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‘13 Power Money Saving Articles + Bonus’ provides with a great collection of money saving tips. Namely, it includes time-tested insights for fast food chains and saving hundreds on groceries. Who wouldn't be happy to use it? These tips are truly valuable and save a lot of money in the end. To find out more, please visit the original source.

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Save Cash Living From Paycheck to Paycheck
6 Ways You Can Save Money on Fast Food
20 Ways to Save Hundreds on Groceries
How to Save Money on Electricity
8 Ways to Stay Frugal By Not Being Normal
7 Funny Money Saving Tips
18 Money Saving Tips For Starbucks
How to Change Your Life to Spend Less
Living Below your Means: Not as Hard at All
6 Ways to Put More to Your Emergency Fund
How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill
5 Great Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance
7 Best Places to Buy Affordable Sports Tickets
Make Money At Home – 8 Legitimate Ways
Fresh Ideas for Making Extra Money
However, everything depends on your wish to break “from paycheck to paycheck”
cycle and a motivation for saving money. We know well that those who want look for
an opportunity and those who doesn’t want, look for an excuse. That’s why, put all
the excuses aside and use these tips to save money even if you live from paycheck
to paycheck!
Save Cash Living From Paycheck
to Paycheck
from paycheck to paycheck. All of us have
daily expenses and commitments like
paying rent, utility bills and etc, so after
paying for all that there’s often nothing left
to save. Moreover, sometimes a paycheck
doesn’t allow covering even the basic
needs so consumers choose emergency money loans to meet expenses.
Step 1: Open an Online Savings Account
You can open a savings account even at your local bank but it’s better to choose
online one. That’s because if you’ll put the money in a local bank, then it will be too
deposit. It’s not necessarily should be a few hundred dollars, just put as much as you
can. The most important in here is to begin, that’s why even if you can put just a few
dollars to your savings account – just do that.
Step 2: Save $20 in Your New Savings Account
Make yourself a task: this month you should put $20 to your new savings account.
If you can put more money, it’s great! But if you need help to complete this task and
to earn $20, it’s also not a problem. Check out 10 unusual ways to make quick
cash and choose the most suitable option. Pay attention to survey sites, for example,
Swagbucks and Springboard Panel. With a help of these sites you can easily make
$20-30 per month and moreover, you can make this money even while watching your
favorite TV shows.
Step 3: Get Ready to Save $100 a Month
Your next goal is to learn to save $100 a month. If you think that this step is too
massive, don’t worry and remember that there are always some ways to make extra
money. For the current month the task is to save $30. Use such sites like InboxDollars
or Bing Rewards to put extra dollars to your savings account. InboxDollars is one of
the best websites which pays you for signing up for offers and taking surveys. You get
the money. Another idea is to use Bing on your phone and computer. There’s nothing
complicated and Bing Rewards will pay you for that!
Step 4: Save $100
Finally, you’re ready for this step. If no, use these ideas:
Sell some of your old stuff. Fortunately, there are good online resources you can
use for that. Thus, you’ll get rid of unnecessary things and make some money!
Open a bank account to get the bonus. For example, Nationwide will pay you $200
cash for opening a free account.
Many companies want you to try their services and ready to pay for it! Check out
the list of such rms and make money!
Try mystery shopping. First of all, it gives an opportunity to make good money and
who knows, maybe it will even become your basic job. Secondly, you can have a
good fun and spend time with your family at the same time!
Step 5: Continue Saving $100 Each Month
After 4 previous steps you can see that there are many ways to make extra money.
Use your paycheck for casual expenses and paying bills and make extra to put it
to your savings account. Let your savings motivate you! Once you’ll reach $1000,
consider opening an IRA. If you was motivated enough to save $1000 for one year,
think how much you can save within next 20 years! Isn’t it great?
Benet from Coupons
When reading a newspaper, pay attention if there are coupons you can use.
You can use special sites where you can get coupons for different restaurants.
you will know when they have special offers, happy hours and other discounts.
Remember, that there’s a huge competitions between fast food providers so they
do their best to offer consumers more for less money!
Choose Water Instead of Soda
your health. Eating fast food is unhealthy itself so while drinking soda you add
hundreds of extra calories to your meal! Also, soda is more expensive than
regular water so when you buy it, you pay for all these empty calories which will
bring you nothing good. Remember about it also when you are in a grocery shop
and use these 20 smart ways to save money on food.
Know Where to Pay Less for Kids
Many places offer special prices for kids. In some restaurants kids can even eat
6 Ways You Can Save Money
on Fast Food
We already know that there’s almost
nothing good in eating fast food. But still,
when you have busy and exhausting day
eating fast can save you both time and
money. Sometimes you can be that tired
so you can’t even think about going to the
grocery shop and cooking dinner yourself!
Eating at fast food restaurants may seem not the best idea, especially if you rely on
small loans to make ends meet. However, there are great ways to save money on
fast food. With these tips you’ll never be hungry and your budget will be in order!
Check this list of 25 places that kids eat free.However,tobenetfromthistip
while others do special days when kids can eat free or with a good discount. You
may check Money Savings Mom’s roundup to see the list of the restaurants
but don’t forget to call ahead to the one in your area because conditions may
vary by states.
