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1984 Volume 1 Number 2 Dusty Times Magazine

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Be a Desert Racer with your race run and won with one set of tires Desert Racers by Dick Cepek To Order By Mail or For FREE Catalog Send To

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_ o lu m e 1 N u m b e_r_2___ Editor Publisher January February 1984 Jean Calvin Contributors Homer Eubanks Danny McKenzie Brenda Parker Judy Smith Walt Schwalbe Trackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E Worsham Typesetting Production Michelle s Typesetting Services Printing News Type Service Direct all advertising and editorial material to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Subscription Rates 12 00 per year 12 issues USA Foreign subscription rates on request Contributions DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions but is not responsible for such material Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope Classified Ads will be published as received prepaid DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors All ads may be subject to editing DUSTY TIMES is published by Hillside Racing Corp 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 213 889 5600 Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher In This Issue FEATURES Page DUSTY TIMES SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH Many a buggy or Baja Bug driver has wished for the vast space for this sort of billboard after a desert race The bumper certainly looks stout enough to discourage would be bash to pass signals for any size racing vehicle This shot was taken by contributor Danny McKenzie at the Oktoberfest Score Canada race in Kitchener Ontario last fall Danny didn t say how the truck fared in the race results DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar funnies or woes on this page each month Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration DUSTY TIMES will pay 10 for the picture used If you wish the photo returned enclose a stamped self addressed envelope Only black and white prints 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 will be considered 111111 _ _ _ _ ___ DUSTY Tl BECOME Score Barstow Classic 8 Press On Regardless Pro Rally 13 Silver Dust 400 14 Budweiser Baja Cross 16 Indian Summer Sprints 18 AMC Jeep Cherokee 19 HORA Frontier 250 22 Score Canada at St Guillaume 27 Carson City Pro Rally 28 Score Canada at Kitchener 30 Sno Drift Pro Rally 31 Score International Awards Banquet 32 1983 6 50 Club Awards 33 HORA Coors Off Road Series Awards 36 DEPARTMENTS Snapshot of the Month 3 Soapbox by Jim Ober 4 Trail Notes 4 Side Tracks by Judy Smith 5 Happenings 6 Midwest Report by Brenda Parker 7 Good Stuff Directory 34 Bounces from the Berm 3 7 Goodies Galore 3 7 Pony Extress 38 Index to Advertisers 38 ON THE COVER The dependable two seat RACECO driven by Jim Sumners is shown in typical form flying across the Baja sand on the Sco re Baja 1000 Sumners with his nephew D o ug Renfro riding most of the distance all year won all five Score desert races and the overall Score points championship for the third year in a row Jim also won the 1 2 1600 championship in the HDRA Coors Off Road Series Color Photography by award winning Trackside Photos Dusty Times January February 1984 Page 3

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TRAIL NOTES SOAP BOX By Jim Ober TRACKSIDE PHOTO ENTERPRISES Having been in the off road photography business for about 14 years now I ve seen a lot of changes and growth especially in our own business occur since those early days at the 1970 Baja 1000 Most of the changes have been for the better but I feel that any complex organization must ask questions of itself and be able to handle inward criticism something the organizers have been reluctant to accept for the continued welfare and growth of the sport Unfortunately the rules and the professionalism of the sport has not kept pace with the seemingly giant growth since the early 70 s The following observations are presented as food for thought The sport is much more com plex The cars are more sophisticated the rules more complicated the race speeds fa ster Majo r firms are now sinking m ajo r dollar s to come up with a winner Butwhatdoesa winner mean When Rod Hall wins with h is Dodge Power Ram with the help of C hrysler and at least a dozen other spo nsors all they really have is a class win Even if Rod wins 4 wheel o verall it is still only a one among 14 class win and a bike winner will be called the winner o f the race in the non racing press anyhow Even racing publications such as Autoweek and On Track wilt tell you after a Baja that a motorcycle won overall But anyone who s pre run a desert course especially Baja can tell you that the b ihs take many shortcuts and probably run a 10 to 20 shorter course It really should be called a separate race both by the organizers and their press reps Maybe then the LA Times might give some publicity to at least one of the 14 winners of the car portion of the race Sound complicated Well that s how it sounds to a daily newspaper sportswriter that s not familiar with the sport and he doesn t have time to figure it out But it s exactly the kind of exposure that this sport needs to continue its growth into a major auto racing sport Off road racing is almost there but I think it s time that all of us take a half step back to see what should be done in the long term for the good of the sport rather than take today s money and run with it It s the quality of racing that counts to the big money and TV folks and not the fact that this year s race has 100 more entries than last year s Also the sport would certainly easier to sell to nonautomotive sports writers and major firms if there weren t so many classes The exception Drag Racing is i he only form of motorsport that made it to the bigtime despite having so many classes but many say it became so popular because of all the different classes of cars that people could identify with I think Mickey Thompson definitely has the right idea in his Stadium racing concept of limiting how many different classes o f cars that he presents to basically_ an uneducated audience I think we have got to look at all those po tential spo nsors o ut there o n Madison Avenue and Wilshire Blvd as basically the sam e type o f audience ignorant o f why there are six buggy classes when they all really lo o k the same It seems that o nly l lecently the promoters have realized that there is no such thing as inexpensive off road racing Class 11 which was heralded as the poor m ans way to go in the_m id 70 s became more expensive to race than a class 5 1600 because of all the sheet metal that needed to b e eplaced after an event No matter how restrictive the rules someone will always build a better mousetrap and spend more money in the process Say goodbye to inexpensive racing So no matter what the rules are in a particular class someone is going to spend big bucks and field a trick car Given that premise iim t it wise to allow that builder to construct a car with class rules that will allow that car to be competitive in the first place No designer of a minitruck ever envisioned it to be raced at the Mint 400 so naturally any stocker is going to have to be modified to handle such abuse Remember when Larry Schwacofer won but bar ly the Baja oe Internacional in a stock Class 8 He was the only finisher Many observers at the time thought that Classes 7 and 8 were a joke but finally the class rules loosened up and these classes now have a high percentage of finishers and are competitive with the buggies The same kind of shot in the arm needs to be made to Class 6 stock sedans before the class dies completely It now has pitifully few starters and in some kmg races no finishers at all It is the class in which the whole sport started back in 196 7 It even used to be called Class 1 Believe me no one enjoys seeing Stan Gilbert El Camino and the 55 Chevy battle it out more than I do but it seems like more of a vintage car race that the high tech racing it should be Look at most of the high tech new sedans being built Very few of them would even be eligible to race in Class 6 Audi Sport ih Germany had expressed an interest in running Baja but a Quattro is illegal in the class for three reasons now it is turbocharged and four wheel drive and over 2800 cc s in engine size But if you lo ok at almost every maj o r for eign car maker s sales lineup you ll find that the flagship o f their fleets are either 4WD turboch arged or both But now SCORE has d ecided to divide Class 6 into two classes an under 28 00 cc class and a heavy metal class with no notice given to the competito rs that this was going to happen So instead of going ahead and modernizing the one class its now being further diluted And there s not a car eligible that could even be competitive in a local pro rally It s time that the rules of the sport catch up to the automotive technology of the day and not be in conflict with that technology The very concept of off road racing is innovative even though it has some very strong romantic ties with the past I feel the future of the sport lies in looking towards the future hand in hand with the automotive manufacturers and giving them a showplace to race their latest machines not a race of outdated cars Volunteers are invited to climb on their Soap Box and fill this space with their thoughts on off road racing Call with your ideas and get on the schedule THE BUDWEISER BAJA CROSS SERIES will be under new management in 1984 Periscope Productions have moved on to different fields It will be the same familiar faces for Baja Cross racers however and Rick Lee remains as Race Steward Managing the five races on the 1984 schedule will be Charlie and Linda Engelhart and Marv Hendricks Staub Distributors remain as the primary series sponsor and they distribute Bud natch Associate sponsors include BFGoodrich Weber Carb Redline 3 Wheeling Magazine and Petro Tech 2000 The series will be affiliated with Score International and use Score rules and gener_al classifications THE NINTH ANNUAL CHECKERS BANQUET was a most congenial affair the social event of the awards season on the west coast This year the Checkers moved the party north to the Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills A full herd of Checkers and their guests dressed to the nines attended the social time happening the night before the Score banquet The affair puts the Checkers and their friends in good shape to handle all the Saturday festivities The famed pit team who were named Score Pit Team of the Year the next evening by Score voters tried a new idea this year They raised the price of the banquet tickets a bit and offered several hours of open bar While such a plan might seem like financial suicide to anyone who knows the alcoholic capacity of the average Checker it worked out just fine No one got visibly drunk and the free bar privilege was not abused The Checkers presented some of their unique special appreciation awards after the delicious dinner One plaque went to their hard working Treasurer Steve Burak and another to their staff nurse and faithful pit worker Shirley Scott A special award was presented to one of the younger members Gregg Symonds The annual Personal Achievement trophy for a Checker who contributes far more than his share to the club went to Big John Files A new award for a special group within the club was accepted by Bob Veltri for Team Redwood There was a tie situation for the Pit Man of the Year which is earned on a points system The co honorees for 1983 are Vance Scott and Eddie Carillo There was a tie also for Rookie of the Year between Russ Floyd and Nels Lundgren so in typical Checker fashion the trophy broke in half and each man got his half Checker Driver of the_Year was a split vote between Jim Sumners and Tom Koch Sumners earned a new nickname during the year and he is now called Kingpin Jim was given a special plaque adorned with a VW king pin and link pin the link pin being Doug Renfro who rides with Jim The overall Checker of the Year was hard working VP Max Norris There were a host of Dr Checker awards from Steve Kassayni some quite whimsical mountains of door prizes and then the group got serious abo ut drinking and daricing SCIDA LIVES The So uthern California Independent Drivers Associatio n is alive and well SC IDA has announced a twelve race series in 1984 with events at both Ascot Park in Gardena C A and Corona Raceway in Corona CA The new SC IDA format will offer a 95 percent payback of the entry fee plus extra money from lap sponsors for their main events SCIDA schedules sprint buggies and mini stocks at their races Get all the dates and nitty gritty on SCIDA from Vince Tjelmeland 3160 Radcliffe Anaheim CA 92806 714 528 2686 THE BFGOODRICH ANNUAL PRE RUN RECEPTION just hours before the Score awards banquet was its usual gracious happening Throngs of Goodrich racers and associated folks munched on fantastic snacks drank enormous glasses of good booze and generally enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the Marina Hosts from Goodrich were Athene Karis and Ed Jacobs and this pair really know how to throw a fine party anywhere from a fancy restaurant to the sands of Baja THE BAY AREA CLASSIC is a brand new race for 1984 taking place on June 23 24 in Green Bay Wisconsin It will be a short course race with the full schedule of classes using Score International rules with midwest modifications The new event is part of the 1984 Berrien Autocross Series and the whole town is behind the event Get the full information from Dick Shinnick Import Motors 1854 Sal St Green Bay WI LATE RACE RESULTS As we go to press the word is that Jerry Whelchel won the Class 10 buggy event held in conjunction with a truck pull in January at the Anaheim Stadium The same weekend AMSA started the desert season with a 250 mile run at California City Mike Lund won Cal City overall in the fancy Class 1 Chenowth M agnum Watch for a full report on both races next month JOHN BAKER has some exciting plans for 1984 Since the mini truck Class 7 has evolved to a basic silhouette class John is taking a page out of the NASCAR book and designing a Class 7 rolling chassis which he should have ready for sale in late spring The rolling chassis will be all set up for competition and the buyer need only tack on the sheet metal fiberglass of his favorite brand add a drive train and go racing Stay tuned for a complete story on _these chassis in an upcoming issue of DUSTY TIMES o LERs S NEED A FENDER AXLE TRANS WEHAVETHELARGESTSTOCKOF V W PARTS IN CALIFORNIA HUGESTOCKOFPORSCHEPARTS RE ABLE V W PAim 213 768 4555 OPEN 8 A M 5 P M MONDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 8 A M NOON SHIPPING AVAILABLE 11623 SHELDON ST SUN VALLEY CA 91352 Page 4 January February 1984 Dusty Times

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SIDE TRACKS By Judy Smith Drino Miller up at Barstow and enjoyed a chance to talk to him briefly Dr ino says he s just purchased a brand new March and plans to be involved with some high powered racing soon He s actually mighty involved with it all the time on a unique basis Drino does a lot of testing and adjusting to a lot of well known Indy cars and Trans Am racers He helps the owners and drivers to figure out what s wrong and what s right with their suspension and how to correct or improve the handling For those of you who may have come in late Drino Miller is well known in off road circles as an innovator He was one of the first to build a single seat racer and drove to victory in it in both the Mint and in Baja He was also responsible in a big way for the existence of the Baja Bug as we know it designing and building the first fiberglass kits Drino was at Barstow with Willis Hamilton who drives a single seater built and maintained by Drino They were running for the first time since lengthening the car some 30 and liked the way the car worked alright but the rear suspension gave out about halfway through the race They should be back together in time for Parker Along the line of new plans for 1984 we know that Jim Sumners is considering switching to a new a while Bob Rooi Re class Sumners has won the Score relocated from San Marcos to season points championship Orange County and was hard at three years in a row and has a work on a condominium project very long string of victories to his in the Azusa area just before credit His record for finishing Christmas Bob says that h e is races is really incredible and building a new desert race car many folks wonder how he does and should be back amongst us it For one thing he does most of Greg Aronson of FAT whose it himself with the meticulous racing debut was at the October attention to detail that he learned AMSA race at California City in his motorcycle racing days tried again at the Score Barstow And for another thing he does Classic This time he and Dave not procrastinate As an Bonner were co driving in a example he left the Awards borrowed car the single seater Ceremonies at Barstow a little owned by Jack Motley in which early so he could get home in MT and Terry Smith won the time to start tearing down his car Baja 1000 in 82 The car didn t And before ten a m the next finish the Barstow race losing its morning he showed up with a transmission but Greg had so box of parts ready to be magnamuch fun that he decided to buy fluxed We don t know many folks who are that organized with it and go racing himself Another new racer Dave their time and it sure does seem Snoddy late of North American to pay off for Jim Wonder what Racing has begun his own class he s going to race in next We heard a couple of good business just recently Dave who s been working on cars and stories while we were at Barstow riding in them branched out into one of the better being Larry driving them at a late season Schwacofer s lt seems that when Saddleback race He then built Larry tore down his Chevy after himself a two seat 1600 car the Baja 1000 his crew finishing it just barely in time for discovered that one of his axles the Barstow Classic and with was cracked all the way Russell Welch as his co driver around So Larry ordered a new one and thought no more of it finished second in class It wasn t until after he d won Dave s new business as you can guess is centered around the the Class 6 race at Barstow and construction and maintenance of the season s points along with it off road race cars He s equipped that his crew told him that the to build entire cars to do up new axle had never come and dates on existing cars or for he d raced with the cracked one miscellaneous repairs and Larry was still shaking his head maintenance Called Off Road over that late into Sunday Jim Stiles had another good Concepts Snoddy s business has recently located in Irwinda le story He was co driving with Roger Mortenson in MortenWe ran across our old friend With all of 1984 practically still new and shining in front of us it seems appropriate to tell you about the plans of some of off road s favorite people The Toyota team will be putting forth a massive effort racing four vehicles in 17 events including both short course and desert races The plan is to use the short course trucks two brand new ones for 84 to race all of the Mickey Thompson events both at home in Pomona and out of state as well as Score s Riverside event Ivan Stewart and Steve Millen will continue as the drivers for these track races Cal Wells and his crew at Precision Preparation in Westminster are also building two Toyota desert trucks which will see action in all of Score s desert races and most of the High Desert Racing Assoc events These trucks are to be piloted by Ivan and Tom Morris who drove so well in the GMC truck with Steve Kelley Cal s Precision Prep crew with 22 full time employees is working at top speed finishing up the final details in preparation for the new season We look forward to some mighty fine racing in the mini truck class with the addition of the two new Toyotas and wish the team good luck A long time favorite of ours missing from the racing scene for Dusty Times son s Class 10 car Stiles is a nd got a look at his face It seems almost too big for the car but did his shoulder harness had been manage to squeeze in He got into loose enough to allow his head to the second lap and over on the snap forward far enough so his west side of the course just face actually his goggles hit the where the long long fast straight steering wheel He had two started into some little ridges he massive black eyes and looked hit one of the holes too fast and very ugly It all turned out o k endoed his car It landed on its Jim went to the hospital and was top and Jim hung in there told there was nothing worse watching gas pour out of than a mild concussion and the somewhere and trying to figure black eyes even faded away very quickly Jim s very appreciative out how to get himself out Running behind him when he that the Hagles stopped to help did the endo was the two seat and also was grateful for the 1600 of John and Rick Hagle assistance of the unknown who were n1nning second in spe

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June 23 LA County Fairgrounds Pomona CA 1984 HAPPENINGS AMSA September9 double points Saddleback Park Orange CA June 23 24 Bay Area Classic Green Bay WI American Motor Sports Association P O Box 5473 Fresno CA 93755 209 439 2114 July 7 8 Sugar Camp Challenge Sugar Camp WI February 19 Indian Dunes Oval Valencia CA July 21 22 U P Off Road 100 Bark River MI March 9 11 Palm Springs 30b Palm Springs CA July 29 Macon County Fair Decatur IL April 15 Bombero Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA June 16 17 USA Off Road Grand Prix World Championship Off Road Race of Champions Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA September 15 16 Dixie Sprints Birch Run MI September 1 3 12 Hour Mojave Desert Challenge California City CA September 29 Lincoln Trail Off Roaders Decatur IL Baja Cross Racing 13704 Bechard Ave Norwalk CA 90650 213 921 2838 March4 Saddleback Park Orange CA BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Berrien Series Gil Parker 7406 S 12th St Kalamazoo Ml 49009 April 8 Saddleback Park Orange CA May20 Saddleback Park Orange CA May 12 13 Mt Ver non Casey IL July 29 Saddleback Park Orange CA May 26 27 Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva WI WHY AREN T SELL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS GET ALL THE RACE AND RALLY NEWS FROM THE TOP OFF ROAD JOURNALISTS Contact DUSTY TIMES r Page 6 5331 Derry Avenue Suite O Agoura CA 91301 213 889 5600 Rich Hotchfield 9103 Southwest Burnham Tigard Oregon 97140 503 692 4427 Mardi 10 Bend High Desert 250 Bend Oregon April 14 Ellensberg High Desert 200 Ellensberg Washington April 27 29 30th Annual Fast Camel Cruise March 16 18 Firebird Lake Phoenix Arizona April 6 8 Glen Helen Park Devore San Bernardino CA June 9 10 Mears Gang Hoedown Bakersficld CA _ t July 8 Fireworks 250 Barstow CA Au gust 17 19 Short Course Santa Clara CA October 12 14 Frontier 500 Las Vegas to Reno Nevada November 30 December 2 Frontier 250 Las Vegas Nevada May 26 28 BFGoodrich Meinorial Day 100 Lake Geneva Wisconsin MINT400 PRESENT TO YOUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS U P S EVERY MONTH TO YOUR DOOR YOU PAY NO SHIPPING CHARGES PRO CAN AM DESERT SERIES February 24 26 Riverside Laughlin Desert Challenge Laughlin Nevada 4615 Linden Ave Glenview Illinois 312 296 8161 A DUSTY TIMES DEALER August 25 LA County Fairgrounds Pomona CA SAREEA AL JAMEL 4WDCLUB BFGOODRICH MEMORIAL DAY 100 YOU July 28 Silver Dome Pontiac Michigan High Desert Racing Association 961 West Dale Ave Las Vegas Nevada 89124 702 361 5404 BUDWEISER BAJA CROSS November 23 25 Palm Springs Classic Palm Springs CA February 10 Orlando Fairgrounds Orlando Florida HORA September 1 2 Brush Run 101 Crandon WI October 21 Fresno Fair Off Road Championship Fresno Fairgrounds Fresno CA FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers Association 1618 Daly St Orlando Florida 32808 305 851 6245 March 24 25 Florida 400 Crowder Pits Tallahassee Florida August 4 5 Hodag 50 Rhinelander WI May 19 Los Padres 200 Hungry Valley SVRA Gorman CA July 14 Hoosier Dome Indianapolis Indiana P O Box 2160 Las Vegas NV 89125 May 3 6 Mint 400 Las Vegas NV MICKEY THOMPSON S OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group 53 Woodlyn Lane Bradbury CA 910 lO 213 359 511 T z1 _ April LA County Fairgrounds Pomona CA January February 1984 P O Box 526 Indio CA 92202 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES _Sports Car Club of America 6750 Emporia St Englewood Colorado 80112 303 770 1044 February 25 26 Mazda Chatahoochee B Helen Georgia March 10 11 100 Acre Wood A Salem Missouri SCORE Score International 31356 Via Colinas Suite 111 Westlake Village CA 91362 213 889 9216 February 3 5 Parker 400 Parker Arizona March 23 25 San Felipe 250 San Felipe BC Mexico April 13 15 Score Show Anaheim CA June 1 3 Baja Internacional Ensenada BC Mexico September 14 16 Off Road World Championships Riverside CA November 1 4 Baja 1000 Ensenada BC Mexico November 30 December 2 Barstow Classic Barstow CA January 5 1985 Score Awards Banquet Los Angeles CA SCORE CANADA INC 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery Quebec J6N 1A3 Canada 514 692 6171 March 10 11 Florida Autocross Challenge Florida State Fairgrounds Tampa Florida SIL VER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION April 14 J5 Nor wester A Tumwater Washington P O Box 7380 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 702 459 0317 April 21 22 Olympus A Tumwater Washington June 22 23 Delall ar 400 Las Vegas Nevada May 5 6 Michigan A Cadillac Michigan June 9 10 Susquehannock Trail A Wellsboro Pennsylvania August 18 19 Budweiser Forest A Chilicothe Ohio September 13 14 Manistee Trails B Manistee Michigan October 13 14 Texas A Fort Worth Texas October 26 28 Press On Regardless A Houghton Michigan November 17 18 Tour de Fo est B Belleview Washington December 1 2 Carso City International A Carson City Nevada December 15 16 Sno Drift A Grayling Michigan ATTENTION RACE ORGANIZERS List your do ing events in Dusty Times free Send your 1984 sc hedule as soon as possible for list ing in this column November 16 17 Silver Dust 400 Las Vegas Nevada SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P O Box 4394 Las Vegas Nevada 89106 702 876 0371 March 16 18 The Bottom Dollar Las Vegas Nevada lily 28 29 Midnight Special Las Vegas Nevada September 14 16 SNORE250 Jean Nevada WISCONSIN June 23 24 Bay Area Classic DePere Wisconsin Dick Shinnick Import Motors Inc 1854 Sal St Green Bay Wisconsin 54302 414 468 8878 September 1 3 Brush Run 101 Dennis Rosa Rt 1 Crandon Wisconsin 54520 715 478 2430 Dusty Times

