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November 18, 2016

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November 18th 2:30 p.m.
Kindergarten Harvest Pro-
November 21st-25th
Thanksgiving Break
No School K-12
December 9th 10:30 a.m.
Band, Orchestra, Choir
December 14th & 15th
Christmas Program 1st-
3rd grades
December 21st 1:45 p.m.
Early Release K-12
December 22nd -January
Winter Holiday Break
No School K-12
January 4th
School Resumes
If your child is going to
be absent or late to
school, please call our
office at
854-6060. You may call
during non-working
hours and leave a
message on our voice
mail. Thank you!
The Howler
8301 W. Sloan St. Boise, ID 83714 Office: 854-6060 Fax: 854-6061
Shadow Hills Elementary School
November 18th, 2016
Principal: Gale Zickefoose Email:
Principal Point
Start Your Own Traditions
Many families celebrate the same traditions, such as birthdays and
holidays, in very different ways. Some families have other traditions
that are completely unique. Hearing about other people’s traditions
can give us ideas for our own families. Family traditions build the
bonds that support children in school. Here are some traditions you
might enjoy:
Sharing service. From time to time, volunteer as a family. For example,
help serve a meal at a homeless shelter.
Saying thanks. Before Thanksgiving, cut out a large paper tree and hang
it on a wall. Let family members write what theyre thankful for on
paper leaves and tape them, face down, to the tree. Then on Thanks-
giving, scatter the leaves on your table and read them out loud.
Visiting relatives. Attend family events, even if they require traveling.
Go to Grandmas annual family reunion. Or help with Aunt Betty’s
New Year’s party. This will build your child’s sense of family and be-
Celebrating birthdays. Write your child a birthday letter every year,
highlighting his accomplishments and what you love about him. Anoth-
er idea: Have the guests at his birthday party sign the tablecloth. Each
year, add new names and look over the old ones.
Power-out night. At least once a year, pretend the power has
gone out. Gather the family and tell stories, reminisce, play
games and sing songs by candlelight or flashlight.
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News from the Health Office
Page 2 The Howler November 18th, 2016
If you purchased a Shadow Hills PTO Membership anytime since the first of the year,
your Shadow Hills Student Directory will be sent home with your student this week or
next. If you would still like to join the PTO, the Student Directory is included with your
PTO Membership for $5. PTO Membership forms are available in the school office.
Breakfast: Please ensure your student has something to eat prior to
coming to school each day or make arrangements for them to eat break-
fast in the cafeteria before school begins. Breakfast does not need to be
a four-course meal! A slice of toast, a piece of fruit or a bowl of cereal
are all things that most students can make themselves, or with a little
help. Students who eat nothing before school often come to the health
office within the first few hours of school complaining of nausea or head-
aches. Starting the day with some fuel in their tanks helps them to be
ready to learn and play. Please make breakfast a priority in your home
every day. Nurse Terri, Mrs. Erwin or Mrs. Graham are good contacts if
your family needs food assistance for any reason. Students with free/
reduced lunch also qualify for the same benefit at breakfast!
Aspirin use with Children: Did you know that aspirin is no longer recom-
mended for use in children? Only Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen should
be used for pain or fever reduction for anyone under the age of 19. Use
of aspirin in this age group is connected to Reye's Syndrome, a rare but
serious illness that affects the heart and liver. Some adults have been
confused by some bottles labeled "Baby Aspirin", but these have been
phased out and replaced with less-confusing "low dose aspirin" ones.
Your doctor or pharmacist are good resources if you are unsure of the
type of medication that might be right for your child and their specific
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Parking Lot and Bus Zone Safety
Please help us keep everyone safe by using sidewalks and designated crosswalks when
arriving and leaving school grounds.
Do not walk between buses or through the bus lane. The bus lane is for buses only.
We appreciate your patience in the parking lot as students are being dropped off and
picked up before and after school. We encourage you to put your children on the school
bus if your students are bus eligible. If you live within walking distance, please encourage
your child to walk to school. Neighborhood kids can walk together in a group! This will
help parking lot congestion. Please park only in designated parking spots in the parking
lot. If you pull up along the red curb (fire lane) to pick up or drop off, you may not leave
your vehicle unattended.
Please remind your children to walk their bikes and scooters on school
Thanks for working with us to keep everyone safe!
We have already begun work on the yearbook and
would love to include lots of candid shots of the
kiddos! If you have photos from school events, field
trips, class projects, group shots from class parties,
sporting events, etc. we’ll take them! Please include
the names of all students that appear in the
photos, what the event was, the grade and teacher’s name. Then email them
to Kristine at So channel your inner Annie
Leibovitz and let’s make this the best yearbook yet!
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The Veteran’s Day Program was amazing! Thank you to all our honorable veteran’s who
were able to join us! We had over 60 in attendance...our biggest turn out ever!
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is Thursday, November 30th!!
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