Check Your Receipts
What you usually do with your receipts from restaurants? Most likely, you just
throw them away. Don’t do this mistake again and check your receipts for
special offers.Theycanputaspecialoffernoticationintheendofthereceipt
so when you come next time, you may take an advantage of a free meal or some
other good discount. Quite often you can be offered to buy one and get another
one for free!
Split Your Food
When you’re hungry, you may think that you can eat all the food in the world
but don’t hurry to make a huge order. Be realistic about how much you need to
potatoes? Most likely, you don’t. There’s food you can easily eat yourself but also
there’s something you can share with your kids/friends. Stay frugal and don’t buy
more than you actually can eat.
Save Ketchup/Sauce Packets
With your order you always get napkins, salt, pepper, ketchup and sauce
packets. Instead of throwing them out, save them! You never know when you’ll
need one at home or at work while eating your lunch. Napkins are something that
can always become in handy, so use which you have from the restaurant instead
of buying a package of new ones.
Don’t let the grocery store bite off more than you can chew. These 20 shopping
tips will help you hunt down the best deals, avoid tricks designed to get you
to buy more, and prevent impulse buys. Do not be one of those 5 types of
people who never have money.
1. Keep a running inventory of what you have in stock. Knowing what you
have in the freezer and pantry can help eliminate impulse buys that result from
a last moment thought at the grocery store that you may not have that item.
2. Plan meals according to what’s on sale. Before you make your grocery list,
take a look at this week’s advertisements and sales papers. Look through any
coupons you have as well. Develop a meal plan for the week according to the
ads and coupons.
3. Learn the layout of the store. Know where each item on your list is located
and only visit those aisles. This eliminates the urge to add things not on your list
while you browse the aisles.
4. Reduce shopping trips. Plan your shopping list so that you only have
to do your grocery shopping once a week or less. This helps save on gas and
reduce impulse buys.
5. Comparison shop. Make a list of the items you most commonly buy, such as
bread, milk, and eggs. Compare prices at the stores in your area and discover
which store has the lowest prices for your overall needs.
20 Ways to Save Hundreds
on Groceries
Groceries can take a big bite out of your
budget. For many, the amount spent
on groceries each month is one of their
highest expenses. However, if you shop
wisely, you could save hundreds of
dollars a year on your grocery bill.
6. Stock up on items on sale. When items you use on a regular basis, such as
toilet paper, laundry detergent, or groceries you will use before they expire go
on sale, stock up on them and save hundreds a year. Possibly, it will be even
reasonable to get a short term loan from Personal Money Service (and pay it off
as soon as possible) just to stock up on sale items.
7. Size does matter. Don’t just buy the cheapest selection of an item, look at the
price per pound or ounce as well. Make sure you are getting the most for your
8. Use digital coupons. Many stores offer digital coupons that can either be
printed out or added to a loyalty card.
9. Sign up for that loyalty card. Many grocery stores offer loyalty cards. These
cards allow customers to get extra savings, add digital coupons, and enjoy extra
perks like discounts after purchasing a certain amount.
10. Ask for rain checks. If a sale item has been sold out, ask the clerk
for a rain check that allows you to get the item at the sale price when
it is restocked.
11. Visit your grocery store’s website. In addition to digital coupons that can be
loaded onto your loyalty card, many stores offer other online deals that can only be
12. Rotate items in your refrigerator and freezer. Many of us end up throwing
about a fourth of what is in our refrigerators and freezers away because it has gone
bad or is freezer burnt. Look through your refrigerator and freezer every so often
can also learn how your freezer can help in this money saving process.
13. Be a loner. The more people in your shopping party, the more likely you cart is
14. Eat before you shop. If you’re hungry when you are grocery shopping, it
stands to reason you will be tempted to buy more because everything sounds
good. The smells coming from the deli can also be a temptation when your belly
is grumbling.
15. Shop to your own beat. Studies have indicated that stores play music with
a slow beat to slow customers down so they will spend more time in each aisle.
If you can’t tune out the music, bring your own upbeat tunes!
16. Use a smaller cart. If your store has a variety of shopping cart sizes, opt for
the smallest. A larger cart only tempts you to buy more because it gives you
the false impression that you haven’t put as much in the cart. Avoid the hand-held
baskets, however. These small baskets make you more likely to buy a higher priced
to carry.
17. Search the shelves. Many companies pay to have their products placed on
the shelf at eye level. Search the shelves for the best deal.
18. Use the self check-out. If your store offers a self check-out aisle, use it. You
are less likely to make last minute impulse buys if you are busy scanning your
purchases instead of staring at the candy and other merchandise at the check-out
19. Slice and dice. Packaged or single-serving products are often priced higher
than the whole item. Buy the block cheese, the whole chicken, or the entire
watermelon and do your own slicing. Buy freezer bags and containers to store what
you may not use right away.
20. If you use herbs, grow your own
instead of buying the expensive bundles
at the grocery store. Not only will they be
fresher, you won’t waste any, and you can
end up saving hundreds of dollars a year
if you frequently use herbs in your cooking.