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WINTER NEWS FROM THE MIDWEST By Brenda A Parker Since our racing season runs from May through October the drivers from the Midwest are busy researching redeveloping and rebuilding with the hope of having the edge on the competition come next season It is my understanding that several of the drivers from our area plan to be ready for the Tallahassee Florida race in late March On December 3 1983 the promoter s meeting was held regarding our newly named BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Present were Phil Rueshe coordinator of the series and Kathy Le onard who serves as secretary Also present were the following promoters Steve Schaeffer and Kevin Dawson from 4 x 4 Unlimited Gary Harden from Indiana OffRoaders Dennis Ferdon from the Bay Area Off Road Races Inc Walt Schwalbe and Don Poppe from Sugar Camp Off Roaders Clark Altig and Hike Copass from Lincoln Trail Off Roaders Dale Scott and Steve Koopman from Hoosier Off Roaders Dennis Rosa from the Brush Run 101 Bernie Eckert from the Hodag 50 Bill Waddill and Jim Slankard from M O R R A Don Ponder and Frank Brock from Mississippi Valley and Dave and Sue Merkel from Berrien Buggy the new sponsors of our point series The first item on the agenda was the proposal from Dave and Sue for the sponsorship of the point series for the next two seasons with an option on the third season Due to the fact that we received nothing in writing from our former sponsor the promoters voted unanimously to accept the proposal from Berrien which included renaming the series BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Dave and Sue intend to put a lot of money into our series over the next two years and we welcome them as our new sponsors Next there was much discussion with regard to the yellow flag and what penalties should be enforced for ignoring them t was decided to a_p point a committee to come up with some guidelines to be used at all races sanctioned by the series so that infractions will be handled uniformly The committee hopes to have these guidelines available in the very near future After some discussion it was decided to approve the use of Score lntemationa1 ru1es with a few midwest modifications for the points series this next season These modifications will be published before the first race of the season After a break for refreshments the promoters were asked to make their requests and presentations with regards to their races for next year All of the past promoters were there to request their dates and there were several new faces The group from Green Bay made a Dusty Times very impressive presentation smce they brought photos of their track and had a written proposal for all to review Another new race in the series this year will be held at the Decatur Macon County Fair in Illinois They had a race at the fair last year and it was so successful and so well run that the drivers had expressed an interest in having this a sanctioned race and the application was approved The Lincoln Trails club will be having a sanctioned race this year and this race will also be held at the fairgrounds in Decatur IL A couple of the promoters after hearing the requirements of the sponsors drivers and promoters dec ded they llight be premature m requestmg a points race and decided to go back to the drawing board and come back again next December There are ten races on tne schedule for the 1984 BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES The best 8 finishes will count for points For further information on the above contact Gil Parker 7406 S 12th St Kalamazoo MI 49009 Kathy Leonard was unanimously elected secretary for next year and Phil Reusche stated that after several years as coordinator he wished to step down and turn the reins over to someone else He suggested Gil Parker for the jo b and th e re be in g n o objections Gil was unanimously elected Coming Next Month SCORE PARKER 400 AMSA CALIFORNIA 150 STADIUM SUPERCROSS IN CALIFORNIA FLORIDA SHORT COURSE IN ORLANDO PRO RALLY UPDATE 17th Annual Del Webb s MINT400 Desert Race The world s biggest richest and t9ughest off road race May 3 6 1984 More than 500 off road racing cars will compete for over 250 000 in cash and contingency prizes Drawing for starting positionsApril 3 1984 Entries received after April 3 drawing will receive next available starting number Entries will be accepted until close of registration May 4 For further information contact MINT 400 Racing Headquarters Del Webb s Mint Casino Hotel P O Box 2160 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 2160 702 385 7440 Page 7

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SCORE AT BARSTOW WAS A C1ASSIC The Champions Earned their Titles Racing Over the Rocks and Ruts of a Real Rugged Off Road Course Barstow was good to Larry Ragland he won Cla s 1 won overall in the swift Chaparral and passed the h_ e rd to take the Scoie Clas 1 championship Photos Trackside Photo Ent Almost every race at Barstow holds some surprises and the Score season finale early last December was no exception A pleasant surprise was the hefty entry Score s best yet at Barstow with 127 starting cars The unpleasant surprise was the unusual nasty weather cold damp and feat ring heavy winter rain late on race day The bigger entry than the norm was due to several factors including the lack of an HORA race at the site the following January Added attractions were the hefty points offered for the final race by Score on its 1983 schedule where points graduate with each succeedfng race and the fact that Score presents a real Barstow course The route is highly challenging a full 65 miles long with few if any long high speed stretches Score uncovered all the rough and rugged sections of races gone by and strung them together in a well controlled route that featured seven on course stop checks plus a few visual controls There was scant opportunity for even the most resourceful driver to stray off the marked course to smoother ground Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of all was the new start finish location for a Barstow off road event The Barstow Community College folks donated their facility to the race It was so nice to tech on pavement have a dust free Page 8 start finish area on the back parking lot on campus and use the student center for registration shelter during the race and the awards ceremony Everyone at the race enjoyed all the comfort of the student center during the weekend Score pioneered a keen starting order for the four lap race a couple years ago and it works well keeping interclass traffic to a minimum in the early laps The slower classes are started first with the faster classes of the group leading off the line in this event it was Class 7 After a pause of about 45 minutes the quicker classes depart and this year it was midway in the race when traffic was lighter before the hot dogs began to catch the slower classes Despite the starting order we will start the report with the began having troubles and faster classes led off the start by Corky McMillin held in third the nine Class 2 entries Here the and was closing up However the points battle was fierce and the last lap saw the weather go wet as title fight was between Mark the heavens opened up with the McMillin his father Corky and coldest rain possible shor t of Matt McBride Corky and Scott sleet Corky and Scott McMillin McMillin led the first lap with a were down on course for some quick 1 15 38 but very close was time and they ended up sixth in other son Mark in a twin class at the flag Goodbye Chenowth Tight behind the clan championship bid Mark were both Tom Bradley and McMillin lost about half an hour Craig Watkins Kevin McGil but he survived the problems to livray But Corky had trouble finish third earning enough and lost tim e dropping to third points to clinch the 1983 Class 2 midway Mark McMillin surged championship into the lead while Watkins and In the lead when it counted McGillivray ju ped into second were Craig Watkins and Kevin in their Funco McGillivray who also finished a At three quarters distance swift third overall and it was a Mark McMillin was doing his popular win Matt McBride and usual Baja number running clean Roger Rolfe zoomed home with a five minute lead over the second in their Raceco earning Watkins Funco Tom Bradley second on points as well Corky Craig Watkins and Kevin McGil ivray had their best race of the season taking top spot in Class 2 in the big Funco and placing third overall on time January February 1984 McMillin ended up third on points Incredibly seven Class 2s finished the race Second of the fast group to plunge into the sand washes en route to the Slash X crossing and the rocky hills were the 13 Class 1 cars Dan Cornwell Chenowth was the early leader with the fast lap in class on the first go a 1 11 16 but his lead was only 17 seconds over Larry Ragland Chaparral About three minutes behind the two solo drivers Tom Koch was a mere 13 seconds ahead of Lloyd and Chet H ffman and it was a battle royal in the making Cornwell increased his lead on the next round to nearly a minute over Ragland Koch had the Raceco in third and the Huffman Funco dropped time losing ten minutes to an exhaust system repair The father and son team of Lloyd and Chet Huffman had Just one extra pit stop and rolled home a wlld second in Class 1 in their fancy Funco Dusty Times

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1 The tough luck driver of 1983 Dan Cornwell had a good overall lead for two laps before his typical problems struck and he eventually finished fifth in class An easy winner at Barstow Walker Evans had little trouble gaining the Class 8 victory and his fourth points championship in a row with the trusty Dodge It was a close anci tough battle but Jim Sumners won the 2 1600 race and 2 1600 points championship and his third consi cutlve overall Score points title In the Raceco John and Rick Hagle were only seconds behind for three laps but then their 2 1600 Raceco failed on the last round easing the pressure on Jim Sumners I l l Then Dan Cornwell s lousy luck in 1983 struck again and on the third round he was down for nearly 50 minutes eventually finishing fifth Ragland took over the lead easily his Chaparral never missed a beat and he ended up a triple winner The Arizona driver not only won Class 1 but he was first overall with the only time under five hours He also flew past the other points leaders and won the Score Class 1 points title The struggle for second place in class was resolved on the final lap Tom Koch with Mark Broneau taking a turn at the wheel dropped half an hour and ended up third Chet Huffman his trouble over whipped off a 1 16 lap to move into second in his Funco as eight Class 1 cars finished the route in good time Class 8 was next and the year end title was up for grabs Walker Evans Dodge led Dave Shoppe Ford by a mere seven points Making the battle more interesting for all were Ivan Stewart Ford and Larry Minor Chevrolet But Stewart was out of the hunt early with another blown head gasket Meanwhile Larry Minor took off fast with quick lap for the class 1 17 39 about two minutes faster than Evans Jeff MacPherson was doing well in his Chevy in third but Shoppe was back on time with mechanical ills Minor was down and out on Sa 9e u14Mto Bt J9f tu 1533 TRUMAN ST SAN FERNANDO CA Phone 21 3 361 1215 OFF ROAD CHASSIS MANUFACTURER Chrome Moly Front Beam KROYER S 3 x 3 100 CH ROME MOLY ARMS ARE I STOCK AND READY FOR DELIVERY Has boxed in gusset on shock towers Can be bolted directly to a Bug Shock towers are for the long shocks Over 8 of wheel travel Nylon bushings Torsion bar mounting holes or blocks are chamfered for easy assembly 400 595 Special Sizes Available Dusty Times Sa 9 Bt J9 1 tu 1533 TRUMAN ST SAN FERNANDO CA Phone 213 361 1215 January February 1984 Page 9

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SCORE BARSTOW CLASSIC continued Dave Snoddy with Russ Welch co driving Introduced his brand new 2 1600 Concept chassis at Barstow and the brand new racer finished a close third the second lap and Walker had a husky lead over JeffMacPherson Steve Kelley had three hours pit time with the GMC but Shoppe was making a big comeback charge Walker Evans had no troubles with his trusty Dodge he never slowed down and he won Class 8 and the points title with a half hour margin placing seventh overall The fight for second was epic and Dave Shoppe just inched past Jeff MacPherson to take second in class and in points by mere seconds The rest of the six finishers including Kelley were well back in the dark damp desert Among the ten 2 1600s on the line it was a different sort of war Jim Sumners already had an insurmountable points lead but in overall points standings he was only 25 ahead of Rod Hall whose winning record is remarkable So Sumners needed a victory to assure the overall points honors Jim did the fast lap for the class on the first tour 1 23 03 but the herd was close led by John and Rick Hagle then Jim Greenway Terry Smith who slowed a bit on the next Bill Sallenbach and Mike Bird ran hard in the Raceco led Class 10 for three laps but finished second after troubles with a pesky air cleaner FOR SALE Ready to Race Class 4 Jeep Pickup THE BEST DESIGNED JEEP HONCHO RUNNING TODAY IS FULLY RACE PREPPED WITH THE LATEST STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT PROVEN COMPETITIVE IN SCORE AND HORA RACES THE RACER COMES WITH EXTRA COMPONENTS TRAILER DUMP CANS SPARE PARTS RADIOS HELMETS THE WORKS Health problems force the sale as a complete package only 40 000 0 for Everything Russ Kirkpatrick 3119 Oak Knoll Drive Redwood City CA 94062 415 368 8659 after 7 00 p m or weekends Page 10 round Midway Sumners was working hard holding his slender lead o ver the Hagles and Daved Snoddy with Russ W elch co driving bad his new Concept in third It was tight jaw time after three rounds Sumners was only 25 seconds ahead of the Hagles Snoddy W elch were just two minutes b ack on total time and the race was on But the final lap put the Hagle Raceco on the trailer too soon Jim Sumners with Doug Renfro riding all the way turned in a quick lap to win the 2 1600 race and the Score o verall points title for an incredible third year in a row Snoddy and Welch were about eight minutes back in a solid second while Greenway and Smith held on tight in third At 23 starters Class 10 was the biggest bunch at Barstow and this class has really t aken off during the 1983 season Bob Richardson and Roger Mortenson were absolutely tied on points as they sat on the starting grid but it was Bill Sallenbach Mike Bird Raceco who did the fast first lap to lead with a dandy 1 16 43 not much slower than Class 2 Laird Whipple Jr and Gregg Symonds and Jim Burke were all in a bunch in second but both Burke and Whipple retired on the second lap Midway the Sallenbach Raceco led by less than three minutes over 6 50 club founder Gregg Symo nds with Jake Fogg riding in the Raceco Pete Demetrulias Jim Mo ulto n were ho lding th ird by two minutes o ver Bob and Dave Richardson Ch enowth and Bob and Jerry Leighto n were in contentio n after curing some mino r woes in their car The race looked set after three round s S a ll e nb ac h Bir d Experience and true grit put Gregg Symonds In for victory in Class 10 The Raceco sported a new Type 4 1650 cc engine and it worked well for the win maintained their two minute whether or not Rod Hall could lead Demetrulias Moulton win enough points to gain the were second and Symonds lost a overall points title Hall s Dodge fan belt on the new Type barely left the line when the 4 Porsche 912 E engine The transfer case broke a new one Richardsons had minor woes was installed and it too bit the too but held on in fourth The dust after about 30 miles So Rod final rainy 65 miles changed the Hall and Jim Fricker parked scene considerably The secure in the Class 3 points title Sallenbach Raceco had air but not much more Mike Randall led Class 4 easily cleaner trouble and lost precious minutes Gregg Symonds who for two laps but his Jeep Honcho drove all the way in the two died on the third round handing seater won Class 10 handily with the lead to Vern Roberts and Bill over four minutes margin at the Donohoe in another Honcho checkered flag and he came in But Roberts Jeep had deep trouble four hours worth on the fourth overall too Sallenbach Bird hung on for second in Class final lap The victory at Barstow 10 fifth overall ten minutes went to D J Garman and Sean ahead of Demetrulias Moulton Hill in a Chevrolet pickup Fighting hard for fourth and the Roberts and Do nohoe struggled po ints the Richardson brothers h o m e last o verall of the fini sh ers bested the Leighto n brothers by with o nl y ten minutes left o n o nly o ne second but fo urth was their 11 ho ur time allowance The very last class o n the start e n o u g h p o int s fo r Bo b R ichardson to claim the C lass 10 line was 1 1600 o nly seven ch a m p io n shi p M o rte n so n b raving the weather A new whose Funco rolled o ut of the points lead er could well emerge race at Barstow held second on fro m the race beca use the leader going in Ruben Garcia was no t po ints With o nl y four starters the entered Barstow is ho m e turf for main interest in C lass 4 was James W ard and T erry Jeffers and they built their O utlaw single seater in Barsto w The team got the fa st lap o n the first go 1 28 18 and too k a two minute lead over po ints contenders Larry Smith Jo n Kenned y in a Funco who were barely ahead of Mike Balmos Peter Alesi Jr Chenowth and C huck Suga r Mike Patrick Funco Now the Balmos challenge ended o n the next lap Sugar in his first off road race on four wheels rolled his new car and lost a bunch of time Midway W ard Jeffers had a four minute lead o n Smith Kennedy James Ward and Terry Jeffers kept increasing their lead as The favorites faded in Class 4 and D J Garman kept going in his Chevrolet to darkness fell They took a win the class taking the lead on the final lap resounding victory in 1 1600 finishing 12th overall on the tough course Ironically it was Ward who campaigned vigorously prior to the start to keep the 1 1600 and 2 1600 purse separate at Barstow and Ward s car beat Jim Sumners time by a good five minutes Larry Smith and Jon Kennedy came back from late troubles to take second in the race and win the championship for Larry Smith Chuck Sugar and Mike Patrick brought their battered Hustler home in third just two minutes out of second but nearly an hour ahead of Jean Calvin and Judy Smith Funco who just aced out Running fast on their home ground James Ward and Terry Jeffers were the William Henderson and Bruce fastest of all 1600s winning the 1 1600 honors by a huge margin January February 1984 Dusty Times

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John Baker drove a flawless race In the Mitsubishi ran away and hid from the other Class ls scored a resounding victory and took the points title Cornell in yet another Funco Moving back a bit on the clock the eight Class 7s were first away in the morning leaving two at a time every 30 seconds Taking the green flag at nine a m were John Baker Mitsubishi and Jerry McDonald Chevrolet S 10 Still after one lap Manny Esquerra led by a slim 1 minutes in his Ford Ranger Baker was second and John Johnson S 10 was just four more minutes off the pace At the halfway point Esquerra led Baker by 22 seconds and these two Marty Reider and Jim Taber had a fine day at Barstow The Funco Hustler won Class 9 handily and Marty won the points championship It was a tight race all the way and Steve Brown and MlkeAcAtee whipped Into the Class 5 win with fast time on the final round were flying In fact on the third ap the Ranger flew so high that the landing broke the drive line and tore up the tranny so Esquerra was done for the day John Baker drove a picture book race running hard and fast to not only win by 48 minutes but take the points title as well Lying second on the third lap the John Johnson Earl Hardesty Chevy broke a spring and lost nearly an hour but this team never quits They patched things up and came back to place third at the flag about 22 minutes It was a visual race all the way in Class 5 1600 and at the flag Bruce and Scot Jones won the race and the points title by Just 25 seconds behind the second place Chevy of Jerry McDonald The crowd cheered for the fourth and final finisher Roger Mears Jr driving a Jeep Scrambler Young Roger had a good first half and multiple woes on the second half but he carried on to finish the race in the time allowance A good showing of eight were out to contest the Class 5 race although Malcolm Vinje had the championship locked up This gang almost to the Bug ran so tight they were in each other s dust on the first lap with Jim Cocores Doug White just barely leading But their Bug was not seen again Midway Vinje and Hansen led by less than two minutes over Steve Brown Mike McAtee and they had a similar margin on George Jirka Bob Veltri The three Baja Bugs got even more cozy on the third go with Brown McAtee leading Vinje Hansen by 46 seconds and Jirka Veltri were back a few minutes The race was on the final leg and it was a happy team Steve Brown and Mike McAtee who turned fast lap_for the class in the rough 1 26 21 to win the race by more than five minutes over Malcolm Vinje Mark Hansen Sad to say the Jirka Bug vanished into the desert and only the two leaders finished four laps Six of the eight starters in Class 9 finished the route and the points title would be decided between Marty Reider and Calvin Wells Jr Reider started out in a hurry with fast class lap of 1 27 26 in his Funco Hustler Mark Johnson stayed with him just five minutes back and both were way out in front holding position through mid distance ooo Don Adams and Jason Myers had an easy day at Barstow andtook a no contest victory to secure another point title for Don Adams who scored top points for Jeepers as well Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away Filters Out Dust to Give You Fresh Air C_ompletely self contained unit Weighs less than 6 oz Desert proven high tech 3m filter To order phone 312 251 3991 Visa Mastercard accepted or Information Raffo Racing 520 Sheridan Road Kenilworth Illinois 60043 Jim Bell and Walt Laycock easily won Class 14 their Jeep Honcho turning great time to take the only Class 14 desert championship Dusty Times Attaches to helmet with no holes or modification Draws less than an amp from 12 volt power source January February 1984 Page 11

