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Student Organizations - $50
$50 fee covers table reservation cost for all of the FASET sessions.
Space will be limited and based on a first-come, first-serve registration process.
The sessions consist of eight first-year FASET sessions & one Transfer FASET session on the
following dates: June 14, July 6, July 17, July 20, July 24, July 27, July 31, August 13, and August
-Inclement weather may require a location change or cancellation. Organizations will be
notified when a decision has been made for each session.
Applications and payment due by _________. Forms of payment are check, cashiers check, or PeopleSoft
account through SOFO (No cash payments will be accepted).
Applications received after the deadline will be charged an additional $25 fee and will be added to the
waitlist, as space permits. Wait listed groups will not be charged until a table is used.
No registrations will be accepted after ______.
Organizations must be registered student organizations with the Office of Student Engagement.
Organizations sponsored by campus departments or offices can qualify as an exception to the registered
student organization stipulation.
Resource Guide & Program Booklet
FASET Resource Guide
The FASET Resource Guide is a publication distributed to students and all guests featuring a
compilation of ads from offices and departments at Georgia Tech, as well as off-campus vendors and
Half (1/2) page ad$100
One (1) page ad$150
Two (2) page ad$275
Wreck Camp Program Booklet
The Wreck Camp Program Booklet is a publication distributed to participants and staff at camp that
includes the camp schedule, campus traditions, and other resources.
Half (1/2) page ad$75
One (1) page ad$125
Note: Discount of $25 for purchasing space in both the FASET Resource Guide & Wreck Camp Booklet.
Student Organization Opportunities
Student Organization Opportunities
Ad size specifications
Resource Guide & Wreck Camp Booklet Ads
1/2 page ad: landscape orientation, 5”x4”
Full page ad: portrait orientation, 5”x8”
All ads should be in black & white, high quality jpeg
or png file type
Full Page Half Page
*Sample photos are not to scale*
Ads do not need borders, only added to show the outline of ad