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inside J U N E 2 0 1 8 COLUMNS 4 ASK THE TRAINER 7 PICK OF THE PACK 9 DOGS IN THE CITY Painting by James Ruby F E AT U R E S Cover Painter Hilary Gent is just one of CLE s many dog loving artists who is inspired by her pooch muse every day Cover photo by Kelli Finnegan 5 6 10 14 16 18 20 BREED MEETUP GROUPS FROM THE CAGE TO THE COUCH LOCAL ARTISTS THEIR DOGS BRING YOUR DOG TO WORK SUMMER SAFETY TIPS SUMMER DESTINATIONS ROTATION FEEDING Photo Kevin Richards Publishers Karen Uthe Semancik Mark Brabant Webmaster Karolina Shook Columnists Jennifer Baker Pick of the Pack Heather Lange Ask the Trainer Amanda Roush Dogs in the City Contributing Writers Kara Bednarik Ann McDonald Jami Kinton Susan Spisak CLE DOG magazine is published monthly by GoFetch Media LLC P O Box 40172 Bay Village OH 44140 Copyright 2018 GoFetch Media LLC All rights are reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior written permission Unsolicited articles are invited but the Publishers reserve the right to edit any and all materials All materials submitted to CLE DOG are considered to be CLE DOG property and unconditionally assigned to CLE DOG for publication and copyright purposes ADVERTISING INFORMATION Karen Uthe Semancik Karen cledog net 216 598 6361 PHOTO SUBMISSIONS Mark Brabant Mark cledog net 440 785 4136 Join our email newsletter list at CLEDOG net

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BEHAVIOR B Y HEATHER LANGE Communicating with Your Pup S o you ve decided to add a puppy to your household Congratulations Puppies are cute fun entertaining and also a lot of work However maintaining clear simple and consistent communication with our puppies will make the training process more effective and infinitely more enjoyable for all Teaching your puppy to focus on you as the handler is the first step I like to start the process with a simple foodluring game Small soft highvalue treats are best to use First I teach the puppy a verbal marker worker this word is YES The puppy learns that the word YES is always followed by a food reward After the puppy understands that YES is a cue that something tasty is coming I start adding more movement to the game For example backing up so the puppy must come toward me for the reward and using both hands interchangeably to reward Keep in mind we want to use the word YES immediately before giving the treat not at the same time Keep in mind as you move forward training your puppy to always make sure you set him up for success As they re learning to pay attention to you remember they are young and the world is still new exciting and sometimes scary for them When teaching any new behaviors it is important to start in a low distraction environment Utilize your indoor living space for these exercises first and once you have consistent focus there then move training outside to your yard and build from there Photo Jerry Mueller Once I have the puppy s focus consistently and he understands the luring game we move on to teaching a Touch Pad command A touch pad is a raised object that we teach our puppies to place their front feet on when asked to This has many real world applications besides improving handler focus including but not limited to teaching a puppy to get into a car on his own getting on to the scale at the vet without a fight bell training 4 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio and presenting himself to put on or remove equipment collars harnesses backpacks etc The touch pad command is achieved using the luring game the puppy has already learned Using your treats guide your puppy toward and onto the touch pad in a straight line As soon as at least one foot has made contact with the touch pad tell the puppy YES Good Touch and release the food reward Heather Lange started her journey at Elite K911 managing the boarding kennels and has since moved to the position of Trainer Heather is in charge of the Elite K911 Puppy Program works extensively with the Board and Train program and also conducts both group and private obedience classes Heather has five dogs of her own Riley a German Shepherd Rocco a Chihuahua mix Romulus a Cane Corso Gabby a Bloodhound and Bo a Staffordshire Terrier all of who help her socialize and guide client dogs toward a more positive place

