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1984 Volume 1 Number 4 Dusty Times Magazine

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First it was the Parker 400 And now the Laughlin Desert Challenge as Firestone s extra traction ATX Radial 23 teamed up with Manny Esquerra to go two for two to open up the 1984 off road season And if Parker was tough Laughlin was even tougher Four tight twisting roller coaster laps through Nevada s desert hills Over 200 miles of sand and dust and swirling wind Sharp turns and canyons barely wider than a truck So tough only 58 out of 142 official starters finisr ed Tough for Manny too who rolled his Ford Ranger three times along the way But not too tough for Firestone s heavy duty ATX OOC GOO GOG OUR PROOF IS IN PERFORMANCE Radial 23 light truck tires the same ones you can buy as they took Manny to anotherClass 7 win in 6 06 06 The Firestone ATX Radial 23 With th e rugged steel belt and polyester cord body construction of Firestone s other proven off road winner the Radial ATX Plus a tread design based on Firestone s 23 bar angle that puts the traction in our farm tires All to give you one tough tire that digs in deep without filling up for full shoulder to shoulder traction Radial ATX or ATX Radial 23 Bolt a set on at your Firestone retailer and we ll make a believer out of you ATX Radial 23 Available in high flotati on sizes 30x 9 50R1 5LT 31x10 50 R1 5LT and 33x 12 50R1 5LT plu s heavy d ut y constru cti on sizes 31x10 50R1 5LT and 33x 12 50R15LT Remember th e safety of any tire depend s on wea r load proper inflation and dri ving cond iti ons

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April 1984 Volume 1 Number 4 In This Issue FEATURES Editor Publisher Jean Calvin Contributors Daryl D Drake Homer Eubanks Martin Holmes Rory Ivers Danny McKenzie Bill Oursler Brenda Parker David Ryskamp Walt Schwalbe Wayne Simmons Judy Smith Trackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E Worsham Typesetting Production Michelle s Typesetting Services Printing News Type Service Subscription Rates 12 00 per year 12 issues USA Foreign subscription rates on request A D R A Hassayampa 150 HDRA Laughlin Desert Challenge Baja Cross Pro Rally Update Off Road History on the Hoof AMSA at Indian Dunes Profile Phil and Mike Ruesche The Seventh Annual Racing Car Show The Swedis_h International Rally GMC High Sierra Pickup The 28th National Breakdown Rally Page 10 14 24 27 28 30 33 34 35 36 41 Contributions DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contri butions but is not responsible for S lch material Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope Classified Ads will be published as received prepaid DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors All ads may be subject to editing DUSTY TIMES is published by Hillside Racing Corp 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 818 889 5600 Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher DEPARTMENTS Snapshot of the Month Soapbox by Cam Warren Trail Notes Side Tracks by Judy Smith Bounces from the Berm Happenings Midwest Report 6 50 Club Goodies Galore Good Stuff Directory Pony Express Classified Ads Index to Advertisers 3 4 4 5 6 8 13 29 37 38 42 42 42 Direct all advertising and editorial material to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 DUSTYTIMES SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH I I I I I DUSTYTI BECOME I I l I I I I I I I This is carrying the downsize idea too far It looks like the world s oddest Jeep but sharp eyes will see that i t i s a VW sedan desert style The scene i s the Randall Jeep Radng Team main pit during the 1983 Cal 400 at Barstow John Randall had overheating woes on course with his Class 4 Honcho and he removed the grill for better cooling with the help of bystanders The bystanders thoughtfully returned the fancy chrome grill they snapped it un the Yolks and brought it back to the main pit only to find no one there The Jeep had broken down and the crew were gone on a retrieval mission DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar funnies or woes on this page each month Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for _consideration DUSTY TIMES will pay 10 for the picture used If vou wish the photo returned enclose a stamped self addressed envelope Only black white prints 5x7 or 8x 10 will be considered ON THE COVER Manny Esquerra hauled freight on the last lap at the HDRA Laughlin Desert Challenge to win Class 7 by a whisker in the Ford Ranger sponsored by Chief Auto Parts 7 11 Stores Firestone and of course Ford Esquerra is two for two in 1984 since he got the new paint job winning at the Score Parker 400 as well Color photography by Stuart Bourdon of T rackside Photo Enterprises Dusty Times April 1984 Page 3

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SOAP BOX By Cam Warren President Reno International Rally Association Inc The poorly laid out ule book usually doesn t appear until well into the season the calendar is in a constant state of flux and no meaningful criterion for events has existed Information about manufacturers contingency programs has been difficult to obtain and ofrimes communication to the membership has been neglected Many a good plan has been allowed to wither away and die chiefly due to a tendancy toward_petty politics within the governing body The SCCA rallyists themselves have a certain amount of growing up to do While there are an increasing number of enlightened people in the club we still hear complaints from the ranks about commercialization of the sport A case in point some contestants complained about being required to wash their vehicles before arriving at the finish line and TV cameras of a recent event not realizing the importance to the sponsors of legible decals on the side of the car And there are alway_s complaints about ap parent favoritism shown to the well turned out and highly talented front runners who show up on time willingly give out interviews and are generally a credit to the sport But again leadership is at fault Such things should be a matter of standard policy with good reasons spelled out to the membership As a long time over 25 years member of the SCCA I would like to see it continue to be the U S sanctioning body But I cringe when I observe the often inept way the organization goes about its business Manufacturers and prospective sponsors have been ill treated help from within the ranks has often been ignored Too frequently the SCCA has vacillated about decisions until too late too often have they tried to play hard ball with a soft bat Grabbing at the specks while the pepper blows away is the way one sage obsever summed it up Rallying CAN and should be a big time sport in the U S and the SCCA should realize this This is the year for decisive action and probably SCCA s last chance We fervently hope they ll shape up clear out the cobwebs and get the show on the road at last RALLYING is a very exciting ies was the catalyst and now the international sport closely organization points with pride to associated with off road racing its foresight in getting involved but with a more formal structure It was a golden era not quite Since the vehicles used run only equalled since although some of on established roads and are the modern equivalents have street legal there are fewer come close Interestingly obstacles to laying out an enough one progressive acceptable course As population individual who had a lot to do density fncreases there are fewer with the Can Am program Gohn and fewer areas where uninhibBishop left SCCA and started IMSA the International Motor ited racing is acceptable This situation arose some years ago in Sports Association It came as no Europe and motor sport went surprise that this effort was a either to the closed circuit tracks success almost from the first or to rallies The popularity of moment IMSA it should be the latter is incredible crowds noted operates efficiently as an numbering in the hundreds of autocracy as opposed to the thousands turn out for the major several thousand constituency events and drivers are national democracy that is SCCA While heroes in their own right Auto that gives the latter a broad manufacturers field heavily financial base it also means a lot subsidized teams government of voters with diverse ideas that tourist authorities underwrite have to be satisfied organizers expenses and familiar In recent times the decisions names like Marlboro open their in the SCCA Pro Rally checkbooks in support The department have been made by Safari Rally is Kenya s biggest the Pro Rally Board which met event on the calendar Monte twice a year Recently at the Carlo put itself on the map of the urging of an ad hoc committee of world with their famous rally manufacturers this extremely So why despite the best slow and relatively ineffectual efforts of BFGoodrfch and a few procedure was abandoned and others is performapce rally_ing in SCCA will now have a single the U S still a back page sport person a czar if you will to Certainly part of the blame lies at call the shots That will certainly the feet of the sanctioning body be a major improvement if the the Sports Car Club of America right person can be found The SCCA began life as an Howe ver he she will still have amateur organization in the best to report to T Michael British tradition While that is an Moreland the SCCA VP also in altruistic philosophy we cannot charge of club amateur rallying fault it doesn t dovetail well with and solo events Quite possibly the practical necessities of life due to the diverse workload Mr Our laws are such that anyone Moreland has been something who spends pre tax dollars on les s than dynamite in the past having a good time is made to feel and many rallyists and some the fool Here in the states just manufacturers feel the new about any leisure time activity alignment has not gotten must be conducted as a business completely to the root of the not as a hobby And so it is with problem Time will tell auto sports The presence of Of course there have been prize money rather than just explanations and the finger of trophies is one criterion of blame has been pointed in professionalism a fact various directions including recognized by at least a portion of event organizers While there SCCA membership So much for may be considerable justification Volunteers are invited ro climb on purity of purpose the fact still remains that too In the mid sixties the SCCA much confusion and inefficiency their Soap Box a nd fill this space was finally dragged kicking and has been evident in the end with their thoughts on off road screaming into professional result which means the racing C a ll with your ideas a nd get racing The origin l Can Am ser impression given to the public on the schedule TRAIL NOTES DUSTY TIMES is growing like Topsy and we are proud to announce that with only three issues in print we are expanding This issue is four pages larger than the previous three Our sincere thanks to to all the generous advertisers whose growing ranks have encouraged the quick expansion Thanks also to all the faithful subscribers and dealers who are also growing at a rapid rate in numbers Watch for our complete coverage o n racing great and small all over the country this spring lf you are going to the Score Show drop by Booth 337 and say hello DUSTY TIMES will be there THE BAY AREACLASSIC o utofGreen Bay Wisconsin is com ing along well The bo ys have spent the winter months planning and they have a race schedule map of the track the whole story in the mail now and the race doesn t happen until the weekend o f June 23 24 All Berrien Autocross classes similar to Sco re Internatio nal will be competing plus there are a couple of classes for ladies The race will take place on an existing di rt oval track at Depere Wisconsin and it will use some of the ova l and a lot o f serpentine in the infield replete with jumps and lumps Get full information on this midwestern dandy from Bay Area Classic 1854 Sal St Green Bay WI 54302 BFGOODRICH SPONSORED a tire change contest cond ucted by the HORA on Friday evening during the La ughlin weekend O nl y in Nevada could you rope o ff space at the main entra nce to a hotel casino like the Riverside ancl p ut o n a contest It isn t clear how many entered or who took the second and th ird place money of 300 and 200 but the contest was open to _teams from the Heavy Metal Classes a nd appa rentl y 7S was included At a_ny rate while Jose Armenta was p ushing Willie Valdez s Ford Ranger th rough the tech and contingency line Willie proved to be the fas test tire changer on the scene and he won the 500 fo r first place As it turned out the Range r br oke in the race so at least the team did n t go home empty handed THE SILVER DUST DELAMAR 400 o n June 9 has a new fo rmat fo r classes and a two lap course this yea r Sil ver Dust Majo r Domo Bert Va ughan has opened the eligiblity to double the number of classes O riginall y it was onl y motorcycles and restricted 1600s but the June race will have a category fo r unlimited buggies and ano ther fo r 3 wheelers The course change to two laps of a 200 mile route instead of o ne giant 40 0 mile loop will sim plify logistics for pre runn ing for the o rganizers and fo r the pit teams The start finish line has been moved to the Crystal Springs Resort in Lincoln County north of Las Vegas Nevada and that is also the site of the Saturday night finish line Bar B Que comp lete with dancing o n the street the works Get all the details on this fun event with a guaranteed p urse by the wa y fro m Silver Dust Racing P O Box 7380 Las Vegas Nevada 89 125 702 459 0317 AMERICAN ISUZU MOTORS INC introduced their entr y into the ho t selling com petitio n o f downsize bobtail 4 x 4s last month The Isuzu Trooper II is a bit lo nger than the Mitsubishi Montero in size but just as narrow and it makes a fine canyo n crawler In the field with the two Japanese rigs rignt now are the Detroit bred Ford Bronco II mini Jeep Cherokee and the mini Chevro let Blazer GMC Jimmy There are strong rumo rs that this field will swell when the 1985 models bow to a waiting world in just a few mo nths In the rumor mill are tales of a small rig from Chrysler a m ini Ramcharger perhaps and of a slick new unit from Toyota based on the super tough 4 x 4 pickup Mi vhe bv next fall there will be some interest in the new Score Class 3 a k a Class 12 in HORA with so many rigs to choose from and perhaps some manufacturers bucks to help the cause along THE A D R A Jefe in Phoenix Phil Auernheimer has a new name and a new sponsor for his keen point to point race near Yuma coming on April 28 It is now the first annual Loma 125 open to the full card of four wheel off road vehicle classes as well as motorcycles and 3 wheelers The race will start in San Luis and finish in El Golfo Mexico with good sponsorship from Loma a 3 wheeler parts and pieces manufacturer PACE MANAGEMENT is in print with a race ann o uncement before the fact this month with an ad in some off road publications for their April 28 meet in Dallas Texas While the big one in March at the Houston Astrodome was canceled due to scheduling problems the Dallas Cotton Bowl is on for sure open to Class 10 only A 30 000 guaranteed purse is advertised with the main event winner snagging four grand second gets 3 000 third gets 2 000 and fourth gets 1 000 The top 20 qualifiers will each get 1 000 There is no tow money this time the cash is all in the purse After qualifyil g there will be two heat races of ten cars each a semi main and a 14 car main event Get all the inside facts from Marty Tripes Race Director 228 Faxon St Spring Valley CA 92077 619 463 0654 TeHhim you read about it in DUSTY TIMES There are plans for stadium races from this group as far east as Boston this summer As they have been in the west the events will be part of a show that features truck pulls mud bogs and the like O tLERs 9 NEED A FENDER AXLE TRANS WEHAVETHELARGESTSTOCKOF V W PARTS IN CALIFORNIA HUGE STOCK OF PORSCHE PARTS_ RE IDBLE V W PAIT 213 768 4555 VAU EY 11823 SHELDON ST SUN Page 4 April 1984 OPEN 8 A II 5 P 11 MO DAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 8 A II IDOi Sltll PIIIG AYMI Alllf CA 91352 Dusty Times

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SIDE TRACKS By Judy Smith Parker being the first big ace of the year really brings out the new cars Everyone who s switched classes tries to have the new one ready for this top notch event the first points race in the Score series We saw some beauties this year The most interesting was the new Class 2 car that Willis Hamilton was drivirig That was the 232 car that looked Hke a kid s jungle gym on wheels It was unpainted The chassis was reminiscent of the Giese single seaters but much more massive looking and the top of it was completely flat so that if it rolled over and landed on its top it would be there forever The top bar of the cage extended all the way to the back of the car becoming part of the engine cage This little gem a combined effort of Bob Giese and Drino Miller had been put together in two weeks Willis ran his old 2 liter engine in it this time but bigger and better things are planned for the future The car reportedly weighs 1640 pounds with seven ga lons of gas and 14 quarts of oil in it It features gull wing doors and has 24 of rear wheel travel When they first got it to Parker to test it they found it was too wide and they had to narrow the whole rear suspension because it wouldn t go around some_parts of the course When we asked Drino who was the designer he got out of the question neatly by saying There is no design They had a few roblems during the race an had to change a clutch on the down time but Willis drove a 11 the way to finish sixth in Class 2 which is a good start for a brand new car Norman Chandler and Tony Encabo had decided to go Class 1 racing this year and they put together a new Raceco for this race This one was definitely not built in two weeks but has had much tender loving care lavished on it for several months by Ray Encabo and Tony It still got to Parker unpainted Norman had decided to have a 2700 cc Type IV motor to run with and some really sleek body work For this he sent the car to Nye Frank a gentleman who has a reputation for really fine craftsmanship The aluminum he turned out for Chandler s Raceco is beautiful and gives the car a unique appearance It sweeps up and to the top of the engine compartment much the way the side panels on the Giese cars do Chandler s car had some interesting details including side air scoops and a small unobtrusive front air foil Unfortunately all the beautiful aluminum work in the world couldn t save his motor once he lost oil pressure Norman still has a practically brand new car for the next race Look for it in Baja Someone who didn t get to Parker with a new car but went to a new class was Jim Sumners l ust Dusty Times Jim has decided he d like to try racing in Class 2 this year and since there wasn t time to build a whole new car before the Parker race he just put 930 c v s and the bigger axles in his old twoseat 1600 car and then put in a bigger motor He was nervous about the new class and badly wanted to test the car and to prerun So Jim and his nephew loaded up and went to Parker on Thursday so they could get a good pre run dc me They got about four miles into the course and the motor started to leak oil around the oil filter It sprayed all over them and caught their attention pretty fast So Jim used a little fitting he carries in the car and bypassed the filter and went back to the pits to figure out what was wrong They checked everything and couldn t find what caused it _ Jim figured he really had to pre run and see how this new motor worked so they headed out again onto the course They got about another four miles and this time the little bypass tube let go and sprayed them with oil again So they headed back to the pits This time Jim went to find the motor builder and after a long time they finally figured out what was happening The oil pressure relief valve was sticking It had some minute pieces of metal shavings in it When they cleaned it up everything worked fine from then on But Jim s first Class 2 race was not a success He lost his clutch by the time he got to Thunder Alley really fried it he said Last month you read about Doc Sauers who was co driving with Doc Ingram in the beautiful Skoal Bandits Chaparral single seater What you read was that Doc slowed to see if a recently rolled over driver needed help and that the car coming behind him came over a rise didn t see him and crunched the rear of the doctor s car putting them out of the race What we didn t know until later was that the unhappy driver who ran into Doc was Dan Foddrill from Palmer s Custom Speed in Phoenix who had helped put the Skoal Bandit car together in the first place More follow up from Parker We talked to Dave Kreisler whose hand was so badly hurt when his race car ran into a spectator vehicle during the time between the California and Arizona side of the race Dave had three and a half hours of surgery done on his hand to repair one chipped bone three dislocated bones and many torn ligaments anc tendons He ll be wearing a cast through March and when it s removed Dr Irvine Class 10 driver Jack Irvine will also take out the four pins he installed Word is that Dave will be O K in time to drive the Mint George Johnson on the other hand will be a lot longer in the healing process George as you will recall endoed his pre runner while pre running the California side of the course He still doesn t know exactly what happened but he says the front skid plate was peeled back and he also came down hard on the rear George s back w s badly hurtandtherewasnowayhewas going to get out of there himself He was on the race course between Rice and Thunder Alley Along came Dick Landfield and his wife Kappy and also John Baker pre running in two vehicles They stopped to offer help and George was mighty lucky that they came along when they did For one thing Kappy is an RN and for another they were caring and concerned Through their efforts the police and paramedics were notified of the emergency The Landfields _ and Baker stayed with George and when it beC ame obvious that the ambulance was not going to be able to get in to where he was they decided to take him out In order to do this they took the hood off of George s buggy and used it for a stretcher They they slid George on the hood into the back of Landfield s truck Then they took off to try to get him to the hospital Kappy sat in the back of the truck holding George s head and shoulders to keep him still as ssible They were in radio communi to the hospital They diagnosed cation with the ambulance and his problem as a compression the sheriff and with the Highway fracture or broken vertebrae He Patrol in an airplane above them was in the Parker Hospital for six These folks told Landfield that days When he got back to L A the best way out was to go and saw his own doctor the backwards up the course It diagnosis was confirmed He wasn t possible to go cross doesn t need surgery but there s country right there and get to the nothing else that can be done to highway even though as the speed the healing His doctor crow flies the highway was told him not to do anything but relatively close So they started let it heal George who right now backwards on the course and feels that he ll probably hang it since this was on Thursday up now as far as racing goes before the race and there was a wants to say J thank you to a lot of pre run traffic John Baker whole bunch of people He said ran interference going first and the ambulance crew the Sheriffs warning on coming pre runners office and the Highway Patrol of the hazard Some pre runners were all real nice to him And obviously not understanding the he wants to give special thanks to situation were visibly irritated to some young men Jordy Johnson see the two mini trucks going Rich Minga and Jack from W R backwards on the race course Machine who all helped during George was in a lot of pain the emergency His thanks also during all this traveling so Baker go to Graff Moore who came out went ahead running faster and and got George s b_roken car got to the ambulance and loaded it on the trailer and brought one of the paramedics delivered the motorhome trailer back with him The paramedic and pre runner to the hospital then rode the rest of the way in parking lot so George didn t have the bed of the truck sitting on to worry about it To his pit club George s legs to help keep him the Checkers he sends more from being jostled around and thanks for their visits while he further injuring his back was in the hospital and for their George s knees which had hit his offers of help He says the dashboard were also hurting a Checkers are fantastic lot now too But most of all George wants After about five hours of this to thank John Baker and Dick slow traveling they finally got and Kappy Landfield for the George to the ambulance and off i _ THE ORIGINAL GAS PRESSURE SHOCK ABSORBER The Official Shock for the Nissan Classic BILSTEIN WHERE THE WINNERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES For further information and special off road applications contact Doug Robe tson at BILSTEIN Corporation of America 11760 Sorrento Valley Road San Diego CA 92121 619 453 7723 April 1984 Ivan Stewart Fireworks 250 1st place Class 8 Never before have I had so much confidence in a shock After five races and extensive testing on the same set of shocks I am very pleased by their reliability and excellent performance Jack Ramsey Mint 400 1st place Cl 5 1600 Your product has brought our race team 2 Mint wins 1981 1983 Hope to always see you at the races Jerry Sherry Vinson CAL 400 3rd place Class 11 I think Bi stein shocks are the best shocks any race car driver could run on his race car Dick Young Mint 400 1st place Class 10 The quality and dependability of Bi stein shocks contributed significantly to our win at the Mint Thank you Paul Bowen Mint 400 2nd place Class 15 Norm Shaw Frontier 250 We appreciate the 1st place Class 11A performance your very professional way You Bi stein continue to be the of doing businessNumber 1 choice in sincere thanks off roading_ We have used your shocks exclusively resulting Bob Denault in wins in the Mint Mint 400 400 Frontier 250 2nd place Class 9 I ve still never had a SNORE 250 Barstow 350 Botton Dollar shock failure etc Page 5

