 2054 2056 2057 2058 2082 Tread Width O D 27 x 9 50 14LT 7 27x9 50 15LT 7 9 5 15LT 7 11 15LT 9 12 15LT 10 12 15LT 10 33x14 50 15LT 10 9 5 16LT 7 26 26 30 30 31 31 32 30 Size Sidewall Rim Width Ply Width MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES ARIZONA Giant Off Road Centers 3243 E Indian School Rd Phoenix AZ 85018 602 956 1913 OR 2740 W Northern Ave Phoneix AZ 85012 602 995 8777 Mail Order Facility 3422 W Whitton Ave Phoenix AZ 85017 1 800 528 6170 In Arizona 602 973 9697 Service Center 4727 N Central Phoenix AZ 85012 602 265 1081 9 5 9 5 9 5 11 6 13 3 13 3 14 5 9 5 4 4 4 4 4 6 6 4 7 7 7 8 10 10 10 7 Your Cost WI 72 43 85 26 94 91 122 00 142 02 157 93 161 69 98 74 31 28 34 42 48 54 54 36 Catalog Number Size 208A 2085 2087 2088 2060 2062 2 11 1 6LT 11 16 5LT 12 16 5LT 35x 14 50 16 5L T 35x 11 50 15L T 35x 14 50 15LT 0 15LT X Sidewall Rim Your Tread Width O D Width Ply Width Cost Wt 10 9 10 11 8 11 14 30 30 31 34 34 34 34 Rough Country Store 542 North Johnson Ave El Cajon CA 92020 619 447 2457 6 6 6 4 4 4 4 8 8 9 9 6 8 10 12 12 15 135 31 109 00 161 67 194 18 157 89 184 47 36 84 44 45 58 66 53 66 76 ALSO GREAT FOR HIGHWAY USE Black Service Center Stores FACTORY OFFICES All Stores in CA WA AR NV Mickey Thompson Tires info 213 770 1100 P O Box 227 Cuyahoga Falls OH 44224 CONNECTICUT 216 928 9092 in Ohio O B Racing 800 222 9092 outside Ohio 7 Jackson St Avon CT 06001 203 673 0342 CALIFORNIA All Tire Off Road ILLINOIS 380 S East End Unit A E T Shop Pomona CA 91766 70 E Lake Rd 714 623 6144 Addison IL 60101 Discount Parts Unlimited 312 530 0080 5091 Fig nee Lane Redding CA 96002 INDIANA 916 365 2707 Hawkins Auto Stores McKenzie Off Road 116 s w 1st 12949 Sherman Way Suite 4 Richmond IN 47374 317 962 4927 N Hollywood CA 91605 818 764 6438 VanSenus Auto Parts 1620 Kennedy Northern 4 Wheel Drive 3216 El Camino Real Hammond IN 46323 Santa Clara CA 95051 219 844 2900 408 247 7575 Off Road U S A 1620 Golden State Hwy Bakersfield CA 93301 805 322 1581 11 6 11 6 13 3 14 11 14 17 LOUISIANA Arnaud s Speed 1210 Bertrand Dr Lafayette LA 70506 318 235 4345 OR 7855 Airline Baton Rouge LA 70815 504 927 9851 Southern Tire 2550 Hickory Ave Metairie LA 70003 504 737 1558 Truck Shop 110 Montauk Highway W Sayvllle NY 11796 516 589 6500 MARYLAND Maryland 4 WD Center 4205 Erdman Ave Baltimore MD 21213 301 276 7041 OKLAHOMA Hall s Off Road Equipment 4725 S Memorial Tulsa OK 74145 918 665 1854 MICHIGAN Jack McCormack Racing 7030 Schaefer Dearborn Ml 48126 313 846 2655 MISSOURI Bud s Tire Wheel 701 W College Springfield MO 65806 417 865 5896 NEW MEXICO RHODE ISLAND The Driver s Seat 317 Warren Ave E Providence RI 401 434 8855 OR 87 Airport Rd Warwick RI 401 732 2500 OR 59 Putnam Rd Johnston RI 401 231 1159 Southern Performance Specialties 104 S Rogers Irving TX 75060 214 744 3789 in Texas 800 231 2071 outside Texas UTAH National Tire Wholesale 2175 S Redwood Rd West Valley UT 84119 801 974 5900 VIRGINIA Professional Auto Repair 3180 Draper Dr Fairfax VA 22031 703 591 3155 WASHINGTON l Service Center 19920 Hwy 99 Lynwood WA 98036 206 774 7762 Giant Off Road Centers WISCONSIN 6100 San Mateo TENNESSEE Bruce Larsen Automotive Albuquerque NM 87109 4503 N River Rd Hunter s Custom Automotive 505 881 0931 Janesville WI 53545 975 Main St 608 754 1241 Nashville TN 37206 NEW YORK 615 227 6584 Gor Den Automotive CANADA 50 Commercial Pkwy TEXAS Mickey Thompson Tires of Canada Buffalo NY 14224 44 Community Ave Four Wheel Center 716 675 5600 Stoney Creek Ont L8E2Y3 4431 Montana Pocono 4 WD Center 416 664 4785 El Paso TX 79903 RD 7 Box 7399 Prices not applicable in Canada 915 565 1087 Stroudsburg PA 18360 717 424 8864 1 t l L L

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1984 FORDA HAPPENINGS A D R A Arizona Desert Racing Association 1408 East Granada Phoenix AZ 85006 602 252 1900 It I r Q I April 28 1st Annual Loma Cycle Po int to Point San Luis to El Golfo 125 miles Mexico June 9 2nd Annual Young Classic Young Arizona September 1 7th Annual Giant Off Road Centers Snowflake Buggy Bash Snowflake Arizona October 20 8 th Annual Penasco 150 Rocky Point Mexico December 1 8 th Annual Sonoita to Rocky Point Hare N Hound Mexico January 19 1985 Annual Awards Banquet AMSA t American Motor Sports Association P O Box 5473 Fresno CA 93755 209 439 2114 t 4 i 1 I May 19 Los Pad res 200 Hungry Valley SVRA Gorman CA June 16 17 USA Off Road Grand Prix W o rld Championship Off Road Race of Champions Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA i i September 1 3 12 Hour Mojave Desert Challenge California City CA October 21 Fresno Fair Off Road Championship Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA November 23 25 Palm Springs Classic Palm Springs CA BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Berrien Series Gil Parker 7406 S 12th St Kalamazoo MI 49009 May 12 Dust Run Mt Vernon IL May 13 Motorsports Challenge Casey IL May 26 27 BFG Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva WI June 23 24 Bay Area Classic DePere WI July 7 8 Sugar Camp Challenge Sugar Camp WI July 21 22 U P Off Road 100 Bark River MI July 29 Macon Coun ty Fair Decatur IL August 4 5 Hodag 50 Rhinelander WI Page 8 September 1 2 Brush Run 101 Crandon WI September 15 16 Dixie Sprints Birch Run MI September 29 Lincoln Trail Off Roaders Decatur IL BUDWEISER BAJA CROSS Baja Cross Racing 13704 Bechard Ave Norwalk CA 90650 213 921 2838 May20 Saddleback Park Orange CA July 29 Saddleback Park Orange CA September 9 double points Saddleback Park Orange CA BUG E RACEW A Y Bug E Warehouse 1915 So Presa San Antonio Texas 78210 512 533 8056 May20 Bug E Raceway San Antonio Texas July 8 Bug E Raceway San Antonio Texas September 16 Bug E Raceway San Antonio Texas Florida Off Roaders Drivers Association 1618 Daly St Orlando Florida 32808 305 851 6245 High Desert Racing Association 961 West Dale Ave Las Vegas Nevada 89 124 702 361 5404 Flatlander Four Wheelers of Omaha Inc Sue Stockinger 8220 Biondo 344 Om

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I lfu AS Jk o September 14 16 HDRA SNORE POINTS SNORE 250 Jean Nevada CAROS PASADO P0R AQUI October 28 Points Race Las Vegas Nevada SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION 460 No Beaumo nt Ave Brookfield Wisconsin 53005 715 272 1489 I_ 1 HAYE AN r CARS May 26 2 7 Memorial 84 Dresser Wisconsin Ju ne 23 24 Bay Area Classic DePere Wisconsin July 7 8 Sugar Camp Off Roa cl Challenge Suga r Camp W isconsin July 21 22 U P Off Road 100 Bark Ri ver Michiga n August4 5 Rhinelander Hodag SO Rhinelander Wisconsin __ _scR _ c May 12 13 Pan a Rama 84 Fountain City Wisconsin June 9 10 Mid Wisconsin Off Road Showdown Marshfield Wisconsin O i C OME SY I IERE f oFF ROAD RACING DICK BOWER BUG OFF m1n1 class 10 7s TRUCKIN ATC Augu st 18 19 Prime Challenge Trego Wisconsin September 1 2 Brush Run 101 Crandon Wisconsin Septem ber 22 23 Location TBA VORRA SCORE RULES Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd Sacramento CA 95838 916 925 1702 May 26 28 VORRA250 Weeks Nevada June 2 3 24 Virginia City 200 Virginia City Nevada July 28 Jim Ingold Memorial Race Short Course Baylands Raceway Fremont CA September 1 3 VORRA 250 Desert Race Dayton Nevada October 20 21 Short Course Championship Race WESTERN HILL CLIMB J u ne 2 3 Spring Teller County Hill Climb Cripple Creek Colorado July 7 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Colorado Springs Colorado September 1 2 Lands End Hill Climb Grand Junction Colorado Sep tember 2 9 30 Fall Teller County Hill Climb Cripple Creek Colorado New M exico H ill C limb date pending ATTENTION RA CE ORGANIZERS List your coming events in Dusty Times free Send your 1984 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column Mail your event schedule to Dusty Times 533 1 Derry A ve Suite 0 A goura CA 9 130 1 Dusty Times CENTRAL CAL ASSOCIATED RACERS Payback 100 1 plus ct DONSCO C B BFGoodrich SHOEI etc MAY 11 12 13th 1984 phone 209 255 5995 I BE THERE ST ANNUAL CENTRAl Al TULARE COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS C PRE ENTRY MAIL TODAY FRE bN l RY DR IV ER R I DER name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ AGE _ BIRrHDATE m CITY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ STATE _ _ __ ADDRESS ZIP _ _ _ _ _ _ PHONE DRIVE RS LIC NO CLASS ENTERING SOCIAL SEC NO ENTRY FEE 200 00 Class 10 7 S 35 00 Ins Reg AKE CHEC K PAYABLE TO ENTRY FEE 25 00 3 J 4 whl ATC ATV DICK BOWER S BUG OFF S 25 00 Ina Reg P O BOX 7 92 1 MAIL ENTRY IN TODAY I FRESNO CA LIF 93747 May1984 I I Page 9

Page 10

l I By Danny McKenzie Photos Danny McKenzie Wayne Simmons THE BUDWEISER FLORIDA OFF ROAD CHALLENGE It was a Fall Guy Finish for J R Taylor at Tampa s East Bay Raceway i f Orlando s Mike Hester had his Funco dialed In Just right for the Saturday Class 1 action and Hester won over 14 other hard chargers to keep the racers out of trouble After practice though most were ready to race in the first event of the Score Canada 20 000 championship point series The first Saturday heat featured FORDA s own D class which most racers know as Class 9 for 1200 cc 40 horse VW engines in single seat buggies It still lives and is healthy in Florida On Saturday J R Taylor from Titusville Florida was the winner but he was dogged every inch of the distance by Bryan Peterson from Orlando The two fought closely all the way with Taylor coming out on top Scott Gundeck from Naples Florida was third on Saturday During the Sunday 1200 cc Like many snowbirds the tricky and some areas proved to Score Canada staff spends some be a big surprise calling for winter weeks in Florida only the careful study to find the right line race bunch are there to put on their first short course event of the season The race attracts a herd of competitors from the snowbound north Canada and New England and the midwest as well Many stay over in the sunshine to compete two weeks later in the big Florida 400 at Tallahassee The Budweiser Florida Off Road Challenge produced by Score Canada had some teething trouble this year Originally scheduled to happen at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa the Cigar Capital of the World there were problems with the use of the track So in two weeks time energetic George Gary Frank In opened his season with the Saturday victory driving his swift Dodd moved his race into the 1 2 1600 Funco to score points for the New Jersey group quickly built special autocross track at East Bay Raceway also in Tampa It was nip and tuck but the Score Canada crew ably assisted by many local enthusiasts transformed the East Bay Raceway dirt oval into a maze of jumps and bumps laced with off camber turns Early in March balmy 80 degree weather and sunshine greeted the host of snowbirds who joined the Florida racers in competition in Tampa Major sponsor Budweiser inflated a 25 foot beer can balloori and the fans were ready for the action which started early as three different drivers did endoes BIii Lefeuvre came all the way from Ontario Canada to debut his new Berrien duri_ng practice The course as He won a moto each In both Class 10 and Class 1 at Tampa Page 10 May1984 ABOVE Right to Left J R Taylor won the challenge of Champions then hit the final Jump so hard that he did a multiple endo off the Jump and the crowd went wild watching the spectacular finale to the weekend of racing bash J R Taylor made it a clean sweep as he won again This round his big challenge came from John Hanson of Denedin Florida and he pushed Taylor all the way to the checkered flag Bryan Peterson finished third in the Sunday event In Score Canada s 1 2 1600 ciass which uses Score International style rules most of the racers are single seat cars and in Tampa the winners came from the snowbound northeastern USA On Saturday Gary Franklin from Ringwood New Jersey drove a tidy race to gain his first 1984 victory and it probably will not be his last Orlando s Terry Clark was close in second in his Budweiser sponsored entry Claiming third was Connecticut s John Andreoli in his Off Road Depot backed racer On Sunday the competition was tight and in the end Rocky Knudsen from Monticello New York held on with a wire to wire performance to take the 1 21600 victory Terry Clark was again a close second and in another Connecticut based Off Road Depot Car Gordon Zima was third Class 10 is growing big all over the country including the east coast At Tampa the Canadian talent came to the front when the unlimited 1650 cc buggies took to the race cours e Bill tefeu re came from Limehouse Ontario with a brand new Berrien while ace mechanic John McPherson also from Ontario helped out with the tuning McPherson a 1 1 I I I 1i I Rocky Knudsen digs out of a tight turn on his way to a wire to wire victory on Sunday He took the glory and the gold home to New York I Curt LeDuc and his Jeep dominated the heavy metal events winning both days and here Is fighting off Mike Hester In the Challenge race Dusty Times

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A top Class 1 driver whose own new Berrien was not quite finished got some good horsepower out of the Class 10 VW engine Lefeuvre came out of the chute strong to take the Saturday victory in a hard fought contest with Orlando s Mike Hester in his Street and Sand Toys Funco From Palmyra New Jersey Dave Lofland whipped home third just in front of Canadian Ernie Jakubowski who was fourth in his brand new Mantis Spyder On Sunday it was 15 laps for the Class 10s and the Saturday winners started at the back of the pack with a tough field to work through Moving as quick as lightning Dennis Ard from Naples Florida took a flag to flag victory in this very competitive race Coming on strong and finishing second was Jimmie Crowder from Tallahassee just in front of Ernie Jakubowski As is norm al with Score Canada Classes 3 4 and 8 were cornbined on both days of racing Class 4 hot shoe Curt LeDuc with myriad sponsors for his highly modified 4 x 4 Jeep Honcho dominated the heats both days winning both events handily Keeping LeDuc honest and working the Wisconsin champion Jack Flannery matched LeDuc s incredible horsepower but his Class 8 Ford lacked the pull of four wheel drive Flannery drove to a fine second spot both days Also from Wisconsin Rick Rogers snagged a double set of third places in a Class 3 Jeep and Kevin Pence came from Decatur Illinois to claim fourth driving a Class 8 Chevrolet There were 15 Class 1 stormers on the grid and they were truly c rowd pleasers on the tricky course On Saturday Mike Hester dialed his Street and Sand Toys Funco in just right to finish first battling off the challenge of Dave Lofland and Bill Lefeuvre Jimmie Crowder was fourth in his new Chenowth Magnum with a Don Hatz super horsepower engine On Sunday Mike Hester started in the very last slot and he weaved his way through the pack into the early lead Then Dave Lofland made the pass to take over on the fourth round but his lead was short too Bill Lefeuvre took over on lap 10 and the Canadian stayed out front through the 15 laps for the Jack Flannery came from Wisconsin to contest the trucks In his Ford Flannery won Class 8 easily and was second to LeDuc on both days hard won victory Meanwhile Hester gave it his all but his Funco broke after ten laps This action put Lofland home second and Carl Johnson from Tampa was third The added attraction to the Budweiser Florida Off Road Challenge was the Street Sand Toys sponsored Challenge of Champions Such an event is common as a grand finale for short course events east of the rockies Normally there is no entry fee and the race is open to all the top finishers in each class There was a goodly field for the ten lapper sponsor d by the Fort Lauderdale auto parts store and the cars started with a time delay Tom Seckman entertained his home town fans In Tampa as he showed off the two wheel attributes of his brand new Class 1 Chenowth Magnum Congratulations to Larry Ragland BARSTOW 250 SAN FELIPE 250 TEXAS SHOOTOUT 1st Overall 1st 1st We are proud that Larry has had such excellent results using JAMAR S new competition brake with balance beam Emle Jakubowski came south from Ontario and was Impressive In his nrst outing with the brand new Class 10 Ontario bred Mantis Spyder Dusty Times P O Box 1538 42006 C Avenida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 714 676 2066 Page 11

Page 12

Another one bites the dusf In the tight turns and fierce action at the Score Canada race held in East Bay Raceway at Tampa Florida An lmpresslveJ R Taylor won the FORDA 1200 cc class both days and he also rolled to a squeaker victory In the handicap challenge event I I handicap by class FORDA s Class D 40 horse buggies took off first fo llowed by the 1 21600s then Class 10 C lass 4 and lastly C lass 1 Action started early as the quicker classes started to pass the back markers from the lower horsepower groups C urt LeDuc in his yellow Honcho had the crowd o n its feet as he was fighting off the attack of a trio of Class 1 cars Tom Seckman from T ampa Mike Hester and Ernie Jakubowski Seckman was the first to attempt the pass and he hit a rut turned over and parked on the roof Hester then made a stab at getting around the big modified truck and he almost landed o n the Honcho s hood But Jakubowski got his weird looking Mantis around LeDuc an d set sail after the leader whichwasstill J R Tayl0r with his 1200 cc of power Several contenders got close to T aylor but he did hold his_lead _ to the fi nal jump over the finish line J R s effort was strong enough to win the R ace of C hampions But Taylor hit the final jump so hard that he did a multiple endo off the jump and the crowd went h ys teri cal watching the m ost exciting finish to a wild weekend of off toad racing Despite the late breaking change in locale the Score Canada season opener went off very well The organization plans to return to Tampa for their season finale the last event in the twelve race series which will happen on November 10 and 11 George Dodd and all his staff are most grateful to all the Florida people and companies that helped jn the organization of the Budweiser Florida Off Road Cha ll enge especially the Budweiser people in Tampa Hardee s Restaurants Ron Combs from It s Sports magazine Bill Jenkins and Allan Brady at WQYK radio in Tampa St Pete and Tom Seckman They all helped mightily in producing the event D JI 1 I I Curt LeDuc right out hopped the Chell pickup of Kevin Pence and the Jeep CJ of Rick Rogers over the tum and on to truck victory Dave Lofland from New Jersey was right In the thick of the action driving In both Class 1 and Class 10 at the season opener In Florida 1983 OVERALL POINTS WINNER VORRA SERIES UUH Ho ad Z ad I Driving a ten year old Panzer Racing on a Shoe String BudgetJimmy Lawrence won Class 2 in the desert and on short courses He earned 206 points to win the 1983 VORRA Overall Points Championship Think What Jimmy Could Do With Sponsorship Think What Jimmy Could Do For A Sponsor Jimmy Lawrence is actively seeking support for the 1984 Racing Season competing in VORRA SCORE an9 HORA Events Contact Jimmy Lawrence t Page 12 I 8090 Mohawk Lane Reno Nevada 89506 May1984 Dusty Times I t Q t O Ht I 11

