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John Lasseter

by Sebastian Ramirez

I chose John Lasseter because i really like pixar and he was the only animator I knew(except for Dr.Seuss and Walt Disney). John Lasseter was concidered an animator pioneer because of all his animation in pixar movies like Toy Story.He did a lot of animating for bug pixar movies.


John Lasseter was born om January 12, 1957 in Hollywood,California. When John was a little boy he had a passion for drawing. At 5 years old John won his first trophy for a crayon drawing of the Headless Horseman.Johns mother (who was an art teacher) always encouraged John to do the best he can. John attented college at the California Institute of the Arts.After graduation (1979) he took a job at Disney’s animation studio. John created a lot of animated movies and soon became a known animator. John is now 59 years old.





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