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more fighting the battle of the bulge is Class 3 butte rscotch colored currently losing but has Bronco until now We wish him unselfish way they gave up their preferred not to notice His wife well in his new venture and look day to help him H c can t say a health and figure conscious forward to watching him expand enough in praise of the help lady had been warning him for his driving talents _ By Jean Calvin The HORA award presentacomfort and time they donated some time before the race that to him he d better tryonhisdrivingsuit tions in the Starview Room of

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T HDRA 1984 HAPPENINGS A D R A Arizona Desert Racing Association 1408 East Granada Phoenix AZ 85006 602 252 1900 April 28 1st Annual Loma Cycle Point to Point San Luis to El Golfo 125 miles Mexico June 9 2nd Annual Young Classic Young Arizona September l 7th Annual Giant Off Road Centers Snowflake Buggy Bash Snowflake Arizona October 20 8th Annual Penasco 150 Rocky Point Mexico December l 8th Annual Sonoita to Rocky Point Hare N Hound Mexico January 19 1985 Annual Awards Banquet AMSA American Motor Sports Association P O Box 5473 Fresno CA 93755 209 439 2114 April 15 Bombero Fresno Fairgrounds _Fresno CA May 19 Los Padres 200 Hungry Valley SVRA Gorman CA r June 16 17 USA Off Road Grand Prix World Championship Off Road Race of Champions Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA September 1 3 12 Hour Mojave Desert Challenge California City CA October 21 Fresno Fair Off Road Championship Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA November 23 25 Palm Springs Classic Palm Springs CA BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Berrien Series Gil Parker 7406 S 12th St Kalamazoo MI 49009 May 12 Dust Run Mt Vernon IL May 13 Motorsports ChallengeCasey IL May 26 27 BFG Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva WI June 23 24 Bay Area Classic DePere WI July 7 8 Sugar Camp Challenge Sugar Camp WI July 21 22 U P Off Road 100 Bark River MI July 29 Macon County Fair Decatur IL page 8 August 4 5 Hodag 50 Rhinelandet WI September 1 2 Brush Run 101 Crandon WI September 29 Lincoln Trail Off Roaders Decatur IL October 12 14 Frontier 500 Las Vegas to Reno Nevada May20 Saddleback Park Orange CA July 29 Saddleback Park Orange CA September 9 double points Saddleback Park Orange CA BUG E RACEWAY Bug E Warehouse 1915 So Presa San Antonio Texas 78210 512 533 8056 April 8 Bug E Racewa y San Antonio i exas May20 Bug E Racewa y San Antonio Texas July 8 Bug E Raceway San Antonio Texas September 16 Bug E Racewa y San Antonio Texas COBRA RACING P O Box 19407 Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73119 405 232 4231 405 685 3450 all off road races will be held at i h 59th Douglas track Oklahoma City April22 Points Race June 2 Nightmare 150 Pro Race June 24 Points Race July 21 Cobra 300 Pro Race August 26 Points Race September 23 Points Race October 21 Points Race FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers Association 1618 Daly St Orlando Florida 32808 305 851 6245 1984 Schedule T B A I OIJBLE R

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June 9 10 Short Course Race Toronto Ontario July 21 22 UP Off Road 100 Bark River Michigan June 29 30 July 1 Canada Day Cup Notre Dame Du Nord Quebec August 4 5 Rhinelander Hodag 50 Rhinelander Wisconsin July 14 15 Short Course Race Chicoutimi Quebec August 11 12 Zoar Mo tor Park Buffalo New York August 25 26 Short Course Race Rimouski Quebec September 29 30 Zoar Motor Park Buffalo New York October 13 14 Short Course Race Toronto Ontario August 18 19 Prime Challenge Trego Wisconsin September 1 2 Brush Run 10 l Crandon Wisconsin September 22 23 Location TBA VORRA Valley Off Road R4 ing Associatio n 1833 Los Robles Blvd Sacramento CA 95838 916 925 1702 April 15 Short Course Baylands Raceway Fremont CA WESTERN HILL CLIMB June 2 3 Spring Teller County Hill Climb Cripple Creek Colorado May 26 28 VORRA 250 Weeks Nevada July 7 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Colorado Springs Colorado June 23 24 Virginia City 200 Virginia City Nevada September 1 2 Lands End Hill Climb Grand Junction Colorado September 29 30 Fall Teller County Hill Climb Cripple Creek Colorado July 28 Jim Ingold Memo rial Race Short Course Baylands Raceway Fremont CA Neu Mexico Hill C limb date pending September 1 3 VORRA 250 Desert Race Dayton Nevada WISCONSIN October 20 21 Short Course Championship Race P O Box 7380 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 702 459 031 7 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P O Box 4394 Las Vegas Nevada 89106 702 876 0371 SKOAL BANDITS SNORE SERIES Aprill Po ints Race Las Vegas Nevada June 16 Twi Light Points Race Las Vegas Nevada July 28 29 HORA SNORE POINTS Midnight Special Las Vegas Nevada September 14 16 HORA SNORE POINTS SNORE 250 Jean Nevada October 28 Points Race Las Vegas Nevada ATTENTION RACE ORGANIZERS List your coming events in Dusty Times free Send your 1984 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column Mail your event schedule to Dusty Times 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 MINT400 June 8 10 Delamar 400 Las Vegas Nevada November 16 17 Silver Dust 400 Las Vegas Nevada September 1 3 Brush Run 101 Dennis Rosa Rt l Crandon Wisconsin 54520 715 478 2430 17th Annual Del Webb s SILVER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION August 24 26 Nevada 300 Las Vegas Nevada June 23 24 Bay Area Classic DePere Wisconsin Dick Shinnick Import Motors Inc 1854 Sal St Green Bay Wisconsin 54302 414 468 8878 Desert Race The world s biggest richest and toughest off road race May3 6 1984 More than 500 off road racing cars will compete for over 250 000 in cash and contingency prizes Drawing for starting positionsApril 3 1984 Entries received after April 3 drawing will receive next available starting number Entries will be accepted until close of registration May 4 For further information contact MINT 400 Racing Headquarters DerWebb s Mint Casino Hotel P O Box 2160 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 2160 702 385 7440 SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION 460 No Beaumont Ave Brookfield Wisconsin 53005 715 272 1489 May 12 13 an a Rama 84 Fountain City Wisconsin May 26 27 Memorial 84 Dresser Wisconsin June 9 10 Mid Wisconsin Off Road Showdown Marshfield Wisconsin June 23 24 Bay Area Classic DePere Wisconsin July 7 8 Sugar Camp Off Road Challenge Sugar Camp Wisconsin Dusty Times Page 9

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1 I What s a hassayampa I could say it is one of the A D R A s roughest races a ship in the U S Navy or even an upside down river But then I might be lying since those who drink from the river are said to never tell the truth again Well it is all those things and more Hassayampa comes from the Indian word assiamp which means water that is hidden The 150 mile river is upside down that is the sand is on top and the water deep beneath the surface for most of its course most of the time All the water was assiamp at the race course making conditions there nearly as dusty as it had been at Parker Arizona the week before Don t ask about the ship February 18th was the date for the 7th Annual Hassayampa 150 staged near Wickenburg Arizqna by the A D R A It was a clear breezy day which helped the drivers in the extra dusty conditions brought on by a lack of rain in the region this year The race route evolves each year The first Hassayampa 150 was three laps around a 50 mile course This year the route was 29 miles long a loop within a loop passing by the pits both at the Start Finish line and after the first eight miles The first loop consisted of about seven miles of rough roller coaster stuff with lots of washouts and silty desert As the cars hit the big loop it was sun baked mud through a cattle guard four miles of desert hard pack and then onto a wide fast three miles of sand wash finishing up the first leg of the course at Checkpoint One Then it was a climb up the side of the Vulture Mountains on old mining roads which were very THE ffH ANNUAL HASSAYAMPA 150 eroded and rocky This section also included some hair raising sidehills and tight dogleg turns As the course came back down the mountain it picked up speed and dropped in and out of sand washes then turned south along a little ridge of hills and into Checkpoint Two Next on the route was the Cactus Garden an especially tight section through a beautiful stand of Challa Ask Dan Gross why they call Challa the Jumping cactus he had an up close look Last was Nolte s Road so named for Paul Nolte s particularly bad endo on this stretch last year This final Jack Woods drove his Vulcan to the Class 10 victory and the overall title In the Pro division with a quick run on the final round Dan Gross finished the race with two hands full of cactus but It was worth the effort Gross was second in Pro 2 the fourth finisher in his Vulcan Page 10 fast four mile straight a way was punctuated with roller coasters sudden drop a ways jumps and some real big Saguaros ending with a 90 degree tum into the finish line On the schedule the Pros were to cover four laps the Sportsmen ran three rounds and the Beginners did two laps This year the Pro entry was down even though the A D R A had upped the pay back at this race The lack of Pros was probably due to the Parker and Laughlin races both in February and both in or near Arizona But there was still close racing af the Hassayampa 150 both on the course and in the pits The classes would be starting in the order of Class 1 5 10 and 2 At8 00a m lastyear sClass 1 winner Tom Zentner and crew were furiously working on the Rob s Race Fabrication Arizona Racing Magazine Pat Hughes Performance Chaparral as the drivers meeting began After winning top spot in the drawing Tom was to be first away The cars started one minute apart and Tom could have used a few more minutes to get himself organized When Zentner returned from the small loop he came in with a flat tire and an oil leak among other things and it was a long pit stop Soon Roy Williams and Gene Scheid were back in the pits too tor a quick change of the feft front rubber on the Palmer s Custom Speed Trick Racing Fuel Giant Off Road Centers sponsored Chaparral Tandem By Checkpoint 1 Doug Sylvester in the S W Construction Harrington Enterprises Dirtrix Baja had taken the lead and then proceeded to tum in a 39 05 first lap Next into the Start Finish was the Suntech Baja with Bill Salmon at the helm He had to stop and bypass a leaking oil cooler and was off again John Gardner s Paradise Buggy I C G Contracting Class 10 Funco then came in crab wheeling off the little loop with a broken tie rod Next in at the line was Dwight Lundell in his Class 10 April 1984 Chaparral and Jack Woods in the Woods Wheel Works Peoples Car Shop Angela s Custom Upholstery Class 10 Vulcan Then came Glen Greer s Bruce Geer Construction Sandhawk SRl Class 1 car Gene Greenlee s Shamrock Dist Bugworld Custom Off Road 1600 class Brandwood and Steve Cheuvront and Vicki Allison in the Cheuvront Landscaping Class 2 Vulcan Following this pack were Roy Williams in Phil Gardner s Gardner Refrigeration Vulcan and Dan Gross in the Gross Septic T ank D N Construction Vulcan John Gardner Tom Zentner and Jerry Everett would be on their first lap for quite a while Lap 2 took Dwight Lundell out with numerous problems Greer and Salmon were slowing and Sylvester held the lead Lap 3 claimed Everett and Greenlee with transmission and exhaust valve troubles respectively and Woods began to close in on Sylvester At the finish line Sylvester was the apparent winner but when people gave him the No l sign he mistook it for one more lap and headed back onto the course He soon realized his mistake and returned to the Finish line to find that Jack Woods had finished in the meantime with a time 15 seconds quicker So overall it was Woods Sylvester Cheuvront each the winner in his class Following these leaders home were Gross then Williams second and third in Pro 2 Phil and John Gardner second and third in Pro 10 Salmon second in Pro 5 Greer first in Pro l and Zentner a distant second in Pro 1 It should be mentioned that John Gardner drove like the wind trying to regain lost ground and John turned the fast lap at 36 12 for his final go Next to hit the course were the Sportsmen classes 40 strong Their starting order was Class 2 1 Budget 1600 1600 and 5 The first starter Gene Scheid was back before the last Class 5 cars were off the line with a quick lap for the Sportsmen of 37 55 But Scheid was back in the pits soon too when his co driver Mychele Morgan experienced back pains after a rough landing Jim Bush Joe Aycock Randy Miller and I I I j J 1 1 1 Doug Sylvester had the lead overall and on the road on the flrstlap and he kept up the pace to place second overall In Pro by Just 15 seconds John Gardner s Funco broke a tie rod early but he came back to turn the fast lap of the day on the final round 36 12 and was third in Pro 10 I Dusty Times i I I II 1 1 ii I

Page 11

Gene Greenlee kicks up dust at the start in his Brandwood 16 0 did well until the 3rd lap then retired with valve train trouble Don Hendry all were out of action on the first lap with various troubles Jim Travis in the Arizona Desert Rat Jack Furrier s Western Tire Class 1 Chenowth started showing his stuff in the second lap and he pulled into the All around good guy Jack Woods nailed the overall victory in Pro and Jack called the race one of the roughest ever with very tight corners lead where he held on comfortably for the remainder of the race The second lap saw Vicki Allison Jerome Cohen Steve McArthur and Fred Miller all fall by the wayside as well The final Sportsmen lap was a parade with two notable Gail Allison waves at the photog while Jim Allison hits a silt bed during the Sportsman race The Allisons were fourth overall second in 1600 class exceptions Jim Kirk picking it up in the Kirk s Automotive Beard s Super Seats homemade Ugly II after a dismal second lap and Don Weiser s spectacular flip in the T U F Off Road Baja Bug Don has just moved up from Beginner status and he Overall winner of the Sportsman event was Jim Travis who put his Class 1 Chenowth in the lead on the second lap and he won with a comfortable margin finds the landings are getting harder This time he lost a rear wheel and then while airborne he snatched a close friend photographer off the roadside Luckily although the car and camera were demolished said photog received only bruises and In Sportsmen action Mike and Shirley Gersten hold off a Baja Bug in the heavy traffic _on the deep berms carved by the Pros in the first race scrapes and Don and his codriver Alan Stevens escaped unharmed The final lap also saw Chris Stewart Rob Moutinho and Rod Leon go out of the race Overall Sportsman winners were Jim Plowing thru the deep ruts Gregg Oswskey had a good run in the Sportsmen bash and he finished well 3rd in the 1600 bunch Sa 6Je Ut4 do 99 1 1533 TRUMAN ST SAN FERNANDO CA Phone 213 361 1215 OFF ROAD CHASSIS MANUFACTURER ASCOT IV 1700 Our all new ASCOT IV two seater can be built to fit everyone s needs We can make the wheel base from 100 to 120 inches The cage can be made any height depending on your needs The drivers compartment has been widened to 52 inches to accept the widest seats and still have room left over This frame comes with our WIDE TORSION HOUSING with extra strong special sleeved torsion adjuster that has removable fingers for magna fluxing This chassis will accept a type IV motor with dual carburetor with no modifications to motor compartment and has all IRS bus transmission mounts welded in SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE ASCOT IV Dusty Times Your choice of torsion housing width Any wheel base from 100 to 120 inches Cage height from 36 to 46 inches IRS bus mounts welded in Choice of stock or special IRS dips Extra strong sleeved torsion adjuster Removable torsion adjuster fingers Will take inboard brakes April 1984 52 wide drivers compartment Accepts bus IRS transmission No modification for Type IV motor Removable rear cage for easy motor access Fiberglass body available Top cage and motor supports 120 wall tube Frame is 090 x 1 tubing Page 11