You don’t need a garden to grow herbs.
Simply place them near your kitchen window and keep them handy all year long.
They will also make your kitchen smell wonderful!
Contact Your Electricity Providers
You may think that saving money is always boring because it’s only numbers
and calculation but indeed, there are unusual money saving tips you can use
to start changing your lifestyle. Start from making a research and try
to understand your spending. Take a look at your earlier bills to see if you have
started paying more. Are you sure that your electricity provider offers you
the best rates possible? Make an online research and compare offers from
other rms. Also, keep in mind that the can be a special time of the day when
rates are lower so you can save money! Try to make all the things which require
the most energy during these hours.
Use Devices Which Save Energy
Fortunately, many brands already have paid attention to the popularity of being
green. That’s why they produce energy saving devices which help you use less
check if a device you’re going to buy is really Eco-friendly. Did you know that
when a plug connector is in a charger but not actually connected to any device,
it still takes energy? That’s why disconnect all the devices when you don’t need
to charge it. Watch if something in your house works with no use and switch off
what you don’t need.
How to Save Money on Electricity
of our household budget. Today saving
energy is not only good for your budget
but also it’s a trend and a part of a style.
Being green allows you saving money
and to show that you take care of nature
and environment. Isn’t it great to be both
Eco-friendly and frugal? Some people use personal installment loans while
others already follow the tendency and keep their electricity bills low. Check our tips
to save energy and money!
Pay Attention to Solar Panels
Solar panels can save you a lot of money. It’s worth noticing that the price of
cheap solar panels. It’s hard to say for sure how much you will save because
such factors like a size of the house and its location have a meaning. But if you
call to one of solar panels companies you get a quote and understand how much
solar panels installation will cost you and how much you will save each month.
Thegreatestbenetofsolarsystemsisthatthey take the energy directly
from the sun (and the sunshine is free) and deliver it to your house. Like this,
you take care of the environment and pay nothing to utility companies. For more
information go to Solar Panels Company. They will choose the best solar panel
manufacturer based on your zip code.
Use Small Tricks to Save Big
It’s important to understand that to start saving on electricity, you have to change
your habits. For sure, to some of them you have never paid attention! That’s what
you can do to start saving already today:
Keep cooling devices as far from heating ones as possible. When taking
something out of the fridge, make sure you have closed the door.
Use Light Emitting Diodesanduorescentbulbsinsteadofregularones.
When you walk out of the room don’t forget to turn of the light and every time
you leave your home make sure that all the lights are switched off.
Save water! While brushing your teeth or washing up, turn off the water when
you don’t need it. Buy a sensor water tape to make saving water easier!
While using a washing machine, turn on a water or energy saving mode. Try
to make a washing machine as full as possible and don’t wash just a few
things each time.
Try to use a fan instead of air conditioner. Cooling a room takes much more
energy than heating it!
People like comparing themselves to each other. “If my friends do that, then it must
be okay” – this phrase you can hear quite often. But it’s time to change your mind
but indeed it can be much better! Check if you’re thinking like this and what you can
You may think that it’s normal when:
1. You Don’t Get Rewards for Your Purchases
Indeed: Today there’s a big competition on the market and retailers often return their
which works with many retailers and get to know about the reward program. It’s
absolutely free and can save you good money! Who knows, maybe you will be able to
save 1 million for a retirement.
2. You Don’t Check Insurance Rates
Indeed: Whatever you buy, shopping around is always a good idea. Moreover, you
buy insurance every year so before buying it’s better to check the market for the better
and cheaper option. Learn how to choose health insurance plan.
3. You Pay Bills Without Negotiating It
Indeed: What to do if you can’t pay your bills? Some consumers get online
unsecured loans to cover expenses and it works for them. But pay attention
to the opportunity to negotiate your bills! For example, there is a company called
8 Ways to Stay Frugal By Not
Being Normal
Most of us believe in a power of a habit. If
you do something again and again, you get
used to it and after you think that it’s the only
way for doing something. That easily can
that what you do concerning your money is
normal but indeed, it isn’t.
BillCutterz and they negotiate consumers’ bills with the providers. As a revenue,
they get half of the money they have saved for you.
4. You Like Brand Clothes and Pay Full Price
Indeed: Many people like brand and designer clothing. What to do if your income
is not enough to cover your wants? Pay attention to special discount sites like
Bluey, Rue La La, theOutnet and outlets which specialize on selling designer
5. You Throw Away Something You Don’t Need
Indeed: But why can’t you sell what you don’t need? You never know what people
are looking for on sites like Ebay. Something you don’t need any more can be very
helpful to others and can bring you some extra money so stop throwing things
6. You Waste Energy
Indeed: Today everybody likes talking about how cool being green is but not so
many of them actually save energy. Being green is cool because shows you
attitude to nature and its resources and at the same time, it allows you to save
money! It’s great doing both these things together, so start closing water while
cleaning teeth already today!