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SOCIAL Tips to Start and Host a Breed Meetup Group By Ann McDonald WHEN I GOT A POMERANIAN and became obsessed with the breed I wanted nothing more than to see my dog running amongst a pack of Pomeranians fur flying all around him Like many dog owners I looked for breed meetup groups as a way to meet other Pom owners and get my dog out to socialize with others of his breed After not finding any groups for this breed I started my own Corgi and the next year had their first Corgi ever Roni says Having fun contests at your meetup can help draw a following for the events The Corgi meetup has a few different ones such as the Corgi Race a crowd favorite as well as best Momo Corgi butt Best Trick Youngest Oldest and Farthest Traveled that make great As a new meetup group in Cleveland however it can be challenging to get other dog owners engaged so I turned to a few other groups to see how they created successful breed specific meetup groups One model to follow is the Northeast Ohio Dachshund Picnic As one of the oldest if not the oldest breed meetup groups in Cleveland they re hosting their 21st annual picnic on July 14 The group started as a small gathering of dachshund owners in a backyard in North Royalton and has grown into one of the largest gathering of dachshunds and their owners in the country At the picnic held each year at Plum Creek Park in Kent hundreds of people come from around the area to mingle and take part in contests Linking the meetup with rescue groups has helped them draw a large following for their group over the years Other breed meetup groups take different approaches hosting meetups at dog parks or having dog walks and playgroups One such group Northeast Ohio Corgi Meetup formed two years ago and has quickly gained a large following in Northeast Ohio thanks to Facebook Dobermans they allow all breeds to attend pack walks for socialization and training purposes The group has also created a merchandise line for members including car decals tshirts hats and bandanas to create more awareness for the group Once you decide to start your meetup it s important to get members involved Allowing our members to suggest locations lead walks and become involved have been a great way of extending our name throughout the area Also the power of social media has really helped The majority of our followers love dogs and love sharing videos and photos says Montse Sandaran one of the co founders of the Doberman Gang If you are looking to hold a breed meetup event the Lakewood Dog Park recently got involved in hosting these events at their park Over the last few months the park has hosted Basset Hounds a Schnauzer Scottie Westie Cairns meetup and Poodles Goldendoodles Those interested in organizing a breed meetup at the dog park can contact topdog lakewooddogpark com Top left Northeast Ohio Corgi Meetup Right side Northeast Ohio Dachshund Picnic Bottom left Doberman Gang of CLE Organized by Corgi owners Roni Leatherman and Cody Stroll the group hosts a number of meetups each year at the Wadsworth Dog Park that draw Corgi owners from all over When we announced that we were going to organize the event via Facebook it just took off like a rocket Corgis and their owners love to get together and talk socialize and just enjoy the breed We actually had a couple people that came without any photo opportunities to help get attention for your group Another CLE area meetup group the Doberman Gang of CLE hosts pack walks and play groups for the breed By scheduling walks in different locations around Northeast Ohio they are able to accommodate members from various locations sometimes as far away as Michigan Though they keep their play dates limited to To see a list of breed specific meetup groups visit my site dogsinthecle com northeastohio breed meetup groups Ann McDonald is a writer dog foster and dog mom to two rescue dogs You can find her writing about her dogs dog friendly activities and dog rescue at dogsinthecle com June 2018 CLEDOG net 5

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From the Cage C uch to the Chance was a 10 monthold puppy when Friendship APL s Executive Director Greg Willey found him during a rescue transport in Richland county When he saw Chance he knew he had to take him back to Friendship APL He was suffering from severe demodectic mange with hair loss scabbing bleeding and dry skin Under the care of his foster mom Mary and the love of his adopters John and Becky he looks like a totally different dog His name is now Cash he lives in Elyria and he has a dog sister who s also a Friendship APL rescue You can see more of Cash s journey on his Instagram account johnny_cash_june_carter 6 PetPeople is proud to sponsor From the Cage to the Couch As your neighborhood store for pets we are deeply committed to supporting local nonprofit animal related charities Come bring your rescued pets into one of our eight Northeast Ohio stores for natural wholesome and nutritious foods and treats to help them thrive in their new life Partners With Paws of Lorain County Inc raises funds for pets in need like Cash Saving homeless pets four paws at a time PartnersWithPawsOfLorainCountyInc www PetPeopleStores com www PartnersWithPawsLC com All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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PRODUCTS BY JENNIFER BAKER PUPPY CHEWS TOYS This is part two in our series on great products for puppies Last month we discussed healthy food and treats and this month we re talking about the fun stuff chews and toys Puppies have a need to chew so by providing them with appropriate choices you will save a lot of wear and tear on your furniture and shoes First a word of warning rawhide chews are popular and widely available but they can also be very dangerous to dogs of all ages Rawhide can be torn off and swallowed in big pieces causing an intestinal blockage that can be life threatening for your dog Rawhide is a byproduct of the leather industry and many brands are treated with chemicals and preservatives that can also be dangerous to your dog There are many safe alternatives to rawhide so we do not recommend giving rawhide chews to your pup Bully sticks Bully sticks are a great chew long lasting and digestible They are made from dried beef tendon and most dogs find them very appealing Always look for Made in the USA and odorless on the label Bully sticks coming from other countries may have been treated with chemicals and preservatives to speed up the drying process At the Grateful Dog Bakery our go to brand is Barkworthies These bully sticks are air dried without chemical additives When I am taking Dash somewhere I need him to be busy and focused a bully stick is my first choice The Earth Animal company makes No Hide chews a rawhide free product that will stand up to some tough chewers These are available in four flavors and a variety of sizes to suit every size and age No Hide chews are comparable to bully sticks and are a great choice for when you need your dog to be busy West Paw Toppl Not all toys are tough enough to stand up to chewing but the West Paw Hurley is one of them This toy can be thrown and retrieved it floats for water play and is made in the USA West Paw also makes the Toppl a great puzzle toy that engages your puppy s brain while he is having fun Hide some small treats inside and watch your dog get to work Planet Dog took its award winning Orbee Tuff material and made a great pup toy the Pup Ball It s durable enough to withstand the chewing habits of a teething pup yet pliable enough to be gentle on his developing teeth This puppy pleasure is especially soothing when frozen Finding the right toy for your pup can be a challenge and we are happy to help you make the right choice Orbee Tuff Pup Ball Jennifer Baker is owner of Grateful Dog Bakery in North Ridgeville an all natural dog and cat supply store featuring an in store dog bakery She is the proud mom of five dogs and one cat To contact Jennifer email news gratefuldogbakery com or follow her GratefulDogB June 2018 CLEDOG net 7

