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I'm Trying to Love Salsa


By: Zachary Weinhouse

Filled up with satisfying salsa facts!



The Official Salsa Test

What do you do when you see salsa? 


a. Grab a chip, dip it in the salsa and eat it?


b. Run away screaming?


c. eat all of it, including the bowl?


d. throw a temper tantrum because you hate it so much?


If you chose b or d then this book may help. If you chose c or a, you're crazy!


Dedicated to my awesome family


1. Carolina Reaper


2. Trinidad Morgua Scorpion


4. 7 Pot Primo


5. Butch T (Trinidad  Scorpion)


7. Ghost Pepper


3. 7 Pot Douglah


9. 7 Pot Red Giant


10. Red Savina Habanero


8. 7 Pot Barrackpore


6. Naga Viper

Top 10 Hottest Peppers Used in Salsa




I keep trying to get myself to like salsa.When the Spanish "discovered" the New World and the people that lived on the land they saw that the natives were eating mashed together fruits and vegetables. In 1494 Dr. Diego Alvarez Chanca was curious and brought the new sauce back to their home land. The sauce became an instant phenomenon like Pokémon Go did for us in 2016. So many people loved the sauce because of the taste and the great quantity of health benefits.



Salsa is cool!










 Salsa will also give you lots of energy to fuel you for your day!

Salsa also makes the perfect party food because of how cheap some salsas are and the taste. A second reason people like salsa is because if you have some salsa on vegetables like cucumbers or carrots there is a high chance you are consuming your suggested daily fruit and vegetable amount.

I’m trying to get to make myself like salsa the sauce. It would be great if I learned to like it because salsa has so many health benefits. For example, it contains a ton of vitamins such as iron and magnesium, there are no fats at all and there are lots of antioxidants just like blueberries. That sounds super-duper healthy.



I'm fine with dancing!


Actually, that looks hard


I'm fine with dancing!


I guess it looks pleasing...


Oh well, next time will be better 

Salsa is also mostly used as a dip. You don’t really eat salsa like a yogurt or ice cream, you put it on a different food. Salsa is also the perfect party food because it can be cheap, yummy and enjoyed by many. If you put salsa on carrots or cucumbers or other vegetables you quite possibly can reach your recommended fruit and/ or vegetable intake for the day. If I learn to like salsa it will open up a whole new world of snacking!



Another reason I have a strong dislike for salsa is a pretty gross reason. Did you know that some  Mexican restaurants in the U.S REUSE chips and salsa people haven’t eaten. In other words, the chips you’re eating could be leftovers; or if you’re lucky you will be the ones eating the chips and dip first.

 A third reason to DISLIKE salsa is that when it comes to sodium salsa has a lot of it. Especially when it comes to factory made salsa they put in A LOT of salt to extend the shelf life of the food. The common factory-made salsa has 430 milligrams of salsa which is more than ⅕ of your suggested daily sodium intake.



The problem is that salsa has a lot of negative factors to me. Most people, like myself, do not like the half-liquid half-solid texture of the sauce. It doesn’t taste good with the two distinct textures. Also salsa is frowned upon by most people because people associate salsa with extreme spiciness. People turn against salsa if they have stomach problems or, like myself, simply don’t like spice.   





Demolished or Not Demolished 


Reward: My appreciation



Special Features

Salsa is a combination of many fruits and vegetables mashed together. Some of the fruits and vegetables inside I like but others, not so much. The main ingredient inmost salsa is tomatoes. Tomatoes are also the most common ingredient in ketchup and I like ketchup. I put it on french fries, hamburgers and hot dogs. The second main ingredient in most common salsas are peppers (mostly spicy) which I greatly dislike. If you put in little amounts or bell peppers in salsa I suppose I could just ignore them. I just don't  like peppers. 

Nope, too much




That's better

The third main ingredient in salsa is onions.  Another no-no for me. I guess I do like onions as onion rings but anything else, “Polite pass please.”

But onions actually are pretty cool because! they can bring the mightiest of kings and queens to tears with ease! On that note, would you like to know how this “malevolent” vegetable bring tears to the all mighty? Well onions contain a chemical called syn-propanethial-S-oxide which causes that lacrymal glands inside of our bodies to create tears.