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BARSTOW continued Wells with his son David co driving was now in third place Reider and co driver Jim Taber turned up the wick on lap 3 and the team won the race by 28 minutes and Marty Reider won the points title Mark Johnson recovered from problems on the third lap to take second and the Wells had lots of woes and ended up fourth well behind Jim Saunders and Doug Obermyer It was another points title bout in Class 5 1600 with eight starters Both Bruce Jones and Mark Steele had their eyes on the title Bruce and Scot Jones got the hot lap on the first round a quick Willie Valdez Is fast on the track or the desert and he streaked away from the 1 35 48 but Mark Steele and Class 7 S field at Barstow to a big win In the Ford Ranger Roy Allen were only 39 seconds back and this pair were well ahead of the pack Midway Jones had about eight minutes lead on Steele but the desert equalizes things and both teams were virtually tied after three laps with Steele leading by just 15 seconds The moment of truth came in the dark and the rain After the final 65 mile loop Steele reached the checkered flag first but Jones was close behind and Bruce and Scot Jones wo n the race and the points championship by a mere 25 seconds Larry and Jerry Leslie were steady in third spot in the race abo ut 42 minutes later Barstow was no contest for the Hemet team of Larry Schwacofer Sid Only three showed up for the Spradling and the 55 Chevy and they also took the points championship Running for purse but not for points Dave Girdner drove his Class 11 A Baja Bug to the class victory easily outrunning the two full bodied sedans WRIST PIN PULLER For those of you whefrebulld air cooled VW motors General Machine Services has a tool you can t do without Lightweight and small but built to last through hundreds of engine rebuilds the wrist pin puller is a low cost solution to more efficient engine rebuilds No more hiding from the customer while you use a socket extension and hammer to take his motor apart Eliminates the chance of bent rods and brusied knuckles With the use of an Impact gun it s also the fastest way to remove the pistons It can be ordered directly or through your preferred parts house MAIL ORDER PRICE 19 95 3 00 Shipping and ei andling DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CALIF 92330 Telephone 714 674 7365 Page 12 Class 3 co ntest Already sure of the title Don Adams and Jason Myers led all the way and won by an h o ur in their Jeep CJ 7 Matt Pike and Steve Hummel stayed with the program in an old model Bronco to finish second Ken Correia and Chuck Morrison retired their CJ 7 midway in the event _ The sparse Class 14 fielded a pair at the Barsto w Classic Jim Bell and Walt Laycock led from flag to flag in their Jeep Honcho in good time handing Bell the Class 14 points title Dave Longman and Leo Tate had a tough job getting their converted 4 x 4 Datsun around and finished in over ten hours There were six in Class 7S growing in popularity late in the seas on The points win was a toss up between Jorge Souto Nissan and Mike Falkosky Toyota Neither driver won the ra c e Willie Valdez put his Ford Ranger out front at the green flag and with Jose Armenta codriving Valdez stayed out front all four laps for the victory Souto ran second a11 the way with no trouble finishing about 19 minutes back and the class champi_on for 1983 Mike and Pat Falkosky had problems all day culminating with a broken final drive on the last lap However the family pit crew found the Toyota on course made the repairs and Mike Falkosky finished third just 18 minutes shy of the time allowance Larry Schwacofer was the C lass 6 champ starting the race but he ran hard and fast for four laps in the old Chevy sedan to wi_n again The only other Class 6 at Barsto w was a Saab driven by John Johnsto n and it retired after spend ing most of the day covering just two laps January February 1984 Bringing up the rear of the first group were a pair of Score Class 11 full bodied sedans and one 1200cc Baja Bug which supposedly was not eligible to race However Dave Girdner did race his J3ug led every lap and won Class 11 by about 20 minutes Howev r his Baja Bug earned no points David Hendrickson and Kristine Crow were second on the road first in Score points for the race But Ramon Castro and Porfirio Gutierre also finished and they didn t even pre run The Ensenada team came north to insure their class championship which they did Class 11 had a 100 percent finish ratio at Barstow The Score Barstow Classic was a big success ending the Score racing season with optimism for the future The awards presentation was held in the student center in solid comfort and Score provided plenty of complimentary hot dogs coffee and doughnuts for all in attendance It was like the old days in many ways and a fine finale for a real fun time off road race f983 SCORE BARSTOW CLASSIC December 3 1983 Results Pos Car Driver s Vehicle Time 0 A Pos Class 1 Unlimited Single Seat 13 start 8 finish 1 2 3 4 5 109 103 105 101 112 Larry Ragland solol Chet Huffman Lloyd Huffman Tom Koch Tom Martin Terry McDonald Kirk Cartwright Dan Cornwell Mark Jurgens 1 2 3 4 5 198 164 165 161 162 James Ward Terry Jeffers Larry Smith Jon Kennedy Chuck Sugar Mike Patrick Jean Calvin Judy Smith William Henderson Bruce Cornell 1 2 3 4 5 204 260 205 200 203 Craig Watkins Kevin McGillivray Matt McBride Roger Rolfe Mark McMillin Brian Ewald Tom Bradley Tom Bradley Jr Marvin Clark Danny Clark 1 2 3 4 5 299 269 261 262 266 Jim Sumners Doug Renfro David Snoddy Russell Welch Jim Greenway Terry Smith Jerry Jefferies Jon Hall Kevin Barrett Cliff Pendergraft 1 2 3 300 339 301 Don Adam s Jason Myers Matt Pike Steve Hummel Ken Correia Chuck Morrison 1 2 3 401 402 403 D J Garman Sean Hill Vernon Roberts Bill Donohoe Mike Randall John Randall 1 2 3 503 549 505 Steve Brown Mike McAtee Malcolm Vinje Mark Hansen George Jirka Robert Veltri 1 2 3 4 5 599 550 551 553 556 Bruce Jones Scot Jones Mark Steele Roy Allen Larry Leslie Jerry Leslie Jeff Pemberton Drew Jamieson Roy Taylor Russ Taylor 1 2 600 601 Larry Schwacofer Sid Spradling John Johnston Joseph Gardon 1 2 3 4 5 700 701 703 706 704 John Baker Mark Mitchell Jerry McDonald Joe Mac Pherson John Johnson Earl Hardesty Roger Mears Jr David Green Bob Klingenberg Charles Wheeler 1 2 3 4 742 759 740 744 Willie Valdez Jose Armenta Jorge Souto Daniel Souto Mike Falkosky Pat Falkosky Kevin Conery Tom Conery 1 2 3 4 5 Walker Evans Rick Fliam 800 Dave Shoppe Jeff Yokum 804 Jeff MacPherson Todd Carlson 805 806 Robin Tulleners Noah Sanchez 803 John Gable Bill Holmes 1 2 3 4 5 901 906 907 904 902 Chaparral Funco Raceco Funco Chenowth 1 4 58 13 5 12 25 5 39 39 5 52 13 6 09 24 13 25 5 49 43 6 34 56 6 37 34 7 27 30 7 28 30 12 34 36 55 56 5 20 50 5 31 47 5 46 41 6 04 09 6 58 15 3 10 21 43 5 55 03 6 03 06 6 26 01 6 49 17 7 14 39 16 17 30 40 49 2 9 Class 1 1600 Single Seat 1600 cc 7 start 5 finish AFB Outlaw Funco Funco Funco Funco Class 2 Unlimited 2 Seat 9 start 7 finish Funco Raceco Chenowth Funco Hi Jumper 6 Class 2 1600 Two Seat 1600 cc 10 start 6 finish Raceco Concept Raceco Chenowth Chenowth Class 3 Short WB Stock 4 x 4 3 start 2 finish Jeep CJ 7 Ford Bronco Jeep CJ 7 7 07 11 45 8 28 25 61 4 33 00 12 laps Class 4 Long WB Stock 4 x 4 4 start 2 finish 9 13 22 65 Chevrolet 72 I Jeep Honcho 10 50 12 Jeep ioncho 3 30 47 2 laps Class 5 Unlimited Baja Bug 8 start 2 finish 19 6 03 27 24 6 09 09 4 43 49 3 laps Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Class 5 1600 1600 cc Baja Bug 8 start 4 finish Baja Baja Baja Baja Baja Bug Bug Bug Bug Bug 6 43 46 38 6 44 11 39 7 26 10 52 9 37 20 67 3 27 20 2 laps Class 6 Produttion Sedan 2 start 1 finish 55 Chevrolet Saab 7 23 21 51 7 49 48 2 laps Class 7 Mini Truck 8 start 4 finish Mitsubishi Chevrolet S 10 Chevrolet S 10 Jeep Scrambler Dodge D 50 5 47 08 11 6 32 52 32 6 54 28 41 8 40 04 62 8 59 21 3 lapsl Class 7S Stock Mini Truck 6 start 3 finish Ford Ranger Nissan Toyota Nissan 7 27 09 53 7 46 21 58 10 41 26 71 5 32 38 2 lapsl Class 8 Pickup 11 start 6 finish Dodge Ford Chevrolet Ford Ford 7 5 32 36 6 03 16 6 04 56 7 04 27 9 07 26 18 23 44 64 6 04 04 6 32 03 6 54 29 7 13 40 7 34 32 20 31 42 47 57 5 22 11 5 26 49 5 37 13 5 53 33 5 53 34 4 8 14 15 Baja Bug 1200 eel 8 54 51 9 14 47 VW Sedan 10 17 48 VW Sedan 63 66 69 Class 9 Single Seat 1200 cc 10 start 6 finish Marty Reider Jim Taber Mark Johnson Jim Saunders Doug Obermeyer Calvin Wells Jr David Wells Andy Blue Funco Funco Funco Funco Funco Class 10 Unlimited 1600 cc 23 start 11 finish 1 2 3 4 5 2 19 32 12 9 Gregg Symonds John fogg Bill Sallenbach Mike Bird Pete Demetrulias Jim Moulton Bob Richardson Dave Richardson Bob Leighton Jerry le ighton Raceco Raceco Homebuilt Chenowth Leighton 5 Class 11 VW Sedan Stock 3 start 3 finish 1 2 3 59 H Dave Girdner Dave Hendrickson Kristine Crow Ramon Castro Porfirio Gutierrez Class 14 Unlimited 4 x 4 2 start 2 finish 1 2 470 471 Jim Bell Walt Laycock Dave Longm n leo Tate Jeep Honcho 7 27 21 Datsun 4 x 4 10 02 28 54 68 Total Starters 127 cars Total Finishers 72 cars Finish Ratio 56 7 percent Race Distance 4 laps 65 miles the ap 260 miles Time Allowance 11 hours Fast Time Overall Larry Ragland solo 4 58 13 109 Fast Lap 1st lap Dan Cornwell 1 11 16 112 Dusty Times

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PRESS ON REGARDLESS The Pro Rally for the Pros _is 35 Years Old and Better than Ever Photos Trackside Photo Ent The Press On Regardless Rally in Michigan has worn many sanctions in its long history but it is the acknowledged sire of performance rallies in this country Originally it was conducted in the lower part of Michigan ran for 24 hours straight through without a rest stop and it was some kind of enduro In recent years the rally has moved its headquarters to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the format has evolved to match the current SCCA Pro Rally style of a number of short special stages like time trials strung together by transit runs that travel public roa at legal speeds Meal stops and service pit stops are scheduled off competition time in the standard fashion on the modern rally Still the POR holds its reputation of a long and tough rally and the 1983 edition held up that tradition in spades The rally route covered 720 miles in two full days of competition There were 23 stages on the route adding up to 214 stage miles Unusual for the POR in early November the w eather was clear but cool in the forests of northern Michigan The POR made its home in Houghton and was sponsored this year by Budweiser As usual Rod Millen and Bob Kraushaar survived a damaging roll over to charge back into the rally and eventually placed third overall and in class by a whisker Driving the ex Buffum Quattro very well Bruno Krelblch and Clark Bond were rewarded with a fourth overall and in class in the frigid rally on the hard packed forest roads Privateers Calvin and Karen Landau from Pennsylvania drove their Dodge Charger to a fine eighth overall and fourth in the Production ranks Dusty Times there were some surprises on the entry list The most notable newcomer was the Audi Quattro Subbing for John Buffum the 1983 World Rally Driving champion Hannu of 1983 World Rally Champion Mikkola and his Italian navlgatorFabrizia Pons drove Buffum s Audi Quattro to Hannu Mikkola of Finland and a resounding victory in the Michigan woods winning by 27 minutes his navigator Fabrizia Pohs of Italy the woman who is the regular co driver for Michelle Mouton of France who is along with Mikkola on the Audi factory team in world competition However it was the first time the pair had rallied together in the same car All the greats of US and Canadian rally circles were on hand save one John Buffum who had already won the driver s championship for 1983 was ill and Mikkola was his replacement The event got underway in downtown Houghton at 3 PM on the Friday and as expected the firsi stage went to Mikko la a mere eight seconds faster than Jon Woodner and Ginny Reese did a terrific job in the Peugeot Coupe placing Rod Millen in his 4 x 4 Mazda RX second overall beating out the 4 WD Mazda by a skimpy 15 seconds 7 The action started on the first stage with a roll over no harm to Walter Bo yce wh o lost too W oodner was having front end the hapless drivers and a couple much time fix ing a broken fuel problems and the war stories of retirements plus clutch line Frantic work on the RX 7 went on as Rod Millen was trouble for Taisto Heinonen in put Rod Millen back on the road fighting back through the pack in his Mercury Lynx Several more in decent shape now fighting a serious effort to gain at least cars dropped out after three with Jon Woodner for second second place stages and Qene Henderson place Garry Henderson Eagle A few more dropped out on departed while leading Pro SX 4 was now second to Steve the evening trails and around Nowicki Plymouth Arrow in duction class with a broken midnight Hannu Mikkola and Production class but the AMC Fabrizia Pons arrived back in transfer case in his Eagle SX 4 After four runs Rod Millen was having brake trouble Houghton with an iml ressive had a couple of seconds lead on The first day ended around victory on their first US rally Hannu Mikkola Clive Smith in eight in the morning back in About 27 minutes behind Jon a Chevette V 6 was third barely Houghton after 16 hours on Woodner and Ginny Reese took ahead of Steve Millen Mitsu the road In a firm lead was the a hard won second place in the bishi Starion and Jon Woodner Mikkola Pons Audi Quattro Peugeot 504 a mere 15 seconds had his Peugeot in fifth Stage 6 Rod Millen just barely avoided ahead of the battered RX 7 of was a decisive run as Rod Millen being time barred with a broken Rod Millen and R Dale rolled the Mazda bashed up his lower control arm in the battered Kraushaar Bruno Kreibich and navigator Bob Kraushaar a bit Mazda Jon Woodner Ginny Clark Bond earned a well and did a lot of damage Steve Reese had the Peugeot second deserved fourth overall in their Millen stopped to help his and Nowicki was third overall Audi Quattro less than four brother right the Mazda and and leading Production class by a minutes behind Rod Millen The storming Production cars later trying to make time back minute over Erik Zenz Saab 99 Steve lost an argument with the In all 3 7 of the original 65 maintained the close fight all the Michigan trees and put the starting cars made it back to the way to the checkered flag Steve Nowicki and Brian Berg got the Star ion out of the rally impound Day 2 of the POR started Arrow home fifth overall to win Meanwhile Mikkola and Pons charged ahead with a clear lead as around four in the afternoon on the class by a mere minute and 12 other challengers also had the same day and 32 cars were in seconds over Erik Zenz and good enough shape to make the David Stone in the Saab 99 problems After the meal break at two in restart but several of them About five more minutes to the the morning only 42 cars retired before dark including rear came the third Production restarted Among the missing Clive Smith who finally lost all finisher seventh overall the was the Ford Escort of Canadian use of the transmission Olds Omega of Guy Light and Terry Conklin Well known race driver E Forbes Robinson teamed with Newsweek reporter A Bruce Chatterton in the BFGoodrich Datsun 200 SX media car and did very well 11th overall and seventh in Production Neither man had ever seen a pro rally before In all a mere 25 cars 38 percent finished the grueling two clay rally that maintained its tradition as one of the biggest challenges in the entire world of pro rallies While John Buffum had already secured the driver s title in open class the Production honors were still open as were the manufacturers crowns in both categories Three events Winners of Seed 6 for beginners and eleventh overall were racer E Forbes were left on the 1983 calendar Robinson and Bruce Chatterton of Newsweek in the BFG Datsun 200 SX January February 1984 Page 13

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RECOGNIZED SAFETY L e q GS ment offers the racer the finest assortment _ a o Y at a tremendous savings Filler is recognized world wide for quality equipment and now you can order direct from the factory and take advantage of tremendous savings Nomex Suits 1 pc 171 00 2 pc 177 75 Race Bag 39 00 Nomex Boots in black white blue 75 00 5 point Belt 100 65 Nomex Undershirt 34 50 Nomex Drawers 34 50 Nomex Hood 17 50 Nomex Sox 11 00 Nomex Gloves white 48 00 orange 52 00 Bert Vaughn s Silver Dust Racing Association ran its second annual Silver Dust 400 in mid November over the high trails up north of Las Vegas The race was an artistic success with perfect weather a well liked course and lots of money for the racers an 8500 guaranteed purse paid back to four places But for a number of reasons it was low on entry The SORA event fell just two short weeks before SCORE s season finisher at Barstow and didn t draw many who had entered there There was also some confusion between the SORA race and the newly revived Barstow to Vegas run in that the word went out from some opposing agencies that they had managed to cancel all off road races in the area This caused some folks to believe that the SORA race had fallen victim to the environmentalists and by the time that Vaughn had got the word out that his race was still on it was too late to start prepping a car Vaughn s event is something of an experiment He runs only one class rather than the 15 or so normally encountered these days and his is the longest si gle loop race course in the U S Rules for the Silver Dust Racing Association call for every vehicle to run an engine no larger than 1600ccs Then to even things up between the lighter weight single seater s and the two seaters several different re strictor plates are used Cars with center of town From there the high tech chassis that is the course continued north through Class 1 or 9 in the single seaters Panaca and then over the Pioche and Class 2 5 and 10 in the two Hills and into the town of Pioche seaters must run with 19 50 or where the racers found Check 20 50mm restrictors The single Point 3 Continuing at the high seat limited type cars Class 1 elevations the course then r an 1600 breathe a bit easier with a further north through Stampede 22mm restrictor and the two Gap and Bristol Wells an area seat limited 2 1 600 cars run a that can be expected to have 23mm restrictor The rules are snow during November and can aimed at keeping everything as be guaranteed to be cold even as possible At about the 215 mile marker Some of the drivers think it the course finallJ turned would work even better if southward and woun down the Vaughn and the SORA would North Pahroc Range and revert to a m class format through the White R iver Valley They feel that it would make an to Check Point 5 After that even better race to run a Class 10 check point it went back into the like SCORE s and a combined mountains for a while then l 2 1600cc class like that of the across Highway 93 across the HORA Even with the guar Delamar Dry Lake and over to anteed money split in two half Highway 93 again Here it for each class the purse would paralleled 93 for about 15 miles outshine most others and would then crossed again and swooped still be well worth the effort northward for about 30 miles Vaughn s course laid out before making its final south through some historic Nevada ward run mining towns encompassed a Then it climbed over the total of 386 miles rising from the Meadow Valley Mountains and floor of the desert at about 3000 the Mormon Mountains and feet of elevation to somewhere finally went down to a dust free close to 7000 feet at the highest four miles of pavement on the point The start fin ish was near old access road and in to the Glendale Nevada which is finish Without exception the about 50 miles north of Las drivers like the course They Vegas on 1 15 were enthusiastic about how After about 20 miles of much fun it was and except for running more or less near the the cold had no complaints freeway the course turned north There were motorcycles and ran into the Clover running the event also for a Mountains and up to about 6000 purse consisting of a 50 feet Then it wound down and payback and an additional first right into the town of Caliente place bonus of 500 All the where the checkpoint was in the bikes ran in one class and they started at about 6 20 a m or as soon as they could really call it daylight The cars started out at just about 7 a m and it was still mighty chilly but showing promise of being a clear sunny day The defending champions Tim and Terry Bell in the Whittlesea Bell Transportation sponsored two seat Bunderson charged to the fore in their 21600 car and had themselves precariously in the lead fairly early Running hard and keeping the Bells honest were Ken Freeman and Jirn Mahan in their two seat Hi Jumper Ron Ellenburg in his single seater and Jim Temple who was teamed with Robbie McCachren in the Valley Performance single seater Those three were all on the same minute at the first checkpoint and only one minute behind the Bells Close on their rear bumpers were the Leighton brothers Jerry and Bob in their Raceco single seat Class 10 chassis with the limited 1600cc engine and Jack Short and Jim Barbeau in their Hi Jumper two seater These two were in a dead heat just another two minutes back Then it was Mike Spina driving Bert Vaughn s two seater and Ken Fry Dan Bradley who d worked all night to get his car finished and Mike Stokley They all got to the first checkpoint within 15 minutes of each other By Check 2 things had thinned out a little and the Bells now had a clear lead of four minutes over Freeman and Mahan Jerry Leighton had got the Leighton s brand new car up into third now three mintes behind second spot and Ellenburg ran fourth with Spina in fifth place Ellenburg hit a rock and ruined his front end and Spina broke between Check 2 and Check 3 as did Jim Temple who rolled his car By Check 3 about 175 miles into the race Tim Bell had about an eight minute lead when he handed the car over to his brother Terry Bob Leighton got in to replace Jerry there also and he went off into the relatively unkQ own not having pre run only five minutes up on Mahan and Freeman At this point Short and Barbeau were fourth and Bradley was fifth They held these positions until somewhere between Check 5 and the Highway 93 crossing where Bradley caught and passed the Short and Barbeau car When they went through the Delamar Valley Bradley had seven minutes on them but he never came out the other end down by Check 6 having blown his motor Call for package orders and our complete catalog SIMPLE TO ORDER PHONE OR MAIL O RDER USING VISA MASTERCHARGE OR WE DO SHlP C O D No personal checks please 1 9017 San Fernando Road Sun Valley CA 91352 Ph 213 768 7770 From las v gas the brothers Tim and Terry of the Bell famlly ran a flawless race to duplicate their 1982 victory In the Inaugural event Page 14 January February 1984 Cal lorn ans Jerry and Bob Leighton ran second In this year s Sliver Dust 400 repeating their 1982 finish position In another brother act Dusty Times

