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Here are 10 unusual foods that people actually eat!!!

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10 Unusual and Disgusting Foods Eaten Around the World


By Patrick Sheng

1. Escamoles

2. Shikaro

3. Tuna eyeballs

4. Balut

5. Cazu Marzu

6. Locusts

7. Haggis

8. Cobra Heart

9. Muktuk

10. Jellied Moose Nose


Did you know that there is a combination of sheep organs only a few unique people can swallow or still beating cobra hearts covered in blood? Maybe you have a craving for something sweet, what comes to some people's minds are crispy tarantula legs covered in chocolate. Most of these foods are judged on what they look like or what they're made of but they might be good if you tried them.Here are some of the most unusual foods eaten around the world.



      This delicacy is not so popular because of its unusual texture.It is found in Mexico deep down in the roots of Agave or Maguey plants. It isn’t that easy to get. One of the ingredients consists of larvae from a kind of venomous ant. That makes it very dangerous to get. It is very possible to be bitten by one.

           The larvae is very squishy and the inside is like yogurt which is a reason why people are not fond of this dish. Another reason is because they are probably scared to eat it. They probably think it’s poisonous because it comes from a venomous ant.

People who have eaten it say it tastes a bit nutty. That is very surprising to many people. They probably think it taste disgusting because, well it comes from an ant. More people might want to try it. They could  just eat a little bit and maybe they’ll like a lot.




        Many people are not so fond of this because of it’s interesting looks. This dish is found in Japan, its meaning in Japanese is white children. The meaning itself is very disturbing.  The ingredients are actually just the sperm sacs of Cod, Angler, or Puffer Fish. It is eaten in sushi, by itself, and also in soup. The sperm sac is an organ that is part of the reproductive system of the fish.

        The reason many people don’t like this dish is because of what it’s made of. Fish organs might not be that appealing to some people. When most people eat fish they first get rid of the organs. Another reason is maybe just the looks or taste of it. People have their own opinions of this food.

         Shirako is said to have a sweet custardy taste. Other people say it taste like cream cheese. That is very confusing because cream cheese doesn’t have a custardy taste. After all ,it’s a fish organ. Shikaro is a very unusual food.

Tuna Eyes

This food isn’t that appealing to many people because of it’s texture and the ingredients. In Japan it’s waste not want not when it comes to Tuna. The eyeballs are plucked out of the head and served cheap at the supermarket. It’s either cooked, boiled, or steamed. It is seasoned with soy sauce or garlic. Then it is jammed onto a stick and is ready to be eaten.

       The texture of it is very rubbery and it is very hard to eat. It is also very hard to stomach. One reason it isn’t that popular is because when you realize you’re eating eyeballs it gets to your head. It might make you throw up if you are trying it for the first time. After you eat it a few more times you get used to it or as used to it as possible.

        It is said taste a lot like squid. That is interesting because why would it taste like squid? It’s a fish! Maybe it’s because they are both sea creatures but it’s still weird.


     Many people don’t like this food because of it’s very disgusting looks.This interesting food made of a fertilized duck egg that has a partly developed embryo is found in the Philippines. The maker takes the egg with the partly developed embryo and boils it alive. What a cruel fate for that poor chick! Seasoning is not added. Then it’s sold. It’s most commonly sold as a street food.  

        The way it is eaten is probably most interesting. Step one is to poke a hole in the shell. Step two is to suck out the liquid. Finally step three is to crunch down on whatever is left inside. Then you just throw out the shell and you’re done.

       The egg itself looks very disgusting. There are veins everywhere and small feathers (which they don’t take off when they eat) as well. Some parts of the chick is black and others are yellow. It looks like a minitature garbage can.


Cazu Marzu

       This foul-smelling cheese is found in Italy. Its meaning is rotten cheese, which is exactly what it is. It is made from Pecorino cheese that has gone really bad. There are as much cheese fly larvae on it then ants on a crum. The texture is also very soft.

