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1984 Volume 1 Number 11 Dusty Times Magazine

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FIRE5TDnE 5 EXTRR TRRCT Dn RTX RRDIRL ZJ ROLLS TOR DOUBLE Win RT TH 5 IERR 5 500 0 Talk about a winning record In the three year history of the Las Vegas to Reno Frontier 500 Firestone s won all three times First with the Firestone Radial ATX Last year with it s extra traction partner the ATX Radial 23orM And this year with Marshall Mahr wins Class 3 on the heavyduty construction size ATX Radial 23 the ATX Radial 23 once again this time with a double win First in Closs 7 as Manny Esquerra s Ford Ranger was the only truck to tough it out And first in Class 3 with Marshall Mahr and his Jeep Jeepster Two big wins in one big race you can t do much better than that And_you can t do better than the Firestone ATX Radial 23 All rugged ATX steel belt and polyester cord body construction With a tread design based on Firestone s 23 bar angle that s set the traction standard in farm tires All to give you one tough tire that digs in deep without filling up for full shoulder to shoulder traction Radial ATX or ATX Radial 23 Get into Firestone and get into performance now OOC GOO roG The Firestone ATX Radial 23 is available in high flotation sizes 30x9 50R15LT 31x10 50R15LT _33x12 50R15LT and 33x12 50R16 5LT plus heavyduty construction sizes 31x10 50R15LT and 33x12 50R15LT Remember the safety of any tire depends on wear load proper inflation and driving conditions ATX Radial 23 THERE S nEW FIRE RT FIRESTOnE

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Volume 1 Number 11 November 1984 In This Issue FEATURES Editor Publisher Jean Calvin Contributors Cindy Chamberlin Daryl D Drake Peggy Ellenburg Homer Eubanks Jan Flick Rick Hochfeld Martin Holmes Cam McRae Danny McKenzie Bill Oursler Brenda Parker David Ryskamp Walt Schwalbe Wayne Simmons Judy Smith John Sprovkin Joe Stephan T rackside Photo Enterprises Subscription Rates 12 00 per year 12 issues USA Foreign subscription rates on request Contributions DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions but is not responsible for such material Unsolicited material wiLI be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope Classified Ads will be published as received prepaid DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors All ads may be subject to editing DUSTY TIMES is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 818 889 5600 Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp No part of this publication may be reproduced without writti n permission from the publisher Application to Mail at Second Class Postage Rates is Pending at Agoura CA 91301 Art Director Larry E Worsham POSTMASTER Send address changes to Dusty Times 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Typesetting Production Michelle s Typesetting Services CHANGE OF ADDRESS Four weeks notice is required for change of address Please furnish both old and new address and send to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Printing News Type Service Page HORA Frontier 500 FORDA Labor Day 150 BFGoodrich Western Off Road Nationals Toyota Van Dixie Sprints Forest Fling 200 Score Canada Oktoberfest Baja Cross Wrapup Rally of 1000 Lakes Manistee Trails Pro Rally Mickey Thompson s Championship GP Series Macon County Fairgrounds Akan 5000 10 16 20 22 24 27 28 31 32 33 35 36 37 DEPARTMENTS Snapshop of the Month 3 Soapbox by Leonard Day 4 Trail Notes 4 Side Tracks by Judy Smith 5 Happenings 6 BFGoodrich 6 50 Club 7 Pony Express 8 Bounces from the Berm 34 Good Stuff Directory 38 Goodies Galore 40 Classified Ads 42 Index to Advertisers 42 ON THE COVER The all conquering Class 5 Baja Bug of Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen was truly in top form over the Nevada desert at the HORA Frontier 500 perhaps the roughest course yet in the desert Sponsored by Larry s VW in Yucca Valley CA the swift Bug team won a resounding victory on the long point to point race the only Class 5 that finished But Malcolm and Mark didn t tarry on the route because they finished a fast 20th overall in 12 23 21 The te

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Trail Notes Soap Box between the main events so they don t care_how many cars show By Leonard Day up With us you are the main event and it is important President Pro CanAm Racing Inc The above is only part of the problem Another problem area Se__ahurst Washington is there are too many races in a calendar year Pro CanAm The 1984offroadraceseason sources we need such as promoteseighte vents Washing is fast coming to cl close At this spectator money an effective ton Off Road does five races time the officers of Pro CanAm contingency program or even Wes tern Off Road organizes Racing would like to thank the provide course and equipment seven events the Boomerang and hundreds of people who have improvements We have always Kamloops do three or four and supported us this year as well as offered a wide range of classes the group in the Tri Cities area the previous two years Thank and prices to entice all racers to had one or two last year That is you workers racers families participate to ensure a large field 24 to 26 races that we know of crews and all the individuals and but it doesn t seem to be an maybe there are more Who businesses who have donated working We have an excellent do we think we are kidding That time money and products to crew to handle everything from is too many races for our help make the races successful tech scoring race control and population number of active Than ks to the land owners the even tow rigs We have people cars money we have to spend government officials everyone out there who spend a lot of their and so on There is not o ne racer who has helped make the time making your race safe in this area who could afford this program go including those who There is only one thing missing kind of schedule This is obvious have attended every event and Enough cars to make the classes juSt in our events the occasional racer who competitive and afford a lot of Another sore point here that participates whenever possible prize and contingency money is needs discussing is EXCUSES A special thanks to all missing We have worked We hear how the race should In spite of all this I feel I must overtime to acquire a race series have been run where it should stand on the proverbial soap box sponsor but it doesn t go very have been that it was too muddy to share a few words and far when they find out how short or had too much dust too many observations I have been our entry list is and how small rocks and all that We hear how involved in off road racing since our attendance figures are many turns there should be on a 1972 as a crew member Thereareonlyafew veryfew short course that there are too owner driver and now promot who arewillingtocooperatewith many jumps that the jumps are er I feel totally qualified to offer the few demands we put on too high or too low and more an evaluation of off road racing competitors The biggest about the course We hear that in our northwest area Tobevery demand is pre registration If it the cost is too high or too low honest it stinks There are seems like an old story it is We that there are not enough cars approximately 350 to 400 need early registration for very that he wouldn t let me pass and raceable vehicles in Washington obvious reasons cash up front on and on Oregon Idaho and British to pay expenses that must be paid Sometimes part of these Columbia but we are lucky to in advance Remember we are comments and complaints are get 40 entries for a major event operating as a non profit valid and we always welcome The only conclusion is that we organization and we are in no feedback so we can improve our have nothing more here than a danger of losing that classifica program We are not so naive hobby sport I do not mean that tion We need advance that we think there is no room f r_o ad racing as a hobby is bad registration to provide confi for improvement but let s make 1t 1s Just not what we are trying to dence that we are going to have constructive com men ts not do enough entries to meet expenses _bitches and maybe even pitch in Pro CanAm Racing was and provide a payback and to do to help Most negative comments formed solely for the promotion the little things like print and come from the same people no of full time professional racing distribute a program so potential matter what the conditions are to develop our sport as it should spectators can anticipate seeing they have always come from the be and to reward those who something if they show up and same pe_o ple and hey have a lot compete on a regular basis pay for a ticket To those of you to do with stagnatm the _growth Before you misunderstand we who are faithful in this we thank of off road racmg m the will always welcome and have a you I know some promoters in Northwes _Let us_all show a little place for the budget racer this area do not require pre more posmve attitude and help However the way it is now we registration But remember in make the sport r o w cannot develop the revenue these races you are fillers On the posltlve side Pro CanAm will be promoting races in 1985 with some changes We intend to offer an attractive The First Anniversary Issue of program for the serious racer who is willing to do his share DUSTY TIMES is Coming Again we thank all our supporters and look forward to a Next Month great season in 1985 IN THE SPECIAL DECEMBER ISSUE FORDA Score Canada at Tampa Score Baja 1000 _ Fresno Off Road Championship Eighth Annual Penasco 100 Mexico Indian Summer Sprin ts Wiscon i _ Oregon Hi Desert 400 SCCA Pr ss on Regardless R iiy Michigan VORRA Short Course Finale California World Championship Rally Report plus all the regular f i ires Page4 Our thanks to Leonard Day for sharing his thoughts from his newsletter with all our readers and he states the case very well inr pp Tiie problems he cite are not ali unique to the Northwest The dilution of entry size due to a flock of races in the same area is nearing epidemic proportions all over the country v uluriim i u t Prl 9 climb on their Soap Box and fill this with the r hou h avout what is good i u what is not so good about the state of off road racing Call DUSTY TIMES with your ideas for a Soap Box column and get on the schedule November 1984 THE SIL VER DUST RACING ASSOCIATION is moving out of the m o untains for their season finale the final jewel in the Nevada Triple C rown desert series organized o ut of Las Vegas Expecting snow at the usual site around Caliente high above the desert the organizers will stage the November 1 7 running of the Silver Dust 400 close by Las Vegas and closer yet to Henderson Nevada The event will have its headquarters at the Railroad Pass Casinb just on the Boulder City side of Henderson and the race will start and finish behind the casino parking lot How about that for convenience Bert Vaughn states that there will be four laps of the course about 95 miles in length so put the driving lights on the race car The event is open to many desert classes including Classes 1 and 2 1 2 1600 5 5 1600 9 6 7S 11 and of course Class 10 expected to be a big entry A professional bike class is also scheduled and there is a guaranteed purse Check the details on page 25 CHEVROLET AT INDY A joint venture leading to th e production of a new Chevrolet Indy engine was announced by Chevrolet and the new venture also includes race team owner Roger Penske and a British engine building firm Ilmore Engineering of Brixworth England This project is to test theories about the transfer of high performance technology to mainstream production engines A Chevy spokesman said We know we ll be asking engines in tomorrow s production cars to do more with less more work less mass and smaller displacement Under the plan Chevy engineers will be assigned to Ilmore and they will have access_to GM _technology and facilities particularly those relating to aerodynamics lubricants and test analysis The new engine is one of the first such powerplants designed from the ground up as a turbo and it will be the first Chevrolet engine designed exclusively for the PPG Indy Car World Series Chevrolet said the engine project would not affect the division s support of its naturally aspirated push rod V 8 and turbo V 6 engines in Indy car racing as well as in SCCA IMSA and NASCAR venues Look out for a screamer in the modified mini truck sho rt course racing one of these days lurking in an s 10 FAT PERFORMANCE has just announced the ir newly acquired distributorship for Streaker Wheels Due to the construction of the wheel separate halves can be purchased a boon to off roaders Buying a new half wheel is a lot less costly than buying a complete new wheel Fat is also a distributor for Petro Tech 2000 The engine treatment is not an additive but mixes with and uses the crankcase oil to carry its unique ingredients to metal surfaces It has been race tested and proven to produce longer engine life and reduce frictio n SCIDA has announced that their final 1984 race will be in late October at Ascot Park happening right about the time this issue of DUSTY TIMES is prmted e Septembe_r SCIDA event at Corona had the biggest turnout of the year with 1_9 buru 1es and 14 sedans racing The buggy winner was Al Rodela and Vmce Tielmeland was second and Dave Greiner was third Among the se_dans J 1m Fay won in his Class 5 stormer followed by Tom Toppmg ma s1m1lar Bug Kathy Fay grabbed third in sedans with a great drive in her 5 1600 charger BUFFUM BAGS THE CYPRUS RALLY John Buffum does well rallying in Greece in the David Sutton prepared Audi Quattro Buffum returned to Greece last fall for the 12th Rothman s Cyprus Rally part of the European Rally Championship Earlier iri the year Buffum did very well on the Acropolis World Championship Rally With Fred Gallagher navigating John Buffum flat beat the world s best and won overall doing the job as usual on BFGoodrich street legal radial ti_res In Europe m ost rally cars wear anything but a standard production tire A full report on the Cyprus Rally will be in the next issue o f DUSTY TIMES CHALLENGE TO THE WEST The Flo rida Off Ro ad Drivers Association has issued a_challenge to the desert racers from out west The challenge is to co me to flond a next M arch 22 24 come to the C rowder Pits o utside of Tallahassee and compete in Florida s lo ng standing endurance eve n t The challenge reads If yo u are a desert o r a California sho rt course racer this is the best chance to prove who is the best C ome race the Flo rida 400 th e Beast of th e East Six hours of non stop short course endurance raci g th at is second to none Don t be foo led by the fifty mile a lap tracks in the desert with the long four or five mile straights for you to rest your senses This is a true test of a_real endurance d_ri er and his machine against the competitio n of other dnvers and the terram itself So send the Best in the West if you dare to tak e on the Be st of the East For further information contact F O R D A 5940 Hansel Ave Orlando Florida 32809 or call 1 800 433 8511 for an entry form THE FRONTIER 250 DRAWING will be held on Saturday November 17 at the Frontier Hotel s Americana Room in Las Vegas Nevada at 11 a m The race weekend December 14 16 is the last weekend before the Christmas holidays and it will be a full schedule of pre race race and post race activity On Friday tech inspection is in front of the Frontier Hotel and there is also an engine changing contest for VW types and a tire changing contest sponsored by BFGoodrich plus a welcome party and the driver s meeting The race starts at the civilized hour of 10 30 in the morning on Saturday Sunday is another long day with the awards brunch at 9 30 a m at the Frontier Hotel foll o wed by t he race awards wnich will be followed by tne J2 Motcirsports Awards and finally the HORA year end points champions will be crowned and the more than 17 000 in the points fund will be distributed If it is anything like last year you should pack a lunch o r have your ice chest handy ESPN UP FOR t SPN A uto R acmg 83 series THE rl rACE A WA Rn J ne h as r t h e AC t h e ca b l e te Iev1s1 o n d b een no mmar u E A war d w h 1ch 1s m s equivalent to the Em m ys AC E stands for A wards for Cablecasting Excellence and the presentations will be m ade in Los Angeles C A o n Decem ber 4 198 4 The ESPN Auto Rac ing 83 series included coverage of 44 events fro m a variety of race circuits It was no min ated in th e category Excellence in a Program Seri es Spo rts Event C overage The racing series is up aga inst such other seri es as the USFL o n ESPN Baltimo re O rio les Baseball A merica n Sports Cavalcade and th e H all of Fame bowl W o ul d n t it be keen if a mo torspor ts T V series won th e ACE A ward Dusty Times

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Side Tracks By Judy Smith There hasn t been a lot of weighing in at 100 lbs Jim was racing during the last month or looking for a su pension that was so but a lot of people have been stiffer on the driver s side moving around and making Jeff MacPherson who changes progressed from a mini truck to One of them is John House a single seater to a Class 8 off who has worked long and hard road truck and then to a Super for Mickey Thompson on one Vee has been doing well in his exotic VB powered vehicle after first season in the little racers In another John left MT recently fact he was doing very well and joined the very high powered indeed running fourth in the Electramotive group in El points series which is just great Segundo These folks are the for a rookie He recently raced at people who are designing and Michigan where he qualified for building the new Nissan for the pole We happened to catch Roger Mears They have been this race on ESPN and were involved with Paul Newman s car delighted to watch Jeff lead all for years and enjoy a fine but one lap an d get his first reputation as top notch Super Vee win One quick shot automotive designers and after the race tickled us as the fabricators camera zeroed in on Jeff s dad John as wpuld be expected is Joe doing a little jig in the victory working on Roger s truck and circle as he waited for Jeff to we saw him at Riverside looking drive up natty in the Nissan colors but Also trying his hand in another also looking very much at home area is J C Myers from Barstow up to his elbows in car parts who s been running the short John is enjoying the job course Funco with the Cosworth immensely and especially likes engine He raced at Riverside on the fact that it s considerably October 8th in the Formula closer to home than his old berth Atlantic event and finished a at MT s shop We wish him all nice sixth place Congratulations kinds of luck in his new position to both these great young drivers Also changing places was and we predict that we ll see Tommy Ebberts Tom and h1s more off roaders branching out dad Tom Sr recently sold and showing off the skills learned Ebbco and Tommy has joined in our mud and dust the Top line folks in Orange While at the SCORE County working in purchasing From down San Diego way we Riverside event in September we hear that Jim Sheehan of Off all heard a lot of discussion about Road Outfitters has recently the possible closing of the become a welding contractor Riverside International Racemore or less as a sideline and has way Well it s no longer a found it lucrative Jim is still in possibility but has become a buggies as he says and was definite reality The real estate recently looking for advice on the race track sits on has become how to set up the suspension for more valuable for other a customer s play buggy Seems purposes and the facility will be the customer weighed 300 lbs closed after the 1986 season and his regular passenger in the A recent article in the Los other seat was to be his_ dog Angeles Times included a small BOAT RECORD FOR JOHN BAKER This was the first non stop John Baker defending Class 7 points champion on the desert record attempt with refuelings at took to the water last September sea off Bahia de Los Angeles and and broke the power boat speed Mulege In 1972 1978 and 1983 record between San Felipe and the runs were accompanied by La Paz Baja California John periods of downtime for covered the 548 miles in 15 refueling to avoid rough seas and hours 54 minutes and 50 _to correct mechanical problems seconds The previous record of Baker refueled at sea using five 17 hours 15 minutes was support boats for the operation established by boat racer Betty In addition two fixed wing aircraft provided surveiilance Cook in 1978 Baker made his record run in a and communications support Along with setting the new 5 4 meter 1 7 10 Avon SeaRider inflatable boat elapsed time record John Baker powered by a single 115 hp also established marks as driving Suzuki outboard engine John the first inflatable boat first boat Nelson also of Los Angeles and under 18 feet in length and the an off road racer too served as first single engine outboard in the Baker s co driver and navigator record books Dusty Times sketch of tentative plans for a do but to use the contents of the the beer They future facility once again to be ice chest called the Riverside International dumped it in a can at a time Raceway but located in the finding that a case of beer filled outskirts of Corona This new the radiator Fricker says that all facility will include a big two or the time they were putting the two and a half mile oval a road beer in the radiator tears were course grandstands a drag strip n mning down my cheeks They could go about 10 miles grassy picnic type spectator areas and a multitude of elegant to a case with the suds billowing sounding extras The only thing and the hot beer stinking and that seems unclear is whether then they d stop and pour more they will allow the off roaders to in They used up three cases of run there Mention was made of beer finally towed Randall the SCCA CART IMSA and last mile and a half and got him occasional drags But that was help Fricker says that Coors about i t Off roaders currently Light works best We also saw Michie and running rather short of race tracks will be watching closely as Malcolm Vinje at the Frontier and heard another good tale future developments occur It seems that the Vinjes took a While at the Frontier 500 race on the weekend of October 13 two week vacation in September and 14 we chanced upon Jim to travel in Mexico they went all Fricker who is always good for a over enjoying Guadalajara story or two This time Fricker lxtapa Zihuatanejo and a bunch was talking about his pre run for of other nice places and the plan was to spend the last five days at the Frontier It seems that he and Rod Hall the Las Brisas hotel in Acapulco were paired with John and Mike where they d spent their Randall for this pre run Halfway honeymoon This time their through the course John s fan arrival in Acapulco would went through his radiator and coincide with Michie s 40th birthday they lost all their water Now unknown to Michie Well there was an ice chest in the truck so they dumped the Malcolm had been doing some water from it into the radiator arranging When they arrived in and covered a few more miles Acapulco and got to their room But then the water ran out and it was gaily decorated for the they still hadn t reached the occasion and there were 30 of highway o the _e was nothing to Michie s San Diego friends waiting for the birthday party to start A flabbergasted Michie later learned that Malcolm had turned tour organizer and had set up a super tour for their friends including their rooms at the Las Brisas a tour of the city a boat trip and the surprise birthday party for Michie Nice man Incidentally Malcolm with his win at the Frontier 500 seems to have a tight hold on the race for the HORA overall points title If Vinje and his co driver Mark Hansen do win it will be the first time since 1978 when Doug and Don Robertson won the HORA series that a Class 5 team will have won an overall points race There s just one event the Frontier 250 to go Speaking of Mark Hansen we were pleased to note that Mark was co driver in the winning Class 5 car at the Frontier 500 while iis father Leroy co drove to a win in Class 5 1600 with Bob Knight Congratulations to both the Hansens for their wins it must be a nice feeling And speaking of nice feelings the father son and daughter team of Kelly Dave and Joe McDonough who won class 9 and have done so before must get a great sense of pride and accomplishment Our congratu lations to them also THE ORJG JNAL GAS PRESSURE SHOCK ABSORBER The Official Shock for the Nissan Classic BILSTEIN WHERE THE WINNERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES For further information and special off road applications contact Doug Robertson at BILSTEIN Corporation of America 11760 Sorrento Valley Road San Diego CA 92121 619 453 7723 Ivan Stewart Fireworks 250 1st place Class 8 Never before have I had so much confidence in a shock After five races and extensive testing on the same set of shocks I am very pleased by their reliability and excellent performance Jack Ramsey Mint 400 1st place Cl 5 1600 Your product has brought our race team 2 Mint wins 1981 1983 Hope t9 always see you at the races IIIIIC e_ lllM November 1984 Jerry Sherry Vinson CAL 400 3rd place Class 11 I think Bi stein shocks are the best stiocks any race car driver could run on his race car Paul Bowen Mint 400 2nd place Class 15 We appreciate the performance your very professional way of doing businesssincere thanks Bob Denault Mint 400 2nd place Class 9 I ve still neY r had a shock failure Dick Young Mint 400 1st place Class 10 The quality and dependability of Bi stein shocks contributed significantly to our win at the Mint Thank you Norm Shaw Frontier 250 1st place Class 11A You Bi stein continue to be the Numbec 1 choice in off roading We have used your shocks exclusively resulting in wins in the Mint 400 Frontier 250 SNORE 250 Barstow 350 Botton Dollar etc Pages