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The Bells were having a good day with absolutely no difficulties while Bob Leighton was suffering the consequences of not having pre run for this yea_r s event He missed a tum and got high centered on a rock and then also got tangled up with a stout tree branch and lost a few more minutes Freeman and Mahan were having even more problems starting with a broken shock mount on the rear which caused one of the shocks to break and then jam the rear tire and flatten it They had a hard time taking the flat off and switching it with a front but finally got it done and eventually went on down about 40 Ken Freeman and Jim Mahan ran second In the early legs limped to a third place with no shocks on one corner and fa ting electrics minutes But they were also The Silver Dust Racing having electrical troubles as they finished before dark the Bells had discovered when they d winning in 8 26 but Mahan and Association capped the day with honked the horn and the engine Freeman coming in about 50 a roaring bonfire and an evening quit and in addition they ran minutes later had some dark and spent in bench racing and out of gas A Bell brothers pit didn t dare use more than one tomfoolery in its warm glow furnished them with additional light and only briefly because of Racers officials and pit crews gas and they kept their hands off whatever their electrical 2roblem enjoyed the chance to belly up to the horn and kept going running might be Short and Barbeau the warm coals while toasting fast and strong but too far down were another 20 minutes back to friends with a cool brew Bert be the last finisher and the la_st Vaughn always the perfect host to catch up had _induded stacks of firewood Bpth the Bells and Leightons money winner THE SNORE AMERITONE 100 Ken Freeman Won the Race But Craig Hirschler Won the Points The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts SNORE have a mix of Pro Am events that comprise their annual points series Almost monthly SNORE conducts a race and most of the points events are short 100 mile runs one day affairs with primarily local participation However each year they also have three full pro money paying races and these also count toward the series championship The Pro races are the Bottom Dollar in the spring The Midnight Special in July and the SNORE 250 now heading for its 15th annual running next September As it has for the last two seasons the SNORE points championship came down to the final series race the SNORE Ameritone 100 Last year the _ points series was sponsored by Skoal Copenhagen so the title was well worth driving hard for on the 100 miler In contention when the green flag fell were Craig Hirschler Rob MacCachren Mike Spina and Ken Freeman Sr Hirschler was actually in the best position despite the fact that he ran the entire year without a class victory Craig drove consistently to top placings in every event and all he needed at the Ameritone 100 was a third in class to wrap up the points title The race took place on the Sunday after Thanksgiving on the back side of the Nellis Dunes northeast of Las Vegas Nevada SNORE tried a mass start by class to eliminate some of the timekeeping problems of earlier events and Class 10 was the first wave Rob MacCachren shot into the lead with a great start but he soon had engine trouble Ken Freeman Sr then took the lead but MacCachran came back from the pits to reclaim first place Dusty Times The action was frantic as the lead changed many times and it usually had a bearing on the points title MacCachren had more trouble and Mike Spina got into the act At the flag Ken Freeman Sr took the Class 10 victory followed home by Mike Spina Craig Hirschler won the points championship with a solid third place finish and MacCachren was fourth all this action in Class 10 Ken Freeman Jr took the unlimited class victory and Trevor Ford was second having brought his high school grades up to par to qualify for the drive in his father s two seater Alex Decuir had trouble getting started but he drove hard to win Class 9 and Steve Hagen was second After a holiday hiatus SNORE starts all over again with points races beginning in February Craig and Diana Hirsch er ran steady all year in the 1600 classes never won but consistent high flnislJes gave Craig the 1983 SNORE points championship Jack Short and Jim Barbeau were the last team to finish the Sliver Dust In the HI Jumper but they finished fourth good for five big ones along with the other necessary 1000 and Short and Barbeau paraphernalia for the race got 500 The awards presentation was Vaughn has promised to do held the next day Sunday at the the race again with the top of the Landmark Hotel in possibility of adding a class or downtown Las Vegas where the two What the added class will be deserving winners were pre will depend in part on the sented with the s ils of victory feedback he gets from his racers The Bells won 5000 for their and various othet sources It ll be first place the Leightons 2000 interesting to see what his Mahan and Freeman took home decision is pet o o e pt c o This is the system run by most off road race winners TRl MIL BOBCAT CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES IN ITED It was a see saw battle at the Nellis Dunes for the overall win but in the end Ken Freeman Sr snagged the lead an_d won the race and Class 10 January Fcbrua Y 1984 Page 15

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BUDWEISER BAJA CROSS AT SADDLEBACK PARK Text Photos Homer R Eubanks There was good reason for a red flag In the 1 2 1600 second heat D_an Morton and Ken Hodge both got upside down as Mike Goodbody slid past the debris Into the tires The Baja Cross Series has survived every sort of obstacle this year and will return with a racing program in 1984 Sfraub Distributing Co of Orange CA will sponsor the 1984 season After sponsoring the 1983 r icing season it looks as though Straubs has realized the many benefits of working with a racing program be held at Saddleback instead of a short course event The track was flooded and the weatherman promised more rain Just like the last minute decision of Straubs to sponsor the 84 season the sun came out just long enough 1to finish the Baja Cross Final The rain began 10 minutes after the last moto and had crews scurrying to leave the slick hillsides of Saddleback Rumors of the series not living beyond 1983 were fueled by lack of sponsorship and management Changes for the 1984 season changes The unusual rainy will be that Richard Kimball will weather kept the 83 final at bay not be back with the Baja Cross for a month The scheduled next year It seems he would like event was to be held Nov 13 and to devote more time to his was finally put on on Dec 11 business In his place will be a December 11 looked as co op made up of those already though submarine races would in charge at the track Charlie Engelhart will be back as the announcer and acting chairman Rick Lee will be the Chief Steward Beth Kennedy will be in charge of the timing obligations and Edward Holcomb will head up the Technical Inspection Along with the new political camp comes promises of more winnings in the form of 80 paybacks and a drop in insurance premiums along with a drivers point fund All this makes for better bring home pay for the drivers and should attract more drivers which in turn will bring in more spectators and this all will snow ball and hould revitalize Saddleback as a dominate short course track for all you buggy fans and enthusiasts Class 1 Unlimited Coverage in front of Al Arciero Frank Arciero went out early with engine troubles as did Mike Gillman and J C Myers who rolled over and decided too much time had passed to continue OVERALL Bob Gordon in his Gordon Feed Special took home first place money with his first and second place finishes Scott Gillman s third and first place in his new Chenowth Magnum was second overall Pancho Weaver will be spending his third place earnings on rebuilding his engine Greg George earned fourth by placing fourth in both motos and Marty Tripes was fifth with two fifth place finishes First moto action in Class 1 saw Bob Gordon line up on the pole alongside Al Arciero The drivers drew starting positions Rich Pronty Jr drew the 3 spot alongside Rich Pronty Sr in fourth Seventeen cars made up the class and all but the car of Mike Gillman were powered with unlimited engines Gillman tried his luck with his Class 10 car but decided after a couple of laps to pull off Frank Arcerio was also out early with engioe trouble Bob Gordon enjoyed the first moto by leading it wire to wire almost Gordon wasn t afforded a casual Sunday afternoon drive by the ever present Pancho Class 10 Weaver Weaver got by Gordon On the start of the first moto once but his ailing engine couldn t keep him there Weaver Brian Harber who started in the kept Gordon in striking distance fifth spot managed to go into but Gordon was aware of his turn one with the third place presence and didn t offer any starter Dave Bonner but found passing room Scott Gillman he did t have enough traction drew the tenth starting position and went sideways blocking the and had to work his way through rest of the pack Marty Tripes the pack to finish third and right snuck by on the inside and this behind him was the Funco driven made the race between him Mike Gillman Jim Fishback and by Marty Tripes The second moto looked like Mike Withers but Tripes soon it would be a repeat of the first pulled off with engine troubles with Bob Gordon leading Mike Gillman passed Jim followed by Weaver and Scott Fishback on the third lap and Gillman but Gillman got past held on to the checker Not far Gordon and Weaver when the behind Gillman was Fishback over anxious Weaver ran over who I might add gave Gillman a Gordon s rear wheel causing good run for the money After Gillman got by Fishback Gordon to fumble for a lower gear Gillman took advantage of the main action was for second this mix up and put a Dave Bonner Fishback Tommy comfortable lead between Croft and Withers were bunched himself and the pack Gordon together and second place looked and Weaver stayed at each other like a toss up On the start of the to finish second and third fifth lap Bonner drove hard respectively Greg George came inside turn one to pass Fishback across fourth followed by Marty but found his ring and pinion Tripes Jerry Whelchel was sixth gear had had enough and he was THE F L0RIDA 400 March 23 24 25 1984 THE BEST SHORT COURSE ACTION IN THE SOUTHEAST Presented by t e Florida Off Readers Drivers Association at Crowder Pits Tallahasse Florida MAIN EVENT 6 Hour Race on March 24 Limit 100 c ars 100 Payback 100 entry fee Two 5 Lap Showdown Races Winner take all March 23 Pre entry Drawing March 4 1984 For Rules Information E 7try Blanks call or Write Mary Peterson 305 295 9687 305 293 0001 FORDA 1618 Daly St Orlando FL 32808 Ron Baker in FL 800 433 8511 U S 800 327 8511 Mike Hester 305 851 6245 Brian Harber aid down a smoke screen In the second Class 10 moto but held third place and finished the day fourth overall Page 16 January February 1984 Dusty Times

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out of the race Tommy Croft charged from the back of the pack he drew 11th position at the start and began reeling in on FishbacJ

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THE INDIAN SUMMER SPRINTS Close Competition in the Mud Decided the North Central Points Champions Geoff Dorr moved his CJ 7 Into second place In the Heavy Metal Group on the fourth lap and he stayed In front to the checkered flag The final race in the Centerline second lost the spot on lap 15 to North Central Points Series Karl Wuesthoff which turned happened on October 9 last year into the lead a couple laps later and the race course at Lake Wuesthoff carried o n strong for Geneva Wisconsin was just as the final four laps and took the muddy and rain swept as it had victory Probst dropped back for been for the Memorial Day 100 a time then came forward again The rain did stop on Saturday to claim second place in his morning and the two hour races Berrien Dennis Bauer took got off under dry skies but with third and then ran out of gas on soggy traction The full spectrum the cool off lap Ja k Knobloch of off road classes are d ivided ran with the leaders too but he into three groups for the Sprints _ pitted o n lap 14 and turned the each group running the track for d riving over to h is wife Peggy Peggy brough t the Berrien Buggy two ho urs Group 1 included Classes 1 2 in fourth Group 2 was the Heavy Metal and 10 and this was a contest to see who could last for two hours Classes 3 4 6 8 and 14 Ricky Scott Taylor took the early lead Rogers Jeep CJ led the pack off in his Class 1 Pro Tech but he the line and at the end of the first was in the pits after 18 laps made lap he was 30 seconds ahead of another stab at the course and second and third running Bob retired with a sour engine Kevin Gierke and Ed Evans Midway Probst who had been runni ng Evans retired with mechanical _problems and Geoff Dorr Jeep CJ 7 had moved into second place on the fourth round Rick Rogers continued to lead until the 19th lap when he pitted with a steering belt problem Geoff Dorr won the race as is his habit at Lake Geneva Both leaders had lapped the rest of the field more than once But Rogers received a lap penalty for crossing the track to get to his pits and he dropped to sixth Mark Zimmerman inherited second place followed by Mike Schmidt and Jim Pheffer The third group to take o n the now drying race co urse were Classes 1 1600 2 1600 5 1600 and 11 Lee Wuesthoff led off the line closely followed by H ilding Brannstrorn and Tod Attig W uesthoff slid back to fifth where he finished and on the 12th round Gale Brockie powered past Brannstrom into first place On the final lap Brannstrom got around Brockie and took the checkered flag fi rst with Brockie right behind him in second Allen Gosse had moved into third on the 17th lap and he stayed there to the finish line Mike Poppie who moved from trucks to buggies this season ran strong to finish fourth The final event of the Indian Summer Sprinls was an hour long race for the lad ies Peggy Knobloch was a wire to wire easy winner in a 2 1600 car Joanne Karph fi nished second and Liz Brannstrom took a good third When the racing was over the awards party was sponsored by Berrien Buggy Inc right there at the race track Dave Merkel of Berrien Buggy hosted all the race groups to beer and hot dogs and then the trophies and checks e presented I ANNUAL 4 X 4 UNLIMITED CHRISTMAS PARI Y By Brenda A Parker On December 17 1983 the annual Christmas Party was held by 4x4 Unlimited There was a buffet dinner and dancing to the music of the Four Easy Pieces During the evening Santa and Mrs Claus made an appearance This year it was Steve Schaeffer and Kim Probst Gifts ranged from body butter to booze and were presentecftoall who sat on our Santas lap The serious part of the evening was the awards presentation Each year awards are given for special service to the club This year they went to Kathy Leonard and Rick Belfuis long time club members and ones who have contributed many hours of volunteer services to the club Kathy is in charge of the timing tower at both the Memorial Day 100 and the Indian Summer Sprints She also handles the race results and has them posted Page 18 within minutes of the finish of the race Rick has served as president of the club and also acted as race director in past years He has also been active in many other capacities within the club and as a participant at many of the midwest races The efforts of both of these people are appreciated by all of the members There was also an award presented to the Joliet Mud Turtles for their volunteer efforts as ourse workers and for the use of their tow vehicles at the Memorial Day 100 and the Indian Summer Sprints It would be difficult to put on a race without the efforts of these people Thanks to all of you The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Good Sportsmanship award This is presented for good Lee Wuesthoff was the early leader In Group 3 for the limited engine racers but he faded In the later laps and finished fifth Jack Knobloch enlisted his wife Peggy as driver for the final laps in Group 1 and Peggy finished well In fourth place even with the pit stop Kevin Probst did well In his Berrien running second lnltlally In Group 1 dropping back but then moving back Into second at the finish line NORTH CENTRAL POINTS SERIES FINAL STANDINGS The 1983 North Central Points Series was a huge success and the Series thanks its good sponsor Center Line Racing Wheels for their support Each points winner received a fine racing jacket in addition to the other rewards for a successful season sportsmanship both on and off the race course in the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat This year s recipient was Mike Parker from Kalamazoo Michigan Mike has been racing for three years and was very CLASS 1 successful his first two years Jeff Probst 631 winning the 1 1600 class Jack Knobloch 619 championship in both 1981 and Mike Reusche 591 1982 In the 1983 season he CLASS 2 Dave Vandermissen 629 moved into a new car and a new Kevin Probst 614 class Class 10 single seat and he Scott Taylor 503 went thrm 1gh a season that saw CLASS 1 2 1600 Lee Wuesthoff 674 him_in a learning situation and up Steve Schaeffer 64 7 agamst some very tough Bruce Brannstrom 644 competition Because he handled CLASS 2 1600 himself well in both winning and Larry Kreiman 687 Dooley 657 losing the club presented him Jim Doug Motto 63 1 with this award CLASS 3 Dancing continued until 1 00 and everyone in attendance had a great time Hope to see some faces we missed at next year s event January February 1984 Bruce McKinney Bill Schirm Mark Zimmerman Harry Bow y Jr CLASS 4 Kevin Dawson Bob Gierke Ed Evans 508 427 391 622 619 467 CLASS 5 Marc McFadzean 603 Randy Nicklaus 600 Chuck Johnson 41 7 CLASS 5 1600 Jim Pfeffer 573 Jeff Therriault 492 Craig Dick Metz 392 CLASS 6 Kevin Pence 586 Gary Thomas 418 Sheldon Scray 309 CLASS 8 Dennis Ferdon 501 Jack Flannery 489 Craig Gray 468 CLASS 10 Single Seat Jeff Probst 605 Mike Parker 552 Lee Wuesthoff 497 CLASS 10 Two Seat Mike Paulson 494 Scott Taylor 427 Rod Attig 410 A total of 326 drivers participated in the ten race North Central Points Series in 1983 The two biggest classes were 1 21600 at 66 drivers and 10 with a combined total of 60 drivers This year the Series has a new name the Berrien Auto Cross Series Dusty Times

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JEEP CHEROKEE CHIEF AMC Jeep Joins the Downsize Movement with a Dandy Wagon i i _ t The brand new Cherokee Chlefls everyone s Four Wheeler of the Year earning the accolade from such magazines as Four Wheeler 4 Wheel and Off Road and Off oad Dusty Times likes it too While the baby Bronco and Blazer are familiar sights on the street now AMC Jeep took extra time developing their smaller Cherokee Wagoneer and the new rigs are well worth the waiting period The latest Jeep traces its family back some 21 years when the first Wagoneer bowed to the public Then it was the first a tempt by any company in the USA to make a four wheel drive device into a proper station wagon Over the years the W agoneer and later the two door C herokee grew into super luxury trucks famil y conveyances and the p rices grew accordingly Jeep was the first in the field with fu ll time fo ur wheel drive and the first American com pany with a m ode rn a ll w h ee l drive passenger car the Eagle But times change and the fue l appetite of the V 8 engines and full time 4 WO are o ut of vogue T oda y the new smaller wagons fro m Jeep inco rporate some of the best features of their bigger brothers and some good things from the Eagle Currently the new Jeep model is the only small bobtail on the market with four doors The Cherokee Chief pictured here is a very fancy versio n of the breed loaded with options inside and o ut The C herokee had the optional 2 8 liter V 6 purchased fro m Chevrolet a three speed automatic transmission with a center shift lever and a 3 73 final drive ratio Mo st of the luxury o ptions were fitted including air co nditioning a rear window wiper handy o ff road and rear window defrost handy in any climate in the winter Fascinating is the driver s door panel of buttons that control all the windows and door locks It is like running a computer Goodyear Wranglers adorn the spiffy white spoke type wheels adding to both Dusty Times appea_rance and performance Marchal driving lights give a sporty touch to the new nose design that features square headlights and a black vertical grill Black fender flares enhance the red paint scheme and whils the wagon is all new it still has the look of a proper Jeep On the road the Cherokee doesn t seem small There is no cramped feeling and it holds close to the same amount of gear and people as the bigger Grand Wagoneer _T he hief came with the Selec Trac part time 4 wheel drive borrowed from the Eagle and it is as close to push button shifting as it can be Just behind the trans shifte r on the center console is a small box To shift into 4 WO the first move is to pull up on the button then move the switch sized lever from 2 WO to 4 WO release the button move your hand to the lever on the left of the trans tunnel and select high or low range The vehicle must be stopped for this operation but once in 4 high 4 low can be engaged at very slow speeds There are no hubs to lock and no need to leave the comfort of the cockpit Jeep has always had good seats in their wagons and the newest model continues the tradition of low back buckets in front that a e very comfortable The lack of a head rest on the seat is a boon to all around visibility The rear seat has plenty of room for two adults three for short hauls and behind the seat there is good cargo space for the gear needed on any trip from Vegas to the outback The external spare tire carrier is a great option which allows full use of the cargo bay _On the highway the Jeep drjves n1ore like a passenger car than any of its rivals in the marketplace It l ehaves like a luxury station wagon quiet in operation and comfortable With the fairly tall axle gear and th automatic there is some lag on initial acceleration but once rolling everything works fine We drove at healthy and illegal speeds en route to Las Vegas from L9s Angeles and the rig pulled the long grades easily The 1 IO horsepower V 6 never strained at all and it delivered a remarkable 24 mpg a much higher number than we obtained from the small Blazer with the V 6 and automatic trans which also didn t have the urge in the drive train that the Cherokee exhibited in all situations Off road a Jeep is a Jeep and the new Cherokee Chief will go anywhere a pickup can with no foss good ground clearance and fine handling Scooting around the desert the Jeep also delivered over 18 mpg At last Jeep has abandoned the leaf spring front end on the wagons While it is still a live axle up front there is something called Quadra Link by Jeep a system of four control arms that locate the front axle and there are coil springs up front as well With the new front end both the ride and handling are great off the road The new Cherokee Chief is 21 inch s shorter six inches more narrow and four inches lower than its ancestor and it is half a ton lighter in weight However the option list is as long as on the big rigs and the downsize Jeep costs nearly as much too The delight is the good fuel economy which stretches the distance one can travel on the stock 13 5 gallon tank There is an optional 20 gallon tank but it was missing on this rig about the only option not installed The Cherokee is also available with AMC s n w 2 5 liter four cylinder engine and in a two door model B ut the V 6 is both stronger and more fuel efficient and if one needs a wagon the four door version is very handy If a go anywhere station wagon is on your shopping list check out the newest entry on the street the Jeep Cherokee Chief It is a real spoiler J The Cherokee is every Inch a Jeep In both appearance and performance with a freshly styled gr II that st II lets the world know Its ancestors hail from Toledo At home in any terrain the Cherokee sported the handy options of a roof rack outside tire carrier V 6 engine and a tow hitch Nestled under the plumbing is the 2 8 llter V 6 that puts out power like a V 8 but gets the fuel economy of a good four c ylinder engine The low back seats are a boon to all around vlslblllty They are also very comfortable with attractive and durable upholstery January February 1984 Page 19

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Photos John Calvin Trackside Photos Rob MacCachren continued on his winning ways The Las Vegas teenager drove his Bunderson hard to not only win Class 10 but take the first overall honors The HDRA ended their 1983 season with a fast but challenging course for the third annual Frontier 250 As always the prerace activity centered around the sponsoring Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas and the race started and finished in metropolitan Sloan NV While the weekend before Christmas seems like a weird time to be both in Las Vegas and o ut off road racing a stalwart 136 cars in 15 classes started o ut to battle for the race honors and the lucrative HDRA points titles Fattened by the generous sponsors Coors and Nissan and others the HDRA points fund approach ed 60 000 certainly worth racing for especially for drivers in serious contention There were several class points titles on the line at the Frontier 250 The talk was of the fight for overall points which in HDRA comes in two categories one for Classes 3 4 and 8 and one for all the other classes Close enough going in for the race to make a difference on the truck points were Don Adams with 1219 and Rod Hall with 1142 Among the others it was even closer between the same drivers that co ntested top honors in 1982 Leading before the race was Jack Johnson with 1281 but Jim and Billy Wright were right there with 1241 Both categories of overall points carried a hefty bonus of 2000 00 a nice Christmas gift The tech and contingency lines were open all day and into the night on the Friday and the driver s meeting was held in the indoor comfort of the Frontier Hotel Friday night Early Saturday morning the race cars came out of impound for the parade to Sloan some 15 miles south of town A fancy ramp had Leading on the road In the later laps Grampa Gregg Symonds drove all five rounds In his Raceco to the Class 2 victory In a very competitive class Page 22 Jack Johnson actually had the fastest time In the race but a penalty dropped him In the ranks although he stlll won Class 1 In the slick HI Jumper January February 1984 Dusty Times

