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1984 Volume 1 Number 1 Dusty Times Magazine

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11 Firestone s Radial ATX has won race after off road race But now its got a new extra traction partner the ATX Radial 23 an d we couldn t wait to show everyone just what it could do So we bolted a heavy duty construction size set to a Bill Stroppe prepared Ford Ranger Then we asked Manny Esquerra to do it the hard way from Las Vegas to Reno at the Frontier 500 And when the dust had settled 14 hours 36 minutes and 57 seconds later it was Manny on top of Class 7 almost four and one half hours ahead of his closest challenger In a race that saw 50 of Manny s class fail to make the grade The Firestone ATX Radial 23 All rugged ATX steel belt and polyester cord body construction With a tread design based on Firestone s 23 bar angle that s set the traction standard in farm tires All to give you one tough mud and snow tire that digs in deep without filling up for full shoulder to shoulder traction Radial ATX or ATX Radial 23 Get into Firestone and get into performance now Remember the safety of any tire depends on wear load proper inflat ion and driving cond itio ns I croC 000 roG ATX Radial 23 OUR PROOF IS IN PERFORMANCE Available in high flotat1on sizes 30x9 sb R15LT 31x10 50R15LTand 33x12 50R15LT and heavyduty co nst ruction sizes 31x10 50R15LT and 33x12 50R15LT

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Editor Publisher Jean Calvin December 1983 Contributors Rory Ivers Danny McKenzie Judy Smith Walt Schwalbe Trackside Photo Enterprises Art Director Larry E Worsham Typesetting Production Michelle s Typesetting Services Printing News Type Service Direct all advertising and editorial material to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Subscription Rates 12 00 per year 12 issues USA Foreign subscription rates on request Contributions DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions but is not responsible for such material Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope Classified Ads will be published as received prepaid DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors All ads may be subject to editing DUSTY TIMES is published by Hillside Racing Corp 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 213 889 5600 Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher It is only fitting to have a keen Baja race picture in this issue containing full coverage of the SCORE Baja 1000 last month This Trackside Photo is from an early SCORE race but the scene happens almost every trip around Baja A broken race car far from anywhere what to do Suddenly a horseman or merely a hidden spectator shows up to offer sympathy and usually valuable help We can t tell you the race the year or the car s drivers but if you can identify the picture drop a note to DUSTY TIMES DUSTY TlMES will feature pictures of similar woes in off road racing on this page each month Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster similar to this for consideration DUSTY TIMES will pay 10 for the picture used If you wish the photo returned enclose a stamped self addressed envelope Only black and white prints 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 will be considered r In This issue FEATURES DUSTY TIMES SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH Page HDRA Frontier 500 8 Brush Run 101 14 Ford Bronco II 16 East of Indio Rally 17 SNORE 250 18 SCORE Baja 1000 22 Score Canada at Chicoutimi 26 Bridgestone SCORE Off Road World Championship 28 AMSA 12 Hour Mojave Challenge 32 VORRA at Baylands 35 DEPARTMENTS Snapshot of the Month 3 Soap Box By Bill Sanders 4 Trail Notes 4 Side Tracks By Judy Smith 5 Bounces from the Berm 6 Happenings 7 Goodies Galore 2 7 Good Stuff Directory 36 Pony Express 38 Index to Adverti sers 38 ON THE COVER The Chenowth 1000 driven by Jim Dizney and Jim Dyer flew over the Nevada desert en route to a great first place in Class 9 on the HDRA Frontier 500 With only 1200 ccs of power the San Diego area drivers not only won the 14 car classe but they finished 26th overall among the 69 cars that covered the entire distance from Las Vegas to Reno DUSTY TIMES salutes the skill and courage of the winning Mighty Mite team May all 1200 cc competitors have good fortune next season Color Photography by Jim O ber Trackside Photo Enterprises Dusty Times December 1983 Page 3

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TRAIL NOTES SOAP BOX the MINT 400 When other off road races an struggling to draw 200 four wheel entries the MINT 400 consistently draws well over 400 We personally don t think it s luck or the fact that the MINT 400 is held at Las Vegas We think that kind of success year We appreciate having the times than the modified class after year is based on good opportunity to sound off in this which really didn t make sense sound logic and excellent promospace There are a couple of areas We remember back around tional skills of off road racing that we d like 1978 79 and 80 when there Those attributes have come was a lot of anguished soul to touch on in this issue together through a lot of hard First as one who has edited a searching about how to get the work care for the racers and a four wheel drive magazine for two four wheel drive classes back keen interest in the sport many year now we are very on track There were suggestions Every once in awhile a happy to see that the problems to restrict the stock class to professional working relationthat plagued the four wheel drive single shocks and other such ship produces a certain kind of classes for so many years have nonsense It seems to us that chemistry that spells success been resolved in a timely yet whenever restrictions have been simple manner For all race imposed on any type of auto Ever since K J Howe the Mint Hotel Public Relations Director promoters involved the coiwer racing there is an immediate and MINT 400 Race Director sion of the stock four wheel search to find some other ways to and Andrew Zorne Mint Hotel drive class class 3 and the go faster Both Formula I and Vice President and General modified four wheel drive Indy type cars are good examples Another factor in the conflict Manager started working together class class 4 to short and on the MINT 400 race it has long wheelbase classes was a between the stock 4WD class become a runaway hit every year and the old modified class was stroke of genius Their skill dedication and most In the early days the stock and the constant liberalization of the important sincere interest in the modified classes worked well stock rules every year If a race sport has paid off where vehicles were relatively truck builder found a legitimate We salute the MINT 400 and stock and the modifieds could way to cheat on the rules the the two guys behind it It always literally have any changes they rules were changed the following runs smoothly seldom has any wanted A run what ya brung year hitches and that s why the racers In any event we praise the kind of class always turn out in droves The Unfortunately as off road change from stock and modMINT 400 is The race to run racing got m ore sophisticated ified to short and long every year If the Harvard the four wheelers did also It wheelbase With the state of the Business School should ever made for a helluva lot better art in building 4 WO race trucks racing but the class distinctions today it makes infinitely more decide to teach a course on how to run a successful off road race sense to break the classes up this got rather mixed up there s no doubt where they d As in any class racers and race way We think the racers like it turn for a perfect example truck builders will try to bend better and we re sure the fans And finally last but not least the rules and cheat a little here like the competition a whole lot we d like to publicly extend our and a little there As off road better sincere wishes for success to Jean Second we d like to talk about racing came of age and the Calvin herself We ve always Detroit people saw the potential race promoting as well as the known she had a Broad View of factory involvement as they vehicles of off road racing but it takes had many years earlier with From the early NORRA days plenty of Huevos to strike out NASCAR the rules got bent in Baj a and Arizona there have on your own and go for it in the even more and the competition been a lot of off road race field of publishing We have became fi rce promoting organizations around great admiration for anyone who Also in the early days the fpur at one time or another Many can do that and we especially wheel drive classes consisted have come and gone There have admire Jean It would seem that mainly of short wheelbase been the good ol boy prothere should be a special niche bobtail rigs Pickups were a moters and the fast buck for the likes of DUSTY promoters The race sponsoring rarity TIMES in the world of off road When the factories got in organizations still around today racing Hang in there Jean volved pickups with their better are for the most part solid and riding long wheelbases became good at what they do Our sincere thanks to Bill However there is one off road the choice When the war is Sanders for his kind words Thanks bet een megabucks you can do racing organization around today again Bill for taking time from your a lot with engines suspensions as it has been for many many busy schedule to write the first Guest and wheel travel when expense is years that has to be used as a Editorial in DUSTY TIMES standard when it comes to no problem Volunteers are invited to climb on So technology money and judging race promoters And that their Soap Box and fill this space evolution brought us to the point organization puts on only one with their thoughts on off road where the stock class was race a year racing Call with your ideas and get Of course we are talking about on the schedule consistently running much faster By Bill Sanders Executive Vice President Associate Publisher FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE AU o fLERs 0 S BILL SANDERS has been appointed Executive Vice President Associate Publisher of Four Wheeler Magazine Bill is also the author of our guest editorial this month The appointment was announced by Jon Pelzer President of Four Wheeler Publishing Co Inc Sanders has been associated with the magazine since 1971 when he became Editor At the time of his new appointment he was Editorial Director Congratulations to Bill Sanders a long time friend and associate in both journalism and off road activity BRENDA PARKER 1 ias just signed on with DUSTY TIMES as the reporter for the North Central Points Series races in the midwest Mrs Parker has long been involved with off road racing as an important member of the KAZOO KREW racing team We welcome Brenda with open arms to our staff of contributors and when the snow melts look for her coverage of all the activity in the north central states If you have a new race car in the works a great war story from some race whatever tell Brenda Parker and you will read about it in DUSTY TIMES Write your tales of triumph or trouble down and send the words to Brenda A Parker 7406 South 12th St Kalamazoo Michigan 49009 or contact her at the races SAAB has a keen idea for the holiday seas

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Riverside She had done her homework and knew who all the BFG racers were and what they drove and she got a chance to B v Jud v Smith find out what it was all about first hand Australia the gear shift would be Foi the s econd practice session on her left She really worried on Saturday Mrs McClusky was that she wouldn t be able to keep invited to ride along with John that straight but suddenly Johnson in his Class 7 Chevy Srealized that it hadn t given her 10 She accepted the invitation any trouble at all She found the was suited helmeted goggled people very hospitable and and belted in the cab John gave friendly the racing great fun and her a good ride practicing hard the race courses very muddy We as he always does while she sat hope to have more on Dixie s quietly in the passenger seat At Australian jaunt later the end of the practice session Still another long distance John reached over to help her traveler in the opposite take off her goggles and she said direction is Henry Simpson of Whew and I don t even ride Guam who came to the United rollercoasters States to race at Saddleback and Speaking of Riverside we Riverside Henry the owner of enjoyed hearing Don Adams tell an old Chenowth that used to us that he had had only one lap of belong to Marty Letner has practice in his Jeep before the raced for many years in Guam Class 3 race and therefore he had with a good deal of success He Just tip toed around the first has also raced in Baja and in couple of laps He was running Japan where the sport of off road his Pike s Peale car and was not racing is growing sure about the jumps Adams Recently Henry bought a new won the race handily looking Chenowth Magnum and when more like a buffalo in full charge he came to get it he managed to than a tip toer get in some practice too He Also at Riverside we talked to drove it first at Speedway 117 and then he went to Riverside a nice group of folks from where he took a three day driving Colorado Jerry Daugherty and course Then he went to Darrell Jorgenson who both race Saddleback where racing with in Class 14 they had traveled all those highly competitive together with a big assortment of ACCRA boys he took a third pit vehicles and people to race at for the two motos He wasn t as Riverside Daugherty lives in lucky at Riverside with a DNF Westminster arid Jorgenson lives We understand that there s a in Loveland The two are fierce 4 good chance for a 10 race X 4 competitors in Colorado Japanese Off Road Racing races but they joined forces to Association series in 1984 come here together as a possibly culminating in the Colorado team They repreannual Smokin Wheels event sented Colorado very well _ Both ran SJrong in Saturday s on Guam in mid summer We expect that Henry will be doing race with Daugherty losing out to mechanical troubles and great things over there One off roader who s racing a Jorgenson rolling after briefly different type of car is Jeff holding the lead Jorgenson came MacPherson who s been back on Sunday in the Heavy competing in the Forumla Metal Challenge to show the Atlantic series recently Jeff s Californians what the Colorado been doing very well racing these folks could do finishing in third little cars which feature 1600cc place iri some very elite off road Cosworth engines a far cry company Darrell says The only from his mammoth Class 8 thing better than racing at Rivertruck He really enjoys the series side is winning at Riverside saying he gets so excited about it We recently caught up with that I get goosebumps Steve Kelley at the SEMA Jeff s had some fast qualifying Show in Las Vegas and he told times and very good finishes He us about his pre run for the ended up the season second in Vegas to Reno Frontier 500 It points for SCCA club racing For seems that he and Butch Arciero 1984 he plans to switch to Super went to check over the course Vee racing which would with Ivan Stewart and his seriously curtail his involvement passenger Bruce Jenner the in off road We wish Jeff lots of decathlon champ luck in his new endeavor but They got to Goldfield all right we ll miss seeing him at every off having no trouble yet with their road event _ The BFGoodrich folks have vehicles Then Steve s lower left always enjoyed their involve A arm split in half at the ment in off road racing some balljoint and Ivan s front end getting into race cars from time sheet metal began to fall apart to time to see what it was all They made it in to Tonopah about At Riverside in October where they spent the night but several of them got to enjoy the Ivan was up and out early in the fun Ed Jacobs was lucky enough morning looking for a welder He to get the ride with John Randall found one who immediately who won the Class 4 race John s went to work on Ivan s truck but brother Mike had Bob Bower as declared Steve s to be beyond passenger and they finished the repair same race in third place But the welder did give them One BFGoodrich newcomer the name of a junkyard there in to off road racing was Anne T onopah which might be able to McClusky the wife of Don help and Steve went over to see McClusky Vice Chairman of He found and bought an A arm BFGoodrich who had never from a junked 5 7 Chevy with no been to an off road race before trouble Then the junkyard folks SIDE TRACKS We re still not too sure how this column is going to work outi but in general it seems like a good place for all those choice tidbits that we can t fit into the race stories High on the list are quick notes about what new thing this or that racer is trying out and how it works in a given race A brand new car that attracted our attention at the recent California City 12 Hour race was the Mirage Chassis built by Bill Varnes of Acton and driven by Doug Wall and several codrivers This trim looking car as yet unpainted was out for its first run and finished the 12 Hour event in fourth place in Class C which is unlimited 1600cc Class 10 in AMSA language The unrque thing about the car is its engine a twin overhead cam Toyota like the engines in the Toyota minitrucks driven by Ivan Stewart and Steve Millen All the folks involved with the car were more than pleased with its initial run Time will tell As a point of interest the second place finisher in Class C in that race driven by Ray Aragon Frank Neimey r and Leon Tice was also a Toyota powered car as was the fifth place car the single seater of Dennis Orcutt and Bill Lennox Another new 1600cc motor also running in Class C was the Jpe lV of Gregg Symonds That s right Type IV slightly downsized Gregg was happy with its performance and then his tranny broke Another new exotic engine was the Cosworth run by Manny Esquerra in his mini truck at Riverside Ford Motor Co wanted to give it a try and Riverside seemed a logical place to try it out Manny was having a little trouble adjusting to its power curve according to Bill Stroppe if it dropped below 6000 RPM it would lose po wer but at 9000 RPM it had 230 hp Unfortunately Manny had a flat tire very early in the race and we hardly got to see him drive We understand that Josele Garza had a Cosworth in his Ranger also but he d_idn t even get to start the race due to a parade lap fire Recently we ve heard from a lot of off roaders who ve tried racing in new places or in different types of cars Among them were Ron Carter Vince Tjelmeland and Matt McBride a trio of very enthusiastic short course racers who went racing at Ascot Park in Gardena and report that they had a lot of fun We understand that Tjelmeland won one of the main events competing against the well known Ascot type buggies in his Funco Dixie Hawkins is another who went to new places traveling to Australia for the summer where she competed in no less than three Australian off road events The thing that worried Dixie the most was the fact that since the driver sits on the right in Dusty Times December 1983 gave him a spot to work in and they d found as a pillow and Kit helped with the labor and he had using what was left of the roll of that A arm Rand R d in less than t p for his They had to stoke the an hour fire fairly often as that wood Steve and Ivan really felt that burned quickly but they found the Tonopah residents had gone that if they used long pieces of out of their way to be helpful and wood they could just lie there supportive of the racers and slide them into the fire It The off roaders enjoyed wasn t a really great night having Jenner s company and In the morning as they were there was a lot of joking about thinking about getting back to what a good parts runner he d work on their problem along be for Ivan in the event of trouble came an old 4 X 4 pickup with in the race They also took a eight young Mexican men on break in the pre running to stage their way in to Ensenada for the a mini decathlon to see who weekend The men were dressed could throw a rock the furthest to the hilt in cowboy boots with Arciero won silver tips embroidered pants Another pre run story comes and big hats with feather trim As out of the recent Baja 1000 soon as they saw the plight of the Jack Irvine and Kit Trenholm Gr ingos they stopped to help who eventually finished second The driver immediately decided in Class 10 had not raced in Baja that the way to get the Burro out since 1980 and decided to do a was to back up to it in the mud quick pre run of the pine forest and attach their tow chain part of the course They took which Jack said was three feet their old Burro and very little long and pull them out He had else planning to meet up with his 4 X 4 bt1 ried in ho time too Kit s folks at Nuevo Junction for Then it took the combined dinner in the camper efforts of all eight Mexicans and Well as they motored down Jack and Kit to get the truck the _trail they came to a big back on solid ground puddle covering the entire road Once it was high and dry one so Jack took what he thought was of the Mexicans went off into the prudent action and went around trees and gathered up a big roll of it What he d forgotten was that old barbed wire that had been off to the side the ground is so rusting in the woods for some wet th a t it s almost like time He brought that back and quicksand In no time at all he indicated to Jack that they d use had the pre runner buried up to it to pull the pre runner out Jack its floorpan When he and Kit told him it would never work climbed out to assess the but took some and tied it to the problem they sank into the mud bumper anyway and of course it up to their knees They pushed broke Then the Mexican said and shoved for a while but then Doble doble and Jack decided they d be better off decided anything was worth a spending their time looking for try They wrapped the barbed firewood wire in a double strand and They gathered up a big stack of pulled the Burro out of the mud firewood used some of the t p as with no more trouble All went kindling and settled in for the on their way muddy but ready night Jack using an old tire for the weekend FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END O TRACKSIDE IS THERE _ Color and Black White photos of many major off road events including Riverside and Baja current and historic We have one of the largest photo libr ries of all types of motor sports including events dating back into 1970 We have photos for publication public re lations advertising presentations promotions personal scrapbook enjoyment We were there last time we II be there next time TRACKSIDE Photo Enterprises P O BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 213 327 4493 18710 SO NORMANDIE AVE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 Page 5

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OUNCES FROM THE BEQI GUMBALL RALLY IN ARIZONA By Jean Calvin There was a sho rt course race held in Vancouver British Columbia last October and it would be swell if we could hring you some information or the results There was no press release available before or after the fact The word is that it was an invitational race and a number of southern California drivers journeyed north at the hehest of Marty Tripes who waved greenbacks for tow money as an incentive to make the long trip Apparently the stadium race happened hut it was totally unsanction d However the promised money was paid a_nd that is an important factor to the competitors Perhaps the event was a one time only number and the organi zers whoever they may be did _ not feel the need for any media coverage in the USA A good deal of pros and cons have surfaced about the overnight stop concept on the recent SCORE Baja I 000 As a personal opinion it seems odd to stop in the middle of a race stand around or sleep a little and start all over again That is the sort of thing rally drivers enjoy It was a tough route and those that got to San Felipe early enjoyed some sleep but for many it was an hour or two break at best Some think they could have finished the entire course in 31 hours but they could not make the 18 hour time bar at San Felipe due to many reasons not the least of which was the confusing lack of course markings out ofTres Pozos Check that out in the PONY EXPRESS on page 38 If you were involved in the Baja 1000 let SCORE International know your likes or dislikes ahout the new schedule in 1984 It does no good at all to grouse with your buddies If you let the race organi er know your thoughts often they will change their habits if the majority want a change One good vihe from the San Felipe impound came from the crew that stood vigil and restaged the survivors on Saturday morning T hese folks complimented the entire group of 89 crews that made the restart saying they were the most orderly and cooperative bunch ever assembled in an impo und Maybe the racers were just too tired to he their usual active selves Still it was nice of the tech crew to pass along the compliment Now is the time when the 1984 rule books are put together Late in November Bobby Neth held a meeting for I I 600 competitor that was heavily attended The purpose of the meeting wa to see if regular 1 1600 racers liked or disliked the idea of opening up the suspension rules to no holdsharred and similar costly mods being proposed as new rules in 1984 The feeling was that if the rules are left alone stay as is more people will enter or stay in the class Constant rule changing outdates existing cars and it often drives potential restricted c lass car owners elsewhe re to an unrestricted class or out of off road racing completely If you participate in any restricted class get in touch with your class rep or the race organizer of your choice immediately But do let someone know your feelings hefore the 1984 rules are written in stone The6 50 Club racing season is drawing to a close The 6 50 pri ze fund established for the sole purpose of purchasing the year end awards for the over fifty drivers got a huge hoost from Walt Lott and the HDRA The HORA donated a hefty 500 00 a full half of what is needed to the fund and the old guy racers thank you heartily Walt Tne awards will be held in Las Vegas December 18 during the HDRA points awards at the Frontier Hotel Two more races remain in the series that awards points only to dr ivers over fifty years of age the SCORE Barstow Classic and the HORA Frontier 250 The AMSA 12 hour at Cal City did not change the standings Because of the closeness of the fall races the SCORE Baja 1000 was not included in the 1983 series for 6 50 cubbers Bruce Jones sti ll leads the pack on points followed by Jack Irvine Corky McMillin Gregg Symonds and Doug Fortin Four wheel driving enthusiast had a chance to challenge each other s skills at the first annual Sheraton Greenway Off Road Gum ball Rally held the weekend of October 14 15 and 16 in Arizona A variety of vehicles ranging from four wheel drive trucks to sand buggies successfully completed the 109 mile course that began from the Sheraton Greenway Inn in north Phoenix and took them over rough back roads and through the scenic beauty of Arizona s desert terrain The first prize of 500 00 and a four foot trophy was awarded to Alan and Mary Travis of Phoenix Second through fifth places were awarded respectively to Tim Tracey and Matt Hansen Glen Husband and Linda Montrois Don Clark and Jack Young and Judy and Jim Shaw Cash prizes for these places ranged from 350 00 to 150 00 with trophies Each non placing entrant received a plaque and all the participants received T shirts The weekend event was sponsored by Giant Off Road Centers Bud Beck Pontiac Holiday Oldsmobile Ralph Thomas Ford and La Limousine The festivities included a cocktail party Friday night awards dinner dance Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning as well as accommodations at the Sheraton Greenway Inn It sure sounds like a fun rally and one with a lot of goodies for each entrant Jose Montilla General Manager at the Sheraton Greenway was very pleased with the success of the first annual event Everyone entrants and workers alike seemed to really enjoy themselves and are eager to participate again next year he said START THE NEW YEAR RIGHT SUBSCRIBE TODAY TO DUSTY TIMES Complete and Current Coverage of The World of Competition in the Dirt Send 12 00 for a one year subscnption to DVS_T Y TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 RACE CAR and SAND BUGGY TRAILER Heavy duty design for the rough use they get in the desert Axle is 3200 pounds with Bearing Buddy dust covers for easy maintenance Axle guaranteed for 2 years Springs are 3500 pounds 3 leaf with nylon bushings Main frame rails are 4 x 3 16 channel with long 6 tongue foT tool box or bikes The loading ramps are 11 i tubing permanently attached so they will never get lost When ramps are in the locked up position they will hold the buggy if other tie downs should come loose 14 tires and wheels lights with light guards wiring fenders 4 tie rings painted black Axle is adjustable for correct tongue weight 895 00 TRAILER TIRE RACK Will hold 8 race car tires and fits all our trailers Installs with just four bolts We will also build custom racks for any application Also available in a short tongue model for easier_ storage t UMPER 85 00 Page 6 1533 TRUMAN ST SAN FERNANDO CA Phone 213 361 1215 December 1983 Dusty Times

