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Drink Driving

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                                                      By: Riley David Gentry

                                                                 Vitural SC Class


Drunk Driving Agency (MADD)


Their mission statement: To end drunk driving and support the victims of the voilent crimes and prevent underage drinking.


When this is agency get started: Started by a mother whos daughter was killed in drunk driving accident and it started in September 5th, 1980.


Where is their focus heading: MADD's five year agenda to advance and achieve our mission is dedicated to saving more lives and supporting more victims. Our strategy down the line is NO MORE VICTIMS.


There achivements so far: SInce 1980 drunk driving accidents have been reduced over 40% since MADD.


New Laws: made it illegal to operate a vehicle when over a 0.8 alcohol level.


Drunk Driving Agency (MADD)