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I been built for the starting ceremony on the trail leading south From the start the race course wound south near the o ld highway until crossing Jean Ory Lake Still headed southerly the route went close to the state line befor turning north and winding over the pass through the McCullough Mountains then back across the dry lake through rocks and washes and on into Sloan The 50 mile course was all on the east side of Interstate 15 Six classes were scheduled for five laps eight groups for fou r laps and the Nissan Cup runners needed only three laps for an official finish As is the HORA custom on a multiple lap race the time allowance is not stated Rather when three in a class have finished the required laps the rest in that class are waved into impound at the finish line regardless of the laps they have completed First of the quick runners on the starting line were the 18 Class 2 cars with half the field capable of winning Turning fast lap for the day after starting first a nifty 55 44 the first one around was Ken Cox in Brian Collins Raceco Incredibly it was a full four minutes and change before anyone else arrived and then they q i me in bunches On elapsed time Mike_Lund Gary Garner were next in 58 15 in the Chenowth C huck Trickle was just ano ther 22 seconds back followed in a few m o re seconds by Tom and Steve Martin However Cox went o ut with a broken rear suspension and only Lund survived to cover the second lap After two rounds the Wright Raceco was leading the Raceco of Gregg Symonds Jake Fogg by a slim 50 seconds and five more seconds back were Keith Kitts James Robinson However on the middle lap the Wrights retired with a badly bent spring plate and Kitts vanished too Symonds did a o ne hour lap to take a four minute lead over Lund Garner and Len Newman Mike Gaughan had their new Bunderson in _third about six more minutes behind Lund Garner lost nearly an hour on the fourth round and kissed their Class 2 points title challenge goodby although they did recover to take fifth in class Symonds carried on in the class lead first on the road as well and Newman closed the gap now second by seven odd minutes The fifth lap was a real cliff hanger for both leading teams The Symonds Raceco turned turtle about ten miles from pay dirt in a sand wash and Symonds and Fogg lost about ten minutes recruiting help in getting the big two seater back on its wheels and filled with oil Newman chaiged on but then Len ran out of gas and lost 15 minutes siphoning some of the magic fluid from a spectator car So somewhat battered the Symonds R aceco got the checkered flag first in Class 2 and seventh overall It was Gregg s second class win in two week s Len Newman and Michael Gaughan held o nto second in class about 12 minutes Dusty Times Despite a flat tire Frank Snook and Dave Rogalia had a good run in the Raceco finishing very close but second in Class 1 Most 1 2 1600 competitors see this view of Jim Sumners Raceco Jim swept past a strong field to win the class and also win the class points title later A tight fight developed for third in class and the spot eventually went to Ed and Tim Herbst by two minutes over Gary Schnekenburger and Randy Waddell Eight Class 2s finished five laps Class 10 is the fastest gang of all on the Nevada desert and they started next the biggest class in the race at 22 starters This was a real horse race almost all the way Rob MacCachren Bunderson had fast lap for the class on the first round 1 00 16 but Jack Irvine Raceco was just one more minute slower Irvine s engine expired on lap 2 MacCachren did a 1 02 58 which was to be his slowest lap of the five and held the lead Separated by scant seconds and running in a bunch about two minutes back were James Krumme Laird and Courtney Whippl e Ron and John Ellenburg Dave Ryskamp Bob Richey I T om Baker and Bill Herrick Michael McDonnell A Running hard and running out of gas Mike Gaughan shown here and Lenny Newman had a good day and got second routine stop for gas could drop a In Class 2 in their new Bunderson car six places in this contest In front Rob MacCachren blistered the final two laps to not only win Class 10 by over ten minutes but the teenager was also first overall of the five lap contenders with remarkably consistent lap times Although he slowed a bit on the fina l round James Krumme who also drove alone in his Funco was second in class and overall Placing third and third g verall were Ron and John Ellenburg Hi Jumper and the first three cars were all single seaters They are swift when they hail from Las Vegas Only two minutes out of Jim Sumners Doug Renfro third Bob Richey and Tom SCORE OVERALL POINTS CHAMPION Baker were sixth overall closely THREE YEARS IN A ROW followed b y Dave Ryskamp who was awarded HORA Rookie of the Year honors Another two minutes back came Bill Herrick Michael McDonnell in sixth ninth overall and nine Class 10s finished five laps before the cutoff time Next off the line were the 15 NUMBER DNE starters in Class 1 2 1600 and this turned into a two horse race IN RICINI IUSPENIIDN First around on the first lap was TRINIMIIIIDNI EXPERTS the Bunderson of Terry and Tim Bell but Jim Sumners who World Class Racecar Builder and proud of It started last was only 12 seconds slower Midway in lap 2 Sumners caught and passed the Bell Bunderson on the road with a fast lap for the class at 1 06 24 12109 LAKEWOOD BLVD DOWNEY CA 90242 The Funco of John Slagor and Phil Bowers was o nly a minute Telephone 213 923 0854 behind the Bells The rest of the TO BE A BETTER DRIVER YOU NEED A BETTER CAR RA CECO CHASSIS THE BESTI NORTH AMERICAN RACECO oo Page 23

Page 24

Terry a nd Tim Bell pushed Sumners all the way in their two seat Bunderson but the Las Vegans had to settle for second in class at the Frontier 250 race Willie Valdez led three of the four laps In Class 7 S and his Ford Ranger was the only truck of the seven starters that covered the four laps FRONTIER 150 continued Rod Hall drove the big 4 x 4 Dodge without brakes for haii the race but he still won Class 4 easily and he also won another HDRA points cha m plonshlp LOOK WHO S WON EVERYTHING WORTH WINNING IN 83 WALKER EVANS SCORE Class 8Championship HDRA Class 8 Championship Riverside Heavy Metal World Championship ROD HALL SCORE Class 4 Championship HDRA Class 4 Championship If you re serious about some heavy truckin think Ram Tough the ones that win while the others are happy to finish Page 24 field was back some distance through three laps At this point Sumners wii l r 1 Doug Renfr o riding in the Raceco led the BeUs by a bit over three minutes and Slagor Bowers were just over two more minutes behind Only seven finished three laps and six would finish the five rounds officially Heading toward yet another 1600cc championship Jim Sumners picked up 40 seconds on Bell on lap 4 then dropped over two minutes on the final round But Jim Sumners won the race and the title and placed eleventh overall Exactly two minutes lai er Terry and Tim Bell held up the honor of Las Vegas in second 12th overall John Slagor Phil Bowers dropped some time on the final two rounds but they held onto third the first single seater home Another two minutes back Ralph Chadwick got fourth Actually finishing third on time Michael Stokely was disqualified in post race tech for having an oddball and oversize carburetor restrictor plate Class 1 started fourth and some single seat drivers were not exactly thrilled about the traffic ahead of them The first lap was a ding dong battle though Frank and Al Arciero Funco were around first but second on time being 14 seconds slower than the Funco of Kenny Krumme who turned a one hour flat About 30 seconds behind Arciero came Dan Foddrill Jerry Finney who would have trouble later on Next was Frank Snook Raceco at 1 01 05 followed in 46 seconds by the favorite Jack Johnson Hi Jumper January February 1984 Arciero broke a CV joint on the next lap Snook drove ten miles on a flat tire and Jack Johnson did the fast lap for the class 57 59 to lead Kenny Krumme by over a minute Krumme dropped over 40 minutes on the middle round Frank Snook Dave Rogalia moved into second doing the lap less than a minute slower than Johnson But Jack turned up the wick for the final two rounds as only he can do on his home turf and Johnson s final lap was again under the hour for a total time of 5 05 26 However Johnson had passed another car in the stopping area at the start finish check while completing the fourth lap and he had a 15 minute penalty added to his time When he took the checkered flag he sped past the checkpoint again coming to a stop spectacularly in the barrier erected to keep spectators back Next year the HORA will make the fini sh line a stop check on the final lap to avoid such histrionics which also can be dangerous Holding on very well in second behind Johnson Frank Snook and Dave Rogalia were fifth overall well ahead of Kenny Krumme who did matching 1 02s on the last two laps to climb back into third After a fine comeback drive the Arcieros broke another CV on the final lap and did not finish Although scheduled to cover just four laps for an official finish the five Class 8s started next Some pit sages opined that maybe the officials wanted the Class 8 winner home first for the TV cameras and sure enough it was Walker Evans and 0nly Walker Evans who appeared with an impound interview on the six o clock news on the tube Evans started out fast and got faster in the Dodge carrying a lady editor from Car and Driver magazine Jean Linamood all four laps She did not say how she enjoyed the ride Walker s total time for four laps of Walker Evans hopped over the Nevada desert with typical aplomb i_n his Dodge winning Class 8 and also winning another big Class 8 points title Larry Job diced all through the race with Jeff and Al Jordan but at the flag the Las Vegas youngster finished first by about 15 minutes QustyTimes

Page 25

4 20 28 brought him to the checkered flag at 1 40 in the afternoon with average laps of 1 05 much too quick to be limited to four laps In a replay from Barstow two weeks earlier Dave Shoppe kept Walker honest fini shing second in his Ford Frank Vessels had second locked up after two laps but his Ford then lost a rear end to the desert Five laps were required of the seven in Class 5 and this was an exciting contest Larry Job got the lead on lap 1 but only by 41 seconds over Jeff and Al Jordan Tony Kujala and Richard Roberts were just an9ther odd minute back followed in Both Class winners Rob MacCachren 18 and Gregg Symonds 62 are seconds by Jim Venable Carl positive proof that any age can go out and play In the dirt successfully Jackson Kujala vanished on lap 2 Watson caught a flying rock on and Venable s Bug had some trucks can run with the 2 x 4 the second lap that broke his problems Up front Job and the trucks Midway in the race Hall hand so he was out and had a total time over a minute Jordans had a near visual race Bradbury did not go much faster than Evans Then the 4 x 4 After two rounds the Jordans led farther failing to come around by 45 seconds Job picked up Dodge began having brake on the third lap time on lap 3 and was back in the problems Hall his point proven Up front on the second half of cooled it and then stopped to lead just ten Seconds ahead of the 1200cc race was Las Vegan pick up Four Wheeler Magazine the Jordans on total time Alex Decuir who slowed some Editor Diane Jacob who rode Larry Job another of the quick on the final laps but still won with him on the final lap Hall second generation off road racers Class 9 by about 14 minutes from Las Vegas turned a pair of won easily well ahead of Tim Pepe Rodriguez was solid in 1 05s for the final two loops to and Chris Casey Jeep Honcho second at the flag as Gary who are likely to be the coming win Class 5 and place 13th Peterson Don Atwood who had stars of 4 x 4 racing Vern overall The Jordan Bug held an some good laps fell back to Roberts Bill Donahoe Jeep easy second about 15 minutes third followed closely by both Honcho were the third and final behind A remarkable five of the Ted Armstrong and Mike and finishers in Class 4 seven starters finished the course Once the largest class in desert Jim Baker before the cutoff time There were just five in Class racing Class 9 made its final Another four lap class came appearance in an HORA event It 5 1600 going for the four lap next and a husky field of 13 took race and it was a local show Jack the green flag in Class 4 A half has been dropped from both Ramsay and Mark Bunderson desert and short course HORA dozen of them failed on the first whipped off four very quick and races in 1984 Eight 1200cc lap Out in front Rod Hall and fanciers were on the line for their consistent laps to win the class Jim Fricker were never final run out of Sloan W J honors in 5 04 45 Rich Fersch threatened Hall turning a were second Bradbury did fast lap for the class and Darryl Gibson 1 05 11 and a 1 05 15 for the all the way and 1about 25 minutes on the first go a 1 11 08 did first two tours pulled up on behind at the checker Four of another 1 11 and change and Walker Evans bumper midway the five finished well held a husky lead after two of the in the second lap proving his A surprising eight Class 3s five laps Contender Larry favorite theory that the 4 x 4 Roger Mears had little trouble with his Nissan In Nevada and Mears turned very quick times to win Class 7 leading all the way were on the starting line and half of them finished This was a no contest race for Don Adams Jason Myers in the Jeep CJ 7 Their four lap victory gave Adams just enough points to beat Rod Hall for the HORA overall truck honors Working hard for second place were Don Coffland CJ 7 and Chuck Johnson who came from Illinois to try desert racing in his Bronco The pair ran close until the fourth lap when Coffland had big trouble Chuck Johnson with Mike Poppie riding shotgun whistled home with a final lap time identical to that of Adams for a fine second Coffland held on in third about four minutes faster than David Bryan Paul Kelley CJ 7 There were five in Class 7 and most of them were heavy hitters Finishing the year right Roger Mears had a fine day in the Nissan with Brent Foes riding shotgun Roger led from the line did a quick 1 05 06 on the second lap charged on in what Jim Conne_r said was a Roger proofed truck to finish on a bare rear rim but he finished first John Baker had his Mitsubishi close until the third lap when he stopped on course for some engine tuning Baker came back fast to take second and win the HORA points crown Sherman Balch was third in his Nissan with three laps done and he had a brief encounter with a large rock on the first lap that cost over two hours Earl Hardesty started in the John Johnson Chevy S 10 Earl had some problems then on the second lap the gear box went to all neutrals and that was that Seven showed up to vie for the Class 7 S honors but only one managed to cover the four laps After turning fast lap for the class on the first round Bill Alsup was on the trailer with engine problems and his mates Joe Opre and George Beech were out after one round too Only three minutes back on the first lap Willie Valdez shifted his Ford Ranger into drive and carried on quickly to win the class Mike and Pat Falkosky had big woes on the first two rounds had a good third lap then Mike in contention for the 7 S points title was stopped on course on the final round by officials They waved him off saying the race was over Mike knew that o nly Valdez had finished and he needed to complete the lap to get the finishing points and second oooooo Offrad Racecar Parts Accessories Midwestern champion Chuck Johnson with Mike Popple riding did a great Job in his first desert race taking second In Class 3 In the Ford Bronco WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTOR FOR Don Adams Jason Myers and the Jeep CJ 7 scored another wire to wire victory a habit with the team In the desert Adams also won top trucker honors for 1983 Dusty Times The last hurrah In HORA Class 9 went to local driver Alex DeCulr In his HI Jumper Alex led the second half of the race and won by 14 minutes January February 1984 CENTER LINE WHEELS TECTIRA TIRES MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES SUPER TRAP SPARK ARRESTORS CIBIE LIGHTS McKENZIE AIRFIL TERS WRIGHT PLACE DURA BLUE McKENZIE SEA TS WESTERN AUTO TIRES SWAY A WAY BILSTEIN SHOCKS K Y B SHOCKS BEARD SEATS HEWLAND GEIi RS GEM GEARS CROWN MFG NEAL PRODUCTS RAPID COOL TRI MIL Catalogs Available 2 00 Each 12945 Sherman Way No 4 North Hollywood Calif 91605 213 765 5827 213 764 6438 Page 25

Page 26

FRONTIER 150 Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spralding had little competition lots of trouble but they did their four laps to win Class 6 and the points title HORA FRONTIER 250 December 17 1983 Results DIA Pos Pos Car Driver s 1 2 3 4 5 102 101 108 104 113 Class 1 Unlimited Single Seat 12 start 5 finish 5 laps Ja_ck Johnson solo Hi Jumper 5 20 26 Frqnk Snook Dave Rogalia Raceco 5 21 15 Kenny Krumme Funco 5 52 59 Dan F ddrill Jerry Finney 6 22 29 Monte Brown Ralphmade 6 56 23 5 14 24 35 1 2 3 4 5 1299 1208 1209 1213 1200 Class 1 2 16QO 1600 cc limited 15 start 6 finish 5 laps Jim Sumners Doug Renfro Raceco 2 5 39 23 Terry Bell Tim Bell Bunderson 2 5 41 22 John Slagor Phil Bowers Fun co Hustler 1 6 01 25 1 Ralph Chadwick 6 03 32 Jerry Wehunt Bill Claytor Sandrail 1 6 34 03 11 12 19 20 27 1 2 3 214 206 208 205 211 Class 2 Unlimited Two Seat 18 start 8 finish 5 laps Gregg Symonds Jake Fogg Raceco 5 22 34 Len Newman Michael Gaughan Bunderson 5 34 11 Ed Herbst Tim Herbst Raceco 5 56 24 Gary Schnekenburger Randy Waddell Raceco 5 58 48 Mike Lund Gary Garner Chenowth 6 12 59 7 10 15 17 21 303 302 304 306 308 Class 3 Short WB 4 x 4 8 start 4 finish 4 laps Don Adams Jason Myers Jeep CJ 7 Chuck Johnson Mike Poppie Ford Bronco Don Coffland Jeep CJ 5 David Bryan Paul Kelley Jeep CJ 7 Michael Wilson Larry Hansen Ford Bronco 402 404 412 407 Class 4 Long WB 4 x 4 13 start 3 finish 4 laps Rod Hall Jim Fricker Dodge 4 35 17 Tim Casey Chris Casey Jeep Honcho 5 24 27 Vern Roberts Bill Donohoe Jeep Honcho 5 49 35 John Randall Jeep Honcho 3 05 15 2 laps 5 504 500 505 501 503 Class 5 Unlimited Baja Bug 7 start 5 finish 5 laps Larry Job solo Baja Bug 5 43 54 Jeff Jordan Alan Jordan Baja Bug 5 58 12 John Ronnerud Jack Wood Baja Bug 6 21 52 Doug Sylverster Frank Evans Baja Bug 6 35 15 Jim Venable Carl Jackson Baja Bug 6 38 45 1 2 3 4 5 550 551 553 552 554 1 2 601 600 Class 6 Production Sedan 2 start 1 finish 4 laps Larry Schwacofer Sid Spradling 55 Chevy 7 45 38 Dave Federwisch Ford Maverick N T 1 2 735 732 Class 7S Stock Mini Truck 7 start 1 finish 4 laps Willie Valdez Jose Alvarado Ford Ranger 6 11 32 Mike Falkosky J Pat P3 kosky Toyota 6 29 29 3 laps 1 2 3 701 702 700 Class 7 Mini Truck 5 start 2 finish 4 laps Roger Mears Brent Foes Nissan John Baker William Walker Mitsubishi Sherman Balch Nissan 4 29 59 4 45 30 6 38 14 3 laps 1 2 3 801 804 800 Class 8 Pickup 5 start 2 finish 4 laps Walker Evans Jean Linamood Dodge Dave Shoppe Ford Frank Vessels Larry Johnson Ford 4 20 28 4 50 08 2 20 04 2 laps 1 2 3 5 904 902 907 905 900 Class 9 Single Seat 1200 cc 8 start 5 finish 5 laps Alex Decuir Hi Jumper 6 26 52 Pepe Rodriguez Hi Jumper 6 40 26 Gary Peterson Don Atwood Funco 6 48 17 Ted Armstrong Hi Jumper 6 55 09 Mike Baker Jim Baker Chenowth 6 56 00 25 30 32 33 34 1 2 3 4 5 1015 1011 1010 1018 1001 Class 10 Unlimited 1600 cc 22 start 9 finish 5 laps Rob MacCachren solo Bunderson 1 5 07 50 James Krumme solo Funco 1 5 18 47 Ron Ellenburg John Ellenburg Hi Jumper 1 5 19 25 Bob Richey Tom Baker Raceco 5 21 41 Dave Ryskamp Raceco 5 30 45 1 2 3 6 8 1 2 3 1199 1100 1101 Class 11 1200 cc Baja Bug 3 start 3 finish 4 laps James Clements Tom Greer Baja Bug 6 39 51 Dave Girdner Mark Girdner Baja Bug 6 42 17 Barry McDermott Tom Walker Baja Bug 7 57 15 1 2 3 4 5 755 750 754 752 751 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 4 Vehicle Time 5 24 12 5 59 59 6 31 27 6 35 50 4 40 53 3 laps 13 16 23 28 29 place When start line officials assured him via radio that he would get the finishing points Mike left the course the 7 S points champ Some distance back Jim Conner and Pat Blackmore herded a bone stock Nissan 4 x 4 complete with stereo and air conditioning around for three laps to take third place followed by Tom Renolds and Greg Smith in a Chevy Luv also doing three laps Conner said later his Nissan looked so stock that che c kpoint workers tried to wave him off the course as a non competitor several times The stock truck had been entered for advertising purposes Class 6 sedans seldom tackle the rough Nevada desert Despite a 3 hour second lap Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling did complete all four laps for the victory Schwacofer gave Trackside photos Madeline Bullman a swift ride on the final round as well The only other entry Dave Federwisch did not get a lap in his Ford Maverick The 1200cc Class 11 Baja Bugs have also been dropped as a class for 1984 by the HORA Only three showed up for the swan song and all three finished the four laps It was a battle of the Barstow boys as Dave and Mark Girdner had a four minute lead on James Clements Tom Greer on the first round and Las Vegans Barry McDermott and Tom Walker were less than a minute back in a furious first lap McDermott had bad trouble on the second go and Clements put an extra minute o n Girdner but Girdner still led on total time by three minutes The third lap made the Jim Clements and Tom Greer had to fight the good fight all four laps but led the last two laps and won the last HDRA Class 11 race Jorge auto won the richest prize of all the HDRA titles and Souto led all three laps to win the Nissan Cup race and championship difference as Clements picked up almost 14 minutes on the Girdners Then Clements slowed on the final round losing about six minutes So at the flag James Clements won the Class 11 finale and also won the points title winning by a scant two Class 5 1600 1600 cc limited Baja Bug 5 start 4 finish 4 laps Jack Ramsay Mark Bunderson Baja Bug 5 04 45 Rick Fersch Oarryl Gibson Baja Bug 5 29 49 Tracy Bilyeu Baja Bug 6 26 13 Chuck Edwards Hank Winter Baja Bug 7 29 55 Stephen R Jones Baja Bug 5 14 11 3 laps Nissan Cup Stock Nissan 4 Jorge Souto Sergio Duron Will Prince Dexter Prince Bob Taylor Craig Armstrong Greg Snyder Ken Snyder Norm Shaw Paul Garland 136 Tony Kujala and Richard Roberts got In only one lap at the Frontier 250 but it was enough for them to end the season in a first place tie on points In Class 5 Jet time x 4 6 start 5 finish 3 laps Nissan 5 03 59 Nissan 5 24 57 Nissan 6 02 00 Nissan 6 24 06 Nissan 7 08 24 Total Starters 5 laps 82 Total Finishers 4 laps 48 3 laps 6 38 46 3 20 41 6 5 83 3 63 46 3 Race Distance Approximately 50 miles the lap Time Allowance none All cars flagged in after 3 finishers in the class Fast Time Overall 1015 Rob MacCachren Cl 10 5 07 50 Fast Lap of the Day 200 Ken Cox 1st lap 0 55 44 Page 26 4 continued It was a wild finish for Roger Mears winning Class 7 afterdrlvlng the last mile sans tire on t ls ob11ious1y tough alloy wheel from Jacl man Ja nuary February 1984 minutes over Dave and Mark Girdner Barry McDermott had more woes on the last lap but he finished In its final HORA race Class 11 A had a 100 percent finish ratio The last class on the start were the six Nissan Cup contenders all current model virtually stock Nissan 4 x 4s To get them all home before dark the Nissan Cuppers went only three laps for their official finish On the first lap Jorge Souto and Sergio Duron led by just one minute over Texans Will and Dexter Prince and Las Vegans Norm Shaw and Paul Garland were less than another minute back but they soon had problems with the Circus Circus entry and dropped to fifth at the flag Souto aiming high for the championship picked up seven minutes on the next lap a few more clicks on the third go and won the race Even better he won the Nissan Cup Championship worth a healthy 8500 the biggest purse of all in the HORA points series The race was over in time for most on hand to have dinner at dinner time Over 46 percent of the starters had finished their laps There was plenty of time to relax in Las Vegas before the Sunday awards The Frontier Hotel provided a room for the race awards and the other ceremonies covered elsewhere in this issue It was quite a gala finale tb the most successful HORA season yet Entry has been up over 1982 in all the HORA events with one exception the Frontier 500 The HORA opens their 1984 season with a return to Laughlin Nevada for a desert race on the last weekend in February Dusty Times