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October 26 28 Press On Regardless A Houghton MI November 17 18 Tour de Forest B Belleview WA December 1 2 Carson City A Carson City NV December 15 16 Sno Drift A G ayling MI 1983 1984 HAPPENINGS A D R A 1408 East Granada Phoenix AZ 85006 602 252 1900 December 3 7th Annual Sonita To Rocky Point Hare Hound Sonora Mexico AMSA American Motor Sports Association P O Box 5473 Fresno CA 93755 209 439 2114 December 9 11 Carson City International Carson City NV May 5 6 Michigan A Cadillac Ml February 25 26 Mazda Chatahoochee B Helen GA June 9 10 Susquehannock Trail A Wellsboro PA March 10 11 100 Acre Wood A Salem MO April 14 15 Nor wester A Tumwater WA S C ORE August 18 19 Budweiser Forest A Chilicothe OH September 13 14 Manistee Trails B Manistee MI October 13 14 Texas A Fort Worth TX January 14 Cal City 250 California City CA SCORE lnternatio al 31356 Via Colinas Suite 111 Westlake Village CA 91362 213 889 9216 December 2 4 Barstow Classic Barstow CA January 7 Annual Awards Banquet Mariott Hotel Los An eles CA February 3 5 Parker 400 Parker AZ April 13 15 SCORE Show Anaheim CA SAREEA AL JAMEL 4 WD CLUB P O Box 526 Indio CA 92202 April 27 29 30th Annual Fast Camel Cruise ATTENTION RACE ORGANIZERS List your coming events in Dusty Times free Send your 1984 schedule as soon _as possible for listing in this column Mail your event schedule to Dusty Times 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 January 15 1983 Points Awards California City CA March 10 11 Palm Springs 250 Palm Springs CA June date pending Los Padres Race Gorman CA October 6 7 12 Hour Mojave Desert Challenge California City CA November date pending Palm Springs Enduro Palm Springs CA HDRA High Desert Racing Association 961 West Dale Ave Las Vegas NV 89124 702 361 5404 December 16 18 Frontier 250 Las Vegas NV December 18 1983 Awards Banquet Frontier Hotel Las Vegas NV February 24 26 Laughlin NV double points March 16 18 Firebird Lake Phoenix AZ April 6 8 Mt Potosi Hillclimb Goodsprings NV May 25 27 tent Short Course Dallas Texas July 6 8 Fireworks 250 Barstow CA August 10 12 Short Course Santa Clara CA October 12 14 Frontier 500 Las Vegas to Reno NV November 30 December 1 2 Frontier 250 Sloan NV MINT 4 0 0 P O Box 2160 Las Vegas NV 89125 May 3 6 Mint Las Vegas NV It s getting close to that time of year When friends and relatives yearn to be near Their families their children and other kin To talk of presents a_nd races to win And when the wrappings are put to rest And the fellowship is at its best You will s art feeling that n ierry way And we will be preparing for the First week in May Happy Holidays And Thumbs Up From the MINT 400 Staff 1984 MINT400 May3 6 sccA PRO RALLY SERIES SCCA 6750 Emporia St Englewood CO 80112 303 770 1044 December 2 4 Sno Drift Grayling MI Dusty Times Hotel CasinQILas Vegas December 1983 Page 7

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THE HDRA FRONTIER 500 Jack ohnson Is Again Number 1 On The Tough Nevada Enduro his second victory The rear view of Jack Johnson s Hi Jumper was all the field saw on course Jack_ l d all the way to The second running of the Frontier 500 firmly established the event as a real entity in long distance point to point desert races Most of the desert faithful were on hand ready to tackle the 485 mile course that had many changes from the first edition The majority of the changes were all for the better in the view of most competitors The organization was tighter and course control was vastly improved from last year with many more stop checkpoints and a working radio net of ham operators around the course The Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas wore a festive decor of Welcome Racers banners from a host of companies on hand and of course the HDRA s sponsors Coors and Nissan The Jim Sumners did another basic trouble free run In his Raceco to win in 1 2festivities started early in the 1600 and take the flag a wild sixth overall with 1600 ccs week before Labor Day Tech and Contingency inspection was scheduled for the Wednesday and Thursday the race on Friday and the awards presentation on Saturday in the Reno Convention Center The two day schedule for tech proved to be a real bust and the number of race vehicles passing the line on Wednesday could be counted on one hand With the change of date this year the heat was typical 110 and better in the rear parking lot where the contingency line was set up this year Along with a big activity tent in the front parking lot Nissan also provided a canopy for tech inspection and a large tray of cold drinks for the passing racers which was greatly appreciated by all in the tech and contingency inspection area The course changes were mostly in the early part of the course Due to popular demand the car swallowing silt beds of 1982 were replaced with some keen mountain goat trails replete with rocks to be sure but easier on the entry than the silt beds There was another major change out of Beatty that included a steep and nasty hill which was tough on some of the late running classes An unexpected course change was noted on the Monday before the event This year the course was laid out to go all the way from Sloan into the outskirts of Reno with time ending just a few blocks from the Reno Convention Center A few property owners along the trail from Virginia City to Reno filed some objections with the authorities so the race time ended at Virginia City this year Then the non street legal rigs had to cover the last leg anyhow in order to get to the impound at the Convention Center A number of factors kept the starting entry on four wheels well under the 308 that had taken the green flag in October last year A big reason was the date itself a Friday race is tough enough for most weekend warriors and their pit crews but a Friday before a holiday costs many people their holiday pay as well The high expected heat on the first of September discouraged some would be entry and another common reason for staying home was the controversial seeded start where the first 20 overall finishers from the Fireworks 250 in July started first on the road at Sloan regardless of class Another big problem for many entries was that pre running was restricted to the weekend before the event itself a hard nut to crack on such a long distance trek for the average driver When the cars lined up in Sloan there were 180 starters on four wheels plus the six Nissan Cup trucks that did not run the full course Over 38 percent of them would finish within the 20 hour time allowance a vast improvement over the 29 2 percent of last year Of those that failed to go the distance the majority were on the trailer in the first hundred miles close in enough for early retrieval by their chase crews Checkpoint passage times are incomplete but a few were noted among the early runners If we missed someone who was leading somewhere our apologies but there are no complete records on passage times available While the bulk of the 22 car Class 1 entry started behind Class 2 Jack Johnson was number 1 off the line and he never looked back In fact Jack said he never saw another car and at the first check he had five minutes in hand over those who started with him up front The field was so competitive it took a trouble free run to win in most classes and Jack Johnson had a nearly trouble free run He reported one flat tire some power steering problems and the seat webbing broke around Beatty So Jack bounced off the floor in the rough stuff but he became a two time and the only overall car winner on the Frontier 500 repeating his 1982 victory He fjnished with a 19 minute margin over im and Billy Wright who started right behind him and he had over two hours margin for the Class 1 victory Jack said his Valley Performance built Hi Jumper sponsored oddly enough by the Frontier Hotel never missed a beat He has certainly proved himself a master of the long distance events on four as well as two wheels and he is a real iron man always driving alone Running hard and close at Check 3 were Bob Shepard Don Robertson Bob Renz Dick Clark Frank Snook Dave Rogalia and Tom Koch Daryl Callaway Then most of them had some trouble Koch rolled before Tonopah but went on quickly Other than Johnson at Gabbs several were close together Don Robertson looked to be second in Class 1 Callaway was close but he later rolled over and a tight fight was in progress between Frank Snook Dave Rogalia and Frank and Al Arciero Trying hard and finishing second overall on the Frontier 500 and an easy Class 2 winner were Jim and Billy Wright in the swift Raceco Page 8 Robertson turned up missing after Gabbs but the ten left in motion were hauling and they all made it to Virginia City The Arciero brothers drove their Funco home in second place in Class 1 just beating out the McDonalds Raceco of Frank Snook and Dave Rogalia by a couple of minutes The Koch Callaway Raceco was about an hour behind them but good for fourth in class A couple of off road racing s favorite MDs David Sauers and William Ingram took fifth coming in Mel Tyree and Michael Johnston teamed well to win the very close contest among the top three Class 5 Unlimited Baja Bugs around midnight with some great December 1983 Dusty Times

Page 9

tales from the race course A bunch of Class 2 teams were in the early starting group and this class proved the value of the seeded start as the early birds mined most of the Frontier gold in this largest class in the race at 25 starters It was another class won by a favorite second off the line and second overall in Virginia City was the Raceco of Jim and Billy Wright They reported scant trouble except for a pair of flat tires one around T onopah and another on the home stretch They finished about 18 mintues to the good and they seemed to have led Class 2 all the way In the early legs at Check 3 Mickey Thompson David Kreisler were running second on time reports just a minute ahead of Gregg Symonds Jake Fogg who had Mike Lund Gary Garner Len Newman Mike Gaughan Jerry Penhall Ron Gardner and Bill Loadvine John Severson right in their dust in hot pursuit The road to Tonopah saw many of them in trouble The Lund Chenowth lost a fuel pump and a bunch of time Micke Thompson rolled his Raceco and hurt his back trying to turn the car back on its wheels In an odd incident a passing helicopter set down and helped him right the car and it also picked up his codriver who had trotted down course to get help Thompson thought nothing of the incident because it was a police helicopter and they didn t read him his rights before helping get him back on the road Running second up north and running second all the way into pay dirt was the Raceco of Las Vegas second generation racers Brian Collins and Ken Cox The boys are following the winning ways of their dads who are now doing the chase work Collins Cox also finished a sparkling third overall 18 minutes behind the Wrights a father and son team Truly the Nevada desert is the place for family race teams Keeping the kids honest 6 50 Clubbers Gregg Symonds and Jake Fogg were a strong third in Class 2 and fifth overall despite a lack of power steering over 90 percent of the route Mike Lund and Gary Garner hauled freight on the top of the course to slide home fourth After a very strong run the Funco of Keith and Kurt Schindler and Graff Moore lost second and third gear en route from Gabbs But the team took it in stride and finished fifth in class and a great 13th overall Missing from the top five was the Raceco of Mickey Thompson and David Kreisler although they had finished in 11 hours 17 minutes which would have been good for fourth overall and third in Class 2 However the entry received a 90 minute penalty for the assist from the helicopter and this dropped them to seventh in class still in for 16th overall In all eleven of the ZS two seaters finished the tough race all in the top half on time Third off the line was the quick open 1600 Class 10 22 strong and this was some contest It was not a runaway win for anyone in this gang On time reported there was a tie for the Dusty Times Despite a few delays en route Jack Irvine and Kit Trenholm won a tough_one In Class 10 and the Raceco came home a remarkable 4th 0 A It was a triumph for Las Vegas drivers in 5 1600 as Jack Ramsey and Randy Cartwright led most of the distance and won by over an hour A pair of Jims Dizney and Dyer hopped their Chenowth In fine style all the way north to win Class 9 by a whopping 2 hours and 40 minutes Indy driver Bill Alsup and Pat Blackmore took the 7S lead on the last leg and won the class for Nissan In a very close contest lead at Check 3 between Laird and Courtney Whipple Funco and Pete Demetrulias Bob Leighton Dick and Craig Young were a minute back and in another three minutes there was a tie between Jack Irvine Kit Trenholm and Allan Hanks Brian Balch and a herd more were only minutes behind the front runners The Whipples retired after Beatty as did Steve Sourapas Tom Ebberts and Ray Aragon Frank Neimeyer who had engine trouble The good running Demetrulias entry vanished after Goldfield In this area Jack Irvine another racing MD got run over by a phantom car Jack heard a horn moved over but never saw a buggy Still his air cleaner roof and sundry other items were bent Comparing notes later it seemed as if it was Tom Koch who rolled over Irvine but no one was sure Jack later hit a stout phone pole and demolished a front shock mount T onopah is considered the halfway point on the Frontier 500 and here Mark Broneau Bob Veltri were tied on time with Irvine Trenholm for the lead The Youngs were third five minutes ahead of Bill Herrick Mike McDonnell Russ Welch had run out of gas in the Funco he co drove with Roger Mortenson losing hours and the Youngs vanished after Gabbs Kit Trenholm turned up the wick on the Raceco in the dark and he and Jack Irvine brought the single seater in first in Class 10 and a remarkable fourth overall Broneau and Veltri came along about 25 minutes behind for a strong class second and eighth overall Herrick McDonnell stuck well for third in class just four minutes ahead of Jim Stiles and Jack Motley who in turn had only five minutes in hand over Dave Ryskampand Ed THE ORIGINAL GAS PRESSURE SHOCK ABSORBER The Official Shock for the Nissan Classic BILSTEIN WHERE THE WINNERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES For further information and special off road applications contact Doug Robertson at BILSTEIN Corporation of America 11760 Sorrento Valley Road San Diego CA 92121 619 453 7723 December 1983 Ivan Stewart Fireworks 250 1st place Class 8 Never before have I had so much confidence in a shock After five races and extensive testing on the same set of shocks I am very pleased by their reliability and excellent performance Jack Ramsey Mint 400 1st place Cl 5 1600 Your product has brought our race team 2 Mint wins 1981 1983 Hope to always see you at the races Jerry Sherry Vinson CAL 400 3rd place Class 11 I think Bi stein shocks are the best shocks any race car driver could run on his race car Paul Bowen Mint 400 2nd place Class 15 We appreciate the performance your very professional way of doing businesssincere thanks Bob Denault Mint 400 2nd place Class 9 I ve still never had a shock failure Dick Young Mint 400 1st place Class 10 The quality and dependability of Bi stein shocks contributed significantly to our win at the Mint Thank you Norm Shaw Frontier 250 1st place Class 11A You Bi stein continue to be the Number 1 choice in off roading We have user J your shocks exclusively resulting in wins in the Mint 400 Frontier 250 SNORE 250 Barstow 350 Botton Dollar etc Page 9

Page 10

FRONTIER 500 continued Hurrying home to Reno Rod Hall with Jim Fricker riding easily won the Class 4 honors in the latest Dodge out of Bill Stroppe s shop Despite serious drive train failure Manny and Tudy Esquerra kept hustling in the Ford Ranger to pull out the big win In the stock Nissan truck class Jorge Souto and Sergio Duran were the expected winners with good time on their somewhat shorter route Although no one finished in Class 6 Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling went the farthest the fastest and were declared winners Early mechanical disasters slowed the Jeep but Don Adams and Jason Myers recovered to squeak out the Class 3 victory at Virginia City Dave and Mark Girdner were alone in Class 11 and went well north on the trait before retiring the winner In the 1200 cc class on time followed in a few minutes by Mitch Mitchell Ernie Castro and Steve Bishop Bob Graham and here only one starter was missing The 1600s stayed in formation through Tonopah but now Jim Sumners led the Bells by five minutes and the others had dropped back half an hour but still locked in close combat At the checkered flag Jim Sumners reported a nearly trouble free event and it worked for victory Sumners held his pace others fell by the wayside and he won by 39 minutes over Las Vegans Terry and Tim Bell in class was the Funco SS 2 of and all of their enthusiastic Dave Mansker and Sid LeTourfamily Sumners was an incred neau Sid had clutch adjustment ible sixth overall and he iron troubles early in the race then manned it all the way with his things went well for most of the nephews Doug and Craig Renfro miles Dave got lost in Dayton taking turns in the passenger seat ending up in somebody s Jim Greenway and Terry Smith driveway before getting direcgot their new Raceco to Virginia tions the race course The City in good time for third in team finished just five minutes ahead of Clyde Alexander and class and 20th overall Next home on time were John Foody Funco A brave 14 started out the Mitch Mitchell and Ernie Castro but they got a 45 minute penalty 1200cc single se ters but f0r lack of a spark arrestor and attrition was fierce for Class 9 dropped to seventh The first and only three finished In fact single seater and officially fourth eight were out before Beatty Despite a visit to the first on course Checker pit for a tire Jim Gr nway and Terry Smith finished third In 1 2 1600 and 20th 0 A They had some trouble but Sid Le Tourneau and Dave Mansker got the Funco home 4th In 1 2 1600 the first single seater In class Walker Evans had a few problems with the Dodge but he carried on quickly to win Class B by hours and he finished seventh overall Lekivetz The first five all drove Racecos and the first five were all in the top 20 overall The only other class with the top five in the top 20 overall was Class 2 All the big categories were buggy classes and a full two dozen took the green flag in 1 2 1600 Traffic was heavy for the 1 2 1600s Here Terry Bell Bunderson is starting to pass Doug Hovis Raceco in the Goodsprings dust Most of them ran in the same dust cloud through the first check and beyond At Check 3 Jim Sumners and Doug Renfro Raceco and Terry and Tim Bell Bunderson were as good as tied TECTIRA TIRES IN LOS ANGELES TIRE WHEEL MART 2225 FIRESTONE BLVD Page 10 December 1983 Dusty Times

Page 11

r 7 Steve Mize and Neil Laeger led most of the way in Class 3 then the Bronco ran out of gas and they lost a lot of time and finished second Leading the class apparently most of the way and when it counted was the team of Jim Dizney and Jim Dyer and their Chenowth recorded an excellent time of 13 19 Well back Keith with troubles for both teams Himmelrick and Jim Clements got second place and Mike Baker and Lou Lucido were further down in third and they came from Utah to race their Chenowth Following the Class 9s at the start were the unlimited Baja Bugs eight at the start and half of them finished They all arrived in a single dust cloud at the first check then stretched it out by Check 3 There the Arizona Bug of Tony Kujala and Richard Roberts led by just 13 minutes over Mel Tyree and Michael Johnston After several great seasons in 1200cc racing Tyree retired for a time came back in a 1600 and now seems to have found the right niche in Class 5 Right behind the leaders were Jim Venable and Carl Jackson and Baja champs Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen were already fixing things and it would be problems all the way to Reno for them Kujala Roberts held their lead on the road and on time through Gabbs and then went out with reported engine woes Tyree and Johnston sailed on to Virginia City winning class 5 in what is supposed to be an unlucky color a car painted green This green Bug owned by Larry s VW also came home 22nd overall about 20 minutes ahead of Ven11ble and Jackson Vinje and Hansen lost their seesaw battle with the Hemet team finishing nine minutes behind in third About two hours back at the flag was the Bug of Danny Pierce and Bob Murray The first of the water pumpers on the start were the 15 trucks in Class 8 and 13 of them started next Ivan Stewart Ford and Walker Evans Dodge had departed earlier with the front bunch At Check 1 Ivan had the early lead with Olympic champion Bruce Jenner riding along Nicknamed super parts runner Jenner had a short ride and soon the Ford hit an unfriendly ditch the fan went through the radiator and Stewart parked for the day By Check 3 Walker Evans had a good lead but troubles with his fuel cell plagued his run The cell got loose bouncing around in the bed and Dusty Times Jim Venable and Carl Jackson had to fight hard for their second place in Class 5 only nine minutes to the good atthe checker I Jr EP E K C l _L PEK JA PROVE A N DESER T RACER TIRES DESIGNED FO R TESTED BY THE BAJA YOU CAN T WIN WITHOUT EM SIZE 10 33 15 REAR OR ALL POSITION TIRES SIZE 7 30 15 FRONT TIRES SIZE 10 32 15 REAR OR ALL POSITION TIRES Pure race tire construction Super strong lightweight racing nylon Extra stiff reinforced lower sidewall Extra heavy beads No unnecessary weight No white letters which add 4 lbs to tire Rubber compounded for Baja Rock service Designed to finish and win off road races Baja Proven And they are priced right TIR S DECALS JACKMAN RACING W EELS AVAILABLE AT ANY OF OUR RETAIL STORES LISTED OR BY MAIL ORDERGET EM ON GO Desert Ra cer tires sold for Off Road use only SIZE LOAD RANGE WEIGHT EACH OVERALL DIAMETER OVERALL WIDTH TREAD WIDTH WHEEL WIDTH PRICE EACH 10 33 15 10 32 15 7 30 15 C C C 34 28 28 32 8 31 8 30 0 10 2 10 0 7 0 9 0 90 5 3 4 8 4 8 3 6 89 95 SERVICE QUALITY FROM THE 79 95 74 95 J FREE To Order ft t r i i i 1 J Catalog By Mail or 132 Page For FREE OUR LARGE MAIL ORDER FACILITY WEIRD RETA L HOURS 5302 Tweedy Bl Catalog Tues Fri 11 AM 8 PM Federal Excise Tax included F O B South Gate California Shipped Freight Charges Collect Sat 8 AM 3 PM Closed Sun Mon South Gate CA 90280 213 566 5171 Gi1f WEEDY BL 213 566 1 0280 6614 502 2975 92506 92020 89114 714 788 4000 619 442 8689 702 733 6665 TIRE EXPERIENCE PEOPLE Send To SOUTH 5 RETAIL STORES TO SERVE YOU SOUTH GATE GARDEN GROVE 9201 California Ave South Gate CA 90280 213 569 1675 13691 Harbor Bl Garden Grove CA 92643 714 530 6900 RIVERSIDE Indiana Ave Riverside CA EL CAJON E Main St El Cajon CA LAS VEGAS Industrial Rd Las Vegas Nev December 1983 Page 11