Page 12

I _ __ more about the Class 2 Chenowth motored to a 2 30 minute finish line lead ahead of the Printing Co Device Travis Jeff Sanders in the Development Woods Vulcan Beard s Woods Wheel Works piloted by Jerry Rhodes John 1600 Beard framed machine and Hitchcock and Newt Campbell Keith Jaeger in a Dirtrix Baja Bug vied for third and Hitchcock H o t on their heels were Jim came out on top The rest of the Allison second in 1600 Greg finishers were two to 43 minutes Burgin second in 5 Paul No lte off the pace but they did seem to first in 2 and Jay Voelkner be hav ing fun Overall winner Jack W oods second in 2 They were followed by Ed Faulkner first in Budget called the event one of the 1600 Greg Oswskey third in ADRA President Phil Auern1600 and M ark Lundell second heimer s roughest races and he in Budget 1600 along with the kidded Phil saying he had a couple of corners fo r 80 inch rest of the field The last race of the day was for cars o ut there Doug Sylvester the Beginners and they probably said he thought the co urse was had the worst course as the sand smooth but then added that he had been pounded o ut of many had never broken any shocks of the dips and washouts by the before either As we broke camp another Pros and Sportsmen Fourteen cars left the start line and eleven exquisite Arizona sunset was underway and another Hasfinished Ro n League in the Travis sayampa 150 was histo ry a very good race Helwig W estern Tire Center HASSAYAMPA 150 Rob Moutinho drove Tom Zentner s Class 1 Chaparral In the Sportsmen category but the car plagued with woes all weekend failed on the last lap I 1 In the Sportsmen bash Don Weiser did a spectacular flip heavily damaging the T U F Baja Bug but Don and bystanders were not injured in the mishap Jerome Cohen ran his Chaparral In the Sportsmen segment in Arizona but It didn t bring him much luck He retired on the second lap Entry Fee 400 00 Insurance 35 00 For more Information contact HDRA 961 West Dale Las Vegas NV 89124 702 361 5404 All vehicles must have tech sticker prior to GLEN HELEN PARK SAN BERNARDINO practicing Driver of Record must drive both motos to qualify for points All activities take place at Glen Helen Park Open to classes 1 10 3 4 7 7S 8 NISSAN Cup only HORA Membership Required Schedule of Events Friday April 6 Saturday April 7 Sunday April 8 Registration Tech Contingency Inspection Late Registration Tech Contingency Inspection Open Practice Qualifying 3 laps best time of 3 Drivers Meeting 1st Moto starts Open Practice Drivers Meeting 2nd Moto Starts 4 00 8 00 p m 8 00 10 00 a m 8 00 10 00 a m 10 15 1 00 p m 1 15p m 1 30 p m 10 00 11 30 a m Noon 12 30 p m _ _DRA HIGH DESERT H RACING ASSOCIATION Page 1i Aprll 1984 Dusty Times II

Page 13

MIDWEST REPORT Mickey Thompson Meets with Midwest and Canadian Drivers at the Silverdome in Pontiac Michigan By Brenda A Parker The meeting was held on February 18 1984 at the Silverdome in Pontiac Michigan with 75 100 drivers and crew members in attendance Mickey Thompson started off with an introduction to his organization and explained some of the concepts he hopes to see change the image of off road racing His comments included the fact that motorsports is th e largest spectator sport in the world and the second largest in the United States and that off road racing has not progressed because of improper presentation on the part of the promotors and the participants He feels that with the proper promotion and a good show put on by the drivers this sport could grow into a nationwide series He stated that off road racing today averages only a 17 return of spectators This is due in part to poor conditions no control over the weather poor bathroom facilities and not being able to see all of the race Also he said that only 18 of the spectators were female At his last two races in Pomona he averaged a 79 return of spectators Thompson s first problems began whe n the peopl e at the Silverdome would not even talk to him as lo ng as he was talking about hauling in dirt for the race After he wrote and told them he would be willing to race on co ncrete they agreed to talk to him His plans call for use of his adju stable jumps which he says will enabl e him to co ntrol the different lines in the track by raising and lo wering th e jumps H e will also be using his red white and blue water filled barriers to lay out the course The benefits of racing on concrete as opposed to dirt are that the track never cha nges the jumps never change and it is cleaner One of the deficits was that the cars won t slide as they do on dirt Mickey stated that there will be a press day on the Thursday before the race and he would like as many drivers as possible to be there On the day of the race he intends to have an autograph session so that the spectators can meet and talk to the drivers of the cars He wants the drivers to project an image of professionalism and therefore requests that they dress properly in order to do this He feels that the spectators wi ll feel more involved if they have had a chance to talk with a few of the drivers and thereby choose the ones they are going to cheer for We have to remove the dune buggy image from our sport he states and feels that we can do this by acting in a professional manner Du tyTimes He intends to r tm only four classes Formula I Super 1600 Grand National trucks and the 3 wheelers Mufflers will be mandatory and may be provided by a national company Each race will be seven or eight minutes in length and the program will consist of qualifying three heat races a consolation race and the main event There will be 26 entries per class and there wi ll be a total of 14 races in a three hour period Thompson intends to appoint a Rough Drivers Committee and they will have absolute powers to penalize any driver who they feel is doing too much int e ntional bumping and crashing He does not intend for this to be a demolition derby Micky stated that there is no money to be made in racing The money comes from the sponsors and from the contingency prizes and he feels that one way to impress prospective sponsors is to get them out to these events to see what the cars can do that the drivers are the ones who have to impress the crowd and the sponsors and they can do this by driving in a professional manner There will be a 125 payback in each class He intends to guarantee 7 500 per class He stated that the entry fee will be between 200 and 250 dollars and that there will be contingencies There will be no tow money and no up front money There will be an extensive advertising campaign In his last four races he has paid out 400 000 with contingencies The total amount of prize money and contingencies for the five races in the 1984 series will be 500 000 There were two big questions asked by the racers i n attendance 1 what kind of tires do we run and 2 how are you going to select the entries Mickey had no firm answers to either of these questions and as far as the selection of ent r a nts one Canadian driver stated to Mickey that since you are the promotor you are the one who should make the final selection BY THE SAME CARE IN ENGINEERING AND DESIGN THAT MAKES THE SUPERSANDER A WINNER GOES INTO EVERY TECTIRA RADIAL AND DIAGONAL PLY TIRE Championship drivers spend thousands of dollars setting up their vehicles to withstand the murderous strain of high speed competition over dry creek beds football sized rocks and kneedeep sand These drivers are rapidly turning to the best in rubber for their ride to the winner s circle TECTIRA TRAILSMAN and SUPERSANDER tires have rugged sure footed tread lugs brawny nylon or polyester cord bodies some belted with steel tough pliable long wearing 982 tread rubber for dependability durability they re becoming the 1st choice of guys who like to win When TOTAL PERFORMANCE and VALUE are important TECTIRA LJ0 g3 TECTIRA INC 701 CHARLESTON April 1984 LEE S SUMMIT MO 64063 816 525 3555 Page 13

Page 14

HDRA S LAUGHLIN DESERT CHALLENGE Lund Wins on Recycled Course By Judy Smith Photos Trackside The HORA reached back eight years to their 1976 race at Laughlin and with the cooperation of the BLM recreated almost the same race course that had bedeviled the racers in the past Run in 1975 as the Laughlin 300 and in March of 76 as the Casinos 350 the course was almost exactly the same for the 1984 Desert Challenge A few miles were lopped off to avoid a big powerline and a change was made to miss a part of the historic Mojave Trail but it felt like the same old Nevada course to racers who d been there then Described as tight the course was 54 miles long and contained a lot of cross washes and drop offs There were also s ome very soft spots and a couple of narrow canyons Bill Civish of the BLM spoke at the drivers meeting and was very emphatic about the need to stay on the marked course It was to be especially important to stay within the ribbons at the turns and not shorten the corners This meant he said that some areas would get soft but that drivers were to stay on the course nonetheless Civish an outspoken man said Half of goddamn Nevada is look in over my shoulder and he wanted to be able to give a good report The start finish area was more or less across the street from the Riverside Hotel and Casino up on a slight hillside and not far from the original site It was easy to get to but narrow and had no safe access in some places for spectators This led to an unsafe situation during the race with many foolhardy souls riding their A TCs or bikes backwards on the course for a short stretch in order to get to their motor homes It s promised that the next race will have a bladed access road The starting order for 1984 put the single seaters in front and went as follows 1 2 10 1 2 1600 9 5 8 7 4 5 1600 3 7S and 6 Class 9 which was to run only if there were 10 entries in the drawing had only eight entries but ran anyway Class 14 which was to run only if there were five entries didn t have enough and was split up with the short wheel based modifieds running in Class 3 and the long wheel based modifieds running in Class 4 Every class was to run the full four laps except that at the end of the race after the first three or four no one we asked knew the exact number had received the checkered flag in a class the rest of the cars in that class were flagged in regardless of how many laps they d completed There were 142 starters 16 of which were in Class 1 which was led off the line by Mike Lu n d in Mike Lund zoomed to a resounding overall win at Laughlln the Chenowth Magnum scarcely missed a beat and he did not need the spare tire 1 t 1 F nk Arclero Jr Is a real desert racer and he did the fast lap of the day 1 11 21 on the second lap In heavy traffic and then his engine failed I I Frank Snook and Dave Rogal a bounced over the rough and tumble route to put the Raceco home a fine second In Class 1 and took sixth overall Brian Collins took over the Class 2 lead on the second lap and the youngster from Las Vegas had no troubles kept moving fast to the big victory 2nd overall Page 14 Running fifth In Class 1 before the clutch failed Bud and Don Harris came from Oklahoma City to let the folks know they race hard off road too Len Newman turned the fast lap In Class 2 1 16 13 on the second round and at the finish Len and Mike Gaughan put the Bunderson Into second spot April 1984 It looks odd against the giant size cars but Tommy and Trevor Ford drove their Class 2 Into a strong third In class 10th overall Dusty Times

Page 15

He halls from Lawton Oklahoma and advertises the fact and Tom Lawson with Bonnie Burton riding along drove to fourth jn Class 2 in Nevada his Desert Magnum followed by Larry Ragland in his Chaparral That s the way they came around at the end of the first lap with Lund managing to pick up only five seconds on Ragland In third place was the team of Jerry Finney and Dan Foddrill just under three minutes back in their Chaparral Frank Arciero Jr ran fourth after a lengthy pit stop only seven seconds out of third and Bud and Don Harris from Oklahoma were fifth in their Chenowth Spectators were placing bets on whether it d be Lund or Ragland in front after the second lap and along came Arciero After a lap of 1 11 21 the fastest of the day he was in front by 3 09 Lund having the earlier start number was right on his tail and they went through the start finish area together Finney and Foddrill had moved up into third as Ragland s rear suspension collapsed and he was out Frank Snook and Dave Rogalia in their Raceco now ran fourth while Kirk Kontilis was fifth in the old Funco owned by the Fulkersons of Blythe By the third lap the field had thinned to less than half and Lund fighting carburetion problems was back in front as Arciero broke a cam gear Finney and Foddrill were second and now Ec l and John Mohr ran third while Snook and Rogalia held fourth At the finish line it was Lund winning by 37 minutes after a beautiful display of his consistent driving style Finney and Foddrill actually finished second just one minute ahead of Snook and Rogalia but were penalized 15 minutes for an infraction of the rules running a checkpoint and ended up in third place The team of Tom Bradley and Bill Kreitlow were fourth in their Chaparral moving up when the Mohrs lost a c v joint The Moh rs straggled in a late fifth Class 2 was good sized with 24 starters The Martin brothers Tom and Steve led by less than a minute at the end of the first lap They were being chased by Jim Wright in his Raceco and running third was Brian Collins in another Raceco just 20 seconds back Fourth was held by Danny Letner in his six cylinder Porsche powered Raceco and fifth place was Lenny Newman in Mike Gaughan s Bunderson only seven seconds behind Letner They were off to a really tight start By the end of the second lap it was Collins a second generation off road racer from Las Vegas in front by a little over two minutes Dusty Times Pushing hard all day and so close In second at the flag Jerry Leighton got the family built LRPI In for second In Class 10 In a solo drive Close shave of the day belonged to Ray Argon His Toyota powered Raceco lost the engine in a big way Just shy of the finish but he won Class 10 anyhow The Martin brothers held second Fourth was held by the Wdghts out for good spent a long time in the pits place and Lenny Newman after and Ed and Jody Martensen had Collins hung in there and changing the axle c v assembly running the fast lap for Class 2 at moved their Raceco into fifth Newman moved into second as The Wrights also fell back a full 1 16 13 was now in third place place Letner s powerhouse was the Martins lost a c v boot and 90 wheelbase shortback or longback Econo Kit partially or fully assembled Swing axle or IRS suspension Unk kingpin or ball joint front spacing at no extra charge Get into off reading at a savings of up to 50 Our basic 902 long ack_or hortback can 9 ou i J r ing_inan_economi I 90 wheelbase chassis built with style a 4 er the perfect first chassis 9r so eone jJJ t st rtin hthe spo i nr _ 3ut If you can weld Q tn re The Berrien 902 is a va Ia y assembled You start with a jig set partially assembled chassis finish the welding yourself and pocket about 25 off the completely welded price If you feel you can handle the complete welding job Berrien Econoframe 902 gives you a jig welded base and all the pre cut pieces for you to weld a chassis at a savings of 50 Both partially assembled and Econo chassis come with complete assembly instructions And if you want something larger or more spacious our 912 952 1002 1004 or 1054 chassis offer deluxe two seat or full four seat comfort at a partially assembled or knock down kit price With Berrien getting into off roading is easy 4 xo and all the Berrien extras at no extra charge All Berrien chassis come with mandrel bent tubing for beautiful round corners and extra strength All tubing is pre n otched or milled for an accurate fit and is MIG welded You choose link kingpin or ball joint front clamp spacing at no extra cost and front clamps are 2 wide giving 10 more surface area for a stronger mount IRS or swing axle torsion is your choice too Plus every Berrien chassis has a fiber glass body to fit it a body guaranteed to have no pits cracks or imperfections plus a complete accessory line Whatever you re looking for in a chassis Berrien Buggy is Where the fun begins Even our least expensive chassis has a body available Three piece body hood two side panels for 902 is available in 27 colors and is guaranteed to have no pits cracks or imf erlections For the name of your nearest dealer r a FREE chassis brochure contact See the complete Berrien line at these dealers Phoenix AZ 85002 Sunland Custom Buggies 13236 N Cave Creek Ad 602 971 5069 Auburn Hghts Ml 48057 Clark s Welding 2244 Star Ct 313 852 8580 or 8584 Midland Ml 48640 Lee s Automotive 1529 E Isabella 517 835 7682 Ft Lauderdale FL 33334 Street Sand Toy s Inc 4430 N Dixie Hwy 305 772 1171 Allen Ml 49227 K B Sales 9020 W Chicago U S 12 517 869 2147 Kalamazoo Ml 49002 R N Sport Buggy s 9050 Sprinkle Rd 616 329 0900 New Lenox IL 60451 Probst Off Road Racing 1121 E Ill Hwy 815 485 RACE April 1984 Dayton OH 45414 Larry s Off Road Center 4156 Wadsworth Rd 513 275 9501 Toledo OH 43612 Mini Performance Specialties Inc 1100 Custer Rd 419 476 3300 Cincinnati OH 45248 Off Road Center Inc 5784 Filview Circle 513 574 2442 Newark OH 43055 Off Road World 301 S 24th Street 614 522 4083 Wurtland Ashland KY 41144 Green s Dune Buggy Supply Rt 1 Box 125 E 606 836 4619 Oneida N Y 13421 Ralph s Buggy Center 721 723 Genesee St 315 363 1570 or6860 Page 15

Page 16

ACTION AT LAUGHLIN more photos story con tinua tion on page 18 Jim Sumners found his Raceco too old tor Class 2 at Parker so back in 1 2 1600 Jim returned to his winning w ys at Laugh In leading all the way Keeping the fellow Checkers honest Phil Bow ers and John Slagor pushed hard In the Funco Hustler and gained a solid second in 1 2 1600 Terry and Tim Bell were one team of many caught in Laughlin traffic jams but they came back strong tor third in Class 1 2 1600 in their Bunderson Alex Decuir did the solo act at Laughlin in the newly created Class 9 and he sailed the Valley Performance built Hi Jumper Into a strong victory Don Rountree right tells Rod Hall how he and Dub Smith won the 1975 Laugh In 300 overall in a Sandwlnder In a time of 8 16 tor six tough laps This is the sy stem run by most off road race winners TRl MIL BOBCAT CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS It was an all Vegas show In Class 9 as Kelly and Joe McDonough came In second In the Funco one of two survlvers from the original seven When the early leader faltered veterans Malcolm Vlnje and Mark Hansen were right there to snag the Class 5 victory driving the Larry s VW Bug He had somfl competition and he had some troubles but Walker Evans delighted spectators along the way and also won the Class 8 title by half an hour Stan Gilbert has lost none of his nerve as a trucker and he flew around Laugh In with only minor woes to bring the Ford to the finish llne a so Id second Bill Howard and Bob Burchett had a llttle problem In the soft stuff but they carried on In the new Chevy to place a strong third In Class 8 Manny Esquerra played catch up all day in the Ford Ranger but he turned the tast lap tor the Class 7 stormers on the final go to the big win 2740COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 16 April 1984 Dusty Times