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CANADIANS TAKE MOST OF THE HONORS AT ST GUILLAUME Text Photos Danny McKenzie off a strong running St Pierre race to win the coveted title who had taken the lead at mid Croft outlasted the competition distance St Pierre had of Knudsen in second who was mechanical troubles late in the followed in by Franklin and race and ended up fourth Dean Dodd Class 10 is popular in Canada Normand Madore took over second while Paulo Voynaud was and a very impressive field of 1650 cc screamers wei e on hand third After having raced in Hobby Scott Taylor from Illinois Class and being named rookie of blasted into the lead in his Pro the year in 1982 Dean Dodd Tech from the flag but on lap 5 son of Score Canada President John McPherson passed into the George Dodd moved on to 1 2 lead A lap later Taylor s engine 1600 class in 1983 Dean runs an disintegrated arid Garry Larson older car eight years old in fact also from Illinois moved up and at age 15 Dean spent most of behind McPherson On the ninth the year sorting out the bugs in lap Larson hustled into the lead his racer St Guillaume was to be while Claude Tetreault edged the ultimate high in his young into second and Larson kept his career Dean Dodd drove his lead for the rest of the 20 laps to buggy to an impressive win to win Tetreault held in second and the expense of veterans Gordon Ernie Jakubowski took third Scott Taylor borrowed a spare Zima and Rocky Knudsen Dodd a took the lead on the first lap and motor from John Becka and A proud father and president of Score Canada George Dodd hugs his son Taylor shot into the lead on Dean who just won the sa turday 1 2 1600 race in an older ar fought off the strong charges of Zima and Knudsen as well as a Sunday followed by Richard Class 1 put on a great show both challenge from Garry Franklin Dagenais and after six laps Garry the later laps At the flag it was days On Saturday John who finished in that order Larson took hold of third place Joe Janis in his own home built McPherson used his unique behind young Dodd On Sunday On lap 10 Larson made his move Jeep Honcho who took second cornering talent to dispose of ace Ontario s Joel Croft drove a hard on Dagenais and moved into Richard Bundy also from New racers Bill Lefeuvre Allen second Taylor s frantic pace England was impressive in third ended after 14 laps with another driving a newly built 6 cylinder Andreoli and Garry Larson McPherson led from start to blown engine Larson took over Jeep CJ first place and held it to the On Sunday Richard Bundy finish in his bid for the title while checkered flag wtih Dagenais on surprised everyone by taking the Bill Lefeuvre blasted through the his tailpipe all the way John lead with Tom Andreoli and bumpy course to take second McPherson moved up to third at Roy Crabb in another Jeep 0r over Andreoli in his Off Road the flag his heels On lap 7 Bundy went Depot team car Garry Larson The Score Canada Class 4 out with transmission trouble held fourth place On Sunday Richard Dagenais includes all mafiner of 4 x 4s and and Curt LeDuc had moved into on the first day Curt LeDuc third from the inverted start of the Richard Buggy racing from East Longmeadow Mass But on the 13th lap LeDuc lost team from Quebec took the p owered his awesome Jeep his engine ending his bid for lead followed by Garry Larson Honcho special to a flag to flag victory After 20 laps Tom and Allen Andreoli After five victory In the early part of the Andreoli won his first Class 4 laps Dagenais still had his lead race LeDuc was challenged by title for the year Roy Crabb was but second and third now Tom Andreoli of New England s second and Pete Piroha in belonged to Bill Lefeuvre and Dave Lofland A wheel to wheel Off Road Depot Racing team another Jeep was third Garry Larson from Rockford 11 lnols blasted to a pair of victories in Class 10 but Andreoli s Jeep faltered in The unlimited screamers in fight for top positions took place at the St Guillaume Autocross last season as Lofland and Larson retook second and third sending Lefeuvre back to fourth on lap 6 Then Lefeuvre had problems and spent two laps in the pits On lap 8 Dagenais broke a front shock tower and was slow_ing with a dangling left front wheel and he went to the pits for six laps to get that trouble fixed At this point Dave Lofland had the lead being pressed by both Larson and Andreo li Then on lap 13 Andreoli made his move and he passed both Lofland and Larson on the same tour Andreoli laid so me Leading here Richard Bundy held off the V Bs with his 6 cylinder Jeep until horsepower on the ground and Tom Andreoli hopped his V 8 powered Off Road Depot Jeep CJ to his first transmission trouble put him on the trailer for the day extended his lead to take the Class 4 victory in 1983 in the wild and woolly Sunday action victory In close combat Larson and Lofland finished second and third The final race of the weekend was a Winner Take All Challenge of Champions race Two 12 1600s entries lined up with six Class 1 cars and a Handicap start was given to the pair Joel Croft and Rocky Knudsen to equalize the race Incredibly Joel Croft and restricted 1600ccs came out victorious after ten laps of hard racing In the closing laps Croft s teammate Bill Lefeuvre was challenging but Croft held on to win the prestigious Challenge of Allen Andreoli center made It two victories for the Off Road Depot team from Driving his Ontario built Mantis John McPherson scored a wire to wire victory Connecticut Allen won Class 1 In the Sunday race Champions Cup In Class 1 over the bumpy course at the Stadlaume The second annual Budweiser Off Road Challenge at the quaint farming town of St Guillaume deep in Quebec was a huge success George Dodd and Score Canada pioneered the area for closed course off road racing last year and the residents came back in force to see two days of great racing at the Stadiaume which is right in the middle of town A full entry appeared for the event and the action was frantic throughout the weekend The Hobby class is a iocal beginners group with home made buggies and some close infighting On Saturday Daniel St Pierre from St Scholastique Quebec took the lead in the 15 lapper and never looked back St Pierre won the race handily while Don Ratcliffe from Pennsylvania took a clean second followed by Denis Lafleur of Quebec On Sunday the picture changed in Hobby class Gerry Taillon from Montreal took the well deserved win as he fought Dusty Times January February 1984 Page 27

Page 28

THE CARSON CITY INTERNATIONAL PRO RALLY A Rugged Route Along The Pony Express Trails took its Toll of Most of the Rally Cars Photos Trackside Photo Ent John Buffum is a real master of rally driving With Doug Shepherd co driving for the last time Buffum and the Audi Quattro won at Carson City and won all the titles they could as well The third time proved ro be the charm for the organizers of northern Nevada s wintertime Pro Rally the final event in the Sports Car Club of America s yearly national championship series The 1981 and 1982 events wore the name of Reno International Rally While well conceived the events suffered many first time glitches in 1981 and problems with both weather and organization in 1982 Last December the majority of tpose problems were solved by a hard working organizing committee and they also for the first time back stopped the stages with alternate routes not quite so subject to washouts due to heavy weather Moving the rally to Nevada s Capitol proved to be the major overall improvement Motorsport events draw little save yawns from the powers that be in Reno just a few miles south Carson City welcomed the rally with traditional warm western hospitality that certainly helped minimize the troubles with heavy rain and snow in mid December At 15 000 population Carson City is the smallest state capitol in the USA and it is an ideal place from which to stage a Pro Rally Motels abound in this tourist center the Ormsby House is as grand as any Nevada Hotel Casino and it opened the doors to the rally serving as the host hotel and event headquarters A major plus too is being close to the Reno International Airport and that fact brings the rally press and Page 28 sponsors quickly to the host city just 26 miles south of the airport But with all its amenities Carson City is small enough for the police to block traffic so the rally cars can pass by the main street and provide close in parking for the rally chase trucks and trailers Where else would you find the mayor of the city boot deep in mud spectating on a stage Keen too are the nifty rally roads that dot the countryside close to Carson City Truly it is a great place for a rally and the organizers are looking down the road planning to put on a World Championship status rally in a few years The Carson City Rally was dubbed The Route of the Pony Express and some of the stage roads were actually the routes used by the historic mail delivery service used before the railroads was the final event in the 1983 SCCA Pro Rally Series and this year both John Buffum and Steve Nowicki had won the open and Production driver s titles going in Nowicki had wounded his Plymm th Arrow winning the Production title at the Sno Drift Rally and he was a no show in Nevada However John Buffum was there fresh from a fabulous run at the RAC Rally in England Buffum was out to take the Manufacturer s title for Audi who were fighting for that honor with Mazda Most of the regulars and the stars of the U S rally circuit were on hand in Carson City when the registration opened on the Friday Technical inspection is usually held in a parking lot but for the winter event the organizers thoughtfully provided space in the local Ford agency garage and sure enough it poured rain during the tech process How nice it was to stay dry while the inspectors poked and probed each entry to be sure it was within the rules Next morning it was dry but super chilly as the rally cars lined up for the ceremonial start from the Capitol Mall between the impressive state office buildings A bona fide later day Pony Express rider complete with his horse was on hand to wave the rally cars on their way and the area was decked with flags and even had a spectator stand at the start line Once under way the competition began in earnest The first stage was on the pavement the famed Virginia City Hill Climb road from the floor of the valley up and further up fi r 4 miles to the historic mining town By now it was raining and colder and New Zealander Rod Millen won the stage in his special 4 WO Mazda I came west It wo uld have been a carried a heavy penalty It super route in the spring or the seemed like the competitors were fall but this year Carson Valley being encouraged to drive over was inundated with heavy rain the posted speed limits 1 from The Carson City International Thanksgiving on which turned to heavy snow at the higher elevations Consequently the route proved more demanding than planned putting the 21 finishers out of the 58 that started the two day run in the category of not only winners but survivors Of course there were some troubles on course including a total lack of a meal stop of more than ten minutes on the entire Saturday schedule which ran from 8 a m to midnight Also some of the time allowances for transits were extremely short One transit could not be covered in the time allowed if one drove at posted Engl sh rally champion Tony Pond did a stellar Job In the BFG Mitsubishi speed limits and this leg also had Cordia media car Pond not only won Productlon class but he finished fourth a rally manned radar trap that overall with not one but two co drivers The Peugeot 504 of Jon Woodner and Ginny Reese was again a bridesmaid taking a strong second overall White It looks Ike Baja the terrain really Is In the Carson Valley In Nevada January February 1984 The Jeep Pickup made from a Cherokee of Don and Debbie Ohnstad finished a spark Ing 5th overall and the Ohnstad s of Reno also won the Seed 4 money Dusty Times

Page 29

Shepherd had the Audi Quattro firmly in command with 12 minutes margin over Jon Woodner s Peuguo t Rod Millen Bob Kraushaar were making time back fast and were up to third and about 1 minutes behind Tony Pond was lying fourth and leading Production and fifth overall was the Jeep pickup of Reno s own Don and Debbie Ohnstad Only 21 cars arrived officially in the impound After a short night s sleep the restart Sunday morning featured another pavement stage 6 miles on tht Kingsbury Grade the back road to South Lake Tahoe The rain turned to serious snow even in Carson City and at the end of this stage it was deep snow and icy roads as the survivors headed to Harrah s Club and breakfast Buffum had a flat on this stage and W oodner won the dash a moral victory for 2 WD After hours or so it seemed in the Harrah s parking lot the final stage was a repeat of the Saab Stage now christened Railroad Grade It made for a very long morning on the road for just two stages and 11 miles of total competition All 21 made it back to the Ormsby House and the quiet afternoon before the awards banquet Sunday evening while the snow piled up in the parking lot Carson City proved beyond a doubt that John Buffum Doug Shepherd and the Audi Quattro are the best Pro Rally team in America t ley led the final 1983 event most of the distance to win by over 11 minutes and secure the Driver Co driver and Manufacturer championships Jon Woodner and Ginny Reese maintained their strong second overall and in open class in the Peugeot followed in 15 minutes by Rod Millen and Bob Kraushaar who saw their hopes dashed by the penalty of the engine change but they had worked back up to third Fourth overall and first in Production was Tony Pond in the Mitsubishi Cordia and Jeepers Don and Debbie Ohnstad kept fifth place honors in Reno fourth in open class John Crawford and Craig Marr were sixth overaU and second in Production a finish that gave Chrysler first and second spot in Production Manufacturers honors Among the off road types who annually take a fling in the John Crawford and Craig Marr kept the Dodge Shelby on target In Nevada Nevada event and usually finish they were second In Production class sixth overs and first In Seed 3 were Rod Koch Steven Frazee in their Baja Bug ninth overall and seventh in open class Dave Bryan and Jean Calvin Toyota pickup fourth Production and 14th overall Doug Robinson and Susan Carson Baja Bug tenth open and 15th overall and from Sparks Dan Sharitz ind Adrian Crane in a Toyota Land Cruiser complete with rag top won Seed 6 for beginners and were 18th overall In all seven of the 21 finishers had off road style vehicles and off road racing roots It was a rugged rally There were twelve events in the United States Rally Championship in 1983 In Open class John Buffum won the driver s title with 120 points Spectators loved the Toyota Land Cruiser of Dana Sharltz and Adrian Crane Rod Millen was second and Jon On their first rally they not only finished 18th out of 21 but they won Seed 6 RX 7 But right on his tail was John Bl lffum just eight seconds slower in the 4 WD Audi Quattro The stage was set for the showdown as the two champions tried all weekend to win the title for their respective sponsors The American Flat stage was a real nasty an old Jeep trail down the mountain past Gold Hill and this was a morass of mud a delight to the dozen off road types in the rally entry Those with late starting numbers did a lot of side hilling and gymnastics getting around some of the small cars mired in the mud It appeared that this early stage would take out a bunch of cars However as one finished the stage thrilled about getting through it all the control workers said the stage had been tossed from scoring due to malfunctioning clocks What a let down that was for some as the cars headed to the first pit stop at Silver Springs just north of the VORRA race site at Weeks A few of the walking wounded retired here and the rest pushed on to Stage 3 a continuation of the Old Virginia and Truckee railroad bed and nearly as muddy After this seven mile run 48 were intact and heading south Among the missing was the unique V 6 Chevette of Clive Smith out with a broken drive shaft Stage 4 was the Pony Express dash over 19 miles long and from there it was a short transit to the Dead Camel road stage actually a continuation of the Pony Express route near the Lahontan Reservoir Next the cars trooped back to Carson City for a short lunch stop ten minutes John Buffum was leading Rod Millen by about 1 35 minutes Keeping the 4 WDs honest Jon W oodner and Dusty Times Ginny Reese had the aging Peugeot 504 third about five minutes back and a bit over a minute ahead of Steve Millen in the new Mitsubishi Starion navigated by John Rettie Guy Light was next with the Olds Omega first in Production just over a minute ahead of Tony Pond in the Production Class Mitsubishi Cordia BFGoodrich media car Navigating for Pond and participating in his first rally was Dick Price of the USA Today newspaper Pond is a world class rally driver from England and had no trouble breaking in a new navigator Moving south Stage 6 was a long trek over 34 miles and it was followed by a 20 mile run into the pit stop one of several in Yerington The picture had changed little in the running order Buffum had increased his margin to over three minutes on Rod Millen W oodner had gained a minute but Steve Millen was just three minutes behind him Still the Millen brothers were in deep trouble The Mazada went through an engine change in Yerington taking a bag of road penalties on the time loss Steve s Starion underwent a transmission transplant which didn t help much so the Mitsubishi was retired On into the night the rally lost cars stage by stage Buffum continued to lead the herd and the stages were repeats of ones run in the daylight Eventually the route took the caravan north and the final stage of the night near midnight was a romp up Six Mile Canyon to Virginia City where it was now snowing seriously It was an easy transit from there to the overnight impound at the Ormsby House John Buffum and Doug January February 1984 Woodner was third and their co drivers Doug Shepherd R Dale Kraushaar and Ginny Reese finished in the same order In Production titles Steve NQwicki won with 102 points Gene Henderson AMC Eagle was second despite a DNF in Nevada and John Crawford was third Craig Marr won Production co driver honors Jim Kloosterman was second and Brian Berg third In the Manufacturers race in open class Audi got the win with 155 points to Mazda s 139 and Peugeot s 78 In Production class it was Plymouth with 106 points over Dodge 101 and AMC 88 The 1984 season starts in late February in Georgia 4 With only 70 000 ml es on the Toyota parts chaser pickup Dave Bryan and Jean Calvin got through the canyons to finish 14th overall and fifth In Product19n class Service stops In the rally world are frantic and even the high buck outfits like Audi have only J van for a pl vehlcle to keep John Buffum up front FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END O TRACKSIDE IS THERE Color and Black White photos of many major off road events including Riverside and Baja current and historic We have one of the largest photo libraries of all types of motor sports including events dating back into 1970 We have photos for publication public relations advertisin presentations promotions personal scrapbook enjoyment We were there last time we II be there next timel TRACKSIDE Photo Enterprises PO BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 213 327 4493 18710 SO NORMAN DIE AVE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 Page 29

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SCORE CANADA AT THE OKTOBERFEST The Autocross Challenge brought Off Road Racing to Kitchener 1 Text Photos Danny McKenzie The traditional Oktoberfest each October brings all the trappings of the Bavarian festival to the twin cities of Kitchener and Waterloo in Ontar to Canada The holiday is complete with beer halls sausage and sauerkraut an air show and many other sports activities In 1983 the final event in the BFGoodrich Score Canada points series came to the Oktoberfest The Autocross Challenge took place on the final two days of the festival at Bimgeman Park in Kitchener The fans loved the action and a record number of 90 entries showed up to do battle Class 1 2 1600 fielded 20 starters on Saturday Bruce Brannstrom from Illinois shot into the lead on the first lap in his Mirage and he held the lead all the way to the checkered flag Ontario driver Joel Croft and Michigan racer John Rickaby battled hard for second and Croft won out at the finish of the ten laps Garry Franklin from New Jersey claimed fourth and Page 30 Chuck Williams drove his Michigan made Mirage to fifth in his first race north of the border On the inverted start on Sunday Richard Nadon of Quebec grabbed a good lead at the green flag and extended his margin over New England s Gordon Zima and Chuck Williams Bruce Br annstrom starting last moved up quickly through the pack and was ninth on the second round On lap 11 Zima got past Nadon to take the lead and Brannstrom was now third fighting off a tough challenge from New Yorker Rocky Knudsen Nadon s engine went sour and he fell back On the 12th lap Zima held his lead Sunday s big winner was John McPherson from Ontario In one day he won Classes 1 10 the Challenge of Champions using a great cornering technique January February 1984 over Brannstrom and Knudsen Two laps later Brannstrom floored the Mirage and took over the lead en route to the checkered flag Zima stayed in second over Knudsen Nadon survived in fourth followed by Croft and Franklin A record 30 cars were on the Class 10 grid on Saturday As has been the case often this past season Scott Taylor from Illinois drove his Pro Tech right into the lead to post a flag to flag victory The start was dicey starting 15 cars wide from the grid and squeezing down to a track width of four cars Behind Taylor most of the way and finishing second was Ernie Jakubowski of Ontario Kevin Probst from Illinois Jeff Kenward from Ontario and Garry Larson from Illinois It was quite an international contest On Sunday the overflow number of entries in Class 10 prompted officials to qualify the field with two such heats The top half of each heat would go into a main event and the other half would run a consolation race Garry Larson won the first qualifier followed by Scott Taylor and Canadians Blair Bassett and Normand Vaillancourt In the second heat Dave Lofland from New Jersey won handily followed by Kevin Probst Ernie Jakubowski Mike Parker from Michigan and John McPherson from Ontario The Consolation race was an all Ontario show as drivers from the province took the top spots Jeff Kenward won a flag to flag victory edging out Russ Wood and Bill Lefeuvre The Class io main event saw Scott Taylor take a big lead initially followed by John Bruce Brannstrom gets the checker from Brian Stagg Brannstrom drove his Mirage to a pair of convincing 1 2 1600 victories at Kitchener They said it couldn t be done but Richard Bundy flew In his 6 cylinder Jeep and beat all the V Bs on s unday and also blew the engine at the flag Dusty Times