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8 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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AROUND TOWN BY AMANDA ROUSH BELLA MIA from Dog Life in CLE If you re looking to rediscover the CLE with your dog here s a 2 day staycation schedule to get you and your 4 legged bestie out in the Land Grab coffee and a bite to eat at Pour Cleveland and shop at CLEpets at the 5th Street Arcades 530 Euclid Ave Cleveland 44115 Attend the Pups Pints event at Goldhorn Brewery from 12 4pm 1361 E 55th St Cleveland 44103 Pour Visit the Downtown Cleveland Dog Park 1505 Merwin Ave Cleveland 44113 Grab dinner on the patio at Alley Cat Oyster Bar 1056 Old River Road Cleveland 44113 Stay the night at Krimpton Schofield Hotel 2000 E 9th St Cleveland 44115 Downtown Cleveland Dog Park Grab coffee and a bite to eat on the patio at Rising Star Coffee 1455 W 29th St Cleveland 44113 Rocky River Reservation Hike at Rocky River Reservation and or kayak paddleboard on the river 1500 Scenic Park Dr Lakewood 44107 Grab dinner and pints on the patio at Townhall get a Bowser Bowl for your dog 1909 W 25th St Cleveland 44113 Treat yourself to ice cream at Mason s Creamery Dogs get a free scoop of ice cream 4401 Bridge Ave Cleveland 44113 Visit doglifeincle com for more dog friendly places and events in CLE or email doglifeincle gmail com with questions June 2018 CLEDOG net 9