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MIDWEST REPORT Two Midwest Drivers Attack and Conquer The Florida 400 Brenda A Parker The drivers from the midwest turned out in force to participate in the Florida 400 Jeff and Kevin Probst from Illinois drove their Class 1 car to a class win and were also the overall winners Lee Weisthoff from X isconsin driving alone finished 5th in Class 1 and Gale Brockie from Michigan was 7th This was the first time in many many years that the top five finishers were all open class cars In the past the open class cars have usually ended up breaking down for one reason or another and the top finishers and overall winners were the 1200s In Class 1 2 1600 Illinois Bruce Brannstrom who ran a strong race and was in 3rd place much of the day finished 5th after having to drop out due to a broken ring and pinion with just 20 minutes left in the race Gil Parker from Michigan drove for about one hour for Bruce Karl Weisthoff also from Wisconsin with Mike Parker as co driver had wiring problems early in the race and finished out of the money Mike and Phil Rueshe were there but were out after the first hour with a broken crank Phil never had a chance to get in the car Scott Taylor had problems keeping shocks on his car and quit about half way into the race About one hour into the race there was an accident involving Jeff Probst Steve Norris and Jed Denahan Jeff was approaching the end of the back straightaway and going into a corner when he hit Denahan who had stopped his car and was assisting Steve after Steve had flipped Que to dust in this area of the track Jeff was unable to see the accident on the track ahead of him This brought out a red flag and the race was stopped for approximately 1 hours From all reports I have had of this accident it is my opinion that this accident might have been avoided if there had been an ADEQUATE NUMBER OF TRAINED course workers on the track I have been told that there were no course workers in this particular spot on the track even though it was at the end of a straight and going into a difficult 180 degree turn There were no flagmen warning any of the drivers of the danger after Steve had flipped and with the dust there was no way anyone could see far enough ahead to stop in time As I watched the race from another vantage point I could see that the workers they had on the track were far from informed as to what to do in case of an accident or a stalled car on the track At one point a spectator had to tell one of the course workers of a car stalled in the traffic line that most of the drivers had been taking all day Another pile up on the jump in front of a spectator hill could also have been avoided had the course workers been on their toes There was virtually no spectator control as I saw people on the track who just didn t belong there All in all it was a good weekend There had been predictions of rain but the showers held off The drivers I have talked with indicated that they like the track and that the people in charge of the race were very friendly and more than willing to help D The Midwest Has a New Race Promotor Brenda A Parker Kevin Dawson co president of 4 x 4 Unlimited held a press conference Friday April 6 1984 to announce that he had purchased Lake Geneva Raceway in Lake Geneva Wisconsin Chuck Johnson and Scott Taylor brought their cars in and there wei e several people present who are involved in the stock car racing at the track Kevin was the owner of a tire company when he became involved in off road racing Soon afterward he formed Sport Truck Headquarters which sells custom accessories for trucks in Downers Grove Illinois Kevin stated to me that he had been actively looking for acreage to develop into a facility like Lake Geneva Raceway in the event the track was sold and the club would be without a place to hold the Memorial Day 100 He said that it never occurred to him for about 2 years to consider buying the existing track However last fall while he was talking to Ray Toft the former owner he said You want to sell this place Ray replied Yeah and today Kevin is the new owner He said that he doesn t plan any major changes He will continue the Saturday night stock car program and intends to add a mud drag course where competition will be held on a regular basis and a permanent off road area in the old motocross area at the east end of the track so that the off road drivers will be able to use it for a daily or weekly fee He would also like to add at least one major truck pull to his schedule of events Kevin told me that we are presently trying to fix up paint up and nail back together much that is wrong out there so that it is in fairly decent shape by the start of this year s racing program However he also states that we might be ready to open at the close of the 1984 season Steve Shaeffer from Hinsdale Illinois will be running the business in Downers Grove since Kevin will be moving to Lake Geneva to put all of his efforts into running the track on a full time basis He states that he is an off road racer trying to protect the sport and that I hope to make a profit while I m doing it D Dusty Times Overall Champion Memorial 100 1982 81 80 only three time Overall Champion ever 1st Memorial 100 Class 1 1983 1st Toronto Exhibition BF Goodrich Auto Cross Cup Class 10 1983 1st in point standings Class 1 NCPS 1983 1st in point standings Class 10 NCPS 1983 Probst Off Road Racing Left to right Steve Probst Kevin Probst Jeff Probst u ations at ngr e n pr bst AOO CO Jeff _ f onda _ _ i 1st o era Think tt s coincidence that the number one team in the midwest runs a Berrien Buggy chassis Many things contribute to a winning race teain but the racing chassis is the place every race team starts The Probst Team knows that That s why when they designed their racing chassis which has helped_them to so many victories this year they went to Berrien Buggy We know what we wanted in a chassis and we knew about Berrien s manufacturing excellence said Steve Probst patriarch of the team We took our design to Berrien and they built exactly what we wanted in their LCW 1001 The results speak for themselves The Probsts designed it Berrien Buggy LCW 1001 single seat Berrien Buggy offers a complete line of chassis for racing and racing chassis with 5 piece play All made with the same attention to quality Mandrel fiberglass body Two seat chassi s alss avail able bent mild steel or chrome moly tubing Reinforced front clamps Fully MIO welded Choice of front end suspension at no extra charge Plus many Probst design innovations And every Berrien Chassis has a beautiful fiberglass body to fit it guaranteed not to have pits cracks or imperfections You can get a chassis exactly like the ones the Probst Off Road Racing team has used to dominate racing this past year Dealer enquiries invited We can t guarantee that you ll finish like the Probsts But at least n B i 1 6 471 1411 you can start out on an even basis For the name of your nearest dealer or a free chassis brochure contact 1Ra 11 JSIJ U 31 South Dept GEB Berrien Springs Ml 49103 See the complete Berrien line at these dealers _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Toledo OH 43612 Mini Performance Specialties Inc 1100 Custer Rd 419 476 3300 Dayton OH 45414 Ft Lauderdale FL 33334 Auburn Hghts Ml 48057 Clark s Welding Midland Ml 48640 Larry s Off Road Center Cincinnati OH 45248 Street Sand Toy s Inc 2244 Star Ct Lee s Automotive 4156 Wadsworth Rd Off Road Center Inc 4430 N Dixie Hwy 313 852 8580 or 8584 1529 E Isabella 513 275 9501 5784 Filview Circle 305 772 1171 517 835 7682 513 574 2442 Phoenix AZ 85002 Sunland Custom Buggies 13236 N Cave Creek Rd 602 971 5069 New Lenox IL 60451 Probst Off Road Racing 1121 E Ill Hwy 815 485 RACE Allen Ml 49227 K B Sales 9020 W Chicago U S 12 517 869 2147 May1984 Kalamazoo Ml 49002 R N Sport Buggy s 9050 Sprinkle Rd 616 329 0900 Newark OH 43055 Off Road World 301 S 24th Street 614 522 4083 Oneida N V 13421 Ralph s Buggy Center 721 723 Genesee St 315 363 1570 or 6860 Page 13

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THE SCORE SAN FELIPE 150 McM1ll1n and Son Uber Alles Scott and Corky McMlll n fought a see saw battle all day with Mark McMlllln The pace o the two Chenowths was so fierce that Scott and Corky not only won Class 2 they beat the bikes on time for absolute overall victory Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises Second in the Score desert series of races the San Felipe 250 results had a familiar sound Just like last year Corky and Scott McMillin won overall car honors in their Porsche powered Chenowth and John Baker beat the Class 8 time while winning Class 7 in his Mitsubishi But there were many differences down through the classes most notable before the fact was the addition of a real mini four wheel class for Odyssey type vehicles with eight on the starting line a bigger class in size than ten of the 16 regular car classes Sad to say none of the minis finished in the eleven hour time allowance although some did cover the entire course It is always a pleasure to go to San Felipe for the race even though it seems a long ride to get there The town still has a real ambiance and the folks are polite as they crowd around the start finish and seem genuinely friendly to the crazy gringos who annually invade their turf late in March This year the San Felipe event may well have set a record for Mexican entries among the car classes Of the 129 vehicles that started 28 had one or more drivers listing their home south of the border This year the race activity was strung around town Registration scoring and the awards presentation all took place at the race headquarters the Motel Riviera a place that curiously has no food service A block down the hill the El Cortez Motel hosted tech inspection and the pre and post race impound In between on a side street the contingency line was set up on Friday All functions were within a city block except the start finish line again under the arches on the highway just north of town The total starting entry was up by five over last year but the mix was different There were nine more cars in 84 but 12 fewer bikes There were six more Odysseys and the A TCs were up two starters As always the bikes were first away and at 8 25 in the morning Tom Koch in his Raceco was the first car away followed by 11 other_Class ls It was a long haul across Qiablo Dry Lake to the first checkpoint at Mike s Sky Ranch and Koch maintained his lead but only by a minute over Larry Ragland Chaparral who was half a minute ahead of Dan Cornwell Chenowth who was a minute ahead of Bob Shepard Raceco who had a minute on Mike Julson Jimco Whew On they charged to Nuevo Junction the second check where Koch still led on the road but Ragland now tied him on total elapsed time and Cornwell was close in their dust Failing to make the first check were both Mike Lund Chenowth and Glenn Evans Chaparral The next time report came from El Chinero a long and tough 35 miles from the finish line By now reports of various classes of cars running out of gas in the deep sand in between were constant Koch s Raceco with Mark Broneau at the helm still led the pack by about three minutes Julson was holding second and Ragland was just seconds behind him Dan Cornwell lost time looking for gas Jack Johnson had a problem I JI i 1 11 t f r If 1 I ll c 1 I t l ill j Despite a rash of woes Larry Ragland kept his Chaparral in Running great until the last miles Tom Koch and Mark B roneau contention took the lead on the last leg and won CLass 1 honors lost the clutch and the race in sight of victory The Raceco was a_t_t_ he _ fl_a g_ _ _ _ __ __ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ ____s_e_c_o_n_d_i_ n_C_l_as_s_ 1 _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ _ _ __ Mark McMillin gave passenger Gary Arnold a whale fa ride and t _f _pair got the Chenowth home 2nd in Class 2 4th overall Class 8 was a battle of flat tires and the Steve Kelley Michael Nesmith GMC won the war on the final leg for the victory Hayward Mendenhall and GaijiGliberl had a good day in their home brew 2 1600 Despite a four flip roll over they won the class by a good margin i i The early Jeader in Class 2 1600 was the Chenowth of Doug Fortin and Curtis Turner but it wasn t their day and they were out before Check 3 Page 14 Jim Dyer planned his solo drive in Class 10 carefully stopped often for gas had no trouble and his big Funco won the class Roger Mortenson and Russ Welch had quick times in the Funco but they ran out of gas twice and had to settle for second Dusty Times May1984 4t j uwntnNliilA l _ Ir

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Torsten and Ken Corum led Class 10 all the way to Chinero in their Chenowth but the quick team vanished on the beach and did not finish plagued first leg and was playing catch up in his Chenowth Magnum Jack was tied on time with Julson at El Chinero The infamous beach run did in more than one contender With overall victory literally in sight the Koch Broneau Raceco lost its clutch Ragland and both McMillin Class 2s passed as the Raceco limped on the pavement to the finish line second in Class 1 by 2 minutes Mike Julson Tom Ebberts lost more than half an hour on the beach and ended up fifth in Class 1 Cornwell cranked out a 48 minute run on the leg and moved int0 fourth with Don Robertson co driving and Jack Johnson climbed a tree with his Magnum but salvaged third in Class His minor woes over Larry Ragland had a very fast 45 25 on the last leg to win Class 1 and claim second overall in cars Class 2 had a disappointing field of seven and the only finishers were the two six cylinder Porsche powered McMillin henowths In fact Ed Herbst and Larry Wyatt were both out very early At Mike s Mark McMillin was a few seconds ahead of his brother Scott and father Corky who were tied on time with Jerry Penhall Ron Gardner Chenowth Jim Sumners in his brand new Raceco was a couple more minutes back and the quartet stayed in formation with similar time span into Nuevo Here Ricardo Barbosa retired and Penhall Gardner lost half an hour in the rough desert east of the mountains Mark McMillin had some problem that cost several minutes and Jim Sumners closed the gap at El Chinero However Scott and Corky had no trouble at all whipped off a 46 53 on the last leg to not only win overall car honors along with Class 2 but they won overall fast time ahead of the bikes by ten minutes The last time a car beat the bikes on total time in a Score race was at the 1983 Parker 400 when Marty Letner drove his Class 1 Raceco to absolute overall quick time Penhall Gardner vanished on the beach and Jim Sumners fost his engine in the same area So second in Class 2 and fourth overall honors went to Mark McMillin with Gary Arnold riding all the way Mark finished ten minutes behind his relatives Third off the line were the ten Class 8s and it was a heavy hitter field with Walker Evans Dodge facing Parnelli Jones in Larry Minor s GMC backed by the GMC of Steve Kelley and Michael Nesmith plus Parker winner Dave Sho e Ford and Dusty Times John Baker not only won Class 7 In the M tsubishi but he repeated his 1983 act and beat the times of the Class B winner also in a fine but not without trouble run Frank Vessels and Stan Gilbert also in Fords Three disappeared en route to Mike s and up front was Michael Nesmith holding two minutes on Parnelli and a was stuck on the ummit with variot is ills including a pair of flat tires Kelley had a couple of flats and slowed en route to Chinero couple more on Evans Gilbert and Shoppe while Vessels was another three minutes down Walker had the quick time down the hill to Nuevo but on total DOING IT IN THE DIRT GO STATION 1 RACE SHOCKS Statioo 1 5 haviY j a special sale Ill all Bilsteil racilg stocks Bilsteil 5 with rut 5101 the best offroad 1ocl l ffl 9 Calf 1JSI 846 359 8 Travel Hein Frmt Shock 59 95 846 349 8 Travel Hein Rear Shock 59 95 846 361 10 Travel Hein Frmt Shock 65 00 846 360 10 Travel Hein As Shock 59 95 846 350 12 Travel Hein As Shock HD 89 95 846 35112 Travel Hein As Shock LO 89 95 846 034 St nlird As IRS 39 l S 846 040 Sllnlard As Swing Aldo 32 95 846 022 Sllnlard Front Lii Pi1 32 95 846 020 Sllnlard Frmt Ball Joint 30 95 846 493VW Tuned Front Ball Joilt 34 95 TORTION BAAS Go with the best with the rrost selectioo m for the best lice Race fJ1M 1 Sw q A W SAW 1000 21 1 Tc tion Bas 25nm to 30ml pr SN I 1100 24 11 116 Tortioo Bas 25nm to 30ml SAW 1200 26 9116 Tortioo Bas 25 nm to 30 nm SAW 1300 29Yi TMion Bas 24111n to 29nm SAW 31300 29 Race Bas 24111n to 29nm 125 00 145 00 pr HEAVY DUTY SPRING PLATES Dal t settle for a cheap mitatioo m dlrl t tnst stock 165 00 pr spring plates Use the IJiginal HD plate Iran Salt A Ye M r y sizes m cmtinatms to d1oooe Iran Call for 135 00 pr 255 00 pr DRIVE AXLES Ae lace stock lllit with the SIJ81g1h al S Wf A W to lmlkage Ct 6tm 81 lths SAW 2000 Typel 2 V 115 oopr prev111t cv pras SAW 420 Sllnlard IRS 58 00 pr SAW 4101 Sllnlard Swing Aldo 69 95 pr SAW 520I Sllnlard IRSJ4isfable 135 00 pr SAW 5101 Stnlrd Swir i AJde 145 00 pr Othersizeslor Uls gthtortioota reavailable t Call _ _________ KYB GAS A JUST SHOCKS i 151 to 25 L 125 00 pr SAW 32400 Race Aides 930 CV 19 1i to25 L 175 00pr OFFAOAD LIGHT Chrome Housing w Rubber Momted Lens and Housing 2495 95 1 385 000 Candle Power 34 240 ooo Candle Power 1 ll795 V IJI 6 SWAY A WAY FRONT TORTION ADJUSTERS m _ _ Easy to i1stall m alows J ick acruate ai ustment Lil _________ URETHANE SUSPENSION GAOMETSAND MOTOR MOUNT KITS SAW 6310 l ii

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Jim Sherman and Bob Prather had the early lead in Class 9 but they had trouble in the deep desert and finished second seven minutes out Eric and Henry Arras were the team to beat in the huge Class 5 1600 but nobody did Son and father led most of the distance to the glory and the gold Kelley swept past and then ran out of gas crossing the pavement at the zoo A spectator came to with no spare on board Parnelli the rescue with five gallons of Jones left the last check with juice and Steve Kelley got the fifteen minutes in hand over checkered flag first regaining the Kelley Shoppe was patching and lead the truck had when Nesmith welding all across the desert and handed it over to him Parnelli Vessels was doing a similar act as arrived just three minutes in was Gilbert Heading for home arrears in a jovial mood Shoppe PJ s GMC stopped on the beach with a balky trans struggled with a steering arm problem home third and all three trucks more about the SAN FELIPE 150 Bobby and Tom Neth had a near visual race in 1 1600 and they took thP checkered fllg first in the Chenowth with just over a minute margin Larry Smith and Jon Kennedy were the brldesmaid in 1 1600 chasing dust al day Their Funco arrived at the finish very close behind the winner g dA t sc es were battered and bashed Looking even more like a survivor of a destruction derby Walker Evans and Dodge arrived in fourth with Frank Vessels along seven minutes later on the charts followed by Stan Gilbert The trucks sure did a lot of paint swapping on the course but maybe it helps the body shop business Next to start Class 2 1600 had a miniscule entry of seven on the line and the results show they definitely should start behind Class 10 in the future There had been some talk of this but it didn t happen at San Felipe Doug Fortin Curtis Conner led the first leg and through to Check 2 holding six minutes lead before vanishing somewhere over the summit Taking over at that point was Hayward Mendenhall Gary Gilbert who were about 16 minutes ahead of Rick and John Hagle midway and Max Estrada and Victor Zeigler were holding third The Hagles lost an hour in the deep stuff getting to Check 5 and here Mendenhall Gilbert had about 14 minutes in hand But heading down the beach the Mendenhall buggy rolled four times It was battered at the finish line but it was the 2 1600 winner Second on time was the Estrada Ziegler Hi Jumper just four minutes later The Hagles arrived in another 18 minutes and two hours later Steve Ferrato and Dave Fessenden were the final finishers In post race tech the Estrada Hi Jumper which was borrowed for the race was disqualified for having an AMSA and larger than legal restrictor plate on the carburetor The drivers said later that the tech guys had been waiting for them to finish and R C Jones and Tracy Chapman stayed very close on time finished just 4 minutes behind for 2nd in the close 5 1600 contest _ Al and Jeff Jordan were close all day with the leaders in Class 5 and at the finish the San Diego team nailed down third place Jim Dizney had to work hard in his solo drive In the Chenowth but at the checkered flag Jim took another Class 9 win for the points lead greeted them at the impound with the news that they were disqualified saying they saw the illegal plate in pre race tech The drivers couldn t understand why the tech folks didn t tell them they had the wrong plate before the race They did not know having borrowed the car and they would have been happy to buy and install the right plate before the race started With 16 starting cars Class 10 was a tight race all the way with a good seven cars all a minute or two apart at Mike s Going the quickest of all at Mike s and all the way through Chinero was Tors ten Corum Ken Corum in a Chenowth Each leg the Corums gained a few seconds and heading south down the beach they held a scant two minute margin over Roger Mortenson CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDER HOUSE CROWN MFG RAPID COOL r TRI MIL WESTERN AUTO TIRES 0 BILSTEIN CENTERLINE CIBIE HEWLAND PORSCHE TURBO C V BEARD SEATS PARKER PUMPER TECTIRA TIRES SUPER TRAPP GEM GEARS KYB SHOCKS SWAY A WAY TR_ANSJ XLE PARTS n I I lcJ 1 F c1Z ID vl ll Y t WAYcoR I BEFORE YOU BUY TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL 12945 SHERMAN WAY NO HOLLYWOOD CA 9160_5 213 765 5827 e 213 764 6438 Page 16 I Norm and Steve Schmidt won one of the closest fights at San Felipe taking the win after a swift flight down the beach They placed eighth overall May1984 Dusty Times

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Jorg e Sou o was all aione in Class 3 most of the race and with l1is s on Daniei riding shotgun Souto took an easy win in the new C las s 3 Hartmut and Wolfram Klawitter led the 13 Bug field in Class 5 all lhe way to Tres Pozos then vanished in the deep sand to a DNF Russ Welch Funco Several of the early contenders had either dropped o ut or dropped back many running o ut of gas In a tight third at C heck 5 just one minute back was Jim D yer going solo in his newly painted Funco Dyer turned a 55 minute leg and was the first C lass 10 into San Felipe in fac t he was the tenth car of any kind under the ch eckered flag and his time was good for ninth overall D yer said he stopp ed often for gas did not run out and won but h e finished with a loudly clanking trans that had no reverse gear The C orums did no t finish Russ Welch ran o ut of gas in the Funco but got it handled to fini sh seco nd a b o ut e ight minutes in arrears It was m o re than 1 hours before the next C lass 10 claimed third It was J Du n ca n B r ow n a n d Ga r y Johnson in a Chaparral and o nly five finis hed the course Class 7 contin ues to draw puny numbers T his round o nly five all facto ry backed appeared to race San Felipe marked the debut of the wild looking and wild perfor m ing Cal W ells built T oyo t a dese rt r ace r As expected Ivan S tewart flat flew in the T oyota fo r a time Ivan had a slim one m inute lead over Jerr y M cDonald C hevy S 10 at C heck 1 Manny Esqu erra was three m inutes back Baker was anot her 1 mi nutes to the rear and Sherman Balch was leak ing oi l at t he start an d o nly went a few miles in his N issan Coming down fro m M ike s the T oyota coughed a rear end John Baker turned up the wick in the M itsu bishi and took over the lead a m inut e a h ead of M cDonald who was o nly 30 seconds ahead of Esquerra s Fo rd R anger Ivan got mended o n ly to break an ax le but he car ried o n into El C hinero and the n b roke another axle and ran o ut o f tim e Me a n w hil e McDonald broke the frame and stopped foi a quick fix while Baker and Esquerra swapped the lead often as each had a flat tire or two Leaving El C hinero Baker h ad over five minutes in hand but his shocks were gone the body battered and he charged o n fi n ishing on a flat front tire and a bare rim on the left rear He said he hit a tree o n the b each and lost the tire late in the game he knew he co uldn t sto p for a tire o r Esquerra wo uld win Manny gave it his all running the last leg nearly fou r m inutes fas ter than Baker But what wo rked at Laughlin did no t work at San Felipe Esquerra finished second Dt1spile problem long the course Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling did the job again in Class 6 vinning in the old Chevy o nly 52 seconds o ut of the victo r y The pair finished tenth and 11th overall an d both C lass 7s beat the elapsed time of the winning C lass 8 G M C Jerry M cDonald suffered an ignitio n fire but he came ho me in third place There were seven starters in 11600 class but it was primarily a two horse race between Bobby and Tom Neth Chenowth and L a rr y S mit h Jon Ke nn edy F un co a lt hough Ri c h ar d Goldbaum Pan cho Bio stayed close until the final 35 miles O ut earl y was C h uck Sugar but the o ther six all fi nished the race Smith Kennedy led by two minutes into the Sky R an ch but the lead was down to 30 seconds at Nuevo By C heck 5 the pair were still nose to t ail now with This is the system run by most off road race winners TRl MIL BOBCAT CHROME 1 DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen settled for second in Class 5 in Baja both vowing to go just a litt1e faster at the next meeting of the Bugs Dusty Times May1984 Page 17 i I I IA rH b ff t At 11

