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Along with our games we'll have three amazing workshops 2 of which the Gupta empire is famous for which is a small, simple metal working class and a small safe sculpting class and coloring papers for the younger children hurry before all the good coloring sheets are there 

Learn about how we got our current number system

For our game we will have the usaul standard games likethe bean bag toss or we'll have musuem specialist put on shows about the Gupta empire and for the little ones we'll have face painting

There will be hotdogs, lemonade,cookies, ice cream, salad and so much more

The Gupta Celebration

Learn how the Gupta's used sea to trade pretty cool right like government pirates or how uring their empire they had Universities so you coyuld learn or one of my favorites roads i know right without them it would be a lot harder to get your goods to trade with other countries 

On 2/24/18



Many of you probably ask why do we need to celebrate this event. Well many of these other people on my side agree with me that we need to honor the things that they helped developed our modern day society. For example the guptas had for discovered the concept of using the number 0. So come to this event so you can honor the many things they did for us.                             


                50% of profit goes to Gupta museum

for our prizes for our games the consist of Gupta bobble heads, stuffed animal cows, if the boble heads make you weirded out its okay we have little states of hindu's along with so much more

Learn about the great period of art and mathematics

or even buy a gupta          T-shirt

By: Joseph Albert

buy a hat that says gupta on the hat or buy a  suovenir lemonade cup