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1984 1985 HAPPENINGS A D R A Arizona Desert Racing Association 1408 East Granada Phoenix AZ 85006 602 252 1900 December 1 8th Annual Sonoita to Rocky Point Hare N Hound Mexico January 19 1985 Annual Awards Banquet AMSA American Motor Sports Association P O Box 5473 Fresno CA 93755 209 439 2114 November 17 6 Hours of Borrego Borrego Desert CA September 1 1985 AMSA 24 Hour Enduro California City CA BERRIEN AUTO CROSS SERIES Berrien Series Gil Parker 7406 S 12th St Kalamazoo MI 49009 616 375 1233 C C A R Central California Associated Racers P O Box 7921 Fresno CA 93747 209 255 5995 or 255 _3594 February 16 1985 Mud Drags Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA April 12 14 1985 Short Course Race Car Pickup Show 2nd Annual Bug Off Truck In Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA May 11 1985 All Classes Short Course Race Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA Buffum and the Audi Quattro Breeze to Vidory in Canada May 25 1985 1st Annual Super Stock Pickup Enduro 250 laps on a Tri Oval Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA June 8 1985 Short Course Race Location TBA MINT400 P O Box 2160 Las Vegas NV 89125 702 385 7440 August 10 1985 All Classes Short Course Race Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA May 2 5 1985 Mint 400 Desert Race Las Vegas Nevada CO BRA RACING P O Box 19407 Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73119 405 232 4231 405 685 3450 All off road races will be held at the 59th Douglas track Oklahoma City FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers Ass ciation 5349_Hansel Ave C 1 Orlando Florida 32809 305 851 6245 November 10 11 FORDA SCORE CANADA Tampa Fairgrounds Tampa Florida March 22 24 1985 Florida 400 Crowder Pits Tallahassee Florida Many top Canadian competitors crashed or encountered mechanical problems over the rough northern Quebec terrain that held numerous special stages Local favorite Bernard Franke of Ste Agathe escaped injury but badly damaged his Volvo Turbo when he crashed Page6 through a hydro pole Tim Bendle of Spruce Grove Alberta crashed his Datsun 510 also and Tim Mullen of Truro Nova Scotia encountered mechanical malfunctions as well The failure of the favorites leaves the open class Canadian championship undecided going into the final rally on November 24 the Rally of the Tall Pines at Peterborough Ontario Chris Castledine of Woodbridge Ontario scored third overall in a BFG Datsun moviri g him up to eighth in national standings and he still has a shot a the_championship Coming in first m Production A seventh overall was the Toyota of Michel Poirier Defoy of Lorraine Quebec and Francois Cyr of Bellefeuille Quebec which assures them of both the Quebec and Canadian National dtles in Production A for vehicles under 1600 cc in displacement Nelson Shepard of Vermont grabbed fourth overall and only 16 of the 30 starters completed the Defi St Agathe The terrain took its toll and the rally lived up to its title in the difficulty factor November 1 4 Baja 1000 Ensenada BC Mexico November JO December 2 Barstow Classic Barstow CA January 5 1985 Score Awards Banquet Anaheim CA February 1 3 1985 Parker 400 Parker AZ March 29 31 1985 Lucerne Valley Victorville CA MICKEY THOMPSON S OFF l lOAD CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND PRIX Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group 53 Woodlyn Lane Bradbury CA 91010 818 359 5117 June 14 16 1985 Baja Internacional Ensenada B C Mexico Date TBA O_ff Rad World Championship R1vers1de International Raceway Riverside CA January 19 1985 Hoosier Dome Indianapolis IN November 29December 1 1985 Baja 1000 Ensenada B C Mexico January 25 1985 Silver Dome Pontiac MI January 6 1985 East Bay Raceway Tampa Florida There was no keeping pace with eight time American rally champion John Buffum in the Rallye Defi Ste Agathe Buffum sailed to his victory six and a half minutes ahead of his closest competitor in the event staged out of Ste Agathe de Monts Quebec early in October John Buffum s BFGoodrich Audi Quattro experienced difficulty with its four wheel drive parts but by then he had a sufficient lead over second place finisher Andre Normandine of Longueuil Quebec to win over the Toyota Buffum was driving at the best of his form having come directly from winning the 12th Rothman s Cyprus Rally in Europe where he had bested the newly crowned British Open Champion in Jimmy McRae December 13 15 1 985 Frontier 250 Las Vegas Nevada July 13 1985 Summer Nationals Short Course Race Location TBA September 22 1985 BFGoodi ich Western Off Road Nationals Tulare County Fairgrounds Tulare CA SCORE Score International 31356 Via Colinas Suite 111 Westlake Village CA 91362 818 889 9216 October 11 13 1985 Frontier 500 Las Vegas to Reno Nevada March 16 1985 LA County Fairgrounds Pomona CA April 6 1985 Teh tati ve King Dome Seattle WA June 22 1985 LA County Fairgrounds Pomona CA July 20 1985 LA County Fairgrounds Pomona CA November 1985 Tentative Caesar s Palace Las Vegas NV FUD PUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy 6 Chula Vista CA 92011 619 427 5759 Date TBA L A Coliseum Los Angeles CA August 10 1985 Superstition 250 II Night Race El Centro CA PRO CAN AM SERIES Pro Can Am Racing Inc P O Box 323 Seahurst Washington 98062 206 242 1773 503 620 0313 4 x 4 s UNLIMITED Kevin Dawson Route 3 Box 895 Lake Geneva Wisconsin 5314 7 414 248 8566 or 414 248 8774 May 25 26 1985 BFGoodrich Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva Wisconsin HORA High Desert Racing Association 961 West Dale Ave _ Las Vegas Nevada 89124 702 361 5404 July 5 7 1985 Fireworks 250 Barstow CA November 1984 SCORE CANADA INC 390 Chemin Du Lac Lery Quebec J6N 1A3 Canada 514 692 6171 November 10 11 FORDA SCORE CANADA Tampa Fairgrounds Tampa Florida SILVER DUSTRACING ASSOCIATION P O Box 7380 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 702 459 0317 November 16 17 Silver Dust 400 Las Vegas Nevaqa November 17 Awards Party SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America 6750 Emporia St Englewood Colorado 80112 303 770 1044 November 17 18 Oregon Trail Tualatin Oregon December 8 9 Carson City International Carson City Nevada December 14 16 Frontier 250 Las Veg_as NV March 1 3 1985 Laugh in Desert Challenge Laughlin Nevada SCIDA Southern California Independent Drivers Association Vince Tjelmeland 3160 Radcliffe Anaheim CA 92806 714 528 2686 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P O Box 4394 Las Vegas Nevada 89106 702 363 6456 SKOAL BANDITS SNORE SERIES October 28 Points Race Las Vegas Nevada SUPERIOR OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION 460 No Beaumont Ave Brookfield Wisconsin 53005 715 272 1489 VORRA Valley Off Road Racins Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd Sacramento CA 95838 916 925 1702 ATTENTION RACE ORGANIZERS List y r coming events in DUSTY TIMES free Send your rg 35 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column Mail your event schedule to DUSTY TIMES 533 r Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Dusty Times

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The BFGooclrich 6 50 Club Report By Jean Calvin Midsummer activity among the 6 50 ranks was a little slow after the Fireworks 250 Although there were a pair of races in September on the 6 50 schedule for 1984 theAMSA 12 Hour at Calif9mia City on Labor Day weekend and the SNORE 250 out of Las Vegas on the following weekend only three drivers showed up at Cal City and t_hree at Las Vegas that are listed on the 6 50 points standings If there are more out there let us know but these are the only names listed by the organizers as being over SO years of age and the driver of record At California City it was hot and dry for the Labor Day 12 Hour but a total of 47 teams showed up to try for the maximum amount of laps in 12 hours time Sad to say none of the 6 50 drivers got an official finish In fact Howard H jelm did not record a lap in his Class 2 entry but he gets starting points anyhow Clark G illies and Steve Ooley had no lap times showing either in their Class 10 entry Clark was the overall 6 50 champion in 1982 Dick and Kay Young were doing very well in the ten car field in Class 10 which is C in AMSA While they had trouble on the fourth lap they got running well again and completed six laps with excellent times then vanished from the charts Dick garners only the starting points too Moving on to the SNORE 250 staged on ragged bits of the Mint 400 course this year another trio of 6 50 drivers were on hand Failing to make even one of the four rugged laps was J Duncan Brown Doing much better in fact leading Class 4 after three laps was Vern Roberts with Bill Donohoe codriving the Jeep Honcho But the report was that the Jeep was stuck in the infamous dry lake and it failed to come around at all on the fourth lap Doing the best of all but doing it the hard way was Frank Snook in Class 1 with Eric Arras co driving the McDonald s Raceco Snook got lost in the dust on the first lap and had to retrace the route got running again in good shape only to lose a wheel Arras did the last two laps and was picking up time when the engine fell out on the ground which cost first place However with aid from the chase crew and a come a long Arras brought the Raceco in second in the eleven car class The result put Frank Snook in even more of a lead on overall 6 50 points for 1984 Through the SNORE 250 Frank Snook has amassed 181 points The Frontier 500 results have not yet been tabulated for 650 points They will be on tap next month as the series winds down with the final two events the SCORE Barstow Classic and the HORA Frontier 250 Holding strong in second on 650 points is Class 2 driver Danny Letner whose second at Parker and third at the Fireworks provide him with 130 points Bill Howard Class 8 was third before the Frontier 500 with 115 Dusty Times points and his strong fourth there will probably move him into second However Vern Roberts and company finished second in Class 4 on the Vegas to Reno run so they too could be second heading into the December races that wrap up the 6 50 schedule Tune in next morith Rounding out the top spots before the Frontier 500 are Bob Renz 98 points Cal Wells Jr 94 and Marshall Mahr 91 Mahr is bound to move up also as the 60 year old Jeep driver won Class 3 in the long point to point race in Nevada Another one moving up as a fmisher in Dayton is Jack Irvine the Class 10 driver holding 79 points going into October Clark Gillies added a little to his total at Cal C ity to hold at 76 poi nts followed by Len Newman 68 J Duncan Brown 63 and Dick Young 62 Filling out the top 15 of the more than SO drivers on the list are Gregg Symonds 61 points Dick Landfield 56 points and Mike Leon at 49 In all there are over SO names on t le 19846 50 ist In case you came in late the 650 Club is for active drivers of record who are over 50 years of age There is nothing to join and nothing to pay You must list your age on tbe entry forms so the points keeper can find you in the results and know that you are eligible At the end of the season in December your best six finishes and points positions are counted for your total points score You just could be in line for the gold silver or bronze awards this year sponsored by the good folks of BFGoodrich who so heavily support off road racing in many areas For the record the 6 50 points counting races in 1984 are the Parker 400 Laughlin Desert Challenge San Felipe 250 Mint 400 Baja in Barstow Fireworks 250 SNORE 250 AMSA 12 Hour Frontier 500 and still to come the Barstow Classic and the Frontier 250 It isn t too late to get on the list and if you are eligible and haven t listed your age so we can find you drop a card to Jean Calvin 5331 Derry Ave Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 Give us the whole info including what 1984 races you have been in and where you finished in class At the present time the 6 50 Club organizers are planning to have the awards ceremony for 1984 at the Score Awards Banquet The 6 50 bit will be somewhere among the Score presentations so you don t have to buy dinner to stand up and get your reward and cheers The HORA Awards last year where the 6 50 points winners got their rewards was a very long all day affair Coming the day after the final event it put quite a strain on the points ke eper as well So the 6 50 awards will be moved back to the Score Banquet this year scheduled at the Mariott Hotel in Anaheim on January 5 1985 18th Annual Del Webb s MINT400 D0Sert Race The world s biggest richest and toughest off road race May2 5 1 9 85 For your year round ExciteMint visit Del We Jb s Mint Casino Hotel home of the MINT 400 Desert Race where we speak your language Best of luck and sate racing Thumbs up The MINT 400 Staff and Management For further information contactMINT 400 Racing Headquarters Del Webb s Mint Casino Hotel P 0 Box 2160 Las Vegas Nevada 89125 2160 702 385 7440 MOftmber1984 Pagc7

Page 8

Pony Express Here is my one year subscription to Ousty Times I would like to thank you for your good coverage of our S O D A and Berrien Autocross Series Keep up the good work and thanks again I agree with Jim with proper promotion and marketing desert off road racing can become a viable motorsport in everyone s eyes television etc because desert off road racing is where fr all began and it is still the most exciting for racers and spectators alike Dick Metz Rhinelander WI I just read the excellent Soap Box editorial by Jim Short in your October 1984 issue Although Jim states things that many of us have been saying for years he gets them all down in a concise succinct way His mention of Bill France and NASCAR prompted me to write because of another feature of off road racing that is often bandied about as a problem I have often heard from many sources that desert off road racing will never be viable in the future because it is confined to the southwest and Baja and that is why short course or stadium racing is the way of the future I disagree with that prognosis as does Jim and I like to cite the fact that NASCAR is primarily confined to the southeast and yet has grown to be one of the premier forms of motorsports in the U S today u 1 HERE succe_ss on your paper and I hope it is around for many years to come Brent V Martin Burnaby B C Canada The October issue is on its way along with a sub form Brent Canadian subscriptions are 15 00 a year in US funds Thank you and our other correspondents for your kind words about Dusty Times accomplish the sam_e goals I wonder if these people today are concerned enough to sit down together and do something about it today Tom Copper Alpine CA We well remember the early efforts and the forerunner of the Rough Driving Committee which was the R C C rep at desert races Only time will tell if unity can come out of all the talk but a look at the 1985 calendar listings does indicate that the excess of races in the southwest will be with us again in the coming season Thanks for the complimentary copy of the September issue of Bill Sanders Dusty Times Enclosed is a check Associate Publisher for 12 months more I hope my Four Wheeler Magazine subscription can begin with the Canoga Park CA October issue which is to carry a story about the Crandon The magazine is great I never We agree with Jim Short also Wisconsin Brush Run 101 knew anything like Dusty Times and one need look no further than Denny Connor existed until I picked up a torn the annual Mint 400 to see what Cross Plains WI copy at a Mickey Thompson race heavy promotion of a classic event at Pomona Fantastic I then got can do to make a desert race a media Your October issue with five another copy at the Ri v erside happening as well pages on the Brush Run IO 1 is on its race and could not believe it way Denny We plan extended Your coverage and photos are Could you please advise me coverage of races in your area next top rate It is very good to see a what the subscription rate would season name familiar to me Jean Calvin be in US funds for a one year You see I remember her name subscription sent to Canada I I think Dusty Times has from ancient Hot VW s mags have been able to obtain a copy quickly become the best and about ten years ago when I was in of your publication on several most comprehensive coverage of High School and impressed to occasions and have found it to be off road racing and related see girls in the sport How young a great publication I would happenings I sort of chuckled and maybe stupid I was Anyway appreciate a reply soon so I can over the recent Soap Box keep it up The two issues I ve get my subscription started editorials and letters about what seen are great Enclosed is my Would it also be possible for you is wrong with off road racing and check for a subscription to send me a copy of the issue what should be done to improve David W Bowman that has the Riverside Off Road the sport Some of us tried for Arcadia CA W arid Championships in it years in the past through Best wishes for continued O R C A and R C C to Blush Blush r vAS r I would like to address this letter not only to my fellow members of the Checkers Off Road Racing T earn but to all racers friends supporters and fans of desert off road racing Sal Fish President of Score International was at a recent meeting of our Checkers club Sidetracked from his initial purpose of telling us that the Baja 1000 would be in Baja hey he came to the subject of how we might bring more money to the sport He was avid on one idea that we as true desert rats can do a lot to help ourselves For the media to realize that we are out there and what we go through to be out there we have to tell them ourselves If a promoter goes to a media person and says I am putting on a race you should come out and cover it The media guys say why should we Who is going to watch it or read about it So what we end up with is a major manufacturer coming up with OUf IN FRON v fH A 30 INUf LEAD ON n E NE f CAR N0 HJN6 BU CLE AR D SE Rf Al lEAD OF E ALL OF A SUDDEN B A ROD LETS oH the money to cover the sport and something like a Dawn to Dust Nissan advertisement I am behind companies advertising the sport but we cannot ask them to do that and then expect them to give us money too We as the desert race supporter fan have to let these media people know that there is an audience out there They need figures they can show the sponsors when they present the bill for covering a Frontier 500 or a Baja 1000 They also need to know what to cover editorially Do you remember your first off road race I do I went to the Cal 400 where it almost snowed I was entranced by the people and mystified by the race cars I had no idea what was going on especially when the peopie near us said the car they just pitted was in first place I alrel dy knew that the car had been lapped by the first car but it was in a different class which I didn t know So it goes with the media people They don t really know what is going on and we all act like well why don t you know We must all write letters make phone calls and let these people know how big a sport desert racing really is and how much bigger it could be If you would like to help I have a list of media names and addresses I will send you Tell them who you are and that you would like to see them cover desert races Make it personal It does make a difference Let s keep our racing alive by starting at the best place we have ourselves Nels Lundgren 1038 Harvard St Santa Monica CA 90403 We have printed your entire address Nels and we hope you do get good response The co m of desert racing to the promoters as well as the participants is heavy anJ media coverage would go a long way toward attracting the heavy duty sponsors th_e sport needs badly DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from all comers of off road activity The Pony Express column will feature all the mail we can fit into the space Please keep your words fairly brief Because of space limitations your pearls of prose may be edited but DUSTY TIMES will print your gripes as well as your praises Letters for publication should be at the DUSTY TIMES office by the 15th of the month in order to appear in the next issue COLLE C TOR S HOLIDAY SPECIAL A Full Set 12 Issues of the First Volume of DUSTYTIMES unmarked by mailing labels Early birds will receive the bonus of the Preview issue Sept 1983 GET YOUR FULL SET WHILE THE SUPPLY LASTS CALL OR WRITE FOR FREE CATALOG 22630 SOUTH NORMANDIE A VE TORRANCE CALIFORNIA 90502 213 320 7231 TWX 910 349 7514 Pag 8 November 1984 Send just 10 50 check or money order to DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite O Agoura CA 91301 SHIPPED PRE PAID VIA U P S Dusty Times

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Yokoha na super Diggers Keep on Winning And Winning I t _ A 1st Place Class 10 Frontier 500 Larry Bolin stated We ran the whole course without a tire failure After soo miles we still have over tread left they re great 1st Place Class 9 Frontier 500 SNORE 250 Midnight Special Miss Kelly McDonough is currently points 1e ader in HORA Class 9 championship for 1984 and winner of the SNORE 250 and Midnight Specia 1on Yokohama Super Digger Tires CONTINGENCY PROGRAM FOR BAJA 1000 AND FRONTIER 250 Yokohama will pay contingency of 300 200 100 for 1st 2nd 3rd in all classes except 7 and 8 plus a set of tires for best place on Yokohamas in each of the e classes TYPE TIRE Super Digger Y826 Radial Y826 Super Digger Ill Y829 Bias Y755 Bias Y7 20 Bias SIZE PLY RIM SEC 0 0 WIDTH TREAD WIDTH WT 27 x 8 50R14 6 7 6 30 x 9 50R15 6 61 2 8 31 x 10 50R15 6 7 9 6 7 9 33 X 10 50 15 26 5 29 4 30 6 32 5 8 9 10 0 11 3 10 5 6 6 6 6 8 3 7 2 30 20 42 61 47 60 36 20 7 00 15 7 00 15 29 8 30 3 8 2 8 1 5 5 6 4 32 00 33 00 6 6 5 6 5 6 Call toll free 1 800 423 4544 From No Calif 1 800 22H i765 Frcim So Calif 1 800 221 8744 YOl

Page 10

many competitors there were back trailed by Al Arciero and telling horror tales about the from there the pack strung out While most of the Class 1 early part of the course The general opinion was that the first starters got through the first 150 miles on the same route as check Frank Snook was missing last year was a genuine horror his Raceco out with no brakes dusty and full of new _and and only seven finished the race treacherous washouts from the At the third check 109 miles late summer flash floods around into the course Ivan Stewart was southern Nevada The word was first on the road but Larry that this section was truly off Ragland had his Chaparral just road and once past Beatty on the two minutes back on the road route the drivers could breathe a which put him just ahead of Tom Koch Raceco for the actual lead little easier Friday morning began the 7 on elapsed time Overall winner a in to 11 p m contingency and of both previous Frontier 500s tech inspection ritual around the Jack Johnson was parked with front packing lot of the Frontier engine trouble at Check 2 Moving on to Beatty Check 4 Hotel A goodly group of contingency donors set p shop and about one third distance on streetside which unfortunate Larry Ragland was in command ly had been newly planted with first on the road with Tom Koch grass and flowers most of the right in his dust However Koch new foliage did not survive the lost his tranny right at the check day For unknown reasons the and he was out of Class 1 Koch entry sank again this year later drove the Jim Stiles Class 10 dropping to 145 starting cars entry only to lose the engine at and with the bike and 3 Wheel Goldfield Stewart was having ignition entry the grand total starting group numbered 189 While the problems with the Toyota and tech time was far too long for the spent time in the pits but so did size of the entry most of the Ragland but both got back on In a sparkling performance Larry Ragland led most of the distance and at the flag in his Chaparral winning Class 1 and activity was over by dark and the road ahead of the herd Larry overall in so swift a time he was only 13 seconds behind the winning bike most of the contingency folks Ragland looked good at folded their tents and went inside Tonopah with just over 200 to sample some of the unique miles toJo in the race and half THE HDRA FRONTIER 500 the fiel was out by now entertainment in Las Vegas The mid October date for the Through Check 7 at Gabbs and 1984 Frontier 500 brought fair Check 8 south of Fallon Larry weather not too hot on race day Ragland established a comfortabut ih the southern part of the ble lead over Ivan Stewart and course there was no wind either no one else was really close The pair finished in order with The thick silty dust hung over the soft and rocky trails causing an Larry Ragland taking the overall absolute epidemic of flat tires on Frontier 500 title home to all brands The bikes left Sloan at Phoenix in a well paced well ficst light and promptly at8a m driven solo run in the Chaparral Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises B y jean Calt in the first Class 1 car Alan Hanks and he was only 13 seconds in a Bunderson was waved away slower than the winning bike The Frontier 500 advance ads third running of the longest point locale where the racers and their There was some flap about the Ivan Stewart anived about 15 claimed the third time is the to point off road race in the USA entourage were truly welcomed pair of Toyota trucks in Class 1 minutes later a solid second charm but for many it was quite there were a few changes in by the townspeople of Dayton carrying riders in the parade overall in the Toyota truck intending to do the same for the Phoenix drivers Larry Noel and a different definition of charm format including a welcome Nevada Walt Lott had real plans of race and more of that will be Tim Kennedy came back from a unless you think washouts and tightening of the pre race heavy dust are charming For the schedule and finally a finish finishing the event in Reno this discussed later Suffice to say bad flat and brake trouble with year but late breaking objection that Ivan Stewart had his son the Chaparral to take third in to the race passing over a few debark from the truck and took Class 1 eighth overall Suffering miles in Storey County near off alone fifth off the line Tom a lot of flats Mike_ Lund and Virginia City canceled that plan Morris moved back into Class 2 Gary Gamer got the Chenowth at the eleventh hour So the and kept his mechanic in the agnum home fourth not very far ahead of Terry McDonald Frontier 500 which the first year right seat ran from Sloan to Weeks the Dusty Times took up and Kirk Cartwright in a Funco second year went from Sloan to residence at the first check about The final pair of Class 1 finishers Virginia City this year traveled 51 miles into the course where the Tom Bradleys and Jack from Sloan to Dayton The town the route crossed Highway 160 McMillen Don Guth were over served as both the start and the for the first time Attrition took two hours behind fifth place Second off the ine Class 2 finish for the Labor Day running its toll e i rly here especially in of the VORRA 300 and the some of the more stock classes was big at 23 starters and most folks there happily went and a fair number of competitors of the heavy hitters in desert bananas over off road racing failed to get that far on the 4 76 racing were on tap The first two They gladly took the Frontier mile course First to arrive was seater through Check 1 was the 500 in and made everyone Tom Bradley number 101 but arpazingly fast Mazda rotary involved more than welcome Ivan Stewart was right in his dlfst powered Raceco of Dave Lewis Pre race activity began with a as was Tom Koch 106 and Jack and Dave Simpson Then came welcome mixer at the Frontier Johnson 109 followed by Larry Len Newman Mike Gaughan Ivan Stewart campaigned the Toyota pickup in Class 1 and the Iron Man got Hotel on Thursday evening and Ragland 111 about two rpinutes followed by Tom Morris the job done taking second in class and overall among the cars Toyota Mark McMillin Jimco Bill Hrynko Chenowth and Ed Martensen Raceco all in the same dust cloud Just a minute later came the Carn Thieriot Greg Lewin Funco then Jim and Billy Wright Raceco and Russ Welch Roger Mort e nson Raceco all in a tight clump Then along came Jim Sumners whose Raceco had already had the first of five flats on the course Out here with trans trouble was Gregg Symonds who placed third last year Ed and Jody Martensen were first through Check 3 but at Beatty Jim Wright was first on the ro i d followed by Newman Making it one and three for Arizona and Chaparral Larry Noel and Tim For the second year in a row Jim and Billy Wright led most of the way in the Martensen Thieriot and Kennedy got to Dayton third in Class 1 a keen eighth overall giant size Class 2 and won in the Raceco third overall Larry Ragland Wins a Tough One on the Extra Tough Nevada Desert Page 10 November 1984 Dusty Times