The next most important ingredient is the juice of one lime. I like lime in Sprite (if there actually is any real lime in it).  I think it tastes good on salmon and I love salmon. 




Salsa has a long, rich history going all the way back to 3000 B.C! Humans first started domesticating chilies around 5200 B.C. In 1494, Dr. Diego Alvarez Chanca brought the first salsas back to Spain from the New World. The new sauce quickly grew to fame thanks to all of the health benefits of the sauce and the great taste. Thanks to Dr. Chanca we associate salsa to Spanish cuisine.




The Aztecs were also huge fans of the sauce as they put it on many weird foods such as lobsters, turkeys and some fish. In Texas in 1947, salsa made by factories were a popular thing all of the sudden. From the years 1985 to 1990 salsa sales grew a whopping 79%! That lead to many more entrepreneurs to the salsa business. The famous company Tostitos were a big factor in the rise of salsa products when they were founded in 1981.

Other Types of Salsa

There are also many different types of salsa which I suppose I never thought about liking the other types of salsa. There is corn salsa which differs from salsa in the way that corn salsa has a new main ingredient. Can you guess it? You guessed it… Hopefully, the answer is corn! Another type of salsa is Cherry salsa. The main difference between the common tomato salsa is that Cherry salsa does not have that much tomato and a lot of cherries.


Another salsa is fruit salsa which is made up of many fruits, shocking isn’t it. Tomatoes are fruits which can lead to some people asking, “What’s the difference?” The difference is every other ingredient because fruit salsa usually include tomatoes. Fruit salsa is composed of other fruits like oranges, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and lemon juice.


Relatives of Salsa

       Salsa also has many relatives. Sauces like ketchup and mustard are both close to salsa because they are both sauces and commonly used. Although, ketchup is closer to salsa because of the importance of the tomato ingredient. Chutneys are like ketchup in the way they are close to salsa. Chutneys originated from India. Chutneys are sauces that include large amounts of tomatoes just like salsa and ketchup but is sometimes eaten like a yogurt.




The Condiment Family Picture

   Other condiments include hot sauce, relish, BBQ sauce, soy sauce and tahini. Tahini is a sauce made from toasted hulled sesame seeds. Tahini is eaten in many countries like Lebanon, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Armenia and Bulgaria to name a few. Relish is a common condiment just like mustard and ketchup but is made of vegetables. I should mention it is very watery and wet. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that most of the sauces that share many qualities with salsa I dislike quite a lot?


Salsa has a lot of cool information about the ingredients that are inside. Tomatoes have a lot of cool fun facts like did you know that the largest tomato ever picked by human hand was by a man in Oklahoma. The tomato was 10 inches wide and weighed more than the common british newborn! Tomatoes are believed to have started off in Peru and worked itself around the world by the Spanish and Europeans. Tomatoes also can be multiple colors. Edible tomatoes range from red, orange, yellow, purple, black and even white! Did you know that there is a fifth taste not only sour, sweet, bitter and salty there is a fifth one called umami which refers to the taste of soy sauce and tomatoes.


We are Family!

 The next most improtant ingredient is salt! Salt is very popular. If you are in the state of Florida, you will never be more than 60 miles away from a body of salt water. Way back in about the year 100 A.D the Chinese were afraid of mining salt because they believed that dragons were protecting the salt. They thought that because of all the fires and explosions that occurred due to dryness of the air and open flames.

In the 1700’s France’s royalty sat at tables with golden salt dispensers near where the king was sitting. These model ships were called nefs. Nefs dispensed salt to the king’s guests and family members. A lesser known fact about nefs is that some contained secret drawers that held a poison antidote if someone ever tried to poison the king.



10. Muir Glen Organic


9. 365 Organic


8. Chi-Chi's


7. Frontera's


6. Pace


5. Newman's Own


4. La Preferida


3. Amy's Kitchen


2. Green Mountainn Gringo


1. Tostitos's



Top Ten Most Popular Salsa Companies

(Newman's Own, La Preferida and Amy's Kitchen are alll tied)


Wow trying  salsa really got me to enjoy it! It also got me to eat more healthy foods! Thank you salsa. I will tell my friends about you. I promise I will look to eat you next time I see you. That is a promise!

From your friend, Zach


Now… Mustard… You are disgusting! I will never enjoy you in the way that I like ketchup, BBQ sauce or even Salsa!


The End