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more about and Eric Arras emerged in the lead holding six minutes over R C Jones Tracy Chapman who were a scant minute ahead of Ernesto and Alfredo Arambula Next was David Hendrickson Richard Johnson another four minutes back At Check 5 the Arambulas had had a disaster which dropped them well back coming in tenth at the flag Eric Arras had taken SAN FELIPE Neth in the lead They turned identical times of 58 3 on the beach and Tom Neth crossed the finish line with the Fuoco glued to his rear pumper The Neth brothers won the battle by just 1 minutes Goldbaum Bio were a respectable third in the Friskowth Class 5 fielded a remarkable collection of 13 Baja Bugs and eight of them finished the course This was a wild five way fight for the win as three teams Vinje Hansen Diehl Pierson and the Klawitters were tied on time at Mike s and two more were on y a couple minutes back At Nuevo the Klawitters led by two minutes over Vinje Hansen and three minutes back and tied on time were the Schmidts and the J ordans while Diehl was behind by five minutes closely tagged by Bill _K err The Klawitters vanished after Tres Pozos while leading and at Check 5 eight of the remaining ten had dropped wads of time Here Norm and Steve Schmidt had the lead by ten minutes over Malcolm Vinje Mark Hansen March 23 25 1984 Results Pos Pos Cu Willie Valdez and Jose Alvarado had troubles all day but they came back to finish first in Class 7S In of course a Ford Ranger and the Schmidt Bug increased the lead by six minutes on the final leg In victory Schmidt said he had no real trouble other than lots of silt and he explained the body damage by saying I hit a little Chevy Vinje and Hansen arrived with a left front flat but said they lost the race because they just didn t go fast enough Al and Jeff Jordan nailed down third about 12 minutes later Class 4 was a ho hum affair among three Jeep Honchos a GMC and of course Rod Hall and Jim Fricker in the Dodge Hall led Mike Giurbino s Honcho by six minutes at Mike s and Giurbino didn t go much farther Hall cruised on with a secure lead finishing over two hours ahead of Lowell Arnold Tom Kepler in a Jeep Honcho Hall arrived with a rear flat tire but he wasn t concerned Jim Nemlowill Bob Enders got their GM C around the course for third place With only three starters Class 9 wasn t much of a choice and Andy Blue dropped out early on Jim Dizney did the solo act in his Chenowth to win the Class and take 23rd overall Still Jim Sherman Bob Prather had their Fuoco in the lead at Nuevo but they dropped time in the deep stuff and finished just seven minutes behind Dizney Class 5 1600 was the biggest group in the race with 22 starters and they had a dandy battle No complete times were listed to Check 1 but at Nuevo Henry ___________________________________ I TECTIRA GET THE EDGE TECTIRA TIRES SUPERSANDER Nylon Cord Body Tubeless White Outline Letters 9 00 15 LOAO RANGE STK C 8510 Driver s Vehicle Class 1 104 100 108 111 101 Larry Ragland solo Tom Koch Mark Broneau Jack Johnson solo I Dan Cornwell Don Robertson Mike Julson Tom Ebberts 1 2 3 4 5 198 197 161 163 164 Bobby Neth Tom Neth Larry Smith Jon Kennedy Richard Goldbaum Pancho Bio Ruben Garcia Jose Santana Raul Diaz J Manuel Luque 1 2 3 200 201 204 Scott McMillin Corky McMillin Mark McMillin Gary Arnold Jim Sumners Craig Renfro 1 2 3 4 263 299 262 264 Hayward Mendenhall Gary Gilbert Rick Hagle John Hagle Steve Ferrato Dave Fessenden Max Sanchez Moises Ontiveros 1 2 339 301 Jorge Souto Daniel Souto Joe Macl herson Ben Metcalf 1 2 3 4 400 403 405 401 Rodney Hall Jim Fricker Lowell Arnold Tom Kepler Jim Nemlowill Bob Enders Rod Everett George Barnett Class 1 1600 501 549 502 506 505 1 2 4 5 550 556 553 552 566 1 619 85 95 TRAILSMAN Nylon Cord Body Tubeless Blackwall Eric Arras Henry Arras R C Jones Tracy Chapman Dave Hendrickson 0 V Barajas Mike Leon Arturo Tiznado Carlos lribe Fernando Leon C 5570 69 95 Polyester Cord Body Steel Belts Tubeless White Outline Letters 8 5R14LT 7 9 14LT 9Rl 5LT 9 15LT 10Rl5LT 10 15LT 11R15LT 11 15LT 12Rl 5LT 12 15LT 9 50R 16 5LT 9 50 16 5LT 1485 1595 1510 1511 1512 1795 8 095 106 95 99 95 109 95 129 95 106 95 May1984 I 5 52 56 6 09 15 6 21 59 6 47 39 9 57 02 22 start 1 start John Baker Jeff Wilson Manny Esquerra Tudy Esquerra Jerry McDonald Don Anderson Ivan Stewart Bryant Hibbs 1 2 3 4 742 740 745 744 Willie Valdez Jose Alvarado Mike Falkosky Pat Falkosky Sergio Duron Antonio Agui lr Noe A Gutieres Victor Piccido 1 2 3 4 5 803 802 806 801 808 Steve Kelley Michael Nesmith Parnelli Jones Jon Nelson Dave Shoppe Jeff Yocum Walker Evans Rich Hedrick Frank Vessels Art Carr 1 2 3 940 901 900 Jim Dizney solo Jim Sherman Bob Prather Andy Blue 1 4 2 3 5 34 12 6 1 1 2 3 46 42 59 5 start Pickup 3 start Chenowth Funco Funco Unlimited 1650 cc Jim Oyer solo Roger Mortenson Russ Welch J Duncan Brown Gary Johnson Terry DuTemple Roy Stinson Calvin Wells Jr David Wells Stock VW Sedan 58 Ck 4 10 11 29 Ck 51 3 finish 7 21 56 7 24 35 8 01 49 4 04 00 32 34 42 Ck21 6 01 25 6 04 25 6 26 49 7 09 12 7 16 10 12 15 21 30 31 2 finish 6 44 01 6 51 10 N T 16 start Funco Funco Chaparral Toyota Sandhawk Funco Sergio Gu_tierrez Porfirio Gutierrez VW Ramon Castro Santiago Vega VW Howard Henderson Oley Henderson VW 64 6 finish GMC GMC Ford Dodge Ford 1200 cc Single Seat 1 finish 10 32 54 22 3 finish Ford Ranger Toyota Nissan Ford 10 start 24 33 35 40 5 56 57 5 57 49 7 04 47 9 02 30 7 start 8 16 20 25 60 6 41 45 6 46 39 7 24 29 7 26 08 7 48 12 1 finish 9 39 06 9 54 00 Mitsubishi Ford Ranger Chevy S 10 Toyota Stock mini Truck 13 45 52 Ck21 13 finish Bug Bug Bug Bug Bug 702 703 706 700 Class 7S 53 9 start I I 8 finish Bug Bug Bug Bug Bug Unlimited mini Pickup 39 43 62 Ck 41 23 27 5 finish 5 55 14 6 03 26 7 41 46 8 13 57 9 15 23 9 14 38 46 56 2 finish 8 28 27 10 10 12 10 35 30 48 61 Ck 5 Total Starters 129 cars 42 bikes 20 ATC 3Wh 8 ATV 4Wh 199 Total Finishers 68 cars 32 bikes 12 ATC 3Wh 0 ATV 4Wh 112 Finish Ratio 52 7 cars 76 1 bikes 60 3Wh 0 4Wh Total 56 3 213 585 3043 Page 18 13 start 1 2 3 4 Class 11 TIRE WHEEL MART 22 S Firestone L A CA 90002 6 02 52 8 12 34 8 58 16 3 35 00 620 601 Class 7 1 4 Ck 51 3 finish 1 2 4 C C C C C C 5 start Dodge Jeep Honcho GMC Jeep Honcho Baja Baja Baja Baja Baja 1 finish 8 58 49 N T Class 68 Unlimited Sedan 3 start Larry Schwacofer Sid Spradling 55 Chevrolet Dale Draves Andy Felix AMC Hornet Class 10 TRAILSMAN RADIAL 2 start Nissan Chevy S 10 Baja Baja Baja Baja Baja 17 18 26 41 47 3 finish 7 42 41 8 04 38 10 19 52 7 21 00 Class 6A Production cars under 2850 cc Arne Gunnarsson Bob Lanz Saab 96 Class 9 7 00 15LT 7 start limited 2850cc 1600 cc Baja Bug Class 8 5 04 53 5 15 00 4 34 00 Homemade Raceco Panzer Chenowth Norm Schmidt Steve Schmidt Malcolm Vinje Marlc Hansen Al Jordan Jeff Jordan Bill Kerr solo Jim Cocores Doug White 6 finish 6 18 05 6 19 38 6 47 58 7 53 44 8 16 02 7 start 2 finish Unlimited Baja Bug Class 5 7 start Chenowth P Chenowth P Raceco Class 4 Unlimited 4 x 4 Class 5 5 09 25 5 11 53 5 26 35 5 27 31 5 50 29 Chenowth Funco Friskowth Chenowth Chenowth Two Seat 1600 cc VW Production 4 x 4 0 A 9 finish Chaparral Raceco Chenowth Magnum Chenowth Jimco Unlimited Two Seat Class 2 1600 1 2 3 4 5 12 start Single Seat 1600 cc VW Class 2 Class 3 Time Unlimited Single Seat 1 2 3 4 5 3 27x8 50R14LT 30x9 50Rl 5LT 31x10 50R15LT 31xll 50R15LT 33xl 2 50Rl 5LT 30x9 50Rl 6 5LT SCORE SAN FELIPE 250 Mike and Pat Falkosky led the early legs in Class 7S in their new Toyota but a tip over didn t help and they ended up second in class 33x10 50 15LG over from his dad Henry and he continued to lead the pack all the way home finishing almost five minutes ahead of R C Jones Tracy Chapman who were a minute quicker on the beach run Hendrickson held on in third just two minutes ahead of Mike Leon Arturo Tiznado Thirteen of the 22 finished in good time and all who made it to El Chinero survived the tricky beach road Race Distance 245 miles Time Allowance 11 hours Fast Time of the Day Scott Corky McMillin Chenowth 5 04 53 Fast Time Bikes Scott Kurt Pfeiffer 250 Husqvarna 5 14 37 Fast Time ATC 3Wh Brett Driscoll Craig Corda Honda 6 18 22 Dusty Times i

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Howard and Oley Henderson fought the good fight in Class 11 but they ran out of time at Check 5 but were awarded third in the nine car bunch of Beetles Winnin J Class 11 is a habit with Sergio and Porfirio Gutierrez They led every 1eg at San Felipe and won easily Score s new look Class 3 is barely worth a mention Vith two starters Joe MacPherson s Chevy S 10 was out in a few miles so Jorge and Daniel Souto cruised the route in their Nissan to finish a lonely winner Class 6A was even less inspiring Only Ame Gunnarsson and his Saab showed up and Ame with Bob Lanz co driving finished the course with a half hour left on the time allowance Class 6B held three starters but only Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling went the distance for the victory in the 55 Chevy Dale Draves and Andy Felix got their aging AMC Hornet through Tres Pozos before running out of time A tragic accident at the start of Diablo Dry Lake marred the event The Class 6B Ford Ranchero of Darold MacDannald with starting driver Jack McCoy at the helm hit the berms instead of the trail on the dry lake rolled a number of times and the co driver Stan McCusky was killed almost instantly Jack McCoy was taken by air to the hosP ital in San Diego where he is t ecovering from serious injuries Class 7S started seven mini trucks but the race developed into a three way struggle quickly At the first check Mike and Pat Falkosky led in the Toyota Sergio Duron was seven minutes back in his Nissan and Willie Valdez having engine misfiring trouble was another two minutes back It got tighter at Nuevo The Falkoskys were two minutes ahead of Duron after having tipped over coming down from Mike s Valdez was another three minutes behind Over the summit and into the silt Valdez got his Ford running better and took the lead while Duron dropped well back of the Toyota It was a drag race down the beach but Willie Valdez picked up another couple of minutes here to win Class 7S in the Ford Ranger by abqut three minutes over Mike and Pat Falkosky Sergio Duron still had problems but he finished well on time in third spot Class 11 just won t go away south of the border Of the nine Beetles that started only two hailed from the USA And it was many time winners Sergio and Porfirio Gutierrez who led each leg by increasing margins and easily won Class 11 finishing a fine 48th overall The only other Beetle that finished was driven by Ramon Castro and Santiago Vega close to two hours behind Others were quick in certain areas but only three made it through the deep stuff to Check 5 There Howard and Oley Henderson did not have enough time left to get an official finish Dusty Times The hallmark of the 1984 San Felipe 250 was a combination of bent sheet metal fiberglass an epidemic of flat tires no matter what the brand and cars in every category r_unning out of gas in the low altitude and _ deep sand Many drivers remarked that the route was over raced and really used up However ever since the first Mexicali 300 race cars have been running out of gas _on this The KC Daylighter The number one choice of off road enthusiasts across the United States Around the world Since 1970 But what s happening our original KC HiliTES Daylighter design has been ripped off You can now buy a light that looks like a Daylighter But the similarities end right there The housing on the look alike is not plated or painted to our rigid guidelines In fact we build lights only one way if the quality isn t good enough that we d buy it ourselves we won t try and sell it to you The Flex that protects the wiring on the look alike is not chrome plated like the genuine Daylighter The rubber mount on the Daylighter originally designed by KC is specially formulated to resist mildew rot and breakdown Max Estrada and Victor Ziegler were second on time in 2 1600 clas but their borrowed Hi Jumper suffered a technical disqualification course but many teams just do the finish line because he not remember that from year to stopped often for gas and figured year One driver who did it cost him too much time But remember arid won Class 10 his competition ran out of gas on was Jim Dyer Dyer was the final leg What else is there to surprised to find he was fir t to say about the San Felipe 250 D The Bulb our U S manufactured bulb is far far superior for life Accuracy For brightness The warranty No look alike has KC s new s year warranty How About vou can you afford not to run the very latest in lighting technology on your vehicle After all what kind of a product would you expect from a company who tries to make cheaper inferior copies of someone else s ideas Cet the Book Here s the latest book on auxiliary lighting direct from the source KC s giant 1984 full color catalog just S3 00 Slip into the Look KC styling for your body KC Hi Style jackets as low as S34 9S Indicate size send cash check or money order only 5 year warranty even during competition events complete details Inside every light package KC HiliTESwe come alive at nite WILLIAMS ARIZONA 86046 602 635 2607 Ladles Jacket

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The HORA opened its short course season with a two day event at the Firebird International Raceway on the outskirts of Phoenix The mid March event crowded into the calendar between a Baja Cross race and the San Felipe 250 nevertheless drew 57 entries The problem was to draw spectators HORA got a bad weekend in terms of competing events Phoenix was jam packed with people but they had come to see the big JC Rodeo that was also running all weekend In addition to it Phoenix had its first annual St Patrick s Day parade on Saturday afternoon there were air races the County Fair was on and other local race tracks had auto races Sunday didn t get a lot better but at least they didn t have the parade Firebird Lake s nice new grandstands never did fill up though Sunday s crowd was bigger than Saturday s The facility had be n leased from the Indian tribe that owns it by Charlie Allen who used to own Orange County International Raceway Allen has made an amazing number of improvemen ts including a formal dragstrip a BMX course a motocross course grandstands for the boat drags and a circle track with grandstands This was the area used for the off road race HORA used the infield of the track and then some They had big mounds of dirt piled up to m ake ramps leading out of the track by climbing over the wall Then they created a big sweeping flat turn out there and came up another ramp a v er the W all and back inside Within the confines of the wall the track consisted of one fast banked turn one hairpin another short turn a double jump a couple of small ones then a big flying jump and back to the ramp leading outside There wasn t much room to pass but it was a good track from the point of view of the spectators providing plenty of action and all fully visible from the grandstands Practice and qualifying were held early on Saturday with some surprises Each vehicle did two laps and the best time was used Roger Mears surprisingly had fast time of the day after looking like a novice and spinning out in the turn on one lap he did a 47 28 in his Class 1 Magnum Scott Gillman in Class 10 came next at 48 79 and then it was Steve Millen in his Toyota mini truck at 50 50 Don Adams put his new Class 4 Scrambler around the track in 51 28 to be faster than both Class 3 and Class 8 Rod Hall in Class 3 with a 51 58 was also quicker than the big trucks Walker Evans was the fastest in Class 8 with a 52 36 and then it was Class 7 and here it was Roger Mears again 54 86 in his Nissan The Drivers Meeting was another surprise because instead of telling the racers what the format would be Stan Parnell the Race Director left it open to a kind of loose vote He gave three lengths of race to choose from 10 laps 15 laps or 20 minutes They chose 15 laps Then he had a discussion of starting order It could be Page 20 HDRA by Judy Smith AT FIREBIRD LAKE reversed from qualifying position partially reversed or they could start with fast qualifier on the pole They chose to put fast qualifiers on the pole on Saturday and to start Sunday in the reverse of Saturday s finish Then he had the racers decide which day would be the tie breaker In this instance the drivers chose to make Saturday the tiebreaker which meant that the faster qualifiers would have the edge It also meant there would be less need to race in the second Photos Trackside Photo Ent an 80 paypack which then had a bit taken out for the points fund No money was paid for fast qualifying or the motos Only the final two day position counted They paid two places in Classes 4 7 7S and 8 and three places in Class 1 3 and 10 Top money was the 2450 going to first place in Class 10 They used running starts with the cars staged in the pit area at the back entrance to the track Then they moved across the track around the unused banked turn of the drcle track and over but only three of the minis Tom Peltier had his CJ 8 Scrambler there and Mario Alesi was running his Nissan as was Spencer Low who started out in front and led for four laps Alesi was right on his tail and trying hard to pass He finally made it but it didn t last long as he rolled in the hairpin turn and lost two laps before he was righted again Low continued on having no troubles and Peltier was now second Alesi got back into the race then stopped to have his shattered windshield kicked out Jerry Whelchel drove his Chenowth to the win on Saturday and to a come from behind third place on Sunday and the Class 10 victory on points moto if you had won in the first as all you would have to do would be to finish third and no one could beat you There had been rumors of a big fat guaranteed purse for this event but it was not forthcoming and drivers were racing for towards the flagman who d wave them off as they came onto the front straight Saturday was a warm breezy day which became windy before the racing was over The first moto was a mix of Class 7S and Class 3 with nine of th 4x4s before it fell in on him and went on to finish a distant third Class 3 meanwhile was led all the way by Don Adams in his familiar looking but brand new BFGoodrich CJ 8 which is another Scrambler but a horse of a different color entirely when YOUR SOURCE FOR SAFETY EQUIPMENT CALL OR WRITE FOR FREE CATALOG 22630 SOUTH NORMANDIE A VE TORRANCE CALIFORNIA 90502 213 320 7231 TWX 910 349 7514 May1984 compared to t he one Peltier drove He had no real challengers in his class Steve Mize gave it a good try with his old Bronco but had flattened a tire and that booby trapped him and rolled him over in the hairpin and he was then out of the race Mike Coffinger ran second in his CJ 7 followed by Doug Robinson in another CJ 7 They kept those positions throughout most of the race but then Coffinger broke on the 12th lap and left Robinson in second By then Adams had lapped everyone on the track except Robinson That moto had gone a full 15 laps and was not terribly exciting after_ about the first four Apparently the HORA officials concurred and the second moto turned out to be only 10 laps long Class 1 came next with 10 cars Mears started out in front in his Magnum but just at the end of the first lap Scott Gillman who now also drives a Magmim flew by him to take the lead Frank Arciero was running third in another Magnum and Mario Alesi was fourth in his Magnum Alesi got past Arciero on the seventh lap but then flattened a front tire and Arciero was soon past him again and so was Bill Royster in his M agnum Mears finding that the course was getting hard and slick spun out on the eighth lap but was so far ahead of the third place car that he didn t even lose a position Gillman driving very smoothly had built a huge lead and had begun to lap cars as early as the sixth lap He won easily with Mears second and Arciero third Ten laps had been plerltyOl0hg enough Classes 8 and 4 were combined for the next moto with five of the 2 WO trucks and four of the 4 x 4s and they started the 8s in front Walker Evans had the lead but before he completed his second lap he had broken a balljoint and was parked in the infield That left the lead in the hands of Dave Shoppe in his Ford F 150 with Danny Beaver in a Ford F 100 in second Mike Randall who was driving Bill Howard s old Chevy pickup was running third They went round and round for nine laps and then Beaver s engine froze up and he couldn t quite get to the finish line So Shoppe won and Randall got second also finishing the full ten laps while Beaver was credited with a third for the moto with his nine laps The four wheel drive class was led by Rod Hall in his Dodge with a big short course motor from wire to wire The Randalls John and Grant were both in there in their Honchos for a while trying to catch him but they both broke about midway through the race That left Rick Grumbein who also drives a Honcho giving it a really good try but not quite able to catch up He finished second on the same lap as Hall The next race was for the Class 7 trucks There were five of them and they had been staged all together When they came out for their running start the flagman didn t let them go There was an exchange of conversation they went back to staging and Dusty Times