Page 11

team Having even worse luck the K J Howe and family Hi Jumper actually crossed the finish line somewhat overtime with continuing troubles on course It was a shame they didn t make the cutoff they tried so hard for an official finish Class 10 was third off the line the largest gang of all at 24 starters and 13 finished most in excellent time First to leave was Jack Irvine Race co and he was first on the road by several minutes at the first check Next came Buddy Yates Bunderson Ron Brant Raceco Don Slagle Raceco Bill Herrick Raceco Despite a rash of flat tires Jim Sumners with Craig Renfro riding did well in Marty Reider Raceco and Ray Class 2 his Raceco placing a strong second fourth overall Aragon Raceco and the herd all running too tight to call a leader on elapsed time Irvine held first on the road through Check 3 and on to Beatty Next on the road came Bill Herrick Ray Aragon and Buddy Yates but the race info ends there so these cars were not necessarily leading on elapsed time Coming up from the last starting position Larry Bolin was running quickly doing the solo act in his new Raceco and several others with high numbers looked good also By G abbs Bolin was second on the road only to Bill Herrick Tim McDonnell and he had the lead on time Yates was next into Among the leaders most of the distance the Raceco of Russ Welch and Roger the check and the pack was still Mortenson ran out of gas late in the game and came in eighth fairly tight Herrick just led Bolin McMilhn all five spread less cars as they finished So nothing physically into Check 8 but than two minutes apart on the much was settled on the spot somewhere on the final miles he road The tight contest raged on Rounding out Class 2 had big trouble Bolin had in Class 2 and at Tonopah the Anthony Van Zeyl and Bob problerns too out of brakes since Wrights were not only first on Veltri took fifth in their Raceco Gabbs and the generator quit so the road but on time Still in tight followed home by the Racecos of he was running off the battery formation came McMillin Don and Matt McBride plus Ed using one dim light and a hand Sumners Newman and Welch and Tim Herbst who had to held flashlight Larry had not The order held through Gabbs replace the steering before the pre r un the last part of the cqurse except that Wekh Mortenson first check Russ Weith and either But he drove alone to the got ahead of Newman Gaughan Roger Mortenson got enough gas Class 1Qvictory by a bunch and on the road The Wrights opened to finish eighth and ninth went a fast sixth overall even with the a decent lead at Check 8 only 53 to Tom Lawson and Bonnie problems It is a fine example of miles from touchdown Burton who came from pressing on regardless bya tough The Wright s Raceco had no Oklahoma to race The tenth and competitor from Newberry real problems and the son and final finisher was the McMillin Springs CA father team flew into Dayton to _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ win their second Class 2 title on the Frontier 500 by a comfortable 29 minutes The Newman Gaughan Bunderson vanished into the night the Welch Mortenson Raceco ran out of gas and lost well over an hour and Mark and Corky McMillin came to serious grief and lost a good four hours out of Gabbs While Jim and Billy Wright celebrated their victory and third overall in standings Jim Sumners Craig Renfro arrived to take second in Class 2 fourth overall in their Raceco Tom _Morris and Fraok Arciero Jr were next another 20 minutes back in the Toyota truck followed in 12 minutes by Cam Thieriot and Greg Lewin and ten Class 2s finished within the 20 hours time allowance When the results were posted showing the Toyota in third Cam Thieriot filed a protest on the grounds that the Toyota wore a Class 1 number 117 and it should be tossed out of third Cam said he saw the Toyota pass while he was in his pit in northern Nevada and he paid no attention since it obviously was not in Class 2 There was much ado and at the a ards it appeared that the officials awarded a third place tie between the Morris and Thieriot entries But the official results list the Dusty Times The tight Class 10 finish didn t Running well all day into the night the California team of end there About nine minutes Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn back in fifth were Las Vegans nailed down second in Class 10 Buddy Yates and Sandy Stewart about 20 minutes behind the followed in just 26 seconds by winner Tetrick s ORE was a Mark Broneau who went solo in skinny 48 seconds ahead of John his Raceco Five minutes further and Rick Hagle also Californ back was Dusty Times cartoonist ians in their zoomy looking new Dave Ryskamp whose Raceco Raceco The Hagles were merely was about four minutes ahead of 36 seconds ahead of Bill Herrick Ray Aragon Leon Tice also in a and Tim McDonnell The hard luck award of the race goes to K J Howe and his brothers who struggled all night with the Hi Jumper finished but were overtime 1 efl tit ofl 111Pe p o c o This is the system run by most off road race winners TRI MIL BOBCAT CHROME DUAL CAN BOBTAIL FOR BAJA BUGS 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED _ Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn had a great day in the new ORE and they placed a tight second in the very close run among 24 in Class 10 November 1984 Page 11

Page 12

Raceco Taking ninth was jack Irvine with his son Scott as a last minute co driver Jack rolled the single seater and lost some time and when his usual co driver didn t make it to the change over spot Jack s son Scott got into the car driving his first ever race and he had not pre run at all Scott brought the Raceco through the dark in good time another 17 minutes back and he is a very plucky young man Jon Block and Ron Cornell drove an older Hi Jumper home terith followed by Marty Reider Jeff Hibbard Raceco and Michael Sherman John and Rick Hagle were third in Class 10 by j11st 48 seconds in what is From A_rizona Bill Herrick with Tim McDonnell co driving the Raceco took David Rameriz Chenowth Last fourth Class 10 Just about half a minute out of third place but not that far back were Daryl probably the best looking body ever placed on a Raceco Mead and Butch Darling who had all sorts of woes en route An ther large class with 19 starters was 1 2 1600 It was a tight pack at the first check with the eleventh starter the Bunderson of Jack and Jerry Ramsay second on the road closely tailed by fellow Nevada racers Terry and Tim Bell Bunderson Looking good here too was the Friskowth of Richard Goldbaum and Jim Dyer the last to start and the eighth one through the check At Check 3 the Bells were first on the road with the Ramsays a t couple minutes back followed by Goldbaum Dyer on the road Nevada drivers Tim and Terry a 1 d1 some whee stands In the Bunderson Brothers Jack and Jerry Ramsay helped keep the green In Nevada as they ran and Dan Bradley Bill Stokes but the brothers finished first In 1 2 1600 and a quick ninth overall second all day and at the flag In their 1 2 1600 B underson The Bells opened a few more minutes on the Ramsays on the first on the road about 12 who started next to last and Bill pumper classes really did not Mark Hooper Dean Koutzoukis come to pass this year Most of Ford and Robin Tulleners run to Beatty and a half dozen minutes ahead of the Ramsays Landon the winners led their class from Noah Sanchez Ford passed the Heading north in the night others were dose in contention now followed by Mike Stokely At Tonopah the Bells were still then James Ward Terry Jeffers information is sketchy but Terry the first check In Class 8 Walker point with good times The same group passed and Tim Bell maintained their Evans and Dick Maxwell had the lead on the road all the way to the Dodge well up in the ranks in T onopah in formation and the finish Hne They won the class fifty miles and despite flat tires GMC of Steve Kelly and Michael and Jwere ninth overal Terry in the rocky silt beds Evans Nesmith was down and out with from Las Vegas and Tim from drove hard and fast to win the ten overheat problems Gilberf s Reno said the victory was nice truck class leading all the way it Ford was reported to have rear the race tough and the home was his second Frontier 500 end failure but it was fixed state win meant a lot to their victory At Check 3 Walker had enough to finish a strong second whole family Just over ten about half an hour in hand over about 49 minutes behind Evans minutes behind on time Jack and Stan Gilbert Charlotte Corral and nearly three hours ahead_of Jerry Ramsay were a close second Ford whci were closely tailed by T ulleners and Sanchez Another on time Almost 1 hours back the Chevy of Bill Howard Both hour and a half back the fo rth the California team of Jim Zupanovich and John Lind brought their ORC in third only five minutes ahead of Michael Stokely who had only six minutes on Ward and Jeffers Bill and Brandon Stokes ended Another hard luck story is Richard Goldbaum and Jim Dyer doing well in up sixth followed by the intrepid 1 2 1600 before losing hours in a ditch they were eleventh team of Tim Maples and Mike McAtee Next to arrive was Roy Walker from Reno followed by Jack Short Richard Huffman of Las Vegas with Bill Landon and Developed Proven by Lewis Simpson John Foody from Sparks right in their dust The Goldbaum Dyer te am lost a couple of hours in the RPM TORQUE i 200 H P last 20 miles as Dyer slid off a 3000 130 lb cliff and landed upside down in a i LIGHT WEIGHT 4000 142 lb tree in the gully Dyer had to use Class 4 was a familiar story as Rod Hall Jim Fricker and the Dodge led all the i E Z INSTALLATION a claw hammer to chop branches way to victory Hall is three for three on the Frontier 500 5000 151 lb before he could get out of the car REGULAR GAS 6000 156 lb Then he hiked off to find help to 7000 LOW MAINTENANCE 156 lb right the single seater He found some help up the hill plus Ed Robinson of VORRA who had Strong steady power is the key to driving fast and been sent out from the finish line smooth We want to help you WIN with low cost chores to the rescue They all got ROT ARY power Call today to wiri in 85 the car right side up but all the gas had run out Another S O S to the finish line brought some motorcycle gas and Dyer sputtered on to the finish came in 11th and was still nearly four hours ahead of George Gowland and Curtis Hougton They took 19 hours and 20 minutes on course and they were the last f official finisher number 63 in the standings It was a popular victory in Class 3as Marshall and Michael Mahr came out of The expected wars in the water central California to score the big win driving their Jeepster m OFF ROAD DAVE LEWIS Page 1i ROTARY POWER 714 849 4521 November 1984 Dusty Times

Page 13

Manny and Tudy Esquerra have a perfect score at the Frontier 500 and their Ford Ranger has won all three of the point to point races in Class 7 In a stunning repeat victory Walker Evans led from flag to flag In Class 8 with Dodge honcho Dick Maxwell enjoying the ride to Dayton and final truck finisher on the to ugh course was Bill Ho ward s Chevy Walker Evans said the first part of the race was so rocky that he didn t just have flat tires he tore the wheels off the Dodge It is a good insight into how rugged the race course really was from a driver who has seen them all and won them all Randalls had replaced a broken water radiator near Check 2 and later they worked on a cracked trans housing which damaged the Quadra Trac They carried o n in two wheel drfve The Jeep Honcho of Vern Roberts and Bill Do no hoe also had various problems but they struggled on north and finished second over three hours behind Rod Hall s winning Dodge Hall became o ne of just two three time winners of the Frontier 500 The Randalls kept patching up the Jeep and ca m e i n t hir d an d Do n McCormack brought his Dodge in fourth the final Class 4 Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen solidified their overall HDRA points lead by finisher being the first and the only finisher In the Class 5 wars Only four started in Class 3 the short WB 4 x 4 Class 3 and o nly two made it the first 50 miles in good time bo th driven by members of the over 50 club There G len Emery and Carl Cook had the lead but they were destined not to finish the race D riving a mo dified Jeepster Marshall Mahr and his son Michael drove a good pace to finish in 15 48 elapsed time the big winners and the only C lass 3 finisher There was also a quartet of starters in Class 6 and the Jim Madison Mick Newton Chevy Nova was a clear leader at the first check Favorite Larry Stan Gilbert and Charlotte Corral had some down time in the desert but their Schwacofer was down near Ford came back strong to take a solid second In Class 8 Goodsprings with tie rod Class 4 played out according ahead of John and Mike Randall trouble There was no report on to script also Starting fifth Rod Jeep Honcho By Check 3 Hall the Bill McDonnald D a ve Hall and Jim Fricker had the had established a good lead and Federwisch Maverick The Olds Dodge in the lead on the road at nearly half the field was either Omega rally car of Guy Light the first check a few minutes out or well down on time The DECEMBER 14 15 16 198t 1 FRONTIER 250 Final Race of the Nissan Cup Series DOUBLE POINTS RACE RACE STARTS SATURDAY DECEMBER 15 10 30 a m FIVE LAPS OUT OF sLOAN NEVADA 100 BONUS FROM THE FRONTIER HOTEL FOR FAST LAP IN EACH CLASS ENTRY FEE 350 00 INSURANCE 45 00 HORA MEMBERSHIP DOUBLE BONUS IF LAP IS TURNED BY THE CLASS WINNER 25 00 SUNDAY DECEMBER 16 FRONTIER HOTEL Brunch Americana Room 9 30 a m Frontier 250 Awards l 1 00 a m Nevada Motorsport Awards HORA Desert Series Points Awards FRIDAY DECEMBER 14 FRONTIER HOTEL Registration 10 00 a m to 9 00 p m Contingency Tech Inspection 11 00 a m to 9 0 0 p m Eng ine Changing Contest 1 00 p m to 3 00 p m BFG Tire Chang ing Contest 3 00 p m to 5 00 p m Welcome Cocktail Party 5 00 p m to 7 00 p m Mandatory Drivers Meeting 7 00 p m Information HORA 961 West Dale Ave Las Vegas Nevada 89124 702 361 5404 HORA Dusty Times HIGH DESERT RACltG ASSOCIATION November 1984 Page 13

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from Michigan did not make it through the silt to the first check and that would have been a good bet The Madison Chevy vanished from the charts later on Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling won another Class 6 title going all the way to Dayton in just over 16 hours Only three were on the line to contest the Class 7 honors At Check 1 Mario Alesi came through first about ten minutes ahead of Manny Esquerra But Alesi s Nissan apparently stuck in gear at the checkpoint stop and it had to be pushed to his pit Reportedly the Nissan got rolling again then had front end troubles at Check 3 got fixed again but did retire later in the game Meanwhile Manny and Tudy Esquerra set a hot pace in the Ford Ranger had no serious trouble and rolled into Dayton in a quick 12 50 the winner for the third year running in Class 7 and they were a quick 25th overall really impressive on the tough course that is tougher for the late starting classes The dozen starters in Class 7S dwindled away quickly in the first legs Well ahead of the pack after 51 miles was Willie Valdez in his freshly painted Ford Ranger His major competition Spencer Low Paul Delang Nissan was reportedly stuck in the silt but they did get rolling after an hour down time Tom Peltier and Bob Klingenberg got the 2 WO Jeep CJ 8 through Check 1 in good time but faded from the scene later on While most of the field was out by nightfall a hot race developed between Valdei and Low Low closed the gap to the front runner to just 23 r p inutes at Gabbs But on the way to the checkered flag Low rolled the Nissan and did a lot of body damage The crew found the truck but they had to cut the top of the cab off to make the truck Robert K ight and LeRoy Hansen won a real battle In the 5 1600 war 29 minutes to the good at the flag a double victory for the Hansen family Leading at one time shifter problems dropped the Bug of Dan Naylor and Max Razo to third at the flag in 5 1600s and they were happy to finish road w orthy Meanwhile Willie Valdez was in Dayton the Class 7S winner in a fine time of 15 47 Low got rolling probably a little sideways but he finished second and last in class with about 2Q minutes left on the time a lowaru e Class 5 has shrunk to nearly nothing with only four starters at Sloan At the first check Malcolm Vinje Mark Hansen had a couple of minutes on Byron and Jo Smith and the other two were well back in the silt The Smith Bug retired at Tonopah It was a popular victory in Class 7 Sas Willie Valdez drove hard all the way to win over a dozen starters by literally hours It was a tough run for Mike Baker and Bob Scott but the Utah team kept plugging along in the Funco and finished a good second in Class 9 Page 14 and Vinje and Hansen rolled on to not only win Class 5 the only finisher but they took 20th overall on time and also consolidated their overall points lead in the HORA Desert Series The 5 1600s came out strong fot the Frontier 500 with a ga l le of 13 on the line most of them strong competitors For sure they came through the first check in a single dust cloud or so it seemed Leading the pack here on the road was the first starter Mike Lesle next came Bob Knight LeRoy Hansen Larry Las Vegans Norm Shaw and Manny Cortez clawed their way up to second among the 13 5 1600s and finished second In the close contest Starting out slow with breakage Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling put the old Chevy in drive and cruised into Dayton the Class 6 winners Naylor Razo the Craigs and Fersch with only 12 minutes between them all At Beatty Dan Naylor Max Razo were first on the road apparently leading on time as well with a couple of minutes in hand over the Dunns who had a fow minutes on the Craigs and Knight Hansen were about five minutes back while Fersch had fallen about 15 minutes off the pace On to Tonopah and now Knight Hansen were first on the road and on time the Dunns were next about 20 minutes back just ahead of Shaw Cortez with Fersch close Naylor Razo dropped back a good bit as their Bug kept locking up in second gear and the only cure was a stop take off the shifter plate and rattle the gears by hand At Gabbs Knight Hansen had a fine lead of half an hour over Shaw Cortez _Naylor Razo were coming back strong only a few minutes out of second place and Fersch was healthy again about ten minutes back The Craigs had dropped about half an hour When it all sorted out at the finish line Bob Knight and LeRoy Hansen roared into Kelly McDonough and her brother Dave did a terrific job in the Class 9 Funco Dayton the clear winners in and the young Las Vegas team won the class honors 15 28 Victory was sweet for LeRoy Hansen because his son Mark and Malcolm Vinje and their crew the Class 5 winners were waiting with the champagne to celebrate the double win for the Hansen family After a see saw race across the top of Nevada the pink and white Circus Circus Bug driven by Norm Shaw and Manny Cortez was second in 5 1600 about half an hour back and hap py to reach Dayton Naylor Razo had more gear changing woes and arrived third another 3 7 minutes in arrears but they were 47 minutes ahead of Todd and Tom Craig With their Bug coming unglued in the A rally car is not often an off road racer Guy Light found out near Goodsprlngs where his Olds Omega succumbed to the rough _terrain night Rich Fersch and company November 1984 and Jim Dunn and _Dan Naylor Max Razo all close enough to touch each other A few minutes back mixed up with the 3 Wheelers who started after the cars came Rich Fersch Norm Shaw Manny Cortez Todd and Tom Craig and Don French Don Smith The class win was going to be anyone s game At Check 3 Lathrop Wells just over 100 miles into the race the last starter Larry Dunn was first on the road in the lead followed by Knight Hansen Dusty Times

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struggled in after 19 hours 19 minutes and change on the road the fifth and final finisher out of the 13 that put on such a close contest in th early stages of the race Class 9 seems to be on the way out and just five 1200 cc entries started the long journey north At the first check the Hi Jumper of Jeff and Larry Watson was right behind the Chenowth of Mike Baker and Bob Scott A few minutes back came Kelly McDonough Funco then Mike McCrory Jim Diiney Hi Jumper and the Funco of Larry Webster Sheldon Lowery It was a record of sorts as the entire class made it through tbe first check in competitive time Watson was first on the road at Check 3 with several minutes in hand over McCrory Oizney closely tagged by Baker Scott McDonough and Webster followed a bit later and the whole class was still running Larry Watson kept the lead into Beatty and now with Jeff at the helm the Hi Jumper led through Tonopah but retired en route to Gabbs _ There were few reports on the Class 9 contest Apparently both the Webster and McCrory cars fell on evil times also Out of Gabbs Kelly McDonough and her brother Dave who drove the car to the finish were in the lead and they led right under the checkered flag Kelly got so excited about the big win th a t she tripped and fell damaging her ankle and she appeared at the awards with a cast on her leg Surviving numerous problems the Utah team of Mike Baker and Bob Scott finished also second about one and a half hours back but thrilled to finish the grueling race The last starter in cars at Sloan was the downsize Jeep Cherokee of Don Adams and Jason Myers in Class 12 They made it through Check 1 in good shape but a variety of problems put them in the pits as much as on the road They retired from action about five miles north of Beatty _As mentioned the motorcycle riders covered the course very quickly and the overall and open class winners were Larry Roeseler and Kurt Pfeiffer on a 1 Husqvarna 500 XC this year a mere 13 seconds faster than Larry Ragland s 10 07 03 The overall winning 3 Wheeler a Honda was ridden by Mark W eixeldorfer Marty Hart and Mike Coe in a time of 13 05 31 a very quick time for those hardy riders who had to pass bunches of cars They finished before several of the car class winners Sunday morning some folks were still standing around in their driving suits having recently arrived some over time but at least in friendly territory The Nissan tent along side the finish line was the host to the awards ceremony and sundry other activity On Saturday the tent held tables for the big barbecue put on by the people of Dayton It was a full meal of real beef with all the trimmings free to all wearing a racer s armband and just 6 50 for the rest of the population A bar concession stands the works swung all night By eight in the morning the Dayton cooks were serving a Dusty Times The overall winne s accept their trophies from Walt Lott and HORA officials F om the left Larry Roese er Kurt Pfeiffer Marty Hart ark Weixeldorfer Mike Coe and Larry Ragland The most memorable feature of the race was dust and more dust as Larry Dunn Bug found out following Jim Madison s Chevy Nova keen breakfast until just before the awards ceremonies began The third time charm did bring happening at the actual finish line The hospitality at Dayton so impressed _H ORA that Walt Lott along the best organized Frontier 500 race to date It was also the first to have a real celebration announced on the spot that Dayton would again be host to the finish line in 1985 YBUCAN DRESS llUP A B TAKE llBUT eroquip With Aeroquip hoses and fittings you get the best of both worlds As a high perform ance plumbing system none can beat the long standing reputation of Aeroquip s superior quality durability and extensive variety In fact for more than 30 years Aeroqu p has been the leader in aircraft type fluid transport systems And Aeroquip hoses and fittings do more than enhance performance The high lustre anodized finish of the more than 250 different fittings and the brilliant braided stainless st eel hoses in numerous sizes are a perfect show qua ity _ a ddition to any vehicle 940 South Vail Avenue Montebello CA 9064Q 213 724 3705 Whether you plan to add the Aeroquip touch to your race car or your street machine there is only one place that can fill your plumbing needs quickly and efficiently That s Nelson Dunn We have two west coast warehouses and both are stocked to provide immediate delivery on over 400 Aeroquip part numbers Additionally years of extensive involvement in all types of motorsports also allows Nelson Dunn to provide expert technical assistance to your specific needs For Show or Go make the Aeroquip connection with Nelson Dunn INC November 1984 7818 Wilkerson Court San Diego CA 92111 619 268 4140 Page 15

