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Information about the creation of your Colonies Travel Brochure project

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13 Colonies Travel Brochure 

Project and Presentation



Over the summer, you were asked to complete a Venn diagram for the three colonial regions.  You are going to use that diagram and revise it during this project.  

In small groups, you will be creating a travel brochure for the colonies in the SimpleBooklet Google add-on.  You and your group members will share your booklet with your classmates to assist in the Venn diagram revisions.  These diagrams will then be used to assist you in a multiple-choice and written assessment regarding the colonies.

The following pages identify the required content for each page and the person responsible for the information.

Page One - Introduction to Region – (Group Member A) 

  1. Name of region and a visual
  2. Name of colonies in region
  3. Names of group members in smaller font

Page Two - Geography of the Region - (Group Member B)

  1. climate
  2. landforms
  3. resources

• This section must be written in the problem/solution text structure. • Think of a problem that colonist had and how your colony will help be a solution. o Problem = bad soil to grow food o Problem – no good job opportunities • How will the physical features of your colony help solve the problem? • One full paragraph + a small photograph or map with caption • Guiding Questions o Where is the colony located in terms of other colonies or rivers? o What type of geography does your region have?

Side Six – (back) – Culture (Group Member C) • This section must be written in the compare/contrast text structure • Two full paragraphs with at least one visual • Motivations for settling and interactions with Native Americans. o What religious groups are settled there? •


  1. reasons
  2. who
  3. culture

Side Four – (inside center) – Economy – (Group Member A) • This section must be written in description test structure. • Two paragraphs – include at least one visual • Guiding Questions o What types of jobs are available to people in the colony? o What is traded in your colony? Who does your colony trade with? o What food and natural resources can you take from the land? o Does your colony have slaves – why or why not?

 Side Five – (inside right) – Government (Group Member D) • This section must be written in the description text structure. • Two paragraphs with visuals • Guiding Questions o Who is in charge of the colony? o Who can vote and how democratic is your government? o Do you have a say in what happens in the colony? o Why is your form of government a good thing for the local people?

Politics and Economy

  1. government and structure
  2. money