Page 12

T FRONTIER 500 continued it took several stops to get a solid fix on the problem However Evans had such a time margin that he easily won Class 8 in the Dodge His time of 11 48 was good for seventh overall and the time made Walker a happy man The C lass 8 race was for second place Frank Vessels Ford and Steve Kelley GMC battled all the way to T o no pah for the honor Vessels back off road racing after a few years with his horses was driving Larry Johnson s truck and he had a sto p m i d ni c e fot some seti a us brake work However Kelley had worse woes arriving in Tonopah with a case of the heat faints and the truck was missing the entire exhaust system which was laying in the bed The C hecker p it welded for 45 minutes making the exhaust wo rk and nurse Shirley Scott got Kelley revived and b ack in shape The G MC carried o n o nly to have more trouble in the night it fi n ished fifth in C lass 8 Frank Vessels drove smoothly to a fi ne second in class with a good ho ur in hand over the Ford of Jess Hinrichs and Bud Bloom Jeff MacPherson got his Chevy under the flag in fourth spot It was another brave bunch in 5 _1600 class ten little Indians o ut to battle the wild s of Nevada and four finished This was a heavy contest at Check 3 with Jack Ramsay and Randy Cartwrigh t just two minutes ahead of Henry and Eric A rras while T o m and T odd C raig were onlv another four minutes back Just pas t T o n opa h s ix Bu gs were amo ng the missing including the Craigs After a lo ng bout with a silt sick d istributor R ich Fersch and Darryl G ibson were going well and moving up but the Arras entry was losing tim e The leaders never fa ltered and Jack Ramsay and Randy Cartwrigh t brought the Steel Engineers Bug in to the finish wi th a b ig win q uick time of 14 11 and the car looked in good shape Fersch and G ibson hustled up to second in class o nly 16 m inutes ahead of Bob Knigh t and Leroy Hansen Pressing on Henry and Eric Arras were just ano ther seven minutes back in fo urth Mini tuck C lasses are proliferating with_three d ivisio ns at the Frontier 500 So there were onl y eigh t in t_h e regular C lass 7 ranks and they all had big trouble At the fi rst check it looked like a real race with Manny Esquerra Ford R anger ab o ut six minutes ahead of the Nissan of Roger Mears who was followed shortly by Sherman Balch Nissan But soon Mears had shift linkage woes Esquerra lost a drive shaft and Balch had troubles At the 100 mile mark all the regulars were behind the 7S leader Mike and Pat Falkosky Toyota Here Balch had the Class 7 lead over Esquerra and Jerry McDonald S10 and it was tight McDonald soon faded from the scene with a broken ring and pinion Meanwhile John Johnson S10 got only a few miles from the start when a series of incidents starting with a flat working through a broken brake line saw him down replacing a rear end and he was ho urs behind Midway in the course Esquerra lost the trans and the Stroppe team changed to a fresh unit in the middle of nowhere Sherman Balch had overheating problems and Mears had more trouble and retired Esquerra carried on strong in the night to win Class 7 on the latest model Firestones he said it had been a real rugged race Balch had to be towed from pillar to post and although he drove across the finish line he was credited only through C heckpoint 9 at W eeks which was good eno ugh for third in class Meanwhile John Johnson and Earl Hardesty were crmsmg Highway 95 looking for a fuel pump wh ich they finall y borrowed fro m Don Adams crew Hardesty zoomed along in the t arly morning and he dashed Fran k Arciero Jr and his brother Albert drove a good race in their Funco Hustler and the pair finished a smart second in Class 1 up the mountain to finish the race with just 41 seconds left on the 20 hour time allowance The exhausted Chevy pushers were surprised to discover they were second in Class 7 Of the five Class 7S rigs in the race two finished the entire route and they finished within seven minutes of each other Both had some problems Bill HORA FRONTIER 500 RESULTS September 1 2 1983 tis Pos Car Driver s 1 111 12 107 104 1 2 3 4 5 1205 121 2 11 1216 1203 1 2 3 4 5 2 3 5 4 200 Class 2 Unlimited Two Seat Jim Wright Billy C Wright Brian Collins Ken Cox Gregg Symonds John Fogg Mike Lund Gary Garner Keith Schindler Kurt Schindler 1 2 3 4 399 307 302 306 Class 3 short WB 4 Don Adams Jason Myers Steve Mizel Neil Laeger Gale Pike Jaime Martinez David Bryan Jack Towne 410 401 409 405 400 Class 4 Lon g WB 4 x 4 Rodney Hall Jim Fricker Tim Casey Chris Casey Ve rn on Roberts Bill Donahoe Ru ss Kirkpa tri ck Shane Hutchi ngs Ron Clyborne Mark Johnson 501 503 1i47 549 548 Cl ass 5 Unl imited Baja Bug Mel Tyree Michael Johnston Jim Venable Carl Jackson Malcolm Vinie Mark Hansen Danny Pierce Bob Murray Tony Kuj ala Richard Roberts 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 IN The press on regardless team of John Johnson and Earl Hardesty got their reward second In Class 7 and they were the final finishers December 1983 1 12 14 27 41 12 fini sh 11 46 39 12 25 41 13 01 23 13 12 25 13 17 39 6 10 20 24 25 11 fini sh Raceco Raceco Raceco Chenowth Funco 10 32 32 2 10 51 08 3 11 34 54 5 12 05 25 9 12 29 24 13 Cl ass 7 Mini Truck Manny Esquerra Tudy Joe Esquerra John Johnson Earl Hardesty Sherman Balch Jim Acker Roger Mears Victor Davis 8 start 4 start 12 27 49 15 39 49 16 57 39 17 54 49 NF Ck 9 11 45 61 64 13 09 44 13 30 07 13 39 24 15 58 26 NF Ck 7 22 30 32 49 4 fi ni sh Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug 4 fi ni sh 0 finish 55 Chevrolet Chevy El Camino Chevy Nova 2 fin ish Ford Ranger Chevy S 10 Nissan Nissan 5 start 14 11 05 15 52 30 16 09 46 16 16 17 NF Ck 6 38 47 52 53 NF Ck 6 NF Ck J NF Ck 1 15 start 16 35 58 55 1642 46 58 NF Ck 5 6 finish Walker Evans Frank Vessels Larry Johnson Jess Hinrichs Bud Bloom Jeff MacPherson Todd Carlson Steve Kelley Jim Han 999 96 1 906 91 5 Cl ass 9 1200 cc Sin gle Seat Jim Dizney Jim Dyer Keith Himmelrick Jim Clements Mike Baker Lou Lucido Ro b Tolleson Dennis Chizma 14 start 1 2 3 4 22 start 1 2 3 4 5 16 1001 1005 9 101 5 Class 10 Unlimited 1600 cc Jack Irvine Kit Trenholm Jr Mark Broneau Bob Veltri Bill Herrick Mike McDonnell Jim Stiles Jack Motl ey Dave Ryskamp Ed l ekivetz 1 Cl ass 11 1200 cc Baja Bug 1197 Dave Girdner Mark Girdn er 11 48 12 13 3 7 2 9 14 59 02 17 23 05 18 29 43 Dodge Ford Ford Chevrolet GMC 3 fi ni sh Chenowth 1000 Funco Chenowth 1000 Hi Jumper 1 start 7 31 40 63 66 13 19 41 26 16 00 43 50 16 38 49 57 NF Ck 7 8 finish 1133 42 4 11 58 34 8 12 49 17 17 12 53 12 18 12 58 25 19 Raceco Raceco Raceco Raceco Raceco 0 finish Ba ja Bug 6 start 14 36 57 39 19 59 19 69 NF Ck 9 ONF Ck 4 2 fi nish Nissan Toyota Ford 17 80 1 804 806 800 Ni ssan Cup Stock Datsun pickup 753 Jorge Souto Sergio Duran 751 Bob Ta ylor Marvin Rathburn 750 Will Prince Dexter Prince 4 fi nish 8 start Class 7 S Stock Mini Truck 731 Bill Alsup Pat Blackmore 730 Mike Falkosky J Pat Falkosky 733 Tom Haliburda Dean Koutzoukis Pickup 15 49 39 46 16 02 22 51 16 17 57 54 NF Ck 7 Dodge Jeep Honcho Jeep Honcho Jeep J 10 Ford 1 2 3 4 5 3 25 start 12 start 703 749 706 704 1 Offroad Racecar Parts Accessories 10 13 16 12 27 52 12 30 16 12 21 26 151 3 36 3 finish Jeep CJ 7 Ford Bronco Ford Bronco Jeep CJ 7 1 2 3 4 2 N HOLLYWOOD i O finish Hi Jumper Funco Hustler Raceco Raceco Chaparr al 0 A 22 start Class 5 16 00 1600 cc Lim ited Baja Bug 10 start Baja Bug Jack Ramsay Randy Cartwright Rich Fersch Darryl Gibson Baja Bug Robert Knight LeRoy Hansen Baja Bug Baja Bug Henry Arras Eric Arras Baja Bug Lloyd Hanna Jon Kennedy Cl ass 8 With a bunch of down time early in the game Rich Fersch and Darryl Gibson came back strong to finish a fine second in the 5 1600 war Time x 4 10 start 1 2 3 2 3 TIRES Page 12 554 555 557 552 559 Vehicle Class 1 2 1600 Restricted 1600 cc 24 st art Jim Sumners Doug Renfro Raceco Terry Bell Tim Bell Bunderson Jim reenway Terry Smith Raceco Sid l eTourneau Dave Mansker Funco SS 2 Clyde Al exander John Foody Funco SS 2 Cl ass 6 Pro duction Se dan 603 Larry Schwacofer Sid Spradliog 601 Stan Gilbert Dave Hall 602 Jim Madison Mick Newton 1 TECTIRA 12945 SHERMAN WAY NO 4 Class 1 Unlimited Singl e Seat Jack Johnson solo Frank Arciero Jr_ Al Arciero Frank Snook Dave Rogalia Tom Koch Daryl Call away Doc Ingram Doc Sauers 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Gregg Symonds and Jake Fogg started in Sloan fifth off the line and they were fifth O A in Reno taking a great third in Class 2 Alsup Pat Blackmore lost a steering box in the early going but got fixed and moving Midway the Mike and Pat Falkosky radiator sprung some leaks and they replaced it with the radiator fro m the chase truck Still Falkosky s Toyota maintained the lead but just past Weeks a flat tire put them by the side of the road While changing D_NF Ck 6 2 fin ish short cours e Nissan g3 Nissan 83 Nissan 83 14 31 02 16 00 52 NF Ck 2 Total sta rters Full cou rse 180 Fi nishers 69 38 3 Short course 6 Fi nishers 2 33 3 Total starters 186 Finishers 71 38 1 Race Distance Approxim ately 4 85 miles Ti me All owance 20 hours Fast Time Over a11 Dan Ashcraft Dan Sm ith Husky 9 40 1 6 Motorcycles Starters 41 Fini shers 24 58 5 3 Wheelers Starters 12 Finishers 5 41 6 Dusty Times

Page 13

It was an all Raceco show in Class 10 Mark Broneau and Bob There were a few new dents on the Jeep Honcho but the young Veltri worked hard on the course and came in 8th overall and team of Tim and Chris Casey did a great job nabbing second in second in 10 the flat Mike watched the Alsup Nissan go by and on to the victory It was the first big desert victory for Nissan since they changed their name frnm Datsun All the 4x4s started together in each class and still the results have a familiar sound Among the dozen long WB Class 4s Rod Hall and Jim Fricker ran away from the pack in the Dodge They admitted to a flat tire midway in the race but they had such a good run in the newest Dodge that they not only won C lass 4 by over 3 hours they came in 11th overall The rest of the field had plenty of trouble Both Randall Jeeps were out ea rly and four more failed before Goldfield The La Paz Cocktail kids Tim and Chris Casey nabbed second in Class 4 in their Jeep Honcho Their dad Larry Casey driving his Honcho with a broken foot was not so lucky he and Bob Robertson retired somewhere en route to Gabbs Vern Roberts Bill Donahoe Honcho snagged third followed by another Honcho crewed by Russ Kirkpatrick and Shane Hutchings Ron Clyborne and Mark Johnson struggled along trying to finish in the Ford but they missed the cutoff time when they arrived in Virginia City and they were fifth credited through Weeks No one really d id well in Class 3 and all ten rigs had huge problems Eventual winners Don Adams and Jason Myers lost the trans on their CJ 7 right off the start and they were way back Steve Mize and Neil Laeger had a smooth run in the Bronco all the way north holding an enormous lead then big trouble struck At M_ike and at Falkosky _led most of the distance in 7S but a late mght flat ttre put them m second at the flag just 7 minutes back Class 4 Virginia City they came home secdnd about twelve minutes behind Adams Myers Gale Pike and Jaime Martinez were only another 15 minutes back in their Bronco in what turned out to be a tight race at the finish Dave Bryan got his CJ 7 through Gabbs before the frame broke but he was placed in fourth too wounded to struggle onward Only four started in Class 6 and the tough desert put them all down and out Favorites Stan Gilbert and Dave Hall led into the first check but they parked the El Cam in o there with incurable engine failure Jim Madison and his Chevy Nova went further down course but retired from the fray before Check 3 Running great in the old Chevy Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling were all alone heading north They got near G abbs before the trans went and they were the Class 6 winners Only one 1200cc Bug showed up so Dave and Mark Girdner ran with 7S for the purse They led the combined class for a time but vanished somewhere between Tonopah and Gabbs The six Nissan Cup stock 4x4 Datsuns ran a short course starting at Sloan and followed the route to Beatty Then they went on the trailer to Highway 95 where they picked up the last legs on course and on race time Two finished their race and Jorge Souto and Sergio Duran won by over an hour from Bob Taylor and Marvin Rathburn Fast time overall went to a bike entry as usual There were 41 starters on two wheels and a healthy 24 of them finished It was another repeat victory for Dan Ashcraft and Dan Smith whose Husqvarna covered the route in just 9 hours and 40 minutes Despite a major mechanical failure and a long pit stop the Honda team of Dean Sundahl and Mike Coe covered the route in 16 46 besting the eleven other starters on three wheels In the tire wars there were a couple of big winners Tectira got the overall victory with Jack Johnson and 1 2 1600 plus more BFGoodrich had four classes 3 4 5 and 6 Goodyear snagged 8 7S and the Nissan Cup a lock in while Firestone got the one they wanted Class 7 Of the 180 that started the full course 69 cars finished within the 20 hours It was a good finish ratio for such a demanding race and most of the troops showed up at the awards presentation in the cavernous Reno Convention Center on Saturday A high point there was the drawing among drivers for a brand new Nissan pickup thanks to the generous sponsor Nissan who along with the Frontier Hotel and Coors This is the system run by most off road race winners Beer make the race possibl for the HORA The winner of the pickup last year was a buggy driver Jim Greenway and it was another buggy driver in 1983 Tom Mattingly of Barstow CA Tom is the happy owner of a new Nissan Pickup though his Class 1 broke early he came away from Nevada a big winner perhaps the biggest winner of all at the 1983 Frontier 500 TRl MIL BOBCAT CHROME TECTIRA TIRES 1 DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 3243 E INOIAN SCHOOL RO 2740 W NORTHERN AVE 7035 N 35th AVE T e short track Nissan Celebrity race before the Frontier 500 saw a lot of bent __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Nissan sheet metal Dan Haggarty led for a time but lost out in the end after some enthusiastic driving by his mates Dusty Times December 1983 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 13

Page 14

THE BRUSH RUN 101 Test Photos W alt Schw albe On Labor Day Off Roaders Are In Crandon Wisconsin It is big perhaps the b iggest of off road races It is the Brush Run 101 now in its 14th year out in Crando n Wisco nsin On September 3 and 4 198 3 there were the usual amounts of flat tires and broken mach ines that lost the battle with the trees and rocks And the race has gro wn fro m the original 45 vehicle entry to 499 entries this year That is big stuff in anyone s book Originally the Brush Run 101 was held on a twenty five mile course everyone started together and ran fo ur laps T od ay the track is three miles lo ng and various classes run multiple laps in similar h o rsepower groups It is a sh o rt course race with a lo ng track All SCORE International classes are scheduled p lus a few local classes as well The event car ries the dual sanction from b o th the Centerline Wheels No rth Central Po ints Series and the Phil s Inc Superior Points Series This year the Brush Run 101 attracted a reported 24 000 SMALL SHOP PRESS H_ow many times have you needed a hydraulic press to remove or install a bearing or a gear on a shaft Until now th ere has not been a smal l bench mounted press that was capa ble of a mu ltitude of applications and operatio ns at an affordable price GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES has designed and produced what they consider to be the Ultimate Shop Press THE SSP I 159 95 12 000 pound rating THE SSP II 139 95 8 000 pound rating You can t afford to be without the Sma ll Shop Press GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CA 92330 714 674 7365 SHIPPED BY UPS Page 14 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED spectators and it was covered b y local media and b y Green Bay s WBA Y TV via helicop ter and also by TV stations from Rhinelander and Wausau The weather was much better in 1983 than in recent years The course was fairly dry naturally Water trucks made the usual mud in fro nt of the spectators while dust was a factor in the back pit portion of the track The drivers had a choice of route in front of the spectators they could either go over a couple of jumps or take a shorter trip through a waterhole On Saturday racing began with the 125 and 250 cc bikes Next came the 41 car field of 21600s combined on the track with the ten 5 1600s and five Class 1 ls each class running for its own purse Dave Vandermissen Jr from Wilson Michigan took home the biggest share of the pot in 2 1600s winning hand ily Dave has been codriving with his winning fath er for years and he looks to be the class winner in the Phil s Inc Superior Points Series in his rookie year Also from Wilson Ml Doug Motto nabbed second and he has been off road racing for only a couple of years Scott Thomson of Plymouth Minnesota was last year s points winner but he seems to have found new and tough competition this year The strong runner in the early going in Class 5 1600 was Ron Karlman Ixonia Wisconsin b ut mechanical problems took him out after 8 laps This left the victory for Dan Timmerman of Wisconsin Rapids WI Dan had won trye event last year but lost December 1983 out by a disqualification for a minor motor infraction Jeff Therriault Menominee MI placed second just 16 seconds behind Timmerman Third place Mike Seefeldt Sussex WI crossed the line 4 1 seconds behind Therriault for a very close 5 1600 finish With the five Class 11 cars a total of 56 cars were o n the field for the combined 2 1600 51600 and 11 race Bryon Frankenburg Green Bay WI took the 11 lead during the first lap and was dogged all the way by Dennis Noble Milwaukee and James Odekirk Argonne WI Bob Klug and_ co driver Walt Schwalbe were out with a fuel pump problem after three laps Dennis Freimuth and co driver Debbie Freimuth made six laps with throttle and electrical problems Class 13 and Class 6 combined in the next event but ran for a separate purse in class Class 6 of course is the SCORE sedan class Class 13 is a Crandon creation and the rules are the same as Class 1 or 2 but the engine must be in front of the driver The cars can have one or two occupants Most of them are truck frames with home fashioned_ bodies One on the track this year came with 9 00 x 20 tires The attrition rate in Class 6 was very high Of the 17 starters only 3 survived past lap 5 By lap 4 Fay Statzney from Crandon had a commanding lead which he held to the checkered flag He was followed in by Gary Thomas also of Crandon and Sh eldon Scray from Green Bay Thundering alo ng with the Class 6 cars were 22 C lass 13 entries Last year s first and second place points winners came in just that way Brad Mihalko of Crandon won with a four minute lead over Sam Konitzer Oconto Falls WI Only seven Class 13s were left in the race at the flag and third was taken by Phillip Konitzer also of Oconto Falls Of the seven vehicles running at the checkered flag only two were not Konitzers Class 1 had ten entries and Jeff Probst from Illinois was out early with mechanical failure along with four other buggies Dave Vandermissen Sr from Wilson MI drove his Class 2 car in this race and walked all over everyone beating them all by two laps Jack Knobloch and Tom Poppie although running were damaged and bent Scott Schwalbe was stopped on lap 12 with a f i actured stub axle along with Bill Jenkins who retired with tranny problems Keven Probst finished the weekend by winning the World Championship Unlimited Buggy race driving his Class 2 Berrien to the victory Chuck WIiiiams from Michigan fl es his Mirage over a Wisconsin Jump en route to fourth place In the big Class 2 1600 event Dusty Times