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F O R D A Labor Day 150 Once again Crowder Pits was Tallahassee entered their class which brought a total of host for the F O R D A races buggies in the day s activities twenty eight racers for the day This one took place o n and along with their pit crew The course was laid out and September 2nd during the L ibor made final djustments i o ensure run the same as it was in the everything was on go by race Day weekend and was a three previous race that as held here hour one hundred fifty mile time After all entries were in in July The weather started out there were six in Class 1 nine in endurance race Early morning hot with unbelievable dust and was busy as drivers arrived in 1600 class and thirteen from D towards the end sorrie clouds rolled in bringing enough rain to settle the dust make the track slick and give the drivers the opportunity to adjust their 4430 N Dixie Hwy Ft Lauderdale Fla 33334 driving habits to meet these conditions After the drivers meeting everyone took their Distributors of Off Road position at the start All buggies would run together starting with Parts Accessories D class followed by 1600 class A T L Fuel Systems A M S Brakes Berrien then Class l Bug Pack Centerline Chenowth Dellorto Carbs With everyone on line and the final seconds being counted Fox Shocks Funco Race Cars away the engines roared tension Kennedy Clutch K N I Mastercraft Mecca Accusump Neal 0uterwears Ph_oenix Fire Syst Saco Products Simpson Safety Super Boot Summers Bros Total Seal Rings V D 0 Gauges Weber Carbs Weld Wheels Wright Place 305 491 8085 In Fla 800 433 8511 In Fla Toll Free 800 327 8511 Out Fla Toll Free Legal in California for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway Page 16 Text Photos John Sprovkin Everything came out okay Jimmy Crowder had the lead for the first seven laps running head to head with Danny Hahn and Mike Hester Danny was in a tight second for the first four laps as Mike Hester took over that position in the fifth lap to battle it out and finally gain the first place spot in the ninth lap from Jimmy Crowder Jimmy was also overtaken by Danny Hahn in the same lap Chuck Gurr dropped out after his ninth lap when his buggy started to spit and sputter then his exhaust blew off Bob Harrie held down the fourth place position for the first twelve laps until he and Jirrimy Crowder overtook Danny Hahn Danny had to pit because his steering wheel broke It didn t take long before he was back on the track again Bob dropped out on his twenty second lap with problems while Jimmy Crowder overtook Mike Hester once again for the lead Jimmy finally had to pit with a flat tire With his pit crew moving like greased lightning no time was wasted before he was back on the track Mike Hester had a little problem on the forty first lap like running out of gas After refueling Mike seemed to be having trouble getting started Jimmy came around and gave him a push start When the race was over Jimmy Crowder took the first place position in this class with forty eight laps The genial race host in Tallahassee Jimmie Crowder flew his Chenowth completed and also first place in building up and the adrenalin really starting to flow Three two one1 The green flag dropped the buggies were on the move and the dust covered the track right behind them Around the hairpin turn and approaching the first jump Jimmy Crowder was out front with Danny Hahn right on his tail for Class 1 followed by Allen Brumley and Marty Pounds in that order for D class with Ken Burkert following Bob Broome for the 1600 class In Class 1 Billy Morris pulled off to the side when he lost his clutch during the first lap This was the third time he has had this problem in recent races Billy can t seem to get to the heart of the problem Danny Hahn took a nose dive on his first lap going over the sec nd jump Magnum to both the Class 1 and_the overall victory by more than a lap _ November 1984 Dusty Times

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the overall standings driving a through the finish Terry Clark called it a day Chenowth Mike Hester Fuoco urned over forty five laps to early in the race when he slid into bring home second Danny Hahn a hole and had his share of did it his way for the third place problems trying to get out Lewis position Foster missed his timing on a In the 1600 class things were jump and did a nose dive really happening Ken Burkert afterwards he was hit from picked up the quick lead in the behind His buggy was okay but first lap and stayed with it while Lewis hurt his neck and decided Travis Hurst visiting from to call it a day Bob Broome had a Georgia and Buddy Taylor few problems starting with a tire exchanged positions during the coming off the rim during the third lap putting Buddy in first lap later to get stuck then second spot Travis had to call it finally breaking a shock on his a day during his seventeenth lap nineteenth lap With a lot of when he broke a rod Bruce drive and determination Bob Bennett sponsored by K K hung in there until the end Repairs hung right in there When all had crossed the finish C xchanging positions and gaining line Ken Burkert was on top in ground with each lap until he this class and second in the broke a wheel Repairs were overall standings with Buddy made and he stayed in there Taylor doirig a great job for the second spot and Jeff Holmes bringing in third D class made its start with Allen Brumley sponsored by A J Automotive and Marty Pounds first off the start followed by David Greene Sam Pace and Scott Gundeck were the next two in line It didn t take long before Sam and Scott going head to head passed David during the second lap then overtook Marty in the fifth lap Scott continued to climb m

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pleted trophies and presentations were made and then it was time to go home See you next month Class 1 137 Jimmy Crowder 109 Mike Hester 108 Danny Hahn 118 Scott Bob Haire 140 Chuck Gurr 167 Billy Morris Buddy Taylor sails over the thick Florida brush and he ran hard all the way had no serious trouble and came In second in 1 2 1600 class From blinding dust to slick mud from hairpin turns to leaping jumps from flat tires to blown engines it all took place here today To be able to replace Danny Hahn fl es his Hi Jumper past J R Taylor 23 and Taylor made quitfi a comeback drive from a lot of pit time to finish third in D class an engine and complete a race with a third place position asJ R Taylor did within the D class was a display of having your act together The race was com 51 3 23 13 75 63 57 21 15 91 46 31 44 mu BIiiy Morris had a short ra ce In Class 1 as he lost the clutch In the early going a failure that has happened to him In other events 1 2 1600 619 Ken Burkert 682 Buddy Taylor 618 Jeff Holmes 654 Bob Broome 66Q Bruce Bennett 698 Bob Bohres 675 Travis Hurst 691 Terry Clark 616 Lewis Foster Overall winner Jimmie Crowder left gets a hands ke a check and the big trophy from Mike Hester who took second after running out of gas D Class Scott Gundeck Sam Pace J R Taylor David Greene Clay Hurst Allen Brumley Marty Pounds Jerry Allen Tom Gundeck Mark Surguine Joe Cunningham J R Lindsley Dennis Green Overall 137 Jimmy Crowder 619 Ken Burkert 51 Scott Gundeck 109 Mike Hester THE BUDWEIS ER OFF ROAD AUTOCROSS CHALLENGE NOVEMBER 10 11 1984 FLORIDA STATE FAIRGROUNDS TAMPA FLORIDA PRODUCED BY SCORE CANADA AND F 0 R D A 10 000 PURSE 10 000 IN PRIZES F O R D A SERIES POINTS RACE RON COMBS Page 18 November 1984 IT S SPORTS 514 692 6171 813 988 4600 813 935 7134 Dusty Times

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The BFGoodrich Western Off Road Nationals By Homer Euha11k 1 Phow 1 1111 Flick Ro J t out to overtake Rick Jones loyed the fast course won two of the three heats in Class 10 in his Funco and Carter won the class honors for the second time at Tulare Where s the Jumps rang out from the back seat as we arrived in Tulare for the BFGoodrich Western Off Road Nationals It appeared there was a mistake made and someone had forgotten to install the usual monstrous jumps and bumps associated with short course racing Little did we know that we hadn t noticed a significant mound at the start finish line and the ruts and bumps were to appear later Practice started right on time and many drivers yawned then meandered to their cars to try this unusual looking short course track But talk about pumped up once they came ba k in Typical of the driver s reaction to the track was that of Ron Carter Carter was said to have cracked his helmet with an ear to ear grin when he was asked how he liked the fast track Ron knew what he was getting into though since he won the last Tulare Class 10 event Practice got really dusty so the water trucks were brought out before the combined classes of 2 and 5 were brought out Class 12 1600 also ran in this first heat with three entries On the start it was Randy Rhinehart that captured the lead from his front row starting position Dan Naylor brought his Bug from fifth into second and began pressuring Rhinehart halfway into the first lap On the second lap Rhinehart lost traction on the watered down track and Naylor managed to get by for the lead By the third lap Naylor caught the 1 2 1600 cars and started lapping them with Rhinehart still in hot pursuit By the fifth lap the dust started to rise and the racing really got hot but time ran out on Rhinehart as Naylor took the checkered Third place went to Don Kennedy and Craig Redding finished fourth i head of Ed Parmeter Mike Goodbody won the 1 2 1600 class and with Glenn Harris h d a handful in Class 1 with the giant economy size Bruckmann Porsche but he ran second all day and second on the points said his leg was broken least six times in front of the It was Ron Carter that was crowd Rappa got up seemingly putting pressure o n Glenn Harris more hurt about his flat than and Tom Norris was close by anything physical Trini looking for a hole to get around Camarona went on to win the Carter Jerry Whelchel was really A TC event but was a half a lap driving hard to overco111e his behind the Yamaha cycle of Ken competition that this twelfth place starting position Nolan class offers Goodbody was and John Swift was right on his Class One unlimited took on followed by Jeff Elrod Robert tail The action remained the a new meaning as Volker Stout finished third same with attempts made at Bruckmann brought out his 300 Class 10 drew the most entries every corner and down the horsepower Porsche powered with 14 total and 14 was plenty straights Ron Carter and Glenn Funco with his secret weapon for this tight and fast course It Harris made contact over the big touting 15 inch wide rear tires was Glenn Harris that came off jump but Harris held onto the Finding a way around those tires the pole position to take the early lead Harris was doing a was Jim Fishback Jr as he pulled lead and Glenn was followed by remarkable job driving his out into the lead and went on to Bob Beetley and Tom Norris On California Gold desert car with a win the first heat Glenn Harris turn one Lou Peralta lost traction Class 10 engine and the car really who finished second was driving as Don Miguel ran under his car took to the fast course Rick Bruckmann s car and really got and left both hung up in the Jones who was running in ninth airborne over the front jump middle of the turn Due to a stood his car on its nose over the Then on the third lap a shot of concession truck sitting in the jump but managed to pull it back hydraulic fluid shot up 30 feet as infield the starter couldn t see the up without loosing his position the top of the right front shock mishap and it went unnoticed Harris went on to win but he blew off Harris had little chance This left Peralta and Miguel in knew Carter was right on his tail of catching Fishback then and the hands of two course workers Third went to Tom Norris and had his hands full keeping Fritz and a couple of photographers Whelchel finished ahead of John Kroyer from getting around in and their attempt to separate the Swift the corners These three finished two proved hazardous as the The 3 Wheel A TC s were next in that order and fourth went to pack came around for lap two with only tw9 entries and one Al Baker ahead of Rick Bower One flagman tried to warn the motorcycle ran with them Craig As the green flag went up for racers but they seemed too eager Rappa Ranells was the early the Class 2 and 5 cars second to get the inside lane causing one leader but he misjudged the small heat it looked to be a repeat of of the course workers to get jump coming out o f the big the first heat as Dan Naylor put clipped by a tire and later reports sweeper and flipped his Honda at his Class 5 buggy out front and Randy Rhinehart took second Rhinehart and Naylor were running away from the pack and began lapping the field on the third lap Naylor suddenly developed engine trouble and headed into the pits and Rhinehart was all alone for an easy victory Don Kennedy finished second and Craig Redding came around for third In Class 10 action everyone seemed to be in turn one at the same time Jerry Whelchel drove over the roll edge of John Swift as Swift pitched his Funco sideways for the corner Everyone else was bouncing off of each other and the action remained tight all Jim Fishback Jr was busy at Tulare here moving in on Gary Dillon Fishback through the second lap Then won everything in Class 1 and was second in Class 10 Ron Carter pulled ahead of Whelchel for the eventual win The California Gold teammates of Glenn Harris and John Swift were dicing for third place and Swift recent 1 1600 winner at Ri versicle managed to get around Harris until Harris repassed on the sweeper before the front stretch Fifth place Rick Jones got sideways going into turn one on lap four and threw up enough dust to hide his car but Jones held on to finish fifth Fortunate to finish at all Harris pulled into the pits and discovered his shock rod had broken off and had gone into his Centerline but the wheel was Jeff Elrod came from the north to put the Donsco 1 2 1600 up front in the iinal still holding air heat was second in the first heat and won the points With the top of the shock _ Randy Rhinehart had a good day in the Funco Class 2 winning a heat in combined 2 5 and winning the class cash on total points as well Page 10 November 1984 Dusty Times

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Mike Goodbody started out fast and took top sp9t in the first 1 2 1600 battle but had to settle for second in the main and on points welded back on and no piston inside to absorb the rough stuff Glenn Harris amazed everyone by putting Bruckmann s super Porsche out front on turn one of the open class second heat Jim Fishback Jr stayed on Harris tail waiting for his chance knowing that Harris would have trouble in the corners Fishback s chance came on the straight instead of a corner and as they both came over the big jump it was Fishback that took the lead and went on to win four laps later Fritz Kroyer moved up and challenged Harris at every corner but once Harris got straight and pressed down on the pedal it was up to Kroyer to catch up Fourth place went to Al Baker ahead of Rick Bower Randy Rhinehart sat on the pole position for the Class 2 and 5 Main event but it was Don Kennedy out of turn one first with Rhinehart in hot pursuit Rhinehart jumped further over the front jump to take the lead going into lap two Dan Naylor did one lap then pulled off with engine problems Rhinehart knew he wasn t in for a comfortable drive as Kennedy and Craig Redding stayed in striking distance throughout the heat Striking distance wasn t close enough as Rhinehart won followed by Kennedy and Redding It was Jeff Elrod that put his buggy out front of the 1 2 1600 class Elrod was closely pursued by Mike Goodbody with Robert Stout in a distant third position Goodbody made sevei al attempts at Elrod but had to settle for second Putting 14 cars into turn one really gets things happening in Class 10 action The front four of Carter Harris Whelchel and Swift were elbowing one another all the way into turn one and Carter managed to shove his way to the front Harris was hot on Carter and it looked like the lead was up for grabs but Carter held on John Swift followed Whelchel into turn one of lap three and Whelchel got sideways causing Swift to jump over Whelchel s front end for third Whelchel found the gear he was searching for in the corner and caught up and got around Swift on the next lap Carter was pulling a small lead over Harris and Jim Fishback Jr was moving up through the pack Whelchel got sideways on the back sweeper and pulled off the track with a broken transmission During the confusion Swift dropped two places as Fishback and Rick Jones got by Harris caught Carter on the front Dusty Times straight to make his move and nearly had it until Carter slipped inside pushing Harris out allowing Fishback to get by Fishback put his sights on Carter but had some trouble with lapped cars John Swift moved around Fishback until he was spun sideways by Fishback on the next jump Fishback held on to second and Carter went on to win another Tulare event with Harris taking third over Rick Jones and John Swift was fourth Jim Fishback Jr jumped out the early leader in Class 1 the girls going for it That is until the flag went up On the start it was Gina Harris that jumped from third into contention for the lead with Jody Carter and Jamie Carter who were running neck and neck Harris got into the loose stuff outside turn one and the Carters exited first The Carter sisters were bouncing off one another until Jody pulled ahead Harris got going and around Janae Carter and put the move on Judy over the jump for the lead but again she went wide on turn one Gina found some traction and pulled out in between the Carter Dan Naylor put his swift Bug into the victory in the first Class 2 and 5 heat but clan and was sandwiched until he was sidelined with mechanical trouble later in the day the trio put Jamie Carter into a followed by Glenn Harris in the slowed by lapped traffic Kroyer trash barrel Just before the white Porsche powered Funco with finished third ahead of Rick flag Jody Carter caught Harris little or no front suspension Bower and Al Baker had to settle and tangled resulting in Carter almost spinning into the fence Harris felt Kroyer tapping on his for fifth Just when everyone thought It was Gina Harris taking the door for the first three laps but Harris kept the inside line and the action was over a Powder win driving her first race Let me held the power on to pull a small Puff event with seven cars was tell you this girl came over the lead Harris would use all the added to the agenda Everyone front jump just as high or higher power he could muster down the knows that short course racing han most of he guys Jody straights then muscle the car can get aggressive so most of the Carter was close by for second around the corners Al Baker was guys snickered at the thought of and third went to Kay Williams running fourth until Rick Bower found his chance and slipped by on turn two Fishback went on to a comfortable win afte Harris was oH 1

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THE TOYOTA VAN By jean Calvin It has Ample Space in a Small Package 11 i Viewed from the side the van looks like a ground blimp but the shape is aerodynamic providin good handling and super fuel economy It has been on the market about a year and the Toyota Van has definitely found a slot in the all purpose transportation market It may well be the 1980s successor to the original box from Volkswagen However the Toyota offering is far fro m a box in exterior design with a wind cheating aerodynamic nose and a total shape with a low drag coefficient of 0 40 Th e aerodynamics do give the vehicle an odd and quite different look from the standard van but inside it has acres of space for either people or cargo or a combination of both Power for the van is the two liter four cylinder Toyota engine with extra urge from the electro ni c fuel injection providing 90 horsepower While two liters doesn t sound as if it could haul a laden down van around the model on test was also equipped with a five speed manual gearbox and the gearing was absolutely right for performance The van was loaded with over a half ton of copies of Dusty Times for the journey to the Frontier 500 and also the usual survival gear ice chest and luggage for a desert race plus two bodies The van climbed the steep grades between Los Angeles and Las Vegas with ease dropping only from fifth to fourth gear The performance is amazing from the small engine and it also delivers what is probably the best fuel economy available in any kind of van The Toyota averaged over 28 mpg on the highway and fell only to around 25 mpg in stop and go On the fully optioned van the dash cluster has full instrumentation two trip meters a full bore radio just over the center console ice maker The rear lift door on the van came with its own window wiper and defroster very handy in the morning mists of autumn in Neva da driving while carrying a heavy cargo load Actually when the load lightened the fuel economy only went up a few points The drive train is relatively conventional with rear drive and the engine parked between the two front seats on the van The engine is covered with the plush carpeting that covered everything o n the super optioned unit on test Engine access is limited and just to check the oil the snap in carpeting must be removed The relatively short wheelbase 88 inches and the overall leng h of 175 4 inches and 66 3 inches in width make the van a joy to slide into crowded parking areas While the tires look small they are standard size 185 75 14 Dunlop steel belted radials The ride is great on rough city streets as well as on the highway Only in severe crosswinds which plagued the whole trip to and from northern Nevada does the van get squirrely at highway speeds but so does most any truck type vehicle Power steering and brakes help the ease of driving and the big armchairs for the two front seat riders ha d myriad adjustments and were totally comfortable during three full days o n the road The second seat holds two people comfortably and the third seat will hold three more adults with ample leg room There is still some cargo area left to the rear under the full lift rear door when all the seats are installed The rear seat pops out in a minute when more cargo area is needed The van had every option in the book and a radio that had dozens of lights and knobs Front and rear air conditioners had separate controls with the rear controls next to the second seat Other options included rear window wiper and defroster a pair of sun roofs cruise control in fact all the goodies including the ice maker on the center console The ice maker works The middle seat holds two people comfortably and they have their own climate control knobs to the left of the seat and another sun roof ahead of the Mreat only when the air conditioning is on but once the ice is made the box keeps things cool for many miles Along with the super deluxe Toyota van pictured here there is a more mundane model with all the seating and general station wagon features and a more budget minded price Also last spring Toyota introduced a cargo version of the van with only front seats and a vast expanse to the rear It works well as a panel truck For 1985 a few changes in the van have been made There is a redesigned rear window wiper and a repositioned power door lock switch for more convenient operation The final drive ratio has be en lowered on the automatic transmission models too If you need the space and people package provided by a van check out the Toyota and enjoy the space and great fuel economy as a bonus C O R E PIT TEAM C O R E offers unique pit services at western desert races a family oriented club with social activities and much more for its members C O R E also has a program of one time guest pit service for out of the area competitors Get all the information on C O R E Jim Branstetter President 818 881 6708 17453 Runnymede St Van Nuys CA 91406 With all three rows of seats installed there is still ample space for normal weekend family luggage under the vast rear door Page 22 November 1984 The front armchair bucket seats are infinitely comfortable on the long haul with a variety of adjustments and movable center arm rests Dusty Times

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LER IHE ___ WALKER EVANS TAKES HIS SECOND FRONTIER 500 CLASS 8 WIN SPENCER LOW CLINCHES THE CLASS 7 5 CHAMPIONSHIP IN HIS STOCK NISSAN KING CAB Some of the worst conditions in memory didn t keep these Goodyear drivers down in the Third Annual Frontier 500 Despite cracked granite slickened by devastating rainfall Despite thick silt and smothering dust Walker Evans and Spencer Low didn t choke In Class 8 Walker thundered his Dodge Ram to his second consecutive Frontier 500 victory a full 48 minutes in front of his nearest competitor In Class 7 S although Spencer rolled over he didn t play dead He went on to cross the finish line and clinch the HDRA Class 7 S championship Congratulations to Walker and Spencer for proving once again how Gqodyear Wrangler Radials are engineered to take on the toughest terrain No matter what kind of truck you own you can get the very same n ce proven Wrangler Radials from your Goodyear Retailer Wrangler Radials Put a set on your truck And take on your wildest frontiers WRANGLER RADIAL WE RACE THE TIRES YOU BUY GOODfi EAR

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THE DIXIE SPRINTS At Birch Run Michigan By Brenda A Parker Jeff Probst flew high in the Class 10 Berrien and Jeff put together a 1st and a 3rd to finish 2nd on the weekend points The Dixie Sprints which are held at the Dixie Motor Speedway in Birch Run Michigan always draws a large c o ntingent of Canadian drivers and this year was no exception There were approximately eight or ten Canadian entries in this years race out of a total of 75 Entry this year was up by about 10 or 15 over last year and this race has grown every year for the past three years The race is run over two days with points being awarded for how the drivers finish in each 15 lap heat and these points are then totaled to determine the overall standings for the weekend The p y back however is fashioned after the Canadian system where 40 of the purse is paid for Saturday s heats and 60 for Sunday s With this system even if you are not so lucky one day you may go home with a check in your pocket for finishing decently on the second day The total purse this year was just under 7500 and this was paid out starting at 4 30 p m on Sunday Most of the drivers were on the road for home by 5 30 p m I was told by Bill Waddill Steve Tsarpalas drove his best race In the Sunday 2 1600 dice and Tsarpalas got through the traffic to take fourth place on points erican S T AID SUPPLY INDUSTRIAL FIRST AID SAFETY FIRST AID KIT FOR YOUR RACE CAR MEETS RACING RULES REQUIREMENTS ONL V 26 50 Larger Kits Also Available for Pit Vehicles 4 x 4s and RVs AMERICAN FIRST AID SUPPL V Brea California 213 694 1858 714 529 9028 Page 24 race director that there was one complaint from one of the drivers because the presentation of the checks started so late and he told the fellow that there is no other race in the Berrien Series hat pays back any quicker or has the drivers headed for home as early as this one does Class 10 started the action on Saturday with 19 cars on the starting grid The track is about one mile long and winds around and through the asphalt oval with the asphalt straightaway right in front of the grandstands utilized as well The 19 cars in this class is just about the limit for a track this short On the start of the Class 10 race Bruce Brannstrom driving his Mirage was bumped and headed for the ladies bathroom on the north end of the grandstand This put him in last place but he managed to work his way up to finish seventh in this heat He was told after the race to make sure he goes to the bathroom before he gets in his car next time Kevin Probst in his Berrien was in the lead until the last lap when he rolled coming up out of what is called the Alligator pit because it is a big depression in the track and can be wet if there is any rain at all This moved Jeff Probst up to finish in the lead at the checkered flag Scott Taylor was second and Mike Paulsen third Mike Parker in his Mirage was out after only four laps with his oil pressure dropping and a possible oil leak and Lee Wuesthoff in his Chenowth was out on lap 2 with a broken ring and pinion The next heat was the Class 21600 cars There were 10 entries in this class Running at the san te time were two Class 2 cars and one Class 5 who had to bump up to Class 2 in order to run Dave Vandermissen Sr took the lead in Class 2 and was never challenged Dan Adams finished second and Mark McFadzen in his Class 5 was third Kevin Probst led the Class 21600 cars with Chuck Williams driving a Berrien hot on his tail November 1984 Bruce Brannstrom drove hard in the hotly contested 1 1600 wars all weekend and the Illinois driver won the class points and the cash Kevin Probst was King of the 2 1600s in Michigan winning on Sunday taking a second on Saturday and taking home the trophy and points When they got into some traffic Chuck managed to get around Kevin and from then on it was a race between these two cars for first place Chuck was not about to give way to Kevin and they finished one two with Dave Vandermissen Jr coming in third In the 4 x 4 class it was Cameron Lodge with an easy win over Paul Plunckett and Robert The 1 1600s always put on a great race for the spectators Ike this side by side run between Karl Wuesthoff 600 and Jim Slankard Dustynmcs