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th is time o nl y the Nissan o f Roger Mears Sr and the CJ 8 of his son Roger Jr moved o ut and got the green fl ag The two T oyotas o f Steve Millen and Ivan Stewart alo ng with th e Dodge 050 of W alker Evans were left waiting T hey were given the goahead somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds later and off th ey went chas ing Mears wi th no chance of catching him unless he bro ke Mea r s was fo ll owed by L ittl e R oge r th en St eve Mill e n Iva n S tewatt a n d Walker Evans As they rounded the turn o n the o utside there was so much d us t that Evans was b linded and he ran into the big berm He had to be pushed off by course workers and was half a lap beh ind the Toyotas before he got goi ng again On the fifth lap Mears Jr flew the double jump landed nose dow n and went end over end fo r his third t ri p on his head that day The Scrambler was ou t of th e race and about three laps later Evans had parked the Dodge with a burnt p isto n That left no o ne but Mears Sr and a quarter of a lap back Steve Millen and Ivan Stewart still runnin g h a rd a nd driving beautifully but too far back to catch him At the end of 10 laps Mears got the checkered flag for Class 7 with Mille n and Stewart fir s t and sec o nd in th e handicapped group The next race the last o f the day ran in heavy dust because the water truck which had been very stingy with its services anyway had run out of gas and was parked So Class 10 with 15 cars had a dust problem for their moto It was ae tually difficult for spectators to see what was going on at times They all got through the first turn alright but then several of them collided on the double jump tho ugh with no permanent results Mike G illman put his Funco in fro nt fro m th e start but Jerry W helchel stayed right with him in h is o ld style C henowth Frank A rciero ra n third in a Magn um with Larr y Ragland in anot her Magnum in fo urth G illman and W h elche l moved o ut putting some d istance between them selves and the res t and the race boi led down to a fo llow t heleader type with no activity u n less someone passed a lapped car T hen o n the 10th lap Wh elchel caught G illm an and it looked as if the re would be a last lap d ue l He passed him and as they came aro und to the flagman th ere was no flag surp rising those who d kept track It seemed that th is race was to be 15 laps long Whelchel moved o n o ut making space between himself and Gillman wh ile Arciero and R agland occasiona lly pass ing a lapped car fo llowed alo ng in third and fou rth spots A t the checkered fl ag they were all still in that order There was a lo t of talk abo ut the C lass 7 race in the pits on Saturday evening and the crux of it was that the T o yo ta folks hadn t known that they were to be handicapped and the N issan folks had known but had not been in favor of it The Nissan pits felt th at tho ugh Mears had not qualified fastest he could have beaten the T oyotas headsup and they had wanted the chance to prove it One pit person claimed to have taken times during the race and said that Mears ran eno ugh faster to have won the race without a handicap On Sunday after some really wet practice thanks to having two water trucks now the racing began at ro ughly 12 30 p m The o rder o f events was a b it d iffe rent and it had been posted that all races would be 15 laps on Sunday They had changed the starts too and now the ca rs were all lined up in fro nt of the grandstands the d rivers were ind ivid uall y introd uced to the audience and then they got in and bu ckled up fo r the stand ing start The o rde r was reversed fro m the fi nish of the day before except that those who had bro ken early or no t completed at all 10 or 15 laps were sim p ly stuck at the back behind the reversed finishers T hat meant th at th e Saturday winners were usually in abou t the third row not such a severe handicap after all Class 3 started first on Sunday but this time they ran alone with no mini trucks By the time they had reached the do uble jump Do n Adams was already in the lead fo llowed by Don Coffland in h is CJ 7 then Do ug Ro binson in his an d then Steve Mize in the Bronco A lap later Mize was in second place and fl ying lo w with Ro binson third and Co ffland fourth but Adams was steadily pulling ahead At the back of the pack Roger Mears Jr in the old Scout belonging to Jerry Colton of Colorado was steadily moving up and looking as if he d listened to his dad a lot He had driven the Scout the day before but was finding it very different from the Scrambler and had rolled during the race on Saturday Sunday he looked smoother Mize was obviously having some kind of problem coming out o f the hairpin after the double jump and would bog down sometimes s topping every no w and then One time he was bogged down a little too Don Adams showed off his brand new short course Jeep Scrambler at Phoenix He ran away with Class 3 and qualified faster than Class 8 In one moto he gained from a handicap and the other was missing half the entry It gave Roger Mears a rather unglamorous first place in Class 7 long and both R o binson and Coffland drove by him By no w Mears Jr was running fifth A lap later Mize was back on Coffland s rear bumper and the next lap the 13th he had repassed him He then charged on by Robinson and his momentum carried Coffland a long with him putting Robinson back into fourth It was now the 14th lap and they all stayed in the same order to finish Adams Mize C o ffland Ro binson and Mears C l ss 10 lined up ne t 14 KC HiliTES Daylighter The Original Can t Be Beat 385 000 Candle Power Patented Shock Mounting _Helped Win More Races Than Any Other Light SCORE HORA Contingency Sponsor Black 1627 Chrome 1620 S34 95 39 95 postage paid postage paid Mickey Thompson Scott Gillman driving his Firestone Chenowth Magnum won both Class 1 motos and he got the first place money in the 2 day standings Supersander 6 ply tough oeo i __ Nylon Consfruction Tra1lsman Radial Polyester Steel Belts Dependable Durable Tires t r i 7 15 Front 35x11 50 15 35x14 50 15 Frank Arciero Jr had a good weekend winning one Class 10 moto and finishing third overall in the 1650 cc class and second overall in Class 1 Dusty Times May1984 Choice of 83 SCORE Champ Larry Ragland Sizes Up To 35 Tall Great For Long Travel Tough 6 Ply Tread Side Biter Cleats 69 95 128 95 151 95 strong for their second moto Once again they all got thro gh the first turn but then Mike Gillman found himself nudged sideways after the double jump Arciero in the interim had got up to the fro nt and was off and running Tommy Bowling was second Jerry Whelchel third and Steve Kelley in a Funco was fourth On the second lap Whelchel got the lead but he fl ew the do uble jump too hard then had to slow for the hairpin got into it with the power off and World Famous BMk5 Nitrocharger Improved Handling For Faster Speeds 8 10 12 Travel In Stock BM kS

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rolled over By the time he was didn t have to because a third on his wheels again he was last place was good enough to cinch Arciero was quietly building his win Whelchel didn t know himself a nice lead and by lap just what position he was in three Kelley was second and obviously because he was trying Billy Beck of San Antonio was hard to pass Ragland and just third in his B E W followed by couldn t get it done Bowling then Gillman On the At the finish it was Arciero fourth lap Gillman was fourth then Gillman then the lapped and on the sixth lap he moved Ragland with a frantic Whelchel into third Whelchel had been trying to get past him Whelchel working on the back of the pack had third and Kelley finished all this time and he was now fourth behind him eighth and by lap 7 he was sixth Gillman had passed Kelley and The third race on Sunday was was second by the time he got for the mini trucks and to the into the ninth lap and Whelchel surprise of most folks there the had worked up to fourth just Toyotas didn t line up There behind Larry Ragland who d were only the three 7S trucks and lost a lap by then These two so the two Mears vehicles Nissan evenly matched were making the and CJ 8 It seems that when the race fun to watch as they made Saturday results had been posted their moves and passed the on Sunday morning Class 7 had others one by one been listed as a unit with Roger Arciero had never faltered Mears the winner and Steve and kept on running hard Millen second Ivan Stewart building his lead so that Gillman third and so on When the never got close enough to Toyota crew had seen the start on threaten Whelchel never could _Saturday they had assumed that get by Ragland but then he their trucks and Evans s Dodge were being put into a new third mini truck class and while not exactly thrilled with this idea they had decided to live with it Then when the results listed the trucks as one class they felt it was time for some explanations from the officials about just what RECOGNIZED SAFETY was going on The explanations which we didn t hear first hand were not ment offers the racer what Toyota had hoped to hear the finest assortment _ and no agreement about how of quality racing Sunday s race should be run or equipment on t1 how the results should be L e q GS l the market today at a tremendous savings Filler is recognized world witle for quality equipment and now you can order direct from the factory and take advantage of tremendous savings _ figured could be reached So the Randall in fourth place Grant Toyota people had rolled up Randall broke an axle and was their astro turf carpets and put out on the fourth lap while John the trucks into the big carriers was really pushing hard on Hall and they d left Phoenix But then on the ninth lap Therefore the Class 7 race ran Randall hit a hole on the outside with only five vehicles turn which stuck his Honcho up It was the dullest race of the on its nose and caused it to whirl weekend While they all started around on its bumper It landed at once it didn t matter a bit on its wheels and after a brief Mears got out front with the inspection Randall got back in Nissan and Alesi ran second in and took off again But he d lost a his Nissan with Low third in his lap in the doing Nissan Roger Mears Jr ran Hall went on lapping all _the fourth in the CJ 8 and Tom Peltier having problems with his Class 8 trucks except the leader CJ 8 ran fifth They ran around to finish in front with Grumbein in that order with no one close again in second This race enough to anyone else to pass or supposed to be 15 laps was given even to try The best thing about the checkered flag after 14 laps this race was that the officials had as the scorekeepers apparently the sense to make it only 10 laps lost count but it couldn t have long Mears Sr won his class and mattered to anyone In Class 8 Walker Evans had Alesi won the stock class with Low second in the stockers and taken the lead and stayed there Peltier a very late third Mears Jr Shoppe needing only to finish third to have the weekend win was second behind his dad The Class 8s and Class 4s came ran an even pace in second place out next with five 4s and four 8s while Mike Randall ran third his this time Larry Casey who d crumpled truck having been blown an engine in practice on rolled in practice and qualifying Saturday and hadn t been able to holding together remarkably get fixed on time was running well Mike Dougherty in a now and Danny Beaver who d Chevy ran fourth and it went lost his Class 8 engine on that way to the finish Saturday didn t have a spare The 10 Class 1 cars started with him and was on his way their second moto just before 3 home to Parker p m with the most exciting start Casey lasted through two of the weekend For once they turns discovered that he now didn t get through the first turn had no brakes and headed for Not only did Mark Terzian lose a the pits Rod Hall meanwhile rear wheel but Roger Mears took off in front again with John popped up like a champagne Randall following Rick cork and rolled over three times Grumbein third and Grant hitting the wall and landing on t his wheels He was last as he finally took off but running hard Mario Alesi had the lead for the first lap but Frank Arciero in his brother s car had the lead by lap two and Scott Gillman was working his way up Mears was also working his way up and picked off a car per lap to be in fourth place on the fifth lap But his transmission wounded in the_ rollover gave up on the last lap and he was out On the sixth lap Gillman had gained the front Arciero was second and Ragland ran third They ran that way for six laps with Gillman occasionally running on only three cylinders Arciero passed him on the 12th lap but Gillman got back out front on the 14th lap Then Arciero who was stuck in third gear spun out on the back turn and Ragland got past him But on the same lap Ragland bent a tie rod and could no longer steer his car so Arciero got him back and regained second place At the finish it was Gillman Arciero Royster Alesi and then Ragland When all the totals were added up the winners in the two day standings were Scott Gillman in Class 1 Don Adams in Class 3 and Rod Hall in Class 4 all with wins on both days Roger Mears Sr was declared the Class 7 winner while Spence Low was it ior the stock mini truck class In Class 8 it was Dave Shoppe and Jerry Whelchel with his first and third had taken Class 10 D v Dave Shoppe brought his big Ford home first on Saturday and drove to an easy second on Sunday to win the Class 8 points and the cash Nomex Suits 1 pc 171 00 2 pc 177 75 Race Bag 39 00 Nomex Boots in black white blue 75 00 5 point Belt 100 65 Nomex Undershirt 34 50 Nomex Drawers 34 50 Nomex Hood 17 50 Nomex Sox 11 00 Nomex Gloves white 48 00 orange 52 00 Fast Qualifier in Class 8 Walker Evans broke a ball joint on Saturday In the Dodge but came back to win handily on Sunday and was third overall _ _ After a long dry spell in short course racing Rod Hall and his Dodge finally won one And It was a sweep as Rod was first in Class 4 both days John Randall broke on Saturday but thought he could catch Hall on Sunday until he lit on his nose and redesigned the Jeep s body panels Steve Millen qualified fastest in Class 7 but got to drive the Toyota in only one moto due to a dispute over rules and the Saturday start Call for package orders and our complete catalog MINT 400 SPECIAL 10 Additional Discount with this advertisement SIMPLE TO ORDER PHONE OR MAIL ORDER USING VI SA MA STER CHARGE OR WE DO SHIP C 00 No personal checks please f_ i 9017 San Fernando Road Sun Valley CA 91352 Ph 213 768 7770 I Page22 May1984 Dusty Times

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_ i I _ 6 50 CWB REPORT 1 he Sponsor for the Awards is BFGoodrich By Jean Calvin Photo Trackside Photo EJH The 6 50 Club program got a giant boost last month when the friendly folks at BFGoodrich in Akron signed on to sponsor the year end awards No you do not need to race on BFG rubber to be eligible it is purely a generous gesture of support for the fun time bunch of mature drivers on four wheels mixing it up on the desert and trying to keep the kids honest The awards committee also is breathing a giant sigh of relief to be able to get the goodies organized long before the fact Next race why not stop by the BFG trailer and thank the nice folks for their support of the 6 50 Club The Score San Felipe 250 was the third in the 1984 6 50 points series of races Six drivers of record signed in as being just a bit older and three of them fini hed the race Cal Wells Jr had a rugged run in Class 10 in _ his older Funco But of the sixteen starters Cal and his son David kept the PPI car moving well and finished fifth Coupled with the fifth place for the same team against 41 starters at Parker Cal is now the points leader with 89 on his 6 50 club score Bob Renz with Dick Clark codriving in the Chenowth kept it all together south of the border to finish eighth in Class 1 bringing him up to sixth in 6 50 points before the Mint 400 J Duncan Brown and Gary Johnson from Phoenix scored the best finish of any members at San Felipe Their Toyota powered Chaparral was a fine third in the big Class 10 field on the tough course and Brown is now seventh on points Also in Class 10 Don Hubbard and his Rabbit powered buggy did not finish at San Felipe nor did Ed McLean in Class 5 The tragic accident on Diablo Dry Lake canceled out the Darold MacDannald Class 6 and our sympathies go to the entire team and especially to the family of Stan McCusky The lapel pins that are the souvenir of 6 50 club participation have been mailed to all for whom we have an address About half a dozeii will not get pins in the mail because we cannot find an address Let us know where you are Drop a card to Jean Calvin 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Your pin will soon be on i way Do remember to list your age on the Mint 400 entry or if you didn t also drop us a card to let us know you are eligible for 6 50 points As most folks know there is nothing to join or pay in order to be a 6 50 Club member You must be a driver of record 50 years old or older and list your age in the desert race program and the points keeper will take it from there At the end of the season your best six finish and points positions are plucked Dusty Time s out for your total score on 6 50 points Three races are in the records now the Parker 400 the Laughlin Desert Challenge and the San Felipe 250 Still to come after the biggie the Mint 400 is the Baja lnternaciqnal Fireworks 250 Snore 250 AMSA 12 hour Frontier 500 Barstow Classic and Frontier 250 Remember only the best six events count for total score You do not need to run them all 6 50 POINTS CLASS POINTS 1 Cal Wells Jr 10 89 2 Bill Howard 8 77 3 Danny Leiner 2 69 4 Len Newman 2 58 5 Frank Snook 1 58 6 Bob Renz 1 56 7 J Duncan Brown 10 53 8 Dick Young 2 52 9 Dick Landfleld 7S 46 10 Gregg Symonds 10 46 11 Willis Hamilton 2 42 12 Marshall Mahr 14 41 Eleven more drivers have earned 6 50 points in the first three races in 1984 D Cal Wells Jr moved in to the 6 50 points lead with his great fifth place finish in the Funco at the rough and rugged Sa11 Felipe 250 YOUCAN DRESS llUP AND TAKE llOUT eroquip With Aeroquip hoses and fittings you get the best of both worlds As a high performance plumbing system none can beat the long standing reputation of Aeroquip s superior quality durability and extensive variety In fact for more than 30 years Aeroquip has been the leader in aircraft type fluid transport systems And Aeroquip hoses and fittings do more than enhance performance The high lustre anodized finish of the more than 250 different fittings and the brilliant braided stainless steel hoses in numerous sizes are a perfect show quality addition to any vehicle 940 South Vail Avenue Montebello CA 90640 213 724 3705 NELSON May1984 Whether you plan to add the Aeroquip touch to your race car or your street machine there is only one place that can fill your plumbing needs quickly and efficiently That s Nelson Dunn We have two west coast warehouses and both are stocked to provide immediate delivery on over 400 Aeroquip part numbers Additionally y ars of extensive involvement in all types of motorsports a so allows Nelson Dunn to provide e x pert tectinica assistance tq your specific needs For Show or Go make the Aeroquip connection with Nelson Dunn INC 7818 Wilkerso_n Court San Diego CA 92111 619 268 4140 Page23

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s f Ir _ r rr

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f J This year s Nissan Classic turned into a family outing for Roger Mears Sr and Jr chewing up the rugged terrain at the Firebird International on Goodyear Wrangler Radials in Class 7 Other winners on Goodyear that day were Spencer Lowe followed by Mario Alesi for a Wrangler 1 2 sweep in Class 7 S And Dave Shoppe who finished first in Class 8 With Wranglers on his big pick up But in Class 7 it was Mears and Mears and Goodyear Mears Sr by the way was the winner Proving conclusively that father knows best Just like Goodyear GOOD fEAR WE RACE THE TIRES YOU BUY I I

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The 8th Annual Penasco 100 Ah Mexico I ve never really been there But I d sure like to go James Taylor Text Photos Daryl D Drake Gene Greenlee in the Bug World Custom Off Road Ingram Whit e Pro Two Brandwood posted a 30 53 and Mark Giebelhaus did a 30 10 in his Marlin Mechanical Cor p sponsored Pro One Funco Roy Williams Steve Cheuvront Ed Martensen and Bill Pederson all were within two minutes of each other They were followed by John Gardne r Wayne Wood Gary Anderson Dan Spencer Terry Smith and Jim Huff s Jeep running in Pro Two Dan Gross lost the motor in his Pro Two Vulcan after the check and both Bajas entered in Pro Two and driven by Bill Salmon and G A Burghout were out of it with a broken fan shroud alternator and piston troubles respective y Finishing one lap but no more were Jerry Everett with no bottom engine bolts Muriel Cole with radiator trouble and Jay Furman s apparently illprepped car all in Pro Two as well as Greg Christy in Pro One I I Flying down a sandy road In his Chenowth Terry Smith did consistent times and won Pro One honors and also placed sixth overall Alone on the road and running dust free Richard Binder won Class 10 easily and placed a great first overall I had walked across at a border town once but now I was headed into the heart of Mexico well 98 kilometers at least Riding along in the relative splendor of Sportsman racer Jerome Cohen s motor home I developed a deeper appreciation of the term Third World Nation Northern Sonora is a particularly poor section of Mexico yet beautiful with geography ranging from seashore through vast valleys to craggy peaks The people are friendly and enterprising as well I learned after three different youths each washed the windshield at the border We were on our way to Puerto Penasco Rocky Point for the 8th Annual Penasco 100 off road car race staged by the Arizona Desert Racing Association We arrived at the pits north of town in late afternoon on Friday As we unloaded the race car ATC s and the semi trusty Dusty Times Suzuki we were surrounded by youngsters eyes wide in wonder Then it was off on the bike to survey the race course 28 miles long Winding north through some low hills the route offered tight turns ruts and deep sand It then ran along a bumpy powerline passing perilously close to the Tired of Getting Shafted Check Out NEVADA OFFROAD BUCCY Ultra Boot Flange for Turbo CVs 119 95 the set of 4 Boots Flanges Complete stock of everything for your racer pre runner or street Bug from wheels tires to hard parts for the engine transmission the whole car CHECK US OUT WE SHIP ANYWHERE Two locations to Serve You 3054 South Valley View Las Vegas Nevada 89102 702 871 4911 Page 26 1541 North Eastern Las Vegas Nevada 702 642 1664 poles and past check one a California stop style control the only check on the race course Next and with the mo solid terrain was a seemingly endless straight a way Finally a sharp right onto a trail blazed through the puckerbush and thistle appeared The surface quick ly returned to sand and got softer and softer as the trail wound down into another valley and onto the second and final straight After 4 miles of uphill sandy whoops in various sizes the crest was topped The route wound down the other side and back to the Start Finish line It had taken 45 minutes on the Suzuki Saturday March 24 dawned bright and clear as the Pros began their last minute preparations for the 9 00 a m start Twenty one cars started the four lap event 14 in Pro Two 3 in Pro One 3 in Pro Ten and a lone Pro Four Jeep At this race two cars were started side by side each minute offering exciting spectator viewing over the first mile John Gardner in the Paradise Buggy Reg Hughes C G Contracting Funco and Richard Binder in the Off Road Buggy Supply car both in Pro Ten were first off the line Binder took the lead At check one Binder had a two minute advantage over Gardner which he increased to over six minutes by the end of the first lap which he did in 30 22 No one would catch Binder but some came close to beating him and because of an added purse Pro Two action was furious Two other drivers turned in times less than 31 minutes and seven were put on the sidelines May1984 Gene Greenlee hustles down tha wash In his Pro Two Brandwood and Greenlee came home the class winner as well as a close second overall I Driving the only Jeep In the entry Jim Huff elected to compete In Pro Two finishing ninth overall and seventh In the buggy class l The sand got much softer for the novice runners In the afternoon but the Chris Tedrow entry came home sixth overall fourth In Two Dennis Marking ran smooth and fast as the beginners took to the worn out course Marking won Beginner class overall In his 1600 Dusty Times t

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Way back with a broken throw out bearing arm and a long pit stop was Glenn Hennessey The second round found most drivers holding their own and the pace quickening Gardner improved running five minutes quicker as did Ed Martensen who got under 30 minutes with a 29 51 Hennessey came back with a 32 27 and Greenlee had a co driver change After three laps Binder still had the lead Martensen turned fast lap of the race at 29 50 and Gardner broke on the course with CV joint trouble Winning overall and Pro Ten Richard Binder drove all four laps within 30 seconds of one another finishing with a total time of 2 02 50 showing that consistency pays off in the desert Gene Greenlee came in second overall and first in Pro Two also with consistent times with a 2 05 05 Roy Williams in the Palmer s Custom Speed Giant Off Road Centers Trick Racing Gas Chaparral Tandem was third overall second in Pro Two at 2 07 29 his lap times just 30 seconds apart Woods Vulcan came back from Fourth overall with three gas throw out bearing woes to finish stops to fill his miniscule tank tenth overall eighth in Pro Two was Bill Pederson s Sunland But it was heartbreak for Ed Custom Buggy sponsored Martensen who was well on his Berrien at 2 13 15 good for way to an overall victory when a third in Pro Two Rounding out CV joint let go on the L M the top five was Steve Cheuvront Chain Hoist Raceco less than With all his lap times just 30 seconds apart Roy Williams placed his tandem in the Pro Two Vulcan four miles from the finish Chaparral a fine third overall second in Pro Two sponsored by Trick Gas Giant Giebelhaus also went out of it Off Road Centers Palmer s with ignition problems and Gary Custom Speed He kept his laps Anderson couldn t finish either Some of the racers had within 45 seconds ending with a time of 2 14 30 fourth in Pro interesting comments Worked good Richard Binder home Two Next in at 2 26 18 was Terry first overall The course got Smith in the Alliance rougher every lap Pederson Imports Marty s Mobil stops for gas every lap and still Chenowth His laps stayed beats me Steve Cheuvront l owing a silty corner ark G e elhaus ran with the leaders in the early laps within two minutes and he was liked it a little of everything Wayne Wood Typical Penasco but went out with ignition trouble in the Pro One Funco first in Pro One as well as sixth sandy bumpy tears your guts overall Smith was closely pursued by Wayne Wood in out Mark Giebelhaus Poles another Vulcan 2 30 00 and scare hell outa ya Tom Dan Spencer s Chaparral Morgan Dan Gross co driver 2 31 53 both in Pro Two fifth Neat track a lotta fun Jim and sixth in class Huff Can t be any better Gene Greenlee second overall Jim Huff s Huff 4 WO The Sportsman began their Center Valvoline CJ 5 hung on three laps at noon with three for ninth overall seventh in Pro Two Glenn Hennessey in the Keith Ahart In his first time In the car took a fine third overall among the Bandit Racing Jay Lipscomb Beginners and second in two seat class in his Baja Bug f c