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Curt LeDuc had a bad time at Kitchener LeDuc was 0 for 2 In Class 4 with a rash of flat tires plaguing the Massachusetts racer McPherson Garry Larson and Kevin Probst Larson had engine trouble and Ernie Jakubowski moved up to dice with Probst s Berrien On the eighth lap Taylor broke a CV joint and John McPherson shot into the lead which he held to the victory Ernie Jakubowski got around Kevin Probst to hold second Lofland was fourth followed by Mike Parker and Bill Lefeuvre A hefty field of 20 four wheel drives started the Class 4 bash On Saturday the top spots were dominated by drivers from New England Off the line Roy Crabb out dragged the field in his CJ Jeep followed by Tom Andreoli in another powerhouse CJ and Joe Janis in his Honcho Special Then Janis had a front flat and soon tore the other front wheel off completely and he parked By the third round Crabb and A n dreoli held position and Curt LeDuc in his Honcho Special was third LeDuc had a flat and pitted for a fresh tire Don Alexander from Ontario moved into third Crabb had some mechanical gremlins and Tom Andreoli slid into the lead on lap 9 On the next and final lap Alexander got by Crabb and that is how they finished Starting in front on Sunday Joe Janis had the early lead hotly pursued by Richard Bundy and Curt LeDuc who passed i OOn into second and then had a flat tire Tom Andreoli came up through the pack in five laps to hold third Janis continued up front but broke the transfer case on the ninth tour Another New Englander Richard Bundy had the lead now in his 6 cylinder Jeep Scrambler but both Tom Andreoli and Peter Nolan Ford pickup were very close After 15 laps Bundy and Andreoli were side by side crossing the finish line but the starter Brian Stagg declared Bundy was a few feet ahead of Andreoli When the On Sunday it was a wild start during the

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I THE SCORE AWARDS BANQUET In January it was Party Time for Score s Desert Racers Team headed by George and Toni Anderson and the B A R R A radio team accepted by Al Key With the presentation of the Man of the Year Award and Walker s very gracious speech the formal program ended Folks table hopped congratulating o ne another danced and enj oyed Missing this year were the frantic antics of the Pfeiffer clan wh o provided a good floor show last year However most of the bikers were busy the day of the banquet racing a big Hare and Hound in the southern Nevada desert It was a good party this year with lots of congenial folks on hand a fine way to bid the 1983 season goodbye before the 1984 racing activity begins in February 1983 SCORE INTERNATIONAL SIA POINTS CHAMPIONS A Jovial Walker Evans the 1983 Person of the Year and Jim Fricker standing In for Rodney Hall accept the Truck of the Year awards on behalf of Dodge The man of the hour was Jim Sumners smiling as he accepts the keys and the plates for his new Toyota pickup from Les Unger of Toyota The big winner on four wheels was Jim Sumners of course Jim won all five desert races in class and earned his third consecutive overall points champion hip in Score racing an unprecedented feat The 2 1600 driver not only collected a six foot trophy to match the other two at home but he also won a brand new SR 5 Toyota pickup Les Unger the new Motorsports Manager for Toyota Motor Sales USA gave Jim the keys and the title to the brand new 1984 SR 5 pickup parked in the ballr9om The new truck is a great award and it is painted in similar decor as that of the Score official trucks program would be s horter fifth Photographer of the Year without Hall on hand and now award last January and they need the group did not have to listen a new trophy shelf Jean Calvin to him talk was presented with her third The Special Off Roadsman Journalist of the Year trophy Awards are voted on by Score Contributor Judy Smith also has Membership and others affiliated three such trophies and along with off road racing These with DUSTY TIMES photo aces presentations are selected in at Trackside we have quite an December and the results are award winning crew on the kept secret until the banque t masthead announcements Winning big on The Rookie of the Year was the ballot BFGoodrich s Per Mike Falkosky who got a very formance T earn Manager Frank pleasant surprise from Ralph De Angelo made two trips to the Williams of Toyota Ralph podium as Goodrich won the top presented Mike with a big check votes as the SIA Company of the for 3 000 00 a reward for Year and also the Entry Sponsor winning his honors driving a of the Year Toyota pickup The grand finale Chrysler was a double winner on the ballot is the Person of the also getting the handsome Year While he did campaign for trophies for Off Road 4 Wheel the 1983 honor Walker Evans Drive Truck Manufacturer of the was also the people s choice for Year and Off Road Pickup Truck 1983 Man of the Year There were a number of Manufacturer of the Year The Off Ro d Mini Pickup honor plaques of appreciation presented went to Toyota and Chevrolet by Sal Fish to Mexican officials took the trophy in Sedan from Baja California Sal also category The favorite motorcycle presented plaques to the Score of the 1983 voters was Honda Official s Association Marvin For the first time in the history of Maxwell the Score Tech Team the awards there was an absolute Bill Savage and C l Wells the tie vote between Raceco and Score Contingency Team Chenowth for the title of Charlie and Linda Engelbart the Original Buggy Chassis Manu Score Medical Team Bob facturer of the Year McCullough who incidentally In the Personal Achie vement has been selected by Los Angeles division the Checkers were the County as the Fire Fighter of the most popular and won the Pit year for 1983 Congratulations Support Teatn of the Year honor to Bob for that super title Bill Stroppe again won the Plaques also went to the Overall Mechanic of the Year Impound Staging Start Finish trophy team of Charlie and Roberta La Trackside Photos took their Velie the Timing and Scoring Each January Sc o re Interna tional holds their annual awards banquet a fine time to have such a gala after the rush of th e holidays is over and the wounds are healed from the December races It has also become a tradition for the BFGoodrich folks to have a pre run reception in the afternoon before the Score banquet in the same neighborhood The BFG reception honors all the drivers using their rubber and other friends of the family This group always arrives at the Score co x 1 t i W l Score President Sal Fish congratulates BFGoodrlch Performa n ce Team Manaqer Frank De Angelo on winning the Entry Sponsor of the Year award Page 32 M Ike Falkosky was voted Rookie of the Year and Sal Fish announced that Mike earned an extra three grand check presented to Mike by Toyota Motorsports January February 1984 CLASS 1 1 Larry Ragland 2 Dan Cornwell 3 Mike Julson CLASS 1 1600 1 Larry Smith 2 Ruben Garcia 3 James Ward CLASS 2 I Mark McMillin 2 Matt McBride 3 Corky McMillin CLASS 2 1600 I Jim Sumners 2 Jerry Jefferies 3 Doug Fortin CLASS3 I Don Adams 2 Don Coffland 3 Doug Robinson CLASS4 I Rod Hall 2 Vernon Roberts 3 Lowell Arnold CLASS 5 I Malcolm Vinje 2 Jim Cocores 3 Steve Brown CLASS 5 1600 1 Bruce Jones 2 Mark Steele 3 Mike Leon CLASS6 I Larry Schwacofer 2 Arne Gunnarsson 3 Stan Gilbert CLASS 7 I John Baker 2 JohnJohnson 3 Jerry McDonald CLASS 7S 1 Jorge Souto 2 Mike Falkosky 3 Willie Valdez CLASS8 I Walker Evans 2 Dave Shoppe 3 Steve Kelley CLASS9 1 Marty Reider 2 Calvin Wells Jr 3 Gary Peterson CLASS 10 1 Bob Richardson 2 Roger Mortenson 3 Jack Irvine CLASS 11 I Ramon Castro 2 Alejandro Duran 3 Sergio Gutierrez CLASS 14 I Jim Bell 2 Dave Longman 3 Richard Stumpfhauser 894 799 677 898 638 356 105 1 762 730 1434 512 438 1068 430 315 1075 701 489 1183 568 500 1017 913 5 55 1148 607 512 1329 719 549 994 879 380 1117 1049 624 869 817 365 822 618 467 689 418 332 559 290 177 An added attraction at the BFGoodrlch Pre run reception was a birthday celebration for BIii Wolfe of Mazda who blew out the candles on the cake Dusty Times

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BRUCE JONES WINS THE 6 50 CLUB SWEEPSTAKES By Jean Calvin After a couple months lull in activity the 6 50 points battles came down to the wire in December The Frontier 500 in September had been a points race then the re was a break to bo th the Barsto w Classic and the Frontier 250 in December There were nine desert races in the 6 50 points series in 1983 and each driver picked his best six for his individual points score During the year a total of 134 entries fessed up to being over 50 years of age on entry forms in Sco re HDRA AMSA and the Mint 400 races During the season there were 64 finishers in the 650 ranks a good ratio of 48 x tq percent in a series that included At the Frontier Hotel awards Gregg Symonds presented the goicJ mecJallion the toughest events in North to 5 1600 driver Bruce Jones tops in the 1983 6 50 points standings America The top man in 1983 was 5 medallion for first placing Bruce Frontier 250 in Class 2 and a third at the Frontier 500 and first 1600 driver Bruce Jones with Jo nes There was a tough b attle for at the Barstow Classic in Class 10 323 points Bruce also took the The gold and the silver the silver medal fo r seco nd place Sco re class title With his two sons Scot and Brock co driving After the December Barsto w race medallio ns were presented at the Bruce placed second in class at it looked to be a three way HDRA a wards at the Frontier struggle between Corky McMil Hotel Bruce Jo nes m ade a special the San Felipe 250 the Mint 400 lin Gregg Symonds and Jack trip to Las Vegas to accept his and the Baja Internacional The Irvine McMillin did n o t reward and made a nice speech Jones boys got a third at Parker and a fifth at the Ffreworks 250 compete at the Frontier 250 Jack Symonds stepped aside and we To earn the 6 50 title for Bruce Irvine started but lost the engine presented him the silver they squeaked out the win at the in his Class 10 racer and Gregg medallion for his come from Barstow Classic which also Symonds who won Class 10 at behind triumph Then Gregg nailed down the Score champ Barstow turned around and won surprised the 6 50 points keeper ionship Bruce Jones joins the Class 2 at the Frontier 250 and presented us with a similar select group of mature off Gregg motored right into second silver medal marked with the road racers who have been 6 50 place taking the silver medal extra word Press The McMillin Clan were not champions Corky McMillin was with 297 points Symonds tops in 1981 and Clark Gillies competed in both Class 2 and 10 present at the HDRA awards won in 1982 both men dJ1iving in 1983 and he entered all nine and neither wasi t he bronze in Class 2 This year the 6 50 6 50 points races He scored a medallion There had been some club went for Olympic style sixth at Parker fourth at the trouble with the prcx ess of awards and had a solid gold Fireworks and first at the making the bronze award Gregg Symonds made the presentation to Corky McMillin at the recent Score awards banquet in Los Angeles However still no mepal but Corky graciously accepted the replica and by now he has his bronze memento of 650 competition in 1983 Class 10 racer Jack Irvine came oh so close to a medal finishing the year with a disappointing DNF at Sloan While Jack saved his lucrative HDRA Class 10 championship he fell to fourth in 6 50 points just five digits behind McMillin The only nonVW racer in the top ten Vern Roberts scored third place at the Parker 400 Baja Internacional Frontier 500 and Frontier 250 and he took a fine second in Clas Corky McMillin was a s rong third in 6 50 points twice winning overall In Baja with his son Scott and the swift Class 2 Chenowth 4 at the Barstow Classic driving At the finish of the Frontier 250 Dave Kreisler left congratulates Gregg Symonds on winning Class 2 which moved Gregg into second for the silver his Jeep Honcho Breaking up the California domination o f top spo ts in 6 50 ranks Las Vegan Len Newman a ransplanted Californian at that was sixth in points after running just four of the races Len finished the year with a second in Class 2 at the Frontier 250 only 16 points behind Roberts who competed in all but one of the events Frank Snook also dro ve in just four 6 50 points races in his C lass 1 Raceco Frank a former Class 9 champion many times over led the Mint 400 until mechanical trouble put the car out Then Frank took fourth at the Fireworks a third at the Frontier 500 and a second at the Frontier 250 to finish seventh in points just five back of Newman Close also another 18 points back was Doug Fortin who competed only through the Fireworks 250 in July in his 21600 Chenowth Rounding out the top ten was Calvin Wells Jr with some fine races in his Class 9 Funco and Cal was just one point behind Fortin and Class 1 driver Bob Renz was tenth racing seven of the events with mixed success In all a total of 49 drivers were in the points file for 6 50 honors in 1983 This year the committee decided to present a lapel pin as a memento to each 6 50 driver a pin you can also wear on a hat at the races Right now we are in the process of mailing the pins to everyone for whom we have an address If you don t get a pin in the mail by Parker time send a post card wim your name and address to Jean Calvin 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 and your pin will be mailed The 6 50 dubbers wish to give hearty thanks to Walt and Edna Lott and the High Desert Racing Association for their generous support of the 6 50 awards program HDRA donated a full half of the jewelry tab a big 500 00 and we are all most grateful for such magnificent aid to this just for fun points series 1984 will start with the huge Parker 400 the first race counting for 6 50 points in the new season Next will be the Laughlin Desert Challenge The rest of the schedule is still in limbo but count on both the Mint 400 and the Frontier 500 as part of the series In general 6 50 races will be the same events as they were in 1983 but right now some parts of the organizers schedules are still a bit iffy The final 6 50 word will appear on these pages next month The series will be at least nine desert events and only six will count for total points at the end of the year Remember all you have to do to be a 6 50 dubber is be 50 years of age or older and the Driver of Record Do remember to list your age on the entry forms so the points keeper will know yo u are eligible to be a 6 50 dubber 1983 6 50 CLUB POINTS FINAL Driver Bruce C Jones Gregg Symonds Corky McMillin Jack Irvine Vern Roberts Len Newman Frank Snook Doug Fortin Calvin Wells Jr Bob Renz Henry Arras B Jack McMillin Bill Howard Dick Walker Scotty Harness Marshall Mahr Glendon Emery Clark Gillies Lloyd Hanna Mike Leon Chuck Edwards Jim Temple Roy Allen Danny Lerner Mickey Thompson Jean Calvin John Van Hoove George Johnson Don Barlow Ken Freeman Richard Yerger Dick Landfield Don Slagle Willis Hamilton Howard Hjelm Herbert Reno Class Points 5 1600 2 2 10 4 2 1 2 1600 9 1 5 1600 1 8 8 10 3 14 2 5 1600 5 1600 5 1600 2 5 1600 2 1 1 1600 1 9 2 1600 2 1600 2 1600 7S 10 1 10 8 323 297 209 203 180 164 159 141 140 122 102 89 79 70 69 67 64 64 64 62 52 52 49 49 46 43 42 40 38 34 27 15 15 10 10 10 Holding 5 points each for a single race start are Dave Alexander 1 Roy Brown 2 Ken Conrad 2 Max Estrada 2 1600 Robert E Lee Hardwick 2 Don Hubbard 10 Leonard Jones 10 Don McBride l Hugh McLean 5 Ralph T Price 3 David Sauers l Bob Townsend 4 Dick Young 2 Get the word out about your business big or small Put your business card in the GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY Len Newman drove Bi nd enion only four of the eligible races but Len climbed up to sixth in points with a second place at the Frontier 250 Dusty Times 6 50 points keeper Jean Calvin accepts a special silver medallion from Gregg Symonds a medal with the word Press added to the emblem January February 1984 and reach new customers Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely 16 00 per month Page 33

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FLORIDA400 ANDRES N WITER 11 0ellSTEIN TRANSMISSIONS V W PORSCHE SPECIALISTS Bilstein the leader in gas pressure shocks is now the leader in car care products BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Vly Rd San Diego CA 92121 PHONE 213 765 3566 12623 SHERMAN WAY UNIT B NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 March 24 25 1984 FLORIDA 1618 Daly Street Orlando Florida 32808 714 453 7723 G E Mt I ACING DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE Take A Part Racing Shocks o o o DISTRIBUTOR FOR o c PREPARATIONS PARTS Custom Revalving SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS Off Road Race Truck Chassis Owner 916 682 9484 Ot iJSIO S JII Mechanic Art Jackson Mike Bishop 1 JtJt N Vic e Presiden t BAJA H SIIOP C U ST O M A N CJ TI G A VE u m W O RK J OH N M c D O WE L L H 768 4555 FOUR WHllllR THE WORLD S LEADING FOUR WHEEL DRIVE MAGAZINE 21216 Vanowen Canoga Park Cal1forn1a 91303 Telephone 213 992 4777 R A C E PREP C A NYON C OU N T RY C A 9 135 1 11623 SHEL DON ST SUN VALLEY CA 91352 FR A ME R E P A IR S S USPE NSI O N O FF R o 2674 0 O AK W E LDIN G F A I RIC A l ON A N D C OMPETITI O N RE ASLE V W PAffl 7901 Cottonleal Way Sacramento CA 95828 Bri an Ap plegate M IG PARTS 805 25 1 4134 83 1 Ca 11 og c1 Av211ue Cano n Pai k Cali torn a 9 1304 2 13 1 709 5416 800 o b4 5127 Cl PEK Budweiser KING OF BEERS IPPED OFF ROAD GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RO LAKE EL SI NORE CA 92330 OFF ROAD AND SAND BUGGY SPECIALIST DESIGN ENGINEER I N G SALE S Send To 5302 TWEEDY BL SOUTH GATE CALIF 90280 17141 674 7365 MARVIN SHAW 213 566 5171 Headquarters for VW Accessories and Service EBBCD OFF ROAD CENTER GOOD fEAII 1196 N Batavia St Or nge CA 92667 714 532 6893 PRODUCTS INC 9017 San Fernando Aoed SUN VALLEY CALIFORNIA 91352 213 768 mo mandrel bent chrome moly or mild steel tubing race proven champion chassis Send for FREE chassis brochure Page 14 WALT LOTT 961 West Dale Avenue Las Vegas Nevada 89124 U S 31 South Berrien Springs Ml 49103 1 800 253 7982 continental U S 1 800 632 2927 Michigan January February 1984 702 361 5404 Dusty Times

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RACE PROVEN FOR A FREE BROCHURE CONTACT HPS INC P O Box 1065 SOLANA BEAC H CA 92075 0830 619 753 3196 HPS WORKS AND ITS WORTH RED1AIL a 110Aa ORC 28918 Roadside Dr Agoura Hills CA 91301 Chassis Suspension Race Prep Quality 4 x 4 products Mini truck accessories DAVE SNODDY Z13 707 1538 OFF ROAD CONCEPTS IT1 HIGH PERFORMANCE SYNTHETI C OIL FOR 1440 East Arrow Highway Irwindale CA 91706 Michael J Stilkey General Manager 213 359 1203 COMPETITION OR STREET RUSS s V W Recycling PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS BRAKES Master Cylinders Shifters P O Box 1538 42006 C Avenida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 714 676 2066 4 WD Repairs Lift Kits Wheels Tires Used Trk Parts Tel 413 739 4111 0 LeDuc Off Road ENTERPRISES 186 Baldwin St West Springfield MA 01089 Distributor For Mastercraft Bestop Husky Rough Country Parker Pumper Custom Race Truck Fabrication and Roll Bars 3317 S Peck Rd Monrovia CA 91016 31143 VIA COLINAS SUITE 507 WESTLAKE VILLAGE CA 91362 213 991 8315 U S A OFFROAD OFF ROAD EN6 NEERIN6 Can 9720 Cozycroft Chatsworth CA 91311 GREG LEWIN KIRK CARTWRIGHT 213 882 2886 BILSTEIN RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER SWAY A WAY BEARD SEATS 12945 SHERMAN WAY No 4 619 426 2662 415 388 1452 Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components NO HOLLYWOOD CA 9160 5 Allan D Martinelli Vice President Motorsports Division 27285 Las Ramblas Suite 140 Mission Viejo CA 92691 714 831 0101 _ MENDEOLA RACINC TECHNOLOGY Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away VW PORSCHE HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES To order phone 31 2 251 3991 Visa Mastercard accepted or Information Raffo Racing 520 Sheridan Road Kenilworth Illinois 60043 714 697 3100 3501 FOURSOME DRIVE LA MESA CA 92041 SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS P O BOX 5342 CHULA VISTA CA 92012 A division of Sadi International 2 2 David Kreisler Susre nsion Components 213 988 5510 7840 BURNET AVE VAN NUYS CALIF 91405 1i TECTIRA tTill THE THE 12109 LAKEWOOD BLVD DOWNE CALIF 90242 Dusty Times 361 121 5 RACECAR CIBE LIGHTS SHOCKS RACING GEARS 213 764 6438 Ph o ne 1213 ACCESSORIES CENTER LINE WHEELS GEM Specializing in V W Bugs Buses Ghias and 914 s ORE McKENZIE S AUTOMOTIVE INC PARTS ANO BEHIND TONY S TRUCK WRECKING 213 574 1943 213 574 1944 January February 1 84 DON HILKER PRESIDENT T RAILSMAII 701 CHARLESTON AVENUE LEE S SUMMIT MO 64063 PHONE 816 525 3555 Page 35

