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Living a stressful lifestyle will cause many health issues. It is important to reduce your daily stress to be happier and more productive in every part of your life.

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10 Ways to Reduce Daily Stress and be Happy

Reducing stress in your everyday life is vital for maintaining your overall health, as it can improve your mood, boost immune function, promote longevity and allow you to be more productive. When you let your stress get the best of you, you put yourself at risk of developing a range of illnesses – from the common cold to severe heart disease. Stress has such a powerful impact on your well being because it is a natural response that is activated in the brain. Let’s examine how this process works, why stress affects you the way it does, and the severe impacts it can have on your health.


The Science of Stress
When you become stressed, the brain undergoes both chemical and physical changes that affect its overall functioning. During periods of high stress, certain chemicals within the brain, including the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine begin to rise, causing larger amounts of these and other "fight-or-flight" hormones such as adrenalin to be released by the adrenal glands. The release of these chemicals contributes to certain physiological effects, including rapid heart rate, higher blood pressure, and a weakened immune system.  When left unmanaged over time, chronic stress can lead to the development of other serious problems, such as stomach ulcers, stroke, asthma, and heart disease. 

Why should I reduce Stress?

Physical Effects
Many health care professionals consider chronic stress a significant risk factor for illnesses such as cancer and heart attacks. One reason is that our body’s physical reactions to prolonged stress may accumulate slowly and go unnoticed in our attempts to adapt to ongoing stress. However, even if it seems we’re building a tolerance to stress, our nervous system is still dealing with an overload which can seriously affect overall health in the long run. One of the most common physical reactions to stress is the tensing of muscles, which can ultimately trigger tension headaches, migraines and other musculoskeletal conditions. Stress is also hard on your digestive system, as it affects which nutrients your intestines absorb, influences how quickly food moves through your body, and can provoke you to eat more or less than you normally do. Weight gain is one of the most common cause of to much stress in your daily life. Your body over produces the stress hormones which cause the "Fight or Flight" Syndrome. The disruption of your body’s natural digestive processes can cause nausea, pain, vomiting, heartburn, constipation, acid reflux or diarrhea.

Physicial Efffects from Stress

Psychological Effects
In addition to the various physical effects of stress, it can also contribute to a number of mental and emotional disorders, including depression, anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks. This emotional stress can make it difficult to focus, make decisions, think things through or remember things. Stress may also cause irritability, making you easily frustrated and impatient with others, and can even contribute to depression, anger, feelings of insecurity, and relationship conflicts. While the many physical effects of stress can be overwhelming, it is important not to ignore these psychological effects as they also play a large part in overall health and vitality.

Psychological Effects from  to much Stress

How to Reduce Daily Stress


Here is a small list of the best ways but certainly not ALL ways to start eliminating stress in your everyday life. 


Sleep is very important for your emotional and physical wellbeing. Lack of sleep can negatively impact your ability to handle stress, be productive, and function properly. Unfortunately, busy schedules and stress can make sleep more difficult. Between having too little time for sleep, having a hard time falling asleep, and getting poor-quality sleep from stress, getting adequate shuteye isn't always easy, but it is vital to your health, weight and brain.

Fortunately, there are many things you can to to support your sleep habits, from using time management strategies to carve out more time, to finding relaxation techniques to help you fall asleep, using specific made medic ation and supplements made to reduce stress hormones (exclusive to MedShape)  and get quality sleep all night. Here are some important ways you can make sleep come more easily. And if you really aren’t able to get enough sleep at night, don’t underestimate the value of a power nap!

#1  Get Enough Sleep 

#2  Maintain Proper Nutrition

Many people aren’t aware of the extent to which this is true, but a poor diet can actually make you more vulnerable to stress!  Ironically, stress (and the things in your life that cause it) can make it more difficult for you to maintain a healthy diet, which can contribute to more stress!  If you're too busy, you may find it more difficult to find time to cook healthy meals, and you may be more tempted to eat unhealthy 'convenience' foods, which can exacerbate stress.  Being too busy can also create stress, and feeling stressed can make you crave unhealthy foods as well, contributing to a vicious cycle.  While hectic schedules can make it harder to get proper nutrition, a poor diet is not inevitable! Here are some important tips for maintaining a healthy nutrition plan. Follow them, and you may be surprised by how much stress you can handle!



