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All of us will face a situation that we need to decide

For every choices that we make in different condition it lied

Once we take our aim we need to abide

 Choices will show how we act and how we implied


 Choices needed to have an advice or just to do it alone

Just like these poem I want to finish it with my own

 One day for this master piece to you must have shown

 Words that relies the things that I want to tell you soon

 You may encounter a different choices from this part

You can call this a simple words from my own art

The next consecutive composition maybe it is the start

To know what's running to my mind, what I felt from my heart

Now it’s up to you to open and read the content of the next page

 The conclusion might be happiness or something strange

My desire towards you I want to know what is the range

 Cause I don’t even know if you gonna love me in exchange

Yes its sounds like a risk to win or lose for this bet

Time, moment, places and all the thoughts will be set

For the love that I want to sure hope you won’t forget

 Your choices will be the outcome for the next time we will meet



I know there’s a lot of important books you must read
But it is a request to know something I must said
  Read this stuff, so in your mind my thoughts will fed
That it is always you keep running to my head

In my mind we travel already the whole world
Reach already those places were untold
It is a memory much better than a plenty of gold

And you are that one I want to be with when I grow old

Hope you can also read my mind like the poems that I wrote
For you can enter the world of my thoughts
And for you to see there was a girl I devote
And I always hoping that she had accepted my oath

Come and open me, I promise it won’t make you rile

Please read me while wearing your beautiful smile
Take a time to look this very special file
Be the main character that I gonna walk at the wedding aisle

All my thoughts is all about you since we met until today

To reach you again I will find my way

There's a lot of things I have to offer please don’t throw it away

Just be with me in these desires and please stay

Different world into one place it will mould

Every fantasy into this reality want to be installed

Someone who I adore and for her hands I want to hold

Into these pages I can express those word were untold

Right moment for me to believe that time has the worth of gold

Even I will lose everything that I have, you are the only thing I can’t sold