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Gierke was third Also running in this class were several guys who don t want to run fo r the money but do want to race They enter what is k nown as a Trophy Class Taking first in this race was R ick French C huck Sculley was second and Steve Hanna was t_h ird These guys put on as much ofa show as the other drivers they just don t feel they are ready to race with the big guys Next on the grid were the 11600 cars There were 12in this class

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for a short time but motor trouble caused him to pull out of the race Scott Taylor took over the lead with Art Schmidt runnfng second and Bill LeFeuvre from Canada in third They finished in that order Saturday had been a beautiful September day but during the night we got some rain When Sunday dawned it was gray and overcast and threatening rain The rain had settled the dust but thank the Lord it did not muddy the track There were a few rain showers during the morning but by the time i he racing started at noon those had stopped It did not rain again until the day s racing was over and for that everyone was thankful since there has been rain at several of our races this year and at the past two Dixie Sprints Class 1 started off the events on Sunday and it was a repeat of Saturday s racing with Scott Taylor jumping into an early lead with John McPherson another Canadian driver in second and Steve Norris from Michigari in third Both Scott and John had towed all the way back from Riverside which was the weekend befor this race in order to race at Dixie and it proved to be worthwhile because when the weekend was over they both went home with money in their pockets for the effort Scott broke two shocks on the rear of his car and John moved into first place where he finished Scott took a second and Norris finished third When the points were added for the weekend it was Taylor Norris and McPherson in that order for the points Next up was Class 2 1600 and the Class 2 and 5 cars Dave Vandermissen Sr won handily again with the finish a carbon copy of Saturday In the 2 1600 class James Jacolik rolled on the start and never got moving again Kevin Probst led flag to flag Chuck Williams was running third when he had carburator problems on the last lap and this allowed Steve Tsarpalas to pass him Dick Knudsen s engine caught fire on lap 8 and he was There is a ribbon barrier instead of two way traffic here as Bruce Brannstrom bops past Jerry Turner in the Class 10 action Bill Pedersen had some problems at Birch Run but he kept going to come in tenth on Class 10 points when the racing was over Mike Paulson drove one of many Berriens among the 19 Class 10 cars and Mike finished a fine third on Saturday as well as on the points Class 1 charger Mike Ruesche hasn t had a very good year in 1984 but he hung tight in Michigan and ended up in sixth place done for the day At the finish it get around him when on lap 13 was Probst Vandermissen Jr his fuel pump failed and he was and_ Tsarpalas with Williams out Curt s cousin Lee ending up fourth The overall Wuesthoff worked his way from points winners were Probst eighth place to second but just couldn t seem to close the gap on Vandermissen and Williams Just a side note Knudsen s Curt until Curt s car quit This problems did not end with the moved Lee into first place There engine fire On his way home he was a race for second between missed the turn off from 1 69 to Todd Attig Tom Surace and 1 94 and ended up in the ditch Bruce Brannstrom Bruce finally He was sitting there wondering passed both cars and finished how he was going to get his van second with Tom Surace and trailer out of there when a finishing third Hilding Brannsemi truck missed the same turn strom pulled off the track in the off and ended up on top of first lap with a broken axle The Knudsen s rig To my knowledge overall winners were Bruce no one was injured and for that Brannstrom Karl Wuesthoff and Tom Surace we are grateful The 4 x 4 s were on the line Class 1 1600 was next Curt W uesthoff had a good lead and it and ready to go next At the looked like n one was going to finish it was Paul Plunkett Robert Gierke and Michaei Falsette The overall winners were Plunkett Gierke and Lodge In the Trophy Class it was Rkk French Joe Dunlap and Steve Hanna THE ULTIMATE POWER STEERING AH 19 Class 10 cars started Sunday s heat There was a Reliability Simplicity Cost draw_ing on Saturday to determine start positions in all classes and on Sunday these positions were reversed Parker h_a d drawn pole position on Saturday so he was dead last Sunday When the flag dropped he got a great start and moved from last to second by the time the cars passed the timing tower on the first lap He stayed in second Scott Taylor being in the lead holding off both McPherson and Jeff Probst for nine laps On lap 9 as Parker was coming up out the infamous Alligator pit he got over too far into some soft dirt and he rolled and tumbled 425 00 Less Pump and Lines end over end to come to astop on DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED all four wheels He was not hurt but the right rear spring plate was broken Taylor continued to lead and with Parker out McPherson 8847 E 9th Cucamonga GA91730 was second and Probst third They finished in that order 714 985 6813 Kevin Probst hung in to finish on A strong runner from Canada and winner of the Toronto Stadium race Ernie Jakubowski had trouble all weekend with his swift Mantis FUNCO FUNC O Page 26 November 1984 Lee Wuesthoff of the Wisconsin clan had ups and downs in Michigan with the Chenowth Magnum He finished out of the Class 10 money a fat tire but was way down The overall standings in this class were Taylor Jeff Probst and Mike Paulsen There was also a Trophy Class for the buggy drivers who don t feel they are ready for the big time There were seven entries in this class and it included several sons of some of the regular drivers They got a taste of off road racing without having to put up a big entry fee their entry fee being 20 00 One of the entries in this class was Corry Heyman from Canada driving a 2500 lb buggy with a Chevy V 8 engine and a Toronado transaxle Needless to say he couldn t take the jumps very well because of his yeight and he finished fast but it was something different to see and hear this car on the track The winners were Mark McFadzen Lonnie Andrews and Dave Andrews This has been a good race for the past three or four years and if things continue as they have been going it will be a good race for many years to come Dusty Times

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PRO CAN AM RACING The Forest Fling 100 R C inJy Chamherlin Photos Jerry Scott of the second place car Nogle who is still runnmg a stock engine Nogle will be moving up to the Pro class next season with his new engine and he should do well axon said he got a little carried away on the two way section ru_p ning Roger LaPlante off the roacf But when I asked Roger about it he said that axon just overshot the corner a little bit Either way Roger chewed on a few leaves over that one Later in the day Roger s pit crew had to send their chase car out to drag Roger out of a ditch Even with all their problems the LaPlante team till finished with a first place and they really have quite a good working crew Bill Ballaster was also plagued with hardships during the race Approximately one mile off the starting line he broke a front spindle and he had to sit out the first few laps He got the front end damage repaired then he lost the rear brakes He didn t want to sit out any more of the race so he pinched off the rear brake lines and was off again However this was not a course to be without brakes especially going down the shute just ask Gunderson But Bill Ballaster was able to keep running without any more major problems Burt Klinger made a nice showing in his Class 5 Baja Bug finishing in fifth place Everyone had a great time in Olympia and they are all looking forward to the Pro CanAm season finale out of Bend Oregon Jax on Nogle patiently awaits his turn to start the race Nogle finished second in the Sportsman Class running a bone stock engine The Forest Fling 200 weekend for the finish and the money repair the Bronco enough to started out with terrific weather Tough Luck Gordon Tom drive it off the hill and back into in Olympia Washington There James in his flat fender Jeep camp This just hasn t been was a slight overcast and a little again showed the crowd some Greg s year drizzle in the morning with firm great driving skills Tom had Phil Dean who has been promises of sunshine by early only minor problems and running strong all season met afternoon The 3 wheeler and finished third overall about 20 with disaster early in his ninth lap Odyssey racers left i he starting minutes ahead of Jack Mamo when the front housing broke in line at eight in the morning and who took home fourth pl ce half The Bronco did not look had a fine race Danny Nichols money well when we saw it after the race again dominated the Odyssey Hard luck stories were Gerry Irvine in his Chevy truck class and Dean Frankhouser plentiful at the race with most of was also unable to finish the 200 took the first place honors the wilder ones occuring in the miles He pulled out in the among the 3 wheelers shute a two mile long s eventh lap with irreparable The Pro 4 x 4 class boasted a downhill stretch with several damage Art Johnson rolled his field of 14 cars for the Forest sharp corners and thick trees Bronco during the eighth lap but Fling with entries from Oregon Loose rock corners also added to he managed to right it and Washington and Canada Steve the high attrition rate John continue in the race Farrell drove the first car to leave Gunderson in his J eepster got a The Sportsman 4 x 4 class had the line and he didn t waste any close up view of the trees on his only four entries Rod Stevens time getting his well prepared CJ second lap when the brakes took a commanding first place 5 out of the Speedway and up failed Knowing he couldn t win in his Class 4 Bronco Bill into the woods on the first 15 make it all the way down without Jackson driving the only other mile lap Gordon Scott was the brakes John aimed his Jeep into Sportsman car to finish the six second driver out but a log the woods literally mowing laps took second place Marty caught him just yards out of the down some two to four inch Edwards in his new Chevy Speedway breaking his steering diameter trees When it was all truck played Mr Nice Guy box Luckily he was able to limp over the Jeep was suspended and stopped to pick up Cindy into his pits and of all things approximately five feet in the air Chamberlin and her sister co they actually had the right spare A Cat had to be brought in to rider Cheri Richardson after part Scott was quickly repaired get him out of the trees After they hit the tree Marty was and back into the race only looking at the Jeep and having mechanical problems having dropped two laps off the considering the size of most of after the third lap and parked Ed leaders Scott also had tire the trees in the shute he did a Burnap again had fuel problems troubles but he still managed to super job of saving the car John which put him out of the running take home a fifth place trophy said it was quite a ride in the first lap Cindy Chamberlin was next Jim Murphy also did his share There were fourteen buggies off the line hot on the trail of of logging in the shute that started the race but only five Steve Farrell and Gordon Scott eve_ntually losing his steering arm managed to finish Todd She caught Farrell and was in the tenth lap which grounded Springer in his Sportsman looking for Scott by the end of him for good Greg Bird from buggy took a strong lead and he the first lap not knowing that Canada lost his steering in the held it throughout the race to Scott was in the pits with steering first lap but he managed to finish almost 30 minutes ahead trouble Cindy s race was going super well until two miles from the completion of her fourth lap she smacked a tree witn the Scout The only thing hurt was her pride but the Scout will see a new frame before it races agai Bob Nyste from Kamloops B C and Gordon Lemons from Woodburn pushed Steve Farrell pretty hard all day But Farrell hung on for the victory and Nyeste took second place honors after a hard driving race The hard luck award has to go to Gordon Lemons who ran a great race until midway through his twelth lap and with only one more lap to go his transmission seized and he had to sit by and Going well in the early laps author Cindy Chamberlin did some unscheduled watch the rest of the class pass by logging work with the Scout and ended up in the DNF ranks Dusty Times November 1984 Gordon Scott stormed out of the ace track caught a log and broke the steering box got fixed and came in fifth In Pro 4 x 4 class Amid the towering trees in Washington 28 cars got In line for the Forest Fling very early on the Saturday morning NEW QUICK JACK FOR THE NEW BIG RACE CARS Here is a new technology quick jack to match the new technology in the long travel race cars so successful in off road racing today This quick Jack has a total lift height of 22 inches will stand by itself when raised to full hei jht and it d_ o es not require a person to sit on it while the car is up in the air The new Jack has an excellent leverage ratio and one man can lift the rear end of a heavy two seater by himself The jack is made from the finest ingredients and it breaks down for ease of storage and transportation TWO MODELS AVAILABLE CLUB DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE 18 LIFT 59 99 22 l lFT 9 99 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES 29300 3RD LAKE ELSINORE CALIF 92330 Telephone 714 674 7365 Page_17

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THE SCORE CANADA OKTOBERFEST It was a Finger Licking Good Race at Kitchener Ontario Test Photos Danny McKenzie Flying high Robert Moreth won the first round in the Hobby class in his Bug Hobby cars are restricted in engine and suspension mods New Jersey driver Dave Lofland is a regular on the Canadian circuit and he put his Funco into a good second and a third in Class 10 Beautiful Indian Summer of this y6 ung lady next season puffing death smoke from the weather brought ideal conditions Among the 1 2 1600 racers tailpipe and McPherson was a to the annual Oktoberfest Tom Surace from Northfield spectator Also from the Sprints organized by Score New Jersey continued the roll he Toronto area Ernie Jakubowski Canada The short course off has been on all summer Coming took the lead on the first lap and road race is part of the largest off a pair of first place finishes at kept leading all the way to Oktoberfest celebration in Rimouski Quebec in August victory an important win for North America in Kitchener and victory at Notre Dame du him in the points race Dave Ontario It is the most traditional Nord in early July Surace was Lofland grabbed second place Canadian off road event and has ready to do it again Tom charged this round followed by Geoff happened every year since the hard in his Berrien Buggy to win Kenward from Dundas mid 1970s during the Oktober the race on the first day by a Ontario and Bill Lefeuvre in his considerable margin over Joel BFGoodrich Berrien another fest The format remained the same Croft also in a Berrien Gordon Ontario driver as in past celebrations at this race Zima got his Off Road At most Score Canada events Bill Walker came from Massachusetts to try racing his brand new Class 7 course New was the sponsor for Depot Raise Auto Racing buggy home in third place all the water pumper classes run Dodge the new John Baker rolling chassis but had new car woes the off road racing and this The tide turned a little bit on as Cl s 4 and most of them are welcome sponsor is in the four wheel drive ln the Saturday chicken business Yes the the second day of competition run Curt LeDuc from finger licking good people Ontario racer Joel Croft powered Massachussets shot into the lead from Kentucky Fried Chicken his BFGoodrich backed Berrien in his LeDuc Off Road Goodsponsored the two day meet and past Tom Surace just a few laps it proved to be a howling success before the checkered flag on the year sponsored Jeep Honcho The best eastern racers from 15 lap moto to take the lead and LheDu stayed outf ronthto t ke south of the Canadian border hold on for the victory Surace t e victory In me_ s owmg came to Kitchener to race the stayed in second place and Gary Jerry Bundy m his Bundy local folks from Ontario and Franklin from Ringwood New _ Motors ofConnecticutJeepCJ 8 Quebec for the cash and the Jersey was third Fourth place nailed second place Bundy s valuable series points and a huge went to young Dean Dodd son C lass 4 is powered by a ten year crowd watched the antics for two of Score Canada _s President old straight six AMC engine and George Dodd and Dean drove it always impresses ot_h ers in the days class who favor monster size VThe Hobby class in Score an Eastern Force Berrien Buggy Class 10 is a big bunch north Bs Jim Gri from Brampton Canada events is provided for budget strapped competitors and of the border as well as all over Ontario broke up the American new drivers trying their hand at the USA At Kitchener the pack domination of the race taking a The bad guy at Kitchener was Rick Nolan who tried and succe ded in hitting short course off road racing At was out to beat John McPherson good third place in his Brampton everyone else on the rac e track he was disqualified promptly the Oktoberfest there was a fresh who has a habit of winning in his Off Road entry On Sunday it was an all out young face in the class and also in Eastern Force T earn Berrien The the winner s circle Just 17 years young mechanic from Pickering war on the race course with a pair old Lisa Volk scorned the Ontario did not disappoint his of new arrivals on the Class 4 powder puff type competition fans or the odds and he scored a entry list Brothers Pete and Rick and entered her Volk Autobody wire to wire victory in the Nolan with a wild pair of Aircraft Refinishing Ltd Saturday Class 10 heat specials cametocontestthe4x4 single_seater in the Hobby class McPherson finished just ahead of honors Pete Nolan raced a fair She shocked the regulars by a strong new contender Jerry and honest event although he taking a strong second place in Trover from Glenshall did not finish the race But the first heat on Saturday behind Pennsylvania Trover took a brother Rick went on a rampage the winner Robert Moreth from strong second place ahead of nerfing and hitting anything that Caledon Ontario in her first Dave Lofland from New Jersey moved close enough to him on ever race Now with a little and Claude Tetreault from the course His special target seemed to be the two boys from experience Lisa Volk came back Quebec It was quite a different race on Massachussets Curt LeDuc and on Sunday to win the Hobby class moto outright outlasting Sunday especially for McPher Joe Janis LeDuc was the first one John Wood s serious effort at a son John s Class 10 engine out with a flat tire frrn n the victory The racers will see more grenaded on the very first lap contact but a quick pit stop and John McPherson dominated Class 1 in his Eastern Force Berrien as he won both days and John also won the bonus Challenge of Champions race PageU November 1984 Dusty Times

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Young Lisa Volk made a sparkling debut In off road racing taking second in her first race and winning the Hobby class on Sunday Jerry Bundy was a happy man doing the parade lap after winning the Class 4 h9nors on Sunday in his six cylinder powered Jeep Scrambler Toronto racer Ernie Jakubowski won the Class 10 honors on Sunday driving his own chassis creation that really does look like a Mant s A truly interna ional off road racer Curt LeDuc scored the Class 4 victory on day one but came to grief on Sunday in the rough contest he was back o n the course but o ut of contention fo r a time It was more serious for Joe Jan is whose C h evy p ickup 4 x 4 special is really wild looking Janis lost the en tire floor panel in the cab wh ich took the pedals with it effectively putting him o ut of the action for good The rough driving committee disqualified Rick No lan fo r unsportsm anlike driving The new leader o f the 4 x 4 bash was Jerry Bundy the six cylinder lite rally scr eaming Bundy also won at Kitchener in 1983 and was fresh fro m victory at Rimouski as well T h is is the first six cy linder in many a moon to best the top dogs with V 8 power C urt LeDuc worked his way back through the pack to fi nish second and Dwigh t Cook fro m O ntario was third Altho ugh his vehicle did not perfo rm up to his expectations a s pecial mention is due Bill Walker from Massachussets Walker is an autocross rookie and he recently built a Class 7 mini truck Dodge the first of the John Baker rolling chassis to see shbrt course action Bill s top dollar creation is welcome on the circuit the second Class 7 built to current rules on the east coast W e will hear mo re about Bill W alker next season In the first round o f C lass 1 action Bill Lefeuvre in his BFGo odrich backed Berrien stormed into an early lead It looked like he was going all the way to victory but his transmission failed after five tough laps In the early going Lefeuvre was challenged by hard charging Art Schmitt from Pittsburgh PA and John McPherson who had worked his way through the field John McPherson took over the lead on the seventh lap and he never looked back taking th e checkered flag first Art Schmitt held on in second place and Steve Norri took third place honors home to Michigan On Sunday it w as a rep e at performance from the same trio as McPherson Schmitt and No rris finished in o rder after som e close dicing o n the race course As usu al the final event of the e ntir e wee k end was th e C hallenge of C hampions race for the top fi nishers in each class However at the Ok toberfest the C HYM radio station C hallenge of C hamp io ns was done in a different manner fro m the norm The winner got his cash prize for fi nishi ng fi rst overall but each top fi nisher in each class got a b it of the purse too it made the C hallenge mo re than a o ne car race and the competition more Dwight Cook from Ontario has a typical Canadian Class 4 special single seater and Cook drove to a healthy third in the Sunday event SAND BUGGY DISC BRAKES Michigan driver Steve No is did well in Class 1 racing his Michigan built Mirage to a close third place In bo h days of tight racing JAMAR 0B100 Series Disc Brake Conversion Kits These kits are designed for the sand buggy enthusiast providing conversion from the standard VW rear drum brakes to a lightweight rear disc brake These kits are complete with rotor calipers hubs and all necessary hardware for a complete installation MANUFACTURERS OF THE FINEST IN OFF ROAD PRODUCTS Contact your local JAMAR dealer or write 42066 C Avenida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 714 676 2066 Jim Slankard is another strong 1 2 1600 competitor from Michigan and he drove his Mirage to a good fifth place In Sunday s e v ent Dusty Times November 1984 Page 19

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excttmg The grand winner which was no surprise was John McPherson in his Class 1 Berrien winning an extra 500 Jerry Trover garnered 150 for taking first spot in Class 10 and Joel Croft also got 150 for being first in the 1 2 1600 group Jerry Bundy continued to surprise the troops and won Class 4 and an extra 150 The Oboberfest Sprints have always been a most important event on the Score Canada Series Until last year it was the final event of the season a do or die race for the top spots in the points series This year the Oktoberfest Sprints enjoyed a more relaxed a tmo sphere because the season finale will be in Tampa Florida at the Fairgrounds on November 10 and 11 However the Oktoberfest is still a very important event With the points series winding down a win or a good finish at Kitchener could mean a sure bet for a class points victory Anyhow the Oktoberfest meet always offers the wildest autocross racing this side of the rockies and this year was no exception Score Canada offers special thanks to the Kentucky Fried Chicken group for supporting the race and taking part in Cana_d ian Autocross racing history Major thank yous are in order for ex racer Doug Williamson _for doing a superb job as event director Cam McRay for once again d oing an outstanding job announcing the blow by blow action to the big Ontario 4 Wheel Drive crowd Brian the flag Stagg Association for providing the jumped higher than ever when corner marshalls and the tow the winners took the checkered vehicles always needed at any flag and alsq thanks to the race 0 Dean Dodd son of Score Canada s President George Dodd had a good outing in 1 2 1600 taking a fine fourth in the Sunday competition The Oktoberfest Sprints always have a giant crowd and the more agile spectators literally hang from the trees to watch the action The E Bea R team from New York no lpnger have to change engines to race Class 1 and 10 Owner driver Ed Righter added a new Chenowth Magnum to the stable last fall DUSTY TIMES COVER UPS Most photos show the back of Brian the flag Stagg but here he spots the leader on course and holds the checkered fla at the read WHYAREN T YOU A DUSTY TIMES DEALER PAINTER HAT Great for pit workers one size fits all but very large heads Nifty for children too 2 50 ALL WEATHER COVERALL Neck to ankle protection against heavy weather made of water shedding paper based fabric will last through many wet race weekends if washed gently One size fits all adults except N F l sized men 8 50 SAFARI HAT Protects tender necks from the sun All cotton bill makes the Safari Hat com peletly washable Sizes S M L XL 6 50 SELL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PRESENT TO YOUR PREFERRED CUSTOMERS U P S EVERY MONTH TO YOUR DOOR YOU PAY NO SHIPPING CHARGES GET ALL THE RACE AND RALLY NEWS FROM THE TOP OFF ROAD JOURNALISTS Contact To order send check or money order to Dusty Times 5331 Derry Ave Suite _O Agoura CA 91301 Specify size on Safari hat Be sure to include 1 50 for shipping and handling California residents add 6 5 sales tax Allow 4 5 weeks for delivery DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Avenue Suite 0 Agoura CA 91301 21 889 5600 Page 30 November 1984 Dusty Times