Page 17

a Little Different Our Baja Belted is a well balanced tire On the one side of the balance is the extraordinary performance demanded by long distance rough terrain off road racing on the other side of the balance is the smooth easy rolling ride on the highway The Baja Belted is an engineering triumph that provides a cushioned ride close to a radial with excellent mileage Yet when the Baja Belted gets into slush snow mud or sand the rugged sidebiter traction is there to get you Ol t and on your way Each Baja Belted is built to exactil g speci_fications and under stringent quality control the result is a tire that is more exact in roundness and better balanced Even our tall sizes and giant width tires can be perfectly balanced out with a minimum of weights We invite comparison with those that say Big tires can t be balanced Our balance is different because the Baja Belted is different Baja Belted Poly Glass Tubeless Catalog Number Size Tread Width O D Sidewall Width Ply Rim Width Weight Catalog Number Size Tread Width O D Sidewall Width Ply Rim Width Weight 44 2020 27 x 9 50 14LT 7 26 9 5 4 7 31 2084 11 16LT 10 30 11 6 6 8 2050 27x9 50 15LT 7 26 9 5 4 7 28 2085 11 16 5LT 9 11 6 6 8 45 2052 9 5 15LT 7 9 5 4 7 34 2087 12 16 5LT 10 13 3 6 9 58 2054 11 15LT 9 30 30 30 313 4 11 6 4 8 42 2088 35x 14 50 16 5LT 11 34 14 4 9 66 2056 12 15LT 10 31 13 3 4 10 48 2060 35 x 11 50 15LT 8 34 11 4 6 8 53 2057 12 15LT 10 31 13 3 6 10 54 2062 35 x 14 50 15LT 11 14 4 10 12 66 2058 33x 14 50 15LT 10 32 14 5 6 10 54 2064 35x17 50 15LT 14 341 2 34 17 4 12 15 76 2082 9 5 16L T 7 30 9 5 4 7 36 FACTORY OFFICES Mickey Thompson Tires P O Box 227 Cuyahoga Falls OH 44224 216 928 9092 in Ohio 800 222 9092 outside Ohio Office Hours 8 a m 5 p m EST Mon Fri ARIZONA See us at the S CORE Show Booth 229 SEND 1 Dollar for Catalog Decal Test Results Giant Off Road Centers 3243 E Indian School Rd Phoenix AZ 85018 602 956 1913 OR 2740 W Northern Ave Phoneix AZ 85012 602 995 8777 Mail Order Facility 3422 W Whitton Ave Phoenix AZ 85017 1 800 528 6170 In Arizona 602 973 9697 Black CONNECTICUT O B Racing 7 Jackson St Avon CT 06001 203 673 0342 Discount Parts Unlimited 5091 Fig liee Lane Redding CA 96002 916 365 2707 McKenzie Off Road 12949 Sherman way Suite 4 N Hollywood CA 91605 818 764 6438 Northern 4 Wheel Drive 3216 El Camino Real Santa Clara CA 95051 408 247 7575 Off Road U S A 1620 Golden State Hwy Bakersfield CA 93301 805 322 1581 CALIFORNIA Rough Country Store 542 North Johnson Ave El Cajon CA 92020 619 447 2457 All Tire Off Road 380 S East End Unit A Pomona CA 91766 714 623 6144 Service Center Stores All Stores in CA WA AR NV info 213 770 1100 ILLINOIS E T Shop 70 E Lake Rd Addison IL 60101 312 530 0080 INDIANA Hawkins Auto Stores 116 S W 1st Richmond IN 47374 317 962 4927 VanSenus Auto Parts 1620 Kennedy Hammond IN 46323 219 844 2900 Southern Tire 2550 Hickory Ave Metair e LA 70003 504 737 1558 Pocono 4 WO Center RD 7 Box 7399 Stroudsburg PA 18360 717 424 8864 MARYLAND Truck Shop 110 Montauk Highway W Sayvllle NY 11796 516 589 6500 Maryland 4 WO Center 4205 Erdman Ave Baltimore MD 21213 301 276 7041 MICHIGAN Jack McCormack Racing 7030 Schaefer Dearborn Ml 48126 313 846 2655 Giant Off Road Centers 6100 San Mateo Albuquerque NM 87109 505 991 0931 NEW YORK TENNESSEE Gor Den Automotive 50 Commercial Pkwy Buffalo NY 14224 716 675 5600 Hunter s Custom Automotive 975 Main St Nashville TN 372 06 615 227 6584 NEW MEXICO LOUISIANA Arnaud s Speed 1210 Bertrand Dr Lafayette LA 70506 318 235 4345 OR 7855 Airline Baton Rouge LA 70815 504 927 9851 Hall s Ott Road laqu Ipment 472 5 S Memorial Tulsa OK 74145 918 665 1854 The Driver s Seat 317 Warren Ave E Providence RI 401 434 8855 OR 87 Airport Rd Warwick RI 401 732 2500 OR 59 Putnam Rd Johnston RI 401 231 1159 Bud s Tire Wheel 701 W College Springfield MO 65806 417 865 5896 Four Wheel Center 4431 Montana El Paso TX 79903 915 565 1087 Southern Performance Specialties 104 S Rogers Irving TX 75060 214 744 3789 In Texas 800 231 2071 outside Texas OKtAHOMA RHODE ISLAND MISSOURI TEXAS UTAH National Tire Wholesale 2175 S Redwood Rd West Valley UT 84119 801 974 5900 VIRGINIA Professional Auto Repair 3180 Draper Dr Fairfax VA 22031 703 591 3155 WISCONSIN Bruce Larsen Automotive 4503 N River Rd Janesville WI 53545 608 754 1241 CANADA Mickey Thompson Tires of Canada 44 Community Ave Stoney Creek Ont LBE2Y3 416 664 4785 Prices not applicable in Canada

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The 5 1600s had one of the closest battles of all classes at Laughlin but Todd and Tim Craig won the contest with a super hot final lap In the de_ep st ff lap when they lost a torsion bar and had to install a new one Thaf moved the Martensens up into third place while Tommy and Trevor Ford moved into fourth and Tom Lawson and Bonnie Burton of Oklahoma slid up into fifth spot Mike Menko Is back racing Baja Bugs and Mike has not lost Ills touch He drove the Bug to a fine second In the class despite a few problems Don Adams and Jason Myers destroyed the competition as usual In Class 3 with the Jeep CJ 7 The team increased the lead each lap to an easy win Jim Wright ran faster than the rest of the two seaters on the last lap with the course all tom up but still couldn t salvage much of his race Young Collins driving solo because his planned codriver Ken Cox had come down with the flu kept his foot in the throttle and avoided costly mistakes to finish in front by 25 Despite a misfiring engine Roger Mears led Class 7 almost all the way but Mears finished a disappointed second after a last lap flat tire stop 1l 1l i YfA S 111 To krrs AWAi

Page 19

_ _ 4 Marshall Mahr and Michael Mahr brought the Jeepster home second In Class 3 after some early trouble a great way for Marshall to celebrate turning 60 As they went on into lap four Aragon was conscious that he was over revving his motor but knew he didn t dare let up because Leighton was so close behind him He wasn t sure what was wrong but the engine was running hot Leighton meanwhile ran trouble free Aragon stalled on a hill and his overheated engine wouldn t restart but it just happened to be the hill where Rob MacCachren early leader of the class was waiting for a tire so Robbie put his slender back into it and gave Aragon a push which was just enough to get it started again As he neared the finish line Aragon stalled again about a half mile from the checkered flag The car was smoking so badly that spectators thought it was on fire and urged him to get out But Glenn Hanks who understood how Aragon felt pushed him with his Baja Bug and got it restarted Aragon literally sqioked across the finish line and a rod let go as he got the checkered flag so that the car seized and came to a shuddering halt right there with a fist sized hole in the case There was an agonizing wait of 15 seconds to see if Leighton had c_a ught him but Aragon s luck held and he got his first place by two minutes and 14 seconds That also earned him the extra 1000 Toyota contingency Leighton got his second place finishing with a flat rear tire and Doug Wall in that trick Toyota finished in third place only another eight minutes back to earn an extra 500 Toyota bonus Reva and Wright were just under a minute later for fourth and Herrick and the McDonnells finished in fifth place The 1 2 1600s which run as one class in HORA events started next with 18 entrants Surprisingly in this usually tough class seven of them never even made the first lap Jim Sumners was back after trying Class 2 at Parker and deciding his old chassis wasn t up to the higher speeds and he had the lead by the end of the first lap One minute and 37 seconds behind him was the RRH of Rob Myerly and Randy Jones the class winner at Parker In third it was the team of Phil Bowers and John Slagor in their Funco while Tim and Terry Bell had their two seat Bunderson in fourth a bit over a minute behind them Sumners increased his lead to four minutes and 46 seconds by the end of lap two and Jones and Myerly were still second with Bowers close on their tail in third place The Bell brothers lost a few minutes but still held their Dusty Times The Class TS llctory was sweet for Spence Low and Paul Delang who ha le been lery close In the past This trip they led all the way In the Nissan Tom Peltier and Lee WIison ha le the Jeep Scrambler well sorted now and they scored In Nel ada with a great second In the big Class TS field Sumners with an 11 minute lead sideways banging his head on the fourth place position Jbere was a traffic jam on the over the Bells who still had less down bars He was goofy and third lap which caught the than a minute over Bowers and kinda sick for about ten miles Myerly and Jones car and they Slagor Sumners needed that and didn t know where he was also rolled over losing about 20 cushion because on the last lap he But then he got things organized minutes altogether That left hit a hole and the car jerked again only to roll the car He_ finished with his air clearner log resting on his transmission and h1s carburetor open to the elements Slagor and Bowers had no trouble and moved into THE BAKER CHASSIS Fast and affordable The first and only kit concept chassis for off road racing or street use Baja bred by John Baker 1983 SCORE and High Desert Racing Association champion to go faster and last longer At a price you can handle Check it out ACCEPTS ANY MAKE ENGINE OR SHEET METAL CHOICE OF COIL SPRING OR TORSION BAR FRONT SUSPENSION WHEELBASE ADJUSTABLE FROM 1 0 1 TO 1 1 2 REVOLUTIONARY 1 SHOCK PER WHEEL DESIGN MODELBC 1 T h e Baker Chaaala at the SCORE show April 13 15 in Anaheim booth 302 or send 2 00 for brochure and price sheet to John Baker Performance Products 4304 Alger Street Los Angeles California 90039 April 1984 Page 19

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I Back truckln Carl Jackson and Jim Venable drove their older Datsun to a clean and tidy third In Class 7S a longer trip than they are used to Getting stuck In the sand was one of many woes for BIii McDonnold and Dave Federwlscl_l But their two laps covered In the Maverick got them a second Leaping along the course Larry Schwacofer and his Chevy were the only three lap survivors at Laugh In In Class 6 so they parked the winners second spot while the Bells lost about ten minutes and fell to third Myerly and Jones were fourth only 24 minutes out of first The 1200cc Class 9 cars were next off the line with only seven starters Mike McCrory and Jim Dizney held the lead by a minute and a half over Alex Decuir in his Hi Jumper with Jeff Watson and Tom Moessner in the old Wessell Hi Jumper in third less than a minute later But then Watson sheared the d owel pins in his flywheel and was done for the day Decuir moved up into first place while McCrory and Dizney dropped to second and then never finished the third lap Decuir kept his lead in spite of the fact that his gas tank had split and lie kept having to stop to have his pif crew rub soap on it By now the second spot was held by Kelly and Joe McDonaough in their old Funco At the end it was Decuir in first with Kelly McDonough who drove the last lap bringing the car home second in spite of having hurt her throttle foot somehow Class 5 had only seven starters and a second generation Las Vegas racer grabbed the lead right away Larry Job put just under a minute on the veteran HORA LAUGHLIN DESERT CHALLENGE February 24 26 1984 Results Pos Pos Driver s Car Vehicle Time DIA Class 1 Unlimited Single Seat 16 start 5 finish 4 laps 1 2 3 4 5 100 107 106 114 117 1 2 3 4 5 216 204 203 214 217 1 2 3 4 5 1297 1205 1211 1201 1208 1 2 3 4 5 301 306 302 304 305 1 2 3 4 5 403 401 406 404 405 1 2 3 4 549 505 501 500 Mike Lund solo Frank Snook Dave Rogalia Jerry Finney Dan Foddrill Tom Bradley Bill Kreitlow Ed Mohr John Mohr Class i Unlimited Chenowth Magnum Raceco Chaparral Chaparral Funco 5 04 51 5 41 13 5 55 24 6 33 52 7 10 43 1 6 16 31 45 Two Seat 24 start 10 finish 4 laps Brian Collins Len Newman Michael Gaughan Tommy Ford Trevor Ford Tom Lawson Bonnie Burton Ed Martensen Jody Martensen Raceco Bunderson Special Funco Raceco 5 17 43 5 42 28 5 44 44 5 48 28 5 51 03 2 8 10 12 13 Class 1 2 1600 Re stricted 1600 cc 18 start 8 finish 4 laps Jim Sumners Craig Renfro Phil Bowers John Slagor Terry Bell Tim Bell Randy Jones Rob Myerly Richard Binder Wayne Matthews Raceco Funco Bunderson RRH ORBS Special 5 30 20 5 48 23 5 52 19 5 54 58 6 15 21 3 11 14 15 25 Class 3 Short Wheelbase Unlimited 4 x 4 8 start 6 finish 4 laps Don Adams Jason Myers Marshall Mahr Michael Mahr Maric Acuna Greg Holman Rock Bradford Ted Ebertowski Don Coffland Ken Nance Jeep CJ 7 Jeepster Jeep CJ Jeep CJ Jeep CJ 7 6 42 27 7 38 18 7 51 17 8 19 39 8 22 27 34 50 52 53 54 Class 4 Long WB Unlimited 4 x 4 8 start 4 finish 4 lans JUNE 9 1984 Rod Hall Jim Fricker Tim Casey Chris Casey Don McCormack Chuck Johnson Vern Roberts Bill Donahoe Larry Casey Bob Robertson Dodge Jeep Honcho Dodge Jeep Honcho Jeep Honcho 6 11 07 6 48 25 7 05 12 7 34 03 5 32 05 24 37 42 48 3 laps Class 5 Unlimited Baja Bug 7 start 3 finish 4 laps GUARANTEED PURSE TWO CLASSES 1600 LIMITED OPEN BUGGY Malcolm Vinje Mark Hansen Bruce Wittig John Ronnerud Jeff Jordan Al Jordan Larry Job solo Baja Baja Baja Baja Bug Bug Bug Bug 5 56 11 6 19 59 6 20 08 2 56 16 17 27 28 2 laps Class 5 1600 1600 cc Restricted Baja Bug 7 start 4 finish 4 laps START FINISH at Famous Crystal Springs An all facilities resort a short hop north of Las Vegas Baja Baja Baja Baja Baja Bug Bug Bug Bug Bug 1 2 3 4 5 551 555 554 556 553 Todd Craig Tim Craig Mike Menko Cian Naylor Max Razo Paul Garland Norm Shaw Rich Fersch Pat Todd 1 2 601 602 Larry Schwacofer Doug Collins 55 Chevy Bill McDonnold David Federwisch Ford Maverick 6 51 16 7 06 13 7 15 21 1 20 13 4 51 15 39 44 46 47 3 laps 5 47 57 7 11 22 3 laps Class 6 Sedans 4 start 0 finish 4 laps 2 Two hundred mile loops easier to pre run on same course through same fantastic mountains and streams 1 703 First points race in 1984 Nevada Triple Crown Off Rood Championship for off rood race cars motorcycles and ATV s 2 3 700 729 OTHER EVENTS Nevada 300 Aug 25 Silver Dust 400 Nov 17 1 2 3 4 5 731 769 735 736 733 Spencer Low Paul Delang Tom Peltier Lee Wilson Carl Jacks on Jim Venable Dick Landfield Mike Falkosky lvan Stewart 1 2 3 4 803 805 800 807 Walker Evans Stan Gilbert Charlotte Corral Bill Howard Bob Burchett Steve McEachern Cecil Bennet 1 2 3 901 904 903 1 2 3 4 5 1011 1012 1013 1009 1005 Silver Dust Racine Association 2 laps Class 7 Unlimited Mini Pickup 3 start 2 finish 4 laps Manny Esquerra Tudy Joe Esquerra Roger Mears Brent Foes Roger Mears Jr Ford Ranger 6 06 06 22 Nissan Jeep Scrambler 6 06 45 4 11 03 23 2 laps Class 7 S Stock Mini Truck 12 start 5 finish 4 laps Nissan Jeep Scrambler Datsun Ford Ranger Toyota 6 35 59 7 47 53 8 44 41 9 07 14 9 30 28 32 51 55 57 58 5 58 06 6 27 21 6 56 57 7 34 13 19 29 41 3 laps Class 8 Pickup 9 start 3 finish 4 laps Class 9 1200 Dodge Ford Chevrolet Ford u Single Seat 7 start 2 finish 4 laps Alex Decuir solo Hi Jumper Kelly McDonough Joe McDonough Funco Bruce MacKensie Dave McDonough 6 05 20 6 43 21 5 29 02 21 35 3 laps Class 10 Unlimited 1650 cc 19 start 6 finish 4 laps Phone 702 459 0317 P O Box 7380 Las Vegas NV 89125 Rav Aragon solo Jerry Leighton solo Doug Wall Fred Reva John Wright Bill Herrick Mike McDonnell Raceco LRPI Mirage Raceco Raceco 5 30 48 5 33 02 5 41 32 5 42 29 6 03 26 4 5 7 9 20 Total Starters 142 Total Finishers 58 Finish Ratio 40 8 Race Distance 54 miles a lap 4 laps all classes Fast Lap of the Day 112 Frank Arciero Jr 1 11 21 Page 20 April 1984 Dusty Times

Page 21

team of Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen while Larry Terry from Oklahoma City ran third The same positions held through the second lap but then Terry disappeared as did Job who tried to be helpful and push a stalled two seater out of a check and broke his ring and pinion Now Vinje and Hansen had the lead by 22 mlnutes over Jeff and Al Jordan who were just four minutes ahead of Bruce Wittig and John Ronnerud Wittig and Ronnerud worked up a head of steam for the last lap while Vinje and Hansen r notored in for their win with Wittig and Ronnerud squeaking into second place by nine seconds The Jordans were third Of the nine Class 8 trucks that started fully half were dented by the time they finished that first lap Walker Evans led with his Dodge but had only 2 57 on Frank Vessels who was second in his Ford Stan Gilbert was third in a Ford also Through the second lap they held their positions but Vessels crept up closer to Evans Then he lost his motor mounts and the motor fell down and broke the bell housing putting him out of the race So now it was Evans and Gilbert running one and two Evans got stuck in a wash with no reverse gear on the third lap causing something of a traffic jam but Gilbert went out to pass someone in the dust and stuck himself in some soft stuff also losing time So they finished one and two Bill Howard brought his new Walker Evans built Chevy home in third place and the last Class 8 truck to finish 1 Class 7 has still not sorted itself out This time due to a failure to clearly understand the rules the T oyotas were not running There were only three entries Roger Mears in his Nissan Manny Esquerra in his Ford Ranger and Roger Mears Jr in his Jeep Scrambler Mears Sr led from the start but his engine sounded unwell He had 10 minutes on Esquerra after lap one but then Esquerra who put his truck on its side three times crept up on Mears with each succeeding lap By now Mears was running on three cylinders Finally on the fourth lap with Esquerra really charging Mears had a flat and lost some time changing it His pits worried about whether to stop him to put on a spare or not finally did and lost the race Mears came across the finish line first but as he said Mr rear view mirror was fu 1 of Esquerra and Manny was literally right on his bumper Esquerra s last lap had been a 1 22 48 for the fastest lap in the class and it got him his win bv 39 seconds Mears Jr was able to complete only two laps Class 4 went off the line with only eight entries and had a familiar look with Rod Hall in front in his Dodge at the end of the first lap Running second was the Tim and Chris Casey Jeep Honcho only six minutes back while Steve Mizel was third in his Bronco At the end of the second lap Mizel had the lead as Hall had had to pit in order to replace his limiting straps and a front driveshaft and lost 10 minutes in Dusty Times the doing The Caseys were second by a whisker and Hall was now third Mizel dropped out on the third lap and Hall made up for lost time putting himself back in the lead for good The Caseys then had trouble on the last lap anyway and finished second about 37 minutes back In 5 1600 the limited Baja Bugs Rich Fersch and Pat Todd led for three laps with Todd and Tim Craig running second behind them all the way and Mike Menko and Henry Agana in third all the way When Fersch and Todd broke on the last lap the other two moved into first and second finishing only 15 minutes apart Class 3 was a rout with Don Adams an lason Myers in fronC in the Jeep CJ7 by 18 minutes at the end of lap one and by 43 minutes at the end of the second lap Running strong and gamely in the old Bronco Gale Pike held onto second place for three laps while Mark Acuna and Greg Holman ran third in their Jeep close behind him for two laps On the third lap the third spot was taken over by Marshall and Michael Mahr Jeepster who then moved into second_place at the end of the race Pike broke on the last lap Adams and Myers woh by an hour the Mahrs were second and Acuna and Holman finished third The stock mini trucks ran 12 strong for this one with Spencer Low and Paul Delang out front all the ay in their Nissan Willie Valdez was just under four minutes back at the end of lap one in his Ford but then had a long second lap and disappeared Running third on lap one was Mike Falkosky in his Toyota with Ivan Stewart as a riding critic in the passenger seat He moved into second when Valdez broke but then lost his transmission on lap four arid lost two and a half hours Meanwhile Tom Peltier and Lee Wilson have finally got their Scrambler running and ran third behind Falkosky for laps two and three and then moved into second place on the final lap for their best finish The Datsun of Carl Jackson and Jim Venable ran four consistent laps to finish third Class 6 had only four starters and no four lap finishers Jim Madison and Russ Mortenson broke on the first lap Andy Felix and Dale Draves broke on lap two after a nine hour first lap and Bill McDonnold and Dave Federwisch broke on the third lap but were second in the Ford Maverick Larry Schwacofer in his 55 Chevy rari three complete laps in very respectable times to come out the winner The resurrected Laughlin race with its fancy new title The Laughlin Desert Challenge turned out to be a winner though very tough on cars with on1y 58 finishers out of the 142 starters Now if only they could do away with the gnats WHAT S NEW FROM KC The KC Daylighter The number one choice of off road enthusiasts across the united States Around the world Since 1970 But what s happening our original KC HiliTES Daylighter design has been ripped off You can now buy a light that looks like a Daylighter But the similarities end right there The housing on the look alike is not plated or painted to our rigid guidelines In fact we build lights only one way if the quality isn t good enough that we d buy it ourselves we won t try and sell it to you The flex that protects the wiring on the look alike 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style 49 95 Men s Jacket competition summer style unlined Anthracite color 34 95 Other styles available call or write for apparel brochure Add 3 50 each for postage on Jackets above April 1984 Page 21

