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Coach Tim Barnes 480 593-0419

Coaching Location: Mesa, AZ 85202

email: (cellular text for fast response)

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Coach Tim Competitive Tennis Curations


Coach Tim empowers competitors with game-changing habits. More details, Coach Tim biography Bio on

Training with Coach Tim features on-court skill building, hitting drills, live-ball patterns of play, risk & mistake management, speed and agility drills, weapon refinement, strength training, performance goal setting, regular performance evaluation, scholarship guidance, and nutritional & mental toughness counsel. 

Coach Tim divides his on-court time between private training, small group clinics, and team practices. Coach Tim's experiences include working with local, regional, and nationally-ranked competitors. Read up on his success and accolades.

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Coach Tim is in his ideal element when on-court with clients. 

Yet, his accomplishments extend beyond the tennis court. 

In fact, Coach Tim's leadership and facility management accomplishments gained local and national merit from several organizations.

Coach Tim coaching, business, and industry awards and accolades sources: 

  1. United States Tennis Association at local, sectional and national levels.
  2. United States Professional Tennis Association at SW Division and national levels.
  3. National Parks and Recreation Association at local and national levels. 

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