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BAJA CROSS Gillman won the first one over second and Ji U Fishback third Frank Arciero Jr and Jerry with 366 then Pancho Weaver Whelchel just won the second 274 and Dave Greiner 240 In 1round over Brian Harber The 2 1600 points Kent Castle won Main fielded 22 cars had to have with 857 followed by Doug a restart and got organized It Ingles 787 Neil Phillips 712 was close dicing but Mike Bob McE vain 655 and Dan Gillman won and Brian Harber Morton 523 The Class 10 was second points title went to Mike The 1 2 1600s had close Gillman with 1507 5 Greg racing for time Kent Castle won George was next at 1413 5 just ahead ofJim Fishback Jr On the first round by a big margin followed by Jerry Whelchel points Scott Gillman was first over Bob McE vain and Neil 1275 5 Vince Tjelmeland 744 and leading the series second at Phillips The inverted start in the and Ron Carter 707 Presently there are rumors that this point was Dan Fisk and Jim second heat put Jesse Rodriguez up front but he and later Kent the Baja Crqss Series may find a Fishback Jr was third Class 10 had its usual herd 22 Castle both hit the bank in the new home for 1985 but it is only cars on the short course and a late laps and Jon Bonner won the rumor It was fun racing family hot battle up front But the flag race followed home by Doug oriented and the series will be missed especially by the low key fell first on Mike Gillman Ingles and Bob McElva n In final Baja Cross points for short course competitors who so followed by Bob Gordon and Frank Arciero Jr The second 1984 Scott Gillman won Class 1 enjoyed the track at Saddleback moto was just as exciting With with 597 Dan Fisk 565 was Park the inverted start it was Greg George up front and Brian Harber Funco was second just ahead of Jerry Whelchel George won top spot for the day but Mike Gillman was leading the Whelchel and Marty Tripes of series at this point Among the 1600s it was Jon course The 1 2 1600s put on the Bonner who won the first moto closest racing of the day down with Kent Castle and Neil the ranks After Kent Castle Phillips just behind In the broke early Doug Ingles sailed second round the battle raged on home first followed by Bob and this time Kent Castle took McElvain and Neil Phillips the win and the day s points Castle led the early laps in the Second in the moto went to Joli second moto and at the flag with Bonner followed by Dan Ingles second and Ken Hodge Morton third On points the cash went It wasn t planned that way but to Doug Ingles followed by the August Baja Cross delayed Mike Gillman amassed the greatest number of points in the series In his Class McE vain and Hodge one week turned out to be the 10 Chenowth Magnum handily winning the class champlonsh_lp The middle round of the Baja series finale The owners of Cross Series was in May and the Saddleback Park closed the track had been changed to facility shortly thereafter provide a new challenge In Class There were only three Class ls 1 Frank Arciero Jr had his on hand and Ron Wachter won Chenowth packed with extra the points over Karol VanZant ponies and Frank won the first A quartet of Baja Bugs showed moto keeping Scott Gillman and up and Jim Cocores won both Pancho Weaver Funco at bay heats in Class 5 Tom Copper In the second round Scott was second on points Class 10 was another biggie Gillman got the holeshot and stayed in front for victory with a pair of preliminary heats Arciero had to settle for second to handle the crowd Mike A Quick Look Back at the 1984 Series at Saddleback Park Photos TracksiJe Photo Enterprises Under new management for the 1984 season that of Charlie and Linda Engelhart and friends the new look Baja Cross eries started strong last March with a healthy entry of 104 and some great racing Five events were on the season schedule and Straub Distributing Company which translates to Budweiser again sponsored the racing at Saddleback Park in Orange CA The first ev e nt saw Scott Gillman get a fine start on points as he won both Class 1 motos in his Chenowth Magnum Jim Fishback Jr put his Magnum in second for the day and Dan Fisk Funco got third on points in Class 1 The biggest bunch as it is everywhere was Class 10 with 22 on the list Greg George Funco won the first moto followed by Jerry Wh lchel Chenowth and Vince Tjelmeland Funco On points Jerry Whelchel was first with a fourth and a second Greg George was next and Mike Gillman third The first 1 2 1600 moto belonged to Doug Ingles in a two seat Hi Jumper Kent Castle worked up to second in his tandem Raceco and Mike Goodbody was third With the semi inverted start Kent Castle got going early in the second moto leading from lap 2 to the checkered flag Ingles was second and Kevin Pirtle was third On points the nod went to Kent Castle and his mother the back seat driver Doug Ingles was second and Kevin Pirtle third The second meet early in April saw the Class l entry shrink a bit Scott Gillman took the first moto on the road but dropped to second on a rough driving ruling behind Dan Fisk and D11ve Greiner was third Gillman ledl all the way on the second mbto with Bob Gordon Chenowth right behind him and Ron Wachter Funco was a Icing third Scott Gillman was the points winner next came Dan Fisk then Bob Gordon Class 10 again fielded a big 19 cars and the first moto was busy At the flag it was Mike Gillman followed by Jerry Whelchel with a flat tire and Marty Tripes Second round action had the same results with Ron Carter Funco in fourth place On points it was Mike Gillman Jerry Dusty Times Greg George held up the honor of Funco natch and he scored a very close second in Class 10 points a tough fir ht in the big fields TYPE IV W HEADS Kent Castle with his mom Pudgie riding In the back seat of the Raceco Tandem won a close dice for the points title In 1 2 1600 class The new modified Type IV heads from ARAO provide power increases up to 35 over other reworked Type IV engines from VW s or Porsches The power comes from the free breathing modified heads designed by AR AO ahd regis tered in the U S Patent Office The heads feature side located e xhaust ports AR INEERING_ Scott Gillman had a strong start on points in Class 1 in his Chenowth Magnum and he won the points title despite a late season slump November 1984 21400 LASSEN ST UNIT G CHATSWORTH CALIFORNIA 91311 213 709 4781 Page 31

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RALLY OF 1000 LAKES Showdown for Audi in FinlandText Photos Martin Holmes Hail the new champions First overall was the 4 x 4 Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 crewed to victory by Ari Vatanen and Terry Harryman in Finland Quattro the Champion is Dead Long Live the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 The 1000 Lakes Rally was the event that Audi feared the day when a rival proved that Audi s production bas ed competition car had been living on borrowed time waiting for another car to do the job of winning gravel rallies better When Stig Blomqvist arrived at the finish in Finland in fourth place Audi gained their second world championship for makes but Peugeot stole the headlines Blomqvist had driven the old long Audi as usual the new Sport Quattros again failed to finish and even the two Lancia Rallys long proved to be obsolete were ahead Despite the three official team Audis and several private cars the German monsters scored only six best times out of the 51 stages The sole Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 driven by Ari Vatanen had taken 31 stages with no apparent effort and the two Lancias of second placed Markku Alen and third placed Henri Toivonen had taken nineteen With Peugeot committed to enter every world championship rally in the future the question now is not whether a Quattro can win a champion ship again but whether they could win even one world rally again The Peugeot project is obvious but the impact comes when you realize their car was conceived before four wheel drive had proved itself in rallying This was their third event the first time they led until crashing the second they led until minor problems sidelined them The decision to e nter only one car in Finland instead of two was made long ago They are still more interested in gaining experience than winning Audi split their efforts between the security of the old two valve car and the idiosyncracies of the four valver Winning the championship rather than the rally was their objective If Lancia won Audi simply needed to take third place In the end Lancia came in second and Audi s fourth did the job Blomqvist eased off later in the event letting Lancia s back up driver Henri Toivonen take third place But for the first two stages the Swede had actually led though his subsequent ease could not disguise Audi s eclipse The results showed only two Audis and three four wheel drive cars in the top ten but this is part of the mystery of Finland Despite the gravel roads four wheel drive is not an essential ingredient for Finnish success You need power instead Technical lay little advances part _on inthetraction 1000 P Lakes Whatpushesupthespeed is increasing horsepower better handling and the aggression of the men behind the wheel Former world champion Bjorn Waldegard from Sweden has often said it is difficult to win the 1000 Lakes because the Finns fight so hard to beat each other there is no room for outsiders At the head of the rear wheel drive entry were the production based Toyota Celica Twin Cam Turbos claiming 370 BHP some fifty more than the Lancias and a hundred more than the Nissan 240RSs cars rallied in basic specification form For the second year running Nissan finished the best normally aspirated car a long way off the pace but in seventh place overall up one spot from 1983 Things did not start well for eventual winner Ari Vatanen Two days prior to the start there is a practice day This two hour session has grown in importance and is now quite the equivalent to pre qualifying sessions at a Grand Prix The venue is a popular stage close to Jyvasklya called Humulamaki only 3 7 km long and possessing a well known series of downhill jumps The Peugeot was slow 1 47 and was seen to float too much Alen did 1 41 and both Toivonen and Hannu Mikkola Audi did 1 42 Michele Mouton found the wrong springs fitted to her Audi but she still made a 1 44 Illustrating the popularity of rallies in Europe there were 10 000 tickets sold to spectators for the practice session in a countty with only one tenth the pop u lation of Britain While the Lancia Rally is now termed obsolete Markku Alen and 1 kka Kivimaki drove the Group B beauty to second overall on the 1000 Lakes The joke in Jyvaskyla is that the post summer rains start when the 1000 Lakes Rally begins This year the rains came the moment the second leg of the event began For the third year running Blomqvist made fast time on the opening stage but Alen took the second stage quick time However Alen s time was discounted when the stage was cancelled rare in Finland after the British driver Julian Roderick crashed into the crowd at the famous bumps In recent years the crowds have encroached onto the stage as the trees behind them become more dense and it was lucky a major disaster did not occur The organizers take immense care in safety matters and an ambulance was on the scene in three minutes Alen made best time on the riext four stages and was soon ahead of Blomqvist and pulling away Mouton spent a lot of time tryingtogetherSportQuattroto handle well On the ninth stage Alen spun out and dropped ten seconds Vatanen had begun to 2 ___ Arriving a fine seventh overall was the Nissan 240 RS driven by Erkkl Pitkanen and Rolf Mesterton the best finish for a non turbo car Per Eklund and Dave Whittock drove their Audi Quattro group B to top spot for private entries and the team placed sixth overall While it was his sixth world rally victory over the years Ari Vatanen brought Peugeot Its first ever world rally win with the 4 x 4 Turbo 16 Page 31 Michele Mouton and Fabrlzla Pons had myriad problems with the Audi Sport Quattro and were forced to retire due to the roll over damage November 1984 Bruno Saby and Jean Francois Fa chille did very well in the Renault 5 Turbo placing eighth overall and were the best non Scandinavian team Dusty Times

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THE MANISTEE TRAiLS PRO RALLY Rod Millen Wins His Second of the Season B v Rav Hay mth Photos Trackside Photo Enterprises Overall victory was sweet for Rod Millen it has been several months since the prototype 4 x 4 Mazda RX 7 rally machine has tasted victory Early in September the sixth round of the SCCA Pro Rally Series took place on the coast of Lake Michigan It was the second annual Manistee Trails Pro Rally The town of Manistee Michigan was perfect for a Pro rally although the place is best known for its fine fishing The town s population became well involved in the whole rally picture Two blocks on Main Street were closed off for the Pare Ferme impound and hundreds of people flocked to the area to have a look at the high horsepower cats that would rally throughout the night The weather was expected to be pretty hairy with winds reported up to 60 knots and rain was forecast on and off all night The drivers considered the rain to be a gift from heaven Knowing that the road conditions were primarily sandy the competitors figured the rain would help keep the s urface packed down and so it d id The roads were in excellent shape for racing _ All the top dogs in the rally world were there including Rod Millen in his 4 WO Mazda RX 7 John Buffum in t he mighty A udi Q uattro and regulars like Jon W oodner in the Peugeot Turbo 505 and Bruno Kreibich in his Qu a ttro Ge n e H e nd e r s on sho wed up with his AMC Eagle SX 4 but this time he _ was competing in the open class It seem s he feels he belo ngs in the majo r leagues so he beefed up the 4 x 4 sedan to run in open class Stock Production ranks had its regulars too entries such as Guy Light in his Oldsmobile Omega and the ever so surprising Doug Shepherd in the Dodge Shelby Charger Walter Boyce was out in his Volkswagen GT I The amazingly exciting GT Production Class battle continued with Steve Nowicki in his 160 HP Nissan 300 ZX contesting Richard elsey in his Mazda RX 7 and John Crawford wasn dar behind in his dynamic Dodge Daytona Turbo Z The rally began right on schedule at four on Saturday afternoon with an exciting spectator stage in a Manistee industrial park The competitors faced one half mile of pavement one half mile of black cinder and two tenths of a mile of sand and the stage finished up on a raised dike The entire stage could be seen by all the spectators The start of the rally was made more exciting when it started to rain on Back on form Steve Nowicki and David Stone slid through the pouring rain in the Nissan 300 ZX to win the GT cfass and place sixth overall Dodge Daytona Z Turbo wiz John Crawford with Craig Marr navigating sludged through the mud to take second In GT class by about a minute Dusty Times the first stage Rod Millen was first away having drawn number 1 and the race was on in typical Pro Rally weather conditions All went wellthrough the early stages then Richard Kelsey came into a service stop claiming we have been slimed meaning the roads were getting very gooey Kelsey is now being identified as a Nowicki Buster Steve Nowicki himself reportedly had overheating problems in the early evening with the Nissan because of mud clogging his radiator Mike Purzcki had overheating problems as well in his Jeep Scrambler and he had to sit out a few minutes on Stage 3 Bruno Kreibich blew a radiator hose also on Stage 3 and lost a full minute Gary Eaton got a new kind of hotfoot heading into the first service after Stage 5 The turbo in the Peugeot was so hot it set the carpeting on fire Walter Boyce broke a throttle cable and lost seven minutes before the first service and John Buffum was having undetermined engine problems However the problems couldn t be found and Buffum still managed to hold a slim lead over Rod Millen The familiar rally pattern developed with Buffum gradually putting more time on Millen each stage Stage 14 seemed to be just another stage but it wasn t for the leader John Buffum Somewhere on that stage Buffum went for a down shift missed the gear and flipped the Quattro bending every corner of the car and rounding off all the edges Buffum limped into the service_ Doug Shepherd and Linda Wilcox dug through the deep mud in the Dodge Shelby to take a whopping fourth overall an first In Production stop which was a long one combined with the dinner stop and had already lost well over 12 minutes He knew his service crew could work wonders and that they did The ace mechanics of Libra Racing went to work with a lot of help from a local spectator who was driving a street Quattro They pulled back a fender with a tow strap connected to the front end and rocked the car very gently to avoid damaging the radiator When the hour stop was over the battered Quattro was ready to finish the rally and Buffum went on determined the regain the lost 12 minutes However the Audi was not entirely together arnfit was seen on a few stages with the doors flying open only one tail light working and there were other problems The result was a second victory of the season for i iioi The Michigan town of r anlstee looks like a back lot set at a mov e studio except for tt e rally cars parked in pound on the main street After suffering a hot foot from an over zealous turbo Gary and Carolyn t aton got back on track for a finish fifth in GT class November 1984 Rod Millen and the RX 7 navigated by R Dale Kraushaar The victory provides Millen with a five point lead for the Championship with just three eveots left on the 1984 calendar BL1ffum finished second overall with Harry Ward navigating just over ten minutes behind Bruno Kreibich ari d Clark Bond came back to put their Quattro home third overall and in open clas After a bad start this season with a disqualification in Washington Doug Shefherd has been running very wel in stock production with his Dodge Shelby navigated by Linda Wilcox Shepherd is quite a showman and he finished the Manistee Trails in fourth overall merely a minute behind Kreibich and well ahead of all the GT cars Guy Light and Jon Wickens Overall winners Rod Millen center and R Dale Kraushaar grab a snack at a service break while Joking with media lady Claudia Chitt m Page 33

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Trails were Rod Millen R Dale RALLY OF 1000 LAKES Kraushaar in FIA and Seed 1 rom ugl 3 2 Bruno Kreibich Clark Bond brought the Olds Omega in Seed 2 Peter Farrell Tony attack after changing springs By Jean Calvin second in Productipn and Sircombe Seed 3 fifth overall in once more and he was also seventh overall over five a Datsun 510 Bob and Kerry pulling ahead of Blomqvist minutes to the good Third in Voll Seed 4 in a Mazda RX 7 Many top drivers had problems BILLSTROPPE was a most happy fellow in Dayton Nevada at the finish of class went to Calvin and Karen Dick Maxwell Tom Grimshaw on the first leg Mikkola found the Frontier 500 Stroppe had two trucks in the race built in his shop in Long Seed 5 in a Shelby Charger and the rev band too restricting for Beach and they bot won their respective classes Manny Esquerra was the Landau Sixth overall and first in GT Tim Scheib Tom Sponberg good stage times Blomqvist had quickest and the only finisher in Class 7 in the Ford Ranger and Rodney Hall went to Steve Nowicki and David Seed 6 for beginners in a Saab misfiring trouble Toivonen lost was hours ahead of the Class 4 field in the 4 x 4 Dodge pickup Adding a good a compressor pipe Pentti deal of frosting to the cake for both the drivers and Stroppe is the fact that Stone in the Nissan 300 ZX just 99 An avid spectator at the rally Airikkala Nissan 240RS had there are only two drivers or riders teams who have won their class in the three about one minute ahead of John Frontier 500 events They are of course Manny Esquerra in Class 7 in the Crawford and Craig Marr in the was Ron Slager of the sponsoring brake failure and Waldegard s Ranger and Rodney Hall in Class 4 in the Dodge Congratulations to the Bill Toyota had a drive_ shaft bearing Hearing Aid Centers of Dodge Daytona who were 3 Stroppe team and the drivers co drivers the whole bunch that it takes to win minutes ahead of third in Class Kalamazoo who not only fail When the cars returned to Richard Kelsey and Chris Senske supported the event organizers Jyvaskyla for the overnight rest THE FRONTIER 500 exhibited amixed bag of results among the major tire in the RX 7 who were only 20 but donated 3 000 worth of Alen was just two seconds ahead companies involved in off road racing It is a healthy sign when so many seconds ahead of Gary Eaton in equipment to the Ramsdell of Vatanen Mikkola was third in companies have a victory or two to boast about for their rubber While we Theatre in Manistee to enable front of Blomqvist and don t know what all the class winners were using to protect the high dollar the Peugeot Many had problems on the hearing impaired patrons to sit Toivonen was fifth in front of wheels we do know that Mickey Thompson tires snagged the overall victory event including the Michigan anywhere and enjoy the fine Kankunnen s Toyota The best with Larry Ragland Goodrich nabbed a pair of wins with Rod Hall in Class 4 Larry Schwacofer in Class 6 F restone got a pair to shout about with team of Mark and Andrew Klos audio It is the only such theatre non turbo cars were Nissans in and Manny Esquerra in Class 7 and Marshall Mahr in Class 3 as did Bridgestone ninth and tenth place in a Jeep They were caught in system in western Michigan It was typical Finnish weather wirh Malcolm Vinje in Class 5_and Willie Valdez in Class 7S Yokohama Congratulations are in order some soft stuff and rolled a claimed a pair of wins with Larry Bolin in Class 10 and Kelly McDonough in on Saturday wet Ari Vatanen Class 9 Goodyear snagged their big win with Walker Evans in Class 8 We are couple of times but no one was to David Parps organizer of the injured Klos only needed one Manistee Trails Rally It was a took the lead on the second stage not sure what the other class winners used for tires But it sure is a different point to enter Seed 2 but he did job well done as was that of Mary the slippery conditions being an ball game these days for the tire companies Just as interesting is that some of not finish so he will have to try Barber who handled all the advantage for him Alen once the basically truck tire outfits are gaining big wins with tires that work on Baja again in October at the P O R In media work Next on the Pro more began a grim chase which Bugs and buggies his revamped Eagle Gene Rally circuit is the oldie but was to last the rest of the event Henderson ran several stages goodie Press On Regardless in Waldegard was creeping back EGG ON FACE DEPT CHAPTER 2 This year the Class 2 Raceco the Upper Peninsula of after his delay Mouton got her powered by the Mazda rotary engine driven by Dave Lewis and Dave Simpson r with a broken rear shock mount has exhibited startling speed but it often succumbs to a mysterious malady Michigan which should bring car working better and promptly and just as often the malady is traced to something overlooked in race prep but came back to finish ninth snow and ice to the rally trails spun at a corner and rolled She At the Frontier 500 this rocket ship was well up among the Class ls in the first overall fifth in open class had to drive a stage and a half 50 miles and it looked to be a possible overall winner But it did not make it Seed winners on the Manistee late in October with the windscreen missing and to Checkpoint 2 Dave Lewis said they had the engine out of the car before the the car crabbed sideways Extra race checking it and fixing a minor problem They put the engine back in the time was lost at the accident car tidied everything up and started the race in grand style About 70 miles when co driver Fabrizia Pons down course the engine blew up it was then they discovered that no one had thought the time card had fallen put any water back in the radiator It wasn t the engine that went south it was out of the car but Michele later the crew who sheepishly admit to being too racey and a little soft in the head found the document under the THE FINAL FINISHING FLAG sadly has fallen on a a ir of very nice seat At the servict stop it took people in the off road racing circle Class 11 then 5 1600driver Lloyd Hanna too long to repair the damage died very suddenly October 8 ofa massive cerebral hemorage suffering a and although Mouton continued stroke at his Los Angeles area home Lloyd most recently competed at the thrc mgh stage twenty she was in 1984 Fireworks 250 at Barstow We send our sincere sympathy to Lloyd s fact out of time wife and family in this time of sorrow All the way across the country in Tallahassee Florida tragedy struck off Starting the final leg Toivonen was getting back into form road racer Jimmie Crowder His beloved wife Bobbie died suddenly of heart taking fast time on stage 21 and failure while in the hospital for minor surgery and the loss is devastating to later that night he put up a string the entire family We can only offer our sincere sympathy to the entire of fastest times on stages he Crowder clan and their friends knows well Mikkola damaged THE ELUSIVE STROH S CUP Inaugurated at the Riverside race last fall the steering lost time letting the Stroh s Cup is an extra award for the outstanding driving performance of Blomqvist into third and then the event and there Rodney Hall won the honor All weekend the giant Mikkola s steering broke pewter cup had been on display in the administration building at Riverside completely on the next stage and Raceway All concerned felt that was the safest place to keep the cup Lo and he was out But as long as behold when it was time to present the cup it has been stolen Rod Hall got Vatanen was leading Alen the applause a nd the check but no Stroh s Cup_ Five weeks later there is still Audi s championship hopes no trace of the unique Cup Come on gang give it back It doesn t mean anything unless you won it fair and square were bright When evening approached and T oivonen got SCORE INTERNATIONAL is having second thoughts about the time faster Blomqvist was not too honored ritual of a drawing for starting numbers a few weeks before a major concerned Airikkala was stuck race Apparently the partif ipation for a real gala at the Zee Medical Center for with a broken gearbox and the the Baja 1000 drawing was really poor 50 or so die hard fans Zee Medical final disappointQ1ent was the folks had really done a number on the food libations and music and general retirement of Waldegard with a atmosphere They even sent out personal invitations with a map of the l ocation to Score s mailing list Such a rejection of the party makes it fairly failed engine Audi took twelve points from obvious that the crowded race schedule has put an end to the formal drawing Blomqvfot s fourth place giving usually a social gathering that was a must for off road racers Accordingly there will be no drawing for the Score Barstow Classic Entries will be them the 1984 championship It assigned numbers in their class in the order they are received at Score is still possible for Lancia to headquarters It could well be an end of an era perhaps marking the passing of equal their score but Audi another phase of the fun time side of the sport of off road racing would still win because they will have won more events Peugeot DESPITE EARLIER PREDICTIONS OF DOOM there will be plenty of were the people who finally took short course racing in 1985 to satisfy even the biggest glutton for such away what remaining hopes the punishment among the competitors For a time it looked as if the annual Italians may have had Finland in Score Riverside race tn ight be all there was But in October the Mickey 1984 saw the end of an era the Thompson Entertainment Group did an about face and announced its most days when four wheel drjve ambitious schedule yet for stadium racing in 1985 In addition to three races could automatically win Now at the LA County Fairgrounds at Pomona in March June and July the season Peugeot have shown us the next starts with back to back in a week events in January at the Hoosier Dome and the Silverdome in the mid west And MTEG is planning to hold races at three generation when four wheel more sites the King Dome in Seattle the LA Coliseum and a t Caesar s Palace drive is as natural in a in Las Vegas Add to that a full summer schedule from the Dick Bowers group specification as four wheel in Central California and a probable August date for Riverside and it will be brakes and simply a feai i ire business as busy as ever for short course fanciers around which a car should be designed With the new Lancia A PERSONAL NOTE OF THANKS goes from all of us at DUSTY 038 four wheel drive car not TIMES to all our faithful subscribers A good many of you bought a pig in a expected to be homologated poke and subscribed last year before a full issue was in print When the first until July 1985 at the earliest it of the renewal notices went out this month an absolute avalanche of seems that Peugeot can suddenly subscriber renewals came into the office very quickly Plus a huge percentage expect to win everything in the re upped with a check for more than one year Such overwhelming loyalty is incredibly rewarding and it makes the long hours spent producing DUSTY next year or more How quickly TIMES all worth while Bruno Kreibich blew a radiator hose on his Audi Quattro early in the rally but the face of rallying changes these Thank yov all very much and do have a Happy Thanksgiving he and Clark Bond climbed back up to finish third overall da s MANISTEE TRAILS Bounces from the Berm from llgl n Page 34 November 1984 Dusty Times