Page 15

Of the twelve entries in Class 10 only two cars went the distance Scott Taylor Belvidere IL had a lead of three minutes and was followed by Keith Winkowski Bessemer Ml Keven Probst lost his bid for contention ori lap 10 when he was stopped by mechanical problems Class 5 was a match race between Jame Rolefson Sussex WI and Chuck Johnson Rockford IL In the eighth lap Chuck broke a shock and Phil Freimuth Rhinelander WI moved into second behind Rolefson Johnson had to settle for third The finale on Saturday was Class 8 with twenty eight entries Crandon is always blessed with pickup entries from out of who knows where Crandon s favorite Jack Flannery and his Ford retired after only four laps Dennis Rosa and Jim Gunderson were both driving hard for the win Young Jim just 16 years old moved out front and held the lead for the victory on the last two laps Dennis took second and Dave Hockers DePere WI came in for third on the line The race was led by Jeff Lind St Paul MN for eight laps when Chuck Johnson Bronco roared past him and held on for the victory Kevin Dawson Downers Grove IL motored into the checkered for a third Class 3 lined up immediately and the first and seventh place competitors of Class 4 and 14 stayed for the Class 3 race Chuck Johnson led off with Earl Erickson Minneapolis MN just behind Eight laps into the race Geoff Dorr Jeep from Rockford IL commandeered the lead and held it to the flag with Chuck Johnson and Bill Schirm La Crosse WI taking second and third respectively both in Broncos Next on the agenda were the 3 Wheeler and Odyssey races with a herd of the buzz bombs in action Then it was time for the World Championship races There is no entry fee for these events and anyone who raced in a class race could enter Each of the World Championship runs had a 2000 00 purse as well _ WI The Heavy Metal section was won by Darby Ison Monico WI who led from flag to flag followed by Kim Koslowski Green Bay and Donna Colbur from Crandon A big event one that sets Crandon s Brush Run 101 apart from other off road races is the Good Ole Boys race It is a stock car race with a 300 claimer Safety equipment is about all that is required Fiftysix cars were entered and after two laps just 19 were still running After three laps only 13 were still in motion and by lap 8 a mere six cars were in the hunt Tom Littleton of Monico WI took first place followed by Charlie Van Hidle Oconto WI and Mark Apel Menominee Falls WI Rick Rogers from Milwaukee took sixth in points driving his Jeep CJ in just four races during his rookie season in 1983 It was a tight race in the Unlimited Buggy rear engine heat Kevin Probst waited until the last lap fo move in on Gary Larsen Rockford IL to win the World Championship in the Sunday morning the open and over 40 classes of motorcycles opened the day s activity Next came the 20 entries in Class 11600 along with seven single seat Class 1Os and ten class 2s for a total of 37 cars on the track Dave Vandermissen not true to his usual form left after seven laps with a broken spindle Scott Taylor true to his usual form out distanced the pack and stayed in front at the checkered flag Kevin Probst playing catch up had to settle for second with Tom Schwartzburg West Bend WI motoring to an easy third The 1 1600 race held four cars and leading the way was Lee Wuesthoff Mequon WI Steve Schaeffer Hinsdale IL had to pit with a flat but he still gave Todd Attig a run for second place Steve couldn t quite get the job done and he had to settle for third Rocky Knudson who came from Monticello Ne York held his fourth place most of the way to the flag Classes 4 and 14 had 19 entries class Dave Vandermissen took third spot tn the unlimited group The Limited Buggy World Championship race was anyone s battle with positions changing down to the last lap After the shuffle Todd Attig from the fourth lap soared into the win followed by Lee Wuesthoff and his cousin Curt Wuesthoff The Heavy Metal Front Engine World Championship included entries from Classes 3 4 6 8 and 13 A field of 43 starters was led off the line by Fay Statzney and Geoff Dorr On the second lap some changes were seen as Jack Flannery was movin g up followed by Chuck Johnson By the fourth lap Dorr was long gone followed by Johnson and Statzney and Flannery was stopped on course Dorr s lead was a good two minutes at the checkered flag Keith Winkowski from Minnesota skids around a sharp turn en route to 2nd in _Class 10 Keith was first in points in 1982 and 1983 The next event was the Women s Point Series Buggy Race Colleen Morgan Spooner WI led the first two laps in a 2 1600 car She was passed by Erin Winkowski Bessemer Ml on the fourth lap Erin in a Class 10 buggy went on for the win Colleen ran out of gas and was edged out of second by Cheryl Schymanski Wisconsin Rapids The Brush Run 101 is the biggest annual event in off roading in the Midwest Racers and spectators alike make plans early each year to spend Labor Day weekend enjoying the fun in Crandon Wisconsin RECOGNIZED SAFETY WITH SAVINGS e t er the finest assortment at a tremendous savings Filler is recognized world wide for quality equipment and now you can order direct from the facto ry and take advantage of tremendous savings 1 1 11 i y tt J Nomex Sui ts 1 pc 171 00 2 pc 177 75 Race Bag 39 00 Nomex Boots in black white blue 75 00 5 point Belt 100 65 Nomex Undershirt 34 50 Nomex Drawers 34 50 Nomex Hood 17 50 Nomex Sox 11 00 Nomex Gloves white 48 00 o rang e 52 00 Call for package orders and our complete catalog SIMPLE TO ORDER PHONE OR MAIL ORDER USIN G VISA MASTERCHARGE OR WE DO SHIP C O D No personal checks please Doug Motto drove hard to second in Class 2 1600 at the Brush Run 101 He was second in Superior points third in North Central Points Dusty Times 9017 San Fernando Road Sun Valley CA 91352 Ph 213 768 7770 Dennis Ferdon noses over a jump on pit row Dennis won Class 8 on points in the North Central Series in both 1982 and 1983 December 1983 Page 15

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THE FORD BRONCO II A T idy All Purpose 4 x 4 For Town And Country Travel The mighty 2 8 liter V 6 runs without stalling or stumbling and it has plenty of usable power for all occasions on or off road New this win ter is the flip out or remove rear side windows tha t come with the fancy Eddie Bauer version of the versatile Bronco II It is the third 4 x 4 to wear the name Bronco out of Ford and it is the best of the bunch for all purpose use The Bronco II is small in overall size like the original u nit and civilized inside like the big Bronco that was built on th e half ton truck chassis The Bronco II is based on the Ranger pickup and it gains its front end styling and drive train from the Ranger While the bobtail is tough like a truck it also can be ordered with enough luxury trim to make it a fancy upper suburbia stat ion wagQn The Bronco II is built on a 9 4 inch wheelbase and Ford engineers have developed a comb ination that drives easily on the road handles well and has good Front bucket seats complete with recliners are standard stuff available In the du ble cloth pictured here or in color keyed vinyl Page 16 rough country capabilities in the drivers There is decent cargo out back The rig comes with part room beh ind the rear seat and if time four wheel drive and auto more space is needed the rear matic hubs are an option Stand seat has a split back so h alf or all ard is the 2 8 liter V 6 engine an of it can be lowered to provide option on the Ranger Also stock more cargo room The entire rear on the Bronco are hefty 15 inch door is one piece and lifts up on wheels with serious off road going gas struts for tail end access A tires There is a choice of trans much valued option is the outmissions four speed o r five speed side spare tire carrier that leaves manual or three speed automatic all the inside cargo floor useable The best all around gearing comes The front _b u cket seats are with the five speed Power steer comfortable on the long haul ing and power assisted brakes are The Bronco hauled the Dusty standard equipment also Times editors to Las Vegas and The front end styling is all then to Reno and ho me to Los Ford out of Ranger but to the Angeles in just three days chasing rear it is a fresh design The rear the Frontier 500 race and for windows are fixed and wrap over sure these seats are com for table the roof these big windows pro on a marathon run Instrumentavide a spacio us aura for back seat tion is generous o n the top of the line Bronco with full gauges and a very handy resettab le trip meter Front cockpit sto wage is generous too with a proper glove box p lus ano ther open cubby ho le o n the dash Th is Bronco pictu red here had the alm ost mandatory air condition ing option and m uch more On the road the Bronco is a fun car with plenty of power to climb h ills o n the Interstate and flog over rocks in the desert Fuel economy is remarkable proving that extra cubes help fuel figures The Bronco provided excellent performance on the high speed dash from Vegas to Reno on mostly paved roads and it averaged over 26 mpg Driving closer to legal speed s the rig A favorite option is the roof mounted came close t o 30 m pg o n the map light combined with a dandy high way clock that wlll read In both time of day Recently Ford introduced a or elapsed time special model with a keen December 1983 The dash layout Is all Ranger with twin easy to read dials and both the five speed shifter and the transfer case shift are handy A very handy add on is the outside rear tire carrier a swing out device The one piece rear door opens easily on gas struts window o ptio n alo ng with m any o ther trick feat ures called the Edd ie Bauer Bronco II It is h ard to imagine a Bronco 4x4 getting the designer veh icle treatment but it has Eddie Bauer the famo us o utdoor equipment compariy h as put their signature on both the o utside and the instrument panel developed new and different paint schemes and a bunch of other goodies that include premium bucket seats with electric lumbar adj ustments A fine and practical addition to this model is the flip o ut and remove rear q uarter windows plus a rear window wiper washer defroster option The sid e windo ws can be flipped o ut fro m the bo tto m a few inches to p rovide rear seat ventilation or they can be removed completely to accommodate the more rugged tra velers Check out the windows when you check out the Bronco IL There are many more extras available from Ford a sport trim package a heavy d uty suspension and even a trailer towing option The Bronco II has been selling ve ry well despite a hefty five figure price tag for a fully equipped unit It is a keen com bination of comfort and to ugh truck fro m Ford The rig is spacio us inside and still an easy size veh icle to slide into a parki ng space The Bronco II should go a lo ng way to ward keeping Ford in the sales lead in light d uty trucks Dusty Times

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by Jean Calvin Photos Trackside Photos A Divisional SCCA Rally With A California Twist Late October in the vast due time and most of the 27 desert east of Indio CA is a starters tackled the rocks and beaudful time to be there warm washouts successfully on the first but not oppressive hot weather three stages cool evenings and dry ground The data shows that Tom While most rally organizers Lehman Doug Whited set fast prefer nasty climates as part of time on the first stage followed the Pro Rally challenge the East by the father son team of Lon of Indio dry climate encourages and Ken Petersen in a genuine newcomers to the sport who can dune buggy rigged for rally try the action without the added racing Third was the brand hazards of bad weather poor spanking new Mitsubishi visibility and getting stuck in the Starion driven by Steve Millen mud and Millen won the second stage The rally was truly held east of The Petersens got top time on the Indio way east in fact some third stage Millen had a flat and described the event as being the Lehman effort faded Then it East on Interstate 10 There was back to Indio for the long was an inordinate amount of break waiting for darkness trolling up and down the 4 5 and 6 were repeats Interstate and it took 14 hours ofStages the first three but they looked on the road just to run 120 stage different in the dark One miles Several of those hours checkpoint crew had illuminated could have easily en elimin Jack O Lanterns and other ated but each rally man has his Halloween decor to add to the own format Roger Allison and fun in the dark A full moon Randy Hensley added a four made it possible to read hour break after the first three stages back in Indio some 60 instructions without artificial light and the air was still warm as miles from the finish of StageJ the rally trooped into Desert despite the fact that there was a Center for a service stop gas station and an all night cafe The route went back on 1 10 just a few miJes from the finish at heading east for many miles to Desert Center The one day event began on Stage 7 a long run on Graham Saturday morning with regis Pass and this was a dusty trail tration and tech inspection Next the route made a long loop where the California Rally Series back to 1 10 back around to rules were in effect rather than repeat the run as Stage 8 Now SCCA rules The competition the cars were split by three began in mid afternoon with an minutes instead of the original open transit leave any time to two because of the dust Steve the first stage where traffic was Millen won both stages and got congested as folks tried to sort back in front on total time out their starting order on the Finally headin g wes there was narro V and rocky desert tr il another service break at Desert However they all got going in Center and the final three stages were the original three run in reverse and these trails were now considerably more rugged terrain than is the norm for pro rallies There were 16 survivors of the long but pleasant night in the desert a total of 392 miles of travel The route book was excellent the traHs well chosen and the only major glitch was the many miles spent o n Interstate 10 usually heavily inhabited by the CHP on a Saturday night and not a good route for cars with big numbers and lots of lights When the scores were toted it was no surprise to see that the new Starion of Steve Millen and Ty Holmquist had won overall The team finished about five minutes to the good on total time Richey and Howard Watanabe nailed second by an eyelash about five seconds ahead of Tim Fountaine and Ken Hambrick Fourth overall and iri open class were Lon and Ken Petersen only another 15 seconds back in a real race for the top honors Mike Whitman and Robert Cherry brought their Datsun 510 into the stock class victory and fifth overall Stock class in CRS would normally be classified open in SCCA events WhiteThe awards presentation was man got the points needed to held aro_u nd noon Sunday in secure the 1983 California Rally bright sunshine around the motef Series stock class championship pool Prior to the awards Roger Rod Koch and Steve Frazee Allison drew names from a nailed down sixth overall in hopper containing all who had Rod s Baja Bug and well down signed a waiver including the line eleventh overall and workers Roger had collected a fifth in stock class was the magnificent array of door prizes Toyota pickup of Dave Bryan for the rally merchandise and Jean Calvin actually the first ranging from fancy driving seats SCCA legal production vehicle through oil coolers to cases of on oil it seemed there was something for everyone The trophies were hand made rock a dillos with a small camel on top in honor of lndio s date festival They really are something to treasure unique on a trophy shelf Overall the East oflndio Rally is a fine concept for a divisional and the word is that the organizers hope to move it to a Category B event next year To do so they would have to conform timing and classification to SCCA standards which m ight be tough since most of the entry com es from the CRS people O ne great idea from the East of Indio is that each entrant is required to supply a course worker or pay an additional fee of 25 This is an idea that might well be adopted by the SCCA for its full bore events who often are short of bodies to man the controls The Mitsubishi Starion aptly driven by Steve Millen and Ty Holmquist made a Mike Wh itman Datsun 510 took fifth overall won the Production class and grand debut in the dese t winning the rally overall by five minutes also won the 1983 California Rally Series Production points title TECTIRA TIRES IN On home ground near Indio Dave Bryan wheeled his Toyota Into fifth in combined production class with good times on the tricky and rocky stages Dusty Times 1 The converted sand buggy of Lon and Ken Peterson did well ran second for half the rally but dust on one stage dropped the team to fourth overall December 1983 1 3243 E INDIAN SCHOOL RD 2740 W NORTHERN AVE 7035 N 35th AVE Page 17

Page 18

THE SNORE 150 Photns John Calvin By Jean Calvin The Racer s Race is Back on Track Rob MacCachren did not look a bit trail weary as he waited in Impound after his four hour 11 minute solo drive to overall honors Ah youth First overall for Class 10 is common aro nd Las Vegas and Rob MacCachren did just that driving a Bunderson on th e rugged Snore 250 11 bugs and three 4 x 4s brought the total starting entry to 60 not what the SNORE 250 once was but better than it has been in recent years The race started at nine on Saturday morning with one car every 15 seconds shooting off the line outh of the Jean alrport Off they went into the heavy dust hanging in the still air south and under the freeway on a most familiar route to regulars at the southern Nevada races The 52 mile course used many familiar trails strung together to fearure the fast rough roads on the far side of 1 15 and the more rugged sruff on the Jean side of the highway As is the custom in desert racing past performance by a class dlctated the starting order and in SNORE events Class 10 has the fastest cars and drivers Next came Class 2 then Class 1 followed by 1 2 1600 9 and the mixed groups of Bugs and 4 x 4s The results of the SNORE 250 certainly bear out the adage that he who starts first especially on a dusty course finishes first The lack of wind made the one every 15 second start order hazardous and on the first lap there were a few multi car collisions in the heavy dust between the highway undercrossing and state line The most serious damage was done among the Class 2s as the multi car pileup put Kenny Krumme out right then gave Tom Bradly a knee injury and damaged the Rick Paquette David Kreisler entry to the point where it retired after two laps The 1 21600s had a multi car melee in the same area which put Brad Inch out of the race a nd also put out J R Kreguer who got run over and suffered a neck injury Many time winner Ken Freeman was banged up and delayed for over halt an hour in this mixup and others had troubles in the area also The fitst lap saw some real competition among the front running Class l0s who incidently turned the fastest laps of the day by three to four minutes over all those pushing unlimited engines On the first lap the Bundersons of Brian Balch and Rob MacCachren came past almost glued together and at the end of the lap the two were a mere six seconds apart with MacCachren holding the edge Nobody in any class was very close to their 1 03 times Keeping the It was a nostalgic trip to the in the main showroom and also When tech shut down at eleven in September running of the 14th donated 3500 in cold cash to the evening a surprising amount of out of state drivers were in the annual SNORE 250 We competed enrich the race purse the first SNORE 250 in 1970 The tech and registration busi ranks mainly from California and driving a Burro and the race was ness l egan at three on Friday after Arizona The big classes were 2 10 then dubbed The Racers Race noon and the mostly buggy entry and 1 2 1600 and there were sevby John Thawley writing in Dune drew attention from the folks eral more in both Class 1 and 9 making 55 buggy entries Two Class Buggies Hot VWs Magazine strolling along the Las Vegas Strip Every year through two gas crises and ongoing problems with conflicting dates the SNORE 250 has endured sometimes with great entry numbers sometimes with low entry numbers But the race has happened in southern Nevada each year and today it i the longest consecutive running desert race in the country 0 After a couple oflean years the 1983 edition of the SNORE 250 had all the trappings of yore and some new ideas designed to make the race grow in the future Through heavy promotional efforts SNORE President Denny Selleck secured some hefty sponsorship this year Season long Brian Balch ran very very close to MacCachren most of the race but his Bunderson chassis are hot In Las Vegas Terry and Brent Bell drove their two backing for the SNORE points Bunderson ended up second 0 A after one extra pit stop on course seater hard to take first in 1 221600 class and seventh 0 A series and the SNORE 250 came from Skoal Copenhagen who are launching their new smokeless tobacco through sports promotions that happily include offroad racing The SNORE 250 also enjoyed tremendous support from the Holiday Casino Holiday Inn Center Strip in Las Vegas The management there took to off road racing like duck to water and they gave SNORE the of the hotel casino the front parking lot for tech guarded parking in the rear for unloading trailers on tech day a keen alcove in the lobby for registration T shirt and program sales and a hospitality suite in the hotel Besides all that they donated a Brian Collins drove the entire route In his Raceco to win Class 2 handlly It was a happy McDonald s crew that greeted Class 1 winners Frank Snook and Dave Raga la Their Raceco ran trouble free to victory huge awards brunch on the Sunday helped out on course control and finished third overall a Page 18 December 1983 sty Times

Page 19

first overall Young Rob MacCachren had no troubles at all with his Nevada Off Road Bunderson Rob s time hardly varied a 1 03 03 1 02 54 1 03 14 and 1 02 30 which was the fast lap for the day Driving solo Rob won overall and in class by a full 15 minutes over Brian Balch in one of the quickest SNORE 250s ever Rob s total time 4 11 41 brought him across the line just after one in the afternoon Buddy Yates turned consistent laps too driving solo as well for the third in class fourth overall about six minutes behind Balch Some distant back the teams Barry McDermott pushed 1200 ccs to not only take Class 11 honors but he and of Laird and Courtney Whipple Don Western bested all the water pumpers on time as well Funco and Jon Block and James Hensen Hi Jumper also finished pulled out a two minute lead on two young stars honest were Jimmy the course Krumme who would soon have Balch who was ten minutes ahead Five more of the Class 10 starters his own disasters and Buddy Yates of Yates AH three would have to completed three laps snaggep by in another Bunderson the chassis break down if anyone were t catch the catch 22 on a finish that was built in Las Vegas by Kevin them On the third lap Balch had pioneered by SNORE in 1982 Bunderson This quartet was run trouble with the power steering Aftet one car finishes in a class the ning first through fourth overall at belt and also had an errant bolt rest are flagged in at the line regardderange his braking The pit stops the end of t4e first lap less of the time remaining on the Midway in the race MacCachren cost him dearly and the chance at I time allowance or the time required for other classes to finish their appointed rounds Some of the three lapper Class 10s were flagged off the c ourse before 2 00 PM while other classes continued to go around the course another lap until four in the afternoon ltis a hard to understand system for finishing there is no time advantage for the workers but it is a popular system with Nevada race promoters Starting next and finishing next were the top teams in the 13 car Class 2 entry The two seaters had a good horse race on lap 1 with Brian Collins Bryan Pennington coming around just eight seconds ahead of Chuck Trickle Rob Lancelot But Trickle s Bunderson slowed a bit on the next laps and Collins did not waver and led the entire distance Young Collins did his fast Tom Malloy and Tom Coon were the only four lap survivors in Class 9 of the lap for the class also on the final half dozen that started The team drove a steady pace to the win 1983 SNORE 250 Results September 24 1983 Jean Nevada Pos Car Driver s Class 1 Unlimited Single Seat 1 2 3 4 112 105 101 102 1 2 3 4 5 1207 1201 1202 1204 1216 1 2 3 4 5 211 225 208 205 213 Time Vehicle Frank Snook Dave Rogalia Doug Smith Roger Lord Don McBride Matt McBride Doc Ingram Doc Sauers Pos 0 A 7 start 3 finlsh 4 laps Raceco Funco Raceco Chaparral 4 51 29 6 5 30 44 15 6 36 22 23 3 laps Class 1 2 1600 Restricted 1600 cc 15 start 8 finish 4 laps Terry Bell Brent Bell Mike Spina solo Craig Hirschler Diana Hirschler James Barbeau Brian Wojcik Mike Stokely Class 2 Unlimited Two Seat Brian CoJlins Bryan Pennington Craig Watkins Kevin McGillivray Chuck Trickle Rob Lancelot Tommy Ford Joe Francis Tom Koch Mark Broneau Class 9 1 2 Bunderson 6 finish Raceco 6 start Class 10 _ Unlimited 1600 Hi Jumper 14 start 4 29 30 3 4 48 3 1 5 5 04 15 9 5 20 15 13 5 24 26 i4 finish 4 laps 1 1003 Rob MacCachren solo 2 1002 Brian alch solo 3 1008 Buddy Yates solo 4 101 O Laird Whipple Jr Courtney Whipple 5 1013 Jon Block James Hensen 7 10 11 16 17 4 laps Raceco Funco Bunderson 1200 cc Single Seat 906 Tom Malloy Tom Coon 902 Alex Decuir L n Newman 13 start 4 54 27 5 12 30 5 13 00 5 32 50 5 39 15 5 47 45 20 3 laps 5 finish 4 laps Bunderson Bunderson Bunderson Funco Hi Jumper 4 11 41 1 4 27 31 2 4 35 43 4 4 5 9 37 8 5 16 11 12 Class 4 4 x 4 11 1200 cc Baja Bug com bined 5 start 3 finish 3 laps 1 1101 Barry McDermott Don Western 2 402 Bill Peters Terry Neese 3 1102 Tom Walker Tom Burns 4 401 Bob Gaudet Kai Kalvig Baja Bug Mil JMp PU Baja Bug Ford PU Total Starters 4 laps 55 3 laps 5 Total 60 Total Finishers 4 laps 23 3 laps 3 Total 26 43 3 Race Distance Apgroximately 52 miles the lap Time Allowance none All in class flagged i_ n after class winner Fast ime overall Rob MacCachren Class 10 _ 4 laps 4 11 41 6 05 33 6 53 17 7 08 25 2 laps Bill Peters and Terry Neese finished second in the combined class and their enormous military Jeep was the quickest of the 4x4 roup Californians Craig Watkins and Kevin McGillivray drove their Funco to second in Class 2 in very good time taking a fine fifth overall round a 1 05 34 and he brought the Raceco home the Class 2 winner and third overall What a terrific way for Brian Collins to celebrate _his 21st birthday He also endeared himself to all the racers as he headed for the checkered flag A couple of spectator mini trucks were wandering around on the course as Collins approached full bore towards the flag on the narrow trail Brian never faltered booted one truck then the next in the tail as he knocked them off the race course en route to his class win The mini trucks departed the scene hastily befofe the Sheriff s Jeep Posse could nail them Coming in second and running second in Class 2 from the second lap was the California team of Craig Watkins and Kevin McGillivray The team had no trouble other than fighting the heavy dust and they finished a fine fifth overall in their Funco Despite a qig delay on the final round Chuck Trickle and Rob Lancelot were solid in third in Class 2 Greeted with loud cheers as they finished fourth was the two seater of Tommy Ford who had the Holiday Casino Vice President Joe Francis tiding shotgun for a couple oflaps Lying third in class from the second lap the Raceco of Tom Koch and Mark Broneau suffered nearly terminal electrical woes on the final round lost a good 40 minutes but Broneau struggled home in fifth place followed by Roger Rolfe Rick West in another Raceco Mint 400 Jefe K J Howe started out ih fine style with pretty Robyn Mike Spina drove his 1 2 1600 solo to finish second in class tenth overall and Johnson the sales manager for the his was the top single seater in the biggest class run_ning Holiday Casino taking her first off road racing ride Things came apart on the Hi Jumper however and Howe only covered two laps before retiring The Rick Paquette David Kreisler Raceco had myriad woes and parked at mid distance Tilere were only seven in Class 1 and few had good luck at the SNORE 250 Jim Bunty had his Funco in front on the first lap but he was not seen again Jack Johnson was just a minute back on the first round but his HiJumper found an unfriendly hole did some damage got fixed had distributor trouble and finally low oil pressure Jack parked after two laps Running The Snore 250 was dusty all the way At Goodspnngs Road Len Newman is ready to take over from Alex Duc ir and the team were second in Class 9 Dusty Tinies 0ecemt er 1983 J SNORE 250 continued on next page Page 19