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l Bud s Back at the Baja Cross Series r Hamer Eubanks I Scott Gillman drove flawlessly at the Baja Cross winning both Class 1 motos in his_Chenowth Magnum and Scott won the points as well Ron Carter earned the nickname of Sideways Ron losing this good lead in the first moto and in the second moto Carter ended up fourth in Class 1 Budweiser Baja Cross racing op ned the season at Saddle back Park on March 4 with a good turn out enjoying some very fast and close competition Straub Distributing Company of Orange is sponsoring the 1984 season and boy was Budweiser well represented A huge Bud can was inflated in the middle o f MARCH4 Saddle b a ck Park APRILS Saddle bac k Park MAY20 Sa ddle b ack Park JULY29 Sa ddle bac k Pa rk SEPTEMBER9 Saddle back Park Double Points S C ORE S AN C TI ONE D SCORE C L ASSES G R AN D ST AN D SEATI NG 100 V IS IBILIT Y SADDLE BAC K PARK OR ANGE CA BAJA CROSS RACING 13 704 BECH ARD AYENl JE N O RWALK C A LI F O RN IA 90650 2 13 92 1 2 8 38 the track to remind fans that Budweiser was the offfical beer of BAJA CROSS racing Besides the obvious display there must have been a thousand Budweiser jerseys given away Charlie Englehart who did a fine job of announcing the racing action nearly strained his brain thinking of different reasons to give shirts to fans Anyway a lot of people left with a Bud shirt to remind them of their exciting afterno on at Saddleback A big winner was Ron Carter weli Ron didn t actually win the s et of BFGoodrich T I A Radials his mother did but moms being moms she made a deal with Ron and he ended up with the tires The Goodrich tires were given in a drawing of those that purchased season tickets to the BAJA CROSS series The entire event went smooth with all classes started on time The Class 5 event was scratched due to lack of entrants Come on guys the fans really relate to the BAJA BUGS After all this class represents the roots of buggy racing There were so many 3wheelers in Class 30 it had to be divided into two heats I guess Rick Lee race steward thought 35 cycles was too many at once Class 31 had 25 entrants so the three wheel classes are showing their rapid growth Class 10 had nearly as many entries with 22 cars signed up Ten cars enter ed Class One and twelve signed in for Class 1 2 1600 The BAJA CROSS organizers have set up a five race series points fund for 1984 They have 80 payback to the drivers with 10 of that going into the points fund so you can bet the racers will be back for the series With 104 entries for a season opener one tan expect more excitement on April 8 when Budweiser BAJA CROSS returns to Saddleback Arciero tho ght he had the right stuff on lap 5 and made a move to pass Gillman by going high on the back sweeper after the compression Arciero got into the loose stuff and was pulled down killing his motor He ended up in a rut and had to be pushed by flag men but decided not to finish Ron Carter found traction again and brought his Funco around for second after Arciero dropped out Carter wasn t out _for a Sunday drive by any means The race for second was always between Arciero Carter or Jim Fishback Jr Fishback drove an impressive race in his Chenowth to finish third Fourth place went to Bill Royster from Lancaster Dan Fisk rolled over the finish with his right axle dangling The second moto was the type of Sunday driving everyone came to see flat out racing Ron Carter was fifth on the starting line and managed to sling into the front of the pack on the start and do a re run of the first moto Ya Ron got sideways and before he got straightened out again found himself chasing the pack Jim Fishback Jr wasn t hampered by Carter s mishap and led the moto followed by Bill Royster and Scott Gillman Gillman got by Royster on lap 2 and moved up within striking distance of Fishback When the scorers began lap 4 it was Scott Gillman driving his newChenowth in first place Gillman finished the race first with Fishback in close pursuit Breathing a very warm breath on Fishback was Pancho Weaver for third Al Arciero had to settle for fourth Fifth went to the ailing Funco driven by Dan Fisk who was followed by Ron Hornaday also in a Funco OVERALL PLACING Having won both motos Scott Gillman took top honors of the day in Class One Jim Fishback Jr found his drive home to Fontana enjoyable with the second place money Dan Fisk finished fifth in the first moto and was scored fifth again in the second Both results added Al Arciero was challenglng for the lead in the first Class 1 moto but trying to make the pass he lost It on the back swe per and lost the ball game CLASS ONE No engine transmission or driveline limitations creating all out no holds barred racing T en entries started in moto one but only five survived t e demanding pace set by Scott Gillman Gillman capitalized on Ron C a rter s mi s hap as he go t sideways causing a traffic jam near turn two This put Gillman in the lead where he stayed until the checkered flag Al Arciero let Gillman know not to make a mistake as he followed in close pursuit for these first five laps April 1984 Pancho Weaver had a good run in the second Class 1 heat pushing hard in his challenge for second place It was close but Weaver ended up third Dusty Times I I I

Page 25

together was good enough for third place for the day Sideways Ron Carter was fourth for the day followed by Pancho Weaver and Al Arciero The finishing order was Bill Royster Rori Hornaday Dave Greiner and Chet Huffman CLASS 10 Class 10 wins the most popular class award for its 21 starters Amazing as it may seem they brought all the cars around the first corner without any major difficulties Greg George drew the outside front row starting position but put his Funco in front of the pack and stayed there for the moto win Tommy Croft had to work for his second place after Frank Arciero passed him on the second lap but Arciero was to retire on the fourth lap with tranny problems Croft had his hands full with third place finisher Jim Fishback Sr Jerry Whelchel started in 18th place and had to drive hard to earn his fourth place Whelchel over took the consistant driving Marty Coyne on the last lap so Coyne had to settle for fifth Following close behind Coyne was Mike Gillman who had drawn the last starting position With 21 cars on the track someone had to get over anxious According to Lance Huffman that hpnor goes to Lloyd Castle who left the power on a little longer than Huffman going into turn three on the second lap and broke Huffmans CV joint by ramming into the back of his car Or maybe Glenn Galbraith was the most anxious on lap three w en he rolled his car hard renhng him from the event As the day warmed up so did the Class 10 action in the second moto Mike Gillman enjoyed the Jim Fishback Jr led the early laps of the second Class 1 moto but flr lshed second With his strong third place in the first round he got 2nd place money Gr g George led the first Class 10 moto from start to finish and he managed a fifth place in the second round to score second overall in his Funco Frank Arciero had his new Chenowth Magnum In the thi k of the Class 10 action and it was thick with 21 starters Arclero retired with trans trouble Mike Gillman drew the last starting spot in Class 10 but in the second moto he used the reverse starting order to lead from flag to flag and win the heat reverse order starting position and copied Greg George s first moto performance by leading from turn one to the finish Jerry Whelchel kept Gillman in sight the entire moto Gillman found some relief when Whelchel got sideways in front of the grandstands putting Whelchel at position with Greg George bringing his Pipeline Trucking Funco across for fifth George was followed closely by Marty Coyne Frank Arciero and Glenn Galbraith least 10 seconds behind Gillman the remainder of the race Whelchel was probably busy worrying about the third place finisher Vince Tjelmeland driving a Funco The first four cars pulled away from the pack and fifth place action became a hotly contested OVERALL PLACING KC Hill rES Daylighter The Original Can t Be Beat 385 000 Candle Power Patented Shock Mounting Helped Win More Races Than Any Other Light SCORE HORA Contingency Sponsor Black 16 7 Chrome 1620 34 95 39 95 postage paid lhonlpson Supersander 6 ply tough Nylon Construction Trailsman Radial Polyester Steel Belts Dependable Durable Tires Choice of 83 SCORE Champ Larry Ragland Sizes Up To 35 Tall Great For Long Travel Tough 6 Ply Tread Side Biter Cleats 7 15 Front 35x11 50 15 35x14 50 15 World Famous BMk5 _ Nitrocharger Improved Handling For Faster Speeds 8 10 12 Travel In Stock postage paid Mickey Ken Kazarla n was a little off In the first moto in Class 10 but he pulled it together for a third spot in the second moto and he was seventh for the day Jerry Whelchel in his Raceco for his fourth and second place finishes Greg George took his Funco back to Ontario on his second place money Mike Gillman drove hard in the first inoto and faster in the second to third overall Fourth place 69 95 128 95 151 95 Also Full Line of Rough Country Parts In Stock Competition Windshield Decals S2 95 Get The Giant Advantage Free with your order Giant s 3rd Edition Catalog Or send a dollar and reI turn address f to our mail order facility n Please no phone calls for catalogs l l Mike Gillman smothered himself in the spoils of victory after winning the second Class 10 moto See there are other rewards for off road racers Dusty Times April 1984 Page 25

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more about the BAJA CROSS was won with a fifth and sixth showing by Marty Coyne Tommy Croft was fifth followed by Jim Fishback Sr Ken Kazarian finished seventh followed by Vince Tjelmeland Mike Sally and Jim Fishback Sr CLASS 1 2 1 00 Class 1 2 1600 came to the starting line with an even dozen buggies in Contention Nine cars finished the first moto that saw Doug Ingles under the checker first Ingles drew the eighth starting position but worked his way through the pack on the start and by lap 2 was hot on leader Ken Hcxiges trail Ingles took the lead on lap 3 but had to keep Mike Goodbody from getting around Gocxibody concentrated on passing Ingles so much he didn t nQtice the Raceco of Kent Castle until he had already passed Gocxibody had to settle for third benind Castle Kevin Pirtle finished fourth ahead of Nei l Phillips Dan Mo rton and Phil Brown The second moto belonged to Kent and mom Castle Kent started fifth on the line but was leading the pack going into lap 2 Mom s back seat drivin_g kept the amazing duo in the lead until the checkered flag Kevin Pirtle followed the Castles until a hard charging Jon Bonner went high in the bowl after the back straight and edged Pirtle to third and that s wher he stayed Bonner wasn t to be so lucky When the crowd came around for the white flag Bonner was missing Bonner came around the fourth corner and his steering snapped sendi ng him head on intp one of the huge safety tires that line the track Bonner got his bell rung and lost his breath for awhile but later Kent Castle took his mother for a Sunday drive in Class 1 2 1600 The Castle s scored a second in round1 and led from lap 2 on the second to win the cla S Doug Ingles won the first moto and finished second in the next round in the close dicing among the 1 2 1600 restricted buggies Ingles was 2nd overall Kevin Pirtle had a good day In the 1 2 1600 action Pirtle scored a fourth and a close third In the two motos to win third place on points The Ba a Cross course at Saddleback is a spectator s delight as the race cars soar high in the air on every lump and bump with wild action everywhere walked over and inspected the through the race Bob McElvain damage to his car worked for his fourth place and Doug Ingles finished second was followed closely by Neil after working his way steadily Phillips Dan Morton finished through the moto As stated sixth in front of Mark Watson Pirtle finished third but the third and Danny Tipton Mike through sixth positions were Goodbody brought his Enticer packed tighter than sardines all across last with a flat OVERALL PLACING Overall winners were the Castle Team of Mom and Kent Doug Ingles packed his Funco away thinking of his second place money Kevin Pirtle went back to Torrance with third place Neil Phillips won fourth place by finishing both motos in fifth Bob McElvain drove his Invader to a tenth and fourth place for fifth overall Dan Morton finished sixth over Mike Goodbody Mark Watson and Danny Tipton I TECTIRA GET THE ED GE TEC_T IRA TIRES SUPERSANDER Nylon Cord Body Tubeless White Outline Letters 9 00 15 33x10 50 15LG LOAD RANGE STK C 8510 85 95 C 5570 69 95 C C C C C C 1485 1595 1510 1511 1512 1795 8 095 TRAILSMAN Nylon Cord Body Tubeless Blackwall 7 00 15LT TRAILSMAN RADIAL Polyester Cord Body Steel Belts Tubeless White Outline Letters 2 7x8 50R 14LT 30x9 50R 15LT 31x10 50R15LT 31x11 50R15LT 33x12 50R15LT 30x9 50R 16 5LT 8 5R14LT 7 9 14LT 9R15LT 9 15LT 1ORI 5LT 10 1 5LT 11R15LT 11 15LT 12R15LT 12 15LT 9 50R16 5LT 9 50 16 5LT 106 95 99 95 109 95 129 95 106 95 TIRE WHEEL MART 222 S Firestone L A CA 90002 Page 26 213 585 3043 April 1984 The big entry at Saddleback was among the 3 Wheelers Class 30 drew 35 entries at the start and action was tight from flag to flag ousty Times

Page 27

SCCA Pro Rally Update Rally fans may be wondering why there is no coverage of the SCCA Pro Rally Serie in recent issues The simple fact is there have been no events since last December The first two full scale Pro Rallies of 1984 were canceled both due to problems in road use permits which does sound familiar to off roaders as well Down the tube for 1984 are both the 100 Acre Wood in Missouri and the Mazda Chattahoochee in Georgia leaving the month of March without an event Now the first rallies of the new season will be the Nor wester and Olympus the back to back events out of Tumwater Washington that constitute Rally Week Northwest Now there are nine poin ts events for 1984 The Nor wester on April 14 and 15 and the Olympus April 21 22 are great rallies professionally organized and both have FIA calendar listing There is talk of an FIA observer being in attendance in the No rthwest this month and the organizers have a good chance of producing a World Championship Rally for the USA Of course it takes some husky championship bucks to do that If the rally game is for you check out Rally Week Northwest Get info from John Nagel 11062 118th Place NE Kirkland WA 98033 206 823 4540 nrJ t use of tl l e dearth of national rally events in recent months we are publishing heavy coverage from Europe by the well known rally reporter Martin Holmes In Europe the factories play hard ball in rallying and spend as much mo ney on their teams as Americans do on Nascar racing The aim of the SCCA Pro Rally Series has been to promote the sport in the USA to similar glory The major difference is that the majority of the competitive cars here are foreign made But look for more good things out of Chrysler and Ford in 1984 While the Pro Rally Championship Series is shrinking the SCCA Divisional Rally program is growing Divisional events are one day affairs have a class for real beginners and special drivers meeting prior to the event to explain the rules to beginners Some SCCA Regions conduct Pro Rally schools as well There are well over 100 SCCA regions so there is one near you Space does not allow us to list pages and pages of divisional rally activities and persons to contact But if you are interested you can get the whole scoop from one of two sources Virginia Reese Chairman Pro Rally Board 238 Harrison Chelsea MI 48118 or from the man in charge of rallies at SCCA T Michael Moreland Sports Car Club of America 6750 So Emporia Drive Englewood CO 80155 Some good news came out of the first meeting for organizers of National Pro Rallies held last winter in Detroit At a prior Dusty Times meeting for the manufacturers on this series as they do in off who support the Pro Rally road racing all across the Series these generous company country So it does behoove the reps listed some goals for the organizers to listen to their program In return for their requests The manufacturers in support they ask very little only the rally game like the press good consistent events and a stages a well decorated ra ly feeling that their money is well headquarters hotel daylight spent in a sport that hasn t grown stages for spectators and the like These requests seem much in recent years Off road folks should be aw re reasonable Only time will tell if that some of the corporate the _new setup for the SCCA Pro supporters of just nine rally Rally Series in 1984 will produce events spend as much if not more any or all of these desired results CENTRAL CAL ASSOCIATED RACES ST ANNUAL CENTRAL CAL CHAMPIONSHIP PETRO TECH 2000 April 1984 Page 27

