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Learn about reselling affordable battery backups systems with GreenLightUPS as your partner.

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A personal presentation to SECURITY CAMERA KING to become our reseller for affordable battery backup solutions

Will meet the under-served Power Protection market with affordable high quality new and refurbished battery backups.

Security Camera King is a leading provider of affordable server solutions.

By partnering, Security Camera King has the ability to offer GreenLightUPS's specially bundled battery backup solutions to their customers.

With our program Security Camera King:

Will have strong profit opportunities by reselling exclusive UPS bundles designed to match your products.  These pairings will offer your customers simple product upgrade choices.

GreenLightUPS is a leading provider of affordable battery backups solutions

Will have access to our team's knowledge of UPS systems.  This knowledge allows for virtual site surveys, custom battery backups solutions, and new revenue streams.


One of the easiest ways to enter the UPS marketplace is by adding an optional add-on feature to your existing webpage.    

  • Offer your customer several spec-driven choices instead of models number selections.
  • These can be designed to serve each of your popular products with a specific solution.
  • Also offer a Personallized Battery Backup Sizing.   This allows you to create a custom battery backup solution with greater profit margins and better serve your customer.
  • GreenLightUPS will assist your team with the pairings, sizing, and questions.


Let GreenLightUPS give your sales team the information to initiate and close the most common UPS needs.    

  • Master just 3 models to offer solutions to majority of your customers.
  • Offer 3 types of upgrades to create more runtime and greater performance.
  • Learn how to initiate Battery Backup discussions with pre-designed questions
  • Learn how to size and recommend UPSes with our simplified specifications


GreenLightUPS will work with you to find the best way to handle the order process.  Some key points.    

  • We can stock inventory at your site to allow direct fullfilment from your warehouse.
  • Or since UPSes must palletized and truck freighted, we can handle the blind shipping for you.
  • We also can offer suprisingly low cost Expedited Shipping with our air cargo and courier partners
  • Or we can deliver your customers full Turn Key service with delivery and installation in most metro markets.


GreenLightUPS will work with you to find the best products to match your reseller needs.  To help you maximize profits, we offer you:    

  • Special bundles and model numbers unique to your business.
  • Retail packing with rail kits, manuals and software.. so its a like new experience for the customer.
  • Upgrades available to mint condition and 3 year warranties
  • CUSTOM SOLUTIONS - we will create a special package for your customer to meet their exact needs.