7. You Spend Money for a Gym Membership
Indeed: It’s really okay if you spend money to go to gym but do you really go
there? Some people just throw the money away and miss visits to gym by different
reasons. Check local colleges, at some you can get a really cheap access to the
gym. Also, pay attention to free outdoor activities, for example, jogging and riding a
bicycle which are absolutely free.
8. You Only Buy New Things
Indeed: There’s nothing wrong in using used stuff. Moreover, not taking advantage
of it is not right. Why should you spend more when you can easily save money on
purchasing used? Ask your friends and relatives and you’ll be surprised how many
of them buy used things.
Tip#1: Freeze Your Credit Cards
No, not just call to the bank and tell them that you’re not going to use your credit
card for a while. Just put your credit cards in cold water and freeze! Have
you heard that some people obsessed with chocolate do the same, they freeze
chocolate so then they have to wait to eat it? Very inconvenient, isn’t it? If your
credit is far from perfect, learn how to improve it fast.
Tip#2: Go Out Without a Wallet
Don’t do that too often!) You friends will not like it, even if you’ll tell that you
occasionally forgot your wallet at home so you’ll have to make many new friends.
But you can try going out with no wallet to see what you can do for free! Make
sure there are many things to do, especially in the center of your city. Most likely,
there are some entertainments and fairs where you can try goods for free.
Tip#3: Go to the Grocery Store for Lunch
As one out of many ways to save money in a grocery store, you can take an
advantage of food samples. If you don’t mind other people trying food around you,
it can be a good way to save up some dollars. Together with the money saved,
7 Funny Money Saving Tips
Saving money is just like a diet. Whether
you save to make a big purchase or just
want to get used to a frugal lifestyle, you
have to be strong and learn to say “no”
to yourself. But is it worth taking
everything so seriously and make such
a big deal out of it? Remember the good
saying? If you can’t change the situation,
change your attitude to it! If by any reason
you can’t get a short term loan online
from Personal Money Service and your
current situation requires a change of your
saving tips and save up some cash and
have some fun!
you can try something new and to get new impressions and ideas for your home
Tip#4: Collect Extra Packets in Restaurants
Okay, maybe not really in restaurants, but when you’re in a café, why not
to take some packets of sugar, salt, pepper and ketchup with you? You never know
when you may need something of it! Also, do not forget about napkins and plastic
appurtenances! For example, if each time you buy get take away coffee you get
skip buying it in a store!
Tip#5: Make Pictures of Your Fridge After Shopping
After the grocery shopping, put everything to the fridge and make a picture. Next
time you go shopping you take a look at the picture and you already know what
you need to buy! That saves your time and your money because if you’ll do some
self-control, you will buy nothing extra!
Tip#6: Use Coupons on a Date
Ignore this tip if you have an important date with someone you really like and your
relationship has a long term perspective. But if it’s just a meeting, then you can
take an advantage of vouchers and coupons, go to the nice place and save up
some money! That’s when you can get a good dinner and pay less.
Tip#7: Do Your Hair/Make Up for Free
absolutely for free and sometimes with a very good discount. In any case, it’s much
cheaper than going to a regular beauty salon!
There are many beauty schools and
students there need models to show
up the results of their study. Check
such schools online and see if they
need models for haircuts, make up,
nails orother beauty procedures.
In some occasions it can be done
lemonade. When it is winter, a basic coffee with cream would satisfy almost
anyone.But as much as it is nice to enjoy these drinks, you know that your coffee
and tea drinking habits can make you broke. Personal Money Service is not
saying that you have to use quick loans to afford coffee. We simply want to teach
you 18 money saving tips for Starbucks.
Tip #1
Close your eyes and imagine a great variety of Starbucks yummy treats? Now,
do taste like a piece of heaven, but they are also extremely expensive.
Tip #2
Latte is more expensive and has more fat than blended iced Americano.
Tip #3
Tip #4
You come to drink coffee, not water, right? So, kindly ask barista to go light on ice.
Tip #5
This is possibly the most important tip. You can make your own coffee at home.
You want it to be Starbucks, well let it be! It might not be as fancy as at their coffee
shop, but you can achieve some really good results with a little practice.
18 Money Saving Tips For
If you are one of those coffee lovers who
can’t spend a day without a tasty cup
of coffee, then this article is for you!
of coffee. During summer customer prefer
iced-caramel macchiato or passion tea
Tip #6
smarter next time. Offer your friend to split one drink. This way you save 50%!
Tip #7
Do you have a dog? Even if you don’t, you can use this tip. Have you heard of
Puppiccinos? Dogs get free whipped cream. While it is really questionable whether
it is healthy food for dogs, you could use the cream to top your drink.
Tip #8
Order short-sized drinks to save a little. Mostly people go greedy on drinks. And
then they don’t notice how they become addicted to coffee, that borrowing money
becomes a usual thing for them. It all begins with little things, so be a responsible
consumer. It is always easy to blame lenders, when payday loans are OK for
consumers after all. Well, you get the point!
Tip #9
To get a Gold level upgrade, you will only need to use your rewards card
twelve purchases, plus don’t forget about coupons and other rewards.
Tip #10
Sign up for Starbucks reward program and you will be able to claim your free
birthday drink!