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more about THEPENASCO100 Baja Bugs off first followed by a single Sportsman One six Twos eight 1600s and eight Budget 1600s Keith Jaeger took the lead bringing the Baja back in first with 3 5 49 on the first lap Vicki Alli son was next in passing many and posting a 35 39 Ten seconds later Jim Kirk turned a 32 29 first lap in his Dodge Colt powered Ugly II Then in a pack cam e Jim Bush 37 17 Wayne Matthews 31 45 Greg Oswskey 35 35 Jeff Sanders 31 59 Steve M cArthur 35 06 and Newt Campbell 41 29 M ark Larsen and I Oran Back both in single seaters but running in Two ran a 33 33 and a 36 57 Soon ano ther pack hit the pits In this bunch were Jim Covey 38 19 fo llowed by Mike Gersten 40 04 T om Higgins 37 43 and Jay Voelkner who pitted before the check 50 48 They were ahead of Lee Finke 40 34 Phil Everhard 39 08 and Greg Williams 4 7 21 Pete Dunshie Spt 5 Bill Spickard Spt 1600 and Greg Luebke Spt B1600 were all out of it and Paul Nolte limped in with a bad rod knock Maurice Dies and Joe Aycock got stuck in the ever deepening ruts Jero me Cohen was high centered on top of a large sand hill for at least 40 minutes How did he get there Newt Campbell in his V 8 powered buggy got the edge off the line and nudged ahead in turn 2 We chased and chased finally I passed him where the course tightened up I hit th e next turn too fast and in too high a gear fli pped when I caught the berm and rolled to the top of th at hill ri ght side up but definitely stuck said Cohen The second round fo und the co urse rapidly deteriorating and Keith Jaeger had transmissio n difficulties putting him out of the running Newt Campbell finished his second lap but had to park with o il pressure problems Mark Larsen and Joe Aycock lost lo ts of time while stuck as did o thers to a lesser degree The rest of th e field pushed o n a nd Wayne Matthews in Richard Binder s car was moving up On the last ro und onl y Matthews was really o n top of the sand with th e ho t Sportsm an lap 31 08 giving him first overall and first in Spt 1600 at 1 35 06 Greg Oswskey took second overall and in Spt 1600 in the Budweiser Bugwo rld Trick Gas Oswskey Racing Beginner Keith Alger had a tough time keeping his two seater aimed in the right direction or even right side up and he was a DNF Steve Cheuvront was the only Pro to compete with sand tires and his Vulcan finished a fine fifth overall and fourth in Pro Two Keith Jaeger 510 was first on the road after one lap in the Sportsman bash and at the start he had a dice with Lee Finke JUNE 9 1984 GUARANTEED PURSE Phil Everhard looked good at the start of the Sportsman race but his Brandwood Budget 1600 ended up on three wheels and out of it TWO CLASSES 1600 LIMITED OPEN BUGGY START FINISH at Famous Caliente Nevada An all facilities Frontier Town a short hop north of Las Vegas 2 Two hundred mile loops easier to pre run on same course through same fantastic mountains and streams First points race in 1984 Nevada Triple Crown Off Road Championship for off road race cars motorcycles and ATV s OTHER EVENTS Nevada 300 Aug 25 Silver Dust 400 Nov 17 Silver Dust Racin2 Association Phone 702 459 0317 1 P O Box 7380 Las Vegas NV 89125 Page 28 May 1984 Funco with a 1 48 00 Forty six seconds back Vicki Allison in the Cheuvront Vulcan was third overall first in Spt Two In 1 53 31 Jim Bush in the Jim Bush Ready Mix Arroyo Rock Vulcan finished fourth overall and second in Spt Two Fifth overall and third in Spt Two went to Oran Back in a McCormick sponsored by the Hotel Cornelia and Jim Bush Ready Mix His times totalled 1 54 42 Twelve other Sportsmen finished but Steve McArthur lost his engine before the check and Jeff Sanders developed a major oil leak taking 3 16 31 on his final lap The Sportsman also had some good comments Fast and rough Oran Back Rougher and rougher scary getting passed on the powerline road lots of people stuck out there Vicki Allison Wish I had 4 more seatbelts Jim Covey It was great ready to go again Pepper Smith first time codriver with Jim Bush A little soft Wayne Matthews first overall Really something I ve seen enough dirt for a while and I m in Real Estate Jerome Cohen Fourteen Beginners started at 3 00 p m on a devastated course Of the eight in Two three in 1600 and three in B1600 only half finished Dennis Marking took Overall and 1600 honors and Jerry Wood was second overall first in Two Keith Ahart first time in the car got third overall and second in Two in the Sylvester Racing Baja Anthony Aquila was fourth overall second in 1600 and Dave Berg was next and third in Two Regina Berggruen was last to finish fifth in Two The Beginners had this to say Deep deep sand Dennis Marking first overall Torn up course bad ruts but good racing We flipped and lost seven minutes Anthony Aquila Best course they ve had Chris Tedrow And so the race action was over and the party action began Phil Auernheimer the A D R A President gave mucho rides to muchachos in the A D R A Rescue buggy while his wife Phyllis took up a collection of clothes and things for the needy local folks The race camp thinned o ut with many heading for the local beaches and cantinas before heading home D Dusty Times

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1 THE SNORE BOffOM DOLLAR Ron Ellenburg Takes First Overall By Peggy 0 Ellenburg I I I PHOTOS Nevada Motorsports News Adam Campbell The first event in the 1984 Snore Skoal Bandit s Series of off road races near Las Vegas Nevada was the Bottom Dollar sponsored by Ameritone Paints The Bottom Dollar is so named because of a low entry fee and a handsome payback in class Early in March Snore staked out a tough course with he a dquarters at the Apex Dry Lake north of the gambling mecca When it was all ready 35 entries in four classes arrived to do battle in the heavy dust heavier than usual because of a near total lack of winter rain on the desert Before the race start all on hand feasted on the traditional Snore pancake breakfast near the start line When the dust from the five lap event settled it was a jubilant Ron Ellenburg who took the overall victory as well as the Class 10 honors and cash Ellenburg had a dry season last year with mechanical breakage and this was a sweet victory Ellenburg was number 1 off the line in his single seat Hi Jumper and yes gang Class 10 starts first at the Snore events Ron took advantage of the dust free running on the first lap to whip off fast lap of the day a 28 25 and he never looked back Ellenburg led every lap on total time and finished with the quick run in 2 28 16 One of the pre race favorites Rob MacCachren broke a torsion bar on the first lap and that was that Buddy Yates snagged second in Class 10 fourth overall about ten minutes behind the winner James Krumme got close but he had a flat tire in a water hole on the first lap and that cost him some 25 minutes so he did not get his fifth lap done Snore this year has combined Classes 1 and 2 into a single unlimited class and eight turned out for this contest Despite stopping frequently for oil Kenny Krumme charged into the lead on the first round and he held a slim lead all the way to the checkered flag Krumme was second overall and finished just four minutes ahead of James Mahan who has a brand new Class 2 Bunderson Mahan also scored third overall Tommy Ford ran steady to take third in the unlimited class the last of the eight starters to complete the five laps The largest class at the Bottom Dollar as usual was 1 2 1600 with 17 starting in restricted 1600cc cars Naturally this was a hotly contested battle but at the flag Jack Ramsay scored the big win by just 1 minutes driving his brand new Steel Engineers two seat Bunderson Ramsay s total time of 2 46 49 was good for fifth overall Mike Spina ran in the dust all day finishing close in second sixth overall in his single seat Bunderson Californian Brad Inch broke the Nevada domination o the money paying spots driving his new Bunderson single seater to a uf Dusty Times strong third eighth overall Mike Smig who rolled his Hi Jumper twice was only two minutes behind Inch and one minute ahead of Darren Wilson in a real blanket finish for the 1600 buggies Class 9 still lives in southern Nevada and six 40 horse cars came to the Bottom Dollar Alex Decuir drove his HiJumper hard in a come from behind run to win Class 9 by a mere four minutes and Decuir was J 1th overall among the 19 finishers in all classes Early leader Rick Harrah had his troubles in the dust on the middle lap but he came back to finish second followed by John McDonough andJim Saunders While the Bottom Dollar was the season 9pener there is no chance for the local racers to relax Snore has a points race a month or close to it On April Fool s Day Snore held their second event in the Skoal Bandit s Series and nearly as many cars showed up to race in the deep stuff on the back side of the Nellis Dunes a great way to get in shape for the Mint 400 The course was 15 miles long and seven laps were required for a finish and it had to get deep out there Ron Ellenburg again scored first overall with a time of 2 31 01 in his Class 10 Hi Jumper and he really had to work for it Only 23 seconds behind him Rob MacCachren was second in class and overall in his single seat Bunderson in the five car class There were five also in the unlimited Class 1 and 2 Jim Mahan really has his new Bunderson dialed in and he won this clash by a couple of minutes over Tom Bradley Jr in a single seat Chaparral Mahan s winning time was 2 36 04 The 1 2 1600 bunch was biggest again with five money paying spots up for grabs among the 16 starters Mike Spina was the big winner in a single seat Bunderson with a time of Mike Spina drove his Bunderson 55 to 2nd in 1 2 1600 at the Bottom Dollar and won the big class on April first Ron Ellenberg got a great start in Snore points taking the overall victory In the first two races of the season in his Class 10 Hi Jumper 2 47 15 Jack Ramsay got second about seven minutes later in a two seat Bunderson but Jerry Heaton had his sing seater a mere 22 seconds behind for third while Brad Inch was only another ten seconds out in fourth in his single seat Bunderson Mike Stokley was next fifth just over a minute later in a very tight finish for the restricted engine cars Alex Decuir again won Class 9 over three other cars in his Hi Jumper with a total time of three hours flat DeCuir bested second place Tom Burns by about 13 minutes Snore takes the month of May off as the entire club either works or races at the Mint 400 The next Skoal Bandits points race happens as a twi night affair on June 16 D Our Own Trick Off Road CV Boot 4 Trick CV Boots heat treated steel flanges 112 00 4 Trick CV Boots spun steel flanges 56 00 Modified 930 CV Joint oo Kenny Krumme not only won the unlimited class at the Bottom Dollar he nursed an oil leaking engine home to a strong second overall 0 with our own Trick cage installed 89 95 ea Chromoly H D Tie Rod Set complete with H D ends 64 95 set 2 tie rods and 4 tie rod ends specifv lenl th desired Quick Disconnect Steering Hub Jim Mahan drove his new Class 2 Bunderson to victory at the points race having finished a close second at the earl er Bottom Dollar NOW 44 95 Rack and Pinion Steering Box Desert Model Non Power GERMAN AUTO 11324 Norwalk Bl Mike Spina is a happy man at the points race finish after winning the 16 buggy 1 2 1600 class In his keen single seat Bunderson May1984 a steal 179 95 213 863 1123 Santa Fe Springs CA 90670 Page 29

Page 30

l T ext Photos Rick Hochfeld THE PRO CAN AM HIGH DESERT DESERT RACING STARTS EARLY IN OREGON Gordon Scott and Ken Rushing won the combined Class 3 4 bash driving a modified Class 4 old style CJ3A Jeep with no problems en route Terry Rogers and Gary Brading came from California to win Class 1 Their Chenowth here has just made the pass over the Baja Bug on a fast section Dave Brown had a great tune up for the Mint 400 turning fast lap of the day and winning the High Desert 250 overall in his very tidy Class 5 Bug The mentio n of the state of Oregon conjures up visio ns of green fields and trees rain forests almost anything but a desert But there is desert terrain and there is desert off road racing in Oregon The Pro Can Am Racing Group o ut of Seahurst W ashington o pened their 198 4 season early in M arch with a full Wt wn desert race in the Millican Valley abo ut 22 miles east of Bend Oregon The race course for the High D esert 250 consisted of eight laps over a 3 1 mile route and the com petito rs termed it a fas t course Some n amed it a rock free Parker 400 route and many d r ivers co nsidered the event an ideal tune up for the legendary Mint 400 a t une up o n e co uld r ace w ith o ut d estroy ing the race car or the p ocketbook The race fever began a mo nth before the actual event with a heavily attended and thoroughly enj oyed party in conjunction with the drawing for starting positio ns at Pietro s Pizza Parlor in Po rtland Oregon Alo ng with the drawing there were d esert r ac in g movi es s uppli ed b y BFG oodrich and a h ost of door prizes for all on hand By race morning March 10 a field o f 32 competition vehicles were read y and waiting for the green flag and hundr eds mo re vehicles were in the spectator areas counted by the B L M Agent Barry Phelps It was a good indication of the area sup port and interest in the off road race As the race started the cars were flagged away one at a t ime at Ron Stevens and Martha Stokes took first In Sportsman Heavy Iron Class In the newly built Ford Bronco out of the Chamber In Shop Tom Scahill and Dale Stocking traveled north with their Class 9 Chenowth to not only win the Sportsman buggies but take second overall With good help from her all male pit crew Cindy Chamberlin drove solo to a keen third place In her Class 4 Chevy powered IH Scout Special annual awards are being considered for the car that loses the most parts in a race Jim Murphy w 11 be hard to beat Page 30 L_ Dick Mauhl and Louis Ulrey had good luck with their new Funco taking a strong second place In the combined classes May1984 Randy and Phil Laplante finished third In Class 2 5 8 after having difficulties with cooler lines and flat tires Dusty Times

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shock mount she finished well seen no more Many new cars 30 second intervals and the first third in class eleventh overall showed up for the Sportsman to depart were the seven in and was just 13 minutes behind events spurred on by the 50 unlimited Class 1 Next came the the winner with a good time of entry fee for these new classes combined bunch of Classes 2 5 Rod Stevens and Martha 6 37 49 In the same group Jim and 8 the unlimited two seaters Murphy rolled his modified Stokes were the team to beat in Baja Bugs and two wheel drive Chevy truck on the first lap got the 4 x 4 Sportsman class and trucks which also totaled seven it going for two more rounds this bunch went only four laps starters The heavy metal four only to have the frame break in Stevens Scout coasted across the wheel drives also had seven cars finish line in 3 01 24 but it was half on the fourth lap on the line mainly Class 4 the winner and the 100 prize modified 4 x 4s and a couple of Ninth overall and third in Class 3 production rigs to keep Class 1 went to Lloyd Kruse money might help fix the rig Salvage rights just might be filed things interesting The last group from Eugene Oregon with coagainst the Scout for all th_e to get the green flag was the newly driver Ken Dare helping out the borrowed parts Finishing the introduced Sportsman class for Just leaving the start finish line Bill Ballester had a good 5 laps but then was Hi Jumper finishe with a time of four rounds in second spot with a buggies and four wheel drive rigs t ed to retire the Taco Time Class 2 with mechanical woes 6 30 09 Fourth m Class 1 and time of 4 31 16 was Joe and there were eleven in these ore _ the final eight lap finisher was the Copening and Don Alsup from two classes California in a Chenowth Tom Rogers and co dr ver Gary buggy of Gary W eyhrich and Beaverton Oregon driving a By the end of the first lap and Dale won the 96 25 payoff Brading cove ed the eight laps for Brad Johnson driving in their Dodge 440 pickup The other Dave Brown of Gresham in the seven buggy Sportsman the Class 1 victory and 539 00 first race in a Class 1 car They Oregon driving his Muddy entry Their time of 5 32 51 was in 6 03 57 Also m Cla s 1 and were going well until they two in the class did only two laps each Rudder Class 5 Baja Bug had really quick for a 1200 cc car on sixth overall Ken Sanislo and encountered a mobile tree The weather and course caught and passed all the Class 1 the fast run Third overall and Steve Metting from Nach_es which jumped out in front of the conditions were excellent for entries Brown was well on his second in Sportsman buggies Washington drove their ernen car causing some minor damage racing and with the generous way to the overall victory After went to Todd Springer from Buggy home for second m class and costing a bunch of time help from both competitors and eight laps Dave Brown was the Bothell Washington with a time money 294 00 Roger Randy Jaxson Nogle and Ryan Collins their families and many overall winner with a scorching of 6 01 2 7 in a Hi Jumper None and Phil L pla t took_third and were awarded third in Sportsman businesses the first Pro Can Am time of five hours flat plus 49 of the other Sportsman buggies were h fmal fu isher m 2 5 and buggies The Portland Oregon event was a big success Check seconds for total time Brown finished eight laps 8 dnvmg a Ridgerunner The team borrowed an engine from alsoturnedthefastlapoftheday Back in the Pro classes Dick L aplantes from Milwaukie Roger Laplante s pre runner to the calendar section in Dusty on his first tour a quick 35 58 Mauhl was second in the combo Oregon placed seventh overall make the start line They did fine Times for the where and when of and all his laps were under 40 of 2 5 and 8 in a two seat Funco with a time of 6 19 33 and for six laps but then they were future races in the Northwest from this enthusiastic group D minutes Brown won 539 00 Dick won 294 00 Mauhl and earned 147 00 plus a side bet of ten hairs from co driver Louis Ulrey also took The Pro 4 x 4s had a good race Randy Laplante which will be fourth overall with a total time of going early but after eight missed 6 02 25 worth the trip from rounds the winners were Gordon Second overall went to a Class Seattle Fifth overall went to Scott and Ken Rushing driving a 9 Sportsman entry Tom Scahill Class 1 driver Terry Rogers CJ3A Jeep They placed eighth and Dale Stocking of San Rafael from Palo Cedro California overall with a total time of 6 24 45 Phil Dean and Bob Lehrer of Portland Oregon grabbed second in this group in a Ford Bronco coming in tenth overall with a time of 6 33 38 The good story from the Class 3 and 4 race is that of Cindy Chamberlin She drove the entire 250 mile race in her 1H Scout and turned some very quick laps with her iron woman effort Even Jaxon Nogle and Ryan Collins had trouble off the start got rolling well before with a flat tire and a broken disaster struck did six laps and were third In class Denny Merri I had his Class 8 Ford running strong for several laps but mechanical Ills caused him to go out of the final eighth round 1 Ken Sanislo and Steve Metting had their troubles In the Berrien Buggy but they kept moving well to take second place In Class 1 Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away Filters Out Oust to Give You Fresh Air Completely self contained unit Weighs less than 6 oz Desert proven high tech 3m filt r To order phone 312 251 3991 Visa Mastercard accepted or Information Raffo Racing 520 Sheridan Road Kenilworth Illinois 60043 BIii Wisner had some good laps and some not so good laps and he retired his Class 8 to the pits after five tough laps on course Dusty Times Attaches to helmet with no holes or modification Draws less than an amp from 1 2 volt power source May 1984 Page 31