      It was actually for a time banned because of health regulations and sold on the black market. Eventually it was un-banned because people complained it was a traditional food.  The traditional method of making the cheese is explained by an official paper of the local government.

      The acid from the maggots’ digestive system breaks down the cheese’s fats, making the texture of it very soft. When people eat it they sometimes leave the maggots on. Other times they take them off.





   This disturbing snack is found in Israel. The country has been suffering from a HUGE locust plague. There are millions of them everywhere. What you would probably do to get rid of them is use pesticide but not these people. What comes to their minds is an interesting solution. What they think, is if you can’t poison it, you might as well eat it.

         The bug looks disgusting by itself but when it is done it doesn’t look that bad. It is eaten deep fried and covered in chocolate. Then it’s ready to be sold. The texture of it is very crunchy. The reason for that is because of the exoskeleton.

      For some reason it tastes like something between chicken schnitzel(a kind of boneless meat), toasted sunflower seeds and prawns(shrimp). I think it is really interesting how a bug can taste like a combination of that much foods.

      Haggis is disliked by many people because of it’s disgusting ingredients. Here is  a list of the many ingredients in this traditional Scottish dish. Here’s a list.

1. 1 sheep stomach

2. 1 sheep heart

3. 1 sheep liver

4. 1 sheep tongue

5. spices


All the organs are diced and are combined to form the ultimate organ combination.

          Haggis is traditionally served as part of the Burns Supper on the week of January 25, when Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, is commemorated. It is also widely available in Scotland year round. It is sometimes sold in tins or containers.

         Haggis is said to have an excellent  nutty texture and  a delicious savory flavor. It looks kind of like a balloon filled with diced organs which looks like stuffing. It is shiny as diamonds. This food isn’t only used for eating. It is also used in a sport called Haggis Hurling which includes throwing a Haggis as far as possible.


 Raw Cobra heart is probably one of the most disgusting food to a foreigner. Cobra Heart is eaten in Vietnam. If you order this dish the worker will rip out or cut out a cobras still beating heart and serve it to you in a drink or in a bowl raw. The process is very disgusting. I am amazed at how they found the heart. The snake is so long!

     The texture of it is very disturbing. When you eat it you might feel the heart beating against your throat. Even worse there is still blood on it so it will be slippery.

    People who have eaten say it taste like chicken. That is kind of strange. Overall Cobra Heart is a very unusual food to eat.

Cobra Heart


     This dish is disgusting to many people because of it’s taste. Muktuk is eaten in Greenland as a traditional Inuit meal. It is frozen whale skin and blubber served raw or pickled. It looks like a very small, very thick broom stick to me.  

There are several layers in Muktuk. There is the skin (which apparently tastes like Hazelnuts for some reason), the fat (chewy), and the protective layer in between (even more chewy). Each one of these layers is eaten.

Many healthy vitamins are in this food such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D but there are also bad things that damage your immune system. The Bowhead whale is most often used to make Muktuk but sometimes people also use narwhals as well.

Jellied Moose Nose

    Jellied Moose nose is one of the most disgusting food’s there is because it’s a nose. This gruesome food is eaten in Canada. It isn’t that hard to make. First the nose is cut off from the unlucky moose. Then it is boiled with some onions and spices. After removing the hair the cook boils it again. Finally the nose is cut up and covered with a broth that sets into a jelly.

    There are many uses for mooses but this one is probably the most disgusting one yet. It definitely looks worse than it sounds. People eat and sell this food because of where they live. They need to eat it to survive because there isn’t a lot of food in very cold places.

    Most people who eat this food and don’t live in a cold place try it out of curiosity. There are many different responses to this food. Some people think it’s tender but other people think it’s not. Everyone who has tries this dish have different opinions about this food.


All these unique foods are actually eaten around the world. Some are better than others but what they all have in common is that they are all unusual. Many people don't like these foods for many different reasons but all of them are disgusting.


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