Tip #11
Baristas water iced tea down as they prepare it, but you should ask to be full
Tip #12
your friends, colleges or classmates. Order in bulk and use coffee press.
Tip #13
Luckily, Starbucks is always happy to provide you with water. So, why paying, when
Tip #14
Tip #15
Your re-usable mug will give you 10 cents discount.
Tip #16
This one is funny, but it is true. Let’s say you’ve forgotten your re-usable mug.
Just bring their competitors mug. Not only they will replace it with their mug free
of charge, but they will also give you a discount! They do value their clients, and
they are always happy to show it.
Tip #17
For a $2 iced latte ask for a Venti cup with a triple espresso. Also, you add as much
milk as you wish.
Tip #18
Starbucks can be expensive. But if you use
our tips, you will have a chance to enjoy your favorite drinks and spend much
This one is for those who take care of their
similar to a latte but uses ½ the amount of
ingredients. So, you get a cheaper coffee
with less calories.
But what if you can change your lifestyle a bit and reduce spending on some
categories while saving money for realizing your goals and dreams? There a lot of
examples of people who have made changes in such way and now enjoy their life
you, so you just need to follow their steps.
Get Your Food Expenses in Order
It’s not a surprise that your subsistence eats out a huge part of your budget,
especially when you go to restaurants or eat fast-food. So, you need to rethink
the approach that you have when dealing with your food and come up with ways
you can cut expenses on food.
A good way is to make bulk shopping with your friends. In such case, you can buy
a lot of necessary products in bulk and divide them. This way you will always have
some product in your freezer. But you should also make good plan for your weekly
dishes to use all the products you have.
For some people it can be even interesting and comfortable to plant their own
vegetables and fruit, as well as have chickens for eggs and cow for milk. But this
you can still simply plant herbs at home with no problems.
Think Twice if you Really Need a Car
Some people exaggerate the importance and necessity of their cars. So, if you
How to Change Your Life
to Spend Less
a lot of purchases, so you know that our
world is based on money and you need
to pay almost for everything. You can
even get emergency loan online
to cover some really important
spending when you have no extra cash.
save a lot of money and make your health stronger. Also, in case of necessity you
can always rent a car, so it will cost less for you with no regular maintenance and
expenses for patrol.
You should also appreciate useful pieces of advice and steps in building your own
plan to reach nancial independence. Pay attention to any possibility to make
Also, learn how to save money on car insurance.
Cut Your Clothing Costs
Many people follow trends and fashion thoughtlessly and waste a lot of money.
If you want to stay within your means, try to learn sewing and remake your own
clothes. In such way you will always look unique with no extra money spending.
This can also help to solve the problem of having nothing to wear before the job
Don’t Hesitate and Buy Used
You should also
such as furniture and dishes, necessary equipment and instruments.
Living in such way will show you that things are not so important in your life and
you can easily change your lifestyle to cut spending and enjoy the life with your
is really important
for you.
Today there are a lot of possibilities
or in the simple second hand shops.
clothes with tags over there. Anyway,
this is cheaper and doesn’t make you
dependable on trends.
The question is: how to make your lifestyle frugal and learn to live with what you
Is it possible to leave all your bad spending habits aside and manage money
wisely? There are a few tricks proving that frugal living doesn’t demand great
everyday life of frugal billionaires.
Start Searching for Lower Prices
attention to your basic bills and think how you can reduce them. Needless to say,
that saving energy and water is not just the way of saving money, but also the
way of being an Eco-friendly person. How much do you pay for the Internet access,
cable TV and other services making your life more comfortable? Compare prices
with those offered by other providers. Remember, as a consumer you have a right
to negotiate those prices and require the most appropriate tariffs for yourself.
Make Prot of What You Already Have
Except for paying bills, there are many other expenses and necessities, like, for
example, saving for retirement. That’s why it’s important to know how to get use
of things you have to increase your income without making any special efforts. Start
from reviewing your clothes and other stuff. Today, there are many websites and
applications which allow to get rid of things you don’t need and to make money on
it. Like this, you can sell your old clothes and also things your children have already
grown out of and use this money for your needs or just save it for emergencies.
Living Below your Means:
Not as Hard at All
a part of life and sooner or later everybody
face them. But while some people can’t
get out of a debt cycle, others try to live
within their means and have a need to
deal with money problems quite seldom.
no warning, you can rely on short term personal loans online but it’s better when
in your house or apartment, consider renting it. It’s an easy way of making money
which doesn’t require any efforts from you.
What to Do if Cutting Expenses Doesn’t Work for You?
a need to control everything and counting costs. Then it’s worth to think of greater
something with better income. Get a part-time job or an additional source of income
to make more money. Earn more and make investments, make money on your
savings and, in the end, create a stable income which will be enough for you so
you will not have to choose between your wants and needs.
Bonus article: Best apps to save money on groceries.
There are many other tricks for living
below your means and saving money.
You can use money management apps
like Mint, coupons, nd the cheapest
products and services but… you still can
be unhappy because maybe you’re a kind
of person who quickly gets exhausted of
car repair, you may lose your phone or get a bill which has to be paid urgently.