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THE LlffLE BULL FROG MUD BOGGEN The Mud Run Season Starts in March In Florida Text Photos Wayne Simmons It was clear and sunny real Florida weather when the first mud run of the season the Little Bull Frog Mud Boggen opened the gates The spectators and racers started to increase by mid morning and it was not long until the smell of sun tan lotion and barbeque filled the air Frikin s Motors had a display of new Jeeps for the crowd to enjoy and they also put up 50 00 for the fast time of the day on a complete run Tire Kingdom had a display of their full line of mud and street tires and they also put up gift certificates to be given away during the event Along with the machines a foot race was scheduled for the kids There were all kinds of vehicles in the pits There was the standard dune buggy type and some buggies with ground clearance up to two feet along with the big Jeeps and trucks Not only are many rigs made for mud some have names to go with their looks names such as Stump Jumper Muddin Crazy Blue Thunder and Lite Lively There was one driver with just a bare frame engine and a seat he doesn t worry about washing much mud off after the runs are over Randy Sphaler had a 4 x 4 Corvette entered and the variety of cars was endless The buggy class came up first Dennis Putnal was first to stage Being the first driver up in any class gives the entrant the option of taking the run or dropping to fourth in line Sometimes being first works great Dennis made it all the way in 14 92 seconds James Asher tried next but lost it and ran out of bounds Ron was the third driver He looked good at the start but had trouble with the engine and finished in 24 48 seconds Jesse White from New Port Richey pulled up i iext and he was off and over the finish line in 13 89 The first driver to get stuck was Jim Coulell and he quit at a little over 255 feet Gary Hoffman stopped once in the track but got out and crossed the line at 13 75 but he had run out of bounds Ronnie now lunged off the line and then broke in 15 feet David Faulk made it look easy with a time of 12 97 the best at this point Larry Wolf pulled up in his VW Bug and drove the course with his head out the window because his wipers could not keep the mud off the windshield Then Mike Lullerton showed everybody how to run the mud hole with a time of 11 17 and that was going to be hard to beat Jeff Ball looked like he might give Larry a good push but he ran out of bounds and lost The last entry in this class Howard could not go fast enough to beat Mike with a time of 17 04 The results had Mike Lullerton first David Faulk in second and Jesse White third The 1200 class was small with only four entries The pace picked up as Jeff Lundy started things off with a 9 82 second run Larry Mullins had a little trouble and came in with a 20 52 Now Jeff s brother Wayne Lundy made a great run of 9 25 to beat Jeff by 62 of a second Andy Bangh put his machine in with a quick start looking like he might beat them all but he lost it and went out of bounds The 2 WO truck class was not quite as quick but what it lacked in speed it had in excitement Ross Reed was first at the line and it was high flying mud all the way to the finish line with a 10 61 time Joe Bohannan tried to find a faster path but didn t and he got a time of 17 38 Mike Tumlin zipped through the mud in a good 12 48 After several more made their charge all eyes were on Jeff Lundy Everybody NEW QUICK JACK FOR THE NEW BIG RACE CARS Here is a new technology quick jack to match the new technology in the long travel race_cars_so successful in off road racing today This quick Jack has a total l_1ft height of 22 inches will stand by itself when raised to full he1 ht and 1t d_ o es not require a person to sit on it while the car is up in the air The new Jack has an excellent leverage ratio and one man can lift th_ e rear _end of_a heavy two seater by himself The jack is made from the finest ingredients and it breaks down for ease of storage and transportation TWO MODELS AVAILABLE CLUB DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE 18 LIFT 59 99 22 LIFT 69 99 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CALIF 92330 Telephone 714 674 7365 Page3i could see he did a fast run announced as 10 84 puttingJeff in second behind Ross Reed The 4 and 6 cylinder class is tough with everyone driving some type of 4 cylinder or so it seems Larry Turner started the class off with a 10 51 run When Mike Kren pulled up the tower had trouble with the staging lights and there was a small delay as the mud was cleaned from the lights Mike got a quick start but midway the mud slowed him down he missed a gear and ended wi t h a 16 48 time Boe Moran had problems from the start with mud on his face shield not uncommon in this sport Boe was moving in tracks the others had made then almost ran out of bounds kept his foot on the gas to cut back into the track over corrected and shot to the other side When he got the machine under control he hit some deep ruts and nearly lost it again but he crossed the line with a surprising time of 11 84 Dennis Putnal put his Potts Performance Center machine up next but he ran into a thick spot of mud that cost him seconds ending with a 16 31 Len Goodwin was off in the same tracks that most used and gained a time of 11 02 Ron Copeland had mud woes and slowed to an 18 13 second run Al Carr had a bad time and stopped the clock at 22 37 Clyde Oran also had a slow time 19 96 Then came Walt Baillie in his Red Neck machine and in a dazzling burst of speed Walt crossed to the other end clocking 10 42 putting him in the lead The final driver in this class Ron T aulk couldn t beat the time his was 16 83 The 4 6 cylinder results put Walt Baillie first followed by Larry Turn er and Len Goodwin At intermission time the foot race began in two classes boys and girls age 3 to 6 and age 6 to 12 They all had fun running in the mud Meanwhile the Jeep Scout and Bronco class was staging Some of these vehicles had just done a run in the four cylinder class but were eligible here as well Mike Kren started things off with a time of 10 15 Jim Ladner was next stopping the clock at 9 62 This was going to be a fast group Bobby Bridgeman went through for quick time of 9 75 then Stanley Stout followed the path and set a faster time of 8 48 Jeff Lundy made it look like child s play as he went from start to finish in 7 85 Al Chevalier was not quite so quick with 9 75 and James Miller sped through the mud in good time 8 60 A most unusual car was Ray Goodwin s 1947 4 x 4 Model A Ray showed that his rig was fast as he splashed through and stopped the clock at 7 75 Ray also had a for sale sign on his vehicle Larry Stout was next but could not keep up with a 10 07 time Ben Godfrey May1984 DUSTY TIMES presents a collage of photos from the Little Bull Frog Mud Boggen If you can identify your picture let us know who you are and we will give you credit in another _issue was the last in the 4 x 4 class but his 9 84 was not as fast as needed So Ray Goodwin won the class followed by Jeff Lundy and Stanley Stout The 1400 tire size class started with Jerry Mullions who got a 22 14 second run Bill Loux ran into trouble a third of the way down then stopped completely This is the fear for a mud runner you look out and see the wheel spinning and you are not moving you are stuck Bill got only 184 feet into the run and had to be towed out Charles Clark came off the line in the Stump Jumper in good shape but hit a hole and stopped dead after only 44 feet As the pull tractor hooked up Charles said if only it had been a stump Next up in the 1400 group was Ronnie Spiker in his All American truck Ronnie breezed through to the other side in jt1st 10 80 and broke the ice as the times then picked up Robert Stouthuff recorded a 10 27 next Then came a rash of fast times Buddy Abbott ran a startling 8 07 and Andy Baush did one better at 7 88 Jim Reed was ready for the challenge and he stopped the clock at 7 14 in an excellent run Pat Robinson was slightly off the pace with an 8 93 and Jeff Lundy was right up there with a 7 91 Then Wayne Lundy who was the last one in this class ran out of bounds Jim Reed was the winner followed by Andy Baush and Jeff Lundy Don t let the group of drivers in the Powder Puff class fool you they are as competitive as the men Kathy Malphry from Naples set the class in motion with a first run of 11 64 Next was Kathy Collins who had some trouble and did a 21 76 Kathy Malphry chose to take an option run and this time she did a 10 07 Next came Donna Smedley in the All American truck and she was going very well just short of the line then the drive shaft broke stopping here at the 275 foot mark Brenda Copeland drove through to stop her time at 22 70 and Barbara Ladner picked things up with a good run of 11 32 Alma Goodwin took her rig into the mud and she has done this before She scored a quick 9 19 Jan Morris drove her way to an 11 75 second _run and Sonyo Baugh made the top group with a quick 10 67 Linda Bray closed out the class with a 14 05 The street legal class called D O T was next Ralph Mitchell led the pack with a 15 37 first try Jeff Lundy rolled off the line to record a wild 7 60 a time that would be hard to beat Dusty Times 1 I

Page 33

Joe Johnson had engine trouble but did finish in 22 76 Joe Bohannan broke at the 210 foot mark Now Ralph Mitchell lined up for his option run and did better with a 13 92 Bubba Bridgeman gave it a good try and t nded with a 9 81 Several others were unable to make the starting line in the required time but Buddy Abbott was ready to go and he did not waste any time taking fast time with a 7 43 Wayne Lundy stopped the clock at 8 70 and Jeff was back with another vehicle for an 8 64 Jim Reed pushed his vehicle and came out with the fastest time 7 34 Ray Goodwin ran out of bounds then Wayne came back with yet another Lundy machine Wayne was the last to go in the class but in his mad dash for first place Wayne lost it at the finish line and he ran over one of the photo cells and broke the light system getting a DNF The top three were Jim Reed Buddy Abbott and Jeff Lundy With the timing light repaired again the class that pleases the crowd most was next Experimental vehicles are big noisy and have as much power as can be stuffed under the hood Robert Stouthuff fired up and was off and running but unable to stay inside the boundary Jim Reed showed the folks what to expect with an amazing time of 5 60 Randy and his Corvette also had a good run of 6 38 James Asbel lined up but went Dusty Times out of bounds right out of the chute and others in this class had trouble staying on the course Jeff Lundy gave Randy a close shot with a time of 6 39 Buddy Abbott went out of bounds on his first run but came back in another vehicle named Walking Tall Buddy walked over the mud to break the lights at 5 5 7 Butch Miliolich ran a 7 76 and the last driver David Moser was unable to catch the leaders with his 6 42 Buddy Abbott was the winner over Jim Reed and Randy Sphaler The final class was street stock Wayne Lebine ran his truck through in 16 24 Larry Turner got out of shape and out of bounds Jerry Mullins was up next with a 9 37 that would be hard to top Levi Hutcherson put his Toyota truck through for a fair time of 12 19 Ralph Mitchell tried a new path and went over the boundary Hank T urnkenn was going strong when he got stuck but he woTked oose to get 1 11 34 Rick Wallace did not have the big trouble but enough to score 19 64 Frank Force got his chance ran in the right spots but recorded 11 18 Now the final run went to Wayne Lundy who looked good but stopped dead midway with a broken throttle cable ending up on the tow line The final class honors went to Jerry Mullins followed by Frank Force and Levi Hutcherson It had been a great day of mudding in Florida MIKUNl CARBURETED MINIS DOMINATE 1984 OFF ROAD RACING At the Parker 400 for example every Class 7 and 7s minitruck using sidedraft carburetion was Mikuni eQuipped including John Bakers winning Class 7 entry In addition Rav Aragon and co driver Leon Tice teamed up with Mikuni to score the first Class 10 win ever for a water pumper Toyota powered buggy _ These professional off roaders rely on Mikuni carbs for maximum torque production and instant throttle response particularly in low r p m situations Racers know that Mikuni carburetors are easy to tune and they stay in adjustment No matter how bumpy the terrain becomes Race proven Mikuni carburetion is now available as a bolt on kit for the mini truck in vour life 873 2101 May1984 DesltHdto lliatze ttn1H fro 2 0ot te no rp Page 33

Page 34

7 T c iiiiiji l AMSA S PALM SPRINGS 300 Jim Stiles Wins 4300 _ __ _____________________________P_h _o_t_os_ _T_r_ac_ks_ide __P_ho_w_s_E_n_t Jim SIi es In the first full race for his new Raceco ran with no major troubles to win both Class 10 and overall taking home the special 3000 bonus for overall L I r t I It s hard to believe i hat there s a brand new never before used off road race course hiding in the sand hills out to the east fo Palm Springs But if Jim Webb AMSA s president ever gets his druthers off roaders will have a chance to give it a try They almost had that chance early in March as Webb had a course laid out marked and all ready for pre running when he ran into a bureaucratic snag that caused an abrupt change of plans A sudden demand for a permit that had previously been declared unnecessary found him with no time left in which to comply So Webb rather than lose a race date shifted south He hurriedly sorted things out in the Anza Borrego National Park and found himself a race course in the recreational vehicle area known as Ocotillo Wells This site unraced since about 1972whenitwasthelocationfor the Pop Devercelley Memorial race proved ready made for his event AMSA s Race Director Morley Marston quickly laid out a 30 mile loop and had it ready for pre running in record time The 39 entrants who didn t flinch at changing locations found themselves at a pretty neat event There were a couple of things that made it extra special and one of them was Webb s policy for 1984 of adding a generous bonus to the purse of the overall winner He has guaranteed that for the remainder of his 1984 season he ll pay 3000 to the overall winner regardless of class or number of entries The first race to have this payback was the 6 Hour in January which Mike Lund won in his Class 1 car Many AMSA races have been won overall by either Class 2 or Class C cars as well as Class 1 and generally there are quite a few racers with a good shot at the overall The other special feature of this race was the Temple Challenge What this amounted to was a separate pot instigated by Jim Temple a Class 2 racer from Las Vegas Temple created the pot and opened with 500 He invited all Class 2 drivers and later included Class C also to throw in 100 each to make a winner take all kitty Of the Challenge subscribers he who JR Nick Nicholson drove Jim Bradfleld s new Outlaw on Its maiden race led Class 1 most of the day but a flat put him back to second 36 seconds out Page 34 had the best finish would be the winner This meant that in addition to the regular purse there was another nice bonus to race for Six Class 2 drivers and two Class C drivers added to Temple s 500 enough to make a prize of 1300 N dt bad for a nine car race The existence of the two purses added a degree of excitement to the race that couldn t have occurred otherwise Class C usually largest at AMSA races had ten entries this time Two of them Jim Stiles driving his still untested new Raceco and Mark Broneau in an older Raceco felt confident enough of their chance to beat Class 2 that they bought into the Temple Challenge It was a good bet They ran in front of the class with Stiles leading by only seconds for three laps Then Stiles had a front flat and Broneau took over the lead until he and his co driver Paul Nissley lost their transmission That put Stiles out in front again Meanwhile Mike Bird was driving Bill Sallenbach s Raceco and running steadily in third place with Greg Aronson in fourth place in his Raceco When his lost time and the two cars Broneau s car broke everyone came across the finish line almost moved up a notch and the San together but McNeil s car was Diego based team of Dave still in front giving him the Class Richardson and Steve Sourapas 1 win by 36 seconds As the slid into fourth place AMSA official directed Hatz to Stiles who had no further the parking area Stiles also slid troubles drove four more across the line wiping out any consistent laps slowly gaining on possibility of an overall victory that overall prize He d been for Class 1 ahead of the Class 2 leader since Class 2 had eight starters most the end of the third lap and by of whom had entered the Temple the fifth lap was only a minute Challenge but most had a bad and a half behind the C ass 1 day By the end of the third lap leader By the seventh lap he had only four of them were still Class 1 literally in sight and was racing and Dick Young who in the lead He drove a yery drives a Raceco was in the lead careful final lap staying just out by a little over 10 minutes Jim of their dust knowing that the Temple was running second in smallest error could blow 3000 his Funco Vic VanElla was third At the finish it was Stiles in his Raceco and Rick Paquette winning the overall home in who had been a close second and 4 45 46 while the first Class 1 lost about 10 minutes in a car was four and a half minutes rollover was fourth only a little slower over a minute behind VanElla econ in Class 10 _went _to The fourth lap was the last one Mike Bird who with Jim for Young who hit something too Zupanovich drafted to drive the hard while going very fast down a last two laps finished 13 minutes wash and went end over end a behind Stiles Aronson who had reported five times That Dave Bonner as co driver came bumped Temple up into the lead in third another six minutes later and Paquette moved into second and Richardson and Sourapas now while VanElla ran third were fourth The Temple car now being Class 1 while very small was driven by Mark Temple st ll plenty of fun to watch Nick maintained a steady pace and Nicholson was out to check out finished in front by just over five Jim Bradfield s brand new minutes Paquette in second Outlaw and Perry McNeil had was the last Class 2 car to make it brought his Chenowth with Don VanElla having broken a cam on Hatz as a co driver Beny Canela lap seven who lives in Indio and was So the Temples who had practically racing in his back added that Challenge to make yard had just about the worst their race more interesting had luck of the day and was a lap proved their point about Class 2 down after the fourth lap but found themselves surprised Nicholson and McNeil like by the capabilities of the Class 10 Stiles and Broneau drove in cars touching distance of each other Class 100 which is meant to almost all the time Nicholson attract the old short wheelbased who d been the first car off the cars had four starters One of line led through the fourth lap them finished only one lap but but by only a minute and 20 the other three went on for a seconds Then McNeil had a 17 while with Ed Mohr and John second lead at the end of lap five Duncan leading in their Hi and on lap six it was Nicholson Jumper But it wasn t a runaway back in front by 43 seconds The as they were having to fend off seventh lap proved to be the team of Polson and Golledge Nicholson s downfall as he who ran very close behind them flattened a tire and lost about for three laps Then the three minutes That put Hatz Polson Golledge team lost a few who d hopped in at the end oflap minutes on the fourth lap and four in front by 2 22 By now they never completed theii fifth they could see Stiles coming up That left Mohr and Duncan way in their rear view mirrors and out front with Toby Carlson there was added pressure Bob Kephart and Tom Mattingly Hatz needed the edge that running second in their old Hi Nicholson s flat had given him Jumper single seater almost a because McNeil had run out of half hour behind Mohr and race gas and his crew in a panic Duncan went on to finish to refuel him had inadvertently winning easily as Kephart dumped some of Perry s Carlson and Mattingly lost a passenger car fuel Mexican spindle on lap six and pulled out Pemex Nova into the race car in second place McNeil lives in Mexico Class 5 went about the same making it ping and worrying way with only three starters and engine builder Hatz one finisher It was a good race Nicholson regained some of for a while with Greg Sanden Mel Tyree had a good day In the Larry s VW Baja Bug and Mel won easily In the small turnout for Class 5 May1984 John Duncan and Ed Mohr held off an early challenge and led all the way to win Class 100 the 100 wheelbase class Dusty Times

Page 35

r Jim and Mark Temple a father son team from Las Vegas and Palm Springs won Class 2 in the Funco Temple organized the 1300 Challenge purse I Mark Broneau and Paul Nissley ran second behind Stiles In Class 10 led briefly then the Raceco lost Its transmission Mike Zupanovlch and Kay Young led the 1600 class for five laps but they lost ground late In the race and ended up second In the Raceco Mike McAtee and Tim Maples driving Maples two seat llmlted 1600 cc Raceco had a great time and won what AMSA calls Class D 1 2 1600 ChrlstopHer Nell had his Karmann Ghia running well In Class 2 part of the day but a long time spent In the pits put him out of contention leading but being chased by Mel Tyree who was only two and a half minutes back at the end of the third lap Sanden s convertible broke on lap four and that left Tyree essentially all alone as George Seeley in a not very competitive car was already down well over a lap Tyree finished all eight laps to win while Seeley retired after six Class 6 for 5 1600 Baja Bugs was another of those starting with four cars and ending up with a lone finisher Still it was fun while it lasted William Raybould led for two laps chased by Larry Rickman who was only three seconds behind Then Rickman got the lead by about 40 seconds but Raybould took over again at the end of the fourth lap when he had a full four minutes He held his lead through the sixth lap but was only 22 seconds in front at that point His car started having troubles then and Rickman and his co driver Dave Massingham took over the lead for good Raybould after that fine race wasn t e en able to finish breaking on the last lap Class D for the single and two seat limited 1600s was a bit slim with only seven starters But most of them managed to finish Right off the line the lead was held by Mike Zupanovich in his two seat Raceco and he was followed by Tim Maples in another two seat Raceco just two and a half minutes back Behind him came James Tucker in still another two seat this a Funco and then Jeff Drake in the fourth two seater Zupanovich picked up time each lap Drake broke on lap three and Maples held on to second place Wayne Sievers in a Hi Jumper single seater moved into fourth and then third by the end of lap three At the halfway oint Zupanovich had eight an a half minutes on the second car Tucker had moved back into third place and Sievers was again fourth Zupanovich put in one more evenly paced lap to find himself 13 minutes in the lead Maples had already put Mike McAtee in the car and now it was time for Zupanovich to get out and install his co driver neophyte Kay Young driving in a raceJor only her second time The driver change alone lost them time as they had to stuff pillows in with the shorter Young so she could reach the pedals By th e end of the sixth lap McAtee had moved Maples car up into the lead and Zupanovich and Young were now 33 seconds back Tucker was firmly settled May1984 into third and Sievers and his codriver Raney Harnich we enow fourth McAtee went on to build his lead to 11 minutes and win the class handily As it turned out while not the originally planned all new Palm Springs course this one met with the approval of the racers and worked out very well The site is laid out in a convenient fashion for pitting and spectating as well as racing and it had been a good event Webb s warnings about the impending race to the campers and casual play riders in the area had proved effective and there were no accidents The day ended on a high note with the exciting close finish for the big purse but no one was happier than Jim Stiles who got to take home a grand total of 4300 for his four hour and 45 minute drive Saddleback Park APRILS Saddleback Park MAY20 Saddleback Park JULY29 Saddleback Park I SEPTEMBER9 Saddleback Park Double Points SCORE SANC TIONED SCORE C LASSES GRANDSTAND SEATING 100 VISIBILITY SADDLE BACK PARK ORANGE C A BAJA CROSS RACING 13704 BECH ARD A VENUE NORW A LK CALI FOR N IA 90650 2 13 92 1 2838 Page 35

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1 lli T __ _ VORRA Opens Their Season at Prairie City Wild short course action kept the fans entertained By Mike Ivers J II Photos Rory Ivers Mike foers Dave Silvernail With a cloudless sky and the rainy season pretty much _ history VORRA s March 25 I season opener had a lot going for it Since everyone had about five winter months to rebuild from last year the machines and drivers were all set to put it on the line again The 1984 opening Gary Archer got the altitude record in his Jeep later doing a most spectacular round took place at Prairie City endo and using up the Jeep badly but no one was hurt OHV Park in Sacramento California drawing 51 entries from all over northern and central California and Nevada Leading off the program were the Sportsmen motos Grabbing a holeshot in the first heat Les Poulson narrowly held off Mike Slocum both in two seaters for the better part of the first lap ii But Slocum was determined to pull ahead By lap 3 it had settled down to Slocum leading Poulson with Tim Hardy in a single seater in third Hardy put the move on Poulson for second and kept the drive on to catch up to Slocum After some very tight and exciting racing Hardy pulled in front with Slocum glued to his tail With four laps to go Slocum got around Hardy on the same back corner that Hardy seemed to not get dialed Hardy dropped back a few car lengths but by the white flag lap he was within spitting distance Hardy made a strong last chance bia but he just couldn t keep Slocum from reaching the checkered flag first Nailing down third some distance back was Poulson and Andy Carpenter was fourth Moto 2 for the Sportsmen was headed by King McCune followed by Ron Wise and Mike Slocum The last two cars driven by Jim Stone a Baja Bug and Gary Bower Class 10 worked through the field nicely to finish second and third respectively The class win went to Mike Dick Bower drove the Eagle as a single seater got a strong second and won Slocum Overall on points was of the second bout and also won the Class 1 points course Mike Slocum Andy Carpenter was second and Les Poulson third Class 1 2 1600 action was hot from the green flag as Bill Lott took an early lead Some way back in the dust were Ray Van Ness Tim Riordan and Cockran Reden playing freight train Lott didn t waste any time in moving out by a hundred yards or so leaving Riordan to move around Van Ness for second Riordan kept his foot down catching Lott by mid race and taking the lead Van Ness was having an easier time about I half a lap back Lott and Riordan kept dicing closely until Lott dropped out for unknown The Fa loon Thrasher Class 2 entry kicks Its heels at the crowd The team got reasons Riordan now had a huge 2nd in the first moto and fourth overall In class lead with Van Ness Cockran Reden Don Miguel and Mike positions just before the at the race with a 12 car field At Bishop rounding out the top five checkered flag to end up second the green flag Don Haddan at the flag and third respectively The snagged the lead followed by The start of the second moto overall class honors for the day Ace Bradford who passed saw Robert Eastman grab the were awarded to Tim Riordan Haddan for the lead before the lead and hold it to the checkered followed by Ron Van Ness and end of the first lap In third was I I Rick Bower with Dick Weichers flag Tim Riordan and Mike Mike Bishop Bishop managed to change Class 10 was the biggest bunch in fourth and Chris O Berg in Steve Ooley had a comfortable lead in the first Class 2 moto in the Eagle and Ooley won Class 2 on points for the day Wes Banks used 2 WD in the second moto after the transfer case died and he won the heat and placed second overall In 4 x 4s I I Jimmy Lawrence VORRA s top 1983 driver was second overall on points In Class 2 with a pair of thirds In the Panzer C O R E PIT TEAM C O R E offers unique pit services at western desert races a family oriented club with social activities and much more for its members C O R E also has a program of one time guest pit service for out of the area eompetitors Get all the information on C O R E Jim Branstetter President 818 81 6708 17453 Runnymede St Van Nuys CA 91406 Page36 May198 Dusty Times 1 tff PI n n a

