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                     by: Trinity Jordan


Date of fesival - 1/27/17  Time: 5 o'clock to 10 o'clock pm

Admission cost - $5


The first annual festival of the Gupta Empire is to celebrate the achivements made by the Guptans and to enjoy those accomplishments. Many of there achivements include: 


- universites

- literature

- metalwork






In the event we will have games ,competions ,food ,and prizes . We will all gather to celebrate and just have a good time.


 Sovenirs for sale

- Old fighting lion gold coin

- Statues

-chess boards

Games and contests

- chess

- sculpting competion

-painting competion




If winning one of the games or competion you get to pick a free sovenir item that was listed before.

The Guptans ate vegeteran and non vegeteran meals.

They grew many grains for making ceral and bread etc. For beverages they had milk from cows or water. In celebration of this these are some of the food items for sale.



- Bread $2

-milk $1

-water 50 cents

-rice $2

-grains $3

-ceral $2


Workshops offered

- Painting: painting sculptures , canvas,  cave paintings , fresco-paintings on walls and ceilings.

Mathematics: learn about how they solved problems and developed the concept of zero

- Sculpting: making clay sculpting exploring there techniques