Financial expertsinsistthateverypersonwhowantstocreatepersonalnancial
well-being should have an emergency fund. However, it’s important to understand
the difference between an emergency fund and rainy day savings. Feeling curious?
Continue reading.
Rainy Day vs. Emergency
In other words, this money can’t provide you during a long term. Emergency
fund is intended to help you to make ends meet in case of a serious life change.
According to a perfect scenario, emergency savings should be enough for you
to cover all your living expenses within 3-4 months. But for sure – the more money
Start Keeping a Track of Expenses
To build an emergency fund it’s necessary to understand one thing: the less
money you spend the more you can add to your savings. That’s why it’s time
to start counting your money. Write down all the purchases you make within
a month, so in the end of it you’ll be able to analyze your spending. It allows you
to understand how much you spend on your wants and on your needs and which
expenses you can easily avoid.
6 Ways to Put More to Your
Emergency Fund
We all know that life is totally unpredictable
and anything can happen. Most of us try
to plan ahead and foresee their future
needs and expenses, but still there are
things which happen suddenly and there’s
nothing you can do about it. You never
know if you will need money for an urgent
Get Ready for Lifestyle Changes
Ask yourself some questions and be honest in your answers. For example, do
you really need a cable TV? Can you do something to pay less for it? Can you
refuse eating out with friends? Do you really need getting Starbucks coffee
every morning? Think of all the payments you make regularly and contact service
providers to see if you can reduce your expenses. Even a small change can lead
to impressive results! Start respecting your money and do your best to stop
throwing it on unnecessary things.
Choose the Right Place for Your Savings
The next step is to decide where to keep your savings. Keeping it at home is risky
because when you have an easy access to the money you can use it for any other
reason which is not an emergency. It’s better to put your money in the bank where
Make More Money
Understand that having an emergency fund will make you feel independent. For
example, if you’re facing unforeseen business costs then instead of taking out
a short-term business loan you can use your own money. Focus on boosting your
income and consider different ways for doing that. Think of your skills – maybe you
can get a part-time job? Surf the Internet. Fortunately, there’s a variety of online
jobs which can be become a source
of basic or additional income.
Change Your Way of Thinking
If you always had a passive attitude concerning your money and your income, then
it’s time to look around. Did such attitude help you to achieve your goals in life?
Most likely the answer is “no”. Start using your time effectively, it should bring you
money. Learn to think like a potential millionaire and sell all the things you don’t
need, start make money on space you don’t use. Just take a look around and you’ll
ways to lower you bills because the less you pay for services, the more you can
save to your emergency funds. In any case, knowing how to save money on your
cell phone bill is always needed. Personal Money Service has prepared simple
tips which will help you to pay less for using your cell phone!
Take Advantage of Free Apps
don’t even have to pay money to make a call and spend your valuable cell plan
minutes because you can do it with a help of free mobile apps. Make free calls
with a help of Skype, FaceTime (Apple) or try Google voice. Also you can send
free text messages through iMessage, HeyWire and many other apps allowing
free texting. However, keep in mind that sometimes the other person must use
the app as well.
Bonus: Check top 8 personal nance apps on our blog to save more money!
Be Careful with Paid Ads
When using some free apps or games you may see ads of paid services. Be
careful because clicking on them may cost you money! Use your device
carefully and remember that the Internet is full of such traps. You may click on
some ads without even knowing that you’d be charged a fee! Also, be very careful
when giving your phone to your child. Disable in-game purchases in the phone’s
settings and don’t reveal passwords to services where your children can buy music
or movies. Otherwise, there’s a risk of getting an unpleasant surprise in a form of
How to Save Money on
Your Cell Phone Bill
It’s already hard to remember times
when there were no cell phones!
Today’s fast life is impossible without
communication but there’s another side
of the story. Communication costs us
money so we regularly pay our phone
bills. If you live from paycheck to
paycheck, it’s highly important to know
a huge bill and a may even need to apply for unsecured loans for bad credit
to pay it off.
Use Wi-Fi
large amount of data. If you need it quite often then consider an unlimited data plan
because every time you exceed your monthly data cap, you’re charged extra. Using
Wi-Fi is free, so take advantage of it! Use it at home or in a public place that has it.
it’s fast. Another money saving tip is setting up an alert that warns you that you get
close to exceeding your data plan limit if you use your cell network. However, it’s
not recommended using free or public Wi-Fi for nancial operations.
Get Your Phone Ready for Trips
Many people think that they aren’t charged anything if they don’t make/receive calls
when they are traveling. There’s a possibility that a phone will connect to other
networks when you’re abroad and use data automatically. To avoid unnecessary
spending, turn off data roaming before your trip. Remember that you can use
Wi-Fi where it’s available in foreign countries and you won’t get charged for that.
Re-Consider Your Contract
a contact and switching to a month-to-moth cell phone plan makes sense.
for you. If you currently have a contract and want to get out without paying an early
termination fee, turn online market place like CellSwapper. It matches people who
want to stop their contracts with those who want to start them.