Page 28

they built their reputation doing numbers and nuts and bolts McKenzie has a catalog which better and better with Sandmaster built cars at the races is available for 2 and they will Scott lost interes t in off road ship anywhere but do not accept racing himself deciding he didn t charge cards Everything they sell can be shipped by OPS and they Photos Jud Smith Trackside like the dust but felt he did want are open from 9 a m to 5 30 to build cars for the sport He to fit in the bed of his 1960 was really excited about rail p m Scott hopes to be moving to Chevy pickup truck None of cars rather than VW floorpan roomier quarters in the near future but has not yet settled on this sounds very exciting by cars the ideal location The firs t Sa dmaster company today s standards but it was a McKenzie Automotive is dedicar the Solo a single seater first as a vehicle for the dunes cated to serving the off road racer with a full cage was raced with By the following year there were several others all modeled Rick James as the driver Then with the best parts available and after Scott s first effort He then they added Gene Hirst t o the to this end they stock the latest most sought after models of went them one better and team and began to clean up everything As an example they By the time of the 1970 Mint trimmed away everything but the there were three Sandmaster currently carry a full selection of tunnel of an old wrecked VW cars a nd they finished second the new longer leAgth shock perched the seat on the tunnel and made the first otf road single third and fifth and from then on absorbers Scott also tries to offer as Sandmaster was a well known seater ever much advice as he can to help From that point on his cars team Sandmast er continued to be a racers o ut of their dilemmas To became gradually more sophistiScott McKenzie is caught in a typical pose McKenzie spends most of his business day on the phone giving advice and chasing new parts orders cated until in the mid sixties strong influence in the sport o do this as one might well whe n he felt he d done all he off roading through the mid imagine Scott spends a lot of could do in the dunes At this seventies Drivers such as Bob time on the telephone He says it s a challenge point he went back to hard rock Ferro John Johnson Gene Hirst o r desert hill climbing He d gone and Rick M ears ran the Sand trying to keep abreast of the to a big 1500cc motor and no w master colors for years winning various manufacturers latest his transmissions were failing so every major race at one time or things That s a challenge in he and a fri end de velo ped a wa y ano ther and some of them itself and then trying to keep it in stock to use the gear reduction repeated 1y Scott also tries to work Arnett retired from the busitransmissio ns and they lasted ness and McKenzie tried his hand closesly with manufacturers eslo nger By 1965 he had a trick single at wo rking elsewhere for a while pecially if there is a problem to seater the Pioneer I with gear but finally drifted back to his o ld help them with the improvement reduction with Alpine ratios and home base and reopened as of their designs He gets a lo t of McKen zie Automotive The feedback from racers and likes to _a modified 1600cc engine In 1966 McKenzie went into shop which no longer does any pass it along to both manupartnership with Chuck Lyons race prep is strictly business and facturers and promoters Scott also tries to work with the building dune buggies and it s all off road business Man ned by a small force various promoters to _ help hard rock buggies They specialized in competition vehi co ns1stmg of Scott himself improve the races He says racers The most famous and successful of the Sandmaster racers was the Funco 55 cles based on a VW pan with Vally Binford who works three will tell him things that they 1 driven to victory in every major race by Bobby Ferro VW or Corvair power for sand days a week Kathy Murphy who won t say to a promoter and he A small unpretentious shop on among the shock absorber dis or desert hill climbs After six does the books two days a week likes to pass the information Sherman Way in North Holly plays and over the desks months they decided they needed and Tracy Valenta who is there long for the improveme i t of wood is an unexpected focus of McKenzie active in off road a name and came up with two and a half days a week the sport since the early 50 s loves to get a Sandmaster McKenzie Automot_ive though about 30 years of off road McKenzie s which is open only history Now the home of chance to reminisce about his off In 66 Scott put together the Tuesday through Friday turns not big on appearance is big McKenzie Automotive the shop road ach entures over an amazing amount of off indeed on service to the off road first 2180cc VW engine for in the same building that once Instrumental in the early himself He and Chuck did lots racer and we wish them many roa d equipment development of the Volkswagen of competing in order to attract housed the highly successful Scott is a distributor for a top more fruitful and productive as an off road vehicle Scott had a customers and one teen aged Sandmaster in the early 7Gs is notch list of quality off road years not even accessible from the VW based buggy in 1960 It was competitor who Scott remembers products McKenzie is a major shor ened to an 85 wheelbase vividly was a youngster named supplier of transmission parts for street but must be entered from the alley with the floorpan cut away and John Johnson trannie builders in the southwest Once iridoors the customer an upswept front and rear to Scott stays_ involved in the In 1968 Scott and Chuck saw improve the overhang He their first off road race when finds himself urro imded by contingency end of racing by Scott McKenzie s collection of installed two parking brakes to they went to the first Mint 400 gi v ing contingency money to memorabilia as well as the use as very rudimentary steering Scott said it was completely buggy drivers in SCORE and trappings of a well equipped off brakes and put a round alum foreign to them at the time but HORA races using his aluminum road shop Photos and plaques inum gas tank in the back where then it was foreign to everyone double element air cleaner sysare to be found veryw_h ere hung the seat had been It was planned else then too They chuckled at tem Binford who goes to all the races handles that part of the the sight of Gene Hirst in his business for him In addition 1300cc buggy lined up a_sainst a big Dodge Charger aL the start Binford stocks a pickup and They were astounded when camper with a wide selection of items from McKenzie stores and Hirst whom they d never met Here is a new technology quick jack to match the new technology in the takes them to the races to service won the race long travel ra_ce cars so successful in off road racing today This quick In 68 Lyons left the partnerthe racer who suddenly finds Jack has a total lift height of 22 inches will stand by itself when raised to ship and Scott teamed with Don himself in need of axles c v Easy to miss this unobtrusive door Is full hei lht and it does not require a person to sit on it while the car is up in the air The_new Jack has an excellent leverage ratio and one man can Arnett retaining the Sandmaster boots or shock absorbers He the main entrance to McKenzie 11ft the rear end of a heavy two seater by himself The jack is mad e from name and moving to the location also stocks the more commonly Automotive He s short on showmanthe finest ingredients and it breaks down for ease of storage and needed items like stick on ship long on business on Sherman Way Gradually transportation Off Road History on the Hoof 1 NEW QUICK JAC K FOR THE NEW BIG RACE CARS TWO MODELS AVAILABLE CLUB DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE 18 LIFT 59 99 22 LIFT 69 99 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED GENERAL VIACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CALIF 92330 Telephone 714 674 7365 Page 28 Simple displays are utilized on the walls to let off road shoppers see what is avaflable at any time at McKenzie s almost some of everything April1984 Wally Binford is seen stacking fresh parts in McKenzie s very well organized stock room Binford also takes the parts truck to races to help the sport Dusty Times

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The 1984 6 50 CLUB By Jean Calvin Photos Tracksike Photo Ent Danny Leiner got a stout and close second In Class 2 at Parker In his new giant size Raceco with a giant 6 cylinder Porsche engine The 6 50 club points series began at Parker last month and a full 16 drivers signed on their entry as over 50 years of age the one qualifying item to be a member of the 6 50 club Of course you must be the driver of record also and that stipulation is primarily for ease of book work on the points Any driver of record in any of the designated 6 50 club desert races is eligible for points and the nifty year end awards which will again this year be gold silver and bronze in honor of the Olympic year There is nothing to join but you must list your age or at least list over 50 o n the entry so that informatio n reaches the program and onward to the points keeper Of the 6 50 club listed drivers at the Score Parker 400 ten of tlfefu finished the race a much better finishing ratio than the whole car entry Out front in points then was Danny Letner who drove his Class 2 Raceco all three legs to a great second place just missing first spot by a few seconds Dick Young got a fine fourth in Class 2 in his Raceco and he was second with 52 points then Despite getting a ticket for driving his Funco on the California highway during the race transit Cal Wells Jr was next on points with 50 and a great fifth in the 41 car entry in Class 10 Willis Hamilton driving the flat top Drino Miller Class 2 was sixth in class and next on points at 42 followed by a three way tie at 41 points These drivers are Bill Howard fifth in Class 8 in his brand new Chevy Bob Renz sixth in Class 1 in his Chenowth and Gregg Symonds seventh in Class 10 in his Raceco Don Barlow snagged 25 points for ninth in Class 2 1600 in his Hi Jumper Bert Vaughan promoter of the Silver Dust Series out of Las Vegas was next with 25 points for eighth in Class 11600 a rare finish foe Vaughan at Parker Mickey Mulhair put his Class 10 Chenowth home 14th good for 15 points Earning five points for starting but not finishing were J Duncan Brown Class 10 David Christian Class 2 1600 Jack Irvine Class 10 Dick Landfield Class 7S and Frank Snook and Mickey Thompson Class 1 Trying to devise a fair calendar for the 6 50 races is a bit knotty this year with the conflicts in dates However we have plunged Dusty Times ahead with a schedule but it is eleven eligible races on ten weekends this year However it will still be your best six events that will count for points y OU just get a wider choice of events in which to compete There will be four Score events and four from HORA plus three outside races Under Score count the Parker 400 San Felipe 250 Baja Internacional and the December Barstow Classic Under HORA count the Laughlin Desert Challenge the Fireworks 250 the Frontier 500 and the Frontier 250 Add in the big and bad Mint 400 the Snore 250 and the AMSA 12 hour enduro and there are plenty of dates and places for the mature drivers to score 6 50 points With both December races listed for 6 50 points you won t be forced to choose Barstow or Vegas Both will be points events for 6 50 standings whether or not they both stay on the same date as they are currently listed Points from the HORA Laughlin Desert Challenge have been computed but some of you may be missing There are no ages on the entry list so 6 50 points have been totaled for all known over 50s that competed at Laughlin If your name is missing don t be left out Drop a post card in the mail with your name ca r and so forth and age and we will put you in the system Send the info to Jean Calvin 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Frank Snook was second in Class 1 driving the Raceco Len Newman also got a second in Class 2 in the potent Bunderson and Marshall Mahr just turned 60 nailed second in Class 3 with his almost as aged Jeepster Bill Howard got a fine third in Class 8 in the Chevy to lead 6 50 points at the present time Vern Roberts and crew took fourth in Class 4 in the Jeep Honcho and Dick Landfield had a struggle but got his four laps done in the Class 7S Ford Ranger for a solid fourth place The DNF ranks at Laughlin include those drivers who are waved off the course after three entries have finished in their class It is unfortunate that this system makes a team perfectly capable of getting finishing points in a time allowance an automatic DNF But we have to follow the iisted results from the HORA multiple lap races In this group at Laughlin were Don Slagle Class 10 Bob Renz Class 1 Danny Letner and Gregg Symonds Class 2 Coming up fast for the 6 50 drivers are both the Score San Felipe 250 and the massive Mint 400 To date 20 drivers are on the list Do let us know if you have been competing and we don t know you belong in the 650 club Through the Parker and Laughlin races the 6 50 points standings are Class Points 1 Bill Howard 8 77 2 Danny Letner 2 69 3 Len Newman 2 58 4 Frand Snook _ 1 58 5 Dick Young 2 52 6 Cal Wells Jr 10 50 7 Dick Landfield 7S 46 8 Bob Renz 1 46 9 Gregg Symonds 2 10 46 10 Willis Hamilton 2 42 11 Marshall Mahr 3 41 12 Don Barlow 2 1600 25 13 Vern Roberts 4 23 14 Bert Vaughan 1 1600 20 15 Mickey Mulhair 10 15 Holding 5 points each are J Duncan Brown 10 David Christian 2 1600 Jack Irvine 10 Don Slagle 10 Mickey Thompson 1 Bill Howard has two good scores In his new fancy Class 8 Chevy A little stuck here at Laughlin Howard still got third and leads the 6 50 points Len Newman third In points Is the only Las Vegas driver In the top ten Len and Mike Gaughan co drive the big Barbary Coast Bunderson In Class 2 A fine second In Class 1put Frand Snook Into a tie for third In points after Laugh In Frank and Dave Rogal a drive the snazzy McDonald s Raceco April 1984 Some called It a 1ungle gym others a pipe fitters nightmare but the new Dr no Miller Bob Giese creation took Willis Hamilton to 6th at the Parker 400 Page 29

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By Jean Calvin Photos Jean Calvin John Calvin This year the Indian Dunes motos happened on _a half mile clay oval fronted by proper grandstands a snack bar and all the facilities It was a fun event for all on hand enhanced immensely by a sunny and warm February day Unfortunately the crowded southern California calendar of off road races inhibited a good entry and only 21 cars appeared at Indian Dunes However the very short track with just one jog through the infield could not hold more then a dozen starters Indian Dunes is just north of Los Angeles a complete RV park with numerous trails plus several organized race courses mostly for motorcycles and A TVs AMSA usually runs their short course events for four wheel classes at Indian Dunes on a combo of the motocross section and the sand washes of the desert trails The opening shot in the 1984 AMSA short course series had an entirely different design enjoyable to watch and it all track The practice sessions were fast went quickly Each driver got and furious and they did in a two warm up laps and two timed couple of the entrants Mark laps and some of the times were Broneau lost his Class 10 engine really close Topping the entire in practice so his Raceco was a field with the fastest time of the non starter Ron Carter day 27 55 wasJimFishqack Sr destroyed his Class 10 engine in his Class 10 charger Second too but he had an old almost fastest was Scott Gillman in his pre run caliber Class 1 engine in keen new Chenowth Magnum at the trailer So with frantic pit 28 24 in Class 1 Next came Ron work Ron emerged with a Carter in his Funco at 28 37 and slightly smoking but running Jim Fishback Jr also in Class 1 powerplant and switched his with 28 54 This quartet made up the trophy dash entry entry to Class 1 However the first of the eight The qualifying sessions were CALIFORNIA PHONE ORDER BOUSE II in any given heat The lap times averaged under 30 seconds so it was busy on course with not many cars in each heat The original idea had been to run only on the oval but after a couple of practice sessions the drivers requested a couple more jumps and a tour through the infield The oval contained just one jump built at the start finish line but in the end there were three spots that put the cars in the air The oval surface was hard packed and shiny clay more akin to pavement then the usual off road CROWN MFG RAPID COOL TRI MIL WESTERN AUTO TIRES 0 BILSTEIN CENTERLINE CIBIE HEWLAND PORSCHE TURBO C V _ 1 BEARDSEATS PARKERPUMPER TECTIRA TIRES SUPER TRAPP GEM GEARS KYB SHOCKS Ottroad Racecar _ SWAY A WAY TRANSAXLE PARTS Parts Accessorie 1 I l I 3 4 JJ 1 elm I BEFORE YOU BUY TALK TO THE PROFESSIONAL 12945 SHERMAN WAY NO HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 213 765 5827 e 213 764 6438 Page 30 Kevin Pirtle drove the only two seater In Class D but he led the first moto from flag to flag In a hard drive and had a good margin after 8 laps April 1984 Dusty Times

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Class 1 made up In quality what it lacked in quantity Jim l lshback Jr had a tough race in the ti st round out ar the end of eight laps he was the winner Class 5 title and the other Bug driven by Paul Garland was well back The Trophy Dash was up next and this heat started with some close dicing between Scott Gillman and Jim Fishback Sr At the end of the four laps Gillman held the lead and Jim Fishback Sr was second followed by Ron Carter and Jim Fishback Jr The Class C or 10 field had shrunk from ten to eight with Broneau turning into a spectator and Carter moving to Class 1 The first Cheat was a wild affair Glenn Galbrai h got away from the traffic Jams in the first C class moto and he led most of the laps In the Funco and The infighting got so fierce on the also won the heat handily second lap that the trash barrels lap heats contained the D and B used for course markers in the r acers AMSA s names for Class infield went flying high and far 1 2 1600 and Class 9 There was scattering their contents all over but one 1200 cc car driven by as the frantic drivers tried to Don Miquel plus the four better their positions It was a 1600s Also in this heat with a crowded race track with just delay start were a pair of Baja eight cars Glenn Galbraith led Bugs Kevin Pirtle drove the only the first laps with Jim Fishback two seater in this bunch and he Sr hot on his rear cage It took led from flag to flag with a good three laps before the boys gave lead at the finish Andy up charging the trash cans and Banachowski was second tagged marker tires and stayed on the by Don Miguel and then came course Midway Galbraith had a Alan Day and Robert Shockow who was actually behind the Baja decent lead Fishback Sr was Bug o f Jeff Elrod Elrod won the still _ within striking distance followed by Jim Sandefer Rick Jones Tom Norris Gary Dillon Don Kennedy and Dave Prizio who had lost time in the early laps The heat finished more or less in that order with Glenn Galbraith winning over Jim Fishback Sr and Jim Sandefer The fourth race was the eight lapper for the five Class ls and the action was wild off the start 1 Jim Fishback Jr and Ron Carter fought for the lead Scott Gillman tried vainly to get close and Tom Finvers and Fritz Kroyer battled nearly side by side some distance to the rear Fishback Jr held his first place after eight laps now a good distance ahead of Ron Carter who was well ahead of Gillman who seemed to be geared wrong for the track Finvers won the dice over Kroyer for fourth The second motos were all 12 laps but they seemed to happen very quickly First to go the longer distance were the Class B D and 5 cars and all returned to the fray with an inverted start for the first few grid positions Robert Schock ow took good advantage of his up front start to THE FIRST ANNUAL LOMA CYCLE 125 POINT TO POINT FROM SAN LUIS TO EL GOLFO IN MEXICO APRIL 28 1984 Presented by the Arizona Desert Racing Association The 125 mile route consists of high speed sandy desert roads L r r UAl_ 0 ADRA 9 N J 1 Pro Points Challenge 1984 ALL OFF ROAD VEHICLE CLASSES Buggies Trucks 4 x 4s Baja Bugs Mini Trucks Motorcycles 3 Wheelers 3 Divisions at all races All classes in each division Pro Entry Fee 160 Sportsman Entry Fee 80 Beginner Entry Fee 40 ENTRY FEE INCLUDES RACE INSURANCE For information and entry forms contact A D R A 1408 East Granada Road Phoenix Arizona 85006 Scott Gillman had his beautiful new red and gold Chenowth Magnum going well in the trophy dash Sco_tt won the tight bash among the four top qualifiers Dusty Times April 1984

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more about INDIAN DUNES lead through several laps but his lead was o nly inches over Alan Day Some space behind came Don Miguel and Andy Banacho wski locked in very tight co mbat fo llowed b y Kev in Pirtle who was off form fro m the first heat Pirtle spun out o n the fo urth lap and this actio n p ut the Bug of Jeff Elrod next in the contest despite his delay start With two thirds d istance covered Schockow retired with a badly bent wheel Earlier Day tangled with the hay bales and lost ground b ut he surged back into the lead in just a few laps follo wed by Don Miguel some distance back The drive o f this race was turned in by Jeff Elrod who picked off o ne buggy after ano ther While Alan Day won the heat Elrod was right o n his bumper and almost mad e the pass at the fi nish line The blue Bug was a st rong second ahead of the 1200 of Don Miq uel By ballpark scoring Banachowski was next fo llowed b y Kevin Pirtle while the Bug of Paul Garland was off song and nearly lapped twice The second open 1600 heat was a crazy run with all eight back in action Dave Prizio grabbed the early lead fig hting off D illo n Fishback Sr and Sandefer Then came a yellow flag caused when Ke nn edy a n d N o rr is go t themse lves tangled and hooked together on the infie ld course After some d iscussio n th e fi nal decisio n was that the several yello w fl ag laps did no t coun t W hen racing resumed Prizio got o ut fro nt aga in with a good lead over Fishback Sr D illo n and Sa ndefer were having their o wn war fo r th ird and the rest trailed Robert Schackow had a good lead In the second 12 lap rf n for D and B cars but he hit hard bending more than a wheel and watches Jeff Elrod hop past The final C class moto was as wild as they come Dave Prizio started out In the lead and then lost a little time but he won the heat by less than a foot Infield action got wilder during the day as the troops learned the course Alan Day ran second then first then hit the hay but he won the second D moto Ron Carter drove his smoking Funco to a thrilling victory In the Class 1 12 lapper Carter drove a brilliant race and Just barely won overall honors behi nd O n the white flag lap Prizio bagged a course marker tire lost a co uple o f seco nd s so enteri ng the fin al two turns Prizio and Fishback were side by side in a thrilling fi nish Dave Prizio won b y less th an a foo t over Ji m Fishback Sr who had a flat tire Gary D illo n just edged Jim Sandefer fo r third fo llowed home b y Don Kennedy G lenn Galbra ith Tom No rris and Rick Jones The final race of the day was the 12 lapper fo r unlimited cars r Jim Fishback Sr topped the entire field in qualifying by a bunch in his 1600 cc Class 10 car Fishback turned a 27 55 on the tigh t course Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away Filters Out Dust to Give You Fresh Air Completely self contained unit Weighs less than 6 oz Desert proven high tech 3m filter Attaches to helmet with no holes or modification Draws less than an amp from 12 volt power source To order phone 312 251 3991 Visa Mastercard accepted or Information Raffo Racing 520 Sheridan _Road KP n i lwnrth Illinois n0041 Page3i April 1984 and it was equall y as thrilling ve r y close in seco nd and Fritz Kroyer started o ut in the Fishback Jr was right o n his lead followed b y To m Finvers bumper in an exciting finish Ro n Carter Scott G illman and Ro n Carter won the C lass 1 Jim Fishback Jr The pack stayed points for the day accord ing to close fo r a few laps then th e t r ac k ann o un cer Jim Fishback got moving after having Fishback Sr won the C lass C hung his car on the course tires title at Ind ian Dunes and Jeff o n the firs t round Ro n Carter Elrod was the C lass 5 points moved into second spot o n the wi nn e r of co ur se T h e third lap then Kroyer p ulled out anno uncer stated that there was a suddenly with apparent tranny four way tie for top dollars in failure There were no yellow C lass B and D flags during these twelve laps It was truly an enterta ining and Ron Carter was in command afternoon of racing enlivened by with a smoking engine Scott a n inter m ission exh ibiti o n Gillman was close at mid perfo rmance by both Jim Webb distance and well back J im and owner Gary Whiteman in Fishback Jr and To m Finvers the Whiteman off road sprint car were having a good dice powered by a 302 Ford which Midway the field was stretched o bvio usly had too much power o ut but by the tenth lap both fo r the tight track There are Gillman and Fishback had closed stad ium lights already in place to within feet of Carter who was over this clay oval at Indian smok ing mo re heavily now It Dunes A summer night race turned o ut to be a valve cover sho uld be a real winner at this leak R on C arter gave it his all on close in faci lity AMSA s Jim the last lap managing to lap W ebb is seriously thinking about Finvers in the process and he did adding such a night race to his win the C lass 1 heat Gillman was 1984 short course schedule Dusty Times

