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Risk Management

Harry Foster 

Risk management is the foundation of effective health and safety procedures. It is important to know how to identify hazards and risks in the workplace to ensure the safety of yourself and others. 


One of the most important aspects in risk managment is knowing the difference between a hazard and a risk.


Hazard - any situation, substance, activity or environment that has the potential to cause harm.

Risk - is present when a person is within the vicinity of a hazard and is therefore exposed to the possibility of harm. 


After a hazard is identified, the risks are assessed and control measures are put in place to minimise risk. The controls should then be monitored. 


When trying to determine the risk factor, a matrix (below) is useful.

A risk, no matter how small, should never be ignored.

Another way to control risk is through the use of a flow chart, as it helps to assess the risk involved with a situation. 

In summary, 

Risk assessment is the process where you:

  • identify hazards,
  • analyse or evaluate the risk associated with that hazard 
  • determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard
  • monitor the hazard


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