There are many consumers choosing month-
to-month cell phone plans over long-term
ones because it gives them more exibility.
If you don’t want to get a contact, then you
must buy your own phone instead of getting
one from your provider. In most occasions
you’re overpaying when you choose
car insurance (also, check how to choose proper health insurance plan).
Quite often it’s possible to lower expenses easily and save money. However, it’s
impossible to say exactly how much money you can save because the results vary
depending on a consumers driving record and a vehicle. Often it’s possible to
save up hundreds of dollars a year. Use these tips to add up some extra to your
Consider a Car Pool
Carpooling not just can save you money, but also help to save the environment.
people. The less you drive the more money you can save on your car
insurance. It’s important to know that most companies track miles. To be able
13,000, then you must be ready for a higher rate.
Choose the Right Insurance
It’s necessary to understand that you need a different insurance when your car
is new than what you need later. Initial rates are higher and you have to get
comprehensive and collision coverage if you have got your car through a car loan.
an accident. If you’re in a wreck, collision covers the damage.
You can use Kelley Blue Book to check the value of your car. It can be that you
5 Great Ways to Save Money
on Car Insurance
Consumers often fail trying to get car
insurance at a good price. Wrongly
chosen car insurance can cost you
additional money each year. If you
take care of your family budget and
don’t want to waste your money, you
should know how to save money on
have more collision insurance than you need and it’s smart to drop it on older
vehicles. Don’t forget to explore your car insurance options to save money!
Pay Your Bills
It may seem that your driving skills have nothing in common with your bills but
insurance companies think differently. Check your credit report, if it’s good that
you have a chance to get a discount but you need to check this opportunity with
your agent. Most insurers use credit-based insurance scores. The study shows
people paying bills and merchant cash advance loansontimelesslikelytole
Try Multilining
Another step which can save you money is to get your homeowners/renters and
car insurance through the same company. If you have got your insurances through
different companies, you can be overpaying. Combining policies with a single
Car insurance is always a big risk for insurance companies. It’s more likely that
something can happen to your car than to your house (you can break the car or
somebody can steal it). By combining policies you lower the risk the insurance
company takes and as a result, get better rates.
Audit Your Driving
Just like with carpooling, reducing your driving mileage helps to reduce car
insurance rates. That’s why it’s worth considering how you can cut your mileage
factor when choosing a new job. Many people overpay because they don’t inform
their insurance agents when they move or change their driving habits. This mistake
leads to higher insurance rates!
Always talk to your agent about your money saving opportunities. Most likely, there
are things you may not know so you’re paying more than you should. Don’t afraid
to ask your agent how you can pay less for car insurance and don’t waste your
chance to save more!
is always some way out. First of all, there is an opportunity to get money online
and also Personal Money Service gathered information about 7 great places where
you can buy cheap sports tickets. So, you still have a chance to visit big games
without breaking the bank! Check all the available options to purchase the tickets
and pay attention to such important factors like cost, availability and seats’ location.
Physical Box Ofce
One of the simplest choices is visiting the team’s box ofce and buying tickets
in person. Of course, buying online is more convenient but when you buy directly
tickets really cost. Also this option is good if you have to buy tickets for a family or
a big company because then the tickets seller can give you an advice concerning
comfortable seat options.
There are always people selling tickets. And here are 2 basic categories: the
ones who need to sell their tickets urgently by any reason and those who do it
professionally and want to get as much money from you as possible. Look for
representatives of the 1st category: when someone is desperate you can always
ask for a discount and try to make the deal on your conditions. Always beware of
scam: today technology allows printing tickets at home so check if the stadium has
If you’re looking for a perfect place to purchase tickets online then Craigslist is
one of your top options. You buy tickets directly from other individuals and quite
7 Best Places to Buy
Affordable Sports Tickets
If you want to buy tickets to any
ready to pay the price which can be
quite high sometimes. More likely you
will face a need of paying extra if your
decision to buy tickets was impulsive.
Though, don’t get despaired, because it
often they charge less than the rest of retailers. If you buy through Craigslist, act
quickly and keep in mind that there are many other people looking for good deals
the same as you do. Beware of fraud and fake tickets because you never know
who you are dealing with.
such a famous resource as StubHub. This company has a reputation in online
ticket sales, even if tickets aren’t sold out yet it’s still worth checking this company
for attractive deals. You can meet there people who want to resell their tickets and
enjoy well-organized StubHub’s system.
To be short, it’s the biggest name in the industry. That’s why you can be sure that
you’ll receive your order on time and if any problem will arise, it will be solved by
the company’s staff. There are a few ways you can access Ticketmaster:
on the Internet, by the phone or in retail stores. But keep in mind that tickets there
can be sold out very quickly and also you have to pay additional fees for the
service. That’s why, it would be wise to think about the ways of saving money
Vivid Seats
This company is not as popular as the ones mentioned above, but still you can
there’s a friendly consumer support. The company’s staff will answer any questions
concerning your order but however, there’s a quite high service fee in the industry.
That’s why, it would be wise to think about the ways of saving money beforehand.