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t rw I THE MIDWEST OF ROAD RACERS PROFILE Phil and Mike Ruesche By Brenda A Parker r Mike Ruesche is the principal driver these days but he is st II in college as well Here he flies over a knoll on his home course at Lake Geneva Wiscons in at the Memorial Day 100 race He won it overall In 1979 the youngest driver to accomplish that fea_t_ Phil R uesche is the owner of Phil s Inc a long time supplier of off road r ac in g a n d hi gh perfo rmance equipment He got started in off road racing in 1972 in a homebuilt water pipe buggy made for obstacle course racing as a mem ber of 4 x 4 s U nlim ited of Addison Illinois In 1973 he built a C lass 5 and started participating in the wheel to wheel races outside of the Phil s Inc In Evanston Illinois has grown apace with the off road Industry In recent years Phil s favorite device is the computer that does all the record keeping and Is a real time saver The whole staff of Phil s Inc lines up In the showroom From the right Mike Phil and Marian Ruesche David MIiier the first employee and counterman Kent Barlqw C h icago area Phil and his wife Marian started the o nly rea l contingency program in the m idwest at that time fo r the M emorial Day 100 During the next fo ur years he had entered races in ever y VW class available For the past coup le of years the o nly time Phil has been behind the wh eel h as come at the Florida 400 and the Memorial Day 100 In 1977 Phil then became involved in the o rganization of race promoters in t he midwest an d ar ra nged a series of meetings to establesh race dates and rules and the North Central Point Series was born Afte r six years as coord inator of the point series he stepped down this year t o concentrate on other pursuits Phil s so n Mike b eca m e involved in racing in 1972 when he was eleven He sat in the codriver s seat in his father s homebuilt 1200cc buggy at a local obstacle race He moved to the driver s seat just before his sixteenth birthday driving a beat o ut C lass 11 which had barely been converted to an 1835cc powered Class 5 During 1978 he moved into a Ch enowth 2000 to gain experience in Class 9 and 10 and by the end o f the year m oved to C lass 2 In 1 979 Mike won Class 2 at the Memorial Day 100 and became the youngest overall winner of that race M ik e s r aci n g h as b ee n restricted to the races in the midwest and the Florida 400 Phil Ruesche is a pioneer in both the off roaa supply business and off road racing around the Chicago area Phil takes a break after one of the several enduro races each year held In the mldwest while he has been attending Western Michigan U niversity in Kalam azoo M ichigan Upon grad uation this Sprin g with an Auto mo tive Managem ent and Business A dministration major he intends to jo in the family b usiness an d becom e mo re involved in off road racing For sho rt course races he uses a Funco Hustler Stand and fo r lo nger events a Funco Tan dem Mike and Phil intend to enter races in the Berrien A utocross Series Florida Canada and possibly Texas during the 1984 season Another driver in the fa mily is da ughter Sue who is 18 years o ld T he C lass 1 Funco engine is usually removed and an o ld 1200 cc C lass 9 engine is installed fo r her use Phil and Mike build their own mo tors and transaxles and do 100 of the main ten ance o n their cars FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END O YOUR SOURCE FOR SAFETY EQUIPMENT TRACKSIDE IS THERE CALL OR WRITE FOR FREE CATALOG 22630 SOUTH NORMANDIE A VE TORRANCE CALIFORNIA 90502 213 320 7231 TWX 910 349 7514 Dusty Times t April 1984 Color and Blac k White photos of many majo r off road events including Riversid e and Baja c u rrent and histo ric We have one of th e largest photo libraries of all types of motor sports including events dating bac into 1970 We have photos for publ ication publi c relations advertising presentations promot ions personal scrapbook enjoyment We were there last time we II be there next t ime TRACKSIDE Photo Enterprises P O BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 213 327 4493 18710 SO NORMANDIE AVE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 Page 33

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7th Annual Auto Racing American Style Race Car Racing Equipment Show I T ext Photos Rory Ivers It stands to reason that there shou ld be a race car show before each sea son starts up After all those exotic racing machines complete with polyfibre body panels titanium fasteners ad infinitum may not exist after the first turn Sold by the pound you could say So that everyone might have a day in the sun Corky Monk of M arco Productions has assembled the 1984 edition in the enclosed grandstand building at Cal Expo s fairgrounds in Sacramento Ca _ During the past six years over 1 000 racing machines and over 100 000 people have come to this pioneering event As in previous shows there was a strong showing by the racers equipment manufacturers and sponsoring o rganizations This time the most popularly repre This Class 2 racer owned by Don Hanstein and co driven by Mike Pozzi placed second in overall points standings In ORSA in 1983 sented groups were the AMA cars giving the spectators a rare 4WDSA SCCA NDBA opportunity for an inside look at VORRA NASCAR IMSA the world of racing Adding a truly humorous note SCORE and NARC With as to the sh ow was Coca Cola s diverse company as this it s easy to understand how the tech version ofR2D2 With its threenology from o ne lype of racing legged mobility flashing lights transfers to so many others For and electronic babbling this unique promotional tool had a those of you who missed the fun here are some of the 84 show s steady following of kids Bowing to its mischievous n a ture its highlights Duane Starr s 1984 Tognotti little game of Follow the Leader sprint car this one sporting a ended in retreat with a warning of impending execution by a state supercharged small block Chevy Vintage racing machines like policeman It s obvious that bravery wasn t ingrained into its Bob Nielsen s 1954 Shilola circuit boards C h amp car and Stanley Nicho ls If the R ace Car Show here is 1946 C urtis Midget any indication 1984 should be a SCCA GT4 C lass National great racing season There was no C h ampion Dave Carkhuff doubt that the car builders didn t national record holder for sand hibernate last winter and that Dragsters Juli o Pozzi and means dynamite shows on the Formula Atlantic Champion John tracks this year Be there Wink were all on hand with their The sign on the cage says it all Younger women older whiskey faster horses more money but odd for a racing buggy Dick Bower s 1981 Eagle Tandem has an Impressive list of race results from Score AMSA VORRA HORA SMRA and CCAR events Mike Bishop s Funco SS 2 races in 1600 class all over western courses Bishop was second in the class last season Julio Pozzl s modified sand dragster Is VW powered and Is the current national record holder racing mainly with ORSA and NSCA In the west Ace Bradford s VW powered buggy Is a regular competitor at VORRA events and last year Ace took home fourth In class In VORRA points Coca Cola s robot looks like R2D2 and Is playful The lady at the control panel was cuter yet something to brighten the show for the older kids I I I m xry __ __ The very tidy Class 8 pickup Is driven In desert racing by Fred Allen and Myron Maxwell In the major desert events as well as locally Page 34 Ever wonder hat a rally car looks like from the navigator s perspective Kinda makes a 747 look tame by comparison doesn t It April 1984 John Crawford and Craig Marr drove this spiffy Dodge Shelby Charger 2 2 to a production class rally victory In 83 It sure looks showroom stock Dusty Times _ I It

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THE INTERNATIONAL SWEDISH RALLY V The Quattros arc King in the Snow Text Photos Martin Holmes tn Stig Blomqvist won his seventh Swedish Ral y last February and for the second world championship event Audi Quattros took the top three pfacings More snow than in recent years coupled with more daylight stages than ever before made this one of the most enjoyable world rallies in a long time but also one of the worst supported With the recent international rules changes most Swedish rally cars are now ineligible for the championship competition Only 66 crews started in Sweden and the only major team present was Audi With a virtual absence of interest in the rally in group B it was group A that stole the attention Volvo made a tentative return to rallying after seventeen years with the group A water injection version of the 240 Turbo Volkswagen of Sweden entered three different types of cars in group A a 4 WO 80 Quattro a 2 WO Audi 80 coupe and a VW Golf GTI General Motors entered two rear drive Asconas and a new 1800 cc front drive KadettGT E Toyota had Starlets to contest the Mazdas and Saab entered 99 Turbos through dealer teams The Audi factory cars were driven by Stig Blomqvist and Michele Mouton Per Eklund had a borrowed Audi a training car and Finnish privateer Lasse Lampi rounded out the quartet of group B Quattros Despite the short entry the fun was in Sweden in full measure The extra stages in daylight were exactly what people wanted Spectators were out in force obediently following instructions and never seriously affecting the running of the event Because minor roads were inevitably blocked by snow the spectators were concentrated in isolated areas and people often had a long hike to get to a spectator stage The weather was fine and very mild often with temperatures above freezing The snow was still crisp and the snowbanks high and firm enough to offer the traditional places to bounce the back of the car against Audi made one error in their rally plan They calculated the need of an interim ratio gearbox good only for 178 kph Fastest time on the first stage went to Eklund whose Quattro had the long ratio box capable of 200 kph Blomqvist reported he was _driving with the engine on the rev limiter and he wanted to change gearing Michele arrived in a greater flurry The steering servo had failed and she rushed to have it mended before stage 2 Blomqvist took the lead on the next section but Eklund regained it until the rally reached darkness when Blomqvist was happier Since the event left Karlstad on Friday morning till the afternoon halt Bror Dusty Times I f Stig Blomqvist and Bjorn Cederberg won the Swedish Rally outright Blomqvist s seventh victory on the event This year Blomqvlst drove an Audi Quattro to victory Danielsson had retired his Volvo Turbo with head gasket failure and Anders Kullang had slowed with similar trouble Quattros had gained the top four places overall although Ola Stromberg s Saab 99 Turbo was leading group A Then came night and Audi lost privateer Lasse Lampi out with gear box trouble Five more stages took the cars back to Karlstad for a night s rest where Stromberg was up to fourth more than a minute ahead of Kalle Grendel s Golf Group A was obviously a lot more interesting than group B The next morning it got more dramatic On the first stage Stromberg threw a tread and Grundel had engine trouble Then the rally livened up more when Eklund went off the road Later Eklund gave a long detailed description of how he in top gear misjudged a bend and the only available spectator was someone who had earlier served under Eklund in the military and who wished Eklund to suffer for his memories Passing drivers gleefully watched the trio hard at work Stromberg knew he had now risen to third position but then he had to stop to change a tire Mikael Ericsson with his group A 80 Quattro then passed immediately realized where he stood and promptly went off Finally arrived the older and wiser Bjorn Johansson Opel Ascona who simply prayed that vanity would not distort his judgement Johansson rose from sixth to third overall on that stage Eklund restarted down at twentieth Stromberg had a bad day He had to stop and change tires again on stage 14 and all the time he sensed the engine was giving trouble His mechanic could find no fault so he went on and then broke a driveshaft having to drive 18 km on the other shaft on stage 19 the oil light came on and his rally was over Nissan s Soren Nilsson was in little better form After going off the road the first day he then ran out of fuel but he fought back He could only reach eleventh not the place for a 240 RS Blomqvist was now streaking ahead averaging 108 kph overall until he decided to ease off and leave Eklund to make the running Eklund was a little lucky as this year the rally timing system was changed Previously he would have had to run with the back markers but this year he was able to keep between the two works cars at the head of the field After a rest stop the rally headed into the evening before returning to Karlstad Blomqvist was about five minutes ahead of Mouton and 14 in front of Johansson though Ericsson was only ten seconds behind the group A leader After d lays off the road Ericsson had every reason to assume he would pass Johansson in the six stages held early on Sunday morning If only he kept his cool Group A maintained its spell At the start of the long stage 23 Johansson must have lost his third place and group lead to Ericsson on the initial acceleration alone But Ericsson never knew this for he went off the road for an hour too late to be able even to carry on But Johansson himself was in for a bad surprise a rocker arm broke at the start of stage 24 He struggled through but lost road time penalties before the next stage having the engin e mended This left the group A honors open to a young man who will probably look back on this event as the first really important result in his career Lars Erik T orph is still only 23 but had already won a Swedish championship round outright this year and had bee chosen as one of Sweden s Junior team members He is a mechanic he went to England for the RAC when he was only 21 and came in sixteenth overall and now he found himself fifth on his country s own world championship event Final results put Stig Blomqvist Bjorn Cederberg Audi Quattro in first overall where they had been most of the distance In the other factory Quattro Michele Mouton and Fabrizia Pons were second overall less than eight minutes back and they won the ladies prize Per Eklund and Dave WhittockJot the training Audi home thir overall another nine minutes in arrears and just another two minutes out was the Opel Ascona 400 of Mats Jonsson Ake Gustavsson Just another minute back and the group A winner was the Opel Ascona of Lars Erik Torph and Jan Sandstrom who only had a minute on a similar Ascona driven by Bjorn Johnansson and Anders Olsson second in group A It was an unusually tight finish on time and of the 66 starters 41 completed the Swedish Rally The office for veteran rally driver Stlg Blomqvlst Is the cockpit of this Group B factory sponsored Audi Quattro this season RECOGNIZED SAFETY L e q GS ment offers the racer the finest assortment Ifi e_ savings Filler is recognized world wide for quality equipment and now you can order direct from the factory and take advantage of tremendous savings if J _ la ca It was an exciting finish when youngster Lars Erik Torph with Jan Sandstrom navigating drove the Opel Ascona Into fifth overall and won Group A No mex Suits 1 pc 171 00 2 pc 177 75 Race Bag 39 00 No mex Boo ts in blac k whit e blue 75 00 5 po int Belt 100 65 No mex Undershirt 34 50 No mex Draw ers 34 50 No mex Hood 17 50 No mex So x 11 00 No mex Glo ves wh il e 48 00 o range 52 00 Call for package orders and our complete catalog SIMPLE TO ORDER PH ONE OR MAIL ORDER USING VI SA MAS TERC HARGE O R WE DO SHIP C O D No personal checks please 9017 San Fernando Road Sun Valley CA 91352 Mikael Ericsson and Rolf Melleroth had the Audi 80 Quattro In the Group A lead for a time but an excursion off the road Into the snow forced them out Ph 213 768 7770 Susanne Kottulinsky and Marianne Sterner did well in the Group A Volvo 240 Turbo finished the rally 20th overall and a good 12th in Group A April 1984 Page 35

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THE4WDGMC Big and Beautiful the K 1500 High Sierra is a Real Truck While the automotive world can talk only about downsize trucks it is nice to know that a hefty full size pick up still exists and does all the things one expects of a luxury rig The Fenderside pickup with the High Sierra trim is fancy enough to keep parking lot attendants from sneering in Beverly Hills and sturdy enough to haul a load in the bed along with a race car on a trailer The K 1500 pictured here wore a deep red paint all red and a welcome relief from the two tone paints so common today About the only luxury item missing on the fully optioned pickup was the plush lined interior It is another welcome idea to fit a plain black vinyl bench seat and rubber type floor mats cause they are so easy to clean after a day on the back trails The interior appointments were standard GM stuff with the wrap around dash full of instruments this one with the large fuel gauge instead of a tachometer power everything super AM FM stereo radio air conditioning delay windshield wipers cruise control the works including a favorite option on a truck power windows and door locks Outside the styling is the same natch as the Chevrolet Stepside a most popular body for light haulers and the best looking of the short bed pickup styles Chrome bumpers front and rear enhance the rich look of the all red body and it was totally free of metal stripes and similar pizzaz Nostalgic is the ongoing use of a wooden bed floor in this model One needn t worry about scratching the paint on a metal floor with a load in the bed The drive train is a curious mix of off the shelf pieces from the GMC parts bins and it works surprisingly well on and off the road Under the hood is the 305 CID V 8 engine a mere 300 on the option list For some reason However when traveling empty GM likes to use the small V 8 instead of the 350 in half ton on the daily commute the combination of quad front shocks pickups heavy duty front springs and the The transmission is also a bit stiff tires leaves a lot to be desired of nostalgia a three speed manin ride quality The short wheelual with a low granny gear and a base truck did a lot of bouncing 3 08 rear axle ratio It performs on the pavement and turned out much better with the small block to be a rough rider off road withV 8 than the highly touted four out a load in the bed speed manual with an overdrive A pleasant surprise was the fourth The GMC seldom needs good fuel economy While the the low gear and it is marked L drive train on this pickup may on the shifter In normal driving sound a bit weird and old anywhere first gear second in fashioned the fuel economy the pattern is more than suffireturn is great In normal driving cient to get away from a full stop the GMC delivered well over 17 second gear is fine for crawling mpg and off road it scarcely around the desert and third or dropped only down to an avertop gear is good for highway age of 15 mpg There is no noticcruise in fact for any speed over able sacrifice in performance on 35 mph or off road with these good fuel The only unhandy feature to figures so somewhere in GM the drive train is the heavy duty engineering there has been a clutch a bit too heavy for daily breakthrough in mating fuel use in traffic in this era of servos economy with smog devices A personal dislike is the GM while retaining good performethod of starting the engine on mance in all driving conditions a manual tranny rig The fact that Rolling along the highway the the clutch must be floored in pickup climbs hills without missorder to engage the starter is a bit ing a beat in top gear at better of a chore first thing in the mornthan legal speeds and it still proing and awkward when the vides the excellent fuel economy engine dies bounding over the The Fenderside model of the tundra GMC in High Sierra trim is a The transfer case shifter is handsome dude with the power located on the trans tunnel to be a hauler and the looks of a within easy reach and these days boulevardier Fuel numbers are it works smoothly with its new very close to those of the V 6 light show panel to tell you when powered S 15 4 x 4 and the big you are in or out of 4 WO plus is the bench seat with ample Automatic hubs are a standard space for three full size adults to today and a really convenient ride in comfort all day Of course it doesn t come at a big bargin feature in the out back or just to get to work in the winter time price This fully equipped unit this season The GMC came with goes out the door for 13 759 00 But if General Motors can hold nice white spoke wheels and onto this performance package husky Uniroyal Laredo radials 10 50R 15 LT size and these are and still meet the ever graduating smog law engine restrictions the a good tire for all around duty full size half ton four wheel drive The optional heavy duty sus pickup may be around for all to pension package is dandy if one enjoy for many more model years carries a load in the bed daily The bed is not spacious due to the style but adequate for light loads It Is odd to see chain restraints for the tailgate In this day and age The Instrumentation Is pure vintage General Motors with a tight cluster around the driver The manual shifter Is well positioned alongside the transfer case shifter that works easily From the side the 305 V 8 ls barely visible under the pumps and cleaners It Is peppy and In this unit well geared for traffic highway or off road C O R E PIT TEAM C O R E offers unique pit services at western desert races a family oriented club with social activities and much more for its members C O R E also has a program of one time guest pit service for out of the area competitors Get all the information on C O R E Jim Branstetter President 818 881 6708 17453 Runnymede St Van Nuys CA 91406 Page 36 t The Fenders de shorl bed pickup a de d ringer for th Chevy Steps de a most handsome style It looks great without extra trim with only chrome bumpers and hefty rubber to break the line April 1984 The standard cab features the stock vinyl covered bench seat which Is reasonably comfortable on the long haul and provides some behind the seat storage Dusty Times