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T Mint 400 boss K J Howe took the sponsoring Holiday Casino s Robyn Johnson for a Saturday ride but the Howe Hi Jumper failed to finish Tom Ford took the Holiday Casino Vice President Joe Francis along in his Class 2 and the team did well taking a fourth at the flag BY THE SAME CARE IN ENGINEERING AND DESIGN THAT MAKES THE SUPERSANDER A WINNER GOES INTO EVERY TE CTI RA RADIAL AND DIAGONAL PLY TIRE Championship drivers spend thousands of dollars setting up their vehicles to withstand the murderous strain of high speed competition over dry creek bed footbaII sized rocks and kneedeep sand These drivers are rapidly turning to the best in rubber for their ride to the winner s circle TECTIRA TRAILSMAN and SUPERSANDER tires have rugged sure footed tread lug brawny nylon or polyester cord bodies some belted with steel tough pliable long wearing 982 tread rubber for dependability durability they re becoming the 1st choice of guys who like to win _ hen TOTAL PERFORMANCE and VA UE are lmP OrJJJnt CALL OR WRITE FOR NAME OF DEA ER NEAREST YOU Page IO Dcccmbcr1983 close on lap 1 and taking the lead on the second go the Raceco of Frank Snook and Dave Rogalia had no troubles at all stormed around the second half of the race and won Class 1 easily to gain the only victory in the race for a nonNevada team More Californians Doug Smith and Roger Lord came home second in their Funco Carrying on through a shopping list worth of troubles were Don and Matt McBride who did get in the four laps in their Raceco Third in Class 1 and last overall at 23rd Doc Ingram and Doc Sauers did not get credit for their fourth lap as the checkpoints closed a bit early but their Chaparral was fourth in Class 1 anyhow The 1 2 1600 bunch was the biggest class of all 15 on the starting line But only a few miles later four vanished in the dust laden collision sct ne Still the top three on the first lap were all running in the same minute led b y Mike Stokely and next came Terry and Brent Bell and then Mike Spina plus Craig and Diana Hirschler were just a half minute further back Stokely soon had big trouble that would last for two laps Spina and Hirschler had identical times on the second round but the Bell Bunderson was four minutes faster The Bells took over the lead then never looked back and turned fast lap for the class 1 12 20 on the final loop to not only insure the class victory but take seventh overall Spina finished about 18 minutes later for second in 1 2 1600s followed in just 30 seconds by Craig and Diana Hirschler James Barbeau and Brian Wojcik held fourth followed by Stokely Ken Freeman Sr got running well in the late stages to take sixth In all nine of the 1 2 1600s mostly two seaters finished the four laps Once the biggest buggy class in racing Class 9 seems on the wane Only six appeared at the SNORE 250 and it was at this race where the 1200 cc class was born back in 1971 Two buggies vanished early two others were running well back and up front on the first lap only four minutes separated the Hi Jumper of Alex Decuir Len Newman and the team of Tom Malloy and Tom Coon Decuir picked up ten minutes on the next round handed over to Newman who kept up a quick pace only to have the engine let go on the final round They took second place anyhow Malloy and Coon kept moving well to cover the four laps and win Class 9 albeit 20th overall The final quintet off the line were the 1200 cc Bugs and the 4 x 4s Embarassing the V 8 powered trucks Barry McDermott with Don Western riding along turned a 1 53 on the first lap the only class lap under two hours Barry continued to lead through the three laps required to win the combined class handily by over 4 7 minutes Looking fancy off the start the Bronco of Mkhael Wilson and Larry Hansen went only a few miles and the Ford pickup of Bob Gaudet and Kai Kalvig managed two long laps 1 1 sty Times

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before giving up the battle Looking more like a parade vehicle with massive size tires than a race truck the one ton Jeep pickup proudly wearing the colors of the Nevada National Guard covered the ground in good times Driveit by Bill Peters and Terry Neese the Jeep did all three laps for a second in class Finishing only 15 minutes later was the Baja Bug of Tom Walker and Tom Burns With half the field 1n restricted classes the impound area by the start line was full of buggies by mid afternoon Each car was sent off to the scales on the pavement to be weigl ed but then the hilssles developed about post race inspection It was To the victor Rob MacCachren went the Holiday Casino bonus prize of 2000 After a busy morning scoring the race some Snore folks had to repair the decided by whoever not to scoring bus before they could go home That s racing real silver dollars Rob views the loot with joy helped by the twin trophy girls inspect the engines on any of the from the Holida Inn Casino classes the decision coming after a couple of hours of wrangling Only _the 1 2 1600s were then left in impound subject to a half baked protest over the track width on the Bell s winning two seat Bunderson It was much ado about nothing the off set front wheels gave an optical illusion of BY Jack Johnson J im Sumners Tony Kujala Jack Ramsay Larry Watson a wide track but the entire size of the swift race was measured and Terry Bell Allen Hanks Larry Ragland Frank _Snook _Steve Wolcott Lowell found perfectly legal Arnold Alex Decuir Marty Reider Jerry Penhall Ron Gard_ner Don RobertThe awards brunch on Sunday morning was magnificent with a son Doug Robertson Jim Tabor Dave Rogalia Tom Kepler Ed Herbst Rob royal feast of both breakfast or MacCachren Rick Munyon Bobby Neth Vernon Roberts Bill Donahoe lunch laid out as it can o nly happen in Las Vegas The Lenny Newman Mike Gaughan Doug Fortin Jerry Daugherty John Slagor Holiday Casino supplied a Rob Myerly Gregg Symonds Cal Wells Jr Vint Fugate Steve Sourapas Jim SNORE 250 ice sculpture and the whole affair was free to the Chick _Jim Cunningham Matt Harber Ed Martensen Doug Lund Doc Sauers racers their families and their friends On stage was a Doc Ingram Tom Ebberts Larry Smith Jon Kennedy Nick Herda Jim wheelbarrow full of 2 000 real Cocores Merlin Johnson Tom DeNault Tom Moessner Chuck Trickle Mike silver dollars the extra prize for first overall from the casino McCrory Tom Martin Ken Cox Lloyd Hanna Bob Shepard Tom Mattingly Along with the two grand in the Bill Reutgen Ja McMillen _Dick Weyarich Bob Renz Tom Lawson Jim wheelbarrow Rob MacCachren took home 1 260 for his class Shain Laird Whipple Buddy Yates Warner Rich Bob Knight Floyd Skor victory a considerable payoff Mike Stokely Bill Landon Roy Walker Gaven McCune Steve Martin Mitch these days especially for just four hours time behind the Mitchell Tim Herbst Tim Bell Tom Neth Bryan Harber Scott Steele Danny wheel Brian Balch picked up the 1 000 casino bonus for second Pierce Tracy Bilyeu Keith Himmelrick Bill Herrick Jim Austin Howard overall and Brian Collins got the Hjelm Walt Matthews Pepe Rodriquez Jeff Hibbard Tom Martin John Fogg 500 bonus for third overall In the true banquet atmosphere Bud Hamblen Rick Harrah Sonny Rogge_ndorf Bill Arnold Richard Young of the awards brunch Denny Jerome Cohen Mike Buchanan Gary Peterson Darryl Woody Steve _ Butler Selleck made the welcome announcement that Skoal CopenEd Beard Steve Godfrey and many other fine competit_ ors hagen were going to support SNORE again in 1984 to an even greater degree than this year Selleck thanked all the folks at the Holiday Casino for their generous support especially I thanking Sal Iodice the Director of Sales and Marketing who We were there our TRAILSMAN and SUPERSANDER tires were FIRST at the generated so many good things to inaugural Frontier 500 1 st overall two 1sts in class the Frontier 250 1 st overall support the race Iodice was already talking about how much two 1sts inclass the California 400 four 1sts in class the Parker 400 two 1sts in more the HoHday Casino could class the San Felipe 250 three 1sts in class the Mint400 four 1sts in class the do next year What a right kind of spon or that is and how rare Baja lnternacional two 1sts in class the Fireworks 250 1st_overall three 1sts in they are _class the SNORE 250 1 st overall three 1sts in class and th e 1983 Frontier Finally it was time for the drawing for the super sano 500 1 st overall three 1sts in class That s 5 out of 101 s t overall 4 wheel victories 28 SNORE Baja Bug on the stage class wins lnGidentally 27 of the cars left the Frontier 500 start line using built over the year by volunteers for the annual raffle that keeps TE CTIRA TIRES SNORE solvent through most of the year The single car cl drawn Next time for YOUR off road v hlcle get THE ACHIEVERS was that of Judy James only 15 years old and Judy s folks Stan and Nana James are loyal and hardworking SNORE members Judy will have to wait some months before she is old enough to drive her new car but her luck in the drawing was popular with the car going to a most deserving TECTIRA INC 701 CHARLESTON LEE S SUMMIT MO 84063 818 525 3555 family PERFORMANCE PROVENI Y iM TECTIRA December 1983 UD Pagc21

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THE SCORE BAJA 1000 Photos Trac ide Photo Enterprises A Hat Trick in Baja For the McMillin Clan pine forest and the summit At before the second Saturday Check 2 Nuevo Junction Dan check Up front it was tight as Cornwell Chenowth and Larry Mik_e Lund and Larry Ragland Ragland Chaparral were just ran almost in sight of each other about tied for the lead Lund was all the way west to Ensenada picking barbed wire out of his Lund won the battle and the war front suspension in the pine by some five minutes on forest and on the first round of Saturday and his husky lead on four through San Felipe Mike Friday brought him in an easy Julson Tom Ebberts had their Class 1 winner in the new Jimco ahead of Larry Ragland by Magnum and fourth overall about four minutes honors were his too Ragland Heading west Lund was also driving solo pressed home catching up Ragland fell on evil second in Class 1 sixth overall times breaking a CV joint later a and Cornwell got his Chenowth trailing arm and finally flipping healed to move into third in class en route to Mike s The Jimco among the five finishers held a good lead before vanishing Despite their overall winning on the s cond lap over the record the Class 2 stormers summit Mike Lund led the pack st_arted second in Baja As into San Felipe s impound about expected Corky and Scott half an hour ahead of Larry McMillin had the quick time on Ragland and Cornwell was the first leg Then a concrete having nothing but trouble but boulder jumped out in front of still moving Six made it to the the Chenowth in the pine forest stop officially and that was the end of the front Next morning the Lonnie end and their challenge for three Hawkins Phil Bowers Funco for three in Baja this year started third but it was out However other son Mark Carrying on the family habit of winning overall in Baja Marie McM 1 ln with an assist from Ralph Paxton did the job at the 1000 driving his trusty Class 2 Chenowth The format for the Score Baja twice down the endless San start most would have preferred 1000 is as ever changing as the Felipe beach road and through to leave earlier than they did The Baja California landscape This the soft stuff twice to Diab lo Dry first Class 1 left Ensenada at 8 30 year Score tried the idea of an Lake plus a side trip to Mike s a m which drastically shortened overnight stop in San Felipe Sky Ranch it was obvious that the hours of daylight running which perhaps is one reason for the lower horsepower cars could time Maybe the organizers the larger than normal entry of not afford any down time and forgot the change to standard 1 77 cars plus 58 motorcycles still get to the San Felipe time when they set the schedule and 13 ATCs Die hard Baja impound in 18 hours Just 54 of It was an omen that Mike Lund racers didn t like the idea of the 177 starters on four wheels was first away driving the almost stopping in the middle of a race were officially impounded at San wet paint new Chenowth Magbut they turned out in force Felipe many of the missing out num the first unit built for anyhow of the game including all of Class desert racing Among the 15 If the idea of an overnight stop 1 1 _simply because they were single seaters that got the green was new and different the rest of overtime flag the competition was fierce the format was familiar and While the car drivers got to down the highway to Ojos traditional Contingency row sleep late before the Ensenada Negros and off into the dirt to the next to the Ensenada Convention Center was surprisingly well populated considering the biggest ever SEMA Show was happening in Las Vegas NV Registration in Baja was the usual crush of people in the Bahia Hotel tech was calm and orderly at the Navy Yard and the awards were on Sunday in the courtyard of the Bahia Hotel where a surprising amount of survivors showed _up to enjoy the unusually warm weather The race started on the streets on the eastern edge ofEnsenada the San Felipe finish was right in front of the El Cortez Motel and the impound was there also as it was last spring for the San Felipe 250 Looking at the distance 482 miles and the time allowance 18 hours for the first day run on Friday it all seems reasonable a 27 mph average speed But looking at the map and thinking about two trips over the summit Walker Evans left no doubt about his Baja savvy Despite a fire he brought fhe twice through the ever deepening Dodge in second overall and an easy Class 8 winner sand traps around Tres Pozos Page 22 Decern r 1983 It was brand new but Mike Lund brought the desert Chenowth Magnum home the Class 1 winner Check the wild mounting of the driving lights Larry Ragland had his Chaparral in contention all the way but a few on course mishaps dropped him to second In class at the finish line Parnelli Jones vied for the lead in the Chevy he shared with Larry Minor but the team had some troubles and had to settle for second Dusty Times

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McMillin held up the honor of the clan with a five minute lead into San Felipe in the daylight Running second Mike Patrick was only four minutes ahead of Tom Bradley heading into the second loop Now Mark McMillin had Ralph Paxton drive relief on the Sky Ranch loop and the entry increased the time margin to half an hour by the overnight stop Second at the impound was the Funco of Cam Thieriot and Malcolm Smith ven though their big engined Funco had run out of gas they were on the comeback trail now 50 minutes ahea d of Patrick A sturdy eleven Class 2s made the overnight impound but it was basically a two buggy battle the next day between McMillin Paxton and Thieriot Smith who were now prepared for their thirsty 5 mpg racer Mark McMillin got to Ensenada first by about seven minutes on the day and his time in hand from Friday not only insured the Class 2 win but for the third race in Baja in a row a McMillin won overall car honors Thieriot and Smith were firm in second in class third overall followed home a couple of hours later by Ed and Jody Martensen who just beat out Mike Gaughan Len Newman and the Tom Bradley clan In all a fine 50 percent finished the race in Glass 2 Since the rules were heavily liberalized the big Class 8 trucks have been running right with the unlimited buggies and they now start third in Score s format The formidable field of 15 in Baja held all the top dogs in the three major brands of pickup Adding suspense to this class was one Parnelli Jones as quick on the trail as ever driving Larry Minor s super sano Chevrolet The Chevy ran right with the Walker Evans Dodge and the Ivan Stewart Ford and the trio ran away from the herd on the Bob Richardson flew his sleek Chenowth around Baja to the victory in the tough Class 10 competition Brother Dave helped out in relief Jim Sumners hopped over the ioute had some breakage but his trusty Raceco carried him again to first place in the 2 1600 clas battle first legs The first time through El Chinero Stewart and Minor Jones were tied on elapsed time and Evans was only a minute back Then Parnelli had a flat and discovered his spare tire had fallen off very costly on time Evans gained time Qn Stewart then the Ford had head gasket trouble which eventually put Stewart out on the second Friday loop At the San Felipe finish Walker Evans and Dodge s Dick Maxwell had over an hour lead Minor Jones were a solid second and only six pickups made it to impound The Dodge and the Chevy resumed the battle next morning running very close on the first loop where Dave Shoppe retired at Chinero Fueled to the hilt for the run to Ensenada Evans It was a tight race in Class 5 but Jim Cocores and Doug White got their Bug Dodge caught fire leaving San around In the quickest _time to win a close one in Baja Felipe for the last time The true grit all six made it _once to Jack Irvine Kit Trenholm drivers bailed out while still on San Felipe where Ray Gastelum Raceco and Bob and Dave the pavement and Maxwell took had about 19 minutes lead on Richardson Chenowth some singed eyebrows home to Marty Reider Then Gastelum Only a quartet of Class 10s got Detroit An alert flagman on the vanished from the charts and the back to San Felipe led by the city street arrived quickly with a Marty Reider Sid LeTourneau Richardson brothers who had huge extinguisher and the fire Funco ran out of time at El 46 minutes in _ hand over was put out The Dodge boys Chinero lni_m pound CalWells Irvine Trenholm Leighton hurried on to Ensenada finishing Jr and George Robbins_had their Koch were third and Roger the Class 8 winners and a Funco in a giant lead over Gary Mortenson made it home despite resounding second overall Peterson Don Atwood all that a rash of flat tires in the rocks taking a big win for Dodge and were left These two had a good below the summit On Saturday Goodyear Mfnor and Jones had race on Saturday and Cal Wells the battle resumed Jack Irvine more woes but they were still an and George Robbins won Class 9 and Kit Trenholm had a good easy second and the other three by about three hours over Gary day fast _time by about 15 finishers were hours behind Peterson and Don Atwood minutes but Bob and Dave The ten 2 1600s started out in There were nine in 1 1600 Richardson had such a Friday a very close dice but attrition class running for their own lead they won 10 honors by over was heavy and early By evening prizes instead of being combined an hour and were seventh it was the Raceco ofJim Sumners with 2 1600 as was done last overall Jack and Kit were an easy in a good lead holding an hour summer in Baja Bobby Neth econd 11th overall and Roger over Chris and Paul Bowen at took off like a rocket but he did Mortenson with Glenn Harris impound and the Bowens were not make the first loop There driving relief snagged thirp In hours ahead of Ralph and Rick Mike Balmos and Peter Alesi Jr fourth a DNF at the Sky Ranch Hagle All three first day had 20 minutes over Larry Smith was the fate of Bob Leighton and finishers were driving Racecos and Jon Kennedy and three Tom Koch Rodney Goodsell and David more got this far On the second What a gang 15 there was in Marini also got to impound but time around one more was Class 5 and they had a whale of a they were listed as 28 seconds lost and Smith Kennedy led race Timing at the first San overtime However no one told Balmos Alesi into the overnight Felipe check put Hartmut and them that _fact so they raced all stop Next day the Balmos Alesi Wolfram Klawitter in front by day Saturday to what they then entry went out with engine 20 minutes over Bobby learned was not a finish in trouble and Larry Smith and Jon Garner Bob Giese Jim Cocores Ensenada Kennedy drove on to victory by a Doug White were just ten more Sumners carried on during the full four hours over Ben and John minutes back and Malcolm second day and even a broken Greenwood Third was the Vinje Mark Hansen were CV joint about 40 miles from Chenowth of Ruben Garcia and another five minutes off pace victory did nbt cost him the lead Raul Sanchez Diaz But coming into the overnight While the Bowens beat Jirp Based on past performance stop the story changed as Sumners and riders Doug Renfro Class 10 was misplaced far back Garner Giese did not arrive The and Jake Fogg to Ensenada the in the starting order and with 14 Klawitters had a comfy 25 Raceco s huge lead from Friday on the line it started out to be a minute lead over Cocores held foranotherStimnersvictory dandy race First into San Felipe White Dennis Butow Butch and a smart eighth overall Chris were Dennis Sellers and Bob Dunn were next well back as and Paul Bowen were second and Rodine yes the real Bob were Vihje Hansen the last the Hagles third Rodine but they didn t get much Class 5 into the impound A half dozen started in Class 9 fa_rther Second then were Bob Butow Dunn were down and perhaps the final time the 1200s Leighton Tom Koch Raceco out by the fourth check on will compete in Baja Showing followed by Class 10 regulars Saturday and the Klawitters held _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ c __ _ _ on in the lead But after clearing more ahouc Baja on nexr Jag TECTIRA TIRES IN LAS VEGAS N EVADA as 11 Is a new Dodge but the same old story Rod Hall and Jim Fricker hurried around the desert to win Class 4 and place ninth overall Dusty Times Hartmut arid Wolfram Klawitter led most of the distance In Class 5 had trouble late In the game and took second only a minute behind December 1983 OFF ROAD BUGGY 3054 S VALLEY VIEW Page 23

