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10 most evil people in the world

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By Peter Johnson

The Ten Most Evil People In History

By Peter Johnson

By Peter Johnson

The Most Evil In People  History

By Peter Johnson

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Ivan the Terrible 13,14


Idi Amin 15,16


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Leopold 2 of Belgium 21,22


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Did you know that Hitler was responsible for over 10 million deaths? Or that Vlad Dracula shish-kabobed people through the butt? This book lists terrible, but true facts about 10 of the most evil people that have lived all out history.    



Genghis Khan. The merciless and ruthless mongloian ruler of the 1200’s. He was the powerful ruler of mongolia from 1206 - 1227. In 21 short years he took over most of Asia from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea. He was cruel and violent. One of his most “ unique” ways of killing people was liquid metal into peoples eyes. In only one period of time he killed 700,000 people.
When he conquers a village he would cut off the heads of the poor and tortutre the rich to find where there money and values are .



It is said that,”His army was so vicious that it is said that if they had no water they would cut a horses veins and drink its blood”. When he was a child he killed his brother because he took a fish from him. His real name was Temujin. When he was young, a group of nomaddic turkish people killed his dad.He created one of the first international postal services.






Khan once said,” The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see the ones that love him shrouded in tears, and to gather the bosom of his wives and daughters.” Some his highest ranked generals were before some of his greatest enemies. The Soviet Union tried to get rid of the memory of him. He died because of natural causes in 1227.

Genghis Khan was the merciless and ruthless Mongloian ruler of the 1200’s. He was the powerful ruler of the Mongolia Empire from 1206 - 1227. In 21 short years. he took over most of Asia from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea. He was cruel and violent. One of his most “ unique” ways of killing people was pouring liquid metal into people's eyes. In only a short period of time he killed 700,000 people. When he conquered a village he would cut off the heads of the poor and tortutre the rich to find out where their money and valuables were.


It has been said ”His army was so vicious that if they had no water they would cut a horse's veins and drink its blood”. When he was a child, he killed his brother because his brother took a fish from him. His real name was Temujin. When he was young, a group of nomaddic Turkish people killed his father.  However, he did create one of the first international postal services.


 Khan once said,” The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see the ones that love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.” Some his highest ranked generals were before some of his greatest enemies. The Soviet Union tried to get rid of the memory of him. He died because of natural causes in 1227.

Ghenghis Khan

Adolf Hitler was one of the most formitable foes of the United States. He was the Chancellor of Germany from 1933 until his death in 1945. Before he was the chancellor, his dream was to become an artist. He thought that Jews were behind all problems in Germany and that they didn’t classify as human beings. He tested ways to kill people on those that were ill or hurt in hospitals.



The excruciating experiments killed about 300,000 people. Jews would be sent to concentration camps where they would be killed. Many of Jews had to suffer by watching their friends and family die. More than 90% of Polands Jews were killed. Jews were killed by gas chambers, firing squads, deadly injections, forced labor, starvation, poisoning, execution, disease, medical expairiments and death marches.




He caused millions of children's lives to come to a end.

He betrayed his allies. If a child did not meet the Nazi standard, the child would be killed. Hitler alone was responsible for about 11 million deaths. In one genocide, 6 million jews were killed. In 1945, he died by self inflicted deadly poisoning and gunshot.

Adolf Hitler


Tomas was the grand inquistador of Spain from 1483-1498. His spies were so devious and coniving that they  turned neighbor against neighbor and children against adults. Jews would be killed even if he had almost no evidence that they commited a crime.

Many people were whipped, had to endure terrifying physical punishments and had to give up the valubles that they owned. Some children were starved to death and people often had no clothes when being tortured.


He favored many types of torture like sufficating people to death and roasting people's feet. Sometimes people were hanged, burned alive, or grilled. One of his favorite ways of horrificly torturing someone is called the "garrucha", which pulled a person's arms and legs clean off their bodies.




2,000-10,000 Jews were burned on the stakes and more than 9,000 were punished by other horrible methods. His hatred of heretics was so strong that it made King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to force every Jew or Muslim that had not swiched their religion to Christianity to be exiled which was 200,000-300,000 people, most of them had ancestors that had lived in Spain for hundreds of years. It is said that Tomas had some Jewish blood in him. He died of old age in 1478.

Tomas De Torquemada

Mao Zedong was the dictator of China from 1943-1976. He had a plan to turn China into an extremely powerful country. Along the way, he caused the largest famine and genoride in history. Under his rule, China experienced a series of economic disasters and political terrorism. Millions of people starved to death, were executed and commited suicide. Mao turned neighbors against neighbors and turned children against adults .


