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This is an attempt to save a historic work that is lost to time. It is a picture booklet revealing photographs, dates and scientific data of over a hundred miraculous, magical and technogical events from the last 15 years

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If reading the online version There are short selected picture and music videos laced throughout the work adding an extra layer of depth.  Its your choice to watch them (or not), You can keep reading other pages while listening to the music... but you have to press play 

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 still they try right up until this book is delivered.  Lets have fun with music, characters, lessons and stories as we set the stage for your understanding the sequence of events now unfolding in which you are called to act   

Hello, I present this short picture booklet allowing you to witness hundreds of miracles and unexplained events along with an epic story proving the existence of God and the reality of team Go(o)d fighting at his side to bring sight, outside the engineered common perception of most people. The testament is a work of Go(o)d to break that spell and is under attack even from its outset - as time will reveal -  Now I attempt to break free after twenty one times having to reconstruct the whole booklet due to saboutage and file corruption. Since starting this booklet I have had 2 attempts on my life, had to move house 9 times,  Had 6 technological devices lost, stolen, broken and saboutaged resetting my progress and thousands of hours of invested work.


In typical fashion of Almighty Go(o)d - let us begin with a dramatic lightening bolt - This is a photograph of the Space Shuttle apparently being blown by Lightening over Palestine in Texas on 1st Febuary 2003 as a dark alliance - we will call the Dark Cabal - were set to begin a genocidal apocalyptic war.  I attempt to explain efforts that stopped them over 20 times from initiating this war, yet

What if I told you that this much hyped alignment of "blood moons" and eclipses just fell on the same Holy Days of the Judeo Christian callender for the 8th time since 1AD.   An impossible enough squence of events by itself but considering its placement among hundreds of other great signs and wonders you are about to witness - it is most certainly proof of the existence of God and just a handful of the miracles presented in this booklet.  What if i told you that I tried for 7 months to deliver this book to you in advance so that you would witness the 28th September Blood Moon with the context of the other events. But that my work was repeatedly saboutaged stopping 7 billion people from witnessing the complete sequence of events.

That after 7 months of demonic and magical attack losing 3 times I got the work online on the day of the last eclipse,  but only a handful of people watching my work saw it happen.  What if I told you the Last Eclipse was also a Super Moon and began at 1.11 am GMT, that I didnt know this until ten days before the event. Surely a moment powerful enough to change the destiny of our world.  What if I told you that most of the people who witnessed that event are engaged in trying to unleash war of hell and engaged in rebellion against Gods throne in Heaven.  In this booklet I attempt to collect together some of the pieces to understand an infinitely complex puzzle called "the great deception" which though you are likely being told is something just beginning, is infact totally obvious something just ending.  Read on to find out the detail of 111 events for you to determine true from false.