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THE BAJA 1000 from page 23 the final check at Tres Hermanos the Klawitters dropped 18 minutes What a cliff hanger at the finish line it was as Cocores White had fast time for the day by 26 minutes and squeezed out the class victory by just one minute and change over the Klawitters Vinje and Hansen had a book length novel of troubles but they did come in for third and Val Dodd and D m Wells kept moving for fourth Next on the program were the nine Class 7 trucks but breakage came early for most Roger Mears Nissan lost _the trans a few miles from the green flag on the highway the trans was changed but Mears lost the second one at San Felipe Mario Alesi blew the engine in his Mazda and Jerry McDonald parked his S 10 at Tres Pozos First into San Felipe was the Ch_ev v S 10 of Johnny Johnson Earl Hardesty two minutes ahead of John Baker Mitsubishi and Manny Esquerra Ford Ranger was a half hour back Glenn Harris lost the trans in his Mazda and it was well after dark when co driver Peter Halsmer left on the second loop Halsmer did only a few miles before he rolled the truck on a tight turn it caught fire and Halsmer had trouble getting out However both he and his rider Bob Gray got away before the gas tank ignited with no injury as the Mazda burned to the ground Master of the long distance races Manny Esquerra did the number in Class 7 again In Baja with his brothe Tud y Joe riding in the Ford Johnson Hardesty vanished out of Tres Pozos and Manny Esquerra had a 3 hour lead over the other survivor at impound John Baker who had fixed numerous problems Manny and Tudy Joe Esquerra went on to Ensenada winning their second long tr_ek in a row for Ford and Firestone Baker kept plugging to finish the course in second place Of the half dozen that started in Class 4 five made the first leg to San Felipe where Rod Hall Jim Fricker and Dodge led by over an hour On the second round all Class 4s dropped out except Rod Hall alone in the overnight impound Despite running over a bed spring laced fish net next morning out of San Felipe and spending an hour cutting the drive axles loose Hall and Fricker arrived home in great time to take ninth overall Class 4 There were various leaders In Class 1 1600 but at the checkered flag In Ensenada It was Larry Smith and Jon Kennedy for Dodge and Goodrich in a n o who won in the Funco contest second day run in class Class 5 1600 is big in Mexico and with 24 starters it was the biggest class of all at the Baja 1000 A stout 14 Bugs got to San Felipe once and Eric and Henry Arras were leading Mark Steele Roy Taylor by ten minutes and Bruce and Brock Jones were close also Time and attrition took out most of the warriors on the second loop and only _five got to the stop Overnight Mark Steele and Roy Taylor had an hour lead over Mike Leon and Javier Tiznado and San_d y Turley haronJulson were third Saturday Steele still led he early legs then lost an our gomg to the Sky Ranch and it was here that Max azo Steve Lakin parked Takmg over the lead now all the ay to the checker d flag were Mike Leon and Javier Tiz ado winning the long race agam Steele and Taylor held on in second place Jesus Luna and Bill Rodriguez who made the overnight with just 19 minutes to spare patched and pushed the Tijuana Taxi into third The Shady Ladies went well until just short of Ojos Negros homeward bound then the trans input shaft broke putting them into a DNF but fourth It was three in Class 3 and early leaders Don Adams Jason Myers Jeep CJ 7 broke o n the seco nd loop as a big rock took out the entire front end Next to vanish Was the Bronco of Michael Wilson Hal Sealund The overnight lead and victory went to Doug and Ken Robinson Cal Wells has his best ever race in the Class 9 Funco With George Robbins For the third year In a row local folks Mike Sky Ranch Leon and Javier in their Bridgestone sponsored Tiznado buggied to the Class 5 1600 title on the Baja 1000 CJ 7 and they covered the entire co driving the team scored the big victory in Baja Saturday course in go od time A hefty t n showed up to contest Class 7S but only three made it to San Felipe the first time in the rugged terrain There Willie Valdez had his new stocker Fo rp Ranger up front Jorge Souto Nissan was some 20 minutes back followed by M ike and Pat Falkosky Toyota T he sand traps of T res Pozos did in two of the three and only the Falkosky Toyota got into impound o n time with a slim 37 minutes left _on the time allowance Also leaving impound the class winner Mike and Pat Falkosky cruised the Saturday route all the way stopping to fix a gushing fuelline and to change a Doug and Ken Robinson outlasted the Class 3 field covered the entire course Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spraqling splash through the wash en route to a full rear spring But the son and and scored their first big win In the Bridgestone Jeep CJ 7 course finish and the victory in Class 6 with the old Chevy father team won for Toyota and Goodrich Page 24 December 1983 Dusty Times

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SCORE BAJA 1000 Nov 3 6 1983 Results Class 1 1 2 3 4 5 Unlimited Single Seat 15 Start Class 1 1600 Single Seat 1600 cc Class 2 Unlimited Two Seat troubles The first time through San Felipe Larry Schwacofer had a big lead in the Chevy an hour over Gunnarsson and Bob Lanz who did not get back to impound in time So Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling cruised the course on Saturday to win Class 6 in a 25 year old Chevrolet wearing Goodrich colors Eleven starters in Class 11 should have been a lucky omen but only six q_f them got to San Felipe the first time There Sergio Gutierrez Victor Barajas led by 22 minutes over Paco Banuelos and Issac Chapluck who were closely tagged by Stuart Penner and Jeff Hixon However none of them got around to El Chinero on the second loop before the checkpoint closed as they got lost and stuck in the deep sa11d So Class 11 was scored through Tres Pozos on the second loop _ and it was close Sergio Gutierrez and Victor Barajas won by three minutes over Ramon Castro and Porfirio Gutierrez and they informed Sal Fish at the Awards that the time allowance was not enough for Class 11 in such Although none of the Class 11s finished they had a close race for a while terrain Sergio Gutierrez and Victor Barajas on by just 3 minutes Class 18 for the Mexico City based 1835 cc Chenowth formula appeared at the Baja 1000 again with six entries and four got to San Felipe on the first trip There Javier Tapia and Armando 1 obato led and they led all the way to the impound nearly two hours ahead of the only other Friday survivor in class Hugo Tapia and Gerardo Briones The two teams finished the course in the same order the next day in Ensenada Ten that started from San _Felipe on Saturday fell out on the 333 mile run to the west Just 44 of the original 177 cars were official finishers _an extremely high rate of failure for a Baja Javier Tapia and Armando Lobato led most of the way in their Chenowth 1000 However it was theroughest Baja 1000 course in winning the Mexico City based Class 18 by almost three hours years with the eastern desert trails chewed into a morass in many spots th_at would do credit to the Mint 400 course the morning after A total time allowance of 31 hours for 815 miles seems generous but it was the long and difficult Friday route that eliminated the majority of the non finishers Even the top dogs the usual winners and regulars in Baja said the course was tougher to cover than the race to Las Paz last year Early on course folks liked the r est they got at the overnight stop but those running back and late got no sleep anyhow with a 7 a m restart The jury is still out on the value of_a time out stop in Going the farlhest before breaking Sandy Turley and Sharon Julson were only the middle of the traditional 40 miles from pay dirl but they got fourlh anyhow in 5 1600 enduro that is the Baja 1000 Although eight started in Class 6 the competition faded fast Running close in second and third at Nuevo Darold MacDannald lost the trans in his Ford Ranchero and Arne Gunnarsson Saab 96 had Dusty Times December 1983 Class 2 1600 Jim Sumners Doug Renfro Chris Bowen Paul Bowen Ralph Hagle Rick Hagle Rodney Goodsell David Marini 303 300 Doug Robinson Ken Robinson Michael Wilson Hal Sealund 1 2 401 402 Rod Hall Jim Fricker Lowell Arnold Tom Kepler 1 2 4 5 503 502 546 504 507 Jim Cocores Doug White Har1mut Klawitter Wolfram Klawitter Malcolm Vinie Mark Han en Val Dodd Dan Well s Dennis Butow Butch Dunn 1 2 3 4 562 592 552 594 Mike Leon Javier Tiznado Mark Steele Roy Taylor Jesus Luna Guillerm o Rodrique z Sandy Turley Sharon Julson 1 601 639 Larry Schwacofer Sid Spradling Arne Gunarsson Bob Lanz 1 702 2 701 3 739 Manny Esquerra Tudy Esquerra John Baker Ben Metcalf John Johnson Earl Hardesty Class 5 a 2 1956 02 8 21 10 58 14 25 16 29 31 Ck 11 27 52 48 40 Ck 5 Jeep CJ 7 Ford Bronco 6 start 1 finish 20 06 18 Ck 11 Dodge PU JeepJ 10 15 start Baia Baia Ba1a Baia Baia Mini Truck 4 finish 2142 21 2143 29 2538 31 28 41 39 Ck 14 Bug Bug Bug Bug Bug 24 start BaIa Baia Baia Baia Production Sedan Class 7 S 1 2 3 finish 1finish 3 start 1600 cc Baja Bug Class 7 10 start Raceco Race co Race co Chenowth Unlimited Baja Bug Class 6 1 17 35 06 1 lll 114 11 1 20 29 37 10 20 48 12 12 20 51 03 13 Raceco Funco Funco Long WB 4 x 4 Class 5 1600 8 finish mr ii 1 Class 3 Short WB 4 x 4 Class 4 3 finish Chenowth Two Seat 1600 cc 298 268 264 261 1 2 3 4 23 43 35 25 2431 26 30 28 20 48 42 Ck 20 8 start 1 finish 25 32 20 32 Ck 11 55 Chevrolet Saab 96 2 finish 2142 45 19 26 27 45 38 Ck 10 Ford Ranger Mitsubishi Chevy S 10 Stock Mini Truck 10 start_ _ 1 finish 28 10 42 41 Ck 10 Toyota Nissan 75 7 Mike Falkosky Pat Falkosky 759 Jorge Souto Sergio Duron 18 20 34 43 3 finish Bug Bug Bug Bug 9 start 18 32 33 4 19 07 07 6 24 00 58 26 24 0919 27 24 26 28 29 21 35 18 17 25 35 16 33 26 20 44 37 Ck 13 16 start 213 Mark McMillin Ralph Paxton 1 1 1 twll iw T hill tW l 1 D 1 r 1 m imi h 3 207 Ed Martensen Jody Martensen 4 201 Michael Gaughan Len Newman 5 205 Tom Bradley Tom Bradley Jr 1 Mike and J Pat Falkosky were the only survivors in Class 7 S and the Toyota had an easy run on Saturday lo the important victory 9 start Funco Funco Chenowth Chenowth Larry Smith Jon Kennedy Ben Greenwood John Greenwood Ruben Gartia Raul Sanchez Diaz Mike Balmos Peter Alesi Jr Pos 0 A 5 finish Chenowth Magnum Chap rral Chenowth Sandnawk Chenowth 100 Mike Lund solo 118 _ Larry Ragland solo 111 Dan Cornwell solo 116 Steve Shirley Hank Winter 160 Perry McNeil solo 1 198 2 166 3 199 4 165 Time Vehicle Pos Car Driver ls Class 8 1 2 3 4 5 808 804 848 849 801 Pickup Truck 15 start Walker Evans Dick Maxwell Larry Minor Parnelli Jones Sieve Kelley Tom Morris Michael Nesmith Randy Salmon Ron Clyborne Bria n Lowe Class 9 Single Seat 1200 cc 1 904 2 902 3 901 Calvin Wells Jr George Robbins Gary Peterson Don Atwood Marty Reider Sid leTourneau 1 2 3 4 33 14 32 4 Bob Richardson Dave Richardson Jack Irvine Kit Trenholm Jr Roger Mortenson Glenn Harris Bob Leighton Tom Koch 1 2 46 43 Sergio Gutierrez Victor Baraias Ramon Castro Porfirio Gutierrez 1 2 3 185 180 182 Class 10 Unlimited 1600 cc Class 11 Class 18 Stock VW Sedan 5 finish 6 start 2 finish 24 20 30 28 27 0741 39 Ck 10 Funco Funco Funco 14 start 3 finish 191440 20 36 21 11 2334 17 24 Ck 17 Chenowth Raceco Funco Race co 11 start 0 finish vw vw 1835 cc Single Seat Mex 6 start Javier Tapia Armando LobatoHugo Tapia Gerardo Briones Richard Molina Claus Schinkel 1757jl2 190110 2119 17 15 2126 49 16 30 00 10 44 Dodge Chevrolet GMC GMC Ford Chenowth Chenow1h Chenow1h 16183OCk 10 1621 00 Ckl0 2 finish 23 OD 35 23 26 12 25 36 Ck 10 Total Starters 177 cars 58 motorcycles 13 ATCs 248 Finishers friday 54 cars 29 motorcycles 6 ATCs 89 Finishers Sat 0 A 44 cars 28 motorcycles 4 ATCs 76 Finish Ratio 24 85 cars 47 27 motorcycles 30 76 ATCs Overall finish ratio total entry 30 65 Race Distance Friday 482 miles Sa 333 miles Total 815 miles Time allowance Friday 18 hours Sat 13 hours L To1al 31 hours Fas1 Time Overall Dan Ashcraft Dan Smith Husqvarna 14 48 10 Page 25

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THE CHICOUTIMI BUDWEISER CHALLENGE A Great Race For Score Canada Text Photos Danny McKenzie Flying high Garry Franklin won the 1 2 1600 race on Saturday and the New Jersey driver moved Into third in the season s points as well The Class 4 start is always exciting On Sunday Curt LeDuc drove his Jeep Honcho through the pack to win Class 4 and later LeDuc also won overall in the wild Challenge of Champions event A traveling band of racers invaded the picturesque town of Chirnutimi Quebec for the fifth round in the Score BFGoodrich Championship Series The Chicoutimi race was a double points event a ploy used to encourage American and Can adian drivers to make the long tow 300 miles north of Montreal to the race A full 90 entries came to compete in the unusually hot and humid climate and the off roaders attracted 6 000 cheering fans who could see all the action on the one mile course Score Canada has pointscounting heats on both Saturday and Sunday at their events and the competition was fierce on the tight course at C h icoutimi O n Saturday the 1 2 1600 b unch put on a great show Americans Gordon Zima and Garry Franklin were one two in the early laps followed by Quebecois Richard Nadon the o nly Canadian in the firs t five Nadon was tagged by Tom Surace and Mark Lewis On the fourth lap Zima went out with suspension problems handing the lead to Franklin who was well ahead of the pack at this point The New Jersey driver stayed out front to the checkered flag By the eighth lap a real fight developed for second Torri Surace slid past Richard Nadon who was now pressed by Joel Croft and Lewis dropped to fifth and that is how they finished the 12 lap heat On Sunday the 1 2 1600 bash was every bit as competitive Gordon Zima again took the early lead but this time it was Rocky Page 26 Knudsen and Normand Marineau who were fighting hard for second place swapping that spot a few tiples until Knudsen lost his front end on Lap 5 Ken Lazur and Joel Croft were side by side dicing for third which became second when Marineau lost his trans on the eighth lap After 15 hard fought rounds Zima took the win followed by Croft Lazur and Tom Surace The officials decided to do a full inspection on the first two cars and when the inspection was over Gordon Zima was disqualified his car not conforming to the Score rules The victory and points went to Joel Croft who is now fourth in the standings The points leader is Tom Surace followed closely by Real Vaillancourt and Garry Franklin T here is just o ne event at Kitchener left on the 1983 points series On th e firs t day of racing Class 10 featured mainly Canadian drivers with only New Jersey s Dave Lofland breaking up the northerners in the top spots From the green flag Ernie Jakubowski from Ontario charged into the lead anp he charged hard all the way to victory in his Mantis entry Lofland fought through the bunch to take second from Tom Benvenuti with just two laps togo Normand Vaillancourt nabbed fourth and John McPherson was fifth The picture changed dramatically for Class 10 on Sunday Richard Dagenais from the Richard B uggy Racing Team grabbed the lead on th firs t lap followed by Claude Tetreault and John McPherson After six rounds Dag nais had a b ig lead T e t rea ult back ed off wi th mechan ical woes and McPherson sho t past into second with Dave Lofland glued to his rear Driving his unique looking Mantis Ernie Jakubowski from Oakville Ontario led Class 10 from wire to wire in the Saturday action bumper On the tenth of 15 laps built and driyen by Joe Janis was Lofland made a wild pass on both next LeDuc and Crabb were McPherson and Dagenais to lead hard at it at the fron t of the pack only brlefly as Dagenais got his but after 8 laps LeDuc was in the lead back and carried on to win pits and out of the fray After 12 the heat McPherson bobbled on exciting laps Roy Crabb took the the 11th lap and Jakubowski well deserved victory from Peter slipped past for third then Ernie Nolan and Joe Janis zipped bY Lofland on rhe final lap On Sunday Joe Janis and Curt to finish second just ahead of LeDuc were on the front row on Lofland who was dogged in by the grid in an inverted start But McPherson and Benvenuti Ernie on the first lap Janis saw his front Jakubowski now leads the Class drive shaft pop through the floor 10 points battle over Lofland and that was that LeDuc charged Dagenais McPherson and N or away to a commanding lead that mand Vaillancourt he held for all 15 laps and the The crowds love the heavy victory Early in the fray Peter metal and in Eastern Canada it is No lan held second then came all Class 4 On Saturday Peter Roy Crab b and Milan Mazanec N o lan in a wild 427 Ford Midway N o lan s b ig Fo rd Pickup just led Roy Crabb and retired with engine trouble so Curt LeDuc both in LeDuc Off Crabb was an easy second well Road Jeeps After j ust o ne lap the beh ind LeDuc At the flag Rick leaders reversed LeD u c was No Ian driving another massive ahead of C rabb N olan was third Ford moved into third ahead of Mazanec On points Curt LeDuc and another LeDuc style Jeep John McPherson from Pickering Ontario led Class 1 from flag to flag on Dave Lofland led most of the race and won Class 1 on Sunday in a hard fought Saturday in h is Berrien and McPherson leads in the points contest The New Jersey driver al O runs In Class 10 December 1983 D usty Times

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Bill Lefeuvre Mantis who did finish second Allen Andreolli took third place home to New England Steve Norris flipped cut his knee and was out of it On Sunday Richard Dagenais jumped into the lead closely tagged by Dave Lofland and Steve Norris but on Lap 2 Lofland surged into the lead and Norris was out with front end problems Dagenais held second then ahead of Allen Andreolli John McPherson was working his way through the pack and was up to fifth just behind Ed Righter in his beautiful Chenowth Magnum After ten laps Andreolli was in second behind Lofland fighting off the challenge of McPherson At the checkered flag Lofland had the victory with Mc Pherson right on his tailpipe Andreolli held third and Dagenais was Dusty Times fourth John McPherson leads the Class 1 points followed by Bill Lefeuvre Richard Dagenais Allen Andreolli and Garry Larson Among the ATCs 16 year old local rider Luc Gervais rode a 250 Honda to victory on both days In 125cc bikes Roger St bruised knuckles With the 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tips what accessories and tools mudders are Pl 75 75R13 are needed and much more A LT195 75R14 LT195 75R15 bonus chapter on racing is LT215 75R15 LT23 5 75R15 included for those who push it to and LT255 85Rl6 The new the limit Produced by Darwin sizes bring the various sizes of Publications the new book is Radial Mud Terrain T As up to available at popular book stores an even dozen something for and off road shops just 9 95 for every size vehicle 224 pages of adventure Gelais won on Saturday on a Yamaha and Normand Pilate won on Sunday on a Honda Normand Pilate also won both heats for 250cc bikes aboard a Honda The final event of the two days of racing in Chicoutimi was a Challenge of Champions featur Roy and Rick Crabb scored ari upset victory In Class 4 driving hard to beatthe favorites on Saturday In their LeDuc built Jeep S 19clal December 1983 ing the 22 quickes_t entrants from all the classes in a flat out sprint winner take all heat Lap times had been recorded during each class race and a handicap system on the start gave every car a chance at the first place prize This round the buggies took a beating as Curt LeDuc drove his BFGoodrich backed Jeep Special to a wire to wire victory LeDuc became the first Class 4 racer to win the Challenge of Champions event and the trophy and of course the 500 first prize money Only Class l cars have won the Challenge at prior Score Canada events A favorite of the crowd at Canadian races Is the wild 427 Ford 4x4 pickup driven by Peter Nolan from Newmarket Ontario Page 27

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It is a tradition Each year the off road faithful gather to race to spectate and enjoy the annual convention of short course racing at Riverside International Raceway The event has a mystic attraction for both local drivers and stars from the far side of the Rocky Mountains It is the place to be and for eleven years the tradition has carried on through date changes a pair of gas short i ges and economic ups and downs While foul weather early in the weekend kept the crowds below normal size this year the 1 racers came 0ut in strength in several classes There was a big entry from outisde southern California too and the event is close to national championship status It was quite a different format for Riverside in 1983 The activity was squeezed into three Photos John Calvin Trackside Photos instead of four days but it all worked well SCORE combined several groups of classes in some races and that helped the schedule and provided full fields in each combat The race track was shorter and the number of laps for each event was cut to eight in order to tighten the program and give everyone a chance to strut their stuff on Sunday when the biggest crowds come to Riverside The much tauter program helped SCORE a good deal when heavy rains washe o most of the on track action urday morning Merely eliminating the qualifying runs for grid position brought the program right back on its time schedule Those classes scheduled for qualifying went back to the mass all abreast start used in former years It works as well if not better than going through the tedious routine of individual qualifying runs for each car After Saturday afternoon practice for all classes a moto each for the 3 wheelers and desert motorcycles a real herd appeared on the grid for the 4 x 4 races It was sort of a qualifying run for the Skoal Bandits Heavy Metal Challenge on Sunday and the Class 8s had their own heat for the same purpose All three 4 x 4 classes ran together with a delay start between Classes 4 3 and 14 A total of 24 four wheel drives hit the mud in the first race for Mini truck action was wild at Riverside Early in the race Steve Millen Toyota barely led Walker Evans Dodge and four wheeled vehicles at Riverside mate Ivan Stewart but at the flag it was Iron Man Ivan who took the big victory this year It was a giant traffic jam going into the first turn after the drag race from the start Rod Hall emerged first in his Dodge but it wasn t long before John Randall got his Jeep Honcho alongside the Dodge and braved it out to take the lead Randall streaked away to win overall and Class 4 easily while his brother Mike in a similar Honcho held on in third right behind Rod Hall Minne5ota racers John and Rick Witt were next in Class 4 in another Jeep pickup Don Adams led Class 3 from flag to flag in his Jeep CJ 7 and holding second all the way was Illinois champion Chuck Johnson in his Walker Evans was the only double winner at Riverside His trusty Dodge took For 11 years the Mears Gang has been winning at Riverside Roger did the job Bronco Typifying family racing the victory in both Class 8 and the Heavr Metal Challenge in 1983 driving the Class 1 sleek new Chenowth Magnum Dan Randall took third in a borrowed CJ 7 providing a whole batch of new trophies for the Randall shelf in Mesa Arizona The Class 14 tussle featured all outlanders and the modified 4 x 4s are popular everywhere but in the west From Massachusetts Jeeper Curt LeDuc put his yellow winged creation out front early and led all the way An early challenge came from Colorado s Jerry Daugherty in the Black Widow Blazer but he faded midway as did fellow Colorado racer Darrel Jorgenson Running hard Joe Janis also from Massachusetts got a good strong second in his own Jeep based rig The Saturday program closed Albert Bright from Tucson AZ emerged the winner from the fierce infighting Scott Taylor with Tim Skipper riding in the rear seat took the C ass2 victory in with the sixteen Class 8 pickups his Pro Tech and the cash home to Belv dere Illinois in the wild bunch better known as Class 5Baja Bugs FANTASTIC RACING DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE The Score Bridgestone Off Road World Championship Page 28 December 1983 Dusty Times