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FEATURE th e r i p ins Photo Kelli Finnegan Dana Depew Sculptor Painter WHO s t s i t r a CLE the dogsem CREATIVITY R O F D E B T D IS A HO S WHO CLEVELAN CAL ARTIST O L Y N A M S O T GGED MUSE E AND HOME L 4 IR E H T NCED BY ARE INFLUE E HT OF THES IG E H IT W N RE T DOW IND OUT MO CLE DOG SA F O T S E IV T CREA DOGS DOG LOVING AND THEIR K R O W IR E M TH ABOUT THE Hilary Gent Painter ABOUT I use found and reclaimed objects as my medium I paint on old quilts make signs from recycled scrap and make birdhouses and greenhouse like structures from woods and materials gleamed from vacant and foreclosed homes ABOUT I ve lived in Northeast Ohio my entire life and love calling Cleveland my home I m a painter and also own and operate HEDGE Gallery and the Event Planning Business in the 78th Street Studios arts complex where I spend most of my time creating art and promoting local artists THE POOCH Mr Peepers is a Toy Poodle mix I acquired him at the APL seven years ago His mother had the litter when she was at the APL and all the other dogs were claimed except for him because he was the little runt cowering in the corner I saw him and knew he was the one for me I never in a million years thought I would own a little Toto dog that wears argyle sweaters but I wouldn t have it any other way THE POOCH Jack is a German Shepherd mix that came into my life via the Cleveland APL He had a rough start to life but was rescued by Cleveland Police and since our destined meeting in 2009 has been the most amazing creature I ve ever encountered He holds down many roles at HEDGE Gallery greeter therapy dog cheese taster and art critic just to name a few He has taught me to work faster He demands a lot of attention and if he is neglected for more than five minutes he begins to whimper and puts his ball on my foot expecting me to play with him It is nice to have him around the studio and he gives me very harsh and authentic critical analysis on what I am currently working on Jack inspires every aspect of my work He s with our team while we hang art exhibits conduct tours and set up special events He lies next to me when I paint and lets me know when we need to get outside for some fresh air He reminds me that life should focus on the many blessings we have nature walks by the lake trees to pee on and romping Gina DeSantis Ceramicist ABOUT I work in the Screw Factory in Lakewood I sell my dinnerware locally at shows out of my studio and I also work with local restaurants You may have seen my work in Uncommon Goods I love to make functional artwork I also teach out of my studio and offer workshops and six week classes I also book parties there including team building art making events THE POOCH I found Fey through R E A L Rottweiler Rescue She was found in the middle of nowhere with a broken leg that had been taped back together Her foster mom was a friend of a friend Fey has been my best gal ever since She is equal parts lap dog and adventure buddy Fey is the perfect dog for me because we both love our nature breaks Most of my artistic influence is the outside world its forms and textures We love to hike in the Metroparks and Fey loves to run through the water Our favorite days are those we get to spend outside together Photo Martha Widdowson 10 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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Sean Kelly Tattooist Mixed Media Painter ABOUT I was born and raised in Ohio living most of my life in Cleveland I enjoy bicycling and walking around the city always keeping my eyes out for materials to repurpose into my artwork I create through sculpture watercolors pastel and installation By trade I have been a tattooist for over 15 years THE POOCHES Mr Titus Edwin is a senior Boston Terrier He has put up with me since he was just 1 year old This guy loves to shower people with affection I never taught him the stranger danger rule Titus loves outdoor adventures his favorite is running off leash in the woods Tater Tot a Sharpei Bassett Hound came into our lives a little over five years ago He was so sick he couldn t hold up his extra large ears Now he proudly prances around with those ears straight in the air He is my art critic and loves barking at everything I have been very fortunate in every way to have been rescued by them You can definitely see in my created creatures Tater s large ears and Titus sad puppy dog eyes When we are in the studio they get me to burst out in spontaneous dance sessions to get our creative energy tapping Of course I hope no one ever witnesses me doing this Loren Naji Mixed Media ABOUT I am quite involved in the art community running multiple galleries and making art I like to confront social issues when making art and curating shows For example I made a large spherical sculpture using debris from demolished homes I lived inside this sphere called Emoh home spelled backward for one month to confront homelessness and vacancy issues My studio and all the galleries I run are dog friendly This makes my openings fun for all even for our canine friends THE POOCHES Rosie a Pug English Bulldog Beagle mix is a rescue who is a playful and mischievous little devil She is the most adorable thing and warms my heart when I see her little legs moving so quickly as she grunts with happiness to greet me Bella who looks like a Pennsylvania black bear is the gentle giant Newfoundland that doesn t realize that she takes up half a room when she lies down She will not move for eternity if you start petting her She truly is a love These two family members with their love ease my mind from the stress and tension of the day I can then allow my creative side to take over My family lives in the back woods of Kirtland Bella and Rosie have the luxury of running free in nature among creeks ponds and woods to return to their cozy couch in our living room James Ruby Painter dog portraits ABOUT Originally from Akron Ohio I relocated to the Cleveland area 10 years ago and have spent the past eight years of my career focusing my art solely on capturing the bond we share with our furry friends I have completed over 400 dog portraits for clients around the world and I m proud to have my oil on canvas paintings hang in galleries and private collections across the United States THE POOCHES The very first dog portrait I painted was of course of my beloved little buddy Smooch He and I spent 12 wonderful years together before his recent passing That partnership resulted in eight portraits My current favorite muse is my 7 year old furry friend Newburgh Since finding him as a stray six years ago while walking with Smooch through Newburgh Heights I have completed 10 portraits of him and counting James and Smooch Every portrait commission I receive is informed by the special friendship I ve had the good fortune of sharing with Smooch and Newburgh I relate to both the love and heartbreak that comes with sharing your life with your dog I m never simply painting a stoic or regal portrait of a dog I m being entrusted to capture a relationship that is cherished Continued June 2018 CLEDOG net 11

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ABOUT I ditched my longtime newspaper career to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art where I earned my BFA in Illustration Now I m Communications Director at CIA by day and an editorial and children s book illustrator by night and on weekends In addition to having been my residence for five decades the city feels like a steady creative home with lots of art relatives who share in each other s challenges and successes THE POOCHES Roscoe is my neurotic and poorly disciplined animal soulmate He s a Dachshund Jack Russell mix we adopted through the rescue group PAWS He s super snuggly and affectionate but terrified of hands so we can t really pet him in the traditional way He once leaped onto the dining table during a brunch I was hosting for friends grabbed a stick of butter and dashed off before we could lunge for the toppling wine glass Daisy hails from the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter Marty Feldman eyes champion underbite and a wiggly nub tail Her favorite sport is trying to intimidate our hedgehog but Nutmeg is a badass with spikes and doesn t take Daisy seriously I draw them with obnoxious regularity and have been known to sneak Roscoe into illustrations even where no dog was called for Most situations can be vastly improved with the addition of kibble breath and a wet snoot 12 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio Steve Simmons Surf Artist Karen Sandstrom Illustrator ABOUT I am a visionary self taught rust belt surf artist My 2D 3D translucent and kinetic works are a fusion of my dual passions as an artist and a surfer Sometimes my surf themes are obvious such as my wave sculptures and decorative surfboards but in other instances a bit more indirect by simply using the same materials fiberglass resin and even sometimes Styrofoam needed to make a surfboard THE POOCH Reggie is a Dachshund Jack Russell mix our best educated guess We adopted him eight years ago and it was immediately clear that he was a highly intelligent people loving pooch He is surprisingly athletic Even at his current age which is equivalent to a 56 year old person he still wants to play Frisbee every chance he gets He is also very territorial I ve seen him plow through six inches of snow to chase a half dozen deer out of the yard And most of all he is the ambassador of peace and love he warms up to everyone instantly Reggie inspires me indirectly by demanding Frisbee and ball tossing sessions which pull me outside and expose me to the flowers and wildlife in my backyard nature always inspires me Finally I take many photos of Reggie with my finished work he will gladly pose for a treat Incorporating him into my art photos helps me to maintain the element of fun which I believe is so crucial to my work