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THE HIGH DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION 1983 COORS OFF ROAD SERIES AWARDS The High Desert Racing Association came up with a good plan for their annual awards last December Instead of having a separate party and because their last race was the weekend before Christmas they combined the race awards and the year end points awards into one giant session of trophies and speeches on December 18 the day after the Frontier 250 It was keen to have it all happen in one trip to Las Vegas and the Frontier Hotel was the natural site for the awards that started around eleven in the morning HORA boss man Walt Lott opened the program with a door prize drawing and tons of stuff was given away to those who hung onto the free ticket stubs they got when they came in the door Winners bagged everything from a complete set of Goodrich tires to a subscription to Four Wheeler Magazine Next on the program was a special _a ward to Bill Sivich the man in charge of the Vegas BLM office While he thanked the racers for minding their manners on race courses most of the time Sivich was serious about mentioning room for improvement There have been problems in Nevada with ranchers and hunters who are opposed to races going over their leased turf Bill said several times that racers should stay on course and make all the work much easier for the Nevada race organizers and for the BLM office as well The rewards for the Frontier 250 race were next on the agenda and along with the race purse some drivers got extra cash for setting fast lap in their class The extra money was 100 for fast lap and 200 for the combo of a fast lap and the class COORS OFF ROAD SERIES FINAL STANDINGS CLASS 1 Jack Johnson 1621 Larry Ragland 659 Frank Snook 633 CLASS 2 Jim Wright 1317 Mike Lund 1183 Brian Collins 956 CLASS 1 2 1600 Jim Sumners 1222 Terry Bell 974 Jim Greenway 644 CLASS 3 Don Adams 1495 Dave Bryan 570 Don Coffland 522 CLASS 4 Rodney Hall 1487 John Randall 856 Larry Casey 727 CLASS 5 Tony Kuj ala 909 Jim Venable 909 Jeff Jordan 523 CLASS 5 1600 Jack Ramsay 953 Henry Arras 506 Rich Fersch 501 CLASS 6 Larry Schwacofer 444 Stan Gilbert 252 Dave Federwisch 76 CLASS 7 John Baker 750 Roger Mears 701 John Johnson 541 CLASS 7 S Mike Falkosky 577 Tom Renolds 348 Bill Alsup 292 CLASS 8 Walker Evans 1255 Ivan Stewart 753 Frank Vessels 327 CLASS 9 Larry Watson Alex Decuir Jim Dizney Calvin Wells Jr 778 603 350 350 CLASS 10 Jack Irvine 809 Allen Hanks 719 Mike Gillman 652 CLASS 11 James Clements 688 Dave G irdner 537 Terry Lottes 298 NISSAN CUP Jorge Souto 824 Will Prince 519 Dick Starita 484 victory a nrce tidy bonus for the swift who also survive Stan Parnell took over the podium saying that he and several other old timers in the sport have tried in vain to reorganize the Off Road Hall of Fame This year in lieu of a proper Hall of Fame ceremony Stan and a few friends decided to conduct a roast for Walt Lott Walt joined the audience and the roast began with Jim Conner Jim was very witty and one remark that brought a roar from the packed house referred to Walt s high rise corporate headquarters in downtown Vegas For those who have not visited the HORA office it is a one story building behind Walt s home near Sloan Next Larry Casey presented Walt with a special bottle of La Paz Cocktail Mix a bottle of mud from the ill fated Texas Shootout race near Fort Worth Dick Ralstin of Goodyear was up next with some choice remarks followed by Rick Lee who remarked that Walt organized races primarily so he could surround himself with pretty girls and have such pictures in the race programs HORA Chief Steward Dave White said that Walt is a real leader to his race workers watching the events from a helicopter high above the action while the workers stand for many hours io the deep silt or slimy mud holes Mal Wessel went through a great repertoire of jokes most with snide references to Lott s sex life Stan Parnell closed the roast with his own brand of jokes then he presented a beautiful plaque and a very fine wrist watch to Walt as a memento of the occasion The next set of presentations were the 6 50 Club awards On the heels of a fine fifth In Class 10 at the Frontier 250 Dave Ryskamp _w_a_s_n_am ed_th_e_1_9_B_3_R_o_o_kl e_o_f_th_e_Y_e_a_r_b y_th_e_H_D_R_A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ covered separately in this issue class participation indicated but Walt Lott then gave plaques of the class winners got the lion s appreciation to a number of his share of each purse However faithful contingency donors even in some of the smaller entry Then he announced a short classes like Class 8 winner intermission in the activity Walker Evans got a check for The final item on the extensive 941 00 All the HORA points agenda was what everyone was winners are listed below The waiting for at least most of the cash award was not announced in racers on hand It was time for each class so that item is not the Coors Off Road Series listed checks and trophies for 1983 Taking home the biggestcheck The pair of overall points of all was Jorge Souto who took winners each were presented the Nissan Classic Title for 1983 with their trophies and t 2000 00 and he took home a check for checks Among the truck classes 8545 50 thanks to the generous Don Adams edged out the usual sponsorship of Nissan and the winner Rodney Hall and Don associate sponsors for the Nissan tbok home the extra cash Cup Bilstein Shocks Champion winning his points in 1983 in Spark Plugs Goodyear Tires Class 3 However in the other Jackman Wheels and KC Hilites classes it was usual winner Jack The Nissan Cup paid off Johnson who went home with an handsomely and even sixth place extra two grand winning most of for Greg Snyder was worthwhile the HORA races in Class 1 last paying an extra 1374 30 from season the points fund Such a The checks for the individual profitable return might encourclasses were generous the money age more folks into the stocker was distributed as deep as the Nissan Cup competition Mike and Pat Falkosky stuck with their program and won the HDRA Class 7 S points Mike was also the Score Rookie of the Year MORE GOOD STUFF NACE TNANS BYJEFF RELO S

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GOODIES GALORE New Berrien Buggy Design The deluxe model two seat and four seat chassis from Berrien Buggy now feature ari improved five point chassis support design to increase ground clearance and VW Rear Disc Brake Kit Summers Brothers Inc manufactures a rear disc brake kit that is a bolt on installation for Type 1 trailing arms and stub axles Features are 10 diameter vented disc lateral wheel flange location same as with a drum brake no additional bending force on stub axle hardened alloy steel splined hub and fixed position four piston aluminum calipers For additional information contact Summers Brothers Inc Dept D T 530 So Mountain Ave Ontario CA 91761 f add strength Using the latest in geometric engineering the chassis rear cage is swept up to give a minimum of 10 percent more ground clearance from the torsion back The new five point suspension mounting improves chassis strength and reduces the overall ch_assis weight for better power to weight ratio A new flange design on the rear cage improves mounting strength and allows easier engine accessability The new design is available on many of the Berrien Buggy models For more information contaczt your ne_a rest dealer or write Berrien Buggy Inc Dept D T U S 31 South Berrien Springs MI 49103 New Driving Light Installation Kit Get your lights completely wired the right way with Dick Cepek s new super deluxe dual switch and wiring kit The kit includes dual switches with The Racers Winch mounting panel fuse units Tough lightweight portable scotch lock connectors Ty Rap dependable pulling power a ties and our special flexible 14 must for racers pit crews sup gauge wire for minimum voltage port teams and serious offroad drop and maximum light output ers The Lee portable power The price is only 15 95 postpaid winch weighs in at only 38 Calif residents add sales tax pounds light enough for any W a nt more information and racer or support vehicle and eas Dick s free 132 page catalo g 1 et 1 ily carried with the built in Write Dick C ep ek Inc Dept handle grip Powered by a sturdy D T 4302 Tweedy Blvd South Gate CA 90280 1 HP American made Homelite XL engine Rated at 2000 pounds double line and 4000 pounds triple line with standard 5 32 high tensil aircraft cable or with optional 3 16 cable it will double pull 4000 pounds triple pull 8000 pounds The By Jean Calvin winch comes with 200 feet of There seems to be a gigantic struggle going on in the cable snatch block two schackles west for the sho rt course racer s entry dollar Late last and ten foot tie back cable For year Pace Management entered short course racing for more information write Triple J buggies with a reported high buck event in Vancouver Winch Inc Dept D T P O British Columbia that apparently was totally unsancBox 2825 Chula Vista CA tioned by anyone on either side of the border and a btt 92012 chaotic in organization Using the stadiums available for a race track is a concept pioneered by Mickey Thompson at the Los Angeles Coliseum a few years back It has now been refined into a five race series from MTEG for 1984 How To Booklets with races at both the Pomona Fairgrounds and at two big stadiums in the midwest Available at Dodge Dealerships Meanwhile Pace Management who combined their Canadian race with the major attraction that night of motorcycle motocross have moved into southern California On two consecutive weekends in January they presented a truck and tractor pull in the Anaheim Stadium and a mud bog affair in the San Diego Chargers Stadium At both these events there were also short course heats and main events for buggies Of course the more exposure off road racing gets in the media and to the public the better it is for the racers and their sponsors However during the January events the Pace Management group all but ignored the off road press offering little more than VIP tickets to those who were contacted by phone about the Anaheim affair a couple of days before it happened Unless all these races are designed as one time only offerings it would make sense to giy e the events some after the fact exposure among the enthusiasts as well as in daily media outlets One annoying aspect about this new group promoting stadium ra g for buggies is that the buggies seem to be _little more than a side show Off road racing outgrew that stage of development years ago We think and it has been proven at Pomona that an off road racing show can A series of five how to book at Solo II racing with a Charger stand alone and draw a crowd Our sport does not need lets for enthusiasts who want to while Walker Evans and Rod monster trucks and jet powered tractors to provide an make their car or truck ready for Hall discuss the preparation of evening of entertainment in a stadium a particular motorsport are now two wheel and four wheel drive available at Dodge dealerships pickups for off road racing BeProduced by Direct Connection tween them Hall and Evans have The calendar capers are on again for 1984 Heaven each booklet has a forward by won more off road races than any knows that 1983 had a jam packed calendar for both Carroll Shelby and an article by a other duo in the rugged sport desert racers and short course folks The year 1984 has top driver in the competltlon John Crawford top Production many conotations and an Orwellian peak of some sort has been reached in the off road calendar For example described All this for only 50 class driver describes what it the Score Riverside short course bash is on the same takes to make a Charger ready for cents each September date as the long running Snore 250 just down Shelby himself provides a look the Pro Rally competition _ _ 1 otf 6 Jol t BOUNCES FROM THE BERM Dusty Times January February 1984 the Interstate in Nevada Even more disasterous is the weekend of December 1 2 Desert racers must choose between running with Score at Barstow or the HDRA at the Frontier 250 next December on that weekend and both events will be the final points event in the respective series The same weekend also holds the Carson City International Rally a few hundred miles north of the Frontier race Let us all hope that some of these conflicts can be resolved by the second half of the year The good news is that the annual Press On Regardless Rally in Michigan has moved forward on the calendar so teams can now compete in the oldest rally in the USA and still make it west to enjoy racing or watching the classic Baja 1000 in November Mid winter is replete with awards parties and some post race awards presentations last December offered a wierd contrast in style It was folksy at the Score Barstow Classic with the off roaders crammed into the Barstow Community College to accept their trophies and checks from the race Score International hosted the mob to free sweet rolls hot dogs coffee or soft drinks for several hours and the food from the student snack bar was good By contrast the fancy Frontier Hotel hosting the awards not only for the Frontier 250 race but for the 1983 HORA Coors Off Road Series provided little more than the room and a no host bar The tables were absolutely bare in the Americana Room adorned only with the drinks one bought or the trophies one won There was not one snack for munching while listening and drinking not one peanut nor pretz el nor even a kernel of popcorn We would gladly have purchased a bowl of anything to stave off the hunger pains during the very entertaining but very long series of awards presentations Score Internationl had a husky drawing party for the Parker 400 atJimco in January There were 323 names in the hat at the drawing As we go to press Score now has a total of 338 entries for the opening blast in the desert racing season and of that 245 entries are in car classes The biggest of all classes is 10 with 43 entries and Class 2 is close with 38 entries See you all there Page 37

Page 38

PONY EXPRESS Thank you for finding a need and filling it So much press coverage has been devoted to monster trucks Hi Riders and tractor pullers I had begun to wonder if the magazine editors thought all the 4 x 4 s front axle was for was to hold big tires and drive to the next tractor pull I am not pure I like tractor pulls and the like but come on Man cannot live on pulls and HiRiders alone What race coverage there is is centered on Class 7 and Class 8 What happened to the rest Are they like Roebuck of Sears Roebuck Nobody knows where he went either Enclosed is my subscription to DUSTY TIMES Thank You and Happy New Year Ba rney F 11 e Burley Idaho Enclosed is my check for one year s subscription to DUSTY TIMES I saw a copy of your fine publication at Dick Walker s shop and I knew I had to be included It is refreshing to have a new publication with no official ties to any racing promoter Best of luck and I ll be seeing you at the races Vince Wavra Brawley California I am sending _my subscription to DUSTY TIMES I have read your columns for a couple of years and we briefly met before the start of the 1983 Mint 400 Best of luck in your new publication Richard Severson Mesa Arizona I want to congratulate you for your new publication and I am sure it will be a total success lam writing you from the Dominican Republic a beautiful Caribbean country with 19 000 miles of amazing beaches mountains and deserts andveryfriendlypeople Although we do not have Off Road Racing here only car and motorcycle races I have been following the sport since 1968 through U S magazines and books and recently with ESPN Cable TV Network In 1981 I organized a Pro Rally with two different categories for motorcycles and 4 WO vehicles using specially designed routes in the first intent to introduce Off Road Racing in my country Caribbean Style Since then I have had the idea of an International High Speed Rally or better yet an International Off Road Race using one of the many Tourist Resorts of the island as a base and headquarters maybe in 1985 If you have any suggestions about this idea please let me know Thank you very much for your attention and you have a friend in the Dominican Republic Roberto Mena Santo Domingo Dominican Republic The major Pro Rally events in the USA are sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America the group fromwhichyouwoulddrawentryto a Pro Rally in the Dominican Republic from the USA Contact the Rally Manager SCCA Inc 675o Emporia St Englewood Colorado 8or 12 Off road races have many sanctioning bodies in the USA but the one with the most international experience is Score International Contact Mr Sal Fish President Score International 3r356 Via Colinas Suite 11 r Westlake Village CA 91362 A word of warning Roberto The off road racing and Pro Rally calendars are very crowded in some months In ord er to get entry f ram here you ne ed a slack time period for your date Our advice is to check with one of t he abave on a proposed da te depending on the type of event you organize Ed Enclosed herewith is my 12 bucks for a subscription to DUSTY TIMES Your first issue was nothing less than I expected lots of excitin shots and good readable factual stores Professional Best of luck and remember just hang in there and everything will turn out just fine Eric Dahlquist President Vista Group Sherman Oaks California I have always enjoyed your race coverage in the past I feel you report fairly and strive for accuracy Therefore I feel I should have all the news from the horses mouth so to speak Enclosed is my subscription for a year of DUSTY TIMES Thanks for the cover shot in the December issue My 9 year old niece has it pinned to her wall and shows it to everyone who comes near the house Jim Dyer La Mesa California Best of luck with your new publication Please when covering the races include lap times for all entrants It really makes it interesting to see how well you are doing compared to the others Thank you Randy Snyder Los Angeles California It would be keen if we had enou h pages to list the lap by lap or leg by leg times for each desert race Randy Perhaps DUSTY TIMES will grow big enough this season to enlarge the size of the publication andhavethespace ltisfuntobench race the lap by lap leaders in any class We thank everyone for the many congratulatory notes that have come to DUSTY TIMES The response to the December issue has been antastic Stay tuned as we cover all 1 ff b h the O road activity in at racing and Pro Rallies tha t we can fi nd If you haveaneventinyourarea don t be bashful Write to DUSTY 1 TIMES let us know what is happening where you live a nd you will read about it in an upcoming issue DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from all corners of off road activity The Pony Express column will feature all the mail we can get in the space Please keefJ your words fairly brief and to the point Because of space limitations your pearls of prose may be edited but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as well as your praises Letters for publication should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by the 15th of the month in order to appear in the next issue FOR SALE Class 1 1600 Hi Jumper with tall cage for driver over 6 ft 10 Bilsteins Center Lines Neal brakes and clutch S_way A Way Wright 16 gallon fuel cell Bus trans by Raceco trick arms chromemoly front beam race ready 108 w base full enclosed trailer elec brakes hauls race car Complete 7800 75 Max Norris Off Road Toy Shop 1 707 Colorado Blvd Los Angeles CA 90041 213 255 1053 FOR SALE 1977 dass 3 Bronco 33 gal cell floater rear end 4 wheel disc brakes Art Carr C 6 converter 351 Windsor Taylor seats F 150 front components rear springs It is the most consistent winner east of the Rockies Call for price after 5 00 p m Central time Chuck Johnson 8403 Vicki Road Rockford IL 61108 815 332 9681 FOR SALE Fairway Chevrolet Class 5 convertible 1620 pounds fresh A A trans 10 Bilstein shocks Wright SwayA Way Center Lines new Tectira tires Flame out turning brake Mastercraft fuel cell f 2240 cc Valley Per ormance motor Race Ready Greg Heinrich 702 731 6708 DUSTY TIMES Classified Advertising rate is only 10 for 45 words not including name address and phone number Add 5 00 for use of black and white photo or a very sharp color print I CHARTER SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe If you wish to use a photo in your free ad enclose 5 00 J Enclosed is _ _ _ _ _ Send check or money order no cash Please run ad _ _ _ _ _ _ _ times Name Mail To Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Phone _ __ _ _ _ __ DUSTY TIMES City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ State _ __ _ _ Zip _ _ _ _ _ __ 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 I Page 38 January February 1984 FOR SALE Jeep Parts from 1945 1975 Frames transmissions transfer cases steering front rear ax les engines radiators grills hoods tailgates dash rollbars tires rims Commando parts frames steering springs front rear axle V 6 engines transfer cases 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711 W Street legal 1732 miles all Lambert Road Brea CA 92621 allowable modifications Call Don or Matt 213 697including steering box Lots of 8157 or 714 529 1111 new spares Race ready for 1984 FOR SALE Hi Jumper R S II In 1983 we won over 10 wide front end with heavy 10 000 00 with this car Also spindles and rack and pinion custom fit tandem trailer Total steering all Wright Place 10 price 14 000 00 Contact Jim wide rear suspension with 16 Conner Mini Trucks 9656 travel and Fox shocks New Wheatlands Road Santee CA transmission and newly rebuilt 92071 619 449 6673 and ask 2180 motor 6500 00 Bob about Dexter Prince s Nissan Goldstein Box 607 Teutopolis Illinois 62467 217 857 6044 Cup racer r Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I I I I I I I I FOR SALE Funco Hustler Class 1 or 10 4 year s old good race histor y twice Centerline NCPS winner Complete less engine trans Plug in your stuff go racing I m retiring 4000 00 John Davis P O Box 123 Palatine IL 60067 312 398 1857 I I I I I I I I INDEX TO ADVERTISERS BAJA CROSS 1 7 BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 5 DICK CEPEK INC 2 CRYSLER CORP DODGE DIVISION 24 FILLER PRODUCTS INC 14 FOLKSWAGON 4 FLORIDA 400 FORDA 16 FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE 39 GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 12 GOODYEAR TIRE RUBBER CO 20 21 HORA BACK COVER KJRKPATRJCK RACING 10 McKENZIE AUTOMOTIVE 25 MINT400 7 RACECO 23 RAFFO RACING 11 SAN FERNANDO BUGGY CENTER 9 TRACKSIDE PHOTO ENTERPRISES 29 TRI MIL INDUSTRIES 15 Dusty Times

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FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE the world s leading four wheeldrive magazine since 1962 and the official magazine of United Four Wheel Drive Associations supports America s four wheeldrive clubs Over the past year FOUR WHEELER has provided promotional materials complimentary magazines and editorial support for dozens of four wheel drive club events across the nation A special column has been created under I I FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE s I Yes please list me for a subscription to FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE For 9 50 I ll get 12 action packed monthly issues and FOUR WHEELER will donate 1 00 to United Four Wheel Drive Associations and 1 00 in the name of my four wheel drive club I I I I L PLEASE SEND MY ISSUES OF FOUR WHEELER TO NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ CITY _ _ _ _ STATE _ _ _ _ ZIP Payment Enclosed SPECIAL CLUB SUBSCRIPTION OFFER WITH TlilS AD 11 dp Sllpporl l lnil d Four 111 llrin ss111 i 1 tions rllld _ 011r fo11r t11 t l clrin i luh IH 11 m1 p11r1 h 1 l n 1r s 1il 1si riplio11 lo FOl 11 WI IE 1 1 MAC ZI N I lh1 l 1r suli for jusl S l ll iil ll1 r ih 111 2S off lh li 1 s ic s uli s i ription priu of 12 lfl H Jl II WIIEl I J R iii 1 111 l l11ill d Four Wl j J ri I ssoci 1lio11s 011d 1 Ill in llw nc111u 11f rn r lrn1r 11 1 l clriu duh 0 0 FOUR v tE E iGAZINE Circulation Department 21216 Vanowen Street Canoga Parl CA 91303 THI SOFFER GOOD ONLY WITH THISCOUPON OR REASONABLE FACSIMILE OFFER GOOD IN UNITED STATES ONLY PLEASE CONTACT FOUR WHEELER FOR FOREIGN SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION PLEASE ALLOW 4 TO 6 WEEKS TO BEGIN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE COPYRIGHT 1984 BY FOUR WHEELER PUBLISHING CO INC I I I I Campfire Club News column titled UNITED S CORNER The column will be a sounding board for news and views from United Four Wheel Drive Associations Look for UNITED S CORNER in FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE beginning with our February issue If your four wheel drive club is planning an event and you would like promotional assistance from FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE please contact Larry Lee at FOUR WHEELER 21216 Vanowen Street Canoga Park CA 91303 213 992 4777 We ll help in any way we can FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE offers profiles of the newest fourw h eel dri ve vehicles technica l information and how tos new product reviews inves tigative stories race coverage and travel and adven ture articles each month of the year Order yo ur FOUR WHEELER subscription toda y Right On Target fOURT ff HUR OFFICIAL MAGAZINE Q_ UNITED g WHEEL DRIVE ASSOCIATIONS

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HIGH DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION f l RST RACE OF THE 1984 HIGH DESERT SERIES t SCHEDULE OF E ENTS SATURDAY FEB 11 3 00PM Drawing Riverside Resort FRIDAY FEB 24 10AM 10PM Registration 10 30M 10 30PM Tech Contingency Riverside Resort I SATURDAY FEB 25 9 00AM Race Starts Start Finish Across from Hotel SUNDAY FEB 26 11 00AM Awards Riverside Resort c 1 c lli i J l _c _ a t TIRE CHANGING CONTEST He vy Metal Classes 1ST PLACE 500 2ND PLACE 300 3RD PLACE 200 FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT HIGH DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION 961 West Dale Las Vegas NV 89124 702 361 5404