He used fear to scare everyone who disagreed with him.The famines killed around 30-45 million people. If children took food and they were caught, they would have their fingers sliced right off. People were worked until they dropped dead. People were beaten and tortured if they could not do their work and if they were late going to work.


People were also beaten if they said something that angerd Mao or his men. Mao's brutal men had horrible methods of torture like whipping, burning people with flame of a kerosene lamp, nailing a person's palms to a table, and then forcing bamboo under their nails. In total, Mao killed 70 million people. He died in 1976 from a nervous breakdown.

Mao Zedong

Ivan the Terrible was the Tsar of Russia from 1533-1584. He was cruel,brutal, and merciless. When he was young, he had a habit of taking animals to the top of high buildings and then droping them of the ledge to their deaths. When Ivan was a teenager, he found killing people amuseing. When he became the Tsar of Russia, he became insane and thought that everybody was his enemy. He forced thousands of people to move from their lands and they ended up homeless. He

became addicted to killing and torturing people.


He demolished hundreds of villages, towns and cities. In the Novgorod massacre, 60,000 people were slaughterd. He made parents suffer by seeing their children die. He had people riped to shreads by bears and wolves. He personally killed and tortured people with his long and hard wooden staff.  He loved seeing people in pain so much that he sometimes he made one torture session last for 15 hours. He loved seeing people's blood and people suffering.


Ivan orderd people to be beheaded, strangled, hanged, blinded, burned, stabed, boiled, disembowled, buried alive, impaled and fried. Ivan would  remove people's ribs with red hot pinchers. Religious leaders were  killed if they asked Ivan to stop killing innocent people. He blinded his architect and boiled his treasurer. One day after his marrage, he murderd his wife. He was so angry once that he killed his favorite son. He died while he was playing a game of chess with one of his friends in 1584. Most likely he was poisoned.

Ivan The Terrible

Idi Amin was the dictator of Uganda from 1971-1979. He charmed and promised the world that he would bring peace and democracy to his country. He wouldn’t be on this list if that was true. Amin was possibly the most heartless and cold blooded dictator of all time. His rule was described by Human Rights Activists as being abusive, having no self control and causing the expulsion of 80,000 Asians from Uganda.



He showed the executions of people on TV. He tortured and killed his country's soldiers, goverment officials, teachers, artists, doctors, journalists, engineers, politicians, police officers, photographers. lawyers, buisness people, ordinary citizens, ministers, and children. For fun and amusement he kept pictures of people getting tortured with sledgehammers. He would give the crocodiles of Lake Victoria a snack of his enemy's  heads for them to eat. Thousands of dead bodies washed up to the chores of Lake Victoria. He killed people by having them riped to shreads in crocodile infested rivers.



He would force people to eat their own flesh until they died. Amin ate human flesh and said proudly that he was a cannibal and he also drank human blood. He dismemberd his wife and had her limbs sewn upside down. He tortured and killed 300,000-500,000 people. He was exiled in Saudi Arabia for the rest of his life. Amin died almost a astounding 25 years later in 2003

Idi Amin

Pol Pot was the prime minister of Cambodia from 1976-1979.He was going to destroy Canbodia and rebuild it from the bottom up. Pol Pot is the only man in history that orderd an official genocide against his whole country and killed the greatest percentage of a country in the amount of time that he was in power. He was against Buhddism so he banned anything that had to do with Buhddism. Millions of Cambodians were displaced,tortured, and killed. People died from slave labor,bad nutrition, poor medical care,starvation, and execution.


Millions of people including elderly, pregnant women and chldren would stand in the water up to their necks in the cold and rainy season and some of them drowned. If you stopped working because of illness, you would not eat or you would be killed. If a worker made a mistake, he or she would be flogged to death or shot. You would work until you dropped dead. Many people lost thier right to eat, so they starved to death. If people were caught eating dead humans, they would be buried alive. He wanted teenagers to become soldiers with a love of killing.


If Cambodians married someone from Vietnam, both the husband and wife would be killed. People who spoke or looked Veitnamese were also killed, even if they weren’t Vietnamese. Pol Pot took pictures of the people he executed and recorded it in detail. Prisoners were forced to drink their own urine and he orderd babies to have their limbs riped right off their bodies. People were beaten to death by blunt instruments such as hammers, spades, and hand axes. Some of his men killed people by having them bleed to death and made them suffer for a long time. He kept the skulls of dead people. He died in 1998 because of natural causes.

Pol Pot

Joseph Stalin was  the dictator of the Soviet Union from 1922-1953. He started a life of crime at a young age. He was a robber and a killer. When his power went to his head, he became crazy, cruel, ruthless and destructive. His first plan was to turn the Soviet Union into a industrial Superpower country. He created a 30 year long reign of violence, terror, destrucion and murdering. His huge industrial schemes became a living hell for hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions.