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June 2018 CLEDOG net 13

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TRENDING The Ultimate Guide to Bringing Your Dog to Work By Kara Bednarik Being able to bring your dog to work with you is a fun and unique benefit that more and more companies are allowing It s such a relief to not have to watch his sad face fade away from view as you drive down the street And you don t have to worry about what sort of havoc he ll wreak while you re working PET SITTERS INTERNATIONAL S Take Your Dog To Work Day is June 22 Even if dogs in the workplace aren t a daily occurrence at your company Pet Sitters International s Take Your Dog To Work Day is June 22 and you ll want to be prepared if your office is participating This year Cleveland based pet health insurance provider Embrace Pet Insurance is a sponsor of the day as it encourages businesses to open their doors to employees dogs to celebrate their furry companions and promote adoptions from local shelters P ho rescue groups and humane societies Embrace employees are fortunate to t o bring their dogs to work every day and truly believe having pets at work boosts E mb ra c e Pet In s ur an ce energy and attitude in the office Embrace has assembled a list of helpful tips to get your pup ready for the day 14 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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3 Take regular breaks It s important to reassure your dog with some attention while you re there A new environment creates new stresses and a reminder that you re still there is helpful for a nervous pup Take him for a quick lap around the building or throw a ball for a few moments before getting back to work BEFORE YOU CLOCK IN It s shocking for pet lovers to hear but not everybody likes animals And not all dogs get along with other dogs The first thing you should do is create a schedule in your office that includes which pets are going to be in when This gives everybody time to prepare 4 Understand your dog s limits and let others know Just like you may not get along with all your co workers dogs don t necessarily like all other people and animals If you know that your dog s arch nemesis will be in the office that day perhaps schedule another time to bring him in Here is a helpful list of what to have prepared before your pup gets to work Updated vaccines Up to date flea tick and heartworm prevention A few toys to play with Leash and collar harness A bowl for water Lots of treats 5 Be realistic If your dog has a lousy time at work it s okay to try again another day But if he s continually bad sad or just thoroughly not enjoying himself it s best to leave him at home Dogs are creatures of habit and don t always welcome change keep that in mind if your normally wellbehaved dog is acting out 5 TIPS TO REMEMBER WHILE YOU RE AT THE GRIND 1 Ensure proper greetings Some dogs are better when they meet on a leash while others are better without Make sure you know your coworkers pets preferences and that they know yours so you can work around each other for a happy hello Ph o to Em br ac e To encourage more employers to participate in Take Your Dog To Work Day Embrace is giving away three prize packs to participating workplaces Embrace is accepting entries through June 12 2018 at EmbracePetInsurance com waterbowl article TYDTWDgiveaway 2018 Pet Ins urance 2 Listen to what he s telling you Your workplace isn t what your dog is used to and it can take a while for him to get used to being there He may whine at you hide under your desk or even use the bathroom where he s not supposed to This is your dog s way of telling you something make sure you listen so you can make it an enjoyable visit For additional tips download the Take Your Dog To Work Day toolkit at TakeYourDog com Now get out there and work hard to give your dog his best life June 2018 CLEDOG net 15