Page 37

Mike Bishop let it all hang out In the second 1 2 1600 moto and Bishop got his Funco under the checkered flag In second spot the white flag lap The final The second Class 1 moto with action nd also crashes The round had Bower passing victory went to Dick Bower Fritz weather was very accommodatBradford for the lead while Weichers nailed second and ing a d the spectators had Lewie Evans valiantly tried to Dave Bonvicia was third and something to talk about keep his third place finish from they finished in that same order VORRA moves to Baylands for O Berg and a lapped car This for the overall points honors on their next short course race in three way freight train wiped out th e day mid April before taking to the about 14 feet of fence before The Prairie City race was filled desert in Nevada late in May 0 taking the checkered flag The first moto finishing order was Bower Bradford Evans and O Berg The second Class 10 moto saw Don Kennedy get the holeshot followed by Bradford and O Berg At the checkered flag Bradford won the heat Kennedy was second and O Berg held third The overall winners on points were Bradford Bowers and O Berg Affectionately known as the heavy metal the Class 3 and 4 racers were next In 1984 VORRA has changed the name of this class to 4 x 4 Gary Archer grabbed the holeshot followed by Don German Wes Banks and Troy Raynor and most of this Mike Farris was In the thick of the Class 2 action and came In third overall with class drives modified Jeep C s a second place and fourth place finish German took the lead before the end of the first lap and pulled into a comfortable lead The others wish he wouldn t make it look so easy Wes Banks also passed Archer during the first lap On the next round German was way out in front with Banks holding second Archer in third Raynor DNF d when he lost the right rear wheel in a shallow duck pond some 150 feet from his SWAY A WAY racer It was getting down to a Torsion Bars Have All two car field when Archer on the the Strength You Need white flag lap performed the most spectacular endo any for Optimum Handling VORRA crowd has seen Right from the start top Fortunately no one was hurt performers build in agility seriously German finished first strength and the confidence of Archer got second and Banks was superior handling In or out of competition it s the best step third toward building a contender The second moto for the 4 x 4s And the very best handling doesn t was combined with Class 1 due come from overpowering strength to the high attrition rate This but from the perfect amount for heat saw Don German pull off controllable muscle Which is why consistent winners in many forms the trade after one lap since this of motorsports depend on gave him first overall without SWAY A WAY Torsion Bars further damage to his Jeep It also j let Banks win the second moto and get second overall for the day What was left of the Archer Jeep was third overall In the first Class 2 moto Falloon Thrasher grabbed the lead at the start followed by Steve Ooley Mike Farris and Jay Longacre On the fourth round Ooley passed Falloon Thrasher The result of our painstaking for the lead Then last year s top manufacturing process an incredibly consistent race proven bar that simply won t driver Jimmy Lawrence passed sag A bar we are so confident in it Longacre on the same lap to take comes with a Lifetime Warranty over third and they stayed in this Check the handling on yo r vehicle Selec the formation all the way to the SWAY A WAY Torsion Bars that are right for you checkered flag various spring rates are available depending on your The final Class 2 moto started model and suspension set up Then notice the with Falloon Thrasher in front incredible difference the well defined muscle of SWAY A WAY Torsion Bars can really make again Ooley was second and Lawrence was third When the Als look info SWAY A WAY s flag dropped at the finish they complete line of Spring Plates for virtually any were stilf in that order The application they re overall Class 2 honors were designed to give you the awarded to Steve Ooley Jimmy ultimate handling when combined w_ith our torsion bars Lawrence was second and Mike Farris was third Fritz Weichers grabbed the lead early in Class 1 with Al SWAY l rWAY Shirts Hats To o rder your Baker Dave Bonvicia and Dick _ I exclusi ve SWAY A WAY T shi rt or hat state size and send 5 95 for shirt or Bower in hot pursuit The race in _ __ t 95 for hat direct to SWAY A WAY this class was for second through All new catalog fourth as Weicher s had a just 3 00 strangle hold on the lead The final lap saw Weichers win with JS Dick Bower in second and Bonvicia third IONSt t I f Ace Bradford had a good race In Class 10 finished second and first and Bradford took home the class honors for the event Dave Bonvlcla fought off the traffic In Class 1 and In a hard dice he got third In both motos and third on the final points fifth On the second lap Bradford had a comfortable lead of about 100 yards over Haddan with Bower in third and Weichers fourth Bower put ori a successful rush and passed Haddan at the tail end of lap 2 At the half way point it was Dusty Times Bradford leading f uuowed by Bower Haddan and W eichers Now Bower decided that he didn t like second place and started to close the gap on Bradford Down in the pack Lewie Evans started his charge from sixth and got up to third by SWAY A WAr 7840 Burnet Avenue May1984 no _ Yan Nuys cl 8140 213 988 5510 Page 37

Page 38

THE HDRA NISSAN on ROAD CLASSIC line to finish second among the an a went on racing Now big rigs Casey held his third and Gillman was closing fast on some distance back Mizel just Frank and as they got the bested Dan Randall and both checkered flag Scott Gillman was were missing fenders Well down just a car length out of first place on the lap were Dave Shoppe as Frank Arciero won his first Class 8 Ford and Rick but not his last event for the Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises Centerline Photo Grumbein Honcho weekend Fishback was third on The second group to go ten the same lap and the entire heat laps were Classes 3 and 7 six 4 x ran less than eight minutes 4s and three mini trucks actually Next came the Glass 7S racers two Class 7s Roger Mears three strong and the Nissan Cup Nissan and John Nelson stockers with seven on the list Mitsubishi Walker Evans and Spencer Low took an immediate his Dodge D 50 were alone in the lead over fellow Nissan driver newly created Class 7M The 3s Mario Alesi off the line Mike were first off the line and Don Falkosky who arrived too late Adams put his new Jeep for practice flipped his Toyota Scrambler in an instant lead and on its head in the first hard turn he kept pulling away to win the on top of the hill and there he sat heat by over ten seconds for a full lap before a rescue crew Fighting hard for second through arrived Spence Low put a little six laps were John Randall Jeep air between his truck and Alesi CJ 7 and Walker Evans Evans and the pair stayed in formation got around the Jeep to place through the ten laps Falkosky second overall again By the next got moving again to complete lap Roger Mears moved into eight laps third overall followed to the flag by Randall Lapped but running The Nissa i Cupper had some were Steve Mizel Bronco and good dicing in the ranks Larry Doug Robinson Jeep CJ 7 who Olsen led Dick Starita through had the only good dice of the eight laps On the ninth round moto and Don Coffland CJ 7 Starita pulled ahead as Olsen canceled HDRA Hill Climb Jim Fishback Jr doing a 57 44 was fairly close at the flag Mizel pulled off at the white flag south of Las Vegas NV A Next was Frank Arciero Jr at had a flat late in the game so the thinking the race was over This heavy Sunday date conflict 58 04 Scott Gillman 58 92 and finish order after Adams Evans action handed second place to ensued with the established Baja Al Arciero 59 17 all driving and Mears was John Randall Jorge Souto followed by Ken Cross Series It was not a conflict Chenowth Magnums Mizel Robinson and Coffland Snyder with the hill climb 300 miles The first heat combined The quintet of Class ls had Class 10 was the final event of away but Baja Cross in Classes 4 and 8 for ten laps on theirheatshortenedtoeightlaps thedaywithsixstarters ltwasno Saddleback Park is only a few Saturday with a few seconds and they started in a tight herd contest Frank Arciero Jr took freeway miles way from Glen delay between the five Class 4s all five clearing the first jump in an immediate lead widened the Helen Park Consequently less and the pair of 8s John Randall one thump Soon Scott Gillman gap to about seven seconds and than 40 were on the entry list for jumped his Honcho into the lead got loose and sideways and Al held it to vktory Chet Huffman the HDRA two day affair an immediately and widened the Arciero and Mario Alesi Chenowth kept Frank honest event that could easily have been gap each lap to take the class and collided Arciero flipped into the but settled for second The race condensed into one day of overall victory with a 12 second bushes but both got moving was for third between Steve racing And it was the first time margin a lot of distance on this after losing about a lap Out front Kelley Ed Martensen and Jim in memory that trucks track The early battle for second was Frank Arciero Jr with Jim Fish back Sr all dri iM outnumbered the buggy entry at was between Larry Casey Fishback Jr and Scott Gillman Chenowths and the passing and a short course race Honcho Steve Mizel Bronco in hot pursuit Al Arciero went repassing went on constantly A total of 36 vehicles got a and Dan Randall Honcho to the pits for good and Alesi from lap 4 On the final round qualifying time on Saturday Walker Evans worked his way to returned to the fray after missing Martensen and Fishback were morning and only four dri ers the front quickly in the Class 8 a few laps side by side going into the hills got under one mmute on time Dodge too On the sixth round Meanwhile the trio up front Martensen flipped landed on his over the tricky serpentine track Walker passed Dan Randall and were close together then midway wheels in a narrow spot and that had some monumental Mizel and was third on the Fishback climbed uphill into the Kelley ran into him while lumps on the hillsides The eighth go he out jumped Larry bushes on the high turn on the Fishback carrie d on to come in quickest of all in qualifying was Casey just past the start finish back course he got loose third Martensen Kelley _ _________________ _ _ of _ the _ ____ __ c _ and got Frank Arciero Jr Wins Five for Five at Glen Helen Park By Jean Calvin I f I I l I I There is something exc1tmg about a brand new site for short course racing especially in southern California where the pattern is to lose race courses rather than gain them Glen Helen Park is out in the country near the city of Riverside in San Bernardino County and it is a natural terrain park The HDRA s Walt Lott uncovered a keen natural bowl at the far end of the huge park and with Dick Dahn and his mighty men doing the grading a really top notch one mile course was carved from the bowl and the hills The folks from the San Bernardino County Parks Department were especially encouraging and gave their valuable assistance to support and stage the race What a pleasure it is to see such governmental enthusiasm Unfortunately the Glen Helen event inherited the date from the Frank Arclero soared the highest and the fastest In his Class 1 Chenowth Magnum Frank won both Class 1 motos In convincing style and nabbed the points Don Adams gave Callfornlans the first view of the short course CJ 8 Jeep Scramblf r Adams ran away with both Class 3 motos Walker Evans had no trouble at all taking top honors on both days In his Dodge He nearly lapped the only other Class 8 truck and was close to overall victory The doublejump after the SIF 1 ne really launched the trucks and Spencer Low flew his Nissan to the overall points title In Class 7S Marlo Alesi had some trouble with his 7S Nissan on Saturday but he was dialed In right on Sunday and won the moto but was second on points I I c Jim Fishback Jr hops around a hillside turn In his Class 1 Chenowth Magnum Fishback was the fastest qua If er overall with a time of 57 44 Page 38 May1984 Dusty Times

Page 39

Not content with dominating Class 1 Frank Arclero Jr also won both motos In Class 10 and a grudge race driving another trusty Chenowth Magnum disengaged and Kelley got to the flag first Martensen was next and Rick Jones in an ex Fishback Funco was sixth The whole show was over around 3 30 in the afternoon Sunday the sunshine gave way to overcast skies and a real threat of rain appeared but it did not get wet Classes 4 and 8 led off again for their ten lapper with the inverted start from Saturday s results used for all heats Rick Grumbein led off the line tagged by Steve Mizel Larry Casey and John Randall Dan Randall stopped on the last tum and dug around under the engine hood for about a lap before returning to action By the third lap Grumbein had a long lead and Casey and John Randall were duking it out for second Mizel was in the pits briefly and Walker Evans and Dave Shoppe had moved into fourth and fifth The positions stayed the same for several laps but Casey was getting very close to Grumbein whose Jeep was emitting white smok e Then John Randall in dHrd l fad hTs Jeep smoking also and the front four including Evans were half a lap ahead of the walking wounded Rick Grumbein held on to the victory just arely ahead of Larry Casey and John Randall and Walker Evans were close in a photo finish Dave Shoppe trailed in later just barely on the same lap Although the rigs were pulled into the infield after the flag the format included having them cross the track and line up against the grandstand fence for interviews after the race However after this heat the officials waved the trucks across the track just as Dan Randall at full throttle rounded the last turn and headed for the checkered flag It was interesting but Randall cooled it and missed the pack On the two moto scoring John Randall won Class 4 followed by Larry Casey and Rick Grumbein while Walker Evans won Class 8 Classes 7 and 7 S were combined for the Sunday bash with Walker Evans and Roger Mears side by side on the line Nelson having blown his engine on Saturday The swift pair ran side by side over the big jump all the way to the top of the hill where Walker got the lead and began to stretch it out Both ran away from the 7S trio led by Mario Alesi with Spence Low on his bumper Falkosky was some distance back in h is battered Toyota It was a dull parade through five laps then Evans hit the first jump hard and broke a drive axle He gamely kept moving but Roger Mears soared Dusty Times Roger Mears had no trouble at all with his Class 7 Nissan taking the class points and he won over the a ling 7M of Walker Evans on Sunday past to win the two truck war by half a lap Evans stayed ahead of the 7S gaggle Now Alesi was fighting hard to keep Spence Low John Randall kept his Jeep Honcho clean and tidy at Devore winning the first moto In Class 4 taking third on Sunday and taking the points victory with the Saturday win was declared the winner of the combined Class 7 and 7M Adding interest to the Sunday behind him and Alesi won the race by half a car length On points Spence Low won the class over Alesi and Walker Evans show were the Odyssey type racers a good dozen in numbers and all full of enthusiasm Denny KEEPS ON WINNINGI So far this year HPS Synthetic Engine Oil and Gear Lube have helped racers score 3 FirstOverall and 15 First in Class wins By now this is to be expected In 1982 and 1983 HPS helped racers win 9 First Overalls well over 100 First in Class finishes and nearly 30 season pointchampionships Coincidence Not hardly MIKE LUND DUSTS THE COMPETITION I y WINS IN 84 SO FAR CALIFORNIA 250 BAJA CROSS Mar 4 GLEN HELEN PARK 1st Overall Mike L_ und 1st Cl 1 Scott Gillman 1st Cl 10 Jerry Whelchel 2nd Cl 10 Mike Gillman 1st Cl 1 Frank Arciero Jr 1st Cl 10 Frank Arciero Jr 1st Nissan Cup Jorge Souto LAUGHLIN DESERT CHALLENGE 1st Overall Mike Lund 1st Cl 5 Malcolm Vinje Mark Hansen 1st Cl 6 Larry Schwacofer 1st Cl 10 Ray Aragon Leon Tice SAN FELIPE 250 PARKER 400 1st Overall Bob Shepard 1st Cl 2 Mark McMillin 1st Cl 2 1600 Jim Greenway Terry Smith 1st Cl 5 Norm and Steve Schmidt 1st Cl 6 Larry Schwacofer 1st Cl 10 Ray Aragon Leon Tice 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st Overall Scott Gorky McMillin Cl 3 Jorge Souto Cl 5 Norm Steve Schmidt Cl 6B Larry Schwacofer Cl 9 Jim Disney Cl 10 Jim Dyer 3W Overall Brett Driscoll Craig Corda BAJACROSS Apr 8 1st Cl 1 Scott Gillman 1st Cl 1 2 1600 Doug Ingles 1st Cl 10 Mike Gillman 2nd Cl 10 Jerry Whelchel FIREBIRD LAKE 1st Cl 1 Scott Gillman 2nd Cl 1 Frank Arciero Jr 1st Cl 10 Jerry Whelchel 2nd Cl 10 Mike Gillman 3rd Cl 10 Frank Arciero Jr I THANKS FOR PROVING WORKS AND IT S WORTH IT I I I HPS can help keep you ahead no matter what you drive HPS provides more horse power and better fuel economy Most importantly HPS can save hundreds of dollars by reducing parts wear and or damage caused by conventional oil breaking down at excessively high temperatures Shouldn t you ask your parts supplier for HPS before your next oil change I FOR MORE INFORMATION AND A LIST OF DEALERS CONTACT HPS Inc P O Box 1065 Solana Beach CA 92075 619 753 3196 Dealer Inquires Invited I I I L HPS SUPERSEDES CONVENTIONAL OILS May1984 Page39 _

Page 40

I Steve Mize brought two Ford Broncos to Devore had troubles with both of them and got a 3rd In Class 3 and a 4th In Class 4 Jorge Souto drove an older Nissan really a Datsun In the Nissan Cup contest and with a 2nd and a 1st Jorge got the points too Walker Evans had his Dodge D 50 running great on Saturday but he broke a drive axle on Sunday Evans was the only entry In Class 7M I I Dick Star ta bravely sails over the double Jump In his stocker Nissan Cup racer Star ta wori on Saturday and finished second on points more about GLEN HELEN PARK Cusick running _third off the line did a spectacular roll off the third hill in his Pro A TV but got upright and rejoined the fray The early leader was Phil Blurton Pro A TV and he diced closely with Randy Sma lley and Randy Pettit A few broke but most went the ten laps From mid distance Randy Pettit led the tiny cars home Rick Grumbeln started on the pole on Sunday due to the Inverted start and despite a trail of white smoke Rick and the Honcho won the moto Class 10 was down to five cars Chet Huffman along with Scott Gillman having defected to Saddleback on Sunday Rick Jones led off the start with Jim Fishback Sr and Ed Martensen in his wake and Frank Arciero Jr was up to third by lap 3 On the fourth round both Fishback and Aric ro f assed Jones at the top of the hil and Arciero took over the lead with Fishback staying close By lap 7 Arciero FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END O l La Paz Party Mixes Larry Casey looked great In his Honcho and Casey drove to a pair of seconds In the all Jeep show taking second In Class 4 was well out in front over the truck on its roof and that was Fishback who was half a mile that for him Calo had problems ahead of the trailing trio Action and dropped back and Myron again on the top of the hill saw Croel now had the lead but Jorge Kelley and Martensen make a Souto was pushing hard Souto sandwich of Jones as they passed passed Croel on lap 9 and Ker by At the flag the order was Snyder was tight in third and Arciero Fishback Kelley that is the way they finished On Martensen and Jones in close peints for the weekend it was combat and that was the order of Soutor Starita and Snyder the points results as well Some were missing when the The NissanCuppers ran alone Odys_seys came out for their on Sunday Ron Barrett surged second round and the racing into the lead followed by Larry wasn t as tight this trip Rennie Olsen from the green flag Dick Awana in a Briggs Built led from Starita got stuck on a steep hill flag to flag followed all the way but made it over after three by Randy Pettit some distance aq mpts RenaltoCalo pulled up back and passed everyone to lead after Class 3 was alone on the track three rounds Barrett repassed and it was exciting for a time and extended a lead but coming Don Coffland and Doug into the last turn on lap 5 he put Robinson renewed their contest but Robinson went into the bushes on the first turn then Steve Mizel got into the lead at the top of the hill But Don Adams was on the move and in the lead at the end of the second lap he pulled steadily away in the Scrambler to win by a huge argm Mi Jw mMi t 4J 9 w Randall had a good dice often running side by side It took nine laps before Randall made the pass at the t p of the hill and he finished second just in front of Mizel and that is how the points went also Class 1 started five but one was Steve Kelley in a 10 car to fill up the field Charging off the line Jim Fishback Jr led but Frank Arciero was second by the first turn Al Arciero flipped into TRACKSIDE IS THERE J Color and Black White photos of many major off road events including Riverside and Baja current and historic We have one of the largest photo libraries of all types of motor sports including events dating back into 1970 We have photos for publ ication public relations advertising presentations promotions personal scrapbook enjoyment We were there last time we II be there next time TRACKSIDE tf J I j t Photo Enterprises PO BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 21 3 327 4493 18710 SO NORMAN DIE AVE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 Page40 The tiny Odyssey type racers really drive hard Randy Smalley right and Tom Martin hop through a hlllslde turn side by side In the wild action at Devore May1984 Phil Blurton was the early leader In the first moto for the Odyssey racers on Sunday but he got caught In traffic and finis Jed fourth Dusty Times

Page 41

ABOVE Right to Left Denny Cusick was moving fast In his Pro A TV when he hit wrong on the top of the h 11 and did a spectacular endo In the first moto on the first lap He got rotting again and finished fifth the brush on the second hill and Mario Alesi was in the bushes in the next turn so the heat was red flagged Al was OK and restarted but Alesi lost a wheel and had front end damage so he parked On the restart Fishback again led with Frank Arciero right to his rear followed by Kelley Al spun out on the second turn but carried on Frank Arciero and Fishback were side by side banging nerf bars all down the straight on the second lap before Frank passed into the lead then Fishback spun on the final hill Meanwhile Al Arciero was off course again and he retired to the pits leaving three in motion On the fourth lap Fishback also retired with breakage So this heat wound down mercifully only six laps from the restart with Frank Arciero cooling it aeput 1 2 seconds ahead of his teammate Kelley who had a flat tire Frank Arciero won the points over Jim Fishback Jr and Mario Alesi he final event was a grudge race between Frank Arciero and Steve Kelley and they swapped their Class 10 cars putting each driver in unfamiliar equipment However the five lapper had a familiar result The pair diced along and Frank led mosJ of the way So Frank Arciero Jr won five heats at Glen Helen Park everything he could The neat facility needs more and stouter fences and more spectator gates to be a proper short course track Many spectators did not pay but arrived through a sand wash also avoiding the line at the single admiss ion gate Still the grandstand was full on Sunday gladdening the hearts of the big sponsors Nissan How much better the debut of off road racing at Glen Helen Park could have been without the serious date conflict is hard to say For sure there would have been full fields in the buggy races but the truck population would have been nearly the same because the T oyotas were not expected to compete in the new Class 7M since the big mixup at the Phoenix Firebird event It does appear that blood got thicker than water with most southern California short course racers One third of the entry at Glen Helen was from outside the state of California The local hot dogs stuck with the Saddleback race with just a few exceptions D I t ttunQrf alley SVRA Gorrnait __ _ MIii f91H Fantastic Racing action in front of start finish and Main Pit area Super Race course FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL 209 439 2114 DATE MAY 19 1984 PLACE HUNGRY VALLEY S V R A GORMAN CALIFORNIA ENTRY FE_E 300 00 POST ENTRY FEE DUE AFTER MAY 12th 350 00 NO CHECKS ACCEPTED AFTER MAY 12th REGISTRATION INS 45 00 PURSE 50 of Entry Fees plus AMSA PAYS 10 00 per entry to Drivers Points Fund START POSITIONS Assigned in class as entries are received by AMSA RACE FORMAT 200 Mile race on a 20 25 Mile Hi Desert course REGISTRATION T_ECHNICAL INSPECTION At Start Finish Pit area opens at 4 00 p m and closes at 7 00 p m Friday May 18th opens at 8 00 a m Sat and closes at 11 00 a m NO IMPOUND DRIVERS MEETING Mandatory meeting for all Drivers at 12 00 noon RACE STARTS 1 00 p m All classes will have a 6 hour time limit to complete the event AWARDS PRESENTATION At 8 00 p m Saturday at Start Finish Pit area PRE RUN Race course will be marked by May 18 1984 AMSA is not responsible for Pre Run activities Traveling on the marked course at High Race Speed or the Wrong Direction on the Course is strictly FORBIDDEN All Federal State Local and California State Park Laws must be obeyed AMERICAN MOTOR SPORTS ASSOCIATION P O BOX 5473 FRESNO CALIFORNIA 93755 Dusty Times Page 41 May1984