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racing hard to qualify for the main event Walker Evans Dodge had the victory nailed from the first turn and no one got close to him Ivan Stew rt __ Ford and Larry Minor Chevy diced close for second Minor finished in second while Stewart lost a fender to a hardy group that it flew to in the grandstands Wisconsin s top trucker Jack Flannery got his Ford home a fine fourth The event was enlivened by Stan Gilbert drivinghis C lass 6 El Camino Stan ran fourth for half the race then dropped o ut with a flat front tire Sunday was a perfect day for racing at Riverside not too hot and pleasantly sunny The program began with practice for all classes then started serious racing with a tremendous battle among seven 5 1600s Classes 6 and 7S were also in the field for the first race Dan Naylor led the Bugs off the line but both Eric Arras and Doug Ingles were o n his bumper and the three ran fender banging close Naylo r and Arras hit ha rd o n the to p of Turn 6 ending up in the hay together and Ingles took the lead Right wi th them then was the Class 6 leader Stan G ilbert and he moved o n into the overall and class victory leaving the Bugs to their own wars The track was strewn with Baja Bug parts fe nders sundry glass pieces and even o ne engine cage With two laps to go Arras inched p ast Ingles and Naylor lost a fro nt wheel A rras and Ingles finished in that o rder after a great race Bob G iese and Mark Steele battled all the way too and finished in that order fo r third and fo urth while Larry Sch wacofer nabbed second in sedans sandwich ed between the two pairs o f battling Bugs The four 7S trucks lost Mike Falkosky s Toyo ta before the first turn and W illie Valdez Courier soon lost the lead to Gary Bradd y G ary Braddy wo n this race for Nissan The biggest class at Riverside was 10 with 36 unlimited 1600s After seven years of trying Scott Taylor right toasts victory with Miss Bridgestone rider Tim Skipper and Bridgestone s Ron O Brien Class 4 action was heavy on the muddy track but John Randall kept his Jeep together to win the cla_ss and overall in his tidy Honcho Larry Bo in was a repeat winner from 1972 hustling through the pack in 1 1600 competition for a good margin driving his Hi Jumper 55 Class 14 belonged to the outlanders Curt LeDuc ran hard to the victory in his Jeep _h ere passing Darrel Jorgenson in the esses Bill Royster scored the win in desert Class 1 a neat way to return to short course racing Royster drove very well in the Chenowth Curt LeDuc left thinks winning is fun and he did win Class 14 John Randall and Ed Jacobs seem more serious after winning Class 4 WHY AREN T YOU A DUSTY TIMES DEALER Contact DUSTY TIMES Gary Braddy won one for Nissan as he survived the best of all the Class 7 S quartet despite the o v1ous from the start Dusty Times o y amage December 1983 5331 Derry Avenue Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 213 889 5600 Page 29

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More About Rivcrsidc urompage 29 BRIDGESTONE SCORE OFF ROAD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Riverside International Raceway Oct 1 2 1983 Results Vehicle Pos Car Driver s Hometown Class 1 Short Course Unlimited Single Seat 33 start 1 2 3 4 5 121 105 120 103 124 Roger Mears Frank Arciero Jr Pancho Weaver _Scott Gillman Bob Gordon 1 2 100 105 3 4 108 107 5 106 Bill Royster Glenn Evans Karol Vanzant Mark Hansen Dan Cornwell 1 2 3 4 5 163 166 168 162 164 Larry Bolin Kenneth N Hodge Jr Nick Herda Rick Valdenegro Robert Johnson 1 2 3 4 5 259 254 258 256 255 Dave Bonner Ron Fleming Neil Phillips Tony Shumaker Rodney Goodsell Jeff Barr Chris Bowen Mike Sherman Leif Christensen Andrew Williams 1 2 3 4 5 205 206 210 204 207 Scott Taylor Tim Skipper Mike Lund Gary Garner John Sprague Scott Alsobrook Ron Carter Glenn Galbraith Bill Pedersen Charlie Collins 1 2 3 4 5 300 301 307 306 303 Don Adams Tom Winters Chuck Johnson Dan Randall Doug Ken Robinson Kevin O Connell Ri chard Mounier 1 2 3 4 5 406 400 407 403 402 John Randall Rod Hall Jim Fricker Mike Randall Jonh Witt Rick Witt Rick Grumbein Mark Acuna 1 2 3 4 5 503 504 506 508 505 Albert Bright John Herlong Marty Letner Bobby Garner Jim Cocores Doug White Malcolm Vinje 1 2 3 4 5 556 555 55 3 554 552 Eric Arra s Sherri French Doug Ingles Deborah Kent Bob Giese Lloyd Hanna Mark Stee le Dan Naylor Randy Cochrane 1 2 3 4 603 602 601 600 St an Larry Arne Dan 1 2 3 4 5 711 705 707 715 717 Ivan Stewart Bryant Hibbs Steve Millen Bryan Kudela Jeff Huber Dan Esslinger Sherman Balch Jeff Mac Pherson 1 2 3 4 748 744 742 743 Gary Braddy Kevin Conery Willie Valdez Gene Sellers Mike Pat Falkosky 1 2 3 4 5 801 809 80 3 814 812 Walker Evans Larry Minor Jon Nelson Ivan Stewart Charlotte Corral Jack Fla nnery Jim Gunderson Gene Sellers Bryan Sellers 1 5 12 37 2 38 14 1 2 3 4 5 474 476 475 477 471 Curt LeDuc Joe Janis Jim Dodd Wes Banks Steve Mizel Neil Laeger Don German 1 2 3 4 5 801 407 473 402 803 Walker Evans Mike Randall Darrel Jorgenson David Gee Rick Grumbein Mark Acuna Ivan Stewart Charlotte Corral Class 1 Chenowth Magnum Chenowth Higgins Funco Funco Chenowth Magnum Desert Bakersfield CA Laguna Hills CA An aheim Hills CA Orange CA Unlimited Single Seat 11 start Chenowth Chapparal Chenowth Chenowth Chenowth Lan caster Phoenix Santa Ana Escondido San Diego CA AZ CA CA CA Class 1 1600 Restricted Single Seat 1600 8 start Hi Jumper Hi Jumper _ Hi Jumper Sandhawk Home Made Newberry Springs CA Norwalk CA Las Vegas NV Scottsdale AZ Redwood City CA Class 2 1600 Restricted Two Seat 1600 Class 2 10 start Villa Park Laguna Hills Holtville Long Beach Toganga Raceco Jimco Chenowth Raceco Hi Jumper Unlimited Two Seat CA CA CA CA CA 11 start Belvidere IL Huntington Bch CA Lake Elsinore CA Culver City CA St Charles IL Pro Tech Chenowth Hi Jumper Funco Berrien Buggy Class 3 Short WB 4 x 4 8 start Class 4 Class 5 Nathrop CO Rockford IL Mesa AZ San Carlos CA Tucson AZ Jeep CJ 7 Ford Bronco Jeep CJ 7 Jeep CJ 7 Jeep CJ 7 long WB 4 x 4 7 start Mesa AZ Reno NV Mesa AZ Minneapolis MN Tempe AZ Jeep Honcho Dodge PU Jeep Honcho Jeep Honcho Jeep Honcho Unlimited Baja Bug 7 start Baja Baja Baja Baja Baja Tucson AZ Orange CA Los Alamito s CA Monterey Park CA San Diego CA Bug Bug Bug Bug Bug Class 5 1 600 1600 cc limited Baja Bug Class 6 7 start Riverside CA Lake Elsinore CA Huntington Bch CA San Clemente CA Vista CA Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Baja Bug Production Sedan 4 start Gilbert David Hall Schwacofer Barry Williams Gunnarsson Mark Rheude Cannon Mike Fetcho Cypress CA Hemet CA Upland CA Covina CA Chevy El Camino 55 Chevy Saab Sonnet Ford Class 7 Mini trucks Metal Challenge 19 start Lakeside Santa Ana Apple Valley Fremont Santa Ana Toyota Toyota Ford Ranger Nissan Chevy S 10 CA CA CA CA CA Class 7S Stock Mini Trucks 4 start El Cajon CA El Monte CA Parker AZ Poway CA Nissan Ford Courier Chevy Luv Toyota Class 8 Pickup 16 start Riverside CA San Jacinto CA Lakeside CA Crandon WI Parker AZ Dodge Chevrolet Ford Ford Chevrolet Class 10 1600 Open 36 start 2 3 4 Jerry Greg Mike Pepe Brian Anaheim CA Orange CA Orange CA San Luis MX Grand Terrace CA Funco Funco Funco Funco Funco Whelchel George Gillman Morales Julio Castillo Harber Class 14 Modified 4 x 4 9 start E Longmeadow MA W Springfield MA Modesto CA Denver CO Petaluma CA Jeep Jeep Jeep CJ Ford Bronco Jeep CJ Hea y M_etaJ Challenge Cl 3 4 14 8 Dodge 8 Jeep Honcho 14 Special 14 Jeep Honcho 14 Ford 18 Total starters four wheels three wheels 25 two wheels 24 Total starters 239 Page 30 190 14 start Riverside CA Mesa AZ Loveland CO Tempe AZ Lakeside CA of the few repeat wins from 1982 at Riverside Initially second on the track Chris Blanke was disqualified for technical reasons his car was too light So Kenneth Hodge was second and Nick Herda third all in Hi Jumpers The 2 1600s had more of a battle with first Neil Phillips leading then Doug Ingles In the waning laps Dave Bonner took the lead when Ingles dropped back and Bonner won the race for Raceco followed by Phillips and Rodney Goodsell in a very good race SCORE scheduled a separate event this year for desert style Class 1 cars and eleven answered the call Larry Ragland Chaparral took the lead early and was The lead changed often in 2 1600 class but at the flag the leader was long gone in a couple of laps But Bonner with Ron Fleming riding in the winning Raceco with just two turns to cover to victory Ragland lost the trans Surviving the infighting to the rear Bill Royster put his Chenowth home handily for the victory followed by Glenn Evans and Karol Vanzant It was a slender but feisty field of ten in Class 2 and the race featured another wire to wire victory This trip it was Scott Taylor who grabbed the lead early in his tandem Pro Tech and the Illinois champion put a lot of distance on the field as he won easily It was Taylor s seventh year of trying for a win at Riverside In a regular side by side Chenowth Mike Lund and Gary Garner ran second all the way Larry Ragland again broke It was a ding dong battle in the 5 1600 war Eric Arras here going by Bob while battling John Sprague for Geise fought the good fight and emerged the big winner third and _Ron Car ter cam revving on the grid for the mad Bobby Garner was third fol through the pack for a good fourth followed by Bill Pedersen dash to the first turn A few got lowed by Jim Cocores lost in the dash and a few more It was no contest among the in his Berrien fell victim to traffic over the steel 1 1600s as Larry Bolin got well After the final motorcycle plated mechanical jump being out in front and stayed there in heat it was main event time at tested by Mickey Thompson for his Hi Jumper Bolin scored one Riverside This year the main his stadium race circuit next season Hitting the jump just right was tricky with the transition from dirt to pavement to steel and back to pavement a bit much in the short yardage allowed One driver who got it just right and the rest of the route too was Jerry Whelchel Whelchel was in front on the first lap and in front on the last lap never headed on his way to a well earned victory Mexican driver Pepe Morales was second in the early laps but Greg George soon zoomed by in his Funco trailed by Mike Gillman This pair moved in on Whelchel but they never got close enough to really threaten his lead The two ran very close and George Stan Gilberi drove his Chevrolet El Camino to the Class 6 victory and here finished second Gillman third passing Doug Ingles was the overall winner of the heat too followed by Morales and Brian Harber the entire front five where driving Funcos After the Sunday bash for 3 wheelers a pack of 25 assorted 1 and 2 1600s and unlimited Baja Bugs lined up With the delay start between classes it wasn t quite as hectic in the first turns Class 5 led off and Marty Letner jumped into the lead in his Las Vegas based Bug Dicing hard behind him was a big pack for a couple of laps Then Albert Bright from Tuscon moved out smartly and closed up tight on Letner The two put on a wild show and on the final lap Bright zipped past Lerner to lead the Unseasonal rain made the track muddy In spots but it didn t stop Ivan Stewart from executing a daring pass to win the Nissan Mini Metal Challenge final round and win the race December 1983 Dusty Times

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Evans fo r the lead with the herd well back LeD uc had some troubles and Darrel Jorgenson from Colorado had h is wierd b ut good working single seat C lass 14 up to third place Near the end of the fifth lap Hall moved alongside Evans in the battle of the factory Dodges Hall went for the pass on the tight switchback on Turn 6 didn t make it slammed into Evans and broke his transfer case From that point Walker had no more competition and he easily won the Skoal Bandits prize Darrel Jo rgenson held second until getting a flat near the end M ike Randall m oved h is Ho ncho into second Jorgenson stayed in th ird to the flag To the rear Don Adams was figh ting Rick Grumbien for fourth and just short of the fini_sh line the engine blew in the CJ and that was that This put Ivan Stewart and his sick sounding Ford into fifth as not many were still moving well There was no Class 1 challenge race at Riverside this year the Don Adams continued on his winning ways in the Jeep CJ 7 taking the Class 3 title but his luck ran out on Sunday in the Challenge The mass start was hectic for most classes Here Mike Falkosky goes into the hay and out of the battle early in his 7S Toyota pickup Colorado driver Da rrel Jorgenson surp rised some of the regulars by taking a strong third in the Heavy Metal Challenge in his special events were hotly contested and exciting and they also bore a strong resemblence to destruction derbys First o n the program was the Nissan Mini Metal C hallenge with a great field 19 minis and midi trucks in fact it was the third largest class at the meet All the heavy hitters were out in their factory backed rigs with an equal number of privateers trying to keep up with the latest 16 valve engines from Japan But the desert ready trucks were no match for the highly specialized units built for short course racing All 19 charged down the dirt into the first turn fiberglass flying They kept charging into the esse s jockeying for position After one lap Steve Millen Toyota was leading Roger M ears Nissan by inches Ivan Stewart headed a pack in pursuit and he soon had a smash with John Johnson Chevy S 10 That action put W alker Evans up to third in h is new Dodge D 50 and the action was hectic In three laps M illen had a clear lead and Stewart s battered truck was second about a yard ahead of Evans Mears spun on Turn 6 and Johnson was fourth with a deflating rear tire Halfway Evans and Stewart Dusty Times closed up on Millen and Mears had a flat and later retired Next round Ivan put an incredib le pass d own squeezing by both Evans and Millen to take the lead Stewart fought off Millen to win the race Evans stalled o n the course and retired and behind the two quick Toyotas Jeff Huber inherited third in the ex Willie Valdez Ford Ranger Mario Alesi had been fourth but his Mazda slowed late in the game and Sherman Balch came home fourth in his Nissan Only eight of the original 19 were in motion after eight miles of racing The Skoal Heavy Metal Challenge fielded 1 7 by our count In theory they were the op 70 percent from the four big truck classes There were five each in Classes 8 4 and 14 and a pair of Class 3s All three long wheelbase classes seemed equal on this race track It was a bang up run for the smoke bomb type start Walker Evans flew into the air and landed in first place On his heels were Curt LeDuc Rod Hall Darrel Jorgenson Joe Janis and Don Adams A favorite John Randall broke an axle on the first lap By lap 2 Rod Hall driving his best ever closed course race was challenging The pickups had a spectacular race Including this unfortunate rollover done by Dan Beayer Ford as Frank Vessels Ford gets by OK Challenge of Checkbooks having been canceled o ut o n Saturday and there was no time to run the event o n Sunday So the Short Course C lass 1 gang 33 strong assumed th e mantle of the big main event The start was an Oklahoma land rush of h igh powered buggies and it was no surprise to see Roger Mears emerge from the traffic first driving a brand new and handsome Chenowth Magnum It looked fast in the parking lot and was faster on the track Danny _ Thompson drove Mickey s newest V 8 racer and he impressed the crowd by holding second for a few laps Next came Mike Gillman bob Gordon and Scott Gillman and buggies were dancing at all angles on every turn on the track Moving right alo ng Mears established a firm lead Mike G illman dropped back with a rear flat Scott Gillman and Pancho Weaver had a brief encounter and Frank Arciero grabbed second place for good in his Chenowth Heading into the final series of turns on the last lap Scott Gillman apparently hit Weaver and knocked him off course and Gillman went on to take the checkered flag in third Weaver recovered for a fourth place followed by Bob Gordon Steve Foster and Jeff Probst However the Rough Driving Committee ruled uncalled for contact by Scott Gillman so he was set down to fourth and Weaver was installed in third on the official results Winning Class 1 made Roger Mears doubly happy he likes to win and the victory saved the unbroken string of wins by th Mears Gang over the eleven years of races from SCORE at Riverside The event ended on a high note with the nifty Class 1 bash and it ended earl y enough in the afternoon for everyone to clear o ut before dark Those that came to R iverside saw a great show It was tru ly a Natio nal event this year O f the 190 entries on four wheels 51 came fro m o utside California and that is 26 8 percent In fac t six o f the seven starters in C lass 4 were no nCalifornians Even mo re imp ressive is the fact that in the 15 car classes five class wins went to non California drivers a full one third of the victories Class 4 and 5 honors went to Arizona Class 3 to Colorado Class 14 to Massachusetts and Class 2 to Illinois It is time for a real national championship short course event supported by husky sponsors maybe next year somewhere sometime TECTIRA TIRES IN I RIVERSIDE CA T J Mark Broneau was going strong In Class 10 untll his Raceco threw the wheel tire not Just on the course but up Into the grandstand December 1983 TYRE MART 3035 CHICAGO Page 31

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AMSA S 11 HOUR MOJAVE CHALLENGE By Judy Smith Plwtos Trackside Plwto Enterprises Two in a Row for Broneau and Koch Jim Stiles and Jack Motley had the Class 10 and overall lead but a rear A arm was disconnected when they were rear ended at a checkpo nt AMSA s 12 Hour Mojave Challenge became one more race in the series to fall to the unlimited 1600s Repeating their overall win in the California 250 last June Mark Broneau and Tom Koch in Broneau s 1600cc single seat Raceco took the overall win in spite of losing their clutch about midway through the 12 hour event Run on a 4 7 mile circuit which the entrants called really fast the lead cars completed 14 laps in the 12 hour time limit for an average speed of somewhere around 54 miles per hour pretty high for an off road race The competition at AMSA s desert races has developed a pattern similar to that of other promoter s races in that the big motor single seate rs and two seaters are becoming fewer and fewer while the 1600s both limited and unlimited seem to proliferate There were no Class 1 unlimited single seaters racing in this event at all Two of them had co e all ready to race but decided to withdraw rather than race in a two car class There were also no four wheel drive vehicles of any kind but then there haven t been any at an AMSA desert race for some time Class C the unlimited 1600cc single and two seaters was the biggest class and it was almost matched in entries by Class D the limited 1600cc cars The 1600cc Baja Bugs had a fair sized entry this time too out numbering the big motor Bugs And then there was a scattering of 1200cc single seaters Class B and unlimited two seaters Class A Starting at 30 second intervals the 58 cars began their day long race at about 9 20 A M in near perfect Southern California autumn desert weather The course was dusty in spots and a little more breeze would have The water pumper Toyota powered Raceco driven by Ray Aragon Frank Niemeyer and Leon Tice was second in Class 10 and second overall Page 32 been appreciated to clear the dust away _ The first car to finish the first loop was the Redwood Automotive two seater of Anthony Vanzyl and Bob Veltri who completed the lap in 44 minutes They were a full five minutes and 15 seconds ahead of the second car another two seater driven by Jack Scott Half a minute after him came Mark Broneau in his Redwood Automotive Team Raceco to challenge his teammates in their bid for the overall win Paul Wheeler was the second C Class car in but he d already rolled and lost four and a half minutes in the pits making repairs Gregg Symonds was the third C car past running his downsized Type IV motor in the 1600cc class for the first time Just 18 minutes behind Broneau and on elapsed time only five minutes off his pace came the lead Class D car the f unco of Rob Meyerly and Randy Jones They were followed by almost the whole limited f600cc field in very quick succession Twelve of them went by within a five minute period The first lap lead in Class B was held by Bill Sallenbach in his Raceco but he was only about a minute and 45 seconds ahead of his good friend Jim Zupanovich who was in second place George Jirka led his Class S competitors by three apd a half minutes with the Heit Nasty Bug of Dan Bledsoe Bill Burgess Larry McElvanny Donnie Angel running second The V cars 1600cc Baja Bugs were led cin the first lap by Allen Bursey who had five minutes over the rest of the pack The next four all came around within a minute and a half of each other and by then the lead car had already made his second lap Broneau was running almost exactly the same distance behind Vanzyl as he had been on the first lap and running second in the C Mark Broneau and Tom Koch teamed in Broneau s Class 10 Raceco to win the 12 Hour enduro overall running without a clutch for more than half the 14 lap distance The two seat unlimited race lost Ken Michaels as he blew his motor on the first lap Ken always resourceful borrowed a motor from a pit person who happened to be nearby with a play car Unfortunately the borrowed motor was only a 1600 and had a generator instead of an alternator which is what Michaels started with His battery didn t like the arrangement and kept going dead so Ken had to stop next lap around and take his alternator off his retired motor and install it on the 1600 By now he was down several laps and no threat to the lead two seaters Vanzyl held his lead until well into the fourth lap when to his horror he came around a gentle curve and there was a motorcyclist The biker tried to take evasive action but couldn t get to safety and Vanzyl hit him Fortunately for all concerned the AMSA airplane which generally watches the lead cars pretty closely was right overhead saw the accident and was able to report it immediately There was also a nearby CORE pit which had a good FM radio and also sent a message asking for assistance Vanzyl waited with the injured rider who was incidentally a pit person for someone who was racing the event until he saw that he had been attended to by the ambulance personnel and then he went back out about 25 minutes later That put Jack Scott into the lead in Class A and Scott drove an apparently untroubled race to finish in front Brad The eventual winners of what was the closest fight of the day J D Ward and Goodrow with a good first lap Terry Johnson won Class 1 2 1600 by Just 3 minutes time had massive engine prob Decem ber 1983 class now and third overall based on our unofficial times was Jack Motley in Jim Stile s car who had passed Wheeler and Symonds Dave Bonner was third in his Raceco 1600 then came Ray Aragon in his new Toyota powered car and then Symonds who was having sticky linkage problems The D Class had thinned out a little by the second lap but were still led by Meyerly and Jones Now Jim Moulton in his brand new Raceco was just two minutes behind the lead car and Sid LeTourneau and Dave Mansker were third Fred Ronn and Ken Draper ran fourth with John Swift in fifth place Class S was still led by Jirka who had Tom Martin as a co driver for this event but Tevon Murachanian was now in second place And the V cars were still led by Bursey with William Raybould in second and Jerry Leslie in third Dusty Times