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It has finally happened the warmth has come back to Cleveland As the days heat up we can t wait to get out and enjoy the sunshine with our pups There are a few tips to help you and your canine companion enjoy this wonderful upcoming summer season The summer sun is great for the soul but the heat can bring some issues for our dogs By Dr Kelly Adams Medical Director VCA York Royalton Animal Hospital Remember VCA is here for you whenever you need us If you have an emergency reach our 24 hour facility at 216 831 6789 or if you d like to schedule an exam for your pup contact one of our two locations in the Cleveland area at VCA York Royalton 440 237 5662 or VCA MidPark 216 362 7387 Heat stroke can affect our pets quicker than us so avoiding exercise in the heat of the day can help Don t leave your dog in the car when running errands on hot days Even with the windows open the interior car temperature can rise quickly to dangerous levels The summer sun can also heat up blacktop and concrete Too much exposure can cause your pet to develop sores and burns on his paw pads leading to painful blisters and limping for your favorite Fido Excess exposure to midday sun can also increase your pet s risk of sunburn yes sunburn The top of your dog s nose can get sunburn and dogs with light colored or thin hair coats can get sunburned on their bodies too Hydrate hydrate hydrate Make sure when going on those hikes or runs with your pet you take enough water for both of you Dogs need to rehydrate just like us Dehydration can cause some serious side effects on your pet s bodily functions Swimming is a great activity to keep your pet healthy and to enjoy the outdoors When swimming in natural water sources always check the water quality Watch for warning signs where you take your pooch to swim high algae and bacteria levels can cause issues with the intestinal tract leading to vomiting and diarrhea Swimming pools can be a nice alternative but make sure the chemicals are pet safe and levels are checked Never let your dog swim unsupervised drowning can happen if he gets fatigued Bathing after swimming can also help reduce risk for secondary skin issues Always try to be smart and protect your pet Keep your pet on leash when outdoors and be aware of your surroundings Use the appropriate flea tick and heartworm prevention to help your dog live a long happy life so you both can enjoy years of summer fun 16 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio

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Indoor Canine Aquatic Exercise Come on in the water s warm Pool at our CLE Location Weight loss Full body conditioning Physical mental energy release PARAMOUNT DOG T R A I N I N G Three area locations 440 821 5756 www paramountdogtraining com Angie s List Award Winner 11 years in a row 2007 2017 June 2018 CLEDOG net 17

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destinations By Susan Spisak A LITTLE GETAWAY WITH YOUR BFF OR SIGNIFICANT OTHER AND FUR BUD whether for a day away or a mini vacay can be just what you need to recharge And lucky for us there are many dog friendly destinations to choose from I ve plotted out some adventures and the nice thing is many are one tank trips So pack up Buddy gas up and head out of town walnutcreekamishfleamarket com And if you like cheese the world famous Guggisberg Cheese in Millersburg is a must Send your travel partner in to buy a round to go babyswiss com Lake County Wine Country Debonne Vineyards in Madison has an open yard policy for pooches And this diverse estate winery has bi monthly after 5 p m Woof Wednesdays they donate a portion of all beverage and food sales to the featured rescue shelter of that day There s live music too debonne com Portage Lakes Our favorite way to kick off summer is to rent a pontoon boat at Dusty s Landing II on the Portage Lakes just south of Akron The Lakes are a series of reservoirs and lakes joined by channels and flanked by homes beaches and restaurants with dockage Dusty s owner said to bring your furry friends but there s a 25 vacuum fee Best bang for your buck is the weekday special four hours on a 10person boat for 99 Bring chums and split the rate Food and beverages are ok no alcohol it s a state park For info dustyslanding com Niagara Falls Take a jaunt over to Niagara Falls NY and Niagara Falls State Park America s oldest state park There are green spaces and footpaths affording you breathtaking views of the Falls While it sounds unusual we ve done it we ve explored the Falls region years back and just wanted a refresher Start early spend the afternoon and you ll be home by dusk See pet policies niagarafallsstatepark com Amish Country For a step back into time tour Ohio s Amish Country Take I 77 S to exit 83 and mosey west along Rt 39 watch out for horse drawn buggies Stroll through the quaint towns and window shop In Sugarcreek aka the little Switzerland of Ohio be sure to see the world s largest cuckoo clock at 100 N Broadway Bargain hunters will appreciate the huge indoor Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market Marketplace open Thursday through Saturday it s pet friendly 18 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio Put in Bay For a laid back outing South Bass Island and its popular village of Putin Bay fits the bill Miller s Boat Line millerferry com in Port Clinton has passenger and car ferries and dogs ride free If you leave your car at Miller s mainland rent a golf cart at E s near the ferry dock to tool around Austin Bolyard of E s said your fur kiddos are permitted aboard The value package is a weekday rate of 59 which includes two round trip ferry tickets and an all day two passenger golf cart Tour the island and look for Perry s Victory International Peace Memorial at 93 Delaware Ave This monument is the world s tallest Doric column For grub get to Joe s Bar Restaurant at 1400 Catawba Ave for nofrills outdoor food Then hit Kayak the Bay so you can all see the sites from the water kayakthebay net Presque Isle Presque Isle State Park in Erie Pennsylvania is a short 90 minute drive and has many trails and swim beaches that you ll all enjoy Venture to the west end to Sunset Point to watch all sizes of kites being flown Drive to the North Pier to see freighters on Lake Erie And on your way there stop at Horseshoe Pond the park s hidden gem It s home to egrets herons birds and swans For info goerie com presque isle