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Get all your food groups in daily

Make sure you concentrate on protein intake

Redue the amount of sugar in your diet 

Pay attention to your cravings

Speaking of cravings... Do not give into your cravings

Keep yourself full with plenty of water intake

Veggies are important

Remember... We do NOT need refined Carb intake for survival

Stay away from bread, flour, bakery goods and all other food that contain refined carbs



Healthy Nutrition Tips

Exercise can be great for you physically and mentally. It provides a stress release and keeps your body healthy. It also helps your body release endorphins, which increase your feelings of overall wellbeing. There are many published studies on the positive effects of exercise. Find resources for getting started with an activity that suits you. (Hint: Pets make great workout buddies!) 


Try Yoga. This is a great way to work out your muscles when they are sore from carrying stress throught your shoulders and neck.

#3  Exercise

#4  Create Good Social Support

Social Support can keep you healthier and happier, creating a buffer against stress. Friends can pick you up when you’re sad, provide insights when you’re confused, and help you have fun when you need to blow off steam. Learn how to cultivate supportive friendships and expand your social circle so you’ll have someone to lean on when stressed. (Don’t forget, it’s important to provide a supportive ear when your friends need it, too! 

Having some “down time” is important, and hobbies can provide a nice distraction from stress and help you stay ‘in the moment’, which is also a great way to relieve tension. I recommend drawing and gardening as great stress relievers, but just about anything you enjoy can work. Here are some otherunconventinal stress relieveers that can provide some fun and distraction from stress.


Read a good book

Take your Dog for a long walk

Go see a movie that interests you

Try our new recipes

Catch up on your favorite shows

Join a group you never would have thought of joining in the pat

Partake in a new game or interst

#5   Find Hobbies

Taking care of your body on the outside—with a spa treatment, for example, can work wonders for your internal state. Don’t overlook the importance of pampering yourself on a regular basis, to feel great about yourself and feel ready to take on the world.


Try a Massage

Get a Manicure

Treat yourself to a Pedicure

Cranial pressure points does wonders

Research the best Facials and enjoy one

#6 Pamper Yourself

If you maintain the attitude that stress is a challenge— rather than a threat, you are better able to handle it. And by keeping your mind sharp, you are more equipped to solve the problems and take on the “challenges” that life presents. Fortunately, games like The Stress Relief Memory Game, Affirmations Hangman and Inspirational Quite of the Day Cryptogram can be fun to play, and also provide you the tools to manage stress in your life!


Some other games that can help you keep your mind sharp:


Candy Crush


Angry Birds

Emogi Puzzle

#7 Keep your Mind Sharp

Much of what you experience in life can feel more stressful or less so depending of your point of view. Looking at things from an optimistic frame of mind can not only decrease your stress level, but bring you more success in life. You can become more of an optimist by following these tips. You can even change ingrained negative thought patterns to more positive ones by using positive affirmations. Not sure if you’re an optimist or pessimist? 


Think of your inner thoughts. Do you dwell on tasks, find it easier to be negative, think things are impossible? Feel that you have to handle to much? If so, that is a pessimist way of thinking. Now, try to think this way... You CAN handle the taks at hand todday. You WILL fight to be positive no mater the situation, NOTHING is impossible, just a challenge. 


You really will feel more recharged and focused. Natural positive reactions happen when we THINK positive. 

#8  Have the Right Attitude

Keeping your emotions bottled up usually leads to an emotional explosion later on. It’s generally healthier to listen to your feelings, process them and try to understand them. Consider them ‘messengers’ that tell you when something is not right with your world. A great way to process emotions is the act of journaling. When you write about your feelings, and potential solutions to your problems, you can reduce stress in your life and even see some health benefits!


With practice and patientce you will become a better communicator for those in your life. You will feel great burdens released and more enjoyment.

#9  Process Your Emotions

Finding leisure time can help you to maintain resilience toward stress for many reasons.  Simply relaxing can help you to trigger your body's relaxation response; if you're under chronic stress and this can be vital for your wellbeing.  You also build up your reserves for handling future stress when you're physically and emotionally rested.  Much in the way of doing things that make you happy can help you to better handle stress, doing nothing from time to time can help you to live in the moment, feel more relaxed, and better handle stress as well.


Do things that truly make you happy. 


#10 Quiet Time for You

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