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l Jackson and Dewey Smith in breathless race within the time limit ZupanoAt the end of the eighth lap their two seater _Hagle ran vich only four minutes behind they went through the pit area on consistent laps as did Jackson by then it ad been a half hour the same minute and then Ward and Smith but Hagle s were a went on to do a 12th lap and earn and Johnson picked up a minute minute or two faster each lap to himself a first place Chuck on Ronn and Draper for the next give him a third place for his 12 Inman who started the day a lap two laps but by the end of the laps while Jackson and Smith down after losing a push rod on 11th lap they slid into their finished fourth the start line must have done the Class C went through a lot of CORE pit side by side sending right thing by getting his troubles the twin crews into a frenzy of changes in the course of the day over with early He then hung on activity Ward managed to get At first it looked as if it would be longer than the others and out of the pit almost a minute Broneau and Koch all day but finished in third ahead of Ronn and by the end of then starting on the third lap As we said Meyerly and Jones lap 12 was two minutes ahead of they began to have clutch led Class D for three laps with him on the road That gave him trouble By the end of that third Jim Moulton Dave Ma_nsker only one and a half minute s lead lap they had only a half minute on Fred Ronn and J D Ward right behind them On the third lap since he had started the race 30 Motley and Stiles and could feel their hot breaths on their Moulton was only one minute seconds in front of Ronn behind Meyerly but then he Their tight race held to the bumper Dave Bonner with stopped for a driver change and end as Ronn regained a minute novice co driver Greg Aronson Fred Ronn and Ken Draper ran all day in sight of or neck and neck with Ward fuel Mike McAtee got in and at on the 13th lap but then lost was running third in his Raceco and Johnson and they finished second In class 5th overall the end of the fourth lap had time on the last lap as Ward and and Ray Aragon Frank Niefallen back to about four minutes Johnson finished their 14th lap meyer Leon Tice were running behind But then Meyerly and four minutes in front They were fourth in their single seater Jones must have pitted also and the only two cars in Class D to Gregg Symonds was fifth with Jake Fogg getting in to drive his on the next lap McAtee caught finish 14 laps them and went charging on Running behind them all day part on the fourth lap towards the Sea Park area were Ralph Hagle in his Hagle more ahow Cal Citv completely forgetting about a Lumber two seater and Sam 011 next ra ise treacherous hole He hit it much harder than he should have flew through the air the nose dipped down and dug in and he flipped over and landed hard on his top then fell over on his side McAtee felt alright and asked a couple of awed bystanders if they would help him right the car so he could get going They had noticed what he hadn t however which was that the impact had knocked his High f yjng Jack Scott drove a steady pace to finish first in Class 2 third motor out and it was lying on the ground connected to the car overall the best finish of an unlimited engine racer only by an umbilicus of a throttle ems and lost a couple of hours Raybould Raybould spent 25 cable In the meanwhile Mansker mliking repairs They kept going minutes in the pits on his eighth kno wing that anything can lap and fell back to a definite and LeTourneau were c1lso out happen in a 12 hour race and it third place So it was Leslie with probably with transmission trouble and then Meyerly and 10 l aps and then Hayes did while co driver Jerry The long day kept the Class V 1600 cc limited Baja Bugs hopping and after the Lawless was at the wheel their D Amato and Raybould each Jones blew out a spark plug and dust settled Jerry Leslie was the class victor crank broke in half So Scott got with nine laps in the 1600cc Baja lost a lot of time waiting for a helicoil to be installed It was a the two seat win with Vanzyl and Bugs and a Veltri down a full lap after The Class B single seat 1200cc new race now in Class breaking a c v late in the race in cars looked like a shoo in for really tight one Rred Ronn and J D Ward second place Goodrow and Sallenbachs Bills Jr and Sr and Lawless were third and Michaels their friend Mike Bird who led were now running first and was fourth easily for eight laps and then riot second and only four minutes In Class S George Jirka and so easily running on only three apart Following them were John Tom Martin drove a trouble free cylinders They had broken a Swift Ralph Hagle and Wayne race to finish a lap up and a half lifter on la p eight and stopped to Sievers Ward closed the gap on hour ahead of second place have motor builder Greg Aron Ronn and came around only one Tevon Murachanian The Bled son take out the push rod and minute behind him at the end of soe Angel McElvanney Burgess plug and ran the balance of the lap six and was there again at the team had run second for a while way on three They couldn t end _o f the seventh lap That but had fallen back with a broken make it up Pucker Peak any means that these two were in shock and brake line an more and had to go around but each other s sights all the way alternator problem and points they held their lead over around the track Both teams problems They ended up in Zupanovich through the end of were racing with the CORE pit the 11th lap He was gaining on team and their pit crews were the third place while Ken Griffin who broke down at P_ucker Peak them and they decided they happiest spectators in California might as well quit as go out for City watching their two prides 01 Go fast _in the fast stuff and slow in the rough stuff George Jirka did It was fourth Jirka has become the man to beat on this course with a one more lap and not get around and joy putting on such a again in Class 5 to prove his theory must have merit good tough car and a cool head Young Tevon Murachanian did a good job himself this time and was also prett tough driving the entire distance alone In the 1600cc Baja Bug ranks they all ran around literally in sight of each other for a couple of laps and then the crowd began to thin out Bursey had a lead of about eight minutes over Richard James who was running second at the end of the third lap but then they both disappeared At that point the lead fell to Jerry Leslie who had about 16 minutes on Nels Lundgren and Russ Floyd Then Lundgren and Floyd fell out after completing five laps and Steve Hays and Dick Jim Zupanovlch stlll a newcomer to four wheel racing broke Into the winner s Ralph Hagle bounds through the Mojave Desert on his way to a third place D Amato took over second finish in Class D well behind the battling duo up front ranks with a Class 9 1200 cc victory after 12 hours place closely chased by William o Dusty Times December 1983 Page 33

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MOJAVE CHALLENGE from page 33 At the end of the fourth lap it was still Broneau Koch over Stiles Motley by half a minute but now Aragon Niemeyer Tice were third and Bonner Aronson were fo urth while Symonds Fogg were still fifth About threequarters of the way through lap five the Symonds Fogg transmission seized up as a result of unexpectedly running without transmission flt iidfor some time and that put them out of the race That also put the Toyota powered single seater of Dennis Orcutt and Bill Lennox into an uneasy fifth place They were being plagued with a variety of hard to solve problems Somewhere in this time period Koch while still leading came on a 5 1600 car in a wash and had to brake hard to avoid hitting him He stalled his car and with no clutch couldn t get going again The next driver to come along Jack Motley in Stiles car stopped and give him a push Ni Broneau and Koch gained a bit of time in spite of the clutch problem and had two and a half minutes on Stiles Motley at the end of lap 5 Aragon held third Bonner and Aronson were still fourth followed by Orcutt and Lennox At the end of the sixth lap Broneau and Koch made a lengthy pit stop to try to resolve their troubles but had no success They were in third place by the time they left the pit and Stiles was now first with Bonner Aronson second Now Stiles seemed to be buildin g a good strong lead and he had six minutes over the clutchless Broneau Koch car at the end of the sixth lap Bonner and Aronson went out o n that lap victims of a dead transmission while Aragon moved up to third and Orcutt and Lennox almost a full hour down were running fourth Stiles and Motley continued to run well and by the end of the lOthjap they had 11 minutes on Broneau Koch Broneau had stopped on one lap and spent about three minutes in the pit installing a new slave cylinder but had been in so much of a hurry to leave that the pit crew hadn t been able to adjust it properly Then on lap 11 as they raced into the setting sun Sttles passed a car in another class and then very quickly found himself in a checkpoint He stopped for a ticket and the driver he d just passed who didn t see him in the dust and sun ran into the back of him and ruined his A arm So Stiles and Motley were done for the day after a magnificent showing Broneau and Koch now lucked into first place and by dint of some very fine driving considering the state of their clutch and a lot of luck held on to their lead Aragon and team were now second while Orcutt and Lennox now having overheating problems ran a distant third Both Broneau incidentally he pronounces it Brew nay Koch and Aragon Niemeyer Tice finished 14 laps to be first and second overall as well as first and second in Class C All over by 10 P M the AMSA 12 Hour Mojave C hallenge had provided some fine racing for the spectators and racers alike The AMSA tech team was trying something new at this race with an eye to saving time and tempers at post race tech inspection A gentleman named Tom Copp has a device to measure bore and stroke in five how it would function on the Toyotas Colts and Type IVs We were given a demonstration of the device and while we aren t technically oriented it did look as if it might work as he hoped If it does it will be a boon to the promoters It sure seemed worth a try and we re sorry to say that we don t know how it handled the second and third place T oyotas in Class C AMSA FRESNO FAIR R ACE October 21 1983 Official results Pos Car Name Hometown Formula 1 Unlimited Sealers 9 starters 1 14 2 3 4 5 3 Fritz Kroyer Reseda Mark Broneau Santa Monica Rick Bower Fresno Ron Carter Culver City Don Kennedy Stockton 2 16 29 Class C Unlimited 1600cc one two sealers 13 starters 1 2 3 4 5 16C 3C 12C 1C 9C Ron Carter Culver City Ma k Broneau Santa Monica Jim Sandefer Oxnard Jim Haberlin Redwood City Ken Nikkel Reedley Class D Limited 1600cc one two sealers 3 starters 1 2 3 12D 5D 4D 1 47F Fred Hatch Torran ce Gene Browe Selma Robert Schockow Oxnard Class F 4 x 4 2 starters Wes Banks Mod esto Keith Robb 2 Motorcycles 14 starters 1 2 3 4 5 80 21 1Q9 650 391 Henry Armendariz Fresno Damon Webb Fresno Ken Noland Fresno Randy Johnson Tulare David Hosaka Reedley Three Wheelers 16 starters 2 3 4 5 25 239 17 6 20 Eddie Sanders Visalia George Knott Fresno Craig Randells FresnoMark Peterson Saugus Doug Menefee Selma DESERT CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES CALIFORNIA 250 CHAMPIONSHIP OFF ROAD RACE California City JANUARY 14 1984 3000 FOR OVERALL WIN PLACE California City CA DRIVERS POINTS SE RIES This race will be the last event ln the ENl R t FEE 350 00 1963 Po r s Ser es and he

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VORRA FINALE AT BAYLANDS Photos Rory Ivers Mike Iver Class 10 winner Lewie Evans took a first heat holeshot to gain the victory and overall title ahead of John Donaldson 32 and Herb Holloway 6 The final points race in the Bradford 3rd and 3rd and Rick Valley Off Road Racing Associa Bowers 2nd and 5th tion 1983 series brought out a Moving along to the hot Class full field of 56 entries all ready 1 buggies it was apparent that no to do battle on the 3 4 mile clay one driver would overshadow course at Baylands Raceway in the rest In the first heat Bruce Fremont CA The usual morning Kranack captured the lead with Bay Area weather gave way to only four laps remaining blue skies and the sun was warm Kranack held onto the first while enough to burn off the water Dick Bower and _Dennis Korfrom the track As the racing donowy followed him home In surface dried traction got better the second heat there was a new but was still slippery when the entry as Jim Haberlin let the Class 10 cars came out for their younger Mark Meyers take the first moto that started the car out Meyers didn t disappoint program his fans and he led from start to Running with the Class 10s finish Kranack managed a were three Class 9 cars and each respectable second and on score heat was dominated by a Kranack won with his 1st and different driver Snatching the 2nd followed by Haberlin and lead from the outset Lewie Meyers 4th and 1st Dennis Evans remained in control Kordonowy 3rd and 4th and throughout the heat Working a Dick Bower 2nd and 5th little harder was Rick Bowers Bower repeated his triumph in who turned his mid pack start the Class 2 and 5 contest using into second place at the his added time on the course to checkered flag Following in secure the win Jimmy Lawrence third Ace Bradford still finished saw his first heat lead go pop ahead of the top Class 9 car of along with his engine dropping fourth placing Joe Sellars In the out of the fray with just one lap second round it all belonged to to go although to be fair Bower John Donaldson who moved had passed him two laps e irlier into the top slot by lap 3 and Jeff Elrod nabbed second in his never looked back Even with the VW sedan and Dave Schulte win Donaldson s first heat sixth crossed the line in third place kept him out of the money In the next round for 2 and 5 The top three on scoring were Brad Kleifgen finally unbugged Lewie Evans 1st and 4th Ace his machine Kleifgen was The 4 x 4 overall winner Wes Banks had little rouble In the final event of 1983 Fol owing him here Is Garry Archer second overall Dusty Times finished third On score it was Banks 1st and 1st Archer 3rd and 2nd and Deetz 2nd and 3rd Leaving little doubt that this was his day to race Bill Lott led more than half the way in Class 1 2 1600 Lott lost the lead on lap 9 to Jim Riordan and Fred Hatch followed in third In the next heat Lott made sure he was first to the flag now trailed by Bob Eastman The 1 2 1600 results were Lott 2nd and 1st Riordan 1st and 3rd and Eastman 5th and 2nd VORRA s Sportsman Class was the most populous of the day with fourteen on the grid and the racing held tight action Mike Slocum took the lead at the start but couldn t hold back Dick Wielandt Dick kept on top until dropping out on lap 9 g1vmg the lead to James Kodzurek Slocum wasn t out of it and made his move on the white flag lap to take the victory Kodzurek held second followed by Lowell Carpenter s VW sedan In the second heat Wielandt made up for his earlier trouble and took the win Joe Buschiazzo held second for most of the race then faded into fourth Moving into second place was Tony Vulz followed by VORRA 1983 CLASS CHAMPIONS Class 1 1 Fritz Wiechers Reno NV 2 Patrick Verling Reno NV 3 Robert Lemos Modesto CA 3 Ralph Dominguez San Jose CA Class 2 5 1 Jimmy Lawrence Reno NV 2 David Schulte Sunnyvale CA 3 Phil LaPlante Portland OR Class 3 4 1 Don German Petaluma CA 2 Garry Archer Hayward CA 3 Wes Banks Modesto CA Class 1 2 1600 1 Saxon Foady Carson City NV 2 Mike Bishop Sacramento CA 3 Bill Lott Reno NV Class 9 1 Stocking Schall San Rafael CA 2 Joe Sellers Sacramento CA Class 10 1 Steve Windle Concord CA 2 Dick Wiechers Reno NV 3 Herb Halloway San Bruno CA Sportsman Class 1 Les Poulson Modesto CA 2 Eric Verling Reno NV 3 John King Sacramento CA Kodzurek On score it was Kodzurek 2nd and 3rd Slocu 1st and 6th and Vulz 6th and 2nd _ The Baylands event closed the VORRA 1983 championship season Along with the race paychecks the drivers received over 1 600 worth of contingency prizes VORRA especially thanks Donsco Fun Car Center and Kennedy Auto Dismantlers who each donated 300 00 to the racers impressive as he took over right off the start and never let up Second place Mike Dinobile was trailed by Bower and Elrod In the final scoring Bower won with a 1st and 3rd next came Dinobile 4th and 2nd and Elrod 2nd and 4th Not wanting to break their tradition at Baylands Classes 3 and 4 busted heads in the first turn again For series leader Don German it was a party he could have well missed German took a short low altitude flight with aerobatics and not too soft a landing when the first corner got too crowded He was lucky in that he wasn t hurt and his points lead was solid enough that no one could bump him from numero uno On the restart Wes Banks again pioneered the first corner and the rest of the race as well In a classic battle of two vs four wheel drive John Deet and Garry Archer kept the oth er honest with Deetz nailing second at the flag Deetz still couldn t repair his broken front driveshaft and he had to race with only rear wheel drive in the second heat This time Archer pulled the holeshot ith Banks breathing down his neck and finally Banks passed to lead on lap 2 Archer played it safe and ri the first Class 1 heat the winnt Jr Bruce Kranack 134 held on for second and Dee tz Bower who did hold on to finish in second place Usually a strong contender John Deetz had only rear wheel drive at Bay ands but he finished well third overall In Class 3 and 4 Decembe r 1983 tucked inside of Dick Dick Bower 120 held a small advantage over Jeff Elrod as they took first and third overall in the combined Class 2 and heats Page 35

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PONY EXPRESS CLASS IFIED Dear Jean involving Da ve Bonner which We sympathize with your plight FO R SALE 1980 Jeep J 10 pre FOR SALE 18 ft Kenskill I am a little down after reading runner full cage Simpson 55 self contained shower 50 gal no official supposedly saw be Rod and agree with your conthe Action News coverage_of cause of the accident in the turn clusions especially those about the gallo n fuel cell B M Beard _ water roll up awning equalizer the Frontier 500 Our car owned that switched back across the Baja 1000 course marking in the seats Mastercraft nets Ho lly hitch tape p layer AM FM new by Larry s VW of Yucca Valley asphalt Bo nner went on the ridge sand out of Tres Pozos The 7 S E delbrock Acee S t ewar t 3 700 lb axles both with b rakes did not rate a picture nor hardly and skipped two turns in the truck we rode the race in got lost Warner all of the best SCORE 1 L x 15 tires reinforced frame any mention even though our process Flagman saw it but you there in broad daylight and we saw class winner st r eet lega l rear trailer hitch 12 vokair hot car 501 won Class 5 dri ven by said you couldn t take their word the water and the highway before 12 000 00 Call for more info water heater wall he ter Mel Tyree of Redlands and Mike for it realizing we were off course and we 415 593 4227 Doug or Ken refrigerator sleeps six removJohnston of Yucca Valley The second time was in the were in the company of two buggies Robinson 255 Alberta San able towing extension very Boo Boo Hiss Hiss aja 1000 We had_down time and two bikes We have since Carlos CA 94070 clean Willie Worthy P O Box Anyway we came in second right out of Ojos Negros five learned that the orange ribbons on GO ROAD RACING _ _ Ralt 596 C restline CA 92325 714 on the Frontier 500 in 1982 and hours worth We knew it would the road were hung bya pit crew for RT 1 Formula Atlanticrace 338 4361 we were first in Class 5 in 1983 be close after that to make the 18 access m

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SWAY A WAYcoRP _ r SALUTES THE CLASS WINNERS IN THE 1983 SCORE BAJA 1000 WHO DROVE TO VICTORY ON SWAY A WAY SUSPENSION COMPONENTS THER E IS NO SUBSTITUT E FOR GENUINE SWAY A WAY PRODUCTS Class 2 O A Car Mark McMillin Ralph Paxton Class 1 Mike Lund Chenowth Magnum Class 9 Cal Wells Jr George Robbins Funco SS 2 Chenowth Class 2 1600 Jim Sumners Doug Renfro Raceco Class 5 1600 Mike Leon Javier Tiznado Baja Bug Class 10 Bab Dave Richardson Chenowth Class 7 S Mike J Pat Falkosky Toyota Class 5 Jim Cocores Doug White Baja Bug SWAY A WAY ALSO CONGRATULATES THE 1983 BRIDGESTONE SCORE OFF ROAD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS_WINNERS WHO USED GENUINE SWAY A WAY PRODUCTS Class 1 Short Course Roger Mears Chenowth Magnum Class 1 Desert Bill Royster Chenowth Class 1 1600 Larry Bolin Hi Jumper Class 2 Scott Taylor Pro Tech Class 2 1600 Dave Bonner Raceco Class 10 Jerry Whelchel Funco Class 5 Albert Bright Baja Bug Class 7 Ivan Stewart Toyota Class 5 1600 Eric Arras Baja Bug SWAY A WAY HAS PROVIDED HARD TO BEAT SUSPENSION COMPONENTS FOR P ERFORMANCE VEHICLES FOR OVER THIRTEEN YEARS YEAR AFTER YEAR RACERS DEMAND SWAY A WAY PRODUCTS THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR TEN YEARS VW POWERED WINNING RACE CARS ON THE BAJA 1000 ENDURO HAVE BEEN EQUIPPED WITH GENUINE SWAY A WAY SUSPENSION COMPONENTS RACE PROVl N ROAD WORTHY SWAY A WAY MANUFACTURES OVER 175 ITEMS Send 3 00 for the all new 1984 Sway A Way catalog 7840 Burnet Avenue Van Nuys California 91405 213 988 5510

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e 1r1ry C9hristmas From Our House To Yours And fl Winning llew Year To All Uo Gnjoy