In the Soviet Union at that time, if you were a respected or a popular figure, you would go to jail or be killed. Stalin would kill people that did not honored him as a god. When he kissed a girl in public, then later he killed her parents. About 10 million people died in one famine. He exiled his daughter's boyfriend because he broke up with her. Staltin drove his wife so insane because of the way he treated her that she commited suicide. His son died in a Nazi concentration camp after Stalin refused to trade him for his own life.


Stalin would kill the soldiers that defended him in war against the Nazi’s. Prisoners that were sent to war and came back alive would go back to prison, even if they won the war. Hundreds of thousands of people from other countries were tortured, raped, or killed. People were often killed by mustard gas bombs. Stalin killed 20-60 million people. He died from a stroke in 1953.

Joseph Stalin

Leopold 2 of Belgium was the king of Belgium from 1865-1909. He ruled the Congo Free State, which was a private project from 1885-1908. He was considerd one of the greatest liars of all time because he fooled the whole world that he was helping the Congo Free State and the world belived him. Instead he turned the Congo Free State into a country ruled by forced labor.


He ruled about 20 million Congolese. His men tortured, maimed, and slaughterd millions of Congolese. People were killed if they didn't make enough rubber because rubber was a big resource. Houndreds of thousands of people had their hands, legs, feet, arms, heads, ears and noses cut off. He burned many villages and forced the natives to flee into the jungle. His men flogged, raped, and ate the natives.


Leopold slaughterd hundreds of thousands of children. More than 500,000 died from various diseases and a few million died from starvation. Leopold killed around 10 million Congolese (50% of the population). Before he acquired the Congo Free State, most African countries were free countries, but within 30 years after Leopold acquired the Congo Free State, all but 2 African countries were taken over by European countries. He did this just to get more money. He died in 1909.

Leopold 2 of Belgium

Vlad Dracula. When you hear this name, a vampire comes to mind. Vlad was a prince of Wallaphia for a total of 3 times, in the years 1448,1456-1462,and 1476. He is best known for inspiring the Dracula legend, given the cruel methods he used to torture and kill people and how much he enjoyed it. His last name, Dracula, means” little devil”. His most common and favorite way to kill people was by impalement. He would use the power of horses to help force stakes through the person's body (on both ends) like a kabob. He was so fond of doing this that he is know known as Vlad the Impaler.


Vlad also loved to impale animals. Impalement is one the most gruesome and painful ways in history to die by and he impaled 20,000 people. He would impale children and babies through their Mother's bellies. He orderd people to be poisoned, blinded, strangled, hanged, decapitated, stabbed, disembowled, skinned, exposed to extreme elements, animals, haked, disembowled, burned, boiled, scalped, rosted, nailed in the head, buried alive, etc.


He would cut off people's noses, ears, hands, feet, limbs and sexual organs. He liked to eat and drink the blood of of the bodies of dead people and those who had stakes through their bodies. He roasted children and forced their parents to eat them. He threw a fake party and burned all the poor and sick people. He killed over 100,000 people. If that is true, then he killed over 20% of Wallachas population. Vlad was decapitated in 1476.

Vlad Dracula

Those are the most evil people in history. There are many more bad people in history and hopefully, this inspires you too make your own picture book.


 Osama Bin laden- Islamic terrorist leader that was responsible for the attack on the Twin Towers which killed and injured thousands. He was tesponsible for about 15 bombings. He caused the War On Terror whick killed 127,170-1.2 million.


Maximilien Robespeirre- He was the leader of the French Revolution. Before he became evil, he wanted the people of France to have freedom and rights. In hhis rule he killed 140,000  people.


Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini-  Leader of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and he was the Religious leader of Iran from 1979-1989. He enforced alot of harsh rules about clothing and affection. He killed about 4,536,000 people.

Other evil people that you may know

Blunt-having a worn down edge or point


shrouded- To wrap or dress a body for burial


Bosom- a woman's chest


Death Marches- A forced March of prisoner's of war or other captives or deportees


Exiled- To be forced to leave your home


Famine- A extreme scarcity of food


Flogged- To beat with a whip,stick,ect


Genocide- The delibrate killing of a large group of people


Heretic- Someone who doesn't belive what everybody else belives


Kerosene- A light fuel oil obtained by distiling petroleum


Maimed- To deprive the use of some part of the body by wounding


Mustard gas- A colorless oily liquid whose vapor is a powerful irritant and vesicant


Terrorism- The use of violence and intinidation in the pursuit of political aims


 Tsar- A emperor of Russia before 1917


Spades- A weird type of shovel