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MICKEY THOMPSON S CHAMPIONSHIP GRAN PRIX SERIES Stadium Racing Went National Last SummerPhotos Trackside Photo Enterprises Glenn Harris Funco won the Class 10 main twice at Pomona and also at the Silver Dome and Glenn won the series champio nship lt was several years ago when Thompson Off Road ChampionMickey Thompson developed ship Gran Prix offers points for the first stadium race for off road individual events the heat races cars at the Los Angeles Memorial and the main event on each date Coliseum As with most off At season s end the champions shoots of a sport the concept are crowned and while it is noi sputtered into life over a period common there can be a points of time lt did not become winner who has not won a main healthy until the Thompson event It was so in 1984 when events found a home at the LA Pancho Weaver took the Class 1 County Fairgrounds at Pomona championship CA With a permanent track and The Series began on familiar a solid schedule the series grew ground at Pomona last April in scope outside attractions were added to the regular classes in The course was similar to that of 1983 except one of the MTEG racing and it prospered In 1984 Thompson explored metal jumps adorned the other venues while holding three start finish straight instead of of the five events at Pomona he the dirt mound of yore Orivers had another at the Hoosierdome had mixed emotions about the in Indianapolis and one at the mechanical adjustable angle Silver Dome id Pontiac Ml So jump being tested for future use 1984 was the year when stadium on the pavement inside the racing left its west coast roots domes In April Class 10 at 34 and midwesterners got both a chance to see it live and a chance entries was the largest group to participate in quite a different and that was a constant all year atmosphere racing on Mike Gillman won the trophy pavement in the two domes dash and his heat race while Like most series the Mickey Brian Harber won the other heat But it was Jerry Whelchel who won the main event Among the Class ls Scott Gillman grabbed the trophy dash and Jim Fishback Jr won one heat while Roger Mears won the other making the prelims an all Chenowth show But it was Marty Tripes Funco who won the Class 1 main event Class 7 was its usual bang um up meet with the heat race honors split between Ivan Stewart Toyota and his mate Steve Millen Ivan came back to win the main event and get a leg up on the points title Two months later the same cast was back in action at Pomona before what looked like another sell out crowd Mike Gillman again won the trophy dash in Class 10 and his heat race Ken Kazarian grabbed the victory in the other heat After heavy attrition in the 25 car main event it was Glenn Harris Funco who took the top honors Close to twenty were on hand in Class 1 as Marty Tripes took th trophy dash handily Steve Foster from Texas won his heat event Al Arciero not only won his heat race but survived the hazards of the traffic in the main event to take first place points for t he evening The sound of fiberglass hitting fiberglass hearlded the Class 7 truck race and the fans loved it Steve Millen Toyota sailed to the first heat win and Roger Mears Nissan won the hard fought second heat Mears was in top form and won the clanger of a main event as well The series moved east in July starting with the Hoosier Dome Iron Man Ivan Stewart did the job for the second year running winning his_ on the concrete with mechanical Class 7 title and the Manufacturers Cup for Toyota jumps and water barriers Californian Tommy Croft won the Class 10 trophy dash on the strange surface The first heat went to Wisconsin s Lee Wuesthoff Chenowth and Glenn Harris took the other heat cash home to California Californian Ken Kazarian won the third heat and yes there were that many entries There was a semi main too and Canadian Ernie Jakubowski won that in his Mantis The main event was a traffic jam and Ken Kazarian got through to win by inches Some of the Class 10 cars also ran in Class 1 and here Pancho Weaver took the trophy dash Pancho Weaver had a tough year In Class 1 ending the season with a bad day Canadian Bill Lefeuvre won the at Pomona but a good start brought him the points title Dusty Times November 1984 first heat but Weaver won the second round and the ain event as well In Class 7 it was again busy Roger Mears grabbed the first heat and Steve Millen won the second go But it was Jeff Huber who won the Main event for Ford Next came the Silver Dome at Pontiac Michigan a little more friendly surface asphalt In Class 10 Glenn Harris won the trophy dash a heat race and the main event in quite a sweep Illinois driver Scott Taylor won the other heat in his Pro Tech Class 1 had a low entry and Pancho Weaver won the trophy dash and his heat race Bill Lefeuvre won the other heat Surprising some Glenn Harris won the main with his Class 10 Ivan Stewart won the Class 7 trophy dash and his heat race Roger Mears won a heat but it was Steve Millen who won di e main for Toyota The August finale was back at Pomona and the mechanical jump was gone and the place was packed with spectators A herd o f Class 10s were on tap and Scott Gillman won the trophy dash Brian Harber slid into the first heat win and Scott Gillman nailed the second But the hard fought main event went to Glenn Harris and he won the series championship too Among the Class ls Greg George got the trophy dash victory and his heat race win too Frank Arciero Jr won his heat and the main event was a battle royal between him and Bob Gordon Gordon eventually won the race but Pancho Weaver won Class 1 on points making it a perfect pair for the Funco marque Class 7 was as noisy as ever Roger Mears came in with a perfect score winning the trophy dash the heat race and the main event to bring smiles to the Nissan folks faces Ivan Stewart was second in the other heat behind Steve Millen and Ivan was second in th_e J1ain event with enough points to claim the championship for himself and Toyota Stadium racing is a different breed of car for off road cars but fans will see more of it next season There ate five firm dates from MTEG and three more in the serious planning stages WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH The A Team From TRACKSIDE IS THERE Color and Black White photos of many maior off road events including Riverside and BaJa curren t and historic We have one of the larges_t photo libraries of all types of motor sports including events dating back into 1970 We have photos for publication pu blic relations advertising presentations promotions personal scrapbook enjoyment We were there last time we 11 be there next time THACKSIDE Photo Enterprises PO BOX 91 767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 21 3 327 4493 18710 SO NORMANDIE AVE SUITE C G ARDENA CA 90248 Page 35

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BERRIEN AUTOCROSS SERIES The Finale at Macon County airgrounds Decatur Illinois By Brenda A Parker In 1 1600 action Chuck Williams left and Kevin Probst take a jump together Probst won the heat and Williams finished second Todd Attig is a second generation driver and is doing very well in Class 1 1600 Todd was second in the second heat at the series fin le This was the second race of the season at this track It is just under a mile kmg and is laid out inside the sulky track at the Macon County Fairgrounds It is a tight track with only a few places to pass There were 60 entries at this race Dl lring practice the track was pretty dusty so the water truck had to be brought out to wet things down The afternoon started with the first heat for Class 1 1600 Once all of the cars were sorted out after the start Vic Schlapper was in first place and he led for five laps Mike Coppas was second and Todd Attig third Karl Wuesthoff spun out on the first turn and was passed by several cars to put him back to 11th place Curt Wuesthoff was working his way up and by the sixth lap he was leading He stayed in the lead to the checkered flag Schlapper was second and Al Millan ended up third Class 10 was next with Scott Taylor Pro Tech leading flag to flag and Mike Paulsen was in second Glen Woolbright was in third until th eventh lap when Kevin Probst Berrien passed him At the finish it was Taylor Paulsen and Probst In Class 2 1600 Chuck Williams Jr took an early lead but on lap 4 Kevin Probst Berrien got around him when Page 36 Wi Hams spun out taking one of the corners This gave Jim Dooley and Steve Kreiman a chance to move into second and third and put Williams in fourth They finished in that order Class 3 and 4 got under way next Ray Janusz led flag to flag in his special with Bruce Kinney Jeep CJ7 and Chuck Johnson Ford Ranger racing for second place Johnso n got around Kinney _to take second with Kinney finishing third Next on the starting grid was Class 1 and 2 Scott Taylor running his Class 10 motor led flag to flag He just couldn t seem to do anything wrong that day Mike Paulsen was second Jeff Probst Berrien was in fourth place and pushing hard when he spun out and dropped to last on lap 6 With only five laps to go he didn t have enough time to move up and finished way do Yn Taylor woR with Paulsen second and Lee Wuesthoff third All the water pumpers ran together and Bru_ce McKinney noses his Jeep past The final heat of this round the Ford Ranger of Chuck Johnson but Johnson beat the Jeep at the flag was the Class Ss with three entries Ron Karlman won Jim Pfiffer was second and Mark McFadzen was third The second round of heats got started immediately and Class 11600 was up next Curt Wuesthoff was in the lead by lap 2 and was never challenged Todd Attig did a good job of driving and finished in second place with Al Millan finishing third Karl Wuesthoff finished in fourth place but was penalized one lap for missing a jump The second Class 10 heat was a repeat of the first one with Paulsen md Taylor running one and two until lap 9 when Taylor moved into the lead Probst finished third With little room Ron Kar man is a regular on the Berrien Autocross Series the points leader in to pass on this trac it is hard to Class 5 and he won again at the Macon County Fairgrounds move up unless someone makes a mistake and there were few pulled out with two laps to go lap 1 he spun out completely but mistakes on this day and told me he thought he had got back in the race and was in Class 2 1600 was a carbon run out of gas It turned out that fourth place By lap 6 he had copy of the first heat Chuck he had a fuel pump that failed passed Chuck Johnson and Bruce Williams was leading for four Wayne rolled his car and this left Kinney but lost the lead to laps with Kevin Probst getting Dooley in fifth place Probst won Johnson on lap 7 Ht managed to around him moving into first the heat Chuck finished second pass Johnson for the second time and staying there to the finish and Don Meadows third to win with Johnson second and There was a battle for fifth place Ray Janusz came tci race and in Kinney third This was one of the between Wayne Brown Larry the second heat for Class 3 and 4 most exciting races of the day _ Kreiman and Jim Dooley Larry he moved into the lead again In In Class 1 and 2 Taylor again went flag to flag with Jeff Probst following him to the finish They were never challenged Art Schmidt finished third and Paulsen fourth This is a nice track The drivers wvuld like to see it widened so that there is more room to pass but all in all they would be back again to race here next year This was the last race of the BERRIEN AUTOCROSS SERIES and everyone in the Midwest wants to thank Dave and Sue Merkelfrom BERRIEN BUGGY for sponsoring the point series this year The series drivers are looking forward to putting on a Mike Pa lson was the bridesmaid In Class 10 leading for a time but finishing show for them again next year second m both heats behind the winner Scott Taylor Chuck Johnson 7S Ford Ranger and Ray Janusz 4 x 4 special duke it out over the jumps Janusz just barely won the second heat Novcmbcr 1984 Al Millan is a hard ch arger in Class 1 1600 a big class in the midwest Millan finished third in both heats at the Illinois event DuswTimcs

Page 37

THE Al CAN 5000 RALLY High Aclvent ure in the Far North Photos Satch Carlson By Bill Bryan Race organizer Jerry Hines rented his Dodge Coll to John Kelley and Dan Goodwin lo r the Alcan 5000 and the l nt pid team came in second Some months ago Jerry Hines of the Rainier Region of the SCCA sen f out flyers announcing the J oin 5000 It was listed as a Time Speed Distance Rally from Seattle to Anchorage and back to finish in Victoria British Columbia The starting date was September 22 the entry fee a mere 300 plus another 490 for hotels and a ferry boat trip It was quite a bargain compared to fees on other long distance events in recent years I immediately sent in an entry as did Doug Kopp of Palm Desert making a two car team from the Indio CA area Neither of us wanted to miss the Cannonball of the north which it truly turned out tq be If Brock Yates had thought of this it would be produced and directed by Hal Needham starring Burt Reynolds mushing north by dog sled pursued by Jackie Gleason and Dom Deluise Actually it was produced and directed by Jerry Hines starred Satch Carlson Craig Chantslor Jim Cucurull in a Saab 900 Turbo pursued by Tom Grimshaw Bill Brooks and Bill Banger in another Saab 900 Turbo The choice of car for the monumental event was critical and it had to be sturdy to get to and from Seattle from the desert as well as over the rally Doug Kopp chose a Saab 900 Turbo and my son David and I took the 1984 Toyota fuel injected shop truck Added were Michelin street tires Smittybilt roll cage and an extra shock per wheel was installed We were off for Seattle in mid September The rally started in Bellevue Washington with an 85 64 mile odo check After five Halda gear changes and 3000 miles we never did match the rallymaster s mile The first TSO section called regularity in the rules ran for about 22 miles at a 35 mph average speed Everyone like us who didn t understand what we were doing really built up penalty points Next came a nearly 80 mile transit with a 55 mph average speed which placed us in Canada Next came a Monte Carlo section fast for 80 odd miles then another regularity into a transit to the overnight stop at Williams Lake Great prime rib Day 2 began at mile 4 77 8 l headed to Fort Nelson with the next test an uphill regularity After 120 m iles Satch Carlson went by waving five fingers We switched the radio to Channel 5 and received humorous dissertations about driving skills and later on a report of a moose along the road At mile 959 it started snowing and soon we took off on a gravel road At mile 1006 the defroster was having difficulty keeping the ice off the windshield and the headlight pockets were full of ice and mud so we used the running lights The finish of Day 2 came at the Fort Nelson Motor Hotel and no one had any complaints Day 3 began at eleveri in the morning and py ten at night and mile 1733 we have done several regularities almost run out of gas seen deer and moose passed a thousand lakes eaten lots of cheese and crackers and consumed gallons of coffee and _ made a fuel stop at White Horse in the Yukon After the Dawson Creek regularity on a Monte Carlo section we rounded a corner and found most of the rally cars stopped to observe an Aumra Boreafis The Northern Lights were too spectacular to miss and who cares about the penalty points At mile 1845 a moose ran into the side of the The J oyota shop truck tumed racer lrom Indio held together well and Bill and BFG van_ and the lady u the next David B ryan finished in good time with a real finish gas stop said that the moose are in heat this time of year Moving the RCMP and an ambulance with several tough regularities into the wee hours at mile 2034 responded from 75 miles away At mile 4259 113 K reference we reach the U S Customs At Satch s insistance the rally point 18 of the 20 cars still moves on the driver was airlifted running miss the route heading into Alaska Around three in the morning to a hospital and the other two instruction and have to turn we are in Tok Junction and the hitched a ride onward with 18 a_ round Finally at 6 16 p m and gas station is closed The lead car the BFG van nicknamed Orea the mile 4399 85 we finish at the Main Time Control at the found an Alaska Highway Killer Whale At mile 3441 the road goes Embassy Hotel in Victoria Patrolman who managed to get a nearby Texaco station opened unpaved with rocks mud plus British Columbia It was party and the lady made coffee for hard surface and gravel At mile time Jerry Hines and his crew did a everyone as well On through the 3647 we begin a Monte Carlo night on really tough ground we section and soon the Mustang fantastic job The route book was had difficulty maintaining the 55 5 of John Sim a nd Peter Hill excellent the accommodations mph average speed but just after collides with a brown mustan g _outstanding and it was a great eleven in the morning we hit the with four legs whi ch takes out grqup of competitors The rally winners werce Tim Main Time Control at the Hilton the window glass and the horse Hotel in Anchorage mile comes through the sun roof into and Doug Paterson from 2444 19 That evening there was the driver s seat After being Washington in a Mazda RX 7 a reception for the rally folks at helped out the horse waddled From Kentucky John Kelley and the local Porsche Audi dealer down the road In the next 200 Dan Goodwin brought their ship Later the troops repaired to miles we cross more than 30 Dodge Colt in second After all Satch Carlson s home and much wooden one lane bridges at those miles there was a tie for later adjourned to a favorite speed it is four in the morning third between Californians Lee wa ering ttough Mr White and we are on the seventh day of and Rod Sorenson Toyota Celi ca Supra and Texans Jim key s Fly By Night Club Great the rally At ten in the morning at mile Williams Scott Visniewski and Music Day 5 began around noon and 4030 we are at the Prince Rupert Jim Hampton in a Ford Bronco 300 miles later we were fo the ferry boat dock At three in the followed by the Saab 900 Turbo Tok Junction area again where afternoon the boat departs and it of Bill Brooks Tom Grimshaw the Alaska Highway Patrol had a was time to adjourn to the lounge and Bill Banger Oh yes our radar trap catching those and regale the natives with words Toyota pickup finished in without radar detectors Around of wisdom The rally resumes at fifteenth spot on an event that nine in the evening the n ight stop ten the next morning with a was tough to finish the longest rally held on the North American came up af Beaver Creek in the transit out of Port Hardy The last day s route was busy continent this year Yukon Territory Day 6 was full of incident as the rally headed toward White Horse At mile 3165 we turned right onto Highway 2 to Skagway and encountered many stops for heavy road construction machinery which held up many of the rally cars At 4 20in the afternoon mile 3362 59 we er est the brow of a hill and see Satch Carlson s car in a hole on the right shoulder in company with three other cars plus a big truck Carlson sleeping in the back seat hurt his shoulder the navigator ate the Zeron Halda and clocks but not too seriously The driver appeared to have serious injuries The truck driver It should have been a keen rig for the rally and Jim Williams Scott Vlsnlewskl used his radio telephone to call and Jim Hampton drove the Texas Bronco to a third place lie a Dusty Times The three man crew headed by Satch Carlson came to grief in the piney woods two hitched a ride but the driver made a brief trip to the hospital Movember 1984 This van is a famllar sight to racers crewed by Californians Bob Kline and Gene Patchin Orea the Killer Whale came In 14th In the rally Page 37

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t 3 W M l ACING ORES WITER 11 7 11 1 o PREPARATIONS TRANSMISSIONS Owner 12623 SHERMAN WAY UNIT B DISTRIBUTOR FOR PARTS J trestone TIRE RUBBER COMPANY SUPER BOOT PRODUCTS PORSCHE V W SPECIALIST S PHONE 8 18 765 3566 NORTH HOLLYWS OD CA91605 916 682 9484 Mechanic Art Jackson Mike Bishop 7901 Collonleal Way Sacramento CA 95828 PRO SPORTSMAN a BEGINNER RACES CLASSES FOR BUGGY S a 4x4 1 a TRUCKS a CARS L JI D l JL J r 1 ARIZONA DIIEIIT RACING ANOCIATION 1408 E Granada Road Phoenix Arizona 85006 BE WHERE THE ACTION IS COME RACE WITH US WRITE OR CALL PROOUCTS INC 252 1900 FAMILY ORIENTED RACING 9017 San Fernando Road SUN VALLEY _ CALIFORNIA 91352 818 768 7770 8341 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park California 91304 818 709 5416 800 854 5127 DENNIS WAYNE WIDE SELECT ION OF FIBERGLASS SEATS COVERS BEARD S Performance Transmission Products PORSCHE PARTS SUPER SEATS 208 4th Avenue E Buckeye AZ 85326 602 386 2592 ED BARBARA BEARD 714 962 6655 10575 Bechler River Ave Fountain Valley CA 92708 RE ASLE V W PAm COMPLETE TRANSMISSION SERVICE REPAIR CENTER FOR AUTOS 4x4s MOTORHOMES Send 3 00 for our new 1984 Catalog 11623 SHEL CON ST SUN VALLEY CA 91352 768 455 5 Quick FIiis Fuel Cells Std FIiis Send To 17000 KINGSVIEW CARSON CA 90746 213 217 1805 10925 Kalama River Road Fountain Valley CA 92708 714 893 7953 714 895 4412 eCUSTOM ROLL CAGES e SUSPENSION MODIFICATION e THE BAKER CHASSIS Fast and affordable The first and only kitconcept sport truck chassis for off road racing or street use Baja bred by John Baker 1983 SCORE and HORA Class 7 champion to go faster and last longer For brochure and price sheet send 2 to John Baker Performance Products 4304 Alger Street Los Angeles CA 90039 Phone 818 240 7051 I C m I u O t Tim lecluse Doyne Podhorsky 714 662 7223 2952 RANDOLPH UNIT C COSTA MESA CA 92626 4 11 ID II n 0 z e ALL T Y PES OF VEHICLE e STREET e STRIP e OFF ROAD 714 981 8743 GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES llt e1LSTEIN 29300 3RD L AK E ELS I NORE CA 92330 OFF ROAD AND SAND BUGGY SPECIALIST ii Bilstein the leader in gas pressure shocks is now the leader in car care products BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 11760 Sorrento Vly Rd San Diego CA 92121 714 453 7723 DES I GN ENGtNEERtN G SA LE S PIBl OBIIIICI DFLl R o WEBER MARVIN SHAW 171 41 674 7 3 65 1450 Glassel Orange CA 92667 714 639 2833 Page 38 November 1984 Dusty Times