This company provides as convenient and quality service as Ticketmaster does, but
mostly it focuses on secondary sales. However, you have to pay a high service
feewhichisasignicantdrawback.Youcantakeanadvantagefromthelive chat
and discuss pricing and delivery options with the company’s online consultant.
Finding cheap tickets for the great game is very exciting (check 2016 sports
tickets in the wrong place can cause a bad experience. That’s why try be careful
and compare all the pros and consbeforemakingthenaldecision.These
the bank!
1. Change Search Engines
It is high time you change your default search engine. You can search and make
money same time. Instead of using Google, try Bing. Each time you make a search
you are making money through SendEarningsw. You can cash in your credits for
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but everything adds up after all.
2. Rate Your Favorite Pizza Place
are many companies that pay their current or potential customer to rate their pizza
shop. You will need to time their delivery services and the quality of pizza as a part
plus an Independent Contractor.
3. Watch and Like Videos
We all spend time watching different videos on Youtube, so why not making this
time both useful and entertaining? People from InboxDollars will pay you to watch
cares when you are getting paid for this, after all?
4. Sell Your Spam Mail
As crazy as it sounds, but something that you send to your junk box, can be sold.
You really do not need all those credit card and best installment loan offers
Make Money At Home –
8 Legitimate Ways
“make money at home” scam advertisers.
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8 fully legitimate ways to stay at home
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you. They are a market research company that will take care of your junk emails,
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5. Participate In Online Surveys
Online surveys don’t pay much, but you should consider following options:
Springboard Panel, SendEarnings(get$5justtosignup),Swagbucks, Harris
6. Download Following Apps
Google will pay you to have some apps installed on your phone. These apps help
them understand the nature of web and mobile usage much better. Here are just
some of them: Smart Panel for Iphones, Google Screenwise Panel, and Mobile
7. Rent or Sell Your Clothes Online
While renting might not seem tempting (unless there is some clothes that you do
not plan to wear anymore), selling it sure does. We all have so many things that
we think we are going to wear at some point, but we never do. Sell it! There are
websites like Tradesy, RentNotBuy, Loanebles, and SnapGoods that you can
easily use.
8. Get Paid For Losing Extra Weight
pay you. If have zero complaints about shape, then you can start a small
get $100 and up for 1 hour of training.
You know that feeling how you are starting
a new free from bad food life every Monday?
Then, 55th Monday comes but nothing
changes. OK, here is your super great
opportunity. You can get paid for losing
weight. When you successfully lose weight,
website like DietBet and HealthyWage
other opportunities for earning extra income and probably, you haven’t heard about
it yet. Today, we’ll tell you about unusual ways of making extra money and you’ll
understand that even your opinion is a product which can be sold. And by the way,
it can bring you good money!
Get Paid for Your Thoughts
There are many companies needing independent opinion to improve their
businesses and products. But it’s not so easy to make consumers write reviews
and share their opinion (needless to say, some people don’t have time and some
are just lazy). That’s why some companies prefer paying money for reviews, testing
products and sharing opinion. Find one of them and get paid for the job which
doesn’t require any special skills and won’t take much of your time. Explore job
opportunities Craigslist gives you and consider taking part in a focus group. You’ll
have to talk about suggested products/things and you’ll be pleasantly surprised
with the payment you’ll get!
Sell Photos
If you like photography and making nice shoots, there’s an attractive offer for you.
There are so called image stocks which sell pictures. That’s where contributors
may be needed and as an example, you can try to become one at Shutterstock.
For sure, it’s not there only option. Even if you’re not a professional photographer
but you know what a good shoot is and have your special vision, you can use
you a lot of money, but every picture you download costs something and regular
contribution can become a source of an extra income.
Fresh Ideas for Making Extra
Money is such a thing which is never
enough. Making extra is always a good
idea and most likely, you have already
tried part-time online jobs, selling
old stuff and even getting an
loan from our company to meet
expenses. Fortunately, there are many
Earn on Your Special Skills
Take a minute and think what you’re good at. For sure, there’s something you could
succeed in, but by one or another reason, you have chosen something different
to make money on. Consider teaching and sharing your knowledge and skills
with someone. It’s important to remember that sometimes an additional source of
income becomes a true passion and turns to a big business! For example, if you
like writing stories and articles, you can sell it to websites and online magazines.
Many successful companies are always in search of fresh opinions so you can try
yourself as a contributor. Just try and who knows, maybe it will become your basic
a good job is always in demand. Also, you can take an advantage of a current
season: summer provides numerous opportunities for making extra cash.
Take a Closer Look at Your Stuff
any use? We tend to keep many useless things by different reasons. Consider
cleaning your house of things you don’t really need. Think well, maybe you have
presents for your ex that doesn’t bring you any joy but you still keep them? Learn
to say goodbye and sell things you don’t use to people who may really need and
appreciate them.
Thus, you can see that actually you can sell everything. Be creative and learn
to use your skills and resources to make extra money. If you’re looking for
Yes, it’s a common advice everyone get’s
when talking about making extra money.
But in this case, everything is a little bit
different. You may have heard about
spending unnecessary things and stuff
you don’t use anymore. But what about
things you like but they don’t bring you