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Ohio State Parks If you prefer tent camping and know your canine s personality would lend itself to the experience go for it Dogs are allowed in all Ohio State Park campgrounds in designated tent areas he must be leashed at all times at the campsite add length to his lead so he can move more freely If your boy has tons of energy check out Alum Creek State Park north of Columbus It boasts a 4 acre dog park beach and hiking trails Wherever you camp take his food toys and pack old blankets for his bedding Be sure he s updated on shots and preventatives especially flea tick For campgrounds and policies parks ohiodnr gov If glamping is your style a gentler camp try Hocking Hills State Park in Southeast Ohio There s state run and privately owned cabins and this option is good if your dog s older While Hocking is well known for its amazing waterfalls caves and gorges many trails aren t appropriate for your fur friend let him snooze in the cabin while you explore Between his naps take walks and play fetch near your temporary abode Visit ohiostateparks reserveamerica com and vrbo com Freedom Houseboat image courtesy of Safe Harbor Rentals Houseboating If a unique get away suits you rent a houseboat on Lake Cumberland Kentucky Prices vary but for example the 60 Freedom Houseboat is 319 to 359 nightly pre tax with a 100 nonrefundable fee per dog This air conditioned boat sleeps 6 8 is wellequipped and offers many features including an upper deck with water slide Bring a group divide the bill and have a blast swimming fishing sunning and bonding with the Budster Book through Safe Harbor Rentals a rep assured me the area s pet friendly For more info jamestown resort marina houseboats If you have your own dog destination that you d like to share let us know Email Karen cledog net June 2018 CLEDOG net 19

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NUTRITION Rotation feeding is trending in dog nutrition By Jami Kinton For most people eating the same meal every day for years doesn t sound too appealing Some pet owners and experts believe dogs too would benefit from regular change One of the rising trends in dog nutrition is rotation feeding which typically refers to changing proteins to make sure your pup is getting more complete nutrition I am a big proponent of feeding real food as opposed to just dry kibble said Jennifer Moore Baker RN the owner of Grateful Dog Bakery North Ridgeville The high heat process used to make dry food destroys amino acids and proteins Feeding a canned freeze dried dehydrated or frozen food is a source of more complete proteins Adding healthy human foods like eggs vegetables or meats is another option Lillian Elliott assistant buyer for PetPeople said some of the benefits of rotation feeding include reduced pickiness among pups because the food is always new and exciting a reduced risk of food allergies improved hydration when incorporating cans and raw and better overall health from eating a varied diet Elliott noted that it can 20 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio also be beneficial to rotate different types of foods Dry kibble is very convenient but it lacks the high moisture content of canned or raw Elliott said Some dogs can tolerate mixing different types of foods into one meal while others do better if different styles of food are separated into different meals If frozen raw isn t convenient try freeze dried or dehydrated foods They are easy to mix with kibble and some brands even offer pieces of freeze dried raw pre mixed with a kibble You don t eat the same thing for every meal so why should your pet Baker said it typically isn t a problem to switch things up for a pet who has previously been on a constant routine If you have a dog with sensitive digestion you might need to mix a new protein with the old one for a few days but most dogs tolerate switching within the same company very well she said We change to a new protein with each new bag or package so rotate about every seven to 10 days Other people will have two proteins going all the time and alternate meal to meal or day to day She noted that as long as the foods a re a g e appropriate rotation can start in puppyhood For pets of any age it is best to begin by changing only one factor at a time Elliott said For example after feeding a chicken kibble from a line try the duck formula next then the fish and so on Alternatively you could start with the same chicken kibble then try a chicken canned food then chicken freeze dried Puppies who grow up on a strategically rotated diet will gain the same benefits of rotation as an adult dog But rotation feeding isn t for everyone A downfall for some might be the increased attention required to feed as it is important to properly calculate and adjust the amount fed for each new food Elliott said Some pets simply don t do well with the change to their routine Rotation is best started gradually Let your pet completely transition to one food before beginning the transition to a new formula or type of food The time it takes to feed through one bag of food is a good starting point Of course if you have any questions about rotation feeding or the right protein for your pooch consult with your veterinarian especially if your dog has allergies Jami Kinton is dog mom to Snowball CLE DOG s cover model for February 2018 When she isn t taking Snowball to his next assignment you can find her voicing radio commercials for Q 104 and hosting games for the Cleveland Indians

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PET CREMATION SERVICES INC NOW SERVING THE GREATER CLEVELAND AREA Pet Cremation Services Inc was founded in 1996 on the principle of providing the public with an honest and reliable service after the loss of a pet Over the years veterinarians and pet owners have been loyal to our company because of the dedicated service provided by our employees Our service area covers 43 counties in Ohio We recently opened a branch office in Wickliffe due to the number of requests in the greater Cleveland Akron Canton and Youngstown areas We always have the respect and dignity of the pet in mind Our Motto is For The Dignity Your Pet Deserves Custom Urns Available PRIVATE COMMUNAL CREMATIONS TIMELY RETURN OF ASHES EXCLUSIVE OFFERING Custom Made Glass Jewelry Memorial Tributes By Lee Guttentag WWW PETCREMATIONCOLUMBUS COM Have your vet call us to oversee your pet s cremation or contact us directly Wickliffe 440 347 0950 Toll Free 800 669 7629 June 2018 CLEDOG net 21