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German Auto PARTS FOR A FREE BROCHURE CONTACT RACE PROVEN Parts Accessories VW MANAGE JOHN PROSSER TOYOTA HPS INC P O Box 1065 SOLANA BEACH CA 92075 0830 619 753 3196 DATSUN 11324 NORWALK BOULEVARD HPS WORKS AND ITS WORTH IT SANTA FE SPRINGS CA 90870 213 863 1123 213 868 9393 RON METCALF HIGH PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC OIL lilANT 3422 W WHITTON PHOENIX ARIZONA 85017 BAJ BELTED POLYESTERIFl8ERG BELTS OUTLINED WHITE LETTERS All the characteristics of a radial and more Soft ride extra mileage precise handling reduced rolling resistance more MPG low noise level Revolutionary Side Biter cleats give twice the traction in mud PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS BRAKES Master Cylinders Shifters OUTSIDE ARIZONA 1 800 528 61 INSIDE ARIZONA 602 973 9697 P O Box 1538 42006 C Avenida Alvarado Temecula CA 92390 i 14 676 2066 Send s 2 00 1or Catalog I SUSPENSION SYSTBIS GOODl fEAII OHN OHNSON 60 V 6 Z 8 MOTOR PARTS 7 T __ BAJA 1000 W KCHiliTES Williams AZ 86046 602 635 2607 Alloy Axles Spools Mag Dana 60 s VW Master Diffs VW Axles 1220 Knollwood Circle Anaheim CA 92801 714 761 2152 Send This Ad In For A Free Catalog OR846 N P C CALL OR WRITE FOR OTHER MIT TIRES AND SPECIALS TEST RESULTS AVAILABLE Send to MICKEY THOMPSON TIRES P O Box 227 Cuyahoga Falla Ohio 44222 NELSON DUNN IIC 940 South Vail Avenue Montebello CA 90640 213 724 3705 7818 Wilkerson Court San Diego CA 92111 619 268 4140 NEVADA OFFROAD BUGGY 054 SouTH VAllEy ViEw LAs VEqAs NEvAdA 8Ql 02 702 871 4911 Catalog S1 00 4 WD Repairs lift Kits Wheels Tires Used Trk Parts Tel 413 739 4111 LeDuc Off Road ENTERPRISES 186 Baldwin St West Springfield MA 01089 Distributor For Mastercraft Bestop Husky Rough Country Parker Pumper Custom Race Truck Fabrication and Roll Bars McKENZIE S AUTOMOTIVE INC OFFROAD RACECAR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES CENTER LINE WHEELS BILSTEIN SHOCKS SWAY A WAY O BRACING Distributor for VW Off Road Race Parts Jamar Mickey Thompson Tires Allison Ignition HPS KC HiLites Total Seal Rings BILL O BRIEN 203 673 0342 7 Jackson St Avon CT 06001 O R C Chassis Suspension Race Prep CIBE LIGHTa 0 GEM RACING GEARS BEARD SEATa DAVE SNODDY OFF ROAD CONCEPTS 818 764 6438 12945 SHERMAN WAY NO 4 NO HOLLYWOOD CA 91605 Box 2260 2949 Century Pl Costa Mesa CA 92628 714 979 2560 Dusty Times 1 800 222 9092 IN CANADA 418 IM 4781 ABERClA55 ACC SORIES 702 361 5404 sand Plus orotect sidewalls off road DUAL TRIPLE SHOCK SYSTBIS P O BOX 81 961 West Dale Avenue Las Vegas Nevada 89124 snow dirt and H1CH PERFORMANCE 5HOCl 5 ACING PflOIJCJCTS LEMON GROVE DEPT 1 CA 92045 619 583 2054 WALT LOTT 714 697 3100 3501 FOURSOME DRIVE LA MESA CA 92041 Mkk y Thompson Tift Cl lil i l H3li 3 f I VW PORSCHE HEWLAND RACINC CEARBOXES FOR ED LEKIVETZ COMPETITION OR STREET MENDEOLA RACINC TECHNOLOCY November 1984 1440 East Arrow Highway Unit F Irwindale CA 91706 818 359 1203 Page 39

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Street Legal Weber Christmas Gift Goodies Galore Super Shield Bug Deflector New Look Wheel Locks Bushwacker Products has just introduced Super Shield a new bug and gravel deflector with replaceable plastic shield and custom fit design The Super Shield comes in nine colors including clear and it comes with the mounting kit with stainless steel hardware The plastic shield is attached with a unique microrivit design and may be the only bug deflector available with a replaceable shield Notches are provided m the aluminum extrusion to allow the owner to bend the shield to match the truck s contours and the Super Shield is available in three universal sizes Get the whole story on Super Shield and the entire line of sport truck accessories from Bushwacker Send just 2 00 for complete catalog to Bushwacker Products Dept DT 9200 No Decatur St Portland OR 97203 or call 503 283 4335 Cepek s New Big Desert Tire Consolidated International Automotive announces a totally new concept in wheel and tire security locks that look as good as they work The new wheel locks have been computer designed to provide superior durability and defense against tampering CIA locks are the only ones that cannot be removed with a screwdriver These locks are economical enough to use as lug nut replacements and provide five times the security of traditional lock systems while eliminating wheel balance problems A one piece key is induded with each set guaranteed as indestructable CIA wheel locks are available for an steel mag modular and duple x wheel applications for domestic and imported vehicles Get all the information on the complete CIA line by sending 3 00 for the catalog to Consolidated International Automotive Dept DT 13010 So Broadway Los Angeles CA 90061 or call 213 324 1111 The Lite Co a division of KC Redline lnterco the Weber HiLites Inc just introduced an importers have a new performall new line of six competition ance carburetor that is street quality driving lights that offer legal The Weber 32 34 OFT important features not always carburetor which fits over one found in similar economically million Datsun cars and trucks priced off road lights Candlehas received approval from the power up to 300 000 and range California Air Resources Board up to three miles with the and is exempt from the code that dependability of_ double shock calls for the disclaimer not legal mounting are possible with the for sale or use in California Lite Company s six inch round Performance enthusiasts should long range sealed beam light not be misled by the clean air Another long range quartz aspect of the OFT This halogen light combines the carburetor is truly a Weber in power and efficiency of an H3 every respect and in lab tests has quartz halogen bulb in a shock shown substantial mid to high mounted six inch round range power increases which run competition light To eep in as high as an 8 percent peak gain style with the latest cars and at 3000 rpm Other tests indicate trucks the Lite Company s nine a 0 60 E T improvement of inch rectangular long range nearly one second over stock quartz halogen light is shaped for For information on this and the latest vehicle designs Each other Weber carburetors light uses 14 gauge multi strand contact Redline lnterco the wire to increase power bv Weber Importers Dept DT reducing resistance and are 19701 Magellan Drive Tor available with either chrome of rance CA 90509 or dial 1 800 black finished all steel housings 932 3787 All Lite products are manufactured to the quality and dependability specifications of Good Snow KC HiLites and are backed by a full one year warranty All KC Season Reading accessories interchange including switch kits replacement bulbs covers and lenses Contact the Lite Co division of KC HiLites Inc Dept DT 1943 Friendship Drive Suite E El Cajon CA 92020 619 4482400 New Hot Oil Drain Pan Filler Holiday Special Until December 21 Filler Products is offering a special 15 discount on most items in their line from the September 1983 price list Shown here are examples of some of the items on sale handy for either Christmas gifts or your personal racing needs Among the goodies are Nomex driving s u its five point harness Nomex underwear sox hood and gloves and Hi Top Nomex Boots plus the handy Filler Naugahyde Race Bag Write or call in your order and during the holiday season the office will be open from ten to one on Saturday Ask for our new 1985 catalog of the complete Filler line it is free Contact Filler Products Inc Dept DT 9017 San Fernando Road Sun Valley CA 91352 or call 818 768 7770 Page40 The latest fashion for your Di k Cepek has a new 10 36 ride the Soft Shoulder will nestle 15 desert racer tire that is 35 2 softly between your shoulder tall and made for all long and cheek to make wearing a suspension desert cars It is a standard shoulder harness strap larger version of the desert racer comfortable Soft _Shoulder tire that has been winning races encircles the standard harness everywhere recently Desert strap with soft fur like fabric and Racer tires are constructed of a half inch of foam for pure super strong light weight nylon comfort Available with with totally new sidewall personalized patches to mat c h construction that is Baja Proven your particular foreign or and designed to finish and win domestic vehicle Soft Shoulder off road races The new tall is also available to fit full racing Desert Racer retails for 109 95 shoulder harness Soft Shoulder Order from your distributor or is available at fine auto stores or direct from Dick Cepek Send contact Eriksson Industries for a free catalog to Dic k Cepek Dept DT 900 East Walnut Inc Dept DT 17000 Kings Fullerton CA 92631 or call view Carson CA 90746 714 526 5878 November 1984 If you crave adventure outside the city limits this is the book to get you through the winter months The Dick Cepek OffRoad Handbook is a tribute to e late king of off road vehicle equipment Editor Tom Madigan calls upon the best authorities in the field for vital information on how to equip for special needs whatl o buy what not to buy and driving tips and much more Included are chapters on racing and off road travel in Baja California Priced at just 9 95 the book has 224 pages and 166 photos some in color Get your copy for yourself or for a stocking stuffer from Dick Cepek Inc Dept DT 17000 Kingsview Carson CA 90746 Wink has a new Hot Oil Drain Pan that is the answer for keeping a tnessy oil change job simple and clean Molded of durable heat resistant thermoplastic the Wink six quart drain pan will handle automotive fluids drained at ahp ost any temperature In addition the rim has a spill resistant lip and there is a spout for clean pouring Handles on either side allow for easy lifting and carrying and the rounded bottom edge adds strength and balance For more details on the Hot Oil Drain Pan and other Wink products send 2 00 to Wink Corporation Dept DT 5631 208th A venue West Lynnwood Washington 98036 or call 206 771 4583 Dusty Times

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Sand Buggy Rack Pinion Buggy Power Steering Brand new from The Wright will accept 3 8 or 7 16 rod FUNCO the makers of race Replace those heavy coil over been extensively tested in the Place is a sand buggy rack and ends or VW tie rod ends Two winning off road cars has a new shocks on your sand buggy with dunes at Glamis CA Rear pinion steering unit with a ratios are available for sand and ultimate power steering these new beauties SAND shocks are 16 long front unique patented des ign the same buggies one turn lock to lock or system for race cars It combines SHOKS have adjustable weight shocks are 12 long For as the larger Wright unit made 1 turns lock to lock The reliability and simplicity with capacity and proven off road complete information write for desert cars The steering unit Odyssey ratio is 7 8 turh lock minimum cost and power shock valving These shocks General Machine Services Dept is designed for sand buggies and to lock Check the prices with steering definitely cuts the were designed specifically for use OT 29300 3rd Lake El sinore Odysseys and weighs only five The Wright Place Dept OT fatigue factor on long distance on themidengineandrearengine CA 92330 or call 714 674 pounds It is easily adapted to an 9420 Flinn Springs Lane El desert races as well as providing coil over style chassis They have 7365 A arm or VW front end The tie Cajon CA 92021 619 561quick reaction on tight short ro1s are enter mounted and 4810 courses Get all the details from Legal Power Pipes Funco Dept OT 884 7 East 9th Cucamonga CA 91730 714 981 8743 JI Earl s New Hose Ends Earl s Performance Products inventors and innovators of the popular multi colored economy hose ends has introduced a new series in the Lookin Good Only category Econo Fit II hose ends These items simply clip over the ends of oil fuel and water hoses to add the colorful look wanted by enthusiasts and are available in red blue chrome and gold colors Sizes are available to fit all popular heater and radiator fuel and oil line sizes at budget prices Details are available in the latest Earl s catalog just 4 00 from E rl s Performance Products Dept OT 825 East Sepulveda Carson CA 90745 or call 213 8301620 Owners of 79 and newer Toyota 2 WO and 4 WO pickups registered in California can now bolt on power with Downey s new California Acceptable R 1586 S header All fittings necessary to hook up to the stock emission systems are built into the header and no modifications to the header or smog controls are necessary The header delivers more torque at th e bottom end increases horsepower at higher RPM and is triple chrome plated With many states adopting the extra California smog control laws the new header may also be acceptable in many other states but check local laws before ordering For the details on the R 1586 S header and the complete linJe of Downey Toyota truck accessories send 2 00 for the latest catalog to Downey Off Road Manufacturing Dept OT 10023 So Pioneer Blvd Santa Fe Springs CA 90670 or call 213 949 9494 GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY MORE rnlfFGoodrich phone consultants international CAR TELEPHONES 2 WAY RADIOS COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT robert Steinberger 500 South Main Street Akron Ohio 44318 2888 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill Ca 90806 ORE c n OFF ROAD ENGINEERING Dusty Times Fresh Air System Blows the Competition Away HAND HELD RENTALS The BFGoodrlch Company 9720 Ccizycroft Ch atsworth CA 91311 FAT Performance offers a new trick intake manifold for high performance on the Volkswagen Type IV engine It is designed to mount on a single IDF Weber or Dellorto carburetor and fits with the FAT upright s_h roud kit The new manifold has been used on race winning engines and it has proven to produce rapid throttle response and excellent horsepower The manifold is suppli e d with all necessary gaskets Gates green stripe hoses and clamps Specify 1 7 LS or 2 0 heads The entire kit is just 135 00 from FAT Performance Dept OT 1450 No Glassell Orange CA 92667 714 639 2833 GREG LEWIN KIRK CARTWRIGHT 8 18 882 2886 213 426 7077 To order phone 312 251 3991 Visa Mastercard acce_pted or Information Raffo Racing 520 Sheridan Road Kenilworth 588 3 21 0854 PHIL S INC David Kreis er QUALITY PARTS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES Send 3 00 for complete Phil s Catalog Volkswag n Off Road High Performance Equipment 2204 Ashland Ave Evanston Illinois 60 201 November 1984 3 12 869 2434 800 323 542 7 for order desk 1983 io9 LAKEWOOD BLVD DOWNEY CALIF 90242 Page 41

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either complete or less engine and or trans Call Probst Off Road Racing 815 485 7223 days 815 485 4691 evenings Classifieds FOR SALE Tw Class 8 race true Ford the 1984 Bcross Series class ch __ ion has all the latest updated equipment built with heavy duty cage for short course or desert racing 1984 Chevrolet with all the state of the art parts and late model chassis driven by Kevin Pence in the midwest and Jack Flannery at the 84 Riverside fourth in Class 8 Get all the details from Jae Flannery Racing 715 478 3740 FOR SALE 1983 1 2 Nissan King Cab 4 WD Nissan Cup winner racing for real money All the latest updates Mastercrafts with sheepskin fuel cell Street legal would make a great pre runner It is smog certified and easily converted to Class 7 S Delivery can be arranged Call Dick Starita _at 501 945 5706 FOR SALE 32 Pro Trac trailer Onan generator air conditioner refrigerator bathroom work bench awning All brand new tires and springs Will fit up to 110 car The very best of everything 8200 00 Lance Huffman Dukes Racing 818 998 9811 days 818 866 5653 evenings FOR SALE Funco A Arm Summers Bros brakes power steering Flame Out Centerlines KYBs Beard Seat YOO gauges Neal turbo CV s roller 6 400 00 Spares available body axles stubs arms shocks bumpers and Class 10 engine and trans also available Interested in trade for two seat desert car open or 2 1600 Call Vince 714 528 2686 FOR SALE 1 Pre run Baja Bug street license powder coated adjusters front and rear Bilstein Jackman Sway A Way fresh 1600 engine Car is like new 4500 00 O B O 2 Fresh 1835 dual port race engine Zenith K N duals on U M P log TriMil Chrome 1 headers 1500 00O B O 3 FuelSafe24 gallon cell in box with filler tube and splash panel 350 00 O B O FOR SALE 1984 Berrien Laser single seateri 1984 Berrien 2001 FOR SALE Hewland gear set 2 1600 car 1983 Berrien 1001 four gears and splined shaft new single seater 1983 2001 open in the box The new ratios third class car All cars have the best of gear 1 50 to 1 fourth gear 1 15 everything and all are avaVable to 1 with standard first and ____ _______________ _ Make DUSTY TIMES a Stockjng Stuffer for Christmas second gear 3 10 and 1 96 to I 495 00 Call 818 889 5601 days FOR SALE Two car frailer heavy duty welded on tool boxes Can carry 105 and 115 wheel base race cars easily 3000 00 Call Jim Dyer 619 464 4592 FOR SALE Honda XL S00R Like new Licensed 4500 miles 1200 00 Call Doug 619 3466008 FOR SALE Class 8 Ford Frame up race prep new 400 CID SVO alloy head motor Art Carr C 6 Summers Brothers floater SwayFOR SALE FORD RANGER A Way tbrsion bar front end RACE CAR Josele Garza s Rough Country remote gas Grand National Short Course shocks All grade 8 aircraft and Truck Race ready with fresh265 braided hardware Like new for hp engine 6 barrel Weber half the price 714 524 1200 induction V 6 Doug Nash 5 speed glass body p_anels Summers Brothers floater Koni FOR SALE Pit Trailer Front low pressure gas suspension locker with 7 box enclosed top spares enough for a season dual 30 gallon fuel tanks including dirt and stadium tires mounted under bed with electric transfer pump A one stop pit 714 524 1200 trailer 1500 00 714 5241200 FOR SALE 4 x 4 parts 1975 CJ 5 frame 50 grills 20 dash DIVORCE SALE Hi Jumper 25 front and rear axle fenders Class 10 Fuel cell KYB s 80 15 x 8 rims new 25 each Centerlines Flame out Neal bumper 20 304 parts allmisc brake clutch tu ming brakes Bronco parts Frame 25 YOO Wright front axle and Automatic 75 new 302 cam steering box new 1641 motor and lifters 75 and more misc FAT induction Weber new parts The Ohioan 419 423 Super Flo heads Type II trans 3463 c o Robert Gierke 359 Dura Blue stubs and axles Rosewood Findlay Ohio 15000 00 invested Sell for 45840 7500 00 805 943 5653 after 5 PM John Day w ANTED A COMPETITIVE UNLIMITED CAR ORDER GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR YOUR FAVORITE OFF ROADERS NOW DELIGHT YO UR PIT CREW FAMILY HELPFU L NEIGHBORS EVERYONE r tl I DUSTY TIMES IS A BARGAIN GIFT WITH NO SHOPPING HASSLE 12 00 1 year 20 2 years 30 3 years 15 US 1 year to Canada SEND YOUR CHECK AND CHRISTMAS LIST TO DUSTY TIMES 5331 Derry Ave Suite O Agoura CA 91301 Scott Child began racing Go Karts at age five an d he has coptinued racing ever since Some o f his top achievements include fifth in the Baja 1000 in d d I f 977 an ISDT Gol Me a in 1978 and second place in the 1983 Baja 500 on a 200 ATC Scott has raced various sizes of motorcycles as well as ATCs and r Sell or swap your extra parts a nd pieces in I Onlyyou eanprevent forest fires cars Recently he advanced to the Pro R a II y ompetltlon campaigning a Class 8 tr ck He has exceeded all expectarion in the Pro Rally circuit with a second overall finish last year in the Carson City International Scott is now looking for a competitive unlimited car Contact him at 1306 No Hathaway Santa Ana CA 92701 A PUBUC SE AYICE O F THIS MAGAZIN E THE ADVER TISI NG COUNCIL INDEX TO ADVERTISERS AMERICAN FIRST AID SUPPLY 24 ARAO ENGINEERING 31 BILSTEIN CORP OF AMERICA 5 I C O R E 22 DUSTYTIMES 30 11 FAT PERF RMA DUSTY TIMES I I I I I I an d p h one m1m b er Add 5 00 10r c use of 10 for 4_5 word_s not inclu d ing name add ress black Cl assi f1 ed Advertising rate is only l and white photo or a very sharp co or prmt NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIBERS TO DUSTY TIMES A 45 word C lassified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe If you wish to use a Rhoto in yom free ad enclose 5 00 O NCE oT Ec E 1 FRONTIER 250 FUNCO RACE CARS GENERAL MACHINE SERVICES GOODYEAR TIRE RUBBER CO 13 26 27 23 I M R PERFoRMANii 21 f PRODUCTS 29 I MINT 400 7 I I NELSON DUNN 15 ROTARY ENGINEERING 12 c r ORE BARSTOW Enclosed is _ _ _ __ Send check or money order no cash Please run ad i I I I times M ail To Address _ _ _ __ Phone C ity _ _ ___ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Page4i State _ _ __ _ Zip _ _ _ _ _ __ November 1984 DUSTY TIMES 5331 De ry Ave Suite 0 Agoura C A 91301 I I I II I I I 1 n FR CLASSIC _ D1

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY MORE SAND STOCK Get the word out about your business big or small Put your business card in the PARTS GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY eset and reach new customen Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely 16 00 per month Q OFF ROAD REPAIR Ftacing Pertor111 llfl TRACKSJDE Photo Ent lsa P O BOX 91767 LOS ANGELES CA 90009 18710 SO NORMANDIE SUITE C GARDENA CA 90248 Jim Ober Ce MOTOR TRANSAXLES 702 739 1933 213 327 4493 LAS VEGAS NEVADA ROLL BAR CAGE WELDING VW ACCESSORIES SAND CHASSI S NEW USED PARTS Street Sand Toys Inc RUSS s V W Recycling Auto Parts Warehouse 4430 N Dixie Hwy Fort Lauderdale Florida 33334 3317 S Peck Rd Monrovia CA 91016 RACING PHOTOGaAPHY SPECIALISTS ltACE Tf ANS 8YJEFF REU S TRflNSfiXLE ENGINEERING BEHIND TONY S TRUCK WRECKING OUTSIDE FL 800 327 8511 FL 305 491 8085 INSIDE FL 800 433 8511 818 574 1943 818 574 1944 Specializing in V W Bugs Buses Ghias and 914 s RON BAKER RICHARD LILLY LAURA STOUFFER SUPfll B OOT PRODUCTS 1649 W Collins Orange CA 92667 714 997 0766 U no answer 714 997 0767 Suspe ns ion Components 390 CHEMIN DU LAC LERY QUE CANAD J6N 1A3 213 988 5510 514 692 6171 7840 BURNET AVE Silver Dust Racing Association Phone 702 459 0317 ch PO Rn 7380 I as Vegas NV 89125 JEIBr THE TRAILSMAII 22630 South Normandie Ave Torrance CA 90502 213 320 7231 701 CHARLESTON AVENUE LEE S SUMMIT MO 64063 PHONE 816 525 3555 DON HiLKER PRESIDENT WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED VALLEY PERFORMANCE 3700 Mead Avenue Las Vegas Nevada 89102 702 873 1962 WEST ENGINE MACHINE Quality Engine Machine Work Fabrication CLARK WEST 619 741 6173 Racerite with THE J IJ W O iJln UJ D loLloCY THE TRAILSM 11 TIRE WHEEL MART BARNEY SCOTT Phone 585 3043 Dusty Times 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES CALIF 90011 213 234 9014 947 Rancheros Dr San Marcos CA 92069 SIMPSON SAFETY EQUIPMENT Free Catalog VAN NUYS CALIF 91405 T J I l l II TECTIRA uO THE 9833 Deering UnitH Chatsworth CA 91311 GO Manufacturers of Quality Drive Train Components Canada Inc JEFF FIELD 998 2739 2225 FIRESTONE BLVD LOS ANGELES CALIF 90002 November 1984 Vor11r 1e CUSTOM MADE NOMEX DRIVING SUITS AFFORDABLE STYLE AND SAFETY _For more info call 714 639 9355 Page 43

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r w 1 9 8 4 A GAS FOOD CAMPING f LEGEND r acc Cou r se l nte s ate Builtin9s t cun t ains N 5ini I c Powerline Tr i 1 l o Pm erlines C lcckpoi n ts isual l on i tors J ccess Poute 0 w W E s S LE DBARTSTOW COMMUNITY COLLEGE Q Barstow Community College In Miles Registration Tech mileage 260 Contingency Award Presentation MotelStrip four loops of 65 miles each Markings apply only to the 1984 SCORE Barstow Cl assic SCORE assumes no responsibility for any damages r aused by rearrangements or redirections of course markings caused by race participants other individuals and or othe r natural causes In the event that weather or other acts of God occur at the event the course could be rerouted or changed There is always the chance that the above conditions could also cause SCORE to postpone the event SCORE reta ins the ri ht to hold the race for 24 hours If at that time the race has not started a new date will be decided upon and announced for running at a later date EASY PRE RUN EASY PITTING CLOSE TO HOME WEEKEND RACE NO TIME OFF WORK F IRST CLASS EVENT FRIDAY NOV 30 REGISTRATION TECH AND CONTIN GENCY BARSTOW COMMUNITY COLLEGE i l SATURDAY DEC 1 RACE DAY START BARSTOW COMMUNITY COLLEGE SUNDAY DEC 2 TROPHY PRESENTATION BARSTOW COMMUNITY COLLEGE NOTE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND BECAUSE OF HOLIDAY PREPARATION AND OTHER RACINC ACTION CLASS NUMBERS WILL BE ASSICNED AS ENTRIES ARE RECEIVED AT SCORE HE_ADOUARTERS FOR INFORMATION CONT ACT SCORE INTERNATIONAL 818 889 9216 31356 VI COLINAS SUITE 111 WESTLAKE VILLAGE CA 91362