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                                 by George Orwell

Winston:   he is a39-year old man living in Oceania. As a Party member, Winston works at the Ministry of Truth chaning past speeches and publications to fit Big Brother's agenda. However,he has a secret hate for the party, which he writes out in his journal. Winston was once married but he separated. When he met Julia he eventaully fell in love with her As his health improved, the belif of a revolt against the Party grows stronger. Before he could start one, he was taken to the Ministry of Love and was subject to torture. He lost all thoughts of a revolt and love for Julia. The only feelings and thoughts he had left were complete loyalty to the Party.

Julia:  She is a 26-year old Party member. She works in the Fiction Department of the Ministry of Truth. She also has a hatred for the Party. She is only intested in her survival, and a revolt againts Big Brother. She also was imprisoned and tortured along with Winston

O'Brien: A leader in the Party and Winston feels a strong bond to him. He is a larger and intelligent man. He made Winston belive he was part of a secret revolt againts the party, but only betrayes him and turns him over to the Ministry of Love

Big Brother: He is the dictator of Oceania. His agenda is preached through telescreens, on coins, and propaganda posters everywhere. He is told to be the original creator of the Party.

Syme: a friend of Winston who is also working on the Newspeak Dicionary. Winston somewhat dislikes Syme, but nevertheless, likes having him around. He disappeared suddenly presumably beacuse he was vaporised beacuse eventhough he was a devoted Party Member, he was too vocal and smart.

Katharine: She is Winston's former life. She was said to have complete loyalty to the party. The two never had children.

Mr .Charrington: The owner of the shop where Winston bought his empty Journal. He was revaled to be a member of the thought police. He lead Winston into a trap that caused his arrest.




Main Characters 

Winston Smith is the main charatcer of the story. He works at the Records Department in the minitry of truth.In the beginning of the story Winston buys a dairy and begins writing in it, a crime that could get im vaporized. Winston lives in London, Oceania one of the three world superpowers. The two others are Eurasia and Eastasia.  When Winston goes to the Two Minutes Hate, Winston feels a strong bond to an Inner Party member O'brien. He also saw a dark-haired girl who he thought wanted him dead, but a few days later she passes him a love note.  They both ended up falling in love. They told O'brien about it and he let them into the Brotherhood, a secret group trying to overthrow Big Brother, who is the leader of Oceaina. Winston recived "the book" from Obrien which was a book written by their leader. While Winston and Juila went to a secret place to read it they were followed and arrested. They were taken to the Ministry Of Love and subject to torture. After several months they are broken. They have no love for each other or rebelious thoughts. Only complete loyalty to the Party. 


 1984 is set in Oceanina, One of three main superpowers in the world. The others are Eurasia and Eastaisa. The story takes place in London, which is now part of Oceania. The three superpowers are always at war with one another. The year is 1984 if it was not obvious enough. Oceania is a cruel place to live. Basic human freedoms are ignored and the goverment had more control then I expected. They even have thought police. There are three main government parties the Inner Party, the Outer party and the Proles. the Inner Party are the rulers of the country, or they can also be compared to the top 1% in today's world. The Outer Party are like the advanced workers. They are the educated workers who take the higher skilled jobs. The Proles would be the working class citizens. The Party however, do not recognize these groups as classes, It's clear that Georage might have wanted the readers to assume they were classes.    


there are a few themes I found.

TOLALITARINISM: This one was very clear. The government controlled every single aspect of the citizens of Oceaina. They can even get imprisoned for thought crimes.


Desire to Escape: throught out the book Winston is constantly trying to escape Big Brother's control. He joins the Brotherhood and wrote a diary as ways to escape.


Facing Reality: At the end of the book, Winston must face reality. The reality that he cannot win againts Big Brother. He and everyone else, will have to live their lives however they are told.


Fighting for free will: The whole book centers around Winston. He tries his best to fight Big Brother and gain his free will beacuse in Oceania, citizens have no free will of their own. 





1984 is written in Third Person Limited. The narrator, who is unnamed. to me at least, knows a great deal about Winstons' thoughts and emotions, but is lacking in knowledge of others. This is shown to us by the constant twists of people surprising us by revealing themselves to be members of the thought police or of the Party.


I loved 1984. It was around 300 pages not too long, but it took awhile. In my opinon it was worth it. It was a very interesting setting with technology being so advanced and the government having so much control. It remined me of the Giver in the aspect that people's only thoughts were of compelte loyalty to the government. I loved the ending where they were captured and the good guys lost. It showed a more realisitc story in that time period and showed that it was impossible to overthrow them. The book showed a horrible alternative world, that has messages for today's world. People want love and freedom and it is a cruel world when they are taken away. It was a very well written book. At the end of almost every chapter I had to grab a dictonary to look up words new to me. It also made me appreciate the vocabulary assignments of previous novels I had read in school. I enjoyed that 1984 was written in 3rd person limited. We knew all of Winston's thoughts, but it was a twist when we thought someone was a friend that revealed themselves to be a memeber of the thought police. 1984 also put some fear in me. When I look around the world and see all of the governmnets that so tightly control what their people see, I think of this book as a warning of the furture. Altogether, The book 1984 was very well written. I loved every word of it.

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