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My Bilingual Pooch By Kathy Dawson F or as long as I can remember I ve been a francophile French food French wine and the French language have been my passions So when our Bichon Poo Rosie came into our lives 12 years ago speaking French to her came naturally for me When I began training Rosie to sit in exchange for a treat I would say Rosie sit with an expectant tone She would take a seat and be rewarded I decided to use the same tone but speak French by saying Rosie prends ta position To my surprise Rosie would respond to my command and sit From that moment on I realized Rosie could and would answer to my beloved language of French Now each morning Rosie jumps off the family room couch and runs to the 22 All things DOG in Northeast Ohio front door once she hears Est ce que tu veut aller dehors pour une promenade Do you want to go outside for a walk Whether breakfast is preceded with her hearing Rosie est ce que tu veut ton petit d jeuner or je t aime beaucoup during our cuddle time she responds appropriately You ve probably heard the expression Words matter and they do But when words are spoken with the universal language of love dogs can easily become bilingual For Rosie c est la vie Kathy Dawson is Cleveland s leading relationship coach and has been coaching couples and individuals since 1992

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JUNE THE GREAT CATSBY BARKEASY GALA Sat June 9 611 p m at Thorncreek Winery Gardens 155 Treat Road Aurora Step into the 1920s for a night of music jazz age cars a silent auction raffles wine pull and more Proceeds benefit the animals of Rescue Village Visit geaugahumane org for ticket information AVON LAKE CRUISE IN Sun June 16 10 a m 5 p m at Weiss Field 33401 Webber Road Avon Lake Join LoveA Stray and the City of Avon Lake for this third annual fun event featuring a classic and custom car show music food raffles adoptable dogs and more Free admission parking For more info visit facebook com DEIcruisein PINTS PUPS CALENDAR CONTEST Sun June 24 2 4 p m at Railroad Brewing 1010 Center Road Avon Join Love A Stray and Railroad Brewing for this monthly dog costume contest On the last Sunday of each month a winner is chosen to be featured in the 2019 Pints for Pups calendar Winners receive a 25 gift card and goody bag 10 donation requested to enter the contest with proceeds benefiting Love A Stray Dog Rescue Visit loveastraydog com for details LUCK OF THE PAW CASINO GAME NIGHT Sat June 30 6 30 10 p m at Ehrnfelt Event Center 18100 Royalton Road Strongsville Appetizer and dessert buffet casino games cash wine and beer bar silent auction raffles 50 50 instant bingo sideboard and DJ 50 includes all food and one free drink ticket Visit bereaanimalrescue com for details BASEBALL WITH YOUR DOG Waggin Wednesdays at Lake Erie Crushers 2009 Baseball Blvd Avon Bring your dog to Sprenger Stadium on Wednesdays for some baseball 5 dog tickets 1 hot dogs This promotion runs every Wednesday throughout the summer except July 4 Aug 1 Dogs must be leashed Visit lakeeriecrushers com or call 440 934 3636 for ticket info H O L I DAY S POOCH PARTY AT PETPEOPLE Sun June 3 Noon 3 p m at PetPeople in Avon 35901 Detroit Road Join Love AStray for an adoption event Come visit do some shopping and hang out with some awesome dogs available for adoption Visit loveastraydog com for more information National Pet Preparedness Month Social Petworking Month Pet Appreciation Week June 3 19 Take Your Dog to Work Week June 18 24 World Pet Memorial Day June 12 Ugliest Dog Day June 20 National Dog Party Day June 21 PSI s Take Your Dog to Work Day June 22 Sponsored by Embrace Pet Insurance TH E B A R K E TP LACE Check out these dogcentric businesses June 2018 CLEDOG net 23

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June is National Adopt a Cat Month Avon Lake Animal Clinic loves cats Our feline friendly focus keeps our cat clients happy with Separate feline waiting area no dogs allowed iCalmCat sound therapy machine in waiting area Feline only exam rooms Warm blankets and soft music Feliway pheromone diffusers sprays in exam rooms Boarding service with activities at our Cattery We have seen improvement in our patients temperaments since implementing the Feliway and iCalm products and technology into our practice Our cat clients enjoy a soothing environment when they re here Dr Lisa O Donnell Avon Lake Animal Clinic avonlakeanimalclinic Share a photo of your cat being treated like royalty to win a Feliway prize package ALACCat avonlakeanimal Three winners chosen via random drawing 440 933 5297 Call today for your cat s annual exam