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New Berrien Four Seater GOODIES GALORE KC Hilites New Catalog Hedman Universal Reducer Extension The new Hedman Universal Reducer Extension units provide Twenty four pages of color photos specifications and selection guidelines pack KC Hilites new catalog all about lighting for drivin g fog competitive and workday applications New this year along with new model lights with unbreakable Lexan lenses are complete driving light systems for motorcycles and a new 5year limited warranty which backs every KC light bulb and switch send 3 00 for your copy of the new catalog to KC HILITES Dept D T Williams Arizona 86046 Dick Cepek VW Boot Kits an economical solution to the problem of hooking up a new set of headers to an existing exhaust system The Hedman Universal Reducer Extension comes in three sizes to accommodate most popular applications For more information on the Universal Extension Reducer and the complete line of American rnade Hedman Hedders send 3 00 for catalog and price sheet to Hedman Hedders 9599 W Jefferson Dept D T Culver City CA 90230 A new 105 wheelbase four passenger chassis the LCWT 1054 is now available with a rear rollbar six inches higher to accommodate four adult passengers comfortably The longback model features an engine cage to give added protection and the cage unbolts from the bottom for easy access to the engine The new 1054 model is available fully assembled partially assembled or in a weld it yourself and save kit recommended for experienced welders only For more information about this adult chassis and the full line see your dealer or write for the free chassis brochure Berrien Buggy Inc Dept D T U S 31 South Berrien Springs Michigan 49103 The World s Largest Display of Parts and Accessories for Pickups MiniTrucks Vans 4WDs Buggies Baja Bugs and ATVs Plus the Newest Off Road Vehicles from Hundreds of Displays Thousands of Products AMC Jeep Chevrolet Ford Datsun Honda and Yamaha and Kawasaki Dick Cepek now offers new top quality boot kits for the popular swing axle VWs With quality polymer construction these boots will withstand the rigors of heat and weather without checking cracking or failing The boots come in five colors and the kits are complete with all needed hardware and cost only 24 95 per kit Write Dick Cepek lnc Dept D T 5302 Tweedy Blvd South Gate CA 90280 and get your free catalog too Dusty Times Fantastic Off Road Race Cars Motorcycles Featuring The World s Biggest of the BIG MONSTER TRUCKS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME R C RACING NEWS SCORE SHOW 1984 RADIO CONTROLLED OFF ROAD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Friday April 13 5 to 11 PM Saturday April 14 Sunday April 15 11 to 10 PM ANAHEIM CONVENTION CENTER Tickets on Sale at the Door April 1984 11 AM to 6 PM

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ANDRES N WITER II r j I 7 11 Ttrestone TRANSMISSIONS mandrel bent chrome mo1y or mild steel tub ing PORSCHE V W SPECIALIST S 12623 SHERMAN WAY UNIT B NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 TIRE RUBBER COMPANY race proven champion chassis PHO NE Send for FREE chassis brochure 8 18 765 3566 PRO SPORTSMAN BEGINNER RACES CLASSES FOR BUGGY S 4x4 1 TRUCKS CARS L JI D l g 3L J ARIZONA DEIERT RAaNG AIIOCIATION 1408 E Granada Road Phoenix Arizona 85006 BE WHERE 1HE ACTION IS COME RACE WITH US WRITE OR CALLi 252 1900 BILSTEIN Bilstein the leader in gas pressure shocks is now the leader in car care products BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Vly Rd San Diego CA 92121 714 453 7723 INC 9017 San Fernando Road SUN VALLEY CALIFORNIA 91352 213 1 mo FAMILY ORIENTED RACING O i M RACING Take A Part Racing Shocks Owner CA 0 1 PARTS PERFORMANCE PARTS Sl JPER BOOT PRODUCTS 916 Mike Bishop SANfU Ht PREPARATIONS Off Road Race Truck Chassis 10996 N WOODSIDE PORSCHE owsa DISTRIBUTOR F OR Custom Revalving DENNIS WAYNE 682 9484 f 1echanic Art Jackson RE l SASlE V W PAffl 11623 SHELDON ST SUN VALLEY CA 91352 768 4555 7901 Cottonleaf Way Sacramento CA 95828 FOUR WHEELER BAJA B SHOP THE WORLD S LEADING FOUR WHEEL DRIVE MAGAZINE MIG AND TIG WELDING CUSTOM FABRICATION AND FRAME REPAIRS COMPETITION 21216 Vanowen Canoga Park Cal1forn1a 91303 Telephone 2131 992 4777 SUSPENSION WORK OFI ROAD RACE PREP 26740 OAK AVE UNIT H CANYON COUNTRY CA 913 11 JOHN MCDOWELL 805 251 4134 8341 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park California 91304 213 709 5416 800 854 51 27 GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RO LAKE ELSINORE CA 92330 OFF ROAD AND SAND BUGGY SPECIALIST DESIGN ENGINEERING SALES Send To 5302 TWEEDY BL SOUTH GATE CALIF 90280 213 566 5171 THE BAKER CHASSIS Fast and affordable The first and only kit concept sport truck chassis for off road racing or street use Baja bred by John Baker 1983 SCORE and HORA Class 7 champion to go faster and last longer For brochure and price sheet send 2 to John Baker Performance Products 4304 Alger Street Los Angeles CA 90039 Phone 213 240 7051 Page 38 MARVIN SHAW 7141 674 7365 Headquarters for VW Accessories and Service EBBCD OFF ROAD CENTER 1196 N Batavia St Orange CA 92667 714 532 6893 April 1984 3422 W WHITTON PHOENIX ARIZONA 85017 OUTSIDE ARIZONA_ 1 800 528 6170 INSIDE ARIZONA 602 973 9697 Dusty Times

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I McKENZIE S AUTOMOTIVE INC OFFROA0 RACECAR NEVADA OFFROAD BUGGY PARTS ANO ACCESSORIES 054 SouTli VAllEy ViEw SWAY A WAY CENTER L INE WHEEL S BIL STEIN SHOCKS CIBE LIGHTS GEM RACING GEARS LAS VEGAS NEVAdA 8Ql 02 IEAR0 SEATS 702 871 4911 1294 5 SHERMAN WAY No 4 213 764 643 NO HOL L VWOO0 CA 91908 O B MENDEOLA RACINO TECHNOLOOY VW PORSCHE HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES WALT LOTT 961 West Dale Avenue Las Vegas Nevada 89124 RACE PROVEN 702 361 5404 714 697 3100 FO R A FR EE BROCHUR E CONTACT f l I ORC Chassis Suspension Rae Prep HPS INC P O Box 1065 SO LANA BEACH CA 9207 5 0836 6 19 75 3 3 196 DAVE SNODDY H PS W O RK S A ND IT S WO RTH IT OFF ROAD CONCEPTS HIGH PERFORMANCE SYNTH F TI C Oil 1440 East Arrow Highway Unit F Irwindale CA 91706 213 359 1203 FOR sVW Off Road i Race Car Parts u 203 673 0342 3501 FOURSOME DRIVE LA MESA CA 92041 RACING COMPETITION OR STR EET 818 344 2693 MJM OFFROAD PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS BRAKES Master Cylinders Shifters P O Box 1538 42006 C Avenida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 714 676 2066 Williams AZ 86046 602 635 2607 7428 Darby Avenue Reseda CA 9 1335 Mike Ru snak J o Ru sna k Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group 53 WOODLYN LANE BRADBURY CALIFORNIA 91010 213 359 5117 213 358 2651 Catalog S1 00 f WD Repairs lift Kits Wheels Tires Used Trk Ports Tel 413 739 4111 LeDuc Off Road ENTERPRISES 186 Baldwin St West Springfield MA 01089 Dusty Times ORE OFF ROAD E Cl EER 6 Off Can GREG LEWIN KIRK CARTWRIGHT 213 882 2886 9720 Cozycroft Chatsworth CA 91311 Mickey 1holllpson liTI BAJA BELTED POLYESTER I FIBERGLASS BELTS OUTLINED WHITE LETTERS All the characteristics of a radial and IT10fe 1 Soft ride extra mileage precise handling reduced rolling resistance rriore MPG low noise level Revolutionary Side Biter cleats give twice the traction in mud snow dift and sand Plus protect sidewalls off road PEftf1 tECH __ Orders shipped from Santa Ana California or Akron Ohio Send 25 Deposit Balance and freight shipped C 0 D 1 800 222 9092 IN CANADA 411 N4 4785 Distributor For Mostercroft Bestop Husky Rough Country Porker Pumper Custom Race Truck Fabrication and Roll Bors 31143 VIA COLINAS SUITE 507 WESTLAKE VILLAGE CA 91362 213 991 8315 U S A CALL OR WRITE FOR OTHER MIT TIRES AND SPECIALS TEST RESULTS AYAILABLE Send to MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES P O Box 227 Cuyahoga Fall Ohio 44222 April 1984 _ _ Allan D Martinelli Vice President Motorsports Division 27285 Las Ramblas Suite 140 Mission Viejo CA 92691 714 831 0101 A ivisiOn o f Sad i Inte rnati onal Page 39 l i

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY MORE PHIL S INC Canada Inc QUALITY PARTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES Send 3 00 for complete Phil s Catalog Volkswagen Off Road High Performance Equipment 312 869 2434 800 323 5427 2204 Ashland Ave Evanston Illinois 60201 SWAY A WAYcoRP Q l 390 CHEMIN DU LAC LERY QUE_ CANADA J6N 1A3 Suspe nsion Components 213 988 5510 514 692 6171 7840 BURNET AVE VAN NUYS CALIF 91405 for order desk Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away To o rder phone 31 2 251 3991 Visa Mastercard accepted or Information Ra f fo Racing 520 Sheridan Road Kenilworth Illinois 60043 Seventh Annual SCORE SHOW _I TECTIRA vo THE DJIP JEJ fil April 13 14 15 1984 P O Box 6819 Burbank CA 91510 213 768 2914 THE 701 CHARLESTON AVENUE LEE S SUMMIT MO 64063 PHONE 816 525 3555 DON HILKER PRESIDENT 213 923 0854 TRAILSMAX UNIROYAL _ David Kreisler TIRE WHEEL MART UNIROYAL DISTRIBUTORS AUGMENTS BRAKE SERVICE Phone 58S 3043 IIEll1All a 11aA11 Quality 4 x 4 products Mini truck accessories Free Catalog Z13 707 1538 _ Michael J Stilkey General Manager NEW USED PARTS Street Sand Toys Inc Auto Parts Warehouse 4430 N Dixie Hwy Fort Lauderdale Florida 33334 3317 S Peck Rd _ Monrovia CA 91016 OUTSIDE FL 800 327 8511 FL 305 491 8085 INSIDE FL 800 433 8511 Specializing in V W Bugs Buses Ghias and 914 s RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER r t q Sa1t RON BAK ER 7 _ g L I Man uf cturers of Quality Drive Train Components 1533 Truman Str e et Son Fernando Co 91340 Phone 1213 361 121 5 619 426 2662 4 5 388 1452 SUPER I DOT PRODUCTS P O BOX 5342 CHULA VISTA CA 92012 Page40 April 1984 General Manager GEMINI TUBE FABRICATIONS INC P O Box 2169 Corona cA 91720 714 735 7280 WTRACKSJDE Photo Ent P O BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 18710 SO NORMANDIE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 Jim Ober BEHIND TONY S TRUCK WRECKING 213 574 1943 213 574 1944 9 CARLHAMMONDS 22630 South Normandie Ave Torrance CA 90502 213 320 7231 VW ACCESSORIES SAND CHASSIS RUSS s V W Recycling Q OUG TIHIO lL Y IHl Q Rtf lln o S IMPSON SAFETY EQUIPMENT 28918 Roadside Dr Agoura Hills CA 91301 o r I h J 2225 FIRESTONE BLVD LOS ANGELES CALIF 90002 BARNEY SCOTT 12109 LAKEWOOD BLVD DOWNEY CALIF 0242 II ACING SPECIALlftS HACE TNANS BYJEH RE D S TRfiNSfiXLEENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 998 2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth CA 91311 Dusty Times

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ROUND 1 OF THE ROTHMANS RAC OPEN BRITISH RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP The 18th National Breakdown Rally The National Breakdown big time rallies too apparently company took over where ED Mintex left off as promoter of From the daylight start the the opening round of the rally headed into the night and Rothmans Open Rally ChampMikkola was leading McRae ionship in Britain and it is the Brookes and Malcolm Wilson in biggest motor sports event in a private Quattro Mikkola was Yorkshire The rally was again having an untroubled run based in York with most of the Brookes a seri of niggling 47 stages held on forestry land It problems but proving that the is a rally of considerable heritage Manta 400 was a whole load starting life as the Seven Dales quicker than his old Chevette before being taken on by Mintex Wilson was losing touch with Every year since 1977 it has been Brookes delayed with turbo won by a foreign driver Whereas pressure failure and others i many different special stages retired The cars were back in have been run on army land old York for four hour halt at airfields and stately homes the midnight the drivers happy for most testing sections of the event even a short rest from the foggy have been the North Yorkshire conditions No positions were stages the fastest forests in official but it seemed sure that Britain It is an event where co behind the leaders came Eklund drivers play an unduly important leading group A John Weatherly role on what is basicaHy a in a Citroen Visa Chrono young secret route event Even in Ian Talke with a group 4 Escort clear conditions but particularly then Mikael Sundstrom Talbot in fog the co driver who can Sunbeam second in group A count his driver down from these After the short break there long fast straights into hazardous were a Io t of stages on Saturday sharp corners is worth many including two complete loops of horsepower the North Yorkshire forests Not Last February the David long after dawn came the Sutto n team claimed a fifth accident to Hafsteinn Hauksson consecutive Mintex J lally win and the accident was just plain when Hannu Mikkola drove the unlucky If the car had hit the Audi Sport UK Quattro to tree one metre to either side the victory Mikkola won as he impact would have been severe pleased leading the two General but not fatal Co driver Birgir Motors Dealerspor_t team Manta Halldorsen was taken to the 4 00s of Jimmy McRae and hospital badly shocked A delay Russell Brookes Per Eklund ensued but the rally regrouped won group A with his new although the fun had gone out of Toyota Corolla 16 valve car and the event Brian Wiggins won the group N After a long struggle Bertie category for standard production Fisher Manta 400 was up to cars with his Vauxhall Astra The fifth but he went off the track for event was marred by the death o some forty minutes He carried Iceland s popular driver on but Sundstrom had to give Hafsteinn Hauksson whose up No sooner did he change one hired Escort RS crashed gearbox than another broke sideways into a tree The Many more had problems and organizers were also afflicted by the tracks of Dalby were complete failure of their becoming lined with stationary computerized results service cars McRae had an axle break which prevented interim results but he was lucky enough to reach being announced with ertainty his crew and then carry on The story of the 1984 National Finally the torture was at an Breakdown Rally was shrouded end Mikkola s Q attro had gone in mystery Competitors round and round without confided between themselves trouble and Eklund sensed how their special stage times the handy was the Toyota s journalists in the press office told reliability even if he had various interested parties what they irritations en route One day thought was happening from things will go right for the field reports and all the time the organizers the cte Lacy Motor headquarters promised t hat the Club The accident of Hauksson results computer would _shortly was something completely be mended It happens in the beyond their control but so Text Photos Martin Holmes many of the other difficulties had been pre

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Wheeler Magazine Canoga Park California Enclosed _is my subscription check for one year of DUSTY TIMES I really like reading about races that happen someplace else besides the west coast Most people think that off road racing happens only in the western deserts but they are wrong We don t have any deserts but we do have obstacle course runs where everybody races against the clock and it is a lot of fun Do you plan to print anything about events like that in this part of the country Roger Hartwood Louisville Kentucky It would be great if we could cover all forms of off road activity but there is so much going on it would take a monthly telephone book to include it all DUSTY TIMES does plan articles on club runs in the future and w e will consid e r anything any orgainzation would like to contribute about their local activity It is impossible for the staff to go every where and write about everything The articles should be typewritten and the photos must be black and white Send yours 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BILSTEIN CORP OF publication should be at the DU STY AMSA Palm Springs 300 AMERICA 5 TIMES office by the 15th of the BUG OFF TULARE 27 month in order to appear in the next Pro Can Am Hi Desert 250 DICK CEPEK lNC 7 C O R E 36 issue FILLER PRODUCTS 35 r I I DUSTY TIMES I Classified Advertising rate is only 10 for 45 words not including name address and phone number Add 5 00 for use of black I and white photo or a very sharp color print _ I CHARTER SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe If you I wish to use a photo in your free ad enclose 5 00 I I I I I I I I I I Send check or money order no cash Enclosed is Please run ad times I I Name M ail To I Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ Phone _ _ _ __ _ __ DUSTY TIMES I 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 C ity _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ State _ _ _ _ _ Zip _ _ __ _ __ Agoura CA 91301 I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I I I I 1 I Page42 _ L April 1984 FIRESTONE TIRE RUBBERCO 2 FOLKS WAGON 4 FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE 43 GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 28 GIANT OFF ROAD CENTERS 25 GOODYEAR TIRE RUBBER CO 22 23 H D R A 12 JAMAR o oo oo oo o o 6 McKINZIE S AUTOMOTIVE 30 KC HILITES 21 MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP BACK COVER MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES 17 MINT400 9 NEV ADA OFF ROAD BUGGY 18 RACECO 29 RAFFO RACING 32 SAN FERNANDO BUGGY CENTER 11 SCORE SHOW 37 SILVER DUST RACING 20 SIMPSON SAFETY EQUIPMENT 33 TECTIRA TIRES 13 TIRE WHEEL MART 26 TRACKSIDE PHOTO ENT 33 TRI MIL INDUSTRIES 16 Dusty Times

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