Page 42

I ll r 7 ll I TRANSMISSIONS PORSCHE V W SPECIALISTS 12623 SHERMAN WAY UNIT B NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 r l g DIIDT IIACING AIIOCIATION 1408 E Granada Road Phoenix Arizona 85006 BE WHERE THE ACTION IS COME RACE WITH US WRITE OR CALL 252 1900 I OFF ROAD CENTER mild steel tubing race proven champion chassis 1196 N Batavia St Orange CA 92667 Send for FREE chassis brochure PHONE 818 765 3566 I EBBCD mandrel bent chrome moly or 714 532 6893 PRO SPORTSMAN BEGINNER RACES CLASSES FOR BUGGY S a 4x4 1 TRUCKS a CARS 1 Headquarters for VW Accessories and Service ANDRES N WITER BILSTEIN J trestone Bilstein the leader in gas pressure shocks is now the leader in car care products BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Vly Rd Sa n Diego CA 92121 714 453 7723 k l TIRE RUBBER COMPANY FAMILY ORIENTED RACING I B W M RACING Take A Part Racing Shocks I PRODUCTS INC c PREPARATIONS Custom Revalving DISTRIBUTOR FOR c 9017 San Fernando Road PARTS Owner 916 Mike Bishop 682 9484 I i 1 SUN VALLEY CALIFORNIA 91352 213 768 7770 SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS Off Road Race Truck Chassis I Mechanic Art Jackson 7901 Cottonleal Way Sacramento CA 95828 t 1 DENNIS WAYNE 1511 PORSCHE PAR1S BAJA B SHOP r i I M I G AND TtG WELD I NG CUSTOM FABRICATION ANO FRAME REPAIRS COMPETITION SUSPENSION WORK RE l ABI V W PAim OFI ROAD RACE PREP 28740 OAK AVE UNIT H JOHN MCDOWELL CANYON COUNTRY CA 91351 805 251 4134 11623 SHELDON ST 8341 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park California 91304 213 709 5416 800 854 5127 SUN VALLEY CA 913152 768 4555 t FOUR WHfflfR THE WORLD S LEADiNG FOUR WHEEL DRIVE MAGAZINE Send To 21216 Vanowen Canoga Park Cali fornia 91303 Telephone 213 992 4777 5302 TWEEDY BL SOUTH GATE CALIF 90280 213 566 5171 l tt J 1 tJ

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Mickey Thompso Entertainment Group GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CA 92330 OFF ROAD ANID SAND BUGGY SPECIALIST DESIGN ENGINEERING SALES 17141 674 7365 MARVIN SHAW PARTS German Auto Catalog S1 00 4 WD Repairs lift Kits Wheels Tires Used Trk Ports Tel 413 739 4111 Parts Accessories VW MANAGER JOHN PROSSER TOYOTA 53 WOODLYN LANE BRADBURY CALIFORNIA 91010 213 359 5117 213 358 2651 WIiiiams AZ 86046 602 635 2607 LeDuc Off Road ENTERPRISES 186 Baldwin St West Springfield MA 01089 DATSUN 11324 NORWALK BOULEVARD Mkkey_111ompson llf1 BAJA BELTED POLVESTER FIBERGLASS BELTS OUTLINED WHITE LETTERS All the characteristics 01 a radial and more Soft ride extra mileage precise handling reduced ro lo II resistance more MPG low noise level Revolutionary Side Biter cleats give twice the traction in mud snow dirt and sand Plus protect Sidewalls off road Orders shipped from Santa Ana California or Akron Ohio Send 25 Deposit Balance and freight shipped C 0 D 1 800 222 9092 SANTA FE SPRINGS CA 90870 213 863 1123 213 IN CANADA 411 1114 4785 868 9393 Distributor For Mostercroft Bestop Husky Rough Country Porker Pumper Custom Race Truck Fabrication and Roll Bors ED LEKIVETZ RON METCALF CALL OR WRITE FOR OTHER MIT TIRES AND SPECIALS TEST RESULTS AVAILABLE S to MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES P O Box 227 Cuyahoga Falla Ohio 222 McKENZIE S AUTOMOTIVE INC OFFROAD RACECAR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES CfNTER LINE WHEELS fEM RACING GEARS 3 1 213 764 643 NELSoN ouNN CIBE LIGHTS l LSTEIN SHOCKS 3422 W WHITTON PHOENIX ARIZONA 85017 OUTSIDE ARIZONA 1 800 528 6170 INSIDE ARliONA 602 973 9697 SWAY A WAY BEARD SEATS 12849 SHERMAN WAY No 4 NO HOLLYWOOD CA 91801 1 940 South Vail Avenue Monteoello CA 90640 213 724 3705 MENDEOLA RACINC TECHNOLOCY GOOII J EA f Z818 Wilkersor i Court San Diego CA 92111 619 261 1 4140 NEVADA OFFROAD BUGGY 0 4 Sour VAllEy ViEw LAs VEGAS NEvAdA 8Ql 02 VW PORSCHE HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES 702 871 4911 714 697 3100 3501 FOURSOME DRIVE LA MESA CA 92041 RACE PROVEN FOR A FREE BROCHURE CONTACT HPS INC P O B ox 1065 SOLANA BEACH CA 92075 0830 6 19 753 3 196 HPS WO RKS AND ITS WO RTH IT s QI tJJJ fJf J AMERICAN CORPORATION 8910 Mlkunl Avenue Northrldge California 91324 18181873 2101 v5o C 1 u u C H1GH PERFORMANCE S YNTHETIC OIL 0 0 t FOR O B 0 RACING 0 Distributor for o3 vw Off Road tt s Race Car Parts 203 673 42 COMPETITION OR STREET 818 344 2693 MJM OFFROAD OFF ROAD CONCEPT BRAKES Master Cylinders Sh ifters 714 676 2066 Dusty Times Suspension DAVE SNODDY PERFORAfANCEPRODUCTS P O Box 1538 42006 C Avenida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 ORC Chassis Race Prep Mike Rusnak Jo Rusnak 7428 Darby Avenue Reseda CA 91335 May1984 1440 East Arrow Highway Unit F Irwindale CA 91706 213 359 1203 Page43

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY MORE 213 923 0854 SIMPSON SAFETY EQUIPMENT David Kreisler Free Catalog 22630 South Normandie Ave Torrance CA 90502 213 320 7231 12109 LAKEWOOD BLVD DOWNEY CALIF 90242 I RED1AIL OFF ROAD 28918 Roadside Dr Agoura Hills CA 91301 ORE OFF ROAD E 6 EERIN6 GREG LEWIN KIRK CARTWRIGHT 213 882 2886 Chatsworth CA 91311 Michael J Stllkey General Manager PIBTS BXCBINDB AUTOMOTIVE HI PERFORMANCE THE SOURCE Bank Card orders Cal Toll Frm 1 800 528 5703 3101 Wist Thoma Roal Pllmx Arizona 85017 602 272 9333 VW ACCESSORI ES SAND CHASSIS IF YOU LIKE SWAP MEETS YOU LL LOVE THE 2nd Sunday of Every Month VW OFF ROAD 4 WO 4th Sunday of Every Month LONG BEACH VETERANS STADIUM INFO 714 581 6392 NEW USED PARTS Street Sand Toys Inc RUSS s V W Recycling Auto Parts Warehouse 44 30 N Dixie Hwy Fort Lauderdale Florida 33334 3317 S Peck Rd Monrovia CA 91016 BEHIND TONY S TRUCK WRECKING OUTS IDE FL Q Q J 27 f 1 1 FL 305 491 8085 INSIDE FL 800 433 85 11 213 574 1943 213 574 1944 Specializing in V W Bugs Buses Ghias and 914 s RON BAKER 619 426 2662 415 388 1452 RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER PE HJ Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components Allan C Martinelli Vice President Motorsports Division Ph one 1213 361 1215 25801 Obrero Suit e 11 M issio n Viejo C A 92691 I a division of I Z13 707 1538 Can 9720 Cozycroft elcll tl1 Quality 4 x 4 products Mini truck accessories SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS 71 4 859 6105 P O BOX 5342 CHULA VISTA CA 92012 Sadi International PHIL S INC QUALITY PARTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES Send 3 00 for complete Phil s Catalog Volkswagen Off Road High Performance Equipment 2204 Ashland Ave Evanston Illinois 60201 I 312 869 2434 800 323 5427 for order de sk Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away r To order phone 312 251 3991 Visa Mastercard accepted or Information Raffo Racing 520 Sheridan Road Kenilworth Illinois 60043 Page44 Canada Inc 390 CHEMIN DU LAC LERY QUE CANADA J6N 1A3 514 692 6171 Silver Dust Racine Association Suspension Compone nts 213 988 5510 7840 BURNET AVE THE DJ1F TH E 1ff Phone 702 459 0317 PO Box 7380 Los Vegas NV 89125 DON HILKER PRESIDENT May1984 VAN NUYS CALIF 91405 TRAIi SMAii 701 C HARLESTON AVENUE LEE S SUMMIT MO 64063 PHONE 816 525 3555 Dusty Times

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Bounces from the Berm Goodies Galore 130 Watt Super Lights Flyin Machine eans Leave it to Bill Simpson to com e u p w ith d esign er jean s fo r way o ff the road up in the air The n ew Flyin M achine Jeans are d esign ed expressly fo r U lt ralight Pil o t s Th e lo n g w ea r h ig h qu a lit y d e nim p a nt s h ave a uniqu e po ly fill e d linin g fo r p r o t ec ti o n fr o m w ind a nd weather and a special zipp ered leg pock etfor in fli ght stowage that is h and y The sam e features m ak e the Jean s great fo r off roaders p re running o r in the pits The fancy p ants are 59 95 a pair fr o m Simpson Safety Products 2 2630 So N o rm a ndi e A ve Dept OT T o rran ce C A 90502 C Bushings for Ford4 x4s By Jean C alvin Dick Cep e k h as a pair o f n ew o utsta nding lights w ith 130 wa tt 12 volt quartz h alogen bulbs The C 8 00 Super Off Road er is an extra large rectangular light with heavy duty m o unting The C 900 S uper Off R oad er is a big round eight inch d iameter light also w ith h eavy duty m o unting The lights feature quality chrome p l a ted rim s a nd p e arl g r ay ho us ings and h ard p lastic covers are included in the price 39 95 each fo r the C 800 and 35 95 each for the C 9 00 Write fo r Dick s free catalog and get all the info fro m Dick Cepek Inc D ept OT 9201 California Ave South Gate C A 9028 0 Parts Galore Threads for Racers The lack of entry for the recent HORA sho rt course race at Glen Helen Park near Devore is a graphic example of what happens when there is a date conflict The HORA lost all but a few in the two buggy classes to the Baja Cross race In fact on Sunday there were onl y nine in the Class 1 and 10 ranks combined at Glen Helen while Baja Cross had more than double that number in Class 10 alone It is a darn shame that such date conflicts happen The April 8 Sunday date for the HORA was supposed to be a hill climb near Vegas but the San Bernardino County Parks people reportedly nixed the HORA Memorial Day weekend date at Glen Helen Park So W alt Lott canceled the hill climb and moved onto southern Califo rnia turf on April 8 which did put many racers on the spot wondering which event to attend It is time fo r a serio us appeal to orga nizers to avoid these collisions on dates fo r popular races Sadly th is season there are two such exact conflicts between the HORA and Score events still o n the calendar and more are being scheduled by other promoters Most incredible of all is the exact same dates for the fin al desert points races of the season from both HORA and Score O n November JO December 2 Score winds up its season with the Barstow Classic out of the Barstow Community College It is the same date Score had in 1983 However W alt Lott and the HORA have moved their final desert race the Frontier 250 ahead two weeks from the 1983 date and it happens less than 200 miles fr om Barstow out of Sloan Nevada o n the same fi rst of December weekend This action is blatently unfa ir to the desert race points seekers in our opin ion If the sport in the desert is to prosper this sort of head to head confrontatio n must be resolved It can onl y hurt both events wi th poor entry make them look bad to sponsors and also provide a skimpy purse fo r the wi nners Earlier in the yea r the Sno re 250 which is an HORA desert points race has moved o ne week fo rwa rd from its traditional September date and the floating date for the Score Riverside short course race has also settled on September 14 16 whether by accident or design on either side of the fence It will be tough on drivers who run both the desert and short course races There are more such conflicts mainly on short course schedules and one day perhaps promoters will realize there are only so many off road racers of any ilk in a given neighbo rhood The promoter is the big loser when the entry is sparse End of sermon Score Internatio nal has made changes in its staff recentl y Director of Operations Ric Miller has moved on to other endeavors and we wish Ric well in his new ventures The duties of Operatio ns Director will now be handled by Bob McCullough who most racers know as Score s Medical Team Chief N ew fr o m JT Industries are urethane C bus hings for the front coil springs o n Ford 4 x 4 s the 1966 through 1979 F 100 F 50 a nd Bw nao models Good through the fir st of uly a special introductory price is offered for a s et of four long la s tin g inj e ction mold e d light blue urethane bushings merely 32 These replace the stock rubber bushings on the models with coil spring front ends and will last longer and dampen more road shock than the stock parts Order yours from JT Indistries 8157 Wing Ave Dept OT El Cajon CA 92020 The 198 4 Nissan Competition Parts C atalog with over 1 700 high p e rformance components that fit Nissan sports cars sedans and truck s is now available through the network of nearly 1100 Datsun dealers The 66 page catalog features Nissan parts from the early 1600 engines to the latest trick stuff for the 280 ZX Turbos G et the catalog and order parts from your local dealer Berrien Buggy now has shirts a nd hats a v ail a ble with th e Berrien slogan emblazoned on b o th the jerseys and the hats The 50 50 cotto n a nd polye s ter jerseys feature 3 4 length sleeves and come in all adult sizes The hats feature a cloth visor with m esh crown for real comfort and with adjustable band o ne size fits all Shirts and hats are both available w ith trim colors of yellow black red orange or blue See your Berrien Buggy dealer or write to Berrien Buggy Inc Dept OT U S 31 South Berrien Sprin g s Michi g an 49103 Chris Raffo of Raffo Racing out of Chicago has developed a swell new fresh air system for off road racing helmets While Raffo has been selling his system for some time he now has a brand new model that does everything better California racer and top buggy driver Dick Young has tried the latest self contained model in some recent and very dusty races and Dick says the new system works great Of course the best place to test an air system of any kind for a helmet is the Mint 400 Chris Raffo will be in contingency row with a selection of his systems just the thing to have when tackling the horrendo us silt beds Raffo also has contingency posted for the Mint 400 AMSA s Jim Webb is borrowing an idea from the eastern short course promoters and is planning a six hour enduro on the short course around the Fresno Fairgrounds His annual Grand Prix in June has been canceled because of horse track activity on the date So he is going with a big show on the following weekend with bikes and 3 wheelers on Saturday and the six hour car race on Sunday It will be a two mile course rough enough so that a desert car will be competitive The main drawback is that the MTEG race at Pomona is on the same weekend on the Saturday night and more GOOD 51UFF RIKENTRE UNIROYAL TIRE WHEEL MART UNIROYAL DISTRIBUTORS ACE TT 4NS BYJEFF REll S TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING AUGMENTS BRAKE SERVICE BARNEY SCOTT Phone 585 3043 2225 FIRESTONE BLVD LOS ANGELES CALIF 90002 JEFF FIELD 998 2739 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth CA 91311 VALLEY PERFORMANCE 3700 Mead Avenue Las Vegas Nevada 89102 702 873 1962 GO M TRACJ

Page 46

Pony Express We met the year before last at the race track in St Guilliamue Quebec I was pleased with the fair and accurate account of that race that you wrote for Four Wheeler magazine and others Last year we met Bill and Teri Sanders at the race at Notre Dame Du Nord I was also very pleased with their account of the event in the following issue of Four Wheeler I can only help support such honest and friendly people like yourselves by subscribing so enclosed is 15 U S funds for a subscription to your newspaper Bryan Larocque Richmond Hill Ontario Canada We sure enjoy your new paper out here in the northwest My check is enclosed and please start my subscription with the May issue We especially enjoy your coverage of events OUTSIDE the Los Angeles San Diego and Las Vegas areas There IS off road racing elsewhere and it sure is nice to be able to read about it Good Luck T om Arno ld The No Name Garage Eugene Oregon Check out the fine coverage from Rick Hochfeld on the first Pro Can Am desert race out of Bend Oregon in this issue More articles from your area are in the works for the rest of the season Could you please tell your readers about our summer races They are listed under the Berrien Auto Cross Series in your calendar but there is much more than that happening The Sugar Camp Off Road Challenge near Rhinelander Wisconsin on July 7 and 8 1984 also has races for motorcycles ATCS and some mud drags for street legal 4 x 4s There are primitive camping facilities on the grounds The Hodag 50 in Rhinelander Wisconsin is on August 4 and 5 WHY AREN T YOU A DUSTY TIMES DEALER SELL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PRESENT TO YOUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS U P S EVERY MONTH TO YOUR DOOR YOU PAY NO SHIPPING CHARGES GET ALL THE RACE AND RALLY NEWS FROM THE TOP OFF ROAD JOURNALISTS Contact Classified 1984 and it includes full classes for A TCs as well as the full range of car classes in the Berrien Auto Cross Series There is camping at Hodag Raceway and a band plus a corn roast happens on Saturday night I just thought the readers should know about the extra events at these races Bernie Eckert Rhinelander Wisconsin Anyone wishing the full information packet on these events should contact Bernie Rt 6 Box ro5 Rhinelander WI 54501 or call 715 362 6550 Enclosed is my check for a subscription to DUSTY TIMES I read about your publication in the Stage Times and I am looking forward to the Pro Rally coverage Thanks for your interest in rallies James Williams El Paso Texas The Rally Week Northwest is happening now as we write these words Watch for full coverage on the first two events in the 1984 season f ram the Pro Rally scene in the June issue of DUSTY TIMES Full coverage will continue via our far flung correspondents throughout the season along with coverage from some of the real biggies in Europe I must congratulate you for bringing to the off road 1 competition fie ld an e cl itoria package that is both thorough and stimulating DUSTY TIMES in my opinion is destined to become this country s leading off road racing newspaper Keep up the excellent job of bringing the real life excitement of off road racing to the pages of DUSTY TIMES In behalf of Four Wheeler Magazine we are behind you all the way Jon Pelzer President Publisher Four Wheeler Magazine DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Avenue Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 213 889 5600 Our sincere thanks to Jon Pelzer and all the others who tell us how well they like DUSTY TIMES FOR SALE 1983 Berrien 1001 chrome moly race chassis 1983 NCPS Points winner Class 1 Integral front end rear arms and spring plates plus much more included 3000 00 Call for more info Jeff Probst 815 485 7223 days 815 485 4691 evenings FOR SALE Brandwood Tandem 120 WB 11 travel front 16 rear 10 wider front end Wright Tectira Porsche CVs Dura Blue Sway A Way Fox Shox Neal 22 gal fuel cell Super Seats Rapid Cool Braided lines Morse cables Centerlines much more Everything brand new complete less engine and trans 16 000 invested sell for 8500 Gene Greenlee FOR SALE TZ 750Yamahaengine fresh by Don Vesco not run Tempe AZ 602 831 8166 since over 800 rebuild All new FOR SALE New Raceco Class coils and sender extra parts 1 Summers long travel 24 cranks cylinders and cases alrear suspension 4 wh discs cus most two engines Best offer over tom fully enclosed aerodynamic 5000 for all Also Halibrand body aluminum by Nye Frank quick change midget rear end 120 wheelbase Bunce 2 7 Type Six sets of gears has ring and 4 motor 180 H P fresh Kreisler pinion James Lawrence 714 trannie with Hewlands all 337 9278 gauges Wright Neal power steering Centerlines Bilsteins Encabo Raceco prep 25 000 FOR SALE Car trailer heavy turnkey Call Norman 818 duty single axle with electric 952 7020 brakes Built to carry a Scout or Jeep Also good for VW FOR SALE 1979 Chevy Luv 600 00 Call Arne Gunnarsson Class 7S truck pro built 9 714 981 3165 floater rear 25 fal tank Firestones Center ines Rough WANTED Full time mechanic Country Taylor Seats 2 extra engines and boxes of parts This to prepare and maintain a new truck has been in storage and is Raceco Type IV two seater on a in mint condition may be two car team with the Mickey streetable 3000 00 or best Thompson single seat Raceco offer Call Tom Renolds 818 Call 818 359 5117 367 1634 i _ _ _ _ _ _ __ DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from all comers of off road activity The Pony Express column will feature all the mail we can get in the space Please keep your words fairly brief and to the point Because of space limitations your pearls of prose may be edited but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as well as your praises r 1 Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I I I DUSTY TIMES Classified Advertising rate is only 10 for 45 words not including name address and phone number Add 5 00 for use of black and white photo or a very sharp color print CHARTER SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe If you wish to use a photo in your free ad enclose 5 00 Enclosed is Send check or money order no cash Please run ad times Name Address Phone City _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ __ _ State _ __ _ _ Zip _ _ __ _ __ Mail To DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 l Page46 l t May1984 FOR SALE Class 14 short course off road racer custom frame and cage Dana 60 rear end with trac loc 411 Corp front end with true trac 400 H P 355 Chevy small Block 400 turbo 205 transfer case strong runner Asking 12 000 with fresh motor Bryan Larocque Richmond Hill Ontario Canada 416 884 0065 I Ii I l I 4 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS A M S A 41 BAJA CROSS 35 BERRIEN BUGGY 13 BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 5 BUG OFF 9 DICK CEPEK INC 2 C O R E 36 FILLER PRODUCTS 22 FOLKSW AGON 4 FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE 47 GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 32 GERMAN AUTO 29 GIANT OFF ROAD CENTERS 21 GOODYEAR TIRE RUBBER CO 24 25 HPS 39 JAMAR 11 KC HILITES 19 LAWRENCE 12 McKENZIE AUTOMOTIVE 16 MIKUNI AMERICAN CORP 33 MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP BACK COVER MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES 7 NELSON DUNN 23 NEV ADA OFFROAD BUGGY 26 RACECO 27 SAN FERNANDO BUGGY CENTER 6 SILVER DUST RACING ASSN 28 SIMPSON SAFETY PRODUCTS 20 STATION 1 15 SWAY A WAY 37 TIRE WHEEL MART 18 TRACKSIDE PHOTO ENT 40 TRI MIL INDUSTRIES 1 7 Dusty Times I II

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